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The Amiga ’91 Cologne Show! With almost 200 exhibitors in four halls and over 75,000 Amiga fans attending over four days, the show easily lived up to its advanced billing as the largest Amiga show in the world. More than half the booths were devoted to European-developed productivity software and hardware products, with desktop video, music applications, RAM boards, and disk drives in the lead. Game vendors filled only one of the four halls. The largest crowds collected around the Commodore booth, the largest of the show, where many .Amiga fans got their first look at CDTV, the A3000T Tower and the A50Q Plus. Commodore now boasts more than 100 available CDTV titles. The biggest attraction of the show, also at the Commodore booth, was a new and still somewhat experimental Amiga- based product called “Virtuality,” a virtu- al-reality simulation product from the British company W. Industries. Virtual it)' is a combination of "wearware” and software driven bv an A3000. The wearware V consists of a space-age helmet containing dual miniature LCD displays, stereo headphones, and a motion sensor. The Amiga generates a virtual space of stereo sound and three-dimensional images that “move” as the wearer turns his head, creating an uncanny sensation of being inside the computer-generated scene. Additional sensors, attached to the arm and lingers, permit the wearer to reach for and manipulate virtual objects in virtual space. While the displayed graphics are still somewhat simplistic, and the software did little more than demonstrate the features of the hardware, Virtuality demonstrates die great potential of the Amiga in futuristic simulation and game applications. Fhe other star attraction was a driving simulator, based on an Amiga, that is built into a real automobile, a Toledo sport model from the Spanish car maker, Seat. With special sensors attached to the steering, accelerator, and brakes of the car, and with the moving scenery projected onto a large screen in front of the driver, the simulator creates realistic driving situations. The simulator drew much attention, but the emphasis was on the car’s capabilities, not the Amiga. (Too bad it wasn’t a Ferrari!) New American products introduced at the show included SupraTurbo 25 and Continued on p. 16. England Swings for Amiga LONDON, UK "Mad! Bad! And In Your Face!" That's how the ad for Ocean's new WrestleMania game read on the back of AmiEXPO's World of Commodore show guide. And that is how the event appeared at least to this statesider, accustomed to the more sedate US shows. Of course, bad means good, but mad is mad and there's no doubt that the British market is mad for Amiga! The four-day show opened Thursday, November 14. On Saturday, the queue to get in stretched 50 yards out of the Earl's Court 2 convention center. Once inside, the 38,000 attendees were welcomed by show sponsor Future Publishing, which prints four Amiga magazines in England. Although there were plenty of hardware and productivity manufacturers to be found, resellers and entertainment developers dominated the show. Flanking the To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 112. Future Publishing booth were Electronic Arts and Mindscape. EA boasted Populous II, Birds of Prey (a flight simulator), and several other entertainment titles. In addition, folks crowded around to see Detuxe- Paint IV, demonstrated on Sunday by renowned14-year-old cartoonist Chris Blackwell. Chris and his dad Mike run the nonprofit Harry Project, helping kids overcome their fear of hospitals by way of comic strips. During the show, Commodore agreed to donate an Amiga to every hospital in England, and EA joined in by promising Dpaint copies for each. These donations will allow hospitals to customize the Harry cartoons for young patients.

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Amiga World Vol 08 02 1992 Feb

Document sans nom February 1992
U. S.A. S3.95 Canada $ 4.95 UK £2.80 An IDG Communications Publication . _ NEW FROM NEWTEK! Digi-View MediaStation gives you the three tools you need to use your Amiga to its fullest DIGITIZE - Bring the world into your Amiga with Digi-View, the best-selling, most award- winning Amiga peripheral of all time. Amiga World Magazine says "the best value in Amiga digitizers and delivers the best images". Just point your camera and in seconds Digi-View will capture images with brilliant color and stunning clarity. Whether you're creating graphics for video, desktop publishing, presentations, or just for fun, Digi-View is simply the best. PAINT - NewTek pioneered the 4096 color HAM mode back in 1985, and since then no other program has come close to matching its amazing power. This all-new version, Digi- Paint 3. Is the fastest, cleanest, most powerful HAM paint program ever created. As Amiga World Magazine says. “If you are really serious about owning only one paint program, we would have to recommend Digi-Paint 3". NewTek INCORPORATED PRESENT - Elan Performer 2.0 makes slideshows and interactive presentations a snap, just click the mouse to assign pictures or animations to your keyboard. Performer will automatically sequence the images with precise timing, or you can tap a key to bring your images up instantly with this high- performance presentation too!. AmigaWorld Magazine calls Elan Performer “the finest display tool to date for the Amiga artist.” $ 249.05 Soon to be available at your local Amiga dealer, or call NewTek at 800-368-5441 or 612-881-2862. Digi-Yiew Gold. Digi Pamt 3 Dynamic Hifits are trademarks of NewTek inc HiRes requites. ? Megs of RAM Amiga is j trademark o! Commodore Amiga. Inc Elan Performer is a trademark of Eljn Design NewTek inc 1991 Circle 38 on Reader Service card GOLD DISK AUTHORIZED SOFTWARE CENTERS Gold Disk products arc available at most Amiga dealers. The following dealers have qualified as Gold Disk Authorized Software Centers and carry a complete range or Gold Disk products, Alaska:Best Electronics, Anchorage (907) 278*2378 Alithumu:Alah.ima Computers, Huntsville (205) 837-9324 California: Century Computer Systems, La Habra
(310) 697-6977;Cnmputer Guild, Mission Viejo (714) 951 -1355;C'omputer Showcase, San Francisco (4)5) 563-1953: Creative Computers, Lawndale (310) 542-2292;Crcativc Computers. Santa Monica (3)0) 394-7779:Dataphile. Watsonville (408) 724-3322:1 IT Electronics. Sunnyvale (408) 737-0900;KJ Computers. Granada Hills (8l8i 366-9120; Transnational Electronics, Anaheim (714) 630-8644;Winners Circle Systems, Berkeley (415) 845-4814 Florida: Amazing Computers, Tampa(813) 977-65U ;Commodorc Country. Pinellas Park (813) 576-5242:Computcr Lane. Pembroke Pines (305) 435-1118: Computers Plus. Jacksonville (904) 268-2359;Computers Plus, Daytona Beach
(904) 252-6442;Creaiive Equipment. Miami i305) 266-280Q;Eaglc Computers. Melbourne (407) 253-1805;Xew Age Electronics. Largo (813) 530-4561 Georgia:Ainpcx Svstems, Inc., Norcross j
(404) 263-9190 Illlnois:Micm Ed Enterprises, Chicago (312) 245-0066 lndiuna:CPC Inc, Indianapolis, (317) 577-3677 Rentucky:Bxpcrt Services, Florence (606) 37|'-9690 Maryland: Buried Treasure. Rockville (301) 770-6778:Profcssional Micro Services. Baltimore (301) 366-0010 Nebraska: Double E Computers, Omaha (402) 334-7870 New Hampshire: Digital Connections, Dover (603) 742-2233 New Jersey:GoIdea Hedge. Cherry Hill (609) 354-1500 New YnrktAmagination, New York (212) 727*3290;Microworks, Buffalo
(716) 873*1856 North Caro)lna:58S, Durham (919) 5286-9493 Oregon: Clackamas Computers. Clackamas (503) 650-0701 South Caroliim:Computer Port. Spartanburg (803) 574-9679 Texas: Computer-Ease. Corpus Chri&li (512) 882-2275;Mclrupolitan Computers, Dallas
1214) 702-9119;Microsearch, Houston
(713) 988-281 H.The Edge Computers dc Video. Dallas (214) 392-7447;The Edge Computers & Video II. Irving (214) 570-1300:Thc Station, Austin (512) 459-5440 Washington: Nybbles & Bytes Tacoma (206) 475-5938;Omni Inter
- national Trading, Seattle (206) 620-2925 CANADA Alberta: Computer Works, Edmonton (403) 424-0011: Software Supcrmarl. Edmonton (403) 425-0691 :The Computer Shop of Calgary
(403) 243-4356 British ColumhiatConii Computers. Vancouver (604) 734-06(16:
M. L.C, Computers. Kelowna (604) 86l-5520;Nu-Tck Computers. Vancnuvc
(604) 435-0113 Manitoba: Adventure Software, Winnepeg (204) 942-4752 Ontario: Comspec, Toronto (416) 633*5605;Computer Variables, Richmond Hill (416) 77l-6807;Lcpprrt Business Systems, Hamilton (416) 522-9029;Lvnx Technical Services. Orleans (613) 830-8396:Lvnx Technical Services. Ottawa (613) 237*4701; Neutron Computers, Kitchener (519) 742-9821; Obys Softshop, Sudbury (705) 673-8520;Software Zone. Brampton (4J6) 791-76500;Thornhill Computers. Thornhill (416) 886-2494 Quebec: Software House. Montreal (514) 374-3614; Soft Wares, Montreal (514) 737-5865 Saskatchewan: Memory Lane Computers. Saskatoon (306) 242-4000 Cash Back Terms & Conditions: Qualifying products must have been purchased from a participating dealer between Dec. 1, 1991 and Jan, 31, 1992. Mail the following to Gold Disk (address below): I )Proof of purchase showing: Name of dealer, dealers telephone number, date purchased, and amount paid, (invoice, receipt, etc) 2)Valid completed product registration card
3) Completed Cash Back Rebate coupon
4) Sclf addressed, stamped env elope. Cash Back Rebate is not valid in conjunction with any other Gold Disk promotion. This offer is void w here prohibited or regulated by slate, provincial or local laws or ordinances Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of rebate check. Rebate requests must be postmarked before Feb 28. 1992. Rebates not payable in store. No reproductions of coupon accepted. Gold Disk not responsible for lost or misdirected mail, Send to:Gold Disk Rebate, PO Bov 789, Streets*illc Mississauga, ONT L5M 2C2CANADA PROFESSIONAL DRAW 2.0 The perfect companion for any illustrator or desk-top publisher. Brilliant hi-res structured drawing beats paint programs every time. PROFESSIONAL PAGE 2.1 The leader in DTP and the choice of more professionals than any other product. Now with text editor & spell checker. PAGESETTER II The best entry level DTP package with new color features and a free word processor, spell checker. Paint program, and clip art! OFFICE Word Processor, Desktop Publisher, Spreadsheet, Graphing, and Database all in one integrated package! HYPERBOOK HypcrBook lets you quickly and easily organize your world or even create inter- active presentations. An indispensable tool! PROFESSIONAL CALC The most advanced spreadsheet ever! Point & click toolbar, outlining, 3-D graphs, database, Arexx, multiple fonts, PostScript output, and more! DESKTOP VIDEO SHOWMAKER The complete desktop video solution for combining video, animation, Toaster effects, and sound with manes, wipes and titling! GOLD DISK
P. O. Box 789. Strcetsville Mississauga, Ont., Canada L5M 2C2
(416) 602-4000 Buy the best selling Amiga software and Gold Disk will put cash in your pocket! DESKTOP PUBLISHING Get Cash Back every time you buy Gold Disk software! Cash back is available on most of your other favorite Gold Disk packages too! From Video to Page Layout to Office Productivity, Gold Disk software can unleash the true power of your Amiga - and now Gold Disk software does something no other software can do - puts cash in your pocket! This Ad was produced using Professional Page 2.1. All product names mentioned are trademarks of Gold Disk Inc. VIDEO FONTS Now you can create jaggie free fonts in exactly the size and style you need for video from high quality Compiigraphic outlines. Supports Toaster format. Sullivan Bluth Presents BORF'S BUCK It V€NG€RNC€... Just when you thought Carth tuos sofc from the evil Commander Borf, his little henchmen, The Goons, have blasted IBM VGA Screens Shown Borf with the Infanto Ray a second time returning him to his full age - and evil. Lead Rce through battles with the goons and Borf's other allies until you encounter the evil Commander himself in the ultimate battle for the universe. Space Rce II: Borf's Revenge brings the classical animation style of Don Bluth to the computer format featuring over five megabytes of full screen animation, digitized sound and new animations not included on the original Space Rce laser disc. Rvailable for IBM PC™ and Compatibles, Amiga™, Atari ST™ and Macintosh®. | ~ f - ¦ ReadySoft Incorporated 30 Werthcim Court. Suite 2 B1 DTIRichmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1B9 WiMaBUaBmMEittiMMi Tel: (416) 731*4175 Fax: (416) 764-8867
• Space Are' isa registered trademark o* Bmh Group. Lid £>19S9 "Space Ace II: Bori s Revenge’ rs a trademark owned ty Sullivan Biutn Interactive Media. Inc. - 01991 Sjlnrafl Bluth Inteiact-ve Meda. Inc.; used underlicense from SuB-van B uth Interact** UqXl Inc.; Character Designs 01933 Oon Buift, iBoBa’ta d o. v tas and concept ¦ Sc'l van B'uth interactrve Meda inc. ALL BIGHTS RESFRVfD. Programming 0199! RejdySon irKorporated Amiga, Atari ST ami IBM are trademarks respectively ot Commodore Inieiaiiipnji, Alan Corporation srvl international Busmess Machines Macintosh rs a registered trademark oi Apple Computer me Circle 40 on Reader Service card VOLUME 8, NUMBER 2 FEBRUARY 1992 CONTENTS FEATURES Great Graphics, Godzilla, IT’S DPAINT IV! By Gene Brawn ... 24 The latest version of standard-setter DeluxePaint is out, and our man at the source will lead you through a hands-on tutorial on using new Dpaint TV features: from HAM support, to new Palette and Stencil features, to brush-morphing and LightTable animation capabilities. Amiga Image-Making: Creative Methodology and Graphics Technology By pm Fitzpatrick 30 Insights and techniques on creating traditional graphics art apply equally to computer graphics art as this overview of image-making by an art teacher computer artist will clearly show. The Painter’s Guide to Structured Drawing By Eyo Sama ....35 Structured drawing may sound engineering CAD oriented to many, but it’s definitely not. Our well-known graphics DTP expert will show you painters, publishers, and just plain punters how this technology and three leading Amiga programs in the field can help you out on all kinds of occasions. Landscaping in Cyberspace By Joel Hagen. . 4 I Combining 2-D painting techniques with the 3-D options of landscape generators and sprinkling a little magic around the edges graphics guru Hagen will take you beyond the ordinary once again just as he did in the “planetbuilding” installment of this series (Oct., ’91, p. 39). “Mapping” New Worlds By Louis Markoya . 5 0 Texture-mapping techniques can lend an entirely new, richly realistic 3-D look and feel to your graphics as one of the leading experts in diis field will amply demonstrate. ARTICLES Prepare to Meet Thy AUDITOR By Gary Ludwick 0 5 Lest we get too wrapped up in Amiga art this issue, February is a good month to think of more mundane, but eminently practical matters such as tax preparation and your Amiga can help you here, too! It’s a gala affair and AmigaWorld is hosting. Our Graphics ’92 February special showcases the new Dpaint IV, Amiga structured-drawing program, plus tutorials on painting, landscaping, and texture-mapping. Harness your creativity a nd join us! COLUMNS Chief Concerns By Doug Barney... 6 Barney takes .Amiga critics seriously, but he doesn’t take their criticism lying down. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...60 We’re looking hard at the new Dpaint IN'" in this issue, and Joel makes his contribution with some tips on techniques for utilizing its new gradient-fill features. Video Suite Because of our “Graphics Bonanza” coverage this month and especially as our Video Gf Animation Special Issue will be out shortly after this issue appears “Video Suite” takes a break this month. DEPARTMENTS Overscan ...10 Lots of news Amiga trade shows and new-product announcements to report on this month in the column that keeps you up to date on all Amiga happenings. Help Key ...80 Whether you’re from South Bend or south of the border, Senor Lou is always ready to go the whole enchilada to answer your technical queries. AW Product Information ... 112 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in this issue of Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” List. The Last Word 120 Whether you paid the postman in francs, lira, pounds, yen, or good old dollars, we Ye ready to publish your letters. REVIEWS DeluxePaint IV (Electronic Arts) ..18 The new Dpaint IV also leads off our Graphics special "Reviews” section. Personal Write (Cloanto Centaur) 19 Inexpensive, text-only word processor. A500 Hard Drive Expansion Boxes 22 Five low-cost solutions to expanding A500 storage and memory Teacher’s Toolkit (TTR) 94 Multipurpose records-keeping package for teachers. The REJUVENATOR (Expert Services). 9 8 An upgrade board that is a true godsend for A1000 owners. KwIKStART II (DKB) .....100 Run your A1000 hom 1.3 2.0 Kickstart ROMs! Back Talk ..100 Responses to AW reviews. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter oiafson 74 Tips on top plays from the Amiga games guru. Silent Service II (MicroProse) 74 Sub-simulator sequel outruns the original. Lord of the Rings (interplay) ... 7 6 Tolkien readers should love this fantasy role-playing knock-off. Murder! (USGold) .77 Murder mystery with infinite variations. SPACEWRECKED (Konami) ...78 Get back to Earth if you can! Flames of Freedom (MicroPlay MicroProse) .....79 The follow-up to “Midwinter” is brilliant. DURING THIS SPECIAL TIME OFTHEYEAR.. it The folks at GVP would like to express their warmest thanks to our countless customers around the globe if and the Amiga community at targe if who have shown their appreciation for the quality if of our products by making us if in the worldwide Amiga hardware peripherals if market. And to ALL the members oiGVP's extended family of dealers and distributors if... Here’S Wishing You a Healthy andProsperous it it New Year! A % ? * ? S o€c 'irtT I IN THE WORLDWIDE AMIGA HARDWARE PERIPHERALS MARKET *¦ Jl GVP’s International Distributors include: Prodis (SDL UK) United Kingdom Uni! 10, Ruxley Comer Ind Est, Edgington Way, Sidcup Kent DA 145SS +44-81-300-3399 (Phone) +44-81-300-6765 (Fax) DTM-Wesl Germany Dreiberrenstem 6A 6200 Weisbaden-Auringen +49-61-27-4065 (Phone) +49-61-27-66276 (Fax) Micropace-USA 604 N. Country Fair Dr. C Champaign. IL 61821 +217-356-1885 (Phone) +217-356-0097 (Fax) CIS-France Europarc 14, Avenue Gustave Hertz 33600 Ftessac +33-56-363-441 +33-56-362-846
R. S. Ricerea E Sviluppo SRL Italy Via A Grand! 22 40057 Cadriano di Granarolo, Bologna +39-051-765299 (Phone) +39-051-765252 (Fax) Power Peripherals Australia 1st Floor, 257 Hawthorne Rd. Caulfield North 3161, Victoria + 61-3-532-8553 (Phone) +61-3-532-8556 (Fax) Datacorp-Canada 431 Hampton Court Rd. Doflard des Orneaux, Quebec H9G 1L1 +514-624-4700 (Phone) + 514-620-7136 (Fax) Pixel Soft Spain
c) Gral. Franco. 7 Ent'o F-G 34001 Ralencia +34-88-751180 (Phone) +34-88-751191 (Fax) Microtron Computerprodukte Switzerland Bahnhofstrasse 2. Fbstfach 69 CH-2542 Pieterten +41-32-87-24-29 (Phone) +41-32-87-24-82 (Fax) Merlin Austria Dorfstrasse 5, A06074 Rinn. Innsbruck +43-522-38896 (Phone) +43-522-38897 (Fax) Fromont Holdings-New Zealand 114 Richardson Road Mount Albert, Auckland 1030 +64-9-815-2338 (Phone) +64-9-815-2338 (Fax) Oatacom APS-Denmark Kirkevaenget 23. Hattng 8700 Horsens +45-75-65-37-88 (Pnone) +45-75-65-37-16 (Fax) Karlberg & Karlberg AB-Sweden Fladie Kyrkvag. 23700 Bjarred +46-46-47450 (Phone) +46-46-47120 (Fax) Jotec AS-Norway Osterdalsgaten 1,0658 Oslo 1 +472-67-77-70 (Phone) +472-67-03-91 (Fax) Broadline OY-Fmland vanha Fymontie 295.01260 Vantaa +358-087-479-00 (Phone) +358-087-479-44 (Fax) MIQ Japan Ltd.-Japan 4-7-1, Nishi-Shinjuku Ku, Tok o, 160 +81-3-3299-7377 (Phone) +81-3-3299-7371 (Fax) GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more informalion or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amig3. Inc. As a high power Amiga® 30Q0 3000T user you need a 68040accelerator board for one reason... andone reason only... SPEED! And once you know what makes one 68040 accelerator better than another, the only board you'll want is the G-FORCE 040 from GVP. WATCH OUT FOR SLOW DRAM R0TTLENECKS Yes, all 68040 CPU's are created equal but this doesn't mean that all accelerator boards allow your A3000 to make the most of the 68040 CPU's incredible ,h performance. The A3000 was designed to work with low-cost, 80ns DRAM (memory) tech* nology. As a result, anytime the '040 CPU accesses the A3000 motherboard, memory lots of CPU wait-states are introduced and all the reasons you bought your accelerator literally come to a screeching halt! Not true for the G-FORCE 040... SOLUTION: THE G-FORCE 040's FAST, 40ns, ON BOARO DRAM To eliminate this memory access bottleneck, we designed a special 1MB, 32-bit wide, non-multiplexed, SIMM module using 40ns DRAMs (yes, forty nanoseconds!). This revolutionary memory module allows the G-FORCE 040 to be populated with up to 8MB of state-of-the- art, high performance, on-board DRAM. Think of this as a giant SMB cache which lets the '040 CPU race along at the top performance speeds you paid for. SHOP SMART: COMPARE THESE G-FORCE 040 SPECS TO ANY OTHER 040 ACCRB1AT0R ? 68040 CPU running at 28Mhz providing 22 MIPS and 3.75 MFLOPS! NOTE: The 68040 incorporates a CPU, MMU. FPU and separate 4KB data and instruction caches on a single chip. ? 0 to 8MB of onboard, 40ns, non-multiplexed, DRAM. Fully auto-configured, user-installable SIMM modules lets you expand your A3000 to 24MB! ? DRAM controller design fully supports the 68040 CPU's burst memorv access i mode. Full DMA (Direct Memory Access) to from the on-board DRAM by any A3000 peripheral (e.g: the A3000's built- in hard disk controller). Asynchronous design allows the 68040 to run at clock speeds independent of the A3000 motherboard speed. Allows easy upgrade to 33Mhz 68040 (over 25.3 MIPS!) When available from Motorola. ? Hardware support for allowing V2.0 Kickstart ROM to be copied into and mirrored by the high performance onboard DRAM. Its like caching the entire operating system! ? Software switchable 68030 "fallback" mode for full backward compatibility with the A3000's native 68030 CPU. ? Incorporates GVP's proven quality, experience and leadership in Amiga accelerator products. TRY A RAM DISK PERFORMANCE TEST AND SE FOR YOURSELF HOW THE G-FORCE 040 OUT PERFORMS THE COMPETITION Ask your dealer to run any "RAM disk" performance test and see the G-FORCE 040's amazing powers in action. So now that you know the facts, order your G-FORCE 040 today. After all, the only reason why you need an '040 accel erator is SPEED! 1 HM. M. Mi !! *1 11 - ll II GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. HINK All ’040 ACCELERATORS ARE THE SAME? THINK AGAIN! 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 G-Forco 040 is a registered trademark of Great Valley Products Inc. Amiga is a regislored iradomark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc ® 1991 Great Valley Products Inc. CHIEF CONCERNS Although thousands swear by their Amigas, those who abandon our machines have reasons and should be heard. IN A SINGLE day, I received three letters that made me as nervous as a squirrel on a four-lane highway. The first one was just signed “Wayne.” It seems that last summer Wayne bought a cheap IBM clone and kissed his “terminally brain-dead” Amiga off' for good Wayne blames incompatibility, the lack of software, and poor service and support for his switch. A few letters further down in the stack was one from Christoph L. Herd, who not only sold his A500 and bought a clone, but cancelled his A miga World subscription. Say it ain’t so, Christoph! Herd is sick of gurus, tired of his quirky hard drive, fed up with the lack of response to requests for information (including three or four unanswered letters to us), and appalled at the lack of serious business software. He did have a comment about the Amiga's great authoring and video-titling products, saying, “Next time I need to title a movie, I’ll be sure to buy myself another Amiga.” While I always like good sarcasm, this line hits a little dose. Marlin Greene also wrote to complain about what he called the sorry state of Amiga software, and said his A3000 is a “53000 game machine.” According to Greene, many products do not work as advertised, and he accuses AmigaWorld of hiding this truth because “these jokers are paying you lots of money to run that advertising!” He also blasts away at the lack of a decent structured-drawing program, the absence of support for color PostScript, and the instability of the tools we have. We may not like what turncoats have to say, but they should be listened to carefully. Yes, the Amiga can be a quirky machine. Part of this has to do with our multitasking, and those now trying to multitask with Microsoft Windows 3.0 are learning about the “unrecoverable application error,” their form of the guru. But that’s not a complete excuse. My system sometimes crashes when Em single-tasking, and I say it is because those who develop operating systems and write programs don’t do enough testing! I will, though, strongly defend the Amiga’s lack of software, particularly in business applications. When Commodore tried, in the USA, to position the Amiga as a do-all, end-all machine, it failed. Businesses are saturated with boatloads of ultra-cheap clones from the Far East, and nothing’s going to crack that market. The Amiga is not an IBM clone. It is a specialized machine for graphics, animation, sound, music, multimedia, video, games, and programming. Unix workstations from Sun. Next, and IBM also lack many tools, but their excel- lence in special areas makes up for the shortage. The Amiga, too, can do quite well without Lotus 1-2-3 and Dbase. No Excuse But specialization is no excuse for software that crashes, fails to perform as advertised, or imposes its own oddball interface, and it is dearly no excuse for the failure to listen to customers and help them solve their problems. We are trying to attract new users Lo our platform, users who have heard about the multitasking, the real-time animation, the video capability. The last thing they want to see is a flashing orange message from Hell. I’ve heard developers complain in turn that the reason they can't help customers or develop products as slick as those on other platforms is that the Amiga market is smaller, and they consequently make less money. But that’s like saying, “fm fat already, so why not have another Twinkie?” Amiga owners pay money like anyone else, and they deserve customer support, good manuals, and stable, slick, full-featured products. If they don’t get them, they may just turn away, and do their animation graphics music video work somewhere else. That’s why Amiga World reviews point out the flaws, as well as the benefits, of Amiga products. We’re not mean- spirited. We just believe that Amiga products should be judged in accordance with those on other platforms. .And believe me, we take a lot of heat for this position, despite what Greene believes. We know it's harder for our developers to provide superb products and give top-notch support in this market. The Amiga universe is smaller, and our software prices are lower. Still, companies must support customers or lose them. So if you buy a product, and you’re not satisfied, raise a ruckus. And if a company is not responsive to your complaint, scream bloody murder. It could be the best thing to happen to the Amiga since Andy Warhol. ¦ ’M With its 68030 G-FORCE 030"- 50 4 OF 50 MHZ. IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING W WfM Central Processor, 50 Mhz clock speed, 68882 Floating Point Processor, 4-16MB RAM and an on-board SCSI controller, the G-FORCE 030-50 4 gives you more performance and control for the money than any other single board out there. G-FORCE030-50 4 with optional "Hard-Disk-Canl" Conversion Kit GFORCE 030-50 4 THE MUST HAVE A2000 ADD-ON Give your Amiga a massive memory boost... Make your Amiga faster than a speeding bullet... Use your Amiga with virtually every and any SCSI device on the market from CD-ROM drives, to Magneto-Optical and tape-based storage devices... Get all the storage capacity of a 3.5", 240MB hard drive on a single card... Save lots of time working with desktop publishing, animation, ray tracing and modeling programs... Speed up all your New Tek Video Toaster* applications. Plusf when you install the G-FORCE 030-50 4 combo board, you still have all your original expansion slots open WV and free for other uses. It's no wonder we say the G-FORCE 030-50 4 is the I Must Have Combo Board for your A2000. ITS A COMPLETE SYSTEM ON A SINGLE BOARD Just look what you get from this workhorse, powerhouse:
• 50Mhz 68030 Accelerator
• UP to 16MB of full Direct Memory Accessible, 32-bit wide, SIMM-Based RAM.
• High Performance, Auto-Booting, SCSI Hard Drive Controller
• SCSI Connector for External SCSI Peripherals
• Icon-Based, Software Switchable, 68000 Mode Switch AND FOR THE MUST HAVE OF ALL HARD DISK CARDS... GVP'S Optional "Hard-Disk-Card" Conversion Kit turns your G-FORCE 030-50 4 into a Hard Card Drive right on the board!!! For more information on how you can put the Must Have combo board or any of GVP's growing family of A2000 combo boards to work for you ask your GVP Dealer today. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 G-Force 030 is a registered trademark cf Gaat Vafley Pnxtucss inc. Amiga is a registered trademark at Cammodare-Amiga, Inc. An other trademarks are the uroperty of their respective owners © 1991 Great Valley Products Inc. OU’LL BUY IMPACT FOR ONE VIDEO NEED AND FIND YOU NEED IT FOR EVERYTHING VIDEO Introducing the IMPACT VISION 24 from GVP The All-In-One Video Peripheral for the A3000 and A2000 * press a (configurable) “hot key" to activate any feature. At GVP, we wanted to make a major impact on the use of the A3000 2000 by professional video enthusiasts. With the Impact Vision-24 we have! For more information on how the Impact Vision 24 can have a major impact on your video productions, call us at 215-337-8770. £ soriware impact visions mmr- mmmm mm wmmm mm mmmm tmm i ' ' MM
mmmmm. Mm mm
- =5=S
- i-i” . --------------- --------- GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more iirformation or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337*8770 • FAX (215) 337*9922
• Control Panel. Provides full software control over all Impact Vision-24's numerous features. Use your mouse or simply ? Realtime Framegrabber Diglttzep. Freeze, grab and store [in standard 4096 or 16 million color IFF format! Any frame from a “live" incoming RGB video source. Optional “RGB splitter" required to grab incoming composite or S-VHS video. ? Fhcker-Biminator. Duplicates and enhances the A3000's display enhancer circuitry. It even de-interlaces live external video! A must for any A2000 owner. Ask about our A2000 “genlock slot trade-up“ program (in case your genlock slot If you’re into video, IMPACT VISION-24 is truly a dream come true for your A3000 or A2000. It is the first multifunction peripheral specifically designed for the A3000’s video expansion slot With the optional A2000 genlock slot adaptor kit, it also perfectly complements and enhances the A2000. Check out these features, all packed on a single Amiga3 expansion board! Production studio quality mixing: no color bleeding, no ghosting, no artifacts ...! ? 15MB Frame Buffer. Display 24-bit, 16 million color images on your Amiga monitor. On a multi-sync monitor, you can even display 16 million color images in non-interlaced mode! Is already used by something less exciting!! ? Simultaneous Component Video (RGB) Out, Composite Video Out and s-vhs Video Out. Now, anything you can see on your Amiga monitor can be recorded on video tape, ? Separate Composite and Component Video (RGB+Sync) Genlocks. RGB genlock operates in the digital domain, for digitally perfect including animations, ray-traced 24-bit images and more! ? Picture-ln-PictiiPB (PIP) Display. Freeze, resize, rescale and or reposition live incoming RGB video just like any workbench window at the double click of a mouse or the pressing of a “hot key". With a multisync all this can even be in rock steady de-interlaced mode. Unique “reverse-PIP" feature, even allows you to place a fully functional Amiga workbench [or other application! Screen as a SCALE-ABLE [shrunk down!) And re-positionable window over full-screen live video. To make sure you can take full and immediate advantage of every feature of your new Impact Vision 24 video-station, we even include the following software with every unit:
• Cafiganl -IV24. An exclusive version of the leading broadcast quality, 3-D modelling and rendering program. Use your imagination to model 3D, 16 million color, scenes. Use your digitized video images as textures to wrap around any object! The mind is the limit!
• SCALA -TItfing. Easy -to-leam, video titling package complete with lots of special fonts and exciting special transition effects. Turn your Amiga into a character generator. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. AND DRIVE-ING HARD ID STAY THAI WAY! Only GVP Factory Installed A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 SCSI Hard Disk+RAM Boards have a track record this good over20,000 satisfied Amiga® users and now a 2-Year Warranty! Don't waste your valuable time or money building a SCSI+RAM Controller from parts ... Because of our unprecedented pricing structure you can now get GVP's, brand name, factory' installed A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 at a very competitive price. ? GVP's A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- THE SAFEST CHOICE Look for the GVP Factory Installed Drive Seal... it's your assurance that your A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 has been installed and tested in GVP's own factory ... And the 2 year limited warranty protects you better and longer than any third party installed drive. And with third party drives you run the risk of a run around if anything does go wrong.
• Easy-to-Install SIMM memory modules for configurations up to SMB and support BridgeBoard users with the 6MB FAST RAM.
• Support for virtually any SCSI device.
• Fastest and easiest SCSI installation possible. ?GVP's A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- JUST LOOK FOR THE GVP FACTORY INSTALLED SEAL Remember if the GVP Factory? Installed seal shown in this ad isn't on your A20Q0 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 box ... it isn't the fastest, most powerful, longest warrantied, safest A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 you can buy. Ask for and accept only GVP A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 with the Factoryr Installed seal. For more information ? GVP’s A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- NOW EVEN FASTER WITH PW STR0M™ 4.0 All A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 have been redesigned and equipped with GVP's newest fastest SCSI Driver - RV ASTR0M 4.0. Pius, we've also doubled Western Digital's SCSI Controller clockspeed to 14Mhz - for a tremendous increase in speed .. . ? GVP's A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
• Custom chip design for the fastest possible data transfer rates and DMA performance - even in a multi-tasking environment. Up to 8MB FAST RAM Expansion GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922
* miga » a rac »:or«3 tradtmar* ot Commoaor*' Aivg* nc ; t99! Great vau«y P'oSjcIs Inc OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks The Great Owe COLOGNE* GERMANY What has more than 150,000 legs and descended upon Germany in October? The Amiga ’91 Cologne Show! With almost 200 exhibitors in four halls and over 75,000 Amiga fans attending over four days, the show easily lived up to its advanced billing as the largest Amiga show in the world. More than half the booths were devoted to European-developed productivity software and hardware products, with desktop video, music applications, RAM boards, and disk drives in the lead. Game vendors filled only one of the four halls. The largest crowds collected around the Commodore booth, the largest of the show, where many .Amiga fans got their first look at CDTV, the A3000T Tower and the A50Q Plus. Commodore now boasts more than 100 available CDTV titles. The biggest attraction of the show, also at the Commodore booth, was a new and still somewhat experimental Amiga- based product called “Virtuality,” a virtu- al-reality simulation product from the British company W. Industries. Virtual it)' is a combination of "wearware” and software driven bv an A3000. The wearware V consists of a space-age helmet containing dual miniature LCD displays, stereo headphones, and a motion sensor. The Amiga generates a virtual space of stereo sound and three-dimensional images that “move” as the wearer turns his head, creating an uncanny sensation of being inside the computer-generated scene. Additional sensors, attached to the arm and lingers, permit the wearer to reach for and manipulate virtual objects in virtual space. While the displayed graphics are still somewhat simplistic, and the software did little more than demonstrate the features of the hardware, Virtuality demonstrates die great potential of the Amiga in futuristic simulation and game applications. Fhe other star attraction was a driving simulator, based on an Amiga, that is built into a real automobile, a Toledo sport model from the Spanish car maker, Seat. With special sensors attached to the steering, accelerator, and brakes of the car, and with the moving scenery projected onto a large screen in front of the driver, the simulator creates realistic driving situations. The simulator drew much attention, but the emphasis was on the car’s capabilities, not the Amiga. (Too bad it wasn’t a Ferrari!) New American products introduced at the show included SupraTurbo 25 and Continued on p. 16. England Swings for Amiga LONDON, UK "Mad! Bad! And In Your Face!" That's how the ad for Ocean's new WrestleMania game read on the back of AmiEXPO's World of Commodore show guide. And that is how the event appeared at least to this statesider, accustomed to the more sedate US shows. Of course, bad means good, but mad is mad and there's no doubt that the British market is mad for Amiga! The four-day show opened Thursday, November 14. On Saturday, the queue to get in stretched 50 yards out of the Earl's Court 2 convention center. Once inside, the 38,000 attendees were welcomed by show sponsor Future Publishing, which prints four Amiga magazines in England. Although there were plenty of hardware and productivity manufacturers to be found, resellers and entertainment developers dominated the show. Flanking the To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 112. Future Publishing booth were Electronic Arts and Mindscape. EA boasted Populous II, Birds of Prey (a flight simulator), and several other entertainment titles. In addition, folks crowded around to see Detuxe- Paint IV, demonstrated on Sunday by renowned14-year-old cartoonist Chris Blackwell. Chris and his dad Mike run the nonprofit Harry Project, helping kids overcome their fear of hospitals by way of comic strips. During the show, Commodore agreed to donate an Amiga to every hospital in England, and EA joined in by promising Dpaint copies for each. These donations will allow hospitals to customize the Harry cartoons for young patients. Mindscape's huge display included a demonstration theater, which was usually packed with people eager to learn about the Miracle Piano Teaching System, which in- Continned on p. 16. When Software Publishing Corporation purchased Precision's Superbase products, observers wondered what would happen to the Amiga line of the popular database. Now, it’s time to sigh with relief. On November 13, Oxxi picked up not only the .Amiga products, but also the Atari ST and C-64 128 releases. Support and upgrades for Superbase Personal (which Software Publishing had discontinued about a month before) and Superbase Professional are now available through Oxxi. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Word Perfect announced that the company will no longer develop the Amiga version of its word processor due to lack of demand. GVP's SERIES II A50Q-HD8+ NOW FEATURES AN OPTIONAL, PLUG-IN, 1GMHZ PC28G EMULATOR MODULE! Ow ADD 286 “PC AT”' COMPATIBILITY TO YOUR 4500' III A “SNAP” WITHOUT VOIDING THE WARRANTY ON YOUR A500! Not only have we added a PC286 emulator option to our best selling A500 hard drive subsystem but our Series D™ A500-HD8- units arc now equipped exclusively with Quantum™ hard drives offering die fastest access times and data transfer rates, unique disk caching and the highest reliability (MTBFI rating in the industry. Coupled with our world acclaimed DMA SCSI controller, everything from loading software to saving files is so much faster that you finally have the time to enjoy the fun and productivity that you bought your A500 for in the first place. THE MAGIC BEHIND GVP's SERIES IIA5O0-HD8+ HARD DRIVE MUSCLE Check out these unequalled features: } Choice of factory-installed 50,120 or 240MB Quantum SCSI hard drives. Provides storage space of 56,130 or 260 floppy disks! Game Switch for disabling the hard drive allowing compatibility with those few badly behaved games which don't like hard drives! ? A2000:v Hard Drive Performance. The A500HD8+ uses the same Custom DMA VLSI Chip and FAAASTROM technologies as our top-selling, high performance, Series H™ A2000 SCSI controllers. ? Up to 8MB of User-Installable Internal FAST RAM expansion (SIMMs). External SCSI port for connecting additional SCSI Peripherals such as Tape Drives, CD- ROM drives, etc. ? Unique Internal "Mini-Slot" Expansion Connector and Fan for Cool, Reliable Operation. ? Includes Dedicated Power Supply ensuring that your A500 power supply is not overloaded (a MUST for adherence to Commodore specs). PLUS, now we offer something NO OTHER HARD DRIVE SUBSYSTEM can, an optional plug-in 16Mhz 286 "PC" Emulator! THE MAGIC OF THE GVP PC28B EMULATOR OPENS MICROSOFT WINDOWS AND MORE. Our new GVP PC286 emulator module is the first A500 peripheral specifically designed to be plugged into our unique internal "Mini-Slot". Unlike other 286 PC emulators, this one fits right inside your A500HD8+ housing! So installation is a snap and there's no need to open and dismantle your A500™ and run the risk of VOIDING YOUR Computer's WARRANTY. In fact your warranty worries are over, because the A500-HD8+ as well as the optional GVP PC286 emulator module are now warranted for 2 FULL YEARS!! The GVP PC286 "Mini-Slot" module features:
• Runs MS-DOS (V3.2 or up), Microsoft Windows™ and literally thousands of PC applications. NOTE: MS-DOS Operating system is NOT Included.
• 16Mhz 80286 CPU. Up to 15 times faster than IBM's original PC!
• Complete Hercules™, CGA, EGA VGA (monochrome) and T3100 video emulations. MS-DOS applications can use the A500's™ built-in parallel and serial ports transparently.
• Use the A500's floppy drive(s) to read write MS-DOS floppies.
• Let's your A500 run MS-DOS and AmigaDOS Applications Concurrently!!
• 512KB of Onboard Memory (RAM) for exclusive use by MS-DOS. Transparent access to the A500's memory for MS-DOS applications requiring more than 512KB of memory!
• Socket for optional 80C2S7 |CMOS) Floating Point Unit. PLUS, your Series IIA500-HD8+ matches your Amiga™ 500's good looks line-for-line and curve-for-curve. So... Be Smart, before you buy anyone else's A500™ hard drive or RAM expansion system, ask the question: "Does It Have a Mini-Slot"? Why settle for anything less? GVP PC286 MODULE GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Amiga « a 'ogrsto'od naderne* of Conmodoro- Amiga. Inc. C 1991 Grca! Vaftjy Products Inc And the Word Was... ...Explosive? With TNT ($ 39.95, Shocking Software ), which combines The New Testament and a study program, you can search The King James version of the New Testament for any word(s). A more complex search function lets you locate phrases that do not contain a specified word or string, and you can use the Print All command to output them. A handy Book Mark feature allows vou 4 to quickly move between selected verses. (RS 115.) Bible Search (SOGWAP Software) is available in either the King James or New International versions. Thanks to data compression, the entire text of the Bible fits onto two disks and the Exhaustive English Concordance fits onto one. Search functions include exact phrase, single or multiple words using AND, OR, and NOT Boolean logic, and wildcard. You can search by book, chapter, or verse, and use up to eight “bookmarks.” The program sells for S! 00, and a demo disk is $ 5. (RS 1 16.) BG Users’ groups unite! The Computer Desk is trying to arrange an international meeting of Amiga users' groups for the spring. The tentative site is Augusta, Georgia. If you have ideas or would like further information, contact the Computer Desk at 191 Old Wagener Rd., Aiken, SC 29801, 803 641-9016, Fax 803 642-6190. Operation Speed Storm It fits onto your A500 or A2000 processor socket. It attacks your applications with both 68030 and 68882 chips. It holds 1r 2, 4, or SMB of RAM. It's Stormbringer, from German developer Memphis Computer Products. The Stormbringer accelerator is available in several speeds; the 16*MHz board is S1099, the 24-MHz model is $ 1199, and the 30-MHz unit is $ 1549. The two top-of-the-line models are a $ 2349 board with a 50-MH2 030 and a 60-MHz 68882, and Stormbringer 55sync ($ 2599), with a synchronous 55-MHz processor and coprocessor, which promises to run 35% faster than the standard 50-MHz version. (Prices include 4MB ZIP-RAM.) The board provides a disable switch for finicky programs, and it comes with software that caches,activates burst mode, and loads Kickstart into RAM. (RS 112.) Electronic networks can serve as catalogs of aftermarket Amiga software. Instead, however, of the fuzzy dice and glass-pack mufflers offered in such catalogs as JC Whitney, on the nets you will find digitized sounds, special effects, and even some useful tools for youi" operating system. Switch on the Amiga of a telecommunications fanatic, and you will probably see and hear some unusual things. The standard Amiga screen fare has likely given way to fraudulent Guru messages, exploding windows, and animated requesters. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh Thanks to my online excursions, my own Workbench screens hold the latest in screen blankers, pointers, 3-D icons, clocks, and backdrops. Fellow Amiga World editors never know what to expect when they insert or remove a floppy from my machine; the action may be acknowledged with an an angrily barking dog, or Scotty complaining of die Enterprise’s faltering impulse engines. Before making alterations to your Amiga’s operating system, which is what is involved in installing many of these “finds,” you must know how to undo any damage they may cause. If you are unsure how to recover and repair damaged directories, you should not customize your operating system. “Hacks,” as these programs are known, can wreak havoc to hard disks by improper installation, so be sure to read the procedures carefully. Always decompress downloaded files to your RAM disk or an empty floppy, not onto a hard disk. If you own a hard disk, you should always back up your Workbench and boot-paru- tion files onto floppies or other media before embarking on a customizing crusade. Finally, to avoid wasting time and money collecting a bodge podge of hacks that are incompatible with your system, read their file descriptions carefully before downloading. Make certain the file offers 100% compatibility with your Amiga’s operating system (either 1.3 or 2.04 for A3000s and upgraded systems). Because there are so many customizing files front which to choose, I thought it best to present a small sampler from each of the networks. One of my favorites on Genie is PLAY- BEEP_V 1.1 .ZOO from Li bran- 4 (file 6242), This file replaces the system beep with your IFF sound file of choice. For enhanced appearance and functionality under Workbench 1.3, check out version 1.2 of Gary Knights’s Ami Dock. AMI DOCK. LZH (file 10424, Library 4). It gives your Amiga I be NeXT computer's user interface. BIX subscribers have access to a newer version of AmiDock
(1. 3) in the Amiga.user area. Amiga DOS 2.0 users should get a copy of AddlbolsH.lzh (also in tlte Amiga.user area). This is a must-have for making quick additions to the Workbench 2.0 Tools menu option. CompuServe's Library 11 in the AmigaUser area is a haven for system enhancements. Need snazzy 2.0 icons? Get the Hies of WB2ICN.LZH. and EMBOSS.
17. H for 2.0 and 1.3, respectively. If you use 2.0, don’t leave that li- brarv without getting a copy of WBFED.LZH (version 0.93 of WBEed, a 2.0-specific font editor). Not surprisingly, Portal offers the most complete collection of
2. 0 enhancements to be found anywhere. I recently counted almost 60 top-notch 2.0-compatible hacks residing in the area with the no-nonsense name, "2.0-Only or Amiga 3000-Qnly Files.” Favorites in this area range from the frivolous POINTERX2.LZH, which spins the hands on 2.0’s busy clock pointer, to the useful WB- GAUGE.LZH, which adds a full empty gauge to 2.0 disk- icon windows. BIX One Phoenix Mill Lane Peterborough, NH 03458 800 227-2983 CompuServe PO Box 20212 Columbus, OH 43220 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 401 North Washington St. Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 Portal Communications Company 10385 Cherry Tree Lane Cupertino, CA 95014 408 973-9111 Ex perience The Ffewer ‘ Of PirdWnte 3.2 (Racing Attire Optional) Test Drive The Best- Selling Amiga* Word Processor. Feel the power at your fingertips. ProWrite 3-2 has all the features you need to speed through your documents in record time. Unique functionality, direct PostScript* capability and a long list of features are the driving forces behind ProWrite’s ability to outperform other word processing programs. Features such as jaggie-free printing, improved picture handling, timed saves and automatic backups. Maneuver through documents with multiple columns, snaking and side-by-side text and manual text wraps around graphics. Cruise effortlessly with ProWrite’s 100,000-word spell checker that can check as you type, and the reserve power of a 300,000-word thesaurus. ProWrite 3-2 means high performance in printing as well. Options include multiple fonts and sizes in PostScript or high-quality dot-matrix printing and options for 8, 64 or 4096 colors in your graphics. Register To Win An Odyssey-The CDTV Personal Workstation! Race to your nearest Amiga dealer to test drive ProWrite 3.2 today. You V qualify to win the exciting Odyssey, a CD7V Personal Workstation complete with CDTV unit, keyboard, external floppy drive, mouse, stereo color monitor. Modem and printer; with a CD-ROM conta ining ProWrite 3 ¦ 2, Desig n Works ™ 1.0. Flow™ 3 0. ProFonts™ I and extensive public domain software. SALESPERSON No purchase necessary, need not be present to win Offer may be void in some states. Ask your dealer for details. NEW HORIZONS First in Personal Productivity and Creativity New Horizons Software, Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 328-6650 ProWrite is a registered trademark and Flow. Design Works and ProFonts are trademarks of New Horizons Software, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. Kid Stuff With Discis “books” and a CDTV, your child can read a variety of children’s classics complete with voices, music, and sound effects accompanying the illustrations. Using CDTV’s remote-control unit, your child can click on any word in the text or on items in a picture to obtain the correct pronunciation, explanation, and syllable breakdown. The ten titles currently available (from $ 49.95 to $ 59.95) are The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Paper Bag Princess, Mud Puddle, Thomas’ Snowsuit, Scary Poems for Rotten Kids, Cinderella, A Long Hard Day on the Ranch, Heather Hits Her First Home Run. And Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache. (RS 101.) JJ Get the Connection Let your Amiga step right up and connect to any standard Novell NetWare network as a workstation or client with Oxxi's Amiga Client Software. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds full- range Novell NetWare functions, along with the .Amiga’s multitasking, graphic environment. .Amiga Client Software comes with two utilities. AmigaBack lets you back up and restore server-based data without leaving the .Amiga workstation. NetMessage lets you send messages and attached flies to those tied into the same network or, when these networks are tied via gateways, to people outside it. To run Amiga Client Software, you will need a LAN ARC Net or Ethernet card (one for each workstation, one for server), cabling, and IBM-PC-compatible servers running Novell NetWare version 2.15 or higher. Red for Games, Yellow for Graphics If cleaning up your hard disk is one of your New Year's resolutions, take a look at Disp ay Systems Internationals Hard Disk Organizer (HDO). With HDO ($ 44.95), you can run games and applications by clicking on a button. If you wish, you can organize You can hear the Amiga read the text that you”ve selected, and then get an explanation of it. Oxxi's P-Stat offers interactive statistical data analysis and graphing. You can place numeric data into P-Staf s spreadsheet-like interface either manually or by cutting and pasting ASCII information from other programs such as Maxi Plan. With P-Stat, you can perform over 50 functions, including matrix multiplication, transposition, addition, inversion, logarithmic and nonlogarithmic transformation functions, and random-num- ber generation complete with uniform, normal, exponential and gamma distribution. Once you have entered your data, you can employ the program’s statistical tools to perform component and factor analysis, tabulation techniques, one- and two-way analysis of variance, regression, cluster analysis, and multidimensional scaling. (RS 103.)
- jj your applications by color. The program also features an unlimited number of buttons and a Pause command that allows multitasking programs to run before returning to HDO. (RS 107.) JJ Flexible Fonts Apogee 3D Fonts were designed for broadcast video. According to developer Digital Arts, you can enlarge the hi-res characters five times and more with minimal distortion, and you can wrap, skew, and mold the fonts while preserving tme curvature. Baseline identification allows accurate alignment, while even, dense distribution of vertices ensures correct Phong shading. Available in all 3-D formats, the first set ($ 29.95), contains Helvetica, Times, and Courier faces (with numerals and symbols) in bold. Stay tuned for more! (RS 114.) EG Mean and Ugly With Volfied ($ 39.95, ReadySoft), you fight giant crabs, killer ladybirds, violent insects, and the ever-changing massive "Boss Alien" through 16 levels of arcade action. Do the job well, and you gain extra powers, such as lasers, power-ups, and time stops. Of course, there are surprises too, including hidden enemies and bonuses. (RS 109.) If it's spiders you abhor, here's a chance to get back at the long-leggedy creatures. Disney Software's Arachnophobia ($ 39.95), based on the film by the same name, may have you looking over your shoulder as you play (RS 110.) JJ Clearer Vision You will be glad to know that Commodore has been busy fine-tuning AmigaVision, its icon-based authoring language. Version 1.7QZ features the ability to chain applications together with simple icon control, and it allows you to manage your creations in smaller, memory expanding, modular programs. In addition, version 1.70Z boasts an upgraded standard-music file including improved support for tempo, dynamics, and chords and new video-device drivers. AmigaVision now lets you drive more peripherals from the serial port and offers six additional functions in the Expression editor. The new version retails for $ 149.95, and upgrades are available for $ 35. (RS 108.)
- jj*- The Data Solution That VW>rft Stack Up! The DMI Floptical Disk Drive for the Amiga Packs Twenty-two Floppies into One! Digital Micronics brings the latest in Floptical disk technology to the Amiga. The DMI Floptical Disk Drive is a mass storage solution that provides unprecedented cost performance. Each Floptical disk looks and handles just like a standard 3.5" floppy but stores a whopping 20 megabytes of data at a cost of $ 1.00 per meg! The Floptical Disk Drive requires a standard SCSI interface and is compatible with all Amiga models (including IBM and Mac). It is available NOW directly from Digital Micronics for $ 649 - it includes all necessary cabling, a 100 260-volt autoswitching universal power supply, and one Floptical disk for 20 megs of immediate storage (additional disks available). The unit is designed and assembled in the USA using solid all-metal construction and comes with a 1-year warranty. As the Amiga grows in power and versatility so do the resulting data and image files. Take advantage of the M latest most cost-effective disk-based storage technology available. The DMI Floptical Disk Drive is the storage solution for todays data-hungry applications. Use your MasterCard or Visa to order the DMI Floptical Disk Drive today. Call Digital Micronics at 619-431-8301. Digital Micronics, Inc, 5674 El Camino Real, Suite P Carlsbad, CA 92008 Tel: (619)431-8301 • FAX: (619) 931-8516 I-loptic.it' is n registered trademark oflNSITK Peripherals. Wiiat It Sees Is What You Get Tired of keying in text? M graph's intelligent Optical Character Recognition, based on an Omnifont engine, promises to recognize text characters you scan on a printed page and produce ASCII files for use with word processors or desktop-publishing programs. Migraph's OCR ($ 299) directly supports the Migraph and Golden Image hand scanner, loads IMG and TIFF files, defines text and graphic areas, includes four different linguistic dataThe Great One, from p. 10. SupraTurbo 68040 cards from Supra, 68040 and 24-bit video cards from Great Valley Products, plus an assortment of RAM boards, hard-disk drives, accelerator boards, and emulators. New European software products included a development environment and language called “Cluster” from the German publisher DTM, described by the developers as “a cross between Modula-2 and C.” There was also an Amiga-based hotel airport information-display package called InfoChannel, based on die very popular multimedia-presentation packEngland Swings, from p. 10. Eludes a MIDI keyboard and music-instruc- tion software. Outside, crowds queued to try out such games as Ultima VII, Paperboy 2, and Captain Planet. Psygnosis showed off its arcade-adven- ture Leander, the scrolling shoot-'em-up Agony, and more favorites. Next door, Virgin Games upheld its' "pure entertainment" credo with such new releases as Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker and Conan the Cimerian. Contributing to the party-like atmosphere was Ocean Software's "booth," which consisted of a whirling-teacups-type carnival ride. Around back were some of Ocean's games set up in arcade consoles. Among the titles Ocean promoted were Terminator 2 and The Simpsons. Gremlin Graphics Software made a big hit with its Lotus Turbo Challenge auto-rac- ing game; lured by its video-wail screen, folks lined up to take turns "driving." Meanwhile, MicroProse (Silent Service II and Knights of the Sky), Domark (Shadowlands role-playing adventure and Trivial Pursuit on CD), UBI Soft (Battle Isle, Celtic Legends), and other entertainment developers competed for the attention of game-loving attendees. Beyond Games Those who sought fun but not games were pleased to find a demonstration of The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks' SuperJAM!, an bases English, French, German, and Dutch and lets you create dictionaries for multipage documents having the same types of characters (mathematical, Greek, and so on). The OCR requires 2MB of RAM and a hard drive. Also from Migraph, a Merge-lt and Scanning Tray hardware software combination ($ 149) lets you scan full-page graphics and merge them to create one composite image. Scan fr Save (S20) provides the age Scala, from Digital Vision of Norway, and a user-friendly database-design package from C-Laboratories of Germany. As you might expect, PAL-only European products dominated the video hardware arena, with European developers filling the gap left by American (NTSC) video vendors. In the world of games, the most interesting developments centered around CDTV, with new products released or announced by Virgin, Lucasfilm, Psygnosis, and Korona Soft, among others. In an effort to encourage wider distribution of Amiga products on both sides easy-to-use composition program that a number of graphics programs promise to support directly. On a more serious note, Digita International showed its Home Accounts 2 finance program and Wordworth word processor. Great Valley Products and Supra had booths as large as most game manufacturers. Both companies touted 68040 accelerators, and GVP's IV24 picture-in-picture video card made appearances at both GVP's booth and Commodore's display. Commodore had two booths, one housing computers and the other packed with CDTVs. In the computer camp were the A1500 (an A2000 without PC slots) and the A500 Plus (with 2MB chip RAM and more), neither of which is available in the US. Some American developers, including Digital Creations and Micro-Systems Software, set up shop there, as did British education- al-software developer Think Ltd. At the overpopulated CDTV City, scores of applications demonstrated developers' growing commitment to the system. Connected to one unit was Commodore's AVM enhanced-display product for CDTV. Rombo Ltd. Showed up in living color to demonstrate its Vidi-Amiga real-time black- and-white still color video digitizer. An upcoming bundle will reportedly include a sketch tablet. A graphics device of a different sort was on display at Amiga Centre Scotland's capability to scan and save an image if that's all you need. Migraph also released version 2.0 of Touch- Up, its hi-res scanning and image-editing program. The new version provides a custom screen and an image viewer to preview monochrome, color (including HAM), and gray-scale IFF files. You can also specify the degree of overscan and load an image automatically at the launch of Touch-Up. (RS 102.) JJ of the Atlantic, Commodore CATS US Europe arranged a day-long meeting between more than 100 Amiga developers and ten Amiga distributors from the US and Europe. Several European distributors later reported a significant increase in developer interest in European distribution of their products. Amiga ’91 was impressive. The crowd was so big on Saturday that getting around inside the show required real effort and determination. This show proves once again that, at least in Europe, the Amiga gets the respect it deserves! George Chamberlain booth, that being the Harlequin 32-bit (24 bits pixel, plus an optional extra eight bits for more functions) framebuffer. (At the time of the show, it was out to a handful of developers in the US to garner support for its NTSC release.) The board comes packaged with its own TV Paint and Active Circuit's RasterLink conversion software; several other graphics programs promise to support it. HiSoft announced a new version of its assembler debugger in addition to its new Turbo Pascal-compatible compiler, High Speed Pascal. While The Vivid Group was not in attendance, the UK distributor of the company's Mandala virtual-reality system was. The Man- dala Live! (A-Squared) combination drew aisle-blocking crowds with demonstrations in which onlookers were invited to take part. But the crowd gathering for the Mandala display was nothing compared to the throngs at the back of the convention center, where most retailers were. A popular London radio station added to the excitement by broadcasting live from the show, and nearby, as folks queued up to join the Video Arcade (50 pence bought you 15 minutes of time with popular games; the proceeds went to charity). Commodore sold logo-emblazoned sportswear. With this kind of enthusiasm and support from CBM to boot is it any wonder the Amiga is England's most popular computer? BG ¦ REVIEWS DeluxePaint IV Electronic Arts A new chapter in Amiga art. By Mark Cashman THE ORIGINAL DELUXEPAINT followed closely on the heels of the Amiga’s launch. Even though the first version was well received, Electronic Arts immediately set the wheels in motion for an extended period of growth. In its third version, Dpaint took a dramatic leap from mere static painting to animation. While it has been considered a staple of Amiga artists over the years, some expressed one or two misgivings, mainly concerning the lack of Hold-and- Modify (HAM)-mode support. Long limited to 32 colors (or 64 in Extra_ Halfbrite mode), Dpaint IV (SI79.95) can now handle the 4096 simultaneous colors of HAM. In addition, the new version offers a wide variety of new or greatly enhanced features, including new gradient fills, a color mixer, and improved ranges. Particularly significant are additions to Dpaint Ill s animation module, namely, a new Animation Control panel, brush-morphing capabilities, and a Light Table function for key-frame animating. Dpaint’s newfound support for all native Amiga color options is still subject to normal Amiga restrictions, so you can use HAM only in lo-res and lores overscan horizontal resolutions, and with no more than 16 colors in hires and hi-res overscan horizontal resolutions. HAM capabilties extend throughout the program’s features and tools, including animation. Handling of overscan has improved in that you can now use the entire overscan screen for painting. Previously, (he screen provided only a view onto To locate the vendors of products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p.112. a larger, overscan-sized bitmap that you needed to scroll to use. A Decided Effect Under the Effects menu, Dpaint IV provides some special options that work well with HAM. Translucency, particularly suitable for drawing shadows, lets you mix the colors from your brush with the colors in your backgrounds in specified proportions. The Tint, Hue, and Value Process options allow the current brush to affect the background only with the tint, hue, or value of its colors. These functions allow you to add effects to work in progress. With the new Color Mixer, you can mix existing colors to create new ones, much as in traditional painting. You can change the palette’s 32 colors with the updated Palette requester and keep up to 256 colors in a palette in HAM mode, most of which are unassigned at the beginning of a session. Changing colors in a HAM palette does not affect the on-screen colors. If you are new to any version of Dpaint, some things may seem atypical to you. Oddly, the program does not provide a three-paned representation of the RGB color cube on which you click to select a color. This is a standard feature of the other major HAM paint programs, and I was surprised it was left out. The Palette requester, like other requesters in Dpaint, does not follow the Amiga standard. For example, you use arrow buttons and numeric text entry in place of sliders. Also, the Palette requester, like some other requesters in Dpaint, is on a screen of its own, raised only partially from the bottom of the screen, which makes it easy to accidentally lose it behind (he Dpaint screen. Dpaint IV’s use of ranges is vastly improved. Ranges, for color-cycling animation and filling objects with gradients of color, are no longer restricted to the order of colors in the palette. You can create up to eight ranges, each consisting of up to 32 colors. Paint-Filled Centers An area where Dpaint IV shows a tremendous amount of progress is with its two kinds of gradient fills. Based on the program’s improved ranges, these (ills let you easily create complex, shaded images. As in its previous version, Dpaint IV provides support for linear gradients and for directional gradients that let you specify both the direction of a linear gradient and the central points for radial gradients. Gradients come in one of two possible dither styles, Pattern and Random. When painting with Pattern, colors will appear ordered with smoother transitions. If you click on the Random button, you can give your colors an uneven appearance. Five new gradient fills bring the total to eight. Of the two new linear gradients, Line lets you specify fill angles around forms, and Shape, similar to the Ieft-to-right linear fill, lets you direct the fill's angle. Of the three new radial gradients, Circular fills outward from a central point in concentric circles, Contours conforms gradients to the shape of a filled area, and Highlight closely simulates shading from a single light source. (See “Accent on Graphics” on p. 60 for more detail.) Dpaim IY’s fills improve with the added colors, although I found neither Random nor Pattern dither to blend well with less than five colors in a range. Generally, Dpaint’s gradients are not as smooth as those in Digi- Paint (NewTek) or Photon Paint (now SpectraColor, from Oxxi). The variety in Dpaint’s gradient orientation is similar to that in Digi-Paim, but not as great as that in SpectraColor. Animation You can incorporate more colors into your Dpaint animations, thanks to the program’s new HAM-mode support, and you can now animate HAM brush- es. Another important change to the animation module is the new Animation Control panel. With these VCR-like controls, you can add or delete frames, play your animations forward and backward. Either continuously or one Frame at a time, and loop them. The panel’s Go to Frame button is linked clirectlv to j a requester where you can enter the number of a specific frame and have the program bring it up. If you click on the Play Ping Pong button, your animation will play forward to the end and then play in reverse back to the beginning, continuing on indefinitely until you stop it. The Add a Frame function produces copies of frames. You can also delete single frames with the Delete a Frame function. In the Brush menu, Metamorphosis lets you create morphed brushes. The program lets you define a starting brush and a quite different ending brush; then the program blurs one into the other over several predefined frames, the whole of which you can save as an anini- brush. (This function differs from tweening, which makes use of the same type of computer-generated animation, except that with tweening, the two brushes are essentially the same charac- ter or object, but just in a different position or attitude.) This effect is particularly spectactular in HAM. Lb help you create cel and character animations, Dpaint IV now offers Light fable, a kev-frame animation tool found in the Effects menu. Light Table lets you see previous frames below the image of the current frame, which is especially useful for character animation. Renewable Resources Dpaint IV is a large program, requiring 282K on disk. A normal lo-res screen with 32 colors uses 40K of memory. A lo-res, interlaced HAM screen requires 96K of memory. To conserve memory, you can lake advantage of an option that lets you load parts of the program into RAM. Electronic .Arts recommends 2MB of RAM. Although only 1MB is required. Again, although not required, the program could make good use of the Super Agnus custom chip, with its full 1MB of chip RAM. Dpaint is a powerful, mature program. Many artists still consider it the workhorse of Amiga paint programs. At the same time, even with all of its power, it remains the best paint program for the first-time Amiga graphics artist. And, in responding to criticism of the program’s former lack of HAM support, Electronic Arts has eliminated D Paint's single greatest drawback. Hie manual is excellent. It is well laid out, contains useful and interesting tutorials, and covers the full range of program operation. My criticisms of the program in general concern its nonstandard requester layout and menu details, which I believe detract from its operation. Also, Dpaint’s memory requirements continue to increase, slowing its operation. Fortunately, it is still possible to use it on small-memory Amigas, thanks to the efforts of the programmers to provide memory-saving options. In short, Dpaint is a good value ancl is a must for every Amiga owner interested in graphic arts professionals and dabblers alike. Personal Write Cloanto Centaur You get what you pay for. By Dave Johnson A NEW WORD PROCESSOR is something the Amiga market hasn’t seen in some time, and it was with some anticipation that I tore the wrapper off Cloanto's Personal Write (S49.95) and tossed it into the disk drive. This package turns out to be a well- featured, quite inexpensive program aiming to fill the niche of a professional word processor that handles only text and printer fonts. Unfortunately, it accomplishes that goal with only moderate success. It not only acts and feels j more like a text editor, but it places demands that would frustrate even the ? Most dedicated of Amiga-literate writers. The Introductions Personal Write installs neatly onto a hard drive. By default, it opens to Work- bench-screen format, a bandy feature if you like to resize your work area. To perform some of the program’s most common word-processing tasks, consult the line of icons adorning the bottom of the screen. These buttons, which you can assign to your keyboard function keys, let you perform ten operations: Cancel operation, Cut, Copy, Paste, Move cursor to beginning, Move cursor to end. Remember cursor position, Mark block of text, Mark page, and Print. The program’s six menus provide access to its other features, such as configuration options, mail merge, error handling, and statistics. The document window is not What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG); instead, it displays text in single-spaced Topaz. The program attaches paragraph symbols to lines ending in hard returns, and shows page breaks if you define page length in the format requester. Unfortunately, there is no scroll bar on the side of the document win- VXL 30 68030 ACCELERATION Cost-effective, leading edge, high quality system acceleration for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000. Uses the low cost 68EC030 or the standard, MMU-bearing 68030. True asynchronous design supports versions at 25Mhz, 40Mhz, and 50Mhz. Installs into the Amiga’s 68000 socket. Accepts either the 68881 or 68882 math chip. Compatible with AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.04 systems. Cold-boot jumper selection as 68030 or as 68000. Warm boot software selection as 68030 or 68000. Supports VXL RAM-32 Memory module- 2 or 8 megabytes of Fast Page Mode RAM with Burst capability. RAM autoconfigs and is DMA-able; can be mapped high; supports mapping Kickstart to 32-bit RAM even without MMU. RAM-32 has alternate Kickstart ROM socket for 2.04 ROM. VXL Prices start at $ 399. Micro Botics, Inc. 1251 American Parkway, Richardson, TX 75081 'Amiga 5007Arrga 2000' and ’Kckstart' are registered trademarks of Csmmodore-Amiga. 'VXL-3Q' and 'VXL RAM-32" are McroBotcs. Inc. trademarks. Circle 6 on Reader Service card. Dow, which makes it difficult to move quickly to specific points in the text. You will need to get used to the way the program handles text blocks. In most word processors, you simply highlight a block of text and then select Cut, Paste, or some other text function. In Personal Write, that sequence happens the other way around: You first select the text operation, and then the title bar prompts you to highlight the desired block of text. In fact, it is generally not possible to select a block of text until you request an operation. To its credit, Personal Write provides some unique features. It lets you save documents as compressed files that are about 60% smaller than a comparable ASCII document. This feature is great if you have limited storage capacity. In addition, you can optionally encrypt documents so that a keyword is neces- sary to load and read the file. While encryption algorithms and their effectiveness vary considerably among computer programs, it turns out that Personal Write’s is fairly deep. Rather than simply shuffling header data, Persona! Write completely scrambles lire file, making it impossible to recover any meaningful data without the key. In fact, Cloanto states in the manual that if you forget your code, you are on your own. Cloanto designed Personal Write to act as common ground between a variety of computer formats and languages. Using the file-format menu, you can configure it to load or save files using character sets from the Amiga, Mac, IBM, or Atari, as well as the Commodore 64 and international ASCII keyboard layouts. If you tell
* J J Personal Write that a document is written in English, Italian, German, French or some other language, the program tailors its error handling to detect certain kinds of typing errors. You can also modify the interface to display in a variety of languages. Free-Form Modeling Quite a few of the program’s features are configurable. It provides stereo audio cues for menu and requestor selection, and makes the keys click when you type. Via a palette requestor, you can change the screen colors and adjust many other options. Personal Write does not include the nearly obligatory spelling checker, although its very low price excuses it. It does have a simple error-checking option that alerts you to such anomalies as double words (“the the”) and number word combinations (“5the”). It can also automatically capitalize words at die beginning of sentences and insert missing spaces after periods. The program provides a wealth of printing features for those who prefer customized output and are willing to put in the extra effort. Although it cannot print Amiga system fonts (a true detriment now that outline fonts have arrived in Workbench 2.0), it does support downloaded printer fonts. Using a program like Cloanto’s Personal Font Maker, it is possible to create a wide variety of extremely high-quality printer fonts that you can include in your documents. Personal Write supports several printing options, permitting bold, italic, and underline formats, as well as any number of multi-strikes (good for high-quality print saturation on 9-pin printers). Most notably, thanks to Personal Write’s software printer spooler, you can dedicate any portion of free RAM as a buffer to queue files for printing. This means that you can begin typing something else as soon as you’ve sent a job to the printer (given sufficient RAM). All Amiga word processors should include this outstanding feature. Finally, in addition to using the Amiga’s standard printer drivers, Personal Write fully supports PostScript. The program can print an entire document, just a page, or a marked block. What’s more, it lets you preview the finished product on screen, so that you can see slightly more of a WYSIWYG version, including the headers and page numbers. You can also use Personal Write to load and print IFF graphics, although you cannot combine them with text. The program’s simple palette tool lets you adjust colors before printing. Parting Ways Personal Write has its share of problems. First, it functions too much like a text editor and not enough like a standard word processor. In other word processors, it is as instinctive as breathing to select text with the cursor and hit a keyboard shortcut for Cut, Copy, or Paste. Highlighting text after selecting a cut paste function is far from intuitive. The cursor itself is oddly sized, and doesn’t completely cover the character it is marking. Not only does this look sloppy, hut it sometimes leads to confusion over the cursor’s actual location. Worse yet is the somewhat non-standard interface. Despite the fact that the manual contains many examples of Workbench 2.0, Personal Write’s interface is decidedly more Workbench 1.2 in nature. Even when running under
2. 0, its back-to-front gadgets in the title bar are of the old, pre-2.0 style, ? TO SEE HOW SMALL AND WELL CRAFTED THE 880K ROCLITE DRIVE IS BULKY] CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER OR CALL ROCTEC ELECTRONICS INC. AT 408.379.1713 ORFAX YOUR INFORMATION REQUEST AT 408.379.1897 r original size l-- Circle 177 on Reader Service card. ALSO AVAILABLE IN AMIGA BEIGE our ad* pletely configure the word processor before he can hope to get a useful hard copy. I’ve never before used a word processor that was so hard to set up. The Tab key comes without any value assigned to it, paragraphs don’t autoindent, and before you can indent, you have to assign an indentation value to the tab key. It even took me several days to figure out how to double-space my printout. Although the line-spacing option is in the printer options requester. Personal Write will not display onscreen in any form except single apparently hard-coded that way. Furthermore, not only are the requesters not up to Workbench 2,0 standards, but their scroll bars are oddly designed. If there is only one file or directory too many to fit in the r * requester window, you must pull the scroll bar down to the bottom just to make that one file visible. Clicking under the bar unexpectedly causes it to advance only a few pixels at a time. Finally, I have to question the user- friendliness of the formatting options. The program comes without useful defaults, so the new user must comVISTAPRO 2.0 OFFERS FOR PROFESSIONAL QUALITY LANDSCAPE ARTISTRY VISTAPRO IS UNPARALLELED.
• Most complete final image control of any landscape simulator
• Most advanced color palette
• Virtual trees, stars, rivers, lakes, snow
• Basic animator, Direct 24 bit output
• Parts of Mars, Yosemite, Mt. St. Helens, Crater Lake, fractal scapes, and more! MAKE PATH - Advanced animation utility $ 25.00 with coupon in box. TERRAFORM - Landscape editor $ 25.00 with coupon in box. SCAPES - Over 2,000 additional landscapes of earth and Mars to explore. Interlocked for animation. Call for info. Spaced, regardless of the spacing you select. 1 might have had better luck finding this information in the manual if it weren’t filled with so many facts about general computing. 1 hope Cloanto’s other product manuals are more focused. In summary, Personal Write is a solid, inexpensive, but somewhat frustrating word processor. I would not recommend this program to the creative writer, because I don’t feel its operation is sufficiently fluid and intuitive. Many of its features, however, like data encryption, PostScript output, and the variety of languages and character sets supported, do hold a certain amount of appeal. A500 Hard-Drive Expansion Boxes Comspec’s SA 500 DataFlyer 500 GrandSlam 500 Trumpcard 500 Series Metal boxes Metal, boxes Metal boxes on the left side And they're all filled with hard drives But they're not all just the same. By Morton A. Kevelson STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE. We can never have enough digital storage. A500 owners especially feel the pinch. With only half a megabyte of internal RAM and a single 880K floppy disk drive, its data storage capacity is just not tip to the demands of a typical Amiga application. Fortunately, not only do A500 owners have many storage options from which to choose, but prices are also coming down. Unless you have grandiose plans for expanding your An00, an expansion- port plug-in box one that combines both a hard drive and memory will probably meet your needs. In this report, I'll show you how to save money with do-it-yourself systems. By purchasing an expansion box with a hard-drivc host adapter and then adding memory and a hard drive on your own, you can * save a considerable amount of cash compared to a comparably equipped turn-lcey system. • 22 February 1992 * The following report covers Com- spec's SA, Expansion Systems’ Data- Flyer, and IVS’s I fumpcard A500 se- ries.The beamy of these products is that you can play a primary' role in tailoring your system according to your needs. Say Again The A500 version ($ 199, US) of the Comspec SA-series SCSI host adapter is housed in a very sturdy heavy-metal enclosure. It is the smallest unit of this group, measuring in at only 4x9' aXl inches, but keep in mind that this is only the SCSI host adapter. To complete the system, you will have to supply* a self-powered SCSI hard drive in its own enclosure and a 25-pin SCSI- intcrface cable. For this review, I drafted from my A1000 a Seagate ST-157N 48MB hard drive in a Xetec self-powered enclosure. The SA host adapter is fitted with a red drive-activity LED at the front, a 25-pin SCSI connector on the back panel, and an autoboot-selec- tion switch accessed through an opening underneath. Although the set-up program had a point-and-click user interface, it was confusing and limited. I ultimately succeeded in formatting the hard drive with two partitions via trial and error. The set-up software handles only low- level formatting and partitioning. You perform high-level formatting and software installation through the Workbench or CLI. What’s more, the SA SCSI host adapter requires that you format a boot partition with the old file system, although you can format all oilier partitions to use the newer fast-file system. I ran the performance tests on a fast-file system partition. The performance of the SASCSI host adapter is a bit slack, even considering the slower performance of the Seagate hard drive. After my experience with the A2000 version of the SA host adapter, I made sure to set the test intensity to low. Hi is allowed the test with DMA and CPU contention turned on to run to completion in only 30 minutes. Another drawback is that Comspec chose not to provide for memory' expansion, something to keep in mind if you plan to add memory in the future. Although the SA Series SCSI host adapter lacks some of the features of the other host adapters, it is one of the few units that support the Bernoulli removable-media drives. Bernoulli systems, which utilize large-formal enclosed floppy disks, are more expensive, but they have developed a reputation for reliability. Flying High The Data Flyer 500 ($ 239.95 ) from Expansion Systems comes in a rather bulky all-metal enclosure measuring Continued on p. 92. External hard drive Supports up to 2 IDE hard drives or 7 SCSI drives or devices with the SCSI external port. Expandable to 8MB SIMM memory. Autoboot and autoconfig with Kickstart 1.3 and above. Fast and reliable operation. Comes with 2 position game switch. For more information contact your local dealer or call Roctec
408. 379.1713 Fax. 408.379.1897 In Canada: 800.663.9272 ROCTEC 170 Knowles Drive. 202. Los Gatos. CA 95030. Circle 178 on Reader Servce card Amiga I Vo rid 23 Great Graphics, Godzilla, The fourth incarnation of the Amiga’s most popular paint program is packed with fine new features. Here are some tips to help you tame some of its tools and use them to your best advantage. He long-awaited update to Electronic Arts' DeluxePaint paint-and-animation software is sweeping the Amiga community and it’s everything it was rumored to be. DeluxePaint IV (SI 79.95) now allows you to paint and animate in 4096-color Hold-and-Modify (HAM) mode, and offers powerful, time-saving new tools. While the Dpaint manual is excellent, it cannot possibly tell you everything without becoming an epic- length tome. To get you beyond the basics, I have picked a few of the more exciting and useful tools as a practical demonstration of the program’s new powers. Because many of Dpaint I 's enhancements are most effective in HAM, die following tutorials are designed around this mode. You can use these techniques in any other painting mode, however, given enough colors and the right palette. (For a complete review of the new DeluxePaint, see p. 18.) By Gene Brawn Project 1: Fun With Color ur first project demonstrates some tools that you will I employ nearly ever)' time you fire up Dpaint IV. First you will use the completely revamped Palette requester and its new Arrange function to create a single palette from three disparate images. Then you will use the new Stencil Paint, Translucency, and Process functions to composite the three images on a single screen. This example uses artwork I created for the Bonus Utilities disk included with the Dpaint IV package, so you will he able to duplicate my tips using the actual images referenced in this article. In order to combine images with differing palettes, you must first create a single, compromise palette and remap each of the three pictures to this new color set. In the past, this was a daunting, often impossible task, given Dpaint Ill’s 64-color maximum. The addition of HAM to Dpaint’s color arsenal makes the process much easier. Your first step is to remove from each image’s palette any colors that are not used. Start by loading the Godzilla.ab file from the Dpaint IV demo disk as a picture. Press the right mouse button to display the menu bar and pull down the Picture menu. Select Screen format and click on 16, then on OK. In a moment, Godzilla reappears with a 16-color palette. Reselecl the Screen Format requester by pressing the a key and, this time, click on HAM to convert the file to diat mode. Save the file with a new name, and repeat the process with the file named Rushmore.bg. The third image, Lookingup.ab, is a special case that requires some extra work. What vou need to do is remove the skyscraper from the picture’s background before you reduce the number of colors. Normally, you would use the Stencil tool to protect the colors in the man, and then dear the screen to eliminate the unwanted portions of the image. That process will not work here, as some of the background colors are also present in the man. Fortunately, Dpaint IV includes an enhanced version of the Stencil tool called Paint On Off in the Effects Stencil submenu. Selecting the Paint On Off tool causes the screen to dim. Click the Freehand Fill function from the toolbox and 'jl carefully outline the figure of the man in the trench coat. If you make a mistake, you can use the right mouse button to erase the errant lines. When you are finished, the entire figure of the man should be covered with a translucent mask (see Figure 1). Be sure to reselect Paint On Off from the menu to turn it off, or the next step may yield unpredictable results. From the palette, select sky blue as the background color and then clear the screen. Onlv the man’s O image should remain. Turn off tiie stencil by pressing the ~ key. Now you can safely use the Screen Format function to reduce the number of colors to 16, convert the image to HAM, and save the file. The Big Squeeze Now you are ready to build your new "compromise” palette. What you must do is squeeze the remaining 48 colors (16x3 images) into a new 16-color HAM palette suitable for all three source pictures. Press the right mouse button to display the menu bar and go to the Color menu. (Note that Dpaint’s color tools are now consolidated here a definite improvement over the old version's helter-skelter arrangement.) For this step we’ll use two new tools: the Arrange selection. Found in the Palette submenu, and the Color Set requester. Choose the Arrange selection first. When you do, you will see your current 16-color palette along the top row and three more rows of “ghosted” squares below it (see Figure 2). This is your main color work area. Using the gadgets along the bottom edge of the display, you am pick colors from the screen, create a spread, and then copy or exchange them from one color register to another. The last gadget in this set, Delete, is a powerful new function with which you can eliminate a color or a range of colors from your palette. Try it by clicking on color 0 at the far left of the top row and then clicking on Delete. When the cursor changes from an arrow to the word To, click on the last color in the row that is, color 16. Instantly, all the colors in your palette are “ghosted” and your screen turns white. (Click the Undo button at the bottom right of the requester to return things to normal.) Let’s fill in a few more of those empty boxes and build our new HAM palette. With the Arrange requester still visible, select the Color Set item from the Color menu. When the File Load requester appears, select your new HAM version of the Rushmore picture. Instead of loading your image, the program displays a new requester, similar to the Arrange requester. Click on All to load all the palette's colors, and then click on Add to append this color set to the current palette. When the Arrange requester reappears, it will contain 32 colors: your original palette in registers 0 through 15 and Rushmore’s 16 colors in slots 16 through 31. Click on OK to close the requester. Now return to the Color Palette submenu and select Mixer. What appears is a new version of Dpaint’s Palette requester. For now, you will use it to compare lutes and delete the duplicates. Some are easy to see yellow and red, for example. Simply click on the duplicate color, select Delete, and finally click on the duplicate again to remove it. Finding the other clones is easy, but tedious. Starting from the left, click on the (; R A P II I C S ’92 S P E C I A L 1 first color and remember its RGB value. Moving to the right, click on the remaining colors in turn, deleting any with the same RGB value. You now have a color set full of holes where the duplicate colors used to he. An easy way to close the gaps is to use the Color Set menu selection to save the colors as a new file and immediately reload the data. Since the Color Set tool does not save the ghosted positions, reloading the file with the Overwrite option closes the gaps. This makes for an easy way to “pack” your palette. Now comes the most important step creating your final 16-color HAM palette from the colors remaining in your palette. If you do not have the new version of' the Lookingup image loaded, call it up now. Then use the Color Set requester to replace the existing palette with the one you built in the last section. There should he no change in the image, as the base colors (the lower
16) came from this image. Next load the HAM version of the Rushmore picture, select Restore Palette from the Color Palette menu, and then remap it with the tool of the same name in the Color menu. If you are not happy with the results, you can use the Copy button in the Arrange or Mixer requester to move more appropriate hues from the upper 16 colors of your new palette to the lower 16 (base) colors. This ability to swap is the reason for building this 32- color palette. Remember that all these pictures are now in HAM format, yet they use only the first 16 colors of the palette. The upper 16 are there for convenience should you need to modify the palette to reduce fringing or create a color for one of the other pictures. To change your palette, pick a color to sacrifice in the lower 16 and replace it by copying a spare color to its slot. Remap the picture to test the results. If it does not look right, select Restore Palette from the menu and reload and remap the picture (you cannot undo a Remap function). Try again until you are satisfied, and then save the new version of Rushmore. Paint It Green The third component of our composite image is A Godzilla from the Godz&Ted.ab file. Once you load this picture, the first thing to do is fill the red background with the sky- blue color mi in register 15. There is not enough room in jm our palette to include any of Godzilla’s 4 monochrome gray scale. This presents a problem, because HAM mode has a difficult time creating grays from other hues (the result is usually a fringing nightmare). You can get around this, however, by changing the monster’s color to something more ap- Mr propriate for HAM and Dpaint IV’s Ig!-* Tint tool can help. To turn vour black-and-white mon- j ter to a gorgeous green, load his newly remapped image and select the Palette Mixer requester. Click on any register in the upper 16 and set the RGB sliders to 0 red, 0 blue, 15 green. Click OK to exit. Set the background color to blue and pick up Godzilla as a brush with the left mouse button. Go to the Effects Process submenu and, if Tint is selected, choose On Off (otherwise, select Tint and press Alt-p). Make the brush solid green by pressing the F2 key, then place the brush precisely over the Godzilla image and click the left mouse button. Slowly, your monochrome monsti assume a green tint. But there's small problem: His eyes and tc should be white. To remedy this, pi the u key to reset the image to its oi inal colors. Turn on the Ster Paint option (remember the tie coat man?). Select white from palette and Freehand Fill from the box, and outline the reptile’s eyes and teeth as if you were painting normally. Return to the Stencil menu, turn off the Stencil Paint option, and repeat the steps above to effect the tint. This time, the monster s eyes and teeth will remain a pearly white. Finally, you are ready to meld the three images. Start by loading the Rushmore picture. Next, press the j key to summon the Figure 2. The Arrange register is DeluxePaint IV’s “Color Central.” spare screen and load your green monster there. Pick Godzilla up as a brush, switch to the main screen, and stamp him down in the notch above Teddy Roosevelt's head. Follow the same steps with the man, stamping him down in front of the mountain, and you are done (see the opening illustration). Project 2: Morphing Madness While Dpaint's new Metamorph feature is not a bread-and-butter tool, it is one of the more intriguing additions to the program. You need not look far to find out that morphing is hot. No less than five national television commercials currently use this technique. Different than a fade or dissolve, a metamorphosis is the smooth transformation ? AmigaWorld 27 (i R A P II I C S 9 2 SEE C I A L ! Of one object to another, wherein the original image appears to change shape as if it were made of flowing hot plastic. Perhaps the best illustration is the silvery villain of last summer’s hottest special-effects flick, Terminator 2. Not to be left behind, the wizards at Electronic .Arts performed some metamorphosis on Dpaint, including a new feature to allow such transitions. It is great fun, but a word of warning: Don't overdo it. Something this good is easy to overuse, but doing so lessens its impact in your finished product. Be selective and use a morph (or any other effect) to advance your story', not just to satisfy a “gee whiz” impulse. For all its power, the Metamorph tool is simplicity itself. Nevertheless, there arc a few tips and at least one trick that you can use to improve your results. If you examine the Brush menu, you will see a new entry named Spare. This submenu contains three items: Swap, Copy, and Metamorph. Swap and Copy function identically to their big brothers in the Picture menu. This means that you now have a spare buffer for your brushes. You begin a metamorph by choosing two images to transform. If they are not already brushes, make them so, taking care that the images share the same palette. Keep in mind that the brushes should be nearly the same size. If your target images are radically different in size, simply pick up the same amount of screen real estate for the smaller brush as you do for the larger. For an interesting effect, try locating one image in the lower-right corner of its brush and the other in the upper-left corner then watch the resulting morph migrate from one corner to the other. Pick up or load your brushes in any order you like. Use the Brush->Spare menu item or the Alt-n key combination to copy the first picture to the spare buffer. Be sure that the last image of your transformation is the visible brush. If it is not, exchange it with the spare brush using the Brush ->Spare (Alt-b) function. Finally, invoke tlie 7 Metamorph process from the same menu. A requester will appear, asking you to enter the number of frames you want to use for the morph (indicating many frames produces a smooth effect, but a large lile). Clicking on this requester’s OK button starts the process. .As Dpaint proceeds with the transformation of your brushes, each step is displayed (don’t worry, you will get your original screen back when the program is finished). The result is a standard animbrush lile that you can save, add to your animation, or discard as you desire, r The Unexpected Sometimes the morph may not be what you expected. If you try to morph brushes larger than 250 pixels wide in any resolution, for instance, you may he in for a rude surprise. To get around this annoying limitation, divide your brush into equal pieces, morph them separately, and reassemble the results, (You may have to do some touch-up work where the pieces join,) As another example, morphing two radically different shapes such as the letter K to the letter G results in a tearing effect as the angular legs of the K move horizontally to form the round shape of the G. T his will happen anytime you try to transform an irregular shape to one that is smoother and rounder. To avoid the tearing, try this: Rotate both brushes 90 degrees by using the z key or the corresponding Brush Rotate submenu selection, and do the morph again. Because you cannot use the Rotate function with the resulting animbrush to return the morph to its original orientation, you must create some animation frames, stamp it down to create an ANIM file, and rotate each frame 90 degrees. Preserve the morph s registration by drawing an identically sized and positioned rectangle around each frame’s image. Rick More than Skin Deep INTERFACE ProPoge 2.1 PageStream 2.2 AmigaDOS windows N y AmigaDOS gadgets N Y AmigaDOS scrollbars N Y AmigaDOS file requester N Y ENVIRONMENT of Open Documents 1 Unlimited View Magnifications 7 fixed 15-1500% Variable Zoom N Y Magnifying Glass Tool N Y "No Frames" Text N U:. Y Moveable Toolbox N Y HotLinks Compatible N mm GRAPHICS IFF (24 bit) Y Y ProDraw Clip - Editable? Y N Y Y Aegis Draw - Editable? Y N Y Y IFF DR2D- Editable? N N Y Y EPS-TIFF PICT preview Y N Y Y PC: TIFF, GIF, IMG, GEM N Y ? I - PageStreawZVZ Mac: Paint, PICT, TIFF N A P ¦V == ? ? O 0 & Q180% ? ID 22 ?1 * n i, N N Y N Y 2 1 pt 720 pts Y Y Y Y 18
0. Q1 pts 183,000 pts Soft-Logik format Outlines on Screen Outline Fonts Included Typographic Precision Maximum Size OUTPUT Amiga Preferences Y Y Custom Printer Drivers N Y Print to Disk Y MSMBBBI LAYOUT Templates Y Y Master Pages HH Y Maximum Page Size 22x22 in 1200x1200 ft Paragraph Tags HHI Y Snap-to-Grid Y Y Snap-to-Guides N Y Measurement Systems 3 9 TEXT Bold, Italics Y Y Y Y Underline, Outline Y Y Y Y Shadow, Light N N Y Y Reverse, Strike-Through N N Y Y Import ASCII HiH Y Import excellence! N Y Import ProWrite N Y Import WordPerfect Y Y HotLinHs » PostScript Type 1 PostScript Type 3 FONTS PageStream 2.2 in 16 color mode The new PageStream 2.2 is a work of art. The first thing you notice is the snazzy new toolbox. But beauty is more than skin deep. A screenshot cannot show you the power of version 2.2. Using a common PageStream system, text speed is improved up to 500% over the previous release. The January issue of AmigaWorld called PageStream 2.1 the Experts’ Choice, what will they call PageStream
2. 2? Here’s some ideas. Innovative. Fast. Professional. Solid. Workhorse. Amazing. To further increase your productivity, try our new HotLinks Express Pack. It includes PageLiner, a feature-laden text processor, and BME, a bitmap editor. HotLinks connects these programs to PageStream for seamless desktop publishing. All for only $ 99.95. PageStream 2.2 is a free upgrade to registered PageStream 2.1 owners. It’s our way of saying thank you for your patronage. With all the money this will save you, you will be able to pick up a Starter Fonts Pack for $ 99.95. The eight fonts in this package will make your pages come alive. If you haven’t already tried PageStream 2.2 visit your local dealer or call us for more information. Il.ilil 11 it;111 j 11 ! [ li i ii;,nlUt.LljJ.u t 11 11 i J i » . B * 1® 1 6 1 7 f l 7,1 A T % t >r Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation L We gWe you the tools to dream. 800-829-8608 PageStream, BME, PageLiner and HotLinks are registered trademarks or trademarks of Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation. Compugraphic is a registered trademark of AgfA Compugraphic. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Come see us at AmiExpo in Long Beach. CA. Feb 14 - 16. Hirrlp on Rpartor Sorvlrfl card Creative Methodology And Graphics Technology By Phil Fitzpatrick Sometimes we forget the second half of the equation when we say “computer art” or “computer graphics.” Whether you use a pencil, a brush, an open can of paint, or an Amiga mouse, you need to understand and to visualize what you want to achieve in making images. The “basics”presented here by a thoughtful teacher and computer artist aren’t necessarily just for beginners. From the moment that first Cro-Magnon grabbed a stick out of the fire and recorded the mysteries of the Neolithic world on the walls of a cave, we have made images to tell our stories, record our history, commemorate our heroes, and enhance the aesthetic quality of our lives. What motivates that kind of activity? Simply this: Human beings are innately and instinctively creative. Set us down in the remotest corner of the universe with nothing more than a pile of sticks and stones, and we will immediately rearrange that pile to make it more interesting to look at. Arguably, instinctive creativity does not spontaneously include a well-developed aesthetic sense, and the desire to make images does not guarantee that they will be good ones. Just as owning a hammer won’t qualify you as a master carpenter, neither does owning a sophisticated graphics computer like the Amiga automatically make you an artist. This does not mean, however, that you have to settle for poor-quality images. In fact, it’s just the opposite! But what does all this philosophical rhetoric have to do with computer graphics? Quite a lot, actually, when you distill it to its essence. You end up with three primary ingredients and a lot of subtle flavorings. As a computer-graphics instructor, much of my time is spent in discussions of technical how-to sometimes at the expense of fundamentals that have been around a lot longer than computers. Such ideas, however, are just as important in electronic media as they are in traditional image-making. In any creative endeavor, perception, selection, and organization are the keys to comprehending, extracting, interpreting, and translating your experiences of the world into visual form. II this sounds like a glossy simplification, it is; but once you understand these fundamental concepts, you can do a great deal to improve the way you create your own images and to make the entire process more challenging for yourself at the same time. Sign Up and See the World First, how do we perceive the world? Only marginally, I'm afraid. We can only focus our eyes on one thing at a time, so we really get only brief glimpses that our brains construct into the larger concept of “world.” Of course, this is supplemented by our other senses, but in spite of the fact that we are all extremely comfortable and familiar with our three-dimensional environment, it’s hard for us ? To fill in the details and reconstruct or “remember’' the relationships of objects in three-dimensional space unless we are looking directly at them. This vagueness makes up the transient feelings, emotions, or impressions that a scene creates in us. To make things worse, our images (drawings, photos,
o x* xx xx l«LXX XX X XX XX XX x
* X x *X. *X X Figure 2. Placing the fish on the diagonal lends a sense of movement. Paintings, and so on) are two-dimensional abstractions or translations of that 3-D world onto a flat surface. Even the 3-D models created on the computer are presented on the 2-D surface of the monitor. Real perception comes with understanding the visual clues our brain uses to create its world and learning how to use them effectively. Fortunately, human beings possess complex mechanisms for dealing with abstraction, and these permit us to suspend our disbelief and superimpose our knowledge of reality on these 2-D representations. Some of the mechanisms we use to interpret and translate 3-D "clues” are size, scale, overlap, color, value, and perspective. Visual space (as opposed to real space) is actually a cleverly conceived series of visual lies that uses combinations of these mechanisms to create the illusion of real space. For the most part, none of these things are strangers. All of as are familiar with the fundamental concepts of perspective. We are aware that objects farther away appear to be smaller, and that parallel lines going off toward the horizon appear to meet. Overlapping objects to suggest distance is one of the first tricks we learn as school children. Color and value tend to be more elusive, but that is a whole can of worms by itself. You Gotta Be Choosy Being selective in choosing what to include in an image is sometimes difficult. One of the best ways to begin is to think of storytelling. Select a theme that might evoke an emotional response from your audience (maybe something humorous) or, perhaps, suggest an episode from a story. (This is a trick many illustrators use.) Maybe you could even create your own personal, surrealist fantasy environment like the one in Figure 1. Remember, however, to keep it simple. Don’t try to tell your audience too much at once. Excite their curiosity and tease them into becoming involved in your image. Beginners generally put too much information in a single picture. By selectively showing portions of objects, you can create an illusion of something unseen about to happen. And filter out unnecessary details leaves on a tree at close range are merelv blobs of color O at a distance. Consider the really important factors in what you are trying to show and then adjust your viewpoint accordingly. For example, let’s say you are trying to show a sports car and want to communicate a sense of its dynamics and speed. A side view will tell you a lot about the car, but not much else. However, moving your eye to a point not far in front of the headlamp so you are looking at both the [font and side simultaneously will create a distorted perspective view with a strong suggestion of movement. Notice in the opening illustration and in figure 2 how the movement is directed diagonally. This positioning reinforces die notion of action; if the fish were horizontal they would appear static. Organization Is the Key Composition, or organization, is probably the most important of the three ingredients in creating dynamic and powerful images that communicate the feelings and concepts you intend. Organization of pictorial space hinges on the notion of visual balance; that is, the arrangement and distribution of elements to combine states of visual tension and stability and create an overall sense of cohesiveness. That’s quite a mouthful, so let’s translate it into a set of guidelines that make a little more sense. Traditionally, arrangements of objects in pictures have fit into one of two categories:
• Formal, symmetrical arrangements that usually have bilateral symmetry (equal matching, or mirrored, halves). If more than two matching segments exist around a center point, then we use the term “radial” symmetry,
• Informal, asymmetrical arrangements, where objects of unequal size but of equal importance (determined by color, shape, value, texture, or placement) make up the image. For example, a small, brightly colored ? Rr EVEN CREATES YOUR PAGES FOR YOU! 3 1 2en Simply Choose From a Variety of tomated Layouts or Other Functions Like Envelope Addressing and More... d In No Time You Have a Quick Professional Layout (signed to Your Specifications, or an Automatic Table From Your Spreadsheet, or a Mail Merge From Your Database, or an Addressed and Printed Envelope, or... PROFESSIO PAGE Introducing GENIE, more than 30 great reasons to move up to Professional Page 3.0. With Genie you don't have to be a p ofo design like one.Just click our new Page Genie option and Professional Page will ask you some simple questions, fhenj au yaticaJly design o custom professional layout for you. Press the Function Genie butfoh and Professional Page will automatically address and print your envelopes, create beautiful tables from your spreadsheet data, perform complex mail merges for you (o FIRST for any DTP program on any platform), and much more! You can even create your own Genies using our 300 Arexx functions. But the new features don't stop there, you get 7 high quality scalable typefaces, type sizes in . 125 point increments, a new UnDo button, new text import filters, improved color separation and much much more. So if you want to be the best, it's time to buy the best. Step up to Professional Page 3.0, it couldn't be easier. New Features:
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• Type sizes in .125 point increments
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• New text import filters for ProWrite, QuickWrite, Excellence
• Auto-tiling for printing large pages Now's the time! Even if you've never done desktop publishing before, you can with Professional Page 3.0 and our exclusive Page Genies. And power users will delight in the sophisticated array of Function Genies that speed your work like never before. Plus you get the benefits of 5 new fonts, improved color separations, more precise font scaling, and more. So what are you waiting for? Step up to the most advanced desktop publishing package for the Amiga. See your dealer today or call us at: 1 -800-GOLD-DSK or 1-416-602-4000 And you get Purchase Protection: If you purchase Professional Page 2.1 between January 1 and March 31, 1992, you'll receive version 3.0 free.** It Couldn't Be Easier. Circle 19 on Reader Service card. ’Genies require Areu. Areu tomes with Workbench 2.0 or con be purchased separotefy. “Just sera in your doled sales receipt with your registration cord. Professional Page is a registered trademark of Gold Disk Inc. Specific otions ore subject to change without notice. Object can be visually as important as a large, neutrally colored one. Definitions and theory are great, but how do you decide if you really have succeeded in organizing your picture to make it interesting to look at? Unfortunately, there are no absolutes this is something that requires subjective judgement and practice on your part. There are, however, a couple of things you can do to make things clearer. First, boot up your favorite paint program. Then set die background color to something other than black (that way you can see the boundary of the screen). Put a small (about one-inch) square of any color right in the middle of the screen. Notice that there are approximately equal amounts of “negative” (background) space on all sides. The square appears to be at rest. This is formal balance at its simplest. Now move the square to one corner. This time the negative space is onlv on two sides, and it seems to be “pushing” the square into the corner. Your eye is constantly drawn to the unstable corner at the expense of the rest of the space because of the visual tension you have created. The optimum place to put the square to take advantage of both balance and tension lies somewhere along a line between the corner and the center. Welcome to fundamental informal balance! By the way, don’t forget that the negative area is just a big rectangular shape, too. Now that you have the idea, try it with two squares of different sizes and colors and then add other shapes. Change the relative positions and distances of the shapes and notice, as they move, the visual tension that is created or lost in the process. Try adding textures to make it more interesting. If you try these simple exercises, I think you will be surprised at how quickly your awareness and sensitivity to these relationships increases. On to the Big Picture! Now let’s see Itow all I his works! Figure 1 incorporates most of the principles described, but a step-by-step tour will help tidy up any loose ends. First, the picture plane (for our purposes, the monitor screen), which delines the boundaries of the image, is divided into unequal sections by the horizon. This avoids any monotony caused !))¦ splitting it at the middle and leaving it in two equal parts. While the term “lines of force” may sound tike J something from a sci-fi novel, the concept is important and actually refers to a visual trick used to direct, or “force,” the eye to follow a path around the surface of a picture. To take advantage of the trick, 1 rotated the ground plane to the left to create a directional movement toward but not smack in the middle of the horizon. I added the two stones to appeal to my sense of mystery, but also to redirect the eye up to the clouds drifting across the sky, leading away from the left side of the picture until the eye eventually follows the curve of the clouds down the right side to the ground. The large, partly visible spheroid points back to the left across the ground plane, pushing the eye back up into the picture. The result is that the viewer looks all over the surface of the picture, but is constantly pulled back in, never wandering out of it. .All of this explanation may seem a bit melodramatic, but the point is that by carefully thinking out where things are placed and what sizes they should be, you can develop the means to make your images communicate more fully and be more exciting to look at. Each of the parts in Figure 1 is carefully positioned relative to the others. Cover one up, and the arrangement of the rest no longer functions. In conclusion, let me leave you with a few observations, bints, and tips:
1. Depending on a single software package not only severely limits what you can expect to accomplish, but it often gets in the way of paying attention to the important design concepts. It is true that familiarity with the tools is essential to being productive, but each paint or modeling program has its own strengths and weaknesses. Lake advantage of the best parts of each and don't hesitate to mix and match.
2. Trv not to “over-think” vour ideas before you actually J J begin working. A strong preconception can be a death sentence if you are unwilling to adapt to needed changes; if it becomes an unattainable goal, the image no matter how hard you try- will never quite turn out right.
3. When you are creating something new, don’t automatically stick it in the middle of the screen. Doing so is not necessarily wrong, but it is better to think about the whole picture, not just the parts. And don’t let the edges intimidate you.
4. Look carefully at everything you see around you. Pay attention to how pictures in magazines arc composed and see what gimmicks the Sunday comics use to punch their point across. When taking photographs, stop a second and think about what you see in the viewfinder. What works with a camera also works with a computer.
5. Tit to remember your impressions of things you have seen, because the quality of what you remember frequently makes a better picture or story than the real thing.
6. If you have access to some books on basic design V o principles, read them. As most design books have examples and problems to solve, you can add to what you know while von try them out on the Amiga! Remember, there is no one right way to make a picture, but there are right choices that can make it better! ¦ Phil Fitzpatrick teaches art including Amiga graphics at hi mar University in Beaumont, Texas. His background is in commercial design and advertising. Write to him c o Amiga World. Editorial 80 Elm St., Peterborough, AJH 03458. The Painter’s Guide to Structured Drawing Structured-drawing programs can add valuable new tools to the creative arsenals of artists and desktop publishers cdike. This tutorial on r Ti I n o here are two distinctively different ways of designing or creating art on a computer: structured drawing and bitmapped painting. Knowing the particular advantages and disadvantages ol each method can add substantially to the repertoire of both painters and publishers. While this article deals mainly with structured drawing, it will compare the differences between the two methods and also point out instances where both techniques can be combined successfully. Take the first part of this article as a bitmapped painter’s introductory guide to structured drawing. In the second part, I will examine three leading Amiga structured-drawing packages: Professional Draw
2. 1, Pro Vector 2.1, and Design Works. Although I will, of course, compare their feat ures and evaluate their relative strengths and weaknesses, I intend such comparisons mainly to illustrate further how these programs and structured drawing in general can be used to enhance painting and publishing processes on the Amiga. Structured-Drawing Methodology JUST WHAT IS the difference between a paint program and a drawing program? By way of analog); compare it to the difference between painting on paper with a paint brush and drawing with ruler and compass. Structured draw ing with comparative evaluations of three leading programs will show you the way. In computer terms, with a bitmapped paint program such as DeluxePaint (Electronic Arts), all the drawing tools modify a bitmapped area of the computer’s screen memory. What that means in plain English is that your pictures are made up of hundreds or even millions of pixels arranged in a two-dimensional grid where each pixel can be painted one of several colors selected from a color palette. When you use a paint program, drawing a line in red between two points colors all the pixels between them; in fact, all paint operations affect several individual pixels. This means that a filled circle is not just a shape with a certain radius, but an area composed of several colored pixels. Drawing a red line with a structured-drawing program is something entirely different. Instead of modifying numerous pixels, you are only defining the coordinates of the two end points, specifying the color you wish to use, and stating that you are drawing a line. In practical terms, this means that the structured line is device-independent, because the computer remembers only the coordinates and the attributes of the line. When you print this line to a laser printer, for ex-> By Eyo Sama (; R A P II 1 € S ‘9 2 S P E C I A L - 3 ample, the line is printed using the high resolution of that printer. A bitmapped line, on the other hand, is always composed of the number of pixels it was drawn with, and it therefore often looks the same whether it is printed with a 300-dpi (dot-per-inch) or a 1200-dpi printer. Bitmapped paintings also frequently exhibit ‘jaggies” (unwanted jagged edges), depending on the resolution and scale at which they are reproduced. Of course, if you use your paint program at its highest screen resolution, you can sometimes avoid these problems. Unfortunately, higher resolutions on the Amiga also mean fewer colors. What Amiga bitmapped painters really need is to have programs such as DeluxePaint work on the new 24-hit (16-million color) graphics cards. Like the lines described above, the computer remembers other structured objects in a similar fashion: A circle is composed of the coordinates of its center, its x and y radii, and its attributes (line weight, color, lilled not filled, and so forth ); a curve (Bezier curve) bitmapped painting go hand in hand when it comes to the desktop-publishing process. Is defined by four sets of coordinates and the attributes of the curves. There is another, on-screen advantage to the way structured art is represented. Because only coordinates and attributes are remembered, lines and curves in a structured drawing are always smooth, even if you zoom down to the highest magnification your program allows. “Structured” Flexibility One of the major advantages to working with a struc- tured-drawing program is that objects in a structured drawing can be modified. For example, if you draw a green line from one point to another, you can always pick up either end point and move it to a different position, or you can change the color of the line. Similarly, you can modify the shape of a Bezier curve by either moving its end-points or by moving one of its two control points. To do the same in a paint program, you have to erase all the pixels of the line or curve, and then redraw it in the desired new position. Drawing an object in a paint program always erases whatever is behind the object, because everything exists in one layer. All structured objects, on the other hand, exist in their own layers; therefore, drawing a horse in front of a tree does not erase the obscured parts of the tree. In addition, you can pick up die horse and move it to a different location without having to re-create parts of either the tree or the horse. You can also rotate the horse or skew its shape without affecting the smoothness of the object. Documents containing structured artwork usually print faster than those containing bitmapped artwork, especially if the structured artwork is not very complex. However, a veiy complex structured drawing containing several blends, graduated fills (color shading), and multiple objects may take quite a long time to output to a PostScript printer: it also uses a vast amount of the printer’s memory. All of this sounds as if there is no need lor bitmapped paint programs at all. That is not the case, of course, because there are many things that are just not feasible to do with a structured-drawing program. Although it is possible to create the effects of shading with a stiric111 red-drawing program by using multiple objects and several shades of color, you simply cannot produce the subtle variations in shading you can achieve with a paint program. Because you have control over ever)' single pixel of your painting, a paint program allows you to work in great detail. In DeluxePaint IV, for example, there are tools enabling you to smear colors, to use tinting and transparency, and generally to manipulate your painting in ways not achievable with any structured-drawing program he it Amiga-based or otherwise. Don’t forget. A bitmapped paint program also allows you to modify scanned or digitized images, which you can then combine with your own painting. Structured Drawing and DTP As far as desktop publishing is concerned, the choice between using a paint program or a structured drawing program does not really exist; you need to be able to use both. Often you will find yourself using a combination of bitmapped and structured art in many of your publishing projects. Most structured-drawing programs allow you to edit and manipulate the outlines of text characters. This particular feature is one I use most often, as it allows you to create very impressive headings consisting of skewed, rotated, patterned, graduated, and otherwise enhanced text. Abu can create 3-D effects on text using these tools, too. Producing realistic-looking shadows is also possible, and, in fact, is simple to do. A structured-drawing program is also handy for creating very simple illustrations that you can use to enhance the look of some documents. For example, if you are designing a valentine card, it is easy to draw a small heart using two Bezier curves in a structured-drawing program and then to use multiple copies of it in various sizes to illustrate the card. With a bitmapped paint program, you would have to draw multiple hearts (for the different sizes) or use a single heart in either low or high resolution. If you use a low-resolution heart, you will get jaggies whenever the heart is scaled up, but the page will print fast. If you use a high-resolution heart, you may be able to avoid the jaggies, but the page will take forever to print if you have multiple hearts. In situations like this, the structured-drawing program is the way to go. ? Thanatos lurks in his lair, bathing in the power-giving life-force he is sucking from Princess Lucanna. Princess Lucanna is dying: Imprisoned in the Sphere of Depletion her strengtn will soon be gone. Meanwhile, Leander - Captain Of The Guards - kneels before his master seeking advice. He is told: The princess is the balance between good and evil, if she dies, good dies and evil shall engulf the land. As Thanatos' power grows, the world succumbs to his evil grasp; Leander now nas to face and conquer dangers beyond his darkest dreams before he can free the princess and save the land.
• You play the part of the Princess as she hangs around inside the Sphere Of Depletion waiting for Leander to rescue her. Will ne make it? Or will you spend the entire game doing nothing but having your life-force sucked? Leander: Where heroes Sphere to tread!
• Psygnosis reserve the right to amend this storyline. Screen Shots from the Amiga version. Necron's back in town and he wants revenge. Only you - in the guise of Hegor the Barbarian - have the courage, strength and stupidity to face the challenge: It’s time once again to don your dented hemlet, tie your sweaty breechcloth, sharpen your rusting sword and move your big feet in the direction of danger. Forests, caves, dungeons, castles and temples await your barbaric exploration, each is Infested with deadly inhabitants and devious traps ready to terminate your lowbrow activities. Featuring 2,000 frames of sprite animation, 32 colours on-screen, parallax scrolling, 6 levels of continuous arcade adventure action, over 1 megabyte! Of fully-animated sprites, 50 divergent enemies. Magic & Health Potions to help you on your quest and a plethora of unique weapons to find and use. Barbarian II is: The ultimate In loincloth entertainment Screen Shots from the Amiga version PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary's Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379 A structured-drawing program is also the perfect tool to use when you are trying to draw impressive three-dimensional charts and graphs, especially since you can add rotated and enhanced text. Again, because of the problems with jagged edges, a paint program is unsuited for such work. In general, text created within a paint program looks fairly shabby when output, while text from a structured-drawing program is always drawn at the resolution to which the printer has been set. Combining Structured and Bitmapped Art Sometimes it is advantageous to combine elements of both structured and bitmapped art to create an illustration. This allows you to use each form of computer art to its best advantage. For example, say you are designing a postcard and have a beautiful bitmapped painting of dolphins, parrots, water, and palm trees, and you want to add some fancy text to your card. It is best to use a structured-drawing program to add the text; you could perhaps even design the text characters in the shape of palm trees, or dot the i’s with a structured drawing of a hat. In many of today’s magazines, you will often see blocks of smooth color graduations. With a structured- drawing program, you can achieve this by using either the blend tool or graduated-fill feature in your software (if available). I use a trick that will give you beautifully smooth graduations using bitmapped objects instead of structured ones. Using the Backdrop loader in .Ai t Department Professional (ASDG), I create a graduated (and dithered) 24-bit bitmap that is only 16 pixels wide, but several hundreds tall. Whenever I want to use a smooth graduation, I import the bitmap into either my layout software or into my structured-drawing program and resize it to the shape I require. The resulting color graduation prints very fast because the bitmap is only 16 pixels wide, and it is smooth because it not only uses several shades of color for the graduation but it also dithers these colors thereby effectively increasing the range of colors. Because PostScript printers and color printers in gen- eral have a limitation of 256 shades for any color, doing these kinds of graduations is not really possible with a structured-drawing program. To get the maximum benefit from publishing on desktop, it is a good idea to combine the use of both structured drawing and bitmapped painting programs. Structured-Drawing Programs LET’S NOW TAKE a look at three leading contenders in the .Amiga structured-drawing arena and compare the kinds of things each one does best to help you see which one might most closely suit your needs. Professional Draw 2.1 Gold Disk's Professional Draw’ 2.1 ($ 199.95) is aimed at the professional and amateur desktop publisher. First announced as a companion program to the company’s page-layout software, Professional Page, it is now also regarded as a stand-alone illustration package. Other layout software, such as Soft Logik’s PageStream and Saxon Industries’ Saxon Publisher, can also import Professional Draw illustrations, although only Professional Page and PageStream show the actual illustration on screen. PageStream even allows you to edit the illustrations. Of the three structured-drawing programs covered here, only Professional Draw supports PMS (Pantone Color Matching System), the color-printing standard of the publishing and printing industries. Professional Draw’s features include dithered colors, gradient fills, compound objects, and the ability to import bitmapped images, to blend one object into another, and to warp objects to obtain 3-D effects, among several others. You can add text to illustrations, and because the font outlines are fully editable, you can make the text a part of the illustration. You can apply gradient fills to text characters and make lines of text fit the shape of a curve. Professional Draw will print to any device printer that supports PostScript, even color PostScript. It will also print to any Preferences-selectable dot-matrix printer or to HPGL-compatible (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language) sign-cutting machines. Anyone familiar with using illustration software (such as Adobe Illustrator or Aldus Free Hand) on other platforms will be comfortable using the interface and drawing tools of Professional Draw. ProVector 2.1 Stylus' ProVector 2.1 (S299.95) is a feature-filled structured-drawing program, again aimed at both the professional and amateur desktop publisher. Only PageStream and Saxon Publisher will directly import Pro Vector's illustrations; Professional Page can only import them as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files. What I find impressive about ProVector is the way it can simulate multiple colors by dithering whatever number of colors you make available to it. T he dithering is coarse, but even an eight-color Workbench screen is sufficient for ProVector to produce several additional colors. ProVector is also the only one of these three programs that supports Arexx. With Arexx, you can write code to link an Arcxx- supporting spreadsheet program to ProVector, thereby letting the Arexx program use the spreadsheet data to automatically create fancy 3-D graphics ? Create your own reality Hop into a space shuttle and fly to worlds which you have designed. Create the beings, their environment - and develop their behavior. Games? All the necessary tools are available for developing the next great 3-D computer game - including sounds. Or, play Studio Game which is included in the program. Now everyone using a personal computer may enter the realm of virtual reality. Virtual Reality Studio™ enables you to create and explore 3-D worlds. Using nothing more than a mouse or keyboard, you can design, color, and animate limitless scenarios. A video cassette tutorial is packed into every box to quickly bring you up to speed allowing you to begin creating your own reality. The limit is your imagination. To order call your local retailer or call: 1.800.245.7744, WCMMk Available on IBM PC, 100% compatibles and Amiga. Designed and programmed by Incentive Software. & 1991 New Dimension International Ltd. Artwork, instructions and packaging © Domark Software Ltd., IBM PC SCREENSHOTS. Incencive IbMKWr with ProVector. This is a very powerful feature, and I would (ike to see developers take advantage of it more fully. Another handy ProVector feature is the ability to draw with multiple layers, each being individually selectable. ProVector prints to PostScript printers, Preferences-se- lected printers, and HPGL-compatible devices. It can also output illustrations as IFF images. Like Professional Draw, ProVector has tools that allow you to scale, mtate, duplicate, and group structured objects. You can load bitmapped images and combine them with structured art. Although it has many professional features and abilities, T find its interface and drawing tools to be rather nonstandard as far as struc- tured-drawing software is concerned. Especially weak is Bezier drawing, which should be the most important tool in any structured-drawing program. With (oi'vri'ilit @ 1989-1H91 bv StVlUs Figure 2. ProVector 2.1 can simulate multiple colors by dithering what* ever number of colors you make available to it. TTJVTIpv"TTnr lirorii 5ni luarr; TriT Figure 3. The less-sophisticated (and less*expensive) DesignWorks still allows you to work on multiple-layer drawings. A little spit and polish, this program could become a formidable contender. Designwokks New Horizons' DesignWorks ($ 125) is an entry-level structured drawing program suitable for users who wish to produce simple illustrations for their word-processing software. Inexpensively priced, DesignWorks is not meant to be an alternative to the other two programs, but it can still be useful if you do not require their powerful features. The drawing tools are simple to use, blit basic in operation; for example, there is no Bezier drawing tool. You can draw curves with the freehand tool or create them by smoothing polygons; movable Bezier control points become available once you have drawn the object. The interface is easy to learn, even without glancing at the well-written manual, and it follows the conventions used by structured-drawing programs available on other computer platforms. Lake ProVector, DesignWorks also lets you work on multiple drawing layers. There are tools to scale, rotate, flip, and clone objects. You can perform rotations, however, only in 90-degree increments. DesignWorks also supports Arexx, which extends the capabilities of this program. For instance, it might prove interesting to send data from a spreadsheet to DesignWorks, have it produce a 3-1) bar graph, and then send the graph to New Horizons’ ProWrite to be included in a document. .As of this writing, I know of no software, other than the newest version of ProWrite (3.2), that will import DesignWorks illustrations in its structured-drawing format. Other layout and paint software can import DesignWorks illustrations if they have been saved as bitmapped images, but this negates the advantages of structured illustrations in the first place, DesignWorks does not support PostScript or HPGL printing, but it will output to any Preferences-selectable printer. Structured-Drawing Summary DesignWorks is not aimed at the professional desktop publisher, hut it may be useful to those who are not power users. ProVector still needs some improvement, especially in irs handling of drawing tools, but it is a capable program, and its Arexx support greatly extends its usefulness. Professional Draw may not match some of the capabilities of such programs as Adobe Illustrator
3. 0 or Aldus FreeHand running on the Macintosh, but it comes close, and in a few areas even surpasses them. .As far as the Amiga is concerned, it is still considered the structured-drawing program of choice for Amiga desktop publishers. Structured drawing and bitmapped painting go hand in hand when it comes to the desktop-publishing process. When you are trying to determine which type of program to use, consider what is most important to you: printing speed, ease of creation, output quality, level of detail, range of colors, and so on. These factors are always different for various projects, so it is wise to consider them all each time you embark on illustration. ¦ Eyo Savia is the former publisher of AMIGA Times, a full- color magazine created entirely on the Amiga, lie currently does consulting work [or publishing houses and is writing a book and developing software. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03468. LANDSCAPING IN Combining paint-program techniques with the operations of a new breed of landscape-generating programs can lead to some very exciting and imaginative creations. By Joel Hagen s an astronomical artist spending much of my time painting planetary' surfaces, 1 have always had a keen interest in computer-generated landscapes. In 1977, I saw my first examples of realistic computer landscapes in Benoit Mandelbrot’s classic, Fractals: Form., Chance and Dimension. In that work, Mandelbrot and Richard Voss used algorithms based on fractal mathematics to produce computer-generated hillsides and islands that were astonishingly naturalistic in form. Until recently, implementation of related graphic techniques on personal computers has been limited and simplistic. Thankfully that has changed. A growing number of Amiga products can put remarkable capabilities in your hands. It is now possible to create realistic, fractal-based random landscapes, to generate real-world landscapes based on US Geological Survey (USGS) data, and even to paint aerial maps by hand to be generated as full three-dimensional landscapes. This latter process will be our focus here as we explore techniques through which the artist can collaborate with the Amiga, building landscapes in cyberspace. Landscape Generators: Fantasy and Reality Currently, the two leading landscape-rendering programs are Vista Pro ($ 149.95, Virtual Reality Laboratories) and Scenery Animator ($ 99.95, Natural Graphics). (For a review of Vista Pro, see Jul. ’91, p. 15; for Scenery Animator, see Dec. ’91, p. 20.) Both programs can load or create landscape information in the form of Digital Elevation Map (DEM) files, such as those based on USGS data. This DEM data appears as an aerial topographic map on the user-interface screen. On that map, a ‘‘camera” can be positioned and adjusted to “take a picture” of a portion of the landscape. That computer-rendered picture is a naturalistic view of a three-dimensional illuminated landscape, with shadows, tree lines, snow, and lakes. Both programs allow you to plot a path on the map to be rendered as an animation. ? Vista Pro and Scenery .Animator are both excellent programs, each having a slightly different interface philosophy, rendering style, and set of controls. Vista Pro can create rivers, Scenery Animator, clouds. Vista Pro includes more controls for such things as smoothing landscape data and adjusting haze and pixel dithering. Scenery .Animator has more powerful built- in animation controls. Both programs save images in low and high resolution, interlace and noninterlace, and overscan and nonoverscan. Vista Pro supports 16-color, 32-color, HAM, and IFF24 output, and it can also save files in Figure 1. An aerial-map view painted in DeluxePaint that will be rendered later as a landscape in Figure 4. Figure 2. The painting in Figure 1 now converted to a DEM file and loaded into Scenery Animator. Sculpt and Turbo formats. Scenery Animator supports 16-color, 32-color, DCTV, IFF24, and PCX output. (To contact the developers of these and other programs mentioned in this article, considt the “Manufacturers Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 112.) Landscapes are rendered as a net of triangles, colored and shaded to give the appearance of a solid, natural surface. In the distance these triangles vanish, but up close they can appear large and distracting. Vista Pro provides a rendering option employing Gouraud shading to smooth the look of the landscape. This solves the distracting near-triangle problem by giving an interesting painted look to the landscape. Scenery Animator solves the near-triangle problem with a “Detail" button that breaks up large triangles close to the camera into tiny ones to add close-up surface detail where needed. This is one of my favorite features. If these two programs produced identical images from the same data, I might choose just one and put the other away. Interestingly, they have remarkably individual rendering styles. Scenery Animator produces very smooth landscapes, excelling at rendering nearby terrain and realistic clouds. Vista Pro has a nice craggy look to it, wonderful control of atmospheric haze and color, and an interesting way of distributing vegetation up into valleys. I use both programs extensively. Included with both programs (with more available at an additional cost) are disks of USGS DEM data files of an extremely wide variety of places, such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the surface of Mars, and many more. Both programs also include fractal landscape generators that can produce DEM files. Instead of accepting real-world topographical data like the USGS files to create landscapes, fractal generators create naturalistic landscapes solely through internal computation based on random-number “seeds.” Another source for DEM files is the program Fractal Pro ($ 89.95, MegageM, reviewed Mar. *91, p. 18), which can save Mandelbrot and other fractal sets as DEM files to be rendered as landscapes. While converting mathematical structures into landscapes is an interesting prospect, what excites me most is painting and editing DEM files from scratch to build my own landscapes. The foundation of this process rests on a great little program called ScapeMaker 2.0 ($ 39.95, MegageM). ScapeMaker loads any standard IFF image, including HAM, and translates it into DEM format to be rendered in Vista Pro or Scenery .Animator as though it were a landscape file. The different colors of the image represent different elevations. Get Out Your Brushes What I call the Shade and Blend technique in Deluxe- Paint (see “Accent on Graphics,” 9, Nov. ’89, p. 74, and the unofficial first part of this article, “Around the World in 80 Frames,” Oct. '91, p. 39) is an ideal way to quickly paint detailed aerial-map views that can later be rendered as landscapes. The painting method is unique to Dpaint. Unfortunately, DeluxePaint IV ($ 179.95, Electronic Arts) slows down some processes so much that this particular technique is virtually crippled, so don't throw out Dpaint III when you upgrade. Start on a low-resolution 320x200 screen and set up a smooth 32-color sequence in your palette. I usually leave the first two palette positions as contrasting menu colors for readability. The remaining colors can be any that you like, but for clarity they should ramp smoothly through colors and values as shown in Figure 1. When using ScapeMaker to convert the picture into DEM data, we will use an option that treats each successive palette position as a higher elevation. Color 0 will be ? Teach Xmm Departing To Read And Me Think of the opportunities you'd miss if you couldn't read or write. An imaging professional needs to be fluent in many languages. For instance, you have a picture in IFF which you need to combine with clip art stored in PCX. You need the result in GIF for use on Pcs, but you also need it in PostScript to be sent to a service bureau. Art Department Professional (ADPro) is your short cut to picture format literacy. Using it, you can read and write many important formats. ADPro's modular design allows additional formats (or even the ability to control scanners> digitizers, printers and film recorders) to be added as your needs grow. No matter which format you're coming from or going to, ADPro's advanced image processing capabilities help you get the best results. And you can use ADPro's comprehensive Arexx interface to batch process hundreds of conversions as easily as one. If pictures are your words, don't let a language barrier get in your way. Get Art Department Professiona f The following names are trademarked by the indicated companies: Art Department Professional: ASDC Incorporated. PostScript: Adobe Systems Corp. PCX: Zsoft Corporation. GIF: CompuServe Information Systems. Arexx: Wishful Thinking Development Corporation. Level 0, color 1 will be level 1, and so on. Thus, in this method, the actual colors we paint do not matter; their position in the palette does. When the palette is finished, set Range number 1 to include all 32 colors. Return to the main screen and clear to color 0. Select Shade mode (F5) from the menu, and begin painting with a round brush the size of a silver dollar, using the Dotted-Line tool. In Shade mode, one button causes colors under the brush to move up the palette; the other button causes colors under the brush to move down the palette. Think of yourself high above a landscape looking straight down. One button raises elevations, the other lowers them. Scrub the large brush around the screen until you have some interesting high and low points. Use smaller ancl smaller brushes to reline the detail, adding valleys, carving coastlines, and so on as in Figure 1. When you have painted a good rough map in Shade mode, press the F6 key to switch to Blend. Use a 1-inch round brush and the Dotted-Line tool to push the colors around. Painting with Blend will smooth out abrupt elevation transitions, pull regions of low elevation deeper into higher elevations, and so on. Switch back and forth between Shade and Blend using large and small brushes until the aerial landscape is complete. With a little practice, it is easy to see which areas will be steep slopes and which will be shallow. For example, if an area of color 4 in the landscape is right next to an area of color 26, there will be a very steep cliff. Repeated passes over that color border with a Blend brush will interpose bands of intermediate colors that will reduce the severity of the slope. I have found that it improves the natural appearance of a landscape to do a final agitation of the entire painting with a 3-inch round Blend brush before saving the image. Place the large brush over an area of the picture, hold down the left mouse button, and jiggle the brush back and forth about a quarter of an inch in both directions. Move to a new area and repeat the process until the entire map has been affected by your “cyberquakes.” This subtle agitation has little effect on the structure and detail you have created, but ii does eliminate stray pixels, unnaturally abrupt color changes, and accidentally sharp lines in the map that could spoil the final rendering with spikes and walls. Save your finished image. This painting technique is incredibly fast. From the time I boot Dpaint, it takes less than ten minutes to build a logical palette and to complete an aerial landscape like Figure 1. Later in the article, I will address a more advanced method that compensates for pixel aspect ratios, but for now, let’s move on to creating a DEM file from the painting. Making the Conversion While ScapeMaker is a bit rough-hewn, it is inexpensive, unique, and gets the job done. It is the only program I know of that will convert IFF pictures into DEM files. Run ScapeMaker 2.0 from its Workbench icon or from the CLI. A few simple menu-bar controls and a screen window constitute the interface. From the menu, select Open Image to load the aerial map just saved. It can he seen briefly as it loads to a screen in the background. From the Controls submenu, select Color Number. This mode uses the numbers of the palette positions as described earlier to assign elevations. The Color Value option computes elevations from the RGB values of each color, hut I find those results less predictable. From the Controls submenu, select Scale Factor. At the default setting of 1, the landscape will have very little relief, the lowest point being level 1 and the highest, level 31. The landscape will become more interesting if its elevation increments are scaled up by a factor of 5, 10, or 20. Scale factors up to 99 may be entered, but beware of exaggerating the steepness of the landscape. Set the Scape Area by selecting that option from the menu. A window appears on the screen with the painting. A few words about ProVector", the professional illustrator's choice... Each of the above drawings was created using just a few of the incredible number of features and effects in ProVector 2.1. Professionals and home-users alike are praising the remarkable speed, ease of use, and flexibility of ProVector. If you're serious about creating professional- quality structured artwork on your Amiga, ProVector is the only real choice. Any questions? StyLcis, toe.
P. O. Box 1671 Ft, Collins, CO 80522
(303) 484-7321 Mon.-Fri, 9-5 M5T All illustrations were created with ProVector 2.1, then imported into Saxon Publisher LI to create this ad. Registered owners of ProVector 2.0, be sure to contact Stylus, Inc. for upgrade information, you'll find a tremendous number of additional features and functions in ProVector 2.1 over previous versions. ProVector is a trademark of Stylus, Inc., Saxon Publisher is a registered trademark of Saxon Industries, Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Copyright 1991 -Stylus, inc. (i R A I* II ICS 1 9 2 S P E C I A L 4 This window can be sized up to a maximum dimension of 258x258 pixels and positioned anywhere on the image. When you are satisfied, click on the Close gadget at the upper-left comer of the window and return to the menu. Select Grab Scape to convert the area under the window into a DEM file. 1 always perform a smoothing pass before rendering either in ScapeMaker or Vista Pro. Tliis removes the otherwise “terraced” look from the final landscape. This is particularly important in painted maps. All illustrations in this article were smoothed. Save the DEM file and quit die program. ScapeMaker has other options, but, for now, let’s move along. Prepare to Render You can load the DEM file just created into either Vista Pro or Scenery Animator for final rendering. Figure 2 shows the DEM file loaded into Scenery Animator. (For a discussion of Vista Pro’s interface, sec "Accent on Graphics,” 151, Sep. 91, p. 59.) You can see how cilec- tivcly the original painting translates into an elevation map. Notice that my painted aerial view appears compressed in the north-south dimension compared with the image on the map screen. This was done on purpose to compensate for the pixel aspect-ratio problem. Scenery Animator’s main screen contains buttons for various settings, ail image-preview window, and a camera-positioning window. This map screen has position controls, animation buttons, and a great interactive carn- era-view gadget. Clicking the left button anywhere on the map sets the camera location. Holding down the right mouse button, you can rotate the camera and adjust the field ofview by moving the mouse. Returning to the main screen, a click of the mouse in the preview window sets the target lor the camera and rccenters the image. Buttons on the main screen allow adjustment of light angle and direction, water and waves, cloud height and density, timberline, snow levels, and other factors that can dramatically affect the look of the finished rendering. Scenery Animator can render single images as well as animations. Pressing the Render button switches the view to a screen upon which the image is painted, line by line. Figure 4 shows a finished landscape rendered by Scenery Animator from the position shown on the map screen. The image is in 320x400 32-color mode, with palette colors adjusted after rendering. For the first time, we see the results of this collaboration with the computer. A web of valleys, cut with a small Shade brush, stretches out toward the mountains. Clearly visible is a steep scarp pulled from the center of the map with a Blend brush. The rim of a crater is visible in the upper left. It is a simple matter to plot an animated path through this landscape. Animations rendered directly in DCTY (Digital Creations) format are relatively small and very impressive. The scries of views from a higher altitude (see Figure
3) was generated in Vista Pro as a flyby. This gives another perspective on how the painting translated into three dimensions. The craters made by jiggling a hall- inch Shade brush show up clearly from this altitude. The different rendering style of Vista Pro is also evident. Let’s return to the painting stage for a moment. I mentioned the problem of pixel aspect ratio. If you were to paint a perfect circle in Dpaint on a 320x200 screen, in Vista Pro or Scenery Animator it would wind up stretched severely in the north-south dimension. A simple painting procedure can eliminate that distortion. Open Dpaint to a lo-res 320x200, 32-color screen. Go to Page Size in the menu and enter 320 by 258 so that you can paint on the full area that ScapeMaker can grab. Paint as before with Shade and Blend, using the cursor keys to scroll around the extended screen. You can use coordinates to mark the screen at about 260, indicating the horizontal limit of what ScapeMaker will grab. When the painting is finished, go to Screen Format and select Interlace 320x400. When the Stretch Image requester appears, click on No. The landscape will appeal* on the screen, compressed vertically. Save it and proceed as before with ScapeMaker. There will be no noticeable distortion in the rendered image. And Now for Some Special Effects There is another great landscape program also from Virtual Reality that has recently become available. ? Bring The Challenge Of Greens' To Your Screen Put the fuzzy head covers back on your clubs. It's dark out and it's raining. If you absolutely must play golf, boot up GREENS, the ultimate 3-D golf simulation. No other golf game can match GREENS for realism, variety and pure entertainment.GREENS features three- dimensional, landscaped courses that show real contours and ground types. Accurately integrated ball mechanics make sure your shots behave like they would in real life. Six different courses, Singles or Tournament matches, and human or computerized opponents with varying strengths and weaknesses make the possibilities endless. Power and precision. Critical decision-making. Unflinching authenticity and intelligent gameplay. State-of-the- art graphics. GREENS is as close as you can come to real golf without worrying about lightning.
• Change your stance, swing, tee and ball positions and see their effects on your shots before and after each stroke.
• Player profiles, which change over time, including a full handicap system.
• A dozen game types, including strokeplay, matchplay, best ball, skins and a full tournament option for 1 to 4 human players.
• Customizable computer opponents and replay facilities. MICRO PROSE ENTERTAINMENT 1 SOFTWARE MicroProse Software, Inc. 180 Lakefront Drive • Hunt Valley, Maryland • 21030-2245 For Amiga and IBM-PC Tandy compatibles. For the latest information on release dates and availabilities, call MicroProse Customer Service at 410-771-1151, 9 am to 5 pm EST, weekdays. © 1991 MicroProse Software, Inc, TerraForm ($ 39.95) does not load and convert IFF images. Instead, it has a great interface, crammed with tools for altering and editing existing DEM files or for creating them from scratch. Figure 5 shows the TerraForm screen with my DEM landscape loaded. You can see where I have used my favorite TerraForm tool, the Nuke button, to add a couple of craters to the landscape. Other tools smooth, roughen, create hills, raise, lower, steamnoll, and so on. The 3D Mew window allows fine-scale editing, point by point, with the mouse. This is really a fun program. For building landscapes hum scratch, it would be hard for anything to match the speed and flow of Shade Blend elevation painting. TerraForm, however, provides a different and broader set of tools. It is the only program I know that allows you to edit DEM files. You must render these, however, in Vista Pro or Scenery Animator. Genesis: The Third Day Shipping too late for inclusion in this article, Genesis: The Third Day (Mi- crolllusions, $ 149.95) is another major landscape generator for the Amiga. Because it does not accept the format of DEM files shared by ScapeMaker, Vista Pro, and Scenery Animator, Genesis cannot at this time be used as a Tenderer for the techniques described in this article. Genesis can, however, load its own proprietary DEM format files via the included Dem2Gen program. Dem2Gen allows the creation of animations through nine quadrangles of one-degree or 7.5-minute data. Mierolllu- sions is selling DEM data disks for many regions of the US. HARD DRIVE CONTROLLERS IDE, SCSI and IDE SCSI Although Vista Pro’s animation features are fairly basic, a Virtual Reality companion program is now available to extend its capabilities. MakePath ($ 39.95) is a powerful interface for designing simple or complex animation paths through a landscape. Several default models, available right from the menu, provide a variety of elevation, camera, and speed settings, including Glider, Jet, Cruise Missile, Helicopter, Dune Buggy, and Motorcycle. For every Amiga DataFlyer You can control pitch, bank, acceleration, and a host of other options from the interface screen. You can even include Barrel Rolls automatically. The saved settings are loaded as a script in Vista Pro for execution. FINEST HARD DRIVE CONTROLLERS IN THE WORLD OF= The objective was simple enough. Design a line of controllers low enough in cost that would appeal to people who thought it was out of their price range. The DataFlyer does everything the expensive controllers do and a tew things they don't. Thousands of satisfied customers add their own SCSI or IDE AT drives and save money. Call your dealer for the kit or system price and us for all the details. Consider a hard drive for your Amiga and see for yourself how nice life is as a frequent flyer. Features: Mouse button game switch, optional "plug on" 8 megabyte RAM card, A500 1000 cards fit in A2000. Amaxll driver (SCSI only). Auto-installing format software, autobooting with KS 1.3 or higher. Workbench 1.3 2.0 compatible and more. One last ScapeMaker stunt deserves mention. The Double Exposure mode allows you to grab an IFF image and add its elevation data to that of a previously loaded DEM file. The results are impressive, as you can see from the illustration that opens this article. This is a Mount St. Helens DEM file, double-exposed with text and an arrow done in Dpaint. The rendering was done in Scenery .Animator. A future “Accent on Graphics” column will explore double exposure in greater detail. Product Suggested Retail IDE SCSI IDE SCSI DataFlyer 2000 $ 89.95
99. 95
159. 95 DalaFlyer 500
179. 95
189. 95
239. 95 DataFlyer 1000
189. 95 1S9.B5
249. 95 Does not include hard drive If this article barely touches the surface of these programs, it is because I want to emphasize the thread of interaction possible between human painting and computer rendering. Landscapes evolve in an exciting realm where the artist’s skill and imagination work in collaboration with the style of the software in Amiga cyberspace. ¦ EXPANSION Joel Hagen i.s a contributing editor to Amiga- World and the author of Aws monthly “Accent on Graphics” column. His credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him do Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. SYSTEMS Making Technology Affordable 51 0 656-2890 ExpansionSystems 44862 Osgood Rd Fremont, California 94539 USA Fax 510 656-5131 Dataflyer. DataFlyer RAW are trademarks oi Expansion Systems 1991 Expansion Systems. Dealer inquiries welcome, call us directly or any Amiga distributor For International sales in the U K call ZCL a* 05 43 41 4817
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* Hin. 1 Meg. Require & DCTV "(Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga's (hip memory as its frame buffer memory, DCTV "creates a full color NTSC display with all the color and resolution of television. Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processing software are all combined into one easy to use package included with DCTV ." DCTV™also works with all popular 3D programs to create full color animations that can be played back in real time. C R EATIONS ¦» 2865 Sunrise Boulevard Suite 103 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 ©1990 Digital Creations. AMIGA is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Patents applied foi. “Mapping” New Worlds By Louis Markoya Like today’s sophisticated advances in cartography compared with the fancifully inaccurate, hand-drawn efforts of early map makers, texture or image mapping on the Amiga has come a long way in terms of conveying complex, richly detailed, realistic effects. Only in 1987 did Impulse’s Turbo Silver break new ground in allowing IFF images to be mapped on flat planes (grounds). Since then, we have added powerful new tools to our imaging arsenal, including reflection mapping, filter (or transparency) mapping, bump (or altitude) mapping, global (or environmental) mapping, backdrops, and many combinations of the above. Among Amiga ray-tracing and solid-modeling programs, Imagine (S350, Impulse) and LightWave 3D (bundled with the Video Toaster, $ 2495, NewTek) offer the most mapping options, with many similarities between the two programs. These advanced mapping techniques allow you to create complex objects that are difficult, if not impossible, to construct through modeling alone, and they add greater realism and visual punch to your traces. This article will introduce you to mapping techniques, give some hints on maximizing their use, and briefly describe some of the many individual texture packages that have appeared in this fast-growing market segment. (To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the '‘Manufacturers Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 112.) Before I cover any specific effect, program, or texture package, it is important that you, the user, first take the time to consider the effects you wish to achieve. Doing so will force you to consider the type of map(s) to use, the type of brushes or images needed to achieve tiie effect, the sizing of the objects within your scene, how much memory you have available, and a number of other parameters. All of these will determine vour ability to create the effect you desire and will shape just how you need to go about it. A Multitude of Maps Color mapping simply maps the IFF image you desire on the object exactly as it is viewed, in full color. Both LightWave 3D and Imagine support normal Amiga IFF resolutions bitplanes as well as full 24- bit images. This type of map is used for backdrops as well as for wrapping solids, such as stone, onto objects. New 3-D modeling programs with advanced features are providing Amiga users with new methods of image mapping that yield outstandingly rich and realistic results. Well-known Amiga artist Louis Markoya offers this tutorial guide to texture-mapping techniques. Filter, or transparency, mapping maps a pattern defined by the gray scale onto an object, making areas at the ends of the spectrum (black or white) completely opaque or transparent. You can employ this effect to make clouds, lace, or any variety of complex objects requiring holes. You can use the gray scale to make the transition abrupt or soft-edged. Reflection mapping is like filter mapping in that it uses the gray scale to designate areas. Here, though, the black white extremes reflect totally or do not reflect at all. Obviously, it is an easy way to make com- j ' j j plex shapes reflect on objects. The famed SIGGRAPH artist Y. Kawaguchi uses this technique to great effect. Bump, or altitude, mapping uses the gray scale to raise or lower features on an object in the shape of the brush. One extreme raises the surface at a particular point, while the other creates a depression. The results are bumpy surfaces that look quite realistic. The effect is widely used to create raised features that are nearly impossible to model. The face on a coin, the bumpy skin of an orange, or the raised veins of marble are easily achieved with this method. Global, or reflected-image, mapping maps a reflected image on an object as if the image were the “world" about the object (which is why it is also referred to as “environmental” mapping). This method is used to map a chrome-like color gradation on letters over a black background or, more often, to map the reflected highlights on flying logos. Beautiful things happen using simple brushes mapped to produce specular highlights on logos or other objects. You can use all these mapping effects in both solid modeling and ray tracing; the latter offers the advantage of tine reflection and refraction, although it also increases rendering time substantially. Many striking effects are possible with any one of the above methods, but it is when they are used in combination that real magic begins to happen, and your traces start to take on the professional look of work done on much higher-end systems. Before we move on to combining techniques, however, let’s consider some other factors that will affect the success of your texture-mapping experiments. First Things First Object size is an important factor in selecting textures. If the object is small in the scene and will remain small in an animated scene, a ¦ G R A P H I C 8 texture may not show up at all unless the contrast or effect is dramatic. At first glance, you may be drawn to a great-looking texture containing lots of fine detail all of which, unfortunately, will be lost if the object you are mapping onto does not nearly fill the screen. The effects you want frequently require textures that exhibit a surprising amount of contrast; the design of such textures may become radically different from what you first envisioned they would be. Only when viewed on your object, in your lighting conditions, can the true value of the texture be estimated. ’ 9 2 Not only is the overall object size important, but it also makes a difference if the faces are fiat or curved. This is especially true in reflected-image mapping, where a texture with fine detail can produce very beautiful. Nearly unrecognizable glints and gleams on the Ready-Made Textures SPECIAL 5 face of a logo when used as a reflection map. Above all, don’t he afraid to experiment and try maps in places where at first they may not seem to fit. Once you have decided on your mapping methods, consider the image(s) or brushes you will need. Making your own maps is as easy as scanning or digitizing an existing picture or drawing your own in a paint program. In addition, a number of texture-mapping packages are now available that offer readv-made assist- J ance. If possible, before you purchase, check to see if the manufacturer includes pictures of the textures; if not, ask your dealer if you could view the tex- ? THE FOLLOWING ARE a few of the texture packages now available for the Amiga. Many more will doubtless appeal- in the near future. Be sure to try to get a look at just what they contain before you purchase. Price is often not the determining factor with these packages, because you may find more textures of use to you in a small, inexpensive collection than on a more costly, multidisk set. Photon Paint Surface Disk Woods and Marble Microltlusions Two-disk set HAM $ 29.95 This collection may have been the very first brush-texture package for the Amiga. The images are tried-and-true HAM pictures of stone and wood that by today’s standards are of inedium-to- good quality, hut they have been used in a wide array of beautiful Amiga artwork. Don’t let the age or price of this package turn you away from it. Pro-Textures Volume 1 Merlins Software Ten-disk set 24-bit and HAM $ 59.95 A wide variety of seamless textures makes this package attractive. It offers textures from marble to clouds and water in HAM, as well as 24-hit, for those occasions when the latter is not a real necessity. The manual provides a few hints, and the cover picture offers a look at some of the textures offered. Full24 Textures 1 Brush Maps 1 Bump Maps 1 AirStream Graphics Five- and ten-disk sets 24-bit, 8-bit, and 16-color $ 30-50 AirStream’s first offering in this field, these sets offer a wide variety of textures. Some are rather odd, but may prove just the ticket for unusual effects. 1 found the brush maps to be sized properly to save memory. The packaging was not available for the preview sets I received. Image Catalog 1 Stone and Wood Patterns Robert Young Custom order 24-bit and HAM Robert Young’s Image Catalog is a great little Director (Right Answers Group) program that displays samples of ail 30 of his brush textures. They are good-to-excellent quality stone and wood textures. You can view the Image Catalog file and order only the textures you wish on a fee-per-texture basis. This is a great idea, and the package is well done. Texture City Pro-40 and Pro-15 Texture City Disk and Syquest collections 24-bit, HAM, and DCTV $ 299.95 and 159.95, respectively Texture City offers the most comprehensive collection of textures for the Amiga. The Pro-40 package includes a wide variety of different textures some useful and others perhaps not all of which are well done, with excellent color and resolution. There are two Pro-15 packages, one diversified and the other dedicated to stone and wood textures. The packages are a bit pricy, hut are high in quality, and they represent a great addition to the professional studio. Virtual Marble Volumes 1 and 2 Rapid Eye Technology One disk each HAM I have seen only a flyer for these collections of stone and marble patterns, hut if the images supplied match the pictures on the flyer, the quality may he quite good. MapMaster for Imagine Lightwave Computer imagery Three-disk set L*r' BW'p-S N**i This set, my own offering, comprises 14 gray-scale organic textures designed for bump, reflection, and transparency mapping, A full tutorial and a manual are included.
• mm ¦ Hi*. .jr. Materials Texture Library Volume 1: Stone Surfaces MicroSearch it A' - . V .,k 'l Five-disk set HAM $ 49.95 These textures are generally of higher quality than the Microlllusions hunch and offer more variety in the area of stone. The manual includes pictures of all the textures and offers a few hints for their use.Q “For over 8 years we have led the way with innovative software at fair prices. 80,000 computer musicians know Dr. T's stands for quality, service, and support. If you want the best in AMIGA music software for pj'ofession- als and amateurs check us out. We have the programs you can rely on every day!” Emile Tobenfeld, President 124 Crescent Rd. Needham, MA 02194 617-455-1454 voice 617-455-1460 fax _800 number is (or ORDERS ONLY • OTHER INQUIRIES PLEASE USE 617-455-1454 HOT7 KCS 3.5 ™ KCS3.5 W LEVELI! $ 229 Our Policies
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* ml fects can still be achieved with :SW fewer colors by using HAM mode.) You can also use them for reflection, transparency, or bump mapping, but at even greater RAM expense. Kighi-bit gray scale or normal 16- color IFF in grays will usually do the job just fine and save you precious RAM space. When using combinations of maps, remember that you can employ the same brush for several effects, which also saves memory. Mapping the same brush in different ways or at different magnifications can make it seem completely different from one object to another. Texture or brush size is also an important factor. If you are not using the brush as a background map, then full-size overscan is not necessary. If the brush does not need to contain extremes ill detail, you can probably get away with a small size, too, again saving memory. One brush feature used by a number of developers, edge matching, allows you to repeat a pattern without “seams” appearing along the edge of the brush. This is excellent for repeating patterns and wide expanses. Finally, a perfect companion product to have for mapping textures is Art Department Professional ($ 299, ASDG). It allows you to scale, add contrast, lighten, darken, or combine your textures all in full 24- hit or any other IFF mode possible. Mix-and-Match Mapping In the following section, I will outline a typical sequence or combination of mapping techniques- I would use to map an ordinary object in a marble brush. For this exam- pie, I have chosen a simple - * sphere, but the techniques % will work on any object you desire. Use the illustra- §T tions on the opening spread of this article to M help you follow the ex- B ample as well as to plan other, different B mapping combinations of your own choosing. B t On pages 50 and 51, you see the results of five different image-mapping techniques you can apply to a common sphere. File lustration on page 50 shows the sphere with no image ill also reflect ion-mapped with a simple black-and-white “window” reflection (bottom). On page 51, the spheres are all color-mapped, but with additional mapping effects applied. On the top, reflection-mapping the environment adds the color and horizon to the sphere. The center sphere is bump-mapped to raise the veins of the marble and to place indentations on the dark areas. The sphere at the bottom is both bump- and reflection-mapped, which adds environmental color to the lighter areas on the sphere and colors the marble with those reflections. Now on to the example sequence: First, I select or scan the marble I desire, making sure the brush contains sufficiently different patterns and enough contrast to he effective. I usually load and save this image in .AD Pro, scaling it to a common screen size (640x
400) to save memory. I add bump mapping to make the marble more realistic creating a gray-scale version of the * .• brush in AD Pro and ad- yf justing the contrast up- 0. ‘ "% wards just a bit to mfr.- provide more dr a- mKr* 4 - f B surface of my sphere, f IFF " 1 ~ Jf Both of these brushes will be mapped to the same object, the original marble as a color map, and the gray-scale version as a bump map. It is therefore important to map both images in exactly the same way and place on the object so that all features align properly. That done, I load a simple black brush with four white rectangles placed on one side and map it as a reflected, or environmental, map. This provides a highlight in the object that looks like a window reflection a glossy look often seen in pictures of eyes adding more beauty to the sphere. My example is simple, but the effect is an out- standing one. By experimenting with different kinds of textures and trying them out with various combinations of mapping techniques, you will soon be creating some dramatic effects of your own. I have offered some general guidelines here to help, but don't be afraid to break the rules when the right opportunity presents P itself. That’s when some of the more stunning and magical results happen. ¦ Bf Louis Markoya uses his .-I miga to do freelance graphics Y for corporations. He is the 1989 winner of the A wiEXPO Art Conference's 3-D competition. Write to him c o AmigaWbrld, Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Death and taxes may be inevitable, but at least you can survive an IRS audit with prudent preparation. Ext to a death i n t h e family, it could he the most distressing news you will ever receive: You are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service! Those sweaty palms and that bowling ball in t he pit of your stomach will be with you from the time you are notified until the ordeal is over. It’s the adult version of being called t o the principal’s office. But why should you worry, you say? You By Gary Ludwick keep all your financial transactions and records on your trusty computer, and you are honest to a fault, correct? Well, get worried, because if you are ever audited, you enter a dimension of time and space you might call the Internal Revenue Twilight Zone. Computerized Filing Computers are wonderful things, and with everything they do so well, it stands to reason that they ought to be a major help in making your annual tax return simple and quick. More to the point, their ability to organize and categorize should make them invaluable should a tax audit ever occur. Maybe, but not without a lot of help from you. When it comes to filing your annual tax return, computers are, if I may be frank, limited in what they can accomplish for you. Most of the tax-preparation programs available, such as Data-Tax ($ 59, Datamax Research), are of the spreadsheet variety. That is, they perform all the math functions on the various forms and insert the right totals from the various schedules in the proper places on the summary page. And, if you change one number on a schedule, they will change all related totals wherever they occur. What they won’t do, with few exceptions, is generate the numbers that go into all the schedules. All those deductions, write-offs, and income and depreciation numbers originate in the old-fashioned way, with you wading through endless pieces of paper using a pencil and an adding machine. Discouraging, hut unfortunately true. Of course, if you are using a computerized checkbook or accounting program that records most of your financial transactions, it can very likely generate many of the totals and breakouts you need. The problem is that you have to enter your numbers in that one program all year long, and then generate the totals to be entered in a tax- form preparation program. The last step can be cumbersome and t ime-consuming, and may be an example of where “manual” is superior to “computerized.” In the time it takes to enter all your numbers into the tax package, you could easily enter them manually on the 1040 form we all know and love. A simple pocket calculator can do all the math you need. There is, however, at least one program available (and there may be others) that shortcuts this keyboarding nightmare. Phasar ($ 89.99, Marksman Technology), a home business accounting system package, combines a very powerful checkbook and accounting program with a basic 1040 tax package. The tax-pro- gram aspect is essentially a spreadsheet that looks like the 1040 form plus any of the supplementary schedules Information Categories THE OLD COMPUTER homily about "garbage in, garbage out" (GIGO) has never been more true than when you are talking about tax accounting and financial program systems. Business-Related List of Accounts Current Assets: Cash Savings Petty Cash Accounts Receivable Officers Accounts Receivable Employees Federal Corporation Tax Deposit State Corporation Tax Deposit Federal Unemployment Tax Deposit Fixed Assets: Land Buildings Building Improvements Automobiles Office Furniture & Equipment Accumulated Depreciation Building Accumulated Depreciation Improvements Accumulated Depreciation Automobiles Accumulated Depreciation Office Furniture Other [Start-Up Costs): Organizational Deposits Prepaid Interest Current Liabilities: Federal FICA Withholding Payable Sales Tax Payable Federal Corporation Taxes Payable State Corporation Taxes Payable Notes Payable Long-Term Liabilities: Notes Payable Stockholders Equity: Common Stock Additional Paid in Capital Retained Earnings Income: Revenue Interest Investment Cost of Sales: Outside Production Wages Contract Labor (Form 1099) Other Expenses: Accounting Advertising Amortization Bank Charges Building Upkeep Car Truck Gasoline Contributions Depreciation Dues & Subscriptions Education Electricity Federal Corporation Tax Heating Insurance Officers Insurance Business Interest Legal Licenses Medical Plan Miscellaneous Office Supplies Payroll Tax FICA Payroll Tax FUTA Payroll Tax SUTA Pension Administration Pension Contributions Postage Property Tax you need to create. What makes it valuable is its ability to “look up" category totals from the accounting program and insert those numbers on the correct lines of the tax form. Another feature of Phasar allows you to enter budgets in all categories for ever)' month of the year. The program can then perform tax projections at any time, using your actual figures to date and the budgeted numbers for the rest of the year. Business accounting programs such as Service Industry Accounting (SI99, Browti-Wagh) or The Accountant (S299.50, KFS) seldom provide a tax-computing feature. Most programs such as these are based on the premise that an accountant will do your year- end returns and reports, so they are generally organized to provide your accountant with all the necessary information and numbers, organized in a format that will require the least amount of billable time. Dear Taxpayer ... So now you’ve satisfactorily organized your information and filed your return, and then, several years later, you suddenly receive the fateful notice: You are summoned to an audit! Of course, all you do is just hit a button, print out the information requested by the IRS, show up at the appointed time and deposit those neat-looking sheets on the auditor’s desk, and assume they’ll be so impressed with your computerized organization and record keeping that they’ll just pass you on with a “no change” recommendation. Fat chance! You stand a better chance of finding a mint 1957 Porsche Speedster in a barn somewhere, for original documentation is the only thing that counts with the IRS. The best-organized computer printouts in the world cany little or no weight in an audit, compared to the original receipts. For example, a MasterCard billing statement will not take the place of the original charge slip and detailed receipt invoice. This is true of any expense you are claiming as a deduction, whether the transaction is by check, credit card, or cash. In short, the IRS wants paper original, detailed, and specific paper so keep your receipts! Computer' The following is a list of accounting categories and expense listings that will provide a good starting point for users setting up a financial system such as Phasar or Service Industry Accounting. Of course, only an accountant familiar with your personal or business situation can advise you on exactly how to adapt these guidelines to your own use. Rent Office Rent Office Furniture Rent Auto Repairs Equipment Repairs Other Sales Tax Taxes Other Tax Penalties Telephone Travel Entertainment Meals & Entertainment Officers' Salaries Office Wages State Corporation Tax Water Personal List of Accounts Income: Expenses: Groceries Electricity Heating Medical Dental Interest Life Insurance Car Insurance Home Insurance Telephone Gifts Entertainment Meals Outside Car Repair Car Gasoline Car Other Vacation Clothing Home Repair Home Maintenance Home Furnishings One account for each source of revenue, including interest, investments, and or outside income. Assets: List all assets you currently own or are paying for at their current market value. Be sure that every tangible item (cars, homes, equipment, tools, home furnishings, etc.) you list under Liabilities has a corresponding listing in Assets. Liabilities: Set up one account for each note or debt payable. This would normally include all credit cards, charge accounts, alimony, loans, and so on. Add other expense categories to suit your personal situation. If self-employed or earning money outside of a salaried position, keep track of all business-related expenses that could help offset this additional income. For example: Books & Magazines Business Gifts Business Meals & Entertainment Business Telephone Car Expenses Car Maintenance Computer Expenses Dues & Subscriptions Legal Fees Office Business Supplies printouts, no matter how detailed and organized, will not make the wolf go away from your door. How To Get Ready Whether you’re working with a check book-based system, like Phasar, or a business-oriented accounting system, such as Service Industry Accounting or The Accountant, the key to the program’s usefulness lies in how well it is set tip initially. For example, in every program of this type, you are required to set up your own list of accounts and expense categories. Then, as checks are written, you assign each amount to a given category. Many such transactions will have multiple categories. Take, for instance, that MasterCard bill. Every purchase on your monthly statement must be assigned to a specific expense category. If you set up your program using only broad-based categories (such as Business Expenses), you’ll wind up at the end of the year man- aid 5 IHUWK WTO gfffi linn gCTiHl rrotit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship) Partnerships, Joint Ventnres, Etc., Kust File Fmi IMS Attach to Forn 1040, Fern 1041, or Font 1041S CHECK THIS BOX IF THIS IS V0I1R SPOUSE'S BUSINESS ? SSH: Nane.of Proprietor A Principal business or profession Principal business code (frow Part IV) Nane and B C Address _ Ettployer ID nimber (Not SSN) Accounting Method:
1) ? Cash 2) ? Accrual D E .. ..... . 3) ? Other [ F Hethod(s) used to value closing inventory:
1) ? Cost 2) ? Lower 3) Q Other 4) ? N A Forn 1040 1 "¦ Cursor line: 4 col: 1 Total lines: 113 Edit node: Browse Fom 1040 U.Sr Individual Incone tax Return (Sanple - for tax year 1990) Iyour SS Nunber Ispouse's SSN Last Nane FirsHjan ntnnitia SsymS! Ciiyj State and 2ip Code Ivour Cccl ___, „ Ispouse Occ; Presidential Ido you want 51 to to go to fund? I _ Yes .No Election Canpaignllf joint return, does spouse? I _ Yes .No 1 ( ) Single 2 ( .) Harried filing jointly 3 (_) Harried filing separate. Spouse Nane: 4 ( ) Head of Household. Filing Status Child's nane: ually trying to extract all the information you need ro match the IRS Schedule C categories. Another consideration is that in business use, almost every facet of an accounting program is aimed at the tax consequences. Depreciation, retained earnings, and accounts receivable are just a few of the categories that impact your business’s tax picture. On a purely personal tax level, there are far fewer categories that carry explicit tax implications. But even though the IRS may not care how much you spent on movies or vacations or groceries last year, that information may be important to you and your budgeting. How to balance all these conflicting needs for information? Because tax systems for business and personal use have such different requirements, there is no pat answer. In the accompanying sidebar, however, is a list of categories that accountants use as the starting point for most businesses, as well as suggestions for setting up a personal accounting system. I stress that these categories are starting points, to be adapted to your individual situation. In setting up the expense categories for your personal use, my best advice is to go through your last tax return, identify all those areas where you have deductions, and then make sure you create those categories in your accounting tax program. Similarly, go through two or three months worth of checks and credit-card statements to obtain the general expense categories that suit your personal lifestyle and informational needs. Because so few expenses are tax deductible for the salaried individual, most of these will be for your personal information and budgeting purposes. The Bottom Line The final consideration is that a computer is no substitute for detailed receipts and record keeping. If you’re one of those who use the shoebox filing system, you are in for a rude awakening if you’re ever audited. You’ll spend hundreds of hours Hying to piece together financial information that could be as much as three years old. What’s the best system? A computer-based accounting tax system with a matching paperwork filing system. For ever)' category of income and expense you keep in a computer, create a matching filing system to keep track of the supporting paperwork: receipts, monthly statements, cancelled checks, and the like. Or, if you prefer, create a filing system matched to specific sections of the tax forms. White it’s more work than simply keyboarding in your check-writing activities, it will greatly facilitate your year-end tax computation. More important, it is guaranteed to save you both hours and possibly many dollars should the IRS come knock, knock, knocking at your door. Quoth the audited, “Nevermore. Please, dear God, nevermore!” ¦ Gary Ludwick is president of The Creative Department, an advertising agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Amiga has been an essential part of his company's video, graphics, and presentation capabilities for the past five years. Write to him do Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Prima! A Look Inside the Ultimate A500. ICD proudly presents Prima?',. The high performance, low cost hard drive for Amiga - 500 computers. Prima blends a large capacity, low power Quantum™ hard drive with the AdlDE™ host adapter for an unbeatable combination. Quantum hard drive Prima replaces the internal floppy drive but includes Shuffle Board”'’ to make your external floppy drive DFO:. Prima features auto-booting from FastFileSystem partitions, high speed caching, auto-configuring, and A-MaxIIm support. Formatted capacities of 52 and 105 megabytes are currently available. Prima comes complete with instructions, software, and all the hardware necessary for a simple, clean, no-solder installation. It does require an A500 with switching power supply, 1 megabyte of RAM, and an external floppy drive for setup and installation. What other products would we include in the “Ultimate A500”? Of course a four megabyte AdRAM™ 540 and Flicker Free Video™ with a multi-sync monitor. Why settle for less? 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Install up to 32MB of RAM onboard: 40ns, 60nsf or low-cost 80ns, Page, Static Column, or Nibble Mode RAM for lightning-fast direct 32-bit access by Mercury’s 68040 processor (faster speeds with faster RAM chips). All RAM autoconfigures, with options of 4MB, SMB. 16MB, 20MB. And 32MB. Increase your A3000’s RAM capacity to a total of 50MB! Software switchabie between 68030 and 680 0 modes for full 68030 compatibility, with access to Mercury’s onboard RAM in either mode. Efficient, compact design with custom components for reduced power consumption, reduced operating temperature, and 68040 power at a revolutionary price. Designed for easy upgradability to 33MHz and 40MHz 68040 processor, for performance of 25-31 MIPS. Compatible with 16MHz and 25MHz A3OO0 systems! Active cooling with Mercury’s onboard processor fan keeps operating temperatures low and stable, for increased reliability over passive (heat sink) cooling systems. Satisfy' yourself! Compare Mercury to any other accelerator using 3-D software ray tracing times, dhrystones, or any other "real world" benchmark. Don’t he fooled by overpriced, “high-speed" RAM schemes which force you into an SMB dead end. Full one-year warranty, backed by Progressive’s reputation for outstanding Amiga product value. Here’s whaI Amiga World reviewers have said about Progressive's first A3000 accelerator: "...the Progressive 040 3000 hardware performs flawlessly.” [Jan. 1992] Progressive began producing Amiga products in 1985. Our commitment to top-level technical support and service assure that you're getting the best accelerator value for your Amiga. Built-in high performance integer and floating point processors and MMU (memory management unit), with AmigaDOS 2.0 floating point software library included. Compatible with Progressive’s Pro RAM 3000 64MB RAM expansion board, for RAM capacity up to 114MB! [Additional memory capacity when installing multiple ProRAM boards |. Available from your local dealer, or contact: Progressive Peripherals & Software, Inc. 464 Kalamath St.Denver, Colorado 80204 • USA Telephone: (303) 825-4144 -Fax: (303) 893-6938 Amiga is a registered trademark of Co mm odo re-Amiga, Inc. Circle 150 on Reader Service card. With Imagine 2.0 you and your computer can boldly go where no one has gone before, (maybe, you decide) Imagine 2.0 is the next generation in 3D rendering and animation software. No other has the power and support of Imagine 2.0. If you are active in the broadcast industry, video productions, corporate multi-media or just enjoy creating stunning images, then it's time that you purchased Imagine 2.0. Imagine 2.0 lets you create at the speed of light with image quality that is unsurpassed on an computer. You could pay thousands even hundreds of thousands more and still not hav e the power of Imagine 2.0. Impulse and Progressive Peripherals have joined Forces to bring you even greater power. Impulse has optimized imagine 2.0 to operate as fast J as possible A Progressive , Peripherals line J of 0-10 accelera- tors. Use the ' Wm coupon below to get Imagine 2.0 ' 1 w nc.
• 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. _Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55444 612-425-0557 Notice to present users of Imagine 1.1 or Turbo Silver, please comae! Impulse for information regarding upgrading your present software. Cail 1-800-.12S QiS-i for upgrade details. Free, when you purchase a Progressive Peripherals 040 accelerator board. You have heard the others claim speed, rendering quality and features, but only Imagine Buy the Mercury A3000 68040 accelerator and receive a copy of Imagine 2.0...Free! Simply fill out this coupon, attach your original Mercury A3000 68040 warranty card and sales receipt, and return all three to: Progressive Peripherals & Software, 464 Kalamath St., Denver, CO 80204 USA. Progressive will send your free complete Imagine
2. 0 ¦ it's that simple! Act quickly... your completed coupon, warranty card, and sales receipt must be received by May 31, 1992. J Yes ¦ send me Imagine 2.0! I've attached my original sales receipt for Progressive’s Mercury A3000 accelerator, and my complete warranty card. A retail value of S450. Name _ Address _
2. 0 the leader in 3D software delivers. Here is a partial list of new Imagine 2.0 features:
• Real Time Point Manipulation
• Object And Motion Path Spline Manipulation Daytime Phone _Other Phone _ Limit one entry per person. Offer void where prohibited by law. This coupon has no cash value. Offer expires May 31, 1992. Offer good only while supplies last. This offer valid ONLY with purchase of Progressive’s .Mercury A3000 68Q4G accelerator - not valid with the purchase of any other accelerator.
• Digital Image, Reflectivity, Bump & Texture Mapping
• Quickrender In All Editors
• Hard And Soft Edges
• Special Animation Effects
• Up To 8k By 8K Image Size
• Direct Support Of The Firecracker 241M
• Real Time Digital Movie Preview
• Easy To Use Forms Editor For Making Complex Objects
• Full Object And Texture Morphing
• Automatic Triangle Fill For Fonts and IFF Images
• Backdrop Picture In 1 Any Scene *
• Scanline, Full Ray Tracing & Solid Model Rendering Methods
• Superb Anti Aliasing To Eliminate Jagged Edges
• Supports All 020 030 and 040 Accelerators
• 24bit IFF And RGBS Image Support Country
• Full DCTY Support
• 3D Stereo Capability If all this were not enough, Impulse has through arrangements with Viewpoint Corporation, a Utah based, high end object creation company, is now- able to offer you objects that are virtually impossible to model on an computer system. Imagine
2. 0 comes with a variety of these objects, free. You can spend more money and get less or you can buy the best. See your dealer today and begin your own journey into Imagination, get your copy of Imagine 2.0 today. ON GRAPHICS New Thrills With Dpaint Fills 36 A continuing series of tips, techniques. And tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen GRADIENT FILLS ARE one of the most entertaining features of any computer paint package. Cascades of color automatically Hood shapes on the screen. Carefully used, gradient fills are powerful graphic elements, and they have become a hallmark of the “computer style." This month, I will focus on new fill options in the recently released DeluxePaint IV (Electronic Arts see p. 18 for a complete review and p. 24 for a tutorial on its use) and on a technique of my own, the “outline fill” Dpaint IY’s Fill requester offers five new gradient-1111 options, bringing the total to eight. The three original fills from Dpaint III Horizontal, Vertical, and Horizontal Line function as they did before. The new fills are Line, Shape, Circular, Contour, and Highlight. Fhe illustration accompanying this column shows how some of these Fill options affect a simple line drawing. The “outline fill" in Figures 1-3 (top row) will be discussed below. Underneath that sequence is a comparison of the effects of the four automatic fills that follow contours, each shown with its associated button from the Fill requester At the bottom of the illustration is Dpaint IY's new Range requester, showing how the colors for these gradients were set up. The first (from the left) example in the middle row shows the Horizontal- Line fill familiar from earlier Dpaint versions. The gradient changes line by line to follow all contours. This is the only flood-fill option that is affected by internal lines in a dosed drawing. The second example demonstrates Shape, a new linear fill that follows the contour of a shape but allows you to direct the angle of the fill within that form by dragging out a line. Third is Contour, one of three new radial gradients. Successive colors from a Range radiate from the point where you click, but follow the contours of the shape they fill. The fourth. Highlight, is similar to Contour but modified to allow more color variation at the edges of a shape. I find its effects a bit more natural and realistic. In addition to the new Dpaint automatic fill features, there is another manual-fill technique using Dpaint’s outline function that I find very useful. I developed it as a fast way to turn a line drawing into a solid form having the look of highlight and shadow. It is especially suited to filling complex drawings with shaded volumes that follow everv convolution of line. The V three figures in the top row of the illustration present the sequence for doing an outline fill. Just Dial O For “Outline’ In Dpaint III and IV, the o key automatically outlines anv brush you have i j j picked up. This is a powerful way to emphasize the edge of a complex shape. Simply cut a brush, pick a pen color with the left mouse button, and press the o key. A single-pixel outline appears in the selected pen color. You can repeat the process as often as you like, building up a thicker and thicker outline. Also, you may select different pen colors at any time. I work with the Continuous-Freehand line tool to draw shapes or figures. Picking up the drawing as a brush, I can use the outline key to j thicken the lines or to add color. Such a brush will be outlined on both sides of all lines. This is the basis for the outline-fiil method. Using a succession of pen colors, you press the o key repeatedly until the drawing fills in completely. In my example, I used the DeluxePainl IV not only provides additional built-in gradient-fill features, but also offers opportunities for you to devise new fill techniques of your own. I I RATE: DITHER: 0 'Ml till Remember, though, to first select the color in the box as a transparent background color with the right mouse button. ¦ Joel Hagen’s credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and softwa re development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Same browns ancl yellows of the gradient fills for comparison. Bear in mind, however, that this technique does not require you to set a Range; you may follow any sequence of palette colors. Experiments with outline fills show that there is an important interplay between die number of colors used, their range of values, and the distance between lines in the drawing. If you use only three or four colors to fill a drawing in which the lines are far apart, any sense of volume will be limited to the area near the lines. Conversely, if you use 20 or 30 colors to fill a drawing with lines in close proximity, the spaces will completely fill long before all colors are used. You must make a judgment at the outset to balance the number of intended fill colors with the spacing of line elements in the drawing. Notice in the example how lines that are closer together restrict the outline fill to the darker colors used first. Those areas simply fill in quickly. In more open areas of the drawing, a greater number of colors are used, creating highlight effects. This variation enhances the illusion of light and volume. If an area of a drawing is too broad and open, adding even a single pixel can greatly alter the way it will fill. That pixel becomes a node from which each outline color will expand. The method that I find works best is to make a box around the drawing with the Rectangle tool. Fill the box with any color, as in Figure I. Pick up this entire box, making sure that the interior of the drawing is transparent (the right mouse-button color). With the left mouse button, select the darkest color you intend to use and press the o key to add an interior outline to the drawing. The filled box prevents the distraction of an outline being added to the outside of the drawing. Instead, it appears around the box, as in Figure 2. Continue this procedure with lighter and lighter colors until the drawing is completely filled in. Although you may run out of colors before this occurs, just hold the last color and keep pressing the o key until the fill is complete. If the colors are in sequence, you can use the bracket keys [] to move up or down the palette. This keyboard shortcut makes doing outline fills very fast. When the object is completely filled, you can remove it from its box with the brush tool, as in Figure 3. Ll. ¦¦¦¦HiiiiliJ I I i i+ + RANDOM REPERTlUNDOlOK Of Si IQ, t ill f .nn Send me the 1992 AmigaWorld SPECIAL ISSUE and my FREE SCALA DISK for only $ 4.95. pro9T°r° Kvou enjoyed our previous video and animation special, you’ll really appreciate the 1992 issue. Written by industry experts and published by the 1 Amiga magazine, this jam-packed informational guide will cover:
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R. B.I. Baseball ....34.95 Railroad Tycoon 39.95 Screen Maker 24-Bit 239.00 Rise of Die Dragon 38.95 at War..... ......29.95 The Works Their finest How 24.95 Universal Iwtary 800-872-8882 213-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 ORDER STATUS 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 - Mon-Sat 8-6 PST - FAN: 213-214-0332 DRIVES, HARD DRIVES AMD CONTROLLERS AT DRIVES & CONTR AD BE 40 AT IB 15 USA DRIVE 0810 AD BE 44 AT 083 2.5 BARD ORIVE _fll» SCSI CONTROLLERS ADVANTAGE 2000 SCSI----------- ,..120.80 ADVANTAGE 2080 SCSI___
• 24-Bit graphics display card Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 PT1I From Digital Creations m wfr " J * m * M * ] m * * d • J If i * 7 J I Board Full NTSC Color Display m s399°° and Digitizer. DCTV 4UVIITNI DCTV: A guided lour This easy-to-fol!ow, comprehensive * VHS tutorial wifi tell you all you need $ 26 1 _ I _ . A n. AVI I ' "_J c- to know about DCTV. Printers HP PaintJet .699.00 HP DeskJet C (Color) CALL HP DeskJet 500 ...429.00 LaserJet IIP ..799.00 QMS-PS 410 ......,1989.00 - SupraRam 2000 4mb RAM ..235.00 SupraRam 2000 6mb RAM..299.00 SupraRam 2000 8mb RAM ..369.00 SupraRam 500 512k...... 47.00 SupraRam RX 1MB .125.00 SupraRam RX 2MB .189.00 Du« to Industry fluctuation. RAM prices are subject to change without notice «-*. -y-. R - ms*
- c-¦' &saBgi OFFER VAUD December 1,1891 Overnight International Shippin Including Canada as low as $ 1 Most rates cheaper than Express Mail at the Post Office! Best International freight service and low, low rates via: tiRBORNE EXPRESS RIES MULTISYNC MONITORS NEC MULTISYNC 381 NEW!)___899.00 SEIK0 1440 MULTISYNC___519.00 SONY 13QZA __899.00 SONY 1304 MULTISYNC 779.00 CABLES CABUS ran MOST MONITORS AVAILABLE (CALL) MONITOR ACCESSORIES flJCHB MASTS_12.35 MONITOR STAND A500 __27J5 MISC. HARDWARE A9TD DROID___50.95 LENS 16MM NO IRIS fl.I WO__18.95 LENS 16MM W IRIS 53.95 MEGACHIP 2000 AGNUS FOR A2000 219.00 INPOT HARDWARE PANASONIC 1W1410 INCl UNS & CABlf
49. 95 VIDEO UTILITIES . VSOww .52.95
195. 95 .58.95 313-1® SKETCH MASTER 12X12 _ .419.00 SKETCH MASTER 12X18 .919.00 tfQKAWMG TAHITI XII_ .289m X-XPfC* 3D 99% SCANNERS DIGITIZERS AltTII INK ..
- 44.95 DIGI VIEW CotB V4.D ... .119.95 EPStfi ES30IC SCANNER COLBR 256 CRAY ___
87. 95 FDR ADRAM 540 ___233. DO SHOW MAKER 21500 BASEBOARD A500 0 4 MB _ 99.00 SUPRAAAM 5® 1,7 MLG-- 47.00 NBUKI VIDEO IDOLS ON TAP _ PHOTON TRANSPORT CONT PRO MOTION___ VIDEO IDOLS ----------178.00 DESKTOP VIDEO BROADCAST mail __229J1Q DEUXi VIDEO HE __49.95 DEUXE VIDEO 111 PHOTOLAB BUNDLE.. 99.95 PRO VIDEO POST _199.95 A500 A1000 EXTERNAL RAM BOARDS 60PRAJ1AM 5Q0RX1MB---125.00 SUPRAAAM 50URX 2MB __18100 SUPRAAAM 50DRX 8MB 423.00 A2000 RAM HOARDS SUPRAAAM ZotJO 2MB RAM __163.00 SUPRAAAM 2000 4MB RAM___235.00 SUPRAAAM 2000 BMB RAM ....299.00 SUPRAAAM 2900 8MB RAM ....36300 MEMORY EXPANSION VIDEO SOLUTIONS Epson ES-300C Scanner 600 DPI, 24-Bit lull pane color scanner ...*1198°° Wilti ASDG Driver Bundle ..*1290°° The ICD Advantane The Kitchen Sync
• Paint, render, convert and image processing software
- 18 24-Bit "pure" modes
• 256 512 color register modes
• RGB pass through
• Screen overlay underlay
• Screens pull up down ft go Iront back
• View with any IFF viewer
o i sntBWMUffi _ 73309 SCREEN MAKER STARTER SET----34D5 TY SHOW 20-
- .3935 VIDEB MASTER PAL . ._. .1149.00 MAJUPiANPlFtt vntsi«7n WHO WHAT WERE WHEN 5135 PRB VrlfD PflST PU 1*135 BUS SBPFFP1AN wfflfflpnffln 153 Dl VHK1 EFFECTS 38 PAL___
- 2155 HYPER8MK GOLD BISK_ 6435 nrarmp hjmfi 48 95 TEMPiicmrvippfW.. NAG Pi03 3.1 ___. _ 6435 Itfluc rpfllfT VtP PROFESSIONAL
- 58.95 OFFICE 6010 BISK 153 00 PHASAB4D ...- - . .....OH. 33
- 4155 T8PHHW 5235 DESKTOP PUBUSHING B008Y SYSTEM PACESTREAM 2 TUTORIAL 23J5 PABSTHEAM2.1___179J0 PROP. PAGE TEMPLATES___3133 MICROHCHE FTL5T PLUS. .118-35 PROFESSIONAL PACE 2.1 INTEGRATE BUSfl SS SOFTWARE BEST WS1NESSIVKET _132.00 WhfflS PlATlfIBM _88DS MegAChip 2000 500 2 Megs of Chip RAM for the A2000 and A500 Doubles your Graphics memory for Desktop Video, 3D Rendering & Animation, Multimedia ! Or Desktop Publishing. S219°° w o Agnus 5309°° with Agnus . _ A Jk Amiga owners! Workbench 2.0 is now available, so if you still want to use those 1.3 programs you need this product! Multistart II ..*64* Provides for Amiga 500’s & 2000’s to operate under Workbench l ZO! Insider II
1. 5 Meg of infernal RAM for the A1000 with clock calendar ok ..... '189°° S12K .... l?00 1MB ....‘249*
1. 5MB .... ‘279* SecureKey The SecureKey is a hardware security device that installs in any A2000 or A3000. The SecureKey will not allow access to your Amiga without the right security code. .... .s99°° Progressive j Peripherals '040 Boards NEW low cost, A high speed hard disk RAM expansion for A2000 Version s169500 A3000 Version si 49500 Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (213) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 ; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0297; France 19-0590-1099; Italy 1678-74086; Japan 0031-11-1351; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 046-05-3420; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178. PRO VIDEO + FONTS 3. PRO KIOTO + FONTS 4, GRAMMAR SCHOOL ADVANCED ALGEBRA I__ 31.95 ALGEBRA PUB VOLUME I_31.35 ARITHMETIC___23.95 DAICUIUS-31.35 DISCOVERY 2.0----*3.35 DISTANT SUSS 3.0___40.95 DISTANT SUNS PAL VERSION 3.0__42.35 EZ SHADE___35.95 CINNAMON TOAST FONTS VOL 1. CINNAMON TOAST FONTS VOL II. KARA TOASTER FONTS VOL I KARA TBASTO HWTS VOL II MASTERPIECE TOASTIR HWTS _ ,119.00 .3135 .31.95 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE m HARDWARE AMMATION SOFTWARE ANIMAGIC___17.85 ANIMATION STATION_5935 BROADCAST nriWT-IMAGINE 84.95 CBLP80-5235 TUB LITTLE BEARS (R050T READERS)
* 535 NUMBERS COUNT-------------- ..1335 OPPOSITES ATTRACT 1395 READ A RAMA
- 17830 INTTBCHANGE TlfitSO SttVER MBDOLE 1115 MAP MASTER FDR IMAGINE ... 4595 MAP MASTS FDR LIGHTWAVE . , 143$ AmnHHiffl ...... 04 91 SCENE GENERATOR .... , 27 95 StfWRY 1HIU1TM 8435 SCBPTMKl
m. PAGE STR0CT1B® CUP AST _ 3195 UFTCUK HUME I CLASSIC_4435 SffTCLIPSYOLOMEnPEOPU_4435 SVTOJRVftHEICUBTMS .4435 SOFTCUPS VOLIMEIV ANIMALS 44.95 SPECTRACOLOR ""’Ham-E ....*6495 All the features ol SpectraColor, including key frame animation, brush wraps, luminosity, density and llght-soorce direction controls, plus the easy- to-use Color Manager using 262,144 colors. Scenery Animator New! Create 3-D animations of real world or imaginary fractal scenery in 24-Bit color. Requires two megs J64w V
• Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga!
• Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from your video tapes!
• Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR's! SuperJam! S7995 The easy way to write Make your Amiga ) to 16 internal iunds simultaneously! 16500 Bars&Pipes Professional s20900 SlatB-nf-thc-flrt MIDI sequencing, mining and scoring BarsGPipes ..a99aa Music Box A or B ......532a5 A simple yet powerful way to write music. A variety of tools and Accessories to enhance iternal Sounds Kit a3295 BarefiPipes and BarsBPipes Professional. Inti you need to compose without MIDI Rules for Tools ....S3295 sounds and a keyboard. Over 1 DO pages of source code and Jia Kit ....s3295 BarsBPipes documentation. Tooh.tacontrotaHjecontrolled by other Creativity Kit a34aa oijrams. Designed to pravid'* fresh musical ideas and
w. ......3559S new ways ol composing. THE BLUE RIBBON SOUNDWORKS LTD January Special: Bars&Pipes Professional and Multi-Media Kit for the one-time price of s229°° adCfretsahle MIDI Pro StOcKo1 Pruvidus Cumnfuti OFFER VAUD December 1,1991
84. 85 dyri rtrm 77R nn EUJ F1B0RPLAN CGNSTRCT _. 39 OS INTffilCAD -...... „ 34 H5 UimCADPlOS. ... 64 85 urrrejPARTs flowchart symbols .25.85 PRO BOARD PERSONAL ___89.85 PAD BOJUDjMT PACKAGE .288.00 PRO BOARD NET PACKAGE PAL VffiSION ZB9.00 PRO NET PERSONAL ...99.85 ULTRA Df SIGN .149430 XCAD PROFESSIONAL .. 149 00 KMI .. 174 95 PAINT DRAW SOFTWARE B8D0Y STSTEM IMAGINE... ....
- 18.B5
- .18.85 .118.00 .183.00
- B4.B5 9llART!fiBACK4.2
40. 95
- -------ta.au __27.95 MINDLINK TELECOM ___
- --------28.85 BAD DISK DPT1MIZER 4.0___ _28.85 BLIR BASIC ...... ..109.00 CROSS DOS .. .. ..25,95 MAE UTHFTT PMS BIRECTURY OPUS . 34.95 DISKMASTER .... 28.95 DISXMASTERII _ ___42.95 DOCTOR AMI ___ . , 28.85 90S TO DOS------------------
- ------32.43 etlf&AP UTILITIES __ „... -49.95 FACClt . .21.85 HYPS HELPERS---------- . 35,95 MAC 2 BOS- ...- .... ...90.85 RULES FOR TOOLS..... GENERAL VIDEO SOFTWARE CIMINXF8R9MA61IM 175.00 comic sma * ___58.es CQMICSETTLR FfltfNYDATA COMICSFTTBt HERO DATA. COMICSETTffl SF DATA tfmOCHANGf--- wmim INVISION PIUS PM 302.0.. .20.85 .2085 .21.85 .2195 PELICAN PRESS PRINTMASTER PLUS. SUPER DJV2J) _ WORKBENCH 2.0 ..178.85 C!AR ___ DR. TS COPYIST OTP DU TS KCS LEVEL II V3.5 ___ 229.00 MINTElLIEflff MUSIC DR. TS 124.35 MASTER TRACKS PRO-----------258.00 MOSICX B3J10 PIXOUNO 5B.95
63. 35 BACKUP COPY SOFTWARE AC BASIC _ AC FORTRAN___ AC FORTRAN 77. ADAPT 690 X 0 . AMIGA VISION .. .129.95 .195.00 .399.00 TGAJJW fffi iMAGflJNK. PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO SOFTWARE 3D PROFESSIONAL PAL _188.00 FLASHBACK HARD OISX BACKUP UTILITY __ RAW COPY U---- .69.95 .99.00 DRAW 4fl PROFESSIONAL MY PAINT 2J __ Visionary ProWrite 3.2 Finally! Professional, USER FRIENDLY 3D rendering & animation for Iho Amigal Renders any AMIGA mode plus 24-Bit. EASY fexlure mapping! Great Manual. Djrecf DCTV supparti Oulpul 3D Pdraw Clips! Video and Publishing! Now the all-time bestselling word processor supports Postscript output
* Audio Video Scripfwrifing.
* Arexx support.
* 100,000 word Spell Checker.
* Thesaurus with 300,000 word cross reference.
* Supports columns.
* Wraps text around graphics.
* Mail Merge “If you are interested in writing your own adventures, this is the language to buy. Nothing else comes close to Visionary, either in simplicity or in power." John Olsen, Enchanted Realms Magazine
• Unlimited Lights that animate
• Parallel Spaces to work in
• Double buffered real-lime editor
• Phong Gouraud Facet
• Built-in Font Editor
• Unlimited points per poly
• !FF IFF24 Anim Clip output Centaur Software Inc. PIXEL 3D 2.0 Distant Suns 4.0! R The most World Atlas 4 Disks of info on over 170 countries + 255 maps S32« MindlLink The hottest, newest, super powerful modem package
* 28* powerful 3D object utility for the PIXEL3D computer! Hiinu Convert bitmaps to 3D objects, get rid of redundant points and convert from one format to another! Fantastic Voyage |gi£ The Computer Game *
* 34* oC
8. A.D. Ver.4.0 ; Best-seffing tMsfc optimizer tor ail Amigas. Speeds floppy aid Hard drives by up to S times! *29“ Image Finder . YmDEKL by Zardoz Software It | SB TOASTER Kara TcmSTEEi; Toaster Fonts FONTS 16 2 FONTS
- -- ..... s6295 each A Centaur Software Production Programmed by Marc Hawlitzeck Graphics by Fleckenstein Art Studios Art Direction fay Christian F. Laursen Music by Bjorn A. Lynne Produced by John Sievers You alone command theexperimental submarine Proteus which has been miniaturized and injected into the body of a dying scientist. In order to save his life, you must skillfully navigate your way through a maze of blood vessels to his brain, fighting white blood cells, antibodies and other dangerous hazards every step of the way. The body’s powerful immune system challenges you, the foreign invader, tKe unwelcome intruder who must be destroyed. Iff Based upon the film “Fantastic Voyage” Academy Award Winner 1966 Special Visual Effects Centaur Software, Inc.
P. O. Box 4400, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 Phone:213*542*2226 - FAX: 213-542-9998 Experience awesome music and sound effects, arcade-like 8-way scrolling, multiple skill levels and incredibly detailed animations. Developed to take full a dvantage of the Amiga, the game features unique “organic” graphics unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Fantastic Voyage1'1 & ©1991 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Ail Rights Reserved "Academy Award" is a registered trademark and service mark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Circle 83 on Reader Service card Silent Service II By Jeff James MicroProse s Silent Service II (S59.95), the sequel to Silent Service, may be the
* j new standard by which World War II submarine simulators are judged. Like the original, Silent Service II casts you as the skipper of a U.S. submarine in the Pacific during World War II. Play options abound, including nine sub types (all with historically accurate performance data), four difficulty levels, and a plethora of mission types. Novice submariners can practice in simplified training missions, shooting torpedoes at stationary rust-buck- ets that don’t shoot back. Then it’s on to the more advanced single-battle and war-patrol options, the former including re-creations of several harrowing missions actually undertaken by American sub crews in WWII. Finally, the war-career option invites you to sail through the entire war in the Pacific (1941-1945), earning promotions and commendations in the process. If you plan to tackle the entire tour of duty, it’s a good idea to master each of your sub’s several operating stations first. The chart screen shows an overhead view of the sub and any detected enemies, while dam- age-control and engine- room screens monitor the sub’s health. All ship controls are accessed by keyboard or by mouse; you jump from station to station by either pressing the relevant function key or by clicking on one of seven tiny icons in the lower-left corner of the screen. The game’s wealth of kevboard and mouse con- j trols can overwhelm a novice user, so MicroProse has included a pair of keyboard overlays (one for the A1000 and one for the A500 A2GO0 A3OOO) to facilitate your ship-sinking operations. More assistance is available from the skillfully written 130-page instruction manual, packed with strategy tips, tutorials, and historical ephemera. Enjoyable reading, the manual engrossed me almost more than the game itself. Silent Sendee II's graphics were ported from the 256- color IBM VGA version and seem to have survived the transition well. Screens of the sub firing torpedoes and being clepth-cbarged are beautifully animated. MicroProse claims that the images of Japanese ships were taken directly from original photographs and scaled plastic models, and I found no reason to dispute that claim. The horizon (when viewed through the periscope or from the bridge) is pleasingly dithered, with somber purple and dark blue hues during nighttime operations. The sound effects are excellent, including the gurgling whoosh of firing torpedoes and the rhythmic chugging of the sub’s engines. The game is not disk copy-protected, and runs politely on accelerated Amigas with AmigaDOS
2. 0. It requires 1MB RAM, or 1.5MB for hard-disk ? Crib Notes By Peter Olafson I'm fresh out of pirate cliches to parrot. (Ah, there goes the last of 'em, flying out the window.) So, without further ado, here's the tail end of the Secret of Monkey Island (LucasfiJm, $ 59.95) walkthrough. We left Guybrush Threepwood beside LeChuck's ship. Why just beside it? Because he can't go very far up on deck with the ghostly orchestra. (Do pop in and listen to them for it a bit, though.) They keep chasing him out, and with good reason, as they can see he's human. He'll need to borrow something from the navigator's head first. Be polite, and be persistent. Now, Guy can search the ship with relative impunity, much as he searched his own on the way over. No, there's no way to explore the fore and aft decks, so leave 'em be. (Cute ghost dog, though.) However, there are two doors and a hatch. Let's try the one on the left. Yikes! It's LeChuck! And even though Guybrush is invisible, the pirate detects his presence the moment he moves. Well, he doesn't have to move. Stan, the ship salesman, gave him something that should prove attractive here. The aft door is squeaky, and LeChuck's right-hand man will keep closing it until Guy quiets the squeak, so try the hatch for the time being. After the bunk room, he'll find some ghost chickens and should be able to come up with a ghost-chicken feather. Has there ever been a computer- game feather that wasn't used for tickling duty? Clearly, Guy needs to use the feather on the sleeping ghost to persuade him to drop the booze. But he can't seem to find a spot, right? Well, if you wait around, you'll notice that the ? To locate developers of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 112. Wield more power. Wreak more havoc'-- 30 NEW POWERS OF ANIMATED DESTRUCTION. Electronic arts By Bullfrog Productions. Ltd. To Order: Visit yoit et wler.i call I I8OO1 245-4525 ANYTIME. Populous IL-TrAcs Jik Olympian Cods is available for the AMIGA CoM i xcRlFbR S59J Populous is a trademawc of Electronic Arts. Amiga is a trad MARK OF COMMODORE AjlflCA, INC. "41991 BULLFROG* PRODUCTIONS, t, PRODUCTIONS LTD Circle 73 on Reader Service card installation. The hard-disk installation program (just like the one with Micro- Prose's F-15 Strike Eagle II and Railroad Tycoon) has a hard time dealing with nonstandard hard-disk configurations. I have only two Further J Lord of the Rings It's always tough to translate a book into a visual medium. Everyone who's read it has an idea how the characters and environment should look, and the movie or software version is bound to bump up against that personal vision. So, here’s the good news about Interplay's The Lord of the Rings ($ 54.95): It captures the essence of the first volume of J.R.R. Tolkein's great fantasy trilog)7 without either cleaving slavishly to the storyline or abandoning it for more traditional role- playing fare. The Tolkien trilogy provides much of the basis for today’s fantasy role-playing games, and there have been several faulty attempts to bring it to the monitor screen. Lord of the Rings is the first game to achieve the intimate “feel" of the books. This first of three planned games takes you through roughly the first book of the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. It follows hobbit Frodo Baggins and his retinue on their quest to unmake a ring of power sought by the dark lord Sauron and his ring- wraith minions. It’s a huge game. .After settling affairs in Frodo’s home, the Shire, (a leisurely and cozy way to break into the game), the party heads into a forest, the treacherous burial mounds of the Barrow Downs, the walled community of Bree, the huge dwar- ven mine of Moria, the gripes: The animations of the sub firing torpedoes or being depth-charged are nice to watch, but they quickly become tedious. I also had hoped that Silent Service II would include an option to see things from the Japanese submariner's point of view, elvish realm of Lorien, and more. Along the way there’s much to see, folks to talk to, puzzles to solve, side avenues to explore, allies to enlist, and wolves, ores, trolls, and worse to fight. All this is shown in a fullscreen, overhead perspective and controlled via seven icons that appear at the click of a mouse. The graphics are nice, and while the stills of the characters don’t quite match my vision of them, they’re a good compromise. Combat is central to most role-playing games, but, delightfully, that's not the case here. In fact, it’s important to this game’s faithful feel that it isn't. You’ll find no experience points or levels (although each character does have a set of stats), and no grand repertoire of weapons or spells (although characters can acquire spcll- but it does not offer this. Nevertheless, these are only minor blemishes on an otherwise superlative simulation of submarine warfare in World War II. A definite must-buy for World War II buffs. Silent Service II won't disappoint you. Like words of power). There’s fighting, naturally, but the game doesn’t live or die by it, and, if you Keep your wits and just observe ordinary caution, your characters will be hard to kill. The emphasis is, instead, on exploration. You can always stick to the road, but * the graphic “tiles” from which the game is built are vast, and you’ll miss the fun if you just stay on the road. Lord of the Rings would be dull if it simply followed the course of the book, and that’s where Interplay’s creative forces come into play. The developer has provided any number of side missions some important, some minor, some just fun. There’s always more around than immediately meets the eye. Indeed, there’s so much ghost shifts position every so often...and that certain portions of his anatomy become avaitable when he's in certain positions. Be a patient soul. Okay, he's got the booze. The squeaky door gets the grease, but how do you get the grease? He'll find some down in the hold via the hatch in the chicken and pig room (use LeChuck's key here), but there's a mammoth ghost rat in the way. You'll notice that the other rats are all dead to the world, evidently the result of whatever was in that saucer. Use the grog in the saucer, watch the rat make like a tree stump, use the grease on the door, and there you are in the brig. Some people seem to think they should be able to get by the guard and save the governor here and now. Leave him alone; he's only there to confound you. Do, however, take the ghost tools on the wall, and then split. They will let you into that heavily-locked crate upstairs in the chicken room and win you the voodoo root. Now back to the cannibal village to have that root turned into seltzer, and then back to LeChuck's ship to...er, what ship? Seems LeChuck has headed back to Melee to marry the gov! Nevertheless, it's Grand Central Station down here, what with the ghost henchman LeChuck left behind and your crew members, who apparently have run out of sunblock, turning up again. (Guy can kill the ghost, by the way. Anyone know if the crew still shows up if you bomb your ship with the artifact?) You know where the church is, right? It's the one place Guy hasn't been to do anything so far (except listen to the nice music). So get there and do your best imitation of Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. You'll have a little trouble spritzing the cap'n right off the bat, and you'll get your keister kicked all over Melee Island as a result (there's no way to avoid this). Just wait until LeChuck makes the mistake of punching you into the soda machine at Stan's shipyard, and grab that loose root beer and give him a taste. You'll need to be quick off the mark, but you'll get it eventually. Then sit back and enjoy the long game ending. There are some cute twists along the way, depending on how you handle the dialogue, and I suggest saving the game some- ? Going on in the Shire, it's tempting to hang around longer than Frodo should, as the Black Riders are already on his trail. A time limit, even a generous one, would lend a needed sense of urgency to those early scenes. In terms of play mechanics and Amiga-specific embellishments, this isn’t one of Interplay’s better efforts. I haven’t heard complaints from folks with faster machines (the game runs on all Amigas with one megabyte of memory), but on a 68000- basecl Amiga, play is decidedly slow. You have to wait for die program to draw even menu windows, and the scrolling is humpy at best. Keyboard response is poor, and, while the mouse control (recommended) seems marginally better, the party members negotiate doorways as though they’re drunk. Moreover, the menu system is too time-consuming; for instance, you can't flip through character inventories one after the other, but must hack out of each character before digging into the next. Also, two saved-game positions simply aren’t enough for a game this big, and duplicate nonplayer characters turn up in places. While roads run to the eight points ol the compass, characters can be aimed only in the four cardinal directions, and it’s awkward to keep changing direction. The music that accompanies the introduction is splendid, but it shuts down when the game starts, and you play in a disappointing silence, broken onlv bv Re- 5P Yo RGB-Monitors Use It 4 J J “hoops” and "beeps” from the Amiga. Finally, the three floppy disks can be installed on hard disk, but all I got was visits from the guru until I assigned fonts: to the play directory. J I do recommend Lord of the Rings. It’s pleasantly different from most other games of its type, and imbued with the spirit of the source material, while not bound to it. However, it’s not a strong Amiga game, and I hope that by the time The For The Dealer Nearest You! EAST COAST WEST COAST 615-478-5760 206-882-2009 control system as amiable as the wonderful feel. I wo lowers appears, Interplay will have made the Murder! By joe DiCara To some degree, each of us is a detective at heart. Unfortunately, we usually track down nothing more exciting then a lost sock or misplaced tool. Is it any wonder, then, that the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan, and Colombo are so popular?
U. S. Gold's Murder! ($ 44.95) makes you a supersleuth, too, applying your powers of observation, deduction, and cunning to unravel a heinous homicide in a huge mansion. This time, if justice is to prevail, it’s up to you! Get your notebook ready, you have two hours to catch the murderer. At the opening screen of this graphic adventure, headlines on the front page of the Daily Chronicle proclaim the dastardly deed and you, the sleuth, are on the scene to solve the crime. Changing any pertinent information on the newspaper page results in a new scenario, and U.S. Gold claims that almost 3 million scenarios are possible. Repeating all the set-up parameters replays a case, so, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try... Your view is a 3-D isometric of the crime scene usually a room in the mansion. A set of action icons on the side let you interrogate a character, view a map of the house, refer to the all-important clue book, check for and remove fingerprints, pick up objects, and, finally, accuse the murderer. As play starts, all you know is who was murdered, where, when, and how. Scattered throughout the 51 rooms and corridors of the three-story mansion are more than 20 potential ? Weapons. Roaming about, in real time, are 18 very suspicious and sometimes very uncooperative characters. .As time slips away (there’s a two-hour limit), you’ll examine every object, take all the fingerprints possible, and question anything that moves or breathes. If this sounds difficult, it is, but it’s also lots of fun! To identify the culprit, you must probe relationships, check alibis, and determine who was where and when. The cross-examination process is tedious and time- SPACEW KECKED By Rob Hays You’ve been drifting for seven years in suspended animation when your 4 lifeboat's computer detects other spaceships nearby and awakens you. The trouble is, this is not a rescue fleet, but a biological survey mission that has become crippled while transporting specimens back to Earth. To reach Earth, vou must 4 repair malfunctioning systems in all the fleet’s ships, because they were built with r an interlocking navigation system. .Along the way, you must deal with escaped biological specimens, deranged crew members, and deteriorating power and life- support systems. Space wrecked (Konami, S49.95) is a standard structured adventure, meaning that in order to advance, you need the proper items in the right place at the right time. The programmers have also thrown in the usual red herrings, figuratively and literally. Play is completely mouse- controlled, and games can be saved at any point. The main screen shows a 3-D view of the action, data on your character’s health, and the elapsed time. The sound effects are well integrated and varied, with different consuming, and therein lies the rub. Because of the number of characters and the many possible relationships, it's impossible to ask all the questions you’d like. Here’s where your powers of deduction and reason save the day. By checking all potential weapons for fingerprints, then comparing them to prints found on common objects such as drinking glasses and cigarette lighters, it's possible to narrow the list of suspects, then turn up the heat and get the answers background noises for each type of compartment you enter. .Although this game is much like others of its genre, such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, it has some unique components. Probably the most unusual are robots you can program to explore and perform repairs on their own. Spacewrecked requires 512K. Of memory, comes on three disks, uses both disk and documentation copyprotection, and mils properly on the Amiga 3000 with Workbench 2.04. It also has some problems that should be fixed. You need. Elementary my 4 4 dear Watson.. .elementary! I have no significant complaints about this game. Murder! Comes on one disk, runs on any Amiga with a
1. 2 or higher operating system, and requires a mouse and 512K of memory. It’s not hard-disk installable as claimed in the manual, but runs completely from memory, so this is no problem. With its endless scenarios and levels of play, Murder! Provides endless hours of “intriguing” entertainment. First, although the MS- DOS version can be installed on a hard-disk, the .Amiga version can’t. Second, the program doesn’t consistently recognize external disk drives or the fact that the disk it’s asking for is already in a drive. Third, when you finish playing, you must turn the computer off, because part of the program survives and interferes with a warm boot (except on the A3000). All things considered, however, if you like adventure games and can live with the floppy shuffle, Spacewrecked will keep you lost for hours. Where shortly beforehand, so you can try them all.
* Several spots in The Immortal (Electronic Arts, S49.95) are taking years off people's lives. The most common seems to be the triangle puzzle at the end of level 2. Actually, the answer is given in the game by the dying goblin king ("right, left, center"), but only if you've given him your water. If you used it yourself, you greedy thing, you're facing a lot of trial and error. You need get to the opposite end of the level, where you’ll find a room with three circles on the floor, a triangle in each circle, and indentations on the three sides and in the center of each triangle. Put one gem in the right-hand hole in the left- hand circle, the next in the left-hand hole in the center circle, and the third in the central hole in the right- hand circle. Welcome to level 3. The other hot spot is with the dragon down on level 8. You must use six Blink spells there, each of them just as the beast is about to let fly, then a Fire Protection spell. Finally, use the amulet.
* Speaking of dragons, a number of folks seem to be burning themselves out near the start of Dyna- mix's Rise of the Dragon (S59.95). One problem is leaving the ID card behind in Blade's apartment and hence being locked out. Ain't technology grand? There is a way back in, and I don't mean the ledge. See that steam valve up by the corridor ceiling? Steam and electronic hardware don't mix. And some are having trouble at the Pleasure Dome door. They Checked their gun at the behest of the bouncers and now can't get it back. Well, if you'd listened to Slen instead of playing the tough detective, you might have seen the implied threat when you turned the gun over. You need to bribe him with something sweet from your little kitchen. And don't forget to get your claim ticket from the woman in the booth. These two guys are unforgiving. If you're having trouble with an adventure or role-playing game, or just have something interesting or weird you want to get off your chest, you can write to me at 25 Belmont Ave., Madison, NJ 07940, or via electronic mail on Genie (P.OLAFSON1) or on Portal (PETEROO). 78 February 1992 j Flames of Freedom By Peter Olafson Flames of Freedom (M: i croPlay M icro Prose. $ 49.95) is Mike Singleton’s brilliant follow-up to 1990’s Midwinter. That role-playing wargame from England was an imposing classic. Flames of Freedom is an accessible one bigger, deeper more detailed, and more playable. Midwinter postulated a partisan-like defense of an ice-bound island in the not- too-distant future. In Flames of Freedom, Midwinter has vanished beneath rising seas, and the scene has shifted to an archipelago of 42 islands (the Slaves) off the coast of Africa, all but one (Agora) occupied by the forces of the Saharan Empire. The empire is assembling an invasion fleet pointed at Agora, and you’re cast as an agent trying to bolster Agora’s chances by helping liberate the subject islands. Midwinter was an environment; Flames of Freedom is a fillcd-polygon world. There are roads with military traffic, palm trees growing beside them, waves lapping ai the beaches beside the palms, and plants growing on the sea bottom. There’s a spectacular variety of people -you can even design your own character’s appearance with all sorts of agendas. There are more ways to get around than I have room to describe, and more enemies than you care to know. If you felt tiie original game lacked direction, Flames of Freedom is as open-ended or as focused as you care to make it. You can i launch specific raids (destroying power plants or radio stations, For instance) against each island, undertake a whole campaign, or practice driving vehicles (or fighting in the flying sub). You mav find that a raid ’27 Yanks vs. ’90 Reds. Tonight. Only On MLSPN. (YOUR MICROLEAGUE SPORTS NETWORK) Tune in to MicroLeague Baseball-The Manager's Challenge-new from MicroLeague Sports, your Computer Network for the finest in true-to-life sports simulation software. You control all the action - for all aspects of the game. Manage 26 major league rosters-past and present. How would the ’27 Yanks do against the '90 Reds? Could the Mets beat Boston again? Find out. You get graphic displays of 3 big league stadiums (other stadium disks available), 30-player rosters, complete stats and box scores, Stat Compiler for season and league play, Quick-Series option, Quick-Play option-plus: GM Owner disk for making trades - or create your Dream Team, Season disks available, Pitch & hit vs. Lefty or Stealing & base running, Pull, spray, or hit straight away, Fatigue and power factors, Season tiring for league play. Full-color Action 3-D Graphics, and much more. For: Commadore Amiga S49.95. Coming soon for Macintosh. Can’t find MLB-MC at your local retailer? Call 1-8Q0-334-MLSA, or mail check or money order to: MicroLeague Sports Association. 2201 Drummond Plaza, Nev ark, DE19711. Keeps you busy for hours at a time, as the folks you must recruit may have their own assignments for you to fulfill before they’re won over. Some of them are traitors who’ll throw you into jail, then you must escape by finding a jailer vulnerable to your character’s strengths. (I typically waited for a woman and used, urn, sex appeal. Hey, it was my character’s strong point!) Getting places could he a chore in mountainous Midwinter. There are plenty of mountains in the Slaves, but now movement can be automated, time compressed, and a huge array of speedy vehicles enlisted (provided you find them) for travel in the air, on land, and on or under the sea. In Midwinter, character relationships were involved, but actual interaction was simple; other people would either help you or they wouldn’t. Here, there are several levels of interaction. NPCs may provide information, offer to notify their friends to help you or to take you to other people, run missions themselves, or provide transportation, identification or first aid (not necessarily of top-notch quality). -And sometimes you have to persuade them first. The manual is far superior to Midwinter’s, properly emphasizing rules over background. The music, which can be toggled off, is good (notably the driving piece that plays over the titles), and the in-game fractal maps are gorgeous and overflowing with data. The hellish copv-protec- tion scheme is gone, thank goodness. You still have to identify two pictures from the manual, but now all the pictures are compressed onto six consecutive pages, rather than one per page. And the three AmigaDOS disks can be copied onto a hard disk. Along with these improvements come some new problems. While speedy ancl smooth in most respects, the game is prone to slowdowns when more than a few objects appear on the screen. (It might have helped if they’d opted for less complex explosions.) Combine the variable speed with rather awkward control (Flames of Freedom badly needs an auto-centering option), and you have a game that's most difficult to play at the times when you most need to be its master. It’s easy to get caught in endless circles when using the joystick. (The mouse is the best of the three control methods.) Allowing a player to take over whatever vehicle is near including the Tiger tank that was just firing at that player doesn’t quite ring tme, and some kind of hand-to-hand combat routine should be included here. Finally, there’s that harddisk installation routine. The option is a welcome one, but the actual routine is the pits. A text file describing the procedure is truncated in mid-example; you have to edit the installation file manually if you want to put the game anywhere other than DHO: or SYS:; and Flames of Freedom apparently can run only if installed in a partition’s root directory. It’s frustrating, it’s time- consuming, and, yes, it’s worth the trouble. Flames of Freedom has some bad habits, but I have no intention of putting it aside. Indeed, I have no choice. ¦ HELP KEY Wanted: 3-D clip art, a talking word processor, and a system to handle huge display and storage demands. Lou finds. A Huge Problem In Playback Q: How soon will an affordable hardware configuration exist for the Amiga that will allow playback of broadcast-quality, 24-bit animations at 30 frames per second from RAM or hard disk? Is 30 frames per second possible with DCTV and a 68040 card? It seems that if the Amiga is to be a truly useful desktop video platform, playback at 30 fames per second must be one of its necessary capabilities.
M. Caldwell Knoxville, Term. A: What you are describing is an extremely difficult problem to solve. Images of broadcast resolution that are created with 24 bits per pixel are huge on the order of one megabyte per frame. Without compression, this would require you to have around 30 megabytes per second for your digital video, an amount of data that would demand an enormous amount of display RAM and storage space. But efforts to reach this goal are being made. For example, many people who have attended Amiga shows during the last year have been treated to exhibits of DCTV displaying real-time digital animations. My favorite was done by Interactive Video Systems j * (IVS), which used an Amiga equipped with IVS's Trumpcard Pro and DCTV to play a multiminute sequence of "Back to the Future” from a hard disk with audio in real time. However, IVS used its own proprietary software and animation file for- mat to accomplish this, and so far the technique to do this remains a secret. But what really made it possible was the fact that DCTV’s image format uses a fairly good form of compression, one that can reduce the amount of memory by a factor of 8 to 10, meaning that one-megabyte, 24-bit liles become a more useful 100K or so in size. In the near future (one or two years), the MPEG full-motion chips will be- By Louis R. Wallace come available. MPEG technology promises compression (and real-time decompression) on the order of 20:1 all the way down to 100:1. When this happens, full-motion video from disk, floppy, hard disk or CD-ROM will become a reality on the Amiga (as well as on other computer platforms). A Word Processor That Talks Back? Q: I am an A2000 owner who is dyslexic, and I am searching for a word processor that offers some special features to help me in my word processing. The best solution would he one with which I could speak and spell-check the words while I am typing. A speaking dictionary that could distinguish between identically spelled words for which different pronunciations carry different meanings would also help a lot. Simply put, as well as all the features you would expect in any word processor I need something where I can point to a word and the computer will speak the word to me. Any suggestions ?
M. Roar White River Jet., Vermont A: Well, it would seem that Pro Write (New Horizons) is the answer to most of your needs. ProWrite offers a realtime spell-checking mode that beeps when you enter a word that is not in its dictionary. It will also speak (using the Amiga's voice synthesizer) the entire document or a single word or phrase that has been highlighted with the mouse. It even has a mode that will speak (in real time) what you type, although it works on the character level, not the word level. So if you were typing in "Dear,” it would speak “D" "e” “a” *T” as individual letters, but would not speak the entire word. Unfortunately, neither ProWrite (nor any other word processor I know of) offers a "speaking dictionary” that can tell how to correctly speak a word when several pronunciations are possible. A Search for 3-D Objects Q: I have just recently begun to get into 3-D animation on the Amiga, and am having a ball creating animations with Sculpt and Imagine, The only real problem I have is in the creation of objects to use in my scenes. As I am not an artist (or very patient, might add), my efforts have been quite primitive. So, can you offer any suggestions as to sources for well-crafted, ready- to-mider 3-D clip art?
J. Planch Houston, Texas A: There are quite a few sources for 3-D objects. If you have a modem, you might try the major telecommunication networks such as Genie, CompuServe or BIX. All have many object Files in their libraries ready for downloading. Or, you might try some BBSs in your own area, as they, too, frequently have 3-D objects. One of the most interesting sources of objects is a specialized BBS called Studio BBS (817 467-3658). Studio BBS (generously operated for the public by Jody Reimers) is entirely dedicated to 3-D objects that are in the public domain. Its libraries include object files for Sculpt, Imagine, LightWave, Videoscape, Turbo Silver and Real 3D. Studio BBS asks for an optional donation, and its libraries are constantly being added to by other users. There are also many commercial 3-D object libraries available. For example, Impulse, the publisher of the 3-D animation package Imagine, plans on releasing an entire series of high-quality 3-D objects to coincide with the release of Imagine 2.0. Polar Arts has a couple of disk sets, including aircraft and spaceships. And Amiga World's special products division has commissioned the creation of a large number of 3-D objects that arc offered for release through our 1992 Animation 8c Yideo Special Issue, ¦ If you’re on-line with ® d) CompuServe or Prodigy, you’re simply getting less value than Genie users. There is, of com'se, a rather obvious solution. Switch to Genie*Basic and get unlimited non-prime-time use of over 100 services for just S4.95 a month * Everything from bulletin boards, electronic mail, news, and stock closings to exciting games, an encyclopedia and travel services. You can also enjoy software libraries, information services, computer support, multiplayer games,online classes with live instructors, and more for S6 per non-prime hour* for all baud rates up to 2400. Genie*Basic is guaranteed
- - if you're not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your first month’s $ 4.95 fee. Sign up for Genie today. Set modem for half duplex (local echo), at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud. Dial 1-800-638-8369 (or in Canada, 1-800-387-8330). Upon connection, enter HHH At the U =prompt, enter XTX99396,AMIGA92 then press RETURN>. Have a major credit card ready, or in die U.S., your checking account number. For more information, call 1-800-638-9636.
- Applies only in U.S. Nlon.-Fri., 6PM-8AM local lime and all day Sat., Sun., and select holidays. Prime-time hourly rate S18 up to 2400 baud. Not applicable when accessed at 9600 baud. Some features are subject to surcharge and mav not be available outside the U.S. Prices and products listed as of Jan. 1, 1992 and are subject to change. Telecommunications surcharges may apply. TGEnie:"Basic guarantee is limited to one per customer and applies only to first month's use. Y e bring good things to life. 800-558-0003 £o i Mime* c L ecttonic* 800-558-00™ ComputAbility Would like to Thank You for Helping Us Celebrate our 1 Oth Anniversary by Providing our Customers with even Lower Prices! Hi-Speed IDE Hard Drive Packages for the A500 Seagate 351-A 40 MB 52 LPS Quantum A500 105 LPS Quantum A500 Infernal ICD-AD IDE 40 Kit S309 S329 S439 Int. ICD-AD IDE 40 w AD Speed S489 S509 S619 Trumpcard 500 AT External = 2JK expandable to 8 MB S399 S419 S549 Includes: cables, Software, Drive, Mounting Hardware AMIGA EXTRAS..... Personal SFC (Nucleus) ....,.S345 Perfect Sound $ 65 Roctec Internal 500 Drive ......$ 79 Taco Single Frame Animator Cntrlr S1.739 Vidl Complete Color Solution ...S235 Wiz Tablet 2 button 9.5" x 118* ......S249 DMI Resolver 010-A, 1024x 768 .S999 010-B. 1024 x 768 w Overlay Buffer. $ 1,199 Q10-C, 1280 x 1024 w Overlay Buffer. $ 1,479 GOLDEN IMAGE: Replacement Mouse S35 Cordless Mouse w Deluxe Paint II S69 Cordless TrackBall w Deluxe Paint II S79 1 2 MB RAM Expansion tor Amiga 500 $ 36 Microbotics VXL-30-68030 Accelerator Board for the A500 2000 25MHz w 68882 Math Coproc $ 459 40MHz w 68882 Math Coproc $ 649 AD Speed (all Amiga Computers). ......$ 189 AT Once - PC Emulator - 500 only .. S239 Air Drive Int 3 5“-A3000 .. $ 89 AMAXX I! .. $ 137 BCD Internal SFC-A2000 . S749 Big Foot Power Supply .$ 95 Bodega Bay $ 279 Cardinal 9600 Ext. V.32 V.42 ... $ 345 Chroma Key Switcher .. $ 315 Colorburst $ 659 Color Splitter .. .....$ 105 Data Flyer RAM Card OK .. ..S3 9 Digiview Gold .. S115 Digiview Media Station S147 Digital Sound Studio ... ...$ 85 ECE Midi Interface ...... ..$ 48 Flicker Fixer $ 235 Flicker Free Video 500 1000 2000 . $ 279 Firecracker ..... S825 HAM E Plus .. S389 Internal Drive 2000 .. ......$ 69 K-Start Selector .... .S35 Light-24 .... ..Call Mega Chip 2000 w Super Agnus .. S299 MIDI Gold A500 Insider A2000 S55 559 Mini Gen ... .. . $ 185 Multistart II ... ..$ 59 The Miracle Keyboard A piano teaching system, which enables you to create dazzling music Q Q with or without your Amiga VIDEO PACKAGE Series II A500 HD+ OK Expandable to 8MB
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* Manuals: the Comprehensive Software Instuctions & Amiga Owner’s Guide Call for Low, Low Price! GoldenIMAGE 4-D Boxing w Tru-Motion ... 31.95 500cc Racebike Simulation .. 30.95 A-10 Tank Killer V.1.5 Upgrd 36.95 Abyss ... 24 95 Action Stations ...30.95 All In One ....43.95 Amiga Classics Trilogy: .36.95 Arachnaphobia ...24.95 Armour Geddon .30.95 ATAC 30.95 Awesome ....36.95 Aiomino ......31.95 Back To Ihe Future II cr III 24.95 Ball Game . 24.95 Bane Cosmic Forge 1Meg ....36.95 Barbarian II .30.95 Bard s Tale III .....31.95 Battle Chess II ....30.95 Battle Isle 31,95 Big Deal Bundle ...36.95 Bill Elliot Nascar Challenge . 30.95 Birds of Prey ......31.95 Black Crypt ..31.95 Blitzkrieg .....30.95 Blood Relations .31.95 Blue Max 31.95 Breach 2 .....31.95 Bridge 6.0 .. 24.95 Cadaver 24.95 Carmen San Diego Each 30.95 Carmen San Diego - America 36.95 Castles .... 36.95 Centurion ....31.95 Champions ol Krynn 31.95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 ...24.95 Chessmaster2100 31.95 A Talk IV 59 95 Ami Back Moonlighter . .... 44 95 AMOS ...57 95 AMOS Compiler „ 3-i 95 AMOS 30 ...... 44.95 Arexx 27 95 An Department Pro 2 0 ...... 156.95 Audio Master 4 ...... 57.95 Audition 4 57 95 Auto Basic 52 95 Aztec C Developer V.5.0 .. 157.95 Aztrec C Pro V 5 0 104.95 BAD 4.0 .28.95 Bars 4 Pipes .109.95 Bars & Pipes Pro ..194.95 Baud Bandit .....23.95 Broadcast 2D Fonts tor Imagine 79.95 Broadcast Titier 2 0 194.95 Can Do 82.95 Pro Pack 1 ......24.95 Comic An Disks ea .....20.95 Comic Setter ...... 41.95 Copyright .. 23 95 Cross DOS 2 0 ......24.95 Deluxe Music Construct!an 51.95 Oeiuxe Paint IV ....107.95 Deluxe Photo Lab ... 94.95 Deluxe Prmi l| ..51.95 Deluxe Productions ...128.95 Chuck Yaager AFT 2 0 ..25 95 Civil War ......37.95 Conan the Cimmerian ....30.95 Conflict: Middle East .....36.95 Conquest ol Camelot .,21 95 Continuum ..30.95 Crime Does Not Pay .....30.55 Crusaders Dark Savant 41.95 Curse Azure Bonds 31.95 Cybercon 111 36.95 Dark Van ....25.95 Das Boot Submarine .....31.95 Death Knights of Krynn ..... 3195 DeluxePaint IV ..107.95 Demoriak ....30.95 Dick T racy ...24.95 Discovery 2.0 .....24.95 Disney Animation Studio......74.95 Dog Eat Dog 33.95 Dragon's Lair 11 Time Warp 34 95 Dragon Wars ......30 95 Dungeon Master .24.95 ECO Phantoms ...24.95 Eagle s Rider ......30.95 Elf .....31.95 Elvira lor II 36.95 41 95 Eye of the Beholder I or II 37.95 F-15 Strike Eagle II 35.95 F-19 Stealth Fighter 35.95 Falcon ..30.95 Fantastic Voyage 27.95 Fighter Dual .33.95 Flames of Freedom .30.95 Flight cl Ihe Intruder .....35.95 Flight Simulator II .30.95 Gateway Savage Frontier.....31 95 Deluxe Adeo lit w Del Photolab iC7 95 Design Works ... 72 95 Digidroid. £9 95 Digimate3 .. 24 95
D. gipaint 3.0 . 5BS5 Qigivie.v Go d ... 114 95 Director 2 0 .. 75 95 Directory Opus 55 95 Discovery 2 0 24 95 Discovery Educational Pak......41 95 Disk Labeler .... 24.95 Disk Waster 2 ... 39 95 Disk Mechanic ..54.95 Disney Animation Studio 74.95 Distant Suns Version 4 0 . . ... 54.95 Dos 2 Cos ..20.95 Draw 4D Protessional . 1fi4 55 Dynacafld ... 6€9 95 Elan Peloimer 2 0 . 87.95 Excellence V? 0 .... 1C4 95 Final Copy 56.95 Font Pack 1 Broadcast Tiller . 107 95 Ford Ennan tor Broadcast Tiller 107 95 GFA Basic 3.5 ___ 67.95 Gold Disk Office .....'E6 95 Image Finder ....41 95 Image Master .112 95 Imagine .. 165 95 Invision * ...... 174 95
• • • RECREATION • •
• I Germ Crazy . 24 95 Leisure Suit Larry 5 ...... .36 95 Godfather .... 30 95 Lemmings .. .30.95 Gold of the Aztec .... ......30.95 Light Quest . .31.95 Halls of Montezuma......
30. 95 Lord of the Rings .. .34.95 Hardball II 30 95 Lost Patrol 31 95 Hard Nova 31 95 M-1 Tank Platoon ... .36 95 Hare Raising Havoc ...... 30 95 Mantis Experimental fighter 36 95 Harpoon ...... 37 95 Matrix Cubed ..... 31 95 Battleset 2 or 3 »«-M V* 1 V V 20 95 Mavis Beacon Typing 31 95 Battlesel4 . ......25.95 Mega Fortress ...
37. 95 Scenario Editor ..... ......25.95 Mega-Traveller 1 .... . 36 95 Harpoon Challenger Pak
57. 95 Mercenaries ...... .37.95 Heart of China . ......36 95 Medieval Warrior ... .30.95 Holyes Book of Games 1 or 2 2 f ,95 Might & Magic III ... .37.95 Hoverforce 30 95 Millenium ... .24 95 1 S*aVa>W'VV ri . ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ immortal ......
31. 95 Mixed -Up Mother Goose. . .. .30.95 fmnnrmm Monopoly ... .30.95 Indy Jones 4: Fate ol Atlantis 37.95 Monty Python.., . .32.95 Indianapolis 500
31. 95 Navy Seals . .25.95 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited
36. 95 Ninja Garden II ... .24.95 Artri-fln Disk*; Pall Nobunga s Ambition ... .36.95 James Bond. Stealth Affair... 34 95 Nova 9 ..... 22 95
J. Conners s Pro Tennis Tour 31 95 Dh No! More Lemmings 30 95 Jones in the Fast Lane ... 24 95 Lemmings Add-On Disk .... .21 95 Keys To Mararron 31 95 Operation Combat . 30 95 Killing Cloud 30 95 Over the Net ..... .24 95 Kina s Quest 2 or 3 30 95 Overlord .. 30 95 1 VI1 1 bj W M al I tm kJ 1 taJ King s Quest 4 or 5 36 95 3GA Tour Golf ... 31 95 Knight Force... VV ¦ V V* 28.95 3apsr Boy 2 . 25 95 Knights of the Crystallion ......36.95 Perfect General . 35 95 Knights in the Sky ......36.95 Pick n Pile 25 95 Leander . ......30.95 Police Quest 2 or 3 .. . 36.95 Leisure Suit Larry 1 .. 36 95 Pools of Darkness . 37 95 Leisure Suit Larry 2 or 3 ......36.95 Pools of Radiance .
31. 95
• * • PRODUCTIVITY • • • 3elican Press .. 62 95 Kara Headline Fonts 1 ..... Kara Headline Ferns 2 Kara Toaster Forts 1 or 2 ...... Lattice C DEV 5 01 ...... Macro Pamt ..... Mao Master tor Lightwave 3D Material Textures Library Vol 2 Math Blaster Plus .. Maverick .. Mavis Beacon Typing ...... Maxiplan Plus MediaShow ..... Mega Paint ..... Movie Setter ... MR Backup Protessional .. Music X Music X Jr ... On Line Platinum...... Page Rencerer 3 0 Page Setter 2 ..... Page Stream V 2.2 ... SuCdy System ... Classic Font Set ...... Designer Font Set Newsletter Fonts .. Starter Fonts .... PC Globe 4.0 .. ...41 35 36 35 51 95 187 95 78 95 57 95 ,.30 95 30 95 ..24 95 ..31 95 .54 95 ..77.95 174 S5
41. 95 .34 95 169 95 87 95
39. 95 94 95
67. 95
165. 95 29 95 11495
114. 95 ..59.95 .59 95 . 38 95 3en Pal ..65.95 Personal Writs .....30 95 3ersonst Fonts Maker 62 95 ffiantom SMPTE Interface . 209 95
3. 1asar 4 0 .... 54 95 3hoton Pamt 2 0 87 95 pix Mate 37.95 pix Sound 2.5 . 52 95 =ixel 3D . 74 95 sower Windows 2.5 54 95 Pro Textures .....35.95 Pro Video CGII 112 95 Pro Video Gold ..... 139 95 Pro Video Post .....*89 95 Afremate Font Sets 3495 Video Fonts II ... 57 95 3read 4 3utter Fonts 57 95 Cinnamon Toast Fonts 57 95 3ro Write 3.2 .... 9195 Professional Calc 144 95 professional Draw 112 95 rotsssicnal Page 2 1 . 164 95 Structured Clip Art .36 95 Templates .... 63 95 Project D V2.0 ...... 35 95 Proper Grammar .....57.95 Populous .....31.95 Papulous II .. 37 95 Pawermonger ....31 95 Data Disk WWI Edition 20.95 Prehistoric ....30.95 Prince of Persia ..24.95 Quest for Glory 1 or 2 ...36.95 Railroad Tycoon .36 95 Red Baron ...36.95 Red Storm Rising ...34.95 Renegade Legion ...37.95 Riders of Rohan .... 30.95 Rise of the Dragon .36.95 Robin Hood Conq. Long Bow 35.95 Romance of 3 Kingdoms 42.95 Rules of Engagemen! ....37 95 Secret ot Monkey Island 37 95 Secret ol the Silver Blades ... 31 95 Shadow ol the Beast II .. 36 95 Shadow Sorcerer ...31.95 Silent Service II ..36.95 Sim City ......30.95 Sim Earth ....41.95 Sleeping Gods Lie ..30.95 Sliders ..30 95 Space l£B9 36 95 Space Ace II: Bod s Revenge 36.95 Space Quest 2 ....30.95 Space Quest 3 or 4 .36.95 Spacewrecked ...30.95 Speedball 2 .24,95 Spellbound ..24.95 Stanford Wong Video Poker. 30.95 Star Control ...... 30.95 Starflight l or II ..'.31.95 Stellar 7 ..... 21.95 ProVector 187 95 Quarter Back ...... 39 95 Quarter Back Tools 49 95 Raw Copy ..34.35 Real 3D 3eginner . 112.95 Real 3D P-ofessicnal ...... 269.95 RX Tools ...35.95 Saxon Publisher ... 209 95 Saxon Script Pro .74,95 Sea I a ...Call Scene Gererator ......29.95 Scenery Animator .57.95 Screen Maker • 36 Disk Pkg ...219.95 Screen Maker Syquest Can ... 269.95 Screen Maker Starter Kit ..... 27 95 Show maker ....215.35 Soil Clips Vol. 1.2, 3 or 4 44 95 Sound Master 134 95 Spectraco or .....57.95 Sterling Service BBS..... . 84 95 Super JAM' ...... 77 35 Texture City Pro 15. Set! Or 2 .. 86 95 Texture City Pro 40, 24 tut . 157 95 Texture City Pro 40, Syquest 267 95 Texture City Pro 40, OCTV...... 107 95 Tiger Cub ... 74 95 Title Page . 104 95 Toaster Fonts V 1-5 each..... 41 95 Transwrite .39 95 Stratego .. 30.95 Stnkelleet ....25.95 Strip Poker 3 ......30.95 Stunt Track Racer ..24.95 Swap .. 30.95 Team Suzuki , .24,95 Team Yankee .....36.95 Teenage Ninja Turtles: Arcd 30.95 Terrain Envoy , ...28.95 Test Drive III CALL Their Finest Hour .20.95 Thunderstrike .....30.95 Tie Break Tennis .24.95 Time Machine 34.95 Tracon II ......41.95 Twilight 2000 .....35.95 Ultima 5 .. 36.95 UMS: Nations at War .....36.95 UMS II: Planet Editor .....30.95 Universe 3 ...31.95 Vette .30.95 Vollied ..24 95 Warhead . 31.95 Warlord ...... ,,,,,30.95 Willie Beamish ...36.95 Western Front ....36.95 Where in ihe ...Carmen each 30.95 White Death .30 95 Wolf Pak ... 34.95 World Atlas .35 95 Worlds at War ....30.95 Yeager's Adv. Train 2.0 .25.95 Zone Warrior ... 25.95 We Have Hundreds of Titles - Call Us! Turbo Si’ver wTerrah 56 95 TV. ShowV2.0 .64 95 TV Text . 64.95 TV Text Professional 99.95 Video Effects 3-D ..106.95 Video Titler V1 5 ...92.35 Video Tools . 172 95 VideoQirectar .... 127.95 VideoFcnts Decorative. Designer... Publisher, Videog-apher, each 34.95 VideoScape 3D V2 0 - 119 95 VIP Video Interlace ... 104.95 Visionary 57.95 Vista 64 95 Vista Professional ....61.95 Viva .. 122.95 Word Parted ..157.95 Wcrks, Platmum ... 99 95 World Atlas 2 0 .... 28 95
W. Sbefi 2 0 54 95 X Copy Professional 47.95 X Copy .2 9 ...... 34 95 Your Family Tree 39 95 Zoetrope ...... 44 95 We Have Hundreds of Titles - Call Us! ORDERING INFD: Specify system. For last delivery' send cashier's check or money order Personal £ company checks allow 14 business days to clear P.O. s welcome. C.O.D. charges are 54.00. in Conimentaf U S.A include $ 5.00 for software orders 5% shipping for hardware, minimum S5.00 MasterCa'd & Visa orders please include card t. expiraiion date and signature. Wl residents please include 5% sales tax HI, AK. FPO. APO,Puerto Rico and Canadian orders, please add 65s shipping, minimum S6.00.Ai other lorelgn orders add 15% shipping, mln $ 15.Oil All orders shipped outside the Continental U S A are shipped first class insured U.S. mail, where available II foreign shipping charges exceed the minimum amount, you will be charged the additional amount All goods are new and include 'actory warranty We do no: guarantee comparability £ version s Due to cur low pnees all sales are final All Detective returns must have a return authorization number. Call = 414) 357-8181 to Obtain an R A * or your return will not be accepted Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Shipping £ handling are non-relundabie We ship the latest versions available to us. Updates must be handled by end user directly wth the manufacturer. Not responsi&'e lor typographical errors In an eflort to be complete, same new products may not be available trom the manufacturer at press time INFORMATION 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
P. O. BOX 17882 Milwaukee. Wl 53217 HOURS-CST MON-FRI 9am-9pm SAT 11am-5pm NO CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE A Video of Monumental Proportions An intriguing, fun-filled look at Ibe history of the Amiga computer. From the earliest days, examine the trials, tribulations and triumphs to today's latest models from Commodore. Meet the people, view the products and visit the places that have helped make the Amiga and the amigu user unique in the history of computing. FKEE1-800-343-0728 coupon. Order your own History of the Amiga T-Shirt! $ 14.95 G Check Money Order Q MasterCard P MSA p AmEx Make checks payable to TechMedia Video. P Discow Canadian orders add 7% GST (GST reg. 126038405) California residents add HA292 7.25% sates tax Total Amt. $ _ TechMedia "v i dTo 80 Elm Street. Peterborough. XH 03458 Desktop Video Volume II You asked for it. We ’re delivering! NOW* learn even more about Desktop Video production with this exciting second volume of the successful Desktop Video Volume I. This edition will provide valuable tips on the production process and teach you how to develop your own guidelines to follow when producing your own videos. Volume I provided an easy-to-undersland overview of Desktop Video, Volume II takes you further! You’D learn:
• Which format is for you ?
• How to edit without time code
• A production shoot, what happens?
• Using the Video Toaster as a suitcher
• How to use sound effects
• Includes the latest Video Toaster info
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P. O. Box 802, 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 An IDG Communications Company Also see your local Amiga Dealer for this video. O Ckck Money Order G MaswCad O VISA G AmEx Make checks payable to TechMedia Video. G Discover Canadian orders add $ 5.00 for each video, plus 7% GST (GST reg. 126038405) California residents add 1.25% CA sales tax Total Ami. $ _ Copies in PAL format available through dONAR, the worldwide international distributor. Telephone or fax your PAL orders to dONAR. Telephone: 32-11-22-50-76; Fax: 32-11-22-53-52. Available in VHS. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. TechMedia Video is the licensed North American distributor of AmigaWorid Videos. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga Inc. DV292 I la dONAR ninrniuuTons RRZZR Acci. Exp. Date Signature What really is "Jaggie-Free" printing? :•>:.. • •• >.5SV- Sx'.-•¦: ’• . ‘ ’ - TM ProWrite 3.2~- $ 174.95 Final Copy " 1.2-$ 99.95 Sans-sarif font printed in Workbench 1.3. Serif font printed in Workbench 1.3. abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 1.3, Serif font printed in Workbench 1.3. A abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh -**¦ A 9 Pin Dot Matrix Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 2.0. Serif font printed in Workbench 2.0. . (Results required 2.0outline fonts.) A Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 2.0 Serif font printed in Workbench 2.0 abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh A Sans-serif font printed in Workbench1.3 Serif font printed inWorkbench 1.3. A abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh A. Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 1.3. Serif font printed in Workbench 1.3. abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh A 24 Pin Dot Matrix Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 2.0. Serif font printed in Workbench 2.0, (Results required 2.0 outline fonts.) A Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 2.0 Serif font printed in Workbench 2.0 abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh A Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 1.3. Serif font printed inWorkbench 1.3. a abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh -A. InkJet 300 dpi Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 2.0. Serif font printed in Workbench 2.0. (Results required 2.0outline fonts.) A Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 1.3. Serif font printed in Workbench 1.3. . Abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh A Sans-serif font printed in Workbench 2.0 Serif font printed in Workbench 2.0 . Abcdefgh ABCDEFG abcdefgh A. ProWrite comes with enough fonts to access 13 of the 35 typefaces in a Post-Script® laser. Text sizes are limited to the bitmap fonts on a disk (9-24 pts.). More fonts and sizes must be purchased separately. Laser 300 dpi PostScript® Final Copy comes with the ability to access 33 of the 35 typefaces that are in PostScript® lasers. Text can be created in any si x from 4 to 300 points. Final Copy’s PostScript® output is true WYSIWYG. Outline Fonts Included Crop Graphics Load Simple HAM graphic Thesaurus Synonyms Speller Words Snaking Columns Graphic Text Flow Automatic Hyphenation Final Copy 1.2 34 Yes
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* 519*
* 7193Q Pplma quantum hard drive Shuttle Board AdUJE AdSpeed™ *209°° Esst oitnl pcrtvnn of wj sxtkntar h tt'i pnci mpL Ricker Free Video ™ ..s295w Ojebuth ljrtirt«» lUcbir lir My two cwntir. Novia 201,u ......*549°° TIM lua«l t bird drlia mat mtcrtati Is Hi rrarU l«r tot liiii 503. Fwi latenafly. AdlDE™ . Saafltit Up bird drtfi taiarlica aMi. Far IX CAT) drirta. IDE 44 lor your 2.5 tact bard drfva _‘119- Pnima 1051,M Call 105 cstfi inltnnDy ia yanr 500,1000 «r 7000. The Series A500 HD8+ uses the same technologies of it's powerful A20D0 cousins and additional features like: Exclusive Game Switch, Fast RAM Expansion up to 8MB, External SCSI Port, Free dedicated universal power supply! Ask about our Amiga 500 DS Computer GVP Hard drive bundles. A500-HD+ 52Q (Quantum 52Mb).. A500-HD+ 105Q (Quantum 105Mb) A500 HD+ GVP Sll RAM 2 8MB ....159.00 GVP Sll RAM 4 8MB ....239.00 GVP Sll RAM 6 BMB 309.00 GVP Sll RAM 8 8MB ....389.00 t Capacities over 2 megs come with seperafe SIMM modules. RAM Expansion The best things come in small packages! The smallest and most compact 8MB RAM Expansion board for the A2QQ0. Once again GVP proves to be the technology leader. (International orders call: (213) 370-9550 ) Cafl lor a! Other iMiptfig talornutMsa. Eaucatioail. Carperite and aerospace purchase irttft accepted. To turtiuroc for Vtaa.'MasterCard; AK MtUrp for loertcu Express; IS surcharge lor Discover. VTMPWICT:CaD Cnatuner Service at = Z13121+ D00C lor return air&ortzaOofl. All return! WttSiwl aflttmrajtKM number (RMA4) wfl 5s relwed. Returned product! Mail be In original candiTioc and pactasng and rant be Jem tack wtthto 30 dayi or oar tovotoe data, to refund!, please. Defective predict airiaopfct ufy.Wemikenopnraatsesfor preflDcr performance. Excfcanpei wtdi mflu product! Are si cur opdeo and jb kI to a 2DN re rtocttj« fee. CWRfflM£ Prices and avaflabilry or product art inbject to change wttbouf notfce. Nul* ORBetS: Jend no*ey orderi or cistaera ctedr Hr faiteit service. Personal checks ¦ ug to 10 days to dear, Include: Name, Address and telephone lumber (ns P.O. Baxes, piease]. If ordenng by crttfii card Include npintioa date and biHtag address. CaD for exact stapjans rain From p. 23. 15x5V}X2V-j inches, with several inches extending past the back of the computer. The green LED located near the front of the enclosure indicates hard- drive activity. Inside the enclosure, 1 found a single 100-pin, A2000-type expansion slot and the DataFlyer SCSI host adapter, a half-length card. The unit conies with a half-height Quantum 40MB hard drive mounted at the hack of the enclosure. The system 1 reviewed came with a DataFlycr RAM option ($ 129), a Data Flyer power supply option ($ 09), and a SCSI pass-through option (SI4.95) that provides a 25-pin SCSI connector on the hack panel. You can obtain Data Fiver RAM con- figured with .5,1, or 2MRs by using 256K SIMMs. With 1MB SIMMs, the possible memory configurations are 2, 4, or 8 Mbs. Data Flyer RAM plugs into a 100-pin header located on the DataFlycr SCSI host adapter. The DataFlyer 500 power supply installs inside the enclosure and powers the entire system. This switching power supply does not need an on olT switch, as it automatically powers up when the A500 is turned on. The DataFlycr RAM power supply option ($ 29) is an external supply that von use only to power DataFlycr RAM, In this case, the A500 powers the DataFlyer SCSI host adapter and the associated hard drive. The DataFlyer 500’s set-up software consists of a command-line window presenting a series of questions for response. This setup successfully leads you by die hand through both low- and The IVS line of hard disks and RAM expansion for the A500. High-level formatting, partitioning, and Workbench and AmigaDOS installation. The basic DataFlycr 500 is a low-cost, no-frills hard-drivc system that performs most competently. Performance with a Quantum 40MB hard drive was very good, although its speed did drop off somewhat with DMA and CPU contention turned on. Installing additional peripherals will somewhat offset the initial low price of the system. The Trumpcard Experience Interactive Video Systems' (IVS) Trurnp- card line of products is designed to offer a variety of options. What’s more, IVS’s hard-drivc set-up software, common to all of their hard-drive systems, is the best I have seen. Its point-and-click user interface lets you create and size hard- drive partitions by simply dragging the mouse. It supports all known file systems, including the old file system, the fast-file system and Amax. Trumpcard 500 AT The Trumpcard 500 AT ($ 275.95) has a plastic housing that matches the A500’s styling, coloration, and profile. About 574 inches in width, the enclosure’s sloping front panel sports a red power LED and a green hard drive- acdvity LED. Its rear panel is fitted with a five-pin DIN connector for an optional external power supply. To disassemble the unit, simply remove the eighL screws from the bottom of the case and lift the cover off You can then pull the main circuit board right out. The unit’s full-length circuit hoard utilizes all surface mount components, located underneath. Eight SIMM sockets, the hard drive, and the associated connectors are all mounted topside. A half-height, 3 72-inch hard drive mounts on four nylon standoffs to the top of the hoard. The on-board memory expansion uses 1MB SIMMs that can be configured as either 2, 4 or 8MBs of Fast RAM. An autoboot enable disable jumper is provided if you are still using Kickstart 1.2. You will have to set a RAM-disable jumper if you want to run the included RAM test program. As with all of IVS’s hard-drive host adapters, you can disable the autoboot simply by putting a bootable floppy disk into drive DF0:, The system then boots from the floppy, and the hard drive is not mounted, remaining unrecognized by the system. You can also hold down the left mouse button while the system boots from a floppy disk. In this case, your system recognizes the hard drive, and all its partitions will be mounted; however, the system will hoot and run from the lloppy drive. Trumpcard 500 AT differs from all the other systems in this report in that it utilizes an IDE (Intelligent Device Electronics) disk drive. Most other Amiga hard-drive host adapters support the SCSI system. Like SCSI drives, IDE drives provide on-board intelligent controllers. While the Trumpcard 500 AT does not provide for an external drive cable, you can modify its enclosure to support a second drive. Additionally, IDE hard drives are inherently slower than SCSI drives, although the Trumpcard 500 AT still puts in a respectable performance on the speed tests with its supplied Quantum LPS 52AT, 52MB hard drive. Low-cost IDE drives keep the total cost down. I recently found the Quantum Proclrive LPS 52AT advertised for less than Si80. You should be able to put together a 50MB hard-drive system based on Trumpcard 500 AT for less than $ 400. When you consider that the system includes built-in SMB RAM expansion, comes with excellent support software, and has better-than-averagc performance, it merits a best-buy rating. Trumpcard 500 IVS’s original hard-drive and memory- expansion system for the A500, the Trumpcard 500 ($ 189.95), is an all- metal boxy enclosure with sloping front. It measures 9x7x3 inches, making it slightly taller than the computer. The hard drive mounts upside down directly onto the top cover, which comes off easily upon the removal of four screws. Like tlie 500 AT, the sloping front panel sports a red power LED and a green hard drive-acdvity LED, and the rear panel has a five-pin DIN connector for an optional external- power supply. It also has a cutout fitted with a plastic insert for an optional 25- pin external SCSI connector. Tmmpcard 500 uses the same hard- clrive set-up software as all of lYS’s host adapters, with the same booting options. Inside the housing is a two-slot expansion chassis that accepts a pair of half-length, A2000-style, 100-pin expansion boards. One of these boards, IVS’s Tmmpcard, conies with the system. Hie second slot is intended for Meta4, IVS’s 4MB RaiM-expansion board that accepts SIMM modules. Meta4*s memory configurations are 512K or 1 MB with 256K SIMMs. With 1MB SIMMs, Meta ! Comes with 2 or 4MBs of fast RAM. Based on current memory prices, 1 necommeiid I'm B S1MMs. Trumpcard is IVS’s bottom-of-the- line SCSI host adapter. Nevertheless, it does a competent job. Trumpcard 500’s performance with the A500 and a Quantum 40MB hard drive was quite respectable. The Trumpcard 500 provides for an external, 25-conductor SCSI cable to the enclosure’s rear port. Like all SCSI host adapters, you can daisy-chain as many as seven SCSI devices to the system. In addition to fixed SCSI hard drives, Trumpcard 500 also supports removable media drives such as the Syquest system. Tmmpcard 500 is a good do-it- yourself system that maintains upward compatibility with the A2000. With its moderate price tag, good performance and supporting software, Tmmpcard 500 is well worth considering. Trumpcard Professional Trumpcard Professional 500 (S279.95) utilizes the same metal enclosure as Tmmpcard 500, with a built-in, two- slot expansion chassis. It differs from Tmmpcard 500 in that it conies with IVS’s Tmmpcard Professional SCSI host adapter. As a result of its highspeed design, Interactive Video Systems does not recommend the use of the 25-pin external SCSI cable. Instead, Trumpcard Professional makes use of a matched set of on-board, 50- pin SCSI connectors. You can daisy- chain additional SCSI devices via 50- conductor flat-ribbon cable. The board has room for a Meta4 fitted with up to 4MBs of expansion memory. 1 consider the Trumpcard Professional 500’s performance with a Quantum 40MB hard drive to be the best of this group. ? A500 Hard-Drive Test Results was able to create, open and close, scan, delete, and seek read in one second. As in fable I, the inital figure listed tells you the results without I used MKSoft’s DiskSpeed 3.1 to test these hard-clrives. With Workbench 1.3 and its sundry files installed on each drive, I attempted to find out how many kilobytes each host adapter could create, read, and write in one second when using a 256K buffer. In the Table 1 columns, the figure to the left of the slash represents the results with no other disk activity, while the right-hand figure reflects a multitasking environment. The data in Table 2 shows how many files each of the system's drives DMA and CPU contention, and the second figure shows you what happens with these extra demands. Finally, the results of two ''real- world" tests appear in Table 3, the first column showing how long each system takes to autoboot from a cold start, and the second column how long it look to build a new index on one field within a large database file. Table 1. Kilobytes per second, using a 256K buffer. System Create Read Write Comspec SA with 48MB Seagate ST-157N 55 30 152 42 61 41 DataFlyer 500 with 40MB Quantum 148 60 428 167 191 76 Trumpcard 500 with 40MB Quantum 238 99 392 152 393 152 Trumpcard AT with 52MB Quantum 299 194 435 264 464 268 Trumpcard Pro 500 with 40MB Quantum 272 138 559 292 549 261 GrandSlam 500 with 40MB Quantum 273 137 562 300 546 261 Table 2. Number of files per second. System Create Open DirScan Delete Seek Close Read Comspec SA 5 1 11 3 52 9 13 2 13 2 DataFlyer 500 8 5 31 14 133 54 30 15 195 77 Trumpcard 500 9 5 32 15 102 4 1 29 15 196 73 Trumpcard AT 12 8 29 15 111 51 62 29 177 78 Trumpcard Pm 8 5 38 16 132 51 29 17 191 73 GrandSIam 9 5 39 18 132 54 29 18 191 80 Table 3. Time taken to autoboot and build a new index. System Cold Boot New Index Comspec SA 25 sec. 52 sec. DataFlyer 500 24 sec. 41 sec. Trumpcard 500 29 sec. 37 see. Trumpcard AT 24 sec. 37 sec. Trumpcard Pro 29 sec. 11 sec. GrandSIam 29 sec. 41 sec. GrandSlam 500 GrandSlam 500 ($ 369.95) inhabits the same metal enclosure as Trmnpcarcl 500, The difference is that GranclSlam 500’s built-in expansion chassis only has one A2000, 100-pin slot, which is equipped with IVS’s Grand Slam SCSI host adapter. GrandSlam evolved from three TVS products, Trumpcard Professional. Meta4, and Printerface. It is actually a Trumpcard Professional SCSI host adapter, an SMB RAM-expansion card, and an auxiliary Amiga parallel port on a single, half-length, A2000- type expansion card. Since it uses the same high-speed design as the Trumpcard Professional SCSI host adapter, IVS applies the same restriction against the use of a 25-pin SCSI cable, using instead a pair of 50- pin SCSI connectors. GrandSlam 500’s performance with the A500 and a Quantum 40MB hard drive was comparable to that of Trumpcard Professional 500, which was the best of this group. All of GranclSlam’s operational features, autobooting, hard-drive installation, support software, and SCSI network support are the same as for Trumpcard Professional. You can Who helps Amiga Pros... Get quick answers to tough coding questions Interact with other Amiga Developers Download source code, utilities and other programs for the Amiga S Keep up with the latest Amiga developments Send and receive private e-mail with binary attachments ? Chat with other Amiga users in real time BIX - the online service for people who know Amiga. 800*227*2983 or 603-924-7681 Circle 54 or Reader Service card install up to SMBs of Fast RAM, and memory comes in 2, 4, 6, or SMB increments with I MB SIMMs, GrandSlam 500 adds a second parallel port to the A500. Although from an electrical point of view its parallel port could operate bidirection ally, the Amiga's operating-systetu design limits its operation to output only. With the GrandSlam 500’s extra parallel port connected to a printer, the Amiga’s original parallel port is available for use by devices such as video digitizers, sound samplers, and scanners. GrandSlam 500 is a good do-it- yourself, high-performance system that maintains upward compatibility with the A2000. Teacher’s Toolkit TTR Development No more pencils, no more hooks. By Neil Randall TEACHERS SPEND A LOT of time on administrative and organizational tasks. O For just $ 39 every three months plus $ 3 per connect hour week- nights and weekends or $ 6 per connect hour weekdays you can tap the resources of BIX. Don’t miss out! Just have your computer and modem call 800- 225-4129 or 617-861- 9767 and subscribe on-line. It's easy, at the login prompt enter bix and at the Name? Prompt enter bix.amiga. BIX ¦ There are grades to record, lessons to prepare, lists to keep, repons to compile, and all of these detract from the teacher's main job, which is, after ail, to teach. TTR Development's Teacher’s Toolkit ($ 54.95), a teacher-oriented record-keeping package, lets your Amiga assume some of the burden. In its favor, Teacher’s Toolkit is teacher designed and programmed, and it’s clear from the result that the author continually had himself as teacher in mind. The potential problem with a one-person design and development team is that the package may suffer from a kind of personalized tunnel vision, but the author has largely risen above these concerns. • Time Released Let’s begin by concluding. Teacher’s Toolkit will unquestionably assist teachers in organization and record keeping. It is flexible, usable, and far from overburdened with marginal features. There are, however, two caveats here, first, the program is slow, even if you have a hard drive. On an A500, some ol the reports and graphs take ages to appear, and waiting for new screens to show up is aggravating. Second, and more important, the Toolkit assumes regular and continual use. As its name suggests, Teacher s Toolkit is more than just a grade- recording program. The grades module (called Gradebook) is certainly the most important part of the package (it can he hooted by itself from disk 2), hut there is also a text editor, an appointments calendar, a telephone directory', and, most interestingly, a lesson planner. The text editor is a rudimentary word processor (but it works), the calendar is more than sufficient for most needs, and the telephone directory is really a small database with an autodial function. The Lesson Planner is an extremely good idea, more sophisticated than the smaller utilities, but just as easy to use. Its strength, like the rest of the program, is in forcing you to make concrete decisions about what you’re going to do, then helping you stick with those decisions. This utility won’t plan lessons on its own, but by the time you’ve worked your way through it, the lesson should be clear in your mind. It also lets vou
* s combine strategies from earlier successful lessons, helping you avoid continually reinventing the wheel. Toolkit divides each lesson into eight stages: Objective, Equipment, Motivation, Overview, Presentation, Check, Continued on p. 98. Tax Preparation software Its that time again... Use dataTAX to prepare you 1040 1040A tax return this year. DataTAX prints Form 1040 in a graphic format and other forms in a text format approved by the IRS, Just print on your printer on plain printer paper and mail to the government. Or if you own our dataMAIL software you can get your refund quicker by electronically filing your tax return. Note: Transmitters charge $ 15 per return for their transmission service. Features:
• Scrollable on screen lookalike forms
• On screen tax instructions
• Load and save multiple returns
• Run saved returns from an icon
• Expand or itemize any value
• Add notes to cells
• Override to lest "What-if" scenarios New for 1992 in V6.0
* Full Arexx support
* Lotus compatible file format
* Direct Electronic Filing.
* New larger manual
* Hard Drive install utility Scitwiul* F 3ch«Jul-e S Crhe-g-le P c«c - Fora 2441 2 1 scn*am ForB C11t Fora 8615 I Fora 34‘3 1 SzrC page 2. Schedui* SZ page 2 Fora 21C'6 pacfo 2 ; fora 3903 fors 4368 Taxpsy«r Fors* C 1 3E I Forg FlOfe Fora 0606 Only $ 75 Annual updates $ 2995 (+S5S&H) You may upgrade from any version of dataTAX Tax-Break to the current version. Spouse of taxpayer Fortac ilf ItX dataTAX works with Workbench 2.0 and 1.3. If you have not yet upgraded to 2.0 you will need Arexx. DataTAX will not work without Arexx, Included in dataTAX is a special offer for Arexx for only $ 24. Arcxx is only needed if you are using Workbench 1.3. We recommend thai you upgrade to WB2.0. Hardware Required: Amiga 500 1000 ! 2000 2500 3000 with 1 megabyte of memory and 2 floppy drives or hard drive. Other forms sets: Also available are State tax forms for NY and CA for $ 20. These forms work with your dataTAX program disk. A Canadian version of dataTAX is also available for CS 59.95. Box 5000 Bradford ON Canada L3Z 2A6 or 240 Portaae Rd. Lewiston NY 14092 Datamax Research Tcl:416-775-2225 Fax:416-775-5238 Order Toll Free 1-800-477-7706 M4NTIX Computers & Software Call for current price quotes & latest releases! Many more items in stock nt the lowest prices! Graphics and Video Department Multifunction Card SCSI Controller Add up to 8 mg RAM • Printer face parallel port Grandslam .....A500 • $ 299 ......A2000 • $ 229 Trumpcard .....A500 • $ 179 ......A2000 • $ 89 Trumpcard Pro .....A500 • $ 245 ..A2000 $ 1 1 Trumpcard 500AT $ 215
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115. 1)0 Word Spell Checker l-.KXnote>. Mailmerge and Mon:: fax ORDER TOLL FREE its Route 35 ‘Tn’ u654 1-800-477-7706
(908) 542-1251 TECH SUPPORT CALL OPEN 7 DAYS 1-908-542-8767 Walk in Traffic Welcome
• Terms VISA MASTLKCAKD, Discover, r.eitillcd checks and money orders welcome. School « Corporate Purchase accepted. Most Items shipped 1-2 Business days. * Returns: all Items returned must have KM A * before returning. Detective products exchanged for same Item only. Hardware Items will be replaced or repaired. All returned items subject to a restocking Tec. Shipping non-rcfundable. Call for complete del.ills • Ad prices subject to change without notice. Prices may differ in retail location • Software Concepts, Eatontown. Mot responsible for typographical errors. Customer Service and product inlormation call FJ08) 542-S767. From p. 94. Practice, and Review. Each stage is given a corresponding button on the Lesson Planner screen. Click on the button, then type whatever you want in the bottom half of the screen. At any stage, you can call up the corresponding stage from an earlier lesson, for copying or editing. If your motivation fora lesson from last month worked well, for instance, you can use it again, or modify it slightly. The Lesson Planner illustrates the Toolkit's intended long-range use. By storing lesson plans over several years, you can re-use the best, modify the next best, and combine several successful ones to create a brand new one. You aren’t constrained to use past lessons, but as a teacher you are well aware of the need for re-using successful plans, and the Planner lets you do so. The extremely effective Planner may well be the main reason for buying this package, and its designer would do well to develop it even further. Keeping Score The core of Teacher’s Toolkit, however, is its Gradebook module. As with all record-keeping packages, the question is whether or not you will use it. The package must be easy enough to invite repeated usage, and it must do so by making the results worth the effort. At this, I give Teacher s Toolkit a grade somewhere in the B range, perhaps as high as B4-. One or the problems, mentioned above, is that the program moves from screen to screen slowly. Another is that learning to use a good spreadsheet will ultimately provide greater flexibility, easier data entry, and more useful charts and reports. Toolkit’s positioning, half-way between the drudgery of manual record-keeping and the intimidation of a full-fledged spreadsheet, demands an interface that is easy to use yet yields significant results. The basic Gradebook screen shows a collection of rows and columns. In the left-most column are the students’ names, sorted alphabetically. The next columns (as many as you want, but only five appear at once on a given screen) show the assignments and their associated grades. The final column shows the total raw or average score for each student. At the bottom of the screen are interface buttons to move ro the Graph, Records, or Student Info screens, and arrows for moving around the spreadsheet. You can customize the spreadsheet according to individual class requirements. The Class Selection screen lets you add new classes, and (a nice touch) use names and information from previous classes. Then you customize the marks requirements with the Setup menu to weight each type of assignment. By clicking on the Score button, or on an empty tide cell, you can enter the name, date, and weighting information for specific assignments. On the spreadsheet itself, you enter the grades for each student, as well as absentee information. All of this information interacts when Gradebook creates its charts and reports. Teacher’s Toolkit’s 1 1 report types provide information on the entire class, on individuals, and on particular assignments. Summary reports offer the averages in each assignment category for either the whole class or for one student, yielding letter grade, absences, and tardiness. Attendance reports reveal only absences and latenesses, while Everything reports list all test results, attendance information, extra credit, and any other recorded result. At parent-teacher interview time, you can use the Class Everything report to print information about the entire class. The Graphs option takes the class, student, or test information and displays it in line or bar graphs. With graphs, you can compare one student’s results against class averages, or you can show the grade patterns occurring per class or per assignment. T he graphs seem limited in what they do, hut hidden beneath them are more specific results. On a class-based Grade Pattern graph, for instance, which shows how many students earned each grade (from A+ to F), you can click on a specific grade to get a list of which students earned that grade. This kind of detail is useful for internal reporting. Graphs and reports tend to be slow (some class reports are painfully so), but obviously you’re not going to use them all that often. Like the rest of this package, the interface lacks some smoothness. In future versions, I recommend interface streamlining second only to improved program speed. High Marks That said, Teacher’s Toolkit is impressive. For teachers willing to learn the program and commit themselves to its use, it will almost certainly prove invaluable. It is essentially crash-free (1 crashed it only twice, and always when I was roaming around, clicking repeatedly and at random), and it delivers what it promises. The Rejuvenator Expert Services By Gary Ludwick BY DEFINITION, TO REJUVENATE something is to restore its youthful vigor or appearance. A better name for file Rejuvenator ($ 4 19.95), Expert Services' A1000 upgrade board, might be the ReAnimator...because for many of us, it brings our old standby back from the dead. As the proud owner of three AlOOO’s, 1 had been content over the years to smugly watch the A2000 series increase in popularity, safe in the knowledge that there was really very little that those machines could do that mine couldn’t. Then the hardware cards started appearing: the flickerFix- er (MicroWay), hard drives and controllers, the Video Toaster (NewTek), and finally the A3000, with its Extended Chip Set (ECS) and Kickstart ROMs. T he writing was on the wall: My beloved AlOOOs were becoming obsolete. While planned obsolescence is a fact of life with many computer companies, the Amiga community is fortunate in having more than just a few hardware mavens who live to challenge the words “it can’t he done.” That's how Greg Tibbs came to design The Rejuvenator, and why your AlOOO’s life expectancy can increase. A1000 in A2000’s Clothing What will The Rejuvenator do for your A1000? It will, in most respects, make it the operating equal of any A500 or A2000. The board adds several capabilities and features to your A1000. With it, you get the new one- or two- megabyte ECS Agnus chip, a battery- backed clock, an A2000 video slot, one or two megs of additional chip RAM, a
1. 3 2.0 ROM socket, and compatibility with the new ECS Denise chip. In short, whatever support and upgrades become available for the A500 or A2000, they will also be available for your A1000, as long as you install The Rejuvenator. The Rejuvenator replaces the AlOOO’s daughterboard, which, for those of you who have never opened your machine, is a small hoard mounted above the main (mother) computer board and connected to it by about 20 to 25 hard pins that slide into the daughterboard’s molex connectors. Because of the way The Rejuvenator has to be mounted on the motherboard, it is necessary to J completely dismantle your A1000, removing the disk drive, the daughterboard, and the motherboard from the case. While installation is not an especially difficult job, it is not one for a person who is all thumbs mechanically or a complete novice electronically. Although there is no soldering (or desoldering) involved, installing the board correctly can be a little frustrating. Patience and care will see most people through. Be warned, however, that a lack of either could destroy both The Rejuvenator and the motherboard. If in doubt, pay an experienced technician to do it. It’s Alive! My first experience with The Rejuvenator kindled mixed feelings. With the brand-new 2.(1 Kicks tart ROM in the socket provided, 1 was thrilled to sec the new, animated Kickstart screen asking for the Workbench disk. Moments later, however, after it had digested Workbench, a warm reboot (Ctrl Amiga Amiga) locked up the machine. A thorough search turned up no installation errors, and letting the machine cool off for 10 or 15 minutes made the system functional. Eventually, 1 installed the board in a different A1000, and the problem ceased to exist. Apparently some component in the first AI 000 had changed value just enough over the years to make it intolerant of warm chips on The Rejuvenator. Unfortunately, this could conceivably happen to anyone. Fortunately, Expert Services offered excellent support an important consideration when you are troubleshooting hardware long distance. Makes Friends Easily Over the years, there have been some strange memory-expansion devices developed for die A 1(100, both internal and external. The Rejuvenator is compatible with some of them, but not all. For instance, the presence of my Pacific Peripherals expansion cage on the expansion bus causes The Rejuvenator to lock up. Expert Services is aware of the problem, but has not found a solution. On the other hand, internal expansion, such as the Insider I 8c II and the Spirit boards, seems compatible. Similarly, my Xelec SCSI host adapter living on the expansion bus presented no problems. The Rejuvenator provides two sets of jumper pins that let you reset memory addresses to avoid contention between devices. Expert Services also provides custom PAL chips designed to your own specifications. Finally, there are several ways that The Rejuvenator can deal with the two current versions of Kickstart. The board is shipped with a jumper that lets you boot with an internal Kickstart ROM, or, by installing a small SPST micro switch on the AlOOO’s case, with a Kickstart disk. Add $ 60, and Expert Services will provide a double ROM- socket adapter that provides space for both 1.3 and 2.0 ROMS, again with an external toggle switch for selection purposes. Although The Rejuvenator comes with a built-in edge-card connector for video devices, von should wait before ordering a Video Toaster. Essentially, the connector comes wired for use with flickerFixer-type boards and genlocks. Fitting other devices is a possibility, but you will have to run special junipers from the slot to the required signal sources on the motherboard. Expert Services can tell you where to find many of these signals, but you are essentially on your own here. The Eternal A1000 For A1000 owners, The Rejuvenator board is perhaps the most exciting piece of hardware to come along since the hard disk. It promises a much longer and moreproductive life for the A1000, and it “rejuvenates” with relative ease. If there is a weak point to The Rejuvenator, it has to be the installation manual. While the text is relatively clear, both the number and quality of the photographs leave a lot to be desired. More photographs and diagrams would go a long way towards easing the installation process. In the final analysis, however, The Rejuvenator is a superbly designed and engineered piece of equipment that is worth every cent of its price. It provides a new lease on life for the thousands of tenacious AlOOOs out there and ensures a firm foothold for the future. For less than $ 500, that’s a bargain any way you look at it. ? The Experts We Speak AMIGA World’s Largest Seller of Amiga Specific Chips AMIGA 1000 oS p Memory IN 1000 by Spirit Internal V 2 meg $ 225.00 XRAM by Spirit External 2 meg $ 299.00 expandable to 8 meg for 500 or 1000 A3000 Memory 1 x 4 - 80 $ 20.95 ea. 70ns Call Static Column Zips' 1 x4 DIPS $ 21.95 1 x 4 Page ZIPS $ 21.95 2 meg On Sale
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1. 3 and 2.0 ROMs. With both versions of Kickstart available and switchable from the keyboard, there should never be a compatibility problem between the software you’re using and any version of Kickstart. Have Gun, Should Travel Installing KwikStart II requires opening the A1000 and removing the internal disk drive and the daughterboard. While plugging the board into the 68000 socket and transplanting the 68000 chip to a socket on the board are relatively simple, the rest is not. KwikStart II comes with its own custom PAL chip, which replaces the one on the daughterboard. Unfortunately, the Amiga’s PAL chips are hard- soldered to the board (no sockets) and must first be clesoldered. Even with the proper tools, this is a difficult job one that makes it easy to damage the daughterboard. DKB strongly suggests, and I concur, that you pay an expert to do it. It is most definitely time and 4 money (maybe $ 10 to $ 20) well spent. Once the old PAL chip is removed, a new socket is soldered in its place and the custom PAL chip is installed. Then there are just two small wires to solder, and the job is done. The KwikStart II board provides sockets for two Kickstart ROM chips. You can install 1.3 and 2.0 immediately, or, if you prefer, install only one. KwikStart II affords a jumper that allows you to toggle between two ROM chips, or between one ROM and disk- based Kickstart. Decisions, Decisions In just seconds after a cold start, the screen displays the request for Workbench (unless you already have a Workbench disk in DF0: or an autobooting hard disk on line, in whicli case it goes right into your startup-seqnence.) Want to change Kickstart versions? Simply perform a warm boot (Ctrl Amiga Amiga keys), holding the three keys down more than five seconds, KwikStart II will toggle either to the alternate ROM or to disk-based Kickstart. Depending on the jumper setting you select. Even though DKB recommends professional installation, the manual accompanying the board is clear ancl well written, providing all the necessary diagrams. There’s even a good troubleshooting section for those who know how to use a volt ohm meter. Telephone support is good, for the phones are manned by technical people who know the board. For A1000 owners, KwikStart II provides the cheapest, easiest way to get into the 2.0 operating system without the hassle of Kickstart disks. Additionally, because there is software out there that will never run with 2.0, having instant access to 1.3 and disk-based Kickstarts makes KwikStart II a real godsend. BACKTALK CANDID RESPONSES TOAMIGAWORLD REVIEWS An Unreasonable Facsimile We were distressed to see our Click- FAX. Product reviewed with the implication it was less than it should be (see Dec. ’91, p-88). ClickFAX is a high- quality, high-performance system; the review is misleading, often to the point of being absurd. We'll address just a few of the errors. Regarding price, the Amiga business market is tiny, and the price is low for the cost of the system and its performance. The reviewer apparently knows little or nothing of economies of scale or the cost of development. The reviewer was told to use a desktop-publishing program to generate die best-quality faxes. He used Dpaint, which is not a DTP tool, and he then complained when the result was less than optimum. The reviewer couldn’t get text formatting to do what he wanted, and he didn’t understand the “truncate” option, which allows wide-formatted ouput, such as spreadsheets, to encode v properly. He said he added “hard returns” in his word processor. This indicates that he wasn’t using ASCII output, but word-processor Files, which also gives a clue as to why he couldn’t get his formatting right. The formatting works fine. The reviewer should have asked us when he had questions; we certainly have answers! His statement that ClickFAX was “barely adequate for sending pictures and totally inadequate for sending text" is nonsense, as clearly shown by- faxes we’ve sent to Amiga World using multiple fonts, graphics, imported text, and cover sheets. We felt that the reviewer was “stuck in the past,” where highly integrated software is the norm; his PC-related remarks confirmed this. ClickFAX is designed to work with the many excellent DTPs and text editors already available. It would be absurd for us to burden ClickFAX with weak substitutes. We’re inviting anyone who doubts the ability of ClickFAX to make beautiful faxes incorporating text and graphics, provide attractive cover sheets, or otherwise work well to call us and ask to have a demo faxed to them. Please call us and get the facts before you draw any conclusions based on the ClickFAX review run in Amiga World. Ben Williams Black Belt Systems Out of Context Regarding the review of Context Bible (see Dec. ’91, p. 92), I have a few corrections. First, there has always been a help file included with Context Bible. Also, connections between a diagram and the Context Bible are done in an Arexx requester. Furthermore, Neural ink’s correct zip code is 79490 (the wrong ZIP was published in the manufacturers’ address list). Jack Seay Nenralink ¦ TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-3CST ...31.99 .149.99 ..25.99 ..31.99 .. 26.99 .. 36.99 ...55.99 ...64.00 .. 37.99 Professional Page 2.1 169.00 ProVector 175.00 ProWrite 3.2 ......99.00 Real 3D Professional ..312.00 Resource (Puzzle Factory) 135.00 Rules of Engagement 43.99 Scenery Animator .59.99 Shadow Sorcerer .31.99 Silent Service II ...39.99 Space Ace II ! ....36.99 Teacher's Toolkit ..29.99 Texture City ...Call Turbo Text 59.99 Visionary ..59.99 Vista Pro ...85.00 W Shell 2.0 53.99 Hardware 68040 2000 0 Prog .1749.00 68040 2000 4 Prog .1899.00 68040,GVP G-Force ...... 2389.00 VXL*3Q 25MHz w 68882 .459.00 Ad IDE 40 .109.00 AdFlicker Free Video ...295.00 AdRAM 540 ....109.00 AdSpeed ...209.00 AirLink 45.99 Audio Eng Plus 220.99 ChromaKey .....319.00 We wish you a safe and happy 1992! Judy, Laurie, Dale. Dennis. Scott, Tim, Steve, Ruth, and Mary Software Ambassador .....47.99 AmiDOS 2.0 500 2000 .85.00 Amnios 31.99 Arexx ..31.10 Art Department Prof 2.0....170,99 AudioMaster IV .59.99 Audition 4 ..64.00
8. A.D. 4.0 ...31.99 Barbarian II .32.99 Bars & Pipes Prof .....215.00 Baud Bandit 31.99 Buddy System Dpaint IV.....31.99 Buddy System Imagine......31.99 Buddy System DOS 2.0......31.99 Can Do 1.5 .85.00 Cross DOS 4.0 ..24.99 Cybercon III ......28.99 Deluxe Paint IV 109.00 Design Works ...72.99 Eye of the Beholder .....43.99 Flight of Intruder ...35.99 Gateway Savage Frontier ....31.99 Hare Raising Havoc .....31.99 Harpoon BattleSet 4 ....23.99 Imagine .....169.00 Leander .....31.99 Lord of the Rings ..33.99 Ml Font ......61.99 Ml Outline ..73.99 Macro68 ...135.00 Map Master Imagine ...49.99 Map Master Lightwave .59.99 Amiga Companion 2.0 ...19.99 Amiga Desktop Video Guide .18.00 Amiga for Beginners 15.99 AmigaDOS Manual 3rd Ed.... 21.00 Desktop Video 2nd Ed ...18.99 Desktop Video Power ....24.99 DOS Inside & Out 2.0 ....20.00 Hardware Ref Manual ....23.00 Includes & Autodocs 27.50 ROM Kernal: Devices .....24.99 Using Arexx on the Amiga ...26.99 Visionary Handbook 22.99 I N C L U D E S ¦ 3.5“ Internal Floppy Drive ¦ 512K RAM ¦ Joystick ¦ Kindwords ¦ Fusion Paint ¦ Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ¦ F40 Pursuit ¦ F A-18 Interceptor Call for Pricing!!!! Material Textures Libs..... MediaStation . Navy Seals ... Oh. No! More Lemmings Paper Boy 2 . Perfect General . Phasar 4.0 .... Pixel 3D 2.0 .. Populous II ... O Commodore AMIGA I DSS Sound Digitizer (GVP) 95.00 Floppy Drive, Internal 2000 89.00 Floppy Drive, Internal 3000.99.00 Floppy Drive, Internal 500...89.00 Floppy Drive, Supra 95.00 Genlock, Alter Image 185.00 Genlock, RocGen Plus 345.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 52Q 535.00 Harddrive. Impact 500 105Q 695.00 Harddrive 105Q LPS SCSI 379.00 Harddrive 52Q LPS SCSI...249.00 Impact Vision 3000 ..1899.00 KB-Talker ..53.00 Kitchen Sync .1689.00 Miracle Keyboard 349.00 Modem, Supra 2400 ...85.00 Modem, Supra 2400+ 130.00 Modem, Supra 9600 .469.00 ¦ SupraFAXModem 9600 BAUD V.32 V.42 V.42bis Send Receive FAX capability ¦ SupraFAXModem 14.4 BAUD V.32bis V.42bis Send Receive FAX capability $ 305 Mouse Joystick Multiport ...25.99 MultiStart II Board (DKB)....69.00 Perfect Sound 3.0 .69.00 Phantom SMPTE 215.00 Power PC Board 500 (Supra) .275.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 SCSI Controller Supra 500XP..199.00 SCSI Controller Supra 2000...110.00 SupraDrive 500XP 52 1 ....489.00 SupraDrive 500XP 52 2 ....565.00 SupraRAM 2000 2 .....169.00 SupraRAM 2000 4 ....225.00 SupraRAM 2000 6 ....285.00 SupraRAM 2000 8 ....349.00 SupraRAM 500 RX 1 125.00 SupraRAM 500 RX 2 195.00 SupraRAM 500 512K 39.00 Syquest 44MB (Bare) 329.00 Syquest 44 MB (Ext System).579.00 Syquest 88MB (Bare) 449.00 Syquest Cartridge 44 ...79.00 Syquest Cartridge 88 .119.00 Video Director .139.00 Video Toaster 2.0 .....2195.00 WIZ Tablet ......235.00 Call us for CDTV Titles. [ frt EJ JJ O AMOS ..59.99 © AMOS Compiler... ..36.99 0 AMOS 3D ...... ..42.99 O Ami Back .. ..47.99 0 DCTV .
379. 00 © Directory Opus .... .36.99 © Final Copy .59.99 0 Imagine Companion 23.99 ©Modem, Cardinal 9600,369,00 © Lemminos .31 09 TOOL CHEST Quality Software at an Affordable Price! ONLY $ 9.95 EACH 2 disk sot ORDER FORM Write your selection below and enclose this form with proper payment. Only $ 9.95 each. X $ 9.95 each $ Total disks Add S3.50 postage handling for each order $ (Canada & Mexico $ 5.00, Foreign orders $ 11.50) Canadian orders add 7% GST (GST reg. 126038405) S California Residents add 7.25% Sales Tax $ Total enclosed $ fl Check enclosed Charge my: I MasterCard Visa ? Amex ? Discover NAME ADDRESS CARD EXP. DATE SIGNATURE CITY STATE ZIP Tool Chest • P.O. Box 802 • 80 Elm Street • Peterborough, NH 03458 1-800-343-0728 or 1-603-924-0100 2CBB2 TC11. DiskSalvage will fix corrupted disks and recover accidently deleted files. IconMeister is an advanced Icon editor with a complete set ol drawing tools. AlienDuals is a fast action, shoot 'em up arcade style game. The scenario is aerial combat. Crystal Cavern is a colorful, graphic adventure game with many levels of game play. Plus an animation, sound samples, 3-D dinner table objects, and Hi-Res monster clip art. TC12. TJFormat formats disks that AmigaDOS chokes on. ChartMaster is a powerful graphing tool that allows you to generate different graph types from a dataset and then save the results as IFF pictures or as ChartMaster .CM files. MoreCandy generates an assortment cf colorful graphic patterns called Moires (similar to Mandelbrot images). The program allows you to save your pictures to disk. Shark, a came where you are the shark and have to eat all the little perch you can catch to stay alive. Good graphics and sound. Plus B&W clip art, spaceship 3-D vector objects, an animation, and SpeakEasy = C source code for the programmer who wants to add speech to C programs), TC13. StrucGen lets you create gadget, text, bitmap, and window structures and write the C source code to disk. Plot your biorhythms. Make drive-head cleaning easier. Create spectacular images with Mandelbrofs. 3-D objects perfect for ray traced animations. A CLI utility to help you find files quickly and easily. Plus 3-D objects, holiday clip art, an AmigaFlight animation, and a technical discussion on how AmigaDOS stores information to disk. TC14. A 3-D graphics special issue, containing vector objects, TicTacToe, a graphing program, and 3-D ray traced animation, Keep names and addresses organized with a friendly database and address book. Perform an analysis of digitized sound and display it in a graphic manner. Get B&W clip art food images suitable for desktop publishing. TC15. Labelmaker is a very easy to use label program. SurroundCycles is a high-speed arcade game, loosely based on the light cycle races from the movie Tron. Dot2Dot is an adaptation ol the classical connect-the-dot game. This two-player game comes with nice graphics and digital sound The animation by Brad Schenck is both an elegant animation and a tutorial or animation techniques. The clip art is a collection of screens showing a cartoon man walking, walking fast and running. The sound samples on this disk are animal sounds. TC16 Generate complex 3-D vector objects of a wide variety of terrain, from flat plains to rocky mountains. Plot out mathematical equations. Format your text files to print on both sides of the paper. Plus six digitized sounds perfect for animations and multimedia presentations and a mouse-driven graphic adventure game with excellent digitized sounds. Also includes Tinyball, "The World’s Smallest Baseball Arcade Game.” TC21. Battle your computer to take over the planet Circe. Assign RGB values to printer and screen output. Get a powerful database manager suitable for home and small business. Create animated sprites by editing up to 100 frames at once. Execute CLI programs, batch files and Arexx scripts with the simple click of a gadget. TC22. Design instruments and waveforms for use in other programs. Play your Amiga keyboard like a piano. Change the width, height, location, title, colors and depths of the CLI window with a single command. See how a piston works with a Turbo Stiver animation. Plus a slick checkbook manager and a file encryption and decryption tool. TC23. Create small windows from CLI scripts. Find the letter, file or program you misplaced on your drive. Play the strategic game of Dyno-Wars MatheMagic lets you find the day of the week for any date in this century; provides the mean, standard deviation, skew and kurtosis for selected data; finds a polynomial to a set of XY data; and solves a set of algebraic equations. TC24. TableMaker is a useful tool for building tables of all sorts. Lots of examples are included in the Sample Tables drawer. “Koooties” is a fun game where you have to assemble a bug before the computer beats you to it. HT (HyperText) lets you put links in a text file to other text, graphics, sound, animation, music, Arexx. And other applications. A demo on the disk shows how powerful HT really is. The Little Black Book is a telephone and address book with some great features. It lets you print address labels or an alphabetical roster It also lets you keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, or other important events. Color Logic is a Master Mind like game. The computer picks the colored pegs that you have to guess the positions of. Plus four disk and memory utilities, and digitized animal sounds. TC25. Save your screen to an IFF file. One or two can play “Warrior”, a fun shoot-'em-up adventure game See how fast your Amiga does solid-polygon animations. Change the colors of your screen, Examine memory at any location in the Amiga. Also includes Hi-Res IFF brushes of all 50 states and 10 Canadian Provinces, nine digitized sounds, and two small disk utilities and one r1 i printer utility. TC26. Generate word search puzzles. Join the war between the Allied Navy and the Empire Fleet. Search binary and or text files for a particular word or string. Get rid of cigarettes, alcohol, pills and needles with DrugBusters. Plus, fun machine sounds, and Early American vector objects. TC31. Calendar Publisher allows you to personalize and print calendars for home, office, school, or any occasion where there is a need to organize your monthly schedule. CrossCircuit is a one- or two-player action logic game that calls for fast reflexes and fast thinking. Apr is a printer utility that allows you to put line numbers in your document, double space, set tab stops, set margins, change line widths, and more. Pizza Delivery Man is a fast maze game where you have to deliver a quota of pizzas within 99 seconds before the blue munchie monster gets them. Multiplayer displays any IFF picture or brush as well as any IFF sound sample. Plus RAMGauge, 3- D vector objects, and Hi-Res IFF brushes of all maps and flags in Europe. TC32* Computer Coloring Book is a stand-alone application with 15 pages of pictures ready to be colored in. Listmaker lets you make, edit, combine, and print lists of words. The program comes with a sample grocery list and an office supply list. Moresmooth! Displays text files on the screen. It has five scrolling speeds, three printer outputs, plus a few other options. Pocket Billiards lets you choose from several of the most popular pool games. Up to four players can play (including the computer). Great graphics makes this a very realistic game. Texture lets you create, manipulate, and save realistic fractal textured surfaces. It comes with different textures and palette sets to experiment with Plus Plague (monster maze game), banjo and guitar 3-D objects, Screen Fader, SnowBench, and FlipBench, ORDERS ONLY: 1-800-888-9273 INFORMATION: 1-305-491-0398 840 Northwest 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FI 33309 % 1 -800-888-9273 Orders _Bringing The World’s Best Amiga Software To Your Door 3 Stooges $ 14.95 Altered Beast $ 14.95 Anarchy $ 14.95 Arkanoid2 $ 14.95 Atomic RoboKid $ 14.95 Baal $ 13.95 Back to the Future 3 $ 17.95 Badlands $ 16.95 Ballgame $ 23.95 Ballistyx $ 14.95 Barbarian 2 $ 14.95 Bard’s Tale 2 $ 14.95 Batman the Movie $ 14.95 Bionic Commando $ 14.95 Blasteroids $ 14.95 Blockout $ 14.95 Blood money $ 14.95 Blood wych $ 14.95 Bioodwych Data Disk $ 12.95 Brat $ 17.95 Budokan $ 18.95 Cadaver $ 21.95 California Games $ 16.95 Carrier Command $ 14.95 Champion of the Raj $ 17.95 Championship Run $ 16.95 Collossus Chess X $ 16.95 Colonel's Bequest $ 21.95 Commando $ 16.95 Conflict in Europe $ 14.95 Crystals Of Abborea $ 17.95 Curse of Ra $ 12.95 Cyberbowl $ 16.95 Day's Of Thunder $ 16.95 Demon's Tomb $ 16.95 Double Dragon 2 $ 16,95 Dragon Force $ 16.95 Dragon’s Breath $ 18.95 Dragonbreed $ 14.95 F A 18 Interceptor $ 14.95 Ferrari Formula 1 $ 14.95 Fire & Brimstone $ 14.95 Flood $ 18.95 Forgotten Worlds $ 14.95 Frenetic $ 16.95 Games Summer Edition $ 14.95 Gauntlet 2 $ 14.95 Gold of the Aztecs $ 17.95 Golden Axe $ 24.95 Gunship $ 16.95 Hard Driving 2 $ 17.95 Heart of the Dragon $ 17.95 Hoyle's Book of Games 1 $ 18.95 Hoyle's Book of Games 2 $ 21.95 Immortal $ 18.95 Impossible Mission 2 $ 14.95 International Ice Hockey $ 17.95 It Came From the Desert $ 24.95 It Came From the desert 2 $ 16.95 Iron Lord $ 16.95 Jack Nicholas greatest 18 $ 18.95 James Pond $ 16.95 Journey $ 14.95 Khalaan $ 14.95 Killing Cloud $ 19.95 King of Chicago $ 14.95 King’s Quest 4 $ 21.95 Klaxx $ 16.95 Kult $ 14.95 Legend of Faragahl $ 19.95 Magic Fly $ 18.95
M. U.D.S. $ 16.95 Master Blazer $ 16.95 Match Pairs $ 17.95 Mean Streets $ 16.95 Menace $ 16.95 Midwinter $ 19.95 Might and Magic 2 $ 21.95 Narco Police $ 16,95 Nightbreed $ 16.95 Nightshifl $ 16.95 Ninja Spirits $ 14.95 North & South $ 14.95 Operation Snowstrike $ 16.95 P-47 Thunderbolt $ 14.95 Pacland $ 16.95 Pacmania $ 16.95 Paperboy $ 16.95 Photon Paint 1.0 $ 14.95 Photon Video $ 19.95 Pictionary $ 14.95 Pirates $ 14.95 Plotting $ 16.95 Populous $ 18.95 Populous Data Disk $ 9.95 Projectile $ 17.95 R-Type $ 14.95 Rea Storm Rising $ 19.95 Resolution 101 $ 14.95 Rick Dangerous $ 14.95 Road Blasters $ 14.95 Rocket Ranger $ 12.95 Satan $ 14.95 Savage! $ 12.95 Shadow of the Beast $ 18.95 Sherman M-4 $ 14,95 Shogun $ 16.95 Silent Service $ 13.95 Silkworm $ 14.95 Ski or Die $ 16.95 Speedball 2 $ 24,95 Star Control (Accolade) $ 17.95 Starfliaht $ 18.95 Stargiider 2 $ 16.95 Steller 7 $ 21.95 Strider 2 $ 18.95 Stunt Car Racer $ 16.95 Super Hangon $ 14.95 Super Ice Hockey $ 14.95 Super Off-Road $ 16,95 Sword of Sodan $ 9.95 Swords of Twilight $ 14.95 T,V. Sports Football $ 18.95 Teenage Turtles $ 17.95 The Spy Who Loved Me $ 16.95 The Third Courier $ 14.95 Theme Park Mystery $ 14.95 Thunderbiade $ 14.95 Times Of Lore $ 17.95 Torvak the Warrior $ 16.95 Tunnels-Armaggeddon $ 14.95 Turrican 1 $ 6.50 Turrican2 $ 21.95 Typhoons of Steel $ 16.95 Vaxxine $ 16.95 Vegas Gambler $ 14.95 Viz $ 16.95 Wargame Const ruction $ ¦ $ 16,95 Warhead $ 18.95 Warzone $ 18.95 Waterloo $ 14.95 Weird Dreams $ 14.95 WindwaJker $ 12.95 Wings $ 24.95 Wings of Death $ 14.95 World Leaderboard $ 14.95 Xenon 2 $ 16.95 Xenophobe $ 12.95 4D SPORTS BOXING $ 37.00 MEGLOMANIA $ 42.00 UTOPIA $ 40.00 MAGIC POCKETS $ 37.00 GODS $ 35.00 SILENT SERVICE 2 $ 35.00 FLAMES OF FREEDOM $ 28.00 ROBOCOD $ 37.00 HUNTER $ 40.00 CRUISE FOR A CORPSE $ 42.00 THE SISSONS $ 37.00 HEINDALL $ 45.00 CHAOS ENGINE $ 37.00 KN1GHTMARE $ 40.00 LOTUS TURBO 2 $ 37.00 VROOM! $ 37.00 DEATHBRINGER $ 37.00 FINAL FIGHT $ 40.00 DEUTEROS $ 40.00 PITFIGHTER $ 37.00 SMASH TV $ 37.00 DOUBLE DRAGON 3 $ 37.00
W. W.F. WRESTLING $ 37.00 GAUNTLET 3 $ 37.00 FIRST SAMURI $ 37.00 BIRDS OF PREY $ 42.00 FINAL BLOW BOXING $ 37.00 EPIC $ 40.00 MICROPROSE GOLF $ 40.00 FORMULA 1 RACING $ 40.00 SIMEARTH $ 42.00 ROBINHOOD $ 37.00 mw-wm Price, Availability Subject To Change Double Double Bill You get all this for $ 54.95
T. V. Sports Football
T. V. Sports Basketball Lords Of The Rising Sun, and Wings NEW COMPILATIONS!! Wheels Of Fire $ 19.95 Includes: Turbo Outrun, Powerdrift, Hard Driving, Chase H.Q, Winning Team $ 29.95 lncludes:Klaxf Vindicators, A.P.B. Escape Planet Robot Monsters, Cyberbowl Air-Sea Supremacy $ 49.95 lncludes:Gunship, Silent Service Wings, P-47 Thunderbolt, Carrier Command Monster Pack $ 34.95 Includes: Shadow Of The Beast, Nitro-lnfestation Amiga Classics $ 34.95 includes: Carrier Command, Stargiider 2, Midwinter Power Pack $ 24.95 Includes: T.V. Sports Football, Xenon 2, Bioodwych, Lombard Road Ralley EUROMAGS Amiga Format W Disk $ 10.00 Amiga Action W Disk $ 10.00 Amiga Power W Disk $ 10.00
C. U. Amiga W Disk $ 10.00 Amiga User W Disk $ 10.00 Amiga Comp. W Disk $ 10.00 Amiga Games W Disk $ 10.00 Zero W Disk $ 10.00 SHIPPING CHARGES: MasterCard Visa UPS ground: $ 5 for up to 3 pieces.
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You are also advised to contact A miga World before dealing with these companies: Micro Computer Services; Computer Mart. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising Offices, .4 miga Ilbr d, 81) Elm St., Peterborough. NH 03458; telephone: 800-441-4403. Subscription problems or address changes: Write to AmigaWorld, Subscription Dept., PO Box 58804, Boulder, CO 80332-8804. Problems with advertisers: Send a description of the problem and your current address lo: AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NT 1 03458, ATTN'.: Margot L. Swanson, Customer Service Representative. Nly DIAGNOSTICS Ttoe GRAPEVINE GROUP AT GRAPEVIN STU (System Test Utility) Terrific complete diagnostic troubleshooting software. An absolute must for all Amiga users. Professionally written by Custom Services. Inc. $ 29.95 Amiga Diagnostician. Diagnose up 10 28 common problems Comes with software and booklet. Save a lot of money by locating faulty chips yoursell ..... S14.95 The Final Test. JUST RELEASED. This diagnostic diskette tests out keyboard, display, graphics, new Workbench, sound, timing, real time clock. RAM test (both chip & fast) by Global Upgrades. Inc. (Included free with 8372 Agnus) ..$ 9.95 SUPER DENISE UPGRADE $ 44.95 New 8373 ECS Denise chip adds new screen modes productivity mode for flicker free display and enhanced picture, superhires mode for ultrasharp video titling, scan mode and now genlock mode allowing greater flexibility (This is the same chip used in the A3000 )Comes with Super Denise instructional diskette II you have 2.0, you will absolutely, positively want this enhanced Super Denise Upgrade. Printhead Problems? Don't throw out your old worn printhead. For a fraction of the cost of a new one. We will refurbish or remanufacture it to factory specs for you and give you a year warranly. Which you don't gel when you buy a new unit. SAVE UP TO 70% 5 day turnaround (400 types done) Call us. LATEST ENHANCED CHIP SET SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE Now utilize productivity and scan mode. Etc. Super hi-res mode (1280 x 200 pixels). An absolute must with 2.0. Comes with Super Denise instructional diskette (just released) ..... $ 44.95 2 MEG SUPER FAT AGNUS (8372B) This is the high technology chip used with DKB's MegAChip (Gives 2 megs of chip RAM.) Quantity limited ......$ 79.95 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS CHIP (8 37 2 A) Comes with FREE Rockwell Agnus chip puller (a necessity) "Final Test” diskette (12 diagnostic programs), and complete instructions.... $ 59.95 AMIGA A500 A2000 PC (MOTHER) BOARD Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a new A500 or A2000 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each "board" is populated (all chips), tested and has a 90 day warranty, PAL format is also available A500 A2000 PC BOARD PURCHASE
* A500 PCB contains all chips ..$ 199.95
* A2000 PCB includes the 1,3 ROM, B372A 1 meg Agnus and Super Denise chip 8373 .$ 529.95 A500 A2000 BOARD EXCHANGE PROGRAM Stop paying expensive repair costs Send us your broken motherboard for an exchange price that can't be beat Also ask about ourexchange upgrade packages All boards received are subiect to inspection. NO dealers
* A5Q0 PCB EXCHANGE (populated A tested) ...$ 124.95
• A2000 PCB EXCHANGE (populated A tested, includes "Final Test” diagnostic diskette) ......$ 289.95 AMIGA EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT Stop sending out your Amiga tor repairs. Save a lot ol time and money by repairing your own computer in a simple manner. Our kit includes all you need All chips provided in the kit are direct socket plug - ins and do not require soldering. Originally "blister” packaged for government Pxs wor dwide and now available to the general public Total cost savings tar exceeds purchasing chips on an individual basis. 28 different symptoms (faulty pads) with their remedies are layed out KiT CONTAINS: Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8352 halt Bright Demse. 8370 Agnus Chip, 5719 Gary Chip, PLCC Chip Puller. Basic Schematic. Amiga Diagnostician Booklet and Special Test Diskette with the tollowing tests: Keyooard, Hi Res, half Bright. Double Buffered Animation, Mouse & Agnus Tests (12 diagnostic tests in all). A S21Q.2Q value for ...$ 99.50
* With 8373 Super Denise add $ 39.95 * MONTHLY SPECIALS REJUVENATOR II At 000 Upgrade Second version allows 2MB of chip RAM Surpasses A2000 specs Contains 2MB Agnus. 8373 Super Denise. 2MB RAM, 1.3 ROM and
• 'Final Test" diagnostics. No so denng .....$ 599.95 AMIGA A500 KEYBOARD: Unit is new. Exact replacement with 90 day warranty Dealer inquiries invited Fantastic price Available only at Grapevine ...$ 87.50 CBM 1802 Color Monitor-Composite-'Sound .,..$ 109.95 8373 SUPER DENISE - New ECS Release ..$ 44.95 8520 CIA CHIP - The most problematic chip tn the Amiga computer Controls 12 maior functions .....$ 12.95 MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS MEMORY EXPANSION Fatter Agnus (t and 2 Meg) .See above 8362 Denise Vj BngMI 78364 Paula .....$ 24.95 B373 New Super Denise .....See above 57 19 Gary chip . ....$ 12.95 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 ma|or functions ....$ 12.95 t 3 Kickstart ROM .....127.95 2 0 K.ckstan ROM Upgrade Kit (ust reused, $ 79.95 Includes 4 floppy disks, instructions & ROM AMIGA POWER SUPPLIES A500 45 waft (heavy duty) exact replacement ....$ 67.50 200 Waft ‘Big Fool A500 Universal Switching Power Supply wiih tan and external cabling for hard disks, etc An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (eg Pnmai Used worldwide with various voltage inputs... SB3.9S Reiuvenator (lor A1000) Includes memory, 1 Meg Agnus, 1.3 ROM and "Final Test” diagnostic software .$ 488.00 1x4 80 SC Zip for A3000 $ 24,95 1*1780,.,, .$ 4,69 4164 20 pull $ .29 27128 27256 ..... $ 4.95 1x1 100NS ...- ..$ 4.69 256x47100 all ICD. GVP. Etc $ 5.25 1x8 60 SIMM $ 38.95 4x8 80 SIMM ..$ 157.95 HP Laser Memory (II I1D IIP A HPIII| 2 Megs 4 Megs .S137.95 S197.95 Serving the Commodore Amiga community tor 12 years Printer Port Adapter (runs any CBM printer to PC) $ 29.95 Video Interlace Profeisional by Digtllex Inc (converts Amiga RGB to composite output) ......$ 99.95 Kickboard ROM selector switch lor 13 or 20 (by Utilities) Keyboard controlled switch ....$ 49.95 Toggle switch controlled ... $ 33.50 Video Crisper. Makes your Amiga d-sp ay snarp viw.d colors Nosoldenng Really works1. ...... S44.95 KB Talker Amiga interlace (use any AT-PC keyboard $ 53.95 Dr. Ami (Free Spirit) Memory 8 nard disk diagnost c program Scans an system expansion memory Locates deteci ve chips A bad memory location,, S29.35 AMI Alignment System (Free Spirh Precision disk alignment, performance package .. $ 28,50 |J«B% DKB PRODUCTS THL (CD ADVANTAGE AdSCSI 2000. Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility .$ 125.50 AdSCSI 2080. Hard drive interlace wtth up to 8 megs of FAST RAM ......S169.95 Each meg of memory add .$ 38.95 AdSpeed. Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range .. $ 199.95 Flicker Free Video. Eliminates interface flicker lor any Amiga computer $ 267.50 AdRAM 510. Just released for the new A50Q PLUS Take your Amiga 500 PLUS up to 2MB of fast RAM. Includes RAM and battery .. $ 87.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 wtlh 1 meg $ 127.95 with 2 meg . $ 162.95 Each additional meg of memory add ......,$ 35.00 AdRAM 2080. 8 meg internally in your 2000 2500 ... $ 109.50 Each meg of memory add .$ 35.00 AdtDE. Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made, For IDE (AT) drives IDE 44 (for 2.5" hard drive) .$ 104.95 IDE 40 (for 3.5" hard drive) .... $ 94.50 Novia 20i. The smallest hard drive and nterlace in the world for your A500 Fits internally . $ 325.00 Prima 52i, Now mount a 3,5" IDE drive internally in your 500. 1000, 2000 $ 495.00 Shuffle Board. Reroutes DFO: to the external lloppy connector Boot from an external floppy for A500 1000 .... $ 28.50 MegAChip 2000,M With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 MB of Chip RAM for A500 2000 Sizable Rebate on I Meg Agnus Always In Stock! Now Available lor Ihe Amiga 500 STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM If you use your Amiga for Desktop Video. 3D Rendering A Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing, then you need tne MegAChip 2Q0C Fully compatible wiih Workbench 2 0. Ihe ECS Demse chip, GVP s and Commodore s 68030 accelerators Why upgrade lo I meg ol RAM when you C3n have ihe same high lech 2 meg cmp RAM as the A3000’’ Includes FREE Rockwell chip puller (a necessity) Final Test diagnostic Agnus diskette program fsee Diagnostics section) and 2 meg Agnus ..... S299.99 Buy the MegAChip from us and we 11 give you the new B373 Super Denise (ECS) lor $ 39 95 SeCUreKeyrM Access Security lor the A2000 3000 Do you need to keep your system sale Irom unauthorized use7 The SeeureKey wit not allow access lo your Amiga wilhout thenghl securny code Furthermore you can t bool Off of a lloppy or bypass it (ft any manner No one can delete li les tram your hard drive or steal your work Requires 1 3 or above ... $ 98.50 Insider ll1M Allows A1000 owners to aad up to 1 5 meg of Fast RAM internally User expandable m 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams Includes battery backed clock calendar Simple installation No soldering required Compatible with Ihe KwikStart II ana most processor acce rators $ 176.50 With 1 5 meg ...... $ 239.95 KwikStart II™ Utilize I 3 and 2.0 ROMS Allows At000 owners to install 1.3 and 2 0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them Upgrade to the latest operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1 3 $ 67.50 MultiStart If™ Switch between ROMs Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1 3 and 2.0 and switch between them with Ihe keyboard Can also install a third ROM A sizable percentage ot present software will be incompatible with the new 2 0 This simple device allows you to be compatible with all your software No external wires or switches required ...S63.95 ouoavBi SEND FOR OUR FREE 36 PAGE CATALOG 3 Chestnut Street, Suffem, New York 10901 Customer Service (914) 357-2424 Fax (914) 357-6243 Order line only 1-800-292-7445 We have a terrific catalog with hard-to-tmd Amiga items. Add UPS charges to above. ALL COMMODORE CHIPS AND PARTS AVAILABLE 9-6 M-F. 10-2 Sat (EST) PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WE SHIP WORLDWIDE Air ttsae.-naAs ar-d logos.fo» ICO and DKB ub Irom lw« rmfxe&vettWpWue* *« are son*. Cvii'-w ftn, s a T-aaemj.. ol Gofflmooorg Bui.rest Wachn-re CMP My low shipping prices guarantee you the best delivered price!j rders Only 7 Name in AMIGA Power All-in-One A2000 Add-on Board 68030 Power Up to 16MB 32rBit RAM SCSI Controller 22MHz lMB $ 799 33MHz 4MB $ 1299 4MB 52Blt extra RAM $ 330 50MHZ 68030 POWER ExfmxMic to 32MB cf 32-hil RAM 50MHz w 4MB RAM $ 1699 4MB 32BIt extra RAM $ 330 NEW G-FORCE 040 FortheA3000 $ 2449 NEW n IMPACT VISION 24 16 million Colon, 24-Bit Frame Buffer, Genlock, Framegrabber, Flicker eliminator, PIP, Video Tiller, 3-D modelling $ 1899 9-9 M-F(WestCoasicustomers call up lo 6PM PST) , 10- 5 Sal NOW ooen SUNDAYS 12-5PM 24 Hour Fax line (412) 962-0279 Customer Service (412) 962-0533 HANDSCANNER W TOUCHUP SOFTWARE FORA500, A2000, A 3000 TideoTi Workstations Starting at $ 3799 Toaster Hardware Video Toaster Call Personal TBC II S879 Personal SFC $ 379 AmiLink C I Call Kitchen Sync $ 1699 Toaster Fonts 1st PrzToasted Fonts $ 159 Cinnamon I or II $ 62 Bread & Butter $ 69 Kara Toaster Iorll S62 Masterpiece $ 89 Video Fonts 2 $ 62 Amiga compatible Mouses Mega Midget Racer The Max-Speed Alternative for those on a budget for your Amiga 500, & 2000 25MHz Economy $ 419 33MHz Economy $ 529 tMath coprocessor 25 Mhz $ 219 33MHz $ 295 Mega Memory Board(32Blt) 2MB - 5299,4MB - $ 669, SMB-$ 112 $ 239 Op to-Mechanical $ 35 Cordless TrackBaiJ $ 85 $ 55 Cordless Mouse $ 75 KwiKStart II Dual ROM Board for A1000 Run 1.3 and Z0 on your A1000 $ 79 Insider II RAM Board for the A1000 0k$ 189 w . 5MB $ 194 W 1.5MB $ 239 Multi-Start II Dual ROM Board assembly Run 1.3 or 2.0 on your Amiga 500 2000 at tha push of a key. $ 64 W 2.0RQM $ 149 VYUD ACCELERATOR FOR A500 & A2000 25MHz £329 40MHz £525 Digital Sound Studio Record - Edit - Compose $ 99 Comphu Dlgl-Vlew Syst $ 399 Indude*: Digi-Vlew Gold 4.0 a ' Panasonic 1410canwa, AutoDroid, , video switch and all cables. 1410 Camera wleos Copy Stand AutoDroid DigvowGoU Csfcle Switch Set Full Power for your Amiga 2000 or 3000 Progressive Peripherals' EXPANSION SYSTEMS Modems Sup Modems 2400 External $ 89 240CPtus External $ 139 240CPIusZUnianal $ 169 9600PkisExlanal $ 519 FAX Modem Call Zoom Modems 2400 Exl $ 75 2400w MNP5&v.42his $ 145 9600 v.32 bis $ 399 ModemCable $ 5 Ay Budget hard drive tokrtkwi v Controller only fOO YWS2 MB Quantum HD$ 319 W 106MB Quantum HD$ 4S9 Data Flyer RAM For DaIaFtyer2000 OK $ 95 2MB $ 190 4MB $ 285 Accelerators A2000 $ 1699 23 times faster than A2000 A3000 $ 1499 4 times faster than 25MHZ A3000 (requite 2.0 ROMS) ProRAM 3000 CALL 32BII4 • 64MB RAM Board la A3000 II SMB RAM $ 399 HD $ 549 HD $ 949 Installed Warranty EDUCATION Adventures in Math Algebra Algebra n Barney Bear Camping Barney Bear at the Farm $ 22 Barney Bear in School $ 22 Barney Bear in Space $ 22 Calculus $ 31 Carmen San Diego lime $ 31 Carmen San Diego USA $ 31 Carmen San Diego World$ 31 Crossword Const. Kit $ 25 Dinosaur Discovery Kit $ 25 Altered Destiny $ 37 Amnios $ 31 Armour-Gedden $ 28 Arachnophobia $ 25 A tom in o $ 31 Awesome $ 37 Bandit Kings of A bm Chin*S37 JJ" , .... . Ran * nf Fora . $ 37 Jack Nickkus Unlimited $ 3} Killing Game Show GAMES $ 31 Shadow of the Beast 2 S37 $ 34 Silent Service II $ 37 $ 34 Sim City $ 31 $ 34 Sim City Graphics 1 or 2 $ 23 $ 25 $ 31 $ 31 $ 22 Battle Isle Cadaver Cruise for a Corpse Deuteros First Samurai Gods HeimdaU Lotus Turbo 2 Magic Pockets Megafoitress Meglomania Microprose Golf Mig2y Super Fulcrum Moonstone Pit Fighter RobinHood Robocod: James Pond 2 Sim Earth The Simpsons Utopia
W. W.F. Wrestling 4D Sports Boxing $ 43 $ 31 $ 41 $ 40 Call $ 38 $ 44 $ 39 $ 39 Call $ 431 $ 46 Call $ 43 Call $ 37 $ 39 an $ 39 $ 40 $ 40 $ 43 Hoverforce Ishido Immortal $ 37 Sim City Terrain $ 28 Space Ace II S37 Space Quest IV Call Spacewrecked $ 31 Speedball 2 $ 31 Star Control $ 12 $ 37 S37 $ 31 $ 25 $ 31 $ 34 $ 31 $ 28 $ 31 $ 37 $ 34 S25 S25 $ 34 $ 31 $ 34 Bane of Cosmic Forge $ 37 Barbarian II Battle Chess 2 $ 31 Bo Jackson Baseball $ 31 Brigade Commander $ 28 Carthage $ 28 Castles $ 37 Cybercon E $ 33 Kings Quest V Knights of the Sky Leander Lemmings Lemmings, Oh Nol Marc... $ 22 Star Flight 2 Lord of th le Rings $ 34 $ 37 $ 25 $ 31 $ 28 $ 37 $ 37 $ 31 $ 37 $ 34 $ 39 $ 37 $ 34 $ 31 $ 16 $ 25 $ 37 Strate Strike Fleet Strip Poker HI Team Yankee Terminator Their Finest Hour Volfied Wayne Gretzky 2 Wide World ofB Wolf Pack •g $ 55 $ 25 $ 25 $ 31 $ 34 $ 25 $ 31 $ 25 $ 25 $ 25 541 $ 19 $ 35 $ 31 $ 37 Discovc Distant Suns 3.0 Distant Suns 4.0 Katie’s Farm Math Talk Math Blaster Plus Mavis Beacon Typing McGee Fun Fair My Paint 2.0 Puzzle Storybook Rhyming Notebook Speller Bee Talking Animator Talking Coloring Book Teachers' Toolkit Trigonometiy World Atlas Death Knights of Krynn S34 Ml Tank Platoon Dick Tracy 531 Millenium Dragon’s Lair 2 (Time w»n))$ 37 Monopoly Drakkhen $ 37 Murder Dungeon Master 2 $ 25 Elf $ 34 Elvira: Mistress of ihe Daric$ 37 Obitus Overdrive Overlord Perfect General qj] PGA Golf $ 37 Pools of Darkness $ 37 Populous II $ 31 PowerMonger Prehistoric Predator 2 Prince of Persia Quest for Glory 2 Railroad Tycoon Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder 2 FI 5 Strike Eagle H FI 9 Stealth Fighter Falcon Falcon Missions 1 or 2 Fantastic Voyage Flames of Freedom Flight of the Intruder Full Metal Planet $ 39 SHIPPING - VMTHN 2 BUSINESS DAYS UPS GROUND (continental US)
- $ 99 5% MIN $ 4 $ 100 TO $ 199 4% MIN S5 $ 200 TO $ 499 3% MIN $ 8 $ 500- 2% MIN $ 15 2nd Day add $ 5 to UPS Ground Next Day add $ 10 to UPS Ground APO.FPu add $ 10 to Ground CANADA add $ 10 to Ground PR, HI, ALASKA add $ 15 to Ground No surcharge for MASTERCARD. VISA and DISCOVER. 3% surcharge for AMERICAN EXP. Prices subject to change without notice Returns accepted 10 days from date of purchase. Call for RA before returning. Defectives replaced with same item. 1S% Restocking fee forrtems returned and nd exchanged for sama International Ortfora (not APO, FPO) send copy or FAX of Iront & back of Charge Card signature. Call or FAX for shipping quote. Mailing Address: Computer Basics, Inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148 $ 19 $ 31 $ 31 $ 37 531 __ _ . $ 37 Gateway Savage Frontier $ 34 Dragon §37 God Father $ 31 Rules of Engagement $ 39 HardNova $ 34 Search for the King $ 37 Hare Raising Havoc $ 31 Secret of Monkey Island $ 39 Heart of China $ 37 Secret of the Silver Blades$ 34 Distant Sun 4,0 A planetarium of unsurpassed visual realism 1 -800-258-0533 New longer hours 9AM - 9PM M-F “ 0AM - 5PM SAT NOW open SUNDAY 12-5PM Authorized Sales Authorized Service Fast Service Low Prices EXTERNAL 880K DRIVES $ 79 MORE RAM FOR YOUR IMMi.-i SOI) as low as FULL COM PA (0 fur 3 J inch hard drives $ 99 it Amiga hard drive interface made for IDE(AT) drives AIR. - $ 89 Roctec Ultraslim - $ 95 512K RAM Expander Ml $ 139 ,t *35 inch IDE haiddrive internally in your Amiga 500. Includes IDE 40, Shuflle Board and mountings for hard drive. Uses 52 or 105 Quantum IDE drives, (xwt included) Prim a 52 ( duda 52Q Drive) $ 349 ow mount i AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET Uae with VGA or 512K RAM & 880K Drive w Clock Calendar Bai NEW LOW PRICE .EXPANSION systems D U M 11 L Barrel Bag White on Blue $ 14 OK - $ 95 512K - $ 120 1MB- 2MB-$ 195 4MB Mouse Mats RED or BLUE gg «af““ Polo Shirt $ 19 WHITE ON BLUE T-Shirts Sweat Shirts only $ 19 REDorBLUE Only $ 9 m r MUG User Group Discounts on "Show OfTs" - CALL PRODUCTIYLT-¥_SOFTWARE Art & Animation Art Department Pro 2.0 Deluxe Paint IV Designworks Disney Anim. Studio Draw 4D Pro Ham-E Plus Imagine 2.0 Pixd 3-D 2.0 Speclracolor 1 uibo Silver 3.0 Databases Microfiche Filer Microfiche Filer PLUS SupcrBasc Personal 2 SuperBase Prof. 4 Music Bars and Pipes Pro Deix Music Const. Set Dr. Ts Copyist Appnti* Dr. Ts Copyist DIP Dr. Ts KCS Level 2v3.5 Dr. Ts Tiger Cub Dr. Ts XOR Super Jam Music Box A Music Box B Spreadsheets Advantage Maxi Plan Plus 2.0 Professional Calc $ 164 !!107 1175 $ 79 : 199 $ 389 Call $ 75 $ 62 :;59 $ 62 MI2 :;94 :;329 219 69 ce$ 94 $ 218 $ 249 §87 §203 :;89 !I38 838 DELUXE PAINT IV $ 107 DATA TAX-91 $ 49 hUSC.j jWARE ECE Midi $ 49 Midi Gold 500 $ 56 Midi Gold Insider $ 65 Midi Connector w cables $ 59 Phantom SMPTE MIDI $ 229 Midi cable 6ft _ $ 8 Audio Audiomaster 4 $ 62 Audition 4 $ 62 Perfect Sound 3.1 $ 69 Sound Master $ 139 Video Chroma Key $ 329 Alter Image Genlock $ 199 MiniGcn $ 209 RocGcn Plus $ 359 Supergen Genlock $ 649 Video Blender Call Video Master $ 999 Joysticks & Trackballs Slik Stik Joystick $ 7 Boss Joystick $ 15 Tac 50 Joystick $ 17 BatHandle Joystick $ 25 Amtrac Trackball $ 69 Kraft Trackball $ 59 Misc. Double-Talk Network Call Flicker Fixer $ 249 A2000 Internal Drive $ 89 A MAX 2 PLUS CaU Mouse Switch $ 29 JX100 Scanner w Soflware $ 599 Power PC Board Call Brush Mouse Call The ICD Advantage atT4.3 Mhz. Best Overall performance cf any accelerator in its price range.
2. 04 ROMS In Stock for A500 2000 or A3000 ,tes Amiga Mulusync Labeldex! Project D 2.0 RX Tools Visionary ___ Workbench Management $ 35 Video & Presentation AmigaVision Broadcast Titier II Foundation Pro Video CG Pro Video Post Scala Screen Maker Showmaker TV Text Professional Video Director Word Processors & Final Copy Office Page Stream 2.2 Pelican Press ProWrite 3.2 Professional Page 2.1 Proper Grammar Tele-Communications A-Talk m . §6 Baud Bandit $ 3 Utilities Are xx PROF. PAGE 2.1 $ 169 PROWRITE 3.2 $ 89 Directory Opus DiskMasierll American Vma~ S64 B amey Bear School $ 27 Barney Bear Goes Camping $ 27 Battle Storm S33 Case of Cautious Condor $ 33 CD Remix $ 37 Classic Board Games $ 33 Defender of the Crown Falcon Fred Fish Collection Gretzky Hockey illustrated Dictionary Illustrated Holy Bible KJVJ Illustrated Shakespeare Lemmings Mind Run My Paint New Basics Cookbook Paper Bag Princess Peter Rabbit Power Pinball Sim City Snoopy Spirit of ExcaHbur Team Yankee Time Table Business Time Table Science Ultimate Basketball Wrath of the Demon Lots of New Titles DataFlyeri Hard drive Budget solution lor your Amga500 Controller only!J> I do W 52MB Quantum $ 375 W 105MB Quantum $ 515 Protect Your CD’s CD Caddy $ 15ea Pack of 5 Caddies $ 59 books- Amiga for Beginners $ 13 Amiga Dos Quk Ref. Guide $ 8 Amiga Dos Inside & Out $ 19 Amiga Basic Inside & Out $ 19 Machine Language $ 15 Graphics Inside & Out $ 26 Amiga C for Beginners $ 15 Amiga C for Advanced $ S 3DGraphicProg. In BASIC $ 15 Desktop Video Power $ 23 Best of AmigaTricks&TipsS23 Amiga Printers Inside Out $ 26 Using Arexx S26 Imagine Companion $ 24 vibrio tAPES "• Amiga Primer $ 24 Animation 101 $ 29 DCTV: A Guided Tour S33 Desktop Video Volume 1 $ 2* Desktop Video Volume 2$ 24 Imagine: A Guided Tour $ 29 Pro. Techniques w Dpaint$ 24 Toaster Microwave $ 34 Ultimate Guide Video 1 $ 34 Ultimate Guide Video 2 $ 34 Ultimate Guide Toaster 1 $ 44 AMIGA Format w Disks $ 10 AMIGA Action w Disks $ 10
C. U. AMIGA w Disks $ 10 AMIGA Power w Disks $ 10 I for AMIGA w Disks $ 10 BIG FOOT A500 Power Supply Heavy Duty 200 Watts 'PVO EUROPEAN MAGAZINES FOR ORDERS ONLY IN USA & CANADA ft HA TCO ACAC OR CALL: (718) 965-9077 OVUB 3 "V 303 Order Hours Mon-Thurss 9-7 FrJs9-3s30 a0SI
J. 11 I i T I JL RETAIL OUTLET PENN STATION, MAIN CONCOURSE, NYC, 10001 (Beneath Madison Square Garden) OPEN: Mon-Thurs 9:30-7 f rl 9:00-3:00 I CLOSED Sat OPEN 5un 9*30-6(ET) 7 Fri:9-3:30 CL0SED Sat OPEN Sum9:30-6(ET) FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE & ORDER STATUS CALL
* 559 QUANTUM SAIO 52MB LPS I iP QUANTUM 105MB LPS I I Packages Include: ADIDE, Shuffleboard, Software, Cables and Mounting Hardware caii »1« sotmxng PC's Nor- coifed cr*>s must rarcfiani&e rrus! Have pner retxn auTvonzlan ruTDer snpprg A hand rg Qro&rs over $ 3000 ate dscsuried to 2% sngflrg a harflrg (Over $ 12C0-8%, Over $ 3000-6%) AH APCfPO orders are Sfippj- Erst csss prx*y ar Commodore Amiga, Inc S3 ATF II .....523.95 BARD5TALEI .....-.59.95 BARDS TALE II! ...529.95 BARS & PIPES ......599.95 BATTLE CHESS ...523.95 BLACK JACK ACADEMY ..51 4.95 B LOCKOUT .524.9S CHAMBER OF SCI-FI MUTANT PRIESTESS CHRONOQUEST .-,-53- DAS BOOT ..522.95 DIRECTOR 2.0 559.95 DELUXE VIDEO III ......579.95 DE5ICNWORKS ..S45.9S DICIMATE 111 ......517.95 DICIWORKS 3D ..564*9£ EASYFM .528-S5 EXCELLENCE .....S84.95 EXPRESS COPY ...521.95 FLASHBACK *33-25 FRACTAL PRO .544.95 EPSON ES-300 C DRIVER forADPRO I inc. Stand Alone Scan » Didt Driver ? I 4 ADPro module. No special board I needed! EPSON ES-300 Si 399 SCANNER w DRIVER Color Scanner w.AD Pro Driver & Cables SOFTWARE BLOWOUT HYPERBOOK ......544.95 IMMORTAL 529.95 KINDERAMA .....519.95 KINGS BOUNTY .526.95 MACROPAINT ...559.95 ™tles .mn PROFESSIONAL $ 1 RQ PAQE 2.1 GOU) DISK OFFICE 5159 HYPERBOOK $ 69 PAGESETTER II .$ 69 TRANSWRITE ..$ 39 PRO DRAW 2.0 ......$ 119 ART DEPARTMENT PRO VERSION 2 GOLD DISK, ASDG A 19.95 AD-SPEED ACCELEERATOR for all AMIGA $ 11C computers 11 ADIDE 40 KIT. CALL ADSPEED 1DE COMBO BOARDS COMBO ADIDE 40 KIT. COMBO ADIDE 44 KIT. AdSCSI 2080 Expandable to 8MB ICD AD-RAM 540 0K ICD AD-RAM 540 1MB .$ 145 ICD AD-RAM 540 2MB ......$ 199 ICD AD-RAM 540 3MB ......$ 229 ICD AD-RAM 540 4MB ......$ 279 SOOXP HARD DRIVE KITS m 52MB, 1MB ...$ 539 52MB, 2MB ....$ 569 120MB, 512K $ 709 120MB, 2MB .$ 769 240MB, 2MB ...$ 1049 AMIGA 500 CALL AMIGA 3000 Com 30 DAY H IONEY-BflCK GUARANTEE When you decide to purchase a product mail order it should be a pleasant experience. There should be no concern as to whether you are purchasing the right product for your needs. With our money-back guarantee you can buy with confidence. If the product does not meet your complete satisfaction you can return it back to us within 30 days for a refund. All items must be in original condition with all packaging materials intact and unfilled warranty cards. You must call our customer service department to obtain a return number before returning any product. Shipping charges are non- refundable. 30 day money-back offer does not apply to software. Refunds are limited to $ 4000 per customer. Offer
r. iiir i nati i ;b! UOI GVP Series It HC&O A-2000 NIHUL RAPID ACCESS TURBO A-2000 (exp. To SMB) s279 .Lhrib TRUMP CARO JOB (eip. TO 3M9) 579 DATA FLYER A-SCO (exp D 8MB)
* 139 RAPID ACCESS TURbO 5C0 (a*p. To 8MB) s379 TRUMP CARD A-500 (exp. To 8MB) S195 DATA FLYER A1C00 (aip b s249 i mnvm* ACCESS MAUBU BOARD 2000 S129 FLYER A2COO (wp B 3WB| s85 DRIVE DRIVE PRICE SEAGATE ST-157H-1 (43VB.2SMS) 5229 5419 s369 s309 5499 5319
* 365 s599 s425 s469 SEAGATE ST-1096N = 60MBT5T s305 s485 s439
* 389 - 5S79 $ 395
* 435 s669
* 495 s549 QUANTUM (SCMBLcwr Profit s269 s455 5389 s349 $ 469
* 539 s359
* 405 s639 s465 5499 QUANTUM (105MB. Lo- Profile) 5399 s579 SS19 s479 s629 s669
* 489 s535 s769 s595 s629 QUANTUM (120MB Low Profile) SS19 s699 39 s599 - s789 s589
* 639 s889 s699 s759 QUANTUM (24QWB Lm Profile) 5849 5999 s969 s929 51269 s919 5939 s1219 s999 s1089 AMIGA HARBWARE BLOWOUT! QUANTITIES LIMITED WHILE SUPPLY LASTS AMIGA COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES & SOFTWARE AMIGA PARTS & CHIPS 6372 FATTER AGNES ......$ 79 B372BSUPER AGNES ......$ 99 6373 SUPER DENISE $ 49 8520A CA1 $ 13
1. 3 ROM CHIP $ 40 0 ROM CHIP .CALL AMIGA 500 KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY..$ 99 AMIGA 500 MOTHERBOARD ....CALL AMIGA 2000 KEYBOARD ..$ 99 AMIGA2000 MOTHER BOARD .CALL AMIGA 2000POWER SUPPLY ...$ 249 INTERNAL DRIVE! A-500 .$ 79 FLICKER FIXER ...$ 239 GVP A-500 HARD DRIVES..CALL GVP COMBO 22 ..5729 GVP COMBO 33 $ 1429 IMAGINE ......5179 LEMMINGS .$ 31 NEC 3D-S MONITOR ..5519 PROWRITE 3.2 ...$ 106 SAFE5KIN A-500, A-2000, A-3000 $ 17 SHOWMAKER $ 257 SYQUEST 44MB Removable HD with Cartridge ..$ 449 SYQUEST 88MB Removable HD with Cartridge ..$ 669 AMIGA it QO EXPANSION. KIT
* 3.5‘ EXTERNAL DRIVE $ 100 ¦ 512K RAM EXPANDER ' - A-l OOO RF MODULATOR......$ 1 9 ART DEPARTMENT PRO......$ 141 ATONCE EMULATOR ...$ 259 ATONCEPLUS 16 Mhz AT EMULATOR ..$ 329 BARS & PIPES PRO .$ 229 BIGFOOT P S .....$ 99 BODECA BAY ...$ 249 CHINON INTERNAL DRIVE 2000 S79 COLOR SPLITTER .$ 105 DAKOTA SKETCHMASTER 12x12_$ 519 12x18 _$ 689 DELUXE PAINT IV .$ 122 D1GIVIEWGOLD 4.0 .....$ 130 AMTRAK TRACKBALL ~ „$ 59 SUPERGEN ...- .$ 559 VIDEO BLENDER ..$ 1049 FUCKER FIXER DEB 2000------- $ 55 FUCKER FIXER Genlock Option $ 19 SUPRA 9600B MODEM. .....$ 459 SUPRA 2400 Zl + MODEM. _$ 139 SUPRA SCSI CONT-20OO ..... $ 59 ICD PRIMA 521.. _ $ 429 GVP 3001ACCELLERATOR KIT __$ 999 GVP COMBO 22 ... $ 729 GVP 3050 Km __ $ 1679 FRAMEGRABBER ...$ 379 SUPRA A-500 XP80 512K. __$ 499 HP IIP+ PRINTER $ 799 EPSON LQ510 . $ 249 S0KDSHA SL-801 LQ PRINTER------$ 179 COMMODORE MPS 1200 $ 99 STAR NX-1001 $ 139 AIR 3.5" INTERNAL DRIVE f A-3000...$ 79 30 Day Money Back Guarantee does nol Include produce. I I COMPATIBLE AT BR1DGEBOARD JOYSTICKS GRAVIS CLEARJOYSTICK .$ 35.50 SWITCH JOYSTICK $ 32.00 GRAVIS MOUSESTICK...S64.00 MAXYOKEJOYSTICK....S79.95 SPEEDKING 500JX _$ 16.00 WE REPAIR AMIGA EQUIPMENT
• CALL FOR LOW. LOW RATES!! $ 5.95 ea -j $ 4.95* ea 1 1-9 Disks J 10-24Disks FD32:Flight Simulator DC10. $ 3.95* ea 25+ Disks
* Anti-Virus Free on ait orders with 15 or more disks! Public Domain Library Guarantee We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. We have been the official Public Domain Library of all of the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are jam packed with only the best programs. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; DD advanced-requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS and programs often contains source, VO video related programs utilities, WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench, and FD games and entertainment. Order our disk based catalog and receive a coupon for a complimentary volume with your next purchase. I71A6B: Tht A«4 Paektgt - A very complete 64 Emulator. Supports any CPU and Is fully compatible with WB2.0. Now that you've traded in your 064, • don’t iooee all (hat software that took you years to compile. This software emulator actually runs faster than a 64! Amaze your C84 friends! Two disk set, counts as two. Working demo of Minix - a Unix workalike. Minlx is system call compatable with V7 ol Unix, supports multitasking and multiple users and many more features too numerous to list here DD61; Arexx Tutorial - Includes several sample Arexx scripts and sample programs. Also includes Apig; a library that gives you access to Intuition from within Arexx scripts. V04: Video & Anlm - video DB will catalog all of your videotapes. Slate is a sharp graphic of a slate lor your productions. CyroUtils splits, makes and gives info about ANIMs. RTAP lets you play large AnlMs on small memory machines. V03: Image Utils - let VideoToolsOnTap let you tap into the video power of your Amiga for fades, color and greybars as well as a plethora of other indespensable video functions. TitleGen will do professional crawling titles. JPEG converts JPEG ->24-bit IFF with amazing compression. ImagoLab performs special effects on IFFs. V02: Stlllstore - Used to create the ‘over the shoulder" graphic inserts ala the 11:00 news. VQ1: Graphics • Plcbase will let you view and track ALL ot your IFF pictures over all of those flappiesl Freepalnt is a Deluxe-Paint workalike. Agraph is a powerful utility to produce snazzy graphs. FD72: Sword of the WarJock - This is a demo version of a great public domain graphic dungeon adventure game The adventure spans three diskettes and allows two players to go adventuring. The game has a ’Bards Tale' feel to it. Three disk set, counts as 2. Requires 1 meg of RAW and 2 floppy drives or HD. FD71A&B: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge * So you think you Know The Next Generation, huh? Complete with fantastic sampled sounds and digitized images, this game even looks and sounds like a genuine Star Trek terminal! VERY thorough and complete! Two disk set. Counts as two. FD70: SpaccGamos * Contains AMIGAids, >finally! An Asteroids game that takes advantage of the Amiga-totally configurable with great sound and grpahics. In Cosmostruction the object of the game is for each Cosmostruction team to acquire the most points while construction energy ducts between the space station and planetoids. FD69: MindGames • Had enough of shoot-em up blasting games? Relax and let these 25 games exercise your mind instead of your wrist. FD68: Potpourri - Eternal Rome is a strategic simulation of the Roman Empire including military, diplomatic, political, economic and social factors. Lord of Hosts is a board strategy game for 2 players. In Moonshine, you've go! To gel the hootch across the stale line-a great rolling, scrolling driving game! FD87: Arcade ¦ Indudes Uamatron a we'l-done Robotron’ done. Hate is a ¦terrific* commerdal grade Zaxxon done with multiple levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling...a 10! FD65: GameDemol - Contains playable demos of Atomino and Tumcan II FD64: Games - Wizzy's Quest - a ’great’ 50 level game with great graphics, Cubus - a 3-dimenstonal Tetris type game (rotate and move in 3 dimensions). Husker Du • Colors and pattern rather than shape in this Tetris-esque Qame: 5 screens and 3 levels of difficulty. Requires Fat Agnus (1 Meg ol Chip) FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner simulation. Requires 1 megabyte ol memory. WB107A&B: Educational - Drawmap is a program that generates representations such as hemispherical views, and orbital views ol the Earth's surface, complete with national boundaries. Screens can be printed or saved to disk as standard IFF files. Full user-configurable online help fadlity. 68020+ version induded, 2 disk set. Counts as 1! WB106: Home Manager - This is a great all-in-one address book with an autodialer notepacL'to-do list appointment scheduler home inventory database and an important phone number dialer. Slightly cripped demo version. WB105A&8: Workbench 2.0 Extras 2 - See the lop right of page 2 for more info on these priceless utilities to make Workbench 2.0 fly! WB104: GrabBag - Q&A Trivia (requires AmigaVision) is a trivia game for 1 2 players...add your own questions to customize the difficulty level! Sysinfo is great for telling you how fast slow your computer is, what boards are installed, chipsets, etc. AmiGazer will plot stars in the heaven Irom any position on earth complete with magnitudes and constellation identification. WB103: Music * Contains 12 ’great’ Soundiracker MED music MODules...complete with programmable shuffle player...8 bit audio never sounded so hoi! Two disk sel counts as two. WB102: Communications - Contains the tour-de-lorce programs Ncomm 1.921 and VT100-29B. Automatic Zmodem protocols, XPR protocol support, full VT100 emulation. Ncomm's script language is so powerful it comes with a script file that creates a full-featured BBS system. WB101; Chemesthetlcs - is a program that displays molecules as a calotte model. This kind of display contains a certain esthetic attitude. FD5: Tactical Games • BullRun - a Civil war battle game. Metro you play the role cl a dty planner. Build wisely and your system will be a success, bul poor planning will lead to disaster and financial ruin. Very very habit forming. FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock full of games including; Checkers. Clue, Gold - A new slide the pieces puzzle, Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk, RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Combal-Tanks and asteroids. FD7: PACMAN - This disk contains several pacman type games induding; PacMan87, MazMan and Zonix. FDD: Moria -, This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lam and Hack. Play lime several weeks! FD10: HackLile • A dungeon adventure game. Considered a must- have classic. This is the second release of this game on the Amiga. Great graphic ntertace. Play time several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer. Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty-One.Videoroker and more. FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written lor any computer. It features mouse control, good graphics digitized sound effeds and great gameplay. Counts as 2 disks, Req. 1 Mb and two drives (or hd). FD13: Board Games - contains multiplayer Monopoly, Dominoes, Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games - DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball - an arkanoid breakoul type game. Trix - a Qix type clone. FD17: Educational Games - This disk includes several games for the younger members including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel ol Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games - MechForce(3.72). A game lhal simulates combat between two or more giant, robot-like machines. Simple words can't begin to give you the feel of piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, lire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim. FD26:Arcade Games ¦ Marblo_slide, this is a truly commercial quality game. Similar to a Lucas game named PipeDreams. Excellent playability and entertainment. Mutants , a small version of the arcade game ol the same name, also SuperBreakou! A pong arkanoids Type game. FD27: Arcade Gsmes - This disk is loaded with some great games. Includes. Raceorama a great racing car game wilh ten different courses, MimBlast a helicopter gunship lype clone. Shark in the same class as froger and Sbreakout the original breakout with more. FD29: Shoot'em up's - WWII • you're Ihe pilot of a WWII plane flying through enemy territory, you've iusl been spoiled, good luck on you mission, SpKiller * try ana penetrate enemy lines with this game, and Retaliaior - another great game. FD31: Games! ¦ Air Traffic Control * a good ATC simulation game, Black Jack Lao • a lull featured set of card games, ChessTel - play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem, labyrnth - a well done text adventure game (like an infocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. Even extremely poisonous molecules like nicoline and dioxine look Suite nice. (B100: CallgarlPRODemo - Can't afford S3.000+ to see it the granddaddy o!3D rendering software is lor you? Then try the demo version of this renowned modeler that Ihe pro's rely on! No built-in save function, requires 68020+ processor. WB99: Lifestyles - Includes Agene-family tree program that tracks up to 600 people marriages etc. Landscape is a backyard CAD program lo create gardens'andscapes. Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment with pattern design in an instant feedback environment, WB98: Business - Includes Bbasell a nice, powerful database; BizCalc-a personal or mortgage loan calculator with amortization capabilities. Loop--a flowchart maker, Formmaker - design professional looking forms on your Epson LQ-2500 compatible printer. WB96: Dupers - Contains Xecpylll & Nib which will backup copyprotected programs. FreeCopy removes copy protection Irom several programs, and SuperDuper will crank-ou! Last AmigaDOS copies. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 This program is definitely commercial grade; we've seen many checkbook programs and this is absolutely the best. Full budgeting, transaction recording and report generation. WB93: Workbench Extras 2 This disk contains the utilities that Commodore should have shipped with the Amiga; VirusX4.0, Snap, FixDisk (recover corrupt deleted files), Disk Optimizer (floppy & hard). Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accel.. macro, dock utility), GOMF fa gurubusterjand PrlntSludio. DD82: Unix - Contains a workir FD33: Arcade Games - Ffreddy a mario brothers lype of game, Gerbils a target practice game. Pipeline a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams. Tron a light cycles version, and wetroids a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist. FD35 Omega (v 1.3) - A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and moria. This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions. Play time several weeks or months. FD37a & b:Tactical Games - Empire (2.2w) This great game comes highly recommended. With a full-graphic front end FD38:Games - Cribbage Master - A great criobage game and tutor, Spades - a well done card came, CnineseCheckers - A computer version of this classic, Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game and construction set. FD39a & b: Star Trek, The New Generation - This is a, completely different version of Star Trek than that found on F012, This one was created by the German author Tobias. Now with English instructions. Excellent!!! Counts as two disks. Requires 512k memory. FD44: Game - Mechfight is an out ot this world role-playing adventure comparable to hack and moria. The setting, interplanetary colonies and space stations. In your quest lo explore the world, lake lime out to liberate bad guys ol Ihetr most valuable possessions, engage in a mortal combat or two against robots and alien fife forms, pick up a new amiga 9000. Most of all, don't forget to stay alive,.. FD49:Chaos Cheats - This disk coniains an everything you wanted to know about cheat set for Chaos Strikes Back, including full maps, spells, object locations, super characters and more. FD5Q: Submarine Game - Sealance. One and a half years in the making, Ihis is an outstanding submarine tactical gamo. Commercial quality, highly recommended. FD52: Classics Games - PelersQuesI a well done Mario brothers lype ol game, Jymbc a two player missile command clone, and Vstank a tank commander game. FD53: Great Arcade - On this disk is a wonderful implementation of the ever popular classic arcade game Defender. Also contain Air Race a WWII flying ace arcade game, and Psycoblast new creation idea game. FD56: Arcade - Includes SpaceWar, HuoyRaid a well done helicopter arcade game, and PowerPong a great expanded pong game. FD57: Arcade Games - Includes 2 true commercial quality games. MegaBall is the successor lo Ball; features 5 lull musical scores, multiple levels and addicting gameplay. Gravity Attack is a psychadellic trip through several different worlds--each distinctly different. FD5B: GAMES! - Includes Steinschlag; a great Tetris done from Germany with music. Scombat: simulate battle between up to 40 players & monsters. Imoerium Romanum: Battle up to 4 players for control of the Mediterranean in ihis Risk-esque game. FD59; Game Potpourri - Xenon til is an almost exact clone of the commercial game ol Ihe same name...a great shootemup. Crossword will take lists ol words & automatically generate word- search puzzles for any Epson compatable printer. FD60: Games - In Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations. Interferon; a great Dr. Mario clone. Enigma; is it a gameor a puzzle? FD61: Games - Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions. Klide; an interesting piece of eye candy. Extreme violence; 2 player kill or oekilled game. YATC; A Tetris clone with Artifical Intelligence. Genesis; create realistic 3d fractal worlds. WB4:Telecommumnication - This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily. Access (1.42) - A very nice ANSI term program based on Comm vl.34, but with the addition ol transfer protocols. Comm
(1. 34) • Lasi version of one ol Ihe best public domain communications programs ever made on Ihe Amiga, Handshake
(2. 12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 100 102 220 WB5 - Fonts 1- Several lonts (35) for the Amiga, also included are five PageStream fants.and ShowFonl - a font display program. WB6: Video Fonts 2 - ShowFont(4.0) This program allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font. Large AmiaaDos system fonts (many up to 56pts). WB7: Clip Art - This disk is loaded wilh black and white clip art. An indudes, trees, watches, tools, US and Stale maps, and more. WB9:lcons - Truly a multitude ol various lypes and kinds. Also includes IconMiester, IconLab, and others great utilities to help generate icons. WB10:VIrus Killers - Tne latest and best VirusX(4.0), Kv(2.1), and ZeroVirus III. WB11: Business • Clerk(4.0). finally a full featured business accounting PD program for the small lo medium company. Includes receivables, payables, end ol month and uch more. WB12: Disk Utilities • This greal disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for everything including making disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and file recovery archive and organizing, and all sorts of file manipulation. A must have! WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - over 70 different drivers, and if these don't do it, with PrtDrvGen you can make your own. WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project time management program and financial analysis (stocks). WB16: Business - This disk coniains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great calendar scheduler, a rolodex program, and pennywise a good ’Cash Book' accounting for home or office. WB18: Word Text Processors - This disk contains the besl editors. Indudes,TextPlus (v2.2e) a full featured word processor, Dme(v1.35} a great programmers editor with strong macro features,TexED(v2.8) an enhanced Emacs lype editor, and a spell checker. WB20: General Interest - DiskSalv V1.42 a disk recovery program lor all Amiga file systems. FixDisk V1.0 another life recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn't have, 3DLook gives a 3D appearance 10 your WorkBench, Clean V1.01 a program to de-lragment memory, Tracer - trace any part ol an image. WB22: Fonts 3 - Several more great fonts. These, like the other font disks work great with Dpainl and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Platting - Plot (20b) a three dimensional mathematical function plotter. Can plot any user defined function, BezSur12 - produce awesome pictures ol objects one could turn on a lathe. Can also map ifl image riles onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with mosi 3D packages, and Vscreen - makes a virtual screen anywhere, great for DTP . WB25:Educatlonal - On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base lo generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinates. Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein Genera! Theory of Relativity. WB26: Dfek Utilities 2 - MrBaokup, KwickBackup - two well done utilities to help with harddisk and floppy disk backups. FileMast - a binary file editor, Labelpnnter - Disk label printer with very powerful features. W827: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures ol beautiful women. WB29: Graphics and Sound ¦ This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs for generating stunning graphics. Includes, MandelMountams - a realistic terrain generator, Fracgen - generated recursive fractals from user input, Mandelbrot and Tmandel ¦ two fasl mandelbrot generators, also Mostra - the besl IFF display program to date, will display ALL IFF's Including Dynamic HAM. And Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anything. Try this disk! WB33:Cfrcuit Board Design - several terrific routines for the Includes an instrument flight simulator for a WB70:Desk Top Pub - Atcp - transfer Macintosh screen fonts. Mac or IBM format .AFM metric tiles, to Amiga screen fonts and Ppage .metric files. With this program open door to the libraries of Adobe and PostScnpt type!, Calendar - month templates in PS form. Post - a full featured post script file display and print ublrty. WB75: Music - over 100 instruments files ( inst) and sample sound files |.ss) lor your music programs. WB76: Applications - This disk contains Stichery - a often requested knitting design program, lotlo - a rather complete lottery tracking and prediction utility. SSS - this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games, Today - a personal calender, Tarot * fortune teller, and Grammar - grammar checker. WB78: AV - On this disk are two Amiga Vision programs (bubbler, sync) written by Lou Wallace, chief technical editor of Amiga World. These programs are marvelous examples of how too's with AV. WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Includes Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going, LCDCalc - this well done calculator has a very large display and operates from the keyboard or mouse. Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Worldtime - find out what time it is in up to 50 global cities. WB81: Great Applications DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program, Don't let the ease of use fool you. This is a very full featured database program including full printer control for address labels and mail merge applications. Also includes. TypeTut a good typing tutor. RLC a lull featured label printer. Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended. It’s Here! It’s Here! Release 2.04 of AmigaDOS for the A500 A2000!!! Includes ROMS, disks and full- documentation. Requires installation. $ 95.00 WB105A&B: Workbench 2.0 Extras 2 This set contains the programs that should have been included with WB 2.0. These powerful utilities take full advantage of the many new capabilities that are available in Workbench 2.0 Tool Manager - a *wonderful* utility to add programs to your TOOL menu, create a collection of icons on the workbench to I easily launch frequently used programs...and much, much more! A true must have utilityIM--ALL of our Amigas rely heavily on this utility. Icon - Enhances Workbench's ‘Show All" to display over 40 J distinct icons for different types of files (text, graphic, source I files, sound samples, libraries, etc.. etc.) Font Editor • Create edit bitmap fonts with full color support! Screen Blankers - ala fractals and splinersl No more boring _ black screen. Colorful, interesting and highly hypnotic effects! I Requester Enhancers - no more stale please insert volume' | requesters-these are animated requesters for all of the SONY Blank Disks DSDD 10 for $ 8.90 (.89 cents ea) 25 for $ 18.90 (.76 cents ea) 50 for $ 34.90 (.70 cents ea) 100 for $ 68.00 (.68 cents ea) No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders. Canada and Mexico add S. 15 each, Other foreign add S.50 ea I system's requesters. CPUBIIt - speeds up text displays for owners of 68020+ CPUs. | Wallpaper - put workbench on top of any IFF picture! I I I I SafeReboot - adds a safe way to reboot your computer., can greatly reduce disk validation errorsl Syslnfo - see what's under the hood ol your Amiga and see how fast they are. Public Screen Utils - allow several separate programs to share the same screen. G Twojdlskse countsas_two jjjsks release including the full user docs, the lull Developers guide ARP is Ihe oflicial AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1.3. ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use Irom the CLI. DD57: Advanced Utilities - Msh - like Cross-dos. Copios liles to and Irom MS-DOS. Pal-NTSC - convert any pal program to NTSC and vice versa. Also several utilities that improve your startup-sequence. Plus 25 more programs. DD62: Basic and Xscheme - Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler, sbasic and flext - several wonderful routines to help in basic programers. And Xscheme - an interpreted object oriented language. DD64: Amiga Programmers Manual - The fully comprehensive Amiga programming manual with source code examples and easy to understand tutorials' DD65: C Tutorials - Several well done tutorials on how lo program the Amiga. Includes tutorials and working examples on Device drivers. IFF reads and writes. Sound implementation. Arcade game design and implementation, Double Buffering, and others. A must have lor Amiga Programmers. DD66: Programming ToolBox - Many programs to help in your development efforts (most for C some for basic) Includes programs to generate requesters, an incredible spritemaker toolbox, to greatly aid compiling, convert Dpaint brushes to C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful time savers! DD69:Advanced Utilities - SerNet and ParNet - Connect two Amiga s and sharo resources, MemMonitor - Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved, Selector - put menus on your workbench screen, and more. DD71A&B:C Compiler - This disk contains DICE. Matthew Dillon's full featured, powerful C compiler and environment system. 2 Disks, counts as 2. DD72: VT Emulators - Contains three powerful full featured VT emulators, with many advanced features including Kermit, Xmodem and Tektronix protocols. VaxTerm, VLT, and more. DD77: Fortran - Contains a full featured FORTRAN77 environmental development system. Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembler. DD78: Menus & System Enhancements • Several neat programs to aid in launching programs from special icons (Next computer style), adding WorkBench menus and more. Also contains many useful programs to determine operation system configuration, memory usage, load and many other important utilizations. D79abcd: Amiga C Tutorial - This is the most comprehensive C language, Amiga orientated set of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons. Included are full discussions and examples of every topic on Amiga programming. Four disk set, counts as three. DD80: Vfont System - A font rendering system that extends the Amiga so that it will be able to use vectorized outline fonts. Fast rendering, rotating, and sizing. Use in your own programsl Dealer Inquiries welcome. WB82:Animations • Four full length, well done ’movie’ style animations. Including, Coyote. Jugglerll, GhostPool. And Mechanix. Two disk set. Counts as one! WB83: Computer Art - this disk has some of the best Amiga generated computer art that we have collected in the past 5 years. WB85: Graphics - Contains several programs for manipulating 24 Bit color images (ham-e) and a rather nice In Image processing package. WB86: Amiga Vision - Contains the Centurion Press, An Amiga newspaper by Lou Wallace. WB88abc: Tne Complete Bible - A three disk set, with the entire text of the New Testament and Old Testament, Great search utilities. Three disk set, counts as three. WB90: Rippers. Strippers and Beats - For the Amiga music enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music from your favorite games and programs. Music can then be played with your favorite Pd Music program. Also contains Drums, a very nice drum machine. This disk can require moderate knowledge ol the
CLI. DD45: AREXX Programs - This disk contains several useful arexx programs and examples. PopCLW - The latest of a must have utility. DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program in Pascal. Includes. A68k (1.2) 68000 assembler. Blink linking software and PCQ (1.0) a modest Pascal sub set compiler. DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(1 01) fully K&R. Zcc(1.Q) front end, A68k( 1.2) assembler. Blink linker. DD50: Arexx 2 - a must have set of tutorials on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities for Arexx development. DD51: Circuit Analysis - Aspice (2.3) A full featured program for electric circuit analysis. DD52: Scientific - Includes Elements - an incredibly well done periodic table program with source. Scientific plotting - over 600k of Lattice C source routines that can be included in your own programs. DD54: Compression - This disk is loaded wiih all ol the best file compression programs and aids for the Amiga. Many of Ihe programs can be used by Ihe new user. Includes Arc(2.3), Lharc(1.0), Lhwarp(1.03), rkax(1.0). PowerPacker(2.3a) a must have by all, 2ip(1.0), Warp(2.04), and Zoo(2.0). Also IFFcrunch an excellent compression for IFF files. DD55: ARP - On this disk you will find the complete ArpRel3.0 §€- r Total disks @ $ _each= $ _ Disk based catalog (add $ 2.50) $ Anti-Virus (add $ 19.95) $ _ Sony Blank Disks $ . CA residents add 8.25% sales tax $ _ Foreign Shipping $ . Please send me the following: Enter disk id (Ex. DD17, FD5, WB3) [) Payment Enclosed Please charge my: [ 1 Visa [ j MasterCard Handling $ 3.00 Total Due $ _ Following day shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within USA, Canada add $ .25 each, Foreign add $ .50 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds. A minimum of $ 20.00 required on credit card orders. Exp. CC Signature. Name Address City. ST Zip. I Phone ( )_ J DevWare, 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11-A23, Poway, CA 92064 I Orders Only Please I-800 879-0759 Support 619 679-2825 Fax 619 679-2887 Anti-Virus Now Only $ 19.95 , INFO Sep 89 ???? , Amiga Resource Oct89 Anti-Virus(c) is not Public Domain_ the creative edge of an Amiga1 WB50: Animation - Seven of the best european style animations or ‘Demos", including - scientific 451, subway (a U.S. entrant, also our favorite), sunride. Thrstdemo. Tnight, waves, and woow. WB53:Graphics - Raytracing programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings..., and surreal images often consisting of highly polished spheres and objects. C-Light is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of it's kind we have seen to date. This is easily better, and more full featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds ol dollars. Also. Smovie - a full featured video text titler similar lo ProVideo, Broadcast Tiller. Great video scro'ling, wipes, special effects, and more... WB54:Prln1lng • This disk conlains several routines lo help with the chore of printing. Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer for the PD! PrinlStudio -a well implemenled all-purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Lila - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and many more. WB55:Appllcatlon - Xcopylll - a full featured disk copier, make backups of write protected disks. RoadRoute • find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included. Diary - a diary program like ‘Dougy Howard M.D*, Cal * a calendar prog*am, Magman - a database tailored to maintain records on articles and SubTications. 7B57:Anlma1lon - This disk has several ’Demo' style animations. Including. Blitter. Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph. WB59:Buslness - contains a great, very lull featured slock market technical analysis and tracking program, also an appointment calendar, and more. WB61 rlntermedlate Utilities - Indudes programs to help to drasticaly decrease flicker in interlace and hi-res modes (antiflick), an Atari-st emulator, an eprom programmer, turn your amiga into an eight channel digital data analyzer or odlloscope, and more. WB62:Mlal Utilities • Several useful midi utilities including, programs lo transfer to and from several music programs lo midi, a midi sysex handler, a midi recorder wiih timebase, display midi Info, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB63:Disk Utilities 3 - Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duplicate files from your hard drive, performing file backups, Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION of corrupt disks. WB66:lcons 2- Lot's of neat icons. Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and info structures. WB68:Muslc Utilities ¦ several good utilities for the Amiga music enthusiast. Includes, Noisetracker * a areal music creation program, i Sonix2MOD - converts sonix to .mod files which then can be used by noisetracker, soundtraker, and MED, SpeakerSim - a speaker design tool demo, Wondersound is an additive harmonic instrument design tool with a separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic strength and phase angle controls. WB69: Music - This disk has over 90 minutes of classical and modem electronic music for you Amiga. Electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool, LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1.26) a well done new release of this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components for insertion inlo schematics. WB34: Utilities - Several well done utilities, some will require moderate knowledge of a CLI or Shell for setup. Chatter Box - this one will play any user defined sound after any event (ie. Disk insert, mouse click, disk removal...),. Artm - The Amiga real time monitor, gives you full control ol Ihe Amiga OS. Very powerful program. Helper - help program to make learning the CLI easier, and more! WB35: 3d Graphics - This disk contains several neat programs to use with your 3d modeling raytracino programs 3dFonts - Full vector font set for use with 3d programs. FontMaker • make 3d fonts from any system font, Make3DShape - create 3d shapes from any image. DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet, and World3d - a demo program of a front end for use with DKBRender. WB36: Graphics - On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including. Mpalh - creates swirling galaxy images. Hoses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. SimGen - display those spectacular images as part of your workbenck screen, and RayShade
- a very good raylraang program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this one I WB37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, spelling, and books. Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics • Plotxy is the most powerful full featured plotting package. Used by many colleges and universities. A welcome addition to our library! Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured. Tesselator - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsher type pictures WB39: Music - Intuitracker is a German offering of an exquisitely well done program that allows you to play music on your Amiga with CD like controls. Lets you strip out music Irom your tavorite games or others and include them in your music library. WB40: Music - ‘CD on a disk". 90 minutes of modern music on this well presented collection. Requires 2 drives or HD. V B41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga. Similar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program. Ver. 3 10. WB43:Business - This disk conlains AnalytiCalc - probably Ihe most powerful spreadsheet program on the Amiga. A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package. Requires 1.2 MB ol memoryl WB46:Clip Art - HighRos clip art with the following motifs • embellishments (borders, dodads people, and transportation. WB48: Clip Art - HighRes clip art with Ihe following motifs - Holidays, music, medical, and misc. WB49abc:Animation Sampler - On this three disk sampler set (counts as two disks) are some of the best animations that have been created over the last three years. Several examples of ‘Movie* type animations some with spectacular raylraced reahty'fcoolroby. Watch, spigot and egg) Also several european style or ‘Demo* animation with incredible graphics and outstanding electronic music (akrilight. Copersine, doc, dps2010, impact, and logodemo). These truly show off Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses 21st Century Entertainment Digita International Future Publishing
I. ucasfilm Games 5GB Milton hark Distributed by American Software 30 Monmouth St. PO Box 10307 Abington, Oxfordshire Bath, Avon, BAJ 2BW San Rafael, CA 94912 England 0X1-1-1RX Digital Arts England HOO STAR-WARS 0235-832939 20515 S.W. 114 Court Miami, FL 33189 Future Video Products Lucky Fish Software Accolade 305 378-8734 28 Argonaut 4830 Briarwood, Suite D4 550 S. Winchester Blvd. Ltguna 1 lilts, CA 92656 Royal Oak, MI 48073 Suite 200 Digital Design Group 714 770-4416 313,288-3753 San Jose, C.A 95128 PO Box 593 408 985-1700 WhitevilJe, NC 28472 GameTek Marksman Technology 919 642-6295 2999 NE 191 St. Distributed by Psvgnosis Agfa
N. Miami Beach, FL 33180 90 Industrial Wav Digital Graphics Library- MegageM Wilmington, MA 01887 1382 Third Ave. Gold Disk 1903 Adria 508 658-5600 Suite 333 5155 .Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Santa Maria, GA 93454 New York, NY' 10021 Mississauga, Ont. 805 349-1104 AirStrcam Graphics 212 978-8508 Canada 1.4W 5A1 PO Box 291090 416 602-4000 Megatoon Productions San Antonio, TX 78229 Digital Processing Systems 800 GOLD DSK PO Box 1781, 'terminal 512 436-1354 55 Nugget Ave., Unit 10 Quebec, Out Scarborough, Ont. Gold Leaf Publishing Canada G1K 7K7 American Software MIS 31.1 Canada 700 Larkspur Landing Circle Distributors 416 754-8090 Suite 199 Memphis Computer Products 502 E. Anthony Dr, Larkspur, CA 94939 Gartenstr. 11 Urbana, IL 61801 Discis Knowledge Research 415 381-7717 6365 Rodheim v.d. Hohe 217 384-2050 45 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 410 Germany Toronto, Ont. Great Valley Products 004 9-06007 7789,8690 Amiga Centre Scotland Canada M2N 5W9 600 Clark Ave. 4 1 lart Street Lute 416 250-6537 King of Prussia, PA 19406 Merlin’s Software Edinburgh EM 1 3RN 215 337-8770 Amazing Computers S.E. Scotland Display Systems International 1 141 E. Fletcher Ave. 44-0-31 -557-1212 147 W. Main St. Gremlin Graphics Software Suite 1450 Dayton, PA 16222 Distributed by Konami Tampa, FL 33612 ASDG 814 257-8210 813 977-6511 925 Stewart St. HiSoft Madison, Wl 53713 DKB Software Distributed by Gold Leaf Microdeal 608 273-6585 832 First St. Milford, Ml 48042 Publishing PO Box 68, St. Austell Cornwall PL25 4YB Black Belt Systems 313 685-2383 HyperMedia Concepts England 398 Johnson Rd. 5200 Washington Ave. 0726-68020 Glasgow, MT 59230 Domark Software Suite 226 406 367-5513 Ferry-1 louse 51 -57 Racine, WI 53406 Microillusions 800 TK-AMIGA Lacy Rd., Putney I x>ndon SWIS 1PR, England 414 632-3766 PO Box 3475 Granada Hills, CA 91394 Blue Ribbon SoundWorks 081-780-2224 Imngctccts 818 785-7345 1293 Bwardale N.E. Distributed by Accolade 72 Bollanger Rd.. 802 Atlanta, GA 30306 San Jose, CA 95129 MicroPacc Distributors 404 377-1514 Dynamix 99 W. 10th, Suite 224 408 252-5487 604 N. Country Fair Drive Champaign, IL 61821 Brown-Wagh Publishing Eugene, OR 97401 Impulse 217 356-1885 130-D Knowles Dr. 503 343-0772 6870 Shingle Creek Los Gatos. CA 95030 Parkway, Suite 112 MicroPlay 408 378-3838 Electric Crayon Minneapolis, MN 55430 A division of MicroProse Software 800 451-0900 3624 N. 64th Si. Milwaukee, WI 53216 612 566-0221 MicroProse Software Commodore Business 414 444-9981 Interactive Video Systems 180 Likelront Drive Machines 7245 Garden Grove Blvd. Hunt Valiev, MD 21030 1200 Wilson Dr. Electronic Arts Suite E 301 771-1151 West Chester, PA 19380 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92641 215 431-9100 San Mateo, CA 94404 714 890*7040 MicroSearch 215 436-4200 415 571-7171 9896 Southwest Freeway 800 245-4525 Interplay Productions 1061 N. Kraemer Place Houston, TX 77074 Compute Publications 713 988-2818 324 W. Wendover Ave. Expansion Systems Suite B Suite 200 44862 Osgood Rd. Anaheim, GA 92806 Migraph Greensboro, NC 27408 Fremont, CA 94539 714 666-2911 200 333 St. S., 220 919 275-9809 415 656-2890 KFS Software Federal Way, WA 98003 206 838-4677 Computer Imagery Expert Services PO Box 897 49 Walnut Ave. 5912 Centennial Circle Coming, CA 96021 Mindscape Shelton, Cl' 06484 Florence, KY 41042 916 824-2944 60 I.everoni Court (No telephone listed) 606 371-9690 Konami Novato, CA 94949 415 883-3000 Comspec FrostByte Systems 900 Deerfield Pkwy. 74 Wingold Ave. PO Box 481, Station D Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 Natural Graphics Toronto, Ont. Toronto, Ont. 708 215-5100 PO Box 1963 Canada M6B 1P5 Canada M6P 3KI Rocklin, CA 95677 416 785-3553 416 769-7516 916 624-1436 Nenralink PC) Box 16131 I Lubbock, T 79490 806 793-0423 New Horizons Software 206 Wild basin Rd., Suite 109 Austin, TX 78746 512 328-6650 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Ibpeka, KS 66603 913 354-11 16 800 843-8934 Ocean Software Distributed by Electronic Arts Oxxi PO Box 90309 Long Beach, CA 90809 213 427-1227 Psygnosis 29 -St. Mary’s Court Brookline, MA 02146 617 731-3553 Quma Software 20 Warren Manor Court Cockeysville. MI) 21030 410 666-5922 Rapid Eye Technology 2313 5th St., 1 Santa Monica, CA 90405 ReadySoft 30 Werthcim Court, Unit 2 Richmond Hill. Ont. Canada 1.413 1139 416 731-4175 Realism Entertainment 6 N 522 Pine St. Bensenville, IL 60106 708 595-7487 Right Answers Group PO Box 3699 Torrance, CIA 90510 213 325-131 I Robert Young PO Box 167 Whittier. CA 90608 Rombo Distributed by American Software Saddleback Graphics 12812 Garden Grove Blvd. Unit P Garden Grove, CA 92643 714 741-7093 Shocking Software 3535 N. Nevada St. Chandler, AZ 85225 Sofl-Logik Publishing 11131 South Towne Sq. Suite F St. Louis, MO 63123 314 894-8608 SOGWAP Software 115 Bellmont Rd. Decatur, IN 46733 219 724-3900 Spectrum Holobyte 2061 Challenger Dr. Alameda, CA 94501 415 522-0107 Studyware 476 Murphy Canyon Rd. Suite A San Diego. CA 92123 619 495-0190 Stylus PO Box 1671 Ft. Collins, CO 80522 303 484-7321 Supra 7101 Supra Dr. S.W. Albany, OR 97321 503 967-2400 800 727-8772 Talon Technologies 243 N. Hwy. 101, Suite 11 Solatia Beac h, CA 92075 619 792-6511 Texture City 3215 Overland Ave., 6167 Los Angeles, CA 90034 213 836-9224 Think Ltd. Prudential Buildings 46C High St.
F. rdington, Birmingham West Midlands 1523 6RH England 44-021-384-4168 TTR Development 6701 Sevbold Rd. Madison, WI 53719 608 277-8071 UBI Soft Distributed by Electronic Arts US Gold Distributed by Accolade Vidia Media Tools PO Box 1 ISO Manhattan Beach. CA 90266 213 379-7139 Virgin Mastcrtronic 18061 Fitch, Suite C Irvine, CA 92714 714 833-8710 Virtual Reality Laboratories 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 Vortex Computer Systems Distributed by American Software, Micro Pace, or Talon Technologies Walt Disney Computer Software 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 818 567-5360 Xctec 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, KS 67401 913 827-0685 ¦ Animate the real world! ManufacturersVDistributors’ Addresses, cont. New! With Scenery Animator you can create incredibly realistic animations of real world or imaginary fractal landscapes. It’s a powerful tool for artists, animators, and desktop video. It’s easy to use and has many innovative features not found in other software. See it at your local dealer today!
* 3-D control of camera path
* Instant preview window
* All resolutions and IFF24
* NTSC and PAL compatible
* Requires 2 megs, memory
* Suggested retail $ 99.95
* Accelerator not required with version 1.01
* Includes animation editor
* Color and lighting control
* Unlimited landscape size
* 24 landscape disks available Natural Graphics
P. O. Box 1963, Rocklin CA 95677
(916) 624-1436 Circle 179 on Reader Service card UTILITIES UNLIMITED OF OREGON, INC._
P. O. Box 532 * North Plains, Oregon 97124 • (503) 547-5611 • FAX (503) 648-8592 Technical Support (503) 647-9022 CANADIAN ORDERS;
P. O. Box 311 * Stratford. Ontario. Canada N5A 6T3 • (519) 272-1528 SYBIL is a multi-talented hardware software package. Just look at a few of SYBIL'S amazmg abilities: AMX II Patch - Turns one or more of your Amiga drives into a MAC compatible dnve while using AMAX1 Allows Reading and Writing REAL MAC format with normal Amiga drives! This patch also disables drive clicking, allows the use of AE High Density drives, allows control panel configuration to be saved, eliminates the need tor the cartridge to be installed (saving power), and moreT Disk Compress • Compress entire disks into AmigaDOS files! These files can be transferred to hard drives, tape backup units, modems, or any other means of data transfer. When needed, the file can be de-compressed back on to a floppy so the program can be used. Works with ALL disk formats, copy protected or not! Extra Storage - Tired of having only 880K of storage? With MegaBench you can end your storage problems’ Using SYBIL, you can format a standard DS DD lloppy to 1.12 megs! SYBIL is required to WRITE data to these special formatted disk, however, ANY Amiga can READ them! Imagine having a 1 + meg WorkBanch! Disk Copier - A special version of the Super-Card Ami II software was created to use SYBIL’S superior copying abilities. Eliminates ALL drive speed conflicts! Ordering Information: We accepl VISA and MASTERCARD. COD Money Orders, and Personal Checks Add S5 00 per order lor shipping & handling Add an additional S4 00 per order lor C O D Add and additional S3.00 lor ALL foreign orders Add an additional S5.00 for UPS Blue (2nd Day). ALL prices in U.S. tunds! Call our support BBS: (503) 256-1217 InfoMarket COMMODORE AMIGA SERVICE CENTER AMIGA 500 (Repair) $ 75.00 includes parts labor We service the entire Amiga product line and carry replacement parts & power supplies. Call for prices. A&M Computer Repair • 20 Guernsey Dr., New Windsor New York 12550 • (914)562-7271 24 Hour Turnaround • Dealers Call For FREE Catalog 1 - 800-344-41 02 A5Q0 Power Supply 5109 A2000 Power Supply 139 A3000 Power Supply 249 Check for all other parts A500 Keyboard A1000 Keyboard A2000 Keyboard c A-5001A2000 $ Repair ¦ ¦ V------ Ar AMPEX SYSTEMS, INC Repair IJI -i D plus parts 5344 Jimmy Carter Blvd. Discounts for Dealers & Schools N°(404) 263-9190 93 Authorized Commodore Amiga Service Center
(800) 962-4489 • Info: (404) 263-9190 Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. Citcle 96 On Reader Service Card HyperData 0uicfcReference®Guides Disk Based Multimedia For Your Computer America In Space Vol. I World Of Whales AMIGA Files to Slides 2000 Une Resolution Maintains RGB Quality & Anti-aliasing IFF, IFF24, RGB, HAM, Toaster, Ham-E, Sculpt, RGB, Turbo Silver, DCTV, Imagine No Mosaic Pixel Appearance
16. 7 Million Colors & All Overscan Sizes Supported 48 Hour Inhouse Turn Around An in depth look at our local region of space. Includes facts, figures and photos of the planets and their major satellites. HvperData PO Box 326 Cambria Heights, NY 11411 Illustrates and describes the men Beautifully examines ihe planets and machines Thai pioneered the most intriguing creatures. Wilh full
U. S. Space Program. Covers descriptions of habits, migrations. Mercury through Apollo, and more! Over 40 color images. Only $ 19.95ea For pricing & samples call: 1-715-856-5627 Or write to: GRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS PO Box 254 Wausaukee, Wl 54177 Send Check or Monev Order to:
N. Y. Res. Add sales tax. Plus S2.0U S&H Circle 189 On Readet Service Card. Circle 67 Ori Reader Service Card. KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-24B-2983 • 914-735-0960 % Now ihe only source y have been your AUTH 1 5® S ou will need for your Commodore product requirements. We OR1ZED source for more than a DECADE of quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6:00 pm EST HI RES VIDEO CUP ART Volume 2: SPORTS & HOLIDAYS Volume 1: WEDDINGS & SPECIAL EVENTS Each 3 disk set only $ 29.95 PO Box 424 Oak Forest, H 60452 Visa MC (708) 687-8200 Productions Circle 161 Oti Reader Service Card. MORE MEMORY FOR LESS NEW for Amiga 3000 £on static ZIPS $ 20.95 each 1 meg x 4 80 n.s. (70 n.s, add $ 2.00) 32K Buffer Chip Only Panasonic Printer $ 20.00
1124. 1524, 1624, 1180, 1191 w instmctions FPU Math Co-processor o a | p 68881 20 Mhz $ 50.00 68882 50 Mhz $ 250.00 8087-3 for bridgeboards S50.00 32K avail, for Citizen Printer S35.00 Memory Board 1 Any Laser Printer Call HP Laser Printer (Specify Model) 1 meg $ 89.00, 2 meg Si39.00. 4 meg $ 199.99 MEMORY WORLD Street Rd. & Bristol Pike - Plaza II, Suite 134 • Bensalem, PA 19020 Attn: Amiga Depl. 215-244-7930 Fax 215-244-7932 Add $ 4.00 SSH Add $ 7.00 2nd Day Add $ 4.00 COD VISA MC Check COD Circle 187 On Reader Service Card ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF HAM • Standard IFF
• Over 4000-line Resolution * NO Scanlines * NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color u*..unK(n nunmrDADmr ccm mcc Call or Write for order form, price lisl 4 sample: HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES 11280 Washington Place
(310) 390-301 0 Culver City, California 90230 Circle 194 On Reader Service Card.
• Super Denise 8373 Productivity, scan & Hi-res modes. Comes with Super Denise instructional diskette ...... 544.95
* A500 PC Motherboard New, populated and tested - 90 day warranty . ..,..5199-95
* A2000 PC Motherboard New with all chips including 1.3 1 meg Agnus and Super Denise (list price $ 920.00) . 5529.95
• A500 Keyboard (Factory new) .. 567.50 mm THE GRAPEVINE GROUP, INC. rjjjj-i gggg wiW 3 Chestnut St.. Suffern, NY 10901 mSm BBSS We Ship Worldwide 1-800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 Fax: 914 357-6243 Circle 174 On Reader Service Card. SIZZLING SOFTWARE jlTjf We offer the Best in Public Domain and Adult-Oriented Software, Over 250 Disks in Stock, Prices as Low as $ 3 per Disk. Free Brochures. Visa, MasterCard Accepted. Our Disks are Loaded! 3-Disk Adult Sampler: Send $ 10, Signed Statement of Age (21 +) to: CLEARLIGHT SOFTWARE PO BOX 1411, DEPT. A MILWAUKEE, Wl 53201 j"r NATIONAL DISKETTES SONY 3.5“ DSDD .51 GENERIC 3.5“ DSDD .39 (MIN. 100) 800-345-8619 OR 510-490-4163 CALL FOR BEST PRICIH8 OH AL OTTT® § Circle 192 On Reader Service Card. L Adult Graphics, Vol. 1 THE ULTIMATE AMIGA GRAPHICS DEMO Public domain collection of attractive adult graphics. 1 disk: $ 10; 3 disks: $ 25; 10 disks: $ 39; 15 disks: $ 44. Shipping and handling is INCLUDED! State that you are over 18. Call 216- 678-5365 for free catalog or send Check or Money Order to: Data Foundations • Dept. 100B? PO Box 9324, Akron, OH 44305 InfoMarket
• credit cards only • EACH PACKAGE HAS 6 3.5" DISKS SMC SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS 619 931-8111 ext 511 Circle 90 On Reader Service Card. Special Offer on Amiga 1000 Computers MEMORY FOR LESS D RAM BLOWOUT!! Amiga 1000 Computer $ 349.95 1300 Genlock (new) .....$ 59.95 1010 Disk Drive $ 64.95 1680 Modem (new) ......$ 24.95 Kwik Start II ...$ 79.95 Amiga 500 w 512K $ 395.00 Supra 501 RAM Exp ...$ 49.95 1084S Monitor ...$ 295.00 520 Video Adapter ..39.95 Minimum shipping on af! Orders $ 3.00. We also carry the following products for the A1000: Insider II (1.5MB Pop. W dock) ..S259.95 MultiStart II Board .... 79.95 SPIRIT BOARDS IN 1000 17, meg-$ 225.00 XRAM 500 1000 - 2 meg $ 299.00 GVP A2000 RAMS 2 meg $ 149.00 MEMORY WORLD Street Rd. A Bristol Pike Plaza II, Suite 134 Bensalam, PA 19020 Attn: Amiga Dopt Special With the purchase of an Amiga 1000, you may buy a 1010 Disk Drive and 1G80 Modem for 559.95. To order call Software Hut, Inc. * W (800)848-0079 2534 S. Broad St. __ In PA or for info. Philadelphia. PA 19145 «¦" gJgJSSS Fax (215)339-5336 Circle 83 On Reader Service Card. Circle 94 On Reader Service Card. 256 x 1 150n.s $ 1.19 ea. 256 x 1 I20n.s 1.39ea. 1 meg x 1 80n.s.....4.99 ea. 256 x 4 1 00n.s 4,69 ea. 256 x 4 Son.s 4.99 ea. 256 x 4 70n.s ..5.50 ea. 256 x 4 Bon.s. zips .5.50 ea. 256 x 4 10On.s. zips .5.25 ea. CIA (B520A) .14.95 ea. New Denise ..49.95 ea. 1 megxB Simm 80ns .39.95 ea 1 x 4 DIPS bi stock 21.95 ea 1 x 4 Page ZIPS. .21.95 ea. SALE Fatter Agnus $ 59.99 (1 Meg) For Amiga 3000 1 x 4 Static Zips 00n s 20 95 CPUs 68000 16 Mhz ..$ 35.00 68010 8 10 Mhz 19.95 68020 16 Mhz 75.00 20 Mhz 99.00 33 Mhz 199.00 6B03O 25 Mhz 279.00 33 Mhz ......345.00 50 Mhz 375.00 Math Co s 68881 12 Mhz 50.00 16 Mhz 75.00 20 Mhz 50.00 25 Mhz ..125.00 68882 20 Mhz Special 99 99 68882 25 Mhz ..225.00 33 Mhz ..275.00 50 Mhz ..350.00 All Crystals 10.00 ea. APO FFO. AK & HI, Foreign Call lor shipping charges 4 meg - $ 245.00 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 4.00 S&H Add $ 4.00 COO VISA MC CHECK COD Other chip speeds avail. CALL SUPRA 3O0RX
W. l-'wgj $ 15! CO K'lrvyi 5327 OO . Brxut S4W QO 2400 5 80 CO 740C Pta SIKCC MiK Acc**K*>« Bn crt seaas Mouse S19 9S MU $ 39.95 RomSw*. 535 0C BWTIa now $ 26 95 ROCIK Slimlln* Cliff nn 9« aIVO 5*0 95 EXPANSION SYSTEMS DATAFLYEfl SCSI SOO S13SLC 1000 Si 75.00 2000 $ 65 CO OATAFLYEH RAM 5002000 2megs 516900 13C02m6 SSS9 0Q SOOC H4rd Qfirt Bundle* Avtbabie SceJI IOE mo IDE'ScW coming teen! AWOO MEMORY STATIC ZIPS 1X4 30 522 45 256X4 BO 58 99 500 RX 1x4-80 pg 523 45 256x4-10 55 00 PhlCrS SUBJECT TO CIIANOE WITHOUT NOTICE Amiga 500'a RulLiiUUwd 5CO 5244! United Supply Each Ar-jija 100 1 neg of rwnory. 1 in S60K 3-.VO pw Sply 1 3 Erftanew Sot wart SsruiPKk 531* include* * tx*oa Eilttoal an aw Complete S00 Srtltm MS! This includes 1TV9 Bonus Pack plus a Hew Acer Mul6sync Monitor DKB INSIDE a II lOCOinlexnjX noiwy wfl 1 Snags KwlCXSTAHT U
V. O ROM S63 00 MmACNP 2000-500 2MS OF CH.P RAW
V. 7PUIAER 1303 00 MICROBOT1CS VXL- 30 6eC3C *CC£lERAT0« 500 f IOOC I tCft) 666 COM Ilxtfrf 5344 uccau-tom: u*
U. TV1M Supfill 68033 Sorm V. A OptiorM CO 4 RAMr Talking Picture Dictionaries SPANISH * GERMAN * CHINESE * JAPANESE ' All Words and Phrases Fully Digitized Speech por ffog ' Seven-Disk Set w Manual. On-line Dictionary, Quizzes a mifTSi** ¦ 25-30 Topics such as Weather. Numbers. Food, etc A4 Jliy a Romance Languages: $ 89,95 Oriental Languages: S129.95 FairBrothers, Inc. !J*rf” ' HrtKhwc a» ii-ifie Send $ 3 fur Ckmo duk 5054 S. 22nd St. I chin! .m fcpiln puchJKV Arlinoton VA 22206 to«mo«> ,*** 111 'ylul b v Ajlorders ihippciS UPSGroeni. Add S? For
(703) 820 1954 coo n ups o y Air AUDIO GALLERY Aamjga Warehouse Itihe JS le-mory Spe-clallsi Dear Amigan Looking tot a Had Drive system? Tired of piecing ii logerhet? When you purchase a complete HD System hewn us. We include an Instated, formatted Hard Drive with over 2 Megabytes of Public Domain Software..... DRAMS 256x1 -80 SI S5 256X1 ¦ 1051.70 256x1 • 15 51 40 256X4 30 55.00 1*1-100 5465 1X1-80 55.00 SIMMS 1*8-100 536 45 1X8 - 80 539 40 4X8-80 5157 00 MEMORY MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB SMB 1x4-80 SC ZIP $ 22.00 176 344 1x4-70 SC ZIP
24. 50 196 384 1 x 4-80 PAGE DIP
23. 00 100 200 384 1 x 4-80 PAGE ZIP 22 00 92 184 352 1 x 1-80, 70
5. 00 80 160 304 256 x 4-80. 70 500 80 160 304 1 x 8-80 SIMM 39 00 78 156 308 4 x 8-80 SIMM
155. 00 155 310 ICD ADRAM 540 95 165 231 _ BASEBOARD 95 165 231 IVS META 4 190 265 DATAFLYER RAM 92 167 242 392 AdSCSI 2080 169 244 319 469 DATAFLYER 500 SCSI... DATAFLYER 1000 SCSI DATAFLYER 2000 SCSI.. QUANTUM 103LPSCS1. ...139 QUANTUM 120 IDE..379 ..159 BIGFOOTA5CO ...89 ....85 A3000INTFLOPPY ... 115 ...359 C-NETBBS 125 ORDERS ONLY: 800-735-2633 v.sa MC INFO & TECH: 408-626-2633 Fax: 408-626-0532 BBS: 408-626-0302 VrSIONSOFT PO Box 22517 • Carmel, CA 93922 Circle 100 On Reader Service Catd. Circle 98 On Reader Service Card. Circle 86 On Reader Service Card Make the most of your advertising investment! Reserve your space in the AmigdWorld InfoMarket today! Call Heather Guinard at 603-924-0100 or 1-800- 441-4403. LabelDex! Authorized Amiga Service Center TM
2. 0 Operating System and E.C.S. In stock. Super Denise 8373 Chip in stock CALL Kickstart 2.04 w Workbench disks & manual Special bundles available CALL
1. 3 ROM Chip ..S 29.00 Fattest Agnus Chip 2MB S90.00 Cataloging, Mail Maintenance and Label Creation on the Amiga was never so easy ! "Easy to use... Full-featured... Very professional" Bill Frazier, Amazing Computing, Oct 91 Create, search, sort and print all types of labels using your DeskJet, LaserJet, DotMatrix or PostScript Laser Printer. Automatically creates professional looking labels. LabelDex! Evens dials the phone for you! _Qnlv 574.95_ KJV NIV NASV NKJV Among the BEST Bible Study Programs! Over 600 products in stock lor Immediate shipping. Please call us. We probably have what you need. Wt do repairs on Amiga computers with 2-4 day turnaround. A500 Sias-S H. A2OO0 S190+S H. Call for shipping on oiher items. Min. shipping on all orders 63.00, Exhaustive Concordance, Chapter or Verse Context (Boolean) Searches, Phrase Search, Margin Notes, Bindable Multiple Windows, Optional Strong's Transliteration & Definitions mart Maps, instant Access, Built in Word Processor, Topic References and Much More! C.ruc~,n>i [s Software Hut, Inc, - 2534 S. Broad St. A Philadelphia, PA 19145 3S $ I'm 9S’ Dtm° *** 10006Covington Drive $ 10.00 (Deductable) nBr«svillc. AL 35803 7995 h Transl,tfrat,oni I U )J (205)881-62971jgrifly 6520 CIA Chip ...14.00 Fatter Agnus Chip 1MB .. 64,95 A500 Replace Drive 109.00 All RAM Chips in Stock Call Paula Chip .... 29.00 A2000 internal Drive 09.00 Quantum 52S H D 269.00 A2000 Ktxl Irom Com 95.00 A500 Keyboard ..79-95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 A2000 PS. W swap out... 119.00 Bg Foot P S A500 .....109 00 A500 Repl. Drive w s 0.....09 00 DKB 2 Mg Chip RAM Brd 249.95 DentseCNp ... 29 00 Quantum 105S H D .... 379.00 A500 Motherboard with swap out 150.00 A2OO0 MotTTerDOarO Rev 6.x w Swap Out. .. 225.00 A2000 Motherboard Rev. 4 x w swap out.....350.00 Gary iCCthp ..17.00 A2000 Case (new) .....55.00 A1000 Case (new) .. 45.00 A5Q0 Case (new) ..... 45.00 MultiStart I! ......79.95 To order call
(800) 848-0079 In PA or for information call (215) 462-2268 Fax (215)339-5336 InfoMarket Sex Olympics Sex Vixens Space Spellbound Street Hockey Suyx Tetra Qirsl Thunders trike Torch 2081 Wind Walker Craps Academy Crash Garrett Darks ide Doctor Ami E-Swat Bear Form asmrnU Pro Game Beoer Dead than A5ai Blitzkrieg Ardennes B cries Bride of the Robe* B ugbas h N ucleus Championship Run Colorado B Abyss Adventures in Math AiAall Ami Alignment Sys Apprentice Barney Bear Camp Barney Bear School Barney Bear Space Barney Bear Santa 1-800-638-1123 10-9 Mon-Thurs 10-5 Fri & Snl EST 0*r$ 0one5 Software Blowouts $ 11.97 or 5 I $ 49.97 Blowouts Call for free brochure of many other blowouts plus our extensive line of Amiga titles. All titles listed arc new and fully guaranteed. We accept Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and COD order*._ Faery Tale Adwaiiic No Excuses Final Baltic Operation Harrier Goldrunner 2 Photon Storm Insanity Flight Rennaisance Kristal Laser Squad Legend of the Lost Matrix Marauders Murders in Space Circle 85 On Reader Service Card The Slingshot provides the A-500 owner with I A--000 compatible expansion slot. Works w ith hard tin* e interfaces, RAM expansion cards etc. Toll Free: 1-800-527-8797 Slingshot Lifetime Warranty NEW! BIGFOOT POWER! A-500 Necessity! Micro R. & D.
P. O. B«»x 130 Loup City. Nebraska 68853 Universal Joys tickJNoi Szvitcfi Own a Bridgeboard ? You're not alone anymore! Subscribe to CROSSINGS, Ihe newsletter devoted to Amiga PC compatibility. Published monthly since December 1909. SUS40 U.S. Canada. SUS5Q overseas air mail. (212) 369-8131 for more info.
- New! BridgeAccess "book on a disk” about the Bridgeboard. (Requires AmigaVision) SUS 19.95 + S2.00 S&H check or money order. (NY slate residents include applicable sales tax.) Please allow 4-6 weeks lor delivery. Deland Editorial Services, Ste 26E, 345 E. 93 St., New York NY 10128 Circle 182 On Reader Service Card Public Domain Software Resource Choose only the Amiga public domain programs you want using our custom ordering service. PDSRcsource offers hundreds of the best Amiga freeware and shareware programs. Send for our free catalog. Each custom disk is ontv $ 6.00. Remember, with PDSResource. . . "You have a choice!" PDSResource
P. O. Box 7175 Loma Linda, CA 92354 Circle 165 On Reader Service Card. EUROPEAN IMPORT SOFTWARE Colors: Black, Red, Blue. Black Color T-Shirt Ribbons: Price Each All PD The Best European Demos
5. 95
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4. 00 Brother Ml 109 Citizen GSX 140 Citizen GSX 140 4C Okidata 192 Panasonic 1124 Seikosha SPI600 Star NX 1000 Star NX1000 4C VISA MC ? LOW PRICES FREE CATALOG
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3. 50 2103 Harrison, Suite 317 Olympia, WA 98502 206-951-1503
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10. 00 BBS: 206-866-7875 Multi-Node 2400 HST V32bis FAX: 206-352-5074 r ? HUNDREDS AVAILABLE
- . A The Best : Amiga Music Green, Brown. Purple, Yellow T-Shirt (Heat Transfer Ribbon) Colots: Black. Red. Blue. Green. Brown. Purple. Yellow Minimum orders $ 25.00. Minimum S&H $ 4.50. Cali for other ribbons and supplies. Price & spec, are subject to change without notice. COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER RAMCO COMPUTER SUPPLIES PO Box 475, Manteno, IL 60950 USA USA (800) 522-6922 or (815) 468-8081 Canada (BOO) 621-5444 Circle 188 On Reader Service Card. Circle 181 On Reader Service Card. Hundred’s of previews of old and new games! Now you can test drive many programs cheaply before actually buying the final product! We also have an incredible amount of adult software and music modules! A 2-dtsk adult sampler is available for $ 7.00 (must sign stating you are over 18). All shipping is free. Write for a FREE catalog today! Foxy Tec • PO Box 2266 ¦ Gresham, OR 97030 Circle 166 On Reader Service Card Just Released SUPER DENISE 8373 Enhanced Chip Set (for A500 A2000) $ 44.95 The latest ECS upgrade for productivity, scan and Id-tcs modes. A must with 2.0 ROM. Conics with Super Denise instructional diskette. 59 ONLY AT THE GRAPEVINE GROUP E3 FAX: 914-357-6243 1-800-292-7445 or 914-357-2424 we Snip Worldwide Hours 9-6 EST Circle 174 On Reader Service Card. C-NET BBS SOFTWARE V2.0
• BBS SUPPORT ORDERS: 408-626-2633 BBS: 408-626-0302 FAX: 408-626-0532 The InfoMarket AMIGAWORLD’s InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 100,000 Amiga owners. Amiga- World is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton and Walden Books. To reserve your InfoMarket page display ad, call Heather Guinard at 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0100. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. YISIONSOFT • PO BOX 22517 • CARMEL, CA 93922 BfliWALL Total Solution Mailorder AT Hard Drives Maxtor 080MB LP $ 329 Maxtor 213MB HH S659 Maxtor 340MB HH SI099 Quantum 052MB LP S269 Quantum 105MB LP S399 Quantum 210MB HH S699 AT Controllers AdlDE 40 SI 09 DataFlyer 575 A500 Drive Packages GVP 52MB Quantum S559 GVP 105MB Quantum 5739 S49 $ 125 SI 89 SI 39 $ 209 A2ML DataFlyer 500 DataFlyer AT 500 IVS “AT1* Trumpcard I VS GrandSlam Roctec ' AT* 1 add any SCSI hard drive & add any *AT* hard drive $ 149* S159& S239& S309* S259& A3000 5499 5699 S469 S749 S759 SI 699 S319 S899 $ 669 5339 next page 90 Frame Grabber S439 GVP impaclvision SI.899 HAM-E S289 Kitchen Sync Dual TBC SI.699 Panasonic AG 1960 SI. 159 Panasonic AG7650 S3,999 Panasonic AG7750 56,299 Panasonic 1410 Camera SI79 Polaroid Digital Palette S3.599 RGB Splitter S299 RocGen Plus Genlock S369 SFC Personal S389 Showline TBC's as low as S769 Supergcn S659 Video Blender $ 989 VideoToasier v2.0 S2.299 Simplify your work. From new I mouses to scanners, always use an input device that matches your needs. N Don't know what these products do? P Call us and we'll be glad to explain. U Alphadala Cordless Mouse S75 Alphadata Optical Mouse S69 T Alphadala Trackball(3 button) S69 Amiga Wiz Draw Tablet S259 Amtrae Trackball S68 D Being Optical Mouse S89 Epson ES-30QC w driver SI 299 E GJ Hand Scanner $ 269 GI Cordless Mouse 579 V GI Cordless Trackball 589 I GI Mouse 536 GJ Optical Mouse 565 C Gravis Mousestick S69 Mouse Joystick sw itchbox 529 E Roctec Mouse 539 Sharp JX100 w Scanlab S589 s Sketch.Master 12x12 5459 Fast, accurate file transfers are now- affordable. With file sizes increasing and modem prices dropping, slow modems just don't make sense. If you have questions, we'll be glad to help. AM24 Mini Modem S79 ATI 9600etc e M.vpv.42bis S439 Baud Bandit MNP2-5 SI39 Courier HST 38.4 S599 Courier HST Dual Standard S899 DataLink Express mnps Fb* S229 Supra 2400 fax ww ua m S239 SupruModern 24 X) S99 SupruModcrn 2400+MNPv.42his S149 Telecom. Software A talk III S39 Baud Bandit $ 35 Online Platinum S39 Sterling Service BBS S89 Call our BBS at (215) 683-7499. 300 121)0 2400 baud, 24-hours, with u full cutalog including descriptions available Tor downloading! Adding speed to your system gives you more time working, and less time waiting. Once you experience it. You'll never go back! Let us help you experience this satisfaction. AdSpeed SI 89 GVP Combo 22Mhz w l MB SS19 GVP Combo 33Mhz w 4MB S1.359 GVP3050 50Mhz w 4M B S1.899 GVP G Force 68040 3000 52.499 Fusion Forty 25MHz w 4MB S1,749 MegaMidget 030EC 25Mhz 5399 Mega Midget 030EC 33Mhz 5499 MegaMidget ‘38 Special' 51,499 Progressive 68040 2(XK) $ ! .749 Progressive 68040 3000 S i .529 VXL30 25MH2.EC 5349 VXL30 40MHz EC 5499 I MB and 4MB SIMMS Scall Canon BJ30Q Bubble Jet Canon BJ330 Bubble Jet HP DeskJet 500 HP DeskJet 500 Color HP PaintJet (color) NEC SilentWriter 2 Model Panasonic KXP1124i Panasonic KXP4420 Laser Okidata Laser 400 Star N2420R Rainbow All Citizen printers...see You need a printer that shows off your ideas on paper. But resolution, printer drivers, and software all effect the right choice. Tell us your needs and we'll be happy to beip. SCSI Hard Drives Maxtor 080N1B LP S339 Maxtor 213MB HH S679 Maxtor 340MB HH $ 1099 Maxtor 676MB HH $ 1499 Quantum 052MB LP S269 Quantum 105MB LP 5399 Quantum 2 10MB HH $ 699 Quantum 425MB 5.25" S1399 Syquest (see next page) Xetec CD-ROM (int.) S599 Xetec CD-ROM (ext.) $ 679 Tape Backup Units Scall SCSI Controllers Data flyer $ 79 GrandSlam $ 239 GVP Series 2 HC8 $ 209 I VS Trumpcard $ 89 IV S Trum pcard Pro S159 Malibu SI 29 Create. Merge computer, video and still images in ways never before imagined. An Amiga, a camcorder or VCR and the right tools are all it lakes. The technology is expanding so rapidly it's hard to keep up. But we can help you make the right selections. 16mm Lens w variable iris$ 49 Amigcn Titling Kil SI79 BCD2000A S869 BCD5000 SI,959 CBM 1300 Genlock iaiooo) $ 69 CBM2320 Display Board $ 239 Chroma Key Switcher $ 339 Colorburst $ 679 Color Splitter $ 119 DCTV $ 389 DMI Resolver B $ 1,449 DPS Personal TBC v2,0 $ 839 DQ-TACO $ 2,195 Firecracker 2400 $ 819 Flicker Fixer A2000 $ 259 Flicker Free Video S269 Free yourself from mountains of floppies. You need the freedom and safety of a spacious hard drive. We offer the best hard drives available and controllers that make sense for your system. Your selection arrives ready to run because we pre-test and formal it! 1-800-766-5757 Cull fur Complete System Prices Drive cases. SCSI cables, Brackets - Just Call. Produce perfection. In print on screen, and in video, your work is a reflection of you. And it must be us you visualize it. Make it so. The tools you need are here today. 3D Professional S179 Amiga Vision 589 Art Department Pro v2.0 SI 89 Broadcast Tiller II $ 229 Caligart V2.0 $ 239 CanDo v 1.5 589 Digi-View 4.0 Gold S122 Digi-View MediaStation SI 59 Disney $ 79 Draw 4D Pro S2I9 DynaCADD 5689 Elatt Performer v2.0 $ 65 Fonts Scall Foundation $ 159 Genesis $ 89 Image Master $ 129 Imagine $ 159 Interfont w Interchange $ 78 Pagestream 2.1 5179 Pageselter v3.0 $ 79 Pelican Press $ 62 Pixel 3D v2,0 $ 79 Presentation Master $ 189 Professional Page 2.1 $ 189 Rasterlink $ 125 Real 3D Turbo Pro $ 319 Scenery Animator $ 59 Screen Maker 36 $ 239 Sculpt Animate 4D $ 359 VidGen 2.0 $ 99 Vista Pro $ 89 Ease your eyes. It's no fun when it hurts to look at your monitor. RGB. Composite, or Mulliscan. Whatever your needs, call us, CBM1084S Stereo S309 CBM 1950 Multi scan $ 579 DiamondScan AUM I391A $ 569 DiamondScan 20L $ 2,199 Goldstar 1450+ VGA 14" $ 369 Magnavox 1 CM 135 $ 289 Mugnuvox PMV I4VC+VGA $ 419 NEC MultiSync 3D-S $ 649 Seiko CM-1440 S539 Eliminate disk-swappers* cramp! Sure, you can get exccrci.se from a computer. But who wants to? You just need another floppy. A500 3.5" internal $ 89 A3000 3.5" internal $ 99 Air 3.5" $ 90 Master 3A-ID 3.5" 599 Chinon A2000 int. 3.5" $ 85 Roctec 5.25 external S149 Roctec Ultralite 3.5" $ 94 Roctce Ultralite black 3.5" S97 More memory means bigger files, longer animations and higher resolutions. Ail of your applications will appreciate it. We can explain your options and help you add the most efficient memory to your system. 501 Clones Baseboard W 5I2K Baseboard w 2MB Supra 500RX w 1 MB Supra 500RX w 2MB 2m 4MB 8MM GVP* SI 89 S279 $ 459 Supra8«* $ 209 S299 $ 429 Diitaflyer* $ 189 5279 $ 459 = will work in Daiaflyer 500) [ fses SIM.NW +r Uses DRAM I'm dME am Turn the page for additional products and specials from Briwall Total Solutions...Knowledgable Sales Consultants...In-House Tech. Staf Solid Products and Solid Support Here’s just a sampling of the software and books whai we carry! Please call us when you’re looking for any titile. Productivity Best Business v3.Q $ 129 Bible Search $ 69 Electric Thesaurus $ 33 Excellence v2.0 S99 Family Tree $ 49 Final Copy S59 KFS Accounting v2.0 $ 189 Maxi Plan Plus $ 59 Office $ 129 PH AS A R v4.0 S57 Proper Gramnicr $ 62 Prowrite v3.2 S99 Security Analyst $ 39 Superbase V4.0 $ 329 Superplan $ 89 Wordperfcct v4. 111 $ 169 Works Platinum $ 99 Utilities Ami...Alignment $ 29 Ami Back $ 49 AMOS - The Creator $ 65 AMOS 3D $ 45 Arcxx VI. 15 S32 CrossDOS v4.0 $ 26 Diskmaster v2 $ 44 Doctor Ami.. $ 25 DOS-2-DOS $ 35 Image Finder $ 47 Latttce SAS C v5.1 $ 199 Maverick $ 28 Opus $ 39 Project D v2.0 $ 39 Quarterback v4.3 $ 43 Quarterback Tools vl .3D $ 53 W KB-TALKER- knlmunl Solutions Why be limited to replacing your kcybnaid with an Amiga one? Why tv stuck w ith your A500's fixed keyhoard? Why Itave an A BIX) with no key baud? (reniemlxT llv trade-in?) Why snuggle witli an Amiga key map with site Bridget* xud? Solution: KB-Talker from Co-Ttonics Engineering! Atuichany true PC AT 101 keyboard to any Amiga Small adapter box, no software installation, keycap labels included KB-Talker t A HKIV2 O0G3OO0) w our favorite key board $ 119 KB-Talker A5U0 Kit w our favorite keyboard* S139
* Kit requites easy, but necessary drilling of 2 holes in back panel. XETEC CD-ROM for the Amiga The cutting edge of optical technology is now available! Xetec Cdx-650 SCSI drive systems provide access to vast amounts of information (up to 650MB per CD-ROM disc), are capable of playing audio CD’s, and arc compatible with CDTV titles (when running under the included CDTV emulation software.) Cdx-650E ~ External CD-ROM drive system including case, SCSI cable, and caddy $ 679 Cdx-6501 - Internal CD-ROM drive system including audio and SCSI cables, and caddy $ 599 ilnth systems include a free copy of the Fish More CD with over S00MR of PD softw are including Fred Fish disks Ml -370 CDTV Titles (call for pricing) All Dogs Go To Heaven Barney Bear Goes ro School. Barney Bear Goes Camping Hound of the Raskerv illes Business Time Tabic Discis Readme Books Science Time Table W omen in Motion ...and many more’ Just for those Bridgeboard and MS DOS fans out there Adaptec SCSI w softvvare Excel Magic I O board PC AT-101 Keyboard Roctec 5.25” Floppy ATOnce 80826 A2000 ATOnce 80826 A500 Continue expanding your Amiga 1000 with any of these exciting expansion products. Add memory, storage, speed, or all three. We support your A1000! Adspeed $ 189 CBM 1300 Genlock $ 69 DataFlvcr w case S229 ECE External MIDI S49 Fastrak SCSI + Case S289 Insider II (1.5MB) S259 Keyboard S119 Kwikstarl II A1000 $ 79 MegaMidget Racer 25mhz $ 409 MegaMidgel Racer 33mhz S529 Rejuvenator lOOOw Agnus S419 Rejuvenator w 2MB Agnus S469 Expand and Enhance. It’s part of the fun of owning a computer. Call us when you want to try something new. A5Q0 BigFoot 200w $ 95 Bomac Tower A2000 $ 269 CBM Speakers $ 38 CBM2232 Multi serial card $ 319 Covers, Cables. Disks Scall ECE A500 2000 ext. MIDI $ 49 Ex tec I lard drive Case $ 85 External SCSI Case $ 129 Gold Insider A2000 MIDI $ 59 Switchbox A B db25 SI9 Switchbox A B C D $ 29 TurboText $ 65 Visionary $ 59 Music A-Sound elite $ 79 AudioMaster IV $ 62 Audio Engineer Plus 2 $ 239 Bars & Pipes Pro $ 229 Digital Sound Studio $ 95 Dr T Copyist DTP $ 198 Dr T Tiger Cub $ 85 Miracle Keyboard $ 369 Perfect Sound 3.1 $ 65 Sound Master SI 29 Super Jam ! $ 79 Education Adventures in Math $ 22 Algebra Plus vol. 2 $ 33 Any Barney Bear $ 22 Distant Suns v4,0 $ 59 Fun School v4 533 Math Blaster Plus 533 Mavis Bea on Typing $ 34 Study ware or SAT or GRE $ 32 Any Cantu n SanDiego S33 World Ada 2.5 $ 38 Books Amiga for Jcginners $ 15 AmigaDOJ Inside & Out $ 17 Arexx on t e Amiga $ 27 Desktop !eo2nded. $ 19 Han.1 are R fere nee Review $ 22 Imagine G mpanion $ 24 Kids and tl .• Amiga $ 19 ROM Kern il:Exec $ 25 ROM Kert. Il:Includes $ 27 Model 10 Amiga Portable! From Newer Technology Now there is a 100% software compatible j true laptop Amiga computer! The Model 10 boasts 2MB of RAM, 1.3 or 2.0 AmigaDOS ROMs, a 3.5 internal floppy, standard 86-pin expansion bus and a bright monochrome LCD display. Available peripherals include an external 40MB hard drive, internal 20MB hard drive. RAM upgrades to SMB. Batten, charger, and a high-speed SCSI-1i Dan RAM drive. | All this in a package that weighs only 3 to 6 pounds (depending on configuration) and measures just 11.7 X 8.3 X 2 (closed.) Call now and find out all the details on this amazing new Amiga computer! Bravo Romeo Delta New From Free Spirit Soft ware Become the Chief Target Planner at SAC in this realistic simulation of a controlled nuclear conflict. Your job is to maintain escalation control (as specified in Presidential Directive
59) , with complete command of US Strategic forces. This includes ICBM’s, SLBM's, SSBN’s. Bomber Bases, as well as tactical warning and assesmem from NORAD. And when you’ve perfected the US strategy, you can switch sides and become the Commander ol the Strategic Rocket forces for the U.S.S.R.! Briwall Price $ 39 DeluxePaint IV The ft I selling paint and animation program just got better! Now’ with HAM. LighTable. New animation interface, metamorphosis and much more! Briwall Price $ 115 Mac Emulation Package Mac ] 2fiK ROMS, Mac Drive, and Mac Emulator Briwall ’TSIVT Price $ 539 limited i uwihry HP DESKJET 500 COLOR! Intro Price $ 739 Call for other education & entertainment software, books, and videos. We’re Multi-Lingual We have sales consultants fluent in French. German and Spanish! Innovative solutions to your needs Megachi p You call, as a serious Amiga User, and order an Accelerator Board, 32-bit RAM. A huge harddrive. Serious system complete? Please don't forget to expand your graphics capacity with 2MB of chip RAM! You need Megachip to get it into your 500 or 2000 (sorry 1000’s). Megachlp 2000 or 500 complete with the 2MB Agnus - $ 319 Kwikstart Multistart You want to get that 2.0 ROM...but what about the stuff that doesn't work? Or you want your 1000 to uuioboot off the harddrive. DKB offers the solution. An easy-to-install board that allows you to switch easily between 1.3 and 2.0. Kwikstarl A1000 - $ 79 Multistart A2000 or A500 (v5 or less) - $ 79 Call for trices an 1.3 and 2,0 ROM packages Insider II The A1000 is not forgotten! Upio 1.5MB of internal fast RAM with a battery-backed clock & calendar. Insider II w I.SMB - $ 259 The Best Quality at the Best Price Common question -What hard drive system | can I, an average consumer afford? Solution! Dataflyer w 52MB Quantum (no we don’t recommend a 20MB drive) And no...you are not giving up quality for price. See article in July 1991 Amiga World. Dataflyer v 52MB Quantum For the A500 5399 For the2000 $ 349 Memory board w 2MB SI89 Dataflyer A1000 - Brand New! Dataflyer y 52MB Quantum $ 479 Memory board w 2MB $ 189 Dataflyer External Memory A1000 2MB-$ 329 4MB-S369 6MB-S469 SMB-S559 Add a SCSI controller for $ 79 All Dataflyer SCSI and Memory hoards are A2000 compatible. Talk about upgradeahility! Ultralite Slimline Drive $ 94 This drive is absolutely gorgeous!! Ultralite (24 ounces). Ultraslim (7 8" high), ultra-quiet, pass-thru. Comes in either Amiga biege or black ( real classy--add S3) ROCGEN Plus $ 369 (specify PAL or NTSC) Finally, a low-cosi Genlock packed full of features! Something you can really use for Consumer Prosumer applications. Composite video or External key ing input, composite video output, video thru and RGB video output. Dual dissolve dials for overlay and fade. Chromakey option available ROCTEC GREAT PRODUCTS AT LOW PRICES! We carry a full line of CDTV titles and accessories! SYSTEMS DKB EXPANSION SUPER SYQUEST SALE! Removeable-media Hard Drives. Perfect for backups, mass storage, DTP and animations 44MB 5.25" Internal $ 369 88MB 5.25" Internal $ 499 ij LH l-J "I* I L*l> I BfliWALL AMI-BACK SYQUEST EXTERNAL CARTRIDGES 44MB $ 79 88MB $ 129 Clean Kit $ 29 Get Ami-Back for just $ 29 when you buy -I or more cartridges!
1. Technical expertise to help you make the right decision. Buying the right product isn't easy. We don’t just take your order; we work with you to match your needs with the right products. With over 6 years of experience in this business, we have the technical expertise to make solid recommendations. Backup and restore to hard drives, floppies, and SCSI tape drives. It’s fast (SMbytcs min), easy to configure, and has many options. $ 49 Wc'II add a case, SCSI cable, and setup for just S129 I’lcase Npecify the SCSI controller vou own Professional Page 2.1 Powerful. Easy in Use, Desktop Publishing! Si ¦*
• Landscape pruning on dot| matrix and laser printers!
• Up to 2X faster than 2.0
• Interactive on-line help disk
• Built-in Word Processor & Spell checker! I Video Blender Professional Desktop Video Here's a low-cost alternative that includes; genlocking, wiping, switching, luma keying, fading sequencing, scripting, mixing, audio. GPI and much more! Tape Backup So' ,$ 189 iolutions vv Amiback Not everyone needs high-capacity tape backup, but you prosumers' and professionals do! And we have the lowest price, highest quality solution. Wangtek 250MB w Tape Cartridge and Amiback $ 629 Add SI50 for an external solution
2. Pretested products to help ensure that your purchase works. Our in- house, trained technicians pre-test memory boards, hard drives and many other products before they leave our door. The Video Blender is PAL and NTSC compatible, and bcacause it is completely self-contained, it works with any Amiga (I MB RAM required.) Fusion-Forty RCS Management's Motorola MC68040 accelerator board for the Amiga. With a clock speed of 28MHz the Fusion-Forty boasts incredible processing power of 18-25 MIPS and 3.5-8.0 MFLOPS.
3. Satisfaction guarantee. Buying mail order can be intimidating but we make it easy and safe. We guarantee that if your purchase doesn’t run on your system, we’ll help you work with the manufacturer until you are satisfied. Briwall TSM’ Price $ 989 Features include: ? 4MB of 32-hit RAM. Expandable to 32MB ? Hardware select switch to disable accelerator ? One year warranty ? 6-layer board w ith separate pow er and ground planes to minimize noise Mega-Midget Racer The upgradable alternative from CSA Our personal services help you pick the right product and get it running on your system quickly. Briwall Price - SI749 CITIZEN PRINTERS Don't get caugh! In the ¦Ddiven Charge’ trap! Model Pins Width CPS Price Colorkit 130 140+ 145 200 200 15 24 10" 180 $ 269 $ 49 24 10" 220 $ 329 $ 49 24 16" 192 $ 399 $ 65 9 9" 213 $ 179 $ 49 9 15" 213 $ 329 $ 65 II you coinpriri.Non shop, (and you s.houkl). alw ays ask for ihe delivered price ol die item you want to order. You'll find our prices are teal, and our shipping charges are fair. Prices starting at $ 399 Great deal -- "38 Special" $ 1499
M. iny other configurations uv.»labk. Call for JctaiK All feature; 2 year warranty, easy user-replaceable printhead top. Rear& Bottom feed, paper park & load multiple built-in fonts, easv-io-use LCD control panel There is so much we want to tell you, and so little room in this ad. Just call us! Citizen PN48 portable laptop $ 369 Just 2 1 2 lbs, 1 page minute. 369x360 dpi, thermal fusion laser Get our Catafog-On-A-Disk, packed full of info. Free with everv order! 1-800-766-5757 DKB 2632 '""'$ 169! USA and CANADA) Outside USA: (215) 683-5661 Tech Support
215) 215: 683-5699 683-8567 RAM to your Amiga Free your A2500 of the 4MB, 32-hit RAM limit, and add the memory you need for faster renderings, and longer animations! The 2632 board allows memory upgrades in 1.2. 4, 8, 16. And 32MB increments (up to 112MB!) Using 32-hit SIMM modules. Customer Service (215)683-5433 J Any Visa and MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge AX J Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight and value. ...... J$ f . BODEGA BAY ? Software shipping charges are S5.00 per total order via UPS ground to anywhere in the continental USA J All orders over $ 300 are insured at customer s expense. J We prosecute credit card Iraud to the fullest extent of the law! JAM returns require an RA , Please call before returning anything! Your A500 can now be A2000 compatible. Add 4 A2000 slots. (3 are also PC slots), 3 Drive Bays a 200W Power Supply and more. Imagine putting all those little boxes into one A2000 type box. And wc have the packages to meet your needs. Bodega Bay $ 259 Bodega Bay w Malibu SCSI and 52MB Quantum $ 635 35” Internal Drive Kit $ 99 Catalina Memory Board $ 79 firhvall is California Access's exclusive mailorder house The DKB 2632 installs directly onto the CBM 2630 accelerator board, requires no soldering, and has a full one year warranty. Starting under $ 650 for 4MB Federal Express® Charges for all orders under 20 pounds 2nd Day Delivery $ 13 Next Day Delivery $ 17 DHL Canadian and Overseas customers are shipped DHI Rates as low as S15 to Canada! Roctec RocHard External hard drive system for the Amiga 500 Why limit yourself to a single driv e format? The RocHard allow s you to conned to 2 IDE (*AT*) hard drives to your A500, and with the SCSI option, up to 7 SCSI hard drives as well! There’s also room for up to SMB of Expansion RAM. A game switch, and a quiet fan cooling unit. RocHard AT drive system $ 259 RocHard SCSI option S45 i-jll lo frn ntOncmot ctHTfyjuralion BRIWALL
P. O. Box 129 58 Noble St. Kutztown, PA 19530 Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8 EST) Store hours:Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM. Saturday 10AM-2PM School and corporate purchase orders are welcome. We specialize in overseas orders! The Last Word Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. CDTV Impressions From the Far East I’ve just installed a Commodore CDTV and am very impressed with it. However, I have a couple of queries and comments. No manual came with the machine, but one is absolutely essential. It's ridiculous to say that anything you want to know is on the instruction disk one can’t change disks and wait five minutes for a piece of information one could get instantly from the pages of a manual! I imagine that several authors are rushing out books on this new machine. Have any been published yet? I don’t yet have a keyboard... I hope that someone is developing a “palmtop” version incorporating all the essential functions. Actually, I have not had much time to play with the CDTV because I’ve been diverted to my A3000 by the Vista program, which was featured in your September issue. It really is a fantastic program. Arthur C. Clarke Cahimbo, Sri Lanka WordPerfect, We Need You In a recent telephone conversation with a WordPerfect representative, I learned that version 5.01 for the Amiga is currently on the hack burner during development of44WordPerfect for Windows.” (I can’t blame them for trying to improve their PC market potential.) The bottom line is that if Amiga users are serious about getting v5.01 back into development, they’ll have to start a letter-writing campaign to show their support and need. Address your letters to: WordPerfect Corporate Communications, Attention Liz Tanner, 1555 Technology Way, Orem, UT 84057; FAX: (801 >-222-2577. John Comerford Woodland Hills, Calif. Pretty Knitting Patterns In reference to your Sept. ’91 editorial, one feature users said they wanted was sewing and knitting patterns on disk. Suzan Lazear of Encinitas, California, has done a remarkable amount of work in this field. She has a wonder ful pattern program and also sells hardware and back-up software that does a fantastic job of interfacing with standard computerized knitting machines. Her address: Cochenille Computer Knit Products, PO Box 4276, Encinitas, CA 92024; (619)-942-1957. William Adams Seattle, Wash. Many people with invisible handicaps could earn by using computers al home. Empowering the Housebound Thank you for vour line editorial > (Dec. ’91) regarding people with handicaps and the need to adapt personal computers so more such people could become gainfully employed. While your emphasis was on those with recognizable physical limitations, many people with invisible handicaps could earn by using computers at home. While they may not require special equipment, they do need the understanding of business people that they are capable of performing the same tasks with the same degree of skill as they would in an office miles away. I am one of those. I am agoraphobic with post-polio weakness, which, combined, make it essentially impossible for me to work outside my home. About three years ago, I started my own desktop-publishing business with an Amiga 2000 system. Although my earnings are still modest, they have steadily increased, and I feel the venture is successful. Taking a cue from Joseph Campbell, I am following my bliss and loving every minute of it. Educating the community is essential, and you have performed a vital service by calling attention to the lact that computers can be used to put house-bound people to work, give them an income, and let them become or resume being contributing members of society. (Ms.) MJ. Barnes Houston, Texas The Working Amiga Hats off to Jason Ivy (The Last Word, Oct. ’91) for speaking out and demanding the recognition due the .Amiga. I work for a Chicago UHF TV station that was the first one around and the first to commit itself to the Amiga, which we have been using for about five years. I understand that some local cable stations now use it, and the University of Illinois Circle recently purchased the Video Toaster for its new TV studios. We use the Amiga for everything: newspaper ads, magazine covers, folders, tickets, brochures, sales presentations, posters, billboards, bus ads, invitations, multimedia presentations, 2-1) and 3-D animation, news graphics, commercials, telethons, and even the live ticker on our stock-market show! The Amiga has saved the station a lot. Printers and output services continue to he amazed at what “that little machine can do.” The networks are amazed at its graphics and secretly love it.
L. Jaime Chicago, III. 1 2 ISSUES FOR $ 4 40 ORDER $ 2447 2iYES! Nam© receive a FREE Address State 1 2 ISSUES FOR $ 47.40 Sampler Disk! Name Address City State Zip issues for WtfQ $ 2447 SftwJ Name Address City Stat© Zip RUSH me my FREE Sampler Disk and enter a one-year subscription (12 issues) to AmigaWorld for only $ 24.97. I save 47% off the annual single copy price. ? Bill me ? Payment enclosed Please make checks payable la AmigaWorld Canada 541 -97. Mexico $ 3497. Foreign Surfoce $ 47,97. Foreign AirmaB $ 82 97 (US funds drawn on a U.S. bank) Prepayment Is required on aB Foreign Surface or id Foreign Airmail orders. Basic 1 year (12 Issue) subscription rate is $ 29.97. AI prices are 1 year only. Please allow 6-8 weeks lor delivery Canadian rate includes GSI. Colifomia residents pleose odd 7.25% soles lax RUSH me my FREE I Cvi Sampler Disk and enter a one-year subscription (12 issues) to AmigaWorld for only $ 24.97.1 save 47% off the annual single copy price. ? Bill me ? Payment enclosed Please make checks pay able to AmigaWorld Canada $ 41 97. Mexico $ 34 97. Foreign Surfoce $ 47.97, Foreign AhnaB $ 82.97 (U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) Prepayment is recurred on a3 Foreign Surface and Foreign Airmail orders Basic I year (12 issue) subscription rate is $ 29.97. AS prices are I year only. Pleose o aw dr8 weeks tor doSvery ConotScn rote includes GST. Calfornia residents please add 7 25% soles lax. R 'bV rC*! RUSH me my FREE I Lv> Sampler Disk and enter a one-year subscription (12 issues) to AmigaWorld for only $ 24.97.1 save 47% off the annual single copy price. ? Bill me ? Payment enclosed Pleose make checks payable ‘o AmigaWorid Canoda $ 41.97 Mexico $ 34.97. Foreign Surface $ 47.97. Foreign Airmol $ 82 97 (U.S. fi vds drawn an a U S bank). Prepayment is required on ok Foreign Sufoce and Foreign Ajmoi orders. Bask: 1 year (12 Issue) subscription rate is $ 2997. AS prices are 1 year only Please a*ow fr8 weeks for deSvery Canccfon rale includes Gst. Cakfomta residents please odd 7 25% sales tax ORDER NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO. 1247. BOULDER, CO POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY addressee and AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 50365 Boulder, CO 80321-0365 Info DIRECT TO YOU AT NO COST OR OBLIGATION State If you would like a one year subscription to AmigaWorld (12 issues) please check here. All orders must be prepaid. The cost is $ 29.97. Canada and Mexico, $ 41.97; Foreign surface, $ 47.97; Foreign Airmail, $ 82.97 (must be US funds drawn in a U.S. bank). State
e. ? Help Key
f. ? The Last Word
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h. ? Reviews (General)
i. ? Video Suite 1 26 51 76 101 126 151 176 2 27 52 77 102 127 152 177 3 28 53 78 103 128 153 178 4 29 54 79 104 129 154 179 5 30 55 80 105 130 155 180 6 31 56 81 106 131 156 181 7 32 57 82 107 132 157 182 8 33 58 83 108 133 158 183 9 34 59 84 109 134 159 184 10 35 60 85 110 135 160 185 11 36 61 86 111 136 161 186 12 37 52 87 112 137 162 187 13 38 63 88 113 138 163 188 14 39 64 89 114 139 164 189 15 40 65 90 115 140 165 190 16 41 66 91 116 141 166 191 17 42 67 92 117 142 167 192 18 43 68 93 118 143 168 193 19 44 69 94 119 144 169 194 20 45 70 95 120 145 170 195 21 46 71 96 121 146 171 196 22 47 72 97 122 147 172 197 23 48 73 98 123 148 173 198 24 49 74 99 124 149 174 199 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 If you would like a one year subscription to AmigaWorfd (12 issues) please check here. All orders must be prepaid. The cost is $ 29.97. Canada and Mexico, $ 41.97; Foreign surface, $ 47.97; Foreign Airmail, $ 82.97 (must be US funds drawn in a U.S. bank). 428R1 Here's How. ? Print your name and address where indicated. ? Tell us about yourself by answering the questions. ? Circle the numbers on the card corresponding to the reader service number on the ads for products or services that interest you. ? Tear out and mail the card. ? Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your subscription. NO OBLIGATION. Literature on products and services will be sent to you directly from advertisers, free of charge. Want to Know More About Products Or Services Advertised In This Issue?
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G. ? Business accounting
h. ? Database management
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n. ! Home productivity and finance
o. i IBM Mac emulation conversion
p. ? Multimedia production presentation
q. ? Music sound
r. ? Operating system software
s. ? Programming
1. What kind of Amiga do you own?
A. ? Amiga 500 d. ? Amiga 2500
b. II Amiga 1000 e. ? Amiga 3000
c. ? Amiga 2000 f. ? Don’t own an Amiga
2. Hypothetically, if AmigaWorld could provide coverage of only 6 of these subjects every month, which 6 would you choose?
G. II Business accounting
h. ? Database management
i. ? Desktop publishing
j. ? Education
k. ?Games entertainment
1. ? 2-D graphics animation
m. ? 3-D graphics animation
n. ? Home productivity and finance
o. II IBM Mac emulation conversion
p. ? Multimedia production presentation
q. ? Music sound
r. Z3 Operating svstem software
s. ? Programming AmigaWorld READER SERVICE CARD AmigaWorld READER SERVICE CARD ? ?
T. ? Science engineering (CAD, Unix, etc.)
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9. ? Accent on Graphics e. LJ Help Key
a. ? Back Talk f. ? Tire Last Word
b. ? Chief Concerns g- ? Overscan
c. ? Crib Motes h. ? Reviews (General)
d. ? Game Reviews i. ? Video Suite
t. ? Science engineering (CAD, Unix, etc.)
u. ? System upgrade expansion (hardware)
v. ? Telecommunications
w. ? Video
x. ? Word processing
3. Which 4 regular monthiv sections (not articles) of AmigaWorld do you find most valuable?
Y. ? Accent on Graphics 4. ? Help Key .. ? Back Talk 5. ?The Last Word
1. ? Chief Concerns 6. ? Overscan
2. ? Crib Motes 7. ? Reviews (General)
3. ? Game Reviews 8. ? Video Suite
4. Which 4 regular monthiv sections (not articles) of AmigaWorld do you find least valuable?
9. ? Accent on Graphics
a. ? Back Talk
b. ? Chief Concerns
c. ? Crib Motes
d. ? Game Reviews Address. Citv- Address. Name. Name City 42BR1 1 26 51 75 101 126 151 176 2 27 52 77 102 127 152 177 3 28 53 78 103 128 153 178 4 29 54 79 104 129 154 179 5 30 55 80 105 130 155 180 6 31 56 81 106 131 156 181 7 32 57 82 107 132 157 182 8 33 58 83 108 133 158 183 9 34 59 84 109 134 159 184 10 35 60 85 110 135 160 185 11 36 61 85 111 135 161 186 12 37 62 87 112 137 162 187 13 38 63 88 113 138 163 188 14 39 64 89 114 139 164 189 15 40 65 90 115 140 165 190 16 41 66 91 116 141 166 191 17 42 67 92 117 142 167 192 18 43 68 93 118 143 168 193 19 44 69 94 119 144 169 194 20 45 70 95 120 145 170 195 21 46 71 96 121 146 171 196 22 47 72 97 122 147 172 197 23 48 73 98 123 148 173 198 24 49 74 99 124 149 174 199 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 February Issue Card Valid Until April 30, 1992 February Issue Card Valid Until April 30,1992 Phone = ) Zip Zip Phone( ) DIRECT TO YOU Want to Know More About Products Or Services Advertised In This Issue? AT NO COST OR OBLIGATION Please Use First Class Letter Postage AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 8751 Boulder, CO 80329-8751 Please Use First Class Letter Postage AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 8751 Boulder, CO 80329-8751 Here's How. ? Print your name and address where indicated. 4 Tell us about yourself by answering the questions. 4 Circle the numbers on the card corresponding to the reader service number on the ads for products or services that interest you. 4 Tear out and mail the card. 4 Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your subscription. NO OBLIGATION. Literature on products and services will be sent to you directly from advertisers, free of charge. YOUTH A PRETTYGflH PROGRAMMER AiREADV. ¦ Object Oriented Program Construction for Regular Ordinary People. Hile you weren't watching, we turned you and the rest of the world's Amiga users into programmers. With CanDo's intuitive interface and simple but powerful toolkit, ordinary people all over the country have been creating stand-alone utilities, data bases, word processors, vertical market applications, animated multimedia presentations, and all sorts of games. Experienced programmers (many of them not ordinary at all) have been prototyping applications in CanDo for the sake of expediency and finding as often as not that there's little left to do when they get through. We gel rave letters every day. Give us a call. We'll read you some. Belter yet, just say the word and we'll send von a nice low cost sample of the whole CanDo package. BUTYOU PROBABLY DON'T I KNOW IT YET WilhCttnDo YouCanDo Just About Anything tsic s mv vui afwc vtftoi V hr. Irl*i J pr.t a. t ii-tj tt irate jm -tmS W »•*; H tap ‘
W. Cjti A ?> -SOI lux "rgMP* * c VISA INOVAtroni(s, Int. SJ'fJ (ireetivtllr Ave tlie State 2WH Dallas. Texas 7S2.U 214 YJYI.JW
M. JU.iJH.SsN hath tnat k v. Amiga: Ctnntnmlore-Ainiiju. Hie. IXOVAtrmin ( anDo hunatratties, hie Circle 75 on Reader Service card Give us your address and $ 10 and we'll send two disks and a CanDo manual by return mail. You'll have created a program before David Letterman goes off. Get a fresh look at what your Amiga is capable of. ' liny Cun Do Inter mid we'll give you your sawhnck hack. TEST DRIVE CANDO 1.5 FOR JUST 10 BUCKS. New Video Toaster System 2.0 - New Effects, Ray Tracing, and even better Character Generator. Video Toaster System Z.0: 9 essential tools you need if you're using your Amiga for video or graphics. 4 Input Production Switcher Digital Video Effects 35ns Character Generator Toaster System 2.0 includes organic switcher transitions like fire, smoke, clouds, pouring liquid and breaking glass. Powerful positionable effects for over-the-shoulder insets, soft-edge wipes and wild ' KikiFX" like you've never imagined. 24-bit Broadcast Paint Real-time digital video effects on live video at 60 fps. From flip, spin and tumble all the way to amazing perspective warping effects and even incredible sphere and cube mapping in real-time. 3D Animation 16 million color 35ns broadcast text with over 100 high-quality, anti-aliased type-faces. System 2.0 also features faster loading of pages, framestores for backgrounds, improved keying and text file import. Dual Frame Buffers ToasterPamt is the only true broadcast-quality NTSC paint system for the Amiga. System
2. 0 brings new features including improved auto-scrolling and direct import of images from the Toaster's frame grabber. Luminance Key Lightwave 3D 2.0 offers over 150 new features including blazing rendering speed, multiple morph targets, 3008 x 1920 resolution and true ray-tracing! 2.0 makes modeling a joy with new tools like bend, twist, taper, skin and magnet. Color Processing Hold two high-resolution 16 million color video frames in perfect YIQ-encoded RS-170A network quality. System 2.0 brings you enhanced hue matching, even faster loading, and framestore file compression to save disk space. Still Store Frame Grabber Much more than just simple weatherman over a map. Toaster"" keying lets you do luminance fade transitions, or combine two live sources using a third source as a key and even key-based digital trails. Control of color effects from the switcher and 20 new default effects make ChromaFX taster and more powerful. Now combine effects and color cycle with new organic switcher transitions for incredible new possibilities. Freeze flawless broadcast resolution images instantly from any color camera, laserdisc or even cable TV with better color reproduction, faster loading, and powerful new field and frame saving options. Free Toaster Video Tape We can't show you the power and quality of the new Video Toaster in a magazine ad. So we’ve decided to prove it with a free VHS tape about tiie Toaster produced entirely with the Toaster. This award-winning demo-within-a-demo starring NewTek's Kiki Stockhammer is aptly titled “REVOLUTION”. Call today to find out about the most successful Amiga product of all time. Cali 800-765-3406 Tsasier 1.0 lissrs call year dealer or 80D-843-8S34 lo upgrade today. NiwTek INCORPORAT ED
- a- «• a Mt t 612-882-1662 fcs your free demo tape Deno also available on S-VHS. Hi8.3 4’. Mil. Beiacair. R, LaserDisc !'* •!' ' ' "*'¦ .¦•T amtablo Pnt.'.1 and spec lotions subject lo change Amiga is a registered trademark ol
- n !•-.-• a • ia : v : -fo.i I laslAf l ijl t.-.jve 31) Ctnunulx and ToasterPamt are trademarks ol NewTek Inc. O NewTek. Inc. Circle 3 on Readier Service card 1 Stunning 3-dimensional technology lets you travel anywhere around the course. Follow the ball as it flies through the air; watch your shots from numerous selectable camera angles.

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