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I was reading the other day that Commodore is working on a new set of custom chips for the Amiga. The message (it was a rumor on a HISS) said that it would have more codas and higher resolutions, plus a lot of other undisclosed features. Is this true? When are they coining out? Will this he an easy upgrade like Amiga DOS 2.0? And will I he able to make use of them in my A500? J. An dries New Orleans, Louisiana A: Well, the first tiling I have in say is that one should always take rumors with a large grain of sail, especially when thev are found on BBSs. Some- times people write such “new product’* announcements as a joke, but then they are taken as truth by somebody else, get downloaded and then uploaded again on some other board where no one realizes they were just someone’s pipe dream. With that said, I can tell you it is true that Commodore has been working on a new version of the Amiga’s custom chips for several years now. Official details are not yet available, but it is safe to assume that they will support higher color resolution as well as other enhancements (hopefully very significant ones). At the time I write this (early June), there have been no announcements from CBN I on the specifications or release dates of the chips or the products they are designed to work with. I hope we do hear something this year, and you can be sure that we at Amiga World are just as curious as everyone else about exactly what will be announced and when. Von can also count on us to bring that information to you as soon as we get it. Will it be an easy upgrade like AmigaDOS 2.0 and will it work in the A500 (or other existing Amigas)? 1 can’t yet say, as no details have been released, but if I were to go out on a limb and take a guess, 1 would say that 1 expect the first sign of any new chips By Louis R. Wallace will be in some new model Amiga and not as an upgrade kit for existing machines. Upgrading our existing machines might be a bit difficult, although certainly not impossible. It’s very likely that any new chips will not be pin compatible with the existing chips, so they wouldn’t lit in the same sockets. It’s also possible, perhaps likely, that they will be entirely new chips, and not You can be sure that we at AmigaWorld are just as curious as everyone else about. Exactly what will be announced and when. Just enhanced versions of the older ones (as was the case with the Enhanced Chip Set upgrade). If that’s the case, our existing motherboards won’t be able to use any new chips, and we just might have to get new motherboards in order to take advantage of the new chip set and its features. Finally, in order to use any new hardware that Commodore might develop, tlie Amiga will need some changes to its system software. The challenge to the OS programmers is to adapt Amiga operating software to take advantage of any new features, yet keep it backward compatible with the existing hardware and software.

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Amiga World Vol 08 08 1992 Aug

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As a result, anytime the '040 CPU accesses the A3000 motherboard, memory lots of CPU wait-states are introduced and all the reasons you bought your accelerator literally come to a screeching halt! Not true for the G-FORCE 040... SOLUTION: THE G-FORCE 040's FAST, 40ns, ON BOARD DRAM To eliminate this memory access bottleneck, we designed a special 1MB, 32-bit wide, non-multiplexed, SIMM module using 40ns DRAMs (yes, forty nanoseconds!]. This revolutionary memory module allows the G-FORCE 040 to be populated with up to 8MB of state-of-the- art, high performance, on-board DRAM, Think of this as a giant 8MB cache which lets the '040 CPU race along at the top performance speeds you paid for. ? 0 to 8MB of onboard, 40ns, non-multiplexed, DRAM. Fully auto-configured, user-installable SIMM modules lets you expand your A3000 to 24MB! ? DRAM controller design fully supports the 68040 CPU's burst memory access mode. Full DMA |Direct Memory Access) to from the on-board DRAM by any A3000 peripheral (e.g: the A3000's built- in hard disk controller). ? Asynchronous design allows the 68040 to run at clock speeds independent of the A3000 motherboard speed. Allows easy upgrade to 33Mhz 68040 (over 25.3 MIPS!) When available from Motorola. Hardware support for allowing V2.0 Kickstart ROM to be copied into and mirrored by the high performance onboard DRAM. Its like caching the entire operating system! Software switchable 68030 "fallback" mode for full backward compatibility with the A3000's native 68030 CPU. ? Incorporates GVP's proven quality, experience and leadership in Amiga accelerator products. TRY A RAM DISK PERFORMANCE TEST AND SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW THE G-FORCE 040 OUT PERFORMS THE COMPETITION A3000 “CPU slot' connector SHOP SMART: COMPARE THESE G-FORCE 040 SPECS TO ANY OTHER l040 ACCELERATOR 68040 CPU running at 28Mhz providing 22 Mil’S and 3.75 MFLOPS! NOTE: The 68040 incorporates a CPU, MMU, FPU and separate 4KB data and instruction caches on a single chip. SEE US AT world of , commodore AMIGA Ask your dealer to run any "RAM disk" performance test and see the G-FORCE 040's amazing powers in action. So now that you know the facts, order your G-FORCE 040 today. After all, the only reason why you need an '040 accelerator is SPEED! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 G Force 0*10 is a trademark of Great Valley Products. Inc, Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodoro-Amiga, Inc C 1991 Great Valley Products Inc FEATUKES The Ultimate Amiga By Lou Wallace ...25 Ever wonder what a fully expanded Amiga might look like (not to mention what it could do)} AW's Lon Wallace takes you through an “ultimate” upgrade as he assembles a power user's dream machine. ARTICLES Math Spoken Here By Marvin Weinstein ..29 Scientists, engineers, computer professionals take note: Software for serious computation and scientific applications is linalh available for the Amiga. Meet Maple V* The Charge of the CD Brigade By John Foust .....55 If you want to tap into the enormous data capacity of CD-ROM, here's a hands-on guide to settingup a CD-ROM system on your Amiga. What you need, how to do it, and the benefits you'll enjoy. “jBig 3” Upgrades Part III: Mass Storage Hard Acts to Follow By Sheldon Leemon ...4 5 In the final installment of his essential- upgrades series, our hardware guru outlines a slew of hard-drtvc and other mass-storage solutions to your data problems. More than 35 products with recommendations and advice. COLUMNS .6 Chief Concerns By DougBamey Baruev dusts off his crystal ball u» see * what might be in store for the Amiga. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...52 Joel adds image processing to some paint-program techniques t > show you how to create beautifully rich and colorful Batik patterns without gelling your hands full of dye! Video Suite By Martin Ricketts 54 If you'd like to add digital nonlinear editing capability to your video-editing setup at a fraction of pro-quality system costs, try this ShowMaker tutorial. DEPARTMENTS CONTENTS VOLUME 8, NUMBER 8, AUGUST 1992 Overscan .. 8 All the latest information on Amiga new products, news, and the public domain. Help Key ...I 6 Tech teasers? Hardware hangups? Software snafus? Pul Lou in your loop! The Last Word M2 Feed us your feedback each month. ALL NEW! This month AW introduces its brand-new Games section (p. 84) plus a “new look" to Reviews (p. 22). REVIEWS Professional Page 3,0 (Gold Disk) .....22 l lic new Pro Page looks ready lor serious competition with Mac PC heavyheads. PageStream 2,2 (Soft-Logik) 24 Spifiy update to the “other” Amiga DTP system plus “HotLinks Editions." G-Force Combo (Gvp) ...58 A2000 030 board in 25 50-MHz versions. The Complete Color Solution (Romho) .60 Eramegrabber color splitter image processor ] 1AM paint all in one digitizer. Education Software Roundup ....70 Four new educational games. Take-2 (Rombo) 4 Animation pencil-test presentation software, MULTITRACE (AltoFirma) ...75 Debugging library for SAS C compilers. World Atlas 2-5 (Centaur) and World Tour Series (Designing Minds) 7 0 Maps, facts, and geography games. HOME Front 2.0 (Designing Minds) I 8 Financial manager home organizer. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 84 One last go-around with Elvira before HP’s gainesmeister moves on to tackle oilier prey. BLACK Crypt (Electronic Arts) and Eye of the Beholder II (Strategic Simulations) 84 Thumbs up for both EA's latest dungeon dandy and The Legend of Darkmoon, Panzer Battles (Strategic studies). 86 WWI1 tank battles on the Russian front. Six from Sierra On-Line 86 five sequels lopped by King's Quest ! Plus the all-new Castle of Dr. Brain. Computer Third Reich (Avalon Hilt) . 90 famous strategy board game goes Amiga. Castles (interplay) .93 Lively medieval fortress-building game. Short Takes .94 Capsule reviews of recent Amiga games. The Next Round 94 Announcements of new games about to hit the Amiga market. AW Product Information., 106 To contact the developer of any product mentioned in diis issue of I miga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list. COVER photograph by edjudice AmigalVorld 3 IF YOU WINK YOU’RE UP FOR A REAL CHALLENGE APPLY TO JOIN OUR GROWING TEAM If you didn Y already know, Great Valley Products is the world’s largest supplier of peripherals for the Commodore Amigaf and we 're still growing, with many exciting new products in development! We offer a challenging and stimulating environment. Working at GVP is not just a job, it’s an adventure! At this time, the following positions must be filled: + TECHNICAL SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE loin the best dedicated Technical Support team and assist customers and resellers with their questions about our products via telephone calls, taxes and letters. Must have strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills. Must understand detailed hardware and software concepts and operation. Technical knowledge of GVP products a big plus. ? PRODUCT MANAGER join our new Product Management group and be in charge of all aspects of new product introductions and ongoing development. Interact with all parts of the company including engineering, sales marketing, technical support, purchasing, manufacturing as well as resellers, customers and beta testers. Must be highly organized and energetic. Must have technical background (software or hardware) as well as a customer focus. Must be fanatical about quality and detail-oriented. If you want a big challenge, this is the job for you. ? AMIGA SYSTEMS SOFTWARE ENGINEER Develop system level and other software for our exciting products (mainly in C and assembler!. You must have a B.S. or equivalent experience, and a thorough grounding in C and or 680x0 assembler. Finnware, device driver and or broad-based GUI experience a big plus. Must be able to work according to schedules, and interact with others as necessary (beta testers, product managers, hardware engineers, etc.) ? USER DOCUMENTATION MANAGER Oversee all of our new product manual development. Must manage outside contract writers and desktop publishers. Must be fanatical about creating, tracking, and maintaining schedules for all projects. Must be highly organized and disciplined. Strong written skills required. Customer-oriented mentality desired. Desktop publishing skills a big plus. Amiga experience a plus. Send all inquiries to: Great Valley Products, Inc. • Attn: Human Resources • 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia PA 19406 Or fax them in to 215-337-9922. CRFAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 600 QARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 Hi A PHONE 215*337*8770 FAX 215*337*9922 Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Annga. Inc. Circle 1 on Reader Service card AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Douglas Barney, Editor-in-chief DaNIEL. Sullivan, Executive Editor SWAIN PRATT, Managing Editor Barbara Geevert, Senior Editor LOUIS R. Wallace, Senior Editor, Technology Linda Barrett Laflamme, Review Editor Editorial Offices: i-603-924-owo Gene Brawn, Jof.l Hagen, David T. McClellan, PETER OLAFSON, Contributing Editors HOWARD G. HaPP, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Debra A. Davies, Productioji Supervisor Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldRICK, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative HEATHER GuiNARD, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordijiator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403,1-603-924-0100 GlORGIO SaLUTI, Associate Publisher.: Ivest Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor.: Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wen DIE HAINES MaRRO, Marketing Director LlSA JAILLET, Desktop Publishing Manager DEBORAH M. Walsh, Circulation Manager TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President SUSAN M. HanSHAW, Director of Operations LlSA L a Fleur, Business Cif Operations Manager MARY McCole, President's Assistant; Customer Service Liaison KENNETH Bi.AKF.MAN, Associate Publisher, Ancillary Products Lynn Lagasse, Video Products Alajtager CHRIS Conroy, Technical Director, Video Products TlM Walsh, Ancillary Products Manager LlNDA Ruth, Single Copy Sales Director WILLIAM M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections AmigaUbrbi (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Cuiumndoie Business M;u bines. Inc. AmigaHmM is published monthly by 'let hMedia Publishing. Inc., ;m IDG Company. SO Elm St.. Ivletborough. Nil 03458. U.S. subscription rale is $ 20.07. one year; S57.97. two years; $ 8-1.97. three years. U.m.id.i $ 41.97 (ituhides GST). Mexico $ 38.97, I'nieif'u Surface $ 19.97. foreign Airmail $ 81.97. Prepayment in U.S. funds draw n on l.S, Ixmk is required on all foreign subscriptions. All Imcigu rates are one-ycai ml . Second-class postage paid at Jytei borough. Ml. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: 00:1-924-0100. Eislue contents copyright 1992 by lechMedia Publishing, Inc. No pan of this publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster; Send address changes to AmigalVorld, Subscription Services, PO Box 58801. Boulder. CO 80322-8804. Nationally distributed bv Kable Nms i'.a. AmigaUbrld makes even eflort lo ensure the acmracy of atiicles, listings and cin nils published in the maga ine. AmigaWorld assumes no responsibility lor d.images due to errors or omissions. 01N ADD 286 “PC AT” COMPATIBILITY TO YOUR A500m IN A “SNAP” WITHOUT VOIDING THE WARRANTY ON YOUR A500! GVP's SERIES II A500-HD8+ NOW FEATURES AN OPTIONAL, PLUG-IN, 16MHZ PC28G EMULATOR MODULE! Nut only have we added a PC286 emulator option to our best selling A500 hard drive subsystem but our Series IP A500-HD8+ units arc now equipped exclusively with Quantum™ hard drives offering the fastest access times and data transfer rates, unique disk caching and the highest reliability (MTBF) rating in the industry. Coupled with our world acclaimed DMA SCSI controller, everything from loading software to saving files is so much faster that you finally have the time to enjoy the fun and productivity that you bought your A500 for in the first place. THE MAGIC BEHIND GVP's SERIES IIA500-HD8+ HARD DRIVE MUSCLE Check out these unequalled features: Choice of factory-installed SO, 120 or 240MB Quantum SCSI hard drives. Provides storage space of 56,130 or 260 floppy disks! Game Switch for disabling the hard drive allowing compatibility with those few badly behaved games which don't like hard drives! T A2000 M Hard Drive Performance. The A500HD8+ uses the same Custom DMA VLSI Chip and FAAASTROM technologies as our top-selling, high performance, Series IP A2000 SCSI controllers. ? Up to SMB of User-Installable Internal FAST RAM expansion (SIMMs]. ? External SCSI port for connecting additional SCSI Peripherals such as Tape Drives, CD- ROM drives, etc. ? Unique Internal "Mini-Slot" Expansion Connector and Fan for Cool, Reliable Operation. SEE US AT world of r commodore AMIGA PASADENA, CA • SEPT. 11-13, 1992 ? Includes Dedicated Power Supply ensuring that your A500 power supply is not overloaded (a MUST for adherence to Commodore specs). AmigaDOS Applications Concurrently!!
• 512KB of Onboard Memory (RAM) for exclusive use by MS-DOS. Transparent access to the A500's memory for MS-DOS applications requiring more than 512KB of memory! PLUS, now we offer something NO OTHER HARD DRIVE SUBSYSTEM can, an optional plug-in 16Mhz286 "PC" Emulator! THE MA6IC OF THE GVP PG286 EMULATOR OPENS MICROSOFT WINDOWS AND MORE. Our new GVP PC286 emulator module is the first A500 peripheral specifically designed to be plugged into our unique internal "Mini-Slot". Unlike other 286 PC emulators, this one fits right inside your A500HD8+ housing! So installation is a snap and there's no need to open and dismantle your A500™ and run the risk of VOIDING YOUR Computer's WARRANTY. In fact your warranty worries are over, because the A500-HD8+ as well as the optional GVP PC286 emulator module are now warranted for 2 FULL YEARS!! The GVP PC286 "Mini-Slot" module features:
• Runs MS-DOS (V3.2 or up), Microsoft Windows™ and literally thousands of PC applications. NOTE: MS-DOS Operating system is NOT Included.
• 16Mhz 80286 CPU. Up to 15 times faster than IBM's original PC!
• Complete Hercules™, CGA, EGA VGA (monochrome] and T3100 video emulations. MS-DOS applications can use the A500’s™ built-in parallel and serial ports transparently.
• Use the A500's floppy drive(s) to read write MS-DOS floppies.
• Let's your A500 run MS-DOS and A'TtQa s a topstored trademark cA Commodore-Arr*go. Inc C 199i Gre.11 v;«ey Products we PLUS, your Series II A500-HD8+ matches your Amiga™ 500's good looks line-for-line and curve-for-curve. So... Be Smart, before you buy anyone else's A500™ hard drive or RAM expansion system, ask the question: "Does It Have a Mini-Slot"? Why settle for anything less? GVP PC286 MODULE GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 TODAY I GOT a handwritten letter from Joe Riviera. At least I think it said Riviera, but with bad handwriting you can’t always tell. After buttering me up with praise For the magazine, Joe got down to business. CHIEF CONCERNS Commodore is taking aggressive new steps to pitch its image to the public. Like thousands of our readers, Joe wants to hear about the Future of the Amiga so he can decide whether to dump more money into his machine. Without answers to these questions, Joe feels lost. He’s in good company, I agree that there is a certain silence that is nerve-racking. We hear Apple this, IBM that, and Amiga nothing. Well, I’ve been doing a little digging,
o oo clan d have come up with a few nuggets you might find encouraging. For a quiet company, Commodore’s been plenty busy. First off, Commodore has just hired a gent named David Pteasance to head up consumer sales. Pleasance was most recently general manager for the Swiss- based Commodore Electronics Limited, and he ran operations in 27 countries, including the exploding (in terms of Commodore sales) Eastern Bloc. He has also been credited with helping build the UK market, which is thriving more than any. Here is his plan: Commodore will into do here what it has done so well overseas, which is to generate excitement For the low end of the line. We will see bundles featuring hot unreleased games, aggressive pricing, and. We hope, good distribution. Although I’ve heard many complaints about the Amiga being a game machine, I can't remember it ever being marketed that wav. Il we alreadv
o i J have that stigma, we might as well benefit from it. Besides, 1 don’t think that game sales are bad at all. Apple is getting into mass merchandisers, and the most popular computer game platform today is MS-DOS! Pleasance also pledges a new face for Commodore. He plans to revive relationships with user’s groups and to have an open, more accessible approach with the press and developers. There’s plenty going on in the high end, as well. Commodore’s Dave Ar« chambault has spearheaded a new print ad campaign, one that should have been done years ago. If you read hifolVorld PC Week, or any of tlie other high-powered PC trade hooks, you’ve probably seen it. The idea is to sell Amigas to corporations for desktop video and multimedia. Unlike past campaigns, J think this one has legs. Ads, bundles, and good relations are fine, but what you really want are new and better Amigas. On this front, I can assure you, engineering is honking. We can’t give out details, but new systems will be coming out that push the Amiga forward in every way. Best of all, Amiga developers remain committed to bringing out the most innovative and cost-effective products in any market. And finally, there are now
* z over three million Amigas worldwide. You know, it’s funny. What makes the Amiga so great is simple. A small, tight, multitasking operating system, custom chips to make graphics, video, and animation fly, and video compatibility. That’s it. As easy as it sounds, no one in either the Mac or PC market has been able to duplicate any of these feats. And I’ve heard of nothing in development that will change that. It’s almost as il there is a conspiracy between Intel, the clone makers, and Microsoft to maintain the demand for faster CPUs, You see, if the PC had custom chips like the Amiga, von wouldn’t neec! Those expensive Intel 486s, 586s, and what not. If you’re looking for the most awesome spreadsheets and databases money can buy, then the Amiga really has little to recommend it. And dearly Amiga development efforts are not moving in that direction. But look at our last few review sections. Extraordinary new graphics and animation products are launched everv month. Not a Pretty Sight I've seen plenty of computer markets die. 1 watched Tandy’s TRS-DOS systems thrash for years before keeling under. I was mesmerized by the full spectacle of the Osborne as it suffocated under the weight of an IBM-compatible Compaq portable. Ancl I watched with glee as the DEC Rainbow whimpered its Iasi Abort, Retry, or Ignore. • What each of these systems had in common was obsolescence. Don’t get me wrong. Pcs and Macs arc growing up. But they are si ill not better than the Amiga. If they were, the Amiga would have kicked the bucket long ago. So what does all this say about the future? We are not going to knock off the Mac ancl PC in the area of general- purpose computing. Dull computers serve those needs just fine. Nor will we seriously dent the game sales of Sega and Nintendo to prepnbesccnts across the nation. But we are going to see new Amigas, tons of great third-party stuff, and perhaps a new resolve on the part of Commodore. As 7 lie Talking Heads once sang about the Amiga: “T his ain't no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no C-64!” ¦ '¦0 w f '¦ try 2- *- r :¦ * O ror40MHz WO. 32-Bit RAM EXPANSION... DMA SCSICONTROUER... HARD-DISK-CARD & MORE... Our new G-Force 030 Combo board for the A2000 is truly in a class of its own and has no equal. It's equivalent to four expansion boards in a single slot! With its 1030 Central Processor and 68882 Floating Point Processor (both running at a clock speed of up to 50Mhz), 4 to 16MB RAM and on-board DMA SCSI Controller, the G-Force 030 Combo gives you more performance and control for the money than any other single board out there. IT'S A COMPLETE SYSTEM ON A SINGLE BOARD G-FORCE 030 COMBO THE MUST HAVE A2000 ADD-ON Give your Amiga a massive memory boost.,. Moke your Amiga faster than a speeding bullet... Use your Amiga with virtually every and any SCSI device on the market from CD-ROM drives, to Magneto- Optical and tape-based storage devices... Get all the storage capacity and performance of the latest SCSI hard drives with our optional hard drive mounting bracket you can even turn it into a 240MB Quantum Hard-Disk-Card... Save lots of time working with desktop publishing, animation, ray tracing and modeling programs... Speed up all your New Tek Video Toaster- applications. A perfect match... Plus, the G-Force 030 Combo plugs into your AlOOO's CPU slot, leaving all our normal expansions slots open and ree for other uses! I SEE US AT world of , commodore AMIGA PASADENA, CA • SEPT. 11-13, 1992 It's no wonder we say the G-FORCE 030 Combo is the Must Have Add-on for your A2000. IT S A COMPUTE SYSTEM ON A SINGLE BOARD Just look what you get from this workhorse, powerhouse:
• SOMhz 68030 or 40Mhz 6SEC030 CPU. Whichever one you choose your A2000 will out-perform even the latest A3000 systems.
• SOMhz or 40Mhz 68882 FPU, math processor.
• 4MB of high performance, 60ns, 32- bit wide RAM expansion. User upgradeable to 16MB with easy-to-install 4MB SIMM modules.
• High Performance, Auto-booting, DMA SCSI controller which can DMA directly to from the full 16MB range of 32-bit wide RAM just like the A3000!
• SCSI connectors for connecting both internal and external SCSI peripherals.
• Hardware support for mapping the A2000 Kickstart ROM into the highspeed 32-bit wide on-board RAM. It's like caching the entire operating system!
• Icon-based, Software Switchable, 68000 Fallback mode.
• Converts to Hard-Disk-Card with Optional Hard Drive Mounting bracket. Circle 1 on Reader Service card. AND FOR THE MUST HAVE OF ALL HARD DISK CARDS... Our optional "Hard-Disk-Card" Conversion Kit turns your G-Force 030 Combo board into a Hard-Disk-Card the drive mounts directly on the Combo board itself even saving you a peripheral bay! For real price performance ask your dealer about our factory installed 120MB or 240MB Quantum hard drive bundles - look for our seal! Not only do you get a great price but with our new two-year warranty, you will get the piece of mind you deserve. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP deafer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 G-Force 030 is a trademark 0f Great Valley Products, Inc Aniga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc AI other trademarks are the property ol their respective owners. £¦ 1991 Great Valley Products Inc PHOENIX, ARIZONA While Apple computers may be as common in American classrooms as dandelions in the spring, many teachers attending the 32nd annual National Art education Association (NAKA) convention May 1 5 became eager to add Amigas to their schools. Hundreds of teachers and administrators visited an exhibit produced by Curl Kass Ontological Survey and cosponsored by Commodore, Sharp Electronics, Digital Creations, Electronic Arts, ( neat Valley Products, and NcwTek. There, teachers were able to watch two professional Amiga artists use DC’IV I or watercolor e l icet s and Deluxe- Paint for painting and animation and then try their own hands at the mouse. Attendees also got to see New tek's Video Toaster, a lascr-disk player, a Sharp large-screen projector showing AinigaVision, and a CVP-accelerated workstation. "1 am very impressed,” said Kay Hansen, an art teacher from the Neenah (Wisconsin) public schools. Like many trained in traditional art media, Hansen expressed trepidation about learning to use a computer, but slated that "it looks very easy.” Tools and Training Educator Curt Kass orchestrated the exhibit through his connections with the NAEA and Commodore. Kass has been working with Commodore for nearly two years, researching the Amiga’s application to art education. Kass has led several workshops exploring how children learn art skills using the computer alongside traditional art media. I le and Dr. David Baker, past president of the NAEA, and Dr. Joe Reis, former multimedia producer for the National Gallery in Washington, DC, produced a video of Kass’s “College for Kids” last summer, to which Commodore loaned 18 A3000 workstations. News, New Products and Networks An Amiga For the Teacher Kass looks lorward to Commodore’s continued support, which he said is unique. Commodore is helping to educate teachers "so that they're empowered with knowledge, as opposed to just dumping technology into the schools and then letting kids get ahead of the teachers,” says Kass. Art teachers found the Amiga well suited for pure artistic freedom. So does artist Anthony Kashinn, who will have two Amiga-generated paintings in the seventh edition of the Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America (Art Network,
1992) . Alter demonstrating watercolorlike painting to “several hard-core Macintosh users,” Kashinn got “concessions that an Amiga equipped with DCTV could do things their Macs could not.” The Mac is a “memory hog and has very few keyboard commands, which bogs down the creative process,” he said, and noted that several Mac users came back to request a second demonstration. Teacher I lerb Eveland, from Plymouth (Indiana) I ligh School, plans to add Arni- gas to the school’s computer-graphics lab, which now contains a dozen Apple and Mac workstations. “I think we need to expand the students’ experience with a lot of different computers,” he said. Response to the exhibit has been excellent, said Kass, who has already been invited to give presentations to next year’s convention in Chicago and to several regional conventions later this year. Educators are receptive "because they’re seeing that there’s some curricular background to all of this,” he said. Laurel A. Kashinn Sell or Buy You won't find many deals on new and used Amiga-related products in the classified ads of your daily newspaper, but you will on NAEX, the National Amiga Exchange. NAEX is a free electronic clas- sified-ad listing that is updated continuously and available instantly to anyone in the world by fax. To get a copy, dial 703 620-9499 from your fax machine, then press the button(s) that set your machine to receive a fax message. (The button is labelled Poll on many fax machines, and the feature is not provided on some computer-based fax systems; consult your manual for specifics on your unit.) Want to sell instead of buy? An advertising form is supplied with the listing, and NAEX charges 10% of your asking price (minimum S3; maximum S25). For more information, contact DC Computer Repair. (RS 102.) Commodore Says... I he word from Commodore concerning Us A570 CD-ROM drive for the A500, which we hailed in our June issue (see “O Say Can You CD,” p. 24), is that the unit is awaiting FCC approval. No release date has been scheduled, nor a price set. But we'll keep you posted. More solid news is Commodore’s recent appointment of David I’lcasance to To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 106. The Next Generation In Backup Software Backup started Feb 11, 1992 at 10:55:02 RM GT)Systeii2.0 c=:C ? RddBuffers 5 Rrc 2} Rss ign 3 Avail
2) B i ndDr i vers 15 Break j ChangeTaskPr i 2} ConC I ip 23 Copy D CPU 2 Date 3 Delete
2) D ir
2) D i skChange
2) DiskDoctor J D i skSaIv 2 Ed 2] Edit 15 Eva I
2) Execute 2] F ilenote
2) IconX 2l Info
2) Insta I I 2 Iprefs fibort I9DF0: Writing 81 Oft; Not 3V3H:ab.ie BDF2: Ready BDF3: Ready Conpleted: 4* F iIes: 25 Bytes: 178 j 560 Tagged: Files: 559 Bytes: 4,599,613
• The fastest backup and archiving program on the Amiga! ?
• Supports up to four floppy drives for backup and restore
• New integrated streaming tape support
• New “compression ” option for backups
• Optional password protection, with encryption, for data security
• Full tape control for retension, erase and rewinding
• New interrogator, ” retrieves device information from SCSI devices
• Capable of complete, subdirectory-only, or selected-files backup and restore
• Improved wild card and pattern matching, for fast and easy selective archiving
• Restores all date and time stamps, file notes, and protection bits on dies and directories
• Supports both hard and soft links
• Full macro and AREXX support
• Full Workbench 2.0 compatibility
• Improved user interface, with Workbench 2.0 style “3-D" appearance
• Many more features! Thousands of people rely on Quarterback for their backup and archival needs. Now, with Quarterback 5.0, there is even more reason to do so. Greater speed, even more features, and proven reliability. And a new “3-D” user interface puts these powerful capabilities at your finger tips. With features like these, it is no wonder that Quarterback is the best selling backup program for the Amiga. Would you trust your data with anything less? 4 Central Coast Software A Division Of New Horizons Software. Inc. 206 Wild Basin Road. Suite 109. Austin. Texas 78746 (5121 328-6650 • FAX (512) 328-1925 Quarterback is a trademark of'New Horizons Software. Inc. A the post of Vice President of Consumer Sales for the US. Until recently general manager of Commodore Electronics Limited in Switzerland, Pleasance plans to “strengthen relationships with the retail distribution channel, software developers, and the current base of Commodore home-computer owners.”
o r ; r n i•; t r d Run, REXX, Run! Want to run faster? The REXX Plus Compiler (Dineen Edwards Group, SI50) goes where Keels fear to tread. REXX Plus promises to make your Arexx programs run two to fifteen limes faster. The programs it compiles are fully reentrant; you can even make them resident so that Arexx macros can execute as part of the host program. For a S10 yearly license, you can distribute your compiled code as a commercial or freely distributable product. The compiler generates 68000 assembler object code in a BllNK-compatible format, which C and other compatible languages can call. Execution of compiled programs requires the interpreter plus 32K (for the rexxplslib.library and the controlling task), in addition to the RAM needed by the executable. REXX Plus's error messages provide line numbers and often a column number. It comes with a more than 270-page manual, works best with 1MB of RAM, and runs under both 1.3 and 2.0. (RS 101.) C programmers, the Amiga C Club (ACC) wants you! With members in 37 countries, the two-year-old club continually updates its Amiga C Encyclopedia, which contains shareware and ACCware that members are authorized to use in their own programs. Membership ($ 60) includes the encyclopedia, plus assistance and advice when you need it. For more information, contact Dana, .Amiga C Club, Anders Bjerin, Tule- vagen 22, 181 41 Lidingo, Sweden. Just Say Know Are they games? Are they tutors? Yes! A group of new programs promise to provide not only knowledge, but luti. Pnrth Galen's PhunnyPhonemes ($ 33) targets 6-1 1 year-olds and requires no initial reading skill. In a set of spelling exercises grouped by phonetic content, animated characters deliver 16 lessons, and more than 100 spelling “tests" challenge you to build walls at an outer-space construction site by arranging letter tiles. T he program comes on two noncopy- protected disks and requires I MB of RAM and a single (loppy drive. T he 80- page manual reviews phonetics and documents the six utilities that accompany the main program. (RS 103.) Mathasaurs (CanCor, $ 24.95) teaches ? ON-LINE SCAN Hobbies area. BIX offers an Entertainment and Leisure area that contains libraries, messages, and discussions on sports and other activities, and its Outdoors conference covers such activities as camping and angling. Portal contains expansive Usenet Archives, Clarinet, and Internet services (still being tested at this writing) that can take you days to browse through for activities and events to fill your leisure time. When a little R & R is in order, here’s how to contact the nets; Bv Tim Walsh No polls need be taken to reveal that telecommunication networks can play a significant role in either finding new hobbies or making valuable contacts in pie- sent ones. While nearly every net has an area called Hobby, it is typically reserved for research- type activities such as genealogy and creative or workshop hobbies. An example is CompuServe’s Woodworking section, which was mentioned in the February ’92 issue of Fine Wood- Working magazine. These, however, are just some of literally thousands of hobbies covered on the nets. Some “hobbies” may not be perceived as such; most folks don’t consider cooking a hobby, they just like to create culinary delights. Regardless, BIX serves up a Food forum, CompuServe answers your craving with a FoodAVine fo- rum, Portal has a Special Interest Group (SIG) devoted to Cooking and Recipes, and GE- nie offers a Food and Wine RoundTable. If you get a high out of Hying, check out the Aviation areas on BIX, Genie and CompuServe. And you can find video, music, graphics, and writing forums throughout the nets. Programming is also accommodated as a hobbv on every network; hud- 4 4 ding programmers readily swap routines and reference materials with real-time spontaneity, and the nets serve as a gathering place to share ideas. Reining in the Sing Music lias been around longer than computers, and many com- puterists have more than just a passing interest in it. Whether you enjoy music as a musician, an aficionado, or an audiophile, you can discover others who share your interest throughout all I he nets, both within and outside of music forums. Within the Extended Hob- bies l.ifestyles Education area on CompuServe is an Arts Music Literature area packed with music news and files. Genie’s answer to music is found in MIDI AvoildMusie RoundTable, and BIX’s Entertainment and Leisure Exchange offers an area simply called Music. Unlike CompuServe and Genie’s timely, wire-fed resources of mass information updates on the music world, BIX’s Music area and Portal’s Audiophile Whether the “Life’s short, play hard" drill of television advertising or our unrelenting pursuit of happiness is to blame, many of us are indicted with a consuming desire to engage in sports with an intensity that borders on pure fanaticism. When it comes to talking big about sports, the nets are the place to he: Talk comes from bench warmers, jocks eager to Haunt their athletic prowess, and everyone in between. Trivia bulls talk stats and match wits in recalling historic events. CompuServe’s Outdoor forum is a sports participant’s dream come true, with events ranging from firearms to cycling. Genie oilers a long list of various sports and upcoming activities in its expansive Leisure Pursuits & SIG serve as friendly, note-swapping forums for personal music discussions. Your ability quickly to recall all of Gilbert O’Sullivan’s and Karen Carpenter’s Top-40 hits from die early ’70s probably won’t put any groceries on the table, but it might give you revered standing in certain circles. Sports Bars BIX Genera! Videotex! Corp. 1030 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138 800 227-2983 617 354-4137 CompuServe PO Box 20212 5000 Arlington Center Blvd. Columbus, OH 43220 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 401 North Washington St. Rockville, Ml) 20850 800 638-9636 Portal Communications Company 20863 Stevens Greek Blvd. Suite 200 Cupertino, CA 95014 408 973-9111 £&'¦ OUND ZONE With the most powerful, comprehensive 8-bit Digital Sound Package to ever orchestrate an Amiga -jf Co The Affordable Answer to Your Audio Dreams Record, Edit, Compose___ With a high-quality stereo sound sampler, A fast, powerful, easy-to-use sound editor, And a self-contained 4-track sequencer; For all the sound effects and music you could ever imagine. ? Record sound samples from any source, including voices, noise, and pre-recorded instruments, to create your own instruments and effects. ? Edit sounds quickly in real time. Add effects like reverb and echo, run sounds backward, alter wave forms, cut and paste sound segments, create loops, eliminate pops and scratches. ? Compose easily using the DSS 4-track sequencer and your Amiga or MIDI keyboard. Draw from up to 31 instruments at a time, in up to four octaves with 8 different variable effects. Mix and modify sounds in real time as you compose, through direct interface with the sound editor. DSS Stretches the outer limits ol 8-bit sound
• Create your own 4-track, self-playing musical compositions.
• Make soundtracks for home video, animation or visual presentations complete with voice-over, sound effects and music.
• Analyze voice patterns and stereo separation.
• Analyze graphic equalization of real-time sound.
• Remove “pops" from old phonograph recordings.
• Create custom instruments and sound effects by collecting and or modifying pre-recorded instruments, voice, or sounds from any source, and use them in your own compositions.
• Save your sound and music to disk or send it out via modem for replay on any Amiga. SEE US AT world of . Commodore AMIGA PASADENA. CA • SEPT. 11-13, 1992 Check out these unparalleled features
* AmigaDOS 2.0 compatible; written in assembly language. V Multi-tasking operation. V 68020 and 68030 compatible. V Comprehensive tutorial manual helps even beginners get started right away. V Intuition-based graphic interface makes operation easy. V MIDI-in capability. V Direct interface between sequencer and editor. V Hold 31 sound samples in memory at once all shown on screen so they are easy to manipulate. V Effects and processing capabilities include echo, mix, filter, re-sample, sound data inversion, playing sounds backwards, loops, fade-in fade-out and more. V Manipulate sound samples in real time, as you listen. V Create sampled instruments with 1, 3 and 5 octaves. V HI FI recording for highest quality playback. V Controls for faster slower playback and filtering high frequencies during playback. V Load and save samples, songs and instruments in multiple formats. » Multiple effects for each note. Stereo and monophonic operation. Also convert mono to stereo or separate stereo. V Auto-playing music modules. V Real-time oscilloscope and spectrum analysis. V Real-time reverberation. V Graphic editing of wave forms through easy-to-use functions, including zoom in out and precision controls for position, frequency and amplitude. V Draw sound waves freehand using the mouse. V Direct editing of individual sample numeric values. V Maximum recording speed of 51,000 samples second (38,908 samples second in stereo]. Savable Preference settings. Saves in IFF, SONIX or RAW formats. V Compatible with SoundTracker, NoiseTracker and SoundFX modules. Jjjk TTT GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 simple, one-cligit equations in flash-caicl style to kids of preschool or elementary age. The kids* objective is to rescue the Babysaurs, and one or two can play. Accompanying the characters on screen are digitized voices and sounds. (RS 104.) FlashBlaster (EasyScript, $ 49.95), designed for ages 5-12, takes an arcade- game approach, combining digitized sound with a variety of animation elfects. Children are rewarded for a good job by being inducted into one of Flash Blaster's halls of fame. The program requires 1MB RAM and works with either 1.3 or
2. 0 AmigaDOS. (RS 105.) For those just learning to count (ages 2-6), Devasoft introduces Amy’s Fun-2- 3 Adventure ($ 49.95), the First in a planned series ol instructional programs that will feature a puppy called Amy. In Fun-2-3, Amy guides youngsters through a variety of activities that employ gamelike design, detailed animation, music, and digitized speech to reinforce learning. Hie noncopy-protected program is hard-drive installable, 2.0 compatible, and requires no typing, so children can run it by themselves. (RS 106.) Mark's MathLab (EasyScript, $ 49.95) targets a more advanced audience: high- school level and beyond. In addition to providing experimental fun, this numer- ic-computation program can demonstrate function behavior in two or three dimensions, assist engineering design
o o o and analysis, and more. I he program plots functions containing variables, allows 75 tokens and quads and 30 constants per expression, and provides requesters capable of holding up to 150 or 225 characters with default values for novices. MathLab’s parser also recognizes 34 built-in math functions. You can view the graph you create from any rotational position, and then save it as an IFF file. The program runs with 1.3 or
2. 0. And requires 1 MB RAM. (RS 107.) Having trouble choosing educational software? Tide's Guide to Educational Software (Crossway Books, $ 25) rates over 750 programs for preschoolers to adults on Amiga, PC, Mac, and Apple platforms. The book aims to teach von everything you need to know about educational computing, even if you're a novice. It includes an introduction to multimedia, five computer-term glossaries, a beginners’ guide to hardware, and a suppliers' index. (RS 108.) Toast Masters Toast and Coffee. It's not just for breakfast anymore. Now it's a “user's group on video” for owners of NewTek's Video Toaster. The bimonthly video (produced by Videographix, $ 48 per year) promises to give you tips, techniques, product demonstrations, and a showcase for subscriber-submitted material. (RS 110.) Veteran video-engineering firm Cardinal Video enters the Amiga market with Breadboard ($ 398), a vtdeo-delav and buffer board for use with the Toaster. I he board fits in one ofvour A2000's PC. Slots and permits downstream keying of Toaster signals with other effects equipment. The Breadboard's five video amplifiers provide adjustments for unity gain. Three of these have delay lines, which you can set for delays of near 0 to 500 nanoseconds. You can strap the delay channels to the Toaster’s inputs 1 to 4, to the key-insert signal, and to the alpha channel that provides a key-source signal. The remaining amps provide additional program and preview outputs. (RS 111.) Who says you must learn Arexx to automate the loaster’s switcher software? The Byte Factory’'s Toaster Sequence Editor ($ 75) lets you control all Arexx-ac- cessible Toaster functions through script files that you create in its point-and-click environment. In fact, the Editor does not require Arexx in order to work (although you can save the scripts as Arexx programs). In addition to setting inputs, performing transitions, and loading and saving frames, you can create functions including variable-spced effects that are unavailable through the Toaster's stati- dard interface. The Toaster Sequence Editor works with Toaster versions 1 and 2 and AmigaDOS versions 1.3 and 2.0. If you’d also like to rearrange effects, change default speeds, and add or delete new effects to or from a project file, watch for The Toaster Project Editor, coming soon from The Byte Factory. (RS 1 12.) Music, Man New Math II you can’t adjust the tunes that come out of your boom box, then you don’t have the right kind. Dr. T's BoomBox features an interactive Remix screen to add echo and effects to either your own arrangements or the songs provided on disk. BoomBox transforms your Amiga into a beat box and promises to make a rapper out of anyone. Yon can loop sections of the grooves, repeat them, or just jam along by triggering samples from the Amiga's keyboard ora joystick. BoomBox puts y-y-y-y-you in control! (RS 1 13.) Whether you use MathVISlON (Seven Seas Software, $ 197) tor artistic or mathematical work may determine which of the four library disks you choose. To get one for free, you must either purchase Math- VISION or introduce it to an eventual purchaser. MathVISlON lets you enter and edit equations and recursive routines, and it displays in full-color graphs the mathematical constructs resulting from their execution. The library disks contain sample formulas, pictures, and hooks that allow you to use the program for special purposes. The disks entitled Secrets of an Artist. Animation and 3-D, Mandlebrot Variations, and Complex and Polar Arithmetic Library normally retail for S49-S79. = RS 109.) Prefer jazz over rap? Jazz Through MIDI (New Sound Music, $ 49.95) promises Inn and easy improvisation at your own pace in a variety of jazz styles. To use the program, you’ll need a MIDI keyboard or sound module, a sequencer, and a MIDI interface. It provides performances that you can play in various keys and tempos, and it lets you mute any parts and substitute your own playing. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or advanced player, Jazz Through MIDI has skill levels for you. Beginners cover ear-training drills and exercises for the 1 1- V-l progression, cycle, and more. Intermediate levels feature 54 accompaniments and solos set up in 8- to 24-bar phrases. Advanced players can choose from 12 popular songs arranged in 32- to 48-bar phrases some of which are note-for-note renditions of original recordings. Even se- n quence is written out so you can see as well as hear what’s happening. (RS 114.) Need to compose background music ? IAND ORIVE-ING HARD TO STAY THAT WAY!
• Easy-to-Install SIMM memory modules for configurations up to 8MB-and support BridgeBoard users with the 6MB FAST RAM.
• Support for virtually any SCSI device.
• Fastest and easiest SCSI installation possible. ?GVP’s A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- JUST LOOK FOR THE GVP FACTORY INSTALLED SEAL Remember if the GVP Factory Installed seal shown in this ad isn't on your A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 box ... it isn't the fastest, most powerful, longest warrantied, safest A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 you can buy. Ask for and accept only GVP A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 with the Factoryr Installed seal. For more information call 215-337-8770. ?GVP’s A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 1Q5Q or 200
• Custom chip design for the fastest possible data transfer rates and DMA performance - even in a multi-tasking environment. ¦ ¦i mm Ml 111 mmmm m mm mmmm mmmm mmm» mm
* mmm ’¦ MM MM ¦... ..... - _ ___ _ _ GVP Custom VLSI Chip GVP Factory Installed Seal Only GVP Factory installed A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 SCSI Hard Disk+RAM Boards have a track record this good over20,000 satisfied Amiga® users and now a 2-Year Warranty! Don't waste your valuable time or money building a SCSI+RAM Controller from parts... Because of our unprecedented pricing structure you can now get GVP's, brand name, factory installed A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 at a very competitive price. ? GVP’s A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- THE SAFEST CHOICE Look for the GVP Factory Installed Drive Seal... it's your assurance that your A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 has been installed and tested in GVP's own factory ... And the 2 year limited warranty protects you better and longer than any third party installed drive. And with third party drives you run the risk of a run around if anything does go wrong. ? GVP’s A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200
- NOW EVEN FASTER WITH FftAASTROM™ 4.0 All A2000 HC8+ 52Q, 105Q or 200 have been redesigned and equipped with GVP's newest fastest SCSI Driver FV ASTR0M 4.0. Plus, we've also doubled Western Digital's SCSI Controller clockspeed to 14Mhz - for a tremendous increase in speed ... 'faAsk your dealer about Syquest 44MB or 80MB removable hard drives for use with any GVP SCSI Controller. Special factory-bundled configurations are now available. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 600 Clark Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Amiga i$ i >«cittv>«d trademart qI Cammoaore.Amiga Inc f 1991 Great vail., Products In-d SEE US AT world of commodore AMIGA PASADENA, CA* SEPT. 11-13, 1992 OVER S C A of specific lengths for your multimedia presentations? Lack music training? Digital Expressions’ Video Music Box (S109, plus SO shipping) wants to help by generating basic instrumental parts for common musical styles. Prearranged started; with note-editing tools, you can add new melodies, chord arpeggios, or fills fitting the chord progression. Your resulting production can include multiple segments with different tempos and volumes, and you can preview them either through MIDI or through the Ami- n patterns and chord progressions get you Match Boxes A universal synchronization box, SyncPro = The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, $ 199) works with any application supporting MIDI time code to sync with video and audio hardware. The unit supports all major synchronization formats, including SMPTE, MIDI, and Song Pointer. It can generate and read all SMPTE frame formats, duplicate recorded SMPTE stripes, convert SMPTE to MIDI time code, and more. It also promises to recover from tape dropout, and offers a remote-start accessory for Super- JAM! And Bars&Pipes Pro. (RS 116.) Black Knight Peripherals' SAM IS299) also works with Bars&Pipes, MusicX, and all music software supporting MIDI time code. SAM, an "integrated SMPTE and MIDI time-code converter ' syncs the Amiga and any attached instruments to audiotape, videotape, or any SMPTE signal, and it offers four MIDI-out ports, one MIDI-in, a serial pass-through, and a front panel that displays the unit's operational status. A built-in CPU generates crystal-locked SMPTE and MIDI cods without overhead. The unit reads and writes SMPTE in PAL, NTSC, film format, in both forward and reverse directions, from less than 25 percent to 200 percent of normal speed. SAM's software includes a Timecode Tool for monitoring and recording time-code signals. (RS 117.) Ga’s internal audio. When you’re satisfied, save your tunes as MIDI or IIT- SMUS files For use with any authoring software. (RS I 15.) OVER HE ARI> MultiCoris AmigaMPD is a freely distributable videotape showcase for Amiga-only art of all sorts: music, still and animated 2-D and 3-D graphics. The series project is intended to educate the public on the Amiga’s creative prowess. You can submit your work in a variety of formats and media; anything placed in the series becomes 'mult imedia public domain.” To see what’s oil the latest edition, send a blank VI IS or SVI1S cassette and return postage to MultiCon, 2037 E. 25ih St., Oakland, CA 94606. Call 510 261-1001 for details... and don’t forget to pass it on! Editorial Focus FutureVideo's new Pro Mkll ($ 695) and Pro TC Mkll ($ 1198) video edit controllers are an evolutionary step up from the firm’s EC 1000 Pro series units. In fact, FutureVideo will upgrade EC 1000s to the new specifications. Among the refinements that the Mkll units offer are the ability to read the new 8mm RC lime code (supported by some Sony, Ricoh, and Yashica HiS camcorders) Bliter To See, My Dear It's new. It's two. Flicker Free Video 2, that is. ICD used recent advancements in VLSI circuit technology to add a number of features and reduce the size of its display enhancer, which fits under the Denise chip of Amiga 500s, 1000s, and 2000s. The board’s retail price is $ 299.96; registered owners of the original product can trade up for $ 139. Like the earlier version, FFV2 eliminates interlace flicker and visible scan lines. It promises full compatibility with all software, DOS revisions, and Commodore's enhanced chip set; it automatically bypasses Productivity mode and lets you manually bypass SuperHiRes mode with an optional switch. The fatter feature depends on your monitor's provision of a 15.75-KHz horizontal scan rate, but in any case, FFV2 requires a VGA or multisync monitor. The board provides automatic fine tuning and comes with Flicker Free Video Preferences, software that allows adjustable vertical refresh frequency for a steadier display. Flicker Free Video Preferences is also available by itself for $ 29.95 (owners of the original and to edit within three frames. A new seven-digit LED panel displays hours min- ules seconds frames of RC code, control- track timing, and, in the case of the Pro TC model, longitudinal SMPTE or EBU lime code. The units are compatible with camcorders and VCRs equipped with the Control-L connector or Panasonic’s 5-pin edit terminal, and with some RS-232-con- 1 rolled professional VCRs. (RS 119.) Board can buy it for $ 15). The program does not limit itself to use with FFV, however. Both the Amiga 3000 and Commodore's A2320 display- enhancer board support all its features. You can also use it with any other display board, or sans a display enhancer and with any monitor, though this may limit its capabilities. In any case, the program lets you raise your vertical scan rate (to 100.2 Hz) to reduce eye strain, or lower it (to 49 Hz) to create a larger display. It also lets you adjust Workbench overscan for maximum display area and adjust the number of Workbench 2.0 screen colors from two to sixteen. The software runs not only under DOS
2. 0, but also 1.3 and 1.2. (RS 118.) Overscan is compiled by Barbara Gefvert, Linda Laflamme, and Tim Walsh. Send your news, new products, and network information to Overscan, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. In Control Me fen's ADAPT (Advanced Data Acquisition Processing Technology) system for the A3000 promises applications to research and industry. It can perform a variety of complex control operations while generating graphics for real-time plotting of data acquired. The hardware software combination monitors and controls up to 48 individually configurable channels. It also accepts a variety of process- variable (PV) inputs (including temperature, pressure, millivolts, and other analog signals) and uses an 18-bit A D microprocessor for increased resolution. Each system comes with customized menu- driven software, including up to 500 program segments or steps. A graphical interface displays PV data in real time, without processor interruption. Visual PID loop tuning eliminates guesswork in selecting PID values by plotting each term and the effect of your tuning changes on PV stability. (RS 121.) Celluloid Heroes 1-S.DG’s Art Department Professional now supports Lasergraphics’ LFR and LFR Plus film recorders ($ 8750 and $ 13,750, respectively), thanks to a new program module ($ 250). Both recorders come with a 35mm camera hack, or you can opt For 4x5, 8x10, or pin-regislered molion-picturc hacks. With the help of FRED, ASDCPs animation controller, you can write entire animations including sophisticated wipes, dissolves, and digital compositions automatically to film. (RS 122.) ¦ OU 'LL BUY IMPACT VISION 24 FOR ONE VIDEO NEED AND FIND YOU NEED IT FOB EVERYTHING VIBEO ? Separate Composite and Component Vweo (RGB+Sync) Genlocks. RGB genlock operates in the digital domain, for digitally perfect production studio quality mixing: no color bleeding, no ghosting, no artifacts . . .! ? 15MB Frame Buffer. Display 24-bit, 16 million color images on your Amiga monitor. On a multi-sync monitor, you can even display 16 million color images in non-interlaced mode! ? Realtime framegrabber Digffizer. Freeze, grab and store (in standard 4096 or 16 million color IFF format) any frame from a "live" incoming RGB video source. Video Interface Unit. Transcode composite or S-VHS video into RGB. (Optional version available with YUV input output.) ? Fscker-Hminator. Duplicates and enhances the A3000's display enhancer circuitry. It even de-interlaces live external video! A must for any A2000 owner. Ask about our A2000 "genlock slot trade-up" program. ? Simultaneous Component Video (RGB) Out, Composite Video Out and s-vhs Video Out. Now, anything you can see on your Amiga monitor can be recorded on video tape, SEE US AT world of . Commodore Introducing the IMPACT VISION 24 from GVP The All-In-One Video Peripheral for the A3000 and A2000 If you’re into video, IMPACT VISION-24 is truly a dream come true for your A3000 or A2000. It is the first multifunction peripheral specifically designed for the A3000’s video expansion slot. With the optional A2000 genlock slot adaptor kit, it also perfectly complements and enhances the A2000. Check out these features, all packed on a single Amiga expansion board! Including animations, ray-traced 24-bit images and more! ? Pfcture-tn-Picture (pip) Display. Freeze, resize, rescale and or reposition live incoming RGB video just like any workbench window at the double click of a mouse or the pressing of a "hot key". With a multisync all this can even be in rock steady de-interlaced mode. Unique "reverse-PiP" feature, even allows you to place a fully functional Amiga workbench (or other application) screen as a SCALE-ABLE (shrunk down!) And re-positionable window over full-screen live video. ? To make sure you can take full and immediate advantage of every feature of your new Impact Vision 24 video-station, we even include the following software with every unit:
• Caigari v-IV24. An exclusive version of the leading broadcast quality, 3-D modelling and rendering program. Use your imagination to model 3D, 16 million color, scenes. Use your digitized video images as textures to wrap around any object! The mind is the limit!
• SCALfl Titfing. Easy-to-learn, video titling package complete with lots of special fonts and exciting special transition effects. Turn your Amiga into a character generator.
• MACR0PAWT 4V24. A 2D, 16 million color paint program that lets you have fun press a (configurable) "hot key" to activate any feature. At GVP, we wanted to make a major impact on the use of the A3000 2000 by professional video enthusiasts. With the Impact Vision-24 we have! For more information on how the bnpact Vision 24 can have a major impact on your video productions, call us at 215-337-8770. Creating or manipulating any 16 million color, 24-bit image. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 600 Clark Ave., King of Prussia, PA 19406 For more information or your nearest GVP dealer, call today. Dealer inquiries welcome. Tel. (215) 337-8770 • FAX (215) 337-9922 Control Panel. Provides full software control over all Impact Vision-24's numerous features. Use your mouse or simply AMIGA PASADENA HAI IFDRNIA * SEPT 11-13 1009 HELP KEY Gazing into his crystal ball with the sal (shaker handy, Lou fields rumors ofinew chips and the A600. Q: I was reading the other day that Commodore is working on a new set of custom chips for the Amiga. The message (it was a rumor on a HISS) said that it would have more codas and higher resolutions, plus a lot of other undisclosed features. Is this true? When are they coining out? Will this he an easy upgrade like Amiga DOS 2.0? And will I he able to make use of them in my A500?
J. An dries New Orleans, Louisiana A: Well, the first tiling I have in say is that one should always take rumors with a large grain of sail, especially when thev are found on BBSs. Some- times people write such “new product’* announcements as a joke, but then they are taken as truth by somebody else, get downloaded and then uploaded again on some other board where no one realizes they were just someone’s pipe dream. With that said, I can tell you it is true that Commodore has been working on a new version of the Amiga’s custom chips for several years now. Official details are not yet available, but it is safe to assume that they will support higher color resolution as well as other enhancements (hopefully very significant ones). At the time I write this (early June), there have been no announcements from CBN I on the specifications or release dates of the chips or the products they are designed to work with. I hope we do hear something this year, and you can be sure that we at Amiga World are just as curious as everyone else about exactly what will be announced and when. Von can also count on us to bring that information to you as soon as we get it. Will it be an easy upgrade like AmigaDOS 2.0 and will it work in the A500 (or other existing Amigas)? 1 can’t yet say, as no details have been released, but if I were to go out on a limb and take a guess, 1 would say that 1 expect the first sign of any new chips By Louis R. Wallace will be in some new model Amiga and not as an upgrade kit for existing machines. Upgrading our existing machines might be a bit difficult, although certainly not impossible. It’s very likely that any new chips will not be pin compatible with the existing chips, so they wouldn’t lit in the same sockets. It’s also possible, perhaps likely, that they will be entirely new chips, and not You can be sure that we at AmigaWorld are just as curious as everyone else about. Exactly what will be announced and when. Just enhanced versions of the older ones (as was the case with the Enhanced Chip Set upgrade). If that’s the case, our existing motherboards won’t be able to use any new chips, and we just might have to get new motherboards in order to take advantage of the new chip set and its features. Finally, in order to use any new hardware that Commodore might develop, tlie Amiga will need some changes to its system software. The challenge to the OS programmers is to adapt Amiga operating software to take advantage of any new features, yet keep it backward compatible with the existing hardware and software. All of this will take some serious work, but I am confident it will happen. Of course, all of this is pure speculation on my part, so keep those grains of salt handy. To line! Out what will really happen, we will just have to sit back and relax, enjoy our existing machines and wait and see what the future brings, Q: OK -I'll bile!Just what the heck is this Amiga 600 I hear is shipping in Europe? Is it just a modified A 500, or is it a new computer? And if it's new, why isn't if avail able here in the US?
M. Milter I ms Angeles, California A: Boy, this is the month for questions about new and unreleased CBM products! Well, the A600 is a new model Amiga not just a revamped A500. There are two versions. The entry- level model contains a single floppy drive, one meg of RAM, one of the mcmory-card slots such as is found on CDTV (and which is becoming a com- puter-industrv standard), and AmigaDOS 2.1 in ROM. The A600HD is the same machine with an internal hard drive. Why isn't it shipping here in the US? Basically because Commodore is an international corporation, with independent business units in each country. They all have to respond to their market forces and government regulations on new computer products, so sometimes one country can get a product out faster than another. In addition, Europe is a bigger market for consumer computers then the US, where more people use high-end Amigas lor vertical applications. So it makes sense to release a new low-end Amiga in Europe as soon as possible. However, while no announcement has yet been made about the A600 in the US, I do expect to hear something soon. Stay tuned. ¦ Need some help or advice about Amiga matters? Send your questions and problems to Help Key, c o AmigaWorld Editorial, SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. 0 BRAG, IUST FACTS! 5cfiWood, fric. P£>. Eat Ml 78 Phoenix Anicr.a S507d Dear Pecpte: Hello1 1 re ;-er£iy par chased pu .irw 1.2 verdon cf Final Cop' and warn to ccngro?uloi» you on a fir.- po- grarn. Ere,- sr.ce a. friend of rein* bought final Cc 'y o few m onih? Aoc, I have beer, envtaus of the ere a! Pint- cuts he war getting. One thing I noticed about your prc- grcsti, hcwevss-, w.£ that text an the meen was often dUl- culttoread. The other day [ sow j-ournew 1.2 vtrdort for thr 'j dirt time and war an -are d how good the eo-em dieptay now looke. It id un:orr.rr.cn to find a software company thot Ic a« intent upon Imp-owr.j .and ruppcrting their products at your company wertii to be- From vdiai I under- Sand, since the day RnaJ Copy started sellingtlleie wo e few, if any, px-blems _ with it. Nowthc! Yen h.are !nij:rared the screen display, you hare ova-come the only cbte&lcn to your program that I had. ¦ _ Now my printouts lock as good as any I ha’.* seen created cn 9| ff any cornputa-! My only complaint is tit at Final Copy was not l Ca»Lpcy avail able before. Amiga users have been waiting for a program like this for a 1 eng time. I------------------------------- in iii mm nr=»CH XT
o i fncnt-.Vou ‘j Version 1.3’s new screen display is easy to read!
- IsiSi 3TX !£Lfi Best output of any Amiga word processor! O be a winner you’ve got to be a whole lot better than the rest. Final Copy Final Copy is the first and only word processor for the Amiga that gives high-quality printing on any 1.3 or 2.0 Workbench supported printer. It comes with a 116.000 word spelling detector and corrector, 470.000 synonym J J thesaurus with definitions, 35 outline typefaces, multiple newspaper style columns. IFF graphic support including 24 bit ILBMs. Real-time text flow around graphics, 12 bit-plane color printing, typographic controls, Arexx port, and true WYSIWYG PostScript® printing. As one of our customers said, ‘‘You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see Final Copy has the best printing of any Amiga word processor.” Comparison Chart Outline Fonts Included Crop Graphics Load Simple HAM graphic Thesaurus Synonyms Speller Words Snaking Columns ¦ Graphic Text Flow Automatic Hyphenation Final Copy 1.3 35 Yes
3. 5 sec.
470. 000
116. 000 1-6 Yes Yes ProWrite 3.2® 0 No 1 min 20 sec
300. 000 100,000 1-5 No No Comparison Chart Price Frame Graphics 24 Bit ILBM Support Thes. With Definitions Page Views Print 1 pg. Document Arexx Use Amiga Clipboard Final Copy 1.3 $ 99.95 Yes Yes Yes 25-400% 53 sec. Yes Yes ProWrite 3.2® $ 174.95 No No No No 2 min 5 sec Yes No $ 99M VISA & ¦ MASTERCARD | 1-800-247-8314 I SoftWood, Inc. Centaur Development presents the most brilliant new product line for the Amiga ... OpalVision MotherBoard
• The core of the OpalVision system. It is a true 24-Bit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 million colors available for every pixel.
• Uncompromised, 24-Bit higher-than- broadcast-quality, crystal-clear images which far surpass any composite video or HAM system.
• Amiga graphics and animations can appear in front of or behind OpalVision images on a pixel-by-pixel basis.
• Operates in all standard Amiga resolutions up to a maximum of 768 x 480 pixels (580 in PAL).
• Double buffered 24-Bit and 15-Bit animation can be performed in medium and low resolution modes while 8-Bit double-buffered animation is available in all resolutions.
• VLSI Microcode Graphics Co-processor enables resolution changes, stencil modes, a host of transition effects and smooth scrolling between screens.
• "Palette-Mapped" design updates screen colors in real-time. Fade pictures in and out and change their palettes on the fly.
• Available in an internal version which occupies the video slot of the Amiga 2000 and 3000 series computers. The external version connects to the RGB port of any Amiga, including the Amiga 500 and 600 series computers.
• Equipped with 1.5 MB of display RAM
• Automatically self-configures for NTSC or PAL operation. Included Software Opal Paint: Unequalled 24-Bit painting and image processing. See the following pages for a complete description. Opal Presents: A comprehensive, icon- driven presentation program offering complete control over OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video (when the Frame Grabber Genlock is installed), Includes numerous built-in transitions and effects including wipes, fades and scrolling effects. Takes full advantage of OpalVision's double buffering and intelligent image pre- loading to minimize delays. Utilizes 24-Bit image thumbnails in both editor and file requester. Trigger transitions by mouse button, timer or AREXX commands. Initiates CLI and AREXX scripts. Fully multitasking. OpalVision Hot Key: Display OpalVision images anytime by using key combinations. Show OpalVision and Amiga graphics simultaneously, with single keystrokes to control two different OpalVision screens, priority masks, genlocking and other OpalVision features. Multitasks with all Amiga software to provide 24-Bit backdrops for Amiga graphics. AREXX compatibility integrates all OpalVision features into Amiga environment. King of Karate: The world's first 24-Bit personal computer game! An exciting karate competition which is lots of fun and an excellent demonstration of OpalVision's capabilities. Includes OPAL PRESENTS a feature - pocked, 24-Bit presentation program, The complete 24-Bit graphics and video solution. OpalVision thrusts the Amiga back into first place as the most powerful video and graphics computer in the industry. OpalVision links the ultimate video painting software with cutting-edge, high- quality hardware providing magnificent graphic and video capabilities. OpalVision’s modular design lets you select only the features you need while providing expandability for the future. Freely combine 24-Bit and AMIGA graphics. Run Workbench over an OpalVision screen. Includes KING OF KARATE The world's first 24-Bit personal computer game. A complete range of enhancement modules will be available soon. Add framegrabbing and genlocking, de-interlacing, Digital Video Effects and input switching capabilities. OpalVision's modular design circumvents the usual problems with incompatibility and loss of signal integrity associated with the external components available from third parties and the "Rat’s Nest” required to connect them. The expansion modules connect directly to the OpalVision Mother Board without tying up Amiga slots. Adding all of the modules creates a complete 24-Bit Amiga desktop video system. Multitasking HOTKEY software Sets you show 24-Bit pics any time. Run Dpolnl™ ANIMS on a 24-Bit background. Revolutionary "Roaster" chip provides unlimited video digital effects. OpalVision Scon-Rate Converter for non-flickering, rock-solid ouput. OpalVision Frame Grabber Genlock Module:
• A true 24-Bit frame grabber, genlock, composite decoder (color splitter), composite encoder, 256-level linear keyer with alpha channel output and live video effects processor.
• Broadcasf-quality S-Video (S-VHS or HI-8) or composite input and output.
• No externa! Splitter required. Uses the Sony broadcast camera chipset for quality in excess of broadcast standards.
• Instantly freeze and save multiple video frames or a sequence of frames as 24-Bit images. No still frame or signal preparation required for image grabbing.
• High-quality integration of 24-Bit OpalVision and Amiga images with video. Define a 256-level transparency overlay (alpha channel) for OpalVision or Amiga images so live video can be displayed through transparent and semi-transparent portions of the image.
• All features are software controlled for fading, source switching, keying, etc.
• Uses external video or internal Amiga sync.
• Installs directly on the OpalVision Mother Board. No external wiring or power supply required. OpalVision Scan-Rate Converter
• Display Amiga Graphics, OpalVision 24-Bit images and live video as rock- solid, non'interlaced,flicker-free images on any multi-scan or multi-sync monitor.
• Acts as an independent 24-Bit frame buffer for two-screen multimedia applications.
• Perfect for high-resolution applications such as desktop publishing and word processing, paint and ray tracing software, etc.
• Requires and plugs into the OpalVision Mother Board. No external wiring or power supply needed. OpalVision Quad-input Production Switcher
• An external unit which plugs into the OpalVision Frame Grabber Genlockfor software-controlled switching between two video sources.
• Incorporates four video input signals each with its own color splitter. These four inputs can be assigned to A and B sources for switching in any combination.
• Perform cuts, dissolves, wipes and all the transitions made possible by the OpalVision Roaster Chip between two different sources.
• Each input includes both S-Video (S- VHS or Hi-8) and composite jacks. Output is provided in both S-Video and composite format,
• Includes a jack for input of house sync, and output of the alpha (transparency) channel as a IV p-p signal for production mixing desks.
• Requires and plugs into the OpalVision Frame Grabber Genlock board. No external power supply needed. OpalVision Roaster Chip
• Real-time processing and morphing of live video, OpalVision images or standard Amiga output. Take any live video signal. Flip it. Scale it. Wrap it on a sphere. Wave it like a flag. Do page turns to reveal a second source image. Provides an infinite variety of amazing, real-time Digital Video Effects.
• "Picture-in-Picture" capability allows the display of full 24-Bit live or frozen video in a scalable window on the Workbench. Zoom in on a portion of the Image and pan around for a close-up look.
• Includes software to design and accurately sequence custom video effects and transitions. Includes an expandable library of useful wipes, dissolves, wraps, etc.
• Plugs into the OpalVision Mother Board. The Roaster Chip is a fully integrated part of the OpalVision system and is fully compatible with all other modules. For effective use, the Roaster Chip and software requires the Frame Grabber Genlock Module. An unequalled painting and image manipulation program. Fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. OpalPaint gives you complete control over OpalVlsion’s 16.8 million color palette. Includes a full-range of drawing tools and image- processing modes. Create real-world artistic effects with exclusive Artist's Tools and Paper Types. Tools
• Includes all standard painting tools: Sketch (Dotted & Freehand); Line; Filled Unfilled Outline; Arc; Filled Unfilled Ellipses Circles Rectangles; Text; Brush Cut.
• "Rip and Replace" repeats last drawing action after moving one pixel in any direction. Very useful for precise placement of brushes and objects.
• Definable level of anti-aliasing in any mode and with any tool.
• Definable level of global transparency for all operations, or set transparency levels of individual RGB or HSV components.
• Texture mapping with 32-Bit brushes, using any Drawing Tool, Drawing Mode and Transparency Gradient.
• Transparency overlays "painted" using Alpha Work Mode can be attached to cutout for 32-Bit brush.
• Magnify tool with complete zoom in out control. Modes
• 18 built-in Drawing Modes, Including Paint, Tint, Colorize. Brilliance (Brightness), Contrast, Gamma, Additive, Subtractive, Mosaic, Smear, Smooth, Shade, Sharpen, Negative, and many others. Most modes have independently adjustable parameters via an on-screen slider; for example, you can adjust the Smear amount from 1% to 100%. All Drawing Modes are used in conjunction with the drawing tools; apply effects to either limited areas or the entire image.
• Additional Drawing Modes on disk for unlimited image processing powerand expandability. Includes such Drawing Modes as Add Noise, Convert to Grey, Median Filter, Emboss, High-pass Filter and Logical Operations.
• True 24-Bit multiple color gradients, with adjustable radial, linear, horizontal, vertical, border, and point gradient fill choices; gradient colors can be either RGB or HSV color spreads.
• Transparency gradients. Define multiple levels of transparency for a fill, similar to color gradients. Can be used alone or in combination with color gradients. Resolutions File Formats
• Loads IFF (any resolution, including HAM), IFF-24, JPEG, OV_FAST. Saves IFF- 24, JPEG and OV.FAST.
• Define unlimited spare pages. Spare pages can be any resolution and page size.
• Rubthrough from any one spare page to the same or another spare page.
• Supports all resolutions of the OpalVision card.
• Page size in any resolution is definable up to the limits of available memory, or hard-drive space if the virtual memory option is utilized up to 32,768 x 32,768 pixels. Large images can be scaled for viewing on standard screen.
• Two different stencil types: Keep-out stencils (like artist's friskets) which can be drawn with the painting tools over any area of the image, and color stencils, which can include or exclude ranges of color based on HSV tolerances.
• With one mouse click switch between three different Work Modes that all use the same Drawing Tools: Paint mode, for normal painting and image processing; Stencil Mode for drawing keep-out stencils, and Alpha mode to paint with grey scales representing transparency. This transparency mask is used with 32-Bit cutout brushes and is supported by the OpalVision Frame Grabber Genlock for semi-transparent live video overlays.
• OpalVision Frame Grabber Genlock can grab images or cutout brushes directly into spare pages and the work area.
• Combine Drawing Tools, Drawing Modes, Texture mapping. Transparency and effects for incredible image manipulation power. Utilize full Image Processing capabilities for desktop publishing and photo enhancements. Composite multiple images quickly and easily with seamless, 24-Bit color accuracy. Use "Brush Warping" for dynamic surface-mapped effects. Make quick and precise color selections using'the versatile 24-Bit Palette Requester. Generate and manipulate Video Titles with complete Amiga font support (including Colorfonts). Easily create versatile, multiple- level color and transparency gradients. "Thumbnails" give you miniature images of all graphic files. Palette Control
• Supports several methods of real-time 24-Bit color selection. Choose colors from RGB & HSV sliders, use the
16. 8 million "coior picker," choose from a list of named colors, or use OpalPaint's color mixing area to create your own.
• A working palette of 260 selected colors is available at all times. Load and Save custom color palettes. This palette can be changed at any time without changing colors already in the image. Colors in gradients, smoothing, etc... are not limited to colors in the working palette.
• Includes pre-defined palettes, such as Pastels, Metals, Ocean, Skintones, Camouflage, Fluorescents, etc. Each has its own pre-mixed mixing area for easy color selection. Unique Features
• Easy, intuitive icon-based interface. No cluttered screens of buttons or layers of menus.
• Fast, real-time operation. No waiting for buffer updates or working on a second screen.
• Virtual memory support. Store unused portions of the image, spare pages, or spare cutout brushes on hard disk to save memory. This allows you pages much larger than memory would typically allow.
• Unique nozzle brushes can be independently used with adjustable "Artist's Tools" such as a perfectly smooth airbrushes, pencils, charcoals, texta, oil paints, etc. In addition, the "paper type" can be adjusted, such as smooth, rough, watercolor paper, etc. for realistic, real-world effects.
• "Magic Wand" allows automatic filling or cutting or irregular objects using edge detection.
• Supports pressure-sensitive Wacom1" drawing tablet in conjunction with Artist's Tools for incredible real-life effects. (Requires Workbench 2.0) General Characteristics
• Load Save file requesters show an "Art Gallery" of 24-Bit "thumbnails" or miniature representations of Images, Cutout Brushes and Palette sets on disk for visual location of files. Create Art Gallery thumbnails for existing IFF images.
• "Undo" button for any operation.
• "Dynamic Undo" Use the right mouse button as an eraser to paint from the undo buffer with any tool.
• Keyboard equivalents follow DPAINF standard where possible.
• Full AREXX support and fully compatible with Workbench version 2.0. Frame Grabber Genlock allows real-time color processing of live video: glows, shines, posterizations. Nuclear effects and more. Retouch, enhance and madify rendered 3D images. Created by: opal tech Sydney, australia Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur 4451-B Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260 Phone: (310) 542-2226 Fax: (310)542-9998 For information call 1 -800-621 -2202 OpctYsjon. Opal Palnl, Opal Preienti ana Opa Vii.cn Roaster Chip ato troaemo'is of Opal Technology. Ltd King of Karato a a Trademark of Conlour Development, Inc Otner orandJ ana product nomei are trademarks & registered trademarks of ftnrlr respective holder* R E V IE Gold Disk, $ 295. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Professional Page 3.0 Publishing flyers, newsletters, or booklets.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB RAM, hard disk, Arexx v. 1.15. Recommended system: 4 +MB, hard drive, Arexx, 68030 accelerator. For a long time, whenever 1 looked at Mac and PC desktop-publishing products, I wondered if 1 was wasting my time with the Amiga but 1 wonder no longer. Professional Page 3.(1 is ilie first release in which Gold Disk appears to be not just selling a desktop-publishing program, hut competing with the big guns. Previous versions had quite a few holes, but this edition fills most of them. For example, page sizes up to 48x4S-inches (and larger for output) are now possible, and the long-overdue undo button is included. Auto-tiling is supported, and the color-scp- aration routines have been improved. Two new hot links, one to Pro Draw 3.0 (not released as of this writing) and the other to Art Department Professional, let you edit drawings from Pro Page. (A third Jinks you to Professional Calc.) Even better, a new text-wrap feature lets you irregularly wrap text around a structured-drawing object. Wrapping bitmapped graphics isn’t directly supported yet, however, so while you can flow text around the outline of a vector-based graphic of a boat, you can do so only around the rectangular bounding box of a boat that’s bitmap-based. Professional Is the Word To simplify your installation efforts, Pro Page 3.0 provides its own Install utilities and several support and configuration files. Use them. They are the best improvements of the new version. All Amiga programs should be as configurable as Pro Page. Ppage.ini, for example, substitutes itself For numerous Assign statements. The only Assign command now required is to the CGFonts directory. Ppagc.DFLT is a configuration file that tells Pro Page where to look for your project files. Upon exiling. The program updates Ppagc.DFLT to your last project's directory. The next time you use Pro Page, To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" fist on p. 106. The file requesters automatically display those same directories. This causes a problem if you decide to work on another project where the location of your files differs from your previous project, or if more than one person uses the same computer. I’ve worked around this by starting Pro Page from a script file that copies a master Ppage.DFLT file before executing Pro Page. L he most powerful configuration file is Ppage. Config, which lets you customize how Pro Page starts. You can specify the initial text-greeking sizes, font size and type, page magnification, grid size, whether to start in wireframe mode, and so on. This useful file is also easy to customize. After all these years, Pro Page finally supports Adobe Type 1 fonts. The supplied FomManager program converts Type 1 fonts into Compugraphic format. To convert a font, you need both the printer font and the Adobe metric file. (The program provides additional save inodes for accelerated Ami- gas.) Once you transform them, you can permanently download your PostScript fonts to your printer with the Download program. Font support is further improved by letting you specify font sizes to an eighth of an inch and by adding five more Compugraphic fonts: Caslon 540, CG Omega, Garth Graphic, Shannon Book, and Unieai. Pro Page’s Information requester now acts as a check list for sendee bureaus. It lists all PostScript fonts and EPS files used in your document, as well as all bitmap files. Unfortunately, there’s no way to print this information to a text file. Importing text files has been improved by creating text-import filters. New additions include Kind- worcls, excellence!, and ProWYite. I just wish other nonAmiga formats were supported in addition to WordPerfect (PC) and ASCII (PCI), (How about some Mac formats, too?) Rub The Lamp The most noticeable new feature is the collection of Genies (analogous to Microsoft Publisher’s Page- ¦ ¦* I i 4 rj ip! E Dei . -e sslk tx ca ju lckn« U O Keys About Execute Mo d i f y Def ine 1 Inporl Delete Cancel Let vmr I fT'- ra icvra t 00B ts 4 ill as Ue i s»i c-iacpiBLsysljactjn+Mthyicia rjnl *- cp* fra 4a i-!- Sajsa talk B*ai* L ip di« a! Is* aif.xiaj *i:t. I*ii- ey sli sciesed tsaist c 4>- i siiyts Wopc Ui vie kb il asm. ’sis ncsiB'i enrci :ea s bUas cupt ki-mij sd a; aU jiip »e ¦>* =->•4 MSKfC !*a ”i "as uia- ii la i‘E i*B a
* Jpaa» "eLt *ei* ilka ii: * -s aifla a iLjbi e 1'. It* rt ¦ • ir.i: •% :at' c4> -i| itlz. Slier pa'•ralajtcxs zaal Js'tr cr.-1 ¦ Up i* i jgs! Aalk fraia_ ? On Professional Page
3. 0's Genies make layout a snap. Wizards). Pro Rage now has an Arexx interface, and each Genie is an Arexx script. Currently, there are six types of Page Genies and over 50 Function Genies, and Gold Disk is encouraging third parties to write more. Most Genies work alike: Select it, respond to the questions, and the Genie does all the work. You use Page Genies in the same manner you create any other page from the Page Create menu option. You can create various Avery labels. Business reports, envelopes, full-page ads, newsletters, and twofold brochures. Function Genies are plentiful (although 1 could wish for dozens more). Modifying your text, lor example. Is as easy as clicking a mouse button. You can change all letters to upper case, create superscripts and subscripts, create drop caps and small caps, globally change fonts, or capitalize the first letter of selected words. You can delete, move, or copy a range of pages or modify their attributes. You can insert another Pro Page document within your current one. You can convert boxes into columns, change box attributes throughout the document, copy a box's contents to a range of boxes, or perform a global search-and-replace. There’s a Genie that creates as many pages as needed while importing text, and another creates timed backup files. Still another finds all occurrences of a style tag and returns a list of text using that tag. Two separate Genies create tables (limited to drawing boxes around imported data). Other tidbits include entering and retrieving personal information, creating drop shadows, copying box attributes, aligning boxes, changing and saving configuration preferences, performing math calculations, converting typesetting units, and invoking Arexx commands from a command line. Don’t Stop Now*.. .Although I'm pleased with all the new features, I’m frustrated by what wasn't included. For example, there is no way to print only odd or even pages or to provide print spooling. I'm also surprised that there’s still no support for decimal tabs, dot leaders, paragraph numbering, or creating fractions, and you still can’t produce several standard typesetting characters, such as an em-dash, true quotation marks, or ligatures. These missing characters also create holes in spe-
- .1 -_ cialized typefaces, such as Zapf Dingbats or Symbol, and the Pro Page manual shows many unused spots in the keyboard mapping. There must be a solution to ihis problem somewhere. Dual-page and full-page monitors are ignored, as well, as are Amiga DOS 2.0's virtual screens. In addition, you’re still stuck working with one document at a time. Wbrk-group publishing and special networking tools aren’t supported, either. Gold Disk and all other Amiga developers must consider this if the Amiga is ever to be accepted as a business tool. While on-line help is still not included (except for Genies), you do receive a separate help-book program. Few improvements were made to the Article Editor (AE). Unlike Pro Page 3.0, the AE doesn't have that crisp 3-D look of Workbench 2.0. It still uses the Sort button in the File Requester, which Pro Page mercifully discarded in version 2.0. I wish the AE knew where I store text files; Ppage.DFLT provides this information, but the AE doesn't use the new configuration files. Clipboard and Arexx support are missing, and the macro language, although useful. Ignores file requesters. ? The Arexx inlcrface in Professional Page 3.0 is as extensive as any Eve seen, and the Arexx Genies open up amazing possibilities. 1 lie Page Genies give novice users a quick way to make a variety of standard formats. The Function Genies take much of the drudgery out of page creation. I want more, however. I'd like to be able to gel information from Pro Page about the width of a siring in a chosen font and size. It's a hit loo difficult now to find the right size fora box when the size of die box is not known when a function is written. Robin Evans Seal lie, Wasbi neton c? '..t'ts jp»s ici* ei ts
* »i iuicuaj aifci kn Bifst ib is ie w "Kte. Pat s.ttrai k£cf!u ec! TS nii-jup n e Iki» Di*a «a witr* via ascl'rti? =Za kolaa c v*o «c.« « =. Csi t La ir 1 dtic+>+! F-wfissali fra! :.f*a LiU t: i= ?Jlu lii It- apt 1C y p: i,«ni rtt >1 31 *1 v4 B6f* iiOfis t*s 3 » -i:
- a' :‘Si L± 'i iSzz dcl-x? Rtcr sli Saiej c two 111; xsk n isa :- cdo apusBE jti tfss*! Hpsrts i3»3 i I'BitiagiBdnu Ickrote l-os.eiBj.s adljs. N«a l&i sn vjsa zol j -k*Mc J .p fc* ss!l3 uq'-gi* Jossas jtoi aua jli'til Bafvb: tna Lioa fga U tc: sat ¦frt, ,-¦! Its a tiaay JtilA tja ! Tanks* ei S. -». ¦ v 1 . Tn . Kh-jata -t- «tUruia *45=aa--«i is - S:1 1 ''u1e: slaa.:*: p- ¦t a i Ict.xta eil a Cipy m •» a afr a bib ___- r YoiR TliRM AmigaWorld 23 K E V I E W S My biggest disappointment is that Pro Page still lacks book-publishing features. I'm sure book publishing is possible on a small scale with sonic customized Genies. Still, you cannot conveniently produce ail index or anchor illustrations to text, and there’s no table editor, cross-referencing, equation editor, auto-linking of files for multichapter designs, or support for page numbering of two-ups and four-ups. Unlike Pro Page 2.0, I haven’t yet run into any major hugs with 3.0, but 1 have found a few minor quirks. The Auto-Save Genie and default page settings don't work from Ppage.conlig, and I couldn’t send text back home to Pro Page from TransWrite when the Article Editor was loaded. All in all. Gold Disk can hold its head high with this release. An attitude change is apparent, and I hope the developers continue to add features. Even though I still have a wish list, Gold Disk has finally delivered a professional version of Pro Page that's competitive with other packages, including those on the Mac and PC. It's still confined in practice and nature to page publishing, but at that level it now performs well. Daryell Sip per PageStream 2.2 Soft-Logik, S299.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM, two floppy drives. Recommended system: 2MB RAM, hard drive, accelerator. All-level desktop publishing and sign making. HotLinks Editions Soft-Logik, S99.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM, two floppy drives. Recommended system: 2MB RAM, hard drive, accelerator. Text and image editing, interprocess communications. As one of the Amiga’s top two desktop- publishing programs, PageStream is known for its fluid and easy-to-use interface, its extensive file-formal importing and exporting capabilities, and its vast array of features. The latest version (2.2) improves on this tradition. PageStream 2.2: New Looks, New Hooks The first thing von will notice are the
o changes to the windows, requesters, and tools. All now sport the AmigaDOS 2.0 3-D look. Under 2.0, PageStream 2.2 uses the standard Hie requester and opens on the Workbench screen if so directed by the Tool Types in its icon (or the command line options if run from the Shell). Even under 1.3. PageStream 2.2 retains
2. 0‘s dimensional appearance. IT0111 the functionality side, requesters now allow double-clicking on list entries (such as file names) to select and dismiss requesters. In addition, many keyboard menu combinations now exist to handle such situations as creating and printing documents with previously established settings. In the toolbox, some tools were merged and a couple of minor new ones added, including a zoom control. Soft-Logik has also added or improved modules for import, export, and control of output devices (including plotters and sign cutters). For example, PageStream now controls HPGL-com- patible plotters and sign cutters, the Roland CAM Ml sign cutter, and color PostScript printers. Moreover, the PostScript driver is improved. On the import side, 2.2 offers modules for PCS (PC Paintbrush format), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) for ASCII, Mac, and IBM formats, as well as Adobe Illustrator EPS. By far the most important improvement in PageStream is the addition of HotLinks, Soft-Logik’s contender for an interprocess communication standard. Whereas Arexx is primarily intended for passing commands between programs, HotLinks is intended to pass data. Also unlike Arexx, HotLinks can communicate between two programs that may not even be running. It can even communicate between more than two programs; one program's update to its data can be seen by all the others that subscribe to the data, whenever they reference it. If one or more HotLinks subscribers are running when an update rakes place, they are notified of the change and can automatically j update themselves with the changed data. For example, consider a common PageStream scenario: You create a document in a text editor, set up a layout in PageStream. Pour the text into the layout's columns and then find an error in the text. If the necessaty- change is small, you might make it in PageStream and then export the new text to the document. For an extensive correction, you’d change the text in the text editor, save it to disk, clear the columns in PageStream, and re-import the text not much fun. With HotLinks, it’s much simpler; In PageStream 2.2, you "subscribe’’ to an “edition” of text, rather than importing it. If the edition is updated by a Hot- Links-compatible text editor, the text in 01 R i I R V PageSiream 2.2 is a major advance. The screen refreshes are faster, and printed output looks great on both dot-matrix and PostScript printers. The inclusion of magnification in the toolbox as well as the menu is very handy, PageStream 2.2 is one program that can demonstrate the Amiga's viability in a professional environment. Myron Lieberman Tcmpe, Arizona the column is automatically updated. 1 he same is true for images, and will shortly be true for structured drawings. HotLinks Editions: Ready For Hookup To give PageStream something to link to, Soft-Logik produced HotLinks Editions, which includes HotLinks, the PageLiner text editor, and the BME bitmap editor. Soft-Logik has made the HotLinks standard available to developers, as well, so we may see other releases. PageLiner is a straightforward text editor, with the ability to preserve PageStream formatting information such as styles, point sizes, and tags. Because the text used lor editions is stored in the IFF DTXT format (an Interchange File Format standard for desktop-published Continued on p. 58.
V. ... .. ¦ i _ AMIGA mmm L I i, I I M A T E V M I C A Just how much expansion power and add-on capability can you cram into one Amiga? AW’s Senior Editor of Technology had a go at it recently and here’s what, he came up with. ONE OF THE strong points of the Amiga has always been its ease of expandability. With features like auto-config hardware and an enormous linear address space that is the equal of many mainframe systems, we have always known that it is one computer system that you can expand to suit almost any need. But late one night recently, in the room in my home that houses my own Amiga system, I heard a small voice taunting me in a kind of mocking whisper: “Yea, Lou. While you and many others have talked about this As highly touted expansion potential, has anyone ever really tried to push the Amiga to the limit?’* I decided to give it a try, and with the help of several Amiga third- party vendors, 1 came up with one reasonably powerful computer system. To begin with, I chose the A3000T as the base for my expansion because it has lots of drive bays, a slew of expansion slots, and a large power supply. Of course, some of what went into the Tower could also have been used in the A3000 or A2000, but I would eventually have run into space and power limitations. More Speed, More Memory, More Storage! The first thing I wanted to do was add a faster processor. While the 25-MHz 68030 in the A3000T was nice, it didn’t have the raw computing power I wanted. The obvious choice was a 68040. But which one? I started out with Progressive Peripherals’ 28-MHz Mercury ’040 card (which has 32 megabytes of 32-bit RAM on board). This is one impressive accelerator, but soon after I installed it. I received CAT’s G-Force 040 card. This babv j also operates at 28 Mhz, but it has only 8MB of RAM. The RAM. However, is very high-speed 40-ns RAM. Having to choose between slightly faster processing and more memory, I opted for the G-Force because speed was my primary concern. But then I received Progressive Peripherals' new 33-MHz Mercury card (it actually clocks in at 35 Mhz), which was also equipped with 32 megs of 32-bit RAM. That changed the equation again, so I replaced the CPU board once more, going with the fastest (580 40 product. Next I needed memory. My Tower already has 18 megs on the motherboard (16MB of 32-bit RAM and 2MB of chip RAM), plus I now had the 32 megs from the Mercury card, bringing the total to 50MB. Most people would have said that was enough, but by this time power-user syndrome had overtaken my body, and strange voices in my head were chanting: “More RAM! We need more RAM!" Never one to ignore disembodied voices, I began to search for a suitable RAM card. There was really only one choice: Progressive s Pro- RAM 64MB Zorro III RAM card for the A3000 3000T. Plugging in one of those . Babies, I turned on the system and was pleased to see that 1 now had 1 14 megs of RAM. That seemed enough to play my favorite game of Stellar Space Asteroids, so I moved on to storage. Starting off with just the standard 200MB Quantum, I quickly realized I needed more hard-disk capacity. While I could simply have gone for one of the large, full-height a' i-inch gigabyte drives, I decided that I would rather spread the storage out over several drives. I opted for a 520MB 372-inch Fujitsu SCSI hard drive and an 88MB SyQuest remov- able-media drive. I gave a lot of thought to which removable media to use, and almost decided on one of the new flopticals; because they currently come only in 20MB formats, however, I went instead with the 88MB SyQuest. The SyQuest offers good disk performance, and 1 can just pop in a new cartridge when I need more storage. While all this writable storage was impressive, I wanted access to the ever-increasing library of software and data found on CD-ROM. To gain this, I needed a drive and a CD-ROM file system. I opted for a Chinon internal CD-ROM drive and Canadian Prototype Replicas' CDROM-FS as the driver software. (And since no Amiga CD-ROM system is complete without the entire Fred Fish collection. I added HyperMedia Concepts' Fred Fish CD-ROM, which gives me more than 600 floppy-disks’ worth of PD programs on a single disc.) On to the Extras Next on my agenda was the display card. While I like the Amiga’s standard graphics, those darn voices kept screaming: “24 bit! 24 bit!” I look a long look at all the 24-bit cards for the Amiga (there are a lot of options) and settled on Great Valley Products' IV24. This multifunction card offers a full 24-bit display, RGB and composite genlock, a flicker-free display, 200MB Quantum HD 520MB Fujitsu HD in back 88MB SyQuest Chinon CD-ROM Hidden away is PP&S’s 33-MHz 68040 with 32MB RAM 18MB RAM on motherboard PP&S's 64MB ProRAM card ASDG’s Dual Serial Card GVP’s IV24 graphics card SunRize AD1012 sound digitizer Ultimate Amiga: Vital Statistics A3000T (18MB RAM, 200MB drive, 1960 Multisync) S5255 PP&S 35-MHz 32MB Mercury 68040 6000 PP&S ProRAM with 64MB 4450 Fujitsu 520MB HD 1100 SyQuest 88MB removable 500 Chinon CD-ROM drive 350 CD-ROM-FS 50 HyperMedia Fred Fish CD-ROM 70 SunRize AD1012 595 ASDG Dual Serial Board 299 Supra FAXModem V.32bis 350 GVP IV24 2199 TOTAL picture in a picture, and a variety ol support soltware. The voices started chattering about sound, so to shut them up 1 quickly installed SunRize Industries' AD1012 12-bit digitizer. Currently, the .AD 1012 is the best audio digitizer available for the Amiga, and it is able to digitize sound at rates of 80,000 sps (samples per second). It can also digitize audio directly to hard disk, so sample size is limited only by the available storage space. One of the things I always find I need more of is serial ports one is never enough. I narrowed my choices to Commodore’s A2232 multiport card and ASDG's Dual Serial Board. I decided on ASDG’s card because it supports up to 1 15K baud and seems to be a bit more reliable than the CBM product. Finally, fora modem I wanted a fast internal card, but currently the fastest internal Amiga modem is the Supra Modem 2400zi Plus which just isn't fast enough. So I opted for Supra s external FAXModem V.32bis (not pictured), which offers transfer rates of 14,400 baud. So is this really the ultimate Amiga? I like it pretty well, but those voices keep saying: “C’mon, Lou, you can do better than that! You’ve still got two drive bays, one Amiga slot, and two PC slots that are empty.” Well, I could still add another 64-meg RAM card, a Bridgeboard or Mac card, and maybe even throw in a TBC card or two. Perhaps a streaming tape lor backup could occupy that :V i-inch bay, and, darn it, I really did want one of those neat flopticals! Okay, enough; maybe I’ll do this again next year and sec what the Ultimate Amiga looks like then. Bui at die present time I want to put this mega-Amiga to work. Let's ncc now; what I have leallv alwavs wanted to know p* -• was the answer to die nili- mate question: Whal i the meaning ol lile. The universe, and everything? “Oh. Deep Thought..." ¦ ome and get it. The new Amiga® 3000T multimedia workstation tower the most expandable, flexible Amiga ever built. Important News For The Power Hungry: Your Dinner’s Ready. Powered by a 25 MHZ Motorola 68030 CPU, with a 68882 math coprocessor, the A3000T features a 200MB hard disk drive. A 3.5’’ floppy disk drive. 5MB of RAM, FREE Monitor Xow buy a A3000T for 54,499 l i l i vx rn and gel a free monitor.** GxptinCltlDlC tO And 32 bit bus architecture to transfer mammoth amounts of information at breakneck speed. The truly power famished will be happy to know that the A3000T is stuffed with an abundant selection of expansion slots. There’s a co-processor slot. A video slot for internal devices. Up to four PC slots. And up to five Zorro III slots. Every Amiga 3000 series computer comes with CommodoreExpress ' Gold Service options.* And convenient leasing terms are available. C ¦Now, you’d expect a power feast like this to carry a fat price tag. But right now, through September 30, you can sit down to an Amiga 3000T with a monitor for just $ 4,499.** Which in itself is a powerful reason for seeing your Commodore dealer today. For a dealer near you, call 1 -800-66-AMIGA. In Canada, call 1-800-661-AMIGA. Bon appetit. O Commodore AMIGA © 1992 Commodore Business Machines Inc Commodore and the Commodore logo are registered trademarks of Commodore Electronics Ltd Amiga is a registered trademark of Com mod ore-Amiga, Inc. Products available onGSA schedule GS-OOK-91-AGS-5069- * Available only on systems purchased in the US through an authorized GtmmniorvAmsgj dealer Customer aclivahon required Some optional programs include .1 charge. *’M?RP Spoken Here Professional and HMMHI mmmm mmmmi would-be scientists: mmmmi mmmmmi mmmmi mmmmi mmmm mmmmi mmmw* mmmmi mmmmi mmmwi mmmmi mmmmi: mmmmi mmmmi mmmmt mmmmn mmmmz mmmm? Mmmm% mmmm mmmms
- ¦ mmmm Ilili Kilili Maple V speaks your language. It’s an algebra program that calculates, graphs, and opens many doors to Amiga users. Mm iWB. Mm mm mi ill mmmMmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmum mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmwMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmMmmmmmmmmi.mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmnmmmmmmnmn mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn mmmmmmmmwmmmmmmu mammmmmammmmmmmmms mu atm While the Amiga has always been an ideal platform for preparing scientific papers, until recently it lacked software designed for serious computation. Now Maple V. a premier symbolic-math program ($ 450, Waterloo Maple Software), goes a long way towards filling this void. As a theoretical physicist, I find that a combination of Maple V, Radical Eye Software s AmigaTeX text-formatting program ($ 200), and a good, Arexx-capable drawing program such By Marvin Weinstein as ProVector ($ 299.95, Stylus) provides everything I need in order to do a computation, write a Amiga World 29 V I, E paper, and submit it for publication. A must for Amiga- using physicists, mathematicians, and engineers, Maple V can also be of value to teachers and students. In fact, the State University of New York at Albanv offers an innovative math course built around Maple V miming on Amiga 2000s and 2500s. Symbolic-math software takes the drudgery out of doing analytic calculations, much as the hand calculator takes the drudgery out of numerical computations. With it, even the average person can command the
• . If mm mil IH1 ms mm mathematical technique once resened to the highly trained engineer or scientist. Maple Y does what is called algebraic manipulation, mathematical manipulation, or computer algebra. It computes equations and graphs them in two or three dimensions. Like other algebra software, Maple V is in part a language. Yet it is distinct from languages like C or Fortran in that it can manipulate expressions, parts of which arc implicitly or explicitly left unevalu- ated. Thus, Maple V allows such expressions as x := (a+by x := x + 11; even if the variables a and b have not been assigned a value. Good algebra software provides tools for expanding, simplifying, factoring, differentiating, integrating, and otherwise massaging user-delined expressions ol this type. A sophisticated symbolic-math language must know about trigonometric functions, special functions like Bessel functions, linear algebra, and matrices. It should also he able to do known definite and indefinite integrals, arbitrary precision arithmetic, infinite sums, and. In general, make life simpler for someone doing lengthy analytic calculations. Ideally, it should also he user-friendly and fail-safe. I hroughout this article, I'll detail how Maple V approaches the ideal, hut let me start by pointing out that its predecessors (all on nonAmiga platforms) had only a subset of these characteristics. When Maple V and its competitor Mathematica emerged in the 1980s, they added much more power, a better user interface, modern syntax for rhe programming language, and powerful graphing capabilities, A revolution came when the creator of Mathematica realized that an algebra program of this caliber was not simply a computer-science curiosity, but had commercial value. Since then, the symbolic-compuiation group ar the University of Waterloo has dug furiously for the “gold in them thar hills,M and a healthy competition has developed between the two programs. Maple is the first to tap the Amiga market. For the Sake of Comparison... Although Mathematica does not exist for the Amiga (versions of both programs exist for MS- DOS, Mac. NeXT, Sparc, and other RISC stations), it is Maple Y’s nearest competitor. My own and many of my colleagues' experience is that out of the box, Maple V is more powerful. Also, on a given platform, it runs faster and is more sparing of memory. A cursory inspection of the Maple I 'Library Reference Manual (New York: Springer-Yerlag) gives a feeling for the enormous repertoire of functions that are part of the standard Maple V distribution. This hook, which reproduces the help files available on line, describes approximately 2000 functions. Besides all of the special functions, there are packages for linear algebra, statistical analysis, student calculus, combinatorics, differential forms, group theory, logic, simplex-linear optimization, groebner bases, number theory, Lie symmetries, Newman--Penrose formalism. Euclidean, analytic, and projective geometry, and so on. The only difficulty with such an embarrassment of riches is that it is sometimes hard to know what vou must use to solve a problem. I frequently begin writing a program only to find, hidden away under some unfamiliar name, a built-in function that can do the job. This brings me to documentation, a place where Mathematica tops Maple V. There is no question that more varied documentation exists for Mathematica, especially at the introductory level. Besides the Library Reference Manual. The only Maple V books I am familiar with are The Maple IrLanguage Reference Manual and First Leaves, A Tutorial Introduction to Maple (New York: Springer-Yerlag). These books are helpful, hut do not give a complete introduction to what Maple V can do. While it is simple to get started with Maple V, learning to exploit all of its power can take a while. Fortunately, the program provides on-line help, and perhaps more important, most Maple functions are written in Maple' s own programming language. This means that you can print the source code for these functions and study them to learn programming technique. Although I maintain that Maple V is more powerful Get Anima ted Learn From the Experts Now you can learn all about the latest in animation software! With HOW To ANIMATE, PART 1, you’ll discover the amazing software programs available to help you animate just like the Pros! 60 min. $ 29.95. Order your copy today! Awtmhtai Also Available Animation I The original Amiga- World Animation Video. 48 minutes that will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers as it demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation. Each animation is prefaced by the artist’s name and the animation products used. Experiment and explore the possibilities yourself. $ 19.95 AWTMAV1 History of the Amiga An intriguing, fun-filled look at the history of the Amiga computer. Meet the people, view the products and visit the places that helped to make the Commodore Amiga and Amiga user unique in the history of computing and animation. $ 19.95 Animation ii AmigaWorld editors do it again! 90 minutes of exciting, innovative animations using programs such as Sculpt-Animate 4D, LightWave 3D, TurboSilver. Imagine and DeluxePaint 111. You’ll be thoroughly entertained as you absorb new animation techniques and ideas. $ 24.95 AWTMAV2 The Mind’s Eye A compelling look at the creation of the universe utilizing the talents of the world's top computer animation artists with music composed by James Reynolds. 40 minutes of powerful imagery from over 300 of the leading talents in the field. $ 19.95 AWTMME DeluxePaint IV Video Guide In easy to follow, step by step fashion you’ll explore many of Dpaint’s features to fulfill your graph ics and animation needs. Includes the new Menu Structure, Metamorphosis, HAM color mode, the new Gradients and Cycle requesters, the advanced pallette mixer and much more! $ 24.95 awtmdpi Advanced Techniques With DeluxePaint IV Learn tips and tricks for combining Dpaint’s different tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results. Create 3D text, drop shadows, textures, cycle color animation, professional titling technique and more. $ 24.95 AWTMDP2 Call toll free 1-800-824-5499 or see your local Amiga dealer for these videos. For Customer Service or Foreign Orders please call 410-546-0180 between 8 AM - 6 PM EDT. Add $ 2.95 per video for shipping and handling. Canadian orders add 7% GST. California & Maryland orders add appropriate tax. Make check or money order payable to: TechMedla Video, PO Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 Available in VHS, Some titles available in PAL. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. TechMedia is the licensed North American distributor of AmigaWorld Vrdeos. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. DeluxePaint IV is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts. DeluxePaint IV Video Guide and Advanced Techniques with DeluxePaint IV are products of Saddleback Graphics. The Mind's Eye is a registered trademark of Miramar. TechMedia
- v i d iT > M A V I i: than Mathematics, there are some things Mathematical docs that Maple V does not. For example: The current version of Maple V does not, as Matheniatica does, evaluate special functions for complex argument; Matheniatica produces contour plots, whereas Maple V does not; and Mathematical 3-D graphics use a lighting model that Maple V lacks. Furthermore, Mathematical graphics capabilities are generally glitzier than Maple Vs. The forthcoming Maple Y Release 2. However, will correct most of these shortcomings. How To Succeed Understanding a problem and knowing how to recognize a wrong answer is still a prerequisite for success, because all symbolic math programs make mistakes, lb be precise, there are circumstances in which each of these programs will give the wrong answer to what would appear to he a simple problem. For example, ask either Maple V or Matheniatica to do the integral for BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSfBBHBBBBBBBBBBBBRBflal BsflB Bbflfl! BBBBI IttIB mmmml mmmm mmmm mmmm HBBB iumrnu mmmm mmmm Pi mmmmwBrn without the Constrained option. If any one ring is removed, the remaining two rings are not linked* BBBBI 1BBBBBBBBBB BB in BB m BbflBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBflBBSBIIFiiiLIiiLlli C- • ¦H BB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB mmm mm mmmmmammummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HU the electric field inside a spherical shell of charge, and you will get the wrong answer. One reason for this is that these programs do not consistently choose branch- cuts for analytic functions. Another is that neither program allows you to specify if a variable is real or complex. Or if one variable is always to be considered greater or smaller than another. Surprisingly, an older, less sophisticated program called MACSYMA does provide such a calculus of assumptions. And it does give the correct result for this problem. While this shows there is no insuperable difficulty in providing such a facility, a major rewrite would be necessary to incorporate it into Maple V. 1 have been told that Waterloo Maple plans to introduce such a facility when it releases Maple Y.2 later this year; however, it may not be possible to hook all of Maple’s routines into it bv that time. This by no means indicates that symbolic math programs arc useless. Far from it! It just means that you must use them with the same degree of caution you would in doing a calculation by hand. There is no substitute for common sense and careful checking of limiting cases. Interfaces Maple Vs algebra engine is separate from its user interface. This means the engine can be the same from platform to platform, while the user interface can change to utilize the facilities available. The Amiga version of Maple V runs in one of three ways: through its standard window interface (referred to as IRIS), from the command line of a shell (its CI.I interface), or as an Arexx server. Maple Vs IRIS interface consists of an input and an output window. The input window has one menu with a few options and rudimentary line-editing capabilities. I he output window has a scroll bar, allowing vou to examine a result that has scrolled off-screen. Both windows support cutting and pasting. Unfortunately, the Maple V program controls both the input and output windows directly, rather than spinning them off as separate handlers. Thus, if Maple V is chewing on a big expression, the input and output windows are dead, and you cannot scroll hack to study a previous result until computation has ceased. There is no reason for this kind of behavior on a multitasking machine such as the Amiga. Fortunately, you can get around these limitations by exploiting Maple V’s CLI interface. You can launch Maple V from a shell using the
- cli option. In this case, the program uses the CLI for all input and output, much as it does on a mainframe. While this might not seem like a virtue, it allows you to totally reconfigure the way Maple V works. For example, by combining Wshell 2.0, Arexx, rexxarplib, TurboText and ftfo-pipes, I have a version of Maple V with powers and abilities far beyond those provided by the IRIS interface. When I launch Maple Y, I get something that looks similar to the IRIS interface except that by the grace of Wshell, it offers programmable menus, a scroll bar (which stays active while Maple V computes), the ability to cut atid all output to a history file, and so on. I can also load a file from a menu, or open a TurboText session, write a program, and at a keystroke send all or a selected part of the program to Maple V for processing. Obviously, I don’t have the room in this article to explain how to do this, but if you would like a disk containing the relevant Arexx macros and a doc file that explains how everything works, send a floppy disk and a self-addressed, stamped disk mailer to: Maple V Program, c o Barbara Gefvert, AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. Unfortunately, a bug can bite when you launch Maple V from a shell using the -cli option: If you do not use the correct case, vour machine will crash. Wa- terloo Maple Software claims that a fix for this is in the works. A more serious problem is that the CLI mode loses track of the screen used to display two-dimensional plots. This means that when you quit Maple V after having called the plot() function, the graphics screen 32 Itfgiwf 1992 THIS OPPONENT IS PROGRAMMED TO BE CHALLENGING. If you think you’re good at games, then let’s have some real fun. When you’re online with Genie Multi-Player Games, you’re playing real people, in real time. Some of the best players around the world, a Splash a bandit in Air Warrior®, and you’ve just taken out eight other guys, who’ll be back gunning for you. Blast a MechWarrior® in MultiPlayer BattleTech™, and who knows? Could be that jerk from the coast. Could be a mercenary who’s looking for a few good friends. ? With Genie, the possibilities are endless, the people are terrific, and even the prices are competitive, So put some new life into your joystick, and sign on. We’ll see just how good you are. ? Sign up now: I. Set your modem for half duplex (local echo) at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud.
2. Dial toll free 1-800-638-8369. Upon connection, enter HHH 3. At the U ~ prompt, enter XTX993I3, Amiga92 then press RETURN 4, Have a major credit card or your checking account number ready. ? For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. Genie multi-player games 100% ORGANIC OPPONENTS A'r Warrior is a rogs'crod trademark ana Srerior tmpo'or i$ a trademark of Kcsmal Corporation MuWlayef BatflcTcch is a trademark and MecnWanlor and BanicTcch are registered trademarks al FASA Corporation. MurtiPlaycr Battieiocn available ony lor IBM PC s and compatibles _ „ _ Circle 18 on Reader Service card M A P I, F V wireframe, hidden-line removal, and color patch (colored in several ways), and reset the perspective without retyping any commands. Alter you have the display just the way you want it. You can save the plot as an IFF or PostScript file. Currently, Maple V’s Postscript plots, unlike IFF plots, do not contain color or shading information. The accompanying figures show some of the plots you can easily produce using Maple V’s Plots module. While 1 have run complex Maple V programs on a 3MB machine with little or no difficulty, big jobs and three-dimensional graphs that plot numerous points eat up a lot oi memory. Although Maple V needs only 150K of stack and loads successfully on an A500 with 1 MB of RAM, serious use of the program requires significantly more memory. Also, because the program takes up about 9MB of storage space, those without a hard disk will not be able to use it effectively. Scientists and engineers who plan to use Maple V for complex problems should consider an Amiga 3000 with extra RAM. .And, speaking of problems, Waterloo Maple Software provides extraordinary support. Not only can you get help with trouble encountered installing or miming the program, blit you can even get advice about a program you are writing. All you have to do is call or e-mail to the addresses listed in the manual. In addition, whenever someone reports a bug in the algebra engine that Waterloo can fix simply by rewriting a library routine, the fix is made and posted to the anonymous ftp site, daisy.Waterloo. edu( over Internet. Connect to this machine and look in the Maple directoiy, and Here is a plot of a vibrating drum surface. As with the Borromean you will find not only library upgrades but all sorts of user-supplied packages that are ready for downloading. You are not likely to find Maple Y on your Amiga dealer’s shelves; you should contact the company directly to buy it (e-mail: iiifo@niaplesoft. On.ca). Waterloo Maple Software provides educational discounts and site licenses at attractive rates. The single-unit academic price of $ 395 is not much of a discount from $ 450. But for sites with 25 machines, the price comes down to about $ 79 each, including a total of live manuals. In my opinion, you get more than you pay for. Despite the bugs in the current release, Maple V is an extremely powerful and valuable new tool that positions the Amiga as a low-end scientific workstation. Beyond that, I see many opportunities for using Maple V with other Amiga programs in interesting ways. For example, by using Maple V to drive 3-D rendering and animation software, you could produce a sciemific-preseiuation package of tremendous flexibility and might. Maple V opens more than just the obvious doors. ¦ Marvin Weinstein, a theoretical physicist at the Stan ant Linear Accelerator Center works on nonperturhative methods for analyzing lattice field theories and spin systems. Dr. Weinstein has used Am igas since the early days of the A 10(H) and became involved with Arexx when it was just a gleam in Hill 11 awes' eye. He has written extensively on using Arexx to customize work environments. Write to him c o .AmigaWorld Editorial. 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. Will not close, and your machine crashes. Because the IRIS interrace does not suffer from the problem, this has proven only a minor annoyance for me, but it is a bug that needs eradicating. Because two-dimensional is being completely redone for Maple V Re- 2, the problem should disappear in the next version. A similar problem arises with the plot.klQ function, but it is neither as severe nor as reproducible. Maple V also has an Arexx interface, but it is minimal. It is active only when Maple V runs in background mode without a user interface. Maple V does have a sysiem() command to let you work around these limi- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm mmmm ¦hi ¦¦¦¦ ¦¦¦¦ mmmm mmmm mmmm mmm HI HI HI HI iB I HI ¦1 mm HI HI HI rings plot, it was displayed on the 3-D graphics screen and then saved tn an ICC fllo Tha onnatlnn* H ¦ ¦ ¦ IBW ¦ » ¦ U 1 ¦¦¦¦¦¦ HVIIIHI mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm with (plots); m m IhiaillRIIMMHi k 4 4 CIQQA‘1 M IP W jjyl Mi ifi ilHiiiiii m ¦V i ¦ a%r ¦ J HHH mmmmmmmmm HHHF1H plot3d( [r*cos(t),r*sin(t),BesselJ (2,k*r) *cos(2*t)],r = 0.. 1 ft 0 * ¦ 2j m arid = 130,601 .orientation: = 168,541 1: IIHHIHI niminii ¦W Vsjl Ws> HHHHHHHI ffiiiHnHHHHH mmmmmmmw&mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jw&r H p§ llllHIHHllHillilMiH r mm WM HklillHliHHIlIl Unions. Future releases should provide a continually active Arexx port that obviates the need to play with lilo- pipes in order to perform the magic discussed in the previous section. Plotting and Scheming Maple Y’s graphics capabilities are impressive, and its user interface sports many Workbench 2.0 features. (Maple V runs only under AmigaDOS 2.0 not under earlier versions.) In particular, three-dimensional plots are displayed on a screen endowed with horizontal and vertical scroll bars and a gadget that lets you adjust the amount of perspective in the display. This allows you to plot a function and then interactively rotate the plot, change the plotting mode between XHARGE With 600 floppies’ worth of storage capacity per disc, CD-ROM is gal- loping full speed ahead into the data breach. So take a forward observation post here as we show you how to mount a CD-ROM system on your Amiga: What you’ll need, how to do it, and some of the benefits you’ll reap. BY JOHN FOUST NOT SO LONG ago, the data-storage dilemma for many people was this: Do you really have enough data to make full use of the double-digit-megabyte capacity of your new hard drive? Now* the problem is quite the opposite, and more relevant questions are likely to be: Docs your hard disk always seem too small? Does vour Fred Fish disk collection consume hall’the space surrounding your Amiga? Is your addiction to data threatening your pocketbook? Well* the next time you’re about to go charging off into the vast Valley of Data armed only with a measly 40MB hard disk, consider adding a CD-ROM drive to your system. With more
o j than 600 megabytes of storage capacity on each CD-ROM disc, you can field an army of Light Brigades to make sure you’ll never again be outgunned or overmatched in battling your data. CD-ROM easily allows you to store thousands of megabytes of files in compact* convenient fashion. With mega-collections like the Fish library on CD-ROM, your biggest problem might be in misplacing such a set under a single sheet of paper. Also ? ? ???????????????????????????????? ILLUSTRATED BY RANDY LYHl'S AmigaWorld 35 not to be neglected is the fact that CD-ROMs deliver a lot ol data for just a little cash. So, what does ii take to add CD-ROM capability to your system? The solution involves answering the following three questions: Where can you install the CD- ROM drive? Is your hard-disk controller compatible with CD-ROM? And finally (in terms of the type of system you choose), do you need a Ferrari or a Yugo? (To locate vendors of products mentioned in this article, consult the '‘Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 106.) Many Ports in a Storm If you have an unexpanded Amiga 500 with at least one megabyte of chip RAM, the solution is fairly easy. Commodore plans to release the A570 CDTV Adapter, which installs directly into the A500's expansion port. It provides you with a CD-ROM drive compatible with Commodore’s CDTV and also serves as an expansion chassis through which von can add up to 2MB of chip RAM and a 2.5-inch SCSI hard drive. If your A500’s expansion port is already in use, however, you will have to remove your existing external expansion chassis in order to use the A570. (For more information on the A570, see “O Say Can You CD?,” Jul. ’92, p. 24.) If that option is not attractive, consider an external CD-ROM drive from a third-party manufacturer. If you have a SCSI-compatible hard-disk controller, then use it to connect your drive. (All SCSI adapter cards include a connector for adding external devices.) This method works, of course, with any Amiga model. If* von have an Amiga 2000, you can install an internal CD-ROM drive in the 57-i-inch drive bay. If another device occupies that bay, choose an external CD-ROM drive. All Amiga 3000 systems use SCSI hard disks, but they do not have the 574-inch drive bay, so an external drive is the onlv solution. File-System Driver Software Most critical in adding a CD-ROM drive is the driver software that links it to the operating system. CD-ROM compatibility is not built into AmigaDOS. CD-ROM file-system drivers are currently available from Xetec, Canadian Prototype Replicas (CDROM-FS), and Asimware Innovations (AsimCDFS). This “file-system” driver software fosters cooperation among AmigaDOS, your hard-disk adapter, and the CD-ROM drive making the drive act like any other hard-disk drive. Commodore has defined a protocol called “SCSI direct" for sending the special commands to devices such as tape drives and CD-ROM drives. If your hard-disk adapter supports “SCSI direct,” then it is probably compatible with CD-ROM driver software. If you’re not sure, check with the manufacturer: You may need an upgrade in software or in ROM. If you have an .Amiga 1000, the chances of such support could be slim. You may have a SCSI hard disk, but it may not be compatible with any CD-ROM driver software. Newer SCSI adapters for the A1000 can solve the problem. A CD-ROM disc contains files and directories just like a hard disk, except that the files arc stored using a standard called ISO-9660. The CD-ROM driver software translates the ISO-9660 file system so that it appears to he an AmigaDOS file system. (You may he wondering about the High Sierra CD-ROM format. Yes, it was an early version of the ISO-9660 format, and every driver supports it.) Almost even’ CD-ROM in the world uses the ISO- 9660 format. In the case of discs that you wish to he IBM PC-compatible, you must restrict filenames to eight characters, a dot, and a three-character extension. But such discs are still readable on all systems. ISO-9660 also allows longer, Amiga-like filenames, although they must he uppercase. Such discs work line on the Amiga, Mac, and Unix-based machines. CDTV discs also use extended filenames. Some Macintosh-oriented discs use minimal ISO- 9660 formatting, but store the bulk of the data in little more than a copy of a Mac hard disk, using the Mac’s Hierarchical File System (HFS). These discs arc not accessible from a PC. When used with some of the latest CD-ROM drivers, however, they are accessible from the .Amiga. Of course, the files must contain data that can be understood by an Amiga program, and no Mac program can execute directly on the Amiga without an emulator such as A-Max II ($ 249.95. ReadySoft). Selecting a Drive While answering the third of our three questions can be a bit more involved, remember that choosing a CD- ROM drive is very much like selecting another hard drive. All CD-ROM drives have the same data capacity, but van* in speed and price. If you balance features against what you can afford, you should do just fine. Like choosing a hard disk, you can buy a packaged system that is ready to go right out of the box, or you can personalize your system with individual components and a custom arrangement. Xetec offers several CD-ROM bundles, including both internal and external. And ranging from individual components to complete systems. T he company provides an external Chi- non CD-ROM drive, driver software, and two CD- ROMs containing the Fish collection for $ 599. At the opposite extreme, for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, it sells its driver software and the two CD-ROMs for $ 50. Xetcc’s CD-RC )M software works with any ‘‘SCSI-direct*’ adapter, including its own adapters that are available for every model of Amiga. Beyond support for ISO-9660 discs, the Xetec software also understands Macintosh HFS discs and emulates Commodore’s CDTV to a great extent. ? 33MHZ VERSION NOW SHIPPING! ACCELERATOR FOR THE AMIGA 2000 ¦- FAST SCSI-2 DMA HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER + 28MHz or 33MHz 68040 ACCELERATOR + 64MB HIGH-SPEED 32-bit RAM EXPANSION THE ULTIMATE AMIGA 2000 POWER PERIPHERAL! FAST SCSI-2 DMA HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER for synchronous data transfer speeds of up to 1S megabytes per second with fast SCSI-2 drives...up to 10 times the speed of many Amiga hard drive controllers! Autobootlng with full DMA access to Zeus's onboard 32-bit RAM. Zeus supports Synchronous AND Asynchronous SCSI-2 drives, and standard SCSI drives on the same SCSI chain! 28MHZ 68040 CPU with built-in floating point processor for lightning-fast acceleration. Zeus is over 23 times the speed of a standard Amiga 2000. And 3 to five times the speed of 25MHz Amiga 3000 systems! Easily upgradeable to 33MHz CPU when available from Motorola. 64MB HIGH-SPEED 32-bit RAM expansion using standard 1 Mbx8 or 4MBx8 80ns, 60ns, or 40ns fast page or static column SIMM modules (faster performance with faster RAM). Add RAM easily for contiguous configurations of 4} 8.12,16. 20. 24, 28, 32.36;40,48.52 or 64MB. IMPROVED PERFORMANCE with many standard SCSI hard drives. Supports "Rigid Disk Block" standard - just move your existing drive over and you're up and running - no reformatting necessary! Zeus supports full DMA from standard SCSI drives. FAST and COMPATIBLE with AmigaDOS 1.3, AmigaDOS 2.0, the Video Toaster & Lightwave, Imagine, PageStream, Professional Page. ASDG’s ADPro, genlocks, video peripherals, and a wide variety of other Amiga hardware & software products. Al track narks adrowMgol PnxKri Special wu sutjed to diaries wthod notee. ADVANCED HARD DRIVE SOFTWARE for easily installation, partitioning and formatting of nearly all SCSI and SCSI-2 hard drives. Use the easy "automatic" mode, or set up FFS. Old fife system, or custom system configurations. 68040 SOFTWARE UTILITIES included for optimization and full control of the 040s unique cache modes and high-speed floating-point software library: FULL 1-YEAR WARRANTY backed by PP&S's commitment to service and customer satisfaction. NO MORE WAITING for hard drive loads and saves - Zeus reads and writes data with super-fast "RAM disk" speed! ¦ , ¦ FOR 3-D, “TOASTER", ANIMATION, VIDEO, DESKTOP PUBLISHING and countless other applications. Zeus gets the job done in a fraction of the time. Zeus is the ultimate productivity workhorse! '¦ ’¦ ¦ V"
- V «¦ .; Zeus. From Progressive Peripherals & Software, world leader in the fastest, most reliable Amiga accelerator technology. Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. • Denver, CO 80204 Phone (303) 825-4144 * Fax (303) 893-6938 SPECIAL RAM OFFER! SEE PAGE 39 FOR DETAILS! Cirde 150 on Reader Service card A US distributor. Vertical, offers a similar bundle that's based on Canadian Prototvpe Replica’s file-system driver. It includes a Chinon CD-ROM drive, the CD-ROM-FS driver software, and HyperMctlia Concept's Fred Fish collection on one CD-ROM ($ 799 for an external unit, or $ 699 for an internal drive). The CD-ROM-FS software is available separately for $ 49.95. If you have an A2000 and your 5‘ i-inch drive bav is empty, you can fill it with an internal CD-ROM drive. Like an add-on SCSI hard disk, an internal CD-ROM drive needs two internal connections: a four-pin power supply connection and a 50-pin ribbon cable for the SCSI data. If you have already used all the power connections in your A2000, purchase a “V” power adapter to gain an extra connector. Like an extension cord, it turns one plug into two. If your Amiga dealer does not earn- it, you can buy this adapter at any PC computer store. Internal CD-ROM drives are typically less expensive than external drives. The price of an external drive nee- ? Common Misconceptions About CD-ROM . You can add to or otherwise change the contents of a CD-ROM disc. Unfortunately, you can only read data from CD-ROMs, not write to them. They bold megabytes of data, but you can change none ol it. You cannot add your own files to any of the directories. If the publisher of tiie CD-ROM made a mistake in the data, it will be there permanently.
2. CD-ROM drives are like magneto-op- ticaI (MO) drives, right ? Wrong. Magneto-optical drives are much more expensive than CD-ROM drives. They hold comparable amounts of data, but they can be changed again and again, like a Iloppy or a bard disk. Typical configurations are the 128-megabyte format on ‘V _- inch media and the 600-megabyte format on 5‘ i-inch discs. The 128-mega- byte MO drives cost about $ 1900 for the drive alone, and new discs are S70 each. The good news is that MO drives use the SCSI interface and act like any other Amiga hard drive. They require no special software just a big chunk of cash.
3. You can use a CD-ROM drive to capture perfect digital samples from your compact-disc music collection. Nice try, but no again. Although they use somewhat similar mechanisms, audio and CD-ROM manufacturers have agreed to make this impossible. Of course, most CD-ROM drives can play compact discs. You can feed the music to a sound sampler and record it like any other sound. The results arc very good because of the direct link from the player to the sampler. These results, however, are no different from those you get by connecting your stereo to the sampler; you've simply turned your CD-ROM drive into a very expensive boom box.
7. If CD-ROM drives are so similar to audio compact-disc players, then they must east about the same. No; CD-ROM drives cost more, and the misconception is related to the point made above. First, the mechanisms and electronics of CD-ROM drives must be much more precise than audio compact-disc players. Both audio and data discs store data in purely digital form, just as a Iloppy disk does. All compact discs include forms of error correction to help gloss over the inevitable errors from nicks, scratches, and manufacturing glitches. By storing mathematically redundant copies along with the original data, the circuitry can restore a limited number of" lost bits. If the error is too great, data is lost. An audio disc can suffer a tremendous number of errors before the problem becomes apparent to vour ears, but these same sorts of er- rors are unacceptable for the perfect reproductions required by computers. Second, audio-disc players do nothing but endlessly transmit data to the speakers of your stereo in a linear fashion. A CD-ROM drive involves much more complex logic in fetching and retrieving only the data you need. A CD- ROM drive can seek from '‘song to song” or "file to File” much faster than your home deck.
5. CD-ROM drives for the IBM PC (or the Macintosh) should cost about the same as those for the Amiga. You may be confused by the low prices for drives in the IBM PC market. Some manufacturers offer complete systems for less than $ 400, but a system for the .Amiga might cost twice that. On the PC. SCSI is not very popular. Instead of SCSI, these CD-ROM drives use proprietary interfaces that transfer data to a custom PC card. Not needing full SCSI implementation, these manufacturers can offer a lower price. If von do Find a drive that uses a SCSI interface, keep in mind that you still need to buy Amiga-specific CD- ROM file-system software. Many PC- specific CD-ROM bundles (and Mac ones, too) include sample CD-ROM discs. Unless the data is in a format that is usable on the Amiga, these discs will be useless to you. Very often these discs require running a program to access the data on the disc, and the program can execute onlv on the PC or the Mac. Not on the Amiga. If you enjoy the challenges of emulation, you can run a PC-specific CD- ROM drive on your Bridgeboard. Most likely, the custom card will work when connected to the Bridgeboard. You can save pictures or files to the PC disk and then move them to the .Amiga side. In the Macintosh arena, you can use your CD-ROM drive under Macintosh emulation via RcadySoIVs A-Max II. Remember, however, that you will also need to run any special CD-ROM driver software for the Macintosh. If you bought a CD-ROM drive from a Macintosh vendor, the software is probably included without charge. Finally, although the PC generally does not use SCSI to control disk drives, you can purchase a PC SCSI adapter card for between $ 150 and $ 250. Be sure to get the necessary driver software, which might be an additional charge. While this may save you money, be careful, because the software could include as many as three layers, each a separate program: a SCSI driver, a CD-ROM driver, and the Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions, a standard way of adding CD-ROMs to MS-DOS. In short, installation could he an adventure. -JF ooihu MeccLcnMiuno run miviium zuuu mimu ouuu SERIES COMPUTERS
* Motorola 68040 with built-in math coprocessor for speed and power
• Easy to install - plugs into Amiga 2000 or 3000 processor slot
* 19.2 MIPs (Million Instructions Per Second) performance at 25 Mhz ? Processor cooled by whisper-quiet micro-fan for reliable performance
* Software compatible with all 68000 family processors
* 3.5 MFLOPS Double-Precision Floating Point Performance
• Separate 4K Data and 4K Instruction Caches
• Full support of 68040 "Copyback" mode for increased speed Relocates system vectors to 32-bit RAM for faster performance 040 Utilities and Floating Point Software Included Compatible with AmigaDOS 2.0, NTSC and PAL systems One Year Warranty PROGRESSIVE 040 2000-v y~
* 28MHz Asynchronous Operation
• Over 23 times the speed of a standard Amiga 2000 AmigaDOS 1.3 and 2.0 Compatible - works with 1.3 or 2.0 ROM’s Compatible with 3-D Professional, the Video Toaster5, Imagine5, and many other hardware peripherals and software Expandable to 4,8.16 or 32 MB of 32-bit RAM using 1MBx8 or 4MBx8 page, static column or nibble mode 80ns SIMM modules. Software switchable from 68040 to 68000 mode - no jumpers necessary Compatible with 16-bit memory cards and 'A' or 'B' series motherboards Designed for Upgradability to 33 Mhz 68040 version 25MHz Synchronous Operation Full 25MHz performance on 16MHz A3000 systems!
• Directly accesses 32-bit memory on A3000 motherboard
• Over Four Times the Speed of a Standard 25MHz Amiga 3000
• Compatible with 16MHz, 25MHz, and "Tower" series computers Software switchable from 68040 to 68030 mode - no jumpers necessary ¦ Compatible with nearly all 2.0-compatible software and hardware r =«D Dili
V. • 0‘y Sa:e, Shipping Address imust agree with yojr change card billing address if oay.ng by charge card): Name_ f-VN.X-
* 1 I - l '¦'i . State Province Country. I I _ I Z'pPostaJ Code. Other Phone ( CatJioo*' Sgnawe _ essarily includes the cost of the case, a separate power supply, internal and external cables, lights, switches, and all the extra connectors. An external, self-powered CD-ROM system does not burden vour Amiga's power supply or exacerbate internal heat problems. (If you're wondering about the difference in price between Amiga CD-ROM drives and IBM-PC drives, see the sidebar “Common Misconceptions About CD-ROM.") One last thing you ought to keep in mind here is that whether the drive is internal or external, it had better he reasonably fast. In general, CD-ROM drives are much slower than hard disks. While a hard disk might take as little as 10 to 30 milliseconds to access data, a CD-ROM might take 350 milliseconds to lind a certain spot on a disc. But 350 milliseconds is still a comfortable speed, and as long as you stay away front drives with access times of more than 500 milliseconds, vou should he okav. Some drives are as slow as ? CD-ROM Titles: An Update ONCE YOU 11AYE your new drive installed. Disc publishers stand ready to assist you, eager to shovel more data into your Amiga. In a previous article on CD-ROM titles (“Plunging into CD- ROM," Mar, ’92, p. 49k I covered a wide array of discs available. This sidebar describes some titles that have ap- Ipeared over the last five or six months. HyperMedia Concepts continues to update its Fred Fish Collection on CD- ROM. Priced at $ 74,95. Every four months, the company publishes a new edition that encompasses die entire Fish collection. The new disc is an inexpensive upgrade ($ 29.95; subscriptions available) for registered owners. Besides the standard version. HyperMedia puts out another in a compressed format suitable for use on BBSs. According to company spokesperson Chris Henry. HyperMedia's next CD- ROM project will be a collection of Amiga art and animations. I Icnry calls it “an open gallery with 630 square megabytes of open space. You can cut it up and display your art any way you want.” He is seeking submissions of the large, disk-consuming animations that rarely circulate on floppies or BBSs. Texture City has recently released its Pro-100 collect ion of texture maps and scanned backdrop images on CD- ROM. Each 24-bit color image is stored in four formats, including IFF, at 752 bv ISO pixels (not-so-coincidentallv the resolution of NewTek's Yideo loaster). Priced at $ 199.95. the disc comprises 100 images, including colored marble o' n riles, metals, landscapes, and textiles. Walnut Creek CD-ROM offers several appealing discs for Amiga users at less than $ 40. Much of its software comes from archive sites on Internet. Its Source Code disc features archives from the “comp.sources" news group, including 36 megabytes for the Amiga (volumes 2. 89, 90, and 91), as well as hundreds ol megabvtes of source code for n the Macintosh, PC, Unix, Sun, and other platforms. You can imagine how long it would lake to download 36 megabytes using a 2400-baud modem! Like many oilier discs, this one conforms to the MS-DOS conventions for filenames and extensions. To circumvent this inane limitation, there is on each directory of the disc a file containing true Inix-stvle names. Unix, the Mac, and the Amiga allow for much longer and more flexible filenames. N Walnut Greek also sells an Amiga- specific disc. In April 1992. One of the largest Amiga-related archive sites on Internet closed its doors. Before the NASA computer known as ab20 slammed shut. Walnut Creek took a “snapshot” and stored it on a CD-ROM. You can own these 2400 filers for $ 24.95. Walnut Creek’s XI1R5 disc contains the entire X Window Release 5 source code, as well as a snapshot of the entire GNU “Gnu’s Not Unix” source library, including a C+ + compiler, a software PostScript interpreter, editors, and much more all for $ 39.95. Also for $ 39.95 you can get Walnut Creek s Desktop Library disc, which includes over 1000 hooks in ASCII format. It provides you with the complete works of Shakespeare, ancient Greek tragedies, the works ofYirgil, Milton, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, and much more. The US Government continues to release more data on CD-RC)M, mostly of an astrophysical nature. I he National Space Science Data Center ar the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland is the clearinghouse for these discs. You can write for a complete catalog or obtain a list in electronic form by sending a message It) ‘requester nss-
dc. Gsfc.nasa.gov' oil Internet. (You can also send Internet mail through CompuServe Easyplex mail. Just prefix that address with "> IX I ERXET:”.) NSSDC discs include most of the space-related discs mentioned in my previous article, as well as new ones that have appeared since then, such as the Viking Orbiter images of Mars. The charge for the first disc in a data set is $ 20. Subsequent discs are SC, plus $ 2.50 shipping and handling. Both ASDG's Art Department Professional and Black Belt Systems' Im- ageMaster now support the FITS image format used on these discs. In addition, the latest versions of CD- ROM driver software support the nonstandard 512-byte block sizes early NASA discs. -JF ProPage: “Error Reading File” rA~i HQ
u. - CJ I Error ro.irfing file Pp,iw» ? O J v Pro!e$ sL>n.il Page 3.0 There’s more to graphics than just IFF Professional Page 3.0 and PageStream 2.2 both can import IFF bitmap pictures. But lets face it in the real world, IFF pictures are not that readily available. Unless your desktop publisher can read GIF, TIFF, PCX, IMG and MacPaint pictures, you are missing out on the vast selection of commercial and public domain graphics. When you try to import a GIF or TIFF picture into ProPage, you are faced with the “Error Reading Pile" message. To use other graphic formats wirh ProPage, you must acquire an array of conversion utilities. File formats are something vou shouldn t have to worry about. Your desktop publisher should do the work for you. No (gif or TIFF support! PageStream: No Problem a p tmt mtfl PageStream 2.2: More formats, More flexibility PageStream 2.2 is not limited to IFF pictures like ProPage
3. 0. IFF, GIF,TIFF, PCX, IMG, IFF, NEC), STALXCVG and MacPaint are no problem for PageStream. From black and white to 16 million colors, no other desktop publisher comes close to PageStream in flexibility and power. Of course, PageStream also supports more vector graphic, PostScript and text import options than any other Amiga desktop publisher. PageStream 2.2 has it all: more power and more flexibility. At $ 299.95, PageStream is your best DTP value. Add HotLinks for More Power HotLinks Editions: Connecting the Future The Amiga’s multitasking operating system revolutionized computers by allowing multiple programs to run simultaneously. HotLinks continues the Amiga revolution, permitting programs to exchange data in real time to make you more productive. With HotLinks, you can import pictures into PageStream and touch them up at any time in BMP. Or edit and format text from PageStream in PageLiner. Or vice versa. 1 he possibilities arc endless. The best news is that all of this power is affordable. HotLinks Editions combines HotLinks, BME and PageLiner for only $ 99.95. More HotLinks programs are on the way from several Amiga developers. Look for Phis logo when buying powerful Amiga software! 7 HotLinhs » Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation We give you the tools to dream, 800-829-8608 PageSiream. BMH and PageLiner are registered trademarks or trademarks of Soft-I ogik Publishing t orp. The i loll inks name is reserved tor software compatible with the HotLinks standard set by Soft-Logik Publishing. 1 he 1 h>il inks logo c.m only be used wiili the permission of Soft-1 ogik Publishing. Professional Page is a registered trademark oft lold Disk Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark o! Commodore business Machines. PageSiie.nn 2.2 1II is available tree ol charge to registered owners of PageStream 2.0. 2.1 and 2.2. Please p.n >10 in VS funds for the disk and shipping. A 2.2 to 2.2 I U patch piogtam is available on 1,1 nic. CompuServe and our BBS, C ustomcis outside the USA and Canada should phone .M-TfPM-ShOH. Circle 6 on Reader Service card R 0 M C D 1500 milliseconds a full one and one-half seconds of access time. Custom Systems and Extras For a variety of reasons, you may want to consider assembling the system yourself. No more difficult than adding a hard disk, a custom CD-ROM system can be pieced together fairly easily. Because CD-ROM drives are now commodity computer parts, it is not hard to find equipment that works with an Amiga. By buying individual components from different manufacturers, you may he able to assemble a superior system and save some money in the bargain. Although in some cases you may not save any money by going the custom route, your custom setup will not limit you to adding only one SCSI device to the box. Cases are available that hold one, two, or four 5Vi-inch devices. In addition to the CD-ROM drive, you could then install other SCSI devices, such as a hard drive, a removable-media drive like a SyQuest, a tape drive for backups, or a magneto-optical drive for holding frame stores. To buy the pieces via mail order, you should look first in one of the Macintosh magazines. All CD-ROM drives sold in the Mac market use the SCSI interface. Publications such as Mac World or Mac Week contain the most up-to-date ads from companies that oiler both internal and external CD-ROM drives. One final point to consider about buying a CD-ROM drive is this: Whether you choose an internal or external drive, a packaged bundle, or the components for a custom system, do a little comparison shopping when it comes to the extra features offered in today’s drives. For instance, does the drive include the cables you will need? Some companies charge extra; others do not. Also, if you have no interest in Mac CD-ROM driver software, he sure it s not a hidden charge. Does the drive have a power indicator or an LED that blinks when reading data? Does the drive have a self-cleaning lens for the laser beam that scans the disc? Most drives use "caddies,” a case that holds each disc before it slides into the drive. When you order a drive, consider picking up a few extra caddies. It's very convenient to keep frequently-used Cds in a caddy. Most CD-ROM drives also play audio compact discs, and some "data” discs include musical tracks that you can play under computer control. Many driver-soft- ware packages include a Workbench tool that acts like the front panel of your CD player, and many drives include a front-panel volume control, a headphone jack, or even rear-panel RCA phono plugs. Many CD-ROM drive owners discover that they spend more time playing audio discs than reading data discs. Some drive manufacturers recognize this, and they include more prominent audio and track controls and even infrared remote controls with their equipment. Working With SCSI Using a SCSI adapter card to connect a CD-ROM drive to your system can involve you in some tricky operations. Here are some pointers to keep in mind that relate specifically to SCSI ID and to using SCSI cables. When installing a CD-ROM drive, you must set the SCSI ID of the drive. Every SCSI device has an ID, a number from 0 to 7. (The SCSI bus can support only up to eight devices.) The controller card in your Amiga occupies one of those Ids, usually ID 7. If you have already installed a SCSI hard drive, it probably occupies SCSI II) 0. Therefore, you must choose one of the remaining unused Ids. All CD-ROM drives provide some method of setting a SCSI ID. In most cases, the ID is set by movable jumpers placed over three pairs of pins, usually numbered 1, 2, and 4. The ID is set in binary code. For example, to set an ID of 5, place a jumper across the pair of pins labeled 1 and 4. (If you need to set an ID that requires two jumpers and your drive did not come with spares, you may need to get another one from your dealer or an electronics shop.) If you are constantly swapping SCSI devices from system to system, changing SCSI Ids can he a hassle. Make sure you know the method used by your prospective drive. The most painful procedure involves swapping jumpers inside the case of the drive. The next most complicated way involves manipulating an exposed row of DIP switches. Using a rotary switch is lar easier, but the simplest method of all is the push-button. Where a tiny digit is displayed in a window as each finger-press advances the ID. Working with SCSI cables can he confusing. They come in three flavors. The first is the inside-the-com- puter connection from an adapter card to an internal SCSI device. It uses a 50-conductor ribbon cable with a wide, fiat 50-hole header at both ends. If you plan to add an internal CD-ROM drive, you may need a new header for the ribbon. If the cable is not long enough to reach from the controller to your existing hard drive to the CD-ROM drive, vou will need to buy a new cable. J J The second variety reaches into the outside world. The hack edge of a SCSI adapter card often has a female DB-25 connector, shaped like the serial and parallel connectors on the hack of your Amiga. This connection is pin-compatible with Mac SCSI cables. The third type is a 50-pin Centronics connector, a large D-shaped connector much like the one found on the back of some dot-matrix printers. Most external CD-ROM drives have two 50-pin Centronics connectors on the back for the SCSI cable. To add a second external SCSI device, you need a Centronics-to-Cen- ttonics cable. Depending on your SCSI adapter, you may or may not need a SCSI terminator. Although the official SCSI spec recommends a terminating resistor pack on the last device in the SCSI chain, you may discover that you need to remove termination from the last device. Termination normally improves the electrical characteristics of the SCSI bus, but termination on the Amiga is more of an art than a science. Contact the maker of your SCSI adapter for the last word. For external drives with Centronics-type connectors, you can get a terminator with the same connector for about S15. For internal drives, the terminator resistors are often slim electronic packs with many pins, usually located not far from the 50-pin ribbon cable. The documentation for the drive should confirm their location. Although they may look soldered to the circuit hoard, they can be pulled out without damage. ¦ John Foust, president of Syndesis Corp., writes for a number of computer publications. His CD-ROM drive semes his PC and Mac, as well as his Amiga. Write to him cfo Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. “Big 3” Upgrades Part III: Data Storage Hard Acts to Follow couple of years ago, a hard drive was a luxury that few Amiga owners could afford. A combination of decreasing prices and increasing File sizes, however, has made hard-drive ownership a much more practical and necessary proposition. People who used to think that a second floppy drive was the ultimate in convenience have lately been wondering whether 50 megabytes is large enough, whether 100MB might be a better place to start, or whether more advanced mass- storage technologies might be a wiser investment. In Part III of his “essential upgrades ” series, our hardware Houdini outlines hard-drive and other mass-storage m mm with recommendations and purchasing advice to make your datastorage dilemma An increased demand for bard drives has resulted in a wider selection of mass- storage products than ever before. Not only that, but today’s shopper must make choices based on a number of other considerations: Is it desirable to have an internal or external unit? A SCSI or an IDE controller? Fixed or removable media? A plain old hard drive or a combination product that also offers memory expansion and maybe even accelerated processing? Disappear. This profusion of choices, however, need not result in confusion. Armed with some basic information about the different types of drives available, you should be able to select the one that’s right for your needs. (For information on contacting the vendors of products mentioned in this article, consult the uManufacturers* Distributors* Addresses'7 list on p. 106.) A hard-drive system consists of three components: the drive mechanism, the hardware interface that connects the drive to the Amiga, and the device-driver sof tware that allows the Amiga to use the drive for storage. Two of these components, the hardware interface and the driver software, are Amiga-specific and are usually supplied together by a single manufacturer. The third component, the drive mechanism itself, is more generic because the same physical units can be adapted for use on several types of computers. Drive Mechanisms Sheldon Leemon The most common type of hard-drivc mechanism is the fixed-platter Winchester variety. These airtight units contain one or more platters of plated magnetic me- AviigaWorld 43 I Lll'S' I R. Y I El) BY IA K . ARF I I i FA VI I ’! Dia. With read write heads for each platter. Older drives used the same bulky 5‘ «-inch case as the original IBM d , - BO disk drives, hut most current drives use the same si e case as the Amiga’s Tas-inch disk drive. Capacities of 50-100MB are currently the most common, hut newer drives pack up to one gigabyte (I 024 megabytes) in a single 3 h-inch package. Smaller 27 -inch drives, originally designed for laptop computers, have also become more common (Commodore reportedly plans to put one inside its tiny AO(M)Hl) computer), and some companies have announced hard drives as small as 1.3 inches in size. Bare drive mechanisms can he mounted internally using the same drive bays as 3'A-incli or a' i-iiicb floppies, or attached directly to the interlace card. An external drive is simply an internal drive that is housed in a separate case, with its own power supply. Although an internal drive oilers a neater solut ion, an external one is more portable and can be shared between systems. Smaller drives are not only easier to install internally, but as a general rule they are also faster because the heads have a shorter distance to travel. The measurement most often used to calibrate hard-drive speeds is the “average seek time,” w hich is measured in milliseconds (the lower the number, the better). Older drives have seek times as high as SO milliseconds, while most current drives have a rating of 20 or less. Using a faster drive mechanism usually results in faster load and save times, but raw drive speed is not the only factor in overall performance. The interface hardware and software is crucial the same drive mechanism can deliver up to ten times faster performance with a fast interface than with a slow one. In addition to size, capacity, and speed, hard drives are identified by the type of hardware interface the use. We'll examine interfaces more closely further on. But there are a few points that deserve mention here. The common interface standards are ST-506, IDE, and SCSI. ST-506 drives, the type first used on the IBM PC, are "dumb” devices controlled by external cards that need to he configured for a particular drive type (number of heads, number of sectors per track, and number of tracks). Because these drives are relatively slow and need a fairly complex controller that can handle only two drives, few Amiga interfaces support ST-506 drives (they are even becoming rare in the IBM world). Hard Drive Checklist WHEN SHOPPING FOR a hard drive, there are a number of different factors you should consider. Performance may be important, but don’t forget about reliability, comparability, expandability, and so on. Here are some questions to keep in mind: Hoio easy is the hard drive to install? The best models are simple to attach and are ready to operate as soon as you plug them in. You may save some money by buying the drive mechanism separately (or using one you already have) and hooking it up to an interface, but you’ll pay for these savings through greater time, trouble, and worry about compatibility and warranties. Remember that ease of installation includes software as well as hardware. Look for a system with easy-to-use partitioning and formatting software. ? What mounting options does this system provide? For A2000 interfaces, the option to mount the drive directly to the interface card provides the most flexibility because it leaves the internal drive bays free for additional drives. F The most popular A500 systems are small plug-in boxes that extend the width of the computer and whose styling matches that ofiheA5Q0 itself. ? Is the device driver sojhvare Rigid Disk Bloch compatible? Adherence to this standard makes it easv to read data from a drive formatted with one type of interface when you are using an interlace from a different manufacturer. This is particularly handy for external or portable drives. Y Does the device-driver support a wide assortment of devices? A SCSI interface that supports Commodore’s SCSI Direct command set should be able to communicate with such devices as tape drives, CD-ROMs, and even optical scanners that use a SCSI interface. Inquire as to what kinds of devices have been used successfully with a particular interface, particularly tape-backup and remov- able-media drives. If a manufacturer claims to support multiple hosts for SCSI networking, ask what software support is available for such networking. I How often is the driver software updated? Most interfaces will exhibit compatibility problems from time to time as new software and hardware packages are released. A responsive manufacturer will issue periodic updates to the driver software, both to address such compatibility issues and to increase performance.
* 11 hat other functions are included with the interface hardware? Mirny hard-drive interfaces also include functions such as memory expansion. Try to determine if the interface is expandable to a full SMB, and what the memory lor such expansion will cost. Memory expansion is especially important for A500 interlaces because most RAM cards take up the machine’s only available expansion port. Y How expandable is the system ? SCSI interfaces will support up to seven drives, and most include an external connector for hooking up external drives. IDE interfaces support only two drives, but if you do not need the expansion capabilities, you may find them less expensive. ? What is the best size drive to buy ? Older 20MB drives have become somewhat scarce; currently, entrv-level systems with 50MB are tlie most affordable. Abu will find, however, that the incremental cost for a 100MB drive is small enough that you can double your storage without coining close to doubling your cost. Although large (300-1200MB) drives can get pretty expensive, the cost per megabyte is actually much less than with smaller drives. Y How serviceable is the unit? Can your * local dealer lix the drive if something goes wrong, or will he replace it under warranty? Ask questions about how well the manufacturer responds to customer complaints, bow long the company has been in business, and so forth. The last thing you want is to buy the cheapest system you can find and then have problems getting service or updates. SL AMIGA BASICS. Ergonomic Design Trackball Series M
• Compatible with all Amiga" computers
• Ergonomic design for comfortable operation ¦ Top quality construction with micro-switch buttons Hand Scanner Series (400DPI)
• Total solution for scanning A4 size images
• Supports MS-DOS Macintosh file formats
• Selectable 100 200 300 400 dpt resolution
• Supports Migraph’s OCR & Touch-up software Auto Mouse Joystick Switch
• Automatically selects either mouse or joystick
• LED displays indicate which port is active
• Compatible with all Amiga computers Cordless Infrared Mouse Series
• High power infrared transmitter with a 4-foot range
• LED indicators on receiver reflect every mouse action ¦ Includes long-life maintenance free rechargeable battery ALFA DATA® 602 North Country Fair Drive ¦ Champaign. IL 61821 Tel: (217) 356-1962 • Fax: (217) 356-4312 For more information, contact your nearest Amiga dealer. Amiga Is a registered trademark o? Commodore-Amiga, Inc Dealer inquiries welcome. The second standard* SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface), is far faster and more flexible. A SCSI drive has its own intelligent controller, and you can control up to seven devices with a single SCSI computer interface. These devices do not necessarily have to be hard drives; there are tape-backup units, CD-ROM drives, scanners, and even printers that use SCSI interfaces. The SCSI standard is the one most often used for Amiga and Macintosh computers, and it is gaining popularity with owners of high-performance IBM- compatible systems, as well. Some SCSI devices also support SCSI-2, an updated version of the standard that provides for much faster data-transfer rates. The third standard, IDE (Integral Drive Electronics), is a sort of hybrid. As with SCSI, IDE drives include an intelligent controller, so that a minimum of interface hardware is needed to hook one up to the computer. The IDE controller, however, is simpler and slower than its SCSI counterpart. This makes it less flexible (it allows you to connect only two drives, and it cannot handle such devices as CD-ROM drives), but it is also cheaper. IDE has become the interface of choice for low-priced PC-compatible systems, and it also has been gaining popularity on the Amiga. Other Mass-Storage Mechanisms While fixed-media Winchester drives are by far the most common, removable-niedia storage devices employing a variety of new technologies are rapidly gaining wide popularity. The main attractions of these devices are portability (you can easily carry 80MB or more of data from one machine to another) and expandability (if you need another 80MB or more of storage space, just buy a new data cartridge instead of a whole new drive). They are also useful for working with IBM and Macintosh emulators, since you can format cartridges as IBM or Mac hard drives and use them to exchange large amounts of information with IBM or Mac systems. Almost all of these devices are SCSI controlled, so you need an Amiga SCSI interface to connect them. Removable Winchester drives consist of a fixed unit containing the read write heads and motor, and the removable cartridges containing the magnetic media. Manufacturers like Ricoh and SyQuest make o' i-inch units that store from 44 to 88 megabytes of data per cartridge. Costs run about S400 to $ 600 for the drive (including one cartridge) and about $ 125 for each additional cartridge. Great Valley Products (CAT) sells a Ricoh-based drive for the Amiga, the Series II RH-5500, while SyQuest-based offerings include the Infinit 40 from Interactive Video Systems (IVS), the SupraDrive 44R (Supra), and the HardPack 44 (Advanced Storage Systems). Iomega’s Bernoulli drives are similar, but their mechanism eliminates the possibility of the read write heads colliding with the media (a disaster known as a “head crash"), making them more reliable than normal hard drives. You used to pay a large premium for this reliability, but Iomega recently dropped the price of its new 90MB drives to the same $ 600 level as the SyQuest 88MB units. Both removable Winchester and Bernoulli drives operate at normal (fast) hard-drive speeds. A more recent storage innovation is the optical drive. It comes in both WORM (Write Once, Read Many) and read write varieties. The key advantage to optical drives is vast storage space. Each o' i-inch double-sided cartridge can store from 800 to 500 megabytes of data. Unfortunately, these drives are also slow (about one- fifth the speed of a normal hard drive) and expensive (costing upwards of $ 3000). Newer versions of these drives use 37*-inch cartridges that are about the same size as a floppy disk but hold 128MB of data. They are less expensive (about $ 1700) and faster than the larger drives. Optical drives are available from a number of manufacturers, including GVP, XYXIS. Xetec, and Active Circuits. (If you would like more technical background about optical drives and the other removable-media drives mentioned above, consult "Bottomless Disks,” Apr. 91, p. 20.) The newest mass-storage option is the high-capacity floppy, and the most promising example of this genre is Insite’s Floptical drive. Ranging in price from $ 500 to $ 600, these drives combine liigh-clensity media with optical head positioning to get 20MB of storage on a single floppy. While they operate at a speed only about halfway between diose of a floppy and a hard drive, the media is convenient to store and is relatively cheap (currently $ 20 per disk and probably falling to under $ i 0 later this year). .As a bonus, the drives also read and write normal floppies using the 1.44MB IBM formal. While it’s great to have a removable-media drive for backup and additional storage, it is not very practical to use one as your only mass-storage device. If you are booting from removable cartridges, each one must have the same Workbench setup. Switching cartridges is not as simple as changing floppies, either. Some Amiga hard-drive interfaces have trouble with removable-media drives, particularly if the cartridges are not all partitioned and formatted the same. It makes sense to have at least one small conventional hard drive for the essential programs you use all the time (like the Workbench programs) in addition to the removable-media drive. Hard-Drive Interfaces The A3000 and A2000HD are the only Amiga models that come with a hard-drive interface (and hard drive). If you own any other model, you need interface hardware and software as well as the hard-drive mechanism. A wide variety of Amiga interface hardware is available from several manufacturers. They van* in the way they It I transfer data from the drive, in how they connect to the computer, in the locations they use ro mount the drives, in the additional functions they perform (such as memory expansion and acceleration), and in the drive formats they support (S4-506, SCSI, or IDE). (Note: No prices are given for the prod nets mentioned in this section or in the next one (combination hoards), t hese items come in many varieties and prices, depending on system modelconfiguration, additional expansion options, and so forth. If you find items that suit your system needs, contact the manufacturers or your dealer to find out specific prices relevant to your setup.) The vast majority of Amiga hard-drive interfaces support the SCSI interface standard. SCSI is the interface of choice because it is fast, flexible, and can support up to seven different devices. If you have access to an inexpensive supply of ST-506 or IDE drives, how- ? Upgrades of such huge proportions deserve a coupon just as Hg. MaxiPlan4 has over 22 major improvements. Like more charts, graphs and presentations. And a variety of data- MaxiPlan4 and KindWords3 aowerful processor arc the newest, most spreadsheet and wore for your Amiga. And this is your chance to upgrade to either or both of them at a special offer price, whether you 're n current user or not. Upgrade fpoin any Amiga software vqu use. It doesn't matter which Amiga spreadsheet or word- processor you upgrade from. Just send any original disk from any Amiga spreadsheet or word-processing program
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(CA residents add applicable sales tax) State Total Enclosed: Personal and company checks onlv. IX) NOT SEND (LASH. No COD's, Make check payable to: THE DISC COMPANY, P.O. Box 67713, Los Angeles, CA 90049. Allow 3 weeks for delivery. For information call 1 -310-207-1600; Europe: 33-149-10-99-95: Australia: 02 -809-4444 Both upgrades require Amiga 500,500+, 1000,2000 or 3000,Workbench 1.3 or 2.0,1 MB RAM (additional memory recommended). Tw o Disk Drives or Hard Disk recommended. Rip out die appropriate one and send it in with your order. MaKiPlan4 is Big News ton Spreadsheets. Being compatible with Workbench 1.3 and 2.0, MaxiPlan4 can create new spreadsheets and improve your old ones much more quickly and far more professionally dran any Amiga product ever before, jfrh There's Arexx support for macros. ' User-defincable page-breaks. Lotsofcol- > THE DISC COMPANY _ Send me_ Send me Zip Code B I V I i (i D A T A S T 0 R A G E ever, you can probably find an interface that will suit your needs. Prefspect Technics in Quebec makes ST-506 interlaces lor the A2000, A500 and A1000 computers. You may also be able to find an old Commodore A2090 controller (the predecessor to the current A2001 model), which supports both ST-506 and SCSI drives. ICDs AdlDE interfaces work with any 68000-based Amiga mode! In allowing you to connect either a 27‘j-inch or 3'A-incIi IDE hard drive. IVS’s Trumpcard 500 AT hard-drivc expansion box for the A500 interfaces with IDE drives, and Roctecs RocHard and Expansion Systems' new DataFlyer Express offer support for IDE drives, as well as a SCSI option. The two main schemes for transferring data to the drive are DMA (Direct Memory Access) and Processor I O. Processor-controlled interfaces use the computer’s main processor to move data between the I O port and the computer’s memory. This method generally uses inexpensive hardware, and you can obtain good transfer speeds with well-written device-driver software. DMA interfaces, on the other hand, move their data to and from memory directly, independent of the main processor. DMA interfaces are generally faster and multitask better because they allow the processor to continue running programs while the data transfer takes place. On the other hand, they generally require more complex (and more expensive) hardware, and it is harder to design good device drivers for them. In particular, some DMA interfaces have problems with advanced processors that use data caching. Manufacturers that use DMA designs include Commodore. Micro- Botics. And GVP. Other manufacturers such as ICD. Supra. Comspec, IVS, and Pre’spect Technics use processor-controlled designs. Some other factors to consider here are the way in which the hardware interface connects to the computer and the locations in which you can mount the drive. Almost all interfaces designed for the A2000 are boards that plug into one of the 100-pin Zorro II expansion slots. Most cards including Commodore's A2091, CEP's A2000 HC8 + . Supra's WordSync. MicroBotics' HardFrame 2000, IVS's Trumpcards ancl GrandSlam, ICD's AdSCSI 2000. Expansion Systems' DataFlyer. And Comspec's SA 2000- can he used in a "hard-card” configuration, in which a S' s-incli hard-drivc mechanism is mounted directly to the card. Some of these cards offer a metal frame or rails to which the drive may be attached, while others require you to mount the drive directly to the circuit board. A metal frame is preferable when mounting one of the larger and heavier drives, hut this is probably not necessary for the current generation of thin, lightweight drives. These hoards allow you it) mount additional 372- inch (or 571-inch) drives in one of the Amiga 2000’s open drive bavs. Some boards have an internal connection for additional drives, while others require a “Y” cable to connect two drives to oneinterface. Units designed for the A500 or A1000 usually connect to the expansion port on the side of the computer. Some of the older models use a two-part design, where an interface card that plugs into the expansion port is connected by a cable to a box that houses die hard drive and power supply. Most recent A500 units such as Commodore's A590, GVP's A500 HD8+ and A530, Supra s SupraDrive 500XP, IAS’s Trumpcards, (500, Professional 500, and 500 AT) ancl GrandSlam 500. Expansion Systems' DataFlyer 500. And Roctec s RocHard drives house the drive and interface in a single, low-profile unit that plugs right into the side of the computer. Some of these units provide their own power supplies, either internal or external, while others provide a connector for an optional external supply. While il may he possible to run the hard drive from the A500’s own meager power supply, you should look for a drive that oilers at least an external power option, in ease you decide to add more memory, another floppy, or an accelerator that might overburden the system supply. While the A1000 has been out of production for years, several manufacturers still offer hard-drivc adapters for the original Amiga. These include Xetec's FastTrak Q52 A1000, Expansion Systems' DataFlyer, Comspec s SA 1000, and Pre'speci Technics' ALF models. I CD's AdlDE interfaces, which connect to either a 272-inch or a 372-inch IDE drive, are the only ones that plug directly into the 68000 processor socket; they can he used with the A2000, A500, or A1000. Different AdlDE models allow you to mount a 372- inch drive in place of the internal floppy (in which case a hardware option allows you to use an external Iloppy as DEO), or to mount a tiny 272-inch drive directly to the motherboard, using stick-on feet. Multipurpose Combination Boards Many hard-drive interfaces offer such additional functions as memory expansion and processor acceleration. These combination hoards are so popular, in fact, that they outnumber those offering merely hard-drive capabilities. Built-in memoiy-expansion capabilities are found in many A2000 interface cards such as Commodore's A2091, GFP’s A2000 HC8 + . IVS's GrandSlam 2000. ICD s AdSCSI 2080, and Advanced Storage Systems Nexus. Other boards, such as Expansion Systems' DataFlyer, offer memory expansion as an optional extra. Although most people buy accelerator boards to get a faster processor and 32-hit memory expansion, some of these hoards also include a hard-drive interface. GVP's 68030 and 68040 Combo accelerators both include a SCSI hard-drive controller, as do some of the newer 68040 hoards, such as Progressive Peripherals' Zeus and CSA's 40 4 Magnum. Combination hoards are just as popular for the A500 as for the A2000. Many A500 hard-drive boxes provide memory-expansion interfaces. Among these are Commodore’s A590, GVP's A500 HD8-K Supra's SupraDrive 500XP, IVS's GrandSlam and Trumpcard 500 AT, Expansion Systems' DataFlyer 500. And Roctec'a RocHard. GVP even offers a combination accelerator, memory-expansion, and hard-drive unit: the A53Q. ICD offers the AdSpeedlDE board, which combines an AdlDF. Interface with an AdSpeed accelerator. Device-Driver Software I he final element of an Amiga hard-drive system is the driver software. Most interfaces store this software ? One Pass, 600 dpi Scanning At An Incredible Price. The New Sharp JX-320. The company that wrote the book on desktop color scanning sets the standard again. Introducing the JX-320. With Sharp’s patented award winning technology, it captures the entire image in one pass instead of three insuring precise image registration. But that’s not the only thing that makes the JX-320 superior. Sharp gave it versatility with an optional transparency unit that lets you work with more than just reflective art. Sharp also included a SCSI, GPIB or parallel interface to ensure a perfect fit with your system. The JX-320 also features variable resolution up to true 600 dpi. And it has a built-in command set, including downloadable gamma tables and edge emphasis, for greater image quality, as well as increased control over brightness and contrast, It’s even OCR compatible. And is bundled with some of the most sophisticated scanning software around. All this technology from the most experienced name desktop color scanners at a price you won’t have to think twice about. For more information, call 1-800-BE-SHAEP. FROM SHARP MINDS COME SHARP PRODUCTS © 1991 Sharp Electronics Corporation BANKING SYSTEMS • CALCULATORS-COLOR SCANNERS •COMPUTERS-COPIERS • ELECTRONIC CASH REGISTERS £ TYPEWRITERS - ELECTRONIC ORGANIZERS • FACSIMILE • LASER PRINTERS Circle 21 on Reader Service card on an EPROM chip right on the board, thus allowing you to boot directly from your hard drive. Driver soft- ware is line-tuned from time to time, both to make the controller work with new devices and new system software (such as Kickstart 2.0), and to increase clata- transfer speeds. If you bought a hard-drive interface a while ago, or if you are thinking of buying a used interface, you'd do well to ascertain that it has the latest version of the driver. Although system software is something that you cannot sec or feel directly, it has an important impact on your interface's compatibility and performance. One thing tocheck is whether the driver adheres to Commodore's Rigid Disk Block (Rl)B) standard, which dictates how drive-layout information is stored on the disk and makes it possible to plug a drive formatted on one manufacturer's interface into that of another manufacturer so that it is able to read the data. This interchangeability is particularly important when dealing with external drives or removable media. EDB adherence also enables you to use Commodore's i ID lool- Box program to partition the drive. Another question to ask about driver software for SCSI interfaces is whether it supports the SCSI Direct commands defined by Commodore that allow communication with SCSI devices other than hard drives. * I his is particularly important when dealing with devices like tape-backup and CD-ROM drives. In addition to driver software, most hard drives come with set-up software that lets you partition and format the drive. Most use simple point-and-dick interfaces, so you can divide the disk into two or more logical devices of different sizes. Some also perform .AmigaDOS formatting. Most Amiga hard-drive systems are a “plug- and-play” proposition. As long as you have Kickstart 1.3 or higher, just attach them to your computer, and you can boot directly from the hard drive. Most even come with Workbench software already installed. A hard drive can really help you get more use and enjoyment from your computer system. It is much faster than a floppy and often provides essential increased storage capacity (some of the files created by today’s 24-bit graphics programs are too large to store on a single disk). Moreover, many complex application programs, and even some games, require a hard drive to run. Current models are much easier to use and much less expensive than those of even a couple of years ago. About the only problem you can expect when vou buv a hard drive today is figuring out how
* * J o o you got along without one in the past. ¦ Sheldon Demon is on authority on virtually every aspect of the Amiga. When he's not writing hooks or articles, he “works at Slipped Dish, a Michigan Amiga dealership. Write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial. 80 Elm St., Peterborough, Nil 03458. And. The Winner Is. The SAS C Development System Selected as die best professional productivity software at the 1991 North American Amiga Developers' Conference, no other C compiler delivers more powerful or efficient programs for the Amiga® than the SAS C Development System from SAS Institute Inc. one of the world's largest independent software com panies. The SAS C Development System offers a host of impressive features for Release 5.10: ‘A workbench environment ‘Release 2.0 support improved code generation 'Additional library functions 'Point-and-click program to set project options 'Automated utility ro set up new projects
• Source-level debugger integrated editor 'Global optimizer. Run with the SAS C Development System! You’ll come out a v. inner too. To order or for more information, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, extension 5042. M SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Drive ® Cary, NC 27513 Circle 40 on Reader Sendee card. Multi-Media 24-bit Video! TVPaint: 24-bit Pro Paint Package Avideo24 and TVPaint: $ 999.95! Avideo 12(12-bit) and AVPaint: $ 499.95! Call Now To Order by VISA, MC, AmEx: 1-800-875-8499 Avideo24 is a top-quality 24-bit graphic display and creation system for the Amiga, but what makes Avideo unique is its built-in Multi-Media capabilities. The key is Avideo’s ability to superimpose an Amiga screen over your 24-bit graphic display. With Avideo, you can have an Amiga screen in front, Avideo 24-bit imagery behind, and gen ocked live video behind it all, using the colors of the Amiga screen to key transparency. Add to this picture perfect RGB output and a state-of-the-art 24-bit paint program and youll see why Avideo is the answer! "As a general purpose 24-bit card, Avideo literally blows the competition out of the water" - Amiga Computing
• Over 16 million colors in overscan HIRES (752 x 566)
• Shows 12-bit double buffered anims, up to 25 frames sec.
• Installs inside your Amiga - leaves video slot free
• Supports any software that generates ILBM’s (up to 24 bits): ADPro, LightWave 3D, Imagine, Pixel 3D, Dpaint IV, etc.
• Arexx controllable: great for use with CanDo, AmigaVision INOVAtronics Be More Productive. INOVAtronics, Inc.-Suite 209B, 8499 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX, USA 75231-2499-Phone 214-340-4991 -FAX214-340-8514 Avtdoo. Avideo24. And AvkteolZ copyright Archos S. A. INOVAtronics is a trademark of Inovatr&ucs, Inc. TVPaint copynghi TECSOFT AJI other products mentioned are trademarks and copyrights oi the-r respective owners Special thanks io top Dallas model Tracy Hageman A continuing scries of lips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen Electronic Batik BATIK IS A centuries-old fabric-dying n technique developed in Java. Designs are applied to cloth using a material such as beeswax that resists dye when the cloth is dipped in color. The wax is removed from the dyed fabric, and the process is then repeated with a new color. During the procedure, dye seeps along cracks in the wax, forming complex patterns of irregular lines through the design. On the Amiga, you can use a combination of painting and image- processing techniques to achieve a similar effect. There are a number of ways a computer artist could approach this idea. I will lot us on methods that use DeluxePiint (Electronic Arts), Art Department Professional (ASD(i), and PIXmate (Progressive Peripherals). Let's try the simplest method first, then explore some more complex variations on the concept. Basic Batik Look through your old 11AM images for a colorful picture with which to experiment. Load it into PIXmate and use the MAM >32 menu selection to convert it to 32 colors. This reduction of colors simplifies the forms and shapes of the image while retaining its character. Save this 32-color image and press the i key to bring up PIXmate's image-processing tools. Click on MT2, a median filter, to further simplify the image by reducing the dithering. Next, select Extract from the Color menu and reduce the image to either its red, green, or blue color plane. Return to the image-processing tools and select EDO to perform an edge detection. When that is complete, you should be looking at a monochromatic version of your image consisting of red, green, or blue outlines. Save this image and quit PIXmate. Load the outline version of the image into Dpaint. Next, load the 32- color version of your picture to the spare screen. Return to the outline screen, be sure the background color behind the lines is transparent, and pick up the lines of the ent ire screen as a brush. Switching to the main image, select Color mode, F2, and choose the darkest palette color. Align the outline brush precisely with the image, but don’t stamp it down. You should see shape areas within the image neatly outlined in a dark color, db bring some interesting irregularity to the outlines, hit the Shili-O key combination to thin the brush. Stamp the brush down on the image and save it. Dll ere is an interesting challenge involved in using this technique: How to gel irregular outlines around some, but not all. Of the image elements. Part of the solution lies in extracting a single color plane from the image before performing edge detection, d’he extraction eliminates some shapes from the image. Resulting outlines fit the full-color image. But highlight only some of its shapes. The other pan of the solution is the Brush Trim operation, Shilt-O. You can also try some variations on this method. Experiment with multiple passes of the Median Filter or the AYG averaging operation in PIXmate prior to doing an edge detection. This will increase the simplification of the shapes. Try edge detection on the full- color image and on other extracted color planes. Lat h will have its own character. If most of your lines disappear when you press Shift-O in Dpaint, perform an AYG averaging operation on the outlines in PIXmate before bringing them into the paint program. This will thicken the lines enough to preserve them when you trim. Try laying the outlines over the original 1IAM image, either at full opacity or at some level of translucency. .Also, select different colors for the lines. I here is an easv way to do this in Dpaint before von i V J stamp the lines over a 32-color image. Position the brush, press F2 for the Color mode, and then press one of the bracket keys ([ or ]) to cycle the lines through all the palette colors. Advanced Art and Craft Abu might try more complex experiments to simulate the look of batik. One of my favorite ways to create an tty combining painting and image-processing techniques, you can create subtly complex batik patterns with rich, beautiful colors. Image is to builcl it in translucent lasers n * in Al) Pro. Simply set the Load method to Composite and the Mix to 50% (or w hatever percentage seems appropriate). Work with images having the same dimensions, say, .-520x400, and keep layering new images into the composition. Execute a IIAM rendering to view the results. The illustration accompanying this column shows a HAM image resulting from ten or twelve composited layers. Several HAM floral paintings were combined with abstract color screens and a portrait. As images overlap each other, unlbrseen patterns lorm as though clye were seeping into cracks in the wax of a batik. As the image grows in complexity, it may be desirable to emphasize certain elements. This is easy to do if you plan ahead. Create separate elements against a pure black or [jure white screen. In Al) Pro, the R, C, and 15 Mix controls let you specify any color as transparent. Zero in all three boxes makes black transparent; 255 in all boxes makes while transparent; and -1 in all boxes leaves nothing transparent in a Mix. If you want to reemphasize an image element that has been lost under too many layers, merely reload that element from a transparent background at a 20% Mix. H it is still indis- tinci, repeat the load. In the illustration, edge-detection outlines were added at three stages in the growing composition. This yields a more subtle effect than doing a single, n CT final line layer. Early lines are reduced hy successive image layers, blending them with other shapes. Experiment with AD Pro’s Line Art operator for outlines. Thin each set of lines in Dpaint as described, then stamp them in place as black lines on a white screen. In AD Pro, set Mix to 60% and R, C, and 15 values to 255 when loading the lines into the composition. In the illustration, 1 edited the final set of lines in Dpaint, erasing everything but the lines around floral patterns. When these were added to the image, the result was that those areas were emphasized without adding distracting lines to the face. You can do all the layering directly in a paint program, but von will find that HAM artifacts begin to foul the picture. By doing its work in a 24-bit color space, AD Pro avoids cumulative artifacts. The HAM image (or any format you prefer) is calculated at the final stage. You can use the 24-bit image if you have a 24-bit display board or a film recorder such as the Polaroid CI-30(H), which is directly supported by AD Pro modules, I often convert my 24-l>ii images for viewing with DC'IY (Digital Creations). The results are beautiful. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software dei'elopment. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer.; Oakdale, ('.A 9536 L Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. AmigaWorld 53 VIDEO Nonlinear Editing Add ShowMaker to your video-editing setup to get the capabilities of digital nonlinear editing systems at much less cost. Add an optical-disc recorder.; too, and you’ve got nirvana. SUITE By Martin Ricketts A DIGITAL, NONLINEAR presentation composition. It sounds complicated, but it is not. Nonlinear composition is a means by which you can create elaborate productions in a fraction of the lime it would take with conventional video-editing techniques. A true nonlinear editing system lets u you digitize all vour stock footage to O o high-capacity, phase-ehange optical discs. Finding and accessing video segments on the mass-storage discs is extremely last compared to tape, and you do not have to contend with pre- rolls as in traditional editing. Thus, you can build an edit decision list and review your edits in real time as they will appear in the finished production. As you can imagine, such a svstem is i O' j far more expensive than a traditional edit system, running from about $ 25*000 to $ 80,000. The less expensive traditional method involves two or more YTRs and a dedicated or computer-based edit controller. Whether you use a cuts-only system (one source deck and one record deck) or an A B roll setup (with two sources and a destination deck), the method is linear, meaning that you must roll backward and forward through the tape to find the segments you need. (To contact the vendors of the products mentioned, see the ‘'Manufacturers’ Distributors* Addresses” I isl on page 106.) A Happy Medium Gold Disk's ShowMaker ($ 395) lets you combine benefits of both methods. While vou may know ShowMaker sim- J J ply as an image-sequencing program, it is actually much more powerful than just that* supporting professional video equipment and giving you real-time control over it. It was not designed for video editing, but it can augment traditional edit systems to approach the effects of nonlinear systems. With ShowMaker* you compose your entire presentation including video segments, digital graphics, and sound within the Amiga, and record the results to tape as you work. Preparing a videotaped presentation with ShowMaker offers many benefits* the best of which is that you get to see your results right away. The downside of this is that it requires immediate access to all source material you plan to include. Immediate access is not a problem for animation, genlocking* Toaster commands. MIDI music, or sound samples, because these elements are either loaded into memory or performed digitally. With videotape footage, however, access time is an issue. In fact, video-access time is the only thing separating a ShowMaker VTR setup from systems such as the nonlinear, Mac-based Avid 200. Because of this, ShowMaker is not the right tool to use for a project that involves cuts from clip to clip in rapid succession. On die other hand, it is perfect if you want to create a tape that incorporates lots of graphics keyed over video, or if you wish to shift in and out between the source VCR and still images with DVEs. If 5 also helpful for synchronizing all of this to a MIDI soundtrack (no SMITE Lime code needed!) And adding sampled sound effects. Editing and Beyond To turn ShowMaker into a video-editing took vou need a device such as Sclec- tra’s VuPort (S750), which doubles as an interface to Panasonic's AG-1960 SVHS VCR and an edit controller. Using VuPort, you can simply cut segments of video and arrange them onto another tape in the order you wish to use them. Then you can use ShowMak- er’s time line to add transitional effects, graphics, and sound, and finally to record the results in real time to a master tape. Under this setup, a VCR’s linear approach is not necessarily a limitation because seek time is reduced. Any system that involves more than y j one video source requires a method for switching between them. A ShowMaker video system is no exception. NewTek's Video Toaster is just the switcher for such a setup, because ShowMaker supports it directly. In fact, ShowMaker s elegant and easy-to-use Toaster control is a very powerful part of the program. Although you can run ShowMaker from the same machine that the Toaster occupies, for advanced applications you will want a second Amiga to house the Toaster. The reason for this is that the Toaster takes complete control of the computer when it runs, leaving few system resources for ShowMaker. The Toaster thus slows down such .ShowMaker functions as MIDI timing, animation playback, and digital audio. A good setup for professional work, then, is two A2000s, one of them containing the Toaster, a hard drive, 6 SMB of RAM. And either one dual- channel or two single-channel TBC(s). The other A2000 would house a 50- 100MB hard drive, 6-8MB of RAM, an accelerator, a multiport serial hoard hooked to an edit controller, and for adding sound a sampler and a MIDI PER OT1AL V C0PE all, it shows vour true colors just fora little . . . -¦¦¦¦r
* - -nar green. Only S995. DIGITAL It’s the new DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE™ card. The world’s first waveform monitor and vectorscope for desktop video. A perfect companion for your Video Toaster® our PERSONAL V-SCOPE lets von superimpose a digitally synthesized w; ivefo rin ? Monitor and vectorscope on any video signal. So now you can precisely measure video levels and test for true colors. We even include PERSONAL TSG Software with more than 30 industry standard test signals for display with your Video Toaster. Buffered video output. Dedicated full-time output and superimpose output. Hardware rasterizer with electronically generated graticule scales. And more. All compatible with AMIGA® and IBM PC® Use the DPS PERSONAL V-SCOPE by itself or combine with our PERSONAL TBCII card for a fully integrated video processing, manipulating and monitoring system. Best of PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC, If you want to look your best 55 Nugget Avenue, Unit 10 • Scarborough, Ontario MIS L31 Canada • (416) 754-8090 Pax: (416) 754-7046 II Spiral Drive * Florence, Kentucky 41042 * (606)371-5533 Fax:(606)371-3729 Video Toaster* is a registered trademark of N’ewTek Incorporated. PC* is a registered trademark of IBM Corp. AMIGA* is a registered trademark of Commodnre-Amiga, Inc. UBS PERSONAL V-SCOPE “ is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems. Inc. [)I*S PERSONAL TBC * is a registered trademark of Digital Processing Systems, Inc. Circle 23 on Reader Service card. Interface connected to a MIDI module. I hen, to combine your video with Amiga graphics, you need a genlock' encoder. And finally, von need two or three SYI IS VCRs connected to an edit controller. While this system may seem elaborate, 1 recommend it. It allows you to use footage from a VCR or from the Toaster’s framebuffers, and to synch that video with a coin pul er-con trolled sound track via MIDI or internal sound samples. The more memory you have, the happier Show Maker will he; SMB is not unreasonable with memorv prices dropping. An accelerator is really not an option, because Show Maker does not work well without one. Developers such as (.real Valley Products (GYP) and Progressive Peripherals oiler memory and acceleration on one hoard for a reasonable price. The size of the hard drives you choose will depend on the amount and type of animation you use. Hut 1 recommend at least 50MB. A MIDI audio source, one of the most important production tools to consider, is the best means of incorporating sound in a nonlinear environment. Because MIDI modules are computer controllable, they can instantly access sounds and play them at any specified point on a time line. Roland's SC.-55 Sound Canvas is a proven sound module that conforms to the increasingly-popular General MIDI music standard, lb connect it with your Amiga, you need a MIDI interface. Dr. Ts Phantom is a good choice, because it also supports SMPTE time code. (Gold Disk promises support for The Phantom in an upcoming version of ShowMaker.) Another source for sound is a digital sound sampler (such as SunRize's AD1012 12-bit digitizer), which lets you record any clfect and use it in a ShowMaker production under MIDI control. Digital Creations makes the only software-controllable genlocks, and ShowMaker supports them directly. I he SuperGen 2000S internal model has an excellent SYI IS encoder and easily synchronizes to a master edit system. Your edit controller may work with such units as NEC's PC-VC.R or the lower-priced Panasonic AG-1960. NEC has the advantage of a built-in RS- 232C serial interlace, so von need not buv an external interlace or a retrofit VCR. (Reportedly, though, Panasonic will soon incorporate an interface into its system.) Also. NEC lets you stripe any tape with its proprietary addressing system and then access individual frames using ShowMaker or other control software. While Panasonic's proprietary addressing system lets you access only tapes recorded on that machine, you can choose the alternate BO f (Begin- ning-of-lape) method. BOT is not frame-accurate, hut it works much faster that the PC-YCR’s system, thus making the AG-1960 more conducive to real-time systems. Some software tools make great complements to the ShowMaker setup. With ShowMaker, you compose your entire presentation including video segments, digital O O graphics, and sound within the Ami ga, and record o the results to tape as vou work. These include ASDG's FRED (Frame Editor), which calculates such elfccts as moving an object across the screen over a specified time, and The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks' Bars&Pipes Professional, which lets vou control the Toaster. SuperGen, and SunRize’s .AD 1012 from its own time line. Hf.i.p Yourself Whatever type of setup vou have, you c an make your job easier by following a few suggestions to work around the oo inherent limitations in a real-time system using YTR technology. First, avoid using overscan, high resolution, and four bitplanes simultaneously for vour images. I sing two of , «j n these elements is line, hut all three together will hog down vour system. 11 n j j Another tip to help make your productions play faster is to keep .ill your animation liles together in a single drawer on vour hard drive so that thee are easy to access. Because ShowMaker supports MIDI Song File One formal, you should save any music files you use in that format. Also, to make certain ShowMaker starts the music at the precise moment you wish, add an empty bar to the beginning of each song when you save it. When possible, use MIDI instead of internal sound samples. While the Amiga's internal eight-bit sampling is good, it cannot compare to the quality dedicated samplers turn out. And keep in mind that ShowMaker cannot play sound that is sampled at rates higher than 256K. While other programs can play at higher rates by overtaking the Amiga’s hardware and shutting down other resources, ShowMaker cannot do so, because it controls much more than sound alone, A Greater Advantage If video-access time is the only real advantage expensive nonlinear systems have over a ShowMaker setup, then you could overcome this hv adding an optical-disc recorder to your Amiga, right? Sure you could. But before you start celebrating, be aware that even write-once optical recorders start at $ 15,000. Panasonic's LQ-4000, which runs to 528,000, can be rewritten a million times (try that with a tape!). II you intend to use a fair amount of 24-hit animation, however, or wish to produce commercials, music videos, or other dynamic productions with tight synching and lots of graphics, then an optical system is worth it. It is also more cost-effective than traditional editing if you’re considering such videotape formats as Mil, Vi-inch SP. BetaCam, or Beta( lam SP. It is important to note that optical- disc recorders are not digital, as are the Avid and comparable devices. They record in an analog formal, using n 7 o amplitude modulation similar to videotape. Thus, there is loss of picture quality over subsequent generations. Despite this, the picture quality far exceeds all but the verv best formats such as BetaCam SP, 1)2, and one-inch. While the the luxury of optical-disc- based editing is not so affordable, the luxury of ShowMaker is. And its nonlinear approach embodies the future of video editing. ¦ Martin Ricketts is president of MEDIA Innovations, a Canadian company specializing in Amiga-based multimedia presentation and production systems. Write to him c o Amiga World Editorial. SO Elm St.. Peterborough. Nil Old 58. World of p*H 7> wona ur _ L ki commodore ¦ AMIGA LCAuniSENA ee aU the exciting new products information! SP arJ NEW HARDWARE RELEASES Hands-on Browsing! Va'UCDkTn Educ °" SesWop Vweo MnigaUOS Video , Animation a*d A ? FRIDAY, SEPT. 11,1992, 10 am - 5 pm MARK THESE 3 DAYS ON YOUR CALENDAR ? SATURDAY, SEPT. 12,1992, 10 am - 5 pm ? SUNDAY, SEPT. 13,1992, Noon - 5 pm The Pasadena Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena, California REGISTRATION: ___ Please pre-register me for World of Commodore Amiga in Pasade one day ($ 10), three-day pass ($ 2! X City Zip J COMING FROM OUT OFTOWN? SHOW HOTEL: The Pasadena Hilton Hotel 150 South Los Robles Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101 SHOW RATE: $ 79, single or double twin TO RESERVE: Call 1-80O-HILTON. Request the group rate for World of Commodore Amiga. DEADLINE: August 8, 1992 For information, call Ramige Management Group: (416) 265-5950, fax 285-6630. ©1992 World of Commodore Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Electronics Ltd.; AmigaDOS is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc.; Video Toaster is I a trademark of NewTck, Inc. I Send form with your check, payable to Ramige Management Group, to World of Commodore Amiga 3380 Sheridan Drive, Suite 120, Amherst NY 14226 Pre-registration deadline: August 21, 1992. Company (if applicable) Address Name State From j).24. text), other publishing programs that communicate with HotLinks should be able to make use of edition text and the associated styles and tags. PageLiner has some convenient editing features, including the ability to set styles and tags, to select text through double-clicking (words) and triple-clicking (paragraphs), and to extend selections through shift-dragging. It also includes a speedy and fairly accurate spelling checker that has an improved version of the PageStream dictionary and allows for additions during the checking process. BME, a very simple bitmap editor intended only for extremely minor touch- up jobs, displays any bitmap as a grayscale image. Its most important function right now is probably to stage images from regular files into editions. While much improved, PageStream
2. 2 isn’t perfect. One incompatibility between 2.2 and previous versions lies in the surprising behavior of multiline text objects, which suddenly spread out (margin justify) the text within them. Another problem is that the fonts intended to speed up text display are of startlingly poor quality. They take over from the previously set Times and Triumvirate fonts, but I removed them. Be wary of a few HotLinks areas as well. While the installation process went fine, when I attempted to set up password access, 1 had two complete crashes ZYOiR TIRX! I’m very impressed by the simplicity of HotLinks Editions’ Publish Subscribe Update features. Being able to zap graphics into BME for touch-up and cropping is great, as is the ability to convert graphics. PageLiner is the most problematic link in the chain. While editing text from PageStream is a great concept, it’s usually faster to do it in PageStream proper. PageLiner is slower than the slowest turtle! J,R. Bookwalter Mogadore, Oh it) because the program couldn’t find the password file. Also, the requesters aren't good at handling the large, virtual- screen Workbench displays (mine is 1280x800, displaying 640x400); they always appear in the center of the virtual screen. At least if you move the display, it remembers its new location. This problem is also present in PageLiner. The minor annoyances all have work- j arounds, however, and version 2.2 is a necessary and important upgrade for current PageStream users. HotLinks Editions is worth the price to PageStream users, as well. You’ll find HotLinks and PageLiner most helpful, but while BME is vital for importing graphics into HotLinks, it is very limited for manipulating images. In all. I am an even happier PageStream user than I was before. Mark Cashman G-Force Combo Great Valley Products, $ 749 or $ 1799. A2000. Internal, CPU slot connection. Installation: Easy 25- or 50-MHz 68030 accelerator with 32-bit memory and hard-drive controller. Available in both 25-MHz and 50- Mhz versions, the G-Force Combo boards (which replace GVP’s discontinued Series II cards) provide a 68030 processor, a SCSI hard-drive controller (and an external SCSI connector), a hardcard, and 32-bit RAM four expansion cards in a single slot. The 25-MHz card comes with one megabyte of 32-bit RAM and can be expanded in four-meg increments to a total of 13, while the 50-MHz card has a standard four megs and can be increased by four-meg jumps to 1(5. The A2000 can address only nine megabytes of memory, so you must designate the G-Force RAM to reside only in extended RAM addresses or split it between the standard RAM auto-config space and extended address space. With a full 16MB, 50-MIIz card, eight megs are usually placed in auto-config and eight in extended space. Hardware installation is quite simple. To add RAM or use the G-Force as a hardcard, however, you’ll have to write another check for accessories: GYP’s four-meg SIMM modules ($ 290) and hard-drive mounting kit ($ 49). Software installation is equally easy. You get such 68030 utilities as Mem Pest (checks on-board RAM) and FPU_Test (tests the math coprocessor). For significant speed increases, use the GVPCpu- Ctrl command to map your Kickstart ROM into 32-bit RAM space. The FaaastPrep software walks you through partitioning and formatting a hard drive, and the manual documents all installation procedures well, including even a section for Bridgeboard users. To put the systems through a real- world environment, I tested the 25-MHz G-Forcc in the Video-I'oaster-equipped A2000 in AmigaWorid's video studio, and the 50-MHz card in my A2000. Both systems are equipped with Amiga DOS
2. 0, although the video-suite system occasionally uses the 1.3 OS. The cards worked fine with both OS versions. Compared to the standard A2000 performance, the 25-MHz Video-Toaster system was fast, with all aspects working line. In addition, when we used the built- in SCSI controller to handle a SyQuest removable-media drive and a Quantum hard drive, disk access seemed faster. Replacing Commodore’s 2630 25- Mhz accelerator, the 50-MHz G-Force significantly improved performance. Software compatibility was never a problem, and the time required for image rendering and processing was cut in half. Finally, I used Lamont Loop's AIBB4 software to benchmark the accelerators and compare them to the performance of a 25-MHz A3000. (See Table 1 for results.) The 25-MHz G-Force card is the virtual equal of the A3000, while the 50- Mhz version is about twice as fast. If you’re doing floating-point-intensive work, you should note that the G-Force’s Table 1. Benchmark tests comparing G-Force to the A3000. A3000 G-Force 25 Mhz G-Force 50 Mhz WritePixel
1. 00
1. 03
1. 50 Sieve
1. 00
0. 99
1. 96 Dhrystone
1. 00
1. 04
1. 73 Sort
1. 00
0. 99
1. 88 Matrix
1. 00
1. 01
1. 90 Imath
1. 00
0. 99
1. 88 MemTest
1. 00
0. 94
1. 47 TGTest
1. 00
1. 04
1. 12 Savage
1. 00
1. 00
1. 99 Fmath
1. 00
1. 00
1. 99 Fmatrix
1. 00
1. 04
1. 96 BeachBall
1. 00
1. 08
1. 77 Swhetstone
1. 00
1. 19
2. 33 Dwhetstone
1. 00
1. 01
1. 93 Ftrace
1. 00
1. 01
1. 94 CpIxTest
1. 00
1. 03
1. 83 50-MHz 68882 FPU is in many ways faster than the FPU built into the more advanced (58040 processor. All in all, both cards are verv reliable, high-performance, multifunction addons. If you need an accelerator, you would do well to consider them. If you need RAM, a hard-drive controller, and a faster processor, look no further. Lou Wallace ? = Professional Digital Sound For Your Video, Music, and Radio Productions harddisk, the number of sounds you can trigger is unlimited. Each of Studio 16 s four how does the 12-hit ADI0J2 sound? Absolutely great!
- Amiga World, 4 92, p.29 SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd.. Suite 204 Campbell. CA 95008 USA The Video Toaster goes a long way towards solving your video problems. But what about sound? Do you need to synchronize background music with your productions? How do you add footsteps, door knocks, and other sound effects to your video or animation? Do you need to fade, cross fade, or eliminate sections of audio? Can you edit your audio, or are you stuck with the first take? Studio 16 solves all these problems by turning your Amiga into a complete sound studio. With Studio 16*s SMPTE support you can lock sounds frame accurately with your video. Audio triggers reliably, at the same spot, every time. Or you can quickly slip your audio effects, trying them at different spots. And since Studio 16 plays directly off allows you to cut. Copy, and paste audio. Zoom, scale, fade, reverse, and many other functions are avail- able. Edits can be non-destructive or permanent. The included AD 1012 hardware provides audio in. SMPTE in. And audio out connectors. Just plug your VTR. CD player, radio, tape deck, or other source directly in. Then record with 12 bits at sampling rates up to 80.000 samples per second. The AD 1012 can synchronize and chase SMPTE time code at 24, 25, 29.97, and 30 fps. Tracks can be metered and mixed. Unlike two track systems, Studio 16 can combine multiple tracks with no generation loss. And it can record while playing. The Studio 16 sound editor graphs the audio waveform and Designed to exceptional audio standards, the AD1012 offers CD frequency response and 70dB signal-to-noise ratio. The AD1012 includes a special sound coprocessor the advanced 2105 DSP. The DSP allows Studio 16 to perform real time mixing and high quality 16 bit effects. These include echo, flange, delay, and chorus. Call today for a free Studio 16 information packet,
(408) 374-4962. Fax: (408) 374-4963. Dealers: call for promotional package. Salespeople: call to join our commission program. EuiopnnRepttiemuivf, BENELUX dONAR + 32 (Oil) 22 50 76 FINLAND townCnmputrf - 358 (9(18 7816992. GERMANY AS&S * 49 iOM| j4«8| JO. ITALY AP&S - 39(0432)759:64 SPAIN PiXcLSOFT -34 ( 088)71 2 7 00 SWEDEN Dspl5> Djt4 ¦ 4610457) .503 SO SWITZERLAND Mkrotroa ‘4110321872429 UNITED KINGDOM KB Marketing -44(0753)616000 Sludta 16 if a trademark o SunN::r Industrie! Vidro Toaster it a trademark Inc Amiga it a trademark ofCBM R E 1 E H S The Complete Colour Solution Rombo Productions, S179.95 All Amiga models. External, parallel-port connection (Vidi-Amiga). Installation: Moderate. Compatibility notes: Vidi-Amiga: A1000 requires Rom bo’s gender changer; A2000s and A3000 require parallel-port extender. Hard-drive-installable software. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Minimum system: 512K RAM. Recommended system: 1+MB RAM. Real-time framegrabber, electronic color splitter, and image-processing and paint software. The lineup of video digitizers in the US has a new challenger From Scotland. A respectable digitizing package, 1 he Complete Colour Solution is composed of Vidi-Amiga (a real-time frame- grabbcr), Vidi-RGB (ail electronic color splitter), VidiClimme-AMIGA (image- processing software), and Photon Paint (a HAM paint program). Vidi-Amiga Vidi-Amiga is capable of grabbing one or more frames from either a live video signal or a VCR in a 16-shade grayscale. 1 I he manual promises one frame capture in 20 milliseconds.) You can later colorize the frames individually with one of the nine preset color palettes or one of your own. Operation of the program is relatively simple. Specify the number of frames you want grabbed, and start your video source. The video is displayed directly on your Amiga’s monitor (no other is required), and you click the left mouse button when you want the grab to commence. Vidi-Amiga grabs the number of frames you specified (up to the limit of your memory; each megabyte holds about 25 frames). A second mouse click stops the grab, or you can define a frame stop point to end the cycle automatically. 1 recommend the latter method, as Vidi-Amiga continues grabbing Imines ovenvriting previous ones until you click. For example, if you ask it to grab six frames, it will do so; but then it grabs a second set ol six, replacing the old Ira me 1 with a new frame 1 and continuing the cycle until you halt the grab. When finished, you can display all the grabbed frames in a miniature storyboard, and you can clip, copy, move, or erase them. Vidi-Amiga also provides an animation facility that plays the grabbed sequence. ()ne unique feature is the abiliiv to define windows within frames. This allows you. For example, to have multiple frames of video (such as a wide shot and a closet ip) within one frame. Alternatively, you could run multiple animations at the same time. (Remember those 1960’s films that had the screen divided into a grid, with something dilferent happening in each square?) You can move the windows around, snap them to a grid, and resize them at will. While its image quality is reasonably good right out of the box. Vidi-Amiga has both hardware and software controls to improve the images. On the digitizer it- sclfare rough adjustments for brightness and contrast; you can tweak these with your actual video on the screen (before starting the grab). Of course, this requires you to perform quite a feat of contortion, because the digitizer is behind your computer. You shouldn’t have to mess with these controls vciy often, however; once set, thev'll work for most of vtuir crabs, t n Most adjustments are handled In the fine-tuning control for brightness within the software. The manual boasts that Vidi-Amiga is ideal lor professional video and presentation applications. Good image quality? M's. Professional video standard? No, the Vidi-Amiga displays your captured frames in a storyboard. 16-color grayscale knocks it out of the O i running for professional work. Presentation tool? Absolutely, it's great for creat- . 7 G ing rough storvboards for clients. O o Supporting Cast Vidi-RGB is an electronic color splitter that connects to Vidi-Amiga (or Newtek's Digi-Vicw) via ail included RCA cable. (You’ll have to invest about S15 for a US-standard power supply.) Under the supplied VidiChrome-Amiga software s control, Ylcli-RGB separates an image from a color-video source (camera or VCR) into its red, green, and blue components and presents an on-screen I LAM picture, all in less than one second. Because V idi-RGB handles onlv stationary images, however, your VCR must have a The Complete Colour Solution lets you save a color window (the engine) within a color frame (the Triumph TR-6). Rock-steady pause still Irame control and your color camera must he tripod or copystand mounted. Using the VidiChrumc color-processing software, the color-separation process is automatic and very quick, and it produces a good basic image. Unfortunately. Vidi-RGB provides you wit 1 i only two hardware controls brightness (black-and-white level) and saturation (chroma) and one software control for brightness. Maybe 50 percent of the time it isn't a problem, but the rest of the time you’ll wish you had more tweaking controls. One solution is to buy a separate image processor, such as ASDG’s Art Department Professional or Black Belt's huage- Master. I he other is to use Vidi-RGB with Digi-Vicw, manually stepping through the electronic RGB filtering process via the button on the Vidi’s case. Between the N'cwTek software and the manual filtering, the process is much slower. The upside is that Digi-Vicw 4.0 gives von many more image-processing controls. There is one other Vidi-RGB feature that’s of interest to video experimenters: The hardware package includes an Input Output 25-pin connector that provides access to all output signals of the unit as well as providing input pins for S-typc signals. The Big Picture If you like the idea of digitizing animated sequences into your Amiga in realtime (even if they are 10-shade black- and-white). Then Vidi-Amiga is about Continued on j), 70. All photographs are of actual DCTV screens, Digitize and process full color composite video images in millions of colors. R Now Available in PAL Hie Future Is Herd Sophisticated true color video paint, digitizing and image processmg software are all combined into one easy to use package. A Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga.9' A Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera. (Also works with still video cameras, video disk and still frame capable VCR's.) A Convert DCTV" images to or from any IFF display format (including HAM and 24 bit). A Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software are included. DCTV" is a complete system, right out of the box! A Create spectacular 3D images and animations. Compatible with all popular 3D programs. Create beautiful full color video images with all popular Amiga 3D programs. $ 495 "Min. I Meg. Required ,:iT - 3-5 Meg. Recommended Animate video quality DCTV images in real time using popular Amiga animation creation tods. DCTV (Digital Composite Television) is a revolutionary new compressed video display and digitizing system for the Amiga. Using the Amiga as a compressed video buffer, DCTV creates a full color composite video display with all the color and resolution of television. Telephone 916 344-4825 FAX 916 635-0475 1992 Digitd Cf potions. AMIGA is a registered trademark of Commodorp Bwsioess Mothines. Patents applied lot Ode 16 on Reade' Service card 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90280 CUSTOMER SERVICE OR
• 28mhz 68040
• Up to 32megs RAM
• FREE Imagine 2.0 Zeus 040 Accelerator for the A2000.....s2349°° SCSI-2 DMA HD Controller 28Mhz or 33Mhz 68040 Accelerator 64Mb High-speed 32-Bit RAM Expansion
• Real time response in full perspective
• Photo-realistic Rendering ?
• User friendly L s279
• HAM, HANHE & DCTV Support
• Free Videotape included! : Mercury A3000 with FREE imagine 2.0 SZ143 00 The Progressive 040 500 ...brings the speed and performance of 28Mhz 68040 acceleration, fully populated with 4MB of 32-Bit RAM, to Amiga 500 users. Running at up to 25 times the speed at a standard Amiga 500, and up to 5 times the spend of Amiga 500 68030-based accelerators. Sharp JX-100 A Creative Computers Exclusive! A portable 200 dpi 18-Bit color scanner. Includes Scanlab software from ASDG .Was 5699°° 24-Bit scanning software included Now at the Unbelievable price of. $ 36900 DHL Overnight Shipping to Canada as low as $ 15 Most rates cheaper than Express Mail at the Post Office! Pj NEW! Lower Rates! A MAX II PLUS .349.00 SEIKO 1440 MULTISYNC 519.00 SONY 1302A 539.00 SONY 1304S MULTISYNC ......625.00 AT BriDGEBOARD (SEE CBM LISTING) POWER SUPL1E5 BIGFOOT 200 POWER SUPPLY ..97.95 IVS POWER SUPPLY ..89.95 GENIUS GENITIZER 12X12 ....349.00 MIRACLE KEYBOARD .....359.00 SKETCH MASTER 12X12 439.00 SKETCH MASTER 12X18 619.00 WI2 DRAWING TABLET 9X 11 ..239.00 X-SPECS 3D ....109.95 CHIPS (VARIOUS) ECE MIDI A1000 . -49.95 ECE MIDI PLUS A500 A2000 A300Q ...* ...49.95 EUREKA MIDI 500 2000 .....32.95 MIDI GOLD INSIDER .....64.95 PERFECT SOUND 3.1 A500 A2000 .... 69.95 PHANTOM MIDI INTERFACE .239 00 EMULATORS A MAX II EMULATOR MAC EMULATOR SYSTEM 135 00 EPSON ES300C SCANNER COLOft'256 GRAY 999.00 HAND SCANNER. GOLDEN IMAGE .199.00 SHARP JX100 SCANNER 359 00 BOMAC TOWER .2S9.00 DENISE EXTENDER BUS ..85.00 DUAL SERIAL BOARD .269 00 68882 25 MATH COPROC .. 68882 33 MATH COPROC .. IC AGNUS: FATTER 1MB CBM 8372 ... IC AGNUS: SUPER FAT 2MB A30Q0 AGNUS CHIP .... 189.00 ....289.00
69. 00
99. 00 KICKSTART 1 3 ROM
39. 00 iv wi i ni ? I h «w » i w¦ i iittF".. MEGACHIP 2000 500 W O AGNUS .....209.00 WITH AGNUS . .....279.00 MULTISTART 11 .. 29.95 MODEMS SUPRA 2400 BAUD MODEM .. SUPRA 2400 MNP PLUS .... SUPRAFAX MODEM 2400ZI PLUS ..... SUPRAFAX MODEM 2400'9600FAX .. SUPRAFAX MODEM 9600 V.32 .... ri ipra unnFM Qfinn v 3? Rib 79.95 __115.00 .....119.00 .....174.00 ...259.00 . .309.00 | PAL SPECIFIC I HARDWARE DCTV PAL ..... ? IGI VIEW MEDIASTATION PAL FLICKER FIXER PAL .....
559. 00 .....159.00
300. 00 FRAMEGRABBER 256 GREY PAL 499.00 FRAMEGRABBER PAL VERS . 449.00 MINIGEN PAL GENLOCK .239.00 MEMORY EXPANSION RAM CHIPS MOST RAM CHIP SIZES AVAIL AT ECONOMICAL PRICES (CALL) A500 INTERNAL RAM BOARDS ADRAM 540 W,0K ... 89.95 ADRAM 560 W 2MB .... CALL ALFA DATA 501 CLONE ...36.95 BASEBOARD A500 0'4 MB 89.00 SUPRARAM 500 1 2 MEG ..47.00 A500 EXTERNAL RAM BOARDS SUPRARAM 500RX 1 MB ..135 00 SUPRARAM 500RX 2MB .199.00 SUPRARAM 500RX 8MB ..429.00 A200D RAM BOARDS DKB 2632 RAM EXPANSN BRD FOR A2500 - ..509.00 SUPRARAM 2000 2MB RAM ..179 00 SUPRARAM 2000 4MB RAM ..240.00 SUPRARAM 2000 6MB RAM ..299.00 SUPRARAM 2000 8MB RAM ..379.00 VIDEO SOLUTIONS (SOFTWAR AND HARDWARE) IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE ART DEPARTMENT 52.95 ART DEPARTMENT PRO. V 2 0 .159.00 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK ...... 52.95 IMAGEMASTER ..149.00 IMAGEMASTER FIRECRACKER VER 139.00 RASTER LINK .....59.95 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE ANIMATION STATION .39.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS • IMAGINE ..84.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - LIGHTWAVE ... 84.95 CALIGARI 2 ......279.00 CYCLEMAN FOR IMAGINE ......39.95 DRAW 4D PROFESSIONAL ....179.00 IMAGINE T.1W FREE VIDEO ....B9.95 IMAGINE 2.0 ....269.00 MAP MASTER FOR IMAGINE ...45.95 MAP MASTER FOR LIGHTWAVE .64.95 PIXEL 3D 2.0 ..69.95 REAL 3D V1.4 ... 199.00 SCULPT ANIMATE 4-Q ....199.00 DESKTOP VIDEO BROADCAST TITLER I! .... 229.00 Hard Drive Deal of the Year! A2000 owners: Choose an ICD AdSCSE 2000 or Trumpcard Classic, then we’ll mount a new Quantum 40mb drive on only $ 259. A500 owners: Take a Trumpcard 500 with an installed 40mb Quantum only $ 299. Factory Refurbished Version 2.0 Full Warranty! (This is a limited time offer, no backorders) From Digital Creations Full NTSC Color Display Low cost, high speed hard disk controller RAM expansion for the Amiga 500 DCTV This easy-to-follow, comprehensive VHS tutorial will tell you all you need to know about DCTV. ERACTIVE VIDEO SYS1EMS Prices Effective July 1,1832
U. S. ORDERS ONLY: ORDER STATUS Mon-Sat 8-6 PST FAX: 310-214-0932 COMPUTERS 800-872-8882 310-214-0000 CANADA: 1-800-548-2512 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, Cfl 90260 CUSTOMER SERVICE OR PRO VIDEO CG II ... SCREEN MAKER 24-BIT ..... .....129.00
1599. 00 AVIDEO 12 479 00 PERSONAL VECTRASCOPE ... 789.00 AVIDEO 24 ...
115. 00
119. 00
* 1599°° Supra FAX Modem 9600 $ 25900 This new 9600bps modem has MNP5, V.42bis and
V. 32 error correction and data compression. SupraRam RX 1MB .....135.00 SupraRam RX 2MB .199.00 SupraRam 500 512k ...47.00 Novia 601 Complete 7 1 2* Bohiflg internel herd I rive ifttem lor Novia* 85i -------------- *** ...... Cc-pldt 2 17* Bsmeg litinul bar! Frtre lyitin lar AdRAM 540 _ Honor* eipjnilcn lor Iho AMIGA 500. [ipimioo op AdlDE 40 Kit _- ___ Ton oupflr Ue drl«», I11DE.11I lopplltt Ike reol loi Due to industry fluctuation. RAM prices are subject to change withaul notice & Kickback _ Molll-TtilBred ROM iwllckBT lor AMIGA campnlert. Educational, Corporate and Aerospace purchase orders accepted. Call (310) 542-2292 for details. USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 ; Canada 1-800-548-2512; Denmark 0434-0297; France 19-0590-1099; Italy 1678-74086; Japan 0031-11-1351; Netherlands 06-022-8613; Norway 050-12029; Switzerland 046-05-3420; United Kingdom 0800-89-1178. AUDIO GALLERY CHINESE ....74.95 AUDIO GALLERY GERMAN .....54.95 AUDIO GALLERY RUSSIAN .....79.95 JAPANESE 1 27.95 LiNKWORD FRENCH ..19.95 LINKWORD GERMAN .19.95 LINKWORD ITALIAN .... 19.95 LINKWORD RUSSIAN ......19.95 LINKWORD SPANISH 19.95 FONTS GENERAL FONTS ALL AGFA FONTS AVAILABLE .CALL KARA AN1MFONTS 1 ..29.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 ...29.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 ...29.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 .. ..35.95 KAHA FONTS HEADLINES ......44,95 KARA FONTS HEADLINES2 ... 39 95 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 3 .... 46-95 KARA FONTS STARFIELDS .....34.95 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS .39.95 MASTERPIECE FONTS ...159.95 PROF. FONT LIBRARY .....48 95 600 AMIGA FONTS ..19.95 SOFTFACES FOR FINAL COPY VOL1 ..... 59.95 DTP PAGE5TREAM FONTS PAGESTREAM FONT PACK 1 ..46.95 PAGESTREAM PLUS PACK .....46.95 PAGESTREAM NEWSLETTER FONTS .....64.95 PAGESTREAM STARTER FONTS ....64,95 PAGESTREAM DESIGNER FONTS ..129.00 PAGESTREAM CLASSIC FONTS 129 00 PRO STREAM FONTS 42.95 DTP PROFESSIONAL PAGE FONTS PROF. PAGE OUTLINE CG ....129.00 GOLD DISK DECORATOR ....34.95 GOLD DISK DESIGNER .....34.95 GOLD DISK PUBLISHER ...34 95 VIDEO TOASTER FONTS 1ST PRIZE TOASTED FONTS SET 1 ..40.95 CINNAMON TOAST FONTS VOL I .....64.95 CINNAMON TOAST FONTS VOL II .....64.95 KARA TOASTER FONTS VOL II ......59.95 MASTERPIECE TOASTER FONTS .....89.95 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE ANIMATION SOFTWARE DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO ..79.95 THE DIRECTOR V2.0 ..74.95 FRACTAL PRO 5.0 ..CALL SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0 .64.95 SCENERY ANIMATOR DATA GRAND CANYON
36. 95 45 95 RAW COPY 1,3K .. X-COPY PROFESSIONAL .... TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE BAUD BANDIT ...27.95 MINDLINK TELECOM ......28.95 ONLINE PLATINUM .39.95 DOS TOOLS UTILITIES AMI ALIGNMENT SYSTEM .29.95 AMI BACK 2.0 .....44.95 BAD DISK OPTIMIZER 4.0 ..24.95 CROSS DOS .....25.95 DIRECTORY OPUS .36.95 DISKMASTER ...29.95 DISKMASTER II .42.95 DJ HELPER ..... ..29.95 DOS TO DOS .... 32.49 HYPER HELPERS .. 35-95 MAC 2 DOS 90.95 MAVERICK 4.0 ...27.95 QUARTERBACK 5.0 44.95 QUARTERBACK TOOLS ....52.95 SUPER DJ 500C . 32.95 7 Bundle Bars&Pipes & Internal Sounds Kit S9995 NEW VERSION! HP DeskJet 50QC (Color) $ 70go° Professional Page 3.0 PROFESS "ON V L PAGE The Latest Upgrade for the Professionals Choice in DTP Page & Function Genies give total ease of use Irregular text wrap Adobe type l font support Mail merge and hot link to blue ribbon SOUNDWORKS 7 New Compugraphtc Fonts New Undo feature The Patch meister Universal Patch librarian.
- ¦¦ $ 203“ Bars & Pipes Pro « State of the art MIDI sequencing Super JAM! .68995 The easy way to play. Write music withourt ever touching an instrument! SyncPro SMPTE Time Code Reader Generator Synchro 8,7900 Triple Play Plus 48 MIDI channels via one interface! S1B501 DeluxePaint IV The King of Paint and Animation
• Full-screen metamorphosis
• Optimized HAM painting modes
• Scalable fonts
• Improved support for AmigaDos 2.04
• Still easy to use! $ ] j 900 ELECTRONIC ARTS Quarterback 5.0 The Next Generation In Backup Software .....,*4495 Prices Effective July 1,1992
* 209°° w o Agnus $ 28900 with Agnus DKB 2632 Ram Expansion Muiiistart II ......$ 2995 Provides for Amiga 500's & 2000's fo operate under Workbench 1.3 & 2.0! Now expand your Amiga up lo 112 megs of 32 Bit memory fl you own the CBM A2632 Accelerator board. With 4megs ...}509w Real 3D
VI. 4 SyQuest Drives These packages include the SyQuest drive, 1 cartridge & all neccesary cables. External models include a case Now the all-time bestselling word processor supports Postscript output $ 19900
• Fastest Renderer on the Amiga
• 24 Bit support
• Render up to 32k x 32k
* Audio Video Scriplwriting.
* Arexx support.
• 100,000 ward Spoil Checker. ¦ Thesaurus with 300,000 word cross reference.
* Supports columns.
• Wraps text around graphics.
• Mall Merge 44mb for Amiga 2000 5399 Internal 5499 external kit 88mb for Amiga 2000 5569 Internal 5669 external kit $ 599S (Limited time offer) Introducing an exciting new product from IUS... THIRD GENERATION 68Q3D PROCESSOR ACCELERATOR BY INTERACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS
• 32-Bit RAM Expansion to 32 MB
• On-Board SCSI
• 2630 Compatible Expansion port
12. 95 FLICKER MASTER ...... DUST COVERS AND KEYBOARD CALL SKINS AVAIL CABLES FOR MOST NEEDS USES AVAIL ..CALL KEYBOARD TEMPLATES FOR TOASTER CG. TOASTER SWITCHER. DCTV & DPAINT IV FOR AMIGA 500'2000.3000 .CALL INPUT ACCESSORIES ALFA DATA CRYSTAL TRACKBALL ...CALL BEETLE MOUSE (ASSORTED COLORS).. 34.95 GOLDEN IMAGE 2 BUTTON MOUSE .34,95 GOLDEN IMAGE CORDLESS MOUSE ......74.95 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE ....64.95 TRACKBALL AMTRAC 59.95 DSS-8 $ 84 Record, edit, compose...with a high-quality, stereo sound sampler. Includes a fast, powerful, easy-to-use editor and a self-contained 4-track sequencer. Final Copy ...J5995 Final Copy Outline fonts, 470,000 word Thesaurus, 116,000 word dictionary. Multiple columns, IFF graphic support. PostScript support. Work Bench 2.0 and Automatic hyphenation. Centaur Development Summer Software Blowout! Limited-time offer on our best-selling Amiga titles These prices valid this month only. Firecracker Bundle High-resolution *16.8 Million Colors • 24-Bit graphics display card
• Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 Fantastic Voyage: The Computer Game “Incredible!” 5 Stars - .Info Magazine $ 2995 Buy the World Atlas 3 Disks of info on over 170 countries + 255 maps. $ 2949
B. A.D Ver.4.0 Best selling disk optimizer for all Amlgas. Speeds floppy and hard drives by up to 5 times! $ 2495 2 Meg Version racker and get Image 2.0 + Prototextures FREE! ¦¦¦¦¦ 11 1 -¦ iiUW Imagine Bundle! Imagine plus Includes free object disk
* ***** and you can upgrade ||L to 2.0 for 51001 Imagine: A Guided Tour video IMAGINE Prices Effective July 1,1992 G-Force 030 Combo 40 4.. *999°°
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- Onboard Series II SCSI Controller
- Hard Drive mountable
- All on one board Get it tomorrow at no extra charge! More G-force Accelerators: 25MHz 1 MB 68882 ....$ 669.00 40MHZ 4MB 68882 120MB HD ......$ 1399.00 50MHZ 4MB 68882 ..$ 1558.00 G-force 50MHz 4MB 68882 240Q ....$ 2048.00 G-force A3000 68040 W 4MB ......$ 1969.00 Ask about special RAM pricing when ordered with an accelerator board! NrfHar hu 1 1 -nflmm PST Hard Cards .... . 0. Series tl A2000 SCSI Hard Disk and RAM Card: ImPQOt VlSlOll A2000-HCS+0 52Q-LP5 ¦ SUHCfl5 ib fk) 16 Million colors, 24-Bit Frame Buffer + cGuontum 120Mb Hard disk) ......*508 Genlock + Frameqrabber + Flicker- A2000-HC8+0 2400 :9 .... T... (Quantum 240Mb Hard dak) ..- .*818® ElimmatOf + PIP + VldeO Tltl©r + GVP OPTICAL REMOVABLE MEDIA 3D Modelling System and gvpwt-iso rape Drive ....'639* now includes a Video Transcoder Unit! SQ555 SyQuest dOmb Removable with cartridge and HC3 Control,er . 1599:0 A3000-IV24 $ 1879°° SQ800 SyQuest 80mb Removable with cartridge and HC8 v . ContiDiiw - *7i«- A2000-IV24 Adapter ..*49“
• A500 HD8 with 40mhz 68030
• lmb of 32-Bit RAM expandable to 8mb
• Socket for 68882 Math chip “Mini Slot1’ for PC emulator 8c more!
• Turbo switch for compatibility.
• Includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530 w 52mb drive ..$ 96900 A530 w 120mb drive ..*1099°° A500 HD+ The Series A500 HD8+ uses the same technologies of it's powerful A2000 cousins and additional features like: Exclusive Game Switch, Fast RAM Expansion up to 8MB, External SCSI Port, Free dedicated universal power supply! New PC286 Module (Optional PC286 AT compatibility. 16Mhz 286 board which plugs inside hard disk unit) ...*31900 A500-HD+ 52Q (Quantum 52Mb Hard disk) $ 48800 A500-HD+ 120Q (Quantum 120Mb Hard disk) $ 63800 A500-HD+ 240Q (Quantum 240Mb Hard disk) $ 899°° ¦¦-- The Creative Computers Low-Price Guarantee. Creative Computers is the service and low-price leader and the largest Amiga mail-order company. Check out the prices in this ad, then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, we'll beat its** Commodore Amiga 500DS Comes with; 3.5" Floppy Drive, Mouse, Joystick, bundled with the following software packages: Kindwords, FusionPaint, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, F4D Pursuit, and F A-T8 Interceptor. SPECIAL PRICE $ 299 C: Commodore AMIGA Authorized Sales and Service
* with purchase of Amiga Monitor SEE US AT world of AMIGA PASADENA. CALIFORNIA • SEPT. 11-13. 1992 Pre-register and SAUE $ 5! Compliments of Creative Computers. Please pre-register me for World of Commodore Amiga in Pasadena ? One day [$ 101, ? Three-day pass [$ 251 Name _ Company (if applicable] Address_ City_ Send form with your check, payable to Ramige Management Group, to World of Commodore Amiga 3380 5heridan Drive, Suite 120, Amherst NY 14226 Pre-registration deadline: August 21. 1992 The Creative Computers Exclusive Money Back Guarantee Program (CC-MBG) When you purchase any accelerators, floppy drives, memory expansions, hard drives and hard drive controllers or any GUP Hardware from Creative Computers, you are protected by a full 30-day, No-Ouestions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! Are you in the market for a GUP impact Vision but don't know if it will work right with your set-up? Or are you waiting for your Amiga to compute but don't know what an accelerator will mean in practical terms to you? You need not wait any longer. Just buy it from us, and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! CC MBG rules Limioa r mo otltrf expires 6 3D 9? And Only !o the above teleef categories only You must call Customer Service to obt&n a Return Authoriration numtor sending me >te*ri(s> Oac* The Ituni(s) must be in ordinal condition ard .n original packaging No damaged items wi be accosted Refunds -ssued *vlwn U cays of rece pt of the returnee item.'s) Refunc is lim:t»*c to $ 3 00C per customer No refunds on ‘reigtt c 'axr charges CUSTOMER S== ICE fcr t*cn lupaart call 31C-542-2292 from 11 i m. to 7 p m P$ T Call ‘a i r-9- tnop*g irto«s*t o* Ecueaione.. cctktetc i'-c Jt-cipace purcra** rrsws acres**: No turcnarge ter Yu Wait*'Care. I'. I--cnr;s >y Apkcan Erartss «*, surcfa-« t:r Bscav r RETURN POLICY Ca' Customer Srrice «t (3'C-: 2NXCQ »:r r*tun Wfaruj n Atrft'jrns«.r tf?»JJf>Orjiton rump*f Rwt* a :c r*‘.i*a R**j'-*cp’a3 r5 ruV b» v-yig.M £-,>¦£.,}- a- pjc»JS-*3 and mull o* bk* rrthir 30 fliyt of cur nwe* 2X9 Mj revci 04AM product etcharjw na 5-3'3-1«sfor pr&Ojff por*c-r!an;« EicAtfigti a h irUt a-e x cu' opto* and sub.W lo a ?$ % re *tX' ng CONDIRONS Prrn jnj jfiiLabibtr of prodiCt are iuOjKI locflarg* ».Triov| -Ktcc MAIL-iN ORDERS Sard money orders or Cjihwri check for fattati aaruce P r*onit cheek* ¦ up lo TO days lo dear. Include: Nine, Addre*a and Telephone number (no P 0 Boies, plea**), II ordering by credit card Include expiration date and bill ng address Cell lor end shipping rates INTERNATIONAL TOLL FREE ORDERING POLICIES: For Canada. FPO, APO • Minimum order S53 All etner countries mimmum g der 1100. For VISA and UaitrrCard orders you must FAX or mail a signed photocopy of ycvr cred.t card • Iron! And track Pleaie have your credil card number ready belore calling INTERNATIONAL PHONE NUMBERS Orders aniy please Caned! 1-400-545-2512; Italy 1678-74054; United Kingdom 0600-89-1178; France 194590-1099 Australia 0014-500-125-712; S«itnrtand 046- C5-3420 "PR:C£ GU*R*MTce U.S. Only. Applies to all mercnandua adrertised by allauWonjed driters ticepl merchar-c-se on see We *iil gire you our •delivered" price io«eer inan in* ether dealer's ’celuered' pric*. Overnight Shipping via: ORDER BY PHONE -OR- MAIL IN THIS FORM
1. Call top m% curpeit prices and shipping rates.
2. Mail this order torn to: CREATIVE COMPUTERS at: 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd., Lawndale, CA 00260
3. Credit card orders only shipped to billing address. Name_ Address _ City _ Country_ Day Phone ( ) Night Phone ( ) TOTAL UPS Ground u Airborne Exptess DHL -International orders Other_ 1 1 u m I 1 r 1 ¦ 9 25% SALES TAX (C* RES.ONLY] 1 SHIPPING METHOD: (Call tor rates) SHIPPING S TOTAL I_ OFFER CODE: P2840tMG B Check L3 Money Order LO Visa L3 MasterCard American Express |_J Discover Method ol Payment Credit Card _ Signature__ CREDIT CARD USERS ONLY: Exp. Date I_ R F V I F VV S your only low-priced choice. The IFF results are very acceptable, especially as fodder for further manipulation in other paint, animation, or presentation programs. The color side is more problematic. Yes, Vidi-RGBs electronic color filtering is both quick and convenient, but Vidi- Chrome-Amiga is very limited. An older HAM paint program, Photon Paint is stilt quite capable (for a review, see Aug. ’88, p. 20). Be warned, however, that Photon Paint's manual is abridged from the original, and the other manuals are crude and basic, offering no tutorials. Until recently, the real stumbling block for The Complete Colour Solution in the US was the rate of exchange. The package was simply too expensive to compete. Now, however, Rom ho has done a 180-degree turnabout, reducing the four-part package to $ 179.95. For a real-time digitizer, color splitter, image processor, and paint program, SI80 is a helluva good price. If you already own a camcorder, The Complete Colour Solution oilers a truly bargain-basement entrance to both still and motion digitizing. Even considering its shortcomings and occasionally quirky operation, it is impossible not to recommend such a value. Gary Ludzvick Mr. Robot’s Speak V Spell Brain Technologies, S49.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K RAM. Recommended system: 512K RAM. Vocabulary tutor for ages six and up. Amy’s Fun-2-3 Adventure Devasoft. S49.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommended system: 1MB RAM, hard drive. Counting games for ages 2-6. FlashBlaster EasyScript! Software, $ 49.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM, Recommended system: 1MB RAM, Math arcade game for grades K-6. Mathasaurs CanCor, $ 24,95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K RAM, joystick. Recommended system: 512K RAM, joystick. Arcade game for ages three and up. Purchasing educational software is often a highly chancy proposition. Some programs are the equivalent of junk food, providing empty calories with precious little educational value. Some potentially good games are marred by bad design decisions, resulting in frustrating experiences for young gamers. Worst of all, others lack the most important commodity fun. The good educational games often get lost in the clutter. Mr. Robot’s Speak ’n’ Spell, Amy’s Fun- 2-3 Adventure, FlashBlaster. And Mathasaurs are good examples of each of these. Mr. Robot’s Speak ’n’ Spell Mr. Robot’s Speak V Spell is a vocabulary drill laid out like a crossword puzzle, with an illustration for each of the more than 1000 words. Word lists range from kindergarten to college level. Mr. Robot pronounces each word in the computer's voice, provides a definition, and displays a color picture to illustrate it. You then try to spell the word in the given time not too difficult, as the computer allows you to type only the correct letter. This good basic concept is hobbled by limited graphics and the computerized voice, which is often difficult to understand. It’s frustrating to watch the time run out on a word you knew but that the computer's voice didn’t pronounce clearly. Some of our players just typed letters until they accidentally hit the right ones, which the program dutifully accepted. Because it needs to display a picture of the object, Mr. Robot’s Speak 'n Spell is limited almost exclusively to nouns. This is not a problem in the lower levels, but the higher grade levels quickly run out of useful words, and the program relies on definitions for such arcane or obscure words as pannier (one of a pair of baskets slung across the back of a beast of burden) and biretta (a square cap worn by Roman Catholic clergymen on certain occasions). Amy’s Fun-2-3 Adventure Outstanding among these four programs, Amy’s Fun-2-3 Adventure is a set of well-designed counting games for children of ages two to six. It sports crisp animation, lively sounds, polished programming, and a female (although canine) title character, which is a refreshing change. Three of Amy’s minigames involve counting and number recognition, and the fourth is a computer xylophone that combines music and numbers. Let’s Count introduces number concepts hy presenting an animation that illustrates the number you select. When you click j on 3, Amy might Lake three drinks of water, hark three times, or watch three birds fly by. Matching with Marty helps develop number recognition by presenting a number and two sets of shapes. You must choose the shape set that matches the number. In Cookie Castle, Amy the dog holds up her paws (complete with ten lingers) to display a number. You click the matching numeral on the castle wall to rebuild the wall. Music Magic is a computerized, singleoctave xylophone with numbered bars. You can use the mouse to play it like a regular xylophone, or learn to play a song from Amy’s library. The song li-
o o brarv shows you the number of the key J J to strike to play the next note in the song. For budding Mozarts, the screen also shows the note in standard musical notation. This is a great introduction to written music, lying number skills to music keeps the experience lively. Although Music Mi tgic is the least elaborate of the four mini games, it is clearly one of the most
o J satisfying. Flie manual is well-written, patiently explaining a lot of technical material for beginning computer users an important aspect that is too often overlooked. We don’t like the part of the manual that says that Amy is only allowed Lo use com- j puters that are old and obsolete, but this is just a minor quibble, as is our dislike The new DPS PERSONAL TBCII links your Video Toaster® to anv VCR, Camcorder or other video source for thousands less than conventional TBC hardware. With software-controlled Proc Amp and Color Balance for that professional edge. Now with Arexx support. So, plug the DPS PERSONAL TBC II into your toaster for only $ 995. You'll love what pops out. In the U.S. call 606-371-5533 In Canada call 416-754-8090 In FlashBlaster, you shoot the answers to the problems. DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. The Music Magic game in Amy's Fun*2*3 Adventure teaches number and music skills. Of the CLI-based hard-disk installation routine. There's a lot going for Amy’s Fun-2-3 Adventure. It’s a well-executed program that is patient and forgiving of mistakes. The best part is that there are no time limits here. You are free to play any ol the games for as long as you choose, without the pressure of failing if you spend too much time absorbed in your own explorations. Flash Blaster Although FlashBlaster, a math drill program, looks almost as polished as Amy’s Fun-2-3 Adventure, it comes up short because of a few Hawed design decisions. The basic idea behind it is solid: You solve math problems and lire on numbers in a moving shooting gallery to enter the answers. In practice, however, the game falls apart. FlashBlaster is a CanDo deck, reacting more slowly than fully optimized code. On nonaccelerated Ami gas, the noticeable delay between the press of the mouse button and the sound-effect bang causes great confusion. You’re likely to (ire several more shots in trying to hit the mark, thus wasting precious bullets and even more precious time. If a shot misses its target, the problem is whisked away and replaced by a new one. Because the arrival of the new problem is not accompanied by any audio or major visual cues, you will often continue to concentrate on entering the answer for the old problem. Because bullets are snatched away as time passes, you tend to avoid glancing from the targets down to the problem. Even after you master all the quirks of the game, it is still confusing and frustrating to play, Mathasaurs Of these four games, only Mathasaurs fails to be even slightly educational. Featuring appealing sounds and exuberant digitized voices, it is a vertical-scrolling game that requires you to shoot endless hoards of alien monsters and run into baby dinosaurs, Babysaurs, to rescue them. You can shoot only forward, cannot go past the left or right sides of the screen, and cannot back up to collect stray Babvsaurs. You must continue J marching inexorably forward, as the enemies get thicker and more deadly. Some monsters are math problems, always a single numeral plus or minus 1 = 7+1, for example). When you shoot an equation, it transforms into its answer, which is spoken by a digitized voice. The problem is that you never have to calculate anything or even pay attention to the answer. Instead, the equations and their answers quickly dissolve into vague background noise, while your attention is riveted on running, blasting, and surviving. Not only is this not educational, O it has a decidedly anti-educational bent. Numbers become enemies, and nothing that constitutes learning is required of a child in solving the problems. Although the answers flash briefly on the screen, it is unlikely that a child would waste precious time attending to the problem or its answer when doing so earns no reward and would very likely result in tlie player’s “death.” 'I'lie best advice we can give you about buying any educational software for your children is to let them test drive it in the store before purchase. The kids will be able to report very quickly on the merits and frustrations of the game, and this will help you reject programs with obvious problems. Of course, your judgement will have to carry the day, but as children become increasingly computer savvy, they can make valuable contribu- tions to the process. Daniel Greenberg and Marliese Colantuno Continued on j). 74. Plug into your toaster fora lot less bread Now with software-controlled Proc Amp and Color Balance. £>
- AMIGA 500 -i L UPGRADE KIT-I $ 105 Master 3A-1 Disk Drive with Golden Image Ram 500 with Clock Calendar NEW LOW PRICE! Since 1982 - - Tlomput(ftblUtg See Page 85 for AMW 8-92 fo iiu net ec to i cs TOASTER MANIA! 800-558-0003 T H T. M I R A C L E P I > ¦ O TEACII I *1 fl K V fi T £ M State-of-the-art electronic keyboard, Amiga software and artificial intelligence music technology work together to create the perfect teaching program.' Price Too Low To Advertise ! AD Speed (all Amiga Computers) S164 Air Drive Int 3 5’’-A3000 .... S89 AMAXX ll AMAXX II PLUS $ 137 5339 Amiga RF Modulator S29 Amiga 1680 Modem S39 A VIDEO 13 .. S419 BCD Internal SFC-A2000 ....S649 Big Foot Pov er Supply ...S95 Blizzard Board OK ..S219 Bodega Bay ... S279 Breadboard Video Delay Line $ 309 Chroma Key Plus (New) ..S339 Colorburst ...... S659 Color Splitter $ 105 Data Flyer RAM Card OK .S89 Digiview Media Station .$ 152 Digital Sound Studio S85 DMI Floptical Disk Drive ..Call ECE Midi Interface ...S48 Flicker Fixer Genlock Options .S35 Flicker Fixer ... S235 Flicker Free Video II ......S235 Firecracker ...S825 Frame Grabber 256 Gray S429 S489 Hi Q Tower ...S619 Internal Drive 2000 ... $ 69 K-Start Selector ...535 Kitchen Sync Genlock Option ...$ 159 Light-24 ..Call Mega Chip 2000 w Super Aqnus S285 MIDI Gold A500 S55 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 $ 59 Mini Gen ...S185 Miracle Keyboard ..CALL Multistart II .....S42.95 Personal SFC 2.0 (Nucleus) $ 339 Personal VDA 1000 (IBM or Amiga slol - please specilfy) ...$ 129 Personal VDA (Video Distribul. Amp) ....$ 729 Perfect Sound .....$ 65 Professional Video Chassis .S269 Progessive 040 lor A500 ......Call Roctec Internal 500 Drive ....$ 79 Rommatic ......S22 S-VHS Option Kit for Kitchen Sync ...$ 99 Sharp JX100 Scanner ...S489 Studio 16 S479 Triple Play Plus ..$ 159 Vidi Complete Color Solution __$ 235 GOLDEN IMAGE: Jin Mouse ...$ 23 Replacement Mouse .....S32 Optical Mouse S45 Cordless Mouse with Deluxe Paint I! ..$ 69 Cordless TrackBall with Deluxe Paint li ..S79 1 2MB RAM Expansion for A500.... $ 36 Microbotics VXL-30-68030 Accelerator Board for the A500 2000 25MHZ No Math Coprocessor $ 289 25MHz with 68882 Math Coprocessor $ 449 40MHZ No Math Coprocessor $ 449 40MHz with 68882 Math Coprocessor ..$ 629 52 MB 120 MB $ 485 S635 Impact Series II for A2000 SCSI Hard Disk + RAM Expansion 120LPS 240LPS Hi-Speed IDE Hard Drive Packages for the A500 52 IDE Quantum A500 105 IDE Quantum A500 120 IDE Maxtor A500 Internal ICD-AD IDE 40 Kit S329 $ 439 S469 Int. ICD-AD IDE 40 w AD Speed $ 519 $ 629 S649 Trumpcard 500 AT External 0K expandable to 8 MB $ 369 $ 489 S519 Includes: cables, Software, Drive, Mounting Hardware AMIGA EXTRAS $ 505 $ 815 SEE HARD DRIVE GRID BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL OPTIONS A500 TURBO, 120MB A5Q0 Subsystem w 68030 40MHz Mini Slol & Optional FPU $ 1,129 FREE DELIVERY PC Snap-In Module AT Emulator for GVP A500 HD+ Series S295 NEW LOW PRICE! G-Force Combo 0-30 Accelerators for A2000 Series Expandable to 16MB
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3. 5" Floppy 4 MB RAM Ext. Disk Drive f _ . LL . For A500. Comes for the with 2MB installed 500 1000 2000 $ 159 $ 79 r; nr77 Hand PowerPen Scanner 1
• pen shaped mouse with
• ideal for drawing,
* Migraph Touch-up and illustrating
• 64 halftone levels $ 69 $ 169 C= Commodore AMIGA 500 STARTER KIT Call for Low, Low Price! Complete Video Toaster Work Stations PAI I I ,DrsPeci,ic LMLL! Configurations- SEE PAGE 85 A-1 IP Tank Killer V I 5 I innrxfle .14 PS Dog Eat Dog ..
• RECREATION • Monty Python . 32 95 Dragon Wars ., 29 95 Navy Seals . 2595 nCES DT INC rJUIIL . ..... Action Stations ..... J- yj 29 95 Dune .
29. 95 SUMMER « Y A T ft No Greater Glory .. 39 95 Adventures of Willie Beamish...... ,34 95 OS ECO Phantoms .. Ecoquest 24 95 34 95 Nova 9 Obitus ..... 22 95 34 95 Hy juy . . At Support ... American Gladiators . . J - J ..29 93 24 95 Elvira II • Jaws of Cerberus Eye o! The Beholder 1 or II . 39 95 37 95 SPECIAL! Oh No' More Lemmings . Oh No' More Lemm add-on ..... Oik 29 95 21 95 29 95 Aqua-Venlure ATAC ... ...29 95 .... 30 95 41 n; Eye ol the Storm ..... F-15 Sinke Eagle II . Fables & Fiends Legend of Kyrandia falcon ... 29 95 34 95 34 95 ,29 95 4==GR0PR0SE Out of this World ... PGA Tour Golt . 46 95 31 95 3-17 Flying Forliess .... . ... Rill Game .... -11 yj .. .24.95 Golf Tournament Course disk .... .1795 J>il U.* 1 1 U . . I ¦ » > a., iiuiirt. D m r n ii" n, c rvn .i x* fc xvr m r 4 n m Fantastic Vovaae 29 95 Silent Service II Pacific Islands 29 95 oanevbosmic rojytr ir«ieg Barbarian II . .... Riffj'p PnrTcSrnrtirm .... o4.yj 2995 ¦ W 1 ' IS* M w 'VI .¦iiriiiii.iriiin.iii.ii..iir.ri Fighter Dual ..... Final Conflict ... . . 29.95 34 95 Paper Boy 2 . Perfect General . .25.95 .34 95 Dafu b uonsuuLuun ...... R"irn3v nr otirFi Flames ol Freedom.... 29 95 Knights of the Sky WWH Edition ...... 22 95 DiJlilc Kjaf SdLPl .. ? Rhpcs 11 .... JL 1 - u J ...29 95 Flight of the intruder . 34 95 WWII Scenario Disk .. . 19 95 SjlliC Ui Icaa Ik ..... 3 ,|| Cfl. If icnnr 1 1*1 turn Four Crvstafs of Trarere 31 95 I ¦ h ¦ ¦ n * m Pinball Dreams 24 95 Din tuioi iwscar tnjuenge Rirrle n! Ij y? ' hfb+l Wl M ***! J U> 1 lHlW>W , . Gateway to the Savage Frontier 31 95 nfin Mnrm Kismn Pit-Fighter . 21 95 UI'Uj U' ” »tjr . ...... ...... Rlirk Crvnl .. sJ I « J 31 P5 Global tiled . .. . 31 95 ZJ Police Quesl 1 Enhanced . 34 95 ... .... tj i ¦ j Godfather ... 29 95 i n* t__1. Nki.. Police Quesl 2 or 3 . 34 95 Dlll nllCU , ... . Plmmmn 14 95 Gods .. 24 95 IYI 1 1 dim ridlUUII Pools ol Darkness ..... .37 95
P. Ttrm n fiiin ni nn F.irh 30 95 Guy Spy .. 30 95 Pools cl Radience .... 1595 vjmpci1 uuii vivgwruuvi1 . . , . Purmpn R?n Hi nn ¦ Ampnn . • 1. WV, Hardball II ... 29 95 | only $ 19.95 each! | Populous . .31.95 wul II1 u 11 i_9m.II UlCUU Fil 1IL 1 .. Castles . .... Jv.JJ ...34 95 Hard Nova .. ...3195 Populous II .. 37 95 .31 95 .29.95 Campaign Disk ..... If Hr Rrxn ....19.93 Harpoon Baiileset *4 37 95 25 95 Links .. 29 95 rower monger Prehistoric .. UdSlrS GI UJ. Drd fl .... Harpoon Challenge ?ak 54 95 Frresicne. Bountiful Course Disks .17.95 Prmce ol Persia ..... .. 24 95 lilidulpluns Ui Imy II11 Phone rtnnriam 1 *jefdr O
- ----J I . 3J 0 * Harnoon Des oners' Series Rxtrfeset 31 G5 Lcrd of the Rings 1. 2 or 3 .. 34 95 Prophecy of the Shadow . 37 95 UR30S* MiSIgr c Chessmaster 2100 _31 95
• 'Viifc v«w“i ywjiui 1*1 j Wui*Lii> uuiuyoyi Heart ol China .. 36 95 Lest Treasures of Infocom ... 39 95 Quest lor Glory 1 or 2 ... 34 95 Pivil wTr it 9s; Heimdall . 24 95 Madden Fooibai ....
31. 95 Flailroad Tycoon ..
34. 95 UiVil riiii ----------- . . PAflan ifha r j jj 99 9 Hoi 24 95 Manager s Challenge ....
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37. 95 Romance of 3 Kingdoms 1 or 2 . 3995 w*Ilur J Gukpsc ..... Crusaders of the Dark Savant .. Curse of the Azure Bonds ... Dark Queen of Krym ... fVtnh fCrvnht*: nf Krvnn .... J-.3J .... 39.95 ... 15.95 ....31.95 31 QS Xinn s 011p«sT 4 or 14 95 Merchant Colony .....
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15. 95 34 95 «. A i. u, mi, G jiii>; z, ,m,rifIr,i,r.MiiMn Learder ... , 0-* 5 J 29 S5 M g-29 ..... .30.95 Shadow of the Beast l; or III .. wCCL'i r i¦ -kmi1ui 111rI . DeluxePamt IV (wfiie supplies last) Pfrmnnnk .... JI..J
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L. L i 11 G 1 1 lo “ . Anirmfinn *sl*iir1in .... OU - J 74 Lemmings 28 95 Millenium ... .24,95 Sim An! 34 95 L>i3' vjf nfHIIWUUIi J.UUiw ... i -.rj Light Quest ..... 31 95 Mixed-Up Fairy Tales .. 29 95 Sim City .
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39. 52 94 .95 95 95 .95 .95 95 .95 95 95 .95 .95 .95 95 .95 .95 95 95 .95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 INFORMATION 414-357-8181 FAX 414-357-7814
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P. x Mate ... 37 Pix Sound 2 5 .....52 Pixel 3D 57 Power Windows 2.5 .....54. Presentation Master ......177. Pro Textures 35 Pro Video CGII .. 112 Pro Video Gold ...97 Pro Video Post . 154 Maverick Movie Setter Multistartll CCR by Migraph On Line Platinum... Our Wedding .. .. Page Rencerer 3 0 PRODUCTIVITY • Alternate Font Sets .. ...... 34 95 Super JAM1 64 95 Video Fonts II .. 57 95 Superbase 4 244 95 Pro Write 3.2 ...... . 94 95 T-Rexx Pro 72 5 Professional Calc .. . 184 95 Take 2 11295 Professional Draw 3.0 .. .....129.95 Tiger Cub 74 95 Professional Page 3.0 . ... 5 79 95 Title Page . .104 95 Structured Clip An ..... 36 95 Toast Master 84 95 Proper Grammar ... 57.95 Toas‘ad Fonts V 1-5 azch 41 95 ProTextures . 35 95 T ranswnte 44 95 ProVeclor ... ..... 5 87.95 Turbo Text .. ...57 95 Quarter Back . ... 49 95 TV ShowV2 0 64 95 Quarter Back Tools .... 57,95 IV Text 56 95 Raw Copy
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2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommended system: 3MB, hard drive. Pencil-testing and animation presentation Originally conceived as an animation pencil-test program, Take-2 has matured, allowing the use of any standard Amiga images, four concurrent levels of animation, and sound. You can sequence a series of images into an animation and control each frame's duration. Take-2's main screen, the Exposure Sheet (X-Sheet) is divided into five columns, one for soundtracks, the rest for tracks (levels) of animation. The columns are divided into cells, each of which holds an image or a sound. A memory gauge on the right side gives you a rough idea of the space available, but the exact The most definitive video series on video! Now you can learn from the experts at Videomaker magazine! Learn all about:
• Bringing a documentary to life
• Professional lighting
• Camera moves, step by step
• and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Only $ 19.95* 1 -800-824-5499 or mail to: Order now!
P. O. Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 410-543-1989 California and Maryland residents add appropriate tax
* Plus S2.93 S&H; S5 iwo or more. Watch for Volume II! TechMedia VIDEO 6H2VM number of free bytes is also displayed. Panel Discussion While the X-Shcet organizes your project, you must call one or more Panels (icon-filled windows) to do any work. The Picture Panel lists all the images currently in memorv. And the Cell Panel rna- nipulates cells in the X-Sheet. The Sound and Sample Panels control the use ol sound in the program. To start an animation, you load previously created images with the Picture Panel. You can load any standard IFF image or animation into Take-2. (When loading ANIMs, the program uncompresses the file into the single frames.) Next, you select the images yon want to load into the X-Sheets, including blank frames. Hie program searches for needed images that are not currently being used. To save memory, use the Cell Panel's cell multiplier, which controls the number of times an image is repealed on the X- Sheet. With it, you can create animations in which each frame is shown more than once (for working on twos and such) or simulate a pause by repeating one image over more frames than the others. The Cell Panel also controls most X- Take-2’s X-Sheet organizes your animation; the Sound Panel adds sound effects. Sheet editing, such as cutting and pasting. To easily and economically create ping-pong-style animations, there's an option for pasting the cells in reverse order. The cell editor also contains powerful string-replacement functions, which will find all occurrences of a cell with a specified name or replace all similarly named cells with another selected image. If you make a mistake, undo it by clicking the Track header at the top of die affected column. The only exception to this is with pasting errors, where you must cut the erroneous frames. I found using the Track header as an undo button confusing: 1 would prefer a dedicated gadget. Take-2 also supports adding sound to an animation. Soundtracks can have lip to four levels, each using its own Amiga sound channel. Take-2 loads SSYX-format sounds that are 13OK or smaller via die Sample Panel. The Sound Panel lets you alter the pitch, length, volume, and number of repetitions of each sound. By varying these sound attributes (particularly pitch), you can often create several different sounds with the same sample. The manual also gives tips on simulating special sound effects, such as echo and flange. Button Business For help with some editing tasks, click the Frameboard button at the bottom of the X-Sheet. A four-frame, quarter- screen view of your animation appears for you to scroll through. The Frameboard is great for locating the exact image for starting an edit or for accurately placing sound effects. Be warned, however. That the Frameboard supports only 1 ow-resoliition images. Next door, the Digitizer button lets O you import images directly from Rom- bo s Vidi-Amiga digitizer (see review on
p. 60). Unfortunately, the options work only with the Vidi-Amiga. While you can certainly use another digitizing system to grab your images and load them into Take-2, it would be nice if the program communicated with such hardware directly or at least through an Arexx port. The Flipper button displays the animation and regulates its speed. A set of VCK-style controls lets you move either continuously or a frame at a time. You can run at 24 or 30 frames per second or in Turbo mode, which will play back the animation as fast as the machine possibly can. Take-2 plays its animations quite close to the settings, even on unaccelerated machines. As always, however, higher image complexity and resolutions can slow down the playback. When you’re satisfied with your work, you can either save each track of the animation individually or save the entire four-level scene. You can also save and print the X-Sheet for reference. The freely redistributable scene player lets you create stand-alone versions of your work. While Take-2's ability to play up to four different levels of animation at the same time is unique, it is also limited. Each of die levels can have only two col- ors at most, and such scenes play only in grayscale mode. Multilevel animation is probably best used in pencil testing, where you could have a foreground in one level, a background in another, and two other levels of animation in between. Clunky Controls The weakest part of fake-2 is its interface. The various panels, menus and screens are sometimes confusing. Placing icons on one panel that interact with options on another, such as the cell multiplier that interacts with the Picture Panel, make many operations more difficult than they should be. (For example, why is the ability to cut and paste soundtracks located on the Flipper screen?) The icons themselves are also confusing, often looking alike and usually not suggestive of the commands they execute. Fortunately, the manual offers a pictorial key to all the Panels and their controls. The documentation for Take-2 is adequate, but could be better organized, as information seems to be scattered about. The tutorials, moreover, are very short and not much more than a listing of the steps necessary to complete the project. Well suited for pencil testing animations or building simple presentations, Take-2 is quite reliable and did not crash once during my tests. The ability to create pauses and repeating frames without using additional memory is very useful, and the capacity for doing multilayer animations and soundtracks is impressive. There are some outstanding features here; however, the awkward user interface gets in the way of productivity' too often, especially when you’re learning the program. Dave Thomas MultiTrace 1.0 AltoFirma Software, S89. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. 2,0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Same as SAS C. Recommended system: Same as SAS C. Debugging library for SAS C 5.1 x. Tired of scattering printfs throughout your code to track down an elusive hug? How many times have you printed “Now I'm in function xxxx" and “Now I’m leaving function xxxx?” A solution for this tedium, MultiTrace is a debug link library for the SAS C compiler. Multi Trace is not a debugger; it’s a library' of debugging functions accessible from your code, allowing you to output printf-style strings, do hex dumps, and pause your program, l he output is displayed in a MultiTrace window you generate with another simple call. The real fun begins when you use the included MakeTrace utility to generate a special macro file for your code files. MultiTrace uses the compiler’s preprocessor to replace your function calls with macros that call the MultiTrace library and can track function entries, exits, parameters, return values, and nesting depth. Controls in the output windows let you change execution speed, pause and step through the functions manually, and adjust the range of nesting you want to see as functions are called. Unlike the print! Method. MultiTrace has no problems debugging a program with one or more tasks. Il uses its own windows, and each task within the program can have one. Before you can make full use of Multi- Trace, you must modify your source. To protect functions when the preprocessor does its macro substitutions, you must surround function names in declarations with parentheses. Fortunately, the Make!face utility does this automatically. It also generates function prototypes in this format. Modifying a source to accommodate a debugging tool may sound extreme, but the process is relatively painless. To make your code aware of MultiTrace, simply add the MultiTrace output window initialization calls, include your MultiTrace macro header file and new prototypes, and define die TRON preprocessor symbol to enable function tracing. Then add one of the Multi Trace link libraries (there are several provided for different math library and addressing setups), recompile your source, and build. The documentation is a bit sparse, but by looking at the examples and tutorials, you should become familiar with the program in under an hour. If you use printfs a lot in debugging, especially if you’re working on projects that have subtasks, MultiTrace is well worth the money. Paul Miller World Atlas 2.5 Centaur Software, S59.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512KRAM, Recommended system: 512K, hard drive or two floppies. Geography refferance. World Tour Series Designing Minds, S39 each. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K RAM. Recommended system: 512K RAM. Geography games for grades 6-10. I've always loved maps. I like the things they tell me and the manner in which they lend shape to the world. Why, then, don’t these two products interest me more? After all, World AtJas 2.5 and the World Tour series offer maps of varying detail, as well as much geographical information. They are clean and well-developed programs that should be valuable for primary ancl secondary school students alike. Bin they just don’t excite me. I he World dour series consists of several modules, each one offering facts and a game about a geographical region: Africa, Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, India, the Middle East, Russia Western Asia, South America, and the US. World Atlas 2.5, by contrast, packs the entire world into one program and offers only information, no games. Pick a Country, Any Country lhe point of World Tour is less the information than the game. While the pack- Continned on p. 78. A mign World 75 800-BE-AMIGA (800-232-6442) Newtek Video Toaster Video Toaster Factory Refurbished v2.0 With Full Warranty only $ 179900 Imagine 2.0 The Amiga’s best modeler gets more powerful! Dozens of new features re-establish this as the best modeler available for the Amiga computer! Includes FREE Understanding Imagine 2.0 book and Protextures 10 disk set! $ 269°° 200 DPI, 18-Bit portable color scanner Includes ASDG's Scanlab ... JX-100 s375°° The Kitchen Sync ......$ 1595
• Two Complete TBC's on one card -Works with any video source -S-VHS and Hi-S compatible •Optional Y C output ’Great for use with the Video Toaster" [MAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE ART DEPARTMENT .52.95 ART DEPARTMENT PRO. V 2.1 159.00 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PAK .. 52.95 ART DEPT LOADER TGA ASDG 35.95 ART DEPT LOADER TIFF 5.0 X ...35.95 DCTV ... 399.00 DCTV: A GUIDED TOUR 26,95 IMAGEMASTER PROFESSIONAL 149.00 Now with Proc amp control and color balancing IMAGEMASTER FIRECRACKER ..149,00 PIXMATE ...... 40.95 RASTER LINK ...... - ...119.00 3D RENDERING ANIMATION SOFTWARE ANIMATION STATION ..39 95 ANIMATRIX MODELER ..59.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS • CALIGARI ...74.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS - IMAGINE .....74.95 BROADCAST 3D FONTS ¦ LIGHTWAVE ...... 74.95 CALIGARI II ... 289.00 CALIGARI BROADCAST ..... CALL DiGIVIEW MEDIA STATION 169.00 DRAW 4D PROFESSIONAL __ 169.00 IMAGINE 1.1 W FREE TUTORIAL VIDEO ....89,95 IMAGINE: A GUIDED TOUR .26.95 IMAGINE 2.0 . ..269.00 UNDERSTANDING IMAGINE 2.0..... 26.S5 MAP MASTER - IMAGINE .....45.95 MAP MASTER • LIGHTWAVE 64.95 MATERIAL TEXTURES STONE • TILES - WOOD EACH 29.95 PIXEL 3D 2.0 .. 69.95 PRO TEXTURES ...36.95 REAL 3D VI.4 ..... 299.00 SCAPEMAKER 2.0 29 95 SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0 ....59.95 SCENERY ANIMAGOR DATA DISKS 18.95 SCULPT ANIMATE 4-D .... 159.00 SURFACE MASTER - IMAGINE ..25.95 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 ..59.95 VISTA PROFESSIONAL DATA DISKS FROM ...... 29.95 VIDEO UTILITIES DISKMASTER II ..42.95 DIRECTORY OPUS ... 36-95 PRO MOTION .58.95 TOASTMASTER . 69.95 TREXX PROFESSIONAL ......79.95 VIDEO TOOLS ....179.00 Personal Time Base Corrector The perfect VCR interface tot fjm McriTii VnfcoTosntii PER 5nALTBC Factory refurbished with full warranty $ 47000 DCTV From Digital Creations Firecracker 24 Full NTSC Color Display $ 39900 and Digitizer. DCTV DCTV: A guided tour This easy-to-follow, comprehensive * 0 VHS tutorial will tell you all you need *26 to know about DCTV.
• High-resolution $ 70C
• 16.8 Million Colors
• 24-Bit graphics display card
• Works on the Amiga 2000 and 2500 Circle 13 on Reader Service card. Includes: ¦Zeus 28MHz '040 W SCSI-II *17mb 32-bit RAM Includes:
• 28MHz ‘040
• Toaster 2.0
• 120mb HD
• 9mb 32-bit RAM
• 14" monitor Includes:
• 25MHz ’030 ¦ Toaster 2.0 52mb HD 7mb RAM 14" monitor
- Toaster 2.0 *14" RGB Composite monitor 120mb SCSI HD *2 Personal TBC II Internal Syquest 88mb drive w cart, (or at your request Kitchen Sync) All systems are assembled and tested by factory authorized technicians. Includes:
• Toaster 2.0
• 52mb HD
• 7mb RAM
- 14" monitor All systems use only Quantum high quality mechanisms and the NewTek Video Toaster 2.0 The Art Department Professional Ver. 2.0 PageStream 2.2 Files can be saved as IFF then converted into 3D format using Pixel 3D or Imagine 2.0 thus giving you access to Postscript fonts as 3D objects. G-Force 030-Combo 40 4 .....S99900
* 68030 running at 40mhz ? 68882 running a! 40mhz
* 4mb of 32-Bit RAM (16mb max.) Onboard Series II SCSI Controller Hard drive mountable All on one board (while supplies last) A530 TURBO
• A500 HDB with Aomhz 68030
• lmb of 32-Bit RAM expandable to 8mb
• Socket for 68882 Math chip “Mini Slot" for PC emulator & more!
• Turbo switch for compatibility
• Includes SCSI pass thru.
• Dedicated power supply included! A530w 52mb drive '969" A530 w !20mb drive 41099“ Art Department Pro gives you the most powerful image processing system ever offered for the Amiga. Now with JPEG compression and 24-Bit printing .....M59M AMIGA VISION
99. 00 ...229.00
89. 95 ..119.00 .... 74.95 ... 55.95 ...44.95
199. 95
129. 00
1350. 00 SUPERGEN GENLOCK BCD 2000A (SONYPANASONICJVC) BCD 5000 ... OQ TACO --------------- F4EDJAPHILE SYSTEMS..... NUCLEUS SINGLE FRAME CONTROLLER ...... VIDEO DIRECTOR 169.00 HOT INTEGRATED VIDEO HARDWARE DCTV .....399.00 MEGACHIP 2000 500 ..208.00 PERSONAL VECTORSCOPE ....789.00 VIDEO BLENDER „ 895.00 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 . 2099.00 PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE DIGIVIEW MEDIA STATION PAL ......179.00 FLICKER FIXER PAL .. 300.00 FRAMEGRABBER 256 GREY PAL .....499.00 FRAMEGRABBER PAL VERS .....449,00 PRO VIDEO POST PAL ...... 199.95 VIDEO EFFECTS 3D PAL 139.95 orders call Of i Eft CODF: G23AD9MG Call for all other shipping Information. Educational, corporafe and aerospace purchase orders accepted. No surcharge for Visa MasterCard; 4% surcharge lor American Express; J* surcharge tor Discover.
* 1T310J 214 0000 Tor retorn authorltatlon. All return* without authorization nimber (RMA-f will be refused. Relumed prodacts must he in original condition and packaging and must be sent back tftnin 30 days or our invoice dale. No refunds, please. Oefecflre product axebanges only. We make ne guarantees for product performance. Exchange* with unlike products are at our option and subject to a 20 re stocking fee.coffiHTKms- Tices and availability of product art subject to change without notice, mau -m urwhj. Send money orders or cashiers check tor fastest service. Personal checks • up to 10 days to clasr. Include; Rime, Address and telephone number no P.O. Boxes, pfaase). If ordering by credit card Include explrallon data and billing address. Call for exact shipping rates. I I J I | Circle 13 on Reader Service card age provides maps showing population density, vegetation* January and July average rainfall, and the topography of each module’s region, these are simply static maps with good but limited details. Only when you play the game does World Tour really inform. You can choose to identify countries, cities, the locations of major languages or religions, or the Hags of the various countries, states, or provinces. You can play against a human opponent or the computer at nine levels. The spelling- checkcr option ensures that you spell the names of the places correctly, while the timer can be set to 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds, or turned off. You can also select how many tries you get to type the right answer (up to three) and whether you must type the answers or click the correct map location. Finally, you can choose to listen to the Amiga's voice or just read the responses on the screen. Basically, World Tour is a recognition game. After studying the maps to learn the locations of countries, cities, languages, and religions, you play the game to determine how much you’ve retained. One unfortunate aspect is that some extremely tiny countries (Vatican City and Liechtenstein, for instance) are relegated to insets beside the map. Which makes them inordinately difficult to identify. For the most part, however, identification is easy enough, provided you know a little about the area in question. Where the game shines is in associating facts. In the languages game, for example, you might be asked to click on the country where Flemish is the official language. You have to know that the answer is Belgium and where it is located. If you've selected the bonus rounds option, you must answer a trivia question after each correct identification. These aren’t difficult, but at five points a crack (half of the ten you get for a correct first- time identification), they certainly influence the game’s outcome. When finished, you can print out certificates for players and quiz sheets for study. Just the Facts By contrast, World Adas is about information only, so it concentrates on making the facts useful and accessible. Screens outline details about the world (size, mass, mineral components, and so on), the time zones, area and population percentages, and special locations, but only the special-local ions screen is interactive. Here, dick the left mouse button to see the location of the longest rivers, highest mountains, and other features of each continent. The great bulk of the information to be gleaned from World Adas resides in its Info Cards. From a listing or a map, you can select the country or state you wish to view. Doing so brings up its Info Card, which shows a small map, the flag, a scrolling history of the area, and a selection of information the capital, population, area, cities, currency, religion, time zone difference, and unemployment statistics, for example. Such world organizations as OPEC, ASLAN, NATO, and the Commonwealth of Nations are also covered. It's interesting that all of this information can be edited. For teachers, editing information could be a research project, forcing their students to check the existing statistics and update them. To enhance the information given on the Info Cards, World Atlas includes several seek functions. You can Find a country by knowing only the name of the capital. You can also ask for a list of countries whose population or area falls within a given range, or whose inhabitants speak a certain language. You eventually end up with the same Info Cards as before, but having different ways of getting them is worthwhile. For further customizing, World Atlas supports 110 Arexx commands. World Tour and World Allas are well done, can be extremelv useful for educa- tors, and do a good job of informing, but Fm not going to toss out my paper atlases just yet. Neil Randall Home Front 2.0 Designing Minds, $ 99.95. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected,
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 512K RAM, two floppy drives. Recommended system: 1MB, hard drive. Entry-level financial manager and home organizer. Home productivity packages should do mundane things efficiently. To that end, Home Front 2.0 offers a number of separate modules: Accounting Manager, (lost Forecaster, Inventory Manager, Recipe Manager, and Address Phone Manager. The heart of Home Front is the Accounting Manager, which tracks income and expenses. You can create up to 99 separate accounts (such as checking and savings) and any number of categories (wages, lips, mortgage, petty cash, and so on). An on-screen check image guides you through data input and transactions, lb monitor your finances, you can view and print a variety of reports and graphs. This module also enables you to print checks on your dot-matrix printer with the help of tractor-feed check rolls. Very possibly the nicest module in the package, Lost Forecaster lets you see the outcome of future or existing loans. In just a few mouse clicks, it determines payment required, number of payments, interest rate, and more. The Recipe and Inventor)* modules use an index-card metaphor to input and display data and let you devise categories for organizing your favorite dishes and personal property. The Recipe Manager also plans meals and grocery lists. Finally, the Address Manager uses the idiom of a rolodcx (what else?) To list a name, address, phone, and note for everyone you call frequently. Unfortunately, it provides room for only one phone number. So you can’t add a work or fax number. L he single line for notes is also a bit restrictive, although the two lines for important dates do add a bit of elbow room. User Hostile The bottom line when choosing this sort of product is the interface. A poor or ineffective interface discourages you from using the program, and if you don’t use it faithfully, you're belter off keeping records the old wav. Home Front runs under Workbench 2.0, but it supports nary a single 2.0-type feature or convenience. It can't even handle custom fonts on Workbench. More serious is the interface’s dreariness; MS-DOS CCA users from 1986 will feel at home. The main screen is a window that plasters itself on the Workbench screen its drag bar can’t be dragged, and you must use a menu item just to push the program to the back! Even when Workbench is set ar 640X400, the program runs as a 640X200 application, ignoring space it could use to save you from flipping screens for more data. Worse still are the nonstandard text-entry gadgets. Objects in the program generally cannot be clicked on for activation; to select an item, you must enter a number that corresponds to it. The most imAmigatized program I’ve seen in a long time, Home Front 2.0 is the sort of software that perpetuates the Amiga’s bad reputation among PC users. In 1992, we should not be subjected to a program, particularly a commercial one, that looks and acts as poorly as this one. Dave Johnson ¦ MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIREC CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free • l-800-477-770 H4NTI Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes &r latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! C= Commodore AMIGA LOWEST PRICES
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89. 93 73 I7'J 40 39 ...CAU 67 30 .129.95 169 CAU 28 55 .39 38 90
139. 95 39
C. slttjary 2 .. Cokw Splitter. Rs An 35 Lxiney Animator Director 2.0 .. Draw 40 Pro .....- ...... Image finder, Mapmaslcr (or UehPaave . Marks Main Lab .... Pud 3D 2 0 ...- ... Pro Conversion Fak---------- Pro-VWeo Gotd Pro-Video Tost .. Real 3D .-...... Scene Generator Scenery Animator Turbo Silver ...
T. V. Show 2.0
T. V. Test Do Video Director ..----- VbM Pro 2.0 .. - HARDWARE B*kMy System Pageslream . Can Do 84 High performance low cost Cross DOS 5.0 Plus ..CALL Cyan us td Pro ...I Deluxe Print It ...50.95 Design Works., ..... 75 DisKmaster 2 ...37 Final Copy ...CALL Image Master ..112.95 r*Ad Plus 4.1 ...02 Panestrcam ...169 Pen Kan Press ...04 Pro Page 2.2 ..109 f*ro Write 3.2 ...59 Proper Grammar .57 Scrcenmaher ......CALL VutJ I'm 2.0 ...59 A500 wI chassis SCSI ...S 139.00 A500 w chassis IDE .....$ 129.00 A500 IDE & SCSI ...$ 179.00 A2000 SCSI ..SB5.00 A2000 IDE .....$ 75.00 A1000 SCSI .S159.00 2091 40M0. ...... 229 Quantum 52. 105.120. 240---------CAU Moafton Commodore 10845 .- .CAU Commodore I960..... CAU rctcarox ....cau Memory CJUp* 1*4 Sbnrm ----- CAU 236*4 8 Dram ...... CAU DOS 2.0.... CAU Super Center ...... -------CAU I M0 « I 80 nano* ...... CAU QVT Simm 32 .... CAU 3000 I *4 Static toturrn ...CAU I *8 Simms ....CAU ClAs ...... CAU Syquevl 44 MB WT CAXT ___ 369 86 MB CTT,-CART- ..... 499 floptical 20 MB I'm . 389 CD ROM m ... 9H tvs GrjndsUm A500 52MO ....499 Orandstam A2000 S2MQ .... 439 Trumpcard Pro A300 32 MG ....423 TrvmpcanJ Pro A2000 52 MG ....339 Tnrmpcard A500 52 MQ ......363 Trumpcard A2000 32 MQ ---------279 Trvmpcard 500 AT ..... CAU Other Sire Hard Drives CAU Mini Gen .IBS Supe rtJCTl •.•¦MMMI.IHIMHtmnl.SHIiai. 399 Arer OtljlQC.., ...... .nf.rr.wlr..T»fU-«- CAU Supergm 20005 1299 DataFlyer RAM MISCELLANEOUS Anuu. II Mu* - ...-CALI. Anuu MOMS .....CALI Amiga Aclkxi Replay A500 ,..99 AmtrarK 63 Ate** ..28.93 AudkiMasler A r>4 tor* It Pipes Pro _-. __ 190 Distant Suns 4.0..... - ....53 Sup1.1 Corp A500XF Hard Drive* 32MB. I MB RAM . 120 MB 2 MB RAM .... 240 MB. 2 MB RAM ..... Supra Ram 300 RX 1 MB 19 2 MB .... 279 Modem* 2400 BD f.Mrmal Cable 2400 PLUS C able . Rax Modem V32 .. PC Power Foard ... tlbc Hardware DCTY ----------------------- firectatkef 24 2 MG .. Personal SIT. ... I'rogrcssb c 040 2000 Progrejivlve 040 300 .. Zeus 0*0 7 O00 SC5I------ VXL 30 23MHZ ...... 8 MB A2000 RAM card also fits in DF500 chassis. OK memory .....$ 95.00 BaseBoard $ 447 649 CAU XJU xUUU ... Keyboard Skin ..17.49 Miracle llano ...... 339 Patch mcts&er CALL Perfect Sound ...... 64.93 QuartcrincK Tods, ......-.. ..,..32 SA5. Lattice C 3.1 189 Sounrimastcr .. CAU. 73 .....119 239 259 Video Toaster 4MB internal memory for A500 with clock. OK memory ....$ 95.00 379 ...749 .349 ....1349 CAU CAU .299,95
77. 93 Suj>ri Jam
IV. Shell 2.0 ..... 49.03 (iRAPIIICS flf VIDEO .*149.03 ..219 Ami Link Packages ....CALL BCD 2000 ......CALL Kitchen Sync .1599 Personal V Scope ......CALL TBC 2 789 Toaster 2.0 Upgrade ...289 Video Toaster 2.0 .....CALL Workstations ..CALL An Department 2.o. Broadcast Tiler II... TM GOLDEN IMAGE ICD New From ICD AdlDE Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives. IDE 44 for your 2.5 inch hard drives. IDE 40 for your 3.5 inch hard drive. Novia 20i The small hard drive and interface in the world for your Amiga 500, Fits internally. Novia 60i How you can have I he Hovia with a 60 meg 2.5 inch hard drive. Prima 52i How mount a 3.5 Inch IDE drive Internally in your Amiga 500. 1000 or 2000. Cordless Trackball & Mouse Cordless ¦ v C' * Mouse 569 Specials The ICD Advantage Art Dept 2.0.....$ 149.95 Cross Dos 5.0......34.99 DCTV ...379.95 Deluxe Paint IV....99.99 Hot Links ......55.00 Imagine 2.0 Vista Pro Combo ....249.99 Pagestream 2.2.. 164.99 Quarterback 5.0 ..43,99 Superbase IV 169.95 AdSCSI 2000 Hard drive interface with unmatched speed and flexibility. Cordless Trackball 579 AdSCSI 2080 Hard drive interface with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM. Special master 3ai floppy $ 74.99 Amiga RC-500ii7KRAv- doc*iarA5aD .. ;36 Hand Scanner *»>*** »*>. N*» ...5179 99 Optical Mouse ....*49 Opto Mechanical Mouse ...s36 RC -2000 4 MS Pan Board fty AMO Wjh 3V3 ..... 149 I ea wamvtycn ai GaUaomuge products AdSpeed Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. Flicker Free Video eliminates interlace flicker for any Amiga computer. Prima 105i 105 megs internally in your 500, 1000 or 2000. AdRAM 540 Add up to 4 meg of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 In INJ Call:
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• Terms VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover, certified checKs and money orders welcome. School Ac Corporate Purchase accepted. Most items shipped 1-2 Business days. • Returns: all items returned must have RMA • before returning. Defective products exchanged for same item only, hardware items will be replaced or repaired. All returned Items subject to a restocking fee. Shipping non-refundnhle. Call for complete details. - Ad prices subject to change without notice. Prices may differ In retail location - Software Concepts. Eatontown. Hot responsible for ty pographical errors. Customer Service and product Information call = 90S) 542-8767. I1 -II oeai any price guaranty may not apply to certain Items. || AUTHORIZED V SALES & SERVICE CENTER .V. . *• V These are the educational videos for your Amiga computer. You will agree they’ve got what it takes for prime time. Get the latest information, graphics, interviews with experts, music, the hottest products and software all at an affordable price. Don’t be caught with video re-runs of manufacturer’s manuals. Get the videos that everyone is raving about the most exciting and advanced videos in the Amiga market today. Vc J • Get the facts on getting started; Setup’, Workbench, Shelf, CLI, expansion, AmigaVision. Includes AmigaDOS 2,0 and AmigaYKton; A must for every Amiga owner. NEW 1992 _EDITION Go shopping for the most popular peripherals on the market today! Learn about accelerators, RAM, :¦ ¦ Wdeo Toaster, Gbnldcks and more. Features GVP, NewTek, Digital Creations and others. JtfllMCS QRAPHIC* .. NEW LOW PRICE The Peripheral Guide for every Amiga Hot Rod Your Amiga $ 19.95 $ 19.95 Learn the ethics of style and how to use the Amiga for graphics. The best tape available for getting started. Includes interviews with experts. Features Deluxe Paint IV, NewTek, Kara foots and others. The Informative Guide to Music and MIDI The Magic of Music and MIDI NEW UPDATED EDITION! NEW LOW PRICE! New edition brings you the most up-to-date and MIDI data, including using the Amiga as a music $ 19.95 J generator or MIDI device! Features SuperJAM!, Bars & Pipes Professional, Dr. Ts, Sonix, Deluxe Music, AudioMaster and others. . • * •- ' ; -lO Y-a • NEW 2.0 EDITION Vi $ 24.95 Wsr Winner of two Bronze Telly statues in 1991, this video provides a complete overview of . The Video Toaster (Version 2) and shows how the Toaster can be used in the real world. Includes comparisons with broadcast equipment and hot Lightwave animations. $ 24.95 The best source for getting started with DTV. Excellent advice from experts, including Academy Award winning director Terry Sanders. Features camcorders, editors, peripherals, techniques for top results, titling and more, ID $ 24.95 Get the inside line on DTV with this new video. Includes direct comparisons of tape formats, including Hi8 and BetaCam, Lightwave, Virtual Reality, and 24-bit rendering. Features Deluxe Paint IV, Video Toaster, DCTV and others. . V v v - $ 24.95 NEW The ultimate guide to desktop video takes you through the entire desktop video experience. Create a complete video from pre-production to finished master with this interactive and informative program. Includes specific exercises and effects. Become a master today! Includes background music, sound effects, and graphic backdrops. Please add $ 2.95 for each video ordered or $ 5.00 for 2 or more. In a world of re-runs, these videos are ready for prime time 1-800-824-5499 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM E.D.T. For customer service, Canadian and foreign orders Please call 410-546-0180 (California residents add appropriate sales tax) $ 24.95 Copyright © 1989.1990.1991.1992 by Razza Video USA. All Rights Reserved. Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore Business Machines. Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of NewTek. Inc. TechMedia Is a licensed distributor of Razza Video products. .. • 6H2RV The AmigaWorld ToolChest is a line of quality, low-cost software that brings many uniquely powerful programs to your Amiga, By purchasing this software you receive unmatched versatility, usability,, and best ol all, you support Ihe independent Amiga developer. The "TC" series disks are our potpourri series of disks that are available in our money-saving and convenient subscription offer. The series are grouped together by theme for your convenience. Keep your eyes on our new ~RK° series-these exciting programs are the hottest "commercial userware" programs available, full featured and fulfy documented. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed U ¦ ' % Thicks i V
- V > r- 1 $ 4.95 10-19 Disks 2( S53.95 )+ Disks -1 w o D fTS p- : :j : :v ¦ ' - ¦ TC22AB: Amioa BEE ...... is a last clwtckbook managur with chock punting ability, bL-dgot iifi.ilysis. and a import writer AmiCiyfil t* a tilo encryption decryption tool to puosworo protect any tiiu a must for security WaveSyrt Jets you dusigrt musical imtiumenis and wavbiorms for use m otttoi programs It also toir you play your keyboard like a piano Cmco is a gam* whwo you try to gt1! Live X's in a row Delo’d your opponent does AirerCLi lets you change attributes ot your Cli wirtoow (width title depth height location cciorsj witti a single command vory useful tor scripts Also includes an arvmation by xeoown* d Amiga artist Lou Matkoya as wo*! As 3 D objects fSP42:3D Master Explore (Ho world o! 3D mod-Hu-g *rh this high powonwl software Create teaiisK raytf&f.-rt 3Q I'm.igir. 3D Matter It poflud 10 pvt yow (0*1 wot In .ID It win requite sortie experimcntal'on to got thtj most oui ol it Roq t MS rSP4l; Scalane* Go on p.iiroi in yum nuclear Tooeni submarine and ctoftr tt-t seas of he vermen pollute il A comp els simulator: with ai! Tactical wi-.tpcm and del enure systems. RSP40AB: Star Truk Trivia Test your krowtedge of "The- Ned Gef-t-raAorT -xJenLfy cenes. Sounds. Characters and much more' Two disk set counts as two rSP39AB: Catacomb A vw • done graphic advarnure game Discowr trw sverets -5 reasures Cf the ucerground mace and try to slay alive' 2 etiskt counts as 2 fSP38: Virus Utilltios V.tusX. Kj'iVrus. Vims Merttcrr HilGQ and ZeioV.ruafll vM let you ! • - at night knowing your Arnga is 10Q0‘ virus tree SP37: ChockBook Accountant This program ha* tuU budgu'ing.iians.*:Tion record xg capah-fitios This proa ram turns the chord of balancing ycur chuckboon into a 2 limit® treat1 'SP36: Animation Two bnaut.ful animations iajjoi and Watch Both ol thr'&u were reated with 3D animation programs ana nro truly beautiful and smooth .’SP15: HeckLite Ttii:. Is a dungeon xjvenlure game ol the highest magnilude an ibsotutely hugo workl to axpiora that w>n task even the most hardened dungeon e*pio?- it tor weeks on end1 rSP34: MechForco Any number of players can control up ro 24 giant robots with isers, missies, jump juts to get you airborne to do buTPe to teams against each other r against the computer Mgh y addicting' SP33ABCO: Complete Guide to Programming the Amiga in "C This !ou« desk
• ft teaiures tutorials. R?anp 8 programs and inside tips to the special programming ones of the Amiga Fou» ttsks counts as three SP32: Classic Arcade Games Du'-nder and Misi-te Command- rruod w- say pore1 Descender ir. A ciooe of lint classic Tempest rSP3t: DalnBasoa Conlan- all flavors ot databases Bbasu'l is a highly Amiga !izod database. DitlflfcflliY is another ppwerlyi database MjflMttO spoaaHy Jesignod to htrlp you ritlprance articles in rnagozinils rsP30: Educational Th-, includes jVprKipginBose. DrawMBP which draws detailed naps ol countin'. WortfGame. Metric Converltir. Spet!2--an ingenious spelling chat- enger FastFacls everything you always wanted to know about our Solar System TSP29ABC: King Junn-s Bible The complete text of the b Uo is included on this 3 Jisk set icounts as 3) with printing and searching capabilities (P ¦ TSP8: Clipart Black S White and cctorlul dipart for a vanaty ol r-.-iils nckxtLrx} dttfk top publishing video. Puople. Holiday retatod. School itoms. Scrolls food, monsters tish, lobsters symbols and tote more TSP7: 3D Vc-ctoi Ob|ecis *2 Books Tarty Amen can tg(t*phon.i. bands, gun, space ships lamps trombone, bogle skateboard. Lego Rovoi (tmoio conTrol glider and air- piano All obfecTf. In Sculpt format TSP6: 30 Vector Objects *1 Lamp, mirror bed er a * hr* hydrant tamp post, sbc-ut lamp strc-t-t sign, ir.rt!.- hghl cannon canncn supplies rose fork, spoon, fcntte and olate Al* objects in Sculpt format TSP5: Games 3 CmssCircurt is a ono or two-piaydf action togc gam* that requires fast reflexes VvordSuarch w-H ottow yen to generate your own word search purztos In DrupElur-ter:. You rut the streets o! OgaratHH alcohol, prls and nerjdies. In CiHCfl you try tc get live X t in a iow before your opponent CnlorLogic is on excellent MasterMind lytm g.imn TSP4. Games 2 Pyf VviVS j walegc ctKicker style game assem&k* a bug before ihw computer beats you to it BlockBiijltf IS .1 coioitul. Well done Tortus type gam* WJ'fiCf a fun shoot um-up adventure gamn MictoMan is a graphic maze game played with a joystick Bail'o the computer s armies 10 take over the ptanei in C'tcy TSP3: Games 1 Crystal Caverns ts an adventure game with randomly generated worlds-you'll never wash (he same wadd twice! DatyDwt is an adaptat.cn ol the classic 2 player connect-tnii dot game gi;zaD:--~-’ver>M:;n has you rur-.ing through the streets 10 ge! Those p.c-s to your customers T-rvBail is Bu> world's tsmatles! Baseball game SuTiound-Cvcius is a Ngh-speed arcade game, bused on me light cycle races mam the Disney mavw Tron TSP2: Sounds Animal sounds, musical instruments and many many man 13 sound samples in al' TSP1: Maps ol USA. Canada and Europe H. R« . FT brushes ot at 50 US Stales 10 Can.tdian Provirces and countries in Eu-'cpu Each m.ip has a 30 extrusion off eel wrth caci shadow Special Edition Toolchb’It RK1. MuguBull -This disk contains Iho full-rofenae version ol MogaBall, complete with the level editor to create your own chullenging worlds to conquei. This game 15 quite similar to Arkanoid and allows two players with slc-roo sound and 5 soundtracks! Special RK price, $ 14,95. RK2: Machlll This remarkable utility will allow you TO record any mouso click Of keypress and play It back as a macro at any lime, inside any program Also provides memory inlo clock, alarm, screen blanket, mouse accelerator. Mouse-to- menu, sunmou&c end window cycling Special RK price $ 14 95 3DMaster featured on TSP42 TC21 AS: Circe >s a 'risk style* game where you battto the computer to take over tb* planet BatehtTWn sftows you to execute CLI programs, batch tiles and Arexx scripts I by simply ekekmg ext a gadget Ccftrs poms color wet sheets and assigns RGB vatoM tc pi.liter and screen output abr-olutoly mvtiluabl* to achieve the best c-.. n u3ii E.ir.vt’to is a pow-iiu- datflfaM* for 1. It..- ir . -. Mat bu ness SfiUUI fitflflf j loit you easily create animated sprites Plus 3-D fruit objects and five sampled sounds TC16AB: Cvberscape generates complex 3-D vuctof objects of torram and saws your I objects In Sculpt or Turtw-SHver format Mathptottar graphs mathemat'i al equations in | bolti 2 D and 3-D. DouQIh Pnnl punt:, your text Mes on both sides Of the paper Metamomh a graphic adventure game Tinyba'i th*- worlds amaflesl bosobdl arcade | game and G digitized sound c-hecis TC15AB: Labnlmaker is a vary easy to use lotto program. SL'TOj-wtCYLtoS a high speed arcado game. Dor2DoT. An adaptation of th* classical connecl-tno-dot gamo A I tutor, il on animation tocrtmques by Amga-.trtrst extio*dma re Biad Sctujnck comptolo I with or»u of his animations Also includes a collecNon cl dtp art and mori- animal | saundf. TCI4AB: AmiaoFilg is 0 database and address book Graph 3-D let? You w.uaiiz* | complex data in a 3-D marher and saw tti* iwurts Soucboora.ni anatyzi's and di$ pays dgrtized sounds ?ti'ronddon,iball an an mahon by Lou Markoya Alsol includes Hi Lfi Iau Lia- 3-D objects, tood cup art. Ano sampled sounds TCI3AB; StuicQ n lets you create gadgtt. Text txlmap, and window structures And | writes the C source code !cr you LrtoCvctos plots your biorhythms. Create spectaou Iflf Images With Mflngetbrpts. Koofe, a CLI utility that help? You And ties on your drtk quickly and eas-ly Pius 3-D objocts. Holiday dip art. An Amiga right animation, pfjyp Ixaad cto3nTto -jtilify. And technical ai$ cus$ ion on tow AmgaDOS stores infonnalion on disk TCI2: TJFonnat tormats osks that AmigaDOS normally wont CftartMaste' ft a pow wtui grooh-ig tool MoreCator generates an assortment of cotodul graphic paherns and .-views you to save them to disk Shahv. A game where you have to eat a* the ktPo perch you can catch to stay akve. Plus BkW ckp art space?top 3-D vector objecti an .m m.it on .ind Sotafcear-r (C source uxlo for toe programmer to add speech to C programs) TC 11: Dir.kSaN.ipe wk Ax corrupted d.s*s and rtoover ctototoo He* toonMeg- rr is an iidvanced Icon editor AfienDuul is a 8*1 shoofem up game Crystal Cjvu'ib ft a cot- orful. Graphic adventure game like the arcade game Also includes an .in itiation | sound samples. 3D dinner table objects and Hr Res monster dp-art SAVE 39%!! SUBSCRIBE! A mixture of great utilities, application, games & more! Receive 6 bi-monthly daubh’-disk issues for jus! $ 54.95! Save $ 34.45 off single-issue price!* Convenient automatic home delivery Lowest possible prices! Receive your disks weeks before ethers do! Full Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not compieteiyr sal jsfied, we'll refund your money- nc questions asked. A«G on ri'iqUi dsk p irpnq .ntLOTig fuasSfli© CnrvodLKn c-ubcaiptrona ade $ 5 00 sfMppmg. Ai alhcf FormOr- .KJU TtC OO skippsig Plans featured on TSP45 SP2B: Bitmapped Fonts Thr. Disk, contains 67.fonts tor toe Amiga all under 25 wtls in &ze a font for every occasion' 5P27: Ocla-MED Th . Remtirkabfo program doubles Ihe scuhd c.ip,ibi 1 ol your ruga Irom 4 channels of audn to 81 Almost completely Ktentcaf to MED. This is a truly markable program iP26: Directory UIIHtte* Contains a* of the best putuic domain and shareware Mo d disk utiilius av.ui.ibii lor the Amg i including UtrtM h;1rtt Fil-jMaa ML'DU. S'-J and Master. P25: SpaceGamos Contains Moon Base a very graphical y detailed lunar-lander .me. SoaceWiir-a two player (either in person or ovur the modem! Space battle bu!a is a 3D world you must defend, definitely commercial quality 5P24: Printing Utilities This disk contains a very n=co ftgrng' make*' mat wi use y ArmgaDGS Ion! With fuli-cotor pmtmg ficbslabe Cr»> ito* will a ow easy creatmg labels for your Ckskonus Pr.ntsrudio atlows easy prating of »«tgraphic images wrfh al ccntrb over page numberingtittrrvg, etc ¦P23AB: Tobias 5tar Trek A rj-ootve fpace adventure where you're tt.e captain ot ur own storstup Travel through tfx- universe, stop rhe Romjions and Kingot's and jrrplolu your missMns Twa d Xs counts as two SP22: 3D Ob(ects ’hi dr.-. cor.i.vr - tfi afferent Vktor byecti tor ui- * m Sculpt ind Imagrw Sdmii o! Th* cbp tts Jtctudo trail eogme. Syntfiestier koybo.i'd A mg.i jOOO. Space stanon fSP21: Disk Duplicators This disk contains XI tb* best utiirMS to backup d.skuttes nciucfed are Xcopy ill mo f£g wn n wUI b icfup copy protect programs Also includes
• upnrOurx-r which is an mcreribiy last AmigaDOS copier F'ti-.Ouy wll remove copy rotection t-om many popular commercial programs SP20: Board Games Includes Checkers. Dommnes C'ue j».*ppard Morooo’v row away your dice and let your Amiga take care o' the details hours and hours cf 3fn>!y fun! SP19: PacMan Classics Com i ns M22.0-1 sn. Z-yi » ana =aiMAQfiI afl 9»eat imfw? Entabons of T-O ongionAl arcade das&C jPlB: MS-DOS Emulation Contains PCToi-K ana -BeM two sharewa-e IBM MS os emulators to* your Amiga Also mciuded are utilities to aitow Amiga drives to ».id write 720K torm.il MS-DOS d-sks -Mulrios and MSH fSPl7: Printer Drivers Th-S 0 * contavts ever TO pnrv.jr dr.•vr*. tor many popui.i' jr eaters rSPtfi; Telecommunication This disk contains two lust c .tss modem programs. Icomm aid Access This disk tS To.' Thu beginner Of export leloeommunicafor. Ffiatur- g a4 the popular communication protocols. Including x. v and 7-Modem Ncomm is very advar od script caoabnties for performing automated log ms ctownfoads arvd 3: cads SP15: MED Th* disk conUeis the premier music package. MED (Musical Edrtor). It all aSow you Jo use digitized sound samples as your mstnimants and use them n your .wn sor s Its tremenoous Odttnxi power makes MED rtnk'fe Ot a m-j-UcOt wbrd-processor An e*trem ?(y wpi!-done program Many ctxr.morc.ai sottwaio companies use the jackage to create soundtracks tor ttwir entertaovnenf p'oyams Spt4: Plotters Th« a -k contains several ot tha best mafrematcal ptotnng programs .liable tor the Amga Includes AmroaPtot-a G d-men ons; malfwnabcal furction otter Aotot? 0 and PiatXY 5Pt3: Tetris Games Tns a> • contans 6 favors cf me ciassk: game Tetns' Some ova art to. 1.' Int*MgehC* offwrs a variety 0? Piay-styles-sail lewr. Number ol ptayurs 5P12: ClipArl This dijk conta-ns several evcei’ent bitmapped image-s tor use in sktop Publishing cx simtor programs Pi 1; Operation Do son Storm: Tfvs 5 a complete Hyperhook Type appication that taku you through a guided tour of the recent conflict in The GuS .PtO: Fractals Sconory (picturod* wdl create realistic 1 racial landscapes. Genesis ows the creation ot various landscapes with user-delmable lovots ot complexity. A1 so
• eluded a’e various Mandelbrot generators, including Tmardel Mande!-Mountains ird FracGwi TSP9: Utilities *1 Icor.Mtvrter an Icon editor with a complete set ot editing pa r.t-ng ois TJFormat a disk formatrmg program that w-.il format disks mat AmigaDOS root ChutrlMasltrr .1 graphing toot tn.it allows you 10 generate and save different raphs m IFF format Graoh3D lets you vtiuafcze compJe- data m 3 D and save the ssu.’ts StructGen lets you create padgets text bitmaps anc window structures and ¦» program wiU amomagicaily wnts "he C source code for you 1 .ihwfMaker .s a wry racy to use hit featured Utbel printer DjutXePrmi lasot tatm printing of lei! Mvs on join s es ot paper Cjtfi The AmigaWorld Toolchest 11835 Carmel Mtn. Rd 1304-T6 1 TC34AB: Qpflmizgf wll permanently sp&tcup your hard-dnvo or floppy disks LCD Calc is a met! Full screed caicula’.o' B5a*-»¦ is .1 usotul database program F.xDisK Will correct many problems wim cisks BizCaic ¦¦ a loan anpiyser irlerteron is a TeifH type gams Si a is a 3D space pane P.-cBa e wig a'low vo-j to yack an the IFF imogas you have Mate is a great Zarxor clone TC33AB: M«- j-ps i 0 >!, an mcredOiy useful u' Ity lhal w-l convert any type Of measurement io another D xLnhrnw is a databas-? Deigned (o' stonng and printing 3.' Disk labels jewea -s a T*tns-esqua game ot actor, and strategy Switch 15 a tun board-game G'»: .a,- *¦»' oi'cw ycu to grab any scrrwn and save .f as an IFF pcture Son pa!- Mapager a database tor Stonng stats tor softball .my number cf leagues may b« '.racked W3E»*c allows you to execute Cll commands t om within the WorVhr-nch Several Clipart images are also indua«*f TC32AB: (.otnouii" Coior.rn Sock is a ookghtfut program toi chitoren or alt ages comes with 15 pages ol pictures to color again and again Ustmaher lets you edit, combine and pr nt lists ct words great lex thoso r.peil ng tests' Moresmooto1 serous to*1 tiles smoothly on the screen arid allows easy printing Pocket Boards lets you choose Irom several of the most popular poo( games with tea stic act.on. Texture atows yo-u to create, manipulate and save tin standard IFF format; resfcsfce fractal tex- tured surfaces PlaaiiR is a monster maze game Also includes Screen Fader. Snowtwncn and RipBench TC31AB Cau-odar Put-rrtu-i is a pro'ess-onjl caflhtf ctfenoar mafux that s customc .lbto CrossCxcurt 15 a or 2 ptaye' actrontbgic game that cats for fast reflexes and inmkioq APR * a much-needed printer utiify Du- ye'v Man e a maze game wtwrr you dt-lwx.v p-.-s in your ntvghbcrhood Mu Ira1 ive» rs n smgL. Proo'am that w-. Tet you see IFF pcturos brushes v playback IFF sound samples Also includes RAMqougu 3-D wet or objects and H -Ri» IFF bMahaS 0> maps and flags o» Europe on countries TC26A0: Word Search M-ike- lets you cream word search puzzles TiTQCaiC is use to! (or anyone whc has to calculate hours and mmute- (groat for adding up tones 0! CD s to make tapes’) Dmobusiers is a fui game where you get rid of cigarettes booze p.li-j and needles Wordfinaer lets you search binary cr text flies for a parlicuL-ir word or string (good for getting hints m you' adventure games1). KeyCIck Wi-1 add a small audtolo click to your keys and Mc-useCflck vwli do the same for the mouse buttons Smw.ir :s a game between the Allied Navy and the Empire Feet. Plus Early American 3 D vector objects, digitized sound effects and 3 directory program TC25AB: ScmerToiFF captures your semen to an IFF tite PooColo -s lots you charge the rotor? Of your Workbench screen W.vxi is 1 ton shoot em-up art enture gam* I o' one 01 two pfayers Ka*»q.oscceie s a tme drawing program B-'ockbusters is 3 game where you girt id ol blocks by pushrg mafctwig btockr, into them Amidemc w: 'to* off you? Amigas abi'ty to do sooopoygan jrvmaicos M-crg cpe kts you examine memory at any location Also includes Hi-Res IFF flushes OT afl 50 states or« 10 Canadian provinces, arse ctigrtiZOC sound? And two smart c-.sk utilities and punter uldty. TC24AB: ~.icl-jMa-._-f is a too. Lor effortlessly building numerical tables Koo'.es s a Tun game where you have to assemble a bug borons the computer beats you to it HyperText lets you put l.nks in a text file to other le«t. Graphics, sound animation, Arexx and other applications Thg Ufle B-V.Ck Bock n. =1 wOOdeduly jStful le eprione and address hoc* Co-of Loos '5 a MasterWnd-type game Also mcfudas several disk, and memory utilities and soma animat Sound effects to top it otl TC23AB- Wpi.uu!!) Lets you qmckfy and pzur'ossiy And a misplaced a*? Cn your drive 5d!-)c! Ctejtirs a window from which you can run your tavOfite programs. MiltoMaoiC tots jou find ir». Fay Ot the w»iek for any ante .n the century .i so tors you enter stabsti cat oatj to bo onaiyjud graphs data, and sorios bn*ar a ebraic equations P&nier 1 ¦?! Makar tots you creato your own po rrters or import p»nie»s Irom other programs and save thorn n a d-sx t-« Pvto-Wars requ'es more strategy and though: than you1 regular checker board game Ajso includes M:. Monster and Tr,l on games 3-D ob;octs si* sound effects and an an-maton cf a premk i San Diego, CA 92128 Please rush me these disks (Use product ID code--i.e. TC22) disks count as TWO disks S each ....$ _ Total for special "RK‘‘ series disks S Toolchest Subscription ($ 54.95) ...$ CA Residents add 7.75‘’i» Tax S Handling $ Foreign Shipping ..$ . Total enclosed .....,.•.• •..•,..,..¦.•..(.•.5, NOTE: All "TC” Total disks_ Must Qniers shippe t the following busi- nes day. No shipping charges within the USA. Canada add S.25 per di k, l or Tgn add S SO per disk (or air marl delivery. Payment in US funds only. CCU: Expiration Date: Signature:. Name:. Address:. City:. Phone: (_)_ 1 ] Visa j MasterCa ] Discover j Checks Money Order St: Zip: Orderline (800) 677-0416 Technical Support (619) 486-9538 L J __ A500 ower 5I2KRA 880K3.5 _ Mouse With every c
A. ' Joystick KindWords Paint Program F-40 Pursuit EXPANSION SYSTEMS SERIES II ® ® EXPANSION SYSTEMS Grand Slam 500 Exp'ind up to 8 MB Ruin 5299 .5245 IRLfljPCARP PRO 5QQ The fastest SCSI controller 129 2MB up to 8MB $ 199 Alvha Data EXTERNAL 880K DRIVE Alpha Data 512K RAM Expander For A500 9am - 9pm M-F. 10am- 5pm SAT Open SUNDAY 12 -5pm AMIGA 500 EXPANSION SET Olher Ar-.-ja Comp*!ible Drr.ei
A. I.R. Drive - $ 89 Roctec Ultraslim - $ 95 BONUS: Phasar 3.0 Ports of Call Who, What, Where & When Where in the World is Carmen San Diego Hole in One Miniature Mastertype SA VE ON THIS SPECIAL AMIGA 500 PACKAGE INCLUDES: TreeBumperStu Commodore AMIGA SupraRAM RX A-10 Enhanced Tank Killer $ 37 Agony $ 31 Battle isle $ 37 Birds of Prey S37 Black Crypt $ 37l Castles $ 37 Celtic Legends Call Drag, Lair 2 (Time Warp) $ 37 Dungeon Master 2 $ 25 Elvira: Mistress of the Dark S37 Elvira 2: Jaws of Cerberus $ 47 Eye of the Beholder $ 39 Eye of the Beholder 2 S43! F15 Strike Eagle II $ 37 F19 Stealth Fighter $ 37 Falcon $ 31 Falcon Mission 1 or 2 $ 19 Fantastic Voyage $ 31 Fighter Duel (Corsair Vs Zero) $ 31 Right of the Intruder $ 37 Gateway Savage Frontier $ 34 God Father $ 31 Greens • (Microprose Golf) S37 Guy Spy Call Heart of China $ 37 Hockey League Simulator $ 25
H. O.I. $ 25 Jack Nicklaus Unlimited $ 37 Killing Game Stow S28 Kiros Quest V S37 Knights of the Sky $ 37 teander $ 31 Games (100’s of lilies available) Leisure Suit Larry 5 Lemmings Lemmings. Oh No’ More.,. 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Wrestling $ 40 $ 31 PAL Booter' S3 I $ My AMIGA CDTV American Vista $ 64 Bamoy Boar School $ 27 Barney Bear Goes Carrpng $ 27 Satlie Storm $ 33 Casa of Cautious Condor S33 CD Remix S37 Classic Board Games S33 Defender ot the Crown S33 Falcon S52 Fred Fish Collection $ 47 Gretzky Hockey $ 37 Guinness Disc of Records S3 9 Illustrated Dictionary $ 47 Illustrated Holy Bible KJV $ 37 illustrated Shakespeare $ 37 Lemmings S33 Mind Run $ 34 Murder Makes Strange..... $ 33 My Paint $ 33 Power Pinball $ 29 Sim City S39 Snoopy S33 Spirit of Excalibur $ 37 Team Yankee $ 33 Time Table Business $ 39 Time Tabfe Science $ 39 Ultimate Basketball $ 33 Wrath of the Demon S33 Xenon II $ 39 1 CDTV Keyboard,! 1 Infra-nil Mihim- & Disk Drhel $ 199 [Trackball Contrllr $ 9S| Education Adventures in Math S25 Algebra S31 Algebra II $ 31 Amy's Fun-2-3 Adventure New Barney Bear Camping $ 22 Barney Bear at the Farm $ 22 Barney Bear tn School $ 22 Barney Bear m Space £22 Bible Scholar S94 Bible Reader (Intemat.V.) S52 Bible Reader(King James) S31 Calculus $ 31 Carmen San Diego Time $ 31 Carmen San Diego USA S31 Carmen San Diego World $ 31 Crossword Const. Kit $ 25 Dinosaur Discovery Kit $ 25 Discovery MattVSpellng S2S Distant Suns 3.0 $ 35 Distant Suns 4 0 $ 55 Katie's Farm $ 25 Marks Math Lad $ 31 Math Talk $ 25 Math Blaster Plus $ 31 Mavis Boacon Typing $ 34 McGee Fun Fair $ 25 My Paint 2,0 $ 31 Puzzle Storybook $ 25 Rhyming Notebook $ 25 Speller Bee $ 25 Talking Animator S41 Tatking Coloring Book $ 19 Teachers' Toolkit ' $ 35 Trigonometry $ 31 World Atlas S37 SHIPPING - NORMALLY WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS UPS GROUND (continental US) SOTO$ 99 7%MIN $ 5 S100T05199 5%MIN $ 7 $ 200 TO $ 499 4%MIN $ 10 $ 500 TO $ 799 3%MIN S20 $ 803 - 2.5%MINS24 2nd Day(Blue) aod $ 6 to UPS Ground Next Day(Red) add $ 11 to UPS Ground APO.FPO add S1110 Ground CANADA add $ 11 to Ground PR, HI. AK add $ 10 to Blue Red No surcharqe for MASTERCARD. Visa and Discover, 3% surcharge for AMERICAN EXP. Pnces subject to change without notice. Returns accepted for 10 Cays after date of purchase. Call lor Ras before returning. Defectives replaced with same item. 1£% Restocking fee for items returned and not exchanged for same. International Orders (not APO, FP0.) Send copy or FAX of front & back of Charge Card w sig nature. Call or FAX lor shipping quote. Mailing Address: Computer Basics, Inc. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148 No One will beat my Summer Specials.. GUARANTEED! OTTOrs Express your love for your Amiga 'T-Shirts. Caps Sad Mugs USA & Canada 9-9 M - F (West Coast customers call up lo 6PM PST). 10- 5 Sat. 24 Hour Fax line (4121 962-0279. Customer Service (412) 962-0533 omplete Ad RAM m Add up lo 4 meg ot, RAM internally - in your Amiga 500T Video Toaster Video I oaster $ 2099 Enhancement Options Personal TBC II SR49 Personal V-Scope CALL Personal SFC S379 BCD 2000A VAC 5849 DQ-TACO 51899 AmiLinkC 1 (cuts only) 5995 AmiLink C I (AB Roll) 51595 AmiLink Toastcr Software 5150 Kitchen Sync SI599 Toaster Fonts 1st PrzToastal fonts SI59 Cinnamon I or II S62 Bread & Butter $ 69 Kara Toaster I or II 562 Masterpiece $ 89 Video Fonts 2 S62 Screen Maker S62 Our Wedding 556 A2000 Harddrive Controllers Grand Slam add up to 8MB RAM O Q, & built-in printer porl Zf The fastest SCSI Controller lor the Amiga TRUMPCARD A2000 S89 BASIC WORKSTATION $ 4195 W 52MB HD, 7MB RAM. VJDEC Ov TOASTER & MONITOR ENHANCED WORKSTATION $ 4895 W 52MB HD 25MHZ, SMB RAM VIDEO TOASTER .V MONITOR DELUXE WORKSTATION $ 5595 W 120MB HD, 40MHZ, 9MB RAM. VIDEO TOASTER, MONITOR WORKSTATIONS FULLY ASSEMBLED AND TESTED New RACK MOUNT version Available * CALL EXPANSION SYSTEMS Budget hard drive solution for your A2000 SCSI ControlIejy'A jr»L only C NjHn C* W 52 MB Quantum HDS319 W 120MB Quantum HDS479 DataFlyer RAM For DataFlyer20u0 OK S99. 2MB S1S9. 4MB S279 The ICD Advantage AdSpgsd 68000 at 14.2 Mhz. Best Overall performance of any accelerator in its price range. $ hpfnc B Vital ~ Reroutes dfO: to the external Tloj py connector. Boot from externa floppy drive. Adin&tt) for 3.5" hard drives Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made for IDE(AT) drives S Complete Digi-ViewSysfem Mediastation f Includes; v-~-~ Dlgi-View Gold 4.0 [(J Djgi-Paint Elan Performer V. Copy Stand Panasonic Ml o camera video switch and an cables QnfycmptetesYS Dyi-View Modiasimion 1410 Camera w lens Copy Stand W 52MB HD C. Expand up to 8MB RAM W 120MB HD $ 54 W 240MB HD $ 84 Eliminates interlace llickcr for any Amiga Computer Jjsewith VGA or Multisync Monitors No via 60i 60MB internal hard drive & interface for your Amiga 500. VV Built in AdSpeed $ 669 ArfIPE KitS- Primal Now mount a 3.5 inch IDE hard- drive internally in your Amiga
500. Includes IDE Shuffle Board Q(P and mountings llrima.51 Above with 52HD IDE S399V Hard Drive I If My AMIGA ¦i RI.L Bilmpcr MiTkri with even order New Improved Beetle Mice MicroBotics 68030 Acceleration for A500, A2000 25MHz $ 329 with 68882 $ 459 3 40MHz $ 479 with 68882 $ 649 Compatible withl.3 & 2.04 ROMS VXL RAM-32 2MB $ 319 VXL RAM-32 8MB Call Mug T-shirts COLORS MOUSE - BUTTONS Red ¦ Black Yellow - Black Black - Black Blue - Black Black - Yellow Red - White - Blue Other colors on special order (BwP Accelerators G-Force 30 - NEW 68030AH in one board with SCSI inlctliiLC 25MH 25 1MB $ 699 40MHZ 40 4MB $ 1199 W 52MB Drive $ 1,399 w 120MB Drive SI499 50MHZ 50 4MB $ 1579 w 52MB Drive $ 1779 w 120MB Drive $ 1879 L'ipariLiWcK>l6NlBaf J24w RAM 4MB 32Bit extra HAM $ 299 Productivity Software Hardware Art & Animation Art Department Pro 2, f $ 164 Dofuxe Paint IV V4.1 5122 Disney Anim. Studio 579 Draw 4D Pro $ 199 Imagine 2.0 $ 259 Pixel 3-D 2.0 $ 75 Pro!. Draw 2.0 5125 Spec*.-aco lor S62 Turbo Silver 3.0 $ 59 Vista Pro 2.0 559 Databases Microfiche Filer $ 62 Microfiche Filer PLUS 5112 SuperSase Personal 2 594 SuberSase Prol. 4 $ 249 Music Bars and Pipes $ 99 Bars and Pipes Pro $ 219 Delx Music Const. Set 569 Super Jam 589 Multimedia Krt S38 Music Box A $ 38 Music Box B $ 38 Tele-Communications A-Talfc III $ 37 Baud Bandit $ 30 Spreadsheets Advantage $ 125 Maxi Plan Plus 2.0 $ 62 Professional Cata $ 189 Utilities Are** S31 Cross DOS $ 25 Directory Opus $ 37 DiskMaster II $ 44 LabekJetf $ 47 Project D 2.0 S37 RX Tools S35 Quarter BackS.O Call Quarter Back Tools S53 SAS Lattic C S199 Visionary S62 Workbench Management $ 35 Video & Presentation AmigaViSwn $ 89 Broadcast Tiller II $ 229 Can Do 1.6 S85 Pro Video CG Call Pro Video Post $ 209 Sea la $ 275 Showmakor 5229 TV Text Professional S99 Video Director 5169 Word Processors & Desk Top Publishing Final Copy $ 59 Page Stream 2.2 $ 169 Pelican Press $ 62 Pro Write 3.2 $ 56 Prolessional Page 3.0 S179 Proper Grammar $ 59 EUROPEAN MAQA21ME5 AMIGA Format w.Disks $ 10 AMIGA Action w DiSkS $ 10
C. U. AMIGA w Disks 510 AMIGA Power w.Disks 510 1 for AMIGA w Disks S10 VIDEO TOASTER Video Tapes Joysticks, Mouses & Trackballs Silk Slik Joyslick S7 Boss Joystick SI5 Tac 50 Joyslick $ 17 Bat Handle Joystick S25 Jin Mouse $ 25 Oo'o-Mechtcal Mouse $ 35 Optical Mouse $ 55 Bong Optical Moose S94 Gl Cord ess Mouse S75 Gl Ccrdiess Trackball SS5 Amtrac Trackball S69 Kraft Trackball 559 Mouse Switch (manual) $ 29 Mouse Switch (automatic) Cat Supra Modems 2400 External $ 89 2400PIU5 Extend $ 13 2400PUsZl Internal 516S FAXModam14400 530- FAX Modem 9GOO S24S FAX Modern SoPwarB Cal Zoom Modems 2400 Ext $ 75 2400Wkt'fa5&v.42b6 514! 9600 v.32 bis S39 Cable $ 10 ($ 5 w'mocem) PR0WRITE FINAL COPY AMIGA 500 2000 includes books and work- V* bench disk I If My AMIGA Game Preserve Black Crypt Eye of the Beholder II By Peter Olafson AMIGA DUNGEON CRAWLS aren’t likely to get much better than this. Electronic Art's Black Crypt ($ 49.95) oilers relatively intelligent enemies, a form of auto-mapping, live saved-game positions, a clue book built into the manual, and four times the colors and twice the levels of Dungeon Master. What more could you ask for? You must take a party of lour fighter, cleric, magic user, druid into a vast three-dimensional dungeon to retrieve four magic weapons and send Estoroth Paingiver, your not-so-basic evil cleric, back into the void he’s learned to call home. With a little experience, the you-click-on-it-you-bought-it heart of the game will become familiar to those who’ve graduated from (or died unpleasantly in) DM or Eye of the Beholder. The graphics are something else: It’s absolutely the best- looking game of its type around, BU's cool light comes from the 64-color Extra_Halfbrite graphics. Each of the tiles from which the game was built doors, gates, columns, niches looks as if an artist had sweated blood over it, and you'll gawk at the splendor of your surroundings through the first few of the 28 levels. The lushly appointed, jump-back-startling monsters are not the usual victory-or-death jokers. (They know enough to retreat.) The dusky corridors lead through levels as large as 33- by-35 to a maddening parade of puzzles involving the usual array of pressure plates, teleports, switches, and buttons. (Mer- ln Black Crypt, what you see is what you whomp. Cifully, long-lived and cumulatively constructed level maps are available from the Wizard Eye spell.) What more could you want? Well, mavbe a touch more at- mosphere, eh? Black Crypt doesn’t use sound nearly as effectively as Dungeon Master, and it sometimes seems almost too gorgeous for the task at hand more like crossing Mrs. Pa ingiver’s freshly shampooed living-room rug than her son’s messy basement workshop. Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon ($ 59.95, Strategic Simulations) isn't quite on the same Claudia Schiller The good news is that once you've weathered the Catacombs of Studio 3 in Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerebus [Accolade, $ 59.95), it's all downhill from there. = Metaphorically, at least. It's uphill getting out of the Catacombs.) The bad news is that we're not out of the Catacombs yet. CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson The counter-clockwise trek through Level 6 is long and nasty. You'll know you're headed in the right direction if you keep hitting traps and, finally, a sorcerer. Six levels is an awful lot of territory to repeat, so t hope for your sake you have the right disguise on hand to fool him. (To look like the wizardish picture from one of the haunted house's bedrooms, you need the wizard robe from the costume room and stuff from the makeup case.) When he asks where you've been, try the "food poisoning" excuse. It's even true. (Remember the piranha last time?) That Elvira-like creature in the western reaches of the level isn't Elvira. It's an Elvira substitute much like the silhouette spotted in that dark hallway off the kitchen and it turns into something very nasty if you don't kill it pronto. Don't forget to get the Indian's war lance afterward. Make sure you have a solid inventory of spells and save your game before you hit the surface, for here you'll face the fight of your life from Death himself. (Cerberus knows him from Hell, I guess.) You'll need to launch an Unholy Barrier spell and then start hashing him with your combat spells and only spells: Holy Blasts, Fireballs the works. Don't try to maneuver, however; your magical shield will dissolve. The Spider Caves of Studio One are next. There's an elevator close to the entrance. Unfortunately, it doesn't work yet. You need a key, and the key is three floors away. While you're sulking, do be sure to turn the elevator on. Actually, Level On e s pretty simple -the main feature being the central lake. A rope vital to the game's final encounter can be found at the bottom, but you'll be there also unless you have two spells: Breathe Underwater and Buoyancy, The first you should have coming out of your ears, and if you don't, there are components all over the caves's many rooms. (You must defeat the inhabitants to collect them, however.) Buoyancy, on the other hand, is tricky; it requires herring bones that you can find only in a room in the east portion of Level Four of the Catacombs. (Reader starts cursing a blue streak.) Just as I thought. We'll wait up for you. Back so soon? Okay, you'll run To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 106. AMW 8-92 Since 1982 • * 800-558-0003 t-om.putrflhi.li ty_ £o iAu nefc Jtf ecfco ifcA The Multimedia Specialists! 40 Mhz 030 TOASTER WORKSTATION
* Toaster 2.0
* Quantum 105MB Hard Drive
• GVP Gforce '030 combo 40 4 with Math Coprocessor
• 9MB RAM (8MB 32 Bit)
• 14" Stereo Monitor $ 5,199 * YOUR PRICE INCLUDES:
• Installation by our trained technicians
• Knowlegable support stall to assist you in designing the system YOU need
• All products sold carry full manufacturer's warranty and documentation
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* Toaster 2.0 • Quantum 52MB Hard Drive
• GVP 25 Mhz 68030 Accelerator Card 10MB RAM (9MB. 32 Bit) • 14" Stereo Monitor $ 4,699 ULTIMATE 50 Mhz TOASTER WORKSTATION
* Toaster 2.0
• Maxtor 120MB SCSI Drive
• GVP G Force '030 Combo 50 with Math Coprocessor
• 9MB RAM (SMB. 32 Bit)
• (2) Personal TBC II or Kitchen Sync (your choice)
• 14" Stereo Monitor
* $ 7,299 Desktop Video & Studio Image Master V.2.0 ...
132. 95 Scuipt Animate 4D ... .249.95 AGFA Video Unlimited Type Pack 25T 122 95 Imagine 2 0 ..
244. 95 ShowMaker .... 229.95 Amiga World Toaster Video Tape 19 95 Mas'erpiece Toaster Fonts . 57 95 T Rexx Professional . 72.95 Animation Station ... . 29 95 Masterpiece 3D Fonts for lightwave .. 57 95 Transporter Animation Controller Software 129.95 ASDG Art Department Pro 2 1 147 95 Our Wedding (24 Bit) .
52. 95 Toaslmaster .. ...67.95 ASDG Art Department Pro Conv Pack 57 95 Pix Mate .
37. 95 TV Show V 2 0 .56.95 Bread 8 Butter Fonts . 57 95
P. »e 3D ... 67 95 TV Text Prolessional 97 95 Broadcast 3D Fonts for Light Wave ......67.95 Pro Fills Volume 1 20 .... 29 95 Ulfimate Guide to Toaster 1 or 2 (vidoe tape)32 95 Boadcast 3D Fonts tor Imagine ...... .....82.95 Pro Textures Volume i .... .39.95 VideoClios Toaster Font Volume II .29 95 Caliaari 2 (Reg 2 MB) 249 95 Pro Toaster Fonts 1 - Foriegn Language..... .54.95 Video Director ... ..137.95 Can Do . 79 95 Pro Toaster Fonts 2 - Serif Type ... .54.95 Visla Prolessional .... 57.95 Cinnamon Toast Fonts 1 or 2 ... ......57.95 Pro Toaster Fonts 3 - Decorative Display ....
54. 95 Genlock Deluxe Pain! 4.1 ...... ......97.95 Pro Toaster Fonts 4 - Flags ot the Worid ... 54 95 ...Call nirortnr 2 f) 75 95 Pro Video CG 11 112 95 Video Master ..... L ll W«u-lV l C..W....., • - ..... nirprfnrv OrriQ 36 95 Prn Virion Pnc! 1S.J QS ChromaKcy + .... ...339 L 1 I C V* b U1 i ULUj . Disney Animation Studio .. ......7*1.95 Quarterback Quarterback Tools......49.95 57.95 Supergen . ...619 flrnvj dfl Prnfpx'Unn.il 184 OS
R. ittnr 1 ink 111 95 Supcrgen 2000S ..... ...Call Exotic Cars Volume 1 & 2 Imagine...... .29 95 Real 3D Professional ..
269. 95 Storage Quantum SCSI 52 105 240 ... Exotic Cars Volume 1 & 2 Lightwave.... 29 95 Scape Maker .... .29.95 ...205 7329 655 Fractal Pro £.0 .87.95 ScreenMaker 2.2 .... .57.95 Kara Toaster Fonts 1 or 2 .... ......57 95 Scerery Animator . .57,95 WflAlOr dUOf 'tU if J ll...rrr,.. Syquest 44MB 88 MB .....299 409 0 0 0 Single Frame Controller BCD 200QA ...649 Personal SFC 20 .....339 Time Base Correctors DPS 230 ..Call I DEN TB Card TR-7 Remole ...849 129 Kitchen Sync ...Call Kitchen Sync Genlock Options 159 Personal T3C I! .. ....Call Other Bread Board Video Delay Line 309 DCTV .. 285 Firecracker 24 ..... 825 Flicker Free Video II .....235 Mega Chip 2000 wilh Super Agnus ...285 Multistart II ..42.95 Personal VDA-10Q0 (IBM or Amiga slot • please specify) ..... 129 Professional Video Chassis 269 Personal Vscope ....Call Turn to Pages 72 & 73 for Accelerators & More Amiga Product Specials! CAMCORDERS • VCR'S • A-V MIXERS • VIDEO MONITORS • INDUSTRIAL CAMERAS • EDITING DECKS CALL FOR LOW, LOW PRICES! CALL FOR LOW, LOW PRICES! SUPER VHS • VHS • Hi-8 • 8mm Vbox Panasonic Super IfHS Video Cassette Player AG-7650 AG-7750 Professional Editing VC FI CAMCORDERS VCRs WJ-MX50 NEW! WJ-MX12 WJ-AVE5 WJ-AVE3 Audio Video Mixers AUTHORIZED DEALER OF: Canon SONY Panasonic JVC PHILIPS MINOLTA TOSHIBA KQGBGDKI Hi-8 Video Tape Case Price Sale! Vdeck Panasonic CT-1382 Y Video Monitor CT-1382 VY Monitor Receiver with Remote I P Super VHS VCRs u V b "SPECIAL PURCHASE" Hi-8, 2 Chip Camcorder
- 558-0003, turn to page 72-73 for more specials & ordering information To Order Call : 11 level of good looks as Black Crypt, but it's a sweet step up from the excellent original game, and has more of that heavy air in which BC is wanting. Its world is substantially larger (including a wolf-ridden forest), the graphics are good to stellar, and the sound is solid. I actually held my breath a few times as I heard 4 4 footsteps approach in the temple’s stoney corridors...and then exhaled as they receded. Whew! There’s no rest For the weary here. Fresh from purging the Waterdeep sewers in FOB, you and your lot have been enlisted to minister to the unwholesome inhabitants of the Temple Darkmoon, where people are disappearing like incumbent congressmen. It’s the usual monster mash hack, slash, grab, heal, and save but with many more of the neat touches than I recall from the first game. Lovely stills often crop up for key encounters. Looking at a new-found scroll may summon a graphic inset of a scorched fragment of map. Party members even comment on the lay of the land be it a curious disarrangement o in the hushes or a draft from a wall. Both these games are superior examples of the genre, and devotees will be happy with either. However, neither feels quite fresh: What used to be something special has become a cottage industry enough with these DM clones! We’ve been crawling in square-by-square dungeons long enough. Could I try on something that scrolls, please? Panzer Battles By Jeff James IN THE SUMMER of 194 1, Operation Barbarossa Nazi Germany’s invasion of Russia plunged both countries into nearly four years of armed conflict. In a series of battles that ranged from the outskirts of Moscow to the streets of Berlin, the war for the Russian Front helped seal the fate of Hitler’s Third Reich. Panzer Battles (Strategic Studies Group. S49.95) recreates six of these great tank battles. Instead of moving each unit about the hcx-grid map individually, you (and your computer or human opponent) act as a Corps Commander, giving orders to computer-controlled regimental commanders. These units then try to carry out your orders as closely as possible, directing the units under their command a refreshing change from the norm. If vou
o o tire of the six included scenarios, vou can create your own, * as well as paint your own terrain and units with, respectively, the Warplan and Warpaint utilities. Following your orders, the Russian 20th Army tries to envelop an invading force of German infantry. Although it offers pull-down menus and windows, Panzer Battle’s interface and file requesters arc eccentric on my A3000, Panzer Battles obstinately refused to recognize nw hard drive’s WORK: partition. Another sore spot is the game’s chunky. 32-color 320x200 screen resolution. Because of it, the program constantly zooms about the playfield to reveal the action on some other section of the map, which can be disorienting. The game also lacks a strategic map option, making it impossible to see the battlefield as a whole. Panzer Battles isn’t copy protected, and an included installation program easily copies it to a hard drive. Although the game was noticeably faster on an A3000, it performs nicely on a dual-lloppy A500 (as long as it has one meg of RAM). While casual gamers might find Panzer Battles too involved to enjoy, hard-core war-game and Russian-Front enthusiasts will find it well worth the effort. Six From Sierra On-Line By Peter Olafson I I IE EARLY GAMES from Sierra-On-Line were never known for taking advantage of the Amiga’s special gills. About the Con tinned on p. 90. CRIB NOTES into a nymph in the lake. Bop it on the head to subdue it. In fact, you can pretty much bop all the routine under-a-large-rock-type creatures in the caves. (The exception is the ants, who have vulnerable tummies and an aversion to certain spells.) The same hit-'em-in-the-head rule holds for a scorpion who occupies a niche off the western edge of the second level. This critter is guarding a scroll of binding another essential ingredient for success in your run-in with the top dog. (Sounds as though we're getting close to the end, right?) The only real trick on Level Three is getting to the exit across that rather imposing empty space. You'll need to cut part of the web, and then use it to swing across. (While you're here, if you feel adventurous, save your game and try approaching the central web from the south.) Level Four, and lots to do. In your wanderings, you'll eventually come upon a fellow stuck in the spider web. The key to the elevator is in his wallet, but you'll need a Teleke* nesis spell to loosen it. Yes, it's another one of those horrible one- shot spells whose components are invariably as far from you as possible at the moment you need them most. In this case, the component is the magnet in the radio in the typing pool back in the studio offices. (Reader does best Yosemite Sam imitation.) Now you get to tango with the mother of all spiders, who you should be able to spot across the web. You can't kill it, but you can trap it rather nicely. Fire an Ice Dart at it to get its attention and, when the spider starts for you, lead it to the elevator and imprison it behind the doors. By now, you're probably not too surprised to discover that the comely creature you find afterward isn't Elvira after all, but a wasp a big damn wasp. You shouldn't have much trouble stinging it back if you still have a decent supply of high- end combat spells. Take the chief's tomahawk, get back to Level Three and ride the elevator to civilization. Smells like endgame spirit, eh? So where is Elvira, anyway? Well, think of the places where you haven't been able to do much, and it'll come to you. There's the monster in the basement of the haunted house, and the priest at the back of the church atop the catacombs. Let's tackle the haunted house first. Take the barometer from the foyer, put the copper rod from the studio boiler room on the chimney Continued on p. 90. Take the Carl Lewis Challenge and select, manage, train and control a team of athletes in their all-out attempts to win gold in Javelin, 100m Sprint, 110m Hurdles, High Jump and Long Jump. GAME features Follow in Carl Lewis9 footsteps and go for gold I
• Digitized animation of real world class athletes.
• Up to four player simultaneous action, each managing their own squad of athletes.
• 256 Color VGA PSYGNOSIS 29 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline, MA 02146 Telephone: (617) 731-3553 Fax: (617) 731-8379
• Fully digitized action replays.
• Customized in-depth training systems and control options, with statistical analysis of athlete training profiles.
• Up to five different control options.
• Adlib, PC Speaker and Soundblaster sound support. Circle 62 on Reader Service card arce C: Commodore AMIGA DHLUXH MUSIC CONSTRUCTION Deluxe Music Construction Kit KIT. MIDI I NTH REACH. Want to connect your Amiga to MIDI instruments’7 Here's the lowest price we've ever offered on a full function MIDI interface. Plugs into the serial port of your Amiga 500 or 2000. Includes bypass port and switch so you won't have to disconnect ycur equipment to use your modem or other serial peripheral. MIDI Interface C10116 29.95 One-foot MIDI caole A69085 4.95 Ten-foot MIDI cable A69Q99 8.95 Save 80% on Deluxe Music Limited Supply!! 79419 19.95 MIDI Interface Limited Supply!! J095 Computer Express Unheard AMIGA 500 COMPUTER. Includes A500 computer with built-in keyboard and floppy disk drive, power supply, mouse, documentation, and Workbench software. Amiga 500 C10527 299.95 Special Upgrade Bundles!! AMIGA 500 BONUS PACK. Includes A500 computer PLUS TV adapter, Tetris, Carmen Sandiego, and Textcraft software. Amiga 500 Bonus Pack C10204 339.95 AMIGA 500 I’OWLK PACK. Includes all A50Q Bonus Pack items PLUS 512K memory- expansion w clock and calendar. WICO joystick and typing tutor, games, and productivity software. Amiga 500 Bonus Pack K10575 399 95 AMIGA 500 SUPER GRAPHICS PACK. Includes all A500 Power Pack items PLUS 1084S Stereo monitor. Amiga 500 Super Graphics Pack K10586 669 95 29995 of Low Price!! AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES c, I’ -Utl | l'V | S( nil S II II KI> IIKIVI S A6O0-MD8-*OVB 52GII 93981 459 00 A5CO-HDE*0' S 1200II Cl 0039
649. 00 A500-HD&+QMB 24MII C1CC47
899. 00 GVP A’OflOIMPAl TM Fill s II HARD I VIIDS A2OOQ-HC8+0MS 520II 93994
375. 00 A20O0-HC8-0MB 120Q II C10C59
509. CO A2CX)0-HC6*OMB240Qll Cl 0066
319. 00 G l‘ IMPACT sl R|| s || HARD DKIV | II RI)( RF) Ml MoltY 1 XPANSIUN iMByte SIMM 93693 44 95 1 I l IN ITRN VI VMM F( VFIF1 DRIV 1 S TENEX 52f B>t0 K t 95719 CALL TENEX 105MByte M 95724 CALL VMIG A5 HI 1 T| FINAI HARO DRIVI A590 Hard Drive 34698 CALL ROCTFt" 3.5" EXTERN VI TLOITY PRIM 3 Stxtemal Drive 89276
54. 95 DATA FI YER 500 55062 139 95 DA 1 ATLYER 2000 99058
79. 55 SCSI II VKD DRIM S. High Quantum 240MB 3 57 16ms drive 93446 CALL Quantum 105MB. 3.5' 17rns drive 97124 call DAI VI IYER RAM 2MIIY FT 99060
179. 95 DATAIIYIR RAM. 4MRYTF 99091 25? 95 DAT VI 1 Y| 11 RAM. SMIIY II 99109 399 95 1MHY 11 v s Sll SIMMs 93653 44 95
mc. I dot powi r si iti.y 92S98 94 95 SI I'll M III!VL >0( P II VIID DllIV 1 52MByle witti 1MB 96445 465 00 52MByte with 2MB 96455
545. 00 120MByte W4h 2 M3 95543 €65 00 240MByte wSh 2M3 96653 903 03 Sl PR ADKIV L 30t' P I PGR VDLS. 512KByte kit 97255 23 55 2MByte kil 57263 99 95 st Pit VDRIV 1 2i.mii HARD DllIV 1 "¦ 52MByte 9724' 319 95 120MByte 95694 489 00 240MByte 96704 809 00 llll II Mil) FmilVI 1M I (If VI 1 AdlDE-44 94825 11995 ivonnsY nc sum inti ki act WordSyne interface 88573 99 95 IDE & SCSI HARD DRIVES Qu-tnlum Pro IJTE 52MHYTE 56364 CALL Ivcslrni Dig.inrSSMIIY II A55542 CALL Dn.Hil.im Pin IDF I05MHYTF A96330 CALL Wettrrii Dii; IDE 2I2MHV7I A57546 CALL Dn.inluni Pm SI St MMIIY 1 1 97117 CALL
l. lii.mliini Pm SI si lli’MUY 11 97124 CALL Diunliim Pm SI s| 2 UIMBY II 98443 CALL SUPRA MODEMS Sl'PRA MOULM 240H 96667 79 95 Modem Serial Cable A42447 12 95 sl PR A MODEM 240U+ 56675 116 95 sl PR SMODEM 24011 1* 96638 124 95 si PR V I MODEM 1 V1LRNAI FAX’ qden v 32 97149 239 95 FAXModem v 32&S 97154 309 95 VMU .A IfSO MODEM 79237 29 95 PI A FI NI M ONTINI 634 £G 39 95 AMIGA INPUT DEVICES III I II I MOL s| W PAD 94074 34 95 HIIIMi' MOL SI V PAD 94339 99 95 RdtTEC AMIGA MOUSE 9=252 39 95 1 HI WI7 TABLET 96439 239 95 11 I XI DR AH 1S4- V III .III PEN £2037 89 95 SH RPCOLOR SCANNER 94335 549 C 3 TR1P1I TRAC K TilAl KHALI 96994
l. -FORCE U30 2>MH «W130 ACCTlT It V IDHS Ccmto030-25251 0 99133 679 CO Ccm.bc030-25-25' 1152 99147 749 00 Ccmbo030-H5'25.',in20 99152 929 CO Ccm|;o030-25'2S'1,240 99161 1075 CO
f. l >RCF 030 40M11 * SIDH . VCLEll.KATORS Cemto030-40 40 4 0 99175 D69O0 Comtc0>0-4040 4 52 97533 1399 CC Ccmbo330WO 40 4 120 97=45
1519. 00 CombcC30-40.404.240 97553 1745 00 G-FORCE 030 50.Mil hSimi VCCtLLRA IDR5 CcmbcC30-5O 50.4 0 97563 1559 00 CcmbcC30-50 50 4 52 97573 1769 00 Ccmbc030-50'50 4 120 97539 183900 CcnbcC30-59'&0 4 240 97£M 2049 CC C-f ORCI 040 3hMH dmwii . ACCTI rKATOKs G-Forte30CC-C40 282 99124 2099 00 G lORCI CC 11E K VTVIK RAM I PGKADI s 1 Mbyle, 60ns SIMM C10076 8995 AMByla, 60ns SIMM Cl 0089 239 95 1 Mbyte 40ns SIMM ClOC-92 219 95 SUPRA MEMORY & ACCELERATORS SL PR VRAM 500 94794 4995 Sl PRARAM 500 R mlh lMBvIe 500 RX a 1 Mbyte 94016
124. 95
• Mbyte Upgrade K-t 97312 64 95 sl I'll VRAM 500 R uilli IMEUu- 500 R' w.3M8yie 94029 185 95 2MByte Upg-ade tOt 97276 99 95 Sl PR R VM 2IHMI Aiin OMByta 69048 109 95 w m 2MByte 63683
165. 95 with 4MByte 83691 224 95 AMIGA ENHANCED CHIP SETS 1 AT VGM S. 2MRY 11 Fa: Acnjs 3372B. 2MByts 93564 79 95 Fai Acnus 8372B l.'egACnp 2000 010013
293. 00 I AT Af.NUS. IMHY II 93553 5995 Sl I'l It Dl MS| si"'. 98572 44 95 STANDARD CHIP SET REPLACEMENTS Dl VIM >5(.2 9E585 24 95 PAL 1 A Sir.4 98597 24 95 GARY 5719 98600 12 95 CIA S52HA 98612 11 95 ROM 1.3 SES24
29. 95 ADD IBM COMPATIBILITY nmi K PC BOAR!) S6620 269 55 PC 28n MODU LI Iot GVP S7713 399C0 | miu'« PC VI I Ml I A FOR A70756 329 CO DATA STORAGE WT-150 TAPI RACK UP Erternal Backup 94586 699 00 internal Backup 94 572 629 00 SY 41T ST DRIV Ls |OR AMIGA i MAC 44MByte Owe A53425 499 00 86MByte Owe A 52 934 639 00 44MByte Cart-.dce A60583
79. 95 SSMByte Cartridoe A62S72 169 00 20MBYTT TI.OPTICAI DP'S DRIVE Internal F'cpt'ca Dt.c 95668 529 00 Externa! Fieptcat Drr.-e 93659 6*900 20MByte F'optca1 Di-elte 93160 19 99 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE AMMt ONTS i 96568 25 95 AM.MFONTS 2 96724 25.S3 AMMFONTS 3 96738 29.95 a nr nri*T. PROFESSIONAL 92135 159 55 Con-.erj.tcn Kit 92149 52 95 | RLSIM SS CARD MAKl It 96039
39. 95 C VIIGARJ 2 S3047 259 95 COMIC SETTEK 81815 41 95 DESIGN IVOKKs 94433 79 95 II1L DIRECTOR K147 44 95 COLD DISK TY PF Plbiisber Pack 90107 39 95 Dej'gne' Pack 90067 34 95 Pecoralr.e Pack 90072 39 95 V>deo Pock 50092 39 95 III A HUNTS 1 56554 44 05 1 IT ADI 1 NFS 1 96563 42 95 1MAG1.NL 2.0 90166 244 05 IN I KOI VL) 82109 29 95 MOV IF SETTER 51824 41 95 OUTLINE FONTS 94393 129 95 PAGE ELI PptJl F X 31869 89 95 PACE SETTER II 79799 79 55 P Vl.l sTRFAM 7 2 Cl 0673 159 95 PTREORMTR 2.B 90476 99 95 PIXE1 3D 94267 69 95 I'RDI 1 SSIONAI PAGI VI) 93154 CALL I’Ki >11 SSK 'N M PACI : I' 79808 229 95 PROEESSIONAI DRAW 2.0 84424 D9 95 PROSCRIPT S3214 32 95 SAXON i’UULISHFK I I 94-269 209 95 SCUT PT 3-D XL 88-994 119 95 SCUl I'T ANIMATE |R 64365 99 95 SCU TIT AM M ATT 41) PRO 64376 31995 SOI TCI IPS Classic 95492 44 95 People 96503 44 95 Co'ecicrs 965 3 44 95 Anrrai 95527 44 95 SPECTRA COLOR 94607 64 95 STARI II 1 OS 96545 34 95 SUBHEADS 96573 42 95 IT 1 II V HE SIGN 88829 109 95 VISTA PRO 94113 81 95 CaWomia Scenery Disk 94127 48 95 VISTA 12 96466 37 95 ZLMA J ONT PACK 1-2-3 97513 59 95 ZLMA FONT PACK 4-5-n 97525 59 95 VIDEO FONTS Sans Se'if 1 96743 64 95 Sans Se'if 2 96754 64 95 Deco-eir. E i 96765 64 95 Decor-atr.e 2 96776 64 95 Seri 1 96706 64 95 AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE I AMIGA 520 V IDLO ADAPTER 79283 39 95 CM ROM K 1 Y 96654 315 00 DCTV 91683 399 00 DIGI-DROID =4797
59. 95 DIGI-VM IS MLUlASTAlION 97387 169 95 1LILKI R TRTF VIDEO 94457 269 95 EIRFC It At KIR 24 97281 81995 IN1PAC I VISION 21 Impact Vrsion 24 93667 1879 00 Oo'icna! Adapter 95677 59 0-3 KITCHI N SY Nl 94366 1595 00 PIRSOVVI TBC 92322 849 00 VIDIO ID si 1 It 2 0 V doo Toaster 96598 2099 0-3 Instructional V deo 94693 19 95 'lDEO III 1 NDLIl 95805 995 00 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTY ARE 1 AMIGA WORLD INSTRUCTIONAL V IDLOS How lo Animate, v i 96608 24 95 Desktop Video, v. 1 94726 24 95 Desktop Vrieo. V 2 95610 19 95 Tne At pa Rrrrer 94713 24 95 Amiga Graphcs 94730 24 95 Hcl Rod Your At pa 94682 1995 The Muscat Atipa 94743 24 95 Video Toaster 94633 1995 Arrmaiipn ViCea, v. 1 94675 17 95 Animalon Video, v. 2 94708 19 95 History of the At. Tea 98741 16 95 DELUXE PRINTS II 87137 5195 DELUXE PAINT IV 94597 107 95 DELL XL IDFO7 III 79452 99 95 DIGI-PAINT 3 66322 54 95 HYPLKHOOK 94463 59 95 PIXMATI: 62094 37 95 PRO VIDEO GOLIT 88185 144 95 VIDEO IOASTER SOI TVS ARE UPGRADE 111 C10139 33900 VIDEO DIRECTOR 96173 13755 1 AMIGA UTILITIES AMI-ALIGNMENT SY STI.M 34884
29. 95 AMI-BACK v2.0 94C57
49. 95 AMIGADOS 2 04 A5COA20O0 95335 8? 95 A3C00 97707 34 95 ASSFMPRO 83926
64. 95
II. A.D 89345
29. 95 Scrv-irtp Computer Carters or 70 ears C er 500 000 Customers 1-800-PROMPT-1 IBM Compatibility for only IBM-compatible Floppy Disk Drive 512 K RAM MS-DOS software Includes: (1-800-776-6781) Cowest Price, (fOLorantee, f WordPerfect 4.1 ct WORDPERFECT 4.1. We made a special purchase of Word Perfect 4.1 for the Amiga, and can offer lhe world's 1 word processor to our customer at giant savings! This is the same package that usually sells for 50% to 100% more! In order to let as many of our customers take advantage of this limited quantity offer, we’re limiting purchases to just one per customer. Sug. Retail 275.00 WordPerfect 4.1 93106 99.95 BRIDGKBOAKD. By popping the Bridgeboard into an A2Q00 expansion slot, you add IBM-compatible features to your Amiga while retaining all of the Amiga's advanced abilities. The board features an 8068 microprocessor. 512KByte RAM, a PC-XT BIOS, a 5.25" 360KByte floppy drive, an externa! Floppy drive connector, and a socket for a mafh coprocessor. These IBM-compatible features allow you to run thousands of MS-DOS software programs at the same time as you're running your Amiga applications. Bridgeboard XT 84706 199.95 Bridgeboard AT 84719 399.95 MICH I u MAGIC III 96297
39. 95 Mil 1 1 MINI 95050
26. 95 ML Kl li lt 95913 2995 MY III ClQCOS
18. 95 N|N|A GAIHLN II 95613 3695 OKK 95701 32 95 OVERLORD 92381
30. 95 PA I'l. K BOY 1! 96253
25. 95 P3T-I K.HI LR 95001 23 95 THE PFRLFCF GFNFRAL 35773 36 95 POPF FOL 5 56407 35 95 POPULOUS II 96271 38 55 POPUIOl S WORLD I IHIOH 98948 15 95 POW| It MON(.1 It: WWI 55C52 24 95 no msroRik 96243 29 95 PKOPHFt Y (ViLins Chihli C10749 26 95 KAIt ROAD I Y COON C10806 34 95 REAI MS C1C81Q 30 95 RISE Ol THL DRAGON 98763 36 95 ROBOCOP 3-0 C1C733 34 95 ROBOSPORT 98036 37 95 ROTOX 95S07 29 95 SECRFTOI MONKFY isl AND 92597
37. 95 SILL.N 1 SLKVICE II 987=2 37 95 SIMANT 98029 41 95 SLLEPINC. GODS I II 95763 32 95 SPAL I AC 1 IE BnrfN Revcii|ttf 95473 35 95 SI’ALl WKFCKCD 95595 31 95 STAR COM KOI. 93314 3095 SFARI1 It.HI 89117 31 95 ST A III 1 It.l 11 2 95056 31 95 STARS IX Cl 1015 39 95 SLIT It SPALI INA MJI Ith 98995 27 95 SWAP 92311
31. 95 IHLMr. PARK MYSTERY 91281 14 95 THIRD Kl |CH Cl 0755 29 95 THL'NDLKII XWK 96100 30 95 ULTIMA VI: False I'ruplicl 96042 42 95 X FNGLANt 1 OF I ! XL IJ1L.it 96113 30 95 VIKINGS C10700 24 95 VO! 1ILD 93641 24 95 YVUARORY; 1 mtjiR-in. Nf ||u-1! Uik Sjvanl 97323 46 95 WOI 1 PAL K C10106 1495 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTV ARE FAVORITE CHARACTERS 1 HR AMA ING SptPFR-MAN 91324
19. 95 ARACHNOPHOBIA 93899
23. 95 RILL Ck FLO S EXCEL 1. ADVT. 9004= 29 95 DICK lit VCY 93907 29 95 DLCKTAI.HS: Quest fur Gold 91491 16 95 HAKE RAISING HAVOC 96CS5 30 95 HILL SI III 1 F BLILS C10717 24 95 I1UMF. Al ONI. 95431 29 55 LAST NINJA 3 95350 22 55 LEISURE SI 11 I VRRY 2 LOOKING J OR I OVL 95447 36 55 IE15LKI si ll LARRY 3: PASSIONATE PAFT1 S r RATFGO 95650 30 95 TLIKIS 83835 2695 iltt MP CAS I LI 04060 24 95 TRUMP CASTLL II 96020 29 95 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE SIMULATION GAMES 140 PURSUIT SIMULATOR 85555
29. 95 FALCON 84234 31 95 Vss*an Ds* 1 51356 ’5 95 '} ss>on Ds* II 51357 19 95 1 IlGHF SIMULA IOR II 63764 39 95 MIL TILL 56138 37 95 SUPER OH ROAD 52405 1795 1 HI DULL: LLST DILIVI II B7982 32 95 EultOPLAN L IfAI ! 1 NGL; IES1 DltlX I 11 St 1 NI RY DISK 92453 1495 CALIFORNIA t H XI.I l NGL: IFSI OK!XT. II si I.M RY DISK B3003
14. 95 1 It At ON IE 92578
14. 95 1 INK WORD SPANISH 96237
32. 95 SCR A BULL. 84567
17. 95 Sll DY WARE TOR I ML SAT CI0952
34. 95 Will RL IN LIU WOHI D IS C ARMEN SANDH-.CO? 85229
34. 95 Whl.lt 1 IN TITL USA IS C ARMI SANDILGO? 86677 34 95 Wolil |J ATLAS C10925
39. 95 5PLC I RUM fx VOCODER fx C11002 39 95 DISKMASTER 82114 29 95 DI5KMASTER II 95936
39. 95 DOS-2-DOS 98403 31 95 FLASHBACK 92953 45 95 HOTUNKS C10658 €2 95 IMA G EF1NDER 94257 41 95 MAVERICK, V4 89601
32. 55 MICROFICHE FILER + 94095
119. 95 PRO DATA RETRIEVE. E3910
159. 55 QUARTERBACK C1C964
49. 95 RAWCOFY Vok 87466 MS5 SAS C COMPILER 94409
39. 95 WORKBENCH MGMT. S. 2 94049 39 95 AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY ADVANTAGE 94105 124 95 DISTANT SUNS 4.0 94599 49 95 ELECTRIC THESAURUS 92126 34 95 EXCELLENCE 2.0 85336 99 95 GOLD DISK OFFICE 50052 119 95 THE KFS ACCOUNTANT 2.0 82594
M. racie System 99026 344 95 Genoa- cha'wer F = A32439 9 95 AD1012 34603 329 95 AMAS V. 2.0 Fncluoes MIDI interface 86334 99 95 CD SPEAKERS 97290 34 95 THE COPYIST: APHENTICE VERSION 9C560 89 55 DELUXE MUSIC 79419 61 95 DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO 97302 89 95 SOUNDSCAPE V.l A 86341 79 95 PERFECT SOUND 3.0 86370 69 95 AUDIO MASTER HI 79529 62 95 SONJX 79500 51 95 SOUNDMASTER DIGITIZER 98376 "34 55 TIGER CUB 85721
74. 95 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE SPORTS 4-D BOXING 90954 31 95 ABC’s WAV. Of SporN BOXING 95974 32 95 HO JACKSON UASFBAl I 95989 29 95 CALIIORNIA GAMES 81841 13 95 GRFFNS 98365 41 95 Hol.E-JN-O.NL MINI C.OLF B44B9 24 95 JACK -NICKLAL'S' UNLIMITED GOLF & COURSE DESIGN 90306 34 95 JOHN MADDI N FOOTBALL 93939 3".95 LINKS 97759 29 95 Pnenursl Country Ctj5 97815 16 95 Firestone Co mry CjjB 97808
16. 95 MICHOI.I AGLI IIASFBAFI: Flic Manor's t Ii.tIU-ii c 96016 24 95 OVERTHE NETT 96016 24 95 It M SL LK1 95565 24 95 TIL BREAK IlNMs 95785 24 95 Wolil FJCIRCUn 9805B 36 95 WOR1 D 1 OL R GOLF 91741
9. 95 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE ADVENTURE AD&D CHAMPIONS Ol KKYNN OrjgniilaiU't' I ,inl.is lUilf l'I.iyiilK V.l 8SS79 32 95 a Dim DiiL Quern il Krynti Cl 0751 32 95 AGONY 98968 2995 ALTERED [JESTIN'! 95755 AMERICAN GLADIATORS Cl 0780 94559 98979 94569 9C435 93934 95074 96293 95534 98995 94377 95244 94S37 99037 94156 89306 95266 39 95 24 95 32 95 32 95 32 95 34 95 39 95 31 95 31 95 24 95 29 95
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36. 95 38 95
29. 95 31 55 24 55 MIGHT AND MAGIC III Teenage Mut,ml Ninja I uitk-v T-M.N.T. ARCADE WHELL Ol 1 OR ELM ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE TOP ALL-STAR GAMES ATOMINO 98786 32 95 AWESOME 91038 2795
B. A.T. 9B383 34 95 ELVIRA 91114 34 95 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 93799
25. 95 LEMMINGS 92226 27 95 OBFTUS 93576 34 95 OH NOI MORE LEMMINGS 96818
29. 95 Add-on disk 95686
24. 95 POWERMONGER 90767 31 95 POWERMONGER CLUEBOOK 92557 10 95 SPEEDBALL 2 95524 24 95 THUNDERS TRIX F 9-9110 24 95 WONDERLAND 92375 34 95 Shipping, Handlingf Insurance ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE STRATEGY GAMES Orde Amounl less lhan $ 19.99
520. 00-S39.99
540. 00-S74.99
575. 00-S99.99 S1C0.00-S149.99
5150. 00-S299.99 S3C0.00-S499.00 S5C0.00-S699.99
5700. 00-S999.99 $ 1000 & Over Charge $ 4.95 $ 5.95
56. 95
57. 95 $ 9.95
510. 95
512. 95 $ 19.95 $ 27.95
2. 8% Of Order BATTLE CHESS 87568
29. 95 BATTLE (IfESS Jl;CMmwChe« 54478 3195 BLACKJACK ACADEMY 63027 1695 CHIPS CIIAL! FNCL 92351
17. 95 l ACLS . 'TKIS IIA 949’1 19 95 MONOPOLY 04552 29 95 RISK 65355 29 95 SIMCTTY 82875 32 95 SlMCITY TLRRA1.N LIJIHIR 87877 9 95 rur DIP) DOC. 95096 37 9S 56800 Magnetic Drive * Mishawaka, IN 46545
(219) 259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 • We gladly accept mail orders! C rrlP ?? AO rnrA Prices and specifications subject to change. X1A In King's Quest V, you must find your missing family and castle. From j). 86. Nicest things you could say about them besides that they were often fun to play was that they multitasked. Times have changed. There is a new generation of games: a spceded-up, bug-fix revision (1.1) of King’s Quest V ($ 59.95), Leisure Suit Larry 5 ($ 59.95), Space Quest IV ($ 59.95), Police Quest III ($ 59.95), Castle of Dr. Brain ($ 49.95), and a re-release of the original Space Quest ($ 49.95). They don’t multitask, hut all use 32 colors and a new graphical user interface. The games themselves haven't changed. They’re equal parts treasure hunts and pleasure cruises: Take in the sights, collect objects, and then use the objects to move on to other sights and objects. In Police Quest ill, Sgt. Sonny Bonds tries to solve a string of murders. In Space Quest IV, intergalactic custodial engineer Roger Yvilco is propelled into past and future Sqs in pursuit of nemesis Sludge Vorhaul. Leisure Suit Larry 5 opens with the dweeh in the white suit and Passionate Patty pursuing separate paths Patty undercover, Larry under covers. And in King’s Quest V, King Graham is missing a castle the one with his family in it. The games look better. KQ V is simply the prettiest Amiga game Sierra has ever done. Larry 5's out-of-kiltcr landscape and lively color scheme like a hip shirt design are positively jazzy. Police Quest III has fluid and life-like animation (although the characters’ faces suffer from being battered down to 32 colors, looking as if they have a nasty rash). The sound’s been good for some time now, but I was tickled to hear the digitized voice of a computer near the start of the revamped Space Quest. Unfortunately, these games are quite slow on 68000-based machines. All except KQ V and Uirry V sport a “faster Amiga recommdd” (sic) notation on their product-info stickers, and King Graham and Larry would probably benefit from an accelerator, too. This is something of a puzzle in itself, for it’s not as though the Amiga is overtaxed by the tasks at hand. In SQIV, Wilco lands a job in a fast-food restaurant, and you have the opportunity to play a burger-assembly arcade sequence. This is the sort of thing at which the Amiga excels, and yet the sequence fairly crawls. When Bonds drives a car in Police Quest III, the car (viewed in overhead perspective in a little window) is the only thing moving on the screen and the road still ticks bv frame by slow frame. Is play better under the new interface? Using the set of command icons is less frustrating than wrestling with the parser, but it is also less involving. Typing may have been a nuisance, hut by the time you were done with a game, you knew every inch of die terrain by heart because you’d tried every vei l) in the hook on every part of it. .As long as it takes to play these games because of their first-gear speed, they feel shorter than their predecessors. I’m not saying throw out the interface, hut give us more game or more depth to use it with. I’m not saying you won’t have some fun here, either. Police Quest III has more of a real-life edge to it. Space Quest IV is very like its predecessors in some appealingly dumb ways. (One of your first tasks is capturing the SQ equivalent of the Ener- gizer bunny.) And Castle of Dr. Brain is a real departure the standard adventure system with a first-person perspective, wholly driven by brain teasers. You’ll need to win at the memory game Simon even to get in the front door. Larry 5, regrettably, is a better conversion than it is a game. Larry's three seductions are a throwback to the original LSL, the puzzles are weak, and the game is heavy with automatic sequences. It’s not even that sexy. In all. While Sierra’s effort is verv admirable, most of these games don't really cut it in the Amiga market. The exception is the new version of King’s Quest V. It’s gorgeous, it’s playable, it’s fun, and it’s ripe with the seeds of potential. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Computer Third Reich By Jeff James LEAPING FROM TABLETOP to computer’screen, Avalon Hill's Computer Third Reich (S39.95) offers the same sump- From p. 86. (if you haven't already done so), and, while still up on the roof, use the barometer to launch a Summon Storm spell, Back down in the basement. A little obvious fiddling with the controls brings tall-dark-and- gruesome to life, but a snip or two with your wire cutters turns him off again. Take a close look at his head for useful spell ingredients and also at the room revealed behind him. Yup, that's Ellie herself the genuine article, at last. Hubba-hubba. Now get ye to the church on time, and run a little Resurrection number by the dead priest. Explain yourself, and he'll dash off to the parking lot and draw a nice pentacle. One last stop: Get back to the Indian in the studio cellar and have him bless the magic bag, war lance, and tomahawk. (If he's reluctant, you’ve either been impolitic with him in which case you can just do everything in the last two Crib Notes all over again or you forgot to turn over the peace pipe from the study safe.) Actually, instructions for offing Cerberus are available in the game did you try the humor section of the library in the haunted house7 but they're a bit on the ornate side. Put the black candles from the hidden altar in the pentacle and light them (matches are in the haunted house's upstairs storage room), and be sure you have the chalice from the same altar on hand. While you're at it, get the magic bag, lance, and tomahawk side by side and visible in your inventory for easy reference. Save the game, and use the bag to bring Cerberus in from the Void. Throw the Bind Demon spell from Level 2 of the spider caves at him, and when it wears off, spear his middle eye with the lance and nail him in the heart with the tomahawk. Game over, man. Roll credits. It looks as though Interplay's Out of This World is out of this column. We'll do it next time, and then start on Origin's Ultima VI. Meanwhile, if you're having trouble with a game, you can write me at 25 Belmont Ave., Madison, NJ 07940; on Genie and Portal at PETEROO; on CompuServe at 74160, 3053; and on Usenet at Pe- teroo@cup.portal.com. ¦ TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-3 CST Professional Calc ...168.99 Professional Page 3.0 ...169.00 ProStream Plus Fonts ..38.00 ProWrite ...... 59.99 Resource (Puzzle Factory) 135.00 Rexx Plus Compiler .....90.00 RcboSport .38.99 Soft Faces ..59.99 Space Shuttle ....36.99 Super Jam ..87.99 Take 2 .....105.00 S399 S499 S559 $ 659 Celebrate America with the US Flag Beetle Mouse. Many assorted color combinations are also available. Package includes drive, cartridge, manual.and a dual SCSI 50-pin cable: external models include case & molded cable. We support what we sell!! For a complete product listing, information or support, call
(414) 548-I 2120 E.MORELAND BLVD. SUITE L. WAUKESHA. Wl 53186 Software Ami-Back 2.0 ....47.99 Amy's Fun 2 3 Adventure .,.31.99 AquaVentura .....35.99 Bountiful Golf Course 17.99 Caligari 2 ..253.99 Can Do 1.6 85.00 Charts and Graphs ......59.00 Covert Action ..37.99 Cross DOS 5.0+ 37.00 Cruise fora Corpse .....34.99 Deluxe Paint IV 109.00 Enlan DFS Network 199.00 Epic ..... 32.99 Eye Beholder II ..39.99 Fighter Duel 1.1 .31.99 Fractal Pro 5.0 ...87.99 Global Effect ......35.99 Guy Spy .....31.99 HomeFront 2.0 ..59.99 HotLinks ....62.99 Imagine 2.0 .....256.99 Jaguar XJ220 . 32.99 Lost Treasures ..45.99 Macro68 (Puzzle Factory) .135.00 Mathasaurs I or II .17.99 Matrix Cubed .....33.99 Maxi Plan 4.0 ..115.00 Pacific Islands ...31.99 PageStream 2.2 ...177.00 Panzer Battle .....31.99 Paper Boy 2 ......26.99 PatchMeister .....59.00 Pinball Dreams ..24.98 Pixel 3D ......64.00 Amiga Companion 2.0 ...20.99 AmigaDOS Manual 3rd Ed, ...22.00 DOS Inside & Out 2.0 ....22.95 Hardware Ref Manual 24.00 Includes & Autodocs ..35.95 Interface Style Guide ...20.99 ROM Kernal: Devices 25.99 ROM Kernal: Libraries .29.99 Understanding Imagine 2.0 ..28.00 Using Arexx on the Amiga ...27.99 1 year of Format, delivered ..S160 1 year cf Amiga Computing S150 Hardware 68030 Accelerators from GVP! 25MHZ 1MB 52Q .....889.00 40MHZ 40 4MB., ....1169.00 40MHZ 40 4MB 120Q ..1499.00 40MHz 40 4MB 240Q ...1719.00 50MHZ 50 4MB ......1529.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 120Q ...1849.00 50MHZ 50 4MB 240Q ...2049.00 Avideo 24 ......870.00 AD 1012 Digitizer 509.00 AMAX II + .345.00 Ad IDE 40 ...93.00 C: Commodore® AMIGA EZEEnnzg I N C L U D E S ¦ 3.5 'lnternal Floppy Drive ¦ 1 MB RAM, RF Modulator ¦ 94-Key Keyboard and Mouse ¦ Appetizer Software ¦ Amiga Basic ¦ DOS 1.3 ¦ Ergo Joystick ¦ Safe Harbor PD Disk CalE for Pricing!!!! , C* Commodore ,., f "x We carry IPIlTlf ALL available ¦ CDTV titles! J SvlEHiUmVt MULTlMtQIA Battle Chess 36.99 COTV Prof Bundle .195.00 CO Caddy 2-Pack 14.99 CDTV Trackball ...95.00 CO Rom File System .....36.99 Defender of the Crown 31.99 Fred Fish Online .45.00 Guinness Disc of Records ...37.99 NASA’s 25th Year 19.99 I’*» ... r -M &>!( from EuroPress $ 41.99 j ToastMaster ......89.99 Ultima VI ....41.99 Virtual Reality Studio 53.99 Vista Pro 2.0 .....59.99 Wild Wheels ......33.99 Genlock. Alterlmage 189.00 Harddrive. 120Q Bare 399.00 Harddrive, 105Q Bare 379.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 52Q ..495.00 Harddrive, Impact 500 1200 .665.00 Harddrive, 500XP 52Q 1 ...489.00 Harddrive, 500XP 120Q 2 675.00 Hi-Q Tower .....635.00 Joystick, Epyx Speedking ...15.00 Joystick. Ergo ..20.00 K-Start Selector 33.99 AdFlicker Free Video ...239,00 AdSpeed ..175.00 Atonce + GVP .309.00 Blizzard Board .219.00 Floptical Drive, Int ......399.00 Floptical Drive, Ext ....509.00 Floppy Drive Internal 500 ..89.00 Floppy Drive. Supra Ext 95,00 Genlock, CBM 2300 ...135.00 SupraFAXModem 9600 BAUD
V. 32 V.42A ,42bi Send Receive FAX capability SupraFAXModem 14.4 BAUD
V. 32bisA .42bis Send'Receive FAX capability $ 305 With Software S359 Supra corporation Kickback ROM Switch 39.99 MIDI. Triple Play + .....165.00 Modem, Supra 2400 ...85.00 Modem, SupraFAX 2400+,165.00 Mouse. CBM 3-Button 53.00 Mouse, Wang ...24.99 MultiStart li Board (DKB)....41,99 PC 286 Emulator .306.00 Personal VDA ..125.00 Power PC Board .275.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 99.00 SCSI Controller Supra 500XP ..199.00 SCSI Controller Supra 2000 .110.00 Scanner, Epson 300 ...925.00 Sony XVD 300 .299.00 SupraRAM 2000 2 ....169.00 SupraRAM 2000 4 ....225.00 SupraRAM 2000 6 ....285.00 SupraRAM 2000 8 ....349.00 SupraRAM 500 RX 1 125.00 SupraRAM 500 RX 2 185.00 SupraRAM 500 512K 39.00 Video Director ..139.00 Video Toaster 2.0 ... 2025.00 © DCTV ..... .....379,00 © Final Copy ... 59.99 © QuarterBacK 5.0 . .46.00 0 Power Packer Pro...... .21.99 0 Notebook . .27.99 © Directory Opus ... .36.99 0 DSS Sound Digitzer... 95.00 Syquest Drive Packages 0 Secret of Monkey Island II39 99
Q) Black Crypt ......33 99 Cl SupraFAXModem 14.4...305.00 lot Ext Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP INC.
• NEW PRODUCT • ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER by Wilcom Australia Finally, a complete Amiga diagnostic analyzer composed of a hardware and software package that's sophisticated yet easy and quick to use. This new diagnostic analyzer will give the user: status of afl data transmissions signals. Iheability to test integrity of any disk drive, check all ports (one at a time}, check buffer chips, alignment 8 joystick mouse. Also performs diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79 and other important tests. The user is automatically told what errors are found and the chip(s) responsible. Works on all Amigas worldwide .....S79.95 DIAGNOSTICS The Final Test Diagnostic Program. This diskette tests out keyboard, display, graphics, new Workbench, sound, timing, real time clock, RAM test (both chip & fast) ’ ? Bright. HAM, blitter, sprites, double buff animation, mouse, disk read write, DF1 DF0..S15.95 Amiga Diagnostician. Diagnose up to 28 common problems. Comes with diagnostic software and booklet. Save a lot of money by locating faulty chips yourself This is the next best thing to an expensive service manual or your local Amiga repair center S17.95
2. 04 OPERATING SYSTEM New operating system just released (NTSC PAL). Complete 7 lb. Box contains 1200 page manual. 4 diskettes and ROM. This upgrade is an absolute must for everybody. (Buy the 2.04 ROM Kit from us and get the new ECS Super Denise chip for $ 31.50.)...$ 87.50
2. 04 ROM only (NTSC PAL) ......S39.95 LATEST ENHANCED CHIP SET SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE-Now utilize productivity and scan mode, etc. Super hr-res mode (1280 x 200 pixels). An absolute must with 2.0 Comes with Super Denise diagnostic test programs and installation software programs .$ 35.95 1 MEG FATTER AGNUS CHIP (8372A)-Comes with FREE Rockwell Agnus chippuller (a necessity). "Fmal Test" diskette (18 diagnostic programs), and complete step-by-step instructions .....$ 44.95 (We'll beat any competitor's price on this chip and still give you the diagnostics and puller.) AMIGA PC (MOTHER) BOARD Now for the first time, ana only at Grapevine, purchase a new A500 or A2000 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga deafer pays! Each "board" is populated (all chips), tested and has a 90 day warranty. PAL format Is also available.
* A50Q PCB. Brand new, just released from Commodore, tested and populated. Excellent for hobbyists or as a great back-up unit. Contains all custom chips including 8370 V? Meg Agnus. This is a special limited time offer ..$ 99.95
* A2000 PCB includes the 1.3 ROM, 8372A 1 meg Agnus and Super Demse chip 8373 ...$ 499.95 EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT A m (Revised April! 992) m Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% of broken Amigas are easily repaired by this kit. Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes: Two 8520A CiA Chips, 8362,8370,8364, Chip Puller. Fuse. Schematic, Diagnostician Booklet and The Final Test Diskette. A $ 224.00 value for ..$ 99.50 (Above kit with 8373 Super Denise .....$ 109.95)
• A500 240 volt power supply (U.K. Eur ) Exact Amiga replacement .$ 82.50
• A2Q00110 volt power supply (200 watt fan),.$ 142.50
• A2Q00110 220 VAC power supply (U.S. U.K.) $ 199.95
• A3000 110 volt power supply $ 169.95
• A500 internal floppy drive .$ 67.50
• A2058 8 Mb Amiga RAM board $ 299.95
• A2058 2 Mb Amiga RAM board $ 179.95
• A501 Amiga 512K module RAM (CBM)..S29.95
• A2088 XT Amiga add on board kit S191.50
• A500 keyboard (312502-01). Made by Commodore Exact replacement $ 54.50
• British A500 keyboard (312502-12) .$ 59.95
• A2000 keyboard .... ....$ 89.95
• 1403 (14") VGA CBM B W monitor. Just refurbished by Commodore. 90 day warranty .... $ 46.95
• 6570-036 A500 Keyboard chip $ 9.95
• 2.04 ROM Chip only. For those mulb-Am ga users who do not need the full operating manual and diskettes, this is for you We now sell the latest version of the 2.04 ROM chip at a fantastic price. Schools, businesses and multi- Amiga users should be pleased because of the big savings ... $ 39.95
• 8520 CIA CHIP .....$ 9.95 (2 or more $ 9.00 each)
• 1.3 Kickstart ROM .. $ 24.95
• Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip .$ 15.95
• Citizen 32K Printer Butter Chip .$ 22.50
• GVP G Force Combo 4 Megs. Comes with 68030 68882 SCSI controller and 4 megs. Limited quantity 33MH2 Combo 4 meg ..S999.00 40 Mhz Combo 4 meg $ 1079.00 50 Mhz Combo 4 meg $ 1439,00
• GVP-SIMM 32-4 Mb 60 for above $ 214.95
• USER PRINTER MEMORY: All HP Series HPII IID, IIP. Ill, HID. HIP and all Plus 2 meg 4 meg ..S104.50 S159.95 PHOENIX BOARD A1000 upgrade just released from Australia. Withing minutes Iranslorm your A1000 into a powerful new Amiga that approaches Ihe specs ol the A3000 Eliminate compatability problems. The Phoenut is a complete replacement motherboard FEATURES: 2 MB RAM on board configured as 2MB chip RAM: SCSI controller built m. true A20OO video and expansion slot, easy solderless installation, uses all original A1000 peripherals (Send for specs) ......5850.00 AMIGA POWER SUPPLIES Second version allows 2MB of chip RAM. Surpasses A200Q specs Contains 2MB Agnus. 8373 Super Denise. 2MB RAM, 1.3 ROM. "Final Test" diagnostic software and Amiga Diagnostician booklet .$ 599.95 WE SELL TO AMIGA DEALERS. SUPPLIERS AND SERVICE CENTERS ON 5 CONTINENTS. DEALER PRICING AVAILABLE DKB PRODUCTS AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS 1 MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS MEMORY EXPANSION 8362 Denise 'h Bright .... 521.95 B364 Paula ..521.95 8373 New Super Denise 535.95 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) A500 Plus & A600 only 559.95 5719 Gary chip ....512.95 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 major functions 59.95
1. 3 Kickstart ROM ..S24.95
2. 04 ROM only NTSC PAL (does not include kit) ..539.95
2. 04 Enhancer ROM Kit AS213. Includes 4 floppy disks. T.000 page operation manual & ROM (NTSC PAL) .....587.50
2. 04 ROM Upgrade Kit AS314 for A3000 only .....545.50
2. 04 A2620 A2630 ROM Upgrade Kit ....534.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (fixes mosi keyboard problems. 59.95 GVP-SIMM 32-4 Mb 60 ...5214.95 8371 % meg Agnus (PAL only) ....514.95 Prinfer Port Adapter (runs any CBM printer to PC) 529.95 IBM 5%“ Alignment System (Free Spirit), 529.95 Dr. Ami (Free Spirit) Memory & hard disk diagnostic program, Scans all system expansion memory Locates defective chips 5 bad memory location .. $ 29.35 AMI Alignment System (Free Spirit). Precision disk alignment performance package ..$ 28.50 1x4 80 SC Zip for A3000 (Amiga approved brand) 519.95 1x1 80 .. 53.25 4164 20 (used but guaranteed) ..S.29 256x4 100 al! ICD. GVP. Etc .54.55 256x4 80 .. S4.55 1x8 80 SIMM ......538.95 4xB 8Q SIMM .....$ 127.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip $ 15.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Ch p ....522.50 Flicker Fixer by Microway (NTSC or PAL) ..$ 227.95 GVP-SIMM 32 4Mb 60 .See Monthly Specials 68000-8 Mhz .... 59.95 68882-20 Mhz ..$ 34.95 6B881 -16 Mhz ..$ 39.95 68882*25 Mhz ..$ 49.95 A50O 45 watt (heary duty) ...$ 67.50 200 Watt Big Foot' A5QO Uni versal Swilchi ng Po wer Supply with fan and external cabling for hard disks, etc An absolute must for those adding on more memory peripherals (e g Pnma) Works in all countries worldwide .. $ 83.95 A2000 110 volt P S (200 watts fan) .$ 142.50 REJUVENATOR H A1000 UPGRADE MegAChip 2000’“ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included 2 MB of Chip RAM for A500 2000 Sizable Rebate on 1 Meg Agnus STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM II you use ycur Amiga for Desktop Video. 3D Rendering & Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing, then you need Ihe MegAChip 2000 Fully compatible with Workbench 2 0. The ECS Demse chip, GVP s and Commodore s 68030accelerators Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high lech 2 meg chip RAMasneA30009 Includes FREE Rockwell chip puller (a necessity), Final Test diagnostic Agnus diskette program (see Diagnostics section) and 2 meg Agnus chip installed and tested ..... $ 294.50 MegAChip 2000 without 2 meg Agnus chip $ 228,50 Buy Ihe MegAChip from us and we’ll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) lor $ 31.50 The DKB 2632™ Memory Expander for A2630 Accelerator This unique board was designed for the Amiga A2500 030 or A2630 accelerator card owner that currently has a powerful system but is limited by the amount of 32Brt RAM that can be installed Any one thal uses this Amiga system for video graphics, animation, rendering, publishing, or audio digitizing will benefit from the ability to install additicnat 32Bit Fast RAM 4 Megs of 32Bst RAM installed on board and expandable lo 112 megabytes .....$ 539.50 Insider II™ 15 Megs in Your A1000 Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1 5 meg ol Fast RAM internally User expandable m 512K increments using 256K x 4 Drams Includes battery backed clock calendar Simple installation No soldering required Compatible with the KwikSlart II and most processor accelerators 5176.50 With 1.5 meg ....5237.95 KwikStart II™ Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROMS Allows Al 000 owners to install 1,3 and 2.0 Kickstart ROMS and switch between them. Upgrade to the latest operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1.3 .. $ 59.95 MultiStart II™ Switch between ROMs Allows A500 2000 owners to nslall Kickstarl 1 3 and 2.0 and switch between them with the keyboard Can also install a third ROM. A sizable percenlage ol present soltware will be incompatible with the new 2.0. This simple devTce allows you to be compatible with all your software No external wires or switches required BONUS: Buy Ihe MultiStart Irom us and get the 1.3 ROM lor $ 22.95 ......$ 42.50 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 ££ Order Line Only ALL COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE Customer Service Line; (914) 368-4242 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 IBS 1 -800-292-7445 _«ii ttaflemxrn r*q mpo* »CO ana PKB an* hon i«-»p* tirti con-par es ar g arc aotely owl tot qcri'1tca1-or pjrpqu»t a a icyVeicd tmaer-jirfc ol Commodof BmrtM n Co'u ICD m iii NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER Unique 1.3-2.0 ROM Selector X '¦x: m
- -f+T'-r-- wSl SEND FOR OUR FREE CATALOG Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc. allows for compatibility of ALL your software. Automatically switch between 1.3 or
2. 04 ROM from your keyboard or mouse. Built-in speaker confirms 1.3 or
2. 04 ROM. Does not overlap the 58000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc Simple plug in, no soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available Instructions included ...... $ 32.95 BONUS: Buy the Switch-ltt from us and get the 2.04 ROM Kit tor S84.00. the 2.04 ROM only for $ 29.95 and or the 1.3 ROM lor S22.95. EXPENSIVE REPAIR COSTS It your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you may need a replacement of the most problematic (IC) chip in your Amiga, the 8520A. Areas affected by either of the two 8520A chips are: centronics port. RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse pod. Drive LED. Drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. (None of the above7 See our Amiga Diagnostician.) The 8520A is a simple plug in and will saveyoua lot of repaircostsand downtime 40%orall broken Amigas are caused by bad 8520s No soldering ...S9.95 (2 for $ 9.00 each) McCOY (PLCC) AGNUS CHIP PULLER This is an exact copy ot the Burndy chip extractor that Commodore sells (or S29.95 to its authorized service centers. It is essential for removing the Agnus chip Our price for this top professional tool .$ 14.95 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes: productivity mode for flicker free display and enhanced picture, superhi-res mode for ultrasharp video titling (1280x200 pixels), scan mode and new genlock mode allowing greater flexibility. (This is the same chip used in the A500+ & A600 A3000.) Comes with Super Denise diagnostic and installation software programs. This chip isan absolute must with the 2.0 and is the latest of the Enhanced Chip Set (LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE) ..S35.95 AdSCSI 2000. Hard drive interlace with unmatched speed and flexibility ...$ 97.50 AdSCSI 2080. Hard drive interlace with up to 8 megs of FAST RAM ......$ 164.50 Each meg of memory add .....$ 38.95 AdSpeed. Best overall performance of any accelerator in its price range .. $ 168.50 Flicker Free Video. Eliminates interface flicker for any Amiga computer $ 238.50 AdRAM 510. Just released for the new A500 PLUS. Take your Amiga 500 PLUS up to 2MB of Iasi RAM. Includes RAM and battery . $ 77.50 AdRAM 510+ for A500 PLUS (no ram) $ 43.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500 with 1 meg ..... $ 127.95 with 2 meg .....$ 159.95 Each additional meg of memory add ..$ 38.95 AdRAM 2080. 8 meg internally in your 2000 2500 ...$ 97.50 Each meg of memory add .....$ 35.00 AdlDE. Smallest Amiga hard drive interface made. For IDE (AT) drives IDE 44 Kit (for 2.5" hard drive) ....$ 117.50 IDE 40 (for 3.5" hard drive) (includes controller & cable) $ 92.50 IDE 40 Kit (includes Shuffle Board) ..$ 134.50 Novia 60i. The smallest hard drive and interface in the world for your A500. Fits internally .....$ 496.00 Novia 85i ..$ 599.00 Prima 52i. 3.5" IDE drive internally in your 500,1000, 2000.,,, $ 399.95 Prima 105i - .$ 577.00 MONTHLY SPECIALS WITCH Kirwkl At I TUI * i W THE ICD ADVANTAGE Top Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP Inc. GAME P R E S E R V E tuous detail that earned its board-game progenitor a loyal war- gainer following. A cohesive union of military, economic, and political elements, Computer Third Reich (C3R) lets two computer or human players replay World War II in Europe. One player takes the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and others), while the other hoists the flag of the Allies (Britain, Russia, France, and the US). C3R offers three historical scenarios (accurately recreating the strategic positions of Axis and Allied forces in 1939, 1941, and 1944) and a campaign game (re-creating World War II in its entirety). To help you along the treacherous path to victory, C3R relies on an intuitive, mouse-controlled interface. The main screen offers a small view of the much larger eight-color, hex-based map of Europe, over which you can smoothly scroll with directional icons. True to its predecessor, C3R displays all military units as rectangular counters, with ratings for movement and offense printed on the front of each. Setting up, moving, and attacking with your units is as easy as clicking on them and then clicking on their destinations. Not hard-drive installable and having look-up copy protection, C3R operated without any difficulty on both a one- megahvte Amiga 500 and an A3000 running AmigaDOS 2.04. The 19-page manual, however, is a little too brief. In it, Avalon Hill recommends that you purchase the original board game or the book Gamer's Guide to the Third Reich for more information. What C3R lacks in graphics, sound and other amenities is adequately compensated for by a solid, uncluttered playing interface and a healthy dose of gameplay. C3R is definitely built upon a solid foundation, offering more steak than sizzle. If you’re seeking a rich strategy game that plays well, consider Computer Third Reich. Castles By Peter Olafson THE FOUNDATION OF Castles ($ 59.95) is sound, but after that, things begin to teeter a bit. This medieval fortress-building game from Interplay permits you, as king or queen, to design a castle from a construction kit ol walls, towers, and gates. You then watch from a bank-camera perspective as your orders are carried out by up to seven types of animated castle-building folk. This part ol the game is undeniably charming and well executed. A set of toggleable menus permits you to hire and lire, add features (windows, arrow slits, and boiling oil), assign specific tasks, and control wages. You set taxes, buy food against the possibility of a siege, seek counsel from your advisers, and have your troops dig a moat. The one real lapse in this portion of the game is the absence of sound effects. Without them, it feels as though we’re watching clinically from a remote distance. What does bring Castles home is a lively set of story lines. You'll frequently be visited by nobles, churchmen, Celts, and common people, and have to chose among three possible answers to their pleas. Those decisions set the tone for threads that will follow you through the castle’s construction and inevitably influence the delicate balance you must strike with different elements of society There’s more to it than appears, and it’s a great deal of fun. The game itself is plenty friendly, it works on everything from an Amiga 1000 to a 3000 and goes on a hard disk. Once the game is installed, copy protection becomes transparent: Answer one question from the manual when you first play, and you’re set for life. ? Amiga World 93 RES E R V E (i A M E I* And yet, Castles’s life isn't as long as it ought to be. It’s a bit rocky both as a game in general and as an Amiga game in particular. While very nice graphically, it’s also rather slow, humpy, and unresponsive. Moreover, there’s really about two- thirds of a game here. Combat with the Celt raiding parties is pitifully simple just archers and infantry- even with some enhancements over the IBM version. Unlike the fortresses you’ll build, the game simply doesn’t endure. Once you’ve finished a castle, there’s nothing to do except move on to building others under more difficult circumstances. (The game allows construction of one or eight castles, in either real-world or fantasy settings. Sadly, the three-castle campaign from the IBM version has been excised.) That quickly gets old. A Sim City-style taste of life outside the walls would have gone down well. Castles cries out for a more advanced simulation that looks a little farther than the quarry. ¦ SHORT TAKES By Peter Olafson Agony Agony (S49.99) is ecstasy. Psygnosis' first pure horizontal shooter since Blood Money is bound to be a little slice of heaven for arcade fans. The 64- color graphics are lovely, and the scrolling and music are peerless. You're steering an owl through a primeval landscape inhabited by various owl-attacking sprites few of them less impressive or detailed than the backdrop gathering eight spells as you go. In terms of pure artfulness, this vast fantasy mural has to be the prettiest game Psygnosis has ever laid its hands to. (Will the sequel be called "Owl Be Back"?) And yet this also seems a curious throwback at a time when Psygnosis has sought to broaden its appeal with such games as Armour- Geddon, Lemmings, Obitus, and Carthage. Might & Magic III: The Isles of Terra The second Might & Magic episode to appear on the Amiga is one of the best role-playing games you're likely to see this year. Might b Magic III: The Isles of Terra [New World Computing. $ 59.95) offers an expansive and lovely game environment with barely a whisker of difference from the IBM version. The interface has undergone a makeover it's all portraits and icons now and there are all kinds of little finesses that either put information at your fingertips or make using it an unalloyed pleasure. But what's most impressive here is a vigorous sense of focus. M&M II sometimes felt like a game system without a story to give it cohesion. M&M III lets you roam, but also keeps you roughly on track without ever appearing to force you there. There's a sense of freedom, but also of deliberateness and progression. The monsters aren't infinite in number. The universe is full, but not cluttered. I suppose you you could see this as the same old kill-the-monsters-get- better-weapons-kill-bigger-monsters game, but it’s so splendidly done that I never noticed. Very nice. New World. I can't wait for IV. The Keys of Maramon In The Keys of Maramon (Mindcraft, $ 49.95), you're a mercenary in the monster-plagued town of Maramon. The monsters only come out at night. They retreat into their towers at dawn, and the number surviving your depredations is then reflected in the buildings shuttered for repairs the next Alien Ambush when the Earth is attacked by hostile aliens, the last resort is an experimental starfighter, Mantis, with you in the cockpit. Was the Fist of Earth world government right to trust the job to you? Find out the answer in Mantis ($ 59.95) from MicroProse. THE NEXT ROUND World Power Even if you can't balance your checkbook, you can balance a planet. Global Effect (Millennium, S49.95) simulates the interaction of a world's economic, industrial, environmental, and military factors, with you at the controls. In four scenarios (post-nuclear, post-industrial, global-warming, or spent-world) and with limited time and economic power, you must save a world from man-made crises. Not your style? Then compete with an opponent to dominate a world in the prime industrial or military force settings. Those with godlike delusions can even choose one of eight planets to nuture, populate, and civilize. No Pieces To Lose Board- game enthusiasts will enjoy Hoyle Official Book of Games: Volume 3 (Sierra On-Line, $ 49.95). You can play against human friends or any of 18 animated creatures culled from Sierra's graphic adventures. Challenge them to backgammon, Parcheesi, yacht, dominoes, checkers, or snakes and ladders. If you chat with your computer opponents, you'll even learn some of the history of the game you're playing. Attention, Armchair PILOTS Tired of being mouse- bound when you take to the skies with a flight simulator? For a truer cockpit feel, try the Mouse Yoke (Colorado Spectrum. S34.95). You simply clamp this aircraft-style yoke to a table and slip your mouse under its elastic strap. Not limited to flight simulators, the Mouse Yoke works with all software that uses a mouse for directional control. Pushing the yoke in and pulling it out simulates forward and backward mouse moves, while turning the yoke left and right mimics sideways mouse strokes. Spice Is Power Arrakis is waiting for you in Dune (Virgin Games, $ 49.99). As Paul Atreides, you and your family arrive on Arrakis to take over the planet's spice-mining operation from the rival (and evil) House Harkonnen at the Emperor's order. Baron Harkonnen does not give up easily, however. In this strategy adventure that attempts to remain true to Frank Herbert's award- winning novel, you must enlist the native Fremen's help in building your military might to defeat House Harkonnen, while maintaining Imperial spice-mining quotas and, of course, working towards the Fremen's dream of bringing ecological life to the planet. IHHB "International Sports Challenge brings you all the excitement of 6 different sporting events in the most realistic multi-sports simulation ever produced" SHOW JUMPING
• A masterpiece of 3D simulation! • Unique perspective, superb realism! • Different courses offering a CYCLING With stunning 3D vectors and unbelievable speed, the cycling event offers the most exhilarating and exciting race of your life. SHOOTING
* Sharp reflexes will be needed to break records in the shooting events.
• 4 totally different events offering a wide spectrum of challenges from pistols to double barrel shotguns. MARATHON The unique marathon is a test of strategy and technique as you take your runner through "the wall",
• The marathon, linking all other events together, allows you to tackle the ultimate challenge. • 4 courses. • Choice of six different runners. 1 Changes in terrain, weather and altitudes. DIVING
• Over 40 dives to pick from on 1, 3 and 5 metre boards, together with a medley option. • More than 140 frames of animation gives this event unsurpassed realism and gameplay. SWIMMING Test your skills in the 100m Breaststroke, 200m Freestyle, 400m Butterfly or 4x100m Medley. Empire simulIation (i V M i: P R E S E R V E MORE SHORT TAKES day. If you're consistently good about killing them off, you'll eventually come up with keys to the towers and the Uibyrinths below. If you're not, you'll dig yourself a nice little hole. Maramon doesn't have much depth, but there are some nice elements here, and I've no doubt it could make a charming, if light game. But this is very much the sort of half-hearted Amiga port we were seeing three years ago. The music and sound consist of creaky boops and beeps. The graphics aren't even up to the EGA resolution in which the game was originally released. The scrolling is sluggish, and I found the screen shuddering uncontrollably in certain situations. Sorry, but avoid. Tail. Commands are now icon-based, there's a point-and-click graphic inventory, and conversations are more elaborate than ever. Britannia is a more intimate and real place than ever before. The detail is staggering; takable objects are everywhere. The in-game graphics are right up to the level of the VGA original, and the music is superb. So what's not to like? Well, on a 68000-based Amiga, it's very slow slow to the point of did-my-machine-lock-up ponderousness when something's happening nearby and that's a substantial failing. You'll need to be extra- emphatic with your key presses to get commands to take. The product-info sticker reports that it can be installed on hard disk only on machines with
1. 3 ROMs, while in fact it can be installed manually on 1.2 machines. Hoi fill Units Respond I've had arcade games featuring cute characters up the wazoo, but maybe I have room for just this one more. His name's Hoi, and he's the featured performer in Hollyware's eponymous five-level platform game ($ 39.95) set in the Madlands: a landscape full of springs, conveyor belts, spikes, slippery surfaces, insects, and other hazards that do not love a cunnin' little green critter with a taste for jewels and fruit. In other words, it's very much a Super Mario Brothers Sonic the Hedgehog-type game, and it's a very good one. More could have been done with the main sprite, certainly. He just sort of throbs, as though turning invisible pedals. However, Hoi's scrolling is silky smooth, and the game is full of little Amiga refinements: an Eric Schwartz-like intro animation, a dithered sky with stars whizzing by, a hot palette, and a nifty explosion of circles when Hoi meets his maker. And while I didn't find any of the secret areas that traditionally grace these games, there's always the hint of something interesting just out of sight. Hill Street Blues Better late than never, I suppose. Hill Street Blues ($ 39.95), based on the much-honored (and now rather dated) TV series, has been brought over from Europe by DigiTek, and it's not without charm. That charm doesn't rely purely on affection for the show, but also on the large and detailed city under your protection. Driving your black-and-white in overhead perspective, you'll see an astonishing variety of buildings, trains coming and going, cars thronging the streets (and occasionally getting snarled up and honking at each other), and pedestrians. Of course, some of those pedestrians have done wrong. You'll use an extensive set of icons to investigate crimes, identify suspects, and put them away. Major crimes go to trial and you'll have to testify in court. There's a lot of detail here. It's quite tricky getting around at first, however, and you'll need time to get comfortable with the system. Ultima VI: Tiil False Prophet Ultima VI: The False Prophet (Origin Systems, S69.95) should begin to redeem the widespread disappointment with Ultima V: The Crummy Port. Once again, you're the Avatar that famous eight-virtue guy summoned back to a Britannia threatened by gargoyles who've come up from the Underworld from which you rescued Lord British in U5. The heart of this new-look Ultima is essentially the same. You and your traditional Ultima band roam around exploring, performing quests, talking to people, and killing monsters (though, pleasantly, there appear to be far fewer of the last). A big difference is that, for the first time, the outdoors, interior, dungeon, and combat sequences all use the same closeup, overhead perspective, with each party member appearing individually and in some de- Wild Wheels Playing Wild Wheels [Ocean, S49.95), a soccer-with-cars game, is a bit like being a bug inside a pinball machine. You're leading a team of bumper cars battering a huge steel ball around a playfield. If you do well, you earn points toward better cars for use against tougher opponents. You know the routine. This isn't nearly as polished as Speedbali 2, but it's a lot of basic, well- done fun abetted by some nice touches in the playfield (such as special tiles) and an option for play on linked computers. The games speed right along there's no goalie and the controls (the joystick) serve well. I do wish it had some league amenities it's much more an arcade game than a future sport and that it would run on hard drive so it wouldn't honk the disk at every opportunity. Meanwhile, I'm in the second division, climbing and enjoying it. ¦ FinalCopv produces the highest quality output of any Amiga word processor. It comes with 35 outline fonts and creates documents that can be printed on any
1. 3 or 2.0 Workbench supjwrted graphic printer or Postscript® printer. Say goodbye to jagged edged output forever. The best companion to your favorite word processor. Proper Grammar can read, correct, and save documents created in FinalCopy™, Pen Pal™. ProWrite™. QuickWrite™, Excellence!™. Scribble!. Kind Words™, Trans Write™. AndTextCraft Plus™. Includes a 114.00 word speller.
470. 000 synonym thesaurus with definitions, automatic text flow around graphics, automatic hyphenation, Arexx port, headers, foolers, and multiple columns. The Best Printing on the Amiga! SoftClips Clip-Art is an extensive collection ol high- resolution. Bit-mapped images that can be imported into documents created by most major word-processing and publishing programs on the Amiga. Each volume contains 4 disks, packed with hundreds of useful pictures, created by professional artists. These images are designed for letters, newsletters, reports, and many other documents for home and business use. SoftFaces from SoftWood utilize only the highest quality fonts, designed by world-famous type designers. Each volume contains 25 typefaces. These carefully chosen typefaces are designed exclusively for use with Final Copy. Widely recognized and useful. SoftFaces' professional quality typefaces give your documents the creative flair they deserve. These typefaces are outline fonts that can be sized from 4 points (1 28 inch) to over 300 points (over 4 inches). These fonts have no j aggies and will print using the full capabilities of your printer. Best Clip-Art on the Amiga! $ 4,495 liT- each Quality Typefaces for Final Copy FREE 800 LINE TECHNICAL SUPPORTS You will be given our Exclusive 800 Toll-Free Technical Support Phone Number to.call should you require any help or advice on any aspect of the software in the US and Canada. EXPRESS SHIPPING: Next-day shipping to most cities in the continental U.S. only $ 3.00, Hawaii and Alaska $ 13.00. Free 2nd day shipping anywhere in continental U.S. ORDER BY PHONE: Phone our Order Line with your Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date. M-F, 8-5 P.M. MST WARRANTY: 30 day version protection: If a new version of the program is released within 30 days of purchase, you will receive the new version at no charge regardless of normal upgrade fee. 30 day exchange on all products - no questions asked. SmartSoft, Inc., P.O. Box 51840, Phoenix, AZ 85076 Circle 81 on Reader Service card LIST OF ADVERTISERS Reader 190 A&M Computer Repair, 102 Reader 19 1 Hammond Photographic Services, Setvict ipj Alpha Data. 45 Service 168 INOVAftonics, Inc., 51 Number Amigaman, B2-R3 N"mbtr 75 FNOVAfionics, Inc., 011f * AniigaUoild 17 J&GCompiuci Smite, 102 Get Animated. 31 173 J&C Compuiei Service, 102 ideomakcr. 74 * Kasara Microsystems. 102 Razza ‘idco, 80 34 Manta, 79 AW Back Issues* 10*1 93 Memory W01 Id. 99 85 Bate Bones Software, 102 99 Micro R&D, 103 30 Black Knight Peripherals, 108 183 Mic toMign, 104 7 Briwall. 110-111 35 Montgomeiv Giant, 109 162 Centaur Software, 18-21 65 New Horizons Software, 9 9 Commodore Business Machines, 28 37 Newlek. Inc., CIV 10 Computability 72-73 170 Northwest Public Domain, 102 10 Computability 85 150 Progressive Peripherals, 37 13 Creative Computers, 62-69 17 Progressive Peripherals, 39 14 DevWarc. Inc., 100-101 * PronioYisinn, 102 DevWarc Toolrhcst, 81 62 Psygnosis. 87 16 Digital Creations, 61 199 ReadySoft, Inc., 95 76 Digital Expressions. 103 197 Ramige, 57 156 Digital Images, 102 44 Safe 1 [arbor, 91 23 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 55 40 SAS Institute. 50 171 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 71 21 Sharp Electronics Corp., 49 185 Electronic Services, Ini I, 102 45 Sideline Software, 107 166 Foxy Tec, 102 81 Smai tsoft, 97 18 Gervie Information Sen ices, 33 90 SMC Software Publishers, 103 13 Go AMIGA Video, 76-77 46 SoftLogik Corp., 41 154 Gold Disk, Inc., 1 88 Software Hut, 103 20 Grapevine Group. Inc., The, 92-93 ¦IS Softwood, Inc.. 17 67 Graphic Impressions, 102 57 Sunrizc Industries, 59 1 Great Valley Products, Inc., 2 * Supra Corporation, Cl I 1 Great Valley Products, Inc., 4 22 Tcncx Computer Express, 88-89 1 Great Valley Products, Inc., 5 15 Hie Disc Company, 47 I Great Valley Products, Inc., 7 71 ‘fit State Computer, 105 1 Great Valley Products, Inc., 11 86 Vision soft, 103 1 Great alley Products, Inc., 13 176 Zippcrware, 104 1 Great Valley Products, Inc., 15 Thi-i index is provided as an additional service. The publisher dues nni assume liability For errors or omissions.
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Information Management, hitth Hi , Mam At, Siizuvlt, PC H'elt, PC Worhe, hdthsh!, I’nil. Unix Wit: GREECE'S Injincorfd, PC (tames, PC World Greece; HUNGARY'S Computcruorld S7.T, Mikmvilag Magazin, PC World: I N'DIA's Computers CT CnnimtiMcatiom; ISRAELI* Cornpul- erworld Israel, PC World Israel: FI ALYN Compuleruvrld Italia. Macworld Italia. Nduvrkmg Palm, PC World Itnlue, JAPAN N (jimput- eruvrld Japan, Macworld Japan, Sun Wbrht pipan: KENYAN East African Computer Srwy, KOREAN Computernxirltl Korea, Macworld Kon a, PC. World Kura; M EX ICON Qnnpn Ldicton, Coinpit Monti fart it in. CnmpnlnnanJPunUi dr Ihila, Computeru midA exiro, Mar- World, Mundo Unix, PC Journal, Windows, THE NETHERLANDS' Computer! Labial. Computer,cor hi Netherlands, IAN .Magazine, Mat Ivmhl Magazine; NEW ZF.AI AN I )'s Computer listings. Coinpulent'orid New Zealand, New Zealand PC * I odd: NIGE- RLVs PC. World Africa: NORAVAYN Computer,! Odd Norge. Chivrhl, IDC, Dirrct Response. Ijguxuvrld Norge, Macworld Norge. Netuvrld. PC World Ekspnss, PC World Norge. PC World's I'induct Guide, hth- hsh! World. Student Gulden. Unix World. WnuUmswnrld; BERl'N PC World: PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINAN China Computer, eorld, Consumer Electronics Nrw Product World. Fled mines International. New Product W'odd. PC World (Mur, THE PHILIPPINE** Computcniorld. PC World; POLAND'S Computerworld Ddand; ROMANIAN Infoelnh Magazine; RUSSIAN Cnnpuier- uwid-Mascow, Setuuiks. PC World; SPAlNN. Hrtigu World, Autoedi- cion, ClMWorld, Communicacit nes World, (.tunpiiterwodd Usftaha, Macworld Espafta, PC World Espafia, Publish!; SWTDENN Aj- farsekonami A lanagemenl. Attack, CAD CIA f 11 odd. Co in fatter Sweden, Corporate Computing, Dalaingenjoren, IhgitalAtirlden. Ijikula NatveikdAN, ImIus World, MACcfPC, Mantmhl, Maxi Data. Mikrodalont, PC Wald. Publishing &" Design (APi, Unix Oppm system, Hiru ous; SWITZERLAND'S Compuleruvrld Schweiz. Macworld Schweiz. PC. & Workstation: TA1WANN Cnmputeruwld lin- ¦jtin, PC World Taiwan; THAILAND'S Thai Computer-world: TURKEY'S Computerworld Monitor, Macworld Turkiyc, PC World lurktye; I HE I NT I ED KINGDOM* lotus Magazine, Mannnld; HIE UNITED STATES' AmignWnrld, (jible in the Classroom, CKK Computer linymg Wold, Computer-world, Digital Next s, DOS Resource Guule, I led write Nm-s, Federal Computer ItivA, Game P.m, 11H * Books. Mcuter A + ¦ lnfo Torld, tutus, tMatworhl, MFC World, Network Wntd, NeXTWORI.D, PC Games, PC Utter, PC World. Publish!. RUN. Sun World. SWAThv; TN EZUELA's (Ampitler- world Hrnezuela, MwwCumputeneodd Ienezurlat A’UGOSLW IAN Moj Mikro. DRAM BLOWOUT We Beat Any Advertised Price NOBODY CHEAPER SIMMS ZIPS DIPS 1x8-80 ..... .$ 33.99 A3000 STATIC COLUMN ZIPS - lxl - 100 . $ 3.49 1x8-70 ..... ...35.99 $ 16.50 EACH lxl - 80 ...
3. 99 4x8-80 ..... .114.99 1x4-70 SCZ ..... $ 17.95 lxl -70 ...
4. 50 4x8-70 .....
124. 99 1x4 - 60 SCZ ..... ..21.95 256x4 - 80 ... 3.99 GVP SIM32 PAGE ZIPS 1x4 - 80 ...
1. 3 ROM 26.95 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 EA. OR TWO FOR 19.95 2 MB AGNUS W PULLER & INSTR. 69.95
2. 04 ROM ONLY 49.95
2. 04 KIT FOR A3000 CALL A1000 1.5MG UPGRADE W.CLOCK DKB 199.95 Memory World lias always brought you the finest in SPEED Sc Quality, so allow us to introduce to you, Interactive Video Systems. CSA'S MEGA MIDGET RACER $ 299.95 l v s Board with 68030 & 68881 Amiga 500 Controllers: TVS Grand Slam 500 .....$ 299 TVS Trumpcard Pro 500 ..245 IVS Trumpcard Classic 500.... 129 ITS Trumpcard 500AT IDE... 179 As always, all IVS products include TC Utils. 2.0! ALL products are 1009c compatible under VB 2.0 &• w removable media! Trumpcard 500AT rated BEST BUY on the Amiga 500. = AW Feb. ’92 issue) I lolds up to 8 Megs of SIMMS and a fast AT IDE drive! Amiga 2000 SCSI Controllers: IVS Grand Slam ....$ 239 IVS Trumpcard Professional .....149 IVS Tmrnpcairi Classic ....85 Grand Slam & Trumpcard Professional arc llic World’s Easiest SCSI Controllers for ilic Amiga computer Both controllers have returned disk speed transfer rates in excess of 2.1 Mbytes per second. Grand Siam includes SCSI- Ultimate Amiga Peripheral. SHARE Networking, Printer- Trumpcard Pro includes face Parallel Pori & sockets SCSI-SHARF. Networking & for up to 8 SIMM Modules die World’s fastest SCSI for RAM Expansion! This Controller! This unit works makes Grand Slant the Kreat with any accelerator! COMING SOON! IVS "VECTOR” 68030 Accelerator
1) MMR 20 MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 25 MHZ $ 349.99 Excellent entry level accelerator can be upgraded by user.
2) MMR MHZ CPU & FPU 68882 tested & clocked at 36 MHZ ....$ 499.99 Need more speed? This is it. Great board Great price.
3) MMR 38 Special for the speed demon or true professional ...$ 649.99 38 MHZ CPU & 50 MHZ FPU 68882 allows SERIOUS productivity. All Mega Midget Racers come with MMU only...You get more for less only at MEMORY WORLD. CSA UPGRADES 32 Bit 512K SRAM allows copying of 1.3 or 2.0 ROM into 32 bit memory: 100ns $ 99.00 70ns $ 125.00 2 MEG Board $ 269.95 4 MEG Board $ 499.95 8 MEG Board $ 629.95 EXTRA SPECIALS 68882RC 33 $ 129.95 68882RC 50 $ 149.95 68882FN 33 (PLCC) $ 169.95 MEMORY WORLD liLAi «W5; J 3070 Bristol Pike Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 Attn: Amiga Dept. 215-244-7930 FAX 215-244-7932 Add $ 5.00 S&H Add $ 7.00 2nd Day Add $ 4.50 COD VISA MC I CHECK COD Other chips speeds available CALL Exclusively serving hie Amiga since 1985 Public Domain Li b r a r Order 15 disks and pick any 4 disks of your choice! *Anti-Virus is always free on all orders of 15 or more disks-
- a $ 20 value! Guarantee - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! Each of our disks are lam packed with only the best programs-no "one program per disk’ here...compare this to our competitors-please! Almost all of our software is made and written in the USA for easy compatability with American machines. The first two letters on each disk indicate the orientation of the disk; WB general interest - most programs can be run from the workbench. FD games and entertainment, VO are video related programs utilities and DD advanced--requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS CLI. Thanks to our extensive arsenal of anti-virus software. ALL of our software is guaranteed virus free! V09 : 24-Blt - Contains Rend24 which allows you to prool Toaster-generated 24 bit animations. Also contains utils to convert IFF’s to IBM VGAWndows readable format Also contains latest release of JPEG lile compressor VOB: CompuGraphlc Fonts - Contains 2 dipart-styic fonts ana 4 actual typefaces for use with WB2 04 and it's Fountain utility Great lor desktop publishing andor video projects V07: SlnrTrok Objects • Contains the USS Reliant, NCC-170TD (the Enterprise Irom Star Trek TNG) and a Ferengi Marauder ship Also contains a full detailed Porsche 911 and Apache Attack Helicopter Imag ne format V06: Modelling Objects - Contains 20 vecor objects in imagine lormat. These are perfect lor use with VOS or your favor.te 3D modelling program. Includes Amiga 3000. Space station & many more! V05: Modelling - Vertex allows you to create 3 D oDjects without using tho abstract X. Y and 2 views Loads Sculpt-3D'4D. Turbo Silver. Imagine. LightWave, GEO and Wavefront formats MagicTween will metamo-pnasize any two pictures by automatically animate the 'in-between' frames V04: Video 4 Anim - Vdeo DB will catalog at ol your videotapes Slate is a sharp graphic ol a slate tor your productions. CyroUtiis splits, makes and gives info about ANIMs RTAP lets you play large AniMs on small memory machines V03: Image Utils - let VceoToolsOnTap let you tap into the v-oeo power ol your Amiga lor faces, cotor anc greyDars as well as a pletnora of other nde- spensabie video functions. TitieGen will do proressional crawling titles. JPEG converts JPEG ->24-bit IFF witn amazing compression. ImageLao performs speoa! Effects on iFFs. V02: Stlllstore - Used to create the 'over the shou der' graphic inserts ala the 11 00 news. V01: Graphics P-coase will let you view anc track ALL cl your IFF pictures over all ol those Hoppes' Freeoam: is a Doiuxe-Pa nt wcrka'ike Agraph is a powerful utility to produco snazzy graphs FD80: Technoban - II you like logic puzzles, this d sk is lor you1 Create your own puzzles with the built-in editor or play the many pre made ones Requires Fat Agnus (tMB ol Chip memory) FD79: Addams Family Quiz - They're delightfully creepy and spooky and now they're in your Amiga! Classic digitized graphics and sound samples make this a real crowd-pleaser. Wait till you 'talk with Cousin Ittl" FD78: Potpourri - Lothian is a great Ullima-tyoe acveniuro game with great graphics Rocky is a remake ol the classic Bou'derdash. FD77: Arcade Series - Gaiaga'92 is a done cl the arcade game of the same name win several gamepiay ennancements-with smooocth. Sharp g-aphics it's better than the ongonal1 Pharaohs Curse is a done of the cngiona! 064 classic Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized version cl the Avalon Hill board game--conquer or De conquered! Gaiaga requires 58020* FD76: Catacomb is a full graphic adventure game w-th beautiful graphics and a very slick icoamouse driven interface FD75: Arcade Series - Descender is a clone of the classic arcade game
• Tempest': complete with vectorized graph cs. Tan* is the classic Dattlo ol trajectories and inertia between two tanks *ncreatoly wen done' Search is a maze game unlike ary other mciudc-d is a level editor too. (Tanx requires i meg chip memory-Fat Agnus) FD74: Arcade Series • RingWar is an 'Oute- Limits' done w.th vectorized g-apnics. MotnerLode is a 'Lode Runner' dpne with 50 levels' In 3titzTan«s. They're coming at ycu from ail directions'! Call in air strikes and t-se your heavy artillery to survive' FD73: Arcade Series Intruder Alert! Is a MULTi-ievei 'Berserk' clone Features smooth gamepiay. Great graphics & digitized sound If* FD72: Sword of the Warlock - This is a demo version of a great public comam graphic dungeon adventure game The adventure spans three diskettes and allows two players to go adventuring. The game has a Bards Tale' fool to it. Three disk set. Counts as 2. Requires t meg of RAM and 2 floppy drives or HD FD71A&B: Star Trek: TNG Trivia Challenge - So you think ycu know The Next Generation, huh'’ Complete with fantastic samped sounds and digitized images, this game even looks and sounds iixe a genuine Star Trek terminal' VERY thorough and comp ete' Counts as 2 disks. FD70: SpaceGames • Contains AMIGAids. >fmaity! An Asterotos game that takes advantage of the Amiga totally configurable with great sound and grpahics. In Cosmostruction the object of the game is for each Cosmosfrucfion team to acquire the most points while construction energy ducts between the space station and pianetods. FD69: MlndGames Had enough of shoot-em up games’ Relax and let these 21 games exe-cise your mind instead ol your wns New Disks DD79obcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial This is the most comprehensive C fanguage-’Amrga oriented-set of tutorials available. Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons, Included are full discussions and examples on every lopic on Amiga programming. 4 disk set. Counts as 3. WB115: Term - If you have AmigaDOS 2 04 and a modem, then this is THE program for you. Term totally conforms to the User Interface Style Guide for
2. 04, nas an Arexx port, anc supports all popular hie-trans'er p-otocois through XPR libraries. We wish all programs were written to this cai'ber. WB114: Fonts 4 - Contains 36 bitmap system fonts WB113: Sid II - Why pay 40 bucks for a directory utility, when this one will do it all plus much more' A truly professional-caliber program. Sid 1 was our best, now completely rewritten. Sid 2 will undoubtedly astound you. WB112: Productivity Business - Stock Analysis allows automated downloading of slock data with full analysis capabilities (requires modem) SubStoro will allow you to log magazines and articles with full search.scan.pnnt capabilities WB111: Cellular Automa - Straight from the pages ot Ihe January 1990 issue of Scientific American, this electronic mocel will allow you to simulate cellular circuits. WB110: Electronic Baby Book - Immortalize your children on your Amiga1 Tracks everything about your newborn first steps, words focth. Birthdays, X-mas, friends, etc even space for a digitized photo! WB109: VerscWise Dsp'ay. Sea-ch and output The New Testament to lex: files or you' printer. DD86: The Programmer • Includes GadTools and REQToois which will allow you to create your user interfaces and then the program will automatically generate "C source code cr Assembly-codo-saving you countless hours o! Workl Requires, and writes code for, AmigaDOS2.04 DD85: AnalytlRIM • Tis incredible program is a combination ol a powerful SdfeaOsheet and a Relational into-mation Manager (daiabase). Not for the faint ot head, this is a hoavy-duty package1 Req 1 MB RAM DD84; Proteus BBS - This disk contains the full blown verson of tho Proteus BBS software Totally configurable & ultimately powerful. Roqu res a hard-drive. Arexx and at least a meg of memory. DD83: IBM - Not one. But TWO IBM emulators that will a low the running ct MS-DOS softwa-e won Am ga programs"! Comes complete with programs to turn your Amiga floppy dnves into 720K IBM compatable drives. DD82: Unix Contains a working demo of Mmtx - a Unix workalike Mmix is system call compatable with V7 ol Jmx. FD68: Potpourri - Eternal Rome s n strategic simulation ol the Roman Empire inducing military, diplomatic, political, economic and social factors. Loro o! Hosts is a board strategy game lor 2 players in Moonshine, you've got to get the hootch across the state i ne a great rolling, scrolling cnving game1 FD67: Arcade * includes Uamatron a wen done Roboiron' c one Hate is a 'terntic* commercial grade Zaxxon clone with multiple levels worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling...a 10! FD64: Games - Wizzy s Quest - a 'great' 50 level game with great graphics. Cubus ¦ a 3-d-mensional Tetris type game (rotate and move n 3 dimensions) Husker Du Cofors and pattern rather than shape in this Tetns-esque game. 5 screens and 3 levels of difficulty Requires Fat Agnus (1 Meg ot Chip) FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner simulation Requires 1 megabyto of memory WB117: Religion Conta'rts Scnpture Mem (aids in memo-izmg verses and passages) and in Pauls Journey, you are Paul at Tarsus exploring the Mediterranean and preaching just as Paul did Req * MB RAM WB116: Databases - This Is what you've been waiting for! Contains 5 uniquely specialized diabase programs for tracking: Videotapes, CD's. Magazine A-hcles, Comic Bocks and Trading Cards' FD5: Tactical Games - ButiRun - a Civil war battle game. Metro you p'ay the role of a city planner Build wisely and your system wi>l Do a success, but poor planning will lead to disaster and financial rum. Vory very habit forming. FD6: GAMES! • This disk is chock lull ol games including. Checkers. Clue. Gold - A new slide tne pieces puzzle, Jeopard - An enhanced version of Risk. RushHour • Surpnsmgiy addicting, and SpaceWar Besl desorbed as a cross between Cornbat-Tanks and asteroids FD7: Pacman - This disk contains several pacman type games including; PacMan87. MazMan and Zonix. FD9: Moria -. This has great graphic controls, multiple spells, similar to Lam and Hack. Play time sovoral weeks' FD10: HackLlto A dungeon adventure game Considered a must-have das sic. This is me second release of this game on me Amiga Great graphic interface Play time several weeks' FD11: Las Voqas and Card Games Las Veoas Craos • The best QT1: The A64 Package - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatable with WB1.3 & 2.0. This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's 1541 disk drive to your parallel pori of your Amiga for total emulation. Two disk set. Counts as two. Special price $ 49.95 - including hardware. Fun Disks Special Product! Vegas Craps simulation every written lor any computer. Contains oxtonsrve HELP features. Also Thirty-One,VideoPoker and mare FD12A,FD12B: Star Trek, The Game • This is by lar the best Slar Trek game ever written (or any computer. It features rrouso control, good graphics. D.gitized sound effects and great gamepiay. Counts as 2 disks Req 1Mb 2nd two dnves (or hd). FD13: Board Games - contains multiplayer Monopoly. Domnces. Paranoids, ana others FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this disk. Hball • an arkanoid breakout type game, Trix - a Qix type clone F017: Educational Games • This disk includes sovoral gamos for [he younger members including geography, main, science, and word games, a so includes Wheel of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games MechForce = 3 72): A game that simulates combat between two or more giam, robot-liko machines. Simple words can't bogm to give you the feel ol piloting a 30 - 40 foot tall, lira broathing, earth shakng colossus That obeys your every whim. FD26:Arcade Games Marble_sl ce is a commercial quality game simiar to a Lucas game named PpeDreams. Excel'ent payability and entertainment. Mutants a small versor ot The same arcade game SuperBreakout is a Pong-Arkanoids type game. FD27: Arcade Games This dish is loaded with some great games. Includes. Raceorama a great racing car game with ten different courses. MmiBiast a helicopter gunship type clone. Shark in the same class as hoger, and Sbreakout the original breakout with more. FD29: Shoot'em up's WWIi ¦ you're the p lot ol a WWH plane flying through eremy territory, you've just been spotted, good lucx on you mission, SpKillor • try and penetrate enemy imes with this game, and Retahator - another great game. FD31: Games! - Air Traffic Control a good ATC simulation Black Jack Lab ¦ a lull featured set ot card games. ChessTet - play chess with your friend in distant ana remote places with this game ana a modem, laoymth ¦ a woli done text adventure game (like an mfocom game), and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game. FD32: Flight Simulator - An instrument flight simulator for a DC10. F033: Arcade Games Ffreddy a Mano Brothers type of game. Gerb is a 'argot practice game. PipeLire a German interpretaton of P po Dreams, Tron a light cycles version, and Wetrpids a wonderful version ol astoroids with a hilarious twist. FD35: Omega (v 1.3) A new outstanding dungeon and outdoors adventure game in a similar vem as hack, rouge, and rrona This version is consider ably faster anc better that all previous versions Play time several weeks FD37A4B:Tactical Games - Empire (2 2w) This great game comes h ghly recommended With a lull-graphic front end FD38: Games ¦ Cnbbage Master - A great cnobage game and tutor. Spades
• a well done card came, ChineseCheckers • A computer verson of this classic. Puzz - a s'ide piece puzzle game and construction set FD39ASB: Star Trek. The New Generation - This is a. completely di*ferent verson of Star Trek than that found on FD!2. This one was created by the German author Tobias. Now with English instructions Excellent'!' Counts as two disks. Requires 512k FD44: Gome • Mechfight is an out ol this world role play mg adventure comparable to hack and mona The setting. Interplanetary colonies and space stations in your quest to explore the world take t me out to I berate bad guys o* the r most valuable possessions, engage m a mona! Combat or two aga nst robots and alien life forms, p-ck up a new Am*ga 9300 Most of ail. Don't torget tc stay alive... FD49:Chaos Cheats - This disk conlams an eve-ything you wanted to know aoout cheat set lor Chaos Strikes Back, including full maps, spells oo.ect tocatons. Super characters and more FD50: Submarine Game • Seaiance. Ore anc a haft years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game. Commercial quality, highly recommended. FD52: Classics Games - PetersQuest a well done Mario brothers typo ol game. Jymbc a two player missile command clone, and Vstank a lank commander game. FD53: Great Arcade On this disk is a wonderfu implementaton o! The over popular ciassc arcade game Defender Also contain Air Race a VWVII flying ace arcade game, and Psycobiast new creation idea game FD56: Arcade Includes SpaceWar HueyRaid Is a well done helicopter arcade game PowerPong s a great expanded pong gamo FD57: Arcade Games - Includes 2 truly commercial quahty games. MegaBali. An Arkano'd-ish game, features 5 musical scores, multiple levels and addict ng gamepiay Gravity Attack is a psychadeiiic tnp through several different worlds each distinctly different. FD58: GAMES! - Includes Stemschiag: a great Tetns done from Germany with music. Scombat simulate battle between up to 40 players & mons'ers. Impenum Romanunv Battle up to 4 players for cont'ol of the Mediterranean in this Risk-esque game FD59: Game Potpourri Xenon III is an almost exact clone ot tho common oal gam© ot the same name, a groat shootemup Crossword will tako lists of words & automatically generate word search puzzlos for any Epson compat able printer. FD60: Games • In Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installa- tons Interferon: a groat Dr. Mar.o clone Enigma, ts it a ganeor a puzzle7 FD61: Games - Solitaire, great graphics, plays two versions. Klide. An interesting piece of eye candy. Extreme Violence; 2 player kill or bekilled game YATC, A Tetris clone with Artifical Intelligence. Genesis; create realistic 3d WB4:Telecommumnlcation - This d sk contams several excellent pd communication programs designed to get you on line quickly and easily. Access (1 42) • A very mce ANSI term program based on Comm v1 34. But with the addition of sevorat transfer protocols. Comm (1.34) - Latest version of one of tne bost public comam commun cations programs ever made on the Amiga. Handshake (2.12a) Handshake is a Full featured VT52 '100' 102 220 WB5: Fonts si- Several fonts (35) for the Amiga, also Included are five PageStream fonts,and ShowFont - a tont display program WB6: Fonts 2 - ShowFonl(4 0) This program allows you to quickly and oainess'y view all 255 characte-s in a typical torn. Large AmigaDos system ‘onts (many uo to 55pts| WB7: Clip Art - This disk is loadec with b ack and white clip art Art nciudes. Trees, watches, tools. US ana State maos, and more WB9: Icons - Truly a multitude of various types and kinds Also includes IconMiester. IconLnb, and others great utilities to help generato icons. WB10: Virus Killers - The latest and bes: VirusX(4 0). Kv(2 1), and ZeroVlrus III WB11: Business - Cterk = 4 0), fnaily a full featured business accounting PD program for the small to medium company Incudes receivables, payables, end ot month and uch more. WB12; Disk Utilities - This great disk is loadeo with wonderlul utilities for everything includ ng maKing disk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, disk and f.ie recovery archive and organizing, and a I sons ot file manipulation. A must have' WB13: Printer Drivers and Generator - eve' 70 different drivers, and rf these don t do it with PrtDrvGen you can make your own. WB15: Business - This disk contains a spreadsheet, a catabase. A projoct'time management program and financial analysis (stocks). WB16; Business ¦ Th s d sk contains an inventory manager, a loan analysis program, a great ca'endar scheduler, a roiodex program, and pernywise a good 'Cash Bock' accounting for homo or office. Fractal worlds. » Workbench Disks ' j A; $ 8.90 $ 20.50 $ 37.00 S69.00 10 for 25 for 50 for 100 for Please send me the following disks: Enter disk ID (Example: DD79, FD57, WB105) _ea. = S. Disk based catalog ($ 2.50) = 5_ aS (Catalog diskcxmjuts with a coupon for a free disk with your next order) Anti-Virus ($ 19.95) = $ _ KAO Blank Disks _= $ CA Residents add 7.75% sales tax = $ _ Foreign Shipping = $ . Handling = $ Total Due = $ _
3. 001 CO_ Signature Name_ Address _ City_ Exp ] Payment enclosed Please charge my. ] Visa ] Mastercard ] Discover Following day shipping in most cases. No shipping charges within USA. Canada add 5.25 each. Foreign add 550 per disk for air mail delivery. Payment in US funds only. A minimum of $ 20.00 required on all credit card orders. ST. .Zip Phone (. DevYVare, 1252S Kirkham Court, Suite 11-AW29, Poway, CA 92064 Orders Only Please! (800) 879-0759 Support (619) 679-2825 ' Fax (619) 679-2887 enthusiast, including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool. Logic Lab ¦ circuit logic tester, and Mead (1.26) a well done new release of this PD CAD program. Now comes with predrawn common circuit comporenss for insertion into schematics. WB34: Utilities Several well done utilities, some will require moderate knowledge ol a CLI or Shell tor setup. Chatter Bo* ¦ this one will play any user delined sound after any event (i© disk insert, mouse click, disk removal...)., Artm The Amiga teal time monitor, gives you lull control ol the Amiga OS very powerful program Helper help program to make Naming the CLI easier, ana more1 WB35: 3D Graphics Tnis disk contains several noat programs to use with your 3d modeling raytracing programs 3dFonts Full vector font set !o' use with 3d programs. FontMaker - make 3d lonts from any system font, Make3DShape - create 3d shapes from any Image. DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet. And World3d - a demo program ot a front end lor use with DKBRender. WB36: Graphics • On this disk are several programs to create stunning graphical images including, Mpath • creates swirting galaxy images. Roses - produce an unlimited number of variations of images that a symmetrically similar to a rose. S mGen - display those spectacular 'mages as Dan of your worhbenck screen, arc RayShade - a very good taylraciog program create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this onol WB37: Educational Educational games and puzzles that cove- math, geography, spelling, anc books Ages 6 15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics - Piotxy 15 the most powerful lull featured plotting package Used by many colleges and universities A welcome adai- tion to our library! Highly recommended. Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured. Tesseiator - a program that helps generates fantastic looking, recursive M.C. Ecsher type pictures. WB40: Music ¦ "CD on a disk". 90 minutes of modern music on this wei! Presented collection. Requires 2 drives or HD. WB41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor. Croats your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga Simriar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program. Version 3,20. Which is campatable with WB2.04 WB43: Business Tns disk contains AnafytiCutc - probably the most pow ortul spreadsheet program on the Amiga A lull featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package Requires 1.2 MB of memory! WB46: Clip Art HighRes clip art with the fallowing motifs - emoefi sh- ments (borders, dodads people, and transportation. WB47: Clip Art - HignRes dip art with the following motifs - hair, drafting summer, animals and macfood WB48: Clip A t - HignRes Clip art with the following motifs - Holidays, music, medical, and misc. WB49ABC:Animaiion Samprer - On ttus Ihree disk sampler se1 (counts as two disks) are some ol the best animations thal have been created over the last three years, Several examples ot 'Mov«o" type animations some with spectacular raylraced reality (coolroby, watch, spigot and egg) Also several European style or Demo" animation with incredible graphics and outstanding electronic music (akriiigfti. Copersine. Doc. Dos20t0. Impact, and logoae- mo) These truly show cti the creative edge ot an Am ga1 WB50: Animation - Seven of the best european style animations or "Demos', including - scientific 45T. Subway (a U S entrani, aiso Cur favorite), sunnde, thrsTOemo. Might, waves, and wocw WB53: Graphics - Raytracmg programs generate absolutely stunning res' ¦she looking planes, rockets, buildings.... and surreal images often consisting ol highly polished spheres and objects C Light is the most powerful EASY- TO-USE ot it's kmd we have seen to date. Ths is easily better, and more tun featured, than similar commercial programs costing m the hundrecs of dollars, Also, sMovie - a full featured video text tiller similar 10 ProVideo, Broadcast Titler. Great video scrolling wipes, special etlects. And more WB54: Printing This disk contains soveral routines to help with the chore of printing Includes Gothic ¦ Finally a Banner pr nler lor the PD! PrlntStudio a well implemented ail-purposo printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interface and many advanced features, Lila - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, anc many more. WB55: Application Xcopylll ¦ a full featured disk copier, make backups of copy protected disks. RoadRoute - find the quickest route from one city to another, highway desorption included. Diary - a diary program like "Dcugy Howard M D", Cal - a calendar program. Magmgn - a database tailored to maintain records on articles and publications. WB57: Animation This disk has several "Demo" style an mations. Including. Blitter, Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenmorph. WB61: Intermediate Utilities - includes programs to help to orasticaly decrease flicker in interlace and hi res modes (ant'flich). An Atan-st emulaV 010: Word Text Processors This disk contains the best editors Includes,TextPlus (v2.2e) a lull featured word processor, Dme(v" 35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features.TexED(v2.8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spe'i checker WB20: General Interest • DiskSalv V1 42 a disk recovery program for all Amiga file systems. FjxDisk V1.0 another file recovery program with features DiskSalv doesn t have 3DLook gives a 3D appearance to your WorkBench. Clean Vt.01 a program to de-fragment memory. Tracer ¦ trace any pan of an image WB22: Fonts 03 Several more great fonts Those. L>ko fhe other fort d sks work great with Dpamt and WYSIWYG word processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting Plot (20b) a three dimensional mathematical function plotter Can plot any user defined function. BezSur!2 - produce awesome pictures ot objects one could turn on a lathe Can also map iff ¦mage f-fes onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most 3D packages, and vSaeen - makes a virtual screen anywhere, great for DTP' WB25:Educabonal - On this disk are two programs that can generate maps ot differing types. World Data Base uses the OA s data base to generate detailed maps ot any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration ot Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. WB26: Disk Utilities 02 - MrBackup. KwickBackup two well done utilities to do harddisk and tloppy disk backups. FieMast a binary tile editor, Lnbelprmter - Disk label printer with very oowertul features. WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nngel pictures ol beautilui women. WB29: Graphics and Sound This disk has several different Mandolbrol type programs lor generating stunning graphics Includes, MandolMountains a realistic terrain generator. Fracgon generated recursive fractals from user input. Mandelbrot and Tmandei two fas! Mandeibrot generators, also Mostra ¦ the Pest IFF display program to date, will display ALL JFF's deluding Dynamsc HAM and Sound a great IFF sojnd player, will play anything WB33:Circuit Board Design * several tern! C routines tor the electronic No shipping charge on USA blank disk orders, Canada and Mexico add S. 15 each, other foreign add $ .50 each. KAO 3r 2 Blank Diskettes DSDD (.89 cents ea) (.82 cents ea) (.74 cents ea) (.69 cents ea) tor, an epiom programmer, turn your amiga into an eight channul digital data analyzer or ocillosccpe, and more, WB52: Midi Utilities Several uselul midi utilities including, programs 10 transfer to and from several music programs to midi, a mldt sysex handler, a midi recorder w |h timebase. Display midi into, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 Several highly recommended programs to aid in removing duolicate tiles from your hard drive, performing tile backups, Bmary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and forced DISK VALIDATION ot corrupt disks. WB66: Icons 02 Lot's of neat icons Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, rrodity and manipulate icons and into structures WB68:Music Utilities several good utilities for the Am ga music enthusiast. Includes. Noksetracker a great music creation program. Sonu2MOD • converts sonlx to mod Mes wh ch then can be used by noisetracker. Sound traker, and MED. SpeakerS m • a speaker desgn toot demo, WonderSOund is an additive harmonic instrument design tool with a Separate envelope design window and 16 relative harmonic sirengtn and phase angle controls. WB69: Music ¦ This disk has over 90 minutes of classical and mooern electronic muS'C lor you Amiga WB7Q: Desk Top Pub Atcp transfer Macintosh screen lonts. Mac or IBM format AFM metric tiles, to Amiga screen tonts and Ppago .metric tiles. With this program, open the door to the libraries ol Adobe and PostScript lonts! Calendar - month templates m PagoStream form. Post a lull tea lured posiscnpt No display and print utility WB75: Music over tOQ instruments files (.inst) and sample sound files ( SS) for your muS'C programs WB76: Applications This disk contains Stichery a often requested knit ting design program. Lotto - a rather complete lottery tracking and pred etion utility. 5SS this screen capture program can grab almost any screen including games. Today - a persona! Calendar. Tarot fortune teller, and Grammar ¦ grammar checker. WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Indudes Ckbacct - the most complete checkbook accounting program going. LCDCalC - this well done calculator has a very large display and operates from the keyboard or mouse. Mileage master ¦ monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log, Grammar • a grammar checker, and Worldfime • find out what lime il is in up to 50 global olios. VYBB1: Great Applications DataEasy a very easy to use. Database pro gram Don't lot tho ease of use loot you. Ihis is a very lull featured database program including lull printer control tor address labels and mall merge applications. Also includes. TypeTuta good typing tutor. RLC a full featured label printer. Banner, a multi-font banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program Highly recommended WB82: Animations ¦ Four full length, well done ’movie" style animations. Inducing. Coyote. Jugglerll. GhostPooL & Mechanix. 2 disks, counts as f. WB83: Computer Art this disk has some of the best Amga generated computer an tnai we have collected in the past 5 years. WBB5: Graphics ¦ Contains Several programs la.' Manipulating 24 Bit ColOf mages (ham-e) and a rather nice Iff Image processing package WB86: Centurian Pros* - An electronic newspaper - requires AmigaViSion WB8BAOC: The Complete Bible - A three disk set, with the entire text ot the Now Testament and Old Testamer,t-Kmg James vers on A great utility Three disk set, CounIs as throe. WB90: Rippers, Strippers and Beats For the Amiga music enthusiast, this disk contains many programs designed strip music Irom your lavonte games and programs. Music can then be played with your lavorite Pd Music program Also Contains Drums. A very nice drum machine This disk re pres some knowledge of the CLI. WB93; Workbench Extras 2 This disk contains the utilities that Commodore should have shipped with the Amiga: VirnsXJ 0. Snap, FixOisfc frecover corrupt deleted files). Disk Optimizer [tloDby & hard). Machlll (screen blanker, hotkey, mouse accel. Macro, clock utility). GOMF (a guru- bustorjand PrintStudio. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - This is definitely commercial grade wo Vo seen many checkbook programs and trus is absolutely trie best Full budget ng transaction recording and report generation WB96: Dupcrs Contains Xcopylll & Nib which will backup copy protected programs FroeCopy removes copy protection trom several programs, and SuperDuper will crank out fast AmigaDOS copies. WB98: Business Includes Bbasell a nice, powerful database: BrzCalc a personal or mortgage loan calculator with amortization capabilities, Loop a flowchart maker, Formmaker - design orofessional forms on ycur Epson LQ- 2500 compatible printer. VVB99: Lifestyles • Includes Agene family tree program that tracks up to 600 peopie marriageS'etC- Landscape l$ a CAD program to create gardens landscapes Loom simulates an 8 harness loom: experiment with pattern design in an instant feedback environment. W8101: Chemesthollcs • is a program that displays molecules as a calotte model. This kind ot display contains a certain esthetic attitude, even extremely poisonous molecules tike nicotine and dioxine look quite nice. WB102: Telecommunications - Conta ns the programs Ncomm 2,0 and VT1QO-29B Zmodem protocols, XPR protocol support, full VTTOO emula- : on. Ncomm s script language is so powerful it comes with a script file that creates a full featured BBS system. WF103; Music • Conta ns 12 ’great' Scunauacker MED music MODuies , complete with programmable shuffle p ayer...8 bit audio never sounded so hot1 Two disk set counts as two. W81D4: GrabBag Q&A Trivia (reQu res AmigaVision) is a trivia game tor 1 2 players...add your own questions to customize the difficulty levell Sysmlo is great lor tolling you how lastslow your computer is what boards are Installed, chipsets, etc. AmiGazer will plot stars m the heaven trom any position on earth complete with magnitudes and constellation identification. WB106: Homo Manager This Is a great all-in-one address book w*th an autodialer notepad to do list appomtment scheduler home inventory database and ohone number dialer. WB107A&B: Educational Drawmap rs a program that generates repre DD45: AREXX Programs This disk contains several useful arexx pro grams and examples. PopCLIA - The latest 0* a must have utility DD47: Pascal - This disk contains everything needed to program in Pascal Inc udes. A63k (1.2) 68000 assembler Blink linking software and PCQ (1.0) a modest Pascal sub set compiler DD49: C Compiler - contains zc(i 01) fuily K*R. ZcclVO) tront end. A68k(l.2) assembler. Blink inker DD50: Arexx 2 ¦ ? Must have set ot iutonais on Arexx and several useful examples and utilities lor Aroxx development DD51: Circuit Analysis Asprce (2.3) A lull featured program tor electric circut analysis DD52; Scientific - Includes Elements - an mcredbfy well done periodic labie program with source. Scientific plotting - over 600k of Lattice C source routines thal can be included in your own programs. DD54: Compression This disk is loaded with all o‘ the best file compression programs and aids for the Amiga. Many of the programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc, Lharc. Lhwarp, Pkax. F*owerPacker a must have by all. Zip. Warp and Zoo Also iFFcrunch an excellent compress>on for IFF fi!es DD55: ARP On this d'Sk you will find the complete ArpRel3 0 release including the full user docs, the lull Developers guide. ARP is the olfieial AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) release 1.3- ARP makes many improvements to AmigaDOS and makes your system easier to use from the CLL DD57: Advanced Utilities Msh - like Cross-dos copies files to and trom MS-DOS, Pal-NTSC - convert any pat program to NTSC and vice versa. Also several utilities that improve your Startup-sec Lienee, plus 25 more programs. DD62; Basic and Xscheme ¦ Cursor - a full featured Amiga Basic compiler sbasic and ftexi - several wonderful routines to help in basic prograrrers. And Xscheme - an Interpreted object oriented language. DD66: Programming ToolBox Many programs to help in your develop ment efforts (mos! Lor C some loi basie) Includes orograms to generate requesters, an incWliblQ spritemakqr toolbox, to greatly aM compiling, convert Dpaint brushes IQ C structures, a great library manager, and many more wonderful tone savers' DD69:Advanced Utilities SerNet and ParNol - Connect two Amiga's and share resources, MemMomtor - Similar to Wfrag but greatly improved, Selector - put menus on your workbench screen and more DD7fA&B:C Compiler - This disk contains DICE. Mattnew Dillon's lull featured, powerful C compiler and environment system. 2 Disks, counts as 2 DD72: VT Emulators - Contains three powerful full featured VT emulators, with many advanced features including Kermit, Xmccem and Tektronix protocols. VaxTerm. VLT. And more DD77; Fortran Contains a lull featured Fortran?? Development system, Also contains EzAsm a strongly macro dependent 68000 assembler. DD?8: Menus 4 System Enhancements - Several programs to aid In launching programs Irom special icons, adding WorkBench menus and more Also contains many useful programs to determine operation system configuration, memory usage, load and many other important utilizations Dealer inquiries and submissions welcome. ___ I | Toot Manager ;i wonderful utility u» odd programs- to sour TOOL me rig. = |creale 3 collection nf icons on the workbench to easily launch frequently] I used programs...and much more! A true must have utility!!! .-I of ouri
I. Amieas rely on this utility. (Set- the review in AmigaWorld-May'92)1 | Virus Checker - Full virus protection can lie yours by simply dropping this j j icon in your WBStartup drawer. | ] Degrader - gives you louts 10 tn to make non-2.0 happy programs work!] 1 Icon - Enhances Workbench's "Show Air to display over 46 distinct icons! Ifor different types of Tiles (text. IFF"s. Source codes.. libraries, etejl jFcmt Editor ¦ Creatc cdit bitmap foms with full color support! J j Screen Blanker-, - aln fractals and splitter* and swarming bees! No mcmq j boring black screen. Colorful, interesting and highly hypnotic cfTrets!] I Requester Enhancers - no more stale Plca.sc Insen Volume' requesters- I 1 these are animated requester' for till of the system-' requesters.! JCPURlil - speeds up text display* Tor owners of 6W20+ Cpti *.j I SafcReboet - adds a safe way to reboot your computer...can greatly reduce | jdi'k validation errors! J I I 1 I sentahons such as hemispherical views, and orbital views ol the Earth's sun l3ce. Complete with national boundaries Screens can be printed or saved to disk as standard IFF tiles. Full user-configurable online help facility. 68020* version inducted. 2 disk set, counts as I1 WB108: OclaMED This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities from 4 channels To an ear-popping 8 channels' All the renound edrling capabilities of MED plus 4 more channels' It you thought your Amiga sounded good belore you aint heard nuthin' yell Dev Disks that are available m Workbench 2.6. To Id! Disks ! VVBToSA&B: WorkBench 2.0 Extras 2 1 IT his sci contains the program' (hat should have been included with WB2.1U I These powerful utilities lake full advantage of the many new capabilities! S99 Its Here and in Stock!! Release 2.04 of AmigaDOS for the A500 A2000!!! Includes ROMs, disks and full documentation. Requires installation, InfoMarket posoim mmm Presents DigitizedCOLOR Clip Art specially designed for Desktop applications. Composite Video Images professionally processed. Beautiful results printing in COLOR or 8&W. For the 4 disk sampler set send a Check or Money Order for $ 30.00 to: DIGITAL IMAGES PO BOX 1274 ATHENS, AL 35611 THIS IS NOT LINE ART! Specify Amiga, IBM or MAC YOU’VE SEEN THE REST Less than S8.00 per disk! (MOs processed same day.) NOW SEE THE BEST! The InfoMarket AMICtA} '()RLD's InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products lo reach over 100,000 Amiga owners. AniignWnrld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton and Walden Books. To reserve your InfoMarket page display ad, call Heather Gtiinard at 1-800- 441-4403 or 603-924-0100. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. Circle 156 On Reader Service Card. ELECTRONIC SERVICES ml M INTERNATIONAL win mu mu j The Computer Service and Repair Video AMIGA Edition This video represents six years of first hand experience repairing the Amiga Computer . Covering everything from basic theory of operation to our special tricks and tips section this video is sure Lo save you many hours of unproductive diagnostic time . For both the user who would like to understand inner workings of this amazing computer to the experienced technician this video can save you lime and money._ __ ACCELERATE YOUR AMIGA TODAY WITH A CSA MEGA MIDGET RACER CLOCKED AT 25 Mhz with math chip $ 375.00 Send your check or money order for S39.95 + $ 5.00 Shipping & handling to J & C Repair PO Box 70 Roekton PA 15856 Allow 4-6 wtflu far delivery at Stmnnrl I inn 1-800-729-4361 Visa MC COD Technical Support Line Circle 173 On Reader Service Card. Circle 185 On Reader Service Card. And give us a call! Or send S2.00 for latest catalog and Sample Disk! $ 2.00 per Disk We nave it all, AMOS PD, Fish ($ 1.50 ea.) And thousands mere! Call today.
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22. 00 88 176 344 256x4-70, 80 ZIP
5. 50 88 176 344 1 .x 1-70, 80
4. 25 68 136 264 256 x 4-70, 80 425 68 L36 264 1 x 8-70, SO SIMM
34. 00 68 136 264 4 x 8-70, 80 SIMM
125. 00 125 250 ADRAM 540 9500 162 239 Base Board 95 00 162 239 IVS Meta 4 172 239 DataFlyer RAM 92 00 159 226 354 D Flyer 1000 RAM 245 310 438 DataFlyer 500 SCSI .....139 A500 1 N B DLPak 439 Dflver 500 EXP SCSI .. .....199 A2QQ0, A300Q.... .....CALL DataFlyer 1000 SCSI.... .....159 A520 Video Adpt.. ...38 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI... ......82 A2232 Mulli-Seria .309 GVP SIMM 32 .... .....220 1084S Monitor,... ..279 GVP PC 286 ...... .....325 2.04 ROM Kit..... ...89 C-NET Amiga Software $ 125 ORDERS ONLY: 800-735-2633 Visa MC INFO 8c TECH: 408-899-2040 Fax: 408-626-0532 BBS: 408-625-6580 Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. Special Offer on Amiga Products AmigaDOS Release 2 Upgrades Release 2 Upgrade Kit $ 87.50 Release 2 Kit for A3000 ......42.00 2620 2630 cprom Kit for Com. Accel ...35.00 Super Denise 8373 Chip . 39.95 Fatter Agnus Chip 1 MB ......45.00 Fattest Agnus Chip 2MB .... 80.00 DKB Megachip for above ..234.95 2MB Agnus Bundle w swapout 280.00 Switch It? 44.95 Multi-Start II ......55.00 Hard Drives fr Accelerators GVP Series II HCS O HD Com .$ 169.00 GVP G-Force Combo 030 25MII7V1 MB ....649.00 GVP G-Force Combo 030 40MHZ 4MB ..1099.00 GVP G-Force Combo 030 50MHZ 4MB ..Call GVP SIMM 32 - 4MB 60ns for above .219.00 Quantum 8c Seagate Drives available ......Call CBM 2630 25MHZ Accelerator 4MB .689.00 GVP A500-IID8 0+ w I20MB Quantum...629.00 Motherboard Replacements A500 w swapout (all revisions) ...$ 150.00 A2000 w swapout (rev. 4.5 or above) 225.00 A2000 w swapout (rev. 3.9 to 4.4) 400.00 A2000 Rev. 6.2E Motherboard .549.00 I A3000 16MHZ w swapout 449.00 A3000 25MHZ w swapout 489.00 Amiga Chips & RAM Chips 8520 CIA Chip $ 11.00 Denise 8362 or Paula 8364 Chip ..23.95 Gary 5719 Chip .. 14.00 KickStart vl.3 ROM .29.00 1x8 SIMM Module 80ns .....35.00 4x8 SIMM Module 80ns ...129.00 Motorola 68030 CPU 50MHZ .189.00 Above CPU w 68882 SOM HZ Math Co......269.00 Power Supplies, Floppies & Keyboards CBM A2000 Power Supply .$ 159.00 Above item w swapout 119.00 Big Foot Power Supply .89.00 A2000 Keyboard .95.00 A500 Keyboard ..... 55.00 A2000 Internal Disk Drive.. ..89.00 A500 Internal Disk Drive ....89.00 .Alfa Data or Air External Drive ..89.00 Amiga Computers & Monitors Amiga 500-DS Model or 500-C Model ....$ 399.00 Microboties 501 512K w clock .39.00 A520 Video Adapter ...... 38.00 108 IS Stereo Monitor 279.95 A2000, 3000 Computer Systems ..Call 2320 Display Enhancer 235.00 NEW ARRIVALS FROM COMMODORE A690 CD ROM Drive ..Call A2386 SX Bridgeboard ......Call C Software Hut, Inc. E 2534 S. Broad Street mm Philadelphia, PA 19145 mm To Order Call:
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(215) 339-5336 (Fax) VISA Many additional products available for immediate shipping. Please call for information. Shipping on chips is $ 3.00. Power Supplies, Drives and Keyboards are $ 6.00. COD shipping please add $ 4.00, For other items or air shipping, please call. We accept International and Canadian orders and only charge actual shipping charges. We accept Visa, MC, Discover, Money Order or Personal Check. .Ml items are shipped same day from siock, personal checks allow 10 days to clear. Don’t Miss a Word! Send for your missing back issues and complete your InfoMarket May 1991 Leading-edge Amiga graphics and Ihe newest 3-D animation programs. ‘Special Report' on Ihe A3000 Tower. Beginner's Guide to Music. Conclusion lo A500 upgrade series. AW9105 April 1991. Power Hardware special. Pan 3 of A500 Upgrade Series. AW9104 March 1991. Tips and Techniques on using 7 Amiga 3-D programs. Pan 2 ol A500 Upgrade Series * 4 Hard Drives. AW9103 February 1991. Multimedia Special. Pan I of A5Q0 Upgrade Senes. AW9102 January 1991 2-D Graphics Special: Buyer's Guide to Amiga Paint Programs. Tutorials on image-processing portraits, slide-making, painting and 2-D to 3-D graphics conversion. AW9101 Call or write to receive Zipperware's 10 mystery I software absdutety free: |Game. Music. PS 1 FontsJ Cliparts, Utilities, Video, Anti-Virus. Educational. European. Productivitv! AmigaWorld Tech Journal Back Issues With Disks All disks indude source code and executables for anides. Low est 11 .. • • • "-p- . ¦ L* .Accolade April 1992 The Amiga Custom Chip Set. Easy Font and File Requestors. Object-Oriented Display Refreshing. Programming Motion: Animation Elements. Much More. On Disk: Animation Routines, Requestors and Gadgets, Revision Control System: A source-code manager. AWTC22 February 1992 Amiga NTSC and PAL Genlock Inter- fadng. A Tight Fit: JPEG Compression. Blitter Optimization. MIDI Programming Demystified. A Developer's Guide to PostScript - Part I. On Disk: Tons of Tools lor Programmers, JPEG Compression Routines. AWTC21 December 1991. 68030 to 68040 Differences. Clean Up Your Programs. Efficient Assembly Programs. Custom Interlaces With Arexx. Hard Drives: How Fast Are They Really? On Disk: Loads ol Libraries. Custom Printer Drivers. AWTC15 1C6 • ASDC
S. ' «***&%% Spectrum Holobym • CSA _ _ l»» October 1991. The Complete Guide for the Blittering Idiot. Extending Arexx. Global Parlor Tricks. Multitasking In Amiga Basic Designing a User Interface. Arcade Elements. On Disk: A68K version 2.71: a full- featured assembler. BLINK version 6.7. The linker lo use. AWTC14 HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES
(310) 390-3010 August 1991 Arexx Arcana: Hosts-and Quotes. Inside SCSI. The Basics of Ray Tradng. An Introduction to Boopsi. Postscript Primer. On Disk: 2.0 indude files. Fost; a Post Scrip! Interpreter. AWT C13 June 1991. An Introduction to the Zorro III Bus. Building a 3-D Objed Viewer. Improved Genlock handling. The NTSC RS- 170A Standard. On Disk: 1.3 indude fies. Enforcer: an MMU protection tool. AWTC12 April 1991. Premiere Issue. Menus for a New Generation. Control Your Channels. Recyde Your Sprites. The Fast Floppy System. In Search of...The Perfect Joystick Routine. On Disk: DICE: Dillon's Integrated C Environment PowerWtndows 2.5c demo. AWTC11 $ _ $ . $ . Want want AMIGAWORLD's InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those ivith AMIGA products to reach over 100,000 Amiga owners. AmigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as II. Dalton and Walden Hooks. To reserve your InfoMarket page display ad, call Heather Guinard at 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0100. We accept checks, money orders, MasterCard or VISA. DTP PACK 30 Postscript Typel Fonts for Pagestream & Professional Page (req conversion), near 1 meg of cliparts. Pagestream , calendar template, postscript and font utilities. Highly recommended ...j g 95. VIDEO FONTS 5 Amiga Video Graphics Guild disks, 100* . Fonts (big, small, color), font manipulators, great for paint and subtitling' 5-19 95, TOP TEN GAMES 10 best picks ol 1991 by Ihis magazine! Rngs of Zon. Uamatron. Dungeon. Megaball, & many more.514 • CLIPART PORTFOLIO 'imported 15 disk set of thousands Dsw d;ps. 17 general themes, over 100 subcategories. Easy search index, high quality, much better value than other commercial packages' $ 59.95' To order, call for C.O.D. or send checkJM.O. Add $ 4 5&h. Open M-S till 7pm ...or try a popular PD Shareware pack todaylB ZIPPERWARE-POB 95285 ¦ Seattle. WA 98145 (206(747-1964 The InfoMarket Circle 176 On Reader Service Card. ¦••waw Circle 19*1 On Reader Service Card I ard rc°and Fred Fish
* •* for the Amiga, "eji VlCd Fish 1 disk, for $ 2.50 each- A*J*J , „ pr„ Spring Valley. CA 91977 Customer Service: 1619) 670 31 BBS3n2 « bpse«.07og732 Call lor Pricing or free Catalog Call or Wme tor orcer torm. Price list 4 sample: 11280 Washington Place Culver City, California 90230 .... Circle 183 On Reader Service Card.
* Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanltnes * NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF HAM • Standard IFF May 1992 Amiga Output as Art Finding the right printer. Creating a cross-platform DTP operation. Part II - Getting the Most from Workbench 2.0. Reviews on newest versions of Imagine and Real 3-D 1.41. AW9205 April 1992 Muse and Sound, Anatomy of a MIDI Studio. Reviews on sound sampling soltware. First part ol series on getting most Irom Workbench 2.0. AW9204 March 1992 Multimedia. Comparisons of 9 authoring programs. Step-by-step guide for producing multimedia presentations. Director 2 tutorial. Plunging into CD-ROM. AW9203 February 1992 Features on Graphics. Tutorial on Dpaint IV. Overview on image-making. Structured Drawing. 2-D Paintmg and Landsape Generators. Tax Prep with the Amiga. AW9202 January 1992. B ’040 Accelerators for the Amiga. AW Experts' Choice Awards. Productivity Tips on telecommunications. Database management, maximizing printer output. AW9201 December 1931. Video. Creating low-cost video effects. Guide to A500 Video products. Using DCTV to create low-cost 24-bit animations. Reviving Your A1000, Usmg PC-generated data and programs on your Amiga. The Scientific Amiga. War games roundup. AW9112 November 1991. Top 20 Games of 1991. Spot-light on 10 game-construction kits. The Amiga Troubleshooter's Guide. Dressing Up Arexx. Tips on creating smooth transitions with AmigaVison. AW9111 October 1991 Animation. Pointers and advice from 4 Amiga animators. Learn secrets ol 2-D morphing. Step- by-step guide to using Imagine. Planet-buikling tutorial. Making the leap from 2-D to 3-D Graphics. AW9110 September 1991 5 Low-End Post-Script Laser Printers. Quality Separations with 3 Top DTP Programs. Converting Amiga-generated graphics to PC or Mac. Avoiding ‘Catastrophic’ Data Loss. AW9109 August 1991 Telecommunications. Getting oul-fitted. Look al modems, fax modems, and terminal software. Look al whal networks offer. Arexx...For Everyone. Using Workbench Utilities. AW9108 July 1991 Annual Review Issue. Coverage of hottest hardware and software products. Debut of new monthly column. ’Video Suite.’ AW9107 June 1991. Special Feature on CDTV with comprehensive Buyer's Guide to CD titles. Tips and techniques features on animation and optimizing your system's resources. AW9106 Mail order form with check or money order to: AmigaWorld Back Issues, PO Box 2151, Salisbury, MD 21802 Write your issue selections on the lines below. Please use product codes. AmigaWorld Issues_ Tech Journal Issues_ For Credit Card Orders Call 1-800-824-5499 or 410-543-1989 Free Tech Journal Binder with the Purchase of 2 or More. Tech Journal Back Issues - an $ 8.95 Value! While Supplies Last. Video and Animation Special Issue 1992. Articles on Video Basics and Videography Techniques. Tips and Tutorials for better animating, Video Animation Buyer's Guides, Product Reviews and Roundups. A must-have for any Amiga animator o' video enthusiast. AWSP LI Yes! I want my FREE binder with the purchase of two or more Tech Journal issues. Tkr AtifiiVcrit or TECH JOURNAL library today! Back issues of AmigaWorld x $ 3.95 back issues of Tech Journal x $ 15.95 CA & MD orders add appropriate tax Canadian orders add 7% GST Postage and Handling $ 1.00 for single issue $ 2.95 for 2 or more issues Canadian orders, add $ 3.00. Foreign orders, add $ 4.00 more for surface shipping. Total Enclosed Name Address City, State, Zip Code 2H2BI Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Checks or money orders payable in US funds. We will spend the time you need to make an informed decision 160 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N.Y. 10038 BETWEEN LIBERTY ST & MAIDEN LANE OPEN 9-6, FRI 9-2:30, SUN 10-4 '15 Yrs. Ol Service lo Ihe Computing Community’ ratn« fvlWV A ORDERS: USA & Canada TRI SlAlL (800)537-4441 I* M1WT* INFO: (212) 608-1391 349-2555 JWM.JL U M JliM.rn. Fax Us Your Order or Inquiry ESTABLISHED 1977 • SEE HABLA ESPANOL (212) 962-4635 “Your Video Toaster C=Cornmodore7lil (jr 4 Headquarters ” AUTHORIZED FULL SERVICE C=Commodore* DEALER ' FIRECRACKER 24 2 Meg, 24 Bit Graphics Hi Res, Works on 2500 Free imagine 2.0 $ 829.00, DCTV-NTSC Digitizer & Display Device Frame Buffer w 24 Bit Paint Millions of Colors $ 384.95 KITCHEN SYNC 2 CHANNELTBC Broadcast Quality . $ 1529.95 LTD. QTY. . EPSON ES 300 C Full Color 24 Bit Scanner 600 DPI w ASDG Driver $ 1148.95 GVP 040 POWER! For A3000 $ 1979.95 TTR FUSION 40 23X Faster than A2000 $ ] 449.95 A3000 Call for Custom Configurations S~ GVP-lmpactvisioo 24 16 7 Million Colors Flicker Eliminator Genlock Pip 3 D Modeler Framegrabber video Tiller A200Q Acaalef ¦ »9.95_$ 1869,(10. A3000 TOWER IN STOCK ALL CONFIGURATIONS! SOFTWARE SOFTWARE NEWTEK VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 I nu TD ™ ™ LUWUf BEFORE! Final Copy 1.4 ..54.95 Pagestream 2.2...... 168.95 Art Dept. Pro 2.0..... 169.00 SAS Lattice Ver 5.1.. 187.95 Caligan 2 239.00 AMAX II Plus 349.95 DeskJet 500C Driver ...39,95 Imagine 2.0 ... 264.95 Pixel 3D 2.0 .....67.00 Real 3D V-1-4 ..319.00 Sculpt Animate-4D... 299.00 3D Professional ...... 195.00 Broadcast Titter 1..... 225.00 Pro Video Post 197.00 Screenmaker LOWEST Videotitler 3D 88.00 Lemmings 29.95 Oh No! More Lemmings. .29.95 Toaster2.0 Upgrade. .279.95 Pro Page 3,0 165.00 1st Prize Toaster Fonts. Masterpiece Fonts.... Kara Fonts Subheads. Kara Fonts Starfields. Showmaker .... Kara Fonts Headlines 3 Kara Animfonts (1-3)... Cinnamon Toast Fonts Voll&ll ...... Disney Animation Studio, The Director V 2.0 .... Fractal Pro ..... Map Master (Imagine). Scenery Animator Scenery Animator Disk Video Scape 3D...... Vistapro 2,0 .... Dpaint 4.1 . Dr. Ts 3.5 Lev. II KCS.. Diskmaster II ... Directory Opus Bars & Pipes Pro ..... .39.95
158. 50
38. 50
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239. 95 . 45.95 . 29.50
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207. 95 PERIPHERALS DRIVES Authorized Dealer Trumpcard 500 .. 124.95 Trumpcard 500 MCTA4......184.95 Granrislam 500 .. 289.95 Grandstam 2000 . 232.00
144. 95
174. 95 68030 5 68000 Sian Accaieritor. SiSi 4 HAM Lcp. To 32 rag RAM ’ Uses IndufTf Standard Sun 1 Baill In Tnimpcifd Pra Syquest 44 Meg Int. Drive 339.95 Syquest 44 Meg Cartridge .78.95 Syquest 88 Meg Int. Drive ..437.95 Syquest 88 Meg Cartridge......109.00 Syquest Cleaning Kit ...... 24.55 Ext. Box w Power Supply ..109.95 3V2" Internal Floppy 67.95 3VT A3000 Internal ..84.95 Vh" Rociite Drive ...68.95 3V2" Ext. Air Drive ..79.95 Maxtor LXT 213 SCSi ... 689.95 3' 2 Roctec internal Floppy .79.50 3 V2 Roctec Super Slim Ext ..84.95 Supra 5Q0XP 52MB HD w 512k...... 529.95 Quant. 52MB SCSi LPS HD .... 229.95 Quant. 105MB SCSi LPS HD... 376.00 Quant. 120MB SCSi LPS 439.95 Quantum 240MB SCSi HD ..729.95 Maxtor 12 GiG 1899.95 Dataflyer 500 . 139.95 Datallyer SCSi Controller ..83.00 We will not be undersold! Call if you need a price beat! Amigavrsion Newest Version 89.95 A2320 Disp. Enhancer (A2000).. 209.95 Mega Midget RAM 2 MB 273.00 Mega Midget 33 Mhz 68030.... 654.95 Mega Midget 25 Mhz 68030.... 589.00 CDIV w Pro Upgrade ....STOCK All Computer Safeskins CALL Optical Mouse ...48.95 Midi Controller (4 outs) ....49.95 Phantom Midi Controller 218.95 Microbotics Sup! Dip.2meg 169.95 Flicker Free Video II ..... 234.95 ICD All Products Available CALL Fusion Forty 040 25 .... 1449.00 Prog Peripherals A2000 28 Mhz 040. .1568.00 ProRAM 64 MB Exp Card 3000 QK... 358.00 Mercury A3000 lmagine 2.0 Bundle. .2099.00 DKB-Megachip 2000 500 w Agnus.. 289.95 Multistart II .....49.95 DKB 2632 RAM Exp 112 4 Meg..439.95 IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE CALL Trumpcard Pro .... Trumpcard 500 AT VICTOR TBC's & GENLOCKS PRINTERS MONITORS DPS Personal TBC II. .769.95 DPS TBC 230 1499.95 DPS Personal Vscope. .749.95 Kitchen Sync (2Chan}.. 1539.00 Iden TBC Card w TR7.. 1049.95 Prime Image TBC TCD ....CALL Hotronics AP41 ...... 949.95 The Personal SFC.... 359.95 Progressive Per Mmrgen.. 184.95 Supergen 2000S Genlock.. 1369.95 Instructional Videos. Books. .CALL Epson LO 200 Printer ....199.95 Epson LQ 570 . 259.95 Epson LG 870 . 424.95 Canon BJ-300 . 419.95 Panasonic 1124i ... 274.95 Panasonic 1624 ... 324.95 Panasonic KXP 4410 ..... 629.95 Panasonic KXP 4450i .... 999.95 LoopTech.CTI 458,, CALL Commodore 1084S Commodore 1960. Pan. CT-1382Y.,. Sony CPD 1304S Sony CPD 1604S Panasync 1381i Nec MS 2A Nec MS 4FG..... LOWEST .. CALL
234. 95
579. 00
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729. 95 HP Desk Jet 500 C 699.95 HP Laser Jet
1469. 95 Tristate is a full service dealer for pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video & Editing A500 H D8-+-0 52Q-11 489.95 A500 HD8+0 120Q-11 ..... 639.95 A500 HD8+0 240Q-11 ..... 898.95 A500-PC 286 512 ... 309.95 AT Once + PC emulator 309.95 A2000 HC8+0MB .... 169.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 52Q-11.. 384.95 A2000HC8+OMB 12QQ-11. .509.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 240Q-11.. 819.95 A2000 RAM 8 0 CALL 1MBx8MB SIMM (2MB)...... CALL DSS8 Sound Studio .....84.95 Combo 030-25 1 0 . 609.95 Combo 030-40 4 .... 1149.95 Combo 030-40 4 120...... 1499.95 Combo 030-40 4 240...... 1699.95 G Force 030-50 4 ... 1549.95 Combo 030*50 4 120...... 1849.95 Combo 030*50 4 240...... 2049.95 Sim32-1 MB 60 .CALL Sim32-4MB 60 .CALI S11 030 HD Disk Mt. Kit.... 42.95 AmiLink Cl Authorized Dealer Editor Headquarters A B Roll System (AG 1960).. CALL Cuts Only System (AG 1960). .CALL Toaster Control Module CALL TOSHIBA TSC'100 Industrial Hi8 CALL CANON PANASONIC AG 7750 Single Frame Accurate TBC, Built in serial controlled IN STOCK Parted lor Toaster AG 7650 Built in TBC 32x search companion to AG 7750 AG 770 Controls AG 7750 & AG7G50 AG F700 Time Code Reader Card STOCK INDUSTRIAL AG-1960 .. 939.95 AG-450 SVHSw case .... 1249.95 AG-460 2 chip SVHS w case. .2099.95 AG-185U ....CALL AGW1 ..... 329.95 AG-190U ...STOCK WV200 CLE .CALL AG-7400 Port. SVHS . CALL AG-1730 SPECIAL CT-1382Y . 234.95 AG-1260 4HD Ind VCR 259.95 Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses Accolade 5300 St evens Creek Blvd. San Jose, CA 95129 408 985-1700 Active Circuits 1985 Highway 34, Suite A-4 Wall. NJ 07719 908 974-11516 Advanced Storage Systems A division til Preferred Technologies 14540 E. Beltwood Pkwv. Dallas, TX 75244 214 702-9191 800 878-0010 AltoFinna Software 36M Ridge Rtl. Greenbelt, MD 20770 301 345-2357 American Software Distributors 502 E. Anthony Drive Urbana. 1L 61 SOI 217 384-2050 ASDG 925 Stewart St. Madison. M I 53713 608 273-0585 Asimware Innovations 101 Country Club Drive I lamilton, Ont. Canada L8K 5WI 416 578-4916 Avalon Hill 4517 Harford Rd. Baltimore. MD 21214 410 254-9200 Biack Belt Systems 398Johnson Rd. Glasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 800 TK-AMIGA Black Knight Peripherals 255 W. Moana, 207 Reno. NV 89509 702 827-8088 Brain Technologies PO Box 215147 Sacramento. CA 95821 Brodcrbund Software 17 Ruil Drive San Rafael, CA 94903 415 492-3200 800 533-6263 Canadian Prototype Replicas PO Box 8 Breslau. Ont. Canada NOB 1M0 519 884-4412 CanCor 14 Garrard Rd. Whitby, Ont. Canada LIN 3K3 Cardinal Video PO Box 2617 Grass Valley, CA 95945 800 356-8863 Centaur Software PO Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310 542-2226 Colorado Spectrum 748 Whaler’s Way. E-201 Foil Collins, CO 80525 303 225-6929 Commodore Busincs Machines 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 215 436-4200 Comspec Communications 71 Wingold Ave. Toronto, Ont. Canada MOB IP5 110 785-3553 Crossway Books 1300 Crescent St. Wheaton. IL 60187 708 682-4300 CSA 7561 Trade St. San Diego. CA 92121 619 566-3911 DC Computer Repair 14240-M Sullvfield Circle Chantilly, VA 22021 703 222-8799 Designing Minds 3006 North Main St. Logan. Utah 84321 801 752-2501 Devasoft PO Box 41250 San Jose. CA 95160
4083) 27-9645 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Digital Expressions W6400 Firelane 8 Menasha, WI 54952 414 733-6863 Digitek 1916 Tw isting Lane Wesley Chapel. FL 33543 813 973-7733 Dincen Edwards Group 19785 W. 12 Mile Rd. Southfield. MI 48076 313 352-4288 Dr. T’s Music Software 100 Crescent Rd., Suite IB Needham, M A 02194 617 455-1454 EasyScript! 10006 Covington Dr. I luntsville, AL 35803 205 881-6297 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 571-7171 800 245-4525 Expansion Systems 44862 Osgood Rd. Fremont, CA 94539 415 656-2890 Future Video Products 28 Argonaut 1-aguna JI ills, CIA 92656 714 770-4416 Gold Disk 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 5 Mississauga, Ont. Canada L4W5A1 4 16 602-4000 800 GOLD DSK Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Hollyware Entertainment 13464 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rev. CA 90291 310 822-9200 HvperMedia Concepts 5200 Washington Ave.. Suite 226 Racine, WI 53406 414 632-3766 ICD 1220 Rock St. Rockford. 11,61101 815 968-2228 800 373-7700 Interactive Video Systems 7245 Garden Grove Blvd: Suite E Garden Grove, CA 92641 714 890-7040 Merit Software 13635 Gamma Rd. Dallas, I~X 75244 214 385-2353 MicroBotics 1251 American Pkwv. Richardson, INI 75081 214 437-5330 Micro-Pace Distributors Commercial Park West. Suite C Champaign, IL 61821 217 356-1885 MicroProse Software 180 I-ikelront Drive Hunt Valley, MD 21030 301 771-1 151 Millennium Distributed by Electronic Arts Mindcraft Distributed by Electronic Arts National Space Science Data Center Goddard Space Flight Center Gneenbelt, MD 20771 301 286-6695 NEC Technologies 1255 Michael Drive Wood Dale, IL 60191 800 562-5200 New Sound Music PO Box 37363 Oak Park, Ml 48237 313 355-3643 NewTek 215 S.E. 8th St. Topeka, KS 66603 913 354-1146 800 843-8934 New World Computing Distributed by Brodcrbund Ocean Software Distributed by Electronic Arts 840 Northwest 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FI 33309 1-800-888-9273 Orders BRINGING THE WORLD’S BEST AMIGA SOFTWARE TO YOUR DOOR ORDERS ONLY: 1-800-888-9273 INFORMATION: 1-305-491-0398 1943 14.95 3 Stooges 14.95 4-D Sports Boxing 21.95 4-D Sports Driving 21.95 Advanced Destroyer Simulator 16.95 Alpha Waves 16,95 Altered Beast 14.95 Amazing Spiderman 16.95 Amnios (Psygnosis) 21.95 Arkonoid 2 14.95 Atomic Robo Kid 9.95 Baal 13.95 Backgammon Royal 17.95 Ballgame 16.95 Ballistyx 14.95 Barbarian 2 (Palace) 14.95 Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis) 21.95 Bard's Tale 3 21.95 Bat 16.95 Batman The Movie 14.95 Battle Chess 18.95 Battlesquadron 6.50 Beast Busters 24.95 Bionic Commando 14.95 Biasteroids 14.95 Blockout 14.95 Bloodmoney 14.95 Bloodwych 14.95 Bloodwych Data Disk 12.95 Brat 12.95 Brigade Commander 16.95 Bubble Bobble 16.95 Budakon 1&95 Cabal 26.95 Cadaver 24.95 California Games 16-95 Captive 18.95 Caidiax 14.95 Carrier Command 14.95 Carthage (Psygnosis) 19.95 Centurion; Defender of Rome 21.95 Championship Run 16.95 Chips Challenge 17.95 Chuck Yeager 2.0 18.95 Collossus Chess X 16.95 Conflict In Europe 14.95 Crackdown 16.95 Craps Academy 16.95 Cyberball 16-95 Dark Spyre 14.95 Days Of Thunder 16.95 Demons Tomb 9.95 Disc Tron 16.95 Double Dragon 2 16.95 Dragon Breed 14.95 Dragons of Flame (SSI) 18.95 Dragon Wars (Interplay) 18,95 E WAT 16.95 F-16 Combat Pilot 16.95 Fast Break 14.95 Final Command 16.95 Fire & Brimstone 14.95 Flight Of The Intruder 24.95 Flintstones 16.95 Flood ia95 Forgotten Worlds 14.95 Future Basketball 16.95 Future Wars (Interplay) 18,95 Gauntlet 2 14.95 Games Summer Edition 14.95 Games Winter Edition 14.95 Germ Crazy 16.95 Ghouls and Ghosts 16.95 Gold of the Aztecs 17.95 Gold Runner 2 12.95 Golden Axe 18.95 Grand Prix Qrcuit 18.95 Hard Driving 2 17.95 Heart of the Dragon 18.95 Hollywood Poker 16.95 Hunt For Red October (Arcade) 17-95 Imperium 18.95 Impossible Mission 2 14.95 Infestation 16.95 Iron Lord 16.95 It Came From The Desert 18.95 It Came From The Desert 2 16.95
14. 95
14. 95
14. 95 16-95
16. 95
16. 95
6. 50
6. 50
21. 95
14. 95
14. 95
14. 95
16. 95
16. 95
16. 95
14. 95
16. 95
14. 95
9. 95
21. 95
18. 95 ia95
18. 95
14. 95
16. 95
16. 95 Ivanhoe 16.95 Jack Nicholas Greatest 18 14.95 James Bond: Stealth Affair 18,95 James Pond 16.95 Jupiter Master Drive 14.95 Keef The Thief 18.95 Khalaan 19-95 Kid Gloves 14.95 Killing Cloud 17.95 King Of Chicago 14.95 King’s Bounty 16.95 King's Quest IV (Sierra) 21.95 Klaxx 16.95 The Krystal 19.95 Leatherneck 12.95 Legend Of Faragahl 19-95 Line Of Fire 16-95 Lords of the Rising Sun 18.95 Magic Fly 18,95 Megalomania 22.95 Menace 16.95 Midnight Resistance 16.95 Midwinter 14.95 Mig 29 Fulcrum 19.95 Monty Python 17.95 Moonshine Racers 17.95
M. U.D.S. 16.95 NAM 1965-1975 16.95 Neu romancer 16.95 New Zealand Story 16.95 Night Hunter 16-95 Night Shift 16.95 Ninja Spirits 14.95 Nirro 16-95 North & South 14.95 Operation Harrier 16.95 Operation Snowstrikc 16.95 Operation Thunderbolt 18.95 Pacmania 36.95 Paperboy 16.95 Phasar Home Accounting 21.95 Pictionary 14.95 Pit Fighter 21.95 Populous 18.95 Populous World Editor 16.95 Pro Tennis Tour 16.95 Projectile 18.95 Puffy'sSaga 12.95 QDC 12.95 RBI Baseball 2 18.95 Red Lightning (SSQ 18.95 Red Storm Rising 19.95 Resolution 101 Hoverforce 14.95 Rick Dangerous 14.95 ROTOX 16.95 R-V.F. Honda 14.95 Satan 14.95 Savage 6.50 Shadow Of The Beast 18.95 Shadow Warrior 16-95 Shogun 16.95 Sir Fred 14.95 Ski Or Die 16.95 Sky Chase 14.95 Shuffiepuck Cafe 14.95 Silkworm 14.95 5tar Command (SSD 18-95 Starflight I8.95 Starglider 2 16.95 Stormball 18.95 Street Fighter 16.95 Street Rod 12.95 Strider 16.95 Stryx 16.95 Stunt Car Racer 16.95 Super Off-Road Racing 16.95 Switchblade 26.95 Sword Of Sodan 9.95 Swords Of Twilight 14.95
T. V. Sports Basketball 18.95
T. V. Sports Football 18.95 Second day air: add $ 3 to regular shipping charges. Next day air & Overseas Shipping: Call. Canadians: add $ 3 to regular shipping fees. Shipping Note: Compilations Count As 1 Piece The Immortal 18.95 The Krystal 19.95 The Third Courier 16-95 Thunder Jaws Thunders trike Toobin’ Tournament Golf Treasure Trap Trivial Pursuit - AncwBcgimt Turbo Turn can 1 Turn can 2 Tunnels Of Armageddon Typhoon Thompson Under Pressure Unreal Vaxxine Viking Child Voodoo Knightmarc Wargame Construction Set Waterloo Wclltris White Death Wings Wings Of Fury Woltpack World Class Leaderboard World Games Xybots Special Forces Utopia $ 45 $ 40 $ 40 535 $ 37 $ 37 $ 45 $ 37 $ 37 $ 40 $ 37 $ 40 $ 40 $ 37 $ 45 $ 37 $ 37 $ 45 $ 45 $ 40 $ 42 $ 37 $ 37 $ 40 $ 37 $ 37 $ 45 $ 45 $ 40 Sensible Soccer Silent Service 2 Robocod The Simpsons HeindaJl Chaos Engine Winter Super Sports Knightmarc Lotus Turbo 2 Final Fight Deuteros Smash TV Shadow lands
W. W.F. Wrestling Dellverence A320 Airbus Epic Columbus' Discoveries Simearth Cover Girl Strip Poker Project X Space Crusade Pinball Dreams Varoom Steel Empire Hook Storm Master FMW-mm No refunds or exchanges. U.S. products warranteed through manufacturer. Overseas products warranteed by Sideline Software. Check availability and compatibility before buying! Software performance not guaranteed, SHIPPING CHARGES: MasterCard Visa UPS ground: $ 5 for up to 3 pieces.
C. O.D. (cash only) U.P.S. ground: $ 10 for up to 3 pieces. Amiga Ten Star You get all TEN for $ 19.86 Clever and Smart * Eskimo Games Power Sticks • Spin World • Sky Blaster Vampire's Empire • Crystal Hammer Final Mission • Triple X • Little Dragon NEW COMPILATIONS!! Phantasie Pack: $ 21,95 Includes: Phantasie 1, Phantasie 3, Question 2 Air-Sea Supremacy: $ 49*95 Includes: Gunship, Silent Service, Wings, P-47 Thunderbolt, Carrier Command. High Energy: $ 24*95 Includes: North and South, Teenage Queen, Hostages, Fire & Forget, Tin Tin On the Moon. TNT; $ 24.95 Includes: Toobin, Xybots, All Points Bulletin, Hard Driving, Dragon Spirit Power Pack: $ 24*95 Includes: T.V. Spoits Football, Xenon 2, Bloodwych, Lombard Road Ralley. Max Pack: $ 44*95 Includes: S.W.I.V., Night Shift, Turrican 2, St. Dragon. Top League; $ 49.95 Includes: Speedball 2, F-16 Falcon, Rick Dangerous 2, Midwinter, T.V. Sports Football. Power Hits $ 49.95 Includes: Shanghai, Battle Tech, Fighter Bomber, GB Air Rally, Wicked, Hacker 2, Ports of Call, Tournament Golf, little Computer People, Spin Dizzy Worlds. Winning Team $ 29.95 Includes: All Points Bulletin, Cyberball, Klax, Vindicators, Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters EUROMAGS Amiga Format W Disk
510. 00 Amiga Action W Disk
510. 00 Amiga Power W Disk
510. 00 Amiga Shopper No Disk
55. 00
C. U. Amiga W Disk
510. 00 Amiga User W Disk
510. 00 Amiga Comp. W Disk
510. 00 Amiga Games W Disk
510. 00 Zero W Disk
510. 00 Manufacturers' Distributors’ Addresses, cont. Origin Systems I 10 Wild Basin Rd„ Suite 330 Austin. TX 78746 512 328-5*190 Panasonic Communications lw(> Panasonic Way Secaucus, N ] 07094 201 348-7000 800 447-4700 Partli Galen PO Box 482 Cold Spring, MN 56320 612 685*8871 Polaroid 781 Mermaid Drive Cambridge, MA 02139 800 225-1618 Preferred Technologies 14540 Past Bcltwood Pkwv. Dallas, Texas 75244 214 702-9191 800 878-0010 THE BLACK KNIGHT NEEDS YOU! READ ON! KICKMAGIC The ultimate ROM switcher. KM has 3 ROM sockets and an EPROM programmer tor blowing Kstart-type. Etc , EPROMs! Simultaneously supports FOUR different versions o( Kstart ROM Selection is 100% software controfled. KM remembers on powerup the last version used' Easily plugs into any A500.A2000 Easy to use software lets you backup KS from ROM to EPROM, or from disk to EPROM A disk file can be made from ROM Backup 12 £ 1.3 ROMs into 1 EPROM, plug 2 0 mto another socket & bum a custom EPROM for the 3rd socket The Sale of the Century at S99 tor the two Or ROM adaptor S59, Programmer $ 69 Budget 2 EPROM verson $ 39. 40 pm EPROMs are an additional $ 30. "Power Peripherals that don 7 cost a King s Ransom! " FREE HARDWARE - This is a genuine offer. Instead of wasting money on glossy advertising. BKP is providing free & heavily discounted hardware to our Beta and Gamma Testers, Any Amiga owner can apply to join the Black Knight Testers Guild. Upcoming products include Vkey. A velocity sensitive MIDI keyboard, GuickNet Ethernet board wth software fi 8Mb RAM. The Fast Lane Chip RAM accelerator. Screamin' Banshee accelerators, and The Rainbow Factory - low cost 24 bit graphics. For details, send a 50 cent Stamped £ Self-Addressed business size envelope to BKP Please do not telephone about membership details. TOP CHIP Top Chip puts your A500 A2000 on the road to A3000 graphics power £ it you later upgrade to The Fast Lane it will take you over the top. TC is a 2Mb Chip RAM expander for your A500 or A2000. The miniscule unit (2 5" x 1.7*) fits all versions of the A500-'A2000 tested to date, and is physically & electrically compatible wth KickMagic TC plugs in with no need to cut traces or solder wires. TC is software switchable between 0 5, 1 & 2Mb of Chip RAM TC comes with 2Mb on board. Most Importantly, TC uses a new innovative DRAM technology that is used on The Fast Lane (Chip RAM accelerator). Pleaso note that competing products do not use these device, so if you're thinking of Fast later, think TC now Price $ 199 including 2Mb RAM excluding 2Mb Agnus 2Mb Agnus S65. Black Knight 255 W. Moana 207, Reno NV 89509 - Tel: (702) 827 8088 Fax: (702) 827 8099 Hegis'.ered Trademarks of compinias are acknowledges Pre’spect Technics PO Box 670. Station 11 Montreal, Qtie. Canada H3G 2M6 514 954-1483 Progressive Peripherals & Software 464 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 303 825-4144 I*sygnosis 29 St. Man ’s Court Brookline, MA 02146 617 731-3553 Radical Eye Software PO Box 2081 Stanford. CA 94309 415 322-6412 RcadySoft 30 Werlheim Court Unit 2 Richmond Mill. Ont. Canada I.IB 1159 416 731-1175
S. A.M. Conquer the audioVideo synchronization battle with SAM - SMPTE And MIDI Time Code. 4 Midi out. 1 MIDI In. & serial pass-thru in one convenient unit. On board CPU, generating crystal-locked SMPTE & MIDI Time Code with zero system overhead synchronizes the Amiga and any attached instruments to audiovideo tape or any SMPTE signal Compatible with all MfDt and MTC software, including Bars & Pipes and MusicX. Includes Timecode Tool lor monitoring and recording time code signals and also LED status panel Reads $ wrrtes SMPTE in PAL, NTSC, l lm format in both forward & reverse direction from less than 0 25 to twice normal speed Price $ 199. CRYSTAL SOUND Crystal Sound Is a high performance 8 bit sound digitiser designed specifically for high quality audo sampling With the nghf input signal, it will provide the best results possible on the Amiga's B tot audio system Twin uttrafast law noise AD converters sample at up to 70kHz in stereo. WiLh a signal to noise ratio of 48dB Conversions are crystal locked lor |ltter free sampling, with on-chip sample S hold circuits lor low distortion. CS has double pole active audio fitters on all inputs, separate left & right gam controls, separate left & tight mic + line inputs, and printer pass-thru Price S99. MIDI EXPRESS Midi Express is a compact, low cost MIDI Interface. Featuring 4 outs. 1 in & 1 thru, ME also has serial port pass-thru. What else do you want Iq- $ 49 bucks? Peripherals Roctec 17 Knowles Drive. Suite 202 I .os (Lit os, CA 95030 408 379-1713 Roland US 7200 Dominion Circle Los Angeles. CA 90040 213 685-51 11 Rom bo Distributed by American Software and Micro-Pace Select ra PO Box 5497 Walnut Creek. CA 94596 510 283-1670 800 87 1-9889 Seven Seas Software PO Box 1451 Port Ibwnscnd. WA 98368 206 385-1956 Sierra On-Line PO Box 485 Coarsegold. CA 95614 209 683-1468 800 344-7448 Soft-Logik Publishing 11131 South Towne Sq.. Suite F St. Louis. MO 63123 314 894-8608 Springer-Verlag 175 51It Ave. New York, NY 10010 212 460-1500 Strategic Simulations 675 Almanor Ave., Suite 201 Sunnyvale. CA 94086 408 737-6800 Strategic Studies Group 8348 Mmitccello Drive Pensacola. FI. 32514 904 49-1-9373 Stylus PO Box 1671 Ft. Collins, CO 80522 303 484-7321 SunRizc Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd. Suite 204 Campbell, CA 95008 408 374-1962 Supra 7101 Supra Dr. S.W. Albany. OR 97321 503 967-2400 800 727-8772 Texture Citv * 3215 Overland Ave., 6167 Los Angeles. CA 90034 213 836-9224 The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks 1293 Briaitlale Lane N.E. Atlanta, GA 30306 404 377-1514 The Byte Factory 2317 SW 31st St. ()klahnma Oily, OK 73119 405 631-BY I F The Mellen Company RF’D 5 Penacuok, NH 03303 603 648-2121 Vertical 1411 I.cinay, 406 Carmlton, I X 75007 21 1 4664)048 Videographix 12231 Nicollet Ave. S. Burnsville. MN 55337 612 890-2189 Virgin Gaines 18061 Filth Ave., Suite C Irvine. CA 92714 714 833-8710 Walnut Creek CD-ROM 1547 Palos Verdes Mall Suite 260 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 510 947-5996 800 786-9907 Waterloo Maple Software 160 Columbia St. West Waterloo, Ont. Canada N2L3L3 519 7 17-2373 Xctec 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, KS 67401 913 827-0685 XYXIS Corporation 14631 Martin Dr.
* 69
• 3.5" 880K External Drive
• 512K RAM Expansion SEX OLYMPICS - (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST ONLY) DARKMAN ....$ 9.95 L-DEBUG .54.95 DELUXE VIDEO III . ...325.00 MACRO PAINT .... 324 95 DIGIPAINT 111 .... ...$ 14.95 MASTERING CLI ... .38.95 EXPRESS COPY ... .....$ 8.95 NITRO . .54.95 GREENS (GOLF SIM) ... .....$ 8.95 PERSIAN GULF INFERNO 58 95 HARPOON . ...$ 12.95 PRO FOOTBALL (FACTS) 34 95 KING'S BOUNTY ... .....$ 6.95 PRO PAGE ..... ......379.95 KING'S QUEST II ... .....$ 8.95 SEX OLYMPICS .... .35.95 Caulied che*. Bank check. Money Orders, approved Pos. Visa Mastercard. Ame*. Optma, Daw's Out. CO D's amd Wiro Transfers accepted Pjease call before su&r.irtmg Pos Ncn »of must wait 2-4 weeks for clearance Prices and availability subject lo change without nosce Not responsible lot typographic errors Return ol tielhcivemnrcharidisr musi have prior return number or roLrns w i nc: bo accepted Please add 5% Shtppmq & handling (minimum $ 6) Orders over Si SOC are discounted to 3 shipping 5 hahdVnij Stridors &.«. $ 3000 are discounted to handling Ganatta? Oroers please call ter Shipping rates 4PO FPO orders please add 10% ihppng & handing minimum $ 15 (Ov« &t20Q-8% ovtt S30&0 6% i' All ARO-FPG ordas are shippwl dass priority a: 2rd day and next oay a dab very avarfapie aie«5a ccs: We chock lot credil caM tfcell OCAseoo?33 Amiga s a registered trademark oiCtYnnodorQ.Amioi he ABYSS . 54.95 ADV. FLIGHTTRAINER 2.0.... .39.95 ALTERED DESTINY . .S8.95 AMIKIT .. .54.95 ART DEPARTMENT PRO ....$ 139.95 ARTURA ..... $ 4.95 ATF-II .$ 6.95 BARDS'S TALE III .50.95 BLOCKOUT .. .54.95 BYTE AND BACK . .34.95 CHRONOQUESTI .34.95 CRIME WAVE ...... .34.95 DAILY DOUBLE RACING...... .S4.95 | HARD DRIVES & CONTROLLERS I HARD DRIVES I QUANTUM 52S ... I QUANTUM 120S ... $ 259 1 $ 419 1 CONTROLLERS I DATA FLYER 500 . $ 1 39 | | DATA FLYER 2000 SCSI . I SUPRA WORD SYNC 20W .... $ 79 $ 09 I TRUMPCARD2000 .... $ 89 I DATAFLYER 1000 .... $ 159: WORKSTATIONS STARTING AS LOW AS
* 3995' ‘includes: Computer, 52MB HD, HD Controller, 7MB RAM, Video Toaster, Color RGB Monitor TOASTER AMIGA COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES
2. 0 ROM KIT . CALL CSA 2MB RAM BOARD 256K X4 Z1PPSFOR A-3000 .$ 2.95 (tor Mega Midge! Racer)...., .$ 249 256K X 4 ZIPPS FOR SUPRA 500 RX $ 2.95 CSA SMB RAM BOARD 6888225 Mhz. MATH CO-PROCESSOR....589 (for Mega Midge! Racer) ......$ 599 68882 33MHz. MATH CO-PROCESSOR....S99 FIXED LENS tor A-500 KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY ..$ 79 PANASONIC 1410 CAMERA ...$ 7 A-1000256K RAM EXPANDER .$ 19 RAPID ACCESS 3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE....S59 A-l 000 MODEM (VOLKS) ...$ 19.95 RCS 68040 ACCELLERATOR ...$ 1529 A-1000RF MODULATOR .$ 19 SUPRA3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE $ 99 ADSPEED .. $ 149 r j r x * , 500,2000,2000HD, 3000 ALL MODELS BLACK RIBBON FOR GSX-140 $ 7.95 CHIP PULLER ....$ 3.95 COLOR RIBBON FOR GSX-140 ....$ 19.95 COLOR RIBBON FOR GSX-145 ....$ 19.95 A SOFTWARE CLOSEOUTS SEX VIXENS SPACE ..$ 2.95 SHOWMAKER 5129 SILENT SERVICE ..$ 2.95 SUPER HUEY .$ 4.95 TERMINATOR II ....$ 9.95 TIE BREAK TENNIS ....,.$ 4.95 TV SHOW .$ 14.95 TV TEXT ...$ 14.95 TVTEXT PRO $ 29 ZONE WARRIOR ..$ 4.95 ZUMA FONT PACK I ...$ 12.95 ZUMAFONT PACK II ..$ 12.95 COMMODORE 1084 RGB COLOR MONITOR J299 : :'L. X7:7.-.7.7:7>.7;7.' ' 7.:7.7.7 7.7.7. A500 EXPANSION KIT MONITOR SPECIAL with: Q52S HD $ 259 Qi20S HD.. $ 419 BfliWALL ViDEO, ftm**. For Videographers, Personnel Directors, Advertising Managers, Sales & Marketing Professionals, and Small Business Owners, BfliWALL can help you make your presentations & training videos cost effective! O SOL UTION! 68040 Pro Toaster W S $ 5999 Basic Toaster Workstation Our knowledgeable Sales Consultants and trained Technical staft will work with you to choose one of these Toaster Systems, or help you configure a custom system, according toyour needs. We also configure, install and test every Toaster System before it leaves our shop! Call Briwall Toll-free at 1 -800-766-5757 to order all of your Computer and Video products. Write us if you would like a free copy of BriwalPs Catalog-On-A-Disk. Peripherals to save time & increase your video production! DISPLAY CBM 1084S 14" 289 CBM 1960 Multiscan 399 Loop CT1458 ....389 PanaSync CT1395 ...529 Relsys RE-1420 Super VGA 389 Sony CDP13Q4S 659 ViewSonic 7(17") ...1259 TBC’s DPS Personal TBC SB 19 DPS Personal TBC 230 ....1699 Kitchen SvncDual TBC ...1629 IDEN TBCard Call Panasonic WJ-AVE5 .Call SFC’s SFC Personal ..$ 379 BCD2000A ......759 DQ-Taco ..1899 GENLOCK CHROMAKEY RocgenPlus. MiniGen SuperGen SuperGen 2000s. Roc key. Chromakey Plus. OmniGen PAL NTSC OTHER AruiLink Editine Systems Call DCTV $ 399 Firecracker 829 DMI Resolver ..999 Flicker Free Video ..259 Rambrandi Call Video Blender ..979 GVP IV24 1899 DPS Personal Vscope .799 Panasonic AGW1 Universal ...2299 Panasonic A1960 ...Call JX100 Color Scanner ..569 Sony CVD-1000 Vdeck ....Call Epson ES 30UC Scanner ...999 BreadBoard delay and DA 359 SOFTWARE Animation Journeyman....5379 TAO Editizer ..Call I rst Prize Toaster Fonts 199 Scala ...179 Broadcast Tiller 11 229 Video Director ...... .169 Pro Video Post .169 TV TextPro .. 99 ArtD Pro ....179 Caligari 2 ..269 Caliuari Broadcast .....1699 3D Pro v2.0 Call Video Effects 3D ...129 Pro Video CG Trexx Pro .....79 Draw 4D Pro ....199 VistaPro v2.0 ......62 Fractal Pro v5.0 ...99 Toaster Master ....99 Imagine v2.0 .....279 Reaf 3D Turbo Pro ......299 T oaster T oolkit .109 Pixel 3D 79 Deluxe Paint v4 .109 Scenery Animator ...59 ImageMaster Pro ..145 Fonts, Clips. Video Topes, Books, STORAGE 52, 120, 240 Quantum .....Call 120MB Maxtor ......399 213MB Maxtor ......619 535MB Maxtor .....1429 676MB Maxtor .....1499
1. 2GIG Maxtor external ...2189 44MB Syquest removable 349 88MB Syquest removable 449 20MB DMI Floptical ..479 640MB Ricoh Optical ext 2499 1GIG Maxtor Tahiti Opt Ext...3499 Xetec CDROM Drive .529 Wangtek 250MB Tape Drive....629 DAT 2GIG Tape Drive 1879 External Solutions available for all of the above SPEED GVP Combo 25MHz w IMB $ 669 GVP Combo 40MHz w 4MB 1199 GVP Combo 50MHz w 4MB 1549 IVS Vector ..Call Progressive 68040 ......1679 Magnum 44 68040 w 4MB ..Call Zeus .....Call Mercury 68040 A3000 ...2059 32-hit Memory available for all of the above 1 M j H MMPMjp
* i rvi 7-7.5 ~ I SSSl 1*1 i ® ¦I ¦ n 25MHz Toaster Workstation $ 4799 Briwall’5 Toll-Free HOTLINE! 1-800 766-5757 (US & Canada) OUTSIDE USA: (215) 683-5661 TECH SUPPORT: (215) 683-5699 CUSTOMER SERVICE: (215) 663-5433 FAX (215) 683-8567 Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8 EST) Store Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM
P. O. BOX 129 58 Noble St. kutztown. PA 19530 Any Visa & MasterCard Accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight & value. Software shipping charges are $ 6.00 per total order via UPS ground to anywhere in the continental USA. All orders over $ 300 are insured at customer's expense. All returns require an RA . Please call before returning anything. All returned items are subject to a restocking FEE. Ad prices subject to change without notice, FEDERAL EXPRESS Charges for all orders under 20 pounds: 2nd day Delivery -S13, Next Day Delivery - $ 17. DHL Canadian & Overseas customers shipped DHL. Call for rates. CBM, CSA & DKB What a combination! Gold Disk ¥ T A1000 Owners! J Complete Video Editing S System for esery one silh a camcorder, VCR and an M Amiga , ‘Quickly & easily catalog & _ edit the best moments from your video tapes! S|' Includes hanfo arc to control most camcorders & VCR's! The Leading Real Time 3D Modeler, Animator and Rendercr y Caligari Broadcast is the premier product of its kind. Film-quality output resolutions up to 8CKM)xK(K)(). Requires 32-bit processor. The Ultimate Solution -- $ 1699 Gel up to $ 20(1 hack directly Iron Octree. Sec the Avid 5 92 issue, or the June July AmigaWorld Oullook tor details. AUGUST SPOTLIGHTS CBM 386SX Brideeboard ...Cull MaxiPlan v4 $ 99 SCS A2000 Power Case .....S359 SCS A500 Tower Case Cull AD 1012 w Studio 16 ...$ 539 Pinball Dreams ...S27 HST Standard (to 16.6Kb) .$ 599 AMAX II Plus .... Cnct v 2.0 BUS .. Progressive 040 A500 ... Supra Fax Modems ..... Roclec 501 .. Roc tee Slimline Floppy IVS Vector .., ... Superbase Pro v4.0 Bigfoot A500 200W P S...... Bomac Tower A2000 ...... Final Copy ... Arexx .. Quarterback v5 .. Quarterback Tools vl.5 . Pelican Press ...... Digital Sound Studies ..... Sim Ant Mavis Beacon Typing ... Any Barney Bear Title .. Any Carmen SanDiego Title Scaia . Caligari2 is the ideal choice for animation and animatics. For professional artists that don’t require broadcast output. Requires 24 or 32-bit processor. Just $ 269 ROCTEC Rochard 52 Attention A500 owners! Roctec has bundled their IDE SCSI combo controller, an SMB capacity memory board, and a Quantum 52MB hard drive in a color-matched, molded. Rochard case with an auto-switching power supply, game switch and quiet fan. Summer Sale -- $ 469 (and we'll add the first 2MB of RAM for only $ 79!) DMI Flopticals Don't be fooled by others! DATAFLYER from Expansion Systems Choices and More Choices! Fast, Reliable, and Flexible; all Data Oyer boards are A50(1 1000 2000 compatible. MMM SCSI Controller - S79 IDE Controller - S75 A500 Case - S79 A i 000 Case - S129 RAM Board - S99 Dataflyer SCSI or IDE 52MB Quantum Packs A500 - $ 399 A1000 - $ 479 A2000 - $ 349 Buy a Dataflyer RAM board, and we'll add the first 2MB of RAM for only S79! A500 Super System S33 Professional Page 3.0 The latest upgrade forthe Professional's choice! O- Page and Function Genies give total ease of use ¦ Irregular text wrap Adobe type I font support 7 Compugraphic Fonts Mail-mcrgc and hoi link to spreadsheet Only $ 179 From Preferred Iechnologies BriWALL'jChoice for our in-housc DTP needs! Start with an Amiga 500, 1084s Monitor, 1MB RAM. 2400 baud modem, an extra Floppy drive, and $ 100 of bundled software. Then, we’ll add a $ 100 surprise package of software, a telecom, program, and 10
3. 5" floppy disks, AND if you purchase your system before 9 1 92, we’ll give you another $ 100 of software of your choice! Over $ 1800 retail value! Summer Special $ 999* ’Price i dependent on A500pricing. No substitutions please. DMI offers a complete Ainiga solution. You just add it to your system like any other hard drive, and you've got low-cost sotrage at SI MB. Compes complete with an Insite floptical drive, DMFs Amiga driver, a 20MB disk, cabling, and a free copy of Quarterback. All you have to supply is the SCSI controller. Internal $ 479 External $ 589 (External unit I'm hides u 110 220VAC auifj-smiclung power .supply) Increase the performance of your Amiga 500 1000 2000 with a 14MHz 68000 ~ processor, and up to SMB of RAM on a single board! Also has Shadow Memory option to put Kick.start in 14MHz RAM, utility software disk, and a 5 year warranty CSA’s Magnum 44 For the really serious A2000 user, nothing beats the Magnum 44 68040 28-33MH .. SCSI-2 Controller. 64MB Memory Capacity (4MB of 32-bit RAM included), high-speed Parallel port (prim at blazing speeds), and an extra serial port, all smart!v designed into one beautiful board Blizzard w 4MB 500 2000 - $ 44 500 !( Blizzard w 2MB A1000 - $ 385 ! Addison-Weslev ROM Kernal manuals (2.04) Libraries, Devices, Hardware, Includes. & Intuition Style Guide Get ALL 5 for $ 99! Megachip 500 2000 A RocGen RocKey Video Combo ROCTEC With the RocCen Plus Genlock and RocKey Chromakey, you can add a whole new dimension by bringing high quality studio effects to your desktop video production. Special Low Combo Price ..$ 599 Expanding sour Amiga just isn’t complete until you've expanded your graphics capacity to 2MB of chip Ram You need Megachip to get it into vour 500 or 2000. (sorry 1000'sj. Call for Special Introductory Pricing We also still have the ever-popular, reliable upsradeable 68030-based MegaMidgct Racer for as low as $ 399 ($ 429 w 68882.) Megachip 2000 or 500 compelete w 2MB Agnus - $ 299 No, we don’t have a lot of line listings, but who can read that tiny type anyway. Just call us at 1-800-766-5757 and let one of our Sales Consultants help you! We specialize in 'solutions’, and we carry all of the good stuff. And if you want a complete listing, packed full of descriptions, just write us for a Free copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk! THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. More on AmigaBasic Amiga Basic not compatible with AniigaDOS 2.0? Tell that to my A500, which has been happily running Amiga- Basic programs ever since I made l he switch to 2.0. I didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to work until 1 read the letter in your May issue's Help Key. I can tell why it does work: 1 am still using Amiga- Basic 1.2 from the disks that originally
o j came with my Amiga. When I moved to AniigaDOS 1.3. I didn’t bother to replace AmigaBasic 1.2. Since it does work, and AmigaBasic 1.3 docs not, I suggest that anyone who has made the upgrade to 2.0 contact a local user's group to hunt up a copy of AmigaBasic 1.2. Leslie S. Bird Morrow, Georgia Regarding J. Watson’s problem with AmigaBasic being unable to run under AniigaDOS 2.04 (in Help Key, May ’92). There is actually a simple way around the problem. Remember the NoFastMem utility mentioned in the manuals for the DOS 1.2 and 1.3 versions? With DOS 2.04, open the Sys- tem2.0 drawer or partition, then double-dick the drawer labeled SYSTEM to display the NoFastMem icon. Click on this icon so that the "Other Mem" value shown in the Workbench window title bar becomes zero. After this, .AmigaBasic will run properly in AniigaDOS
2. Xx. When terminating AmigaBasic. Don’t forget to click on the NoFastMem icon again to return "Other Mem" to its previous value. Gene Ain a ran te Houston, Texas Missing the Point In last February's Chief Concerns, you strongly defended the Amiga's almost total lack of quality business software, saying that the computer is not an IBM done and that it would be impossible to break into a market already so dense. The point you seem to be missing is that potential customers for business software are not only those who might buy Amigas primarily to use that software, but also the three million or so existing Amiga owners, many of whom (myself included) presumably crave a good spreadsheet. I admit the Amiga is a specialized machine, but its lack of business software is totally bal- fling. We've got a CPU, haven't we? So why not use it in even- way possible? Julian Col drey Hawker, A.C.T, Australia CBM’s Human Factor Commodore may be lacking in its ability to market the Amiga in the US, but its employees are not lacking the high level of enthusiasm and love of Come on Commodore! Let's shake the image of the Amiga being just a toy. Promote it properly! The machine that have made the computer a success. We demonstrated DUTY and DeluxePaint at the 32nd annual National Art Education Association Convention in Phoenix in May, and subsequently received a very warm letter of appreciation from the Division Sales Manager, Steve Johnson. We have from time to time engaged in friendly Commodore hashing, but now that we have met Steve and realize that there are talented, harcl-working, intelligent people at Commodore who are just as dedicated to the Amiga as we are, the fun has fallen a little flat. Perhaps words of encouragement and positive feedback to Commodore would be more appreciated and called for. Having owned both IBM and Macintosh hardware, we know just how truly great the Amiga is. If only software developers like Adobe, Aldus, and Microsoft would see the light and write lor the Amiga platform, this memory- efficient. Cost-effective, dazz.lingiy fast, multitasking machine would no doubt attract the numbers of users who would more than pay for the cost to develop the software. Laurel and Tony Kashinn Grafton, Wisconsin Off the Ball On last February 28, National Technological University announced its plans to broadcast a special series of programs dealing with multimedia. These live, interactive satellite broadcasts were received and viewed by bun- i dreds of corporations, educational institutions, and government divisions across the continent. There were many speakers, including several from IBM and Apple. This was a big event. Commodore was not present. In fact, there was no mention of the Amiga. How can Commodore afford not to participate in something like this? Come on, Commodore! Let's shake the image of the Amiga being just a toy. Let’s promote it properly! Alex Sheffield Ottawa, Ont., Canada The Ukrainian Connection If you are interested in an Amiga- based videographics business in Ukraine, please contact Alexander V. Romanov, Dreiser St. 1 25, flat 59, Kiev-217, 253217 Ukraine; telephone
(044) 5461063 (please, alter 7 PM, Kiev time); FAX: (044) 2744265 (FAX must be marked "for Vasilenko-for Romanov"); E-Mail: AYR%DRP.UNIV. KIFAUA@REI AY,USSR.EU.NFT. ¦ Cantrix CanDo INOVAtronics Score m ¦ ¦ ¦ Lines TJJtitt'm by. Q: What's unique Mx. Z2> about this version of this game? R r % j*v?;icwstc*:-rtTB8~* roTd To: rcTSKTnp
P. O.BOX 2603 NRNKKfl AUSTRALIA Ship Tot flTTKT f HHHK K L J tiRF? PHONE: 61-6-239-5568 PO *: Nerba > Ret a I I , , . , - t r I TICS Tiadeitinifca CanDo njOVAfoocs inoviMramc-s me Amiga CommoOo p inc Date I [05 13 92 J Dealer | Distrtb Cntrd iJBg7TgZgS Meno fff 18 10 _i j _i _J _i Kao&o f.5 ‘ H49.95 ri49.93 Idirectorv Opus [59.95
159. 95 HiU Hb0U IouerH R-Vtdeo 24
1999. 95
1999. 95 DreanUeaver I4 9.93" H9.95 te Re le.ee 1 |0 .00 lu.ee [ATB0-
16. 00 ie. 8 b [0 . 00
(6. 00 [0 . 00 f0T9fl re. BG
10. 00 1 [0.00
10. 00 [0:00
10. 00 [0 7B0 IB. BB Ship V » ¦> HUPS Ground! Sh ip Tfrn I [C. OTDT X at v
• • * • • UNITED STATES [5= tr [0 BH 1 r - ¦ 1 I 1 ca |++| j STDp Log I Print I [j? C I ear | St ore! Rea t ore| IT9Y.5 . !i3 Q: How does a booming software company keep track of all those invoices? Q: How do you keep your kids from driving you nuts on a rainy Saturday afternoon? A: They did it with CanDo. Scenario I: You sit at your Amiga, wondering if someone makes a combination database quiz program (that kids would love). Summer fades to Autumn. Frustration sets in. (slow fade to black) Scenario II: You've just dreamed up a really excellent piece of software that you can't find anywhere. Being a CanDo sort of person, you do it yourself: window border styles, fonts, menus, anims, sounds, and much more, all under your control. It's as much fun as it sounds. The beauty of it is that you get exactly what you want with a minimum of time and effort. And if you are a programmer, remember, CanDo can make short work of a lot of large projects. Try it for yourself. Order The CanDo Test Drive for just $ 10.00. We think you’ll love Doing it so much that you'll spring for the real deal. When you do, we’ll give you the ten bucks back. CanDo, v1.6: $ 149.95 INOVAtronics Be More Productive. To Order Cail Toll Free: 1-800-875-8499 (VISA, MC, AmEx) INOVAtronics Inc.’Suite 209B, 8499 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX. USA 75231 -2499-Phone 214-340-4991 ’FAX 214-340-8514 ("itrio 7.A nn Reader Service card Digital Video [fleets Real-time digital video effects on lire video. From Jlip, spin and tumble to bigb-end ivarping effects. 9 essential tools you need if you're using your Amiga for video or graphics. 35ns Character Generator Scroll, crawl and key professional-quality titles over live video and still images or warp. Peel, and spin titles with digital effects. . 4 Input Production Switcher Perform cuts, fades and wipes between 4 video inputs and j internal sources. Sow includes amazing new transitions such as fire, liquid and breaking glass. Complete systems starting at S-J595 Outside North America call 612-882-1662 Demo also available on S- VHS. Hi8, 3. 4 Mil. Belacam lH, LaserDisc ar.d D2 a* nominal cos! Nexf-day delivery available. Price and specilicat ons subject to change Video Toaster, Lightwave 3D ana ToasterPamt are trademarks ol NewTek, Inc © Newtek. Inc. 1992 Color Processing Re-color lire video or alter brightness and contrast. Effects include sepia-toning, color- negatii vs. day-for- n ight. Chrome and more. Still Store Frame Grabber Freeze flan less broadcast resolution images instantly and recall them as sources for the switcher and digital l ideo effet ts. Circle 37 on Reader Service card VIDEO TOASTER Luminance Key More than just simple weatherman over a map. Toaster keying does luminance fade transitions and even key- based digital trails. 24-htt Broadcast Paint Create 16 million color images with powerful tools for drawing, tinting, blending, colorizing and warping images. 3D Anioiatioo LightWavc3D is a complete animation system that creates high-resolution 24-bit color images with incredible speed and quality. Dual Frame Butters Hold two high-resolution 16 million color video frames in perfect broadcast quality.

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