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In Sync SMPTE Output (S249, SunRize Indus- tries) generates LTC (SMPTE) time code and sends it out through the Amiga's audio jack, letting you stripe time code onto audio and video tape. You can use it by itself or as an expansion module for SunRize's Studio 16 audio-editing systems. SMPTE Output locks to the sync pulse of each frame of video when used with a genlock or NewTek's Toaster. The software can also sync audio and video decks together, slave VTRs to the Amiga, and synchronize audio decks using a sync box. SMPTE Output is NTSC and PAL compatible, works with any Amiga, and requires 1MB of RAM. (RS 133). Oscar-Winning Team: Amiga, Toaster, and D2 If you've been dreaming about the day when the Amiga and economical video tools could create an Academy Award winning film your fantasy just came true, T his year, The Empowerment Project won an Oscar for Best Documentary Film with Panama Deception. The group edited the film on 3 4" SP videotape, and color-corrected it through NewTek’s Video Toaster on D2 composite digital tape using a unique capability called “pre-read.” Then believe it or not 35mm film prints for theatrical distribution were made from the video master! Production Coordinator Gary Meyer (now with Sweet Pea Productions) secured US Department of Defense battle footage taped by the Pentagon during the Panama invasion. Production folks combined this footage with video from Panamanian sources showing newly discovered grave sites of civilian casualties. Shot by anxious camera operators under difficult conditions, much of the footage was wildly out of color-halance; some footage came from multigeneration copies of 8mm and VMS sources. The Empowerment Project edited all this, together with interview segments taped in Panama and the US, onto 3 4" tape using tube cameras of varying quality. Co-producer David Kasper sent the edited program to Video-It Post, an innovative post-production facility in Culver City, California, which copied the full 3 4" SP tape over to 1)2 composite digital tape. The digital format stabilizes chroma crawl found in nondigital NTSC video and eliminates generation loss problems. The facility then perfected the shot-by-shot color correction with pre-read, which uses the dynamic tracking heads to pull audio and video signals from the D2 master tape into a special-effects console. This they corrected, mixed with other video signals, fed back into the 1)2 editor, and re-recorded onto the same master tape as if it were a signal from a B-sourcc deck. Video-It (310 280-0505) discovered the potential power of pre-read for low-bud- get producers in 1989 and has since refined it into what they call D2-. The facility networks five Amigas on-line for multiple effects, and uses InnoVision’s Broadcast Tider for text. The D2 pre-read signal is routed through a Video Toaster switcher, which maintains first-general ion master-quality, good enough to make the final 35mm film print for theatrical distribution. At $ 225 per hour this method is much less expensive than 1)1 processing and it’s much faster: The full 90-minute program was corrected in two hours. The decision to do the color correcting on D2 brought the quality level of the entire production up to feature film standards, and on Oscar night die producers of Panama Deception walked away with a golden statue the realization of every home-video producer’s dreams. Paine Hedlund As the keeper of I UN sole A4000, I'm continually asked by co-workers to capture AGA-gen- erated screens. For ibis task, 1 use a PD program residing in the Amiga area of every network QuickGrah i. 1 by Steve Ilines. Operating as a commodity under OS 2.0 through 3.0, ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh M QuickC irab handles AG A screen modes quite nicely. And while we're on the subject of 2.0+ commodities: Most nets harbor version 1.80 of Hans- Peier Guenther's W'COMM. Complete with a clock and palette window, W'COMM lets you cycle screens via user-defined hotkeys. Another commodity, HuntVVin- dows 2.6 by Jorg Bublath, has won rave reviews thanks to its ability to create scrollable screens larger than the visible area of vour monitor. To determine your Amiga's performance in a variety of areas, Amiga Intuition Bused Benchmarks (AIBB) has seen recent revisions and now lingers at version 6.0. Another interesting program, Dashboard 1.4 is an OS 2.0+ utility by Marat 4 4 Favzuilin that uses dashboard- j like gauges to display CPU activity, as well as chip and last RAM usage. For those so inclined, BIX recently freshened its entire lineup of Amiga software tools.

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Amiga World Vol 09 07 1993 Jul

Document sans nom From “The Elf Works Museum 1 an Amiga 3-D image by Erik Flom Fined Copy II produces high quality, professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to- use page layout capabilities, and state-of- the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench (1.3,2.0 or higher) supported graphic printer. If you have a PostScript printer, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - other programs limit you to a few fonts and a limited number of sizes. Final Copy II supports NimbusQ, Compgraphic, and Type-1 outline font formats giving you access to thousands of commercial and pubiic-domain fonts. Final Copy II's word processing features include: 144,000 word speller; 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation; named paragraph style sheets; master pages; mail-merge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. Final Copy lfs graphic features include: object-oriented, J structured tools for drawing boxes, ovals, lines, arrow-tipped lines, and rounded cornered boxes; cropping; graphic sizing; object locking; and graphic depth arranging. Full AGA support lets you work in screens having up to 256 colors. Final Copy II now available in American English, British English, German, French, and French-Canadian versions is the best selling word processor for the Amiga in the world. As stated in a recent AmigaWorld review, "FinalCopy II pulls into the lead of the Amiga word-processing pack." Twin* eeri wkmi Unai Copy Final Copy rx KniHr if hit. ¦mmb uI rt Ik M-_i ii qni ft> uf*, fvc i« iMTh It mm nLrt IL p -j. OtfuditK hhvtl ¦¦¦ ¦ n i I kifcc ThineUno thsrt it net c il p floy. Ni«q-«linfi tn i J m m ¦ • - fSafc shat FWHUV AIIW5KH J111 .iUif kr.- ? |T«* OUB a | ojjl i jjPPQ wJRhMT UippmM. T||| OHB hi Mj iwf le um. Lh>ri lllNiilUt ofciiw inpto j ,4 wtv*.f
* Uti‘ **" | .BM Imv C of r 'I' Lr- iys* &PC W- "MiMlfn V'S ’Kim it ->»»,«%¦ tnvj p *• » t t«>¦ j ..J* km - »4«r»P| ¦»sl ? Ur Stn 1 -C rVAUV, AlIAVjh l> m* *¦ ¦it • ¦ Vj.¦.» Efl| * * '¦'h*** tL(i *>frQ jiiitlHPfThtpjitM Vu c-aii or w«n o .
* til la oi«. FtiUffJtu*!I mrd t'Jiw rtrili lb* .j«mi j ini-Ui fw Hit I"*- t*-1 PL-wl C jpr -114 U I) u»l p » h•r-"
* ¦> prr. Jr x* a i fliCn j I xi Ii*!.!. rrr»- Lirtrti.Vri, tl tUS' v. C-Pvr’in.i
• h ¦ tain JrtdM 11 JtTbti n n»lfWt'*vr *4 i i l 't rot thf Min !*>•• * *1. R*pv IT* i %m t4 zr* n+m+jm (ktcH* tr'ftcnta , C flN&OI Sh 1* -irrf j rr+rrof-irajn i*r*- • iI*, tim . **-:>fyq ___ , ..... , s_.. _ _ _ h C m i. it u, .tv. t ' fit Arenas **rBir>r*i Ih -4 Gun on ntm, jncHci®!nn. Jin**'* * 1**1 •», ’ inrtlttfll. Dunvi wajfrJr Hut ,rt>in fern.*., tcbi r*aj ¦oanfKt sr-ik* V* a***, *trj. -rlldriPfcj »ai rt: ¦ m :»ni *7.vin> luMftcriim) retnM **&»¦>¦ LnrtraA. Tc«j «>t yiffiifi uin Ifu *« to rn j.-t i«i9 a •mnr J an i ffvm l»rrfvi iilr*. Hit th» ¦v-tjr*. A» lb inlntnitmvlilf W • Mlha .rv. 4r» .14 *11 '» «-¦ Fjttl Civ» TIM f* Isr th« aJi*t itaanwl. R r . Irg> w*r It wt ,hl>llslnn*itu4l 4.* You want a document that reads well in addition to looking good. Final Copy™ comes with a 144.000 word speller, 1.4 million word thesaurus with definitions. Master pages, style sheets, paragraph sorting, math support, mail-merge, automatic hyphenation, and user-defined lab stops to assist you in your writing. SoftWood, Inc. Final Copy's™ graphic support is the best there is in anv Amiga® word processor. Place IFF ILBM pictures and brushes anywhere in a document. Draw boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, squares, and circles using Final Copy's™ structured drawing tools. Flow text around or on top of any graphic in a document,
P. O. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 Style sheets and master pages are features you can really use to ensure your documents are created in a consistent and well-planned manner. Fully editable page views let you work in several levels of reduction and magnification. Multiple snaking columns, left right pages, and title page options are easy to use, 1(800)247-8314 System Requirements: Amiga® with at least I megabyte of RAM and either a hard drive or 2 floppy drives. To use Compugraphic fonts you must have a hard drive and WB 2. I or greater. Everybody's talking multimedia revolution. Allow us to light the fuse. A lot of apples were bruised when we first introduced Scala, the professional presentation package. With the new Scala MultiMedia MM200, they will be blown into oblivion! AnivnLab With this bonus program you can make your animations play up to four times faster! The press writes: "The word multimedia has been battered and misused... Scala on the other hand, know exactly what multi- media is and what to do with it!" Amiga User International (UK) "...the best program in show business." Amiga Format (UK) "Scala MM200 is the kind of software that many serious users simply cant't afford to be without." Amiga Computing (UK) Let us introduce a few of the features that make Scala MM200 combined with the Amiga the world's most powerful multimedia environment: _ Scala EX A revolutionary new plug & play system, for the integration of laserdisk, still video, MIDI, or CDTV sounc in your Scala presentation. Extra EX'es, such as 24 bit graphic support and VCR control are also available. Scala Wipes More than 80 amazing, smooth and professional transitions provide possibilities previously unseen on the Amiga. Scala Shuffler Instant viewing of your whole presentation! You can see up to 112 pages at one time. Simply shuffle them around with the mouse! Scala Snapload A series of advanced techniques make Scala load and display pictures and animations faster than any other j package! Scala Sound Enhance your presentations with voice-over, music and special sound effects! Scala offers total control of recording and play-back. Scala LINGUA The multimedia language Lingua with its close link to Arexx puts the advanced user in total control! For a close look at the market leader in multi- media software, contact your dealer today! With Iho kind o»»rvianc*> of IliOm EMI Inliirndlional 'Hi 4: '¦ •>"rf ;V 1 I ncydofln r liu llfilunnitci . !
* * ’'V ' fttmurl on location m Shakmpnaw ¦' f 4-"'7 c«*n.frv .‘f > *,;r> i Vv V- I - *¦** ¦ }¦¦ v 1 ' I y Music by SCALA ¦v V Dif clcd by Daniel Bloch
- VSJProduced by Jan Ivor Bnjaroy Wrs 4 m4 Scroll text by Scala. UA,nc- C* A I A 0 Sunset I lills Rd.* Suite 100 | g I g on. VA 22090, USA V I-
(703) 709'8(M3 Why make it harder? F Scanner
* Palette lllllllll [If Toolbox j 'lllllllllllll j[| Render Load | Save 111 Print ErefsllQuit 2560 x 9HMlHra Cooposi te Rotate R Size I Irsfisr orM w* ¦ m m icri look LiTCCT a ftrex* IMABEFX TRULY INTEGRATED IMAGE PROCESSING...A REALITY, HERE AND NOW The concept is simple: IniageFX is the only Image Processing package that you mil ever need. Period. Some Image Processing packages make a lot of promises, but end up making you do all the work as they work on your pocket- book! But not ImageFX from GVP; we've done it right the first time, saving you time and money. The way we see it, "Professional" means Truly Integrated. That's why ImageFX gives you everything up front. We wouldn't think of doing it any other way! Observe: FEATURE ImageFX price ADPRO' PRICE Image processing $ 249.95 $ 299.00 Morphing Included $ 295.00 "Pro Conversion Pack11 Included $ 90.00 Epson Scanning Included $ 200.00 TOTALS -jft. S 249.95* $ 884.00* - We could have stopped there, but Image Processing is serious business, and serious business calls for value and power, so ImageFX holds nothing back. You won't find any other Image Processing software with these integrated features: Regionalized Processing... Edge Feathering ..... Brush Handling ...... Color Transparencies ...2 Separate RGB Masking..... ...g CMY HSV Operation . YUV YIQ Operation . ...21 JX-100 Scanning .(7 Virtual Memory ...g Complete Painting Tools... jV Real-time WYSIWYG Preview ..[V Dual Image Buffers ......v Alpha Channel g Undo & Redo . Perhaps other Image Processing packages will someday catch on to the power and flexibility of ImageFX. However, if you're serious now about Image Processing, you need the software that was born ready. No limitations. No costly additions! ImageFX is Truly Integrated Image Processing...a reality here and now! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.* 600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215-337*8770 • FAX 215-337-9922 'Lis! Prices and features are based on information published in Am;gaWorld, May 1993, and are subject to change ImageFX and CmeMorph are trademarks of Great Valley Products. Inc ADPro is a trademark cl ASDG Inc Amiga is a registered trademark 0I Commccore-Amiga. Inc. AmigaWorld is a publication of TechWedia Publishing, an IDG Company. ©1993 Great Valley Products, Inc. VOLUME 9, NUMBER 7, JULY 1993 FEATURES Fluid Form By Lennard Price .24 Three-dimensional liquid effects waves, ripples, molten metals, even gases are some of the hottest commercial animation effects. Learn how von can create them like the pros with Amiga 3-D graphics packages. Digital Canvas 215 In keeping with our 3-D graphics focus this month and in appreciation of the many works so kindly submitted by artists we bring hack our “gallery” from the early days of AW. 1 + 1=3(D)I By Joel Hagen ....30 Creating “stereo pairs” is die 3-D key in this tutorial. Learn how to produce images and animations you can view in stereo 3-D. ARTICLES The PC Connection By Dave Johnson ..33 If you need IBM PC emulation on vour Amiga, here’s a comparative evaluation of eight leading PC bridgehoards emiilalors to help put you squarely at the A: prompt. Put on the Hex By Jim Maciorowski ...43 Computer viruses can attac k your system at any time, kani these practical preventiv e measures and find out about a new European crop of potent virus-killing programs. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson .. 4 A recent deal between Commodore and NewTck puis die latter s flagship product squarely back in the former's camp. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...48 If you liked Joel’s feature this month on 3-D stereo graphics (p. 30), here are some inexpensive follow-up tips on outputting such images for use with optical viewers. Video Suite By Joel Tesster and Michael Hanish .... 30 In this first installment of a two-patter on troubleshooting your video productions, our You may have seen some scenes from Erik Flam's incredible imaginary fine-urts museum before, hut not this one: Flam created if just for our cover. He modeled all the objects from scratch on an A 3000 using NewTek’s Light Wave 3D 2.0; the paintings came from CompuServe’sJine-arts library. Flam, who runs a 3-D production service (FFF Works in Alameda, Caf began the museum as an experiment in photorealism. 11 e think he succeeded! Video team shows you where to look when you can’t see the cause of your signal problems. Player’s Choice Contest = = 5 Pick your all-time Favorite Amiga games and win an Amiga 1200 in the bargain in rill A first-ever Player’s Choice Contest. DEPARTMENTS Overscan . 8 You’ll find plenty of Amiga news and new products that deserve “scanning" this month. Help Key ....f)2 Help yourself to some free advice as Tim answers technical questions from our readers. List of Advertisers ... f)4 The Last Word .104 f or 29 cents you can step up to the box and take vour swings. REVIEWS V-Lab v3.1 (MacroSystems) .K> Powerful 24-bit video-digitizer combo. VistaPro 3.0 (Virtual Reality Laboratories) .20 AGA upgrade of the landscape-genemtiun program. DSS8+ Digital Sound Studio (Lj i......84 Accent the “plus" in this sampling editing package update. Professional Page 4.0 (Gold Disk).. 64 Pro Page DTP for AGA Amigas. Retina (MacroSystems) ......68 New low-cost 24-bit display card. MBX 1200z (MicroBotics) ..70 A1200 RAM expansion FPU card combo. SQ5110C Removable Cartridge Disk Drive (Syquest) 72 Convenient mass storage in 44 88MB versions. Pro-Board 3.0 (Prolific) ...72 Do-it-yourself primed-dreuii-ljoarcl maker. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 76 Once more to the brink with Shadow of the Beast III in this month’s gaming lips column. Bard’s Tale Construction Kit (Interplay) 76 Roll your own versions of die classic Amiga RPG favorite. Legends of Valour (U.S. Gold) .... 78 Smooth-flowing, free-scrolling RPG mport. Short Takes .82 Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. A IT Product Information .102 1 b contac t the developer of any product mentioned in this issue oiAmigaWorld, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list. COVER IMAGE BY ERIK FI.OM COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWARD jl DICE EDITOR’S DRAWER Commodore and NewTek join forces to bring you the Video Toaster 4000. A Marriage Made in Video Heaven? The big news coming out of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show last month did not lake many Amiga users by surprise. After all, for the past few months, rumors of a 4000-compatible Video Toaster have been as widespread as mushrooms in May. How the announcement was presented generated the excitement. It was promoted as “a joint mar keting effort" between NewTek and Commodore. The display of cordiality and good fellowship between these two video titans was unprecedented. James Dionne, Commodore Pr esident and General Manager, commented, “Commodore is pleased to join NewTek as they announce the Video Toaster 4000... ” NewTek’s president, Tim jennison, reciprocated with similar words praising “this powerful combination of new technologies...” The announcement ushers in a new era of cooperation between Commodore and NewTek and threatens to bring a smile to even the most crusty, hardened Amiga veteran. It also signals the beginning of a burgeoning support market for the Toaster 4000, which, if the NAB show is any indication. Promises to eclipse that shown for its predecessor. (See
p. 8 for more on the Video Toaster 4000 and a roundup of support products.) The 4000 version of the Video Toaster is newly designed to fit exactly into the dedicated 4000 video slot no modifi- cations necessaiy! And to take advantage of the new AGA chip set. In naming its new product, NewTek alludes to the source of the power behind the new Toaster magic, that is, the A4000. If you check out the ads for the new Toaster, you’ll be pleased to identify right away the Commodore equipment that the Toaster uses: No more hiding the fact that the Toaster runs on an Amiga. Since the Toaster is so inextricably lied into the Amiga’s custom chips, it never made much sense, anyway, to try to hide the Amiga's role. This new computing glasnost promises more visibility and an elevated status for Commodore’s machines, and promises to deliver video power to the legion of Amiga users. Video Toaster 4000 features a new, improved version of NewTek’s LightWave software, with increased speed and ease of use. (Lightwave is already used extensively in Hollywood.) Other features include a new, easier-to-use interface and hundreds of eye-popping effects from the simple to the complex. In addition, a new mouse-controlled character generator greatly expands your titling options. Extra features, power, convenience, and, best of all, a low price. If you’re a dedicated 'Toaster user, then you need no further convincing that Toaster 4000 is for you. If you’re still wondering what the “revolution” is all about, now may be a good time for you to take a serious look at this new Toaster, which is due next month in computer stores. Amiga World will follow this announcement with a hands-on review of NewTek’s new hardware software combo for the A4000, Stay tuned. AmigaWorld Dale Strang. Publisher Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Vinoy Laughner, Managing Editor Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, isstsfanf Editor Gene Brawn, David T. McClellan, Joel Hagen. Peter Olafson, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher. It’est Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Vvendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCoIe, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jail Let, Desktop Publishing Manager Deborah M. Walsh, Circulation Manager Debbie Bourgault, Fulfillment Coordinator Subscription Sendees: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Susan M, Hanshaw, Director of Operations Monica A. Lougee, Administrative Assistant zsf Customer Sendee Liaison William M, Boyer, Director of Credit Sales cr Collections Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation miDG INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP Amiga World (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal not connected with Commodore Business Machines, Int. ImigaHbdd is published monthly by Tech.Media iTiblishm , Inc.. an IDG Company, SO Elm St.. Peterborough. Nil 03458. I S. subscription rate is S29.97. one vear; $ 57.07, two years: $ 83.97, three years; Canada, $ 41,97 (includes GST’), and Mexico $ 38.97. Eo reign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. U.S. funds drawn on U.S. bank. Prepayment is required on all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates are one-year otilv. Second-class posiage paid at iVteiljorough. Ml. And at additional mailing ollices. Phone: 603-924-0100. I mire contents copyright 1993 by IcchMcdia Publishing, Inc. N'opart of I his publication may lie pt in led or nihnxvisc icproduccd without written permission Irom (lie publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes to.lwigflll wA , Subscription Service*. PO Box 595, Mi. Morris. ||. B|0:i 1-7901. Nationally distributed by Kable News Co. Amiga World makes every ellbrt to ensure the accuracy ol articles. Listings, and diagrams published in the magazine.. miga World assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. Printed in the USA.
G. G-LOCK" BY GVP FOR SIMPLE TITLING OR MIXING IT ALL TOGETHER the Building Blocks of Better Video G-Lock“ Makes Your Video Connections With:
• Genlock features for crisp overlays of scrolling, or static titles, graphics over live video and recording to videotape with high quality results,
• Simple, intuitive mouse-driven software control panels. Full Arexx, CLI interfaces and Workbench interfaces.
• Software selection of 2 composite video inputs or 1 Y C (S-Video) input.
• Software selection or mixing of 2 audio inputs with bass and treble control.
• Software-driven video processing amplifier, (proc amp) offering complete real-time signal processing control, including hue, brightness, saturation and more,
• Software-controlled RGB color splitter compatible with video digitizers like Newtek's Digi-Vicw™.
• Built-in transcoder converts input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs.
• Full ECS AGA support for full compatibility with new A1200 and A4000 systems!
• Compatible with popular titling software like AmigaVision™, Scala-Multimedia 200™ and Gold Disk's Video Director™.
• Separate versions available for standards around the world. Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Video: A Cut Above G-Lock;s six video control panels enable you to perform a wide array of special effects on still or motion video including... ? Colorizing for unique visual effects. ? Creating your own "classic" black and white videos using the Colorkill feature ? Color filter effects. ? High-quality keying effects with bitplane or chroma keying. ? Manual or automatic (ARexx triggered) fades and cuts. Audio: Sound Designs G-Lock's dual-input audio panel switches, mixes and shapes sound for effects such as... ? Combining stereo channels or separate inputs without a "Y" adaptor. ? Treble and bass equalization. ? Plus, add DSS8 or any Amiga created modified digital audio samples to your final mix! Professional video processing + audio processing + a powerful but simple interface + creative special effects, make G-Lock the cornerstone of your multimedia productions! For more information or your nearest GVP dealer phone 215-337*8770 For technical information, phone 215-354-9495 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC.‘600 CLARK AVENUE, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 USA PHONE 215-337-8770 * FAX 215-337-9922 G-Lock is a trademark at Great Valley Products. Inc Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc, Al other trademarks are the property of their respective owners Circle 1 on Reader Service card Subscribe today at our low introductory rate of $ 12.95 for s*x bi-m BifflCTBSWH9We! BSBBlffffl door. Call our toll free number now and become part of an exciting new world came THAT YOU EVER DREAMED AN AUDIO SAMPLER COULD BE PLUS! We'll say it loud and clear: If you have an Amiga you need DSS8+ 7 There's a brand new standard in quality for 8-bit audio on the Amiga: GVP's DSS8+. We've integrated utterly-unbeatable sound with an impressive collection of features never before found in any sampler. You can shop around to your heart's desire, but you won't find a sampler with clearer sound or more features anywhere at any price why? Because the PLUS in DSS8+ means that we took everything you expect in a stereo sampler and added:
• Now over 255 settings for input gain including "Automatic". (No more time wasted in calibration!!
• Over 127 settings for our new Low Pass Filter. (Noise reduction!
• Incredibly high Dynamic Range thanks to DSS8+'s DC Offset Adjustment. (Now hear this!)
• Right and Left channel pre-mix so you save precious RAM. (No more stereo mix-down!]
• Hardware Channel Selector for optimum performance with all Amigas. (Power to the People!)
• Separate microphone jack for simultaneous voice-over and music recording. (Home Video!)
• A solid secure fit onto the Amiga for minimal signal loss. (No more tiny screwdrivers! The PLUS doesn’t stop there it also gives you...
• Our renowned full-featured sample editing and music composition software.
• A handy Control Panel for independent control of DSS8+'s advanced features, allowing full compatibility with almost any sampler software available today.
• The best manual in the business with an easy-to- 9c JL follow Digital Sound Tutorial.
* A second diskette overflowing with ready-to-play Sound Effects! DSS8+ is the essential audio peripheral for everyone from beginners to digital sound veterans. In other words, DSS8+ is for anyone interested in a fun and simple-to-use tool for sound and music. It's perfect for jazzing up MultiMedia presentations created with Scala", HelmCanDo", MediaLink", or AmigaVision The PLUS also means Positively Affordable In addition to being the best value in sound, DSS8+ now allows you to benefit from an unequalled offer. For a limited time, you can send in your old sampler and receive a generous discount on a new DSS8+. Call GVP right away for details. Take it from your ears, get the PLUS DSS8+! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. • 600 CLARK AVENUE • KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 • USA PHONE 215-337*8770 * FAX 215-337-9922 DSSB+ is a trademark ol Great Valley Products Inc Amiga is a reg stered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Cando is a trademark of Inovatronics. Inc Scala is a trademark of Scala, Inc. Media Link is a trademark of Activa International. Helm is a trademark of Eagle Tree Software. Inc. Amiga Vision is a trademark of Commodore Internationa! Ltd ©1993 Great Valley Products. Inc. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks NAB ’93 Toasts New Toaster 4000 LAS VEGAS, NV High-profile Amiga action astounded many of the more than 70,000 attendees at the 1993 National Association of Broadcasters (N AB) conference in late April. Set against the ersatz glitter of Las Vegas at the sprawling Las Vegas Hilton, the show featured the video-oriented products of hundreds of hardware and software manufacturers. Commodore arrived boothless, but at a pre-show NewTek Commodore press conference, C8M President James Dionne announced an olive-branch liaison between the two companies and the mid-May release of the closely-guarded AGA-compati- ble Toaster 4000. (RS 138). Lights... Camera... Amiga! NewTek's dynamic circular booth in the crowded main video hall allowed company personalities to perform three nonconflicting demos simultaneously. Effectively capturing all but the most jaundiced eyes of the desensitized crowds, huge video monitors flashed 3-D-embellished videos, transitions, and wipes (some included sound effects), while high-decibel lectures bellowed the virtues of the Toaster 4000. Overall, NewTek's display held its own, even when compared to the far costlier high-end video effects and HDTV productions throughout the exhibition. The Toaster 4000 sported a new look for spring, thanks in no small part to a PostScript-font-compatible 24-bit Toaster char- acter generator (CG). Expectations were kept in check, though, as the occasional system crash and glossy press kits sans detailed spec sheets reminded everyone of the miles to go before NewTek sleeps. But with its release imminent, AW readers can watch for in-depth Toaster 4000 coverage in upcoming issues. The rebirth of the Amiga began, but did not end, with NewTek. Highly visible next to an enormous Sony extravaganza in the main hall sat a large and well-appointed Digital Processing Systems exhibit. Like nearly all vendors touting Amiga wares at NAB, DPS proclaimed Toaster compatibility with its Personal Component Adaptor (PCA) card ($ 499). Designed to work with increasingly popular S-Video equipment, PCA adds two Y C and one Betacam MII outputs, along with three Y C inputs, to the Toaster. For the Toaster and Toasteriess alike, DPS previewed its Personal Animation Recorder ($ 1995) card, which can replace VCRs and single-frame controllers. Supporting direct-to-hard-disk rendering of 24- Continued on p. 10. Even Faster A1200 Want to speed up your A1200? T he Ml 230 XA (from $ 399, MicroBotics) will accelerate your A1200 up to five times faster than the native configuration. Desirable for demanding applications such as animation, ray-tracing, ancl morphing, the M1230 XA offers a 68030 processor, a 68882 FPU, a real-time clock, and the option to install up to 128MB of fast RAM through SIMMs. Although the 50 Mhz '030 is the standard installation, the MI230 XA is also available with a 33 Mhz '030 ora 40 Mhz EC030 (no MMU). MBRTEST-2, a diagnostic program for memorv, and SetXA, a configuration utility, are included. M1230 XA is DOS 3.0 compatible. Price varies with the addition of memorv and FPU. (RS 124). Another Stereo View It wasn't until after "1 4-1 =3(D)!" (p. 30) went to press that AmigaWor d learned of another means to see in stereo. Unlike X-Specs 3-D (Haitex), the original stereo gogs for the Amiga, MegageM's AmiVR a video interface and liquid-crystal-shutter glasses combo plugs in to the video-out port of any Amiga (use with the A3000 or A4000 also requires Commodore's A520 video adapter). AmiVR synchronizes the glasses directly from the Amiga video signal's sync. By connecting the interface to your VCR's output and running the supplied cable to your NTSC monitor, you can use AmiVR independently of your Amiga to see stereo 3-D movies. Instead of X-Specs' over-under picture format, AmiVR uses a full-screen format that alternately displays left and right views (seen without the glasses, the image flickers). Used with Animatrix Modeler, AmiVR lets you model in LightWave 3D and see your objects in "true" 3-D. Imagine 2.0, VistaPro 3.0, and Imagemaster's merge facility can create left and right views for merging into stereo images. The system comes in two configurations, both of which include an interface, cable, power supply, and case. The AmiVRI package ($ 269) also provides one pair of glasses and one stereo 3D videotape of your choice (MegageM stocks a large selection of movies, documentaries, travelogues, and more). AmiVR2 ($ 369) provides two sets of glasses and two tapes. (RS 150.) To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses list on p. 102. We don’t know from friendly skies. You’ve beat all the flight sims? A furball doesn’t raise a sweat anymore? Ten minutes of WWI combat isn't even challenging? Hmm... Maybe you are ready for Air Warrior*. That is, if you think you can handle the most realistic combat flying there is. Because Air Warrior does more than correctly model 28 different WWII aircraft, complete with spins, stalls and buffeting. It puts you up against other human beings. Online, in real time, for as long as you care to play. That’s why Air Warrior attracts the aces. So if you’re just looking to do a friendly loop- the-loop, look elsewhere. If you’re interested in a career, sign on to Air Warrior only on Genie* Sign up now:
I. Set communication software for 8 1 N or 7 1 E half duplex (local echo) at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud. 2. Dial toll free: 1-800-638-8369, Immediately upon connection, enter HHH
3. At the U = prompt,enter XTX99229,COMB AT then press RETURN 4, Have a major credit card ready. In the U.S., you may use your checking account number. (There is a $ 2 monthly fee for all checking accounts.) For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. Air Warrior on Genie multi-player games Too- " Of9»"ic oppoi1®!L Graphic interface required anti available for selected machines. From p. 8. Bit IFFs and Toaster framestores, Personal Animation Recorder writes animation frames to a dedicated IDE large-capacity hard disk for playback or recording to Beta- cam MII video devices. NAB attendees also witnessed first-time demos of DPS's forthcoming Personal TBC IV time-base corrector cards ($ 999) for the Amiga. Complete with a GPI freeze trigger, S-Video (Y C) inputs and outputs, and component digital 4:2:2 processing, the soon-to-be-released Personal TBC IV is backward compatible with the company's earlier TBC II and HI cards. (RS 139). Well-Toasted Multimedia The Amiga's future looked bright in NAB's Multimedia exhibition area, as many third- party developers paraded their new and soon-to-be-released products. NewTek's LightWave 3-D 3.0 demos dazzled onlookers with admirable consistency in the Toaster Pavilion. Digital Micronics, sharing some Pavilion floor space, showed its 24-bit Vivid 24 display board (S2995) and previewed Digital Broadcaster ($ 2495), which offers 24-bit JPEG support, 4:1 to 100:1 video compression, and the ability to digitize incoming signals from NTSC, PAL, and S-Video devices. DMI also previewed Digital MediaCaster ($ 1295), which promises real-time decoding at 352x240 screen resolution and full-motion playback of 24-bit MPEG animations on the A2000, A3000, and A4000. An industry-wide shortage of logic chips has pushed the release dates of both Digital Broadcaster and MediaCaster into early June. (RS 140). Nearby, Digital Creations' Kitchen Sync ($ 1295) showed the benefits of having two TBCs on one card. The company of DCTV fame also previewed several Amiga products, including SuperGen SX, an $ -Video- and AGA-compatible external genlock that is roughly four months from completion. Digital Creations also premiered its Video Slot Box, an AT- and video-slot expansion box. I even saw the long-awaited paint program Brilliance; in beta stage (flakiness notwithstanding) it looked promising for owners of AGA machines. (RS 141), More New Hardware, Software PreVue Technologies was on hand with its all-new DejaVue Toaster-control system. Saving all your current register settings, including wipe pattern and CG page, DejaVue is a must-have for serious Toaster users. PreVue's other product, the Amiga slot- based Toaster Timer, uses the blackburst of color bars as reference signals. (RS 142). Nucleus Electronics had The Personal SFC 2.5 ($ 445) on display for the first time, along with its cuts-only video-editing system, The Personal Editor ($ 645). The Personal SFC 2.5's claim to fame is its on-screen representation of popular frame- accurate VTRs, and a 25-pin to 9-pin serial-to-video port connection that leaves Amiga slots free. (RS 143). AmiLink (RS 144) was demonstrating its new serial-equipped AmiLink edit controller ($ 3599). Byrd's Eye Software showed off its upcoming Toaster FX package, which, working with GVP'S ImageFX, integrates that program's 24-bit paint tools into the Toaster via the Switcher screen. The program also offers FX Croutons, which bring embossing, oil painting, and other effects to the Toaster's Switcher. (RS 145), NAB attendees had a sneak peek at Visual Surface Technology's new Euclid VI ($ 5900) and XII (S6700), two camera- equipped 3-D object digitizers (each roughly the size of an efficiency-apartment refrigerator) designed for use with LightWave 3-D. Place a flower vase or similarly-sized object in them, fire up a motor-driven rotating floor, and two cameras capture the objects' proportions and surfaces for LightWave processing. Although the digitizing process is time-consuming, the results looked mighty impressive. The VI model holds objects up to 8x6 in size, while the XII is for 18x12 items. (RS 146). Eager to test the waters of other platforms, but with feet firmly planted in the Amiga market, ASDG was highly visible with two booths in the Multimedia area (RS 147). It showed T-Rexx Professional ($ 249) for the first time. An upgrade to the original T-Rexx, which ASDG bought from KludgeCode, it generates Arexx scripts for controlling the Toaster. Scala Inc. previewed its all-new Video Toaster EX ($ 395), which allows full Toaster control from within Scala software. (RS
148) . Finally, Real 3D 2 ($ 699), a high-speed AGA-upgrade to RealSoft's 3-D rendering, modeling, and animation program, wowed the crowds. (RS 149). It was great to see the Amiga at NAB taking its place alongside high-end workstations. A new lease on life? Tim Walsh New and Improved Vortex has upgraded the software for its PC AT emulators. Golden Gate 386SX and Golden Gate 486SLC. It is now possible to use Amiga floppy-disk drives as PC drives under Windows in enhanced 386 mode. Other improvements include better keyboard emulation and multitasking support. You can now assign keys to an individual key code, and prioritize Golden Gate as one of many tasks. This upgrade is free; to get it send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Vortex at 3835 Richmond Ave., Suite 138, Staten Island, NY 10312. (RS 120). F-Basic 5.0 ($ 99.95, Delphi Noetic Systems) offers access to PAL and all screen modes of ECS and AGA. The upgraded language system also supports telecommunications devices via the serial port. The System Source Level DeBugger (SLDB) is bundled with F-Basic 5.0 for S159,95. The SLDB allows you to debug at the source j O level, one source line at a time, or at the assembly level with similar Functions. F- Basic 5.0 is AmigaDOS 1.3, 2.0, and 2.1 compatible, and is available to current owners (SLDB 5.0 included) for $ 19.95.(RS 121). Polyhedra 1.2 ($ 29.95, Technical Tools) now supports more 3-D modeling programs, including Imagine (Impulse), LightWave (NewTek), and Caligari (Octree). The upgrade costs $ 7. (RS 122). Quarterback Tools Deluxe (SI25, Central Coast Software, a division of’ New Horizons) package of harcl-disk utilities, now supports Workbench 2.0 and 3.0, as well as Arexx. The upgrade claims performance up to 209c faster than its predecessor and an improved interface. Complementary programs offer security and protection features; Enciyptor, for example, provides password protection for your documents. Quarterback Tools Deluxe requires 1MB of mem on- and Kickstart 1.2 or later. (RS 123). Sign Design The Sign Engine (S559.95, Parallel Motion Graphics) offers unique applications for creative entrepreneurs and film-production studios. Designed for motion-picture production use, the multitasking Sign Engine lets you make professional, self-adhesive vinyl signs with an Amiga hooked to a vinyl- cutting plotter. The software is compatible with most popular drawing programs and vinyl-sign-cutting plotters including Gerber (with Parallel's Uni-Link card). With the addition of an engraver (Sign Engine supports Roland CAMM-2 and New Hermes Vanguard models 7000 and 9000), you can engrave plastics and metals to create plaques and badges. The Sign Engine comes with a dozen Type 1 sign fonts with more on the way from Parallel Graphics. The Sign Engine works with any Amiga (including A1200 and A4000) but 5MB RAM (2MB chip RAM), an accelerator card, and a multisync monitor are recommended. You'll also need a 400- 600 dpi black-and-white scanner and drawing software. (RS 125). Close encounters nightly. For the cold reaches of space, there's an awful lot of chummy people here. That's because Federation II isn't one of those shoot-the-ship computer games. This is a universe full of people. Real people, online, working with other real people in real time: busily building their fortunes, planets...nay, empires. And they'd love to throw some work your way so you can do the same. Of course, there's a lot of bargaining, buying and bulling that goes into it. We’re social creatures, after all. But if you're one of those special individuals who understands that creating an empire is ever so much more interesting than destroying aliens, maybe you can thrive in our space. There’s only one way to find out. Sign up and meet us in Federation II available only on Genie®. Sign up now:
I. Set communication software for 81N or 71E half duplex (local echo) at 300, 1200 or 2400 baud. 2, Dial toll free: 1-800-638-8369. Immediately upon connection, enter HHH 3* At the U = prompt,enter XTX99231, SPACE then press RETURN 4. Have a major credit card ready. In the U.S., you may use your checking account number. (There is a $ 2 monthly fee for all checking accounts.) For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1 -800-638-9636. FBBKi mi ,»*•
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* •' t r t*,,§ g GtJLRR Drffir . W Federation II on Genie multi-player games 100% Of9a°,C OpP°ne Home Movies Movie Maker ($ 895, Interactive Video Systems) lets you create, edit, and play animations right off of the hard disk, you need not rely on tape as storage media. With a familiar VCR-like control screen, you can cut and paste frames as if you were editing documents in a word processor. Frames are identified with SMPTE time code so thev can sync with J the 16-bit stereo sound provided by the Perisound 16 audio card that is included with the system. Supporting Perisound 16 is the Audio Editing Software, which samples and edits the sound files. Overall performance is contingent upon your system’s frame rate, image resolution, CPU speed, and hard-disk transferrate. (RS 127). In Sync SMPTE Output (S249, SunRize Indus- tries) generates LTC (SMPTE) time code and sends it out through the Amiga's audio jack, letting you stripe time code onto audio and video tape. You can use it by itself or as an expansion module for SunRize's Studio 16 audio-editing systems. SMPTE Output locks to the sync pulse of each frame of video when used with a genlock or NewTek's Toaster. The software can also sync audio and video decks together, slave VTRs to the Amiga, and synchronize audio decks using a sync box. SMPTE Output is NTSC and PAL compatible, works with any Amiga, and requires 1MB of RAM. (RS 133). Oscar-Winning Team: Amiga, Toaster, and D2 If you've been dreaming about the day when the Amiga and economical video tools could create an Academy Award winning film your fantasy just came true, T his year, The Empowerment Project won an Oscar for Best Documentary Film with Panama Deception. The group edited the film on 3 4" SP videotape, and color-corrected it through NewTek’s Video Toaster on D2 composite digital tape using a unique capability called “pre-read.” Then believe it or not 35mm film prints for theatrical distribution were made from the video master! Production Coordinator Gary Meyer (now with Sweet Pea Productions) secured US Department of Defense battle footage taped by the Pentagon during the Panama invasion. Production folks combined this footage with video from Panamanian sources showing newly discovered grave sites of civilian casualties. Shot by anxious camera operators under difficult conditions, much of the footage was wildly out of color-halance; some footage came from multigeneration copies of 8mm and VMS sources. The Empowerment Project edited all this, together with interview segments taped in Panama and the US, onto 3 4" tape using tube cameras of varying quality. Co-producer David Kasper sent the edited program to Video-It Post, an innovative post-production facility in Culver City, California, which copied the full 3 4" SP tape over to 1)2 composite digital tape. The digital format stabilizes chroma crawl found in nondigital NTSC video and eliminates generation loss problems. The facility then perfected the shot-by-shot color correction with pre-read, which uses the dynamic tracking heads to pull audio and video signals from the D2 master tape into a special-effects console. This they corrected, mixed with other video signals, fed back into the 1)2 editor, and re-recorded onto the same master tape as if it were a signal from a B-sourcc deck. Video-It (310 280-0505) discovered the potential power of pre-read for low-bud- get producers in 1989 and has since refined it into what they call D2-. The facility networks five Amigas on-line for multiple effects, and uses InnoVision’s Broadcast Tider for text. The D2 pre-read signal is routed through a Video Toaster switcher, which maintains first-general ion master-quality, good enough to make the final 35mm film print for theatrical distribution. At $ 225 per hour this method is much less expensive than 1)1 processing and it’s much faster: The full 90-minute program was corrected in two hours. The decision to do the color correcting on D2 brought the quality level of the entire production up to feature film standards, and on Oscar night die producers of Panama Deception walked away with a golden statue the realization of every home-video producer’s dreams. Paine Hedlund As the keeper of I UN sole A4000, I'm continually asked by co-workers to capture AGA-gen- erated screens. For ibis task, 1 use a PD program residing in the Amiga area of every network QuickGrah i. 1 by Steve Ilines. Operating as a commodity under OS 2.0 through 3.0, ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh M QuickC irab handles AG A screen modes quite nicely. And while we're on the subject of 2.0+ commodities: Most nets harbor version 1.80 of Hans- Peier Guenther's W'COMM. Complete with a clock and palette window, W'COMM lets you cycle screens via user-defined hotkeys. Another commodity, HuntVVin- dows 2.6 by Jorg Bublath, has won rave reviews thanks to its ability to create scrollable screens larger than the visible area of vour monitor. To determine your Amiga's performance in a variety of areas, Amiga Intuition Bused Benchmarks (AIBB) has seen recent revisions and now lingers at version 6.0. Another interesting program, Dashboard 1.4 is an OS 2.0+ utility by Marat 4 4 Favzuilin that uses dashboard- j like gauges to display CPU activity, as well as chip and last RAM usage. For those so inclined, BIX recently freshened its entire lineup of Amiga software tools. Commodore’s Carolyn Scheppner has provided Mungwall 37.69 and Munglisi 37.10, which are compressed together in one file called munwalLlha. No stranger to programmers, and best described as a memory-allocation manager, Mungwall examines memory for software use. The program also collects information at the start of each allocation for Munglist to output. The Mungwall and Munglist combo is unmatched for finding memory, and creates a fairly accurate list of memory locations and the programs that allocated them. Commodore's Enforcer is a nice complement to the Mung- wall Munglist duo. As of this writing, the Amiga area on BIX provides the most recent update
(37. 39) under the filename, enforcer. Ixh. Written by Michael Sinz and approximately 68K in length, ii offers 6804(1 support and such new options as date and time stamping of‘‘hits.” More recent heavy hitters in ¦ the BIX Amiga technical ring include Douglas Keller's popular FindHit 37.1 (filename findhit 1. Iha). It reveals in C source code the line numbers where Enforcer and Mungwall hits occur. While retrieving any or all of the above, take a moment to download the small utility called findline.lzht which finds the source lines for Enforcer and MungWall hits. ? Beyond fantasy. Beyond legends. If you’ve been looking for the mother of all fantasy role-playing games, we know where you can find it. Online, in Gem Stone III™. This is no kill-the-dragon-thank-you-very- much computer game. And it goes far beyond any of the other so-called legends in the online arena. Here in GemStone III, you’re joining real people, in real time for your online quests. Some of the best role players and game masters in the country all meeting together in a vast and constantly evolving world, rich with fascinating characters and demanding adventures. It’s a place you can play forever. U>u* rv«M i»« )a*3«. Imariit ciati vnr Fii'iliar. Just wrW*a, !¦> • asks. “Mha" » tarmliur »“
* **** "I dm't Hmm.1 GemStone III makes every other fantasy game history. And your friends are already here. So sign onto Genie today, and welcome home to GemStone ITT- 11 DrManilHif. Latest I Vim |ibuib In ailnu hum*- *w*t tu mlluit U tt.r fm llin rilrailHii il llm UiM a 'i*m «»*- Ciaab, Ik al-Vs «... t| l*f «ti i anil tm with iilndali I****, lurl lici Msibinv 1 ha ¦ kl ll.P %Uff. IN. I Hurt I.. II lotMi Ur »nn«ran ». NiriU Vo*> I Ita iftntc ol vsrlAuc h«rbs greMiifi An tl.r lofa&l I |apr' 'l"Pt . Llie* n'nile Mkh IfeMP la tr*4lp an ee-rr-clunimi. ¦ luaua plpJi nril. Arana. Alan lial a! Aoulbu-tf, 1*11 fern lie f« north Vmi rinifiil rat* nn iniinindlni vtsr familiar ... Mr Van aia rvi tanll-a pji i wln« with IPU . Of vaiM •ffpiiifiip tianou. Iruli mi v-«* * *i»» a s-mi-t, Vuwt mn iuddrnl'i Irrli Mil h IhHmMt. PMMt! Fl n Sign up now: Set communication software for BIN or 71E half duplex (local echo) at 300. 1200 or 2400 baud. Dial toll free: 1-800-638-8369. Immediately upon connection, enter HHH At the U = prompt, enter XTX99230,QUESTS then press RETURN Have a major credit card ready. In the U.S., you may use your checking account number. (There is a $ 2 monthly fee for all checking accounts.) For more information in the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-638-9636. GemStone IirrM: Shadow World® on Genie® multi-player games «o* 0t s°',c Opponents- MmuTrcomo GemStone III is a trademark of Simtiironics Corp. Shadow World is a registered trademark of Iron Crown Enterprises. Inc. Genie is a registered trademark of General Electric Company. Optional graphic front-end program available for IBM PC only. 24-bit Video and Graphics System • • • • The OpalVision™ 2.0 Main Board A true 24-Bit frame buffer and display device with 16.8 million colors available for every pixel and a maximum resolution of 768 x 480 (580 PAL), An internal card, it operates automatically in NTSC or PAL mode in any Amiga computer with a video slot (including the Amiga 4000). It's powerful VLSI graphics coprocessor enables stencil modes, a host of transition effects and smooth, hardware-controlled priority switching and scrolling panning effects. The board's state-of-the-art design allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double-buffered 24-Bit animation. Includes critically acclaimed and award winning OpalPaint™, Opal Presents™ and OpalAnimMATE™ software. The Best is now even more affordable! OpalVision Video Processor™ , m ww I W P,u9 this car 3 into the OpalVision Main Board and add a wealth of additional features and functionality. It's a high-quality, real-time 24-Bit framegrabber which doesn't require a time-base r- % corrector. And, it's a professional-quality genlocker with chroma and luma keying. The 256-level linear v ’’ - transparency key allows the definition of transparency between two live video sources on a pixel-by- ¦ ¦ ¦ pixel basis for smooth vignettes, anti-aliased text and super-smooth effects. The Video Sandwich key " . V allows you to insert chroma or luma keyed video between definable foreground and background Ag - layers of a 24-Bit image. It also provides real-time color processing of live video and an unlimited J* number of transitions and Digital Video Effects using the included OpalVision Roaster Chip and % software. These include cuts, wipes, fades, and special organic effects (soft- or hard-edged), plus an infinite range of flips, tumbles, picture-in-picture, page peels and image wrapping, OpalVision Video Suite™ A power-packed video and audio mixing* switching, and transcoding device. This 19-inch, rack mountable unit is so advanced that it has its own internal computer and every aspect is software-controlled for precisely - - _ timed and accurate functionality. The Video Suite includes a wealth of inputs and outputs. There are 9 video and 10 audio inputs available, plus the 24-bit frame store. Professional quality video inputs and outputs are available simultaneously in RGB or Y R-Y B-Y, Composite and S-Video. Choose any 2 sources from these inputs, assign a transition or special effect, and then trigger it manually or automatically. All of the transitions and effects provided by the OpalVision Video Processor are available for use by the Video Suite. Audio Performance Video Performance Video Input Standards (User selectable): .... Video Output Standards: . RGB output Bandwidth . Composite (Luma) Bandwidth S-Video Bandwidth Hue Control ..... Video lock jitter v Horizontal position adjust .. Horizontal lock range . Subcarrier lock range Linear Keyer input speed .. NTSC, NTSC 4.4, PAL. SEC AM Audio Inputs ..10 inputs (5 left, 5 right) line level 20k ohms NTSC, NTSC 4.4, PAL Audio Outputs 2 outputs (Lett, Right) line level 70 ohms ...>7 Mhz Input Mode ....Differential for very low noise ....4.5 Mhz typical Frequency Response . 20Hz - >20kHz ....5.5 Mhz typical Frequency Equalization points .....59 Hz, 205 Hz, 790 Hz, ..+30 to -30 degrees 2.95 kHz, 12 kHz Equalization Range ...+ - 15db .... 15ns Total Harmonic Distortion ..0.05 % typical ...-320 to +1000 ns Mixing level control0to-70db(independentsoftwarecontrolledDAC's) + -1200Hz typical VU meters .....10 steps -20db to +3db range .+ - 350Hz minimum >7 MHZ Save $ 600 on a complete OpalVision Video System! Let’s Set the Record Straight OpalVision1''2.0 (Main Board, Video Processor & Video Suite ) NewTek Video Toaster 4000 Hardware Operating Mode: Real-Time, 24-8it RGB Hardware Operating Mode: 8-Bit Composite Video Supported Broadcast Standards: NTSC PAL Supported Broadcast Standard: NTSC NO Inputs Outputs: 9 Video Inputs 5 Video Outputs Key in out Master Sync In in puts Outputs: 4 Video Inputs 2 Video Outputs NO NO Supported Video Standards: Composile Video S-Video Y R-Y B-Y (YUV Betacam) RGB Audio Mixing 5-Band Equalization 10 Audio Inputs (5 Stereo Pairs) 2 Audio Outputs (1 Stereo Pair) Supported Video Standards: Composite Video NO NO NO 35ns Character Generator Compatible with all Amiga 3D software Full-Color, 24-Bit, 16 million color real-time animation playback In multiple modes HAM-B, Maximum 256,000 color animation pfaybock generated through Amiga 4000, not the Video Toaster Hardware 35ns Character Generator Includes lightwave 3D Genlock with Luma Keying Video Sandwich Keying Transparency Keying Transparency Keying Integrates into the Amiga Environment Frame Buffer accessible by all Amiga Software Takes over the machine limited Frame Buffer accessibility to 3rd party software Numerous pre-set DVE effects Vector-based effects editor for unlimited custom effects. Numerous, pre-set DVE effects NO Optional de-in!eriacing of Video and Graphics Includes Award-Winning OpalPainl™ software with real-time 32-Bit painting Includes Toaster Paint1. Operates m inferior quaffly HAM mode, renders to composite software for viewing Time-Base Correction unnecessary for Frame Grabbing Time-Base Correction usually required for Frame Grabbing
* 2099
* 2399 (Suggested Introductory Price) (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) JopalVision is Awesome!” Camcorder “...an enormous range of creative possibilities.” Computer Graphics World "State-of-the-Arf features” AMIGA World "The overall champion of Amiga paint programs.” Desktop Video World "The verdict was uqgnimous...Brilliant.” . Amiga Shopper "It’s a spectacular product” Amiga Computing “The best paint program” 1 Amiga Video Journal “...the finest, most versatile paint package on the Amiga." T r Technology Free IMAGINE 2.0 software! BegS A $ 450.00 Value. Buy an OpalVision Main Board and get a free copy of Imagine 2.0 for OpalVision! Act Now! ¦. J This is a limited time offer. Fj _ r Imagine 3D - the popular, best-selling Amiga 3D rendering software now supports OpalVision! And you can get a free copy ($ 450 retail value!) If you purchase an OpalVision Main Board. This isn't a stripped-down, crippled version. This is a full version of the most powerful, award-winning 3D renderer, Imagine 2.0, now with full OpalVision compatibility Hero’s how ll works! Purchase an OpalVision Main Board between February I si and June 301h. 1993, Send us a copy ol ihe invoice wllh your name and addreti along with your OpalVision Warranty cord and we ll send you a (tea copy ol Imagine! U.S. A orders includo tree shipping. Order* Irom outside the U-S A, please Include a $ 20 shipping and handling fee. Please enclose an International money ordet ot furnish your Visa. MasTerCard or American Express Cord numbei and expiration dato. Bequests for Imagine and purchase documentation must be received by July 31st, 1993. Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development
P. O. Box 4400 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 Phone: (310) 542-2226 FAX: (310) 542-9998 BBS: (310) 793-7142 m For information: 1-800-621-2202 Created by: Opal Tech Sydney, Australia QpaMXon. OdokPow Oct*irjcsont, W Process* and OpalVision Roaster Chip o-c trademark* o' Opa* Technology, ltd OpdArtmMATE „ a trademark ot Contour Development, me Video loailor, '- O'Tv.avu .D and Toast* Ppml arc Trademark* of NowTox. Inc Amga a O stereo trademark of Commodore-A-rvga. Inc Technical specifications subject to change wrthaut notice ___Circle 162 on Reader Service card. RE V E V-Lab V3.1 V3-1 of 24-bit video digitizer card and control software. MacroSystems US, S499.95 A2000 3000 4000 Hard-drive installable software. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. AGA compatible. He V-Lab video digitizer card lor the Amiga 200(1. 3000, and 4000 grabs single fields or frames in 1 60 or 1 30 ol a second, respectively, and grabs sequential fields or frames as well. Available in NTSC or PAL. Formats, composite or Y C versions, the package also includes a disk and a 150-page manual. 1 tested the V-Lab NTSC composite version in an Amiga 4000 040 with 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast RAM. Close Tolerances The V-Lab auto-config board fits any 100-pin Amiga slot and lias no jumpers or DIP switches. Since it doesn't use the video slot or RGB port, it should work in conjunction with other video devices. 1 lie V-Lab’s rear mounting plate would not seat fully because the edge of the card rested hard against the PC-slot connectors. Tightening the rear plate screw appeared to stress the card. The NTSC V-Lab has two RCA-style input connectors, solder-mounted with braces but not attached to the rear plate. Since RCA connectors are not as rugged as BNCs, I urge caution when you’re forcing overly tight RCA plugs into the board. The V-Lab V3.1 software installed easily with the provided program that controls all setups via menus and windows, MacroSystems has included V UVN and VLAB loaders for AD Pro users. The YUVN loader reads V-Lab’s image format, and AD Pro’s Universal loader defaults to this YUVN loader when it recognizes the format. The VLAB loader provides basic control of V-Lab’s framegrabbing functions from within AD Pro. Arexx fans will delight in finding more than 125 Arexx commands included with the package. Many provide more accurate control than V-Lab’s menus, To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 102. Requires Amiga DOS 2.0 or greater (Kickstart V37.175 and Workbench V37.67 or above). Recommended minimum system: 1MB Chip RAM, 2MB Fast RAM and 50MB hard drive. Installation: Easy, but exercise care. With some procedures available only through Arexx. Several complete Arexx scripts arc included, as well as DOS scripts to control V-Lab from a Shell. You can easily access these Arexx and macro scripts from a Y-Lab menu. Positive Signals The manual is well organized, and comprehensively covers each menu (unction and its Arexx equivalent. A separate section covers all Arexx commands a second time, along with macro commands. The manual includes some basic information on video signals and terminology and lias quickstart and troubleshooting sections. V-Lab’s Monitor window displays incoming lu II- option video in grayscale on your screen, like a pic- ture-in-picture display. The software takes full advantage of AmigaDOS 2.0-3.0 and can open on the Workbench or on a public screen, or can open its own screen. Processing controls provide for luminance, contrast, chroma and gamma video signal, as well as red, green, and blue color adjustments. All adjustments affect the YUVN image in memory and do not process the incoming video signal. V-Lab grabs single images in MacroSystem’s YUVN format, but its sequential images are saved in a proprietary format that must be converted with V-Inb. Two handy V-Lab macros can semi-automate the conversion process, but sequenced images must then be assembled into your favorite animation format to play as an animation. You can export images in any Amiga format, including AGA modes, 24-bit 1LBM (IFF24), and something called 24-bit Deep. You can also send images to Harlequin and Retina graphics display boards directly from the V-Lab program. Basic Instinct Like many computerists, 1 prefer to read the manual last. I was concerned that the filter settings and other V-Lab software options would be difficult to adjust, but that was not the case. My first were met with instant success, did manage to lock up the machine on one occasion by accessing a file requester and then trying to exit V-Lab. Satisfied with the program’s intuitive qualities, 1 read the manual to soak lip die liner points of operation, function by function. My two big questions concerned the image quality that V-Lab provides and the speed at which it can make sequential fiamegrahs. I began the quality tests by connecting both an older, professional three-tube camera and a JVC 5600 VMS deck to V-Lab's composite inputs, MacroSystems claims that V-Lab’s VSC (vertical sync correction) option eliminates the need for a TBC when grabbing from videotape. Skeptical of this, I did mv initial tests both with and without a j TBC. I could detect no difference either way, so all further testing was done wit hout the TBC. First 1 grabbed camera stills of a colorful product package, intentionally choosing a rich red-and-blue image that should cause problems for composite video. 1 tried various bandwidth-iilter and noise- lilter settings, viewing each image in 24- bit RGB on a Firecracker24 display card to see the filters’ effects. There was a visible difference, but 1 preferred all off, which gives images a softer, less appearance. Filtering would be useful for sharpening details and edges when grabbing logos, text, or drawings, I grabbed the same camera image with my Video Toaster, saving it in IFF24 format (not Framestore) for side-by-side comparison on the Firecracker with the V-Lab framegrab with no filtering, also saved in IFF24. Although the Toaster image was slightly sharper and had a little more contrast and color saturation, V-Lab performed admirably. All in all. I was pleased with the comparative quality of the V-Lab image. Next, I grabbed some frames and fields from VHS videotape of a clown. V-Lab did not require a TBC, blit the Toaster did. The V-Lab and Toaster clown images compared very well as you can see by the side-by-side comparison of the two images in the accompanying figure. Again, contrast and saturation were the more obvious differences. V-Lab’s full-frame grab with motion combines two differing interlaced fields that cause flicker, apparent graphically in the clown enlargement. V-Lab’s Deinterlace function processes the two fields to eliminate flicker. It avoids motion flicker by grabbing one field instead of a whole frame, but this uses only half the screen lines. Grabbing in 720x482 si e gives an image that’s just 241 pixels high. You must then rescale the image for hi-res interlaced video to lili the screen. ADPro comes in very handy here, as V-Lab has no function for this. Satisfied with the quality of V-Lab’s single frames, I tried sequential iramegrabbing, which turned out to be easy. You simply set the frame count, image R i; V I E w s in 180x120 quarter-screen, lo-res noninterlaced and saving to 32-bit RAM yielded a rate of 3.8 frames per second, or about every eighth frame of video. The same resolution in grayscale yielded 7,3 frames per second, or about every fourth frame, which is twice the rate of color sequencing. To get anything approaching a moderate strobe effect, you must resort to these small lo-res images. When displayed in normal video format (7Q0+x480 pixels), the images are 1 8 of screen size. Such displays might make an interesting animated multimedia insize, any desired delay between grabs, and click Stari. I hoped that an ’040 processor and 32-bit memory could obtain several consecutive color frames in full video size, but 1 had to settle for less. Once I understood the process, I realized that V-Lab’s RAVI couldn’t hold that much. Each frame is grabbed and saved with consecutive numbers in Amiga RAM or in whatever other storage device you choose. No doubt V-Lab’s 16-bit bus limits its performance on the A3000 and A4000. Sequencing color fields (not frames) The Wait is Over ... The addition of A-Max II Plus to ReadySoffs acclaimed series of Macintosh emulators brings powerful new capabilities to your Amiga. A-Max II and A-Max II Plus are hardware and software combinations that, once you supply Macintosh ! 2BK ROMs, run almost all Macintosh productivity software at full speed including Word, Excel, Quark Xpress* and Illustrator*. A-Max II Plus is an internal card which may be easily inserted into a slot In your Amiga 2000 or greater series computer. Once Installed, A-Max ll Plus provides AppleTalk* serial port MIDI and disk compatiblity with the Macintosh.
• • n .M w |ir The A-Max 2.5 software aiso features: support for Amiga hard drives, mouse, keyboard, disk drives, serial and parallel ports, processor accelerators, RAM, all normal video modes and screen sizes, de-interlacers, playback of Macintosh digitized sounds, Appfe ImageWriter* emulation for 9 and 24 pin Epson* compatible printers, and access to Macintosh SCSI peripherals through a hard drive controller's SCSI port. A-Max II and A-Mai II Plus are trademarks of Read Soft Incorporated. Apple. Macintosh, Mm, AppleTalk. LaserWriter. LocatTalk. ImageWriter are registered trademark! Of Apple Computer. Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. FtatdySon InurpotMMl It--- Mi--- 30 W*ce»Un CauT. S*J» t | 12 n* A T V K r IfT Wchmood Hst,OrUdo, Cexli L4B iB» |i L.A 1 I sJUl 1 l«i;UK)71!-4171 Fi«:| :|4H) set window. Rescaling these tinv frames
o J to full video screen size provided a “special effect” mosaic animation. Keep in mind that these frame rates were attained with a 25 Mhz. 68040 processor, with frames saved to 32-bit RAM, Slower CPUs, larger image sizes, or saving frames to a hard drive can easily drop the rate to several seconds per frame instead of several frames per second. One veiy practical application for this sequencing is in automated time-lapse video. You could easily produce full- frame color sequences such as a flower opening, a sunrise, clouds blowing by, or cell growth under a microscope with no human intervention. You can set the number of framegrabs up to 9999, and the delay between frames in one-second 4 intervals up to two hours and 46 minutes. Creating intermediate frames with some morphing software could prove interesting. Other Things to Consider V-Lab’s NTSC images are limited to 720x525 pixels. The height of 525 includes lines above the physical screen that you normally don’t see, providing a practical height of 482. Though I would prefer 736 to 768 pixels for video, Amiga hobbyists should find the 720 width sufficient. Rescaling with 24-bit image- processing software is also an option. V-Lab's image quality is much better than standard DCTV format and a little better than DCTV saved in 24-bit, but not quite as good as Video Toaster framestores. All these devices and formats use compression to reduce data size for increased image-transfer speed. In the final analysis, you can detect little or no difference between Toaster framestores and V-Lab using consumer and prosumer video cameras or VCRs. V-Lab is even acceptable for many levels oi professional use. When weighing the pros and cons of V-Lab against other video framegrab- bers, don’t overlook the hidden cost of a TBC. TBC cards start at about $ 1606, which is double the cost ol V-Lab itself. Unlike other real-time framegrabbers capable of 24-bit or near-24-bit quality, V-Lab doesn’t need a TBC when grabbing from videotape. This certainly means big savings for the video hobbyist who cannot justify buying a TBC. The good quality and relative low price of V- Lab make it a worthy contender for vour * Ami era video hardware dollar. O Fred Hurteau ? Circle 152 on Reader Service card. VIDEO TOASTMf SEK fthlMarimJ Just think how much better your videos would be if you could easily add music, Foley effects like breaking glass, and voice-overs. Even create special effects like echoes, fades, cross fades and loops. Are you limited to only one or two tracks of audio by your video decks? Do you need to edit an audio track? Remove a narrators hemming and hawing? Replace dialog? Set audio mix levels? Accurately cue up audio tracks? And add sound effects at just the right frame of video? We can offer you this and more. Studio 16 is a digital, non-linear editing and hard disk recording system for the Commodore Amiga, and of course, the Video Toaster. Imagine eight tracks of CD quality, 16 bit audio playing off your computer's hard drive, in real-time. Now think in stereo. With full SMPTE time-code support, everything sounds as it should, when it should, and where it should. Studio 16 was specifically designed with the needs of the video professional in mind. We give you control of the creative process so you don’t get bogged down trying to do something with equipment that wasn't designed for the job. Studio 16 allows you to quickly and easily try out various audio sequences. And it's digital, so you don’t have to worry about sound degradation. Your audio can be as good as what you hear at the movie theatre. Studio 16 has been used in the production of thousands of videos and many full length feature films. Studio 16 is a complete hardware and software solution for your Amiga or Video Toaster. Everything you need to embark on the world of professional audio production is just $ 1495. The old-fashioned means of audio dubbing just doesn’t make sense in today s digital world. Call today for our free information packet. Phone 408 374-4962, or FAX us at 408 374-4963. Studio 16, the complete digital audio solution. International Distributors: AUSTRALIA CCS *61 (09) 375-3018. BENELUX Take I Productions +31 (W5l 225783. BRAZIL Boto Rosa +55 (21) 493-3778. FINLAND Bnudlir.c Oy +358 (90) 8747 90)1 FRANCE Storm Media +33 = I >43 57 4ft 57. GERMANY AS&S *49 (069 j 5 48 R| 30. ITALY A PAS +39 i0432) 759264 LATIN AMERICA Centennial +! (305)633-2200 SPAIN PiXeLSOFT *34 (088)71 27 (10, SWEDEN DisplasDau +46(0457) 503 RO. SWITZERLAND Octave 2 +41 (032) 872429. UNITED KINGDOM BH Marketing +44 (0753) 686000. Studio 16 is a trademark of SunRirc Industries Video Toaster User is a trademark of Avid Publications. Amiga is a trademark of Commodorc-Amiga Int. Video ToaMer is a trademark of NewTck Inc. 01993 SunHi c Industries, 2959 S Winchester Blvd.. Suite 204. Campbell, CA 95008 REVIEWS VistaPro 3.0 Virtual Reality Laboratories, S99.95 Upgrade from VistaPro 2.0: S35; upgrade from Vista or VistaPro: S50. Landscape generator. 5 ¦ All Ami gas models. Workbench 2.0 required. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM. Recommended system: Hard disk, accelerator, AGA or 24-bit display card. Imagine a program that shows by example why you bought an .Amiga. Now visualize a new and improved version of that program, and you have Virtual Reality's VistaPro 3.0. VistaPro 3.0 is, of course, a landscape r. m 1} ijnvc? ¦ ¦1 » » • • 11 ' ¦ • 50MHz 68030 CPU Memory Management 68882 MATH CHIP 32-BIT WIDE FastRAM and REALTIME CLOCK M1230 XA Get the fastest and most cost effective 68030 accelerator for your Amiga 1200. The M1230 XA comes standard with 50MHz processor and MMU. Run your Amiga 1200 at twice the speed of an A3000 or A4000 30! Install a 68882 math chip running at 50MHz and blaze your way through raytraces and morphs or any heavy-duty floating point task. The XA uses an industry standard, 72-pin, 32-bit wide SIMM Memory Module and supports a huge 128 megabyte memory capability- the largest FastRAM space available for the A1200! It can use the same commonly available SIMM as the Amiga 4000! Don’t get stuck with overpriced, proprietary SIMMs and don't cripple your machine with ultra- slow “credit card" memory. Available SIMM’s range from 1 to 128 megabytes; speeds as fast as 40 nanoseconds! M1230 XA is also available with a 33MHz 68030 or 40MHz EC030 installed. All processors are socketed for upgrading. AVAILABLE NOW! Install MBX 1200z in the 150-pin expansion bay of your Amiga, and bring your A1200 up to full power- with hardware floating point math and up to eight megabytes of 32-bit FastRAM. Standard on the MBX 1200z is a Motorola 68881 clocked at motherboard speeds (14.3MHz). Speeds up math-intensive operations by as much as 55 times (AtBB v5.0 Savage benchmark). 25MHz or50MHz 68882's optional. Add a72-pin SIMM to MBX 1200z and average system performance will increase to 193% of a standard A1200 (or to 688% of a standard A500!). SIMM sizes supported: 1,2,4. Or 8 megabytes. SIMM type is identical to that used in the Amiga 4000. Don’t slow down your system with sluggish, 16-bit wide “credit card" RAM! Get true 32-bit wide FastRAM access via MBX 1200z for maximum performance. The realtime clock calendar circuit is backed by a long-life, replaceable lithium battery and responds to AmigaDOS time and date commands. ¦¦ MicroBotics, Inc. 1251 American Parkway, Richardson, TX 75081 "Amiga 1200" is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. "M1230 XA‘ and "MBX I200z“ are MicroBotics trademarks. C-rde 6 on -teader Service card 68881 MATH CHIP 32-BIT WIDE FastRAM and REALTIME CLOCK MBX1200Z y « V W if l I.'- 'I * ¦I !: n It‘if U X, fc V modeler. Using commercially available Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Hies, fractal seeds within Vista, or IFF files containing elevation data in the form of color contours, Vista can render both real and imaginary scenes of limitless variety. It arrives with a disk full of DEMs that include such famous locations as the Alps, the Grand Canyon, Mount Fuji, and a view from my own back window Pike’s Peak. Best of all, any additional data disks are available from VRL. Pike’s Peak? Despite die truly dizzying array of buttons that occupy a full half of die VistaPro screen, using the program is straightforward, aided by die deceptively simple but thorough tutorial. Even before becoming proficient with die program, you can produce some line-looking images with as little as six mouse clicks! After you’ve loaded a landscape, simply position the camera and target icons somewhere in tlie landscape (much like any 3-D modeler) and begin to render. Litter, you can change the snow line or sea level, add trees (pine, palm, oak) or cactus, and even change the color palette for alien- looking landscapes. You can add lakes, rivers, and oceans (fractal waves are optional). Looking up. VistaPro lets you a del clouds in' stars to the roof of your creation. Stars automatically create a night view, complete with a subtle halo of light along the horizon. Davtime scenes can include j beautifully wispy fractal clouds that have to be viewed in 24-bit or AGA to be truly appreciated. You can even add roads and buildings, though they are ven' simple objects, hardly doing justice to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Depending on the speed of your Amiga, rendering a VistaPro image can take quite a lot of time even hours. Luckily, IT HAD TO HAPPEN.. We put the creators of Deluxe Paint ST™, Deluxe PhotoLab™, and DCTV Paint™ together with the goal of developing the most awesome paint and animation software ever for the Amiga. After many man-years of inspired design and programming, it is simply... BRILLIANCE! BRILLIANCE MO0 PROFESSIONAL' PAINT & ANIMATION IT’S AMAZING... By far the best paint program ever created for the Amiga. Paint and animation features you wish you had before are here now. You can paint and animate in virtually every Amiga graphics mode including all of the new AGA modes! Brilliance also has a unique true color mode allowing you to create and modify full fidelity 24 bit pictures. Your Amiga has never shined as bright as it will with BRILLIANCE. ITS POWERFUL... Multiple levels of UNDO allow you to experiment without fear. Written in assembly language for the quickest response, smallest program size and the most sophisticated features. A rich set of drawing modes will unleash your full creative potential. Multiple paint and animation buffers can be worked on at once, limited only by memory. The more memory you have, the better Brilliance becomes. Power, features, sophistication, ease of use, Brilliance has it all. Artwork by Jim Sachs. Created at 640x480 in 256 colors on an Amiga 4000. IT’S EASY... The user interface was designed to put YOU in control, not the program. Quickly and precisely control all paint and animation features with the dynamic menuing system. It gets out of your way at the press of a button. A help window assists in identifying controls as well as current modes. The stacking menu bars can be user configured and recalled with function keys. You can even save your own configurations.
P. O. Bos 97. Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone 9I6>344>4825 • FAX 916>635*0475 CREATIONS Brilliance and DCTV Paint are trademarks of Digital Creations, Inc. Deluxe Paint ST and Deluxe PhotoLab are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts. Amiga is a registered trademark ot'Commodorc-Amigu. Inc. IT’S BRILLIANCE... Once and for all, in one easy to use package, the total paint and animation system for the Amiga. Best of all, it’s from Digital Creations. Works with all Amiga models. Minimum memory requirement: 1 Meg. Graphics modes supported: Register based 2, 4, 8. 16, 32, or 64EHB Colors. 6 bit HAM, 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. With the new AGA Amigas: Register based 2. 4, 8, 16, 32, 64EHB. 64,
128. And 256 Colors. 6 bit HAM, 8 bit HAM, 12 bit true color, 24 bit true color. (True color modes are represented with HAM mode displays however they are maintained in full fidelity internal representations.) Competitive Upgrade Program! If you already own any current Amiga paint or animation package, you can upgrade to Brilliance for half price! Just call our order department, Digital Direct, with your current paint package manual handy and order Brilliance for only $ 125. But hurry, this is a limited offer! DIGITAL DIRECT 1 -800-645-1164 Dealers! Interested in participating in this competitive upgrade program? Call Digital Creations at 916-344-4825 to find out how. DIGITAL Vista Pro allows von to view very coarse R I! V I E W S versions of the landscape as quick “proofs.” On an Amiga 4000 040, these chubby-pixeled images often take well under a minute to process. Once you know your settings are right, you can vary the resolution and level of detail, and even add Gouraud shading. Vista Pro lets you optimize tlte rendering for speed or detail, placing emphasis on realism or artistry. Who could resist a flight through a VistaPro-generated Grand Canyon in high-resolution, HAM-8 color mode? Contact your local dealer or call for information. Dealer inquiries welcome. The good news is that VistaPro makes such animations possible; the bad news is that without the optional MakePath program, you’re forced to use Vista Pro's Arexx script language. That’s not to say that the script language is bad; it isn’t. It’s just that I’d rather navigate above tough terrain with a mouse than with the keyboard. How about making your own landscape from scratch? Although you can create a new landscape from a fractal seed, this is a take-what-you-get sort of option. You can add a lake to the Grand :r system With the MEGACHIP 2000 500 2 MB Chip RAM Expansion “The MegAChip 2000 500 should be standard equipment on ever) Video Toaster System.” Jim Plant ¦ Publisher Editor Video Toaster User "The MegAChip 2000 500 is a must own for anyone that wants to use Toaster Paint ’ or Multitask with the Video Toaster.” Ur Stranahan ¦ Tomer NEWTEK employee S writer of the tutorials for the Video Toaster 2 0 manual. Featured in the Desktop Images Video Toaster Tutorial series. "I would advise Toaster users who make use of Toaster Paint or LightWavc'" to add DKB's MegAChip 2000 500 :o your system as soon as possible." Tim Doherty • Video Toaster User The MegAChip 2000 500 allows you to upgrade your Video Toaster, Amiga A500 & A2Q0Q. And CDTV" to 2 Megabytes of Graphics Memory. The MegAChip 2000 500 is a needed addition if you are using your system for Desktop Video, 3D Rendering & Animation. Multimedia or Desktop Publishing. The MegAChip 2000 500 is compatible with the Video Toaster '. OpalVision". Vluh", IV-24 '. DCTV", llam-E and most genlocks and framebuffers. Canyon, but you can’t add a crater to the canyon bed. For the ultimate in terraforming, you might want to try VistaPro's other companion product, Terraform 2.0. Terraform picks up where VistaPro leaves off, having a complete set of tools for building the landscape of your dreams. Un done and Undo VistaPro is still not without its quirks. While VistaPro’s button-laden graphic control panel works, I'd prefer to see a standard Workbench 2.0 screenmode requester. Additionally, it is possible to occasionally select a display mode that VistaPro doesn’t like. When that happens, the entire application aborts without explanation, taking all your unsaved work with it. Also, perhaps to keep you on your toes, VistaPro provides no undo button. About the only operation you can abort, in fact, is the placement of a river or lake. This is particularly frustrating because it is possible, with an errant mouse click, to move the camera and target completely out of the scene into the surrounding border. Recovery is by trial and error. R J Out of my experience of routinely sending the camera icon into the next dimension by mistake, I recommend you 1 deselect the camera and target buttons as soon as you’ve positioned them to your liking. Worlds Away VistaPro can handle about any graphic format you need. In addition to ordinary Amiga display modes (including AGA), VistaPro operates with DCTV, Fire- cracker24, and HAM-E devices. You can save landscapes as ordinary DEM files or as VistaPro DEMs, which include camera positions and all of the rendering options you set on the work screen. You can even save the scene as a Turbo Silver object (though these files are generally very large), not to mention ordinary7 IFF and IFF24s. While VistaPro isn’t yet perfect, it does not disappoint thanks to its power, flexibility, and sheer beauty. Try out VistaPro 3.0 and discover worlds only you and your Amiga can conquer. Dave Johnson Continued on p.64. MegAChip 2000 500 is a trademark of DKB Software. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek. Inc. CDTV. A500. And A2000 are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. IV-24 is a trademark of Great Valley Products. Inc. DCTV is a trademark of Digital Creations. Llam-E is a trademark of Black Bell Systems. Opal Vision is a trademark of Centaur Development. DKB Software 50240 W. Pontiac Tr, Wixom, MI 48393 Sales (313) 960-8751 FAX 131.1196041752 Technical Support (3131960-8750 SuperGen GENLOCK ANI) OVERLAY SYSTEM Only broadcast quality genlock for less than SI000 Two independent dissolve controls Software controllable Compatible with all Amiga models Notch filter THE FUTURE IS HERE! TWO CHANNEL TBC SYSTEM ?¦ Create spectacular true color animations on your Amiga. F Now 1 Available I in PAL a The industry standard - yet to be equaled ? J =4V SuperGen NEWl PRICE! Jdiaak $ 549.00 SuperGen2000 THE FIRST TRUE Y C GENLOCK AND OVERLAY CARD FOR THE AMIGA 2000 SERIES COMPUTER S-VHS. ED-BETA. Hi8 compatible Broadcast quality NTSC RS-170A output SC H phase adjustability Built-in sync generator Two independent dissolve controls •r0„2000 Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga. Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera or stable video source. Full-featured paint, digitize and conversion software included. Compatible with AGA 1200 and 4000 Amigas in NTSC PAL modes. Two to four limes the speed of AGA animations (DCTV vs. HAMS) with greater color and resolution. Compatible with all popular 3D. Rendering, and graphics packages including: AD-Pro. Aladdin 4D, AmigaVision, Brilliance, Calligari, Cinemorph, Draw4D, ImageMaster, Imagine, LightWave, MorphPlus, Real 3D, Scaia, Scenery Animator, Sculpt, VistaPro, and many others... DCTV nrayfr. (NTSC or PAL) iJJUm-frk. $ 299.00 NEW! PRICE!
• ••. The Kitchen Sync provides two channels of
- v. Time base correction - the perfect low cost TBC solution for the Video Toaster™. With a Video Toaster, the Kitchen Sync ’ provides a complete A B roll editing system. Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card. M" ,1V7
• Absolute 100% broadcast quality
y. • Composite or Y C video in 0--' * Includes easy to use external control panel . • No waveform monitor needed ¦ • Variable speed strobe
• Freeze Frame, two rock-solid Freeze Fields Vi ’ ;. • Low power consumption '%* Lowest TBC price per channel
• Works with consumer grade VCRs f ITTara . Kitchen Sync NEW1 PRICE! NEW ’I PRICE! SuperGen 2000s fc- $ 1195.00 NEW1 PRICE! NEW PRICE! Allows the use of DCTV with standard RGB monitors (1084) in standard NTSC or PAL modes. Also permits the use of external genlocks like our SuperGen. RGB CONVERTER RGB Converter $ 199.00 Genlock Option Required to synchronize the Kitchen Sync to an external video source. L£j=4V . Genlock Option isnrragw $ 150.00 S-VHS Option Required to enable S-VHS Hi-8 (Y C) video outputs. Rrev*. S-VHS Option LaUMBfc. $ 99.00 11 Hi FREE 2nd Day shipping ffi on all VISA & MC orders in the US. CALL DIGITAL DIRECT 1-800-645-1164 Orders only Next Day Shipping add $ 5.00. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00 Call by 2:00pm PST 5:00pm EST for same day shipping. 9:00am to 5:00pm PST M-F For technical information call 916-344-4825 ¦ Worldwide Distributors and Dealers Wanted. Inquiries invited Catch the wave of 3-D liquid effects! THREE-DIMENSIONAL LIQUID effects have washed over broadcast commercial work like a tsunami. We Amiga users have many tools to help us catch the wave: NewTek's LightWave, Impulse's Imagine, Adspec's Aladdin 4D, and other 3-D packages include wave functions for some very professional presentations. And with a little creativity, you can hang ten even if your software doesn't provide such built-in functions. How can you make a splash without getting all wet? I'll show you, using four examples. While I illustrate the effects using particular programs, in most cases you can apply them using the tools of your choice. (To locate the vendors of products mentioned in this article, see the Manufacturers Distributors' list on p. 102. A Bumpy Road to Water This first project, for which I used Real 3D ($ 699, Rea soft), lets you create perfect waves without a built-in function. The result is realistic (as you can see here in the opening illustration), and Real 3D's antialiased output is very professional. You can use the technique with any rendering package that has bump-mapping capabilities; Will Vinton's Playmation (Will Vinton) is one example of such a program. Bump mapping is an effect in which an object's surface is shaded according to the image applied to it. Generally, the dark areas appear as valleys and lighter areas appear as peaks. Real 3D's bump-mapping feature uses red shades in the applied image to calculate altitudes; other packages use different color schemes. The first step in this process involves creating a bump map in a paint package such as DefuxePaint 4 ($ 179, Electronic Arts). By selecting a lo-res screen, you can define a red range of 30 colors. Simply spread color 2 (Red = 2, Green = 0, Blue = 0) to color 15 (Red = 15, Green = 0, Blue = 0). Then spread color 15 to color 31 (Red = 1, Green = 0, Blue = 0). Using the palette-range feature, make the range start at color 2 and end with color 32. If your paint software allows, create a square filled with a random dithering of the red range. (Using random dithering is the trick to producing realistic waves, which differ immensely from the mathematically defined built-in effects.) The brush need not be larger than 100x100 pixels to produce smooth effects. One bump map is fine for still productions, but an animation requires at least 30. You should make a separate drawer in your bump-map directory to keep these sequences in order. Remember that creating sequences in multiples of 30 makes it easier to convert an animation to videotape, if that is your aim. Save the first brush as Bumpmap.O so that your 3-D software will know it is part of a sequence. Carefully ro- the colors in the palette range plus or minus one (give color 3 the value of color 2, color 4 the value of color 3, and so on) to create wave motion for your animation. Save these subsequent brushes with the appropriate number suffix (such as lmage.0, Image. 1, Image.2), so that you end up with 30 blushes numbered zero to 29. Now boot up your 3-D program. Within Real 3D, select Materials Create from the menu and rename the material Waves. Because you have 30 images to sequence, type 30 into the Texture Index gadget. Adjust the materials’ attributes as you wish, keeping the bump height at least at die default of 15. Select Image.0 and define it as a bump map, then adjust the smoothing and gradient settings to your preference. Click OK, and assign the material to a flat plane. By coloring the plane blue and zooming in close, you can get a good, wave-like effect. If you want to reflect objects in the water, you ma - need a lighter color than dark blue for the plane; Real 3D requires surfaces to lie quite light for good reflections. When test-rendering the wave, use low resolution and select Lampless mode. Need an animation longer than 30 frames? No problem Real 3D will just cycle through the sequence when it reaches the end. I viewed this animation in real time using DCTV (Digital Creations), The wave looked so good I couldn’t wait to re-render die frames to S-VHS tape via a 24-bit display card. After I did, I found that the DCTV view looked better. With the extra resolution, the taped version looked too clean and no longer real. You can easily correct for hyperrealism with fog effects, blurring, and so on, but isn’t it nice to know you don’t always need the most expensive equipment to get the best results? Real 3D 2.0, which should be released by the time you read this, promises built-in wave functions. But even with programs providing these capabilities, I found this bump-map technique to be superior in several instances, producing original and life-like effects. Turning Up the Heat Waves are also easy to create with .Aladdin’s rich environment of texture procedural mapping. With both Real 3D 2 and Aladdin 4D ($ 499, Adspec) offering unlimited mapping per object, some out-of-this-world effects are possible. You could start with a lake full of waves, for instance, and make it freeze and then thaw during an animation. The creativity afforded is limitless and creativity means “wave effects” need not be limited to liquids. .After all, at high enough temperatures, liquid becomes gas. Aladdin 41) is die first Amiga package to provide for gaseous 3-1) effects with unlimited, sequential textures. 1 took advantage of this in a recent animation. I had a detailed spaceship ready to do battle when I realized the craft had transition from a side panel of the ship turning into a radial wave took care of the problem. Yes, I used the pebble- dropped-into-the-pail effect, which looked 100% mathematical but that’s what I wanted. I actually reversed the waves to show a build-up to the center of the panel, from which a deadly weapon was released. 1 had created the spaceship within Aladdin’s editor. Once I'd set the scene and camera, I went to work assigning textures to the polygons. The procedural textures with a mixture of IFF wraps looked good on the hull of die ship, but I decided to use a gray-scale “tin plate” image over the majority of panels. Using Deluxe- Paint, I created a gray-scale panel with red marking and coding to differentiate it from the other panels. Grayscale images, mixed with light fog and redirected lighting, allow for great space scenes. To work on the firing panel, I selected the panel polygon by itself Choosing Textures from the Polygon Control menu, I loaded the panel’s exit frame a few frames before I wanted the wave effect to start. Because 1 planned to swing the camera in fairly close, I chose the Antial option to prevent the bitmap from appearing pixelized. The panel looked realistic, but I wanted more depth. The panel’s original IFF image served just as well as a bump map for depth realism. Starting at frame 355, I added a wave to the polygon for transition. I altered the wave’s timing so it required a full four seconds (120 frames) to travel from the outside to the inside (this is easily done by adjusting the frames count for start and exit). Using Aladdin’s Sweep (lathe) function, I created a teardrop shape, which I dressed up to look like a fireball by assigning it several layers of sequenced textures and a gas coating. I then plotted a path for the fireball to follow, from inside the space craft to the outside, where, with some experimenting, it intersected the pinnacle of the wave. Molten Metal While Octree's Caligari24 ($ 399) lacks many effects of other 3-1) packages, its real-time response, deformation modeling, and fine antialiasing allow it to create great liquid effects. A recent project required a simple animation of the client’s logo in chrome. Wanting to avoid another boring “logo spin job,” I asked if’I could try a different ap- . My idea was for the logo to emerge from a pool ol molten metal. The customer agreed, so I set out to experiment. Caligari24 has no bump- mapping facilities, but its Free Form Deformation functions, which produce smooth objects via point editing, allowed easy creation of bubbling metal. I just had to find away to incorporate the wave. I’d had AsimWare's CD-based 24-bit textures collection for about a week and couldn’t wait to apply one of its tiled images in a 3-D scene. Caligari’s high-quality antialiasing negates the need for hi-res image wraps, though I kepi the textures at their original sizes. With one, I was able to simulate a smooth, glossy floor; another gave the walls a modern brick design. Because Caligari24 is so forgiving with input quality, you can get amazing results by importing DCTV- digitized or Dpaint-generated images. In Dpaint, located a few rounded puddles. I extmded and beveled these using Pixel 3D ($ 249.95, Axiom Software); a muter bit gave a smooth curve. Also using Pixel 3D, 1 beveled and extruded a few bitmapped fonts for die logo. I then entered the render module to assign attributes to the logo, puddles, and walls. I assigned a chrome attribute to the logo and puddles, and made the logo a little darker. The image maps from the CD were large enough to cover the whole wall without pix- elation, so tiling was not needed. With the scene ready to go, it was time to plan the animation. I intended the camera to zoom in on the puddle (which is actually made up of several objects), and show the logo slowly rising up, while the puddle resizes to suggest that molten material is being drawn from it. I set up the keyframes, resizing the component-puddle objects at different times. (This was tedious because the puddles not only had to intersect cleanly, but also lose depth.) As the last letter of the logo emerged from the molten liquid, the puddle disappeared altogether. While the test animation looked fine, I decided I would prefer new environment maps for the logo. Then, to add the bubbling wave effect, I created a few flat planes that roughly matched the puddles’ shapes, Editing these objects with the deformation tools, I produced smooth waves in the planes. I generated a few more bump planes and returned to the scene creation. The hardest part would be animating the bumped planes properly. With Caligari24,s new time bars and real-time feedback, I was able to assign and reassign the bumps’ up-and-down motion and adjust it according to the puddles’ depth fluctuations. I also synced the bumps to produce a smooth, rolling effect. Finally, 1 created another environment map for the puddles and plane bumps to get the best chrome look possible. The Fast Lane Imagine ($ 495, Impulse) users can easily apply the above techniques to create liquid effects. But Imagine also works gracefully with such 2-D programs as Im- agemaster (SI99.95, Black Belt Systems), IniageFX ($ 249,95, GVP), or Art Department Professional ($ 299, ASDG), which all produce 3-D-like waves and ripples. Though the 2-D software approach is not right for every case, it is worth considering, as these programs can usually do the job faster than 3-D software. A sample animation can illustrate: A framed picture spins onto the screen. It stops, the picture changes to another image via a ripple effect, and then spins off the screen. This animation requires sequences of images for image wrapping. Although you could provide a wave effect for the images with Imagine, I decided to leave that job for Imagemaster. Because I wanted the animation to last 10 seconds (300 frames), I needed about 100 f rames of wave distortion and 20 frames of morphing (also done within Imagemaster). I started by generating the first and final 60 frames of wave distortion. .After 60 frames of wave distortion, the images look fairly obscure. So a morph between these two segments provides a smooth transition. By saving the frames with sequential names (Frameln.001, Morph.OOl, FrameOut.OOl), the task becomes easier to define within Imagine. Using Imagined Action editor you can assign the paths appropriately with a slight ease in and out. In addition to these programs, I found a supply of utilities capable of working with primary 3-D applications to produce fluid effects. Wave Writer (SI29.95, Unili Graphics), Morphus (SI 19.95, Impulse), and Icoons (freely distributable, by Helge Rasmussen) let you create or modify waves for LightWave, Imagine, and Will Vinton’s Playmation, respectively. While imminent updates to LightWave, Real 3D, Playmation, Caligari, and other programs promise to rock the boat in terms of Amiga wave effects, don’t wait to dive in. There are plenty of effects in the sea! ¦ Irnnanl Pice is a Canadian-based freelance computer artist specializing in 3-D effects. You can reach him on GABB 11 (Graphic Amiga Bulletin Baird) at 416 547-16)90 or c o AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, AY 03458. A € r 1*0 ffl gf* Mdf 9 C A I V A s More In Depth ~w" tt tt e can't get enough ofbeau- I ¦ tiful, Amiga-generated art. V r It's not only fun to look at, it's inspirational as well. Our focus on 3-D graphics this issue gives us a great excuse to celebrate the achievements of innovative artists. Our art department culled this exciting collection from the many responses received from our calls for Amiga art. Thanks to all who have participated; we hope you will continue to submit your works. We also hope to feature similar displays in the future. Enjoy! We think that LORENZO COLLORETA deserves a hand for his Drawing Hands, a HAM- format image created using Imagine 2.0 and DeluxePaint 4 (Electronic Arts). Lorenzo, a biology student at the University of Florence in Italy, fell in love with ray tracing four years ago when lie began with Sculpt 3D (Centaur). Lorenzo hopes to create future works in HAM-8 or 24-bit; like many of us, he's saving for an A4000. All alone in a room with only his A2000, a few pieces of Amiga software and hardware, and plenty of time, Belgian artist MICHEL RIGO creates 3-D worlds, such as the one depicted here in Salle. Michel created all of Salle’s objects within Impulse’s Imagine 2.0; the stone textures came from Computer Imagery’s Map Master collection. The two framed pictures on the walls are 2-D imports; the colorful one at left is a DeluxePaint original, while the still life is something he digitized using the Austrian 24-bit digitizer, VD2001. STEPHEN WOOD of Ales, France, started in 3-D imaging on a Macintosh. There, he mastered the creation of photorealistic scenes involving metals and reflective surfaces. After joining the Amiga ranks about a year and a hall'ago, Stephen was inspired by the work of Anti-Gravity Workshop. (AGW co-founder Tiin Wilson’s rendering won Amiga World's 1992 Special Issue a Gold award from Magazine and Bookseller, ) Stephen’s beautiful Magic Mirror Reflexion, created using Imagine 2.0, took 14 hours to render on a 68040- based A3000. STEVE GALE’S artwork could make an Amiga evangelist out of anvbodv. In fact, as Art ? S Director for a producer of computer-based product demos in New Jersey, Steve converted his company’s traditional 2-D approach to include 3-D ray- traced imagery. His inspirational New Church sets the 3-D building (rendered in Imagine) against a 2-1) background (which he processed from a Targa file using ASDG’s An Department). Self-taught artist ANTHONY C. GROS enjoys the realism that 3-1) allows. Indeed, his Oasis seems so cool and inviting you almost want to step right in! Perhaps .Anthony, a Houston resident, was looking for a way to beat the Texas heat when he decided to render this scene with Imagine. He did some touch-ups using the Firecracker’s Light24 (Impulse) and Art Department Professional. Rn I'm You don’t believe it? Well, try these simple techniques for creating Amiga images and animations in “stereo pairs, ” and you 7 open up some fascinating opport unities for 3-D stereo viewing. TO MANY PEOPLE., the idea of viewing 3- D images conjures up scenes of a 1950s theatre (or doorstep...) and people wearing cardboard glasses with red and blue cellophane lenses. In fact, 3-D stereo imaging takes many forms, and is a serious and exciting tool for science and art. Whether you’re a professional Amiga artist, an amateur animator, or an enthusiastic computer user searching for a little diversion creating stereo graphics on your computer can he a rewarding experience. While you won't need a background in trigonometry or neuro-optics to get underway, to fully appreciate stereo imaging on your computer, you should understand a few basic principles. Each of our eyes projects a slightly different view of the world onto our retinas. Our brain transforms this information into a stereoscopic image that conveys meaning about the dimension and spatial relationships of objects around us. For more than 150 years scientists, artists, and photographers have experimented with ways to portray stereoscopic images that mimic this dramatic natural phenomenon. As an Amiga artist, you have at your disposal some ol' the most exciting equipment ever available for exploring this field. The stereo effect depends on two precisely related images. You can create such a pair by horizontally shifting the point of view between two images. In viewing this pair, if your left eye sees only the left image and your right eye only the right image, a stereo effect is possible. A few basic principles apply to both photography and computer graphics:
• The two images should originate on the same horizontal plane with no vertical misalignment. In photography, this is often accomplished by moving the camera horizontally on a level fixed slide.
• As a rule of thumb, the separation of the two points of view should be about 1 30 the distance to the nearest object in the image.
• The most effective alignment of the two images for viewing is to superimpose the nearest objects in both images. The entire stereo view then seems to lie beyond the image plane or the computer screen. Eye For Detail On the computer, one of the most exciting ways to experiment with stereo graphics and animation is with special goggles equipped with liquid-crystal display shutters. The X-Specs 3D stereoscopic glasses (S 149.95) produced by Haitex Resources plug into the second mouse port on the Amiga and synchronize with the interlaced display. This display is updated every sixtieth of a second. On every odd sixtieth, the left-eye view is displayed to every odd scan line. At that instant, the left shutter of the glasses clears while the right shutter darkens. On every even sixtieth the reverse happens, displaying an image to the right eye. These views switch so fast that the brain combines the information into one stereo image. 'Typically, you must disable any de-interlacer to view stereo with LCD glasses. You create left and right eye views as separate files, then use the X-Specs software to combine and view ? BY JOEL HAGEN them in stereo. For example, running the X-Specs M3D program allows von to load a left and right picture, view them as a stereo image, adjust left right separation, and save a single combined stereo view. D3D is an included display program for these stereo views. Figure 1 shows the format of a D3D stereo file. Left and right images are stacked in a single interlaced picture that is decoded for display. Strangely, with Centaur’s OpalVision board installed in an A3000, M3D and D31) allow stereo display in the de-interlaced mode. This gives a remarkably brilliant display, hut has a lot of us scratching our heads. It seems that it shouldn’t work. Perspective Cnnera Of f set t HHKQ Inage Offset ; HKH Lens Polv DO tier TPHtur Pi*Dth Vieu Figure 2. The VistaPro 3.0 interface can be used for creating stereo views. Figure 1 is a random fractal landscape from Scenery Animator ($ 99.95, Natural Graphics). To create a similar stereo landscape, point the camera straight North on the Map screen to generate the left-eye view and save it as “Landscape-L,” Enter a new East setting on the Map panel that moves the camera 20 units to the right of the previous setting. Don’t change the altitude, or you will violate the vertical displacement rule mentioned previously. Generate this right-eye view and save it as “Landscape-R.” Unfortunately, it is very difficult to create a good stereo pair in Scenery Animator in any orientation other than straight North-South or East-West. At other map angles, there is no easy way to keep a constant distance between camera and target. Run M3I) to load, adjust, and view your stereo landscape. Remember that the most effective orientation of the two images is usually to adjust them so that the nearest objects are superimposed. The landscape then lies beyond the plane of the screen. The amount of new information revealed in the 3-D view may startle you. Bird’s Eye View Landscape-generation software is a great way to introduce yourself to this field. Producing a good stereo pair is easy and the added dimension is powerful. VistaPro 3.0 ($ 99.95 Virtual Reality Laboratories) has direct support for X-Specs. Pressing the Stereo button on the main screen brings up the interface shown in Figure 2. This allows you to enter displacement values for the camera as well as the image pair that will be merged. The real power in this interface is that it allows you to create an accurate stereo pair from any map angle. You can view a pair of generated images from VistaPro using the Merge button. VistaPro does not save the combined views as a stereo image, nor does it directly support stereo animation. On the Vista bulletin board, however, (805 781-2257) is a free program called Smash that works with MakeAnim to merge a list of stereo pairs from a pair of Vista animation scripts. A little patient work could yield an impressive flight through a stereo landscape. By the way, VistaPro 3.0 has powerful new features that break up near-polygons into very realistic texture. Truly superb control of the landscape is possible. (For a complete review of the 3.0 upgrade, see
p. 20 in this issue.) Any version of Vista or VistaPro can be used to create a stereo pair. The easiest method is to keep the target locked and move the camera a little between views. Before moving the camera, lock the Z button and note the dR value, which is the distance from the camera to the target. Move the camera, then re-enter the previous dR value. Remember to lock the palette before generating the second image. Beware of having a chunk of landscape right in front of the camera or you may violate the 1:30 guideline for camera separation. Since the target remains stationary in this method, distant objects superimpose and near objects are displaced. For best viewing, the image displacement should be adjusted to superimpose the nearest features. Failing to do this forces the foreground out of the screen plane, which seems more difficult for the brain to resolve. These are merely rules of thumb; always experiment to find what works best. Picture This For X-Specs viewing, 1 find it best to manually merge two stereo images and save them as a single interlaced picture. Figure 3 shows such a stereo view of Candor Chasma on Mars. For future reference, let's call this the ‘'interleaved” method. The advantage to this technique is that you can work in the Amiga’s highest resolutions, including 24-bit color, even creating standard animation files you can play from any utility. To try this technique, save a stereo pair of hi-res I b- color images in VistaPro or Scenery Animator. In Deluxe1 Paint (Electronic Arts), open a screen to match the resolution of your landscapes. Clear the screen to pure white and fill every other line with a horizontal single-pixel line of pure black. The finished screen should alternate white and black single-pixel lines. In the Stencil requester, lock the black, click Make Stencil, and save it as a stencil named “Stencil-Left.” Next, Reverse the stencil and save it as “Stencil-Right.” These can be used again and again in creating interleaved stereo pictures and animations. Now load the left, landscape image, then load the left stencil and turn it on. Select black with the right mouse button and clear the screen. Every other line clears to black. On the spare screen, load the right landscape and right stencil, and then clear that screen. Making use oi background color transparency, pick up one entire screen as a brush and place it on the spare screen interlaced with the other view. Adjusting the left right placement is easier if you hit Alt-x to shift the brush handle to a lower corner. Superimpose foreground elements and stamp the brush in place. The Mars illustration in Figure 3 shows the interleaved pair before this adjustment. If chip RAM is a problem, select Merge in Front from the Spare menu to combine two images. To view interleaved stereo images, run ON3D from the X-Specs drawer. This activates the glasses, synchronizing them to the interlace of the monitor. Note that you must have any de-interlacer disabled lor viewing with LCD glasses. Any display program will suf fice for viewing the image as long as ON3D is running in the background. If you own a scanner or video digitizer, you can bring real-world photos into the Amiga for stereo manipulation and viewing. Follow the guidelines laid out earlier in the article to shoot prints, then digitize them and try M3D or my interleaved stereo method for viewing with X-Specs. Video footage in which the camera pans smoothly past a scene can also provide excellent stereo pail's. Brush Up It is relatively easy to produce dramatic hand-painted stereo images with any paint program that has spare- screcn capabilities. Just paint a left and a right version of the image. Figure 4 shows a few basics dial work well in Dpaint. The easiest experiment you might My is to create several brushes that will be placed in both images. Each brush can be made to appear at a different screen depth. The formula is that a brush will appear to be behind the screen if in the left view it is to the leit of its position in the right view. A brush will appear to float in front of the screen if in the left view it is to the right of its position in the right view. If this sounds like word salad, read it again while you look at the halls in the upper left of Figure 4. The blue rectangle represents the screen plane. Li you use Digi-Paint 3 (NewTek), you will find that when working in interlace mode, the program directly supports stereo painting while you wear X-Specs. Run ON3D in the background, then use the “(” key to paint for the left eye and the ”)” key to paint for the right eye. This can he addictive. To try stereo painting in Dpaint making use of its spatial and animation tools, create a two-frame animation for your left and right views. Mark these two frames ? J o as “L” and “R”, respectively, until you get the hang of things. On the spare screen, create a ball and pick ir up as a brush. Stamp ii down on the left frame and then reposition it a quarter-inch to the right without stamping it down again. Keep it in place and press the 2 key to switch to the right frame. Stamp it in place and then save the two images as left and right pictures, not as an animation. Use M3D to load and view the result. The ball should seem to hang behind the screen. To continue your experiment, create a detailed brush then shear it to the left and right from Dpaint’s Brush Rotate menu. Positioning these views as shown can make a brush penetrate the picture plane at an angle. Using Dpaint’s Perspective rotation can also give Bniri4triK Hodrler i±> 1997 Jon duBois Figure 5. The left-eye view of the Animatrix 3D modeler screen, which supports real-time X-Specs display white you work. A powerful illusion of dimension. Rotate each brush by a slightly different amount. Placement of the brush handle can affect the result. If you read “Accent on Graphics” 48 (Feb. ’93, p.
60) on creating a parallax scroll animation, successive frames of such an animation will show depth if viewed as a stereo pair. This will be most effective if the incremental movement of each layer is relatively small. Use the same concept of layered space to paint stereo pairs. The further back in space you want a layer to lie, the greater the left right separation should be. If you followed the planet-rotation technique in “Around the World in 80 Frames” (Oct. *91, p. 39), successive frames of those animations can also yield effective stereo pairs. To try a variation, create a large rectangle of texture as a brush. Plat e it on a two-frame animation, shilling it horizontally for the second frame. Cut an animbmsh from within this area. Clear the animation and create a solid circle on both frames. Set Fill mode to Wrap and fill each circle with successive cels from the anim- brush. As a left and right stereo pair, this has interesting dimension not really a sphere, but more like a blunt cone. If you gel the hang of these few experiments, endless ideas will undoubtedly come to you. Interleaved stereo animations can be created using Dpaint IV’s Move requester with the left and right stencils discussed earlier. For instance, to make a ball move away on the z-axis, load the left stencil and place the ball brush on frame I of an animation. In the Move requester, enter a negative x distance and a positive z distance, and then select Draw. When finished, load die right stencil, superimpose the ball with itself on frame 1, enter a positive x value and an unchanged z value in the Move requester, and then select Draw, Run ON3D and play the animation. The ball will recede in stereo space as well as shrinking on the z-axis. Combine this with a stereo landscape background for an impressive 3-D demonstration. Composite Functions Oneway to create a 24-bit high-resolution stereo image is to generate and save the 24-bit pair as Left24 and Right24, and then use the Composite features of ASDG's Art Department Professional to merge the pair as an interleaved stereo image. First create and save a Dpaint image of black and white lines to be used as a mask. In ADPro Comp mode, load the Left24 image, and then load the mask with RGB transparency' levels sei to 0,0,0. Flie Left24 landscape now has alternate white lines. Save it, and then load the Right24 image selecting No Comp. Next, reload the Left 24 with the alternate white lines. In the Composite interface, set RGB levels to 255,255,25a and select OK. This makes the white of the incoming image transparent, resulting in a composite of the pair as an interleaved stereo image. Using ON3D, you can view this image with DCTV (Digital Creations) or OpalVision on an interlaced monitor. If you use Imagemaster (Black Belt Systems), it has an X-Specs separation feature under Geometric Transformations in the Process panel that splits the odd and even lines of an image into two clips. Two other X-Specs function buttons allow you to convert over- under format images to interleaved, and vice-versa. I have concentrated in this article on painting and kmclscape-generation techniques because there is little documentation on stereo applications in these media. Many other software packages also support X-Specs and stereo imaging, including Imagine 2.0 (Impulse), Caligari (Octree), Pixel 3D (Axiom), Turbo Silver SV (Impulse), 31) Professional (Progressive Peripherals), and Page Render 3D (discontinued). Consult those manuals for hints and effective settings. A couple of object modelers, .Animatrix (Dubois Animation) and Vi- sionModeller 3D (ShaderSoft), even let you work with a real-time X-Specs stereo display. The Animatrix interface is shown in Figure 5. Any stereo graphics and animation you view with X- Specs can be recorded to a VCR and then viewed with Haitex’s X-Specs TV system (SI69.95). This unit plugs into your VCR instead of your computer for viewing 3-D videotapes. The unit is so small you could easily pack it and the LCD glasses in the space taken up by a couple of VI IS tapes. For more ideas on inexpensive ways to view stereo images, turn to this month’s “Accent on Graphics” (p.48). ¦ Joel Hagen's emit Is include work in art. Astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer. Oakdale, C l 95361. Please include a stamped, self- addressed envelope for a reply. 34 Month 1993 Everything you need to know about PC bridgeboards (with eight board-to-board comparisons) no matter which model Amiga you own or what hind of PC you want to emulate Big Blue? Big Business? Big Brother? You all know the epithets that come to some people’s minds when that computer monolith is mentioned. But say what you might about the PC and its compatibles, it is thedefacto standard in the computing world today, outnumbering Amigas by several orders of magnitude, You may not be able to avoid Pcs at work, so sometimes you might need to run software like Word for o Windows or Kxcel at home. Or, it’s even possible that, like me, you find some PC software as indispensable as your Amiga itself. In either case, you have two choices: Buy two computers and end up with two monitors, two sets of peripherals, and an office that looks like a computer store or add an emulator to your Amiga that allows you to share data and lots of precious hardware between two ordinarily incompatible systems. Blue, .. And You 'There really are a lot of reasons to use a PC these days, not the least of which is Microsoft Windows 3.1. Windows isn’t perfect, though it is a fairly slick operating environment ... in some ways, better than Workbench. Windows’ on-line hypertext help, for instance, is first rate. While I wouldn’t recommend Windows over Workbench, I’ve found a need for both. Just as there’s an Amiga to lit virtually every need, PC emulators ("bridgeboards”) are plentiful and various enough to suit just about everybody. As you can see fi om Table I. they come in a wide variety of capabilities and By Dave Johnson ILLUSTRATED BY WARREN UEIiERT A migu 11 arid 35 Table 1: Emulators at a Glance MODEL Golden Gate 486SLC Golden Gate 386SX EMC486 SLC A2386SX Bridgeboard A2286 Bridgeboard A500 PC 286 Manufacturer Vortex Vortex EMC Commodore Commodore GVP Host Amiga A 2 3 4000 A 2 3 4000 A 2 3 4000 A 2 3 4000 A2 3 4000 A 500 + GVP drive Price $ 919.99 S539.99 S1100 S649 Discontinued1 $ 99 Processor Cyrix 486SLC-25 AMD 386SX-25 Cyrix 486SLC-33 Intel 386SX-20 80286-8 80286-16 Benchmarks: Sysinfo MIPS Norton St
45. 9
4. 55
33. 4-36.1
23. 0
2. 97
12. 0
101. 0
7. 5
54. 0-62.0
23. 0
2. 42
11. 1
7. 7 .96
4. 3
15. 3
1. 68 Real-world Speed: Links386 HJWin Print 1:03 :46 2:00 1:13 :50 2:15 :36 :26 1:15 1:40 8:00 Installation Easy Easy Difficult Difficult Easy Moderate Pluses MonitorMaster SIMMs IDE Controller MonitorMaster SIMMs IDE Controller Very fast Minuses Win. Disk bug FDC optional Win. Disk bug FDC optional No serial port Janus drives No serial port Janus drives No serial port Janus drives Can't use DFO: Janus Compatible? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No DOS in Amiga Partition? Yes Yes No No No Yes Exchange Amiga and DOS Data? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Memory 16MB** 16MB** 8MB 8MB ISA RAM card required 512K 4 Amiga RAM Video Modes ISA card CGA Olivetti Hercules EGA VGA ISA card CGA Olivetti Hercules EGA VGA ISA card MDA CGA ISA card MDA CGA ISA card MDA CGA CGA Olivetti Hercules EGA VGA Emulator Type Mouse, Serial, Mouse, Serial, Mouse, Mouse, Mouse, Mouse, Serial, Parallel Parallel Parallel Parallel Parallel Parallel 7 5 3 2 4 1 Overall Rating A T 0 R S E U I Power PC Board w r Atonce Plus Vortex A 500 2000 Discontinued 80286-16
15. 3
1. 79 Supra A 500 A 2 3 4000 with adapter S349.95 NEC V30-11
4. 4 .63 Difficult Leaves slots open Installation voids Amiga warranty No Yes Yes 640K + Amiga RAM CGA Olivetti Hercules EGA VGA Mouse, Serial, Parallel Easy Provides up to 1IVIB for Amiga Doesn't multitask No support for ISA slots in A2 3 4000 No Yes No 1IVIB + Amiga RAM MGA VGA Mouse, Serial, Parallel, Joystick prices, and, somewhat surprisingly, they all work pretty well; there are no clogs here. As a rule, I wouldn't recommend buying anything less than a 386SX, though your needs may be limited enough to justify one of the slower emulators. Remember that the 8088 was the guts of the original IBM PC, a technology that is easily ten years old. The 286 oilers about a ten-fold increase in performance, but it, too, is getting olcl. A lot of new software will run on a 286 only begrudgingly, or not at all. Of course, a card like the Commodore A2286 is perfectly adequate for running old standards like Wordstar. If you do step up to one of the new, fast emulators, I think you’ll find that a 386SX running Windows can even be an enjoyable experience. Even though Intel plans to roll out its 100 .MIPS, 64-bit wide Pentium chip sometime next vear, a 386 or 486 emulator should be able to seive you comfortably for years to come. So, for those of you in the market for a PC emulator, we’ll examine eight different models to choose from. But, first, let’s take a look at some Amiga-PC basics. (For information on contacting the developer oj"any product covered in this article, see the “Manufacturers Distributors Addresses” list on p. 102.) Input Output All emulators have to let you get data in and out. Most bridgeboards let you use the Amiga’s floppy drives as PC drives low-density ones, of course. In order to read 1.44MB, high-density floppies, you must own an Amiga with such a drive (like some A3000s and the new A4000). .An A20Q0 or A4000 can actually support both
3. 5" and 5.25" drives internally for the ultimate in convenience, but if you have a high-density 3.5" drive, it is pretty easy to get by without its floppier cousin. As for hard disks, most emulators force you to use the Amiga drive, one wav or another, as the PC’s stor- O r j age medium. The exceptions are Zorro-slot Amiga emulators, which accept PC hard disks in the ISA expansion slots. The Vortex Golden Gate emulators also have an IDE interlace right on die board. Otherwise, there are two ways of adding a PC hard disk to your Amiga: through a single file or via an entire partition. If you chose the file method, the emulator creates a large file on the Amiga’s hard disk, and your new PC believes lor all the world that the lile is an entire drive. This svstem lends itsell to archives with vour normal Amiga j tj back-up software, as Amiga DOS treats the DOS drive like any other file. The major downside of this system is its lack of speed. Because the PC must jump through AmigaDOS hoops to access its data, this arrangement can be much slower than the partition method. Commodore’s hard-disk access scheme uses a software library called Janus. Janus drives, like all other flle-basecl schemes, require the AmigaDOS Adclbuffers command (and a suitable investment of Amiga RAM) to operate at acceptable speeds. Commodore recommends 50 buffers or so for evety megabyte of hard-disk space, so a 50MB DOS drive will consume about 1.5MB of fast RAM. On the other hand, Janus drives can grow in size as you write data to them, like a RAM disk, for additional flexibility. The partition method requires you to have an empty Amiga partition on your hard disk, which you formal in MS-DOS. The Amiga considers it a valid, empty partition, but your PC accesses it like a DOS drive at ordinary hartl-disk access speeds. Many emulators allow von to use either the lile or partition method ? With the notable exception of the Commodore boards, which use only the lile method or an independent DOS drive. I’d recoin mend sticking with partitions for their speed and portability. If, for instance, you use the partition method on an industry-standard Syquest cartridge. You can use that same DOS drive if you upgrade from, say, the GVP PC 286 to a Vortex 486SLC later. You can even use it directlv on a real PC. The A500 Gang Supra’s Power PC Board ($ 349.95) anchors the low end of the PC market with an 8088 emulator. While my initial instinct was that this would prove to be little more than an historical curiosity, Supra surprised me with a flexible version of the PC that got it all going. It is a good choice for the budget-minded .Amiga 500 user who hasn't yet added memory to the trapdoor of his machine it is both an emulator and memory- expansion card in one. If, on the other hand, you have a more sophisticated Amiga 500 configuration that includes a GVP hard disk or accelerator, there’s room in the chassis for GVP’s PC 286 hoard (S99). Installation of this emulator, which requires you to open up the GVP hard-disk case, is straightforward for anyone who feels reasonably comfortable with a screwdriver. Be forewarned: GVP isn't kidding when it tells you to watch out for the fan and LED cables that tether the two halves of the case together. Open the case gingerly lest you pull the cables out of their sockets before you see which way to plug them back in. Only the Vortex Atonee-Plus (now discontinued) Table 3: Sysinfo and MIPS Ratings Table 2: Clash of the Titans HJWin Links386 VORTEX 486: As shipped :46 1:03 With cache optimized :32 ;42 EMC 486: Using Addbuffers :26 :36 Second time using Addbuffers :18 :18 No Addbuffers 4:07 2:27 also a a 286 emulator is tricky to install, as vou have to open the A500, remove the 68000, and wedge the emulator in its place. It is easy enough to do, but only for those who don't feel squeamish at the thought of plugging in a modem. Both in terms of speed and functionality, the two 286 offerings arc so similar that the decision to buy one or the other should be largely a function of your own system configuration. The primary reason to buy the Power PC, however, is the additional memory it provides, as it has little to offer that you can't get in a shareware software-only emulator. The Commodore Emulators Ironically, of all the emulators discussed here, the one with the most complicated installation was made by the very company that makes both Amigas and PC clones. Commodore’s A2386SX (S649) is daunting to configure due to the dizzying array of options, limitations, cables, and jumpers. The A2386, for instance, was the only emulator that required physically recabling did: in order to share the drive between the PC and Amiga. Further, I had to read through the manual with a highlighting pen in hand so I could get a good feel for what I had to do. This confusion was compounded by having two almost identical, and therefore redundant, manuals, plus a few vague instructional statements that required a vibrant imagination to properly interpret. In order to use the .Amiga mouse under Windows 3.1, for instance, the manual illogically referred me to the Microsoft Windows’ manual for installation instructions. After much frustration, 1 decided, on a longshot, to rename the Commodore-supplied mouse driver as the Microsoil mouse driver: Unexpectedly, it worked! I applaud Commodore for having the only emulator to do the obvious. The A2386 doesn't wait for you to run an emulation program to start; it hoots at the same time as the Amiga as soon as you turn it on. This is a real advantage for people who have inordinately lengthy AUTOEXEC.BAT files. Still, Commodore’s A2386 is a mixed bag. It is unnecessarily complicated to set up, though once you’re past that, it works great. On the other hand, it does not ler you use the Amiga's serial port. .And while there is an input on the card for a monitor switch, like Vortex's Golden Gate emulators do for that company’s MonitorMaster, the Commodore device currently does not exist. Commodore’s A2286 (now discontinued) does not present nearly as many problems but, then again, it offers only the older 286 emulation capability. The Big Guns Elite Microcomputers has taken Commodore’s 386 hoard and transformed it into a fast 33 Mhz 486SLC the EMC 486SLC ($ 1100). Essentially identical to the Commodore board from which it is rebuilt, the EMC has all of the priors strengths and weaknesses, hut it is the fastest board oil the block. EMC sells an I O board that complements its emulator quite well. It has two serial ports and a parallel port, game port, and SVGA output all in one package. The video ships with 512KB, upgradable all the way to a 32,000- color display. The EMC is so good, it was a tough call for picking a best hoard , . . The EMC or the Vortex Golden (rate. Speed isn't everything, though. The ? If you're thinking about getting an Amiga" special effects or image processing product here are some facts to consider:
* ASDG's Art Department Professional was named the "Best Image Processing Program" for 1992 by the readers of Amazing Computing Magazine and "Best Video Software" by Germany's Amiga Plus Magazine.
* American Software And Hardware Distributors and MicroPace Distributors (the two largest Amiga software distributors in North America) cite ADPro and MorphPlus as the best selling products of their kind.
* ADPro placed third among ALL Amiga * software products on the MicroPace 1992 Top 50 Sellers List.
• The Post Group, one of the largest post production houses in the world, has used ADPro and MorphPlus in the production of special effects for the prime time TV Art Department Professional is a registered trademark of ASDG Incorporated. MorphPlus is a trademark of ASDG Incorporated. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Arniga Inc. Circle 39 on Reader Service card show Quantum Leap and for major motion pictures.
• Mark Swain, an AmigaWorld reviewer (and animator for Foundation Imaging, the creators of the special effects for Babylon 5), said, "MorphPlus produces the most realistic shape shifting special effects I have ever seen on a desktop."
* David Duberman, Executive Editor of Video Toaster User, said in a comparative review of Amiga5 morphing products, "MorphPlus is the Rolls Royce of Amiga3 morphing software... it will pay for itself with one job." Consider the facts. Then bring home the best. 925 Stewart Street Madison, YVI 53713 608 273-6585 WHETHER YOU’RE a PC: novice or even if you’ve been around the block a few times with Blue, you still will probably feel something ofa “Stranger in a Strange Land” when it comes to operating in the MS-DOS world. Having just put an emulator in your Amiga, you’re probably wondering where you should go from here. What is the best, most productive software and hardware to complement your new, dual- DOS computer? Consider these ten items as a roadmap to your future productivity. K M I L A T 0 R S 1 lit' Essential PC Emulator SOFTWARE , MS-DOS You need DOS. That may sound obvious enough, but you can’t get by on Windows alone; Windows 3.1 doesn't replace DOS, it is an operating environment that runs on top of it. Just about any DOS version will do, but if your emulator did not come with a bootable version of MS- DOS, you should pick up MS-DOS 5.0 ($ 99.95, Microsoft) for its new features such as 2.88MB floppy disks and a graphical “shell.” By the way, remember that die vast majority of DOS packages sold in stores are not bootable, but rather upgrade packages. You may have to special order it.
2. Windows If you want to make your J * PC look as similar to the Amiga as possible, buy Windows 3,1 ($ 149.95, Microsoft). It is many orders of magnitude better than Windows 3.0, so if that is all you've seen, don’t worry: Version 3.1 is quite nice. As a matter of fact, you won’t have many reasons to enter DOS at all with W indows, as die quantity of quality Windows applications is growing astronomically. Look at it this way: There are almost as many copies of'Windows sold every month as there are Amigas in the entire world.
7. Sound Board The fma touch for PC-atizing your Amiga is to add the SoundBlaster Deluxe (SI29.95, Creative Labs) sound board or a SoundBlaster- compatible which
3. Image Manipulation I f you’ re looking for a piece of software that can convert among the myriad of PC im- age-ftle formats (and Amiga too), look no further than Hijak for Windows (S249, Inset Systems), a one-stop shopping trip for file conversion. Though it handles dozens of formats, it doesn't yet deal with Amiga HAM. On the Amiga side, Imagemaster ($ 249.95, Black Belt) handles a very wide variety of file formats, including DOS standards. The freeware file viewer ViewTek (Thomas Krehbiel) displays the popular GIF format in HAM8 without prior conversion, and it thus has a permanent place on my Workbench screen.
4. Word Processing There are quite a number word processing options available on the PC, and I’m afraid to say that many of them are a lot better J J than what we have to choose from here on the Amiga. AmiPro for Windows ($ 495, Lotus Development) and Word for Windows ($ 495, Microsoft) are two excellent choices. Both have every feature found in ProWrite, Final Copy, and excellence! Combined, plus the ability to effortlessly create a wide array of tables and graphs and handle math equations.
5. Personal Organizer While you’re spending so much time in PC land, why not take advantage of what the PC! Does best? A program such as Lotus Organizer (SI49, Lotus Development) provides an easy-to-use calendar, to- do list, anniversary tracker, long-term planner, and more. Entries can be jinked to each other and reminders pop right up on the desktop. HARDWARE
6. I idea Card With the low price of video display cards today, there’s no reason to settle for the slow video emulation provided by emulators. VGA cards run as little as $ 40, and a decent SVGA card costs less than SI00. Look for a card that can display in 800x600 pixels and 256 colors, which requires a board with at least I MB of RAM. Similarly provides emulation of AdLib and other cards, as well as a joystick port. One option is Sigma Designs' WinStorm board (S429) which provides 24-bit SVGA color, 16-bit SoundBlaster-compatible sound, a SCSI port, and joystick input.
8. Serial Port Most emulators include access to the Amiga’s serial port, hut if you plan to run IBM’s OS 2, it seems picky about seeing a real serial port. Elite Microcomputers (EMC) sells a multi I O card ($ 200) for its 486SLC that contains two serial ports in addition to lots of other goodies, including SVGA video.
9. More I lard-Disk Space The presence of a PC in your system will un- doubtedly put an even bigger squeeze on your already cramped hard disk. A Syquest drive gives you unlimited storage space, and a unique advantage unavailable elsewhere. I maintain several 88MB cartr idges from which I can hoot; each one is configured differently for DOS, Windows, and game sessions.
10. Joystick It is well known in the gaming community that analog joysticks for the PC market are much preferred to the Amiga's digital sticks, par ticularly for tasks like flight simulators. If you add a PC joystick to your line-up, it can also he used on the Amiga via one of several adapters now on the market, n DJ PRESENTS Retina™ - 2-4Bit Frame Buffer and Workbench Emulation Output: DB-15 VGA Connector - Analog RGB output Supports 15 - 75KHz Her. Freq. And 50 - 95 Vert. Freq. 800x6()0full 24Bit 16.7 Million color Display Non-Interlaced. AI It>ws multi pie 8.16, and 24 B i t Resolutions. Full Workbench Emulation with resolutions such as 1024x768 or 1280x1024 in 16 colors or even more! Upto2400x 1200! Compatible with Amiga 1950.1960 and VGA and up monitors. Ram Configurations 2 Megabytes or 4 Megabytes. 4MB allows double buffering for animations. Compatible with the A2000, A3000, and A4(K)0 series Atnigas, Installs into any 100 pin Amiga slot does not use the video slot. Compatible with the Video Toaster and OpalVision, XIPaint is a real-time 24Bit paint program that comes with the Retina. The Retina can still be used to display 24Bit graphics while emulating Workbench at a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 noninterlaced and you could have AdPro running on it's own screen at 320x200. You can change the output resolution for any program simply by choosing the program name and then selecting a different screen resolution for that program. Compatible with programs such as AdPro, Morph Plus, MultiFrame. TVPaim. ImageFX, ProPage, Pro Write. Page St ream, DynaCadd. Imagine 2.0 to name a lew. The Retina requires the 2.0 or greater operating system.
• • : : . . ' ' ¦ s Vljp1 - Rea I Time Video Digitizer Digitizes a full frame in l 30th of a second or 1 field in l 60th of a second. Digitizes in full Broadcast NTSC or PAL, Will save images as 24Bit. YU V. or any A m i ga format i nelud irig AGA modes I ike Ham8. The Vlal>l M has 2 Composite Video inputs. The Vlab will work in the A2(XX), A30Q0 and the A4000 series Amiga Computers and does not use the video slot. '['here is also a Vlab! 200 that allows owners of the A1200* A500. A600 to also use the Vlab. The Vlab does not require a frame accurate video player to hold the image still to digitize. The Vlab will in real-time digitize any frame from the video source that you have connected. You can digitize images from cable TV. Broadcast TV, VCR. Video Disk Players, and Video Cameras. The Vlab is supported by popular Graphics software such as ASDG's Art Department Professional. TV Pai nt by TechSoft. MultiFrame by MacroSystem US. There is a special monitor window that al lows you to see the video signal that you have attached to the Vlab in a window on the Vlab screen in up to 16 gray scales. The V Lab software requires the 2.0 operating system or higher and is fully Arexx compatible. The Vlab is compatible with the Video Toaster, OpalVision, Retina™, and Harlequin. The Vlab is also supported by the Nucleus Personal SFC. MultiFrame for AdPro MultiFrame is a front end for the Art Department Professional and Morph Plus that allows you much greater control over multiple- frame processing. You can manipulate single or muIti pie images over t i me creating spec i al effects with just a few mouse clicks. The perfect tool for creating effects with a large number of images for output to video. MultiFrame Features:
- Process images over time - most processes can be manipulated with a starting value and an ending value with the separation being the number of frames that you choose to make. Generates all frames automatically for you.
- Non-linear motion interpolation using true splines with adjustable knots, tension, continuity and bias. Full spline-controlled variables.
- Perform ADO-style fly-insof moving images easi Iv usi ng MOR PH PLU S perspect j vc operate >r.
- Create a morph from a flat to a sphere using SPHERE with EFFECT start and end values of 0 and 100 respectively.
- Multiple frame Multiple Ripples, allowing ripples that start at different t imcs that aceeJerate decelerate over time and can move.
- Use the compositor to rotoseopc images using foreground images, background images and alpha for malting images over others.
- Automatic compositing of images over backgrounds using true alpha-channel holecuttcr key effects.
- Use a black & white animation as a wipe- pattern, transition between a background sequence and a foreground sequence using the B&W frames as an alpha sequence i n compc>sitor.
- Create pann i ng 1 i lti ng camera effects on sti I i images or sequences. Movable skew tiling effects with panning tilting camera moves.
- Auto triggering of 4 GPI (General Purpose Interface, optional) functions for recording control of dev ices such as Digital Disk Recorders from SONY and ABEKAS
- Complex operator processes (sphere, perspective, etc...) now allow loadingand saving of all parameters for easy recall.-Automatic conversion of any supported image format to any other format (including ANIM-5 AN1M-8 and Toaster FRAMESTORE) during processing. Mt. Clemens, Ml 4BB3B [313.J SB3-BOB5 Phone [313J BB3-3B3B Fax EMC would have certainly won if it were not for the clunky Janus drive system, lack ol on-board serial-port support, and the absence of the monitor switch (blame Commodore on all counts, not EMC). Both of the high-end Vortex cards the Golden Gate 386SX (1539,99) and the Golden Gate 486SLC ($ 919.99) are built around the same Vortex bus and probably offer the most versatility of all the emulators. They have a lot of nice little touches, like the use of industry-standard SIMMs, very flexible memory options, MonitorMaster (a software controlled monitor switch for viewing VGA and Amiga on the same display), the ability to use Janus drives you might have set up with an older Commodore bridgeboard, and more. Unfortunately, the emulator software currently has a nasty bug that prevents some floppy-disk functions, such as Norton Backup, from working properly in Windows 3.1. On the whole, though, either board is quite a buy. Vortex and EMC have both taken a fair bit of heat over their decisions to build emulators around the 486SLC chip, a souped-up 16-bit 386 CPU that uses the 486SX instruction set. When you get right down to it, the extra performance a 486SX or 1)X might offer would likely be small compared to the additional cost when you consider the bottleneck is at the 8 Mhz video card. As it stands, though, both of these boards perform better than a 33 Mhz Compaq 386. The Real World speed test in Table 1 pits the 386 and 486 boards against each other in a few representative tasks; drawing the first hole in Links386, rendering a GIF in Hijak for Windows, and printing the first page of this article in AmiPro for Windows. No matter how you stack it, the EMC board comes out on top, though a glance at Table 2 will show that there’s more here than meets the eve. The Vortex board surprisingly ships without its cache optimized. All the Golden Gate test results in The Mac Gap WHEN IT COMES to emulating other operating systems on the Amiga, it turns out that the IBM PC compatible isn't the only game in town. Ready Soft has been making the Macintosh’s happy face a familiar sight on Amigas everywhere for a few years now, and the latest incarnation of its product, A-Max II Plus ($ 499.95), provides seamless Mac emulation in the form of a card for Zorro-slot Amigas. A-Max runs monochrome Macintosh software as if the Amiga were a Mac SE or Classic, at least as fast as the original Macintosh could. A-Max lets you use the Amiga’s parallel and serial ports as Mac peripherals, and with the advent of the II Plus, Amiga drives can read and write Mac disks. The only catch is that you have to provide your own Mac ROMs, and the price of those hunks of silicon varies depending on how tightly Apple is controlling them at the moment. One thing A-Max can’t do is run software in Mac II or high-color modes. A new product that promises to fix that is Emplant (S279.95, Utilities Unlimited), a multi-OS emulator that can run up to four different operating systems from the same card. Although Emplant has been selling for about six months, it has had the sort of spotty history indicative of a complicated hardware product that wasn’t quite ready to ship. It promises to be a very impressive product, however: 256-color displays using AGA chips, a SCSI interface, a PCMCIA version for the A1200, and more. (Editor’s Note: AmigaWorld will review Emplant next month in the August issue,) ? DJ Table 1 are based on the stock board, but I ran across a cache utility that pushed more speed out of the card over a MIPS faster, in fact. Table 2 shows some “before-and-after” numbers for the optimized 486. If you use such a utility, you can close some of the speed gap between these two boards. The EMC board, for its part, uses the Janus hard- drive system, so it is slower than a hypothetically identical emulator that might use the partition method. Also, you can see that a Janus drive without any Add- bufFers is prohibitively slow. Table 2 further demonstrates how much potential the EMC board has, but loses. Due to the Janus drive. I performed the same operation twice presuming that the second time would be directly from the cache created by Amiga- DOS’s AddbufFers command, and therefore a better test of just how fast the board really is. By the way, the benchmarks in Tables 1 and 3 shouldn't be taken as absolute values. Like all benchmarks, they are only valid for comparisons between similar systems. Also, you could get different values using different benchmarking utilities. Emulating On A Budget Of course, you might not be desperate enough for PC emulation to run out and buy one of these expensive contraptions. You may, however, want to occasionally copy DOS files, run a PC word processor, or view disks full of GIF graphics. Well, there’s help for you, too. To simply copy DOS disks (low density, unless you have a high-density Amiga drive), all you need is CrossDOS. CrossDOS is part of AmigaDOS 2.1 and higher, although you can also buy the latest version, CrossDOS
5. 0 ($ 59.95), separately from Consultron. It is a simple utility that puts DOS disks on the Workbench for formatting and file transfer. Even if you get an emulator that has its own Amiga-to-DOS file transfer program, I would recommend using CrossDOS anyway. It’s simply the best program of its kind around. As if die deal needed sweetening, the stand-alone, non- Workbench-2.1 CrossDOS 5.0 package includes CrossPC, a simple but very useful XT emulator. Shareware alternatives to PC computing include programs like IbeM and PC-Task. These are available on most BBSs, including major services like Genie. Wiiile thev offer little in the wav of features, you can i run traditional PC software on them. They all provide IBM-XT emulation in CGA and run at about the speed of an actual XT (or faster if you are using an accelerated .Amiga). Combined with CrossDOS, one of these utilities might suit your needs. The bottom line for a lot of people is whether to buy an emulator or just get a real PC compatible; in many cases the cost weighs in favor of the real McCoy. The Amiga market, though, now offers a good crop of emulators, particularly for the Zorro-slot machines, and they can do every tiling a real PC can do, including CD-ROMs, networks, and Windows. In either case, once you Ye made up your mind, I'll see you at the A: prompt! ¦ Dave Johnson authored the book The Desktop Studio: Multimedia with the Amiga, and he is a frequent contributor to Amiga and other computer publications. Write to him do AmigaWorld. Editorial Dept., 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. While computer viruses may be a part of life, the fear they inspire doesn’t have to be a part of your life. Arm yourself with the protective powers invoked here by the US representative of Safe Hex International. “Double, double toll ami trouble; Fire, burn, anil cauldron, bubble.” SO SAID THE witches in Macbeth as they pretended to safeguard that would- be king of Scotland. But don't think that von have to resort to spells or voodoo to protect your Amiga from the pernicious effects of the growing number of computer viruses. There are practical steps you can take to prevent almost all those viral threats from infecting your Amiga. Let’s start by examining some basic types of viruses and how they go about infecting your system. Then we’ll look at some general measures and good computing practices that can help you avoid viruses before they strike. Finally, we’ll survey some of the newer, more potent virus- protection programs. Remember, viral threats can come from almost anywhere public-domain software, pirated (illegally distributed) versions of programs, and even factory-sealed commercial J packages. In other words, no computer user is safe from viruses. (In- Bji Jim Maciorowski formation about contacting developers ofvirus-protedion programs marked in bold where mentioned in the text can be found in the “Contacts” box at the end of the article, along with other useful sources of information and software.) About Know Thine Enemy A virus is a sequence of commands (written as part of a program or as a program itself) that runs when a certain criterion is met, such as a certain day of the week or when you turn on your computer lor the fust time. There are several different types of viruses and you should be concerned about each, especially if you enjoy downloading from bulletin board systems (BBSs). Of all the known viruses, bootblock viruses are the flddr*ss*s , _ __ BootX version 4.58 BootX. Fll am BootX.BBLib BootX.Brain BootX.flecog HX.DoC BX.R fir- TER.Doc F«*r» l>av Inportant KS2.84 0rd r,Fom Vlrustrxt Enportant! VirutZ version 2,28 VZ,Doc VZ.R EBEm&smssaa Virus Rx: Safe Hex I HAVE MENTIONED Safe Hex International (SHI) several times in this article, and with good reason: This nonprofit organization is the leader in Amiga vims protection, sponsoring more than 20 “Regional Virus Centers" worldwide with phone support. Sill is currently working on programming projects to “innoculate" as many Amiga computers as possible in die shortest amount of time. Some of the activities underway include: : : - -v- - -
• A universal Amiga BBS virus checker.
• Standard updated vims libraries to be accessed by new virus killers. This gives programmers more time to work on new features for their programs, rather than rewrite their programs each time a virus is discovered.
• Having virus “help disks ' shipped with every new Amiga computer, as is the case in Scandinavia. (Are you reading this, CBM of America r)
• SHI's anti-virus disk, ‘The New Superkillers," contains almost every virus killer mentioned in this article, and 11 is available for a $ 5 donation (S7 overseas).
• SHI has also placed a reward (currently at $ 4000) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of virus programmers. Enticed? Be sure to write for more information (see the “Contacts” box for details on contacting Safe I lex).
- JM most common form. As the name suggests, these viruses reside on bootblocks of both floppy and hard disks (track 0, sectors (land 1). Representatives of this strain vary from those that temporarily make your fast RAM inactive to ones that corrupt tracks 39 through 79, rendering the disk completely useless. These viruses are spread by disk-copying programs of almost any kind. Don’t confuse virus bootblocks with custom bootblocks. The latter are special bootblocks, typically of a non- standard DOS, which are required to be on the disk for the disk to load. Gaines are perhaps the largest contributor of these special bootblocks. Fortunately, the virus killers of today will usually recognize which bootblocks are custom-made and which ones are viruses. The first bootblock virus was reported in 1987 and was called the SCA (Swiss Cracker's Association) virus. It simply hides in your memory's CoolCapture until you reboot. These are generally the easiest viruses to detect. Often, using the INSTALL command from your Workbench disk will solve the problem of infected bootblocks. Or you can install an anti-virus bootblock through killers like BootX and Find ’Em All. Be completely sure that the bootblock you are installing is a vims: If you remove a custom bootblock, you may wind up trashing a disk! And be cautious: If you are going to start installing bootblocks, make backups first! File viruses are not as common as bootblock viruses, but they can do as much, if not more, damage. These viruses (sometimes called “Trojan Horses”) arc activated once you specify an executable file to run. A harmless execute.me file could display an advertisement for a BBS while formatting your hard drive as a background task. Iliese viruses are usually found as bogus versions of existing programs (sometimes even as phoney versions of virus killers!). BootX 5.02 and any release of VirusX alter version 4.01 (the last official release) are examples of bogus releases and should not he used. If you call bulletin boards on a regular basis, be cautious before downloading a new version of a program unless you know for certain that it came from a reliable source. File viruses often operate in certain ways that, if you recognize their behavior, you can defeat them with a little detective work. Say a particular virus is wreaking havoc with your screen dispalv. Where should you start looking? Well, viruses almost always infect the first c: command in your startup-sequence. Like most file viruses, this virus places the c: command in your devs: directory as a nameless flic and infects the one in your c: directory. First, find the infected command. Look for it in your c: directory (or wherever it was) and delete that lile. Then load a disk utility that lets you view invisible files. 11 prefer INOVAtronics' Director)’ Opus but any one will do, including Progressive Peripherals' DiskMaster or the freely distributable SID Timm Martin, Fred Fish 651.) Look for the invisible file in your devs: directory and rename it to its original name. Finally, move it back to the c: directory (or wherever it was). Many virus killers will think your disk is infected if you don’t rename this nameless lile, so be sure to do it. Link viruses are extremely nasty and should not be j • disregarded. These viruses attach themselves to files and start infecting other files once they are executed. They can corrupt an entire hard disk in seconds. Fortunately, the virus killers of today can scan programs for suspicious programming code. Often if a program Virus Checfcer Requfstfr CU t“V » »• r -r- -yi t r i I i I t 1 I I i i i i i r » r r~r f- rrrnT 3 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrr rWrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr [rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr r r r r bjsr- rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr- has a link virus attached to it, the “new” program size will differ from the original program size. A typical example is the Saddam I lussein virus. This is a multiheaded file and link virus (and there is also a bootblock virus of the same name). This virus always infects your L: directory, and it will create that directory if it is not there already. It attaches itself to your disk-validator with the same size and the same name. Once executed, it spreads throughout the disk and writes “IRAK” in the start of any file (executable, text, or otherwise), but it does not change the size of the file. What’s worse is that you cannot delete the virus from a file editor or through the Cl.I. Advice? .As former president Bush might have put it, “Read my lips: Use a current virus checker and make backups!" Some people believe that there are also viruses that can attack your clock and make it do weird things like run backwards or run extremely fast. Clock viruses, how ever, are nonexistent, period. There is not enough memory in your clock for a virus to infect your clock and remain alive in it. If your clock is acting screwy, use the SETCLOCK command from your Workbench disk to fix the time. Usually this will solve the problem. Prevention is the First Line of Defense Having read what viruses can possibly do to your computer, you may be asking yourself what you can do to avoid them. A simple, cavalier answer would be: Don't buy a computer. There is no guarantee that you won't encounter a virus, even if you use the latest virus-killing programs. However, such programs do offer a very reliable measure of protection and a very acceptable rate of recovery if your system does become infected. While we will look at specific virus programs in the next section, there are some general measures everyone can practice to avoid viruses in the first place. The easiest way to prevent virus infection and its spread is to always write-protect your disks. This is not a time-consuming task. .All it takes is the flip of a notch on your 3.5” disks. (If you are using 5.25" disks, use black tape not transparent tape to cover the notch.) If you absolutely must have your (loppy disks write-enabled, then shut your system down for 60 seconds before booting up with a new disk. This will completely drain your memory of any possible vims. A normal reset (Control- Amiga-Amiga) does not dear your memory! Viruses can hide in certain areas of your memory, and can infect write-enabled disks when you do a warm reset. For even better protection, there is a hardware “virus warner” available from the Safe Hex International Regional Virus Center in England (see the “Contacts” box for details). This device will alert you to all virus writes, and it even has an automatic write-protect mode. It costs about $ 70 in American currency, but if you are dead paranoid about viruses, it could be well worth the investment. Also, if you do a lot of telecommunications, be sure that the files you download are virus-free. Watch for any reports of viruses. In addition, a number of BBS sysops employ a feature that checks files for viruses before they are uploaded to their networks. (Every BBS should have this feature!) II you have a hard drive, you should have a controller that disables access to it. With some controllers it is called a “game switch.” Don’t be fooled, though, Virus Checker has a “learn mode” for recognizing new viruses. Your computer that seems to exhibit all the symptoms of a vims: I lowever, if you have not exposed yourself to any new software recently, chances are you have a hardware problem. Check things like the chips on your 8520 circuit (often a prime cause of virus-like symptoms when they malfunction). Which Virus Killer Should You Use? Although I have been asked that question many times, the choice is ultimately up to you. There are many killers out there that do basically the same thing, but there are features in one program that you may prefer over those of another. All I can do is give you some suggestions. What you want to look for in a virus program are such features as memory checking, reporting unknown bootblocks, and scanning disks for file and likJvirus- es. Following are descriptions of some proven vims programs; many of these are constantly being upgraded, so please be aware that version numbers of some of these programs may have changed by the time this article goes to press. BootX 5.23a-1.74 by Peter Stuer is perhaps the best “Saddam” vims killer to date: It makes the virus passive and then restores the infected files often to nearly 100% of what they were before infection. This program uses a separate brainfile (called “BootX.Recog,” the “1.74” in its title) that is updated when new viruses are found. ? It’s really a “virus switch,” and I congratulate every manufacturer of hard-drive controllers w ho includes one! (Controllers that don’t can even be modified to include a toggle switch, which works just as well.) Finally, keep in mind that even though many virus killers will detect infected disks and files in a moment’s notice, you should not forget to make backups of all your important disks anyway. Vims killers will remove viruses, but if the viruses have “integrated” into your files, removing the viruses may pretty much trash the files as well. One last item to consider under the heading of prevention is that not all problems are virus-related. You may suddenly encounter some strange behavior on jaiai BooiX is also one of the first virus killers to utilitize the LOCALE feature of Workbench 2.1 3.0; in other words, it is one of the first killers that can he read in different languages! Of course, this version of BootX is for Workbench 2.x and up the final release under Workbench 1,3 is BootX 4.50-1.68 (the “.Recog” files are no longer upwardly compatible). VirusZ 3.0 by Georg Hoermann is one of my personal preferences. It is one of the first killers to check archived files (files ending in J.HA, .LZH, .DMS, and so on) by using a “decrunch.library." it’s excellent for running in the background: It's small, fast, and doesn’t have a lot of annoying requester windows. Virus Checker 6.20 by John Veldthuis is another great killer choice to have running in the background. It is very easy to run and has a helpful “learn mode” for recognizing new viruses. First-time virus-killer users will find that this is an excellent program to use. Even the documentation is well-written, citing many examples of viruses and what they do. There are other new, potent virus killers available around the world. While I can’t go into detail about them, they do deserve mention: VT (a killer written in German), Virus Interceptor (for Workbench 2.x), Link Virus Detector. Early Virus Warning, and Find ’Em All. (Details about contacting their developers are contained also in the “Contacts” box.) Try as many of these as you can get; if your system has enough mem- on', don’t hesitate to run two or three at the same time. An excellent all-in-one virus package is The New Superkillers available from Safe Hex International, which contains nearly all the virus programs mentioned in this article. (See the sidebar “Vims Rx: Safe Hex” for details.) Almost all of these killers can be found on many BBSs. You can also find them on accredited Regional Virus Center BBSs, as well as on commercial networks such as BIX. CompuServe, Genie, and Portal Communications. In dealing with network downloads, one good rule of thumb worth following is to never use a virus killer that is more than three months old; it will not find new viruses. -Also keep in mind that these programs are either shareware or freeware. If you use shareware, send the authors some money to ensure that their programs will be regularly updated. Virus protection is very simple and does not cost a lot of money. Just remember three things: 1) write protect your disks, 2) make backups, and 3) use one or more current virus checkers. T here was one virus in 1987. Today there are almost
300. At this growth rate, it is predicted there will be 1000 viruses by 1996. Be prepared! ¦ Jim Madorowski represents Safe Hex International in the US. He distributes 'The New Superkilters" and other Sill- related dishs. Contact him at PO Box 124, Port Richey, Flori- da 34673-0724 or at the Florida Regional 1 7rus Center included in the “Contacts" box. Contacts SAFE HEX INTERNATIONAL Coordinator: Erik Loevendahl Soerensen Snaphanevej 10 DK-4720 Praestoe Denmark Sales Manager: Lars P. Kristensen Safirvej 25 3650 Oelstykke Demmark SAFE HEX REGIONAL VIRUS CENTER ENGLAND (for Hardware Virus Warner): Michael A. Sewell Omega House 83 Railway Road Leigh, Lancashire WN7-4AD UK BOOTX, EARLY VIRUS WARNING, LINK VIRUS DETECTOR Peter Stuer Kauwlei 21 B-2550 Kontich Belgium FIND 'EM ALL: Koen Peetermans Vrljheersstraat 8 B-3891 Gingelom Belgium VIRUSZ Georg Hoermann Am Lahnewiesgraben 19 W-8100 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany VIRUS CHECKER John Veldthuis 21 Ngatai Street Manaia, Taranaki New Zealand VIRUS INTERCEPTOR Johan Eliasson Bdckgatan 6 60358 Norrkoping Sweden VT Heiner Schneegold Am Steinert 8 8701 Eibelstadt Germany ACCREDITED REGIONAL VIRUS CENTER BBS'S (US) Ground Zero BBS (Florida) 813 849-4034 Pioneer's BBS (Washington) 206 775-7983 COMMERCIAL NETWORKS BIX General Videotext Corp. 1030 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138 800 227-2983 617 354-4137 CompuServe PO Box 20212 Columbus, OH 43220 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Genie 401 North Washington St. Rockville, MD 20850 800 638-9636 Portal Communications 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 200 Cupertino, CA 95014 408 973-9111 It takes intelligence to... Shake! Rattle! Arid Roll! Previously, high-end platforms were the only systems able to make 3D animations "boogie!" Now, with Real 3D V2 - a full-featured 3D animation, modeling and rendering program utilizing a desktop platform complex 3D objects "rock and roll" and react to their environment with "intelligence," as if they were in the real world! So, how does Real 3D V2 make this happen? With Article Animation, Collision Detection, Inverse Kinematics and Skeletonal Control breakthrough features previously available only on some high-end platforms. Bowling a strike, swirling 10,000 snowflakes in the wind, making characters "dance" and much more takes an "intelligent" program like Real 3D V2. For a Demonstration Video and more information, call 1-407-539-0752 or fax 1-407-539-0976. REAL 3D V2 Intelligently Priced At $ 699! Real 3D V2 is a trademark of RealSoft KY. © 1993 RealSofc International Circle 150 on Reader Service card. GRAPHICS A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. Stereo Output And Viewing By Joel Hagen IF YOU READ iny article on creating stereo images for viewing with Haitex Resources’ X-Specs (“1 + 1 =3(1))!,” p.
30) in this issue, you might wonder how you could share those images with others who don’t own an Amiga or LCD (liquid-crystal display) glasses. In fact, there are many inexpensive ways you can create and view permanent stereo images. This column will explore a variety of techniques and equipment you might try for an additional hardware investment of as little as SI.95. To help you in these efforts, you should check out a company called Reel 3-D Enterprises (PC) Box 2368, Culver City, CA 90231; 310 837-2368). (When I stumbled on its catalogue, 1 went a little crazy and even bought a set of 180 stereo View-Master reels on Chinese art!) Reel 3-1) supplies a wonderful array of 3-D photography and viewing supplies for the hobbyist. I am having a great time discovering ways to adapt this equipment to Amiga stereo images. Printed or photographed in the proper format, these can lie viewed hy anvone using one of the many mod- els of available viewers. Seeing Double To make stereo pairs for optical viewers you must create separate lelt and right eye images as described in my article. Do not use the “inter-leaved” method 1 outlined for use with LCD glasses. Instead, mount two images side by side as in the accompanying illustration. Viewers For such a mounted pair typically have a separate lens for each eye that independently focuses on the lelt or right picture. The brain merges these views into a stereo image. Before printing such a pair, the Amiga artist must decide on an output medium, a size and format, and an appropriate viewer. High-end output devices you might consider are the Polaroid CI-3000 or CI-5000 him recorders linked to AS Dcs Art Department Professional to transfer your computer images to slide or print film. A pair of standard 35mm slides can be viewed in stereo by simply taping two inexpensive hand-held viewers together. Alternatively, Reel 3-1) carries twin 35mm viewers ranging in price from $ 5.95 to $ 34.95. You could also hand mount your slide film in anv of a number of standard 3-D formats such as Realist or European. Blank mounts and viewers for these formats are also available from Reel 3-D. If a film recorder is not in vour future, you can send your Amiga disks to a sendee bureau for transfer to film. A far more simple, inexpensive way for viewing images in stereo is to purchase a plastic hand-held 3-D print viewer (stock 2018) from Reel 3-D for $ 1.95. Then, with no further investment, yon can assemble a stereo pair of images side by side on your Amiga screen and view them at the 10-inch focal distance of this viewer. As you might imagine, there are a few principles to consider. Your eyes are about two-and-one-half-inches apart. Viewing a pair of prints (or the computer display) requires then that the centers of the actual images be about 2' a-3" apart. Centers separated by a greater distance become increasingly difficult to resolve. With slides this is not a problem, but it does limit the width of prims to about three inches. An easy way to experiment on the computer screen directly is to shrink the image pair in a paint or image- processing package while you view it until it resolves into stereo. Of course, this is really only good for experiments and quick tests. Even in high resolution, the screen pixels are too coarse for good detail at this three- inch scale. Using some sort of print is a much better idea. As an example, 1 have planned the accompanying stereo illustrations to have approximately 2' i" centers as they appear on the page. This is suitable for direct viewing with any hand-held or folding viewer. Viewing images in 3-D stereo can be fun and inexpensive. Here are some techniques for outputting stereo pairs for use with optical viewers. High-Quality Stereo Output I have been having great success using ADPro's Prefprinter features and an NEC! Laser printer to produce stereo pairs. To try this in high resolution, create a 1280x400 page in AD Pro by setting the Backdrop loader to that si .e. Into that space load the left 640x400 image. Load the right image O DO using the Composite option, offsetting the “x” width by 640. Before printing, you will probably need to acljust the image values. In the YistaPro landscape (illustration, top), the Dynamic Range Operator analyzed a range of values from 0 to 140. For laser printout, 1 reprocessed that to a range of 40 to 220. I also raised the brightness of the image to 4 14 and die gamma to + 21. Your sellings will vary for each image, but this gives you ihe idea of the kind of balancing to explore. In Prefprinter, manually set the image width to six inches, keeping the aspect ratio locked. ‘This will yield a print with three-inch centers suitable for hand-held viewers. If you use a folding stereo print viewer that stands on legs over the image, you may need to reduce centers to two and a half inches. T his is a live-inch total image width in Prefprinter. Try Floycl dither, Density 4 at 800-dpi (dots per inch) printer resolution. Experiment with your favorite color printer and also with desktop-publishing software, especially if you have access to 1200- dpi output or higher. Spray mount the print to illustration board and then trim it to size. For best quality prim images, output to a film recorder using 85mm prim lilm. Optionally, use any camera on a tripod to shoot the screen. A little experimentation with camera distance wilt give you just the right image si .e in your developed prints. Trim and mount them carefully. Do all your left right adjustment in the computer to save work at the mounting phase. My favorite stereo apparatus is the old Holmes Stereopticon, which can he found in antique stores, at yard sales, or maybe even in vour own attic. This meial-and-wood relic of the 1800s and early 1900s lias glass lenses in an elegant eye hood, a sliding holder for the stereo cards, and a folding wood handle. Mount your computer-generated images with three-inch centers on a 8' i»x7-inch card for use in this viewer. The anachronism of viewing modern computer images on this century-old instrument fascinates me. T he quality is superb. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. Troubleshooting In Paradise-1 “A nod is as good as a wink to a blind bat." Monty Python By Joel Tessler and Michael Hanish WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, there’s fire, so where there’s no smoke, there’s no... Well, maybe in the forest, but not necessarily in your video studio. Things you can’t see am hurt your production. Hut how do you spot these unseen dangers, and what can you do about them? T his month and next, we will look at some common production problems. Better yet, we’ll discuss possible cures, and the tools and procedures necessary For setup and maintenance. Because whether vour studio j is bare-bones small or large and complex, the rules for troubleshooting and setup are basically the same. Your first line of defense in the fight for video-signal integrity is a properly adjusted monitor. This will instantly alert you- subjectively and objectively to problems with video levels, for example, or with hue (chroma phase). By contrast, a poorly adjusted monitor will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. Highly recommended, though not quite mandatory, are a waveform monitor and vectorscope. They provide the only truly accurate means for monitor- j mg your video signal and signal path. Two products to help with this are DPS’s Personal Waveform Monitor Vectorscope ($ 899), which provides both tools 011 a single internal board for the A2000, A3000, and A4000, and The Monitor (Magni Systems, SI 799), a stand-alone external device. Before we examine the use of these tools, let us first look at some of the most basic considerations. Round One If some variation on this scenario hasn’t happened to you yet, it will: You are performing an edit, when you notice that the image on your program monitor has suddenly gone dark and shaky. But then again, it has been a while since you took a close look at the monitor, so you’re not really sure when it began. Video, 1; Operator, 0. Your move. First, round up the usual gang of suspects and assure yourself that none of them are guilty. Start with cables and connectors. They stretch, break, come undone, and wear out at the least opportune moment and seemingly by themselves. Check each and every cable, connector, and adapter. RCA connectors are quite capable of pulling out of the port slightly and breaking the signal path. Be systematic and thorough. Check the stress points, just behind the connector, and inspect both the cable ends and the ports for oxidation and tarnish. A commercial deoxidizer cleaner such as Cramolin can work wonders and increase conductivity. Immediately replace anything that is suspect; you have more important tilings to be concerned about. Avoid adapters like the plague. Instead, use cables with appropriate ends. Ready-made cables with RCA plugs on one end and BNC on the other, for example, are available from video-supply houses such as Markertek and Comprehensive. (When purchasing new equipment, insist that it have BNC connectors.) Make sure that the cables are not running across or in close parallel to any power cords. And check every switch and knob: All it takes is one nudge to cause trouble. Don't he haphazard, though; there is an order to this process. To successfully track clown the cause of a problem in the studio, vou must start at the begin- 1 j o ning and carry on until vou reach the O - J end of the signal path, that is. You have to break the system down to its most discrete components, test them one by one, and slowly reassemble the parts you are absolutely sure of. Remember, there is a reason however elusive or obscure- for the symptom you are seeing. No question is too dumb to ask or part too trivial to at least consider. Ask others with similar setups. Call the tech-support lines of the equipment manufacturers. Be persistent. If vour best efforts yield zilch and 9 you are getting nothing done, consider the possibility that you’re taking yourself too seriously. The very moment i • you decide to retire the unit as a boat anchor, step hack and take a break. Tension can cause you to overlook as many problems as inattention. Ready, Set What your grandmother told you is true: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Or, a few minutes devoted to proper setup is worth an hour of troubleshooting when there is a malfunction. You can avoid many problems by setting up properly in the first place. Through the cables flows the lifeblood of your video venture, the signal. It simply won’t do to have that How degraded or slowed in any wav. O rf Insist on high-quality, shielded video cables. Saving some small change on cheaper cables can severely compromise the video image, introducing all sorts of unwanted interference patterns. Substituting audio for video cables, just because they happen to have RCA-type VIDEO VIDEO SET LEVEL UP TINT HUE REMOTE METER INPUT dub mode PHONES SaveYour Animation From Being Eaten Alive. You know how an animation can take on a life of its own. Sometimes it takes forever. Or it costs too much. Or a tape machine mistakes it for lunch. The DPS Personal Animation Recorder™ solves these and other animation-production problems. For just $ 1,995, it gives you the reliability and capabilities of systems costing thousands more. A plug-in AMIGA® card, the Personal Animation Recorder functions as a single-frame recording deck. With it, you can digitally record your animation onto a dedicated hard disk* and play it back in real time. Which means you can create 3-D animation without the expense and aggravation of tape decks. The Personal Animation Recorder will even genlock to your system. Because the Personal Animation Recorder operates in a totally digital environment, you won't be
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• »¦¦¦* ISSS ....
• • - ¦ mmr DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you tcant to look your best bothered with the time base error, jitter, skipped frames, or botched edit points you encounter with traditional animation recorders. Since your animation is recorded in a component digital 4:2:2 format, you can produce an infinite number of first-generation tape copies. Plus, the Personal Animation Recorder features outputs for true component analog video (Betacam®, Mil®), composite and S-Video (Hi8® S-VHS). Rescue your productions from the jaws of traditional animation systems. Produce quality animation for a fraction of the usual cost with the DPS Personal Animation Recorder, In the U.S. call (606) 371-5533 Fax: (606) 371-3729 In Canada call (416) 754-8090 Fjix: (416) 754-7046 Circle 171 on Reader Service card. "Hard drive mil Included Illfi hmnml AnlnMiaii Recorder™ is * trademark of Diftiul Iwcssin* System*. Inc AMIGA* is a registered trademark irf CortlnimioreAmitfi. Inc lltfi and nelnctim are rqftfiicml trademark* ofSony Gorp Mil* Is a registered trademark of Panasonic Broaden* VIDEO SUITE connectors, will severely degrade or destroy the signal. Inspect your cables frequently for stress points, especially just behind the connectors, and immediately replace any that arc loose. Figure out why they have become stressed J J (often, just the weight of a cable hanging will do it) and alleviate die cause. Pay attention to the details and do it right so that the cabling won’t be such a likeiv suspect in future situations. As we said before, insist that the video connectors on any new piece of equipment be BNC-type. These lock into place with a twist, do not pull out, and provide better conductivity for the complex and sensitive composite video signal. When you set up initially, and whenever you add a new piece of equipment, make sure all termination (internal and external) is correct. If you absolutely must use adapters, be sure they fit tightly and cleanly. Aside from regular maintenance, the most important preventive measure you can rake is to carefullv and j * methodically consider the layout of » your equipment. The first priority for studio design is ergonomics, or the relationship of your work style (in the broadest sense) to the physical facts of your work space. After considering those demands, factor in cable length. In general, you want to keep your cables as short as possible, while giving your equipment plenty of room to breathe. To avoid introducing timing phase problems, keep cables from multiple sources the same length. When you are actually performing the setup, give yourself enough space to work, and maintain easy access to the rear panels (connectors) of the equipment. Lay out all the cables (power, video, and audio) in their approximate places. Make sure the AC lines are well separated from the others, and group them roughly into bundles of the same type. Alleviate any weight-related stress to the lines by providing support. Then make all the necessary phasing and timing adjustments (we’ll discuss that in detail next month), perform an Auto- Hue rest on your NewTek Video Toast- er, and work out on the arrangement a bit to make sure you like it. When everything is satisfactory, dress the cables in neat bundles, making sure they don’t hang unsupported or get stepped on. Label or color code both ends of each cable. Then, make a schematic of what is connected to what; at some point, you'll be very glad you did. If you must slide any piece of equipment into its own crevice (we recommend avoiding this, if possible), do it gently, being careful not to crimp any of the cables in back. Keep a min or and Hash- light handy. Color Full Color bars are an engineer's way of making sure everyone is on the same frequency. The two figures to the left show full- field and SMPTE color bars, both of which are vital test signals in any
o J setup. Each provides well- defined bands of electrical information at specific frequencies, which we perceive as color. These patterns have different arrangements of colors for different purposes. Their most effective use is with a waveform monitor and vectorscope, as we will demonstrate next month. Full-Held bars are arranged with white (100 IRE, maximum legal white level) on the left, and black (7.5 IRE) on the right. If you are adjusting monitors by eye, notice that the white, yellow, and cyan bars all have the same amplitude, meaning that their brightness levels appear equal to the eye. SMPTE bars have three signals combined into one familiar pattern. The top two-thirds of the screen contain a modified set of color bars, the only differences being lack of a black bar and white level at 77 IRE (about three- fourths the brightness of the adjacent yellow and cyan). The bottom portion of the pattern provides information for adjusting = 100 IRE) white, black, color levels, and contrast. The signal at the center is a set of reverse blue bars, useful for picture-monitor adjustment. Here’s a relatively simple procedure for adjusting the levels on your picture monitor, using the SMPTE bars test pattern. If your monitor has a blue- only switch, turn it on. This turns off the red and green guns, giving you a picture with just blue chroma and luminance information. If your moni- tor doesn’t have such a switch (and most lower-priced ones do not), use a piece of blue lighting gel to achieve the effect. Display the SMPTE bars, and compare the color bar on either side with the reverse bar directly below it. There should be no visible difference between the two adjust the color level on the monitor if there is. Next, compare either of the center bars with the reverse bar below it. Again, adjust the monitor’s hue control until there is no visible difference. Then turn on the red and green guns or remove the blue gel. Look at the black bars in the lower right corner of the pattern. Adjust the brightness control (black level) of the monitor until you can just barely see the brightest of the three bars (the right-most one), but not the dividing line between the other two. Monitors, like all equipment, change as they warm up, so give them 15-20 minutes before performing this test. The price of good video is eternal vigilance. This is especially true in the smaller videotape formats (VHS, S- YHS, 8mm, and Hi8), where there is limited picture information (resolution) to begin with. Here, the loss of even five percent of resolution is very noticeable. Next month, we'll talk about diagnosing problems with test equipment. ¦ Ho haiistyling tips Unot-r me 5 fO' Si1 pan flaw me suscnasg-s (S3 hf-l aooiy *3- access dur;rg pritrw :¦**& Tr.e 5 'cr 55 o«ier s ra; 3 fc' l.:s!-!Tr mwT,sef& o-ily Unu*4 ffluts Co not accrue tc scbssnj.e--- rrorarrs *r e S5 cna-33 is a nen-r« noaeio rar •« anj a crwQM te-gardess o* use No garbage. No noise. No irrelevant clutter. BIX has the best "signal-to-noise" ratio and the highest quality content in the industry. For serious computer programmers and developers, BIX is the most exclusive online club in town. BIX now offers Internet mail (10 million bytes per month, at no charge). Windows users order BIXnav, a graphic front-end for BIX. Give BIX a try with our new 5 for $ 5 Offer! Join BIX today and get 5 hours of evening and weekend access for just $ 5! Use the rest of the calendar month to explore BIX, with the option of continuing for only $ 13 per month. Further details and complete rate information are provided during registration. Using any communications program, dial 1-800-695-4882. At the "logon" prompt enter bix. Then at the "name?" Prompt enter bix.amw37. Questions? Call us at 1-800-695-4775 (voice). Or fax to 617-491-6642. Send Internet mail to bix@genvid.com. BIX If you can hack it 10 reasons why you should only buy from Creative Computers: ]. The largest Amiga mail-order company by far!
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U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST r 1 Fantastic Voyage $ | 495 Imagine A Guided Tour Video $ >|g95 HistoryLine (The Game) ¦ nsiumi ini lilt I Jill’s m J 3670 2543 World Atlas Amy’s Fun, 2, 3 Mavis Beacon 2.0 HOTTEST GAMES BOOKS AND VIDEOTAPES 4869 ROME: AD92 ..... 39,95 3386 STRIP POKER ..29,95 STRIP POKER DATA DISKS: 3387 -DATA DISK 1 . 16,95 3388 -DATA DISK 2 ...16.95 3389 -DATA DISK 3 ...16.95 3390 -DATA DISK 4 ...16.95 3965 -DATA DISK 5 ...16.95 4738 TV SPORTS BASEBALL 34.95 4713 VECTOR STORM ....26.95 4528 ZOOL .36.95 5099 TROLLS- AGA VERSION ...32.95 4973 TV SPORTS BOXING .24.95 3973 WORLD CIRCUIT ....39.95 5101 ADI JUNIOR READING AGES 4-5 ...26.95 5102 ADI JUNIOR COUNTING AGES 4-5 26.95 4959 AFRICAN RAINFOREST COLORING BOOK ..29.95 4027 DISTANT SUNS V4.1 ...49.95 3627 VOYAGER V1.1 ..59.95 4723 A-TRAIN .45.95 5072 A-TRAtN CONSTRUCTION SET24.95
- ¦ ¦ • -V . . 5057 ARCHIE MACLEAN’S POOL ....32.95 4828 BARD’S TALE J a. CONSTRUCTION SET ..32.95 Order 5iQtus 3721 black crypt 34.95
- . * 2463 CHAOS HINT DISK Customer Service F0R dungeon master 2 12.95 310-787-4520 4344 CIVILIZATION ...45.95 Jylon _ 5af 8-6 PST 5097 C0H0RT (CAESAR 2) 36.95 310-222-5800 4702 conquest of japan 39.95 4716 OARK SEED .....39.95 4642 DESERT STRIKE ....34.95 4700 GUNSHIP 2000 .42 95 4291 JAGUAR XJ-220 ......35.95 4917 LEGENDS OF VALOR 44.95 2642 LEMMINGS 29.95 4906 LEMMINGS: TRIBES 39.95 4298 MEGAFORTRESS MISSION 1 .27.95 4299 MEGAFORTRESS MISSION 2 .27.95 3666 OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS 13.95 4197 PINBALL DREAMS .27.95 4613 PINBALL FANTASIES 29.95 our Amiga Superstores In Southern California South Bay - 4453 Redondo Beach Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260 - Phone (310) 542-2292 Westside - 318 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Phone (310) 394-7779 Mon Sat 10-7 PST - Sun 11 -6pm 4559 BEYOND THE MIND'S EYE......14.95 4975 LIGHTWAVE: ESSENTIALS 34.95 4977 LIGHTWAVE: MODELER 34.95 4976 LIGHTWAVE: SURFACES .34,95 4961 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 TUTORIAL19.95 5035 COMPUTE'S AMIGA TIPS AND TRICKS ..16.95 5088 AMIGA GAMER’S GUIDE VOL 1 (BOOK) ..19.95 4634 STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION CREW MOUSE PAD ...13.95 4441 STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION MOUSE PAD ....13.95 4548 DIGIPRINT ANALOG JOYSTICK INTERFACE .....13.95 4597 DIGIPRINT IBM BUS MOUSE INTERFACE .....13.95 JOYSTICKS ......CALL IF YOU DON’T SEE THE ITEMS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. PLEASE CALL ONE OF OUR FRIENDLY REPRESENTATIVES. European Amiga Magazines Amiga Format 1-dis k ...s795 17 7 2-dis k ...$ 89S I7777! Amiga Computing 1-dis k ...$ 795 [ism] 2-dis k ...*89517757 i Llbjst: Upgrades and Accessories
* £* MegaChip 2000 500 DKB Now get 2 megabytes of Chip RAM for the Amiga 2000 & 500 .....* 18900 (with Agnus) 4229 MultiStart II DKB MuttiSonlT fv t Provides for Amiga 500’s & 2000’s to operate SSF under Workbench 1.3 & 2.0 $ 3495 3B81 MEGATOOLS
B. A.D Ver 4 0 $ 2495
• Intuitive directory utilities
• Graphics, Anim, Text, Hex Editing
• Personal Management Toots
• Power user command line interface
• Workbench customer
• Sound editing and sequencing
• Powerful video toaster utilities
• Over 24 different tools, a must for any Amigan LIST PRICE 59900 NEW RELEASE PRICE $ 4900 0120 Best-Selling disk optimizer for all Amigas, Speed floppy and hard drives by up to 5 times! THE ULTIMATE AMIGA UTILITY TOOLBOX PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE 4978 STUDIO PRINTER SOFTY ARE ..64.95 4955 SUPER DJ 550C .32.95 4940 TURBO PRINT 2.0 PROF ......79.95 9010 AMIGA VISION . ...49.95 3165 AMOS THE COMPILER ..... ...45 95 4413 AMOS THE CREATOR NORTH AMERICAN VER ... ...64 95 4534 AMOS PROFESSIONAL .... ...89.95 3229 AMOS 3D ... ...42.95 4334 SAS C DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM VER. 6 ...... .269.00 5077 TREXX PRO 2.0 ...... .149.95 ACELERATORS 4920 SUPRA TURBO 28MHZ A500
169. 00 4921 SUPRA TURBO 28 A2000
169. 00 1647 QUARTERBACK TOOLS ......52.95 5074 RAW COPY 1.3N .36.95 EMULATORS reative COMPUTERS Prices Effective June 1, 1993 4176 AMAX El PLUS ...359.00 BACKUP COPY SOFTWARE PRINTER UTILITIES TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE 1788 A TALK III ..42.95 1875 MINDLINK .1995 4153 SUPRA GP FAX SOFTWARE 74.95 MUSIC HARDWARE SOFTWARE 5058 CLARITY 16 SOUND SAMPLER 149.95 4504 PERFECT SOUND 3.1 ...70.95 4041 SUNRIZE AD 1012 SAMPLER ... 529.00 4516 SUNRIZE AD516 SAMPLER .... 1459.00 3742 MIRACLE KEYBOARD 359 00 1260 PIXOUND ..34.95 DOS TOOLS UTILITIES 4332 CROSS DOS 5.0 .39 95 4729 DIRECTORY OPUS 4.0 .64 95 4463 GIGAMEM .82.95 4124 QUARTERBACK 5.0 ..44.95 HyperCache Professional!
* Accelerated AmigaDos devices by up to 2200%
• KickStart compatible 1.2 storagt
- 3.0 J bupra c4uu Daua ivioaem ..... u? SupraFax 2400 9600 Data $ 12900 SupraFax Modem 14.4 14.4k ..$ 24900 FREE Bonus!!!! Get Mtnd llnk a powerful telecom munication software package FREE with purchase of any of the above modems. 41SO 3732 M!A° The One-Stop WmZ: Music Shop 16-Bit, 32-uoice, CD-quafi r, fully digital stereo audio for your Amiga. SC7QI 1C ATI O SI 4689 POWT.HFUL I TELECOMMVMCAirOW ScrtWAHK Tl>H ALL AMIGA COMPUTERS New Version Supra FAX Modem 14.4k 14.4k $ 29900 Includes software and cable SupraRam RX for Amiga 500 1MB ...$ H90D SupraRam RX 87731 2MB .....$ 169°° SupraRam 500 7 1 512k ...$ 3995 uu© to mausrry riuciuuiiun, piiuu* uiv w PatchMeister ...s4995 Universal Patch Librarian SyncPro si79°D SMPTE Time Code Reader Generator Triple Play Plus..s16500 48 MIDI channels via one interface Super JAM! 1.1 s7995 Write music without ever touching an intrument __.iiinill FREE BONUS!!! Buy $ 100 worth of Blue Ribbon Products, get Who!, What!, When!, Where!, a personal organizer FREE!!! Publishing Solutions 24-Pin printer 5199°° Eureka Scanner 400 DPI black & white and greyscale hand held scanner. 32 level scan. Parallel interface with pass-through. Order Hotline
U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST 4462 3304 SYQUEST CART. 88MB 109.00 4765 SYQUEST 44,88 EXTERNAL DRIVE KIT ......669,00 4762 SYQUEST 44 88 DRIVE 429.00 4477 A570 CD-ROM A500 . 199 00 PRINTER CARTRIDGES 1028 DESKJET BLACK CARTRIDGE 16.95 60123 DESKJET BLACK CARTRIDGE 1000 PGS ..29 00 1872 DESKJET COLOR INK STARTER KIT ...34,95 1399 EP-L TONER CARTRIDGE LASER PRINTERTONER 76.95 51071 EP-S TONER CARTRIDGE LASER PRINTER TONER 99.95 4608 EPSON AP3250 BLK. RIBBON ..9.95 5068 MAXTOR MXT-540S SCSI......949.00 55117 MAXTOR 120MB SCSI ....299,00 4598 MAXTOR 213MB SCSI ....399.00 3898 MAXTOR 340MB SCSI ....799,00 60482 MICROPOUS 340MB SCSI2 ......1299.00 60084 MICROPOUS 660MB SCSI . 1399.00 55813 MICROPOUS
1. 2GB SCSI ..1899.00 4879 SEAGATE 80MB 2.5 IDE .249.00 4880 SEAGATE 120MB 2.5 IDE......369.00 4881 SEAGATE 200MB 2.5 IDE......569.00 4818 QUANTUM 525MB IPS SCSI 1049.00 Order Status Customer Service 310-787-4520 Mon Sat 8-6 PST FAX 310-222-5800 PRINTER ACCESSORIES 1873 DESKJET INK CLEANING INKMUN ....3.95 5096 CAL COMP DRAWING BOARD 7.5 X 7.5 ..369.00 5095 CAL COMP DRAWING BOARD 12 X 12 .....499.00 3293 WIZ DRAWING TABLET
7. 5 X 7.5 ..239.00 ‘-'¦v i-'::. - r £ j ' ¦ »¦ - f 4907 VIRTUAL REALITY STUDIO II ..64.95 4487 INTERCHANGE PLUS 64.95 4414 ASDG TRUE PRINT 24 ...... 64.95 2584 ART DPT. CONVERSION PAK 52.95 4242 PRO TEXTURES VOL II 42.95 2996 MAP MASTER FOR IMAGINE .. 45.95 4096 DELUXE PAINT IV 4.1 99.95 4633 DELUXE PAINT IV AGA ...109.95 SCANNERS AND ACCESSORIES 1 5078 ASDG HP !IC SCAN DRIVER .134.95 5056 GOLDEN IMAGE HAND SCANNER PLUS .. ,199.00 EPSON: 4691
799. 00 4692
249. 00 4590 PAGESETTER 3 ... ..59.95 0409 PROF. PAGE TEMPLATES .... ..35.95 4962 TYPESMITH ...
• 1“: ; PRINTER UTILITIES . . £| j ¦=T -- -A-'. W ¦ Mi 'm . . ...... ¦ ..
- 105MB SYQUEST REMOVEABLE 61240 3.5' EXTERNAL DRIVE ......7S9.00 5103 3.5' INTERNAL DRIVE 549,005103 SQUEST 3.5 105MB INTERNAL DRIVE ....569.00 1906 SYQUEST CARTRIDGE 45MB.79.00 4338 ROCLITE AV FLOPPY DRIVE .. 89.95 OTHER ACCESSORIES 2371 GOLDEN IMAGE 2-BUTTON MOUSE 34.95 1416 AMTRAC TRACKBALL 59.95 Unleash the Power! Epson® Scanners GOLD DISK The Publishing Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Color Scanners ES-600C - 24-Bit, 300 DPI ......$ 79900 ES-800C - 24-Bit, 400 DPI... *1099°° 4664 Get Both for Only $ 239°°! Professional Draw 3.0 $ ] 29°° 4730 Professional Page 4,0 514900 4248 3854 INPUT HARDWARE AND ACCESSORIES DTP FONTS . L JS’-* 3319 600 AMIGA FONTS . ....19.95 SOFTFACES FOR FINAL COPY: VOLUME J-IV each:.... ....59.95 3560 PAGESTREAM NEWSLETTER FONTS ....64.95 4160 PRO STREAM PLUS FONTS ...42.95 HOME OFFICE 5069 ADDRESS IT1 ...... ....32.95 5084 GOLD DISK OFFICE 3.0 ....79.95 0350 WHO! WHAT! WHEN’ WHERE! ,.9.95 2352 SUPERBASE PERSONAL 2 . ...59.95 2762 SUPERBASE PROF. 4 .199.00 4228 CONTACT 2.0 ..... ...44.95 4421 MINI-OFFICE ...69.96 4187 MAXIPLAN .... ...99.95 0979 SERVICE INDUSTRY ACCOUNTING .... ..109.00 7066 BEST BUSINESS MNGMT. .. ..129.00 CLIP ART
- BUSINESS COLLECTION ... ...74.95 5094
- FAMILY COLLECTION ... ...49.95 5091
- FANTASY AND LORE ... ...24.95 5090
- ORIGINAL COLLECTION..... ...74.95 5093
- WEDDING COLLECTION..... ...49.95 CAD 4853 DYNA CADD 2D ... ..199.00 1267 INTROCAD PLUS ....64.95 MULTISYNC MONITORS 4615 IDEK MF-8317 17 HP
1249. 00 CM
- 3- IDEK MF-502I .....
• Rock solid freeze
• Variable strobe
• True Monochrome mode PROGR€-CnV€ P€RIPH€RRL- ' &yOFTUJRR€ 4241 for A200Q A3000 040 25Mhz Omb S4990D Mercury 35Mhz A3000 Omb . S899G0 4521 DPS REMOTE CONTROL..... 27900 3155 KARA TOASTER FONTS VJ ...
54. 95 SUPER HIGH RES PAL ..279.00 4194 KITCHEN SYNC 3156 KARA TOASTER FONTS V.ll .. .54,95 3880 IMAGINE 2.0 PAL ... ..299.00 S-VIDEO OPTION
119. 00 4282 KARA TOASTER FONTS V.Ill
89. 95 5035 COMPUTE’S AMIGA 4892 TOASTER Y C PLUS ......
849. 00 I ANIMATION SOFTWARE 1 TIPS + TRICKS .. .... 16.95 GENERAL FONTS 0357 DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO.49.95 3160 DCTV...A GUIDED TOUR .... ....19.95 0821 KARA AniMFONTS 1 ..... ...29.95 8839 THE DIRECTOR V2.0 ...... .74.95 3676 DCTV.. A GUIDED TOUR PAL 26.95 0822 KARA AniMFONTS 2 ..... ...29 95 3850 FRACTAL PRO 5.0 .CALL 2543 IMAGINE: A GUIDED TOUR ....19.95 1837 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 ..... ...29.95 4545 SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0..... .59.95 2828 IMAGINE: A GUIDED 3758 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 ..... ...35.95 SCENERY ANIM DATA DISKS: TOUR PAL ... ....26.95 4660 KARA ANIMFONTS 5 ..... ...34.95 3784
• GRND CANYON ... .18.95 4975 LIGHTWAVE: ESSENTIALS ....34,95 0337 KARA FONTS HEADLINES ... ...44 95 3786
- OAHU .. .18.95 5083 LIGHTWAVE: FLYING 0358 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 2 ..39.95 3785
- YOSEMITE .... .18.95 LOGOS .
34. 95 4659 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 4 ..44.95 2456
• CALIFORNIA . .29.95 4976 LIGHTWAVE: SURFACES... .....34.95 1838 KARA FONTS STARFIELDS ...34.95 2759
29. 95 4734 TAMING OF THE WAVE......
99. 95 0359 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS... ...39.95 2755
29. 95 4461
- JACKSON HOLE- DATA 1..... .29.95 4460
- STEP BY STEP GUIDE..... .....34 95 FONTS SET 4 ...... .40.95 2455
- MARS SCAPES .... .29.95 4458
• ww 2757
• WESTERN U.S ..... .29.95 .J IJ 4457 1 V • 1V • 1 1 W vJ
- TOASTER PAINT . !•••• W !¦ W V .....34.95 FONTS VOL I ...... ... 64.95 4893 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 ... .54.95 4961 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 296? CINNAMON TOAST 1 PAL SPECIFIC VIDEO SOFTWARE TUTORIAL ..
19. 95 FONTS VOL II ..... ..64 95 4270 BROADCAST TITLER II GOLD DISK reative COMPUTERS Prices Effective June 1, 1993 VideoDirector i Enhanced video effects, inproved GG, new version of Lightwave, 24-Bit paint program and more. A4000 compatible!
• Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga!
• Quickly and easily catalog and edrt the best moments from your video tapes!
• Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCR's! Special Introductory Price 3699 Idek MF-5017J97900 Large 17"Screen Works on all Amigas! ,p fTTH 4143 Up to 1024 x 768 Resolution _ __ 4658 NOW AVAILABLE!
• Full AGA Support
• 24 Bit Color plus Alpha Chann
• Hierarchical animations
• Organic deformations
• ffF textures
• DXF format
• Comes with VHS Videotape 4638 DCTV DCTV: A guided tour This easy-to-follow, comprehensive $ 1 Q95 VHS tutorial will tell you ail you | j need to know about DCTV. 3160 Video Solutions ASDG Morph Plus Art Department Professional Ver.2.3 Art Department Pro gives you the most powerful image processing system r offered for the Amiga. Now with JPEG compression and 24-Bit printing With features like 3D wave ripple effects, completely WYSIWYG perspective and spherical warper, arbitrary rotation, and the best morphing warping techno! Around, Morph Plus is the premiere morphing package on the market: COMPUTERS rtf xssj $ 14900 $ 159°° 4348 5022 DeluxePaint IV The King of Paint and Animation VersionNew
4. 1 rrrn i inversion Order Hotline
U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST USE OUR TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINES Australia 0014-800-125-712 Canada 1-800-548-2512 Denmark 0434-0297 France 0590-1099 Italy 1678-74086 Japan 0031-11-1351 Netherlands 06-022-8613 Norway 050-12029 Switzerland 046-05-3420 United Kingdom 0800-89-1178 4143 IDEK MF-5017 17" LP .....979.00 4658 IDEK MF-5017 17" SP .....979.00 4615 IDEK MF-8317 17" HP ...1249.00 4274 IDEK MF-5021 .... 1899.00 4030 ANIMATRIX MODELER ....64.95
- BRILLIANCE .....CALL 3807 CALIGARI II ....129.00 4007 CYCLEMAN FOR IMAGINE 39.95 4315 ESSENCE FOR IMAGINE .49.95 5075 HUMANOID FOR IMAGINE ... 159.95 5076 HUMANOID FOR LIGHTWAVE ...159.95 4487 INTERCHANGE PLUS ......64.95 4556 PLAYMATION 369.00 MULTISYNC MONITORS 3203 REAL 3D V1.4 .99.95 5085 REAL 3D V2.0 .. 399.95 4907 VIRTUAL REALITY STUDIO II .64 95 5067 AMIGA VISION PRO 299.00 1805 BROADCAST TITLER II ..229.00 4250 BROADCAST TITLER II SUPER HIGH RES VERSION 279.00 4471 BROADCAST TITLER II FONT PACK 2 .94.95 5073 MONTAGE TITLING PROGRAM ....329.95 5079 SCALA MULTIMEDIA 210 AGA 299.95 4377 TEXTURE CITY CD-ROM......119.00 4220 TEXTURE CITY PRO 60 . 129.00 4584 TOASTER VISION ...139.00 3699 VIDEO DIRECTOR ...139.00 3725 ROCGEN PLUS GENLOCK ...219.00 6879 SUPERGEN GENLOCK ..539.00 1440 SUPERGEN 2000S 1350.00
- BCD 2000A FOR: 3635 -JVC DECKS .799.00 3281 -PANASONIC 7750 .....799.00 3636 -SONY 9 PIN DECKS ....799.00 4260 NUCLEUS SINGLE FRAME CONTROLLER 2.0 ...369.00 4331 DCTV RGB ADAPTOR 199.00 4630 DIGITAL MICRONICS VIVID 24 ......2795.00 “Spectacular”
- Amiga Computing “Awesome”
- Camcorder "Brilliant”
- Amiga Shopper fThe best paint program” As , -AVID 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money bach! The Ultimate 24-Bit Video and Graphics System Main Board includes OpalPaint, DpalPresents, OpalHotkey, OpalAnimate and Wacom driver For the Amiga 2000,3000 and 4000
* 249 NEW Unbelievable Low Price!!! Wacom Tablet Aladdin 4D 6“x 9" $ 499°° Version
- 2.0 * This is the best pressure sensitive tablet available! The best selling tablet on the Mac. Also avaifable in 12"x 12" size 00 Driver and cable* s8495 LfriiPl *Not required w OpalVision Spring Inventory Clearance Sale!
- Final Copy 1.3 Final Copy
• Excellent word processing program with Postscript support
• 116,000 Word Dictionary
• 470,000 Word Thesaurus
• IFF Graphic support
• Workbench 2.0 compatible Who!, What!, When!, Where! 0350
• Personal organizer
• Appointnent Scheduler
• Alarm Clock Reminder
• Tone or Pulse Autodial
• Supports up to 14 users PageStream 2.2 Art Expression sion BUNDLE Experts choice for DTP plus an excellent drawing program Scala Multimedia 4478
• Image Presentation program with aucfio, animation and titling featues.
• Includes variety of backgrounds, symbols, sounds, music and demo projects.
• Special Edition.
• Stereo sound sampler
• 4-Track sequencer
• Graphic waveform editing
• Saves in IFF, Sonix or RAM
• Real-time reverb
• Convert bitmap pictures of shapes to 3D objects with unrivaled quality
• Loads and saves Lightwave, Imagine and many others These items are in very limited supply order today!! S DEAL OF THE CENTURY!! XT Bridgeboard for A2000
* FREE with purchase of any one of these products: Opatt Cscoti ES Amiga 2000 Video Toaster G-Force 040 Accelerator for A2000 Features of Commodore A2088
• Gives Amiga 2000 PC XT Compatibility
• Run thousands of PC software titles
• Includes 360kb 5.25" floppy disk drive unit!
• Supports monochrome mode and CGA Color graphics!
• Includes MS-DOS 3.2 and GW Basic
• 4.77Mhz 8088 emulator with 512k RAM Documentation language may not be In English. You pay only for shipping. GVP I O EXTENDER Image F X Total Image Processing Package! RGB, CMYK, KVS adjustment, Full Motion Morphs and more!
* 199* Add 2 serial ports and port to your Super Price! Reative GVP SUPER BLOWOUT SALE! A530 Turbo W 40MB Hard Drive COMPUTERS A500 HD8 with 40Mhz 68030 Imb of 32-Bit RAM Socket for Math chip Mini Slot for PC emulator Includes dedicated power supply s399°° We offer the lowest overnight rates in the business** xxxx A530 Turbo w 120mb Hard Drive ...$ 588 PC286 Module - Optional PC286 AT compatibility. $ LQ95 07 FTOl 00 16Mhz 286 board which plugs into A530 Turbo. A2000 ACCELERATORS DHL Overnight Shipping to Canada as low as $ 15 G-Force 030 40Mhz
• 68882 Math Coprocessor
• 4mb of 32-Bit RAM
• Onboard SCSI Controller
* 599“ 3843 G-Force 030 25Mhz 1 mb of 32-bit RAM 68882 Most rates cheaper than Express Mail at the Post Office. G-Force 040 33Mhz ......*877“ 5042 Built-in SCSI Controller, Serial and Parallel Ports Omb RAM, expandable to 16mb Order Hotline
U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sat 8-6 PST Get these items tomorrow at no extra charge! Ask salesperson for details. G-Force 040 33Mhz *979“ 4mb RAM Math Coprocessor 4322 Series IIA2000 SCSI Hard Disk and RAM Card A2000 HC8+0 W 80HD .... $ 27500 2183 A1230 Turbo+ SUPER HARD DRIVE BUNDLE A500HD+ w 80MB HD and Cinemorph
• Super expansion for Amiga 500
* Expandable to 8MB RAM
• BOMB Quantum hard drive
* Cinemorph morphing software! 5*37995
* 40Mhz 68EC030
• 1 mb RAM, expandable to 32mb of 60ns RAM
* Optional 68882 Math-Coprocessor
• Does NOT void factory warranty $ 389°° ALSO AVAILABLE A1230+ 4MB with 40Mhz Math Coprocessor $ 589 soi« 4821 1200 SCSI RAM FPU Board I PhoNE PaK s289 oo Gives your Amiga 1200 SCSI capability! Memory expansion and FPU socket. OMB RAM 4MB RAM No FPU 33Mhz FPU . J
* 299°° em *499“ Now, your Amiga** 2000 3000 is a Computer, Fax Machine, VoiceMail System, and Answering Machine all at once! Works with all Amigas, External SVHS Genlock, Realtime Software Control, and more! 5066 4333 Amiga 1200 Systems ¦ '020 Processor *AGA Chipset • 2mb RAM • Expandable! C= Commodore AMIGA Authorized Dealer 40HD, 80HD, 120HD and 200HD versions available call for details! H fife Amiga 600 Amicsa 2000C 1MB RAM, 68000 Processor 2*04 Enhanced Chip Set Large selection of Hard Drives available for expansion $ 599 40HD Version available - Call for details. 3874 Amiga 4000 A4000 - 040 A4000 - 030
• 6mb 32bit RAM
• Math Coprocessor
• 4mb 32bit RAM
• 120 IDE Hard Drive • 120 IDE Hard Drive
• AGA Chipset • AGA Chipset $ 1749 *2499 4420 A570 System 2.1 ROM $ 7095 and Software Ixternal CD-ROM Drive for A500 4646 System 2*1
• Explore the world o Multimedia and CD-ROMs
• Includes cables
v. i« 9 .ia.yjT8--.t_. ‘ cr- i1 : Creative Computers is the service and low price leader and we're the largest Amiga® mail-order company. And Amiga 1200 Accessories Am i;i EUREKA A601 W 1MB RAM ..69.95 BASEBOARD 600 0MB W CLOCK ...39.95 PCMCIA 2MB RAM BOARD A600 ...139.00 PCMCIA 3MB RAM BOARD A600 ...189.00 PCMCIA 4MB RAM BOARD A600 ...229.00 MBX 1200 W CLOCK, 14MKZ 68881 .....179.00 MBX 1200 W CLOCK, 25MHZ, 68882 ....259.00 MBX 1200 50MHZ MMU ....399.95 SEAGATE 2.5" 80MB IDE HD ..249.95 SEAGATE 2.5" 120MB IDE HD 369.00 SEAGATE 2.5" 200MB IDE HD 599.00 A600 PLASTIC DUST COVER 6.95 A1200 PLASTIC DUST COVER ..6.95 A1200 INSIDERS GUIDE BOOK .24.95 Check out the prices in this ad, then in the unlikely event that you find a lower price anywhere else in this magazine, we'll beat it!** c
* *See our policies on the last page of this catalog reative COMPUTERS Creative Computers MADNESS Sfltf! COMPUTERS your one-stop shop for the most 3008 5mbRAM 25Mhz 68030 105mb SCSI Hard Drive deals on Amiga computers, hardware and software! VideO' WoHcstation $ 1599 ¦ - .... ¦I 5060 Order Hotline
U. S. Orders only 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Mon Friday 7-6 PST Sal 8-6 PST Order Status Customer Service Mon Sat 8-6 PST FAX 310-222-5800 Next Day Service Available! 3798 Features A3D00 A3000 Tower A3000 with 040 Accel. A4000 - 030 A4000 - 040 Processor 68030 68030 68040 68EC030 68040 Memory Capacity Up to 18mb w o card lip to 18mb w o card Up to 18mb w o card Up to 18mb w o card Up to 18mb w o card Math Coprocessor 68882 68882 Yes No Yes Memory Management Yes Yes Yes No Yes Standard' Memory 5mb RAM 5mb RAM 5mbRAM 4mb RAM 6mb RAM Standard Hard Drive 105mb SCSI 200mb SCSI 105mb SCSI 1 20mb IDE 1 20mb IDE Drive Bays three 3.5" two 3.5" four 5.25" three 3.5" two 3.5" one 5.25" two 3.5" one 5.25" "Flicker Fixer Hardware" Built-in Built-in Built-in Emulates flicker fixer Emulates flicker fixer Price $ 1 199 $ 1498 $ 1749 $ 21499 Amiga 3000 030 Ibwer
• 5mb RAM
• 25Mhz 68030 Processor
• 200mb SCSI Hard Drive
• 6 drive bays for expansion INCLUDES
• Amiga A3000, 5mb RAM
• 25Mhz 68030 Processor
• 105 mb SCSI Hard Drive
• OpalVision 24-Bit Video and Graphics system version 2.0 $ 1199 R E V i E S From >. 22. DSS8+ Digital Sound Studio Great Valley Products, $ 99 S59 trade-in for any audio sampler All Amiga models. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB RAM, a sound source with line-level outputs and RCA connectors or a microphone. Recommended system: Hard drive, 2MB RAM, MIDI interface, amplified speakers or outboard audio system with AUX input. Installation: Easy. Major upgrade to eight-bit sound sampling hardware software combo. A few “gotchas” in the design of Great Valley Products’ DSS8 kept the product back in the pack of eight-bit audio digitizers for the Amiga. With DSS8+, the latest hardware and software upgrade, GYP sounds off with a vengeance and pulls out to join the front-runners. Major hardware improvements and some nice touch-ups to its already versatile software make DSS8+ one of the best choices among eight-bit stereo Amiga samplers. Sound Potential Two primary problems dogged the DSS8. Like other Amiga samplers, including the 1)SS8+, the DSS8 attaches to the parallel port on the back panel of the Amiga. Since the knobs to adjust input gain were located on the older DSS8 hardware, you had to get to the back of your computer to tweak input levels, an inconvenient chore in your typically inaccessible computer setup. The solutions to the problem, such as an extender cable or a parallel-port switching box, threatened to add additional noise to your sampling process. But the input potentiometers also increased the threat of noise. Some users have reported DSS8 noise problems that they attributed to those volume controls on the circuit board. That design decision is, of course, common to many Amiga digitizers, including SunRize Industries' Perfect Sound and Aegis’ Sound Master. Even so, the purists, ever on the alert for the most insignificant hiss and crackle, detected less than pristine results in some situations. The DSS8+ decisively addresses both problems by doing away with them. Encased in clear plastic that exposes the hi- tech glamour "guts1' of the DSS8+, the unit has no adjustment controls of any sort, just the parallel-port connector on one end and stereo RCA jacks and a microphone input on the other. Once you’ve attached your DSS8+, you'll never have to touch it again, because all additional adjustments are accomplished with the DSS software. (Unless, of course, you have another parallel-port device, in which case you'll need to resolve the problem that the DSS8+ has no pass-through. To avoid noise, GYP suggests using its ioExtender for the A2OOO 3O0O 4OOO rather than a switch box.) Slick S amples To adjust the input gain, you move software sliders in the DSS sampling software, viewing an on-screen oscilloscope to determine when your samples are going into clipping. GVP has added an Auto-Gain feature that makes the sob- ware check out a few seconds of input and then automatically set gain. However, when sampling from a source with a wide dynamic range, I found that Auto- Gain invariably set levels too high. T he DSS8+ has a programmable low- pass filter that attenuates high-frequency sounds during recording. By line-tuning the filter’s cutoff Frequency (from 1 to 25 Khz), you can avoid the aliasing distortion that occurs when incoming sound surpasses the frequency response of your sampling rate, while still maintaining the best possible sound quality. The source of the input is also selectable in software: left or right channel, stereo, or microphone input. When sampling in stereo, the DSS8+ hardware completes channel selection ahead of the Amiga, thereby leaving a little extra processor time free for other things. Big Sound, Little Money The DSS8+ specs and features are otherwise similar lo its predecessor: mono sampling up to 51 Khz, stereo sampling to 42 Khz; full cut copy paste editing of samples, as well as setting loop points (though the software still doesn’t help you find zero points); real-time oscilloscope and spectrum analysis display screens; support for IFF, SONIX, and RAW file formats; AREXX support; and the Tracker song-sequencing module, which lets you use MIDI input to create compositions with your digital samples. The DSS8+ is a terrific little package. The sound quality is sharp and dean, and the software is versatile and easy to use. 1 still may find myself sneaking over to Audiomaster III for a few editing touch-ups, but this is, on the whole, one of the best-quality and best-buy choices in Amiga sampling. Bob Lindstrom Professional Page 4.0 Gold Disk, $ 295 All Amiga models. Not copy protected. Workbench 1.3 and higher compatible. Accelerator compatible. Hard drive required. Minimum system: 2MB RAM, hard drive, genie functions require Arexx v. 1.15 or higher. Recommended system: 4 +MB RAM, hard drive, AGA, 68020 or higher, AGA upgrade of popular DTP program. With the introduction of the Amiga 1200 and 4000, software developers have burnt the midnight oil rushing to get AGA versions of our favorite programs to market. Programmable screen modes and 256 colors on the Workbench are great reasons to update and overhaul even the best programs. It seems only yesterday that version 3.0 of Professional Page was introduced, making a strong program a mighty one. With version 4.0 (officially designated 4.0a), Gold Disk lias brought AGA support along with a few minor but necessary enhancements to the premier Amiga desktop-publishing program. A Few New Genies ProPage previously ofierred genies, better known as Arexx macros, to take care of some tedious, repetitive layouts. 4.0 includes a few new genies in addition to those bundled with 3.0. The manual's addendum, however, explains the possibilities of editing genies, so you are not limited to the six supplied with ProPage. 64 July 1993 Hot-linking to Professional Draw allows you to edit structured drawings without leaving ProPage, and 4.0 also hot-links to its Article Editor and a new Graphics Editor for bitmaps. 'Hie Article Editor is a text editor whose sole mission is to easily move text from any source to ProPage; it does so without a hitch. On the other hand, the Graphics Editor is somewhat limited by a lack of features. For example, ProPage imports six different bitmaps, but the Graphics Editor accepts only IFF files, so changes to images in any non-IFF format must he converted by using a graphic utility such as ASDG’s Art Department Professional. Gold Disk knows this, as one of the function genies is called ADProI lolLink. Boxed In Professional Page 4.0 does have its idiosyncrasies. For instance, if you have text in a box, making the box smaller might lose some text. Another example is drawing a single line. Instead of two endpoints, the line is locked up in a box so dial you cannot stretch or shrink it; rather, you Continued on p. 68, AGA compatibility comes to ProPage with the release of version 4,0. Thanks to the half-dozen on call, I put together the Daily Planet newsletter in roughly ten minutes, using the supplied tutorial text file and graphics. Spiral-bound documentation covering virtually every aspect of ProPage makes an attractive package, but it would be nice if it covered 4.0, not just 2.0. Gold Disk simply lifted the docs from 2.0 and added an 88-page unindexed supplement to address version 4.0a. In creating 4.0, Gold Disk added only a few features to those existing in 3.0. Like other AGA programs, ProPage 4.0 automatically opens a 256-color window instead of the default 16-color version. Text-import filters haven't changed from
3. 0, but graphic filters now abound. There’s support for TIFF, PCX, EPS, GIF, and BMP, as well as Adobe Illustrator and Aldus Freehand EPS files. You can now accomplish cross-platform projects with relative ease, since there’s nary a format ProPage can’t handle. New Features, Nice Touches A nice touch added to die tool bar is a notepad that lets you type a note to yourself and affix it anywhere on the page. It does not show up when you are printing, but appeal's each time you flip to that page. I find this feature especially handy when making changes to an ad. I just place it on the screen and it’s there to refer to when fm working on the project. When you have to supply the labels for a mailing list or disk-labeling project, ProPage 4.0’s page genies make life easy. In invoking the page genie for, say, Avery Labels, a reference list appears with labels for North American and European versions, in both laser and dot-matrix formats. Numbers are a help in ordering the correct size of label. Fountain fills in Professional Draw clips now show up both on screen and in print, which was apparently not the case in previous versions. ProPage 4.0 continues to support all of Gold Disk's “Professional” programs. Experts agree that Version 6 of the SAS C Development System is the most complete C development system for the Amiga®. Many Amiga users have already caught the wave. You can too! If you are currently using another commercial C compiler, call now for details on our special trade-in offer! For more information and to order, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, extension 7001. SAS and SAS C arc registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. SAS Institute Inc. SAS Campus Drive Cary, NC 27513 Circle 40 on Reader Service card Amiga World 65 Since 1982 .omputAbility Consumer Electronics 800-554-9980 CONTROLLERS IVS SCSI Internal: Trumpcard Pro 2000 ..... .$ 142 i Grandslam 2000 OK Exp-8MB. .$ 229 SCSI External: Trumpcard Pro 500 ...... . S225 Grandslam 500 OK Exp-8MB .... . S287 IDE External: Trumpcard 500 AT OK Exp-BMB .... $ 172 GVP HC8 Series II OK Exp-BMB for 2000. SCSI Internal ... S165 ICD AD IDE 40 Kit for A500. IDE External Si 19 : AD IDE 40 Kit with AD speed for A500, IDE. Internal . .S299 ICD Trilecta EC 2000 8 0 IDE ... $ 155 ICD Trilecta LX 2000 8 0 SCSI IDE .. $ 175 Expansion Systems Data Flyer 2000 SCSI Internal . ...$ 77 Data Flyer 500, SCSI External ... S133 Data Flyer 2000, IDE Internal ... ... $ 73 Data Flyer 500, IDE External ..... $ 127 MIRACLE p I i « n Tiir»i«G tiiTEM PRINTERS HARD DRIVES FREE DELIVERY on all Hardware! EPSON Aclion Printer 3250 ......S175 Action Laser 1000 512K ...S619 Act. Laser 1500 1MB 2MB .Call S779 Stylus 800 InkJet ...... CALL LX 810 .S169 LO 570+ 870 ...S239 S435 10 1070 1170 .S345 S589 EPL 8000 ...S859 Panasonic KX-P 2123 with Color Kit..... S229 S279 KX-P 2124 with Color Kit......S299 S349 KX-P 2624 ...$ 359 NX 1001 Multifont .$ 135 NX 1040 Rainbow NEW .....$ 159 NX 2420 Rainbow ...$ 269 NX 2430 Black .S215 IS - Laser Printer (toner cartridge extra) 5 5EX 5TT S615 S749 S979 NEC Silentwriler M95, 6ppm Postscript? 1,249 Primera C O LOR r K I S' 7 I R Color, high resolution thermal transfer printing, great for presentations S739 Quantum 2 year warranty! ELS42 IDE SCSI ...S139 S165 ELS85 IDE SCSI ...S185 S189 ELS 127 IDE SCSI ...$ 239 5255 ELS 170 IDE SCSI $ 259 5289 IPS 240 IDE SCSI $ 325 5345 IPS 525 IDE SCSI FREE DEL .. S925 S999 We carry the complete GVP line. CALL US - our prices are too low to advertise! GVP SPECIALS! &? Seagate 1 year warranty! IV24 2.0 only S1,199 includes:Caligari 24. MaeroPaint 2.0, Desktop Darkroom and MyLAD, the all in one time tested video adpator for the Amiga; GVP's IV24! PhonePak only $ 299 Turn your A2000, 3000 or 4000 into a telecommunications powerhouse! Experience the versitality of PhonePak's integrated voice-mail, fax and answering machine capabilities! A530-Turbo S499 Includes: 40MHz, 1MB 32-bit RAM. 40MB Quantum HDD, and PSU ST-251-1 MFM 42 8MB 28MS S239 ST-351A IDE 42MB 28MS $ 135 ST-3120A IDE
106. 9MB 16MS S179 ST-3144A IDE 130 7MB 19MS $ 199 ST-3243A IDE 214MB 16MS $ 275 ST-3283A IDE 245MB 12MS S315 ST-3283N SCSI 245MB 12MS $ 339 ST-3550A IDE FREE DELIVERY $ 565 ST-3550A SCSI FREE DELIVERY S889 ST-3600A IDE FREE DELIVERY $ 899 ST-9144A IDE 2.5 120MB $ 315 ST-9096A IDE 30MB S225 M or 1 year warranty! IDE 7120 7170 .... .5199 $ 239 IDE 7213 7245 .. $ 269 $ 27 S IDE 7345 ..... ....$ 379 SCSI 7120 7213 . .5215 S299 SCSI 540SL-FREE DELIVERY . S909 SCSI 1240S-FREE DELIVERY $ 1,559 25128 IDE, 120MB. 2 1 2'...... ......S329 T ht> Storage Answer ALSO AVAILABLE; A530-40 0 1 800 ......$ 649 A530-40 0 1 120 ......$ 699 Image FX .$ 199 G-Lock .....$ 399 A1230-40 40 4MB ....$ 599 Call for other accelerators EPSON SCA P30174E CP30204 IDE $ 249*309 CP30254 IDE ...$ 329 CP30170E SCSI ...S249 CP30200 SCSI 5325 State-of-the-art electronic keyboard, Amiga software and artificial intelligence music technology work together to create the perfect teaching program! Includes Get Song Library I & 2 AMIGA 500 H L UPGRADE KIT J MASTER 3A-1Disk Drive with Golden Image Ram 500 with Clock Calendar Coupled with an ASDG AD Pro Driver, Epson offers the besl flatbed scanning combination available for Amiga!
• VIDEO TOASTER for A200 & A400
* PERSONAL VSCOPE EFS600C parallel SCSI EPS 800C ... S779 S819 $ 1,075 $ 295 $ 99 LOWEST PRICE EVER! PRODUCTIVITY I 3D Objects Vol II lor Imagine..... 37 95 Alabin 4D ...249 95 Ami Back 2 0 .... 44 95 Ami Back Plus Tools ... 67 95 Ami Back Tools ......*.....
42. 95 AMOS ... 54 95 AMOS 30 39 95 AMOS Commler .... 29 95 AMOS EZ ... 34 95 AMOS PRO ... 77 95 Animation Workshop ....
51. 95 Arexx ... 27 95 Are*x Cookbook ....
32. 95 Art Department Pro 2.1 ...147.95 Art Department Pro Conversion Ki! 47.95 ASDG Art Department Pro 2.1 147.95 ASDG Art Department Pro Conv. Pk 57 95 ASIM CDR File System ..48 95 Alatklll ...39 95 AudioMaster 4 .54.95 Audio Gallery Spanish ..49.95 Audio Gallery German .. 49 95 BAD 4.0 .29 95 Bars & Pipes Pro 2.0 ...217.95 Internal Sound Kit .36.95 Baud Bandit ...28 95 Blitz Basic 2 51 95 Caligari 24 (Reg. 2 MB) ...244.95 Can Do 2.0 .. 114 95 CNET 2.0 .....72.95 Comic An Disks each ....22 95 Comic Setter 41.95 Cross DOS 5.0 version ..33 95 Cross 00S 5.0 PLUS .....32.95 Cycleman .....34 95 Deluxe Music II 77 95 Deluxe Paint 4 1 while supplies last 104 95 Deluxe Paint AGA ..114 95 Directory Opus 4 0 .56 95 Disk Master II ..34 95 Disney Animation Studio ...... 42.95 Distant Suns Version 4,1 ...52 95 Dos 2 Dos ....30.95 DynaCad 2.0 w Caligari 649 95 Excellence 3.0 ..51.95 Exolic Cars Volume 1 & 2 Imagine . 29 95 Exotic Cars Volume 1 & 2 Lightwave 29 95 Fairbrolher s Audio Gallery: .... Chm Jap.Russ.Korean each 54 95 French. Spanish. German each 49 95 Final Copy II .. 79 95 Font Pack 1 lor Broadcast Titler 99 95 High Speed Pascal ... 92 95 Home Oflice Advantage .124 95 Image Master V 2 0 .... 127.95 Imagine 2 0 ......239 95 Imagine 2.0 .. 174 95 Imagine 3D Objects Vol II 37 95 Imagine Exotic Cars Vol 1 or 2 29 95 Imagine Humanoid ......134.95 Imagine Master Pakt ..127.95 Imagine Morphus . 64.95 IntroCAD Plus ..41.95 Lightwave Broadcast 3D Fonts .....67 95 Lightwave Broadcast TiHer 2 0 ..... 189 95 Lightwave Extotic Cars Vol 1 or 2 ... 29.95 Lightwave Font Pak 1-3 each .187.95 Lightwave Master Pak 1-3 each 74.95 Lightwave Masterpiece 3D Fonts 54 95 LightWave Motion Man ... 104 94 Lightwave ProPak 229.95 Masterpiece 3D Fonts lor Lightwave 54 95 Masterpiece Toaster Fonts ...... ..54.95 Maverick .24.95 Morph Plus ...... 144 95 Morphis - Imagine . . 64 95 Motion Man tor Lightwave
104. 95 Page Setter 3 .... 55 95 Parm Stream V 2 2 159 95 PCMIA Memory 2MB>'4MB 145.95 239 95 Pelican Press ... .53 95 Phasar . ..49 95 Pixel 30 Pro ..... 11795 Piaymahon 294 95 Pm Fills Volume 1 or 2 .. 29 95 Pm Page 4.0 ... 144 95 Pro Page 4 Pm Draw 4 0 bundle
234. 95 Pro Video CG II .... 99 95 Pro Video Fonts ......Cali Pro Video Post .....
139. 95 Pm Write 3.3 .....
52. 95 Pm Write Fonts 1 or II ..22 95 Professional Draw 3.0 ..... 109 95 Professional Page 3.0
144. 95 Proper Grammar II ......
48. 95 Quarterback 5.0 .. 41 95 Quarterback Toofs .... .46.95 Real 3D Classic . .84.95 Real 3D Professional .. 264 95 SAS C Development System 6 0...
239. 95 Saxon Script Pro 72 95 Scape Maker . 42 95 Scapemaker .... 4195 Scenery Animator ...... .52 95 ScreenMaker 2 2 ..... .52 95 Soft Clips Vol 1.2. 3 or 4 ...... ...39 95 Soft Faces Vol 1-4 each .. .54 95 Song Collection lor Miracle 38 95 Study Ware SAT or ACT 29 95 Super JAM1 . 77 95 Superbase Pers It ... 59 95 Superbase Pro IV ..... 167 95 Taming the Wave .. 81 95 Tax Break .. 52 95 Tiaer Cub ...... ...54.95 ToasterVision . 119 95 Transporter Animation Controller Software . 129 95 TruePrint 24 ...... ....52.95 TV Show V20 .. ...54 95 Type: Decorative. Designer Publisher.Videographer. each ...35 95 Type Smith . 114 95 Video Music Box.. . 65 95 Videa Tiller V. 1.5 ...... ...89 95 Virtual Reality Studio ... ...52.95 Visionary .....57.95 Vista Professional ..... ...54.95 Vista Professional V.3.0 .....57 95 Your Family Tree .. 44 95
• RECREATION • Abondoned Places . .....24.95 AT rain ... ......39.95 A Train Cons Set ......21.95 Air Support .... ......29.95 Ball Game .... ......24.95 Bane Cosmic Forge 1Meg..... ......34.95 Bard s Tale Construction ..... ......29.95 Battle Toads ......24 95 Birds of Prey ...* .31.95 Black Crypt .31.95 Caesar .. 34.95 Campaign .. 34.95 Carmen San Diego Each 30.95 Carmen San Diego - America 36.95 Castles .. 34.95 Campaign Disk ......19.96 Castles tl 34.95 Chaos- Dungeon Master 2 . 24.95 Civilization ......39.95 Combat Air Patrol .....29.95 Conflict: Korea ...37.95 Contraption Zach ......24.95 Creepers , .... 29.95 Crime Does Nol Pay .30.95 Crusaders of the Dark Savant 39.95 Curse of Enchanta ....28.95 Curse of the Azure Bonds ....15.95 Cyber Empires ...31.95 Cylron . 29.95 Daemonsgate ....34.95 Dark Queen of Krynn 31.95 Dark Seed ...39.95 Death Knights ol Krynn 31.95 Deluxe Music I! .77.95 Demcniak ... 30.95 Desert Slrike .....31.95 Digital Dungeon 45.95 Discovery Columbus 34.95 Dragon's Lair 3 .34.95 Dune 34.95 Dungeon Master & Chaos
(DMII) bundle .24.95 We've Lowered Our Prices Again! Supra Corporation
• • • • •
• NEW PRODUCT! • I SupraTurbo 28!
• Accelerator • ! A500 A2000 !
• $ 145 $ 145 •
• • MODEMS SupraModem 2400 ...S59 Supra FaxModem 2400 Plus .$ 149 SupraFaxModem V.32 bis, (specifically designed for the Amiga with SupraFaxModem Software) $ 289 PCMCIA Memory for the Amiga 1200 2MB 4MB $ 145 $ 239 MEMORY
• m • SupraRAM 500RX 1MB 2 MB 8 MB S125 S175 $ 409 SupraRAM 200D 2 MB 4 MB ..S165 $ 219 6 MB 8 MB ..$ 279 $ 345 SupraRAM 500 1 2 MB with Clock ......$ 39 OTHER PowerPC Board Run ms DOS Software on your A50O ....S249 SYQUEST New 555 44MB $ 269 Drives sn oc 88mb $ 389 Digital Video DM! Digital Editmaster FREE DEL. 2249 DMI Vivid 24 ..2749 Spectronics Visiona Board. FREE DEL,, call for speciticationsCALL Genlock Chroma Key + ....329 Rocgen Plus .....309 Supergen .....519 Supergen 2000S FREE DELIVERY . 1199 Glock ....389 Single Frame Controller BCD 2Q00A .649 Personal SEC 2.0 .339 DPS 230 ......Call IDEN TB Card TR-7 Remote ...849 129 Kitchen Sync .Call Kitchen Sync Genlock Options 159 Personal Series Remote Control 239 S-VHS Option Kit lor Kitchen Sync....89 TBC III .Call Other AD Speed (all Amiga Computers) ....164 Advance Gravis Amiga Game Pad 21 Air Drive In! 3 5"-A30Q0 500 2000....85 AMAXX II PLUS ...325 Amiga RF Modulator . 29 Amiga 1680 Modem .29 Big Fool Power Supply 85 Color Splitter ....103 Data Flyer RAM Card OK ....85 DCTV Free Delivery ....289 Digiview Media Station ..145 Digital Sound Studio ....75 ECE Midi Interlace .48 Flicker Fixer 229 Flicker Free Video II ...225 MBX 1200 W 14MHZ 881 .149 MBX 1200 W 25MHZ 882 .219 Mega Chip 2000 w Super Agnus ...... 195 MIDI Gold Insider A2000 ...59 Mini Gen ......179 Miracle Keyboard 319 Mullistart II .35 Opal Vision FREE DELIVERY! 949 Personal VDA 1000 (IBM or Amiga slot, please specilfy) .. 129 Perfect SounO ..65
R. G.B. Converter DCTV ..185 Roctec Interna! 500 Drive ..75 Rommatic ......22 Sunrise AD 1012 479 Sunlrise AD 516 FREE DELIV .1.229 Toaster Oven ....429 Triple Play Plus ... -.159 Video Director .134 Zeus ACCL 28MZ A2000 ..559 Software See productivity software list below. We are a Commodore authorized dealer! GoldenIMAGE C= Commodore® AMIGA Amiga 1200 & 4000! J&W' DELUXE P HAM) SCANNEI with Migraph TouchUp Software and now with Migraph OCR NEW LOW HAND SCANNER price with Migraph TouchUp Software $ 99 Power Pen, pen shaped mouse....S45 Migrapah Touch-Up Software ....$ 152 Replacement Mouse ...S28 Optical Mouse .....S45 1 2MB RAM Expansion for A500 with Color Calander .S33 Master 3A-1,
3. 5 Floppy External Disk Drive for the 500 1000 2000 ......$ 75 Elf ..... ......31.95 Might & Magic III 34 95 Elvira II - Jaws of Cerberus.. ......24.95 Nigel Mansells ...36.95 Essence ......39 95 No Greater Glory ... . 19 95 Eyeot Hie Beholder 1 or II .... .....37 95 Obitus .. 34 95 F-15 Strike Eaole II . ......34.95 Oh Nor More Lemmings 29 95 Fables & Fiends: Leg. Ol Kyrandia34.95 Oh No! More Lemm. Add-on ., ...21.95 Falcon .. ......29.95 Out of this World .. . 46 95 Fantastic Voyage ......27.95 PGA Tour Golf 31 95 Fighter Dual Pro . ......34.95 Golf Tournament Course disk. ..17.95 Fire Force .... ......24.95 Paladin II ... ..34.95 Gateway to the Savage Frontier.. 31 95 Paper Boy 2 ...... .25.95 Gods ......24.95 Perfecl General 34 95 Hardball II .. ......29 95 WWIJ Scenario Disk 19 95 Harpoon ......37.95 Pinball Dreams 24 95 Battle$ eU4 ...... ......25.95 Pinball Fantasv 24 95 Harpoon Signature Edition .... ......47.95 Piracy ..24.95 Harrier Assu It ...... ......34.95 Pools of Darkness ... ..37.95 Heimdall ......24.95 Pools of Radience 15 95 Hockey League Simulator..... ......24.95 Populous . ..31 95 Indy Jones 4: Fate of Atlantis .....34.95 Populous II,..., ..37.95 Jack Nickfaus Unlimited . .....34 95 The Challenge scenario disk.. ..20.95 Leander .. .....29 95 Power mono er It 95 Legend of Kyrandia .. .....34 95 Data Disk ..... . , J 1 .uJ .20.95 Lemmings 1 or 2 28 95 34.95 Prince of Persia 24 95 Light Quest ... .....31 95 Ultima VI Part 2 .. . . L. kJ ..37.95 Links . .....29 95 Ultima VI ...... ..42.95 Firestone .. .....17.95 Realms ... 19 95 Lords of Time ..... .....29.95 Road Rash 31 95 Lost Treasures of Infocom .....39.95 Rooosport ... . 34 95 Madden Foclbal .. .....31 95 Secret of Monkey Island I or II.. .34 95 Mega Fortress ..... .....37,95 Shadowlancs. 29 95 Mission Disk 1 or 2 .... .....25.95 Shadow of the Beasl III 34 95 Mercenaries ...
37. 95 Sharif on Bridge . 29.95 Shuttle
29. 95 Silent Service II ....19.95 omputAbility Consumer Electronics
P. O. Box 17882, Milw, Wl 53217 Sim Ant ..34.95 Sim City .29.95 Sim Earth 29.95 Solitaires Journey ....34 95 Sorcerian ,..36 95 Space Hulk .31 95 Speedball II 34.95 Star Control II ..34.95 Star Trek 251 h Anniversary 34.95 800-554-9980 Strip Poker 3 ......29.95 Data Disk 1-5 each ...17.95 Super DJ II .29.95 Tafes o! Magic: Prophecy Shadow37.95 Team Yankee .....34.95 Thunderhawk ....29.95 Thunderstrike ......29.95 Tom Landry Football ...29.95 Tracon II .....39.95 Treasure of the Savage Frontier. 31.95 Ultima IV or V ....37.95 Utopia ..29.95 Wayne Gretzky II ......34.95 Where in the . Carmen each 29.95 Wizardry - Dark Savant 34.95 Wizardry - Bane. ...34.95 World Circuit .....34.95 Zool ..... 36.95 If you don't find what you're looking for - CALL US! Ivkt, (luaiLUehc>i>ndourcomrol& imiycUnpclor hcneritsmwv Ddn.tnrrcium, niu>l futca Hctum AwN*i cniMn r. Call wir I aSMWioohain 3RflumAu1hc1rir.it ton (stUKiireiuniuiltnoi be acccptttL Shipping & handling are non refundable All 'jlc arc final. All return, .me ujhjeci lo o rcsSixiing lei.
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* Corporate, Government & School Pos Welcome. SS> Nr) Surcharge on Credit Cards. Most Orders Shipped vsithin 48 Hours. Software Shipping only $ 5 per order, not per title. Hardware: 5% - Min. $ 5.
C. O.D orders welcome, with only a $ 5.00 Charge. We Ship Latest Version TECH INFO:
(414) 357-8181 FAX: Since 1982
(414) 357-7814 HRS (CST): M-F 8am-8pm, Sat11am-5pm of Software Available. 1 All Products Sold Carry Manufacturers' Full Warranties & Documentation. APO, FPO HI, AK Puerto Rico & Canadian orders welcome: 6% - Min. $ 6. International Orders Shipped First Class Mail Iasured: 15%• Min. $ 15. If mail cost exceeds calculated amount, you’ll be billed additional. Call for Free Catalog & Items Not l isted r i; v i e w s From j). 65. Move ihe boundaries of the box. When working with lines, you ensure that corners are joined by using magnification* The custom setting in Pro Page has, however, a maximum zoom of 4009c, which is only marginally acceptable for seeing junctions of fine lines. I also don’t like the fact that the text cursor jumps to the upper-left corner of an empty box no matter where you click inside the box, the default left-justify. Another glitch is that you cannot effectively use the text cursor to move the page- position gadget around, for it jumps a few lines away from where you are trying to f * Cl position it. Finally, ProPage 4.0 is a big program that places big demands on both the CPU and the video chip set. 'S ou will speed up your work by upgrading to a 68030 accelerator for earlier Amigas. A Costly Few Enhancements While ProPage 4.0’s attributes are considerable. Registered owners of 3.0 must pay an additional $ 75 to upgrade to 4.0. (Note: Registered owners of 3.0 can, however, upgrade to 3.1 free by contacting Gold Disk.) The idea behind desktop-publishing software is to make creating beautifully detailed documents as easy as writing down the idea. To this end, Professional Page 4.0 does not disappoint and is worth its price to anyone who does not currently own ProPage. The question remains whether it is worth buying 4.0 as an upgrade for S75. To anyone with an A1200 or A4000, the answer is a resounding yes. Even if von don’t have an O * AGA machine, 4.0 and Gold Disk’s new Professional Draw together constitute a combination capable of letting the genius in you explode onto the page. And that’s what DTP is all about. Micheal Savoie Retina MacroSystems US, 2MB version: S599; 4MB version: $ 699 Amiga 2000 3000 4000. Workbench 2.0 or greater; 3MB of RAM* 2000 owners should have an accelerator, though it’s not required. Installation: Easy. 24«bit display card. Long before Commodore fed the Amiga 4000 to the resolution- and color- hungry masses, third-party developers were scrambling to fill the void w ith numerous 24-bit display cards. The Amiga was slowly being upstaged by Super VGA, as well as Targa and Macintosh 24- ij hit hoards. Because of the demand for more color and higher resolutions, a host of products have inundated the field of Amiga graphics* Low-Budget, High-End Graphics MacroSystems now appears on the scene with the Retina 24-bit display card. Because it offers true 24-bit color (unlike such peripherals as DCTV) and a low price, it has caused quite a stir in graphics circles. The real coup d’etat is that the board emulates Workbench in 24-bit, high-rcsolution mode. Switching between two monitors (one for 24-bit displays and a second for Amiga resolution) is no longer required. The Retina is a Zorro 11 Autoccmfig device. It installs into any vacant 100-pin Amiga slot and is ostensibly compatible with both the Video Toaster and Opal- Vision (according to MacroSystems). Two configurations are currently available, with either two or four megabytes of Fast Page DRAM. The 2MB version oilers full-overscan 24-hit display, while you’ll need the 4MB hoard to accomplish double-buffering animation. You’ll also need a VGA or 1950 4960 Commodore monitor, Apparently, MacroSystems is working on a 24-hit RGB adapter for owners of the Commodore 1084 monitor, hut details are sketchv. J System Support Two important programs bundled with the board are the RetinaScreenMode and RetinaEMU. The first one tells Retina what type of monitor you are using ancl sets up the default display modes (256 colors, 65,536 colors, or
16. 6 million colors). A list of the most common VGA and Commodore monitors is available. Don’t worry if your monitor is not listed; consult your monitor manual and enter the vertical and horizontal frequencies. The maximum resolutions available are 800x600 with 16.7 million colors, 1024x768 using 65,000 colors, and 1280 x 1024 in 256 colors. Using just 16 colors, screen resolutions of up to 2400x1200 are possible. The second program makes possible an intriguing option the Retina’s Workbench emulation. RetinaEmu is the crux around which the Retina’s operation revolves. The package uses its own graphics chips ancl library routines to effectively take over the Amiga system. J o Then, as you launch a Workbench application, Retina gives the application the resolution it asks for or you can specify your own preferred screen resolutions. You cannot, however, just plug in the Retina and a VGA monitor and lapse into 24-bit bliss. Before you can launch an application in high-resolution or 24-bit mode, Retina must “learn” about the program beforehand, and this is where RetinaEmu conies in. When you first start a program, it appears normally on your Amiga monitor. But once you leave the program, you’ll find that Retina has recorded the program’s screen name. By toggling from Amiga to Retina output on the RetinaEmu screen, vou redirect the output to the VGA monitor the next time the program is launched. You’ll only have to do this once for each program on your hard disk. After that, the Retina automatically displays the program on the VGA monitor. You boot up in Retina mode by modifying your startup-sequence or by dragging the Retina icon into the WB- startup drawer. Because the Retina is equipped with graphics chips, Workbench performance is accelerated dramatically, even in high resolution. Users ofunaccelerated Amigas may feel as if they’ve gotten a boost with Workbench running on the Retina, Likewise, you can effectively kiss interlace llicker goodbye. The Retina hoard, running on a VGA monitor, virtually eliminates all flicker, even in high resolution. Flicker is a real headache, as anyone who has ever used Imagine’s Detail editor in interlace mode can attest. With the Retina, you can pull up a great-looking 800x600 Imagine display that won’t give your eyes the jitters. Good News Travels Fast The Retina’s most amazing aspect is one that’s most uncommon among devices of this genre: It works as advertised. Creating a fast, good-looking, 1280x1024 noninterlaced Workbench screen for under $ 600 is no small feat. Retina should definitely be a boon not only to artists and 3-D animators, but to desktop publishers as well. One unique and interesting aspect of the card is its ability to layer screens of dliferent resolutions. Normally, for example, you’d have to exit a 24-bii screen in order to pull up an eight-hit screen. With Retina, you can use hot keys to cycle through any number of screens with different resolutions and color depth. In other words, you could have a 24-bit im- ? 68 July 1993 MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRICE DIRECT HOTLINE TO PUT YOU IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 Order Toll Free - l'800-477'7706 M4NTf Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call For current price quotes &* latest releases! Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! Cz Commodore* AMIGA AMIGA 1200 LOWEST EVER Become a part of the next generation of Amiga technology! And with MANTA's special pricing, the 1200 has never been more affordable! A1200 - $ 499.00* A1200 HD80 - $ 775*°* AGA GAMES IN STOCK • A1200'S ARE IN STOCK A4000 LOWEST PRICING AVAILABLE
* Price when purchased with a I960 Monitor at $ 529. !|!lppftj£ J -OWEST PRICES J ¦¦ Slir GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS Miscellaneous Digital Sound Studio ...S55 Impact Vision 2.0 ...$ 1 199 Ci-Lotk $ 399 Hard Drives A2000 HC8 ..$ 159 M UV L.l» ... PC-286 .....$ 59 Phone Pak VFX ..$ 299 A2000 HC8+- 120 ....$ 379 A1200 SCSI ...$ 299 A500 HD8+ 40 .$ 315 A500 J1D8+ 80 .$ 379 A500 HD8+- I20 ......$ 420 A500 HD8+ 2I3 ......$ 529 A530 SO .....$ 555 Accelerators Ct Force Combo 25 1 -------$ 499 G Force C.ombo 40 4......$ 685 G Force Combo 50 4 ......$ 965 G Force 2000 040 33 ...$ 995 A1230 40 .....$ 599 A530 120 ...$ 595 A530 2I3 ...$ 699 IVE CARRY j ALL GVP PRODUCTS ..,.$ 159 ....$ 199 Optical Fen Mouse 59' Call for the Complete Line of Quality Alpha Data Products! Productivity Utilities Graphics & Video 'nP™ ORDER TOLL FREE
(908) 542-1251 , FAX: (908) 542-3654 1 -800*47 7-7706 Retail location open Monday - Saturday * Walk in Traffic Welcome • Phone orders taken 7 days a week CUSTOMER SERVICE & TECH SUPPORT CALL • 1-908-542-8767
• Terms VISA;MASTERCARD. Discover, certified checKs and money orders welcome- School Sc Corporate Purchase accepted. Most items shipped 1-2 Business days. • Returns: all items returned must have RMA i before reluming. Defective products exchanged for same item only. Hardware Items will be replaced or repaired. All returned Items subject to a restocking fee, Shipping non-rclundablc. Call for complete details. • Ad prices subject to change without notice. Prices may differ In retail location - Software Concepts. Ealontown. Riot responsible for typographical errors. Customer Service and product Information call (906) 542-8707. ' ¦llt-iil any price’ guaranty may not apply to certain Items. 115 Route 35 Fa ton town, RJ 07724 Supra Corp Supra Ram 500 RX 1 MB .119* 2 MB .179* Accelerator Turbo 28 .Call Modems 2400 BD External,Cable..73* 2400 PLUS Cable I 19- Fax Modem V32 bis ..Call Monitors Commodore 10845 ...Call Commodore I960 Call Leading Edge ......Call ft EC 3FOX Call Memory Chips A4000 RAM ..Call 1x8 Simms .Call 256x4 Dram Call DOS 2.0 ..Call Super Denise ......Call I x I 80ns ...Call GVF Simm 32 Call 3000 1x4 ZIPS .....Call 1x4 Page zips .....Call AmltJack 2.0 ...47’1' Ami Back Tools 42w Ami Back Tools* Call Arexx Cookbook....34“ Can Do 2.0 ...115m Cross D05 5 ...34“ Directory Opus 4.0..53* Diskmastcr II 37"" Final Copy II 89 ° Motlinks i 85°" Image Master I 19“ Quarterback 5.0 ....34" AladcJin 4D 239“ Art Dept 2.1 ..149 - Art Expressions Call Brilliance Call Broadcast TiUer II ..214"' Caligari 24 ....229* Color Splitter 104** Cinemorpk ¦•••• 99"' Deluxe Paint IV 99n Deluxe Paint AGA...Call Disney Animator ....47'“ v Special! Alpha Scan + with OCR . Imagine 2.0 Call Media Station ...... 159* Morph Plus 139* Pixel 3D Pro 119* Playmation ..269* Pro Conversion Pak.,.52*5 Profilis Vol. 2 ..29K Scenery Animator....54% Virtual Reality Studio .54“ Vista Pm 2.0 ...57“ Hardware Hard Drives MEW Syquest 88 5110C Reads & Writes 44MB Carts $ 375“ Maxtor 7120 120MB ....$ 259“’ 7213 213MB....$ 409"* 340SY 340MB,.$ 599 ' 535 MB Call IDE Drives Call Quantum Drives Call Panther 1.0GB Call Genlocks G Lock .....Call Supergen.i .5491 Supergen 2000S ...I 199" Misc Hardware Big Fool Pwr 89'“ Bread Board .....Cali Commodore A570 .Call DCTV ...... 279'" DCTV K0I5 Converter ..Call Quarterback Tools .39 Pagestream 2.2,... 15995 Pelican Press 54“ Pro Page 4.0 .159“ Pro Wrilc 3,3 ..44c“ Proper Grammar II .59 *' SAS C v.6.0 ...234“ SuperBase IV 159“ SuperBase Personal IV ....Call True Print 54"' Type Smith 1 I 4- Ext. 3.5- Floppy......69“ A501 RAM exp 32 “ RA5 A500 4 MB RAM OK ....79* 4 MB ...229S! PCMCIA HAM Alpha 1200 2MB ....129* 4MB ....219°* Audio & MIDI AD 1012 ..Low Asound Elite ...64 5 Audiomaster IV......59“ Audition 4 ......54“ Bare & Pipes Pro..209“ ECE MIDI .47“ One Stop Music Shop ..599“ Patch Meister ..64“ Soundmaster 124"' Super Jam ......79* Sync Pro 174“ Triple Play MIDI.... 159s' New Horizons A Talk 111 ..34“ Dos 2 Dos .....24 ' Flow ....49“ Mac 2 Dos ......69“ Prowrite 3.5 ....44 - Quarterback ...34' Quarterback Tools .39 ' Quick Write ....24“ Misc Hardware Con t Desk Jet 500C Call DM! Vivid 24 Call DM! Digital Edit Master ...Call DOS 2.1 ...Call Epson 60QC Scanner.. Lowest Epson 800C $ canncr..Lowest Firecracker 24 2 MG..CaI! Golden Gate 386SX 25MHZ Call Kitchen Sync 1275°° Opal Vision, ....Cali Personal SFC 349 ’ Quantum 127. 240.340 .Call Smartport In Stock Supra Turbo 28 Call VXL 30 25MHZ ....299“ VXL 30 40 MHZ...459“ VXL Math Co Call VXL RAM Board Call Y C Plus ...Call Zeus 040 2000 SCSI .Call Mice Mega Mouse ....22'“ Mega Mouse + ..36t,h Optical .49..... Cordless Mouse.....69* Crystal Trackball.....59 ‘ Video Toaster ) AmiLink CI AB Roll ..Call Kitchen Sync ....*1275 SVHS option ..... *95 Genlock option *1 29 TBC 111 .*699 TBC Remote .Call Toaster 2.0 Upgrade ......*279 Toaster Cozzy ......Call Toaster Vision ....*1 15 V-5cope .Call Video Toaster 2.0 ....LOWEST 10845 Monitor .*175°° 286 At Bridgeboard .....M29™ DCTV .*279°° Morph Plus ..... *139°° Opus 4.0 .....*53 XT Bridgeboard ..*44w* A570 CD ROM Drive ..$ 175 CD Rom for A500 TOASTER SYSTEMS OPAL VISION 24 BIT DISPLAY & PAINT LOWEST PRICE CALL FOR EVERY TOASTER CONFIGURATION Specials VBS Video Backup System Why buy a tape drive when you already own one? All new! Finally, an inexpensive way to back-up your data! This easy to use package includes the hardware interface necessary to connect your Amiga' to ANY VCR. As well as the intuitive, point and click software for backing up, restoring, or verifying. File logging, multiple backups per tape, selected file restore, and storage averaging 3C per megabyte are all features of this incredible product! VBS WORKS WITH ALL AMIGAS - EVEN THE AGA MODELS! ’ Amiga 3000 and 4000 require video adapters (not included) Amiga 1000 requires a serial adapter (not included). MegAChip 2000 500 • ’ISS” Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing, 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatible with Video Toaster! Wish Agnus MuItiStart II • s29" Install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2.0 and
1. 3 ROMS with the keyboard. Call tor 2.0 operating system Insider II A1000 • 0K ‘1499S Battery backed clock and calendar with up to 1.5 mg RAM. Call for RAM prices Kwikstart II • *69 Puts Klckstart 2.0 and 1.3 in your Amiga 1000 Boots faster and auto boots most hard drives. 2632 4MB 32 Bit Expansion • s399* I 12 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBN A2630 accelerator. NEW - ONLY 99,s AUTHORIZED AMIGA. SALES & SERVICE CENTER age, a 640x400 Workbench screen and a 300x200 DeluxePaint screen in memory simultaneously. You’re limited only r • - bv the memory on the Retina card. I j Rounding out the programs on disk is a 24-bit painting program called YD- paint (soon to be replaced with TV- paint release date to be announced) and support for ASDG’s Art Department Professional and Black Belt’s Image- master. Finally, if you own a V-Lab realtime yideo digitizer, you can grab images directly to the Retina and use its custom animation routines to produce simple, page-flipped, double-buffered animations. As of this writing, real-time 24-bit animations aren't possible with 24-bit boards, including Retina; don’t abandon your single-frame controllers. (Some recently announced boards will change this.) MacroSystems is working with several companies to develop animation players for Retina. Furthermore, only programs that open recognizable screens or that are not tied heavily to the graphics-chip capability of the Amiga will produce displays on the Retina. Graphics-intensive games are not the Retina’s forte, although it gave Sim City a different twist, with my VGA monitor displaying the Map screen and my Amiga monitor operating as the Editor screen. Games notwithstanding, 1 encountered no compatibility problems. DeluxePaint, Imagine, Videoscape, Scenery .Animator, and a host of public- domain programs performed without a hitch, Caligari, however, is not compatible with this board, but MacroSystems is reportedly looking for a solution. Manual Blues Low points include a malfunctioning hard-disk installation program and a poorly written manual. Posing as a Retina user, I had to rely on technical support to get around a couple of problems not covered sufficiently in the documentation. MacroSvstems has subse- 4 quently agreed that a rewrite is in order. Small complaints aside, Retina is one of the most exciting Amiga products to appear in recent months. Low-cost 24- bit hi-res capability, screen-flicker elimination, and a faster-than-stock Workbench constitutes noteworthy news. Also, rumors have it that Impulse’s Imagine
3. 0 may directly support the Retina. Even if AGA support never arrives for the 2000 and 3000, the Retina 24-bit display card provides an alternative. John Ryan MBX-1200z MicroBotics Unpopulated: $ 149; w Real-time clock: $ 175; w 14 Mhz 68881 FPU and real-time clock: $ 215. A1200. Installation: Easy. FPU, 32-bit memory card with real-time clock for A1200. You’ve just unpacked your new AGA- equipped Amiga 1200, installed a few graphics programs, copied over a few OS 3.0-compatible display utilities, and generally prepped both yourself and your machine to lapse into HAM-8 bliss. Not so fast, 256,000-color fans: You probably won’t to be able to run applications on your stock I MB A1200, and 4 you’ll run dangerously low on RAM displaying photographic-quality graphics. Quick-’n’-Easy Fix It’s a rare Amiga enthusiast who hasn’t heard of the company of longstanding accelerator fame called MicroBotics. These enterprising Amiga folks were the First on the scene with a Motorola 68881 Floating Point Unit (FPU) RAM expander card for the A1200 the MBX-
1200. An FPU (as any Computer Science l()l student should know) significantly reduces the computation times the computer requires for accomplishing mathematical operations. With the recent release of the battery-backed, real-time clock-equipped MBX-!200z, MicroBotics’ RAM expander has moved to the forefront of the increasingly competitive A1200 RAM market. Sold with an empty 72-pin, 32-bit SIMM expansion slot (same as those on the A4 000’s motherboard), and either a 68881 or 68882 FPU (math chip and crystal) upgrade kit, the MBX-12O0Z is designed to add I MB, 2MB, 4MB, or 8MB of 32-bit fast RAM to your Al200. You can buy an unpopulated MBX-I200z, install your own 80ns (there’s no speed advantage with 70ns or 60ns) SIMM module, and set a jumper on the board to activate the RAM. Unlike its brawny big brother, the A4000, the A1200 has no 100-pin Zorro expansion slots, but it does like the A500 offer a mini-expansion bay beneath the keyboard. To install the MBX- I200z, you simply flip the computer over, pop off the bay door, and carefully work the card side-to-side until it pops into place. Put the bay cover in place, plug in all the respective cables, and you’re readv to fly. J j Far and Wide With a 4MB MBX-1200Z where it belongs, and an IBM Super VGA monitor sitting pretty next to AmigaWorld's testbed 52MB IDE hard disk-equipped A1200, I was cooking in about one minute flat. While the IBM monitor is physically smaller than my A40()0’s Commodore 1960, the display was a virtual replica. Syslnfo and AIBB tests don’t reflect the 32-bit wide RAM, 68881 FPU, and '020 performance of the Al200. Suffice to say, an eight-color pattern Workbench made it behave on a par with, for example, a 128-color full-screen backdrop Workbench on an A4000 040. Translation: It’s fast, but it hardly qualifies for blistering speed. The additional 4MB, coupled with a copy of the freely distributable 3.0-com- patible program ViewTek l .04, allowed me to load and display on the A1200 graphics-intensive HAM-8, JPEG, and lFF-24 images copied from my A4G00. Large animations (more than 3M11) were, as I fully expected, a problem. With the simple upgrade to an SMB SIMM, and allowing for a full megabyte of RAM to accommodate the OS, Work- The MBX 1200z adds up to 8MB of 32-bit RAM to the A1200. Bench, and display software, the A1200 could no doubt handle a 7MB hi-res animation with aplomb. Is the MBX-1200z a good investment? If you’re satisfied with the Al200’s overall performance or haven’t the spare cash to invest in an ’030 accelerator lor the machine, the answer is a definite yes. Be prepared, however, to spend fewer evenings watching sports...and more enjoying hi-res images on your A1200. Tim Walsh ? Final Copy produces the highest quality output of any Amiga word processor. It comes with 13 outline fonts and creates documents that can be printed on any 1.3 or 2.0 Workbench supported graphic printer or PostScript® printer. Includes a 114,000 word speller, 470,000 synonym thesaurus with definitions, automatic text flow around graphics, automatic hyphenation, Arexx port, headers, foolers, and multiple columns. Say goodbye to jagged edged output forever. Structured drawing tools, style sheets, master pages, color text,
1. 4 million response thesaurus,
144. 000 word speller, math, paragraph sorting, mail-merge, left-right pages, text obliquing, new user-interface, improved memory management, many new Arexx commands, vertical ruler option, new page guides, and more. Use the structured drawing tools to create boxes, ovals, lines, arrows, circles, and squares in your document. $ 39; 95 SoftFaces 4 SoftFaces from SoftWood utilize only the highest quality fonts, designed by world-famous type designers. Each volume contains 25 typefaces. These carefully chosen typefaces are designed exclusively for use with Final Copy, Widely recognized and useful, SoftFaces’ professional quality typefaces give your documents the creative flair they deserve. These typefaces are outline fonts that can be sized from 4 points (1 28 inch) to over 300 points (over 4 inches). These fonts have no jaggies and will print using the full capabilities of your printer. Use Proper Grammar to detect and correct 95% of your writing errors. It is the best companion to your favorite word processor. Proper Grammmar can read, correct, and save documents created in FinaiCopy, PenPal, ProWrite™, QuickWrite™, Excellence!™, Scribble!™, Kind Words™, TransWrite™, and TextCraft Plus™. Don’t be embarassed by bad writing or silly mistakes again. Detect and correct grammar errors in all of your writing. Hard disk required. S54“ SoftFaces Pwper Grammar II «•» a. We ji Ut SoftFaces ' i 59; 95
• $ 5.00 2nd day shipping to most cities in continental U.S.
• 30 day exchange - no questions asked
• Order hours M-F 10 - 6:30 EST 7-3:30 PST
• Same day shipping on orders received by 5:00 EST or 2:00 PST SmarlSoft, Inc., PO. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 SQ5110C Removable*Cartridge Disk Drive Syguesf, S650 (Approximately see dealer for configuration and pricing) All Amiga models. SCSI port, internal or external. Installation: Easy. Removable media hard-disk drive. If' you’ve compressed, archived, and generally crammed every last byte you could into your hard disk, only to find you still need more storage space, how big should your next drive be? 100MB? 200MB? Before you end up with another hard clisk that’s full before its time, you might want to consider an alternative to the traditional fixed disk a re- movable-cartridge Syquest disk drive. Versatile? You Bet. Fast? Well *., Syquest cartridges are the removable media of choice for the Amiga. Sturdy and reliable, they’re easily integrated into SCSI-equipped machines. While singlesized Syquest drives have been media fixtures for years, the new SQ51 IOC boasts the ability to handle two cartridge sizes 44- and 88-megabyte. If you already use
o J the lower-density cartridges and have been longing to use the 88MB size, the 5110C might be just the ticket. With an advertised access speed of 20 ms, the 51 IOC is obviously not going to set any records in saving and loading your data, although it does produce respectable performance. Using the freely distributable program Syslnfo, I found the drive reads about .902MB set Compare that to the A4000’s IDE drive
(1. 067MB sec) and the A3000’s SCSI (.913MB sec), and you’ll see that the Syquest’s performance differs little from most current hard drives. The user’s manual overindulges in fine print, but most of it is unnecessary for the average user. Installation is a snap. While the stock A4000 lacks the needed SCSI controller, die 5110C attached quickly to mine via a Wordsync controller, using either internal or external connections. It even worked fine connected to my A500’s CAT Impact Series 11. The internal version of the 5110C measures 5.75x1.63x8 inches. When encased in an external enclosure, the drive expands to roughly a Webster’s Dictionary size of 9.75x2.4x10.4 inches. Be forewarned, however, that even the smaller internal versions of both the new 5110C and the older 51 10 won’t fit inside the A4G00’s housing. Consequently, the drive is left perched atop the computer, leaving the 5.25-inch bay vacant for other devices, such as a Bridgeboard or another internal drive. As a consolidation, the case is colored in soft beige, to nicely complement the attractive A4000. Cleared for Take-off To use the drive, simply pop either a 44MB or 88MB Syquest cartridge in the door and sit tight for the recommended 1 1 seconds as the drive spins up to full speed. You’ll know when the time has clasped, as a light on the front of the drive turns from red to green. To swap cartridges, you disengage the mechanism with a button on the front of the drive, which then automatically spins down. You can then remove the cartridge by pulling on a mechanical lever. To the uninitiated, the sequence is not without some small drama. Pulling on the aforementioned release lever quickly thrusts the Syquest cartridge partially out of the 5110C. Caught offguard, you expect to see your precious cartridge continue its flight directly to the floor. O Not to worry; it always slops halfway out. To use more than one cartridge per session, be sure that vour SCSI controller t recognizes removable media. Standard controllers such as the Commodore 2091 work well, while it's hit-or-miss with older (pre-1990) hard-drive controllers. The 5110C formats, reads, and writes both 88MB and 44MB cartridges without a hitch, but saddled with my Wordsync controller, my A4000 acknowledged only the size of the first cartridge placed in the 5110C. Replacing an 88MB drive with a 44 M B one, or vice- versa, resulted in the infamous “Not a DOS Disk” error. I suspect my Wordsync controller didn’t recognize the 51 IOC’s dual-formal capability. Once configured to read 88MB cartridges, the 5110C had no trouble reading those made on earlier Syquest units, such as my 88MB 5110. Aside from the Wordsync flaw, operation was smooth, seamless, and elegant. A Need to Feed If vou've outgrown your primary hard disk, the 5110C can look mighty attractive. Storage space is limited only by the number of cartridges you purchase. An initial investment in a 44MB cartridge lightens the coffers by about $ 85, while an 88MB cartridge costs roughly SI20. The per-megabyte cost, however, drops with the purchase of each additional cartridge, eventually leveling out at about SI per megabyte. The 5110C is ideal for video applications and gives ordinary data storage a new twist, as moving huge graphic, sound, and data files from one Amiga to another becomes almost too easy. You won’t ever want to use floppies for backup again, for all of your hard drive’s most important contents will fit on a cartridge or two. Perhaps the strongest argument in 51 IOC’s favor is its compatibility with both 44MB and 88MB cartridge formats. An added bonus is its ability to read MS-DOS-formatted Syquest cartridges via Consultmn’s CrossDOS (included with AmigaDOS 2.1 and higher). Lastly, if yon develop software or use NewTek’s Toaster, 44MB bootable cartridges for the 5110C allow you to create custom stai tup configurations. Not everyone needs a Syquest. If you don't own a hard disk, and are thinking of using a Syquest as a primary storage medium, think again. While booting from a Syquest is remarkably convenient, you may find yourself cartridge swapping with the unit as if it were an enormous floppy drive. However, if you’re shopping for a second or third hard drive, or a standard Syquest, give the dual-format Syquest 5110C some serious consideration. Dave Johnson Pro-Board 3.0 Prolific, S399. All Amiga models. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Prlnted-circull-board design software. Prolific has upgraded its PCB-making package, Pro-Board 3.0. to meet the increasingly demanding needs of those who create circuit boards. The three-disk 3.0 (3.03 at present) package consists of four separate programs: Pro-Board (the PCB editor), Pro- Lib (which creates shapes for PCB layout), Pro-Plot (a print and plot generator), and Pro-Drill (for automated drilling of holes in a PCB). Everything blit Pro-Drill auto-installs on vour hard disk. Prolific recommends
1. 5MB of RAM and Workbench 1.3 or
2. X. Pro-Board uses a custom screen, most of which is available for operations. Text gadgets called “Intelligent Function Keys," or IFKs. Line the bottom of the screen and change depending on your current section. The mouse or a function key activates the related func- tion or enters a new IFK “level ’ and the Escape key cancels operations or moves up one IFK level. You configure Pro-Board with IFK- Config, which specifies your data, libraries, plotters, and tlrill-file format. Because all the Prolific tools read the same initialization data (where appropriate), this need be done only within the main program. Trial Run To start a board, select IFK-New. A menu appears with various options, including Fine-Line mode for routing two traces between 0.100-spacecl pins. The program supports various sizing rules, automatic power and ground-plane options, up to 16 eight-signal layers, and large PCBs. Pro-Board uses the Calay netlist lor- mat. My first lest board was a simple dynamic memory board with sixteen 28-pin surface-mount DRAM chips and two
0. 050-pitch edge connectors. After I specified the PCB and netlist names, Pro- Board prompted me to go ahead without a parts list. (A parts list tells Pro-Boarcl which shapes to use for each component. I selected IFK-FootP, which allowed me to specif)* a shape for each part.) Pro-Board automatically makes DIP, SIP, and similar simple parts, which you can enter directly. Complex shapes are called out by Shape filename in the parts list, and you create Shape files with the Pro-Lib utility. Once you've entered all the parts, you get down to business creating a PCB. Guided by a coordinate display, I began drawing my PCB outline by laying down a line, (You can also type coordinates rather than draw.) Next, I placed the edge connectors, “glued” them in place, and proceeded with autoplacement. With a little tweaking, Pro-Board generated a nice, regular pattern of DRAMs. I then used IFK-R-Rule to set the routing rule. A maze algorithm is always a single-layer router, while a channel algorithm can run on one or two layers. Several options determine how it will deal with vias the connectors between PCB layers. Some experimentation may be necessary at ibis point: I didn’t care for the results of the router's defaults, so I changed some settings. File manual isn't very professional and is unclear at points. It states that the routing “speed” is 1 for best quality, 5 for fastest, but the on-line documentation claims the opposite. Mistakes forgiven, I found it useful. Autorouting is not a fast process, and this holds true with Pro-Board. Even with the “better” settings and running on my '040-equipped Amiga, Pro-Boarcl finished less than half my board in an hour. The program is clever about getting to the pins of a device, which are only on one side, but it can’t easily trace between the pins of most SMT devices. After substituting DIPs for surface- mount parts, the board routed in about seven minutes. When putting a trace down, a router cannot always anticipate just where another trace may be needed. To handle this, Pro-Board’s Tip-up” option will remove and reroute one trace and position another for a better layout. (Pro-Board does not employ sophisticated “push- and-shove” techniques, which push aside existing traces to let new ones through.) While Pro-Board offers no optimizing and its layouts cannot match those of professional systems it does a better job than previous routers. With a tight surface-mount design, its aiitomuter can help in spots, although it cannot do much on a global level. For boards with more room, and given the time, you can route to completion in clue course. In addition to automatic features, Pro- Board 3.0 lias improved manual place and route options, which arc helpful for specific-placement needs and manual optimizations. A More Complex Board Using Pro-Board 2.0, I had designed a two-layer SCSI DRAM board in about two weeks’ worth of evenings, 1 figured this O O would be a good test for Pro-Board 3.0. I set this up as a four-layer board (for less complexity), placing and “gluing” a few components. 1 worked out a grid, then decided to break my board up into lFK-Group sections and attempt some autoplacement. Initially, the program took a long time, but as I worked with the placer and individual groups, a better layout materialized. 1 put in some IFK-Forbid zones and increased the grid size to create a decent board. Complete autoplacement was Hawed: I discovered that the program made some bad decisions. After additional hand tweaking, I got an acceptable placement. 1 started the autorouter, and after about 10 hours, it had routed 494 out of 567 nets. To clean up some traces before more autorouting, 1 put 3.0’s manual routing capabilities to the test, which allowed for easy adjustments. I think 3.0’s manual enhancements alone make the upgrade worthwhile, though I would like to see a “zoom-in” mode for fine work. Overall, Pro-Board did a nice job, and in one day the board was completed. The Rest of the Package Unlike the integrated librarian in 2.0.
3. 0’s Pro-Lib handles large shapes as single units. It can deal with 25-mil or 20-mil grids, and you can enter pans numerically oil grid. It also handles through-hole or surface-mount type pads; the latter can be on either side of the PCB. You can enter lines, circles, boxes, and text independently of pins on some or all of the various layers in the shape. Pro-Plot creates plot files in HPCL or Gerber format; you can also adjust apertures for the Gerber photoplotter. Another nice touch is the software recognition of several specific HPGL- and Gerber-compatible plotters. It also produces prints on a Preferences-sup- ported printer, though they're not very good; PostScript support would be an improvement. PCB makers charge for “drill tapes” if they are not supplied. Thankfully, Pro- Drill produces clrill-tape files in two standard formats: True-Drill and, by way of a conversion program, Excellon, You can adjust some drilling details from within the software. A Qualified Thumbs-Up In the autorouter, I got a single Enforcer hit after selecting Re-Route. It appeared to be a consistent, though not troublesome woe. From the IFK-Auto-R level, though, 1 got a severe crash while manually deleting part of a routed net: Pro- Board locked up and a series of Enforcer hits resulted. A similar problem occurred a few times during routing. At other times, Pro-Board locked up in automatic and manual modes. These bugs make it hard for me to recommend the program for commercial work, at least in its present state. Prolific maintains a support conference on the Portal network, however, and is working lo solve these problems. Still, Pro-Board 3.0 is the best PCB program for the Amiga, and a worthy competitor for anything on the IBM-PC or Mac at a comparable price. It’ll no doubt pay for itself after your first or second board if vou’re currently farming u out vour PCB work. J Dave Haynie ¦ A miga World 73 PHONE SALES HOURS: M-F 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sat. 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. * Sun. 12 noon • 5 p.m CALL FOR SsSKS COMPLETE V SPRING CATALOG I IMAGE INTERNATIONAL ORDER UNE 412-962-0567 CUSTOMER SERVICE 14121 962-0535 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday GOLDEN ALSO AVAILABLE
• A1200 W 40MB HD
• A1200 W 80MBHD
• A1200 W 120MB HD
• 60 MB S1B9
• 80 MB $ 235
• 120 MB $ 335 includes Drive. Cable & Software Commodore® AMIGA® Opto-Mechanical MOUSE m Master 3A1N 880K AMIGA DRIVE For All AMIGA'S FULLY OPTICAL MOUSE A500 A600 RAM Expander :OR A500 - 512K w Cjock, Calendar, Battery NEW) HANDSCANNER with OCR & TOUCH UP SOFTWARE 3.07 includes MigraphO.C.RJr Handscanner W Powerful Migraph Touch-up Software W OCR ONLY _J**099 MIGRAPH COLORBURST COLOR HAND SCANNER 570 CD Rom Drive Plays standard audio and CD+grapttics discs. For Amiga 500 only Free A500 Mother Board upgrade _by Fed Ex._ I induces: Grclier Encyciooedii Free Fish GamsS ' BUY 2 *19 GET 1’PREE Lords of the Sky MYTH Robo Cop 3 HOI Mega Traveller 2 Knights of the Sky Hurry...SUPPUES LIMITED! A2000-HC8+Q 0 A2000 G-Force-30 25 25 1 0 25 25 1 120 40 40 4 0 40 40 4 120 50 50 4 0 50 50 4 120 A2000 G-R>rce-40 33 4 0 33 4 120 A500HD8+0 80 A500HD8+0 120 A500-PC286 512 A530 Turbo A530-40 0 1 120 A1200 FPU+SCSI+RAM A12-FP33 4MB SCS1 A1230 Turbo A1230-40 40 4 IV24-NTSC IV2424 CT-NTSC G-LOCk Phoneoack I O Extender D5S-8 Cfnemorph image fx $ 419 S649 $ 649 $ 899 $ 879 $ 1099 $ 999 $ 1299 $ 329 $ 379 $ 79 0YST1CK MBX 12001 FPU. 32-Bit Memory w Clock, Calendar & Bat. For the 1200 laMHz 68881 25MHZ 68882 50MHz 68882
* 139 *209 *309 DataFlyer Express sesi With 80 MB SCSI Drive $ 359Y with 120 MB SCSI Drive $ 449 V; A2000 SCSI Controller $ 72 A2000 8 MB RAM Card $ 84 V A500 BaseBoard $ 88 Coming soon A1200 BaseBoard with fpu Ai200 Clock
• Titfpjk. * Legend Of Kyrandi* 53 b A320 Airbus $ 47 LfflHWGS S31 A320 Airbus $ 44 lemmings, oh no! More 522 1N. American version) lemmings ii s 31 A-Tr*in 544 Links S3B Agony i 31 Links ¦ Bountiful Country Club S 6 Aip Support 531 links - Firestone Countrt Club 516 AVOS PROrES5lON*L $ 07 L»ON HEART S3 A Ancient art of Wj>r $ 43 lords of time $ 28 in the Skies lost Treasures of infocom 544 AP0CALY?5E r - iMEGAFCSTRESS $ 44 Arabian Nights S34 egafortress mission Disk *i 531 Aquaventura £31 Megatraveller 2 537 B-17 53 B Might a Magic 3 $ 41 Bards Tale Construction Set $ 34 Nigel Vansel $ 38 battle Chess $ 31 Nigel V ansel. Aga $ 38 0EAVER5 C 3 4 OUT OF THIS WORLD $ 37 Bu's Tomato Game 31 Pacific Islands $ 31 Birds w Pro $ 37 perfect General $ 37 Black Crj>r $ 37 Pew. Gen. Data Disk WWII $ 22 Boot Blows $ 34 Pinball Fantasies $ 31 Carmen, Where in Time $ 31 Pinball Dreams $ 25 Carmen. Where in The USA $ 31 Pool (Archer McCleani $ 34 Carmen. Where in The World $ 31 Populous 2 $ 41 Chaos Engine $ 34 Populous 2 Challenge $ 23 The Cycles *19 posh over $ 35 Civiuiatjon $ 47" Railroad TYCOON $ 37 DARK SEED $ 47 REACH FOR THE SKIES S3? Dark SEED, AGA $ 47 Road Rash 537 Discovery, Steps of Columbus $ 37 RcboCcp3D 535 Dragons Lais II: Time Warp $ 37 Secret of Monkey Island 2 538 Dungeon Vaster 152 bundle $ 31 sensible soccer 539 Elvira 2 Jaws of Cerberus $ 25 Shadow Land 531 Eye of the Beholder $ 15 Shadow of the Beast 3 533 Eye of the Beholder 11 $ 43 Shadow Sorcerer 515 Falcon $ 31 Sim ant 537 Falcon Mission t: Counter Strike ST6 Sim City 531 Falcon Mission 2: Firefight $ 19 Sim Earth 547 Fighter duel-Corsair vs. Zero 5 7 Sleepwalker 544 FighterDlel Pro $ 37 Sleepwalker,AGA 544 FighterDlelFught Recorder $ 49 SpeedballZ 525 Fghter Dlel Pro Parallel Adap $ 5 StripPc*er 3 531 Flashback callStripP°«“3Da7ah-z3-4.w $ 16 GlOSAl EFFECT $ 37 SuRCTFROGS 534 GODS 525 team Yankee 537 GUNSHiP2000 $ 43 Troddlers 539 Harrier Assault $ 44 Treasure of toe savage frontiers 3 6 Harrier Jump Jet $ 43 uutima vi 544 Heimdau 531 VirtualReauty Studo2 CAL HREDGUSS $ 40 WAYMfG«ET7XY2: 534 HISTORY LINE 1914-1918 544 Wing Commander 534 HuVANS 538 WorldCircutGrandPru 537 John Madden Football 537 ZDDl 534 LEANDER 531 ZOOLAGA 534 Amiga Format • Amiga computing Amiga User • Amiga Shopper Amiga Action * Amiga Power The One • CU Amiga SUBSCRIPTIONS ACCEPTED Don’t miss the latest news In Amiga Computing and earning 1 MAGAZINE ¦ 5125 year $ 70 6 mo. EACH ADDITIONAL MAGAZINE: $ 108 year, $ 65 6 mo. Subscription Prices Include Mailing. FREEWHEEL QUICKJOY FOOT PEDALS STEERING WHEEL kfttr Ctam (Zntwtion-! EURO MAGAZINES urn of Titles Available) GAMES iCa’I for More Titles! Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 phone sales HOURS: M-F 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. • sat. 10 a.m. • 8 p.m. • sun. 12 noon - 5 p.m. YOUR ORDER FAST mm irmi m |s SHIPPING (ORDERS UNDER 10 LB.I Professional Page 4.0 & Professional Draw Video Director VwoOfRFrilKt 2000 POWER-UP DEAL RBRRC professional calc p Tr@ Bundle Price GET A FREE EUHPER STICKER WITH ORDER! Final Copy 11 Art & Animation Utilities lHAGEMASTER $ 135 AMIBACK 2.0 $ 39 DauxE Paint V4.1 $ 99 Cross dos 5.0 534 Deluxe Paint IV V4.5 $ 109 Directory Opus 4 0 562 Disney anih studio S43 Quarterback 5.0 545 Imagine 2.0 S2S9 Quarterback Tools 553 Pixa 3-D pro S129 SAS UTTICE C 6.0 $ 274 Vista Pro 3.0 556 VISIONARY S62 Prof. Draw 3.0 Aladdin 4D Opalvision Brilliance Databases Super Base Personal 4 SuperBase Prof. 4 Spreadsheets: Maxi Plan 4.0 professional calc 2 Music Bass and Pipes Pro 2.0 Delx Music Const. Set Super jam SYNC PRO Patch Meister One-Stop music shop Dr. T KC5 Level II V3.5 Studio 16 AD 1012 Studio I b AD 516 *- Si 24 $ 279 5695 SI 56 Word Processors & Desk Top Publishing «§ iXS3D(pa®3@ & liH©@3C 594 SIBS Page Stream 2 2 5169 Prof Page 4.0 5179 Pelican Press 562 Proper Grammar ll 559 Final Copy ll 584 Prowrite 3.3 555 video & Presentation Amiga vision prof 5199 BROADCAST TlTLEft II $ 219 BROADCAST TlTLER HlRES $ 279 CAN DO 2 $ 129 PRO VIDEO CG II $ 112 Pro Video Post $ 149 Scala Multimedia 2.1 $ 299 Video Director $ 129
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3. 0! Books for programmers ROM KERNELAUTODOCS 3RD ED. $ 27 ROM Kernel-,Devices 3rd Ed. ROM KernelHardware 3rd Ed. ROM KernelUbraries 3rd Ed. ROM KernelStyle Guide ALU FIVE FOR $ 99 Get 2 megabytes of chip RAM for your A2000 & A500w Super Agnus
* 19 Multi-Start llv.6 Best of Amiga Tricks a Tips 523 External SCSI HardDrive Cases
* 99
* 109
* 149 Using Arexx Single Bay open or closed front Upright Case for single 3.5HD Dual Bay for 2 half height HD's Four Bay open front (not shown) $ 259 All Units include:
• Power Supoiy * SCSI External Cable • Power Cable
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- SHIPPING - NORMALLY WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY! Create. Edit and convert fonts. Midi's ECE Midi Midi Gold 500 Midi Gold insider Phantom SMPTE MIDI Midi Cable 6 ft.
2. 1 w ROM For Amiga 500 2000 tyjM SMITH
2. 1 UPGRADE for 2.0 $ 44 international Orders (not APO, FPO.i Send coo or FAX of front & back of Charge Card w signature. Call or FAX for shipping quote. M GROUND SO TO $ 99 ..7% Hill. $ 5 ¦MsJnfaw IhhrvtamMhA Audio AUDIOMASTER 4 Digital Sound Studio perfect Sound 3.! Sound Master Studio i 6 ad 516 Studio 16 AD 3012 2 DAY SKIPPING T0 S19S- 7% Min. $ 7 8Y FED. EIP. $ 200 TO $ 499„„ 5% Min. $ 10 $ 500 TO 5799 4% Min. $ 20 $ 800 3Min. $ 24 Fed Exp. Overnight add $ 6 to 2 Day PR. HI, AX add 510 to 2 Day APO, FPO A CANADA are shipped by Mail
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Wonitcrs, computers, printers and otter heavy items may incure additional cfargesjtai for snipping quote. V-lmraiM PC Mac Emulators AMAX Z PLUS $ 379 Golden Gate 3B6sx 3oard S599 Golden Gate 4B6sjc Board $ 1099 Amiga 3386 Board Call oxFax 14.4 Modems Software $ 269 Game Preserve By Peter Olafson, AW Games Editor Bard’s Tale Construction Set BACK IN 1986, Bard’s Tale was one of a handful of games that made the Amiga seem special. The medieval theme music for this elemental role-playing game was lovely; I’d sometimes turn on the game just to listen to it. The graphics had a silvery edge, and the world beyond the veil of torchlight was forbidding. I held my breath every time I opened a door. Mi sc Dungeon Leue I : 1 DartTrap Now, seven years later, a door has opened for us: We’ve been handed the tools to build our own Bard’s Tales. Bard’s Tale Construction Set (Interplay, $ 49.95) is a system the first of its kind for making hack 'n slash, 3-D RPGs under this venerable (if not outdated) game system. It's a cleanly designed product disappointing only in its shortage of building materials, poor documentation, and failure to take advantage of the opportunity to bring the game system up to date. If you played the original games to distraction, you’ll probably enjoy this albeit in a nostalgic sort of way. BTCS is essentially an attractive shell for a packet of linked editors for items, maps, monsters, and spells and a utility for putting the games together and testing the results. Ease of use is an enormous advantage in any construction kit, and, for the most part, this one is easy to use. You can produce a new 22-square by 22-square region in no time. The map-maker lets you place wall tiles from an overhead view in one window and immediately see the results in 3-D in another. A new critter can be rung up by setting 16 parameters most of them intuitive for those familiar with RPC. Rules and Role your own 3-D RPG with Bard’s Tale Construction Set. Attaching one of the built-in animated character graphics (which often are delightful) or importing one of your own. The toughest pail is creating “specials” that is, the string of commands touched off’(sometimes invisibly) when a party moves into a given square. They may range from atmospheric text messages and traps to puzzle pieces and story branches, and it's from these that a BTCS-built game draws much of its character. Even here, where you might expect Interplay to slip in some programming, BTCS still feels more like a construction set than a programming tool. Each special consists of up to 20 segments written in what’s essentially a vastly simplified version of BASIC. It’s easy to learn each segment consisting either of an action (DO) or a set of conditions and consequences (IF Level Two of Shadow of the Beast III (Psygnosis) starts off in more puzzling fashion. Bypass the broken-down battering ram for the time being, and push right until you find a switch at the moat's edge. It lowers the drawbridge, beyond which you'll find the ram's missing wheel. Push it back to the rani, where it will take its proper place, then push the ram right to a closed door. The battering ram will open the door on its own; all you need do is position yourself near the front to avoid the fireballs. CRIB NOTES By Peter Olafson Once in, you'll eventually come to another charming contraption: a tilted trampoline that makes a falling train of chromed balls very difficult to dodge. It's fun to watch, but blast it anyway it's not a part of a puzzle and continue right until you come to a pair of trapdoors. Stepping on the right-hand one opens the left-hand, releasing a swarm of bees. Shoot 'em and collect the gold. This also lets you get down into their hole and take aim at the trigger unlocking the right-hand trapdoor. Step on it afterward, and you'll spill down a tube into an apparently exit-free room. Hitting the switch on the left wall you can't reach the right one starts filling the room with water. Great. You're going to drown. Not so fast. Before you even hit the switch, investigate the little antechamber to the right and push the table there back into the switch room. Turn on the water, jump on the table, and float up to hit the switch on the right wall this drains the room via the door at the right-end of the antechamber. Once the water level drops, head right, get the gold, and go up the ladder. (The water to the right is impassable at this stage.) Lots of folks are getting stuck here I suspect because this is not a one-step puzzle. First, push the table you'll find here down the shaft to the right. (Tables take a beating in this game.) Shoot the critter who's throwing barrels down the shaft duck to prevent him from hitting you and hop over the gap and push the big "Fragile" crate after the table. Now, hop back, descend the ladder, and blast the crate. The floating debris will give you something to walk on when you head right again. Fall into the first pit you reach. A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid, performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time. $ You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. Getting a 486SLC BridgeBoard? Well don't get SUCKED IN to buying a slower, less compatible board. Introducing Elite Microcomputers 486SLC 33MHz Bridgeboard, based on Commodores A2386SX. Just look below and see how we BLOW vortex away. EMC 486SLC Vortex 486SIX Speed 33 Mhz 25 Mhz Landmark 2.0 103 71 Norton SI 66 45 Standard Ram 3 MB 2 MB Price per MB S3 7 $ 65 !!! CPU cooline method FAN! Heat Sink Janus 2.1 compatible YES! No MS-DOS 5.0 included YES! +$ 65 386sx to 486SLC upgrade S650 no Floppy Controller YES! +$ 79 Shipping Next Day +$ 30 "EQUAL" Boards $ 930 $ 1140! + EMC = i 486 J POWER! That's right! All the quality, and compatibility you need from Commodore. With all the performance you want from EMC. Need more features? Enter the Super Multi I O board The ONLY answer to an A3000 owners prayers. It includes: An IDE harddrive controller, 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, I game port, and a UVGA video card w I mb. All on one 16-bit card. The ORIGINAL....The FASTEST !!!! EMC's 486 SLC BridaeBoard. The Power Box The PowerBox is an enclosure, specially designed for the A1200 power user. It lias room for 2, 5.25”, SCSI or IDE. Half height devices, and includes a whopping 200 watt power supply. This power supply is usable by the A1200. So not only do you get all the power your drives need, but an extra 17 amps toward your A1200! $ 175 The Power Box The Power Pox The Hack Pack The BackPack The BackPack is an enclosure, specially designed for the A1200. Or Bridge Board user who needs some more room for a drive. It holds 1 SCSI or IDE 3.5”x 1 ” device, and has an internal 20 watt power supply. Pro Combo 486SLC w 5 mb. Super Multi I O card. VGA switch box + cabling EMC 486 SLC w 3mb $ 930 Western Digital Caviar Km- h7 Smb $ 1135 80 mb IDE HD 12ms $ 200 A2386SX with 1 mb $ 265 170 mb IDE HD 12ms $ 275 386 to 486 upgrade $ 650 $ 750 250 mb IDE HD 12ms $ 320 Super Multi I O $ 200 340 mb IDE HD 12ms $ 385 with purchase of 486 386 St 50 Switch Box w Cabling $ 36 $ 50 off!!!! $ 1140 Super Combo 486SLC w 8 mb. 170mb HD. Super Multi I O card. VGA switch box + cablins C S?5 off!-!! $ 152() J The BackPack S 110 2 to 3, IDE 2 to 3, IDE plugs into the mini IDE connector in your A1200. It then provides you with an external standard IDE connector, for easy expansion of 3.5” IDE harddrives. It does not interfere with your internal harddrive. Ij l S 50 ff t ? Or 0() 2 to 3. IDE
- 4si- Of , v f i } Voice: 908-541-4214 Fax: 908-541-6348 CompuServe: 70322,447 Genie: D.CINEGE ste Circle 179 on Reader Service card Elite Microcomputers ttj 138 Turner St Port Reading, NJ 07064 » i J (; A M 12 I* R 12 S E R V E X, THEN Y, ELSE Z) anc! The ability to point-and-dick on a scrolling list of choices makes it feel all the easier. Beyond that, Interplay has made some sensible moves here to broaden its held of fire. Map files appear fully compatible between platforms (BTCS is a 64-color port from the IBM version). Games created with BTCS run without benefit of the master program, so you can share your masterpiece with the world. Source files for any game can be reduced to ASCII for easy printing or viewing. One cautionary note: 1 he ease of use is deceptive, and creating a BTCS game is not a small project. That may he why, going on two years after the IBM version’s release, there are still just two BTCS games up on the nets: Dragonport (which you can find in the Gamer’s Forum on CompuServe) and Selene (in the IBM Forum on Genie). I’m working on my own Within the Walls of Astia Caron and have gotten much farther along in much less time than under Visionary and Virtual Reality Studio. All is not quite sweetness and light in Skara Brae, however. While BTCS does what it does well, it's also very limited in some respects. For one thing, while the quality of the graphics lias recovered somewhat from the blight of Electronic Arts’ BT III Interplay did the first two Amiga Bard’s Tales there isn’t nearly enough variety, just four sets of wall “tiles” are available (one for the wilderness, one for the surface city, and two for dungeons), with only a handful of tiles for each and no O ' 7 way to mix and match between the sets. Hence, every city you design looks more or less like a Sahara Desert ruin, and everv section of countryside looks like every other section. At the very least, the program could use a separate tile set of special locations. (You can import your own DeluxePaint artwork and also create a custom title screen. But I’m a grade-school level artist at best, and I was counting on BTCS to provide the visuals.) As much thought as must have gone into the specials editor, it could have been made even easier to use by incorporating lu 11- screen scrolling text (rather than the two- or three-word lines it permits); macros; alphabetizing the many options to make them easier to find; or customizing the menus to allow repeated easy selection of the same command. The documentation here is especially skimpy; the program demands a little book, rather than this 42-page pamphlet. I had to sort out for myself what the local and global flags did, and I never did find how to insert a
o o command within an existing special. Finally, BTCS offers only the same old Bard’s Tale, with all its limitations: square-by-scjuare movement, no ground graphics in the out-of-doors regions, combat up the wazoo, basic character interaction, no option to divide up a party, and so on. 1 know this sounds a bit like yelling at the dog for drinking out of puddles and growling at visitors in short, for just being a dog but it’s not 1986 any more. We’re beginning to see RPGs with free-scrolling movement, like U.S. Gold’s Legends of Valour (reviewed below) and Thalion’s Ainbermoon, and individually controlled characters, as in Psygnosis’ Hired Gun and Domark’s Shadowlands. And in that environment, Barcl’s Tale just doesn’t cut it. Don’t gel me wrong. I’m glad that Interplay has made the game engine accessible, and I think we’ll all have some fun with this friendly system before it's finally played out. But BTCS shares the basic problem of every design system reduced to a commercial product: By the time it’s old enough that new games under the system are no longer worthwhile, it’s old enough that you’re unlikely to be enchanted with the results. ©i .2 1.3 ?*
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No on-disk copy-protection. Legends of Valour LEGENDS OF VALOUR (U.S. Gold import, about S45) goes down pretty smooth. It’s the first free-scrolling, texture- mapped, role-playing game for the Amiga, and while it has a few obvious kinks, it's sure to give pleasure to those who Ye lusted hopelessly after similar IBM games like Ultima Underworld and Wolfenstein 3-D. The movement isn’t square-by-square, as lias long been the custom in games from Bard’s Tale to Black Crypt, but a continuous How similar to that in filled-polygon adventure games like Cybercon III and the faster the .Amiga, the smoother the flow. It feels less like being beholden to the limits of a game system, and more like moving through an actual place. This particular place is the capacious town of Mitteldorf. It’s enjoyably huge, both above and below ground buildings often have second stories and, uli, expansive cellars and that hugeness alone goes a long way. It’ll take some time before you learn the lay of the land. There are tourist attractions (a zoo complete with pacing creatures) and hidden and difficult-to- reach places. There are jobs that will earn you a meager living typically ferrying an item between the shops. There are guilds to join, quests to undertake, and spells to cast. Don’t be too macho to ask directions: There are tons of folks to meet and greet walking by in 3-D, and certain intersections at certain times of the day are as busy as any small-town Main Street. Initially, LOV may remind you of Alternate Reality in that the basic object is survival: filling your tummy, getting a good night’s sleep, and avoiding die depredations of nasties, How- ConUnited on p.82. CRIB NOTES From p. 76. Jump over the barrel and the pit after it, and lay waste the critter playing with the levers that control the crane. = Don't stand in one spot, though, while doing so, or you'll quickly get nailed by the machine; move quickly right and left, getting in as many shots as possible at point-blank range before the crane reaches you. The operator will take a fair amount of damage before giving up the ghost.) From here, you can go in two directions, and it doesn't seem to make a difference which you do first. The "up" ladder leads to the confrontation with the inevitable end- of-level guardian. He's headless, so be a pain in the neck instead he's vulnerable there when he's about to swing at you and be sure to collect the spiked ball and the gold caches from both right and left afterward. You shouldn't have much trouble avoiding a swinging ball that blocks the path on the far left. Notice something odd here? Ostensibly, you've finished the level, killed off the Beast Jr. ...and yet. You don't seem to be done. There's no obvious exit, which you must create for yourself, using the crane and a certain barrel. It's a bit complicated and unforgiving, so take it nice and slow. The barrel's located near the pit you jumped over just before you happened on the crane operator. Head back that way, push it to the edge of the shaft, and use the crane controls to move it to the right- hand side of the conveyor belt. (The top lever controls the claw, the middle moves it right and left, and the bottom moves it up and down.) Take the "down" ladder and shoot the small door on the left wall to close it. (However, just leave the critter who's down here alone, and keep the right-hand door open. You want to get out, right?) Back upstairs, jump into the barrel, shoot the switch to the right, and quickly pull down on the joystick to close yourself in. Then, wait it out. Once the barrel comes to a halt, jump out and head left. Shades of The Hobbit. You're out of Level Two and Fort Dourmoor, and we're out of space! Next time: the (really) tough parts. ? 78July m3 IwlsK ASDG Art Department Professional V2.3 ¦ Powerful image processor $ 159.99 Dute Ttlis MkamittiS NCOR PORATED Ihtet New DIGITAL P ucts! Video Toaster 2.0 |H $ 1899.99 w«t ss > r. '¦¦ "*r *j'. *».: VIDEO TOASTER | Morph Plus The BEST morphing package on the market! Personal TBC IV ......SCALL ¦S-VHS Input And Output ¦True 4:2:2 Component Processing TFWte Utowi! $ 1899.99 $ 149.99 Personal Animation Recorder S CALL ¦ Varible Speed 24-Bit Real-Time Animation Playback ¦3-5 Minutes Of Playback Time Using Standard Hard Drive ¦ ! DIGITAL ' £ -t--V-V-"' S L 1 mA 1 1 L. CREATIONS - t‘M 1 Vf. Ln. T„. SupenGen 2000 DCTV ... Kitchen Sync .... S-VHS Option For Kitchen Sync Brilliance . Auto Mouse Joystick Switch ... 27.99 AlfaRam A500 External 8MB (OK) .....109.99 Alfa Ram A500 External 8MB (8MB) .. 349.99 OCR AlfaScan 400dpi Hand Scanner 199.99
3. 5" 880K Ext Drive For All Amigas 79.99 3-Button Precision Optical Mouse 49.99
1189. 99
289. 99
1289. 99
94. 99
151. 99 Personal Component Adapter S CALL ¦Two S-Video Outputs ¦Three S-Video Inputs _ -- SCALA MM210 S299." Twt GVP A-Train B-17 Flying Fortress ... Bard s Construction .... Digital Dungeon Dune . Fighter Duel Pro ... Gunship 2000 ... Harrier Assault ... Lemmings II ..... Pinball Dreams ... Pinball Fantasies
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1. 2 1.3 ?
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S. W.I.V. (Silkworm 4) 16.95 Sword of Honor 18.95 T V. Sports Baseball 21.95 TV. Sports Boxing 21.95
T. V. Sports Football 16.95 Terminator 2 18 95 Tetris 13.95 The Jetsons 16 95 The Simpsons 18 95 The Krystal 14.95 The Three Stooges 18 95 Tootin' 14.95 Treasure Trap 16.95 Trivial Pursuit Genius Fd 16 95 Trump Casino 2 18 95 Turrican 2 18.95 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game 18.95 Ultima 5 21.95 Underpressure 16.95 Universal Military Sim. 2 16.95 Vengeance of Fxcahbur 18.95 Volfied 18.95 Waterloo 16.95 Weird Dreams 14 95 Wild Wheels 16.95 World Boxing Manager 18.95 Zak McCracken 18 95 Zoetrope 19.95 NEW TITLES Wing Commander 24,95! Abandoned Places II 40 B-17 Flying Fortress 40 Body Blows 35 Chaos Engine 35 Chuck Rock 2 35 Cohort 2 40 Desert Strike 35 Dune 2 45 Elite II Soon! Gunship 2000 45 Hamer Assault 45 History line 1914-1918 42 Humans 2 42 Legend Ol Valor 45 Lionhari 35 Nick Faldo Champ. Golf 45 Nigel! Mansel's G P. AGA 35 Reach tor the Skies 40 Sleepwalker AGA 45 Street Fighter 2 35 Super Frog 35 Tornado Flight Simulator Soon! Transarclica 42 Trolls AGA 38 Zool ¦or• ZooI AGA 38 Big Sox 2 Includes Bornbuzze. R-Typ>«. Back to Ihe Fulure 3, Smb.nl ArmYyle. Sfwnghai, Internal i art?! Karale Plus. TV Sports Fool ty t. Tie Rea Ghosfousiers. Drfenrters of Ihe Earth All FOR $ 49.95 The Dream Team Incudes WWF. Tfe S ’ psor? 'rrrr; n.iUr 2 ALL FOR $ 39.95 The Adventurers Inc udes Hunter Supremacy, iraj Corporation ALL FOR $ 39.95 Super Heroes Inc uctes Last N n;a 2. Stiver 2 loJ ana Jones CruvKte. 'lie Spy Who lovel M? ALL FOR $ 29.95 Ten Great Games Includes Ch cago '90, Xeupn
2. Ferrari Formula I Pm Tenr> s Tour P c* and Pile Supersk. Carr er Corunao! R ck Dangerous, Satan. N gfithmter ALL FOR $ 39.95 Action 16 Includes I argon. Sherman M-1 Eliminator, Fas! Lane. Cosmic Pirate Rntm, Coloi.i;lu Maya On S.slari ALL FOR $ 24.95 Combat Classics Includes 6&S Attack Sub F'5 Strike Eage 2. Team YaMet ALL FOR $ 44.95 Air Sea Supremacy Inc ixfcs- Si>nl Serv ce, Gunstvp. Wings, P4? TB n t Carr er Command ALL FOR $ 49.95 Super Fighters Incudes F ru Faht, Pit F ghtgr, WWF I ALL FOR $ 39 95 High Energy SfiC lkVs IJ'jMh aLj SQUtn, Hostages, Trri.iT y Queen T e Tin on ihe Moan. F Ic and Forget ALL FOR $ 24.95 Top League Includes Spetdbat 2 F-1GFa!con. Mdvnnlw, Rick Dangerous 2, T V Spoils Foottw ALL FOR $ 34.95 Mega am ,«r a, P rate.-1 Pc£u cus Realms. .Vender and ALL FOR $ 49.95 Powerhits L III* Computet Peop'e, Shanyba BallWech, F giiirr Bomber W ck«J GB A r folly, Hacker 2, Tournament Go-l, S|» n D ti World, Ports ol Cali ALL FOR $ 49.95 Amiga TEN Star Clever and Snurt E.s> m i Games, Pnwr Sticks Sp n Woi d S-p 6 ash-r Vamp res £mp re, CryiU' Hammer F m- M ss an Tr pie-X, L N:e OM:pn ALL FOR $ 49.95 EUROMAGS Amiga ForrraL C U A-riga. Amiga Games, Amiga Action. Amiga Computing. Amiga User International, Amiga Power ALL WITH DISKS-$ 10eadi Amiga Shopper-nod sk $ 7 Fax (305) 491-5134 You must sharpen your role-playing skills to discover what is amiss in Legends of Valour’s quaint town of Mitteldorf. Ings, but out of them, and even at a distance. If you’re upstairs, that means a second-story view. (Shame there’s noway to look up and down, though.) However, many of the ideas in play here haven’t been ful- Iv developed, and nothing else in the game is up to the level of the splendid freedom of movement, for instance, character interaction is by menu and painfully limited. Combat is likewise a set-piece affair and downright dull. It’s easy to get arrested for not doing anything in particular, and the automapping system doesn’t save your progress from dungeon visit to dungeon visit. O o Moreover, LOV doesn’t run ideally under all configurations and under some (like 1,2) doesn’t seem to run at all. Based on my testing, 1 can recommend the game only to those with a 1.3 ECS machine, a 16 Mhz 3000 (the 25 Mhz is rather too fast), or a 1200, and I’d recommend a hard disk as well, or at the very least a second floppy drive. Legends of Valour is far from perfect. But its charm is undeniable. T played Dune (Virgin, S59.95) through to completion. I couldn't help myself. It dragged me in, it kept me occupied, and it didn't let me go until it was done. That's strange because, besides the sumptuous colors, supple animations, and a beguiling point-and-click interface, this struggle for control of Frank Herbert's desert planet based on the David Lynch movie is a rather simple little strategy-and-resource-management game. As Paul Atreides, you seek out settlements, assign Dune's native Fre- men population to mine space to keep the emperor happy, fight the neighboring Harkonnens, and, eventually, try to make this arid planet fertile. It's easily one of the most stylish games to emerge this year, but I occasionally wished Dune had more to it. It's quite linear, and the ecol- From p. 78. Ever, there’s much more to do, and vou'll eventuallv realize i V that there’s something generally amiss in Mitteklorf, and a supreme quest to perform. On the IBM, LOY was a latecomer and compared rather poorly to its competitors. On the Amiga, as the first of its species, it’s a proper treat. The colors have enormous richness and vitality. You can look not only into the windows of build- SHORT TAKES By Peter Olafson PRES K K V E you nave no ailments Dune Looking for More Power From Your A500, A1000 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer 500,1000* or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00.
• Call for more information $ 349" LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP ft. HD. HP. HID. HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 79.00 Board with 4 MB $ 149.00 DeskJet 256K Upgrade ..$ 55ea...2 for $ 100.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ..$ 149.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ...... $ 295.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, Tl, Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing Panasonic Citizen 32K Suffer $ 14.95 SIMMS 1x4-100 ... ..$ 13.95 1x4-80 ..$ 15.95 256x4-80 ....S4.50 256x4-70 ... ....$ 5.50 DIPS 1x1-100 ...S3.49 1x1-80 .. ...S3.99 1x1-70 .. ...54.50 256x4-80 Call 256x4-70 Call 1x4-80 .$ 17.95 1x4-60 .819.95 256x1-120 ...... ...$ 1.00 68030-RC-50 with MMU .$ 179.95 68882-RC-50 ....$ 135.95 (call for other speeds) 80387-25 SX (Bridge Board) ....$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) $ 10 Ooea. 68882 PLCC .Call 4 MB Nibble Mode...S250,00 GVP 40ns Simms ,$ 189 ea. VECTOR with MMU Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2000
• Up to 32 MB of RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail, in 68000
• Over 25% faster than G-Force"
• Built-in 2630 Expansion Bus 25 Mhz $ 529.00 33 Mhz and 40 Mhz Call High Speed SCSI Controller
* SCSI-Share,v Networking
* Features ProPLEX™
• 25, 33 or 40 Mhz
• includes68030 MMU & 68882 FPU ZIPS A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ ...$ 17.50 1x4-70 SCZ $ 17.95 1x4-60 SCZ ..Call 256x4 - 80 SCZ $ 6.99 includes Instructions Only at Memory World! Ea MATH CHIPS CPUs 4 MB 1 MB
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) ,, With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 Only 8 me0 °f 2 bit RAM- $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM-$ 1099.00 &OUU 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 1 " ~ 68882-50 FPU add $ 135.95 Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor COMMODORE CHIPS Bridgeboard Chips .... ..Please Call Super Denise .... .$ 33.95
1. 3 ROM .$ 26.95 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for...... $ 19.95 A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory andClock DKB .... ...$ 183.00 MC68000 68010 $ 15.00 Multistart II - Rom Switcher Rev 6a .$ 39.95 CSA Rocket Launcher-2630 Doubler....$ 499.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb . .....S349.00 8 up Board with 2 mb ... $ 129.00 DRAM BLOWOUT We 7 Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-800-CSA-XLR8 IVS1 MEG Simms...$ 29.95 1x8-80 ..$ 33.00 1x8-70 ..$ 35.00 4x8-80 $ 119.00 4x8-70 $ 149 00 4x8-60 $ 159 CO A4000 70 NS 4MB Simms.$ 149.00 A4000 80 NS 4MB Simms .$ 139.00 A400060NS 4MB Simms Call GVP SIM32 PAGE ZIPS .$ 179.95 ...$ 69.95 Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB $ 159.00 2 MB $ 199.00 4 MB $ 299.00 8 MB ..$ 399.00 Call for other conligurations! PiDem'nger 0 rn r deludes: sa 0 iiDom ZVZ CSA-12 GuageA1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator with SCSI & optional Networking Controller w'th Amb-60-70NS add $ 159 %pUvij with 68882RC5Q add $ 135°° Call for other configurations Microbotics- MBX 68030 1230 XA Somhz Accelerator with 4mb ....add S139:,: with 68882RC50 ....addS135x Call for other configurations 1200 ACELLERATORS Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA IVIC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 8.00 for two-day deliver Add $ 5.00 for C.O.D. • APO, AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates • 10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective items worldwide J PC Emulator Specialists (i A ME P R £ $ E R V E US Product Information, Placing Orders ancL Technical Support is at your Fingertips Phone Fax My son, ute must mine the spice as soon as possible or the Ernperor mill recall us from Dune. 718-967-1509 718-948-0893 kjyion-Fri 12-6 p.m. EST CompuServe 10001 533jy Golden Gate does it all ¦ at NEW LOW PRICES Golden Gate 486SLC 25MHz 486SLC PC AT emulator for Amiga 2000 3000
4000. As a bridge-slot-board it connects the Amiga zorro slots with the PC AT = ISA) slots. Onboard 2MB 8MB RAM (max. 16MB and up to 4MB for Amiga). Includes PC AT IDE hard disk interface and optional HD floppy disk controller (2.88MB). Norton SI 45 with 2MB $ 899 with 8MB $ 1199 Golden Gate 386SX $ 499 ton SI 23 $ 599 ntroller Kit 25MHz 386SX PC AT emulator for Amiga 2000 3000 4000. 5! 2KB RAM onboard. Features identical to our popular 486SLC. Norton SI 23 Super Beginner's Package Golden Gate 386SX. 2MB RAM and Floppy Con Profi Pack for the Power User $ 999 $ 1498 Golden Gate 486SLC, 2MB RAM, Floppy Controller Kit and Math Coprocessor The Ultimate Solution Golden Gate 486SLC, 8MB RAM. Floppy Controller Kit. Math Coprocessor, Monitor Master and Truecolor SVGA Card $ 169 Video-Kit Monitor Master and AVGA Card, Galaxy $ 179 Atonce-Plus 16MHz 286 PC AT emulator. 512KB RAM for Amiga 500 500-Plus 2000 Monitor Master External box 1 151 $ 248 $ 129 $ 98 $ 129 $ 348 $ 129 $ 79 connecting an EGA 1 40 VGA graphics card and the Amiga video output with one Multisync Truecolor, 16.7 M c. monitor only for Golden Gate SVGA, I MB, ET4000 Update A ’ $ 449 AVGA. I MB, Galaxy Graphics Cards Golden Gate 386SX in exchange RAM-Kits (60ns) for any PC AT emulator c qaq 2x1 MB I Mbitx9SIMMs Update D 486SLC-2 2x4MB 4MBitx9SIMMs Update E 486SLC-8 $ 1 I 49 Arithmetic Coprocessor Golden Gate 486SLC in exchange 80C387SX-25 for GG for any PC AT emulator Floppy Controller Kit 'all for SPECIAL pricing updates !!! Controller chip with cable set Gty. 1 Product Name Price Plus shipping costs S 30 | Total (in US Si 1 Method of Payment L"l Wire transfer to Deutsche Bank AG. Heilbronn, Germany bank account 05 124 420. Code 620 700 8! 3AMEXIS) ? MASTERCARD!$ ) VISA(DM)* ’charging ma* be influenced by the current exchange rates Name _ Address (no PO Box I Prices include all sales taxes and duties everywhere in the USA Can No surcharge Ask for prices other than USA'Can You get German products with a 12 month guarantee You get all deliveries by our parcel service TNT worldwide express No refunds Defective product exchanges only All returns require an RMM Please call or (ax lor an RMA* before returning anything All returns without RMA will be refused Ad prices subject tc change without notice TALK TO ME “ COME WITH ME STOP TALKING You'll have plenty to do in Dune to keep the Emperor happy. Ogy element seems to have been an afterthought. And the performance is mildly flaky. I couldn't get it to install on hard disk under 1.2 or run from HD under 3.0, and it crashed spasmodically a number of times on the 3000. But, I could live with it. This is the spice of life. MegaFortress: Operation SkyMaster
3. 0 ?* Hard-drive installable. No on*disk copy-protection. Sniff. This second in the series of Megafortress data disks [Three-Sixty, S39.95) is likely to be the final Amiga offering from Three-Sixty. Like Operation Sledgehammer before it, SkyMas- ter consists of 20-plus new missions for this vived-up B-52 bomber these set over North Korea (which is plotting an invasion of its southern neighbor) and the Philippines (which has been invaded by China). Ah, those old Red devils just don't let up, do they? SkyMaster is generally as solid a creation as its predecessors and properly plugged in to the parent game's unique qualities. (It's a flight sim that isn't exactly a flight sim.) And the campaign to knock out a North Korean nuke project has a nice currentness. But the Philippines campaign (drawn from Dale Brown's novel, Sky- masters) just seems silly. They didn't have to go out on Brown's limb to find trouble spots; Yugoslavia would have been a much better setting. The cut-rate 21-page manual is woeful compared to Sledgehammer's. I suppose half a loaf is better than none, but I'm still hungry. 50 Great Games Well, that's stretching it a bit, innit?
3. 0 ?* How about "10 Good Games, 15 Ordinary Ones, and 25 Fossils"? At S29.95, this three-disk compilation of public- domain-level software from England's Hollyware) is a mere-pennies-per-game-m'boy bargain. But how many maze, Qix, and Othello variations can you play before you begin to act peevish with the pets and break the crockery? Hard-drive installable. No on-disk copy-protection. Wicked Software (distributed by Nice to see a handful of surprisingly fair-haired or just atypical games the Boulderdash clone Take the Money and Run and the crude platform game Fun Factory, in particular that haven't turned up before on these shores. And nice that someone resurrected the antique 3-D shooter Triclops Invasion. But monotony and datedness and an almost total absence of docs do this one in. What it does best is fill the existential space between 4-Get- lt and 688 Attack Sub on my shelf. Beware: Only 30 of the 50 are said to be 2.0 compatible. Continued on p.88. Sinbad Thr. Of Falcon Cinem aware Spherical Electronic Zoo r your Perfect General Quantum Qual. P Stunt Car Racer MicroProse Pinball Fantasies 21st Century Tower of Babel MicroProse Pirates Tower Toppler MicroProse Populous Electronic Arts : Turrican Innerprise
• TV Sports: Football Cinemaware Powermonger Electronic Arts Fairy Tale Adventure Microfllusions
* Prince of Persia Broderbund "I Project X 1 Team 17 ¦ ™ 'ju jjk * L-|_ ¦J tA ~~[ Railroad Tycoon 1 MicroProse Warhead The Movie House Cinemaware M-1 Tank Platoon MicroProse f ] Wayne Gretzky Hockey Bethesda Softworks [ Marble Madness r~j Rick Dangerous Electronic Arts - Micro Play M I "j Might & Magic III r~| Shadow of Beast II New World Comput. 1 Psygnosis ! I Mindwalker j j Shanghai Commodore Mediagenic [ ] Monkey Island If r"1 Silent Service II IjiBiLfjjAuFLJW L MicroProse Sim City Maxis Software Wing Commander
- -V* ' Origin v ' | Wings Cinemaware Civilization MicroProse Hardball Accolade World Circuit MicroProse Drakkhen Data East Immortal, The Electronic Arts Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders LucasArts Defender of Crown Cinemaware Indianapolis 500 Electronic Arts IMY Warriors Don’t see your favorite game listed here? Write in your submission below; DIADUNIl AUQU8T IQ, 1§§© Name Address City Sta RULES: Check your five favorite gams from this ballot and send it in to the address beUrtv before August to, 1993. Be sure to include your name and address to be eligibjgfor oar prize drawing. Prize drawing wijlbe held SepteujMer J 0, 1993. Results of the voting will be publishedI in file December 1993 issue of AmigaWorld. Please submit duly one ballot per person and only five selections per ballot. Persons of any age may enter.,but if me grand prize, is won by a minor if must be claimed by a parent or legal guardian. Ba*u5tSI Player's Choice Contest c o AmlgtaWorld Magazine I 80 Elm Street m World 85 Phone TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-5 CST INFORMATION TECH SUPPORT RETURNS 4M-541-8I25 J ...41.99 ’..47.99 ...87.99 .145.00 .199.00 ~~2 Ml mu n i him En.t.ertainmen.t, ...22.00 ...30.00 .309.00 ...47.99 ...75.00 ...86.99 ...53.99 ...55,00 .149.99 ...85.00 .245.00 .149.00 ...75.00 .249.99 .120.00 ...49.00 ...37.00 ...80.00 .119.00 ...59.99 600C Scanner 1089.00 800C Scanner 1189.00 Transparency Unit 815.00 Software ADI Jr. Reading .26.99 ADI Jr. Counting _..26.99 A-T rain .43.99 A-Train Const Set ..24.99 B17 Flying Fortress 42.99 Bard's Construction 31.99 Chaos Engine .....39.99 Desert Strike ......35.99 Digital Dungeon .47.99 Dune 36.99 Fighter Duel Pro 36.99 Fighter Duel Flight 48.99 Gear Works 32.99 History Line 1914-1918 45.99 Indiana Jones: Atlantis .37.99 KGB .19.99 Keys to Music ....39.99 VIDEOS LightWave Essentials.33.99 LightWave Modeler 33.99 LightWave Surfaces .33.99 Flying Logos 33.99 Toaster CG 34 99 Toaster Paint 34.99 Toaster Essentials ..34 99 Festival .16.99 EPSON Lemmings II . .....37.99 Legends of Valour ... .....42.99 Mavis Beacon 2.0 .... .....37.99 Mickey's 1. 2. 3 .....30.99 Mickey’s Jigsaw ...... .....30.99 Nicky Boom .. .....26.99 Omar Sharif on Bridge.... .....33.99 Pinball Fantasies ...... .....32.99 Playroom ...... .....32.99 Reach for the Skies .....35.00 Sleepwalker . .....37.99 Space Hulk .. .....42.99 Super Frog ... .....34.99 Tom Landry Football...... .....20.00 Voyager .....59.99 Wing Commander ... .....38.99 Z00IAGA .....
38. 99 WsillililWMWHMfe Software 600 Amiga Clip Art .. Address It! .... Aladdin 4D .... AmiBack 2.0 . AmiBack Tools Plus . AMOS Pro .... ASIM VTR ..... Anim Workshop Art Expression .. Animatrix Modeler ... Bars & Pipes Pro 2.0..... Brilliance C Net 2.6 ...... Caligari24 ..... Can Do 2.0 .... Charts & Graphs ...... Cross DOS 5.0+ Deluxe Music II . Deluxe Paint IV AGA Directory Opus 4.0 .. Introducing Digital Recording To Go! Start with digital sound quality, instant track access, a disc you can play repeatedly without wear and tear. Now add the convenience of pocket-size music, shock-resistant playback and the ability to record and re-record. That’s the magic ol Sony’s MZ-1 MD Walkman Recorder Player. Now available! It’s HOT!!!! $ 699.00 L A520 RF Modulator 35.00 A2300 !nt Genlock, 2000.145.00 A2320 Display Enhancer..225.00 Floppy Drive 2000 HD....91.00 Floppy Drive 3000 HD....91.00 Monitor 1084 .289.00 Monitor 1960 .499.00 Mouse. 2-Button 45.00 Mouse. 3-Button 53.00 INSTOCK!! COMMODORE AMIGA 4000 030 COMMODORE’S NEWEST AGA machine with a 68030 accelerator board. FAST 120 MB harddrive, 4 megs of RAM including 2 megs CHIP RAM. An affordable machine for Toaster 4000!! Call for pricing. C= Commodore CDTV INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA CD Caddy 2-Pack 15.99 CDTV Genlock ...155.00 CDTV Trackball ....95.00 Fred Fish Online 1.5 45.00 Fred Fish Reg 1.6 45.00 GIFs Galore ...18.99 Karaoke Unit ......155.00 SCSI-TV w Adapator NEWI16Q.00 Ultimate MOD Collection 22.99 Educational Titles - CLOSE-OUT PRICE! BOOKS & MAGAZINES Amiga Intern .33.99 AMOS Gamemakers’ Manual .27.99 Arexx Cookbook w Disks 37.99 DOS Ref Guide 4th Ed ....18.99 Mastering AMOS ..29.00 Mastering Amiga Beginners ..24.00 Mastering Amiga DOS .....26.99 Mastering Amiga Systems.....36.00 Mastering Assembler .....33.00 Mastering Toaster Tech .33.99 Virtual Reality Book .17.99 We carry' ALL Euro magazines! Con s Commodore* AMIGA [s Easy AMOS ...... Essence Imagine.... Fractal Pro 5.0 . ImageMaster ... Imagine w Objects. Frl '¦BE1 p IEJ J) 0 Final Copy II .... 7900 0 Amiga DOS 2.04 to 2.1.... ...4500 €> Amiga DOS 2.1 .. 7900 O DSS Audio Digitizer .. 6599 © Hypercache Pro ...32.99 © Directory Opus 59 99 0 Art Department Pro 2.3...... 148 no © Pixel 3D Pro ... .119.00 © AMOS Gamemakers'Manual 27.99 © Understanding Imagine... ..28.00 Interchange Plus ....79.00 Joe's Company EPS Clip Art Original ...75.00 Family ......47.00 Wedding ..47.00 Fantasy ....26.00 Business .. 75.00 Montage ...329.99 Morph Plus ......149.00 Office 3.0 ..120.00 Origins .79.00 PageSetter II 3.0 55.00 PageStream 2.2 ...169.00 m jgr 512K Memory500 ....36.00 601W 1MB .75.00 MIDI .40.00 Mouse, Swifty 29.00 Mouse(JoysfckPort ..29.99 Multi-Face Cand 2000 ....229.00 Scanner .....149.00 Sound Sampler ..63.99 mid« Panorama ...55.00 Pelican Press .....58.99 PlayMation .....299.00 Power Packer Pro ..22.99 ProDraw ProPage Bundle..239.00 Professional Calc 2.0 ..120.00 Video Toaster 3.0 S2075.00 NewTek INCORPORATED Authorized Panasonic Broadcast & "V Systems Authorized RGB AmiUnk Systems Profills 2.0 1 2 ... ...23.99 Proper Grammar II .... 59 99 ProWrite 3.3 ... ...55.00 QuarterBack 5.0 .. 45 00 QuarterBack Tools Deluxe
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3. 5" IDE 105MB .$ 499.00 (Bare Drive) Cartridges Each ....$ 99.00 Syquist 5110C Bare Drive 88MB Reads & Writes 44-Meg formatted cartridges Now only S389.00! From ASDG, Inc. Ethernet Board ...299.00 From InterWorks Enlan DFS Network Soft * are 185.00 Drawing Brd If Corded 399.00 Drawing Brd If Cordless 545.00 Drawing Pad Cordless 345.00 DeJa Vue ..415.00 Harddrive, 850 ELS 199.00 Harddrive, 127QELS 329.00 Harddrive, 170QELS 359.00 Joystick Adaptor, Analog 13.99 Joystick, Ergo ....20.00 Joystick, SpeedKing 19.00 Joystick, SpeedKing Analog.23.00 Kitchen Sync ..1295.00 MBX 4 0K 14MHz w Clock149.Q0 MBX 4 OK 28MHz w Clock235.00 MIDI Connector .48.00 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus..199.00 Memory Brd Data Flyer OK,,.99.00 Modem, Zyxel 1496E ..379.00 Modem, Zyxel 1496E+ 459.00 Monitor. IDEK 15” ......620.00 Monitor, IDEK 17" ......989.00 Monitor, IDEK 21” ....1759.00 Monitor, Sony 1302 ....569.00 Mouse Game Pad ..25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 29.00 Mouse Pen, Alfa Data 64.00 MuftiStart II 39.99 One-Stop Music Shop 579.00 OpafVision 699.00 Optical Drive 128MB Inf,,.1275.00 Optical Drive 128MB Ext..1375.00 Personal Anim Recorder,.1599.00 Personal SFC ...375.00 Personal V Scope ...729.00 Phone Pak, GVP ...349.00 Power Supply 2000 300W.149.00 Power Supply, Big Foot 89.00 Retina 2MB ...:......499.00 Retina 4MB ......575.00 Scanner, Alfa Scan + ...185.00 Scanner, Sharp 320 ....889.00 Scanner Board for 320 199.00 Smart Port ..54.00 Speakers, Koss ..26.00 ROCTEC Floppy Drive, Int 500..78.00 RocLite Ext Floppy Beige or Black ....89.00 RocGen Plus 219.00 RocKey .249.00 Buy Both .459.00 RocTec Mouse ....24.00 RodVtate HD Box NICE! .90.00 External enclosure kit for all Amigas. Holds LPS drives. SupraFaxModem V.32 SupraFAXModemV.32 V.42 V. 42bis - Up to 9600 bps send and receive FAX or data GP Fax Software.,., ..69.00
275. 00
339. 00
- 75.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 Bare 249.00 SupraFAXModem 14.4 w sw .299.00 SupraFAXModem 24QO+Bare..119.00 SupraFAXModem 2400+w sw .....150.00 SupraModem 2400 Bare 75.00 HA I VE For the A50Q SupraDrive 500XP120MB .499.00 SupraDrive 500XP 213MB .599.00 M E M fill 512K RAM Expansion RfnRY i 1 W 1 ||i( (•>¦••• f iKP'f •XHtf l( ._ .39.00 __125.00 500 RX2 __
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1. 2 1.3 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No on-disk copy-protection. 3,0 ?* Hard-drive installable. No on-disk copy-protection.
1. 2 1.3 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No on-dlsk copy-protection. VlDfjcs! Mad£ablES RG& more • • 1,2 1.3 ?
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No on-disk copy-protection. ©1.2 1.3 ?
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3. 0 ?* Not hard-drive installable. No on-disk copy-protection. REDMOND CABLE j * 9v!sT EAST COAST WEST COAST H Wm 615-478-5760 206-882-2009 Like a lot of puzzle games, Gearworks (Holly ware, $ 49.95} invokes the specter of Tetris in its promotional literature. Unlike most of them, it follows _ through on that promise without ripping off the original. You mount gears of various sizes on pegs with a view to setting in motion all the stationary red gears strewn across the rectangular playfield. (The new gears are introduced one at a time, as in a certain falling-block game.) This is a sizing problem all by itself, and you also have to contend with an all-too-speedy game clock and wandering critters who rust gears and snap off pegs. I wouldn't have minded a few more levels there are about a dozen of them, each with multiple segments and gradual introduction of features, but this game pushes the right buttons. It's definitely gear. NOW FEATURING... analog • VGA S-VHS * FLICKERFIXER • TOASTER • DEC HP. • APPLE • AMIGA • ATARI • MULTISYNC IBM • COAX • CUSTOM • GAME CABLES NEW RELEASES... audio cables • (PRO AUDIO, TEXEL NEC, SONY, TOSHIBA) IDE CABLES • (44pin to 44pin • 40pin to 44pin) VGA 1200 600 ADAPTER Start-up game companies often start simple and modest and with something they know. So it is with Texas' Knight Tyme Productions. Break 'n' Bash ($ 29.95) is a two-player, 100-level game of Breakout a sideways Arkanoid with a brain on the other side of the bricks. WE HAVE THE CABLES YOU NEED - MONITORS PRINTERS PLOTTERS MODEMS Break ’n’ Basli Gearworks Fro? ? P.84. OXYD Here's the reason this column was late. Oxyd (Dongteware, $ 4 disk, $ 39 codebook) is an exquisite puzzle game of a sort we don't see very often. It not__ only nicely fills the gap left by games like Mindroll, Night Dawn, and Sliders, but it'll also make you forget 'em (if you haven't already). In basic terms, it's an ambitious Concentration in which you roll a little black ball around a landscape knocking it against blocks and seeing what color circle turns up. Once you've matched up all the blocks in a level, you move to the next. Color matching is but a tiny fraction of Oxyd's challenge. The real game is getting the ball to the blocks at all. You'll have to manage an inventory of useful objects and deal with quicksand, movable walls, lasers and bridges (and the buttons to turn 'em off and on), bombs, missing floor tiles, gravity-fed speed all to charming graphic and sonic effects. The end stays the same but the means keep changing on you and always in some stylish, interesting way and by the time I reached Level 9, I had no idea what to expect next... and couldn't wait to see it. That's a wonderful quality in a game. I can't imagine anyone giving a hoot about The Games '92 (Ocean, $ 39.95) at this late date. If you're going to do an Olympics game with a sizable database of maps and background, put it out in some semblance of proximity to the Olympics when we're still in rah-rah mode not the following February when we're thinking about baseball. The events themselves are plentiful I count 29 but it takes way too long to wend your way through the game system to get to 'em. And when you get there, you're not rewarded with glossy, high-end stuff, as in ReadySoft's International Sports Challenge, but crude, done-in-my-Mom's- basement samples and drab graphics. Everything looks coated with dust, and when you realize that this one has been sitting around since last summer, that kind of makes sense. Disqualified. ¦ It's a shame that Planet Editor (ln- tergalactic Development inc., $ 49.95) wasn't available two years ago, when it might have appealed to more than the already converted. If you put Universal Military Simulator II aside when you discovered you couldn't grow your own worlds, now's the time to pick it up again. For when combined with the editor at once astonishingly thorough and surprisingly easy to use UMS II reveals its true colors as a real piece of work (albeit a desperately slow one on unaccelerated machines). I had the sense while moving through its menus and windows that there wasn't anything I couldn't do, and that's what a game editor should be. There's nothing particularly dashing about that in and of itself. Digital Concepts once released a four-player Breakout clone called Lords of War with simultaneous play by two human players and it's a wonder that, with so many good PD and shareware Breakout clones [MegaBall, for instance), folks keep pumping these things out. Here's the rub: It's the first Breakout I've seen that supports modem and null-modern play. No computer will ever play the angles as cleverly as another person, and if anything's going to make this old saw sing, that's it. UMS II: Planet Editor Espana: The Games ’92 KITCHEN SYNC 2 CHANNEL TBC $ 1199.95 GOLDEN GATE 486SL 25 Mhz CALL 386SX S484.95 ONE STOP MUSIC SHOP Special $ 563.00 A-4000-040, 120 MB, 6 meg RAM Guaranteed Lowest! A-4000-030, 120 MB, 4 meg RAM 1649.95 NEW! Epson ES600C 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 769.95 ES8Q0C $ 1088.95 DCTV-NTSC Digitizer & Display Device Frame Buffer w 24 Bit Paint Millions of Colors$ 274.95 s_ ' EDITIZER True A B Roll * Multi Format Editor Toaster Control • DPS TBC Control LOWEST &3£r Rock-Bottom Prices!! A-2000 599.95 A-2000-HD-100 4899.95 1084 S Monitor CALL A2091 Kit 54.95 Authorized Amiga Service Center Bring or mail in your equipment for in & out of warranty work. Factory trained technicians. Take Advantage of These SOFTWARE Final Copy 2.0 ..79.95 Pagestream 2.2......164.95 Art Dept. Pro 2.3..... 148.95 SAS Lattice CV6 0., 224.95 Caligan 24 ..... 234.95 AMAX II Plus .319.95 DeskJet 550C Driver ...39.95 Imagine 2.0 ...199.95 Real 3D V. 2.0 379,95 Pixel 3D Pro ...119.95 Image Master ..118.00 Mor.h Plus ....138.00 Baud Bandit ....29.95 Playmation .... 344.95 Interchange Plus 59.95 Essence for Imagine....47.95 Montage CALL Trexx Pro 2.0 .LOWEST CNCT V. 2.4 BBS......79.95 Pro Page 4.0 ..147,95 TBCs & GENLOCKS DPS Personal TBC III...688.95 DPS TBC 230 1478.95 DPS Personal V Scope..699.95 Prime image TBC PCB S m oui with remote control
849. 95 Hotronics AP41 ...... 888,95 The Personal SFC .... 339.95 GVP G-Lock 384.95 Supergen 2000 Genlock . 1178.95 Instructional Videos. Books CALL VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 (2000) $ 1859.95! Now Includes 3.0 Upgrade! TOASTCR 4000...CALL DRIVES Syquest 44 Meg Int. Drive 259.95 Syquest 44 Meg Cartridge .68.95 Syquest 88 Meg Int. Drive 369.95 Syquest 88 Meg Cartridge .99.95 Syquest Cleaning Kit ......24.55 Ext. Chassis Power Supply 89.95 West Dig. 212 Meg ...... 299.95 240 MegSCSi 320.00 340 Meg West Dig 439.95 Fujitsu 425M-SCSi ...... 729.95 Fujitsu 520 ... 899.95 Supra 500XP 53MB HD w 512K... 529.95 Quant. 52MB SCSi LPS HD ... 189.00 Quant. 105MB SCSi LPS HD... 219.95 120MB SCSi LPS 259.95 Conner 170MB SCSi HD . 289.95 Quantum 240MB SCSi HD..... 339.95 Maxtor 1.2 GiG .. 1399.95 Seagate 1.2 GiG 1139.0Qi Seagate 2.2 GiG . 1899.95 Seagate 3.5 GiG .3150.00 We will not be undersold! Call if you need a price beat! Call about the new A4000 Power Up Program Opal ( ision 24-bit Video 5 Graphics System New Version 2.0 includes Opalpaint * Hie BEST Paint Program OpalAnlmMate - Animation Player OpalPresents - for 24-bit Presentations Plus - get a free copy of Imagine 2.0 3-D Software direct from Centaurt Main Board Now Only $ 674.95! - =gvp! New From GVP! A1200-SCSi, no RAM, no FPU .244.95 A1200-SCSi, FP 33 4 SCSi ....469.95 A1230-no FPU. No RAM 399.95 A1230 wI FPU & 4 meg RAM... 569.95 IV-24 New 2 0 Version 1185.95 Phone PAK VFX .. 288.00 Maxtor Tahiti II ..3249.95 A-1200 CPU ONLY $ 519.95 NO TIE-INS! 80 Meg Drive $ 268 120 Meg Drive $ 378 210 Meg Drive $ 548 PERIPHERALS Toaster Cozzy 529.95 YC-Plus (Toaster) 849.95 Super Fax Modem w Software..294.95 Microbotics VXL 030 25 .188.95 Microbotics VXL 030 40 LOWEST CDTV w Pro Upgrage ... 569.95 All Computer Safeskins ....CALL Optical Mouse ..48.95 Midi Controller (4 ouls) ....39.95 One Stop Music Shop .. 563.95 Mac ROMs Foramax II ...124.95 Flicker Free Video II ..... 229.95 Patchmeister ......48.00 CSA Rocket Launcher .....CALL AD 516 w Studio 16 ...1199.95 AD 1012 w Studio 16 ....CALL TriplePlay Plus 162.95 DKB-Megachip 2000 500 w Agnus.. 194.95 Multistart II .....36.50 0KB 2632 RA Exp 112 4 Meg... CALL IF YOU DON’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE CALL SOFTWARE Prowrite 3.3 ... ..43.50 Ami Back 2.0 . ..39.95 Ami Back Tools...... ..48.00 Showmaker ....
239. 95 Kara Fonts Headlines 3 ..45.95 Kara Animlonts (1-3) ..29.50 Brilliance ...... .. CALL Image F X ..... .. CALL Oisney Animation Studio..78.00 Gigamem.. ..79.95 Aladdin 4D ....
239. 95 Art Expression .
149. 95 Excellence 3.0 .
119. 95 Hotlinks ..79.95 Morphus .. CALL Vistapro 2.0 ... ..84.95 Dpaint 4,1 ....
105. 95 Dr, T*s 3 5 Lev. It KCS .229.95 Diskmaster II .. ..39.95 Directory Opus 4.0 ... ..69.95 Bars & Pipes Pro 2.0.
207. 95 Broadcast Titler II....
229. 95 Toaster Vision .
109. 95 MONITORS Commodore 1960 529.95 Pan. CT-1332Y Video... 234.95 Pan. CT-1383Y ..289.95 Sony CPD 1431 .549.95 Sony CPD 1304S 579.00 Sony CPD 1604S 999.95 Panasync 1381 i .319.00 Nec MS 2A ......369.95 Nec MS 3FG 4FG... CALL 729.95 Tristate is a full service dealer for pros and amateurs alike. We carry everything in Video and Editing. A500 HD8+0 40-11 259.95
- GVP J Authorized Dealer We guarantee lowest prices!!! A500 HDB+0 120Q-11 .... 359.95 A500 H08+0 240Q-11 .... 489.95 A500-PC 286 512 ....74.95 I O Extender .129.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 149.95 A2000 HC8-0MB 80Q-11. 299.95 A2000 HC8+0MB 120Q-11... 359.95 A2000 HC8+0M8 240Q-11...489.95 A2000 RAM 8 0 ...... CALL 1MBx8MB SIMM (2MB).....62.50 coo* DSS8 Sound Studio... ..... 58.95 Combo 030-25 1 10 399.95 Combo 030-40 4 .... 599.95 Combo 030-40 4 120 ...... 819.95 Combo 030*40 4 240...... 919.95 G Force 030-50 4 ... 789.95 Combo 030-50 4 240 ..... 1069.95 Combo 040-33 4 .... 965.95 GVP A-530 Turbo 120 ..... 569.95 Sim32*4MS 60 .CALL S11 030 HD Disk Mt. Kit ... 43.50 accepted. Overnight shipping available. 15 day money back guarantee. All merchandise brand naw. Factory fresh. Cuetom contlgurallon* our spatially. AmiLink Cl Editor Headquarters A B Roll System (AG 1970) CALI. Cuts Only System (AG 1970) CALc Toasffi Control Module CALL I VaUTHORIZED DEALER McriC IV5 AUTHORIZED DEALER WACOM TABLETS Cordless-Pressure Sensitive 6" x 9" . 443.95 12" x 12“ ... 649.95 Driver and Cable ....79.95 RETINA BOARD w 4MB .. 549.95 w 2 MB 479.95 VLAB-24 Bit Real-Time Video Digitizer... 379.95 IDEK The perfect monitor lor Amiga 5015-15"-l5-38 Mhz.. CALL 5017*17"-38 Mhz 949.95 5021-21 ”-38 Mhz CALL All w flat screens MICROBOTICS MBX-1200 FPU, 32 bit memory w battery back clock w 14 Mhz ..124.95 w 25 Mhz ...189.95 w 50 Mhz ..279.95 uses 1.4 or 8 MB SIMM M-1230XA New lor the 1200 speed! Up to 128 meg RAM w clock 40 Mhz 40 0 0 ....325.00 40 33 4 .... 549.95 50 Mhz 50 0 0 .....399.95 50 50 4 .... 699.95 The GRAPEVINE GROUP INC. NORTH AMERICA’S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS AND SPECIALTY PARTS • r > V S J S s V AMIGA UPGRADE CHIPS NEW LOW PRICES AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRADES
2. 05 ROM See column at right 8362 Denise Vi Bright upgrade $ 14.95 8364 Paula .....$ 14.95 8373 New Super Denise with diag. Instruct sftwr $ 27.50 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus) A500 Plus & A600 PAL only..$ 59.95 5719 Gary chip $ 13.50 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 major functions = 2 $ 16.50) .$ 9.95 13 Kickstart ROM low. Low price wilh instructions.... $ 21.95 7 0 hard disk controller upgrade ROMs (2) .....$ 39.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (lixes most keyboard problems) ... $ 11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Cn p ...$ 14.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip $ 14.95 390229 Video Hybrid Chip (A500 only) ...$ 11.95 FATTER AGNUS UPGRADE 8372A 1MB KIT $ 37.50 Kit comes with Agnus, FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity), step-by-step instructions, the NEW Amiga Troubleshooler diagnostic guide (valued @ S9.95), and diagnostic software These valuable extras are an exclusive BONUS package only available from Grapevine. This kit has free bonuses thai total $ 27 95. (We'll beat any legitimate competitor's price on the Agnus chip and still give you the diagnostics and Goliath chip puHer.) .$ 37.50 We will beal any legitimate advertised price! WORLDS 0 BEST SELLING ™ A500 2000
1. 3*2.0 ROM SELECTOR (NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUITRY FOR ALL AMIGA REVISIONS) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc allows for compatibility ol ALL your software. Automatically switch between 1 3 or 2.0 ROM Irom your keyboard Built-in speaker confirms 1 3 or 2.0 ROM. Does not overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc Simple plug in. No soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available Instructions included (new low price) ......$ 27.95 SWITCH-ITT BONUS PACKAGE:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 1 3 ROM upgrade (£ $ 45.95
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 49.95
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 and 2.05 @ $ 69.95 (Want entire 2.1 kiP Add S4Z50) REJUVENATOR II A1000 UPGRADE Allows 2MB ol chip RAM. Contains 2MB Agnus. 8373 Super Denise, 2MB RAM, 2 0 ROM, 'Final Test' diagnostic software 8 Amiga Troubleshooter ......$ 599.95
- V Rice . V 'Syj jl
2. 05 ROM chip only (enhanced version) $ 27.95
2. 04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes) ....$ 29.95
2. 1 Complete Kit ( AS215): includes new 205 ROM, books and diskettes. Newly upgraded ......$ 77.50
2. 1 Kit (tfAS216): Same as above but does NOT include ROM (for upgrading your old 2.0 kil) ......$ 42.50
2. 04 ROM A3000 Upgrade Kit .$ 45.50
2. 04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit ..$ 34.95 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE UPGRADE TO THE LATEST FEATURES New 8373 ECS Super Denise chip adds new screen modes. Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation software programs which is exclusively available through the Grapevine .... $ 27.50 MORE UPGRADES High Density Drives for A2000 A3000 (specify) $ 99.00 A5Q1 Clone: 512K RAM Expander module .....$ 34.95 A1050 (new) 256K module for AlCOO Plugs into front ol AlCOO$ 29.95 A2088 XT; Complete Amiga add on kit and drive......$ 99.50 A2091 HDC: New revision 7.0 ROMs (2) High performance & capability. Supports larger drives ...$ 39.95 1750 RAM Expander Umtlor C64 128 This is a new unit. Last chance to upgrade to 512K ...$ 79.95 MICROBOTICS A1200 MEMORY UPGRADES MBX 1260 SERIES W FPU (Motorola 68882 Floating Point Unit) W 32 BIT MEMORY = up to 8 MB) & CLOCK
• MBX 1200Z with clock (no FPU, memory) ..$ 139.50
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68882 20 Mhz FPU $ 176.50
• MBX 1200Z with dock and 68882 25 Mhz FPU $ 214.00
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68882 33 Mhz FPU $ 264.00
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68882 40 Mhz FPU $ 205.00
• MBX 1200Z with clock and 68882 50 Mhz FPU.....$ 273.00 (A 68882 is 8 lo 10% faster than a 68881)
• 4MB wide bodied SIMM module lor above .$ 142.50
• SMB wide bodied SIMM module for above ...$ 279.95 12 A’CLOCK by MICROBOTICS A1200 REALTIME CLOCK CALENDAR EXPANSION The A1200 is just about perfect except for one thing: it needs a clock. Now you can easilyand inexpensively have one by installing ihe 12 A'Clock board internally.. S24.95
• DKB 1202 Memory Upgrade .....See DKB Below ST0P COSTLY AMIGA REPAIRS PPICE IT’S PROBABLY YOUR 8520 CIA CHIP If your Amiga 500 1500 2000 shows the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of the most problematic (1C) chip in your Amiga, the 8520 Areas affected by either of the two 8520 chips are: centronics port, RS232 port, joy stick port, mouse port, drive LED, drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems. The 8520 is a simple plug in and will save you a lot of repair costs and down time. 40% or all defective Amigas are caused by baa 8520s Simple plug-in chip. 8520 CIA ...$ 9.95 ea. 2 8520 CIA’s for S16.50 A600 A1200 MEMORY UPGRADES PCMCIA MICROCARD by Microworks Ltd. Offers up lo 4 additional megabytes of (fas!) Dynamic RAM via the A600 A1200 PCMCIA slot This credit card sized memory moduleauto-configures at boot time, leaving most of the internal chip RAM free for image processing. No hardware or software configurations are needed and recognition is automatic. Does not slow computer down. A large percentage of Ihe Amiga 1200 software now requires more than 2 MB of memory (1 meg in the A600) and certainly more than the standard memory built into each computer. 2 MB 4MB upgrade PCMCIA card ....$ 129.95 5209.95 In Canada contact IT Tech in Saskatchewan (306) 691 -0520. BASEBOARD 601 1 MB Chip Memory Card by Expansion Systems, Take the 1 MB memory in your A600 up to 2 MB ol chip RAM. Installs in trap door. Contains battery and clock Fully populated with 1 MB of chip RAM ..... $ 54.50 LOW PRICED MEMORY A600 A1200 MEMORY UPGRADES Grapevine s buying power allows us to give you the lowest priced, highest quality memory. All chips are new 256 x 1 100 DIP (41256) .$ 1.25 256 x 4 70 DIP (for AdRAMs. Etc) ....$ 4.50 1 x 1 80 DIP ......$ 3.95 1 x 3 70 SIMM module .$ 37.50 1 x 4 80 SC ZIP for A3000 ... $ 19.75 1 x 8 80 SIMM module .$ 32.95 1 x 9 70 SIMM module .$ 38.50 4 x 8 80 SIMM module ... $ 149.50 GVP SIMM 32-4Mb 60NS (for GVP products)......194.95 1 x 32 70 (4 meg SIMM for A4000 MicroBotics) $ 142.50 2 x 32 70 (8 meg SIMM lor MicroBotics) $ 279.95 HP Laser Mem. Brds. 0K(up to 4 meg) ......$ 29.95 ICD PRODUCTS 2Q2jTrifecta. High speed combo board ....$ 190.95 Flicker Free Video 2. Eliminates flicker ......$ 228.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500. With 1 meg... $ 119.95 w 2 meg...$ 149.95 Each additional meg ol memory add ..$ 35.95 IDE2. Hard drive interface 12W 3W1 HD Kit): AdlDE2 + Shuffieboard (3%" interface kit) $ 124.50 AdlDE2 + Mounting Bracket = 2W interlace kit) $ 116,50 AdSpeed: Best low priced accelerator (14 Mhz). $ 164.50 Kickback: ROM selector switch ....$ 34.95 STATUS CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE (914) 368-4242 ORDER LINE ONLY 1-800-292-7445 DKB PRODUCTS MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included COHQ 2 MB of Chip RAM for A500 2000 STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0, the ECS Denise chip, GVP's & Commodore's 68030 accelerators. Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A3000 A4000' With the S209.95 MegAChip 2000 you get the following bonus package FREE1 NKW
I. OW PRICE Goliath Agnus chip puller (absolute necessity) valued at S6.95 ....FREE Final Test Agnus diagnostic disk valued at $ 9.95 ...FREE New Amiga Troubleshooter guide valued at S9.95 .. FREE 1 MB REBATE: We will buy back your 1 MB Agnus Chip. MegAChip 2000 (with 2 MB Agnus installed - $ 30 worth of free bonuses lor a tofcl package price of $ 209.95 NOTICE: The Goliath chip puller diagnostic software is available exclusively Irom Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip Irom us and we'll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) lor $ 23.50 0 We wit! Beat any legitimate advertised price! Insider 11™ 1.5 Megs in Your A1G00 Allows A1000 owners to add up to 1.5 meg of Fast RAM internally. User expandable in 512K increments using 256Kx4 DRAMs. Includes battery backed dock calendar Simple installation. No soldering required. Compatible w the KwikStart II & most processor accel....$ 147,50 W 1.5 meg...$ 188.50 DKB1202™ FPU, RTC, Alarm and Memory Allows A1200 owners to install a floating point unit co-processor (up to 40 Mhz using the68B82), a real-time clock with date timeand “alarm1' functions, and the ability to add up to 8 meg of true 32-bit RAM. Great for ray-tracing, etc .$ 154.95 KwikStart II™ Utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROM Allows A100Q owners to install 1.3 and 2.0 Kickstart ROM and switch between them. Upgrade to the latest operating system and still be compatible with software that requires Kickstart 1,3 .... $ 59.95 MultiStart II™ Switch between ROMs from your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0 and switch between them with the keyboard. A sizable percentage of current software will be incompatible with the new 2.0. This simple device allowsyou to becompatible with all your software. No external wires or swilches required $ 34.50 MULTI START BONUS PACKAGE
• Buy the MultiStan with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 52.95.
• Buy the MultiStart with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 59.95.
• The Ultimate Deal: Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 and 2,05 (g> $ 84.50. ORDER LINE 1-800-292-7445 • STATUS CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE (914) 368-4242 OrHpr 1 inp Onlv ® Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 * Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Status Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 (914) 357-2607 1 -800-292-7445 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 9-6 E.T. mon.-fri. AMIGA DIAGNOSTICS FOR EVERY NEED ? EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT A ES3 AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER™ GET YOUR A5O01A1000 A2000 GOING... NOW IS IT WORTH S9.95 TO LOCATE YOUR PROBLEM? Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot of time and money by repairing your The Amiga Troubleshooter is a simple, east-to-use symptomatic guide own. Over90% of detective Amigasare easily repaired by this plug-in replacement Kit. Kit to diagnosing faulty components (especially Ics) on Amiga computers corrects 28 symptoms and includes: Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8362.8364, Chip Puller, Fuse, The AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER by Wilcom Australia takes you through logical steps Schematic, Amiga Troubleshooter, the Final Test diskette and instructions. Leading you directly to the source of your problem in seconds. Over ninety percent of
• Emergency Startup Kit ( OIA 14). A $ 210.00 value lor ....* $ 89.95 Amiga problems are readily fixed by simple substitution of integrated circuits (ICs) in Same as DIA 14 and Includes 8373 Super Denise (tfDIA 14B) ...$ 99.95 existing plug-in sockets. The novice as well as the experienced technician will find it Same as DIA 14 and includes with B372A 1 meg Agnus ( DIA 14C) ..$ 129.95 simple to use. No olher tools or equipment are needed. Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8373 and 8372A ( DIA 14D) ..$ 139.95 Developed by a group ol Amiga Technicians, the AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER TUP FTMAI TTTCT ni Af'kinCTIf' niCIf addresses over thirty of the most common failures in the following catagories; power-up InL Itol LHAuNUoHO Ulbft problems, Amiga keyboard, mouse joystick port, video display, serial port, parallel port, IS YOUR 1 MB AGNUS AND COMPUTER WORKING PERFECTLY? Disk drive, and audio problems. Although it tests the functioning of the keyboard, its primary purpose is to run through and Don't be misled by the price. This is a true Amiga diagnostic tool that performs well, verify all the functions of the 83721 meg Agnus such as sound, new work bench, timing, saving you time and money on repairs. (The C64 version of the Troubleshooter has sold real lime clock, RAM lesl (both chip and last), half bright function, HAM, blitter, sprites, over 45,000 copies.) Look for product reviews in most Amiga magazines ....$ 9.95 double buffer animation, mouse, disk read write, Dfl DF(f (self booting disk)....$ 9.95 _ AMI FI OPPY Al 1TNMFNT cvQTFM HfjEEHIlil ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER High precision floppy drive ahgnment d p ormance monitoring system by Free Spirit AN INEXPENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC ANALYZER THAT WORKS ON ALL AMIGAS Test alignment, speed, read write accuracy. Comes with program disk, calibration disk by Wilcom Australia Ltd. And manual ..$ 27.50 A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer (uses point and click software unur in DAAi p o crm iAr u a kit i ai o interface). Sample displays shows status of data transmission signals: Tests game port HOW-TO BOOKS & SERVICE MANUALS function, parallel port, serial port, disk drive, video ports, memory (buffer) checker, system
• A500 SAMS Computerlacts: A complete professionally written manual of technical configuration and auto test. Readsdiagnostic status of any read write errorsfrom track 0 service data for the A500 that includes schematics, alignment adjustment procedures, to track 79. Software automatically tells whal errors are found and the chips responsible parts list, logic charts, voltages, troubleshooting and pictorial layouts. This 63 page 85% to 90% of the problems presented to service centers are found with this analyzer, service manual is the bible of repair books ano is nearly oul of print ....$ 39.95 Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford to be
• C64 Commodore computer service manuals ....$ 17,95 withoutone. Don’t be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer. This
• 1571 Commodore computer service manuals $ 17.95 is a sophisticated diagnostic used by Amiga repair centers worldwide .....$ 79.95
• A500 Commodore computer service manuals .. $ 17.95 nrtox auai w7Cn
• A2000 Commodore service manual (schematics only) ...$ 22.50 PRO PORT ANALYZER
• A3000 Commodore service manual (schematics only) ...$ 44.95 Recommended by Commodore as a diagnostic tool for all Amigas ..$ 79.95 POWER SUPPLIES
• A500: Factory replacement. New larger components for cooler operation ...$ 46.50
• A500 A600 A1200 200 Watt: This Bigfoot power supply by Micro R&D is an absolute mustforthose adding more peripherals or memory (eg MicroBotics MBX Series). The power supply provided wilh the A600 Al 200 cannol handle additional peripherals. The Bigfoot is universal switching, comes with a Ian and works with different input voltages worldwide $ 84,95
• A2000 300 Watt: The Bigfoot 2000 by Micro R&D is an INTERNAL replacement power supply providing 300 watts (fan cooled). A must for the Toaster user who has run out of power or a great replacement lor anyone wanting more power lor 040 boards extra RAM. $ 158.50
• Special 300 Watt Test Bench: Externa! Power supply has all three Amiga connections built in. Now you can connect the A5007 2000 3000 into one power supply .... $ 169.95
• A20D0 110 220 VAC (U.S. U.K.) Commodore original . $ 94.50
• A3000 110 volt Amiga original ..$ 79.95
• C64 4.3 amp power supply: Extra heavy duly $ 37.95
• 1541 11 1581 drive: 220 volt (U.K.) .$ 12.95 CABLES AND INTERFACES Amiga 1000 to A2000 keyboard .... $ 15,95 Amiga RGB Extension (4 ft.) ....$ 16.95 Amiga to CBM 1080 1084 2002 .....$ 15.95 Amiga to CBM 1084 Magnavox Monitor ......$ 16.95 Power Cord to PC Amiga (6 It.) ..$ 6.95 C64 to Commodore Disk Drive $ 12.95 C64 Drive Extension ... $ 12.95 C64 to Monitor with 3 RCA Jacks .... $ 12.95 SX64 Keyboard Adapter Interface Cable $ 16.95 Printer Pori Adapter cable. Interfaces any Commodore printer to work on any PC PC clone ...$ 29.95 VIDEO ENHANCERS
• Flicker Fixer by Microway (NTSC or PAL) $ 219.95
• Flicker Blaster: Low cost. Works like the Flicker Free Video & Flicker Fixer (by Micro R&D) ......$ 199.95
• Video Crisper: Amplifies red, green & blue to give vivid, crisp monitor display. Plugs right in ..$ 12.95
• Flicker Free Video by ICD ..$ 228.95 A in jn v* Now you can place your Grapevine orders 24 hours a day! Hrinvunufig, Our new supports speeds between 300 and 2400 BPS. Tkft kmnAniAA Doe To order from °vr new on-line catalog, simply set your modem I ne urapevine broup DDO settings at 8N1 and call 914-343-VINE (8463). C64 128 COMMODORE CHIPS & PARTS AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS
• A500 External 3V4" floppy drive: case .....$ 62.95
• Bomac Tower: For A2000 (& soon A50Q). Hancles up to 4 floppies, a hard disk, tape back ups .$ 262.00
• Slingshot: Gives A2000 slot for your A500 Now take advantage of all A2000 plug in boards ......$ 36.50
• Analog Joystick Adapter: Use any ISM compatible joystick on your Amiga .... $ 13.95
• Swifty 3 Button Amiga Mouse from Pyramid $ 22,50
• 1084 Monitor Flyback Transformer ...$ 54.50
• Commodore 1670 (1200 Baud) C64 Modem $ 9.95 REPLACEMENT KEYBOARDS
• Encoder Circuit Board for A500 keyboard $ 17.95
• A500 Amiga keyboard (312502). Choose between American or British keyboard ......$ 37.50
• A2000 3000 keyboard (factory fresh) $ 59.95
• A600 Keyboard Assembly ...$ 36.50
• A1200 Keyboard Assembly .$ 36.50 CHIP EXTRACTORS
• Goliath PLCC 8372 Agnus extractor ...$ 6.95
• Extractor Plus Kit: Contains professional PLCC (Agnus) DIP chip puller and much needed torx screw driver. (List price $ 12.95). Our Price $ 7.95
• Burndy Chip Puller: Commodore recommended Agnus chip puller. Part 0X1 ..... $ 9.95 LET US CURE YOUR PRINTHEAD PROBLEMS
• LOW COST PRINTHEAD REFURBISHING • Don’t throw out your old worn printhead. For a fraction of the cost of a new one, we will refurbish or remanufacture it to factory specifications for you SAVE UP TO 70%. One year warranty 6 day turnaround (400 types done), For example: Okidata 80 90 100 heads are S69.00: Epson (9 pin) EX FX LX are S79.00. Call for more information Imagine a top selling ROM selector (SWITCH-ITT) with 2.05 (or2.04) ROM FOR ONLY $ 49.95! See details on facing page. AMIGA COMPUTERS & MOTHERBOARDS AMIGA 500 MOTHERBOARD Now for the first time, and only at Grapevine, purchase a NEW A500 PC motherboard at prices lower than an Amiga dealer pays! Each board is fully populated, tested and has a 90 day warranty. Contains 1.2 ROM, (2) 8520,5719.8362, 8364,68000-8 and Vi meg Agnus. The plug-in chips alone cost over $ 137. Revisions vary ..... $ 94.95 With 8372 1 meg Agnus installed $ 129.95 A2000 PC MOTHERBOARD Refurbished by Commodore wilh all the latest chips (1 MB 8372A Agnus & 2.05 ROM chip). 90 day warranty. NTSC or PAL available. Tested and guaranteed .....$ 369.95 Why not install this in our Bomac Tower? (Well even buy back your faulty board.) Call for details. A2000 AMIGA COMPUTER Imagine an Amiga 2000 with all the latest chips (8372 Agnus, 8373 Super Denise, New 2.0 ROM, 2.0 Workbench disk, new keyboard, mouse & manual) lor hundreds of dollars less than a dealer pays! This A2000 reconditioned demonstrator offers you a fantastic savings over buying a new one and comes with a full 90 day warranty. NTSC or PAL = 110 220 volts). This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer will save you hundreds ol dollars. Get them before supply runs out. Mint condition $ 499.95 A1200 Amiga Computer
• Package A: A1200 with extra 2 MB memory module included (total 4 MB) .....$ 728.00
• Package B: A1200 with extra 4 MB memroy module included (total of 6 MB) ..$ 799,00
• OPTION: 85 MB Maxtor Hard Drive ......$ 275.00 Comes with full Commodore warranty. ATTENTION WORLDWIDE DEALERS AND REPAIR CENTERS: If you are presently buying Amiga custom chips, upgrades. ROMs, etc., you will want to know about our special pricing. Fax us your letterhead. We will make it worth your while. 9-6 ET Mon.-Fri. We Ship Worldwide • 15% restocking charge PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE Monitor My Distress HELP KEY Monitors for the A1200, CD-ROM for the A500, and someone’s singing the high-density blues. By Tim Walsh
Q. f've been considering the purchase of an Amiga 1200 and Commodore I960 monitor. At least one dealer suggested a Sony 1302 quad-sync monitor instead of the I960. Should I get the 1960, the more expensive Sony 1302, or wait and see if Commodore releases a monitor specifically for the A1200? Michael Darr Johnston. I A
A. The Al200 shar es roughly the same potential for video port capabilities as the A4000. With a confusing array of monitor choices for AGA machines, required reading includes “On Display” (June ’93, p. 24), by Sheldon Leemon. With Commodore’s Quad Sync 1942 ($ 699) on the way, and CBM planning to discontinue the 1960, expect to see price reductions that could make the 1960 the monitor of choice for new A1200 users. The I960 lacks speakers, so run two RCA cables from the A1200 to a low-cost boom box with left and right AUX input jacks, or use an old receiver and speakers. To CD or Not CD
Q. Could you please list the CD software that's compatible with theA570 CD-ROM drive for the A500? Am I limited to the list of CDTV titles, or can I select software from the lengthy list of PC and Mac titles? Also, can the A570 work with DKB Software's MegAChip 2000 500? Chris Shepard APO AE
A. CD-ROM technology can puzzle even many experienced computer users. Problems typically occur from confusing CD-ROM file-format compatibility with software compatibility, which are two separate issues. Both CDTV and the A570 share the industry-standard ISO- 9660 CD-ROM format! Any CD-ROM that conforms to that standard can be read by either CDTV or the A370. Audio Cds, CD+G, and CD+MIDI formats can also be used in the A570. The A570 can read font, graphic, sound, and text files from Mac- and PC-specific CD-ROMs. Even though the A570 adds 2MB of fast RAM, you’ll probably need more, and some interplatform conversion utilities most of which are available in the public domain to tweak those non-Amiga files into Amiga-friendly form. As a rule of thumb, you can’t run PC or Mac software on the Amiga without installing some form of software or hardware emulation. Finally, consider DBK Software’s MegAChip 2000 500 for an A570. It gives access to 2MB of chip RAM, which is needed for large graphic files and display screens. Driving Those High-Density Roads
Q. Following the recent upgrade to the 2.1 operating system on my A2000, 1 decided to install an A4000 high-density drive. My dealer explained that 2.1 supports this drive, however, I've been unable to find any commands to format disks in high-density mode. Is this drive capable of reading 1 Ad MS-DOS disks using my PC emulator? John A, Scot to Watertown, NY
A. First make sure that you are using high-density disks. Your Amiga can’t place a high-density format on a double (low) density disk. If you don't have a Genie account, Find someone who does and get DRV144.LZH (File number 17920). Within DRV144.LZH is Gcrdisk.de- vice, which is needed in place of the standard Trackdisk.device; it also contains a mountlist to get the OS to recognize an external high-density drive. You can also modify the mountlist to use with an internal drive. To do this change the default df2: mountlist references to either dfl: or dfl): (depending on whether your high-density drive uses dfl or df() internal connections), and likewise change unit numbers from 2 to 1 or 0, and then resave the File. Version 2.1 of the Amiga OS should then be able to detect high-density disks in that drive. Use Consultron’s CrossDOS or a similar PC utility to read, write, and format both double- and high-density MS-DOS disks. Programming Demands
Q. I'd like to write a program to generate random numbers, display a chart and present screen prompts. One problem: 1 haven't written any programs on my Amiga. What's a good Amiga programming language? I learned BASIC years ago. Ed Ouellette Norman, OK
A. Since you already know BASIC, you’re probably aware your programming order isn’t too tall. To accomplish it, though, I’m a little hesitant to recommend the Amiga Basic that accompanies older Amigas. II you have a newer Amiga, or are just looking for a more comprehensive package, check out AMOS (Si 10) from Furopress Software, which is one of the most complete BASIC packages available for the Amiga. If you want to really expand your programming horizons, don’t overlook the programming language called C. To gel started with C, try a beginner’s course at a local community college, university or technical school. Before you begin the course, get a copy of SAS C 6.0 for your Amiga from SAS Institute ($ 399). You can replicate most of what you learn in a class on your Amiga with SAS’s package, since it uses true ANSI commands that are transportable to and from the Unix-based computers used by many schools. Best of all, you’ll pick up marketable programming skills in the process. ¦ 92 July 1993 % Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA !tx srsssa Orders 800-93-AMIGA __ Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 9 to 5 - Eastern - We do not puhlbh a catalog. Phase call if you don’t see what you want. The largest Authorized AMIGA dealer in the United States Full line of Hardware, Software, & Peripherals... IN STOCK Power Supplies, Video, & More A307Q Tape Backup 150Mb Call Sony 6150 Tapes $ 21.95 A59Q Hard Drive Call Syquesi 38Mb Removable Drive 339.00 Syquesi 88Mb Cartridge 109.00 Syquesi 44Mb Cartridge 68.00 Dual Bay Ext. Case w Cablmg 109.00 A-Max 2 Plus Emulator 345.00 Mac 128K ROMS Call Big Foot Power Supply 89 00 A2000 300YV Power Supply 169.00 Golden image Amiga Mouse 29.95 Janus 2.1 Upgrade Kit 35.00 Kraft Triple Track Trackball 40.00 Action Replay Mark3 A2000 79.95 Personal TBC 3 or 4 Call RocGen Plus 239.00 Sunrlie 16 Sit Audio Digitizer 1259.00 Motherboards A50Q w swap-AII Revs Si25.00 A2003 w swap-Rev 6 or above 225,00 A2003 Rev 6.X Motherboard 449.00 A300D 25Mz w swap 399.00 RAM & Other Chips Motorola 66030 RC CPU 50Mz S189.00 Motorola 68882 Math Co 50MZ 139.00 Other CPUs and FPUs Available Call Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 38.00 1x4 Static Zips lor A3000 Call 1x4 Page Zips tor A2386 Bridge + 19.00 1x8 SIMM 33.00 1x32 SIMM 70Ns lor A40G0 MBX 149.00 2x32 SIMM 70Ws 8Mb lor MBX 299.00 4x3216Mb SIMM lor DKB 2632 Call DataFlyer 8Mb Board w 2Mb 165.00 ?KB Megacttlp w 2Mb Agnus 199.00 Alfa Data A500 RAM Board w 2Mb 175.00 DIGITAL C R E A T I O N S DCTV S289.00 RGB Converter lor DCTV
185. 00 Kitchen Sync TBC
1279. 00 Genlock Option for Kitchen 5ync
145. 00 S-VHS Opiion lor Kitchen Sync
99. 00 SuperGen
539. 00 SuperGen 2000S
1179. 00 CBM PARTS & PERIPHERALS A2320 Deinterlace Board $ 134.00 A2386SX Bridgeboard
249. 00 A2065 Ethernet Card
265. 00 A520 Video Adapter 34,00 A2620 A2630 Eprom Kit
35. 00
2. 04 ROM Kit A3000
42. 00 A501 512K RAM A500
25. 00 A500 Keyboard
34. 95 A50Q Int. Floppy Drive
59. 95 A500 Complete Case w Shield 24,95 A600 1200 Int. Floppy
74. 95 A600 1200 Keyboard (Specity)
29. 95 A2000 Keyboard
59. 95 A3000 Keyboard
59. 95 A4000 Keyboard
67. 95 A1000 Keyboard Adaptor
16. 95 A2000 Complete Case NEW
59. 95 A2000 Int Floppy Drive
69. 95 A3000 Int Floppy Drive
69. 95 A500 Power Supply
35. 00 A1000 Power Supply
62. 00 A2000 Power Supply
109. 00 A3000 Power Supply 10900 A40QQ Power Supply
89. 00 A1050 256K RAM A1000
39. 95 CBM Amiga Model Mouse
19. 00 V - r ' SUPER SPECIALS Amiga A200Q Computer $ 599.00 Parnet Soifware & Cable $ 44.95 Above w Fred Fish CD vi .4
59. 95 Supra Fax Modem 14 4
199. 95 Gpalvision
699. 00 Playmatlon
289. 00 Reiina 2Mb 24Brt Frame Buffer
509. 00 Vlab Realtime Video Digitizer
439. 00 Vidi 12 AGA
149. 00 Amiga 4000 Trade-lip AMIGA 1200 A600 - A1200 Upgrades | AS70 CD-ROM SALE Commodore Promotion Call us and find out how you can purchase an Amiga 4000 for as low as $ 1599.00 MONITOR SPECIALS 1802 - Composite NTSC Color Perfect 2nd 3rd Toaster monitor $ 145.00 1084S • Current color stereo model w Amiga cable $ 249.00 A2024 - Hi-res Monochrome Monitor $ 189.00 New Model! A1942 - Multiscan Monitor .28mm DP - Stereo Speakers $ 489.00 r l ACCELERATORS & HARO ORIVES CBM A2630 25 25 4Mb $ 449.00 Derringer 25 25 4 MO 499,00 Derringer Platinum 50 4Mb
699. 00 GVP A500 HD8 No HD
179. 00 GVP A500 HOB 40Mb HD
295. 00 GVP A500 H08 120Mb HD
399. 00 GVP 530 Turbo No HO - No RAM 359.00 GVP 530 Turbo 120Mb HD -1 Mb 589 00 GVP G-Force 030 40 40 4Mb
679. 00 GVP G-Force 030 50 50 4Mb
859. 00 GVP G-Force 040 33 4Mb
999. 00 Quantum 52Mb LPS HD
159. 00 Quantum 80Mb ELS HD
199. 00 Quantum 240Mb LPS HD
379. 00 Maxtor 120Mb LPS HD
259. 00 Maxtor 213Mb LPS HD
355. 00 Conner 175Mb LPS HD
315. 00 Conner 212Mb LPS HD
365. 00 Toshiba 877Mb HD
999. 00 Toshiba 1.2Glg HD
1249. 00
• AGA Chips & 14 Mz 6BEC020
* 16 Million Colors & OS 3.0 NEW!
* PCMCIA S Flicker Free Support A12Q0 $ 569.00 A1200 w 40 Mb HD 759.00 A12Q0 w 60 Mb HD 779.00 A1200 w 85 Mb HD 819.00 A1200 w 128 Mb HD 909.00 A1200 w 235Mb HD 1065.00 Please add S20.00 for installation and formatting of your Hard Drive. We have ALL Amiga A1200 models IN STOCK! MBX1200 6333! 20Mz OK $ 139.00 MBX1200 63881 20Mz 4Mb 279.00 MBX1200 68381 20Mz 8Mb 449.00 MBX1200 68382 33Mz OK 219 00 MBX1200 68832 33Mz 4Mb 369.00 MBX1200 63882 33Mz 8Mb 519.00 MBX1200 68882 50MZ OK 309 00 MBX1200 68882 50MZ 4Mb 459,00 MBX1200 68832 50Mz 8Mb 615 00 MBX1200Z Model (w Clock) ADD 20.00 MBX 4Mb i 8Mb RAM Call M1230XA Accelerator Call Microbotics 12 A'Clock 35.00 PCMCIA Card 600 12C0 2Mb 139 95 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 West. Digital 2 5" 60Mb IDE HD 199.95 Conner 2.5' 84Mb IDE HO 239.95 Seagaie 2.5'85Mb IDE HD 235.00 External Model: $ 134.95 A2000 3000 Internal: $ 99.95 You no longer need an A4Q0Q to use high density floppies. Any Amiga with WB
2. 04. Or higher, can now use these external units. HiDex floppy drives feature CBM's approved hi-density mechanisms and a full 1 Year Warranty. They also perform as norma! 880K drives & support A-Max2 Plus & 386 BridgeBoard. They come in a sturdy, complimentary' painted, metal case. Why buy a regular drive when a few extra dollars gets you a hiDex Hi-Density model. Current availability: Internal Model is July 1; External Model is July 30. Hurry as quantities are limited. Call to pre-order. No billing until actual shipping date. Seagaie 2.5' 129Mb IDE HD 339.95 Maxtor 2.5' 128 Mb IDE HD 339.95 Toshiba 2.5*212 Mb IDE HD 499.00 Seagate 2.5'235 Mb IDE 549 00 IDE Cable & Software - 600 1200 20.00 Above w HO purchase 10.00 15-23 Pin Convener 19.95 GVP 1230 Turbo* 40 0 0 375.00 GVP 1230 Turbo* 40 40 4MP 585.00 GVP 1200 SCSI RAM* (All) 239.00 Above w RAM & Math-Co Call 601 1Mb RAM w Clock 79.95 Software Top Sellers Ami-Back 2.0 $ 42,00 Ami-Back Tools 49.00 Ami-Back Plus Tools 83.95 AMOS Pro-A1200 Compatible 59.95 Anim Workshop 65.00 Art Department Pro v2.3 AGA 159.00 Art Expression 159.00 Baud Bandit 2.1 or DiskMaster 2 26,95 Brilliance 159,00 Caligarl 24 259.00 C-Net v2.6x BBS Sottware 95.00 CrossDOS 5 w CrossPC 39.00 Deluxe Paint 4 v4.5 AGA 119.95 Directory Opus V4 68.00 Essence 54.95 Fred Fish Online CD v1.5 *19.95 Imagemasier v9,51 149.00 Imagine 2.0 199.00 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2 39.00 Monlage 375.00 Morph Plus 159.00 Panorama 3.0 59.95 Pro Write 3.3x 59.00 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 79.95 Real-3D Classic 129.00 Scenery Animator 2 65.00 T-RexxPro2 169.95 True Print 24 59.95 Vista Pro 3.0 59.00 Your Family Tree v2 2 59.95 Many more software products in stock... CALL! Super Special for A500 Owners! Bundle 1: A570 w Fish CD & Defender of Crown CD $ 229.00 Bundle 2: A570 w Fish CD & Groilier Ency'pedia CD $ 269.00 AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS Newly Reduced Prices Cali for Quantity Discounts 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 37.95 Super Denise 8373 28.95 CIA 8520 chip 9.50 Gary 5719 chip 13.95 Paula or Denise chip 18.95
1. 3 ROM chip 21.95
2. 04 ROM chip w Wfre 33.95
2. 04 ROM supports all 2.1 functions,
2. 05 ROM is not needed and is Intended only lor A600 WB2 Upgrades HEW PRICES! DOS 2.1 Kitw ROM $ 77.95
2. 1 Enhancer - no ROM $ 45.00 Jump into CD-ROM technology. Commodore has lowered their price on the A570 CD-ROM Drive, It is fully CDTV compatible and comes with everything necessary for installation. Also reads standard ISO-9660 format and plays audio Cds and CD+Gs. Has front panel Headphone jacks and Volume control allowing you to listen to audio Cds while working with your Amiga. Hi-Density Floppy Drives OUR POLICIES No waiting lor your orders to ship. Orders In by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post or DHL Domestic orders are shipped UPS or Federal Express.
* All orders are subject to credit card writicaUon • ma_ Due to advertising schedules, all prices are subject to change. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. We also ship COD. Accepting Cash. Certified Check, or Money Order. Sottware and accessories shipping is $ 4.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 for small items. $ 12.00 for Monitors. Call for larger items. COD add $ 5.00. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Canadian. APO. & international orders are welcome. We will bill only for actual shipping charges 8 insurance at time ol order. 15% re-stocking fee on all returns not exchanged. S Copyright 1993, lechWriiers Inc. All Rights Reserved LIST OF ADVERTISERS Reader Service Number 19(1 A & M Computer Repair, 100 Reader 179 Elite Microcomputer, 77 Reader 168 Power Shareware, 100 12 Amigaman, 74-75 Sendee 94 Genie Information Services, 9, 11, 13 Service 188 Ramco Computer, 100 39 ASDG. 39 Number 20 Grapevine Group, Inc., The, 90-91 Number 152 ReadvSolt. Inc., 18 * AmigaWorld * Graphic Impressions, 101 150 Realsofl, Ind., 47 Amigamations Video, 94 25 Great Valley Products, Inc., 2 172 Redmond Cable, 172 151 Better Concepts, Inc.. 101 1 Great Valley Products, Inc., 5 44 Safe Harbor, 86-87 178 BIX, 53 53 Great Valley Products. Inc.. 7 40 SAS Institute, 65 7 Briwall. 108 * Hammond Photographic Services. 100 60 Scala. Inc., 1 162 Centaur Software, 14-15 91 IX OVA ironies. Inc.. Cl 11 191 Select Solutions, 79-81 158 CcV Design, 100 47 J&C Computer Serv ice. 101 45 Sideline Software, 82 10 Computability, 66-67 + Kasara Microsystems, 100 81 Smartsoft, 71 164 Computer Paradise, 100 157 Macrosvsteins U.S., 41 88 Software Hut. 93 13 Creative Computers, 54-63 34 Manta, 69 90 Software ol the Month Club, 101 14 DevWare, Inc., 97 167 MegageM, 100 192 Software Support Int l. 100 x Dev Ware Video, Inc., 95 93 Memory World, 83 87 Softwood. Inc., Cl I * DevWare, fool Chest Inc., 96 99 Micro R&D. 100 57 Sum i e Industries. 19 63 Digital Creations, 21 6 Microbmics, Inc.. 20 22 Tenex Computet Express. 98-99 16 Digital Creations, 23 50 New Media Corporation, 100 71 1 i i State Computer. 89 171 Digital Process Systems, Inc., 51 37 XewTek, Inc., CIV 86 Visinttsofl, 100 26 DRB Software, 22 170 Northwest Public Domain, 100 52 Vortex Compiuersysteme CmbH NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS This index is provided as an additional serv ice. I lie publisher does not assume liability for errors or omissions,
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- 25 Mhz 68030 w MMU (tOQOI
- 68882 Math Chip + Own An A1200 TWICE The Speed Of The Amv 4000 030! Only $ 39511
79. 00
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69. 95
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139. 00 275 329 379 499 555 699 145
69. 95 169,95 Call 385 A1230 Turbo* 40 40 4 $ 565.00 A1200 SCSI I RAM* $ 299 499! Gforce Accelerators w 68030,68882, 60ns RAM, SCSI Controller, RAM Card in One 25MhzEC 1MB 395 40MhzEC 4MB 675 50Mhz 4MB 799 68040 33Mhz A2000 4MB 999 1199 45 499 2 MB Ram For 2091 HD Floppy Drive 1.76MB External Version Janus 2.1 Update A2000 3000 Keyboard A2000 3000 Power Supply A1200 Install Kit Please Read Our Policies 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
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2. 04 Rom (HiD Drives) 33.95 Kickstart 1.3 21.95 1 MB Agnus (8372A) 37.95 2MB Agnus (8372B) 59.95 Super Denise (8373) 28.95 Paula (8354) Or Denise 18.95 CIA (8520) 9.50 Gary (5719) 13.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 35 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ 35 (VS 1MB SIMMS 1x8 80-60ns SIMMS 4x8 80-60ns SIMMS 1x4 BO-60ns Static ZIP 1x4 80-60ns Page ZIP 1x4 BO-60ns Page DIP 1x1 120-70ns DIP 256X4 1 20-60ns DIP 256X4 1 20-60ns ZIP A4000 SIMMS 80-60NS 68030-RC-50 w MMU 68882-RC-50 (PGA) 68030-RC-25 w MMU 68882-RC-25 (PGA) 68XXX-FN-PLCC (Various) S0387-25SX (Bridgecards) Crystal Oscillators (All) LASER PRINTER MEMORY MATH CHIPS. CPU's &FPU's AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS MEMORY CHIPS A500-HD6+ 40-80 A500-HD8+ 12Q-213 A530-HD8+1 120 A530-HD8+1 245 A2000-HC8+OMB SI MM32 1 MB 6Ons SIMM32 4MB 60ns 1MB SIMM Gforce A3000 G-Lock Genlock A3000-lmpact Vision 24 A2000-IV24 Adapter VIU-CT A4000 Computer 2299 A2000 Computer 599 A1200 Computer CALL A600 Computer 349 1942 Multisync Monitor 489 2024 Monochrome Mon. 189 1084S Monitor 249
- 68881 RC20Mhz FPU w o clock
- 1MB RAM $ 139
- 2MB RAM $ 179
- 4MB RAM $ 279
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* ADD $ 20 FOR CLOCK & BATT* PC286 Module TSMhz 59 Syquest 44MB Removable 269 44MB Cartridge 65 Syquest 88MB Removable 385 88MB Cartridge 119 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC 129 FaaastROM Kit (For Hds) 35 Cinemorpb Software 51 Phonepak VFX 289 DSS8 Sound Sampler 49 I O Extender (2SerialPort) 99 Image F X 199 A2320 Ricker Fixer 129 A2630 Accelerator 375 A520 Video Adapter 34 A2088 XT Bridgecard 49 A2091 Hard Drive & Ram Controller W 120MB HD 279 2091 HD Controller 69 235MB Seagate $ 499 IVS I Vector w MMU 25Mhz tTall Frir Other Prnrtiir*tc $ 559 HAI 1 [Jiy T] 2632 w 4Megabytes MegAChip 2000 500 w 2MB Agnus 399 199 1 US ROBOTICS 1
16. 8K Courier HST with fax
16. 8K Courier HST Dual Standard with fax Courier v.32bis 595 925 449
14. 4K Sportster With Or W O FAX Maxtor 120 LPS 15 MS 215 Maxtor 213 LPS 15MS 299 Quantum 85 ELS 175 Quantum 105 Pdrive 199 Quantum 240 LPS 355 Quantum 525 LPS 10MS 899 Quantum 1.2 Gig 1399 60MB Western Digital $ 175 85M Conner $ 225 128M Maxtor $ 325 $ 199 A1200 600 HD’s HARD DRIVES Space Wars & Other Animations A DevWare Exclusive! Supero animations from Tobias Richter, one of Europe's oest Am ga animators. Centerp,ece is Space Wars, 6000 frames spanning 7 entertaining minutes with an original soundtrack by Norwegian musician Bjom A Lynne. Space Wars' stunning, ray-traced animations took 5 amigas ever A weeks to complete 40 minutes. Available April 20 V4027 $ 19.95 The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos" series Know Your Camcorder How to buy the camcorder and accessories that are right for you. Use your camcorder to its fullest advantage. How to maintain your camcorder. 90mins. V2086 S34.95 How To Shoot Video Like a ProHow to eliminate that amateur look. Learn the key fundamentals of composition. Bonus! How to transfer your slides and old home movies to video 93 mms V2087 $ 34.95 Continuity & Combining Shots Learn how. When and why to use correct panning and zooming techniques 7 key steps for good continuity. Much more V2CB8 S34.95 Light Techniques & Recording Sound Get great lighting with least amount of equ'oment Overcome backlighting. Creative shooting: including nighttime video, fireworks and usirg filters Features needed for sound Best m crophcnes Do audio dubbing and mining 90 minutes V2C89 $ 34.95 Basic Editing w Consumer Gear Howto create productions using consume' equipment arc how to ‘shoot to edit*, which makes editing videos a snap3 90 minutes. V2090 S34.95 Inter. Editing w Prosumer Gear Get better control in ed t ng Learn what kind of equipment to buy Leam editing theory, insert and Assemble editing Setup for oest results. 90 mms. V2091 S34.95 Adv. Editing w Professional Gear Techniques used by the pros Editing tricks, spi t edits, past-production using Amigas. Toaster ane mixers. Time case correctors. A B roll, Time Code, Decision Lists and more as performed in Adita's studio. 120 min. V2G92 $ 34,95 Get any 3 tapes in the Super Videos Series V2G93 Only S84.95 Animation - Entertainment Computer Animation Festival New Release! Miramar brings you 21 award-winning computer animations mixing humor, adventure, song and fantasy nto 45 entertaining minutes. Also includes Todd Rungren's 'Change Myself video -Which was done using the Video Toaster's LightWave 3-D software. V2035 S19.95 The Mind's Eye A compelling look at the un verse, utilizing the talents of over 300 top computer animation artists 40 minutes V2043 S15.95 Beyond the Mind's Eye Best Seller! This one is even petter than the original I Soundtrack by Jan Hanv mer. Over 200.000 copies ol this incredible video sold ready! 40 mins. New Low Price! V2044 S15.95 Animation Vol.! Sale! The original AmigaWorld Animation Video that will fascinate, entertain and inspire viewers as it demonstrates the amazing capabilities of Amiga animation. 48 minutes. V2040 $ 11.95 AnimationVol.lt Sale! Am gaWorid's editors do agam, Exciting, innovative animations using programs such as Lightwave 3D. Imagine. Sculp!-Animate 40, and DeluxePamt in You'll be thoroughly entertained by these animated stor es. 90 minutes. V2041 $ 14.95 1991 Best of the Fests More award-winning animation. Experimental & documentary short films from 1991s tcp Ir.tern'l Film Festivals. 90 min.V2048 $ 24.95 Chronos (Miramar) Breathtaking* V2045 $ 16.95 Animation - Instructional Animation 101 Bestseller! From Myriad Visual Adventures, a compete course in real-time animation (or video, it cemonstrates cartoon and industrial animation in h gh resolution, using basic software ana re'atively inexpensive hardware. Part one shows you a variety of animation techniques-with hjmor. Pad two shows in deta-i hew the animatons were made. V2078 S24.95 Amiga Animation - Hollywood Style earn class c. Hollywood.D sney-style techniques using Deiux- ePamt IV and Disney Animat on Studio, from renowned An ga animator Gene Hamm Especially for artists who are computer novices and computer users who don't draw wuh a mouse 30 minutes V2051 $ 5 9.95 How To Animate I Sae Price! Relevant lo ncv ces and intermediate users alike. Pick up he'pful tips and techniques on using DeluxePaintIV from Joel Hagen, and usng LightWave 3D from Amiga Worlds Lou Wallace. 45 minutes. V2059 St 6.95 Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 Or turn the page, and mail in the order form from our DevWare ToolChest ad. Special Offer! Get our Animator's Bundle (all 3 ol the above videos! For only V4022 $ 49,95 The Essential Amtgn Video New Release! A DevWare Exclusive! DevWa*e and the Burgess Group have put togetner this essential video on be ng productive with your Amiga you will learn morphing with Morph Plus and ImageMaster. Desktop publishing with PageSbeam. Word processing with Fmai Copy H. animating with Real 3D. Tips on DeluxePaml IV. And much, much more 55 minutes V4039 S19.95 Razz a Video U.S.A. NewTek Video Toaster Tutorials The NewTek Video Toaster, 2nd Edition New 1993 Release! Covers creating and installing a Toaster Workstation, basic iransipons and effects. DVE moves, creating titles with ToasterCG. Using ToaaterPaint, using MacLmk, using LightWave 3D, and practical applications lor the toaster, and more. V2057 $ 24.95 Desktop Video Vol. 1 Razza's best tape for getting started with Amiga Desktop Video Features excellent advice from experts on camcorders, editors, peripherals, techniques titling and more. V2062 $ 18.95 Desktop Video Vol. 2 More help on desktop video. Includes comparisons of tape formas, and information on the Video Toaster. LightWave 3D. Dpaint IV. DCTV, Virtual Reality, and more V2063 S18.95 The Amiga Primer Best Seller! The aii-time. Best seller for getting started with your Amiga, including setup, Workbench. Shell, Clt. Expansion and AmigaVisibn. A must for every Amiga owner. 90 mm V2061 $ 14.95 Magic of Music & MIDI New Edition! This brings you the most up-to-date information on using the Amiga as a music generator and MIDI device. Features Super Jam1, Bars & Pipes Pro. Dr Ts, Sorox. Deluxe Muse. Au- dioMaster. And more write they bsF V2072 $ 19.95 Hot Rod Your Amiga Will snow you how to add peripherals to youT A3000. Build a more powerful A2C00, and how to expand your A500 Features products from GVP. NewTek and Digital Creations Tips on accelerators, genlocks, audio and more V2058 $ 16.95 Amiga Graphics. 2nd Edition Learn the ethics of styfe and how to use the Amiga for graphics. An .deal tape for gefihg started Includes interviews with experts. Features D awt IV. Newtek's products. Kara Fonts and others. Whie they last1 V2061 $ 16.95 Desktop Video k v K The Basics Of Video New Release! Classroom- based from Alpna Video explains video signals, tape formats, cameras and video recorders. V4018 $ 27-95 Understanding S-VHS New Release! Wha: S VMS really s. how it fits into your system and how it can improve your video productions V4019 $ 27.95 Video Signals and the Toaster New Release! This will provide you with an in depth examination of how the Toaster accepts and processes video signals An invaluable tape for anyone working (or intending) with the Toaster V4020 $ 27.95 Alpha Video 3 Video Bundle V4021 $ 74.95 Secrets of ihe Panasonic AG 1960 1970 New Release! Kingsway Productions reveals the super secrets and hidden features of the AG1960 and the rew AG1970 S-VHS editing decks. Demos of audio modifications and editing systems. 130 nuns V4037 $ 36.95 The AG-450 Companion V4017 S36.95 Canon L-1, LX-100 Camcorder V4013 S36.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. T Elite Video wi i teach you how to get the most from Panasonic's AVE5 or MxlO'12 dghai vdeo mixers, including how to use them as dual channel, time-based controllers for input to your Video Toaster system 75 mms. V4014 $ 39.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. II Learn how to do effects with your mixer whicn snouidn't be possible, but are--w.th Elite Video's secrets. VA015 S39.95 Digital Mixer Companion I & II V40te S69.95 Sony EVO-9700 Basic Training Tape Learn all about every function, operation and trick for the Sony EVO-9700 50 mms. V4010 $ 29.95 Sony EVO-9700 Advanced Training Tape VoJ il Advanced window, synced $ timecode dubs, multi- track audio, single frame recording, use of externa! Equipment for titling ar.d A 3 roll editing V4011 $ 29.95 Sony EVO-9700 Training Scries I & II Botn Ba S>C Training and Advanced Training V4G12 S49.95 Pro Video Gold Part One Everything you neeo to know about Pro Video Gold from Sherefl Systems For novice m ter mediate users. V250Q S32.95 Pro Video Gold Part Two v2ioi $ 32.95 VidcoMaker. The Video Series V2055 S16.95 Ikulct Ir.qiiirify uXHi S 2 01 f.if P.M. viJcn> cull tVcnJv Buigcy S itkn (011H t-h~ Wd 1M Pnto MlbtfM to thirtcr PriCn cffcctiic .Min 1 1991 Lightwave 3D Flying Logos Hwwit h«Imh1 Step by-step instructors on converting printed logos into 3D objects to create dazzling animations. Simulate high- ere "Pamt Box" moving text and graphics Step-by-step instructions on Pixel 3D Professional. Available May?-- we’li be tne first to have in stock1 V4024 $ 36.95 LightWave 3D Essentials 3D an maton m L ght- Wave's Layout and Penderer is made easy ‘rom loading objects to creating keyframes, from adding backgrounds and lighting effects -¦ all the way to finished animation V2097 $ 36.95 LightWave 3D Surfaces G ve your 3D objects tex-'tt tyre and realism with special techniques used by Light- Wave artists. Texture mapping, applying images, lighting techniques.bump mapping, and more. V2098 S36.95 DevWare Video now makes your shopping for instructional products easier than ever before. We offer the largest selection of videos and books...see for yourself! LightWave 3D Modeler Learn how easy 3D mod elmgcanbe1 Create bas e objects, changing their shapes ana defining surfaces, and simple techniques for creating complex 3D objects. V2099 S36.95 SPECIAL! - Order any 3 videos and receive "Animation Volume II" absolutely free! (Bundles count as 1 video towards otter) Professional Techniques Get more from Toaster- Paint and ToasterCG with demonstrations of special techniques to create orofessional network quality graphics.59 minutes V2071 S35.95 Video Toaster Essentials The first of 4 videos leads you through a step-by-step guide to the Video Toaster's switcher and special effects 83 min, V2052 $ 36.95 ToasterPalnt Essentials Discover the full potential of ToasterPaint, Tns video w.il take you through each powerful function step by step 62 min V2069 $ 36.95 ToasterCG Essentials a step by- step guide to the Toaster's character generator Complete with demonstrations of special techniques.59 mm. V2070 $ 36.95 "Lightwave 3D" Bundle. 4 Videos V4Q25 $ 129.95 The Toaster 2.0 Essentials Bundle Alt 4 videos Sal£l V2081 $ 129.95 All 8 above Toaster Videos V4026 $ 234.95 Audio Production for the Video Toaster From Atomic Toaster--learn how to use your Video Toaster to produce broadcastable mutti-track. Digital audio and CD-quality music. Includes use of Sunrtze Studio 16 with AD 1012 and AD516, Super Jam1. Bars and Pipes Pro 2.0, Tnpie Play Plus. Sync Pro, Dr Ts Phantom, MIDI devices, and more V4008 $ 34.95 Taming the Wave: Exploring Newtek’s LightWave 3D This s an excellent opportunity to see an experts actual work rg methods." - David Duberman. Editor, video Toaster User Magazine Take advantage ol Lightwaves full potential with the most complete LghtWave 3D Train ng System you'll find anywhere Ths solution features 3 hours of D-2 mastered video on two tapes with detafed explanations on every major LightWave option and hundreds of stunning animations written and d rected by David Hopkins, a national LightWave columnist and Amiga industry veteran. Also included are two disks fined with 2 exclusive typestyles from Umli Graphics, 4 great textures from JEK Graphics' Pro Fills series, a 3-D scanned Chevy Camaro. All the tuto'ial objects, and a 50-page handbook in a hefpful Question & Answer format. V2Q74 S99.95 Money-Saving Bundles! Animation Vol. I & II V2079 $ 22 95 Dpant IV (Video Guide. Adv. Tech) V2082 $ 34 95 Pro Video Gold Pah One & Two V2083 $ 59.95 Adita, Any 3 (specify tapes) $ 89.95 Adita; AH 7 video V2094$ 174 95 Mines Eye. Beyond Minds Eye V2Q84 $ 29.95 Desktop Video Volume I and II V2Q85 $ 32 95 Killer Graphics DCTV Voi l and II V2091 $ 49 95 History ol the Amiga. How to Animate, and Animation Volume I & II Saif! V2080 $ 48 95 Amiga AmmationHollywood Stylo. How to Animate, Animation 101 V4022 $ 49.95 Miscellaneous Videos v The Amiga Service & Repair Video indudes $ 40 worth o! Service work from J$ C! V4003 $ 36.95 History ot the Amiga An intriguing and entertain ng look at the origins of the Amiga computer Listen to Jhe initial trials and tribulations wmch Jay Miner. R.J. M cal. Caryn Mical, Dale Luck, Can Sassenratn, Dave Needle and the rest of the original "Los Gatos gang went through. 45 minutes. V2042 S14.95 SpecialOffer ToasterVision T1165 S119 'The best integrated software tools lor your Video Toaster" (Video Toaster User Magazine. Feb Mar ’93) Bird’s Eye Software g ves you 5 modular programs that "offer superior techniques for enhancing the use of your Video Toaster" WipeMaster 2. Toaster Project Manager. ToastMaster 2, Frame store Manager and Catalog. Video Director this $ 121 Gold Disks Video Director turns your computer, camcorder and VCR nto a complete analog editing system The smart cable acts as a universal remote controller, letting your computer control your camcorder and VCR No need for expensive digitizing cards because you record direct I rom your camcorder to your VCR Vinton’s Playmation noee $ 279 Lemmings II - The Tribes tika $ 33 (golpenIMAGE) Hardware One ot he hottest end most reliable manufacturers ot hardware lor Ihe Amiga. High reliability and quality construction throughout. External 3.5" Floppy Drive Master 3A-1N. 880K w disabie switch T3Q14 $ 69 Hand Scanner T3015 $ 119 JS-105-1 MS With Scan & Save sftwr. 400 DPI. 105mm width. 64 halftones, works with A1200 & A4Q001 Hand Scanner $ 139 T3016 JS-105-1MP With Migraph TouchUp and DeluxePamt III from EA Up to 400dpoi, 5 05mm scan w.dth 64 halftones Hand Scanner T3017 $ 199 JS-105-iMP- Best value1 Newest version ot M graoh "Touch Uo" V3.07. Migraph OCR and Dpaint lit. Upgrade Mouse T3010 $ 25 GI-60CN The Amiga markets best sell ng mouse Optical Mouse t»h $ 43 GI-6000N Fully optical, no bai to clean with mousepad Mouse Pen T3osa $ 45 JP-60N 250 dpi. I ght and easy to use. A500 Ram Card T3012 $ 33 512K with realtime dock'caiendar S battery backup A600 RAM Card T3013 $ 69 Extra 1MB withealt me clock calendar & battery backup on1 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed A DevWare ToolChest Exclusive! A complete, high-level programming language for only $ 19.95! True BASIC 2.0, Student Edition $ 74.95 SI 6.95 including pictures. $ 14.95 Alcebra II - Now Only' Pre-Calculus • Now Only! Discrete Mathematics TrueSTAT - Now Only! Gel all 8 math programs T2034 T2035 T2064 T2061 T2C62 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 94.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14,95
514. 95 $ 26.95 $ 109 95 Special Edition Toolchest Re-mtroouced ana available at a fantastic price-another product available exclusively from DevWare1 Graphics Workshop has a huge toolbox, graphics effects, page flipping and moviepath animation. AmigaWorld called it ' Best new graphics program...A technical tour de force The color-area. Color mixing, and cell animation features are s>mpiy amazing' Amazing Computing said "...Electronic Ads should study it carefully..." Features Include: a 10-brush library, gray scaling, line ad generation, true anti-aliasing, true polygon generation (3-22 sides), rays, four-point curves, brush masking, color replacing, rub-thru drawing, pattern library with pattern draw, automatic, normal and nalf-brite shadows, gradient fill, wrapping, variable speed air brush, two types of stenciling, 3-D perspective, and much more1 Originally available from Hoiosoft Technologies Compatible with ail Amigas and all versions ol AmigaDOS T4007. AM About America T2Q41 S16.95 Ages 6 ID 1V Each of these 16 stones will give your students an introduction lo American History, Stones are followed by reading comprehension and vocabulary questions. The map disk includes maps of me 13 colonies, the U. S. before the Civil War. The SO States and geography quizzes Land of the Unicom. T2042 $ 16.95 Builds important vocabulary ana logic skills through the use of interesting and exciting language ads activities including Synonym Review & Quizzes and Antonym Review 8 Quizzes 4 disks a great value'" Adventures of Sinbad T2043 $ 14.95 Ages 9 to 14 The adventures with Sinbad will capture your student's interests and imaginations while building crit cal reading and vocabulary skills Aesops Fables T2044 $ 14.95 Ages 6 to 9 Each of these 12 charming faoles comes witn games which will help build reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Decimal Dungeon T2045 $ 14.95 Ages 9* Trapped by the Dungeon Master, the only way to escape is to answer the math problems correctly. Fraction Action T2CM6 $ 14.95 Ages 8» Multi-screen arcade action and sound educational content in the basement ot the Mad Professor's Mansion Kinderame T2047 $ 14.95 Preschool to First 5 different learning activities Robot Story. Count the Robots. Robot Match Letter. Robot Addition and Robot Construction. Magical Myths T2055 S14.95 Ages 9 to 14. Journey mto the world of Greek Mythology while building important reading comprehension and language art skills Math Wizard T2048 $ 14.95 Grades t to 6 Build essential arithmetic skills and a foundation lor more advanced mathematical concepts with W zard S Flash. Elf's Equations. Dragon Race and Troll's Toy Shop. Read-A-Rama T2049 $ 14.95 Grades K to 3. Animated Circus setting hetps build important reading, word recognition, spelling and concentration skills. Read 4 Rhyme T2Q50 $ 14.95 Ages 5 to 8 Boost alphabetizing, rhyming, vocabulary and phonetic skills as the students interact with space creatures. Talcs from (he Arabian Nights T2051 $ 14.95 Ages 9 to 14 These 3 captivating tales will enterian and enhance your children's reading comprehension, creative writing, and language arts skills. The Logic Master T2052 $ 14.95 Ages 10-Adult. Will nelp develop critical, high-level thinking skills througn the introduction of a broad variety ot analogy and number series activities Wonders of the Animal Kingdom T2053 $ 14.95 Ages 6 to 12 Six outstanding learning activities Ail About Animals Animal Spells. Animalgrams Who Am I?. What's Different, and Animal Memory Game Word Master Vocabulary Builder T2054 $ 14.95 Ages 8 to T4 Captivate your students and build essential word power skills with Vocabulary Test. Master's Review. Vocabulary Challenge and Master's Maze Get any 3 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2055 $ 39.95 Get Any 5 Unicorn Titles and SAVE! T2059 $ 64.95 From DevWare ToolChest, DevWare Public Domain and DevWare Video: Write your name, shipping address, daytime tele- phone and, if paying by credii card, ihe card's billing address. Then list the product codes of ihe terns you would like to order (i.e. V2CM0. T2038. A B13A&B) and the price of each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number 8 expiration date & mail lo: DevWare • 12520 Ktrkham Court, Suite1-AW40 • Poway, CA 92064. For orders containing public domain only add S3.50. Canada: also add $ .25 disk, Foreign: also add S 50 disk lor aif-mail. For all other orders:
U. S.A.: add $ 5. Plus 51 lor each add'l unit shipped. Canada: add $ 7. Plus 51 for each add'l umt-call for book shipping. Foreign: Call for shipping info. All payments in U.S. funds onbl A minimum of 520.00 required on all credit card orders. DBFoRM 2.0 Only S29.95 A complete term design and invoicing system for business or home use This remarkable program features powerful layout tools that are completely integrated with the built-in database capabilities yielding a completely configurable lorm creationhnvoicmg'database management solution. Drawing features include selectable corner types, line weights, patterns and auto grid creation Imports IFF files. Text and Data features: specify a box's lont and po nt size, use Bod, Italic and Underlined, align to lelt. Right or center, link text boxes so that text flows from one Pox lo another, imports ASCII text files. Daia fields' fill order is user speci Med Printing features: print m text only mode lor speed and qualrly. Print text and graph cs. Print PostScript, printing can be scaled on both axis by percentage. Many other features! A great value for this powerful package! T4000 A new adventure in Spelling' Friendly animal teachers, Mike the Monkey. Elly the Elephant, Polly the Parrot will help your child become an oxpert spelling ‘bee * Math Doctor T4022 S 14.95 Teaches a new way cl learning the 'old mathematics' with positive re ntorcement. Speech colorful graphics arq interactive help The Talking Storybook Series An excellent reading aid Each story session can oe customized by settmg the soeech. MLSic. Text highlighting and speed on off. The Red Hen T4023 S 14.95 Children learn the value of friendship and teamwork Nursery Rhymes T4024 S14.95 An the favorite rhymes you grew up with The Three Bears T4025 SI 4.95 You'll De surprised at what she finds m the cottage All About Whales T4Q26 $ 14.95 Marvelous facts, pictures 8 explanations will lead children thru the amazing world of whales ABC's T4Q26 $ 14.95 Snappy rhymes, dancing graphics & witty speech teach the ABC s Solar System T4Q27 $ 14.95 Hundreds o! Questions are answered m this Storybook as children take a fascinating tour cl the Solar System Get any 3 Storybooks T4Q28 $ 39.95 Get All 6 Storybooks T4029 Crossword Construction Sei T4Q30 Create your own! Many great features selectable background music and IFF Poco Man T4031 Extremely challenging strategy logic game Over 50 lev els ol thought-provoking fun Joystick, mouse or key board HomeBuilders CAD v2.0 $ 49.95! From a rcom addition to a duster ot condos; HomeBu Iders CAD makes it easy to design, change and estimate your next project Features include 20 acre draw ng area Accuracy to t '60 inch Supports buildings over 200 stones high. Over 300.000 layers Over 60 predefined doors and windows Drawing features include PAN, ZOOM, ROTATE. COPY ADD TEXT. AUTODIMENSIONING. UNDO, and TOPOGRAPHY. View piumbmg and electrical components separately. Automatically generates wireframe FRONT. REAR, and SIDE elevations, Spreadsheet-style cost editor. Calculates material, labor and overhead costs D spiays or prints cost summary or detail Calculates backMI and excavation costs Bonus program now Integrated: Deckbuifders CAD Design and Estimating System tor Decks (which used to sell for $ 99 95)' Easy-to-use documentation AnvgaDOS 2 0 compat bie With 2 disk drives, requires tMB with hard drive, requires 1.5MB T4002 Original 1st S249 New LOW ToolChest Price! Picture, IFF sound and a separate text file can be keyed to any question. When picture or sound is keyed to a question, appropriate button tights up alerting user. Test Mode and Tutorial Mode. Score: number ol questions missed and correct is tallied and displayed on the screen each time a question is answered Will give customized sound feedback indicating a correct or wrong choice Easy-to-use test maker is a separate program from the testing software. Several sampfe tests included Easy- to-use mouse interlace Supports atl current AmigaDOS versions, Megatest is already being used lor studying for college exams, making tests to teach music to children in the home, using it as a test to identify bird calls, and more An incredible value! T4004 World Tour USA T4008 $ 16. 95 World Tour Canada T4009 $ 16. 95 World Tour Central America T401G S1 6. .95 World Tour South America T4Q11 S1 6. 95 World Tour Australia T4012 $ 16, .95 World Tour Africa T4013 $ 16. ,95 World Tour Europe T-IQ1 ¦! S 1 6, 95 World Tour Middle East T4015 S1 6, 95 World Tour India T4016 $ 16, 95 World Tour Russia West. Asia New1 T4017 S 1 6, 95 Gel any 3 World Tours T4018 S44. .95 Get any 5 World Tours T4019 S69. .95 Get all 10 World Tours T402G $ 129 .95 Spell-a-Fari T4021 $ 14, .95 Software DevWare has cone it again' We are passing on our savings of these quality programs to you most with original prices o! $ 39.95' World Tour Series - Take a tr p this summer and explore the world-right from your home. Complete tutorials provide information on cap-to s. currercy, government. Languages, religions, flags, anq much more Features include fully colored maps which show average rainfall, population, topography and other facts timed quizzes; Digitized sounds and music; high quality grapn-cs and animations prints awa'O certificates, word searcn puzzes, quizzes; and more For ages 9 to adult. Designasaurus $ 14.95!! Three programs in one! Re-released from Compton’s New Media. Walk-A-Dinosaur - you can walk either a Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus or Tyrannasaurus Rex through three ages. Build-A- Dinosaur by combining a head, neck, tail and body from several different real dinosaurs. Prmt-A- Dinosaur - you can print out 12 dinosaurs in their natural habitat along wilh descriptions. Using Dpaint, you can also color your lavorite dinosaur and prinl it out. Original price $ 49.95 T4005 This hypertext-like TEST and TUTORIAL AUTHORING PROGRAM is extremely versatile and can create test designs mat integrate sounds, pictures and text mto any question Multiple choice tests can be quickly created witn up to live possible answers. Features MegaTest $ 29.95 Available exclusively from DevWare Designing Minds Educational OctaMED Professional, Version 4 $ 39.95! Over 100,000 copies sold worldwide! Available in the U. S. for the first time - exclusively from DevWare! OctaMED Pro is the definitive budget sequencing package. Discover what thousands of Europeans already know and love. Compose professional sounding music at a fraction of the price of its higher-priced competitors. CU Amiga Magazine says OctaMED Pro "has more, better implemented, features than anything else on the market." T4001 An amazingly powerful program at an unbeatable price. OctaMED Pro features:
• a channels of audio using the Amiga's own built-in audio hardware
• Utilizes 16 channels using any MIDI package lor the Amiga.
• Includes it's own powerful sampling software to create your own instruments!
• Has standard music notation display mode! Compose & editing using tracker or stave formats
• Print Option - will print out all blocks in a song, complete with play list.insirument names, and tempo information, Makes music reading and learning theory easy! Mozart's Music Master has scored rave reviews from music major graduate students. With this new program you can:
• Learn music note reading (note recognition) in four clefs (Treble, Alto. Tenor and Bass). A timer with three settings can be used to limn time for note identification. Right and wrong answers can be tallied and displayed,
• Learn interval shape recognition. This also can be timed and scored activity.
• Learn interval ear training
• Learn to identify scales using a graphic representation.
• Includes bonus feature! Music Tutor allows you to access music terms and identify symbols using its music terms database Add your own terms to the data base with built-in text processor. Mozart's Music Master with Music Tutor is easy to use and works with all current Amigas and versions of AmigaDGS. Product code: T4006 The Disk Magazine for anyone who has an Amiga and likes musicI Whether you're into composing, collecting, studying, or simply enjoying music, then AM.FM has lots to offer. If you want to learn more about using the Amiga as a music computer, then AM FM is for you. Each disk con- tains news, reviews, previews, hints & tips, tutorials, new sounds for popular synthesizers, lots of great Amiga music, and the latest sound and music utilities' Each issue contains 2-5 Amiga songs. 2-5 MIDI songs and 4- 8 Sound Music Utility programs! The AM FM Sample disks are chocked full of superb qualify samples from the latest and best in synthesizers, drum machines, etc. Call or write for a complete catalog of the AM FM series Pricing: AM series disks: S.9.95 each. Special offer: Buy 4 and get the T tree! Buy 7 and get 2 free!! SM series disks: $ 7.95 each. Student Edition Highlights:
• with tnis vers on you can run TrueBASiC programs ot any size
• Modem structured tormat allows you to combine smaller program sections into larger, sophisticated programs ‘ Superb built-in graphics and color capabilities...handles sound and music effortlessly
* Advanced program editor enables you tc quickly compose or modify programs. ¦ Bus It-in math functions, debugging facilities, and on-line help files!
* Spec a I Amiga font and IFF graphics handling features TrueBASiC programs are portable to DOS, Macintosh and most UNIX workstations, now you can use the same pro gram code across all platforms for the powerlul portability that every programmer dreams about1 Get special pricing on these other TrueBASiC math programs! The. DevWare ToolCbps?, a quality line- of tow-cost software, presents pcwertccts for your Amiga. 3y purchasing, software you receive- unmatched versai iny usabfeiy. And best of a«. You support trie spender,fArr-soa Osvetepe-.’ 'RK‘ anthology are registered. Fo'Sy-functiona: versons cf the cream of The crap m shareware titles Amiga mus'Caans i war-t to check qui bur brand-new AM FM ssries. They're packed with fantastic utilities! Now, many of our, have reduced packaging to lower the cost end pass Ihe savings on to you. Your wallet and our Rkl: MegeBnii - This disk contains tho tull-roloaso version of MegnSall, complete with 1h« level editor to create your own challenging worlds to conquer. This game Is quite similar lo Arkanoid and allows two players with stereo sound and 5 soundtracks’ $ 14.95. RK2. Machlll This remarkable utility will allow you to record any mouse click or keypress and play it back as a macro at any time, inside any program. Also provides memory Infoclock. Alarm, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, mouse-lo-menu and window cycling, $ 19.95. qKP: 3D Oblectn an emaztng collection ot some ol the best 30 objecis we've ever seen In Imagine formal. Running man, spaceships, staircase, hoverboats A much more. Also texture maps |o wrap around soma ol tho objects... 1.5MB of data In all! $ 14.95 RK4: Mom-? Manager Fro This program will help you keep track of your llte! Complete address book, appointment scheduler, notepad, auto-dia=er (requires modem), area-code utility and complete inventory of all your possessions and credit cards. Extremely uselul. Requires 1 Meg. $ 14.95 ftKs: Dilution an Alien terrorists plants a Nuclear Time bomb and you are Ihe only chance ol saving the world! Outstanding graphics and sounds complete Ihe mood ol this futuristic race against lime and devastation! S14.95. The most recent release of TrueBASiC. The oowerfu! Programming language from Kemeny 8 Kurtz, the original creators of BASIC You will receive ihe Language, libraries for font supoort. DO fi'es. Script files, mere than 30 demo programs, and a 200- page manual, System requirements: Any Amiga with one Megabyte of memory Mozart's Music Master new! Only $ 29.95! The Music Corner Algebra I - Now Only! T1074 Calculus - Now Only! T1082 Trigonometry - Now Only! T1093 Probability Theory - Now Only! T2060 Get any 2 math programs T2036 Get all 8 Plus TrueBASiC 2.0 T2063 Graphics Workshop $ 34.95 MIGA ' USICIANS ' LOPPY MAGAZINE a HU S3.95 ea. 11-19 Disks Serving the Amiga comm in in since 1985 Public Domain Library 10 for 25 for 50 for 100 for S8.00
519. 25
536. 00 $ 67.00 See the DevWahe ToolChest to mail-in your order or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-0759! V011: Imagine Enhancer - T3D converts Imagine objects to OFF. NFF. VORT. Rayshade. MIF. DXF ar,d POV formers. VO10: Imagine Enhancer- Icoons and JSL supplement The object and scene editors. FD88: AmyBoulderdash - a clone of the original classic., extremely well done complete with level editor, 2 complete sets of levels and a Invel editor Requires Workbench 2* FD87: OXYD- A commercial quality game-similar to Marble Madness in nany ways, but allows two computers to link & play together see how many ol the 200 landscapes you can complete., so challenging a hint book is available lor this game I FDB6: Uchess: The strongest playing Chess program available for the Amiga period. Req. 68030,, Workbench2t-. 4MB RAM. Supports AGA WB129: Super Virus Killer ¦ From Sale Hex Int l. who catalogs and kills Amiga Viruses worldwide*-a complete virus system that knows all Amiga viruses, undated often Rea. WB 2, WB12B: ColorFonts - contains 12 color bitmap fonts lor use wiih Dpaint oi any software that supports ColorFonts, Perfect for tilling WB127; Blankets - Over 2C drtlerent screen Wankers Most run on Workbench 1 3*. A few require 2.0, WB126: EdPlayer - music MOD player that looks, acts and plays like your CD player., AnigaWorlds -SI MOD utility. Pius MOD songs. DD92: Developer Contains the official Commodore developers kds tor the AmigaGuide and Commodore Install Utilities a must have for all serious developers. DD91: ParBench - Allows you to easily connect network two Amigas CDTVs together and share storage devices. Req's WB2+ and custom cable (docs to make cable included-easy) DD90: Advanced Utilities - CnmpressDisk doubles '.he capacity of your naro-orive on ine fly with compression"! Also contains: disk optimizer, SCSI mount utility, Keymap editors, Enforcer. Urtdeleter & more. Most programs require 2.0-*- Fun Disks FD6: GAMES! - This disk is chock full of games inducing; Checkers. Clue. Gold A new slide the p sees puzzle. Jeopard An enhanced version of Risk. RushHour - Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar • Best described as a cross between Combat Tanks and asteroids FD7: Pacman - This disk contains several pacman type games including: PacManfl’, MazeMan and Zomx, FD10: HackLiie - A dungeon adventure game. Ccns.cored a must-have classic. This is the 2nd reease c! This game Great graphic interface. Peay time several weeks! FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps simulation every written for any computer Contains extensive HELP features. Also Tnirty- One.VidooPoker and more Fdt 2A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - This is by far the best Star Trek game ever written for any computer It features mots© control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and grest gameplay. Counts as 2 d sks Req 1Mb and two doves (cr FD13: Board Games - contains Monopoly, Dominoes, Paranoids, and others. FD14: Dungeon Master Hints and Arcade Games ¦ DM maps, spells, item location, and hints and more, also on this d sk Hoaii - an arkanotd breakout type game. Trw - a Oix type done DOM: IBM Not one. Bui ' IBM emulators that will allow the runnmg e? MS-DOS software with Amrga programs!'! Comes complete with programs to turn your Amiga floppy drives into 720K tSM compatibfe drves Fdt 7: Educational Games "his d sk includes several games ter youngsters including geography, math, scenes and word games, also includes Wheel ot Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games - MechFo'ce, A game that simulates combat between Two or more giant robots Simple words can 1 begin to give you (he feel of piloting a 30 ¦ 40 toot fall, lire breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim FD27: Arcade Games • Thiscisk is loaded with some great games Includes. Raceorama a g-eat raang car game with ten diffe-enl courses MmiBiast a helicopter gunsnip type clone. Shark in the same class as frogger. And Sbreakout the original breaxcut with more. FD31: Games! - Air Traffic Control - a gooc ATC simulation. Black Jack Lab - a full featured set of card games. ChessTef - play chess with your friend in distant and remote places with this game and a modem. LabyrnTh - a well done text adventure game (like an intocom game;, and MouseTrap - a 3d maze game FD32; Flight Simulator An instrument Itight Simulate' for a DC 10 FD33: Arcade Games Fheddy a Mario Brothers type of game Gorbiis a targe! Practice game. PipeLme a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams. Trcn a light cycies version, and Wetrcds a wonderful version of asteroids with a hilarious twist FD35: Omega = v 1.3) - An outstanding dungeon and outdoors We have been The official Pub c Domain Library of ail the best Am ga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us! The first two letters on eacn disk indicate trie orientation of the disk: WB* genera! Interest - most p'cgrams can be 'un from the workbench FD» games and entertainment. VO“ are video related prcgrams utiiit es and DD« advanced- requires thorough knowledge ol AmigaDOS CLJ. Thanks to our extensive arsenai of anti virus software. ALL ol our software is guaranteed virus free! New Disks Best Seller! D079abcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial * This ts comprehensive C fanguage-Am&a orient tutorials available. Includes full working exampJes. Source cod© and an ncredibfe set of lessons, included aro fuil discussions and examples Amiga programming 4 disk set, counts as 3 FD39A&0: Star Trek, The Now Generation • This is a completely different version of Star Trek than that found on FD12. This one was created by the German author Tobias. Excellent!!! Counts as two disks, Requires 512k FD50: Submarine Game - Sealance, one and a hall years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine lactrcal game Commercial qualrty, highly recommended FD57: Arcade Games - Includes 2 truly commercial quality games. MegaBalf. An Arkanoid-rsh game, features 5 musical scores and addicting gameplay Gravity Attack is a psychedelic trip through several different worlds each different FD59: Game Potpourri - Xenon III is an almost exact clone ol the commercial game of the same name., a great shootemup Crossword will take lists ol words 4 automatically gonerate word-search puzzfes for any Epson compatible printer FD60: Gama® • In Nebula, race ever a 3d world to destroy enemy installations tnterleron, a great Dr Mario clone Enigma; is it a game or puzzle’ FD61: Games - Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions Klrie an interesting piece ol eye cancy Extreme Violence. 2 P;ayer kill or oe killed game. YATC; A Tetris done with Artifical Intelligence Genesis; create realistic 30 fractal worlds. FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smooth and we-tl done World War il gunner simulation Requires t megabyte ot memory FD64: Games - Wizzy s Quest a 'great’ 50 level game w th great graphics. Cudus * a 3 dimensional Tetris type game (roiaio and move in 3 dimensions) Husker Du - Co'ors and pattern rather than shape in this Teirrs-esque game. 5 screens and 3 levels of difficulty. Requires Fai Agnus (l Meg of Chip) FD67: Arcade - Includes Llamalron a well-done Robotron' done Hate is a ‘terrific' Zaxxon clone with multiple tevets worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling a 10! FD6B; MlndGames - Had enough o' shoot-em up games’ Relax and let these 21 games exercise your mind instead of your wrist FD73: Arcade Series ¦ Intruder Alert1 is a MULTI level "Berserk" done Features smooth gameplay. Great graphics & digitized sounc Vn FD74; Arcade Series • RingWar is an 'Outer Limits’ clone with vectohzeo graphics MoiherLode is a 'Loce Runner" cone with 50 levels' tn Blitz Tanks, they re com ng at you from all directions'1 Call in air strikes and use your heavy artillery to survive' FD75: Arcade Series ¦ Descender is a clone of the classic arcade game "Tempest': complete with vecionzod graphics Tan* is the classic battle ol frajadonas and inertia between two tanks incredibly well done' Search is a maze game unlike any other included is a level editor too (Tan* requires l meg chip memory*Fa: Agn-js) FD77: Arcade Series ¦ Gaiaga 92 is a done of Ihe arcade game with several gameplay enhancements--with smoooaih, sharp graphics, irs better than tne original' Pharaohs Curse is a c'ere of the original CS4 bass'C Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized version of the A valon Hi I board game-ccnquer or be ccnque’ed' The AmigaWorld "Best-Of" Set! FD35ABCD: AmlgsWorld's Best - Th«e four disks contain the honest p-d games of D21 Includes Mother Lode. Motla. Minefield, Pomg, intruder Alen. Deluxe PacMan. Rocky and Super Artillery (see Dec 92 AmlgaWodd) Four rfshser, counts as three FD81: SuperGames - Same of he best games-Donkey Kong is better than ihe original with an extra 'eve''. Frantic Freddie and TrgilBlazer are both fast-paced arcade games Mad Bomber is the classic game e! 'Kaboom' redone with an Amiga ft aro All of these games aro excellent' FD62: Intrepid - In the Arctic ico, you control a tank on a mission to rescue hostages m this superbly crafted Amiga original FD84; Games! Deluxe PacMan is better than the original - 20* mazes, special 'power ups" wtlh ousfandmg graphics ThrnkAmania is the classic game of concentration-with beautifully drawn Hines images Workbench Disks WB4:Tefecommunication - This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs: Access i 42, Comm i 34 & Handshake 2.12a. See also WB102 A WB1T5 WB5: Fonts f»1- Several fonts (35j for the Amiga also includ eo are five PageStream loots,and ShcwFcnt ¦ a tont display program. WB6: Fonts 2 - ShowFont allows you lo quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical font includes large AmigaDos system fonts (many up to 56pts) WB7: Clip Art - This disk is loaded wth b'ack and white d.p art. An includes, trees, watches, toots, US and State maps. WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 This set contains the programs that should have been included with WB2+. These powerful utilities take full advantage of the many new capabilities that are available In Workbench 2*. Includes. Tool Manager • a wonderful utility lo add programs |o your TOOL menu. Virus Protection - Degrader, icon - Ennancea Workbench's "Show Aff* to display over 40 distinct icons for different types of Wes. Bitmap Fort! Editor, Screen Blanker® - ala fractals and spiiners and swarmirg beesl Requester Enhancers and CPUBlil. Two disk set. Counts OS two adventure game in a similar vem as hack, rouge, and mona This version rs considerably faster and better that ail previous versi on s P lay ti me weeks FD38: Games Cnbdage Master • A great enfcbage game and tutor, Spades - a well done card carre. ChineseCheckers - A computer versibn at this classic, Puzz - a slide piece puzzle game and construction set GUARANTEE - We believe so strongly in our product that we offer a full lifetime. Complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a S20 value) AND pick any 3 disks ol your choice! Special S3.45* ca. 20-29 Disks and more WB9; Icons Truly a multitude of various types ana kinds Also includes IconMiester. Icon Lab. And others great utilities to help generate icons WB10: Virus Killers The besl VtrusX(4 0j, Kv(2 1}. And ZeroVirus III Wbt2: Disk Utilities - This great d sk is loaded w th wonderful utilities tor everything including making d>sk labels, disk cataloging. Disk optimizing, disk and ti'e recovery archive and orga mzing. And all sorts of tile manipulation A must have! WB13AB: Printer Drivers and Generaior - over 70 different drivers |neluding HP LaserJet 3 & 4'). Also includes a printer- driver generator Two disk set counts as two WBT5; Business - This dsk contains a spreadsheet a database a project time management program and financial analysis (stocks) WbtS: Word Text Processors ¦ This disk contains Ihe best editors Includes.ToxiPlus (v2 2e) a full featured word processor. Drneivt 35) a great programmers edict with strong macro features.TexED(v2 Bi an enhanced tmacs type editor, and a spell checker WB22: Fonls 3 - Several more great lonts These, tike Ihe other font disks work great witn Dpaint and WYSIWYG wcrd processors WB23: Graphics and Plotting • Plot, a 3-D mathematical function plotier Can plot any user defined function, BozSurf2 - produce awesome pictures of objects one could turn on a lathe Can also map IFF imago tikrs onto any surface that it can draw Now compatiblo with most 3D packages, and Vscreen ¦ makes a virtual screen anywhere WB25:Educstion0l ¦ On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing types World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate detailed maps of any entered user global coordinales Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstom General Theory of Relativity WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures ol beautiful women WB29: Graphics and Sound ¦ This disk has several d'tforenl Mandelbrot typo programs producing stunning graphics Includes. MandofMountains ¦ a realistic terrain generator. Fracgon ¦ gonerate rocuisivo fractals from usor input. Mandelbrot and Tmandul - two fast mandelbrot generators, also Mostra - tho best IFF display program to date Sound - a great IFF sound player, will play anything WB33:Circuit Board Design - several ternlic routines lor the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtool - a circuit board design tool. LogicLab ¦ circuit logic tester, and Mead (1 26) a wefl done new release ol this PD CAD program, now comes with predrawn common circuit components lor insertion rn1o schematics. WB35: 3D Graphics - Tins disk contains 3Fon|& ¦ Full voctor font set lor use with 3d programs, FomMukor - make 3d fonts from any System font MakeSDShepo - create 3d shaper, from any image, DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pal let, Wcr)d3d ¦ a demo of a front end tor use with DKBRendor W036: Graphics - On this disk are several programs to creaie stunning graphical images including, Mpath • creates swirling galaxy images. Roses ¦ produce an unlimited number of variations ol images lhal a symmetrically similar to a rose. SimGon ¦ display those spectacular images as par! Of your workbench, and RayShade - a very good raytracing program, create your own beauTilul 3d graphic models with this one! WB37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles lhal cover math, geography, spelling and books Ages B • 15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics Plotxy is a powerful full lea- tured plotting package Used by many colleges and universities Highly recommended Plans - a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very full featured Tusselator - a program Ibai helps generates fantastic looking recursive M C Ecsher type pictures WB4V: Music • MED an incredibly well done, full leatured mus e editor. Create youf own stunning mu*c directly on your Iho Amiga. Similar to SoundTrackor but better Very powerful easy lo use program. Version 3 20- compatible with WB2. WB43: Business - This d'Sk contains ArutyhCalc - probably the most powetful sp-eaasheet program on the Amiga A lull featured spreadsheet with many features expected in a commercial package. Req i 2 MB Special Product! GT1: The A64 Package * A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with Wbi 3 a 2,0 This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's 1541 disk drive to your parallel port ol your Amiga for toial emulation. Two disk set. Counts as two. Special price S49 95 - including hardware. WB46: Clip Art • H>ghRes Clip an with the lo Bowing motifs - embellishments 'borders, dodads ....). peoo'e. A transportation. WB47: Clip Art Hires dip art Motifs • hair, drafting, summer, animals and mactood WB48: Clip Art Hires Ctip art Motrts - Holidays music, medical. And misc WB5Q: Animation Seven o! The best euro sty I® animations Of 'Demos’, includ ng ¦ scientific 45), subway, Slntide thrstde- mo,!right, waves and wocw WB53: Graphics ¦ RayTracmg programs generate absolutely stunning realistic lookng ptanos. RocKets. Buildings ... and surreal images C-L»ght is the moss powerful EASY-TO-USE ot it's k.rxt we have seen to date This is easily belter, and more full featured, than similar commercial programs costing in the hundreds of dcitafs Also, sMovie - a full featured video le*l tiller Similar to Pro’ .doo. Broadcast Tiller Great video scrolling, wipes, special offsets and more WB54: Printing - Ths disk contains several routines To hetp with the chore ol prrnting Includes Gothic - Finally a Banner printer lor tno PD1 PrintStudio a we! Implemented all-purpose punier-utility with a very comtortable graphic interlace and many advanced features. Lila * with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript printer, and more WB55: Application • Xccpylll - a lull featured disk copier, make backups ot copy protected disks. RoadRoute - find the quickest route Horn one city to another, highway description included. Diary ¦ a oiaiy program Ike "Dougy Houser M 0", Cai
- n calendar program Magma-i - a database isilorod tor articles and publications WB57: Animation This disk has several "Demo" stylo am mations, including, Bitter. Lolly, Sun5, vertigo, vortex, ana xenomorph WB62: Midi Utilities Several useful midi utilities including, programs lo transfer lo and Irom several music programs to midi, a midt sysex handier, a midi recorder with limebase. Display midi into, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB63: Disk Utilities 3 Several highly recommended programs to aid in romovng duplicate tiles Irom ycur hard drive, performing tile backups, Binary editing, last formatting, tile recovery, disk track recovery, and forced disk variation ol corrupt disks WB66: Icon* 2 Lots ot neat icons Also, several wonderful programs that lo lei you create your own icons, modily and manipulate icons and inla structures WB69: Music • 90 minutes of classical and modem electronic music for you Amiga. WB75: Music ¦ over 100 insirumenis files (insl) and sample WB102: Telecommunications ¦ Contains the programs Ncomm 2 0 and VT100-29B Zmodem protocols. XPR protocol support, lull VtlOO emulation. Ncomm's script language is so powertul it can create a full-featured BBS system. WB106: Home Manage! - This is a great all-in-one address book with an autodiafer.no'epad to-do list'appointment scheduler home inventory database and phone number dialer, WbtOfl: OctaMED ¦ This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities from 4 channels to an oar-popping a channels' AH the renound editing capabilities ol MED plus 4 moro channels’ If you thought your Amiga sounded good before., you aim heard nuthm yet' WB109: VerseWlso - Display, search ana print Tne New Testament. WB113: Sid II - Why pay 40 bucks for a directory utility, when this one will do rt all plus much more! A truly protessional-cal- rber orogram Sid 1 was our best, now completely rewritten. Sri 2 will astound you Wbi 14: Fonts *4 - Contains 36 bitmap system fonts. WB115: Telecommunication - If you have AmrgaDOS 2.04* and a modem, then this 15 THE program tor you Term totally conforms to the User Interface Style Guido lor 2 04, has an Arexx port, and supports all popular tile-transfer protocots throLgh XPR libraries We wish all programs were this good Wbi 16: Databases ¦ This is what you've been waiting for1 Contains 5 uniquely specialized database programs for tracking Videotapes, CD s. Magazine Articles, Comic Books and Tradng Cards' WB120: Grinder - a complete graphics conversion package lhal supports GIF's, Jpeg. Neochrcmo. Degas, PCX. Targa TIFF HAM E and IFF format pictures An invaluable tool for all Oesktopvidoographars and desktop puDtiihers 118: Amiga Beginner You asked for id A complete I for the bogmner on using the Amiga Starts you off at the power-sw teh anc takes you through to tne CllrShoti and an points >n between Beaus’ Also included are 16 cotcr icons to replace every icon m yojr 20+ Workbench. WB121: ProPage3 Enhancer - This disk contains over 40 "Gerxes' tor use with ProPage 3 0. Inducting useful ones i ke Make Pie Chart and Resize Tert to fit Box to name a tew Also includes structured & bitmap cl part for unique borders . A must have tor ail Ppage 3 users WB122: System Optimizer - Kcommod ty enhances your system, gives memory meters mouse keyboard enhancements, onl ne timers plus many ctners too numerous to l»st‘ Reorg wril optimize hard and floopy-disks tar a big speed increase. HDMem will at taw you So use up to 2 megs of hard- drrve space for Virtual memory' (Req 68320* w MMU) Alt programs require 2 0- WB123AB: Flags ol the World - same as WB124. But for Workbench 1,3 Req 1MB 2 disk set. Counts as two V B124; Regs of the World - Two modes dick and team or a game to tost your knowledge Great graohics -tantastic learning tool Has current Russia 5 Yugoslavia republics Rog Workbench 2 0* A 1MB RAM sound files (ss) WB79: Home & Business Accounting - Includes Ckbacct • the most complete checkbook accounting program going. LCCCalc * this well done calculator has a very targe display and operates trom the keyboard or mouse Mileage master - monitor your auiomcbile mileage with this mrfenge tog. Grammar - a grammar checker, and Worldtime - find out what tsme it is m up to 50 global oties WB119ABCDE. Font Set Tna cMKttsn coma ms over 100 typefaces for use wiLh Professional Page-PageSehef 3. Cr PageStraam 2 1 * These fonts v. i output to any laser printer or dot-matrix punter with no jaggies, ‘hanks to outline tome. Very pro-looking 5 disk se., covers as ¦* WB8t: Great Applications ¦ Data Easy a very easy to use. Database program Don l fel the ease ot use fool you. This is a very full featured database p'og'am including full primer control lor address labels and mail marge appiicat ens Also includes. TypoTut a good typing tutor. RLC a lull featured label printer. Banner, a multi-tonl banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program. Highly recommenced. WB82: Animations ¦ Four foil length, well done "movie’ style animations Including, Coyote, Jugglerll. GhostPool. 4 Mechani* 2 disks, counts as t. Y B93: Workbench 1.3 Extras 2 Contarns the utilities that Commodore should have shipped wrth the Amiga, VitusX4 0. Snao, FixDisk (recover corrupt deleted fifes), Disk Optimizer (tioppy A hard). Machlff (screen Wanker, hotxey, mouse accel, macro, clock utility). GQMF (a gurubuster)and PrintStudio WB95; Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Definitely commercial grade; we've seen many checkbook programs and this is the best Full budgeting transaction recording A report generatcn WB96: Dupers - Contains Xcopylll 4 Nib which wiil tackup copj-protected programs Free Copy removes copy protection from several programs, and SuperDuper will crank-out fast AmigaDOS copies WB99; Lifestyles includes Agone family tree program that Tracks up lo 600 people marriages etc Landscape is a CAO program to create gardens landscapos Loom simulates an 8 harness loom; experiment with patlern dosign with instant feedback DD54: Compression ¦ Ths disk rs loaded wrth ail of the best file compression programs and a ds for the Amiga Many a! The programs can be used by the new user, includes Arc. Lharc. Lhwa-p Pkax, PoweraackGr a must have by all. Zip. Warp, and Zoo DD71AB: C Compiler This disk contains DICE. Matthew Dillon s full featured, powerful C compiler & environment. 2 disks, counts as 2 DD66: The Programmer - Incudes GadToois and REQTools which wilt allow you to create your user interlaces and then the program will automatically generate "C" source code or Assembly-axJe Requires, and writes code for Am=gaDOS2+ ODB9: Uedit ¦ Probably the most powerin' text editor ever written for the Amiga Previously commercial, now public doman Req 1 mb Memorex blank disks-31-" DSDD Canada Mexico arid S.I5 ci. Other foreign ttikl $ .50ca. (.80 cenrs ca) (.77 cents ea) (.72 cents ea) (.67 cents ea) Video Disks Dev Disks VOS: Modeling This demo Vertex, allows you to create 3 0 objects without using the abstract X. Y and Z views Loads Sculpt-3D 4Q. Turbo Silver Imagine, Lightwave. GEC and Wavefront formats MagicTween will metamorphasize any two pics and animate the "in-between" frames. VOS: 3D Objects - Contains 20 objects all in Imagine format Induces a complete Amiga 3000, space station and much more! V08 CompuGraphic Fonts- Contains 2 Ciipari-style tents and 4 actual typefaces for use with WB2* and its Fountain utility Great for Oesktop publishing or tilling : '
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147. 53 52 95 149 9? 139 99 39 95 41 95 72 93 75 93 931=4 02064 Cl 2072 92125 92149 C14643 C14883 96039 61815 94439 90147 External drive
149. 99 DataFlyer 1200 SCSI 010212 99 22? 93 45 99 399 95 EXPANSION 124 95 54 95 SYSTEMS Milking Technology Affordable Since 1985 34 9 5 39 95 179 99 129 35 79 99 139 99 169 95 64 95
57. 99 54 99 59 95 90067 £>372 90166 94390 C10679 Cl 4670 54069 54607 C15403 54116 97513 569 93
99. 95 109 95 165 95 224 95 699 93 AMIGA SYSTEM UPGRA0ES C12S25
5169. 99 SI 59 99 $ 199 99 Ct 3116 Cl 3120 C13130 139 93 149 59 21999 333 99 CALL GVP A500 IMPACT SERIES II HARD DRIVES A500-HD8«0MBNoHD D10S65 169 00 A5C0-HD6*0-0 II C14Q76 269 99 A500-HD6*0'80 II Cl4085 329 99 A500-HD8*0M@ I20 II C10C39 37900 GVP AMO TURBO-ACCELERATOR A DRIVE A530 with No Hard Dnve 010572 309 CO A530 CofnBo 40*183II C15072 309 00 A530wW 120 MB Hard Dftve C12376 559 00 GVP A2000 IMPACT SERIES II HARD CARDS A200Q Ba’ecart 93667 159 99 A2QCO-HC8*OMB 120II C1DC59 349 00 A20CO-HCe-:* 3!70ll 310586 419 00 GVP IMPACT SERIES M HARD DRIVE' G-FORCE 030 15MHz 68030 ACCELERATORS ComocC30-2S 2510 99133 399 03 CwrooO>>2S 25' 80 D10597 549 00 CqfflMG30-2S 251 120 991=2 619.03 G-FORCE 030 40MHz 68030 ACCELERATORS ComocOlO O 40 4 0 99175 59903 CorTiDoC 30-40 40 A170 D10600 689 03 Corr>txrC30-40 40 4 240 D10615 939 00 Corr.MC30-40 40 4 540 Cl5084 1699 03 G-FORCE 030 50MHz 68030 ACCELERATORS CoTioo030-50 50 4 0 97=66 319 00 Cotidc03D-50 50 4 i 20 97589 1049 00 Co«»030-50 504'240 DI0629 1Q99 00 ComooC30-50 50 4 540 Cl 5092 1793.00 G-FORCE 0+0 33MHz 68040 ACCELERATORS A2000 040-33 33 4 120 C14Q09 519903 A2000 C40-33 33 4 170 010631 1293 00 A2000 040-33334 640 C15IW 209900 G-FORCF. ACCELERATOR RAM UPGRADES 1 Mbyte. 60ns SIMM C10076 69 93 4M3yta 60ns SIMM Cl 0069 19900 1 Mbyte 40ns SIMM Cl 0092 299 99 GVP PHONE PAK Cl 0389 299 99 PC 286 MODULE for GVP 97713 59 99 I O EXTENDER 05476 129 00 A1230 TURBO PLUS Cl 5466 call A12O0 SCSI RAM PLUS C15457 CALL DATAFLYER 1200S SCSI Controller Used with BaseBoard 1208 Add larger more economical 3 5 inch drives. Run removable media like Syquest. Floptical etc. Amaxll compatible. Super easy Aulolnsiall software with 32 on line HELP screens, cases available Adds up to 1.2. 4. Or 8Mb ol 32 bil RAM. Uses 72 pm SIMM. Battery backed clock calendar. Comes with 68881-16 FPU installed Optional 68882 up lo 50Mhz available. Oolional (plug on) DataFlyer 1200 SCSI controller (see below). AMIGA 500 CD ROM DRIVE DATAFLYER Data Flyer Express SCSI Data Flyer txp-ess IDE Data Flyer Express SCSI IDE TENEX INTERNAL A500 HARD DRIVES TENEX 105M9yie*it 95724 New A1200 Products The Basics and More. BASEBOARD 1208 1208 32 Bit RAM FPU-Clock- Optional SCSI BaseBoard 1208-81-0 Mtoi0208 BaseBoard 1208-81-2 Mb0i0222 use CP BaseBoard 1200c GVP AMIGA UPGRADES D1Q192 27.95 399 03 BASEBOARD 1200C Clock Calendar A clock calendar with removable lithium battery. Easily installed without removing main RF slieild. Does not U slot. A601 EXPANSION W CLOCK Cl3=03 A601 EXPANSION W 1MB Cl3510 A600 60QHD CARD W 2MB Cl2253 A600 600HD CARD W 4MB Cl 2294 FASTRAM IC 2MB for A600 and A1200 C15513 FASTRAM IC 4MB for A600 and A1200 Cl 5527 KWIKSTART II for A1000 C15-123 MEGA MIDGET RACER C10996 SUPRARAM 500 RX with IMBjftt 500 FX a 1 Mbyte " 54036 1 MB 2 Upgrade Kit 97312 SUPRARAM 500 RX with 2MByte 50Q RX a 2MB>le 94029 2MByte Upgrade Kit 57273 SUPRARAM 2000 Aid 0X19y14 6904B witn 2MBy1fl 83663 win 4MByte 83691 VECTOR 68030 for the A2000 C12506 EXPANSION BOARDS FOR THE A1200 No F?U with Clock Ci5i95 14 Mhz W4h Clock C15203 25 Mhz With Clock C15227 59 Mhz with Clock Cl5234 IBM JOYSTICK INTERFACE C15=32
24. 99 THE SWIFTY MOUSE 97200
26. 99 THE WEZ TABLET 96489
119. 9= (requ -ed Ur tfte E56GQ Scarre?
3. 5' EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE. 3 5'Eriamal Drive 85275 1 MBYTE x B z 80 SIMMs 93693 BIGFOOT POWER SUPPLY 32596 SUFRADRIVE 500XP HARD DRIVES 52M0yte win tVS 96445 52M& ie with 2MB 56455 i20M3yte wttn 2MB 56643 240M3yta wth 2MB 96653 SUFRADRIVE 500XP UPGRADES. 512K3yte kit 97255 2MByte W 97253 TRIFECTA 500 LX Cl3566 TRIFECTA 2000 LX Cl 3578 WORDSYNC SCSI INTERFACE Wort Sync interface 68673 DKB 2632 32 BIT MEM EXP. C13512 HARD DRIVE INTERFACE FOR A10O0 Cl 3533 12 A'CLOCK far A1200 C15509 GVP PHONE PAK OC935 293 99 SUFRAMODEM 2400 56667 69 93 Modem Serai Cat's A42447 52 95 SUPRA FAX MODEM EXTERNAL FAX Modem, v.32 9714= 233 95 FAX Madem v 32; 5 97554 259 53 MEMORY & ACCELERATORS AMIGA INPUT DEVICES MODEMS & FAXES
17. 95 £9.95 BEETLE MOUSE W PAD 94074 34 95 BOING! MOUSE W PAD 94039 7999 AMIGA ENHANCEMENTS 1 AMIGADOS El A500 A2000 96335 82 99 A3000 97707 34 95 AMIGADOS El UPGRADE Cl3858 4299 FAT AGNUS, 2MBYTE Fat Agnus 8372B. 2MByte 96554 79 95 Fal Agnus &372B*MejACHp 2000 C10013 199 99 FAT AGNUS, 1 MBYTE 98553 59 95 SUPER DENISE 8373 98572 44 95 CHIP PU1.I.ER C10249 14 95 THE SWITCH MAN Cl 5054 39 99 KOOL-rr Cl 5570 37 99 EMULATORS 1 A-MAX n PLUS C12554 339 99 POWER PC BOARD 95620
269. 95 PC 28* MODULE for GVP 97713 CALL A Toner* PC AT EMULATOR A7Q766 179 99 DATASTORAGE SYQUEST DRIVES FOR AMIGA & MAC 44MByte External Drive A63425 429 95 BBMByle Eilemal Dnve A67222 593-95 44MByte Cartridge A50583 79 95 68MByie Cartridge A52872 109 95 20MBYTE FLOPTICAL DISK DRIVE Interna! Fbpica1 Dnve 96663 49999 External F epical Dnve 96659 59? 99 20MByte Flaptca! Diskette 98160 1999 TENEX SCSI TAPE BACKUP A&41Q9 699 CO 1 AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE AMIGA 520 VIDEO ADAPTER 79233 34?5 CHROMAKEY + C *2756 339 93 DCTV 91639 239 99 DIGITAL EDIT MASTER 03427 2299 00 DIGi-VTEW MED1ASTATTON 97337 143 99 FIRECRACKER 24 97231 81995 GENLOCK from GVT 03821 39900 IMPACT VISION 24 iTpact VrSion 24 95567 1249 00 Optional adapter la-12000 95677 49 99 kitqien sync 94366 1595 00 OPALV1SION C11916 CALL PERSONAL TBC III Hm Prtoa! Cl 3009 69999 ROCGEN PLUS 54183 19959 ROCKET C11693 34900 Spectrum FRAME GRABBER G 71448 44900 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 Video Toaster 96593 5CALL VIVID 24 C13436 2559 00 COMMODORE PRODUCTS A2010 3.5 INT. FLOPPY DRIVE 91633 109 95 A3Q10 3.5 INT. Fl.OPPY DRIVE 94173 99 95 A500 REPLACEMENT INT. DRIVE Cl 2554 89 99 I PRINTERS PANASONIC KX-P1160I A88S84 159 95 KX-P216CI A63646 179 95 KX-PH23 A57105 199 95 XX-P2123 A72449 239 99 KX-P11241 A57112 269 99 XX-Pi 624 37444
349. 95 KX-P4410 La&e' A7T365 599 99 STAR NX-1001 90895
136. 99 NX-2420 Ra nbcw A51C47 254 95 NX-1040 Rainbow C1227S
36. 99 POWERED STEREO SPEAKERS 97290 34 95 DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO 97302 54 59 DELUXE MUSIC II Cl5437 79 99 MIDI INTERFACE Ci0669 34 99 MIRACLE PIANO 99026 31399 PERFECT SOUND 36370 63 95 TIGER CUB 39721
74. 95 VIDEO MUSIC BOX C14065 69 99 AMIGA UTILITIES AMI-BACK v2.0 94057
44. 55 ASSEMPRO 83926
59. 99 D1SKMASTER 11 95936
34. 99 DOS-2-DOS 934C3 31 95 FAT TRACKS Cl 5377 44 99 GICAMEM Cl 3796 92 99 HYTERCACHE PRO C15625 34 99 KICKBACK Cl 1420 39 99 MAVERICK, V4 39601 32 95 MICROFICHE FILER + 94C5S 119 95 QUARTERBACK C10964 41 93 RAWCOPY €14=57 34 35 SAS C COMPILER Cl 2252 234 ?9 VIRTUAL REALITY Studio 2.0 96193 57 99 | AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY BREAD it BUTTER FONTS 95944 57 59 CALIGAKI 2+ 03769 239 99 CAL1CARI2 68263 129 99 CINNAMON TOAST FONTS 9=951 57 99 C1NEMORPH Ci 2=22
59. 59 DELUXE PAINT TV A. 1 9499? 10? 55 DELUXE VIDEO® III 7=4=2 99 95 IMAGE F X C10973
199. 99 MORPH PLUS C13149 144 99 PLAYMATION Cl3779 239 95 PROVIDEO CG H Cl 1331 ill 99 PRO VIDEO GOLD 68186 99 99 PRO VIDEO POST =3833 159 99 VIDEO TOASTER SOFTWARE UPGRADE
2. 0 ClOl33 339 M VIDEO DIRECTOR =6170
133. 99 GFX CAD (Full Version) Ci163?
264. 99 GFX CAD (Upgrade! Cl 1642
129. 99 CAD SOFTWARE AMAS V. 2.0 includes MIDI interlace 35334 6999 We made a special buy ol the OEM version ol Pageslream 2.2 from Scft-Logic. Ihe leading desktop publishing package for the Amiga, and are offering it to our customers at savings of hundreds of dollars below suggested retail! What do we mean by the OEM version? Just that you get the same great software, the same great documentation, but no fancy box. This is by far the best Amiga desktop publishing value we've ever offered! There's only one catch quantities are limited. And when they're gone, they're gone so don't wait, start publishing now! PACESTRt M 2J-OEM 0067= 57953 DI5TANT SUNS 4.1 94=99 49 95 DYNACADD V, 2 C12714 64993 EASY AMOS 04313 34 99 FINAL COPY II Cl2807 75 99 GOLD DISK OFFICE 90062 11=95 HOTTJNKSV.LI 01352c 46 93 MAXIPLAN 4 Cl 1379 124=3 MINI OFFICE Cl 4932 69 93 PHASAR Cl 1079 49 93 PROFESSIONAL CALC 96151 174=9 PROPER GRAMMAR 94440 51 99 FROWR11 fc'“ 3-3 68222 54 93 SUFERBASE PERSONAL II C14203
63. 53 SUPERBASE 4 PRO C14194
169. 59 $ 7999 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE AMIGA MUSIC AMD SOUND AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE SCA1A 50ft HOME TITLER 97001 11995 THE ANIMATION STUDIO 90126 42 95 AMIGA VISION PRO Cl 2837 31900 ESSENCE Cl 4=34 49 93 GALLERIA GROUP I CI5389 19=9 GALLERIA GROUP 11 Ci 5392 19=9 Pages tream 2.2 Desktop Publishing Super Special : -. .- ; • • ¦ • : ••• ¦ : . : ; : • : Is This Box Worth $ 220? Commodore Amiga Inc . NOTE Due to publishing lead-times, product prices and specifications .ire subjeci to change without notice 'APO. FPO. AK, HI, CN. VI. GU. And foreign orders are subject to additional shipping charges AMIGA is a registered trademark of 50% 0$ Dor DM Price- A570 CD-ROM Drive for A500 Get FAXed! For Up-to-the-Minute Pricing on all our products Call 219-255-TECH and request document 501 to receive a FAX with the absolute latest pricing i e-aj low Price- on GVP ImpactVision Includes
• Hi Resolution AGA Chip Set (Same as Amiga 4000)
• Fast 14.32 Mhz Processor
• 2MBytes of Chip RAM
• 256,000 Simultaneous Colors
• IDE Hard Drive Interface
• Multiple Display Options Call For Lowest Pricing A1200 with Hard Drive Call For Loivest Pricing New Commodore Monitors! Call For Lowest Pricing AMIGA 1200
• • •
• • • ..... HARD DRIVES We carry a complete selection of SCSI and IDE Hard Drives from Quantum and other fine manufacturers. Calf for latest models and prices! '•••••ft Quantum 40 Mbyte
2. 5” Hard Drive
• • • ni9>
3. 5" HARD DRIVES FOR THE A500, A2000, A30Q0, & A4000 Only IDE Drive* Quantum 42 Mbyte Hard Drive C11762 Quantum 85 Mbyte Hard Drive C11779 Quantum 127 Mbyte Hard Drive Cl 1780 Quantum 170 Mbyte Hard Drive C11790 SCSI Drive* Quantum 42 Mbyte Hard Drive C11806 Quantum 85 Mbyte Hard Drive Cl 1815 Quantum 127 Mbyte Hard Drive Cl 1922 Quantum 170 Mbyte Hard Drive Cl 1933
139. 99 FOR THE A500, A600, AND A1200
184. 99
239. 99 40 Mbyte Hard Drive C15329
119. 99
259. 99 64 Mbyte Hard Drive AS5482 CALL 85 Mbyte Hard Drive A88366
229. 99 128MByte Hard Drive A8S382
339. 99
169. 99 160MByte Hard Drive C15351
449. 99
219. 99 Cable only forA600. A1200 A85451 8 99
259. 99 Required Kit for A5Q0 95748 134 50 279 99 Required Kit for A600. A1200 C15252 34 99 Order Toll-Free Nationwide 1-800-PROMPT-1 (1-800-776-6781) Mon.-Fri. 8:00am ¦ 8:00pm Sat. 9:00am - 2:00pm (EST) 40 Mbyte 2.5” Hard Drive Only ni9 Plugs in Directly to A12G0, A600!
• Can Install Inside A500, A2000,with IDE Adapter!
• Optional 3 1 2" Mounting Kit Fits Standard Bay! This super drive from Quantum is the Pest value and mast versatile drive we've ever offered' Its time 2 5" formal lefs it fit inside the A500. A600 and A12G0. As well as be used in systems that accepts a 35" dnve (optional mounting bracket required). Order now- supply at this special price is limited to stock on hand1 QUANTUM STO401DE C15329 5119.99 Need more space? How about 60 Mbyte for Onlv l QUANTUM STOtUlfil! AM535 m VISA Shipping, Handling, Insurance Order Amount Charge less than S19.99 $ 5.00
520. 00-S39.99 S6.50
540. 00-S74.99 S7.50
575. 00-S99.99 S8.50
5100. 00-S149.99 S1Q.50
5150. 00-S299.99 S11.75 S300 & Over 3.5% of Order We Carry a Complete Line of Amiga Hardware! A2000! A3000! More! CaUfor the Lowest Prices in the U.S.! Circle 22 on Reader Service card EYE OF THE BEHOLDER I! 56309 39 95 HEIMDALL C12307 1999 HOI C13259 24 99 LORDS OF TIME Cl 3262 29 99 LOSTTREAS. OF INFOCOM Cl 13-50 44 99 MEC. AFORTRESS; FLIGHT OF THE OLD DOG 95056 37 95 MIGHT 6c MAGIC III 95297 34 99 MURDERS LN SPACE 02475 32 99 OMAR SHARIF ON BRIDGE C13229 3699 PALADIN II C13474 36 99 THE PERFECT GENERAL 98779 34 99 THE PLAGUE C13410 799 POPULOUS II 95271 38 95 POWERMONGER: WWI 95062 1995 RAILROAD TYCOON Cl0806 34 95 ROAD RASH 03239 3199 RQBOCOP 3-D C10739 34 35 SWORD OF SOD AN C134C2
9. 99 THIRD REICH C10795 29 95 TITUS THE FOX C13173 34 39 TURKIC AN 03364
9. 99 UNREAL C10292 7 35 VIKINGS LOW PRICEt C10700 29 39 WARLORDS 03908 34 99 WIZARDRY: Crusaders of the Dark Savant 97023 45 35 ZOOL (FOR A1200 and A4000) 05116 36 99 1 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE 1 FAVORITE CHARACTERS THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 91324 19 95 DUCKTALES: Queat for Gold 9K91 9 99 INDY JONE FATE ATLANTIS Cl 5492
39. 99 LAST NINJA 3 IMPORT 95390
34. 99
T. M.N.T. ARCADE 95604 24,99 1 STRATEGY GAMES 1 AIR SUPPORT C11042 29 99 BLACKJACK ACADEMY S3027 16 95 CASTLES 11 03243 34 99 DUNE 02392 34 99 MONOPOLY 64552 29 95 SIMULATION GAMES CIVILIZATION 01092
39. 99 SHUTTLE 96138
32. 99 SCENERY ANIMATOR 2.0 O M51 54 59 SIMCITY 62679
29. 99 SIMEARTH 01657 29 99 SUPER Heroes 05343 29 69 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE AMY'S FUN-2-3 0156! 29 99 BRIDGE 6.0 95210 24 95 DINOSAURS ARE FOREVER 63134 14 95 PHUNNYPHONEMES 02566 1999 SCRABBLE 84567
29. 99 WHERE IN EUROPE? 59179
31. 95 LINKS 97793 2595 BarifufGolf CoufM 01204 16 59 fir-torn Caurty Dub 97609 16 95 MICROLEAGUE BASEBALL 96099 24 95 MANSELL'S WLD. CHAMP, Cl 6029 36 59 MANSELL'S AGA VERSION (FOR A1200 OR A4000I C14116 26 59 RED ZONE C1T082 29 99 TONY LARUSSA ULT. BSBALL 93573 959 WORLD CIRCUIT 98050 33 95 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE- AOVENTURE A DAD CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN: Dragon! Ance Fantasy V.l 66579 16 59 AdicD: Dark Queen of Kxynn C10751 32 55 AD&D: Treaa. Of Savage Front Cl 1109 1799 AMNIOS 54653 32 95 BATTLE SQUADRON C13336 999 BEAST IL SHADOW DEEPENS ¦ 9W35 34 95 BILL'S TOMATO GAME Cl 4057 32 99 BEAST HI 02351 33 99 BLACK CRYPT 96233 31 95 BUZ ALDRIN C12213 39 59 CASTLES 9*1677 34 95 CLIK CLAK 04131 29 99 COMBAT AIR PATROL C T 3150 29 93 CONQUEST OF JAPAN Cl 3490 34 59 CREEPERS Cl 3155 29 99 CRIME DOES NOT PAY 02500 32 59 CYBERBLAST 05442 959 DARKS EED 037B7 39 59 DEMON1AK 02512 30 99 DESERT STRIKE Cl 3304 3199 DISCOVERY COLUMBUS 03403 34 99 DRAGON'S LAIR III C13931 34 99 DUNGEON MASTER CHAOS STRIKES BACK C12772 23 59 ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE- 56800 Magnetic Drive’ Mishawaka, IN 46545 • 1219)259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 • We gladly accept mail orders! ¦ Prices and specifications subject to change. X1M F InfoMarket ? Drives Drives "ptivss Drives Drives « IDE 2,5 inch * For A6Q0 & A1200 ¦ 85M S269 128M S369 200M S539 Maxtor 130M 15ms 3.5 Slim scsi S269 WOWI 5.25 fh 1.2 Gig SCSI2 S1299 Maxtor 213M 15ms 3.5 slim scsi2 S349 Your data storage is an irrportant investmert. Fujitsu 330M 12ms 3.5 hh scsi2 $ 699 You've tDkJ us you want he latest drives, great Fujitsu 517M 12ms 3.5 hh scsi2 $ 699 poces aid serves, and krwledgeable support. Maxtor 540M 8ms 3.5 slim last sesi2 $ 999 Buy drives with confidence from ar Amiga dnve Toshiba 877M 12ms 3.5 hh fast scsi2 S1199 specialist, developer, aid dealer with 7 years of Maxtor 1.2Gfg Sms 3.5 hh fast scsi2 S1599 Amiga experience a"d gel it all. Call and we Seagaie 2.1 Gig 11ms 5.25 fh fast scsi2 S1999 can talk over yox dive reeds, controllers, Toshiba CDROM 200ms 5.25 hh scsi S4S9 performance, warrarties. Ard latest prices. WnngDAT 2Glg DAT 5.25 hh SCSI2 $ 879 Prices may be LOWER ¦ CALLI Hi-tech: fractals, neural networks. 3D virtual reality, cryptography, automata, bar code McgageM 1903 Adrla Santa Maria, CA 93454-1011 Tel FAX 805-349-1104 Wedding, Backdrops,3D Objects, 24 Bit & more Newly Designed in Opalvision Toaster
o Expand A500 1000 Slots, Power, Drive bays Use Scsi, Memory, More 6 Models. A1200 owners can Network to expanded machines Slots can passthru on 2 Models & All use true A2000 Zorro cards. $ 119-$ 599, NEWLY Revised software: Wedding Volumes -$ 30-570.
- 24 Bit JPEG , Anim Disks Video Anim Services to Disk Write for details : CeV Designl 02156 or Call (617) 942-0209 hm Circle 158 On Reader Service Card.
P. O. Box 560175 West Circle 167 On Reader Service Card. Thousands Of Disks With The BEST Amiga Public Domain & Shareware A MicroMigo Company Authorized AMIGA Saks & Service Amiga Parts & Accessories Business. Graphics. MODS. Frecj Fist), Term no Programs. Workbench Uhhies. GAMES' 3D Ob ects S Tons Of Fon s1 Also check oat oar Desktop Spaceflight Collection' Coll For Your FREE Catalog Today! A50Q Keyboard A20Q0 Keyboard A570 CD ROM Drive Ask for information regarding PMCIA cards CaU Toll Free Today! 1-800-622-9790 I-8UO-552-POWER P O Box 1898.Spnng Vo-'kjy, CA 91979 - FAX (619) 670-9732 V&A MasierCo’d Accepted Dealer inauiries Welcome1 Circle 164 On Reader Service Card. Circle 168 On Reader Seivice Card. CUSTOM T-8HBX DE99N YOUR OWN
• HEAT TRANSFER LASER TONER COLOR RIBBONS & PAPER LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS COLORS: BLACK, RED, BLUE, GREEN, BROWN, PURPLE, YELLOW Ribbons Prlci Eich Black Color T-Shirt Cftizfln GSX140.4-CLR $ 4.00 $ 12.00 $ 15.00 OkkJata 192 $ 5.00 $ 7.50 Panasonic 1124 $ 5.00 $ 7.50 Panasonic 2123 4-CLR $ 6.50 $ 15.00 $ 2000 SeikoshaSP1600 $ 4.50 $ 6.00 $ 7.50 Star NX1020 4-CLR $ 6.00 $ 10.50 $ 1500 Star NX2420 4-CLR $ 6.00 $ 12.50 $ 1500 Software Support Int. 27(X) N.E. Andresen Rd. Suite **A-10 Vancouver Wa 98661
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P. O. Box 475. Manteno, IL 800-522-6922 or 815-468-8081 Min. Orton $ 2S. Min. SAH M. Priw ta cfanpl Circle 1B8 On Reader Service Card. Circle 192 On Reader Service Card. New! BIGFOOT 2000 300 Watt A-2000 Power Supply From Micro R.&D. 1 (800)527-8797 1(308) 745-1246FAX AUTHORIZED COMMODORE AMIGA SERVICE CENTER sP£C AMIGA 500 (Repair) $ 58.95* cdael|aLl°sr We semce the ENTIRE Commodore Amiga product line & carry replacement parts & power supplies. Call for prices. * *We will beat any legitimate price ** id 0 A m A&M Computer Repair • 24 Colonel Conklin Dr. Stony Point, New York 10980 - (914) 947-3522
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• Amiga 1200 • GVP A1230 Turbo • MBX1200* Lowest Prices in the USA Call Get on our mailing Net. You will receive our free news letter with service tips and great deals on hardware and accessories . Send us your name and address or circle the reader service number . AMIGA REPAIR SERVICES * 24 HOUR TURNAROUND ** A 1 year warranty • Factory Trained Technicians and the lowest prices In the USA A2000 CALL* A500 CALL* FACTORY AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER 1-800 9671073 .[ & C Repair Ul> 2 BOX *) RnckKm l*a. 15856 !' T. *1 ij. -It-’, x.lll Three Choose from: Fonts • Clip Art • Kids Home I Business Gomes Pay a service charge of only $ 2.95 per collection. Credit Cards Only Software of the Month Club® 619-931-8111 Ext. 511 XXX SAHHJIR-S11 Ski! W lbc you’ve ever socn cn >xxir octnputu-! £4.96 You must be at least IB years cf t*jc to purchase XXX software UmiTYPKOIl 5 disks containing latest full working word processors, data bases, check book manager, home 4 amah bustness clerk, music anlm players + morel $ 12.95 EURODeMO PKG 11 10 disks containing latest A wildest demos straight from Europe 1 Music and anhns that will blow you away! Some run over 15 minutes! Only 919.95 11 GAMES SAMPLER PACK 10 ritak-q loaded with latest and greatest games. Many new imports that are commercial quality! 1 916.95 Send 92 for full catalogs 4 sample PD dlskl Shtpplng:Mtn. Charge add 95-Call for larger orders Better Concepts, Inc. 22 N. Main Street Suite 393 New Cl tv, NY 10956 1-500-25-Amiga (sales)] 1-914-639-5095 (tnfo) 1-914-634-7097 (fax) 1 We jtigt received Bnupesn CD's caotnining lOOO’s cf Megabytes of compressed files ao get oar catalog4. OV, IV r-TZXZVKm A follow up to 1. More action wtth superb clarity and things you cant behevell WOW1 Only $ 14.95 II incepts, inc. t PD MANIA Circle 151 On Reader Service Card. Circle 47 On Reader Service Card. Circle 90 On Reader Service Card, ATTENTION! Amiga Video Producers and Software Developers If you would like to increase sales of your videotapes or software programs, or you are looking for a Product Champion to help you bring your products to market, let us help you. We have served the product needs of Amiga enthusiasts for over 6 years. Please call or send evaluation copies to: Submissions Department Dev Ware Video & Software 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1, Poway, CA 92064 (Tel.) 619-679-2826 (Fax) 619-679-2887 INTRODUCE YOUR PRODUCT TO THE AMIGA MARKET TODAY! AMIGAWORLD’s InfoMarket is a great opportunity for those with AMIGA products to reach over 100,000 Amiga owners. AinigaWorld is the only publication with a subscription offer reaching every new Amiga owner, national newsstand distribution by Kable News Co., and single copy sales in computer stores carrying the AMIGA as well as large bookstores such as B. Dalton Bookseller and Walden Books. For more information, call Heather Guinard at 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924- 0113, or Fax a request to 603-924-4066. VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 * Carmel. CA 93922 MEMORY UNIT 2MB 4MB SMB 4000 32bit SIMM-70 $ 139.00 _ 139 278 4000 32bit SIMM-60
159. 00 159 310 GVP SIMM 32
169. 00 169 330 1x8-70, SO SIMM 34,00 68 134 268 1x8-60 SIMM
36. 00 72 142 280 4x8-70.80 SIMM
135. 00 135 270 4x8- 60 SIMM
145. 00 145 280 256x4 - 70 PG DrP
4. 25 68 136 256 Ixl -70. 80 PG DIP
4. 25 68 136 256 1x4- 70 PG DIP
17. 50 70 140 288 256x4 - 70 PG ZIP
5. 00 80 160 30-1 1x4 -70 PG ZIP
17. 50 70 140 276 1 x4-80 SC ZIP
16. 50 132 26-1 I x 4 -70 SC ZIP
17. 50 140 i GVP A1230 TURBO 599 759 GVP A1200 SCSI
299. 00 459 619 MBX 1200Z
159. 00 289 419 DataFlyer RAM 162 225 385 6S8S2RC25Mhz FPU .99 68882RC40Mhz FPU 129 Supra FAX V32BIS .295 GVP A530 40 I20 HD......599 GVP A530 40 0 HD ..299 A570CD ROM ....259
1. 76 MB Floppy Dr .99
2. 1 ROM UP Gkit .89 GVP PC 286 ..89 C-Nct BBS ......CALL ORDERS only: 800-735-2633 INFO & TECH: 408-899-20-40 Fkx: 408-89S-87G0 BBS: 408-625-6580 COD Frico »nd of Fred.tli Subject to Quag* Without Notice Circle 86 On Reader Service Card. DEALERS SELL Selling AmigaWorld will make money for you. 35mm Slides Negatives 48 Hour Turn Around for Slides All Bitmaps up to 1 650 xl 100
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Box 13 Salem, Ohio 14 160 216 337-1329 AirMouse Remote Controls 30 Mountain View Drive Colchester, T 05146 802 655-9600 Ami Link 4512 blue I leron Blvd. W I US Riviera Beach, FL 33404 407 844-3348 ASDG, Inc. 925 Stewart St. Madison, WJ 53713 608 273-6585 Asimware I ntu ivat ions 101 Country Club Drive Hamilton. ()nt. L8K5W4 Canada 116 578-1916 Associated Image Group 14900 Landmark Blvd.. Ste. 600 Dallas, Texas 75240 214 788-0066 Axiom Software 1221 E. Center St. SE Rochester, MN 55904 612 882-8136 BIX (General Videotex! Corp.) 1030 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge. MA02138 800 227-2983 617 354-4137 Black Bell Systems 398 Johnson Roatl Gasgow, M I 59230 406 367-5513 800 1 K-AMIGA Blue Ribbon Soundtvorks 1605 Chantilly Drive, Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30324 404 315*0212 Byrd’s Eye Software 9001 Northgate Blvd. 135 Austin. TX 78758 512 835-4811 Central Coast Software 206 Wild Basin Road, Suite 109 Austin. T 78746 512 328-6650 Commodore 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 800 662-6442 CompuServe 5000 Arlington Center Blvd. Columbus, OH 43220 800 848-8199 Consultran 11280 Parkview Plymouth, MI 48170 313 459-7271 Creative Focus Box 580 Chenango Bridge, NY 13745 607 648-4082 Creative Labs 1901 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 408428-6600 Delphi Noetic Systems 2700 West Main Street Rapid City, SD 57709 605 348*0791 Diemer Development 12814 Landalc St. Studio City, CA 91604 818 762-0804 Digital Creations 2865 Sunrise Blvd.. Suite 103 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916 344-4825 Digital Expressions Research W6400 Firelanc 8 Menaslia, VI 54952 414 733-6863 Digital Micronics 2075 Cortedel Nogal Carlsbad, CA 92009 619 931-8554 Digital Processing Systems I 1 Spiral Drive Florence, KY 41042 606 371 -5533 Dimension Technologies 2703 Vineyard Drive Erie, PA 16506 814 838-2184 Dongleware PO Box 391829 Cambridge, MA 02139 800 228-6993 Drive Ts Music Software 124 Crescent Road, Suite 3 Needham, MA 02194 617 455-1454 duBois Animation 1012 N. Chartr.md, F Edmond, OK 73034 405 348-4670 Electric Theat re 111 Holme Ave., 2 Elkins Park, PA 19117 215 379-4538 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 800 245-4525 Elite Microcomputers 138 Turner St. Port Reading. NJ 07064 908 541-4214 Fred Fish Catalog Disk Update 1835 E. Belmont Drive Tempe. AZ 85284 Cemslone Croup 2416 Indcj)endence lane. Ste 108 Madison, WI 53704 608 246*8464 Genie 401 North Washington Rockville. Ml) 20850 800 638-9636 Godfrey & Associates 544 Queen St.. Chatham Ontario, Canada N7M 2[6 519 436-0988 Gold Disk, Inc. 20675 South Western Ave.. Ste 120 Torrance, CA 90501 213 320-5080 Great Valley Products 600 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Hash Enterprises 2800 E Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661 206 573-9427 Haitex Resources PO Box 20609 Charleston, SC 29-113 803 881-7518 Hollyware Entertainment 13464 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rev. CA 90291 310 822-9200 Impulse 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. Brooklyn Park, MX Interplay Productions 17922 Fitch Ave. Irvine, Ca 92714 714 553-6655 INOYAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Ste 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 Inset Systems 71 Commerce Drive Brookfield, CT 06804 203 740-2400 Interactive Video Systems 7245 Garden Grove Blvd. Ste E Garden Grove, CA 92641 714 890-7040 Intergalactic Development 1427 Washington Street Davenport, TA 52804 319 323-3293 Interplay Productions 17922 Fitch Ave. Irvine, Ca 92714 714 553-6655 KarmaSoft PO Box 1034 Golden, CO 80402 303 420-2939 Knight Tyme Productions PO Box 2010561 Austin, TX 78720 512 346-4005 Lotus Development 55 Cambridge Parkway Cambridge, MA 02142 617 577-8500 MachTcn 28 Heathrow Manor Court Baltimore, MD 21236 800 925-3587 MacroSystem 17019 Smuggler’s Cove Mt. Clemens. MI 48038 313 263-0095 Magni Systems 9500 SW Gemini Drive Beaverton, OR 97005 503 626-8400 MegagcM 1903 Adria Santa Monica, CA 93454 805 349-1104 Micro-Pace Distributors Commercial Park W, Suite C Champaign, 11.61821 217 356-1885 Micro Botics 1251 American Pkwy. Richardson, d'X 75081 214 437-5330 Microsoft 16011 NE 36th Redmond, WA 98073 206 882-8301 Natural Graphics 4603 Slate Cl. Rocklin, CA 95677 916 624-1436 NewTek 215 S.E. 8ih Sl Topeka, KS 66603 800 843-8934 Nucleus Electronics PO Box 1025 Noblcton, Ontario, Canada 416 859-5218 Ocean Software Distributed by Electronic Arts (Octree Software 1955 Landings Drive Mountain View. CA 94043 415 390-9600 Parallel Motion Graphics 10 Stewart Court, Suite 78 Orangeville, Ontario Canada LOW 3 ,9 519 942-8822 Portal Communications Co. 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 200 Cupertino, CA 95014 408 973-9111 PreYuc Technologies PO Box 2617 Grass Valiev, CA 95945 916 477-2905 800 356-8863 Progressive Peripherals 8c SW 46-1 Kalamath St. Denver. CO 80204 303 825-4144 Prolilic 6905 Oslo Circle. Ste3 Buena Park, CA90621 714 994-6435 Psygnosis 675 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 617 497-5457 ReadySoft 30 Wertheirn Court. Unit 2 Richmond Hill. Ont. Canada 1.4 B 1B9 416 731-4175 Rcalsoft Distributed by Godfrey & Associates Scala Inc. 12110 Sunset I tills Road. Ste 100 Keston. VA 22090 703 709-8242 Shader-Soft 3631 Colby SW Wyoming, Ml 49509 616 531-6083 Sigma Designs 47900 Bayside Parkway Fremont, CA94538 510 770-0100 Software of the Month Club 5816 Dryden Place Carlsbad, CA 92008 619 931-8111 Software Toolworks 60 Leveroni Court Novato, CA 94949 415 883-3000 SunRize Industries 2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Ste 204 Campbell, CA 95008 408 374-4962 Supra 7101 Supra Drive S.W. Albany, OR 97321 503 967-2400 Syquest 4701 Bayside Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 510 226-4000 Technical Tools 2 S 461 Chertce Drive Warrenville. IL60555 708 393-6350 Three-Sixty Distributed l y Electronic Aits Unili Graphics 113 Lorraine Ave, Pilisburg, CA 94565 510 439-1580 US Gold Distributed lr ' Accolade Utilities Unlimited 1641 McGiIloch Blvd., Ste 25-124 lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 602 680-9004 Virgin Games 18061 Fitch Ave.. Suite C Irvine, CA 92714 714 833*8710 Virtual Reality laboratories 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 Visual Surface Technology 1331 St. Louis Avenue Kansas Cirv, MO 64101 913 764-5102 Vortex Distributed by Micro Pare 102 July 1993 CSA's Derringer CSA’s 25 Mhz 68030-based accelerator lor the A500 2000 provides a complete upgrade path. Expandable with up to 32MB of 32-bit RAM and a 50MHz 68X82. 25MFIz Price $ 569 I with 25,MHz 68882 ami 4Mil af 32-bit HAMI DKB MeG-flCTJIP 500-2000 Expand your Amiga’s graphics capacity to 2MB of chip Ram! New. Smaller version is compatible with all motherboard revisions and configurations. Megachip 2000 or 500 w 2MB Agnus - $ 239 I Picast- specify NTSC or PAL) C ldduon- Qih e y. C i&C K . 9Teui d>manual) (2. Ol) Libraries. Devices, Hardware, Includes. & Intuition Style Guide 1 (7 o9ff5 o $ 99! A1200 2000 3000 4000 We offer a complete line of Amiga systems in all price ranges. Call for info and pricing! DiamactdScaitt I393LA Here’s the Mitsubishi monitor you've been looking for! With a scan rate of I5.75-36KH .. and Composite video input, this 14" monitor is great for every Amiga from the A500 to the A4000, as well as all video applications. Rrtwall Exclusive $ 599 We thought you’d like to know that we:
* + Test and Format your Hard Drive Test and Install Memory
* * Burn-in your Computer Burn-in your Monitor Customize & Configure your System Purchase Offer trade-ins Offer full service to APOs, FPOs and CFPOs A1000 Owners! Internal 3.5" Floppy $ 129 Insider 2 $ 139 DataflyerRAM w 2MB $ 289 Data Flyer w 120MB $ 499 FastTrak SCSI Controller $ 199 Keyboard w adaptor $ 99 KwikStart IT $ 69 tmpactVision24 2.0 GVP has just updated this exciting product with new software, and a lower price! Features 24-hii graphics, genlock, framegrahher, 2-input switcher, Caligart-24, MacroPaint and much more! SriwaU Price $ 1259 mm seegin up A complete 2.04 Amiga 2000 system with a 2091 SCSI controller. Quantum 52MB hard drive, and the A2000 Professional software bundle including Advantage. Trans Write, PageSetter II, Gold File, Paint 2000, Music 2000, MediaShow and Cross I) OS! A Gilt.it Bt.11. vi do 799 (SVP Phone Pak Use the GVP Phone Pak to create a complete automated answering machine, FAX machine and voiec-mail system on your A2000. M Easy to .set up. And sounds great! Now just $ 299 1 17 n ¦ ¦
* Complete Video Editing System for everyone with a camcorder, VCR and an Amiga!
* Quickly and easily eninloy and etlii the hesi moments I mm your idco tapes'
* Includes hardware lo control most camcorders and VCRs' v July Highlights AD5I6 w Studio 16 SI 279 A4000 030 25 4MB 120MB $ 1599 Caesar $ 41 GVP530 40 1 120 $ 599 Idek 50I5A 15" Monitor $ 599 Koss Amplified Mini Speakers $ 59 Play mation $ 359 Flicker Blaster 2000 $ 219 Vlab - OK $ 399 Montage $ 379 ToasterVision $ 139 DvnaCADD 2D * $ 199 Voyager vi.l $ 65 GVP Gforce 25 1 0 S459 PS400 Wand Scanner $ 719 Progressive Accelerators Scall ParNet $ 49 TREXX Pro v2.0 $ 169 Retina $ 499 Ami Back Tools S59 Vidi Sound and Vision SI 99 Twin Sound Stereo System $ 99 TV Paint Jr. $ 349 GVP C-Loek $ 399 Imagine v2.0 w Ojccis 2 $ 199 GVP 1230-40 40 4 $ 599 DeluxePaint IV AGA $ 129 Pixel 3D Pro $ 119 ProWrite v3.3 S64 Wacom Graphics Tablet Scall Chi non CD ROM Drive $ 389 Archive 250MB Tape B U $ 399 Write for your Free copy of our Catalog-On-A-Disk Call us for ALL your Amiga needs B iWALL OmmohoiH' A1200 $ 539 The Amiga 1200 boasts a full 32-bit architecture, 68020 processor Workbench 3.0, the new AGA graphics chip set, 2MB Chip RAM, and an internal IDE hard drive controller. We’re A1200 specialists, and can configure your new A1200 with hard drives, memory, accelerators, SCSI controller, and accessories. Call and we’ll help you put a system together! Featured Products CSA's Twelve Gauge - 50MHz 030 accelerator with OK RAM, and SCSI interface - $ 649! Vidil2 Color AGA graphics video digitizer -- $ 149 PCMCIA 4MB memory card $ 229 128MB Maxtor 2.5" IDE hard drive - $ 359 M1230XA - 50MHz 030 and up to 128MB RAM - Scall! 1-800-766-5757 (USA & Canada) Outside USA: (215)683-5661 Tech Support: (215)683-5699 Customer Service: 2i5) 683-5433 FAX: (215) 683-8567 BBS: (215) 683-7499 (300-9600 baud 8N1) Order lines are open 24 hours (Briwallians are in 9-8EST) Store Hours:Monday-Friday 9AM- 6PM, Saturday 10AM-2 PM
P. O. BOX 129 58 Noble St.. KUTZTOWN. PA 19530 Also, see the Briwall ad in Desktop Video World! Return at MacroSystemUS’s Retina board provides true 24-bit graphics capability at an unheard-of price. The Retina works in the A2000. 3000 & 4000 and supports both the I084S and VGA-slyle monitors. Software support includes Workbench. Art Dept. Pro. Propage and ProWrite. Briwall Prcce TapeWorm-FS from Moonlighter Software allows SCSI tape drives to he used a hard drives. Perfect for recording long animations! S .u i a (ms Pricing! T*0*A*S*T*E*ll Systems. Oven. Cozzy. F X. Books. Vision. Videos...Call! Syquest Drives 44MB w Cartridge $ 389 88MB w Cartridge $ 499 105MB w Cartridge $ 729 MANIA es on Great Drives! From 120MB to 1.7GB...the highest quality drives with the lowest cost per MB, Call for comparisons! UNLEASH IHE POWEB! The Publising Team with the Genie Edge Buy the Bundle & Save a Bundle Get Both for Only $ 239.00! PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL DRAW [saw jiPjtff PAGE 3-° Whi li *4-° S129.00 ' Mi 69.00 Any Visit or MasterCard accepted with NO surcharge. Hardware shipping charges vary depending on weight and value. Software shipping charges arc $ 6.00 per total order via UPS Ground to anywhere in the continental USA. All orders over $ 300 are insured at the customer's expense. All returns require an RA . Please call before returning anything. All refunds are subject to a usage fee. Ad prices are .subject to change without notice. Federal Express Charges for all orders under 20 pounds; 2nd Day Delivery $ 13; Next Day Delivery S17. Canadian and Overseas customers are shipped DHL. Call for rales. Circle 7 on Reader Service card THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Double Standard I run a BBS for Amiga ancl IBM computer users. All users can download commercial software demos for free from my system. Hi is is a free sendee to all Amiga and IBM software developers. Out of the 172 letters that I sent to Amiga developers, only four companies responded with software demos. I have never had any problem getting software for the IBM users. It is not fair to the Amiga users. I even had one Amiga company tell me that it would be glad to send me a demo if 1 sent $ 10. I asked this company’s representative if he ever got charged for looking at a stereo or a new car and he hung up on me. Ron Wells International Data Exchange Fish Lovers Unite! 1 recently found out that Fred Fish might slop making his Fish disks because of lack of subscribers. All of us have, or at least have access to, this library, but how many of us received it from the big man himself? This man has done a lot for all of us; not many libraries have more than 800 disks with the latest versions of PD and shareware. We all need to poo! Our resources and show this man how much he means to us. A collection or something, even a letter to let him know we care, might help. One thing's for sure, it’s our fault that this is happening and we need to do something. Jeffrey F. Fink Normal, IL RSVP With CPU Now that Intel has come out with its new Pentium CPU chip, said to be many times faster than Motorola’s 68040, are we in for another long dry spell far behind the competition? Commodore was smart enough to design the A4000 with a plug-in socket for any new CPUs produced by Motorola, so they can be inserted without re-engineering the whole thing. But when will Motorola release its new 68050 or whatever can compare with Intel's Pentium? Henry Williams Cincinnati, OH Font Guide Addenda 1 read with interest Jeff James1 article on fonts (‘The ABCs of Amiga Fonts,” April '96, p.51). However, he was wrong when he said that Mac PostScript fonts are not compatible with Amiga programs that use PostScript. Not knowing any better, I bought a collection of 120 PS Type 1 typefaces from C.asadv & Greene. Not all of the I asked this company’s representative if he ever got charged fo r looking at a stereo or a new car and he hung up on me. Louts came with the AFM files that Gold Disk's Font Manager needs for conversion but, no problem, 1 loaded those into Ahsvs’s Fontographer and regenerated the AFM files. Mac PS printer fonts are located on the resource fork of the file in MacBinary, while the AFM files are in ASCII on die data fork of their file. ReadvSoffs j AM ax II includes a very- good utility that will send these into Amiga format with no problem. Altsys’s Metamorphosis Pro will convert IBM PostScript and TrueType fonts into Mac format (and vice versa), and Type 3 fonts into Type I, which is compatible with the Amiga. .All the Amiga user needs to use Mac fonts is a Mac-to-Amiga conversion program. Dave Jackson Weatherford College TV Tie-In To many Amiga enthusiasts, Commodore’s advertising (or lack of it) is extremely frustrating. Certainly, independent magazines, like yours, do what they can. 1 think you could get more people to at least pick up your magazine at the newsstand and hopefully buy it if you made some mention of the Amiga’s use in TV production. Most of my friends are not interested in image processing or video effects, but mention the fact that shows like Deep Spare 9 are using the Amiga extensively, and all of a sudden they start asking questions. Paul Cintino Gulph Mills, PA AGA Deadlock By fielding AGA without retargeting capability, CBM has excluded the majority of its customers from the mainstream without an upgrade path. So who would purchase an AGA video card? Probably most owners of A500Os ancl accelerated A2000s (not to mention a good number of those adventurous owners of accelerated A500s). If the majority of the installed consumer base could access AGA with retarget- able software and a video card, there would also be little risk to software developers. Some of the PC-only developers might even consider a three million plus, and growing, market worthy of consideration. John C. Com erf or d Woodland Hills, CA Got something to say? We'll listen. Write to The List Word, c o AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. ¦ 104 July 1993 o DIRECT TO YOU AT NO COST OR OBLIGATION Name. Phone( ) Address. City_ Zip
4. Which 6 areas deserve more coverage in AmigaWortd? (Please do not check more than 6.)
0. ? 2-D graphics animation
p. ? 3-D graphics animation
q. C video
r. ? Sound music
s. ? Business productivity'
t. ? Operating system
u. D networking between machines
v. ? Shareware PD software w, ? Games
x. ? CD-ROM
y. n desktop publishing
z. ? Education
1. ? Interplatform work (IBM Mac Amiga)
2. ? Programming authoring
3. ? Science engineering
4. ? Profiles of interesting Amiga users
r. w, h) Amiga World hi a: L!.>. only E37RSS L Name Address. City- Zip
4. Which 6 areas deserve more coverage in AmigaWorld? (Please do not check more than 6.)
0. ? 2-D graphics animation
p. ? 3-D graphics animation
q. ? Video r, ? Sound music
s. ? Business productivity
t. ? Operating system
u. ? Networking between machines
v. ? Shareware PD software
w. ? Games
x. ? CD-ROM
y. ? Desktop publishing
z. ? Education
1. ? Interplatform work (IBM Mac Amiga)
2. ? Programming authoring
3. ? Science engineering
4. ? Profiles of interesting Amiga users m M like? A one year subscription to Amiga World for >24.l)r. (Offer oooJ in LL.S. only).
H) Ifi'U B37RSS ? Circle the numbers on the card corresponding to the reader service number on the ads for products or services that interest you. Want To Know More About Products Or Services Advertised In This Issue? Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your subscription. Literature on products and services will be sent to you directly from advertisers, free of charge. Tell us about yourself by answering the questions. Print your name and address where indicated. Tear out and mail the card. Here's How.
1. Which Amiga(s) do you own? (Choose all that apply.)
A. ? Amiga 500
b. ? Amiga 1000
c. ? Amiga 2000 2500
d. ? Amiga 3000
e. ? Amiga 600
f. ? Amiga 4000
g. ? Amiga 1200
h. ? Don't own an Amiga
1. Which Amiga(s) do you own? (Choose all that apply.)
A. ? Amiga 500
b. ? Amiga 1000
c. ? Amiga 2000 2500
d. ? Amiga 3000
e. ? Amiga 600
f. ? Amiga 4000
g. ? Amiga 1200
h. ? Don't own an Amiga
3. Are you seriously considering buying the new Amiga 1200?
I. ? Yes
m. ? No
n. ? Undecided
2. Are you seriously considering buying the new Amiga 4000?
I. ? Yes
j. ? No
k. ? Undecided
2. Are you seriously considering buying the new Amiga 4000?
I. ? Yes
j. ? No
k. ? Undecided 3, Are you seriously considering buying the new Amiga 1200?
1. ? Yes
m. ? No
n. ? Undecided READER SERVICE CARD EADER SERVICE CARD ¦ i' if l i li ’uhi tiki' III i t>U ' Ctr • 26 51 76 101 126 151 176 2 27 52 77 102 127 152 177 3 28 53 78 103 128 153 178 4 29 54 79 104 129 154 179 5 30 55 80 105 130 155 180 6 31 56 81 106 131 156 181 7 32 57 82 107 132 157 182 8 33 58 03 108 133 158 183 9 34 59 84 109 134 159 184 10 35 60 85 110 135 160 185 11 36 61 86 111 136 161 186 12 37 62 87 112 137 162 187 13 38 63 88 113 138 163 188 14 39 64 89 114 139 164 189 15 40 65 90 115 140 165 190 16 41 66 91 116 141 166 191 17 42 67 92 117 142 167 192 18 43 68 93 118 143 168 193 19 44 69 94 119 144 169 194 20 45 70 95 120 145 170 195 21 46 71 96 121 146 171 196 22 47 72 97 122 147 172 197 23 48 73 98 123 148 173 198 24 49 74 99 124 149 174 199 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 Phone( ) 1 25 51 76 101 126 151 176 2 27 52 77 102 127 152 177 3 28 53 78 103 128 153 178 4 29 54 79 104 129 154 179 5 30 55 80 105 130 155 180 5 31 56 81 106 131 156 181 7 32 57 82 107 132 157 182 B 33 58 83 108 133 158 183 9 34 59 84 109 134 159 184 10 35 60 85 110 135 160 185 11 35 61 86 111 136 161 186 12 37 62 87 112 137 162 187 13 38 63 88 113 138 163 188 14 39 64 89 114 139 164 189 15 40 65 90 115 140 165 190 16 41 66 91 116 141 166 191 17 42 67 92 117 142 167 192 18 43 68 93 118 143 168 193 19 44 69 94 119 144 169 194 20 45 70 95 120 145 170 195 21 46 71 95 121 146 171 196 22 47 72 97 122 147 172 197 23 48 73 98 123 148 173 198 24 49 74 99 124 149 174 199 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 July Issue Card Valid Until September 30,1993 July Issue Card Valid Until September 30,1993 State State DIRECT TO YOU Want To Know More About Products Or Services Advertised In This Issue? AT NO COST OR OBLIGATION Please Use First Class Letter Postage AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 8751 Boulder, CO 80329-8751 Please Use First Class Letter Postage AmigaWorld
P. O. Box 8751 Boulder, CO 80329-8751 Here's How. 4 Print your name and address where indicated. ? Tell us about yourself by answering the questions. 4 Circle the numbers on the card corresponding to the reader service number on the ads for products or services that interest you. Tear out and mail the card. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your subscription. NO OBLIGATION. Literature on products and services will be sent to you directly from advertisers, free of charge. ACCELERATE TO FULL AMIGA POTENTIAL! Receive the AmigaDOS Reference Guide FREE when you subscribe! SYSTEM UPGRADES GRAPHICS ANIMATION
• VIDEO GAMES MUSIC SOUND MULTIMEDIA EMULATION I YES! Enter my one-year (12 monthly issues) subscription to AmigaWorld for just $ 24.97. Send me my FREE AmigaDOS Reference Guide and bill me later. I'll save over 47% off the newsstand rate. If at any time I’m not completely satisfied with AmigaWorld, I can request a full refund no questions asked! A- 3 ]00: Please make all checks payable to AmigaWorld. S,nff e Prepayment is required on all l e Irtroinn nrrlorc I I C fi mric- ftCf l - ' foreign orders. (U.S. funds pr; drawn on a U.S. bank.) Canada S36.00 = includes GST). Mexico $ 33.97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. Basic one-year (12 issues) subscription rate is S29.97. All prices are for one year only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Name Address Zip B37ST W O R I, I : : WE TAKE YOUR WORLD SERIOUSLY... FREE AmigaDOS Reference Guide! VI EVERY MONTH IN... Subscribe now at the lowest price per issue we can offer... : Enter my one-year (12 monthly issues) subscription to AmigaWorld for just $ 24.97. Send me my FREE AmigaDOS Reference Guide and bill me later. I’ll save over 47% off the newsstand rate. If at any time I’m not completely satisfied with AmigaWorld, I can request a full refund no questions asked! [I I 12 i, Please make all checks payable to AmigaWorld. Prepayment is required on all foreign orders. (U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank.) Canada $ 36.00 (includes GST). Mexico $ 33.97. Foreign Surface $ 49,97. Foreign Airmail 584 97. Basic one-year (12 issues) subscription rate is S29.97. All prices are for one year only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. I I I Name Address City State Zip B37ST annual newsstand price for
- A. Hints and tips, timely reviews of Amiga hardware and software, plus articles and tutorials in every area of Amiga user interest from graphics to multimedia! I YES! Enter my one-year (12 monthly issues) subscription to AmigaWorld for just $ 24.97. Send me my FREE AmigaDOS Reference Guide and bill me later. Til save over 47% off the newsstand rate. If at any time Pm not completely satisfied with AmigaWorld, I can request a full refund no questions asked! Name | idei Please make all checks payable to AmigaWorld. Prepayment is required on all foreign orders. (U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank.) Canada S36.00 (includes GST). Mexico $ 33.97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97, Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. Basic one-year (12 issues) subscription rate is $ 29.97. All prices are for one year only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Address AMIGA City State Zip NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld PO Box 595 Mt Morris IL 61054-7900 1111111111111111[111¦111a II11i11111 ¦111) • 11 ¦ ¦ ¦ I ¦ 1111 AMIGA W O R L D » NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES The definitive source of BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL information POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE and how-to AmigaWorld PO Box 595 Mt Morris IL 61054-7900 insight for the AMIGA. SUBSCRIBE H TODAY! NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld PO Box 595 Mt Morris IL 61054-7900 Whether you’re new to computers, a computer whiz, or somewhere in between, you’II find Directory OPUS cm invaluable tool for making your Amiga more efficient and productive. "Directory OPUS lets me feel like I’m in control, even if I don’t always know what I’m doing. Instead of being frustrated, now I can do fun things with my Amiga!"
- Sonia King, Amiga Hobbyist "With Workbench and CLI, you waste too much time using correct syntax and looking for the right program to view the right file. [ With OPUS, everything is at my fingertips."
- Harold Williams, Power User "With OPUS I can get on with my real business. I don 7 waste my time figuring out commands or looking all over my hard disk for files."
- Greg Ruuska, Corporate User Face it. The more you do with your Amiga, the tougher it is to organize hundreds of files, directories and programs. How do you copy a file? How do you view and manage multiple directories? Which viewer works best with which files? How in the world do you control ail these details, have some fun, and get some real work done? Directory Opus is the answer! Disk Management can turn into a full lime job. OPUS keeps your life simple by giving you point and click control over all your housekeeping functions - like copying, moving, deleting, and renaming files. It also gives you enhanced requesters for doing things such as disk formatting, copying, and installing. The intuitive interface gives you the necessary information and tools to easily organize your files and directories. Making Disk Management easy is just the beginning. Directory OPUS knows what your files are - even if you don’t. Want to sec any image file, regardless of format? Play sound files or even a music file? Run an animation? Just point & click with OPUS. Want to see what's in a Workbench drawer? Just drag and drop it to see a full list of its contents. And there’s more. You can even use OPUS as a ’’home base" for common tasks like printing or searching for files, and for uncommon tasks like file encryption. Why not have OPUS your way? Simple point and click configuration lets you modify every aspect of OPUS to suit the way you want to work. From interface colors and fonts, to the appearance and operation of every button, to controlling the way files are copied and deleted, the configuration program helps you through every step with on-line help. Directory OPUS makes it easy to start your applications. Using the point and click configuration utility you can customize your Buttons and Menus and even teach Directory OPUS to recognize new file types. Got a word processor? Teach OPUS to run it and edit a selected file - it's a breeze! Directory OPUS: The Number I best selling Amiga software utility. Pick up a copy today, or call INOVAtronics at 1-800-875-8499 for the location of the INOVAtronics dealer nearest you! Directory OPUS: The Essential Directory Utility. INOVATRONICS 1-800-875-8499 interactive m Inovalronics, Inc 8499 Greenville Avenue Suite 209B Dallas. TX. 75231 USA Tel: (2I4) 340-4991 FAX: (214) 340-8518 hovalronics, ltd. Unit II, Enterprise Center Cranbome Read Potters Par Hertfordshire EN6 3DQ ENGLAND Tel: +44-707-662861 FAX +4+-707-66o9?2 Inovalronics GmbH I'm Heidkamp 11 W-5000 Cologne 91 GERMANY Telephone +49-221-875126 I AX +49-221-8704747 Circle 91 on Reader Service card Because protessional results demand professional tools Joe Conti chose the Video Toaster. In Hollywood, time is money. And results matter. “My job is to solve problems. I'm always tasked with finding cheaper, better and faster ways to produce elements...the Video Toaster fills all of those necessities." For Joe Conti, professional freelance animator, the Video Toaster is an all-in-one special effects tool: digital video effects, character generator, paint and 3D. It’s all there, “With the availability of the Video Toaster, my clientele totally changed. I went from a mid-level, industrial market to a full high-end, broadcast and motion picture, film quality environment." Joe uses the Video Toaster for a weekly network television series. The client was so impressed with the money saved on the first segment Joe created, that they gave him a contract for several more. “Owning a Video Toaster is like driving a Stealth bomber...it’s the most incredible experience. H produces incredibly high-end results for very little investment. The Toaster puts everything you want at your fingertips and at a price that’s affordable.” Join the REVOLUTION! Circle 37 on Reader Service card 1 Stiff available through some retail outlets; prices vary. **Amiga can use 4MB of emulator RAM or emulator can use half of Amiga's RAM. 2 July 1993 3 Arexx controiling PostScript, thorough references tor all Arexx instructions, functions, and appiicaton program Commands Includes 2 disks. 810*1 $ 44.95 Amiga Desktop Video 2nd Ed, Create your own videos through steo-by-step instructions and tutorials. Bit3 $ 22.95 Best Amiga Tips and Secrets Answers to the questions you ask the most: adding a CD-ROM drive, transferring data to ether platforms, getting td of screen flicker, and much more. B114 $ 18.95 Mapping the Amiga-This best seller on Am ga pro- gramm.-g by Randy Thompson and Rbett Anderson features complete listing of Am ga calls. DescriDtons of all system structures, and detailed explanations of Am-ga's hardware. 512 pages B111 $ 25.95 Understanding Imagine 2.0 If you own imagine, this is your jltimate reference manual! Comes with Disk-O-Stuff. 3107 S27.95 Am ga BASIC Inside & Out 3102 S19.95* Amiga Printers Inside Out 3131 $ 29.95 Using Arexx on the Amiga 3103 S24.95* Advanced Amiga BASIC B109 $ 18.95 Making Music on the Amiga B130 $ 29.95 Mastering Am ga - Begmners B132 $ 34.95 Kids and tne Amiga 2nd Ed 8112 $ 15.95 Am-ga Graphics Inside Out (Abacus) 0119 $ 17.95' 'includes companion disk(sl

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