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But you may be surprised to learn what a leading role the Amiga plays in Hollywood, that Mecca for filmmakers and a hotbed of video- and animation-intensive applications. The Amiga provides major movie and television studios the flexibility to create high-quality images and animation sequences quickly and cheaply. The Amiga boasts a long and growing list of Hollywood credits, including blockbuster films and various exciting new TV shows. Your chest will swell with pride as you learn about the Amiga’s accomplishments in the entertainment industry, and read Hollywood's laudatory comments about your favorite computer (story begins on p. 43). The Amiga’s rising-star status is oft-repeated by production people, who claim that the Amiga produces entertainment that is as good or better than other high-end svstems costing much more. One Hollywood animator noted, “1 don’t feel that we would have gotten better results from a high-end machine, like an SGI, but it's a moot point, because the SGI environment here just would not have worked. It would have been prohibitively expensive.” In a land where fantasies can come true, the Amiga has turned the dreams of many professional Hollywood animators, special-efYects creators, art directors, and pre- production designers into realities. The focus of this month’s AmigaWorld is video and animation applications, so what more appropriate issue to bring you a hands-on look at the new Toaster 4000, the sine qua non of Amiga video production? This latest Toaster version offers a number of amazing new features and functions, including improved effects, an easier-to-use CG, and a 3-D program that’s the envy of the industry. Current Toaster owners and animators will want to upgrade, and beginners will have even more reason to venture into the world of Toaster video. The Amiga is the great equalizer. You don’t have to be a famous movie maker or talented artist to be able to create some truly amazing video and graphics. In this issue we show you how with a look at the latest in 3-D animation software and techniques. You’ll be impressed with the professional features Found in this most recent generation of programs. Next month we look forward to bringing you .4IT’s annual games issue, with an update on the latest in AGA and CD32 entertainment software. We’ll also post the results of your votes for your favorite Amiga games.

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Amiga World Vol 09 11 1993 Nov

Document sans nom Amiga Effects Sweep | The Movies & TV p.43 Hey, Amiga! Say Hooray For ... And You Can Do It, Too! ? 6 Top 3-D Anim Packages ? High-Quality Playback 3000 Without Single-Framing! ? Low-Cost Animation Tips 'lus! 18 HD Controllers Toaster 4000 More! Amiga-generated animation frame from NBC’s new series SeaQuest Readability Final Copy II ¦ .VCg Final Copy II produces high quality, professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to- use page layout capabilities, and state-of- the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench (1.3,2.0 or higher) supported graphic printer. If you have a PostScript printer. Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - other programs limit you to a few fonts SoftWood, Inc.
P. O. Box 50178 • Phoenix, Arizona 85076 System Requirements: Amiga® with at least I megabyte of RAM and either a hard drive or 2 Hodov drives Io use Compugraphic fonts you must have a hard drive and WB 2.1 or greater Imported by: AmigaOberland (Germany), Gordon Harwood Computers (England), TUPsoft (Australia), and Essonne Mailin (F Circle 87 on Reader Service card and a limited number of sizes. Final Copy II supports NimbusQ, Compugraphic, and Type-1 outline font formats giving you access to thousands of commercial and public-domain fonts. Final Copy Ips word processing features include: 144,000 word speller; 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation; named paragraph style sheets; master pages; mail-merge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. Final Copy Us graphic features include: S« “!l5’fa Sp«l lines, and screens having up to 256 colors. Final Copy II now available in American English, British English, German, Fre , and French-Canadian versions is the best selling word processor for die Amiga in the world. As stated in a recent AmigaWorlcd review, “FinalCopy II pulls into the lead of the Amiga word-processing pack. 1(800)247-8314 nice). Bring Home The Best y If you're thinking about getting an Amiga1 special effects or image processing product, here are some facts to consider:
• ASDG's Art Department Professional was named the "Best Image Processing Program" for 1992 by the readers of Amazing Computing Magazine and "Best Video Software" by Germany's Amiga Plus Magazine.
• American Software And Hardware Distributors and MicroPace Distributors (the two largest Amiga software distributors in North America) cite ADPro and Morph PI us as the best selling products of their kind.
• ADPro placed third among ALL Amiga* software products on the MicroPace 1992 Top 50 Sellers List.
• The Post Group, one of the largest post production houses in the world, lias used ADPro and MorphPlus in the production of special effects for the prime time TV show Quantum Leaf) and for major motion pictures.
• Mark Swain, an AmigaWorld reviewer (and animator for Foundation Imaging, the creators of the special effects for Babylon 5), said, "MorphPlus produces the most realistic shape shifting special effects I have ever seen on a desktop."
• David Duberman, Executive Editor of Video Toaster User, said in a comparative review of Amiga'5 morphing products, “MorphPlus is the Rolls Royce of Amiga® morphing software... it will pay for itself with one job." Consider the facts. Then bring home the best. 925 Stewart Street Madison, YVI 53713 608 273-6585 Art Department Professional is a registered trademark of ASDG Incorporated. MorphPlus is a trademark ot ASDG Incorporated. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. Circle 39 on Reader Service card Strength in Numbers GVP is the best Solution On any Amiga® Great Valley Products has been the technological leader in Amiga peripheral and enhancement products since 1988. We consistently provide you with the best quality add-ons for the Amiga computer... bar none! G-Force ‘030 Combo™ GVP’s classic Combo card accelerates your Amiga 2000 to new heights! This integrated design slips into the processor option slot in your system and instantly provides dramatic performance improvements. Easily add up to 64MB of fast 32-bit RAM. Gain expansion and versatility with our powerful SCSI II interface, allowing you to connect up to 7 devices such as hard drives, SyQuest removables or CD-ROM drives. Feel the power of G-Force today! CIRCLE 20 ON READER SERVICE CARO G-FORCE G-Force ‘040 33 Combo™ The classic Combo taken to the Ultimate Extreme! Your applications will blase with the awesome power of a 33Mhz 68040 processor. Give that muscle some room to flex with room for up to 64MB of fast 32-bit RAM. Of course our award-winning SCSI II interface is integrated lor maximum performance and we include the bonus of ioExtender capability with an extra parallel port and a buffered high-speed serial port. Hot "toast" served here! Performance Series 11“ At 50Mhz, you can own the fastest A1200 in the world! Add up to 32MB of highspeed 32-bit RAM, today! With the added power of a 50Mhz FPU, your floating point operations have never been speedier. A simple connection in the A1200’s 'trapdoor' never voids a warranty, and with the Series II you have the added versatility of our custom option slot. Add the fastest SCSI interface on any A1200 with the A1291 SCSI Kit. It iust plugs in from the back. Other expansion products coming soon! CIRCLE IB CN READER SERVICE CARD ImageFX ' Totally Integrated Image Processing. This is the only Image Processing package you will ever need. Period. This is rhe professional solution that brings you not only interchange between various image formats such as TIF and GIF and TARGA, but also a full-featured 24-bit, real-time paint and touch-up program. See the work you are doing while you do it'. Edge feathering, Alpha channel, CMY HSV YUV YIQ operations, integrated scanning, regionalized processing... It s in there! CIRCLE 18 ON READER SERVICE CARD G-Lock " Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together and do it on any Amiga! Get connected with the world of video with our built-m transcoder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full support for AGA systems as well as the 'classic' Amiga 500, 2000 and 3000. Acclaimed interface controls make this easy to use and simple to control. Scala ‘ users even get an EX module to use G-Lock in their multimedia applications. Add G-Lock's included dual-input audio panel and it's simply the best choice for every personal Amiga owner. CIRCLE 25 ON READER SERVICE CARD IV-24™ 2.0 The Ultimate Genlock This is what you have been searching for in a professional quality genlock tor your Amiga 2000,3000 or 4000. This integrated hardware design provides the crispest, cleanest genlocked video on the Amiga desktop. With options for RGB, composite, SVHS, Betacam and M-II compatible inputs & outputs as well as a 24-bit, 16.7 million color frame-buffer and real-time framegrabber digitizer, this is the Amiga genlock every professional needs. Powerful included software completes this picture as the Ultimate Genlock. ?558+ DiBITm. BOUND CIRCLE 28 ON READER SERVICE CARD EGS 2S24 Spectrum Performance Series II. Image FX. G-lock. IV-24. G-Force 030 Combo, G-Force 04033 Combo. 4C08 SCSI II. IoExtender. PhonePak VFX. And DSS8* are trademarfcs of Great Valley Products, Inc. Ail otner trademarks are tne property of their respective owners T BC PIUS"'' This professional quality, all digital time- base-corrector (TBC' uses state-of-the-art 8-bit 4:2:2 video signal processing...Plus it provides a real-time video frame-grabber and 16.7 million color frame-buffer ...Plus there is a full SMPTE EBU time-code receiver generator...Plus this incredible product will transcode composite and Y C inputs...Plus a 3 channel video input switcher (in composite and Y C) ...Plus programmable video special effects! CIRCLE 5 ON READER SERVXOE CARO EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM Go Beyond AGA Graphics with this real-time, 24-bit, true-color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to 1600x1280:800x600 in 24-bit! We include a custom display pass-through cable for single- monitor use. Many applications are readv-to-run and we include the acclaimed EGS Paint as a bonus too! Bring workstation graphic power to your Amiga today and see what you've been missing! CIRCLE 3 ON READER SERVICE CARD 4008 SCSI IP Bring the world of SCSI within your reach with this easy-to-install board. Instantly gain access to thousands of peripherals such as hard drives, SyQuest removable media and CD-ROMs. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga 4000 and smile. As a leader m Amiga peripheral technology since 1988, we still maintain support for A2000 owners too, even providing SMB of RAM expansion on the card. Advanced surface-mount technology allows any user to mount a 3.5" drive directly to the card, providing for maximum convenience. Get the GVP SCSI difference! CIRCLE 35 ON READER SERVICE CARO ioExtender1 Feeling trapped* Let GVP extend your horizons with our easy-to-use ioExtender. Contained on a single card, you will find an additional parallel port, allowing you to connect a printer and a digitizer (such as DSS8+) at the same time. No more messy, unreliable switch boxes! We include two, that s right, two high-speed, FIFO buffered serial ports. No more dropped data or bogged-down computers when transferring data via modem [at speeds in excess of 57,630!). Free your ports and regain performance on your Amiga with ioExtender! CIRCLE 30 ON READER SERVICE CARD PhonePak VFX 2.0 If you are calling for VoiceMail Press 1. If you would like to send a Fax, Press 2. If you would like to have this automated, scheduled, time date stamped and call you when you have new mail, get PhonePak VFX 2.0 today! Fully integrated, allowing unlimited mailboxes and private fax receiving. Send faxes from any program that prints. Call in remotely and retrieve faxes sent earlier. Plain paper or paperless faxing. Call routing with Centrex PBX support, and more! CIRCLE A1 on READER SERVICE CARO DSS8+™ Clearly Superior! This is the quietest, most professional and attractive digital sound sampler yet made. Assembled of high-impact clear polycarbonate, this is the sound sampler to own for the Amiga. The versatile Digital Sound Studio software includes a multifaceted program for sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playback as well as creation of .MOD format songs. CIRCLE 53 ON READER SERVICE CARO CONTENT VOLUME 9, NUMBER 11, NOVEMBER 1993 FEATURES One, Two, Three ... More! By Steven Blaize ..26 Todays 3-1) animation programs are more powerful and sophisticated than ever before. To help you take advantage of their potential, check out this head-to-head comparison of the latest versions of six top packages. Animate ... Without the Wait By Geoffrey Williams ..33 Want top-quality animation playback without the drudgery of single-frame recording? Here are five alternative solutions to getting your video animation onto tape and still have a life, too! Squeeze Frames By Erik Fiom 37 A treasure trove of low-cost tips and techniques for designing, rendering, and viewing animations without having to spring for a lot of fancy equipment. Cover Special! Amiga Goes Hollywood By Janice Crotty ..43 You’ll be amazed by the impact Amigas are creating at major film and TV studios this year. So sit back and enjoy this behind-the- scenes look at how your favorite computer played an integral part in some blockbuster movies and new network series hits. ARTICLES The Spin Doctors Part 1 By Morton A. Kevehon .49 This first installment of a two-part series on hard-drive controllers puts a useful spin on 18 host adapters for Amiga 2000, 3000, and 4000 machines. Next month we’ll grade results for A500, 1200, and CDTV systems. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson .4 Like the rest of us, the editor's all caught up in the flurry of .Amiga activity in 1 lollywood this fall ... hum a few bars of “That's Entertainment" for us, Dennis! "One, Two, Three... More!" P. 26. Dynamic new features in Amiga 3-1) animation programs are responsible for an explosion of new imagery and effects. Chech out this 3-D software roundup plus our other animation features and sharpen your creative shills. Who knows, you may join the growing legion of Amiga animators 'working on Hollywood projects (see p. 43). Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...64 Joel’s got a few good suggestions this month on how you can gel the best results when operating a scanner. Video Suite With all the vide animation hoopla this issue, “Video Suite" takes a break stay tuned for a Toaster support-products roundup right here next month.
I) E PA R T M EATS Overscan .....8 The latest and greatest in Amiga news and new products plus die first of three expanded “On-Line Scans" rounding up the best PD shareware of ’93. AW Product Information .90 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue of Amiga W'orUl, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers* Distributors’ Addresses" list. Help Key ....84 The leaves may he falling, but Tim’s still ready to go out on a limb to wrestle with any tech problem you send his way. The Last Word .96 “Dear Editors, I am appalled [delighted, shocked, mystified, rendered speechless] by your ...” (Any way you want to say it. Folks!) REVIEWS Video Toaster 4000 3.0 (NewTek) ... 14 Full-scale review of both the new Toaster hardware and the dynamic new software upgrade. GFX-CAD 3000 (Grafx) ....18 Powerfully expanded revision of the popular XCAD design program. LAN Rover (ASDG) .and ENLAN-DFS (Interworks) ..20 Complete peer-to-peer network solution an Ethernet board plus easy-to-install file system software. COLORBURST (Migraph) ....22 Affordable full-color hand scanner. Ml230 XA (MicroBotics) ...23 A1200 accelerator RAM combo board with a math coprocessor and a real-time clock. Back Talk ...68 Responses to AW product coverage. GAMES Crib Notes By Peter Olafson 72 More this month on mastering the subtle intricacies of “Indiana [ones and the Fate of Atlantis.” Dune II (Virgin) ...72 Yep, it’s even better than die original! The Lost Vikings (interplay) 74 Hurry, rescue the three Norsemen... before it’s too late! Short Takes .78 Capsule reviews of a half-dozen new Amiga games: Goal!, The Dizzy Collection, Beavers, Ancient Art of War in the Skies, D-Day, and Subversion 1.0. COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWARD JU DICE “SEAQUFST' SCREEN’ IMAGE COMPLIMENTS OF AM HI.IN' ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR’S DRAWER AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher The Amiga hits the big-time by breaking new ground in Hollywood. Choice of the Stars We've always proclaimed that the Amiga is a major marquee attraction in the video and animation theater, offering many features and capabilities found in other, highly- touted high-end graphics systems. But you may be surprised to learn what a leading role the Amiga plays in Hollywood, that Mecca for filmmakers and a hotbed of video- and animation-intensive applications. The Amiga provides major movie and television studios the flexibility to create high-quality images and animation sequences quickly and cheaply. The Amiga boasts a long and growing list of Hollywood credits, including blockbuster films and various exciting new TV shows. Your chest will swell with pride as you learn about the Amiga’s accomplishments in the entertainment industry, and read Hollywood's laudatory comments about your favorite computer (story begins on p. 43). The Amiga’s rising-star status is oft-repeated by production people, who claim that the Amiga produces entertainment that is as good or better than other high-end svstems costing much more. One Hollywood animator noted, “1 don’t feel that we would have gotten better results from a high-end machine, like an SGI, but it's a moot point, because the SGI environment here just would not have worked. It would have been prohibitively expensive.” In a land where fantasies can come true, the Amiga has turned the dreams of many professional Hollywood animators, special-efYects creators, art directors, and pre- production designers into realities. The focus of this month’s AmigaWorld is video and animation applications, so what more appropriate issue to bring you a hands-on look at the new Toaster 4000, the sine qua non of Amiga video production? This latest Toaster version offers a number of amazing new features and functions, including improved effects, an easier-to-use CG, and a 3-D program that’s the envy of the industry. Current Toaster owners and animators will want to upgrade, and beginners will have even more reason to venture into the world of Toaster video. The Amiga is the great equalizer. You don’t have to be a famous movie maker or talented artist to be able to create some truly amazing video and graphics. In this issue we show you how with a look at the latest in 3-D animation software and techniques. You’ll be impressed with the professional features Found in this most recent generation of programs. Next month we look forward to bringing you .4IT’s annual games issue, with an update on the latest in AGA and CD32 entertainment software. We’ll also post the results of your votes for your favorite Amiga games. In addition, we’ll provide a rundown of the new products and happenings at Pasadena's World of Commodore Show. Dennis Brisson Ed itor-in-Ch ief Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Vinoy Laughner, Managing Editor Barbara GefVert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Peter Olafson, Games Editor Joel Hagen, Contributing Editor Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: I>800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher, Ivest Coast Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-375-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCoie, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jaillet, Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Debbie Bourgault, Fulfillment Manager Subscription Services: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Susan M. Hanshaw, Director of Operations Monica A. Lougee, Administrative Assistant 2? Customer Service Liaison William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales 2? Collections Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation miDG INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP AmigaWorld (ISSN 0883-2390) is an independent journal noi connected with Commodore Business Machines, Inc. AmigaiVoHd is published monthly by TechMedia Publishing, Inc.. an IDG Company. 80 Elm St.. Peterborough. NT I 08-158. US subscription rale is 520.07. one year: $ 57.97. two years: 588.97. three years; Canada. S I 1.97 (includes GST"), and Mexico $ 88.97. Foreign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 8-1.97. US funds drawn on US bank. Prepayment is required on all foreign subscriptions. All foreign rales are one-year only. Second-class pc(stage paid at Peterborough, Nil, and ai additional mailing offices. Phone: 608-92*1-0100. On-line on RIX; AmigaWorld (in Amiga.exchange); CompuServe: 76376.2187; Portal: Go Amiga- World. Entire contents copyright 1993 by lech Media Publishing. Inc. No pan of this publication may be printed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes xoAmignW 'orhl, Subscription Services, PC ) Box 595. Me. Morris. If. (>105-1-7901. Nationally distributed by Kable News Co. AmtgnUnrh! Makes rvn-v ell'ort to ensure the accuracy of articles, listings, and diagrams published in the maga mc. . Imigu- World assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions. PRINTED INTI IE USA. Posted under Canadian International Publication agreement 257478. FINALLY A VIDEO RECORDER DESIGNED (AND PRICED) FOR THE TOASTER GENERATION MET OUR RECORDER
• •• What did your animation system do before Sanyo's GVR-S9502 Building an animation system meant buying a recorder, then the SMPTE generator and reader, then a single frame animation controller, and probably an audio video switcher. Think about all that time and money. It's much simpler to just purchase Sanyo's GVR-S950. The recorder that's a lot more than just a recorder. It's a complete audio video production system. The GVR-S950 is designed to meet the needs of TOASTER users. With built in RS 232 and RS 422 interfaces, a SMPTE time code generator and reader, Dual input computer controlled video and audio switchers, and a SINGLE FRAME ANIMATION CONTROLLER... ALL STANDARD. * FOR A DEMONSTRATION OF SANYO'S GVR-S950 JUST CALL SANYO FOR THE NAME OF YOUR NEAREST PRODUCT REPRESENTATIVE. Saimyo Industrial Video Division 1200 West Artesia Boulevard Compton CA 90220 Phone: (310) 605-6527 Fax: (310) 605-6529
* Operations involving computer control cannot be done unless the no charge option control unit (GVR-P02) is installed in the GVR-S950. C rcle 83 on Reader Service card © 1993 Sanyo Industrial Video Division Never before has a system given you ail of the necessary tools to create video productions with your own individual style. Now you can create broadcast quality videos with unmatched ease, power, and versatility: OpalVision gives you lots of inputs in multiple video formats, both PAL and NTSC. Revolutionary DVEs never before available on a personal computer. Chroma and Luma Keying. Real-time framegrabbing. Full Audio Mixing and Equalization. An advanced character generator. Compatibility with all of the important Amiga video, graphics and animation software. OpalVision Main Board The core unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true, RGB, 24-Bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga computer with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double-buffered 24-Bit animation. Includes connectors for the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC. Includes OpalPaint, Opal Presents and OpalAnimMATE software. Includes critically-acclaimed OpalPaint image processing and painting software. Use the power of OpalPaint to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. OpolPaint includes an expandable library of image proc essing modes, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and many other tools. OpalPaint'slull range of tools and comprehensive controls provides a level of support for artistic creativity never before available on the Amiga. It's fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. Every Main Board includes Opal Presents!, an icon-driven presentation program ottering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video. OpalAnimMATEplays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It works in 8,12, IS, 18 and 24-Bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. OpalVision Video Processor Plug this card into the Main Board and add a wealth of additional features: a 24-Bit framegrabber which doesn’t require a time base corrector, a professional-quality genlocker with definable chroma and luma keying, a 256-level linear transparency key, a video sandwich key for inserting video into 3D screens, real-time color processing of live video and an unlimited number of transitions and customizable Digital Video Effects using the included OpalVision Roaster Chip and software. The OpalVision switcher allows easy “drag-and- drop” groupings of icon-based DVE's including ANIM based effects, chroma and luma effects and exclusive OpalVision "Roaster Chip" effects. The Video Processor offers real-time color processing of both live video and framestores. Create glows, shines, luminance effects, posterizations, nuclear effects and more. The 256-level linear keyer (Alpha channel and transparency effects) allows the definition of transparency between two video sources on a pixel-by-pixel basis for excellent vignetting and super-smooth shadow effects. The keyer can be taken from the Video Processor or an external video source, and or output to another production switcher. The Alpha channel also gives you the ability to create highly realistic soft- edged transitions and organic effects. Superb 32-bit graphics with precise and detailed Alpha channel definitions can be created in Opal Paint. Circle 162 on Reader Service card In addition to the wealth of software included with the OpalVision system, you can access a wide array of OpolVision-compatible Amiga software directly from the switcher screen! The on-screen editor makes creating your own DVE's fas! And easy. Define the position, size and X or Y rotation and the Roaster Chip will transform any video signal at your command. The Video Processor's broadcast-quality genlocker allows both Amiga and OpalVision- generated graphics and animations to be combined with any video source. The Opal Character Generator offers full 35ns text capability on the A3000 or4000. Supports Amiga, Compugraphic and Color fonts. CG pages may be incorporated directly into the switcher. Opal Character Generator features selectable font size, color, outline, drop shadow and antialiasing. The CG also creates draggable boxes of text, graphic separators, or IFF brushes and pictures. Any video input can be displayed in a draggable, scrollable and resizable window on the Amiga Workbench. Also allows zooming in and out and has AREXX for remote control from other software. OpalVision Roaster Chip The exclusive technology of the OpalVision Roaster Chip providesan endless number of user-definable Digital Video Effects. Take any two video sources = or an Amiga or OpalVision generated graphic). Flip it. Scale it. Rotate it on the X, Y or Z axis. Move it along a path. Zoom in. Move out. You have complete control. Build your own custom library of useful wipes and effects and give your videos a unique style. OpalVision is the only video system in its price class which gives you this kind of power. You've got to see it to believe it! OpalVision Video Suite A 19-inch, rack-mountable, video audio mixing, switching and transcoding device which connects directly to the Video Processor. Nine video and ten audio inputs are available simultaneously in RGB, Y R-Y B-Y, Composite and S-Video. Choose two sources from these inputs, assign a transition or special effect provided by the Video Processor, and trigger it manually or automatically .The linear transparency key provides transparency control between video sources on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The ten audio inputs (five stereo pairs) are fully software-sequenced with smooth fades and full, 5-band frequency equalization. The automated audio mixer (shown here in a detail from the switcher control panel) features full audio-follows-video capability, plus an onscreen panel with sliders for each of the five stereo audio inputs available on the Video Suite. Sliders control volume and or 5-band EQ. OpalVision Scan-Rate Converter TBC Add this card and achieve31 Khz, non-interlaced output of Amiga and OpalVision graphics and any incoming video source in either PAL or NTSC. Includes full time-base correction of incoming video. The on-board memory also serves as on additional frame-store. Circle 162 on Reader Service card Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development
P. O.Box 3959 Torrance, CA 90503 Phone: (310) 787-4530 Fax: 310) 222-5882 BBS: (310) 787-4540 For information: 1 -800-621 -2202 OpalVision, OpalPaint, Opal Presents, OpalVision Video Suite, OpalVision Video Processor and OpalVision Roaster Chip are trademarks of Opal Technology, Ltd. OpalAnimMATE is a trademark of Centaur Development, Inc. Technical specifications subject to change without notice. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Amigas Depict Future Time Warner's Full Service Network, an interactive digital cable-TV system, isn't available yet. In fact, it was a vision that existed only on paper and in press reports until it met the Amiga by way of Co-directions, a New York City-based video-production house. Wanting a working simulation to help drum up support from ad agencies and major corporations. Time Warner Interactive Group turned to Co-directions, which chose the Amiga as its main workstation "because of the short deadline and large and complex amount of graphic and animation material needed," according to Co-directions' president Joe Tripician. Having recently won an Emmy for the PBS documentary Metaphoric (which also used Amigas), Co-directions felt confident of the machine. Tripician, Animation Director Merrill Aldigheri, and five animators worked with Time's TV Development Division and Producer Ken Witty. Their task was to design not only fun and logical on-screen graphics for consumers to navigate through myriad options, but also the hardware. "Using real Tvs and existing remote devices would [have been] too limiting and misleading," explained Aldigheri. So Jacques Tege and Paul Garrin modeled the new components using NewTek's LightWave 3D, while Al Arthur created the 3-D environments. GVP's Cinemorph helped create transitions between 3-D settings; DeluxePaint and Scala MM200 also came in handy. In less than one month the group produced over nine minutes of animation. The production features whimsical, animated characters that help lighten the techno-talk by interacting with the system. Aldigheri designed these characters to layer onto the rest of the program in the on-line edit suite. This way the team could alter the constantly evolving screen images and equipment up to the last minute without losing ground. Co-directions dumped all the animations and graphics from the Video Toaster to Beta SP videotape using Nucleus' Personal Single Frame Controller. The group then edited the production to D2 tape for a crisp look. According to Tripician, Time Warner is extremely pleased with the results. While there are no plans to make the tape public. Co-directions has just finished a ten-minute film trailer it will present in the US and Europe to promote production of a psychological horror feature called Mote Blue 19. "We used the Amiga for the animated opening and closing titles, and plan to incorporate morphing into the feature," says Aldigheri. BG Something Old, Something New (MacroSystems) and Framegrabber 256 (Progressive Peripherals & Software). It supports GigaMem (Pre’spectTechnics), Wacom and Cakomp drawing tablets from TriMedia, and Epson’s 300c and 600 800 series scanners. The upgrade costs $ 29.95. (RS 135.) MathVision Video Gold ($ 749, Seven Seas Software), a video special-effects package, supports AGA and 24-bit graphic displays. It includes video-production scripts and techniques to create custom wipes, warps, and distortions via a capability called Custom Eifect Design. The software works with OpalVision and DCTV directly, and with the Toaster and IV24 indirectly. Seven Seas offers ongoing E-mail via CompuServe and other Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? This month's rundown of upgrades should put that theory to rest with several familiar packages offering new features and improvements. Want to teach your Amiga some MAGIC i ricks? With the new ImageFX 1.5 ($ 429, Great Valley Products) you can share images, in memory, between several graphics programs via the program's MAGIC (Multi-Application Graphic Image Communications) protocol. Other new additions to the image- processing program include, ViewTek (an image and animation viewing program), new loaders and savers, preview modes for DCTV, OpalVision, and Super Amiga, and modules for Vlab networks, and promises free upgrades for a year after purchase. (RS 136.) Here’s a neat trick vou can create high-quality video titles in hangul (Korea’s native language) with Hangul-Alpha 2.1 (8129.95, Mesa Graphics). The upgrade oilers new gothic-style fonts and better support for bi-res displays. Owners orversion 2.0 can upgrade for $ 15; owners of previous versions for S50. (RS 137.) Vou can make your Amiga sit up and sing with OctaMED Professional version 5 ($ 69.95, DevWare), The music and sound sequencer supports 64 MIDI tracks and features improved editing effects. OctaMED Professional is compatible with AmigaDOS 2.0 and later. (RS 130.) To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 90. Ou love videography. It's your life. So why get involved with a video editing system that seems attractive now. But can't accommodate your needs in the fuaire; an editing system that shows signs of age as soon as your entry- level video devices have to be upgraded? The beauty of AmiLink CIP editing system is that it's totally devoted to your career. A mil.ink CIP lias been specifically designed to stay with you all the way no matter where it all leads. The day you're ready to improve your abilities in character generation, animation techniques or special effects, AmiLink CIP will be at your side. When you make the crucial decision to build your business on larger, more sophisticated projects and build a reputation of quality at the same time, Are you about to marry an editing system that can't keep up with your career? AmiLink CIP will support each and every one of your efforts. Not too surprising when you consider that AmiLink CIP's parents are video people not computer people. AmiLink CIP is from RGB, the same company delivering pro-quality editing to pro-editors and Video Toaster™ users all across the country. So shuttle over to your AmiLink dealer tcxlay. Or call RGB for more information about AmiLink CIP, die video editing system that will never let you down. For more information call 1-800-535-7876 or write to: AmiLink Product Group 4152 Blue Heron Blvd. Suite. 118 Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Computer & Video, Inc. Picture Perfect AmiLink uses the industry standard V-LAN universal control network AmiLink is a registered trademark and Pro is a trademark of RGB Computer & Video. Inc. Ail other trademarks are the property of their respective owners © RGB Computer & Video. Inc. Circle 98 on Reader Service card. Help Yourself Need some advice about your Amiga? Check out the latest "self-help" guides. The Guide for Art Department Professional, Volume 2.3 (S39.95, Dreamworks Video Productions) is a video tutorial that features explanations and how-to guidance on the program's Arexx scripts, Toaster Framestore support, and such special effects as Collapse and Polar Mosaic. (RS 122.) A general reference guide on disk, the Amiga Online Reference Manual 2 ($ 49.95, Area52) is geared to both the novice and experienced user. It’s got a hypertexTstyle point-and-click interface, and offers defini- Making the Switch So, Bridgeboard users, you have two video displays but only one monitor? You could keep plugging and unplugging your monitor between the two... but MachTen Computer Products has a more convenient solution. With The Switch Man ($ 46.95) you can con- tions, descriptions, and Q&A. Other features include indexes of Guru errors and documented AmigaDOS commands, and comparisons of various products and systems. (RS 123.) Want to learn how to create 3-D animations with a fractal-landscape generator? You can enroll in Animation 202: Fractal Freedom (S35, Myriad Visual Adventures), a one-hour instructional videotape. The award-winning production by D.L. Richardson features a short action adventure movie called Oklahoma Ken and a lesson on work behind the scenes of the film. (RS 124.) Nect two VGA outputs to one VGA monitor. You can choose to view either Amiga graphics or PC graphics with the flick of a switch. Likewise, you can hook up two monitors to one video display. The necessary cables are included. (RS 121.) More For Multimedia The 3.0SP Multimedia Controller ($ 995, Interactive MicroSystems) offers four serial ports and six GP1 outputs to control up to six VTRs. It can be adapted to control infrared devices such as compact-disc, laser-disc, and photo-disc players. The optional MediaEditor ($ 450) software controls Panasonic WJMX series switchers, NewTek’s Toaster, and genlocks for A'B rolls, special effects, and title overlays. (RS 133.) You can steer your way through your video productions with the VideoPilot V330 (£1299, Apollo Mercury'), a videoediting unit. The VideoPilot supports VMS, SVHS, 8mm, and HiS formats and all international time codes (PTC, VITC, and RCTC). It features a built-in linear time-code generator so that master tapes can be the edit source. The VideoPilot offers a full range of editing capabilities such as A B roll editing, a Dpaint-compatible tiller, and special effects. (RS 134.) If Shakespeare were available for comment today, he’d probably read AmigaWorld and drop e- niail on the nets to us, posing such deep questions as, “Pray, what inaketh a utility?” My 11-word definition, while hardly worthy of tit- ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh J erary praise, sums it up nicely: Any program that makes using your Amiga easier or more productive. Research for this month's column didn’t even require looking beyond my own computer. It house all of the best Amiga utilities from the last 12 months or so under its beige hood. Available on virtually all the major nets, you may recall seeing some discussed in previous columns (those are the ones worth more than one mention). In alphabetical order, here are some of my favorites: AIBB (Amiga Intuition Based Benchmark) No other program anywhere (with the exception ofSysInfo, below) can tell you as much about your Amiga. Reviewers and hardware developers rely heavily on AIBB by La Monte Koop to tell them how well their Amiga is working and how its performance compares to other models. AlBB’s ability to test your computer s strengths in more than one area is its forte. For example, an old accelerator-equipped A2000 might conduct math operations just as quickly as an A4000 030, but the newer machine can perform graph operations several times quicker. AIBB reveals just such information. DiskSalv 2 Amiga users seeking a peaceful coexistence widi their computers need Dave Haynie’s Disk Salv 2. This shareware ($ 10) program is i he most user-friendly, powerful, and versatile freely-distributable Amiga disk-recovery utility on the planet. Do you need to retrieve inadvertently erased files? No problem just select the Undelete option from DiskSalv. Want to repair, validate, or unformat a troublesome Amiga device? DiskSalv 2 can do those with relative aplomb, and keep you appraised of its progress. DiskSpeed 4,2 Michael Sinz, one of the most prolific Amiga programmers of all time, wrote DiskSpeed 4.2 to let Amiga users find out just how well their disk drives work. There’s not much involved in using the program just enter die name of the device to test and DiskSpeed goes about its business. You'll see just how quickly a particular device can open, create, and delete files, and how the CPU can affect performance. Those with SCSI device-equipped Ami- gas will find aversion designed expressly for their systems, too. Noisome No, I don’t like the name, either. But Noisome gives my A4000 the ability to generate all manner of sounds, and for that reason it’s one of my favorites. Overlooked on most nets due to a minimalist description, this little utility from David Larsson adds sounds to just about every function that requires user input. This commodity sits unobtrusively in the background, ready to call up any user-specified IFF- sound file from any device. You can choose between two mono or two stereo methods of output and filter settings. Screen flashes can be replaced with a sound, which is nothing new, but sounds for left and right mouse buttons, the spacebar, keyboard keys, and a veritable grocery list of packaged sounds make for a...ahem... sound package. Silicon Menus One of mv favorite utilities of ? All time, Silicon Menus (SM for short) has a dull name, but its effects on the operating system are anything but dull. Written by Greg Cunningham, a name familiar to many Amiga users, the file can be a little difficult to find on the nets. Just search on SM or SILICON. Once you download it, drop the program’s icon in your WBStartup drawer and it’ll activate automatically. With the program running, a variety of options allow Work- Melody Makers If there's a song in your heart, the Song Creator (S59.95, New Sound Music) can get you composing and jamming. The music composition program offers a collection of more than 120 sequences for background music and soundtracks. You select the musical style (including jazz, folk, country, and blues} and the software provides a complete arrangement of up to five musical parts. The Song Creator requires a MIDI interface and a compatible sequencer. (RS 129.) If you're a little leary of your musical ability, you can brush up on the basics with one of the instructional programs from DevWare: Mozart's Music Master or Blues Tutor (each $ 29.95). Mozart's Music Master offers test-like activities that can teach you the basics of note reading and music theory, the four scales, interval ear training, and more. The included database defines musical terms and symbols for you. Blues Tutor is a MIDI-based program that teaches the true blues keyboard. After each session, you will be rewarded with the fruits of your labor an actual musical piece. Blues Tutor works on any Amiga and with any version of AmigaDOS. It requires a MIDI-compatible sequencer. (RS 130.) O v t; R IIE 1 R I) If you have a modem, you can learn about the latest research underway at the nine campuses of the University of California. The UC NewsWire is free and available 24 hours a day; call 800 395-5266 on your communications software to access the latest advancements in more than 30 fields including astronomy, education, and medicine. Warped Reality Warp 10 ($ 795, RSC Management) does allow you to warp (and morph) images, but that's not the only reason for its name. This program promises to be die fastest morphing and warping software for the Amiga. It’s speed is fueled by Digital Micronics’ Vivid 24 graphics card, installed with at least one TMS34082 coprocessor with SRAM. You can create animated 24-bit warps (image distortions) and morphs (transformations of one image to another) and play them back in real time. Although Warp 10 works in 24- bit mode, it can load normal IFF images, too. Warp 10 is available as either a standalone package to use with Vivid 24 or as an add-on module to the card’s .Animator Broadcast software. (RS 132.) Bench menus to appear wherever the pointer happens to be when the light mouse button is pressed. Okay, you say, but what happens if the pointer is in the lower-l ight corner of the screen? Easy SM instantly readjusts die menu’s positions so that they appear to the left. Under 3.0, the program is font-sensitive, which greatly enhances its visual impact. Superdark A take off on the popular After Dark-type screen-saver programs found on the PC and Macintosh platforms, Thomas Landspurg's Superdark is liie most versatile, option-laden screen-blanking utility yet for the Amiga. It’s fully
2. 0- and 3.0-compatible, and it offers some fascinating AGA-specif- ic graphics that rival the new school of blankers found on the lop-drawer Macs. Superdark also provides the usual blankers fireworks, swarms of bees, and a sliding screen, to name a few. Best of all, there’s no need to wony which of the blankers will work on your pre-3.0 machine the program lets you know when you try to activate the program. Error checking in the program detects whether you have the chip set or chip RAM to operate a particular blanker. SuperDuper 3*0 You may wonder what all the fuss is about over a disk copier. You’ll stop wondering once you've witnessed the speed of SuperDuper by Sebastiano Vigna. It copies any disks you throw at it in record time on your Amiga model of choice, including those finicky NDOS Kick- start and third-party Kickwork disks lor your old A1000. Completely button-driven (no menus), SD 3.0 offers an extensive list of copy options that could fill this page. Switch options include Verify, Date, Fast File System. Directory Cache, and Talk mode. Specifying starting and ending cylinders is also a snap with SD. SysInfo If you need to know how well your Amiga compares to others, or how well the drives, RAM, and other systems are functioning, or just need a really nifty system-per- fbrmance utility, Nic Wilson’s SysInfo is just the ticket. Currently at version 3.22, this $ 20 shareware program complements AIBB nicely and tests more than just system performance. There are options for monitoring everything you’d care to check memory, system speed, drive performance, comparisons to other systems, and a host of other factors. While similar to AIBB, SysInfo takes a different approach to the testing and seems to operate faster. Tool Manager V2.1 When Amiga users ask me which large-scale (over 500K) utility to spend their hard- earned money downloading, I recommend Stefan Becker’s Tool Manager. Updated last May to version 2.1, this wonderful utility adds items to the Tools menu on vour Workbench in a 4 much better manner than Commodore’s own 2.0 3.0 bundled tool. T here’s no comparison between the two. Designed with function to follow- form, there's a lot to like: Full Arexx support, samples to show how to put it to use, and docs in several languages make this a truly international, user-friendly program. Highly recommended for users of all experience levels. ViewTek Probably no other utility on my hard disk gets a more strenuous workout than Thomas Kreh- bieFs ViewTek. A late-August update (vl.5) is the consummate image-viewing program, ready at a moment’s notice. You can call up and display any IFF, GIF, JPFG, and other tough-to-view graphics files, animations, and seemingly anything else graph- ics-wise you throw its way. Best of all. It takes full advantage of the AGA chip set. Virus Checker Another late-August update (V6.30), John Veldthuis’ acclaimed anti-virus program appeared on nets and BBSs to serve as a reminder of this program’s significance. The program has undergone minor improvements, including the ability to detect and remove a new and particularly malicious virus that writes to your hard disk. A must-have. BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 Next month: The best of’93 games. ? Get It Pegged Before you buy that costly large-capacity hard drive for your 3-D animations, you might consider Pegger (S95, Heifner Communications Express-Way Software)t a multitasking utility that can automatically compress the output of your 3-D rendering or graphics program into a JPEG file. What's more, it provides a link for products Retro Renderings You can recreate the charm of the '50s with Diner ($ 47.50, Terra Nova Development), a three-disk set of 3-D objects for Impulses Imagine. Hie collection features both hi- and lo-res objects with a ’50s diner theme (including a jukebox, counters, and booths) and two scenes: one that can be rendered with a 5MB system and one that requires 14MB to render. The object set is the first in Terra Nova Development's Designer Object series and showcases the talent of computer artist Bradley V. Schenck, whose work appears in the new CD-ROM game, Labyrinth (Electronic Arts). (RS 131.) Personal Productivity School's in session and two new software packages can help you catch up on your "homework ' You can give your kids a head start in learning math basics with Dinomath ($ 39.95, Achieve), an interactive teaming game for children ages five to ten. Dinomath features a drill-and-practice format with a colorful dinosaur theme. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With each correct response, a piece of a dinosaur fossil is unearthed, which Picture This If you’re drawing program-design flowcharts manually before you begin typing code, you may be wasting time. FedCase. From the Dutch developer [oosen Software, uses logical symbols to define your design. It gives you an overview of the function you are programming, and generates C code (and commenting) that you can compile us- Command Performance With Rpaint (S79.95, MegageM), a full- featured paint program with Arexx capabilities, you can create animated presentations on the fly! Rpaint can generate animated or slideshow-type chart and graph presentations in real time via Arexx- or DOS-script commands, and integrates seamlessly with other Arexx-compatible such as the Video Toaster or DeluxePaint that do not support the JPEG format. With it, you can process images up to 32,000 pixels wide using less than 4MB of RAM. And with optimized code, Pegger promises fast processing and batch processing. Pegger supports Arexx and AmigaDOS 2.0 and later. (RS 139.) Eventually transforms into a "live" being. (RS 138.) Is your desk cluttered with paperwork? You can organize all of your personal and home records on your Amiga with Home Manager Professional (S29.95, DevWare). The software features databases for organizing addresses, business and personal contacts, and home inventories. Also included are an appointment calendar, an area-code directory, a notepad, and a "to do" list. (RS 130.) Ing any Amiga C compiler, or a C compiler on another computer platform. FedCase provides an Arexx interface, and has a hypertext function to guide you through the jungle of system functions, structures, and so on. It lets you split projects among multiple flowcharts and programmers, and can use existing code or libraries. (RS 140.) Packages so you won't need to store the images on your hard disk first. The program's script commands are documented and easy to learn. Several self-running demo scipts are included. Rpaint supports all Amiga ECS (Enhanced Chip Set) graphics modes except HAM, and requires DOS
2. 04 and later. (RS 120.) V l K n E A K I) Die Service Management Group (SMG) is the new administrator for Commodore s the US warranty program. SMG now handles all warrantv-related activities with CBM resellers and service centers and distributes CBM parts in the US. Commodore has restructured its support programs, which are no longer bundled; instead, buyers can purchase separately the service program that best meets their needs. The Gold Service program for instance, is now available through SMG under a variety of options. For more information contact SMG at 410 992-9975. CD Collection This month’s countdown finds several new Cds on the Amiga software charts. From the Syndesis label comes Syndesis 3D-ROM ($ 199,95), an anthology of more than 500 freely distributable 3-D models in formats compatible with NewTek’s LightWave and Impulse’s Imagine. Because the disc is ISO-9660 standard and works on any computer platform, it also supports Autodesk’s AutoCAD DXF, 3D Studio, and Wave- front.obj formats. The collection includes numerous automobiles, spaceships, humanoids, buildings, and more than 400 texture maps, along with various clemo objects from 3-D model developers. The disc contains a catalog with information on using them. (RS 125.) Texture Heaven ($ 89) and Asim CDFS 2.0 (S79) debut on the charts from Asimware Innovations (RS 126). Texture Heaven contains 18 wilderness scenery images as well as various traditional 24-bit IFF textures such as wood, tile, and marble. With the Asim CDFS 2.0 file system you can access most CD-ROM formats, including ISO-9660, High Sierra, and Macintosh HFS. Included on the disc is AsimTunes 2.0. an audio CD controller; AsimPhoto lets you convert Kodak Pho- toCD images to 24-bit IFF format; Fish- Market 2.0 comprises Fred Fish disks 100-880. Asim CDFS 2.0 is compatible with most SCSI controllers. If you have Sign Engine Pro, Parallel Motion Graphics' sign-making and engraving program, you may want to check out the company's latest release: The Serial III Typecollcction ($ 499.95) on CD- ROM, which offers 4000 PostScript Type I sign fonts. (RS 127.) Make tracks for Studio 16 is the state-of-the-art in audio for video editing. So simple to use, you’ll find yourself listening to your new music tracks, foley effects, and voice-overs in no time. In fact, with Studio 16 3.0’s highly intuitive time-line based cue list, audio production is as easy as point and click. With automatic fades and cross fades, you can try as many different combinations as you’d like, without worrying about altering original audio files. Frame by frame accuracy gives you precise control over the placement of every audio edit. The power of digital, non-linear audio editing and hard disk recording adds all of these incredible capabilities to your .Amiga and Video Toaster. Just imagine the power of eight tracks of CD quality, sixteen-bit stereo playing off your computer’s hard drive in real time. All for just S1495. Better yet. Studio 16 3.0's multiple card support can give you up to twelve tracks of simultaneous audio playback! With assignable channel inputs and outputs. Want more? The Arexx Track gives you complete control overall your Arexx compatible devices, locked to SMITE time code, from within Studio 16 3.0's time-line cue list. Automated mixing allows you to pre-program the volume and pan levels. Plus, Studio 16 3.0 has third party integration with AmiLink, Bars & Pipes Professional, the Digital Animation Recorder, SCALA, andT-Rexx Professional. Before you edit your next video, find out how Studio 16 3.0 will bring you to the cutting edge of the digital audio revolution. Call today for a free information packet,
(408) 374-4962, or fax us at (408) 3744963. Get the complete digital audio solution-Studio 16 3.0. International Distributors: AUSTRALIA CCS +61 (09)375-3018. BENELUX TAKE 1 PRODUCTIONS ?Jl (045) 225783. BRAZIL BcigaFlor +55i21) 240-1992. FINLAND BroadlincOy +358 (90)8747 900. FRANCE Stona+33 (1)43 5 7 46 57. GERMANY ASAS +49 (069) 5 48 S1 30. ITALY APAS +39 (0432) 759264. KOREA Amea +S2 (21 564-4966.1.AT1N AMERICA Centennial +1 (305) 633-2200. MEXICO Almex +52 (5) 208-9292. NORWAY FAMO +47 (2) 238-1205. SPAIN PiXeLSOFT *34 (088) 71 2700. SWEDEN Display Data *46 (0457) 503 80. SWITZERLAND Octave 2+41 (032) 872429. TAIWAN Vivid Image +886 (2)727-1235. UNITED KINGDOM White Knight +44 992 714539. Tdepending on system configuration. Studio 16 is a trademark of SunRizc Industries. Amiga In a trademark of Commodorc-Amiga Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of NewTek Inc.. Arexx is a trademark of Wishful Thinking Development Corp. AmiLink is a trademark of RGB Computer A Video Inc.. Bars & Pipes Professional is a trademark of Blue Ribbon Sound Works Ltd.. Personal Animation Recorder is a trademark cf Digital Processing Systems Inc.. SCALA isa trademark of SCALA Inc.. T-Rexx Professional IS a trademark of ASDG Inc. 01993 SunRire Industries. 2959 S W inchester Blvd . Suite 204. Campbell. C A 95008. USA. I NewTek, $ 2395. Video Toaster 4000 Toaster 3.0 Software The newest hardware and software versions of the popular video production tool. Amiga 2000 3000 4000. Video slot connection. Hard-disk installable. Not copy protected.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Amiga 2000, 80MB of storage space, 9MB of RAM, two video monitors; Amiga 4000 required to access AGA modes. Recommended system: Amiga 4000, 68030 or 68040 accelerator, 120MB+ storage space, 13MB+ RAM. Installation: Involved (see review). If awards were given in the desktop-video industry' for the most innovative and just plain overachieving video product available for the .Amiga in 1993, NewTek’s Toaster 4000 video board would win hands-down. It’s really, however, the accompanying Toaster 3.0 software, more than the redesigned board itself, that adds a myriad of features and functions previously unavailable in the Toaster environment. Rest assured that the software functions the same way on all machines, except for a smattering of new AGA-related features that spring to life only when used on the Amiga 4000. Installation The Toaster 4000, unlike earlier Toasters, now installs in any Amiga with a video slot, including, of course, the A4000. The card comes already configured for installation in either an A3000 or A4000. To install it in an A2000, you must remove and rotate the rear-mounted BNC connectors, as well as alter a series of jumper settings. Nothing too difficult, mind you, and only a screwdriver is needed, but il your mechanical savvy is in question, you’d best get your dealer to do the job. With the hardware in place, there remains the daunting task of software installation. No fewer than 30 disks are needed on the A2000 3000 and 45 (including ten of the high-density variety) on the A4000. During this hour-long installation process, a dialog box thoughtfully reminds you to fill out your warranty card. Once installed, the Toaster 3.0 programs and To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 90. Files occupy about 85MB of hard-disk space. While the installation procedure is simple enough, a little more flexibility would be welcome. Currently, all of the software and files must be installed to share a common device. A better procedure would be to allow specific file selection and specification of destination devices and directories. Slicker, Swifter Switcher As expected, the main control screen of the Toaster is the Switcher, As with earlier models, you'll find four inputs and two digital video channels. Instead of a Background button, there’s a DV3 button that controls the background color shown during different transitions and during animation playback from LightWave. Of particular interest is a new pop-up menu that displays a list of choices so you no longer have to scroll through lists offramestore names with the arrow keys. These menus, used throughout the Switcher and LightWave software, make life with the Toaster a lot more pleasant. Seven banks of transitions, with two more lying dormant except when used on an A4000, complete the scene. These cover a wide variety of effects, from the common (pushes, flips, spins) to the exotic (smoke, liquid, and snow). Some of them now have transparent drop shadows, which are created with the Toaster’s Alpha Channel and give transitions a look that’s best described as high-end. Also, many now possess user-definable speed for exact control of their duration. Effects that lack adjustments now show their length in video frames, making editing with effects much easier. Some transition icons now include a small speaker icon in the upper right corner and play accompanying sound effects from the Amiga’s audio chan- The major new feature for Toaster Character Generation (CG) is mouse control, a clear improvement over previous versions of the CG, which relied solely on keyboard input. Positioning and editing text is now as simple as selecting the item you want to edit and moving it to a new position. Vou can now edit individual characters, words, or entire lines for size, color, outlines, drop shadows, and more. The Toaster’s Alpha Channel support allows for adjustable transparency of both fonts and shadows. Postscript Type One font support in the CG is also welcome news, since it allows for a greater selection of third-party fonts and improved control over the sizes and styles available on the CG pages. As well as a selection of regular Toaster fonts, the new software comes complete with over 250 Postscript fonts, which can range from 10 to 400 lines tall on a CG page. A useful addition to the Toaster documentation is a Font Guide that displays all the Postscript fonts. Nels. The sounds of sheep (that familiar “baa-baa”) and breaking glass can now be added to your videos. While clever, these sound effects are probably not in high demand in production environments. The lack of an easy way for users to add their own sounds to transition effects is disappointing. Using the Toaster 4000 on an A4000 allows access to the previously-mentioned additional two banks of effects. Not surprisingly, many of these feature AGA-animated transitions, ranging from moving bars and patterns to complete animations. Examples include a full-color Kiki effect and the screen flying into space at warp speed. Other effects include stylistic touches such as applying glints to the video signal that give otherwise mundane transitions an almost magical look. The AGA-related effects are improvements over previously-animated transitions and are sure to become standard fare on television. You can also now load brushes from Toaster- Paint for use as elements in CG pages. As expected, these biaishes can be placed anywhere on the Toaster-generated page and can also contain controllable trails- 3-D images never parency and drop shadows. The ability to add 24- looked better bit brushes to CG pages not only increases creative than with options, but also allows for clean, professional- Lightwave 3.0. looking pages. The only drawback is that brushes are represented by boxes on the CG interface and appear in color only after they’ve been rendered. This makes it somewhat difficult to differentiate between various brushes, especially when you’re working with more than a few of them on a particular page. The ability to see the brushes, even in low resolution, would be welcome. Overall, though, the improved CG is a big step ? The layout screen (where animations are created) is now the main screen, with the other parts of the interface represented by buttons at the top. Clicking on these brings up different pages where many LightWave options are controlled. LiehtWave still uses a keyframe method
o * forward. It will probably become the CG of choice in many Toaster-equipped video suites. LightWave Revised LightWave and its accompanying Modeler are the sections of the Toaster with the most improvements and new features. While LightWave 2.0 was one of the best 3-D programs ever for the Amiga, the additions in LightWave 3,0 make it a contender as one of the best 3-D programs on any platform at any price. To create animations, blit with a new ability to scale or shift the keyframes, which makes it much easier to adjust and line- tune animations a real time-saver. Moreover, LightWave now creates visible motion paths in the layout window, Announcing... Aladdin 4D Version 3.0 Amiga 3D Rendering Animation Software You are cordially invited to experience the power of our lastest release. Enjoy the total flexibility of our lens flares. Feel the thrill of using full 3D splines in the editor. See instancing at work as paths duplicate and place objects automatically. Write your own custom tools in our new open-ended editor using any language including C and Assembler. Many other new features and enhancements are included so call for a free brochure and the details on our flexible upgrade policies. Rub the lamp... Own the genie! Adspec Programming
P. O. Box 13 • Salem, OH 44460 216) 337-3325 thereby making precise object choreography easier. Many new mapping options are available, including the use of maps for diffusion, and luminosity, an amazing new mapping type called displacement viouslv available only on j * terns. This map actually alters the shape of the object you apply it to, creating effects like an actual 3-D bumped object, objects that ripple like cloth, and many otiier effects. You can save displacement- mapped objects in their transformed shape and load them into Modeler for more alterations. Another amazing addition is a new object-animation feature called Bones, which, when applied to an object, causes the object to move and rotate in relation to the position of the Bone. You can save these movements as keyframes and then animate them, thus creating very lifelike movements that are well-nigh impossible with other currently available animation techniques. Users specializing in character animation are sure to appreciate this feature. The Lighting menu contains a new shadow-mapping feature that creates shadows without using the Trace Shadows option. Shadow maps not only render much faster than rav-traced shad- ows, but they also have soft edges, giving a more realistic appearance. Use them with caution, however, for shadow mapping devours generous portions of RAM. (Editors note: For readers who would want to increase Toaster-usable RAM on their systems, DKB Software's 3128 RAM Board (S37-1.95) is currently the only Zorro III board we're aware of that works with all Toaster 4000- eq nipped A3000s and A4Q00s.) The Lights menu also contains a feature that may become one of the most over-used effects of all time: Lens Flares. Cirde 38 on Reader Serv.ce card Incredibly easy to set up (just click on the Lens Flare button) and use, Lens Flares creates an interesting special effect that’s best used in moderation, as the manual cautions. Other new features that the Rendcrer now supports include user-adjustable antialiasing, which greatly improves image quality. Frames rendered in medium resolution with antialiasing look as good or beuer than images rendered at higher resolutions. Other new options include Motion Blur, Field Rendering, and Depth of Field. LightWave 3.0 renders faster than the previous version, especially on a 68040-based machine. Of course, using options like antialiasing and others will slow down rendering, but the times are still acceptable, and the quality is more than worth it. With the Toaster 4000 at home in an Amiga 4000, new features are called into play, including the ability to create AGA animations in LightWave that you can then play back from the Switcher. These are created in either low or medium resolution, but only the low-res versions are guaranteed a true 30-frames- per-second playback. Because the animations are limited to low resolution for smooth playback and use large amounts of RAM (an 18MB machine can play back approximately six seconds ol animation), real-time playback is virtually limited to generating previews. In most production environments, you need to re-render animations at higher resolutions and record them via single-frame control or some similar method. Remodeled Modeler The modeling section of LightWave retains the familiar interface, but now sports many new features, prominent among which is direct importation of Postscript Type One fonts into 3-D objects. Choose the font, type in the appropriate text, and a model is generated. You can modify the text (or any other object) with the new Bevel option, a great feature that anyone who creates "flying logos” will appreciate. Modeler also has other new object-cre- ation tools, such as path extrusion. Instead of straight extrusion along an axis, the extrusion can follow a motion path created in LightWave’s layout window. There’s also an option called Rail Extrude, which uses one or more paths or curves to create unique effects difficult to replicate with traditional modeling techniques. The program now supports long- sought-after Spline Cuives. After defining and connecting a series of points, you define control points, and the line adjusts into a smooth, flowing curve, thus allowing you more easily to create organic shapes and objects. The ability to create models with both splines and regular polygonal techniques opens up many new possibilities. Several Boolean operations are also now available, enabling you to drill into objects or cut pieces of them away, create embossed patterns, and seamlessly merge objects together. The Boolean operations are both easy to use and to set up, employing the different layers in Modeler. This is a major feature that Modeler has previously lacked, so it’s great to finally see ii here. Is LightWave Mocieler missing anything? Well, one welcome addition would be a stand-alone rendering package to make easier the rendering of scenes on multiple machines. The cur- ? Everything THAT YOU EVER DREAMED AN AUDIO SAMPLER COULD BE... DIGIT0L. ? UNO STUDIO Well say it loud and clear: If you have an Amiga* you need DSS8+1 There's a brand new standard in quality for 8-bit audio on the Amiga: GVP's DSS8+. We've integrated utterly-unbeatable sound with an impressive collection of features never before found in any sampler. You can shop around to your heart's desire, but you won't find a sampler with clearer sound or more features anywhere at any price why? Because the PLUS in DSS8+ means that we took everything you expect in a stereo sampler and added:
• Now over 255 settings for input gain including “Automatic". [No more time wasted in calibration!!
• Over 127 settings for our new Low Pass Filter. (Noise reduction!)
• Incredibly high Dynamic Range thanks to DSS8+'s DC Offset Adjustment. (Now hear this!)
• Right and Left channel pre-mix so you save precious RAM. (No more stereo mix-down!)
• Hardware Channel Selector for optimum performance with all Amigas. (Power to the People!)
• Separate microphone jack for simultaneous voice-over and music recording. (Home Video!)
• A solid secure fit onto the Amiga for minimal signal loss. (No more tiny screwdrivers!) The PLUS doesn’t stop there it also gives you...
• Our renowned full-featured sample editing and IW% music composition software.
• A handy Control Panel for independent control of DSS8+'s advanced features, allow ing full compatibility with almost any sampler software available today.
• The best manual in the business with an easy-to follow Digital Sound Tutorial.
• A second diskette overflowing with ready-to-play Sound Effects! DSS8+ is the essential audio peripheral for everyone from beginners to digital sound veterans. In other words, DSS8+ is for anyone interested in a fun and simple-to-usc tool for sound and music. It's perfect for jazzing up MultiMedia presentations created with Scala”, Helm’, CanDo’, MediaLink’, or AmigaVision’. Take it from your ears, get the PLUS DSS8+! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE • KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 • USA PHONE 21 5 * 337*0770 • FAX 21 5* 337 *9922 DSS8+ is a trademark of Great Valley Products. Inc AH other trademarks are the property ot their respective owners. Circle 4 on Reader Service card. Rent necessity of buying a Toaster for any machine that is going to be rendering (even if that’s the machine’s only function) is a problem. Many other 3-D programs have stand-alone rendering engines, so let’s hope that NewTek soon follows suit. Unchanged ToasterPaint You'll notice that I have not discussed any of the new additions to ToasterPaint, often regarded as the roaster’s weakest link. That’s because it’s the same version, despite a rumored revision. There's not even a change in the 4000 version that would at least allow painting on an AGA screen. With all of the other advancements in this package, why ToasterPaint continues to be ignored is an embarrassment and a mystery. There is one other problem with the Toaster 4000 package the manual. A complex piece of equipment with numerous options, the Toaster 4000 would benefit from a comprehensive manual. Unfortunately, although it’s huge, the one supplied seems like a rush job, falling short of covering all the bases. It gets off to a good start, but a lack of detailed information is soon apparent, particularly in the LightWave section. The organization and proofreading are also second-rate, especially in the tutorial section, and more comprehensive tutorials should be included. Lastly, for a manual of such gargantuan proportions, the lack of an index is deplorable. Final Considerations The Toaster 4000 is a vast improvement over earlier versions and has become increasingly popular among video and 3- D animation professionals. A few niggling problems and oversights aside, NewTek deserves credit for assembling an ingenious array of hardware and software. Color effects are improved, the new CG is much easier to use, and Light- Wave is more amazing than ever. Current Toaster owners should consider upgrading, and NewTek has several different software and hardware upgrade options available. If you don’t already own a Toaster, think about basing the Toaster system around the Amiga 4000, as the additional horsepower of the AGA chipset is the only way to access the new color- switcher transitions. Dave Thomas GFXCAD 3000 Grafx Computing, 2-D version: S359; 2-D 3-D version: $ 649 All Amiga models. Hard-drive installable. Copy-protection: Hardware dongle.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 3MB. Recommended system: 3MB or more, 68020 or faster accelerator, flicker fixer or deinterlacer, hard disk. Computer-aided design program. Computed-aided design, better known as CAD, is well represented on the Amiga in the form of the last, powerful program GFX-CAD 3000. Four CAD programs in one, GFX-CAD 3000 comes with the basic drawing engine called XCAD3000, which consists of both 2-D and 3-D drafting modules. Xshcll and Zshell, two custom icon-menu interfaces for each module, constitute the remainder of the package. A stand-alone 2-1) version is also available. A Look Inside This robust product consists of six disks plus tutorial-bearing manuals for both the accompanying 2-D and 3-D programs. GFX-CAD 3000 includes the increasingly popular dongle-in-the-joy- stick-port routine as a form of copyprotection: Without the dongle plugged into the port, you’re unable to save or print hies. GFX-CAD 3000 requires at least 3MB of RAM. Based on my experience, I recommend 2MB of chip RAM, along with the fastest accelerator and as much 32- bit RAM as your computer budget allows. Further down the priority ladder, a large-capacity hard drive, a screen deinterlacer, a large multisync monitor, and a quality color plotter would nicely complement the program. When I began using its forerunner, XCAD Designer, in 1989, it was a fast, powerful CAD package, but a text- menu interface made command entry cumbersome. The evolution of the program has resulted in a new shell-like interface for each drafting module. This same interface also makes use of menus containing small icons, and you can link an XCAD command to each icon, permitting new levels of high-speed command entry in drafting and modelling applications. Both modules use a verb-noun-modi- fier command syntax to draw entities, which include any line, string, arc, text, dimension, and so on. Typical commands appear as: DRAW LINE DRAW LINE Rectangle DRAW LINE Parallel “Idents” is short for “Interactive Digitize and Entity Selection,” the method of user input when executing commands. To draw and select entities, just click the mouse while the cursor is in the drawing window, or click on coordinates or next-point options. You can also enter commands, coordinates, and next-point options using the keyboard. Help with any command is available by typing the command followed by a question mark. Drawn to Scale GFX-CAD’s Xshell 2-D module uses standard architectural drawing tools with scaled viewports to draw in. Each drawing can have up to 32 independently scaled viewports. Standard viewports include Section and Detail options, among others, and scaling of 1 8, 1 4, and 1 2 inch to the foot. The program also supports metric- scaled and user-defined viewports. When this module loads, the screen, opening in 700x470 overscan mode, contains a main drawing window, a command window, and two of the eight available icon menus. On the far right is the Vector menu, where all the basic drawing commands reside. These provide for standard CAD drawing options, such as lines, arcs, circles, splines, ellipses, rectangles, strings, and many others. This menu also allows detailed editing, with options for trimming and breaking entities, as well as for intersecting entities or groups thereof. A Base icon menu at the bottom of the screen controls many important view- manipulating options. You’ll find essential CAD tools, including next-point options, editing and basic layer and depth commands. Some view commands are Zoom All, Zoom Window, Pan (panning in eight preset directions is possible), and Redraw Display. You can execute these view commands singly or within another command. Powerful editing is quickly available via commands called Move, Move Copy, Scale, Scale Copy, Delete, Mirror, Mirror Copy, Rotate, and Rotate Copy. Designers will delight in the wide range of next-point options, which are broken down into End, Mid, Intersection, Near, Reference, Origin. Location, Absolute x and y, Increment x and y, Generate, and Chain. An example of their use would be in drawing a line from the end of one line to the midpoint of another, or from an intersection of two lines to the origin of a circle or arc. Basic layers, depths, and colors are also controlled from the Base menu, as are all of the other icon menus. These include Display, which allows for fine control over the 256 possible layers and up to eight depths; Files, for all aspects of hie and viewport management (including Aegis and DXF support); and Text and Dimension, for control of text, labeling, and dimensioning. GFX-CAD has true autodimensioning as well as “stretchable” dimensions. You can precisely control just about even aspect ol text and dimension creation. Most of today’s genre of CAD programs, including GFX-CAD, make use of predrawn symbols, which are parts that you can add to any drawing. Many powerful options are available from the Symbols icon menu. You can create and modify symbols as well as link text and numbers to them via attributes. This is useful for generating parts lists, bills ol materials, and other reports. Hierarchical family structures are also available from ibis menu. You can link, unlink, and verify families of entities. The Pattern menu controls the drawing of polygons, crosshatching, color fills, fill and line patterns, line width, and type. This menu can add many artistic touches to presentation drawings and perspectives imported from the 3-D module. You use the Output menu to control pen plotting and raster (bitmapped) plotting. Among the plotters supported are Calcomp, Kyocerra, Benson (this is also for vinyl-sign cutters), Houston, and the industry standard HPGL (Hewlett- Packard Graphics Language). There is also support for the PLT: device, a puh- lic-domain AmigaDOS device used to direct an HPGL plot to any Preferences printer or to the current screen. For raster plotting, you can choose from HP LaserJet (will also output to the HP PaintJet), Epson, Mitsubishi, and Xerox. An IFF File can be printed on any Preferences printer, and graphics tablets are also supported. Finally, the 2-D module has its own macro language, called XMACRO, which effectively catapults GFX-CAD far beyond other Amiga CAD programs and even beyond many of those on MAC and Windows platforms. To put it to the test, I wrote a parametric stair-design macro with this language. I input the floor-to- floor height, width of the stairs, and the number of risers. XMACRO automatically drew my stair outline. This is a tremendous time-saver. Multiple Perspectives GFX-CAD’s Zshell 3-D is a powerful surface-modelling program. The concept of predefined views (top, front, right, left, i In the beginning there was EOS___ Then go mo AGA... Now there is EOS1 EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM : Takes your amiga BEYOND AGA! The EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM elevates your Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000 Above and Beyond AGA and rockets you into the world of powerhouse workstation resolutions and realtime 24-hit true-color, at a mere fraction of the cost! Look at the colors and features in our SPECTRUM:
• Programmable resolutions up to an amazing 1600x1280 800x600 in 24-bit!
• Real-Time 24-bit display and graphics operating system!
• High-performance 24-hit EGS-Paint package for professional painting and photographic editing.
• Amiga-RGB Pass-Through so the Amiga and the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM can share a single monitor!
• Zorro-Il (16-hit] and Zorro-III |32-bit] AutoSensing for maximum performance on all Amigas!
• Hardware blitter to accelerate all GUI operations, including the Workbench driver!
• System conforming applications can use the EGS screenmodes directly from the Display Database! ECS requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher. And bottom) permits an associated construction plane (CPL). This feature allows drawing with horizontal and vertical X and Y axes and a Z axis in and out of the screen. All these perspectives are present, no matter which view you are working in. You can draw in 3-D space using lines, strings, arcs, circles, surfaces, surfaces of revolution, surfaced planes, points, and projected surfaces and their lines. You also can draw directly in a perspective view. When this module first opens, it displays a drawing window, the command window, a Vector icon menu, and the Base menu, just as in the 2-1) module. This module also supports standard Amiga pull-down menus. Screen resolution is user-definable, requiring the hardware to support non-standard resolutions. The Vector menu controls all drawing, editing, surfacing, next-point, and filter commands. Among the editing commands are Move, Move Copy, Scale, Scale Copy, Break, Mirror, Rotate, and Delete. Another powerful 3-D command is Draw Srev, with which you can sweep a 2-D entity around a pair of 3-D vectors and come up with cones, spheres, domes, and other precise 3-D shapes. With the Add XCAD or Input DXF command, you can import 2-D drawings, which you can then project into 3-D space with surfaces and depth. I routinely import all the exterior elevations of a building, give them depth and surface, and assemble them into a model. I then draw roof surfaces using the Draw Splane command. This leaves me with a 3-D model I can quickly view from various vantage points with just a click of the mouse. The Base icon menu controls all display, viewing, coordinate, grid, color, layer, information, and rendering commands. With a simple click of the mouse you can view a 3-D model from the top, side, from, back, and below. You can zoom in and out, redraw the screen, and pan with just a click. Many of the same 2-D next-point options are available. GFX-GAD (3-D) supports over two million layers, judicious layering is very important to the ease with which a model can be created. Simple color or gray-scale rendering is supported, but only for checking objects for correct surfaces and so on. It is assumed that you will export to Imagine or LightWave for final rendering. Drawing management, AutoCAD 3- D DXF import and export, Imagine export, Symbols, and HPGL output are all controlled by pull-down menus. 3-D symbols are very powerful. You can import any previously created 3-D object into your current 3-D world. If you have Inter-Change4- with DXF converter, you can access a multitude of 3-D objects in the public domain and disk collections. Also included is an Arexx port that allows total control of the 3-D module from other programs, and if you have William Hawes’ Vshell2.0, you can control the 3- r D module from the 2-1) module. Conclusions Without reservation, I regard GFX-CAD 3000 as die strongest Amiga version of the XCAD products to date. For a frame of reference, the PC industry’s standard package of AutoCAD 12, 3-D Studio, and AMF. (Advanced Modelling Extension) costs over $ 8000 while performing at no higher level than GFX-CAD 3000 and Imagine2.0, a combination which cost around S800. Tliat difference would leave plenty of cash for other software and hardware investments. GFX-CAD 3000 opens its power to you as your skills increase. Tom Barker LAN Rover ASDG, $ 349 Amiga 2000 3000 4000. Zorro slot connection. Requirements: Network software. Installation: Easy. Ethernet networking board. ENLAN-DFS Interworks, $ 349 All Amigas. Hard-drive installable. Not copy-protected.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum requirements: Ethernet board, cables and connectors. Ethernet-based distributable file-system software for peer*to*peer networking. Until recently, Amiga computers and devices could exist as nodes, or individual stations, on a larger Netware (Novell) network through the use of Ethernet cards and networking software from either Oxxi or Commodore. Nothing’s wrong with that setup if you have the resources to get another computer ancl install a network running Netware. But most Amiga users’ needs for a network usually involve rendering 3-D animations or sharing a large database, so the added expense of an elaborate network system just to share data, disk drives, and printers doesn’t make sense. The answer is a peer-to-peer network system, and the software is now available in the form of ENLAN-DFS from Interworks. Complete Connections For those new to the networking concept, the idea is to link two or more computers together using dedicated cards and cables so that each system on the network can share devices. Two types of Local Area Networks (LANs) are commonly used. One utilizes a server station with attached nodes, while the second is peer-to-peer. A network using one or more servers is generally a more advanced system, expensive to set up initially and more involved to maintain. A fast, powerful computer is necessary as a server because it must handle all the overhead tasks of verifying data integrity and resource management. On die other hand, peer-to-peer networks link two or more computers together, and the overhead tasks are assimilated by each computer. In either case, you must add network cards to both computers, connect them with the proper cables, and install the network software. Installation If your networking plans exclusively involve Amigas, the selection process is simple. All you need are Ethernet hoards and ENLAN-DFS software for a complete peer-to-peer network. Commodore recently halted the manufacture of its Ethernet boards, but ASDG has picked up the slack and distributes the LAN Rover Thin Ethernet board as an alternative. The full-size board employs a clean design and fits into any standard Zorro II II1 slot. Installation is straightforward, taking only a few moments per computer. To connect the cards, you use T-connectors (not supplied) and coaxial cable. The First and last computers in the line must have 50-ohm terminators attached to the other side of the T-connectors. Make sure you use the proper cable and connectors for an Ethernet network. Do not use video cable, even though the connectors and cable look much alike. Installation of the ENLAN-DFS software is easy with a simple installation program. It requires only 356K of disk space, and you can use the default directory locations or select your own. ENLAN-DFS uses DECnet protocol, and you can therefore incorporate it into an existing DECnet LAN installation. After you have installed the software on each computer, a few more changes are required before the network can function. Each node on the network must have a unique address and associated node name. You must first edit the Start-DFS file on each machine to enter the calculated node address. Then you assign a name to each node, either by editing or with the SetNodeName utility. Finally, you J J J activate the network by running the Start- DFS script on each node. You can, of course, add this script to your startup. A Major Network The last thing you must do is set up die devices the nodes will share on the network. This is accomplished through Export and Import commands and parameters. Export sets up a device to be available to the network; Import sets up a node to use another node’s (exported) device. ENLAN-DFS software accommodates a good deal of flexibility and security for your network. You can set up exported resources with password or read-only protection, and access to imported resources can also be limited to read-only to prevent accidental alterations. Furthermore, you are able to export and import all resources using “public names” to hide Lhe actual internal device names and structures, and you can export “rooted” directories, thereby permitting access only to a selected area of a disk drive. The requirements for a peer-to-peer network will vary as dramatically as the types of Amiga-based studios. My company designs and renders a lot of 3-D animations and frequently needs to have several machines working long hours on the projects. The ENLAN-DES solution makes it possible it) have the chief animator fine-tuning sections of the ani- How a peer-to- peer network (ENLAN-DFS) compares with a typical LAN (local area network). Mation while other machines on the network are rendering. The rendered files are stored on the main system hard disk for instant access when we are ready to record the animation to tape. Jtis type of shared project be it design, document layout, animation, or even multimedia benefits instantly f rom a shared-resource network. Overall, 1 found the installation, flex- if Ir-ag eHX Racer, 1 IFF ZHBxWI PJ3E ei Fun Color Balaoce i Convolve Coopost te ] Iransfoml 1 Buffer . .BOffh _ Alpha 1 Hook 1 flrexa ! ImageFX. However, if you're serious now about Image Processing, you need the software that was born read No limitations. No costly additions! You still want more? OK! With ToasterFX™ from Byrd's Eye Software, you now can integrate the power of ImageFX v With your Video Toaster*. Regionalized Processing g Edge Feathering g Brush Handling ..g Color Transparencies .g Separate RGB Masking...... CMY HSV Operation .. YUV YIQ Operation ... time and money. The way we see it, "Professional'' means Truly Integrated. That's why ImageFX gives you everything up front. We wouldn't think of doing it any other way! , You won't find any other Image Processing software with these integrated features. Perhaps other Image Processing packages will someday catch on to the power and flexibility of The concept is simple: ImageFXis the only Image Processing package that you will ever need. Period. Some Image Processing packages make a lot of promises, but end up making you do all the work as they work on your pocketbook! But not ImageFX from GVP; we've done it right the first time, saving you , JX-100 Scanning .g Virtual Memory ......[V Complete Painting Tools .g Real-time WYSIWYG Preview ..g Duaf Image Buffers ......g Alpha Channel g ©1993 Great Valley Products, Inc. ImageFX and CineMorph are trademarks of Great Valley Products Inc, ToasterFX is a trademark of Byrd's Eye Sopftv-are.. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc. ImageFX is Truly Integrated Image Processing. ..a reality here and now! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA [9406 * USA PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215*337*9922 TRULY INTEGRATED IMAGE PROCESSING...A REALITY, HERE AND NOW IMAGEFX Undo & Redo ..g [MAfiF U ibility, and ease of use of both the LAN Rover boards and the ENLAN-DFS software if) be excellent. The documentation of both is brief, but clear and thorough. In addition, the throughput of the system was quite acceptable without overburdening the operating system with a lot of overhead. If you are looking for a easy way to link your Amigas together, you should be pleased with this combination of hardware and software. Steven Blaize IB-bit full-color hand scanner. All Amiga models.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy-protected. Accelerator compatible. A picture's worth a thousand words, so here’s roughly a thousand words on how to make them with your Amiga. Mi- graph’s ColorBurst is the Amiga’s first col- While some graphics cards only provide color resolution, and others only increase the size of the screen display, the Piccolo card does both. For applications M For the Amiga *3000 3000T and Amiga •4000 4000T 8ingle monitor system with automatic monitor switching that require Video Option -Composite r and near-photographic Y C for PAL NTSC color capabilities with optional video module Coi°r capaDUUies Software (included) the Piccolo Card EOS libraries with tools and is the answer. Demos Now you can crush the 16 meg Fast Ram barrier with up to 128 megs of contiguous memory!
- Four SIMM sockets using industry standard 4, 8, 16 and 32 bit SIMMs modules
- Create and play back over 50 seconds of animation using the new Video Toaster 4000
- True Zorro III 32 bit memory board
- Record your animation at a fraction of the cost
- Manipulate an hour of CD-quallty audio The next MUST HAVE Video Toaster add-on. The DKB3128 TM For The Amiga® 3000 4000 50240 W. Pontiac Trail Wixom, Michigan 48393 Sales (313) 960-8751 Tech Support (313) 980-8750 Fax (313) 960-8752 Circle 26 on Reader Service card. Or hand scanner. True 24-bit hand scanners cost a small fortune, so here is an affordable alternative: an 18-bit scanner that works in 262.000 colors at 200 DPI or 64-color grayscale at 400 DPI. You could, of course, use a video digitizer like NewTek’s DigiView as a scanner of sorts, but it’s a hassle to configure and offers only relatively low resolution. Nor would it provide a quick and easy way to scan graphics on a regular basis. Flatbed scanners offer rock-solid, high-resolution scans, but they’re both expensive and rare among Amiga hobbyists. Scan by Hand The ColorBurst hand scanner is an allblack, attractively styled unit roughly live inches long, with softly rounded corners. It has a four-inch scanning head, a start button on top, and a few controls on the sides a brightness dial, DPI selector, color-mode, and clither-patlem switches. A six-foot cable connects to a small interface box, which in turn attaches to the parallel port via a three-inch ribbon cable. An AC adapter with a six-foot cable provides the needed power. You control the scanning software, called ColorKit, through five buttons along the bottom of the screen. To scan an image, you first match ColorKit’s settings to the scanner’s switches. While the maximum resolution is based on the number of colors you want, the length of your scan is based solely on how much RAM your Amiga contains. Once these settings are configured, click on the scan button. A requester provides a 30-second countdown while the scanning lamp warms up. When that process is complete, press the button atop the scanner and begin rolling it; the scanning lamp goes out once you’ve traversed the length requested, or you abort the scan with a press of any key on the keyboard. ColorBurst has no speed indicators on the scanner; instead, you must monitor your progress on your Amiga’s screen to ensure a steady speed. To display the completed scan, simply fetch a screen-mode requester, from which you can ask for any relevant display mode. Thus, AGA machines can display 18-bit images in full HAM8 or any lesser mode. The color settings used tim ing (he scan aren’t directly related to ColorBurst Migraph, S549 Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, AGA , Amiga, hard disk. Installation: Easy. How you display or save the final image. The save requester provides gadgets for all types of' IFFs, including AG A modes and IFF24 formats, even if you're not using an AGA machine. This means, for example, that you can create HAMS images on your A3000 and edit them later on your A4000. Character Recognition ColorBurst scanners are bundled with Mi- graph’s OCR Jr. Optical Character Recognition software a nice combination, because it gives fledgling desktop publishers the capability of scanning graphics and converting text all from one box. OCR is a simple and effective program. Its main screen looks rather like a minimalist version of PageStream, and using the program is a simple matter of scanning in the text, defining “document boxes” around the material to be converted and letting the program do its thing. Need to scan across a page instead of down? Select the “landscape” option, and OCR automatically rotates the im- r age for you. The program works either automatically or interactively. In interactive mode, it displays the scanned word along with OCR’s best guess. You correct any mistakes as you go along, and you can make OCR “learn” from the experience or just use the corrections (as in cases of smeary scans that you don’t want OCR to ny to apply in the future). While there are three zoom settings in OCR. I was frustrated by the lack of user-definable zoom levels to help form custom document boxes. OCR is both easy to use and reasonably accurate. While the occasions are rare when you’ll want to set OCR to “auto” and let the program fend for itself, the interactive method is certainly a whole lot faster than typing an entire document from scratch. What’s Wrong with This Picture? Although the scanner hardware is lop-nolch and creates wonderful images, the ColorBurst software is a veritable hodgepodge of nonstandard features. Though both ColorKit and OCR use the ASL file requester, little else is standard Amiga fare. There were, for instance, a few AGA- specific idiosyncrasies. The mouse pointer is big and blocky not the svelte pointer WB 3.0 is capable of. In addition, the ColorKit screen on my A4000 was always shifted so far to the right that I had to drag it back with the left Ami- ga-monse combination in order to see the right hall of requesters, (Oddly enough, however, this didn’t occur on my A3000.) And OCR’s custom screen is interlaced on AGA machines. There are generic problems, 100. When you begin to scan, a requester provides a countdown until the scanner’s lamp is warmed up. It seemed to work only intermittently until I realized that the timer comes to a grinding halt whenever the screen on which it sits isn’t active, so you must keep that "autopointing” mouse pointer over the requester. Even the menus are nonstandard, with “Quit” in OCR located in the second menu column! Instead of the Commodore installer, Migraph uses a homebrewed one, which provides no icon for the program you’ll have to create your own. To Buy or Not to Buy Is this scanner for you? As I’ve already said, it is an excellent value, but even ColorBurst will not take full advantage of your new AGA machine, HAM8 has the ability to hold significantly more color information than just 262,144 colors, and a comparison between an 18-bit ColorBurst scan and one made with a 24-bit hand scanner will show some difference. For most applications, though, that’s not particularly important. If you print hardcopies in 16 shades of gray, Color- Burst’s 64 shades is already, in some sense, overkill. Video images look great in 262,000 colors, and only under the scrutiny of a high-resolution RGB display will the lack of color data be apparent. ColorBurst is a fine product that brings high-color hand scanning to the Amiga masses. The scanner produces accurate, dean images in a wide variety of modes, from nearly true-color all die way down to
* line art and OCR-ready imager)-. I was not happy with the software, which is sure to tax the patience of anyone who must use it daily, but Color- Burst is a great value nonetheless. For my desktop-publishing needs, Color- Burst is a bargain. Dave Johnson M1230 XA MicroBotics, from S399 Internal slot connection.
3. 0 compatible. Installation: Easy. A1200 68030 accelerator, 68882 math coprocessor, RAM expander, and real-time clock card. The Amiga 1200 is no slouch in die speed department. It’s roughly three times faster than an A500 or A2000 straight out of the box, and becomes over five times quicker once you add some Fast RAM. That’s enough oomph for many tasks, but once you delve into projects like 24-bit image processing, ray tracing, or desktop publishing, what may have seemed fast the day you traded up from your A500 now seems sluggish. If you have the need for speed, Mi- croBotics has a solution that can make your little A1200 perform almost on par with an A4000. Low-Buck Power When the A1200 first shipped, some wondered just how much could be crammed into the tiny trap-door expansion slot under the machine. A lot, thanks to the ingenuity of companies like MicroRotics. The top-of-the-line Ml230 XA I evaluated sported a 50- Mhz 68030, a 50-MHz 68882 math coprocessor, 8MB of 32-bit Fast RAM, and a battery-backed real-time clock all on a board about a quarter of the size of the typical Amiga 2000 accelerator. Installation is a simple process, fust remove the plastic cover under your A1200 and push the M1230 XA onto the expansion connector. As with all internal expansion cards for the A1200, it’s a tight fit, but with a little patience the board slides easily into place. The next step is to run the SetXA utility to set the processor speed and type, as well as the amount and speed of RAM present. These values are stored in nonvolatile memory on the Ml230 XA, saving you the hassle of messing with switches and jumpers. (There are two jumpers on the board; one is used if you install a math chip that runs at a different speed than the processor, and the other is a Test Continued on p. 66. Buy oneTimebase Corrector... ..and get a second one FREE!* The Kitchen Sync is TWO complete S-Video compatible infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card. And at a price that you would normally pay for a single TBC. Completely synchronize not one, but two independent video sources for use with virtually any switcher or digital video effects system requiring synchronous video inputs. Two complete time base correctors on one card that can plug into any IBM AT compatible slot. Check out these great features: ? Plugs into any IBM AT compatible or any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 PC slot ? Plugs into Digital Creations1 new Video Slot Box ? Works The Kit hen Sync $ 1295.00 ? At this price its like buying one TBC and getting the second one free. ? S-Video option $ 99.00 ? Genlock Option $ 150.00 with any video source, even consumer VCRs and camcorders ? Use multiple Kitchen Syncs, together for more channels ? Completely accurate sync generator built in: totally regenerates all sync and blanking signals; guaranteed accurate S CH phase relationships ? Built-in proc amp ? Broadcast quality output ? Completely digital design * Microprocessor controlled ? Easy to adjust external LCD control panel ? Advanced sync output ? Inputs are S-VHS and Hi-8 compatible. Use either composite or S-Video into either channel ? Great for use with the Video Toaster + S-Video output option for full S-Video operation ? Control operation independent of Amiga, PC, or Toaster operation ? Easy installation ? No timing adjustments necessary for small stand-alone applications
* Genlock option available for house system integration ? Jitter-free freeze frame, fieldl or field2 (channel independently selectable) + Variable rate strobe ? External contact-closure interface for freeze ? Three user presets and one factory setting stored internally The Kitchen Sync makes it easy to complete your desktop video installation. Everything you need is here.
* All on one card ? All at one great price Both composite and S-video in an external genlock The SuperGen SX is our newest genlock and overlay system for Amiga computers. The “S" in "SX" stands for S-Video. The new SuperGen SX is a full featured S* Video genlock. The “X" stands for external. The SX is an external device that attaches to any Amiga computer through the RGB port. We have taken the best features of both the SuperGen and the SuperGen 2000s and combined them along with some great new features to make the ultimate new genlock for the new Amiga computers. True broadcast quality video output + True Y C genlock and overlay ? Two independent dissolve controls ? Software controllable ? S-Video to composite or composite to S-video transcoding built in ? Interpretive dissolve mode ? Switchable
3. 58MHz notch filter ? Switchable video input selection ? Switchable Genlock Disable for productivity mode uses ? One S-Video Input ? One S-Video Output ? One Composite Video Input SuperGen SX ? One Composite Video Output ? Professional Key Out for use with switchers ? Switchable Chroma Notch filter ? Selectable blanking ? BNC and S-Video connectors ? Fast Sync Tip Clamp ? Key Output ? Internal RS-170A Blanking Generator ? Switchable Setup Adder ? Compatible with all Amiga models. The new SuperGen SX external S-Video compatible genlock for the new series of Amigas has everything you want in a genlock and overlay system for your Amiga. $ 749.00 Break the l : l single video slot barrier! T Four Video Slots! ? Three PC AT bus slots (power & ground only) ? 230W switching power supply ? Two
5. 25" and two 3.5" drive bays The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC, room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and two 3.5 inch devices (You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and a beefy 230 watt switching power supply. The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A3000. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. Video Slot Box The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga. You can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. With products that are “video slot masters" such as the Video Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch instantly between several such products within one machine without having to ever swap boards. ? Coming Soon To order direct call Digital Direct at 1-800-645-1164 (orders only please) j Free shipping on all VISA and MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. WffpW Call by 2:00pm California time for same day shipping. Technical information? Please dial 916-344-4825. DIGITAL Digital Creations, Inc. * P.O. Box 97 * Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone (916) 344-4825 • FAX (916) 635-0475 SuperGen. SuperGen 2000s. SuperGen SX. Video Sloi Box. And Kitchen Sync are trademmks o! Digital Creations. Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek, Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks of IBM, Inc. Amiga is a registered Iradomaik of CommodorcAmiga. Inc. Circle 63 on Reader Servrce card Professional Paint & Animation _ DIGIT VI Circle 16 on Reader Service card THE FIELD OF Amiga 3-D graphics and software today comprises some of the most powerful, professional systems avail- jfc * K J * % t ‘ ** T W . 'm able on any platform. Amiga developers have brought to your desktop the revolutionary changes happening on high-end systems such as Silicon Graphics and Sun...and dien some. As few as four years ago we were happy with a few tools to create 3-D objects, select color and surface characteristics, and breaks through barriers, giving you more and animation capabilities, A ' $ J * f » I then move either the objects or the viewpoint to create animation; die final image was rendered in a maximum of 4096 col- ors. Today, our expectations are being filled with hierarchical and skeletal control animation, 32-bit alpha-channel rendering, real-time wireframe modeling, inverse kinematics, particle sys- tems, Boolean operations, lens flares, and much, much more. If you don’t understand all these terms, please refer to the sidebar glossary. Meanwhile, let’s examine the programs that represent the state of the art in Amiga 3-D graphics and animation: LightWave, Real 3D 2.0, Will Vinton's P'laymation, Aladdin 4D, Caligari 24, and Caligari Broadcast. We were not able to report on Imagine (Impulse) and 3D Professional (Progressive Peripherals 8c Software); Bodi Impulse and PP&S were reportedly updating their products as '3L V •» V " « i ' " ~ - iir- i I I® this article was being written (Imagine 3.0 may be ready by the 26 November 1993 Particle animation is a feature that sets Real 3D apart. Once the ball hits the wall in this sequence, each particle (brick) is subject to gravity or any other force (s) you might want to impose, me you read this), but we were unable to get details. And while rograms such as Sculpt 4D (Byte by Byte) are still being sold, they ave not been updated in years, and do not provide the output e’ve come to expect. (For details on contacting developers of the prod- cts covered, see the "Manufactn.rcrsyDislribidors' Addresscs'’ list on p. 90.) Iommon Basics 11 begin by giving you an overview of these 3-D graphics and an- nation systems (I refer to the packages as “systems" because each rovides all the functions required for completing an animation), irst, there is object creation or modeling, and once you have cre- ted an object, you must give it surface characteristics. You then lace your objects in a void that can have its own characteristics; ext, you add lights and position camera views. Movement and lodification of objects', lights, or views can all be incorporated into )ur final animation. The final and most important phase is the mdering of the picture; each frame or field needs to be ren- ered in order to create a complete animation. To let you view the three-dimensional space in which you are orking on the two-dimensional surface of your monitor, each proram provides different views. Some, such as LightWave and Play- Lauon, divide your monitor into quadrants for top, side, front, and perspective views. Others, such as Caligari and Aladdin, provide a near real-time view of your space from all perspectives. Real 3D allows any number of views at any size. All the systems have very flexible tools. (See the table entitled “The 3-D Differential” for a look at where the programs differ in nine categories.) For object creation, most give you instant access to simple geometric shapes to use as building blocks for more com- plex objects. A lathing tool lets you draw a 2-D profile and spin it to create an object. You can also build objects by extruding 2-D shapes; most systems allow extrusions along a path as well, and a few extrude by poi n t selection. All give you bitmapped texture maps; most provide procedural texture maps, bump maps, reflection maps, transparency maps, and others. All the programs let you apply textures of different types to a single object, but only Aladdin and Real 3D let you combine multiple textures of the same type (two transparency maps, for instance). Each mapping technique gives you a great deal of latitude in defining surface characteristics of the objects. The rendering engines within these systems vary in speed and ability. Some are ray tracers that can generate real-world reflections and refractions (for surfaces such as glass); others use specialized methods to simulate shadows and reflections and gain rendering speed. A couple let you select the method, quality level, and so on, but each notch up in realism adds rendering time. It’s impossible to compare the programs’ rendering rates in a meaningful way; there is no comprehensive, fair method to do so because not all have the same object compatibly and rendering capabilities. Each company has selected areas of the rendering engine to optimize. For example, some systems are optimized to render basic geometric primitives faster than free-form models. Each optimization is welcome, but rendering times can be dramatically biased depending on the specifics of the scene, 'l ake this as a given: You’ll need as much 32-bit RAM, as last a processor, and as much hard-disk space as you can afford for decent speeds. Every program runs faster with more RAM and many have special code for the 68040 processor. T here is not enough room here to detail all the features and capabilities of each program, so the profiles emphasize things that differentiate them. Distinguishing characteristics include unique abilities as well as missing features that are generally assumed to be ineluded with 3-D packages. Each program is a high- quality professional animation system, but approaches 3-D in its own way and with a distinct user interface. Aladdin 4D Aladdin 4D ($ 499, Adspec), has an unusual interface and some powerful and interesting rendering capabilities. All work is done in one module with a single viewing port. You can change the view from front, top, side, or camera, in either perspective or parallel. 'Hie right side of the screen contains two columns of poorly designed icons that control most movement and shaping functions. While it allows you to hide selected polygons and objects as other programs do, Aladdin
41) also uses multiple creation spaces within the same project. This lets you quickly move entire sections of an animation to another space for fine tuning. Probably the program’s most unique feature is its creation of gases. You have some flexibility in shaping the gases, but your options are virtually limitless regarding color, density, turbidity, animation; you can even apply animated bitmaps to a gas! About the only thing you cannot do is move the camera through gas. Surface-attributes handling is veiy powerful but a bit awkward. You set entry and exit attributes, as well as the timeline. Attributes are saved in lists that can be applied to other objects within the scene. If each object attribute is different, however, you end up with long lists. Aladdin 4D handles most general types of texture mapping. Its smooth control of morphing surface attributes is excellent; it includes ease in and ease out, although there is no object morphing. Aladdin 41) uses time-slice animation control, so it is relatively easy to stretch or shorten animations. Because the timeline control applies to each object as part of the attributes, however, selective changes can be time consuming. Version 2.3 includes new procedural textures and is the sole program to allow JPEG-format bitmaps for texture maps. This version also speeds rendering of both shadows and gases, a welcome improvement. While Aladdin 4D uses ray-trace techniques for gases and other rendering, it does not include refractive indexes Tor creating real-world transparent materials. After working with the program and watching die four-hour instructional video ($ 59, Adspec), I certainly feel this is a very capable and power!ill system. I also feel, though, that the interface is not intuitive, and this makes for a sleep learning curve. The manual includes tutorials but is poorly organized. Finally, this is the only system that does not include simple geometric shapes; every object is created from scratch. . - ' - ! CALIGARI 24 CALIGARI BROADCAST Little differentiates Caligari 24 ($ 399) and Caligari Broadcast ($ 795), so except where noted, reference to Caligari covers both variations of Octree’s software. Caligari was the first to use a completely interactive interface that permits you to move freely about your 3-D space. Menus for controlling creation, movement, animation, rendering, and surface characteristics are added or removed in layers across the bottom of your screen. You typically work in one of two spaces, the Object Design or Scene Composition area. Object Design is quite good, and includes most tools and a set of primitives. It does not allow extrusion along a path, but its selected-polygon extrusion option can handle similar creation. Caligari’s unique Free Form Deformation feature lets you place pliable lattice work around an object and then deform it to fit the lattice. This allows the creation of some very organic shapes. I he ability to animate free-form deformations is the most distinctive difference in Caligari Broadcast, besides the mouse-port dongle. Caligari is not a ray tracer, yet it produces excellent results. It uses cloned objects, shadow-volutne calculations, and various shaders (including metal, Gouraud, Phong, and environmental) to speed rendering. Many items within the scene are calculated only the first time the scene is generated, so subsequent renderings are much faster. The interface stresses your viewpoint; numeric input is allowed for precise positioning, but it’s a little awkward. Caligari supports only bitmapped texture maps, and cannot morph surface attributes or objects (except animation of free-form deformations). You can wrap animated series of bitmaps to an object, but not as easily as with other systems. While I enjoy its interface, I feel Caligari lacks some important capabilities such as multitasking, which is now expected in 3-D systems. LightWave 3.0 ' -k -• > . A g J , A'.VX 7 . - V* - 4 LightWave 3.0 is a subsystem of NewTek’s new Video Toaster 4000 ($ 2399) and the Video Toaster 3.0 software upgrade ($ 795). Its popularity has revolved mainly around the intuitive and powerful user interface of (he animation Layout. There are two modules in Lightwave: the Modeler, for object creation, and Layout, for animation work. The Modeler has seen vast improvements from past versions, including use of PostScript fonts, smooth-mesh creation from a maximum of four spline curves, and drilling of objects with other objects. Boolean functions have been added to let you modify objects seamlessly. You also get more than 150 ready-to-use LightWave objects. LightWave 3.0 can selectively ray trace or not, and includes soft-edge shadows without ray tracing. In addition to almost every type of texture mapping, it offers displacement mapping (which actually alters the polygonal form) and clip mapping (which cuts away sections of the object for proper shadowing). The ren- derer now supports such things as motion blur, depth of field, and the now very popular lens flare, which reproduces the light glows and rings that happen when a real camera passes in front of a light. (Ironically, most cinematographers avoid this type of artifacting.) LightWave allows easy stretching of animation segments for individual objects or globally. I also like the control of global fog for underwater effects; however, objects do not have attributes for turbidity and thus you do not have fog objects. Another addition to LightWave is the Bones option, which allows some control over the skeletal shape and movement of an object. While it is very flexible, it offers nowhere near the type of control provided by Playmation or Real 3D. There are few shortcomings to LightWave other than the largest and most expensive dongle of the group: the Video Toaster. Don’t gel me wrong the Toaster is an excellent product, but if you are a 3-D producer and want multiple rendering machines, choosing LightWave means buying a Toaster for each computer. This also precludes LightWave supporting any other display boards. Real 3D 2.0 Real 3D 2.0 ($ 699, Realsoft), has made some momentous forays in the area of desktop 3-D animation systems. The one-module user interface is customiz- able with any number and size of viewpoints, object selections, and tool window(s). While Real 3D does not use spline patches like Playmation, it does allow four or more spline curves to create a free-form mesh. The multilayered mapping abilities cover the gamut of texture mapping, with the exception of displacement mapping. Object creation comes from primitives, from scratch, and from excellent Boolean operations. ? A fractal-tiee and -landscape generator is included. Real 31) incorporates features previously available only on high-end workstations. These include collision detection, gravity, velocity, particle systems, and inverse kinematics. The particle systems can be made of any type of object, have animated texture maps, and be influenced by environmental effects such as J wind. Inverse kinematics permits the program to calculate realistic skeletal movements when objects are created in a hierarchy with joints. Real 31) also provides its Real Programming Language (RPL), opening the door for third-party animation methods and textures. Real 3D’s allowance for multiple cameras is unusual. Think of this as a multicamera shoot of the same animation movements; you can select and include any camera view, all without altering the controlling animation. Real 3D's thorough documentation includes many tutorials to assist you in learning its complexities. Its index is about the only area that could use a boost. The rendering engine is a ray tracer and high-quality output takes time, but ray-trace and constructive solid geometry is the only way to accurately render a magnifying-glass lens. Real 3D also requires either a mouse- or parallel-port copy-protection dongle. Will Vinton's Playmation Will Vinton’s Playmation (S299, Hash Enterprises), has an interface consisting of six disconnected modules. One creates individual segments of an object; another combines the segments into a character and assigns attributes (except bitmapped decals which are in a third module). Another lets you create and modify individual character movement; one more puts all the characters, lights, and camera movements together. Finally, there is the render module. Playmation is also unique in that objects are created with spline patches instead of polygons. This permits absolutely smooth surfaces no matter how close you get to an object. It also lets you move, bend, flex and mold objects as if they were covered with skin. Playmation has excellent animation options for objects (characters), giving you complete skeletal control of movement, muscle motion, morphing, and much more. Playmation uses individual channels to manage The 3-D Differential TODAY'S 3*0 SYSTEMS offer far more features than could fit m a table such as this. What's more, many capabilities, such as object-point editing and hiding, are now considered standard equipment; all current 3-D graphics animation packages provide them. So, instead of listing each and every feature. I've narrowed the list to distinguishing, documented characteristics to show where the packages differ. ALADDIN 4D CALIGARI24 BROADCAST LIGHTWAVE PLAYMATION REAL 3D General AGA support • « • • 0 • Copy-protection dongle 0 o • • o • Multitasking • o o • • • Keyboard equivalents • • • • • • Arexx support o o o o • Third-party programming support O o o ft o • Customizable interface o 1 1 o 0 • Modeling Primitives 0 • • • • • Extrusion along a path O 0 o • • • Special-purpose extrusions • • • • • • Boolean operations: 0 O 0 • o • drill, add, subtract, join, intersect SpHne-curve patches 0 o 0 ft • ft Spline-curve free form O o o • • • Organic free-form deformation O • • o • • Direct font support 1 1 PostScript o o Lathe • • • • • • Fractal objects o 0 o o o • Hierarchical-object creation 0 • • • • • Surface Characteristics UV map 0 o o 0 • Animated texture map • » ft • • • Transparency map • • • • • • Procedural map • o 0 + • • Bump map • o 0 • • • Displacement map 0 o o • o 0 Reflection map • • • • • Environment map D • + • + • Texture libraries • • • • • • Gas turbidity • o o 0 o • ease-in and ease-out of movement, and c horeographed skeletal motion can be applied to other characters with the same number of object segments. Playmation also has a steep learning curve. Its use of spline-patch object creation, an almost singular feature of 3-D systems on any platform, precludes its objects from being used in other systems (although it allows DXF export). Playmation can’t import other systems’ polygonal objects. Finally, I personally don’t feel Play- mation’s ray-tracer offers the quality of other systems.
• • • O •
o o o • o
• • • o • File Formats for Maps ALADDIN 4D CALIGARI 24 BROADCAST LIGHTWAVE PLAYMATION REAL IFF • • • • • • Framestore O O o • O O JPEG o o O O o TARGA o • • o • • PCX o o o • • o Alternative File Formats for Objects DXF import 0 DXF export O Other object formats • Rendering Ray trace 68040 optimized code 1 * o o o * Selectable • • o • • Shadows Soft shadows • O • o • o • • • ft • • Alpha channel 32-bit support o • • • o • Background picture • • • • • • Foreground picture • • • o O Lens flares o o o • o o Fog haze effects • o o • • • Motion blur o o • • • • Field rendering o o • • o • Depth of field o o o • • • Extended-Display Devices Video Toaster o o o • o o Harlequin o • • o o • IV-24 o • • D o o OpalVision • • • O o • Targa o • • 0 o o Firecracker • • • 0 o o Retina • o o 0 o • DCTV • • • • o • File-Save Formats IFF • • • • • Targa o • • O • • Framestore Animation o o o • 0 o Spline paths o • • • • • Hierarchical key-frame animation o o o • • • Key-frame animation • •' • • • • Object morphing o o ft • • • Time stretch squeeze • • • • • • Direct single-frame control support o • • • o ft Ease-in ease-out • • • • Multiple camera views o o o %o o • Particle system o o o o o Inverse kinematics o o o o o • Skeletal control o ft ft ft • • Collision detection o o o o o • Morphing surface textures • o o • • • Key:
• = full implementation of this feature O = program does not handle this capability 1 =
* Support ensured by manufacturer, but AW was unable to confirm during testing. Partial or limited support Final Output Trying to cover these excellent, complex programs fairly in one article is difficult. I hope I’ve provided enough information on each one’s strengths and weaknesses to help you make the right decision. While each one is appealing for different reasons, it is true that there is no single package on any platform that is the ultimate ? 3-D animation system. For example, while Playmation is available for Mac ancl Windows (and soon for SGI) and Real 3D should have a Windows version available by print time, none of these systems has network-safe or stand-alone render engines available. One thing is certain, the 3-D market has exploded... and as abilities continue to increase, so will our expectations, ¦ Steven Blaize, owner oj the muUimedia-presentation company Creative I he, is a consultant and writer. 3-D Glossary of Terms Confused by the terminology of 3-D graphics? Look here. 32-BIT ALPHA-CHANNEL RENDERING a mode that uses 24 bits to produce images with 16.7 million colors, and another eight bits (256 color levels] to allow transparency. This type of rendering is useful for special effects when overlaying images on a background. ATTRIBUTES characteristics such as color, refraction index, transparency, and so on, that you can assign to an object. BOOLEAN OPERATIONS features that let you create new objects by intersecting existing ones. You can join, cut away, drill holes, and more. For instance, you can use a tube to cut a tunnel through a cube. BUMP MA! An image map that uses color values to determine height; gives the appearance of peaks and valleys to a surface. CAMERA -the point from which you see your 3-D scene, COLLISION DETECTION a program's ability to recognize the collision of objects on intersecting paths and apply real-world effects to them. CLIP MAC a map that cuts away portions of an object for the purposes of shadow casting and so on. DENSITY a feature most often used to control the amount of light that passes through a translucent object. Can be used with turbidity to produce gas, fog, and cloud effects. DEPTH OF HELD a standard photography term referring to the area of a scene in which objects will appear focused in the final photo or rendering, in the case of 3-D software. (Objects outside this area appear fuzzy.] Some programs have added this real-world artifact to permit "photo-realistic" renderings. DISPLACEMENT MAP an image map that uses color values to create bumps and pits in an object's surface. Unlike bump mapping, displacement mapping alters the polygons that make up the object's surface and changes the object's shape instead of just its appearance. Dxf the file format used by Autodesk's AutoCAD, an industry-standard CAD program for the PC. EASE IN EASE-OUT realistic graduated motion, as with a train easing out of the station, picking up speed along the track, and then braking to ease into the next station. EXTRUSION a process that can turn a 2-D outline into a 3-D object by increasing its depth (thickness] to any amount. EXTRUSION ALONG A PATH this feature lets you extrude your object along a path in 3-D space to produce a snaking effect. FRACTAL GENERATION the ability to create natural objects, such as landscapes and trees, using patterned randomness. GOURAUD SHADING a method by which the program reads intensity differences between the polygons that make up an object and then interpolates to produce a smooth surface. HIERARCHICAL CONTROl control over "child" objects via "parent” objects. For instance, if a figure is made up of small objects linked in parentage, raising the thigh (parent of knee) would raise the knee. INVERSE KINEMATICS a technique used to calculate position and motion of linked objects based on starting and ending points that you provide. For example, inverse kinematics could determine movement of hand, wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder for a finger pressing a button. JPEG a graphics-file compression standard named for the Joint Photographic Experts Group. LENS FLARES halos that appear when a real camera lens passes in front of a light. MAP PIN I wrapping the surface of an object with an image or algorithm definition to impart a certain desired appearance. There are several types of maps you can wrap to objects, including procedural, reflection, transparency, clip, displacement, and bump maps. METAMORPHOSIS transmuting one 3-D object or attribute into another. MOTION BLUR blurring an image to create the illusion of motion. PARTICLE SYSTEM a group of individual particles (such as snow flakes] moving under control of external force (such as wind]. POINT SELECTION allows you to isolate an operation to a single point or points, instead of affecting an entire object. This lets you stretch just the nose, for instance, instead of the whole head. PHONG SHADING an algorithm that, like Gouraud shading, helps smooth the surface of a polygonal object. Calculation is done on a pixel level, however, instead of on a polygon level. PROCEDURAL (ALGORITHMIC] TEXTURE MAPS most object mapping uses bitmapped images to create texture; procedural maps use algorithms to calculate the image that will be wrapped to the surface. RAY TRACING a rendering method that creates the final picture by following light rays through the scene until they reach the observer's viewpoint (camera]. The program calculates shadows and refractions using the laws of physics; the results can be very realistic. Ray tracing can be time-consuming because of all the calculations involved, so some programs use methods to approximate the results of ray tracing. REAL HME real-time feedback from a program means not having to wait before you see your results. REFLECTION MAP an image map used to control the amount of light and the colors that will be reflected from an object's surface. REFRACTIVE INDEXES specifications that determine the degree to which light rays will bend (refract) as they pass through objects. RENDERING the generation of a 3-D scene, containing alt its objects. SKELETAL CONTROL the use of a simplified object (such as a stick figure) to control the movement and interaction of a more complex group of objects (such as a human form). SPLINE a way of connecting points with a smooth curve. SPLINE PATCH a smooth mesh that forms the surface area of an object created with splines. Spline patches are an alternative way of creating surfaces, which most programs generate using polygons. TRANSPARENCY MAP an image map that lets you make part or all of an object transparent or translucent. TURBIDITY a control for the amount of randomness applied to light passing through an object. Often used with controls such as density. UV MAPPINi also called spline mapping or decating, this is the application of spline textures to spline objects. Its effect is seen when you deform or manipulate the mapped object; the picture map adjusts to fit the curve without becoming distorted. WIREFRAME the polygonal or spline outline of an object's shape. Viewing objects in wireframe mode is quick because it does not require calculation of surface attributes, lights, and so on, ? Without the w A T There are several ways to view high-color animations and graphics-enhanced videosand commit them to tape without resorting to the time-consuming process of single-frame recording. DOES TRASHING THE heads of a $ 15,000 video deck sound like fun to you? Do you enjoy rendering for hours, only to have a minor tape flaw force you to start over? Do you thrill to waiting forever before you can view your high-resolution animations while the tape endlessly prerolls, advances, and backs up? If so, you love single-frame recording, in which frames of animation are recorded one at a time to videotape. Single-framing is the traditional method for getting the highest-quality output of high-resolution animations and rotoscoped video. And it’s true, there are times when it’s the only way to go (see the sidebar, “The Singular Solution”). But I know of no one who really enjoys the process so what are the alternatives? Until recently there weren’t many, but recent advances in Amiga technology have opened more possibilities. There are now many ways that you can play full-color animations (that is, sequences using the complete color range available from NTSC) in “real time” (around 30 frames per second [fps] or enough to produce smooth motion) directly from the computer. From the Beginning The Amiga has always been able to play animations, but to achieve acceptably smooth motion* you had to use either lower-rcsolution HAM or higher-resolution 16-color format. Neither was completely satisfying. With the introduction of DCTV ($ 495, Digital Creations), it became possible to play full-color, TV-qual- ity NTSC sequences. DCTV images have some arti- facting problems and tend to look soft rather than sharp, but the quality is acceptable for most applications. Broadcast users should run the signal through a TBC (time-base corrector) first, though. DCTV is well supported by a number of products, notably image processors, and it’s easy to use because you can create animations in standard ANIM format that any player or multimedia program can handle. As with regular ANIMs, you still have speed limitations when a lot of things are moving on screen (in oth- er words, more pixels arc changing from image lo image, thus requiring more decompression, which makes playback slower). If there is too much movement, the animation slows to a crawl. Even on an Amiga 4000, camera moves with complex imagery produce unacceptable results. On the A1200 and A4000, AGA animations offer up to 256,000 colors in HAMS mode. But because an AGA image can be up to three times as large as a comparable DCTV image, the speed problem is worse with AGA animations because they contain so much more information (it is difficult to animate even four-bit- plane DC IV animations at full speed). Comparing DCTV and AGA image quality is difficult because they are so different. DCTV is already encoded into NTSC, and has the same color limitations NTSC does. It has a palette of about four million colors, all of which can be displayed without limitation. AGA has a full 16-million color palette, but only 256,000 colors can be displayed at once. Even so, a 640x400 screen has only 256,000 pixels so, theoretically, every pixel could be a different color (they can't be in reality, though, because the way HAM8 works, you can’t always make dramatic changes in color from one pixel to the next). Because of the greatly expanded color palette, however, fringing is much less noticeable unless you are in Magnify mode. When you are animating, HAM fringing and DCTV aliasing problems are virtually unnoticeable. The bottom line: AGA images look sharper and a little richer, and creating AGA animations is much easier because you can use programs such as DeluxePaint AGA (Electronic Arts) or Brilliance (Digital Creations). DCTV, though, can do complex animations faster. Another display device that supports animation is OpalVision (Centaur, $ 699). With it. You can create 24- bit animations at 368x236. The resulting files are quite large, however (over 10MB for 50 frames), and you can expect only about 15 fps on an A3000, and around l() fps on an accelerated A2000. It also plays 18-, 15-, 12-, and 8-hit animations, with progressively faster speeds, although typically under 30 fps. Playback directly from the hard drive on my 50 MI lz ’030 with a Quantum 240 hard drive was not very fast. Loading animations into RAM requires a lot of memory, but seems to be the best way to get decent playback speed. Be aware that there are things you can do to your images to ensure faster playback; see the article “Squeeze Frames” on p. 37. Hardware Playback The problem with the ANIM format is that only so much data can be decompressed in a set amount ol time, and even if you use faster animation players, you still run up against speed limitations. You also have no guarantee that your animation will play at a consistent speed throughout. The real answer is the use ol additional hardware to play animations. This way you can overcome system limitations and play even complex animations at 30 fps. NewTek’s Video Toaster 4000 ($ 2395) offers full- speed AGA playback, but with some caveats. It plays back only in lo-res, and the entire uncompressed animation must be in memory, so you need lots of RAM for even a very short animation. With the full 18MB on the motherboard, your A4000 can play just 5.5 seconds ? We Put Your Pieces Together Puzzled about music and the Amiga? Look to us for the answers! At The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, we’ve developed a strong lineup of talent. Each of our products receives the special care it takes to produce a winner. That’s why you’ll find a Blue Ribbon on every box! Take Super JAM! With this X automatic copyright- frce composer, you’ll be writing the next hit song or creating the perfect soundtrack for your video production in no time. SupcrJAM! 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When it comes to quality, we dorTt miss a beat! 1 he Hiue Ribbon SoundWorks, R-irs&Pipcs, Bars&Pipes Professional. Hars&Pipes Add-on Series, Creativity Kit, Internal Sounds Kit, One-Stop Music Shop. Pro Studio Kit. Rules for Tools. Multi-Media Kit. MusicBox A. MusicBox B, SuperJAM!. The PatchMeister, Triple Play Plus and SyncPro are trademarks of The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks. Ltd. .All other product and brand names are trademarks and or servicemarks of their respective holders. A N I M A T I 0 IV I* L A Y B A (I K AND R E C 0 R D I N G of animation, although you’ll get consistent 30 fps playback. This works, but it’s a very limited solution. A better choice is FVS’s MovieMaker ($ 895), a hardware software combination that uses DCTV as its display. If you want to play animations at 30 fps, you currently need an A3000. To run it on an A4000 you need a SCSI controller and hard drive instead of the built- in IDE variety. The A2000, because it is primarily a 16- bit rather than a 32-bit machine like the A3000 and A4000, gives you only about 15 fps. You also need a very fast SCSI controller, and some, such as the popular controllers from GVP, are not compatible with MovieMaker. Finally, you need a very fast and large hard drive, with a partition of 500MB being about minimum for practical purposes. There are two main advantages to MovieMaker: It has very flexible digital nonlinear editing capabilities, and it provides synchronized 16-bit sound. You load all of the images, animation, and sound onto a partition on your hard drive that MovieMaker has formatted with a proprietary format. Using the editing software, you can easily organize all of the visual elements into a movie, setting up edit points and sequencing it any way you wish along a ( y'in Pitar flotation As good as DPS’s Personal Animation Recorder is, its image will degrade after more than three generations (that is, after its been copied three times). For extensive generational editing, single-frame recording is still the best solution. For traditional single-framing you need a frame-accurate recorder, such as Panasonic’s AG-7750 ($ 6800) and special controller hardware and software for connecting it with the .Amiga. A number of such controllers are available, including BCD Associates* BCD-2000A card ($ 995), Diaquest’s DQ-7'aco ($ 2195), and Nucleus Electronics' line of Personal Single Frame Controllers (from $ 445).The software lets you list images to be recorded and the time- code position at which the recording should start. Your 3-D program can generate frames for recording directly, or yon can record previously rendered frames. Once you’ve made your list, press the Start button and prepare to wait. The premier single-frame solution, however, is the use of a recordable optical laser disc. Optical-media recording is fast: You don’t have to wait for tape prerolls or any other mechanical delays. Media Innovations' new FramePro ($ 495) supports all of the Panasonic Optical Memory Disc Recorders, including the LQ-4000 (from around $ 11.000). Creating a list of frames in FramePro is as easy as dragging a drawer of images onto the software’s window. You can then edit the list any way you want, and create preview animations in J 4 scale or full scale in HAMS, HAM6, or in 32-level gray. It can control ASDG’s Art Department Pro 2.0 to batch-process die gamma and scaling factors of each image, and display the images through Centaur s OpalVision display board, Impulse’s Firecracker, Mimetics’ Framebuffer, GVP’s IV24, NewTek’s Toaster, or any of the Workbench 3.0 display modes or send them directly to DPS’s Personal Animation Recorder. The software lets you create animations from images in multiple directories, and gives you complete control over the Panasonic recorder, including the ability to play a range of frames from the disc, something you can’t normally do. GW timeline. The images on the hard drive are randomly accessed based on your editing decisions, so creating a movie is fast and easy, and making changes is simple. You can mix and match animations of different speeds and types (it can play any images from sequenced stills to ANIMs in DCTV, AGA, or any other Amiga display mode). MovieMaker comes with a 16-bit audio card for playback and recording. Its editing capabilities are limited to cut, copy, and paste, so a soundtrack with layers is out. Sound is saved in the standard AIFF format. Adding audio is easy. You select the in and out points from your audio source material and paste them into the movie timeline. The current version does not have multitrack capabilities, though, so you cannot add a music track over a sound-efi'ects track, for instance. (This feature may appear in an update.) So far, DPS’s Personal Animation Recorder (S1995) provides the best quality and fastest speed. A breakthrough product, PAR is one of the best ways I have seen on any platform for dumping 3-D animation to videotape. It gives you full 24-bit imagery, which is encoded to composite, S-VHS, or full component Beta- cam or Mil for images that look as good as they did on your RGB monitor. PAR does not have the easy editing or audio capabilities of MovieMaker, but if you need full 24-bit color hi-res overscan animations, it is the only option besides single-framing. It uses a dedicated hard drive (currently Seagate’s 3600A 540MB drive, which can hold about five minutes of animation, is the only one officially supported) and a custom compression scheme to let you copy frames to the drive. You can also render them directly from your 3-D software. Frames are automatically compiled into an animation that you can play instantaneously at full speed. You can also synchronize music and sound effects with SMPTE time code using SunRize’s AD1012 ($ 595) or AD516 ($ 1495) 12- and 16-bit audio boards. You can even use Arexx to trigger playback or control anything in the user interface. Once you have created an animation, you can use the split and join functions to quickly combine individual animations, replace a bad frame, and so on. Such edits affect the physical contents of the drive, however, which is not the case with MovieMaker. With the help of DPS’s Personal TBC IV time-base corrector (S999), you can also capture live video and play it back or mix it with animation sequences. Ro- toscoping is also possible; the compressed frames can be transferred to your regular hard drive as IFF24 images. Other alternatives to single-framing are on the horizon. Both Commodore and Digital Micronics (DMI) have announced MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts’ Group) decompression boards, and DMI has yet to ship its JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts’ Group) playback board. IVS is also planning a JPEG playback card that will use the same interface as MovieMaker, but provide greater quality and flexibility. Overall, we can safely say that the days of single-framing are numbered. ¦ Geoffrey Williams is president of Creative Business Presentations and a frequent contributor to computer-video publications, Write to him do AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. If you’re looking for decent, realistic playback without spending a lot on fancy equipment, take some free advice on designing, rendering, and viewing animations the economical way. WE’RE SAVING THE least for last, so to speak. While that may sound odd, at first, when it comes to the trio of animation features presented in this issue of AW, this third and final one will definitely involve the smallest outlay of cash. Why? Because we’re going to examine some economical tips and techniques to help you get quite decent animation from pretty much any Amiga without using expensive equipment. The previous article showed you how to bypass the time-consuming, tedious process of singleframing and still achieve high- quality animation playback. Here, we’ll look at some practical techniques and low-cost tools, both commercial and shareware, that allow you to create quite impressive full-screen animations and play them back right on your computer monitor without the need for either a single-frame video recorder or any other external device. But, First, A Few Words to the Wise There are, however, limitations to the stock Amiga display modes that have to be overcome. Fortunately, once you become aware of these limitations, it is fairly easy to design your original scene in ways that reduce the problems. You merely have to follow these few simple guidelines: use the right tools; design within the limits of your machine; and, finally, be flexible. Another important thing to remember is that all animations are made from a series of still images. A single second of animation can use up to 30 of these stills, and each of the images can be anywhere from 50K to 1MB in size. The finished animation can he virtually any size, from 2MB to 200MB, depending on how many frames there are and how much free disk space you have. Obviously, it’s going to take a lot of memo- ly, storage space, and processing power 10 deal with all this information. If your system is already well endowed, you should be in good shape. If not, there are a few things you'll need to consider. First, when it comes to RAM, buy as much of it as you can afford or, better still, as much as your system can hold! .As you will quickly find out, 3-D programs themselves require lots of RAM. To efficiently process the 24- bit images produced by most 3-D programs, you will need at least 4MB of RAM, though much more is recommended. Most importantly, animation programs can play back only from RAM, and when you can play the animations back from disk, there are usually noticeable pauses during the animation. Second, if you’re going to produce animations of even moderate length or complexity, you must have a hard disk. Your finished animation even when compressed (see below) can be anywhere from 1MB to more than 20MB in size. Finally, if you don’t have a newer Amiga with a more high-powered processor, you will need an accelerator. ? Itv Erik I-'lom Basic 68000 systems will be hard pressed to give you an acceptable level of animation quality. If you have a stock, unaccelerated Amiga 1000, 2000, or 500, you’ll find it very difficult to acieve satisfactory results, even using the techniques described here. Okay, you’ve equipped your system with the resources you can afford. Even if it isn’t ready to win the i * Power Users’ Derby, fortunately, there are some simple ways to deal with the large size of animation files and to minimize the amount of data required to create nice, smooth animations. Delta Force to the Rescue flie key to economical animation on the Amiga is found in the ANIM file format. An AN1M file contains all the frames ol an animation in a compressed format. The ANIM format reduces the amount of data needed to store an animation by saving only the difference, or “delta,” between successive frames of the animation. With this technique, called delta compression, only those pixels in an image that have changed are saved. During playback, each frame of the animation is built from tfie previous frame plus any changes. Since only the difference between two images is stored, the resulting ANIM file is considerably smaller than a file where all the information for each frame is saved. Of course, this type of compression works best when most of the image is not moving, but not so well when there is a lot of motion between each frame. The ANIM format has been revised a number of times, but the most common incarnation is the ANIM- 5 format. Two new contenders, ANIM-7 and ANIM-8. Are variations of the older ANIM-5 format that result in slightly bigger files, but ones which play back much faster on accelerated machines. (While it would stand to reason that ANIM-8 should be the better of the two, popular opinion seems to indicate .ANIM-7 provides the faster playback.) The only program I know that currently supports the ANIM-7 format is a shareware picture viewer called Yiewtek (which we will take a closer look at later on in this piece). These recent improvements in the ANIM format are very significant allowing you to achieve realtime animation playback that is more than adequate for most preview, pre-production, and home use. Using the new ANIM-7 format, even conventional HAM-mode animations will appear smooth and fluid. Combine ANIM-7 with the new AGA HAM 8 mode on the A1200, and you may have the best video ani- mation platform in its price range. ITAMB's 24-bit palette and greater color resolution can yield low- resolution, noninterlaced animations with little or no discernible posierization. When viewed on your monitor, or from videotape, the quality of such animations can be quite astounding. If your Amiga has a composite-video output, or other genlock device, you can easily record these animations for use in your own home videos or as samples to he shown to prospective clients. Minimalist Design Even with the benefits of delta compression, there is a limit as to how well the Amiga’s custom graphics chip set can display video. The fastest Amiga 4000 cannot display high-resolution interlaced animations at 30 frames per second (fps). Older, 16-bit graphics machines will suffer far more severe penalties in speed. For this reason, certain trade-offs have to be made for the sake of playback speed and file size. You must design your animation within the limits of the Amiga it is to be shown on. The best way to improve the playback speed of an animation, and make the final animation files smaller at the same time, is to reduce the amount of information that changes between frames. There are several rules of thumb to follow here:
1. Avoid dithering.
2. Keep the background stationary and camera moves and complex action to a minimum.
3. Reduce the frame rate.
4. Use low display resolutions and antialias individual frames. Let’s look at these techniques in greater detail.
T. Av.,1.1 I ),f lu riii(| Dithering, which can be used to smooth gradients and add additional apparent colors, can sometimes he a problem as a gradient is made up of many different colored pixels. When you move an object with just a Few colors that fill a solid area, fewer pixels change color as that object moves. With dithering, a lot of pixels change, even if the object moves by just a single pixel in any direction. Lijrmiiiil Sliihnmirij Action Minimal You should design your scenes to minimize the amount that the background moves. If your 3-D animation has the camera closely tracking a speeding fighter ship as it winds its way through a series of twisty canyons, you can expect your animation file to be incredibly huge, and you’ll be lucky to gel it to play back at even 15 fps. On the other hand, if you have the camera locked into position and the lighter tears past the screen over a still background, the resulting ANIM file will be a tolerable size and you can expect a decent playback rate. (True, the shot is nowhere near as exciting, but it will play back much better.) A good rule here is to keep the amount of change to less than one-quarter of the screen between frames. 11 your scene does require the entire screen to change (as in panning across a scenic vista or zooming in on an object), try to keep the motion path as slow as possible; if the amount of change between frames is low enough, there won’t be any appreciable hesitation in the animation. Reducing the frame rate of your animation can yield significant savings while still allowing for fairly good, realistic motion. As an example, movie film is shown at 24 fps (not 30 fps), while the European IA standard uses 25 fps. It is possible it) reduce your own animation to as low as 20 fps or even 15 fps before it begins to look choppy. (At less than 15 fps it is very hard to get an accurate feel for the motion paths of the animation.) If you design your animation to play back at, say, 20 fps, you reap the dual benefits of producing a smaller file (meaning you can get longer playback ? To the Stars With Distant Suns For AMIGA DISTANT SUNS DI SK I OP PI AN FTARHJM tOR AMIGA •i DISTANT SUNS Whar secrers did rhe nighr sliy show ro Galileo? How did rhe srars guide Columbus? How did rhe heavens appear ro Neil Armsrrong when he firsr srepped on rhe moon? Man's hunger for undemanding of our solar sysrem has been a driving force for centuries. Disranr Suns allows you ro indulge your rasre for explorarion! This virrual planerarium rransporrs you rhrough space and rime ro explore rhe srars from any vanrage poinr. View and idenrify up ro 9,100 srars and 450 galaxies, nebulas and srar clusrers. 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Amiga floppy Retail: ($ 69.95) Also available for: IBM Windows floppy ($ 69.95) IBM Windows CD ROM ($ 149.95) Mocinrosh floppy ($ 99.95) Mocinrosh CD ROM ($ 149.95) Photo of Shuttle Discovery courtesy of NASA ond © Aris Entertainment, Inc. 1991 800-829-VRLE Virtual Reality Laboratories, Inc. 2341 Ganador Courr, San Luis Obispo. CA 93401 • (805) 545-8515 • FAX (605) 781-2259 Cat In ciPl nn lr*r fZex ju~n I times) and having less data to update (allowing you to move the camera and have higher deltas between frames before the animation starts to slow down). While 1 still recommend that your playback rate be as fast as possible, there are some scenes that simply will not play back at lull speed because of the large deltas between frames and these are the ones where it is best to render the animation at a lower frame rate ¦t. I.o l»»s 1 )is|ilmj Anlmliiis The best way to create a good-looking animation with a high frame rate is to use a low display resolution and then antialias the individual frames. You might think a higher-resolution animation would look better, but that is not the case for several reasons: First, hi- res can easily double or quadruple the amount of data required to display each frame. If your computer has to push around more data, then the animation will hesitate and slow down when there is a lot of motion on the screen. Also, at higher display resolutions, the custom graphics chips have to access chip RAM more frequently limiting the time the CPU has to update the next frame and causing the animation to slow down even more. The second point about hi-res animations is that the increased pixel resolution will rarely make the animation look any better. With non-AGA Amigas, it simply is not possible to have more than 1(5 colors or shades of gray which just isn’t enough color resolution for most animations. It’s better to sacrifice some clarity to get a much wider range of colors. For example, a standard YHS VCR can display an image that is only about 230x480 pixels in resolution. The reason VMS playback looks as good as it does is that the “pixels" in video are antialiased and the image is updated 30 times per second. I doubt people would buy YHS players if the picture was four times sharper, but only ran at 15 fps! A smooth-playing, low-resolution HAM ANIM will look much better than a higher-resolution ANIM that stutters and looks poslerized. The key, then, to creating good-looking lo-res animations is to antialias the pixels. Antialiasing is a feature common to most 3-D packages, and it works by averaging a number of pixels into one. By calculating extra pixels (as if it were a higher-resolution image) for lines and sharp color transitions, the annoying ‘jag- gies” common to lo-res images are reduced. If your 3-D software does not offer antialiasing, you can use the scaling features in such animation programs as Rend24 (shareware), ImageFX (GYP), or Imagemaster (Black Belt) to do basically the same thing. By employing a combination of the above techniques, it is possible to create an animation that looks good and plays back at a decent speed without any jittering or hesitation. Just remember that for most purposes, you’ll get best results using a low-resolution, noninterlaced, nondithered. HAM display mode for animation. Enter The Dynamic Duo To finish off our collection of tips and techniques for economical animation creation and playback, let’s take a hands-on look at two shareware programs mentioned earlier in the article: Rend24 (version 1.05a) and Viewtek (version 1.05 or later). Both can be found on the commercial networks, on many Amiga-specific Amiga BBSs, or in the Fred Fish collection. The combination of a powerful Amiga ANIM creator like Rend24, along with a wide-range picture viewer like Viewtek, can make pretty much any Amiga into an animation powerhouse, (On CompuServe, these are available in the Amiga Aits forum under the filenames RXD15A.LHA and VT105.LHA, respectively. On GE- nie, they are File 18420, REND24J05.LHA, and File 20688, VIEWTEK 105.LHA.) Rencl24 may be the best piece of graphics shareware released for the Amiga. While it has many uses, its primary function is that while you are rendering, it will run in the background and create animations on the fly greatly reducing the amount of storage space needed to produce an animation. Viewtek is probably the best all-around picture animation viewer currently available for the Amiga. Its features are many, including automatic support for JPEG, GIF, and IFF picture formats, auto-detection of AGA modes, clrag- ’n’-drop icons, support for Datatypes in Workbench
3. 0, playback of ANIMs from hard disk, and more. (By the way, to take advantage of the Applcon and the drag-’n’-drop features of Viewtek, make sure the ICONIFY ToolType is active and drop the VT icon in your WBStartup drawer.) To begin the rendering process, set up your rendering package to render out individual frames to disk (or to a RAM disk, if you have enough RAM, for even faster rendering). If your program supports antialiasing, set it to render at its lo-res setting (up to 376x240 pixels); if not, render at medium resolution (up to 752x480 pixels) and let Rend24 do the antialiasing. Now that you’re set to render some images, lire up Rend24. Once you familiarize yourself with it, Rend24 has a very nice little front-end offering many features. There are a group of text fields at the top that allow you to choose the source image(s), to set the range of frames (for an animation), and to select the name of the final image or animation. (Note: Make sure to press the Return key after entering text in any of these fields. If von v O m 4 don’t, any changes you’ve made will not be recorded.) A group of six cycle gadgets in the middle of the window allows you to specify the display mode in which the finished image will be rendered. For most purposes, leave Device set to “Amiga" and Monitor set to ¦‘Default.'' (Note: If you have a DCTV or HAM-E display device, you can render out to those formats directly from Rend24 by choosing the appropriate Device setting.) Set Format to “HAM" (or “HAM8" for AGA owners.) While you could set the Horizontal and Vertical gadgets to “Lo-res" and “No Uice,” respectively, it's easier to simply check the “Auto Mode” button this will set the display resolution to the best size for your animation. The Auto Mode button is the checkbox in the upper- left position in the panel of checkboxes found in the lower half of the window. These boxes allow you to set options like dithering and scaling to be applied during the conversion process. Only a few of these buttons are important for most applications. The “Halve Width" and “Halve Height" buttons should be checked if the 3- D package is rendering at any size greater than 376x240 this will scale the image to fit a lo-res, noninterlaced screen, and antialias it at the same time, (If you don’t scale the image, be forewarned: Rend24 will gladly render an animation out at full resolution, even if you can’t see it all on the screen at once.) ? ’•V'.aV-. A •• Being the Best Didn’t Keep lls From Getting Better. That’s right the company that invented the Personal TBC®just improved the best plug-in TBG in the business. Which means they don’t get any better than the new DPS Personal TBG IV. What makes it the best? For starters, the Personal TBG IV component digital transcoding TBC provides S-Video in and out. 4:2:2 processing ensures the cleanest possible video image. Plus, its unique Component Video Exchange Port makes the TBG IV the only TBG capable of interfacing with die DPS Personal Animation Recorder™ for real-time video recording onto a hard drive. This latest version of our Personal TBG continues die tradition of features and value that made die earlier versions best-sellers. Priced at just $ 999, the DPS Personal TBG IV can be used in any Amiga® 2000 - 4000 Series or IBM PC®-compatibie computers. Or use it in one of our ES-2000 Series raekmount expansion
- ¦ iiik ¦ -¦iiil .... .|||4 fi¦¦¦¦¦¦¦! ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦I ¦ -•aiir DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. If you want to look your best
* ~ naiAi egg r” ES-2200 Dual Channel Expansion System systems. Either way, you’ll get software-controlled proe amp and color balance. Digital chrominance comb filter. Film-mode strobe. GPI freeze Color black generation. Auto genlock. And many other features designed to help you produce the best video around. Gall DPS for die new Personal TBC
IV. Your best bet for desktop video. In the U.S. call (606) 371-5533 Fax: (606) 371-3729 In Canada call (416) 754-8090 Fax: (416) 754-7046 DPS Personal TBC* is a registered trademark, and DPS Personal Animation Recorder™ is a trademark, of Digital Processing Systems. Inc. Amiga" is n registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc. IBM PC* is a registered trademark of IBM. Corp. Circle 171 on Reader Servce card. Finally, in the column of checkboxes to the right, check all but “Ping-Pong Anim.” “Delete Source's” will delete the files rendered by your 3-1) package alter it’s been converted to an Amiga display mode and saved as part of an ANIM file (which is especially important ii you are saving the images to a RAM disk). If you don't check “I Iide Conversion,” the Amiga version of each frame will be rendered as the front screen, which can be distracting if you are using your Amiga for something else at the time. “Don’t Pause” means Rend24 will not ask for any user input as each picture is processed. “Wail for Source’s” tells Rend24 to wait until an image shows up (if it’s not there already), thus allowing it to sit in the background and process the images as they are created. Finally, “No Loop Frames” prevents Rend24 from saving an extra set of frames at the end of the animation programs like Viewtek prefer AN I Ms without loop frames, while Dpaint expects them. Now that you have both the 3-D program and Rend24 ready, it’s time to see if everything works. Click on the “Begin Conversion” button in the lower part of the Rcnd24 window. The main window should disappear, and a small status window should appear in the middle of your Workbench screen. Now, go to your 3-D program and begin rendering. As each frame is finished, the status window should indicate that Rend24 is processing each image as it appears. I fit doesn’t within a few minutes of the frame being saved, double check the source filename and make sure you’ve selected the correct range of frames to process. Once you have begun compiling your animation, you can go oil and leave the mac hine unattended it will happily render away, processing images as they show up. Depending upon the length and complexity of your animation, it could be done in anywhere from hours to days. Once the ANIM file is finished, use Viewtek to play back your animation. If the animation still looks too slow, or has spots where it hesitates on playback, you should convert the lile into ANIM-7 format using the MakeANIM? Utility supplied with Viewtek. (Information on conversion should he included with the archive.) Note that Viewtek provides a fair number of options; most, however, are accessible only from the Cl.I. To take full advantage of Viewtek, make sure to read the documentation. In closing, I cannot stress too heavily the importance of experimentation. The key to success is to try out a few frames first in various modes and see which look best. While HAM or I IAMB will give you the best results in most situations, there is no hard-and-fast rule. It all depends on the subject matter and how willing you are to he flexible and to push the creative envelope! ¦ Erik Flom is the owner oj FAFF Works Construction Co., a fidl- service 3-1) production facility. Having worked in television, theater, and the computer games industry, Erik has finally found his calling as a 3-1) animator. I es been producing 3-1) graphics on the Amiga for more than six years. M jJ MONTAGE 24 - THE video production solution for Amiga AGA, OpalVision and ImpactVision 24 systems! AGA Transitions! 24-Bit Titling! Rr “ ” . FindwrorVv MM p tnu JwvcUrr MON3A"« m o of •* oV >on
• Full color effects': Wipes, Checkers, Slides and more! Realtime, "Click & Drag" Font Scaling. Variable playback speeds and dwell times. High level anti-aliasing for rozor sharp titles • supp0rts NTSC and PAL overscan formats, with 1 ns effective resolution ot any size! • ttvn ’»»-i m - - *¦-» •* AGA «Ar, Dazzling text effects with Color Spreads, AcJd 0n options! Embossing and Translucency. Intuitive user friendly Color Interface. MONTAGE Fonts 1:10 NEW scalable master typestyles! PostScript Module with realtime Horizontal and Vertical Font Scaling 24-Bit Backgrounds! Also Available: NIONTAGl for the Video Toaster! MONIm 24-to tom k ,HHOU|sioh Broadcast quality 24-bit titling ana j u * n i n
• Automatic anti-aliasing of imported graphics. Graphics for the Amiga! InnoVision Technology • 1933 Dovis Street, Suite 238 • San Leandro, CA 94577 Coll; 510.638.0800 • Fax: 510.638.6453 Circle 31 on Reader Service card Step aside, Mel, Arnold, Whoopi, and others. The hottest young star on the entertainment circuit these days is the Amiga, which has landed leading roles in some of the biggest productions Hollywood has ever produced. WHEN THE FOX network introduced Babylon 5 (see AW Sept. ’92, p.8) which employed the Amiga computer to create the special ehects for its two-hour TV premiere last winter there were skeptics in Hollywood who believed that the show and its Amiga-generated imagery would not succeed. Since its debut, Babylon 5 has r been picked up for 22 more episodes, and Hollywood has accepted the Amiga for years typecast as a low-end graphics machine and character generator as a cost- effective solution for their complex graphics needs. This year, Amigas are being used to generate special effects for broadcast televi- wariock 1 . Morph sion and feature films; they have become ? Sequence 4 v J j 11 u (it Bin an essential part of pre-production planning; and they are generating the artwork for use on the set. With big-name projects like SeaQuesl, Jurassic Park, and Young Indiana Jones Chronicles on its list of credits, the Amiga has definitely arrived upon the Hollywood scene. J Prime Time Amiga The Amiga’s first stop is prime time, where Am hi in Entertainment is using the machine to unleash some of the positive potential of network television with its new NBC TV series, SeaQuesl. The Amiga plays a crucial role in creating some of the spectacular effects that make this show "special.” To handle the project, Universal Studios set up a dedicated Amiga-based computer-graphics facility- called Amblin Imaging, with the idea that once SeaQuesl is on the air and the facility is settled in it would take on other Amblin and Universal projects, including feature films and television shows. According to manager coordinator Taylor Kurosaki, Amblin Imaging is “trying to bring back a little of the magic of network television and family television. People should be able to sit down and watch something that’s visually exciting and entertaining, and not have to go to their Blockbuster store to do it or turn on HBO.” To that end, Amblin Entertainment and Universal Studios spared no expense. For the pilot they cast Roy Scheider in the leading role, hired director Irvin Kirschner (who has successes like The Empire Strikes Back and Robocop 2 behind him), and planned more than 75 special-effects shots (which is particularly impressive, considering that 'l'ke Empire Strikes Back had only 60 such shots). So how can they pull off such a feat on a weekly program? In two ways: First, they have a big budget, approximately SI.5 million per episode, Kurosaki guesses that it will be the most expensive television series ever produced. Second, and equally important, all of their special- effects shots, as well as their on-set graphics, are being created on the Amiga with NewTek’s Oscar-winning (see July ’93, p. 12) Video Toaster and its 3-D animation software, LightWave. The show takes place on a 1000-foot submarine, and promises to be a combination of Star Trek and The Hunt for Red October. .All exterior views of the sub, as well as shots of various communities, machines, smaller vessels, and so on, are created with LightWave (one appears on this month’s cover). No miniature models are used. And as the show’s production schedule moves from pilot to weekly series, Amblin Imaging will have to produce five to ten new effects shots for each one- hour episode -a tremendous pace. Amblin Imaging employs eight animators and more than 60 Amiga computers, which are connected in a “rendering farm." A network that distributes the rendering work among a number of computers. Amblin Imaging is easily the largest Toaster facility in existence, and it serves as the unofficial testing ground for the latest upgrades to the Toaster software. “We have an entire facility here...built for less mon- ey than an SGI house like Digital Domain or ILM could do the pilot episode for,” boasts Kurosaki. “We are reshaping how people view medium-budget features and television series, in terms of the effects they can do. A show like this would never have come into existence if it wasn’t for the Amiga.” Another TV show that owes part of its success to the Amiga is the popular cable show. Quantum Leap. A year ago, the special-effects supervisor of Quantum Leap approached The Post Group, Hollywood's renowned post-production house, asking if there was ? JliiiK'M Snuv ill (imw The Amiga and its entourage of fine software is really no newcomer to movies and television. And its application is far from limited. Years ago, for instance, Rick Probst used the Amiga to do titling for the film comedy Three Men and a Baby. More recently, Thomas Hollier and Anti-Gravity Workshop used it to produce graphics for the film Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. Maybe you’ve seen Amiga effects in television movies such as Stephen King's The Dark Half for which Everett Burrell did character alterations, and Tommyknockers, for which The Post Group did monster morphing with MorphPlus. Or possibly in the HBO movie Afterbum, which featured realistic in-flight shots by LA-based studio Toaster Marmalade. Headed by Mark Stross, Toaster Marmalade is also producing its second season of the popular Sci-Fi channel series, Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion. And it’s no secret that Toaster-equipped Amigas helped Joe Conti and crew to produce effects for Unsolved Mysteries. Disney animator Kelly Day has used Imagine, Sculpt, and Pro Draw to create graphics for the animated series Goof Troop. This season, Warner Bros, debuts an animated series, Animaniacs, which is created using GVP’s ImageFX. The folks at Nickelodeon know Amigas well. Way back when, Dean Friedman introduced Mandala-equipped Amigas to the show Total Panic now, such systems provide the interactive element so essential to Nick Arcade. Derek Grime has used it on the production of Nickelodeon’s sitcom Clarissa Explains It All. If you watch MTV, you’ve seen countless transitions, titles, and animations by such Amiga artists as Rick Finn. You’ve also seen Amiga effects in the music videos themselves. PBS specials, commercials...you name it and the Amiga’s been there. Furthermore, scores of cable operators nationwide have discovered Amigas and depend on them to keep their stations running ’round the clock. BG The World’s First Multi-Platform Emulation System! _TM T file Edit Made Image filler Select Window * EMPLANT is a hardware software product that is designed to allow the emulation of virtually any computer using the Amiga. A simple software driver and ROM(s) from the computer to be emulated are all that is required! Custom programmable logic allows the EMPLANT hardware to actually become the exact hardware of the computer it is emulating. Multiple emulation modules can be run at the same time using a sinqle EMPLANT board! Full color MAC llx emulation! Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AGA machines. A4000 owners can use a full 256 colors! Support for the Retina Video board allows you to have a 16 million color Macintosh! Utilities Unlimited,Inc. Is working closely with other video board manufacturers to provide support for their video products, such as: The Resolver, Firecracker, EGS, Domino, Rainbow ll lll, Merlin and many more! Support for AMAX formatted floppys and hard drive partitions, MAC hard drives, SyQuest cartridges, AmigaDOS devices (RAD, VDO, DHO, etc.), and MAC floppys (requires SYBIL hardware, sold seperately) is provided with easy to use setup menus. EMPLANT running Adobe Photoshop in full color! They said it could never be done ... Like ALL of the emulation modules that will be released for use with the EMPLANT hardware, the MAC llx emulation module MULTITASKS with the Amiga’s operating system! You can simply pull down or flip screens and get back to the Amiga side! ...and the MAC stays running at full speed! Speaking of speed...A 25Mhz A3000 runs the MAC llx emulation exactly twice as fast as a real MAC llx! Just imagine the speed of an ’040 Amiga! The emulation runs ALL known MAC programs, and in FULL color, (if the program supports color)...and all while MULTITASKING with the Amiga!! (MAC llx emulation module ‘requires* an accelerated Amiga - 68020 or 68030 68040 w MMU) and 256K MAC ROMs (not provided). Not all emulation modules will require accelerated machines. Four megabytes of memory is recommended for use with System 7. Future emulations... Since the EMPLANTs hardware is so versatile, a completely new and different computer can be emulated by just changing the emulation software patch and the ROM(s). MAC QUADRA, Mega ST, IBM AT (386 486), C64 128, Atari 400 800, and even game machine (Genesis SNES) emulators are planned in the near future. Utilities Unlimited, Inc, offers four different EMPLANT versions: BASIC EMPLANT system, OPTION ’A’ - BASIC EMPLANT system with dual high speed serial ports AppleTalk support, OPTION *B’ - BASIC EMPLANT system with high speed SCSI interface, and DELUXE - BASIC EMPLANT system with both dual high speed serial ports AppleTalk support AND hiqh speed SCSI interface. BASIC EMPLANT system - S279.95 OPTION ’A’ EMPLANT system - $ 349.95 OPTION ’B’ EMPLANT system - $ 349.95 DELUXE EMPLANT - $ 399.95 SYBIL Hardware - $ 99.95 Please add $ 10.00 for shipping and handling (all orders are shipped via UPS Blue label). C.O.D. Fee - S5.00. All EMPLANT packages described above come with MAC llx emulation software and necessary device drivers. ROM(s) are not shipped with this product. Sources available upon request. Dealer inquiries welcome! Foreign dealers welcome! Utilities Unlimited, Ins, 1641McCulloch Blvd. Suite 25-124 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
(602) 680-9004 Orders only (602) 453-6407 FAX
(602) 680-9006 Tech calls (602) 453-9767 BBS II 0 L I. V W 0 0 I) away to use morphs in the show without breaking the weekly budget. Peter Moyer, YT of editorial at the Post Group, contacted ASDG, which was at the time developing its MorphPlus product. Because Toaster output quality is not sufficient to satisfy the rigors of Hollywood broadcasters, ASDG created software drivers that enabled The Post Group to output rendered frames (in a resolution surpassing even Dl) straight to an Exabyte tape. This software, in Moyer’s words, lets The Post Group “go out into the real world.” With the software and hardware tools in place to perform low-cost, high-quality morphs, a pair of characters, the evil leapers time travelers who can change themselves into other people were written into Quantum Leaf). They appeared in four episodes, morphing from old to young, and male to female. Amiga Sorcery The Post Group’s latest Amiga project takes their work on Quantum Leap one step further by incorporating full-speed dynAMIGAlly changing morphs, where the person or object being morphed actually moves while the metamorphosis is happening. In Warlock, a I ri- mark film that opened in September, The Post Group turns an evil art dealer into a sculpture. While not as dramatic as turning a man into a woman, the animation was technically demanding, incorporating a higli- Iv reflective floor, shadows, and movement. The shadows of the moving person and the shadows on the floor had to match precisely. In another morph that The Post Group created for the film, the warlock character grows impatient with a stubborn receptionist and wipes away her mouth. Essentially, The Post Group morphed from an actress in street-style makeup to the same actress with a prosthesis covering her mouth. Moyer likes having the Amiga capabilities in his company’s spccial-effects stable. “You don’t have to throw your big gun out all the time,” he savs. “There are times you can do it with a six-shooter. Our clients are always looking for cheaper ways to do it, and the Amiga provides us with more options.” A Dino-Mite Solution Last summer Steven Spielberg’s 65,000-year-old T. rex stomped across America, thrilling audiences and studio execs alike. But getting the T. rex scenes right was something of a challenge: It was difficult to conceptualize that massive dinosaur, and to keep it in proportion to the cars, kids, fences, and commodes during that memorable road scene. Such a tricky business required an unconventional approach. Enter the Amiga. Typically, a film’s art director will draw storyboards of the camera shots that will make up a sequence. In this case, that wasn't going to he enough. One of the art directors from Amblin Imaging introduced the Jurassic Park staff to the Video Toaster, which proved to be a key in putting together the T. rex sequence. Stefan Dechant had never used an Amiga or a Toaster before, but he was an experienced designer hired to create stoiyboards for the Tyrannosaurus rex road sequence. “I don’t even think originally we were thinking animation,” says Dechant, a veteran of such prestigious effects houses as Industrial Light and Magic (IEM). “We just wanted to know how big the rex was, and how he was going to fit onto the set." Barracuda-I ST11950N
1. 6 GB $ 1BOO DIGITAL Seagate BARRACUDAS ANTI GRAVITY PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. Personal Animation Recorder 24 Bit Real Time Recorcer $ 1675 Personal Recorder Hgtddisk 500Mb Ide 3 Cali
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• *** PRODUCTS Barracuda-2 ST12550N
2. 1 GB S 2200 7200 RPM Fast SCSI-2 8ms 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 r;-r. . -• n Snap Maps: Fields & Follaae Ca i r sft’ppng raics. UvafMifitles. Aid oltioi policies Hal apply Quarvllot are llTiled are pncot am &uD;ect to cha-30 without io;lc« Rsturnt mu« $ 129.95 !! NEW !! Snap Maps Materials & Fabrics have a RWA rjywDOr, Ca li original packaging ant? Eohdilion and ari* iuPjC;: :a a 20% roilockirg too fja guarantees arc, inpiicil as 10 product (MnomwiCO wr'.i ypu; lysifm or ai to irai-.'Jct.mr j ctains are apadl'cationi. 24-Bit DISPLAY BOARDS with Workbench Emulation e Accepf RETINA 2MB 4MB 5 S129.95 MERLIN wiift Tv-pamt and v 16MB PICASSO II PICCOLO With EGS EGS-23 24 SPECTRUM Not just pretty pictures. Snap Maps actually cut your 3D surfaces into new shapes! Snap Maps integrate 24-bit color maps with 3 other mapping techniques to simulate complex, hard-to-model structures, in any leading 3D package! Save memory and time in creating unmatched photorealistic scenes of nature and man*made materials. Same as Casi Scall SUPER FASSSST!!!
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3. 5" TBA S Call EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION: Anti Gravity Products is proud to announce the exclusive distribution of the Digital Broadcasterl6 and the Digital Broadcaster32. Broadcaster Interface Cut and Paste your video clips with Time Code and insert your transitions; Cuts, Wipes, Fades, Disoives, etc. Edit your sound track to the video with Time Code, Digital Broadcaster32: The Digital Broadca$ 1er32 brings "TRUE ON-LINE Broadcasl Quality Component Non-Linear Editing to the invasion of SVHS "NOT SO Broadcast Quality" Non-linear edilorsl INPUTS: Component video, SVHS. NTSC, and PAL. OUTPUTS: Component video, SVHS, NTSC, RGB, and PAL. FEATURES: Zorro ill for the A3000. A3Q00T. A3D00T-04G, and A4000 Amigas CCIRS0T Format at 4:2:2 digital video resolution of 640 X 486 to 768 X 486 NTSC has 525 Horizontal Lines §) 30 Frames (60 fields) per second PAL has 625 Horizontal Lines @ 25 Frames (50 fields) per second Component Digital 4:2:2 Formal Throughout The Board Component I O Breakout Box Compatible with sound boards from SunRize Industries Transition Effects': Cuts, Wipes, Fades, Disolves.... Digital Broadcasterl6: The Digital Broadcasterl G is capable ol making an AmlgB 2000 OFF-LINE NonLinear Editor by generating an EDL to go to Post INPUTS: SVHS. NTSC, and PAL. OUTPUTS: SVHS, NTSC. RGB. And PAL. FEATURES: CCIR601 Format ai 4:2:2 digital video resolution of 640 X 486 to 768 X 486 NTSC has 525 Horizontal Lines £> 30 Frames (60 fields) per second PAL has B25 Horizontal Lines @ 25 Frames (50 fields) per second Component Digital 4:2:2 Format Throughout The Board Compatible with sound boards from SunRize Industries Transition Effects*: Cuts. Wipes. Fades. Dtsolves,... CREATE A COMPONENT NON-LINEAR TAPE-LESS VTR SYSTEM
2. 1GB HardDisk 1 Hour Raid HardDisk Array 2 Hour Raid HardDisk Array Basic Broadcaster System A3000T-040 18MB 2O0MB 2.1 GB Studio! 6. Broadcaster32 Digital BroadCaster16 Special Order Item Digital BroadCaster32 SunRizelB FastLane SCSI-2 0 64MB Amiga 3000T-040 Amiga 4000 030 Amiga 4000 040 2200 Call Call $ 2495 $ 3495 $ 1350 $ 575 $ Call $ Call Retna-4MB IDEK 2V* monitor S Call 12,500 ircl*’ 4R £ if i Rrvidof Snivtre card H 0 L L Y WOOD A M I G A S I A Eventually, the Jurassic Park team established a pattern: Spielberg would discuss the scenes with the art director, and then together they would lay out how the sequence would happen, A staff of illustrators would draw the rough sequences and storyboards, and then Stefan would animate them in LightWave on one of his two Amiga 2000s, one of which has an ’040 accelerator. To conserve rendering time, animations were deliberately quite rough. His storyboard animations were cut together with other, more traditional sto- ryboarding methods to work out timing and other logistical issues. Of the 15 or so shots he animated, Dechant estimates that ten made it into the film. Sign of the Times A different example of how the Amiga is used in Hollywood can be found on the set of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which reflects the creative talents of Jeff Ginn. As a production director, and more recently an art director for film and television, Ginn who began his career in lilm more than 14 years ago is responsible for re-creating the period and locale for the project, from the cars driving down the street to the trash on the curb and the signs in the store windows. He begins such a project by using elements from the script and materials provided by the studio’s research libraries to create a visual concept for the scenes. “Then it’s my job," Ginn describes, “to actually place that vision in from of the camera, whether that be through construction, painting, set decorations, signage, graphics, the whole gamut.” For Ginn, who used to employ professional sign painters to create what he needed, the Amiga is an essential tool for producing period graphics and signs. “As I began traveling more and more,” says Ginn, “I discovered that there were fewer and fewer qualified sign writers available who could handle the kind of quality, the kind of period feel, that I needed.” A computer would be an expense savings, and he could take it with him on location. Equipped with two Amiga 2000s, Ginn creates his own period fonts, either scanning them from old sign writers’ fonts or drawing them himself using Professional Draw. The completed files are output to a plotter that is equipped with razors instead of pens; these cut through the vinyl that makes up the physical signs. Once assembled, the signs are artificially aged to produce the right look. Using this Amiga setup, Ginn recently headed up production for the American episodes of ABC’s series Young Indiana Junes Chronicles. Ginn and art assistant Gordon Barnes had two months to prepare for the series, and then the episodes were filmed back-to-back, with only 14 days of filming per episode. Together, they created all of the signage and period graphics that appeared on the sets. “We were going at such a hectic pace,” Ginn recalls. “It took us a while to get the color schemes down. Color graphics period show cards, posters, store signs, glass signs, and all were very decorative in 1915 and
1920. It was .Art Nouveau. I have a huge library of reference books that we used for color.” By using the Amiga, Ginn and Barnes were able to quickly produce period-accurate graphics for such historical locales as Al Capone’s Chicago of 1920. Currently, Ginn and Barnes are creating graphics for a horror movie, Mouth of Madness, with director John Carpenter (of Halloween and Stannan fame). This time, though, instead of creating period signs, they are creating faux book covers, movie posters, and other stage-setting graphics. A 3-D Commercial Success The big Hollywood money isn’t only with film and TV series. All you have to do is watch the World Series to know that commercials bring in big stars and high production values. Here, too, the Amiga has redefined the playing field. Digital Fantasy, a Southern California graphics house that specializes in high-end 3-D animations, has added an SGI workstation, a Macintosh Quadra, and eight Amigas (a mix of A3000s, A3000Ts, and A40Q0s) to its operation. The addition of these machines has opened up opportunities for the group to expand what it does into a wider range of projects. According to Digital Fantasy president Damian Klaus, the Amiga has two assets: First, it’s a versatile platform with a good price point; second, it comes with a less tangible asset Amiga users. “I constantly see people doing outrageous stuff on the Amiga. I’ve seen some animations that nobody would even attempt on an SGI.” As the founder of Wavefront, respected developer of 3-D software on the SGI platform, he’s in a position to know. Tim Molinder is one of those outrageous Amiga users. A filmmaker who bought an Amiga for home use. He’s now senior animator at Digital Fantasy, and has just finished a wild television commercial for a water slide called The Edge in a Southern California amusement park. Using Amiga computers, Impulse’s Imagine software, and some of that zany creativity, Molinder and the animators at Digital Fantasy put together a 30-sec- ond animation that captures the thrill of the ride. “Tim tortures these machines,” says Klaus, “His average scenario is to have two, and sometimes as many as five Imagines open at once, and he switches back and forth between them.” In the spot for The Edge, for example, Molinder needed to create a complex texture. Rather than make a texture in Photoshop on the Macintosh, he created a field of hexagonal crystals literally hundreds of them. “It’s easily the most
* * polygons anyone’s put into an Imagine scene," claims Molinder. He admits that by the end it took ten minutes to cut and paste groups of the crystals, but he got the results he wanted. “Having the actual real 3-D highlights,” he maintains, “gave the end piece a dimension that I don’t think we could have gotten any other way.” “It would have cost up to five times as much on an SGI,” continues Molinder, “and I don't think we would have gotten any better results. I’ve found that Imagine and the Amiga allow you to bring a whole range of tools, simply because it’s less expensive.” “I don’t find the Amiga a limit to what I can do,” says Molinder. “I find the budget much more constraining.” And the Amiga makes a big difference there. ¦ Janice Grotty lives in San Francisco and is the Assistant Ma naging Editor of Game Pro magazine. Her inside view of the computer entertainment market helps her keep her finger on the pulse of the Hollywood Amiga scene. FRYING TO RUN your Amiga with only floppy drives is like hauling a trailer with a team of Clydesdales you’ll get the job done but it will take some time. Furthermore, the increased size and sophistication of many of today’s Amiga programs require you to use a hard drive in order for them to function. The basic Amiga 2000, which is now rather scarce, is equipped with a single floppy drive and plenty of expansion space. The Amiga
• 1000 series is supplied with an IDE hard drive, but vou may be interested in increasing your storage capacity or adding a faster SCSI host adapter. A Word About Drives Amiga Hard-Drive Controllers ¦ Ks lab test mults (m h m J3 conlnllers for ‘he right A> Up Xf0rMandKltabl‘ -dn The current crop of hard drives are bigger, faster, and cheaper than ever. Although the total price of large-capacity drives is not inconsiderable, the best performance and lowest per- unit costs can be found with gigabyte-capacity hard drives that sell for about S1 per megabyte. (A gigabyte is 1000 megabytes.) For a more moderate initial investment, hard drives with 100 +Mb capacities can be had for about $ 250. For a little more than $ 300, you can bump your storage space into the 200+MB range. Become firmly entrenched in the PC world. The advantages of IDE drives are a large se- lection, ready availability, and sometimes a shgnll) lower price. The disadvantages are slower data transfer speeds and limited expansion options. The IDE bus is limited to two devices only, and only hard drives (as opposed to other mass-storage solutions and other kinds of expansion devices) are available. Cable length. ? At present, hard drives are available in two flavors. The IDE (Intelligent Device Electronics) variety has By Morton A. Kevelson O’STROLLERS-l H A R D - D R I V E E which should be less than two feet, can also be limiting. The increased popularity oflBE drives, however, has prompted most Amiga developers to provide support for these devices. In an effort to cut costs to the bone. Commodore has made the IDE interface the default system for rhe Amiga 4000. Despite a late start, the SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) standard is now quickly increasing in popularity in the PC environment. As a result, the price differential between SCSI and IDE hard drives lias all but disappeared. SCSI systems oiler better performance and greater expansion options. Up to seven SCSI devices can be daisy-chained on the SCSI 4 bus. Each SCSI device can also support up to seven logical units, raising the total count to 49; in practice, however, this degree of expansion is rarely achieved. Most SCSI hard drives have imbedded SCSI controllers that are limited to a single unit. In addition to hard drives, SCSI supports other devices such as CD-ROM drives, tape drives, scanners, and more. You can also network SCSI systems so that the SCSI bus can be accessed by two or more systems. This permits the sharing of expensive peripherals, such as read write optical drives, among several computers. Because the SCSI system was adopted by the Amiga community at the very start, Amiga users have access to a mature technology offering numerous, easily integrated expansion possibilities. “Conventional” Wisdom The Rigid-Disk Block, or RDB, specification is Commodore's solution to hard-drive interchangeability. Under the RDB convention, the hard drive’s format specification, which includes the number, size and type of partitions, is stored on a small area on the hard drive itself. The host adapter automatically examines the RDB to find out all it needs to know about the drive. It should thus be possible to move a hard drive that conforms to the RDB spec from one host adapter to another without having to reconfigure or reformat and without losing any data. In practice, I found it was not always that simple. Before the advent of RDBs, drive-configuration data was stored in a mountlist file and then read off the boot partition on startup. The operating code for the host adapter was generally stored in a file on the hard drive, as well. This made it easy for the developer to update the driver code simply by sending out a floppy disk. The old system, however, tended to tie a formatted hard drive to the original controller. But with RDBs, the driver code is stored on a read-only memory (ROM) chip located on the host adapter. While such a system offers the end user more options, it can also make code revisions more difficult and more expensive. In examining the controllers covered in this article, it became apparent that there is additional room for standardization among developers of SCSI host adapters for the Amiga. All of the developers provided easy-to-use installation and set-up programs with their systems- including both fully automatic and manual installation options. Although customized installation software with plenty of advanced options is always of some value, there is now a common denominator that is part of the Amiga’s operating system that developers should take full advantage of. The HDToolBox program that comes with AmigaDOS 2.0 and higher is more than adequate for setting up both SCSI and IDE peripherals. Only two developers, however, make full use of this program; Commodore and Advanced Systems & Software In- ternational Group. If all developers ensured that their device drivers were compatible with HDToolBox, the chances for across-the-board compatibility with devices such as removable-media drives would be greatly improved. There is also room for improvement in standardizing hardware connections between peripherals. Because this involves development on other computer platforms, however, it is unlikely that the Amiga community alone can effect such improvements. The standard SCSI connector is a 50-pin double-row header mated to flat ribbon cable. The 50-conductor flat ribbon system can be used for distances up to 15 meters or 50 feet. When Apple adopted the SCSI system for the Macintosh, it also developed a modified cabling system based around 25-pin “D" connectors. The 25- conductor round cables are more rugged for external connections, but they are limited to a cable length of about two meters. Other developers adopted a 50-con- ductor cable terminated with 50-pin Centronics-type connectors for external cables. (I have also come across a 40-conductor flat ribbon variant, on the Chinon CD- ROM drive, for internal SCSI connections.) The multiplicity of connector types doesn’t stop there either. The most recent variation is a high-density, 50- pin miniature “D” connector that is even smaller than common 25-pin "D” connectors. The Commodore A4091 controller for the A4000 sports a high-density connector on its rear mounting bracket. Last, but not least, the new SCSI-2 specification calls for a wide SCSI bus that adds 16 more conductors to the original 50 for full 16-bit data transfers. As of this writing, no Amiga developers support the wide SCSI bus. For the interconnection of IDE drives, things are a bit less complex. The 40-pin flat ribbon cable is the standard for 3.5-inch drives, while the 44-pin flat ribbon cable is used with 2.5-inch drives in laptop and notebook computers with the extra four conductors supplying power to the drive. 18 Hard-Drive Controllers Below are feature summaries of 18 hard-drive interfaces for the Amiga 2000, 3000, and 4000. Drives are presented in alphabetical order by the name of the developer. Benchmark-test comparisons for 13 of the drives are presented in the accompanying sidebar. Advanced Systems & Software International Group Fastlane 23 ($ 599) is a full-length Zorro III combination card combining the functions of a fast SCSI-2 DMA host adapter and a memory-expansion card. It uses the standard 50-pin SCSI connector for its internal interface. Connection to external SCSI devices is via a 50-pin Centronics-style connector. The bulk of the card is occupied by 16 SIMM sockets that can accept 1 MB or 4MB SIMMs. An optional upgrade kit converts the SIMM sockets for use with 4MB or 16MB ? New Productivity Tools For Your Video Toaster, Visual Graphics and Media Needs Compatible with Video Toaster System 2.0, 3.0 and Toaster 4000 Six Power Tools for Power Users! The indispensable collection of utilities for Video Toaster users. Toaster Toolkit 4000 breaks all barriers for harnessing creative control over your NewTek Toaster Environment- allowing for presentation professionalism powered only by your imagination. You raved about version 1, break free of the mundane with the powertools of Toaster Toolkit 4000. These six powertools in Toolkit 4000, allow you to create customized effects and much more. •Toaster Sequence Editor allows users to sequence all Toaster functions and activate sequences easily from within the Toaster. •Toaster Project Editor allows you to create custom Project files, rearrange effects, change effect speeds, delete unwanted effects and add new effects...also create MacroFX to run programs or scripts directly from the Switcher. *AnimtoFX allows users to create their own custom animated effects and organic effects easily from Dpaint animations. New features include 2, 4, 8, and 16 levels of transparency to help eliminate jaggies. *FX to ANIM allows users to modify current Toaster effects. *Color Font Conversions, change any full color Dpaint graphic for use in ToasterCG. -FrameStore Compressor allows you to compress Framestores with no loss of image quality. New features include faster compression and powerful framestore renumbering facility. T5095 Available Now. Suggested Retail Price $ 179.95 Crouton Tools: The Scene Machine Module 1 ADD 150 NEW FUNCTIONS TO YOUR VIDEO TOASTER! Crouton Tools gives you predefined Arexx control over all your most-used Toaster programs and peripherals! Gain access to many new and powerful automated operations...which are only a mouse click away. Crouton Tools lets you seamlessly access power "appliances" like Studio 16, MONTAGE, Art Department Professional, MorphPlus, Trexx Professional, ImageMaster RT, Bars & Pipes Pro, SuperJam!, ToasterVision, ImageFX, AmiLink, Pixel 3D Professional, Personal SFC, and many others - directly from your Toaster! You can have ail these tools a mouse click away--as if they were part of your Toaster's functions. By adding Crouton Tools, you can easily move from program to program. Just like LightWave and ToasterPaint, all of your most valued Toaster-related software can now be integrated into your system. Crouton Tools can even be customized to accept other programs using Trexx Pro and Toaster Toolkit 2.0. Watch for future Crouton program releases from Atomic Toaster and DevWare Video. T5012 Available now. Suggested List price $ 79.95 System Requirements: Workbench 2 or higher. Video Toaster 2.0. 7MB or more of memory. 2MB ot chip memory helpful. Trexx Professional and or Toasier Toofkii helpful as well. Watch for future releases in the Scene Machine program series from Atomic Toaster Catalog and DevWare Video! A fast, high quality, powerful morphing system that is easy to learn and use. Includes high end features found in more expensive systems-without the Rolls Royce price! Cocoon is full featured. It can be used for dual image morphs, single image warps, or sequential morphs. Morphs are easy to set up with fast, accurate rendering. Unique,features found Q Vly..iQ.Cocwn;
- Built in "virtual memory" to conserve RAM • Full control over the transition rate of each pixel using alpha channel images -Automatic variable level, transparent color compositing -Ability to composite with any background being transparent -Interface displays source and destination images in color -Automatic image scaling Cocoon will load any IFF image, including AGA formats. You can save frames as 24-bit, HAM, HAM-8, or 16-level grayscale. It also allows editing of form and color transitions, with smooth curve fitting. System Requirements: Cocoon works on any Amiga with at least 3MB of RAM. 8MB are required to render high resolution morphs. Hard drive is required with less than 4MB, highly recommended otherwise. T5056 Available now. Suggested List Price $ 99.95 DevWare, Inc. *12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1 * Poway, CA* 92064 Ordartine (800) 879-0759 * Fax (619) 679-2887 • Customer Service (619) 679-2825 For Technical Support or Questions call Atomic Toaster (801) 466-7330 Toaster Toai>! 2.0 was developed by The Byte Facory Couoo Tcc>5 was Jev$ icc*J &. Hzyrx Toaster Caalog Cceoc was Dy i>orwioixa- Studos Voeo Teaser an© Teasier 000 are uadenarts of NewTex. Ire. Circle 42 or Reader serv.ce card Serving the Amiga Community since 1985 HARD-DRI VE CO N T ROLLERS ! SIMMs. The possible memory configurations using various combinations of 1MB or 4MB SIMMs in groups of four are 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 48, or 64 megabytes. Using the upgrade kit, you can install up to 256 megabytes of 32-bit RAM. Fastlane Z3 accepts RAM chips with access speeds of 100, 80, 70, and 60 nanoseconds (ns). The 100ns option allows you to use existing SIMMs that you may have on hand, although operation with 100ns RAM will be relatively slow. With 60ns chips, RAM access time is about 95% that of the memory on the Amiga 4000’s motherboard. Fastlane Z3 also has a jumper position for 40ns RAM but it is currently inactive. This option is in anticipation of future versions of the Su- Hard-Drive Controller Benchmark Test Results NOT UNEXPECTEDLY, the hard drive’s capabilities have a significant impact on the overall system performance of the computer, SCSI host adapter and hard drive combination. For example, using Xic Wilson's Sysinfo version 3.14, I tested an Amiga 2000 equipped with a Commodore .42630 25MHz 68030-based accelerator, an IVS Grand Slam, and a selection of five hard drives. Using an aging, but still serviceable Quantum ProDrive 40S, the system’s read speed was 765,000 bytes per second. Switching to a Syquest 88MB removable-media drive boosted the read speed to 940,000 bytes per second. Running from a Quantum LP105S resulted in a respectable transfer rate of 1,240,000 bytes per second. Next, hooking up a Quantum LPS120S nearly doubled the transfer rate to a very impressive 2,340,000 bytes Sysinfo V3.14 Testing system read speeds. All vaules represent multiples of 1000 bytes per second. A2000 A4000 HOST ADAPTER MANUFACTURER LPS120S LPS525S LPS120S LPS525S A2091 CBM 1579 A4091 CBM 2390 2902 AdSCSI 2000 ICD 1635 1659 DataFlyer Expansion Systems 1040 FastCard Plus Xetec 1078 822 820 Fastlane Z3 AS & S 2390 2890 G-Force 030 GVP 2241 2241 G-Force 040 GVP 1900 1928 Grand Slam IVS 2340 2596 1618 1628 MiniFast Card Xetec 1298 Trifecta ICD 2390 2881 Vector IVS 2390 2657 WordSync Supra 1287
* Although the A2091 was compatible with the A4000, performance was little better than with a floppy drive. There are some independently developed patches available on the networks that claim to work around the problem. I tried Giuliano C. Peritore's A4091PATCH Version 39,2 and Fabio Caruso's A2091Turbo V1.3 with inconclusive results. In view of the limtations, I felt that evaluation of the A2091 as an Amiga 4000 peripheral was unwarranted. MKSoft's DiskSpeed 4.2 Testing directory manipulation speed. The number on the left is with a Quantum LPS120S drive. The number on the right is with a Quantum LPS525S drive. All values represent files per second. AMIGA 2000 HOST ADAPTER MANUFACTURER CREATE OPEN DIR. SCAN DELETE SEEK READ A2091 CBM 21 45 89 74 45 AdSCSI 2000 ICD 164 142 202 207 596 565 342 352 55 66 DataFlyer Expansion Systems 22 90 265 153 57 FastCard Plus Xetec 27 146 370 266 75 G-Force 030 GVP 41 43 162 176 379 357 307 333 77 94 G-Force 040 GVP 39 42 123 186 268 300 250 299 71 120 Grand Slam IVS 28 29 202 89 408 193 179 142 436 86 MiniFast Card Xetec 27 160 382 255 79 Trifecta ICD 87 176 104 204 348 637 179 352 55 95 Vector IVS 27 31 156 145 340 293 249 218 78 104 WordSync Supra 19 71 274 155 53 per Buster chip that will support faster RAM. The Fastlane Z3 that I received appeared to be a production model and showed no evidence of jumpers or other post-assembly modifications. The installation software, which appears to be quiet versatile, was still in the pre-release stage. I used Commodore's I IDToolBox to configure the system. Commodore When you buy a Commodore expansion board you can be sure of one tiling: It will be fully supported by the operating system. In this case, the hard-drive preparation-and-set-up software, HDToolBox, is supplied with AmigaDOS 2.0 and higher. Place the program in the Tools directory using the standard ? Per second. Finally, hooking up to a Qunatuni LPS525S increased l ead speeds to 2,595,000 bytes per second. Performance tests were done using the Quantum LPS120S and the Quantum LPS525S as indicated. The LPS120S has a 17 ms average seek time. The LPS525S is a fast SCSI-2 drive with an average seek time of only 10 ms. The tests were run on an Amiga 2000 equipped with an A2630 25 Mhz 68030-based accelerator equipped with 4MB of 32-bit RAM and 2MB of chip RAM. Of course, the A2630 was removed when the GVP G-Force and IYS Vector were evaluated. A second set of tests of the compatible host adapters was performed on an Amiga 4000 040 with 6MB of RAM. .All values are in 1000 bytes per second. MKSoft's DiskSpeed 4.2 (cont.) MANUFACTURER CREATE OPEN DIR. SCAN DELETE SEEK READ AMIGA 4000 HOST ADAPTER A4091 Fastlane Z3 Grand Slam CBM AS & S IVS 50 51 51 54 28 30 95 113 100 101 110 107 272 272 391 359 393 332 207 196 187 216 244 233 68 99 79 119 78 115 MKSoft's DiskSpeed 4.2 Testing with a 262,144 byte, MEMF FAST, LONG-aligned buffer. All values represent mulitples of 1000 bytes per second. The number on the left is with a Quantum LPS120S drive.The number on the right is with a Quantum LPS525S drive. AMIGA 2000 HOST ADAPTER MANUFACTURER CREATE WRITE READ A2091 CBM 922 1395 1324 AdSCSI 2000 ICD 1180 1233 1338 1311 1295 1471 DataFlyer Expansion Systems 376 495 935 FastCard Plus Xetec 863 1049 994 G-Force 030 GVP 1195 1517 1451 1792 1492 1896 G-Force 040 GVP 1298 1646 1618 1961 1709 1726 Grand Slam IVS 1133 1137 1471 1483 1917 1905 MiniFast Card Xetec 903 1122 1175 Trifecta ICD 1332 1954 1705 1959 1896 2353 Vector IVS 1103 432 1265 1406 1671 2247 WordSync Supra 794 973 1129 MANUFACTURER CREATE WRITE READ AMIGA 4000 HOST ADAPTER A4091 Fastlane Z3 Grand Slam CBM AS & S IVS 932 708 1134 643 1115 1227 1314 2174 1685 2182 1451 1502 1879 2451 1961 2451 1447 1510 AmigaDOS installation routine. HDToolBox is used to set up both SCSI and IDE drives on the Amiga 4000. If you bought, your system with the hard drive installed, it will have been formatted and partitioned by Commodore. If you are installing your own hard drive, you can use either the default installation routine or HDToolBox. The latter lets you select size partitions with either a fuel-gauge style drag bar or by direct entry of the start and end cylinders. Two Commodore host adapters were evaluated for this article: the venerable but aging A2091 and the just-released A4091. The A2091 (SI99) is a full- length Zorro II expansion card that can be converted into a hardcard. Connection to external SCSI devices is via a 25-pin “D” connector. You can add memory' to the A2091 by installing up to 16 256Kx4 DRAM chips in the empty sockets. The possible memory configurations are 512K, 1MB, and 2MB. Performance of the A2091 on the Amiga 2000 was good, although it initially balked at tlie LPS120S hard drive until I obtained an updated ROM from Quantum. It also refused to work with the LPS525S on the Amiga 2000. While, technically, the A2091 worked with the Amiga 4000, its performance was abysmal with operating speed not much better than with a floppy drive. This is a known limitation of the A2091, as several patch programs designed to fix the problem can be found on the networks. Operation of these patch programs requires a large buffer in either the A2091’s on-board RAM or in the system’s chip RAM. Unless you already have an A2091 on hand, or until Commodore issues an official patch to eliminate the problem, 1 cannot recommend the interface for use with the A4000. The A4091 (S379) is a full-length Zorro III expansion card that can also he converted into a hardcard. Connection to external SCSI devices is via a high-den- sity 50-pin “D” connector. The A4091 also features a hard-drive LED pass-through connector, which lets you use the A4000 s front panel hard-drive LED for both the SCSI devices and the system’s original IDE drive. The A4091 supports the SCSI Fast Bus as defined in the SCSI-2 standard. Its performance on the Amiga 4000 was excellent. Ex )atision Systems Expansion Systems’ DataFlyer 2000 (S99.95) is a hall - length Zorro II expansion card that supports both SCSI and IDE hard drives. The package includes short lengths of 50-pin SCSI cable and 40-pin IDE cable. You can convert DataFlyer into a hardcard by mounting a hard drive to the back of the card, although doing so will obstruct the slot to the left of the card in the Amiga 2000. To connect external SCSI devices, simply install the optional 25-pin “D” connector and cable. DataFlyer’s rigid-disk block format is not compatible with that used by the other host adapters. DataFlyer reserves the first four cylinders on the hard drive for its rigid-disk blocks. Hard drives that have been formatted with another host adapter can be mounted by DataFlyer with the provided DFMount program. Great Valley Products GVP’s combination SCSI host adapter and RAM expansion board, the A2000 HC8-II + , ($ 199) was not available in time for this report. The expansion board is presently being revised for release as the A4008 for the Amiga 4000. The A4008 should be available by the time you arc reading this. GVP did provide its pair of Amiga 2000 combination accelerator and SCSI host adapters. The G-Force 030 Combo is available in three configurations; GVF recently announced, however, that it will no longer manufacture its 25 Mhz or 50 Mhz *030 Combo boards. Therefore, for this article, 1 looked at the 40 MI Iz 68EC030 ($ 729), which was equipped with 4MB of permanently installed 32-bil RAM. All of the boards are equipped with three SIMM sockets that can accommodate up to 12 additional megabytes of 32-bit RAM. All memory configures in 32-bit memory space outside the range of the Amiga 2000’s eight-megabyte RAM expansion area. You can convert the board into a hardcard by installing an optional mounting bracket. The internal SCSI connector is the standard 50-pin variety, while the external connector is the common 25-pin “D” type. The 68030 can be disabled and rebooted in 68000 mode under software control. Doing so disables access to the 32-bit RAM and the SCSI host adapter. The G-Force 040 Combo ($ 1 199) is based around a 33MHz 68040 microprocessor and it ships with 4MB of 32-bit RAM installed in one of its four SIMM sockets. A total of 16MB of RAM can be installed using 4MB SIMMs. You can expand RAM to 64MB by- in stalling 16MB SIMMs instead. As with the 030 model, you can convert the board into a hardcard by installing an optional mounting bracket. The internal SCSI connector is the standard 50-pin variety. An external 25-pin “D” connector is mourned on a separate bracket. GVP provides mounting plates for installation in either the second coprocessor slot or behind a Zorro II slot. G-Force 040 Combo’s rear mounting plate is equipped with a second parallel and serial port in addition to the Amiga 2000’s built- in ports. The serial port is capable of data transfer rates as high as 625,000 bits per second. ICD ICD provided three products for this review. AdlDE 2 ($ 79.95) is probably the smallest Amiga hard-drive interface ever made. The circuit hoard is barely large enough to accommodate its 64-pin socket for the 68000 microprocessor and the 44-pin connector for the IDE cable. Miniature surface-mount components are nestled between the twin rows of the microprocessor socket. Although it is possible to install AdlDE in an Amiga 2000, it was really intended for the Amiga 500; it can also be adapted for the Amiga 1000 and CDTV. Performance tests for AcllDE2 will be included in next month’s roundup of Amiga 500 1000 CDTV products. AdSCSI 2000 ($ 49.95) is a half-length Zorro II expansion card equipped with a removable mounting frame for installation as a hardcard. Connection to external SCSI devices is via a 25-pin T)” connector. Trifecta 2000 LX ($ 139,95) is a full-length Zorro II expansion card that can be converted into a hardcard by mounting a 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch hard drive on the back half of the card. Mounting holes are provided for both drive sizes. The LX version can interface to either SCSI or IDE hard drives. Both 44- pin IDE and 50-pin SCSI connectors are available for internal drive connection. Connection to external SCSI devices is accomplished via a 25-pin “D” connector. H A R I) - D R 1 V E C ONTROLLERS-I Trifecta EC was a lower-cost version of the LN for use with IDE hard drives only, but it has been phased out and the price of the LX is now the same as the EC’s former price. You can upgrade the EC version to full LX functionality by installing two socketed chips. You can add memory to Trifecta by installing up to 16, IMBx-I ZIP chips in the empty sockets. The possible memory configurations are two, four, six, or eight megabytes. Interactive Video Systems I VS has three offerings for the Amiga 2000 and two options for the Amiga 4000. Trumpcard Professional ($ 149) is a half-length Zorro II expansion card. In lieu of an external 25-pin “D” connector, it has a pair of standard 50-pin SCSI connectors. You can daisy-chain the SCSI devices from one connector or use both connectors if that is more convenient. IVS discourages the use of 25-pin cables with Trumpcard Professional because its SCSI bus operation is too fast. Hardcard assembly is available through the optional mounting rails. Trumpcard Professional provides SCSI ID selection jumpers, and its installation software supports SCSI networks with multiple host adapters. I have successfully networked an Amiga 2000 and an Amiga 500 with two hard drives using a Trumpcard Professional and a Grand Slam. Grand Slam ($ 269) is also a half-length Zorro II expansion card based on the same SCSI host adapter as Trumpcard Professional. Grand Slam also offers eight SIMM sockets for up to eight megabytes of onboard 16-bit fast RAM and an extra parallel port. I he latter is configured for output for use with a printer. The limitation of this design, though, is that the system cannot tell when a printer problem, such as being out of paper, occurs. Grand Siam’s parallel port does, however, free up the Amiga’s own parallel port for use with other peripherals such as a scanner or digitizer. IVS’s Vector ($ 799) provides a 68030 processor with a 68882 math coprocessor, a SCSI host adapter with both internal and external 50-pin SCSI connectors, a hardcard, on-board 32-bit RAM, and connectors for additional 32-bit RAM on an optional Commodore A2630-compatible add-on card. Vector sports a truly unique feature, called PRO-PLEX, that automatically reconfigures Vector’s 32-bit SCSI host adapter and up to SMB of its 32-bit RAM as 16-bit resources when the system is switched back to native 68000 mode. Vector also has eigliL SIMM sockets that can be populated with one- or four-megabyte SIMMs. Since SIMMs have to be added four at a time, the available combinations are 0, 4, 8, 16, or 32 megabytes. You can expand Vector’s 32-bit RAM to 112MB by plugging a card, such as 1)KB Software’s DKB 2632, into its A2630-compatible connectors. Supra Supra’s WordSync ($ 129.95) is a half-length Zorro II expansion card equipped with a removable mounting frame for installation as a hardcard. Connection to external SCSI devices is via a 25 pin “D” connector. Progressive Peripherals & Software Progressive’s Zeus board (from S895) provides a highspeed SCSI-2 controller, a 68040 accelerator, and sockets for up to 64 MB of 32-bit RAM on a card designed for the A2000. Although we were not able to get hold of a board to run our speed trials, we did put the board through some paces in a recent review (see Sept. '93, p. 68). AIBB’s Mem l est rated a Zeus- equipped A2000 more than three times as fast as an A4000 040. Most other tests produced impressive results as well. Pre5spect Tech n ics Pre’spect makes a line of SCSI controllers for various Amiga models, including two for use in A2000, A3000, and A4000 machines. The main difference between the ALF3 ($ 195) and Octagon 2008 ($ 205) boards is RAM; the former assumes your RAM is on another board while latter allows up to SMB. As with Progressive’s Zeus, we were not able to get our hands on either of these boards for testing. Xetec Xetec’s MiniFast Card ($ 75) is a low-cost, no-frills, smaller-than-half-length Zorro II card. A Xetec Mini- Fast Card has provided me with two years of yeoman service as a second SCSI host adapter in my A2000 system dealing with a Chinon CD-ROM drive and a Quantum LP52S hard drive dedicated to A-Max, Xetec’s FastCard Plus ($ 150) is a full-length Zorro II expansion card that can be converted into a hardcard by mounting a 3.5-inch hard drive on the back half of the card. Connection to external SCSI devices is via a 25-pin “D” connector. Memory can be added by installing SIMMs in the four sockets on the board. Possible memory configurations are two or four megabytes with one-megabyte SIMMs and eight megabytes with a pair of four-megabyte SIMMs. I also tried out FastCard Plus on the A4000, but with limited success. The system locked up, preventing me f rom completing the performance tests. Performance Pointers Any of these systems do the job for which they were designed. If you already have RAM expansion, then a simple hard-drive interface may be all you need. The Trumpcard Professional and the AdSCSI 2000 offer good performance at a moderate price. Trifecta, on the other hand, provides excellent performance with both a SCSI and an IDE interface. Grand Slam also provides excellent performance and eight megabytes of RAM with an extra parallel port thrown in for good measure. If it is price and not performance that you are after, then the MiniFast Card or DataFlyer can do the job inexpensively. For the Amiga 4000. TheA4091 looks like a winner, but it is definitely not cheap. Fastlane Z3 offers comparable performance and plenty of memory options, as well. Or, for a little less performance and a lot less investment, try a Trumpcard Professional in the Amiga 4000. The IVS products also give you the option of sharing SCSI peripherals with full SCSI network support. ¦ Morton A. Kevelson, on electrical engineer, is a frequent contributor to Amiga publications. Contact him at AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. 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• • • creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. A continuing scries of tips, techniques, 57 and tricks for ? ? By Joe! Hagen AT FIRST, USING a scanner seems like the simplest thing in the world. You press a couple of buttons and crisp images appear on your screen. Later on, if you are like me, things become more and more puzzling. Strange patterns appear on some images but not others. Print jobs using your beautiful scans turn out awful. Sendee bureaus ask mystifying questions in acronyms about dpi, lpi, and ppi. Even if you don’t own a scanner, you may have access to one you can experiment with even if it is not hooked to an Amiga. This column won't shed light on all aspects of scanning, but perhaps it can serve as a handy reference for some of the less intuitive issues. A scanner operates by moving a sensor back and forth across an image. At regular intervals, the sensor evaluates the color or value of an area ol that image, translates that information into numbers and saves those digits in a list that can be stored in the computer. Later, these digits will be used to define the color and value of each pixel on your computer screen, resulting in the display of a representation of the original image. That same digital information can also he included in a desktop-publishing document and sent to a printer. Through software interfaces, you can exercise considerable control over the scanning process. Knowing what to control, however, can be confusing. Decisions, Decisions... Your primary decisions will involve stipulating the physical size and the resolution of the image area. The size can usually be adjusted manually by dragging a box around a preview of the image in the scanner. That size can be more accurately adjusted by entering width and height in pixels, inches, or centimeters. Resolution refers to the actual number of samples per inch the scanner makes and is expressed as a number usually between 50 and 600. Your intended use of an image will affect your decisions about size and resolution. Your computer’s memory may limit your decisions. If your scan will wind up in print, try to scan at dimensions at least equal in inches to the eventual printed size. Sometimes, for example with line art, you will get better results scanning at double die eventual printed size. We will look further at prinL decisions later when discussing resolution. If your scan is intended lor computer or video display, set the dimension in pixels. The scanner uses square sample points and thus produces an image assuming square pixels. Many computers use square pixels, but the Amiga has always been geared for video compatibility and uses nonsquare pixels suited to NTSC standards. Thus, a scanned image will usually appear vertically stretched on a standard Amiga or NTSC display. If you want a scanned image to end up as a 640x400- or 736x480-pixel display for multimedia or video applications, plan ahead. Define a taller height when you scan, then shrink the image later to 85 or 90 percent of its original height. (Technically, 86% should be right, but monitor settings vary slightly.) To calculate the scanning height, divide the desired final height by .86 (or whatever percent suits your display). Thus, for a height of 400 pixels, 400 divided by .86 equals 465 pixels high at the scanner. Scale the captured image to 400 with Art Department Professional (ASDG), Image- master (Black Belt Systems), or Image- FX (GVP), all of which have direct interfaces to popular scanners such as the Epson ES series model that I used for the accompanying illustration. Your other scanning decision involves choosing a sampling resolution, and this can hinge on many factors. If your image is destined for print, you should know something about how your image will be reproduced in order to make a good decision on scanning resolution. Much as the scanner ana- Achieving good results with a scanner is no hit-or-miss proposition as these insights on the process will clearly demonstrate. Lyzes an image by sampling so many squares per inch, so a printer reproduces an image by creating so many spots of ink per inch. The size of these spots creates the illusion of a range of grays or colors. This is called a halftone and can be seen in the high- resolution 300-spi (see below) scan in the illustration. The number of spots per inch is referred to as the screen frequency. Screen in this case refers to the grid of ink spots, not the computer screen. This is also called lines per inch, or lpi. Dots per inch, or dpi, refers to the actual dots of ink a printer uses to create a spot of a given size. While we’re speaking in acronyms, ppi refers to pixels per inch on a computer display. The sample points per inch of a scanner is spi, although you will often see that figure also expressed as dpi. Mathematical Solutions to Correct Resolution The screen frequency, lpi, varies according to the nature of the print job. Newspapers use 60-85 lpi, Quick-print printers use 85-110, magazines 133-185, and art books 185-300. A 300-dpi laser printer defaults to about a 53-60 lpi halftone screen. If you are scanning an image to be halftoned, scan at a resolution double the intended screen frequency to get best results. Less resolution than that diminishes the quality of the final print, greater resolution is a waste of file size. A more precise, more complicated formula that takes into account printed size and original image size is this: Minimum scanning resolution equals final image height or width divided by original image height or width times screen frequency times two. Another useful formula to add here allows you to calculate the number of gray levels a printer will reproduce at various screen frequencies. The ty pical output resolution of printers varies from 300 dpi for laser printers up to 2400 dpi for imagesetters. To calculate the number of possible gray levels, divide the printer’s dpi by the intended screen frequency, then square the result and add one. If you are using images with 256 gray levels, here is a formula that will help you avoid losing gray levels: The output resolution must be equal to or greater than the screen frequency times 16. If the image you are scanning is a magazine or newspaper halftone, there are additional considerations. The overlapping of the scanner’s sample intervals with the regular pattern of ink spots can create an artificial pattern called a moire effect. This can be seen in the 150-spi scan in the illustration. Experiment with different spi rates to avoid this. One strategy, memory permitting, is to sample at 300 spi, blur the image slightly, and then scale it down (illustration, center left). Perhaps some of the guidelines mentioned here will help you make useful decisions at the scanner. It might be helpful to extract the formulas from this column and jot them down for reference as you try your experiments. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, C 1 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. From p. 23. R E V I E Y S jumper that you'll probably never use.) Cramming In RAM Why doesn’t the RUM autoconfigure? Because while the Ml230 XA’s single SIMM socket supports up to 128MB ol memory, the A1200’s AutoConfig memory space is only 8MB, with 4MB of that un- vailable if you use the PCMCIA slot. Mi- croBotics mapped the memory in 32-bit RAM expansion space, where there’s no such limit, but Kickstart 3.0 won't recognize it, so a provided program, AutoXA, is needed to enable the RAM. MicroBotics claims that Kickstart 3.1 will automatically recognize the memory. While at present you’ll have a hard time finding a SIMM with 128MB of RAM on it, it’s nice to know MicroBotics is thinking ahead. The board’s single SIMM slot supports single- and double-sided 32-bit, 72-pin SIMMs. It uses the same I MB and 4MB SIMMs as the A4000, but also supports any other size up to 128MB. Don’t plan any 64MB rendering projects soon, however: currently, only 16MB and smaller SIMMs are priced below stratospheric levels. Although the board is available without RAM, you definitely want to add at least a little 32-bit memory; without 32- bit RAM, the 68030 barely affords any speedup at all. Let ’er Rip! Just how quick is MicroBotics’ board? In two words, amazingly fast. Using AIBB
6. 1 for test purposes, the 50-MI Iz 68030 on the M1230 XA actually surpassed the integer performance of the 25-MI Iz 68040 in my A4000 and was over 75 percent faster than an A3000 25 at number- crunching tasks. Compared to a stock A1200 with no Fast RAM, the Ml230 Xablew it out of the water, posting four-times quicker integer and almost twice the speed at graphics. Floating-point tests showed the 50-MI Iz 68882 averaged around half the speed of the A4000, still a respectable number when you consider that it’s more than eight times the math performance of an unexpanded A1200. You can gel an additional speed boost at the cost of 512K of Fast RAM by using the 68030’s MMU to map Kickstart into Fast memory with the CPU FASTROM command. The MMU also lets you use developer tools, such as Enforcer, and virtual memory programs like INOVAlronics’ GigaMem, neither of which works on a basic A1200. The less-expensive 40-MHz EC030 version of the board sacrifices only a little in the performance department, but it doesn't have an MMU. I he 68030 can’t be disabled, but that's not a big deal, as virtually everything that works on the stock 68EC020 accelerator in the A1200 works fine on a 68030 accelerator. There’s a real-time clock chip that can be disabled if you already have one installed on your system. The documentation is slim but complete, and MicroBotics offers first-rate online support on BIX and CompuServe. The board exhibits the high-quality construction that's been evident in MicroBotics products since the days of their A1000 Starboard. All that's missing is a SCSI controller option; if you’re happy with an internal IDE hard drive, the M1230 XA may be all you need to turn your already quick A1200 into a low-budget rocket. Den ny A tkiti ? A500 MOTHERBOARD $ 35.00 DISK DRIVE $ 65.00 KEYBOARD $ 30.00 POWER SUPPLY $ 44.00 A2000 MOTHERBOARD $ 55.00 DISK DRIVE $ 65.00 KEYBOARD $ 39.00 POWER SUPPLY $ 99.00 A3000 MOTHERBOARD $ 125.00 DISK DRIVE $ 99.00 KEYBOARD $ 39.00 POWER SUPPLY $ 99.00 LABOR
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56. 95
34. 95
52. 95
30. 95
309. 95
77. 95
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12. 04
5. 76
27. 34 A2000
11. 73
4. 27
18. 46 A3000
1. 94
2. 42
1. 94 A4000
0. 96
1. 04
0. 65 Studio Printer Sottware 59.00 Superbase Pro 4 v1.3 195.00 Palnt Graphlcs An Dept. Pro v2.3 AGA 159.00 An Expression 159.00 Brilliance 144.00 Caligart 24 HEW PRICE 139.00 Caligari Broadcast 3.0 480.00 Dpaint 4 v4.5 AGA 119.95 Essence 2 NEW 79.00 Humanoid tor Lightwave 159.00 imageMaster R T 159.00 Montage 329.00 Montage 24 229.00 Morph Pius 149.00 Pegger 75.00 MicroBotics’ M1230 XA Your article, “A 1200 Expansion: Choosing the Right Path," (Sept. ’93) features a table on page 24 that gives the aggregate results of AIBR 5.5 benchmark testing on various A1200 expansion boards and accelerators. The results reported for the MicroBotics M1230 XA accelerator are seriously in error and make the product look like a poor performer in comparison to other 030-based accelerators. This is a direct result of not running the AIBB test using XA’s 32-bit memory. The reviewer claims the test would not run when XA’s memory was configured, so the XA’s reported results are based on using only slow, PCMCIA-based RAM. MicroBotics actually uses AIBB to test Xas before shipping, and included .AIBB 5.5 on the installation disk for review. In investigating why the reviewer couldn’t run AIBB 5.5 on XA, we found that the returned review unit was incorrectly configured for eight megabytes of memory installed. When die unit was sent out for review (indeed the last step before shipping was to run .AIBB 5.5 on the board), it was correctly configured to four megabytes. Naturally, this discrepancy would cause almost any program that used Fast RAM to crash. The improper use of XA’s setup software to tell the system it had more memory than it actually did thus caused the failure. Further supporting this surmise is the statement in the article that “each system was configured with...8MB of 32-bit RAM on board.” In Table 1, below left, we show die results that are obtained when running a properly configured Ml230 XA. Accurate AIBB load modules and benchmark information for the Ml230 XA are available on the CompuServe and BIX networks as well as directly from MicroBotics. Redmond Simonsen Vice-President MicroBotics CSA’s 12 Gauge In your article, “A1200 Expansion: Choosing the Right Path,” three of the four benchmark numbers shown in the FP (floating point) column for the 12 Gauge appear to be a repeat of the numbers shown for the A1200 with only PCMCIA 4MB RAM. The numbers for CSA’s 12 Gauge should read: FP (floating point) Compared to:
18. 83 A2000 w fast RAM
1. 95 A3000 25MHz
0. 65 A4000 25MHz Allan G. Riker President and Owner Computer System Associates Amiga World appreciates these responses to the article and regrets any confusion that the original test result numbers may have caused. We hope that these letters serve to clarify our readers’ understanding of the capabilities and performance of the products mentioned. Eds. Many more software products in stock.., CALL! MANTA WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! CALL OUR PRIcTDIREC™OTUNn U Oin lREC 3 CONTACT WITH A SALES MANAGER AUTHORIZED TO BEAT ANY PRICE. * 908-542-1491 j rcier loti rrco - 1 *000 477*7 AVMTK Computers & Software For Customer Service Please Call (908) 542-8767 Call for current price quotes St latest releasesl Many more items in stock at the lowest prices! R Cr Commodore* AMIGA AGA REVOLUTION LOWEST PRICES GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS A Miscellaneous DS5 8 + ... ..$ 85 IV24 ...... .....$ 1099 IV24 CT . .....$ 1199 G-Lock ... $ 399 PC-286 ... .$ 65 PhonePak 2.0 .... ..Call PhonePak Upqrade.... ..Call r J Image FX 1.5 ..... ...... Call LOWEST EVER Become a part of the next generation of Amiga technology! And with MANTA's special pricing, upgrading to AGA has never been more affordable! A1200 - $ 399™* A4000 030-$ 1599.'x • A4000I940-$ 2299.m AGA GAMES IN STOCK • A1200’S ARE IN STOCK
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1942. ......Call Leading Edge Call MEC 3FGX Call Memory Chips A4000 RAM ..Call 1x8 Simms .Call 256x4 Dram Call DOS 2.0 ..Call Super Denise Call I x I 80ns ...Call GVP Simm 32..... Call 3000 1x4 ZIPS Call 1x4 Page ZIPS .....Call Ami Back 2.0 ...47* AmlBaek Tools 42“ AmiBack Tools* Call Amos Pro Compiler...35“ Arcxx Cookbook....34“ Art Dept Pro Control..55* Can Do 2.0 ...115" Cross DOS 5 ...34“ Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5...69“ Directory Opus 4.0..53“ final Copy 11 ...74" Fontasia Outline Fonts..50"’ fontasia Postscript Fonts 50“ GP Fax Software ....39“ Art Dept 2.1 ..149“ Art Expressions Call Brilliance .... 139“ Broadcast Tiller II ..214“ Caligari 24 ....229“ Color Splitter 104“ Cinemorph .....99“ Deluxe Paint IV 99“ Deluxe Paint AGA...Call Disney Animator ....47“ Imagine 2.0 with objects 174” Morph Plus 139“ Movie Maker Call Pixel 3D Pro 119" Playmation 269“ Pro Conversion Fak...52“ Profllls Vol, 2 ..29“ Scenery Animator....54“ Vista Pro 2.0 ...57“ Hardware Hard Drives Syquest 88MB 51 IOC 349« 88MB 51 10 ...279” 88MB Carts .....99“ Maxtor SCSI IDE
130. ......*205......*199
170. ...... *229 213 *259......*259 345 ‘419......*339
540. ‘899 Seagate 85MB 2.5 .....229* 120MB 2,5 ...309* 209MB 2.5 ...439* 3600A3.5 525MB..699" ST42l00n 2.0 gig. 1599* ST4I65H 1.4 gig... 1299* Micropolls
1. 05 SCSI 1099* Genlocks G Lock .....Call Supergen ...549* Supergen 20005 ...1199™ linage Master I 19“ Quarterback Deluxe..69" Quarterback 5.0 ....34“ Quarterback Tools .39“ Pagestream 2.2.... 159“ Pelican Press ..54“ Pro Page 4.0 .139" Pro Page 4.0 Draw bundle......239" Pro Write 3.3 ..44“ Pro fills vol 3 .32® SAS C v.6.0 ..234” True Print ..54” Type Smith ...114” Ext. 3.5* floppy......69** A501 RAM exp 32* RA5 A500 4 MB RAM OK ....79“ 4 MB.,,, ......229'“ PCMCIA RAM • Alpha 1200 2MB ....129™ 4MB ...219" Misc Hardware Big Foot Pwr 89“ DCTV .279“ DCTV RGB Converter..Call Desk Jet 500C Call DM! Vivid 24 Call DM! Digital Edit Master ...Call DOS 2.1 ...Call EB920 Lan Rover.279” EM LAM DFS 199“ Epson 600C Scanner..Lowest Epson 800C Scanner., Lowes! Firecracker 24 2 MG..Call Golden Gate 386SX 25MHZ Call Kitchen Sync 1275°° Opal Vision .....Call Personal 5FC 2.5 .339" Phantom Smpte... 189” Quantum 127, 240,340 .Call Smartport In Stock Y C Plus Call Audio S? MIDI Bars Gc Pipes Pro..209“ ECE MIDI .47“ One Stop Music Shop ..599“ Patch Meister 64“ Soundmaster 124” Super Jam ......79“ Sync Pro..,, ...174“ Triple Play MID!.... 159“ Macro Systems V Lab 24 bit with YC ..429” V Lab 24 bit ....359” V Ub 1200 .....424“ Retina Bd 4MB 529“ Retina 4NG Pro with TV Paint 2.0..775“ TV Paint 2.0 ....339” AmiLink Systems .Call Kitchen Sync ....*1225 SVHS option ......$ 95 Genlock option $ 129 Personal Animation Recorder Seagate 3600A drive required Call Personal Component Adapter ...$ 389 Montage Call TBC III . $ 699 TBC IV ...Call Toaster 3,0 Upgrade ......$ 650 V-Scope .Call Video Toaster 4000 LOWEST A4000 TOASTER SYSTEMS STANDARD SYSTEM A4000 040 • 10MB RAM • 120 MB Hard Drive • Newtek Video Toaster 4000 ¦ I084S Monitor s4599°° CALL FOR AMY TOASTER 4000 SYSTEM 1084S Monitor .* 19900 501 RAM .....‘19" AD5I6 ....*1 179°° A520 Video Adapter ......*35°° Brilliance ...*135°° Deluxe Paint IV AGA ......‘9500 OPAL VISION 24 BIT DISPLAY & PAINT $ 650 ROASTER CHIP CALL Video Toaster MegAChip 2000 500 • *179" Two megabytes of Chip Ram. Doubles your graphic memory for desktop video, publishing, 3D rendering and multimedia. Compatible with Video Toasterl with Agnus MuItiStart 0 • »24" Install 2.0 and 1.3 ROMS in your Amiga 500 or 2000. Switch between 2.0 and
1. 3 ROM5 with the keyboard. Call for 2.0 operating system 1202 A 1200•* 124" Allows 32 bit wide RAM upgrade and math coprocessor. Hie Clock • *22" A1200 clock caJender. 3128 128HB Memory Expansion * '299“ OR Memory Board for A3000 4QQ0 Computers. 2632 4® 32 Bit Expansion • *189* 112 Megabyte memory expansion for the Amiga 2500 030 and CBM A2630 accelerator. "Why buy a tape drive when you already own oneT Discover the back-up solution thousands of Amiga users depend on every day! This is not ‘that old VCR Back-up* from a few years ago. Its a totally new concept in archival systems. Using the composite video adapter already built into your Amiga* computer, and a custom serial-video interface. VBS actually stores your data as video information through the included software. Using the VBS with a high-grade video tape makes errors virtually non-existent thanks to VBS’s built-in error checking and verify routines. At 200MB per 4 hour tape, the cost-per-megabyte is an unbelievable 3C per megl When you compare price, performance, and reliability, VBS is the only product in it s class! VBS WORKS WITH ALL AMIGAS EVEN THE AGA MODELS! V ' Amiga .3000 and 4000 require video adapters (not included). . .Amiga 1000 requires a serial adapter (not included!. VBS Video Backup System NEW - ONLY 99,s AUTHORIZED AMIGA SALES & SERVICE CENTER Orders Only USA & Canada INTERNATIONAL ORDER UNE 412-962-0567 CUSTOMER SERVICE 14121 962-0533 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday 880K AMIGA EXTERNAL DRIVE For All AMIGA'S, HANDSCANNER W 0CR& | TOUCH SOFTWARE 3.07 Includes Migraph
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* RUMORS AND FACTS and much much more AFTER DARK OPERATIONS 6 PM to 9 AM EST Mon - Fri sat & Sun ¦ 24 HOURS OF THE MONTH mis Golf Championship has many feature that other golf simulations do not Play
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2. 1w ROM
2. 1 UPGRADE for 2.0 $ 44 for AMIGA 500 2000 IttWiks ixAi t kvLMndl Dak color (MOUSE ’ BUTTONSI Red * Black Blue - Black Black - Black lady bug RED - WHITE - BLUE FAX 1 412-962-0279 MAILING ADDRESS: Computer Basics, Inc 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 16148
* for orders under 10ibs. In the continental US. All orders fully insured. Monitors, computer, printers ana othe' heavy items may incur additional charges , call for shipping quote. Game Preserve By Peter Olafson, AW Games Editor Dune II THE BOOKS WERE over- done and the movie was not fully baked, but Virgin seems to be cooking with gas in its Dune computer games. The first Dune, a strategy adventure, was a tribute to the classic beauty of simplicity. The follow-up, Dune II: The Building of A Dynasty (from the publisher’s Westwood division), anchors a more sophisticated game mechanism to the same virtue. It’s a SimCity-like colony-builder with a basic but exhilarating point-and-click wargame in the fashion ol Caesar or Utopia, but with greater immediacy', play value, and terrific action. Damned if I didn’t play it straight through to completion, just as I did with its predecessor a luxury I don’t often enjoy. You use islands of rock in spice-planet Arrakis' sea of sand as the foundation lor factories and installations of interwoven purpose. (The sand in between belongs to spice harvesters and the great worms that sometimes surf ace to swallow equipment.) Each scenario starts off with only a construction yard and a handful of defenders, but you can add wind traps (for power), radar (to widen your field of vision), spice refineries (to finance the whole operation), and more. Clicking on a building lets you access a production screen, to either make repairs or upgrade to build a better Ordos trap. (For instance, the Harkonnens have what amounts to a tactical nuclear weapon.) Invariably, it’s not long before a digitized voice great use of this throughout reports that enemy units are on the way, and here push comes to shove, (For my money, there’s no single weapon so useful in defense as massed rocket turrets.) The firelights are great fireballs erupting as projectiles hit home, missiles zigzagging crazily after airborne targets, and vehicles rambling all over town. And when a structure goes down, it does so with such stereophonic thunder that the very room Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis When last we visited with Indy and Sophia Hapgood the principals of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis = LucasArts) they'd fust reached the decision point between the game's wits, team, or action paths. We'll take it from the top with wits, and return later to discuss the different approaches on the other paths. You can explore Algiers if you like, but you can't do much there yet, so first head to Monte Carlo to find Alain Trottier. Trouble is, you haven't a notion what he looks like. Either hang around in search of someone who looks different from the other folks, or fust do what you'd do in real life: Stop the people walking by and ask for directions, and eventually you'll hit on someone who knows of him. (Trot- tier's a distinguished gray-haired gent who favors brown and wears a flower in his lapel.) Be sure to read the Lost Dialogue thoroughly before you start in with Trottier. He wants proof of your seriousness before he’ll talk, and you'll need to answer his question (which varies from encounter to encounter) correctly. (Fortunately, he keeps walking by until you do.) Once that's done, he'll give you his business card. Cab it to the airport there's nowhere else to go for now and head for Algiers in search of Omar Al-Jabbar. Lots of people in the streets here, too, and, save for the beggar (who doesn't come into play on this path), they're even less communicative than the ones in Monte Carlo. CRIB NOTES However, it will take just a little walking and poking about to determine that Omar's shop is at the rear of the back alley at the far left. Omar's not here, but his officious servant Paul agrees to arrange a meeting once you produce Trot- tier's card. Well, he tries at least, but a thousand pardons, effendi: Omar cannot meet with you now. A time-honored solution: Ask Paul to make your case to Omar again, and, this time, follow him. On second thought, maybe you should Continued on p. 74, A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid, performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing, tots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time.
* You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. BLI22ARD 1200 4 Memory Board 32 BIT RAM EXPANSION FOR AMIGA 1200 MOST FEATURES! BEST PRICE! ? BLIZZARD BOARD comes WITH 4 Mbytes of 32 FAST RAM ? Empty socket to receive an additional 4 Mbytes. ? Built in real time calendar clock with battery. ? 1200 4 uses less expensive PLCC-type math coprocessor. ? Latest surface mounted technology (SMD). ? Lowest priced A1200 expansion available. I!?S»S*zzarc* 1 00 4 is a true 32 bit, zero-wait state FAST RAM expansion that Installs in the trap door of the Amiga 1200. It Is the QhUX expansion unit that comesw1th4 Mbytes of memory factory Installed. The FAST RAM not only offers more memory for larger application programs and more data, but also significantly increases the operational speed of the A1200. I£?129,? 4 a!?° features a socket so Its easy to install a math coprocessor MC68881 or MC68882 In a PLCC format. Either of these FPUs will really speed up any program. NQ?n nb5arc,Il-onnect°f aIso allows you to install an additional 4 Mbyte module to expand the Blizzard 1200 4 Memory Board JvyVfesof FAST RAM* Th®ro Is no need to exchange existing SIMM modules (as competitive models do). This feature SAVES YOU MONEY and EXCHANGE TIME. Now you don't have to enter the date and time every time you start your computer. The Blizzard Board includes a real-time clock that Is backed by a battery. The Blizzard Board uses the latest surface mounted technology (SMD). Using reliable 4-layer PCB and high quality components. FU LL TWO YEAR WARRANTY. $ 279.00 With 4 Mbytes Included Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP Prices subject to Chong. CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-292-7445 3 CHESTNUT STREET, SUFFERN, NEW YORK 10901 914-357-2424 * FAX: 914-357-6243 AMIGA & COMMODORE SUPPORT SERVICES FOR FAST REPAIR CALL 1-800-426-8693 GLOBAL UPGRADES, INC. 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, NY 10901 914-357-2424 • FAX: 914-357-6243
* PLUS UPS SHIPPING We are pleased to announce that as of October 15th, Global Upgrades, Inc. will open up its repair services to the general public. Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround (24-48 hours), extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important - PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. For every piece of equipment repaired and returned to our customers, we will Include the following FREE: ? A Commodore or Amiga diagnostic diskette ($ 10.00 value). ? A Commodore Diagnostician or Amiga Troubleshooter = $ 10.00 value). SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER ? Between now and January 15th, every customer that sends us their Amiga for repair has the option to purchase “Where in the World is Carmen Santiago1' software for the low price of $ 10.50, while supplies last. Ri -¦hv.-.vrri AMIGA COMMODORE FLAT RATE LABOR FLAT RATE LABOR A500 $ 55.00 C64 $ 25.00 A2000 $ 85.00 C128 $ 45.00 A3000 CALL 1541 $ 30.00 A4000 CALL 1571 $ 35.00 CALL FOR OTHER ITEMS WE SERVICE USING OUR SERVICE IS AS EASY 1-2-3:
1. Call our toll-free number 1-800-426-8693 and receive a Return Authorization Number. This is your tracking number.
2. Pack your unit(s) securely. Write the Return Number on the outside of the box. Include Credit Card Number, Check or Money Order.
3. Send via UPS or other earner. COST OF SERVICES* AMIGA GAME PRESERVE seems to shake. The satisfactions of a victor)' are such that you’ll want to run and tell someone about it. Technically, Dune II is OK. It runs at acceptable speed on a 500 under 1.3 and it runs, period, on AGA machines. It’s next to indistinguishable from the IBM original (except it multitasks) and, as is common with high-quality IBM-to-Ami- ga conversions, has a sharp edge I don't recall in the original. There are a number of minor but annoying gaffes, however. A hard disk is supported.. .and recommended to soak up the five game disks and preserve the player from a ton of swapping. But the installer has first to be copied to the appropriate HD drawer a little fact that the docs manage to omit. The language used in the game is set at installation, hut the installer nevertheless copies over the plentiful non-English files not exactly an efficient use of space. Finally, the saved-game-disk creator fails (at least under
2. 04) to check the subsequently inserted floppy; hence, if your Disk One was write-protected, the program will read all floppies as write-protected. I’d also love to take up some design issues with the developers. For one thing, the game struck me as on the small side. Playing as I louse Atreides which I'm told has the toughest task of the three available houses I took over the planet in about nine scenarios, and only the last proved really taxing. 'Hie enemy tends to think small, squandering its strength in small-scale rather than massed attacks, and not once taking the strategic initiative. So, Dune II could use a data disk and a tweak or two. Still, it’s wonderfully playable stuff, and splendidly converted to the Amiga. Bring on Dune 111. The Lost Vikings WHAT INTERESTED ME initially about The Lost Vikings is where it comes from: the US. By rights, this splendid arcade puzzler from Interplay (developed by Silicon Sc Synapse) should be the product of some clever-boots development house in the London burbs. It has the richness, the happily over-the- top quality, of European arcaders and the current lascination with rescuing helpless little critters. (Maybe Interplay’s getting more than sales from its new English office, eh?) TLV concerns the exploits of three Vikings who are...well, very lost...and in a distinctly non-Viking environment: alien spacecraft, galactic rifts, blue-dino inhabited countryside, that sort of thing. They work in concert and independently you switch between them with a keypress with the idea being to get them to the distant exit with their pitiful sup- Conlimted on p. 78. CRIB NOTES From p. 72 just go back to Monte Carlo and make small talk with passers-by. In the overhead view, Paul's only semi-visible as a somewhat larger- than-usua! White dot among dozens of other white dots roaming the streets. But did you notice another colored dot in the streets? It's red, for the wearer's red fez. And, y'know, that might be just the thing to make Paul stand out from the crowd. However, you can't intercept the owner a goofy, charming man just anywhere. Wait until he's in the marketplace and then engage him in conversation. Keep the talk centered on his hat, concur when he suggests that you envy him, and the fez is yours. Back in the alley, Paul will return from Omar's with another refusal. Ask him the price of pots, note his reply, and give him the fez. He won't go for it automatically he's not the fez type so use the clue from his response on the pots as persuasion. (For instance, if he says the pots are too small for someone of your stature, suggest the fez will make him look taller.) Now he's much easier to track, and while he'll lead you hither and yon, stay close, and you'll eventually spot him ducking into a house. Omar really doesn't want to see you; he sends Paul for the cops and, much like Sternhart at Tikal, keeps following you around like a puppy to prevent you from laying hands on any of his belongings. Use this to your advantage. Lead him into the closet at the right rear of the room, then nip out and close the door, and you can search the place at your leisure while Omar howls obscure curses at you. (Do talk to him a bit, though, as he'll drop a few hints.) The two statues the blackbird and the cheap soapstone carving are nonessential, but can be useful a bit later in the game. Focus your attention on the laundry drying at the left rear. One piece is actually a map, which is essential, but out of reach. Use the bamboo stick in the jar in the foreground to knock it down, and use the camel to exit. You're now a little humpbacked dot on the edge of the desert, which is big and mostly empty, but not quite empty. If you have Omar's map, nomads at the various encampments will help you get a bearing on the location of the "X." Their directions are deliberately cast in broad terms, but have specific meaning. (Hence, if they say the "X" is quite a distance east, that means a couple of screens.) You may also have to deal with the foreign legion. Its members will try to intercept you and tell you to get your butt back to town, but they have about as many teeth as the UN on a good day, and you can just ignore them and keep exploring. Actually, you don't even need to deal with them at all, and should be able to steer around them. And if they stop you, you can sometimes bribe them to disappear using the statues from Omar's. The dig is abandoned. The truck topside won't run it needs a spark plug and the dig itself is so dark that "touch" has replaced "look" in the command set. Nevertheless, you should be able feel your way around enough to collect a hose, pot (and the orichalcum bead within), and ship rib and locate the portable generator. It's out of gas, but I'll bet that truck still has some, and the pot and hose should work well as a siphon. Ah, that's better. Now, have a good look around particularly at the painting on the wall to the left. (The rib can be used to rub off the map on the right-hand wall, but, alas, it's unreadable; that ship rib must be a red-herring bone.) That ark certainly looks familiar, and could the stone disk the women are throwing be one Sophia was talking about earlier? Eh, could be, doc. Maybe you should try to manipulate it in some way. Well, now look at this; The ark opens to reveal a statue much like the one the German agent stole at the outset. Grab it, get the spark plug from the generator and get back topside. The spark plug's a perfect fit, but the truck still needs a battery. Not a problem if you recall the earlier cut-scene animations in Sophia's dressing room and the Nazi lab: Those orichalcum beads can really put a tiger in your tank. Pop one into the statue and then use the statue on the engine, and you're on your way back to Monte Carlo. Why Monte Carlo? Well, if you haven't already done so, look at the telegram in the truck. Trottier's being set up, and you have to warn him. He doesn't make you take a test this time, but is still a difficult soul, and you'll want to stay as close to the point as possible. He's still holding forth in stubborn fashion when guys in black suits lead him away. (This can't be avoided.) Rescuing him is actually pretty simple, however, as the Nazis drive around as though they're looking for an address. Just ram 'em with your car repeatedly if need be. In gratitude, Trottier will direct you to the Greek island of Thera, and give you an idea at which Monte Carlo intersection he threw away his Sun- stone key to Atlantis. This location will vary from chase to chase, but the stone's always in a drain. This search can be time-consuming, but less so when you realize that the streets are laid out alphabetically (from west to east and south to north). You’ve just found one of the three stone keys to Atlantis! Next time: Our traditional year- end cheats column. We'll take up with Indy again in January. ERST?eRE! Rwt'Jiws N CC° yolJS ORDERS (800)220-2224 INFO: (212) 633-2290 OPEN 9-6. FRI. 9-1:30, SUN. 10-4 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY (212) 633-7718 ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPANOL "Vour Video Toaster - Commodore Amiga Headquarters Netll! Epson ES600C 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 769.95 ES800C $ 1088.95 1= DCTV Digitizer & Display Device Frame Buffer w 24 bit Paint Millions of Colors Cditizer True A 6 RotNWti Format Editor I Tooster ControMPS TBC Control loaifsni. AUTHORIZED fUll SERVICE COMMODORE DERIER
- , . . COMPLETE TOASTER 4000 iV0ffl(STAr QNS ON S 1LE W01VJ| a4ooo KITCHCN SYNC Two Channel TBC $ 11 @9.95 Ask about our combo discount! GOLDEN m 486SL 25mhz 386sx $ 4M.9S .Guaranteed LowestI. ONE STOP MUSIC SHOP wci*1 tSSf.f 8J A4000 030-25 120 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.0 10 Meg Ram Memory Set Up 8 Install
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* 4995 GREAT,
* 4695
* 5895 A4000 030-25 240 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.0 18 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & Install This system has more storage & memory for more involved applications A4000 040-25 460 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.0 18 Meg Ram Memory MM5Si Set UP & lnStB" ~T he best of all available resources! Further additions are possible. Please call to Discuss, f3D ANIMATOR'S DREAM SYSTEM! I Software N=wIek INCORPORATED Final Copy 2.0 79.95 Pagestream 2,2 164.95 Art Dept Pro V2.3 148.95 SAS Lattice C. V6.0 224.95 Caligari 24 234.95 Amax II Plus 319.95 DeskJet 550c Driver 39.95 Imagine 2.0 199.95 Real 3D V2.Q 379.95 Pixel 3D Pro 119.95 Jmagemaster 118.95 Morph Plus 139.95 Playmation 344.95 Interchange Plus 59.95 Montage 349.95 TrexxPro2.0 129.95 CNCT V2.4 79.95 ProPage V4.0 Call Amiback 2.0 39.95 Amiback Tools 49.95 Showmaker 239.95 Kara Headlines 3 44.95 Kara Animfonts 29.95 Brilliance CALL image F X CALL Disney Animation 79.95 Gjgamem 79.95 Aladdin 4D 239.95 Art Expression 149.95 Excellence 3.0 119.95 Hotfinks Editions 79.95 Morphus CALL Vistapro 3.0 84.95 Dpaint 4.1 104.95 Dr. Ts Level II KCS 229.95 Oiskmaster II 39.95 Directory Opus 4.0 69.95 Bars & Pipes Pro 2.0 207.95 Broadcast Trtier II 229.95 ToasterVision 109.95 Coil about the new R4000Power up Program Drives Toaster Cozzy 529.95 Y C Plus (Toester) 849.95 Supra Fax Modem 14.4 294.95 Microbotics VXL 030 25 189.95 Microbotics VXL 030 40 Lowest CDTV 199.95 Computer Safe skins CALL Optical Mouse 48.95 Midi Controller 39.95 One Stop Music Shop 564.95 Mac Roms F Amax II Plus 124.95 Ricker Free Video II 229.95 Patchmeister 49.95 CSA Rocket Launcher CALL AD 516 w Studio 16 1199.95 AD 1012 W Studk> 16 CALL Triple Play Plus 164.95 DKB Megachip 2000 194.95 Muttrslart II 36.95 SyQuest 44 Meg Int Drive Syquesl 44 Meg Carl Syquesl 88 Meg tnt Drive Syquest 88 Meg Carls Syquest Cleaning Kit Ext Chassis & Power Supply West Dig 212 Meg Scsi 240 Meg Scsi West Dig 340 Meg Scsi Fujitsu 425 Meg Scsi Fujitsu 520 Meg Scsi Quantum 52 Meg Scsi Quantum 105 Meg Scsi Maxtor 120 Meg Scsi Quantum 240 Meg Scsi Maxtor 1.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 1.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 2.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 3.5 Gig Scsi
259. 95
69. 95
369. 95
99. 95
24. 95
89. 95
299. 95
319. 95
439. 95
729. 95
899. 95
189. 95
219. 95
289. 95
339. 95
1399. 95
1139. 95
1799. 95
3149. 95 Op&ii isfor? Seeing Is Believing Seeing Is Believing Due to ad production schedules, our pnees may actually be lower than advertised! 24-bit Video O Graphics System New Version 2.0 includes Gpalpaint - The BEST Paint Program OpalAnimMate - Animation Player OpaJPresents - for 24-bit Presentations Additional modules available soon! Main Board Now Onl TOCs & Genlocks Monitors Personal TBC III 689.95 DPS TBC 230 1479.95 DPS Pers Vscope 699.95 Hotronics AP 41 889.95 Hotronics AP41 SF 1199.95 The Personal SFC 339.95 GVP G-Lock 384.95 Supergen 2000s 1179.95 * Commodore 1960 529.95 Commodore 1942 354.95 Pan CT 1383y (Video)289.95 Sony CPD 1304 579.95 Sony CPD 1604s 999.95 Panasync 1381 i 319.95 NEC MS 2A 369.95 NEC MS 3FG 4FG 729.95 Jnijr Need Help Deciding? Coll one of our exports tor assistance. We know the equipment becauso wo use It! X Sunrize ADM Seagate Technology
2. 2 Gigabyte SCSI $ 1799.95 Mara Drive Specials Pan Mag Opt 256 Meg CALL Pan Mag Opt 256 Carts CALL Syquest 105 Drive 489.95 Syquest 105 Carts 89.95 Pan Mag Opt 128 Meg 999.95 Pan Mag Opt 128 Carts 39.95 DIGITAL mocxu H4 wt Industries ; Will not he ad sis (dig audio) $ im,s5 undersold! I-* Pers TBC IV i- Pers Anim Pec Pers Comp Adap Puled ta hard tskoucfo recording. Vtieoarimabon and toft morel Require* extend double chassis at S1N.9S AD 1012 (12 bit) $ CML AUAcsr forAD5l6 $ CML Call if you need a price beat Tilstate Is. A Miswvim rfeoler for @res and amoteurs af&e. Ufe mm frvwrJCiifag k ¥Idea md flmilink Cl I RETINA Board Microbotics Editor Headquarters Authorized Dealer We GUARANTEE lowest prices1
259. 95 379 95
489. 95 12995
149. 95 299 95 35995
489. 95
64. 95
189. 95
399. 95 59995 81995
919. 95
789. 95
479. 95
549. 95 CALL CALL
379. 95
439. 95 CALL A500 HD8+0 40-II A500 HD8+0 120-11 A500 HD8+0 240-II GVP I O Extender A2000 HC+8 0mb A2000 HC+8 80mb A2000 HC+8 120mb A2000 HC+8 240mb Simm32 1mb Simm32 4mb Combo 030-25mhz 1 0 Combo 030-40mhz 4 0 Combo 030-40mhz 4 l20 Combo 03G-40mhz 4 240 Combo 030-50mhz 4 0 3CVP Combo 030-50mhz 4 240 1069.95 Combo 040-33mhz 4 0 959.95 DSS8 Sound Studio 58.95 A530 Turbo 40 mhz 120 569.95 030 HD Ml. Kit CALL A1200 Scsi, 0k, No FPU 244.95 A1200 Scsi. 4M, 33 mhz 469.95 A1230 no FPU.Ok 399.95 A1230 w FPU,4M 544.95 Phone Pak VFX 289.95 Roctec Authorized Dealer IVS AUTHORIZED DEALER WACOM TABLETS Cl P A B Roll Cl Cuts Only VLAB int Comp VLAB Int Y C VLAB External V-LAB 24 BIT IDEK Retina 2MB. Retina 4MB. MBX 1200 FPU' 32 BIT W Batt Back Clock W 14mhZ 124.96 W 25mhz 189.95 W 50mhz 279.95 USES 1,4 or 8MB SIMMS New for the A1200: SPEED! MBX 1230 o 40 MHZ 40 0 0 324-95 40 33 4 549.95 50 MHZ 50 0 0 50 50 4 Go with the best! At SelectSolutions there are no minimum orders or chi 1 reqUBStS' we d0 not ha™ any hidden We stock hi "I* ler ccmpanies Me to hide e stock thousands of products so please call us ' any items not listed. We don't just sell our products, we understand them! MACROSYSTEMS US MultiFrame tor ADPro .. 4MB Retina 24-Bit Graphics Card . TV Paint 2.0 Proiessional-Retina .. V-Lab Y C 24-Bit Dig'tizer . V-Lab Digitizer For A120Q . V-Lab 24-Bit Digitizer Card ..... Perfect Paint Combo. For Video Toaster The Ultimate Data Storage Solution L-MZGA Mnkrr* nf lU'numlli .79.99 .559-99
399. 99 .499.99 ...449-99 .399.99 fl
• The Standard in removable storage for any Toaster or Amiga
• Over 18 awards since 1991!
• Unlimited Storage
• 150MB Per Disk at 18msec
• Insider or Transportable . GVRS-950 jingle frame contn . Sf PTE time code generatio SANYO NOW Everyone can afford a Bernoulli! I NEW LO ’RICE! S CALL 99 4MB Retina 24-Bit Graphics Card Sg49. With TV Paint 2.0 Professional CALL Personal TBC 111 Personal Component Adapter 7 !~!-M44ixternal The Perfect i*-* Fax Modem For VourAmiga DIGITAL bestdai I’WOCCSS-NG SYSTTMS t*Z * The Best Selling TBC Card on the Market1 Freeze Frame or Field
• Combination 3-Line Adaptive
- ---------------- Digital Comb Filter Decoder and
* Compatible With All Toaster *699 99 I Y- Encoder Card for use with Platforms, ...... * I v'deo Toaster ‘CALL PRICE ! PERFORMANCE LEADER Personal Animation Recorder Personal TBC IV SCALL
• True 4:2:2 Component Processing
• S-Video Input and Output
• Enhanced Composite Perlormance 99
199. Hard disk video recorder designed to record computer animation sequences directly to a hard drive and play them back in REAL TIME! Render and playback animations without the use of expensive single frame controller and VCR. 2 Year Warranty Price Performance Leader! Today’s HOTTEST Desktop Video Production Products NOW IN STOCK! Euro Vision Includes fre£ T-Shirt'. SCALL 99
* 4 '-x Bundle Edition MM200 LOOK! New Lower Prices! ‘ oo* Pixel 30 Pf > aNIM Workshop paint IV AGA 4 *169. 99 MONTAGE 24 s239. Image Presentation Program s79." Bars & Pipes Pro v2.0 ;229. EXPANSION SYSTEMS 99 Cross DOS Plus v5.0 with Cross PC _s34." M200 UPGRADE SOLUTIONS
- ~ .,..19.99 Sateskin 1200Protector . 25999 MBX1200 25MHz 882 0 8MB 32-B.t Fas RAM .. OKB1202 16MHz 881 0:8M3 32-Bit FastRAM gg 120MB Conner Internal 2.5' HD Kit .479 99 209MB Seagate Internal 2.5‘ HD Kit ......43a 99 252MB Maxtor internal 2.5' HD Kit- 99 DATAFLYER 105SQ ..CALL A4000 aria A1200 owners now have tne ultimate unim-fed storage solution avatate thanks to Syquest and Expansion Systems Six ncd s are available to neei every posstte cortfguraton and need internal and Enema IDE for A4000 internal a,no External SCS tor A4000. And Externa! SCSJ or IDE for the Faster Performance I HGVP V Faster Video J V More Power 1 TBC Plus
• 8-b.t 22 digital signal piocessing ol video
• Infinite window TBC
• Reai-t.-ne Os'tai ixJeo proces$ ;ng Jp( ¦vTril Spectrum EGS BEYOND ACA!
* Capable of displaying ideo as wea as M worxstaton !ke high reso-'jpons A1291 SCSI
• Ttio first expansion module for the Pedonranco Seres II peripherals
• The most asked for add-on for the A1200... SCSI Interface! MA 1230 TURBO+ PERFORMANCE SERIES II ‘ Faster, 50MH* 68030 processor
• Onboard 32-bit wde, 60ns, 0 wat state RAM Expansion fl A1200. DataFlyer 105SQ s the latest fastest and smallest in removadfe med a technology J05MB of storage at 14msec access t me Quiet, relieve and un rv' s orage. Ait in speofea.'y designed tor me Amga DATAFLYER 4000SX SCS . CALI l(LKt crci . . '¦'MUL Low cost I6bt SCS contro*er card tor tne A4003 Wo*s wn at SCS ana SCSI -2 Ham Doves. S Cfuest. Bemourt. CD-flcn. Toptcais. And tape bacr-.m I Intemal and Ext9mal M 030 65 3 10 the wof Js easiest and 9-ea.est nstalatron software are included DATAFLYER W Expansion Drive System External Hard Drive for the Amiga 1200 HOT SEWS: Usng the XDS to a* an external* Oi .reto ycur Amga is actaffy Cheaper than twine an internal 2 5 IDE dnve.' Compare and vel 52MS XDS IDE Kit.... ?ig0Q 130MB XDS IDE Kit J . 210MB XDS IDE Kil ..399 99 ' 340MB XDS IDE Kil .... s> price slashi Rest Business Management 3.0 Final Copy II Was S89.95 Now $ 69.95 A2000 G-Force 030 40MHz Accelerators Combo 030'882 4MB No HO ..... 599 99 Combo 030'882f4MB w 80M HD .,. 799 99 Combo 030 882'4MB w 170 HD 099 99 A2000 G-Force 040 33MHz Accelerators 040 4M9 No HD 999 99 04Q’4MB W 170MB HD .1299 99 040 4 MB w,540MB HD 1699 99 040 4MB w 1.2 Gigabyte HD ...1999 99 A1200 Multi-Function Expansion Cards A1208 Ext SCSI 33MHZ 882;4M8...... 449.99 A1230 Turt>o 030 40MHz No FPU OK ...349.99 A1230 Turbo 030+882 DSS 8+ ...99.99 PhonePakv2.0 ...319.99 Image FX v1.5 ..... CALL Impact Vision IV24 wVIU-S NTSC ....999.99 I o Extender-2 Serial +1 Parallel ....109.99 G-Lock NTSC Genlock w'Audio Mixing .399.99 4MB 60ns 32-Bt ONE MONTH ONLY Simply The BEST VALVE In Amiga Accessories! ALFA PM A . 74.99
• External 3.5“ 880K Floppy Drive ... 4g gg
• 3 Button Crystal Trackball w Drag-lock ..... gg
• Mouse Joystick Auto-Switcher ... * g gg
• Auto Kickstart Switch Plus -1.3 2xROM Switcher .. '
• 3 Button AllaPen - Fully Optical Pen-Mouse .. *
• AlfaOptic - 3 Button Optical Mouse .. *
• AlfaScan 400DPI Hand Scanner w Scan & Save Plus .... ¦
• AjfaScan 400DPI Hand Scanner ...*...... _
• AlfaScan 400DPI Hand Scanner w OCR and .
• AlfaScan OCR Upgrade Kit (must already own an AltaScan) ..°...
• Mouse - 2 Button Standard Opto-Mech .. N ®Wlsn Hz No FPU OK ...349.99 I BFVnivn 40MHZ 4MB 539 99 I ION Lcall
• mocK w Auaio Mixing .399.99 • SIMMs tor GVP Accels .CALL . Si
24. 99 v NEW aGA graphic' HOT SOFTWARE GAMES EXCELSlORr the ULTIMATE BBS! Amiback v2.0 ...47,99 Amiback Tools 41.99 Caligan 24 ......239.99 Can Do v2.5 .....139.99 Directory Opus .57,99 GP Fax Software ....49.99 Humanoid for Imagine .....149.99 Humanoid for Lightwave ..149,99 HyperCacbe Pro .....34.99 ImagineMaster.... ..191 gg One Slop Music Shop ......579.99 ProClac ..... 124 99 ProPage V4.0 ....Z 109*9 Proper Grammar II 5999 ProWrile v3.3...... Zlllsggg Quarterback v5.Q '"4499 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 74.99 SAS C Development Sys. 6....234.99 Super JAM1 ...... gg Vista Pro v3.Q IZ gg WaveWnter _ 75 gg 1869 AGA ..... Ait Bucks AGA. ..... international Open. GoH AGA __ James Pond Robocod AGA------- K-qoi Maraell 2 Racing AGA..... Sim Uto AGA .... Whato's Voyage AGA . Zool AGA .. A320 Airbus Amencan Version n Ancient Art of War in the Skies. B-17Ftying Fortress. 4 BattetsteSJ __
* 1 Blade ol Des'ar - -
• J Body Blows ------------- ?i Chaos Engine . R| CivWzabon ......- BR Dune 2--------------- - Flashback.---------------- Gunsfvp20ClO--------------- lshar2 - ---------- H Lost Vikings .. | Space Legend ...
* *"*1 Stroetfightet 2 .. UB Syndicate .. fcj Ttansartca W Trolls . Fei Walker----------- Wortorf Legends ..... Unbe ieveable number of features. CALL for specifications. LOSOCOD S109. 99 A3000 BLOWOUT HPTWOPk'ng solution Amiga 3000
• 16 Mhz
• 40MB Hard Drive ONLY . 2MB RAM S7QO 99
299. 99
739. 99 SAVE *60 Kioto 2pclAflR «r
• Free software with a purchase of an A3000: Foundation .....Retail 250.00 Visionaire 2D Morph .Retail 139.00 pEGGER Automaiic JP£q Imagc Co pressidn
- 4 Must For Toaster Us Navigator Autolire Joystick..... Python 1 Joystick Standard Speeding Joystick Tac 2 Joystick ...... The BOSS Joystick ...... Autofve Speedkirg Joystck ... Auto Ktousa'Joysfck Switch. „ Ergo Stick..... Grava Game Pad..... Gravis Switch Joystnck kivsock Extension Cable-flt free v s389.99 rrs' inventory clearance blitz CDTV All Salos Final. Defectives For Replacement Only Amiga 2000 Specific 25MHz Vector 66030 882 Accelerator 0 32ME RAM... AllnDala Q 8MB RAM Board for A2000 • Hal! Card ICD AdRAM 2080 ¦ 0 8MB RAM Card . Games (continued) Parallel Adapter lor Fighter Duel Pro .... Rod Zone by Fsygnosis • 30 Racing Aclion Shadow of the Beast II w T-Shtrt1 . Shadow d the Beast III by Psygnosrs ... Spellbound ¦ Arcade Adventure by Psygnosis . 589 99 .69 99 59 99 ...1499 ....1499 1999 ...29.99 499 Indoor Plants Garden Plants 12.99 Trees & Shrubs . Fruits & Vegetables JZI ....10 !! Mind Run .. A Bun for BamyII~Z. U '99 Fun School Under 5 ..... u’qZ Dinosaurs for Hire ' *1? Supergames Pack. ... * 1 Music Maker ... Shakespeare ... Amiga 500 Owners ASOl-Slyte 512k RAM Card w Cbck - DtsaWe Switch AjfaPOWER A500 5ZM IDE HD and 2MB RAM ! AltaRAM OBMB External A500 RAM Expansion..... AmiNET Network Card • ENLAN-DFS Compatible II! ICD ShuHloBoard ¦ External Floppy as DF0:l .. InterACT • AppleTalk Network Sofution IIH!..... Supra Power PC Board - Hardware PC Emulator !!!!!!! 32.99 299 99 ....69 99 21999 ....19 99 ...79 99 159 99 Hardware, Peripherals and Accessories 105M Quantum LPS1G5AT IDE 3.5 15ms Hard Drive 42M Quantum SCSI HD ELS42S 35 17ms Hard Drive 50MHz Dorringor Platinum 030 Accel lor A500A2000 ...... 50MHz Rocket Launcher • A2630 Upgrade .. 52M Quantum IDE HD LPS52AT 3 5 15ms Hard Dnve .... A2088D XT BrxJgeBoard w 5 25 Drive __ A2266 AT BncJgeBoard w 5 25 Drive . __ AdSpeed 680CO 14MHz Accelerator • A50G100G20CC 199 99 ...139.99 ...549.99
499. 99 11999 ...119.99 ...159.99 ...139.99 ...139.99 3.99 ..739.99 .799.99
399. 99 .199 99 .299.99 Amiga 600 Specific Auto Kckstan Switch -1 *,2 * ROM Switcher.. .1999 . .49.99 . 4999 €9 99 699 1299
- .6.99 11 99 .11 99
11. 99 ..... .14.99 ly Bible ... Silver Palate Cookbook 14 QQ Femix .:::.'.Vqq World Vista Atlas ...1g‘g9 Advanced Military System g9 Raffles .’Rg9 Barney Bear Goes To School .14 gg Barney Bear Goes Camping ...14 gg Hounds of Baskerville ..14 gg Psycho Killer ..14 gg A Town With No Name .14 gg Classic Board Games ..19 99 All Dogs Go To Heaven ...14 99 Wrath of the Demon .....14.99 American Heritage Dictionary ..19,99 DK3 1202 OK RAM 16ftfiz 63661 w Clock - Amiga 1200. InlelllFONT Scalable Typefaces - WB 2.0+ Decorative Volumo 3 - 6 Typefaces . Decorative Volume 2 • 6 Typefaces Newsletter Pack ¦ 12 Typefaces Replacement Power Supply lor SupraModem 2400 (US) ___ Sharp JX-320 Flatbed Color Scanner ...... Sharp JX-320 Transparency Unit . Sharp JX-735 ink Jet Color Printer ... VXL 030 25MHz Accelerator • A500 and A2000 . VXL 030 25MHz Accelerator * 362 - A500 and 2000 ...... Commodore Logo Specialty Items 20 Dtsk Easel-style FoW-up Carryng Case • Blue Cardigan • Blue ___ Executive Pen and Pend Set ...... Sweat Pants • Ash Medium .. Sweat Pants • Ashlarge .... Sweat Pants • Royal Btue.Wedium.„ . Music. MIDI and Sound Related Audio Engineer Plus v2 - 8-&t Sound Sampl ng>S31 Video Muse Box v1.5 - Composition ...
139. 99 ..,49.99 .59 99 Application Software ArregaV&on - M'jlmeda Authoring System . Gadgets and Doohickeys Merge-lt and Scanrwg Tray._ Areix - REXX Plus Compiler and Library _ ASDG Scan Lab 100 for Sharp JX-100 Cotef Scanner.-, _ 59 99 .24 99 21 99 .79 99 .39 99 49 99 .... 19 99
139. 99 Mouse Wheel - Car Steering Wheel tor Racng Games. . Ouma Fje Manager and Verscn Control Unlrty ___ Reaper - Parameter Dsk Copier ..... Saxon Pro Desktop Publisher vl 2 (New Feb"93)...... . Mouse Yo*e - Aixraft Controller lor Flight Games ... Pro-Res A20Q - RGB Color Splitter for DtgWiew mam ¦ Games Air Force Conmande' - 28 Modem Mid-East Scenarios __ Amnios - Top-View Arcade Acton by Psygnosis ......_ .. Atomoo - Strategy at the Molecular Level! . ___ Barbarian II by Psygnosu .... Conquest ol Japan - Samurai Battle and Strategy .. Data Disk 2 for Eogado Commander by TTR Video and Toaster Related Products Autoscnpt • Postscript to 3D Translator! _ Gnemorph by GVP - Professoral Morphng Cokxburst Hand Scanner. . Map Master for Lightwave 30 .1999
- 799
- 7.99 ....7.99 .1999 ...3.99 .39.99 .1999 .14.99 .14.99 .....49.99 ......29 99 399.99 39.99 ....7.99 299 99 .....499.99 .189.99 69.99 _19.99 MutMedta Wcrtbook . Ncnki Desktop External Genlock .... Neriki Imagorraster Pro w,G60 Phase Confol .. Sculpt Animate 40 - 3D Model and RayTra:e _ Targa TGA Ur.k for RasterUnk .... VHS • The Ultmate Toaster Guide Vol. 2 wQrsk ' Digital Dungeon • Complete RPG Utility (Awesome!) Discovery. In the Steps cf Columbus ... .... Fighter Duel - 3D H.-Res Combat Fight Simuator ... ObrtuS w T-Shirt • Grea! Adventure- ... SHIPPING POLICIES SATURDAY! VISA Mastercard Discover accepted No surcharge on credit cards. Credit card not charged until order is shipped $ 5 COD fee. Cash orly. Ad prices are subject to change without notice Call for current pricing Wo are not responsible tor typography errors 15 « restocking feo lor items returned and not exchanged for same Customer Is responsible for roturn shipping. Returns accepted lor 10 days alter invoice daio S5 00 addSI.OOlb Over 5 lbs ...add 50c 1b over 20 lbs ....515.00 $ 1800 Call lor our ow priority shipping rales' UPS 0-5 lbs GROUND 5-20 lbs Over 20 lbs Mcniiors Computers- UPS GROUND 2ND DAY Or UPS NEXT DAY Information Tech. Support Returns 217-355-2785 If You Don’t See What You Need Here... CALL US! G A ME PR Fi S E R V E From p. 74 plies of good health intact. With that accomplished, you’re treated to a slash of insipid conversation among the three, handed a four-letter code, and booted into the next large level. S&S has had inestimable good sense to name one of the Vikings Olaf the Stout. He's the one with the impenetrable shield-cum-parachute who looks like Kurt Cobain on a chocolate milk shake diet. Erik the Swift (a Norse take on Yosemite Sam) can run fast, jump where the others would fall, and headbutt his wav through certain walls. And Baleog the Fierce is the weapon master who swings a sword and fires arrows to put down baddies and set off otherwise inaccessible buttons. Otherwise, they’re equals, able to pick up and use anything that fits in the separate, four-item inventories ranging from colored keys to health-building munchies to kill-everything-in- sight specials. It does sound a bit like a chip oil the old Lemming, doesn t it? What sets it apart is a hefty platform-game element. TLV is in good part an arcader, with secret areas to be investigated, monstcr-butt to be kicked (with a nice little gravestone erupting from the ground afterward), ladders to be climbed, and crevices to be leapt over...or fallen into, as the case may be, if the leaper is something other than Erik. The other big plus is personality'. These squat little guys have a ton of it, and do not take readily to not being the active character. In best console fashion, we’re frequently treated to delightful minor animations Erik huffing and puffing after exerting himself, Baleog showing off bis muscles (on little or no excuse), and Olaf looking ludicrously joyful even when falling to his death. Beyond that, TLV is a helpful game. The first few levels contain “?” boxes that provide hints and the opportunity to learn the game within the game. It’s also very good about the level codes; even if you quit back to the main menu, the code for the last level is still displayed in the password slot, and the manual has a section for you to jot them down. This is a joy, pure and simple, and it was hard work finding anything to grouse about. Even my complaints, as such, are prettv wimpy. Considering that you can’t complete a level without rescuing ail three Vikings, it’s notable that TLV doesn’t include a quick-restore option after a single Viking dies; instead, you have to quit manually and sit through a funeral scene. A couple of effects come off as oddly simplistic in this otherwise lush environment. And there are just 37 levels, which doesn’t seem like much compared to, say, Lemmings. Then again, if you see this partly as a platform game, 37 levels is enormous. You'll treasure The Lost Vikings while you play it, you’ll look forward to it when you’re not, and you’ll be sony when it ends. Tm missing Olaf already. SHORT TAKES Goal! Interesting Advertising-lnvades-Amiga-Games note: Goal! Is conspicuously "supported by" Adidas, ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0- Not hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. They take their soccer very seriously in Europe, and their soccer computer games almost as seriously. ®1.3
2. 0
3. 0 Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. "Footballers" are almost as common as Tetris clones over there, and games like KickOff II and Sensible Soccer have led a charmed life in overseas software charts. Now those two have company. Goal! = Virgin; around $ 35), which takes a seat at the head of the table. From Dino Dini, creator of the KickOff line, it is simply the ultimate Amiga soccer game wonderfully playable, full of features = but not burdened by them), and delightful to the eye and ear from the revolving soccer-ball mouse pointer to the post-goal gymnastics. Not surprisingly, at a basic level, it's generally reminiscent of Dini's KickOff games, with large-ish figures, engaging ease of play, and a high level of realism (penalties, injuries, and subs). Outside the game proper, things have changed radically. In the options and edit menus, virtually everything is up for grabs, from the orientation of the field, the composition of the league, the game's scale, the wind, the color of the uniforms, and strategy. The game becomes what you want it to be. Which is to say nothing of the savable replays and the crowd noise the latter the best use of sound in a sports game since Earl Weaver Baseball. The only things missing are HD installability and support for 3.0. If you have any interest in soccer, get this. You can't do better. The Dizzy Collection Who'd have imagined that a walking egg much less one wearing bright red boxing gloves and sneakers would take Europe by storm? Dizzy's string of budget arcade-adven- tures put the UK's Codemasters label (just beginning its assault on the US market) on the map, and they've generously collected five of them under one wrapper for S39.99: Fantasy World, Magicland Dizzy, Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk, Kwik Snax, and Fast Food. Yes, it's all rather twee and silly and perhaps better for the young or young at heart but 1 have a feeling you'll wind up playing this almost as much as the kids. It's very crisply presented, but the accent is on playability rather than huge production values. The levels are cleverly assembled, and the puzzles are tougher than you'd think. (Complaint: They've left out my favorite, Treasure Island Dizzy.) And when you're tired of the adventures, there's always Kwik Snax and Fast Food (sliding-block and maze-game spin-offs). This egg isn't over easy. (Beware: Some of the games don't work under 2.0 and 3.0 systems.) To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 90. Looking for More Power From Your A500, A1000or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer mam r*sss nJlU!L50mhz 0tJiy $ m°° *0i m cn deludes: I .;i5sa;2 Give your Amiga 500,1000* or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00. 95 E ‘Call for more information LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II. IID. HP. HID, IIIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 89.00 Board with 4 MB $ 149.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade ..$ 55ea...2 for $ 100.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ..$ 149.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ..$ 295.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, Tl, Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 SIMMS IVS1 MEG Simms...S29.95 1x8-80 .$ 35.00 1x8-70 ..$ 39.00 4x8-80 S119.00 4x8-70 ...S139.00 4x8-60 $ 149.00 A4000 80 MS 4MB Sirmis...$ 149.00 A4000 70 NS 4MB Simms....$ 159.00 A4000 60 NS 4MB Simms....$ 169.00 4x16mb Simms Please call 4 MB Nibble Mode ...S250.00 GVP 40ns Simms .S189 ea. VECTOR Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2000
• Up to 32 MB of RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail, in 68000
• Over 25eo faster than G-Force'”
• Built-in 2630 Expansion Bus 25 Mhz $ 529.00 33 Mhz and 40 Mhz Call ZIPS A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ $ 17.50 1x4-70 SCZ .....$ 17.95 1x4-60 SCZ ...Cali 256x4-80 SCZ ...S6.99 Includes Instructions GVP SIM32 4 MB ..$ 189.00 1 MB .....S69.95 MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice.
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM-$ 499.00 OnIV 8 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM-$ 1099.00 $ 39!? 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 f 68882-50 FPU add $ 135.95 Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor COMMODORE CHIPS
2. 04 ROM ... .only $ 35.00 Super Denise .... .$ 33.95
1. 3 ROM .$ 26.95 CIA 8520 $ 10 95 or two for...... .S19.95 A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory andClock DKB .... ...$ 183.00 MC68000 68010 .$ 15.00 Multistart II - Rom Switcher Rev 6a .$ 39.95 CSA Rocket Launcher-2630 Doubler... $ 499 00 DKB 2632 with 4mb . .....$ 349.00 8 up Boardwith 2 mb $ 129.00 1 mb Aonus .$ 44.95 1x4-100 ... ..$ 13.95 1x4-80 ..S15.95 256x4-80 ....$ 4.50 256x4-70 .... $ 5 50 DIPS 1x1-100 ...$ 3.49 1x1-80 .. ...$ 3.99 1x1-70 .. ...S4.50 256x4-80 Call 256x4-70 .... Call 1X4-80 .$ 17.95 1x4-60 .$ 19.95 256x1-120 ..... ...51.00 DRAM BLOWOUT We’ll Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-800-CSA-XLR8 PAGE ZIPS MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB $ 159.00 2 MB S199.00 4 MB $ 299.00 8 MB $ 375.00 Call for other configurations! Call fcr other configurations CSA- 12 Guage A1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator with SCSI & optional Networking Controller £ with 4mb-60-70NS add $ 159 with 68882RC50 add $ 135* Call for other configurations 68030-RC-50 with MMU .....$ .149.95 68882-RC-50 ....$ 135 95 (call for other speeds) 80387-25 SX (Bridge Board) ....$ 69.95 Crystal Oscilla!ors(Call for speed) ...$ 10.00ea. 68882 PLCC 40 MHZ .5139 go Call for other speeds Microbotics-MBX 68030 1230 XA 50mhz Accelerator jft-j-fc jruM with4mb ....add $ 139° $ 34gP° with 68882RC50 ....addS135“ with MMU High Speed SCSI Controller
• SCSI-Share™ Networking
• Features ProPLEX™
• 25. 33 or 40 Mhz
• Includes 68030 M MU & 68882 FPU Only at Memory World! 1200 ACELLERATORS Same featur, CPUs Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 8.00 for two-day deliver Add S5.00 for C.O.D. • APO, AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates • 10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective items SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1-800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Into? Call (305) 491-9519 P R E S E R V E
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19. 95 New Additions are in Red Type ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ? 3,0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection.
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3. 0 ? Kard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. Tye Eye ol the Beholder 2 (SSI) f-15 Strike Eac Jle2
1. 3 ?
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3. 0 ? Nol hard-drive installable. Copy-protection.
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. Price & AvalliblllTy subject lo change af anytime' No ref inch or enchanges.Deleclve products eirh-tngcd vdtti sane Pern, but sublet to Sideline approval CALL FIRSP
U. S. products wyranfied through manufacturer U X, producis warranted through Sideline .SOT RESPONSIBLE H3R SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE SHIPPING (UPS Ground) For up lo 3 Dleas. By payment Mastercard & Visi S5M-CO.D (Cash Only) SlO.OO Next day air add 510.2nd day air add 55.3 tiayalr add S3 lo basic rate Shipping limes not guaranteed COMPATIBILITY NOT GUARANTEED DEALER INQUIRIES’ Call 305-491-0336 Nothing is etched in stone Everything is subject to change 4-D Sports Boxing 4-D Sports Owing 4th and Inches 668 Atiack Sub Action Stitions Addam's Family Alien Breed Special Edition Amazing Spiderman Aquaventura (Psygnosis) Arkanoid 2 Ashes of the Empire Austeriitz Awesome Bird s Tale 3 Battle Chess Battle Command Battle Hawks 1942 Battleship Bat tie feeti Bills Tomato Game Blues Brothers Bonanza Brothers Bubble Bobble Budokhan Centurion. Defender of Rome Chaos Strikes Back Chips Challenge Chuck Rock Chuck Rock 2 Cont!k! In Korea (SSI) Conflict in Mideast (SSI) Continental Circus Covert Action (Microprose) Craps Academy Crazy Cars 2 Crazy Cars 3 Cycles (Accolade) D Generation Darkman Detender Of The Crown DeLuxe Productions Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Dig Dug (Dugger) Dojo Dan Dragon Wars (Interplay) Eye of the Beholder 1 (SSI) hoii aglt F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 fighting Falcon F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose) F-29 Retaliator Face Off Ice Hockey Faces Fairy Tale Adventure Fighter Bomber Final Blow Boxing Final Flight Fireteam 2200 First Samurai Flames of Freedom (Midwinter 2) Flight Of The Intruder Fhntstones Fool's Errand Full Metal Planer Future Wars (Interplay) GEMX Gettysburg (SSI) Grand Prix Circuit (Accolade) Gun ship Harbail Hark quin Harpoon Heart ot China (Dynamix) Heart ol the Dragon Hero Quest Hoyle's Book of Games 3 Hunter Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indy Heat Internationa Ice Hockey Internationa Karate Plus International Olympic Athletics It Came From The Desert It Came From The Desert 2 Jaguar XJ 220 James Bond. Stealth Affair James Pond Keet The Thief Killing Cloud King's Quest 5 Knights of the Sky (Microptose) Knightmare Laser Squad Leander (Psygnosis) Legend (4 Crystals ot Trtzzar) Leisure Suit Larry V Life and Death Loom Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Lotus Turbo 3 M-1 Tank Platoon (NTcroprose) Manhattan Drug Dealers Maniac Mansion Mega Lo Mania Mega phoenix Megatraveler 1 Mega traveler 2 Metal Mutants Microprose Golf (Greens) Midnight Resistance Mig 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth Monday Night Football Moonstone Music X Napolean 1 (Interdne) Narc New Zealand Story Nioell Mansell Grand Prix Ninja Remix North and South Nova Nine (Sierra) Obitus (Psygnosis) Outrun Europe Overrun Pacific Islands Pacland Panza Kick Boxing Paperboy 2 Pictionary Pirates Pit Fighter Police Quest III Popeye 2 Populous £ Data Disk PP Hammer's Neumatic Premiere Prince o! Persia Project X R-Type 2
R. B.I. Baseball 2 Rainbow Island Railroad Tycoon Ramparts Red Lightning (SSI) Red Storm Rising Red Zone (Psygnosis) Revenge ot Defender Rick Dangerous II Pise Of The Dragon Robocop 3-D Robosport Rocket Ranger Rodland Shadow Dancer Shadow Lands Shadow Warrior Shoot Em' Up Constr. Kil Silent Service Silent Service 2 Sim Earth Smash TV Space 1889 Space Crusade £ Add-On Space Quest IV Special Forces Strider 1 Slrider 2 Strike Fleet Stunt Car Racer Super Monaco GP Super Ski 2 Super Tetris
S. W.I.V. (Silkworm 4) Team Yankee The Immortal
T. V. Sports Baseball
T. V. Sports Basketball T V. Sports Boxing
T. V. Sports Football Terminator 2 Test Drive 2, all 4 add ons Tetris The Immortal The Jet sons The Simpsons The Three Stooges Toki Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed. Trump Casino 2 Turrican 2 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game Typhoon Of Steel (SSI) U timaS Under Pressure Universal Military Sim. 2 Vengeance otExcalibur Volfied Wat game Construction Set Waterloo Waxworks (Elvira 3) Weird Dreams White Death (Interdne) Wild Wheels World Boxing Manager Worlds at War (Interdne)
W. W.F. 2 Euro Rampage Zak McCracken Zoetrope Zool ¦"NEW TITLES“ Abandon ad Places II 40 Alien 3 38 Ancient Art ot War tn the Skies 42 Airbucks V 1.2 AGA 38 B-17 Flying Fortress 40 Batman Returns 40 Battle Isle -93 35 Battle Toads 38 Blade ot Destiny 42 Body Blows 35 Caesar Deluxe 39 Chaos Engine 35 Diggers 38 Doghght 42 Dune 2 33 Elite II Soonf F-t 7 Challenge 24.95 F-117A Stealth Fighter 42 Flashback 39 Goal (Kickott 3) 39 Gunship 2000 42 History Line 1914-1919 42 tshar2 38 Legacy of Sorasil 40 Legend Of Valor 45 Reach tar the Skies 40 Syndicate 40 Tornado Fltght Simulator 42 War in the Gulf 40 Whales Voyage AGA 38 Wing Commander 25 World of Legends 40 MULTIPACKS BIG BOX 2 Includes Batnbi rle. R-Type Bac* lo tbe Future 3. SiiCad A rnaljrte, Smngnji, inicina'ional Karate Pils, T V Swift Foolball. The Real Ghostbusieis. Defenders ol ine Earth ALL FOR $ 49.95 The Dream Team Includes WWF. The Snvpsoift. TenTiir«:« 2 ALL FOR $ 39.95 The Adventurers Includes Huter, Suwenacy, and Corpoiaiion ALL FOR $ 39.95 SUPERHEROES Includes las: Ninja 2. Siridei 2, Indiana Jones Crusade. The Sdy Who Lortd Me ALL FOR $ 29.95 10 Great Games Includes: Chicago '90. Xenon 2, Ferrari Foirvula . Pro Tennis Tour. P»c« and Pile. Supersu. Carrier Command. Rick Dangeious. Satan, Nighthunler ALL FOR $ 29.95 ACTION 16 Includes Targon. Sherman M4. Birmnatw, Fast Lane. Cosmic Piraie Hostages Rotor. Colorado. Maya. On Safari ALL FOR $ 24.95 Combat Classics Includes 683 Afac* Sub, Ft5 Strike Eagle 2, Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 44.95 Air Sea Supremacy Includes Silent Service, Gunsnio. Wings, P47TWL Cartier Command ALL FOR $ 49.95 SUPER FIGHTERS Includes Final Figt. Pit Fighter. WWF I ALL FOR $ 34.95 RAVING MAD Includes MERCS, Rodland, Robocod (James Pond 2) ALL FOR $ 29.95 TOP LEAGUE Includes Spetdball 2 F-16 Falcon. Midwinter. Fuc* Dangerous 2. T V Swns football ALL FOR $ 24.95 Fantastic Worlds Megalomania, Piraies. PoojIous. Realms. Wonderland ALL FOR $ 49.95 POWERHITS Lille Ccm-uter people. Shanghai, Batitetecfi. Fighter Boroei. Wicked, GB Ail Rally. Hac er 2. Tournamen: Goil, Spin Di-fty World Ports ol Call ALL FOR $ 49.95 SUPER SEGA Includes Sfiinofli. Crackdown, Super Monaco GP, E-SWAT, Golden Are ALL FOR $ 24.95 NINJA COLLECTION Includes Dojble Dragon. Dragon Ninja, Shadow Wariior ALL FOR $ 18.95 EUROMAGS Amiga Formal, C.U Amiga, Amiga Games, Amiga Action. Amiga Ccmpuling, Amiga User International. Amiga Pcwer ALL WITH DISKS-$ 10 exh Amiga SltOppCf-flO disk $ 7 Fax (305) 491-6134 A pleasant and speedy little war game (Point of View Computing; $ 59.95). You're captain of the submarine Nautilus in charge of wiping out the enemy in the Euclidean Strait. But it's not a submarine game. The overhead perspective put me more in mind of a high-calorie version of Battleship. It has a friendly simplicity and you'll find it easy to come to grips with the clickable commonsense commands down the right margin. Yet there's also a decent amount of complexity and strategy, what with supply ships (yours), sharks, repairs, depth charges, and so forth. You can knock off a quick game, but it may be a while before you win one. (There are 99 "simulator" missions and more than 320,000 random ones.) Unfortunately, Subversion has one of the most annoying copy-protection schemes I've seen this year a codewheel, but a somewhat complex one that's invoked every time you play a new mission. That always made me think twice before reaching for the game. ¦ D-Day = US Gold; S40) is the WW II equivalent of Ancient Art and it's ...well, another matter This concept had a lot of promise; the French developers behind it were responsible for the excellent sim-lites Advanced Destroyer Simulator and Sherman M4. But the execution of these four linked arcade segments bomb runs, parachuting, tankers, and an infantry crawl is decidedly off, and the game's a sort of a well-intentioned mess. The tank game is a poor relation to Sherman M4, and it's downhill from there. The bombing game is smooth but simplistic, the parachuting game is even more basic, and the infantry game of hide and seek is positively pathetic. The four disks don't run from hard disk, and the game doesn't even support a second floppy, which makes it...well, less than happy-fun-time. Make fun, not war: That seems to have been the idea behind both Ancient Art and D-Day (see next review). These two wargame-lites take off in different directions, and are "do" and "don't" examples of the same task. The "do" is most emphatically MicroProse's Ancient Art of War in the Skies (about S35) a sort of distant cousin to Wings (minus the 3-D bits), in which you get to bomb installations, take part in dogfights, and run an air campaign against the insidious Hun in World War 1. It's an enormous amount of simple but consistent fun especially if you have a hard disk, which I can't urge upon you strongly enough. It's been keeping my 500 hot all week. Cute computer-game critters are at a premium these days, and it's a wonder Grands am didn't make better use of the beloved beaver in this one (around S35): No dam-building, tree-chewing, or tail-pounding that I could detect, but a good deal of mundane star-collecting, jumping over broken bridges, and so on in a boy beaver's search for his significant other. (She's been kidnapped by a rabbit with an automatic rifle.) This conventional-if- ludicrous platform game is no better or worse than loads of other games of this ilk though it's more broadly drawn and difficult than most. Ancient Art of War in the Skies Subversion 1.0 Beavers (i A M E D-Day Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 215-586-5701 FAX 215-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 9 to 5 - Eastern We do not publish a catalog. Please call if you don't see what you want. The largest Authorized AMIGA dealer in the United States Full line of Hardware, Software, & Peripherals... INSTOCK Video Products Amiga 1200 | A600 A1200 External Hds DCTV $ 289.00 Kitchen Sync TBC 1279.00 SuperGen 539.00 SuperGen SX Call OpalVision 629.00 Personal TBC 4 Call DPS Personal Animation Controller Call Retina 4Mb AGA lor A2000 300Q 599.00 Vlab Realtime Video Digitizer 429,95 Vidi 12 AGA 139 95 Specials
• Limited Quantity Purchase
• 1 Mb RAM
* Full CBM Warranty NOW $ 189.00 A6Q0 wMDMb HD $ 339.00 AfiflO w 85Mb HD S4Z9.00 Amiga 4000 040 & 030 models INSTOCK. CALL!!! WB2 Upgrades DOS 2.1 Kit w ROM-$ 78.00
2. 1 Enhancer ¦ no ROM - $ 45.00 A2620 A2630 Eprom Kit $ 35.00 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 38.00
2. 04 ROM Kit tor A3000 42.00 A2091 Rev 7 Eprom Kit 32.00 AS217 Enhancer Docs lor A1200 26.95 Accessories & Modems Beetle Mouse $ 27.00 Clarity 16
169. 00 DP Analog Joystick Adaptor 16 00 EB920 Ethernet Irom ASDG
309. 00 Golden Image Amiga Mouse
29. 95 GP Fax Soltware Generic 1
59. 95 Gravis Gamepad Controller 22 95 GVP DSS8+ Sound Digitizer 89,95 Janus 2.1 Upgrade Kit 35,00 Krafl Triple Track Trackball 40,00 Supra 2400 External Modem 6900 Supra Fax Modem 14.4
225. 00 USR Sporster 14.4 Fax Modem 23900 A500 Upgrades Yes, we still support A500 o wners. If you do not see what you need, please call us. A590 HD 20Mb St95.00 A57Q CD ROM Drive w sottware 229.00 Motherboard Rev 5 = All chips) 139,00 A500 Case 23.00 A500 internal Replacement Drive 49.95 A501 512K RAM 29.95 A50Q Keyboard 29.95 GVP A500 HD8 w No Drive 179.00 GVP A500 HD8 w 120Mb HD 389.00 GVP A530 Turbo (Various Types) Calf DataFiyer Express SCSI or IDE 169.95 DataFiyer Express Combo 219.00 Baseboard OK 85.00 Baseboard w 2Mb RAM 172.00 RAM & Other Chips We stock all RAM chips, CPUs and FPUs. Please call for price and availability. Power Supplies & Expansion Boards Bigtoot Power Supply 500 600 1200 $ 89.00 A2030 300W Power Supply 169.00 Action Reptay Mark 3 A2000 69.95 DataFiyer 8Mb Board w 2Mb 165.00 DKB MegacJiIp w 2Mb Agnus 195.00 Sunrlze 16 Sit Audio Digitizer 1259.00 Amiga CD-32 Call for pricing and latest software titles. A3000 A4000 Expansion Expand just your RAM or add a 32-bit Zorro 3 SCSI-2 RAM combo card. The DKB3128 is expandable up to 128Mb RAM. The FastLane Z3 is expandable up to 256Mb RAM, plus it works with the existing Super Buster Rev 9+. DKB3128 RAM Expansion for A3000 A4Q00 $ 319.00 FastLane Z3 for A3000 A4000 $ 519.00 Accelerators & Hard Drives Accelerators GVP G-Force 030 40 40 4Mb Call GVP G-Force Q40 33 4Mb Call Supra Turbo 28 A500 or A2000 $ 159.00
3. 5" SCSI Herd Drives Quantum 52Mb IPS HD
129. 00 Quantum 120Mb IPS HD 195 00 Quantum 240Mb LPS HD
279. 00 Quantum 1.2Gig HD
1059. 00 Conner 120Mb HD
189. 00 Maxtor 240Mb HD
289. 00 Maxtor 340Mb HD
399. 00 SyQuest 88 44 511OC HD
339. 00 SyQuest 88Mb Cartridge
109. 00 Toshiba I.OGig HD
929. 00 Toshiba 1.2Gig HD
1029. 00 Dual bay Ext. Case w cabling
109. 00
3. 5a IDE Hard Drives Maxtor 240Mb HD
285. 00 Maxtor 340Mb HD
369. 00 Seagate 525Mb 3655A HD
619. 00 Seagate 525Mb 3600A HD
689. 00
2. 5" IDE Hard Drives Conner 40Mb HD $ 139.95 Conner 84Mb HD
229. 95 Seagate 85Mb HD
239. 95 Seagate 127Mb HD
315. 00 Seagate 210Mb HD
419. 00
* AGA Chips & 14 Mz B8EC020
• 16 Million Colors & OS 3.0 These Hard Drives and cases require very little installation effort and NO soldering. They allow you a much larger Hard Drive than ordinarilly available internally. And these drives can be used in conjuction with your existing internal drive.
• DataFiyer IDE XDS No Drive $ 95.00
• DataFiyer IDE XDS w 170Mb HD 319.00
• DataFiyer IDE XDS w 240Mb HD 345.00
• DataFiyer IDE XDS w 345Mb HD 429.00
• DataFiyer IDE XDS w 528Mb HD 725.00
• SCSI version available soon Call
• PCMCIA & Flicker Free Support A1200 $ 399.00 A1200 w 40 Mb HD 545.00 A12Q0 w 85 Mb HD 649.00 A12Q0 w 128 Mb HD 729.00 A1200 w 210Mb HD 859.00 Please add $ 20.00 for Hard Drive installation & formatting. MBX1200 68881 20Mz OK $ 139.00 MBX1200 68882 33Mz OK 209.00 MBX1200 68882 50Mz OK 309.00 DK8 1202 OK 16Mz w Clock 25.00 RAM -1, 2, 4. 8Mb for above Call GVP 1230 Turbot 40 0 0 359.95 Toaster Bundles GVP 1230 Turbot 40 4Q 4Mb 579.95 GVP 1200 SCSI RAM* (All) Call DKB-The Clock lor A1200 149.00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb 139.95 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 IDE Cable & Software-600 1200 20.00 15-23 Pin Converter 19.95 Hi-Density Floppy Drives Both bundles include complete installation and pre-testing of your machine. Please call for other contigurations. External Model: $ 134.95 A2000 3000 Internal: $ 99.95
1. 76MB Capacity Use With A-Max & 386 Emulators 1 Year Warranty Must use with 2.04 or higher Motherboards A2000 Rev 6.X Motherboard $ 449 00 A4000 Motherboard
599. 00 A2000 w swap-Rev 6 or above
225. 00 A3000 16Mz w swap
249. 00 A3000 25Mz w swap
299. 00 A500 Motherboard Rev 5
139. 00 CBM Parts & Peripherals A2091 Controller S65.00 A520 Video Adapter
23. 00 A600 1200 Int. Floppy Drive
69. 95 A1000 Internal Floppy Drive
59. 95 A600 1200 Keyboard (Specify)
29. 95 A2000 Keyboard
59. 95 A3000 Keyboard
59. 95 A400Q Keyboard
67. 95 A1000 Keyboard
49. 95 A1000 Keyboard Adaptor
16. 95 A2000 Complete Case NEW
59. 95 A2000 Int. Floppy Drive
69. 95 A3DOO Int. Floppy Drive
69. 95 A1000 Power Supply
62. 00 A200Q Power Supply
109. 00 A3000 Power Supply
109. 00 A4000 Power Supply
89. 00 A1050 256K RAM A1000
35. 00 CBM Amiga Model Mouse
19. 00 .. Amiga Bundle 1
• A4000 030 25Mz
* 10Mb RAM & 120Mb HD
* Video Toaster 4000 $ 3999.00 ij!l eb£if!ic€de& % Now is the perfect time to find your loved one, or friend, a Gift Certificate for their computer syslem. Pre- Christmas prices are now in effect: $ 50 Gift Certificate for $ 47 $ 100 Gift Certificate for $ 95 $ 200 Gift Certificate for $ 189 $ 1000 Gift Certificate for $ 940 Gilt Certificates are valid from date issued through June 30, 1994 and are sent in a gift wrapped box. AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS Call for Quantity Discounts 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 37.95 Super Denise 8373 28.95 CIA 8520 chip 8.50 Gary 5719 chip 13.95 Paula or Denise chip 18.95
1. 3 ROM chip 21.95
2. 04 ROM chip w Wire 32.95
2. 05 ROM - no wire 31.95 Super Buster Rev 11 65.00 Super DMAC Rev 4 65.00 Monitor Specials 1084S - Color stereo model w Amlga cable -$ 239.00 A1942 - Multlscan .28mm DP Stereo Speakers - $ 389.00 A1960 - Multlscan - Call 0 Copyngm 1993. Lechwriiefj. Inc. All Rignts Reserved Bundle 2
• A4000 040 25Mz
* 18Mb RAM & 360Mb HD
* Video Toaster 4000 $ 5299.00 NEW! EGS Video Board Call for latest prices! All GVP products are In stock at low prices. Our Policies No waiting for your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post. UPS or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS.
* All orders are subject to credit card verification • -¦- As-y- a- -- Due to advertising schedules, all prices are subject to change. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. We also ship COD, accepting Cash, Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 for small Items. $ 15.00 lor Monitors. Call lor larger items. COD add S5.00. Canadian. APO. & International orders are welcome. We will bill only lor actual shipping charges & insurance at time of order. 15% re-stocking lee on all returns not exchanged. _U ImkMM TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FR1. 9-6, SAT. 9-5CST information Tech Support Returns 4i4-54s-si25 .139.00 ...22.00 .. 20.99 ...30.00 .129.00 .309.00 ...47.99 ...75.00 ...86.99 ...52.99 .149.99 Education E'N fT,E R T fl I NME'N ,T, .36,99 .26.99 .26.99 .43.00 .36.00 .40.99 .41.00 .42.00 .31.99 .35.99 .36.00 .48.99 .37.00 .32.99 .42.99 .35.00 ,.36.00 .36.99 ,.36.99 ..35.00 ..37.99 ..30.99 ..30.99 . 34.99 ..33.99 . 32.99 ..36.99 ..32.00 ..46.99 ..40.00 ..42.99 Software
1869. . ADI Jr. Reading .. ADI Jr. Counting . A-Train w Const Set .. AT Air Command ...... Air Bucks AGA ... Airbus A320 USA ...... B17 Flying Fortress ... Battle Isle ‘93 . Desert Strike .. Dune II .... Fighter Duel Flight .... FlashBack ...... Gear Works ... Gunship 2000 Ishar AGA ...... Ishar II ..... Keys to Music II . Lionheart Lost Vikings ... Mavis Beacon 2.0 ..... Mickey’s 1, 2. 3 . Mickey’s Jigsaw Nippon Safes, Inc ..... Omar Sharif on Bridge..... Pinball Fantasies Realms of Arkania .... Robocod AGA Rules Engagement II Sim Life .. Space Hulk .... US ROBOTICS Be the proud owner of USR!!! Sportster 2400 .99.00 Sportster 2400 V.42bis115.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext 197.00 Sportster 14.4 FAX Ext 225.00 Couner14.4 Ext 489.00 Courier HST Dual Standard ...849.00 Backdrop Construction Kit.. 36.99 Bars & Pipes Pro 2.0 .245.00 C Net 3.0 ..130.00 Caligari24 .249.99 Caligari Broadcast 3.0 499.00 Can Do 2.5 120.00 Charts & Graphs 3.0 .....59.00 Cross DOS 5.0+ .37.00 Cycle Muscles Imagine .91.99 DCTV Animator ..49.00 Deluxe Music II ..80.00 Deluxe Paint IV AGA ...119.00 Easy AMOS .41.99 Enlan DFS Network .....185.00 Essence Vot 2 ....85.00 Excelsior BBS ..120.00 GP FAX Class 1 ..49.00 Font Flyer ...53.99 Fractal Pro 6,0 120.00 HyperCache Pro .32.99 ImageMaster RT ..171.00 on COMPUTER SYSTEM ASSOCIATES INC. Introducing CSA’s Twelve Gauge 50MHz Accelerator! For the fastest 1200 possible!! Features include a full ‘030 CPU with burst mode and MMU; SCSI adaptor for CD ROM. SCSI devices and tape back-up: RAM options: networking option Twelve Gauge OK 599,00 Twelve Gauge 4Meg 60ns Call Twelve Gauga'68882RC50 ..749.00 Software 3D Studio . 600 Amiga Clip Art..... 600 Amiga Fonts . Address It! .. ADPTools Prof .. Aladdin 4D ... AmiBack2.0 AmiBack Plus Tools... AMOS Pro ... ASIM CDRom FS 2.0, Art Expression .... Space Legends .38.99 Tom Landry Football Dlx.....32.99 Vector Storm .....19.99 When Two Worlds War 36.99 Woody’s World ..31.00 BRODUCTIV ltTtY( ¦Utilities! Cs Commodore® AMIGA cnnnnmH A520 RF Modulator 35.00 CD 32 .385.00 Floppy Drive 2000 HD....91.00 Floppy Drive 3000 HD....91.00 Monitor 1084 .250.00 Monitor 1942 BiScan ...379.00 Mouse, 2-Button 45.00 Mouse, 3-Button 53.00 SCSI Controller 4091...299.00 INSTOCK!! COMMODORE AMIGA 4000 040 COMMODORE'S FASTEST AGA machine with an '040 accelerator board. FAST 120MB harddrive, 6 megs of RAM including 2 megs CHIP RAM, high density floppy. Perfect for Toaster 4000. Call for pricing.
X. J INTERACTIVE --MULTIMEDIA BH OM 3D ROM (3D Models)... CD Caddy 2-Pack AmiNet ...
185. 00 .15.99
20. 99 Audio 1 ...... Color Magic . Fred Rsh Online 1.5...... Fred Fish Reg 1.6 GIFs Galore .. ... 20.00 .21.00
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45. 00 .18.99 Goliath Clip Art
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20. 00 MultiMediaCD .. ...33.00 Proiect Gutenbera 27 00 ¦ vivvi vuivi 'Mvy SCSI-TVw Adapator,.,. ......160.00 Ultimate MOD Collection 22.99 BOOKS & MAGAZINES AMOS Gamemaker’s Manual 27 99 Amiga 1200 Insider's Guide 26.00 Mastering AMOS .29.00 Mastering Amiga Arexx 27.00 Mastering Amiga'Beginners 2 .00 Mastering Amiga C ..27 00 Mastering Amiga DOS 26 99 Mastering Amiga Systems ....36 00 Mastering Assembler 33 00 Mastering Toaster 4000 ...32 99 Morphing Magic 2550 We carry ALL Euro magazines! Interchange Plus 3.0 ..120.00 Invoice It! ...35.00 MegaTools . 46.00 MiGraph OCR Jr ..110.00 Montage .. 329.99 MultiFrame .70.00 Notebook ...27.99 Odds & Ends ....36.99 C= Commodore Office 3.0 ..120.00 On The Bali (Calendar) ..32.00 Online Reference Manual 23.00 Origins .79.00
P. HAS.A.R 55.00 PageSetter II 3.0 55.00 PageStream 2.2 ...169.00 Pelican Press .....58.99 Personal Paint AGA .....65.00 Pixel 3D Pro W Anim Workshop ....156.00 Micro R. & D. Dock, 1201 AM ... 26.00 Fontasia 300 Outline fonts for use with WB Disk box inducted...™ .....59.00 MIDI Interface .....40.00 Modem, 14,4 FAX including GP FAX and FRE Eknonth Safe Harbor BBS membership! _269.00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button Works withOpaMsion! 29.00 PtMer Supply 2000 (300watts) ..149.00 Paver Supply 500 (200 watts) __89,00 O AMOS Gamemaker s Manual 27.99 © S'jpraFAXModem 14.4......239,00 © Ultimate MOD Collection ..22.99 Q Directory Opus 4.1 59.99 Q Syndicate ..33.99 © AMOS Pro Compiler ..42.00 O Art Department Pro 2.3.....139.00 © AmiNet CD ......20.99 © Brilliance ...149,00 Professional Calc 2.0 .120.00 PlaqueGrounds 59.99 Playmation ......299.00 Power Packer Pro ..22.99 ProDraw ProPage Bundle..210.00 Prof Toaster Wipes 59.99 Profills 2.0 Vol 3 33.99 Video Toaster 3.0 $ 1950.00 Also available Video Toaster 3.0 Software only $ 689.00 N=wT=k INCORPORATED .275.00 .339.00 HA .259.00 ,169.00 .85.00
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Q. I'd like to be able to use an Amiga to record and edit 16-bit stereo sound, handle 24-bit graphics, and perform minor video work, such as titling for home videos. Vd also like to have an Amiga with PC-compat- ibility. I currently own an Amiga 500 with a hard drive and SMB of RAM. Given my desires for upgrading, should I consider a new Amiga ora PC-compatible? Shawn T. Hooper P a ftown, North Carolina
A. Let’s briefly address each of your points and look at a few Amiga options. For recording and editing 16-bit stereo sound, options abound, but nearly all require the use of a 16-bit compatible sound card or device for the Amiga. MicroDeaFs Clarity 16 device sounds (no pun intended) like a low cost solution to your needs. Because it’s an exter- nal device, a Zoito slot is not required, which means it is compatible with all Amigas, including your A500. If you upgrade to another Amiga, you may want to consider a 16-bit sound board, such as SunRize Industries’ true 16-bit AD516 board ($ 1495). For 24-bit graphics and minor video work an ideal choice is to u grade to an A4000. For starters, a good viewer program, such as the freely distributable ViewTek 1.5, allows you to display nearly all popular graphics formats on a stock A4000. To get creative with those images consider packages such as An Department Professional ($ 299, ASDG), ImageFX ($ 429, Great Valley Products) and Imagemaster (SI99, Black Belt Systems). You may want to consider a simple video titling package, but, after the upgrade, you will want more video flexibility, GVP's IV24 2.0 (SI399), Centaurs OpalVision (S995) and the Video Toaster 4000 ($ 2395) from NewTek all easily justify the higher price ticket with their exhaustive lists of video options. By Tim Walsh If you're interested in 24-bit graphic boards, see “Devices and Desires” (February ’93) and the reviews of the Retina ($ 599) and the V-Lab ($ 499) from MacroSystems US (July ’93). Third-party devices and emulation programs for PC-compatibility already exist for your A500. “The PC Connection” (July, ’93) gives a comprehensive look at PC boards for ail Amiga models. AmigaDOS 3.0 on the new AGA Amigas lets your Amiga-specific applications read and write to PC-formatted disks. For true PC-emulation on the A2000, A3000, and A4000 you might consider one of Commodore’s Bridge- boards, such as the recently discontinued A2286 (still available through some dealers) or the A2386SX Bridge- board ($ 649). Word On Video
Q. I recently bought an Amiga 2000, installed AmigaDOS 2. , and now I'm ready to start video productions and word brocessinp on it. What do I need to get stalled? " Slake Aronorade Chicago, Illinois
A. I ll keep this simple. For video work, begin by reading the answers to the preceding questions. If you’re working with live or recorded video ancl you’re in need of the ultimate video switcher, NewTek’s Toaster 4000 is the clear choice. It’s also the one you want for its LightWave 3.0 if 3-D rendering and animation lies in your future. When it comes to paint programs, OpalPaint, bundled with the OpalVision board, has won the greatest acclaim. Finally, for video work with an emphasis on multimedia, GVP’s IV24
2. 0, with its built-in framegrabber, video genlocks, and unique picture-in- picture capability, is not to be overlooked. Some option-laden word processing packages are ProWrite 3.3 ($ 99.95, New Horizons), Final Copy II from Softwood ($ 99.95), and, to a lesser extent, Gold Disk's Transwrite (§37.97). Pencil It In
Q. When I In to connect my new A 5 70 CD-ROM drive to the pass-thru connector on my external Supra RAM 500 RX, I sometimes get a Guru message on my Amiga
500. If I place a pencil beneath the computer and RAM expander, all's well. If I can get this combination to work properly, is there o way to effectively record from music Cds to computer disks? Chris Plaih G ra n by, Massac Ii usetts
A. There are two potential trouble spots that immediately spring to my mind regarding the bad connection. Either the edge connectors on the Supra RAM expander or those on the A500 could be worn out or just plain loose. Prevention is the best medicine. Daisy-chaining multiple devices to the A500’s expansion port is seldom recommended. Even the minute jarring that occurs when typing rapidly is enough to gradually loosen the connections. Troubleshoot the cause by connecting the A570 directly to the A500. If everything functions fine, you may want to upgrade the A570’s RAM and use the A500’s expansion bay instead of the expansion port. Using an eight-bit sound device, such as GVP’s DSS8+ ($ 99) which accepts any output directly from line- level sound sources, you’ll end up with BSVX IFF-format sound samples. Another, more versatile option is to send the output to a MIDI-compatible device. Any Amiga sound device with MIDI support can then receive, manipulate, and save those samples. Finally, for A2GQ0s, A3000s, and A4000s, Blue Ribbon Soundworks’ One-Stop Music Shop ($ 649) can capture sounds originating from multiple sources to disk via presets. ¦ DevWare Video now 100% Toaster! =W1=K Video Toaster Tutorials Dark Horse Productions SPECIAL! ;Order any 3 products and receive "The Amiga Video Vol. 1 sbsolutsfy TEGO! = Bundles count as 1 video towards offer) DevWare Video now makes your shopping for instructional products easier than ever before. We offer the largest selection of videos and books...sec for yourself! % Order Tqll-Frff 1-800-879-07SQ Or turn the page and see the information for mailed orders in our DevWare ToolChest ad. Animation Videos!!! Animation 101 Bestseller! FromMynadVisua!Adventures, a complete course in real-time animation lor video II demonstrates cartoon and industrial animation in high resolution, using basic software and relatively inexpensive hardware Pad one shows you a vanoty ol animation techmques-wilh humor Part two shows in detail how the animations were made. V2078 $ 23.95 Amiga Animation - Hollywood Stylo Leam classic. Hollywood,Disney-style techniques using Delux- oPaml IV and Disney Animation Studio, from renowned Amiga animator. Gene Hamm Especially for artists who are computer novices and computer users who don't draw with a mouse 30 minutes V2051 S1B.95 How To Animate I Sole Price! Pick up helpful tips and techniques on using DcluxePamUV from Jool Hagen, and using LightWave 3D from AmigaWorkts Lou Wallace. 45 minutes, V2059 $ 14.95 Special Offer! Get cur Animator's Bundle (all 3 ot the above videos) lor only V4022 S46.95 Computer Animation Festival New Release! Miramar brings you 21 award-winning computer animations mixing humor, adventure, song and fantasy into 45 entertaining minutes Also includes Todd Rungren’s ’Change Myself video which was done usmg the VkJeo Toaster's Lightwave 3-D software. V2035 $ 17,95 The Mind s Eye A compelling look at the universe, utilizing the talents ol over 300 top computer animation artists 40 minutes V2043 $ 17.95 Beyond the Mind s Eye Best Seiler! Tins cne is even better than the original! Over 200,000 copes of this incredible video sold ready* 40 mins V2044 S17.95 Space Wars & Other Animations A DevWare Exclusive! Superb animations from Tobias Richter, one ol Europe's best Amiga animators Centerpiece is Space Wars, 8000 frames spanning 7 entertaining minutes with an original soundtrack by Norwogian musician Bjorn A Lynne. 40 minutes. V4027 $ 16,95 Chronos (Miramar) Breathtaking! V2045 S15.95 History of the Amiga V2042 S14.95 Animation Vol.I Sale! V2040 $ 11.95 Animation Vol. II Sale! V204t $ 14.95 Graphics - Instructional Imagine 2,0: The Detail Editor Made Simple (fewest Release! Don't be fooled! This Is the only video on using Imagine 2.0! Datapath's first release in their "Modeling with Imagine’ series You will learn how to create a scene from start to finish. Each tool is covered in detail. Discussions range from using the onion-skin feature to apply facos, grouping, joining, and taking slice objects, to advanced topics like creating ob|octs lhat bend and using magnetism to ciente organlc-looking objects. Approx 2 hra V4050 $ 36.95 Kiiler Graphics: Animated Logos with DCTV Vo'ume II. How lo create animated 3D logos. Stop by step examples V2102 $ 29.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With DCTV Volume I This senes will teach you how to create killer graphics quick ard easy with tho latest DCTV, using real projects as examples 54 mm V2073 S29.95 Killer Graphics: Special Event Graphics with DCTV Vol 3. Special Evonl producers tako note! Leam lo use DCTV to digitize & enhance images for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. V4Q44 S29.95 Dpaint IV Video Guide In this easy-to-follow lutonal, you'll explore many Dparnt Ivs features which will meet most of your graphics anim needs. V2060 S19.95 Advanced Techniques with DeluxePaint IV Leam lips and Iricks for combining Dpaint Ivs drfferent tools lor spectacular affects with pro rosulls Create 3D text, drop shadows, textures, cycle color animations, prof tiling lochniques, and mors’ 60 min V2068 SI9.95 Money-Saving Bundles! Kiler Graphics: DCTV Vol 1 & 2 V2096 $ 49.95 Ki ler Graphics: DCTV Voil. 2 & 3 V4045 $ 69.95 Sony FVO-9700 Training 1 & 2 V4012 $ 49 95 Animation Vol. I & II V2079 $ 19.95 Dpaint IV (Video GukJe. Adv. Tech) V2082 S33.95 Adita: All 7 video V2094 $ 169.95 Minds Eye, Beyond Minds Eye V2084 $ 29.95 Computer Anim Festival. Minds Eye, Beyond Minds Eye Bundle V4061 $ 46 95 Ki ler Graphics: DCTV Vol 1,2 & 3 V4045 S69.95 History ol the Amiga, How to Animate, and Animation Volume I & II Sale! V2G80 $ 39 95 Amiga Animation-Hollywood Style, How to Animate, Animation 101 V4022 $ 46.95 The Adita... " How To Shoot Super Videos" Video Series Know Your Camcorder How to buy tho camcorder and accessones that are nght lor you Use your camcorder to rts fullest advantage. How to maintain your camcorder. 90 mins. V2086 $ 34.95 How To Shoot Video Like a ProHow to eliminate that amateur took Loam the key fundamentals ol composition Bonus! - How to transfer your slides and ofd home movies to video 90 mins V2087 $ 34.95 Continuity & Combining Shots Learn how. When and why to use correct panning and zooming techniques 7 key steps for good continuity. Much more V2088 $ 34,95 Light Techniques & Recording Sound Get groat lighting with least amount ot equipment Ovorcomo backlighting. Creative shooting: including nighttime vidoo. Ilreworks, and using filters Fealures needed (or sound. Bost microphones Do audio dubbing and mixing. 90 minutes V2Q89 $ 34.95 Basic Editing vv Consumer Gear How to create productions using consumer equipment and how to 'shoot to edit", which makes editing videos a snap! 90 minutes. V2090 $ 34.95 Inter. Editing w Prosumor Gear Get bettor control in editing Leam what kind of equipment to buy. Loam editing theory insert and Assemble editing Setup lor best results. 90 mins. V2091 $ 34.95 Adv. Editing w Prolessional Gear Techniques used by the pros. Editing tncks. Split edits pcst-productor using Amigas, Toaster and mixers Time base correctors, A B roil. Time Code, Decision Lists and more as performed in Adita's studio. 120 min V2092 $ 34.95 Gel any 3 tapes In the Super Videos Series V2093 Only $ 79.95 Desktop Video Secrets of the Panasonic AG1960 1970 New Release! Kingsway Productions reveals the super secrets and hidden features of the AG 1960 and the new AG 1970 S-VHS editing decks Demos of audio modifications and editing systems. 130 mins V4037 $ 34.95 The Basics of Video New! V4018 524.95 Understanding S-VH5 Newt V4019 S24.95 Video Signals and the Toaster New Rclon&e! V4Q20 S24.95 Alpha Video 3 Bundle (above 3) V4021 $ 69.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. I Elite Video will teach you how to get the most from Panasonic's AVE5 or MX 10 12 digital video mixers, including how to use them as dual channel, time-based controllers for input to your Video Toaster system. 75 mins. V4014 $ 36.95 Tho Digital Mixer Companion Vol. II Learn how to do effects with your mixer which shoufdn t be possible, but are - with Elite Video's socrets. V4015 536.95 Digital Mixer Companion I & II V4016 $ 64,95 Sony EVQ-9700 Basic Training V4Q10 S26.95 Sony EVO-9700 Advanced Training Tape Vol Ii Advanced: window, synced &. Timecode dubs, multitrack audio, single frame recording, use of external equipment lor titling and A S roli editing V4011 S26.95 Sony EVO-9700 Training Series f S II Both Basic Training and Advanced Training V4012 S46.95 The Amiga Video Vol. 2 n™ Release! This second 'appetizer will give you tips on graphics and video effects using ImageFX and Dpainl IV. Multimedia script construction with HyperBook, font manipulation with TypeSmith, plus a guide to AMOS and moro video tips! 55 minutes " V4058 $ 19.95 The Amiga Video Vol 1. N,« ’appetizer" introduces you lo image processing with Art Dept Pro. Morphing with Morph Plus and ImageMasier, desktop publishing with PngeStream. Word processing with Final Copy II. Animating with Real 3D: tips on using Dpaint IV and much more 55 minutes. V4G39 $ 14.95 The Amiga Video Bundle 1 & 2 V4059 529.95 vow product Wo arc the Amiga market’s largest reseller o' videotapes, Send us your product(s) or cal
(603) 532-7701 for more information. MoSl comprehensive, rnforma- Iftion-packed instructional videotapes on using the Video Toaster 2.0. LightWave For the Rest of Us Just released! Tutorial 3. Practical modelings and animation techniques for ihe professional videographer! Leam how lo capture, model and animate company LOGOS straight from any printed material. Generate and effectively use surfaces and images. Turns LightWave animations into usable Dpaint Anims. Fly LOGOS, animate complex machinery, build a building then apply captured images for added realism. Create your own Fonts and make them shine with special surfaces. Layout, Modeler, Surfaces, Images, Lighting, Motion control are all covered tn this information-packed tutorial. Includes Mini Tutorials on ADPro, Pixel 3D Pro and Rend
24. 2hrs V4056 S34.95 Video Toaster GuickStart Tutorial 1 You will learn about Preferences & Projects, The Switcher & Digital Effects, Chroma FX, Cus- tom FX. Luminance Keyer Basics, TBC or Not TBC... 120 mm. V4046 $ 34.95 Video Toaster QuickStart Tutorial 2 you will learn about the Toaster Character Generator. ToasterPaint, Customizing Framestores, using CG Pages with Digital Video Effects, Art Card, and Luminance Keyer topics. 110 minutes, V4Q47 $ 34.95 Video Toaster QuickStart 2.0 Bundle 1 & 2 V4048 S59.95 Video Toaster QuickStart 2.0 Bundle 1, 2 & 3 V4057 $ 89.95 Amiga Books Mastering Toaster Technology I . : Bestseller! Justadded-twoad- ¦ ‘ 1 ' dilional tutorial disks lor Toaster 4000 users. Tho oniy how-to. Hands on guide to using the Video Toaster, Follow step-by-step instructions that toach you how to use the Vidoo Toaster to create perfect 3D logos, static and travel ing mattes, and 3D animation from CAD files You will also leam to unlock the potential ol the Toaster by rotoscoping and combining ToasterCG. ToasterPaint and LightWave to create stunning visual effects All this from the voices ol expenence, Brent Mei- nack and Phil Kurz. Learn to master tho alpha channel with LightWave, ToasterPaint and ToasterCG, and how to rotoscope Irom RAM. Also Included is a two-disk set filled with 3D objects, a beveled font set, a color font set. Anim wipes and clip art. B106 S39.95 Amiga C For Beginners bioi $ 19,95 Amiga Intern The definitive reference for a!! Amiga 500, 2000 and 3000 users. 900+ pgs B103 $ 29.95 AmignDOS Reference Guide New Release! The complete guide and tutonai to AmigaDOS including Releases 2 and 3. 336 pgs B110 $ 19.95 Aroxx Cookbook Deluxe Edition Step-by-step approach, usotul programs as examples, clear presentation ol Arexx controlling PostScript, thorough references for alt Arexx instructions, functions, and application program commands Includes 2 disks B104 $ 41.95 Best Amiga Tips and Secrets Answers to the questions you ask the most. B114 S18.95 Amiga Desktop Video 2nd Ed. B113 S19.95 Amiga BASiC Inside & Out B102 $ 19.95 Using Arexx on the Amiga B108 $ 24,95 Amiga Graphics Inside Out (Abacus) B119 $ 19-95 to 48 channels of CD-qua&y music production In one system ? Digital recording, ecEting, mixing, and SMPTE time code synchronization are all discussed and shown m actual use. You will be guided through simple recording, multi-track applications, cue listing (ovont timing), and easy audio lor video synchronization. Fully orchestrated Jingles, 30-second spcls. Inlo-merdals, lull length productions. Lengthening or shortening your composition to match your scene • can be easily accomplished by you. Includes the use ol Suirize's Studio 16 with AD1012 and AD516. Super Jam1, Bars and Pipes Pro 2+. Triple Play Plus, Sync Pro, MIDI devices and more.V40G8 S34.95 The Video Guide to ToasferVision New Release! Ken Byrd, creator of ToaslorVision, will give you the insight and knowledge lo master this important program and its live erxdling modules 106 min. V4049 S36.59 SpecialOffers Helm $ 99.95 Create Freely Re-distributabte programs! No Fees!!! Watch out CanOo! A powerful authoring system and graphics program which will let you easily create interactive presentations! You can rapidly create interfaces by drawing buttons, toxtlields, imagefietds, and other objects on the screen. The objects can be connected to preprogrammed actions or user-created senpts lhat access sophisticated procedures for handling databases, muse, sounds, pictures, animations, text, and visual effects Artists and multimedia specialists will appreciate Helm's graphics tools: user-defined brushes, multiple paint styles, image scaling. Palelte manipulations, histograms, edge detection, halftoning, mosaics, color effects, and customizable filers AGA and Workbench 1.3 through 3.1 compatible ADPTools V2.0 ProfessicnatT3600 $ 134.95 This is lo Art Department Professional what UghtWave is to tne Video Toaster! Newest release from Earobc Digital Systems A powerful, full-featured animation system providing imago processing and special olfects lor digital video and animations. Requires AdPro 2 3+ ADPToo!sV1.5 T30S5 $ 59.95 AsimVTR T3050 $ 49.95 Record your animations to your hard drive Combinesi both frame-accurate edrting functions with real-time playback speeds. MONTAGE New ! T3053 $ 324.95 The ultimate upgrade for Toaster 2.0 and tho perfect enhancement for Toaster 3 0 and Toaster 4000 Empowers you wth cutting-edge sottware that is THREE Post Production solutions in one! Character Generation! 24-Bit Imaging! Sequencing and Effects! MONTAGE MONTAGE Fonts 1 Bundle V4062 $ 424.95 Interchange Plus 3.0 tsos2 $ 134.95 Just Released Control complex conversions with smoother shapes! New Arexx scripting interface! Now includes high-end converters for Wavefront. AutoCAD DXF. 3D studio formats. UghtWave 2 0. Imagine (PC Amiga), imagoMaster Turbo Silver, Sculpt, Videoscape. Vista DEMs, and others. Pixel 3D Professional Anim Workshop Bundle (Axiom) T5058 $ 159.95 Makes 3D modeling simple! Considered essential by LightWave 3D users everywhere! Amiga CD-ROM AsimCDFS V.2 Just Released! Allows your CDTV or CDROM Dnvo to access any ISO-9660, High Sierra, or Mac HFS formatted disc. Comes with Fish Market Disc Collection (up to Fred Fish 900). Kodak Photo CD viewer, upgraded file system, new preferences editor, audio playback system advanced playback features, ard more! T5092 $ 69.95 Ami Net T5077 S24.95 Audio Resource T5078 $ 24.95 CD-ROM fs T508Q $ 44.95 Desktop Library CD-ROM T5082 S34.95 +1000 classic literature, historical and relerenco works Fantazia Fonts T5063 $ 49.95 Fred Fish Collection T5084 $ 59.95 Games T5086 $ 34.95 Goliath Clip Art T5087 $ 24.95 Libris Brittanica T5088 $ 59.95 Multimedia T5069 $ 49.95 Texture City Over 100 Textures! T5016 S119.95 Yes! We WILL carry Ihe new Amiga CD32 Titles! Taming The Wave: Exploring NewTek's LightWave 3D Take advantage of Lightwave's lull potential wilh tho most complete UghtWave 3D Training System anywhere Features 3 hours ol D-2 mastered video on two tapes, with detailed explanations on every major LightWave option and hundreds of stunning animations written ano directed by David Hopkins, Also included are two disks tilled with 2 exclusive typostyles from Unili Graphics, 4 great textures from JEK Graphics' Pro Fills senes, a 3- D scanned Chevy Camaro, all the tutorial objects, and a 50-page handbook in a helpful G&A format V2074 was $ 99.95 on Sale! S79.95 Call our Atomic Toaster Catalog Division for System Design Information, Creative as well as Technical Support: (801) 466-7330 Graphics Workshop $ 29,95 Iw&n'-OctaMED Professional, Version 5 $ 69.93*1 Over 100,000 copies sold worldwide! Available in the U. S, for the first time - exclusively from DevWare! OctaMED Pro is the premier sequencing package. Version 5 has been completely rewritten for Kickstart 2+ (Workbench 2+ is required) and features standard windows and pull-down menus for easy, familiar operation, Discover what thousands of Europeans already know, love and depend on. Compose professional music at a fraction of the price of its higher-priced competitors. |CU Amiga Magazine says of OctaMED Pro 5 ’OctaMED was already by far the best MIDI and sample sequencer about-now it's even better." Product code: T505i An amazingly powerful program at an unbeatable price, OctaMED Pro 5 features: jjfial E j is n I K
• ,-fg* ' [ Formally the AmiyaWorUl ToolCln-si! | Re- ntroducec and available a; a fantasi c price--another product available exclusively from DevWare! Graphics Workshop has a huge toolbox, graphics effects, page Hipping and moviepath arvmation. AmigaWorld called ¦t "Gest new graphics program. A technical tour de force The coior-area, color mixing, and cell an mation features are simply amazmg " Amazing Computing said *.. Electronic Arts should study it carefully ‘ Features Include; a 10-brush library, gray-scaling, line art generation, true anti-aliasing, true polygon generation (3-22 sides|, rays, four-point curves, brush masking, color replacing, rub-thru drawing, pattern library with pattern draw, auto mate normal and half-brile shadows, gradient fill, wrapping, variable speed air brush, two types of stenciling, 3-D perspective. And much more1 Originally available from Hoiosoft Technologies. Compatible with ail Amigas and all versions ol AmigaDOS. T40Q7, Unicorn Educational Software We made a special purchase of these programs at a remarkable price and we're passing the savings onl All titles had original prices ot $ 49.95 to 559 95' All About America Ages 6-11 T2041 S16.95 Land of Ihe Unicorn T2042 $ 16.95 Adventures ol Slnbad Ages 9-14 T2043 $ 16.95 Aosops Fables Ages 6-9 T2044 516,95 Decimal Dungeon Ages 9- T2045 S16.95 Fraction Action Ages 8* T2045 $ 16.95 Kinderama Preschool to First T2047 $ 16.95 5 different learning activities: Robot Story. Count the Robots. Robot Match Letter. Robot Addition and Robot Construction. Magical Myths Ages 9-14 T2056 $ 16.95 Math Wizard Grades 1-6 T2048 $ 16.95 Build essentia! Mail) skills and a foundation lor advanced math concepts with Wizard's Flash. Ell's equations. Dragon Race and Troll's Toy Shop Read-A*Rama Grades K to 3 T2049 S 16.9 5 Animated circus setting helps build important reacmg. Word recognition, spelling and concentration skills. Read A Rhyme Ages 5-8 T2050 $ 15.95 Tales from the Arabian Nights Ages 9 14 T2Q51 $ 16.95 The Logic Master Ages 10-Adult T2052 S16.95 Wonders ol Ihe Animal Kingdom Ages 6-12T2053 $ 16.95 Word Master Vocabulary Builder Ages 8-14T2054 S16.95 Get any 3 Unicorn Titles and SAVE1 T2055 S44.95 Get Any 5 Unicorn Tilles and SAVE! T2059 569,95 Get all 12 Unicorn Titles and Really Save!! T4051 $ 189.95 Designasaurus $ 14.95!! % Three programs in one! Re-released from Compton’s New Mecia. WaJk-A-Dinosaur - walk either a Brontosaurus. Stegosaurus or Tyrannasaurus Re* through three ages Buiid-A-Dmosaur by combining a head. Neck, tail and body from several different real dinosaurs. Prmt-A-Dinosaur - you can print out 12 dinosaurs in their natural habitat along with descriptions. Using Dpamt you can also color your favoriie dinosaur and print it out. Original price $ 49-95. T4005 The DevWare TooiChesi a qualify fine of low-cost software,- presents powetoo-s to? Ycir Amiga By purchasing this software you receive unmatched versatitEty. Usability, and best of all. You support the independent Amiga developer. The 'RK- anthology are registered, fuiiy-functional versions of the cream of the crop in shareware titles. Amiga musicians will want to chock out our brand-new AmfFM series...they’re packed With fantastic utilities! Now, many ol our programs have reduced packaging to fower the cost and pass the savings on to you, your wallet and our environment. 1 00% Satisfaction Guaranteed How To Order... From DevWare ToolChest, DevWare Public Domain and DevWare Video: Write your name, shipping address, daytime telephone and. T1 paying by credit card, the card’s billing address. Then list the product codes of the items you would like to order (i.e. V2040, T2038, WB13A&B) and the price of each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date & mail to: DevWare • 12520 Kirkham court Suite1-AW44 • Poway, CA 92064 For orders containing public domain only add $ 3 50 Canada: also add $ .25 disk, Foreign, also add $ .50 disk lor air-mail. For oil other orders: U S A add $ 5, plus S1 for each add'l unit shipped. Canada: add $ 7. Plus $ i lor each add! Umt--cal( lor book shipping Foreign; Call lor shipping inlo. All payments m U.S. funds only. CA residents add 7.75% tax 15% restocking fee on all returned commercial products. Prices subject to change without notce. Noi responsible for typo's. A minimum of $ 20.00 required on all credit card orders. Or Order Toll-Free by calling:
(800) 879-0759 Homebuilder's CAD V2.0 Deluxe Edition $ 79.95! The Music Corner- Bonus programs now included: Contractor's Upgrade, HomeBuilders Library 1 and Deckbuilder's CAD Design and Estimating System for Decks From a room addition to a ciuster of condos: HomeBuilders CAD makes it easy to design, change ar.d estimate youT next project. Features include: 20 acre drawing area. Accuracy to 1.60 inch Supports buildings over 200 stories high Over 300,000 layers. Over 60 predefined doors and windows. Drawing features include PAN. ZOOM, ROTATE. COPY ADD TEXT. AUTO-DIMENSIONING. UNDO, and TOPOGRAPHY View plumb ng and electrical components separately Automatically generates wireframe FRONT. REAR, and SIDE elevations Spreadsheet-style cost ecrtor Calculates material labor and overhead costs. Displays or prints cost summary or detail. Calculates backfill and excavation costs. Easy-to-use documentation. Contractor's Upgrade allows you to have up tc 1000 items (instead of
450) per layout. Library i is a library of furniture and custom kitchen cabinets AmigaDOS 2 0 compatible With 2 d.sk drives, requires 2 5MB with hard drive, requires 1 5MB Product code T4032 Original list price- over $ 400! 8 channels of audio using the Amiga's own built-in audio hardware Handles .64 MIDI channels for even larger orchestration! Includes it's own powerful sampling software to create your own instruments! Has standard music notation display mode! Compose & edit using tracker or stave formats Online Help - just tap the (HELP] key. And up pops a complete on-line hypertext manual with full cross-reierencing and indexing!! Nothing short of a revolution in software documentation! Improved control over sampler and sample editor effects: The pitch changer has optional antialiasing. The volume boost has an optional 100 per cent limiter to avoic distortion, ihe filler has a further adjustable paramater, and the mix function allows for alteration of the relalive volumes of the two sounds, unused space can be removed from the start or end of a sample, and looping controls are easier to use then ever. Redefinable keys and mouse buttons! Generic Slide function AutoSave keeps your current project safe-even if you forget to save, or the power goes out. Ability to name blocks in the playlist, or attach strings of text, so that users can know what is happening n each block. Printing: Print out all blocks of a song, with play list, instrument names and tempo information! HomeBuilders CAD v2.0 $ 59.95! Includes a I of the above except Contractor's Upgrade and Library 1 AmigaDOS 2 comptibfe. With 2 disk drives, requires iMB. With hard drive, requires 1.5MB Original List prce $ 249. Product code; T4GG2 HomeBuilders CAD Upgrade homl T50-17 $ 19.95 Version 2 0 to 2.0-Deluxe Edition Mozart's Music Master 2.0 $ 39.95 New Version! PC-TASK I Makes music reading and learning theory easyt Learn simple to complex time signatures! Mozart’s Music Master has scored rave review from music ma|or graduaie students! The newest version will leacn you musical intervals on halfstep and whole-step basis; test your knowledge ol key signature. Major and minor complement: loach you simplB meter, slow compound meter, and fast meter, display tne I time signatures; graphically answer with the proper note lvalues to the proper amount of beats for the time signatures: and display up to 8 nctes with all time signature possibilities. As with the previous version, you will learn: music note reading (note recognition); interval ear training: and to Identify scales using a graphic representation, Bonus Feature! Music Tutor allows you to access music terms and identify suympols using its musica terms [database Add your own terms with tne built-in editor! Mozart's Music Master 2 0s interactive, with an easy-to- [use graphical interface. Works with all Amigas and ver- Isions ol AmigaDOS. Req. 1MB. Product code: T5094 Version 2 Only $ 39.95!!! The only software-based PC-XT emulator with Super-VGA* graphics! This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS software on your Amiga' PC-Task runs as a task on it's own screen-leaving your other Amiga applications free to continue to multitask. It is a software-based emulator and. As such, is not as quick as a hardware bndgeboard, but is also hundreds of dollars less! Perfect for your occasional MS-DOS needs. Turns your Amiga floppy drives into 720K MS-DOS compatible drives and uses your extra Amiga memory as PC memory. The faster your Amiga, the faster the emulator runs. Requires at least 1MB of RAM and an MS- DOS diskette (Version 3.3 or above). 'S VGA graphics requires an AGA Amiga. I TM A DevWare ToolChest Exclusive! A complete, high-level programming language for only $ 24.95! True BASIC 2.0, Student Edition T2033 ' After years ol language and compiler hop pmg, I am convinced there is only one programming environ-ment...this new release of TrueBASlC for the Amiga is that environment." = Amazing Computing, Sept. ’92) This most recent release of TrueBASlC. The powerfu programming language from Kemeny & Kurtz, the original creators ol BASIC You will receive the Language, libraries for font support. DO files, script files, more than 30 demo orograms. And a 200- page manual. System, requirements: Any Amiga with one meg ol memory Student Edition Highlights: ' you can run TrueBASlC programs ol any size ' Modern structured format allows you to combine smaller program sections into larger, sophisticated programs
* Superb built-in graphics and co or capabilities ..handles sound and music effortlessly 4 Advanced program editor enables you to quickly compose or modify programs ‘ Built-in math functions, debugging facilities, and on-line help files! ‘ Special Amiga font and IFF graphics handling features. TrueBAS’C programs are portable to DOS. Macintosh ana most UNIX workstations. Now you can use the same prog?am code across ail platforms for the powerfu portability That every programmer dreams about Get special pricing on these other TrueBASlC math programs! T1074 T2034 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 1495 $ 14 95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 14.55 $ 14.55 $ 26.95 $ 94.95 $ 10995 Algebra I - Now Only! Algebra II - NowJDnly! Calculus - Now Onlyl T1082 T2Q0S T1Q93 T2064 T2Q60 T2061 T2036 T2062 T20G3 Pre-Caicu'us - Now Only! Trigonometry - Now Only1 Discrete Mathematics Probability Theory - Now Only! TrueSTAT - Now Only! Gel any 2 math programs Gel all 8 math programs Get all 8 Plus TrueBASlC 2.0 «¦ ¦ PianoTutor $ 29,95 New Release by DevWare - Raoidly master the bas es of playing the piano" Learn to play blues, rhythm, rock iazz, improvisations! ¦ all of which are the basis tor modern music Piano Tutor is a structured, rhythmic system ol learning how to play true keyboard, uti izing left-hand bass patterns with varied chordal progressions, it is MIDI-based and utilizes your own sequencer (must read standard MIDI hies), providing a familiar interface and also a ready means for recording progress. This program makes each step of the process simple - so you can quickly aPso'b ine information and play actual pieces. Instead ot bogging down in the ooredom of| lengthy practice sessions, you will be constantly reward ed with the success ol producing real music. When you complete the PianoTutor course, you will have a real grasp of basic piano theory and blues harmony. This is the first and foundation disk in a series. Includes Blues Tutor Module. Future disks will have more advanced playing and genres ol music. Compatible with all current Amigas and versions ol AmigaDOS. Code: T5093 Home Manager Professional $ 29.95! Organize your business and home LIFE WITH THIS IND1SPENSIBLE INFORMATION MANAGER! Organize your life with this indispensable information manager! Home Manager Pro contains the lotiowing modules: Address Book - all the fields you need lor names, addresses, phone 2, birthdays, anniversaries, and for notes. Appointment Calendar - will show schedule from day to day. Month to month and year to year. Area Codes - Half-screen listing of WORLD Area Codes and their matching, major cities. Fully searchable database by Area Code. City or Country. Contacts Database ¦ Keep track of all business and personal contacts with all necessary information and history Inventory - Keeps track of Home and Business Inventories, and also Totals Costs and Total Values. Ideal for insurance purposes. Separate module lor keeping track ol all computer products. NotePad * ASCII Text Editor has search, replace, and other editing features, plus an editable Macro setup for up to 10-255 character macros and or 20 full text file macros. Importable into any word processor. To Do's - Keeps track of Personal and Business To Do's. Wallet - Keep Irack of al! Your credit cards, licenses, etc. Conlig - Configure for: type of phone line you have, which serial device, datafiles location, autosave choice, iconize on startup, data format, and time format. All areas have: an online Alarm Clock function, online help window, extensive search capabilities palette control function, full print features, uniform display of date and time, and much more. Product Code: T4Q35 DbForm 2.01 T4000 Only 329.95 A complete lorm design and invoicing system for business or home use. This remarkable program features powerful layout tools that are completely integrated with the built-in database capabilities yielding a completely configurable form creation invoicing database management solution. ¦ MegaTest 2.0 $ 29.95 Attention Parents! Teachers! This hypertext-like TEST and TUTORIAL AUTHORING PROGRAM is extremely versatile and can create test designs that integrate sounds, pictures and text into any question. Multiple choice tests can be quickly created wilh up to five possible answers. Features: Picture. IFF sound and a separate text file can be keyed to any question. When picture or sound is keyed to a question, an appropriate "button" lights up alerting user. Test Mode and Tutorial Mode. Score: number of questions missed and correct is tallied and displayed on the screen each time a question is answered. Will give customized sound feedback indicating a correct or wrong choice. Easy-to-use test maker is a separate program from the testing software. Several sample tests included. Easy-lo-use mouse interface. Supports all current AmigaDOS versions.| Product Code: T4004 sagsnfiEs? Hardware External 3.5" Floppy Drive The only 3.5" drive compatible with all Amigas!! Master 3A-1N. 880K w disable swiich T3014 $ 75 Hand Scanner T3016 $ 129 JS-105-1MP With Mtgraph TouchUp and DeluxePaint III trom EA. Uoto 400dpi. 105mm scan width, 64I halftones Hand Scanner T3017 $ 191 JS-105-1MP+ Best value' Newesi version of Migraph ‘Touch Up' V3 07, Migraph OCR and Dpaml III. Upgrade Mouse T3010 $ 29 GI-60QN The Amiga market's besl selling mouse Optical Mouse raon $ 44 Mouse Pen T3018 $ 45 A500 Ram Card T3012 $ 35 A600 RAM Card T3013 $ 74 u PIPl Serving the Amiga community since 1985 Public Domain Library $ 4.45 ea. 11-19 Disks 10 for 25 for 50 for 100 for
58. 00
519. 25 $ 36.00
567. 00 See the DevWare ToolChest to mail-in your order or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-0759! FD6: GAMES! - Thts disk is chock full ot games Including. Checkers. Clue. Go'd - A new side the pieces puzzlo, Jeopard
• An enhanced version ol Risk. RushHour Surprisingly addicting, and SpaceWar • Best described as a cross between Combal-Tanks and asleroids. FD7: Pacman - This disk contains several pacman type games including; PacMan37, MazeMan and Zonix. FD10: HackLite - A dungeon adventure game Considered a must have classic This is the 2nd release cl thrs game Great graphic interface. Piay time several weeks' Fdfl: Las Vegas and Card Games * Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vogas Craps simulation every written lor any computer Contains extensive HELP features. Also Thirty- Ono.VidooPoker and morn FD12A.FD12B: Star Trek, The Game - This is by Inf the besl Star Trek game ever written tor any computer It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound attests and great gamepfay. Counts as 2 disks Req t Mb and two drives (or hd) FD13: Board Games - contains Monopoly, Dominoes. Paranoids, and others FD14: Dungeon Master Hint? And Arcado Gomes - DM maps, spells. Item location, and hrnts and more, also cn this disk, Hball - an arkanoid breakout Type game. Trix - a On type Clone DOW: IBM • Not one. Bui TIVO IBM emulator* that will allow me running of MS-DOS software waft Am go pro- grams!1! Comas comp late- with programs to turn your Anga floppy drives into 720K IBM compatible drives FD17; Educational Games ¦ This disk includes several games lor youngsters including geography, math, science, and word games, also includes Wheel of Fortune. FD20: Tactical Games - MechForee: A game that Simulates combat between two or more giant robots Simple words can t begin to give you the lee! Of piloting a 30 40 loot tall, Tiro breathing, earth shaking colossus that obeys your every whim FD27: Arcade Games - This disk is loaded with some great games Includes flaceorama a great racing car game wth ten different courses, MmiBfast a helicopter gunship type clone, Shark in the same class as Irogger, and Sbreakout the cxignal breakout with mere FD31: Games! ¦ Air Traffic Centro! - a good ATC S'muation. Black Jack Lab - a full featured set cf card games. ChessTei • piay chess with your friend in distant and remoto places with this game and a modem, labyrinth - a well done text adventure game (like an inlocom game), and MouseTiap • a 3d maze gnme FD32: Flight Simulator ¦ An instrument simulator lor a DCI0 FD33: Arcade Games ¦ Ftreddy a Mario Brothers type of game Gerbiis a targe! Practce game. Pipeline a German interpretation of Pipe Dreams, Trcn a light cycles version, and Wetroids a wonderful version cf asteroids with a hilarious twist. FD35: Omega (v 1.3) An outstanding dungeon and outdoors FD90: Conquest ft Dominion • Conquer the known world and maintain dominion over it--a microcosm ot economic survival. FD89: Kastle Kumquat ¦ A thoroughly entertaining and challenging maze adventure game Great soundtrack and B'aph- iCS Req's 1 MB Chip RAM (lor PAL mode) FDBfl; AmyBoulderdash - a clone of the original classic oxiremely wolf done complete with level editor, 2 compels sets of levels and a level editor Requires Workbench 2* FD87: OXYO- A commercial quality game- similar to Marble Madness in nany ways, but allows two computers to link ft play together see how many of the 200 landscapes you can complete without having !o get the hint book1 FD86: Uchess: The strongest playing Chess program available tor the Amiga period Req 68030*. Worttbench2-. -SMB RAM or more Supports AGA = req SMB!) W8133: Panasonic Studio - Special printer Preferences editor and driver system lor all Panasonic 9 ft 24-pin printers WB132: Canon Studio - Special printer Preferences editor and drivers lor BJC 800 ft 880. IBP. A1, A2, 0JC 800, BJ 5,
10. 20. 200. 230.300 130. Wbl 31: Magic Workbench • Make your 2.04* Workbench sizzle with style with these 8-color dithered icons. Easy aulo-installs In minutes. Req.'s WB2.D4+ and hard drive. WB130: ToolManger 2 ¦ The ultimate tool manager for your Workbench, Add animated icons, sound effects and "docks of programs to your WB. Very useful! Req. 2,0+ and hard drive, WB129: Super Virus Killer - From Sate Hex Infl, who catalogs and kills Amiga Viruses wpr cftvrde- a complete virus system Inal knows all Amga viruses updated orten Reg. WB 2t WB 128: ColorFonts - contn.rs 12 color bitmap fonis ter use with Dpamt or any software that supports ColorFonts WB127: Blankers - Over 20 different screen Wankers Mosi run on Workbench t ,3* ..a few require 2.0+ DD92: Developer Contains the otficial Commodore developers Ms for the AmigaGulda and Commodore Install Uliiit-es a must have for all serious developers. We have been me official Public Domain Library ol all the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us' The first two letters on each disk indicate the oriental or of the disk; W8 genera! Interest - most programs can be run from the workbench. FD games and entertainment, VO are video related programs utilities and DD advanced--requires thorough knowledge of AmigaDOS CLI Thanks Io our extensive arsenal cl enh-virus software ALL of our software is guaranteed virus tree1 New Disks Fun Disks Best Seller] Amiga "C" Tutorial • This is the most C languag A.nirpa oriented ¦ set of tutorials available Inclurle fuH working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons, included are full discussions and examples for Amiga programming. A disk set. Counts as 3. FD39ASB; Star Trek. The New Generation - This is a completely different version ot Star Trek than that found on Fdt2. This one was created by the German author Tobias. Excellent!!! Counls as (wo disks Requires 512k FD50; Submarine Gamo Senlance. One and a hall years in the making, this is an outstanding submarine tactical game Commercial quaJry. Hghty recommended. FD57: Arcade Games - Includes 2 tnJy commercial quality games MegaBall. An Arkancid-ish game, features 5 musical scores and addicting gamoptay Gravity Attack is a psychadef- lic trip through several different worlds each different FD59: Game Potpourri - Xenon III is an almost exact clone ot the commercial game ol the snme name a great shootemup Crossword wilt take lists ol words ft automatically goneraie word-suarch puzzles lor any Epson compatible printer FD6Q: Games • In Nebula, raco over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations Interferon; a great Dr Mario clone Ervgma. Rs it a game ct puzzle? FD6t: Games - Solitaire; great graphics, plays two versions. Klids; an interesting piece ol eye candy Extreme Violence; 2 player hill or be killed game YATC; A Tetris clone with Artifical Intelligence Genesis; create realistic 3fl fractal worlds. FD62: PomPom Gunnor. An extremely smooth and well done World War II gunner Simulation Requires 1 megabyte ol memory FD64: Games - Wirzy s Quest - a ’great* £0 level game with great graphics, Cubus ¦ a 3-dimensicnal Tetris type game (rotate and move in 3 dimensions). Husker Du - Colors and pattern rather than shape in this Tetris-esque game. 5 screens and 3 revels ot difficulty Requires Fat Agnus (1 Meg of Chip) FD67: Arcade - Includes Llamatron a well-done Robotron- clone Hate is a 'terrific* Zaxxon clone with multiple levois'worlds and smooth diagonal scrolling a i of FD69: MindGames - Had enough ot shoot-em up games’ Relax and let these 2i games exercise your mind instead of your wrist FD73: Arcade Series • Intruder Alert! Is a MULTI-lovel “Berserk* clone Features smooth gameptay, great graphics ft digitized sound f x. FD74: Arcade Series ¦ RingWar is an Outer Limits" clone with vectorized graphics MctherLode is a "Lode Runner" done with 50 evels! In BlitzTanks. They re coming at you from ail directions'! Can in air strikes and use your heavy artillery TO survive! FD75: Arcade Series • Descender is a clone of the classic arcade gams “Tempest ': complete with vectorized graphics. Tanx is the classic battle ol trajectories and inertia between iwo lanks incredibly well done' Search is a maze game unlike any other included is a level edror too (Tanx requires 1 meg chip memory.Fat Agnus) FD77; Arcade Series Galaga'92 is a clone of Ihe arcade game with several gameplay enhancements-with smcoccth, sharp graphics, it's bettor than the original! Pharaohs Curse Is a clone ol the ongmal C64 classic. Diplomacy is a beautifully computerized version ol the Avalon Hill board game -conquer or be conquered! FDS1; SuperGames - Some of the bes! Games--Qonkey Kong is better than the original with an extra Sevef Frantic Freddie and TrailSlazer are both last-paced arcade games Mad Bomber is the ciass.c game of 'Kaboom* redone with an Amga flare AH of these games are excellent' FD82: Intrepid - In tho Arctic ico. You control a tank on a mission io rescue hostages in thl3 superbly crafted Amga original FD84: Games! Deluxe PncMan is bolter than the original- 20+ mazes, special "power-ups' with oustandtng graphics ThinkAmama s the classic game of concentration with beauti- fully drawn Hi Res images Workbench Disks WB4;Tclecommunicatlon ¦ This disk contains several excellent pd communication programs Access 1 42, Comm 1.34 ft Handshake 2.12a. See also WB102 ft W0115 WB5: Fonts 1- 35 bitmap lonts Also mcludod are five PageSlream fonts.and ShowFont • a tont display program WB6: Fonts 2 - ShowFont allows you to quickly and painlessly view all 256 characters in a typical tont Includes large AmigaDos system fonts (many up to 55pts). WB7: Clip Art ¦ This disk is leaded wdh black and white clip art Art incluces. Trees watches, tools, US and State maps, and more. WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 Thi* set contains the programs that should havo bm included wttn WB2* These powerful utidtiei take full advantage o' the many new capabilities that are nvnrfabte in Workbench 2*. Includes. Tool Manager • a wonderful ufiiily to acd programs to your TOOL menu. Virus Protection - Qegrader, icon - Enhances Workbench’s "Show Ail“ (o display over 40 distinct Icons for different types of llies. Sfetmap Font Editor. Screen Biankers - a!a fractals and spimofs and swarming bees! Requester Enhancers and CPUBIit. Two disk set. Counts as two. Adventure game in a similar vein as hack, rouge, and maria. This version is considerably faster and better that all previous versions Play time: weeks FD38: Games - CfiDOagt* Master - A great cnbbage game and tutor. Spades • a well dona card came, ChineseCheckers - A computer version of this classic. Puzz ¦ a slide piece puzzle game and construction set. GUARANTEE - We believe so strongly in our product that we ofler a full lifetime, complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. Special** Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a S20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! The AmigaWorld "Best-Of” Set! $ 3.95* ea. 20-29 Disks 5ABCO: AmigaWorld’9 Best These tour disks contain the Actesrp-'d games of "92! Includes Mother lode. Mofia, Mmeaeld Pomg, Intruder Alert. Deluxe PacMan, ) Four and Super Artiliery (see Dec. "S2 Am ga World) et* * WB9; Icons ¦ Truly a multitude of various types and kinds Also includes I con Mies ter. IconLab, and others groat utilities to help generate icons WB12: Disk Utilities - This great disk is loaded with wonderful utilities for evetyth.ng including making disk labels, disk cataloging. Disk optimizing, disk and Me recovery archive and organizing, ana all sorts ol file manipulation A must have! WB13AB: Printer Drivers and Generator ¦ over 70 difterent drivers (including HP LaserJet 3 ft 4'). Also includes a pnnter- dnvBr generator. Two dsk set counts as two. WB15: Business • This disk contains a spreadsheet, a database, a project time management program and financial analysis (stocks). WbtB: WordText Processors ¦ This disk contains the best editors Includes.TextP us (v2 2e) a full featured word processor, Dme(vt .35) a great programmers editor with strong macro features,Tex£D(v2 8) an onhancod Emacs type editor, and a spell checker WB22: Fonis 3 • Several more g'eat fonts These, like the Other font disks work great with Dpaint and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting - Plot, a 3-D mathematical function plotter Can plot any user defined functicn, BezSurf2 ¦ produce awesome pictures ol objects one could turn on a lathe Can also map IFF image tiles onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen • maker, a virtual screen anywhere WB25:Educatione! On this disk are two programs that can generate maps of differing typos. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generaro detailed maps at any entered user global coordinates Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstein General Theory of Relativity. WB27: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women. WB29: Graphics and Sound • This disk has several different Mandelbrot type programs producing stunning graphics. Includes MandelMountalns - a realistic terrain generator. Fracgen - generate rocur$ ive fractals from user input. Mandelbrot and TmarxJel - two fast mandelbrct generators, also Mcstra - the best IFF display program to date Sound ¦ a groat IFF sound player, will play anything WB33:Circuit Board Design • several terrific routines for Ihe electronic enthusiast, Including PCB’oo! - a circuit board design tool. LogicLab - circuit logic tester, and Mead (1 26) a well done new release ct this PD CAD program now comes wrth predrawn common circuit components for insertion into schematics WB35: 3D Graphics - This disk contains 3Font* ¦ Full vector lont set for use wttn 3c programs. FontMaker ¦ make 3d fonts from any system font Make3DShape - create 3c shapes from any image, DumptolFF create 3d animations preserves pallet. Wodd3d ¦ a demo of a Iront end for use with DKBRender. WB36: Graphics On this disk are several programs to create Stunning graphical images including. Mpatn - creates Swirling gataxy images. Roses - produce an unhmrted number of vacations of images that a symmetncaily similar to a rose, SimGen - display those spectacular images as part of your workbench, and Ray Shade - a very good raytraong program, create your own beautiful 3d graphic models with this onel WB37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover malh. Geography, spoiling, and books Ages 6-15 WB38; Plotting and Graphics - Plotxy is a powerful full tea turod plotting packago Used by many colleges and universities Highly recommended Plans • a incredibly well done Computer Aided Drafting program, very lull featured Tesselator • a program that helps generates fantastic locking, recursive M C Ecsher Type pictures. WB41: Music - MED an incredibly well done, full featured music editor. Create your own stunning music directly on your the Amiga Similar to SoundTracker but better. Very powerful easy to use program Version 3 20-ccmpatible with WB2+, WB43: Business - This disk contains ArsafytiCalc ¦ probably the most powerful spreadsheet program on tho Amiga A full featured spreadsheet with many features expected m a commercial package. Req 1.2 MB Special Product! QT1: The A64 Package - A very complete Commodore 64 emulator. Supports any CPU and is fully compatible with WB1.3 & 2.0. Thts version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64's 15-41 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. Two disk set, counts as two Special price $ 49 95 - including hardware, WB46: Clip Art - HignRos clip art with the following motifs - embellishments (borders, dodads ,...), people, ft transportation WB47: Clip Art - Hires dp an Motifs - hair, drafting, summer, animals and macfood WB4S: Clip Art ¦ H.res dip an Motifs - Holidays music medical. And misc. WB50: Animation ¦ Seven of the best euro-style animations or Demos', including ¦ scientific 451, subway, sunride. Thrstde- mo, (night, waves, anti woow WB53: Graphics ¦ Raytraong programs generate absolutely stunn'ng realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings . And surreal images C-Lghl is tho most powerful EASY-TO-USE cf it s kind we have seen to date This is easily bener. And more lull featured, than simiar commercial programs costing in the hundreds cf dollars Also. Smovie - a full feaiu'ed video text tiller similar to ProVideo. Broadcast Tiller Great video scrolling, wipes, specml effects, and more.. WB54; Printing - Thrs disk contains several routines to help with the chore of print ng Includes Gothic • Finally a Banner printer tor the PD! PrirlStud o -a well implemented all purpose printer-utility with a very comfortable graphic interlace and many advanced features. Lila - with ease, print ASCII files to a PostScript pnnter, and more WB55: Application ¦ Xcopylll - a full featured disk copier, make backups ol copy protected disks. RoadRoute ¦ find the quickest route from one city to another, highway description included Diary • a diary program like “Dougy Houser M.D‘, Cal
- a calendar program, Magman - a database tailored for articles and pub'icat'Ons W857: Animation ~his disk has several ‘Demo* style animations. Including Blitter, Lolly. Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenomorph WB62: Midi Utilities - Several useful midi utilities including, programs lo transfer to and from several music programs to midi, a rmdi sysex handler, a midi recorder with timebase. Display midi info, file sequence player, and a few scores. WB&3; Disk Utilities 3 Several highly recommended programs to a-d in removing duplicate fifes from your hard drive, performing file backups. Binary editing, fast formatting, file recovery, disk track recovery, and forced disk vaidatkXl of corrupt disks WB66: Icons 2- Lot s of neat icons Also, several wonderful programs that to let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and inlo structures WB69: Music - 90 minutes ol classical and modern electronic music for you Amiga WB75; Music - over i00 instruments files (.mat) and sample sound files (ss) WB79: Home ft Business Accounting - Includes Ckbaccl - the mosi complete checkbook accounting program going. WB102: Telecommunications - Contains Ihe programs Ncorrm 2 0 and VttOO 29B Zmodem protocols. XPR protocol support, full VT100 emulation. Ncomm's script language is so powerful it can create e fulf-featured BBS system. WB106: Home Manager - This is a great ail-m-one adcress book with an autocialer hotepadto-do list appointment sched- ulerhqme inventory database and phone number dialer. WB1Q8: OctaMED - This breakthrough program doubles your Amiga's sound capabilities from 4 channels to an ear-popping B channels! Ail the renound editing capabilities ot MED pus 4 more channels! II you thought your Amiga sounded good before., you aint heard nuthm yet! WB109; VerscWise ¦ Display, search and print The New Testament. Wbl 13: Sid II - Why pay 40 bucks for a directory utility when this one wiil do it ail p'us much more! A truly prolessicnal-cal- iber p-ogram. Sid 1 was our best now completely rewritten, Sid 2 w!i astound you. Wbl 14: Fonis 4 • Contains 36 bitmap system fonts. WB115: Telecommunication • It you have AmigaDOS 2.04+ and a modem, then this is THE program fcr you Term totally conforms to the User Inlorfncp Style Guido tor 2 04. Has an Arexx port, and supports all popular tile-lransler protocols through XPR libraries We wish all programs were this good W0116: Databases This is what you've been waiting for? Contains 5 uniquely specialized database programs for tracking Videotapes, CD's, Magazine Articles Comic Books and Trading Cards! WB120: Grinder - a complete graphics conversion package that supports GIF's Jpeg. Necchrome Degas, PCX. Targa. TiFF, ham-E and IFF format p-ctures. An invaluable tool for all dosktop-videographers and desktop pubhsners Wbl IB: Amiga Beginner - You asked (or iV A compile tutor Vi- lor the beginner on using the Amiga. Sinn* you off al the pownr-swfitch and takns you through to the Cll-'Shail and all points in betwwn. Bonus Also included tire 16- color icon? To lepin-' " every icon in your 2.0* Workbench WB121: ProPsge3 Enhancer - This disk contains over 40 “Genies' for use with ProRage 3,0, including useful ones like Make Pie Chart and Resize Text to fit Bex to name a few Also includes structured A bitmap clipart for ungue borders a must have tor all Ppage 3 users Wbl22; System Optimizer Kcommodity enhances your systom. Gives memory motors, mouso keyboard enhancements, online timers plus many others, too numerous to list! Reorg will optimize hard and floppy-disks for a big speed increase HDMem will allow you to use up to 2 megs of hard- drive space for virtual memory! (Req 68020+ w MMU) All programs require 2 0. WB123AB: Flags of the World - same as Wbl 24. But for Workbench 1.3. Req. TM3. 2 disk set. Counts as two Wbl 24: Flags ol Ihe World - Two modes click and learn or a game to test your knowledge. Great grnphics--fantastic learning tool Has current Russia ft Yugoslavia republics Roq Workbench 2 0* ft iMB RAM LCDCalc ¦ this well done calculator has a very large display and operates from the keyboard or mouse. Mileage master - monitor your automobile mileage with this mileage log. Grammar - a grammar checker, and YvoridUme - find Out what time it is m up to 50 global cities WB119ABCDE: Font Set Thiscctechon conUins over ‘00 typefaces lor use with Professional PagurP.ig iSniter 34 or PageSlieam 2,3 ¦*, These fonts wr! Output to any laser primer or dot matrix prmtor with ra jagg es. Thank:, to outfina fonts Very pro-looking. 5 disk set, counts as A. WB83: Great Applications - OataEasy a very easy to use. Database program Don't let the ease of use fool you. This ra a very full featured database program including full pnnter control for address labels and mail merge applications Also includes. TypoTut a good typing tulor. RLC a full featured label printer, Banner, a mulli-fonl banner maker, and Budget a home accounting in a program Highly recommended WB82: Animations - Four full ength, well done “movie" style animations Including Coycte. JugglerII, GhoslPccI, ft Mecnsmx. 2 disks, counts as 1. WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras 2 Conta ns the utilities that Commodore should have shipped with the Amiga: VirusXA.0, Snap, FixDisk (recover corrupt deleted files). Disk Optimizer (floppy ft hard), Machlll (screen Wanker, hotkey, mouse accel.. macro, clock utility). GOMF (a gufubusterjand PrmtStudio. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Definitely commercial grade we ve seen many checkbook programs and this is the best Full budge'ung, transaction record ng ft report generation WB96: Dupers - Contains Xccpylll ft Nib which will bazkup copy protected programs. FreeCopy removes copy protection Horn several programs, and SuperDuper will crank-out last AmgaDOS copies. WB99: Lifestyles - includes Agene family tree program that tracks up to 600 people marriages-'etc Landscape is a CAD program to create gardens landscapes. Loom simulates an 8 harness loom, experiment with pattern design with instant feedback DD54: Compression - This duk is loaded with all of the be si tile compression programs and aids lor tne Amiga Many of tne programs can be used by the new user. Includes Arc, Lharc. Lhwarp. Pkax, PowerPacker a must have by all, Zip. Warp, and ZOO. QD71AB: C Compiler - This disk contains DICE, Matthew Dillon s full featured, powerful C compiler ft environment 2 disks, counts as 2 OD86: The Programmer inckjdes GadTools and REQTools which will allow you io create ycur user interfaces and then the program will automatically generate “C“ source code or Assenbly-code Requires, and writes code for. AmgaDOS2+. DD89: Uedlt - Probably the mosi powerful loxl editor ever written for the Amiga Previously commercial, now public doman Req i ME DD91: ParBench - Allows you to easily connect network two Amigas CDTVs together and share storage devices Req's custom cable (docs to make cable included -easy). DD90; Advanced Utilities CompressDisk doubles Ihe capacity ct your hardqrivo on the fly with compression!!! Also contains: disk optimizer, SCSI mount utility, Keymap editors. Enforcer, Undelefer ft more Most programs require 2.0*. Memorex blank disks-31 DSDD Canada Mexico add S. 15 ca., other foreign add V5U ea. (.80 cents ea) (.77 cents ea) (.72 cents ea) (.67 cents ea) Video Disks Dev Disks V05; Modeling - This demo, Vertex, allows you Io create 3-D objects without using the abst'act X. Y and Z views Loads Scu!pt-3D'f4D, Turbo Silver. Imagine. LghtWave, GEO and Wavefront formats. MagicTween will metamorphasize any two pics and animate the 'in-between* frames. The GRAPEVINE GROUP INC.
- > l’ AMIGA UPGRADES CUSTOM UPGRADE CHIPS 2 05 2.04 ROM .....See column at right 5721 Buster (318075-02) lor A2000 .....$ 14.95 8362 Demse Bright upgrade 8364 Paula $ 14.95 8373 New Super Denise with diag instruct. Software... $ 27.50 8372A 8375 Upgrade Kit (NTSC PAL) .see below 8375 (new 2 Mb Agnus} $ 59.95 8375 Agnus Chip (390544-01 UK Europe PAI type) $ 24.95 5719 Gary chip ...$ 13.50 8520A CIA chip. Controls 12 major functions (2 S16 50). S9.95
1. 3 Kickstarl ROM low, low price with instructions $ 21.95
7. 0 hard disk upgrade ROMs for 2091 (2) ...$ 39.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (Fixes most kybrd. Problems) $ 11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Bufler Chip ......$ 14.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip ... $ 14.95 390229 Video Hybrid Chip (A500 oniy) ..$ 11.95 We carry more Commodore & Amiga chips Call BLIZZARD 1200 4 FOR A1200 32 BIT WIDE MEMORY EXPANSION BOARD Expand the memory of your A1200 up to 8 megs in the trap door. The Blizzard board comes with 4MB of 32 bit FAST RAM installed, (significantly speeding up your computer), clock and battery. Includes socket for MC68881 or MC68882 math coprocessor(68882 is 10%taster however) An on-board socket also allows installation ol a second 4MB module toexpand up to 8 megs Because the second 4 megs can be added, there is no need to exchange existing SIMMs or other memory modules Our price is much lower than MicroBotics or Baseboard 1208 DKB PRODUCTS MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included Cl QA Cfi 2 MB of Chip RAM for A500 2000 I UO.OU STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM. Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0. the ECS Demse chip. GVP's & Commodore’s 68030 accelerators. Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A3000 A4000? With the Si 96 50 MegAChip 2000 you get the following bonus package FREE! Goliath Agnus chip puller (absolute necessity) valued at S6.95 .FREE Final Test Agnus diagnostic disk valued at $ 9.95...FREE New Amiga Troubleshooter guide valued at $ 9,95.. FREE MegAChip 2000 (with 2 MB Agnus installed + $ 30 worth ol free bonuses for a total package price ol $ 196 50 NOTICE: The Goliath chip puller diagnostic software is available exclusively from Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip Irom us and we’ll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 23.50 We will beat any legitimate advertised price! And has more features .$ 279.00 OPTIONAL FPU PLUG INS FOR ABOVE MC68881 -16MHz $ 29.95 MC68882-33MHZ......$ 92.50 MC68882-20MHZ......$ 49.95 MC68882-4QMHz.....$ 118.00 MC68882-25MHz......$ 59.95 Additional 4 meg 1x32 SIMM module .$ 189.95 FATTER AGNUS UPGRADE COMPLETE 8372A 8375 1MB KIT $ 36.85 Kit comes with Agnus. FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity), step-by-step instructions, the NEW Amiga Troubleshooter diagnostic guide (valued @ $ 9.95), and diagnostic software. These valuable extras are an exclusive BONUS package only available from Grapevine This kit has free bonuses that total $ 27.95. (We’ll beat any legitimate competitor's price on the Agnus chip and still give you the diagnostics and Goliath chip puller.) Quantity price available ......$ 36.85 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE Upgrade to the latest features Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation software programs which is exclusively available through Ihe Grapevine ......$ 27.50
2. 1 SYSTEM UPGRADES 2,05 ROM chip only (enhanced version) ...$ 27.95 2 04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes) $ 29.95
2. 1 Complete Kit (SAS215): includes new 2 05 ROM. Books and diskettes Newly upgraded ......$ 74.50
2. 1 Kit (YAS216): Same as above but does NOT include ROM (lor upgrading your old 2.0 kit) .....$ 44.50
2. 04 ROM A3000 Upgrade Kit ....$ 45.50
2. 04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit ....$ 34.95 New Release (AS217) Enhancer Kit for 2.1 3.0 user: Provides Arexx documentation and much reeded additional 21 information (4 lbs.) .....$ 26.95
2. 1 diskettes .....see MISCELLANEOUS NOTE: The 2.05 ROM (above) is the latest 2.0 version, first released in Europe and then in the U.S. The new 2.05 ROM does everything the 2.04 does, plus it has such new enhancements as library upgrades, etc. MANY EXTRAS INCLUDED MultiStart II™ Switch between ROMs from your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0 and switch between them with Ihe keyboard A sizab!e percentage of current software will be incompatible with the new 20 Thts simple device alows you to be compatible wrth aff your software. No external wires or switches required $ 27.50 MULTI START BONUS PACKAGE
* Buy the MultiStart with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 44.50.
* Buy the MultiStart with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 52.50.
* The Ultimate Deal Buy the MultiStart w 1.3 4 2 05 (S $ 73.95. ICD PRODUCTS Flicker Free Video 2. Eliminates flicker .....S228.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500. With 1 meg ...$ 119.95 w 2 meg..S149.95 Each additional meg of memory add .S35.95 IDE2. Hard drive interface (2%” 3' j" HD Kit): AdlDE2 + Shuffleboard 3’ =" interlace kit) S124.50 AdlDE2 + Mounting Bracket (2V interface kit) S116.50 AdSpeed: Best low priced accelerator (14 Mhz)..$ 164.50 Kickback: ROM selector switch ....S24.50 EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS
• A501 original Commodore (512K) lor A500......$ 24.50
• A601 memory expansion for A600 ..$ 49,50
• Bomac Tower: For A20Q0. Handles up to 4 floppies, a hard disk, tape back ups ..$ 262.00
• Slingshot Pro: Gives A200Q slot for your A500. New design with passthrough. Now take advantage ol all A2000 plug in boards $ 42.50
• Analog Joystick Adapter: Use any IBM compatible joystick on your Amiga .....$ 13.95
• Commodore mouse lor A50Q 2000 .$ 12.95
• Swifty 3 Button Amiga Mouse from Pyramid .... $ 22.50 Insider II™ 1.5 Megs in Your A1000 ,.$ 147.50 w 1.5 meg.. $ 188.50 KwikStart II™ utilize 1.3 and 2.0 ROM in your A1000 ....$ 59.95 DKB1202™ FPU. RTC, Alarm and Memory-Allows A1200 owners lo install a floating po nt unrt co-processor (up to 40 M Hz using the 68882). A real-time clock with date time and "alarm” functions, and the ability to add up to 8 meg ol true 32-bit RAM. Great lor ray-tracing, etc. Price includes 68881 -16 Mhz FPU ...$ 139.95 AMIGA DIAGNOSTICS FOR EVERY NEED AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER vim- I TM TOP SELLER IS IT WORTH $ 9.95 TO LOCATE YOUR PROBLEM? The Amiga Troubleshooter is simple, easy-to-use for diagnosing faulty components on all Amiga computers The AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER by Wilcom Australia takes you through logical steps leading you directly to the source of your problem in seconds. Over ninety percent of Amiga problems are readily fixed by simple substitution of integrated circuits (ICs) in existing plug-in sockets. The novice as well as the experienced technician will find it simple to use. No other tools or equipment are needed. Over thirty of the most common failures in the following categories are listed: power-up problems. Amiga keyboard, mouse joystick port, video display, serial port, parallel port, disk drive, and audio problems ..$ 9.95 ADDITIONAL DIAGNOSTICS
• C64 Commodore computer service manual S17.95
• 1571 Commodore floppy service manual .$ 17.95
• A500 Amiga computer service manual ....$ 17,95
• A2000 Amiga service manual ....$ 22.50
• A3000 Amiga service manual ....$ 44.95
• A4000 Amiga service manual ...$ 34.95
• Call for other service manuals
• Extractor Plus Kit: Contains professional PLCC (Agnus)ZDIP chip puller and much needed torx screw driver to remove case ...* .S7.95 Announcing: The Grapevine Group BBS ORDER LINE 1-800-292-7445 • STATUS CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE (914) 368-4242 AMIQUEST Th" PCMCIA ADAPTER FOR IDE REMOVABLE DRIVE lor Amiga 600 1200 AMIQUEST is a removable hard disk expansion module for the A600 1200 that plugs into the PCMCIA port, AMIQUEST is small and self-contained (4.1" x 2.9”). about the size of a 2.5" disk unit It plugs into the PCMCIA connector and rests on the work area beside the computer. AMIQUEST uses a standard, Inexpensive IDE 2.5” hard drive, the size of a PCMCIA card. Disk capacities currently available range from 20 to 240 MB. AMIQUEST IDE controller is four times faster than the internal A600 1200 controller (880 kb sec using a Seagate 2,5" disk), It is configured with the standard utility, HdToolBox and auto- configures at boot lime. AMIQUEST can be plugged in and removed while the machine is on. It is recognized by the operating system just like an ordinary floppy disk and the case does not have to be opened .$ 119.95 PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE P2li (NOW WITH A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUITRY FOR ALL AMIGA REVISIONS) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades. Inc allows for compatibility of ALL your software. Many software programs still need the 1.3 to function properly. Automatically switch between 1.3 or 2.0 ROM from your keyboard Built-in speaker confirms 1.3 or 20 ROM. Does not overlap the 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility with AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc Simple plug in. No soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available. Instructions included (NEW LOW PRICE) .$ 19.95 SWITCH-ITT BONUS PACKAGE:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 39.95
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 46.50
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL Buy the Switch-ttt with 1.3 and 2 05 Si Sfi? 60 Want onlirn 9 1 Wit? ArM tA'i WORLDS BEST SELLING A500 2000
1. 3-2.0 ROM SELECTOR ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER AN INEXPENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC ANALYZER THAT WORKS ON ALL AMIGAS Amiga Shopper magazine says ‘‘without doubt, this is the finest diagnostic equipment I have ever seen, and I address all Amiga repairers and practical-minded users when I say this is really something worth having.’’ A complete diagnostic hardware and software analyzer (uses point and click software interlace). The analyzer plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software displays 6 screens to work Irom. Shows status of data transmission signals: Tests game port function, parallel port, serial port, disk drive, video ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test. Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors Irom track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips responsible. 85% to 90% ol the problems presented to service centers are found with this anaiyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford to be without one. Don't be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This sophisticated diagnostic tool is used by end users and Amiga repair centers worldwide ... $ 69.95 + AMIGA EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT + Stop sending out your Amiga for repairs. Save a lot of time and money by repairing your own. Over 90% ol defective Amigas are easily repaired by this plug-in replacement kit. Kil corrects 28 symptoms and includes Two8520A CIA Chips,
8362. 8364,68000-8, Chip Puller, Fuse. Schematic, Amiga Troubleshooter and the Final Test diskette.
• Emergency Startup Kit ( DIA 14). A $ 114.00 value for ..... $ 64.50 Same as DIA 14 and includes 8373 Super Denise ( DlA 14B) .....$ 79.95 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8372A 1 meg Agnus ( DIA 14C)...... $ 94.50 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8373 and 8372A ( DIA 140) ....$ 109.50 Now you can place your Grapevine orders 24 hours a day! Our new BBS supports speeds between 300 and 2400 BPS. To order from our new on-line catalog, simply set your modem settings at 8N1 and call 914-343-VINE (8463). 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Status Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 (914) 357-2607 M1 „ H1 , ,„n n„B International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 9-6ET.mon.-fri. Order Line Only 1-800-292-7445 COMMODORE FACTORY SURPLUS r±--NEW AND REFURBISHED-- m ecently, Commodore elected to consolidate their stateside operations, thus making them ¦*¦ financially stroonger. One of the first steps taken was to reduce their inventory in both the U.S. and Canada. In doing this, select distributors were given the opportunity to purchase sizable amounts of new and factory refurbished parts at extraordinarily low prices, This section contains new and refurbished items, which are indicated by the letters “N”or “R’'to the left of each product. Used or pre-owned, but simply factory remanufactured. Some units may have minor imperfections hardly noticeable or, in the case of some monitors, faulty front doors. With the exception of a minor imperfection, if any, most everything appears “mint” and of course every thing carries a full 90 day warranty and some items a full year. This is your opportunity to purchase Amiga Commodore parts and equipment at up to 80% less than an authorized dealer pays. KEYBOARDS A500 (American version) .527.50 A500 (U.K. version) ......$ 22.00 A600 1200 .....$ 29.50 A1000 .....554.50 A2000 .....$ 49.50 A3000 .....549.95 N R N R N R N N N R N N N N R N N N N N N N N N N R R N R N N N R N R N N R N N MONITORS R 1084S 2Q02 composite RGB high resolution color monitor with cables. This is the latest composite video RGB monitor Commodore manufactured $ 129.95 R 1802 composite video high resolution color monitor with cables. Production monitor prior to 1084 series. Works on 64 12B series and Amiga. Also an excellent VCR or Toaster monitor.,$ 99.95 R 1702 composite video color monitor with cables ....$ 84.50 R 1403 composite high resolution monochrome video with cable ...$ 49.95 R 1930 Bisync high resolution VGA color monitor (dot pitch .29). This companion to Commodore's PC series works with IBM IBM compatibles .....$ 99.95 R 1950 14 multisync high resolution VGA color monitor with automatic scanning (dot pitch .31). Works with A600 1200 3000 4000 and IBM IBM compatibles (Predecessor to the 1942) .5249.95 R A520 RF modulator. Allows you to connect an Amiga (A500 2000 3000) to a TV or composite video monitor. The A520 converts the RGB video signal into composite color video ...$ 19.95 R A2300 Genlock Board (A2000 3000)Simple plug-in board .$ 64.50 COMPUTER SYSTEMS N Amiga 500 with power supply and software ...$ 169.95 With STARTER PACK software add..$ 10.00 N Commodore C64C with power supply (latest design and revision) 589.95 R Commodore C64 with power supply .$ 64.50 N Commodore C65 This is a new C64 just released in Europe with a built in 3W 1581 (loppy drive on the front (PAL or NTSC) $ 129 50 R PC10III (XT) No hard drive $ 149.95 R PC20III (XT) 20 meg hard drive $ 169.00 R PC30JII (AT-286) 20 meg hard drive .$ 229.00 R PC40III (AT-286) 40 meg hard drive .$ 299.95 ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Amiga 1930 VGA Bisync coior monitor with any of the ‘‘PC Series" computer add .... $ 79.95 Commodore 1G84S with any "PC Series" computer add ....$ 89.95 SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICES BONUS PACKAGE A: Commodore C64 with 1541 floppy drive and 1084S (stereo) high resolution color monitor. Includes power supply and cables .. $ 229 95 BONUS PACKAGE B: Commodore C64C (latest version made) with 1571 high density floppy drive and 10B4S color monitor. Includes power supply and cables $ 299.95 BONUS PACKAGE C: Amiga A500 computer with Software Starter Kit and 10B4S (stereo) 2002 high resolution RGB color monitor. Includes power supply and cables (List price of package $ 449.00) Our price .....$ 284.95 MISCELLANEOUS N A10 Commodore computer speakers with built in amplifier .$ 19.95 N MPS1230 Commodore printer (same as Citizen 120) tractor friction ...559.95 R A2300 Genlock Board (A2000 A3000) Selling Iasi ..$ 64.50 N Top Botlom Housing lor A500 ..... $ 16.95 N Printer Port Adapter.* Interface any Commodore printer to work any PC PC done .$ 29.95 DISKETTES N 3V?" (720K) Commodore diskette with various software that can be erased. This is a new disk available at a low price. Package of 10 ....$ 3.80 Package of 50 ....$ 18.00 N Just Released 2.1 Series Diskettes (same software as 2.1 kit)
2. 1 install disk (370166-01) $ 3.95 2.1 lonts disk (370169-01)......$ 3.95
2. 1 locale disk (370129-01)......$ 3.95 2.1 extra disk (370168-01)......$ 3.95 21 workbench disk (370l67-02)..$ 3.95 Set of all 5 diskettes ......$ 17.50 ’NOT A COMMODORE PRODUCT POWER SUPPLIES A500 Exact Commodore replacement .$ 29.95 A500 (240V U.K. & Europe) .$ 24.50 A500 Big Foot' (A500 600 1200) A must for Toaster users .$ 79.95 A2000 (Switchable from 110 220V) ... $ 89.95 A2000 Big Foot* (300 watts) ... $ 135.00 A3000 Exact Commodore replacement .....$ 84.95 A3000 (220V) (U.K. & Europe) .....$ 79.95 A590 supply for A590 hard drive ... $ 29.95 C64 (sealed nonrepairable) 1.5 amp ...$ 9.95 C64 (repairable)* 1.8 amp . $ 24.95 C64 4.3 amp heavy duty (also used with 1750 RAM expander) ....$ 29.95 C1541 11 1581 (external) Limited quantity. Going fast ....$ 19.95 220 Volt version available for .....$ 27.50 C128D (internal) ...... $ 12.95 C128 external 4.3 amp . $ 29.95 PC20 (75 watt) .. $ 83.50 1680 power supply for A1200RS modem ..... $ 11.95 DRIVES A500 internal 880 K drive: Exact drop-in replacement ....$ 59.95 A590 hard drive (20 megs) with controller & power supply $ 169.95 With extra 2 megs installed add ..$ 74.00 A1010 1011 Amiga external 3Vi" floppy (with case) $ 54.95 A2000 high density drive (1.76 megs) ..$ 91.50 A2000 internal drive ......$ 79.95 A3000 internal 314" drive ...$ 89.95 A2090A hard drive controller (no memory) .$ 17.95 A2091 hard drive controller (new ROMs) .. $ 64.50 A3070 150 meg tape backup (complete) ..$ 229.95 Sony tape cartridge for above (OD 6150) ..$ 18.50 1541 complete floppy drive with cable .....$ 64.95 1541-11 complete stand alone floppy drive .$ 90.50 1571 complete stand alone floppy drive (Selling out fast) ....$ 119.95 1571 same as above but refurbished ..$ 84.50 1571 replacement control board only .$ 54.50 IBM Commodore bridgeboard floppy (514-1.2 megs) ....$ 37.50 MOTHERBOARDS N A500 (rev. 3) Complete with all chips including V2 meg Agnus 1.2......$ 89.95 N A500 (revision 5 and up) Includes 8372 1 meg Agnus & 1.3 ROM $ 129.95 N A1000 Last chance to keep a spare $ 74.50 R A2000 Includes 8372A Agnus & new 2.04 Operating ROM S299.95 N A2058 Commodore A2000 8K RAM expander (2MB) ....$ 149.50 R A30QQ (various revisions) ......CALL N A3000 daughter (Zorro) board $ 84.50 N VGA 286 laptop motherboard by Commodore ....$ 179.95 R 1541 replacement control board only ..$ 30.00 N 1571 control motherboard . $ 54.95 R C64 motherboard (1984-7 version) .....$ 29.95 N C64C motherboard (revision E) ..$ 54.50 N C128 motherboard (with new ROMs) ..$ 84.50 N C128D motherboard (with new ROMs) $ 94.50 N PC30 40 60 III ... CALL N 1750 64 RAM expansion board .519.50 N Slingshot Pro:* Gives A2000 slot for your A500. New design with passthrough. Now take advantage of all A2000 plug in boards .. $ 42.50 N A501 original Commodore (512K) for A500 .. $ 24.50 R A2300 Genlock board (A2000 3000) ..$ 64.50 N C64 .$ 15.95 R C128D ....525.95 N PC Series $ 49.95 Encoder Board (Mitsumi) (A500 2000) $ 19,00 CDTV in black .$ 34.50 N 286 386 laptop .CALL YiSA Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Achieve Commodore Business Godfrey & Associates PO Box 821313 Machines 601 N. Orlando Ave. Dallas, I'X 75382 1200 Wilson Drive Suite 103 219 836-9080 West Chester, PA Maitland, FL 32751 19380 407 539-0752 Adspec Programming 215 431-9100 PO Box 13 800 662-6442 Grafx Computing Salem, Ohio 44460 6680 Wiltsie Road 216 337-1329 CompuServe Panama, NY 14767 5000 Arlington 716 782-2468 Advanced Systems & Center Blvd. Software Columbus, OH 43220 Gnindsiam Video 1329 Skiles 614 457-8600 3 Rathbone Square Dallas, I'X 75204 28 Tan field Road 214 239-2000 Computer Systems Croydon, Surrey Associates (CSA) CRO 1A.L. Alternative Software 7564 Trade St. England Units 5-7 Baileygate San Diego, CA 92121 81-680-7044 Industrial Estate 619 566-3911 Pontefract Great Valley Products West Yorkshire DcvWarc 657 Clark Ave. WF8 2LN 12528 Kirkham King of Prussia, PA England Court, Suite 11 -A 17 19406 97-779-7777 Poway, CA 92064 619 679-2825 215 337-8770 Apollo Mercury' Hash Enterprises 130 rue du Marechal Digital Creations 2800 East Evergreen Foch 2865 Sunrise Blvd., Blvd. 67380 Ungolsheim, Suite 103 Vancouver, WA France Rancho Cordova, CA 98661 33-88769426 95742 916 344-4825 206 573-9427 Area52 Software Heifncr 107 River Park Drive Digital Micronics Communications Liverpool, NY 13090 2075 Corte del Nogal 4451 1-70 Dr. NAV. Carlsbad, CA 92009 Columbia. MO 65202 .ASDG 619 931-8551 314 445-6163 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 Digital Processing ICD 608 273-6585 Systems 1220 Rock St. 11 Spiral Drive Rockford, 1L 61101 Asimwarc Innovations Florence, KY41042 815 968-2228 101 Country Club 606 371-5533 Drive Impressions Software Hamilton, Ont. Dreamworks Video 7 Melrose Drive L8K 5W4 Canada Productions Farmington, CT 905 578-4916 5037 E. Keresan 06032 Pheonix, AZ 85044 203 676-9002 Black Belt Systems 602 893-3988 398 Johnson Road Impulse Gasgow, MT 59230 Euphonies 8416 Xerxes Ave. N. 406 367-5513 6984 McKinley St. Brooklyn Park, MN Sebastopol, CA 95472 55444 Caligari 707 823-1380 612 425-0557 1955 Landings Drive Mountain View, CA Expansion Systems Interactive 94043 11862 Osgood Road MicroSystems 415 390-9600 Fremont, CA 94539 9 Red Roof Lane 510 656-2890 Salem, NH 03079 Centaur Development 603 898-3545 PO Box 4400 ExpressWav Software Redondo Beach, CA PO Box 10290 Interactive Video 90278 Columbia, MO 65205 Systems 310 542-2226 314 474-2984 14804 Beach Blvd. Lamirada, CA 90638 Codemasters Fred Fish 714 890-7040 Lower Farm House Catalog Disk Update StOntrylhorpc 1835 E. Belmont Interplay Productions Sou t ham Drive 17922 Fitch Ave. Warwickshire Tempe, AZ 85284 Irvine, Ca 92714 CV33 ODL 714 553-6655 United Kingdom Genie 92-681-4132 401 N. Washington Interworks Rockville, MD 20850 195 E. Main St., 800 638-9636 Suite 230 Milford, MA 01757 508 476-3893 Joosen Software Myriad SunRize Industries Development Visual Adventures 2959 S. Winchester 4908 CT Oosterhoul 1219 N.W. 79th St. Blvd., Suite 204 The Netherlands Oklahoma City, OK Campbell, CA 95008 31-1620-35348 73114 405 842-0818 408 374-4962 Lucas Arts Games Supra PO Box 10307 Natural Graphics 7101 Supra Dr. S.W. San Rafael, CA 94912 4603 Slate Court Albany, OR 97321 415 721-3300 Rocklin, CA 95677 503 967-2400 800 782-7927 916 624-1436 800 727-8772 Mach Ten Computer New Sound Music Syndesis Products PO Box 37363 PO Box 65 28 Heathrow Manor Oak Park, Ml 48237 Jefferson, WI 53549 Court 313 355-3643 414 674-5200 Baltimore, MD 21236 800 925-3587 NewTek Team 17 Software 215 S.E. 8th St. Prospect House, MacroSystem US Topeka, KS 66603 Borough Road 17019 Smuggler’s 913 354-1146 Wakefield Cove 800 843-8934 West Yorkshire WF1 Mi. Clemens, MI 3AB 48038 Nucleus Electronics England 313 263-0095 PO Box 1025 Nobleton, Ontario 924-291867 Media Innovations Canada Terra Nova 644 1 2 Richmond St. 416 859-5218 Development London, Ontario PO Box 2202 Canada NBA 3G6 Parallel Motion Ventura, CA 93002 519 434-3210 Graphics 10 Stewart Court, 805 652-0531 MegagcM Suite 78
U. S. Child 1903 Adria Orangeville, Ontario Units 2 3 Santa Maria. CA Canada L9W 3Z9 Holford Way 93454 519 942-8822 Iiolford, Birmingham 805 349-1104 B6 7AX Point of View England Mesa Graphics Computing 21-625-3366 909 East 49 1 2 St. 5050 Edison, Austin, I’X 78751 Suite 221 Virgin Games 512 452-2441 Colorado Springs, 18061 Fitch Ave., CO 80910 Suite C MicroBolics 719 591-5320 Irvine, CA927I4 1251 American 714 833-8710 Parkway Pre spect Technics Richardson, I'X 75081 B 53, Rte. Lotbiniene Will Vinton 214 437-5330 Dorion, Que. Productions J7V 2K0, Canada 1400 NW 22nd Ave. MicroLeague 514 944-9696 Portland, OR 97210 Interactive Software 514 424-5596 503 225-1130 2201 Drummond Pla a Progressive Peripherals Xetcc Newark, DE 19711 & Software 2804 Arnold Rd. 302 368-9990 938 Quail St. Salina, KS 67401 Lakewood, CO 80215 913 827-0685 MicroProse UK 303 238-5555 1 Hampton Road Industrial Estate RCS Management Tetbury Dammwec 15 G1 osiers hire 2821 1 Bremen GL8 8LD Germany England 421-34787-46 AW Shucks! 66-650-4326 Real soft KY We transposed the Mi graph Distributed by * last two digits of 32700 Pacific Godfrey & Associates 4 C' ¦ 1 ¦ 11 ¦ * Highway South, Silicon Prane s Suite 12 Seven Seas Software phone number in Federal Way, WA PO Box 1451 our last issue. The 98003 Port Townsend, WA 206 838-4677 98368 correct number is 206 385-1956 306 352-0358. OWN AN AMIGA 1200 TWICE THE SPEED OF AN A4000 030 OR A3000 SYSTEM! GET TRUE 32-bit WIDE, ZERO WAIT-STATE FASTRAM ACCESS! ‘PURCHASE THE MICROBOTICS M1230XA CARD FOR THE AMIGA 1200* *NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE* VXL * 30 ACCELERATOR VXL3S) 25&MMUMhz$ 160 40EC Mhz$ 250 33 Mhz&MMU$ 274(VXL32RA1&2MB$ 179 w 6888225FPUS235 w FPU $ 389 w FPU $ 364_8MBS549 Add up to 128MB of ram of contiguous memory Foursimm sockels using industry standard simms Create and run animation from ram on the VT4000 True Zorro III 32 bit memory board Pjay back over 50 seconds of real-time animation in Hi-Rcs Record your animation at a fraction of the cost! DKB’s 3128 is Only $ 275 Toshiba 1,2 Gig 5 YR 1099
2. 5" A1200 600 Hard Drives 40M Connor 139 65M Seagate 165 85M Conner Seagate 215 130M Conner 269 235MB Seagate 439 MEMORY CHIPS All Speeds Available 1x8 100-60ns SIMMS 32+ 4x8 80-60ns SIMMS 129+ 1x4 80-60ns Static ZIP 16+ 1x4 80-60ns Page ZIP 17+ 1x4 S0-50rts Page DIP 18+ 1x1 120-70ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 29+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 75+ 1x32 Simms 139+ 2x32 Simms 299+ 4x32 Simms 599+ 8x32 Simms 1800+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card4M 229+ Ram Changes For Better Icjg Or Worse Please Call 1st $ 239 $ 349 $ 449 $ 525 $ 65 $ 90 $ 99 249 299 325 399 535 599 635 149
69. 95 179 1199 179 385 55 PC2B6“MocTul« 16Mhz Tahrti-JI lGB(35ms)~ Tahiti-ll IGBCartridai IV 24 Impact Vie. CT IV 24 Impact Vision 2.0 IV 24 2.0 Upgrade 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC FaaastROM Kit (For Hds) Cinemorph Software Phonepak VFX 2.0 DSS8+ Sound Sampler I O Extender (2SerialPort) Image F X Image F X Upgrade 59 *) ¦249? 249 1215 1049 129 139 39 55 289 89 99 199 29 78
33. 95 22 37,50
79. 95
28. 95
18. 95
9. 50
13. 95 35 35 99 99 49 99 79 99 199 e ‘A530 Special* We Won't Be Beat! Qforce Accelerators w 68030,68882, 60ns RAM, SCSI Controller, RAM Card In One 40Mhz 4MB 609 S0Mhz 4MB 795 68040 33Mhz A2Q00 4MB 1055 EXPANSION SYSTEMS CSA Baseboard 601C 69 Dataflyer XDS 0MB 75 w 120Maxtor 259 w 245Quarrtum 339 Baseboard 1200C 25 Baseboard 500 OK 65 Xramboard w QK 75 Dataflyer Ramcard w 2mb 149 500 SCSI or IDE 125 1000 SCSI or IDE 135 2000 SCSI or IDE 75 500 Express SCSI 165 500 Express IDE 155 500 Express SCSI&IDE 189 500 SCSI&IDE 149 1000 SCSI&IDE 169 2000 SCSI&IDE 95 DERRINGER 25 26 1 w MMU.FPU&RAM DERRINGER 50 4 w MMU,&4MB RAM Rocket Launcher 50 50 w MMU Makes The CBM 2630 Or GVP Combo 25 run at 50 Mhz w MMU & FPU (68882RC50) 399 699 499 Micro R&D 2000 Biafoot Power Supply 500 Bigfool Power Supply 1200 Bigfoot Power Supply Slingshot A500 (1A2000Sk>t) Slingshot Pro A500 (Gives An A2000 Slot w Passthru 69 159 89 99 39 Hewlett Packard Printers HP 4SI HP 4M HP 4 HP 4L HP 4ML HP NIP 3195 1975 1459 675 1079 899 DJ1200C 1459 DJ500 319 DJ500C 419 DJ550C 619 DJPortable 399 Scanjet UP 969 Scanjet IIC 1320 Please Understand Our Policies VISA MASTER Card Accepted. Pricea And Specification* Are Subject To Change Without Notice! 15% Restocking Fee On All Returns. Defective Merchandise Will Be Replaced With Same Item. CalJ 302.836.4145 For Approval RMA Before Returning Merchandise Merchandise. No Returns After 10 Dsys From Delivery Date, Not Responsible For Incompatibility Of Products Shipping And Handling For Chips Is $ 5 COD Foe $ 6 Personal Cheeks Require 10 Working Days To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other Items, Ram Prices Change Daily DPS Personal TBC III 699 DPS Personal TBC IV 849 DPS Personal Animation 1699 DPS Personal Component 399 DPS Personal V Scope 899 Kitchen Sync 1199 Opal Vision 2,0 645 DCTV-NTSC 274 Retina w 2MB 479 Retina w 4MB 549 Vlab-24BH Digitizer 379 Scala 210MM 299 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 119 Morph Plus 149 Art Department Pro 159 Pixel 3D Professional 149 Video Director 129 Caligari 24 239 Aladdin 4D 249 Video Toaster 3.0 Upgrade 649 Video Toaster 4000 1899 Montage Call A4000 Computer A1200 Computer W 4QMB HD Installed 539 w 65MB HD Installed 564 W 85MB HD Installed 624 W 130MB HD Installed 699 W 235MB HD Installed 858 A600 Computer 175 1942 Multisync Monitor 389 1084S Monitor 229 A520 Video Adapter 34 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 A2091 Hard Drive & Ram Controller W 120MB HD 269 A2091 HD Controller 69 2 MB Ram For 2091 SO Janus 2,1 Update 35 A2000 3000 Disk Drives 69,95 A50O Int. Disk Drives 49.95 A600 1200 Keyboards 29.95 A2000 3000 Keyboard 59.95 A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 External case PS & Cables 125 Paula (8364) Or Denise CIA (8520) Gary (5719) 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ Superbuster (-11) (4091) Ramsey (A3000) Fat Gary (A3000) Super Dmac (A3000) Amber (A3000) A3000 Daugterboard A30QQ Motherboard
- comes with 1 mb ram
- 25mhz CPU w MMU
- All Other Sockets Empty REMOVABLE A1200 600 HD SYSTEM
- External Box w Power & Cabling
- QUANTUM 245 HD 2Yr Warranty
- 256K Cache Ram
- As Fast As 7 (SEVEN) ms
- Cable Select Autoconfiguration
- Take Off One System And Plug Into Another W O Any Hassles Only S319 . 1MB Agnus (8372A) 2MB Agnus (8372B) Super Denise (8373) AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS VIDEO AMIGA Kickstart 2.1 Update Kit
2. 04 Rom (HiD Drives) Kickstart 1.3 M1230XA ACCELERATOR MBX 1200z COMBO BOARD 68030 RC25Mhz CPU 68881 RC20Mhz FPU & with clock Call For All Other Custom Configurations Available 68030 & 32 Bit Wide Ram For The A500 2000! UNMATCHED SYQUEST PRICES | AMIGA 4000 & 3000 OWNERS CRUSH THE 16 MEG BARRIER AdlDE 40 MB HD system for Amiga 500 System 220 AdlDE 80 MB HD System for Amiga 500 System 260 Ricker Free Video I! 228 | DKB Insider II W 1.5M RAM 180 2632 w 4Megabytes 348 Meg Ach Ip 2000 600 W 2MB Agnus 179 MuM-Sterl 2 Rev BA 29 KwikSlatl II for A1000 69 SeeurKey Security Board 89 3128 A3000 4000 Ram board Expandable to 128MB w OK 275 IVS Grand Slam 500 229 287 Trumpcard Pro 500 139 225 Trumpcard 500 Pro 225 Trumpcard 500 Plus 149 Trumpcard 500 AT 164 Sourcer Switching Power Supply 99 Moviemaker 799 a * i i ¦ t 1180 479 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 836-6174 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 836-4145 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS 44MB DRIVE (SQ555) 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44) 105MB IDE 105MB SCSI 44MB Cartriges 105MB Cartriges External Versions Add A500-HD8+0M B 62 A500-HD8+OMB 105 A500-HD8+0MB 127 A500-H D8+0MB 245 A530-Turbo 127 A530-T urbo 245 A530-T u rbo+2 127 A200 0- H C8+0M B SIMM32 1 MB 60 ns SIMM32 4M B 60ns SIMM32 16MB 60NS 1MB SIMM Gforce A30O0 G-Lock Genlock A2CX)0-IV24 Adapter Warranties Guantum=2 Years Maxtor=1 Year Maxtor 120 LPS SCSI IDE 184 Maxtor 170 LPS IDE 219 Maxtor 213 LPS SCSI IDE 229 Maxtor 245 LPS SCSI IDE 249 Maxtor 345 LPS SCSI IDE 359 Quantum 52 (Low Profile) 126 Quantum 105 LPS 150 Quantum 127 ELS 184 Quantum 245 LPS SCSI-2 264 Quantum 525 LPS SCSI-2 649 Quantum 1.2 Gig 5 YR 1099 68030-RC-50 wMMU 179.00 68882-RC-50 (PGA) 149.00 68030-RC-3 3 w MMU 129.00 68882-RC-33 (PGA) 95.00 68030-RC-25 w MMU 99.00 68S82-RC-25 (PGA) 75.00 68030-FN-PLCC (Call) CALL 68882-FN-PLCC (Call) CALL 80387-25SX (Bridges) 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (All) 10.00 PowerPlayers Joystick 6.49 SupraTurbo 28Mhz 149 Safeskin Protectors 15.00 Xtractor+ Chip Puller 9.95 KooMt Cooling krt A500 39.95 Qwika Switcha 4 socketed ROM selector 39.95 Power Connectors CALL SCSI HD Cables CALL HP II.IID, IIP, III, HID. IIP AND ALL PLUS SERIES Board with 2MB 89.00 Board with 4MB 145.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade 55 HP 4 (4 Meg) 149 HP 4 (8 Meg) 295 386 Bridgecard Owners 80387SX25 Co Processor Speeds Up Performance Only S69.95 LASER PRINTER MEMORY MATH CHIPS. CPU’s &FPU’s
3. 5" HARD DRIVES Accessories MISC. A500 UPGRADES GVP 500 IMPACT SERIFS II H ARD DRIVES A500-HD8-CM3 No HD D10565 169 00 A5O3-HD8.O60 II C14085 329 99 A500 HD8-CMB120II C10039 429 CO GVPA5V) TURBO-ACCELERATOR Ac DR1VI A530 Cornoo 40-1 80 U C15072 529 CO A530 with 120 MB Hard Dnve C12376 599 CO G-FORCE ACCELERATOR RAM UPGRADES 1MByte 6Cns SIMM C1C076 89 95 4MByte, 60ns SIMM C10089 229 99 I'C.JHr. MODI I I I'm GVP 97713 7999 Will,A 500CD ROM DRIVE C12825 219 99 DATAFIvrt I vpressSCSI C13D6 S169 99 DATAI Iyerl vprei%ll>L C13120 S1S9 99 DATAI Iycr I vpre-v SCSI IDE C13I30 S199 99
3. 5" I X I ERN.AL FLOPPY DRIVE. 3 5'Ertema! Orve 69276 64 99 IMKYTI vKvtW SIMMs 93693 4495 HIGI OH I POWER SUPPLY 92898 8999 TRII I t IA 500 I X Cl3566 CALL 500 Memory Accelerators DHIRINC.I R010 25MH D10399 28999 DERRINGER 030750MHz 010419 54900 MEGA MIDGF.I RACER C10996 399.95 SUPRA II RBO 28 lor A500 D10O47 $ 14959 SUPKAR AM 500 RX with IMByle 500 RX w lMByte 94016 124 95 1 Mbyte Upgrade K t 97312 64 95 SI PR VR M R with 2MBvte 500 RX w2MB te 94029 164 99 2MByte Upgrade Kit 97273 99 95 AM1GADOS 2.1 A500A2000 (Rom & Software) AM1G ADOS 2.1 I PGR ADC lor A500 A2000 2.04 ROM owners I A I Al.NI s, I MBYTE SUPER DENISE 9373
3. 5" I XII RNAl I loppy Drive Cl 3358 96553 96572 69276 96623 269 95 97713 CALL A600 UPGRADES 600 Memory Accelerators fiilt EXPANSION W (KIC K C13506 Mll I XI'ANSION W IMB Cl2510 AMM MMIIIDCARD W 2MB C1225S V600 mMIIID C ARD W 4MB C1229-4 1 AS I HAM IG IMB D1C240 I ASI RAM It 2MB Cl5519 FASTRAM K 3MB D10254 I ASFRAM 1C 4MB C15527 600 Enhancements
1. 5- I X I I RNAl I loppy Drive 1MBY1 ExHi 80 SIMMs 89276 93693 A1200 UPGRADES GVP 1200 Products-'JV A12X0 11 RBO PLUS C15468 5190U AI2US SCSI RAM PLUS0MB D1I442 214 99 I208 SC SI RAM PI US IMB D1I452 44999 12 A C! OCK C15509 27 99 DM'. 1202 D10373 159 00 I IVI I VI GAUGE 5DMII D1O405 55900 MK ItnilOl It S I xp.rn-.ion BnarcU for I hi- A121111 No FPU with Clock C15195 13999 14 Mhz wiih ClOCk C15203 149 99 25 Mhz with CtOCF Cl5227 219 99 50 Mhz with Ckxfc Ci 5234 339 99 FAS I RAM It IMB D1C240 74 99 FASTRAM IG2MB CI5519 11999 I ASFRAM 1C 3MB D1C254 16399 FASTRAM It IMB CI5527 19999 VII’I.R 1230 10MHz D10642 CALL VIPER 1230 50MIU 010651 CALL VIPER S2 C10668 CALL 1200 Emulators 96620 269 95 POWER PG BOARD AMIGA is a registered trademar* cf Commocore Amiga Inc . NOTE Due to publishing lead-times. Product prices and spec 1 cat ens are suDject to change without notice
• AP0. FRO AK. HI, ON, VI GU, and foreign orders are sufiject to additional shipping charges New A1200 Products External Hard Drives for A1200 and A600 DATAFLYER 4000
3. 5 Inch IDE ' . Drives Offer More Megabytes Less Money A larger selection of sizes, speeds, and price. Easily connects to the IDE header inside th”c computer. No modifications required. Very small chassis. Use with without internal 2.5” drive. Optional PSU. SCSI soon. DATAFLYER XDS 100MB DD291 249.99 DATAFLYER XDS 130MB 011301 2?9.99 DATAFLYER XDS 200MB 011315 30599 DATAFLYER XDS 340MB DM329 429.99 32-Bit RAM-FPU-Ciock-SCSl Adds up to 1, 2, 4, or 8MB of 32-bit RAM. Uses 72-nin SIMM. Batterv- backcd dock calendar. Optional FPU up to 50MHz available. Optional (plug on) DataFlyer SCSI controller. BASEBOARD I20S-0MB 010206 124 99 BASEBOARD 1208-2MB D10222 239 99 Clock Calendar A dock calendar with removable lithium battery. Easily installed. Does not use CPU slot. BASEBOARD 12D0C D10192 27.95 Making Technology Affordable Since 1985 A2000 UPGRA GVP IMPACT SERIES 11 HARD DRIVE G-FORCE 030 40MHx 68030 ACCELERATORS Crr xj030-4Q4G’4.'0 99175 663.00 Cdrhdo0204G;40''4'l70 D1C600 333.00 G-FORCE MO 33MHz 66040 ACCELERATORS A2GC0 040-33334120 Cl4009 1199.00 A2DC0 040*33 33W170 D1C631 1299 00 GVT PHONE PAK C1058S 299 99 I O EXTENDER C15476 109 99 2000 System BIGFOOT 2000 Power Supply D10068 TRIFECTA 2000 LX C13578 WORDSYNC SCSI Interface 33573 3 j" EXTERNAL FLOPPY' DRIVE. 3 5’Extema! Drive 39276 1 MBYTE * 8 x 80 SIMMs 2000 En SUPRA TURBO 23 for A2000 VECTOR 68030 for the A2DOO AMI GADOS 2.1 D10054 C12603 A500 A2000 (Ron 4 Software) AMIGADOS 2.1 UPGRADE ler A50&A2000 2 04 ROM owners A-MAX II PLUS
3. 5" EXTERNAL Floppy Drive Cl 3653 Cl2654 89276 A3000 4000 UPGRADES GVP 3000 & 4000 Products 010589 299.99 C15476 10999 GVP PHONE PAK LO EXTENDER 3000 4000 Enhancements SUPER DENISE 8373 98572 A-MAX n PLUS C126S4 3-5" EXTERNAL Floppy Drive 89275 DATA STORAGE SYQUI ST DRIVES FOR AMIGA A MAG 44MByte External Drive A63425 429.95 66MByte External Drive A57222 499.99 44MByte Calndge A63583 79 95 88MByte Cartridge A62672 109 95 MODEMS & FAXES SI PRAMODI M 2400 95667 Modem Senai Case A42W7 SUPRA FAX MOPFM FXTFRNAI FAX Modem v.32t>s 9715-4 IXFI RVAI. 14.4 TAX MODI M D11I86 AMIGA INPUT DEVICES ItF.I TI E MOUSE W I’M) 94074 34 95 79 99 14 99 89 95 24 99 239 99
39. 99 149 99
799. 00
13. 99
13. 99 479 00 21999 259 99 IBM BUS MOUSE INTFRFAt I C15566 MIGRAPH ColorlluiM * K R D1D492 MIGRAPH B&lVHaml Scanner C14169 MIGRAPH OCR Software C13626 ColorBurst™ Color Hand Scanner Three Scanners in One!
• Scan 262,144 colors
• Scan 64 true grayscales
• Scan text for OCR
• Scan up to 200dpi in color or 400dpi in grayscalc text mode Quickly scan & save images for video, DTP & more. AGA compiU., 2MB RAM ColorBurst w OCR Jr. VhlGR4PHif AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE AMIGA 520 VIDEO ADAPT ER 79283
29. 99 279 59 2299 00 14959
389. 00 114900 59 59 1299 00 CALL 559 55 199 99 44900 CALL CALL 2699 00 129 95 DCTV 91669 DIGITAL LDIT M ASTER C13427 DIGI-VIEW MEDIA STATION 97387 (.EM OCK from GVP C1382I IMPACT VISION 24 95667 Opt>ona; a caste’ for A20CO 95877 KIFCHINSYNC 94366 OP l VISION Cl 1916 PLRSONALTBC III C13009 ROCCEN PLUS 9U33 Spectrum FRAME GR.ABBI R C11448 VIDEO TOASTER 2.0 95555 VIDEO TOASTER 4000 D13728 VIVID 24 C13436 Mill AMIGA Cl 1625 COMMODORE PRODUCTS A2010 3.5 Int. Flop, drive fur A500 91888 A3010 3.5 InE flop, drive for A500 94173 A500 RepUceml. LNT. DRIVE Ci25>J PRINTERS PANASONIC KX-P2180I KX P1123 KX-P2123 KX-P11241 KX-F1624 A33846 A571C8 A72449 A57112 87444 A713S5 KX-P441G Use1 .* * STAR Q NX-1001 90895 136 99 NX-2420 Ramoow A51047 269 00 NX-1040 Rainbow C12275 164 99 SJ-144 Color Printer A96222 499 99 GRAPHICS & PUBLISHING SW I’KOI ESSIONAL PAGE 4.0 93154 109 99 PROFtSSIDN M DRAW 3.0 C12064 109 99 Page4 0 Draw 3 0 BurxJe C12072 179 00 ART PI PT. PROFESSION Al 92135 147 99 Conversion Kit 92145 52 95 BRILLIANCE C14383 139 99 BUSINI SS( Mil) MAKER 96039 39 95 COMIC SE I I I R 81315
19. 99 IMAGEMASTIR D10186
134. 99 IMAGINE 2.0 90166 174 99 MOVIE SI Illli 31824 1999 PAC.I STRFANI C14870 13999 riXEL 3D PROI ESSIONAL C14870 13999 VIKTUAl Rl l IIY 20 Cl 5403 57 99 IVISTA PRO 3 0 94118 54 99 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE CALIGARI 24 Cl3760 239 99 CIM MORPH C12922 59 99 DELUXE PAIN I IV 94997 107 95 IDELUXI PAINT IV AGA Vers. C13277 124 99 Dl 11 XI VIDI O' III 79452 99 95 (I M AC .1 1 X Cl 0973 199 99 MORPH PI US C13149 144 99 PROVIDEOCG II Cl 1391 111 99 VIDEO DIRECTOR 96170 133 99 AMIGA MUSIC Si SOUND AM AS V. 2.0 includes MIDI interface 86334 89 99 The COPYIST 90700 21995 DIGITAI SOUND STUDIO B 97302 54 99 DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO N+ NEW! New design, enhanced features' D13446 99 99 DELUXE MUSIC 11 C15437 79 99 MIDI INTERFACE C10669 34 99 MIKACLL PIANO 99026 295 00 PFRFFCT SOUND 5637C 69 95 TIGI K CUB 39721 74 95 AMIGA UTILITIES M. o o G G G G G O o AMI-BACK v2.0 94057 44 95 DIR EC l ORY Opl S C14894 59 99 DISKMASTF.R II 95936 34 99 IIY PEKCACTIl PRO Cl 5625 34 99 QUART ERIIACK C10954 41 99 QU All 11 KB AC K loots Deluve D10380 64 99 SAS C COMPILER C12252 234 99 AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY EASY AMOS C14913 34 99 FINAL COPY II C125D7 79 99 GO I D DISK OFFICE 93352 11995 GOLD DISK ALL-IN-ONE D10318 14 99 HOTEINKSX 1.1 Cl 3526 4699 M XXIPI AN 4 C11379 99 99 PII ASA II C11079 49 99 PROI’I R GRAMMAR 94440 51 99 PIIOIV HITE1'' 13 88222 54 99 SLPFRHASF PI KSONAL 11 Cl 4203 69 99 SUPERBASE I PRO C14194 169 99 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE SC M X 500 HOME TITLER 97031 99 99 SC Al X MM2I0 D1093C' 299 99 BROADCAST Mi l 1 R2 B9585 189 99 BROADCAST 1111.1 R 1 li-Re- C10292 239 99 Till ANIMATION STUDIO 90126 42 99
I. SSI Nl 1 C14034 49 99 ENTERTAINMENT AIR SUPPORT C11042 29 99 BE ST III C12351 33 99 BILL S rOMATOGAME CU057 32 99 Rl ( K CRY PI 96283 31 95 BODY BLOWS D10122 39 99 BL'7 XI DRIN Cl 3215 39 99 CAR1 LEWIS CH065 29 99 CAS ILLS '94377 34 95 CASTLES II Cl3243 34 99 CIVILIZATION Cl 1092
39. 99 CONQUEST Ol |Al’AN C13490 34 99 DAKKSl.I.I > C13767
39. 99 DESER I S I KIM Cl 3304 31 99 DUG KTAl I S Quol fur Gold 91491 999 DUNE Cl2392 34 99 Dungeon Xiastcr.Ch.ro?. Strikt--. C12772 29 99 LNT LKTAINMI NT 3-P K Suace Ace Dragon's Lair. '.Vratn ot tne Demon Cl5650 44 99 MRST SAMURAI 010116 24 99 IIEIMDAI.I C12387 1999 INDY |t)M 1 A11 Al LAN 1 IS Cl 5492 39 99 |OHN MADDEN FOOTBALL 98939 31 95 LAST NINJA 3 (WPORI! 95390 22 95 LEMMINGS 92226 27 95 LEMMINGS II THI 1 KIBES C15332 34 99 LINKS 97799 29 95 LOOP . 010373 499 LORDS Ol 1 IMF C13262 29 99 LOST TREAS. OF INFOCOM Cl 1340 44 99 O Utilizes AGA © IOS1 VIKINGS Dtoceo 32 99 MANSLLL S WLD. CHAMP. CI5029 35 99 MANSELL S AGA VERSION CI4118
36. 99 } MICROLL AGUE BASEBALL 98099 24 95 MIGHT k MAGIC III 96297 34 99 MONOPOLY 84552 29 95 O GENI RATION D10106 29 99 PICTION ARY 90949 599 POPULOUS II 96271
33. 95 POWERMONGKR 90767 31 95 RAILROAD TYCOON C10606 34 95 IU D ZONE Cl 1062 29 99 SIMCITY 82879 29 99 SIMl ART II Cl 1857 25 99 M El PVV M K1 H D10i46 46 99 SI AK EREK: 25TH ANNIVI RS C13237 34 99 SUPER HI ROS C15343 29 99 1IIIKD Ki ll II Cl 0795 29 95
T. M.N.T. ARCADE 95604 24 99 IONY LARUSSY LIT. BSBALL. 93873 999 The TWO TOW I RS D10C92 39 99 VIKINGS Cl 0700
29. 99 WAR in the GULF D10172
32. 99 WARLORDS C13908 34 99 WING COMM NDFR 010153 34 99 WIZARDRY 97823 46 95 WORLD CIRC UIT 93058 3395 OOL 1 OK A1200 and A 4OO0I C1511S 35 99 1 AMY’S 1 UN-2-3 C11581
24. 99 I'HUNNYPIIONI Ml S C12668
19. 99 SCRABBLE 34567
17. 95 SIUOY lVAKI 1 OR THE SAT Cl 0952
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It’s A Small World I have been a subscriber to Amiga- World for a number of years now and have become increasingly disappointed in it. There is no question that the Amiga shines brightest in the area of graphics, and its audio capabilities are second to none. However, these are not the only areas in which people find the need of a computer. Until recently I owned an A500. More than anything else I used it i'or data management, word processing, and games. Then the A1200 came out and 1 bought one. Now 1 find that my database is not 100% compatible with Workbench 3.0, so 1 am in the market for a new database program. Can I expect any help from AmigaWorld in choosing a program that will lit my needs? Of course not. Unless there happens to be an animated database available! The name of your magazine is Amiga- World, but you cover only a portion of that world. I agree that the largest portion of AmigaWorld should be devoted to graphics, audio, and games. Actually, if you divided Amiga World into different sections, the size of which was based on reader usage, your largest section would be devoted to games and I’m sure there would be a few pages devoted to the review of and help with programs such as word processors and databases, Fred Mason Mountain Home, Arkansas Put On Hold I purchased an Amiga 1200 in early April and I am supposed to receive Commodore’s offer of a free start-up package of software. I've written to Commodore and have called them about live times with no result. They keep telling me it is on back-order or is now being shipped. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I enjoy your magazine very much, please keep it coming! I especially enjoy the Accent on Graphics column because I use Dpaint a lot. Dolores Busse Otnro, Wisconsin Freedom of Speech I would like to urge software developers to produce voice recognition software for the Amiga. Ideally, it would be capable of speaker-independent continuous speech-recognition. Even a program to operate other programs through voice commands would be welcome, especially to disabled individuals. It seems natural that the Amiga should be supported by a capable speech recognition system. Tim Hodgins New Brunswick. Canada The name of your magazine is AmigaWorld, but you only cover a portion of that world. Article Afterthoughts In response to my recent look at printers, “Getting So Much Better All the l ime!” (Sept. '93), John Covington of Rockingham, North Carolina wrote regarding his Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 550C, He enclosed some stunning printouts that are on par with the Canon Bubble]et 800, a printer that I had given somewhat higher grades. What is his secret to great-looking output? He used 20-pound, 25% cotton paper. Thanks, John, Your experimentation certainly paid off. In another article, “The PC Connection'’ (July ’93), I indicated that Vortex bridgeboards are Janus compatible. My shorthand was misleading, but I want everyone to understand this important feature. The Vortex boards can read virtual-clrive files on a hard disk created by Commodore’s bridge- board. This means, among other things, that if you upgrade to a Vortex hoard, you can temporarily create a D drive from the old Janus file and then copy the contents directly through DOS to a more efficient C drive partition. Dave Johnson AmigaWorld Game Pointers In regards to Mr. Olafson’s review of The Lavancliss RPGS (Aug. ’93), 1 would like to point out that it is in fact not copy protected and may be redistributed. Also, the game is priced according to current PD prices per disk, plus manuals. The current version of Lavancliss is now being sent to several PD dealers who may distribute it at their own discretion with manuals available from The Software Studio. Brian Matthew The Software Studio Staying Power All I really want to say is keep up the awesome work. Today I got a letter from Compute Magazine informing me that it was dropping the Amiga section altogether; the whole magazine used to be Amiga, not just a few pages of complaining articles. AW has been through thick and thin, and kept its subscribers informed with top notch aritcles and reviews. Thank you for being there and stay loyal to the Amiga audience. Ben Kizen Boone, North CaronUna ¦ PRESENTS AGA Emulation on an Amiga 2000 3000! Now with the new RetinaAGA real time AGA chipset emulator you get the features of the A4000. This means you can have a 250 color Workbench mid run AGA programs on your A2000 or 3000. So don't try to guess what the AGA machines look like, find out for yourself with a RetinaAGA for a whole lot less! 'rhe Retina is the first singlecard solution integrating the best features of the Amiga’s graphical user interface with the ability to display Workbench or AmigaOS compliant programs (on their own custom screen) in resolutions up to 1280x1024.
• XI Pain I real-time 24 Bit paint program conies with the Retina™
• The Retina1''* can still be used to display 2413it graphics while displaying Workbench.
• Retina animation software included to make
8. 16 or 24 Bit animations. Just some of the many [xickagcs supporting the "Retina" are ADPro. Aladdin 4D. MorphPlus, MultiFranie-ADPro, ProPage. Pagestream. Prowrite. Imagine2.0, TVPaint2.0 Professional. Dynacadd, Panorama. Real 3D 2.0 and our own Vlab.
• Requires VGA and up monitors.
• Rani Configurations 2MB or 4 MB.
• Com pat ible wi I h t he A2000. A3000. And A4 000 series Amigas. Installs into any 100 pin Amiga slot does not use the video slot.
• Compatible with the Video Toaster and OpalVision. Requires the 2.0 or greater operating system. TVPaint 2.0 Professional The State of the Art in 24Bit Painting for the Amiga. TVPaint is the fastest 24 Bit Paint Package available for the Amiga. Some ofTVPaint’s features: Automatic Antialiasing on drawing tools. Powerful Airbrush tools. Density control on tools. Full Undo Redo, Sparc Swap screens. Convolution Effects, Definable Magnification Window. Custom Masks. Pressure Sensitive Tablet support. Color Lookup Tables. Recommended by NewTek for use with the Video Toaster System. Retina Version Suggested List $ 599.95 Multiple Version Suggested List $ 799.95 r c New IFR - Digitize 30 FPS video from video tape! The Vlab includes an extensive software control system designed to make digitizing as easy as possible. For the first time building lengthy digital video segments no longer requires expensive and slow frame-by-frame digitizing. Using a revolutionary new concept. MacroSystem has provided a new Interleaved Frame Recording feature (VLab and Vlab Y C). Interleaved Frame Recording or IFR basically allows the Vlab to digitize full 30fps digital video sequences to HardDisk by making multiple passes of the recorded video. T he Vlab will digitize the number of frames specified to either 1 lardDiskor Ram as sequentially numbered frames. Hardware Features
• Frame grab in l 30th sec. Or Field grab in 1 60th sec.
• Digitizes full frame lull color - NTSC or 1 *AL signals. Software selectable inputs include:
• Vlab - 2 Composite inputs.
• Vlab Y C - 1 Y C & 2 Composite inputs.
• Vlab 1200 - 2 Composite inputs.
• Time Base Corrector not required.
• Compatible with the Video Toaster and OpalVision. Software Support
• Vlab control windows allow you to keep multiple critical controls open at the same time. And the monitor window display lets you sec exactly what you are digitizing.
• Real time Color, Contrast. Luminance and Gamma, Luminance. Chromanace controls.
• AGA chip set support.
• Includes ADPro Loader module.
• Extensive Arexx control system.
• Save images in 24Bit, YUV. Or AGA.
• The VlabIM is supported by many popular Graphics programs.
• Supported by the Nucleus Personal SFC.
• The VlabIM requires Kickstart 2.0. MultiFrame - ADPro According to Malt Drabick, of Avideo magazine “MultiFrame is a must for Amiga video users who always wanted to apply special effects to their animations using ADPro and MorphPlus but never had the time lo learn how to write and execute Arexx sc ripts.” MultiFrame is a front end for the Art Department Professional and Morph Plus that gives you much greater control over multiple-frame processing with no knowledge of Arexx required. You can manipulate single or multiple images over time creating special effects easily. The perfect tool for creating effects with a large number of images for output to video. MultiFrame Features:
• Process images over time - most processes can be manipulated with a starling value and an ending value with the separation being the number of frames that you choose to make. Generates all frames automatically for you.
• Non-linear motion using true splines with adjustable knots, tension, continuity and bias. Full spline- controlled variables.
• Perform ADO-style fly-ins of moving images easily using perspective operator. Create panning tilting camera effects on still images or sequences.
• Multiple frame Multiple Ripples, allowing ripples that start on different frames that accelerate decelerate over time.
• Rotoscope: Automatic compositing of foreground images over backgrounds using true alpha-channel holecutter key effects.
• Automatic scaling and conversion of images during processing.
• Auto*Display of images to supported framebuffers (Retina. Firecracker. OpalVision. Harlequin. DCTV).
• Complex operator processes (sphere, perspective, etc...) now allow loading and saving of all parameters for easy recall.
• Automatic conversion of any supported Image format to any other format (including ANIM-5 AN1M-8 and Toaster FRAMESTORE) during processing. 17013 Smugglers Cave Mt.Uemens, Ml 48038 [313] 883-0035 Phene [313] 883-3833 Fax 1 ' v • . • ' ?v. ,• ¦ . - * " -y ¦* Video Toaster 4000 1 - t • jf. For the Amiga 4000 Faster, Better, Easier and Less, $ 2395 The Emmy-award winning Video Toaster gave you the power to produce broadcast quality video without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, the new Video Toaster 4000 gives you stunning effects, higher quality and state-of-the-art features you can't buy anywhere else at any price. Toaster 4000 takes full advantage of the powerful new Amiga 4000, the only computer designed from the ground up with video production in mind. Video Toaster 4000... nothing comes close. 4 Input Switcher Digital Video Effects Character Generator LightWave 3D Toaster™ 4000 adds over 50% more effects and offers improved effects quality along wj.th.an...... enhanced interface and user- adjustable effect speeds. Amazing new effects include photo-realistic color action effects, reaLtimp animation overlays and warps with transparent drop shadows. Now with 275 resizable PostScript fonts, multiple fonts on a line, variable transparency, 24-bit ToasterPaint brushes and seamless image compositing. Featuring hundreds of new capabilities, it’s easier to use, faster and lets you play back animations over live video in real-time! Call 1 -800-847-6111 for more information. ‘Complete systems starting at well under S5000. Base system includes Amiga 4000-;330 computer, 120Mb hard drive. 10Mb. RAM, Toaster card and software. Call 1 800-847-6111 for the Toaster dealer nearest you. Toaster owners: Cali Nev Fek for upgrade informal on, PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems. Inc. Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc Video Toaster, LightWave 3D are trademarks of NewTek. Inc. © NewTek. Inc. 1993 = wT = K 1 for PAL ndftw uiHmqrw klco Group (OHH-HTa-fel I'm.V Prk'nmbjcvl tut-tung Pnm rilrmr October I, 199+

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Amiga World Vol 09 11 1993 Nov

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