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The colorful CD-ROM includes dinosaur facts, quizzes, puzzles, and more. It was produced in association with the British Natural History Museum. What better way is there to start a new year than to reflect on the passing one? The Guinness Disc of Records 2nd Edition (New Media) is a compilation of the popular US and UK book editions on CD-ROM for the Amiga CD32. The pictorial database is indexed alphabetically and via superlatives such as “the longest speech.” It includes approximately 3500 records and more than 800 photographs, and features six audiovisual tours. The new edition takes advantage of the CD32’s hi-rcs capabilities to display all graphics and photographs in HAMS. (RS 122.) If you bought a new Amiga recently and wonder vvhv your machine has not Get Back on Speaking Terms With Your Amiga j been speaking to you, it’s not your fault. Commodore dropped speech support with AmigaDOS 2.1. The speech program that came with AmigaDOS versions 2.04 and earlier does not actually belong to Commodore; it was licensed from the Los Angeles-based company Soft Voice. According to Joe Kate, co-owner of Soft Voice, Commodore broke off negotiations six months prior to the release of AmigaDOS 2.1. Commodore reps have stated that speech is still important, and at present, engineers are evaluating the program’s usefulness with potential plans for an improved utility. Initially, development will focus on the UK market, which constitutes 90% of all Amiga sales. Representatives at Commodore, however, decline to give details as to when, if ever, speech synthesis will be available again. T he Say command is not widely utilized in commercial programs, hut some programs, including New Horizon’s word Color Capturers The latest generation of Rombo's low- cost color digitizers work in real-time, so there's no waiting for your images. Vidi Amiga (12) RT (£199) captures mono and color images while Vidi Amiga (24) RT (£299) can capture 24-bit color for photorealistic results. Each takes input from S-VHS and composite sources. Additional- processor Pro Write 3.3, allow you to hear the text you’ve typed. Because the Say command only approximates a word’s sound, mispronunciations occur (the word “sew” sounds like “sue,” for instance). This is one deficiency that could he addressed in further developments. Can We Talk? Although speech is no longer standard on AmigaDOS, you can easily install it onto your new Workbench. Get a copy of Workbench 2.04 from an Amiga dealer or mail-order vendor, and simply copy four files. The narrator.dev ice lile goes into the Workbench DEVS directory, the translaior.libraiy gets copied to the LIBS directory, and the Say command should he placed into the Utilities directory along with its icon, Say info. 7 Those who wish to mount Say during o the startup-sequence must copy SPEAK along with its icon, SPEAK, info, from the director)’ DEVS DOS Drivers on the updated Workbench 2.04. Andrew Desjardins ly, Vidi Amiga (24) RT accepts Y C input. The included software supports most file formats, so you can import images from Mac and PC platforms. Both packages also offer animation software, and are compatible with any Amiga. For those who want to keep their options open, Vidi Amiga (12) RT can be upgraded to Amiga (24) RT.

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Amiga World Vol 10 01 1994 Jan

Document sans nom READY-MADE GRAPHICS GALORE! BUYER’S GUIDE p. 34 January 1994
U. SA. $ 3.95 Canada $ 4.95 UK £2.95 An IDG Communications Publication BRAVE NEW WORLDS OF COLOR naa Super Programs Car For Your Amiaa Plus! Hands-On Guide To The Internet 30+ Clip Art Packs 8 Toaster Boosters SoftWood Word Processor for the Amiga ' "c- ® a full "yt*feWflr .computer ' °“r birds S1 3 ypii
* 4 to fill Circle 48 on Reader Service card, j ft -: .-' .-->1 '• -if. Ji v . V ¦ : r r' . ' ~f * Final Copy l! Final Copy w, -fi *'"' ' m p r| r|Sfi' t-V tj*t> :L~V.,0 1 tagvv,l* ” > “not J*ha ««» fhr. K ¦' '.r,n |5L5JJr*>3l ,,.,.*> fl 5
* * 2? ,Tr«>»- Final Copy 11 produces high quality', professional looking documents. It combines advanced word processing features, easy-to- use page layout capabilities, and state-of- the-art printing technology into one convenient program. While other programs claim to have quality printing, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that will produce excellent quality printouts on any Workbench (1.3,2.0 or higher) supported graphic printer. If you have a PostScript printer, Final Copy II is the only word processor on the Amiga that has true WYSIWYG PostScript print capabilities - other programs limit you to a few fonts and a limited number of sizes. Final Copy II supports NimbusQ, Compugraphic, and Type-1 outline font formats giving you access to thousands of commercial and public-domain fonts. Final Copy Ips word processing features include: 144,000 word speller; 1.4 million response thesaurus; automatic hyphenation; named paragraph style sheets; master pages; mail-merge; multiple newspaper style columns; search and replace; header and footer support; left, right, center and decimal tabs; paragraph justification; and automatic date, time, and page number insertion. Final Copy Ips graphic features include: object-oriented, structured tools for drawing boxes, ovals, lines, arrow-tipped lines, and rounded cornered boxes; cropping; graphic sizing; object locking; and graphic depth arranging. Full AGA support lets you work in screens having up to 256 colors. Final Copy II now available in American English, British English, German, French, and French-Canadian versions is the best selling word processor for the Amiga in the world. As stated in a recent AmigaWorld review, "FinalCopy II pulls into the lead of the Amiga word-processing pack." IftfJlVttWj Frr n» :U rtmrii cf it iff. RiH*:iY. MTMCH la jrf *%¦ rfpoUl Qlirnfinn Afoin14eJI Woo-A tht Awtop. Tf» nftto tvoi luf r«i faJ .¦n i* t Mtrtr IhiAiiru. Hdi nnaui' «rt i a» uJ, t»»cM*or tlvjJ rt r ii "u ft ii«3i VY-w An Ca-vr HnJ Laer fl W. Psl »i frrtifcr sr. Wit K«rA Airt thdnJf is y. ir.e aZ d jn p j i«n -n nicnj I jnla- darii Pi-m* vrrmcAri in jtaVtsor. Nno! Cfrfi kx- ‘‘J feMridrti.TUid I tiRTOO!** rmA fjl ’TV.*' .* , *A &
• nil l t r»
P. O. 13ox 50178 • Phoenix. Arizona 85076 You want a document that reads well in addition to looking good. Final Copy™ comes with a 144,000 word speller. 1.4 million word thesaurus with definitions, master pages, style sheets, paragraph sorting, math support, mail-merge. Automatic hyphenation, and user-defined tab stops to assist you in your writing. SoftWood, Inc. Stylesheets and master pages are features you can really use to ensure your documents are created in a consistent and well-planned manner. Fully editable page views let you work in several levels of reduction and magnification. Multiple snaking columns, left right pages, and title page options are easy to use. 1(800)247-8314 System Requirements: Amiga® with at least 1 megabyte of RAM and either a hard drive or 2 floppy drives. To use Compugraphic fonts you must have a hard drive and WB 2.1 or greater. Imported by: AmigaOberland (Germany), Gordon Harwood Computers (England). TUPsoft (Australia), and Essonne Mailing (France). Strength in Numbers GVP is the best Solution On any Amiga9 Great Valley Products lias been the technological leader in Amiga peripheral and enhancement products since 1988, We consistently provide you with the best quality add-ons for the Amiga computer,,, bar none! DlS;TElU. BTU&Q EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM" Go Beyond AG A Graphics with this real-time, 14-bit, true-color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to 1600x1280! 800x600 in 24-bit! We include a custom display pass-through cable for single- monitor use. Many applications are ready-to-run and we include the acclaimed EGS Paint as a bonus too! Bring workstation graphic power to your Amiga today and see what you've been missing! CIRCLE 3 ON R6A0ER SERVICE CARD TBCPIllS™ This professional quality, all digital time- base-corrector (TRCI uses state-of-the-art 8-bit 4:2:2 video signal processing...Plus it provides a real-time video frame-grabber and 16.7 million color frame-buffer ...Plus there is a full SMPTE EBU time-code receiver generator...Plus this incredible product will transcode composite and Y C inputs.. .Plus a 3 channel video input switcher (in composite and Y C| ...Plus programmable video special effects! CIRCLE 5 ON READER SERVICE CARD Performance Series II™ At 50Mhz, you can own the fastest A1200 in the world! Add up to 32MB of highspeed 32-bit RAM, today! With the added power of a 50Mhz FPU, your floating point operations have never been speedier. A simple connection in the A1200's 'trapdoor' never voids a warranty, and with the Series II you have the added versatility of our custom option slot. Add the fastest SCSI interface on any A1200 with the A1291 SCSI Kit. It just plugs in from the hack. Other expansion products coming soon! CIRCLE 16 ON READER SERVICE CARD ImageFX™ Totally Integrated Image Processing. This is the only Image Processing package you will ever need. Period. This is the professional solution that brings you not only interchange between various image formats such as TIF and GIF and TARGA, but also a full-featured 24-bit, real-time paint and touch-up program. See the work you are doing while you do it I Edge feathering, Alpha channel, CMY HSV YUV Y1Q operations, integrated scanning, regionalized processing... It's in there! CIRCLE ia ON READER SERVICE CARD G-Lock™ Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together and do it on any Amiga! Get connected with the world of video with our built-in transcoder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full support for AGA systems as well as the 'classic' Amiga 500, 2000 and 3000. Acclaimed interface controls make this easy to use and simple to control. Scala!> users even get an EX module to use G-Lock in their multimedia applications. Add G-Lock's included dual-input audio panel and it's simply the best choice for ever)- personal Amiga owner. CIRCLE 25 ON READER SERVICE CARD IV-24™ 2.0 The Ultimate Genlock This is what you have been searching for in a professional quality genlock for your Amiga 2000,3000 or 4000. This integrated hardware design provides the crispest, cleanest genlocked video on the Amiga desktop. With options for RGB, composite, SVHS, Betacam and M-II compatible inputs & outputs as well as a 24-bit, 16.7 million color frame-buffer and real-time framcgrabber digitizcr, this is the Amiga genlock every professional needs. Powerful included software completes this picture as the Ultimate Genlock. CIRCLE 28 ON READER SERVICE CARD G-Force ‘030 Combo™ GVP's classic Combo card accelerates your Amiga 2000 to new heights! This integrated design slips into the processor option slot in your system and instantly provides dramatic performance improvements. Easily add up to 16MB of fast 32-bit RAM. Gain expansion and versatility with our powerful SCSI II interface, allowing you to connect up to 7 devices such as hard drives, SyQuest removables or CD-ROM drives. Feel the power of G-Force today! CIRCLE 29 ON READER SERVICE CARD G-FORCE G-Force ‘040 33 Combo™ The classic Combo taken to the Ultimate Extreme! Your applications will blaze with the awesome power of a 33Mhz 68040 processor. Give that muscle some room to flex with room for up to 64MB of fast 32-bit RAM. Of course our award-winning SCSI II interface is integrated for maximum performance and we include the bonus of ioExtender capability with an extra parallel port and a buffered high-speed serial port. Hot "toast" served here! CIRCLE 30 ON READER SERVICE CARD 4008 SCSI II™ Bring the world of SCSI within your reach with this easy-to-install board. Instantly gain access to thousands of peripherals such as hard drives, SyQuest removable media and CD-ROMs. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga 4000 and smile. As a leader in Amiga peripheral technology since 1988, we still maintain support for A2000 owners too, even providing 8MB of RAM expansion on the card. Advanced surface-mount technology allows any user to mount a 3.5" drive directly to the card, providing for maximum convenience. Get the GVP SCSI difference! CIRCLE 35 ON READER SERVICE CARD IoExtender™ Feeling trapped? Let GVP extend your horizons with our easy-to-use ioExtender. Contained on a single card, you will find an additional parallel port, allowing you to connect a printer and a digitizer (such as DSS8+] at the same time. No more messy, unreliable switch boxes! We include two, that's right, two high-speed, FIFO buffered serial ports. No more dropped data or bogged-down computers when transferring data via modem (at speeds in excess of 57,600!). Free your ports and regain performance on your Amiga with ioExtender! CIRCLE 35 ON READER SERvrCE CARD PhonePak VFX™ 2.0 If you are calling for VoiceMail Press 1. If you would like to send a Fax, Press 2. If you would like to have this automated, scheduled, time date stamped and call you when you have new mail, get PhonePak VFX 2.0 today! Fully integrated, allowing unlimited mailboxes and private fax receiving. Send faxes from any program that prints. Call in remotely and retrieve faxes sent earlier. Plain paper or paperless faxing. Call routing with Centrex PBX support, and more! CIRCLE 41 ON READER SERVICE CARD DSS8+™ ngOU I Clearly Superior! This is the quietest, most professional and attractive digital EGS 26 24 Spectrum, Performance Series II. Image FX. G-Lock. IV-24, G-Force ‘030 Combo. G-Force ‘040 33 Combo. 4008 SCSI II, ioExtender. PhonePak VFX. And DSS8* are trademarks of Great Valley Products, Inc. All other tradema-ks are the property of their respective owners, USA CONTENTS VOLUME 10, NUMBER 1, JANUARY 1994 FEATURES New Perspectives on Paint By Phil Fitzpatrick 26 The latest Amiga paint software promises amazing hi-res color and incredibly precise control. We’ll compare five top programs to see what they offer, where thev differ. * and how well ihevwork. T Graphics to Go By Geoffrey Williams ..34 If “ready-made” is what you need for your publishing projects, video productions, or multimedia presentations then check out this buyer’s guide to more than 30 recommended dip collections of images, objects, backgrounds, and textures. Digital Canvas ...58 Sony, we can't provide die wine and cheese, but we’ll invite you anyway to this gala black-tie exhibition of Amiga an created with your favorite graphics software. ARTICLES Head2Head: Pro Write vs. FlNAL Copy By John V. Ryan ... >l A brand-new feature debuts this month. “I lea !21 lead” will compare die latest releases of popular Amiga programs in key product areas to help you make tough buying decisions. First up: Word processors ProWrile 3.3 and Final Copy 11. Cruisin’ the Internet By Andy Patrizio .(> L> Our research tells us that a lot of you know a little and some a lot about that data superhighway called the Internet. Here's a very '‘Amiga-oriented** guide to what it oilers, special ways to access and navigate it, and what costs might he involved. COLUMNS Editor’s Drawer By Dennis Brisson ..4 Heading into 1994, the editor rakes a backward look forward to where a decade’s worth of personal-computer progress may be taking us. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ..... 4 The ready-made appeal of clip art (p. 34) could also be of interest to those who normally toil away at their own graphics creations. Joel shows you how to play both sides of the f ence in this month’s column. Video Suite By Paulo de Andrade... 7 8 More Toaster-enhancing helpmates this month as we close out our two-part annotated buyer's guide to support products. DEPARTMENTS Overscan ... 8 Lots of Amiga news and new products plus the last of three special “On-Line Scan” roundups covering the best of PD ’93 (this month: applications programs). AW Profile: Travels With Amiga ...... 96 1 here’s a solitary someone out there with a bunch of road maps, a vehicle called “COW," and an Amiga 2000 and we AWProduct Information ...... 108 To contact the vendors of any product mentioned in this issue o i'Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses” list. Think vou’ll want to know about him and the very special magazine he publishes. List of Advertisers ....97 Help Key ....98 Tim’s the Terminator when it comes to taking on your technical troubles. Index 1993 .102 If we said it in ’93 article, column, review, or news feature then you can track it down right here. The Last Word 112 Okay, there’s been one-hundred eleven pages of ns. I low about one from you? REVIEWS IMAGEMASTER R t (Black Belt) 14 New graphics-retargetting version of the popular image processor is potent stuff. PlCASSO II (Expert Services) .16 24-bit graphics board with broad appeal. Excelsior! BBS (System Desigti)... 18 Set up your own on-line BBS. HELM 1.41 (Eagle Tree) ....20 Authoring system with graphics in mind, MACR068 3.17 (The Puzde Factory). . 2 2 680X0 machine-language assembler. RPAINT (MegageM) .92 Unique Arexx-controlled paint program. GAM ES By Peter Olafson COMMWARE ... 81 ()ur games guy surveys the growing trend of hybrid commercial shareware offerings showing up on the nets recently. Hired Guns (Psygnosis) ....81 Futuristic action RPG for up to four players. GuNSHIP 2000 (MicroProse) 82 l ake 2 on this helicopter sim is a winner. Short Takes .8(i Capsule reviews of new Amiga games. Worst Games of All Time.....88 List month we gave you the top 15 all- time favorites. How about equal time (if not space) for the 20 worst? EDITOR'S DRAWER Welcome to a new year.; new beginnings, w a wtf to reflect on the role of computers in our lives. Electronic Marvels 8c Miscues Over a decade ago, Time s prestigious Man of the Year honors were bestowed upon... a machine. That’s right, the personal computer garnered the magazine’s first machine of the year award, and ever since, this silicon wonder has influenced our lives for better or worse and in obvious as well as subtle ways. Educators claim that the medium pen and paper vs. keyboard artists use to express their thoughts may alfect both the content and style of their work from the most trivial correspondence to major literary opuses. Some scholars fear that the ease with which we can now electronically manipulate words and sentences may cause our writing to suffer, as we put less thought and care into our electronic compositions. To what extent computers affect outwork by processing words or images is holly debated in academia, but no one is suggesting that we abandon this technology. Or that Tom Clancy take up a quill pen to jot clown his latest technological thriller. Technology has also effected dramatic changes in communications. E-mail has replaced postal mail, as the envelope and stamp have gone the way of the 300-baud modem. Computer-to-computer communication is so much easier and quicker... if somewhat less personal. For an example of how we are inching our way towards a paperless society, turn to our report (j). 65) on the Internet phenomenon. Touted as a hydra-headed global organization, this vast computer network allows millions of computer users to access databases, transfer files, exchange electronic mail, or just chat directly with other on-line surfers... in the comfort of their homes. From voice recognition to video creations, technological advances have improved our lives. But. Like ice cream sundaes, too much of a good thing can sometimes produce unwanted effects. Consider, for example, the CD technology that brings you electronic novels. Books on paper always worked fine for me. The prospect of reading a novel on-screen seems a tedious and confining task. And then there are PDAs personal digital assistants. Mow practical are these hand-held gadgets that promise to organize our lives by maintaining addresses, telephone numbers, appointments, schedules, and so on? And, they’ll even recognize your scrawl but not too reliably. Like the electronic novel, PDAs at this point represent the triumph of technolog)' over need. Progress happens, but sometimes new technology replaces current technology simply for the sake of change, not because ir works any better or is less expensive. .As we enter the new calendar year 1994, we recommit ourselves to exploring the terrific potential -productivity, creativity, educational, and entertainment of the Amiga, which will continue to play an increasingly active role in our lives. Stay tuned. J Dennis Brisson Editor-in-Chief Amiga World Dale Strang, Publisher Dennis Brisson, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan, Executive Editor Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Peter Olafsoil, Games Editor Joel Hagen, Contributing Editor Howard G. Happ. Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alana Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoIdrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy, Sales Representative Heather Guinard, Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: 1-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Salud, Associate Publisher, West Const Sales 533 Airport Blvd., Fourth Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 1-415-375-7018; FAX: 1-415-315-7019 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCole, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jaillet, Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Debbie Bourgault. Circulation Fulfillment Manager Subscription Sendees: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Susan Hanshaw Dixon, Director of Operations Monica A. Lougee, Administrative Assistant Custojner Sendee Liaison William M. Boyer, Director of Credit Sales & Collections Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation miDG INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP Amiga World = ISSN’ 0883-2390) is an independent journal noi connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. AntigaWvdd is published monthly by TechMedia Publishing. Inc., an IDG Company. SO Elm St.. Peterborough, Ml 03458. US subscription rate is $ 29.97, one year; $ 57,97. Tun years; $ 83.97. three years: Canada. S I 1.97 (includes GST), and Mexico 538.97, Foreign Surface S49.97. Foreign Airmail $ 84.97. US funds drawn on US bank. Prepayment is rctpiircd on .ill foreign subscriptions. All foreign rates are one-year only. Sccimd-cl.iv> postage paid at Peterborough. Nil. And at additional mailing offices. Phone: (103-924-0100. On-line on BIX: Amiga .World (in Amiga.exchange); CompuScive: 76376,2137; Portal; Go Amiga- World. Entire contents copyright 1993 by TechMedia Publishing. Inc. No part of this publication may be primed or otherwise reproduced without written permission from (lie publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes UfAmigaWorld. Subscription Services, PO Box 595, Ml. Morris. II. 6105-1-7901. Nationally distributed by Kablc News Co. AmgaWorld makes every elfon to ensure the accuracy of articles, listings, and diagrams published in die magazine, A tniga- Worltl assumes no responsibility for damages due to errors or omissions, PRINTED IN I UK USA. Posted under Canadian International Publication agreement 257478. The wait is over for low-cost, high-quality color printing. Introducing the Primera1* Color Printer. For only $ 995.00*, you can now print spectacular full color animations, 3-D renderings, video captures, and color photographs. Print on plain laser paper, transparencies - even T-shirt transfer sheets! Use Primera with your favorite programs like Brilliance", Art Department Professional-, Opal Vision", Video Toaster"1, ImageFX", PageStream and nearly all other Amiga software that uses the Amiga Preferences driver. Primera is the perfect color printer for every Amiga user. Why wait any longer for brilliant, full-page color? Call today for more information and a free sample print.
• Works with all Amiga computers Version 1.3 (or higher)
• Printer drivers also available for Windows 3.1' and Macintosh5
• Thermal transfer print quality For only $ 249.95*, turn your Primera into an advanced dve J sublimation color printer! Produce true continuous-tone, photo-quality images. ELECTRONICS. INCORPORATED 7901 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie. MN 55344 U.S.A. 1-800-327-4622 612-941-9470 FAX: 612-941-7836 FrCTrasi&adefiBrk Circle 64 on Reader Servce card Never before has a system given you all of the necessary tools to create video productions with your own individual style. Now you can create broadcast quality videos with unmatched ease, power, and versatility; OpalVision gives you lots ot inputs in multiple video formats, both PAL and NTSC. Revolutionary DVEs never before available on a personal computer. Chroma and Luma Keying. Real-time framegrabbing. Full Audio Mixing and Equalization. An advanced character generator. Compatibility with all of the important Amiga video, graphics and animation software. OpalVision Main Board The core unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true, RGB, 24-Bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga computer with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double-buffered 24-Bit animation. Includes connectors for the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC. Includes OpalPaint, Opal Presents and OpalAnimMATE software. Includes critically-acclaimed OpalPaint image processing and painting software. Use the power of OpalPaint to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. OpalPaint includes an expandable library of image processing modes, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and many other tools. OpalPaint'sfull range of tools and comprehensive controls provides a level of support for artistic creativity never before available on the Amiga. It's fast. Real-time. Full 24-Bit. Every Main Board includes Opal Presentsl, an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video. OpalAnimMATEplays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. It works in 8,12,15,18 and 24-Bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. OpalVision Video Processor Plug this card into the Main Board and add a wealth of additional features: a 24-Bit framegrabber which doesn't require a time base corrector, a professional-qualfty genlocker with definable chroma and luma keying, a 256-tevel linear transparency key, a video sandwich key for inserting video info 3D screens, real-time color processing of live video and an unlimited number of transitions and customizable Digital Video Effects using the included OpalVision Roaster Chip and software. The OpalVision switcher allows easy "drag-and- drop" groupings of icon-based DVE’s including ANIM based effects, chroma and luma effects and exclusive OpalVision "RoasterChip"effects. The Video Processor offers real-time color processing of both live video and framestores. Create glows, shines, luminance effects, posterizations, nuclear effects and more. The 256-level linear keyer (Alpha channel and transparency effects) allows the definition of transparency between two video sources on a pixel-by-pixel basis for excellent vignetting and super-smooth shadow effects. The keyer can be taken from the Video Processor or an external video source, and or output lo another production switcher. The Alpha channel also gives you the ability to create highly realistic soft- edged transitions and organic effects. Superb 32-bit graphics with precise and detailed Alpha channel definitions can be created in OpalPaint. In addition to the wealth of software included with the OpalVision system, you can access a wide array of OpalVision-compatible Amiga software directly from the switcher screen! The on-screen editor makes creating your own DVE's fast and easy. Define the position, size and X or Y rotation and the Roaster Chip will transform any video signal at your command. The Video Processor's broadcast-quality genlocker allows both Amiga and OpalVision- generated graphics and animations to be combined with any video source. The Opal Character Generator offers full 35ns text capability on the A3000 or4000. Supports Amiga, Compugraphic and Color fonts. CG pages may be incorporated directly into the switcher. Opal Character Generator features selectable font size, color, outline, drop shadow and antialiasing. The CG also creates draggable boxes of text, graphic separators, or IFF brushesand pictures. Any video input can be displayed in a draggable, scrollable and resizable window on the Amiga Workbench. Also allows zooming in and out and has AREXX for remote control from other software. OpalVision Rooster Chip The exclusivetechnology of the OpalVision Roaster Chip provides an endless numberof user-definable Digital Video Effects. Take any two video sources (or on Amiga or OpalVision generated graphic). Flip it. Scale it. Rotate it on the X, Y or 2 axis. Move it along a path. Zoom in. Move out. You have complete control. Build your own custom library of useful wipes and effects and give your videos a unique style. OpalVision is the only video system in its price class which gives you this kind of power. You’ve got to see it to believe it! Sound F X Stereo RG3 ¦1 Composite end Preview Ho n ManPG3 Key OpdVision or 5th Audio output cr YiR-Y 6-Y 4 S-VidftO inputs eompcsie composite orY R-Y B-Y in out input; input inputs and one end ana output master sync S-Video S-Viceo SYOC input outputs ogtpu*$ outputs OpalVision Video Suite A 19-inch, rack-mountable, video audio mixing, switching and transcoding device whic h connects directly to the Video Processor, Nine video and ten audio inputs are available simultaneously in RGB, Y R-Y B-Y, Composite andS-Video. Choose two sources from these inputs, assign a transition or special effect provided by the Video Processor, and trigger it manually or automatically. The linear transparency key provides transparency control between video sources on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The ten audio inputs (five stereo pairs) are fully software-sequenced with smooth fades and full, 5-band frequency equalization. The automated audio mixer (shown here in a detail from the switcher control panel) features full audio-follows-video capability, plus an onscreen panel with sliders for each of the five stereo audio inputs available on the Video Suite. Sliders control volume and or 5-band EQ. OpalVision Scan-Rate Converter TBC Add this card and achieve 31 Khz, non-interlaced output of Amiga and OpalVision graphics and any incoming video source in either PAL or NTSC. Includes full time-base correction of incoming video. The on-board memory also serves as an additional frame-store. Manufactured and Distributed by: Centaur Development
P. O.Box 3959 Torrance, CA 90503 Phone: (310) 787-4530 Fax: (310) 222-5882 BBS: (310) 787-4540 For information: 1 -800-621 -2202 OpalVision, OpalPaint, Opal Presents, OpalVision Video Suite, OpalVision Video Processor and OpalVision Roaster Chip are trademarks of Opol Technology, Ltd. OpalAnimMATE is a trademark of Centaur Development, Inc. Technical specifications subject to change without notice. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Out With the Old. Is it time to enhance your existing gear? Check out the latest hatch of upgrades just in time lor the new year. With GVP’s new 16MB SIMM modules. You can increase the RAM of the Gforce ‘040 up to 64MB. And of the A1230 Turbo + to 32MB. Due to an ongoing shortage of DRAM chips, quantities of these SIMMs are limited; contact your dealer for details. (RS 120.) With AutoXA. A free software upgrade, your Amiga will automatically recognize the 32-bit memory on Micro Holies’ Ml230 XA accelerator earlier in the startup process. AutoXA loads various libraries, devices, and file systems of
* f * AmigaDOS into the accelerator's last RAM upon warm-reboot for an immediate performance boost. With the release of AmigaDOS 3.1, the RAM will he autorecognized at boot-up. AutoXA is available at no charge on networks such as CompuServe and BIX, and through dealers. Additionally, the disk is available directly from MicroRotics for the cost of shipping and handling (approximately S7 in the L'S; SI2 overseas). (RS 121.) T y p e S m i t h 2.0 (S 1 9 9.9 5, Soft- Logik), the outline-fdnt editor, now lets you load, save, edit, and create bitmapped screen fonts. Other new options include a hinting capability to make fonts look better in lo-res and at small point sizes. With the hinting feature, PostScript fonts can be converted to the Intellifont format. The upgrade also lets you trace a picture automatically; simply load and choose the Autotrace command. Owners of previous versions can upgrade for S50; those who purchased after August 15 can upgrade for free. (RS 123.) PC Task 2.0 (S49.95, DevWare) promises to run most MS-DOS software on the Amiga. It may not perform as fast as a hardware emulator, but ii costs much less, and claims to be the sole software-only option that provides VGA emulation. The software even emulates Super VGA on AGA Amigas. It converts floppy drives to MS-DOS drives, and transforms extra Amiga memory to PCI RAM. (RS 124.) The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks (RS
125) is offering two new add-ons for the Bnrs&Pipes Professional 2.0 music-com- position program: Performance Tools Kit and Power Tools Kit. Each provides 21 new tools and costs .869.95. The Performance package offers a timing-display tool that informs you whether you are playing on time with the current tempo. Another tool lets you replace one patch change with another. One program in the Power Pools Kit converts note-ons and note-offs to user- defined control changes; another is a MI Di-data viewer. Put It in Print There has been a lot cookin' since our last look at printers in the September issue. The Primera thermal-transfer color printer ($ 995, Fargo Electronics) claims to print up to four limes as fast as an ink-jet printer and requires no drying time. The Primera prints hi-res color onto both letter and A4-size paper and transparencies; additionally, a monochrome ribbon cartridge is available for economical text-only printing. You can get the Amiga driver at no extra charge by calling Fargo's technical support (612 941-0050) or through the company's BBS on CompuServe. The driver is compatible with AmigaDOS 1.3 or later and requires 2MB of RAM (4MB recommended), (RS 132.) With the Canon Studio driver software available on BBSs, from Fred Fish disk 738, and through MacroSystemUS (about $ 15} you can take advantage of two new printers from Canon: the monochrome LBP-430 laser and the color BJC-600 ink jet The LBP-430 ($ 799) has a 100-sheet cassette for letter, legal, and executive-size paper. It is compact in size (14x14x6 inches) and prints 300 dpi (dots per inch) at four pages per minute. The printer includes 22 fonts (eight are scalable) and 1MB of RAM. The LBP-430 uses Canon's superfine toner; replacements cost $ 85. The BJC-600 (S719) is a 360-dpi color printer. The latest Bubble Jet features Canon's new ink formula, which claims to dry 100 times faster than conventional ink. It uses four separate cartridges to hold the primary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and true black), which are replaceable individually at S7.50 for black and S8 for each of the others. The BJC-600 promises faster output due to its quadruple print-head design. Besides plain-paper output, it can print on laTo locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 108.' For cutting edge audio editing, Studio 16 3y make tracks for Studio 16 is the state-of-the-art in audio tor video editing. So simple to use, you’ll llnd yourself listening to your new music tracks, foley effects, and voice-overs in no time. In fact, with Studio 16 3.0's highly intuitive time-line based cue list, audio production is as easy as point and click. With automatic fades and cross fades, you can try as many different combinations as you'd like, without worrying about altering original audio files. Frame by frame accuracy gives you precise control over the placement of even' audio edit. The power of digital, non-linear audio editing and hard disk recording adds all of these incredible capabilities to your Amiga and Video Toaster. Just imagine the power of eight tracks of CD quality, sixteen-bit stereo playing off your computer's hard drive in real time. All for just $ 1495. Better yet. Studio !6 3.0’s multiple card support can give you up to twelve tracks of simultaneous audio playback! With assignable channel inputs and outputs. Want more? The Arexx Track gives you Automatic fades and cross-fades by dragging and dropping. Complete control overall your Arexx compatible devices, locked toSMPTE time code, from within Studio 16 3.0’s time-line cue list. Automated mixing allows you to pre-program the volume and pan levels. Plus, Studio 16 3.0 has third party integration with AmiLink, Bars & Pipes Professional, the Personal Animation Recorder, SCALA, and T-Rexx Professional, Before you edit your next video, find out how Studio 16 3.0 will bring you to the cutting edge of the digital audio revolution. Call today for a free information packet.
(408) 374-4962, or fax us at (408) 3744963. Get the complete digital audio solution-Studio 16 3.0. International Distributors; AUSTRALIA CCS +(>l (09) 37J-30I S. BENELUX TAKE ! PRODUCTIONS + 3! (045) 225783. BRAZIL Hcigs Flor +55 21) 24ft-1 ¥92, FINLAND Broadlme Oy +358 (90) 8747 900. FRANCE Storm +33 (I) 43 57 4657 GERMANY AS AS -+49 (069) 5 48 81 30. ITALY AP&S +39 (0432)759264, KOREA Amea +82 (2) 564-4966. LATIN AMERICA Centennial +1 (305) 633-2200. MEXICO Aimes +52 (J) 208-9292. NORWAY FAMO +47 (2) 238-1205. SPAIN PiXeLSOFT +34 (088) 71 27(X). SWEDEN Display Dali +46 (0457) 503 80. SWITZERLAND Octave 2 +41 (032) 872429. TAIWAN Vivid Image +886 (2) 727-1235. UNITED KINGDOM While Knight +44 992 714539. ¦f Depending on system configuration. Studio 16 is a trademark of SunRize Industries Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-A m iga Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of NcwTek Inc.. Arexx is a trademark of Wishful Thinking Development Corp.. AmiLink is a trademark of RGB Computer A Video Inc., Bars A Pipes Professional is a trademark of Blue Ribbon Sound Works Ltd.. Personal Animation Recorder is a trademark of Digital Processing Systems Inc.. SCALA is a trademark of SCALA Inc.. T-Rexx Professional is a trademark of ASDG Inc. ©I 993 SunRize Industries. 2959 S. Winchester Blvd.. Suite 21M. Campbell. CA 9,5008. USA Team Amiga You can instill some "team spirit" into your Amigas with two new options for your ELAN-DFS peer-to-peer networking software from Interworks: 1-Card and Toaster-Net. With the 1-Card ($ 299), you can team up your A1200 or A600 with an existing Ethernet-based network to share devices, directories, and peripherals. The !-Card package includes a 16-bit Ethernet adapter and a SANA ll-compatible driver. LightWave 3D rendering can be a team effort when you network two or more Toasters with the Toaster-Net software. Toaster-Net lets you move complete scenes between systems and render sequences and selective frames across a network for optimum efficiency. Toaster- Net requires NewTek's Toaster 3.0 software and costs S349 for a five-system license (the license is expandable in five- system increments). (RS 130.) CD32 Time Capsules Before von can clone dinosaurs a la Jurassic Park, you will need to gain some insight about them. Insight: Dinosaurs (£39.95, Optonica) may help all of you aspiring paleontologists. It is the second in the Insight series of home reference titles from Optonica for the Amiga CD32, CDTV, and Commodore’s A570 CD-ROM drive. The colorful CD-ROM includes dinosaur facts, quizzes, puzzles, and more. It was produced in association with the British Natural History Museum. What better way is there to start a new year than to reflect on the passing one? The Guinness Disc of Records 2nd Edition (New Media) is a compilation of the popular US and UK book editions on CD-ROM for the Amiga CD32. The pictorial database is indexed alphabetically and via superlatives such as “the longest speech.” It includes approximately 3500 records and more than 800 photographs, and features six audiovisual tours. The new edition takes advantage of the CD32’s hi-rcs capabilities to display all graphics and photographs in HAMS. (RS 122.) If you bought a new Amiga recently and wonder vvhv your machine has not Get Back on Speaking Terms With Your Amiga j been speaking to you, it’s not your fault. Commodore dropped speech support with AmigaDOS 2.1. The speech program that came with AmigaDOS versions 2.04 and earlier does not actually belong to Commodore; it was licensed from the Los Angeles-based company Soft Voice. According to Joe Kate, co-owner of Soft Voice, Commodore broke off negotiations six months prior to the release of AmigaDOS 2.1. Commodore reps have stated that speech is still important, and at present, engineers are evaluating the program’s usefulness with potential plans for an improved utility. Initially, development will focus on the UK market, which constitutes 90% of all Amiga sales. Representatives at Commodore, however, decline to give details as to when, if ever, speech synthesis will be available again. T he Say command is not widely utilized in commercial programs, hut some programs, including New Horizon’s word Color Capturers The latest generation of Rombo's low- cost color digitizers work in real-time, so there's no waiting for your images. Vidi Amiga (12) RT (£199) captures mono and color images while Vidi Amiga (24) RT (£299) can capture 24-bit color for photorealistic results. Each takes input from S-VHS and composite sources. Additional- processor Pro Write 3.3, allow you to hear the text you’ve typed. Because the Say command only approximates a word’s sound, mispronunciations occur (the word “sew” sounds like “sue,” for instance). This is one deficiency that could he addressed in further developments. Can We Talk? Although speech is no longer standard on AmigaDOS, you can easily install it onto your new Workbench. Get a copy of Workbench 2.04 from an Amiga dealer or mail-order vendor, and simply copy four files. The narrator.dev ice lile goes into the Workbench DEVS directory, the translaior.libraiy gets copied to the LIBS directory, and the Say command should he placed into the Utilities directory along with its icon, Say info. 7 Those who wish to mount Say during o the startup-sequence must copy SPEAK along with its icon, SPEAK, info, from the director)’ DEVS DOS Drivers on the updated Workbench 2.04. Andrew Desjardins ly, Vidi Amiga (24) RT accepts Y C input. The included software supports most file formats, so you can import images from Mac and PC platforms. Both packages also offer animation software, and are compatible with any Amiga. For those who want to keep their options open, Vidi Amiga (12) RT can be upgraded to Amiga (24) RT. (RS 135.) For Your Video Kitchen Shopping for that new "home appliance" for your video studio? Sync Strainer ($ 59.95, PreVue Technologies) is a multisync monitor adapter that attaches to the Amiga's 23-pin video port. It includes a second connector for the display-monitor cable, which is available as either a nine-pin D connector or a high-density 15-pin connector. The Sync Strainer buffers the H- and V-sync signals and, when a genlock is in use (as with the Video Toaster), it creates regenerated FI- and V-sync signals from composite sync. It requires a multisync monitor that scans at a 15.7 Khz horizontal rate. Any genlock that does not use the Amiga's 23-pin video port can be used with the Sync Strainer. (RS 134.) A W Shucks Printer Goof-up: Discerning Amiga- World readers will have noted that page 24 of die December issue featured Mac and PC-related editorial. A page from our sister publication, Desktop Video World, was inadvertently substituted for die first page of Digital Creations’ two-page ad. The content of the page in no way reflects the editorial focus o£Amiga World and was a mishap that occurred at the printing plant. We regret any confusion this page substitution may have caused our readers. The Next Wave of Video Tools Beyond AGA Graphics to True 24 bit istation Graphics on your Amiga Toaster r, from Mai .rfi The RetiTO pis] resolution and Toaster applko resolution 24bi Pro or XlPaintc ... - model, designs j»n single ormt lffnyAmigaOS t Noninterlaced MultiFrame MULTI-MEDIA MUSCLE I 8 Interlaced. ApplicdTf _ rr Amiga screen or on In an A3000 A JmSC- ¦h j tm 16bit 48KHz Audio ¦ AppC|| Cl I Digitizer - 3 Stereo X VWCImI X J Inputs with Mixer The Toccata is a full 16bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs, 1 Mic input and 1 Stereo output. The Toccata will work in any Zorroll or Zorrolll slot. The Toccata can digitize at up to 48 Khz in 16bit direct to hard disk. Special features are an onboard mixer and optional ADPCM compression. The ADPCM compression allows digitizing at 32KHz directly to a floppy disk and playback from floppy. For the first time building lengthy digital video segments no longer requires Playback from HardDisk can be up to 16 channels in 16bit. The Toccata can also expensive and slow frame by frame digitizing. Using a revolutionary new beused with the Vlab IFR to digitize the audio for a video sequence. Simultaneous concept, MacroSystem has provided a new Interleaved Frame Recording R?"°rd°nd PT°ek h.om HatrdDriX®-The Toccata comes with a special version feature (VLab and Vlab Y C). ° SEKD's award-winning audio editing software package, Samplitude. Interleaved Frame Recording or IFR basically allows the Vlab to digitize full Tfc'h rri f Wrifimtinnc- 30fps digital video sequences to HardDisk by making multiple passes of the ! C “ u i u %kahl7C Digitize 30fps Video from Video Tape or Laser Disk
* 3 Stereo (6 Channels) Inputs
* 1 MicroPhone Input
* 1 Stereo (2 Channels) Output
* On board mixer
* Record and Playback Simultaneously
* Reads Audio SMPTE Time Code
* 64 Times Oversampling
* 16 different sampling rates recorded video. The Vlab digitizes the frames directly to HardDisk as sequentially numbered frames. Hardware Features:
* Frame grab in l 30th sec. Or Field grab in l 60lh $ e .
• Digitize 30fps Video using IFR
• Digitizes full frame full color • NTSC or PAL signals,
• Save frames as YUV, IFF24, AGA
* Vlab Y C -1 Y C & 2 Composite inputs.
* Vlab &VLab 1200 - 2 Composite inputs.
* Time Base Corrector not required.
• Compatible with the Video Toaster, Op division.
* Vlab control windows allow you to keep multiple critical controls open at the same time. And the monitor window display lets you see exactly what you are digitizing.
* Real time Color, Contrast, Luminance and Gamma, Luminance, Chromanace controls.
* Includes ADPro and ImageFX Loader modules.
* Supported by the Nucleas Personal SFC. In. 24282 LynnomJ. Suita Wl Novi. Ml 48374 (313) 347-5256 Plume (313) 347-5543 Fax Retina, Vlab and TVPaint ore trademarks of MacroSystemUS. The VideoToaster and LighlWave 3D are trademarks of NewTek, Inc. ADPro is a registered trademark of ASDG, Inc. Circle 157 on Reader Service card. [ciKTiSil fk TTT Upgrade available for [_j Nj y?aIll current Retina owners! | yhe Best has just gqtten better! Full 32bit Zorro HI, Higher Resolutions, The Fastest Yeti In an A3000 or A4OO0 the Retina n is unbeatable for use with TVPaint and Rendering software. Built-in Video Encoder with Composite and S-Video Outputs. 1280x1024 24bit Res. TVPaint 2.0 Professional" 1 The State of the Art in 32 bit Painting for the Amiga. TVPaint is the fastest 32 bit Paint Package available for the Amiga. Some of TVPaints features: Automatic Antialiasing on drawing tools. Powerful Airbrush tools. Density control on, tools. Full Undo Redo, Spare Swap screens, Convolution Effects, Definable Magnification j w Window, Custom Masks, Pressure Sensitive Tablet support. Full CLT. Retina Version - Suggested List .A .. $ 449.95 - i be astonished at the variety of 24mt resolutions, up m-8Qpx600 Non-Interlaced, or grecAerJth an 1024x768 Interlaced. Applications may be launched on thejr owA CusIBMvAmiga screen or on the Workbench screen allowing thfe bser full clibjce in configuringtfierr working environment! The Retina is a full featured AGAscKipset emulator using Workbench 2.1 * That's not all, the Retina can also run the Workbench in 24bit depth so that you can display 24bit Images anO 24bit Animations directly on the Workbench screen! The Rbtinfa with TVPaint 2.0 Pro is Recommended by NewTek for use with the Video Toaster System. I . AcroSystemUSjs ehigh- Professiopai Aniiga Video rna,yot an voii render high ne m 4bifwith TVPaint 2.0 Ifslze, you can interactively ng entire objects and pages tja has the ability to display evolutions up to 1280x1024 ?ced. Professional users will resolutions, up to 800x600 Features
• 15 - BOKHi Hor. Freq. And 50-11 0Hz Verti. Freq.
• 800x600 24bit Displays in either Non-Interlaced or Interlaced resolutions. 1024x768 Interlaced 24bit.
• Programmable Resolutions up la 2400x1200 * 1152x862 in 24bit
• Uses 2 to 4 Megabytes, user-upgradable.
• 4MB allows large 24bit screens for complex Graphics.
• Includes 8,16 and 24bif animation software.
• High Speed 32bit Bus to Video Memory running at 60MHz.
• Hardware drawing assist (unctions to accelerate GUI Operations - 64bit data latch and 8LT structure.
• Display 24bit Images or Animations on a 24bit depth Workbench Screen.
• Independent program resolution assignments!
• Compatible with the Video Toaster, OpalVision and the Vlab Real-Time Video Digitizer,
• Requires AmigaDos 2.0 or greater.
• Full one Year warranty.
• Optional External Video Encoder with Composite and S-Video outputs available for the Retina.
• 1084 Composite Sync Adaptor available for the Retina.
• Frequency Response 10Hz to 20KHz
• 90db Signal to noise ratio
• Dual 16bit delta-sigma A D converters
• Dual 16bit delta-sigma D A converters Suggested List Price .. $ 599.95 Video, German Style RCS Management of Germany (RS
137) is keeping busy with two new products for video and animation enthusiasts. The Digital Editor Card ($ 3995) for the A3000 4000 promises to turn your Amiga into a nonlinear-editing system. It lets you compress real-time video (from any standard NTSC, PAL, RGB, or S-VHS source) to your hard drive at 30 frames per second (NTSC) and then outputs to a standard VTR. Digital Editor can also digitize 16-bit stereo sound along with the video so that the audio track is attached to the video track at the same time. Up to eight tracks of video and audio can be edited simultaneously. The included converter lets you transform IFF24 images into Digital Editor format so that you can store and play back animations as well. Revelation 3D ($ 445) is RCS's new 3-D graphics and animation soflware. Besides offering standard 3-D features, Revelation 3D lets you shade objects in true color, and adjust, rotate, move, shear, and scale objects at 25 frames per second. It also includes more than 30 fully adjustable textures. You can convert standard CompuGraphic scalable fonts to 3-D fonts, and Revelation 3D supports many 3-D object file formats, including AutoCAD, Imagine, and DXF. It also supports serial-port and network-distributed rendering for optimum performance. The package requires AmigaDOS 2.0 or later, at least 6MB of RAM, and a 68020 30 with FPU or a 68040 accelerator. Painting the Town(house) Red CoIorVision 4 (about $ 2000, Color- Vision) will have you seeing red...and hundreds of other colors, too. The color-sampling software displays hi-res photographic images of home interiors and exteriors in user-defined color schemes. CoIorVision 4 is designed for home-decorator professionals to assist in their clients’ decision-making process. With it, you can define not only paint color, but also the look of tiles, roofing, vinyl flooring, and more. A complete kiosk system for showrooms is also available for about $ 4000. (RS 131.) ¦ Many Amigas were purchased more for their video, music, and games prowess than for the traditional computer tasks that make life easier. If you’re looking to balance your checkbook, however, or seeking an electronic appointment keeper or a recipe database, an .Amiga can Fit the bill quite nicely with the help of some freely distributable software. ON-LINE SCAN By Tim Walsh Most of the better application- type programs can be found on all the major nets. If there’s any good advice that I can share, it’s that most of the older applications aren’t worth the time it takes to retrieve them, unless you’re running under Workbench 1.3. Older applications often don’t take advantage of AmigaDOS 2.0 3.0 features. Even if you can get them to run on the newer operating systems, many Functions, such as the print and screen options, often don’t work. What follows is a sampling of some of die newer, better productivity programs that are found on-line for your Amiga. Addresser 2.0: Although there are several name-and-address databases in the public domain, few have earned dieit place as convincingly as this $ 15 shareware workhorse by Jeff Kelly. Using an intelligently designed Workbench interface with subtle 3-D buttons, Addresser 2.0 gives the impression of being a simple, easy-to-use program that makes keeping addresses an enjoyable experience. Once you begin using Addresser, you'll realize it is simple only in operation, not in features. Many handy functions nicely complement this address keeper. You can export all records to your word processor, jump to records using A-Z buttons, and print the records to mailing labels with the click of a mouse button. Another nice option lets your modem-equipped Amiga dial voice numbers for you. DABMenuMaker: Most people don’t buy computers primarily for menu-planning. But if you're in the market for a recipe program, check out the British import called DABMenuMaker probably the best recipe program I’ve seen to date. And, it's freeware. Written by a person called DAB, DABMenuMaker offers AmigaGuide documentation, a fair number of installed recipes, interactive on-line help, a built-in calculator, and a screen that resides cm die Workbench. DABMenuMaker uses a horizontally-split screen, which allows the ingredients to reside on the scrollable top half, while the preparation instructions are listed beneath. All of your additions and deletions are automatically saved to disk. Anyway you look at it, it’s a nicely-executed recipe keeper. NoteIt! 1.1: Too often while using my computer 1 waste time frantically searching for an errant notepad when I need to jot down a short note. Sometimes Eve even used Superbase Pro 4 as a notepad of sorts! Ryan J, Bruner's NoteIt! Is a Post-It style pad for your Workbench. More flexible than paper, NoteIt! Offers foolproof ease-of- use. For example, you could install the program as a Tool on your Workbench, then enter groups of your most of ten-called names and numbers. You can recall all the entries in a flash. Key- board shortcuts let you scroll through records far faster than a conventional Rolodex, too. Cnote 3.3: When I tried Bill Doss’s freeware Cnote 3.3, I was impressed by the program's slick operation. This program places a small calendar on the Workbench screen complete with a dock that cycles between the date and time. Nothing too exciting about that, except that it also offers appointment-keeping options, date-scrolling features, hotkeys, and so forth. Clearly one of the most system-friendly reminder programs, Cnote 3.3 places a multifunction graphic calendar on the screen, using the computer's clock-time and -date as a reference. Double-clicking on a particular day calls up a custom screen that provides a number of options for checking and entering appointments. This short description doesn’t do justice to this refined program. Try it, you should be happy with it. Check Manager: Currently at version 1.11, Jamie Mueller’s Check Manager manages both your bills and your checkbook. In place of your checkbook ledger, Check Manager lets your Amiga calculate die balance based on die number of deposits and checks you’ve written. Operating on a custom screen with multiple windows for each operation, the application is easy to use. Check Manager consists of two programs: an accounts payable-type module and a checkbook module that keeps track of written checks. Great for small-scale applications, Check Manager is loaded with options. Be forewarned, however, that it can handle only one checking account at a time. BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 ? Toaster ToolKit 4000 An indispensable collection of utilities for Video Toaster 2.0, 3.0 and 4000 users. Toaster Sequence Editor • Toaster Project Editor • AnimToFX • FXToAnim • Color Font Converter
• FrameStore Compressor MSRP $ 179.95 Cocoon Morph The fastest and easiest-to-use morphing program you will find. Includes high end features found in expensive systems-without the Rolls Royce price! Cocoon is full-featured. Morphs are easy to set up with fast, accurate rendering. MSRP $ 99.95 Crouton Tools 4000 Video Enthusiasts call Crouton Tools 4000 "The Easy- to-use Video Workstation Integrator," software enthusiasts call Crouton Tools 4000 "A Full-Featured Video Shell." Utilizing powerful applications with the Video Toaster was once a complex task. Dramatically increases productivity. MSRP $ 149.95 Video Toaster System Design contact Harold Russell: !a
(801) 466-7330 Video Software Sales contact DevWare Video: m
(800) 879-0759 Toaster TooM 4COQ was developed by The Byre Factory. Crouton Texts was developed by Atom* Toaster Catalog Cocoon was developed by liohworlwf Studios Video Toaster a a trademark ot NewTok. Inc R E V E Imagemaster R t Minimum system: 5MB, AmigaDOS 2.0 or later. Recommended system: AGA, OpalVision, HAM-E, or Firecraeker24; math coprocessor and generous amounts of RAM. Sophisticated image- processing system. Black Beit Systems, S 299.95 All Amigas.
2. 04 3*0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Black Belt's Imagemaster R t is one of the most powerful Amiga graphics-manipula- tion programs around, with literally hundreds of tools buried within its menus. With an overhauled interface and additional standard tools, it is a marked improvement over earlier versions of Imagemaster. The new name suffix, R t, derives from the program’s graphics retargeting capability. The Tool Room Imagemaster R. t sports an improved interface, with a control panel along the bottom foreground of the display. You won’t find a single pull-down menu in sight; instead, you access every function in R t through multiple layers of context-sensitive buttons, which vary according to your menu selections. The aforementioned standard tools are always at the ready, no matter which layer of buttons is active as you progress through the labyrinthine structure. These tools specify the type of area (circular, rectangular, or a custom shape) to process. This is a paradigm shift for Imagemaster, as previous versions didn’t allow you to specify a region of the display until after you’d chosen a process to perform. An upgraded image-load requester now possesses a catalog feature: Not only can you select O JJ files by name, but also you can alternately choose from finely detailed, thumbnail-sizecl replicas of previously loaded images. In addition to all of the traditional Amiga and non-Amiga file formats, R t also saves in a new TRIM file, a high-compression format that promises no loss of image quality. Imagemaster has always supported a variety of graphics formats, and the tradition continues here. To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" listen p. 108. You'll discover R t accepts IFF, IFF24, TRIM, JPEG, GIF, HAM-E, DCTV, BMP. PCX, HotLinks, Targa, TIFF, and more. In addition, Syndesis sells a PIC-format loader for R t. The program also features an easy way to load a batch of images for script-based manipulation. If you need to process images into an animation, R t can perform that process automatically. Retargetting Applications The Process menu alone offers more than a hundred effects, from the sublime (color balancing) to the truly eye-catching (3-D nets and motion blur). My favorite feature, asterize, has also been greatly enhanced. Merely listing the features trivializes the significance and power of the program. Though the Paint controls are still not as intuitive as those of a dedicated program such as DeluxePaint, their power is impressive. The heart of Paint line draw and area fill holds dozens of possible variations, with many transparency effects dependent on the manner in which you configure them. You can also O store an unlimited number of custom brushes in R fs buffers. The former crude font requester has given way to a replacement that now provides font samples, but you are still restricted to entering one line of text at a time. Of course, R t still offers the best palette and effects tools in the business. Once you designate primary and secondary buffers, the Compose menu springs to life with over a dozen ways to combine images, including traditional rub-thru and merge effects. You’ll also Find a complete morphing utility that’s powerful enough to hold its own as a standalone program. There’s a powerful Dpaint-like perspective tool there, as well. The filmstrip tool now displays in an attractive interface an array of buttons for invoking functions such as modifying frames and varying playback parameters. You can display filmstrips in color, grayscale, or AGA modes. R t also offers a stand-alone filmstrip player for viewing animations outside of the program. The tie that binds all this together is a powerful buffer manager that stores as many images as your RAM will allow, plus one Undo buffer. A new display option, Onion Skin, lets you overlay two display buffers with precise transparency control. R t retains Imagemaster's complete Arexx macro language, as well as the associated Public Interlace modules for calling special effects, image loaders and savers, and other unique program extensions. The program operates in native mode from a variety of supported display cards, rather than merely displaying processed images on them. Supportable display cards must be capable of displaying standard Amiga screens the R t control panel, for example on top of their own 24-bit screens. Roth OpalYision (Centaur) and Firecracker (Impulse) can operate this way, so they are the first boards to get the nod in this O initial version of R t. R t will also retarget its display to AGA, although this is just another wav of saving that R t works under Workbench j o
3. 0. Future additions to the list of supported display cards would seem to depend on whether the card can place an Amiga screen on top of its own display and whether Black Reit can get the necessary support data from the manufacturers. A Virtual Manual If you’re curious about R f s manual, there isn't one at least, not in the conventional sense, because documentation is provided via a context-sensitive on-line help system. If you press the Help key with die pointer atop a button, Black Belt’s ApAs- sist program launches a help screen. Significantly, Black Belt chose not to support AmigaGuide, but instead to employ its own ApAssist hypertext system. Though the two formats are incompatible, I have to admit that ApAssisfs graphics handling, search features, and navigational aids are superior to those of AmigaGuide. Back Navigate, for instance, provides a list of every topic you’ve recently visited, and a mouse click returns vou to any one j i J of diem. ApAssist should eventually he able to read AmigaGuide files, making it a complete hypertext solution. One shortcoming of R f s “virtual” manual is that you can't read it on the subway. Well, that’s not entirely true, since you can send any part of it to the printer. This means you can print just die parts you want, and Black Belt doesn’t have to charge more and sacrifice any trees to produce a manual. Paperless manuals are nothing new, but as standardized on-line help becomes more common, you can expect to see more of it. I fats off to Black Belt for trailblazing! While the on-line Help directory occupies over a meg of hard-disk storage area, R fs implementation is worthy of the space. The Help file includes a number of chapters to help new users get started and find their way around the interlace, as well as two separate morphing tutorials and a complete reference section. Most buttons contain a narrative description, a wiring diagram to show where each one resides on R t's interface, and a hot-key to experiment with the effect. The hot-key design is truly ingenious. Pressing the hot-key returns you to the current display where you are prompted to specify a region. R i renders the effect on your image, then gives you the option to undo the action and return to ApAssist. Construction Ahead Owners of Black Belt products are familiar with the company’s penchant for churning out frequent and significant revisions. By the time you read this, a new version of' R t will probably be on the streets, addressing the minor shortcomings I've encountered in version
1. 05 and adding some new features to hoot. But that’s no reason to wait. If you’ve gotten this far into the review without pausing to buy Imagemaster R t for yourself, you’ve already waited too long. Imagemaster R t is a tool no serious artist should be without. Dave Johnson Picasso II Expert Services, S549; additional 2MB expansion: S65 A2000 A3000 A4000.
2. 04 3.0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, AGA .Amiga and hard disk. Installation: Easy. 24*bit high-resolution display board. NOW x HEAR O - THIS! At The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks, we’re dedicated to the state-of-the-art. With over 20 Amiga music products to choose from, you’ll find everything you're looking foi and more! Kat BLUE RIBBON DELIVERS THE AMIGA'S FINEST MUSIC TOOLS EVER! MIDI Sequencing: Bars&Pipes, Bars&Pi Professional, Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0, MusicBox A, MusicBox B, Multi-media Kit, Internal Sounds Kit, Pro Studio Kit, Creativity Kit, Rules for Tools, Power Tools Kit, Performance Tools Kit Automated Composition: SuperJAMI, Classical Styles, Cutting Edge Styles, Dance Mix Styles, Movie Soundtrack Styles, Pop Rock Styles, World Music Styles Studio Hardware: Triple Play Plus, SyncPro, The One-Stop Music Shop Studio Enhancements: Media Madness, The PatchMeister, The Miracle Tools For More Info: 404 315-0212 404 315-0213 fax All blue Ribbon products mentioned tdun f me imdetnurks of The blur Ribbon SaundWarks, but., Ailmitu. Georgia USA, Long ago, I reassured myself when 1 bought my 3.5K Commodore VIC- 20 that it was all the computer I’d ever need. Needless to say, necessary advances have been made since then, and the truth is. No matter how fast and colorful vour computer gets, there always comes an opportunity to make it just a little better for a little more money, l lie Picasso II 24-bit graphics card does just that for the Amiga. G> Graphic: Differences Designed by Germany’s VillageTronic and distributed in the US by Expert Services, the Picasso II works in any Amiga with a free Zorro II or III slot. Since it leaves the video slot free, it can peacefully coexist witli deinterlacer boards or the Video Toaster. This 24-bit display card is based on a Cirrus Logic video chip commonly used in Windows-accelerator Super VGA hoards. It sports 1MB of RAM (expandable to 2MB) and provides resolutions up to 1280x1024 pixels. You’ll need a VGA or multiscan monitor, such as Commodore’s 1942 or 1960, for the rime-honored Commodore 1084-stvle monitors can't handle the Picasso Ips scan rate. The card is fast, deriving its speed from mapping its video memory directly into the Zorro II AutoConfig area, where the Amiga’s processor can directly access it. This has the side effect of consuming 2MB of the available RAM in the A2000, limiting you to 6MB of 16- hit fast RAM. (You can add more if you have an accelerator board.) A jumper on the board lets you set it up in a win- dowed-access mode that allows the use of 8MB of 16-bit RAM, but this reduces speed and compatibility with the included utilities. It’s better, therefore, to sacrifice the 2MB of RAM to the Picasso and add additional memory via an accelerator card. Installation is simple just plug the Picasso 11 into a Zorro slot and attach your monitor cable to the 15-pin connector on the board. You then run an- other cable from your Amiga’s video output to the Picasso’s 15-pin RGB input connector. The unit accepts any standard ECS or AGA Amiga video frequency, as well as the output of deinterlacer boards. When you’re not in a Picasso- specific graphics mode, the board just passes the video directly through to your monitor without alteration. T he board I tested was equipped with 2MB of RAM and offered resolutions that peaked at various color levels. For instance, 16 million colors offered a maximum of 800x600 resolution, 65,000 colors made 1 152x900 available, and 256 colors gave me 1280x 1024. A f MB board offers fewer colors in the higher resolu- tion modes, so for the small difference in cost I’d strongly suggest getting the 2MB- equipped board. Which modes are interlaced depends upon your monitor’s maximum scan rate. My Commodore 1960 handles scan rates of up to 38 Khz, so 1 was able to get up to 800x600 resolution noninterlaced. I also tested the board with a Dell multiscan that handled 64-KI Iz signals, and I was able to get up to I 152x900 mode without interlace. Note that interlaced modes are refreshed at much higher rates than standard Amiga interlace modes, making the flicker barely noticeable. Picasso Control You install Picasso’s software through Commodore’s standard Installer program. Unlike some 24-bit boards that work only with specific applications or require an “AGAemulation” driver, the Picasso II software adds itself to the Amiga’s screenmodes list; any application that brings up a list of available graphics modes should work with this card. I was able to use Professional Page 4.1, TypeSmiih, Mand2000, and a number ol shareware programs in Picasso modes. You can select a Picasso mode for the Workbench by using the Screen- Mode Prefs program, so any application that opens a window on the Workbench should he compatible. The only programs 1 couldn’t get to work in Picasso modes were DeluxePaint IV AGA and Brilliance, both of which access the Amiga’s hardware directly. The drivers do a great job of emulating normal Amiga behavior, and usually it’s not obvious whether you're operating in an Amiga or Picasso graphic environment. You just use the standard screen-depth gadget or Amiga-M to swap screens. 1 his is one of the onlv boards I've seen that allows you to pull down screens. Telecommunications programs that display a phone-book screen in front of your terminal screen could benefit from this; many graphics boards won’t display two Intuition screens simultaneously. The package includes a utility called ChangeScreen, which pops up a requester whenever a program opens a screen. You can tell the application to open in its normal screen mode or promote it to a Picasso mode; ChangeScreen can remember screen names, so you need to select a mode for a program only the first time you run it. ChangeScreen effectively forces programs such as Pro Write and Imagine to run in Picasso’s 640x480 mode instead of hi-res interlaced mode. I was most impressed, though, when I was able to use ChangeScreen to run Sim Life AGA in 256-color ;Fi. *. Let Picasso II liven your Workbench. Picasso mode on an ECS-equipped .Amiga. SimLife is one of a precious few AGA games, and the Picasso II board won’t let you run games like Zool AGA on your non-AGA ECS Amiga. Games do run well with the board installed, however, since standard Amiga video signals pass through it. Picasso drivers are included for Art Department Professional (ASDG), 1m- agcFX (GVP), Imagemastcr (Black Belt), Real 3D (Rea I So ft), and a few other programs. I tested the AD Pro and ImageFX drivers and found them reliable and full- featured, allowing you to render images in 32,000, 64,000, or 16 million colors. Picasso-specific display programs are also included for MPEG, GIF, JPEG, and IFF Files. Animations in MPEG format look spectacular in 24-bit mode and play dramatically faster than they do in AGA mode on an A4000. Terra Nova development is creating an IFF ANIM player that will support the Picasso II and other graphics boards. 256 Reasons T he Picasso II requires Workbench 2.04 or latei-. If you run the board with 2.04 or 2.1, you’ll be able to get all the high resolutions, but at a maximum of 16 colors. Expert Services hopes to have AmigaDOS 3.1 support available for the A2000 and A3000 by the time you read
* this; with that installed, programs that use standard Intuition routines will have access to 256-color modes and you’ll theoretically be able to run most AGA productivity software on your A2000 or A3000. Even if future plans don’t call for AmigaDOS 3.1, though, there’s still plenty of incentive to install a Picasso. T he board is impressively faster than the Amiga’s native graphics hardware and OS you can run a 16-color ECS Workbench or 256-color AGA Workbench with almost no refresh bogging at all. .And the higher resolutions are great for desktop publishing or programming. Also, because the Picasso’s memory is accessed directly by the processor through the Zorro bus. Its displays use no chip RAM. Running a 1024x768 Workbench in 256 colors, along with ProWrite and Final Copy running in 256-color Picasso mode, I still had almost the full 2MB of chip memory available in my Amiga 4000. Running in similar standard AGA modes, almost half of my chip RAM was spoken for. If you have an Emplant Macintosh emulator (Utilities Unlimited), the Picasso not only performs better in 256- color mode than the standard AGA drivers, but it also offers both 16-bit and 24-bit true-color modes. The Picasso is also supported by GfxBasc’s X1 1 X-Windows software; GfxBase will be offering a special bundle including XII, the Picasso II, and a three-button optical Boing! Mouse. Painter’s Delight The card I reviewed came bundled with Cloanto’s Personal Paint 2.1 Lite, a powerful paint program that supports up to 256 colors. By the time you read this, though, Expert Sendees should be including the much belter 24-bit TVPaint Jr. (MacroSystemUS). A professional bundle including the full-blown TVPaint is also planned, as well as an inexpensive NTSC PAL video encoder with multiple options, such as the ability to feed the Picasso II output into a Video Toaster’s input line so you can use TVPaint as a paintbox program for LightWave. The board’s documentation is thorough, even including a section on creating your own programs for the card, with the necessary libraries and Include files on the accompanying disks. Technical support is available on Expert Services BBS and its vendor area on the Portal network; enhanced drivers are ? Regularly posted to both locations. Colorful Value This is a solid product. The few problems I had with the drivers were solved in an update that appeared on the company's BBS within a week after 1 received the board. Another problem surfaced in Picasso II modes, where the software expects the mouse pointer’s hoi spot to be in the upper-left comer. This was easily solved by exchanging my Opus pointer for the default Workbench pointer. Since the Picasso II uses the standard Amiga screenmode conventions, you never have to give any thought to using it just select a Picasso mode as you would a hi- or lo-res screen. Most of the Amiga graphics boards I’ve used 1 could recommend only to artists or video users, as they generally support a scant few paint and rendering programs. I he Picasso II board, though, is a powerful, flexible board I’d recommend to anyone who uses an Amiga for anything beyond game playing. Denny Atkin Aladdin 4D Version 3.0 Amiga 3D Rendering Animation Software You are cordially invited to experience the power of our lastest release. Enjoy the total flexibility of our lens flares. Feel the thrill of using full 31) splines in the editor. See instancing at work as paths duplicate and place objects automatically. Write your own custom tools in our new open-ended editor using any language including C and Assembler. Many other new features and enhancements are included so call for a free brochure and the details on our flexible upgrade policies. Rub the lamp. Own the genie Adspec Programming
P. O. Box 13 * Salem, OH 44460
(216) 337-3325 Excelsior! BBS Sysco 77 Design Software, S199 All Amigas,
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB, 20MB hard disk, any serial modem. Recommended system: 3MB, 100MB or larger hard disk for messages and files, 14,400-baud modem. Bulletin-board system for your Amiga. Computer bulletin boards all operate in roughly the same way they accept incoming calls, provide databases of files, and generally allow for some form of communication or e-mail between computer users. The design philosophy behind EXCELSIOR!, a new Amiga bulletin-board system (BBS) from Syscom Design Software, is flexibility. Filled with options lor almost every aspect of its operations, EXCELSIOR! Makes for a very open-ended and customizable BBS. Logged On Like any good BBS, EXCELSIOR! Supports multiple phone lines modems, provided the host Amiga is equipped with a multiport serial card. One of its more interesting configuration options is minimum baud-rate support for a particular line. For example, if one line is dedicated to receive calls from 9600- baucl or faster modems, the BBS allows only calls that meet that criteria to connect. Slower baud-rate connections receive a message asking them to call at the default speed, and are then disconnected. After performing the standard installation process, the Configuration program sets things up. You must enter directory paths for messages, text files, and user information. At this time, too, you must input information on the System Operator, or sysop, who maintains the board. As expected, EXCELSIOR! Supports the usual assortment of BBS files, such as message bases and file-transfer protocols. There’s even a CB, or “char, ’ area where multiple users can "type” to each other in real time, provided the BBS is equipped with multiple lines. The program also supports the use of Doors BBS sections that contain games, utilities, or other user-accessible programs. A wide variety of Doors programs is available in the public domain. Okay, Okay, So lt£s A Digital Time Base Corrector, But can it...? The Plus Means Yesi Following GVP's philosophy of complete feature integration pioneered by oui G-Force Combo " accelerators (used in a majority of Amiga* Video Toaster" Workstations], we are proud to present a professional TBC with time and money saving features. You would demand a TBC to be 100% digital, have 4:2:2 throughput, and an integrated ProcAmp. You would want it to be under SI ,000. We agree. What does the Plus get you*
- Real-time 16.7 Million Color Frame-Grabber FrameBuffer for use as a digital video stillstore or signal generator. Included ImageFX ’ modules allow direct editing and manipulation in the framebuffer.
- Full Transcoding between Composite and Y C |SVHS| Input and Composite and Y C (SVHS| Output.
- Real-Time Professional Special Effects Generator featuring solarization, strobing, pseudo-color, monochrome effects, and more. Jolu& - NTSC PAL SECAM Signal Standards Conversion to NTSC PAL for integration into worldwide video environments automatically.
- Complete Amiga Software Control and Arexx1' Interface that allows seamless integration of all TBC Plus features into an exisiting automated video studio installation. GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING OE PRUSSIA, PA 1 9406 • USA PHONE 21 5 * 354*9495 * FAX 215-337-9922 EXCELSIOR! Is easy let alter. The sysop can reconfigure any opiion on the BBS, and message and file areas can be turned on or off. You can create detailed logs of user activity, call new users for automatic validation, and convert archived uploads to specified formats, such as Lharc. Customizing the BBS usually retinites nothing more than a few dicks of the mouse. You perform viewing and editing via the User Editor, which lists all current users of the BBS, displaying their current access information. The sysop can validate users for access to areas of the BBS, adjust upload download ratios, aher access times, and adjust a multitude of other options. The user list can be sorted alphabetically or by amount of usage, area access, and even computer type. Larger Support Aside from local support, configuration options facilitate access to either Fidonet or Usenet networks. While the package includes some software to set up a Fidonet node, you won't find software for Usenet. 1 be documentation talks about using EXCELSIOR! With a shareware version of UUCP, but lacks that particular file. Matt Dillon’s Unix-standard UUCP is available on the EXCELSIOR! Support BBS, but it would be nice if the UUCP program were included with the EXCELSIOR! Package, saving the purchaser the time and effort of having to o track it down. On the other side of BBS duties, user information is available to the sysop. Graphs are available to represent caller activity, the number of file uploads downloads. Message-base activity, Door usage, and more. Reports serve as a useful tool to the sysop, since they help determine which areas need adjustment or maintenance. Another interesting feature of EXCELSIOR! Is its ability to impose a distinct charge or credit for every* action performed by the user. You can keep track of how much time a user spends reading messages or downloading files, and charge accordingly. If you want to operate a pay-per-call system, or want to encourage uploads to offset download ratios, this is a useful feature. BBS Mavens Only The weak link in the EXCELSIOR! Package is the documentation. Despite an almost overwhelming number of configuration options, the large and recently updated manual gives them little more than cursory coverage. It’s also j O burdened with heavy doses of technical jargon, so those new to the world of telecommunications might be intimidated. The lack of an index is another shortcoming. A tutorial that takes new users through the set-up process of EXCELSIOR! Will be included in future re- ? ©1993 Great Valley Products, Inc, i TBC Plus, G-Force Cimoo, ImageFX and IV2J are trademarks cl Great Valiev Products Inc. Amiga rs a registered trademark of Commodore Amiga. Inc. All other trademarks are the property of the* respective owners, Circle 4 on Reader Service card leases, but it was not available for this review. In the end, the complete flexibility of EXCELSIOR! Is both its strength and its weakness. While the almost limitless customization choices make this a versatile BBS, those same choices can be overwhelming. Those who have never previously configured a BBS are certain to have their work cut out for them, and the manual probably won’t answer every question that arises. While Fidonet and Usenet support is most welcome, there is a lack of information on how to configure EXCELSIOR! To serve as a node on either of these nets. Overall, EXCELSIOR! Is certainly a more than capable BBS program. Experienced users should definitely investigate the program if they’re considering a new BBS. First-time BBS operators should be prepared to spend a significant amount of t ime learning about and exploring the vast number of options that makes EXCELSIOR! Unique. Dave Thomas Helm V1.41 Eagle Tree Software, S129 Ail Aniigas.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible, Hard-drive installable. Not copy-protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB, Recommended system: 2MB, ECS, and hard drive. Authoring system and graphics program. Scenery Animator Using three dimensional data from the US Geological Survey, or its powerful, built-in fractal landscape generator. Scenery Animator 4.0 lets you create, animate, and explore places both real and imaginary. Position the camera in a landscape by clicking over a map on the screen. Then place redwood and oak trees, lakes, and 3-D objects in your scene. You can set the snow - level. Add ray-traced clouds, or simulate a realistic night sky with all the constellations. Then render, or draw a flight path on die map and animate! "... I highly recommend ibis piece of software. Scenery Animator is a versatile, powerful, and extremely satisfying program that will bring you many hours of enjoyment." Amiga World. December 1991 Natural Graphics
P. O. Box 1963, Rocklin. CA 95677 USA (916) 624-1436 I'AX (916)624-1406 Circle 183 on Reader Service card CREATIVE IDEAS COME TO LIFE! New in version 4.0:
• You can import, position, and render user defined 3-D objects!
• Supports new AGA and standard Amiga modes.
• Manual or automatic tree placement.
* 2X faster preview!
• Undo button
• Requires 3 megs, and AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher Someday, nonprogrammers may be able to create full-featured programs, optimized with error-free, lightning-fast code. Maybe we’re not quite there yet, even on the Amiga, but Helm takes us a f ew steps closer. Helm is an authoring system that allows those without programming skills to quickly create their own applications, such as interactive presentations, animated displays, slideshows, databases and teaching tools. It’s also possible to create file managers, paint programs, image- processing software, and other advanced programs. I find it mildly amusing that Helm’s most basic features allow you to quickly build a scheduler program with the functionality of the acclaimed PC util- J ity, Lotus Organize for Windows. Program for Visionaries Like its rivals, CanDo and AmigaVision, Helm places powerful programming tools in the hands of Amiga users through an intelligently designed graphical interface linked to a simplified scripting language. You’ll also find an extensive graphics front end designed to keep the user from having to resort to writing scripts. A critical distinction between these kinds of authoring programs is how long you can cruise the open roads of point-and-click program construction before smacking into the brick wall of the scripting language. Helm is outstanding in this regard: When the unavoidable moment arrives when composing scripts is necessary, it tries to make its language easier to master than that of its competition. With a unique style and designed for the visually oriented, Helm uses programs called books. Like real books, they contain pages that can overlay and link with one another and that are capable of being displayed in any Amiga screen mode, including AGA. Pages can include full-color art composed of 1FF- ILBM graphics and ANIM-5 animations, and you can create customized ? Animated buttons, menus, fields of text, and even charts. The application builder creates buttons and selectors triggered by keyboard, mouse, joystick or timer activity, and the buttons and selectors can access static art, animation, sound, music (8SVX, SMUS), text liles, database information, the Amiga Narrator programs, and even dial a telephone number. You’ll also lind limited support for the serial port and nnil- tiserial cards. As a visually oriented program, it’s natural that the area where Helm excels is in graphics. Computer artists new to application design should find themselves comfortable in this environment. 1 lelm is loaded with paint, structured-drawing and image-processing functions, all of which you can not only use to shape the look of your program, hut also add to the hook for access by the end user. Adding paint-program features to a custom-built program is as easy as a few mouse clicks. This is not a new element in authoring software, hut the extensive list of Helm’s irnage-manipulation tools takes it to a new level. In addition to regular tools like curves, fills, acljustabie airbrush, polygon draw, brush manipulation, matte, cy cle, and smear. Helm adds Bezier curves, dissolve, tint, smudge, chaos fill, and user-customizable effects. Image-processing features include edge detection, mosaics, histograms, convolution filters, and halftoning. You can input text from text files or type ii in directly with Helm’s built-in (ext editor. It’s not as full-featured as the graphics support, but the text editor supports both ColorFonts and Compu- graphic fonts. Printing is handled though the Amiga printer or PostScript. Helm has provisions for printing its own books, pages, screens, and assembled data reports. More Information, Please The presentation effects are well done, but are not as extensive as the art effects. The scrolls, fades, dissolves, and wipes are functional, but the assortment is not nearly as full-featured as other Amiga programs that focus exclusively on making presentations. Though Helm is essentially a database for all kinds of data, its own database- manipulation features are weak. It's great for building llat-file databases and combining graphics, text, and audio data, but not for sophisticated database manipulation. The user interface is well designed, with extensive menus and floating icon boxes. Screen objects and resources are manipulated by intuitive combinations of mouse and keyboard commands, and compressed into a single file. The book metaphor works well, and helps software designers to think in terms of organized structures. In the beginning there was ECS___ Then came AGA___ Now there Is EGSI EGS-28 24 SPECTRUMu: Takes ¦YOUR AMIGA BEYOND AGA! I The EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM elevates your Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000 Above and Beyond AGA and rockets you into the world of powerhouse workstation resolutions and realtime 24-bit true-color, at a mere fraction of the cost! Look at the colors and features in our SPECTRUM:
• Programmable resolutions up to an amazing 1600x1280 800x600 in 24-hit!
• Real-Time 24-bit display and graphics operating system!
• High-performance 24-bit EGS-Paint package for professional painting and photographic editing.
• Amiga-RGB Pass-Through so the Amiga and the EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM can share a single monitor!
• Zorro-II (16-bit) and ZorroTII (32-bit) AutoSensing for maximum performance on all Amigas!
• Hardware blitter to accelerate all GUI operations, including the Workbench driver!
• System conforming applications can use the EGS screenmodes directly from the Display Database! EC.S requires Kicksiart 104 or higher. In addition, Eagle Tree has placed a full- featured, hut slightly disabled Helm demo on all the major networks, thus enabling users to tiy Helm out to see if it's right for them. Helm’s manual of more than 300 pages is a good technical reference that precisely explains each command. Unfortunately* it’s short on making clear how to Additional features include interactive on-line help in pop-up windows; password protection to keep end users from modifying user-created books; the ability to play Cl) I V audio tracks; and even the capacity to make resizable picture-in- picture video windows with the GVP IV- 24 graphics board. Helm comes with live disks of sample books and functional, but not inspired, clip art. You can distribute your Helm books with the Helmbrowser, which allows those who don’t own Helm to run them. 7 o assemble those commands to create exciting programs. A better index and a tutorial would also be helpful. Users can dissect existing books for dues, but there While some graphics cards only provide color resolution, and others only increase the size of the screen display, the Piccolo card does both. For applications that require near-photographic color capabilities the Piccolo Card is the answer. Ram 1,2,4 and 8 Bit Pseudo-Color True 16 and Bit modes
16. 7 Million Colors Fully programmable resolutions 320x200 to 1280x1024 Hardware cursor Hardware panning Double buffering and multiple screens Single monitor system with automatic monitor switching Video Optlon-Compoaiter and Y C for PAL NTSC with optional video module Software (included) For the Amiga *3000 3000T and Amiga14000 4000T EGS libraries with tools and demos The DKB 3128™ animation using the new Video Toaster 4000
- True Zorro in 32 bit memory board For The - Record your animation at a fraction of the cost Amiga® 3000 4000 - Manipulate an hour of CD-quality audio 50240 W. Pontiac Trail Wixom, Michigan 48393 Sales (313) 960-8751 Tech Support (313) 960-8750 Fax (313) 960-8752 is no substitute for a comprehensive tutorial. I found fairly basic procedures to be rather elusive when they were not spelled out in the manual. On the plus side, customer support through both Genie and supplied directly from the program’s creator is superb. What To Expect I lelm's strong graphic tools and ease of use notwithstanding, its most pleasant surprise is the compactness of the program and the diminutive size of the books ir generates. You can also find many line examples of Helm-generated utilities and applications on most telecommunications networks, On the downside, Helm is a little rough around the edges. Despite the vast number of features, not all of them are finely polished. For instance, some books attempt to play MIDI through the user’s serial port, but there’s no error trapping to detect whether a MIDI device is connected. Also, text handling is limited, and the transitional effects are not always dean and crisp. The biggest drawback is that every Helm book must reside on its own custom screen; you cannot open a book in a window on Workbench or on another screen. Eagle Tree is addressing these concerns for upcoming versions. Overall, Helm is a sterling example of a good program made better by persistent upgrades from a dedicated designer. Helm puts to shame programs like HyperCard for the Macintosh, which, despite years of funding, cannot handle color graphics and animation and is no match for Helm’s graphics tools and simplicity of programming. Despite its modest origins, Helm packs a real multimedia punch. Daniel Greenberg MACROS8 V3.170 The Puzzle Factory, S150 Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected.
1. 3, 2.0, 3.0 compatible. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB. Recommended system: 2MB RAM, hard drive. Assembler for machine-language programmers. Macro68 is an assembler for the Motorola 680x0 CPU family and its lloating-point math coprocessors the 68881, 68882, and 68851. As a bonus, it ? Also supports the Amiga’s custom Copper chip. Produced by the Australian company DigiSoft and marketed in the US by The Puzzle Factory, the latest ren- J J 1 dition of this acclaimed assembler is the best to date. The Supply Side l lte package consists of three disks, manual, registration card, and three licensing agreements (one DigiSof't and two Commodore). The disks contain the assembler, linker, profiler, several support tools, and the official Commodore
2. 0 assembler. Moreover, you’ll find In- elude files, source code for the examples and supplied tools, on-line help files and hypertext tool, Commodore’s Installer, several DigiSoft run-time shared libraries (required in the libs: directory in order to run Macro68 and tools), Arexx scripts, CygnusEd scripts, and a custom font complete with two sizes. Even though the manual claims that you can invoke the hard-disk Install script from a Shell, I could launch it only from the Workbench. It turns out that the installation procedure is done via a Commodore Installer script; the manual’s reference needs updating. Newer features, including that one, are documented on a brief read_me file on one of the disks. At the end of the Install procedure, you're given the option to modify your user-startup file. However, you will still have to manually edit the file to set up a MAC: assign and a path to the executables. This is not hard to figure out, because the manual explains that you need these, but it does waste time. What's the point of the Install script in the first place? A significant operational difference that Macro68 offers over other Amiga assemblers is support for the so-called "new Motorola" syntax. In an effort to address commonplace, albeit incorrect, programming practices, Motorola created a new syntax for improved logic and consistency across the whole range of the 68000 family. Most of the changes concern addressing modes and strict enforcement of size extensions. These include (B)yte, (Mjord, and (L)ongword, but no more of the (S)hort variety. DigiSoft supplies the NewSyntax tool to convert old source files to the new syntax. You’ll also find ChangeSK), a stream editor that allows you to specify your own set of change and deletion rules to automate the conversion of source files of any form. Tools Galore Macro68 assembled all of my older code flawlessly, although some needed conversion. It proved to be source-code compatible with the MANX, SAS, and CAPE assemblers I had previously used, even though some directives such as "section” needed modification. I found the assembler quite fast and able to produce smaller object code than SAS or MANX assemblers. It provides considerable flexibility in customizing ils interface. You can alter error messages, register names, and even directives to your liking. Those who like to tweak their code will find nothing here to hold them back. The program can produce standalone executables or linkable object code. The latter allows you to integrate MacroGB with a higher-level language such as C. The object-code linker format is blink compatible, which is the de facto standard on the Amiga. The package even contains the freely redistributable Blink 6.7 bv The Software Distillery. R Continued on p. 92. The concept is simple: ImageFX is the only Image Processing package that you will ever need. Period. Some Image Processing packages make a lot of promises, but end up making you do all the work as they work on your pocketbook! But not ImageFX from GVP; we've done it right the first time, saving you JX-100 Scanning . Virtual Memory Complete Painting Tools . Real-time WYSIWYG Preview.. Dual Image Buffers ...... Alpha Channel Undo & Hedo .. Regionalized Processing Edge Feathering .. Brush Handling ... Color Transparencies.... Separate RGB Masking,. CMY HSV Operation..... YUWYIQ Operation...... time and money. The way we see it, "Professional" means Truly Integrated. That's why ImageFX gives you everything up front. We wouldn't think of doing it any other way! You won't find any other Image Processing software with these integrated features. Perhaps other Image Processing packages will someday catch on to the power anti flexibility of software that was born ready. No limitations. No costly additions! You still want more? OK! With ToasterFX,M from Byrd’s Eye Software, you now can integrate the power of ImageFX ‘ With your Video Toaster™. ImageFX is Truly Integrated Image Processing... a reality here and now! GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC. 657 CLARK AVENUE KING Of PRUSSIA, PA 1 9406 • USA PHONE 215*337*8770 • FAX 215*337*9922
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3. 58MHz notch filter ? Switchable video input selection ? Switchable Genlock Disable for productivity mode uses ? One S-Video Input ? One S-Video Output ? One Composite Video Input The Video Slot Box provides these solutions: I Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A3000. Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. To order direct call Digital Direct at 1-800-645-1164 (orders only please) Free shipping on all VISA and MC orders in the US. COD - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm California time for same day shipping. Technical information please dial 916-344-4825. DIGITAL R E A T I O N S Digital Creations, Inc. • P.O. Box 97 * Folsom CA 95763-0097 • Phone (916) 344-4825 * FAX (916) 635-0475 SuperGen. SuperGen 2000s. SuperGen SX, Video Slol Box. And Kitchen Sync aro trademarks ol Digital Creations. Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark ol Newtek. Inc IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks ol IBM. Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga, inc. Professional Paint & Animation DIGITAI Circle 16 on Reader Service card 'Jfr&CT V BRUSH, TRANSPARENCY, AND MODELING FUNCTIONS AT WORK IN A TRUEBUILLIANCK I'm 26 Jan tuny 1994 A remarkable new generation of Amiga paint programs offers abundant color, resolution, and control. What makes them special? How do they compare? And which one is best for you? BY PHIL FITZPATRICK been to the artistic and creative development of our time what the introduction of oil paint was to the Renaissance. Perhaps, 110 other invention in history has done more to bridge the visual literacy gap or stimulate the development of high- quality visual tools, creating a new generation of computer artists. As an artist who uses the computer as a primary mechanism for making art. One of my major concerns is having flexible, professional tools that put me in control of the image-making process. Like most of us do at some point, I have fantasized about finding that ultimate, one-size-lits-all program that will take care of everything I ever dreamed of doing. Could such a program exist? Perhaps not, but let’s lake a look at some of the creative options available in a new incarnation of an old standby DeluxePaint and then see what some of the popular new software Brilliance, OpalPainl, Personal Paint, and TVPaint have to offer. Three of these programs, DeluxePaint IV (AGA), Personal Paint 2.1, and Brilliance, fall into the category of “stand-alone" programs that require no special hardware for their use. OpalPaint 2.0 and TVPaint 2.0 Professional produce 24-bit images and are “proprietary,” requiring special display hardware, (Brilliance is actually two separate programs Brilliance, a register-based version, and TrueBrilliance, a HAM I IAMiS TruecoIor version.) Note that a “comparison of features” chart is included as a sidebar to this piece and readers are welcome to refer to it at any time. While the main part of the article, too, makes comparisons among the programs, the point is not to present features and capabilities in catalog fashion to see whose list is longest. Rather, we'll examine characteristics of these programs that reveal the diflerenl approach each one takes toward the creative process of image making. Understanding the "thinking” behind each program will help you decide which ones might suit your particular needs best. (Editor's Note: Developers of each product along with price information are given in the chart. To contact developers, consult the “Man ufacturers’ Distributors ’ Addresses ” list on p. 108.) A OF fj~7L£s Like die traditional media for artistic expression, which it frequently imitates or simulates, computer graphics software has developed organizational styles. Just as artists organize their brushes and the paint on the palette into the most efficient working arrangement, software tools and processes have taken on certain conventions in their organization and, of course, a successful arrangement is an imitated arrangement. Our five programs can he grouped according to two such basic styles with a little crossover in several instances. Although its visual style has become a standard model for paint programs on die Amiga, DeluxePaiiu wasn’t the first to employ the concept of a "tool bar” filled with pictorial icons for tools. Yet. Because its implementation of the tool bar, pull-down menus, and pop-up requesters provided an optimized organization tliat lias become so familiar, it has been repeatedly emulated. In fact, Personal Paint is virtually a mirror image version of the Dpaint IV format, and many of the tools are both visually and functionally similar. This is a definite plus when you consider the learning curve associated with trying to get used to a new piece of sof tware. Horizontal screens, windows, or panels of buttons identify the second predominant style. The processes are generally displayed as icons, labeled buttons, and control “sliders” arranged in a horizontal tool bar that either expands by stacking segments or overlaying a new display on the old one to provide options. In this setup, individual tools are selected by button press rather than menu. Both of the Brilliance programs inherited this particular design from their predecessor, DCTV. While this style provides large numbers of choices and places a greater number of tools at your immediate disposal, it also tends to obscure large portions of the screen. Brilliance handles the problem by toggling the display on and off, like Dpaint IV, with the F10 function key and by using the numeric keypad for hot-keys to operate menu segments. OpalPaint uses an interesting mix of this type of menu arrangement combined with a somewhat newer approach that incorporates tool bars and requesters into localized windows that open from a parent and can be moved around the screen. The creators ofTVPaint opted for this last style exclusively. C-OLOtz. Me TZ rfct+fV'C.M'fK From an artistic standpoint, one of the most significant elements in image making is color control. Theoretical color systems used to create palettes for software programs principally fall into one of two categories both of which are supported by each of our five paint programs. A third method, CMYK, is also gaining support (see below). The RGB method relies on mixtures of various amounts of the additive primary colors red, green, and blue to produce all the available color choices. In this case, the primary colors are based on light, not pigments, and the combination of any two produces a light frequency of different intensity than either of its components. For example, open the Preferences palette tool and try mixing equal, maximum amounts of red and green and you will find vourself looking at yellow. Then, if you consider O t 7 j white light as a composite of all colors, 1 think you will get the picture. The HSV (hue, saturation, value) method more nearly approximates the traditional "color wheel” the- ory associated with the pigment primaries. V, ith this scheme all possible hues are arranged, in a circular fashion, around the midpoint oi a central axis whose poles represent the maximum and minimum values (white and black) with all possible intermediate values (grays) between. The maximum saturation or purity of a color occurs along the rim of the hue "disk" with saturation decreasing toward the value "axis," In traditional theory, any two hues opposite each other are said to he “complementary,” and equal amounts of both neutralize each other producing a medium gray value. A third method, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), which simulates the “process-color" mixing used in commercial printing and most color primers, optimizes the color on the screen to coordinate with the actual output to the printer and is becoming a frequent and highly desirable alternative for those who do not view the image on the screen as the end product. Ppaint’s creators obviously have a big interest in this area because they have included a very comprehensive setup for color correction and color separation to the point of establishing screen rotations (used to defeat moire patterns in printed halftones) for the individual process colors, all of which can then be sent to either a PostScript primer or disk file. This is somewhat surprising since it is really more the type of thing you expect to find in serious desktop-publishing software. All of the other programs except for Dpaint support the CMYK method in some fashion. It is important to note that images generated on computer monitors have to contend with an additional element called luminance, which does not translate very well into conventionally printed interpretations. Also, full intensities of extremely saturated colors can cause problems in video applications. Consequently, no matter how much color is available, the capability to adjust the relative hue, saturation, and value of individual pixels, groups of pixels, or entire images at will is of paramount importance to the visual impact of the final product. Neither DeluxePaint IV nor Brilliance provide any real means of color adjustment or correction after the image is created. Ppaint and TVPaim offer fairly extensive adjustments for brightness, contrast, and “gamma" correction (which enables overall brightening or darkening of the image without the noticeable loss that occurs at the extreme high and low ends of contrast adjustments). Ppaint also allows wholesale on-the-fly palette adjustments selected from a possible 16 million colors. The effect is something like visual mood swings. The most extensive color control is available in Opal- Paint. It supports not only brightness, contrast and gamma correction, but also includes a loadable module that provides a histogram; unlimited freehand manipulation; creation and importing of the color maps; and color “morphing" from the imported color maps to the existing colors of the image. All of these functions can be applied locally or globally to modify the color structure of an image. How C-olopl r>o As important as it is, can you have too much color? .Anyone is bound to get an adrenaline rush the first time he or she encounters the seamless elegance and luscious color potential of 24-bit rendering. After that initial moment of lust, ask yourself this: “What am I going to do with it?" If you use your Amiga as a professional tool with broaclcast-quality video, high-end printing equipment for publishing, audio-visual preparation and presentations, or computer sim- illations then this kind of rich color potential is probably just what your work demands. If not, you may want to think twice. You could end up indulging in an expensive hobby because 24-bit paint programs are proprietary and require specialized video hardware like the OpalVision Main Board or Retina board (both of which represent a nominal investment as 24-bit boards go other boards can run $ 2500 and up). Remember, once you break through the low-resolution boundaries for maximum color (imposed by the older chip set), the quality of color rendering, modeling, and shading makes a quantum leap even in the register-based modes that now support 256 colors as opposed to the former 52 colors. There is no way to discuss proprietary 24-bit software like OpalPaint or lA'Paint without some reference to the actual hardware constraints of each one since this has an impact on the way they are used. OpalPaint comes bundled as part of the OpalVision Main Board package and is exclusive to that system. TVPainl, on the other hand, is designed to function on more than a half dozen different video boards. In my examination, it was used with a Retina board which is purely a display-oriented board that has either a two-meg or four-meg VRAM (Video RAM) option designed to interact with the entire computer system, providing Workbench emulation and a wide range of user-configurable display modes, all tuned to the type of monitor attached. Because of this arrangement, the size of TVPaint’s display is determined by the user from a menu of possible screen modes before the program is run, and it is not dependent on chip memory. OpalVision is intended as a multifunction board that, because of its modular nature, makes it possible to add on video-processing and special-effects expansion without bankrupting yourself. The Main Board (required for OpalPaint) includes a fixed 1.5- ? Progra m Brilliance TrueBrilliance DeluxePaint IV AGA Personal Paint 2.1 OpalPaint 2.0 TVPaint 2.0 Pro Manufacturer Digital Creations Electronic Arts Haitex Centaur Macro S ystem US Price S249 $ 199.95 $ 98 $ 699 t $ 599.95 799.95 t Screen modes supported 1 E, H, AGA E, H, AGA E, H, AGA 24-bit 24-bit Screen sizes supported 2 All + All + All VRAM + VRAM Animation features 3 B, M B, M, L None Ext None Multiple Undo Redo? Yes No No No Yes Multiple brushes? A No Yes Yes Yes Perspective draw functions? Partial Yes No No Yes Special effects 4 ANIM ANIM C, U, PR Cr FX C * 24-bit rendering? Partial 1 No No Yes Yes Bezier curves? Yes No Yes No Yes Text manipulation rendering Good 2 Fair Very good Good Good Arexx support? No No No Extensive Extensive Documentation Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor Dongle? 5 Yes No No No Yes KEY: 1 E = Standard and ECS (A500, A2000): Register based (32 colors, halfbrite). H = HAM6 (4096 colors). AGA = AGA support (A1200, A4000): Register based (256 colors), HAMS (256,000 colors) 2 All = All standard, ECS, and AGA screen modes: low, medium, and high resolutions plus overscan. AGA modes may also vary depending on monitor and or video hardware connected. + = Scrolling page sizes larger than visible screen area, VRAM = Size limits determined by video hardware. Screen and page sizes can be independent, 3 Ext = Animation is implemented through external module. B = Animated brushes. Brilliance supports multiple ANIM brushes. M = Shape morphing from one brush to another. L = Light Table feature allows you to see preceding cels. 4 ANIM = Special effects are primarily related to animation functions and indirectly associated with normal drawing tools. C = Special color effects, FX = Special effects functions, convolutions and or loadable modules. U = User-defined functions possible. PR = Special printing support. 5 Software requires a hardware dongle in addition to any video-display card that may be necessary. T Software bundled with display hardware, not sold separately.
* TVPaint's airbrush tool is an unusually complete implementation. Transition extremely easy, but some of those same t J choices are more comprehensively handled adding an extra measure of control. Arexx has become a household word in the Amiga community, but only two of the live programs in our group offer an Arexx interface. Both OpalPaint and TVPaint have extensive collections of Arexx commands for program control, and TVPainfs interlace, including parameter passing, can he run from menus. It is not essential to the primary workings , those that support animation as well as the standard features may he missing a bet by not building it into the scheme of things. Whether you ; grams or thii ready have, 1 I* A 1 X T S meg VRAM, which is sufficient to provide two full- size (736x476) video frames for double-buffered animation playback or a user-defined scrolling page size much larger than the visible screen. With a hard drive, OpalPaint makes possible a virtual-meniory option so that spare screens and brushes can be stored and retrieved from the hard disk as needed. Combine virtual mem017 and scrolling page size, and you can produce some outlandishly large and impractical images. &GLLS ANI> Wrt fTL&f J?€-T-AJ TM- NT All paint programs, no matter how sophisticated or whether they arc stand-alone or proprietary, have a number of standard features. The basic tool set universally consists of dotted- and continuous-freehand line drawing; straight and curved lines; area fill and airbrush; outline and solid geometric shapes (circles, rectangles, ellipses, polygons); text and area clipping; and local magnification. Even these stock items can be improved and one of the nicest enhancements in Brilliance, Ppaint, and TVPaint is the use of Bezier curves, a function which greatly enhances the process of drawing smooth, controlled, compound curves doing the job in a single pass rather than by approximation with combinations of several arcs. Similarly, Digital Creations added some nice touches to the Brilliance airbrush tool, which can actually employ clipped brushes as masking shapes. The ability to shape your own tools or design your own special effects is always desirable; while the term “convolution” as applied to graphics software is really a pretty fast and loose interpretation of Webster's definition, it represents a unique contribution to several of our sampled programs. Fundamentally, it involves a set of predefined or user-defined matrices that then perform a variety of edging, texturing, patterning, and special-effects manipulations within the image. The results can be pretty exciting and sometimes wholly unexpected. Dpaint IV still clings to its same size, dual-screen format, but screen modes or ‘'environments” of different resolutions and configurations can he used concurrently with Ppaint, OpalPaint, and TVPaint. With Brilliance, although each buffer has to have the same color and resolution settings, multiple spare buffers limited only by available memory are supported. OpalPaint does furnish an external module called OpalAniMATE as a means for assembling animations, but only Dpaint IV and Brilliance offer a direct, interactive capability for creating animation which is, perhaps, their greatest single selling point. The array and implementation of animation tools available in Dpaint has always been impressive from its automated movement menu to its animated brushes, which can he treated just as any other drawing tool. When morphing, or shape transformation from one state to another, became all the rage, it was already a part of Dpaint IV and is currently available at full screen sizes in the AGA version. Add a LiehtTable O mode (familiar to traditional cel animators) for controlled positioning of animated characters on a background, and it represents a formidable tool but it faces some still competition from Brilliance. Most of the choices available in Dpaint IV are implemented almost exactly the same way in Brilliance, making the the images you make. For instance, some packages, like DeluxePaint IV, may be painfully slow when used on non-accelerated computers in HAM mode at greater than the lowest resolutions available. This is especially true with computationally intensive processes like highlight gradient fills. If you have a high patience threshold; this may not present a problem, otherwise it can be a real headache. Floppy-clisk users need to be especially selective. Most of the programs discussed here can he run from floppies (OpalPaint requires a hard drive), hut not necessarily with any degree of efficiency. While Ppaint is a modest 220K in size, the other programs range from approximately 400K for Dpaint IV to almost 600K for TVPaint and each of the versions of Brilliance. What this means is that if you add a few extras to the program disk, you most likely can’t use it as a boot disk ? WfLL x701AVl rtA72£>WAP flAT»1> 7JZr TftG fOfTWAtt? Bet her you arc brand new to using paint prothinking about upgrading what you al- there are some fundamental things you need to consider when deciding what to look for in a paint program. Most of these things are operational, but they can have a profound effect on the quality, characteristics, and degree of professionalism in AmigaIVorhl 31 and will end up doing a lot of disk swapping. Be certain you have enough memory to use the software effectively. Most vendors specify a minimum requirement which generally is just that! TriieBrilliance, with its 24-bit buffers active, can grab off quite a sizeable chunk of free RAM. Before you make a buying decision, seriously con- sider what your system configuration looks like. Frankly, you cannot have too much hard-disk storage, RAM, or computing horsepower; realistically, however. Most of us have limits to our budgets and have to find the best compromise. What is the best compromise? From my experience, the minimum, general-purpose setup would look like this:
• A 120MB hard drive. This provides sufficient room for the operating system and other software and a fair amount of storage for images and animation. If you have less than this, you will spend a lot of time moving things off the hard disk to make room.
• Four megabytes of RAM (more is better). Most packages can function quite well with this and can multitask with little or no strain. If you do not have a one-meg Agnus chip, von will most likely be in trouble since that amount of chip RAM is a pretty standard requirement.
• An optional accelerator (68030 68040) and FPL (68882), While this is an optional item, the significant improvement in performance makes it well worth placing it high on your priority list. If you do not own an Amiga with the new AGA chips, you will not be able to take full advantage of some of the features available on the new and updated versions of available software packages. While this may render some of the more interesting features of a program less useful, it is not necessarily a handicap. Both DeluxePaint IV and TriieBrilliance provide full HAM (six-bitplane) support at resolutions up to 320x400 interlaced (more with overscan), and TriieBrilliance still maintains its 15-bit 24-bit buffer capability so that even if you can’t see it. You can generate 24-bit color images. Likewise, DeluxePaint IV, Brilliance (register based), and Personal Paint provide full support for 32-color and KxtraJ lalfbriteon non-AGA machines. Integrate combinations of Ppaint’s image processing and special effects to produce a rich array of patterns, textures and color tricks (see illustration on p. 28 for an example), and you have added another dimension to any image -which is especially useful in overcoming hardware limitations. What's th & st &>AizfrA N* Strictly from the standpoint of price, stand-alone paint programs are the best value for general usage by most anyone, especially those unfamiliar with the workings of graphics software. None of the three stand-alones looked at here represent an expenditure of more than modest proportions in terms of today’s software costs. The biggest differences in using them effectively are really determined by hardware not the programs themselves. For A500 and Amiga 2000 owners, whether you are a beginner or occasional user and want to sample the widest variety of tools without investing in hardware upgrades, then the venerable DeluxePaint IV still offers an excellent overall bargain. Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000 users have a bigger choice. TrueBril- liance offers most of the same features as Deluxe Paint IN' and can be used in HAM6 (4096-color) mode, but if you want to use its 24-bit capability effectively, it really needs the AGA chips and IIAM8 to be at its best. The same is true for Personal Paint, which loses 50 ck of its effectiveness in terms of color and screen modes on non-AGA machines. If you are asking which one should yon use. The best advice, as always, is look at what your needs are and. Better yet, what they will he down the road. To determine what type of paint program might he best suited to your needs lake a look at the featiu e-comparison chart (see “Features Palette, ” p. 30) to get an idea of what kind of options you can expect to he able to put together. Then pull out your back issues of AmigaWorld and look up the product reviews on each one for details about specific tools, processes, strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance. At that point you should pretty well be able to decide what programs are most compatible with your needs and goals, and suit your budget; you may also Find that using a combination of programs will give vou better results and more flexibility. (Editor s Note: Refer to the foil awing past issues for reviews oj these programs; Dpainf IVAGA, Jun. '93, j>. 68; OpalVision 1.1 OpalPaint, Dee. '92, p. 20, and Feb. '93,
p. 77; Personal Paint 2.1, Sep. '93, p. 69; Brilliance, Dec. '93, p. 14; TVPaint 2.0 Professional, Dec. '93, p. 54.) AfT-fPLTHOlAGrHTS First, “clonglemania": Periodically, software designers have momentary lapses of judgement and try to secure their products by use of a plug-in key, or “dongle,” without which the software does not work. Case in point. Brilliance and TVPaint: The dongle is supposed to cletcr that same mentality that lurks in dark corners writing virus programs and loves nothing better than the challenge of defeating protection schemes. It might have been better il the software companies had just printed “Steal Me!" Labels and stuck them on the outside of the packages. It would certainlv have been cheaper. As for IV'Paint, the use of the dongle really is a question of overkill since the program runs only on a small number ol fairly expensive 24-bit graphics boards. Finally, as a sidelight to this discussion. I think it is worth noting that three of the software packages mentioned here are foreign imports: OpalPaint is from “The Land Down Under”; Personal Paint is from Italy, “Home of the Masters”; lA'Paim is absolutely French. The significance in this is the evolution of a new global generation of programmers and software developers that, while it may occasionally reflect the adolescent exuberance that marked American software of a few years ago, offers a fresh face and the promise of greater innovations. H Phil Fitzpatrick teaches art including Amiga graphics at ijimar University in Beaumont, Texas. His background is in commercial design and advertising. Write to him c o AmigaWorld Editorial. SO Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. The World’s First Multi-Platform Emulation System! TM i EMPLANT is a state-of-the-art hardare board that is the foundation for emulatiing virtually any computer made today. A simple software driver and OM(s) from the computer to be emulated are all that is required! Custom programmable logic allows the EMPLANT hardware to actually become the sxact hardware of the computer it is emulating! Multiple emulation modules can be run at the same time using a single EMPLANT board! AppleTalk, printer, midi, and modem support can be provided through the two RS-422 serial ports. A high speed SCSI controller allows any SCSI device
o be plugged directly into the EMPLANT hardware (including scanners, SyQuest drives, hard drives, CD-ROM drives and more!). The serial ports and 3CSI interface can be used by Amiga programs and emulation modules at the same time! The EMPLANT hardware is a standard Zorro ll lll plug in card or the A2000 3000 4000 (A500 1000 owners need a Zorro Bus adapter in order to use EMPLANT). A PCMCIA version for the A600 A1200 will be available in the near future.
M. * i • t - «». «-n. ¦¦¦ '-.r • r:• ¦j
• ni.T.’,'.; *n iail i- fhe Macintosh emulation is a 'generic' Mac, with speed based upon what Amiga system EMPLANT is installed in. An A3000 is equivalent to a Mac llci, and an A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 700! Don’t be fooled by other emulations using old 64K or 128K ROMs, only 256K ROMs (or later) provide support for color, stereo sound, ADB devices, and NuBus expansion, all of which are emulated by the EMPLANT hardware and or Mac emulation nodule! Due to the magic of the EMPLANT hardware, Mac software that accesses Mac hardware registers directly will work! Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AGA machines. A4000 owners can use a full 256 colors! Support for Picasso II, EGS-28 24 Spectrum, Diccolo, Merlin, and Retina video boards is available NOW! Support for other video boards will be available soon! Imagine running PhotoShop in MILLIONS of colors on your Amiga! Now, imagine being able to 'flip' back to the Amiga side or drag down the Mac emulation screen! The Mac 9mulation (like all emulation modules being released for EMPLANT) fully multitasks with the Amiga! Now, install one of the above mentioned video boards and imagine the ability to play double-size QuickTime(tm) movies (with full stereo sound) FASTER than the equivalent speed Mac! The Mac emulation module "requires* an accelerated Amiga - 68020, ora 68030 68040 w MMU) and 256K Mac ROMs (not provided). FUTURE EMULATIONS! The EMPLANTs hardware is so versatile, a completely different computer can be emulated by just changing the emulation software patch and the iOM(s). Apple ][ + eT Mega ST, IBM AT (386 486), C64 128, Atari 400 800. And even game machine (Genesis SNES) emulators are planned in the near uture...EMPLANT is not limited to a single emulation! PRICING 3ASIC EMPLANT system - Emulation hardware and software - $ 279,95 3PTION 'A' - BASIC EMPLANT system with dual high speed serial ports AppleTalk support - S349.95 1PTION B' - BASIC EMPLANT system with high speed SCSi interface - $ 349.95 )ELUXE - BASIC EMPLANT system with both serial AND SCSi options - $ 399.95 Shipping & Handling - S10.00 per order (All orders shipped via UPS Bfue 2 dav service) TO.D. Fee - $ 5.00 W EMPLANT packages described above come with Mac emulation software and necessary levice drivers. ROM(s) are not shipped with this product. Sources available upon request. Utilities Unlimited, Inc. 1641 McCulloch Blvd Suite 25-124 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
(602) 680-9004 - Voice
(602) 453-6407 - FAX
(602) 680-9234 - Technical support
(602) 453-9767 - 24hr BBS (v32bis) Dealer inquiries welcome! ! Looking for ready-made images, objects, textures, or backgrounds? Check out the latest collections in this Clip-Art Buyer’s Guide.
- r-:.... rom the numerous responses A W received to its first clip-art roundup 18 months ago (see "Art in an Instant,” Jul. ’92, p. 30), it’s clear that ready-made images, textures, backgrounds, and the like are very popular and highly useful. For that reason and because quite a few new collections have been introduced in the interim we are updating the clip-art scene with another buyer’s guide feature. While many of the packages presented last time are still available, this survey focuses on new (or updated) offerings. Packages are grouped in nine categories (see the “Clip Art at a Glance” box for headings). Some categories have seen very little activity since last time, while new products abound in others. Developers have been busy in the areas of 24-Bii, Textures, and 3-D Objects, but there is almost nothing new among lower color depth images primarily because the demand is so low. One of the biggest changes, however, is the increasing popularity of CD-ROMs, making it possible to distribute large numbers of images at very low costs. Most CD-ROMs use the standard ISO- 9660 format, so you can use discs created for any computer directly on your Amiga, which is helpful because there are a lot of clip-art CD-ROMs for the Mac and PC. Most images will be in either PICT or TIFF format, which Amiga image processors can convert to IFF. While I've seen no use restrictions on any of the Amiga CD-ROMs, make sure you check this out before you buy any of the others some are very restrictive in how you can use the images. As before, my ratings are based on how well I feel the product achieves its intended purpose. (I sought additional input from qualified artists where I thought it useful). Five-star (**??*) products are those 1 considered extremelv good, four stars (*???) Mean it is a solid, professional package, ancl three stars (* + ?) Denote that the collection is good but that 1 found some problems or limitations with it. Products rated lower than that were excluded because they did not warrant a recommendation as useful. (To contact the developers of products presented in this article, consult the liManufacturers' 'Distributors' Addresses” list on p. 108.) BY GEOFFREY WILLIAMS Black-And-White Clips As a format, black-and-white bitmapped clip art has all but died out on all ol the platforms. Most users want color, and line art is much better handled as a structured object than as a bitmap. There are some new products in this area that claim hundreds of images, but the ones I have seen are unbelievably dreadful. Two collections we mentioned last time still have their uses: Pic Magic now called Artographs and available in seven sets in both EPS and IFF formats $ 34.95-599.95 eacli from Joe's First Company, and the Softwood Classic. People, Collectors, and Animal clip-art packages 539.95 each. But there is not likely to be much future demand in this area. Structured Clip Art This is an area that should have seen more growth, but has been sabotaged by Amiga developers who did not include support for structured clip art in CLIP ART AT A GLANCE Black-and-White Clips p. 35 Structured Clip Art p. 35 HAM and 16-Color Clips p. 36 AGA Clip Art p. 36 24-Bit Clip Art p. 36 Textures p. 37 Animations p. 38 3-D Objects p. 38 General Collections p. 40 their presentation and paint products. Of t hese, only Oxxi’s Presentation Master can load structured EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files. Currently, both ? Professional Page and PageStream can load and print EPS files, but only PageStream saves them as IKK images and allows editing. O o You are better served by turning to the vast amounts of EPS files available for the Mac and PC than to Amiga-specific packages; there are very good CD-ROMs, full of usable stuff, that offer both belter value and more variety. Amiga Computer Art Soft-Logik Graphic Library SI 25 ? ? ? 1 mention this because these images are not available for other platforms. Of use primarily to those designing Amiga catalogs or user group newsletters, it has every thing from all of the Amiga models and GDTV Lo printers and other peripherals. The 72 images are nicely drawn, but they are of limited interest. HAM AND 16-Color Clips With the introduction of AGA, and an almost universal 256-color standard as a minimum on all computer platforms, don’t expect to see any new 16-color or HAM clip art. Many of the older collections, such as Digital Designs Group's Video Backgrounds ($ 39.95 each) and Worldwide Maps ($ 49.95 each), can still be used, and under AGA they can be combined with text and oilier images that would have exceeded the older palette limitations. You can also fix images with troublesome aspect ratios, such as Slide City’s 352x480 TV Graphics backgrounds ($ 49.95), by image processing them into hi-res, 256-color. AGA Clip Art I here is almost no clip art geared specifically For the new AGA market. I lowever, any number of 256-color images are available in the PCI world, and those created in the PG version of DeluxePaint will load clirectlv into I)Paint AGA. J One Amiga package, though, is worthy of note here in this section: Pro Fills JEK Graphics $ 49.95 ? ? ? ? ? The latest release, volume 3, has the same excellent interface for transforming the included 139 pattern and texture brushes into fullscreen images in a selectable size using either eight or sixteen colors. Of the 87 included palettes, 27 of them are specifically designed for AGA, taking advantage of the full range of colors available. The manual is great, with lots of advice and suggestions on how to use the generated images with different programs. A particularly good bit of advice for AGA users is to use Art Department Professional’s backdrop loader to create an image to composite with the Pro Fill image to create a textured gradient. It also includes a visual quick-reference card. For backgrounds, this is still the best value around. 24-Bit Clip Art Pixel Perfect 24 Digital Designs Group $ 399.95 More than half of the images in this set of 150 24-bit Toaster-resolution JPEG files are backgrounds created by an artist. Besides nianv nice basic abstract backgrounds with elements such as glass and chrome, there are several with money, patriotic. Map, cloud, and film rhemes. There are a few that I think are unnecessary variations on a r theme, blit for the most part there is a lot of variety. The scenics are digitized images of clouds, flowers, coastal scenery, buildings, sunrises, mountains, and much more. This stuff looks professional and is useful to those doing video (everything is video safe). The package comes with a series of HAM thumbnails and a JPEG decompressor. The price is high, but this is the best of its type in the Amiga market. Plaque Grounds Kara Computer Graphics $ 99.9 5 ? * ? ? ? There are 104 different plaques in this collection in four styles and various sizes (all are 638 pixels wide in heights ranging from 93 to 397 pixels), each created from eight real- world textures. They have a very realistic, three-dimensional look, and they are designed so you can add text and graphics to them for tilling. All of the plaques are in JPEG format. One of the problems with JPEG images, however, is that the black areas surrounding an image are not all the same shade of black after decompression, which makes picking them up as brushes difficult. The included decompression utility solves this problem neatly by compositing them with a black outline mask. Anniversary Series Electric Crayon Studios $ 99.9 5 ? ? ? ? This is a collection for anniversary videos, presented in five-year increments from the 1st to the 60th. All of the screens have the same basic design a heart with the number in it and there is a second version of each with the word “Anniversary” along the bottom. Each is treated with a design appropriate to the anniversary; for instance. The 50lh has a metallic gold look, while the 60th has a diamond underneath the number. They are attractively designed, and have a lot of color depth and richness. Textures Pixel Perfect 24: Mother Earth’s Textures Digital Designs Group $ 399,95
* **** A well-rounded selection of 25 real- world textures with only a couple exhibiting any fuzziness, the Pixel Perfect package also includes the freely distributable ViewTek display program and a decompressor for the JPEG images. It has a lot of variety for such a small collection. Pri- niarily natural stone surfaces, most are on the unusual side, such as black agate, powders tone, and shurtz ridgewood. Pro-60 2 Texture City $ 99.95
* **** While the Texture City CD-ROM contains the (50 textures from the Pro-60 1 collection and 40 additional textures in five formats, the Pro-60 2 collection has entirely new images covering a very wide variety. There are many unusual • textures, such as brushed metal, a weathered wooden fence, a boat hull, and a wall with very artistic graffiti. The images were originally shot on film, imaged to Photo-
CI) , then scaled and processed. This production method seems to provide stunningly good image quality. Texture Heaven Asimware Innovations $ 89 ? * ? * There are 24 1 wood, 53 marble, 18 scenery, 8 tiles, and 39 abstract 768x480 images in both 24- and 8- bil versions on this CD-ROM. Also included are 135 black-and-white symbols, plus thumbnails of all of the images in 24-bit, IIAM8, HAM, and 8-bit. They are of good quality, but I’d prefer to have more variety, and it would help if the files had the name of the type of wood or marble, rather than just a number. Pro Textures Combo Collection Visual Inspirations $ 99.95
* * * * This is a combination of all three volumes of Leo Martin’s Pro Textures series for a total of 24 images. When 1 wrote about the first volume, I criticized it for having some problems with clarity and for some screens having a washed-out appearance. The subsequent editions are much better. You can see the difference in the sample images of the textures used as wraps (Figure
4) : They look much crisper than those from volume one. There are some nice images here that i have not seen elsewhere, such as fire and alien skin, and they have been made seamless for use as 3-D wraps. If the six images in the original set had been cleaned up, this would have earned a five-star rating without question. Nature’s Backdrop: Stone Surfaces Infinite Solutions $ 49.95
* * * There are three volumes, each with ten disks, with one Toaster Frame- store image per disk. The volumes consist primarily of marble, granite, and slate. While the images look line, there is not that much variety you have a lot of disks and not many images. It is convenient, though, to have them in loaster Clip Tips 1: Improving Dithered Images MANY CLIP-ART sets were created from scanned images that were reduced to HAM, 16, or 32 colors. While impressive when they first came out, these images given the current availability of 24-bit and AGA displays have now become less than acceptable. There is a way, however, to boost their quality through dithering, which uses two adjacent pixels to fool the eye into seeing a third color. It occurred to me that with an image processor, it should be possible to recreate the apparent color from adjacent colors when displaying the image in HAM8 or 24-bit. My first attempt at this was with Opal- Vision's Opal Paint (Centaur); I used the Smooth Paint option cranked up almost to the top of the range. The results were remarkable, The graininess vanished and the image appeared to have much more color depth. It was hard to tell that it was not a 24- bit image. I next tried GVP's ImageFX, using the Blur option at between 13 and 15. Again, the results were impressive. If the image has a painted look to start with, it will retain that look after image processing, but with a much smoother appearance. Photographic images will wind up looking incredible. Yog simply have to try this yourself to see how well it works. Of course, if an area has too much color banding it will not produce good results, but I found this to be a problem with only a few backgrounds, and these were easily cleaned up. I tested this process with Virtual Reality's Space Visions (246 space-related images from astronauts to nebulae) and with Digital Designs Group's Birds in Nature, Scenery Backgrounds, and Auto Race Thrills. Even the HAM images were dramatically improved. This technique took images that I would not consider using and made them into professional-looking images. ? GW Framestore format, with the numbering above 100. Animations It is disappointing to me that there is not more animated clip art available. I suspect, though, that because video can now be captured so easily, we will see moving video clips in HAM8 format before long, Animattes: Wedding Series Volume 3 Electric Crayon Studio S59.95 ? ? ? ? ? I liked the first volume, and this third volume for wedding videog- raphers has nicely drawn 16-color animations to key over live video. For instance, a stencil reading "Just Married” is unfolded, spray painted on, and peeled off; an airplane with a billowing “Just Married” banner flies across the screen; a flying cupid shoots an arrow made to appear as if it is aimed at someone on video; and there are five others on this five-disk set. 3-D Objects Super3D Models: SciFi Diqital Graphics Library $ 99.95 There are four included models for LightWave: a robot, space station, cargo ship, and fighter. They are very detailed and include some very good texture maps to give a well-worn and dirty metal look. The space station is more of a sphere than the traditional wheel shape, and the cargo ship has an interesting and functional looking design. Only the robot has moving parts, but the other objects also come in pieces to make modification easier. Designer Objects: Diner Terra Nova Development $ 47.50 ? * * * * This collection of objects in Imagine format provides every thing you need to re-create a complete diner from the early 1950s. The attention to detail is amazing, and you get everything from donuts to dinettes. You'll lincl all the items you’d expect to see on a counter, and there's even a beautifully detailed Wurlitzer in the corner (you can see a screen shot of all of these in f Its “Overscan,” Nov, ’93, p. 12). Simpler versions of all of the objects to conserve memory and reduce rendering time are provided for distance shots. Although few users may need a complete diner, the individual parts will serve well in a variety of restaurant and other settings. Volume 1: Bed and Bath Volume 2: My Neighborhood VRS Media $ 79.95 each
* ? * ? * Each is available in both LightWave and Imagine formats. It’s nice to see objects that have practical eveiyday applications. Think of how many commercials you’ve seen that use 3-D animation in a bathroom or with the exterior of a house. Bed and Bath has a complete bedroom, including ceiling fan and rocking chair. There are texture maps For the quilt and even images for the pictures on the walls. The bathroom is also quite complete, with both a large tub and a shower. There are even images for the labels on the bottles found on the counter. Clip Tips 2; Organizing Your Clip Art UNFORTUNATELY, THERE ARE no decent cataloging programs available for 24-bit images. You can do your own cataloging with a little effort. Image-processing software can be set up to create thumbnails of your images. Using a program such as Commodore's Amiga- Visron, you can even create an interactive catalog that displays screens of images by category and lets you click on the image you want. Using a simple Arexx command, that image can be automatically loaded into an Arexx- compatible program. It would be great if someone came up with a program that would do all of this easily and automatically. The closest any current product comes to fully automating thumbnail creation are OpalVision, which displays them in the file requester, and ASDG's T-Rexx Professional, which includes a framestore and RGB previewer. For now, however, start by separating the collections into categories containing subcategories, such as textures with subdirectories for woods, stone, textiles, and so on. If you have a lot of clip art, the best solution for storage is removable media, such as SyQuest cartridges. When you click on an icon in your image catalog, a requester will tell you which SyQuest cartridge to insert. Compression will dramatically increase your storage capacity* Deep-color Toaster- resolution images converted to 256-color or HAM8 modes come in at about the same size about 350K. Since the same images compressed with JPEG with no visible arti- facting typically come in at around 100K, JPEG is a more efficient way to store images. Because not all programs will load or save JPEG format, you may find that Heif- ner Communications' Pegger utility is an invaluable tool. It can sit in the background and automatically compress and decompress JPEG images when you load and save them from any program. One tremendous advantage of Pegger is that not only will it automatically JPEG HAM8, DCTV, and Toaster Framestore formats, but also when you load such images into another program, they can be decompressed in straight IFF24 format. Pegger can aiso be restricted to work only on specific directories. JPEG, however, does not work on regular and HAM images but Jumpdisk's Power- Packer Professional will. Like Pegger, it also can batch process an entire series of images. A companion shareware program by Michael Berg called PowerData allows for automatic compression and decompression of all data files as they are saved or loaded from within any program. You can use Pegger and PowerData together, too. PowerData automatically detects JPEG images and leaves them alone during loading, and there is an adjustable filter that can prevent PowerData from trying to compress files with a .JPG extension. You can also use a hot-key to toggle the program on and off. ? GW 38 pi minis 199! My Neighborhood has three home exteriors in colonial, country, and split-level styles. Each house is a single object, including the surrounding picket fence, sidewalk, and yard. Texture maps are provided for everything from the wooden shutters to the sidewalk and grass. Humanoid Crestline Software Publishing $ 195 ? ?? ?? This is a dramatic enhancement of the same author’s Cycle Man (Imagine) and Motion Man (LightWave). Included are a male and female figure, in either Imagine or LightWave format, that are set up for animation. You can easily morph the faces into realistic expressions (the manual even shows basic talking mouth positions), and the figures can walk, run, and move in many lifelike ways. They represent a tremendous amount of work, and are very de- tailed and realistic; don’t even consider not getting them if you do 3-1) work. When you send in the registration, you also get a child figure. Absolutely outstanding. 3D-ROM Syndesis SI 99.95 ? ? ?? This CD-ROM has more than 500 3-D objects, each in 3D Studio, AutoCAD DXF, Imagine, Wave- front, and LightWave formats. There are also 400 bitmapped images in TIFF, GIF, and IFF formats, primarily for use as seamless wraps. The demonstration models from companies such as ViewPoint and five other respected vendors are all quite good. The majority of the other models come from freely distributable sources, and they vary in quality. Considering the price, you really can’t go wrong. Snap Maps 1: Fields and Foliage Snap Maps 2: Materials and Fabrics Anti Gravity Products SI29.95 each I’m leaving this unrated because I looked at a beta version onlv, but z 7 what I saw was quite impressive. Snap Maps are collections of textures designed to be used to create 3-D objects. Ihe concept is simple: You use color mapping to wrap die 24-bit image onto an object, then, through clip mapping, you use the shape of the image to trim oil* the excess much like a cookie cutter, lliis saves tons of time modeling complex objects. Transparency mapping capabilities are included for 3-D programs without clip mapping. Fields and Foliage contains grass, leaves, branches, petals, stems, vines, bark, ivy, ferns, and more. Materials and Fabrics includes doth, wicker, nets, and even fences. You can easily create a photorealistic chain-link fence or a detailed garden, and all the shapes can cast shadows. With some ingenuity, you can easily get stunning results. ? Freely Distributable Collections WHILE MANY OF the commercial clip-art collections presented in the main article are reasonably priced, buying enough sets to build a comprehensive and varied library of readymade graphics can result in a substantial financial investment. If you don't have the deep pockets to purchase commercial-quality collections what can you do? A few vendors specialize in disks of "freely distributable" and "public-domain" software, which they have assembled from various sources. There are, of course, other sources for such graphics, including the commercial on-line networks (GEnie, Portal, and so on) and thousands of user-run electronic bulletin- board systems (BBSs). Using these sources requires that you know what you're looking for, though, and assembling a useful graphics library can eat up a lot of time and money. For these reasons, we'll concern ourselves here with companies that sell free, nearly free, or public-domain software collections. While many such software vendors exist (you can find their ads in the back of this and other magazines), space limits our discussion to the three major players: Premiere Software, DevWare, and Northwest Public Domain. Premiere Software PC) Box 3782 Redwood City, CA 94064 415 593-1207 (voice FAX) Long-renowned for selling "P D" disks with the prettiest labels anywhere, Premiere offers a four-disk set of 2-D clip art for $ 24. These disks are separated into the fields of Education, Office (two disks), and Christmas Church. Each disk contains a few dozen black-and-white (one-bit monochrome) hi-res IFF ILBM (Interleaved Bitmap) pictures of various sizes with very descriptive filenames, such as "Scrooge_with_pres- ents" or "hand_holding_phone". While there are no catalog or thumbnail screens on the disks, there is an accompanying printed listing of all the files. The quality of Premiere's 2-D clip-art disks is good the images are all rather large and clean, which means that they would look razor sharp when scaled down for printing. (With bitmapped art, it's always better to start large and scale it down, than to start with small artwork and try to scale it up.) Some of the pictures had what appeared to be artifacts left over from the original scanning process, which you would have to either paint or crop out first. No artist credits appear anywhere, either*- General Collections Toasty Stuff Collection Kingsway Productions
569. 95 per set ? ? ? .Although primarily PI), this collection of five sets, each with 15 disks, offers a variety of items for Toaster users, from utilities to objects, surfaces. And textures. It is a grab bag, O O7 but you’ll find useful stuff in each set. Pandora’s CD Optonica £4.99 ? ? ? There are 2000 pieces of color clip art, 100 photo images, and a number of textures and sound effects. It’s a bit of a mixed bag (although none of it is PD), and a large part of the disc is taken up with multimedia demos of little value because von cannot use the component parts. ¦ Geoffrey Williams is president of Creative Business Presentations and a frequent contributor to computer-video publications. Freely Distributable Collections rcHiiutJi on the disks or in the pictures themselves. Premiere does not sell any structured clip art. (In fact, neither do the other two companies mentioned here.) And whife the company did not send me any samples of its 3-D objects, it did include a long printout of some 28 "Video Toaster Disks" that sell for $ 5 each or six for $ 25. Unfortunately, the 3-D objects are spread out over many disks, rather than being put on disks by themselves, so you may end up buying other files you don't need in order to get the objects, DevWare 12520 Kirkham Court 1 Poway, CA 92084 800 879-0759 DevWare sells two disks of Imagine-format 3-D objects, VO-006 and VO*007. The company also sells five disks of 2-D clips one in color. DevWare's disks are S5.95 each, but the price can go as low as $ 3.45 each if you buy 30 or more at a time. While VO-007 is labeled "Star Trek Objects," it contained only three of those: the USS Enterprise, Reliant, and the Ferengi spaceship. The remaining objects were a Porsche 911 and Allen Hastings' old AH64 helicopter model. The "read.me" file said that DevWare "tries to fill each disk to capacity," but, in fact, this disk contained only 647,356 bytes of data, and of that, 610,439 bytes were the actual objects. VO-006 fared much better as it contained 18 Imagine objects consuming over 780K on disk, including such things as an A3000, the Hubble telescope, a synth keyboard, and a huge space station model, to name a few. Unlike Premiere's disks, DevWare's black- and-white bitmapped clip-art disks contain hires IFF screens with many small clips on each (see Figure 8). The idea here is that rf you need, say, a desk chair from a screenful of office objects, you load the screen into a paint program, clip out the chair as a brush, and then save it for later import into your publishing or painting project. The quality of DevWare's 2-D clip art varies; some are highly detailed and attractive, while others are very simple line drawings, and, again, you may end up buying some art you don't need or want to get some that you do. For example, Disk WB-047 contains clip art of Animals, Drafting, Hair, Food, and Summer. Disk WB-048 contains Holidays, Music, and Medical themes. Rather odd groupings. North West Public Domain PO Box 1617 Auburn, WA 98071 206 551-9502 NWPD s "Clipart Pack" contains 21 disks and retails for $ 32. Single disks are $ 2 each. This is certainly the bargain of the bunch. One disk contains an indexed list of what's on the other 20 a necessity since none of the disks' labels indicate what's on them. But what is there is very nicely organized. For example, on the Animals disk you will find a subdirectory called Land, and inside of that are more subdirectories named Bears, Cats, Dogs, Horses, and Miscellaneous. The three People disks are broken down into an Anatomy directory containing subdirectories called Eyes, Face, and Hands, and into other directories labeled Babies, Boys, Girls, Children, Couples, Families, Fictional, Men, and so on. It's obvious that someone went to a lot of trouble to properly sort and categorize these many hundreds of one-bitplane, monochrome IFF ILBM images of varying sizes. Some of the files contain a single image, while others hold multiple pictures that, again, you can load into a paint program and clip and save as brush files. NWPD did not supply any disks of 3-D objects, but I spotted a couple in its 14-page printed catalog (although you may need a magnifying glass to read the thing). The company did, however, send its "17-Bit CD-ROM," which sells for $ 70 and for which NWPD claims exclusive distribution rights in the US. The cover tetter explained that this two-CD set holds the equivalent of some 1700 .DMS-format floppy disks! (DMS stands for Disk Masher, a program that compresses an entire Amiga floppy disk into a single file.) Happily, there's an adequate text-indexing file on the CD itself, and by searching it for the word "clip" using INOVAtronics' Directory Opus utility, I located a pair of disks on it called "AMSOFT FONTS" that contain dozens of screens of full alphabets of very spacey-look- ing typefaces. These can be clipped out and used as colorful brushes for titles or headlines in different projects. Although the 17-bit CD contains mainly "Euro Demos ' it does have a huge number of picture disks and potential clip art on it, and I wouldn't rule it out as a good source for such material (although you'll need quite a bit of time and patience to find it). In summary. Premiere, DevWare, and North- West Public Domain offer a mixed bag of products: There is a lot of bitmapped clip art, but 3-D objects are scarce, and none of the three sell structured clip art. Their prices, however, are certainly reasonable and of course the images are royalty-free, meaning you can use them without having to pay additional fees. None of the collections offer printed visual catalogs, and disk organization is often problematic, but when you buy your software for $ 2 to S5 a disk, you often have to forsake printed manuals, informational disk labels, and other niceties one takes for granted with commercial packages. ? Haro Laser 40 fan nan 1004 ),uoa mi nil ii' 'j AC 4 OfO CD HEAD Y JLIM1N HE AMIGA Bit WAVS [=> hvjiar imlulvr fur ULL COLOR harinul fain jr ilia Ant id = £ OF Ffiz EpFiOlDzit, yiniu'j'J'jr moj ii br Muni J;!OU£J-J oil PULL OU-f %SWa i o']fe! A i PAGE INDEX 2 Amiga CPUs 3 Best deal everI 4 GVP Products > 6 Entertainment Products 8 Desktop Publishing 10 ... Storage Devices and Telecommunications
11. .. ASDG Headquarters
12. .. Video Heaven jfX) 14 «•* Upgrades and jff Accessories X Jf u MIGA ANY! ,U£ .-CAM IcaiB Ldi '."CrL* UwU |2r-1CO
* WE Wl-L BEAT MY A CCC Ir.cL 4420 iCii ia-srcciy, cudxci-' icc. Icc.-i.-s only! 7 tu' 'IbtL U r 'un tinfnr
* 1699 All Amiga computer systems on this page include our exclusive disk of Super Utilities to enhance your Amiga system! AMIGA 1200 HD SYSTEMS Af 200 with 60MB Hard Drive Commodore 1084SD Color Monitor
• rgb is-KHi BLOWOUT!!
• Composite Y C
• 13" High Resolution Color
• Completely "Toaster" Compatible
• Stereo Speakers Built-in! CBM 1084SD Monitor j HURRY! LIMITED SUPPLY! :• Vi mi Af 200 with 85MB Hard Drive *049 A1200 with 120MB Hard Drive *699 A1200 with 200MB Hard Drive ~ 855 All A1200 sets come pre-installed with system software and hard drive VMIGA 1200 CREATIVE SAMER SYSTEM INCLUDES: AMIGA A1200 with 2MB RAM, AGA chipset Two great AGA games: ZOOL AGA (Ninja master from beyond!) And NIGEL MANSELL v , (high speed drivingl fe WM AMIGA AMIGA 1200 ANEW! VIDEO BUNDLE SYSTEM INCLUDES:
• AMIGA A1200 with 2MB RAM, AGA chipset
• 60MB IDE Hord Drive
• DKB RamBoard with 16-MHi Matheoprocessor plus additional 8MB RAM
• MONTAGE-24 Video Software WATCH rO i Mci; = JNFC).m flOri!
• GVP G-LOCK 10MB RAM 5 1 HOP 60MB HD 54321 OPALVISION MAIN BOARD The core unit of the modular OpalVision system, A true RGB, 24-hit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot. Hallows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC (optional modules). Includes a wealth of software. OPALPAINT SOFTWARE includes an expandable library of image processing modes, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and many other tools OPALPAINT SOFTWARE Consistently rated the best image processing software on the Amiga, OpalPaint allows you to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. In addition to image processing, it has powerful painting and drawing capabilities. A full range of tools, real-time, full 24-bit. OpalAnimMATE plays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. H works in 8, 12, 15, 18 and 24-bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from 32 x 20 x 768 x 286 pixels. OPAL PRESENTS! Every main board includes Opal Presents!, an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video. Create sales presentations, clip libraries of your work, educational videos or whatever you can imagine! COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS Because OpalVision has gained such acceptance around the world (it is both NTSC and PAL compatible), there is a huge selection of compatible hardware and software products from third party developers. A partial list is included below left. OPALVISION COMPATIBLE
• Aladdin 4D
• AmiUnk Video Editing Products
• Art Department Professional
• Cafigari 24 • Montoge24
• CineMorph * Morph Plus
• Image F X * PtV 200 f
• Imagine 3D • Real3D
• ImageMaster • Texture Chy Images
• UghtRave • Transporter
• MathVision • YideoVtsions Take advantage of this special offer before - it's too late! Expires Dec. 3 Hi 1993 5002 AMIGA 1200 MORPH SYSTEJ 4821 INCLUDES: m Amiga A1200c with 2MB RAPJ, . -1 • AGA chipset •GVPA1230 J§ Ult Turbo+with G'-j'-'taA 40MHz EC030 0 i 4 - 1 and 1 MB RAM f (
• Installation j CINEMORPH 1 NEW! Bring the world of SCSI into reach I Hook-up to CD-ROM, Bernoulli drives, etc. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga and smile! You can even add up to 8MB RAM and mount a
3. 5" drive on card! Gnll I O Extender Expand your horizons with the I O Extender! Contained on a single card, you will find an additional parallel port, allowing you to connect a printer and another peripheral such as a digitizer. PLUS two high speed FIFO buffered serial ports! 4394 5014 NEW with this real-T graphics enhc grammable resol 800x600 in 24-bil TBCPlus applicafio poweMoyo Professional quality, all aigitaHime base corrector with realtime frame grabber and 16.7 million color frame buffer, PIUS optional SMPTE EBU time-code receiver generator, PLUS programmable video special effects! (- l ,. , 5309 A2000 ACCELERATORS BONUS! 3843 Crea five’s Utilities Disk with many easy to use system enhancers G-FORCE03040MHz , QQ
• 68882 Math coprocessor '
• 4MB of 32-bit RAM rrrj
• Onboard SCSI controller G-FORCE 030 50MHz $ 999 4MB RAM plus 50MHz math coprocessor G-FORCE 040 33MHz $ 1099 4MB RAM plus integrated math coprocessor FEE COMING IN JANUARY! NEWI 68040 lor A4000 40MHz, up to 128MB and optional SCSI il. WATCH FOR MORE INFO COMING new! SOON! 16-bit Audio PCMCIA! WATCH FOR MORE INFO! Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built- in tronscorder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full AGA support! Includes Scala EX module and the G-LOCK is now OPALVISION compatible! A complete voice mail system for your Amiga! If you would like to have automated, scheduled, time date stamped voice mail and faxes with unlimited mail boxes, the ability to fax from any program that prints, call in remotely, and more... get PHONE PAK VFX 2.0 Very quiet digital sound sampler. Includes versatile DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO software, a multifaceted program for sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playback and .MOD format song file creation. Attractive clear polycarbonate case and reliable GYP quality! H 4333 Taoty Msfid CamJkf Top Huntie Fwp Button 4934 CRAVtS Control the ultimate machine of destruction Run your own rail 4740 . '-l m 5341 OVERKILL AGA 26.95 5336 CIVILIZATION AGA 45.95 5329 BLASTAR ¦ 32.95 5324 OVERDRIVE 32.95 5339 DEEP CORE 31.95 5315 COMBAT AIR PATROL 34 95 5338 THE PATRICIAN 39.95 NEW! BODY BLOW Galactic 34.95 NEW! DOGFIGHT 34.95 NEW! MANIAC MANSION 19.95 NEW! IMMORTAL 19.95 NEW! SHADOW DANCER 17.95 Movie-1 ike adventure with vivid animation NEW] 5120 NEW! FUTURE WARS $ 19.95 4999 NIGEL MANSELL AGA 36.95 5135 TRANSARTICA AGA 34.95 5157 ISHAR AGA 3995 5181 SIMLIFE AGA 39.95 5099 TROLLS 32 95 5182 JAMES POND 2 AGA 29.95 5221 1859 AGA 36.95 5246 INTNAL GOLF AGA 32.95 5304 SOCCER KID 34.95 5305 ONE STEP BEYOND 26.95 5306 GLOBAL GLADIATORS 31.95 5050 SUPERFROG 36.95 UNDER $ 20 BUDGET GAMES 5346 MEGA TWINS 2842 SILKWORM 4397 HOOK 4635 SHADOW LANDS 2522 HARD DRIVIN 2 5326 QV AK ZAKMcKRAKEN CHASE HQ FUTUREWARS FALCON JAMES POND SIMPSONS be a super spy in a Bladerunner-like future Create your own world HYNDICA7IT 5180 SUSPICIOUS CARGO $ 16 95 INTL TENNIS 16.95 SUPERCARS 2 16.95 FIRST SAMURAI 18.95 R TYPE 2 18 95 SINK OR SWIM 16.95 KNIGHTMARE 18 95 WWF Euro Rampage 19.95 COOL WORLD 19.95 LETHAL WEAPON 19.95 IMPERIUM 16.95 BLASTEROIDS 14.95 AGA GAMES Multiplayer roll playing game FLYING FORTRESS BODY BLOWS J GALACTICA 5009 VMWV NEW! The ultimate attack helicopter simulator The tribes newest exciting adventures Youngsters learn about numbers 4700 4129 JIGSAW PUZZLES
* =WlfKs=. CommdnDE1? Your own airline 4017 4739 Avoia some or tne wildest creatures ever Great WWI simulator 4997 4971 5047 Paint & Create 6 entertaining activites spark the imagination New version of classic arcade action! Ire your own v and alien life! Battle on the world of Herbert's Arrakis MlGRAPH OCR MULTILINGUAL 249.00 PAGESETTER 3 59.95 PRO PAGE TEMPLATES 35.95 TEXTURE CITY CDROM 79.95 4125 4590 0409 4377 4220 4761 5407 5406 5133 TEXTU RE CITY PRO60 79.00 TEXTURE CITY VOL. 2 69.95 ALPHA DATA OPT PEN MOUSE 58.99 ALP DATA MEGA-MOUSE400 DPI 19.00 MlGRAPH COLORBURST HANDHELD SCANNER 489.00 STUDIO PRINTER SOFTWARE 54.95 CAD SOFTWARE 4853 DYNACADD 2D 4469 4406 4701 5228 JOE’S 1ST COMPANY 5092 -BUSINESS COLLECTION
- WEDDING COLLECTION 49.95 SOFTCLIPS VOLUME I 44,95 SOFTCLIPS VOL. II 44.95 5094 5091 5090 5093 2821 2781 2948 2957 5011 SOFTCLIPS VOL. Ill 44.95 SOFTCLIPS VOL. IV 44.95 600 AMIGA COLOR CLIP ART 19.95 FINAL WRITER (NEW ALL THE FEATURES OF FINAL COPY II PLUS EPS IMPORT) 139.00 FINAL COPY II RELEASE 2 79.95 PRO WRITE 3.3 54.95 PROPER GRAMMAR II 54.95 PRO PAGE 4.1 BLOWOUT! 59.95 Color Scanners High quality flatbed scanners rated best in Amiga market! Rttirr'fkisal raof ASDG Epson Scanner Driver Software with wanner purchase 4664 Highly popular page layout program for the Amiga at the lowest price ever! OEM version does not include hard case, but who needs the box anyway? Eureka Scanner 400 dpi black and white hand scanner is ideal for scanning logos and drawings (artwork of any kind). 32-level greyscale capability. Parallel interface with pass-through. Epson is a registered trademark of Epson America 4462 Limited Supply! WACOM Wacom Amiga driver with cable s84« Drawing Tablets One of the most popular accessories for artists on the macintosh and IBM is also available for the Amiga! Pressure sen-sitive, with cordless programmable pen. 6x9" SD-510C . .. s399 1 2x1 2" Standard 61954 12x12" Electrostatic ., 749 61936 52001 Laser Printer
• R!SC processor with 8ppm speed
• Emulates HP PC15 and Epson FX80
• PostScript!
• Two 250-sheet paper trays
• High resolution technology for 300 dpi printing that looks like 400dpif
• 35 built-in PostScript fonts!
• 2MB RAM, upgradeable to 9MB
• Automatic interface switching
• Requires parallel cable (not included) 1 3 U y CD-ROM uuJiiy cyllycijun of nbj j ion iaxiurvj & buck- h for jjublblii iu and 7ork, veryiiiiri fojij clouds 'J ljBBHBS 24-pin printer ap-3250 GET . BOTH Highest quality, high speed dot matrix printer for the , Amigal C V 4606 4730 SCANNER ACCESSORIES CABLE, AMIGA TO EPSON 24.95 CD-ROM CADDY 11.95 A1942 MULTISYNC MON 387.00 PAGESTREAM 2.2 WITH ART EXPRESSIONS 188.00 R PAINT 45.95 PIXEL 3D & ANIMWORKSHOP W T-SHIRT 139.00 5078 SDG HPI1C SCAN DRVR 134.95 4692 EPSON SCNR DOC FEED 499.00 CD-ROM TITLES GRAPHIC RESOURCE GOLIATH CLIP ART CD GIGA GAMES AMIGA PC AUDIO RESOURCE LIBRARY GRAPHICS RESOURCE LIBRARY MEGA MEDIA CD-ROM ULTIMATE MOD COLLECTION LANGUAGE OS CD-ROM SPACE AND ASTRONOMY 5247 5202 5137 5107 5199 CHINON CDS435 VraM'ngBoarcfHI TrlMBDiA Incorporated Pressure sensitive digitizing tablets from TriMedia, The professional DrawingBoard III delivers an incredible 2,540 lin per inch resolution. Highest in its closs! This high quality tablet is 12"xl2r end features ACCUPOINT technology. 12x12 Pagestream 2.2 1 in Amiga DTP. Winner of Amiga World"* Experts' Choice Award and Amazing Amiga's Users* Choice Awards. The amazing DrawingSlale is no thicker thon a mouse pad, only 1 8" thinl Vet still delivers 1,270 lines per inch resolution. Available in 12x5 2", 12x18" and now the new 6x9" formal. Cordless, £ 3-button pressure-sensitive pen. 6x Buy PageStream 2,2 now and get PageStream 3,0 FREEI PageStream 3.0 has over 1000 new features, including AGA color, recordable Arexx, and the ability to load ProPage documents. Jl Create and convert bitmap and outline fonts! PROFESSIONAL PAINT AND ANIMATION SOFTWARE Lowest Price Anywhere! 'A must have"
- Compute! A must have"
- Amazing Computing It's a must!"
- AMIGA Format
- Amiga Shopper End font Hell Idek Monitors Large Screen Color
* ideal for publishing or video systems
* Works on all Amigas
* Up to 1024 x 768 resolution
* Perfect monitor for OPALVISION!
* Available in short or long pcrsisfancc 17" Monitor . MF-5017-SP MF-5017-LP 21" Monitor Port No. Amiga 1200 DESKTOP PUBLISHER SYSTEM 6MB RAM 60MB HD Primem Full-Color Thermal Printer True 4-color printer designed to give you stunning, high quality color ouput on paper, transparency, even T-shirt transfer paper! Winner Best of Comdex 93 "Rookie" Award. It was the hit of World of Commodore, too! One year warranty. Photorealistic upgrade available. Includes Amiga driver software! SYSTEM INCLUDES:
• Amiga 1200 with 2MB RAM and AGA chipset
• 60MB Hard Drive
• DKB RAMBoard with 16-MHz Math Coprocessor, plus 4MB
• PRO PAGE 4.1 OEM software
• Ideal starter DTP package! Requires Amiga 6-ft. Parallel Cable $ 9,95 EES COMPLETE DTP 5YSTEM! 61709 2-GIG CPKD-2000 EXT. 1425.00 61528 5 GIG. CPKD-8000 EXT. 1499.00 62481 9 GIG. CPKD-1600 EXT. 1599.00 5373 CONNER 2GB DAT DRIVE EXTERNAL SCSI 1219.00 5374 CONNER 4GB DAT EXT. SCSI 1479.00 5375 CONNER 2GB DAT INT. SCSI 960.00 5376 CONNER 4GB DAT INT. SCSI 1289.00 5377 2GB90MM DAT CARTRIDGES 16.95 (ABOVE DRIVES INCLUDE TWO TAPES) 61945 VIVIDQUEST 105MB EXT. W CART 559.00 5352 VIVIDQUEST 105 3.5 INT. W CART. + 2-WAY SCSI CABLE 489.00 61241 105MB CARTRIDGE 75.00 61944 VIVIDQUEST88C REMOV. EXT. W CART 499.00 5353 VIVIDQUEST INTERNAL 88C W CART. + 2-WAY SCSI CABLE 450.00 3304 88MB CARTRIDGE 97.00 CD-ROM DRIVES NEC 38 MULTISPIN EXT. PORTABLE. DOUBLE SPIN 329.0C ASIM CDR FILE SYS. 2.0 54.95 MISC HARDWARE DATAFLYER XDS IDE 79.95 DATAFLYER 4000S25 99.95 A4091 SCSI-2 CONTROLLER 459.00 PICASSO 11 CARD W 1 MG 449.00 RETINA GRAPHICS BOARD 2MB 489.00 RETINA GRAPHICS BOARD 4MB 559.00 RETINA PRO WiTV PAINT 829.00 L-MzGA CREATIVE WANTS TO BE YOUR ONLY SOURCE FOR AMIGA PRODUCTS! IF YOU DON'T SEE SOMETHING LISTED, PLEASE ASK! Makers of Bernoulli Nov oJnJIiiliov liD rtlioblc moss itoroga medium Died by Hollywood profewiouolil Used by duwlopery ot NuwTuli, by Ambtin Imaging = leuCKieytl «td foundation Imaging Ibnbyton 5). Amiga World wyj '’...tho coil-ond ralinbffity of Iomega Bernoulli drive-. Ltm'l bo bool!" Bernoulli moons security for your dohrl THE BOX 150 b on (rxtrrnal drive with Imnoui Bernoulli reliability I Eoth N f cartridga holds up to 150MB ol storage. E
- 5147 + BERNOULLI THE BOX 150 INSIDER fV|9K3|' Internal version of a m m THE BOX 1 SO. 3 I Of] OTHER HIGH QUALITY SUPRA MODEMS AVAILABLE Supra 2400 .s64,s 8877 KODAK (Note: PhotoCD support through softwaio) SupraFaxModem Plus s! 1900 4150 Now you can take advantage of the world of CD-ROMs on your Amiga!
• NEC CD38 Portable CD-ROM
• Double spin, multisession, PhotoCD capable
• ASIM CDR File Sys. 2.0 will also read Mac and IBM forma* CD-ROM discs
• INCLUDES: "Fish Market" CD ROM ( 100-900) wills tons VH i of great PD software t W Due to industry fluctuation, RAM prices and memory expansion products containing RAM arc subject !o change without notice. Call! With over 620MB of data, 4000+ files: games, GNU C C++ compiler, utilities, demos of commercial games, paint programs, DOS shells, musk files and much more! LiliA SupraRam SOORX 2MB...$ 169( SupraRam 500 512k... $ 3995 A huge collection of thousands of photos on all topics in full color! Fractals, movie posters, hunks, bikinis, lingerie, models, movie stars, airplanes, cars, clip art, war vessels and much, much moreii Iefi fjiJ nna:i jiill ujid Juli niijii'jji morpmni} uvuiluhla on na A niyy, 'jiliif 'jrb'jGiill hnoya & vijly auach Jiira v 'jfp, iv irl, 'jiui- , ps jpacii' it ripplij tmd iptti&M jiuiid-tilujiy or itisoii'jn Arl Daporhnani ?(orazzhii'j ond b sapuiiduilh v iih ih=t 'jpij'jJiuJ ADVio ini>d'jlib Ibfed Lsjfov . Jv uifi, mi AjjiiiJ'J y rJd -tyfev ar C A J® jtiid, “ftiorpJjr'luj p 'jditciij ih=* ms*3f I 1 H' d k-rt r rf . 1 J J J JfSSJJbliS 3I1UJJ3 3HJiUIJ;Sj;.S4lJsi£J3.1 Sf.iJVSif yn rJ diiikjuy ' Create sophisticated scripts without any knowledge of Arexx, simply point & click! Create your own ActionFX and OrganicFX to produce custom results for clients Real Time Mode allows you to test your scripts as you create them T-Rexx helps you get the most of your system investment because an integrated system is greater than the sum of its parts! J 4 me Toaster- Your script is shown in plain English on T-Rexx Pro's main screen Framestores can be con- verted to from 13EB! BGB, previewed ° organized w FramestoreFM wl'Ugj • Powerful batch processing tools save time ¦jggsaeB j and disk space 5077 CYGNUS ED PRO Version 3.5 CygnusEd Professional P r. Q;! Ci,Si;S: ,i o rii Conversion P. W,v-"vwtf ->vy - A High Performance Editor For Amiga Programmers And Writers
117. 00
148. 00
699. 00
219. 00
699. 00 GENLOCKS KARA ANIMFONTS 1 27.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 2 27.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 3 27.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 4 33.95 KARA ANIMFONTS 5 33.95 KARA FONTS HEADLINES 43.95 KARA FONTS HEADS 2 38.95 KARA FONTS HEADS 3 45.95 KARA FONTS HEADS 4 43.95 KARA STARFIELDS 32.95 KARA FONTS SUBHEADS 38.95 K-SYNC S-VIDEO OPTION K-SYNC GENLOCK OPTION TOASTER Y C++ VIDEO TOASTER Y C PLUS GENERAL FONTS CALIGARI BROADCAST DPS Personal Animation Controller Hard Drive Bundle DPS Personal TBCIV DPS Personal VECTOR SCOPE Functions as a single-frame recorder! Record your animation and playback in real time! Includes 1 2-GIG Hard Drive!
• Rock solid freeze frame
• Variable strobe
* True monochrome mode BLOWOUT!! The perfect companion for the DPS TBC IV! (Sunglasses not included) 3940 5151 4638 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! WHILE SUPPLIES LASH Video Director Full NTSC Color Display and Digitizer on these two items I
• Complete editing system far everyone with a compatible VCR, camcorder, and an Amiga
• Quickly and easily catalog and edit the best moments from all your video tapes
• Includes hardware to control most camcorders and VCRs! DCTV PAL VERSION NOW AVAILABLE! The Kitchen Sync Two complete TBCs on one card works with any video source, S-VHS and Hi-8 compatifc 3699 The "must-have" Toaster add-on! Now you can crush the 16 meg fast RAM barrier! With the DKB 3128 you can access up to 128 megs of contiguous memory. Compatible with either the Amiga 3000 or 4000. I! ’ T • i,. .jM a,
V. n» r nirr" 4516 NovaMate Time Base Corrector Frame Synchronizer NTSC and PAL Composite and Y C Available in stand alone or plug-in versions. Features full bandwidth TBC, up to 6MHz, 480 lines of resolution. Adaptive digital comb filter, eliminates cross color. Composite video and Y C inputs and outputs. Freeze frame, field 1 and field 2 with strobe. Genlock with system phasing or stand alone. Serial control of all operations, ten programmable memories. CALL FOR LOWEST PRICING ON NOVAMATE TBCs! 5207
• 4 am 1 O O ¦JL 7*1 A ... New from Innovision Technology I1' N ft 5424 MONTAGE 24 for AGA, !V24 OpalVision *239 5073 .... Ippwpwip _ 1
II. I Isi.rJ Viji * ittfi llluiLn smt INDUSTRIES Studio 16 v3.0 AD516 Professional, 16-bit, CD-quality, stereo, 8-track, hard disk recording studio with 5MPTE time code reader $ 1199 STUDIO 16 v3.0 AD1012 $ 479 Economical 4 track mono system SMPTE Output .. s 139 SMPTE Time Code Generator TOASTER HANDLER ADS 16 ...... S139 Simultaneous Toaster transition and audio playback TOASTER HANDLER AD 1012 .... s139 Simultaneous Toaster transitions and audio playback The Complete Digital Audio Solution mm MONTAGE features real time font scaling with Ins effective resolution. Automated sequencing. 3L-~ T- - Network quality 24-bit titles & graphics! MONTAGE for the Video Toaster *329 Get "Perfect Toast" with the NOVO Y C Convert the Toaster's output to wide band Y C. Eliminate dot crawl and chroma noise. Record sharper looking pictures on SVHS or Hi8 VCRs. Nova's £ - _ _ quality gives you the original detail for better looking pictures! Compatible with all Amiga models True 24-bit display - render to OpalVision, DCTV, Retina, IV24, GVP EGS and Amiga AGA FASTER than a Toaster equipped Amiga Requires: Lightwave 3D or 3.0, Workbench and Kickstart 2.04 or later EGS support may require Image FX Fully PAL compatible! Makes Lightwave fully functional for European PAL users Fully network compatible, from low cost Pa met to ethernet * ideal for ® "render farms" LightRave is a custom hardware module that emulates all of the Toaster functions needed by LightWave 3D™. It enables any Amiga to run LightWave without requiring a Video Toaster to be installed. LIGHTRAVE adds a suite of professional features never before available to Wave users. LIGHTRAVE will render images faster than a Toaster equipped Amiga, as no lengthy ANIMATION SOFTWARE DISNEY ANIM STUDIO FRACTAL PRO 6.02 PANORAMA SCENERY ANIMATOR 4.0 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 UTILITIES BOOKS & TAPES TUTORIAL A GUIDED TOUR VHS VIDEO TAPE C 1 AC i'd* -tftna lK'VU*4il 14 iv sr.ijii1 Imagine A GUIDED TOUR VHS VIDEO TAPE C 1 AC 3160 The only Canadian* tax preparation software for the Amiga is once again available now being updated and supported & g w AC by Legendary * XA Design Technologies. Powerful mailing-list management. IftfjyTflllMjl Create mailing lists ¦¦¦iBflZBH rosters, envelopes, s I roatry cards and j I mare with o few I simple clkksl Sup- pT" 9 ports laser, dot* matrix & ink-jet. Powerful Amiga business management. Powerful invoicing ; - r software! Invoicedt! Automatically create ¦ I "f** ‘ *'1 quotes and convert | them to actual ¦ invoices with one click! 2-ii-iJJr GitAPrllC CaiiD VSIAj’j 1 15-bit yr 'J2-bit AuJy Zanzmzj lizizityaizihlzs Otupiilzz Ilutiu jj mid Luittj JJJ ilua fur liiu Auurp JuliU JjiUUf unj liiu Aiuii)u ‘I'j'iitAuwyr Viiiib iuitiu yrupiiiiJ curdj uul pfujtdu iutur luiulutluu, und uliuri uni tniiuuiu liiu it-u uf liiu xt ail dtipfu , liiu Piciufu curd duuJ ituiii! Fur upplfculiuiii tiiut ruquiiu nuur- pliuiu£}rupiik iulur iujjuijililiuj liiu Wiciulu Curd ii liiu uiuv*ur Ask about U.S.A. Tax Program "Tax Break" (dataTax '93 only covers Canadaian taxes) 5310 Designer Objects VOL ONE ("Diner") $ 0095 for IMAGINE .... A7 mHLOWlOB EXPRESS (Coming soon, Lightwave version) HIGH DENSITY AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVE External low-profile disk drive will read and write to 1.76 meg HD as well as 880k disks.
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Amiga aflidonado MARC HOFFMAN used DC. IV Paint (Digital Creations) to generate Clouds. The (ulcsburg, Colorado, artist used a gradient to establish the horizon lrom the zenith in the sky. "1 then blocked in the cloud formations using a solid filled freehand brush, and used the Water function to lav in values to indicate relief in the clouds," he explained. Later, he worked the area over in detail. For the trees, feneeposts, and background structures, Hoffman used a fairly solid brush and 4 some darker values. GEORGE BAILEY describes himself as “a jack-of-all-trades with an Amiga." In the past lie has written Amiga product reviews for Computer Shopper and developed Amiga dip-art collections. Since 1985. Lie’s run Slide City, a slide service specializing in Amiga graphics, from the town of DeLeon Springs, Florida. Bailey also makes time to create some beautiful Amiga “paintings,” as you can see. Sunflower is one he created some years ago using Electronic Arts’ DeluxePaint. JEREMY A. ENGLEMAN of Littleton, Colorado, is in his second year of studying for a BFA in photography. He says, though, that his love of computers began long before his love for cameras. Only recently has he begun to blend these two interests; Rachel, a striking image he created from photographs using Digi-View and DeluxePaint IV, is one result. Although lie says he's “still wet behind the ears," we couldn't tell by looking at his work! We couldn’t resist MARGARET COPELAND’s Fandaneer. Which she created using Impulse’s Imagine 3-D software. Copeland may already be familiar to you as publisher of the Computer Textile Exchange newsletter. She’s a professional weaver from Ashland. Oregon, who says her interest in three-dimensional art stems from working with textiles. “i frequently go hack and forth between both media. Curiously, they are very compatible," she says. A veteran Turbo Silver and Imagine user, Copeland also employs such tools as Vertex (The Arts Machine), Ussa (Technical l ools), and Essence (Apex Software) to generate interesting objects and algorithmic textures. DIGITAL CANVAS Award-winning artist REBECCA STUCKEY, a Cummings, Georgia, transplant front New Jersey, has a collection of arts degrees, including a couple of masters in different media. Stuckey is a cross-platform artist: In addition to using a Mac and PC, she does much of her work including Block 3 on an Amiga 500 using DeluxePaint, Digi-Paiut, and EA’s Deluxe Photol .ah. The Amiga “has opened up a new world for my surreal imagination," says artist SARAH COSTANZO, the owner of Visions Professional Graphics in Altoona, Pennsylvania. She created The Face of Time and Blue China by combining scanned images and freehand draw- O O iiig. She uses a Sharp scanner with ASDG interface software and Digi-Paim ‘3 on her Amiga 500. If you'd like a shot at seeing your oirn artwork in print, send a slide, photo, or printout accompanied by an IFF flie (preferably PEGged at 80-100%) of each submission. Include descriptions of the images, note what software and Amiga model'sou used, and indicate whether the works have been printed elsewhere before. Pack these things up with a resume or short bio and send them to AmigaWorld .-b7 Submissions, SO Elm St.. Peterborough. XU 03458. ¦ Bedroom Scene is an image you can look at again and again and find something new each time. ROD BRADFIELD. Who teaches Visual Arts at South Vigo I Iigh School in Terre Haute, Indiana. Created it using his Amiga 2500. The gray-scale part of the image was scanned from a 3x4 foot charcoal drawing, and the li ard was scanned from ceramic (Bradlield uses an Epson 300SC scanner and ASDG’s ADPro). The lank, toy, and other pieces are Imagine models. Bradlield did “lots of toudiup and reworking of the charcoal scan” using Black Belt's Image- master Pro, Comparative Evaluations of Popular Amiga Programs WORD PROCESSING ProWrite vs. Final Copy By John V. Ryan WHEN IT COMES to word processing, New Horizon’s ProWrite 3.3 and Softwood’s Final Copy I! Stand out as the premier programs for the Amiga. (Indeed, when readers call Amiga World asking for word-processor recommendations, it is usually these two they're trying to O choose between.) Both are exceptional programs that can meet almost any wordsmithing need you might have either in the home or in the office. It should be stated up front that this is not a review, per se, of the two programs; Amiga World has already published reviews of several incarnations of each program. Instead, I hope to help you determine which program could work best for your needs. Throughout the article, I will mention prominent features and capabilities of each word processor as they apply to specific uses. This is not to imply that the opposing word processor lacks whatever function I am detailing. Keep in mind that even though both programs may offer many of the same features, I will highlight the more noteworthy between ProWrite and Final Copy. System Requirements and Basic Startup But before you consider features, let’s make sure your system can handle these two programs. Unless you use an original Amiga 1000, you should be okay as far as model goes. In terms of operating system, ProWrite has the less stringent requirements, as it will run under AmigaDOS 1.2 or later. You‘11 also need at least two floppy drives or a hard drive, and at least one megabyte of memory. Final Copy, on the other hand, requires that you have AmigaDOS 1.3.3 or later. It, too, requires that you have two floppies or a hard disk, and one megabyte of memory. As always, the more memory the better, especially when, dealing with graphics files which we’ll detail later. Both programs can boot up into a variety of screen modes, including Hires, Productivity, or SuperHires (which requires AmigaDOS 2.0 and an ECS (enhanced chip set). Both also offer 256-color display to users whose machines support it. While Final Copy will automatically determine your machine’s resolution and color capability and present you with screen options on startup, you must manually set ProWrite’s startup screen options. This is accomplished via a CLI command line or by editing ProWrite’s icon information. If you were to boot up each program from scratch, ProWrite and Final Copy II would look remarkably similar. Both present you with vertical and horizontal ruler lines. Both include tab, justification, line spacing, and paragraph formatting icons on a handy ruler strip. Once past the similar appearance, the operation and menu layout of both diverge sharply. First case in point: Since no one likes configuring a word processor each time it's run, one of the first things a user might want to do after booting up is to tailor the program to meet his or her needs and style. ? Editor’s Note: AW kicks off a new feature this month, l'Head2Head, ” which will appear on a semi-regular basis in future issues. The column presents the latest versions of leading software in key applications categories, comparing strengths and weaknesses and contrasting differences to help you evaluate which one semes your needs best. Next Time: Pro Page 4.1 vs. Page Stream 3.0. Pro Write and Final Copy both offer a Preferences menu, but Final Copy is, by far, the easier to configure. The Preferences menu of Final Copy 11 deserves a review unto itself: There is a plethora of options to set ruler values, screen resolutions, window sizes, document colors, screen colors, and much more. Additionally, most of the functions (other than graphics options) that are configurable in Final Copy are presented under one menu, while, by comparison, ProWrite’s Preferences options are rather limited and less centralized. Almost DTP Because of the Amiga's extraordinary graphics capabilities, many Amiga-based word processors have r- Background - C Solid ; iJJ Transparent Sove link option C Save graphic j Save link Weight- C' Wane : J Points jHairtlrte J 6 Points
J. 5 Point Points Lp 1 Point S J10 Points J 2 Points ’J) 12 Points Set Default A bicycle tsa machine lo itde on H is dsacdleda 'btke'a a "whed" It Ins Ivtc wheels. One behind Hie other, endthei is Ho* it g;t its name, becaise *to‘ means ‘two’ end 'cynle’ means 'wheel*. The wheels ore neb in line by a meld ficrne The nder sfc on a fiHie seat Ihpt is attcched to the home He sleets by luldng onb handelros flat tun Hie Iroit wbed ot the bbvde He mefces the ted wtieel tun fry Figure 1. You have lots of flexibility in moving graphics around in Final Copy II documents and in the ways you flow text around them. Final Copy II Softwood $ 159.95* Not copy protected. Minimum system: 1 MB of RAM, WB 1.3 or later, dual floppy drives. Recommended system: 2MB of RAM, hard drive, accelerator.
* due to be discounted to $ 99.95. blurred the lines between word processing and low-level desktop publishing. Indeed, for years now, Amiga word processors have had the capability to effortlessly incorporate graphics and text. Final Copy II and ProWrite 3.3 both offer such graphics capability. Certainly neither program is well suited nor designed for high-level, professional DTP applications. But if you're in a pinch and need to design a document letterhead, a flyer, brochure, or small newsletter, then Final Copy should get the nod for the job. Although ProWrite allows you to incorporate graphics and text. Final Copy possesses features that muscle out ProWrite for graphics applications. First. Final Copy offers drawing tools not available to ProWrite users. There are several icons along the ruler line that can be selected to draw lines, ovals, boxes, and more. You can easily size, move, crop, or delete graphic images, and you can flow text around the graphics in a wide variety of ways (see Figure 1). In addition, Final Copy will also read in 24-bit graphics files and render them according to the number of colors available. ProWrite, on the other hand, is limited to eight-bit graphics files. Of course, mere graphics does not a DTP program make. Besides offering the ability to format text into newspaper-like columns, Final Copy dishes up a feature called “master pages” that allows you to define where text and graphics appear on each page of (he document. In other words, you can design logos, graphical headers and footers, page backgrounds, or page borders and have them appear on each page of the document. No matter how much work you put into a document, the end results will be no better than what eventually comes out of the printer. Font variety, print quality, and PostScript support all play a part in the professional appearance of your project. While both programs offer a wide variety of fonts and excellent print quality, Final Copy, again, seems to have the upper hand in all these areas. Final Copy not only supports PostScript printing, but will also automatically download fonts in your document that are not on your PostScript printer. It also supports PostScript Type 1 fonts, recognized as the industry standard for outline fonts. Final Copy also supports both NimbusQ and Compu- graphics fonts (Compugraphic being the Amiga standard outlinc-font format). In contrast, while ProWrite supports Compugraphic fonts, it does not have the ability to download Type 1 fonts. Office Works Word Processing in an office environment is a bit different than for home use. In an office, a word processor must be able to easily and efficiently generate form letters. Moreover, if you receive text files from clients who use different WP programs or platforms, it is imperative that your WP program have the capability to convert or read these text files. Lastly, the word processor must be able to produce hardcopy in a variety of page formats. Final Copy II and ProWrite 3.3 run head to head in an office environment in many areas, but for ease of use and overall capability, 1 would again give the nod to Final Copy. Both programs offer merge functions to generate form letters, but Final Copy's is decidedly easier to use, with a smooth and sophisticated merge interface that makes it a snap to generate form letters. Projt*ct Ed i 1 Search lurnot ‘slth* v Ed11 Document Docunent 13 fi_ i mi. E .im 43i n Jo 123 Aust (?f 'WE ¦ M; Options... Speak inq Sunnary... Wort Experience 1 Pirtiit, Inc Coiponte Auditor 1960*1985 Londonderry .YT Conducted operation*.] and financial audits vithin the Accounting onice sr.d *luee operating division* Developed s i»pon vir i finding* end recommendMioas H overt ,Hovaid,& Ho vert Senior Superviioi 1973 -1980 HevDennu.HA aiviPww Figure 2. ProWrite 3.3 offers a speech feature to aid visually impaired Likewise, Final Copy’s page setup offers many more options than does ProWrite’s when it conies to formatting your document for printing. While ProWrite offers US letter, US legal, custom, wide carriage, and A4 (international) Formats, Final Copy goes a bit Further in offering Bo, A3, and A5 (European page sizes). Additional page-setup options in Final Copy include being able to set print areas, edit areas, master pages, headers, footers, and title pages. You can also set the number of columns you want to work with (up to six), and specify spacing between columns. Where ProWrite excels in meeting office automation needs is in the area of file conversions. Both word processors will read and write ASCII text, hut ProWrite is the clear winner when it comes to converting documents from other word processors. A separate conversion utility makes it possible to convert files from Bcckcrtext, excellence!, Final Copy, KindWords, Pen Pal, Scribble! Textcraft and Textcraft Plus, Text Pro, WordPerfect, and IBM R’FF formats. Moreover, for offices that have multiuser machines, ProWrite offers a handy password protection scheme that makes it possible to attach passwords to individual documents. The Writing Life Whether you are a professional writer or a closet novelist, you need a word processor that is fast and stable, and one that offers a large spell checker thesaurus and an easy-to-use menu command structure for cutting, pasting, and paragraph formatting. In the personal- usc arena, the lines between ProWrite and Final Copy blur a bit more, for both programs offer just about every option the writer or home enthusiast may need. Both programs have been around long enough so stability is not an issue, and I have never experienced problems with program crashes with either program. Both are also relatively speedy at least considering that any time you work with graphics, things tend to slowdown a bit. Neither are as responsive as, say, Word Star oc WordPerfect in the PC market, and an accelerated machine (with lots of memory) is recommended if you plan to work on large documents or graphics files. On balance, I found Final Copy II to be the more responsive program both on a stock Amiga and on accelerated machines (68030 040), in terms of paging, scrolling, cut-and-paste operations, and graphics handling. On the other hand, ProWrite’s cut-and-paste operations are very user friendly and easier to navigate around than Final Copy’s. A few mouse clicks will highlight single words, sentences, or entire paragraphs, while with Final Copy you are forced into the familiar ciick-and-drag highlight operations. ProWrite’s Undo function is fairly smart, remembering and displaying exactly what an Undo will accomplish. Final Copy does not have an Undo function, relying instead on a paste buffer (which won’t help you if you accidentally clear the text buffer). Additionally, you may appreciate ProWrite’s automatic save feature, which can relieve a few heartaches if you suffer a power outage. Final Copy II oilers a 144,000-word spell checker, while ProWrite’s comes in at 100,000 words. Both spell checkers support user-dictionaries and offer suggestions for misspelled words, ProWrite goes a bit further in ibis area, as it will check your spelling as you type. ProWrite also offers a unique “speech” Feature that uses the Amiga’s voice capability to speak typed words for visually impaired users (see Figure 2). If you’re a wordsmith who requires a large thesaurus, Final Copy may be the program of choice, as it serves up a sumptuous cross-reference of 1.4 million words. ProWrite’s thesaurus is limited to 300,000 words. Final Copy includes an outline function to aid the writer in organizing his or her thoughts. You may also appreciate Final Copy’s page-preview function, which allows you to preview documents from 25% to 400% of normal size prior to printing. ProWrite provides only one page-preview size. WP Wrap Although 1 would need several more pages to detail both of these programs' outstanding features (such as ProWrite 3.3 New Horizons $ 99.95 Not copy protected. Minimum system:1MB of RAM, WB 1.2 or later, dual floppy drives. Recommended system: 2MB of RAM, hard drive, accelerator. Users. Extensive Arexx support, sort functions, clipboard support, ProWrite 3.3’s HotLinks interface, and soon), it is clear that Final Copy 11 is the slicker program of the two. It’s faster, with a responsive and good-looking interface. Its thick, spiral-bound manual is easier to navigate around, with good indexing and cross-referencing. Final Copy is far more configurable and ilcx- ible than ProWrite, and has better graphics-handling capabilities. It also seems to have the edge in hardcopy print quality, and I consider it better suited for pro- fessioual olfice use especially with its capability to download Type 1 fonts. On the other edge of the sword, Final Copy II at S 159.95 has until now been more expensive than ProWrite 3.3 at S99.95 (although the former is due to be discounted upon the introduction of Final Writer see sidebar for details), and it may contain some arcane features that many users may never need. Its learning curve is also a hit steeper than ProWrite’s. As always, the final choice comes down to your particular needs and wallet size. Should you choose Final Copy or ProWrite? Final Copy is all the word processor you’ll ever need, with plenty of room to grow into. ProWrite is a good choice for the beginner intermediate user, or for home use. ¦ John Ryan is a freelance writer and computer-based instruction developer residing in Columbia, South Carolina. He enjoys computer animation and desktop video, and dabbles in air traffic control, Final Writer on the Way I RECENTLY HAD the opportunity to preview a beta copy of Final Writer, Softwood’s new entry into high-end word processing. Initially, ill is program is not meant to replace Final Copy II, and the latter will not be discontinued, but instead discounted in price (to $ 99.95) as an intermediate word-processing program. Final Writer (slated for release before the end of 1993 at $ 199.95) seems to build on the advances made with Final Copy II, and, at first glance, it should make some evolutionary inroads into Amiga word processing that no other Amiga program of its ilk can claim. Final Writer’s lineage is overtly apparent. After booting up, I noted that the program is extremely dose in appearance to its little brother, Final Copy
II. However, looks can be deceiving: Above the now familiar command strip, there is a new User Button strip diat contains roughly two dozen icons and is completely configurable under the Preferences menu so that you can now have your most often-used commands available at a dick. Moreover, you can even customize user-menus to activate .ARexx scripts, open text clips (blocks of text saved from other documents, such as fax data, name-and-address blocks, and so forth), or execute command strings, among several other things. Also under Preferences, an auto-save feature has been added, along with some of the more familiar (and now upgraded) Preferences items found in Final Copy II. With Final Writer you can sort paragraphs according to textual content, add columns ol numbers, merge data fields into the body of the document, insert dates and times plus perform just about all the other edit functions that were found in Final Copy IE Accent the Visual But where this program seems to stand out is in its handling of fonts and graphics. You may specify fonts in any size from 4 to 300 points. Text width can also be specified, as well as text case, color, and oblique percentage (slanting text to the left or right). There’s even a “Type Specs” requester that enables you to make numerous on- the-fly adjustments to the look and feel of text (see Figure 3). Final Copy II was good with graphics and Final Writer appears as if it will be even better. Not only can you import graphics and draw lines, boxes and ovals, but you can also rotate graphics or text blocks. One of its more interesting features is its ability to import Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) clip art and print it without jaggies to non-PostScript printers. You can also import ILBM, HAM, Ex- tra_Halfbrite, or 24-bit IFF images. Rounding out some of the more interesting features of Final Writer are functions to generate tables of contents, tables of illustrations, indexes, and end notes. There is, as with Final Copy II, extensive Arexx support, plus about 100 new fonts and new capabilities to export documents to a variety of formats. Final Writer will require AmigaDOS 2,0 or later and at least
1. 5MB of RAM and a hard drive. You can rely on Amiga World to conduct a complete review of Final Writer when the final release version is received later this year, n
- J* J sjss s: | Here’s a map of the global telecommunications “data superhighway, complete with the details Amiga travelers need. Weil show you where the Internet can take you, how to access the on ramps, what kinds of tolls you can expect, and more. LINE NETWORK connects thousands of universities and high-tech companies, 10 countries and about ten million users, and doubles each year in terms of both users and data exchanged? Which currently shuttles about ten terabytes (that’s ten trillion bytes!) Of data each month, offers 4600 newsgroups and 130 gigabytes of public-domain flies, and allows instantaneous international mail access? Which lets you explore the pnblic-access resources of NASA, the USDA, and the FDA? It’s the Internet, the basis of Vice President Al Gore’s dream for a "data superhighway,” and subject of considerable recent media attention. So what's the Internet all about? And what does it offer .Amiga users? The Internet, which the federal government started (and still subsidizes) in 1969 as a research and educational network, is similar to commercial networks, since it offers many of the same things. But it‘s big ? BY AMDY PATP I T II E I K I ERNE T ger, faster, ancl in many ways more versatile than commercial networks and it’s potentially less expensive to use. It’s also unregulated, making il more enigmatic. For these reasons, it is impossible to cover the Internet in a single magazine article. If what you read here piques your interest, 1 recommend three books that do an excellent job of covering the whole topic: The Whole Internet, The Internet Companion, and Internet: Getting Started (see the sidebar “Recommended Reading” for details). Something Different Although you can reach the Internet via commercial on-line services (such as CompuServe, Genie, and Bix), the network is actually quite different from these sen'ices. Commercial services require von to log onto the network’s computer and use its particular menu system to move between areas of interest. These menu structures come between you and the system, slowing things down. The Internet has no such central computer and, in its purest form, has no interface. Imagine if you could connect to machines all over the world just by opening your CLI, and send mail, retrieve files, and so on. That’s how it works. Internet is a network connecting individual machines and small networks. You don’t operate within confines you reach out to the network itself. And it’s fast, thanks to high-speed connections between the thousands of systems on the network. NAVIGATION iOOLS SOME TOOLS CAN make the Internet more navigable for those intimidated by its vastness. Don’t like using a command-line interface? You may want to check out the Internet Gopher even if you connect to the Internet via a system that offers menus. Gopher’s interface applies menus to selected Internet resources; it makes connecting to various Telnet sites all over the world, channeling through directories, and transferring files completely transparent. You can test- drive Gopher by connecting to the consultaiU.micro.umn.edu Telnet site at the University of Minnesota; log in as “gopher.” The Archie database can help you locate files with names pertaining to a particular topic or application. Just call up an Archie Telnet site (archie.rutgers.edu. is just one of a dozen or so) and log in as “archie.” At the archie> prompt, type the keyword you’d like to search for and press the Return key. The list you receive is likely to point to files scattered among many Internet sewers. You can view this list on screen or ask Archie to send it to your electronic mailbox: just type “mail” followed by a space and your e-mail address. Type “quit” to log off the Archie sewer. Among other resources are YVAIS (Wide Area Information Sewers), which searches actual documents by keyword, and World-Wide W eb, which provides hypertext links to Internet information sources. The books we’ve recommended offer further details on all these tools. ? Gxnthia E. Field, Ph.D. Using the Internet without an interface requires that vou know some commands. That’s not too difficult for Amiga users experienced with the CLI: The Internet is based on Unix, which uses a command language similar to that of Amiga DOS. If you dislike the idea of using commands, however, don’t despair. Some systems through which you can access the Internet provide menu structures. And the new Internet Gopher, an intuitive interface to popular resources, can make mouse users feel at home (see the sidebar “Navigation Tools”), The Internet offers four main features: electronic mail (e-mail), newsgroups (Usenet), file exchange (FTP), and remote log-in to other computers (Telnet). Many electronic bulletin-board systems (BBSs) and commercial networks offer connection to the Internet. Some provide full access (that is, access to all four features), while others offer just e-mail and Usenet. See the sidebars “Full Access” and “Lining Up” For details on getting various levels of access. E-Mail: Private Messaging Through e-mail you can exchange private messages with any other person on the Internet or anyone who has an account with America Online (popular with Apple users), CompuServe, Genie, Delphi, Bix, MCI Mail, or the FidoNet BBS. Not only can you send regular messages, you can also send files (programs, documents, picture files). Under Unix, the command UUENCODE turns a binary file into text so it can be mailed as a message. UUDECODE makes it binary' again. As with e-mail on commercial sewices, you must get the user’s name and address exactly right. But once you send the mail, it will arrive at its destination in minutes, no matter where in the world that might be. Each Internet address includes a users name or number separated from the network’s site name by an at sign (@). E-mail addressing for FidoNet follows this scheme: User.Name@P4.F3.N2.Zl .fidonet.org. With the commercial nets, you simply type the person’s online account number (designated by x’s below) or name (username) followed by @ and the name of the service, plus the suffix .com (indicating a commercial network) with no spaces. Addressing schemes are: America Online: useniame@aol.com CompuServe: xxxxx.xxxx@compuseive.com BIX: tisername@bix.com Genie: user.name@genie.com Delphi: user@delphi.com MCI Mail: xxx-xxxx@mcimail.com You may notice various oilier suffixes on line: names of government networks end in .gov; those of educational institutions end with .edu. Networks outside the US typically end with a country designation such as .ca (Canada) or .uk (United Kingdom). Usenet: All The News That Fits The newsgroups, collectively called Usenet, are the first things most Amiga users check out on the Internet. This is where you can post public messages, ask questions, get help from other users, and learn about happenings in the Amiga community. Usenet was not a part of the Internet initially. It began in 1979 when three students decided to use a Unix feature called UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy) to exchange public messages and bounce them from one Unix sys- T II E I T E K E T comp. Comp. Comp. Comp, comp, comp. Comp, comp, comp. Comp. Comp. Sys.aimga sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga sys.amiga, sys.amiga, sys.amiga. sys.amiga. sys.amiga. svs.amiga. svs.amiga. announce audio advocacy diUacornm emulations games graphics hardware marketplace multimedia programmer nz Many of the names are self explanatory, hut some are not. Comp.sources.amiga is a group in which source code for public-domain software is posted. Alt.sources.amiga is roughly the same tiling (in fact, any group with the word sources in the name probably offers source code, and there is a fair amount of redundancy among newsgroups). The alt.sys.amiga groups are discussions, except for the one called alt.sys,amiga.uucp.patches; it contains encoded patches for Matt Dillon’s UUCP program (see the sidebar tem to the next. (UUCP, which Matt Dillon has adapted to the Amiga as a shareware program, copies files over modem in the same way you copy files from one drive to another.) Usenet as of this writing contains 21 Amiga-oriented newsgroups, which average about 300 messages a day total: comp, sys.ami ga.rev ic s comp.sys.amiga.tech comp.sys.amiga.misi comp.unix.amiga alt.sys.amiga. demos alt. Sys.amiga. imcp alt.sys.amiga.imcp. patches comp.hinai ies.amiga comp.soui tcs.ainiga alt.soiirces.aniiga entitled “Getting On” for more on UUCP). Other groups you may want to check out are News.announce.newusers, which offers answers to new users of the network, Ah.config discusses new alt. Groups, while Alt.bbs.internet features ads for boards with Internet access worldwide. Once on line, you can obtain an up-to-date list of Usenet groups from the newsgroup news.groups. 1 suggest you search the list for comp.binaries.* and alt.binaries.* groups. With no central organization, Usenet news has a lot of volunteer help to assist novices. Many newsgroups offer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) files, containing answers to common queries and information on the policies of newsgroups. Most groups have a “keeper of the FAQ,” who regularly updates it. When you log on initially, post a request for the newsgroup’s FAQ. Foraging for Files FTP, File Transfer Protocol, is the means for hie transfer over the Internet. The so-called FTP sites on the Internet house gigabytes upon gigabytes of freely distributable software. FTP sites are simply hard-drive spaces allocated on a Unix-based computer that allows anyone to connect and upload or download files. If you follow the Amiga newsgroups, you’ll see there are a few select sites for Amiga files. To get to an FTP site you must type in its name or IP (Internet Protocol) number. You don’t have to up- AS AVI 1 H ANT other type of telecommunications, you need a modem, a phone line, and a terminal program (such as the freely distributable favorite jRCoinm) in order to access die Internet. The next thing you need is an Internet “feed." If you are a university student or employee. Check with your school's computer center to see if you can get an account (some schools limit Internet access to computer science majors). The only on-line service offering full Internet connection is Delphi, although BIX offers Telnet, FTP, and mail (no news). With the other commercial services, you get mail only and you get charged for receiving it. It is possible to get your own individual Internet feed, but it is also cost prohibitive (around $ 500). A far better solution is for one bulletin board to get a Teed and split the cost among local users. If you run or use a BBS that you'd like to add Internet access to. At least two BBS-management programs for the Amiga support Usenet news and Internet mail: DLG Pro (TelePro Techologies) and C-Net (Perspective Software). The three books 1 recommended earlier list organizations that will sell you a feed. Another new book. Connecting to the Internet, is dedicated to locating Internet connections. It contains the June ’93 PD1AL (Public Dialup Internet Access List), a comprehensive listing of national and local Internet services. PDIAL is updated monthly in the alt.internet.access.wanted Usenet newsgroup. You might also want to check 15BS magazines such as Boardwatch and BBS Caller's Digest (which you can find in large bookstores), BBSs in your area, or a local university. (A Usenet board in my area is run by a Yale student who gets his feed horn the university.) Many BBSs provide only Internet news and mail; others allow full Internet access. Reading Requisites To receive Usenet news and mail, you need three pieces of software: Matt Dillon's UUCP, a mail reader, and a news reader. You can find UUCP on commercial networks and in collections such as Fred Fish’s. (UUCP updates are posted in the Usenet newsgroup all.sys.ami-ga. uucp.patches.) My preferences for readers are Elm by Andreas Kirchwitz, for mail, and Arn by Mike Schwarz and Mike Smith, for news. (Another program, Grn, is also a good news reader.) You can lind all three on Amiga BBSs and the different on-line services. Files you download from the Internet may be encoded, meaning that the binary file (usually archived) is converted to an ASCII text file for posting. Software file readers save the file and convert it back to binary using the command UUDECODE.? AP I IV T E R i E T i ii i: load anything in order to download, as yon do with a BBS. Von can log on to an FIT site as an anonymous user; “anonymous" is a generic account that anyone can use. Once you’re in, you can navigate the FTP site as if it were your own computer, going through directories using the familiar CD and DIR commands. Getting a file is as simple as typing “get filename.lzh,” where filename.lzh is the title of the file. The FTP site of choice for a long time was ab20.larc.nasa.gov. The administrator was a NASA employee, and when lie eventually shut down the archive, lie saved its contents to a CD-ROM disc, which is sold for $ 25 through such mail-order sources as Creative Computers. Currently, the hottest FTP sire is in Switzerland (its name: Amiga.physik.iinizh.ch; number: It’s run by Urban Mueller, author of the popular programming utility Cshell 5.19. Mueller persuaded bis A GROWING NUMBER of bulletin boards and commercial services now offer full Internet access. Some are regional, which means you must make a toll call unless you live nearby. Others are national, meaning that they use networks with dialups across the country. Be warned, though: The national networks require a pcr-hour surcharge, which can produce some hefty bills when added to the system’s own charges. The networks that allow this national connectivity are SprintNet, CompuServe (CIS), and Tymnet. These companies sell connections not only to on-line sendees, but also to private businesses, universities, and so on. To find the CIS dialup nearest you, call 800 848-8990 from your telephone. When using a CIS dialup, set your modem to a word length of seven, one stop bit, and full duplex (7E1). For SprintNet, call the voice number 800 877-5045 to find a local dialup node. SprintNet also uses 7E1 settings. The systems profiled here require either an hourly plus a monthly charge, or just a monthly fee. Keep in mind that these costs are independent of any network l ees for national access, and do not include phone charges for long-distance calling. The various systems also use two different types of interfaces shell accounts (wherein you operate from a command line) or menus. Before we explore the individual systems, let me state that all are pretty evenly matched in terms of service, The menu systems are subjective; you should base your decision on logistics, affordability, and whether what you read here has a certain appeal to you. Also note that most systems are run bv relatively small companies, none of which have set weekend hours (that’s not to say you’ll never find people there on weekends, however). Following the individual descriptions, you’ll find a table listing the services, fee structures, and interface type(s). To contact the services by regular mail or voice, consult the Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Address List on page 108. Bix BIX, which began as a service of BYTE Magazine, offers nearly full access to die Internet everything but Usenet news. Like BYTE, BIX is known for attracting technically-minded subscribers; you’ll find lots of Amiga developers here. You'll also find lots of Amiga-related discussion, including an AmigaWorld area. As an alternative to its usual $ 13 per hour charge, BIX offers a “20 20 plan,” which gives you 20 hours of access time for S20 per month. If you exceed 20 hours, you are hilled $ 1.80 per hour. During business hours both Tymnet and SprintNet charge $ 9 per hour For BIX access; after 7 pm it's just S3 an hour. For five hours of free off-peak usage on BIX, dial 800 695-4882. Enter BIX at the first prompt; at the Name? Prompt, enter bix.dm37ab. (You must use the five free hours within the same calendar month.) Delphi Delphi has recently run ads announcing a free five-hour trial membership (good for weekend and evening use) and help from on-line experts, plus a large collection of help files. Simply dial 800 365-4636 from your modem, press your Return key once or twice, and at the Password prompt, type N3N9693. While Delphi normal charges $ 13 an hour for access time, the network oilers an alternative plan similar to that of BIX. After paying a one-time fee of SI 9, you pay $ 23 per month for 20 hours, and $ 1.80 per hour beyond that. After 7 pm Delphi is free of network charges. IDS This menu-only system out of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, is about to go national through Tymnet. Being relatively small, it has a community feel; most users get to know each other through the multiuser chat section. IDS offers 40 of its own newsgroups, some of which carry messages from RelayNet, one of the largest national message networks for BBS systems. Further, IDS offers several custom-built games and a menu of Internet sites that you can access with a single keystroke. Netcom Rather than use an established national network for broad access, Netcom is building its own an expensive undertaking. The service has 17 dial-in ports up and down the west coast, and plans to add others in Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, and Washington, DC. Netcom charges $ 17.50 per month if you allow direct billing to your credit card; if you prefer to be billed by mail, an extra $ 2 per month charge applies, Panix Panix has been described as a distinctly New York sendee, lacking the “warm fuzzies” of the California sys- terns. At the time of this writing, Panix was local to New York City only, though it should be on Tymnet by the end of’93. Panix provides not only a Unix shell, but also a menu system that shows you what’s going on underneath when you make your selections, so you can learn more easily. Panix has two pricing levels. $ 10 per university to allocate hard-drive space For an FTP site; when space ran out, users donated enough money for him to buy a 1.5GB drive. Navigating this and other Foreign FIT sites is not usually a problem; the Unix commands are in English. But the programs you download may well be presented in German or some other language. Mueller’s site is mirrored in the US by wuarchive.wustl.edu the largest FFP site in the world. By mirrored, I mean that the entire content of’ the Swiss site is available through the unarchive site, which is run from an eight-gigabyte workstation at W ashington University in St. Louis, Missouri. A file uploaded to Amiga.physik is automatically transferred to the mirror location at wuarchive. Mirroring is done to alleviate congestion at a busy site; too many users at once will slow a system drastically. Wuarchive has the
* J whole ab20 archive, plus its own Amiga section. In ad- ? Month gets you news and mail; for SI9 you get everything. A SI per hour charge applies if you exceed (50 hours a month. Portal Portal's selection of Amiga Files is o probably the most expansive on line. The network offers a series of SIGs (Special Interest Groups), including the Amiga Zone, which you may re-
o member from the now-defunct Peoplel .ink, and an Amiga World area. Portal is accessible via SprintNet or Tymnet, At the @ prompt from a SprintNet port, you must type one of two commands. “C Portal" will do it for some. Other SprintNet ports and Tymnet provide a message saying you are connected to the network and asking you to ‘ Enter system:”. (If the system instead says “Enter NEW, INTO, or 1 IEI.P," hang up and redial. This time type “C 408264.02" at the @ prompt.) Erom there, the system asks whether you want Portal On-line (the menu system) or Portal Shell. Type “On-line” or “Shell" to indicate your choice. Portal charges a fiat rate of SI9.95 per month with no hourly charge; SprintNet and Tymnet cost between S7 and S10 per hour between 7am and 6pm; at night the rate drops to S2.50 per hour. System Modem number National network Monthly 4 Hourly Network Interface3 BIX 800 695-4882 Tymnet Sprint N e t $ 13 $ 0 $ 3 $ 9 m s Delphi 800 365-4636 Tymnet Spri tuNet $ 13 $ 0 SO S 9 m s IDS 401 884-9002 Tymnet1 $ 15 SO m Netcom 800 448-2558 none $ 17.50 S 19.50 so n a m s Panix 212 787-3100 Tymnet* $ 10 S 19 so m s Portal 408 725-0561 SprintNet Tvnmet $ 19.95 so S2.50-S10 m s The WELL 415 322-6106 CIS $ 15 $ 2 S4 m The World 617 739-9753 CIS $ 5 S2 S5.60 s Portal recently instituted a program called Portal Pursuit for those who call direct during evening hours. The pricing is a steal; you can buy 30, (50, or 120 hours per month for SI per hour. The World Boston’s The World, currently a shell- only system, is working on a menu interface. It offers pretty good speed, considering all of its users are on one Solboume system (by contrast, Portal uses 17 Sun workstations). Phis means there is no backup system but down time is always announced well in advance.When you dial The World, type “world,domestic” at the host name prompt. The password is “notobvious.” The WELL USE RIGHT LAME WELL (Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link) is run out of Sausalito, California, by the publishers of The Whole Earth Catalog, a “new-age” publication. The WELL specializes in conversation and discussion, A N C E offering more than 200 public message groups and just as many private groups. Files are given low priority here, though you may not care about files once you 0 J see who’s here. .Anonymous messages are not allowed, and The WELL offers rewards for attracting celebrities. Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus Development, and John Perry Barlow, song writer for The Grateful Dead, founded The WELL’s Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has become a sort-of ACLU for hackers who've been stomped on by the FBI. The WELL uses its own menu system with no shell access. You can reach it via CompuServe (at the HOST NAME: prompt type “WELL ”; there is no password.) ? Nz dition, it mirrors three other Amiga FTP sites. Owners of Macintosh emulators can find software by the ton at snniex-aim.stanford.edu die Mac site ol choice. For PCI software, wuarchive is the place to look. USENET FTP sites around the world are estimated to have a total of 130 gigabytes of files. This is somewhat misleading, since FTP is terribly redundant. The same file can be in 50 locations, and some poorly-managed sites might have live revisions of a single program. McGill University started a database called Archie to track files on Fl'P. It became so popular that 13 more sites were set up around North America. You can reach Archie via Telnet or e-mail (see the sidebar “Navigation Tools” for details). A word of warning about FTP: It is virus heaven. In four years of Amiga ownership 1 have never seen an infested file on a local BBS but FTP is a different story. To help you ward off unwelcome visitors, Virus Checker, VirusZ, and BootX are all placed on Internet immediately after release, usually at busy sites like J i* Amiga.phvsik. Always keep an eye out for new versions of those files. And if you do get infected with a new virus, look in the documentation for the programs. (Also, see “Put on the I lex,” July '93, p. 43.) Telnet: Other People’s Programs Research specifically, remote access to supercomputers -was the original purpose of the Internet. That capability is allowed by Telnet, a unique feature many Internet users do not take advantage of. Telnet enables you to run programs on other networked computers RECOMMENDED READING The Internet Companion: A Beginner’s Guide to Global Networking Tracy LaQuey with Jeanne C. Ryer 1993, Addison Wesley Publishing Reading, MA ISBN 0-201-62224-6 $ 10.95 The Whole Internet User’s Guide and Catalog Ed Krol 1992, O’Reilly & .Associates Sebastopol, CA ISBN 1-56592-025-2 $ 24.95 Internet: Getting Started April Marine, et. Al. 1993, PER Prentice Hall Englewood Cliffs. NJ ISBN 0-13-327933-2 $ 28 Connecting to the Internet Susan Estrada 1993, O'Reilly and Associates Sebastopol, CA ISBN 1-56592-061-9 S24.95 from the comfort of your own .Amiga. Telnet still facilitates much of the research that takes place here: scientists the world over retrularlv use it to connect with Crav O 4 • supercomputers and conduct experiments. But all work and no play would make Telnet a dull log-in facility. So many people use it to connect with Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), text-based role-playing adventure games. Busy MUDs average about 30 players at once, and people can band together to play as a group. If you get good enough and can program, the administrators may give you special access to add your own realm. Problem is, these games sometimes become “too popular,” and the host site doesn't like the CPU being hogged with games. Furthermore, the people running MUDs often burn out last (since so much work goes into running one), and MUDs lend to have short life spans. You can find a list of MUDs in the rec.games.muds.announce newsgroup. Another feature of remote log-in is bulletin hoard systems (BBSs). As the Internet has grown and providers have become more plentiful, BBSs have hooked up to the network. The aforementioned ah.bbs.iniernet Usenet newsgroup is devoted to discussing Internet-capable BBSs. It’s also where new boards are announced, and where NIXPUB is posted. NIXPUB is a list of all public-access BBSs in the country that offer some Internet features. Most of these boards offer only newsgroups and e-mail, while others provide the full-blown Internet connection. Avers' popular feature of remote log-in is IRC, Internet Relay Chat. This is just like CompuSen e's CB, aptly named after citizens-band radio. It offers all of the features of most Cbs: nicknames, private messages, listings of who’s on line, paging, and so on. There is always at least one Amiga channel active; you can join an existing chat channel or create your own. Because the Amiga is so much more popular in Europe, it might help to know German when visiting these channels. As with FTP, you must know the name or number of a Telnet site to log on. Ed Krofs book (The Whole Internet) has a very long list of Telnet sites, but because they tend to rise and fall quickly, you may want to check with net stalwart Scott Yanoff (yanoff@csd4.csd.uwm.edu), who maintains a list of current Telnet sites. The Road Ahead Now that private industry is realizing that this huge, world-wide network is in place, everyone wants to find a way to use it. Is the inevitable commercialization of Internet good or had? It's a toss-up. Currently, the Internet is a commercial-free zone, and no for-profit activities are allowed. I like it that way. (I gel enough junk mail from the post office who needs it on line?) But corporate America could be good for the network. Already, Apple and Novell have taken part in setting up Gopher servers on Internet. With more financial resources, the Internet could become far more than it is todav. ¦ 4 Andy Patrizio is assistant editor for the Software Industry Bulletin. A weekly trade publication that specializes in financial reporting oj the software industry. Write to him do Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough. A7 03458. Special thanks to Cindy Eield and Tim Walsh far their contributions to this article. 800-554-9980 AMW 1-94 Supra Corporation Msgl mm mt ;$ m mg& mm y .i)fifV.! ‘¦j 'iiirfS pfe 3 THAI f wmm' riS&jWK® E4-2faSttfetf cS? Seagate ST-25M MFM $ 239 ST-352A 3120A IDE $ 115 5165 ST-3144A 3243 IDE ...$ 165 5199 ST-329QA 3390A IDE S219 $ 295 ST-9145A 3550A IDE ...$ 315 5399 ST-3283N SCSI 3390N ......S289 $ 385 FREE DELIVERY: ST-3655A IDE 3655N .$ 579 $ 589 ST-3550N SCSI - ......$ 529 ST-11200N 11950N SCSI $ 929 $ 1739 ST-12550N SCSI .$ 2249 ST-421 QON 42400N SCSI.... $ 1389 $ 1679 Mq or IDE 7213A 7245A .. IDE 7131A 7345A ... IDE 540A FREE DELIVERY..... S209 S229 S179;$ 239 $ 759 SCSI 7245 7345S ... $ 245 $ 345 SCSI 540SL FREE DELIVERY . S779 SCSI 1240S FREE DELIVERY .. t,,t v¦ f w ..$ 1299 P1-17S- FREE DELIVERY ... S1199 m Mfm w* «En F h t* A n s t* e r Stjfige CFA 170A 340A ......Si95 5305 CFA 170S 34QS .$ 205*305 CFA 1060S IDE FREE DEL .$ 939 CP 30204 30254 IDE $ 219 265 CP3Q254H IDE $ 235 CP30544 IDE - FREE DEL ..$ 625 CP30540 SCSI-2 FREE DELIVERY $ 625 CP31370 SCSI-2 FREE DELIVERY.....$ 1049 ELS 127 IDE SCSI .. ELS 170 IDE SCSI .. LPS 240 IDE SCSI .. LPS 525 IDE SCSI FREE DEL PD 700 SCSI FREE DELIVERY .$ 829 PD 1056 SCSI FREE DELIVERY ......$ 929 PD 1225 SCSI FREE DELIVERY ....$ 1049 EPSON Action Printer 3250 CALL Action Laser 1000 512K ...CALL Act. Laser 1500 1MB 2MB ....CALL Stylus 300 800 InkJet ...CALL LX 810 .CALL LQ 570W 870 1070* 1170 CALL EPL 8000 ..CALL Panasonic KX-P 2123 with Color Kit S229 S279 KX-P 2124 with Color Kit .$ 299 5349 KX-P 2524 ...$ 409 KX-P 2023 NEW NEW NEW $ 195 itE §«r NX 1001 Multifont $ 135 NX 1040 Rainbow NEW .$ 159 NX 2420 Rainbow ...$ 269 NX 2430 Black .$ 215 NX-2450 2480 ..S225 S249 Star SJ 144 NEW! .$ 469 LS - Laser Printer (toner cartridge extra) 5 5EX 5TT .$ 679 S829 $ 1049 EPSON SCANNERS Action Scanning System PC .YCALL ES-800C Bundle ....CALL ES-800C Professional PC Bundle... CALL TOO LOW TO ADVERTISE! NEC Silentwriter M95,6ppm Postscript. $ 865 Silentwriter Superscript 610 NEW ...$ 609 Silentwriter 1097 NEW ...S1.349 DM-3028 Drive alone,Interna!.... CALL DM-5028 Drive alone, External... CALL njei Triple Speed 3Xp Professional External S419 3Xi internal External $ 459 5549 TOSHIBA XM-3401B Internal, Double Speed
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* Fnx lie li» cry applies uni [u ihe -IS conBguou.s stiscv fcrwiularel company thctkvjlkw 14woriuitgdiys to dear. Pn>x> llucnne hcyorul ourcortrol & may charge fur bencror worse. Not ie»|«jnuble tor typographic errors Defective returns must hate a Return Authorization number. Call our l-HOO* to obtain a Return Auihori ii ion or your ratum will nudvuatrptal. Shipping & handling are nun-relunJablc. All sales are final All returns are uibjorf In a rcstucking I'm. PRODUCTIVITY A Talk Three ..39.95 Alladin4D ....249.95 Ami Back 2.0 44.95 Ami Back Tools .42.95 AMOS ... 29.95 AMOS 30 29.95 AMOS Compiler 29.95 AMOS EZ 34.95 AMOS PRO ...39.95 Arexx 27.95 Arexx Cookbook 32.95 ArtExpression .... 148.95 ASDG An Department Pro 2.1 ..147.95 ASDG An Dept Pro Conv, Pack 47.95 ASIM COR Fite System ...48.95 BAD 4 0 ...29.95 Can Do 2.0 ..114.95 Cell Pro ....53.95 CNET 3.0 .... 117,95 Copyist DTP 197.95 Cross DOS 5 0 Plus ..32.95 CygnusEd Pro 2.0 .. 63.95 Deluxe Music II 77.95 Deluxe Print it ..56.95 Design Works 71.95 Directory Opus 4.0 ...56.95 Disk Master li ,,..34.95 Distant Suns Version 4.1 .37.95 Dos 2 Dos 30.95 DynaCad 2 ...309.95 Easy AMOS ..29.95 Final Copy II ..77.95 Fractal Pro ...104.95 GFA Basic 3-5 w Compiler 103.95 GigaMEM . 87.95 GPFAX ....67.95 HyperCache Pro 1.0 .....* ......31.95 Humanoid lor Imagine ..139.95 Humanoid lor Lightwave ...139.95 ImageMaster RT .... 147.95 MaxiPlan 4.0 ...115.95 Midi Recording Studio ....41.85 MiGraph OCR Jr - ...103.55 Multiframe ... 69.95 One Stop Music Shop ...619.95 Page Setter 3 .55,95 Page Stream V 2.2 .159.95 Pelican Press ... 53.95 SOFTWARE Disney Animation Studio ...... ......42.95 Essence (or Imagine .. ......46 95 Firecracker .. ...325.95 First Prize Toasted Fonts Pro...... ...107.95 Font Flyer .....52.95 Fractal Pro ...... ... ......
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• Parallel interface with cable Syi [ G
• ACA compatible w f r* ¦ PCS Jr text recognition - SAM available opticff iW SB wMlGMPHi MONOCHROME HAND SCANNER with
* Touch-Up V3. (ACA compatible) njf
* OCR Jr. Text reader A1230 TURBO+ From CVP 40MHz 68EC030 Dowered acceleration Optional 4CMHz FPU UP tO 32MB Of 32-Blt RAM 40 0 0 . $ sa A1200 SCSI RAM + from CVP 3-Stage multi-functional muscle power for the Amiga 1200 32-Bit rav expansion. Hign speed DMA SCSI interface optional FPU FPU 0 0 $ 379 FPU 33 4MB .....$ a69 $ $ MlGrWPH 40 40 4 PROFESSIONAL PACE 4.0 Automatic Genie functions automate most routine page layout and DTP tasks. Page Genies automatically create custom page layouts Function Genies provide new ease of use and user customization of program. New features include: undo button irregular text wrap enhanced color separation and under color removal aigontnms. Auto-tiling for output of PROFESSIONAL DRAW 3.0 ! E H3K An object-oriented color graphic design and illustration too), now nas dynamic hot link to Pro Page 3.0. and more than 30 automatic function and tool Genies for fast, effortless creation of professional-quallty artwork. Over 275 Arexx commands allow user to edit or create Genies. Text and color handling, enhanced color separation, auto-tiiing, undo, redo, includes 145-piece dip art collection and utility allowing structured drawing drps to be converted to IFF bitmaps. Both for a low f fl E0 price of... I P.-§3; The roccatta is a fun i6Bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs, digitize at up to 48 Hz in 16BH and 8Blt direct to harddisk Playback from HardDisk up to 16 channels in 16Bit. 64 Times Overstamping, 16 sampling rates, Freq. Response 10 hz to 20 kHz. _ Simultaneous Record i Q Playback from HardDrive. New External for 500,
600. 1200 VIDEO DIRECTOR PROFESSIONAL CALC II Professional business spreadsheet L graphics pacxage. Over 125 statistical, trigonometric, financial & user definable functions Graph c A _ interface Complete system for quick i easy editing cf video-taos. Includes software, universal remote and serial port interface fori'CS or camcorder 24 Bit RealTime Video Digitizer ACA Support Digitizes Full Frame in 1 30 of a second Standard Particle and Real world Kinematic animation System for ughwave3D 3.0 FINAL COPY II For high quality print-outs of personal and business documents. Combine; traditional word processing features with st2te-cf the art printing technology, includes 34 outline typefaces a 1.4 million word speller, a
144. 000 synonym thesaurus with definitions, graphics support & more AnjfOfi* MONTAGE PROWRITE 3.3 BARS & PIPES PRO 2.0 improved notation ¦ dsoby 5 editing, revsed | cok fee:. Groove j Cjsndce i’um race ", f secuerce trigger’caster ccntrtf mutt) rno I
* 219 word processor has print preview, automate text flow around graphics, vertical rulers, password protection, picture naming and search ng. More Also nas Hotlinks support so you can interchange your documents with other A applications for integrated word processing ana DTP, AmlgaDCS 2 0 compatible. ONE S MUSIC SHOP 16-Bit. 52 Vo.ee Fully digtal stereo 3udO 4MB soundfre ROM, 5-Mu 31 5 proprietary DSP, 20 hz td 20 hz frequency respense 2 stereo outputs at -4dBM into 600 Ohms integrated V131 interface MONTAGE for 2 0. 3 0 & Toaster 4CO01 The first hrgn end titling appl cation to directly support the Toaster :W® wm Get PageStream 2,2 now, and receive version 3.0 free when it’s released! PageStream is Amiga World's Experts' Choice and Amazing Amiga's Users' Choice. PageStream 3.0 can even load ProPage documents and it’s AGA compatible! ART EXPRESSION 8€S
* 24® pu gPRILLIANCE 13® TV PAINT 2.0 tecMm 'rue state of the ar* mAnga 24 at paint package; The many feature; cf Tv Paint 2 0 include image Manipulation. Drav. No ’eels Editing Tools. EmtMSS. Sharper ?el ef. Outline and much, much mce Create accompaniment;, sound- trades, styles S grooves quddy & t35.rv Stereo Turt-oSounds. 2 octave cnords. Visual volume i panning Create bitmap and outline fonts for all your programs! Convert and edit! A powerful and intuitive pa nt package. Features: well Jala-out user interface, extremely fast, multiple picture & animation buffers multiple undo redos, much more, Supports all graphic modes- 24-bit. 256 color, and 8 bit HAM. Imo RAM mln.. more recommended. Supports graphic modes of the A120Q and A4CC0 Full-featured outline Illustration program. Create complex, artistic illustrations scale, blend 2 objects together o' color c-na line styles. Grouos Ungroups. Locks Unlocks. Flips and aligns objects. Rotates oojects. Support Adobe Type outline fonts V:k? I* I0L f > + J f&A 3&S 9-9 weekdays 10-8 Saturday Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 12 to 5 on Sunday • m ,0* - JM 6J
• ¦' liilUSIC SCALA MM 210 GEARWORKS ¦Jevclutcnary new plug £ play mufu- mafe system! Combine laserdisc still video. WiFi or CDTV sound Over BO smooth £ professional transitions. Gear Works'* is the most unique puzzle game to hit the market in years. In Gear Works™, you will connect various gears together in order to transform Twelve Wonders ol the Ancient and Modern World into time pieces You build the inner mechanisms by linking logelher gears while racing against time and fighting friction Watch out lor the Poffins, two gremlin-like creaiures. That will frustrate your progress MU5IC-X 2.0 has ail the features of the original version with the addition of new modules. DeF anvto remove the grace notes £ finger crushes that may occur white recording the sequence. An improved Quantizer module. Print Eventust-pfints list of sequences for editing, plus more' includes KOTATOT-X High speed 68030 Accelerator W 32 Bit RAM Board up to 128 MB RAM, Math chip option incudes Realtime Clock 50 MHZ 68030 w mmu 40 Mhz 68EC030 50 0 0 *379. 50 50 0 owe? 40 0 0 configurations available 4Q 33 01 MBX 1200Z ,,WU MicroBotics, Inc w J fie 1869 A320 AIRBUS A1RBUCKS ALFRED CHICKEN ARABIAN NIGHTS A-TRAJN PLUS CONSTRUCTION SET B-17 Flying Fortress BATTLECHE55 BATTLE ISLE'93 BIRDS OF PREY BLACK CRYFT BLADE OF DESTINY BLASTAR BLOB BODYBLOWS CHAOS ENGINE CIVILIZATION COMBAT AIR PATROL DARK SEED DEEP CORE DESERT MEGAFORTRESS NASCAR CHALLENGE NlGa MANSEL NIPPON SAFES INC. OVERDRIVE OVERKia OUT OF THIS WORLD THE PATRICIAN PINBALL DREAMS PINBALL FANTASIES POOL POPULOUS 2 PROJECT X PUSHOVER QWAK RAILROAD TYCOON REACH FOR THE SKIES SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND 2 SENSIBLE SOCCER SIMANT SLEEPWALKER SOCCER KID SPACE HULK SPACE LEGENDS SUPERFROG STRIP POKER 3 STRIP POKER 3 DATA SYNDICATE TOM LANDRY STRATEGY FOOTBALL TRODDLERS TROLLS WALKER WAR IN THE GULF WHALES VOYAGE WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN SANDIEGO WHERE IN THE USA IS CARMEN SANDIEGO WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO WOODYS WORLD WORLDS OF LEGEND WORLD GRCUIT GRAND PRIX YO JOE ZOOL $ 44 S21 $ 38 S38 $ 39 $ 26 $ 37 $ 41 S25 $ 31 $ 34 S41 $ 18 $ 35 $ 19 $ 37 $ 34 S38 $ 39 $ 37 $ 44 $ 38 538 $ 39 $ 34 $ 31 $ 16 $ 38 $ 31 $ 39 $ 34 528 $ 31 $ 38 FASTEST MODEM ON THE AMIGA Two models: Amiga internal and RS-232 External wrtti metal case and power, internal Modem 19 works in A2000, A3000 and A4000. Frees user from dependence on the native Amiga serial port External Modem 19 works with any serial port computer, df-o Jf iQ.11 Q FOR OUR VIDEO TOASTER WORKSTATION CATALOG S44 $ 40 S31 S39 S37 S37 S39 535 533 $ 34 534 S44 $ 31 $ 47 $ 33 S34 $ 44 $ 36 $ 25 $ 19 $ 37 $ 36 $ 31 $ 39 $ 37 $ 25 $ 42 S44 $ 40 $ 44 $ 38 $ 31 $ 31 $ 38 $ 29 $ 37 $ 34 $ 19 536 MAIN BOARD 24 Bit Graphic card Video Processor A1200 EXTERNAL IDE CASE Single Bay opener closed front Upright Case for single 3.5HO Dual Bay for 2 half height HD's Four Bay open front [not shown) Video Suite A 19-inch, rack-mountable, video audio mining, switching ana transcoding device which connects directly to the Vteeo Processor. Plug this card Into the Main Board and add a wealth of additional features: a 24-Bit framegrabber, genlocker, customizable Digital video g)g)g includes All Cables and Connections Effects, and much mere. FASTLANE CALICARI BROADCAST STRIKE DOGFIGHT DUNE 2 ELVIRA II FALCON FIGHTER DUEL PRO FLASHBACK GEARWORKS GLOBAL GLADIATORS GOAL (SOCCER) GODS GUNSHIP 2000 HARRIER ASSAULT HIRED GUNS HISTORY UNE11914-1918) ISHAR2 JAMES POND 2 LEANDER LEGEND OF KYRANDIA LEMMINGS LEMMINGS 2 UONHEART LORDS OF TIME THE LOST VKINGS Fast SCSI-2 DMA Controller up to soco x 8000 pixel resolution Direct support for single frame controllers. 3D Studio and wavefront file compatible, Anlmatable, Deformations. IFF 24 output, and . Much more. ¦a®@ up to 256Mb CALICARI 24 monitgrs $ 31 MULTI-SCAN 15-40 KHZ Modeler, Tenderer, and animator employing virtual reality technology, Full object editing functions Including point edit, real time feedback using a virtual reality inter-face, fast rendering of photorealistic images, AGA, iff support $ 31 1024 X 768 R0S. IDEAL FOR VIDEO! JOD. $ 15 $ 39 $ 32 $ 37 $ 38 S34 for textures &TI5 and output 1fg® AMIGA T-SHIRTS T~ T r • I*wcrt« ; L * Jf MAILING ADDRESS: COMPUTER BASICS, INC. 1490 N. Hermitage Rd., Hermitage, PA 16148 FAX: 1-412-962-0279 4 * J AMIGA POLO SHIRT AMIGA JACKET Black T-Shirts heavyweight Design on FRONT Amiga logo on back SIZES: M.XL No additional charge for FedEx' For what others charge for UPS Ground we deliver in 2 days or less. SHIPPING - NORMALLY WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY! UPS GROUND OR 2 DAY SHIPPING BY FedEx $ 0 TO $ 99 ... 7% Minimum $ 5 Charge Card w signature. CaH or FAX for 599 TO 5199 ___ 5% Minimum $ 7 shipping quote 5200 TO $ 499__4% Minimum S10 $ 500 TO $ 799 ___5% Minimum $ 20 $ 800___23% Minimum 524 American Made. VeJeJ Heavyweight nylon. Best Quality Lined Winter Sports Jacket, allow up to 3 weeks. Sizes: s.m.lxl xxl Avail 57 EX7RA. Embroider name $ 5 extra White Sports Shirt for Casual wear Bouncing Ball and Shark Logo, Si:
M. XL ilZES: ?H® coo orders OK Ado $ 5 Prices subject to change witfiout notice. Returns accepted for tc days after date of ourchase Can Customer Service for kM before returning. Defectives replaced with same Item. 15N Restocking fee for Items returnee and not exchanged for same, Customer responsible for return shipping. AMIGA HATS AMIGA FedEx overnight add 56 to above pr. Hi. Ak aoo $ 10 to above APO. FPO & CANADA are shipped by Mall afld $ 8 to afcove AMIGA MUGS Me iv t; i RED OR AMIGA euE MOUSE MAT «@E m 2 GREAT MUGS TO CHOOSE FROM!
• I Love My Amiga
* You've come a long way baby
* fcr orders under toics. Intre continental us. All orcers fully insured. Monitors, computers, printers aid other heavy items may incur additional cnarges...cail for shipping Quote. ON GRAPHICS 59 A continuing series of tips, techniques, and tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen IN THE VOCABULARY of computer graphics and desktop publishing, the noun “clip” usually refers to a preexisting image that can be added to a screen or document. Used with imagination, clip art can enhance a project, set an interesting visual style, and save time, 'loo often, unfortunately, designers seem to use it as a substitute for creativity and patience. This column will introduce clip art to the novice, but also suggest a few experiments with clips that might add a more innovative look to a project. Clips can be pictures, symbols, designs, borders, backgrounds, maps, or just about anything. Clips can be black and white or color. They can be “bitmapped” images such as at e produced by a scanner or paint program, or they can he “structured" images such as those produced by a drawing program. Is That A Fish I See Before Me? This distinction between structured clips and bitmaps is important to understand. On your computer screen when you look at a bitmapped clip like the fish in the accompanying illustration, what you see is what you get. The image is simply composed of pixels no more, no less. If you shrink or enlarge the image in a paint program to compose a screen for film, video, or computer presentation, the quality of the image suffers. It is no longer an exact copy of the original. It may still look satisfactory for your purpose, but the image has changed in quality. On the other hand, when you view a “structured" clip on the screen of your desktop-publishing or drawing software, you are seeing only a representation of the true image. The image is actually stored as a list of “instructions" about how each line and shape should he drawn. That structured clip can be enlarged or reduced without affecting its final printed quality. At any scale it is an exact version of the original because the same instructions are being followed. It can be reproduced on any monitor or printer at the best quality that device will support. In desktop publishing, structured clips can have advantages over bitmaps since they can be scaled to any size with no loss in print quality. As was mentioned, bitmapped clips in screen displays suffer if they are reduced or enlarged. Interestingly, there is considerably greater tolerance for changing the size of bitmapped clips within a DI P environment. This is particularly true of pictorial line art. The resolution of most printers is high relative to the grid of pixels needed for reproduction, so there is some latitude in maintaining the accuracy of the bitmap at different scales. Your decision about when to use bitmapped or structured clips depends on your project. Many Amiga owners are using their computers to explore art for the first time. Experiments with clip art can he good exercises in composition and design. The illustration is an example of one approach you might try, that of montage. Montage is defined as the art of arranging in one composition pictorial elements borrowed from several sources so the elements are both distinct and blended into a whole. This illustration employs bitmapped clips from volume one of SoftWood’s Soft- Clips collection. To try a similar project, begin by loading one or two dozen clips that interest you to your hard drive for easy access. Then load one clip to a high-resolution screen in your paint program. Load another clip to the spare screen. Pick up one clip as a brush and bring it to the other screen. The “Eyes” Have It The design process at ibis point is akin to solving a jigsaw puzzle. Observe the forms as you move brushes around and watch for interesting compositions. Our primate brains are superb at recognizing relationships of shape and form, so simply relax and let that happen, hi the illustration, notice how the shapes of the butterfly and fish complement the sweep of lines in the owl’s face. Serendipitously, the fish’s eye could he nicely aligned with that of the owl. D o Catalyzed bv such an association, vour attention might focus on other eyes. Used judiciously as part of your overall composition, clip art can add interesting twists to your graphics work. The human eye fit the composition when it was Hipped For some reason, I lie burger also seemed to belong there. The background in the illustration was chosen from another kind of clipart collection. It is a professionally made 24-bit scan of copper patina from Texture City’s extensive collection of photographic clips. For the sake of this composition the brightness has been changed radically from the original clip. Several publishers supply assortments of full-color textures that you can use as backgrounds or plaques in creating screens for video, film, or computer presentation. These include many types of stone and metal surfaces as well as wood, fabric, and so on. You can also use these clips in 3-D programs as texture wraps. In addition to montage, another line of experimentation with clip art is image fusion. For example, put the head of a tiger on the body of a trout (see example this page). The trick is to do this skillfully enough that the fused image shows no sign of retouching. Black-and-white bitmapped clips can easily be merged in any paint program simply by cutting, erasing, and assembling. Touch-ups with the airbrush or spray tool finish the job. Structured clips can be distorted in any good drawing program. Load the clip, select it, then ungroup it. Now, individual control points can be moved or adjusted to reshape the lines. As an example, you might be putting together a newsletter for a prenatal care group but he unable to find a clip of a pregnant woman. By ungrouping any clip of a woman in profile, you can change control points to create a suitable new contour. A good structured- drawing program also allows you to cut or join lines of ungrouped objects. This allows powerful control in reshaping or combining clips. Scaling and distortion aid you in matching forms. Interesting patterns can be made by superimposing two or more structured clips. This can produce objects that become veiv cluttered, but if you are careful you can create interesting images this way. Experiment with different line weights as you compose. A structured image that lacks strength with one-point line thickness may become simplified and powerful simply by thickening the line weight to five-point. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science f iction, and sof tware development. Write to him at 10312 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 93361. Please include a slumped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. With Prices Like These 5018 5001 1001 5008 Learn & Play Walker ...... Combat Air Patrol Lemmings II .. Gunship 2000 ..... Done . Dune 2 ..... 1017 1033 1032 1032 1029 1034 1027 1910 1001 1002 99
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Hardware Several hardware devices offer solutions to different Toaster problems. Toaster Cozzy S449.95, Heiftier Communications Installing a Video Toaster in an Amiga 3000 requires more than just opening the case and placing the card in a slot. Physical constraints necessitate a modification to the back of the the A3000 tiiat voids the warranty. Even with this modification, tiie Amiga 3000’s power supply is too weak to handle Toaster peripherals. I Ieifner Communications has a verv s elegant solution: the Toaster Cozzy. This attractive box sits neatly on top of the computer and offers not one but two video slots. Although the second one is not yet functional, it will allow some verv interesting possibilities, like using the Toaster in one slot and another card, such as Centaur's OpalVision or GVP’s 1V24, in the other. Another possibility is the use of a daughterboard to connect a V C video adapter. Construction of the metal box is of the highest quality. Inside is the main circuit with the two video slots and a dedicated power supply to alleviate the computer’s power load. Also included is a piece of hardware necessary in a professional video environment a blackburst (sync) generator. This particular unit provides five BNC outputs, eliminating the need for a sync-distribution amplifier for most applications. The Cozzy is easy to set up. It comes with good instructions and all the cables, connectors, and screws you need, so von can have it working in no time. Because of the attention to detail and the extra features, I consider it an excellent value. And, it’s useful not only for Amiga 3000 owners, but also for owners of Amiga 2000s and 4000s who wish to expand the video ports of their machines. Toaster Toolbox 4000 S369.95, Desktop Video Systems It is no secret that the Amiga 4000’s power supply is weak. The extra load caused by TBCs and similar peripherals can lead to operational problems or even total power failure. Desktop Video Systems has a clever solution a j mini-tower case with a hefty power supply and eight PC-style expansion slots. This attractive case accepts TBCs, edit controllers, sync generators, and wave form vector scope monitor cards, freeing up your A4000’s slots and letting its power supply breathe easier. Because the Toolbox does not provide a video slot, il cannot house the Video Toaster itself. Optional SCSI and serial cables, however, allow for the Toaster Toolbox 4000 to house hard drives, tape drives, and CD-ROM drives. Although the number 4000 is part of the name, 1 see no reason why you couldn’t use this box with other Amiga models. The Breadboard S398, PreVue Technologies Connecting a Toaster to another video switcher can be useful, but it is not a straightforward task. The Toaster delays video signals by 440 nanoseconds, just enough to cause trouble. PreVue Technologies comes to the rescue with The Breadboard, a delay- distribution amplifier that connects internally to the Toaster. This small unit has live video outputs (BNC connectors) that you can configure in a number of ways. Outputs D and E are extra program and preview outputs, freeing the respective Toaster outputs for connection to additional monitors or YTRs, Outputs A, B, and C can be configured as delayed signals from inputs one through four or as Key Insert or Key Source outputs. The Key Source output is particularly useful, as it outputs alpha-channel information for clean switcher keys. The Key Insert provides a direct out put of either DV ] or DV2. If you require all the above combinations at the same time, you can use two Breadboards simultaneously. To properly configure The Breadboard, you must solder and unsolder wires during installation. If you are not comfortable with a soldering iron, hire a technician to do it. Another problem MultiFaceCard IE HIGH SPEED I O EXPANSION Ntc«a. Ouv 3 BUHON CRYSTAL TRACKBALL MultiFace III The Fastest Serial TroughPut On Amiga Up To 115,200 Baud Full MIDI Support Excellent MulliTasking Support Our Most Popular Item Two-Color Illuminating Crystal Trackball Convenient Drag Lock Feature OPTICAL MOUSE & OPTO-MECHANICAL MOUSE SERIES
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• I ST* I ¦ U T • * S Yout Complete Amiga Resource ° price performance barrier. Look for the new bsc logo and more hot new products in the coming months, AlfaData US • P.O. Box 6990 • Champaign, IL 61820 • (217) 356-1962 • Fax (217) 356-4312 V I I) E 0 S I I T E is that The BreaclRoarcl cannot be used with any other product (such as Y C Pi us) that uses the internal Toaster connectors. "This is not the fault of The Breadboard, blit due to the fact that the Toaster has onlv one set of internal connectors. The Bread Board comes with detailed instructions and diagrams for installation and configuration. If you need to connect the Toaster to an external switcher, this is for you. Y C Plus S799, Y C Plus Inc. One of the most common complaints about the Toaster is that it provides only composite video inputs and outputs. Many owners of Super-VHS and Hi8 equipment feel that Y C inputs and outputs would make better use of their gear. Y C Plus answers this complaint with a well-designed board that connects internally to the Toaster. Designed by engineers who helped design the Toaster itself Y C Plus uses Faroudja Laboratories technology to deliver cleaner video. The board contains four Y C inputs and two Y C program outputs. If you have composite video connected to any of the Toaster inputs, Y C Plus may be configured to accept it. You can also use Y C Plus with Betacam SP and Mil Trs, but the manufacturer is working on specific adapters that will take advantage of these formats’ true component signals. Y C Plus significantly decreases picture noise. Not onlv is this apparent to the naked eye, but it can be seen clearly on a waveform monitor. This by itself may justify the purchase price for some video purists. Ilie improvements brought by the Y C signal handling are a different story. While viewing the image through a Y C video monitor reveals reduced artifacts such as chroma crawl, viewing the same image output composite from llie VTR on a composite monitor shows little or no chroma-crawl improvement. As true Y C exists only inside a studio environment, ! Feel that looking at the final composite picture is very important; that is how video is seen in such real-world situations as television broadcasts and VI IS dubs. Bui Y C Plus offers a very important change in composite signals when editing. By keeping the luminance and chrominance signals separate, the video signal suffers much less severe loss while going through multiple generations. The result is a better- looking edited master than one produced with the Toaster in its normal composite mode. This difference is more apparent with nonbroadcast formats such as S-YHS or Hi8 than with true broadcast-quality formats like Mil or Betacam SP, as the latter have increased bandwidths and handle multiple generations better, II you want the best quality output from the Toaster and you work with Y C compatible VTRs, Y C Plus may be your ticket to better-looking video. Hardware Software Combos Some products don’t lit neatly into either the Hardware or Software category... The Deli $ 250. Personal Video Wizards Although 'flie Deli is mainly a software product, it comes with a GPI trigger cable you can connect to the second joystick port for manual control. The Deli lets you select a series of Frame- stores and assemble them into a self- running sequence. It lets von assign any Toaster transition to any Frame- store, and determine its duration and the time the final frame will remain on screen. After assembling the sequence, simply click the Run button and The Deli will automatically load the Toaster switcher and run the presentation. The Deli also allows you to include video clips in your presentation, and call and superimpose CG pages. It lets you grab frames and comes with several utilities that help you organize your Framestore libraries and more. This program should be a real time- saver for people who transfer slides or photos to videotape in a presentation format. Once the pictures are grabbed, they can be easily timed and transferred to tape directly, with no time-consuming edits (or need for expensive VTRs). With the supplied GPI trigger remote cable, you can even run a live presentation that progresses according to the speaker's needs. The software is easy to learn and the cable can be used without the software to trigger transitions remotely. (For further details, see the Full review, Dec., p. 73). DejaVue $ 398, PreVue Technologies DejaVue is a control system that “learns” your Toaster switcher setups and recalls them at the touch of a button. The attractive box plugs into the second joystick port, and comes with a cable long enough to allow convenient placement on any desktop. A GPI trigger pass-through at the back of the box means you won’t lose whatever GPI- control device you were using before. The unit has ten buttons to save and recall settings. A Learn button, pressed together with one of these ten, immed iiatelv stores the switcher settings. There is also a Menu key that brings you some options on screen and a Transition button that acts as the space bar on your keyboard. J J The software is easy to install and transparent to the user, but the seven- page manual could have been expanded to suggest some practical applications. DejaVue is particularly useful if you don’t own a fancy editing controller (such as Videomedia's SuperMi- cron) that directlv controls Toaster switcher functions. With DejaVue, you can store your complex setups and recall them quickly while editing, saving a great deal of time. It makes your Toaster much easier to use. And That’s Not All While this is a good sampling of Toaster-specific hardware and hardware software products, more are on the way. For instance. Ambitious Technologies has a new tower-stvle expansion case. The original Toaster Oven ($ 529.95) accommodates the A3000 motherboard and the Toaster and offers seven additional slots, extra drive bays, and a 275-watt power supply. The new model (S799), designed for use with the A3000 or A4000, offers 11 slots, 10 drive bays, and a 300-watt power supply. PreVue Technologies has added new Toaster hardware to its lineup, too. The Toast Timer (S298), lets you use the timing reference of the downstream switcher (usually blackburst) as the Toaster’s timing reference. The half-length board (its into an Amiga PC slot. You plug the reference signal into one of the unit’s two input-refer- ence BNC connectors. A short cable links one ol the Toast Timer outputs to Toaster input number one. Ioaster add-ons take XewTek's video board to new levels, giving it more and better capabilities. Whether you want lo build the hottest Toaster system in town or just need a way to make your job easier, you’re likely to find solutions to keep you cookin’. ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president of Digital Reality, an Amiga-based broadcast-video and 3-D animation company in Seattle. Game Preserve Hired Guns SCREAM ALL YOU want, but there’s no such thine as a coin-
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. N puter role-playing game. RPGs, which should, by nature, cele- brate the individuality of cliaracters, often wind up as slave ships for sets of stats with the player as the whip-cracking cap- lain. This isn't role playing so much as database maintenance. Day job stuff. Hired Guns = Psygnosis) should change all that. This futuristic action RPC from DMA Design four mercenaries making their rounds on mutant planet Graveyard allows up to four players to simultaneously control different characters on the same .Amiga via mouse, joystick (up to four, using an adapter), joypad, or keyboard. It works splendidly; there’s nothing like the human element to give a computer game an edge. 1 can’t quite convey the joyful chaos that ensues as a real-life team cooperates to find an exit, argues over tactics, solves logistical puzzles, scrambles for booty like Charles Barkley going lor a rebound, covers each other and, invariably, shoots each other. “Hey, I'm sorry. It was an accident.” “Yeah? Well, this is an accident, too, pal” (sound of mini-gun opening up). The game no longer resides so much Divide and conquer You and three pals can play Hired Guns. In the computer as in the room where it’s played an incalculable change from the cool solitude that usually characterizes these things. If you don’t have any computer-friendly friends, ownership of 1 fired Guns could earn you some. Of course, all this is still great fun, and works perfectly, with "COMMWARE:" THE LATEST TREND ON THE NETS Commercial games are beginning to meet up with the shareware concept sometimes on the way up, sometimes on the way down with results that ought to be profoundly delightful to Amiga gamers. A recent beneficiary of this affiliation is WarWizard [Microgenesis, S20 shareware fee) planned as a commercial game but released as shareware in September because of "financial constraints and the condition of the Amiga market." This huge hybrid of Ultima and Phantasie isn't quite up to 1993 commercial level it has only very basic character interaction and no sound, for instance but it has a pretty hi-res face and offers a number of sweet features that aren't available elsewhere. Among them: the ability to search a room in detail (moving the cursor between the furniture) and to target particular parts of the body with weapons held in both hands a far cry from the usual back-hack-hack-he's-dead-Jim. Bear in mind that it requires a hard disk to even download the 915K archive decompresses to around 3 megabytes and while technically, it can be played from floppy, its creators don't recommend it (and don't include any instructions for doing so anyway). And be sure you get the updated version (WarWz101.lha), or the patch that repairs the original archive (War- WzPch.lha). Getting the original going was next to impossible: The two game fonts (Moose and Venice) were left out of the archive, along with the necessary error detection to report their absence. Result: Gurus up the wazoo. But I wouldn't go on like this if I didn't think WarWizard was worthwhile. While it is simply the most recent in a long chain of respectable Ultima clones that includes Antep, Zerg, Omega (in its bitmapped incarnations, now up to version 1.61], Legend of Lothian, and UTG, it has a mind, and distinctive style, of its own. On the other hand, there's never been a freely-distributable game like Shepherd (available via FTP on Internet). Dutch author Obbe Ver- mei posted a playable demo of this Powermonger-with-animals work- in-progress in hopes of landing a publisher. Here's hoping he finds one, because this game -while a bit tough to learn is brimming with potential and charming light touches. And like PowerMonger, it's a pleasure just to play around with it before you play it for keeps. (Note: Be sure to get the NTSC version. There's a PAL one floating around as well.) We've also started to see a trickle of former commercial games drifting into the PD and shareware market the most recent being David Ashley's excellent Targis. (Other examples in recent years include the Zaxxon clone H.A.T.E. and the strategy arcade game Growth. The engine for Kingsoft's two Emerald Mine-Boulderdash clones has turned up in any number of PD vari- A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library- C Meets expectations. Good, solid, performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don't waste your time.
* You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. Just one player using the mouse. Simply shift the pointer between the four square view windows laid out much in die fashion of Team Yankee and whichever window it's in becomes die active one. (You can maneuver characters individually or force the team to follow one moving character.) Click on the file-folder-like tabs above the windows, and the morc- than-serviceable 3-D view changes to either a scrolling graphic inventory- a delightful array of ordnance and items await your perusal the prettiest little of automap you ever did see, or a description of the current state of the character. Take away the multi-player angle, and you have an above- average but familiar RPG. Each area is explored in real time, with square-bv-square movement firefights erupting on the 3-D movement screen rather in the fashion of Hired Guns contemporary Space Hulk (which we'll look at next issue). The missions are many: training games to let you get a feel for the controls; action games for those in the mood for a short blast (including two outings in Lemmings hatcheries this being DMA, after all); and the full and rigorous campaign game on Graveyard, through which you’re able to choose your own bloody path. In this last, the levels are quite sizeable from multi-story structures to water-logged trendies to dungeon-like cellars to the great outdoors and it’s nice to be able to go back to conquered regions and try newly-learned strategies on old and resistant puzzles. (On the other hand, it’s not so nice to discover all the monsters have been reset. Yikes.) Some also may take exception to the inability to create characters the four are selected from among about a dozen prewashed types- but you can at least edit the way they look by loading IFF files into your favorite paint program and porting them back into Hired Guns. As a multi-player game, I can't find fault with HG (except over the absence of modem play, which I trust they’ll consider for the contemplated 1IG II). In one-player mode, you have to fall back on the game to supply the atmosphere. It’s plentiful for instance, those with extra chip RAM will be treated to an additional 41 OK in sound effecis but there’s a fine point or two that could use tweaking. Consider the asides the mercenaries trade the little references to Aliens 11, the cranky complaints, the casual rudeness when passing a companion. The first few times through, these cracks which scroll past along a central divider are charming and personable. Later on, after you’ve heard die same spiel three or four times, you realize that many of diem have little to do with what's actually happening in the game save when someone’s dying when they could have been made context- . O sensitive. On the other hand, Hired Guns superbly performs a host of other little tasks that Psygnosis games are not ordinarily You will notice the absence of Crib Notes from this month’s Came Preserve. I suppose I could say it was kicked out for cheating, or that it was abducted by Nazi spies from the Indy game. But it's really more like being too fat for the uniform. I've decided to discontinue this feature to open up space for more in-depth game reviews. With a somewhat smaller Came Preserve, and a continued flood of games, something had to give. You may not have seen the last of it, though. Space permitting, well take it up again in the future. And like a wayward child, Crib Notes may sometimes wander home for the holidays. But don't worry about completing Indiana Jones and the Pate of Atlantis. I won't leave you hanging. (Not for long, anyway.) Once I finish writing the walkthrough. I'll upload the whole thing to the major online networks. After all, anything else would he like cheating. PO known for: a hassle-free installation on hard disk, easv-to-han- die off-clisk copy-protection, saving to RAM, a clean exit. It doesn’t really multi-task, true, but it happily shares memory with both Final Copy II and Director)' Opus 4.(1, and it oilers a window back to Workbench, which permits you to keep this big game in stasis while you attend to other business. Besides, the lack of multi-tasking shouldn’t be much of a sacrifice. I can’t imagine anyone playing Hired Guns and wanting to do anything else. Gunship 2000 THE ORIGINAL GUNSHIP, one of MicroProsefs first Amiga games, crashed and burned with no survivors. It featured only the most modest improvements over the 8-bit version. We didn’t get any kind of real .Amiga helicopter game until Thunderhawk. The new Gunship 2000 ($ 59.95) finally delivers on that unfulfilled promise. It gives you the opportunity to fly seven US combat helicopters from light scouts up to Apache Longbows over Central Europe and I lie Middle East. You start out as a trainee with access only to a few machines and rudimentary missions. As you advance in rank and prowess, you get to taste the high-priced spread, and eventually, command a squadron of five choppers (one of ’em yours). That’s a whole new realm for sims on the Amiga, and a transcendent experience worth working toward. It’s not easy keeping your mind in Five places at once even the Amiga has trouble doing that but Wing Commander can't touch it. This isn't some high-end-only deal, either. Naturally, the COMMWARE From p. 81. Ations in Europe.) Targis (originally released by Incognito in 1988) is a perfect candidate for reinvention as shareware: a LodeRunner variant that never acquired the celebrity it so richly deserved as a commercial game and sank from sight into col* lectordom before turning up on the nets last summer. While its adherence to LR principles is unswaying, this rigorous 200-level platformer is cute rather than spartan and it comes with a level editor. (You'll also want to check out the new graphics and sounds that recently appeared on Genie.) Not seen yet: Blood Runner a European LR variant. The last time we looked at PD games in any depth the trend was converting 8-bit classics to the Amiga. It's continued unabated, and the most recent one from the Blgnonia team (responsible for Donkey Kong and Aztec Challenge, among others) is the charming platform game. Popeye (widely available). It includes a ballot for future ports. My vote: Access' Beachhead. A fourth AGA game has turned up in the public domain: Motorola Invaders II (available via FTP on Aminet as MOTORINV.DMS and MOTORIN2.DMS). From appearances, this two-disker from Sweden appears to be a Space Invaders clone albeit one featuring unusual delicacy in its artwork and variety in its play. Another PD first: The Talisman (available via UK PD houses) a gorgeous and extremely professional gray-scale text-and-graphics adventure out of the UK requires 2 megabytes to run, and it's not even AGA-spe- cific. Significant others; Conquest h Dominion (widely available) is a well-wrought mingling of Sim City and Empire influences on a vast scale, and Scorched Tanks (GEnie and Internet), an addictive artillery game that scorches its model, the IBM artillery game Scorched Earth, right down to the ashes. It's 5 a.m. Do you know where your bedroom is? Faster the machine, the better it screams blood)' murder on ’030-based A3000s and A1200s if only because it allows the handsome pre-flight screens to Hick along that much more quickly. But GS2K. As it is known among devotees, flies just fine on an ordinary A500. .And by just fine, 1 don't mean some anorexic version trimmed down to a one-oasis desert by detail settings. I mean with detail at medium (the default), and the surface flush with interesting tilings to blow up. (Only the sped-up view under time compression seems ragged.) Admittedly, the surface itself isn’t anything new the usual sea of pyramids and polygons but I don’t recall it being so varied, so well-defined, and so lively. There’s nothing I like better than loosing a Helllire, hitting F8, and watching my target from behind in this case a Scud launcher, rendered in detail, with missile pointed skyward as missiles fired earlier buzz overhead, complete with smoke trails. And then my last Helllire appears on the horizon. Miller time. The ensuing shattering explosion is an almost physical thing as seen from the air, where targets really fly apart and even without branches brushing your ears, GS2K feels close-up. A thick layer of sound embraces (he game from the whap of chopper- blades to crackled calls from crewmen reporting incoming fire and you’re free to sii hack and enjoy the experience. It’s feature-rich, but not too feature-cluttered, and it's easy to learn. (1 loathed plotting way points until I plotted them on Gunship 2000’s pretty-as-a-picture in-game map.) Even just pausing the game pulls up a breakdown on the weapons that are suitable and unsuitable against the am ent target a great asset to a fire-the-heaviest-ordnance-first lummox like me. On the downside, the two-theater setting is a pretty claustrophobic game world, especially given the iniplausibility of the So- You need to put in some overtime to get ahead in Gunship 2000. Vict-attack scenario. And there is one feature from the IBM version sadly missing on the Amiga: the ability to record and replay missions. The docs plead “memory restrictions.” Surely there are enough 3000s and 1200s around to make it worthwhile to cook up a replay module for the two-meg-and-up crowd? Even so, loss of bragging l ights is a relatively small concession to pay for the privilege of playing this remarkable game. Pilots? Your time is spoken for: Go to it. Programmers? GS2K should serve as inspiration to can’t-be- dones who think of the Amiga only as a 7.14 Mhz machine with nice sound. Press its limits; then watch them fall away. Continued on p. 86. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION: Anti Gravity Products is proud to announce the exclusive distribution of the Digital Broadcaster!6 and the Digital Broadcaster32. Articulated Human-I e Figure lor Ugtil*ave3D ANTI GRAVITY 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 Li - lot rates, wairin'irs and otre: pcr-c-Bi that appK Qaa-.t-ias »-» lit* tea ane pr,c«5 i'5 »uM*H ia eh*>'C* »’ir-oul nal-c« "auirhi
M. e 4 fiMA ruTtSB', L» In Ol J nsl f ackai"'H ana tcrWiilci!. And are auEeetl to a 20% restocil-u Ire La cuarartees are aa to prodoCi twtyiRttnce i-n -CM’ syMim pi a, to -aVarj’tn parr, an,, u«ciSCKOrs . Ami Back 2.0: S 45 Ami Back Plua Tools S 65 TapeWorm-FS INEW! S Call TapoWornvFS allows any SCSI tape drive to act like an AmigaDOS volume. Exabyte Smm Drive; 5GB up to 10GB compressed* EXB-8S0S 5.35- HH 58«8ftmn' S2Z75 Exabyte8mm Tape. SISeocb or5for 5 70 DAT 4mm Driven: 2GB up to 16GB compressed* 2GB OAT 11 MB inln $ 850 4GB* Turbo Python 22MB m|n* $ 1150 6GB* 5ony4000 44 MB mm* SHOO 1GG0- SortySOOO IWMBrmln' S1350 DAT 2GB Cartridge: S15 each or S for S 70 Snap Map*- (K'CU. IfoIlWT "NOW SWWlVQft Siwpttflpsi. Materials I Fabrics S1Z9 9V CT rulurp rnonufcjis. Cheap CD rom 350ms. 15QKB sec $ 200 Toshiba XM34CHB 20Gm3, 330KB acc S3B5 NEC TRIPLE SPEED I9sm$ , 450KB sec S4S5 ASIM CDR File System 2.0 S 50 Digital Broadcaster32: The Digital Broadcaster32 brings‘TRUE ON-UNE Broadcast Quality" Component Non-Linear Editing to the Amiga 3000 & 4000 series. INPUTS: Component video (Y, B-Y, B-Y), SVHS, NTSC, and PAL OUTPUTS: Component video (Y, R-V, B-Y), SVHS, NTSC, RGB, and PAL. FEATURES: ¦ Non-Linear Video Editing H 24-bit Aminmation Playback m Time Lapse Recording ¦ Stop Motion Recording ¦ Rotoscoping ¦ NTSC > PAL Conversion ¦ Zorro III tor the A3D0Q, A3OO0T, A3000T-040, and A4000 Amigas ¦ CCIR601 Format at 4:2:2 digital Video resolution of 040 X 460 to 766 X 486 ¦ NTSC has 625 Horizontal Lines @ 30 Frames (60 fields) per second ¦ PAL has 625 Horizontal Lines 25 Frames (50 fields) per second ¦ Component Digital 4:2:2 Format Throughout The Board ¦ Component I O Breakout Box ¦ Compatible with sound boards from SunRize Industries _M Transition Effects*: Cuts, Wipes, Fades, Disoives.... MM $ 65 with pure of B CD Rom Disotes.... etc. E& yotf Mimd track to Itwvkfeo with Time Code. PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC Personal Animation Recorder 24 Bit Real Time Recorder $ 1590 Persona! Recorder Harddisk 500Mb fde $ 625
1. 3 Gb Ide $ Call Personal Component Adapter Betacam a Mil Decoder $ 450 Personal TBC Iv $ 790 24-Bit DISPLAY BOARDS i-.v.v.v’ RETINA :4MB S 540 MERLIN with composite and Y C out, 4MB S 750 PICASSO II 2MB S 600 PICCOLO with EGS S Call EGS-28 24 SPECTRUM S 580 tNIMSTklfcS Studio 16 16-bit Audio Amiga Imagine Fml $ 160 PC Imagine Fmt S1B0 Lightwave Fml Si 60 3D Studio Fml Scall
1. 11 I?A MftTPt Includes: Man. L y Woman. I’I ffc' i Strong Man, 1 ! 1 Child’, if ! I Faclnl moiph I V] targets, Run & Walk I I scripts, 1 Hand morph |targets. J Can used in your own . I commercial F'- productions. Interworks ENLAN-DFS Software Up to 5 nodes EB92G Ethernet Board 3-Node Set boards software 5-Node Set boards software Amiga 4000-040 Video lonsiar 4000 5 Lowct>i Upgrade Sullwum S Lonou Barracuda-f ST11950N
1. 6 GB $ 1600 Barracuda-2 ST12550N
2. 1 GB S 2000 LIGHT RAVE' fWa'LifltftAT* Wa j! JneTVSJW* TetTng cp I'M) .tixi; using LiSkT PftVE TeJ3UT.tnii;Or.rn»T|!. F-b00 fh ; Fast SCSI-2 Q 64MB Ram $ 550 Amiga 3000T-040 $ Call FMT Drive Speed Price
1. 0 GB Quantum Pro!050S 10ms S 875
1. 0 GB Micropofis 2210 AV 10ms S 1 TOO
1. 2 GB Quantum Pro! 225$ 10ms S 1000
1. 3 GB Safa F-SCSf-2 3,5" 10ms S 990
1. 7 GS Micropolis 2217 AV 10ms S1500
1. 8 GB Quantum Pro1800S 10ms $ Call FMT DRIVE PRICE 213M3 7213 IDE SCSi 3.5" S 250 245MB 7245 IDE SCSI ; 3.5' $ 300 340MB 7345 IDE SGSI|.3,5h $ 365 SUPER FASSSSTI!!
6. 5 ms SCSI-2
3. 5 Inch Drive 546 MB MXT-540SL S 650.00 1,24 GB MXT-1240S S1250.00 Video Toaster 4000 ! Broadcaster32 System * $ 11,700 A4O0O-O4O 18MB If 1.6GB Barracuda Audlo Sys Program
Z. 1GB Barracuda Video Drive FastLane SCSI-2 0 64MB Sludio16 Audio card Broadcaster32 Digital BroadCastorte S 2495 Iplflito! BroadCaster32 S 5495
• On-Ser tnqukte Wt-tore- *1tsrb*>ot*. EwAfeW though jof-Aaro.
3. 5“ 7200-RPjM
500. 000 MTBF Fast SCSi-2 8ms Seagate BARRACUDAS $ 320.00 S 320.00 $ 1250.00 $ 1850.00, NETWORKING PEER TO PEER TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-5 CST Information Tech Support Returns 414-548-8125 © Mastering AMOS Book 0 ASIM CD ROM FS .. © Syndicate © Realms of Arkania 0 Final Copy II © Aft Department Pro... © Tom Landry- Football (B1 Deluxe Music 2,0 ...32.99 .171.00 .120.00 .115.00 ...73.99 ...47.99 ...95.00 .329.99 .229.00 ...70.00 ...36.99 VIDEO TOASTER 3.0 SI8W.0O N=wT=k INCORPORATED O Commodore® AMIGA A520 RF Modulator 35.00 A2065 Ethernet .....289.00 CD 32 .385.00 DOS 2,1 79.00 DOS 2.04 to 2.1 .....45.00 DOS 2620 2630 Upgrads..35.00 Janus 2.1 .....35.50 Keyboard 2000 Replacemenl ...60.00 Monitor 1084 .250.00 Monitor 1942 BiScan...369.00 Mouse. 2-Button ....45.00 Mouse. 3-Button ....53.00 SCSI Controller 4091.. 299.00 COMMODORE AMIGA 4000 040 COMMODORE'S FASTEST AG A machine with an 040 accelerator board. FAST 120MB harddrive. 6 megs of RAM including 2 megs CHIP RAM. High density floppy. Perfect for Toaster 4000. Call for pricing. Also available! Amiga
1200. .Call Software GAMES GALORE!!!! Alien Breed Special Ed ...16.00 Aliens 3 .. 32.00 B17 Flying Fortress 42.00 Battle Isle '93 .....31.99 Blob .32.99 Bob's Bad Day ...31.99 Cardiaxx .....20.00 Chaos Engine 39.99 Civilization .45.99 Combat Air Patrol ..32.99 Deep Core ...31.99 iiti r Desert Strike ......35.99 Dune II .36.00 Fighter Duel w Flight 36.99 Fighter Duel Pro II .38.99 FlashBack ...37.00 Frontier: Elite 2 ..35.99 Gunship 2000 ... 42.99 Hired Guns .....36.99 Lemmings II ......36.99 Links w Bountiful ...22.99 Lionheart .....36.99 Noddy’s Big Adventure 31.99 Overdrive ....36.99 Pinball Fantasies 32.99 Prime Mover ... 31.99 Realms of Arkania .36.99 Rules Engagement II ....46.99 Sim Life ......40.00 Soccer Kid ..34.99 Theatre of Death .....31.99 Tom Landry Football Dlx 32.99 Uridium II ...31.99 WaxWorks ..40.99 V Air Bucks AGA ...40.99 Alien Breed 2 AGA .35.99 Civilization AGA .39.99 Diggers AGA ......39.99 Ishar AGA ...35.00 Ishar II AGA 32.99 SimLife AGA .....40.00 Trolls AGA ..31.99 Zool AGA .....38.99 Software Software Productivity Utilities 600 Amiga Clip Art 22.00 600 Amiga Fonts ...20.99 Address It! ..30.00 ADPTools Prof 129.00 AGA -TlT.inJs Aladdin 4D 309.00 AmiBaek Plus Tools ......75.00 AMOS Pro ..86.99 Backdrop Construction Kit...36.99 Brilliance ...149.00 C Net 3.0 ..130.00 Can Do 2.5 120.00 Charts & Graphs 3.0 ....59.00 Cross DOS 5.0+ .37.00 DCTV Animator ..49.00 Deluxe Music II ..85.00 Deluxe Paint IV AGA ...119.00 Devpac 3 ....85.00 Diner Object Set 36.99 Directory Opus 4.1 59.99 Edge (text editor) ...62.99 Enlan DFS Network .....185.00 Essence Vol 2 ....85.00 Excelsior BBS ..120.00 Final Writer ......129.00 GP FAX 59.00 Helm 99.00 Chinon 535 CD ROM Drive Int ....469,00 Chinon 535 CD ROM Drive Ext .....579.00 NEC CD38 Ext ...289.00 Toshiba CD ROM Drive lnt.425.00 3D ROM (3D Models) ..185.00 CD Caddy 2-Pack 15.99 ASIM CD ROM FS 2.0 ...52.99 AmiNet ...20.99 Audio 1 20.00 Bibles & Religion .19.99 CD ROM FS ..36.99 Color Magic ..21.00 Cookbook Heaven ...14.00 Dictionary Languages ....19,99 Elysian Archive ....18.99 Fantazia Fonts ......32.00 Fred Fish Online 1.5 .... 45.00 Fred Fish Reg 1.6 45.00 Gardening .....19.99 GIFs Galore ...1899 Goliath Clip Art ...20.00 Graphics 1 ..20.00 Language OS 27.00 Mega Medial ......24.00 MultiMedia CD .....33.00 Our Solar System ......19,99 Project Gutenberg ...27.00 SCSI-TV w Adaptor ....160.00 SCSI-TV 570 .....169.00 Texture City CD .120.00 TexUre Heaven CD .55.99 Ultimate MOD Collection.... 22.99 BOOKS & MAGAZINES Amiga 1200 Insider's Guide. 26.00 Best Amiga Tips and Secrets 18.99 Mapping the Amiga Vol2 22.99 Mastering AMOS ..29.00 Mastering Amiga Arexx .27.00 Mastering Amiga-Beginners. 24.00 Mastering AmigaC ...27.00 Mastering Amiga DOS ....26.99 Mastering Amiga Systems.....36.00 Mastering Assembler .....33.00 Mastering Toaster 4000 . 32.99 We carry' ALL Euro magazines! CD ROM DRIVES & TITLES an COMPUTER SYSTEM ASSOCIATES INC. Introducing CSA's Twelve Gauge 50MHz Accelerator! For the fastest 1200 possible!! Features include a lull 030 CPU with burst mode and MMU: SCSI adaptor for CD ROM. SCSI devices and tape back-up: RAM options: networking option Twelve Gauge OK 549.00 Twelve Gauge 4Meg 60ns Call Twelve Gauge '63882RC50 ..689.00 Micro R. & D. Clock. 1201 A.M 26.00 Foniasia 300 Outline fonts for use with WB Disk box included 59.00 MIDI Cable ......10.00 MIDI Interface .40.00 Modem, 14.4 FAX including GPFAX and FREE 6-month Safe Harbor BBS membership! 269.00 Mouse. Swifty 3-Button Works with OpalVision! 29.00 Power Supply 2000 (300 watts) 149.00 Power Supply 500 (200 watts) .89.00 X-Calibur Memory Brd ..739.00 HyperCache Pro ...... ImageMaster RT ..... Interchange Plus 3.0..... Jurassic Collection . Magic Lantern ...... Mailing List Manager..... MiGraph OCR. Jr .... Montage ...... Montage 24 . MultiFrame .. Odds & Ends ... On The Ball (Calendar) 32.00 Origins 79.00
P. H.A.S.A.R 55.00 PageSetter II 3.0 ...55.00 PageStream 2.2 ...169.00 DATAFLYER Syques Drive Package: New model! SQ3105S3.5* SCSI 105MB Bare Drive .....479.00 Bundle Interal ...589.00 Bundle Extern! ..689.00 (Bundles include everything you need!!) 105S Cartridges (Sep.)....79.00 Also available: 5110C 88IY1B Bare Drive .325.00 Int System .435.00 Ext System 525.00 88MB Cartridges (Sep.).110.00 Pegger .70.00 Pelican Press .....58.99 Performance Tools 42.99 Personal Paint AGA .....65.00 Pixel 3D Pro W Anim Workshop ...156.00 PlaqueGrounds ..59.99 Power Tools ......42.99 Professional Calc 2.0 ..120.00 Professional Page 4.0 120.00 ProDraw ProPage Bundle..210.00 Prof Toaster Wipes 59.99 Profills 2.0 Vol 3 33.99 Proper Grammar II 59.99 ProStream + Fonts 44.99 QuarterBack 5.0 . 45.00 QuarterBack Tools Deluxe ...73.99 R Paint . 46.99 Real 3D 2.0 ......379.00 SASC 6.5 .245.00 Scala MuftiMedia 210 .299.00 Scenery Animator 4.0 ..59.99 Studio Printer ....63.99 Maxtor Drives w 1-year warranty 3243A 244MB IDE 269.00 7120S 120MB SCSI.....205.00 7131A 130MB IDE 205.00 7245A 245MB IDE 259.00 7245S 245MB SCSI.....275.00 7345A 345MB IDE 319.00 7345S 345MB SCSI.....359.00 540SL 540MB SCSI.....699.00 1240S 1.2 GIG SCSI ..1259.00 M or Is your 1200 demanding a larger harddrive? Here’s the answer! Introducing DataFlyer XDS from Expansion Systems, their very own external IDE controller which holds any 3.5” IDE drive! Easy installation. DataFlyer XDS 0 drive 69 00 DataFlyer XDS 130MB ...275.00 DataFlyer XDS 245MEL. 325 00 DataFlyer XDS 345MB....389.00 EXPANSION SYSTEMS GVPj 3 great valley products A4008-HC8+0 0 ....155.00 A4008-HC8+0 120 335.00 A4Q08-HC8+0 170 389.00 G-Force 68030 Accelerators 40MHZ 40 4MB ..599.00 4QMHZ 40 4MB 170. .869,00 40MHz 40 4MB 120..835.00 G-Force 68040 Accelerators 33MHZ 33 4MB... 1139.00 33 M Hz 33 4 M B 1201298.00 33MHZ 33 4MB 1701389.00 1230T 030 40 0 0 .359.00 1230T 030 40 40 4......549.00 Memory Upgrade 4MB.....Call 1200 SCSI Ram + ..209.00 1200 SCSI RAM + 4.....449.00 A530T 1 120 ..619.00 A530T 1 170 ..685.00 Cinemorph ..69.00 DSS8+ Sound Digitizer...95.00 EGS Display Board 1MB455.00 EGS Display Board 2MB529.00 Fast ROM .....45.00 G-Lock Genlock. 389.00 Image F X 1.5 ..249.00 Image F X Upgrade 40.00 I O Extender Board 129.00 Phone Pak 2.0 309.00 Phone pak 2.0 Upgrade..48.00 Hardware 1x32 4-Meg Module ..Call 1202 Board 16MHz OK 149.00 AD 516 ...1209.00 Agnus Chip Puller ..10.00 Boing! Mouse ....84.00 Controller, DataFlyer SX 25105.00 Drive, Iomega Ext 580.00 Drive, Iomega Int .505.00 Floppy Drive, AIR Ext ...85.00 Floppy Drive, High Density Ext ..165.00 Foot Pedal ...32.00 Free Wheel ..19.99 a a n G Art Department Pro.... 139.00 Abekas Driver ..... 125.00 Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5..... ..70.00 Morph + ... 135.00 Pro Control .. ..53.99 Trexx Pro 155.00 True Print 24 ...... ..55.00 Lan Rover Ethernet.... 299.00 Super DJC II ......33.99 SuperBase Personal 4... ....102.00 Super Jam 1.1 ......88.99 Tape Worm FS . ......81.00 Time Tracker ... ......48.99 Toaster F X .. ....120.00 Toaster Handler ...... ....149,00 Toaster Toolkit 4000...... ....115.00 TypeSmith 2.0 . ....120.00 Vista Pro 3.0 ... ......59.99 Wave Maker . ..Call WaveWriter . ......75.00 Hardware Game Port Adaptor 19.99 Harddrive, Seagate 86 IDE 225.00 Harddrive, Seagate 128 IDE 299.00 Harddrive, Seagate 235 IDE459.00 Harddrive, Seagate ST3600 540MB IDE ....Call joystick Adaptor, Analog 13.99 Joystick, Ergo ....20.00 Joystick, SpeedKing 19.00 Joystick, SpeedKing Analog ...23.00 Kitchen Sync ..1295.00 MBX 4 0K 14MHz w Clock149.00 MegaChip 2000 w Agnus..195.00 Monitor, JDEK 17” .....989.00 Mouse Game Pad ..25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 29.00 Movie Maker ....829.00 W 1.2 GIG Drive ......2049.00 W 1.7 GIG Drive 2299.00 MultiStart II 39.99 OpalVision ......395.00 Personal Anim Recorder..1599.00 Personal Component Adapt..399.00 Personal Editor ... 549.00 Personal SFC ...369.00 Personal V Scope 729.00 Picasso II ..459.00 Printer, Primera ...779.00 Retina 2MB ..... 499.00 Retina 4MB ..... 575.00 Advanced Systems & Software International Group Fastlane Z3 Fast SCSI-II DMA controller for all A4000 040 030
• True 32-bit Zorro 3 interface
• Transfers up to 7Mb sec asynchron, 10 Mb sec synchron on SCSf-bus * RAM expansion up to 64Mb (256 option)
• Dynamic caching software & CD-ROM *510. File system Now there's no need to use a slow IDE for 3-D rendering, image manipulation. & animation Smart One 14,4 (BEST)......189.00 MaxFAX 14.4 (Micro R&D) 269.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext (US Robotics) ...169.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext FAX (US Robotics) ..206.00 Courier 19.2 V.32 terbo Ext (US Robotics) ...421.00 Supra Modem 240G(Supra) .75.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 (Supra) 219.00 E M S l! Safe Skins ...18.00 Scanner, ColorBurst ...445.00 Scanner, ColorBurst OCR Jr 479.00 Scanner, MiGraph B W......210.00 Smart Port W Fighter Duel..55.99 Speakers, Koss ..26.00 SuperGen 1200 595.00 Supra Turbo 500 2000......159.00 Sync Strainer ..45.00 TBC IV 845.00 Tape Drive, Connor 250.....445.00 Trackball, AMTrac ..69.99 VIDI 12 .....125.00 V-Lab Int Y C ..465.00 WaveLink ....99.00 SupraFAX Modem 2400+ w Software (Supra) ...150.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 LC (Supra) ......165.00 Receive a FREE Safe Harbor BBS 6-month membership with every
14. 4 modem you purchase. Safe Harbor BBS features 16 lines, thousands of Amiga PD files, conferencing, extensive messages, and on-line games. BBS 14.4 Phone Line is 414-548-8155. Nov get the best 3D tools for less! New lower pricing! Caligari24 ..129.00 Complete 3D modeler, photorealistic renderer for first-class 3D artwork Caligari Broadcast 299.00 Professional 3D modeler, photorealistic renderer and broadcast-quality animator; includes all the features of Caligari24 plus more! SHORT TAKES From j). S3. ®1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Off-dlsk copy-protection. Soccer Kid Games like Soccer Kid fKrisalis, about $ 35) and Sleepwalker (with which it has a lot in common) represent the direction platform games are going to have to take to avoid the Curse of the PlaYalikes. Anything that makes you think a little can't be that bad. And when a game is as playable and as delightful to look at as this descendant of Krisalis' earlier Arabian Nights, the thinking is almost painless. Instead of Arabian Nights' overt puzzle-solving, the idea here is to use the ball to perform tasks for the kid like bouncing through a too-smatl- to-walk-through corridor to collect goodies or over a maybe-too-wide-to- jump gap to send another skateboarder or bicyclist sprawling. Along the way, we're treated to a splendid array of soccer moves: over-the-shoulder kicks, heel and head bounces, and even balancing on the ball and bouncing off it to gain altitude. On the other hand, the plot is sort of awful and the rather rigorous copy-protection and lack of support for hard disk aren't too cool either. (At least the game supports up to four floppy drives one per disk.) But who pays attention to the plot in an arcade game? Goal, Krisalis. Least a little social responsibility to balance the burger marketing. And I've managed to get through this without making even one joke about secret sauce. Yes, I think I will have some fries with that. Woody’s World ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. Publisher Vision Software claims this wonderful Super Mario World variation (about $ 35) is the biggest platform game on the Amiga, i don't know how they judge these things fill 'em up with water, maybe but I can well believe it. The levels I played went on way past midnight cute as buttons, full of secret areas (and secret areas within secret areas), well made, and all done up in that burnished Amiga style we've all come to know and love. Of course, the compelling thing about Super Mario World wasn't the graphics which were barely a notch up from 8-bit days but a sense of not knowing what was coming next. In Woody's World, you do. That's the thing about being the biggest kid on the block: You can always see him coming.
2. 0
3. 0 Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection.
3. 0 Hard-drive Installable. Off-dlsk copy-protection. ©1.3 ?
2. 0-
3. 0- Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. ®1.3 ?
2. 0-
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection.
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. Off-disk copy-protection. B-I7 Flying Fortress About which I can say only: Ack. Not as in ack-ack, either. As in "Ack! Phhppptt!" With some cleaning up, this World War II bomber game from MicroProse UK (about $ 40) could have been a fantastic simulation. Conceptually, this is the sort of game I've always dreamed of playing; all the parts of the crew are aboard this four-engine workhorse from flying to bombing, to navigation, to manning the turrets and more. It's essentially a Megafortress set 50 years in the past, with nothing left out, I take that back: They did leave out speed and playability. I can't adequately convey how painfully slow and unresponsive and hence, how confusing B-17 is even on the fastest machines. I've also heard a number of complaints about problems with hard-disk installation one of the eternal verities in dealing with MicroProse UK's games, and especially galling in a game that really needs an HD and of crashes (the Amiga kind) during play. An improved US version has been canceled, but maybe we can coax them into distributing a path for this UK edition: Otherwise, we're looking at MP's worst Amiga game since Kennedy Approach. Global Gladiators I suspect most of us wouldn't build our software collections around games licensed from McDonalds any more than we would, say, build our glassware collections around Flintstones mugs from Burger King. But Global Gladiators (Virgin UK, about $ 35}, the second in a series of platformers affiliated with the 1-bazillion-served folks, happens to be quite good a major improvement over the rather broadly executed debut, McDonald's Land. The graphics are lustrous, the animations are detailed, the enemies are squishy and disgusting, the player sprites speed demons, and Mickey D's connection kids named Mick and Mack collect tiny double arches is hardly offensive. Beyond that, the bonus game is based around recycling, so this has at Galactic
W. arrior Rats The operative word with these two European budget releases isn't "warrior" but "Paradroid." That thinking man's maze game launched a dozen clones (not the least of them being Paradroid '90, Alien Breed, and Cytron). Everybody, it seems, loves pushing switches without first knowing their effect, solving little puzzles of timing or speed, tapping into consoles to access maps, picking up keys to doors they haven't seen, and moolah to buy intimidating weapons with no questions asked. All that good stuff is very much in evidence here. If you're already familiar with the genre, get both UW (Zeppelin, about $ 15) and GWR (Sum- mit, about $ 17); they're meat and potatoes. If not, get UW: It's a slightty- silly, complex toy somewhat akin to Oxyd, with a delightful set of between-level options. (You can even buy insurance!) The latter's more faithful, serious, colorful...and considerably tougher. But be warned: If you taste one, you'll probably wind up with both. Reach for the Skies This is what Their Finest Hour should have been back in 1990, Rowan Software the folks behind the Amiga versions of Falcon and Flight of the Intruder have built their own flight simulator strategy game around the Battle of Britain, and it's a solid one. Reach for the Skies (Virgin UK, about $ 35) is fast even on a machine of modest abilities, and it does everything you'd expect a flight sim to do in terms of replays, planes to Universal Warrior To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 108. G A M E P K £ S E K V E fly, externa] views, and scenery. (Not to mention that you can play either side, and fight the game out as a war as well as a battle.] What it lacks is dazzle. Somehow, RFTS already seems dated.
1. 3 ?
2. 0 ? I
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. Scrabble Much better than the old and irritating Leisure Genius edition of this celebrated word game, which looked pretty but played dumb (it didn't have much of a vocabulary). This one from U.S. Gold (about S35) knows far too many seven-letter words to suit me and has a nice selection of options (12 skill levels for the computer opponents) to set things up to your liking. It's not the ultimate Scrabble game, but it's much more mature than its predecessor and should be a fair substitute if your usual board game partners are snowed in some evening. Marbled blue ball manually with the mouse or a trackball or just position your ball, click the mouse once to set off an aiming arrow and again to let go. (Setting for curve and speed are also available.) The digitized sounds and pin action are nifty, as is the scaling of the ball. Eight people can play (making it a good party game), and the program maintains a simple database that includes each bowler's high and low scores and average. More incredible, S£rS manages to incorporate the substantial challenges of real- life bowling. I used to be a pretty decent bowler, but it took me 30 or so games to reach 201 I've played 130 s then and am going strong reaching 201 twice more anc re arei iat many games I play 160 times without a damn good reasoi I can think ?' A few fet es that would make the planned upgrade more the bowling t lulation it described as being in the docs than the fast- paced game it s: computer opponents, pin set-up editing, handicaps, a choice of ball weights and color-., and maybe an animated pin resetter and ball return. But features do carry a certain weight with them, and, as it is. Strikes 'Nr Spares is the perfect airy entertainment. Even if author Kirk Bonner leaves it alone, he's already done us proud. Strikes ’N’ Spares 1
1. 3 ?
2. 0 ? 1
3. 0 ? Hard-drive installable. No Copy-protection. Iga bowling game, and a pip at that. You know the sort of strike in bowling that's so perfect that the pins just seem to explode all at once? ®1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. That's Strikes 'N' Spares (Beyond Entertainment, $ 49.95) the first real Am (The only other attempt I can recall is a segment in Mindscape's Indoor Sports, which turned bowling into a joyless chore.) I love this game. It's extremely easy to get into. You can either "roll" the Beastlord Ah, nothing I like better than a Shadow of the Beast clone. Especially a good SOTBII clone like this one. Beastlord (Grandsfam, about $ 35) which began life as Thalamus' Beastmaster evokes that seminal Psygnosis arcade- adventure right from the brief but lovely intro animation, piping music, and ? FACTORY AUTHORIZED AMIGA SERVICE CENTER WHEN YOUR AMIGA COMPUTER NEEDS SERVICING DEPEND ON US TO QUICKLY BRING YOUR COMPUTER BACK TO LIFE . ??? WARRANTY SERVICE ??? IF YOUR SYSTEM IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY WE CAN HELP . JUST SEND YOUR COMPUTER IN WITH A DESCRIPTION OP THE PROBLEM AND A PROOF OF PURCHASE . WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST. ? HAPPY HOLIDAYS ? FROM J & C REPAIR CALL 800-967-1073 EXT. 2 ORDERS ONLY PLEASE GVP FOR A500 A530 W 120 MB $ 579.00 A500 HD-8 $ 179.00 FOR A2000 G-FORCE 030-40 $ 650.00 G-FORCE 040-33 $ 1098.00 A2000-HC8 149.00 GLOCK $ 369.00 CALL FOR PRICES ON NEW PRODUCTS LIKE THE TBC PLUS, EGS» AND NEW 040 FORTHEA4000 REPAIR FEES 5G0 MOTHERBC ARD DISK DRIVE KEYBOARD POWER SUP >LY A '000 MOTHERBO, RD DISK DRIVE KEYBOARD POWER SUPPLY A2 )00 MOTHERBO A ID DISK DRIVE KEYBOARD POWER SUPPLY LABOR $ 35.00 $ 65.00 $ 30.00 $ 44.00 $ 55.00 $ 65.00 $ 39.00 $ 99.00 $ 125.00 $ 99.00 $ 39.00 $ 99.00 AGA i >rpRiciNt;on(>thi:r iti:msn n listedcai.i. i-ai+aasxsii: t.5
35. 00 REPAIRS CALL 1-800-967-1073 ext 3
o speak with one of our technicians call our customer support line 1-814 583-5838 ext.4 J & C Repair 9 South St. Rockton Pa. 15856 PA residents add 6 % sales tax. Prices subject to change without notice. ?FARGO PRIMERA * FULL COLOR THERMAL PRINTER WITH AMIGA DRIVER SOFTWARE $ 799.99 ? IOMEGA BERNOULLI ? THE BOX 150 INTERNAL S499.00 EXTERNAL $ 599.00 INCLUDES ONE CARTRIDGE ?DPS PERSONAL SERIES ? TBC HI $ 699.00 TBC IV $ 839.00 V-SCOPE $ 725.00 ANIMATION CONTROLLER 5 1599.00 COMPONENT ADAPTER $ 449.00 ?DIGITAL CREATIONS ? KITCHEN SYNC $ 1299.00 SUPER GEN 1000 $ 549.00 SUPER GEN 2000 $ 1195.00 ? NEWTEK ? TOASTER 4000 1859.00 jk AMIGA 1200 INCLUDING 85 MB $ 599.00 240 MB $ 699.00 340MB $ 799.00 A1200 EXPANSION GVPA1230 TURBO $ 549.00 GVP A1200 BAREBONES $ 199 33MILX FPU 4 MB $ 449.00 MICROBOTICS MBX1200 $ 225,00 MBX 1230 $ 299.00 12 A’CLOCK $ 29.00 EMULATION FOR YOUR A2000 3000 W 2MB RAM $ 479.00 W 4MB RAM $ 549.00 kSTARTER * A4000-030 TOASTER 4000 10 MB RAM 120 MB $ 3879.00 ? ENHANCED * 1 A400 0-040-25 TOASTER4GOO 14 MB RAM 120MB IID $ 4899.00 1 VIDEO TOASTER SYSTEMS | ? BARE BONES ? BUILD YOUR OWN A2000 WITH VIDEO TOASTER 4000 $ 2299.00 A 4000 WITH VIDEO TOASTER 4000 $ 3499.00 ? ULTIMATE ? A4000-040-25 TOASTER 4000 |n 460MB HD J 18 MB RAM $ 5495.00 GET KITCHEN SYNC TBC& 1084 MONITOR S 995.00 WITH PURCHASE OF ULTIMATE SYSTEM Ifl TO ESTIMATE REPAIR COST ADD COMPONEI .T COST TO LABOR RATE FOR TOTAL. CALL FOR ANY ITEM NOT LISTED k AMIGA 2000 CLOSEOUT WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF NEW AND REFERBISHED A2000’S FOR SALE BUT SUPPUES ARE LIMITED. NEW S599.00 REFERB $ 449.00 ALL SYSTEM COME WITH THE NEW ECS CHIPSET AND 2.0 ROM RETINA AMIGA PARTS 8372 AGNUS CHIP $ 37.50 8373 SUPER DENISE $ 28.95 8520 CIA CHIP $ 9.95 GARY 5719 $ 13.95 PAULA OR DENISE $ 18.95
1. 3 ROM $ 19.95
2. 04 ROM $ 29.95
2. 1 Upgrade Kil $ 79.99 NEW A2000 Rev 6.4 PCD $ 399.95 Latest Revision CALL FOR ANY PARTS NOT LISTED MOTHER BOARD SWAPOUTS A500 $ 79.95 A2000 $ 189.95 A3000 $ 219.95 REPLACE YOUR OLD MOTHERBOARD WITH OUR COMPLETELY REFURBISHED UNITS. REPLACEMENT BOARDS COME WITH SAME REVISION AND CHIPS. OLD BOARD MUST BE IN REPAIRABLE CONDITION. The levels of grim graphics moving in parallax. Then it surpasses it. This isn't simply a look-alike, like Empire's Deathbringer from a couple of years back; it makes the transition to adventure game that SOTB never quite completed. For one thing, you are permitted to move laterally into and out of the screen as in games like Golden Axe, meaning you can better get the drop on enemies (or avoid them entirely). For another, a click on the right mouse button summons a screen-top icon bar, and further clicking here permits you to talk extensively with residents, drop, give and trade objects, cast spells, and even save your game. And the menu's presence doesn't prevent the game from proceeding apace, so you can keep it handy in tense situations. On the downside, this lacks SOTB M's varied terrain, and I wish the artists had lavished as much attention on the foreground as on the background; the sprites are messy and the animations are simple. Battle Isle ’93: Moon of Chromos Not to be confused with the Battle Isle data disk issued last year. Oh, never mind: Go right ahead and confuse this stand-alone game with the scenario disk, as it's simply more of Bl to tide over the fanatics until Battle Isle II appears in early '94. (You'll love that one: It puts History Line's combat sequences into a Carrier Command-like 3-D world.) You know the deal with this: new terrain, units, maps, and 32 new scenarios (24 of them single player), and no enhancements to the game system proper, which is still stick and playable enough to make this better than a rip-off. But this is the third tug on the Battle Isle teat, and I expected at least a new feature or two to tease the new system. Nick Faldo’s Golf, ©1.3 ?
2. 0 ?
3. 0 ? Not hard-drive installable. Copy-protection. NTSC VERSION The original European take of this superb Grands am game (about $ 45 list) must have had Amiga golfers in the US on their feet both to applaud and to peer down the cowl of the monitor in an effort to view the full PAL screen. This version recast for NTSC machines, which runs without aid of a PALbooter, restores those clipped-off portions and appears to have eased up the difficulty a bit. Or maybe I'm just getting better. (Alas, NTSC-com- patible doesn't mean hard-disk installable, which would have made it just about perfect.) ¦ THE WORST GAMES OF ALL TIME To borrow a phrase or two from music critic Robert Christgau: If your relationship to Amiga games is anything like mine, you are either very rich or very weird...or you're a big-time pirate I get to see virtually every Amiga game released in this country and around 95 percent of the worthwhile stuff from overseas, and it's been good training: I've learned to smell a dog a mile off. And, man oh man, have I ever smelled some dogs. Howling dogs. Here's my "equal time" response to December's favorite- games lovefest: The worst Amiga games of all-time. To play them is to suffer. Bionic Commando (Capcom): Went straight into the we'll-pay- you-a-buck-to-take-it bin. Cutesy piatformer with god-awful controls. Blue Angels (Accolade): At best, this curious formation-flying game was before its time. At worst, it begs the question: Flight sim or slideshow? My guess: Slideshow. It's so slow on stock Amigas, you won't know the difference. Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0 (Electronic Arts) : A lowlight of EA's "difficult age" post-our commitment to the Amiga period and pre-well, uh, it's actually our European branch that's committed to the Amiga period. Ugly, slow, impossible to control, palette-ically incorrect. It's difficult to tell even what you're looking at. Crazy Cars (Titus): From the sometimes interesting but mostly notoriously inconsistent French label ("If it's by Titus, you never know quite what you're getting.") My car frequently hops like the ones here, and the local roads all have horizontal stripes on them. Deep Space (Psygnosis): Utterly incomprehensible, uncontrollable space opera. Flight Path 737 (Anco) Crashed on takeoff. International Championship Athletics (Hawk): There have been lots of impoverished waggfe- that-joystick-mutha sports games, but this one takes the stale cupcake. It's positively wooden. Thunder bird s-go-to-the-m a rionette* track-meet stuff. Kennedy Approach (Micro- Prose): This air-traffic-control game was (with the likewise unlu- verly Airborne Ranger) one of Mi- croProse's first efforts for the Amiga. We're just lucky nobody important played it, or it might have been the last. Master Ninja: Shadow Warrior of Death (Paragon): Incompetent beat 'em-up that makes you feel slightly out-of-phase with the rest of the world. Push the joystick, then wait 3-5 seconds for your character to make his move. It makes Way of the Little Dragon look like a timeless classic. Night Walk (Alternative): Ranked by badness, this would have been at the top of the list. A desperately ugly attempt at Ghosts 'n Goblins. Pac-Land (Grandslam): Trash port of the arcade game that tried to turn Pacman into a sideways scroller. Bad idea, and awful conversion. RBI Baseball 2 (Domark): There aren’t many baseball games on the Amiga, but this UK production is indisputably the worst, and that includes GameStar's ancient Championship Baseball. It's as though the designers had come over to the States to pick up the feel of the game, but got all absorbed by the stadium's fancy scoreboard instead. Hence, this travesty has neat scoreboards...and absolutely nothing else to redeem it. Red Zone (Psygnosis): One of the nice things about being as big as Psygnosis is the opportunity to take some interesting chances; not everything has to be a Lemmings II. Sometimes the chances pay off critically as with Nevermind, Cytron, and Ork and sometimes they miss (as in Spellbound). However, the concept of "missing" doesn't quite do justice to this, quite literally, hell-on-wheels motorcycle racer, which basically consists of piling into and peeling yourself off a series of polygon barriers. Ski Or Die (Electronic Arts): Snow-capped spin-off of EA's 8-bit Skate or Die. EGA lives. Dying would be preferable. Sky Blaster (Digitek): Pokey 3* D flying shooty thing in the Thun* derstrike vein that walks instead of runs and feels about half-finished.
S. T.U.N. Runner (Domark): The arcade machine of this tunnel- vision shooter was an absolute joy. The version for the Amiga in principle the perfect machine for the game was tragic: slow and lacking in detail. Sub Battle Simulator (Epyx): A bitter argument for play testing. Is that a feature, or is it just another bug? Vader (Softgang): My designated scapegoat for a host of play- alike, lower-than-low-leve! Vertical scrollers from post-A500 '80s, when everyone thought he she could write a game, and everyone did. War in Middle Earth (Virgin): Developer Synergistic Software went on to do much better stuff the two Excalibur games and especially Conan the Cimemrian but I'll warrant this one still haunts their dreams. A classic example of good looks taking precedence over gameplay. (I beat it inside of 15 minutes.) And it wasn't even that good- looking. ¦ TRI STATE INFO: (212) 633-2290 OPEN 9-6, Ffil. 9-1:30, SUN. 10-4 FAX US VDUR ORDER OR INQUIRY (212) 633-7718 ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPANOL 'Vour Video Toaster - Commodore Amiga Head quarters1 AUTHORIZED Full SERVI NEUf! Epson CS600C 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 699,951 EsmcJ1029J5 = DCTV =i [Digitizer & Dsploy Device Frame Buffer w 24 bit Fbint Mllions Of Colors
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13. 99 QUARTF RUAi K Tm.h Ihluvc SVV( OMPtl 1 R D10350 Cl 2252 54 99 234 99 AMIGA PRODUCTIVITY IASI AMOS C14913 34 99 IINAl UOPY II C12007 79 99
t. oi li disk on a i 90352 11995 (.Ol II DISK Al 1 IN DM D10318 14 99 non iNhsv.ut Cl 3526 45 99 500 Enhancements 96335 7999 Cl 3358
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799. 00 11499 A1200 UPGRADES D10631 Cl 0076 C10089 D11984 D1I995 D12007 D12010 ?121 OS D12M2 Cl 5476 A I M0 Il’ltllO. No memory, no F?U 4M3ytes RAM. No FPU 4MByte$ RAM. 40MHz FPU Al’.Ml TURBO. II Seiici 40Mhz ' SOMhz A1208 S SI RAM PH'SOMR U2IW S( M K AM HIS iMil D10717 349 99 D12229 479 03 C15465 579 03 D1212'
519. 00 012132 699 00 Dll 442 214 99 Dll 452 42999 1200 Memory Accelerators lJ.VM.OiK Cl 5509 27 99 DKUI'02 D10373 159 00 rWLI.Vl GAUGE SOMH D1Q405 59900 MICROHOTK S UxpanMnn Hoard' 1™ ihr A1200 Nc Fpu wirn Clock 14 Vhz witti Cio:k 25 Mhz wthC'OCk 50 Mhz w ifi Dock FASI R M II IMH I AS I R AM l( ’MB I AS I RAM H 1MH I AS I RAM II (Mil ll’FR 1410 lOMJlr C15195 Cl5203 Cl£227 Cl 5234 D1024] C15519 D10254 C15527 D1C642 D10651 Cl0663 129 9? 149“ 219 99 339 99 74 99 11999 169 9? 199 99 CALL CALL CALL CALL 93693 010054 SI4999 96335 7999 Cl 3858 42 99 Cl2654 339 9? 89276 &A99 G O UlltcSlM- Soo' VIPER I 2 Hi SOMH Vll'LR S2 DfttRINGFR U30 25MID Dl0399 289 99 DLRKEN(.Hl OH 5CIMID D10419 54? 00 MFC.A MIDGET RACIJT C10996
399. 95 SLTRATURBO ’¦ for A500 D10C47 5I4?.99 SDPILARAM 50(1 R. wnh I Mbvm SOOPXw IVByie 94016 124 95 1MByte lipgraae ! 97312 64 95 M I’KARAM >0(1 RX «.ih 2Mll.ir 5C0 RX w 2MByie 94029 164 99 2M9yle Upgrade .1 97273 99 95 AMIGADUS 2.1 A500 A2000 (Rom 4 Software] MI > VI X IS 2.1 tIPGKADI lor A500 A2000 2 04 ROM owners I,VI ACNtJS. IMIIYH SUPER I It NISI HV7.1 .1,5" I Ml IINAl I lnppy l)r.»r VMM lAi'ANMns WV ( I ()i h Cl 3506 84?9 A«H lAI’ANSION W7 IMB CI351C 59 99 600 iii ml 1D ( LARD 3 ! 2MB C12266 CALL (VIO oOOIID CARD 7 iMIl C12294 CALL lATTRAMIt Imn D102 46 74 99 FASI RAM l 3MH C15S19 11999 1 YSTR.AM It WII DI0254 159 99
I. ASTRAM It i.MB C15527 199 99 600 Enhancements
3. 5" EXIEKNAI llnpp. Time 69276 84 99 IMBVEI v 8 » 80 MMMi 93693 CALL
D. AIAl lvvi Lipresi St >1 C13115 S169 99 DATA rivet Fiprcsv Idl C13120
5159. 99 DA 1 Al Iyer Lvpfc'i .SCS|.'|DI C13I30 5199 99 3,5" LXTERNAI FI.OPPN DRIVE 3 5'Exiema' Dart 59275
84. 99 IMBTTF i K i HO SIMM. 93693 CALL mt .FiXH POW 1 H SI I’PI 92693
89. 99 I m i i t t a >tMt I C13566 CALL gyp AsnoiMi'v t si ruts A5O0-HD6-0M9 No HD A500-HDfifQ80 II AW0-HD6*QM3120 H GVP AS.Ul I I IIIU) A 1.1 I A530Comoo40'l.'B0 II A530 win 120 MB Hard Drive A530 win 170 MB Hard Dnve fi-FIIHl I AC A I 1 I HAT OH 1MByte, 60ns SIMM 4MByte. 60ns SIMM I'C Zhi. MODI'I I l». T. I' GVP 500 Products * 500 Memory Accelerators 600 Memory Accelerators 500 System Upgrades A600 UPGRADES A500 UPGRADE! POWERPC BOARD i*( 7281. MODULI lor CAT 500 Emulators A larger selection of sires, speeds, and price. Easily connects to the IDE header inside the computer. No modifications required. Very small chassis. Use with without internal 2.5 drive. Optional PSU. SCSI soon. DATAFLYER XDS 100MB DH291 249.99 DATAFLYER XDS 130MB DI1301 279.99 DATAFLYER XDS 200MB D11315 30999 DATAFLYER XDS 340MU DD329 429.99 The Diitaflyer MKWsv-25 is a complete package. Includes a DB25 cable kit and .in internal SO-pin cable lo enable operation with either internal or external devices. The Dnttifluer -WOOsx includes extra long 50-pin cable to install internal drives. Can add the DB2S cable and connector kit. External Hard Drives for A1200 and A600 DATAFLYER
3. 5 Inch 2£E>© RB.10(11 2000 Powci Sup|>l> D10368 129 99 TR1II CTA 3000 LX Cl 3576 CALL WllRltSVNC Vl.Sl Inicrfur 83673 99 95 .US" EXILRNAI IIOPPV DRIVL 3-5‘E*iemal Dnvs 89276 84 99 The Ultimate Hard Drive The Dataflycr T05SQ is the latest, fastest and smallest in removable media. DATAFLYER I05SQ DI2376 549 99 GVP IMPACT SERIES II HARD Dim I . G-l ORCF. UAU 40 M Hz 68030 ACCELERAT Co.mcc0KH040.40 99175 Comoo030-40'40 4 170 D10600 I DRUE ID-4 VIM ID 680 III ACCLLERAI A2000 040-33 33 4 170 GIORCF RAM. I MB CtOnt lORCF RAM. -tMiUiIln* I CS 23 J4 Graphic* wMMU EGS 2K *« (.uphill w ’MB EGS-!10 24 .uphiii tWlMli EGS-110 21 Graphic. W SMII I lit Plus with SMPTF I LSI.Plus without 5MPTE I O EXTENDER DATAFLYER 4000SX 011105 99.99 DATAFLYER 4000SX-25 D111IB 104.99 DATAFLYER DF4-DB25 CABLE KIT 011120 999 IDE Drives Offer More Megabytes Less Money 2000 GVP ProductS~ DATAFLYER Low-Cost SCSI Interface 2000 System Upgrades New A1200 Products Expansion 2000 Memory
3. 5" EXTERNAL Floppy Drive Y S T E M S DATAFLYER UPGRADES ! MB VIE i 8 v 80 SIMM. Making Technology Affordable Since 1985 2000 Enhancements 1200 Enhancements Sl PR ATI IliiD 28 for A2MHI AMIGYDOS 2.1 A5M A2CC0 (Rom 3 Sctrwa-el AM |C. ADOS 2.1 L PGKADf for A50CtA2000 2.04 ROM ewers a-max li I'm us
3. 5" ENTFRNaE Floppy Dti't G AMIGA S20 VIDEO ADAPTER 79283 29 99 DUTY 91589
279. 59 DIGITAL FDTT MASTER C13427 2299 00 D|(.lA I1AX Ml DIASTATION 97387 149 99 |! F.GS-110 24 Gnphk* w AMB D12007 1999 00 IGS-II0 B(iuphio »nM3 D12010 2299 00 (• 1 11C K liiim (a I1 CT3321 389 03 IMPAl 1 VISION 55867 “9 00 0ptAr.3l adapter ‘or 42000 95877 59 99 KITCIII N SVNC_Diuil TBC 54366 1299 00 OP | ISION C11916 CALL PERSONAL TBC IA C13309 659 99 R(M (.I N PLUS 94183 199 99 AIDED TiCASTER 2.0 56595 CALL VIDEO IDASII R 4000 DI0728 CALL VIVID 2( Cl 3436 2699 00 Mill AMIGA 12 Cl 1625 129 95 Villi AMIGA 12 RT D1C034 189 99 A v'rm s H15837 749 99 COMMODORE PRODUCTS A20I0 (.5 Inr. Ilop. Drive for 20OU 91858 59 99 loin 1,5 Ini Hup. Ilrnt tor .WOO 94173 99 99 500 Itcpljirim INI. DRIVE C12554 69 99 PRINTERS PA.NAMINIU. KX-P218CI A66846
179. 95 KX-P1123 A57108 159 95 KX-P2123 A72449 239 59 KX-P11241 A57112 269 S9 KX-P1624 S7444 349 95 KX-P4410 Laser A71365 599 99 SI Ml rix-iooi 9CS95 136 99 NX-2420 Raintiw 451047 269 00 NX-1040 Bantcra Cl 2275 164 99 SJ-144 Colcr Prnter 496222
495. 9? GRAPHICS & PUBLISHING SW | PROEFNSIONAI PAGE 1.0 5S154 109 99 PROFESSION,Al DRAW >,0 C1206J 109 99 PagH o Draw 3 0 Bu' d'e C12C72 179 00 I Aid 1)1 PI. PROFESSIONAL 92135 14799 ConverS'Cn KjI 92149
52. 95 j Him I I AM L Cl 4863
133. 59 BL MNF.SS CARD MAKER 96C35
39. 55 COLOKMACiC CD ROM J.pari D10360
34. 95 COMH SL I I 1 K 31S15
15. 55 Si I’RAMIJDEM 2400 96667 6995 Modem Senal Case A42447 12.95 SUPRA I 4X7MODFM EXTERNAl FAXMoaem. V.32bis 97154 249.99 Mil HD KM) INK IINAl U. i IW MODFM Includes Fa* Software D11186 244 99 11 RmlNlLS Modem Software 011192 4 99 AMIGA VIDEO HARDWARE AMIGA INPUT DEVICES MODEMS & FAXES
429. 95
499. 99 7955 109 95 44 95 333 93
84. 55 SCATS SOO HOMI 111 IT K 97001
99. 99 SCALA MM210 D10S30 29999 BROADCAST lllllRZ 69565 155 99 BROADCAST Till ER Hi Hr» D10292 209 99 Till AM MAI ION S It 1)10 90126 42 99 1-SSl Nl 1 C14904 49 99 ENTERTAINMENT MR sl Ppllltl C11C42
29. 99 ULASI lti Cl 2251
33. 99 Bll 1 s IOMABI (.AMI Cl 4057
32. 99 BLAC K ( RY1T 95283
31. 95 BLADE Ol DI SI I'm D11900 46 99 BIAS EAR Dn 333 49 95 BODS IJEOWS D10122 39 99 HU M DRIN C13213 39 99 (AHI 1 1 AXIS Cl 1065 29 99 (AMIi-S 94677 34 95 CAST I IS || C13243
34. 99 CIVILIZATION Cl1092 39 9? ( ONQL F.ST 1)1 JAPAN C134?0 34 59 DAKKSL1 D Cl 3787 39 99 Dl SI R I'm HIM C133C4 31 99 Dl Nl II D10758 35 9?
L) ung'iiii Masted lu >« Striker C12772 25 99 ENTERUINMI NT 3 PAK C15630 44 9? I-cudes Space Ace, Dragons La* Y raih of me Deccn IIRST SAMURAI D1011E 24 9? (.( Nsl 11P ’00(1 DI0541 33 93 HFIMDAEE C12387
15. 93 HIRED GUNs 010238 34 99 G Q IMAGEMAMEK D10166 134 99 IMAGINE 2.(1 90166 174 99 Mr All S| rri R 81624 19 99 I1 At. 1 si m AM C14870 139 99 PI R-SO.NM PAIN 1 Dll 162 72 99 PIXII 3D PRDf i ssluNAI CH670 139 99 viim i rf iin 2.H C15403 57 99 MSTAI'RO An 94110 54 99 AMIGA VIDEO SOFTWARE | (LAI It . AH 1 2 t Cl 3760 239 99 ( I'm MDRPM Cl 2922 59 99
DI. EUXL PAINT | 94997 107 95 j 1II 1 UXF PAIN 1 IV AU.A tr». C13277 124 99 DLLL'Xl. VIDEO' 111 79452 99 95 JIMAGF F X.US Dll-61 23? 9? MORPH PI 1 S Cl 31 -9 144 99 PROVIDED U.G 11 C1139I 111 99 M TAKF 2 ? 11671 64 99 Idl (1 DIKI ( 1 OK 96170 133 99 A complete, high- powered, all-in-one package for the Amiga. Choose from ; the word-processor, database, spreadsheet, graphics, or utilities modules!! Mini-Office Cl4932 S69.99 MAXI PLAN * C11379 99 99 MAVIS BI AGON D1C93" 38 9? PHASAR C11079 49 99 PROWR GRAMMAR QcilO 51 99 I’ROwri it:,h n 66222 54 9? SH AM PI USON AI . D12067 99 99 SI Pt HBASI t PRO C14194 169 59 Wit 1 HEW PRO DI207Q
134. 99 PRESENTATION SOFTWARE AMIGA MUSIC & SOUND 69 99 219 95 99 99 79 99 34 99 AMIGA is a registered trademark ol Commodore Amiga Inc.. NOTE Due to publishing lead-times, product prices and specifications are subject 10 change without notice ¦AP0, FPO. AX, HI, CN. VI. GU. And foreign orders are subject to additional shipping charges O Utilizes AGA C15-92 D10534 90939 95390 92226 Cl 5332 97795 D1037S Cl 3262 Cl 1340 D106B0 D10978 Cl 5029 CU118 93055 34552 D1D106 D 1205c D12173 95271 90767 Cl 0806 Cl 1857 D10146 Dll 503 Cl 0795 95604 D10965 D10992 C10700 D10172 Cl 3908 93059 C15118 INDY JON I I 1 I ATLANTIS IMIAH I'M I IACA.I JOHN M I>IH N 100I1UI 1 IASI NINJA 1 IMPORT' I FMMINUS I LMMINA.S II I Ml I RHUS I INKS LOOlY FORDS 01 I IMF I (1ST TRLAS- Ml IN Kit OM FOSI VIKINI.S MAMV MANSION MANS! I I SWT I) ( M AMI'. MANSFI I S ACA VI RSION Ml! KOI I Si .1 I It ANI It IFF MONUt'UI 1 tVQLNLRA I ION OXYD (DIO.)
O. Yl I) U lucbook) I'OITI.OF S II I'OW I HMONI.I II Kall HOAl) 1 Y( ION SIM I MINI M l I 1‘WAI Ivl II Sl’AtT I F.C.I NDS i (jjmc.il 11IIKU RtlCII I MAT. AIK VDI TROl l.s Trie DAO low Fits VIKINI.S WAR in ilu 1.1 I I WAKI.ORDS Woii I 1)1 I IK I II ZOUL (I OR .VI'(Ml jiuI A4000I SCALL EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE CD5S1 96219 33134 D10167 C52666 34567 Cl0952 AM VS FUN-2-3 RRIDC-I « 0
L) lNOSAF’H.S ltl I ll[(f VI H DISCOVI 10 PIH NMPIIOM Ml s SCIFAHIH I srimWARI FOR nil SAT WIILR1 IN I ill WORI I) IS CVK.MFN SANDHT.O? W HFRF IN FI ROPL? Will HI IN I IMF? WIIFRF IN Till t s V. A9S401 A96441 High-Density Amiga External Floppy Drive
* 330KByte second Data Transfer Rate
* 256KByte Cache
* Multi-session Drive
* SCSI Device
* 200msSccessTime AMIGA CD 32 Toshiba CD Drives Toshiba CD-ROM Internal Drive Toshiba CD-ROM External Drive Watch Future Ads for More Details D12513 Newi$ [?l44 Color Printer A96222T ....$ 499.99 PIUS SPECIAL SALE: NX-1040 Rainbow Printer ......$ 159.99 Cation Color Printer
16. 8 Million Colors for only $ 599.99 H11757
• Built-in stereo amp
• Left and right speakers
• Swivel-tilt base 1942 MultiSync Monitor D10485 Or consider the 1084S Monitor: 1084S Monitor 74095 Multisync Monitor Fun School Specials have been developed to help children with specific areas of learn- ing.AII the programs are colorful, fun environments that children respond to, Merlin's Maths Dl 1809 S26.99 Spelling Fair D11815 $ 26.99 Paint & Create Dll794 $ 26.99 Quantum BS127ATBS127S Quantum 9S17QATESJ7GS Quantum QTM270AT QTM27CS Quantum QTMS25A7 QTM525S Seagate 91O0A* Seagate ST9145A’ Conner C32C84 Connor C?2124 Cable only tor A600.A12CC fleered iCI tor A50C Reqyred Kfl lor A60GA12GG
* Not compatible wsSi A$ 00 Rated AmigaWorld The only ALL IN ONE single board SOLUTION for the Amiga 1200 that provides superior ACCELERATION NETWORKING SCSI Controller TWELVE GAUGE 50MHz _D10405 599.00 PAGESTREAM 2.2 OEM Version Pagestream 2.2 is the £1 Amiga DTP program. We have exclusive arrangement to provide you with the same great program and manual, but without the glossy box at a savings of $ 220! Find out why Amiga World gave PageStream their Experts’ Users' Choice! Includes coupon for upgrade to PageStream 3.0 for $ 125! C10679 S79.99 PAGESTREAM 2.2 Full Version Buy this full copy of PageStream 2.2 now and receive a coupon for a FREE upgrade to 3.0! PageStream 30 will include over 1000 new features gradient fills, AGA color, recordable Arexx, PANTONE support, and more fonts. It can even load ProPage files. Hurry when 3.0 starts shipping it will retail for $ 395! Includes coupon for FREE upgrade to PageStream 3.0! D14174 $ 169.99 Shipping, Handling, Insurance Order Amount Charge less than SI9.99 S5.00
520. 00-S39.99 S6.50
540. 00-S74.99 $ 7.50
575. 00-S99.99 $ 8.50 SI 00.00-$ 149.99 S10.50
5150. 00-S299.99 $ 11,75 S300 $ Over 3.5% of Order DRIVES We carry a complete selection of SCSI and IDE Hard Drives from Quantum and other fine manufacturers. Call for latest models and prices! IDE and SCSI Hard Drives Access Hard Drive Description Mbyte W H Time TENEX Price Cl 1760 5139.93 Cl 1922 5199.99 Cl 1933 5209.99 A95523 5289 00 A96534 $ 64900 Cl 1790 5199.99 A7276- S254 99 A96242 5o49 00 A85432 5149.99 A93736 5299 99 A99013 ST99.99 A99027 5269.99 A35748 $ 8.99 95748 Si 34.50 C‘5262 S34.99 Why buy just a word processor when you can buy a desktop publisher for the same price? For the Amiga 1200 600 Notebook Size! Conner CP2084 85MB IDE Drive A99013 TENEX Price Conner CP2124 120MB IDE Drive A99027 jLKjy J C For die Amiga 500 GVP A500 HD8 D10565 Computer Express 56800 Magnetic Drive. Mishawaka. IN 46545
(219) 259-7051 FAX (219)259-0300 We gladly accept mail orders! Prices and specifications subject to change. Order Toil-Free Nationwide isoo-PROMPT-i (1'800-776-6781) AMERICAN R E V I E W S From p. 23. Also, the supplied Profiler tool allows you to analyze where your program spends most of its time processing. Some of the supplied executables a bug that trashes the menu bar if a screen font taller than eight points is used. This problem surfaces in the file requester and the assembler's Intuition front end (M68Iface), but not in Macro68-Help, the hypertext help browser bundled with the package. On the other hand, nice touches include no service charges for cus- tomer-support calls and a prepaid sell- addressed registration card. My few gripes aside, I do like this assembler. Macro68 is fast and Flexible, Faithful to the credo of programmers’ documentation, the 130-page manual serves strictly as a reference, not as a tu- torial. Unfortunately, there’s no index, and while there’s a table ol contents, its entries are not in alphabetical order, making it difficult to locate information. Program Complete On the program's downside, you’ll find in Just As King Arthur’s Excalibur Gave Him The Winning Edge, You Can Unlock The Potential Of The A-4000 40 With Your X-Calibur, And Win. The X-Calibur Provides An Impressive 80% Increase In Speed And Has Space For Up To 128 Megabytes Of RAM. The X-Calibur Board Does Its Wizadry Without Taking Up A Precious Slot On The A-4000. A Must For The Professional, The X-Calibur Is Available Now! The X-Calibur Is Brought To You Jointly By RCS Management, bsc Automation and Micro R. & D. Contact Your Dealer Today! For More Information: In Europe: bsc buroautomation AG ..49 (089-357130-0) -99 FAX In The US: Micro R.&D. (800) 527-8797, (308) 745-1246 FAX In Canada: RCS Management (514) 926-3755, (514) 926-3131 FAX o vlebrask, bsc Management Montreal, Quebec Canada Munich. Germany makes good use of the new improved Motorola syntax, and is supported by an established US Amiga software distributor. What more could an Amiga programmar ask for in an assembler? Darius Taghavy Rpaint MegageM, $ 79,95 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 1MB chip RAM. Recommended system: Same as minimum. Arexx-controIled paint program. Every once in a while ! Receive a product for review that poses more questions than it answers. Rpaint, a new Amiga paint package from MegageM, is one such. It's not a paint program in the usual sense, having somewhat of a public- doinain air about it, but its strong suit is that it's an interactive, Arexx-program- mabte program. This means that through an Arexx script you can externally control almost even feature Rpaint offers. The idea is to create eye-catching presentations and create an Arexx- friendly, graphic-display environment. Paint by Numbers You can launch Rpaint via the CLI, from an Arexx script, or from Workbench. Started from a CLI or a script, the screen mode, resolution, and color parameters are passed via the command line by previously set flags or switches. If launched i O from Workbench, a requester appears with options for screen resolution, colors, and other display settings, including a screen mode that displays Rpaint on the Workbench screen. That mode, however, proved subject to occasional instability on an A400G 040. Rpaint supports up to 64 colors in all standard .Amiga resolutions, including SuperHires (requiring an ECS or AGA chip set). You can specify screen sizes from 320x200 up to 16000x16000, although the large virtual screens require a 2MB Angus graphics chip. Rpaint does support AGA, but you are still limited to 16 colors in Hires. The program does not support HAM or traditional non-Amiga graphics modes such as GIF and Targa. 4’he look and feel of Rpaint’s main program screen falls under a “no-frills” heading. There are no tool bars, command R E V I E W S mm jitm jsssFSrnSsiJr-*"• " 'ani u j iw. .«U.l* MB IW :-:L: -‘d- '-" I
* ’
* ** * r » 11 while its Arexx scripts control displays, don’t expect to access Rpaint features through other programs’ .ARexx ports. Arexx programmers will no doubt delight in Rpaint’s ease of use and flexibility. In the hands of a talented programmer, Rpaint can be useful for generating scrolling displays, presentations, and large virtual screens. While multimedia packages might be better suited for this, there’s nothing else that’s competitive in Rpaint’s price range (S80). While recording and playing back Rpaint scripts is fun and rather novel at first, programming experience with Arexx is mandatory for producing professional displays, so I’m hesitant to recommend Rpaint for the serious artist who has little or no knowledge of Arexx. Devoid of features usually found in oth- er standard Amiga paint packages, Rpaint has the look and feel of a slick public-domain paint program. In other words, don’t expect a Dpaint in Rpaint’s clothing. John Ryan ¦ Rpaint's Aroxx macros at work. Icons, or anything else to differentiate Rpaint from a normal Workbench screen (sans disk icons). Functional file requesters that might be described as “semi-standard” complete the scene. Ever)' paint tool and feature is accessed via three drop-down menus. The first one deals with saving, loading, or printing graphics files. The second and third menus are where all the program’s tools and environmental controls are located. To its credit, Rpaint’s tool selection, though scant, will get most jobs done. There are provisions for drawing lines, boxes, ellipses, circles, and so on. In addition, allowances are made for text entry and font loading, as well as commands to Fill or draw with various fill styles. .Although you can create brushes and load or save them, there is no way to rotate or scale the brushes, nor can you make on-the-fly color changes of selected brushes. Also, without a keen working knowledge of Arexx (which lacks graphic commands), you have no arrangement for using gradients of any kind all fills are accomplished according to the selected foreground color and fill pattern. As previously stated, Rpaint can be controlled externally via scripts. By sending various commands through its Arexx port, you can control the program as if you were using a mouse. Although Rpaint’s commands seem rather simplistic, drawing complicated screens can be a daunting challenge especially considering the lengthy .ARexx code required to draw even the most rudimentary image. Thankfully, Rpaint comes with a set of macros to demonstrate many Arexx possibilities. It also offers a “record” function, which, when activated, records every move you make while using Rpaint and automatically generates an Arexx script. When launched, the script will duplicate the work you accomplished while the record function was active. Incidentally, Selected as the best professional productivity software at the last two North American Amiga Developers’ Conferences, the SAS C Development System now includes C++. COMrUTTNC If you are currently using another commercial C compiler, call now for details on our special trade-in offer! For more information and to order, call SAS Institute at 919-677-8000, ext. 7001. SAS and SAS C are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. SAS Instfitntp Inr in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand SAS C FI ‘ * and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their Lamp US IjriVC respective holders. Cary, NC 27513 Circle 40 on Reader Service card. DKB PRODUCTS MegAChip 2000™ With 2 Meg Agnus Chip Included h.j 2 MB ol Chip RAM for A500 2000 STOP RUNNING OUT OF CHIP RAM Fully compatible with Workbench 2.0. the ECS Denise chip. GVP's & Commodore's 68030 accelerators Why upgrade to 1 meg of RAM when you can have the same high tech 2 meg chip RAM as the A3000 A4Q007 With the $ 196.50 MegAChip 2000 you get the following bonus package FREE! Goliath Agnus chip puller and torx wrench (absolute necessity) valued at $ 6.95 .... FREE Final Test Agnus diagnostic disk valued at $ 9.95 FREE New Amiga Troubleshooter guide valued at $ 9.95....FREE MegAChip 2000 (with 2 MB Agnus installed + $ 30 worth of free bonuses for a total package price of S196.50 NOTICE: The Goliath chip puller diagnostic software is available exclusively from Grapevine. Buy the MegAChip from us and we'll give you the new 8373 Super Denise (ECS) for $ 19,50 We will beat any legitimate advertised price! MANY EXTRAS INCLUDED AMIGA DIAGNOSTICS FOR EVERY NEED AMIGA TROUBLESHOOTER1 TM TOP SELLER AMIGA EMERGENCY STARTUP KIT Stop sending out your Amiga lor repairs. Save a lot of time ard money by repairing your own. Over 90% ol delective Amigas are easily repaired by this plug-in replacement kit. Kit corrects 28 symptoms and includes: Two 8520A CIA Chips. 8362, 8364, 68000-8. Chip Puller Torx wrench, Fuse. Schematic. Amiga Troubleshooter and the Final Test diskette.
• Emergency Startup Kit (PDIA 14). A $ 114 00 value for „ ...... , ...$ 64.50 Same as DIA 14 but includes 8373 Super Denise instead of 8362 ( DIA 148) .$ 79.95 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8372A 1 meg Agnus ( DlA 14Q .. ...$ 94.50 Same as DIA 14 and includes with 8373 (instead of 8362) and 8372A ( DJA 14D) .....$ 104.50 Now you can place your Grapevine orders 24 hours a day! Our new BBS supports speeds between 300 and 2400 BPS. To order from our new on-line catalog, simply set your modem settings at 8N1 and call 914-343-VINE (8463). Announcing: The Grapevine Group BBS AMIGA UPGRADES CUSTOM UPGRADE CHIPS 2 05 2.04 ROM ..... See column at right 5721 Buster (318075-02) for A2000 ...$ 14.95 8362 Denise % Bright upgrade 8364 Paula .....$ 14.95 8373 New Super Denise with diag. Instruct software.....$ 25.95 8372A 8375 Upgrade Kit (NTSC PAL) Special see below 5719 Gary chip ..... $ 13.50 8520A CIA chip Controls 12 major functions (2 S 16 S0)... $ 8.40 I 3 Kickstart ROM low. Low price with instructions $ 21.25 7 0 hard disk upgrade ROMs for 2091 (2) ....$ 39.95 6570-036 Keyboard chip (Fixes most kybrd. Problems).. $ 11.95 Panasonic 32K Printer Buffer Chip .. ..$ 14.95 Citizen 32K Printer Buffer Chip .$ 14.95 A501 original Commodore (512K) for A500 $ 24.50 tVe carry more Commodore & Amiga chips Calf STOP COSTLY AMIGA REPAIRS IT’S PROBABLY YOUR 8520 CIA CHIP II your Amiga 500 1500 2000 show the following symptoms, you MAY need a replacement of the most problematic (IC) chip in your Amiga, the 8520 Areas affected by either of the two 8520 chips are: centronics port, RS232 porl.joy Stick port, mouse port, drive LED, drive motor, blank screen, green screen, boot and external drive problems The 8520 is a simple plug in and will save you a (ol ol repair costs and down lime 40% of all defective Amigas are caused by bad 8520s Simple plug-in chip 8520 CIA ...$ 8.40 ea. 2 8520 CIA's lor $ 16 50 FATTER AGNUS UPGRADE COMPLETE 8372A 8375 1MB KIT S36.85 Kit comes with Agnus. FREE Goliath Agnus chip puller (a necessity), step-by-step instructions, the NEW Amiga Troubleshooter diagnostic guide (valued @ $ 9 95). And diagnostic software These valuable extras are an exclusive BONUS package only available from Grapevine. This kit has free bonuses tnai total $ 27 95 (We'll beat any legitimate competitor's price on the Agnus cnip and still give you the diagnostics and Goliath chip puller) Quantity price available . 536.85
2. 1 NEW OPERATING SYSTEM ( AS215) Includes new 2.05 ROM Cfl manuals and diskettes yl 4.0U WHY BUY THE 2.05 ROM? The 2.05 ROM. Firs! Released in the UK and Europe, is the latest version ol the new operating system It incorporates many changes, including library enhancement and user port modifications This chip is not readity available in the U.S. because it does not work with the older A500 computers (revisions 3 & 4). But this new ROM does wortrwith A500 rev. 5 & 6 and all revisions of the A2000 H you have a rev. 5 or 6 A500 or an A2Q00, this is the ROM for you! (A500 Rev. 3 & 4 use 2.04.) (CONTAINS A ROM SPEAKER FOR VERIFICATION AND SPECIAL CIRCUITRY FOR ALL AMIGA REVISIONS) Electronic ROM Selector Switch by Global Upgrades, Inc. allows for compatibility ol ALL your software Many software programs still need the 1.3 to function properly. Automatically switch between 1.3 or 2.0 ROM from your keyboard. Built-in speaker confirms 1.3or 2.0 ROM Does not overlap Ihe 68000 chip, which means complete compatibility wiih AdSpeed or Mega Midget Racer, etc. Simple plug in. No soldering. Lowest priced keyboard switch available. Instructions included (NEW LOW PRICE) ...... S19.95 SWITCH-ITT BONUS PACKAGE:
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 39.95
• Buy the Switch-ltt with 2.05 ROM upgrade @ $ 46.50
• THE ULTIMATE DEAL: Buy the Switch-ltt with 1.3 and 2.05 @ $ 62.50 (Want entire 2.1 kit? Add $ 4350) LET US CURE YOUR PRINTHEAD PROBLEMS
• LOW COST PRINTHEAD REFURBISHING • Don't throw out your old wcrn printhead. For a fraction of the cost ol a new one. We will refurbish or remanufacture it to factory specifications for you SAVE UP TO 70%. One year warranty 6 day turnaround (400 types done) For example: Okidate 80 90 100 heads are $ 69 00, Epson (9 pm) EX FX LX are $ 79 00. Call for more information. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE WORLD'S BEST SELLING A500 2000
2. 05 ROM chip only (latest enhanced version) ......$ 27.95
2. 04 ROM chip only (no books or diskettes) .....$ 27.95
2. 1 Complete Kit (PAS215): includes new 2.05 or 204 ROM. Books and diskettes. Newly upgraded $ 74.50 2 1 Kit (PAS216): Same as above bul does NOT include ROM (for upgrading your old 2.0 kit) ...$ 44.50
2. 04 ROM A3000 Upgrade Kit ......$ 45.50 2 04 A2620 2630 ROM Upgrade Kit 534.95 New Release (AS217) Enhancer Kit for 2.1 3.0 user: Provides Arexx documenlation & much needed additional 2.1 info (4 lbs) .$ 26.95
2. 1 diskettes (set of 5) see MISCELLANEOUS ORDER STATUS LINE
(914) 368-4242 SUPER DENISE 8373 UPGRADE Upgrade to the latest features Comes with Super Denise diagnostic disk and installation software programs which is exclusively available through the Grapevine ....$ 25.95 IS IT WORTH $ 9.95 TO LOCATE YOUR PROBLEM? The Amiga Troubleshooter is simple, easy-to-use lor diagnosing faulty components on all Amiga computers It takes you through logical steps leading you directly to the source of your problem in seconds Over ninety percent of Amiga problems are readily fixed by simple substitution of integrated circuits (ICsi in existing plug-in sockets. The novice as well as the experienced technician will find it simple to use. No other tools or equipment are needed. Over thirty of the most common failures in the following categories are listed: power-up problems. Amiga keyboard, mouse joystick port, video display, serial pod. Parallel pod, disk drive, and audio problems $ 9,95 ™ OVERDRIVE 3W PCMCIA ADAPTER FOR IDE REMOVABLE DRIVE for Amiga 600 1200 OVERDRIVE is the first removable 3)5" hard drive expansion module for the A600 1200 that plugs into the PCMCIA port. This self contained unit uses an inexpensive IDE hard drive and can be plugged fn and removed while the machine in on. It is recognized by the operating system just like an ordinary floppy disk. More important, the wty. Remains intact as the hard driveattaches lo the outside ol the case. Thousandssold in Europe each month and now available in the U S $ 119.95 (Call for package price with 210 MB Hard Drive) MultiStart ir Switch between ROMs from your keyboard Allows A500 2000 owners to install K ckslart 1.3 and 2.0 and switch between them with the keyboard A sizable percentage ol currem software will be incompatible with the new 2.0. This simple device allows you lo be compatible with all your software. No external wires or switches required $ 27.50 MULTI START BONUS PACKAGE
• Buy Ihe MulliStari with 1.3 ROM upgrade @ $ 44.50,
• Buy Ihe MultiStart with 2.G5 ROM upgrade @ $ 52,50,
• The Ultimate Deal: Buy the MultiStart w 1.3 & 2 05 @ $ 73.95. ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER AN INEXPENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC ANALYZER THAT WORKS ON ALL AMIGAS Amiga Shopper magazine (U.K.) says "without doubt, this is the finest diagnostic equipment I have ever seen, and I address all Amiga repairers and practical-minded users when 1 say this is really something worth having." A complete diagnostic hardware & software analyzer (uses point and click software interlace). The analyzer plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software displays 6 screens to work from. Shows status of data transmission signals: Tests game port function, parallel port, serial port, disk drive, video ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test Reads diagnostic status of any read write errors from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what errors are found and the chips responsible. 85%-90% ol the problems presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end user or repair shop can afford to be without one. Don't be fooled by its low cost. Simply plug in cables from the analyzer box. This sophisticated diagnostic tool is used by end users & Amiga repair centers worldwide $ 69.95 ? EXCLUSIVE SPECIALS ? A501 original Commodore (512K) for A500 ..$ 24.50 A601 memory expansion for A600 554.95 A1050 256K expansion for A1000 ..... $ 19.50 Bomac Tower: For A2000 Handles up to 4 floppies, a hard disk, tape back ups ..S262.00 Slingshot Pro: Gives A2000 slot for your A500, New design with passthrough. Now take advantage of all A2000 plug in boards ...S39.95 Extractor Plus Kit: Contains Agnus chip puller and much needed torx wrench (a necessity) , $ 6.95 High Density Drive 1.76 MB (external sell contained): for Amiga by Power Computing ....$ 178.00 1520 Plotter Pen Refills (set ol 5 colors) ......$ 7.95 Amiga Joystick (by Commodore) ......$ 7.95 Analog Joystick Adapter: Use any IBM compatible joystick on your Amiga . $ 13.95 Amiga mouse lor A500 2000 ..,,,..$ 12.95 Flicker Free Video 2. Eliminates flicker By ICO ....$ 228.95 AdRAM 540. Add up to 4 megs of RAM internally in your Amiga 500. With 1 meg.... S119.95 w 2 meg ,.$ 149.95 Each additional meg of memory add .$ 35.95 insider 11™ for your A1000 With 1.5 meg ..$ 179.95 KwikStart I!™ Utilize 1.3and 2.0 ROM myourAIOOO $ 59.95 DKB1202™ FPU, RTC. Alarm and Memory-Allows A12Q0 ow ners fo install a floating point unit co-processor (up lo 40 Mhz using Ihe 68882).a real-time clock with daie timeand "alarm" functions,and the ability to add up to 8 meg of true 32-bit RAM Great for ray-tracing, etc Price includes 68881-16 Mhz FPU $ 139.95 ORDER LINE 1-800-292-7445 • STATUS CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE (914) 368-4242 eesEi&Bi Tbe GRAPEVINE GROUP INC. Order Line Onlv 3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, New York 10901 • Fax: (914) 357-6243 Order Status Customer Service Line: (914) 368-4242 (914) 357-3060 1 -800-292-7445 International Order Line: (914) 357-2424 9-6 e.t. mon.-fri. COMMODORE FACTORY SURPLUS r%-NEW AND REFURBISHED- ecently, Commodore elected to consolidate their stateside operations, thus making them financially stronger. One of the first steps taken uas to JL «L reduce their inventory in both the U.S. and Canada. In doing this, select distributors were given the opportunity to purchase sizable amounts (over ‘ j million pounds) of new and factory refurbished parts at extraordinarily loti prices. This section contains these n cw and refurbished items, which are indicated by the letters 4tN"or"R” to the left of each product. Refurbished does not mean used or pre-ouned, but si mply factory remanufactured. Some units may have minor imperfections hardly noticeable. With the exception of a minor imperfection, if any, most everything appears "mint." Of course everything carries a full 90 day warranty and some items a fullyear. This is your opportunity to purchase A miga Commodore parts and equipment at up to 80% less than an authorized dealer pays. Every month we add items to this list that have just arrived from Commodore. COMPUTER SYSTEMS R Amiga 500 with power supplyand software (no mouse) ...$ 179.95 R Commodore C64C w power supply (latest design and revision) .$ 89.95 R Commodore C64 w power supply..$ 64.50 R A2000 with all chips including 8372 Agnus.
2. 04 ROM, keyboard, mouse, power supply and manual .....$ 469.95 R C128 with power supply (no manual) .... $ 99.95 R C128D with built in 1571 drive, keyboard and power supply ....$ 139.95 R PC10III (XT) No hard drive ....$ 149.95 R PC20III (XT) 20 meg hard drive .. * ...$ 169.00 R PC40III (AT-286) 40 meg hard drive $ 299.95 MISCELLANEOUS N MPS1230 Commodore printer (same as Citizen 120) tractor friction S69.95 N MPS 1230 brand new replacement ribbon .... $ 9.95 N New Housing lor A500 Includes top 8 bottom ...... $ 16.95 N Printer Port Adapter.* Interface any Commodore printer to work any PC PC clone $ 29.95 N A520 RF modulator. Allows you to connect an Amiga (A500 20QQ 300Q) to a TV or composite video monitor. The A520 converts the RGB video signal into composite color video Complete kit wilh instructional book ... $ 19.95 N A2300 Commodore Genlock Board (A2000 3000) Simple plug-in board software (specify A2000 or A3000) with software manual ... $ 64.50 DISKETTES N 3Vi" (720K) Commodore diskette with various software that can be erased. This is a new disk available at a low price. Package of 10 ..... $ 4.60 Package of 50 ..$ 21.95 N Just Released 2.1 Series Diskettes (same software as 2.1 kit)
2. 1 install disk (370166-01) .....$ 3.95 2.1 lonts disk (370169-01) ....$ 3.95
2. 1 locale disk (370129-01) ....$ 3.95 2.1 extra disk (370168-01) ....$ 3.95
2. 1 workbench disk (370167-02). $ 3.95 Set of all 5 diskettes ...$ 17.50 DRIVES N 1.76 MB External High Density Drive: JUST RELEASED for Amiga. Self contained. Made by Power Computing ..... S178.00 N A500 internal 880 K drive: Exact drop*in replacement ..„ .$ 59.95 R A590 hard drive (20 megs) with controller & power supply $ 169.95 With extra 2 megs installed add $ 74.00 R A1Q10 1011 Amiga external 3W floppy (with case) .....$ 54.95 N A2000 internal drive .$ 79.95 N A3000 internal 2'ti' drive $ 89.95 N A2090 hard drive controller (no memory) . $ 17.95 N Sony tape cartridge (OD 6150) used with A3070 tape backup ..S18.50 R 1541 complete floppy drive with cable ....$ 64.95 N 1541-11 complete stand alone floppy drive with P S ...$ 90.50 N 1571 complete stand alone floppy drive (Selling out last) ..$ 119.95 R 1571 same as above but refurbished ... $ 84.50 N 1581 floppy drive replacement ..... $ 59.95 N 1581 drive (complete) ..... $ 94.50 N IBM Commodore brtdgeboard floppy (5V4-1.2 megs) ..$ 37.50
• NOT A COMMODORE PRODUCT MOTHERBOARDS N A5QQ (rev. 3) Complete with all chips including Vt meg Agnus 1.2 ROM ..$ 89.95 N A500 (revision 5 and up) Includes 8372 1 meg Agnus & 1.3 ROM ..$ 129.95 N A10QQ Last chance to keep a spare .$ 89.95 R A2000 Includes 8372A 1MB Agnus & new 2.04 Operating ROM .....$ 299.95 N A2058 Commodore A2000 8K RAM expander (2MB installed) ...$ 149.50 N A2058 same as above with 8MB installed $ 295.00 R A3000 (various revisions) .....CALL N A3000 daughter expansion (Zorro) board ....$ 84.50 N VGA 286 laptop motherboard by Commodore ..$ 149.50 R 1541 replacement control board only ......$ 24.50 N 1571 control motherboard . $ 39.95 R C64 motherboard (1984-7 version) Includes all chips ..$ 34.95 N C64C motherboard (revision E).. ... .. $ 54.50 N C128 motherboard (with new ROMs) $ 69.95 N C128D motherboard (with new ROMs) .... $ 74.50 N PC30 40 60 111 ...... CALL N 1750 RAM expansion board (no outside case) ....$ 19.50 N Slingshol Pro:* Gives A2000 slot for your A500, New design with passthrough. Now take advantage ot all A2000 plug in boards. A top seller ....$ 38.50 N A501 original Commodore for A500 512K memory upgrade ...$ 24.50 N A2300 Commodore Genlock board (A2000 3000) software (specify A2000 or A3000). Comes with software manual $ 64.50 KEYBOARDS A500 (American version) $ 27.50 f A500 (U K. version) $ 22.00 A600 1200 ...$ 29.50 A1000 ..$ 54.50 A2000 ..$ 49.50 A3000 .$ 49.95 mm N C64 ......$ 15.95 R C128D $ 34.50 N PC Series ...$ 34.50 N Encoder Board (Mitsumi) (A500 20QQ 300Q) .. $ 19.00 N CDTV in black ...$ 34.50 N 286 386 laptop $ 69.95 POWER SUPPLIES N A500 Exact Amiga replacement . $ 29.95 R A500 (240V U K & Europe) ......- ...$ 24.50 N A500 Big Foot* (A500 600 200 watts) A must for Toaster users ......$ 79.95 N A1200 Big Foot 200 watts ......$ 79.95 N A2000 Big Foot* (300 watts) ....$ 135.00 N A2000 (Switchable from 110 220V) Exact Amiga rep acement .$ 89.95 N A3000 Exact Amiga replacement .....$ 84.95 R A3000 (220V) (U.K. & Europe) ......$ 79.95 N C64 (sealed nonrepairable) 1.5 amp ..$ 9.95 N C64 (repairable)* 1.8 amp .. $ 24.95 N C64 4.3 amp heavy duty (also used with 1750 RAM expander) .$ 29.95 N C1541 II 15B1 (external) Limited quantity. Going fast ...$ 19.95 220 Volt version available for .. $ 19.95 N C128D (internal) This spare is selling fast .....$ 9.95 N C128 external 4 3 amp (exact replacement) ...$ 34.95 N PC40 20 (75 watt) ..$ 49.95 N 1680 power supply for A1200RS modem _ ....$ 8.95 SHIPPING CHARGE UPS $ S FOR MOST SMALL (1 LB.) ITEMS AMIGA AND COMMODORE SUPPORT SERVICES Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround (24-48 hours), extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important-PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. CALL FOR RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER GLOBAL UPGRADES, INC. 3 CHESTNUT STREET, SUFFERN, N.Y .10901 -800-426-8693 914-357-2424 • FAX: 914-357-6243 HOURS: 9-6 E.T. MONDAY-FRIDAY For every piece of equipment repaired and returned to our customers, we will include the following FREE:
• A Commodore or Amiga diagnostic diskette ($ 10.00 value).
• A Commodore Diagnostician or Amiga Troubleshooter ($ 10.00 value). SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Between now and Feb. 15th, every customer who sends us their Amiga for repair has the option to purchase "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" software for the low price of $ 10,95, while supplies last. COST OF SERVICES* AMIGA FLAT RATE LABOR COMMODORE- FLAT RATE LABOR A500 $ 55 A3000 CALL C64 $ 25 1541 $ 30 A2000 $ 85 A4000 CALL Cl 28 $ 45 1571 $ 35
• PLUS UPS SHIPPING CDTV $ 60 CALL FOR OTHER ITEMS WE SERVICE Travels With Amiga Loren Eyrich prefers the road “less traveled by” literally j j and figuratively. When the fortyish Florida • transplant grew weary of corporate life working as comptroller for America's largest Chevy dealership, he tilled up the gas tank in his camper, strapped on his driving gloves, and hit the hack roads. And, lie’s never looked hack. For the past two years, Loren “Two-Lane" Eyrich has logged more miles than Carmen San Diego, traveling back roads from Portland to Pensacola and from Corpus King of the back roads, Loren Eyrich spends six months of the year in this tiny motor home, affectionately named COW (Condo on Wheels). Christ i to Charleston. He has faithfully documented his exploits in a self-published newspaper called Heartland Highways. Following in the tire tracks of such notable road warriors as Jack kerouac and Thelma and Louise, Loren is living the dream of those who aspire to take to the road. After 19 years, Loren shed the trappings of big business. Now, more often than not, he goes to work each day wearing shorts and sneakers. And, his directive is simple: Plan an extensive trip (up to six weeks) at least four times per year; gather stories about the interesting people, events, and places you encounter; and then return home to print the newspaper. The monetary rewards may not be much, but Loren says, “there’s nothing Fd rather do.” Amiga and a Cow His lone traveling companion is an Amiga 2000, which assists him in chronicling his roadside adventures. The Amiga, which has proven as reliable as a detailed road map, is snuggled neatly in his camper and is a necessity in publishing his Heartland Highways quarterly, which is a one-man (and one-computer) operation. He's responsible for the writing and page layout, production, and even mailing. The Amiga is the “logical choice if you’re going to take along only one computer,” says Loren, whose tools in- elude ProWrire (to write the stories) and PageStream (for desktop publishing). He also uses the Amiga to record expenses and maintain a database. “ The Amiga equipment and the right software help me attain a quality look to the publication.” This peripatetic publisher, who sets out on a new adventure about as frequently as the seasons change, has logged over 40,000 miles and has traveled the lengths of such routes as Highway 41 (from Miami to the shore of Lake Superior), Lincoln Highway (from New Jersey to Nebraska), and the Appalachian Highway of US 19. He claims he “never knows where he’s headed until he leaves." Loren is driven in search of small-town America and a place to park his oversized pickup aptly referred to as COW (Condo on Wheels) featuring a bicycle affixed to the front and a row boat on top and weighed down with other necessities of road travel, including air-conditioner, microwave, refrigerator, and TV. At the end of a day’s traveling, Loren will often check in at an out-of-the-way campsite, where he types his recollections and musings into the .Amiga 2000. Yesteryear .and Today If Heartland Highways proves a stark contrast to those high- gloss travel magazines that profile beautiful people and exotic locations, then it’s because it has a different purpose. Through his humor and personable style, Loren attempts to “bring a smile to vour face and a warm feeling o in your heart.” Always on the lookout for a J clever phrase, he can spot an interesting road sign miles away (such as the classic “Eat Here and Get Gas”). Photos of unusual mailboxes, witty bumper slickers, and amusing storefront ads (“Suits Pressed in the Rear”) also populate the pages of . It’s this folksy, down-to-earth humor that gives the publication much of its appeal to readers, who vicariously experience the thrills and headaches of US travel east of the Rockies. Full of local lore, historical facts, and profiles of some interesting plain folk, HH offers one man’s slightly askew view Loren’s constant traveling companion is an Amiga 2000, with which he pro* duces a quarterly publication entitled Heartland Highways. Of life on the backroads of America. Loren is especially at home in the smaller towns, where “you can spit a watermelon seed from one end of the town to the other.” Towns that are off the beaten track, like Drv Tavern, Pennsylvania, or Yeehaw Junction, Florida. The trick, he says, is to “uncover the story that each town has to tell.” And Loren does it very well...whet her he’s relating the stoiy behind the world’s smallest police station or profiling a reluctant outhouse collector. Loren is a throwback, trying to capture a bygone era...of Burma Shave signs, carhops, and 27-cents-a-gallon gasoline. (For an S8. Subscription, write to: Heartland Highways, PC) Box 23518, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307.) A highly principled t r a v c 1 e r, Loren adheres to his own code, which eschews the use of interstate highways, franchise restaurants, a in use m e n t parks, and five- star facilities. According to Loren, these represent a boring way to travel and offer no surprises or opportunity to capture the local flavor of life on the hack roads. “And that,” as poet Robert Frost would say, “has made all the difference,” ¦ DB LIST OF ADVERTISERS Reader 190 Service Nu mber 185 153 184 12 Reader Service Number 20 74 * 5 4 2 7 * 91 173 * 157 93 99 183 50 37 170 44 40 191 45 88 192 49 85 151 72 lf>2 10 13 189 42 14 * * 16, 63 26 64 163 NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS A 8c M Computer Repair, 111 Adspec, 18 Advanced Systems and Software, 110 Alfa Data, 79 Amiga Game Zone, 111 Amigaman, 72-73 AmigaWorkl Back Issues, 107 Anti Gravity Products, 83 Bare Bones Software, 111 Better Concepts, Inc., 111 Blue Ribbon Soundworks Ltd., 16 Centaur Development, 6-7 Computability, 71 Creative Computers, 41-56 DeVine Computer Sales, 109 DevWane, Inc., 13 Dev Ware, Inc., 99 DcvWare Video. 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* This advertiser prefers to lie contacted directly. AMIGA AMIGA AND COMMODORE SUPPORT SERVICES Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround (24-48 hours), extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. For every piece of equipment repaired and returned to our customers, we wi! Include the following FREE:
• A Commodore or Amiga diagnostic diskette ($ 1000 value).
• A Commodore Diagnostician or Amiga Troubleshooter ($ 10.00 value). SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Between now and February 15th. Every customer who sends us their Amiga (or repair has the option to purchase "Where in the World ts Carmen Sandiego” software for the low price of $ 10.95, while supplies last. USING OUR SERVICE IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3
1. Call our toll-free number 1-800-426-8693 and receive a Return Authorization Number. This is your tracking number.
2. Pack your unit(s) securely. Write the Return Number on the outside of the box. Include Credit Card Number. Check or Money Order.
3. Send via UPS or other carrier. FOR FAST REPAIR CALL 1-800-426-8693 HOURS: 9-6 E.T. MON.-FRI. COST OF SERVICES* AMIGA COMMODORE FLAT RATE LABOR FLAT RATE LABOR A 500 $ 55 00 C64 S2500 A 2000 S35 00 C'2B $ -15 00 A3000 CALL 1541 S30 00 A-1000 CALL 1571 S35 00
• PLUS UPS SHIPPING C0TV $ 60 00 CALL FOR OTHER ITEMS WE SERVICE GLOBAL UPGRADES. INC. 3 CHESTNUT STREET, SUFFERN, N.Y .10901 914-357-2424 • FAX: 914-357-6243 HELP KEY Does anyone know the track of Hurricane Amiga? Plus, the benefits of copying to your C directory. ..and more. Amiga Storm Watch
Q. Years ago, one of my favorite Tandy TRS-80 computer programs was Hurricane Tracking Map. This program tracked hurricanes from Texas to the coast of New England. I've not seen a similar program for the Amiga. Does one exist?
R. Marhley Groff III ['pper Darby, Pennsylvania
A. After uncovering only a few IFF screens of storm and hurricane weather maps, and a surprisingly complete Amiga public domain program for tracking satellites called Sat Track 3.0, 1 was about to call off the search for an Amiga hurricane tracking program. Luckily, I recalled an alternative procedure that is accessible by your Amiga. It's so eifective, it can be blamed for making these weather tracking programs obsolete. If a storm is brewing and your Amiga is equipped with a modem and a CompuServe (CIS) account, you can retrieve timely (up-to-the-hour) reports on-line. At virtually any CompuServe prompt, just type “Go Weather” (Au- toPilot users can download auto-updating Weather Forum macros from CIS’s Amiga'Tech forum). Fen different weather directories exist in this forum, including one called Severe Weather Alerts. A variety of computer graphics are also supported, ranging from 16- color 640x480 to 2-color 320x200 resolution maps. Be forewarned that you'll need an image processing program to convert the graphics before use. Genie also offers a weather report called Daily Weather Maps. Though it’s not quite as comprehensive as CIS’s, it does provide frequently-updated weather conditions. One of the nice things about these on-line “weather channels” is that you can use any com- t 4 puter to access them, including a modem-equipped laptop when traveling. By Tim Walsh Decruncher Diffusion Q, have some file decrunchers for my Amiga 500 that I urn told needed to be copied to my C directory. What is the procedure and commands needed to perform this task? Furthermore, I cannot successfully install Directory Opus on my two-floppy drive system. I gel the error message "ArpJibrary neededDo I need a hard drive? Robert Joticoeur Ontario, Canada
A. Decrunchers, more commonly called file archival programs, both “decrunch” and “crunch" files. Copying these utilities to vour C directory is cl a good idea. While they can reside in any directory, the benefit of storing them in the C directory is that they can he launched from any Shell command line without first locating which directory thev reside in. Copying the files can be a chore, given the constraints of vour dual- n floppy drive system. First, boot the system with a copy of your Workbench in dfO:, then place a disk containing a copy of the archival programs in your dfl: drive. Next, double-click the Workbench disk icon to reveal the Shell icon. Double-click that icon to open a command line window. On the command line, type the following to find the name of the archive programs to copy: Dir DF1: All of the files will be listed to the screen. Write down the names of those to copy. If the list scrolls past too quickly, hit the spacebar to pause and the backspace key to resume. When ready, type the following: Copy DF1: = archival program}SYS:C In the above example, the name of the archival program may be Lharc, Zip, Zoo and so forth. The process should only take a few seconds. To test your success, remove the disk from dfl: and type the name of the archival program at the command line. If all went well, you should see a list of usages and command syntax for the archival program. Moving on to your second question, Directory Opus can be operated from a dual-floppy disk system, although not as effortlessly as from a hard disk- equipped system. To begin, make a copy of the Directory Opus disk from the Workbench. Place its disk and a blank disk in the drives, then drop the Directory Opus icon onto the blank disk's icon. A number of disk swaps may be necessary, as you’ll be prompted to insert and remove both tlie Workbench and Director)' Opus disks a number of times during the copy process. A request for the arp.library is a sure sign you’re using AmigaDOS 1.3, since later versions of the OS use the asl.library. One of the last versions made of arp.library was version 39.1 a 1 7K File requester library. You may Find it included with many older programs that used file requesters. Just check some of your other disks by booting the system with Workbench, placing a disk in dfl:, opening a shell, and entering: CD Dfl:Libs then type, List If von find it, enter the following to copy it to your Workbench: Copy Dfl:Libs arp.library SYS:libs Once you’ve gotten a copy of Arp.li- braiy on your Workbench, Directory Opus should work just fine. Best of all, with the exception of PkaZip, it will also directly access any of the archival programs that you copied to your C directory, too. ¦ A fMWm Serving the Amiga community since 1985 Public Domain Library $ 4.45 ea. 11-19 Disks j Turn the page and see DevWare Video for order info, or Order Toll-Free (800) 879-0759 W0133: 3 0 Extras 02 - Another disk chocked full of u1 lilies to urleasn the power cl Workbench 3 0 and AGA11 WB137: The Arexx Guide ¦ Ful ArrigaGuid© (inc.) Document to teacn you Arexxhl Tip filled wan easy x-referencmg' WB136: Terminus - VVB2 0. Moaem'Torminal program tull featured: scripts.1 scre&nmodos overscan etc WB135: 3.0 Extras *1 ¦ 13* utilities tor WB 3 C. Severa: must- haves far getting me most Cu! Of >Our new graphics modes1 W3134: 3.0 AGA Blanker 61 tzB anker for WB3 Q- 14 dt- !b-ert &!an*ers to really Show ot! Your AGA machine! WB133: Panasonic Studio - Special printer Preferences edi- SO' and dnver system far all Parason c 9 A 24-p.n prnters WB132: Canon Studio - Sbeaal pnnter Preferences edict ard drivers tor BJC SCO A 830, LBP. A1, A3. BJC 800, BJ 5, 10, 20. 200, 230. 300, 130 WB131: Magic Workbench Make your 2 04. Workbench sizzle With style wlh those 8 co!o» d toered cons Easy auio- nstails in rnifiutos Rea's WB2 04. And hard Cr.we WBI3Q: TooJManger 2 ¦ The ultimate tool manager fcr your Workbench. Ada animated icons, sound effects and 'docks' of programs to your WE..very usetoll Req. 2.0- and hard drive. WB129: Super Virus Killor • From Safe Hex Intl. Who catalogs and kills Amiga Viruses »cndwde--a complete virus system mat knows all Amga viruses updated olen Feo WB 2- WB128: ColorFonts - Contains 12 color bitmap fonts tor use wlh Dpanl or any software ttiai supports ColorFonts. WB127: Blanker* - Over 20 cliHerer: screen p ankurp Most an on Workbench 1 3- a few requre 2 0- FD92: Blast em - enn.-a r.s Scorered Tanks-a tank carte with futuristic weapons ce'enses & ‘great’ graphics. Gafact&d ts a Gaiaxian.’Space Invaders game completely Amign-tized FD91: Popoye A clone of lie original C-64 class c-Amlga Sty e with enhanced graphics Reqa f«s 1MB chip RAM FD90: Conquest & Domlnrcn - Co-qj©* the know, world and rra rtaln dominion over it--a microcosm of economic survival. FD89; Kastlo Kumquat A thoroughly entertaining and challenging maio adveniuro game. Great sour-dback and graphics Reo s 1MB Ch p RAM (tor PAL mode) F088: AmyBouldordash a c one of the original classic etferneiy we I done complete w m (eve edhor. 2 ccmpieio sets o! Levels and a level odnor Requires Workbench 2 *. FD37- OX YD- A commercial quality game-stnvlaf lo Marble Macness in nany ways, but al'ows two computers 10 1 nk S D-ay together...see now many of me 200 landscapes you can compete wn.hcut having to cei the hint book! FD86: Uchoss: The strongest playing Chess program available for the Amiga period Req 68030*. Workbench?.. 4MB RAM or more Supports AGA (req 8MB1) DD92: Developer Contains the offoal Commcoc'e dev© op- ("S k(S for the AmigaGuid© and Comrrodo-e Inslfl ' Uti'1 os a must have tor all serious dovu ope-s. Fun Disks FD6: GAMES! • This d sk is cncck full of games including; Checkers Due. Gold • A new slide the pieces puzzle, Jeopato
- An enhanced ve-slon ol Risk, RushHour • Surphsirgiy addicting, and SpaceWar - Best described as a cross between Ccmbat-Tanks ard asteroids. FD7: Pacman • Tb s o s contains several batman type games including: PacManf}’, MazoMan and Zonn FD1Q: HuckLilo ¦ A dungocrt adventure game Considorud a must-have classic. This is the 2nd release of fins game. Great graphic interface Play i.me several -weeks' FD11: las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vegas Craps - The best Las Vegas C'aps Simulation every written for any computer. Contams exsens ve HELP features. Also Thirty- One, V deoPcker and more. FD12AB: Star Trek, The Game - This is by far the best Star Trek came ever written for any compjte? It features mouse ccmro . Good graphics. Eg t zed sound ejects and g*eat game- p’ay, Counts as 2 disks Rea. Tmb and two drives (or hd). FD13: Board Games ¦ contains Monopoly, Dominoes. Paranoids, and others. OD33: IBM Net one bill TWO IBM emulators mat w II a low the runn-ng ct MS-DOS software wm Amiga programs!' Come-. CompleM w rn programs to turn you- Amiga floppy drives into 720K iSM compatible drives. FD17: Educallonal Games - This disk includes severa’ games for youngsters rCuc rg geography, math science, and word games, a'so 'nctoces V heef of Fortune FD20: Tactical Games MecnFo'ce; A game that s mu aies combal between two or rhO'e giant robots. Smple words Can ! Begin to g ve you the leel of piloting n 30 - 40 foot tall, fire D’o,vh rg. Nann snak ng cPcssus that obeys your evey whim. FD27: Arcade Games ¦ Tn 5 di$ k i$ loaoec with some g-ea: games, includes, Raceo>ama a g'eal raong car game wiin ion dlferent courses, MiniBiasi a heiicopior gunship lype clone. Shark in the same class as heggsr, and SB'eakou! The Or-ginal o-eakout witn more FD31: Games! • Ar Traffic Control - a gacd ATC smylat an. E'ack Jack Lab - a full featured set o‘ card games, ChessTe! - p!ay chess wilh your triend in distant and remote places w.th this game and a modem, labyrinm - a well done text adventure game (like an infocom game) and MouseT-ao - a 3fl maze We have been the official Public Domain Library of all the best Amiga magazines Find out why these magazines choose us' The first two letters on each duk indicate the orientatior of the bsk. WB* general interest - most programs can be fun horn the wo'kber.ch, FD* games and entertainment. VO* are viceo re I ate c progiams utilities and DD* advanced--requires thorough knowfecge ot AmigaDOS Cli. Thanhs to our extensive arsenal cf anti-virus software, ALL of our software ts guaranteed v rus free' Best Seller! DD?9ebcd: Amiga “C" Tutorial - Tbs is the most comprehensive C language -Amiga oriented sot of tutorials available includes lull working examples, source code and an incredible ret or leasorts, Included are tull discussions and examples lor Amiga programming ¦: disk set. Counis as 3. New Disks J FD39A&B: Star Trek, The New Generation - Tms is a com- p'etefy a tfg-em versidn of Star T'ek than !“at ‘cuno on Fdt2 Tnis Orta was created by the German author Too as. Excellent’ll Counts as two O'Sks Requires 512k FD50: Submarine Game ¦ Sealance. One and a ha'f years in the making, ihs is an cuistanomg suOnarino tactical game Corm.erc-.ai quairiy. Ngniy recommended. FD57: Arcade Games ¦ Includes 2 tru:y commercial quality games. MegaBail, an Arkanoid-ish game, features 5 musical scores and addicting gameplay. Gravity Attack is a psychadei- lic trip through severa1 different wc'lds each Odfarent. FDS9: Game Potpourri ¦ Xeron III is an almost e«act C'Cne o* the ccmrrrerca game o* the same name a g-eat shoctomup. Crossword win take lists ot words & nulomabcally gonorafe word-searcn puzzles tor any Epson compatible pnnlor FD60: Games in Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy e emy ins:a lat ons intarteron, a gre.9 D' Manp ciore Erngma; is rt a game or puzzle? FD61: Games - Solitaire, great graphics, plays two versions, Klida; an interesting piece of eye candy. Extreme Violence; 2 player ki'l or be ;ed game YATC; A Tens done with Art heal Inteil gemce. Genesis: create reaiist.c 33 fractal worlds FD62: PomPom Gunner. An extremely smoo-h ard wel dene World War II gunner simulat or! Req. 1 megabyte Of memory. FDE4: Games - Wizzy's Quest ¦ a 'groat' 50 level game won great graphics. Cubus - a O d mensional Tetris type game (rotate and move in 3 d mensions) HuS»er Du - Colors and patiom rathe* -han tnape tn this Tetns esque game. 5 scroers and 3 levels o' diff-cuity. Requires Fat Agnus (l Meg c! Chip) FD67: Arcade includes Llamatron a well-done Rodotron' clone. Haie is a 'terrific' Zaxxcn cione with mjhiple levels-wc'lds and smooth ciagora scrolling ..a 10' FD69: MindGames - Had ©rough of snoot-em up games7 Relax ana let these 21 games exercise your mr.p instead of your wrist FD73: Arcade Series Int'oder A'eri1 «s a MULTl-ieve' ’Be'serk" ciorxa. Features smooth gamopiay. G-eat gmphcs S, digtized sound fx. FD74: Arcade Series ¦ RmgWar is an 'Outer Limits' dor© with veclorized graphics MotherLone is a 'Loflo Runner' clone With 50 evels1 In B tzTankS, they're com rg at you from a I directions" Cali n a r sTnkes ana use you* heavy aoi ery to survive1 FD75: Arcade Series Descorde- s s done of the class c arcade game 'Tempest'; compete with vectcrrzeo graphics. Tanx is the classic battle of trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly well done1 Sea'ch is a maze game uni 4© any orner nqtuded =s a evel ed tor too |Tam requ res 1 meg ch p memory.Fat Agnus) FD77: Arcade Series Gaiaga 92 is a done ot the arcade game with severa' g3meplay enharcements- with smooooih. Sharp graph cs. It s better man me or gmai* Pnaraons Cu-se >s a co,'e of the orig nal CS4 pass o D plzmacy *s a beautifj ty computerized version ot the Avalon Hi poard gam ©--conquer or oe conquered1 The AmigaWorld "Best-OL1 Set! FD35ABCD AmigaWorld s Best - Thr-.-.e lour ctsk? Con- tan the twtesf b d gameg pi ‘92= Incudes Mother Lode
f. tpria. Min©!,©id. Pomg. Intruder Alert, Deluxe PacMan. Rocky qnd Super Artiilery (seo Dec. TO AmoiVVprlO) Four disk set counts os ihrso. FD81: SuperGames - Sotio o' :ne best games-Dankey Kong 15 better man the er g na; wtm an extra .'eve' Frantc Fredas and TrailBlazer are com lasi-paced arcade games. Mao Bomber is no class c came ot "Kasccm." Recone witn an Amiga flare. All of trese games a*e exceirent! FD82: Intrepid - In the Arctic ice. Yau controt a tark cn a m. -
s. cn to rescue nostages m this suce-dy zrahed Am.ga original. FD84; Games! Deluxe PacMan is better tnan the origmal- 20* mazes, special 'power ups’ with oust&nding graphics, Th nKAmari'a is the t’assc game of coneenrration-wttn beam- Inly drawn H Res images Workbench Disks YVB4:Telecommunicallon This d sk CO"ta ns several excellent pd communication p-ograms: Access 1 42. Gomm 1.34 S Hancsnaxe 2 12a See also WB102 S WbltS WB5; Fonts »t- 35 c trrap fonts. Also included are f ve PageStream ‘onts.aro SnowFont - a font disptay program game. FD32: Flight Simulator - An instrument svnu'ator fot a DC1Q. FD33: Arcade Games - FfredCy a Mars3 Bromers lyp© of game, Gerbils a target practice game. PrpeLme a German interpretation ol Pipe Dreams. Tron a light cycles version, and Wt»:ro d$ a wcnaedul vers on or asierC Cs With a hilarious twist FD35: Omega (v 1,3) - An outstand ng dur ecn a“-2 outdoors adventure gam© in a Similar ve.n as hack, rouge, and rroria. This vors-on is considerably faster and teher thaf all previous veis-ons. Play time: weeks. F038: Games ¦ Cribbage Masler - A great cr Dbage game and tutor. Spades a we I Cane card came Gn neseChec*©rS A computer verson ot this classic. P-zz - a sice piece puzzle game and ccr-strjctdh set WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 Th-s set contains the programs that should have been included with WB2*. These powerful uWmes tak* full advantage of the many new capabrMioo •ha: are eva labio In Wortuwnch 2 r-. Includes: Tool Manager. A wonderful utility to add programs to your TOOL menu. Virus Protection - Degrader, icon - Enhances Workbench's "Shew Air to disptay o*er 40 O SI-nct icons for dJferent types cl files. Bitmap Font Editor. Screen Bjankere - aia tractafs and upliners and swarmmg baas] Requestar Enhancers and CPUBiit Two disk set, counts as two. Guarantee - We believe so strongly mi our product that we offer a full lifetime, com-J pleie satisfaction guarantee No questions) askecf. Special** Order 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy of Anti-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! $ 3.95* ea. 20-29 Disks WBE: Fonts 02 ¦ ShowFoni allows you 10 quickly and painlessly view all 25€ characters in a typical font. Includes la-ge Am gaDos System fonts (many up to L6p!s). WB7: Clip Art This Csk is coded with b ack and wh te c! P ad- Art includes, trees, watches, tools, US and State maps, ano more. WB9: Icons Truly a nullirude c! Various types and kinds A SO nCuCes tconV ester, JcorLap. Ard others great otiJties to help generate icons WB12: Disk Utilities ¦ Th $ grear ckSK is loaded with wonderful utilities tor everything inc'udng making disk labels disk cam- log ng cisk opt miring, Qisk and fi.'e recovery archive and organizing, and all sqms Ot til© manipulation A must have1 WB13AB: Prirsior Drivers and Generator - ever 70 di*1eron = dnvers (includirg HR LaserJet 3 a 4!), also includes a pnnter- Onver generator. Two disk se' counts as two WB15: Business ¦ This drsk conta ns a spreadsheet, a database, a project time management program ard firanciaf analyse i stocks) WB18: Word Text Processors This d sk contains the Dost editors, Includes,ToxtPlus (v? 2e) a tull featured word proces sor, Omejvl 35) a great programmers editor wilti strong macro features TexED|v2 8) an ennarced EmaCS type editor, and a speii checker WB22: Fonr* *3 • Several nor© great fonts These like the other font disks work great with Dpa nt and WYSIWYG word processors. WB23: Graphics and Plotting ¦ Pipt, a 3-D matnemat ca=
* lfiction plotter. Can pd: any user dernea function. Bez3urf2 ¦ p-oduce awesome picxures Of objects one Could turn on a lathe. Can also map IFF image files onto any surface that it can d-aw Now compatible with most 3D packages, and Vscreen • makes a vdoai screen anywhere WB25:Educatior>el - On Th* disk are two programs rra: can ganorate maps ol drttenrg types. World Data Base uses th© CIA's data base to generals deta led maps of any entered user global coordinates. Also Paradox a great domonsirpiion ot A be-! Einstein General Theory of Re-at vty. WB27: Nagel • 26 Patrick Nag©' pCu'M o» beautiful women. WB33:Circuit Board Design * severa1 ternfc routines lor the electronic enthusiast. Includirg RC3:ooi * a drcu l board design tool. LogicLab • circuit log c lester. And Mend (1 26) a weil done new release of this PD CAD program, now comes wilh p'Odrawn common circuit components for insertion into schema: cs V B35: 3D Graphics ¦ This 0 sk contains 3Fonts - Ful vector font set for use w4n 3d programs. FontMakor ¦ make 3d lonls f'om any system tont, MakeiOSnape - create 3d shapes trom any image, DumptolFF - create 3d animations preserves pallet. Wodd3d - a demo of a ’-or: end tor use with CKBRercer WB36: Graphics On th s disk are several programs to create Stunn rg graphical images inducing, Mpaih - creates swirling oa axy images, Roses ¦ produce an uniim ted number cf variations of images that a symmetrically s.mi!a* to a rose. SiTGen - csp ay 'Pose spectacular mages as pan o! Your workbench, and RaySnade - a very good r.iyiracrg program, create ydur own beautiful 30 graphic models with this one! VVB37: Educational Educational games and puzzles that cover math. Qeography. Spel’ ng, and bocks Ages 6-15 WB38: Plotting and Graphics P.otxy is a pcwerfu. M l tea- tjred plotting package. Useo by many co eges and univerji- 1 os Highly recommended Plans • a incredibly well dona Computer Aided Drafting program, very |u|| featured. Tesseiator - a program mat heps generates fantastic looking, recursive MG Ecsner type O Cfj-es YVB41: Music MED an incredibly wall dona, full taaTured music eddor Create you' own Stunning music directly on your me Arriga. Simlar to SoundTraeker but belter Very powertul easy to use program Version 3 20--compat b!e with WB2. WB43: Business - This dsx contains AnalytiCalc - probacy the most powertul spreaosh©o! Program on me Amiga A full featured spreadsheet w,:h many features ox pec too in a commercial package Req. 1.2 MB WB46: Clip Art • M ghRos cl.p art with I ho following mot its - embel shmerts (tM'oe'S. Docads ,people, & transportation WB47: Clip Arl - H -es Co art Motifs - har tfrattmg, summer, animals ana mactood. WB43: Clip Arl ¦ H *es clip ad Motifs ¦ Holidays, muse, medical. Ard mi$ c WB50: Animation Seven of the best euro sTy'e arumalons Or Demos*, includng - scentit c *51, subway, sunride. Thrslde- mo tr ght. Wives, and wocw WB53: Graphics • Raytracmg programs generate absolutely stunning realistic looking planes, rockets, buildings..,, and surreal images C-Hgtn is the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of n s k nc we nave seen to oite Th s is easi-y bette-. Ana more fun teatu'ec. Than similar commercial programs casting m mo hundreds of dollars. Also. Smovie - a full featured video text tiller Simitar to ProVideo, Broadcast Tiller. Great video scrolling, wipes, soecal efecls. And we. WB54: Printing This disk contains several routines to help witn the chore of printing Includes Gotn>c • Final y a Banner printer tor (he PD1 PrintStud c -a well implemented all-purpose prinlor-utillty with a very comfortable graphic Interface and many advanced loatures, Lila • with ease, prim ASCII fi os to a PostScript printer, and more WB55: Application - Xccpyfll • a fufi laaturcd o sk copier, make backups at ccpy protected disks. RoadRoute - find the quickest route trcm one cty to another, highway Description included. Diary - a diary program like 'Dougy Houser M.D", Cal
- a ca'endar p-cgram Mag man ¦ a database tailored for arti- cios and pub cations WB57: Animation - In s ask nas severar -Demo" style animations. Including. BlTtor. Lolly, Sun5. Vertigo, vortex, and xenomorph. WB62: Midi Utilities - Several useful midi uti ! Es including, programs to hamster to and 'rom several muse programs to mid., a rredi sys©« handler a mu. Recorder with t metase, display midi into, Me sequence player, and a few scores. WB63: Disk Utilities tf3 - Sevoral highly recommenced programs fa ad in removing duplicate ties ‘rom your hard onve, perform rg file backups. Bmary editing. TasT fcrmatt rg, hie recovery, and forced ask validation ot corrupt d.sks. WB66: icons 2- Lot’s o' neat cons Also, several wonderful programs that lo let you create your own icons, modify and manipulate icons and Into structures WBB9 Music ¦ 90 m rules cf classical and modem election c muse ter you Amiga WB75: Music • over 100 instruments ! Tes (mst) 3nd samp e sound fi'es = ss) WB79: Home & Business Accounting includes Ckbecct ¦ the most complete checkbook accounting program gomg. LCDCa c - th s wel ccne cafculalar has a vary large flispiay and operates from the keyboard or mouse Mileage master - Special Product •New Release!! QT3: The A64 Package Vsftston 5- A very compete Corrtmtxlofe 64 emulator Supports any CPU and is fully compaiibta with Wbt .3 & 2.0 and now 3,0! This version includes a special adaptor lhat will allow you to connect your 64’s 1541 disk drive lo your pa'allei pod ol your Amiga for total omuiaiion All-new uans- ler software! Special pnee $ 59.95 -with hardware. WB102: Teiecommunlcatlors ¦ Conta-nj th© programs Ncomm 2.0 and VT100-29B Zmodem pfotocols, XPR protocol support, ful VT100 emutaiiOh Ncomm’s script language a so powerful rt can create a tail-featured BBS system WB106: Horne Manager - This is a great aii-in-are adcress ocok w,:h an autOdialebnotepad lo-do bsVappointmsnt scned- uler nome inventory database and phone number dialer WB106: OctaMED • Th® b-eakthrough program coub es your Am ga s so-nd capatHties from 4 charmeis to an ea'-oopp-ng 8 chanrels! Afl the renound od'tirg capao iitiH ol MED plus 4 more channels1 I! You though) your Amiga sounded goad boloro you ant neard nuth n' yei1 WB109: VerscWlse • Display search and print The New Testament. W0113: Sid l ¦ Why pay 40 bucks tor a directory ut ity. When this ore w I da it all plus much more! A truty professiona'-cal- iber program S o 1 was our best, now compJete(y rewritten, Sd 2 will astound you WBI14: Fcnis ©4 • Contains 36 bitmap system fonts. WB115: Telecommunication • If you have Amiga DOS 2.Q4- and a modem. Men this is THE program for you Term totally conforms to me User Interlace Style Gaidn lor 2.04. has an Arexx port, and Supports all popular f.le-transfer protocols through XPR libraries We wsh all programs were tb s good WB116: Database* ¦ ThiS is what you've been wa ting for1 Contains 5 uniquely specialized database programs tar tracking; Videotapes. CD's, Magazine Articles. Comic Books and Trading Cards! WBI20: Grinder • a complete graphics conversion package that supports GIF's. Jreg. Necervome. Degas. PCX, Targa. TIFF. HAM-E and IFF “ormat pictures. An -nva'uabie too! Fo- a I desktop-Videographers and desktop publisher* WB 118: Amiga Beginner - You asked for iV A complete tuwnai tor the beginner on uiing ihe Amiga. Suns you oft .it tfw paw switch and takes you through :c th* CllfShe end ail points in between Bonus' A' so included -ire 10- color icons to replace ev&ty loon m your 2 0 Workbench WB121: ProPage3 Enhancer ¦ This disk conta ns over 40 'Gen es' for use with PrcPagf- 3 0, indudLng useful ones ike
f. lake Pie Chart and Resize Text :o *1 Box to nan© a tew. Also includes structured S bitmap clipart for unique borders , a must have for ail Ppage 3 users. WB122: System Optimizer Kcommoo iy enhances your system, gives memory meters, mcus© keyboard enhancements. Online lim*-& o!us many othe's too numerous lo J.®11 RE org will optimize hard and flappy-Cisks lor a b g speed increase HDMam will aBow you to use up to 2 megs ot hard- drive space for virtual memory1 (Req. 68020* w.MMU) All programs recu re 2.0* WB123AB: Flags of the World - sane as Wbl2*. Cut tor Workbench t 3 Req. 1MB 2 disk $ ei. Counts as two. Wei24: Rags of the World Two mooes dick arc team of a game to last your know-eoge G-ea: graphics-faniastic leatnng too. Has current Russia & Yugoslavia republics. Req. Workbench 2 0* & 1 MB RAM Dev Disks DD54: Compression Th* disk is loaded with af of me best We compression programs arc mds for me Amiga Many of the programs can £>0 used Py the rew user. Includes Arc. LharC. Lhwarp Pkax, Powe'Paeker a must have By all. Z p Warp, arc Zoo DD71AB: C Compiler • This disk contains DICE, Matthew D,Hon s full ‘earurec. Powerful C comp ler & environment 2 asks, courts as 2 OD86: The Programmer - includes GadToo s and REQToas wh-ch will alow you lo create your use- ntertaces and then Ifie program will automatically generate 'C* source code or Assembly-code Requires, and writes code tor Amiga DO S2« DD89: Uedll - Probab y he most powertul text editor ever written (or tne Amiga Previously commercial, now public domain. Req 1 MB OD91; ParBench • Allows you lo easiy connect network two Amigas CDTVs together ar.d share Storage devices. Reg's custom can© 'coos to make cab!© included-- easy). DD90; Advanced Utilities • Co-mpressDiSk doubles the capacty of your hard-drive on me tty win compression!" Also contains: drsk Ootirttize:, SCSI mount utility, Keymap editors, Entorcer, Undeleler S mere Most programs require 2.Q*. Video Disks VQ9: Imaging ¦ Included On this d Sk are the ihd'SOens bi© utilities. Rend24, ViewTek and the JPEG utilities. Rend24 is Invaluab1© lor 24-bit an mators allowing tor previews on AGA and non-AGA Arr.gas V.ewTev plays back an ms cf ail sorts indue .rg Arim 5, 7 and 6 formats JPEG u! Lit es fac; late the transforming of IFFs into space-saving JPEG format. Mon tor your automobile miloago with this m leago log. Gramma' • a g-ammar checker, ard Wnrldime ¦ find out what tim* it is in up to 50 g ocai otes WB113ABCBE: Font Set Th.? Cotfecc-an contehs prer 100 typefaces tor use with Professional Page-'PageS&tter 3* Of PageStiTeam 2. I. Thc-s© toms wil- outpul to -my loser orfnt er or dot-mafrlx printer wh no jaog-:es. Thanks lo Outl -ie foots Very pro-locking 5 disk **'. Count2 as * WB81: Great Applications DataEasy a very easy lo use, dainbase program, Dan! Let tho ease ol us© fool you. This Is a very tun featured database program noud ng lull printer control far add’ess ate s and mac merge gpp ic$ iiOrs Also ¦'eludes. Type Tut a good typing tutor, RLC a fufl featured labei prmw. Banner, a multi-font banner maker, ano Budget a noms accounting m a program. Highly recommended. WB82: Animations - Feu' full length, well done "movra' style animations. Including. Coyote. Juggerll, GbostPool. & Mechanic 2 dsks. Counts as i WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extras 2 Conta ns tne utilities that Commodore snould have shipped with tho Amga. VrrusX4 0, Snap. F uD sk (recover Ccrrupt.deleted lies), Disk Optimizer (floppy 5 hard). Machiu (screen Marker, hotkey, mouse acco . Macro, clock utility), GQMF (a gurubusrerjard PrintStud 0. WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2.1 - Definitely commercial grade, we've seen many checkbook programs and this is the best Full budgeting, transaction recording & report generation WB96: Dupers Contains xcopylll S Nb which will backup copy-protectee prog'am*. RreeCcoy removes copy protection from several programs, and SuperOuper will crank-out fast ArrtigaDOS copies WB99: Lifestyles Includes Agen© fgmi'y [re© program mat tracks up to 633 people marriages etc. Landscape Is a CAD program to create ga’Oens iaroscapes Loom s'mu'ates an B harness loom; experiment with pattern dei gn with instant feedback. 10 for S8.CHJ (.80 cents ea) 25 for $ 19.25 (.77 cents ea) 50 for $ 36.00 (.72 cents ea) 100 for S67.00 (.67 cents ea) C-mada Mcx icu oddS.15ca.. other foreign add 5.50ca Memo rex blank disks-31 J" DSDD "I L- ’ ImageMaster R t AD516 Audio-Video synchronization with AD516 and Studio 16- T5066 S1199.95 INDUSTRIES $ 74.95! Crouton Tools 4000 Full Featured Toaster System integration and videotape logging tOOl T5C12 T3055 $ 54.95 T3600 $ 134.95 T3050
549. 95 T5 U2
539. 95 Call i ea 533-95 T3051
5179. 55 T1162
5104. 95 T5097 $ 479.95 Call ea$ 6l .95 T5054
594. S5 T5098 $ 74.95 T5123 $ 72.95 71175 $ 34.55 T1176
534. 95 T5166
534. 55 T5179 $ 89.95 T5143
569. 95 T5013 $ 49.95 T1198 S259.55 T5067 $ 149,95 T5164
599. 95 T5182 $ 74.95 T5167 $ 79.95 T1180 $ 134.95 T5099 $ 339.95 T1116 $ 129 95 T3054 $ 27.95 T5061
573. 95 A complete, high-level programming language True BASIC 2.0, Student Edition™ Get special pricing on these other TrueBASIC math programs! T1074 S14.95 T1082 S14.95 T1093 S14.95 T2060 SI4.95 Algebra II T2034 Pre-Calculus T2035 Discrete Mathematics T2064 TrueSTAT T2061
514. 95 $ 14,95 $ 14.95 $ 14.95 $ 94.95 Algebra I Calculus Trigonometry Probability Theory Gel any 2 math pgms T2036 S26.95 Gel all 8 math programs T2C62 Gel all 8 math programs Plus TrueBASIC 2.0 T2C63 $ 109.95! MONTAGE 24-Bit Graphics Breakthrough for the Video Toaster from Innovision Technology. Your definitive solution tor video titling, image composition, and effects presentation for the Video Toaster! Features: Incredible Real-Time Font Scaling' Not available any where else! Text Attribute Options * |$ 324.95 24-Bit Graphics Imaging
• Powerful Transition Capabilities* CompleteTexi Editing Control
• Professional Enhanced Video Output. The solution you need lo maximize your creative output with your Toaster' T3;s3 Montage Fonts I tsois $ 124.95 10 exciting professional typefaces. Montage + Montage Fonts 1 Bundle T5D55 only S419.95 Montage 24 T5068 $ 239.95 Montage for owners of 24-bit cards NTSC or PAL compaiible. Montage 24 +Montage Fonts 1 Great Value! T5059 $ 339.95 HZKlLi SOFT w A R V. Pixel 3D Pro hm* $ 124.95 Create 3D logos from 2D pictures and much morel ANIM Workshop V.2 tsio4$ 1 09.95 Newest Version1 The tools you need for creating piaymg, processing, editing, and also adding sound to your animations! Use all ol ADPros power on any frames in your animations! Pixel 3D Professional + ANIM Workshop Version 2 tsoss $ 209.95 WAVELlNK Double the speed ol LightWave! Allows two Toaster systems to render at the same time. Also allots file sharing, T5155 $ 119.95 WAVEMAKER New! Effortlessly create Hying logos in seconds insteaG ol hours! Saved time=money made! Ccmp’ete with a video, useful in demonstrating WaveMakers capacities (i.e. your capabilities) lo your clionts. T5159 $ 154.95 PC-TASK Ver2.0 The only software-based PC-XT emulator with Super-VGA graphics'! This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS software on your Amiga1 PC-Task runs as a task on it's own screen- leaving your other Amiga t applications free to contin-„Hrtrt ue to multitask. It is a software-based emu-r r lator and. As such, is not as quick as a hardware Pridgeboard. But it is also hundreds of dollars less1 Perfect for your occasional MS-DOS needs The faster your Amiga, the faster the emulator will run.
* S-VGA graolrics requires ar AGA Am.ga T5072 ADPTools Professional Only $ 1 34*95 ADPTools Pro is to ADPro what LightWave is to the Video Toaster! A powerful, spline-based animation system provid ing image processing, compositing, and special effects tor digital video and animations. T3S00 OctaMED Professional v.s Over 100,000 sold! The premier music sequencing packag and the mosi powerful orchestration too! You'll find. Compare these benefits: 64 MIDI tracks, built-in sampling soitware to create your own custom instruments, standard music notation display mode, 8 channels of Amiga audio, complete online help with cross-referencing and full printing capabilities. Requires Workbench 2+. T5051 $ 69.95 OctaMED Professional 4 If you only have Kickslart 1.3. this is lor you T4001 $ 39.95 Amiga Music File Converter Pro Converts between SMUS, MED, OctaMED. Music - X and Sound-Tracker Formats. Also Music-X to MIDI. T5101 S29.95 AMFCP + OctaMED 5 T5102 S79.95 Piano Tutor Rapidly master the basics of playing the piano! Learn to play blues, rhythm, rock, jazz, improvisations! - ail of which are the basis for modern music. Piano Tutor is a structured, rhythmic system of learning how !0 play true keyboard. TSQ93 $ 29.95 Mozart's Music Master Easily learn music reading and theory" includes simple lo complex lime signatures' T5Q94 $ 39.95 Moonlighter Software AmiBack PLUS Tools - Contains octn ArrnBack aid Am Back Too;s. Tbs rs ‘the- aH-in-ona powerful cisk raajntanance package Fu fcack-s and restore ivnffi SCS- '.see suooon) piss 3s 00". Mji-g 2 s>: er-or a-c c - ec f r recovery T5> 85 $ 79.95 TapeWorm FS ¦ Use your SCS, DAT, 6,nm or QIC tape envoi as normal Am,gaDOS volumes1 Fast volume storagal rsrez S79.95 Dynamic Motion Module Special Introductory Price! The easiest, most accurate way to motion-animate with LightWave 3D! T5054 Home Manager Pro Organize your life with this indispensable information manager! T4035 g29 95 rffie Cmusic rBox A Powerful Morphing System, at an Affordable Price! CocoonMorph is a full-featured, prolessional mor phing system without the Rolls Royce price. You can load any IFF image, including AGA for mats, and save frames as 24- $ 69.95 bit, HAM, HAM-8, or 16-!evel grayscale. T5C56 HomeBuilders CAD Deluxe - Sale Priced! A fult-leaiured CAD program. From a room addi Tion to a cluster of condos: HomeBuilders CAD makes it easy to design, change and estimate your next project. Includes: Contractor's Upgrade. HomeBuilders Library r and DecKBuiiders CAD Design and Estimating System for Decks, Featuros include: *20 acre drawing area.
• Accuracy lo 1 Soth inch, 'Supports buildings over 2C0 stories high. -Over 300.000 layers.
• Over 60 predefined doors and windows. Contractor's Upgrade allows you to have up to 1000 items (instead of 450) per layout, Library 1 is a library of furniture and custom kitchen cabinets. AmigaDOS 2 compatible Requires 2,5MB ol RAM, Original 11si price of over $ 400,001 T4032 HomeBuilders CAD 2 Includes all of Ihe above excepi Contractor's Upgrade and Library 1. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. With 2 diskdrives, requires 1MB. With hard drive, requires 1.5MB. Original lisl price: $ 249 00 T2040 $ 49.95 New Incredibl y Low Price! More Power! More Features! Was S299! If you do image processing, you must have the new ImageMaster R t Retargotable operations gives you true colors on all popular 24-bit cards and even adjusts the display to compensate for your monitors shortcomings, so what you see is truly what you get. Thumbnail Image Support (to select a picture, click on a picture-not just some filename in a listing), Modal User Interface, Save notes with images. Lossless 24-bit Compression, Automatic Image File Readers to access popular file formats, plus he hottest image manipulation tools ever available on the Amiga...bar none, rsioo Interchange Plus 3.0 l Toaster Toolkit 4000 Indispensable collection ol utilities for Viceo Toaster users. -Toaster Sequence Editor -Toaster 05?) Project Editor -FrameStore Compressor •AmmtoFX -FXtoAnim -Cclor| Font Converter, T5095 Desktop Video Software ADR Tools 1.5 ADR Tools Professional New" ASIM VTR AutoPamt for ToasterPainl Broadcast 3D Fonts Mstr Packs Broadcast Titler II Super Hi-Res Broadcast Tiller II Fpni Pack 2 Caigari Broadcast Cinnamon Toast Fonts I or II Dynamic Motion Module MultiFrame PEGGER Pro Fills Vof I (JEK) Pro Fills Vol II (JEK) Pro Fills Vol III (JEK) Pro Fills I, II. II! Bundle Pro Wipes Vol. I - 75 Wipes Roll 'Em Te'eprompter Sea a Multimedia 210 (AGA OK) SMPTE Output (SunRize) Sparks for LightWave 3D SurfacePro for Lightwave New! TapeWorm FS (Moonlighter) Trexx Professional TV Paint Professional Video Director (Gold Disk) Video Toaster User Kod Ovlys WaveWriter (Uniii) Amiga CD-ROM AsimCDFS V2 Just Released! Allows your COTv CDROM drive to access any ISO-9660. High Sierra or Mac HFS formatted disc. Comes with fish Market Disc Collection (up to Fred Fish 900). Kodak Pholo CD viewer upgraded file system, new preferences edilor. Audio playback system. Advanced playback features1 T5092 S69.95 AmlNet T5Q77 $ 22.95 Audio Resource T5078 $ 24.95 Bibles and Religion T5115 S27.95 Case Cautious Condor con,. T5079 S39.95 Classic Board Games cot T5081 S39.95 Clip Art Warehouse T5087 $ 22.95 Color Magic T5116
534. 95 Desktop Bookshelf T518B S24.95 GIFs Galore 5000 color images T5185
524. 95 Graphic Resource T5118 $ 25.95 Gulenburg Pro|ect T5186
532. 95 Librls Britannia raw PO Software) T5088
554. 95 Mega Media T5119 S29.95 Multimedia T5089
545. 95 Our Solar System T5120
524. 95 Reference Library T5189
527. 95 Science Fiction Fantasy T5I90 S29.95 Super Space T5I87
524. 95 Texture City - Over 100 Txtfs T5016 5119.95 Texlure Heaven Gmst value* T5151
579. 95 Ultimate MOD Collection T5184
527. 95 World Traveler T5114 S24.95 Powerful multimedia authoring system] software. Easily create interactive pre- sentations. Fantastic value for the price! Graphics Workshop V1.01 A lull-featured paint, and 2 D animation program Mo'e lealure laden and powerful ihnn Dpaint IV. 14007 $ 34.95 LightRave You can now use LightWave without the Toaster!] Lightrave emulates all necessary Toaster lunciionsl needed by LightWave 3D. Faster rendering ofl images than is possible with Armga-equipped| Toaster! T51D3 $ 419.95 Yes! We WILL carry the new Amiga CD32 Titles! T5050
- _uj
- v- Helm $ 89.95 DevWare Video has the largest selection of videos and books - below is just a sampling. SPECIAL! Order any 3 videos and receive The Amiga Video absolutely FREE! Bundles count as one selection,) Space Wars & Other Animations V4027 Si 6.95 (Pictured above) Superb animations from Tobias Richter, one of Europe's best Amiga animators Cenierp oco s Space Wars. 8000 frames spanning 7 entertaining minutes w th original soundtrack by Norwegian musician B.om A Lynne Animation - Entertainment Computer Animation Festival New Release!
M. ramnr brings you 21 award w nn ng computer animations muring humor, adventure. Song and fantasy into 45 ontorta n- mg minutes V2035 $ 17.95 The Mind's Eye v«M3 S17.95 Beyond the Mind's Eye V2044 $ 17.95 History ol the Amiga Sale! V204? 511.95 Money-Saving Bundles &rt Department Pro 2,3 * ADPToois Pro TSD57 S269.95 Broadcast Tiller II - Font Pack 2 Bundle T5076 S299.95 Crouton Tools 4000 . ADPro * ADPTooIs ProT5l68 S374 95 Crouton Tools 4000 * ADPro » MorphPlus T5169 S379.95 Crouton Tools 4000 t ADPro . MultiFramc T5I70 $ 309.95 Crouton Tools 4030 * Dynamic Motion Mod. T51&1 $ 214.95 Crouton Tools 4000 * Bars & Pipes Pro 2 T5171 S319.95 Crouton Tools 4000 * (maceMaster fl t T5172 $ 159-95 Crouton Toots 4000 . MONTAGE T5173 $ 409.95 Crouton Tools 4000 ? MONTAGE * MONTAGE Font 1 T5174 5519.95 Crouton Tools 4000 . Pure 3D Pro 2 T5175 $ 279 95 Cfouion Tools 4030 + Toaster Toolint 4000 T5112 $ 239.95 MONTAGE * MONTAGE fonts 1 Bundle T5055 $ 419-95 MONTAGE 24 ? MONTAGE Fonts 1 Bundle T5069 $ 339.95 Toaster Toolkit 4000 + Tren Professional T5tl 1 $ 239 95 Toaster Toolkit 4300 »Crouton Tools AGOG - Trexx Professional T5T77 5329.95 Pixel 3D Professional 2 ? ANIM Workshop V2 T5160 5209 95 Adita Video - Any 3 Videos (Specify) V2093 $ 79,95 Adda Video • All 7 Videos V20S4 $ 5 74.95 Amiga Video Vol. 14II V4059 $ 29.95 DeluxePaint IV 4 1 - Both Dpaint Videos T3073 $ 135.95 Dpaml IV Video Guide * Dpaint IV Advanced Techniques V2062 $ 34.95 Killer Graphics: DCTV Vol. I. II & III V4Q45 $ 69.95 Killer Graphics: DCTV ¦ At 4 Videos V2T91 $ 94.95 SONY EVO-9700 Training I & II VA012 $ 46.95 Amiga Animation Hollywood Style. Animation 1Q1, How To Animate V4022 $ 46.95 Umd 5 Eye, Beyond M nd s Eye V2C8A $ 29.95 Mind s Eye Beyond Mind s Eye, Computer Animatior Festival V4C61 $ 44 95 Music Software FROM Blue Ribbon Bars & Pipes Pro 2+ mea $ 224.95 One Stop Music Shop tsicb $ 589.95 PatchMeister ts:09 $ 64.95 SuperJam! Mas $ 84.95 SyncPro tiim $ 179.95 Triple Play Plus rso28 $ 169.95 The Ultimate Animator's Bundle for Lightwave c*»i»n tow jow. Br.ion». Dynamic wMn V-oduk’ Put* 3D r"c*r-ss>c'ia‘ 2. ANIM Workshop 2, WaveMakor ADPToob Pro. Art DvuartrowH P»o Ongknl com- bredlei prices oto SIWO* T5ieQ 9.95 Animation Graphics Software Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 ustomer & Technical Support Inquiries: (619) 679-2825 * Fax Orders Questions (619) 6"9*2887 Or mail your order to: DevWare, Inc. - 12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW46, Poway, CA 92064 Dealer tncpifrirtWckxwic DrPAI vktcwnU Kurjrv-Video Group fOI l>4 ? I-fil C-6 A A tru t-s a nd x i ul xhilini 4 prinl jit j rc viSjcti hi rtongr vitbwt mXxx Prices cficiti'c Nweodn A*). I99J 600 Amiga Fonts T3077 $ 24.95 600 Amiga Colot Clips T5144 $ 24 95 Aladdin 4D (Adpsec) T2031 $ 254.95 Art Department Pro 2.3 (ASDG) Til 60 $ 144.95 Art Expression (SoftLcgik) 12032 $ 139.95 Sritliance (Digital Creations) New 'T5019 $ 144.95 Caligari 24 (Octroo) T3056 $ 249.95 DeluxePaint IV 4.1 Tt 031 $ 99.95 DeluxePaint IV AGA T3058 $ 109.95 Distant Suns 4.1 (Virtual Reality) T1096 $ 62.95 Essence for Imagine 2.0 T5020 $ 49.95 ImagcFX 1.5 (GVP) T3Q60 $ 259.95 Imagine 2.0 (Impulse) It 174 $ 179.93 Morph Plus (ASDG) 11067 $ 139.95 Panorama Picture Perfect Fractal Landscapes T5021 $ 59.95 Prolessional Draw 3 (Gold Disk) T1095 $ 119.95 Real 3D Professional v2 T5044 $ 389.95 Scenery Animator 4 F5022 $ 59.95 SyncPro T1184 $ 179.95 Triple Play Plus rsosa $ 169.95 Trexx Professional mao
5134. 95 Vista Pro 3 T1097 $ 64.95 Voyager 1.1 Sky Simulation Tl 182 $ 64.95 Will Vinton's Playmatlon (Hash) T1068 $ 299.95 Desktop Video The Basics Ot Video Classroom-based from Apha Vdeo explains v.deo signals, tape formats, cameras and vdeo recorders V4318 S27.95 Now 1 00% Toaster! Your Video Toaster Authority Cafl for Toaster System Design: (801) 466-7330 Understanding S-VHS What S-VhS really is how it tits into your system and how ¦: can improve your video productions V4019 $ 27.95 Video Signals and the Toaster This will provide you wrth an m-dopth erammal on of haw the Toaster accepts and processes vkJjo signals An invaluable tape for anyone work mg (or intanding) with the Toaster V4020 $ 27.95 NewTeK Video Toaster Tutorials Alpha Video 3 Bundle (above) V402f $ 69.95 Secrets ol the AG i960 1970 Companion Besi Seller! The super secrets and hddon features of the Agi 960 and the new AG'570 S-VHS editng decks. Demos c! Audio mod- i!cations and editing systems f30mins. V4037 $ 36.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. I Eme Video w teach you how to gel the most trom Panasonic's AVE5 or MxiO.412 dq lal vdoo mums, indudng haw fo use fhom as dual channel, time based controllers for input to your Video Toaster system, 75 runs VAQ14 $ 36.95 The Digital Mixer Companion Vol. II Learn bow to do effects with ycur mixer which shouldn't be possible, but ar»
- - with Elite Video's secrets V4015 $ 36.95 Digital Mixer Companion I a II V4D16 $ 64,95 Sony EVO-9700 Basic Training Tape Volume r Learn all about every function, operaton and tnck for the Sony £VG-
9700. Includes tons ct information no! In tne manual 50 rrvns V4010 $ 27.95 Sony EVO-9700 Advanced Training Tape Voi II Aa vanced window, synced A limecode dubs, multi-track aud o. Single frame recording, use of external equipment for titling and AB ro'l editing V40H $ 27.95 Sony EVO-9700 Training Series I & II Both Basic Tra-n ng and Advanced Tramng V4012 $ 46.95 Dark Horse Productions The most comprehensive, intormation- packed instructional videotapes on using the Video Toaster 2 0. Video Toaster OuickStart 2.0 Bundle 1 & 2 V404B $ 54.95 Get all 3 Dark Horse Tutorials V4Q57 S79.95 LightWave For the Rest of Us Just Released1 Covm practical modohng and an mat on tochnigut's for the pro vidtrographo' 2 hrs V4056 $ 29.95 Video Toaster OuickStart Tutorial 1 you will learn about Prtrferoncus a Projects. The Sw tcher a Digital Effects. Chroma FX, Custom-FX, Luminance Keyer Bas-cs TBC or No! TBC. 120 mm. V4046 $ 29.95 Video Toaster QuickStart Tutorial 2 you will learn about the Toaster Character Generator, ToasterPami. Customizing Framestoros, using CG Pages wifh Dgmi Video Effects, 7*rt Card, and Luminance Keyer topics 110 mmutes V-1047 $ 29.95 AlidlO for Video Production Digital record-ng, editing, mixing, and SMPTE bmo coda syncbtoncawxi or* al ckscussud and shown in actual use Al major hardware and soft ware packages are supported and discussed plus many subjects important to audioArtteo production V4Q08 Graphics Imagine 2.0: The Detail Editor Made Simple New? Datapath's first retoaso tn their ‘Modeling Win Imagine* senes. You wH team how to create a scene from start to finish Each toof is covered .n detail. £hscuss»hs range from usmg the oroon-ssn teatufB ® appty faces, gnxjping. And taking sfico objects, to advanced topics i ke cteaung objects that bend and using magnetism to crwrieerDaflic-ldaUnoobjKhL 170 mhi V4Q5G $ 36.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With Brilliance Just Released! Create pro-tcokmg logos and freehand art tor Broadcast-Quality video productions! 51 min. V4063 $ 29.95 Killer Graphics: Real Time Solutions With DCTV Volume I This tutorial seres w»l teach you how to create killer g-aphcs ouckly and easily with the rncst current version of DCTV. Usng real projects as exampes 54 minutes V2073 $ 26,95 Killer Graphics: Animated Logos with DCTV Vo- ume II How to create animated 3D logos Step by s-ep e»- ampies V2095 $ 25.95 Kilter Graphics Vol I & II Bundle V209! $ 49.95 Killer Graphics Volume 3: Special Event Graphics with DCTV Special Event producer - take rvotef Leam how to use DCTV to digitize and erhance images for wecor-gs. B-rthdays, and other special event productions. V4G44 $ 29-95 Killer Graphics Bundle - ai 4 V2191 $ 94.95 The Adita "How To Shoot Super Videos" series Know Your Camcorder How to buy the camcorder and accessories tf-at are right for you Use your camcorder to its Mlest advantage How to mamta n your camcorder 90 mtns. V2086 $ 33.95 How To Shoot Video Like a Pro How to eliminate that amateur lock. Leam tne key fundamentals of comoasiSon, Bonus' - How to transfer yee sides and c-d home mcwes to video 90rwns, V2O07 533.95 Continuity & Combining Shots Leam how, when andwhy to use correct pannog and zooming techniques 7 key slops for good continuity Much more V2068 $ 33.95 Light Techniques & Recording Sound Get gro .ghting w tn 'east amount of ecu pmer.t Overcome backlight- rig Creative shlooting mciud ng nighttime v 5eo, fireworxs. And usrg filters Features needed for sound Best microphones. Do audio dubbing anp mix,-rg 90 minutes V2089 533.95 Basic Editing w Consumer Gear Create aroduc- tons usng consumer eou pment and how to 'shoot to ed f. which makes editing videos a snap' 90 mm V2C,90 $ 33.95 Inter. Editing w Piosumer Gear Get better control in editing Learn what kind of equipment fo buy Lenrn editing Ihoory Insert and Assemble editing Setup for besi results 90 mlns V209I $ 33,95 Adv. Editing w Prolessional Gear Technquescsed by the pros Ed img tricks, sp-it c-dits. Post-piodjctan usmg Ami- gas Toaster and mixers Time base correctors AB rol. Time Cooe, Decision Lists one more as performed n Ad ta's stud o, 120 mm V2092 $ 33.95 Gol Bny 3 lapes In Ihe Super Videos Series V2093 Only $ 79,95 Taming The Wave: Exploring NewTek's Lightwave 3D 'This is an excellent opportunrfy lo soe on experts actual working methods ‘ - David Duoerman. Ed tor. Video Toaster User Magazine. Take advantage of Lightwave's fulf potential with the most complete Lightwave 3D Training System you'll fine anywhere This solution features 3 hours of D-2 mastered v deo on two tapes, with detailed explanations on every major Lightwave cphon and hurxre05 of stunning animations written and d rected by David Hopkins, a national Ligfit'Wavo columnist and Amiga industry veteran V2C74 SdlS PftC&I $ 74.95 Unbcorn Educational Software We made a special purchase of these programs at j a 'em.arkabie pnee and we're passing the savings j on' A’l titles haa anginal prices of $ 49 95 to $ 59 95! All About America Ages 6-11 T2341 $ 16-95 Land ol Ihe Unicom ' T2Q42 $ 16.95 Adventures of Slnbad Ages 9-14 T2QA3 $ 16.95 Aesops Fables Ages 6 9 T20« $ 16.95 Decimal Dungeon Ages 9* T2045 $ 16.95 Fraction Action Ages 8- T2046 $ 16.95 Klnderama Preschool to First T2C47 $ 16.95 5 different learning actvtes Robo! Story, Count Ihe Robots, | Robot Match Letter Robot Add t on and Robo! Construction. Magical Myths Ages 9-14 T2056 $ 16-95 Math Wizard Graces 1-6 T2048 S16.95 Build essential math ski is and a foundat on for advarced! Math conceals with Wizard's Flash. Efs eauaions. Dragon | Race and TrofTs Toy Shop Read-A-Rama Grades K to 3 T2049 $ 16.95 An mated PTOUS setting helps build imoortant read ng. Word I recognition, spelling ano concentration sktfs Read & Rhyme Ages 5-6 T2050 $ 16.95 Tales from the Arabian Nights Ages 9-14 T2051 S16.95 The Logic Master Ages lO-Adut T2052 $ 16.95 Wonders ot the Animal Kingdom Ages 6-12T2053 $ 16.95 Word Master Vocabulary Builder Agss8-14T2C54 $ 16.95 Gel any 3 Unicom Titles and SAVE! T2055 S44.95 Gel Any 5 Unicom Tlltes and SAVE! T2059 S69.95 Gel all 12 Unicom Tllles Bnd Really Save!! T4D51 $ 189.95 goldenIMAG Hardware One of the hottest and most reliable manufacturers of hardware for the Amiga. External 3.5” Floppy Drive Master 3A-IN. 8S0K w dsabie swtch The cniy drve com- patoiewitn a! Amga modes' T3CH4 $ 75.95 Hand Scanner T3316 $ 139.95 JS-105-tfil? With Migraph Touc.hLlp and De'uxePaint III from EA Up to iDOdo. 105mm scan w cm. 64 halftones Hand Scanner twit S189.95 JS-IQ5-1MP*. Best va ue1 Newest version of Migraph Touch Uo' Y3.07, Migraph OCR and Dpaint If, Upgrade Mouse 13310 $ 25.95 G1-600N The Amga market S 0eS1 se log mouse Optical Mouse tmh $ 43.95 GI-6C00N Fully oDficaJ, no bail to dean with mousepad Mouse Pen T3o-e $ 45.95 JP-50N 250 dpi. Ighl arb easy to use. How To Order... From DevWare Public Domain and DevWare Video: Write your name, shipping address, daytime telephone and. It paying "by credit card, the cards billing address. Then list the product codes of the items you would like to order (i.e. V2040, T2038, WB13A&B) and the price cf each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date & mail to: DevWare -12520 kirkham court SutTEl-AW46 - Poway, CA 92064 For orders containing public domain only add $ 4.QO Canada; also add S.25Af8k. Foreign also ado S 50 d-sk for oir-maif For sHolher orders: U SA. Ado $ 5. Pkus Si 1or each add! Unit shipped Canada, add $ 7, plus $ f for each add'l unit-call tor book shipping Fore go. Call for dents add 7 75% tax 15% restocking foe on ail returned commercial products. Prices subject to change without notice Mo: responsible for typo's. A minimum ot $ 20.00 required on all credit card orders. Index to 1993 Articles and Reviews Editor's Note: Individual nifties in this index are presented under tiro major headings: Articles Columns and Reviews. Articles Columns are organized chronologically under the following subject categories:
• CD-ROM C DTV ¦ Cross-Platform Compatibility
• Fonts
• Games
• Graphics Animation Hardware: Systems Expansion Peripherals Multimedia Authoring Systems Music Sound News Profiles Operating System Workbench Printers Printing
* Productivity Business
* Programming
* Public Domain
* Telecommunications Networking
* Video TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE AGA 1 The AGA Issue...and You Sullivan Mar 33 The Big Decision Johnson Mar 34 The Soul of the New Machines Wallace Mar 40 CD ROM CDTV CD-ROM '93 Foust Oct 30 CROSS-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY The PC Connection (emulators) Johnson Jul 35 Cross-Platform Computing Lindstrom Oct 35 FONTS The ABCs of Amiga Fonts James Apr 51 The AW Amiga Fonts Buyer's Guide Part 1: DTP Fonts Evans May 43 The AW Amiga Fonts Buyer's Guide Part 2: Video Fonts Williams Jun 35 I GAMES * . _ Games Engine Par Excellence! Olafson Dec 26 AGA Attack Olafson Dec 31 Player's Choice Awards: All-Time Amiga Game Hits Maicom Dec 37 GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION Accent on Graphics Hagen Perspective - Part 1 Jan 60 Perspective - Part 2 Feb 60 Combining Computer and Traditional Techniques Mar 80 Stop-Motion Animation and Motion Blur Apr 60 Fun & Games with DTP May 62 Real-Time Genlock Effects Jun 60 Stereo Output and Viewing Jul 48 Morph Tweens Aug 56 Painting With Animbrushes Sep 54 24-Bit Painting Oct 54 Scanning...By the Numbers Nov 64 Image-Morphing Techniques Dec 48 Devices & Desires (enhanced displays) Leemon Feb 30 The Great Manipulators Grime May 30 Graphics...with Flair! Hurteau May 36 Fluid Form (3-D liquid effects) Price Jul 24 Digital Canvas (3-D renderings) Jul 28 1 + 1 = 3(D)! (stereo pairs) Hagen Jul 30 One, Two, Three...More! Blaize Nov 26 Animate...Without the Wait Williams Nov 33 Squeeze Frames Flom Nov 37 HARDWARE: SYSTEMS EXPANSION PERIPHERALS The A1200: A New Mainstream Amiga? Wallace Jan 30 Tune Up Your Hard Drive James Jan 47 Amigas on the Block Foust Mar 47 On Display (monitors) Leemon Jun 24 "Head-to-Head" Competition (scanners) Kevelson Jun 41 The All-New Video Toaster 4000 Leemon Aug 22 A1200 Expansion: Choosing the Right Path Savoie Sep 20 Mass Appeal (A4000 030, 4091, 1942) Walsh Leemon Sep 28 Mass Storage...To Go! Leemon Oct 24 Spin Doctors Part 1 (drive controllers) Kevelson Nov 49 Spin Doctors Part 2 (drive controllers) Kevelson Dec 41 MULTIMEDIA AUTHORING SYSTEMS A Show of Strength Kohler Apr 30 The Power of Positive Presentation Johnson Apr 41 MUSIC SOUND Audio for Video - 2 (Video Suite) Hanish Jan 62 Music of the Spheres Hamm Mar 53 Adding Sound Simply (Video Suite) Gillmor May 64 The Musical Amiga, Opus 1 Mlynczak Aug 45 The Musical Amiga, Opus 2 Mlynczak Sep 43 I NEWS PROFILES Music For Life profile Gefvert Jan 8 Third Annual CyberArts Show report Hedlund Feb 8 Report of UK Future Publishing show Menges Feb 14 Joel Hagen profile Jackson Apr 58 Mike Danger (blind videographer) profile Dysart Apr 8 Amiga Developers' Conference report Laflamme May 8 AW animation contest winners Walsh May 8 Spring World of Amiga show report Brisson Gefvert Jun 8 NAB conference report Walsh Jul 8 Amiga production of Oscar winner Hedlund Jul 12 Amiga Format Live show in UK Menges Aug 6 Virtual Reality lxion profile Hedlund Aug 8 Reviews are organized alphabetically under (he categories of Hardware, Software, and Games. ARTICLES COLUMNS Looking for More Power From Your A500, A1000 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram. 500,1000* or2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500.00.
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 499.00 Only 8 me9 of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 tfinnnnn 16 meg 0132 bit RAM~ $ 1099 00 SoUu 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add $ 135.95 _ ’Call for more information Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! -1-800-CSA-XLR8 P,earin°errinaer Platinum 50mhz Oaty 0S °°A ou ' 4 vegoiP3“ wgh mu> Optional Sonihz Ssm°,e zuhe.CSA, S135-95
- ecs*°*n,nge fbut 1200 ACCELERATORS Microbotics- MBX 68030 1230 XA 50mhz Accelerator"1'' mmu with 4mb .....add S169* with 68882RC50 ....add S13500 LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP It no, HP, HID, HIP and all other Plus Series Board v ith 2 MB .$ 95 00 COMMODORE CHIPS
2. 04 ROM only $ 33.95 Super Denise .$ 33.95
1. 3 ROM .$ 21.50 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for ...$ 18.00 A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory and Clock DKB ...$ 178.00 MC68000 68010 ....$ 15 00 Rom Switcher S39 95 Board v ith 4 MB ..S175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ..S189.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ..$ 325.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Start OKI, Tl, Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 CSA Rocket Launcher - 2630 Doubler....$ 399.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb $ 349.00 8 up Board with 2 mb .....$ 129.00 1 mb Agnus ....$ 38.00 Paula Denise ......CALL DRAM BLOWOUT We’ll Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper with 33mhz CPU and £flff33mhz FPU MMU IVS CONTROLLERS for A500 Call for Special Pricing! High Speed SCSI Controller
• SCSI-ShareTV Networking
• Features ProPLEX™
• Includes68030 MMU & 68882 FPU Only at Memory World! DKB 3128A-3000 A 4000 Memory Board Call ZIPS A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ Call 1x4-70 SCZ ...Call 256x4 -80 SCZ ...S6.00 Includes Instructions 4 MB .CALL 1 MB ......S69.95 MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL! Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. IVS 1 MEG Simms CALL 1x8-80 ..S49.95 1x8-70 ..S52.00 4x8-80 $ 139.00 4x8-70 $ 159.00 4x8-60 $ 179.00 A4000 80 NS 4MB Simms.Sl 69.00 A4000 70 NS 4MB Simms.$ 179.00 A4000 60 NS 4MB Simms S189.00 8 mb 16mb 32mb Simms Call GVP SIM32 SIMMS 1x4-60 ......CALL 1x4-80 Cali 256x4-80 $ 5.00 256x4-70 $ 5.95 1x1 -120 $ 4.25 1x1 -100 $ 4.99 1x1 -80 .$ 5.99 1x1 -70 ..$ 6.50 256x4-80 70 60 ....Call 1x4-80 70 60 .Call 256x1-120 ..$ 1.00 256x1-100 80 70 60....Call PAGE ZIPS MICR0B0TICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB S159.00 2 MB SI 99.110 4 MB S299.00 8 MB .S429.00 _Call for other configurations! CSA-12 Gauge A1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator""mmu with SCSI & optional Networking Controller with 4mb-60-70NS add $ 169* $ 59!l v ith 68B82RC5° add S135" Call for other configurations VECTOR with MMU Third Generation 68030 Processor Accelerator for Amiga 2000
• Up 10 32 MB of RAM
• RAM and SCSI avail in 68000
• Over 25% faster than G-Force-
• Built-in 2630 Expansion Bus 25 Mhz S529.00 50 Mhz 68832 Available 68030-RC-50 with MMU .$ 149.95 68882-RC-50 ....$ 135.95 (call for other speeds) 387-25 SX (Bridge Board) Math Co ...$ 69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) .$ 10.00ea 68882 PLCC 40 Mhz ....$ 135.00 MATH CHIPS AND CPUs $ 379"> $ 29T Memory World 3070 Bristol Pike • Plaza I, Suite 213 Bensalem, PA 19020 • Attn: Amiga Dept. PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 10.00 for two-day delivery
• Add $ 5.00 for C.O.D. • PA Residents add 6% • APO, AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates • 10% Restocking fee for return of non-defective items SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders - 800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57lh Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Info? Call (305) 491-9519 21 95 21 95 16 95 18 95 19 95
13. 95
24. 95 15 95
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18. 95 29 95 15 95 19 95 21 95 ¦: 12 95
13. 95 2K95 21 95
15. 95 21 9 5 IS 95 18 95 IS 95 2195 1895
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24. 95 24 95 16 85 13 95
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16. 95 16 95 IS 55 IS 95
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18. 95 19 95 19 95 15 95 16 95
18. 95 1995 15 95 14 95 16 95 26 95 15 95 16 95 18 95 16 95 21 95 12 95 18 95
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19. 95 2195 21 95 16 95 12 95 18 95 18 95 15 95 24 95 25 95 1555 1555 1595 1695 18 95 18 55 16 95
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16. 95 16 95 21 95 16 95 18 95
19. 95 219 5 Limited Time & Quantity All SALES FINAL1 Battle Command Continental Circus F-29 Rftahator Killing Cloud ChipChallenge Stnder Vengence ol Excahbur Final Bia.v Smin j Megaphvemx Thunder Jaws Car dux Night Shift Gum Crar, Predator 2 Enchanter Hudson Hawk Rjnx Too bm Bo robodor At mad j Borodino Klji Q:t Hunt'.'.' Ctiuck Rock Ij xxme Alpha Svjies Deadline Catch 'Em Challenge Golf Infestation Wollpack Bush Bur*i Tieasuie Hunter Zara Thruster Home Alone Dai* Castle Zoetsopv 20 000 ieagues Under Sea Bravo Romeo Delta Wild Wheels Bonanza Brothers Dark Man 8IG BOX 2 Includes Bombuaie, R-TyP*. Ba:k to tne future 3. Sinbact. A malylB. Snangrtar. International Karate Plir*. T V Sports Football. The Real Gh-ostbusters, Delendeis cl the Earth ALL FOR $ 49.95 The Adventurers Induce*: Hunter. Supremacy, and Corporation ALL FOR $ 39.95 Lords of Power incude* Tne Parted General, Red fiaron. Silent Service 2, and Railroad Tycoon ALL FOR $ 49.95 10 Great Games Include* Chicago 90. Xenon 2, Ferrari Formula t. Pro Tennis Tour. Pick and Pile. Supersiii. Carrier Command. Rick Dangerous. Satan, Nighthunter ALL FOR $ 29.95 ACTION 16 Includes Targon, Sherman MJ. Eliminator. Fast Lane, Cosmic Pirate, Hostages, Rotor. Colorado. Maya, On Satan ALL FOR $ 24.95 Combat Classics Includes 663 Attack Sub. F15 Strike Eagle 2.Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 44.95 SUPER FIGHTERS Includes Final fight, Pit Fighter. WWF l ALL FOR $ 34.95 NINJA COLLECTION includes Double Dragon Dragon Ninja, Shadow Warrior ALL FOR $ 18.95 Amiga Format, C.U Amiga, Amiga Games, Am iga Action, Amiga Computing. Amiga User International, Amiga Power AIL WITH DISKS-S10 each Amiga Shopper-no disk $ 7 Fax (305) 491-6134 SHIPPING tLPSGrourtJl For up to 3 pcces Mi si nurd A Visa S5 00 • C 0 D iCjso Only) Price 4 Availability lubiect to change at any llm*i he refunds or eathangts Oaectve products dduflued with sat* item, to! Subject to Sideline jpproiJ CALL FIRST1 US products warranties through it anufacturer U K products warranted through Sideline NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE 0 00
f. ert cUy a:r udd SIC 2nd dny all add 55 3 day *r add S3 to basic rate " it guaranteed COMPATIBILITY DEALER INQUIRIES’ Call 305-491-0393 Shipping tunes not guaranteed. COMPATISI: DEALER INQUIRIES’ Call 305 Nothing is etched in stone Everything is subject 10 change TY NOT GUARANTEED 4-D Sports Boxing 4-D Sports Driving 4th and Inches 688 Attach Sub Actwn Stations Addam's Family Alien Breed Special Edition Amazing Spiderman Aquaventura (Psygnosis) Ashes of the Empire Awesome 6-17Flying Fortress BATH Battle Chess Battle Hawks 1942 Battle Isle Battleship Batiletech Bill Elliot NASCAR Challenge Bill's Tomato Game Slack iack Academy Blue Max Bubble Bobble Budokhan California Games 2 Centurion. Defender of Rome Chaos Strikes Back Chuck Bock 2 Civilization Conflict in Korea (SSI) Conflict in Mideast (SSI) Cool Croc Twins (with T-shirt) Covert Action (Microprose) Craps Academy Crazy Cars J Cycles (Accolade) D Generation Death Bridget Delender Of The Crown Deluxe Productions Deluxe Strip Pcker 2 Dig Dug (Dugger) Dojo Dan Dragon Wars (Interplay) Eye of the Beholder I (SSI) Eye of the Beholder 2 (SSI) F-t5 Sitthe Eagle 2 F-16 Combat Pilol F-16 Fighting Falcon F-19 Stealth Fignter (Microptose) Face Off Ice Hockey faces i Tris 3) Fair, Tan An venture Fighter Bomber Final Flight ftreieam 2200 First Samurai Flight 01 The Intruder Flints tones Fool's Errand Full Metal Planet Gauntlet 3 GEM X Grand Prix Circuit (Accolade) Gunship Gunship 20CD Hagar :he Horrible Hardball Harlequin Harpoon Heart of China (Oynamix) Heart of the Dragon Hero Ouest Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indianapolis 500 lElectionic Arts} International Ice Hockey International Karate Plus It Came From The Desert 2 Jaguar XJ 220 James Bond Stealth Alfait James Pond Keel The Thiel Knights ol the Sky (M croprose) Knightmare Laser Squad Leander (Psygnosis) Legend (4 Crystals of Tiazzar) links Golf Loom Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Lotus Turbo 3 M-1 Tank Platoon (Microprose) Macdonald Land Manhattan Drug Dealers Maniac Mansion Mega traveler 2 Metal Mutants Microprose Golf (Greens) MICROPROS? GRAND PRIX Midnight Resistance Mig 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth Monday Night Football Moonstone Nauotean I (Inteicme) Nate New Zealand Story Nig ell Mansell Grar.j Pm Ninja Remix North and South Obitus (Psygnosis) Outrun Europa Overrun Pacific Islands Pacland Panza Kick Boxing Paperboy 2 Parasol Stars (Rainbow Island 2) New Additions ate in Red Type Pictionary
16. 95 1 Pirates
19. 95 Pi r Fighter
18. 95 , Pohce Oje l III 15 95 ¦ Pop eye 2 16 95 Papulous 4 Data Disk
21. 95 Premiere 26 95 Pnnce ol Persia 16 95 Project X
21. 95 Pushover 21 95 Puny 24 95 Quack (Team 17) 24 95 R-Type 2 18 95 RBI Baseball2 18 95 Rainbow Island IB 95 Railroad Tycoon 24 95 Ramparts 18 95 Red Storm Rising
16. 95 Red Zone (Psygnosis) 18 95 Revenge ol Deleider 9 95 Rick Dangerous II Rise Of The Dragon 1695
19. 95 Robocop 3-D 26 95 Robospo t 24 95 Rocket Ranger 16 95 Rodland 18 95 Secret of Monkey island 21 95 Shadow Lands 18 95 Silent Service 12 95 Silent Service 2 24 55 Smasn TV
18. 95 Space 1889
14. 95 Space Crusade S Add-On 21 95 Space Ouest IV
19. 95 Special Forces
24. 95 Strider 2
16. 95 Strike Fleet 19 95 Super Monaco GP 19 95 Super Ski 2 18 95 Super Squeak 14 55 Super Tetris 19 95 S W.I.V. (Silkworm 4) 18 95 Team Yankee 21 95 The Immortal 19 95 TV. Sports Baseball
21. 95
T. V Sports Basketball
21. 95
T. V. Sports Boxing 21 95
T. V. Sports Football 18 95 Terminator 2 18 95 Test Drive 2. All 4 add ons 1895 Tetris
13. 95 The Jetsons 16 95 The Simpsons
18. 95 The Three Stooges
18. 95 Toki 16 55 Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed.
16. 95 Troddlers 19 95 Trump Casino 2 18 95 Turrrcan 2 19 95 Turtles 2 The Arcade Game 18 95 Typhoon Of Steel (SSI) 18 95 Ultima 5 21 95 Waterloo 16 95 White Death (Intercme) 18 95 World Boxmg Manager 13 95 Worlds a! W3f (Intercme) IB 95
W. W.F. 2 cure Rampage
24. 55 Xenon 2 (Megablast)
14. 95 Zak McCracken IS 55 I Zool 19 95 | Zool AGA 24 95 NEW TITLES 1 Ahen3 35 Alien Breed 2 35 Alien Breed 2 AGA 38 Ancient Art of War >n the Skies 42 Apocalypse 35 Ban i-s. The World 35 Batman Returns 40 Battle Isle '93 35 Battle Toads 33 Blade of Destiny 42 Body Blows 2 35 Body Blows 2 AGA 33 Brutal Sports Football 35 Cannon Fodder 33 Chaos Engine AGA 35 Civilization (AGA) 45 Coo! Spot 33 Cyber Punks 35 Dark Mere 40 Deep Core 35 Dennis tne Menace A AGA 33 Diggers 38 Dogfight 42 Dune 2 JS Elite II 35 f-ll A Stearin Fighter 42 History Line 1914-1913 42 ishar 2 & AGA 33 Jurassic Park 4 AGA 35 K240 38 Krug Maker 40 Km sty's Fun House 35 legacy at Sorasil 40 Legend Of Valor 42 Micro Machines 35 Mortal Conibat 40 Mr. Null 33 Reach lor the Skies 40 Rules pi Engagement 2 Simon the Sorcerer 40 42 Syndicate 33 Terminator 2 (Coin Op.) 38 Tornado Flight Simulator 42 Turrrcan 3 35 Ultimate Pinball Quest 38 Uridtom 2 35 When Two Worlds War 40 Wing Commander 27 CD-32 Tines INSTOCK" CALL While They Last! ’if, 1 9 9 3 1 N 1) E X TITLE AUTHOR ISSUE PAGE Moriarty School profile Steinsiek Sep 6 Video Toaster at the Ballpark Brisson Sep 90 UK CD32 launch Menges Oct 8 NewTek unveils The Screamer Blaize Oct 8 Time Warner's Full Service Network Gefvert Nov 8 Amiga Goes Hollywood Crotty Nov 43 Fall World of Amiga show report Gefvert Dec 6 I OPERATING SYSTEM WORKBENCH 1 Digging in to DOS • 3 Leemon Jan 51 Digging in to DOS - 4 Leemon Feb 55 Digging in to DOS - 5 Leemon Mar 65 Advanced Operations Leemon Apr 46 Digging in to DOS - 6 Leemon Apr 55 Digging in to DOS - 7 Leemon May 49 In the Mode (display modes) Leemon Jun 31 Put on the Hex Maciorowski Jul 43 I PRINTERS PRINTING Four Color for More Color Blaize Feb 39 Getting So Much Better All the Time (inkjets and lasers) Johnson Sep 32 "Driver" Education Leemon Sep 39 1 PRODUCTIVITY BUS! NESS 1 Increase Your Word Power Panel Jan 34 The Great Amiga Back(up) Off James Feb 49 | PROGRAMMING | The "Language" of Motion (AMOS) Jordan Feb 43 A Command of Languages Haynie Aug 28 Directing Graphics Traffic with Arexx Gillmor Aug 39 | PUBLIC DOMAIN j On-line Scan Walsh AGA and miscellaneous utilities Jan 10 Amiga BBS programs Feb 10 Macintosh utilities for the Amiga Mar 10 PC-compatible Amiga utilities Apr 10 Update on AGA utilities Jun 10 AGA and programming utilities Jul 12 Arexx utilities on the nets Aug 10 Overview of the Delphi network Sep 9 Disk utilities new version of Term Oct 10 Best on-line utility picks of '93 Nov 10 Best on-line game picks of '93 Dec 10 The Best of Free Laser Jan 53 Freeware for Video Williams Sep 58 I TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKING Up-Front Savings On Line Walsh Mar 59 Contacting AW through the nets Walsh May 10 Double for Nothing Hays Oct 39 | VIDEO The Ins and Outs of Connecting Blaize Mar 84 Multimedia from Video Brawn Apr 62 FX For Everybody de Andrade Jun 64 Troubleshooting in Paradise-1 Tessler Hanish Jul 50 Troubleshooting in Paradise-2 Tessler Hanish Aug 60 Buy the Best...for Less! De Andrade Oct 58 Video Toaster Support Products-1 de Andrade Dec 50 Prepping for Video Conroy Oct 43 Video Suite Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 215-586-5701 FAX 215-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern
• 800 Software Titles... IN STOCK - Call for FREE Software List • Call for Pricing and Availability ‘ Full line of Hardware, Accessories & Peripherals.. IN STOCK • Call if you don’t see what you want Video Products 2 ) Toaster Bundles _* DCTV $ 28900 Kitchen Sync 18C
1279. 00 SuperGen
539. 00 SuperGen SX Call OpalVision
399. 00 Personal TBC 3
699. 00 Personal TBC 4 Call DPS Personal Animation Controller Call Vidl 12 AGA
125. 00 A1200 Blizzard '4Mb Of 32 bit Fasr RAM ' Socket for an additional 4Mb RAM
• 2 Year Warranty 1 BuiJt in Calendar Clock w battery 1 Uses inexpensive PlCC Math-Co Limited Qty. -$ 279.00 Power Supplies & Expansion Boards Bigfooi Power Supply 500 600 1200 $ 89.00 A2000 30DW Power Supply 169.00 Action Replay Mark 3 A2000 69.95 DataFlyer 8Mb Board w 2Mb 165.00 OKS Megachip w 2Mb Agnus 195.00 DK3 RAM Exp A3000 400Q 319.00 FastLane Z3 RAM Exp A3000 4000 549.00 Sunrize 16 Bit Audio Digitizer 1259.00 Amiga 4000 040 & 030 models IN STOCK. CALL!!! WB2 Upgrades 1 DOS 2.1 Kit w ROM-577.95
2. 1 Enhancer - no ROM - $ 44.95 A2620 A2630 Eprom Kil $ 35.00 Mulli-Stan 2 v6A 500 600 2000
34. 00 A209I Rev 7 Eprom Kit
32. 00 AS217 Enhancer Docs tor A1200 - I 23.95 Accessories & Modems Beetle Mouse $ 27.00 Clarity 16
169. 00 DP Analog Joystick Adaptor
16. 00 Golden Image Amiga Mouse
29. 95 Gravis Gamepad Controller 22 95 GVP DSS8+ Sound Digitizer 8995 Krafl Triple Track Trackball
40. 00 Supra 2400 External Modem
69. 00 Supra Fax'Modem 14.4
225. 00 USR Sporster 14.4 Fax Modem
229. 00 GP Fax Scttv are Generic 1 5995 A500 Upgrades Yes. We still support A500 owners. If you do not see what you need, please call us. A590 HD 20Mb S169.95 Motherboard Rev 5 (All chips) 139.00 A500 Case 23.00 A50O internal Replacement Drive 49.95 A501 512K RAM 29.95 A500 Keyboard 29.95 GVP A500 HD8 W 80MP HO 329.00 GVP A500 HD8 w 120Mb HD 389.00 GVP A530 Turbo (Various Types) Call DataFlyer Express SCSI or IDE 169.95 DataFlyer Express Combo 219.00 Baseboard w 2Mb RAM 172.00 Software Productivity AMOS Pro *A1200 Comp. $ 59.95 AMOS Pro Compiler 45.00 CanDov2.5 125.00 Deluxe Music 2.0 Call Dev Pao 3 99.00 Final Copy 2 79.00 Final Writer 115.00 Mavis Beacon Typing 2 33.00 Pro Wfile 3.3x 59.00 SAS C v5 265.00 Studio Printer Software 59.00 Pa int G rap hies Art Dept. Pro v2.3 AGA 159.00 Brilliance 144.00 Caligari 24 NEW PRICE 139.00 Caligari Broadcast 3.0 379.00 Dpainl 4 v4.5 AGA 119.95 Humanoid for Lightwave 159.00 ImageMaster R T 159.00 Monlage 329.00 Montage 24Pixel 30 Pro 229.00 Pro Control 55.00 SCALA MM210 259.00 Scenery Anim. 4 AGA 65.00 Toaster Toolkit 2 0 110.00 T-Rexx Pro v2.1 139.00 Vista Pro 3.0 59.00 Utilities Ami-Back 2.0 42.00 ASIM CDFS v2.0 55.00 CrossDOS 5 w CrossPC 39.00 Directory Opus V4 68.00 Enlan DF$ 189.00 HyperCache Pro 34.00 TapeWprm FS 75.00 RAM & Other Chips We stock all RAM chips, CPUs and FPUs, Please call for price and availability. Accelerators & Hard Drives Accelerators GVP G-Force 030 40 40 4MQ $ 599.00 GVP G-Force 040 33 4Mb
1029. 00 Supra Turbo 28 A500 or A2000
159. 00
3. 5" SCSI Hard Drives Quantum 52Mb LPS HD
119. 00 Quantum 240Mb LPS HD
299. 00 Quantum l.2Gig HD
1059. 00 Conner 170Mb HD
239. 00 Maxtor 240Mb HD
285. 00 Maxtor 340Mb HD
399. 00 Bernoulli Drives Call SyQuest 88 44 5HOC HD
339. 00 SyQuest 88Mb Cartridge
109. 00 Toshiba I.OGig HD
919. 00 Toshiba 1.2Gig HD
1029. 00 Dual bay Ext. Case w cabling
109. 00
3. 5"IDE Hard Drives Maxtor 240Mb HD
275. 00 Maxtor 340Mb HD
369. 00 Seagate 525Mb 3655A HD
639. 0-0 Seagate 525Mb 3600A HD
679. 00 Western Digilal Caviar 425Mb
415. 00
2. 5" IDE Hard Drives Conner 40Mb HD $ 139.95 Seagate 40Mb HO
145. 00 Conner 84Mb HD
229. 95 Seagate 85Mb HD
239. 00 Conner 128Mb HD
309. 00 Seagate 210Mb HD
415. 00 J Amiga 1200
• AGA Chips & 14 Mz 68EC020
• 16 Million Colors & OS 3.0
• PCMCIA & Flicker Free Support A1200 $ 395.00 A120Q w 40 Mb HD 529.00 A1200 w 85 Mb HD 629.00 A1200 w 128 Mb HD 719.00 A1200 w 210 Mb HD 859.00 Both bundles include complete installation and pre-testing of your machine. Please call for other configurations. Please add S20.00 tor Hard Drive installation & formatting. Hi-Density Floppy Drives MBX1200 68881 20Mz OK $ 139 00 MBXI200 68882 33Mz OK 209.00 MBX12Q0 68882 50Mz OK 309.00 DKB 1202 OK 16Mz W Clock 169.00 RAM -1.2, 4, 8Mb for above Call GVP 1230 Turbot 40 0 0 359.95 GVP 1230 Turbot 40 40 4Mb 579.95 GVP 1200 SCSI RAMt (All) Call DKB-The Clock lor A120D 25 00 PCMCIA Card 603 1200 2Mb 139.95 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229 00 IDE Cable & Software - 600 1200 20.00 15-23 Pin Converter 19.95 Many other peripherals & software IN STOCK. Please call for pricing & availability. Retina Special I A600 A1200 External Hds AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS Call for Quantity Discounts 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 37.95 Super Denise 8373 28.95 CIA 8520 chip 8.50 Gary 5719 chip 13.95 Paula or Denise chip 18.95
1. 3 ROM chip 21.95
2. 04 ROM chip w Wire 32.95
2. 05 ROM * no wire 32.95 Super Buster Rev 11 54.95 Super DMAC Rev 4 54.95
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev 8 49.95 Ramsey Rev 7 49.95 CBM Parts & Peripherals A2091 Controller S65.00 A520 Video Adapter
23. 00 A600 1200 Int. Floppy Drive
69. 95 A1000 Internal Floppy Drive
59. 95 A600 12QQ Keyboard (Specify)
29. 95 A2000 Keyboard
59. 95 A3000 Keyboard
59. 95 A4000 Keyboard
67. 95 A1000 Keyboard
49. 95 A1000 Keyboard Adaptor
16. 95 A2000 Complete Case NEW 59,95 A2000 Int. Floppy Drive
69. 95 A3000 Int. Floppy Drive
69. 95 A1000 Power Supply
62. 00 A2000 Power Supply
109. 00 A3000 Power Supply
109. 00 A4000 Power Supply
89. 00 A1050 256 K RAM A1000
35. 00 CBM Amiga Model Mouse
19. 00 J Bundle 1
* A4000 030 25Mz
• 10Mb RAM & 120Mb HD
• Video Toaster 4000 $ 3999.00 Internal We have just received a batch of Commodore’s HD Internal Floppy Drives. Must be used with OS 2.05 or higher. A2000 model - $ 109.00 A1200 model - 99.00 A600 model - 99.00 A4000 model - 99.00 We have fust made a special purchase ct 4Mb Retina AGA Video Boards which can be used with Amiga 2000, 3G00 and 4000 computers. Compatible with OpalVision, Video Toaster, and others. Retina 4 Mb¦ $ 479.00 Other products available from MacroSystem US: Multiframe-AdPro S74.00 Studio printer Soltware $ 59.00 Vlab $ 399.00 VlabY C S-i 59.00 Motherboards A2Q00 Rev 6.3 Motherboard S419.00 A4Q00 Motherboard 599.00 A2000 w swap-Rev 6 or above 225.00 A300Q 16Mz w swap 249,00 A3000 25Mz w swap 299,00 A500 Motherboard Rev 5 139,00 Amiga CD'32 Nowin STOCK. Zoo!, Morph, Robocod D Generation, & many more titles available. Call for pricing. Monitor Specials 1D84S - Color stereo model w Amiga cable - $ 229.00 A1942 - Multiscan .28mm DP Stereo Speakers - $ 399.00 All IDEK Monitors - CALL S Copyrghnpa]. IcchWntm lr>c. Afi Rights Rssewt Bundle 2
• A4000 040 25Mz 18Mb RAM & 360Mb HD
* Video Toaster 4000 $ 5299.00 External As we have been unable to obtain the hi-Dex HD External Floppy Drives we are nov carrying Power Computing’s hi-density units.
• 1.76MB Capacity, 1 Year Warranty
• Use With A-Max & 386 Emulators
• Must use with OS 2.1 or higher
• Twice as fast as CBM’s model External Only - $ 179.00 These Data Flyer Hds & cases install easilly and can be used w existing internal hard drives, IDE XDS No Drive $ 85.00 IDE XDS w 170Mb HD 319.00 IDE XDS w 241Mb HD 339.00 IDE XDS w 345Mb HD 425.00 IDE XDS w 528Mb HD 699.00
• SCSI version available soon Our Policies No wailing lor your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post. UPS or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS.
• AH orders are subject to credit card verification • r ¦ 7 - ¦ ~ Due to advertising schedules, all prices are subject lo change. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. We also ship COD. Accepting Cash. Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 for small items. $ 15.00 for Monitors. Call lor larger items. COD add $ 5.00. Canadian. AP0. & International orders are welcome. We will bill only lor actual shipping charges & insurance at time ol order. 15% re-stocking lee on all returns not exchanged. 19 9 3 I D REVIEWS E PRODUCT ISSUE PG HARDWARE f A1230Turbo+ Accelerator Jun 14 AD516 AD1012 Jan 18 Amiga Smart Port Jan 81 Bernoulli Box 150 Transportable Dec 19 Clarity 16 Sep 14 ColorBurst Nov 22 DejaVue Sep 65 Derringer 030 Mar 18 DP IBM Analog Interface Jan 81 DSS8+ Digital Sound Studio Jul 64 Emplant Aug 15 G-Force 040 Combo Apr 84 G-Lock Feb 76 Golden Gate 386SX Monitor Master Mar 92 Golden Gate 486SLC Apr 80 LAN Rover Nov 20 Lightworks Graphics Synthesizer Dec 56 MicroBotics M1230 XA Nov 23 MicroBotics MBX 1200z Jul 70 NakeD Up Jan 80 One-Stop Music Shop May 17 OpalVision 1.1 Feb 77 Personal Animation Recorder Oct 14 Personal TBC III Aug 65 Personal TBC-IV Oct 14 PhonePak VFX Feb 24 Progressive 040 500 Mar 18 Retina Jul 68 SQ511QC Removable Cartridge Jul 72 SupraFAXModem Plus v.32bis Mar 30 SupraTurbo 28 Sep 15 TechnoSound Turbo 2.7 Feb 82 Toaster Cozzy Jun 19 Touchdown 100 Feb 84 Touch Frame Oct 22 Trifecta 2000 500 Oct 62 Vector Mar 24 Video Toaster 4000 3.0 Nov 14 VIDEOMASTER Mar 98 V-Lab 3.1 Jul 16 Xpander Chassis Jan 80 Y C Plus Jun 16 Zeus 68040 Sep 68 1 SOFTWARE 24-Bit Texture Collections Aug 68 Address-lt! May 26 ADPIot2D Aug 74 Aladdin 4D Mar 20 Ami-Back Tools Oct 66 AmigaVision Professional May 16 Anim Workshop Aug 18 Art Expression Apr 28 Body Blows Sep 82 Bars&Pipes Professional 2.0 Jun 16 Break 'n' Bash Jul 88 Blitz BASIC 2 Apr 76 Brides of Dracula Apr 100 Brilliance Dec 14 Caesar Aug 80 Caligari24 Jun 69 Campaign Feb 96 CanDo 2.0 Apr 18 Campaign Scenario Disk Oct 80 Charts & Graphs 3.0 Oct 16 Castles Campaign Disk 1: CrossDOS 5.0 Jan 78 The Northern Campaigns Mar 108 CygnusEd Professional 3.5 Dec 52 Celtic Legends Feb 106 DeluxePaint IV AGA Jun 68 Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck Sep 82 DirectoryOpus 4.0 May 22 Cohort 11 Dec 90 Distant Suns 4.2 Sep 64 Combat Classics Feb 98 ENLAN-DFS Nov 20 Conquest of Japan Mar 107 Final Copy II Feb 74 Contraption Zack Jun 78 FractalPro 6.02 Oct 19 Cruise for a Corpse Jan 99 GFX-CAD 3000 Nov 18 Cyber Empires Feb 104 GigaMem Jan 24 Cytron Mar 108 HyperCache Professional Sep 65 Dalek Attack Dec 90 ImageFX May 19 Darkseed Apr 96 Invoice-lt! Oct 62 D-Day Nov 80 MorphPlus Feb 83 Defender of the Crown II Dec 80 MuitiFrame Dec 16 Desert Strike Aug 78 PageSetter 3 Jun 22 Deuteros Feb 104 Personal Paint 2.1 Sep 69 Diplomacy Apr 97 Pixel 3D Professional Apr 19 Discovery: In the Steps of Columbus Feb 104 Pro-Board 3.0 Jul 72 Dragon's Lair III: The Curse ProControl Dec 16 Of Mordread Apr 97 Professional Calc 2 0 Aug 65 Dreadnoughts Oct 80 Professional Page 4.0 Jul 64 Dune Jul 82 Quarterback Toots Deluxe Oct 66 Dune II Nov 72 Real 3D 2.0 Sep 12 Epic May 68 SAS C 6.0 Feb 18 Espana: The Games '92 Jul 88 Scala Multimedia 200 Feb 20 Fighter Duel Pro Feb 102 ScapeMaker Oct 18 Fighter Duel Pro Flight Recorder Aug 82 Scenery Animator 4.0 Dec 21 Flashback Sep 78 Studio Printer Oct 20 Gearworks Jul 88 The Deli Dec 73 Goal! Nov 78 T-Rexx Professional 2 Aug 14 Gobliins 2 Jun 78 TruePrint 24 Jan 78 Harpoon Challenger Pak Feb 98 TVPaint 2.0 Professional Dec 54 Heimdall Jan 90 Video Toaster 4000 3.0 Nov 14 Historyline 1914-1918 Sep 81 VistaPro 3.0 Jul 20 Hook Jun 84 Will Vinton's Playmation Jan 20 Hunter Jan 100 Wordworth 2 Apr 22 Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis Mar 102 Ishar II Lavandiss RPG System Legends of Valour Dec Aug Jul 88 83 | GAMES 1 50 Great Games Jul 84 78 Abandoned Places 2 Sep 82 Lemmings II; The Tribes Jun 74 Air Support Jan 96 Lethal Weapon Sep 81 Ancient Art of War in the Skies Nov 80 Lords of Time Jan 90 Arabian Nights Oct 80 Lotus (II Feb 104 Arcade Trivia Quiz Jan 100 Lure of the Temptress Feb 92 Arnie Jan 100 Magic Pockets Jan 100 Ashes of Empire May 78 A-Train Apr 97 A-Train Construction Set Sep 81 AV-8B Harrier Assault Oct 79 Bard's Tale Construction Kit Jul 76 Battle Isle Scenario Disk, Vol. 1 Feb 102 Beast Busters Jan 100 Beau Jolly's Big Box 2 Feb 98 Beavers Nov 80 Bill's Tomato Game Apr 97 1 9 9 3 1 D K X REVIEWS MegaFortress: Operation SkyMaster Jul 84 Megatraveller II: Quest for the Ancients May 78 MicroLeague Data Disks Dec 90 MiG-29 Fulcrum Feb 106 Morph Oct 79 Nick Faldo's Championship Golf Jun 84 Nicky Boom Sep 82 Nigel Mansell's World Championship Jun 84 No Greater Glory Feb 106 Oil Barons Aug 82 Omar Sharif on Bridge Aug 82 Operation Sledgehammer Feb 102 Oxyd Jul 88 Paladin II Feb 104 Paladin II Quest Disk: The Dark One Apr 100 Pinball Fantasies Mar 105 Piracy on the High Seas Sep 82 Plan 9 From Outer Space Feb 102 Populous II: The Challenge Games May 76 Prey: An Alien Encounter Oct 80 Proflight Sep 82 Project-X Dec 90 Pushover Jun 78 Realms Mar 108 Realms of Arkania Oct 77 Road Rash Mar 104 Robocop 3D Mar 107 Robocop Redux Jun 84 Schelober's Quest for a Babe Apr 100 Shadow of the Beast III Jan 88 Shadowlands Mar 107 Sim Life Oct 79 Sink or Swim Sep 82 Sleepwalker Aug 81 Solitaire's Journey Feb 104 Space Crusade: The Voyage Beyond Aug 82 Spoils of War Mar 108 Stack 'Em Jan 100 Subversion 1.0 Nov 80 Superfrog Sep 81 Syndicate Sep 79 Tengen's Arcade Hits Feb 102 The 17-Bit Collection Oct 79 The Addams Family May 76 The Animation Classics Pack Aug 82 The Blues Brothers Feb 106 The Chaos Engine Aug 81 The Digital Dungeon Aug 83 The Dizzy Collection Nov 78 The Humans Aug 82 The Koshan Conspiracy Apr 90 The Labyrinth Sep 76 The Legend of Kyrandia Apr 97 The Lost Vikings Nov 74 Titanic Blinky Jan 100 Tom Landry Strategy Football Mar 105 Tracon II Feb 106 Tracon II data disks May 78 Traders Apr 96 Troddlers Jun 78 UMS II: Planet Editor Jul 88 Utopia Feb 102 Vektor Storm Mar 107 Virtual Reality Studio 2.0 Oct 80 VR-Slingshot Oct 74 Walker Oct 77 War in the Gulf Oct 80 Wing Commander May 68 Wrzkid Aug 81 Worlds of Legend: Son of the Empire Oct 79 Zool May 76 October
1992. Sneak Preview: The New Amiga 600 Revealed. Video Special! Image Composition. Cellular Automation. Reviews of AMAX II Plus and ImpactVi- sion24. (AW9210) November 1992. The All New Amiga 4000. Live Action Animation. DTP Design Made Easy. Programmer's Rights. Creative Image Compositing Techniques. Publish with Panache. (AW9211) AmigaWorld Back Issues 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 December
1992. British Game Invasion. 3-D Animation. AREXX Answers. Audio for Video. OpalVision Unveiled. 20 Shell Tips. (AW9212) January 1993. The New A1200. _ Produoji i ump Up! Increa aJ jSr Word Power. Reviews Will Vinton’s Playmation. (AW9301) February 1993. 24-bit Amiga Color Graphics. Head-to-Head Hard Drive Backups. The Animator’s Edge. Workbench 2.0 Fonts. (AW9302) March 1993. AGA Special: Where Do You Fit in the New Amiga Line? Amiga Music Making. On-Line Savings. (AW9303) April 1993. Multimedia In Action! Amiga Fonts Guide. Animation Special Effects. Workbench 3.0. The Power of Positive Presentation. (AW9304) May 1993. Image Processing. Quality Fonts Galore! Easy Audio for Video. Workbench 2.0 Tips. Fun DTP Projects. (AW9305) June 1993. Special Review Issue. The AW Fonts Buyers Guide Part 2: Video Fonts. Amiga Display Modes, Scanner Reviews. (AW9306) July 1993. 3-D Graphics On Your Amiga! 8 PC Emulators. Video Troubleshooting. Virus Killers For Hire. Reviews on VistaPro 3.0 and Pro-Board 3.0. (AW9307) August 1993. Full September 1993. A1200 Power Expansion! Buyer’s Guide to 19 A1200 Upgrades. Printer Special! Amiga Music Tips. 12 Top PD Picks in Video Software. (AW9309) Coverage of Video Toaster 4000. Programming Special! Easy Morphing Tips. Test Your Video Signals. Macintosh Emulation. (AW9308) For credit card orders call: 1-603-924-0156 Or, write your issue selections here and mail to address below. Please use product codes. Please send me the following issues: Send me back issues x S3.95 $ CA residents add appropriate tax $ Canadian residents add 7% GST s Postage & handling:
U. S. orders SI.50 each issue s Canadian foreign surface S2.00 each s Foreign air mail $ 4.50 each issue $ Total Enclosed s Prepayment required. Checks in U.S. funds, drawn on U.S. bank. Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Quantities limited. Please allow 24 weeks for delivery CREDIT CARD NUMBER EXP DATE SIGNATURE NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP A41BI m Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses AeroStar Industries PO Box 24 Golden Beach Queensland 4551 .Australia 74-91-9190 Anti Gravity Workshop 456 Lincoln Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90402 310 393-9747 Asimware Innovations 101 Country Club Drive Hamilton Ontario L8K 55V4 Canada 905 578-4916 Axiom 668 East Cliff Road Burnsville, MX 55337 612 894-0596 Beyond Entertainment Distributed by Rom pan Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Road Gasgow, MT 59230 406 367-5513 800 TK-AMIGA Blue Ribbon Soundworks 1605 Chant illv Drive, Suite 200 ‘ Atlanta. GA 30324 404 315-0212 Canon 2995 Redhill Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92628 800 848-4123 714 438-3317 Centaur Development PO Box 3959 Torrance, CA 90503 310 787-4530 Clackamas Computers PO Box 769 Clackamas. OR 97015 503 650-0379 Coloi Vision 1701 North Harrison St. Fort Wayne, IN 46808 219 424-5000 Crestline Software PO Box 169 Crestline, CA 92325 909 338-1786 Desktop Video Systems 14121 West 9th St. Lenexa. KS 66215 913 782-8888 Dev Ware 12528 Kirkham Court, Suite 11 -A 17 Poway, CA 92064 619 679-2825 Digital Creations 160 Blue Ravine Road. Suite B Folsom. CA 95630 916 344-4825 Digital Designs Group PO Box 593 Whiteville. NC 28472 919 642-6295 Eagle Tree Software PO Box 164 Hopewell. YA 23860 804 452-0623 Electric Cravon 3624 North'64th St. Milwaukee, W1 53216 414 444-9981 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 800245-4525 415 571-7171 Expert Services * 7559 Mail Road Florence, KY 41042 606 371 -9690 Fargo 7901 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie, MX 55344 800 327-4622 Grandslam Video 3 Rathbone Square 28 Taniiekt Road Crovdt >n Surrey CRO 1A.L. England 81-680-7044 Great Valley Products 657 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Haitex Resources PO Box 20609 Charleston. SC 29413 803 881-7518 Heifncr Communications 4451 1-70 Dr. N.W. Columbia, MO 65202 314 445-6163 Infintc Solutions 14780 SW Osprey Drive, Suite 240 Beaverton, OR 97007 503 579-5799 Interworks 43191 Camino Casillas, Suite B2409 Temecula, CA 92592 909 699-8120 Jaeger Software 7800 White CliffTerrace Rockville, MD 20855 301 948-6862 JEK Graphics 12103 S. Brookhursi St., Suite E-125 Garden Grove, CA 92642 714 530-7603 Joe’s First Company 86 Parliinent Street. Suite 200 Toronto Ontario M5A2Y6 Canada 416 367-8440 |umpDisk 1 193 Mountain Mew Ave. Chico, CA 95926 916 343-7658 Kara Computer Graphics 2554 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 1010 Marina Del Rev. CA 90291 310 578-9177 ' Kinetic Designs PO Box 1646 Orange Park, EL 32067 904272-0371 Kingsway Productions 2427 Hart Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95050 408 244-9692 Kompari Guilford House 20 Guilford Road St. Albans Herts. AL1 5JY England 72-786-8005 Krisalis Software Teque I louse Masons Yard Downs Row Moorgate Rotherham S60 2HI) England 70-937-2290 MacroSystems US 17019 Smuggler’s Cove Mi. Clemens, Ml 48038 313 263-0095 Manta 115 Route 35 Eatontown, NJ 07724 908 542-8767 MegageM 1903 Adria Santa Maria, CA 93454 805 349-1104 Micro liotics 1251 American Pkwy. Richardson, TX 75081 214 437-5330 MicroProse I Hampton Road Industrial Estate Tctbury Glostershire GL8 8LD England 66-650-4326 New I lori ons Software 206 Wild Basin Rd., Suite 109 Austin, TN 78746 512 328-6650 New Media Productions 12 )val Road Ijondon NW1 7DH England 71-482-5258 Oplonica 1 'Hie Terrace High St. Lutterworth Leics LEI7 1 BA England 45-555-8282 Personal Video Wizards 7836 Second Ave. South Bloomington. MX 55420 612 881-3340 Pie Vue Technologies PO Box 2617 Grass Valiev, CA 95945 916 477-2905 800 356-8863 Psygnosis 675 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 617 497-5457 RCS Management Dammweg 15 28211 Bremen Germany 421-347-8746 Slide City 6474 Highway 11 DeLeon Springs, FL 32130 901 985-1103 Solt-Logik Publishing 11131 Souilt Towne Sq„ Suite F St. i.miis, MO 63123 314 894*8608 SoltWood Inc. PO Box 50178 Phoenix, AZ 85076 602 431-9151 800 247-8330 Svcom PO Box 452 St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 515 774-2153 Syndesis PO Box 65 Jefferson, WI 53549 414 674-5200 Team 17 Maiwood House, Garden Street Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DX England 92-429-1867 Terra Nova Development PO Box 2202 Ventura, CA 93002 Texture City 3203 Overland Ave,, Unit 6157 Los Angeles, CA 90034 310 836-9224 Videoworld Multimedia 8 Ardoch Gardens Cambuslang Glasgow G72 8HB England 41-641-1142 Virgin Games 18061 Filch Ave., Suite C Irvine. CA 9271 I 714 833-8710 Virtual Reality labs 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 545-8515 Vision Software Distributed by Kompari Visual Inspirations 809 W. I lollywood Tampa, FL 33604 813 935-6410 VRS Media 7116 SW 47th St. Miami, FL 33155 305 667-5005 Y C Plus Inc. 1110 S. Kansas Ave. Topeka, KS 66612 913 235-3481 AW Shucks! We printed an incorrect address for Interworks in the Nov, 93 issue. The correct address is: 43191 Camino Casillas, Suite B2469 Temecula. CA 92592 909 699-8120. Sorrv for any confusion this mav have caused. ¦ AN AMIGA 1200 TWICE THE SPEED OF AN A4000 030 OR A3000 SYSTEM??? PURCHASE THE 50MHZ ACCELERATORS AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!
* FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICROBOTICS PRODUCTS TO THE 48 STATES* *NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE* (VXL * 30 ACCELERATOR 5xO(}) 25 & MMU Mhz S16Q 40EC Mhz S225 33 Mhz & MMU $ 226(Vxl 32 rai$ 2MB $ 179 I w 68882 25FPUS235 w FPU $ 364 w FPU S299_8MBS549) 68030 & 32 Bit Wide Ram For The A500 2000I SG9051A 40 Seagate CN SG9077A 65 Seagate WD SG9096A 85 Seagate SG9145AG 130 Seagate SG9235AG 235 Seagate i g R H n m m m A500-HD8+0M B 52 299 A5OQ-HD8+0MB 85 345 A50O-HD8+0MB 127 375 ‘ A500-H D8+0MB 27O 499 A530-Turbo+1 127 585 A530-T urbo 270Q 699 A530-T urbo+2 270Q 799 A40O8-HC8+0MB 149 SIMM32 1 MB 60ns 69.95 , SIMM32 4MB 6Qns 199 , SIMM32 16MB 60NS 1299 , 1MB SIMM Gforce A3000 179 G-Lock Genlock 375 A2000-IV24 Adapter 55 A1230Turbo+40 40 4 $ 529.00 A1200 SCSI RAM+0K $ 195.00 w 33mhz&4MB Ram $ 425,00 M 230-40-00-4+DPP-II 499 M 230-50-00-4+DPP-II 699 M291 Stingray 89 58030 40Mhz 40 4MB 599 58040 33MhzA2000 4MB 1055 TBC+ w oSMPTE CODE 799 TBC+ w SMPTE CODE 909 IV 24 Impact Vis. CT 1215 IV 24 Impact Vision 2.0 1049 IV 24 2.0 Upgrade 129 68882 40Mhz FPU PLCC 139 FaaastROM Kit (For Hds) 39 Cmemorph Software 55 Phonepak VFX 2.0 289 DSS8+ Sound Sampler 89 I O Extender (2SerialPort) 119 (NEW & IMPROVED) image F X 249 Image F X Upgrade 29 MATH CHIPS, CPU's &FPU’s AdlDE 40 MB HD system for Amiga 500 System 220 AdlDE 60 MB HD System for Amiga 500 System 260 Flicker Free Video II 228
149. 00
135. 00
129. 00
95. 00
99. 00
75. 00 CALL CALL
69. 95
10. 00 EXPANSION SYSTEMS CSA Baseboard 601C 69 Dataflyer XDS 0MB 75 w 170MB Hard Drive 259 w 270Quantum 339 Baseboard 1200C 25 Baseboard 500 OK 85 Xramboard w OK 75 Dataflyer Ramcard w 2mb 149 500 SCSI or IDE 125 1000 SCSI or IDE 135 2000 SCSI or IDE 75 500 Express SCSI 165 500 Express IDE 155 500 Express SCSI&IDE 189 500 SCSI&IDE 149 1000 SCSI&IDE 169 2000 SCSI&IDE 95 399 599 499 DKB Insider II w 1.5M RAM 2632 wMMegabytes Meg Achip 2000 500 w 2MB Agnus Multi-Start 2 Rev 6A KwikStart II for A1000 SecurKey Security Board 3128 A3000 4000 Ram board Expandable to 128MB w OK 159 89 99 39 Hewlett Packard Printers HP 4SI HP 4M HP 4 HP 4L HP 4ML HP IIIP 3195 1975 1459 675 1079 899 DPS Personal TBC 111 699 DPS Personal TBC IV 849 DPS PAR w Software 1599 SEAGATE SG3655A 599 DPS Personal Component 449 DPS Personal V Scope 699 Kitchen Sync 1249 Opal Vision 2.0 375 DCTV-NTSC 274 Retina w 4MB 479 Vlab Y C 449 Vlab Int Ext Comp 379 499 Prv 2001 1845 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 119 Morph Plus 139 Art Department Pro 139 Pixel 3D Professional 145 Video Director 129 Caligari 24 119 Aladdin 4D 249 Video Toaster 3.0 Upgrade 799 Video Toaster 4000 1795 Picaso W 1MB-2MB 459 499 Light Rave 399 A4000 Computer 040 2399 A4000 Computer 030 1599 A1200 Computer 395 w 40MB HD Installed 535 w 65MB HD Installed 559 W 85MB HD Installed 619 W 130MB HD Installed 699 W 235MB HD Installed 799 1942 Multisync Monitor 399 1084S Monitor 229 A520 Video Adapter 34 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 2 MB Ram For 2091 80 Janus 2.1 Update 45 A2000 3000 Disk Drives 69.95 A500 Int. Disk Drives 49.95 A600 1200 Keyboards 29.95 A2000 3000 Keyboard 59.95 A2000 3000 Power Supply 109 External case PS & Cables 99 Replacement Mouse 24.95
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 39.95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 33.95
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 22 1MB Agnus (8372A) 37.50 2MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 Super Denise (8373) 28.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 18.95 CIA (8520) 9.50 Gary (5719) 13 95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 35 2091 Upgrade Eproms 7.+ 35 Superbuster (-11) (4091) 99 Ramsey (A3000) 99 Fat Gary (A3000) 49 Super Dmac (A3000) 99 Amber (A3Q00) 79 A3000 Daugterboard 99 1 %(fiynadc *%££ 95 DATAFLYER XDS REMOVABLE Al 200 600 HD SYSTEM
• External Box w Power & Cabling
- 0245 Or M345 HD 2Yr Warranty
• Cable Select Autoconfiguration
- Take Off One System And Plug Into Another W O Any Hassles $ 319 429 AMIGA CUSTOM CHIPS VIDEO AMIGA M1230XA ACCELERATOR 68030 25Mhz CPU wJMMU&Clk $ 249 68030 33Mhz CPU w MMU&Clk Only v 33Mhz Math Co Processor $ 299 MBX 1200z COMBO BOARD 68881 RC20M1U FPU w Clock $ 125 68882 RC20Mhz FPU w Clock S135 68882 RCSOMhz FPU w Ciock $ 249 44MB DRIVE (SQ555) $ 229 88MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44) $ 339 105MB IDE $ 449 105MB SCSI (Cart+69) $ 495 44MB Cartriges $ 65 88MB Cartriges $ 99 External Versions Add $ 89 179 29 69 99 275 I IVS Grand Slam 500 229 287 Trumpcard Pro 500 139 225 Tmmpcard 500 Pro 225 Trumpcard 500 Plus 149 Trumpcard 500 AT 164 Sourcer Switching Power Supply 99 Moviemaker 799 AUDIO Sunrise Industries AD516 Digitizer (16Bit) 1169 AD1012 Digitizer (12Bit) 479 SYQUEST UNMATCHED PRICES 180 349 CSA's 12 Gouge Accelerators 33Mhz wIMMU & SCSI Board 499 50Mhz w MMU & SCSI Board 599 A super stable accelerator & SCSI controller built for the Amiga 1200 with an optional newtworking controller coming soon FASTLANE Z3
- Add up to 256 MB of ram of contiguous memory
- Transfer up to 7MB Sec Async & 10MB Sec Sync on the SCSI Bus
- TrueZorro III 32 bit memory board
- CDROM file system & dynamic caching software
- FAST SCSI - II DMA CONTROLLER FOR BOTH THE AMIGA 4000 & 3000! Pure Speed is Only $ 539 DJ1200C 1459 DJ500 319 DJ500C 419 DJ550C 619 DJPortable 399 Scanjet IIP 969 Scanjet IlC 1320 DERRINGER 25 25 1 w MMU,FPU8tRAM DERRINGER 50 4 w MMU,&4MB RAM Rocket Launcher 50 50 w MMU Makes The CBM 2630 Or GVP Combo 25 run at 50 Mhz w MMU & FPU (68882RC50) 500 Bigfoot Power Supply 1200 Bigfoot Power Supply Slingshot A500 (1A2000Slot) Slingshot Pro A500 = Gives An A2000 Slot w Passthru eg 2000 Bigfoot Power Supply igfoc Micro R&D All Speeds Available 1x8 100-60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 80.60ns SIMMS 139+ 1x4 80-60ns Static ZIP 19+ 1x4 80-60ns Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 80-50ns Page DIP 19+ 1x1 120-70ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1x32 Simms 139+ 2x32 Simms 299+ 4x32 Simms 699+ 8x32 Simms 1300+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVP TBC+ FRAM 199+ Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st Warranties Quantum=2 Years Maxtor=2 Years Maxtor 170 LPS IDE 189 Maxtor 245 LPS SCSI IDE 249 Maxtor 345 LPS SCSI IDE 359 Maxtor 540 LPS SCSI-2 689
- 6300RPM8 & 8.5MS ! Quantum 52 (Low Profile) 89 Quantum 105 LPS 149 Quantum 127 ELS 189 Quantum 170 SCSI1&2 225 Quantum 270 SCSI1&2 295 Quantum 525 SCSI1 &2 575 Micropolis 1.3G SCSI1&2 1099 AffaData Crystal Trackballs 49 SupraTurbo 28Mhz 149 Safeskin Protectors 15.00 Xtractor+ Chip Puller 9.95 Kool-lt Cooling kit A500 39.95 Qwika Switcha 4 sockeled ROM selector 39.95 Power Connectors CALL SCSI HD Cables CALL HP II, HD. IIP. HI. MID. HP AND ALL PLUS SERIES Board wilh 2MB 110.00 Board with 4MB 195.00 Deskjet 256K Upgrade 55 HP 4 (4 Meg) 149 HP 4 (8 Meg) 295 68030-RC-50 w MMU 68882-RC-50 (PGA) 68030-RC-33 w MMU 68882-RC-33 (PGA) 68030-RC-25 w MMU 68882-RC-25 (PGA) 68030-FN-PLCC (Cali) 68882-FN-PLCC (Call) S0387-25SX (Bridges) Crystal Oscillators (All) 386 Bridgecard Owners 80387SX25 Co Processor Speeds Up Performance Only $ 69.95
2. 5" A1200 600 Hard Drives LASER PRINTER MEMORY
3. 5" HARD DRIVES Accessories MISC. MEMORY CHIPS 139 159 225 299 399 18 Wellington Drive Newark, DE. 19702
(302) 836-6174 ORDERS ONLY
(302) 836-4145 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 836-8829 Fax 24 HOURS Please Understand Our Policies VISA MASTER Card Accepted. Prices And Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice! Restocking Fee On Ail Returns. Defective Merchandise Will Be Replaced With Same Item. Call 302.836.4145 For Approval RMA Before Returning Merchandise Merchandise. No Returns After 10 Days From Delivery Date. Not Responsible For Incompatibility Of Products Shipping And Handling For Chips Is S5 COD Fee $ 6 Personal Checks Require 10 Working Days To Clear. Call For Actual Shipping Prices On All Other Items. Ram Prices Change Daily eo-MtpmsTz s ss InfoMarket $ $ $ § Tel = 2 1 4)239-2000 Techfax(214)B21 - 3464 1 KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 * 803-681-5515 COMPETITIVE SAVE MONEY REDUCE COSTS ou will need lor your Commodore product requirements. We ORIZED source lor more than a DECADE ol quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades, replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair maintenance services and stocMo-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6;00 pm ESI RAM Board Accelerator for the A50Q Increase Performance by 200% Expandable) up to 8 Mb RAM 4*14MHzor7MH* Selectable) f°512k Shadow Memory option_ $ 93 BLOWOUT SALE Fastlane Z3 Fast SCSI-11 DMA controller for the Amiga 4000 BLIZZARD BOARD 500 INT[dNATIPN*L Also makers of N C E D ftorrwAnr a r ? U p Circle 185 On Reader Service Card. LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS SOFTUJRHE
* Over 4000-line Resolution > NO Scanlines • NO Curvature Distortion • Brilliant Color Call of Write tor orfler form, prise list & sample: 11280 Washington Place Culver City. California 90230 If you think you can't afford quality commercial software ... think again! Although wc carry I he lop I (H) software hits and a fu 11 line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts and liquidations. Lei us do the bargain hunting for you! Find out why thousands of computer users choose vis as their one stop supplier. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or write for your free copy! CALL TOLL FREE TODAY! 1-800-356-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. Software Support Int. 2700 N.E. Andresen Rtl. Suite A-10 Vancouver Vva 9H66 I
(206) 695-1393 AMIGA - C64 I2S - IBM Circle 192 On Reader Service Card, We Specialize in AudU Video Equipment rr EQUIPMENT FINANCING 1 FLEX LEASE, Inc. ¦ COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT FINANCING We are an authorized Commodore Amiga Dealer. We carry a very large selection of the latest SW & HW. We will ship anywhere in the USA * Call now or come to see us at: 1130 A. NORTH KRAEMER BL, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 We are just six miles from the Disneyland area. Voice: 714-630-8711 Fax: 714-630-5619 BBS: 714-630-8897
* *There is a shopping mall on our BBS. Orders entered on line 24 hrs TRANSDATA SYSTEMS Your One Stop Amiga Store Circle 92 On Reader Service Card.
(214) 578-1460 Fax; -t Circle 163 On Reader Service Card. Recorded in Fuii Stereo Now wVHSiot jus1 it $ 19.95'- The Definitive Amiga Animation Video Amigamations showcases the best of AmigaWorld's Third Annual Animation contest. Familiar names and rising stars of Amiga animation pushed the limits of Lightwave, Imagine and a host of other products to new heights in both 2-D and 3-D. Show your friends what your Amiga can do! Amigamations includes the grand prize winning masterpiece of animation, One Stormy Night With Fred Floaty. Watch inflatable Fred's dreamy vacation in paradise turn to potential disaster, as you witness dynamic Amiga graphics. Amigamations contains 20 animations, including:
• Life, a tasty masterpiece of sound, graphics and breakfast.
• Dive for sunken treasure in Treasure Hunt.
• See the award-winning Commuter Chip in action.
• And many more action-packed Amiga animations! Have your credit card ready and call to place your order: 1-603-924-0156 Just $ 19.95! Shipping and handling: U.S., $ 2.95; Mexico & Canada (includes GST), $ 4.50; Foreign, $ 7.50 per video. Make check or money order payable to AmignWorld and mail to: Amigamations, TechMedia Publishing Inc., 80 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH 03458. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. InfoMarket AMIGA PD SOFTWARE, CD ROMS & MORE ftUI E 1:Wb Mil nol ba umlnraold1 W* will b*al our compabton' II w* don'l hava it wait gat i? RULE *?:We are THE place lor your Amina antartatnmanti Floppiaa, CD's. Hardware K more' RULfc 3 CALL US NOW TO FULFILL VOUR AMIGA NEEDS' DON'T HESITATE' _ Gama* Package 2 10 diets crammed with awesome new games !« olayahle demos that iring the whole arcade home to yocuQmy 14 OS Degrsder Disk Tins disk Isis 2 k r 3 0 systems un any 1.3 nogram A must lawn lor 1 OCX mpa lability Only $ 2 00 CLIPART Pack a n SHIPPING add IS
- 1000's more in Our huge library1 Csl Write lor free catalog or Send 13 for catalog & a sample disk from our coflecSoni Over 2 MB of bfcwIFF dip art images for desk top publishing on IS disks ub|scts include people. LUHinnsR. Animals, aircraft, borders, food, drink, vehicles ikra much more1 Only 127.05 180025AMIGA sales 9H6395095 no 9W6H7097 FAX F>t mm Pfii**"t *nfl Ax ari jtullir ft Ppxlwc!* 5ubjetl loChin r Without Notice MICMOKY UNIT 2MB 4MB 8MB 4000 32bit SIMM-70 $ 169.00 _ l69 338 4000 32bit SIMM-60
179. 00 179 358 GVP SIMM 32-60 189 00 189 378 1x8-80 SIMM
49. 00 98 1% 380 1x8-70 SIMM
50. 00 100 200 396 4x8- 70, 80 SIMM 169,00 169 338 4x8- 60 SIMM
179. 00 179 358 256x4 - 70. 80 PG ZIP
5. 50 88 176 348 256x4 - 70. 80 PG DIP
5. 50 88 176 346 1x4-70 PG DIP. ZIP
20. 00 80 158 300 1x4 - 70 SC ZIP
19. 50 158 300 2x32 SIMM 70
379. 00 379 4x32 SIMM 70
799. 00 . __ _ GVPA500HD8+ 120
439. 00 537 635 725 GVP A1200 SCSI
229. 00 419 609 GVP A1230+Turbo
329. 00 519 707 GVP Digital Sound 8+
109. 00 SOFTWARE SPECIAL Sim Life .....35 Air Bucks 1.2 33 Sleep Walker ,, .35 Walker 28 Frontier Elite II ..35 Flash Back 35 Hired Guns ...33 Spare Hunk ...35 Syndicate ....35 Dog Fight .38 VISIONSOFT PO Box 22517 * Carmel, CA 93922 ORDERS only: 800-735-2633 INFO 8c TECH: 408-899-2040 Fas: 44&899-3760 BBS: 408-625-6580 ACA Utf Ity Pmckmgw 5 Disks full of ir>« fa last utils for AGA machines Includns graphic viawars. ¦ci«nn fwomotnrs. Wn nnhancari V morn'
* 0 B5 ACA Shaw off PkC in Disks run or tn« laleal Eurodemos. Inimiliona, photo reairsbC piCs t, so much more lor your AGA matfunet *10 65 Eurodemo PKG 4 Jew' Contains 10 rlieks of newest Eurodemos! Includes desert Dreams plus many more' Only *17.95 Font* k Dingbats PR6 Dvnr l 70 fonts t, 8 sets nl dingbats to usb with rinsl lop publishing) Don't miss this1 *10 B5 BETTER CONCEPTS, INC D MANDON TERRACE rcwcmr.NYDw America's Only Amiga Games Magazine The FIRST in the US with CD32 info! The MOST coverage of US UK games! The BEST for news, reviews, and tips! SAMPLE ISSUE $ 4 + $ 1 S H SIX ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION S24 103 IV. California 4, Urbana, IL 61801 GET ZONED! 1-800-32-AMIGA AMIGA GAME Z NE Circle bg On Reader Service Card. Circle 184 On Reader Service Card. Circle 151 On Reader Service Card. Agony ...... Air Support .. Amiga Alignment...... Blackjack Academy. Cad Lewis Challenge Covert Action ..... Dr Ami Diagnostics... F-15 Strike Eagle 2.. Gearworks ... Greens Golf . Heart of the Dragon .. Hoi ..... Hoyle’s Games 3...... Knights of the Sky..... Pack: PACKED wt) BfiiW IFF Clipart for use in FmaJ Copy, Dpaint, ProPage, etc .Would you believe? Only $ 30,00 + 32.00 S&H Demo Packs: 1 Includes Pink Floyd - The Wall and 4 others 10 Disks in Iota! - 315.00 +32.00 S&H 2 includes Odyssey. Hardwired, and 3 others, 10 Disks m Total • 315.00 +32.00 S&H »3 A1200 Tried and tested. >ndudes (he best of the new ones. 10 Dsks m Total - SI 5-00 + $ 2,00 S&H Great new line of Full Featured programs at a PD Price! These are not PD or Shareware, they are full versions oriced accordingly: 1 Disk Title - S5.50 + S&H 2 Disk Title - $ 6.50 + S&H 3 Diok Title - $ 7.50 + S&H Over 100 titles to choose trom including Games, Utilities, and many Outstanding Educational program for kids of all ages! Call for free listing. It you are in a hurry, a listing can be found in many of the European magazines on the United PD ad. (As these are from Europe, many of the programs run in PAL mode.)_ 17 Bit SOFTWARE: Northwest Pubiic Domain is the exclusive US distributor for IZSiLSoftwaffi . THE European PD Powerhouse We get ail the new games, demos, utilities, etc.. as they come out! We have it all! We are acdng 75- 100 +disks a month. There are over 4,000 dsks in our library. For the latest listing call today!! (206)351 -9502 (All other ada are our AD, call us FIRST) Customer Service;
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P. O. Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 98071-1617 - (206)351-9502 We service live ENTIRE Commndore Amiga product line. Experienced & authorized technicians. Replacement and repair parts available ai low prices. We service nationwide.
* call for details REPAIR COSTS C A500 - $ 56.95* C64 - $ 35 A2000 - $ 79.95* 1541 -$ 45 A3000 - $ 95.00* 1571 -$ 55 A4000 - Call SX64 - $ 70 Dealers call for Special Quantity Discount "'FREE ESTIMATES" 24 HOUR TURNAROUND 19 Leander 17 17 Lords of Time 18 15 M1 Tank Platoon 16 10 Millenium 2.2 ...18 9 More Lemmings.... 16 15 Ork .12 10 Railroad Tycoon .... 21 18 Rebel Chicamauga 12 17 Red Storm Rising.. 15 19 Red Zone 10 10 Shadow of Beast 3 19 15 Silent Service 2 20 12 Space Quest 4 15 17 Three Stooges 8 Stony Point, NY 10980 BOO)344-41 0 2 (914)947-3522 FAX (914)947-2728 All titles are new & fully guaranteed. GUI for free catalog of nuny other closeouts plus our rxiensive line of current releases and used Amiga titles. We take all major credit cards it COD. Winter C oseouts Orders Only; 1-800-638-1123 FAX: 304-529-0957 BBS: 304-529-7050 are o tware Circle 85 On Reader Service Card. ASM COMPUTER REPAIR - AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER YOU WANT TO PLAY SOME GAMES?.1? We now stock Assassins Games Disks 1-130+ These contain only the BEST the Amiga PD Shareware game scene has to offert Packed and Stackec with a nice frontend menu These are Great value at our regular price of £2 00 each! SPECIAL OFFERS Choose any 10 for only 315.00 + $ 2.00 S&H Call now ypr a free listng ol all the games on all the disks! SPD Pricing: NPDOSes• 52OGea AMOSPDD s* 52.00ec. 17 3*Dx£- S20Cea Fred Rsn Disks • 51 50 ec Assassins Garr.es Disks • 52 00ea AV FM - £500 Shipping and Handling: l-10DLsks-S2 00 11-50Disks-S4 00 50tDisksS6 50 WE Accept»Cash. Chocks, M.O’s, Visa MC NTSC Programmers} NorthWesI Pubfic Domain is seekrig subnEsions lor ou forthcoming ine of NTSC Licenseware pro jams (Gnat s w-here we pay you per pro jam sod, raher than you hoping lor shareware lees.) Call lor delate! > Call us first and Last! We will ALWAYS beat any PERCEIVED better Deals! Complete Catalog Disk $ 2.00 17 Bit CDRom Collection (2 CD‘s) $ 55.00 Aminet CD Rem (from internet) $ 20,00 DEMO CD 1 (games clemos,mods) SBL.00 DEMO CD 2 (even more) $ 31.00 CDPD 2 (Fish.Scope.&Jam) $ 27.00 CDPD 3 (Fish.24bit pix.more) S31.00 Fresh Fish 1 (Fish 600930 +more) $ 2 LOO All CD Rom Prices include S&H l Please call if you have any ??'a JV3 --i Inc CLR LicenseWare N0RTHWG5T PUBLIC DOMAIN f CD Rom Headquarters SO Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. Circle 170 On Reader Service Card. 35mm Slides Negatives 48 Hour Turn Around for Slides All Bitmaps up to 1650 xllOO MS-DOS. IFF, IFF24, Ham, Framestores High Speed Modem Transfers * BBS Support 2MB, 3MB, & 4MB 1-800-CARDS4U CALL 71 5-856-5627 "MC visa accepted or Write GRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS POB 254 W A USA UK EE, Wl 54177 NEW MEDIA CORPORATION V F Made in U.S.A. Irvine, California U.S.A. (714) 45 3*0100 Circle 50 On Reader Service Card. THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Toaster Turn Off i have just read the November ‘93 issue oi'Amiga World. You have now printed two large reviews oi the Video Toaster 4000 in the last four issues. I know the Toaster is an incredible piece of equipment for the Amiga, but il is not the second coming. I commend you on printing the opinions oi' your readers good or bad. If you would start reading those letters you would notice a great deal of people asking for help and tips for their Amigas. Your November articles on 3-D animation took a great leap in providing some tips and definitions of terms. However, with the exception of Joel Hagen, articles of this type seem to he few and far between in your publication. Do not misunderstand me, the Amiga shines in the areas of video, graphics, and sound. Many people, myself included, use it for such applications. There are many magazines that deal in these areas and i subscribe to them also. Your magazine is one of the last to fully support the Amiga. Please do not isolate your readers by getting too specialized. We don’t all produce TV shows. Thomas Healy Tigard, Oregon Productivity Petition I’d like to echo some of the comments voiced by others in reference to ihe Amiga as a business production machine. I use my A600 (with 6MB ol RAM and a hard drive) for my part- time mail order and network marketing business. I’ve always been totally satisfied with my Amiga as a productivity machine and I’d also like to see more articles on desktop publishing, word processing, and so forth. Some of us never use our Amiga for games but strictly as a business machine, and I think our loyalty should be somewhat rewarded. All of my customers that I do laser-typesetting for (using ProPage 4.1 and Final Copy II) are repeat customers thanks to the excellent output provided by the aforementioned programs and lo the ease with which I was able to learn them. I’d like to see more software companies get involved in writing more productivity software. 1 love my Amiga and will never go to a PC. Chris Williams Neptune City, New Jersey That’s Entertainment I am the owner of an A500 and most recently an A1200. I am basically a
* * casual computer enthusiast. 1 use my Amiga for a little art and animation, but for the most part games! 1 subscribe to your magazine because 1 believe it is the best in the US. 1 Iowev- Your magazine is one of the last to fully support the Amiga. Please do not isolate your readers by getting too specialized. Er, it pales in comparison to my favorite magazine Amiga Format. I am aware that you do not have near the circulation of the European mags (nor the user base), but 1 contend that if you improved your mag, your circulation would increase. Cover disks alone would really get some attention. Craig Allen Findlay, Ohio Paper or Plastic? AmigaWorld can show its dedication to Amiga CD-ROM development by starting a new Amiga magazine called “AmigaWorld CD.” AmigaWorld CD can add ’ real multimedia information, like clip-art, pictures, animations, soundtracks (GctaMEDs and MODs), and maybe even video! Lots of user input could make for an awesome magazine. Amiga World could place the latest PD disks onto the CD-ROM. Software and hardware developers could give a complete demo of the software [reviewed] and 3-D pictures of the hardware. [Readers] could make a better decision before buying. CD-ROMs are more convenient for me...and my old AmigaWorld magazines are getting worn-out, torn, and lost. I would really like AmigaWorld to consider putting out a magazine on CD-ROM. U Joel Knight Nanaimo, Canada AGA Wish List 1 am like many of vour letter writers J j who still have an A5Q0, expanded with memory, hard disk, and accelerator. So why haven’t I upgraded to a new A4000 or A1200? First, 1 am not willing to spend more than $ 2000 for an A4000 and monitor just for the home. Second, the A1200, while well priced, really is not enough ol a step foiward for me to jump and it is missing things 1 really want. So what would make people like me buy?...a PCMCIA slot, a high-density floppy disk drive, a CD- ROM drive, a real encasement (a la the A1000) with a separate keyboard...and finally, a slot for a network card, a second parallel port, or even an internal modem. And if at all possible, a reset button (and an on-off switch) on the case and a battery-backed clock for the main system. Alan Goldstein Fra n hi in, Massach usetts We appreciate your views. If you have something to share, drop us a line! Write to The ImsI Word, c o AmigaWorld, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458. M Got a Great Idea for a Program? Make it Real with CcinDo! Fite Inlormatson: Name: TracyPic Size: 464.71S Dim: 735 X 535 Formal' HAMS Source Scan
* **** . Wl) • m mat* Can Do Lets you convert your ideas into reality: CanDo is a software authoring system that gives you the power of a programming language, yet makes creating your program's interface as easy as using a paint program. Because CanDo is tailor-made for the Amiga, all of the exciting Graphics, Sounds, and mouse-driven Objects that are built into your computer are at your fingertips. This gives you everything you need to make your ideas come to life, CanDo Makes real programs real easy. Painlessly creating your interface is just the beginning. The key to making real programs is CanDo’s English-like scripting language. Even if you're a beginner, you can still use CanDo's tools to write programs for you. While easy to learn and use. The commands are so powerful you can create programs which would take 10 times longer to write using a language such as C - even presuming you had years of programming experience. CanDo Is programming for the rest of us... Ordinary people all over the world are using CanDo to create real applications such as: databases, utilities, animated multimedia presentations, kiosks, training systems, and all sorts of games. CanDo enables you to explore your imagination and make the things you never thought you had the time or experience to do. You CanDo It! G 7ATRON ICS 1 -®o = > 9 9 interactive media Inovatromcs, Inc. 8499 Greenville Avenue Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 USA Tel: (214) 340-4991 FAX: (214’ 340-8514 Inovotronics, ltd. Unit I i. Enterprise Centre CronEorne Road Potters Bar Hertfordshire EN6 3DQ ENGLAND Tel: +44-707-662861 FAX- +44-707-660992 Inovatronics GmbH I'm Heidkamp 1) W-5000 Cologne 91 GERMANY Telephone +49 22 1-8751 26 FAX +49-221-8704747 Circle 91 on Reader Service card. Video Faster, Better, Easier and Less, $ 2395 The Emmy-award winning Video Toaster gave you the power to produce broadcast quality video without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, the new Video Toaster 4000 gives you stunning effects, higher quality and state-of-the-art features you can't buy anywhere else at any price. Toaster 4000 takes full advantage of the powerful new Amiga 4000, the only computer designed from the ground up with video production in mind. Video Toaster 4000... nothing comes close. T ' OBO ft Lightwave 3D Character Generator Digital Video Effects 4 Input Switcher Toaster™ 4000 adds over 50% more effects and offers improved effects quality along with an enhanced interface and user- adjustable effect speeds. Amazing new effects include photo-realistic color action effects, real-time animation overlays and warps with transparent drop shadows. Now with 275 resizable PostScript fonts, multiple fonts on a line, variable transparency, 24-bit ToasterPaint brushes and seamless image compositing. Featuring hundreds of new capabilities, it’s easier to use, faster and lets you play back animations over live video in real-time! Call 1-800-847-6111 for more information. Tnmnlfite svsrems starting at well under S5Q00 Base system includes Amiga 4000 030 computer 120Wb hard drive, 10Mb. RAM. Toaster card and software Call 1-800-847-6111 lor the Toaster dealer nearest you Toaster owners: Call NewTek tor upgrade information Pos Scripl is a tidemark ol Adobe Systems, Inc. 1 0 - • • yjdco Toastei, Lightwave 30 are trademarks ol NewTek. Incr© NewTek. Inc. 1993 Amiga is a trademark of Commodore-Amifla. Inc. = wT = K
o n O FI 1 Brilliance employs perspective as part of its animation package, but not as a separate tool. However, perspective can be made to work in a single frame as with Dpaint iV. It can also load and save 24-bit images (TrueBrilliance) and maintains a 24-bit buffer, though it cannot display 24-bit images. 2 Text kerning available. Software listed in blue requires proprietary video hardware. TVPaint works with more than one video board. 3 m = menu; s=shell
* Tymnet access pending as of this writing. 4 mage Master, imago processing with Art Oept Pro, desktop publishing with PageStream, word processing with Final Copy II. An mating with ReaJ 3D. : ps on DelumPa nt IV. And much, much rroro 55 nvns The Amiga Video V2 Mew Reieaic' V4039 $ 19.95 This second 'appet-zer' will give you tips, on graph cs and v;oeo fleets usng ImageFX and Dpant IV. Muttimeda script conson wtn RyperBoos, font manipulation with TypeSmith. Plus a gude to AMOS and more video tips 55 nuns Animation - Instructional Animation 101 Beal Seller’ From Myriad Visual Adventures, a comp el* course in real-time animation for video It demonstrates cartoon and tncuMna animation in high resolution, us*rg bas-C software and relatively rneipe-i sive hardware. Part on* shows you a variety of animation techhiques-wth humor, Part two shows n detail bow tne animatons ware made V207& $ 24.95 Amiga Animation Hollywood Style Leamciassc. HoflywoodXksoey-sfy Keftriques using Dfc’u*ePa.n: iV and Disney Animation Stud'O, from renowned Amiga ammaar, Gtro Hamm cspeca'fy lor artsts who are computer novices and computer users who don't draw with a mouse 30 minutes V2051 $ 19.95 How To Animate I Sahi Price! Relevant to novces and in- termedate users a te Pek up helpful tips and techniques on us.ng De-uiePx nflV from Joel Hugen. And using LghtWavo 3D from AriffjWoricfi Lou Waiace. 45rrun. V2QS9 $ 16.95 Amiga Books Mastering Toaster Technology Bf06 $ 39.95 The only how-to. Bands on gude 10 using the Video Toaster Fo 'ow step by- step nstruct ons that teach you how to use the Vdeo Toaster to create perfect 3-D logos, static and travel ng mattes, and 3-0 animation from CAD files Learn fo unlock the potont.al of the Toaster by rotosecprg and comonrg ToastorCG, Toas'erPam: and Light- Wave to creatu stunn og visual effects Just added are two supplementary tutorials ta.icrod *cr Toaster 4000 users, learn now to master the alpha channel with Lightwave. ToasterPaint and ToasterCG and how to rotoscope from RAM Bonus 2 oish set fuied with 3-D adjects, a bevt-ed $ color font sot. Arum wipes and dip art Understanding Imagine 2.0 Bi07 $ 26.95 A ccmprohcnsve instructional manual for I mag no 2 0 Vou Will f nd this a valuable information and tutorial resource - g-ven the lack cf fve'p frorr, Imagine 2.0's documentation Arexx Cookbook Deluxe Edition bicn $ 41,95 Th.s tutorial guoe wi I make Areix easy !cr you! Stop by-step approach. Useful programs as examples. Clear presentation of Arexx controlling PostScript, thorough references for ail Are«v instructions, functions, and appicafion program commands Amiga C For Beginners biqi $ 19.95 Amiga BASIC Inside & Out Bi02 $ 19.95 Abacus Books Stepby-Step guide fo learning and appiyng AmigaBASIC A combination of beginning, tutorial and advanced guide, and nuifiontttvt reference 554 pages Amiga Desktop Video, 2nd Ed BH3 $ 22.95 Create your own videos through step by step instructions Amiga DOS Relere-nco Guide Bi£3 $ 20.95 New Release! Fourth Edition by renown Amiga author Sheldon Leemon Tne complete guide and tutorial to ArmgaDOS including Releases 2 3rd 3. 336 pages Amiga Graphics Inside $ Out Bii9 $ 17.95 Amiga Intern BtC3 $ 28.95 The definitive reference I brary for all Amiga 500-3000 users Hardware, Operating Systems and Aroix Programming Best Amiga Tips and Secrets Bti-t $ 18.95 Answers fa rno quest ons you ask the most adding a CD ROM, transferring data to other platforms, getting nd ot screen flicker, and much more Using Arexx on the Amiga Bt03 $ 24.95 Today's Video buio $ 44.95 By noted videcgrapher. Peter U:z Anything a vdeo profes SiOrtal reeds to Know' 600* ha*«»und pages, 1100 illus.l We carry all Bruce Smith books, call lor pricing.

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