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Clearly, the biggest part of any trustee's job is to negotiate with any third parlies interested in purchasing die bankrupt company’s assets (in this case, primarily the technology) to the end that the creditors are as satisfied as possible. This negotiation process is happening, and it’s lengthy. Commodore’s liquidation is a complicated affair, far more involved than the simplified description given here. There are at least three major business units (and many smaller ones) involved: Commodore Electronics Limited, Commodore Business Machines, and Commodore International Limited. Roadblocks and delays notwithstanding, a new. Amiga-savvy owner stands a good chance of emerging from the process. Regardless of which bidder buys Commodore, we’re unlikely to witness a parceling of the technolog)- in the liquidation process, with Company A getting CD32, Company B getting the AA chip set, and so on. Rather, one company will pr obably acquire everything, and it’s up to that company to determine the fate of that technolog)’. This can he viewed as either good news or had. T he good news is that there is money in making computers Amiga computers. There arc production plants silting idle that could he activated in about a month, and some of the ellicient, profitable Commodore business units, such as Commodore Canada, could revamp sales, marketing, and R&D efforts in a short time. The bad news is Lhat there’s a lot of online speculation to the effect that some companies that are seeking to acquire Commodore have no interest in continuing the Amiga. But because some of these companies have quietly leaked to the press their intention to produce Amigas again, I’m not particularly worried. Even if those companies don't win the bidding war, licensing of die technolog)' should revive some form of Amiga production and distribution. Printer Calls Commodore’s liquidation notwithstanding, there’s one subject dear to the hearts of readers that generates more phone calls to our ollice than any other: printers. Amiga users are constantly searching for new drivers, new printer utilities, anything that will make their printers produce better output. To address that problem, here arc some solutions I've found online. A recent utility called Virtual Printer, by 1 j Garrick Meeker, contains IFF_Printer and Screen_ Printer. These two new “printer drivers” install in your Devs:Printer directory, but that’s where anv similarity j j to conventional printer drivers ends. Based on Commodore’s I IP_LiserJet and EpsonX printer drivers, these programs direct printed output to disk when you select the print option from graphics-based programs.

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Amiga World Vol 10 09 1994 Sep

Document sans nom • Exploring Imdgmi September 1994 U SA. $ 3.95 * Canada $ 49m WC £2.95
• WarpEngine vs. G
• Animated ImageJ
• Games: RP * Sblt At Work Communications Publication Slnrfor, Word LOW PRICE ROTATING GRAPHICS 100 EPS IMAGES 120 OUTLINF FONTS fm na Writer is argu ly the best word processor yet released for the Anmjar, Amiga Mki, March
1094. “...Final Writer is the top Amiga »d proces* l Btons, Endnotes. Bibliography, and Index gen- gra wtions; multiple master pages; EPS Kipi kirt; movable text blocks; rotated text Hlarfl Hid a user configured button strip for n of the program’s interface. Ti wo BLItalic, and Underline user Filial Opy*l Release 2 “Readers’ Choice Awarajpy3,,> Amazing Computing; “Awarc Best Software Product5’, Amiga Plus “Product of the Year 1993" Amiga Maca aermany). What more can we sav Thi most popular and most used word jA H Hrr on the Amiga today. It features a 11Jo1 gospeller; 1.4 million word thesaurus: autgj hyphenation: search and replace; tab stopjj adjustable margins; word and sentence c ift; paragraph sorting; on-screen math; style sheets; drawing tools; impor nics;. Master pages; Compugraphicjjj A NimbusQ outline font suppog P prirn possible on any Workbendg SBHraplTM ' er or PostScript device. Final Gof ff workAjN j a I well on Workbench l j BH Ver. AJJ is a minimum of 1 ®gabyte of RlKl andfl: ' ¦. Drives. A new thi B word processor an even better barqa.n than ever.
• Increase your Rendering Speed
• Speed up your Image manipulation using ADPro or Imagel'X.
• Reduce Framestore load and save times dramaticallv. -r Compatibility
• CtfqgKdible with the Video Toaster. , RetSgg Jkasso, Eniplant and OpalVlsiwi x
• Works in ali i& k and 4000 series Amigas. H
• Requires AmigaHos greater.
• Fu11 Two Year M'a r raVvfipSriJoa rd WarpEngine 4040 WarpEngine 304.0 . [ , Vhi pEngme 4035 ‘ - WS Eqgint 033f - NvSI,T9SitO Warpfeotee. 402% ' y ' •. FrVfiV OO Warp he 'St 5.00 Features 2SMI h, 33MHz* 40MHz Versions 28MHz Upgradable to 33 or 40MHz Expandable onboard to 128Megabytes Built in SCSI-2 Fast Hard Disk Controller Uses anv Combination of SIMMs Memory’ Speed Much Faster than Amiga Ram Zorro 111 DMA or Buster Problems
* The speed of Ram installed on a Zorro III Memory board is about 30 to 40% slower than the Ram on tlie motherboard. “CA'P uses custom memory modules that ca cost up to 1.5 times as much as the standard memory used on WarpEngine. This memory* can only be used on a CAT accel. Bd. The X-Calibur requires you to insta 2 SIMMs at a time. The Fas than e uses old Sbit memory modules that must be installed 4 at a time. ___‘ ! Msnurmmu It's a brand-new week beginning as I sit down to write this, and I've just completed what has become a regular Mondav-morning ritual during this long hot summer of the Commodore collapse: Scan the weekend's online activity for the latest speculation about CBM; check in with our sources involved in the Commodore liquidation proceedings; call our contacts around the country (and the world) for their input. (The latter two activities, of course, usually result in t he quashing of the rumors gathered from the first activity.) The latest news on where things stand in the resolution of the Commodore situation is presented in the lead news item in "Overscan" (see p. FIRST IMPRESSIONS Channel surfing to the heart of the matter. . .
4) . But what strikes me most this morning is something I haven’t been able to get out of my head for the last two days. Let me explain. It's an ordinary Saturday evening in rural New Hampshire sip a cocktail, take a turn at the barbecue grill, and then slip off for a long walk in the woods with my dog. (We both agree not to talk about Commodore, so our rumblings are quiet and meditative.) Returning home, and with no "downtown scene” to lure me out to more exciting nightlife, I flop down on the wicker couch on the porch to see what's on the tube. Checkins; out the TV Guide, 1 start with the 8 pm listings. Slowly, this curious line of association begins to form. 1 lere's Babylon 5 beginning at 8, with Clarissa Explains It AH = a Canadian animated sitcom) coming on at 8:80 on Nickelodeon, and then RohoCop (the series) clicking in at 9 on a third channel. Hey, these are all Amiga shows! How neat. But, suddenly, weekend calm gives way to workplace concerns and I'm furious all over again with Commodore. Here on the first page 1 lhp to in the TV Guide, on a random evening without a thought in my head, we’ve got the Amiga showing oil its stuff on three dilferenl networks in a one-hour span. And. Meanwhile, the Amiga is languishing with its fate in doubt, tied up in legal proceedings on an island in the Caribbean because some greedy bozos ran the company into the ground. But what a marvelous machine this Amiga is! Look at all the wonderful lilms, fY shows, animations, and videos that the Amiga and all those fabulous Amiga tools have helped to create. (Which is, by the way, what our retrospective feature this month on Amiga 8-1) from 1985 to the present is all about.) Ft’s simply not possible that all of this is going to go away nobody has ever done it like the Amiga and Amiga people. And nothing Commodore can do will ever change that. So that’s why I’m pulling for some of those groups out there who are trying to get control of die company and put the Amiga back on track, from eve it- n j thing we’ve gleaned, a resolution to the liquidation is in sight. And when the strongest contender emerges, there n n will be a fiercely loyal Amiga community ready to help them keep the Amiga what it’s always been: the best damn personal computer out there! Daniel Sullivan Editor-in-Chief
R. S. Speaking of the great Amiga people who have made the machine what it’s been over the last decade, probably no one would assume a higher rank than Jay Miner -because, literally, he made (he machine. (And that was well before Commodore ever got involved with it.) Jay died recently after being ill for some time. We will all miss the "Father of the Amiga." (See p. 0 for more on Jay Miner.) AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Daniei Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Peter Olafson, Games Editor Denny Atkin, Paulo de Andrade, Joel Hagen, Contributing Editors Howard G. Happ, Art Director Laura Johnson, Assistant Art Director Ann Dillon, Designer Alan a Korda, Manufacturing Manager Michael McGoldrick, Advertising Director Barbara Hoy. Sales Representative Heather Guinard. Sales Representative Meredith Bickford, Advertising Coordinator Advertising: I-800-441-4403; 1-603-924-0100 FAX: 1-603-924-4066 Giorgio Saluti, Associate Publisher, I Vest Coast Sales 600 Townsend St.. Suite 170 East San Francisco, CA 94103 1-415-522-2403; FAX: I-415-522-2409 Wendie Haines Marro, Marketing Director Mary McCole, Promotion Coordinator Lisa Jaillct, Desktop Publishing Manager Johanna Rivard, Circulation Promotion Manager Debbie Bourgault, Circulation fulfillment Manager Subscription Services: 1-800-827-0877 or 1-815-734-1109 TechMedia Publishing Dale Strang, President Darlene Sweeney, Administrative Assistant Karen Peterson, Business Manager Nancy Mallette, Senior Credit Analyst Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation imigttiu ft,l (ISSN 03H3-239O) is ;m mrlc |iriidrnl journal mu cnmierlcd vridi Commodore business Mai buns, Ijii . AmifptlVwU is published month - Iv In- Tech Media I’ubUslimg. Liu . An I1K.J Company. 80 Elm St.. Piler- Ixirougli. N11 03458. I S MiljMtijiiimi rale i% $ 29.97, one yean $ 37.97. two years; $ 83.9”. lllli-i-w-iil'lEiluila, $ -11.97 (includes (iSI"). Aiirl Mexico $ is i*7 i iireij;;i ‘Miitacc $ 49 9“ 14101411 ii mail $ 84.97. ITS hinds iIi.iuti nil t Shank Prrji.ivmciit i» rrijuiicil ini all fort-iipi Mibsenpliohs. All (or- ripi l.itr' alt unc-U-iii mih S«o|i(l-il.iw |Hi-M4ge paid 41 Pcieri»oiinigh, Nil. Anil 41 aililimtn.il mailing tit Ikes I’Imiiic: 903-92 I UT(H». (>n-line on HIS: AmigaAVoild (in i mig;i ubiigc|; t imi|HiScrvc: 76376.2137; Pm¦ Lil: Cri: Ami a World. Entire uinti-Ws, 199-1 b Tech Media Publishing. Inc. No pan of this public-aiion mav Ik- primed or otherwise 1 reproduced idiiionr wriitrn pennissitni from ilie publisher. Postmaster: Send address changes lit.l nn'idlVnW. SuIim i iplion Scmtcs. PO Hnx 39a. Mi. Morris, II. Ii|931 7901 Nationally diut ihiticd try KableNewsC-n Inn- grt ||i) it makes cv t-l v ellnlt III eiisme the :ii 1 iiraiy ot ariieles, listings, and diagiauis published in die ma .i nir Imi ull iu d assumes mi lespousibil- iiy for damages due ion mix m omissions PRINTED IN 111! I SA. Post- nl under Canadian Internaliiinal Publication agreement 0237478. 2 September 1994 VOLUME 10, NUMBER 9, SEPTEMBER 1994 FEATURES Is it Live ... on is it LightWave? By Barbara Gejvert o Behind the scenes of the new 'IV show inspired by the blockbuster RoboCop films, we listen in as the Visual Ellens team explains how Video Toaster-equipped Ami gas help create characters and effects for the series. Generations Ahead of Our Time By Sheldon Leemon ...12 For nearly a decade the Amiga has blazed a trail in virtually every desktop-computer application involving 3-D graphics. Join us in this grand “3-1) Retrospective” spanning the entire spectrum from the lining Ball and I lie Juggler to the very latest 3-D software and newest Amiga-generated TV film creations. AW Feature Review: Imagine 3.0 By Steven lilaize . . I It The long-awaited new version of Impulse’s classic 3-1) program has hii the streets, and it's packed with powerful new features and enhanced functions from top to bottom. COLUMNS Df.nny ON DOS By Denny Atkin 5 Denny’s OS hints and tips locus this month on using wildcards to expedite system operations and save you time and tedium in the bargain. Prime-Time PD By Tim Walsh 7 Network news (with the latest online activity concerning CRM) and recent PD offerings this month: printer utilities. Video in Focus By Paulo de Andrade , 2 I Paulo's got some maintenance troubleshooting tips this month to help keep vour video equipment inA-1 working order. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ...22 Try Joel's nifty image-processing techniques and add some dvnamic effects to vour animation work. COYER PI K )TO COURTESY >F I.FF WILSt ) AND II IF R )BOCOP VISUAL EFFECT STEAM RoboCop: The Series (p.S) 'Hie cover (inset a mw) for our Amiga 3-1) special Ihis month shows a scene from the latest in a long line of successful shows and films that the Amiga has helped to rente. DEPARTMENTS First Impressions By Daniel Sullivan .2 Some Saturday-night channel surfing leads to repealed Amiga sightings and the refrain from an old song. “No, T hey Can’t Take That Aw ay From Me." Overscan . 4 News on the C'ommodore liquidation proceedings plus Amiga happenings and new-product announcements. List of Advertisers ....63 The Last Word .64 More reaction to the Commodore upheaval and other feedback from readers on matters Amiga. O miga World 3 R E VIE S WarpEnGINE (MacroSystem Development) AND 4000 G-FORCE ?040 (GVP) ....10 Powerful accelerator combo Ixiards for the A4000 (and A3000, too) each with a different emphasis on features and functions. MS2400 Color Scanner (Migraph) ......36 A 2400-dpi, 24-bit color flatlxxl scanner plus software designed specifically for the Amiga. Crouton Tools (DcvWare) 38 A “video-operating-systein" utility to integrate Video Toaster program functions. (I A M E S By Peter Olafson Special Feature: The Latest RPGs ......46 Five new large-scale role-playing games: Darkuiere (Core Design), I H i11 icfall II (Core Design), Legacy of Suracil (Gremlin), Perihelion (Psygnosis), and Covenant (DevWare). CD32 Cool Captures ..50 Brief notes on pol ls of previously released games to (4)32. CD32 Games .52 Capsule reviews of games released specifically for CD32. AW Product Information 63 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue oi' Amiga World, consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list. As this issue was going to press, AvugnWorld learned that a July 15 deadline had been set for final bids in the Commodore liquidation proceedings. By that date, interested parties were to submit final written propositions and post deposits to the trustee appointed by the Bahamian Supreme Court to administer die liquidation. Commodore International is incorporated in the Bahamas. OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Deadline Set for Commodore Acquisition Wit We A m iga World is not at liberty to divulge the identities of groups involved in the bidding as of this writing, there were approximately a half-dozen interested parties when the bidding process began in June. We believe that at least one group has already complied with the [uly 15 deadline. It was not known at this time which of the other parties might follow suit. Whether Samsung, the Korean electronics giant which has been widely reported as having an interest, would submit a final bid was also unclear. Indications are that at least one or more of the bidders intend to resume production and distribution of current Amiga models (A4000, A1200, and CD32) and to explore options for the development of new Amiga technology in the future. (Before Commodore wound down its engineering operations in West Chester, considerable development work had been done on the new "Triple-A” chip set and in several other areas, as well.) As far as how long after the July 15 deadline it would take to announce a decision, it was not clear as of this writing. However, in conversations with the court-appointed trustee and other participants, we were assured that everyone involved realizes that “time is >( the essence in securing a speetlv resolution. Amien World will continue to monitor o these events closely and report further developments to its readers. If there are any breaks in the story before our next issue appears, we will post such news on the networks and update our telephone hotline (i-800 44 1-4403 or 1-603 924- 0100 and ask the receptionist for the “(’ommodore uptlate"). DS Toast(er) Break Time for a change of scene? Pro Wipes Vol. 1 (S129.95, Matrix Productions) will smoothly take your Toaster videos from one scene to the next with its 75 transitions and wipes. Pro Wipes is comprised of 33 live (actor) action wipes, 42 assorted wipes (including 3-D style, matte, and soft edge), 16 alpha effects, and Matrix's exclusive 24-bit effects. The volume covers a wide range of categories including weddings, sports, and music, and offers a collection of general-purpose wipes suitable for a variety of projects. Workbench 2.04 or greater is required. (RS 120) YERHEARD Good news for anxious Amiga owners wanting to upgrade copies of Amiga- DOS 3.1 are available from Expert Services. To place an order, contact the company at 7559 Mall Rd., Florence, KY 41042; 606 371-9690 (phone). From the Desk of . . . MediaDesk (RS 121) of Campbell, California, wants to bring Germany's popular MAXON Computer products to your desk(top). The first imports to hit US shores are Cinema 4D and Desktop Magic. Cinema 4D ($ 198) is a 3-D modeling, rendering, and animation package that promises professional results with minimum effort. An exclusive feature of Cinema 4D is its interface, which lets you apply dozens of effects to objects without ever leaving the 3-D editor. The software supports several popular file formats and graphics cards. It requires 1.5 MB of RAM and Workbench 1.3 or later. Ever worry about what happens to your computer while you're away from your desk? With Desktop Magic ($ 39.95) screensaver you can finally relax. The software will shield your monitor from “burn-in,” personalize your Workbench, and even password-protect your system. It offers a choice of more than 25 entertaining animations and graphics (or you can import your own Presto! Desktop Magic is a screensaver and message pad all rolled into one. IFEs or ANIMs), In addition, Desktop Magic has a number of unique bells and whistles literally. You can select a “tune” (from more than 80) to accompany a screensaver and assign sounds to various Workbench features; for example, Desktop Magic can tell you when a disk is ejected or inserted. The package requires I MB of RAM, Workbench 1.3 or later, and a hard disk (or two floppy drives). To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 63. 7 September 1994 Denny on DOS HINTS & TIPS FOR MASTERING THE OPERATING SYSTEM 4 Wild Over Wildcards By Denny Atkin One ol the nicest features of Amiga- DOS is its support for long hie and directoiy names. MS-DOS users are limited to eight characters, a period, and a three-character extension, resulting in really descriptive names like BRFrOC94.XLS. On the other hand, Amiga owners can use up to 30 characters to name files, making possible helpful names such as Budget.Re- port.October.94,PCaIc. 1 low- ever, while filenames that long are great when you’re searching for data using a
o o file-requester window, they’re a pain when you have to type them in from the Shell. Most welcome in such situations are wildcards, special characters you can use to select all files that match certain criteria. Using the above example, if you wanted to copy all of your budget-report liles for a year, you’d end up typing 360 characters worth of Filenames! Using wildcards, though, you could copy the files simply by issuing a command like COPY BUD ? TO DFO:. Your fingers will definitely thank your brain for making the effort to learn about Amiga- DOS wildcards. Wildcard Basics The two most important wildcard characters are and ?. The question mark will match any individual character; typing DIR Pll.U would, for example, list the files BILL, PILL, SILL, and WILL, but not ILL, TRILL, or ROAD KILL. The pound sign means “match any number of occurrences of this character,1’ so typing DIR ?ILL would match all of the above examples. The question mark is handy for matching files that o have spaces in the name, for it saves having to put the filename in quotation marks. For instance, to delete a file called MY DIARY, simply type DELETE MY?DIARY. Furthermore, you can use multiple wildcards in an expression: typing LIST PROGRAM ?.? Would match Quick Tip: AmigaDOS 2.04 and later can optionally support the * wildcard used by MS-DOS and UNIX; the asterisk wildcard is equivalent to ?. You’ll need a program such as the public-domain Set- star or Starburst to enable the use of *. Note that the asterisk can only be used in conjunction with other characters an asterisk alone means “the current Shell window” so typing COPY * PRT; will simply echo everything you type to the printer, rather than copying all the files in the current directory there. PROGRAM I C. PROGRAM-
32. H, and PROGRAM A hut not plain PROGRAM or PROGRAM.INFO. You can search for multiple patterns using the parentheses and the vertical bar. For instance, tvping COPY (C|R|S) ?.INFO RAM: will copy all the icons whose names start with C, R, or S to the RAM Disk. .Also, under AmigaDOS 2.04 and later, you can use square brackets and a dash to match a range of characters. For example, typing DELETE DF0:[E- K] ? Would delete all files on dft): whose names begin with the letters E through K. Sometimes it’s easier to search for all files that do not match certain criteria. Under AmigaDOS 2.04 and later, the tilde lets you do this easily. Typing COPY DFO:~(IMSK.INKO)TO RAM: ALL will copy every file on dll): to RAM except for the disk icon. Typing DIR ( ?.INFO) wiii list all files in the current director}’ except for icons. Filenames should not contain any wildcard charac- ters, but if they do, a question mark will match them. If you want to match a specific wildcard character in a filename, precede it with an apostrophe. For instance, DIR A ?1) would list all files whose names start with A and end with a close-paren- thesis. To match an apostrophe such as in the filename DENNY’S use two apostrophes, as in DENNYAS. Oh Say, Can You CD? Under AmigaDOS 2.04 or later, the CD command supports wildcards. This makes changing to direct o-
o o ries with long names much easier. For instance, if the directory vou want to change o to is named Video"ToasterPic- tures, you could type CD VI ? To make the change. (If more than one directoiy name matches the wildcard string, you'll get an error message stating “More than one directoiy matches." You need to make sure that vou J type sufficient characters so that the match is unique.) You can use multiple wildcards in the same CD command. For example, to reach the directory VideoToaster- Pictures 1 estPictures Baby- lonSStuff, you could type CD VI ? 1 'E ? BA ?. Take note that wildcards work only for the directoiy names; you can’t use them to match the device name. Handy Scripts If you’re running AmigaDOS 1.3 oi’ later, you’ll find two scripts in the S: directoiy that add wildcard support to commands that normally work only with single files. SPAT and DPAT (Single PATtern and Double PATtern) are particularly handy under 1.3, where commands such as Protect don’t support wildcards. SPAT is used when commands accept only a single argument. For instance, typing SPAT TYPE ?.TXT will show all the files in the current directoiy with the extension .TXT, using the TYPE program. (If you get the message “Unable to load SPAT” and you know the file is in your S: directoiy, it probably means the Script bit is not set on SPAT, which is actually an AmigaDOS batch file; this can happen when copying liles to a hard drive. Typing PROTECT S:SPAT
- FS should lix this problem.) If the command you’re using requires two arguments, use DPAT instead. To set the script hit on every file in your S: directory, you'd type DPAT PROTECTS: ? +S. ¦ Denny Atkin is author of the booh Denny Atkin’s Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. Send suggestions to him via e-mail at Den uyA miga @aoi com. Or write to him c o AmigaWorld. Amiga World 5 OVERSCAN Videos You Can Hear Jay Miner, "Father of the Amiga 7 Dies Digital Soundtrack: For those who like a little music with their video. Tired of the "sounds of silence?" With Digital Soundtrack (S99.95, Visual Inspirations) you can add sampled sounds and music (MOD) files to your videos. Features include a preview mode, jog and shuttle controls, and picture-in-picture support for IV24 and OpalVision. Digital Soundtrack supports various single-frame controllers including the Personal Animation Recorder, AmiLink, and V-LAN. It requires AmigaDOS
2. 0 or later. (RS 129) For Your Reference A quick browse of the Amiga reference shelf this month reveals three options for avid readers, and one for viewers. So, voti ve read vour Amiga manual from cover it) cover and still have some questions? Bruce Smith Boohs of England offers Amiga Workbench 3 A to Z by Peter Fitzpatrick (ISBN: 1-873308-28-
0) . It features in-depth tutorials on setting up the Amiga via various Workbench utilities, as well as a comprehensive overview of the general ins and outs of the interface. (RS 122). Who says Commodore’s 8-hit com- puter is extinct? The appropriately named Die Hard magazine is devoted to loyal Commodore 64, 128, and 128D fans. The magazine is even printed from a Commodore 128D! Subscriptions are from SI6.97 for one year (or S 19.97 for the magazine and companion disks). (RS 123). Want to master GVP’s ImageFN image-processing program. But don't have time to read its extensive manual? GYP suggests you pick up a copy ol its Video Guide to ImageFX tutorial. The tliree- and-a-half hour tape is hosted by animator Rusty Mills of Warner Bros. It features a walk-through of the tools panel for beginners and plenty of time-saving tips and hints for seasoned artists, too. (RS 124) Jav "Padre” Miner, better known as the Father of the Amiga, passed away at K1 Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California on June 20, 1994, after a long period of failing health. Touching memories from .Amiga users have flooded the online networks, each relating a personal tribute to this humorous, soft-spoken genius. N Who can forget the risk-taker who o abandoned prosperous Atari development in 1982 to start a small computer company that later became the Amiga Corporation? Miner served not only as the inspirational leader for the original Amiga team (which included R| Mical and Dale Luck), but also as the resident watchdog for "Project Amiga." Miner fought to ensure that the original Amiga shipped with f) 12K instead of tlie 256K Commodore insisted upon, and that the architecture moved graphics fast so fast that the rest of the industry is still playing catch-up. 11 is legendary contribution to the personal-computing industry is not his only legacy. Miner is also credited with improving the lives of millions with his revolutionary work in the development of microchips for pacemakers. Until health problems interfered with his travel plans, Miner made many personal appearances at trade shows, shar- Lots for LightW.we Sor physics was never your strong point in school? No problem. With Newton’s Law ($ 249, Cybernetica), a physics module for LightWave, you set the parameters and Newton's Law figures out the rest. You choose what the object is made of from the materials list and physical properties are assigned by the program accordingly, thereby establishing an object's mass, density, friction, elasticity, and so forth. Newton's Law's World Settings feature also lets you define how your object will react to various Command Aladdin If you want to put Adspec's Aladdin 4-D animation software under your spell, you won't need to rub a magic lantern, but you may need GenieTools, Vol. 1 ($ 24.95, Shead Data Processing). The collection offers a variety of tools including the TriSub and DoBeSphere functions, which let you create triangle-based spheres, and the LfssaCurve control, which creates complex curves and helixes. GenieTools includes online help and sample drawings. (RS 131) ing with numerous Amiga owners the same enthusiasm and commitment that fueled the birth of die platform. A message that appeared in the Amiga area on Genie from longtime Amiga fixture Peggy Herrington summarizes it all quite well: “Adios, Jay. We’ll never forget you or your Amiga.” 7W natural forces such as wind, electromagnetism, and air pressure. (RS 126). Power Macros for LightWave ($ 149, Cine- Graphics) consists of 17 macros designed to make your job a little easier. It adds new features to LightWave and enhances your productivity at the same time. Power- Macros includes a macro to load an entire scene into Modeler, another to clone an object, and another to render unlimited scenes sequentially to any combination of destinations. (RS 127) Check, Please Is vour monthly bank statement leaving 4 * O you a little “spent”? Let Checks 8c Balances ($ 59.95, AmiSoft), balance your books and print out your checks. (Yon will need special blank checks, available from AmiSoft.) When you receive your statement. Simply enter the ending balance and click on the cleared transactions. You can even generate custom reports. I MB of RAM, a (loppy drive, and AmigaDOS
2. 0 3.0 required'(RS 125) ¦ 6 Si phonin') 1994 Prime-Time PD ON-LINE SOURCES FOR FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE SOFTWARE By Tim Walsh With so man)’ online exchanges concentrating on the liquidation of Commodore, 1 thought I might devote a portion of this column to that subject. My recent first-hand look at the Bahamian court system has given me unique insight and perspective on die process. Liquidation Under Way Years ago, in those sleep- inducing classes known as Business Law 1 (I I and 102, 1 studied many laws, then promptly forgot most of what I learned. One of the few things I recall is that we spent a lot of time studying business bankruptcies. Discussions with those familiar with the Bahamian Supreme Court system revealed plenty of correlation between LTS and Bahamian laws as they pertain to corporate bankruptcies. W ith Commodore’s highly publicized volume of debt to US-based creditors, the first order of business in Commodore’s liquidation process was the appointment of a court- selected or -approved trustee. In US law, a trustee assigned to oversee the liquidation of a company must make sure the company’s creditors lose as little money as possible through the liquidation process. Clearly, the biggest part of any trustee's job is to negotiate with any third parlies interested in purchasing die bankrupt company’s assets (in this case, primarily the technology) to the end that the creditors are as satisfied as possible. This negotiation process is happening, and it’s lengthy. Commodore’s liquidation is a complicated affair, far more involved than the simplified description given here. There are at least three major business units (and many smaller ones) involved: Commodore Electronics Limited, Commodore Business Machines, and Commodore International Limited. Roadblocks and delays notwithstanding, a new. Amiga-savvy owner stands a good chance of emerging from the process. Regardless of which bidder buys Commodore, we’re unlikely to witness a parceling of the technolog)- in the liquidation process, with Company A getting CD32, Company B getting the AA chip set, and so on. Rather, one company will pr obably acquire everything, and it’s up to that company to determine the fate of that technolog)’. This can he viewed as either good news or had. T he good news is that there is money in making computers Amiga computers. There arc production plants silting idle that could he activated in about a month, and some of the ellicient, profitable Commodore business units, such as Commodore Canada, could revamp sales, marketing, and R&D efforts in a short time. The bad news is Lhat there’s a lot of online speculation to the effect that some companies that are seeking to acquire Commodore have no interest in continuing the Amiga. But because some of these companies have quietly leaked to the press their intention to produce Amigas again, I’m not particularly worried. Even if those companies don't win the bidding war, licensing of die technolog)' should revive some form of Amiga production and distribution. Printer Calls Commodore’s liquidation notwithstanding, there’s one subject dear to the hearts of readers that generates more phone calls to our ollice than any other: printers. Amiga users are constantly searching for new drivers, new printer utilities, anything that will make their printers produce better output. To address that problem, here arc some solutions I've found online. A recent utility called Virtual Printer, by 1 j Garrick Meeker, contains IFF_Printer and Screen_ Printer. These two new “printer drivers” install in your Devs:Printer directory, but that’s where anv similarity j j to conventional printer drivers ends. Based on Commodore’s I IP_LiserJet and EpsonX printer drivers, these programs direct printed output to disk when you select the print option from graphics-based programs. Using these drivers is simple. Select IFF_Primer as your printer driver using the Printer option in the Prefs directory, then create and assign a director)' called “Pages,” which holds the printed output in IFF formal. Whenever you print, the output is saved as an IFF file in the Pages directory, O j When you use Screcn_ Printer as a printer driver, the output appears on the screen much as with the Print Preview option found in many word processors. While both these drivers are novel in execution, they do serve a practical purpose. Their screen-based output is realistic, since the resolution can he adjusted from 80x68 to 800x800 dpi just like a real printer driver. Troubled Cannon Bubble- Jet printer owners make many a phone call to our offices. Printer-driver guru Wolf Faust has kindly posted on most major networks a CanonBJC package that contains a printer driver for the Canon BJC800 and compatible printers. This is part of Faust’s CanonSludio collection, which contains drivers for all popular Bub- blejets. .Along with standard print controls, the freely distributable BJC800 driver offers color and 286- grayscale adjustment. It also includes gamma correction, brightness, contrast, and filter color. Dither routines let you adjust the dither matrix For more colors than the standard 4096. These are just some of the many PD utilities available. If you’re having printer woes, the solution is literally a (modem) phone call away. Network Voice Numbers BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 ¦ Write to “Prime-Time PD” c o AmigaWorld Editorial 80 Elm St., Peterborough, A7 03458; or contact Tim through the Intcruet at Iwalsh @hLx.com ”, , I miga 11 in Id 7 is it Live... or is it LightWave? On the syndicated RoboCop TV show,
- D Amiga graphics play a key role, fooling the eyes of even the most jaded viewers. Hev sav imitation is the sincerest Form of compliment. But maybe not for the Visual Effects team of the RoboCop TV series. An inability to recognize their work is perhaps the highest compliment you can pay these Amiga artists. “Allen Hastings [developer of I .ightWave] saw the show and didn't even recognize the Light- Wave effect,” says Visual Effects Supervisor Lee Wilson, referring to a particular scene. What's behind this unusual outlook? Mainly, the one thing that most distinguishes the group's work from that of many other 3-D artists: their effects must integrate seamlessly with live action. Unlike shows that are set in unfamiliar territory, RoboCop takes place in a common setting among familiar objects. The task of integrating 3-1) models into this environment is arguably more difficult than placing them in an unearthly locale. If a show took place on Mars, for instance, you might find it much more difficult to tell whether the integration was convincing. So Wilson's mission is to create “scenes where, if all went well, no one would notice the effect at all.” It’s LightWave! The RoboCop series, based on the popular movies, features the namesake character, who himself once appeared ever so briefly as a LightWave object. More often, though, Wilson and crew (Julie Kealey, Alan Kapler. Anthony Paterson, Larry Adlon, Ian Britton, Angela Knight, Colin Cunningham, and Mark (.laser) use LightWave to create other “players” in the show. Wilson describes one scene where a man pushes a baby carriage into a crowded atrium. RoboCop, endowed with special sensing abilities, recognizes that the carriage holds not a baby, but a bomb. So he grabs the carriage and gives it a superhuman heave into the air. At the point the carriage leaves RoboCop’s hands, it becomes a LightWave object. It flies up and up (in three shots), and finally explodes a safe distance from the people below. RoboCop saves the day, and the Effects team not only ensures the safety of the crowd and building, but also saves the expense of working with miniature models. By Barbara Gefvert In fact, no miniatures are used 011 the show at all; LightWave objects take the place of traditional models and puppets. One scene of the series' two-hour premiere shows RoboCop and detective Madigan leaving a crime scene. Although no police helicopter was scripted into this scene, the effects team created one in Light- Wave. Flew it into the shot, and asked the producers, “What do you think?” The 'copter was a "little lure,” said Wilson, jokingly. “These people wondered ‘How can stub' this compact and inexpensive [Amiga Toaster] do this?’ We proved it.” In later shows, choppers were fully featured. Sometimes the LightWave art consists not of objects in a scene, but rather the environment itself That’s the case with the image you see above and on this month’s cover. Here Diana, played by actress Anclrea Roth, is caught in a cyberspace web where bad-guv Chip Chayken has entrapped her in a viral cocoon. Before the cocoon hardens and suffocates her, RoboCop spikes in to upload an antivirus program that sweeps along the web just in time to dissolve the amber-like sarcophagus. System Specifics What hardware is behind this life-and-death landscape? The RoboCop effects department possesses “a dozen or more Amiga 4000s with Toasters. About half of them have WarpEngine [MacroSystem’s accelerator],” says Wilson. Among other add-ons are GVP ECS boards, Expert Services’ Picasso II cards, Spectra Paint software, ancl “the onlv Screamer in Canada.” “Shortly into production," says Executive Producer Stephen Downing, “Lee asked us if we would buy this incredible piece ol computer equipment. It was not in our budget, but we [hoped] the added computer power would pay for itself. The outstanding work [die effects people] deliver is saving us production time and money.” Watch Out! Because it’s a syndicated show, RoboCop appears at different times and with different networks depending on where you are. Be sure to look for it in your television listings. And look for the LightWave effects, too. But if
o n von can’t tell which things are live and which are Eight- z1 O ij Wave, don’t worry you'll just be paying the RoboCop visual-effects artists a compliment. ¦ STILL THE BEST j GRAPHIC BUY! Create spectacular true color animations on your Amiga. Paint, digitize and display beautiful full color composite video images on any Amiga. * Capture an image in 10 seconds from any color video camera or stable video source.
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• AGA compatible. Compatible with all Amiga models
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* Built-in Proc-amp ? S-Video and Composite Input & Output SuperGen 2000s $ 1195.00 The Kitchen Sync The Kitchen Sync provides two channels of time base correction * the perfect low cost TBC solution for the Video Toaster™, With a Video Toaster, the Kitchen Sync provides a complete A B roll editing system. Two complete infinite window time base correctors on one IBM AT Amiga compatible card • Absolute 100% broadcast quality * Composite or Y C video in * Includes easy to use external control panel • No waveform monitor needed * Variable speed strobe • Freeze Frame, two rock-solid Freeze Fields * Low power consumption • Lowest TBC price per channel * Works with consumer grade VCRs Two Complete Time Base Correctors On One Card! Kitchen Sync $ 1295.00 Genlock Option Required to synchronize the Kitchen Sync to an external vidco “ Genlock Option S-VHS Option Required to enable S-VHS Hi-8 (Y C) video outputs. S-VHS Option $ 150.00
• Four Video Slots! * Three PC AT bus slots (power & ground only) * 230W switching power supply • Two 5.25" drive bays • One 3.5' drive bay The Video Slot Box is a revolutionary new mini-tower that expands any Amiga A2000, A3000, or A4000 to have four complete video slots, three additional PC AT bus slots (Power and Ground only) for compatible cards such as our Kitchen Sync TBC. Room for two 5.25 inch half height devices and one 3.5 inch device t You can use this room for SCSI hard drives, optical drives, flopticals, tape drives, or anything else that fits.), and n beefy 230 watt switching power supply. Tlte Video Slot Box provides these solutions Use the Video Toaster with an Amiga A3000, Use more than one video slot product in your Amiga. Easily move your desktop video environment between Amigas. The slots in the Video Slot Box are complete video slots with all the capabilities of the video slot within the Amiga. You . Can place up to four video slot products into the Video Slot Box. A front panel selector lets you choose which product is actually in control of the video slot within the Amiga. With products that arc "video slot masters” such as the Video I Toaster or a genlock, only one of them can be active at a I time. The video slot box allows you to easily switch I instantly between several such products within one machine 1 without having to ever swap boards. And sw itch them with I software! J Get The Most Out Of Your Amiga j Video Slot Box j $ 995.00 FREE SHIPPING on all VISA & MC orders in the US CALL DIGITAL =DJRECT 916-DIGITAL 916-344-4825 9:00am to 5:00pm PST M-F COO - Cash only - add $ 10.00. Call by 2:00pm PST 5:00pm EST for same day shipping. Worldwide Distributors and Dealers Wanted. Inquiries invited . R E A T I O N S P.O. Box 97, Folsom CA 95763-0097* Phone 916*344*4825* FAX 916*635*0475 SuperGen SX. SuperGen2000s, DCTV, DCTV RGB Converter, Kitchen Sync, and Video Slot Box are trademarks of Digital Creations, Inc. Video Toaster is a trademark of Newtek. Inc. IBM and IBM AT are registered trademarks of IBM, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Circle 16 on Reader Service card. R E V E WarpEngine High-speed accelerator and SCSI-2 controller. MacroSystem Development, S895-1695. A4000 (A3000 version)
3. 0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: A4000. Recommended system: Same as mininum. Installation: Easy. 4000 G-Force ’040 Great Valley Products. 68040 accelerator for the A3000 and A4000. 4MB, 51599; 16MB, S2499. A3 000 A4 000.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: A3000 or A4000. Recommended system: A4000. Installation: Easy, Great Valley Produc ts and MacroSystem Development have recently released accelerators for die Amiga 4(100. These boards speed up operation in two ways. First, they allow you to add 32-bit RAM directly to the accelerator board , which allows the RAM to operate up to 509c faster than it does on the A 1000's motherboard. Second, they run at a clock speed of up to 40 Mhz, almost doubling the stock 25-MHz rate. Taken together, these improvements allow the computer to run programs anvwhere hum one-and-a-half to three times faster than a standard machine. WarpEngine The WarpEngine is a fast, well-designed combination accelerator SCSI-2 controller, with a RAM-expansion capacity of 128MB. It's a single board that plugs into the CPU slot and comes in three configurations 28, 33, and 40 MI I .. 4 lie 28-MHz version doesn't come with a processor. Instead, you remove the 68040 chip from the Amiga’s processor board and plug it into the WarpEngine board. The other two versions come complete with cither a 33-MI 1 or 40-.VlHz processor. You can start with the 28- Mhz version, using your current 68040 chip, and upgrade to 40 Mhz later on. To locate the vendors of the products reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 63. The board’s four SIMM sockets accept industry- standard 72-pin memory modules the same type used on the A-lOOO’s motherboard. Just remove any existing memory modules from your motherboard, and plug them into the WarpEngine. You get all the benefits of fast accelerator memory without buying any additional RAM. By selecting a jumper that adds a wait state, you can even use your inexpensive 70 or 80ns SIMMs with the 40-MIIz board. In addition to the 4MB SIMMS, the WarpEngine accepts 8, 16, and 32MB modules. Using four 32MB SIMMs, you could end up with a total of 146MB on your A4000. If. For example, all four WarpEngine SIMM sockets are filled with 4MB modules and you buy a 16MB module, you simply remove one of the SIMMs from the WarpEngine, plug it back into the motherboard, and plug the new module into the WarpEngine. You don’t need software to configure your memory, even if you mix SIMM sizes, although modules of differing sizes may appear as separate blocks of memory. The WarpEngine’s fast SCSI-2 controller comes with a standard 50-pin ribbon cable to connect with high-performance hard drives (such as the 2-giga- byte Barracuda) and other SCSI devices. The controller comes with auto-booting ROMs, as well as soltware for partitioning and formatting hard drives. Engine Installation Before you install the WarpEngine, move any memory modules from the A4000 motherboard to the accelerator board. I also had to clip the heat-sink fan combination on top of the 68040 chip. In order to swap CPU boards, you must first remove the cover, the front faceplate, the floppy-drive bay, and the hard drive. I was able to install the WarpEngine in less than half an hour. If vou wish to add a SCSI drive or more memory
* 4 alter you’ve installed the WarpEngine, you'll need access to die SIMM sockets, the SCSI header, and the jumper pads, all of which are easily accessible. .An included software disk uses the standard Commodore Installer program to copy SCSITools, the SCSI drive-partitioning software, to your hard drive, along with a utility called WarpROM for moving the Kick.starL ROM to accelerator RAM. Although the Amiga 3000 has the same kind of processor socket as the A4000, the stock version of the WarpEngine will not work in an A3000 because of other differences. MacroSysiem Development does, however, oiler slightly modified versions ol the board for the A3000 and A3000 Tower. The version for the latter has the same features as the A4000 version, but requires you to install a clip lead to one of the pins of the CIA chip during installation. The A3000 version uses two angled SIMM sockets, instead of four upright ones. Both GVP’s 4000 G-Force ’040 (top) and MacroSystem Development’s Warp Engine (bottom) install easily and boost the performance of a stock A4000 ’040 by up to 300%. 4000 G-Force ’040 Despite its name, the standard 4000 G-Force 040 hoard works also with die A3000. Mine arrived with a 40-MI 1 68040 processor and one 4MB SIMM installed. Two SIMM sockets accept either 4MB or 16MB SIMMs, but not one of each. If you buy the board with a 4MB SIMM and want to add a 16MB SIMM, you must remove the 4MB SIMM. G-Force’s memory requires the use of CAT’s proprietary SIMM-32 modules. At current prices, the GYP 4MB SIMM is about 10% more expensive than the standard 72-pin version, and the 16MB version is about twice as expensive as a standard 72-pin 16MB SIMM. In fact, vou could buy a 32MB SIMM for less 4 4 than the 16MB CAT version. The G-Force 040 board includes an expansion connector for a proposed RAM daughtercard and a DMA connector for a proposed SCSI-2 controller. GYT remains noncommital about when these options will become available. Due to the placement of the connectors, it may not be possible to use the expansion options if the board is plugged into an A3000. Installing the G-Force board is easy, as the heatsink fan and memory module come already mounted on the hoard. The otherwise-excellent manual states that both clock crystals on the A4000 motherboard must be marked 50 Mhz, and if they aren't, the crystals (which are soldered in) must be replaced. On my motherboard, the crystal at U104 read 50 Mhz, while the one at U154 was marked 28 Mhz. GYT’s technical support line was of no help in this matter, hut a dealer told me that the information in the manual was a misprint, and that it was line to use an A4000 with one 50 Mhz and one 28 Mhz crystal. Installed and Testing The standard Installer program copied a memory- configuration program to my hard drive and added a line to my startup-sequence file. This line was added before the special instruction for the Em- plant board, which must appear as the first line. I reversed the position of the two lines, and everything appeared to work without problems. CAT also includes software to move the Kickstart from ROM to accelerator RAM, but this program does not work unless you have added a memory module to the second socket (a fact noted in the Read Me file on disk, but not in the manual). Continued on p. 32. Amiga World II ma 3-D graphics and all the way to prime-time television. Man}* of those who first saw the Amiga computer in 1985 could sum up their reaction in a single syllable: Boing! One of the first Amiga programs, Boing was an animation of a bouncing checkered ball that became a symbol of the Amiga. The lifelike, three-dimensional movement of the ball, complete with sound and shadows, showed how advanced the Amiga was in comparison to the Macintosh, with its tiny black-and-white screen, or the IBM PC, with its crude, four-color graphics. Even so, few people could have predicted that almost ten years later, the Amiga would still be on the cutting edge of realistic 3-D computer graphics and that Amiga-generated images would appear regularly on network 1A'. First Steps By the middle of 1986, envious programmers were scrambling to create copies of the Boing demo on the IBM, Macintosh, and the Commodore 64. Amiga programmers, however, were on to bigger challenges. In June of '86, a programmer named Roman Ormandy showed a video demonstration piece called We Built a City at the New York SIGGRAPH show. This short animation featured a fly-through of a detailed city @Y S N ILB©M LiIHtiON We saw the future in Boing, and we followed that bouncing ball through j o o TIME AHEAD Amiga users are visionaries. OF OUR com posed of basic geometric shapes such as cylinders, cubes, and Letraliedra (AurigaWorld, Jan Feb’87, p. 24). This video caused quite a stir at the time, not only because of the high quality ol the animation, but because Ormandv had created it on a 5 12K Amiga 1000. Using a r» 7 o program called Caligari (Octree Software). In those days, few people even considered trying to create such an animation on anything less than a S60,000 workstation. Few people, that is, except for Amiga owners. At the second Amiga Developers Conference in November of
* 86, a voting animation hobbyist named Allen 1 Listings showed a couple of short films he had created on the Amiga using his own software.Unlike Ormandv, who had used expensive, frame-accurate video equipment, Hastings used the single-frame setting on his 8mm movie camera to photograph, one at a time, the frames of animation that he created on his Amiga display screen. Although this process was laborious and time-consuming, the resulting films, which included a fly-through of a house, a Boing ball, and his trademark Porsche object, were impressive. Hastings’ efforts proved that an ordinary user could create realistic 3-D animations on an inexpensive Amiga computer. Hastings’ efforts n proved that any ordi- narv user could create realistic 3-D animations on an inexpensive Amiga. They also attracted the attention of software developer Aegis, Inc., which persuaded 1 Listings to create a commercial version of his program, called VideoScape. As impressive as these early efforts were, their impact was limited because few people saw the videotape or film. By the end of ‘86, however, Eric Graham had created l lie Juggler, an animation that stunned the Amiga community. It portrayed a humanoid character composed entirely of spheres, standing on a green and yellow checkerboard and juggling three mirrored balls. Part of the animation’s appeal was that it used a technique called ray tracing to create perfect reflections of the scene in each of the moving, mirrored balls, and to cast a realistic shadow behind the figure ol the juggler. More importantly, however. The Juggler used an innovative technique to compress a series of 4096-color HAM- mode screens into a single animation file, showing it was possible to create high-color animations without expensive single-frame recording equipment. Amiga owners everywhere could run The Juggler on their own computers and show it oil to all their friends. Word spread quickly, and The Juggler became the cover model for the May June ’87 issue otAmigaWorld. From Dreams to Software Once the Amiga’s animation capabilities bad been proven, 3-D programs began to pop up everywhere. The year 1987 saw the debut of Aegis’s VideoScape 31) ($ 200), Micro Magic’s Forms in Flight ($ 79), Byte by Byte’s Sculpt 31) ($ 99), and Hash Enterprises’ Ani- mator:Apprcntice ($ 195). Each program had its merits, but none provided a complete solution. Some had a meager color palette, and some lacked a good object modeler. Some had limited animation capabilities, and others had a rough user interface. The ray- tracing programs were impressive, but terribly slow. .As crude as the early 3-D programs were by today s standards, users took to them enthusiastically and achieved astounding results. When the Bay Area Amiga n O users’ group (BADGE) sponsored a Killer Demo contest in 1987, several entries were created with 3-D programs, including the runner-up, Kahnankas, a Sculpt animation. By and large, the creators of these animations were 3-D hobbyists with little or no professional computer-graphics experience. Fhree-dimensional animation became so popular that a market quickly developed for add-on products. I hese included Miinetics' 3-Demon, a modeler for VideoScape, and Syndesis’ Interchange, which converted object files between Sculpt and VideoScape 1 o r rn a t s . Landscape Generation 11 a i t c x s X * Specs 3-D glasses allowed users to create and view stereoscopic images with their 3-D programs, and Silver, yet another ray-lracing program Iroin Impulse, entered llie field in' ‘88. Amiga Animation Matures By 1989, Amiga animation programs had matured substantially. VideoScape went to version 2.0, Sculpt and Animate were combined into Sculpt-41), and Silver became Turbo Silver. All three could create realistic animations in the 4096-color 11 AM mode, quite a leal when you consider that even today the fastest Mac and IBM computers cannot play back full-screen animations with thousands of colors at thirty frames per second. Sculpt and Turbo Silver included support for faster processors and math coprocessor. Sculpt-ID even added a driver for BCD anti Lyon-Lamb single-frame controllers and for Mimetics* Frame Bufler, the Fu st compositc-display board for t lie Amiga capable of showing millions of colors. As 3-D programs got more sophisticated, prices moved up a bit. Turbo Silver and VideoScape held the low-end line at $ 200, Animator:Apprentice went to $ 300, and Sculpt-4D upgraded its price to $ 500, making it the most expensive .Amiga program in any category. Even this mark, however, was soon eclipsed by Caligari Professional, which made its long-awaited debut in 1989 at a price of $ 2000 and required an expensive IBM Taiga card with a Bridgeboard. Caligari s price might have been outrageous by Amiga standards, but it was a bargain compared to its PC counterparts. In the late ‘80s, only two or three 3-D animation packages were available for IBM computers, and they were priced in the $ 8000-$ 12.000 range (not including the cost of expensive AT computers and Targa display cards). These programs were aimed at such a narrow market that few PC owners even knew they existed, let alone dreamed of using them. And their command-driven interfaces were so complex that nobody but a full-time graphic artist could learn how to use them. In the Amiga market, however, users continued to flock to 3-1) programs in droves. By 1989, many BADGE Killer Demo contenders were 3-D animations, including the winner, Bradley Schenck’s Sentinel. Some animations became so large that they would no longer fit on a floppy disk. The only way lo get these large animations into the hands of users was videotape, so Amiga World held its first animation contest in 1989. ’Hie magazine received enough submissions to fill overan hour of tape, and, again, most came from hobbvists with no professional video or animation experience. Even so, the quality of these animations was surprisingly close to that achieved on television. By 1989, Amiga programs could create animations in 4096 colors, while even today the fastest Macs and IBMs cannot play full-screen The Next Generation: Ready for Prime Time animations with thousands of colors at 30 frames per second. As the ’90sbegan, the quality of Amiga animation programs moved up another big notch. Impulse’s I tirbo Silver became Imagine, and the company released die Firecracker, a 24-bit display card, to provide profes- sional-quality output. New programs like 3D Professional (Progressive), Real 31) (RealSoft), and Adspec's Draw 41) (later Aladdin) appeared on the scene. By far the most significant development, however, was the long-awaited release of the Video Toaster in late 1990. NewTek had already commissioned Allen Hastings to upgrade VideoScape to LightWave 3D for the Toaster. In a hold marketing move, the company decided to include LightWave with every Toaster package, rather than sell it separately. This meant that every copy of categories of 3-D software began to open up. In 1991, .1 ntiga World reviewed no fewer than five 3-D landscape generators that created realistic-looking scenery Scenery Animator (Natural Graphics), Imagine Terrain module (Impulse), Digital Landscape (DigiScape). Vista, and Vista Pro (Virtual Reality Labs) while the Mac and PC 1 markets hadn’t even conceived of this kind of software. Later, much the same thing happened with morphing software. Imagemaster’s morphing programs (Black Belt), ASDG’s Morph Plus, and GVP’s CineMorph were out on the Amiga months before similar software appeared on either the Mac or PC. LightWave came with its own 24-bit color display device (the Toaster), and even1 1 oaster owner had access to 3-D rendering and animation at no additional cost. LightWave and the Toaster soon proved that a $ 5000 Amiga system could effectively compete with the million-dollar systems used by the networks. By early 1991, Todd Rund- gren had produced Change Myself, a music video shown on M IA that lie created entirely with LightWave and the Video O Toaster. Meanwhile, Joe Conti was using LightWave to produce special-effects sequences for the network show, Unsolved Mysteries, and Ron 1 hornion was working on outer-space sequences for the pilot of the syndicated show, Babylon 5. The leading Amiga animators, beginning to outgrow thedw gw- Morphing World animation contest, started lo move on to network television and feature films. Meanwhile, in the IBM and Mac worlds, affordable 3-D animation systems were just starting to become a reality. About the same time that the Toaster was making its debut, Autodesk released 3D Studio, the first package to render 3-D images in 256 colors on an ordinary VGA-equipped LightWave and the Toaster * }1 on*N the 24-bit display card necessary for outputting to video. In some cases, just the video card cost more than an entire Amiga computer system. The Amiga market, however, had already progressed to i he* point where shareware 3-D renderers like DKB- ’Trace and OR I had begun to appear, and whole new soon proved that a $ 5000 Amiga system could effectively compete with the million-dollar systems used by the networks. (almost two times the cost of the Toaster hardware and software). On the Mac, 3-D packages began to appear in the $ 1000 to $ 4000 price range. Of course, these prices didn’t include the computer or In the past couple of years, Amiga 3-D software has been used more and more widely to create animations for both television and feature films. Steven Spielberg's Amblin Imaging uses LightWave 3D to create all of the underwater sequences on seaQiiesl:DSYy seen Sundays on NBC. Foundation Imaging likewise uses LightWave for all the outer-space sequences of the syndicated series, Babylon 5. .Amiga 3-D animation is also used to create special effects for the syndicated RoboC.oj) series, and is seen on shows like the Emmv Awards and Amer- y ican Music Awards. It’s even being used for national television advertising campaigns! Recent developments have made the Amiga an even more attractive platform for 3-D animation work. ASDG Elastic Reality’s Exabyte tape driver makes it possible to transfer Amiga images directly to professional digital-video recorders without any loss of quality. NewTek’s ScreamerNet software and the Raptor hardware (formerly called t lie Toaster Screamer) now enable you to make LightWave rendering ten times faster. The forthcoming release of the Toaster Flyer will make it even easier to create digital-video animations on the Amiga. As a result, the Amiga should gain even wider acceptance in professional video circles, where quality is valued above all else. This does not mean, however, that the needs of those not yet involved in broadcast television have been overlooked. DPS’s low-cost Personal Animation Recorder has eliminated the need for costly single-frame recorders, making broadcasi-qualitv animation affordable for the average user. Imagine was just updated to v i s i o iv r v :i - i) version 3.0, at a list price of $ 695 (see review, p. 18, this issue). And NewTek recently announced that it will begin selling the LighlWave software separately also for $ 695. Users who are interested onlv in animation can buy LightWave or Imagine and a PAR board for little more than they would spend on a Toaster system and far less than they would pay for most frame-accurate videotape recorders. While 3-D animation has steadily advanced on the Amiga, it has recently taken great leaps on the Mac and PC platforms. The display quality of these machines has finally caught up with, and even surpassed, that of the Amiga, as 24-bit color cards have become more common and less expensive. Meanwhile, drastic price reductions have at last brought the price of a Mac or PC system below that of a comparable Amiga system. However, the price of high-quality animation software on these platforms remains at the $ 1000-$ 2500 level, and these packages are likely to be cryptic and unfriendly. Consequently, few users other than graphics professionals can afford to gel involved in 3-D on Pcs or Macs. Despite the advances made by its competitors, your Amiga retains certain advantages in the field of 3-D as it enters its second decade. First, the Amiga continues to offer the best combination of professional results and reasonable costs. A beginning animator, starting with an A1200 system fitted with extra RAM and a math coprocessor, can create ACA animation of nearphotographic quality for less than the cost of many of the software packages on the Mac or PC. More importantly, however, the Amiga maintains a tradition of making 3-D accessible to the broadest possible base of users. It makes room for the hobbvist who is fasci- nated by 3-D and wishes to explore it further; for the graphic artist who wants to expand the frontier of 3-D special effects in network- television shows; and for everyone in between. Almost a decade alter its introduction, the Amiga remains the one computer that allows you to go as far in the field of 3-D animation as your talent will take you. ¦ The Amiga remains the one computer that allows you to go as far in the field of 3-D animation as your talent will take you. Amiga Takes One Visionary to the Emmys When Dale Myers of Microtech Graphics and Animation in Livonia, Michigan, first bought an Amiga 2000 in 1989, he wasn't seeking to become a computer animator. "I needed a word processor for writing scripts," recalls Myers, who had a job in video production, "and the Amiga had the added bonus of great video games." But an AmigaWorld article chronicling video professionals who used the Amiga in their work convinced him to give it a try. Myers picked up a copy of DeluxePaint for 2-D animation and then added Sculpt-4D and Turbo Silver (later upgraded to imagine) for 3-D work. As he became familiar with these programs, he began to sell 2-D and 3-D HAM animations as a sideline. The introduction of the Video Toaster in late 1990 accelerated his transformation into a 3-D artist. "I was looking for a way to upgrade the quality of my output at the time," he said, "and the Toaster fit right in with that plan." Myers bought a Video Toaster in March of 1991 and started to render to 3 4-inch tape. Within a year, he had honed his skills to the point where he was ready to try an ambitious project. He started to put together the story of Robo Jr, a mischievous young robot, in sketches and storyboards. Myers worked part time on the project through the summer of 1992, and by late November he felt confident enough to start working on it full time. "From December of '92 to the following March, I laid out scenes all day and rendered all night, sometimes working 24- hour days," Myers said. By mid-1993, he had a six- minute animated short, of a quality equal to those produced by large studios. At 30 frames per second, those six minutes translated to more than 10,000 still frames, almost all of which were rendered on Myers' own Amiga 2000. Myers took his animation to WDIV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit, hoping to have it shown on TV so that it might be nominated for a local Emmy. When the station's program director saw the work, however, he was so impressed that he decided to build a half-hour children's special around it. Myers, who had a professional radio background, volunteered to script and host the show, and "The World Premiere of Robo Jr" aired on Christmas Eve. Not only was the show nominated, but it went on to win four Emmy awards, three for the animation and one for composer Marty Liebman's original score. Robo Jr has also taken the top prize in a number of competitions for short films and animations. Most recently, it was awarded the prestigious Gold Camera, the highest honor at the 27th US International Film and Video Festival. Of the more than 1500 entries, all but a very few were sponsored by large corporations. Myers is quite certain that his entry was the only one produced by a single individual working out of his own home. A lot of doors have opened for Dale Myers since he bought his first Amiga. After single- handedly producing his own award-winning short. He is now able to pitch his ideas to the top animation studios in the country. "I've always had an interest in story telling and animation. If it weren't for the Amiga," Myers observes, "I might be working a regular job and only dreaming about producing my own stories." SL ? Imagine AW Feature Review By Steven Blaize . Imagine 3.0 Impulse, $ 695 All Amigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installation required. Not copy protected. Accelerator recommended. 2MB RAM required. Maximum affordable RAM recommended. Many 3-D animators just got the best news in a couple of years: Imagine 3.0 is finally out, and it includes a long list of new features. Yes, now you get particle systems, more flexible morphing, skeletal control, freeform deformation, PostScript font support, spline editing, nearly 100 textures, and new documentation. All this and more, without much alteration to the interface Imagine users have become comfortable with since Turbo Silver's successor was first released nearlv four years ago. Let me get a few minor quibbles off my chest before we launch into this long-awaited, significantly enhanced upgrade. Impulse has always had a good reputation for products, but not for its documentation. Progress has been made here, although there’s still a fair amount of room for improvement. Imagine comes with an informative, 352-page, spiral-bound manual that includes the required table of contents, index, glossary, examples, and reference materials. As a constant critic of Impulse manuals in the past, about the only criticism I can make of Imagine 3.0’s is its lack of careful proofreading. There are significant numbers of typographical, grammatical, and technical errors but this is still a major step forward. Installation is simple and uses the standard .Amiga installation program. There are versions for both floating-point-accelerated machines as well as older integer-only based Amigas. While working with an early copy of 3.0, I did experience a few installation problems such as not copying all the last-minute text files to the hard drive and not including an icon to launch the program but these could be easily corrected in versions shipping by the time you read this. Something Old, Something New Enough of these minor infractions for now. Those familiar with previous versions of Imagine know this 3-D modeling and animation system is one program consisting of various modules, or editors, for creation and rendering. These editors are called Detail, Forms, Spline, Cycle, Stage, Action, and Project. The first three are for creating and modeling objects, the next three for setting up the animation movements, and the last for controlling the rendering of the final images and animations. (For reviews of the two previous versions of Imagine, 1.0 and 2.0, see Jun. ’91, p. 15, and Mar. ’92, p. 18, respectively.) The one new editor, Spline, adds the ability to create and modify 2-D spline models for further extrusion, spinning, and even built-in beveling. This editor reads standard PostScript font files and accepts keyboard text input. Its interface and tools are similar to those available in the Detail and Forms editor. The spline models can then be extruded and beveled with controllable depth, width, and different styles. You must understand the objects are still saved and rendered as polygonal objects, not spline patches as handled in some other programs. This editor, however, adds more flexibility and enhances the quality of text and other curve-oriented models. Strong on “Detail” Speaking of modeling and curves brings up the first of many major enhancements to the Detail editor: fi eeiorm deformation. You can now create a deform object, with controllable detail, and use it to apply smooth, organic deformation to any object. If you are not familiar with this process, think of it as creating a thin wire cage surrounding your object. This flexible cage is then pushed, pulled, or otherwise shifted around, and the original object is then modified to fit within the molded cage. Previously, this type of modeling process for generating very natural 3-D objects has been available only on high-end systems. Another major addition to Imagine is a feature called States, accessed also through the Detail editor. It allows you to save an object’s current “state’' comprising attributes and geometry. Textures can then be tacked in place while the object is moved or morphed, thus permitting you to create realistic, natural-looking surface textures. Objects can be morphed from one state to another, allowing you to morph textures and positions easily without using the Cycle editor. In fact, the Cycle editor is still provided for backward compatibility only, and the use of'States is recommended rather than trying to generate movement with cycles. As in the past, morphing animations can be done only with objects with the same number of points and faces. Blit States provides you with the extra flexibility of altering positions and or textures, saving the new information state, and using the Action editor to transition between states although you still cannot morph smoothly between objects that are image- or brush-mapped. The long-awaited 3.0 version of Impulse’s premier 3-D program sports significant enhancements and powerful new features. Another notable addition is Bones. Bones objects are created and modified in the Detail editor and used typically in conjunction with States. Bones provides skeletal-type control with realisticjoint connection and movement. While admittedly not easy to implement, Bones objects add character-animation capabilities found previously only in spline-patch 3-D systems. Your base object first must be created as a seamless skin, and axes are then added at each joint position and grouped together in proper order. Faces are then selected, subgrouped, and identified as major or minor to a specific axis (joint). Once this work is done, you can move, rotate, or otherwise change the geometry and the object skin will stretch or compress appropriately. If a texture is applied and States used, you will see the texture stay in place and stretch as the object moves. The kinematic control thus provided produces excellent results (although not nearly as quickly as those produced by the more automatic inverse-kine- matics features found in some other systems). With patience, however, you will find this feature well worth the wait. There are still other enhancements to the Detail editor that should make 3-D modelers very happy. First, you can now edit objects in the Perspective window, which now sports more responsive redraw abilities. Conform to Path has been added to the Conform to Sphere, or Cylinder, functions. Wave and Deformation tools have been included for wave creation and smooth deform bending, twisting, shearing, tapering, pinching, or stretching, respectively. ? IMAGINE IMAGE COURTESY OF IMPULSE Amiga World 19 1 II A G I H E 3 . 0 ,.j Applique the ability to use a grayscale image to actually alter the surface geometry of an object is also available. In addition, you can now transform any object into a particle object. The individual faces can he changed into part icles of different shapes or even into a custom object. Such an object can be animated further as a particle system in the Stage and Action editors. Finally Imagine 3.0 also imports and exports industry-standard l)XF object files, which will provide greater access to object libraries and expand the versatility of Imagine as a modeling system. Added Effects, New Textures The Forms editor, not significantly changed from the previous version, still provides excellent tools for creation of organic objects. You start with a simple sphere or cylinder divided into slices both vertically and horizontally. You can then use Forms1 tools to mold this shape like a ball of clay. Objects thus created, like those created in the Spline editor, are then loaded into the Detail editor for attribute assignment. While the interface and interaction between the Stage editor and Action editor has not changed much, there are new features well worthy of note. (The Stage editor is where objects, lights, and camera are positioned for animation. The Action editor is a timeline interface used to add special effects and morphing, and to alter keyframe data and other special information.) .As for the improvements within these editors, when objects are added to the scene, they are now placed on a “Layer,” and such layers can then be selectively hidden or displayed. This is a great help for animating complex scenes. Lights have been improved Imagine's free-form deformation feature works by allowing you to “cage” whatever you wish to alter. You can then mold your objects using the intersection points of the lattice; the more points your cage has, the smoother the result will be. With the addition of round or rectangular and point or parallel light beams. You can now also apply textures to lights, including French Window, Venetian Blind, Soft Edge, and Strobe. The Action editor now sports four special-effects (F X action) lines, up by two from version 2.0, allowing you to apply simultaneously to an object up to four different special effects (such as fumble, Rotate, Ripple, Grow, Flash, Fireworks, Explode, Boing, and the new Particles). A line called Association has also been added that effectively replaces the Hinge feature. You identify an association with another object and the relationship remains constant throughout movements and rotations. New Global special effects have also been added, including Lens Flare and Global Haze. One last major item deserving mention is the inclusion of almost 100 stirface-at tribute textures up significantly from the 14 in version 2.0. These are all procedural and can produce some stunning results. A few of my favorites are Pebbled, WormVein, Wrinkle, Metal, Branches. Mosaic, and Fireball. These and the others have easily controllable parameters, allowing for simple creation of unique surfaces for your objects, and you can morph all of these by using object States. The Final Wrap There is not enough room here to detail every new feature and enhancement contained in the program and there are many. Despite the fact that I am very pleased to see this new version, I do feel, however, that many of the additions simply bring Imagine to the level of some of the other 3-D systems that have also undergone very impressive and aggressive development during the last year. Still, if you are a current Imagine owner and enjoy using its unique interface, you will find the $ 100 upgrade cost well worth the price. I should also emphasize that many of these processes and effects do not come without a price to be paid in rendering time and memory requirements. Particle systems, for example, can be very memory intensive, while many of the special effects are quite time intensive. (One helpful factor here, however, is that while it is not documented in the manual, you can now use a display board other than Impulse’s own Firecracker Centaur’s OpalYision board can be selected through the Prefereces editor.) Additionally, small annoyances to long-time Imagine users still linger, like remembering to press Enter before hitting OK or Apply, or the fact that Backdrop pictures can only he identical to render size, or that there is still no way to insert frames into the middle of a constructed animation (although now you can copy and paste timeline groups in the Action editor). Overall, however, this is a significant upgrade to a major Amiga 3-D program. And I applaud Impulse for instituting a new policy of continual updates for one year for a SI00 fee. The company hopes this will more quickly stimulate further program development through a more intensive use of the program and increased feedback from users. So keep those comments coming, and we can all look forward to even more powerful versions of Imagine in the future. (Watch for a hands-on tutorial on using some of Imagine 3.0ys new features in the next issue.) M Steven Blaize is the owner of Creative Fire, a multi- media-production company in the Los Angeles area. Write to him c o A m iga Wo rid, Editorial Dept.f 80 Elm St., PO Box 802, Peterborough, NH 03458-0802. 20 September 1994 Video in Focus PRACTICAL ADVICE FOR AMIGA VIDEO PRODUCERS Maintenance for everyone: VTR cleaning By Paulo de Andrade Videotape is nothing but plastic coated with magnetic particles. Spinning at several thousand revolutions per second, your VTR's video heads (not surprisingly) generate enough friction to scrub these particles away. These missing pieces show up as dropout. They stick to your VTR’s video heads and tape path, too, creating a barrier between the tape and the heads and preventing the full signal from getting through. Dust is probably an even worse enemy: A simple speck falling between the video heads and tape causes dropout immediately. Clean ’Em Up! Are you worried about the well-being of your Trs by now? You should be! Dirty tape paths not only cause picture degradation, but also accelerate the wear on your machines. Keeping your YTRs clean is a simple task that can save you main- 4 tenance costs. Here’s what you’ll need to do it:
• The proper screwdriver or tool to remove the cover.
• A compressed air can (for dusting),
• Special head-cleaning fluid. (Alcohol and other liquids should not be used; they can leave residues and damage your heads beyond repair.)
• Chamois-tipped swabs for cleaning video heads. (No other type should be used. Cotton swabs are Fine for cleaning audio-deck heads, but can seriously damage VTR heads.) Before you take the next step, unplug your VTR fom the power outlet to avoid the risk of electric shock. You may also need to unplug some or all the cables. (It is a good idea, at this point, to mark the cables. An easy J method is to tag each one with a self-sticking address label that bears the name of the connector it belongs to video in, left audio out, etc. Doing so will make reconnection easier.) Warning: If your equipment is under warranty, opening the case may void it. Also, failure to take extreme care in executing these procedures may cause serious damage to your equipment. When in doubt, [lire a professional. AW is not responsible for any damage caused when following these instructions. If your VTR’s exterior is very dusty, spray it with the compressed air before removing the lid. You will immediately notice a metallic drum the rotating head drum. Do not touch anything at this point. And, because acids and oils on your skin can damage delicate parts, be wary of touching things inside the unit at any Lime with your bare Fingers. Clean the video heads using only mild pressure and horizontal strokes. Using the compressed air, blow the First dust layer off the inside of your VTR. (Point the nozzle at every area, but be careful not to shake or tilt the can too much; these motions can cause liquid to leak from the can.) Pay special attention to the tape path, as this is where the dust does the most damage. You are Finished when you don’t see any more dust being blown out. Very Carefully . .. Prepare to clean the tape path by moistening a new chamois swab with plenty of cleaning fluid. Then secure the drum by placing your Fingers on the top rim of the rotating head drum. (Do not touch tlie drum’s vertical surface with your fingers!) The video heads (see illustration) are the small, dark rectangles you see between the rotating drum and the lower, stationary drum (there may be 2 lo 10, depending on your VTR). Be very careful: Video 4 heads are easily damaged. Place the swab with its tip parallel to the First video head and stroke it gently, using straight, horizontal motions. Do not move the swab vertically or in circles. Remoisten the swab and repeat the cleaning For each video head. As you rotate the drum, be sure to dean its outside (vertical) surface completely, using the same horizontal motion. Clean the lower chum tape path, as well, in the same way. The audio and video heads look like metallic rectangular blocks standing vertically. Use the same swab and fluid to clean them, again using gentle strokes. Then moisten the swab with cleaning fluid and wipe it gently against all metallic guides and rollers along the tape path. Use a new swab to clean the final piece the cylindrical black rubber pinch roller. If you can find one of the special rubber cleaning conditioning liquids designed especially for pinch rollers, use it. If not, use any heacl-cleaning fluid that is is safe for rubber (read the label). Drag the moistened swab over the roller in vertical strokes, making sure you clean the whole exterior. Now give your VTR a final blast with the compressed air, this time concentrating on the tape path and the video heads and drum. Close up your VTR and wait a few minutes for any 4 leftover fluid to dry. Then J reconnect all the cables and plug the unit back into the power outlet. Finally, pop in a familiar videotape. You’ll be amazed bv the clean, j 7 crisp picture! ¦ Write to Paulo do Amiga- World Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough. NH 03458. 67 A continuing series of lips, techniques. And tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. ? By Joel Hagen IMAGE PROCESSING IS one of the more interesting facets of computer graphics. The computer becomes your collaborator in changing an existing image according to a set of rules you can control. You may alter the image by simply changing values of each of its pixels, or by first examining each pixel’s neighbors to determine a rule to apply, or by examining the pixels of other images to determine a rule of change. Image processing evolved in the scientific community as a means to enhance the visual information in medical and space images, but the technic (lies involved are now familiar to artists as well. By applying image processing to an animation or by animating an image process on a still picture, new dimensions can he brought to these techniques. Itiis month's column will explore such methods using three major Amiga programs. Add a Little Motion .Vs anyone knows who has worked with Art Department Pro (Elastic Reality, formerly ASDG), ImageFX (CAT), or Imagemaster (Black Belt), image-processing options are far wider than simple blurring or edge detection. To suggest a line of exploration, I have chosen one exotic “canned” process from each of these three programs, and also added one of my own that involves several processing operations. The accompanying illustration shows the results of each of these on the inset image. Bear in mind that these are effects applied to animations. You will discover that motion can add tremendously to the “readability” of an effect. As an analogy, imagine a still photo of a pheasant against a complex background of grass and bushes compared with film of that bird walking against the same background. Motion allows us to more easily distinguish an object from its background. The same principle applies to heavily processed images. An efiect that might render a still image unreadable may lie veiy interesting in motion. A good example is the “3-D Net” effect in the upper left of the illustration. This is an Imagemaster button located in the Effects section of the Process panel. On a single image, this often yields a muddled picture in which the content is hard to discern. Motion helps a lot. You can digitize a number of frames from a video source, or use a sequence of band-drawn animation frames, then apply the Net effect to each frame. In motion, the result can he haunting. This is a great candidate for a readout screen in a science-fiction animation. You must exercise judgement in selecting source pictures. A face that fills the screen is excellent, as is a moving figure against a simple background. Imagemaster s 3-D Net effect has a number of interesting controls that allow you to change the size of the mesh and
* o van’ the extent to which it overlays the original image. The example in the illustration shows a Net Spacing of 3, an Effect setting of 100%, Blackline on, and Overlay off. A Negative effect was applied to the processed image to change the apparent convexity of llie net. The lower-right part of the illustration shows a “glass distortion” effect from ImageFX. Here, the face is loaded into the alpha channel (see Accent 64, Jun. '94, p. 60, for more on the alpha channel) and used to affect a main screen image. To create the animation, either the alpha c hannel, the main screen, or both can process sequences of images. Be sure to scale all images to the same size before processing. The image or sequence of images you intend for the alpha channel must be in grayscale. Load the screen image first, then load the appropriate image to the alpha channel. Select Distort from the Effect panel and set Amount to around 200 for an intense result. You may find that t a suit, unfocused foreground like the one in die illustration lets the alpha images show through most clearly, but try complex foreground scenes as well. A ghost effect can be achieved with a moving character in the alpha channel interacting with characters on the main screen. Bold titles in the alpha channel with edges highlighted and shadowed Applying image-processing techniques to animation can add striking effects and bring a whole new7 dimension to your work. Create sophisticated glass effects on well-chosen foregrounds. Labor-Saving Operations This is a good opportunity to try batch processing your images. The Hook button in the ImageFX Toolbox lets you select IMP, the included Multi Processor, Instead of manually loading each image, you can set tip a series of instructions for loading, processing, and saving them automatically. This utility is a well-designed labor saver. See the manual’s appendix for details. While on the subject of batch processing, the AD Pro “woodcut" effect at the lower left is an example of an operation that really benefits from automation. Ten different operations are required for each frame of the Finished animation. While ADPro includes the FRED utility for batch processing, 1 used one of the company’s ancillary' products, Pro Control, for this project. Within about five minutes of glancing through the manual and fiddling with the program, I was cranking out the results I was after. Screen buttons build a script for you that executes complex sequences of operations and saves either a series of images or an ANIM. Hie woodcut effect I devised consists of the following sequence:
1. Load an image
2. Scale to 320x200
3. Blur
4. Line art operator
5. Scale 200%
0. Histogram equalize
7. Blur
8. Solarize
9. Reduce image to four color
10. Invoke the ANIM saver 1 was amazed as I watched Pro Control rip through this complex task in a fraction of the time it would have taken manually. I also used Pro Control with ADPro on the Polar Mosaic effect in the upper right. This is a fascinating variation on more familiar rectangular mosaics. Up dose, these bullseye images are often unrecognizable, but from a distance they snap into focus. The variation I explored in this case was to use a single image of the face and animate (be extent of the mosaic effect. Pro Control allows you to load an image and set a number of iterations over which an effect will occur. Thus, in the control panel for the Polar Mosaic Operator, you could enter something like 5d2 in the I racks and Slices fields. This would begin the animation with five concentric tracks and slices and add two more with each new frame (d representing delta, or change). Of course, you can do this with a sequence as well as with a still image. The opportunities this opens up are wonderful. Any operator with a value entry can be controlled this way. Polar Mosaic makes excellent alien screens for science-f’iction animations. It has a novel look, especially in motion. Your best mosaic results mmat will be from images with a face or object that fills most of the screen. Small details are lost. The temptation with image processing is to use digitized sequences from video sources. As a matter of fact, hand-drawn sequences are excellent source material, and in manv cases z can give you greater control over end results. An animated character lacking refined detail may be uninteresting in its preprocessed state, but it can lake on eerie life as an animated 3-D net or glass distortion. Next time an animal ion contest comes around, experiment with animated image processing for a new and different look. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art, astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer. Oakdale, C l 95361. Please * include a stamped. Self-addressed envelope for a reply. IriVI COMPUTERS AD-1 970 Manufacured by CTX Do you have an A500 or A2000 and wish you could have a flicker free Workbench? Maybe run your word processor, PageStream or spreadsheet without getting a headache!! Well, if you have the complete ECSchipset(2.04 ROM & Super DENISE), you can with this monitor! 5etyour Preferences for Productivity Mode and presto chango- no more flicker! All you will need is a Video Adapter 34727 free w purchase. This is the cheapest flicker fixer ever!! 14" Phillips tube .28mm dot pitch Full OverScanning (no black borders) Supports all new modes (intiudin® super 72) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 5718 Introducing the CDR-MV2 CD-ROM Drive*
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99. 95 6 SUPER DJ C3 38.99 CAD SOFTWARE 4853 DYNACADD2D .... 199.00 m 2659 DYNA CADD 3-D .. 369.00 WORD PROCESSING 03 FINAL WRITER
22. 95 |6 SYNDESIS 3D-ROM ...185.95 MEGA MEDIA
23. 95 ...... MEGA MED L-MGA THE BOX 150 Atakm of Bernoulli ¦¦¦« ¦ W Now you can have the reliable mass storage medium used by Hollywood professionals! Used by developers at NewTek, by Amblin Imaging (seaQuest) and Foundation Imaging = Babylon 5). Amiga World says "...the cost and reliability of Iomega Bernoulli drives can't be beat!" Bernoulli means security for your data! THE BOX 150 is an external drive with famous Bernoulli reliability! Each cartridge holds up to 1 50MB of storage. HOT! $ 57995 EXTERNAL ?27 SUPERFONTS OVER 1000 TYPE 1 POSTSCRIPT FONTS
20. 95 116 LANGUAGE OS ¦ CD-ROM .19.95 SPACE & ASTRONOMY CD-ROM Dimension Technologies Composite Studio An image composition program that takes control of ToasterPaint. Allows you to quickly and easily arrange framestores or IFFs. Perfect for CG pages, multimedia and video. Use one of 40 predefined templates or create custom beveled bars. Allows you to batch process your finished framestores and IFFs in unlimited numbers. Includes FREE QuickBrush - Over TOO custom high-res 24-Bit brushes - a S69 $ 13495 5794 Nova Designs Image FX vl.5 Complete painting toots, real-time WYSIWYG preview, alpha channel, regionalized processing, edge feathering, brushes RGB masking, and morel FREE Tutorial Video & EGS ImageFX vf.5 |95 5777
19. 95
39. 95 EULERS 34.95 , WtUTPR Hi YalPirR.. . .. 3A „ AMIGA LIBRARY SERVICES FRED FISH CD'S i* •» I'M r> OFFER CODE: P481MG14 i ll . I| > : 5813 5849 5709 5710 fit Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon, - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. Bam to 5pm (P5T) A1230 Turbo* SERIES II HOT! NEW! The next generation of the A1230Turbo+. 40-MHz 68030, real-time clock, 4MB RAM expandable to 32MB RAM, Makes your A1 200 faster than a A3000! Exclusive Kickstart Remapping.
• •• • $ 464" MMU AND MB RAM A1291 SCSI KIT..s89 'Free A1291 SCSI Kit wi!h purchase, A1291 Supplied by GVP ONE YEAR WARRANTY Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built-in transcorder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full AGA support! Expand your _ horizons with the I O Extender! _ Contained on a 1 JbmJ single card, you 1 J will find an additional parallel port PLUS one high speed FIFO buffered serial port! Coming soon: optional R5-422 or second serial port! 4394 works with A2000! NEWl Bring the u world of SCSI into W reachl Hook-up to CD-ROM, Bernoulli drives, etc. Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga and I smile! You can even add up to SMB RAM and mount a 3.5" drive an card! Professional quality, oil digital time base corrector with real-time frame grabber and 16.7 million color frame buffer PLU programmable video special effects! Comb Filter Option... $ 8995 Geaii ip (ocsponta far T C avtdix oois color Frame RAM Option s 1 89” 1 MB ntrc fratni DAM; inprcn iptdd tflwti | 2Sl Very quiet digital sound sampler. Includes versatile DIGITAL SOUND STUDIO software, a multifaceted program for sampling, editing, song composition, stereo sound playback and .MOD format song file creation. PhonePak system for
2. 0 your Amiga! If you would like to have automated, scheduled, time date stamped voice mail and faxes with unlimited mail boxes, the ability to fax from any program that prints, call in remotely, and more get PHONE PAK VFX 2.0 EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM i MG' GO BEYOND AGA GRAPHICS %e?S with this real-time, 24-bit, true-color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to 1600x1280! 800x600 in 24-bit! Incudes a custom display pass-through cable for single monitor use. Many applications are ready to run and it includes the acclaimed EGS PAINT as a bonus, too! Bring workstation power to your Amiga! Last batch of these classic A2000 Accelerators 3843 ORDER HOTLINE 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri bom to 6pm 5ot. 8am to 5pm (PSD Order Status 310-787-4520 Mon. - Fri 8am to 6pm Sat* 8am to 5pm The core unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true RGB, 24-bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot It allows smooth fading of pictures, color- cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC (optional modules). Includes a wealth of software. Consistently rated the best image processing software on the Amiga, OpalPaint allows you to easily create your own images or enhance and modify existing framestores. In addition to image processing, it has powerful painting and drawing capabilities. A full range of tools, real-time, full 24-bit. OpalVislort Main Video Processor; Video Suit© OPALPAINT SOFTWARE includes an expandable library of image processing modes, texture mapping, color and transparency gradients, multiple work modes, nozzle brushes and many other tools OpalAnimMATE j plays animations at rates of up to 60 frames per second. Works in 8, 12, 15, 18 and 24- -JS bit modes and features selectable screen sizes from x 20 to 768 x 286 pixels. I OPAL PRESENTSI Every main board includes Opal Presents , an icon-driven presentation program offering complete display control of OpalVision images, Amiga graphics and live video. Create sales presentations, clip libraries of your work, educational videos or whatever you can imagineI it : 2-rW WINNER AMAZING COMPUTING READER'S CHOICE AWARD 1993 "BEST GRAPHICS CARD" 16 Million colors, Superlative 32-Bit Painting, Awesome 24-Bit Animation, and now... Professional-Quality Video Titling! Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. Sam to 5pm (P5T) ORDER HOTLINE KOMANI TITLES 2585 SPEEDBALL 2 ... 5840 PREDATOR ..... 2830 KILLING CLOUD ...... 2427 BACK TO THE FUTURE PART 5842 BACK TO THE FUTURE 111 . 2782 THEME PARK MYSTERY ... 5841 TEAM SUZUKI ... 3731 SPACE WRECKED . 0486 WORLD CLASS GOLF . 5429 BODY BLOWS GALACTIC 5307 ZGOL NIGEL MANSELL AGA E 4740 STREET FIGHTER II ... BUDGET CD32 5703 TOTAL CARNAGE CD32
19. 95 5747 ELITE 2 FRONTIER CD32
19. 95 5832 GLOBAL EFFECT CD32 19 95 5828 NTERN.. KARATE CHAMP CD32
19. 95 5829 SUMMER OLVMPIX CD32
19. 95 DIGGERS CD32
14. 95 OSCAR CD32
14. 95 GVP Accessories GVP 4MB SIMM 60NS PAGE MODE217.95 GVP 16MB SIMM - 60NS 1089.95 I O EXTENDER EXTRA SERIAL KIT22.95 . 9.95 5147 . 8.95 5561 . 8.95 . 8.95 64243 . 8.95 . 8.95 61945 . 8.95 . 8.95 64416 . 8.95 . 9.95 61944 DLE8.95 64338
18. 95 64339 62619 61108 1906 3304 61241 64417 64415 4500 5738 1857 5036 5178 45265 Ami Soft Check$ & BalanceS Finally, an easy-to-use, yet powerful Personal Finance Manager!! NEW 8’? ASIMWare Innovations Texture Heaven CD..S1995 Over 500 Images in 24-BiI IFF format Texture Heaven 2 CD. S5495 New version with over 164 Abstract and Computer Generated Color Textures!
• Includes thumbnail preview images.
• Images come in IFF, HAM, FrameStore, JPEG, PCX, BMP, and GIF formats. Master ISO CD-ROM Writing Software s52995
• Control a CD-ROM Recorder to create custom CD-ROM and CD-Audio disks
• Formats in Universal 150-9660 compatible with all systems
• Supports Pinnade single-speed (list $ 2495) & Yamaha (4x spin) CD-ROM Recorders
• Each CD-ROM disk has a capacity of 540MB to 650MB at 2.6 cents a megabyte! Backup all your toaster projects!!
• Create custom solutions wihout taking up hard drive space ASIIVl CDFS v2.0 Software 5317 5852 5851 m G-Stick Joystick... s495 Tac-3 Joystick s895 Tac-30 Joystick.... s995 4447 Reads ISO-9660, High Sierra, and Mac HFS CD-ROMS Includes ASIMTunes music CD player and ASIMPhoto PhotoCD Driver for the Amiga. Latest version now compatible with GVP SCSI!! 4934 4445 '1 ’ Order Hotline L+Jt»i
• i i • i * i • 5344 HIRED GUNS ..34.95 5486 MORTAL KOMBAT 36.00 5470 BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL 35,00 5180 SYNDICATE .36.95 BUDGET Idek MF-8617 Color Monitor
• 17" Flat screen
• ,26mm dot pitch
* Full digital front controls, 8 factory presets & 13 user-programable ? Short persistance, anti-reflection, anti-static
* Auto power savings on off, 3 watts in standby model
* Perfect for Retina, EGS Spectrum, Picasso 11, Tolon, A40G0 (Super72, DoubleNTSC, MulliScan modes)-
339. 95 EUREKA A1200 RAM CARD W CLOCK W 0K 99 95 BIGFOOT 1200 & 600 & 500 PWR SPLY85.95 BIGFOOT 2000 POWER SUPPLY 139.95 FAST LANE Z3 SCSI-2 W 0K ZORRO III
469. 95 .. PICASSO II GRAPHICS CARD W 1MG 4028 w o '040 Chip w SCSI 2, 0K s77995 5743 4040 w 40MHz Chip w SCSI 2, 0K..M42395 5745 A3000 Versions coming soon, call!! MacroSystem Development G Accelerator for the Amiga 4000 Suncom Technologies ErgoStick Requires: 1MB RAM 1 Floppy disk drive AMIGADOS 2.0 or higher Includes 2 Hot Gomes: Speedball II & Predator!! ORDER HOTLINE 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. Sam to 5pm (PST) Order Status 310-787*4520 Mon. - Fri 8am to 6pm Sat. Sam to 5pm Edit your videos quickly & easily using your computer. 5673 5588 5310 5075 5076 5271 5085 4072 5123 350 5166 270 65271 5424 5073 5384 5650 5175 5421 4356 5558 5766 5252 Iinagemaster R t vl.5 A new image manipulation product Designed to replace Imagemaster and Image Professional. New features of Imagemaster R t include new unified filesaver, new multiframe processor, new Radial Wave, new morph controls, new Gaussian Blur, faster display, loads Toaster alphas, new area select tools, tablet support, unlimited zoom and pan, "onionskin" compositions, Toaster framestore support, Online Help. The January issue of Amiga World says "Imagemaster R t is a tool no serious artist should be without!" Supports OpalVision, Firecracker, AGA . BLACK BELT SYSTEMS « rf-- r j -W v PowerMacros “v- I
449. 00 15 PICASSO II GRAPHICS CARD W 2MB488.95 229 ...MEGACHIP 500 2000 W AGNUS
424. 95 SEAGATE 3.5* 260MB IDE .... 259.00
3. 5:” 12MS ST3550N 457MB FAST SCSf-2
389. 99
3. 5" 12MSST5660N 545MB FAST SCSI-2
479. 99 272 3.5' 9MSST31200M 1GB SCSI-2849.99 15274 3.5“ SMS ST11950N 1.35GB FAST SCSI-2
1. 659.99 SEAGATE ELITE DRIVES 65273 5.25 FH ST43400N 2.75GB FAST SCSI-22299.99 65275 5.25 FH ST410800N 8.6GB FASTSCSI -2
4169. 99 Cinegraphics PowerMacros for LightWave Features include automated scene creation of true 3D explosions (not flat polygons), 17 macros include shatter, blowup, swarm, render batch, move scene, load from scene, smooth velocity, save pivot, focal distance, clone object & surface and many more! QUANTUM HARD DRIVES 170MB ELS SCSI HARD DRIVE . 107.95 Created by Animators for Animation Projectsl 5779 m MICROPOUS HARD DRIVES 63765 1.7GB SCSI-2 MODEL 2217AV 1129.95 5515 1.6GB IDE MODEL 2217A (PAR BOARD) 1199 95 63196 270MB SCSI 2 VERY FAST LPS284.95 63352 270MB IDE VERY FAST LPS., 285 95 5637 340MB LPS SCSI 2...... 349.94 63194 540MB SCSI 2 .....419.95 5508 1.08 GIG SCSI 2 HDEMPIRE SERIES758.95 65171 1,44GB SCSI 2 NT. HD EMPIRE SERIES
969. 99 65255 2 1 GB SCSI 2 9.5ms EMPIRE SERIES
595. 95 j 5793 NEW IMAGINE 3,0 ...... 378.95 i 5835 FORGE & ESSENCE VOLUME 1... 93.95 5838 FORGE & ESSENCE VOLUME 2 . 93.95 5506 WAVEMAKER ......159.00 5318 WAVELINK 99.95 . DYNAMIC MOTION MODULE 124.95 SPARKS PARTICLE ANIMATIONS LlGHTWV
226. 95 MONTAGE 24 - AGA.IV24.0PALVISI0N - PAL
95. 95 MULTIMEDIA SCXALA MM300 . 339.95 SCALA ECHO CONTROLER EE-100159.95 CANDO 2.5 LightWave without the Toaster? The solution is LIGHTRAVE!
• Compatible with all Amiga models mm mm
• True 24-bit display - render to OpalVision, DCTV, Retina, IV24, GVP EGS, Amiga AGA and Picasso II
• FASTER than a Toaster equipped Amiga
* J v3.1
• Requires: Lightwave 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1, Workbench and Kickstart 2.04 or later Wimi and Fuzzy Lxqc The only way to access all of the 24-Bitgraphic boards on the market!! Free upgrade to version 3.2 when available
• It MaxDOS productions! Version 2.0 Easy Mac Amiga File Transfers Software solution to transparently access Apple Macintosh files. Read and write to any High density floppy (on Amigas with high density drives), hard drives, removable media and even CD- ROM drives (read only). Includes MaxDOS Mounter, a simple-to-use program that will search a specific SCSI drive for Mac, Emplant or A-Max partitions and mount them immediately or create custom files which will allow easy mounting automatically every time you boot. Requires: WorkBench 2.04 or higher OFFER CODE: P481MG14
r. ’. I IPS! « 'IW III1! IlMMHIlif1! 1 JIMIIfWjH i8li|l|IBlBy Hijlill WjIjMIMM mm I ii»i. Mii Li Australia 0014-800-125-712 Denmark 0434-0297 France 0590-1099 Italy 1678-74086 Japan 003T-11-1351 Netherlands 06-022-8613 Norway 050-12029 Switzerland 046-05-12029 United Kingdom 0800-89-1178 Professional Publishing Pagestream 2.2 OEM 1 in Amiga DTP. Winner of Amiga V World's Experts' Choice Award and Amazing Amiga's Users' Choice Awards. Upgrade to 3.0 for only!l 25* TH! ULTIMATE HARD DRIVE DATAFLYER1 Finally a hard drive that is truly practical- The DataFlye 1Q5SQ features proven SyQuest removable technology Special version direct from manufacturer with our specia driver guarantees compatibility with the A4000 including EXPANSION-5 diskchange! Fast access times, I4msavg., 1.6 to 2,3 MB sec max transfer rate (to and from media). Unlimited storage with 105MB cartridges. Very quiet unit. Small, only 3.5 x 1* drive 2 Year Warranty. Includes one 105MB cartridge CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON 105SQ 40G0S BUNDLE : C PageStream 3.0 PageStream 3.0 Has over 1000 new features, including AGA color, recordable Arexx, and tne« ability to load *? ProPage documents. T KJ Wii nnn vr; 229
* . V. ; --i DATAFLYER SCSI Plus 1200is a SCSI card that plugs onto the IDE header and converts it to SCSI. It still allows the use of IDE devices and does not take up a slot. Includes a rear DB25 SCSI port ..S9975 tijfx SMITH 5242 TypeSmith 2.0 CREATE & EDIT YOUR OWN TYPEFACES! DATAFLYER SCSI Plus 4000 is the same os above and has an internal 50-pin SCSI connector and is designed for the Amiga 4000 ...Ml "A must have" "A must have" Computing "It's a must!" -Amiga Format
- Compute!M m a aap
- Amazing ) T finV3 DATAFLYER 400OS with External 25DB SCSI connector 799 DATAFLYER XDS IDE with External case & all cables ... S699S “ 5484 Video Director Edit your videos quickly & easily using your computer. R»k_ - CI v Art HP E314 Department Professional £‘ 4 Version 2.5 Newest version has a new improved user interface. Supports EGS and Primera Printer (24-bit color dye-sub). Nam d "Best Image Processing Program" for 1 992 by Amazing Computing, and now it's B EVEN BETTER! G 4348 MORPH PLUS • Professional morphing ... 1 25 5077 T-REXX PROFESSIONAL 2.1 for Toaster.. S1 17 5638 ADPro Conversion Pack, version 2.5 .. .....s4595 5164 Pro Control for ADPro or Morph Plus s4995 5195 CygnusEd Professional 3.5 ...S p95 CA LL CREATIVE FOR THE LOWES T PRICES ON ALL ASDG PRODUCTS GOLD DISK ProCalc 2.0 s4995 ProDraw 3.03... $ 4995 5021 4248 Color Scanners High quality flatbed scanners rated best in Amiga market! ASDG Epson Scanner Driver Software with scanner purchase $ 97.95 $ 78?1 ES-600C • 24-bit, 300 dpi . ES-800C • 24-bit, 400 dpi ... 1089 4665 EH Epson is a registered trademark of Epscn America Order Status 310-787-4520 Mon. - Fri 8am to 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Frt 6am to 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm (PST) ORDER HOTLINE 800-872-8882 5444 4516 5780 5408 5624 5210 62144 5720 4689 4526 5358 AUTHORING SYSTEM. AGA SUPPORT113 95 GRAPHICS NEW BRILLIANCE 2.0 ...79.95 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 3,0 ...49.95 DISTANT SUNS 5.0 ......49.95 TV PAINT 2.01 FOR ALL BOARDS & A4000
36. 95 ACS 50 SPEAKER ALTEC LANTSING77.95 NEW DIGITAL SOUND TRACK .. 45.95 ONE STOP MUSIC SHOP 558.95 5796 NEW BARS AND PIPES PROFESSIONAL 2.5 1 SEQUENCING ON THE AMIGA!!!238.00 4759 SUPERJAM 1.1 ..... MUSIC COMPOSITION TOOL VERY NICEH78.S LEGENDARY DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES Version 1,5 Invoice It! Address It! High quality 24-bit backgrounds by professional photographers. Each volume contains 20 images. 5714 Volume 1: Scenic and Landscape 5715 Volume 2: Textures and Patterns 5716 Volume 3: Still Life Imagery 5717 Volume 4: Abstract Imagery Powerful business Powerful mailing-list management. Management, Create mailing lists, rosters, envelopes, roatry cards and more with a few simple clicks! Supports laser, dot-matrix & ink-jet. Powerful invoicing software! Automatically create quotes and convert them to actual invoices with one click! Address-It! Invoice-It! Great with OpalVision Buy all four for s6995 PLUS FREE IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWAREI Visit our computer SUPERSTORES in California! 4 BIG LOCATIONS Los Angeles Soufh Orange County 4453 Redondo Ekh Blvd. 23710 El Toro Rd., Sie. F-1 Lawndale Lake Forest Californio 90260 California 92630
(310) 542-2292 (714)359-3300 Los Angeles San Diego 8841 Clatremonf Mesa Kearny Mesa California 92123
(619) 467-4700 1505 Wllshire Blvd. Santa Monica California 90402
(310) 394-7779 SEND ALL MAIL ORDERS FOR AMIGA PRODUCTS TO: Crealivo Computers, Order Dept, 2645 Maricopa Street, Torrence, CA 90503
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- S; TS no Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm (PST) ORDER HOTLINE 800-872 K E V I E X S From j). II. Real-W orld Comparisons Popular performance benchmark programs such as Syslnfo and AIBB showed that an Amiga 1000 "040 equipped with one of these boards was consistently one- and-a-half to three times faster than stock. Some tests showed the Warp Engine board to be slightK' faster; on others, the G-force had the advantage. I performed a number of test renders using LightWave 3D 3.1 with both boards. The results of these tests are summarized in fable 1. Although the degree of speed increase varies dependTable 1 Warp (80ns RAM) Warp (60ns RAM) GVP 0:01:08 0:01:02 0:01:05 0:05:53 0:05:32 0:05:44 0:55:41 0:54:53 0:57:52 4000 ’040 Texture-map scene 0:02:46 Simple render 0:07:48 Complex render 1:42:06 ing on the type of picture being rendered. It is always substantial. In the case of the complex scene, the 40-MHz boards rendered it in a little over half the time it took with the A4000 ’040. Notes 1. The texture-map scene uses the texture-map example file included with LightWave. Simple render uses an apple object, two lights, and ray-traced shadows. The complex render scene has 25 objects, 8000 polygons, and heavy use of texture maps, with ray-traced shadows and medium antialiasing. While their performances were close, the G-Force board was a little slower rendering the complex scene, due to its use of some of the slower system memory.
* 4 Surprisingly, the WarpEugine was seemingly not hampered by a mix of 70 and 80ns SIMMs (instead of the last 60ns SIMMs) from the A4000 motherboard. When used with Utilities Unlimited's Emplant board. Mac speed tests showed the emulator running on the Amiga to be faster than Apple’s fastest stock HOTRONIC PC-TBC TBC Frame Synchronizer Computer Plug-in Board No glitch Y C Composite cut Y C or Composite In Out Digital Comb Filter Freeze Frame Field Full Proc-Amp Control [HI HOTRONIC, INC. 1875 S. Winchester Blvd. • Campbell, CA 95008 * U.S.A. Tel: 408 378-3883 • Fax: 408 378-3888 Circle 55 on Reader Service card. A keen eye reveals that the Warp Engine = bottom) slightly outperforms the G-Force in Syslnfo tests. Quadras. They also improved tasks such as playing sound files in the background and displaying Quick l ime movies. The WarpEngine’s SCSI-2 controller worked fine with the fast 2GB Barracuda hard drive and a NEC CD-ROM, using theASIM CD-ROM filesystem. Using the Diskspeed program, I clocked sustained reads of about eight-and-a-half megabytes per second, using a 256K buffer. That's fast enough to display full-qualitv compressed video right from the hard drive. Conclusion You can buy a bare WarpEngine board for less than $ 900. Besides adding a fast SCSI- 2 controller, simply transplanting the RAM and processor you already have will increase the A4000‘s capacity and processing speed. You can invest in a faster processor and more RAM as your finances permit. I cannot give the G-Force an enthusiastic recommendation, at least not to Amiga 4000 owners. It operates every bit as quickly as the 40-M11 WarpEngine board, but it offers no SCSI-2 controller (at least for now), and limited memory-upgrade options when compared to the WarpEngine. At current prices, the GYP bottl'd with 4MB of RAM is about a hundred dollars less than the bare-bones, SCSI-2-equipped, 40-MI 1 . WatpEngine with no RAM. Continued on p. 36. ¦M bars & PIPES PRO 2.5 Improved notation display 6 editing, revised look feel, groove quantltize, drum mapping, sequence trigger, Toaster control, much more. PICB 1202 up Sim iw BBSKDRIVH Create accompaniments, sound-tracks. Styles & grooves quickly & easily, stereo TurboSounds, 2 octave chords, visual volume & panning. Realize the full potential of A 1200 with the DKB1202 expansion board. Speeds up math Intensive operations, a must have feature If you do any morphing or animation. Image manipulation or ray-tracing, offers the option of running a math co processor up to «mhz. Easy installation! ONE STOP 16 Bit. 32 voice. MIDI interface MUSIC SHOP .$ 559
• us® ClariSSA ¥2.0 AGA The animation utility of the year! Assemble single images into animations and converts anim-5 and ANIM-7 to SSA format for playback up to 60 fields per second while greatly reducing the size. ClariSSA also features flexible editing capabilities like cut, copy and paste on single frames or ranges and color functions such as fading, chaos and lightning. Animations with different resolutions can be combined Into a single animation. Full AREXX support and a built-in screen grabber make ClariSSA integrate seamlessly with other applications. A redistributable SSA playback program is included. C an’SSA received the ‘Product of the Year award from Amiga Magizin Germany and the 'Amiga Plus Award 93- BestAminatfon Softv are' flSKB 1240 Add from 1 to 128 megs of memory SCSI interrace Option, Rea! Time clock ana calendar. 63030 processor running at 40MHz, upgradaoie to 688S2 Math coprocessor so mhz. XL DRIVE - HIGH DENSITY High Densiry External Drive for any Amiga formats
1. 76MB with standard DD Disks compatible for PC Disks requires Work Bench 2.1 or above
* 149 Adorage V2.0 AGA Create dazzling 2D and 3D transitions between scenes and Images in near real-time. Whether Intended for presentations, Info-systems or video footage, there is no effect-generatlon tool that surpasses Adorage In versatility, ease-of-use or results, user-definable parameters and a wealth of built-in effects deliver output limited only by your Imagination. The support of up to 256-color AGA modes provides Adorage with superior quality results, while the SSA animation format guarantees the fastest playback possible at up to 60 fields per second. AMIGA internal for * RISIC A2000 A4000 ...$ 165 EXPANDER VIDEO BACKUP Disk Expander Is an innovative program for all Amiga users. With this software solution you may double the capacity of your disk or hard disk drives. The installation process takes only seconds and afterwards Disk Expander works invisible in the backgroung. The compression ratios vary from 50% to 70%. The easy to use graphical interface guarantees that even the inexperienced user Is able to use Disk Expander immediately without any problems. Disk Expan- er does not only expand the capacity of your disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage space of approximately 1.5 megabytes. (Works with all drives Including, SCSI, ide, Floppies and even the RAD disk). Use a VCR as a backup storage device. Two hundred Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr. Tape which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system. What's more you can now watch television on your 1084s monitor Scart or Phono version is available. Networking up to 20 Amigas together over a distance of up to 330 feet has now become easy and affordable. AmigaLink installs on the external floppy drive port, eliminating the need for Internal Installation or use of a zorro slot, set up and configured In minutes, AmigaLink offers sharing of ail storage devices and irlnters across the network, Llghwave users now have an easy way to distrbute ndering Jobs to multiple machines. 24MI Color-FlATBeo OREGON SC AHNCR M Ilf Megalosound is an amazingly low cost, full featured, 8 Bit stereo sound sampler. But that's not all! Italso features Dlrect-to-Dlsk Recording of samples, up to 56kHz sample rate. FREE OCR JR. MS1200 MS2400 S« video digitlz & sound sampling all In one package. Full color Stills, greyscale motion video clips, and video sequence Editor. Includes stand alone sequence player and ANIMS converter. For A500. A600, and enhanced AGA version for A1200! Also available is ColorMaster. Capture full screen stilly*-* plctlres AUTOMATICALLY, from any wjjgj video source. FASTI E®27U)(i]@ § Fast, Assembly language programming environment for all Amigas. Intergrated, multi-window Editor. Debugger, and FAST Assembling,*®7 s? A Major Upgrade to HiSoft Basic Professional Including fully intergrated edltor compller source debugging environment. 2 time faster than previous versions and has full support for WB1.3.2. and 3! Excellent manual. Lot’s of programming examples. E5tSyviy SflS© CLARITY 16 16 bit stereo sampling and replay with midi, sequencer one one plus- Entry levels Mid-level MIDI and sample sequencer systems with highly acclaimed Diamond Drag note editing system. MaxonMAGic • Amazing Screen Saver & system audio manager, colorful modules. Assign sounds to system events. PRO-MiDt- low cost MlDt interface! Golm-liursi” COLOR HAND SCANNER Three scanners In one! Scan color, true grayscale and monochrome line art Perfect for video, multimedia, desktop publishing and more.
• 4 scan Modes: 262,144 colors; 4096 colors; 64 true grayscales; monochrome text
• 50-400 dpi (based on scan mode selected)
• Colorklt software - quick, accurate scanning save IFF. Ham-8. And 24-bit iff
• Parallel Interface with cable
• aoa compatible
• OCR Jr, text recognition ¦ Included MONOCHROME HAND SCANNER with
• Touch-up v3. Iaga compatible)
• OCR Jr. Text reader now $ 199 Dlstrioutea By RETINA No gs 24Bit Frame Buffer and Workbench Emulation Analog rob output, eooxsoo Fun 24Bit 1E.7 million color display. Non-interlaced Full work- a bench Emulation with resolution such as 1024x766 or 1280x1024 in 16 colors or even more! Up to 2400x1200! Paint program comes with Retina. The Retina can still be used to display 24Blt graphics while emulating workbench Requires the 2.0 or greater operating system. W 2MB*545 W IMB.!4§5 RetlnaZI|& Zlll ALADDIN 4D Revolutionary 3D modeling, rendering i animation package Zoom, rotation controls, unlimited ights, paths, wave sources, gases $ 249 PageStream3.0, 3 §13 The ultimate desktop publishing program! PagesStream3 provides tne professional typesetting and graphic tools you need, it has a feature-paced toolbox to create any type of shape, which you can color with PANTONE® colors and gradient fills, import and export text and graphics In many formats, and see pictures in full color on screen. AGA compatible! Automatic Flash macros automate most page layout tasks and create custom page designs. Create your own macros with recordable Arexx! Load ProPage documents and edit ProDraw drawings, unlimited Undo and Redo, extensive online help, autosave, dot leaders, Index generation and more! Package Includes BME 2 image processor. PageUner 2 text processor, 50 fonts and 100 graphics!
• Lab Motion Non-Linear Video & Audio Editing and Playback! As well as v-Lab Y c 24 Bit Reaffime Video Digitizer AGA Support Internal for the A2000,3000. AND 4000. Digitizes Full Frame *599 sal works with new Ughtwave unbundle from Newtek V 2.0® 12& Y C Version $ 459 New External for soo, eoo, 1200 In 1 30 of a second te bitmap and outline fonts for all your programs! Convert between PostScript, Compugraphlc and Soft-Loglfc formats. Autotrace bitmaps and generate bitmaps from outline fonts. Automate font creation with arexx. Copy and paste characters between fonts, and add professional hinting to your fonts. Compute, Amazing, Amiga Format and AmigaNews all called TypeSmith a must-have program. Voted best DTP utility by Amazing's readers. The Toccatta is a full i6Btt audio digitizer with 5 Stereo Inputs, digitize at up to 48 Hz In 166itand Bblt direct to harddisk. Playback from HardDlsk up to 16 channels in i6Blt. 64 Times Overstamping, 16 sampling rates, Freq. Response 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Simultaneous Record 4 & ri Playback from HardDrive. WzB
* 12® Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 REMEMBER! EXPANSION from Making Technology Affordable Since 1986 D SKI The Only Expansion Device you need for your Amiga 4000 (or Amiga 3000) that provides High- Speed 040 Acceleration, up to 128 MegaBytes of Local 040 Burst Memory and the fastest SCSI-II Controller Available! Why? Because all of this expansion is on a single board that installs into the CPU slot- Not a Zorro 111 slot! FEATURES WarpEnglne CVP 040 40 Fastlane Now add up to 5 SCSI devices like CD ROMs, removable medea drives, tape back-up systems and scanners without using the “CPU slot' or an 'expantlon slot*. The DataFlyer SCSI+ card attacches to the IDE header and converts it to also run SCSI. Operate your original IDE AT drive at the same time. Easy PLUG-IN Installation, includes esternal DB25 connector, hardware, cables and prep software. F I'm mm mm m. mm -• mm mm mm ill
5. 5" Removable Media Syquest Hard Drive ER Case DATAFLY A1200 External IDE Install Your Favorite
3. 5" Hard Drive NO NO YES YES NO NO NO YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO 28MHz. 33MHz, 40MHZ versions 28MHZ upgradable to 33 and 40MHz Expandable Onboard to i28MegaBytes Ram Built in SCSI-2 Hard Drive Controller uses Industry Standard SIMM Modules Uses any Combination of SIMMS Allows use of the Memory from the Amiga Includes all cables and connections. A4000 AT internal w cart A4000 2000 SCSI Internal w cart A400Q 2000 SCSI external w cart 105Mb cartridge OKA 28 Mhz„„ 2 times as fast as standard 4000 40 33 Mhz..*. 2.5 times as fast as standard 4000 40.. 40 Mhz.... 3 times as fast as standard 4000 40..., High speed 68030 Accelerator Board up toi28 50 Mhz 68030 mb ram, includes w MMU FPU 50 50 0 Realtime Clock TV Paint... 1 far~ NO FPU .....$ 79 14 MhZ 68881 $ 99 MBX 1200Z True State of the Art in Amiga 24 bit paint packages. The many feature of TV Paint Include image Manipulation. Drawing Tools, Editing Tools. Emboss, Sharpen, Relief, outline and O on iS i j j s f tttf i Q ett Jeft utej... Battery Backup. Clock & Calendar • RAM Expansion to 8MB of 32 Bit RAM MICROBOTlCS®SXaCQ EXPANSION INTERFACE FOR JHE CD32 This board assembly plugs on the back of the CD32, still allows the use of the f CD32 Full Motion Video Module Ihn Its normal slot, and provides the Interfaces * from the unit: * INTERNAl-IDE Interface • EXTERNAL-RGB video • IDE Interface * Parallel interface • Floppy drive Interface • 9-pin serial port • Plug for AT type 101 key keyboard * Audio Input to allow mixing of audio much, much morel MULTI FRAME-ADPro Requires Art Department Professional or MorphPlus 5 Arexx -AMIGADos 204 or higher Multi Frame for ADPro is a ccmposlting lavering Interface forvtfleo professionals & artists using asdC's ADPro program as a compositing engine, improves ADPro s impressive array of compositing functions. Control up to 100 layers TRONICS f'tew EDGE The leaders in AMIGA Productivity Software OPUS Edge is an easy-to-use, professional-quality text editor ideally suited for notes, scripting and any other forms of text manipulation. Features include: unlimited number of files, unlimited number of windows file, infinitely configurable user interface, fast search & replace, full AREXX support with macro recording, AREXX controllability, multi-level undo, extensive “on-line" help, comprehensive paragraph formatting and MUCH morel Realize your full productivity with Directory OPUS! OPUS allows you to easily manipulate data files; display images; play sounds, ANIMS, banims, and MODS; and launch programs from its powerful, yet easy to use interface. A "must-have" for hard drive owners. Use OPUS once, and you'll never want to be without it! Fft's the best-selling software utility on the Amiga!) CanDo! GIGAMEM ®gonieni The CanDo software authoring package allows you to take advantage of the Amiga's powerful architecture, regardless of your technical abilities. You can program anything from a simple presentation to the most advanced professional application program in record time, in short, CanDo takes the guesswork and drudgery out of programming and lets the creative genius in you run wild. GigaMem virtual memory system lets your Amiga utilize unused hard drive space as RAM, eliminating the need for additional hardware! With Gigamem you can run memory-hungry programs (such as Art Department, Lightwave, CanDo and PageStream) without running low on memory. CanDo's scope and performance makes it a must for training, simulation and other applications. Requires an 020 030 040 based Amiga with MMU and OS version 2.1 or higher. JPAll wSlVBW 1-0961
• i2 lKaft ira 3ra.rj™r-; - se MONET Mccr’KC»iT« tojnj'in n«lera»4irt0in«r* GIFS GALORE KM COW «WQ« |p 4J oWttVvt COLOR MAGIC !Y»*:ooi Wr OuWVIl. WuCWOn 11 256 4K* KXWW MEGA MEDIA lOOfrAidlo jna G'jpnc fi« k ww MULTIMEDIA ’7X hjCta 'DOG cctmei tnd -ww SPACE £ ASTRONOMY GUTENBERG PROJECT .'1 , tr'f $ 79 $ 19 $ 19 $ 22 $ 19 $ 22 $ 19. $ 19 $ 29 $ 25 $ 19 $ 25 $ 29 n NEC MultiSpin 38 ...$ 389 NEC TrlpleSpeed 3XP $ 589 TEXEL 3028 internal $ 399
* 999
* m§ ,, Desktop wagfc Animated SCREEN SAVER
* Over 25 Selections w;'' Aod sounds to ' f vvlndows. Keys, time- 17" tDEK Multi-Scan 15-iOMKz 102A X75S Res IDEAL FDR VIDEO NEW TITLES JAMES POND 3:STARFISH $ 32 CRASH DUMMIES $ 29 BATTLETOADS $ 23 ELFMANIA (FIGHTING.) $ 32 TORNADO A120Q A4000 $ 49 HEIMDALL 2 I NOT A1200) $ 35 14" Electrohome 1440,1540MHz 1024 X 766 res, IDEAL FOR ALL AMIGAS D Checks & Balances Primer a Coioir MORE COLORFUL PRINTER
• Hlgh-fesoiution tnermal transfer cotor printing.
• Primera‘5 color 1$ Dfigntec richer, sharper and more viUrant _ than other color printing technologies ¦ Order Either of these AGA Games for $ 37-Get the other rne Latest Generation in Personal & Small Business Record Keeping and Finance Management BODY BLOWS GALACTI ALIEN BREED il MORE EFFICIENT
* Prim5uo»four times faster than inkjet «Requires no drying time, imiike ink jet Eimmates wrinkl ro and smearing
* Easy to use with orJhy two buttons: Orvdff ano On Ine. WITH PHOTO REALISTIC (Dye sublimation) 34S AMIGA CD MAGAZINES Free CD on most issues AMIGA MAGAZINES Free Disks on most issues PC CD-ROM MAGAZINES Free cd-Rdm on most issues No additional charge for FedEx* For what others charge for UPS Ground we deliver In 2 days or less. International Orders mot APO. FPO.1 Send copy or fax of front a back of Charge Ca'd A Slgnature. Call or FAX for shipping qucte COD orders ox aqo is Prices suoject to cmnje withal! Ncoce Returns accepted for 1C flays after date cf EXJ'cnsse Ci'i Custcre- service fcr iffsr? Rettrnr; Defectives reoaceo ntr, u're item 15‘. Resucxr; n? For items re-urnM ana not «r:rangfa for sar? Custcr-er feicansicie far return smppirg SUBSCRIPT SINGLE SILLED ISSUE MONTHLY Sio $ 10 MAGAZINE SINGLE SU3SC5IPT BILLED NAME ISSUE MONTHLY AMIGA ACTON 510 59 AMIGA COMPUTING $ 9 AMIGA FORMAT 510 59 JLWiCA POWER 510 59 AMIGA SW0»PER t7 57 AMIGA USER 510 59 CU AMIGA v: 59 THE CM 510 59 MAGAZINE s NAME 1 CD POWER PLAY CD-ROM TODAY CD-ROM USER MULTIMEDIA LCD-ROM PC FORMAT CD PC GAMERCD PC HOME CD PCPLU5CD FC POWER CO PC TODAY CO PC ZONE CO 1490 N. Hermitage Rd. Hermitage, PA 161A8 FAX: 1-412-962*0279 $ 0 TO $ 99 7% Minimum S$ $ 99 TO $ 199 .. $ % Minimum $ 7 $ 200 TO S499 __4% Minimum $ 10 $ 500 TO $ 799 . 3% Minimum $ 20 $ 800 .... 2,5% Minimum $ 24 Get Year OpteERSn ShiPPflfC ¦ NORMALLY V lTHlN 1 BUSINESS DAVI UPS GROUND OR 2 DAY SHIPPING IT Fed El FedEx Overnight add 56 to 2Dove PR. Hi. AK add 510 to adove flPO. FPO £ CANADA are shipped by wail add $ 3 co above orwwsunderi:es mpitcommra ls a-:crcers u.-?• irs-reo Monitors cofliomra Dnrasrsan:coan«itenjm ncuraMmms cwses c* *rsr:c-3cj:te r - R K V 1 i; IV s From p. 32. Amiga 3000 owners, however, should consider the G-Force board. Those computers already have a SCSI adapter, and the G-Force board doesn’t have to be modified to fit. Given those circumstances, the added 4MB of accelerator memoir and slightly lower price clearly tip the balance in favor of the G-Force. Sheldon Leemon Migraph MS2400 Color Scanner Migraph, S1399 (MS1200, S1099) All Amigas equipped with a SCSI port.
1. 3 2.0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Minimum system: 68020 or faster accelerator, 4MB, hard disk, SCSI controller. Recommended system: 68030 or 68040, as much RAM and hard-disk space as your budget allows. Installation: easy. 2400-dpi, 24-bit color flatbed scanner. For about SI400, you can turn your Amiga into a 2400-dpi, 24-bit color scanning workhorse with Migraph’s MS2400 flatbed scanner. For about $ 300 less, you can opt for 1200-dpi results with its MS 1200. This review discusses only the MS2400, which consists of a 2400-dpi scanner, a SCSI cable, and the ColorKit Pro and OCR software. Preparations Setting up the scanner is fairly easy. Unlike large flatbed scanners of former days, the MS2400’s footprint is small about the same as that of a medium- sized laser printer. There are no external moving parts, so I merely created a small clearing among the books, manuals, and disks piled high on a table next to my desk. Connecting the scanner requires your Amiga to have a SCSI port. 1 located and installed a GVP 4008 SCSI controller in my A4000 for just that purpose. Other than lengthening the power-up time by 15 seconds, the card proved a nice complement to the MS2400. There's nothing particularly complicated about the setup procedure: You assign the scanner its own unique SCSI ID number (the default value is 5), plug in the 50-pin-to-25- pin SCSI cable, and then power up the scanner and computer. Should you need to change the SCSI ID number, a bank of DIP switches beneath the scantier makes it easy. ColorKit Pro Included with the scanner is the previously mentioned ColorKit Pro software. If you’re using AmigaDOS 2.0 or later, the program uses ASL file requesters, hut automatically installs its own custom (lie requesters on the systems of 1.3 holdouts. Provided the SCSI connections are complete, your Amiga recognizes the scanner as another device on the chain. Once installed and executed, ColorKit Pro places five icons at the bottom of the screen. These include Scan Settings, Scan, Display, Save, and Info Options. Their names and functions are self- explanatory -you use Scan Settings to access the scanner’s settings and controls, Scan to perform the scan, and so on. Your first chore is to calibrate the scanner using an included grayscale calibration strip. Doing so provides an excellent lesson in the proper placement of images on the scanner and makes you familiar with the art of flatbed scanning. The Scan Settings option is where you’ll spend the most time when using the MS2400. A requester appears when you select this option, offering you a myriad of ways to adjust the scanner’s settings. For instance, you can select color modes, aspect ratios, and the x and y dpi settings and fine-tune each of them for best results. The software allows you to scan in any size of image that the scanner will hold. A “Prescan” feature produces on the screen a thumbnail of the image before you are committed to the full-blown scanning process. Both grayscale and line-art modes are also available for fast- scanning purposes. A tutorial in the well- written manual guides you through each aspect of ColorKit Pro, with plenty of encouragement to practice on your own. One of the most interesting features of this software is its relatively transparent hard-disk memory-cache feature. I say relatively because it's plain that there’s a serious amount of hard-disk activity as the scanning proceeds. The hard-disk cache feature creates a file called “Tempfile” that's deleted when you exit the program. If your system crashes or you reboot with a scan in ColorKit Pro, the file is deleted the next time you run the program. If You’ve Got the Time ... Two factors determine the time the MS2400 needs to complete a scan: the resolution and the size of the image you’re scanning. ColorKit Pro software seems slower than RAM-based scanning drivers such as the JXScan driver found in Art Department Professional, but most users would no doubt prefer to wait an extra minute or two rather than spend $ 1000 or more for RAM. The MS2400 scans all the way up to 2400 dpi a tremendous improvement in technolog)- over earlier scanners that struggled to reach 300 dpi. The quality, however, is not eight times better. You can output, only in 24-bit TIFF or IFF- 24 files. I also strongly recommend an u J image-processing program, such as ADPro, as a supplement to ColorKit Pro, along with a fast Amiga, such as an A4000 040 with a large hard drive. When I was midway through this review, Migraph sent me version 1.7 of ColorKit Pro, which supports Expert Services’ Picasso II 24-bit display adapter. The software works in the same way as the first version, but has new display- requester options for the Picasso. Migraph’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software accompanies the MS2400 for scanning text. Familiar to users of the company’s previously released ColorBurst hand scanner, OCR lets you use the MS2400 to quickly convert large amounts of printed material into computer-readable text. Scanninc; For a Conclusion The only scanning system we’ve used to create many of the images that have appeared n Amiga World over the years has been a time-worn A3000 stuffed with over 82MB of RAM, a Firecracker 24 framebuffer, a large Sharp ]N color scanner, and ADPro. Mow does the MS2400 with ColorKit Pro compare? It is much slower, and, without a full-featured, integrated image- processing program like ADPro to control it, there are a few extra steps involved in each scan. The quality, however, is better with dark images, the resolution is higher, ? TO ORDER Call 800544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT. 9-5CST CUSTOMER SERVICE 414-548-8125‘Fax 414-548-8130 URRobotics Sup raFAX Modem 14.4 Ext 189.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext 139.00 Supra Corporation SupraFAX Modem 14.4 LC Ext155.00 Sportster 14.4 Ext FAX 149.00
V. FC 28.8 Ext .....289.00 Courier V.32 Terbo Ext FAX..389.00 Terms: Pos accepted from schools and government agencies'Personal checks require 7 days to clear'Defeciive products replaced promptly. RMA number required (call 414-549-8125) for all merchandise returns. Returns not accepted after 15 days Returned products must be in original packaging, postage prepaid. Opened software not returnable. Shipping charges not refundable. Non-defective returns subiect to a 15% restocking fee‘Not responsible for typos. Prices subject to change. Address It! 1.5 ...29.00 Adorage 2.0 AGA .145.00 BEST Accounting .133.00 C Net 3.0 ...124.00 Checks & Balances 38.00 ClariSSa Pro 3.0 250.00 Desktop Magic ...29.00 Directory Opus ..62.99 Dynamic Motion Mod 1.5 ..139.00 Forge Essence ...75.00 HyperCache Pro 2.0 ......49.99 Image Mirror ...129.00 Imagine 3.0 .....365.00 Lightwave 3D 3.2 539.00 PageStream 3.0 ...225.00 Beneath a Steel Sky ......41.99 Brutal Sports Football 94....34.00 Brutal Sports Football AGA .25.99 Darkmere .....37.99 Gunship 2000 AGA 38.99 Heimdahl 2 .37.00 Hired Guns .38.99 K240 (Utopia 2} ..32.99 Syndicate ....38.99 Tornado AGA .....45.00 U,tTlities
• ST- SKRF Accel, GVP 68030 650.00 Accel, GVP 68040 .....1039.00 Accel, Warp Engine 3028.1044.00 Accel, Warp Engine 4028...770.00 Accel, Warp Engine 4040.1429.00 Accel, GVP 4000 040 4....1399.00 Accel, DKB 1240 ..339.00 AD 1012 3.0 ....525.00 AmigaLink Starter 249.00 Boing! Mouse ...75.00 Drive, HD External 155.00 Drive, Iomega Ext 589.00 Drive, Iomega Int.. 489.00 Drive, Syquest 5200S 200MB 499.00 Drive, Syquest 3270 270M8.484.00 Emplant Deluxe 349.00 Ethernet System, Hydra.....359.00 Genlock, RocTec ..189.00 Hardcard GVP 4008 ....158.00 Joystick, Advanced Gravis ...35.00 Memory, 68030 040 ...225.00 ‘hotoworx 129.00 Power Macros Lightwave ....91.00 ProPics 29.99 Sparks .90.99 Super DJC 3 ......36.99 Super LJ4 ...36.00 Swipes .82.99 TrapFAX ......89.00 Tandem CD Controller 99.99 With Mitsumi FX001-D CD ROM Drive (2x) .....229.99 AllaDrive 3.5" Floppy 75.99 AlfaScan Plus 400 DPI Scanner Includes Touch-Up 189.00 AlfaColor Hand Scanner ...299.00 Oktagon 2008 SCSH! RAM Expansion Card ....139.00 MultiFaceCard III I O Card. 99.00 Mega Mouse 400 DPI 25.00 Mouse Joystick Switch 22.00 Quantum MICROPOLIS M or 62?Seagate EXAiBTHnr LOOKING FOR We have hardthrives? ALFA =r DATA - | ( Micro R. & D-) Fontasia 300. 49 00 MIDI Cable .... ...10.00 MIDI Interface . 4? Nn Modem, 14.4 FAX including GP FAX . .210.00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button.... ....29.00 Power Supply 2000 .155.00 | X-CaliburRAM 25MHz., .410.00 Monitor, IDEK 17" ......949.00 Monitor, Electrohcme 1440 ...489.00 OpalVision 395.00 Video Processor Mod......995.00 Personal Anim Recorder..1559.00 PhonePak GVP .249.00 Picasso II 2MB 500.00 ColorBurst Color Scanner .449.00 Scanner, B W 400 DPI 199.00 Scanner, B Ww OCRJr......239.00 Scann ing T ray w Merge 89.00 Transparency Option ....419.00 Migraph OCR Software......145,00 Migraph OCR Software Jr 95.00 MS 1200 Color Flatbed ....864.00 MS 2400 Color Flatbed ..1065.00 DaiaFlyer 1Q5AT Syquest Int 399.00 DataFtyer 270S Syquest Int 659.00 DataFlyer 270S Syquest Ext ..739.00 DataFtyer 500 8 .199.00 | SCSI+1200 4000 ...92.00 XDS 1200 ...74,00 SOFTWARE ANIM Workshop 2.0 ...82.00 Pixel 3D 2.0 ......159.00 Wave Maker 124.00 WaveLink ..79.00 EXPANSION SYSTEMS CD ROM 1 1 || DRIVES & TITLES I Amiga CD32 . ...399,00 SX-1 Expansion ...255.00 Chinon 535 Int Ext..379 455.00 NEC 3X Int . ..479.00 NEC 3X Ext ... ..499,00 NEC 3XP Portable ..419.00 1 Pfextor 4PIex Int ..
* ******* ..575.00 3D ROM (3D Models). ..189.00 Audio Gallery
55. 00 Clip Art & Fonts ...
27. 00 epsPro Clip Art. ..139.00 Elysian Archive ....
19. 99 ¦ Fresh Fish .
20. 00 Frozen Fish ....20 00 Gold Fish .. ....20.00 Nature’s Backdrop ....60.00 Quick Art Deluxe.. ..285.00 Transition CD 1
55. 00 Texture Heaven ....
55. 00
- w Printer, Primera ..759.00 Retina Z3 4MB .719.00 SuperGen SX ...685.00 Tape Drive, Connor Archive 250 ...364.00 Tape Drive, Sony DAT4000 8GB...879.00 DAT Cartridges ..23.00 Toccata 16 449.00 V-Lab Y C Ext ..469.00 V-Lab Motion Card ...1495.00 Video Slot Box .799.00 Amiga Pocket Workbench 26.00 Assembler Insider's Guide .29.00 Mastering AMOS 29.00 Mastering Amiga C .. .27.00 j Mastering Amiga DOS Ref ..28.00 Mastering Amiga Tutorial .28.00 Mastering Amiga Systems 36.00 ROM Kernals ..Call Ultimate AMOS 39.00 REVI R V S and the cost is only a fraction of what we paid to piece together the older equipment. Take my advice get an MS2400. You won’t be disappointed. Tim Walsh Crouton Tools DevWare, S149.95 All Toaster-equipped Ainigas.
2. 0 3.0 compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Video Toaster- equipped Amiga. Recommended system: Same as minimum. Utility programs for the Video Toaster. If switching between the Toaster, image- processing, music, and edit-control programs is becoming tiresome, you might be interested in Crouton Tools. Billed as a “video operating system,” it works so as to integrate all the functions of your various Toaster-related programs. Triple Croutons Crouton fools has three main sections: Toots, Logger, and Utility and Program, fhe fools section is divided into three screens: Images, for controlling image- processing programs; Audio, for controlling sound and music programs; and VTR, for your videotape recorders. Each of these screens also contains a full set of Toaster controls. Tools performs functions from a single screen that eliminates flipping from Toaster to Workbench screens. Also, a single button replaces a series of actions. For example, the Images screen has a button that links ADProwith Toast- erPaint, allowing you to save Toaster- Paint images as JPEG files. All three Tools screens let you perform any of a long list of functions: for example, grabbing video frames for transfer directly into ADPro by using an icon on the CJ Toaster effects screen, or via the GPI trigger, or with a joystick button. Complementing the main buttons on the Images, Audio, and VTR screens are configurable button bars for access to other programs. For example, while on the Images screen, you can open Audio and Ami Link tool bars. The buttons on these tool bars allow you to load song files into SunRize Industries’ Studio16 and play them, or to control your tape decks. By displaying the appropriate bution bars, you can access the major functions of your image-processing, audio-production, and edit-control programs, as well as the Video Toaster. Registered users also receive an update disk with tools to control several 3-D programs. Logging On Crouton Tools’ Logger section helps you organize all of the various elements you use in video production. You can keep track of video segments by entering a start time, end time, reel number, and location. There are also provisions for including a title and description, a date, a project name, a client name, and (with ADPro) a small black-and-white picture of the first frame of the clip. To locate a particular clip, you can flip through the pictures or search on any of the items of information named above. If you have an Amiga-based edit controller, logging and retrieval of video clips is completely automatic. You use Logger to roll the tape, then press an In button at the beginning of each segment and an Out button at the end. Logger notes the in and out points and then scans back to the first frame of the segment and uses the Toaster to grab it. If you don’t have an Amiga editor, you can use a GPI trigger for automatic frame capture. Even without an automated editor, you can still use Logger manually. Logger isn’t limited to keeping track of video clips. It also lets you enter still frames, non-Toaster graphics, Amiga animations, Personal Animation Recorder animations, LightWave animations, Studio I (> audio dips, Bars&Pipes song liles, Arexx scripts, and Video Toaster projects and CG books. Moreover, Logger lets you organize all of the video, graphics, and sound elements you use in production, as well as retrieve any of them directly from Logger by using its search f acilities. If you maintain a large library of video footage and graphics elements that you need to reuse from time to time, Logger’s record-keeping abilities can be invaluable. DevWare intends to release optional modules for using Logger as a viewing gallery for thumbnail images and even as a complete timeline-based editing system. The remaining section of Crouton Tools comprises the Utility and Program functions. Like most such programs, Utility allows you to move, copy, rename, and delete files. Unlike most others, however, Utility offers one-button access to fifteen directories used by the Video Toaster great for novices. The Program section makes ii easy to run any of your other programs from inside Crouton Tools. Despite its “wall-of-buttons” interlace, whenever I was unsure of what a particular button did, I checked the manual, which is both clear and thorough, DevWare also thoughtfully includes a 90- minute videotape that covers the basic operations of each section of the program. Irksome Croutons Unfortunately, Crouton Tools is lax on error checking and is saddled with dormant buttons. The program never warns when operations fail. Rather, the buttons simply stop working. Although you’re prompted to enter which programs you use, nonfunctional buttons for software that you don't use si ill appear on each screen. Also, when you request to load an image file, the requester displays the RAM disk's directory, so vou’ve trot to manual- J J o ly find your file. Because the program doesn’t recall which directory you accessed last, you must load Files again, beginning at the RAM disk. Even the Utility program is saddled with a fixed set of disk-drive buttons for drives named DUO:, Dill:, and so on. Another drawback is that Crouton fools uses almost a megabyte of memory (about 25BK chip, and almost TOOK fast). If you are short of memory, the program may actually make it harder, rather than easier, to use several programs together. Still, if you have lots of RAM and programs that work with the Toaster, you
o j may find that Crouton Tools’ benefits far outweigh its shortcomings. Busy video producers will find that accessing several programs from one screen is good for their productivity. Logger, particularly useful for edit controllers, adds a degree of overall organization, and the Utility section is a boon to those who have trouble finding Toaster files. With some refinement, Crouton Tools lias the potential to become an invaluable tool for video producers. Sheldon Leem on ¦ Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Commodore FAX 610-586-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern There may be uncertainty at Commodore, however, you can rest assured of Software Hut's continuino support of all Amiga owners with a large inventory, good pricing, and same day shippinc Monthly Software Specials $ 519.00
299. 00
145. 00 Call Call
25. 00
139. 95
229. 00
20. 00 M1230 Accelerator w 33Mz CPU & 68882 FPU - $ 285.00 2Mb RAM-$ 99.00 4Mb RAM - $ 159.00 Call for other configurations r -V Productivity Address It! $ 29.95 Directory Opus
68. 0C Final Copy 2
79. 95 Final Writer 2.0 I19.0G Lattice C 6.x
199. 00 Phasar Budgeting
73. 00 CD-32 Arabian Nights $ 13.00 Battiechess Enhanced 3500 Brutal Sports Fcotball 26 00 Castles 2
24. 00 CD Sports Football
37. 00 Dangerous Streets
19. 00 Frontier Elite 2
26. 00 Gralfiers Encyclopedia
159. 95 Impossible Mission 2035
35. 00 James Pond 2: Robocod
24. 00 John Barnes Soccer 1600 Lost Vikmg
35. 00 Nick Faldo Golf 30 00 Nigel Mansell Racing 24 00 Summer Olympix 1600 Super Putty
10. 00 Total Carnage
24. 00 Trolls
23. 00 | Walker
24. 00 Whales Voyage
26. 00 Zo ol
25. 00 MmB.CD.-32 Titles Jn Slock. CALL! J AGA Games Blowout Zoo! • Alien Breed 2 • Overkill Bodyblows Galactic • Trolls Buy 1 for $ 10 • 2 tor $ 18 • 3 for $ 25 I tor $ 30 • All 5 tor $ 34 Graphics Adorage Alpha Paint Anim Workshop 2.0 Art Department Pro Art Dept pro Conversion Pack Brilliance Cinemorph by GVP Clarissa Opaint 4 AGA Dynamic Motion Module Essence 2.0 w Forge Humanoid Imagine Lightwave ImageMasier R T Imagine 3.0 Maxon Magic Screen Saver Monlage for Toaster Pegger Pixel 3D Pro SCALA MM211 Toaster Toolkit 4000 Wave Maker G-Force 040 33Mz 4Mb
- Force D30 40Mz 4Mb RAM Dr. T’s Music Bundle Incfudet KCS V3 & Copyist Apprentice Originilty xold for $ 469.00 Special Price $ 69.95 I $ 259 00 309 00
69. 95
59. 95 79 00 225 00
225. 00
329. 00 h 2 DC $ 69-95
29. 95
59. 95
67. 95
59. 95
69. 95
69. 95
109. 00
109. 00
89. 00
15. 00
29. 95
24. 00 Boards $ 149.00
379. 00
289. 00 Call CHI
259. 00
349. 00 53900
85. 00
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479. 95
189. 00 Q. LU DC Video Products Color Handscanner w OCR software $ 259.00 DCTV 299.00 DPS Penonil Animilion Controller Call Hotronic PC-TBC or PC-TEC Y C Call OpalVision (Comes w Free Montage) 429.00 Personal TBC 4 019,00 Picasso 2Mb 519.00 Retina 4Mb 519.00 Retina Z3 725.00 RocGen Plus Genlock 235.00 SuperGen SX 699.00 Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 549.00 Vidi 12 AGA 119.00 Vidi Amiga 12 RT 259.95 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 379.95 Vlab Y C 425.00 Vlab Y C External 469.00 CO CJ> 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 37.95 Super Denise 8373
28. 95 CIA 8520 chip
9. 00 Gary 5719 chip
13. 95 Paula or Denise chip
18. 95
1. 3 ROM chip 21 95
2. 04 ROM chip
32. 95
2. 05 ROM chip
34. 95 Super Buster Rev 11
54. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev 8
35. 00 A5QQ 1200 Int. Floppy Drive A5QQ 1200 Keyboard (Specify) A2000 A3000 Keyboard A4000 Keyboard A2000 Complete Case NEW A2000 Int. Floppy Drive A3000 Int. Floppy Drive A2000 Power Supply A3000 Power Supply A4000 Power Supply CBM Amiga Model Mouxe Golden Image Amiga Meuse Switty 3 Button Mouse DKB Power Computing
1. 76Mb Capacity • 1 Year W’ty Faster than Commodore’s model Requires OS 2.1 or higher Internal - $ 145.00 External - $ 155.00
2. 1 Sottwira & Mattering AmigaDOS Reference Manual $ 40.00
2. 1 Software & Mattering AmigaDOS Reference Manual & 2.04 ROM 74.95 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34.00 Amiga 4000 040 & 4000 040 LC Units still in stock. Call lor pricing & configuration. CBM Parts & Peripherals WB2 Upgrades HD Floppies AMIGA A500 A1000 Peripherals Big Foot 200W Power Supply $ 84.95 Commodore A500 Power Supply 37.95 A500 Case complete w shieldmg 23.00 A500 Internal Replacement Drive 49.95 A500 Keyboard 29.95 RocTec External Floppy Drive 89.00 A570 CO-ROM 99.95 A1000 Case w Shielding 29.95 A1000 Motherboard 49.95 A1000 Daughterboard 24.95 A1000 Power Supply 39.95 A1050 2 56K RAM Expansion 35.00 Have access to thousands of CD-ROM based Fish Disks, programs, clip art, fonts, photos, pics. A more. Compatible with all popular Amiga SCSI controllers.
• NEC CDR-25 Mini, for Media Vision
• Ext w Power Supply, Headphone Jack
• Cabling for external 25 pin SCSI port
• Supports Single Session Photo CD
• Unispeed 650Ms Acc,.7Mb s Transfer $ 119.95
• NEC CDR-21D Internal CD-ROM
• Doublespeed 380Ms Access
• 1.5Mb * Transfer Rate
• SCSI or SCSI 2 Connectabilify
- MultiSession Photo. Headphone Jack $ 199.95 External model w cabling $ 289.95 We also have a limited quantity of NEW, bulk packBd, A3000 computers. With 5Mb RAM & 120Mb Hard Drive, they come complete and have a 90 Day Warranty. $ 949.00 We have just received a limited quantity ol 040 25Mz accelerator cards, from Commodore, which will turn your A3000 Tower into a 68040 rocket. LC Version (no FPU) $ 399.00 Reg.Version (full 040 w FPU) $ 599.00 A3000 Tower Accelerators Toaster Systems Call for details on our complete Toaster systems! CD»ROM Drivers ASIM CDFS 2.0 w Fish 232-1000 $ 49.95 Xelec CDFS 2.0 w Fish 1-950 49.95 SX* 1 CD-32 Expansion Module by Para vision InStock! $ 249.00 NEW A3OOOs Modems 6 Networking AmigaLmk Starter Kit - 2 Nodes ArmgaNet Ethernet Card A2060 ArcNet Board GP Fax Software - Class 1 & 2 Smart One Fax 9600 Modem 2400 Sporster 14.4 Fax Modem Supra Fax Modem 14 4 Supra Fax Modem 28 8 Power Supplies A Expansion A2000 300W Power Supply Emplant Deluxe Emulator 266K HD MAC ROMS for Emplant IBM Emulation lor Emplant DKB Megachip w 2Mb Agnus DKB 3128 RAM Exp A3000 4000 DKB 4091 Z3 SCSI-2 Card FastLane Z3 SCSI-2 RAM A3 4000 Multiface III I O Extender Supra Turbo 28 A500 or A2000 Toccata 16 DKB 2632 RAM Exp for A2630 W 0K A1200 Peripherals CSA 12 Gauge 50Mzw SCSi DKB 1240 Accel 40Mz CPU DKB 1202 881 20Mz w CIOck DKB - Other Configs w Memory RAM -1,4,8Mb for above DKB - The Clock for A1200 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb PCMCIA Card 60CV1200 4Mb IDE Cable A Software - 600 1200 In Stock: Electrohome 1440 MultiSync, .28dp, Auto-syncs to ALL Amiga resolutions including Super 72 • 1 Year Warranty $ 499.00 1084S - Call tor Availability IDEK 17" Monitor. LP or SP $ 989.00 Microtiofics M1230XA Accelerator Electrohome Monitors 1230 SCSI Ser2 50Mr 4Mb 599. Jl291 SCSI Controller for 1230 95. FPU 50Mz for 1230 Accelerator 115. GVP 4008 SCSI Controller 149. I O Extender 11230 SCSI Ser2 40Mz4Mb Phone Pakv2 G-Lock
• GVP DSS8+ Sound Digitizer GVP SIMM 32 16Mb 50Ns ,Spectrum 28 24 EGS 2Mb ‘GVP SIMM 32 4Mb 60Ns We have the perfect repair kit for A500 users. Complete with new parts:
• A500 Case • RF shielding
• Keyboard Assembly
• Internal Floppy Drive
• Limited Quantities $ 59.95 Only slightly more than an internal floppy drive. Great for backup and or replacement. Add S9 00 Shipping for each Repair Kit. We have a limited quantity of refurbished bulk packed A2000 computers. Complete with: • Keyboard • Mouse
• 2.0 ROM & ECS Chip Set
• 1Mb Chip RAM *90 Day W'ty $ 389.00 Call for alternate configurations. RAM & Other Chips We stock all RAM chips, CPUs and FPUs. Please call for price. Amiga 500 a 2 Due to ad schedules, all prices are subject lo change. We accept Visa. Master Card, A Discover with NO service charge. We accept American Express with a 1.5% service charge. We also ship COD. Accepting Cash. Certified Check, or Money Order. Minimum COD order is
550. 00. Software and accessories shipping is S6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 lor small items. $ 15.00 for Monitors. Call for larger items. COD add $ 5.00. Canadian, APO. A International orders are welcome. We will bill only lor actual shippmo charges A insurance at time of order. 15% re-stocking fee on all returns not exchanged for another item. Shipping charges are NOT refundable. C Copyngni 1994, irchWnim Int. All Rights Reserved No wailing for your orders to Ship Orders in by 2PM go cut the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders are shipped by Air Parcel Post, UPS or DHL. Domestic orders are shipped UPS.
• AH orders are subject to credit card verification • We slock all 2.5 IDE, 3.5 IDE and SCSI Hard Drives. Call lor models and pricing! $ 149.00
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145. 00 Our Policies Hard Drives CKI PRODUCTIVITY Addfess-lt! Vl.5 ...... New Version. S27.99 AMAX 4 ..Color Macintosh Emulator...329.99 AmiBack v2.0 ...... HD Backup.....49.99 AmiBack Tools ......41.99 AmiBack AmiBack Tools Bundle Bundle Saves S23.99! 59.99 Batch Factory .....Awesome Tools! 34.99 CrossDOS v5.Q w Cross PC .. 34 99 DevPac 3 Assembler ...76.99 Directory Opus v4.1 .....57 99 Distant Suns v5.0 57 99 Edge Pro Text Editor from INOVAtronics 59 99 ENLAN DFS v2.0 Ethernet Software . 249.99 Final Copy II Release 2 All-Time Best Seller!.....S9.99 Final Writer Release 2.0 109.99 GP Fax Software (Class 1 8 2) ....59.99 Home Front v2.5..„ ......32.99 Office 3 (AGAi .5 Applications in 1 79 99 PC Task v2 0 ......Color VCA'SVGA Emulator!... .29.99 PHASAR v4.1 ...... Home Finances! 47.99 Quarterback Tools Deluxe ......19.99 SAS C v6.5 Development System w C 249.99 Studio Pnnter Software by MacroSystem Development 59.99 AMIGA & CD3'GAMES Beneath the Steel Sky . 15 Disks!......$ 38 99 Chaos Engine (AGA) 33.99 Chuck Rock II (CD32) ...... 31.99 Cool Spot..,,, ...* ......SALE......26.99 D Generation (AGA) ....26.99 Darkmere ...SALE......35.99 Diogers (CD32) . 31.99 Donk (CD32) ..31.99 Frontier: Elite 2 (CD32) . 31.99 Excellent Games 4-Pack .38.99 Genesia ....27.99 Global Etlect (CD32) ....3199 Heimdall 2 (CD32) ..NEW!......37 99 Impossible Mission (CD32) .NEW!......31 99 Kick Off 3 lAGA) .....NEW! 34 99 Lemmings II .... .34 00 Liberation (AGA) ...SALE......26.99 Lords of Power 4-Pack SALE......32.99 Lotus Turbo III ......19.99 ¦ Mortal Kombat . COOL SALE. 24.99 Mr. Nutz (AGA) ....28 99 Pinbatl Fantasies (AGA) ..31 99 Settlers 38 99 Three Stooges King of Chicago bundle .. 17.99 Total Carnage (AGA) ...29.99 Turrican 3 . SALE......25,99 Wing Commander .. 26.99 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE Art Department Professional v2.5 by ASDG ......$ 147.99 ADPro Pro Conversion Pack v2 5 by ASDG ..49.99 Aladdin 4D v3 2 .... Advanced 3D....249 99 Cafigan 24 .....Best Seller!.... 129 99 Crouton Tools 4000 ... Incredible!......89.99 Detuxe Paint IV v4.1 by Electronic Arls $ 117.99 Deluxe Painl IV AGA v4 5 by Electronic Arts ......119.99 lKinax «**¦¦¦* ¦ . •¦¦¦!' . ..ia*r
• » *mm DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC Personal Animation Recorder (PAR).... .S1 559 99 A Bundled with Conner 540MB HD..... ....1.949 99 f Bundled with Micropolis 976MB HD ....2.279.99 Bundled with Micropolis 1.626GB HD . 2,499.99 E Personal TBC IV (VT2600) ___ ......799 99 | Personal TBC III (VT2500) . 669 99 A Personal V-Scope (VM2000) .. 699 99 f Personal Component Adapter (DC2350) ......249.99 r Personal Series Remote Control (RC2G00) .249.99 DIGITAL CREATIONS Brilliance v2.0 New! No copy protection! SCALL Kitchen Sync ...High Quality Dual TBCs!... 1.249.99 Video Slot Box ...BLOWOUT PRICING!..... .799.99 GRAPHICS SOFTWARE (Com..) Disney s Animation Studio ......31.99 Epson Scanner Pack by ASDG ...119.99 Forge with Essence 1 ...New!. 79.99 Forge with Essence 2 ..New!. 79.99 Hanna Barbera's Animation Workshop ...39.99 Hollywood FX ..New! 379 99 Imagine 3.3 . .379.99 LightRave v3 1 ....Super Sale' . .299 99 MONTAGE vt 02 for Toaster ......319 99 MONTAGE Fonts 119 99 MONTAGE PostScript Module ......Reduced S30.00!..... 169.99 PEGGER - Automatic JPEG Compression .64.99 Pixel 3D Pro vl.O 64 99 Real 3D v2.4 ...... 399.99 Sparks for Lightwave 3D .Particle Animation!.....87 99 Swipes! For toaster ..99.99 T-Rexx Pro v2 15 lor Toaster ......119 99 ToasterFX ..In Stock! 119.99 Transition .. 3999 Transporter 2.0 .....NEW!... A11.49 WaveLmk - Two node render farm for Lightwave 3D ......89.99 WaveMaker for LightWave 3D by Axiom ......119.99 GRAPHICS HARDWARE AlfaColor 400dpi Color Hand Scanner by AllaData .....$ 219.99 AlfaScan 800dpi w Scan & Save by AllaData .....149.99 AlfaScan Plus 400dpi w Touch-Up & OCR by AlfaData 169.99 GVR-S950 S-VHS Animation VTR by Sanyo .....CALL C- Commodore § | i l AMIGA4UUU CONFIGURED SYSTEMS A400Q LCG40 25MHz 210MB HD 6MB RAM S1899.99 The Pcrlcc? Starter System' A400Q040 25MHz 270MB HD 6MB RAM ... CALL Superior HD Performance on tms Mode!’ A4000 040 25MHz 540MB HD 10MB RAM CALL Best Pnce Pertormance lor Gi.iphics Enthusiasts! A4000 040 40MHz 270MB HD 18MB RAM CALL Powered by Warp Engine for Maximum Power & Expandability' GRAPHICS HARDWARE (Cont...) Kitchen Sync - Dual TBC by Digital Creations $ 1,249.99 Little Magic Box HI8 (formerly Y C++) by Prime Image....649.99 Personal Animation Recorder (PAR) by DPS ...1,559.99 Personal Component Adapter by DPS ...Save!!......249.99 Personal Editor by Nucleus 539.99 Personal Single Frame Controller (SFC v2.5) by Nucleus 349,99 Personal TBC IV by DPS ...... 799.99 Personal V-Scope by DPS 699.99 Picasso II 2MB 24-bit Graphics Card by Expert Services 479.99 Prime Image TBC PCB Y C S-VHS ...795.99 Retina Z3 1MB 24-bit Graphics Card Upgradable1. 549.00 Retina Z3 4MB 24-bit Graphics Card .669.99 SuperGen SX by Digital Creations .., 689.99 Vidi Amiga 12 (RT) ......NEW!.....217.99 Vidi Amiga 24 (RT) ....NEW! 301.99 Y C Plus S-VHS H;8 .... 749.99 MUSIC, MIDI & SOUND Bars & Pipes Professional v2,5 ..New Version! ...$ 229.99 Deluxe Music v2.0 by Electronic Arts .... 89.99 One Stop Music Shop by Blue Ribbon Soundworks ..579.99 AD516 Studio 16 v3 0 by SunRize .1,199.99 AD1012 Studio 16 v3 Oby SunRize ..499.99 Super Jam! Vl .1 by Dr. T's . 74.99 PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES 1202 0KB No FPU for A1200 by DKB ...$ 129.99 AlfaQrive 3.5" Ext 880KB FD by AlfaDala ....74.99 AlfaOptic 3*Button Optical Mouse by AlfaData ......39.99 These Drives Have Been Tested For Use With The AJOOO' Amiga 4000 Hard Drive Blowout!! 210MB Conner IDE CP21GA 14ms 32KB S229.99 260MB Seagate IDE ST3290A 16ms 239.99 273MB Maxtor IDE 7273A 13ms 256KB ......279.99 420MB Conner IDE CP420A 13ms 32KB ....299.99 540MB Quantum IDE LPS540AT 12ms 128KB . 379.99 540MB Conner IDE CFA540A 12ms 256KB 379.99 546MB Maxtor IDE 7546A 12ms 256KB ......419.99
1. 05Gig Microp IDE 4110A B.5ms NEWI...729.99 N=wT= PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES (Com...) AlfaPen 3-Bulton Optical Pen Mouse by AlfaData ..$ 54.99 Amiga Analog Joystick by Komx ...16.99 Amiga Gamepad by Gravis ...19.99 AT-Bus2008 IDE HD Ctrl 0 8MB RAM Card by AlfaData 64.99 Autc Kickstart Pius - A500'2000 ROM Switch by AlfaData.... 19.99 CD-1401 Muttiscan Monitor NEW! ..495.99 Cordless Mouse 3-Button by AlfaData ...49.99 Crystal Trackball 3-Butlon by AlfaData 45.99 DataFlyer 4000SX25 SCSI Controller w Ext DB25 .94.99 DataFlyer XDS AT200 External 3.5" HD Chassis Kit .69.99 DataFlyer 270SQ IDE Int. SyQuest HD Kit w Cart ......599.99 DataFlyer 270SQ SCSI Int. SyQuest HD Kit w Cart ....589.99 Drawing Board 3 (12Tt12"i by TnMed a ....549.99 Drawing State (6“x9') byTriMedia 349.99 FASTLANE Z3 Fast SCSI-2 w 0'256M6 for A3000'4000 ...529.99 MecaChip w 2MB Agnus (NTSC) by DKB ....219.99 MecaMouse 260dpi 2-Button MK-il by AllaData ...19.99 MegaMouse 400dpi 2-Butlon by AlfaData Best Seller!.. 24,99 MultlFaceCard III E 0 board (2 Ser. 1 Par.) By AlfaData 89.99- Oktagon2008 SCSI2 Ctrl & 0 8MB RAM Exp by AlfaData ... 539.99 Safe Skins (Keyboard protection lor all Amiga models) ....19.99 SCSI Cable 50 Pin External Centronics ..14.99 Smart One Ext. 14.400 Fax Modem ..159.93 Sync Strainer 23 15 Pin Monitor Adapter by PreVue ..49.99 YCP-GA Y C Monitor Adapter ......NEW! ..89.99 GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS (GVP) 40MHz 68882 FPU for A1230 Series I ......$ 129.99 40MHz 68882 FPU for A1230 Series 11 ..134 ,99 50MHz 68882 FPU for A1230 Series II .139.99 A1230 Turbo Plus Series II40 0 4 ....499.99 A1230 Turbo Pius Series II50 0 4 .....659.99 A1291 Series II SCSI Option ..92 99 A4008 SCSI Controller + RAM Card A2000 400C ...124.99 A500 PC286 59.99 Atonce Plus .. 59.99 DSS-8+ Audio Digitizer ... 74 99 EGS 110 24 4MB Graphics Card lor A2000 Accelerator... 699 99 EGS Spectrum 2M3 A2000 4000 ...... 369 99 FaaastROM Kit A2Q03 .34.99 G-Force A2000 030 40 40 4 0 Accelerator ...609.99 G-Force A2000 040 33 33 4 0 Accelerator w SCSI-2 .1.069 99 G-Force A2000 040 33 33 16 0 Accelerator w SCSI-2 ......1,999.99 G-Force A4000 040 40 40 4 0 Accelerator ......999.99 G-Force A4000 040 40 404 6 0 Accelerator .....2.210 00 G-Force A4000 96M3 RAM Module w 16MB .1,239.99 G-Force A4000 96MB RAM Module w 4MB 449.99 G-Force A4Q00 SCSI Option .419.99 G-Force SIMM 16MB 60ns 32-bit ..CALL G-Force SIMM 4MB 60ns 32-bit ....CALL G-Lock Genlock .299.99 Hare Drive Mounting Bracket for G-Force A2000 Accel ...41.99 ImsgeFX Tutorial VHS Tapes .51 99 I O Extender 2 A2000 4000 ..114.99
1) 0 Extender 2 Serial Kit .. 24.99 PhonePak VFX2.0 ....239 99 TBC Plus ...... 629.99 TBC Plus VRAM Option 219.99 TBC Pius Comb Fitter Option ...... 79 99 Applies lo in-stock items only. Orders must be placed Monday thru Friday belore 6:00pm COT. IHNOUISIGH 11 C»* »1 t i t J J Montage v1.02 For the Video Toaster Composite Studio Incredible new add-on for ToasterPaint! Create professional backgrounds with amazing ease Combine, resize and arrange Framestore or RGBs! Auto Mouse Joystick Switch Use a mouse and joystick in the same port! AlfaOptic 3-Button, 300 dpi. W Optical Pad Auto Mouse Joystick Switch ....$ 19,99 AlfaOptic Optical Mouse .39.99 ¦™|SPECIAL COMBO’ Buy both for only . $ 49.99 Mitsumi FX001D
* 229." Iaa f H Sox*! S 99
379. PrMge Little Magic Box Add Y C In & Out to your Toaster system without taking up a slot! Formerly knon n as Y C CLEARANCE: Accolade Software Special Blue Angels: 3D Formation Flight Simulation ..4.99 HoverForce - Top Gun meets Blade Runner in 3D!......4.99 Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes (Main Program) 9.99 Pit-Fighter by Tengen - No. 1 Arcade Com-op Hit 7 99 Shadowlands - Incredible RPG Expenence Domark...19 99 Super Space Invaders - An Amazing Sequel ..9 99 Tengen's Arcade Hits: KLAX, APB, Toobin' & 2 more .9 99 The Graphics Studio - Beginners Painting Soltware 2.99 CLEARANCE: Amiga Machine Specific Hardware A4000 3000 2000: Datallyer 4000SX SCSI Controller 69 99 A4000 3000: DKB 3128-0 128Mb Zorro 3 RAM Card 199 99 A4000: Toaster Cozzy Expansion Chassis .399.99 A500 2000: t 3 Amiga Kickstart ROM - 315093-02 ....24.99 A500 20Q0 Drive Boot Selector Switch from DF1 2 3 14.99 A500: Supra Power PC Board - Hardware PC Emulator ....99.99 Dataflyer 105S Syquest Removable Int SCSI Kit 379.99 CLEARANCE:!!! Hot New Additions to the List! 170M Quantum SCSI ELS170S 199 99 877M Toshiba SCSI-2 MK438FB .....649 99 Caligari 2 - 3D Design'Rendenng "Special Offer" 49 99 HiSoft Basic 2 - Hi speed development system 99.99 PIV-2001 Video Editing System .....1699 99 Strikes & Spares • Great Bowling Simulation 24.99 Video Slot Box for Toaster 4000: Digital Creations ...749 99 TRANSPORTER 2.0 By Vrtixii Irtjprrnl-om Single Frame & Display Device Animation Controller Major Upgrade! Now Includes Support tor Picasso, Retina, and EG$ ! Transporter v2.0 ...*11 9." ALL SALES FINAL! DEFECTIVES FOR REPLACEMENT ONL Y! BLOWOUT PRICING! CLEARANCE: Games Alfred Chicken by Mmdscape lEuro) ..19 99 Atomino • Strategy at the Molecular Level! ..... 4.99 Barbarian II by Psygnosis ....4 99 Bart (Simpson) vs. the World ...24.99 Boast Lord by Grandslam (Euro) - Different ..19.99 Bundle: A-Trarn + Construction Set by Maxis (ff1!).....34 99 Conflict in Korea: The First Year 1950-51 .11.99 Deep Core by ICE (Euro) - Outstanding Intro 19.99 Hired Guns - Utlimate Multi-Player RPG (Hi-Tech) 29.99 Hook (The Movie) - Peler Pan in Neverland Again 4.99 Morph AG A .9.99 Nicky 2 - Euro Title 9.99 Overkill AGA ......7.99 PAL - Fighter Duel Amiga ...9.99 Prime Mover by Psygnosis ..3.99 Push-Over; Featuring G.I.Ant - Arcade Mind Teaser ....2.99 CLEARANCE: Amiga Video Tapes and Books Amiga Graphics Inside and Out (Programming) .....14.99 MultiMedia Workbook ...4.99 Visionary Handbook (Oxxi) ...,4,99 CLEARANCE: Application Software PAL Pro-Net Personal • CAD Schematic Capture 49.99 Quma Version Control Utility and File Manager .....7.99 Superbase Personal 2 v3.01 . 29.99 X-MEM Virtual Memory System (Requires Accel MMU)......29.99 CLEARANCE: Music, MIDI and Sound Related Bundle: Bars & Pipes Pro 1.0 w 3 Add-Ons .99.99 Music X - Integrated MIDI Sequencer and Librarian ...29.99 WaveTools - I6bit Audio Processing • Awesome!.....269.99 MuitiFaceCard III Adds 2 serial ports and 1 bi-directional parallel port lo any A2000 3000 4000! Safe data transfer up to 115,200 baud (FIFO) NOW IN STOCK ...... s89." FAST CD-ROM! Double-Speed CD-ROM Kit For AMIGA* 2000 & 4000! Complete Kit - Nothing Else to Buy! Kit Includes Internal CD-ROM Dnve and ihe AifaDa:a TANDEM Controller ALFA ' DA TA CLEARANCE: Video and Toaster Related Products Anrm Workshop 2.0 by Axiom Software ....69.99 ASDG's ScanLab 100 Ctrl Interface for Sharp JX-10019.99 Auloscript - Postscnpt to 3D Translation .....9.99 Cocoon by DevWare ..49.99 Digi-View Gold v4 0 for PAL Systems 39.99 Media Station (Digi-View) for PAL Systems ..59.99 PIXEL 3D Professional vl.O - OEM Vers'No Box 64.99 Pro Video CGII - Hi-res Character Generator 99.99 R-Paint - Arexx Programmable Pamt Software ...34.99 SpectraColor - Advanced HAM Painting Software......24.99 Video Director - Editing System w Hardware 59.99 Visicnaire - 2D Morphing and Deformation (Impulse) .19.99 Zuma Font Pack Volume 1 (Bitmap) ..14.99 Zuma Font Pack Volume 2 (Bitmap) ..14.99 CLEARANCE: Hardware, Peripherals and Accessories 120Mb Quantum SCSI HD LPS120S . -159 99 2 to 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch ..19.99 341M Seagate IDE ST3390A 12ms .249.99 4 to 1 Parallel Auto Daia Switch ..29.99 44 Pin IDE Cable lor Amiga 600 or 1200 ....5.75 Advanced Gravis Switch Joystick for Amiga .29.99 AlfaScan 40QDPI Hand Scanner w Touch Up ....139.99 AlfaScan Migraph OCR Upgrade (Junior) .19.99 Amitote - Protective Carry Bag for Amiga 1034 1942..49.99 Dataflyer 105S-C Syquest Remov. Int w SCSI Card .429.99 Edmark TouchWmdow - Amiga Touch Screen 199.99 GTCO Ultima 12 x 18 Drawing Tablet lor Amiga 199.99 Replacement Power Supply for SupraModem 2400 (US) 3.99 CLEARANCE: Games (con’t) Red Zone by Psygnosis - 3D Racing Aciion 4 99 Shadow of Ihe Beast III by Psygnosis 14.99 Star Trek 25th Anniversary AGA (HD Required) ..19.99 The Addams Family Arcade Game 4,99 The Games ‘92: Espana - 30 Events! ...7.99 Vektor Storm - Awesome Tempest Clone .14 99 Whale's Voyage by NEO (Euro) ¦ Super Enhanced AGA......9 99 Little Magic Box SVHS Toaster Adapter..... s649. 99 Video Toaster VTU’s TOP 20 Products at NAB Call for pricing on Video Toasters & 3.1 Software upgrades SOFTWARE WaveMaker Ellort'essly create flying logos in seconds instead of hours! Tell WaveMaker the logo you want to animate, how you want it to fly around the screen and what elements you want in the background. Saved time=money made! T5i59 $ 144.95 _ Pixel 3D Professional V.2 Now Available-Artificial Intelligence for your Amiga and Toaster! This bad boy has the equivalent rendering power of 15 Video Toasters and is a pteal at this price! Memory max'd out, price includes 128MB RAM. Price does not include 8-user ScreamerNet software license and Ethernet adapato' = call for pricing) to connect your Video Toaster. Leasing option available. (Formerly known as The Screamer) tssoo PixPro2 now has compieie AGA support, Z-Bufler lull color viewing modes, complete jj Postscript font AND tile support, object hierarchies support, ! F C Lightwave and Imagine Scene | ,J70' support, greatly improved DXFT wtVI WS AutoCAD support and REAL- w TIME 3D painting' Upgrade to the Amiga and Toaster's most powerlul 3D Object Logo conversion utility everl ts=m ANIM Workshop 2.0 The Flyer' -NewTek’s Non-Linear Editing System is coming!!! Order your Flyer from DevWare and Atomic and SAVE $ 500!! Create, play, edit and add sound to your Anim s...automatically! Use Art Dept on any all frames of your animation! Now supports Anim5. 7 and 8! T5i« S89.95 Buy your Toaster System with confidence from DevWare and get support from Atomic Toaster! Atomic Toaster has over 20 years of video production experience. They have been servicing Video Toaster Users since Day One with unrivaled technical support, a catalog so informative we receive referrals from NewTek, and innovative seminar training. With Atomic Toaster and DevWare Video, you will be able to count on our creative support and in- depth knowledge of all products for the Video Toaster-combined with DevWare's product purchasing power and abilities to fulfill your orders quickly! Tne net result is our ultimate combination of both technical know-how and the best pricing available for all your Video Toaster needs WaveLink T5155 S84.95 We w Version! Dynamic Motion Module The easiest, most accu rate way to motion* animate with Lightwave 3D! 7505-s We integrate and support all Toaster-related software and hardware. Do you want to know about the Video Toaster revolution and what it can mean for you? Call Atomic Toaster,'Devware now! Composite Studio Your ultimate program (or controlling ToasterPaint or OpalPaint! You can design your own templates, set shadow depths, do beveling, embossing, and much more. Comes with 40 templates! You can quickly and easiiy combine, resize, and arrange Framestores or RGBs. Composite Studio is pe'fect for the video, multimedia, or broadcast professional includes Quickbrush 4000-a $ 69.95 retail value' T5294 $ 129.95 Screaming at without the Video Toaster Release 3.5 cl UgMWafae 2D -.ncerpci $ & new features such as mrasikters for numeric irss-t. Automatic keyframe at tsfrneni. Ne* c'ccedu'a; 1e*tures. Automat c fade ?nio r.e c-?:ance for iens flares. Image output up to 16000 ¦ ’€000 pueis and mo'e. Lightwave Modeler aodr the stunning Metalorm tool which allows you to lorm organ c shapes from simple boxes! T53F3 $ Best! RGB Computer .inti Video, Inc.'s AmiLink Professional Video Editor, leads the industry in ease of use and professional editing toots, AmiLmks unique user-mterface provides you with a high level of system integration and allows you to control every slep of the creative process using a single keyboard and mouse. AmiLink s edit lis! Keeps Irack of everything that goes into making each edit, every graphic, frame- stare. CG title, keyer and TBC selling Call lor pricing AmiLink CIP Personal Video Editor is ihe entry- level version of tne AmiLink Professional Video Editor and is perfect for everyone from the small independent producer to the seasoned post pro- duction veteran. CIP provides flawless control of a wide variety of affordable equipment with the feel ol much more expensive professional gear. CIP bndges the gap between consumer-industrial and professional equipment by allowing you to add pro-level devices to your existing CIP system Call for pricing New! High-end Paint Box Performance for your Toaster! Create stunning network caliber graphics in a snap with this full-featured, 36-bit professional paint solution! 'Get true, REAL-TIME painting in 24 bits-directiy on your Toaster's display. 'Full-screen, (ree-form WYSIWYG painting with no waiting ' 12-bit Alpha Channel for image texturing, blending and compositing. * Paint into your Toaster's hardware Video Mixing Channel for unique Live Video Transparency and Soft-Edge Feathering Effects' T5293 $ Ca!l From nnovision Technology If you ao CG work with your Tcaster-you neec MONTAGE. 24-B l Graohics Breakthrough for the Video Toaster from Jnnovision Technology, Your definitive solution for video tilling, image composition, and effects presen- fation for the V'deo Toaster! Features: incredible Real-Time Font Scaling andioteractive "click and drag" font seal- mg allows lor unprecedented text Display flexibility! Scaled text retains ultra-high level anti-aliasing. The solution you need to maxi- mize your creative output v with your Toaster' T3053 Montage 24 T5068 S219.95 Montage Fonts t T5015 $ 109.95 Montage Postscript Module Real-time font scaling of Postscript fonts with independent proportional. Horizontal and vertical re-sizmg. Effective resolution of i nanosecond regardless of size T5237 S189.95 Montage + Postscript ModT5244 S479.95 BrdcastTitler 2 Hi-res T3051 Si 64.95 Brdcast Titler 2 Font 2 T1162 $ 94.95 Call for our free “Ultimate Video Toaster Product Catalog Version 2” A 22" x 34" poster with the most extensive listing of software, hardware, CD-ROM. Accessories, videotapes and books for your Toaster-related needs. Video Toaster Resource: For Video Toaster System Information
(619) 679-2226 Call for Software Orders:
(800) 879-0759 All of our software is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
- 3 Okay, 50 you own software like ADPro, SFC. StuCio 16. Pixel if I D. ' ageFX. Bars & Pipes Pro. AmiLink, Personal Anim Rec.. H *¦'. If | imagoMasler RT and others ...and they all say that they're J I Arexx compatible...great11 Now what7 You can spend all your ¥•* " || Jj t me programming in Arexx to make those powerful applies* ’ ™ irons work with each other, or you can continue producing J| |. Crouton Tools 4000--The Easy to Use Video Operating System iMStfr- 1 (VOS)--was created by a video enthusiast with j £ ¦BlPf ~VTi|Ljj over 20 years c‘ experience 1100 " defined video tools. 150 NEW synergistic. HBHl|
- ...... *•»¦- .s. ' (unctions. ToasterSmart,w Drectory Uiiiity JlihElfj and Visual Logging System...power your fingertips' Crouton Tools 4000 greatly accelerates your pre- and oosi-producflonr 1 " video while seamlessly integrating your applications directly within your Toaster environment. T5012 A must-have package lor serious video professionals!
• - rrw ADPTools Professional A complete animation processing system! Create stunning special effects with. J this powerful spline-based anima- tion system' Do more cessmg in one pass Process Alpha files for compositing, while moving video in another chan- ” nel Compatible with the most recent release of Art Department. Version 2.5! A must-have creative tool lor all animators and video producers! ADPTools Professional is to Art Department Pro wnat LightWave 3D is to the Video Toaster! From Earobic Digital Systems. T36QQ Art Department Pro Version 2.5 Newest Release! The premier image-based processing package, preferred by Toaster and graphic users everywhere just got better! A completely new interlace and updated loaders savers!! T1160 S149.95 Morph Plus T1C67 $ 124.95 Trexx Professional Tneo $ 129.95 ADPro Conversion Pack T5146 S59.95 Pro Control for ADPro T5247 S64.95 S p 3 T k S by Metro Grafx Brand new version] The most powerful dynamic animation software available tor LightWave users! Particle animation system tor LighlWave 3D. Particles bounce with real world behavior & gravity' Multiple point gravity wells allow bending and directing the stream, llock or swarm ol particles. Control Origin, direction, gravity, quantity, spacing, elasticity and mass Complete with wind, gustmg, linking and swirling controls-adjjstabfe per axis! Do in seconds what would take days to setup! T5164 $ 144.95 Motion Master New! Professional Animation Utilities for LightWave! Volume I T5316 $ 124.95 includes Time Machine. Extract. Path Flock, and Mouse Recorder that all aid in the easy generation ot cascading envelopes Volume II T5317 $ 124.95 Includes ChikJ2World. Pomt, Wobbler and Volume Cube. Sparks + Mot. Mast. I&ll T5324 S369.95 Byrd’s Eye Software Toaster FX Paint directly on the I Toaster s Program Output with Toaster Toolkit 4000 The indispensable collection of utilities for Video Toaster users. Toaster Toolkit 4000 breaks all barriers lor harnessing creative control over your Toaster Environment- allowng (or presentation professionalism limited only by your magination. You raved about version i. break free of the mundane with these new and improved powertools ol Toaster Toolkit 40001 -Toaster Sequence Editor
• Toaster Project Editor •FrameStore Compressor
• AnlmtoFX •FXtoAnlm -Color Font Converter, T5095 ImageMaster R r New Version 1.5! More Power! More Features! Was S299! If you do image processing, you must have the new ImageMaster R t.w Retargetabfe operations gives you true colors on all popular ' OCQ Of* I 24-bit cards and even adjusts the display to compensate fair r your monitors shortcomings, so what you soo is truly what you got. T5ioo New From Synergy Inti Hollywood FX creates amazing 3D effects tor videc and interactive productions, using Lightwave for the highest quality rendering. Includes dozens of ollocts incljdmg multiple full motion video windows, 3D morphing transitions, particle effects and more. New libraries of ettects will be available on a regular basis! Make your Toaster create video effects that rival Abekas and ADO systems-at a FRACTION of the COST! PAR users get the added benelit ol being able to map video or animated sequences directly onto objects in thair Lightwave scenes without exporting lirst to a large hardnve. Hollywood FX exports an unlimited number cl sequences Irom the PAR as needed. Post processing with Art Department Professional provides users with unique rotoscoped effects (e.g. processing video through the oil paint or fresco ooerators) and batch conversion for playback of effects or anims at HAM and 256 screen resolutions T5298 $ 379,95 A program for Special Effects. Animators and image Processing frcm Seven Seas Software. Features: 24-bit. AGA. Video Toaster and OpalVision Support. Generate frames tor animations with a fast preview mode Images render directly into Dvi on the Toaster! Simple background and texture generation. High-res zooms, morphing and warping features. Two arc three picture compositing features and much more all in an object-oriented, drag and drop user interface! T5315 $ 124.95 ProWipes Vol I MacroSystem Development New! 75 wipes and ettects for your Toaster!!! 34 Live Action Wipes and 41 assorted 3D Style Wipes. Matte Wipes, Soft Edge Wipes. 16 level Alpha Effects and their own 24bt Effects' Warp Engine The Complete, Most Cost-Effective Acceleration Solution for your Video Toaster 4000! LightWave users & other animators-dramatically increase your 3D rendering speed, speed up image manipulation, and reduce FrameStore load and save times! The only accelerator that provides the high speed ot a 68040 up to 128 MB o! Local 040 burst memory and the tastes? SCSI-ii controLer-aii on a s.ng>e card that mstaSs in the CPU slot leavirg ether precious Zorro sets tree1 40Mhz Warp for A4000 T5285 $ 1419.95 33Mhz Warp for A4000 T5286 S1189.95 28Mhz Warp for A4000 T5287 S779.95 28Mhz Warp for A3000 T5362 S929.95 TV Paint Professional 2 T5099 $ 199.95
- f -1r~- 1 7: r. crti I ImageFX If you use. Or want to use. Your Amiga or Video Toaster for photography. Graphics, video, animation and more-then ImageFX is the fastest, easiest, most expandable, most adaptable and most powerful set of color image processing tools available. SALE! T306Q ImageFX + ToasterFX Bundle T52S2 $ 2 ow Price! A Powerful Morphing System, at an Affordable Price! Cocoon ts a full-featured, professional morphing system without the Rolls Royce price. You can loac p.rtg any IFF image. Including- q g HHB B AGA formats and save tpAj.yt) frames as 24-bit, HAM. 8, or 16-level grayscale. Perform warps and morphs using vectors-the easiest way to define and execute morphs. CocoonMorph doesn't use grids or points like other less powerful packages. Instead. Cocoon uses lines and vectors to define your moprh which are easier, faster and more intuitive to define and yield more predictable results. Cocoon also incorporates powerful image composition leatures and allows Ime control over the rate of warp morph of PowerMacros ¦¦ NEW! 17 Power I Tools for LightWave M Users' owerftt True 3-D explosions! Particle swarming. | Batch rendering. V Much more! Endorsed by Amblin 3 Entertainment, The ¦ Tonight Show and NewTek! ¦ T5299 Spectronics International ClariSSA The Animation Generator for your Toaster you've been waiting for! This product is ideal for creating 2D morphs and animation segments. Features animation manipulation tools such as mark, cut, copy and paste, an integrated virtual memory function, built-in screen grabber, and color effect functions such as internal looping of sections simultaneous forward and playback, field cut. Dynamic Anim Record, and Picture-in-Pcture. The SSA in ClariSSA stands for Super Smooth Animations...and it means it! It can play back your animations at an eye-popping, silky smooth 60 fields per second' T5300 $ 139.95 AmigaLink Distributed rendering with up to 20 computers-at the most affordable price available1 Easy to sel up. Does not use a Zorro slot! Instead, link up any Amigas under the sun together through the floppy drive port! Offers transfer speeds of up to 45ksecond and sharing of all storage devices and printers across the network. T5301 $ 224.95 Each Additional Node T5302 SI 09.95 PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC Personal Animation Recorder PAR Card w 1GB HD T5276 Sbest PAR Card W 1.6GB HDT5277 Sbest Personal TBC IV T5204 $ Best S-Video ir and out. 4 2:2 processing for the clean est possible video image. Personal Vectorscope T5205 Sbest
- Special Summer Blowout! .a Accessory Products Blue Ribbon Sound Works $ 32.95 $ 32.95 S32.95 5** T5165 $ 69.95 T5142 $ 69.95 T5256 $ 44.95 T3Q51 $ 159.95 T1162 $ 89.95 T5019 S129.95 T1031 $ 99.95 T3058 S109.95 T5202 $ 59.95 T1032 $ 64.95 T4010 $ 259.95 T505G $ 84.95 T5234 $ 364.95 T1068 S299.95 T5044 S384.95 R LOOK MG FOR? ..GIVE US A CALL! 679-2887 T5G92 T5151 T308S T5077 T5G82 T5255 T5313 T5114 $ 54.95 $ 54.95 $ 74.95 $ 27.95 S34.95 $ 29.95 $ 189.95 $ 29.95 Or mail vour order to: DevWare, Inc. -12520 Kirkham Court, Suite 1-AW54, Poway, CA 92064
* Dealer Indium ¦cknmc r>« I'M lulm,rail Ntcikl, Isurxn, Vulm ul 1 n rV,3 lr',1 l-nct'ard iu;bKI-t pn.liKi imnhjc‘1 uidungr niduuf niKm V-rurM-fie tue Juh Zi. Iwi . HI mm New from Noahji’s V Lab Y C Digitize 30fps video from videotape or laserdisc in full color! Saves sequential Irames as YUV, IFF24, or AGA formats.T5162 $ 419.95 VLAB Motion JPEG Board and Complete System Call! Retina Zlll 24-Bit Display Board W 4MB Get photorealistic display capabilities wrlh this 24-bit graphics card and plenty of ’chip ram' for your most intense graphic neods Go way beyond AGA and still maintain full compatability For A3000 or A4000. T5310 $ 689.95 Retina Zlll Board 1MB 15309 $ 549.95 Studio Printer Print 16.7 million colors or 256 levels of gray on Hewlett Packard Laserjets and DeskJets as well as Canon Color Printers! Supports the latest 600 dpi poolers too. True to screen colors wilh color adjustment with 32bit accuracy. Also includes special drivers for PageSlream 2.xj T3062 $ 63.95 TOCCata 16 Now available! Full i6bit audio digitizer with 3 Stereo inputs. 1 Mic input and 1 stereo output. Toccata can digitize at up to 48Khz in 16bit. Direct to hard disk! Includes onboard mixer and optional AOPCM compression! T5222 $ 439.95 Mastering Toaster Technology The step-by-step guide from Video Toaster experts Brent Malnack and Phil Kurz that no Video Toaster customer can do without! Learn Toaster set-up and operation, rotoscop ing techniques, how to make perfect 3D logos, creating maues and Hying mattes, how to master the alpha channel, and much, much more Plus 2 disk sel filled with 3D objects, a beveled & color font set. Anim wipes and clip art. Includes Toaster 4000 su- plement, Bros $ 36.95 A complete listing of all our books is available in our catalog...call for your free copy! How To Order... From DevWare VideoToolChest; Write your name, shipping address, daytime telephone and, if paying by credit card, the card's billing address Then list the product codes ol the items you would like to order (i.e. V204Q, T2038, T2035,e tc.) And the price ol each item. Enclose a check money order or credit card number & expiration date & nail to; DevWare Video * 12520 Kirkham Ct, Suite 1-AW54 • Poway, CA 92064 Shipping.Handling: U S A : add $ 5 pbs $ 1 for each add i unit shipped. Canada: add $ 7. Pigs £1 for each add'i unrt- catl lor took shipping Foravgn: Ca'I for sh-pp rg info, All payments in U.S. furm nr'v. CA residents add 7.75% ta* 15% restocking fee on all returned corrnerna! Products Prices subject to cha-flO without notice. Not responsioe tor typo's A minimum ol S20.00 required on all credit card orders. Aladdin 4 D New! New Version 3.2 has an incredible particle system and B-spiines (Dezier curves) tor sculpting more organic shapes! Rotate and resize all elements under C-Splme manipulation giving you in- depth control over the most complex design ideas you can imagine. Supports powerful modeling,'animaiion tools, polygons of any number cl points, splines, lens flares. Iignts. Paths, wave sources and gasses, Paths can be hierarchically linked to control movement! Rotation, can have unlimited number of deform levels and support instancing. Even create your own tools' Too marry more features to list! T2031 $ 259.95 Genie Tools for Afaddin 4D New! Volume I An indispenslble collection o' modelling and productivity fools (or Aladdin 4D users. From Shead Data Processing T5325 S34.95 Aladdin 4D + Genie Tools Bundle T5326 $ 284.95 Dimension Technologies The Jurassic Collection Lightwave models of Trexx. Pterodactylus, Gallimimus, Brachiosaurus and more1 T5264 $ 129.95 Quickbrush 4000 100 Hi-res 24-bit brushes designed for CG4000 T5266 $ 49.95 The Wedding Collection Over 50 wedding-specific objects1 T5267 $ 54,95 The Sports Collection Over 50 sports objects relating to football, baseball, hockey. Basketball and soccer. T5268 $ 54.95 The Music Collection Over 50 music objects' T5282 S54.95 Wedding, Music & Sports Collection Bundle SAVE! T5283 S149.95 Odds & Ends Over 200 objects tor Lightwave! T5295 $ 42.95 Backdrop Construction Kit 100 backdrops T5296 $ 42.95 The Cathedral New Low price! T5297 $ 47.95 From Visual Inspirations Transporter Version 2 T5342 $ 99.95 Automates sequential trame grabbing with the Sanyo 3VR-S950 and Sony EVO-9650 decks. Makes single framing and rotoscoping a simple task with BCD, AmiLink or other V-LAN controllers. New version supports all popular 24-bit boards' Digital Sound Track T5202 $ 59.95 Batch Factory T5256 $ 44.95 Artworks ClipArt Library T51S4 $ 32,95 Over 1500 images in this collection1 Pro Textures Combo Coll. T5192 S59.95 Completely seamless real world images. Road Signs New! T5327 $ 44.95 50 objects for use m acctcdent reconstruction & outdoor scenes SurfacePro New! T5182 S62.95 A versatile set of seamless Lightwave surfaces. Amiga CD-ROM AsimCDFS V2 Texture Heaven Texture City AmiNet Gutenberg Desktop Lib Space and Astronomy Syndesis 3-D ROM World Traveler Mitsumi internal double speed CD-ROM drive. AifaOata Tandem Mitsumi Controller Card. T536-$ 309.95 The “Screen Generator" program included with all Pro Fills Volumes can generate super bitmaps up to 10,240 x 10,240 pixels with seamless, matched edges using the colored patterns and eoler palettes included with each volume Pro Fills Volume I Tn75 Pro Fills Volume II TH76 Pro Fills Volume III T5166 Pro Fills Volume I thru III Bundle Save! T5179 $ 89.95 HomeBuilders5 CAD Deluxe ¦¦ Sale Priced! A lull-featured CAD program Includes: Contractor's Upgrade, HomeBuilders Library and DeckBuilders CAD Design an Estimating System for- Decks. From a room a to a cluster of condos; HomeBuilders CAD makes it easy to design, change and estimate your next project. Features include; *20 acre drawing area.
• Accuracy to 1 60th inch. 'Supports buildings over 200 stories high. *Over 300.000 layers. -Over 60 predefined doors and windows. Contractor's Upgrade allows you to have up to 1000 items (instead of
450) per layout. Library 1 is a library of furniture and custom kitchen cabinets AmigaDOS 2 compatible. Requires 2.5MB of RAM. Original list of over $ 400! T4032 HomeBuilders’ CAD 2 Includes all of the above except Contractor's Upgrade and Library 1. AmigaDOS 2 compatible. With 2 disk drives, requires 1MB. With hard drive, requires 1 5MB. Original list price; $ 249.00 T2040 $ 34.95 Version 2 The Inexpensive and powerful IBM VGA Emulator solution for any Amiga! This amazing program lets you actually RUN MS-DOS software on your Amiga! PC-Task runs as a task on It's own screen-leaving your other Amiga applications free to continue to multitask. PC-Task is a sottware-based emulator and, as such, is- not as quick as a hardware bridgeboard, but is- also hundreds ol dollarsi less' Perleci (or your occassional MS- DOS needs. PC-Task even allows you to use your Amiga's serial and parallel ports lor the PC emulation! PC-Task even takes advantage ol an accelerator...the faster your Amiga, the laster the emulator runs! T5072 Oktagon (SCSI-II A3000 4000) T5240 S134.95 AlfaDrive 3.5" Externa! Floppy Drive lor all Amigas T5253 $ 74.95 AlfaScan Plus 403 DPI Hand Scanner with Touch Up Software T1Q24 $ 139.95 Mega Mouse 400 DPI replacement mouse for all Amigas T5243 $ 27.95 AlfaOptlc Optical Mouse 300 DPI fully optica! Mouse T5288 $ 44.95 Optical Pen Mouse For graphics professionals. T1017 S64.95 AlfaColor Hand Scanner T5214 5289.95 Scan & Save 256.000 colors on AGA Amigas, 4096 on non-AGA Amigas. AlfaScan 800 DPI Hand Scan T5242 $ 184.95 Crystal Trackball T1019 $ 44,95 Track Ball with ‘glowing' crystal ball PC Task Fax: OctaMED Pro is the premier music sequencing package for the Amiga. Version 5 has been completely rewritten for Kickstart 2- (required) and features standard windows and pull-down menus for easy, familiar operation Discover what Europeans know, love and depend upon. OctaMED doubles your Amiga's 4 channel audio capabilities for an ear-popping eight channels of stereo audio1 Complete and thorough online, con text-sensitive manual.., no more searching through manuals'!! 'Standard Music Notation Display • 64 MIDI tracks • Improved control over sampler and sampler effects: Unused space can be removed from the start or end of a smample, and looping controls ate easier to use than ever. Pitch Changer
• Generic Slide Function -Built-in sampling software ¦AuloSave -Full Printing T5051 $ 49.95 OctaMED Professional Manual The must-have tutorial and reference gulce T5273 $ 29.95 OctaMED Pro 5 + The OctaMED Manual T5279 $ 69.95 OctaMED Professional 4 II you only have Kickstart 1.3. this is the version lor you. Has all ol the basic features which made OctaMED a world wide bes:-se!ier! T4001 $ 34,95 Bars & Pipes Professional Ver 2.5 NEW Version! The state ol the-art MIDI sequencer lor your Toaster and Amiga--is now even better1 New features and improvements have been made to the Track Window Menu, Edit Window Song Construction Window, Metronome. Printing, Tools and Accessories sections. T1183 S219.95 One Stop Music Shop i6-bit. 32-voice CD-quaiity. Fully digital, stereo audio and music system! T5108 S549.95 PatchMeiSter Universal patch librarian with over 20 drivers. T5109 $ 54.95 SuperJam! 1.1 mas $ 72.95 SyncPrO Synch MIDI witn your multimedia, video and audio hardware! T1184 $ 169.95 Triple Play Plus 48 MIDI channels available in one interlace1 T5028 $ 159.95 OTHER SOFTWARE AmlBackPlus Tools AutoPaInt for ToasterPalnt Batch Factory Broadcast Titier II SuperHlres Broadcast Titter II Font Pack 2 Brilliance DeluxePaint IV 4.1 DeluxePaint IV AGA Digital Sound Track Directory Opus 4.0 Enlan DFS v2 Helm Imagine 3.0 Finally Available! Playmatlon Reat 3D Professional v2 The Music Box OctaMED Professional v.s New Low Price!! Over 100,000 sold! $ 2.95* ea. 20-29 Disks “Special** Orde? 15 disks and receive a complimentary copy ol Anti-Virus (a $ 20 value) AND pick any 3 disks of your choice! $ 3.45 ea. 11-19 Disks Serving the Amiga community since 1985 Public Domain Library Best Seller! WB141ABCD: Amiga Verse Search The Authorized 1611 King James Bible...online! Complete cross-relerencing to all words is included. Runs 00 all Arrugas with 1MB o! RAM and 2 drives. Requires Wbl.3*. Newest Disks V011: Toaster Textures reflection maps, bump naps, surfaces and scenes lor Lightwave. V010: MainActor - Animation processor Roads'wnte&cor!- verts many animation picture formats and Supports many graphics boards ..very nee1 W0146: tmegeKnilo Loads IFF Jpeg, GIF images with manipulation like relation no se, filters, halftoning. Pixefczmg. Edge detection ard moro Requires Workbench 3* WBI45; Big Dummies Guide to the Internet An interactive AmigaGuide to The information highway and how to tap itf WB144; Molecule CPK renders space tilling representations Ol atoms and molecules Req's WB3.0. £ Hard drive. WB143: ViewTek THE definitive display utility. Versions mcluded for Am ga. DCTV. EGS. FC24. Picasso. Opa vision. Retina, IV24 Also incudes new M$ keAnm7 utility. WB142: JCGraph A beautiful grsp c package.,.;!ie charts. 3D chans of aK types. Oxpqrf* EPS, IFF & DrawZOOO lormats1 WB140: Mr. Backup A powurtut hard-dmm backup utility win toll tape-drive support Formally commercial! Req. W82* FDIOI: Wip&Out Defonder Defender is a virtually perfect clone of the original. Wipeout iS a multi-scrolling shoo'om up wlh greal graphics and smooth •r.unabcn. Requires 1MB FD100: Pengo II A ciaq* of ttie original coin-op class-c. Requires i MB chip RAM ‘o'PAL mooe. FD99: The Shepherd A tcfter Gtrfs'PowerMongqr cone, great grapnics and sound effects'. Require* 1MS FD98ABC: Klondike AGA - Solitaire a ia outstanding hi-f6S AGA graphics! Runs in mUbacsn Of any PAL ScruHWidde. FD97: Bonanza - BatttoshMp-a battleship game Tanx'n'Stuf-seek and destroy In a tod 4-way scrolling world, MiloStonos-play Mills BourrfOS against Ihe Amirn and Ga’acfO'd-a gaajuan type game, FD9S: Tetris Duel AGA - The n®x; generation Tntris 2 play- e-s can play head to head and sabotage each other' Great g-aphics for AGA machines! Req's A1200 or A4Q0Q. FD95: Deluxe Galaga - You should be paying $ 40 becks for this one! Easily one of the best pd games ever! All tends of pawer-ups and silky smooth motian. Req's 1MB Chip RAM (Fat Agnus) for PAL Mode. OD93: Magic User Interlace Grearly speeds dove cement. AulO ScreenWnaow Fcnt senstv* interface? And mucn more’ DD92: Developer Contains the off,dal Commodore developed kits lor the A.m.gaGufoo anc CQCTnodoraJniia1! Ul'kthTS a must nave for al serious developers. FD7; Pacmon - This disk contains several pacman type’ games including: PacMan37, MazeMan and Zonix. I FD11: Las Vegas and Card Games - Las Vfogas Craps - The best Las Vegas Craps s mu'aton e very white:, ter ary computer Contains extensive HELP features, Also Thirty- Cno.ViaeoPcker and mote, FDT2AB: Star Trek, The Game - This is by for the b**1 Star Trok game ever written for any computer, It features mouse control, good graphics, digitized sound effects and greal game- p'ay. Counts as 2 disks, fleq IMP anc two drives ior ho) DD83: I8M - Not one. But TWO IBM emulators ihat w, I ¦How the running qf MS-OOS software iwlft Am ga p-o- grams’ Comas complete with programs to turn your Am-ga foppy drives mo 720* IBM cempat-bie drives Also, check out our PC-Task emulator on our DevWare Video page! FD13: Board Games - contemn ?.'n- noty" Don noes. Paranods, and others. FD17: Educational Gamaa -Th s dsk includes lever*! Games tor youngsters including geoflnahy. Math. Irq word games, also includes Wheal of Foituna. FD20: Tactical Game* ¦ MoenForce: A game tn.it s.nu nfes combat between two or more g ant robots. S’ pfe words can't begin to give you :he fe*l o* pJcfmg a 30 ¦ 40 toot tall, lire breaming, earth shaking cofoisu* that obeys your every when FD33: Arcade Games -Ft eddy a Mario Brothers type of game, Gerbils a targe: practice game, P.-pebfl B German interpretation of Pipe Dreams. Tron a light cycles version, and Wetro-ds a wonderful version ol asteroids with a Mama twist F038 Games * C-boago Vaster • A great cvfohage game and tutor. Spades - a wetl done card oarbe ChneseCheeker? - A computer version ot this classic, Puzz • a sl.de pece puzzle game and construction sat We have Been ihe official Pub ic Domain Library ol a'l the best Amiga magazines. Find out why these magazines choose us I The first two letters on each dsk indicate the orientation ol the disk; WB» general interest ¦ most programs can bo run Irom the workbench, FDS games and entertainment. V0*r are video related piograms'ulilities and DDF advanced-requires thor ough knowledge ol AmigaDOS’CLI Thanks to our extensive arsenal ol ami virus software. ALL of our software is guaranteed virus free ' WB105AB: Workbench 2+ Extras 2 this sot contains the urogram? That should have been included with VVB2- These powerful utiiitre?- take lull advantage oi the many new cspanJmes that are ava ih p ¦n Workbench Z* Includes Too Manager - a won**tui utility o nod program? To you- TOOt munu. Virua Prott»clion - Degrjder Icon Enhances Workbench's 'Show AH' to oisp'ay over 40 distinct won* ter different tvpen ol Res Bitmap Fan Editor. Screen Blnnker* e .i Imi i.ils and splinots iind swnrmwg bees' Requestor | nl'.inci'is nod Cf’UBlit Two dish set. Counts ,i% Iwo FD39A&B: Star Trek. The New Generation • This is a ccm- Fun Disks plfltuly ditfurer! Version ol Star Trek than that lound on FD12. This one was created ay [he German author Tobias. Excellent"' Counts as two disks. Requires 532k FD5P: Submarine Game - Seaiarce, ore anc a ha't years in Tne making, This is an outstanding subnanne tactical garre. Comrrerciai qjaliiy, highly recommended The AMIGAWorld "Best-Of1' So FDB5ABCD: AmigaWorld'n Beat - These four di:>.fl con lam tho honest pd gamasi indudes Motnar Lode. Mona. M net r W, Pong, tntrjoer At-irt Delmo PacMan. Rocky and Super Artillery = see Dec. *82 ArtegaWorirf) Four d-sk set. Coun« os throe. FD57: Arcade Games - Includes 2 truly commercial Quality games, MegaBall, an Arkanod-iSh game, features 5 musical scores and aod cting gameplay. Gravity Attack is a psychadel- kc trip through several difterent wo-lds each different, FD59: Game Potpourri - Xenon III is an almost exact done of the commercial game of The same name., a great shootemup. Crossword w II take lists of words £ automatically generate word searcn puzzles ter any Epson compatible printer. FD60: Games tn Nebula, race over a 3d world to destroy enemy installations. Intortoron; a great Dr Mano clone Enigma, is it a game or puzzle? FD6I: Games ¦ Solitaire, great graphics, plays two versions Kiide; an interesting piece of eye candy. Extreme Violence; 2,„ piayer kill or be killed game YATC; A Tetns clone with Amdcal Intelligence Genesis: create realistic 3d fractal worids. FD62: PomPom Gunner. Ac extremely smoo" and wfr'J done World War II gurrer sirnutet on. Req. J megabyte o' memory FD67; Arcade Include* Lfamatron a well-done ftotwtrori done How is a ‘terrific* Zaxxon clone with multiple levels'world* and smooth d agonal scrolling,.,n MO' PD69: MindQamoa - Had enough of shoot-om up (jamas'? Relax and let these 21 gam«3 exercise your mind instead pf your VrfSI. FD73: Arcsde Series Intiuce- Aitn1 is a MULTI level
• Berserk' done Features smooth gameo ay, great graphics A agrured sound tr. FD74: Arcade Series - RmgWor is ar *Oute' Limits' done With vectorized graphics MoiherLode is a "Lode Runner" done w ih 50 levels! In BiitzTanks, they're coming at you born all duet: ¦onsl' Call in air strikes and use your neavy artillery to survive' FD75: Arcade Series Descender is i ctono of the classic arcade game ¦Tempest*, complete w :r vectorized graphics Tani i* tne classic battle ot trajectories and inertia between two tanks incredibly well done' Search is a maze game unlike any other included is a level editor too. (Tan* requires 1 meg chip memory=Fat Agnus) FD77: Arcade Series Galaga 92 is a ctona of the arcade game with several gameplay enhancems.nts-with smooocth; sharp graph>cs. Rt's better th«p ihe original? Pha-aohs Curse is a tone of tee original C64 cl*svc Dfhorracy Is a oe*Mjy compgterta-q version o' the Ava ort HI; boa-d game- conquer or be conquered! ¦ r FD8t: SuparGames - Same of rhe Oktgajres'-Donkoy Kong is better tear re cr g na’ with*n oilmtevfls' Frant t Fredd e and Tr*)'!Blazer are both fuot-paceo arcade games. Mad Bomber |$ thectes&c game of "Kiboom*redone with an Am ga flare Alofthesegamesareexcaient! FD82: intrepid ¦ Jn jrts Arctic ice, you carmol a tank cn a mission to rescue hostages m tr.e superbly crarteo Am ga Org na!. FDB4 Games! Deuxe PacMan is better than the original-- ®0* mazes, spec al ‘power-ups' with ouslandng graphics ThmkAmania rs the c ass c game ct concen'jaton-witn t»auf,- fully drawn HiRes images FD8fi: Uchess: The strongest playing Chess program available for the Amiga period Req 6S030-, Workbench2», 4MB RAM or mote Supports AGA (req BMSf) FD87: OXYD- A commercial quality game-sim Igr to Maro e Madness in nany ways, but allows rwp computers 10 fink & pay together see hew m-any o' tit* 200 landscapes you can cam- pete without having to geithaftrttjoow F088: AmyBoulderdash - A Clone of the orig nal clpsstc,, tr’.'emely we dore complete with level editor, 2complete seta Of levels and a level editor Requires Workbench 2», FD89: Kaatle Kumquaf • A thoroughly entertaining and chftl* lefgrng mazeadventpte game Great soundtrack »nd grapb* Ics. Req s 1 MB Cno RAM (lo- PAL mode) FD9Q: Conquest £ Dominion • Conque" the known word and majrtam dominion overJt-a trvc-occsm c'acohPtnic survival FD9I: Popeyo - A clone of the 0rgmaf G-64 CfasiiC-Am ga style with ennar.ced graphTcs. Req 1ME chta RAM for PAL. FD92: Biosi’em -cbritams Scorched Tsriks-a tank battle with futurisbc weapons.reefenses £ "great" graphics Galactod is a Gaiaxian'Soace Invaders game completely Amiga-tized. FD93: MegaBall AGA - This ‘S the one you've Deen waiting to'1 Updated to knock you' socks off THE best p d gane tor the Am.ga Reo.'s WB2- £ 1MB RAM Show off that AGA' FD94: Scorched Tanka - compeiely opcaiea ana compatible wth AGA'3 0 60 oflerert ways to o ow eacn other away1 An outstanding game of angles, trajectories & unique arsenals' Workbench Disks WB4:TBlecommunication • This d sk contains several exce ¦ lent pd COTiTu-.cate'. programs: Access 3.42, Comm 1 34 £ Handshake 2.T2a. See also WB102 & WB115 WB5: Fonts *1- 35 bitmap toms a.sc included are five PageStream fonts and ShowFont - a *ont d sp'ay program, WB6: Fonts »2 ¦ ShowFont a'tews you to quickly and painlessly view alt 256 characters in a typ cal font Includes largo AmigaDos system lonts (many up to 56pt5), WB7: Clip Art - The d;*k is loaded with black and white dip art Art includes, trees, watches, tools. US and State maps, and more GUARANTEE - We believe so strongly in I our product that we offer a full liletime. Complete satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. WB33 Circuit Board Design • several lernhc routnas for the electronic enthusiast. Including PCBtool • a circuit board desgn too'. LogicLab • crcut logic tester, and Mead ('20) a wan done new release ot this PD CAD program, new came* with predrawn common crcui! ComponanTS tor insertion into schematics. WB35: 3D Graphics - This disk COOlAins Ofor.ts • Full vector ton? Sec for use vrith 30 program*. FomMaker • make 3d fonts from any system bnt Mase3DShape - c-ease 3d shapes t-am any imaos. DurtiptoffF - aeate 3d an ma: on* preserves pallet. Worid3d - a demo a‘ a front end for use.orfh DKBRerxJef. WB36; Graphic* - On tn.s 0 sk are ttrvsraf program* to aeate stunning graphic*! Images mc'uOteg. Mpath - Creates awirlmg galaxy imagos, Rose* • produce nn intmced number of variations of linagethal a symmetrically Similar to a rose.SlmGen ¦ display those spectacular image* as part ot your workbench anq RayShade - a very good ftytracing program create your own bMutiful 33 graphc models wth fnls one' WB37: Educational - Educational games and puzzles that cover math, geography, saelhng. And books. Ages 6 -15 WB43: Business - Tnis 0 5k contains Analyt Calc - probably tne most powerful Spreacsheel program on the Am ga A full featured spreadsheet with many Matures expected in a commercial package. Req 1 2 MB WB46; Clip Art - HghRes c'.p art with the following motifs • * embel shmerits (oorde-s, dococs , ,). PeopN. 6 transpottMjar WB47: Clip Art ¦ H.teswxp an. Moti's • fW, drBte tumnni, anima 5 and macfood. WB48: Clip Art • H res dip art. Met ts - HoWays. Muse. M«ji- cal. Arid rhrsc WB53: Graphics - Raynecing programs gsneraie absolutely stunning reaHstic lookmg planes, rcckets. Mcfttgs . And sur- reafimafles. C-Lghlrs the most powerful EASY-TO-USE of , t s kind we ntvasee-rto data Th«s is easay better, and more full featured then & miiarcommc-rcte' programs ccsir in Iris nurcted* pt occurs. Also. Tmavte i a feaurred vdoe text ttit'er similar to roVtdlo, Ejieadeast True- Qra*f video Scro ng, xnpps soedSf effects And mere WBSAt iprfnbng - Tnretfsk contains several rent-net to neip wilh tha chon of prfriting Includes Gotn.e - Finally ft Banner printer tor the PD! Prir.tStud o -a well implemented iH purpose printer-utility with a very comtortab'e graphic interface and many advanced features. Lila ¦ w th ease, print ASCII files to a PostScr pi printer, and more WB55: Application - X Copy III - a Lj I featured disk cop'er. Make backups cf copy prelected disks. RcadRoute • find quickest route from one city to another, highway description included Diary • a diary program l|ka "Dcugy Houser M D". Cel
- a ca endar program, Magman - a database tailored for articles and publ cut ions WB57: Animation - Tn*s Qiak has several "Demo* Animation*, Including B' tfftr, Lol'y. Suh5. Vert go, vortex, and xenorro'pb. WB62: Midi Utilities • Several useful m e, utl-t.e* mefod ng. Prcgrante to transfer to and tram several muse prograr-s to micj. A me s sex banc e-. S "tec recorder wrth timooasa. A s- • S play midi into, file sentence ptayer, and a tew scores. WBE3: Disk Utilities 3 Several h ghly recaTsmAndad programs to aid! In removing duofee&te tiles tram your hard drive, performing fita backups. Binary editing, last formatting, file recovery, and forced dsk vaTriittton of corrupt disks. WB66: Icon* *2- Lot 5 cf neat icons A'so. Several wonderful programs that 10 fet you create your Own icons, mod ty and .n»npjia:e icons and info structures WB69: Music ¦ 90 minutes ol cassca anc modern e ectromc music for you Amiga. WB75: Music ¦ over 100 instruments files (.Inst) and sample sound files (ss) WB79: Homo £ Business Accounting • Incudes Ckbacct - a checkbook ba ancer. LCDCa c • th.s well cone calculator has a very large d splay and operates from the keyboa'd or mouse, Mileage master ¦ monitor your automob ie mileage with this m leage log Grammar - a grammar checker and W'orldtim* . Find out wnat time it is in up to 50 g eta cities. DE: Font Set Fn - co'iebtion-conutimi over Too WB9: Icons Truly a multitude of various types and kinds Also includes iCOnM ester. Iconlab, and others great utilities to hop generate ons. WB12: Disk Utilities ¦ Thu great d.sk is loaoec wrrh wonaoHyi utilifces for everything incljding making Cisk labels, disk cataloging, disk optimizing, d.sx and Me recovery archive ar-d organizing. And all sorts of file manipulation. A must have' W813AB; Printer Drivers and Generator ¦ over 7G different drivers (including HP LaserJet 3 £ 4'}, also includes a printer- driver generator. Two disk set counts as two WB15: Business - This disk contains a spraacsnoet. A caiabase, a prpjecirtime management p-ogram and financial analyss (stocks). WB18: Word Text Processors - This dsk contains the best eo tors includes.TextPius (v2 2e) a full featured word processor, Dme(vt,35) a great programmers odtor with strong macro teatures,TexED(v2 8) an enhanced Emacs type editor, and a spell checker. WB22: Fonts *3 - Several moro great ton's. These, like the oner font Oisks wotk great with Dpaint arc WYSIWYG word processors WB23: Graphics end Plotting - Plot, a 3-D mathematical function p'otte-r, Can plot arty user def.ned function, BezSur'2 - produce awesome pictures of objects one cou'd turn on a lathe Cun also map IFF image Res onto any surface that it can draw Now compatible with most DD packages, and Vscreon - makes n virtual screen anywhere WB25:Educalional - On this disk are two programs that can generate maps ol differing types. World Data Base uses the CIA's data base to generate deta'ed maps ci any entered user global cooroinates. Also Paradox a great demonstration of Albert Einstfim Genera! Theory of Relatrvrty W827: Nagel - 26 Patrick Nagel pictures of beautiful women. Special Product • New Release!! QT3: The A64 Package Version 3 ¦ A very complete Commodore 64 emulator Supports any CPU and is fiiHy compafible wilh WB1.3 & 2.0 and now 3.0! This version includes a special adaptor that will allow you to connect your 64‘s 1541 disk drive to your parallel port of your Amiga for total emulation. All-new transfer software1 Special price $ 59.95 -with hardware. Ss lo> use with R'ofess or-ai Page'PegeSerte- 3- or m?'* Tn«ia 'om* w-n output lo any Aser prnr- 1 01 dot-main 1 primer wim. N0 .agg es. Marks ts outlme very pro-looking 5 disk set. Counts as - WB81: Great Applications • DataEasy a very easy to use. Database program. Dcr. T let tne ease of use fool you. Tnis is a very full featu'ed database program ndudng foil printer control for address labels and mail merge appiicat.ons. Also includes, TypeTut a good typing tutor, RLC n lull featured label printer. Banner, a mulli-lont banner maker, and Budge: a home accounting in a program. Highly recommended. WB82: Animations - Four foil length, well ocne "movie* style animations. Including. Coyote. Juggierll. GhostPool, £ WB12I: ProPage3 4 Enhancer Thus disk contains Over 40 ’Gemes* !cr use with ProParje 3», including useful ones like Make Pm Chart and Resize Text to fit Box to rjrro a few Also includes structured £ bitmap clipart tor unique borders a must have for all Ppage 3 users WB122: System Optimizer Kcorimodtty enhances your system, gives memory meters, mouse keyboard enhancements. Online timers plus many others ..too numerous to list! Reorg will optimize hard and lloppy-disks tor a big speed | increase HD Mem will a low you to us® up to 2 megs of riard- Crive space for virtual memory' (Req 68020* w MMU) All programs, require 2.0*. WB123AB: Flags of the World ¦ same as WB124. But lor Workbench 1.3 Req 1MB. 2 disk set, counts as two WB124: Flogs ol Ihe World - Two modes: click and learn or a gamo to test your knowledge. Great graphics-lantastic learning tool. Has current Russia A Yugoslavia republics Req Workbench 2.0*- fi 1MB RAM WB127: Elankers - Over 20 dfferen: screen bankers Most run on Workbench 1.3*...a few require 2.0* WB128; CoforFonts - contains 12 color bitmap fonts for use with Dpaint or any software that supports CoforFonts WB129; Super Virus Killer From Safe Hex Intl. Who catalog* and kills Amiga Viruses worldwide-a complete virus system tint knows atl Amiga viruses updated often Reg WB 2- WB13Q: Too!Manger 2 • The ultimate too! Manager tor your Hfifibanch Add oramrtrd icon*, sound ertects and docks' ot programs to xouf liWpvery useful' Req 2 0+ and ha-d drive WB131: Magic Workbench - Make your 2 04. Workbench SiZZte With Style wstft tltese 6-cocr atnered icons Easy auto- nstaits In minutes. Req ’s WB2.Q4* anc hard drive. WB132; Canon Studio Veralon 2 - Special printer Preferences editor aixf ririvc-s for BJC 600. BOO £ BB0, LBP, Alt A2. BJC B00 SJ 5, 10. 20, 200, 230, 300, 130 WB133: Panasonic Studio ¦ Specia printer Preferences ed | tor antf‘dfiver system for af Panasonic 9 £ 24-pin punters Wbt34 : 3 0 AGA Blanker B tzBJanker for WB3 0* T4dif. (erect olankers to really show off your AGA m*chinei WB133 : 3 0 Extras ft -13. Uti ifies for WB 3 0. Several must- haves for getting the most out of yqur new graphic* modes! WB137: The Arexx Guido Full AmgaGuide (inc.) Document to teach you Arexx'1' Tip-filled with easy xtrafereiK'ng' WB138: 3 0 Extras *2 - Another aw.cracked fotf of ui-vtes to unleash the pews: s? Workbench 3,0 and AGA! WB139: MIDI Performance Manager Utii.ty to manage a MIDI syrttfwv;'-" atdoriteTMlDi oqu pme-j RequneaWB 2*. Dev Disks D054: Compression * The trast life compression programs and ads for tha Amiga. Include* Arc, Lharc, Lhwarp Pkax, PowerPacker a must have by all, Zip, Warp, and Zoo DD7IAB: C Compiler - This dfek Cbntafos DICE f-lUhWr D,lion's fui batuwe. Powerful C compiler a envronmpt 2 . CLSkS, COUHS.ES2 DD79abcd: Amiga "C" Tutorial - This ;s me most comprehensive C language-Amga or-erMecfi-set cf tutorials available Includes full working examples, source code and an incredible set of lessons Includod are toll discussions and examples (or Amiga programming 4 cisk set. Counts as 3. DDBfl: Tho Programmer - Includes GadTools and REQToois wnch wil' allow you to create your user interfaces and then tne program will automatically generate 'C' source code O' Assam pi y-ccce R©c_ res. And wrtes cooe for. AmgaDOS2- DD89: Uedit - Probably foe most pcwerfu text eoitor (or trio Amiga. Previously commercial, now pubiic domain. 1 MB. DD91: PorBench - Allows you to easily connect network two Amigas.'CDTVs together and share storage devices. Req's custom cable (docs to make cable lncfoded--easy). DD90: Advanced Utilities - CompressDisk doubles the capacty 0! Your hafd-omve on the fly with compression!1! Also contain* c s« op! Mizer. SCSI mount utility, Keymap eo tors Enfo'car. Jndeiefer £ more Most program? Require 2 0* Video Disks V06: Modeling Qb|ects Contains 20 vector objects in Imagine format These are perfect tor use with Imagine or other com- pat b'e product, inc udes Am ga 3000 space station and many more' V07: StarTrek Objects - Contains the USS Re iart. NCC- 1701-D (om the Next Generatiort). A Ferergi Marauder snip As an aodad borw. Contain* a fuOy cetated Porscfta 911 and Apache Attack heicopter-afl In Imagine format V09: Imaging ¦ included on this disk are the indi*p*n?iblq utilities, Rend24. ViewTek and the JPEG utilihe?. Rend24 Is invaluable lor 24-bit animators allowing lor previews on AGA and non-AGA Am gas ViewTek plays back anims o( a'l sorts including An m 5. 7 and 8 formats Mechanir 2 d'Sks. Counts as t WB93: Workbench 1.3 Extra* *2 Contains foe utilities mat Commodore should have shipped with the Amiga Vi?usX 0. Snap. FixDsk (recover corrupt delated files). Disk Op! Mizor (Loppy £ hard). Machlll (screen blanker, ixztkey, mouse acce', macro, clock utility). GOMF (a gurubusterjand PrintStudio WB95: Checkbook Accountant 2,1 - Definitely commercial grace; we've seen many checkbook programs and this is the best Full budgeting, transaction recorcing &. Report generation. WB96: Dupers - Contains Xcopylll £ N b which will backup Copy-p'0!eCtefl programs. FreeCopy removes copy protection trom several programs, and SuperQuper will crank-out last ArmgaDOS copies WB102: Telecommunications Contains tne programs Ncomm 2 0 anq Vtt Q0-29B Zmodem protocols. XPR protocol support, foil Vtt 00 emulation Ncomm’s script language is SO powerful it can create a tull-fealured BBS system WB1Q6: Home Manager - This is a great all-in-one address book with an autodialer.noiepad tO-OO Lsf appoint mem scheduler home inventory database and phone number d aler WB109: VerseWise - Display, search and print Tne New Testament WB113: Sid II Why pay 40 bucks fO" a d rectory utility, when th>s one wil do it a'l pus much moro' A truly profess onal-cal- iber program Sid 1 was our best, new completely rewritten, Sid 2 will astound you WB114: Font* *4 ¦ Contains 36 bitmap system lonts Wbtl5: Telecommunication • If you have AmigaDOS 2,04. And a modem, then this is THE program for you Term totally conforms to the User Interface Style Guide for 2 04. Has an Arexx per, and supports all popular hle-transler protocols through XPR l-branes. We wish all programs were this good WB116: Databases - This is wnat you've been waiting for' Contains 5 uniquely specialized database programs for tracking: Videotapes. CD's. Magazine Ancles. Comic Books and Trading Cards' WB120; Grinder • a Complete graphics conversion package that Supports GlF’s. Jpcg. NoOChrorro Degas, PCX. Targa TIFF, HAM E and IFF format pctures An nvafoabte tool tor all desktopvideographers and desktop publishers WB118: Amiga Beginner ¦ You asked fori .' A complete tutorial for the beginner on using the Am ga Starts you off at the power-sw tch and takes you through to the Clf Shell and all points in between Bonus1 Also included are 16- cofor icon; to replace every >can in your 2.0. Workbench
- Check out our DevWare Vid£o*d for order info, or ORDER TOLL-FREE (800) 879-0759! Fax ORDERS INQUIRIES: 619-679-2887 Game Preserve By Peter Olafson, AW Games Editor Special Feature: Is The Amiga on a “Role”? A Look at the Latest RPGs Oi l, FOR THAT great big game! With the occasional odd exception, Amiga role-playing games since 199‘2’s Might & Magic III and Ultima VI have been less than epic in scope. Something linear and limited, something minor-key and fiddly, seems to have infected the RPG world with the abandonment of the Amiga market by big US developers and the consequent ascendance of their UK counterparts, with their arcade fixation, one-megabyte ceiling, and no-hard-disk regimen. Worlds remain to he conquered, but, by and large, they’re finite and tightly knit worlds. That’s not to say the new breed of RPGs is not worthy or that we’ve seen the last of the epics. (At this writing, the English version of Ambermoon is lip in the air with the disappearance of Thalion Germany, hut Silmarifs Robinson’s Requiem is just around the corner.) You may have to scale hack your grandest expectations a notch, hut some very pleasant surprises are out there For the having. Darkmere Darkmere, the much-delayed arcade RPG (Core Design, about $ 35) is the spiritual descendant of Cadaver the great Bitmap Brothers-begat isometric adventure. The perspective is the same that spying-from-the-parapet view but where Cadaver lived and died by its thicket of puzzles (which were written into the very fabric of the game), here they’re the rational foundation for a dark, joystick-driven adventure. Teleporting into town to root out the evil that has swept over your Dad’s kingdom, you start out in the streets collecting keys (the presence of which is even justified within the plot), gradually work your way indoors, then out into the surrounding forest and. Finally, the caverns. (Evil is always underground.) Each of these areas is at once enormous in size and rich in detail, so while in truth you may he hemmed in, there’s so much ground to cover and so many things to do en route that you never feel that way. (There’s no such thing as incidental scenery here; everything that pops up on the menu can be examined.) It’s fun just looking at the game, too. The graphics are instantly appealing- there’s a candle-in-a-dirty-glass look to them but, as in Cadaver, your characters look like a hydrant and it's tough to empathize with a fireplug. And combat will either annoy von or put you to sleep or both. Tactics appear limited to the age-old whack-unti 1-dead technique executed in rapid-fire mode, and I frequently found myself accidentally turning my back on my foe when what 1 reallv wanted to do was club him. ! R;.;« jfli'foned oral i&cruerse prirsli is oln-iss uers liKe_s ijt siMilor situoti3ris h i Perihelion is Psygnosis* venture into the world of RPGs. Under different circumstances, 1 might also have moaned about a four-disk AmigaDOS-compliant game that won’t run from hard disk. But the right files seem to he in the right places, and there’s veiy little swapping. 1 his is a rich and fascinating game, and while it’s easy to tell you now, in the dispassionate glow of a word processor, that it could use a serious tweak or two, once 1 return to play 1 can’t imagine what 1 was thinking. Score: B+. Heimdall II Also from Core conies Heimdall II (about $ 35). Heimdall was an epic-in-chains. Its greatest flaw was that it couldn't he installed on hard disk and so was constantly in thrall to the anti-epic pace of floppy access. Heimdall 11 does go on hard disk; however, it doesn't install correctly. The installation program constantly locked up, and I wound up copying the files over manually. In any case, hard-drive installability is still a huge asset. The game -which concerns a quest through four worlds for a means to put down the rogue god Loki has the easy, pleasurable flow that its predecessor so lacked. And the quirks in the gamcplav have been excised; it’s now one nice smooth surface. At the same time, I have to confess that I miss Heimdalfs quirks; those same oddities lent it character. 1 miss the attachment to a real world; Heimdall II always feels as though it’s off somewhere floating on a cloud. I miss the complexities A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement. F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time. & You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. We Ship Worldwide! Mm M-M filM M-W MW mm SAMW tlW I'lkE INFO: (212) 633-2290 FAX: (212) 633-7717 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPANOL To our valued wslomrs: Despite recent events in the industry. Tristate would like to assure our customers that we are committed to the Amiga platform and believe the technology will continue on in the hands of third parties, perhaps even stronger than before. COMPUTERS 650 6TH AVCHUC, (COS, 20THST) WNYIMII "Vour Video Tocisler - Commodore Amiga Headquarters Authorized Amiga Service Center Bring or moil in your equipment for in Si out of warranty work, factory trained technicians COMPLETE TOASTER 4000 WORKSTATIONS ON SALE NOW! I A40oo 04o-25 120 Meg HD Meg HD W New 3.1 10 Meg Ram Memory & Install +
* cnix Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 14 Meg Ram Memory Set Up & GREAT’
* 4595
* cnu.
* 5295 A4000 040-25 640 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 ¦ .I 18 Meg Ram Memory ¦ |_ o trif'tnii Pask about our monitor inr*ni, cP - H : specials when ordering!! Set Up & Install ""its system has more storage I The best of all available resources! Further memory for more involved I additions are possible. Please call to Discuss. W New 3.1 18 Meg Ram Memory Cditizer Tiue A6 Roll* Multi Format Edta Tocster Control* DFS TBC Cental LOUESfii free cables!! Free cables!! Final Copy 2.0 Pagestream 2.2 (3.0) Art Dept Pro V2.5 SAS Lattice C. V6.0 Imagine 3.0 Amax IV Deskjet 550c Driver Toaster F X Real 3D V2.0 Pixel 3D Pro Imagemaster Morph Plus Playmation Interchange Plus 3.0 Montage Trexx Pro 2.0 Montage 24 Montage Postcript
69. 95
164. 95
148. 95
224. 95
399. 95 CALL
39. 95
129. 95
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264. 95 Call
449. 95
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799. 95
1199. 95
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779. 95
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1699. 95
2199. 95
499. 95 CALL SYNC STRAINER !!! Y C Plus (Toaster) Trimedia Drawing Tablets Boca Ext. 14.4 Fax Modem Wavetools 16 bit sampler Video Slot Box CSA Twelve Guage 33 MHZ CSA Dernnger A2000 25 MHZ Wacom Tablets (all) Fastlane Z3 Scsi ll RAM Optical Mouse Multiface III One Stop Music Shop Mac Roms FI Amax II Plus AD 516 w Studio 16 AD 1012 W Studio 16 Triple Play Plus DKB Megachip 2000 DKB 3128 Ram BD DKB 1202 20 mhz Mem BD
54. 95
699. 95 CALL
149. 95 CALL CALL
388. 95
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489. 95
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1149. 95 CALL
164. 95
194. 95 CALL J 39.95 is* an
* Seeing is Believing Due to ad production schedules, our prices may actually be lower than advertised! _E4-blt Video & Gftphlcs System nr _ _ a n _ a a * THE VIDEO PROCESSOR IS HERE!! TBC's & Genlochi Personal TBC III Little Magic Box DPS Pers Vscope Flotronics AP 41 Flotronics AP 41 SF The Personal SFC GVP G-Lock Supergen SX Pri Imge Std Con
669. 95
579. 95
699. 95
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1099. 95
339. 95
374. 95
619. 95
1449. 95 'ffer: Purchase an ain Board Between iJune 30 and get ||GA Absolutely That's like getting for S99.00U Board .Only ter '!!!» DIGITAL
• wocEwwe evirtewwc msrmmwm
779. 95 $ 15 34.95 Pers Comp A apt 429.95 i- Pers TBC IV PersAiimRec undersold! Call if you need a price beat Bernoulli! 150 Int Drive Bernoulli 150 Ext Drive Syquest 200 Meg Int Drive Bernoulli 88 Meg Carts F Syq Bernouilli 44 Meg Carts F Syq Ext Chassis & Power Supply Micropolis 520 Meg ide Micropolis t GIG ide Micropolis 1.7 Gig ide Micropolis 1 GIG AV SCSI Micropolis 1.7 Gig AV Scsi West Dig 340 Meg ide West Dig 420 ide Quantum 240 Meg Scsi Quantum 340 Meg Scsi Quantum 1 GIG Scsi Seagate 1.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 2.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 3.5 Gig Scsi Seagate ST3655a PanaMaq Opt Dnves Mill! (pun fHOOt 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 719.91 ES800C $ 1029.95 = Cmpjant The ?Itmate Mac Emulator $ 319.91 8ITCH4IISVHC Two Channel TBC $ 1169,91 SolKlfflfMB $ 414.1 (Sfi Twelve Guflocl KILLER Power for your uOO! 68030@ 5umhz Opt ,882@ 50mhz Up to 32MB Ram Built in fast SCSI Networking Soon! Amiback 2.0 39.95 Amiback Tools 49 95 Brilliance 124 95 Image F X 1.5 224.95 Disney Animation 69 95 Gigamem CALL Aladdin 4D 3.2 CALL Art Expression 139 95 Final Writer II Rel II CALL Hollinks Editions 74.95 Morphus Call Vistapro 3.1 59.95 Dpaint 4.6 AGA 119 95 Dr. T’s Level II KCS 229.95 Directory Opus 4.0 59.95 Wavemaker 139.95 Deluxe Music 2,0 94.95 Gold Disk Office 79.95 Procalc II 119.95 Distant Suns 5.0 59.95 Anim Workshop II 89 95 Pixel 3D PRO II 69.95 m S3SL A0 Slim AUDIO) ftMftfi Adl0l2(l2bit) MacaytotD5l6 $ mi Commodore 1942 CALL Commodore 1084s CALL IDEK 5017 sp 949.95 Electrohome 14" CALL IDEK 5021 CALL NEC MS 3FG 4FG Call Canon BJC 600
16. 7 million Color! 579.95! FARGO PRIMERA 679.95 IVIonilorj 1* r“i n t 2-. Dye-Sub for FARGO 189.95 Or, Combo 040’33mhz 4 0 1049.95 GVP I O Extender 129.95 dealer for pros and amateurs alike. We tarry everything In Video and Editing Macrosystems I DmiLink Cl 24 Bit Display I 3D Professional lustS&ffll Dealer I Editor Headquarters Enhancements! Section A4000-40mhz 040 CALL TBC Plus 774.95 TBC Plus Remote CALL Simm321mb 64.95 Simm32 4mb CALL Stmm32 16mb CALL A1230 no FPU,0k 399.95 A1230 w FPU,4M 544.95 Phone Pak VFX 289.95 DSS8 + Sound Studio 88.95 Image F X 1.5 219.95 A4008 SCSI 149.95 “1 TT. Accepted. Overnight shipping available. 15 Day Money back guarantee, All Merchandise brand nevy factory fresh. Custom Configurations our specialty nuuu Prices subject to change without noticg. Not responsible lor typographical errors. Extended Warranty Available U.S and Canada. VLAB tnt Camp 379.95 VLAB tnt Y C 439.95 VLAB External 439.95 Retina 2 MB 489.95 Retina 4 MB 519.95 Retina 4 M B w TV PAINT 699.95 Retina Z-lll Call Toccata 16 bit Call Warp Engine 040-40mhz 1499.95 Warp Engine 040-4000-28 Call Sparks Animation Call Multiframe Adpro Call TVPaint 2,0 Pro Call Studio Printer Driver 59.95 e Cl IP A B Roll Cl Cuts Only $ 1995 CALL NEWIEK Authorized Dealer Prime Image Dealer We also carry a full line of Cameras, IBM Computers and related Multimedia, Faxes Darkroom, Video and More ¦ llMHWKHiranM Merlin 4mb 739.95 IV-24 24 bit Graphics 1049.95 Piccolo CALL RGB for DCTV CALL DCTV 274.95 EGS Spectrum 1 meg 465.00 EGS Spectrum 2 meg 539.95 EGS Spectrum 110 CALL Picasso 1 meg 424.95 Picasso 2 meg 499.95 Call us to help design your 3D Animation Solution Beginner to Hollywood! Essence Vol I, II CALL LightRave 3.1 359.95 Ethernet Solutions CALL Tapeworm 84.95 Parnet with Cable 37.95 Wedding Collection 69.95 Dynamic Motion CALL ADP Tools Pro 119.95 Imagemaster R T 79.95 Humanoid 129.95 The Cathedral 59.95 Sparks CALL The Jurassic Collection 89.95 Multiframe 119,95 (i M E I* R i: S E R V E of ihe extended party. (Instead, Heimdall II allows you to switch between Heimdall and his female cohort, Ursha. Unfortunately, I could never get Ursha to appear as anything other than a victim of a record-setting Bad Hair Day.) I miss the great, arcade-based character-creation routine and the clever combat subgame, I miss the physical size of the characters; in this PAL-only game, everything seems scaled down. And I miss HeimdaH’s newness and the sense of discovery that always accompanies newness. Don’t get me wrong: Heimdall II is a good game, but we've seen much of it before, and what we don’t see is the trappings that made Heimdall really something special. Score: B + . Legacy of Soracil Gremlin’s Legacy of Soracil (about $ 35), the follow-up to Hero- Ouest not to be confused with Sierra’s hybrid adventure RPG Hero's Quest has been vigorously shaken, not stirred, and it’s certainly a better game for it. You now control a four-character party. It goes on hard disk. It has a contiguous story, rather than a slew of disembodied missions. And it’s distinctly tougher ancl more clever. They’ve taken the raw material that was HeroQuest and assembled a grown-up, close-up version of Shadow Sorcerer. But there’s too much fighting here for my blood and not enough adventure, and, consequently, Legacy feels insubstantial. Besides, this is the third time Gremlin has trotted out this game system the fifth, il you count the data disks for HeroQuest and the HeroQuest-goes-high-tech Space Cru- sac|e. And the designers still haven’t addressed its central flaw: It still feels like a board game, and if I wanted to play a board game on computer, I cl haul out Risk or Sorry. What s a computer for, if not to conceal the cardboard and dice? More Freely Distributable AGA II never fails. Wash the car and il rains. Rent a movie and if I urns up on TV. Publish a piece on half a dozen new freely distributable AGA games, and almost half a dozen more shorn up in the following two weeks. Two are AGA-firsts assembled under Can Do. Stones (Aminet arid CIS) is a Mastermind variant, and Yatzooie II (Aminet) is another take on Yahtzee (which has been done to death of late). Bacman (Aminet and CIS) is a glossy PacMan clone. Klondike II is for hard dish only, and, at this writing, was not yet in general circulation. Likewise Risk AGA, which was in beta test but looking very sturdy. Its an authentic Amiga implementation of the classic board game of conquest with only human or neutral players in version
1. 0. Computer opponents are planned for future releases. Just make 'em smarter than the ones in the commercial game! PO Space Hulk, for all its flaws, was a great board-game translation because it brought the game to life. Legacy just animates it. Score: B. Perihelion Psygnosis isn’t even pretending to release .Amiga products in the LIS anymore, but it’s still plunging ahead in Europe, and Perihelion is one of the most provocative entries in the current crop. (Well look at the others in an extended Short Takes next issue.) It’s the label’s first true RPC they flirted with the concept in Obitus and one of the f ew here that I could conjure some excitement over. ? The Nonlinear solution Begins Let Ihe revolution begin! Here's what you’ve been nulling Tor. Now you cun bring the power and versatility or true on-line video und audio mm* linear recording, editing, nod playback to your Amiga. The Vlah Motion System is built around u Zorro II card lluil utilizes a compression decompression .IIT.G ellipse! And other specialized chips to provide real time digital video capture and playback at VI A 4:2:2 square pixel quality, real-time effects like chroma keying, genlocking. Pictiire-in-pidiire. And video scaling. The Maib Motion is also perfect for computer animation playback from any animation package. Complete A Row support allows special effects and digital video effects to be applied to your video frames with third party image processors like ADPro™ and Image KX™. Included in the system is the Toccata 16 to bring simultaneous 16-bit audio into the production. Full compatibility with Retina Z.2 and Z3 display enhancers allows users to add a high resolution. 24 bit interface to Vljb Motion System’s powerful MovieShop software. No lime base corrector, time code, or dedicated hard drives are required. Vlah Motion includes composite and Y C input and output with an expansion socket for digital VIA or KC ill component trail senders. The Vlah Motion System also provides ail additional adapter for direct interfacing with the Video Toaster2'1. Add the Ylili Motion System to your video or graphics studio and you will fly above the rest. Call for complete brochure. 24 bit Zorro III Graphics Display Enhancer Full color up to 34 hit 2 composite input'. Real time color control Directly support by Xdl'ro1' Compatible with Toaster anti Up.ilS Is I on Special IKK (Interleave frame recording) allows digitizing at .Wps No time base corrector required Preview monitor Tor»I dm or still image Improved Interface with Retina .II or III QS2.0 and up compliant_ Frame grab l 30tli frm or 1 ftWli llrld stc Supporls YUV. IFF. IFF24. AGA IFF l ab Y C also has 1 Y C input Vcrvaitlc window* based software Dlnvl control from Retina's Paint Full Arm support _ 3 stereo in. I microphone in. 1 stereo out 95 r!H signal In noise ratio Record and playback simultaneously OS2.0 and up compliant
* Non-linear software - Samplitude 1 I ft und 8 hit IFF. A IFF I shit
• Frequency range of Kill - 20Hz 3591 Nyland Way Lafayette, GO 8002ft
303. 499.1975 Tech: 303.433.7031 Fax: 303.499.1979 All product names are trademarks or their respective companies. STOP LOOKING! Otn TT1 1 fpt' A T1 QWPfC J (306) 953-8960 We have the lowest Amiga prices anywhere! V- V lllUULvl illlij VV vl Q S - R Q 1 4 YE CD-32 fh J3Q9 s' 917-Central Avenue. Prince Albert-Saskatchewan Cnnndn S6V-4V9 __ _ 917-Central Avenue. Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada S6V-4V2 w 4000 030’s, Jc 4000 040's Phone: (306) 764-2888 Fax:(306)764-0088 BBS: (306) 764-0888 9:30-6:00 Mon-Sat (Mountain) When this went ito i prap. The details of the Commodore re-praanjzation were not.finalised, however, all indications are that this change of direction will put the Amiga in it’s strongest position ever. Wi are very excited about the future of the Amiga and are continuing to offer the best possible prices on all available Amiga’s. A1200 $ 329 4000 040 $ 1,499 4000 Tower $ 2,399 Back in Stock! Amiga 4000 Computer 68030 CPU @25 Mhz 10MB RAM 210 MB Internal Hard Drive Video Toaster 3.1 Commodore 1084 Monitor $ 3,999 (Best Toaster Starter Ever!) Amiga 4000 Computer 68030 CPU @25 Mhz 6MB RAM 210 & 540 MB Hard Drives PAR Card (60fps animation) Electrohome 1440 Monitor $ 4,099 (Broadcast Quality Anims!) Amiga 1200HD
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- All Cables & Connectors $ 1,399 P&s, ue actually have 1200’s) 68EC020 Cpu® 14 Mhz AGA 32-Bit Chipset 2 MB Chip RAM 600 MB CD-ROM Pmc Double Speed CD-ROM CD-32 $ 299 Limited Supplies! Amiga 1200 030
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- OK It's a 6point font non: Is that better. The prices shown arc in USS and are based on ihc USS-Canadiani exchange rate as of add creation therefore actual pfices may vary slightly (usually less than ' 3%) Canadian funds, Your bank will convert to Canadian lunds when you place an order and we authorise your card. You do not get chargal any tariffs or duties. This add reflects products ii pricing available lo us a time you read this in the Sep 94 Issue, sonic things will probably have changed. Delivery times arc hot guaranteed. There will be a I5S restocking fee on orders refuicd cancellcd rcturned (except (or defectives returned for warranty repair) Items temporarily out of stock will be special ordered and shipped when available. If any of this is unclear, please ask for details before ordering Sorry, but we can’t be responsible for damage, delays or loss during shipping, so please insure vour order. Prices shown reflect a 2% Cash discount. Atari Rules! (Psych!) We have the best prices on: Amiga, ASDG, Alfa Dali, Axiom Software, Beal Data Products, CSA, Digital Creation*, Digital Proceuing Sy*t«nt, DKB, Electronic Am, Expanuoo Synetni, Expert Syctcmi, Fargo, Epson, Grolher t, GVP, Gold Dimk, Heafncr. Hewlett Packard, IDRK, Inlerworki, Iomega, MacroSyitemi, Maxtor, Microbotict, Micr epulis, Migraph, Moon lighter, NEC, NewTek, Primer a, Prime Image, Paygnoais, Quantum, ReadySoft. Rom bo, Samsung. Sanyo, Seagate, So ft Logic, Softwood, Star, SunRize, Supra, Syqueat, US Robotic*, Utilitiea Unlimited, Warm & Fuzzy Logic Shipping & Handling SolbnxcA Badpheoh. Tfr Acceoaanea 0-20!bt 35 lb 2 Days Over 20lbs add .504b 2 Day* Computer* .6 Monitor* CD-32 or A1200 A4000 or 4000T Monitor SI9 SJ9 S29 5 Days 5 Day* Sdaya We Air fmir CPU J*rr‘ Wlr uor 9>e ini Jtakr in Nurth Anxnoi t ship the a> V X «e ttnm Ac 1a.;rm! Mn , *r a Mot SB* Air I1S-S29' SmcofAtme mhm mir pa rzJcmtnl At nf a.U doidirm m’ finme tmS A cAai1 The* lit Che nLca A delivery lime* m buaineaa day, for (rwnd ten ice u-xhm Canada A. *e USA and include it! N£ula Iwnlmj. Outj, tecnp, cu Moca ctemnce and door to door ikbvay Some onjm nay my.rr apecut handling, mediation ac. Ihorforc ihii t* ¦ ruuklinc. Delivery nut lunea art IU UP5 FrdfeX M*iI not *ccrp« claim tor dunijc Wiii witSoui iniurim Inaunncc ii of snairrrd aimnjnl All transactions are in as of June 3034 By the New Additions are in Red 3 D Construction Kit SIDELINE SOFTWARE orders 1- 800-888-9273 only 840 N.W. 57th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Need Into? Call (305) 491-9519 Type 18-95
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21. 25 12 95 21 95 24 95 26 95 24 95 21 95 19 95
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18. 95 13 95 24 95 19 95 16 95 16 95 18 95 16 95 ?• 5.5 21 95 13 95
16. 25
21. 95
13. 55
19. 95
21. 95 '6 55 19 95 19 25 3-D World Boxing $ 6.95 Each, or Any 3 lor $ 20! All Sales Pinal! Thunder Jaws Cardiax ' Night Shift Night Hunter Hudson Ha wk ‘ Ran-X Armada Borodino Pacland Megaphoenix * James Bond Stealth Affair Hagar ihe Horrible Faces (Tns 3) Alpha Wives Deadline Bushbuck Treasure Hunter Oojo Dan Dark Castle Zoetrope
20. 000 Leagues UnderSea Bravo Romeo Della Under Pressure Teenage Turtles Gem-X' Ninja Remix T-2 Judgement Day
• = requites AGNUS chip. 4-D Sports Boxing 4-0 Sports Driving 6SS Attack Sub A¦ Tram Abandoned Places 2 Action Stations Addam's Family At:ski KO'pS Air Support (Psnnosts) Alfred Chicken (regular or AGA) Ahen Breed Special Edition Aliens 3 Ancient Art of War In Tne Skies Another World Apocalypse Aquaventuta [Fsygnosisl Arabian Knights Assassin Special Edition Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis) BA 7II Battle Hawks 1942 Battle Isle Battleship Battletech Bill Elliot NASCAR Challenge Bill's Tomato Game llms cl Prey if lectromc Arts1 Black Cryp: Blackiacx Academy Blob fCore De$ >gn) dtues Brothers Body Blows Brutal Sports Football Cadaver and Data Disk California Games 2 Celtic Legends __ MULTIPACKS Championship Manager 93 Chaos Engine or AGA Checkers. Chess. Backgammon Chuck Rod 2 Cohort Fighting lor Rome Combat An Patrol (Psygnosis) COIN-OP HITS 2 Include* Nmji SpinT. Dynasty Wars. HammerM!. Vigilant , ?hauls and GhosTs ALL FOR $ 24.95 LORDS OF POWER Includes The Perfect General. Red Baron, Silent Service 2. And Railroad Tycoon ALL FOR $ 49.95 POWER PACK Includes TV Sports Footsaii. Xenon 2 Bloorheych. AmdLymDard RoadRalty ALL FOR $ 29.95 BIG BOX 2 Includes: VJ Football. Back to i Future 3, Real Gr.osTtuscers. FI-Type. SmDJd, Aimatyte, De'endetsoi Ihe Earth, infi Karate Plus, Bombuzzie. Shanghai ALL FOR $ 39.95 COMBAT CLASSICS Includes: 633 Attack Sub. 15 Strike Eagle 2. Team Yankee ALL FOR $ 34.95 TOO HOT TO HANDLE includes Super OH Road Racmg, Golden Are, Total Recall, Shado Warrior ALL FOR $ 29.95 EXCELLENT GAMES Shuttle. Populous 2. James Pore 2, Archer Modem's Pool ALL FOR $ 49.95 POWER HITS Includes: tmle Computer People, Shanghai, Spin Dizzy Worlds, Ports Ol Call. Hackei 2 Battle Tech. Fsgnrtr Bomber. GB An Rally. WiCktd. Tournament Goli ALL FOR $ 34.95 Conan ihe Cimarron Conflict io Korea (SSII Cool Croc Twins (with T-shirf) Covert Action (MicroprcseJ Cra.y Cars 3 Cnnse for a Corpse Cycles (Accolade) 3 leneratmr: AGA Defender Of The Crown Deluxe Productions Deluxe Strip Poker 2 Deuteros Diggers AGA Donk Poodle Bug Double Dragon 3 Dr acuta Psygnosis > Dune Etvira 2 Eye of the Beholder t (SSI' Eye of the Beholder 2 (SSI) F-15 Strike Eagle 2 F-16 Combat Pilot F-16 Falcon (Spectrum Hotooyte) F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose I face Off ice Hockey Fury Tale Adventure Feudal Lords Fighter Bomber Fireieam 2200 Fool's Errand Gauntlet 3 Global Effeci Gfobute Psygnosis) Goal Grand Pnx Circuit Accoladei Great Napoleonic Battles Hardball t Hardball 2 Harlequin HarpOOn Hermdali Hills far SSI) Hoyles Book of Games 1 2 3. Each Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure indianapohs 500 (Electronic Arts) International Ice Hockey I Shir 2 AGA I! Came From The Desert 2 jack Nicklaus Greatest 13 Jaguar XJ 220 James Pond James PondAquabc Games John Madden Football Knights Of the Sky (Microprose) Knigntmare Laser Squad Most Titles S35! Gunshrp 2000, Super Methane Brothers, Labyrinth a! Time, Liberation. Nick Faldo's Gail. Hermdali 2. Pirate's Gold, Lotus Trilogy. U f 0 . James Pond 3. Brutal Sports Football. T F X , Chaos Engine, Delender o! The Crown 2. Global Etiect. Alien Breed 2. Utimiate Body Blows. Zool 2, Elite 2, Microcosm, The Lost Vikings. Bartla Chess, Battle Toads, Impossible Mission. The Naughty Ones, etc Competition Pro CD 32 Joystick only $ 28 UuiHriMFfi-l Amiga Format. C U. Amiga. Amiga Games. Am.ga Action, Amiga Computing. Amiga User International. Amiga Power, CD 32 Gamer ALL WITH DISKS-SW each Amiga Shopper-no disk $ 7 Fax (305) 481-6134 Legend (4 Crystals of Tramr) Legend of Valor I eminings 1 and 2 Links God Lronheart Loom (Iucasfilm) Lotus Turbo Challenge 3 M-1 Tank Platoon (MiCrOPWSe) Mamac Mansion Megatraveler 2 Mercenary 3 Micrcprose God (Greens' Mg 29 Fulcrum Millenium Return to Earth Monty Python Napoiean 1 (Interning) New Zealand Stoiy
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21. 95 1 Prem’ere 26 95 J Premier Manager 2
21. 95 Prince of Persia 16 95 Proiect X 2195 Pushover
21. 95 Putty
24. 95 Quack (Team 17)
24. 95 R- Type 2 IS. 95 Railroad Tycoon
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18. 95 Red Zone (Psygncsrs) Revenge of Defender
18. 95
9. 95 Risky Woods
21. 95 Road Rash
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24. 95 Xenon 2 (Megabfasl) 14 95 Zak McCracken IS 95 Zoo! 19 95 Zool AGA (A-1200) 24 35 Zool 2 24 95 NEW TITLES Amidon Omen 40 Amber Moon 40 Apocalypse 27 Arcade Pool 21 Battle Toads 30 Beneath a S!eel Sky 40 Cannon Fodder 35 Qvibuticn (AGA) 42 D-Day Impressions) 40 Dark Mere 35 Detroit (Impressions) 40 EH Mama 35 E!.!e 11 35 F-117A Stealth Fighter 35 G enesia 35 Global Domination 33 Gun ship 2000 AGA 42 Heimdall 2 or AGA 40 Impossible Mission (Microprost) 35 K24Q 35 Kick-Off 3 or AGA 35 King Maker 39 King s Quest 6 (Siena) 42 Legacy of Svtasil 35 Libt ration 35 Maelstrom 40 Out To Lunch AGA 35 Raiden 35 Rules of Engagement 2 3S Sierra Soccer 35 Sim City 2CQC Soon Simon the Sorcerer & AGA 47 Skid Marks 35 Star Lord (Microprose) 42 Syndicate TFX 25 42 The Blue and the Gray 40 The Settlers 40 Tornado Flight Simulator or ASA -V Twilight 2000 40
U. F.O. (Microprose) 42 Ultimate Pinball Quest 3S Volhala 36 When Two Worlds War 40 Wing Commander 27 While They Last! CD32 TITLES IN STOCK CD32: Cool Captures Maybe Fm just burned out on The Chaos Engine after three versions, but I don’t see anything all that compelling about the 0)32 incarnation of this multidirectional arcade adventure except that ii loads more easily than the willfully boot-resistant, disk-based AGA version (R). Alfred Chicken (Mindscape VK) makes a nice little nest on the CD32 as long as you can tackle a PAL display (B). CDTV “Conversions” Trivial Pursuit was such a production number on ihe CDTV that Domark barely had to change it for CD32 speech and animations all over the place, a great booming die-rolling sequence, and a general feeling of fun that only rarely accompanies board-game conversions. But it’s not really for US gamers: Ear too many of the questions are written with only Europe in mind (C+). Lemmings for CD32 (Psygnosis) is grimly identical to Lemmings for CDTV, right down to the demo for the vanished Planetside: No AGA enhancements, no new levels or extra ones from the two sequels or Lemmings II. Nothing special at all, really except that it's Lemmings, and that’s not enough anymore (C). Prey an Alien Encounter (Almathera) has been fixed to work on CD32, on which it runs at decidedly better speed than on the CDTV. Unfortunately, that’s all that was changed, and despite a rich atmosphere, the basic Ilaws in this 3-D adventure game which seemed forgivable on a platform with barely an acceptable game fairly overwhelm Prey on this new one (D+), The only reason I’m not giving Town With No Name (Online} a straight F is that this CDTV shovelware’s unregen erate primitivism is good for a laugh (F+). The snapshots used in Psychokiller (Online), on the other hand, have a cinema-veri te quality that give this strange graphic adventure a little push (C-). It’s a very odd RPG. At that. You start out on a hot, dusty world controlling a party of six in search of a way to master the Unborn an imerdimensional Something Or Other that’s come Frighteningly awake. Along the road. Perihelion calls on elements of Neuromancer (lots of net-lurking, downloading, and chatting), an enjoyable (if impenetrable) iconic spell system, a slick 3-D mode, a wealth of minor graphical touches that usually turn up only in IBM versions of Amiga games and a certain feeling of unpredictability. It’s distinctly an Amiga game, too, in the nicest sense of tfie word, and just weird enough that you don’t know for certain what’s coming next and when. Sure, that also means it'll take you a while to get into it. (It look me three tries.) And, again, the combat is troublesome: It’s the turn-based format used in SSI’s “gold box” games, only with much better graphics, and the AI is just as witless. But while it never quite gathers the impression oi weight, as would an epic, neither does it feel as though it was written in one’s sleep. Score: A-. Covenant Actually, we do have one would-be epic here. It's called Covenant, it’s published by Devware (of all people), and it was developed in the US (of all places) by Digital Illusions, Covenant (§49.95) most closely recalls a graphically heated- To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p, 63. Circle 45 on Reader Service card. 400% INCREASE IN SPEED ON AN AMIGA 4000 68040 25MHZ! MACRO SYSTEMS MAKES IT POSSIBLE WITH THE WARP ENGINE!
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Nevertheless, 1 was left with the impression that it had been pushed out the door before its time. For one thing, Covenant doesn't have any docs. Yup, a six-disk RPG without a manual! Admittedlv, it’s fun to figure out what the game’s supposed to be about, and the operating rules are pretty intuitive, but several times I wanted to consult a guidebook on, for instance, why I couldn’t get any response from clicking on the “Disk” icon, or to find out what keywords are valid in conversation. They also haven’t encrypted the graphic files. That means the user can see them with any IFF viewer . . . And thus read the epilogue without having to play the game a discovery I really didn't care to make. There's only one saved-game position. And, most damning of all, Covenant also doesn’t seem to reset its game world properly when you start over. Consequently, regardless of how many times 1 was killed and reborn or how many new characters I created, I was immediately under attack every time I entered the starting village of Ashdod (where I’d apparently riled up the populace by stealing a fish) until 1 deleted and then reinstalled this almost three-megabyte game. Not fun . . . And hardly epic. Score: C. CD32 GAMES Lock-N-Load Now, this is what I call games. Northwest Public Domain has roped the 500 or so games from the first 150 Assassins games compilations onto a single CD, added in about the same number of freely distributable games from its own archives (nicely organized by directory and bootable from icons), provided scripts to force 600 AGA-unfriendly entries to run (about 80 percent should work on CD32s equipped with mouse and keyboard), and is selling the lot for a bargain-basement S22.49 something over two cents per game. I could argue over the omission of some titles and the inclusion of others do we really need 28-plus variations on Tetris? And a good number need either a keyboard or mouse. But this spirited collection is obviously a labor of tove, and NWPD is committed to updates. Frontier: Elite II David Braben's exquisite space-ex- ploration game [Gametek UK, about S35) enters CD32 orbit cleaner and at slightly better speed than the disk- based original, which was a bit of a slug on an unacceterated A1200. The code has been optimized for the CD32's '020 processor, the game seems slightly cleaner and ... er, that's about it. (Don't mourn for the absence of the IBM version's bitmapped polygons; it was a sort of graphical version of acne.) Frontier's still as big as creation, the police are still ultradiligent, and you still never know what charming little vacation spot you're going to find in the next system over. Then again, this doesn't begin to push the system. The original. But the game proper is similar to Pirates! Essentially, it's a VGA rendition of the original and you're still the terror of the Caribbean, getting into swordfights and cannon duels (the latter are great fun), stealing, trading, and following the winds of information. It also inherits the limitations of its parent: Pirates! Gold is wider than it is deep, and consequently gets dull after a while. But given the crush of quick Amiga ports and the shortage of big new products (which should begin to be rectified by the time you read this), this is going to stand out for a while. Project X F17 Challenge Alien Breed: Special Edition Qwak They're back. Team 17's first CD32 releases are a pair of two-fer compilations (about S35 each), each featuring two straight conversions of the label's budget hits. They're all at least as good as they were on floppy Alien Breed plays especially well here but haven't been bumped up in any obvious way. The only bonus is that F17 Challenge, which I fairly loathed on disk, has been made NTSC compatible, and this full-screen version brings out innate Prtstop tendencies that weren't given free rein in the trimmed-down screens of the PAL original. And that, in turn, gives greater prominence to weather effects (and their gradual disappearance), the importance of speed in and out of the pits, and the way you can't advance past a certain gear once you take a certain level of damage. It does take a while to load, though, and the collisions remain an embarrassment. It's also inconvenient to have the docs available only on CD, and the game pairings are rather odd. Why not Overdrive to go with F17, or Superfrog to go with the buoyant. Bubble Bobble-like fruit harvester, Qwak? Pirates! Gold A somewhat odd, but not unpleasant choice for MicroProse UK's first CD32 game. Pirates! Gold was originally designed to pull the IBM version of Pirates! (which was released in EGA) up to the spec of the Amiga conversion (which put it to shame). So it feels a bit like keeping up with the Joneses for MPS UK to turn around and port Pirates! Gold back to the Amiga. Haven't we seen this already? Shouldn't this be something like The Legacy or Starlord instead? Well, yea and nay, m'lad. A nifty Silicon Graphics-generated intro adorns this new version, the interface has been made much more adventure-like and participatory, and I didn't recognize a few other features from Dangerous Streets What can you say about a game whose most prominent feature is the nearly bare bottom of the woman on the cover? The characters and backdrops in this beat-'em-up = Flair, about S35) are quite pretty, making for some luscious back-of-the-jewel-box stills, but that impression lasts exactly as long as it takes to touch the controller, because the gameplay has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It's amazing that Commodore UK included this in a bundle. Wait for Ultimate Body Blows (look for a review in an upcoming issue) instead. ¦ Looking for More Power From Your A500or A2000?
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• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) With: 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 8 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 '0 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 Only $ 3990 ' Call for more information 68882-50 FPU add $ 119.00 j Sam, Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor pSr Derringer tebnum 50mhz 0n y Sfcf’jyop Optional SomhzFPuli™ ,ea,ur*«itecs .n 7$ 119°0
• V.: 50mhz for the price others charge for 40mhz! =GVP GVP-A123Q TURBO 50mhz Accelerator MMU t CQQ60 With 4mb 32 BIT RAM. FREE For 50mhz FPU ...FREE Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! - 1-800-CSA-XLR8 A 1200 ACCELERATORS COMMODORE CHIPS
2. 04 ROM .. only $ 33 95 Super Denise .... .$ 33 95
1. 3 ROM .S21.50 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for...... .$ 18.00 A1000 1.5 MG Upgrade-Memory and Clock DKB .S178.00 MC68000 68010 .$ 15.00 Rom Switcher .... .S39.95 CSA Rocket Launcher - 2630 Doubler....$ 399.00 8 up Board with 2 mb ... ......$ 129.00 1 mb Agnus $ 38.00 Paula Denise ..... CALL LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP it, HD, IIP, HID, HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 99.00 Board with 4 MB $ 175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ..$ 189.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) ..$ 325.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, 11, Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing. Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95 0 with4mb ..adds 169* with68882RC50 ..add$ 119* &26900 33mhzCpU and jj
* FREE 33mhz FPU $ 199 DRAM BLOWOUT We ’II Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper $ 499* IVS 1 MEG Simms CALL 1x8-80 ..$ 45.00 1x8-70 ..$ 46.00 4x8-80 ..S139.00 4x8-70 SI 59.00 4x8-60 $ 179.00 8mb 16mb 32mb Simms CALL A4000 80 NS4MB Simms$ 149.00 A4000 70NS 4MBSimms...$ 159.00 A4Q00 60 NS 4MB Simms... $ 169.00 4 MB .CALL 1 MB ... S69.95 Nibble Mode Simms...CALL GVP SIM32 SIMMS Mega Midget Racer, 512K Upgrade .$ 99.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb.....$ 349.00 DKB Megacbip 2000 ....$ 189.00 DKB 3128A-3000 A 4000 Memory Board ....CALL A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ $ 24.95 1x4-70 SCZ .CALL 256x4 - 80 SCZ ...$ 6.00 Includes Instructions MEMORY FOR m COMPUTERS - CALL! Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. 1x4-60 CALL 1x4-70 .....CALL 256x4-80 S5.00 256x4-70 $ 5.95 1x1-100 $ 4.99 1x1-80 ...$ 5.99 1x1-70 ..$ 6.50 256x4-80 CALL 256x4-70 CALL 1x4-80 ....CALL 256x1-120 ...$ 1.00 256X1-100 80 70 60..CALL PAGE ZIPS MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB ..$ 159.00 2 MB .$ 199.00 4 MB ......,.$ 299.00 8 MB .. $ 429.00 with 68882-50 ...add $ 119.00 Call for other configurations! 68030-RC-50 with MMU .....$ 139.95 6882 RC-50 .$ 119.95(Call for olher speeds) 387-25 SX (Bridge Board) ......S69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) SlO.OOea. 68882 PLCC40 mhz .....$ 135.00 287 Mathco for Bridgeboard CALL 68881 - AH speeds ......CALL 68882 -Allspeeds ......CALL Call for other speeds CSA-12 Gauge A1200 68030 50mhz Accelerator mmu with SCSI & optional Networking Controller with 4mb-60~70NS adcf S169;,: m with 68882RC50 add 5119* Call for other configurations Microbotics- MBX 68030 1230 XA 50 mhz Accelerator MMU £329' 00 wilh 28 Mhz CPU ancK*' FREE 28 Mhz FPU mWI11 MATH CHIPS AND CPUs MMU Memory World 3392 Progress Dr. • Units B&C ? Bensolem, PA 19020-5899 • Attn: AmigaDepf. VISA MC CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 10.00 for two-day delivery
• Add $ 5.00 tor C.O.D. • PA Residents add 6% * (APO. AK. Hi, Foreign shipping - call (Dr rates) * 10° 0 Restocking fee lor return of non-defeclive items • No relund lor Shipping Charges PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice We at Anti-Gravity Products have the highest confidence in Amiga products, and the resurgence in the Amiga platform. It is our belief that we can only d* go up from here. The new owners of Commodore or the technology will support and market these products in the correct manner. The Amiga ym platform is too powerful to be ignored. Here at Anti-Gravity we stand ready fj to support and augment your Amiga systems with the latest in hardware, ?' I software and support for all your Amiga, Video Toaster and 3-D animation needs. When It Comes To Amiqa Nobody Does It Like ANTI GRAVITY PRODUCTS! 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 PAX (310) 576-6383 When It Comes To Amiga Nobody Does It Like ANTI GRAVITY PRODUCTS! 7 What's New with Federal Express Delivery Available! ANTI GRAVITY WORKSHOP! 1 AGW is currently working on a J Virtual Reality pilot for Fox.
Z) Look for it this Fall on Fox! Look For ANTI GRAVITY COMPUTERS Our new storefront will soon be opening in West Los Angeles! A4000 + ToasterOven = 4000 TOWER! With: 40MHz 040, SCSI-2,1GB SCSI-2 HD, 2MB ChipRam, 16MB 60n5 FastRAM Scall Features: A Better 3D Look Improved 040 Support £ n Faster FastFileSystem Directory Cache file System 8-Bit (256 color) Support Roms and Software & Manual A500 A2000 A3000 A4000 We Accept Make It Fast, Easy, & Affordable!! LEASE Your Equipment for Low, Low Monthly Payments! CALL US! AmiMac4000 Tower Two - Two - Two - That's Two Computers In One v_!_ s AmigaDOS 3.1 Roms and Software & Manual MacROMs & System 7.1 Software Emplant w SCSI & 2 Serial Ports Tower with 11 slots 11 Drive Bays; 40MHz 040, SCSI-2, 2GB SCSI-2 HD; 2MB ChipRam, 32MB 60ns FastRAM; 24Bit Graphics Card & 17" IDEK 8617 Monitor } Call For Complete Pricing & Options Network II for $ 295 Add A Picassoll 2MB & 17" IDEK Monitor for S1320 A4000-25MHz-040 6 o hd A4000-25MHz-040 6 5oomb hd A4000WARP: 40MHz-040 6MB Ram, SCSI-2, 340MB HD A4000WARP: 40MHz-040 18MB Ram, 2GB Barracuda HD Media Systems mfT'7"" A n Cufcs 51295 LIZ!! I4b( A Broll $ 2245 With NEW Non-Linear Editing Support MAC Snap Maps are unique textures that trim 3D surfaces into new shapes! Snap Maps integrate 24-bit color maps with bump and clip maps to simulate complex structures! Save memory and modelling time in creating photorealistic scenes. Plus tutorial scenes for Lightwave, Imagine, and Real 3D. Each Only $ 129.9: PC & MAC Based Video Editing With Toaster & Alladin Conti ? A B Roll ? Tape Log Library Manaqemen ? 16,000 Event EDL ? Transfer Loq Search to EDL ? Full Switcher Control ? Auto Assembly of EDL Slo-Motion Controll ? Import Export LMX, GVG, Sony ED How Fast Is The Warp Engine? HARDWARE FEATURES Very High Speed Local 040 Memory Bus with full 040 burst access
• NCR 53C710 40MHz SCSI-2 Fast Controller connected directly to the 040.
• 32Bit SCSI host bus DMA interface supporting burst to and from the RAM ¦ Supports lOMB s SCSI transfers.
• Full DMA allows the CPU to still have 90% Processing Power while doing Transfers.
• No Zorro III DMA Problems. ¦ Fully Autoconfigurable with optional Autoboot capability for SCSI.
• 32Bit Ram Expansion Up To 128MB.
• Uses Standard 72Pin SIMM Modules.
• Allows Mixing of Ram Module Sizes. ¦ Supports 4,8,16,32 MB SIMM Modules.
• Uses the Memory that is installed on the Amiga 4000 MotherBoard.
• Supports DMA access from Zorro III Devices to onboard Memory.
• A3000 Version Supports up to 64MB of 32Bit Memory.
• A3000 Engine will clock 16MH? MotherBoards at 25MHz. Compatibility
• Compatible with the Video Toaster, Retina Z-lll and OpatVision.
• Works in all 3000, and 4000 series Amigas.
• Requires AmigaDos 2.1 or greater.
• Full Two Year warranty rhe WARP ENGINE Is an 040 Accelerator »vlth a High-Speed SCSI-2 controller 6r ip to 128MB of ram expansion, All-In-One! Rendering Lw3D Texture Example A40D0 040-25MHz: 160 set. A3000 WARPS NOW AVAIUBLE A4000 Warp 28MHz: 82 sec,- aprox. 2x faster A4000 Warp40MHz: i 56 sec-aprox. 3x faster Warp SCSI-2 Speed: TTSl W '"'-W Using Diskspeeckthe 2.1 GB Barh daDri>** Read 9MB sec with 94% of the CptHtill availinfl siuaniS The Warp Engine Series of Ac refer at on is a break-through in AMIGA Expansion design The Warp Engine comes in three versions for the Amiga Toaster 4000 and three for the AMIGA 3000. > j-' All Warp Engines are fully upgradable to 40MHz by just changing the CPU and the Clock Oscillator! The Warp Engine uses standard 72 Pin SIMMs (NO CUSTOM SIMMs )and allows the use of up to foufdlTfereht sizes of SIMMs (4,8,16 and 32MB) at the same time. Unlike other companare only available from them, and or they only allow the same size SIMMs to be installed making it necessary to remove your old SIMMs before you can add larger SIMMs. The NCRS3C710-1 SCSI-II Fast 32Bit DMA Bus Master Processor makes it the Fastest available with its direct connection to the 040 chip thfs provides up to lOMB s Transfers and allows the 040 to retain 90% to 98% of its processing power! Zorro III Memory boards cannot even reach 70% of the speed of the Motherboard Memory while Warp Engines Local 040 Burst Memory is many times faster than the Motherboard Memory! Dynamic Motion Module: $ 135 NUCLEUS ELECTRONICS, INC Remember the Domino Theory? Dominoes falling in j chain reoctioa Imagine Eying to animate that scene Imagine the time and effort of setting all those key frames.' With Positron Publishing's Dynamic Motion Module for Lightwave 3D, that drudgery is gone forever. DMM mates this and hundreds of No Slot, No Bother, No Mwrv.... t's Not Just Cuts Editing! It's a fact! The simplest and most versatile single frame controller for the Amiga has graduated as the newest editor on the block. You'll be amazed that our custom serial interface cable and unique software can turn your Amiga into a powerful editing system. The Personal Editor has a very comfortable, intuitive interface tyle and a performance that you'll find is both hard
- just like you and your business. Orking and reliable f course the Personal Editor doesn't have 45 Ics, 57 ssistors, 23 capacitors, innumerable wires, circuit board aces, and an 86 pin edge connector. Your Amiga already ad all this, we just put it to work - smart eh ? Jutonuiicjlly cilcutotes the key frames, detects the collisions and makes the objects respond appropriately. Think of the time you (I save and hew productivesouTt become with DMM-Tfce faster Way to Aniindrre IVJth Ligiitume 3D. R " Mastering Television Technology by Ceu! Smith is a guide to video and audio technology' addressing technical issues, including system timing, imaging, audio mixing, more. Answers To Tel vision Technology by
- - ... , _...W. ... . Cedi Smiih is a compilation of inars. Mastering Toaster Technology by Brent MaJructiind Phil Kuriis the step-by -step gurlde to using the Newlefc Video toaster Designed to walk reactors through important toaster tasks. ANTI GRAVITY ontact us for a full feature list and RS-422 interface VTR compatibility (mixed media formats and brands are In jpported). Fnexpensive and powerful two deck video diting has finally come to the Amiga ! PERSONAL EDITOR FEATURES Federal Express Delivery Available! SMPTE time coded clip logging, & B Mode auto-assembly. ’seudo A B roll (A X roll) w Toaster. DVE transistions CG page functions Toaster, 3VE transistions CG page Still irrc jges: FrameStore, Ifk CMX™ 3400 or 3600 list t 24, JPEG, etc. in EDL export. Split audio & match frame edits, 100% accurate single frame controller. PRODUCTS 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 Terms aid Conditions: Cat tor si D>ig raws, wanartes, and other COIfies thill aopiy Qj.ir.tiiioa nro limited anil prices aro sjDjoct to change without notice Anti Gravity Products (AGP) accepts COD odors MyMJle 5y cn»hi«H check only Payment must accompany ail pyichftw orders Vk am aD e to O ei Quantity discount* to daaf's and syitorn Su'deni Odors may t-3 pa d Dy V sa.Vasteroara AH sa es am f ruit No retunas, pioase Detectrve eichaiges are 'o' sums product only and must haie a Return Vatora. Author tea: on rurrpor (Bt.tAi do in original packaging, and condition No guarantees are implied as to product pertormance with you' system or as ro mar.u-acrj-p'S claims and spacil-- cations A 20' j restock ng foe applies to all enchanges ot urlike P’oducts or any orders that aro canceled aler shipp.ig All excfianfles are a! Our opt on AGP is aflie to sh.rp via. 11 Federal Express Prrpnty. Standard Ove-m gm and Second Day Ecercmy 2) UPS cvemgh: Serenes Day and Gxt-nd Mas: onje-s are snipped with n ag nxiry to« ycur convM'r j.nco Sfnpcirg damage must be reportM C reefy to in* earner with n 10 days Federal E«p-ess logos usmJ with oormijvon MILL The Most Powerful DeskTop Video System In The World! The Only Proven Amiga Tower 4000 Solut ion! TOASTER OVEN 4000 11 Slots Available aL One Time! I Video Slot Up to 6 Zorro Slots* 6 PC Slots II Drive Bays 500 Watt Switchable Power Supply Mouse, Keyboard & Joystick Extenders HardDisk & Floppy Cables Included 2 Cooling Fans All Metal RF Enclosure
L. E.D. Readout For Clock Speed Switches Monitor On Off ‘Optional Adapter allows you to plug your YC+ or Personal Component Adopter into our PC Cord Slot. Finally you can enjoy the full power of your Amiga 4000 and transform it into the most powerful Desktop Video System in the world! "The most elegant solution.. " Computer Video "Now that's power on the desktop." Desktop Video World DIGITAL . I Ihw
• * " B ilk ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦1111k IBIlllllfi ¦¦¦¦¦¦111 ¦¦¦¦¦¦III
• ¦ ¦ ¦ HSIr
• ¦ ¦ aiir ' ¦ iPr PROCESSING SYSTEMS INC. PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER (PAR): 24-Bit Real Time Video Playback Recorder (S-Video, NTSC, Beta Mil, PAL Vcr Available) $ Call S Call S Call Amiga NTSC PAL PC (ISA bus) PAR HARDDISKS 500MB 5495
l. OGB S Call
1. 7GB S Call PERSONAL COMPONENT ADAPTER: Beta MII Decoder S 4901 PERSONALTBC (V (NTSC): use with PAR to record video S 820 PERSONAL TBC It VT-3000 (PAL): use with PAR to record S Call PERSONAL V-SCOPE: for Amiga & PC S 750 DPS-210: Video Signal Transcoder (NTSC) S1450 TOASTER READY 14" ISKHz w SyncStrainer S 595 TOASTER READY 17" 15KHz w 5yncStrainer S1035 NEW 17” 8617 1280x1024
23. 5-86KHz $ 795 NEW 21" 86211280x1024
23. 5-86KHz $ 2395 MicroWave Oven 8 Slots Available at One Time! 8 PC Slots 3 Powered Zorro's 200 Watt Switchable Power Supply 20 Watt Stereo Amplifier Graghic Equilizer IU HI VISTAPRO The Ultimate Amiga Creation Tool! A4000Toaster WarpA4000Toaster Oven Warp System: System: 40MHz-040 SCSI-2
4. 3GB HD 38MB Ram 17" IDEK ISKHz SyncStrainer $ Call P - 40MHz-040 SCSI-2
4. 3GB HD 38MB Ram 17" IDEK ISKHz SyncStrainer S Call Gtaieand implore gorgeous leahtortd arid fractal landscapes and thin fly through I hem! Cttaie images tliat arc uniquely yours! Vtstt Pro is different from dip art nr Mock photos.
• You define I he color, palrlle.3-Dlrets.sntw level, waves, haze, clouds, lakes, rivers and more!
• Realistic fractal lev tor inn adds amazing detail to your tenderings!
• Based on data from the IS Geological Surveys and NASA.
• Generalrlrft and right images for 3-D devices,
• Vistapro is also available lor DOS, Win dows. Und Mac Give us a ISCREAM! IF you want to hear about the RAPTOR Lightwave Renderer Virtual Reality - Laboratories, Inc S 13,695 "The Little Magic Box" $ 635 Adapts toaster to S-VHS, MII and Betacam component operation. Dou n- lime Dillil-Low UPS0NIC PC Might Series of products provide the finest 24 hour power protection, with at least 10 minutes of guaranteed backup power enabling you to save all data and power down safely. With UPSONIC UPS, smal electrical disturbances are transparent to your computer system. Don't let hoursi of animation disappear in transient brown-outs, spikes and power surges. UPSONIC's UPS family We Accept ANTI GRAVITY meets your specific needs with ex- ly tne ri performance solution. Ight cost-effective, high- UPSONIC's new System Models provide Pulse Width Modulation circuitry to eliminate transformers, and additional battery capability and no extra recharge time. PCM25: 250 VA 5125 PCM35: 350 VA S195 PCM55: 550 VA S335 PCM80: 800 VA 5495 PCM140: 1400 VA S755 PCM200: 2000 VA 51095 System300:3K VA 53,495 Deafer Enquiries Welcome acth PRODUCTS Federal Express Delivery Available! 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 We Accept DIAAENSION Federal Express Composite Studio For ToasterPaint™ $ 13 Q Delivery Available? Composite Studio is a powerful user configurable image compositing program. By taking control of ToasterPaint1 or OpalPaint*', Composite Studio allows you to quickly and easily combine, resize, and arrange Framestores or RGBs. Composite Studio is perfect for the video, multimedia, or broadcast professional. Power Templates: choose from 40 predefined templates or customize your own. Multi-Level BevelsI Images can be surrounded by a multi-level bevel yr perhaps choose from one of twenty frame styles including gold, silver, wood, narbte, & antique. Shadows: Use the powerful Shadow Button to add a quick dropshadow. Textures And Fills: Add to any background, foreground, or element. Jurassic Collection: $ 150 ? Tyrannosaurus Rex ? Gallimimus ? Pterodactylus ? Brachiosaurus The Cathedral: $ 95 Dimension Technologies Collections: Music Collection: ( 50 objects) Sports Collection: = 50 objects) Wedding Collection: ( 50 objects) Odds and Ends: (200 objects) $ __ f LIGHTWAVE OBJECTS Amiga Imagine Fmt 5180 PC Imagine Fmt 5180 Lightwave Fmt 5160 3D Studio Fmt Scall Includes: Man, Woman, k Strong Man, |l Child*, Facial J rnorPh targets TA Run & Walk i | scripts. Hand ( ' morph targets Can be used J in your own commercial J- productions.
• Child model is sent to registered users . PRODUCTS ANTI GRAVITY TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 Run LightWave without.tlie'If taster b ' using LIGHT RAVE to environment. ‘Kix-ciwUxhtRmr in S345 nlth tlwpttn'IktvfDfii = ¦uUit hxutrr-UKKtor 11 itftgrudr.vtftuan-? 456 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90402 Batch Processing: Simply set an unlimited number of images up and ' Zomposite Studio will render and save them for you. E1 you Newton's Law 'he First Particle Animation System for LightWaveBD 3.1 PowerMacros S110 A New Level of Ligthwave Mastery ENERGY: Shatter; Blow Up; Swarm LayOut: Snake: Render Batch; Move Scene; Smooth l efocity; Focal Distance Modeler: Attach to Polygon; Clone Object & Surface; Flip Around Polygon; Load From Scene; Mirror Using Polygon; Save Pivot Point Business: ChartI; Charl2 ow Animators can include High-End rocediiral effects to their work. Do in limites what would take days to set up! Articles bounce with real world heluvior ilh gravity simulation. Multiple point cavity wells allow bending and directing te stream. Ilotk or swarm of partidi'v ompfete with Wind, Custing, Flaking and wirling controls adjustable uper axis. Advanced Physics Module for Lightwave! The Ultimate in Animation Control: S 195 Automatic Motion Path Creation, Gravity, Collision Detection, Surface Attributes, Engines, Si Effects! Replica Technology Homes: $ 95 our complete, scaled homes for .ightwave. Exteriors, Interior rooms. )oors and windows animated. Over 20 surfaces per home. Nterior Construction: $ 95 .reate rooms ind interiors vith over 100 Objects: doors, vindows, stairs, ixtures, mold- ngs, walls, loors, ceilings and rooms. Interior Design 1: Over 50 Real-World Scaled Furniture Objects; beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, and more. Doors and drawers can be animated! Interior Design 2: $ 45 Over 50 Scaled Kitchen ito and Bathroom Objects: Lighting Objects, ap- :phances, cabinetry, sinks, vanities, bathtubs, toilets and toiletry, and more. Doors and drawers can be animated! Interior Design 3: Over 50 Real-Worlil Scaled Office Objects: chairs, desks, book cases, file cabinets, shelves, PC workcentcrs and more. 7SM7MS77 | Royalty free Stock Footage for Computer ANIMATORS! Moving Textures 100 contains 22 texture sequences for use in computer animations. Two types of image sequences are f includedtoil the CD ROM. 2 j Tru Maps: 2 versions of a Time Lapse cloud animation, cackling fire , smooth burning flames, bubbling steam, ocean water, and slow moving smoke. FX Maps: Boiling, Burst, Calm, Disturb, Jiggle, Liquid, Pour, Rough, Spots, Swift, Tide, Water A, Water B, Waves A, & Waves B Each sequence contains 300 to 900 ready to 24 use IFF frames. Tru Maps are stored as 24 bit color, 8 bit color, or 8 bit greyscale images. All FX Maps are stored as 8 bit greyscale images. 8?,v* ¦ > tW. ¦¦ W jm PROD ES-600C $ 775 A24 bit, 300 dpi ES-800C $ 107! 24 bit, A400 dpi Scanner Driver * ms t T 0 Software S95 antigrMDI IIMUeJ 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santai. 576-6383 J5 TEL(310) 393-6650 Monica, CA 90402 We Accept ;r -r9 Ml VISA Polytype Art Collection includes original and innovative designs that relate to many different styles and tastes. Features; Easy To Use, Less Disk Space, Postscript Flexablity, Quality & Quantity And all the fonts are AMI complete FONTS'v The font solution for tl| Amiga*. All fonts presented in Amiga formats: PostScript PageStream , Compugraphic Irvtellifont along with bitmaps for Video, Graphic and Multimedia applications. PolyType ART Collectionv IMAGES IN FONT FORMAT ' ANTI GRAVITY PUBLISHING PRESENTS: Over 600 Exciting New Images 5 Call Introducing PageStream3 Allure LeisureOrnaments Optyx Fruits & Vegetables Corners Animals & Birds ArtDeco IP! £ Hi Arrowtek Sj Buisinesslcons ups e desktop Ah)[ for the Toaster System and Amiga computers... The best DTP program is PageStrcum3 for the Amiga and Toaster workstation. Design professional documents with built-in word processing and illustration capabilities, and the ability to work with many Mac and PC file formats. It will change the way yon think about publishing. Or ¦’ baS’B59 i da*toP publisher! >H I loach,L! L e'Sne oLj
- ofesSortJ of line ' on. ¦rs *0 questions about-; e s k i o p Pu bli she rs S29.95 pSlng r Pe effectively oftype Service Bureau Qctjcs - _ V. ENLAN-DFS Ver2 $ 265 Peer-to-Peer Networking Interworks ENLAJiDFS' n ReMo2- HOT NEW Shareware Utility With ENLAN
• r interface _-.G y , PLEASE ALLWAYS REGISTER SHAREWARE Registration 52 - . .. ¦ ~ ¦ ¦¦ ¦ ' - ¦ ¦ ¦ nFS is the Ethernet-based, Peer-to-Peer networking solution for the Amiga. ENLAN-DFS provides H U file and peripheral sharing, previously only vailable on other computer platforms. ENLAN-DFS is diskdrive, 1 softVvare for turning your Amigas into powerful, integrated workgroups, whether it's the ideal n hundreds of systems! ENLAN-DFS is easy to install and use, and is transparent to your two, twe v ' tv»are 5hared resources may appeer upon the Workbench and operate just like local applicant) peqicATED SERVER is required; any system can share rexources with any other system. NETWORKING SOLUTION resources. WaAflench Sjecn Optimize Your Production Environment ¦fll ENLAH-0fS2.fr__ J :HI- Icoflf? ) - c«»«»vy;.yy.-.-.J z4 ? Share drives, directories, and data files across the network eliminate sneaker-net! Access printers, tape drives and CD-ROMs through the network. Use NetRexx to send and receivi Arexx commands to any system or Arexx port on the network. Implement Security feature
i. .. *>¦ ENLWDFS 2.
1. WI- jf. IE Interworks ETHERNET SOLUTION EfOS" Interworks ENLAN-DFS Ver 2.0 Software License Up to 5 Nodes S 265 Toaster-Net: Coming Soooon! LightWave Network Rendering S Call Ethernet Board S Call (CROSS PLATFORM NE‘ Network Amiga's, Mac's PC's, & SGI's with: Interworks-TCP l $ 325 : A120Q NETWORK CARD) Network your A1200's into a Render Farm with a card that fits in your PCMCIA slot! 1-Card Ethernet S 295, v Cables, T-Connecters, and Terminators are available call for details St price Federal Express Delivery Available! Amlg.ii Multiplatform Mulliplotfomi Muliipl.it form Muftiplal Form Muffipjatform Multiplatfarm Multiplatforin Multiplatform Multiplulform Multiplaiform 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santo Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 Texture City I Pro-100 ft 1 24-bit Textures for Amiga, PC, Mac, SCI In Tiff-Targa- Pcx-lff format CD-ROM: c n Barracuda-1 ST11950N 1,69 GB S 1450 Barracuda-3 ST15150N
4. 3 GB S 4250 FMT DRIVE SZ. SPEED PRICE 270MB Quantum LPS270 3.5LP 10ms 5 250 540MB Quantum LPS540 3.5LP 10ms S 485 10 CB Quantum EMP1080 3.5LP 9ms S 795
1. 0 CB Micropolis 2210 3.5 10ms S Call
1. 7 CB Micropolis 2217 3.5 10ms S Call J
1. 8 CB QuantumProl800S 3.5 10ms S1150
2. 9 CB Seagate Elite-3 5.25 Vms 52150
8. 9 CB Seagate Elite-9 5.25 Vms SS8S0 p&W? 20 CB TAPE DRIVE 5.25 2.5MB sec 53995 &N1*1
3. 5" FAAAAST !!! 7200 RPM 500,000 MTBF Fast SCSI-2 8ms Barracuda-2 ST12550N
2. 1 GB $ 1795
7. 0GB 2210AV $ 995
1. 7GB 2217AV S1350
3. 0GB 1936AV $ 2900 Ami Back Plus Tools S 65 TapcWorm-FS S Call TapeWorm-FS allows any SCSI tape drive to act like an AmigaDOS volume.
9. 1GB 1991AV S Call Exabyte 8mm Drive: 5GB upto 10GB Compressed EXB-8505 5.25" HH 58MB min $ 2275 Exabyte 8mm Tape: $ 20 each or 5 for $ 90 Exabyte 8mm Cleaning Tape: $ 20 Abekas Driver from ASDG (Amiga, Mac, PC) $ Call r 4 UtMI IT Experience H L te Difference! R - ly ll i !-J U J i f CA Extended Warranty Plans Available! I mUJ i ? 2, 3, & 4 year Warranty ? 72 Hour Replacements Lite Is Committed To Provide Added ? 800-Toll-Free Tech Support iue, Convenience And Excellent ? Install Video Available itomer Support With Every Product. On most models! RDDISKS turing Drives From Conner, IBM St Quantum! SCSI-2 HardDisks I HILite IDE HardDisks
3. 5 9.5ms 5 445 S545 0.34 GB 3.5 13ms S395
3. 5 9.5ms S785 S885 0.54 GB 3.5 9.5ms S495
3. 5 8.6ms S855 S955 0.72 GB 3.5 9.5ms S795
3. 5 9.2ms S1350 S1450 0.81 GB 3.5 8.6ms 5895 I 51 4 9.5ms S2835 S2935 10 GB 3.5 9.2ms 5950 I ___) HILite Multi Media CD-ROMS Features fjT[~ u j ? Double, Triple, St New Quad Speeds ? Kodak Multi-session CD Compliant Ol 1 ? MPC Level L IVI ~ t v -'mmmm&m ? XA Compliant 1 Speed Access Transfer Internal External I 2X 240ms 330KB sec S295 $ 395 J i 2X 200ms 330KB sec S350 S450 ]__ ¦
• 3X 195ms 450KB sec $ 425 5495 SL. . ' ~~] M 4X FAST 6OOKB sec $ 595 $ 695
3. 5" SyQuest-105MB & 270MB I Has an average seek time of 14.5ms; Comes in SCSI & IDE formats; And the 270MB drive reads& writes the 105MB cartridges.
5. 25" SyQuest- 88MB & 200MB Has an average seek time of 20ms; Comes only in SCSI format; And the 200MB drive reads & writes the 44 & 88MB cartridges. Drives: 88C 105 ZOO 270 IDE Bare Drive SWA S 265 SN A S 415 SCSI Bare Drive $ 285 $ 265 $ 425 $ 430 External w Cart. S 455 $ 425 S 625 S 635 Cartridges: 88MB 105MB 200MB 270MB 1 each for S100 S 70 $ 720 $ 90 5 each for $ 93 S 65 $ 710 $ 85 InfoMarket Cdjl w Pinball Fantasias & Sleepwalker $ 389
CD) 2 w Pinball Fantasies, Sleepwalker & Liberation $ 415 Price 32
16. 95
28. 95
28. 95
29. 95 Title Ultm BdyBlows Lock N Load Thata Games 1 That's Games 11 Gam es&Good les Strip Poker (kb rcq)29.95 Sexual Fantasies 59.95 Call For More!__ Cover Girl Strip Pokcr-T --------------- choice fr$ m 8 women. Speaks In 4 languages-*-oiorcl 29.95 Animus In Motion B 5cW animations o sorts of animals. 9.95 HoundOfDaskervllies- Inleractlve Sherlock Holmes mystery 12.95 Titles Town With N o Name- Interactive western cartoon! Also worte gn Title Price 17BltCDctn(2CD)28.95 17BltConL 17.95 Aminet Mar94 14.95 Sexual Fantasle 59.95 EuroScene 14.95 Tbats Games II 28.95 GamesNGoodles 29.95 Clipart 5r Fonts 29.95 Strip Poker(cdtvl 29.95 Test vour poker alnst vour skills $ 7 Titles Covert Action F 15 II Flames Of Freedom Greens Knights ct the Sky Millenium $ 10 Titles Sleeping Gods Lie War In The Gulf Commercial' [Software 1 0-25 S 1099 00 wet Tnur tKidmm 1 By DarkSoftWare Multiple Platform Graphics Conversion & Processing Wf? 11 Call Now To Order! 03 iMadaCatil 1-914-639-5095 Info I-914.634.7097 Fax AH Amiga Since 1985 Micro R&D Bigfout 500PS S 88.95 IjigfooC 2000PS SI 55.00 A3000 PS PCD SI06.00 Sluigsihot Pro S 59.95 A12CORam clk S 94.95 MaxFaxModenil4,4 $ 275.95 Amiga Repairs Wc do Amiga repairs on A1000 A500 A2000 A A30OO , Wc also do rcjuira on surface mount PCD's in tic A1200 A4000 . Our rate ls a OaL 35.00 hr plus parts. Pails Special of Lite month A500 Drive S45.00 Classes tog''" nifl October 3' .¦Tvjo-NeaiPfCl arn ,ca» lot Vrtomtato otto mange a wai , Financial a-d lot those who o.uaMv _ . Excellent ernptoymem assistance . Dormitory and apartment housing ava'ab THE W iNSmUTE OF P 526 Penn Avenue, Pittsbutgh. A-B00-275-2470 Circle 157 On Reader Service Card. Circ|e 51 Qn Fteacj0r Service Card. Let us be your 1st Choice for Top Quality New, or Hard to Find Used, Amiga Hardware & Software 5L f |LAjlMjm|G]0 ardware [HoM3IklLi]II][a[Il The Complete Business Program for Videographers Now Shipping V2.5 Point of Sale, Accounting & Inventory Control Now Shipping V3.0 Call Today for your Free Demol 516-234-8110 or download a demo from
A. M.U.G. BBS 516-234-6046 Belter Concepts, Inc. Blows Away IheConipetition
• Super E&sy. Tomt & Click Envircxuncnt
• Converts Imu s To And From IFF. OF. JPEO. PCX. 24 Bit & More!
• Many Configurable Iinajj: Output Options Resizing Precise Scaling. Color Correction. Batdt Processing Hus So Much More! 680S0 or higher required Better Concepts, Inc. « fiAA *0 Mandon Terrace l-80Q-t5Amiga r,ziNew CitVt NY Title PriceTttle Price Lotus Trilogy $ 31 Gunahtp 2000 34 LabyrtnthTlme 29 Global Effect 35 SprtoethancBroa 32 Lemmlngafcdtv) 25 Liberation 28 Brutal Sprt FtbH 29 SummaOlmpx 32 Video Creator SC all Fury of Furrlcs 29 CD32 Football 29 Chaos Engine 32 lnslghtDlnsr 40 Fire & Ice 31 Dangrs Streets 28 We also have a full & tremendous PD Software Library tnoludtng games, utlhtles. Adult entertainment, music, gfx & so much morel Get Our Catalog Nowlin Title Price CDPDI 21.95 CD PD 11 21.95 CD PD 111 21.95 CD PD 1111 22.95 Demo CD I 21.95 Demo CD II 21.95 Fresh Fish New! 19.95 FrznFsh 1-1000 19.95 Gold Fish 2cd‘s 19.95 $ 5 Titles Amazing SplderMan Keys To Mammon ZcoCrc Dr Dooms Kcvcnge Circle 151 On Reader Service Card. Important News about the Future of the AMIGA. The current situation ai Commodore has left many of you concerned about die future of The Amiga Computer. We have contacted many of the Major Amiga developers and all have responded with a resounding thumbs up with plans for continuing support of the platform. The oilier major concern has been wiih Warranty repair and service . We feci il is the dealers responsibility to pick up the ball on warranty service on systems they sell. That’s why we offer Extended Coverage repairs (parts and labor) on every AMIGA 4000 or Video Toaster system we sell even if Commodore is unable to . We stand behind what we sell. Ambitious Technologies Toaster Oven II card slots 11 Drive bays 300 watt Power supply Perfect for the Video Flyer System . Only $ 873.00 $ 799.00 with System purchase. Attn: A4000 030 & A3000 Owners A3640 25 IV! HZ 040 card only $ 699.00 Very Limited availabity $ 1999.00 $ 2499.00. Ultimate Video Toaster Kkhol Video Toaster 3.1 • 18MB ram • 420 MB HD di2ti»c ElectroHome 14 " Monitor Call 1 800 - %7 -1073 Orders Only Phone814 583- 5838 FAX814 583 - 5995 J&CRepairRD2BOX9Rockton PA. 15856 tcenki npnfci o trm i nU i>t kjr >11smt hv» i i» rV-j ) % m-n txrrtooc* Mra>41ltwiTu hoi ttt! H vtnin'»* IS*, tm coi: Htiituu trarer>: A4000 v WarpEngine 040 40 MHZ GB SCSI II HD • 34 MB ram Electrohome 14" Monitor Year extended Coverage $ 5995.00 ith Video Toaster 3.1 $ 7894.00 DPS Personal TUC III $ 699.00 Person il TUC IV 5 799.00 Personal V-scope $ 729.00 Per. Comp. A dpi S 499.CO. PAR w 1.6 GU HD S 2895.00 Vidro Flyer CALL Digital Creations Kitdicii Sync TBC S 1199.00 Lillie Magic Box S (49.00 Misc Migraph 2400 S 1099.00 Tocaala 16 Bit Call Retina Call Vlab Motion Call 1 Year extended coverage A4000 040-25 LC A4000 040 25 $ 5295.00 $ 5694.00 Warp Engine Super System AMIGA 4000 System 6 MB ram 420 MB HD 1 Year extended coverage U4000 06 Circle 173 On Reader Service Card. Mm WD-25 LC InfoMarket TRANSDATA SYSTEMS "Your One Stop Amiga Store" (Authorized Commodore Amiga Dealer) Per Remote Cont ...... ..$ 284 TBC Plus(GVP) ... .$ 770 Slingshot Pro A2000 ....$ 42 A500-HD8 +0 120(A500) .5425 Pyramid Hand Scanner.... ..$ 147 G-FORCE-040 33 4(A2000).. $ 900 Pyramid Midi . ....$ 42 A1291 SCSI Kit(Al 200).... ...$ 99 Pryamid Mouse Master.... ....$ 31 DSS8 + (Sound Digitizer) ... ...$ 84 Pyramid Sound Sampler.. ...569 MBX 1200Z(25MhZ Al 200).. .5232 GP Fax Class 1 & 2 . ... $ 59
3. 5 H.D. Ext. F D .SI 59 A500-HD8 + 0 (A500)...... ..S245 Data Flyer RAM(A2000).... ...599 G-Force 040 40 ...... $ 1500 Data Flyer Int. (A2000) . ..$ 79 Supra Turbo .. ..$ 162 Data Flyer XDS (A1200 . ..$ 72 Toaster FX ..... ..$ 145 Data Flyer 4000 SX-2 .... ..$ 99 Ext, 2.5" SCSI case ... ....$ 95 THE PERSONAL SFC ...... .$ 389 Ext. Portable SCSI case.,.. ..$ 105 PCMCIA 1 MB (w. Baft) ..... .$ 170 DataFlyer 500 IDE .... ..$ 151 DISTANT SUN 5.0 ...$ 57 Mega chip 2000 ...... ..$ 199 A1000 Printer Cable ..... ...$ 24
3. 5" DS HD int F D .. ..$ 149 Desktop Budget . ...$ 47 Cinimorph .... ....$ 19 Top FORM ...$ 39 Bar & Pipe Pro. 2.5 ... ..$ 245 Home Front .... ...$ 39 Montage 24 .. ..$ 325 Profill Vol 2 3 ... ...$ 29 A1200 Clock . ....$ 36 Scenery Animator . ...$ 62 Deluxe Paint IV AGA ....$ 64 Vista Pro V3 ...... ...$ 62 CD 1200 Genlock (CD TV) ...S39 Home Builder CAD .. ...S57 X-Video Back-up System.. ..SI 21 AS 314(A3000) . ...S32 Auto Link ...... ....$ 42 Rexx Plus Compiler . .$ 127 Mac 2 Dos .... ....$ 90 Image FX .. .$ 212 Geos 2.0 Com 64 .... ....$ 43 Printer lnt.(C-64) ...$ 45 Icontroller Com 64 .. ....$ 19 Price & Availability 1o change without notice CD 32 NEW . ..$ 390 We will ship anywhere in the world. We cany a large selection of hardware and software for Commodore Amiga. Please call for the new release P0 Box 1429, Sun Valley, CA 91352 Tel: 714-630-1831, FAX: 714-630-5619 The Appelirci ihv Gold Di'ti A GREAT NO BOX VALLE 3 GREAT PROGRAMS ON | DISK MUSIC.l ull Notation Ediinr Pl.iyer WRITT;: Great little WtnlPlncnwir PAINT, Nice Iti fiuiiWTZOOM RtJl ATI-:Complete With Full MANEAUIiii'V in uvc TURTLE LIGHTNING PUBLIC DOMAIN AMIGAS* BEST; TLA S-FlS H -Hi AG - EUROPEAN-LICEN S EWA R E- C* OM M H R CIAL I'ry These 6-Disk Sets For Si0.0(1 Each Set FONT-PAC: Hundred* of l-onis with Assigns and ViewertMimy Sizes) CLII'-ARI PAC 3:Borders-l Jcsigns-Sigiis-People-Tmnsptirtiiiiun-More Cl .11' -ART PAC 4:Rcligion-HoiiiL>-E'eo(iIc-SpoitS'AninialS'Occasians COWER-MOD SET: 50Giuii Music MODS Plus HD Player (Awesome) 10 Disks of Great License Wan: Textures v- Only $ 271X) By: V.M. ALL FISH-ASSASSINS & TBAG DISKS ONLY $ 1.40 EA. GF-T OUR J DISK SAMPLER l-UI.I. Ot: GAMES: S5 DO
5. 73-PINBALI LAN I U ii«> 535 HRE N ICI: 538 lANX Oi.i ofiiilfi. 5f«l PAHACHUIL JOUST 575-STARHASli I f -. 576 2 DJSK SET-----1 577 MOTOROLA INV
* !•>.STOCK ANALYST 821 DlSKSAlViKI.ORG s5 DELUXE PAINT 2 SI 11.00 VaI IT-PaC nl DELUXE PAINT 2 PAG E-SETTER KINDWORDS Al l. FOR: I-A II 1.71 MASTER TYPE B-130 Who. What, When D-140 Mini ulna- Ckitf H-1 SI Pnm of Cali B-160 F-40 Panim U -17(1 Crazy Caft II- IWI EnOon I'ai n I B-TW SupcrSv13 0 VALUEJAC_g6 No Ben Software I Manual Fur All INTOFILE Dalahavc I 40 PFRSUII PORTS OF CA1J. W ho W lui Where MASTERTYPE All 5 $ 22 IOR Ci i.MV.uDOKE (fclQ Arnica MOUSE lFi 7 aXUga ii.xik FZ- HIGIWLKS A 5.5 Template Fa E) Paint 4 gives you Key-Stroke c-g Aid. Dunhle Levan E'it> lot*Ve%lv inJ KIH C ATION.Vl.: ».'« Col OKS A SH ARI .S ' JAPANESE TUTOR ’WJ-STATES MAIll 2U -SPACE LOG
1. 18 WORK SEARCH WW .745COMPITEK TUTOR 350 DESERT STORM Wl llllll I PROSPER WS SPANISH VI RS ¦112 WORLD DATA HANK 454 VI IJSi vvisi; iniltlTi) 4'J5 MAIII PLUS Mvi IIODY PARIS H8H SOLAR .SYSTI M h?2 DINOSAURS C-66 Marathon Joy 'Ink unlv SI I or 2 For $ 14 C-6.7 Black-Miv Jov Mick only C 130 AMIGAVivion Authvinnp System Imcraciivv Mlllllllkillj D PAINT 3 $ 29.(XI 'iv it .vI i‘ko yi.o $ 29 U IIKI Where ut the World i> Carmen San Diceu S2‘) (K) WE ALSO HAVE COMMODORE 64 & 128 PROGRAMS It sT ASK FOR A LISTING II! N Yol' Orf'FR_ $ 7 GKU.AT GRAPHICS BUNDLE DELUXE PAINT 3 . TV TEXT PRO V I II M4 9 BIBLE SEARCH 3-Disks 56 FREE Catiloe l)i*k and FRET. Vinn Pnv led Kin Program With mtv pun have CALL OK WRITT-: TODAY' TEAS IT) BOX 30499 ' MIDLAND,TX797i:-miW Posiage I landling=$ 3 OR Priority Mail =$ 4 For COD add S3 We Take Orders 7 days A Week 24 I lour FAX: 915-563-431 5 Irifn & ORDERS CAI I 915-563-4925 COD Circle 70 on Reader Service card. USED AMIGA HARDWARE! LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS COPPERHEAD: 11 ie 1 deak-i in qi lality pnxavi itx I AM I( «A fcurhvane! BUY: Hit* Amiga or add-ons you want w o paying “new" prices. SELL: Your used Amiga equipment to us. BEST PRICES PAID! TRADE: In your system or accessories; Get the hardware you want!
* 30 day warranty on all equipment * Quick cash lor your haidwatv * II yon think you can't afford quality commercial software... think again! Although we carry ihctop 100 software hi is and a full line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts and liquidations. Lei us do I he bargain hunting for you! Find out why thousands of computer users choose us as their one slop supplier. We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry. Call or write for your free copy! SomjJHRE Sofiware Support Ini. 271K) N.li. And resen Rd. Suite ft A-10 Vancouver Wa 98661
(206) 695-1393 AMIGA - C64 I28 - IBM CALL TOLL FREE TODAY! 1-800-3 S6-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES, INC, I OBJ ay St., Schenectady, NY 12:505 Voice Fax: (518) 346-3894 Fax:(518)570-3416 BHS:(518) 346-7532 Circle 77 On Reader Service Card. Circle 192 On Reader Service Card. O" AMIGA AND COMMODORE SUPPORT SERVICES AMIGA
* **** AMIGA & COMMODORE CHIPS Now utilize the same repair facilities used by dealers and other Commodore service centers. Take advantage of direct low pricing, fast turnaround, extended warranties, service contracts, low-cost system upgrades (such as 1 MB Agnus), Toaster problems and most important-PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. USING OUR SERVICE IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3 6510 CPU ...$ 9,95 6526 CIA ....$ 9.95 8520A CIA ..$ 7.95 8520 PLCC (A4000) ...$ 14.95 8362 8364 $ 11.95 6567 Video .$ 9.95 906114 PLA ..... $ 9.95 8373 Super Denise ....S24.95
1. 3 ROM ....$ 16.95
2. 04 ROM .$ 27.95
2. 05 ROM .S27.95 S32.95 5719 Gary $ 11.95 '2 8375 Agnus with diagnostic disk..... Plus all Commodore and Amiga POWER SUPPLIES .....CALL 837;
• ‘SPECIAL” New Amiga A500 Computer
2. 04 op syst., mouse, P S, software (NTSC or PAL). This is absolutely last chance to buy an A500 anywhere ...... 164.95
1. Call our toll-free number 1-800-426-8693 and receive a Return Authorization Number. This is your tracking number.
2. Pack your unit(s) securely. Write the Return Number on the outside of the box. Include Credit Card Number, Check or Money Order.
3. Send via UPS or other carrier. COST OF SERVICES* AMIGA COMMODORE FLAT RATE LABOR FLAT RATE LABOR A500 $ 55.00 C64 S25.00 A2000 S65.00 C128 $ 45.00 A3000 S150.00 1541 $ 20.00 A4000 $ 120.00 1571 S35.00
• PLUS UPS SHIPPING CDTV $ 60.00 CALL FOR OTHER ITEMS WE SERVICE FAST REPAIR 1-800-426-8693 AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER HOURS: 9-6 E.T. MON.-FRI. HI GLOBAL UPGRADES INC. 121 WEST NYACK ROAD, SUITE 6, NANUET, NY 10954 914-624-3200 • FAX 914-624-3239 Circle 74 On Reader Service Card. InfoMarket CD Rom Bonanza NORTHWEST PUBLIC DOMAIN lTBrt CD Collccton vcL 1(2 CD’s) $ 29.95 17B1 CO Collection v>l 2 (l CO! Sl99S AminclCD (FEBMarch 1994) $ 1595 EUROSCENE1 - Best 'srcnc* warez SI 5.00 Fresh Fish CD. Always Ihe newest -$ 19.95 Video Creator. PAL • $ 34 95 SPACE & A5TRONOMY CD ¦ $ 19 95 DencCD 1 & 2 (Demos. Mods) S?59xa NeftVbrkCD Conned CD32 S Arrga SI 9.95 COPO 3 !Gipsfonls,24 b I pin. Etr) $ 25.95 FROZEN FISH (MOOOnrore lull $ 1995 COLD FISH (MOW. 2 CD's) $ 1995 Many CD321 ties ui Stock! SCALL Lock -N- Load The ULTIMATE AMIGA Kl Games Disc5' Only SI9.95 IT AM OS StllTSi! AMOS TURBO PtUS EXTENSION! Add over 130 new commands lo AMOS & AMDS Pm - Map Edilor, Cnlor Ponls. Slarllrlds. Tast Scrolling & Much mun:-S29,95* S£H MASTERING AMIGA AMOS! Excellent 350 page book by Phil South, covers many topics 526.95 ULTIMATE AMOS! Hy la son Holborn of Amiga Shopper 400* pages ot help and instruction on AMOS & AMOS PR) Include* Disk' 5JE0Q * SSH wwmsmmwmr ' • ¦ ¦* * .' AV.:-4‘D tarewve qgt« reieasesl Inctxlei Scoccneo Tim Mego3d 3. Mte ftmef. Pxc 2 HaT. 0fJ5 -OT1 Or, SI2JXIC34H inc) 'KtMEMEEIDANVIiU SIFir” CJ4ME5 DISKS FOR ONLY 515.00 +
52. 00 5AH!! |WE nou hc c up through ASI 190, Call for free list! We NOW STOCK AMOS PD DISKS 1-600! SEND $ 2.00 for Complete AMOS PD Catalog Dish! Ms from 17 siiTsrrtOTFr GAMES: 3032 ANT HARS' toss between Lemmings and Cannon Fodder! J0M SCORCHED TANKS 1.77 - More Wfj ports, even more Dn !tun be f ire1 3095 KNTtJfmVOOE' ¦ [xcdto* M Sue Adventure combines text & graphics. 3096 AG Of HfAff MISSIONS DtSK - Vw missions for the excellent Ad of War game! Jifll HOI AGA REMIX This formerly commercial game ft now AGA only4 31JJ THE SHEPHERD ¦ Great Teutons type game. Miss it at your peril! 3121 CLSnGHTER* Great implementa- bon cl an OK tonal shert out game! JI2S GAME5 GUOtt U4 3129 GAMES GALORE *15 3130 GAMES GALORE *16 3135 GREEN 5 GAME - level 1 (4 an OUTSTANDING Out ol llirs World type game'. Wei worth Ihe Shareware registration fee! J0J5 DELUXE GAUGA" Tmm the author of Deluxe PacVGa You will play it kAs. X11W Cl) RO.HII THE WEIRD SCIENCE NETWORK CD 1 One of the hoghesl fared PD CD's m a while Con tans PARNET. SERNET. And TWIN EXPRESS ALSO Contains AMOS PD 47B-603. TBAG Disks 1-74. PhotcCD Lt-'s and much more" Only S19.95 CiKtZ MiKlll. (ONNlilTOH! When used n caquncbon wtfi the NeTivcA CD. T will a"ow you to connect a CD32 lo a regular Amiga cr PC through the Keyboard Pcd cm CD32 to Senai Pol on computer, also has a passbircuqfi tor keyboard £29 95 omlncT oon; LOCK -N- LOAD 2 - Should be available in late August ot early September! ~TT?- - in 8Atv!! EUROSCENE I CD ROM: 600 megs ol the top Demos and music mods from Europe They are all here1 All Ihe lop coder groups! SIA.OD DISK PRICING!!!! 17PihNPP.AMQS.P-B. ¦anti ASSASSIN? Ggmes 1-24 Disks - $ 2.00 Ea. 25-49 Disks - $ 1.50 Ea. 50+ Disks * $ 1.00 Eachl FISH PI5KS ARE NQW: 1-24 Disks - $ 1.5QEa. 25-49 Disks - $ 1.25 50+ Disks - $ 1.00 Ea. SHIPPING & HANDLING; I-10 Disks-$ 2.00. II-50 Disks-$ 4,00 51+ Disks $ 6.50 Orders outside U.S.. Canada, and Mexico add an additional S3.00. We accept Cash. Checks, and Money Orders In US funds, as well as VJISA McfNO MIN.) SEND S2.00 for Catalog! VisionSoft 1130 Fremont Blvd.. Suite [04. Seaside. CA 93955 U.S.A. Memory Price Product Price lx4-70ns Static Column Zip 26 lx4-80ns Static Column Zip 24 lx4-60ns Page Zip 24 lx4-80ns Page Zip .23 lx4-70ns Page Dip ......Call lx4-80ns Page Dip ......Call lx8-70ns Simm .....44 lx8-80nsSimm ....43 4x8-70ns Simm ..135 4x8-80ns Simm ..132 l , 32-60ns Simm .159 lx37-70ns Simm .149 2x32-60ns Simm .289 2x32-70ns Simm .279 4x32-60ns Simm .569 4x32-70ns Simm .559 Hx32-60ns Simm 1189 8x32-70ns Simm 1149 256x4-70ns Page Zip ......6 256x4-80ns Page Zip .., . Call 256x4-70ns Page Dip......6 256x4-100ns Page Dip.....5 GVP 32 4mb Simm......205 GVP 32 I6mb Simm 1159 Commodore 1.76 FI Dr ... .99 External Floppy Disk Dr ... 79
2. 5“ IDE 260Mb Hard Dr . 359
3. 5“ SCSI 120Mb Hard Dr .199
3. 5“ IDE 540Mb Hard Dr ...429 A1200 Clock .....35 A1200 IDE Cable ..12 A1200 Y Cable ...20 M68882 25Mhz fpu 55 M68882 33 Mbz fpu 109 M68882 40 Mb fpu......119 M68030 50 Mb . CPU ....139
2. 04 Upgrade Rom Kit 99 8373 Super Denise .28 8520 CIA 2 Mh ...8 8372A 1 Mb Agnus 32 8372B 2Mb Agnus 69 8364 R7 Paula ....16 5719 Gary .13 Analog Joystick .. .19 Amiga Optical Mouse.....37 Pyramid Midi Interface . .. .49 Commodore Amiga CD32 299 CD 32 Game Software .. . Sale Orders Only: 800-735-2633 isT COD Info & TeCh: 408-899-2040 Prices & Availability subject Fax: 408-899-8760 BBS: 408-625-6580 t0 chan*e "i,h',ul n0,icc Circle 86 On Reader Service Card.
P. O. Box 1617 - Auburn, WA 98071-1617 F2061351-9502 Circle 170 On Reader Service Card. A&M COMPUTER REPAIR - AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER 0 ?£V ftvV ‘ co,- C64 - $ 30 1541 -S40 1571 -S50 SX64 - $ 70 A500- $ 50.00* A2000 - $ 79.95* A3000 - $ 95.00* A4000 - Call Dealers call for Special Quantity Discount ottoFREE ESTIMATES*** 24 HOUR TURNAROUND
(000) 344-4 1 02Mon. ThruFri Bam-9pm,Sat9-5 EST Circle 190 On Reader Service Card. C128-$ 45.00 C128D-870.00 Call for others
* Call for Details A&M COMPUTER REPAIR 24 Colonel Conkfin Drive Stony Point. NY 10980
(914) 947-3522 FAX (914)947-2728 Xpander Chassis Expand A500 1000 1200 Slots, Power, Drive Bays . Use Scsi, Memory More Continued Amiga Support | Xpander VSIot True Video Slot Add-on to run Opalvlsion on an A1200, A500 or even an A1000! GUARANTEED. Case w Bays • Scsi Drives. A500 A1000 use 3 A2000 Zorro II $ 89-359 (A1200 uses VSIot only) CeV Design- Video Images Hardware Authorized Service CBM Repairs
* Video VlslonsCIlp Art Libraries VSIot connects to RGBTarallel ports, 1 displays video on external card with || special adapter. R VSIot only w adapter-$ 140. H VSIot Pwr-Case - $ 200. U VSIot Pwr-Case - 4 Bays - $ 269. ;| Call (617) 942-0209 CeV Design 11 Spring St. Reading MA 01867-2640 Circle 158 On Reader Service Card. CALL (715)856-5627 MC VISA accepted or write to: GRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS PO Box 254 Wausnukee, VI 54 I 77 KASARA MICRO SYSTEMS 1-800-248-2983 • 803-681-5515 COMPETITIVE SAVE MONEY REDUCE COSTS ou will need for your Commodore product requirements. We ORIZED source for more than a DECADE of quality service. Prices on NEW or USED CPUs & accessories, upgrades. Replacement parts & assemblies with our EXCHANGE programs, repair mainlenance services and stock-to-one-week delivery with our MONTHLY SPECIALS, 90 day warranty on parts repairs & quantity discounts Weekday Hours 9:00 am-6:0Q pm EST ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES ... 35mm COLOR SLIDES 35mm Slides Negatives Vjjr C6 o ¦ r jT.w • 48 I lour Turn Around tor Slides
• Photo Prints up to 8 x 10 from Negatives I- . * 14.4 Modem Transfers & BBS Support o * fFF, !FF24, Ham, 11am8f Framestores, and DCTV w * from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF
• Over 4000-line Resolution • NO Scanlines * NO Curvature Distortion * Brilliant Color ..... ...___ . Can or Wnie lor OfOer form, pnee 1st S sample HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES 4301 N 75th Street. Suite 101-E
(602) 949-6066 Scottsdale. Arizona 85251 Games Too Expensive? Consider Pre-owned Software
• AMIGA - IBM - C64 * Hard-to-find classics plus all
• Save big $ $ $ over new the latest releases
• Original disks & manuals • Call or write for fret* catalog 0ar 2 0on 2s oftwars 1-800-638-1123 940 4th Ave 222 Customer Service: (304)529-0461 Huntington WV 25701 BBS : (304)529-7050 FAX:(304)529-0957 circle bo un Header service Uara. HIGH RESOLUTION Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Almathera Systems Souiherton J louse 92-94 Church Rnacl Mitcham, Surrey CR-1 3 I'D England 81-687-0040 AmiSnft P() Box 792 Gilbert, AZ 85299 602 926-0013 Black Belt Systems 398 Johnson Rd. Gasgovv, MT 59230 800 4 K-AMIGA C-Born .Software Systems 59 West Evans St. Geelong, Victoria Austalia 3220 52-786530 CineGraphics 933 W. Ranch Rd. San Marcos, CA 92069 619,727-5589 Commodore 1200 Wilson Dr. West Chester, PA 19380 215 431-9100 Core Design 55 Ashbourne Rd. Derby DE22 3ES England 33-229-7797 Cybernet ica 310 E. Haley St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805 730-7330 DevWare 12520 Kirkham Ct., Ste. 1 Poway, CA 92064 619 679-2825 Domurk Software Kerry House 51-57 Ixicy Rd., Pumey London SWIS 1PR. England 81-780-2224 Elastic Reality 925 Stewart St. Madison, WI 53713 608 273-6585 Expert Scix ices 7559 Mall Rd. Elorence, KY 4 1042 600 371 -9690 1 lair Software Meadowfield 1 louse PomeJand Newcastle NE20 9SI) England 66-186-0260 GPSoft 21 Aloomba Rd. Ashgrove QI .D Australia 4060 73-661402 Great Valley Products 657 Clark Ave. King of Prussia, PA 19406 215 337-8770 Gremlin Graphics Software Carver I louse, 2-4 Carver Sheffield SI 4ES England 74-275-3 123 Impulse 8416 Xerxes Ave, X. Brooklyn Park, MX 55444 612 425-0557 Nlam iSvstem Develtipmcnt 24282 l.vnwood. Suite 20] Novi, Ml 48374 810 347-6266 MediaDesk 1875 S. Bascom Ave. Bldg. I 16. Suite 204 Campbell. CA 95008 800 30-MDESK Media l Productions 2800 University Ave. West Des Moines. IA 515 225-7 109 Micro Prose I Hampton Rd. Industrial Estate Tel bury Glostcrshire GL8 81.1) England 66-650-4320 Migraph 32700 Pacific Iiwy. South, Suite 14 Federal Way. WA 98003 206 838-4677 Mr. Hardware 59 Stores' Ave. Central Islip, NY I 1722 516 234-81 10 NcwTck 1200 Executive Drive Topeka, KS 66615 800 843-8934 Noah Ji's 3591 N via nd Lifavette, CO 80026 303 499-1975 Northwest Public Domain PO Box 1617 Auburn, WA 98071 206 351 -9502 = )n-1 Jue Entertainment 842 Lee Bridge Rd. London E10 SAP England 81-558-8114 ()|Monica 1 I he Terrace, I ligh St. Lutterworth Leics LEI7 1 BA England ¦15-555-8282 Oregon Research 16200 SW Pacific Hwy., Suite 162 Tigard, OR 97224 503 620-4919 Psy gnosis 675 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 617 497-5457 Shead Data Processing 4515 Shepard Rd. NE D102 Albuquerque, NM 871 K) 505 881-4874 Speclionirs International 31 East Main St. 3 Champaign, IL 61820 217 352-0061 Supra 7101 Supra Dr. S.W. Albany, OR 97321 800 727-8772 Team 17 Marwood I louse, Garden St. Wakefield. West Yorkshire WF1 1DX England 11-924-291867 Visual Inspirations 809 W. 1 lolly wood Tampa, EL 33604 813 935-6410 Reader I 7 Macro Systems Development. 1 Sen 'ire Xumbet Memory World, 5 3 I 57 Mr. I lardware, 60 54 Noahfi’s, 48 I 70 Northwest Public Domain, 62 44 Safe Harbor, 3 7 191 Select Solutions, 40-41 45 Sideline Software, 50 88 Software Hut, 39 192 Software Support I'm I. 61 48 Softwood, Inc., CII 70 44 AS, 61 92 Transdata Systems. 61 71 Tri State Computer, 47 159 Utilities Unlimited, GUI 8(5 Visionsoft, 62 I Ins index in provided ;is an additional service. I he publisher does not assume liability lor errors or omissions. 1 Ills advertise! Pi elei s tu he c.oiii.it led du e lh . NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS All advertising is subject to the approval of the Publisher and.bwgwllW? Reserves tiie right In reltise advert i sing ivi tin nil notice. Hie advertising herein that hasl>cen t pesel aud'or i lesiguerl by. Imigti 11 'arid is I he pu iperty • il. Tmiga I Vorid, and not that ol the advertiser. I lie advertiser has purchased the right of reproduction in AmigaWnrhl only, and does not have the light to reproduce the ad ill am other publication without the expressed written consent of. Iwag i (111 rid. Advertisers urul or their agencies assume the responsibility lbr the condition of the contents ol the advertising printed herein and agree to indemnify the Publisher of' Amiga World for any claims autl or expenses inclined therefrom. AmigalVorbl advises advertisers that statements regarding shipping and handling charges, warranties and or money-hack guarantees should be included within all forms ol advertising in. B i gr II . I he opinions expressed in the articles and advcr- tising appearing herein are those of die ant I lots and or advertisers and arc not necessarily those of And a- I Car d. Advertising Inquiries should be directed to Advertising ()HIccs, Arnica II‘arid, 8(1 Elm St., Peterborough. Nil (13158; telephone; 800-141-1403. Subscription problems or address changes: Write to Amiga World, Subscription Dept.. PO Box 595. Ml. .Morris. IL 61034-7901. Problems with advertisers: Send a description of the problem and sour current address to; Amiga W orld, 80 Elm St.. Peterborough, Nil 03-158, Al l N.: Darlene Sweeney, Customer Service Liaison. The Late Lamented - Reprise THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. The Amiga market lias been Failing For a long time, making Commodore’s demise seem rather like the death of a terminally ill patient: sad to see, but somewhat oF a relief now that it's over. 1 am more disturbed by the “shrink- mg magazine” syndrome displayed by both Amiga World and Amazing Coin pitting. Both magazines have hovered at about 96 pages For a year or so; the last issues were only 80 pages. Apparently, vendors and developers are not confident enough of the Amiga’s Future without Commodore to spend money on advertising. Commodore may be expendable, but an Amiga without a support network of vendors and developers is little more than an expensive paperweight. Jeffrey Powell West Covina, California Since Commodore went belly-up. The Future looks hopeless. I don't say this because I think the Amiga will die without Commodore around, but 1 think that without a company that actually builds them, support for the Amiga will dwindle and die as third- party companies shift their attention elsewhere. Then I think 1 11 have to sell my computer. The problem is, 1 really hate IBM's system. It is user-antagonistic, and their Windows program is a joke, Macintosh is okay, but too expensive. Where, then, to turn? Greg S. Burns Anchorage, Alaska Bad news travels fast! A friend of mine read a Los Angeles 'Finn's article about n Commodore going belly-up and told me. Today, Creative Computers confirmed it to me over the phone. There are still millions of C-64s, C-128s and .Amigas all over the country, and I am determined to keep my C-128 and A500. We will need a magazine devoted to all us Commodore computer owners. So please do not Fold. Just shift your Focus. Clyde Corson Lawndale, California Editors note: We have received several letters chiding AmigaWorld for failing to mention Commodore's demise in the May or June issues. Rather implying that we didn't rare. Dear readers, we do care! But it's a fact of monlbly-magazine-publishing life that the material must reach the printer about two months before an issue appears. So our June issue was already at the printers about two weeks before April 29th, the day Commodore died. We've all known for years that Commodore was in trouble, but we re not sufficiently clairvoyant to have forseen its death weeks ahead of the event. An Amiga without a support network of vendors and developers is little more than an expensive paperweight. Of Nonlinear Editors Writing about NewTek's Video Flyer (“Video in Focus,” .HF June ’94), Paulo tie Andrade states that “ . . . The Flyer in my opinion is the only true complete nonlinear editor.” The fact is that the only currently existing nonlinear editing system (NIT) For the Amiga is Digital Micronic s' Broadcaster 32. I Fan NI.K can use any Amiga program and any 24-bil format, has custom transitions, and is sitting here at our facility being used for broadcast- J o quality video productions, then that [Broadcaster 32] is a complete NI.K. Fritz Hartman and John Rubino (ieorrelown, Pennsyh>ania O ' * I am glad you are happy with the Broadcaster 32. It was not my intention to put this important product down. On the (outrun, Digital Alicronics deserves a lot of credit for it. It is regarded by many as the NLE with the best image quality. It seems that you misunderstood my statement. I meant that the Flyer is so far the only package that offers a complete solution out of the box with its included set of production tools. The 3-D-animation part of the package may not be important for nonlinear editing, but the character generator* real-time transitions, color n manipulation, and even the paint program certainly are. By contrast, the Broadcaster 32 does not come as a complete solution. I 'on must purchase separate programs to be able to perform complete edit sessions. While this may not be a problem for you and other Amiga users, many videographers with little or no computer experience are much better off acquiring a complete package that requires minimal training to use. You point out one very important advantage the Broadcaster 32 has over the Flyer it's available now! While it may not he a truly complete solution, it is a very capable one and should be seriously considered by those looking for an NLE system. Paulo de Andrade Silent Companies 1 am concerned about the apparent inactivity of some Amiga developers in producing hardware For the newer AGA machines. Three of these spring to mind immediately: Supra, I.C.D., and Roctec. While I’ve seen ads in AmigaWorld For Supra’s modems and Roctec’s genlocks, I haven't been aware of any new products From these companies in quite some lime. Could you update us about their status? Bob Stinson Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada I'nfortunately, none of our editors has seen hide nor hair of any new Amiga releases from these companies. Eds. ¦ LIST OF ADVERTISERS Want To Know More About Products Or Services Advertised In This issue? Here's How. DIRECT TO YOU AT NO COST OR OBLIGATION AmigaWorld READER SERVICE CARD ? Print your name and address where indicated. ? Tell us about yourself by answering the questions. ? Circle the numbers on the card corresponding to the reader service number on the ads for products or services that interest you. 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5. For which program would you like to see an animation tutorial? (Choose only one.)
3. ? Brilliance 7. ? Imagine
4. ? Caligari 8- ? LightWave
5. ? DeluxePaint 9. ? Real 3D
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111. HimI.IIi,ill,ill,,,III,.11,ill,.11,1,1,1..till Here's How. ? Print your name and address where indicated. ? Tell us about yourself by answering the questions. ? Circle the numbers on the card corresponding to the reader service number on the ads for products or services that interest you. ? Tear out and mail the card. ? Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your subscription. NO OBLIGATION. Literature on products and services will be sent to you directly from advertisers, free of charge. | | W BL Payment enclosed ¦ Send me my FREE _ AmigaDOS Reference Guide and my one- NAME ~ 0 year subscription (12 issues) to AmimWorld --- r t COMPANY for only $ 24.9 . III save over 47% off the newsstand rate! If at any time I’m not totally address - w a satisfied with AmigalVorld, I’m entitled to a __ full refund no questions asked. CITY STATE ZIP Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery-. Please make all checks payable to AmigaWorld. All Foreign (and Canadian) orders must be pa.d rn U.S. funds from a U.S. bank. Canada S33.00 (includes GST). Mexico $ 30.97. Foreign Airmail $ 81.97. oa J Payment enclosed NAME COMPANY ¦1 ¦ HiBFa Send me my FREE ¦ AmigaDOS Reference Guide and my one- vear subscription (12 issues) to A?nigaWorld for only $ 24.97. I’ll save over 47% off die newsstand rate! If at any time I’m not totally 9 0 satisfied with ArnigaWorld, I’m entitled to a full refund no questions asked. Please allow 4-6 weeks lor delivery. Please make all checks payable to AntigaWorld. All Foreign (and Canadian) orders must be pre paid in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank. Canada $ 33.00 (includes GST). Mexico S30.97 Foreign Airmail $ 81.97. ~ B49TJ ? Payment enclosed BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AMIGAWORLD PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AMIGAWORLD PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AMIGAWORLD PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 The World’s First Multi-Platform Emulation &6l sO - Q AMIBIOS SETUP PROGRAM - ADVANCED CHIPSET SETUP (01332 Anerican Megatrends Inc., All Rights Reserved Auto-ConFiguration AT BUS Clock Select I Enabled : CPUCLK 6 AT BUS Precharge Wait State' 0HS Cache Uait Stale : BUS : BUS ; Enabled or 256KB: No cheab e : Yes cheab e : Ves cheab e ; No cheab e : Ves Hard Disk C: Igpe : Hard Disk D? Type ' Floppy Drive A: Floppy Drive B: Prinary Display Keyboard Henory Remapping Cache Size : 1MB or 256K C0000-C3FFF,16K Cacheab e C4000-C7FFF,16K Cacheab e DC000-DFFFF,16K Cacheab e F8000-FFFFF.64K Cacheab e 26 ! 27 E 29 30 1 3 4 5 6 mm 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 m 21 22 24 25 m 27 28 29 31 1 2 3 4 5; i uuvu Min tuin vCivicu clu ¦ c ¦ icj Non-Cacheable BlockI Enable: Disabled Non-Cache able Block-1 Size ! 1T1B Non-Cacheahle Block-1 Base : 0KB Non*Cacheable Block2 Enable: Disabled Non-Cacheable Block-2 Size : 16HB Non-Cacheable Block-2 Base : 0KB LOCAL BUS. Ready Delay Wait: Disabled any key to continue "-r" Options:* Monochrone. Color 40x25, DGA PGA EGA, Color 80x25, Not Installed ESC:Exit F>t«-:Sel (Ctrl)Pu Pd:Modify FllHelp F2 F3:Color F5:0ld Values F6:BI0S Setup Defaults F7:Pouer-0n Defaults Exit k-+t*-:Selec olor PU PD:hodi?y The 486DX's MMU, FPU, and architecture are emulated at the hardware level, giving you 100% functionality! Want guaranteed compatibility? Use your favorite BIOS! EMPLANT is a hardware device that is designed to allow the emulation of virtually any computer using the Amiga. A simple software driver and ROM(s) from the computer to emulated are all that is required! The hardware holds the key to emulation speed. Custom programmable logic allows the EMPLANT hardware to actually become the exact hardware of the computer it is emulating. Multiple emulations of different computers can be ran at the same time using a single EMPLANT board! Macintosh® Emulation Module The Macintosh emulation module is a 'generic' Macintosh with the speed of the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using. An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC llci. An A4000 is equivalent to a Quadra 900. Using a 33Mhz 68040 accelerator (such as the RCS Excaliber board), emulation speed can be greater than an 840AV Macintosh! (See speed comparisons in previous advertisements) Support for up to 16 colors is provided for non-AGA machines. A4000 owners can use a full 256 colors! Up to 24 bit (16 million*) colors is supported using 3rd party video boards such as: Picasso II, EGS-Spectrum, Vivid-24, Rainbow II, Rainbow III, Visiona Paint, Merlin, Retina, Retina 23, Piccolo. EGS110 24, and OpalVision! ...and we'll support any future video boards that are suitable for use with the emulation! 486DX Emulation Module The 486DX emulation module has been in the making for two years! We are now getting ready to release this emulation to you! The 486DX emulation module offers a high speed 486DX (FPU built in) emulation with complete low-level architecture support, giving you the ability to run DOS, OS 2, NT, and even Chicago! Support tor MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA video modes, sound, joysticks, floppy drives, hard drives, extended memory, and more! Requires 68020+ Amiga system (no MMU required), 2 megs of memory (640K system). The emulation module is written in 100% highly optimised assembly code, using techniques said to be impossible, (Several patents are pending.) The 486DX emulation is a hardware and software upgrade. New custom logic IC's (user installed), documentation, and software is included with the upgrade kit. Price: $ 99.95. Four different versions of EMPLANT are available, ranging in price from $ 279.95 to $ 399.95. EMPLANT comes with the Macintosh emulation (486DX emulation sold seperately). Order direct from Utilities Unlimited Intl., Inc. or from one of our dealers (more than 200 dealers across the US and overseas carry EMPLANT). US customers, please include $ 10 for shipping handling (all orders are sent UPS 2 day delivery). Customers outside North America, please contact Blittersoft: +44 0908 666265 for the dealer nearest you. Dealer inquires are welcome! Utilities Unlimited International. Inc. 790 N. Lake Havasu Avenue 16 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 U.S.A.
(602) 680-9004 24hr order line
(602) 453-6407 24hr Fax line
(602) 680-9234 Technical support dept.
(602) 453-9767 24hr BBS (2400-14.4K)
(602) 453-3909 24hr BBS (14.4K-28.8K) Cucfe 159 on Reader Service card Macintosh, B40AV. MAC Her. & Quadra 900 are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc ; AMIA EMPLANT. The EMPLANT logo and Itio acronym Electronic Micro-Processor Level Another Amazing Product From the Makers of EMPLANT! Mm (AmigaoMaontosh Interface Adapter) AMIA is a tmy interface adapter that plugs into the last external disk drive connected to your Amiga (or to the Amiga's drive port it no external drives are present), and allows an external Macintosh floppy drive to be used with your Amiga' This interface is ideal for use with EMPLANTs Macintosh emulation module' You can read and write true Macintosh low density (BOOK) formatted disks and convert them to and from vanous formats, including full disk images' The design of the AMIA hardware maker, if the only Macintosh disk drive inledace capable of multitasking with the Amiga's OS' When MiiltiOSFileSystem is released you will be able to use AMIA to access low density Macintosh Uoppys right from WorkBench1 Puce $ 59.95 We also have a limited supply of Fujitsu BOOK Macintosh compatible external lloppy drives lor only St29.95' Amiga Native Task' ate trademarks ol Jim Drew A Utilities Unlimited International. Inc DON LESMEN MUSIC CENTER ALBUQUERQUE, NM 505-268-2111 HT ELECTRONICS SUNNYVALE, CA 408-737-0900 CREATIVE COMPUTERS LAWNDALE, CA 310 542-2292 Hundreds of Effects THE LIVELY COMPUTER LA MESA, CA 619-589-9455 THE COMPUTER ROOM AURORA ENGLEWOOD, CO 303-696-8973 SLIPPED DISK MADISON HEIGHTS, Ml B10-546-3475 TRI-STATE COMPUTERS NEW YORK, NY 800-220-2224 MICROWORKS BUFFALO, NY 716-873-1856 SOFTWARE HUT SHARON HILL, PA 800-848-0079 IVHCRO SEARCH HOUSTON, TK 713-888-2818 SAFE HARBOR WAUKESHA, Wl 800-544-6599 OMNI INTERNATIONAL TRADING SEATTLE, WA 206-628-2823 CLACKAMAS COMPUTERS CLACKAMAS, OR 508-650-0379 International PHANTA BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTIVA 54 1 7820737 SOLARIS HVNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA 512 48 49 24 JOLLY SOUND LIMITED HONG KONG, CHINA 852-362-0202 ML SYSTEMS WATBtKLOOF, SOUTH AFRICA 12 3461160
LC. L LICHFIELD, STAFFS., UK 54 34 14 817 mmm computers OTTAWA I TORONTO, ONTARIO 613-596-2542 VFX BURNABY,B.C. CANADA 800-661-4007 High-quality, real-time Z4 Bit framegrabber • Prolessional-quality genlock Chroma and luma keying • 256-level linear transparency key Video Sandwich key • Real-time color processing and chrominance effects Unlimited number of transitions and 3D Digital Video Effects • 24-Bit picture-in-picture 24-Bit, Ins character generation with MONTAGE 24 software Jim OpalVision Video Processor llaaafacturii aid listrihited hr Centaur Development
P. O. BOX 3959 Torrance, CA 90510 Pinni: (310) 787-4531 FAX: (310) Z2Z-5882 BBS: (31 ¦) 787-4540 Inputs Outputs: Composite in uu Y C in oiK (S-VR RGB output' Software:
• OpalVision S) Software ~
• MONTAGt 24
• DoalF X Edit crtnai ly. Opal Tech Sydney, Australia OpalVision, OpalPaml, 0 pa = Presents, OpalVision Video Suite, OpalVision VidBo Processor and OpalVision Roaster Ctiip are trademarks of Opal Technology, Ltd. OpalAnimMATE and Opal F X Edit are trademarks of Centaur Development, Inc. MONTAGE is a trademark of Innovision Technology. Circle 162 on Reader Service card 1 Pamt. Scan, image I processing and mor- phing-all viewed directly on any Video Toaster output buffer'
• 24-bit painting tools with 8-bit alpha channel.
• Full screen painting with variable zoom evels.
• Special effects fitters Ripple. Distort. Oil Paint. Sharpen and more... T5290 $ 118.95 Swipes ! Stunning new color transitions and speoal effects for Video Toaster 4000 users' Now you can get: -
• Dozens ol NEW Color - I Ettects' 7!
• Special Elfects over- !ays.
• Color transparency effects.
• Full-color animated transitions.
• Alpha channel dissolves - 2 ull tft bltUXKhz audio digitizer Offers AO PCM data compression S'tl’TF limecode module available r»4 tlntv* oversampling ¦ 16 sampling rates 3
- 500 MB Hard Drive 4 60 fps Broadcast Quality Anims 5 his To tun it I Disk PAL S550 TOTAL CONCEPTS DINOSAURS Excellent 6 2megs UUP RAM i DISKS. PALS 1200 Reader 190 A & M Computer Repair, 62 Sen 'tee umber I- Amigaman, 33-35 ¦19 Ami Gravity Products, 54-59 51 An Institute of Pittsburgh, 60 85 Bare Bones Software.. 62 151 Better Concepts, Inc., 60 162 Centaur Development. CIV 162 CeV Design, 62 166 Computer Answers, 49 77 Copperhead Technologies, 61 13 Creative Computers, 24-31 189 De Vine Computer Sales, 51 42 DevWare, Inc., 42-45 16 Digital Creations, 9 74 Global Upgrades, Inc:., 61
* Graphic Impressions, 62
* Hammond Photographic Services. 62 55 Hotronic, Inc., 32 I 73 J&C Computer Service, 60
* Kasara Microsystems, 62 7 T5291 $ 98.95

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