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A1200 that operates on only 2MB and a single drive. Final Writer 3 (Softwood) features some powerful new features seen before only in packages available on other platforms. On the gaming front, Ocean Software announced three new titles: PGA Euro Tour, Jungle Strike, and Mutant Hockey. With more in the works for the year ahead. Microvalue Flair displayed Deadly Racer and Whizz. Although the folks at the Amiga booth were hard-pressed to reveal anything about their stand in the bid for the remains of Commodore, it is notable that they were able to pull something together for the show. What all this means is anyone’s guess. Despite all the uncertainly, show attendees were delighted just to see their favorite platform back in the limelight and were hungry for an “encore” at the World of Amiga. Stuart Menges All-In-One Video Studio In a move that should prove popular with economy-minded Amiga video- makers, Digital Creations announced SuperGen SX Studio, a broadcast- quality video solution priced at S799.95. T he new bundle incorporates DC’s SuperGen S (the S-Video version of the company’s renowned genlock) and Brilliance 2.0 (its best-selling 24-bit paint animation program) with InnoVision Technology’s industry-standard video-titling software, Broadcast Titler 2.0. DC’s John Botteri promises that with SX Studio, “users can overlay titles on their videos, create animated borders, and fade between any video source and Amiga graphics.” SX Studio works on all Amigas in both AGA and non-AGA modes and is available in NTSC and PAL versions. CanDo 3.0 ($ 399.95, INOVAtronics), Update Scan the object-based authoring system, now features an improved interface, 53 new transition effects, enhanced object and brush commands, new tools, and more. The revision includes a new manual and tutorial. Sold separately, CanDebug ($ 199.95) will let you examine your Can- Do scripts as they execute to troubleshoot your "buggy" creations. Both CanDo 3.0 and CanDebug require AmigaDOS 2.04, 2MB of RAM, and a hard disk. MaxDOS 2.1 = Media4 Productions), Mac emulation software, now offers transparent handling of MacBinary files, displays the Mac's icons on the Workbench, and touts a completely rewritten manual. GameSmith Development System ($ 129.95) has been acquired by Oregon Research and promises to be easier than ever to use with its new tutorial and expanded manual. In other acquisition news, Small-Biz Software of Australia has picked up distribution of Easy Ledgers accounting software, which has undergone a redesign. Digital Creations, a leading developer i of such popular Amiga products as Brilliance, SuperGen, and DCTV, has entered into a three-way merger agreement to form a new company called Play Incorporated. The new group combines desktop-video pioneers Digital Creations, Progressive Image Technology, and an eight-person contingent of former NewTek employees who left that company early in 1994. The Digital Creations name will be retained for the development and marketing of all present and future Amiga products, including the recently announced SuperGen SX Studio (see column, left).

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Amiga World Vol 11 01 1995 Jan

Document sans nom AMIGA'S oo i nm TESTING THE COMPETITION Ax*.' 10 Years of Amiga Hits & Highlights!
- ¦* flackin', Sodsin Graphics!_ UtWV !AA Plus! AMIGA
• Troubleshooter's Guide To AmigaDOS 3.1
• Alpha Paint For The Video Toaster Gallery-Ready Graphics
• CrossMAC vs. MaxDOS mgm ?mmlmutmt amiga m Multimedia Solutions! ' AMKU HAWiVW EXPANSION Wcf WOCWW c 241& A Sty TskrGnpkii A t2Q€ Power ExfUfwOfr! J t-f ;"'T PAINT i POWER!’ Cher 100 Peooucts MAGIC! An IDG MIGA Communications Publication Game. Bash! Ujtun CRAPHi Now, if you own ProWrite, Scribble!, KindWords, TextCraft, Excellence!, or any other word processor, you can upgrade to Final Copy II or Final Writer for a special, low price. Call 1-800-247-8314 for details and to order your upgrade to the latest in word processing technology. (Offerexpires 12 31 94) Release 2. "Readers' Choice Award 1993", Amazing Computing; “Award ’93 - Best Software Product”, Amiga Plus (Germany), “Product of the Year 1993”, Amiga Magazine (Germany). What more can we say? This is the most popular and most used word processor on the Amiga today. It features a 110,000 word speller, 1.4 million word thesaurus; auto-hyphenation; search and replace; tab stops; adjustable margins; word and sentence counts; paragraph sorting; on-screen math; Arexx port; style sheets; drawing tools; imported IFF graphics; master pages; Compugraphic, Type-1, and NimbusQ outline font support; 30 outline fonts; and the best printing possible on any Workbench supported printer. System requirements: 1 megabyte of RAM, 2 floppy drives, and Workbench 1.3 or higher. New Release 3. “...Final Writer is arguably the best word processor yet released for the Amiga.”, Amiga World, March 1994. “...Final Writer is the top Amiga word processor to rival even the Mac and PC heavyweights.”, CU Amiga (England), January 1994. Final Writer has all of Final Copy ll’s features (see above) plus many more. It includes: undo; easy bold, italic, and underlining; table of contents, table of illustrations, endnotes, bibliography, and index generation; sections; multiple master pages; EPS graphic support; 120 outline fonts; rotating graphics; movable text blocks; and a user button strip. Release 3 now includes easy page numbering, drag and drop, type and spell, polygon drawing tool, special shape drawing tools, and dictionary hyphenation. Requirements: 2.5 megabytes of RAM, hard drive, and Workbench 2.04 or higher. New program. Final Data is the new database manager for the Amiga. It is designed for people who need a convenient tool to keep track of lists of information. It combines very fast sorting and searching with quick printing of reports and labels. Final Data is ideal for name and address lists, video libraries, customer lists, references, etc. Anyone can learn to set up a database, enter data, and print reports and labels in a matter of minutes - not days! Reports come complete with page headings that include title and page numbers. Reports may be printed with totals and row counts. Labels can be defined in a variety of formats. Use with Final Copy II or Final Writer for the best mail-merge possible. Accepts PenPal, InfoFile, MiAmiga File, and File Msg databases. Requirements: 1 floppy drive, 512K RAM, and WB
1. 3 or higher. 1-800-247-8314 SoftWood, Inc. VISA All products mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. ©SoftWood, Inc. 1994. All rights reserved. BriliJance The FASTEST Paint and Animation for the Amiga Brilliance 2.0 is the Amiga's most powerful paint program and a sophisticated 2D animation system combined into one breakthrough tool. The award-winning creators of DeluxePaint ST, Deluxe PhotoLab and DCTV Paint dedicated over three years to one goal... redefining the state- of-the-art. The result is simply the best graphics tool ever created for any computer. If you're still using DeluxePaint IV, get your hands on Brilliance 2.0. It's fast... real fast, and it's got higher resolution, better anim tools, dozens of swap screens4, true 24-bit editing, powerful brush manipulation, and multiple Undo Redo levels (just for starters). Upgrade today to the ultimate paint and animation system. New low price $ gg.95 ? "If you can afford only one paint program for the Amiga, this is the one to buy" - Amiga World ? "If you're looking for the best AGA paint program on the Amiga, look no further" - Amazing Computing ? "The number one paint and animation package for the Amiga"
- Amiga User International ? "Nothing out there can match it" - Amiga Computing ? "The best art package available for the Amiga" - C U Amiga ? "the Amiga's premiere paint package" - Amiga Shopper ? "Excellent!" -Amiga Format LIMITED TIME OFFER Upgrade Any Upgrade only Paint Program to S IO.95 Brilliance 2.0 Call Today 800-645-1164 DIGITAL C R E A T l O M S A P L fl V Company Credit Card and COD orders, call today - have your old paint program's manual handy. Overnight delivery available. Works in PAL, international friends call +1 (916) 851.0800. ‘Limited only by available RAM. Digital Creations is a trademark of Play Inc. Deluxe Paint is a trademark of Electronic Arts. Shipping and handling extra FIRST IMPRESSIONS Reaching some big ones . . . N o People love lo ask and answer “where-were-you- when ..." questions. So, ny this one: Where were you when tlie original Amiga was launched? The reason Pm ri o asking, here in this first issue of 1995. Is that this marks the beginning of the 10th Anniversary Year of the Amiga (which officially had its debut on July 23, 1985, at a gala celebrity affair at New York’s Lincoln Center), As to where we were on that date, well, the very same place. The premiere issue ol' Amiga World was also being unveiled amidst the fanfare surrounding the debut of the Amiga 1009. As circumstance would have it, the present issue of .HP is also the 100th issue of the magazine a fact in which we take no small amount of pride. Back in 1983, when 1 was the editor of a now long- defunct multiplatform computer magazine called Desktop Computing, I remember publishing a “Buyer’s Guide to Personal Computers” one issue that listed more than 350 individual makes and models. Guess how many of these are still around now (or were even around five years ago)? The point Pm making is that in a world long dominated by the two giants in the field, only one other personal computer has made a lasting impression: the Amiga. Pm proud that during an era when Big Blue and Big Red came to have a near-monopoly on personal computing, there was still room for a "Beige’’ alternative because there were tens and even hundreds of thousands of people out there who wanted something different, something more. N So I hope you’ll join with me in celebrating these dual anniversaries the Kith year of both the Amiga and A IP. We kick olf our 109th Issue special with a fond backward look at where the Amiga has been over this past decade. Our “Amiga Scrapbook” feature recounts Amiga firsts, Amiga accomplishments, Amigas in Hollywood, and much more, (We’ve even got an Amiga trivia contest to challenge your powers of memory.) Some mav ask why this occasion for celebration, given '. O the present impasse (at least as I write this) in the Commodore liquidation proceedings, f don’t think any of us can block out the heartache we've all experienced over the last six months, but that's no reason to neglect this very significant milestone in our history as the Amiga enters its second decade. To even get to this point, the Amiga and Amiga users have had to show a lot of grit and 1 think there’s enough left to ride out this present storm as well. AmigaWorld Dale Strang, Publisher Daniel Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Gefvert, Senior Editor Tim Walsh, Senior Editor Reviews Ann Record, Assistant Editor Swain Pratt, Editorial Production Coordinator Peter Olafson, Carnes Editor Denny Atkin, Paulo de Andrade, Joel Itagen, Contributing Editors Howard G. 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Administrative Assistant Nancy Mallette, Senior Credit Analyst Kemco Publishers Services, Newsstand Circulation ?IDG INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP Amiga World (ISSN 0883-2390) isau independent juuni.il not connected with Commodore Business Machines. Inc. AmigaWorld is published morulib try Tech Media Publishing, Inc., an ILK. Company. 80 him Si., Pcierlmroiigh, Nil 03-158, I S subscription rate i> $ 29.97, one sear; $ 57.97, two years; $ 83.97, three years; Canada. $ 4 1.97 (includes GST), (ind Mexico $ 38,9“, Foreign Surface $ 49.97. Foreign ii mail $ 8-1,97. I 3 funds drawn on I S bank. Prepayment is required on all foreign subscriptions, All foreign rales are one-year only. Second-class postage paid at Peterborough. NU. And at additional mailing olfices. Phone: 61)3-924-9100. On-line on BIX: Amiga.Wmkl (in Amiga.exchange); CompuServe; 76376.2137; Portal: Go Amiga - World. Entire contents copyright 1994 by TechMedia Publishing. Inc. No pan of this publication may lie primed or otherwise icproduced wiihnut wi itten permission from die publishei. Postmaster: Send address changes in .-Imtgu I odd. Subscription Services. I’O Box 595, Mr Morris. II. 61031-7901. Nationally disiiibiin d In Kable Noes Co. .UnigaW’orld makes every elfoii lo ensure the accuracy ol articles, listings, and diagrams published in the maga ine. Amiga- World assumes no res]xinsibi I itvfoi (hnnagc-s due to crrois nr omissions. L‘RlNrl Kl) IN 11 IF I SA. Posted under Canadian Inierii.iiional Publication agreement 0257-178. CONTENTS VOLUME 11, NUMBER 1, JANUARY 1995 FEATURES Amiga’s 10th Anniversary Year SCRAPBOOK By Denny Atkin ..II With the Amiga beginning its 10th year and with this also being . Ill’s 100th issue it seemed like a good idea to throw a pam* and look back at some of the highlights ol the Amiga Decade. ARTICLES A Better Mouse By Jeff James.....18 If your current mouse is getting too old and tired to get the cheese, find a replacement or upgrade to something snazzier. Our buyer’s guide evaluates an even dozen input devices from optical and cordless rodents to trackballs and light pens. DOS Upgrade Blues: Part 1 By DanielJ. Barrett ...23 While the now widely available Amiga- ' DOS 3.1 is the best version yet of the Amiga OS, the upgrade path can he a hit steep and troublesome. Our two-part series will smooth your way and help you lose those upgrade blues. COLUMNS DENNY ON DOS By Denny Atkin.....0 While our “Upgrade Blues” series (above) shows you how to make the somewhat difficult transition to the latest OS version, DOSmeister Denny tells you why it's worth the effort, as he wraps up his two-part discussion of the benefits of Amiga DOS 3.1. Prime-Time PD By Tim Walsh 7 I I'm makes a tip o’ the hat to several members of the Amiga online community who’ve been doing an above-and-beyond job in keeping us all informed about the Byzantine developments in the (iommodorc scenario. Accent on Graphics By Joel Hagen ....32 More tips and technological techniques from Joel on getting your 2-D artwork into gallen-readv exhibition form. R> The reason for those ewer thumbnails of eveiy previous issue of AmigaWorld on this month's (mw is that 99 + I (this one) = 100!January '95 marks not only Aws 100th issue, hut also the beginning of the Amiga’s I Cjth Ammrrsaiy Year. So join in on the festivities that begin on p. 11. Video in Focus By Paulo de Andrade ..36 Paulo's back after a brief hiatus with some practical adv ice for Amiga video producers on troubleshooting your cabling. DEPARTMENTS First Impressions 2 By Daniel Sullivan ... Ten years of Amiga and one hundred issues of.AmigaWorld provide plenty ol food for thought about the future of our favorite platform. Overscan .. Amiga news and new products. AW Product Information ..39 To contact the vendors of products mentioned in this issue of AmigaWorld. Consult our all-in-one “Manufacturers* Distributors’ Addresses" list. Help Key .....60 We've reopened the Q&A help line and I im's RW&A to provide assistance for those with tech woes. The Last Word ..64 Your comments, criticisms, and suggestions are always welcome here. REVIEWS Alpha Paint (InnoVision Technology) .8 Good news for Video Toaster users: A truly professional 24-bit paint program to replace Toaster Paint. MAXDOS (Medial Productions) and CROSSMAC (Consultron) ....10 One good and one excellent Mac lile- conversion utility for your Amiga. Pegger 2.0 (Heifner Communications) .....40 The automated JPEG conversion program made better. World Construction Set (Questar Productions) ..42 Complex but rewarding landscape-generating software. Cyberedit 2.26 (Cybercall) .44 Affordable cuts-only edit controller. GAMES By Peter Olafson Special Report: Full-Motion Video Preview. .. 48 If you’ve been waiting for FMY to come to an Amiga near you. A few preview versions are beginning to gather in the wings. THEME Park (Electronic Arts UK). .. . D0 The Bullfrog people score a major bulls- eye with this amusement-park simulation. GUARDIAN (Acid Software) ...o2 From the creators of Blitz Basic, an eminently playable CD32 shoot-’em-up. ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI The second annual Gateway Computer Show, hosted by the Gateway Amiga Club, entertained nearly five hundred Amiga users and vendors under its tent. Attendees came from all over the country and from as far away as Japan. The two-day event holds the distinction of being the only Amiga show in the Midwest if not the only major show in the US this year. Gateway: "The Biggest Little Amiga Show on Earth OVERSCAN News, New Products and Networks Attendees were offered dozens of door prizes as well as a taste of a huge Amiga cake. Classes offered at the show included one on Arexx lead by Merrill Calawav, au- 4 • thor of The Arexx Cookbook; another on the Toaster with Greg Heifner of Heifner Communications; desktop publishing with Dan Weiss; and DeluxePaint with Brandt Dargue. The keynote address was given by, yours truly. Dale Larson. Among the new products available for sale at die show were Oregon Research's Termite, a terminal emulation program with many advanced features and DiskSalv 3, Dave Haynie's disk utility Flyer “Garage” The Drive-In (S499, Desktop Video Systems) may not offer twilight shows and sneak previews, but it does offer a complete hard drive expansion system for your Video Flyer and other nonlinear editing systems. It includes a heavy duty case, 250-watt power supply, internal SCSI cabling, external SCSI pass thru connectors, SCSI ID switches, power hard drive activity LEDs, and three cooling fans. The Drive-In supports several Flyer-compatible hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and tape drives. An optional adapter kit, lets you access all three SCSI-2 controllers included with the Flyer, The Drive-In is available in several different configurations and as a pre-configured system with hard drives installed and ready to go. N now commercially available from Intangible Assets Manufacturing. Also on display, MuItiFinder, a new database package from Data Management & Research. Other developers present at die show in- dueled AMIGA Game Zone, Amiga Library Services (represented bv Fred Fish’s son), Pure Logic Software (creators of On the Ball), Soft-Logik, which exhibited the latest PageStream, and Whitest one Publishing. Many developers who were not able to attend the show were there in spirit, nonetheless, having sent "care packages1’ to distribute to attendees, including Electronic Arts, which teased the crowd with a promotional flyer announcing Dpaint V, scheduled for release by the time you read this. Bob Scharp, show chairman, and The Gateway Amiga Club did a wonderful job with this event and Amiga users across the country certainly have something to look forward to in the year ahead.
* c ¦» f (For more information about the show you can contact Dale L. Larson at dale@iam.com.) Dale L. Larson Jet Set Super DJC3 and Super LJ4 from Creative Focus (each S60) will put your Amiga in the driver's seat of your Hewlett-Packard color primer. The Super DJC3 printer driver is compatible will all DeskJets, including the 1200Cf 520, and 560C. Super LJ4 is for use with all HP LaserJets, even the new 4L and 4P. Each driver provides direct Preferences access to at least 14 different typefaces and offers extended commands for text output and ink control. Both are compatible with Ami- gaDOS 1.3 and later. A special discount is offered to owners of previous versions of the Super DJC driver to upgrade to Super DJC3. Commodore Watch Just as this issue was going to press, Creative Equipment International (CEI) of Florida was expected to sign an agreement offering to purchase the assets of Commodore. While such an agreement by no means guarantees CEI's chances of ownership of the Amiga, it came as an unexpected development in a negotiation process in which the unpredictable has become commonplace. In mid-October, under a deadline from the Bahamian Supreme Court, the liquidators recommended that the former management team at Commodore UK be allowed to proceed with its buyout proposal for Commodore's assets. It had been expected that the deal would be negotiated by the first week of November. But a curious condition of the liquidation settlement called for an unorthodox "counterbidding" round to follow the acceptance of the UK group's original bid. In other words, CEI jand anyone else still interested in bidding} would have one final opportunity to counter the UK group's offer after which the UK group would have its own final opportunity to top the counter offer. (The reason for these Byzantine proceedings, reportedly, is to ensure Commodore's creditors that every effort has been made to obtain the highest possible price for the company's assets.} The UK group, however, did not sign the agreement as offered, so the liquidators then made the offer available to CEI. CEI now finds itself in the position originally open to the UK group. While not confirmed as of this writing, it was expected that Alex Amor of CEI would accept the offer. Meanwhile, the UK group says it has not dropped out of the proceedings. Joint managing directors David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot, have intimated they will prepare a counter bid for the final, auction round of the bidding. Stay tuned for the final resolution of these bizarre proceedings. DS To locate the vendors of products mentioned, see the "Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 59, Denny on DOS HINTS & TIPS FOR MASTERING THE OPERATING SYSTEM 8 AmigaDOS 3.1, Part 2 Last month we took an initial look at AmigaDOS 3.1, which was recently released by Germany's Village Tronic and made available in North America by Expert Services and Software Hut. Ttiis month we’ll examine the features of the upgrade in more detail. Ike earlier the version of AmigaDOS you're currently using, the more 3.1 has to offer you. Improvements Over 3.0 AmigaDOS 3.0 users will find 3.1 to be largely a fine- tuning upgrade. There are a number of minor bug-fixes in the ROMs, but they’re generally not noticeable. One ROM-based enhancement that will make many A4000 owners happy is enhanced overscan support you can now stretch the DoubleNTSC overscan value to 720x467, eliminating most of the annoying black borders. There are no new AmigaDOS commands beyond • those of 3.0, but some have been enhanced. New Datatypes allow Multiview to show ANIM and CDXL files, and CrossDOS now translates Macintosh, as well as MS-DOS, text files. A new CD-ROM file system is i included that allows you to read MS-DOS and CDTV or CDS2 discs connected to a SCSI interface. The harddisk file system has also been speeded up quite a bit. For Current 2.1 Users There are more improvements in store for 2.1 users. .Along with everything above, you’ll find ROM support for 256-color Intuition screens. This means that if you own a graphics card such as the Picasso 11, you can now run 4 many AGA applications in 256-color mode without weird, sometitnes-compatible system hacks. You’ll also find that the new graphics.library in ROM speeds up window and screen updates even with the standard chip set. Another ROM feature is support for Attached Screens: A screen can identify itself with another; for instance, Quick Tip One reason to buy AmigaDOS 3.1 is to get some of the best documentation ever created by Commodore. Three manuals cover Workbench, AmigaDOS, and Arexx in wonderful detail. For once, you’ll really be able to find the answers to most of your questions by Reading The Friendly Manual. When vou pull down a paint program’s main screen, the toolbox screen in front of it pulls down as well. There is now a directory for Datatypes in the Devs drawer. The operating system can now recognize a variety of file formats, such as ANIM, IFF, 8SVX sounds, CDXL, and AmigaGuide hypertext help files. A viewer, Multi view, is supplied that displays (or plays) any data file for which a Datatype exists. File Workbench screen has been spruced up a bit you can now display IFF pictures as Workbench and Window backdrops along with simple patterns. There’s one downside for folks who've spent time designing fancy 16-color icons: Along with 256-color Workbench support comes a sophisticated system for allocating various colors on the Workbench screen to different applications. Because of this, you can now define only eight of the Workbench colors for icons and backdrops; the others are reserved by the operating system for dynamic allocation to programs like Multi view, which may need colors not normally used on J the Workbench. Folks who use floppies a lot will like the new DirCache formatting option that makes reading directories from floppies nearly as fast as from a hard drive. (Data transfers are not any faster, though.) If vou write AmigaDOS scripts, you’ll like the new Request- Choice and Request File commands that let you pop up mouse-controlled requesters from your batch files. A Big Jump From 2.04 If you’re stilf running 2.04, you’ll really love AmigaDOS
3. 1, for in addition to all the improvements listed above, it includes all those that were incorporated into version
2. 1. You’ll discover Cross- DOS, which lets you read and write files from MS-DOS and Atari ST floppies, and the new Sound Preferences editor that lets you change the system alert from a simple screen flash to a tone or even a sampled sound (my system beep is a Star Trek communicator signal). If English isn’t your primary language, you’ll appreciate 3.1’s Locale support, which allows you to change operating-system text (and text in Locale-supporting applications) to languages ranging from Portuguese to German. The disk file system has also been improved to sort international characters properly. The outline font-rendering engine has been accelerated and improved over the one in 2.04, and an improved ASL file-requester library includes a Screen Modes requester that makes changing your screen resolution easier in many applications. The included PostScript printer driver isn’t much to write home about, but it's better than no support at all if you use a PostScript laser printer. You’ll also see improvements in nearly every command and in Workbench programs: better interfaces for Format and Diskcopy, more options for CLI commands, and so on. For 1.3 Users Do yourself a favor and upgrade! Not only will you see all the new features above, you’ll also get a new, 3-D user interface, a much faster operating system, outline-font support, common CLI commands in ROM, the Arexx command language, virtual screen support, and much more. You can also inn many new commercial programs, such as PageStream 3.0 and Pixel 3-D Professional, that won’t run under 1.3. Ii’s like having a completely new computer! ¦ Denny Atkin is author oj the book Denny Atkin’s Best Amiga Tips and Secrets. Address him via e-mail at Demiy miga@- aol.com, or c o AmigaWorld. Photo Opportunity It may be true that the camera never lies, but you needn't worry; with a package like A mathera's Photogenics, every image can be picture perfect. The software combines the best of both worlds: image conversion with the features of a paint program. You can load an image from various file formats (including, JPEG, IFF, and GIFF), and save it in another. Also, you can manipulate multiple images (each with its own re- (I V E K S C A The Amiga Makes a Surprise Splash at Future Entertainment Show sizable window) using one of the program's built-in brushes (including chalk, pencil, and pastel), or retouch it with the Airbrush feature. It requires an AGA Amiga, AmigaDOS 3.0 or later, and 2MB of RAM (4MB of RAM and a hard drive are recommended). LONDON, ENGLAND In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the Amiga line had its own large booth at the ’94 Future Entertainment Show. All parties were convinced that the Amiga would be a “no-show” at this year’s event, in light of the Commodore liquidation proceedings. It is to the credit of David Pleasance and team that they were able to coax the trustees into allowing them a booth at the show one stipulation: (iommodore, no; Amiga, yes. Under a banner proclaiming “Amiga” instead of the familiar Commodore logo, the former management team of Commodore UK reminded everyone that the Amiga is still a viable force, and without offering any details, promised new developements in time for the next major show the World of .Amiga in early December. Video applications had a strong presence at the show. A demonstration of the full-inotion video card for the CD32 impressed many. The Raptor (reviewed in Nov. ’94) likewise, wowed the crowds. .Also on display were real-time 24-bit video digitizers from both Gordon Harwood Computers and Rombo. HiSoft showed off its new 12-bit sound sampler, Aura, for the Amiga 1200. Aura (about SI50) offers OctaMED-compati- ble editing and effects, and claims to have a 72 db signal-to-noise ratio. Two new versions of popular word- processors were premiered at the show. Wordworth 3.1 from Digita features faster internal functions, drag and drop editing, foreign language dictionaries, landscape printing, and enhanced support for PostScript printers. Wordworth
3. 1SE is a less elaborate but economical alternative for the A1200 that operates on only 2MB and a single drive. Final Writer 3 (Softwood) features some powerful new features seen before only in packages available on other platforms. On the gaming front, Ocean Software announced three new titles: PGA Euro Tour, Jungle Strike, and Mutant Hockey. With more in the works for the year ahead. Microvalue Flair displayed Deadly Racer and Whizz. Although the folks at the Amiga booth were hard-pressed to reveal anything about their stand in the bid for the remains of Commodore, it is notable that they were able to pull something together for the show. What all this means is anyone’s guess. Despite all the uncertainly, show attendees were delighted just to see their favorite platform back in the limelight and were hungry for an “encore” at the World of Amiga. Stuart Menges All-In-One Video Studio In a move that should prove popular with economy-minded Amiga video- makers, Digital Creations announced SuperGen SX Studio, a broadcast- quality video solution priced at S799.95. T he new bundle incorporates DC’s SuperGen S (the S-Video version of the company’s renowned genlock) and Brilliance 2.0 (its best-selling 24-bit paint animation program) with InnoVision Technology’s industry-standard video-titling software, Broadcast Titler 2.0. DC’s John Botteri promises that with SX Studio, “users can overlay titles on their videos, create animated borders, and fade between any video source and Amiga graphics.” SX Studio works on all Amigas in both AGA and non-AGA modes and is available in NTSC and PAL versions. CanDo 3.0 ($ 399.95, INOVAtronics), Update Scan the object-based authoring system, now features an improved interface, 53 new transition effects, enhanced object and brush commands, new tools, and more. The revision includes a new manual and tutorial. Sold separately, CanDebug ($ 199.95) will let you examine your Can- Do scripts as they execute to troubleshoot your "buggy" creations. Both CanDo 3.0 and CanDebug require AmigaDOS 2.04, 2MB of RAM, and a hard disk. MaxDOS 2.1 = Media4 Productions), Mac emulation software, now offers transparent handling of MacBinary files, displays the Mac's icons on the Workbench, and touts a completely rewritten manual. GameSmith Development System ($ 129.95) has been acquired by Oregon Research and promises to be easier than ever to use with its new tutorial and expanded manual. In other acquisition news, Small-Biz Software of Australia has picked up distribution of Easy Ledgers accounting software, which has undergone a redesign. Digital Creations, a leading developer i of such popular Amiga products as Brilliance, SuperGen, and DCTV, has entered into a three-way merger agreement to form a new company called Play Incorporated. The new group combines desktop-video pioneers Digital Creations, Progressive Image Technology, and an eight-person contingent of former NewTek employees who left that company early in 1994. The Digital Creations name will be retained for the development and marketing of all present and future Amiga products, including the recently announced SuperGen SX Studio (see column, left). According to Play president Paul Montgomery, the new company will use its broad experience in Amiga desktop video multimedia to develop also for the PC and Mac. Prime-Time PD ON-LINE SOURCES FOR FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE SOFTWARE Every day I speak with Amiga developers who ask for the latest updates on the Commodore liquidation. If these industry professionals need updating, how do the common AmigaWorld readers fare in their quest for information? Thanks to the efforts of a number of concerned individuals, those readers with commercial online accounts or access to the Internet stav J informed of liquidation happenings in a timely manner. I’d like to devote die remainder of ihis column to some of those people in the online community who have displayed an unselfish willingness to distribute important Commodore information. Volunteer of the Year: Jason Compton Many Amiga users probably know by now (hat Alex Amor, president of CEI, generously devoted three WorJtfondi Scritn ;! Jaliroa en Ktfr I = | ft. F Inl *11, fan, r*o cm tikr Ikll Wftttmllr I* firt M» Mtl *f btrifctlwv l»(» « ywulf tr at. TceHJIv, I tltik wtffwt («a4 I WM Ekffftt) walk Wfrtclrit jwt lift if bfiff it thf kiWiai rw*is t» cm. FH = *_RDC* fa lit of yw oftkftly faw at iyn if tfa pvt in till il iittmtri i* Kwiriw tfc (om*dv» IkIimUw n( pf>l«» hilts. Cvftrtlp, 1km imvi ti W tw Ulrtsltk ttrite (uticr 1W war I vttifiL I bflitw om ii * ftiorn Milan IW i» ktfklM tM K mhjwmS U» tH >M inwd ii otrttlm. Uilki* lb* M*t fw fcftlj tfa twlH ¦ill a«yillitr nttncU «itl IV iitrmlrt pvt in V Kltil kiftlH Kill pror«i- * Here's a portion of one of the CEI online conferences, as seen in Amiga Report. Evenings in recent weeks for real-time conferences oil Portal, BIX, and Delphi. .Along with presenting outlines of CEFs plans should it acquire Commodore, these conferences served as morale boosters to the Amiga market. End users got a chance to ask Amor questions, and these conferences laid to rest more than a few rumors. Jason Compton, editor of the Amiga Report (an online AmigaGui de-format magazine) captured these conferences, cleaned up the texts, and published the transcripts in Amiga Report. Furthermore, Compton turned each one around in a timely manner, usually just a few days after it was held. Thanks to his efforts, no one needed to have an account on each network to know what was said. A quick read of the printouts of all three conferences reveals how the Poital conference differed from that on BIX (si eral former Commodor engineers attended the fanner) and how candidly Amor spoke during the Del]?hi conference. The Amiga community owes Jason Compton a round of applause for his work. Best Liquidation Summary: Dan Stets and Steve Ahlstrom CompuServe's Amiga User Forum holds once-a-week live conferences with Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Dan Stets. Maintaining contact with the trustee overseeing the liquidation and asking the right questions, Stets has revealed more hard-hitting facts than anyone else online. Shortly after the October 15th “deadline” set by the Bahamian Supreme Court, Amiga User Forum users were treated to a comprehensive sum maty of the liquidation by Amiga Forum sysop Steve Ahlstrom. His concise description of the legal proceedings was first- rate. It detailed Commodore UK’s good-faith verbal agreement, the agreement between Commodore’s major creditors and the trustee to hold an auction of sorts, and the process in which the assets would be awarded to the highest bidder. (See “Overscan,” p. 4, for the latest details.) No one else has managed so far to publicly summarize the details as accurately as Ahlstrom. Roundtable Roundup: Deb Christensen When it comes to keeping large numbers of Amiga users informed, a lot of credit goes to Genie sysop Deb Christensen. .As I mentioned in last month’s column. The Amiga Roundtable publishes the transcript of Amiga World's hotline, and Deb updates it as necessary. These hotline text files consistently generate download numbers roughly two to three times the norm for the most popular Amiga files in the Amiga Roundtable. Besides keeping her forum informed of what AmigaWorld is saying, Deb has a legendary reputation for diplomatically cooling things down when tempers flare or the tales get a little too tall in the message bases, and she does a commendable job of keeping the Amiga libraries fresh and current with offerings from the Internet. Of course, she also keeps the chat areas hopping with lots of quality chatter. Honorable Mention: Joanne Dow and Harv Laser No discussion of the online conferences with CEJ is complete without mention of two hard-working sysops: BIX’s Joanne Dow and Portal’s Harv Laser. Joanne deserves credit both for the CEI conference on BIX and for striving to maintain the core group of Amiga developers who are continually being lured away to other platforms as the liquidation process drags on. When the call goes out to beef up Amiga development, we're hoping that Joanne spearheads the necessary call to arms. On a similar note, Harv Laser always makes it a point to go the extra mile to report on Amiga happenings. Working with Jason Compton, he arranged for the initial online conference with CEL Furthermore, he has developed the Amiga Zones on Portal into a first- rate source of freely distributable Amiga liles. When it’s time to get the Amiga back on its feet, we’re hoping that Harv, and others like him, will be there to help make it happen. Network Voice Numbers BIX 800 695-4882 617 354-4137 CompuServe 614 457-0802 800 848-8199 Delphi 800 695-4005 Genie 800 638-9636 Portal 408 973-9111 800 433-6444 ¦ Write to “Prime-Time PD" c o AmigaWorld Editorial, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458; or contact Tim through the Internet at “twalsh@hix.com”. RE V E Alpha Paint Professional- quality, 24-bit paintbox* InnoVision Technology $ 699.95 All Toaster-equipped Aniigas.
1. 3 2.x 3.x compatible. Hard drive installable. Toaster Paint is the Video Toaster’s weakest link. This was true when it was first released, and even’ subsequent update lias left it virtually unchanged. Happily, InnoVision, the maker of Montage 24, has recently released Alpha Paint, a new 24-bit paint package that renders Toaster Paint completely obsolete. Buffer City Alpha Paint does something no other software can: It operates interactively in real time directly on the Toaster’s framebuffer. Furthermore, you don’t need the latest and greatest Toaster system to use it. It worked just fine on my A2000 with I MB of chip RAM and my original ’Toaster. However, you will need a goodly amount of fast RAM Innovision recommends using a minimum of 12MB. This is not surprising when you consider the number of framebuffers Alpha Paint manages. The program offers no flashing screens, ic up- 11 AM 8 displays, or render buttons. What you see is what you get. The drawing speed is very snappy; even with a Copy Protection: installable on only one machine. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Video Toaster, 12MB RAM. Recommended system: Same as minimum. Good-sized, multicolored, edge-feathered transparent brush, Alpha Paint keeps pace with your strokes. And it does a pretty good job of not squaring off the corners of your freehand curves when your movements are faster than its draw speed. Ads for the program tout it as a 36-bit paint program, a number that derives from 24-bit RGB, 8-bit stencil, and 4 bits of dithered video alpha. There are two 24-bit RGB buffers (main and swap), two 8-bit video-alpha buffers (each coupled to its respective RGB buffer), and a single 8-bit stencil buffer. The 8-bit video-alpha buffers control the way the graphics are mixed with live video, anc! The stencil buffer is used both for masking drawing operations and to control compositing between the main and svvap screens. Because the Toaster provides for only 16 levels of alpha transparency in the Switcher, Alpha Paint dithers the output of the video-alpha buffers down to 4 bits, yielding an apparent 256 levels of transparency. On top of this, brushes can possess their own 8-hit graphics and 8-hit video-alpha channels that determine, respectively, how the 24-bit brush is applied to the work screen and blended with live video. Menu Work Area To activate Alpha Paint, you first start the Toaster’s Switcher, then quit it (to conserve memory), and then start Alpha Paint. After a few moments, up pops the interface on the lower half of the Toaster program output. A click of the mouse toggles back and forth between the interface and the full work screen. You will see a bank of 20 color boxes lining the top of the interface, and nine other hidden banks are available. These boxes may hold multicolor linear, concentric, or radial gradients that you can set up in the Palette menu. Clicking a box gives you quick access to a multitude of predefined gradients not only for color, but also to modulate alpha. Below the color boxes are icons for the standard drawing tools. These icons bring up additional options, such as the Fill Menu for all the filled primitives. Menu buttons and sliders control the pen brush, palette, buffers, draw modes, image processing, input, and display. Alpha Paint includes watercolor, mix, gamma, oilpaint, rub-thru, sharpen, and negative. An onionskin display mode makes compositing with the rub- thru draw mode easy. The mix draw mode is similar to watercolor, and 1 used it to create the painterly image of a hurricane lamp that originated as a Light- Wave rendered image. You can test the tools in the image-processing menu on a mini version of the work screen before actually applying them, thus saving lots of time in going hack and forth to tweak the parameters. Font Support As shown by the three screens on this page, Alpha Paint gives you a number of control panels for easily changing colors and accessing drawing tools. Brush handling in Alpha Paint is excellent, Besides having its own two alpha channels, it has tools for interactive ,‘M) perspective and scaling, beveling, shadows, outlines, and even glows. From the brush menu, you can load Toaster, Chroma, and PostScript fonts, but not standard Amiga fonts. «¦ A wealth of controls augment the text, including those for brush manipulation. An angle entry lets you italicize any font and run the text around a circle. A preview window lets you quickly view text with your chosen font and type size. Alpha Paint works wonderfully with pressure-sensitive tablets, such as my Cal- Comp Drawing Board III, as well as with Wacom tablets. You can enable or disable pressure sensitivity, which modulates the transparency of the drawing operation. The program's multilevel Undo function is the best 1 have ever seen, with its configuration dependent upon the size of the drawing operation and the memory available. I was able to undo J9 i.~ Iw-V lU. |l* B4 ¦ BA1 ¦ ’ *11 «¦ W l“.-4' mm™ iani frumps !.h«v -m IfK'ftfim intMtr idBx iTuii.ll (KEiMI. I ll-iii w ii r fun ic • r 3 ibuni' - !*T5m
• j m i n [n m'uVim* s f f*H II ?r ‘s F II I IciilTT Iswr P iibii i i BfT _ f mii ivi'i tmmr r: nwr Wirt mibu.iw ivim
- cgirTj SJ.fM I.Hi Ttr.l II V rwit ViVr Vi; j'-i rr ' ¦»rrnE|B issss irrrr- .u 1 1 TEXT ;: I' j:- : : R E Y 1 E S Media4 Productions, $ 124.95 CrossMAC
• Outstanding quality non-lineor editor
• 16 bit audio with the loccata
• Complete Arexx support
• Comprehensive digital effects
• Digital character generator
• Chroma keying for "Blue Box" effects
• Composite & Y C input & output
• Freely adjustable data rates
• Optional transcoder for component in output
• Powerful, easy-to-use MovieShop software features time line & hierarchical editing
• S1750 for Vlab Motion or 52150 with the loccata Here ol last... an affordable, broadcast quality non-linear editing system has finally arrived in the form of Vlab Motion! As an independent film comcany that produces low-budget B-movies, we have long awaited the ability to create big- budget Hollywood effects. Now, thanks to Vlab Motion we are able to create everything from laser blasts ard motion morphs to blue screen composite shots just like the big guys. A whole world of ooportunity unfolds once you have the ability to digitize and manipulate your images in the digital domain, t am amazed at the output quality. . . Its very dean, and suits our needs perfectly. We cut our last project on the Avid, and let me tell you, for about ONE-TENTH the cost of an Avid, the Vlab Motion System will blow your socks off! In tlie computer world, the Amiga’s media format is neither PC- nor Mac- compatible. Amiga utilities that bridge this gap include a variety of emulators, translators, file readers, graphics-con- vcrsion programs, and so on. MaxDOS and CrossMAC, both recent arrivals on the scene, are perhaps the most-welcomed utilities of all. Both programs let your Amiga read and write on Macintosh disks and partitions, much as Cross- DOS enables your Amiga to read and write on PC-formatted disks. MaxDOS MaxDOS is designed to read and write 011 high-density Mac-formatted disks using Consultron’s mfm.device that’s bundled with AmigaDOS 2.1 or later, hut you can use MaxDOS as is on Mac- formatted SCSI devices. With appropriate drivers, MaxDOS also works with Emplant and A-Max-formatted devices. It’s a little tricky to install MaxDOS, as you need to enter the name of any alternate device driver. A “browse” feature would he handy to pluck them from the directors- list instead of having Continued on p. 40. Noah Ji’s ven lull screen operations in a row! Redo and Redo-f- also deserve men- ion: Redo re-executes the last opera- ton, while Redo-V- takes into account new draw modes, attributes, colors, or brushes. Finally, besides providing the ability to zoom in on vouv work, a i 4 hotkey lets you zoom out 7 handy 4 4 * lor dealing with the overscan areas of the screen. Short Gripe List On the downside. Alpha Paint does not handle multitasking well. Vou do things such as render scenes in the background. However, as there's no way to temporarily iconify Alpha Paint, you must save your work, quit, then access the other program to see your progress. I also encountered a few minor bugs, some of which trashed parts of the interface screen. Popping my wish list for improvements is the addition ol animation support, a pantograph tool, Arexx support, and Palette load and save. Tablet pen pressure should also control other aspects, such as gradient color and pen brush size. Be assured, however, that Alpha Paint is an extremely professional package that serves as a tremendous asset to any Toaster-based studio. It has loads of power and options, tempered with a simple, casy-to-navigatc interface. You need look no further for a first-rate video paintbox. Mark Thompson MaxDOS 199 S marks ftoo milestones in Amiga | history. First, idith January toe begin the 10th Anniversary Year of the Amiga (you *11 remember that the original Amiga 1000 toas introduced in f 9SS, amidst great fanfare, at ffeio Yorks Lincoln Center in July). 199S also marks AmigaLdorfcfe exon Ioth anniversary (toe, too, had our debut at that same Lincoln Center unveiling) and, in addition, January 9S is the 100th issue of Amiga- (dor d For all of you toho be been loith the Amiga and toith us Ah) celebrates these anniversaries toiih this special scrapbook that looks back at highlights of the Amiga Decade. Our special thanks to Denny Atkin, toho prepared this feature, and to the many people (oho shared memories and mementos ioith us during the process. Dan Sulliuan The Men Who Made the Machine "Huge power, graphics and video capabilities, all at a loti), lata cost. R J Mica I, Director of Intuition Wlial was llic most significant or innovative tiling thattKe Amiga brought to personal computing? "Creativity. Hot just in the artistic ioay, but in the softtoare and the methods used to solve problems. The software on the Omiya was innovative and advanced because the Omiga brought out the best in people, ft was truly a (oonderful machine with enough technology and innovation to keep it alive in spite of the IOM-PC dominated world. - Michael Sim, Senior Omiga Systems Engineer at the truth, this thing As the Amiga moves into its seeonci decade, what would you write in its graduation yearbook? "Multimedia dare right, (While many afi l talk everyone cade Interactive Multimedia is a real-time, multitasking problem. The reason everyone likes Multimedia is because human beings are used to a real-time, multitasking worfd. The Omiga got all of the elements of this right ten years ago. Sure, many systems noti) have updated versions of these elements that go much faster. Yet to date, no one s put it all together in one system again. Save Haynie, Senior Systems Design Engineer "iI don t think the Omiga has graduated. If anything, t feel it's been held back a feto years, through no fault of its own. Sfamc the Headmaster. - Spencer Shannon, Omiga System Software Engineer it would be a scribbled drawing of a meteor crater located where Redmond, (Washington once stood, with the inscription, 'Chin up, ft my. (What goes around comes around!"' Ross Hippefy, Senior Technical (Writer "Olways hold your head high, my (ittle friend. You've done very wed for yourself, and I’m proud of you." RJ Mica!, Director of Intuition Jay Miner deciyned the ftmiyac custom chips, as toe as the chips used in the Otaris OCS and 8-hit computers not to mention heart pacemakers. Jay passed atony in I99V and is oery much missed. "I’ll tell you this about Jay Miner: His passing was a loss for the whole world. This was a vastly intelligent, creative, sensitive person who touched many people & lives. I otoe him a lot, for who I've become and for the many, many hours ofpleasure I’ve had because of things he created for us. He is much missed, and I'll always remember him and think of him for inspiration. RJ Mica! Amiga AmigaWorld Timeline 1982 Hi-Toro, Inc. is formed by a group of midwest investors hoping to cash in on the videogame craze. The company later changes its name to Amiga, Inc., after people confuse it with the lawn-mower producer. ’S
i. i" j - ~V7'T' Top-of-the-Line Amiga: Then and Now Amiga Then, 1985 Amiga 1000
7. FV-IWh 68000 (fese thru: 1 Millie (ni.tructiorr, Per Second) 256 C Rf)M, 512K maximum (later 8.5 maximum) 880K floppy Hard drive optional, approximate $ fC far 20m ?096 cofora ln,ernaf expansion, ana external dal 'The. Nee* Amiga personal computer from Commodore international is a machine to rekindfe the enthusiasm that drives personal computing." (Phil Lemmons) We think this machine mill he a great success; if that happens, the Amiga miff prohah g have a great effect on other persona I-computer companies and the industrg in general" August 198S. Famous Amiga w C. Clarke
i. King ,tfu (darhd f( !r flitl) Jar (dilliarac. (creator 'erfiio Hancock Qmofhg Leary floing0) Oingo Boingo (no* ** P Hilly Idol Gary Coleman Todd Rungren r Accelerator Center Stanford Linear v,wM CinnegLand and Cisay ftmblin Entertainment 1983 Tol’iii i v , about an increH'l ! Son ea s word in Creative Computing would feature ? ?mPuter» codenamed Lorraine, that an 80-column le.aid graphics and sound, multitasking, 1984 Los G5+MB °f RAM’ and more, chased by Cornmodo ( ‘ddot lda4)asec Amiga Inc. is pur- 1985 July 23: The Amiga 1000 is unveiled at New York’s Lincoln Center, where Andy Warhol dazzles the assembled audience by creating a real-time portrait of Blondie’s Deborah Harry. AmigaWorld's premiere issue makes its debut. September: Amiga 1000s ship to consumers. AW lists “over 25 programs” available for the new computer. "July 23, f()8S. F you are interested in history, yea mill want to remember that date; it is the day that IBM's PC, Fppfe s Mac, and scores of fesser si icon mar- vels of oar decade became obsolete. I enn Dunnington, (NFC, TV Series: Babylon S sea Quasi BSD RoboCop Viper Quantum Leap Small (dander Miami Vice Liquid Television Inside Space Max Headroom Nick Frcade Unsolved Mysteries Tata! Panic Clarissa Explains It Off Bnamaniacs Goof Troop Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion Robs Hr (H Emmy F(oards) Movies: i Jurassic Park Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (darlock Fperburn Tommyknockers Honey, ( (Meio Up the Kid Death Becomes Her RoboCop The Dark Half Panama Deception (Oscar Best Documentary) flrrt persona( computer to ship standard oiith a preemptive multitasking operating system. (Oindotos 3.1 and Macintosh System 7.0 still support less-elficient, cooperative multitasking.) I first persona! Computer to ship toifh a 32-bit operating system. Flnt personaf computer to support more than 16-color output as a standard feature. Fint persona( computer toith an inexpensive genlock option. Fint personal computer to ship standard toifh a double-sided
3. S"disk drive. First personaf computer to include a ttoa-button mouse as standard. First personaI computer to offer a choice of command- fine and graphical user interfaces. Fint personal computer to include four-channel, digital sound on the motherboard. First personal computer to ship standard (tiith speech synthesis. Ftjt (and unfortunately, only) personal computer to ship loith a keyboard garage. Ftjt personal computer to include plug-and-play (ButnCnnfig) expansion cards 1986 1 he Los Gatos team begins work on the more expandable Amiga 2000, but their design is rejected in favor of one created by CBM’s German hardware developers. The Mar. Apr.dll proclaims “Over 100 Programs Listed." 1987 The second-generation Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 are introduced. In the Jan. Feb. issue, AW predicts a bright future for .Amiga desktop video. The magazine goes monthly in November. 1988 A Ils December issue now lists “over 1200 Amiga programs” time to stop counting! CDTV 1991: Commodore designed this home CD-ROPI player based an the A500 as a Stealth Computer, hoping to sneak it into the homes of unsuspecting computerphobes. Unfortunately, the stealth itorked a little too (dell, and not many people noticed it. Amiga 600 1992: Originally planned as a cost-reduced complement to the A500, the A600 ended up costing more and doing less, (dith its tiny case and internaI hard drive, though, it makes a great portable Amiga. Amiga WOO 1993: The pinnacle of the Amiga line, featuring a fast 680HO microprocessor and the improved AG A chip set. Stiff one of the most-capable video computers on the planet more than fito years after its release. Amiga l ZOO 1993: AG A graphics potter comes to the masses in this sleek one-piece Amiga. (032 199H: The COW concept done right, this 32-bit CD- ROPI game machine (tas a hit in Europe and could have been a contender in the U.S. Amiga 1000 198S: This 68000-pottered machine ttas seven if earn ahead of if a time, providing a fast, multitasking, WO 96- cnlar system far ahaut &2000 in the days of SHOOO single- tasking, 16-color (OP! 286 machines. Amiga Z000 1987: It sacrificed the A1000 s sleek lines in exchange far an extremely expandable, slat-packed design, ft suffered a hit of an identity crisis, being released in various ttorld markets as the A1S00, A2000HD, A2S00 20, A2S00 30, A2000HDAU00, AISOOPlus, and f)2000Plus. Amiga 500 1987: The most popular Amiga model, this one- piece case packed all the passer of the Amiga f000 in an inexpensive package. A European model itith Kickstart 2.OH and 2PIG chip RAP! Capability ttas called the A500Plus. Amiga 3000 990.- Nearly the perfect Amiga design, the A3000 took the Amiga to a full 32-bit 030 architecture, got rid of the flicker, and packed plenty of speed. Also available in a toiser model, the A3000T, and a Unix model, the A3000UK ORIGINAL AMIGA CHIP SET 1 A2500 20 CDTV A2500 30 A1000 A2000 A2000HD A500 ECS CHIPSET 1 A600 A3000UX A3000 A3000T AGA CHIPSET 1 CD32 A4000 A4000T A1200 hard dr' A ° &&00, 32-hit AG A system with an IDE °f Gar fn an updated Amiga f000-style hex with separate keyboard. A3000+ An Amiga 3000 "Am vga a apced isgoing to be a a fieorfac ie anda eadtotrd to the Competition. -_ Qorfancf adberffeemeat, Amiga- dar tf, Premiere: i98S updated with a 080*10 microprocessor, the AAA chip set, Sci9 on the motherboard, and an AT&T 3210 OS A chip. A leaj lucky developers have prototypes of this unit, cohich (oas shofon at the Denver OevCon in 1992 and cau d have shipped a year before the s ntver A V000 did.
F) 300 fin ukrn-inexpereioe Amiga designed to Bit bc oe, the A500 in the product Una. This idea ,f)e AOOO, tohich ended up canting more than the A500 A2200 A stripped-down Amiga 3000 with an IDE hard drive interface. The design was completed and the machine was nearfg readg to go into production, hut no Commodore subsidiary would order one. Engineers referred tn it as the A 1000jr, a reference to the disastrous Pcjr. Products With the Mostest Th. Host Anticipated Commodore Ansiqa ProductTh* K"ra«sX« v? » mutd h,„„ ,W rte flcc'So « U“"' JL coooror pta* earner-priced modems uuth eimi ar f jen .wJL* mi. * w„,,wa *,«o 000r» cJmorfore cmalxl Runner-up; Commodore's tramp Cord too would have plugged into the mttja expansion slot and provided ar mare acceleration to the snail-like flmiga Transformer software AM PC emulator. Instead of releasing this $ 200 product, Commodore opted for the ill- fatatI $ 1000 SideCan basically a kegboard ess HIM XT Hat pluqqad into the side of the Amiga 1000. ¦wSttSSKSS'-.ta.n.* The wtnner, of course, is the Video Toaster which moved the Amiga into the forefront of'the Z T' dRa(ttoP-M * market. IvecaTek didn t omuaify announce the hoard until it was neartu eadg to ship, hut press leaks and trade-shot* previews caused anticipation to hui d for gears Runner-up: Return to Atlantis, a screen shot of (t dipped cheat ties gears later. The Host Anticipated Third-Party Amiga Product That Never Shipped Turbo Pascal, from Aor and. In an advertisement in the very first issue of Am qaLdorld, Aor and said Tda think Amiga will take off just tike Turho Pascal did. " The company promised Turbo Pascal for the Amiga in the first quarter of 1986, but it never shipped an Amiga product. FfiSoft's HiSpeed Pascal, a Turbo Pascal done for the Amiga, finally shipped six gears later. Runners-up! (OnrdPerfcct S.O for the Amiga, Lotus 1-2-3 for the Amiga (which various developers have reported having seen in Lotus Cambridge officesJ, and Jim Sachs 20,000 Leagues Linder the Sea (which was started back in the Amiga-1000 dags and mag still see iurlrsr nnrr fl A JafrJY) ). Lafi. Fin At rf r rt t Art n 1990 April 24: The A3nnn ' ' ’ ---- med a Live"unveiling in*"'»•*« its debu, a . November: NewTek’s 1 h Hnally ships, placing,hc °!'j'n'ic>P«ed r lascent desktop-video market * the forefront°fJJ," 1991 CDTV is released. It doesn’t make much of a splash, but impresses the industry nevertheless, becoming the first “set-top box’’ to reach the market. 1992 The Amiga 3000+ featuring the AGA chip set is previewed at the Denver DevCon in February. The product is shelved after one of the primary designers of the IBM Pcjr takes over Commodore’s engineering department. "(dith the introduction of the Amiga . . . Consumer computing miff never be the same again." - Robert Lock and Richard Mans- field, COMPUTE!, September 198S mho mas the onfg Aixtg-seuen issues ago (August '88 to be precise ) this aas the staff of Amiga(s}orfd Chacon and Linda Laffamme (seated (eft), Gug (d right [center), and Aob Rgan (right) have since (eft to fead fess interesting fives. (Theg (sere replaced bg current Aid staffers Tim (dafsh, Ann Record, and Amain Pratt) Dan Sullivan (far (eft) and Aarbara Gefoert (seated right) remain. Mast of the bears stiff mark here, too, but A oh s dog Mae marks for another magazine
• 3urn gg LIE1V •£ auieucri 'Z ¦ uqduf] 'Rp.iog ‘sauSy * i SH3AVSNiV s(iuiripu;) nx.]
• odo Ajoj i Sop s.J3ut| aeJ ’>|ip|] 9
• apoui pjVM'£
1. (dhat metre the angina names of the cm atam chi pa in the Amiga?
2. (dhat mas the ariginaf cadaname of the Amiga?
3. (dhat compang fanned Amiga, Inc. maneg and a moat gat the righta to the tachnafagg instead of Commodore? £f. (dhat famous h ues musician and Amiga f 000 omner mas prof fed in an ear g issue af Amiga(dorfd?
5. (dhat major Amiga feature mas supposed to have been defeted from the custom chip set before the computer coos re eased?
6. The Amiga f000 had the signatures of its creators an the inside cover; non-human to sign the machine?
7. (dhat mas the name af the £(er.tronic. Arts graphics damn shipped mith the Amiga fOOO?
8. (dhat mas the first rag-traced animation for the Amiga?
9. (dhat mas the Amiga S00 fi code- name?
10. The Amiga s voice sgnthesizer sang fead on a fdfer track on a popular 80 s (fern (daoe album, (dhat mas the song?
11. (dhat mas the onfg game re eased bg Commodore for the Amiga?
12. (dhat Amiga modef shipped mith tmo microprocessors?
13. (dhat mas CDTOs codename? 1H. (dhat are the three primarg custom chips in the AGA Amigas? 1 S. (dhat mas the fast Amiga modef re eased bu Commodore?
V. qiJM 009o *>qj Z
• j lEMpuijv ¦ | | Y10l3Og UollELUJOjllf •()[ ¦J3jsq n i) 1993 The Amiga 4000 and Amiga 1200 are released worldwide, while CD32 hits European stores in time for Christmas. Commodore begins a string of layoffs. The AAA chip set is shelved due to lack of development funds. 1994 CD32 is released briefly in the US, but Commodore files for liquidation before a marketing push can begin. 1995 January: The Amiga begins its 1 Oth-anniversary year, while ! W celebrates its 100th issue. Amiga users look forward to many more years of productivity and fun with a machine that’s still ahead of its time. Denny Atkin Time and use are bound to prey on your trusty mouse. When it’s finally time to chase down a new one, you’ve got plenty of choices. Should your Amiga mouse give up the ghost, it’s nice to know that there are lots of replacement options. Standard mice, trackballs, light pens you name it, and it’s out there. To help you sort things out, we trapped an even dozen of these critters and pushed ’em through a wide range of performance and usability tests. But before we get to product specifics, let’s look over the categories. V TTJ Of NfUTPTV Cef Opto-meciianical Mice The most popular mouse design available today, the opto-mechanical mouse has a weighted hall that’s in contact with a series of rollers inside the mouse. As the mouse is moved along a flat surface, the rotating ball causes the internal rollers to move. The rollers rotate a slotted wheel; an LED (light-emitting diode) shines light through the slots, and optical sensors count the pulses and translate that information into X-Y coordinates. The mouse ball and internal rollers must be cleaned periodically to remove lint build-up. Optical Mice Instead of using moving parts, the optical mouse relies on a beam of light bounced against a grid-covered mouse pad to track the movement of the mouse. A pair of LEDs point out of the bottom of the mouse, with one tracking X movement and the other tracking Y movement. When light from the LEDs strikes the pad, it is reflected back into the mouse and analyzed by a series of optical sensors. These sensors test for changes in the light consistency and convert that information into X-Y coordinates. Because they have no moving parts, optical mice need less maintenance than opto-mechanicals. However, an optical mouse must have its specially designed mouse pad in order for it to operate correctly. Cordless Mice The cordless mouse is usually very similar to the standard opto-mechanical mouse, except that the cord connecting the mouse with the computer is replaced by a beam of infrared energy. If you’re tired of wrestling with vour mouse cords, a cordless unit will 7 Jeff
o ? Give you unfettered movement within a limited area. Trackballs In essence, the trackball is a regular mouse Hipped on its back. Instead of the roller ball moving across a flat surface, you move the ball directly by spinning it with your fingers or the palm of your hand. Pen Mice One of the more unusual input devices available, the pen mouse replaces the standard mouse design with something analogous to a traditional pen or pencil. A tiny roller, or optomechanical sensor, is present in the tip of the pen; you simply move that point across an appropriate surface to generate mouse movement. Buttons on the pen’s shaft serve as left and right mouse buttons. Light Pens A light pen is shaped like a regular pen, but with a connector cord attached at one end and a photodetector at the other. To use it, you simply position the photodetector end of the pen near the monitor screen. Since the screen is continuously redrawn by a beam from the electron gun about 60 times per second, the photodetector detects when the electron beam passes in front of it. The light pen then transmits information to the computer, which identifies the exact location of the light pen. ? I lere are the results of the Amiga mouse comparisons. For an all-in-one view of how they compare, see the table entitled “Mouse to Mouse.,T CO NTENP£PJ: ££ How TTOT PiTN Opto-mechanical Mice MegaMouse ($ 49.95, AlfaData): With 400-dpi resolution and a two-year warranty, the MegaMouse has a great deal going for it. Quick and sensitive (thanks in part to its high resolution), it features crisp, responsive mouse buttons. It isn’t very ergonomic, however, with a short, five-foot cord, and it’s the most expensive mouse in this category. MegaMouse MK-II ($ 39.95, AlfaData): The next iteration in AlfaData’s MegaMouse series, the MegaMouse MK-II is the better of the two. While it doesn’t have lhe alacritous responsiveness of the original MegaMouse, the MK-II compensates with an extra- long, seven-foot cord, a glossy hard-plastic finish, and a heavier mouse ball. GI-600N (S39.99, Golden Image): The GI-600N’s cord is six feet long, not three, as the box claims. Other tilings in its favor are an included mouse pad and an ergonomic, palm-filling design with a glossy, hard- plastic finish. Caveat: the one-year warranty is the shortest in the opto-mechanical group. Swifty Mouse ($ 39.99, Micro R&D): Offering possibly the best combination of price, features and performance, the Swifty offers 300-dpi resolution, three mouse buttons, and a lifetime warranty. While the box claims that the Swiftv is switchable between Atari ST j and Amiga, the required switch was missing front the package I received. Optical Mice AlfaOptic ($ 79.9h, AlfaData): A 300-dpi mouse using an optical encoder, the AlfaOptic ships with a mouse pad, a user's manual, and a mouse holder. I his white- plastic mouse features three mouse buttons and a two- year warranty. The pad seemed too small for the mouse, and the cord is only five feet long, but the mouse was generally quick and responsive. Boing! Mouse ($ 99, GfxBase): One of the most expensive input devices tested, the Boing! Mouse features the smoothest operation, with crisp mouse clicks and smooth, point-to-point movement. The included pad is part of the reason: Made of thin, high-quality metal, it offers little resistance to the mouse movement. Although it has a short (four-foot) cord and a conservative 200-clpi rating, the Boing! Mouse is an excellent alternative to the standard opto-mechanical variety. ? Manufacturer Model Type Price dpi Buttons Cord Warranty Other AlfaData MegaMouse Opto-Mech S49.95 400 2 5r 2 years AlfaData MegaMouse MK-II Opto-Mech S39.95 260 2 7' 2 years [2] Golden Image GI-600N Opto-Mech S39.99 290 2 6' 1 year 12] [3] Micro R&D Swifty Mouse Opto-Mech S39.99 300 3* 5' Lifetime AlfaData AlfaOptic Optical $ 79.95 300 3* 5' 2 years [2] [3] [7J GfxBase Boing! Mouse Optical $ 99.00 200 3* 4' 2 years [3] Golden Image GI-6000N Optical S59.99 250 3 3' 1 year 12][3] AlfaData CLM-MT Cordless S99.95 260 3* 6' 2 years [11 [2] [3] AlfaData TKB-MT-AC Trackball $ 69.95 162 3* 5' 2 years 12] [6] AlfaData AlfaPen Pen Mouse $ 99.95 200 3* 6' 2 years [3] Golden Image JP-100P Brush Pen Mouse $ 19.99 250 2
3. 5' 1 year [4] [7] Inkwell Systems Light Pen Light Pen S129.95 N A N A 4' 90 days 15] Key [1] = Length of cord on infrared receiver is 6'. Cordless mouse can be up to 5' from infrared receiver. [2] = Atari ST Amiga switchable. [3] = Ships with mouse mat. [4] = Ships with DeluxePaint II. [5] = Includes Light Pen driver software. [6] = Mouse button lock feature. [7] = Ships with mouse holder.
* = While some Unix X-windows programs support a third button, I know of no other Amiga programs that do so. Now you can read and write files on Mac floppies and hard disks directly from your favorite Amiga program. CfOSSMAC™ is a Mac File System for the Amiga®. It easily installs into the Amiga operating system to allow you to transparently access files on Mac disks from any application. CrossMAC is packed with many features, since it’s based on our experience designing CrossDOS™, (The same CrossDOS included in the Amiga’s OS) Requirements: Any Amiga with at least 1 M of RAM and Amiga DOS 2.0 or higher. CONSUI7R0 V Technical Support
(313) 459*7271 trademark of SyQuest Technology, inc. Bernoulli: registered trademark of lOMega Corp. Amax: trademark of ReadySoft, Inc. Emplant: trademark of Utilities Unlimited, Inc. File System Features: ? Read write Mac low* and high** density floppies (including Amax and Emplant disks). ? Read write Mac hard drives (including SyQuest™ and Bernoulli!M cartridges and Amax and Emplant partitions). ? Read Mac HFS CD-ROMs. ? Data and Resource ‘forks’ as separate files. ? Mac icons displayed under Workbench. ? Full Mac file names. ? MacBinary file support. ? Optional Amiga* Mac character translation. ? Requires either an Amax cartridge and Mac 800K drive or an Amax II plus Amax IV card.
* * Requires an Amiga-compatible high density drive. [We have a limited supply of these drives for sale j. Amiga: registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. SyQuest: registered File System Support Utilities: ? Format, diskcopy and check the integrity of Mac disks. ? File salvation program to try to recover files from a corrupt Mac disk. ? Resource extractor to view or copy individual resources from a Mac resource ‘fork’. ? Easy hard drive configuration program. ? Other valuable utilities. R Ask about our special price on our | “CrossFS Pro Pack”, i It combines CrossMAC and CrossDOS 5 J Plus for one-----1------ GI-6000N (S59.99, Golden Image): This poor man’s optical mouse has a number of shortcomings. Instead of the rigid pad included with the other opticals, the GI-6000N ships with a flexible plastic one. The mouse was quick and responsive, and is switchable for use on the Amiga or Atari ST. However, a one-year warranty and a short, three-foot cord put the GI-6000N at the bottom of the optical heap. Cordless Mice The JP-100P Brush ($ 19.99, Golden Image): At a price of less than $ 20, the opto-mechanical, 250-dpiJP-100P is easily the best buy in the pen-mouse category. This is true despite its being hampered by a three-foot cord and a warranty of only one year. It ships with a complete copy of the outdated DeluxePaint II and a square wooden “brush holder,” which I found actually worked better as a paperweight. The JP-100P shares the AjfaPen’s operational strengths and weaknesses, but it is clearlv a better value. CLM-MT Infrared Mouse ($ 99.95, AlfaData): II' Light Pens you're sick of fiddling with tangled mouse cords and long to move freely, consider this one. .Although .AlfaData claims a maximum transmission distance of five feet, I found it to be closer to four. AlfaData is also a trifle optimistic when it says that the mouse “works under heavy use for at least ten hours after a full Pot, Not fyll As with monitors and printers, mice and other input devices are usually given a "resolution" rating by the manufacturer. The most common measurement for resolution is in dots per inch (dpi). The higher the resolution, the greater the ability of the input device to interpret small movements. For example, a mouse with a 400-dpi rating will respond to even the tiniest of movements, while getting the on-screen pointer to move the same distance with a 2Q0*dpi mouse may take a considerably stronger shove. Having an ultra-high-dpi mouse isn't always ideal. A tiny bump of your hand could send your mouse pointer zooming across the screen. Generally, a higher dpi results in faster on-screen pointer movement. If your mouse is moving too slowly or quickly for your taste, you can adjust the settings in the Input Preferences program that's found in the Workbench 2.0 3.0 Preferences drawer. Recharge." In practice, I found that it usually lasted six lo seven hours, beginning to move erratically towards the end of that period. Freedom is the operative word here, however; if you work within these constraints and nightly recharges, this is the mouse von want. Trackballs TKB-MT-AC Trackball (S69.95, AlfaData): With its sturdy, rugged construction and smooth operation, the .AlfaData TKB-MT-AC trackball emerges as the best unconventional mouse design. It occupies very little desk space. A nifty drag-lock button lets you perform mouse-drag operations without finger gymnastics; a left-button click releases the drag-lock, a fact not documented in the tiny manual. On a more unusual note, the trackball’s transparent plastic roller ball alternately flashes green and red when plugged in to the mouse port, serving as a source of irritation or entertainment, depending on your attitude. Pen Mice AlfaPen ($ 99.95, AlfaData): With an optical design, three mouse buttons, and a six-foot cord, the AlfaPen appears to be a workable replacement for a standard Amiga mouse. In use, I found the AlfaPen to excel as a creative instrument, perfect for drawing and painting. However, it didn’t work quite as well for resizing windows, selecting menus, and so on. Light Pen ($ 129.95, Inkwell Systems): Clearly the most unusual product in our roundup, the Light Pen is ideally suited for use in multimedia kiosks, educational programs, and other specialized environments. A disk provides driver software that allows it to work with your applications programs. In testing it with a wide variety of Amiga software, I found it works best with graphics programs. Not intended as a replacement for an Amiga mouse, the Light Pen works alongside your existing input device. Getting it correctly calibrated is important for efficient operation, blit you should be aware that the calibration program doesn’t work well if you’re using a television as a display device. Summary Recommendations The type of mouse you choose will be strongly influenced by your own personal preferences. If you simply need a basic replacement for an ailing Amiga mouse, any of the listed opto-mechanical mice will fill the bill nicely. In ifie opto-mechanical category, the Micro R&D Swifty mouse offered the best combination of cord length, warranty, and other features. If you’re looking for an optical mouse, expect to pay up to twice as much as you would for an opto-mechanical model. I he optical mice from AlfaData and GfxBase are the best in the optical category, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. The GfxBase Boing! Mouse offers crisp, precise operation, but is hampered by a high retail price and a short, four-foot cord. On the other hand, although .AlfaData’s AlfaOptic mouse didn’t operate quite as smoothly, it’s a belter value overall. If you’re short on desk space, the AlfaData trackball is an excellent choice. Pen mice are well suited for painting and drawing applications, but 1 found using them a bit awkward for everyday mouse operations. The Golden Image jP- 1 OOP is undeniably the better value of die two, and possibly the best value in this roundup. Again, personal preference will come into play. Finally, the Light Pen, working alongside another input device, can be a valuable addition to your system if you’re into multimedia development or involved in other graphics applications. ¦ Jeff James, an assistant editor for the digital magazine Inter Active Gaming, is a frequent contributor to several other computer publications, Contact him at 76640.75@ compusewe.com or cfo AmigaWorld Editorial, PO Pox 802, 80 Elm St., Peterborough, NH 03458-0802. Make me . . . IT SEEMS THAT upgrading to the latest (3.1) version of the operating system has some Amiga users singing the blues. Not that there’s anything wrong with AmigaDOS 3.1 far from it. DOS I Wk Part 1 Come here, doctor, come here quick; this new DOS ’bout to In fact. 3.1 is the most powerful and stable operating system Commodore ever released. But it does contain a number of important changes that may catch you unawares or ause some programs you use to experience problems especially if you are upgrading from AmigaDOS 2.04 or 2.1. (Users upgrading from 3.0 will have fewer problems.) With the right Rx for your new OS. However, you can avoid these upgrade “gotchas” The remedies prescribed in this two-part series should help you eliminate or at least circumvent the bizarre little quirks you may encounter when you start using .AmigaDOS 3.1. First Things First Before we visit the DOS doctor, though, let’s dispense with a few preliminaries. First, we are proceeding on the assumption that you already have .AmigaDOS 3.1 installed on your Amiga: both Kickstart (a hardware ROM upgrade) and Workbench (a software upgrade). Also, keep in mind that AmigaDOS 3.1, like previous versions, has a file called s:startup-sequence that executes every time the Amiga boots. You should never change this File under AmigaDOS 2.0 and later, for doing so can cause many mysterious problems. Even worse, if you did previously alter your startup- sequence, all those changes will be undone when you upgrade to 3.1. What if you do need to customize your Amiga’s startup? There are two recommended ways to proceed. First, you can drag programs into the SYS:WBStartup drawer, and they will automatically execute when the Workbench loads (see page 4-26 in the Workbench 3.1 manual). Second, you can add commands to the s:user-
1. Run Palette, Write down the settings on a piece ? Startup file to be executed at boot time (see page 8-8 in the DOS 3,1 manual). WBStartup and user- startup are not affected when you undertake to upgrade AmigaDOS. Now, on to that litany of upgrade problems and their solutions! Weird Colors and Pointers Are you having any of the following problems? « Your mouse pointer is the wrong color.
• Your “busy” pointer has stopped appearing.
• After changing your pointer Preferences, clicking Save, and rebooting, your pointer has not changed.
• Your Workbench screen turns strange colors.
• WBPattern backdrops don’t work correctly. Any of these quirks may be due to out-of-date Preferences settings. These are stored in the directories ENVARC:Sys and ENV:Sys, in files with names ending with .prefs. AmigaDOS 3.1 uses a new format for these files that is not completely compatible with AmigaDOS
2. 0 liles. The solution is to delete your old Preferences settings (or move them to another directory for safekeeping) and then re-create them from scratch. 1 recommend that you do this even if you are not experiencing these problems, just to prevent them from occurring in the future. Here is a method for Fixing the Preferences setting for Palette that you can then adapt for all the other Preferences programs: B j; Hamel J. Barrett of paper for later reference. Quit Palette by clicking Cancel.
2. Delete the two Preferences settings files for ! % tt Palette that are found in the ENVrSys and ENVARC:Sys directories. The Shell commands to 'do this are: delete ENV:Sys palette.prefs delete ENVARC:Sys palette.prefs (If you prefer to delete from the Workbench, do the following: Open the RAM disk icon, select Show .Ail Files from the Window menu, find the Env drawer and open it, find the Sys drawer and open it, and delete the palette.prefs file found inside. Then, open the Svstem‘5.1 disk icon, find the Prefs drawer and open it, select Show All Files again, find the Env-Archive drawer and open it, find the Sys drawer and open it, and delete the palette.prefs file found therein.)
3. Run Palette. Re-create the settings that you wrote down on paper in step 1. Quit Palette by clicking Save. Repeat this method for each Preferences program, substituting the name of the program for Palette. When you are finished, reboot, and all should be well. You should need to fix your Preferences settings like this only once. You may feel tempted to take a shortcut and not delete the settings files, but this will not work. Even if you save your new Preferences settings, the existence of the old settings file can cause a problem. II you also want to fix all your old Preferences presets contained in the SYS:Prefs Presets drawer, a similar method will work. Load each file into the appropriate Preferences program using the Open... menu item, write down the settings, click Cancel, delete the file, rerun the Preferences program, re-create the settings, and click Save. IconEdit Crashes Does IconEdit crash whenever you choose a menu item? This can happen if you are running the freely distributable program CPUBlit 1.0 (Fish Disk 528) and using WBPattern to make a fancy pattern on your Workbench screen. While I do not know exactly why this crash occurs, I have carefully verified (together with the author of CPUBlit) that it is caused by an interaction between IconEdit, WBPattern, and CPUBlit. To get around this problem, you have several choices: L Upgrade from CPUBlit 1.0 to 1.1. While the update had not yet made it to common freeware distribution channels as of this writing, it should be available by the time you read this.
2. Don’t use a Workbench screen pattern. Note that the screen pattern is the one marked by the word Screen in the Placement gadget in WBPattern. This is new in AmigaDOS 3.1; previously, there were only Workbench and Windows patterns. To remove a pattern, click the upper-leftmost color selection in the window, and then click Clear. Then click Save to exit. Screenmode Overscan Strangeness When you exit the Screen Mode or Overscan program, does your Workbench suddenly change to a low-reso- lution screen twice as wide as your monitor? And nothing will change it back except rebooting? If so. You may be running the freeware commodity SwitchNTSC, which does not work properly under AmigaDOS 3.1. The only workaround is to quit SwitchNTSC whenever you change the ScreenMode or Overscan Preferences, and then restart it afterwards. Unfortunately, the author of SwitchNTSC reports that he cannot update the program because of compiler problems. Datatypes Not Working Datatypes are a powerful feature that was introduced in AmigaDOS 3.0. They allow graphics, sound, and other programs to use files of many different kinds, not just IFF files. Unfortunately, depending upon the particular way in which your Amiga’s user-startup file is set, Datatypes may not be able to work properly. For instance, in trying to use programs such as Multiview or WBPattern, you may receive an “unknown datatype” or similar message. Datatypes are especially likely to malfunction if you have reassigned LIBS:. In AmigaDOS 2.1 and earlier, LIBS: refers to the directory SYS:Libs. In AmigaDOS 3.1, this has changed. It now refers to both SYS:Libs and SYS:Classes, using this Assign Acid command in the s:startup-sequence file: Assign >NIL: LIBS: SYS:Classes ADD If you have modified your startup-sequence (naughty, naughty!), you may have deleted this line accidentally. In addition, some advanced users have commands in their user-startup file that reassign I.IBS: to point at other directories. If yon do this, also make sure to include SYS:Classes in your user-startup bv adding the Assign command given above. Alternatively, if you use the commercial product Wshell 2.0 (as I do), you might have a command like this in your user-siarlup file: Assign LIBS: PATH:Work:Libs,SYS:Libs In that case, you must change it to: Assign LIBS: PATITWork:Libs,SYS:Libs.SYS: Classes If you do not use Wshell 2.0, the above two Assign commands are not relevant to your situation. MUI and Wshell If you use MUI (Magic User Interface on Fish Disk
967) and Wshell 2.0, watch out for a conflict between the normal SYS:Classes directory and the MUI Classes directory. If MUI or your Datatypes are not working, this may be the reason. As in the previous section, MUI requires an Assign Add command to make LIBS: point at its Classes directory. For example: Assign Libs: Work: MU I Classes ADD If you use Wshell 2.0, you may be tempted to do this: Assign LIBS: PATH:SYS Tibs,SYS: Classes. Work: MU I Classes Beware! Both the SYS:Classes and Work:MU I Classes directories have subdirectories with the same names. This can cause conflicts. Instead, put Assign LIBS: PATH:SYS:ITbs,SYS:Glasses Assign LIBS: Work:MUI Classes ADD in your user-startup, and all will be well. NickPrefs Problems If you are using NickPrefs (Fish Disk 780) on your Amiga, be warned that many people on USENET have reported problems with NickPrefs under AmigaDOS
3. 1. II your system appears unstable, try removing NickPrefs and see if the problem goes away. Use the Real Thing Finally, did you obtain an officially licensed version of AmigaDOS 3.1? (The German company Village Tronic arranged with Commodore before the liquidation to sell a licensed version of 3.1. Expert Services and Software Hut are distributing it in North America.) If not, you may be running an outdated beta version of AmigaDOS. Some of these have appeared on BBSs and other freeware distribution channels, but don’t be fooled AmigaDOS is not freeware! It is a commercial product. Beta versions of AmigaDOS are only for testing by registered developers, and those versions may have serious bugs that can damage your files. To make sure you are running the genuine AmigaDOS 3.1, use the Workbench’s About... menu command. T he Kickstart version should be 40.63, 40.68, or 40.70, and the Workbench version should be 40.42. If not, then you should contact your dealer to obtain the correct version of 3.1. (The reason for all the Kickstart versions is that Village Tronic found that version 40.70 did not work correctly on some Amiga models. The differences between the versions are very minor and pertain mostly to SCSI and IDE interfaces.) A Final Word AmigaDOS 3.1 is a big improvement over 2.1 and its predecessors. Every upgrade, however, comes with at least a few problems, and I hope that this series will ease your transition to the Amiga’s latest and greatest operating system. Next month, we’ll conclude by troubleshooting some further 3.1 "gotchas” you’re likely to encounter, including problems concerning speech, Arexx, protection bits, requesters, rebooting, and hard-drive documentation. “By then you’ll be ready to lose those upgrade blues." ¦ Daniel J. Barrett is a long-time Amiga user and the author of BLAZEMONGER. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Massachusetts. E-mail him at barrelt@cs.iunass.edu. The author wishes to thank Osma Ahvenlampi, Klaus Burkert, Eddy Carroll Mario Kemper, Mike Meyer, and Chris Wolf for helpful information that contributed to this article. September 1993 = AW9309) October 1993 (AW9310) November 1993 (AW9311) December1993 (AW9312) January 1994 (AW9401) February 1994 (AW9402) March '1994 (AW 9403) April 1994 (AW 9404) May 1994 (AW 9405) FEBRUARY 1994 Over 100 products featured for your A4000 A1200 S. S Send me APRIL 1994 Which Platform is the Best Buy
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* 99” 5933 195 5851 ORDER HOTUNE 800-872
- 8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am lo 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm (P5T) Order Status 310-787-4520 Mon* - Fri 8am to 5pm Sat* 9am to 4pm With any purchase from Creative Computers you will get this CD-ROM absolutely free!! This CD-ROM is a compilation of Amiga developers that dedicated to the growth and expansion of AMIGA in spite of the current situation. This CD-ROM has been in the works for over 10 months and these developers are willing to donate to you these full commercial and light demo versions of their software as a thank you for your continuing support. We should continue to support these developers with upgrades and purchases of new product. This is the only woy we will continue to get quality software & hardware. Creative Computers would like to personally thank each developer for their contributions! DEVELOPERS: ASIMWare Innovations Blue Ribbon Soundworks tnovatronics intelligent Designs (formerly Moonlighter) Legendary Design Technologies Noahji's Nova Design Prime Software Sunrise Industries Terra Nova Development Visual Inspirations TBCPlus
* 59595 At 230 Turbo* SERIES II EGS 28 24 SPECTRUM NEW! The nex1 generation of (be A1230 Turbo+. IOMhz 68030, real-time clock, 4MB RAM expendable to 32MB RAM. Make s your Al 200 faster than a A3000! Exclusive Kickstart Remapping. 5359 ONE YEAR WARRANTY Professional quality, all-digital time base corrector with reof-time frame grabber and
16. 7 million color frame buffer PLU programmable video special effects! Comb Filler Option . $ 8995 Clean up comp lix cross color. 95 398 5534 50MHz w MMU and 4MB RAM......*549 5535 A1291 SCSI KIT *89 5536 Clean up composite for Y C output; Frame RAM Option *189" 1MB extra Rome RAM; improves special effects. 5562 Go Beyond AGA Graphics with this real-time, 24-Bil, true-color graphics enhancement card. Programmable resolutions up to 1600 x 1280! 800 x 600 in 24-Bit! Includes a custom display pass-through cable for single monitoruse. Many applications are ready to run and it includes the acclaimed EGS PAINT vl .2 as a bonus, too! Bring workstation power to your Amiga!
- s37495 5563 External Genlock for the Amiga G-Force 040 33MHz PhdnePak LO A A V W * f I M i i * I G-iOCI A2000 Accelerator 4MB RAM with math coprocessor ' $ 1034“ Works wit A2000! Tf you would like to have automated, scheduled, fima dalo stamped voice mail and faxes with unlimited mail boxes, the ability to fax from any program that prints, call in remotefy, and more, get PHONE PAK VXF 2.0 Bring the world of SCSI into reach! Hook up to CD- ROM, Bernoulli drives, etc... Add up to 7 devices to your Amiga and smile! You can even add up to 8MB RAM and mount a
3. 5" drive on card! M 5309 4322 Bring live video, audio and Amiga graphics together on ANY Amiga! Built-in transcoder to convert input video to composite, Y C, RGB or YUV outputs! Full AGA support! M G-Force 04 A4 Cm VoJ’ With 4MB RAJA! Now you can accelerate your Amiga 4000 and expand the RAM in one product! The GVP G-Force 040 is 4QMHz, and will expand to 32MB RAM onboard. PLUS; You can add an optional SCSI II and or RAM Adopter Board NO ZORRO SLOT TAKEN!! 995 95 95 199 95 4333 298 95 139 4526 5660 5283 Desktop Amiga Screen Saver & System Sound Manager
• 32 customizable screen modules ¦ 84 dazzling sound effects & 4 riveting 8-lrack stereo soundtracks
• Create personalized screen savers by importing IFF's 4 Arums and assigning o sound effect or soundtrack la them
• Assign sounds to windows, keys, events, text strings ond time Now your Amiga can tell you it's done formatting or copying a disk, installing software and when to leave for lunchl Compatible with all Amigas, 1.3 thru 3.1 Operating systems. Includes supports for all A Magic Centaur OpalVision Main Board The core unit of the modular OpalVision system. A true RGB, 24-Bit frame buffer, it operates in any Amiga with a video slot. It allows smooth fading of pictures, color-cycling effects, and smooth, double buffered 24-Bit animation. Includes connectors to the Video Processor and Scan-Rate Converter TBC (optional modules). Includes a wealth of software such as OpalPaint, widely regarded as the best 24-Bit paint program on the Amiga; OpalAnimMATE, plays 24- , 16- and 12-Bit animations at up to 60fps and OpalPresents!, an icon-driven presentation graphics boards 5804 Nova Designs Image FX vl.5 Complete painting tools, real-time WYSIWYG preview, alpha channel, regionalized processing, edge feathering, brushes, RGB masking and more! Slide show program. $ “When Your Image Is On The Line” ImageFX is the only image processing software package you will ever need for your Amiga,..period. This phenomenal program comes with a complete array of professional 24-bit paint tools and unsurpassed special effects. When you're up against a deadline, you don't have time to second guess. ImageFX gives you total control of the creative process with the fastest and easiest to use interface on the market. When your image is on the line, you can't afford to make a mistake. Your image processor has to have all the tools an image processor should have. ImageFX lets you see your images as you work on them. Provides virtual memory for virtually unlimited image sizes. Supports framegrabbers and scanners. Supports Retina 16 and 24-Bit WorkBench Emulation Modes. Paints in full color, even emulating traditional media such as charcoals and watercolors. Supports dozens of image file formats. Other packages? They either can't do it, or you'll pay extra to get it. They stand still while ImageFX continues to grow and improve. Dramatically. ImageFX 2.0 sets a new standard of quality for graphics manipulation on the Amiga. When your image is on the line, don't settle for less. Step up to the best. Step up to ImageFX 2,0. For a complete list of features in ImageFX 2.0 call the Nova Design support line at (804) 282-6528. $ 249”' Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon* - Fri 6am to 6pm opm (PST) Sat. 8am to 5pm 800-872-8882 VERY LIMITED TIM! (PARAVISION IS LIQUIDATING INVENTORY HURRY) 5087 Ml 230XA 50MHZ W MMU OK . 591 1 Ml 230XA 50 00 4MB 60NS RAM W MMU ..... 5907 Ml 230XA 5 0MHZ W MMU W 30MHZ MATH CO OK ... 5908 Ml 230XA 50 50 4MB 40NS RAM W MMU .... 5909 M1230XA 50 50 8MB 60NS RAM W MMU .... 5910 M1230XA 50 50 1 6MB 60N5 RAM W MMU.„ ... 5872 WARP ENGINE 4028 WITH 68040,2BMHZ W SCSI 2 ...... 5743 WARP ENGINE 4028 WITHOUT 6B040,28MHZ W SCSI 2 ... 5926 WARP ENGINE 4033 WITH 68040,33MHZ W SCSI 2 .. 5745 WARP ENGINE 4040 WITH 68040r40MHZ W SCSI 2 ___ 5886 WARP ENGINE 3028T WITH 68040,28MHZ W SCSI 2 ...... AIR Drives Floppy Disk Drives for the Amiga These are Chinon low profile, high-density drives. Chinon's are the same *' type of drives that Commodore used. This gives you the complete compatibility your Amiga needs. Unlike other drives that have problems with Emplants, backup programs and other inconsistencies. Requires 2.1 OS or higher A500 A600 A1200 INTERNAL HIGH DEN5ITY DRIVE . *1 24“ EEZI3 A2000 INTERNAL HIGH DENSITY DRIVE ..*1 24** Ejje A3000 INTERNAL HIGH DENSITY DRIVE ..'124” *£££] A4000 INTERNAL HIGH DENSITY DRIVE ..S1 19“ Ejjl EXTERNAL HIGH DENSITY DRIVE *149“ MZ'MM Fully Covered by Warranty from Advanced Integration and Research ANIMATION 3D RENDERING SOFTWARE 5914 5938 5939 5588 5822 5857 5793 5506 5673 5085 NEW - MAGIC LANTERN VERSION 2.0 . MOTION MASTER VOL 1 FOR LIGHTWAVE „ MOTION MASTER VOL 2 FOR LIGHTWAVE .. SPARKS NEW VERSION 2.1 6 .. LIGHTWAVE 3D VERSION 3.5 STANDALONE PIXEL 3D PROFESSIONAL VERSION 2.0 ...... IMAGINE 3.0 ..... ... .. 5940 5941 5942 5943 5972 AUDIO HARDWARE & SOFTWARE TOCCATA 16 BIT AUDIO CARD (INSTOCK!)...... SUNRIZI AD-51 6 16 BIT AUDIO CARD ... GVP DIGITAL SOUND SAMPLER PLUS NEW VERSION 3.0 SOFTWARE MECALOSOUND BBIT SAMPLER ... PROMIDI INTERFACE ONE STOP MUSIC SHOP __ ... BARS AND PIPES PROFESSIONAL 2.5 1 SEQUENCING ON THE AMIGA! ... BARS AND PIPES PRO V2.5 TOCCATA MODULE MUST OWN BAP PRO V2.S A TOCCATA BRD... SUPERJAM 1.1 . JETSTRIKE CD32 . UNIVERSE CD32 .... UFO CD32 SUPER FROG CD32 . CANNON FODDER CD32 *ika4k»4a»H*»l«ta MliMai BUBBLE A SQUEAK CD32 GUARDIAN CD32 LABYRINTH OF TIME CDTV CD32 A CDROM GLOBAL EFFECT CD32 ¦ 444 * *44 a **4i INTERNATIONAL KARATE CHAMP CD32 _ SUMMER OLYMPIX CD32 JOHN BARNES SOCCER CD32 .. CD-ROM DRIVES FINAL DATA (DATABASE) ... DATATAX U.S.A. 1994 ..... DATATAX CANADIAN 1 994 CHECKS A BALANCES ------- HISOFT DEVPAC 3 .... HISOFT BASIC 2 __ 5973 5980 5979 5843 3921 5809 NEC MULTISPIN 4XE EXTERNAL 4X SpiN,600K SEC,256K CACHE,W CABLf .... NEW NEC MULTISPIN 3XP PLUS EXTERNAL
549. 00
695. 00
795. 00
495. 00
140. 00
39. 95 . 69.00 .. 27.00 .. 79.00 ,. 48.00 . 45.95 . 68.00 . 89.00
38. 95 2940 2022 4264 2015 4265 4871 10380 5212 10022 10127 4873 2147 1041 1 2028 A3000 MOTHERBOARD 16MHZ ONLY . A3000 MOTHERBOARD 25MHZ ONLY . A3OO0T 4MB MOTHERBOARD A2000 MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT REV 6.2 . A30O0T POWER SUPPLY .. A60O KEYBOARD .. C SUPER BUSTER CHIP A4000 REV-1 1 . KICKSTART 1.3 ROM ... - 1C RAMSEY R-07 »a a Ba'aa ¦ ¦ a aa a a* a a*a a aa a a >a ia a-aaa aaaaa* aaaa a*aa aa a w wwi aaaa i AT 200 KEYBOARD • 4IkH*444*4akI4k»i4k*«k*«44*4 4*444*¦a*4a*14k*«4•*«444*B444*4a»*• I A600 A600HD POWER SUPPLY .... A1DOO REPLACEMENT KEYBOARD A4OO0 EXPANSION DAUGHTER BOARD . A50 0 KEYBOARD ONLY
* Ail clearance products are sold as if, no refunds, no exchanges. PHOTOCD MANAGER CDROM ...... ... 34.95 COREL PHOTOCD COLLECTION: 100 IMAGES IN EACH CDROM W COLOR MANUAL WORKS WITH ALL CDROM PLAYERS = DON'T HAVE TO BE XA COMPATIBLE) PURCKA5E ANY 4 FOR ONLY $ 59,95 OR ANY 8 FOR ONLY ...... $ 1 14.95 PHOTOCD - SAMPLER T ... 14.95 PHOTOCD - TEXTURE ¦ ¦M*«4kk**4»44k*4aMk*«kk«lkl44l«kMaM«IMIklll»«aS«*Maaifltl«ltl«ri« 17.93 PHOTOCD - SUNSETS A SUNRISES---------- 17.95 PHOTOCD - PATTERNS .. 17.93 PHOTOCD - ISRAELI 7.95 PHOTOCD - ARIZONA DESERT aa 44444444'* »»i * *44*4 4 444444*4444444444 a ¦*¦¦¦¦ 4Wa»aSa«a ana 17.95 PHOTOCD - FLOWERS .. 17.93 PHOTOCD - UNDERWATER REEFS17.9 5 PHOTOCD - BEAUTIFUL WOMEN 17.95 PHOTOCD - PEOPLE .. ... 17.95 PHOTOCD - MOUNTAINS OF AMERICA .. 17.95 PHOTOCD - CHEETAHS, LEOPARDS * JAGUARS ..... 17.95 PHOTOCD - LOS ANGELES 17.95 PHOTOCD - RELIGIOUS STAINED GLASS 17.95 PHOTOCD - EXOTIC CARS .... 17.95 PHOTOCD - CARIBBEAN . 17.95 PHOTOCD - LAKES & RIVERS ...... 1 7.95 PHOTOCD - AMERICAN NATIONAL PARKS . 17.9 5 PHOTOCD - FIGHTER JETS are** I«e*«*e***eea*44»aa44a«-aaa4«a*44*44**4a*«aa**a*4a 17.95 PHOTOCD - HAWAII . 17.95 66472 66462 66463 66464 66465 66466 66467 66468 66469 66470 66471 66475 66476 66477 66478 66479 66485 66487 66486 66489 CD32 TITLES 5950 5948 5984 5947 5977 5756 5952 5956 5961 5962 5963 5965 5967 GROUER5 ENCYCLOPEDIA 2 CD32 & AOA CDROM, INSIGHT: TECHNOLOGY CD32 A AG A CDROM PHOTOCD MANAGER CD32 A CDROM ... DEFENDER OF THE CROWN 2 CDS 2 A AGA CDROM FIELDS OF GLORY CD32 aa*444 a*4a a aa a a444*44* a a a a aaa a aa aa a* ¦ AMIOA CD32 GAMER W CD-ROM ..... UTIL DIVIL CD32 ..... SUPER STARDUST CDS 2 .. JUNGLE STRIKE CD32 - DESERT STRIKE II ..... SIMON THE SORCERER CD32 .... DRAGON STONE CD33 ... BANSHEE CD32 TFX CD32 . Addra-i'b! 5 CD-ROM inc. w Sound Effects Library Vol.l rowe'hjl moiling list management, supports laser dot-rratrix and ink jet. 5069 Invoice It! Powerful business V1; management and invoicing. J Now you can lirk your machine to others for fast file transfer using a high-speed parallel cable [12'’ long] you can transfer files Amiga to IBM, Arnica to Amiga, ar IBM to IBM. Copy files from any drive or device. Convert 1LBM files to PCXan the fly, without o separate program. Conversion modules upgradeable to support new formats, graphics, text, etc... Automatically adjust filenames to conform to each platform. Automatically adjust filnames to conform to each platform. Supports Arexx & Multiface ll lll & GVP I O Extender. Includes 300 effects in digital and standard CD-Audio formats. 8- and 16-Bit Mono Stereo versions. Includes Amiga software for converting to standard IFF and searching for sounds. Manufactured by Sound Ideas * the World's largest producer of commercially available sound effects! 5145 Directory Opus 4.1 & Edge Bundle QwfflSTRONICS The leaders in AMIGA Productivity Software CanDo V3.0 Upgraded dramahcally! Program rewritten irom the ground up1! SOFTWARE Alpha Paint's quality, power, flexibility and ease of use can't be matched! Real-time, full screen, 24-Bit Painting directly on the Toaster Output with an exclusive 12-Bit Alpha Channel on the Toaster
2. 0, 3.0, 3.1 and Toaster 4000, Tmt $ 298 GigaMem Virtual Memory for the Amiga! Sped-up support tor LightWave and Reel 3D, better 'OdQ support
* 88 5894 1 ¦ VIM This includes the must-have, 1 Diredory Utility on the Amiga and the easiest-to-use text editor. Gigamcm © i i Limited $ Time! 5896 4463 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. • Fri 6am to 6pm Sat. 8am to 5pm (P5T) Minimum $ 20 order within the U.S.A., $ 10O international. AD-1970 Color Monitor "The display, bright and accurate, produces the best picture of the three when used on an A4000" - quote (tom AMIGAWotld, November Holiday Special!!!
N. i'ir Duster Jjjys :(3 J rj) Prices valid through December 31, 1994 5953 RISC OF THE ROBOTS 43.95 5964 DRAGON STONE • * »« »*frrw n Fft »fM Frf »»tprftf twrrtrrt a e-ee a rv» a 39.95 LITIL OIVIL „ - 41.95 5957 DREAM WEB 42.95 59A9 RUFF N TUMBLE *++ Wl f S «tr*rrwrEtWW EttlieEOEMEEHW Wwi37.95 9 6 Al Cr.A *» * W t w « . . R«.CT » ».* •>*«»>* * »f > ».* « ».«»»f r f f« »f f « « mmmmmm 3 8 * 9 5 CALI. FllMQTY 2000 AGA CALI
- r rr fw a r rvr rwr-t 7 wt r rt» t * ¦ twa F rrna >nr rre mm rn wsw a w mm 39.95 5880 DETROIT AGA $ 42.95 5881 DETROIT $ 42.95 581 7 IMPOSSIBLE MISSION 2025 3 5,95 5816 MPOSSIBLE MISSION 2025 AGA ...... 30.95 5748 BENEATH A STEAL SKY ...... 3 8.95 5982 TEAM 1 7 COLLECTION SUPER FROG, BODY BLOWS, OvfHDRIVE ..... 29.95 5489 CANNON FODDER jwvTfw wm r renoy* m raw a Fwtt n *** m 0 re a pert f ** »*** ***** 29.95 5749 DARXMERE ...... 33.95 5983 PINBALL SPECIAL EDITION PINBALL FANTASIES A PJN&AU DREAMS - 35.95 5883 SIM CLASSICS 1 INCLUDES SIM CITY,SIM LIFE,SIM ANT . $ 42.95 5645 LIBERATION CAPTIVE 2 AOA 33.95 58B2 POPULOUS 2 ..... . $ 29.95 551 8 SETTLERS ..... 34.95 5470 BRUTAL SPORTS FOOTBALL ... 34.95 5705 TOTAL CARNAGE AGA ..33.95 AmigaDOS 3.1 Kits AS320 - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals* Works with A500 A2000 A2500.....»14593 AS320 - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals* Works with A3000 A3000T ......s16595 AS32Q - Includes ROM, disks, and manuals. Works with A4000 A1200 . S 1 65** 5928 5929 5930 60490 06491 60492 60401 PHOTOCD - CHURCHES ..... 17.95 PHOTOCD - FIREWORKS . 17.95 PHOTOCD - BIRDS 17.95 COREL GALLERY MAC CDR0M (AMIGA OR EMPLANT USERS) IT INCLUDES OVER 10,000 PROFESSIONALLY-DESIGNED CLIPART IMAGES IN PICT FORMAT (MORE THAN 6,000 IN COLOR) FULL-COLOR REFERENCE,REQUIRES IMAGE F X TO CONVERT FILES TO IFF. INCLUDES FREE PHOTOCD SAMPLERII ...... INCREDIBLE IMAGE PACK GOLD MAC CD-ROM (AMIGA OR EMPLANT OVER 2000 COLOR EPS FILES,VERY PROFESSIONAL!! . TRAVEL ADVENTURE CDROM ..... VISIONS CDROM . TEXTURE HEAVEN CD-ROM .. TEXTURE HEAVEN 2 CDROM .. DATAMIX CDROM VOLUME 1 .. MIRCOR RAD CD-ROM VOL 1 .... MICRO RAD CD-ROM VOL 2 NATURES BACKDROPS COLLECTION . 47.95 NEW - MICRO RAD CD-ROM VOLUME 3 POSTSCRIPT TYPE l,COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS OVER 600 INCLUDE5 THE 600 AMIGA FONT COLLECTION,PD GAMES,UTILITIES! LOTS OF CUP ART,EPS AND IFF FORMAT .. 18.95 TEXTURE CITY CD-ROM NEW LOWER PRICING!! 100 IMAGES ... QWIKFORMS CDROM W FONTS A CLIPART ... CLIPART WAREHOUSE _ SYNDESIS 3D-ROM VOL. 1 ___ .. SYNDESIS 3D-ROM VOL. 2 ... AVALON INTERNET OBJECT COLLECTION . ULTIMATE MOD COLLECTION . SPACE A ASTRONOMY CD-ROM ...... 1 PROJECT OUT1NBURG . ... LABYRINTH OF TIME CDTV CD32 A CDROM .... 501 1 ART DEPARTMENT PRO V2.5 . 5038 ART DEPARTMENT CONVERSION PACK V2.5 . 4348 ASDO MORPH PLUS ... 5104 ASDG PRO. CONTROL ..... 5443 TREXX PROFESSIONAL 2.15 .... 5800 LOWER PRICING BRILLIANCE 2.0 .. 4803 VISTA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 5752 DISTANT SUNS 5.0 . 5070 IMAGE MASTER R T VERSION 1.5 04958 5B70 5875 5317 5852 5978 5798 5799 5803 GVP Accessories 2707 GVP 4MB SIMM OONS PAGE MODE ... 5301 GVP 16MB SIMM - 60NS 5503 I O EXTENDER EXTRA SERIAL PORT KIT . 205.95 . 995.95 ... 18.95 HARD DRIVES NEW LOWER PRICING! 4377 5845 5209 5616 5864 5865 5018 5453 5273 5671 SEAGATE HARD DRIVES 65270 3.5:* 12MS ST3550N 457MB FA5T SCSI-2 ..... 05271 3.5" 12MS ST5660N 545MB FAST SCSI-2 ...... 65272 3.5" 9MS ST31 2O0M TGB SCSI -2 ...... 02004 .3.5” OMS ST1 24O0N HAWK 2 -2- 1GB FAST SCSI-2 SEAGATE BARRACUDA DRIVES 06104 3.5" HH SMS 5T12550N 2.10B FAST SCSI-2 ... 05275 5.25 FH SMS ST410800N 8.6GB FAST SCSI -2
1359. 95
3. 5*
3. 5* 5805 PRACTICAL PERIPHERALS 14.4K FAX MODEM EXTERNAL MIN I-TOWER W CABLE W Sofhran . 139.95 5937 NEW US-Robotfcs - SPORTSTER 28.8K V.34 V.FC EXTERNAL FAX MODEM W Coble W Software ... 279.95 5075 GP FAX SOFTWARE FOR CLASS 1 & 2 49.95
1. 7GB SCSI-2 MODEL 2217AV ......
9. 5MS 2.1 GB SCSI 2 EMPIRE SERIES . 1089.95 . 1024.95 QUANTUM HARD DRIVES 04720 03190 63194 5508 05171 0S2S5
3. 5'
3. 5'
3. 5'
3. 5'
3. 5*
3. 5’ 1 73.95 .. 209,95 . 309.95 . 039.95 . 939.95
1299. 95 DESKTOP PUBLISHING SOFTWARE 5792 NEW INSTOCK! YES REALLY! PAGESTREAM 3.0 5874 NEW -TYPESMITH VERSION 2.5 ... . 219.95 , 114.95 GAMES REMOVABLE HARD DRIVES OPTICAL DRIVES PURCHASE ANY AGA GAME AND GET ZOOL MIGEL MAMSCLl. FOR FREE! 5307 ZOOL NIGEL MANSELL AGA BUNDLE 8.95 5981 ROBINSONS REQUIEM .." ... 5970 FIELDS OF GLORY *> m • mfV* f r«fr f + ft ffff imi m ««* ¦ l«rf •> *¦ t m ¦ 41.95 5950 Fllto* Of GLORY AGA .. 4 T ,OS 5958 SUPER STARDUST AGA ... 3B.95 5147 IOMEGA THE BOX 150 BERNOULLI EXT. W CART . 540.95 04243 VIVIDQUEST 270MB SCSI EXT. W CART ..... 545.95 64416 VIVIDQUEST 200MB SCSI 5 1 4" EXTERNAL DRIVE RW44 8B 575.95 01945 VIVIDQUEST 105MB SCSI EXT. W CART 377.95 65593 VIVIDQUEST SBC SCSI. EXTERNAL NEW LOWER PRICE!! W 0 CARTRIDGE ... 298.95 Synergy International Hollywood FX MaxDOS v2.1 Easy Mac Amiga File Transfers Software solution to transparently access Apple Macintosh files. Read and write to any high-density floppy, hard drives, removable media and even CD-ROM drives (read only). Includes MaxDOS Mounter, a simple-to-use program that will drivefpVMafL ant or NEW VERSION!!! A-Max partitions. $ Q |95 Requires WorkBench 2.04 or higher
• Doxens of effects including multiple full motion video windows, 3D morphing transitions, particle effects and more.
• Hollywood FX gives you to ability to batch render both Hollywood FX transitions and your own Lightwave scenes.
• Post processing with the Art Dept. Professional provides users with unique rotoscoped effects (e.g. processing video through the oil paint or fresco operators). Also allows batch conversion for playback of effects or animations af HAM and 256 screen resolutions. I VIVIwllvlIJi LightRave Compatible! 249 5988 5860 -
• - • - V ORDER HOTLINE 800-872-8882 Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm Sot. 8am to 5pm (PST) Order Status 310-787-4520 Mon, - Fri 8am to 5pm Sat* 9am to 4pm 02619 61 108 1906 3304 61241 64417 64415
779. 95 inaaraf***** 959.95 ¦***a»*a*a«*a 48D*DS
349. 95 UTILITIES SOFTWARE EDGE TEXT EDITOR • »* ¦ • • ¦ •• « • •* * ¦ ** a • « a a ** *a a * a a » a a • a a a * a a * ra a ** a a a* • »• ¦ ¦ DESKTOP MAGIC SCREEN SAVER A SOUND MANAGER .. BATCH FACTORY a******a aaavaaaa******»•*••••*•• •••• •••**•*¦*****aaaauaaiaM AMIBACK 2.0 LIMITED SPECIAL . *..... AMI BACK TOOLS ¦ ¦¦»•••*******»* a a • a ***** a a » AMIBACK TOOLS PLUS LIMITED SPECIAL AM1IBACK 2.0 A AMIBACK TOOLS ...... TAPEWORM FILE SYSTEM .... DIRECTORY OPUS 4.1 5805 5804 5719 4222 4928 51 06
48. 95
64. 95
59. 95 5222 5245 SIMM 1MB X 8 SONS 2 CHIP ***** * *** WWW »!«¦¦»¦ MM *++»?** 3"*t5 SIMM 1X8 80NS B OlIP ...... 39-95 SIMM 4MB X 8 SONS ... 1 38.95 SIMM 4MB 80NS 72 PIN ...... 164.95 SIMM 8MB SONS 72 PIN SIMM 16MB SONS 72 PIN - •*--*«-*«*****a***B»eaa»*a*aB****e***a****- 568-OS SIMM 4MB 60N5 72 PIN . 1 78*9 5 SIMM SMB 60NS 72 PIN..... . 338.95 SIMM 16MB 60NS 72PIN aatak«H*aaHaaiHHM«aM«>nmHa*m«NM«MN*a*«*N* 738-05 SIMM 32MB 60NS 72 PIN 1MB X 4 SONS XIPP STATIC COLUMN ... 24.50 1 MB X 4 SONS ZIPP PAGE MODE *«* ***** *****•»«* • *•-¦*««••*** ** ... 24.50 4132 2224 2239 4468 4177 65416 61203 61205 62424 62425 2220 2221 VIDEO HARDWARE THE LITTLE MAOIC BOX BETACAM AND M II COMPATIBLE PERSONAL TEC IV »•**«•*•*•*«***a***aa»***a*»*a*aa**a******-•*»••*a•••*•¦ PER50NAL VECTORSCOPE ..... PERSONAL ANIMATION RECORDER PERSONAL COMPONENT ADAPTER 5408 5114 3940 5115 5140 IBBpaa VIDEO TOASTER 3.1 W 3.5 LIGHTWAVE UPGRADE LIGHTWAVE 3D VERSION 3,5 UPGRADE (REQUIRES TOASTER) UPGRADES LIGHTWAVE 3.0 3.1 TO VERSION 3.5 .... ALPHA PAINT FOR THE VIDEO TOASTER . MONTAGE FOR THE VIDEO TOASTER MONTAGE 24 • AGA,IV24,OPALVt$ ION - NTSC .. MONTAGE 24 - AGA,IV24,OPALVISION • PAL..... MONTAGE POSTSCRIPT MODULE .. MONTAGE FONTS VOLUME I
574. 95 . 89.95
548. 95
289. 95
199. 95
199. 95
158. 95
127. 95 5510 5858 5795 5424 5073 5384 5650 5175 [Jlil'l 11' II r SOFTWABE ¥3*1 aaaaa»*aa*aa**aaa*aa*aav**»«a
19. 95
69. 95
88. 95
199. 95
339. 95 .... 97.95
85. 95 ¦•**•*. 1 39.95
488. 95 ..... 219.95
* ******* 29.95 PARNIT 15 FT CABLE W SOFTW ALPHA DATA DISK EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVE ... MULTIFACE III I O EXTENDER BOARD CD32 SX-1 EXPANSION MODULE EMPLANT DELUXE W SCSI W 2PORTS .. EMPLANT IBM 486DX UPGRADE ..... BIGFOOT 1200 & 600 & 500 PWR SPLY . BIGFOOT 2000 POWER SUPPLY ****i*»*k*Ma**u»aaaaaataaa»aaaiaBB«ai«atMv»*f PICASSO II GRAPHICS CARD W 2MB ..... MEGACHIP 500 2000 WITH AGNUS .... PRO MIDI INTERFACE • »aa»aaa»aaataat«aaiaaaaaMf(itiHiirf*M«a»««*M*M*M******« 5927 5297 551 1 5855 4500 5853 1857 5036 5615 4229 5628 «•**»•******•« .*¦*« **«*****•**********aa*a*ataaata
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* »4**i**M**«Ba*aa»aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa«a»*aa !** ««*»*****•***••¦¦•*¦»
• I ati4a»*a***iiaai«Baiaai*ffa*a*«-M**r*-» ¦ «*•¦*¦* -•**a****a**a*a*a«a«* ******* ****••- WORD PROCESSING SOFTWARE FINAL WRITER RELEASE 2 FINAL COPY II RELEASE 2 .. * .. NEW PRICE - PROPER GRAMMAR II 5403 4469 4701 a-*--***-**- * a* ¦¦*«**•**•« aaiaaiaataaiiaa ** a* ¦*** SoftLogik & Fantasia Concepts Dimension Technologies VU1 PageStream 3.0 & Fonts for You - CD-ROM An image composition program lhal lakes control of ToasterPaint. Allow you to quickly and easily arrange framestores or IFFs. Perfect for CG pages, multimedia, and video. Use one of 40 predefined templates or create custom beveled bars. Allows you to batch process your finished framestores and IFFs in unlimited numbers. Includes FREE QuickBrush - Over 100 custom hi-res 24-Bit brushes - Sfl095 $ 69 value! 5915 The largest collection ot fonts available ewer! 2,500 Type ! PostScript fonts and 2,500 TrueType fonts. No duplicates, no shareware, 300 page manual (look 5718 Vlab Motion System with Toccata Board SYNDESIS Non-linear editing system for $ >1 Q g 95 the A2000, 3000(T), A4000 I 07 J 5807 Avalon Internet Object Collection This is c compilation of a section of the Internet called Avalon designed for oni- mctors. Contains many 3D objects and other helpful animator programs. Hundreds of 3D objects in various formats, texture maps, conversion utilities, 3D source code, FAQs.file format specifications, and much more!! 3D Objects in Lightwave, Imagine, WaveFront, and other Formats 3D-R0M Vol. 1 ....S899S 580 Objects & 400 Texture Maps Vlab Motion Card,. *1479** VlabY C Digitizer...»*384 Retina Z3 with 4MB Video RAM. *659” Retina 12 with 4MB Video RAM. *449” Retina Z3 V-Code Encoder Module s69” Retina 1084 Cable .....s29” Retina v.2.2 Software .S19” 5110 5861 Toccata 16-Bit Audio Card
* 43495 EIU Toccoto Bflrs&Pipes Pro
2. 5 8»ndle S4699J 5772 4988 5616 5868 3D-R0M Vol. 2 ....589*5 200 3D Objects on CD-ROM 5871 5865 5897 5864 5791 Black Belt Systems Imagemaster R t vl .5 A new image manipulation product Designed to replace Imagemaster and Image Professional. New features include unified filesaver, multiframe processor, Radial Wave, morph controls, Gaussian Blur, faster display, loads Toaster alphas, area select tools, tablet support, unlimited zoom and pan, "onionskin" compositions, Toaster framestore support, Online Help. Supports OpalVision, Firecracker, AGA. £ 95 59 5676 OUR POLICIES CC-Money Bock Guarantee rules: Limited time offer npiin 12 31 94 and only applies la the indicated products. You must coll Customer Service to obtain o Return Authoriiotion number before sending the itemls] bock. The item[il must be in origincl condition end in original packoging, with blank warrcnty card. No damaged items will be accepted. Refunds issued within 1A days of receipt of the returned itemSs). Refund is limited to S3,000 per customer. No refunds on freight or Jcbor charges. CUSTOMER SERVICE: I lech support coll 310-542-2297 Iron II o n. to 7 pm, PST, ‘"Standard Overnight Servise" by Federal Express it not available in all areas. Those ‘Extended Areos' toketwo days, Check with your local Federal Express station for delivery confirmation ond delivery times. COD's odd $ 6Na Personal Company checks. Call lot all other shipping information. Viso Mosler Card end Discover prices samccs cosh. RETURN POUCY: Coll Customer Service at '310 787-4520 lor return authorization. All returns without authorization number IRMAl will be refused. Returned products must be in original condition end packaging and must be tent bock within 30 days ol our invoice dote, No refunds, please, Defective product exchonges only. We make no guarantees (or product performance. Exchanges with unlike products ore of our option and subject too 20% restocking fee. CONDITIONS Prices and availability of product are subject to change without notice. MAI IN ORDERS: Send money orders or cashiers check for fostest service. Personal checks - 10 days to clea*. Include: Name. Address and telephone number [no P.O. taxes, please). If ordering by credit card include expiration dote and billing address Call for exact shipping rates. INTERNATIONAL TOIL JETT ORDERING POLICIES For Conadc, FPO, APO - Minimum order $ 50, All other countries: minimum order $ 100. For VISA and Matter Cord orders you must TAX or mall a signed photocopy ol your credit card ¦ front end beck. Please have your credit card number ready before calling. ** ‘PRICE GUARANTEE:
U. S. Only. App'ies to oil merchandise advertised by oil authorized Amiga dealers except merchandise an sale and out-of-stock. We will give you our 'delivered' price lower than the other authorized Amga dealer's 'delivered' price. There is a minimum order t ol $ 2( amount of $ 20 for orders to the U.S.A. Californio Sales does nor apply to price guarantee. Prices good through December 31,1994 ill 800-872-8882 - Canada 800-548-2512 Order Hours: Mon. - Fri 6am to 6pm 5at, Bam to 5pm ¦ ON GRAPHICS 71 A continuing series of tips, techniques. And tricks for creating more imaginative Amiga graphics. By Joel Hagen IN SEVERAL RECENT “Accent” columns. I've discussed computer art in gallery exhibition from the perspective of installations sculptural constructions assembled in a gallery for the duration of a show. This month we’ll explore some some of die technologies available for getting your two-dimensional computer art into a galleiy- readv form suitable for exhibition. The Iris Solution Computer art is usually created and viewed on a monitor, where the artwork is seen as pure pixels oi light. Translating that light into high-quality printed form presents a challenge. Perhaps the most direct solution is simply to send a disk containing your image to a service bureau to be made into Iris prints. Iris printing technology is now widely available for transferring computer images to paper or canvas, and many print artists are turning to it to produce copies of their work. Iris prints are not cheap, but the results are superb. Other printing technologies available through service bureaus offer results and prices competitive with the Iris process. It is now possible to print vour images at virtually any size vou . _ O J I i desire. Talk to your local print shop or browse through the yellow pages to track down a suitable serv ice bureau. To get the best results, especially if you want your prints to be large, you should work at a high pixel resolution on the computer. The more pixels in the original image, the better the print. Remember, too, that vou can work on a “page” larger than your screen by- scrolling through it. Of course, working on a large computer image in 24- bit color requires a lot of RAM and produces huge files, and getting these files from your Amiga to a service bureau can present problems. One solution is to use ADPro (Elastic Reality) or some similar conversion software to translate your Amiga image into a format such as TIFF that the service bureau can handle, and then transmit the file from your machine via modem. Another solution is to use removable cartridges or optical disks to transfer Files. While floppy disks hold less than one or two megabytes of information, removable cartridges can contain more than 200 megabytes. SyQuest cartridges seem to be the most widely accepted media at service bureaus, but Bernoulli is gaining ground, as are optical disks. Not many service bureaus deal with Amiga-format images or disks, but you can transfer your image files to IBM- or Mac-format cartridges using any of several solutions outlined recently by Denny Atkin in AmigaWorld (Jul. And Aug. ’94, pages 1-1 and 22, respectively). I use Max DOS 2.0 (Media4 Productions) on the Amiga to transfer files to Mac-format, 150MB cartridges on an external Bernoulli drive. Such cartridges can be taken or shipped to a serv ice bureau, many of which will even mount and frame vour Finished work il vou so desire. Doing It Yourself II you plan to do all the printing and mounting yourself, one approach is to simply assess the resources you have available, then find a creative way of using them to produce finished work that will hold its own with artwork you see in galleries. Look at the kinds of paper being used, the way images are placed on a page, the way the piece is framed or mounted, the way it is signed, and so on. You might regard this as the fundamental “protocol” of gallery art. Working within that protocol will increase the chances of having your work accepted and shown. California artist David Bacigalupi creates signed limited editions of computer prints that have been exhibited in the United States and Europe. To do this, he uses nothing more complicated than laser-printer output on 8' a by 11-inch paper. The prints are elegant diffusion-dither renderings of bis black-and-white screen art. You could achieve a similar ef fect by experimenting with the printing options of yonr graphics or desktop-publishing software. It often helps to print the image at a reduced size to increase its resolution on the paper. Each of David's 3- by 4-inch images is surrounded by a hairline border and centered high on a vertical sheet of 90-lb rag paper. Some laser printers allow a flat feed that will accommodate paper of this weight. Directly under the image on die left is the prim number and edition, such as 32 50. The title is in the middle, and the signature and date on the right. David's sense of design and his attention to detail give his images the gallery presence of nicely mounted etchings. By doing a signed and numbered edition, the real and perceived value of each piece is enhanced. The buyer knows there will not he an unlimited number of prints produced, yet also understands that ii is not one of a kind. Numerous technologies now provide interesting ways, both costly and inexpensive, of getting your two-dimensional computer art into gallery-ready printed form. Another California artist, Roberta Lee Woods, goes to more complex lengths to produce printed versions ol her computer images. Before printing, she flips each of her 24-bit color images horizontally to produce a mirror version. She then prints them out on a CalComp Colormaster printer at standard size and photocopies them on a Kodak color copier. Finally, using a lithographic press, Roberta transfers the toner from the color photocopy to full sheets of Rives BFK, l()09r rag print- making paper. The photocopy is placed face down, centered on the Rives sheet. Lacquer thinner is then spread over the back of the copy, newsprint is placed over everything, and it is quickly run through the press before the thinner evaporates. When the copy is peeled off, the result is a beautiful, full-color prim neatly centered on a large sheet of archival paper. Obviously, a technique like this requires much experimentation, but at each stage lie opportunities for controlled accidents that can yield inter- j esting results or new ideas. Roberta o looks on the entire process as part of the art she is pursuing. I Ier instincts and experience guide her to rich results. You should be wary, of course: Working with toxic materials is hazardous and should be done in a safe, ventilated environment, working with someone who is knowledgeable about the materials. Then There’s Kinko’s Color copiers at service centers such as Kinko's also offer interesting opportunities for experimentation with large, inexpensive prints. For example, slides or prints of your work can be enlarged to 11- by 17-inch color copies at Kinko's for less than two dollars. Line art can be run through oversize copiers or even blueprint machines for interesting effects. These ideas only scratch the surface of the possibilities you can discover for presenting your work. Explore the resources available and apply your imagination to producing finished prints within your budget. There is alwavs a workable combination. Com- pose, mount and frame your work within the “protocol” of gallery presentation, and the remaining factor determining the acceptance of your work will be its quality and content. ¦ Joel Hagen's credits include work in art. Astronomy, science fiction, and software development. Write to him at 10512 Sawyer, Oakdale, CA 95361. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope fora reply. K i linipiiw J I M 1 in Il I "II1 li Y 1 I : J * ORDER LINE • USA & Canada 1-800-258-0533 INTERNATIONAL ORDER LINE 412-962-0567 CUSTOMER SERVICE 14121 962-0535 CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS 10 a.m. - S p.m. Monday thru Friday PageStream3.0 $ 224 The Ultimate desktop publishing program! AaEs' P3geStream3 provides professional typesetting and graphic tools, me feature-paced toolbox creates any type of shape, which you can color with PANTONE® colors and gradient fills, import and export text and graphics in many formats, see pictures in full color unlimited Undo and Redo, extensive online neip. Autosave, includes bme 2 Image processor. PageLlner 2 text processor. 50 fonts and 100 graphics! AGA Compatible! EflS®Q][L©@©QD[JD(3] Megaiosound Is an amazingly low cost, full featured, a Bit stereo sound sampler. But that s not all! It also features Dlrect-to Disk Recording of samples. Up to 56kHz sample rate. GVP 040 40 Fast Lane HISOFT BASIC 2 VIDEOMASTER VIDEOMASTER120O COLORMASTER PRO-MIDI OREGON FROM DKB BISK IXFJBBt* The Only Expansion Device you need for your Amiga 4000 lor Amiga 3000) that provides High- Speed 040 Acceleration, up to 128 Mega Bytes of local 040 Burst Memory and the fastest scsi-ii Controller Available! Why? Because all of this expansion is on a single board that installs Into the CPU slot- Not a zorro in slot! FEATURES WarpEnglne 28MHz. 33MHz. 4CMHZ versions YES 28MHZ Upgradable to 33 andflOMHz YES Expandable onboard to i23MegaBytes Ram YES Buiftfn SCSI-2 Hard Drive Controller YES Uses industry Standard SIMM Mod es yes Uses any Combination of SIMMS yes Allows use of the Memory from trie Amiga YES 28 Mhz.... 2 times as fast as standard 4000 40 . 53 Mhz.... 2.5 times as fast as standard 4000 40.. 40 MHZ.,.. 5 times as fast as standard 4000 40 .... 1216 |L Realize the full potential of Your « A1200 with the DKB 1240 expansion board. With the DKB 1240 installed in your A1200 you will have the added power you need. Using industry standard Sirrm Modules, you can add from 1 to 128 Megs of memory. With the SCSI Controller option added, you can add various types of peripherals. The Real Time Clock and Calendar will always keep you up-to date and the 68050 coprocessor running at 40 Mhz wi i* bring your system up-to speed! MULTIFRAME-ADPro Sff Requires Art Department Professional or MorphPtus & Arsxx -Amlgaoos 2.04 or higher. Multi Frame for ADPro is a compositing layering interface for video professionals £ artists using ASX's ADPro program as a compositing engine improves ADPro s impressive array of compositing functions. Control up to 100 layers. XL DRIVE - HIGH DENSITY High Density External Drive for any Amiga formats 1.76MB with standard DD Disks compatible for PC Disks requires Work Bench 2.1 or above internal for A2000 A4000 HIGH DENSITY DISKDRIVE TV Paint... True State of the Art in Amiga 24 bit paint packages. The many features of tv Paint include image Manipulation, Drawing Tools. Editing Tools, Emboss. Sharpen, Relief, Outline and much, much more! The ZAPPO Drive allows A1200 users to enjoy the full game-play of the CD-32 and the utilities of a full double spin CD-Rom drive. Built- in Aklko software emulation allows for those fantastic CD-32 animations like Microcosm. FORMATS SUPPORTED: CO-32 COTV IBM MAC PHOTO CD MUSIC CO CD+G
• SIMULTANEOUSLY PLAY MUSIC CDS & RUN SOFTWARE ON AMIGA SIDE DISK EXPANDER With this software solution you may double the capacity of your disk or hard disk drives. Easy installation and works invisible in the back* groung. The compression ratios vary from 30% to 70%. Disk Expander does not only expand the capacity of your disk drive, even floppy disks now have a storage space of approximately 1.5 megabytes. (Works with all drives). Se a VCR as a backup storage device, two hundred Amiga floppy disks fit on to a 4Hr. Tape which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system. What’s more you can now watch television on your 1084s monitor. SI Scart or Phono version is available. 1 VIDEO RETINA NoaMffs : 243it Frame Buffer and Workbench Emulation. Analog RGB OUTPUT KoxSOO Full 24Btt 16.7 mit- i Iran color display flon interlaced Full Work- I bench Emulation with resolution such as 1024x768 or 1280x1024 in 16 colors or even more! Up to 2400x1200' Paint program comes with Retina. The Retina can still be used to display 24Bit graphics while emulating workbench Requires the 2.0 or greater operating system. GlJJEJA 2J!*2mb...S379 Retlna zm Call RETINA Zli-4mb...$ 459 Motion Non-Linear video & Audio ''SSEiS*! Editing and Playback Card.... Non-Unear video s Audio Editing and Playback System..
* 24 Bit RealTime video • Digitizes Full Frame
• Digitizer AGA Support In 1 30 of a second AMIGA Telecommunications enters the 90'sl finally, everything you need to start cruising the Information super highway In one easy to use package.100% Amiga Style Guide compliant. Takes full advantage of Amiga WB 2.0 and higher. ( Supports 300 to 115.200 BPS DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM complete animation system with double buffering, prioritized object display, custom object object & object background collision detection & response. Automatic placement & Animation of Multl-sequenced animated objects. And much more! Y c version internal for the New External for A2000, 5000, and 4000. 500,600,1200 9459 *420 CLARITY 16 $ 149 DEVPAC 3 $ 79 HIGHSPEED PASCAL $ 109 PROFLIGHT $ 29 SEOUENCERONE $ 29 SEQUENCER ONE PLUS $ 72 HITKfT $ 29 SAMPLE SERIES * ALL 5 S45 SAMPLE SERIES-ONE $ 14 DlstriDutea By %vigr4ph, 24-Mi I Go>l ur FLATBED SCANNERS The MSI2001MS2400 let you scan 16.7 million colors. 256 true greys, & line art. Perfect for the Toaster & other video, multimedia. & DTP applications. MS2400 PKEE MSI 200 $ 1099 « $ 999 COLORBURST HAND SCANNER...S399 • MONOCHROME HAND SCANNER...S199 V2.5 Create bitmap and outline fonts for all your programs! Convert between PostScript, Compugraphic and Soft- Logik formats. Autotrace bitmaps and generate bitmaps from outline fonts. Automate font creation with Arexx Copy and paste characters between fonts, and add professional hinting to your fonts. Compute. Amazing. Amiga Format and AmlgaNews all called TvpeSmith a must-have program. Voted best DTP utility by Amazing's readers Hew... Desktop Magic SCREEN SAVER fVVrV-J 1 ® over 25 Selections Add sounds to Checks & Balances The Latest Generation in Personal & Small Business Record Keeping ana Finance Management Edge Is an easy-to-use. Professlonai-quality text editor Ideally suited for notes, scripting and any other forms of text manipulation. Features induct unlimited number of files, unlimited number of windows file, infinitely configurable user interface, fast search & replace, full AREXX support with macro recording, arexx controllability, multilevel undo, extensive 'on-line' help, comprehensive paragraph formatting and MUCH more! The Leading Edge in Amiga Text editors. GIGAMEM GigaMem virtual memory system lets your Amiga utilize unused hard drive space as ram. Eliminating the need for additional hardware! With Gfgamem you can run memory-hungry programs (such as Art Department. Lightwave, CanDo and PageStream) without running low on memory. Requires an 020 030 040 based Amiga with MMU and OS version 2.1 or higher.
- OliMTRONICS The leaders in AMIGA Productivity Software opus «®i Now add up to 5 SCSI devices like CO ROMs, removaoie media drives, tape back-up systems and scanners without using the 'CPU slot* or an 'expansion slot*. Tne oataFiyer SCSI+ card attaches to the IDE header and converts It to also run SCSI. Operate your original IDE AT drive at the same time. Easy plug-in Installation, includes external DB25 connector, hardware cables and prep software. Available for A1200 or 4000 Realize your full productivity with Directory OPUS! OPUS allows you to easily manipulate data files; display images: play sounds, anims. Banims. And MODS: and launch programs from Its powerful, yet easy to use interface. A 'must-have' for hard drive owners, use CPUS once, and you’lt never| want to be without it! Fit's the best-selling software utility on theAmigan CanDo! Near Wanton 341 The CanDo software authoring package allows you to take advantage of the Amiga's powerful architecture, regardless of your technical abilities. You can program anything from a simple presentation to the most advanced professional application program in record time. CanDo s scope and performance makes It a must for training, simulation and other applications.__ expansion
3. 5 REMOVABLE SYQUEST HARD DRIVE A4Q00 AT Internal W cart S395 A40OO 2OOQ SCSI Interna! W cart $ 459 A400C 2000 SCSI external w cart $ 539 105Mb cartridge_ $ 79 DataFlyer 500 scsi controier $ 149 DataFlyer Ram-c A500 S95 DataFlyer 500 IDE controller Si45 DataFlyer 500 IDE SCSI compo $ 1 bs DataFlyer 4000SX- 25 SCSI $ 95 DATAFLY * DATAFLYER A1200 External IDE Case Install Your Favorite 3.5" Hard Drive Includes all cables and connections NrgR PARK VISA AA%| ciA. ONLY BBS 412-962-0961 Game Reviews Orders Only USA & Canada 1-800*258-0533 After Dark Operations Product Information 6 PM to 9 AM EST Mon-Fri Service Ups Rumors & Sat & Son * 24 Hours Facts and much more! Cut a path through Agon's demonic hordes and explore vast, forgotten lands as you play the hero In this fantasy role- playing adventure, set In a top-down, multi-directional, perspective across seven extensive levels! ZitnAja aftd The latest interactive cartoon game is here! Try ana lead Mutt Divil through five levels of sheer, well, hell, on a quest for a most precious sausage and anchovy pizza! Over one thousand screens of action, adventure, and puzzle- solving Dynamic graphics and pure interaction make util Divil one ’hell' of a 'tooni
• Controls Came Play & Audio CDS Auto fire fi Turbo Fire
• Slow Motion Selector a way Superswitch PUJt EUROPEAN TOUR
• Serial connector: IBM AT compatible
• Parallel connector • A1200 video & Floppy connector * IDE Hard Drive & at- 101 Keyboard connector * MPEG . Passthrough * Much more! Take to the links across Europe's most memorable and challenging courses. Tee off. Chip it up. And sink a 30-footer at grand old courses like Royal St. Andrews! Play levels Include Skins Challenge. Tournament Piay, and a full-fledged Shoot-Outlaw BONUS CD Tbe cold Fish™ Software collection From the far reach the galaxy comes st&er Stardust, the most spectacular space-age dogfight simulation ever! Surprise attacks and highspeed exhilarating battle M GLLZlMsO0 idy Blows ai,d Body Blows Galactic _ both ACA Get 1 BOTH & SAVE Three Classic Maxis titles ail in one pack! Choose from the hustle ana Pustie of Sim City Classslc, the frenetic genetics of simUfe. Or the perilous Insect world of SimAnt. Whichever one you play, whichever way you play, they're all su ply irresistible! Sequences make this game - - - - - t* m ,h the challenge you've beerrf ”Lc“ ! Bru a INTERNATIONAL SOCCER JUNGLE §T?D30B£[§ L ji irvy Lj LrM M
- -------I ll 'f! 'W: A simulation at the cutting edge of aerial combat. Detailed "often movie like* landscape graphics and authentic flight detail. Take the mission. It's Italy attacking Brazil. A perfectly executed bicycle kick by Germany, a header just past the goalie s reach and Into the net by England. It's the most animation yet In a sports game, so every kick and play Is picture-perfect. Plus, you get total control over the world's greatest The Jungle Is no Hiding Place for Wimps! Exciting Sequel to Desert strike. 1 JOYSTICK
* 4-posltlon operating mode selector
* 8-Dlrectlon arcade-type contccJ stick
* 2-positlve response fire buttons * Player 1 Player 2 Selectable £2 X Encounter weird alien worlds and their even weirder alien Inhabitants! You are a uniquely ordinary guy named Boris Verne who Is sucked Into an action-packed chase across the gulfs of space to defeat the evil Golden King who rules his UNIVERSE! The First speech Adventure on the Amiga Over 1000 spoken words. Dazzling graphics, atomspherlc sound-tracks, brain- melting logical puzzles on your way llln 111 % through four vast levels In the chilling vaihalia castle. FREE KILLING CLOUD GAME Reg. $ 29 AMIGA GAMES Std AGA 3D Pool $ 24 Alien Breed 2 AGA NA $ 39 Ancient Art Of War $ 45 Apidya $ 15 Apocalypse $ 34 Armourgeoden II- C0DENAME HELLFIFE $ 34 assasin Special Edition $ 19 B-17 Flying Fortress $ 44 Banshee AGA NA $ 39 Battle Toads $ 26 Beneath A Steel Sky $ 45 Bionic Commando $ 24 Birds Of Prey $ 23 Blastorea $ 24 Body Blows $ 34 519 Body Blows Galactic $ 34 510 Brian The Lion $ 34 brutal Sports Football $ 34 $ 26 Bubba n' Stix $ 34 Cannon fodder $ 39 Carrier Command $ 24 Chaos Engine $ 24 $ 34 Civilization $ 45 $ 45 Combat Air Patrol if i4 fi8> $ 39 Crash Dummies S25 D generation AGA NA $ 14 Darkmere $ 39 Deep Core $ 27 Dennis The Menace aga NA $ 14 Std $ 44 $ 19 $ 45 $ 34 $ 14 $ 24 $ 36 $ 36 $ 34 AGA AMIGA GAMES desert Strike Detroit Disposable Hero DOGFJGHT DUNE 2 ElFMANIA Emotion F Racing FI 17a Stealth fifa Soccer Fly harder Forgotten worlds Frontier: Elite 2 Fury Of The Furries goal Gunship 2000 Heimdall 2 Hired Guns Hungary For Fun Impossible Mission Indiana Jones:last crusade Innocent Until Caught International Open Gq_f international Soccer Ishar 3 James Pond 3: starfish aga Jet Strike Jurassic Park K240 King s Quest VI Legacy Of Sorasil Lemmings 2-the Tribes LlBERATION:CAPTIVE 2 Lotus Trilogy Mortal Kombat Mck Faldo Golf Noddy's Playtime One Step Beyond Out Numbered Out To Lunch aga Paint And Create Stti $ 39 $ 34 $ 45 $ 14 AGA Std $ 43 $ 34 545 524 $ 17 $ 22 $ 19 $ 24 517 $ 24 $ 24 $ 52 NA NA $ 39 S30 $ 34 $ 45 $ 48 $ 48 $ 24 $ 39 $ 45 $ 45 NA $ 45 $ 24 $ 36 524 $ 37 $ 24 $ 60 $ 39 $ 39 S14 AGA AMIGA GAMES Val Halla War In The Gulf When Two Worlds war Wild Cup Soccer wolfchild world Class leaderboard world Cup Soccer USA 20012 MISC. ENTERTAINMENT Print Master Bundle .$ 25 Amos Prof & Compiler Bundle $ 59 BUDGET TITLES UNDER 510 Fatman Trolls aga Zool AGA Naughty OnesAGA Nigel MansellAGA
W. W.F.-European Rampage Blastar Beast lord Nicky 2 Wonder Dog Winter Camp Burning Rubber Cyberpunk John Barnes Soccer Predator 2 Killing Cloud Space Wrecked Team Suzuki mean Arenas morph JOYSTICKS EHGOSTICK W FREE GAME TAC 3 W FREE GAME TAC 30 W FREE GAME Intruder W free game Maverick W free game AMIGA GAMES Patrician Perihelion Pinball dream-fantasies covao Pinball Fantasies Playroom Police Quest 3 Populous 2 Quest For Glory Realms RfCK Dangerous Rick Dangerous 2 Robinson s Requiem Ryder Cup Golf AGA Sabre team aga Second Samurai Seek And Destroy Sensible Soccer Settlers Sim Classics Simon The Sorceror soccer Soccer Kid space hulk sports Top 10 Star Trek 25th AGA Starlord Street Fighter Street Fighter 2 Stunt Car Racer Super Methane Brothers Syndicate Take 2 Animation Team 17 Collection Terminator 2 Theatre Of Death Thomas the Tank & Friends Si 5 Tom Landry Football deluxe 529 Tornado S45 TRODDLERS $ 34 UFO DEFENSE $ 52 UNIVERSE $ 48 ftMlfiA UtiBTIVNMIV! JAMES POND 3: STARFISH $ 45 John Barnes Soccer $ 16 Labyrinth Of Time $ 32 Lemmings $ 22 Liberation $ 45 Lotus Trilogy $ 19 Mean Arenas $ 16 Microcosm S5S Naughty Cnes $ 34 Nick Faldo Golf $ 45 Nigel Mansel $ 22 Oscar $ 19 Overkill Lunar c $ 39 Pirates Gold S3 9 Premiere $ 19 Ryder Cup Golf $ 39 Sensible Soccer $ 32 Sim City $ 30 Summer Olympix $ 16 Super Methane Brothers $ 19 Surf Ninjas $ 26 Total Carnage 543 Trolls $ 18 Ultimate Body Blows $ 39 Universe $ 48 Video Creator $ 45 Whales voyage $ 39 Zool $ 19 Zool 2 $ 39 CD52 GAMES BANSHEE Battle Storm Battlechess Enhanced Battletoads Brutal Sports Football Castles ll Chaos Engine Chuck Rock Chuck Rock 2 competition Pro SuperPad D generation Dangerous Streets Deep Core Defender Of The Crown ll Diggers Fire & Ice Fire force Football FRONTIER:ELITE 2 Fury Of The Fuhries Global effect Gunship 2000 heimdall 2 Humans impossible Mission 2035 Insight International Karate Champ$ 16 James Pond 2: R030C0D Si 9 $ 32 $ 45 $ 40 $ 34 $ 24 S34 $ 45 $ 45 $ 16 $ 24 $ 39 $ 39 S26 $ 45 $ 45 S39 S15 S39 S32 $ 39 $ 33 $ 32 $ 19 $ 39 $ 45 S34 $ 16 S34 $ 52 $ 14 $ 32 $ 18 S52 $ 39 S39 $ 39 $ 39 S45 S39 S39 S60 S36 $ 39 $ 39 S9 S9 NA $ 9 NA $ 9 NA $ 9 $ 45 $ 45 $ 45 NA $ 9 $ 9 S16 $ 39 $ 45 $ 52 $ 24 $ 49 NA $ 24 $ 43 NA $ 39 $ 14 $ 45 $ 15 $ 34 $ 36 $ 34 $ 45 $ 34 $ 39 $ 39 $ 17 $ 39 $ 22 $ 17 $ 26 $ 24 NA $ 34 kc UfitHUI cunt Nf Nl Hofn For »mt ctners charge for UPS Ground we CeJver in 2 Oayt or less International Orters trot apo PP0! SertJcacrncrFw: front $ m:i cf Charge Card w iJfflvcjs. Can cr fax for sfuoongouots- COO Km Cfc A23 S5 Pnc« « ChSfia* n«K* Returns srcejssb far 10 UivS after cat ef pumas* Ca-i Cntcr-r 5*rv:eKr Ort'f rewws ;«•*::.» ripacK «ir a-? Fan its Rnact j w •«¦„'*« »-•: re: n?unq«a ¦trts-y Casnsr *V fKurr SMEW; ¦Qedrtf ESSTi G*4' 1490 N Hermitage Rd. Hermitage. PA 16148 FAX; 1-412-962-0279 SO 10 Tk Minimum 55 S7 BUNI1C ¦ MQ5MAUY WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY! UKCHffllD OR 2 MT SHIWBC Overnigtit asa i£ to above pp. Hi, AK abb $ 10 to above apo. FPO & CANADA are sniooeC bv Ma I abb SS to above S99 TO $ 199 .. 5H Minia 5200 TO S499 Minimum S10 $ 500 TO $ 799 . 5S Mininiura $ 20 $ 800..... 2.5S Minimum 524 $ 52 $ 34 ’•a- ?:n sir -C-n - " £eno*SW .1 w sretn *ji i wins ik- :yp.:n y-tn ri tt-*' nm tri -Ji ‘cj k:x yj rryi a; “y v sc- :xti By Paulo de Andrade Big improvement, small investment ables, a seemingly insignificant part of ever)' Amiga video svstem, can make a j huge difference in results and performance. Let me give you two examples: One day, while working on a network TV show, mv
* J engineer friend pointed to the waveform monitor and vectorscope and told me to pay close attention. A brand- new tape with freshly recorded video was playing on a 1-inch VTR, and the broadcast monitor displayed exceptional-looking images. My friend stopped the tape, fiddled around behind the VTR, anc! Then pressed Flay. The same tape now showed noisy video and degraded color. He reached behind the VTR again, and produced two cables. ‘'This is the cause of all that trouble,” he said, pointing to one. On another occasion, 1 spent many frustrating hours looking for the reason why a SMPTE time-cocle-based system occasionally missed a frame or two while editing. Then it dawned on me to check the cables coming from the sync generator. When I replaced the old cables with new ones, I had no more problems. Whether it is a loose connection, broken wires, or something else, you can diagnose and fix cable troubles with a little know-how. Only the Best The ideal video cable For vour system is not the one t that came with your VCR or • camcorder. It is RG59 U, a thick 75 ohm coaxial cable with a plastic or rubber coating. Inside, a copper- braid shield, designed to block interference from reaching the core wire, connects to the ground signal. It is the core wire that shuttles the video signal between your components. While the cable may have any of several types of connectors, the most common are RCA and BNC. RCA connectors, used mainly in consumer and “prosumer” VCRs, are found on some Amiga genlocks. The more robust BNC connectors lock into place, providing a better connection. They are found on broadcast and professional VTRs, more expensive genlocks, and NcwTek’s Video Toaster, An imperfect connection results in signal degradation. O O Most metals oxidize with time, and even a brand-new cable may have an invisible layer of oxidation. Because gold is practically immune to oxidation, it is best to use gold-plated connectors. Gold RCAs are easy to spot, as the whole connector is plated with the yellow metal. BNC V connectors require a detailed inspection, as only the connector's center is gold. Make or Buy? Von can buy good video cables assembled with the necessary connectors, or you can put together your own. Ready-made cables save you time. You can find pro- fessional-quality cables in different lengths and with various types of connectors from sources such as Markertek and Comprehensive Video (see the “Manufac- hi rers7Distributors' Addresses " list, p. 59). The various components of your system may use different connectors. For example, your Video Toaster has BNC connectors, hut vour VCR may have RCA i jacks. While the Toaster comes with RCA-to-BNC adapters = so you can use regular RCA cables), it is best to use a cable with a BNC connector at one end and an RCA at the other. The adapters offer a less- than-ideal connection, and act as an unnecessan* “bridge” in the path. Assembling your own cables can save money. If J you do so, be sure to use quality components (which both Markertek and Comprehensive can provide). If you are using BNC connectors, a good investment is a crimp tool; this lets you mount the connectors to the cables very tightly without soldering. (An inexpensive kit that includes several connectors, a crimp tool, and a special cable stripper rnav be all you need besides j a length of cable.) If you use RCA connectors, you may have to do some soldering. Whether you make or buy, z 7 use the shortest cable that will do the job, because the signal degrades as it travels through long wires. To avoid interference, do not run vour video cables parallel to power cables. If they must cross, make sure z they do so at right angles. Physical Exam Two of die most common causes of cable malfunction are broken wires and short circuits. Both are easily diagnosed with a multimeter, which is also useful for testing cables you assemble yourself. You can find multimeters at major electronics stores and other tool dealers; you need only a very inexpensive one for these purposes. To test a cable, put your multimeter in either continuity or resistance (ohms) test mode. Joining die instrument’s probes should produce a beep or an ohms display of zero (meaning there is perfect current flow. Now touch the outside (ground) part of both connectors with your probes at the same time. If the connection is good, your meter should act as if the probes were touching each other. If that does not happen, your cable has a problem. The next step involves performing die same test on the inside pin of the connectors. Again, if nothing happens, you have a bad cable. To test for a short circuit, connect one probe to the inside pin of the connector on either end, and connect the other probe to the cable’s outside (ground) part. If nothing happens on the multimeter, your cable is fine. If, however, the meter behaves as if the probes were joined, you have a short. Few important system upgrades are so inexpensive. So don't limit the use of good video cables to your Amiga and VCRs. Other video devices, including 1 Bcs, monitors, sync generators, switchers, waveform monitors, and vectorscopes, can benefit from good connections, too! ¦ Paulo de Andrade is president of Digital Reality, an Amiga- based broadcast-video and 3-1) animation company in Seattle. M mm Commodore AMIGA Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Orders 800-93-AMIGA SKSSyS&f Info 610*586-5701 FAX 610-586-5706 Kiv- As-'. - iv,..va .: •... ..v, ..%. 4f Software Hut we are committed to the Amiga with a Large inventory, Great Pricing, & Same Dav Shmnino • Software Hut is vour "One Stop“ source for Amiga products Dynamite Software Bundle This awesome bundle includes:
• Deluxe Paint 4 v4.5 AGA
• Dig Ita Wordworth AGA
• Dlgita Print Manager
• Oscar and Dennis These programs sell separately for over $ 400.00. You can now purchase them all. From our imited supply for only $ 79.95 BAM & Other Chips We stock ail RAM chips, CPUs and FPUs. Please call for price. Power Supplies & Expansion Boards A2000 300W Power Supply 5149.00 A3000T Power Supply 129.95 A3000T fan Assembly 39.95 Emplanl Deluxe Emulaior 369.00 256K HD MAC ROMS for Emptant 289.00 E586DX Module for Emplant Call Multiface III I O Extender 92.00 Supra Turbo 28 A500 or A2000 169.00 WB2 Upgrades
2. 1 Soltware & Mattering AmlgiDOS Reference Manual $ 40.00
2. 1 Soltware & Mattering AmlgiDOS Reference Manual & 2.04 ROM 72.95 Multi-Start 2 v6A 500 6CO 200Q 34.00 AS216 2.1 Kit from Commodore 54.95 AS216 2.1 Kit w 2.04 ROM from CBM
86. 95 AS314 2.04 A3000 ROM set w 2.1 soltware 59.95 A600 Computers We have a limited supply of this Amiga computer, tt comes complete with all cabling and manuals, and a 90 Day Warranty. A600 - $ 329.95 A600 HD 40Mb-$ 439.95 A6011Mb RAM w clock $ 69.95 A1200 Peripherals CSA 12 Gauge 50Mz w SCSI $ 499.00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb 135.00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 IDE Cable & Software • 600 1200 20.00 M1230 Accelerator 33 33 0 259.00 CBM Parts & Peripherals A600 Keyboard £29.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard 79 95 AIR A2000 Inlemal Floppy Drive 69.95 A300Q Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A2000 Power Supply 109.00 C8M Amiga Model Mottta 19.95 CBM A600 Model Mouse 26.95 CBM A4000 Model Mouse 26.95 Golden image Optical Mouse 44.95 Swifty 3 Button Mouse 27.95 A501 512K RAMw Clock 49.95 CD-ROM NEC CDR-25 CD-ROM Drive ¦ Ext w Power Supply, Headphone Jack ¦ Cabling for exlemal 25 pin SCSI pod
• Supports Single Session Photo CO a Unispeed 650Mt Acc,.7Mb s Transfer
• Manufactured lor Media Vision $ 99.95 NEC CDR-210 Internal CD-ROM
• Doubletpeed, 380Mt Access
• 1.5Mb x Transfer Rile
• SCSI or SCSI 2 Connectability
• MulliSetslon Photo, Headphone Jack $ 185.00 External model w cabling $ 269.00 Plextor 4 Plex Quad Internal
• SCSI-2, MOKb tec data tramler
• 1Mb Buffer, 150Ms Random Seek
* 2 Year Warranty
• Toll Free Technical Line $ 549.00 External model $ 639.00 NEC 3X1 Internal CD-ROM Drive
• SCSI-2,19QMs Access • Triple Spin
• 1 YeirW ty • Refurbished by NEC $ 339.00 External model $ 429.00 CD-ROM Drivers ASIM CDFS 2.0 w Flih 232-1000 $ 46.95 Toaster Systems Call for details on our complete Toaster systemsI Monitors CD-1401 Multiscan $ 499.00 CTX AD-1970 Multiscan 475 00 Electrohome C1440 Multiscan 499.00 Commodore A2410 Graphics Card This Is the last batch of Commodore's 24-bit Amiga graphics card which has been called the "Lowell" graphics card. Supplies are limited. $ 139.95 Modems & Networking Hydra AmigaNel Ethernet Card $ 309.00 A206Q ArcNel Board 69.95 GP Fax Software - Class 1 & 2 59.95 Sporster 14 4 Fax Modem 179.00 Supra Fax Modem 14.4 209.00 Supra Fax Modem 28 6 299.00 Dr. T's Music Bundle Includes KCS V3 & Copyist Apprentice Originally told for $ 469.00 Special Price $ 69.95
3. 1 OS Kits NOW AVAILABLE! AS32D 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM for the A500, A2000, & A2500 $ 154.95 AS330 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM set for all A3000 models $ 174.95 AS340 3.1 Kit w complete Manuals, Disks, & ROM set for all A4000 models $ 179.00 JANUARY SPECIAL Free Shipping when you purchase any AmigaDOS 3.1 Kit The 3.1 OS Kit Includes the following new features:
• New screen modes A improved support for graphic boards = e.g. Picasso 2 RTG wnh up to 1600x1200 pixels in 256 colors) ¦ Significantly accelerated graphics rendering by rewritten graphics and layers libraries
• CD-ROM support (including CDXL), reads standard IS09660 Cds (including PC data and picture Cds)
• Support for foreign languages via locale.library (English, German, French, Italian. Swedish, Norwegian,...)
• Datatypes lor auto-detection of filetype lor images, animations, sound, text, hypertext (AmigaGuide),...
• Viewing Playback of various files with MultiView and Datatypes
• On-line help system using AmigaGuide
• Improved Graphical User interface with easier color selection and more flexible color assignment (Pen Sharing) ¦ Support lor MS-DOS and Atari disks (720Kb and 1.44Mb with High Density floppy drives) A500 Peripherals BigFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 £84 95 Commodore A500 Power Supply 44.95 A500 Case complete w shielding 19.95 A500 Internal Replacement Dnve 44.95 A500 Keyboard 44.95 Al R External Floppy Drive 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 49.95 4k Wa have acquired the laif batch f Xi of CD-32* In the U.S.A. These ri * ire GENUINE U.S. machines, NOT IMPORTS as others are v trying to sell. $ 279.95 QNEW & boxed w all manuals & cables, 90 Day W'ty. Complete w Sleepwatker A Pinball 0 Fantasies. Can't find an A12Q0? Why not consider a CO-32 with the SX-1 module above. Call!
• BONUS - With your CD-32 purchase you may buy Grchers Encyclopedia 2, Defender of the Crown 2. Insight: Technology, and Gulness Book of World Records for $ 49.95 Zappo CD-ROM Drive The World's first PCMCIA slot CD-ROM Drive for the A600 A A1200. Features:
• Double Speed, 300Kbs
• Emulates CD-32 CD-ROM device
• Runs moit CD-32 software
• Mulli-testion, Photo-CD compatible
• Plays Digital-Audio & Photo-CDs
• Mix CD A Amiga Audio output
• File tyitem compatible W ISO9660, AmlgiDOS, PC-DOS, A Mac HFS
5339. 95
• Bonus this month * FREE Insight: Technology CD-ROM with Zappo buy y* SX-1 CD-32 Expansion I Module by Paravislon w In Stock): $ 239.00 ( ) SX-1 Keyboard: $ 44.95 Options: 1Mb RAM $ 49.95 - 4Mb RAM $ 165.00 8Mb RAM $ 319.00 40Mb HD $ 149.00 - 85Mb HD $ 199.00 170Mb HO $ 279.00 250Mb HO $ 369.00 Hard Drives We carry a full tine of 2.5" and
3. 5" Hard Drives from Conner, Quantum, Seagate, Micropolls, and Maxtor. Call for pricing. Books A1200 The Next Step £26.00 A1200 Insiders Guide 26.00 Mastering Amiga DOS 3 Tutorial 31.00 Mastering Amiga DOS 3 Reference 31.00 Mastenng Amiga DOS Beginners 27.00 Mastenng Amiga AMOS 29.00 Mastenng Amiga C 27.00 Mastenng Amiga Printers 27.00 Mastenng Amiga Arexx 31.00 Mastenng Amiga System 31.00 Mastenng Amiga Assembler 29.00 Amiga Assembler insider 26.00 Amiga Gamers Guide 26.00 Amiga Workbench A-Z 27.00 Ultimate AMOS Book 35 00 ROM Kernel. 5 Book Set 99 95 Picasso 2 Boards New Version 2Mb Video RAM $ 499.95 Miscellaneous Commodore Parts Nameplate A200GHD £6 00 Nameplate A600 6.00 Nameplate A1200 6.00 Nameplate A1200HD 40 6.00 Sheet At 200 insulation 6.00 Door A1200 RAM Exp. Mod. 8.00 Casework A4000 top 29.00 Casework A4000 bottom 29.00 Button A4Q00 power 7.00 Bezel A3000 front 8.00 Bezel FDD Cover 3.5'LT 8 00 Amiga Analyzer This is an Inexpensive hardware and software diagnostic tool for end usen and service centers alike. Jl plugs Into your Amiga 500, 1000, 600, 1200, 2000, or 3000 and will tell you what part, or parts, you need, eliminating costly service center visits. Delects 85% of all problems on the Amiga, including disk drive problems.
569. 95 Joysticks SuncomTAC3 $ 12.95 Ergo Stik
14. 95 Gravis Gamepad
22. 95 Gravis Joystick
46. 95 CBM CD-32 Controller
29. 95 Competition Pro CD-32 Controller
29. 95 The Bug 14 DO Last Chance Products A1011 External Floppy Drive £79.95 A10 Stereo Speakers
34. 95 Mouse for CDTV, wired - black
16. 95 Floppy Drrve lor CDTV
79. 95 1402 12* Monochrome Monitor
79. 00 1403 14'VGA Mono Monitor
139. 00 1802 Color Composite Monitor
159. 00 _J Closeout Software I i These games were originally S40. OO or more. Hurry as quantities are limited. Makes a great stocking stutter! Addams Family S5.95 Back to the Future 2
6. 95 Big Business
4. 95 Blood wych
7. 95 Captain Hook
5. 95 Carmen San Diego - World
7. 95 Colorado
4. 95 Dalek Attack
9. 95 Oino Wars
4. 95 Dragon Wars
9. 95 Espana Games
4. 95 Heroes ol ttie Lance
7. 95 Killing Cloud
6. 95 Overkill - AGA only
6. 95 Pit Fighter
9. 95 Pushover
5. 95 Renegade
5. 95 Team Suzuki
4. 95 Theme Park Mystery
6. 95 Myth
6. 95 Rambo 3
4. 95 Robocop 3D
6. 95 Shadowlands
9. 95 Shipwrecked
6. 95 Tarohan
5. 95 TV Text Onginal
4. 95 Wild Wheels
6. 95 World Trophy Soccer
4. 95 Zool - AGA only
5. 95 -J Software Hut Orders 800-932-6442 ¦ 4 , Info 610-586-5701 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 FAX 610-586-5706 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern AmigaVision Professional An interactive icon-based authoring system tor the Amiga family ol computers. This newest version builds & expands on the visual programming environment ot earlier versions. New features include:
• CDTV Player support
• CD-ROM based CD-XL support
• Displays AGA based screens
• Speed A Memory Improvements
• Enhanced Authoring environment
• Freely Distributable runtime module This totally new version of Amiga Vision Professional, with enhanced features, is again available by a special purchase from Commodore. Suggested Retail List Price is $ 399.00. While supplies last we are offering this at a super price of: $ 69.95 Amiga Vision • $ 24.95 Amiga Clips vl Sound FX for AmigaVision or AmigaVision Pro - $ 8.95 A1000 Parts A1000 Keyboard $ 59.00 A100Q Motherboard, complete 49.95 w Daughterboard A1000 Mouse from Commodore 14.95 A1000 Internal Floppy Disk Drive 69.95 A1000 Case w all shielding 19.95 A1300 Genlock. New & Boxed 34.95 Software Collections Some ot the following software collections originally sold tor up to $ 199.95
• Starter Collection Includes: Super Ski. Miniature Golf, Crazy Cars, Fusion Paint. KindWords 2.0 $ 13.95
• Gift Collection Includes: F-40 Pursuit, Master Type, Ports of Call, Info File, Who What Where When, & a durable Joystick S14.95
• Gold Disk Professional Collection Includes: Pagesetter 2, Media Show, Paint 2000, Music 2000, Advantage. CrossDQS, Gold File, Trans Write, Interactive product Guide, & a Video Tape Tutorial $ 59,95
• Discovery Collection Includes: Deluxe Paint 2, KindWords, & Ports of Call SB.95
• Appetizer Collection Includes: Paint Program, Word Processor, Music Program, A Pui2le Game $ 7.95
• Super Graphics Cotlection Includes: Deluxe Paint 3. TV Text Professional 1.0 $ 29.95
• Print Mailer Pfut Collection Print Shop like program with additional Fonts & Borders package $ 32.95 Software Productivity ¦ Utilities Alpha Paint $ 559.95 Ami Back 2
35. 00 AMOS Pro
45. 00 AMOS Pro Compiler
29. 00 Anim Workshop 2.0
84. 95 Art Department Pro 2.5
149. 00 Art DepL Pro Conversion Pack
51. 95 Brilliance 2.0
89. 95 Caligari 24
139. 00 Checks A Balances
38. 00 Composite Studio 1.1
124. 95 Composite Studio Extras
49. 95 Crouton Tools 4000
99. 00 Deluxe Paint 4 v4.5
79. 95 Deluxe Paint 5
139. 95 Desktop Magic
28. 95 Directory Opus 4.1
68. 00 Distant Suns 5.0
59. 95 Dynamic Cache FS
29. 95 Dynamic Motion Module Call EnLan DFS v2 Ethernet
249. 95 Final Copy 2
59. 95 Final Data
59. 00 Final Writer 2
115. 00 Forge Essence Volume 1
89. 95 Forge Essence Volume 2
89. 95 GameSmith Development System
104. 95 Gigamem
99. 00 Hollywood FX
299. 00 Humanoid (Specify LW or Imagine)
159. 00 Hypercache Pro 2.0
40. 95 Image F X 2.0
249. 95 Imagemaster R T
69. 95 Imagemaster Apprentice R T
59. 95 Image Mirror
89. 95 Imagine 3.0
339. 00 Invoice It 1.2
34. 95 Link It!
49. 95 Magic Lantern v2
74. 00 MaxDOS 2.0
85. 00 Morph Plus
124. 95 Motion Master LW
114. 95 Multilayer for AdPro
85. 00 Multilayer lor Image FX
85. 00 On the Ball v1.3
35. 00 PageStream 3.0
249. 00 Pegger 2.0 59,95 Pixel 3D Pro 2.0
169. 95 Power Macros Lightwave
109. 00 Pro Write 3.3
59. 00 SAS C 6.51
159. 95 Scenery Animator 4.0
65. 00 Snap Maps: Building Materials
124. 95 Snap Maps: Fields A Foliage
124. 95 Sparks New Version
119. 95 Studio Printer 2
69. 00 Super HP-DJC 3
37. 95 Swipes
89. 95 TapeWorm FS 49,95 Termite
42. 00 Vista Pro 3.1
59. 95 Wave Link B5.Q0 Wave Maker 2.0 Call Chinon HD Drives AIR Presents A NEW line of Hlgh-Density
1. 76Mb Floppy Drives for ALL AMIGA MODELS
• Configurable it either DFO; or OF1:
• Requires AmigaDOS 2.1 or higher
* No additional patches needed
• Reads & Writes standard BBOK disks
• Installation instructions included
* Same model as used by Commodore HD internal drive lor A4000 $ 134.95 HD internal drive lor A4000T 134.95 HD internal drive lor A3000 139.95 HD internal dnve lor A2000 139.95 HD internal drive for A1000 139.95 HD internal drive for A1200 139.95 HD internal drive for A600 139.95 HD internal drive for A500 139.95 HQ external dnve for all Amigas 159.95 CD-ROM CDTV CD-32 SALE Disks will work w CDTV. CD-32, A-570 and any Amiga model with a CD-ROM drive and appropriate driver software. Purchase 4, or more, A receive FREE SHIPPING. 17 Bit 2 CD Collection S35.00 Graphics Resource 19 00 17 Bit Continuation CD
25. 00 Groliers Encydop’a - OS 1.3 ONLY
57. 00 17 Bit Phase 4
25. 00 Gutenberg Project
19. 00 17 Bit LSD Combo Deluxe
25. 00 Hound ol the Baske-villes
8. 00 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Hutchinson Encyclop'a - PAL ONLY
13. 00 A Bun for Barney
8. 00 Illustrated Holy Bible
15. 00 Advanced Military Systems
10. 00 Illustrated Wdrks ol Shakespeare
14. 00 All Dogs Go to Heaven
9. 00 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
49. 95 American Heritage III. Dictionary
12. 00 Lemmings
14. 00 American Vista
15. 00 Logical - CDTV ONLY
8. 00 AmiNet
15. 00 Meeiing Pearls
19. 00 AmiFJet Share 3
19. 00 Mega Media i
25. 00 AMOS PD Library
30. 00 Mega Media 2 25,00 Animals in Motion
10. 00 Micro RAD Volume 3
19. 00 Audio Resource
19. 00 Mmd Run-CDTVONLY
7. 00 Bible A Religion
24. 00 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 Barney Bear Goes to School
8. 00 Mud Puddles
10. 00 Battle Storm
9. 00 Multimedia
19. 00 Case of the Cautios Condor
9. 00 Music MODs A Sound Samples
18. 00 CD Caddy
6. 00 My Paint
11. 00 CD PD 2 24 00 Network CD by Weird Science
26. 00 CD PD 3
24. 00 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga
30. 00 CD PD 4
24. 00 New Basics Electronic Cookbook
15. 00 CD PD Coll. - F 1>600 A more
10. 00 Our Solar System
18. 00 Cinderella: The Onginai Fairy Tale
9. 00 Paper Bag Princess
10. 00 Classic Board Games
10. 00 Plain Brown Wrapper XXX
24. 00 Clip Art A Fonts
14. 00 Psycho Killer
9. 00 Clipart Warehouse
20. 00 Raffles
9. 00 Color Magic Clipart 24 00 Sexual Fantasies
18. 00 Cookbook Heaven 2
19. 00 SFX Volume 1
29. 00 Curse oIRa-CDTV ONLY
9. 00 Sheer Delight
22. 00 Deep Core - CD-32 ONLY
12. 00 Sim City
15. 00 Demo CD 1 24,00 Snoopy: Case ol Missing Blanket
12. 00 Demo CD 2
24. 00 Space A Astronomy
25. 00 EuroScene 1900 Strip Poker
17. 00 Eyes of the Eagle
9. 00 Super Fonts
19. 00 Fresh Fish
24. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM V1
99. 00 Frozen Fish
24. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM V2
99. 00 Fun School 3 - Ages 8*
10. 00 Texture City
79. 00 Ages 5 and under
10. 00 That's PAL Games i. or Games 2
25. 00 Gallery of Dreams
19. 00 Thomas' Snowsuit
8. 00 Games A Goodies
24. 00 Tie Break Tennis
11. 00 Garden Fax: Fruits, Vegs, Herbs
9. 00 Time Table of History: 1991 Editions Garden Plants 9 00 Business, Politics A Media
15. 00 Indoor Plants
9. 00 Science A Innovations
15. 00 Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Conifers 9.00 Top Heavy XXX
27. 00 Gardening Handbook
18. 00 Town With No Name
9. 00 GIF Galaxy
26. 00 Visions
24. 95 GIFs Galore 18 00 Wet Dreams XXX
27. 00 Gold Fish - 2 CO Set
24. 00 Women In Motion 12,00 Graphics Plus
14. 00 Wrath ol the Demon
10. 00 Games Software We stock a full line of games software. Call for pricing. Authorized Amiga Manuals We have acquired the last batch of Service & User Manuals by Commodore. Ail Service Manuals are the same that Authorized Amiga Service Centers received. If your Amiga peripheral or computer ever breaks, these manuals will prove invaluable. Supplies limited. A2630 Service Manual $ 19.95 A2065 User Manual 10 95 A2232 Service Manual
19. 95 A600 User Manual
14. 95 A1950 Service Manual
22. 95 A1200 User Manual
16. 95 A2002 Service Manual
19. 95 A2000 User Manual
14. 95 A2024 Service Manual
19. 95 A3000 User Manual
16. 95 A1000 Service Manual
22. 95 A4000 User Manual
19. 95 A500 Rev 5 Service Manual
24. 95 1084S-D User Manual 895 A500 Rev 6a 7 Service Manual
24. 95 1084S-P User Manual
8. 95 A2000 Rev 4.x Service Manual
29. 95 A2002 User Manual
8. 95 A2000 Rev 6.x service Manual
29. 95 1080 User Manual
8. 95 A30D0 Service Manual
34. 95 Amiga Basic Manual
12. 95 A3000T Service Manual
39. 95 A2630 User Manual
7. 95 A590 Service Manual
14. 95 A2088 User Manual
7. 95 A1270 Service Manual
14. 95 A22B6 User Manual
7. 95 A1300 Service Manual
14. 95 A2386SX User Manual
10. 95 A2300 Service Manual
14. 95 A600HD User Manual
9. 95 A2320 A2410 Service Manual
19. 95 A500 User Manual
8. 95 A2060 Service Manual
14. 95 A120O Hardware Manual
19. 95 AS225 TCIP User Manual
16. 95 A4QOO Hardware Manual
22. 95 A2620 User Manual
9. 95 A1000 Schematics A Exp Info
22. 95 A2091 User Manual
10. 95 Prog's Guide to Arexx w disks
14. 95 A2232 User Manual
12. 95 A5QQ 2000 Tech Ref Manual
22. 95 A2630 User Manual
12. 95 OS 1.3 Enhancer Manual w disks
12. 95 O D -3 2 IT l_ EE S At Low Prices The following titles will also work with all Amigas equipped with a CD-ROM reader and AmigaDOS 2.0, or higher. Insight: Technology $ 18.95 From household appliance to high-tech science... a fascinating took inside the way things work with sound, images, video and text. Delender ol the Crown 2 $ 17.95 An exciting, multimedia adventure through the realm of knights and maidens. Grollen Encyclopedia 2 $ 34.95 Now, this award-winning reference work has been updated and adapted lor CD-32 Multimedia... the exciting new technology that combines lull-color graphics and high quality sound in an easy-to-use, interactive format. Guiness Book ol World Records $ 19.95 Over 6000 records. Many with pics and descriptions. PAL version ONLY. $ 79.95 Buy ALL Four ot the Above Cds Save a BUNDLE on a BUNDLE! Arcade Pool Banshee Brian the Lion Cannon Fodder Dragon Stone Emerald Mines Frontier Elite 2 Guardian $ 25.00
34. 00
34. 00
38. 00
42. 00
25. 00
34. 00
48. 00
38. 00
37. 00
36. 00
42. 00
37. 00
42. 00
25. 00
42. 00
46. 00
38. 00
34. 00
34. 00 Impossible Mission 2025 Jetstrike Jungle Strike LitT Devil PGA Euro Tour Sabre Team Super Frog Super Stardust TFX UFO Enemy Unknown Universe Wild Cup Soccer Warp Engine 1 This high end accelerator for the A3000 A A4000 features: Motorola 68040 at up to 40Mz; 32-btt RAM expansion up to 128Mbs; A a SCSI-2 Controller. A4028 28MZ w 0 CPU $ 799.00 A4028 28Mz w CPU
979. 00 A4033 33Mz w CPU
1149. 00 A4040 4CMZ w CPU
1389. 00 A302B28MZ w CPU
1019. 00 A3033 33MZ w CPU
1199. 00 A3040 40MZ w CPU
1399. 00 Light Rave Lightwave without the Toaster? The solution is Light Rave
• True 24-Bit Display
• NTSC PAL Compatible
* Renders faster than Toaster board
* Network Compatible
• Fast Animations Software Hut Orders 800-932-6442 Info 610-586-5701 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 FAX 610-586-5706 Sat 10 to 4 - Eastern Chlnon Internal H. D. Floppy Drive Now available, from Commodore & DKB, Is the Chinon 4015 HO Floppy Drive. This is the same unit as used in the Amiga 4000, now also compatible with the A2000. Drives can be used as either dfO: or df1: (or buy two and use as both). Complete with installation instructions. $ 139.95 DKB A2632 RAM Board A 32-bit RAM Expansion Board lor the CBM A2630 Accelerator Card. Allows 32-bit RAM beyond 4Mb, expandable to 112Mb using 32-bit wide SIMMs. Faster than RAM on A2630 and lull Burst Mode support. Perfect for Video, Graphics. Animations, and DTP. $ 139.00 Options: Add 4Mb RAM-$ 169.00 Add 8Mb RAM -319.00 Add 16Mb RAM - $ 599.00 Add 32Mb RAM-$ 1189.00 DKB A1240 Board A multi-function board lor the Amiga 1200. Includes: 68030 for up to 6 times faster speed; room for up to 128Mb of 32-bit RAM using one industry standard SIMM; clock- calendar. Add an optional Math-Co up to 5QMz. Features an expansion conneclor for an optional SCSI controller. Super NEW Price! 1240 28Mz EC CPU-$ 159.00 1240 40MZRC CPU -$ 249.00 Options: Add 33Mz 68882 FPU - $ 79.00 Add 50Mz 68882 FPU - $ 109.00 Add 1Mb RAM - $ 49.00 Add 2Mb RAM - $ 89.00 Add 4Mb RAM - $ 159.00 Add 3Mb RAM - $ 309.00 DKB Video TapB Backup Back up your system to your VCR using inexpensive video tapes. Works on all Amigas including the A4000. Performs at 1 Mb per minute. Complete with all software and cabling. $ 89.95 The Clock Installs internally in your A1200 on t he clock header of the Motherboard. Automatically recognized by AmigaDOS, $ 17.95 DKB MegAchlp Expands your Amiga 500 or 2000 to 2Mb of Chip-RAM, great for all graphic applications, including the Video Toaster. Included is the DKB board w 1Mb ol additional Chip- RAM and a 2Mb Agnus. Complete with manual for easy installation. $ 199.95 DKB A3128 RAM Board A 32-bit RAM Expansion Board for A3000 4000 owners. Allows 32-bit RAM expansion to 146Mb using industry standard 4, 8. 16. & 32Mb SIMMs. Easily installs in any slot. A MUST HAVE tor Toaster users. $ 249.00 Options: Same as A2632 on left. DKB A1202 Board A multi-lunction board for the A1200. Provides the max Fast-RAM expansion possible plus a clock- calendar. The 2 sockets allow 1, 2. 4, or 8Mb RAM using slandard 32- bit SIMMs. Optional Math-Co can speed up math-intensive programs as much as 10 times, or more. 1202, no FPU, OK - $ 99.95 Options: Add 16Mz 63882-$ 32.95 Add 25Mz 68832 - $ 57.95 Add 33Mz 68882 - $ 74.95 Add 40Mz 68882 -$ 134.95 Add RAM - Same as A1240 on left KwikStart 2 Allows A1000 owners lo install 2 different Kickstart ROM chips. Upgrade to latest OS without using system memory yet you can still boot from disk-based Kickstarts. $ 54.95 Options:
1. 3 OS ROM - $ 19.95
2. 04 OS ROM -$ 29.95
3. 1 OS Kit-$ 159.00 DKB 4091 SCSI Controller High-Performance, DMA, Fast SCSI-2 controller tor Zorro3 expansion slots. Includes SCSI internal connector, ribbon cable. & hardware to install a 3.5' HD on the board and a high-density SCSI-2 external connector. $ 349.95 Power Point HD External Floppy Connects to external disk drive port of any Amiga. Perfect lor users who lack an internal bay. $ 145.00 Disk Expander This software doubles the capacity ol your floppy or hard drives. Easy to install and works without notice, in the background. Compression ratios very from 30% to 70%. $ 37.95 GVP 030 Combo Great New Amiga 500 & 1200 Peripherals Through a special purchase with GVP, we have acquired the last batch ol this popular board for the A2000. It features a Motorola 68030 CPU & 68882 Math Co-Proc.,both running at 25Mz, and 1Mb of 32-bit RAM. You can add up to an additional 12Mb of 60Ns fast RAM. Included is a built-in SCSI interface on the card. 90 Day Warranty. Hurry as supplies are limited. GVP Combo 030 25MZ 1 Mb $ 469.00 Additional 4Mb 60Ns RAM 219.00 GVP HD Mounting Kit 39.00 A4000 G-Force 040-40 GVP puts a 40Mz Motorola 040 in your Amiga (030 or 040) & couples it with, up to, 32Mb ol super fast SIMM32 memory, directly controlled by this blazing processor. G-Force A4000 040 4Q 40 4MD $ 989.00 GVP SIMM 32 4Mb 60Ns 219.00 GVP SIMM 32 16Mb 60Ns 999.00 A200G G-Forca 040-33 Combo The ultimate combo: Motorola 6BQ4Q processor blazing at 33Mz with room lor up to 64Mb of last 32-bit RAM; in teg rated SCSI2 interlace: bonus lOExtender for an extra parallel and buffered high-speed serial port. G-Force 04Q 33Mz 4Mb $ 1089.00 PhOMPik VFX 2.0 Fully inlegrated, allows unlimited phone mailboxes A private lax receiving. Send faxes from any program that prints; call in remotely and retrieve laxes sent earlier; plain paper or paperless faxing; call routing with Centrex PBX support; and more. GVP Phone Pak v2 $ 219.95 4008 SCSI2 Controller Add up to 7 SCSI devices to your Amiga. Provides room for up to 8Mb of 16-bit RAM. GVP 4008 SCSI Controller S149.CO TBC Plus This pro quality (CCIR-601), all digital time- base-corrector uses staie-of-the-art 8-bit 4:2:2 video processing. Plus, it provides a real-time video frame-grabber and 16.7 milt color Irame-bufler; a full SMPTE EBU lime- code receiver generator and a comb filter is available; will transcode composite and Y C inputs; a 3 channel video input switcher (m composite and Y C) ic provided; and programmable video special elfecis. Motherboards I 0ur Policies GVP TBC Plus $ 599.95 Comb Filter 89.00 Frame RAM Module 189.00 G-L«k Connect lo the world of video with our built- in transcorder to convert input video to composite. Y C, RGB, or YUV outputs! Includes dual-input audio panel. Full support AGA and ‘classic' Amigas. SCALA users can purchase an EX module from SCALA. G-lock - NTSC Version $ 299.95 G-Lock - PAL Version 319.95 EGS 28 24 Spectrum Go beyond AGA Graphics wiih this realtime. 24-bit. True-color graphics enhancer. Programmable resolutions up to 1600x1280. 800x600 in 24-bit. Includes a custom pass-through cable lor single monitor use, Also includes EGS SpectraPamt. A GVP exclusive! GVP Spectrum 28 24 EGS 2Mb $ 379.00 1230 Turbo Accelerate your A1200 up to 50Mz. Room for: up to 32Mb of 32-bit RAM; an FPU; A1291 SCSI kit. M-TEC RAM This is a 2Mb RAM board tor A500s. Mounts Internally, in the trap door, and into your Gary 1C socket, giving you 2Mb of additional fast-RAM. No soldering is required. $ 139.95 M-TEC AT-500 This is a Hard Drive Sub-System plugging into the Amiga 500 expansion slot. Will hold any 2.5' or
3. 5’ IDE Hard Drive and it has room to hold 2Mb, 4Mb. Or 8Mb RAM on the controller. Uniquely, it features a Kickstart Switch allowing you to mount an additional internal Kickstart ROM, such as 2.04 or 3.1. and still keep whatever ROM is in your A500. M-TEC AT-500 w No HD - $ 149.95 w 120Mb HD - $ 299.00 w 250Mb HD - $ 359.00 w 350Mb HD - $ 389.00 w 420Mb HD - $ 419.00 Options: 2Mb RAM Increment - $ 38.00 Video Products Color Handscanner w OCR software $ 259.00 DCTV 299.00 DPS Perioml Anlmillon Controller Call LiQhtwave 3.5 Unbundled 539.00 Lightwave 3.5 Upgrade Ki! 99 00 OpalVrsion w Free Magic Lanlem 429.00 Personal TBC 4 829.00 Picasso 2Mb 499.95 Retina 4Mb 519.00 Retina 23 725.00 RocGen Plus Genlock 219.00 SuperGen SX 699.00 Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 649.00 Vidi 12 AGA 119.00 Vidi Amiga 12 RT 249.00 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 369.00 Vlab Y C 425.00 Vlab Y C External 469.00 We have a limited supply ot NEW Motherboards All come complete with chips. 90 Day Warranty A3000 Tower Motherboard $ 549,00 A3Q00 Daughterboard 59.95 A500 Rev 5 PCB 129,00 A500 Rev 8 PCB 149.00 A4000 Daughterboard 69.95 Data Flyer Hds XDS Case w 170Mb HD $ 279.95 XDS Case w 270Mb HD 309,95 XDS Case w 420Mb HD 369.95 SCSI* Case W 270MD HD 329 95 SCSU Case W 540MD HD 439.95 SCSI* Case w l.OBGtg HO 749.95 Call for more Data Flyer productsI 1230 SCSI Ser2 4QMz 4Mb $ 399.00 1230 SCSI Ser2 50Mz 4Mb 599.00 1291 SCSI Controller lor 1230 89.95 FPU 50Mz lor 1230 Accelerator 109.00 DSSB+ This is the quietest 8-bit sound sampler yet made. New 3.0 software supports direct to disk (hard disk) recording and playback. GVP DSSBi Sound Digitizer $ 79.95 M-TEC 680201 Turbo System This is the powerful, yet affordable, accelerator the average A500 user has been waiting for! Includes a 68020 CPU & 68881 Math-Co. Both running at 16Mz. Also included is a SIMM socket far up to 4Mb of 32-bit RAM. The board attaches to your Motherboard with NO soldering, install disk and manual are Included. $ 99.95 Options: 1Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 49.95 4Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 165.00 M-TEC 11230 28 RTC This A1200 accelerator comes with a 68030 CPU and 68882 Math-Co running at 28Mz. Users may install a faster FPU at a later time, II desired. Accepts up to 8Mb Of 32-Bit RAM. $ 169.95 Options: 1Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 49.95 4Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 165.00 3Mb 32-bit RAM Module - $ 319.00 AMIGA 1MbAgnusfl372A $ 42.95 CO CL X o 2 O F CO X o 2Mb Agnus 8372 B 44.95 Super Denise 8373 32.95 CIA 8520 Chip 17.50 CIA 8520 Surf. Mount Chip 25.00 Gary 5719 Chip 13.95 Paula or Denise Chip 1B.95
1. 3 ROM Chip 21.95
2. 04 ROM Chip 32.95
2. 05 ROM Chip 34.95 Super Buster Rev 11 65.00
W. 0. SCSI Chip Rev 8A 35.00 Amber IC 44.95 Ramsey Rev 7 49.95 No waiting for your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available. International orders ship by Air Parcel Post or UPS Express. Domestic orders ship by UPS or Airborne Express.
• Ail orders are subject to credit card venfication • Due to ad schedules, all prices are subject to change. We accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover with NO service charge. We accept American Express with a 1.5% service charge. We also ship COD. Accepting Cash, Certified Check, or Money Order, Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and accessories shipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 lor small items, $ 15.00 lor Monitors. Call lor larger items. COD add $ 5.00. Canadian, APO, & International orders are welcome. We will bill only for actual shipping charges A insurance at time of order. 15% re-stocking lee on all returns not exchanged lor another item. Shipping charges are NOT refundable. C CopyrignrfSSa, lechWnUri Inc. Ail itghls Reserved K K V I K S From p. 10. To search for them and manually type them in. Max DOS otters you various startup options. If you intend to use the program only occasionally, you can mount the Mac devices as needed; or, if you use it more frequently, you can have them mounted each time the Amiga boots. Max DOS refers to hard drives using names such as MHO: and to floppies as MFO:. Once properly installed with the drivers in place, the program works as advertised with most Mac-formatted media. Accompanying MaxDOS is a well-written manual that helps in troubleshooting any problems that may arise. CrossMAC CrossMAC lets both high- and low-den- sity Amiga drives access either BOOK A-Max- or Emplant-formattecl Mac disks. Using an Amiga drive connected via A-Max 11+ (or an older A-Max cartridge and a Mac BOOK drive), CrossMAC. Lets your Amiga read an BOOK Mac floppy. CrossMAC works with Workbench 2.1 or later, using Consult ron's mini.device, and file reading is utterly transparent. The package also includes utilities for diagnosing and repairing file problems, formatting Mac disks, and viewing files. It also is able to display Mac disk icons on the Amiga Workbench. Like MaxDOS, CrossMAC creates new Mac devices and accesses them as if they were Amiga drives. It names hard drives MacHD and floppies MACO:, and you can rename each device. Just click on a few prompts, and you’re home free. The CrossMAC installation is a breeze. It automatically mounts the disk drives and SCSI partitions, and it also has a feature that checks the Gary chip for proper functioning. Transfer Twins Both programs can read Macintosh- formatted SCSI devices and Macintosh- formatted partitions on Amiga SCSI devices, including hard drives, Bernoulli drives, SyQuests, and optical and floptical drives. The Macintosh filing system uses two files for every Mac file. One is the “data fork,” which usually contains the useful information, and one is the “resource fork,” similar to the Amiga’s .info file. MaxDOS thoughtfully lets you choose to show both forks, hide the resource fork, or hide all empty files. CrossMAC goes further, giving you extensive technical information on resource and data forks in its manual’s appendix, and also providing a utility called Res_Extractor to pull vital information from the useful resources. CrossMAC’s innovative solution for storing file-type information is to place it into the Amiga file comment. Because of this, you must always clone the comment when copying Mac files under CrossMAC. The program also contains a database into which you can enter new file types. Conclusions In summaiy, these two utilities seemingly do the impossible. Of the two, CrossMAC is the more option-laden and refined, suitable for everyone. For users who only need to read high-density Mac disks in their high-density Amiga drives or Mac-formatted hard disk partitions, MaxDOS also fills the bill nicelv. Daniel Greenberg Pegger 2.0 Heifner Communications, $ 99.95 All Amigas.
2. X 3.x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 2MB. Recommended system: 4MB, AG A Amiga, and hard disk. Automated JPEG conversion software. Released late last year, Heifner Communications’ original Pegger program (reviewed Feb. ’94) proved itself a worthy addition to any Amiga user’s * software repertoire. Pegger’s purpose is to make relatively quick and painless work of the otherwise time-consuming process of converting graphics images. Without any noticeable loss of quality, it rapidly converts bulky formats such as IFF24 into space-saving JPFG graphics formats, making them easier to manipulate. Pegger 2.0 is the natural evolution of the original program, which needed improvement with respect to speed and a wider range of supported graphics formats. The new Pegger is faster, roughly halving the time required to convert IFF24 files. You’ll also find new network support, an improved Snoop function. And other enhancements that sene to make an already good program significantly better. Better Pegger Like the original Pegger, 2.0 is unconventional in appearance and execution. It arrives on one disk that installs using Snoop works just as its name implies. Scr«*n Cjpeg Process BBS 1 T«-» (M*) ftfs to Cmfrais Mr*gWMgtt CJFBgLO«UM I p.uem H'Rtnemc CJPeg, where files become JPEGs. WortNmcft Screes Protest ]Sfc*Ufp .Hi jt-ttm t T>«« Ot*) Ea~t*a Sh*W.*v» Pricnt«| _! I • Ot pir IP! Frsmjp tXwyw I D«rsd*ru 5W& rifts ta Ptccnfrui Pattern P‘ Set T> 01 froeustwy XhncUry vKrit tmaja fits ia fGmum JL 9*wwtfcw| DJPeg, the decompression program. The standard Commodore installer which checks all the library files that it needs and reports if it finds previou? Pegger files. Once the program is installed, double-clicking the Pegger icon places three new AppIcons on the Workbench screen: Snoop, CJPeg and Djpeg. Dropping graphics file’s icon on any one of these activates the program that each one represents. Of course, you can opt instead for the traditional double-clicking ol them, or you can select one of the App- Menu items that Pegger adds to the Fools menu on the Workbench. ? We Ship Worldwide! Mm m-m mr mm Sunday mm mm am SpfidahMhi’ttwitfh; Commodore 2.1 Rom Upgrade Kits $ 84.95 INFO: (212) 633-2290 FAX: (212) 633-7717 FAX US YOUR ORDER OR INQUIRY ESTABLISHED 1977 SE HABLA ESPANOL 650 6TH AVENUE, (COR, 20TH5T) NY, NY 10011 Vour Video Toaster - Commodore flmiga Headquarters" r Authorized Amiga Service Center Bring or mail in your equipment for in & out oFiuarranty work, factory trained technicians NCUJ! €oson CS600C KITCH6N SYNC Two Channel TBC $ 1169.95 GolDfN GflTEWii $ 714.9$ 24 Bit Color Scanner $ 719.95 ES800C $ 969.95 .upgraoeTv GVP G-FORCE 030-40MHZ 12 MEG RAM 340 MEG SCSI DRIVE VIDEO TOASTER 4000 $ 5450 WAI 540 Meg HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 _ 16 MEG RAM $ 5495 wPW 040-28 Thelllfilnnate Mac Emulatorl $ 339.95 CSA Me Gucigc! 50Mhz Pomr for yourWO! $ 629 $ 4495 4-2000 UPGRADE 2 GVP G-FORCE 040-33 Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 18 Meg Ram Memory GIGABYTE HD $ 524.95 (SA Derringer 030 WARP A4000040A0
2. 2 GIG HD Toaster 4000 W New 3.1 32 Meg Ram Memory Cditizer IfueABROKMJIFamctfeita ToasJef Control* DPS TBC Contrd lO 111 CST11 m 25MhzJ3Mhz,50m Available! $ 299.95 & UP FREE Installation on these uc Software Amiback 2.0
39. 95 Amiback Tools
49. 95 Brilliance
124. 95 Image F X 1.5
199. 95 Disney Animation
69. 95 Gigamem CALL Aladdin 4D 3,2 CALL Art Expression
139. 95 Final Writer II Rel II CALL Hotlinks Editions
74. 95 Morphus Cali Vistapro 3.1
59. 95 Dpamt 4.6 AGA
119. 95 Hollywood F X
359. 95 Directory Opus 4.0
59. 95 Wavemaker
139. 95 Deluxe Music 2.0
94. 95 Gold Disk Office
79. 95 Procalc II
119. 95 Distant Suns 5.0
59. 95 Anim Workshop II
89. 95 Lightwave 3D
499. 95 Monitors Priotc vrx Commodore 1942 CALL CTX for Amiga MS
439. 95 JDEK 5017 sp
949. 95 Electrohome 14“
449. 95 IDEK 5021 CALL NEC MS 3FG 4FG Call Canon BJC 600
16. 7 million Color1
669. 95 Dye-Sub for FARGO 189.95 os So Ft ware Final Copy 2.0 Pagestream 2.2 (3.0) Art Dept Pro V2.5 SAS Lattice C. V6.0 Imagine 3.0 Amax IV Deskjel 560c Driver Toaster F X Real 3D V2.0 Pixel 3D Pro 2.0 Alta Paint Morph Plus Playmation Interchange Plus 3.0 Montage Trexx Pro 2.0 Montage 24 Montage Postcnpt
69. 95
164. 95
148. 95
224. 95
399. 95 CALL
39. 95
129. 95
379. 95
179. 95 CALL 139 95
344. 95
59. 95
319. 95
129. 95
264. 95 Call SYNC STRAINER !!! Y C Plus (Toaster) Trimedia Drawing Tablets Boca Ext. 14.4 Fax Modem Wavetools 16 bit sampler Video Slot Box CSA Twelve Guage 33 MHZ CSA Derringer A2000 25 MHZ Wacom Tablets (all) Fastlane Z3 Scsi ll RAM Optical Mouse Multitace 111 One Stop Music Shop Mac Roms F Amax II Plus AD 516 w Studio 16 AD 1012 W Studio 16 Triple Play Plus DKB Megachip 2000 DKB 3128 Ram BD DKB 1202 20 mhz Mem ED
54. 95
699. 95 CALL
149. 95 CALL CALL
388. 95
299. 95 CALL
489. 95
34. 95
89. 95
564. 95
94. 95
1149. 95 CALL
164. 95
194. 95 CALL
139. 95 Bernoulli! 150 Int Drive Bernoulli! 150 Ext Drive Syquest 200 Meg Ini Drive Bernouilti 88 Meg Carts F Syq Bernouilli 44 Meg Carts F Syq Ext Chassis & Power Supply Micropolis 520 Meg ide Micropolis 1 GtG ide Micropolis 1.7 Gig ide Micropolis 1 GIG AV SCSI Micropolis 1.7 Gig AV Scsi West Dig 340 Meg ide West Dig 420 ide Quantum 270 Meg Scsi Quantum 340 Meg Scsi Quantum 1 GIG Scsi Seagate 1.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 2.2 Gig Scsi Seagate 3.5 Gig Scsi Seagate 9 gig HD
449. 95
549. 95
429. 95
89. 95
69. 95
89. 95 CALL
749. 95
999. 95
949. 95
1499. 95
249. 95
289. 95
289. 95
329. 95
779. 95
799. 95
1499. 95 2199 95
499. 95 Ou&iisisiort Seeing is Believing Due to ad production schedules, our prices may actually be lower than advertised! THE VIDEO PROCESSOR TOC's Si Genlocks Personal TBC III Little Magic Box DPS Pers Vscope Hotronics AP 41 Hotronics AP41 SF The Persona! SFC GVP G-Lock Supergen SX
669. 95
579. 95
699. 95
789. 95
1099. 95
339. 95
374. 95
619. 95
• • 24 bit Frame buffer & Display Auto NTSC or PAL Double Buffered 24-Bit animations. OpalPaint. 'palAnimate Main Board fin DIGITAL 1 ¦ 7] rf? «OCTWt6 s rr-t VS K Multimedia Center! 1'PerslBCIV 779.95 i**- Pefs Anim Rec $ 1564.95 Pers Comp Adopt 429.95 V y Toshiba 3401B Internal 289.95 1 Toshiba 3401B External 429.95 1 NEC Multispeed 3xi 479.95 1 Texture Heaven CD 59.95 1 All CD related Call: | Sunrize Industries AD 516 (DIG AUDIO) $ 1149.95 AD 1012 12 bit) $ CALL AS Ac$ tylot AD 5)6 $ CA1L msm mmw Will not be undersold! Call if you need a price beat
369. 95!!! Tristate h a Ml service dealer hrpros and amateurs alike. Uje cany everything In Video and editing 24 Bit Display I 3D Professional J Authorized Dealer oivesf Prices Guaranteed! AmiLink Cl I life tt I 1* h iclquarters Enhancement Section i CALL
279. 95 CALL
84. 95
37. 95
69. 95 CALL
69. 95
79. 95
129. 95
59. 95
89. 95
99. 95
89. 95 Essence Vol I, II LightRave 3.1 Ethernet Solutions Tapeworm Parnet with Cable Wedding Collection Dynamic Motion Wavelink Imagemaster R T Humanoid The Cathedral Sparks The Jurassic Collection Multiframe $ 1995 CALL Cl P A B Roll Cl Cuts Only
739. 95
1049. 95 CALL CALL
274. 95
299. 00
359. 95 CALL
424. 95 f
499. 95 Merlin 4mb IV-24 24 bit Graphics Talon RGB for DCTV DCTV EGS Spectrum 1 meg EGS Spectrum 2 meg EGS Spectrum 110 Picasso 1 meg Picasso 2 meg Combo 040-33mhz 4 0 GVP I O Extender A4000-40mhz 040 TBC Pius TBC Plus Remote Simm32 imb Simm32 4mb Simm32 16mb A1230 no FPU.0k A123G W FPU.4M Phone Fak VFX DSS8 + Sound Studio Image F X 1.5 A4008 SCSI
1679. 95
439. 95
439. 95 48995
519. 95 699 95
649. 95
389. 95!
1499. 95 749 95
89. 95 Call
219. 95
59. 95
979. 95
129. 95 CALL
599. 95 CALL
64. 95
209. 95 CALL CALL
399. 95
289. 95
88. 95
219. 95
149. 95 VLAB Motion VLAB Int Y C VLAB External Retina 2 MB Retina 4 MB Retma 4 MB wI TV PAINT Retina Z-lll Toccata 16 bit Warp Engine 040-40mhz Warp Engine 040-4000-28 Sparks Animation Multiframe Adpro TVPaint 2.0 Pro Studio Printer Driver NEW Authorized Dealer Prime Image Dealer We also carry a full line of Cameras, IBM Computers and related Multimedia, Faxes Darkroom. Video and More Ccill us to help design your 3D AnlrrKjtion Solution Beginner to Hollywood! Accepted. Overnight shipping available. 15 Day Money back guarantee. All Merchandise brand new factory fresh. Custom Configurations our speciatt Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Extended Warranty Available U.S and Canada. _ £ COD R E V I E W S Snoop, with a fast, attractive interface, is the first program you’ll want to learn to use. Revised under 2.0, Snoop works its magic well. Fppstarters, you now use a screen button [tcf choose between two modes of operation: Program and Directory. In Program mode, it lists 18 graphics programs, and you choose the one (ImageFX, ToasterPaint. And so on) in which you want Pegger to “snoop” for files to convert. In Directory mode, you select a directory, and the mode, as its name implies, snoops in that directory looking for new files to convert to JPEG format. & CJ Peg’s interface, as stylish as Snoop’s, works by letting you manually call up a standard file requester and select a file or a batch of files to convert to JPEG format. DJ Peg works in the reverse manner, with some new twists in 2.0, Decompressing a grayscale JPEG file with DJPeg results in an 8-bit IFF grayscale file much smaller than IFF24 liles, and a format that’s required by some 3-D rendering programs. There's new support within DJ Peg for creating oversized Toaster Framestores and 24-bit Targa files. Pegger 2.0 also now offers a small window that appears in both CJPeg and DJPeg when a large batch of files is selected. The window informs you of progress as the sorting and checking of the files occurs a nice touch. More of a Good Thing Full Arexx control is included with the package, along with four new Arexx scripts: two file-copy scripts, a move script, and a debugger for Arexx scripts. Perhaps one of Pegger 2.0’s most valuable qualities is its relatively low overhead. Here’s a program (three, actually) that converts files like a frenzied circus roustabout, yet consumes only about half a megabyte of RAM in operation and barely any chip RAM when used in Workbench display mode. Astonishing. If there’s a downside to all this goodness, it’s in the documentation. This ten- page Updates and Changes booklet could use some refinement. It is too sketchy. Yet, the almost exuberant operation of the program easily compensates for shortcomings in the documentation. Hurrying through lengthy directories of files, with CJPeg converting them to JPEGs and DJPeg converting them the other way, this software is powerful, useful, and thoroughly impressive. One can argue that Pegger doesn’t do anything that a semi-skilled Arexx programmar can’t do. Given a good graph- ics-conversion program and a little time. True, but not everyone possesses the knowledge to write conversion routines for their image-processing software, and even those who do would be hard- pressed to write and debug scripts that could do the job. Regardless of your level of expertise, do yourself a favor get Pegger 2.0. Tim Walsh World Construction Set Quastar Productions, $ 250 All Amigas.
2. X 3.x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: 4MB RAM, accelerator. Recommended system: Hard drive, 8 +MB RAM, 68040 accelerator. Landscape-rendering software. Belonging to a specialized group of programs commonly known as landscape makers or terrain renderers, World Construction Set (WCS) is arguably the most powerful and complex package of this type ever unleashed on the .Amiga or possibly any personal- computer platform. I’ve used every commercial Amiga landscape maker, and though they’re capable of delivering impressive results, none compares to WCS. Rome Wasn’t Built in a *.. WCS makes use of the shareware Magical User Interface (MUI) by Stefan Stuntz, which is almost a work of art in itself. Commodore’s Installer program puts everything in its proper place on your system, including MUI and nearly two disks of terrain data (mostly areas of Colorado) in WCS’s proprietary DEM (digital elevation map) format. WCS understands many different formats for import or export, including LightWave motion files for complex animations, Z-Buffer data, and US Geological Survey Digital Line Graphs and ascii DEMs (readily available on the Internet). Those of us who have collected and rendered many megabytes of VistaPro- fbrmat binary DEM files can rest assured that WCS can read those in and convert them to its own format. This makes nearly the entire planet Earth available for use in WCS. Given WCS’s incredible power, don’t expect to master it in an evening or even a week. Not that WCS is difficult or unpleasant to use. Rather, the complexity is due in part to mastering its “non- modal” windowing scheme. You can Create an entire world with WCS. T .c*wr uu % mfpr;7r ri2tag y c t.*rrm fjfo
K. CWI Umiuidi m.iJtnter a r**»i wwk • tmrmrm JS "'«•! N 4.wWfjf WCS1 nonmodal windowing scheme. Have many windows open on its screen at once, interacting with one while others process data and display both numeric and graphical output. To serve this end, WCS understands the Amiga’s “display database" and, depending on which chip set is installed in your machine and the kind of monitor you’re using, offers you various screen-mode choices in which to work. The lowest screen mode is interlaced hi-res. Other hi-res modes (and a sufficiently large display monitor) allow you to have many windows open side by Looking for More Power From Your A500 or A2000? The CSA Derringer Accelerator is the Answer 4 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 499.00 8 meg of 32 bit RAM - $ 699.00 16 meg of 32 bit RAM- $ 1099.00 10 68882-25 FPU add $ 75.00 68882-50 FPU add$ 119.00
* Staffer bm fami Call for more information 00 with 4mb 32 BIT RAM fflff For 50mhz FPU ...FREE
• Holds up to 32 megabyte of 32 Bit Ram,
• 68030-25 mhz cpu with MMU (not EC)
• 68881 clocked at 25 mhz
• 1 meg of 32 bit RAM (remaps Kickstart) Only “ $ 399¦ Order Now and Receive a FREE 68881 Coprocessor 50mhz Accelerator''inMMU $ 499 Give your Amiga 500 or 2000 the power of an A3000 for under $ 500 50mhz for the price others charge for 40mhz! 2GVP GVP- A1230 TURBO + Call our Accelerator Hotline Today! - 1-800-CSA-XLR8 A 1200 ACCELERATORS LASER PRINTER MEMORY HP II, HD, IIP, HIDr HIP and all other Plus Series Board with 2 MB ..$ 99.00 Board with 4 MB ..$ 175.00 HP 4 (4 Meg) ...$ 189.00 HP 4 (8 Meg) . $ 325.00 Similar savings on Panasonic, Star, OKI, Tl, Nec, Epson and others. Call for Pricing. Panasonic Citizen 32K Buffer $ 14.95
2. 04 Rom ..only $ 29.95 Super Denise ...$ 33.95 CIA 8520 $ 10.95 or two for ..S20.00 MC68000 68Q10 . ....$ 15.00 A1200 28Mhz Turbo Board with Free Co Piocessor and MMU by MTEC GERMANY $ 169.95 Real Time clock. Fast Sychronous Operation. Optional Fast Scsl II
1. 2,4. Or 8 meg Fast Ram for Remmapping Kickstart Microbotics- MBX 68030 1230 XA 50 mhz Accelerator MMU $ 27900 with FREE 50Mhz FPU $ 199 $ 189 00 68EC-30 40 Mhz 00 with 28 Mhz CPU and FREE 28 Mhz FPU MMU Any beard 4 mb add $ 149.00 SIMMS IVS1 MEG Simms.. Cali 1x8-80 ..S45.00 1x8-70 ..$ 46.00 4x8-70 .$ 130.00 4x8-70 .$ 135.00 4x8-60 .$ 140.00 8mb 16mb 32mb Simms CALL A4000 80 NS 4MB Simms$ 149.00 A4000 70NS 4MBSimms...$ 159.00 A4000 60 NS 4MB Simms... Si 69.00 GVP SIM32 4 MB ..CALL 1 MB .....$ 69.95 Nibble Mode Simms...CALL Mega Midget Racer, 512K Upgrade S99.00 DKB 2632 with 4mb.....$ 349.00 DKB Megacbip 2000 ....$ 189.00 DKB 3128A-3000 A 4000 Memory Board ....CALL A3000 Static Column Zips 1x4-80 SCZ $ 22.95 1x4-70 SCZ .CALL 256x4-80 SCZ ...S6.00 Includes Instructions MEMORY FOR ALL COMPUTERS - CALL! Due to trade tariffs all prices are subject to change without notice. PAGE ZIPS 1x4-60 ..... .CALL 1x4-70 ... .CALL 256x4-80 ... .S5.00 256x4-70 ... .$ 5.95 DIPS 1x1-100 ... .$ 4.99 1x1-80 . .$ 5.99 1x1-70 . .$ 6.50 256x4-80 ... ..CALL 256x4-70 ... ..CALL 1x4-80 ... ..CALL 256x1-120 .. .$ 1.00 256X1-100 80 70 60. ..CALL CSA-12 Gauge A1200 68030 DRAM BLOWOUT We ’II Beat any Advertised Price! Nobody’s Cheaper 50mhz Accelerator mmu with SCSI & optional Networking Controller
- with 4mb-60-70NS add $ 169* S499 with 68882RC50 add $ 119* Call for other configurations MICROBOTICS 1200Z With Clock and 68881RC20 FPU 1 MB S159.00 2 MB $ 199.00 4 MB $ 299.00 8 MB .$ 429.00 with 68882-50 ...add $ 119.00 Call lor other configurations! 68030-RC-50 with MMU ...$ 99.00 68882-RC-50 .$ 99.00(Cat! Tor other speeds) 387-25 SX (Bridge Board) .S69.95 Crystal Oscillators (Call for Speed) .$ 10.00ea. 68882 PLCC 40 mhz ....$ 135.00 287 Mathco for Bridgeboard .... CALL 68881 - All speeds ......CALL 68882 -All speeds ......CALL Call for other speeds Memory World 3392 Progress Dr. • Units B&C ? Bensalem, PA 19020-5899 • Attn: AmigaDept. DM PHONE ORDERS: 215-244-7930 FAX ORDERS: 215-244-7932 Prices Subject to Change without notice VISA M C CHECK • Add $ 5.00 for Shipping & Handling • Add $ 18.00 for Overnight delivery • Add $ 10.00 for two-day delivery
• Add $ 5.00 tor C.O.D. * PA Residents add 6% • (APO, AK, HI, Foreign shipping - call for rates) • 10% Restocking tee lor return of non-delective items * No refund for Shipping Charges side, instead of being hidden behind one another. Construct Your World WCS’s rendered output is IFF 24-bit, although you can use an image processor to massage this output into any other image-file format. If you have enough RAM, you can render frames in any si e up to an enormous 32767x327(57 pixels. You can also preview and line-tune animations before rendering. WCS is the only terrain renderer that knows that the world is round; given enough data and time, it can render or animate an entire planet. Questar will sell you either large (more detailed) or small (renders faster) DEM files to render the whole planet Earth. The program's mapping features read like a complete “ecosystem * including water, snow, rocks, grasses, and many types of trees. As of this writing, WCS doesn’t render clouds, but that’s promised for a future upgrade. The 146-page manual is being revised to include more illustrations, and a videotape tutorial should he available by the time you read this. Questar offers registered WCS owners superb telephone support, and it has an Internet e-mail address, as well. Whether you're a professional, or an artist or animator who yearns for the ultimate terrain-rendering package, WCS won’t disappoint you. Just invest the time and effort to learn the software, and the results will amply reward you. Ha nr Laser CyberEdit Pro 2.26 Cybercall, S995 All Amigas except A500 and A1000.
2. X 3.x compatible. Hard-drive installable. Not copy protected. Accelerator compatible. Minimum system: Requires Future Video Edit Link 2000. 2200 or 3300 edit controller, 2MB RAM w o Video Toaster; 2MB chip RAM, 10MB fast RAM with Video Toaster. Recommended system: De-interlacer, accelerator, Video Toaster 2.0 or later, and extra RAM. Software for using the Video Toaster with Future Video edit controllers. While other computers are only now becoming capable of Amiga-like video production, their prices and hardware requirements seem absurd to Amiga users. This price performance gap widens even further whenever products such as CyberEdit Pro hit the market. CyberEdit Pro brings professional, cuts-only editing to the masses. Used in conjunction with a Future Video edit controller (I tested it with Future Video's Edit Fink 3300), your Amiga, a Video Toaster, and a couple of industrial VCRs become a capable edit system. Cuts V Rolls Geared toward budget-conscious video editors, CyberEdit is a cuts-only system that controls one source and one record VCR. This enables the Toaster to perform edits such as cuts and A X roll transitions that use the Toaster framestores or backgrounds as a second image source. These transitions allow you to dissolve from a frozen frame at the end of a sequence to another video segment on the same source deck. This type of transition looks similar to an A B roll transition, but you avoid the expense of an additional source VCR. CyberEdit Pro interfaces (lawlessly with the Future Video edit controller. I'he software includes several test programs that ensure everything is working line before you start editing. I like this approach much better than trying to alter settings in the middle of an edit session. It’s obvious that Cybercall made everv j aspect of setup and installation as simple as possible by including icons that automatically load your text editor to make the configuration process easier. The software runs directly from lloppies although you get better performance by running it from your hard drive. Once you have installed the program and tested the setup, all you have to do is run the Video Toaster, switch to the Workbench screen and run CyberEdit. I would like to point out that you may also run the program without the Toaster, in which case you still have all the edit functions available, but not the A roll capabilities. This is not only an advantage for those who don’t own a Video Toaster, but it also allows you to run just the edit software when no Toaster transition is necessary. Overall Control CyberEdit Pro is well designed, including features available on other edit systems that cost several thousand dollars. For instance, you can enter a description for each edit, making it easy to find a specific edit even from a long list. The system also makes the most of each VCR s capabilities. If you have the luxury of SMPTE time code, no calibration is needed, as each video frame has a unique address. And il you're using low-end decks with the more common control track, then CyberEdit offers some calibration features that squeeze the highest possible precision out of them. Furthermore, you can automatically repeat scene descriptions for your edits through the use of colons. The interface lets vou control vour 4 J decks via the mouse or function keys J and perform all manner of edits, including assemble, insert (audio, video, or both), freeze frames, and transitions. You can also call up CG pages for titles as well as framestores. To enter your edit points, just click a button, and double-click the time window for adjustments. The system informs vou of the length of your adjustments, and if you select another out point, you’re told how much it lengthens or shortens your edit. To fill a specific time, you can enter that duration, and CyberEdit automatically calculates the out point for you. The program lets you select any Toaster transition and activates it for you bv means of GPI triggering. As with j 0011 more expensive systems, CyberEdit lets you load and save edit lists for later use. The manual is clear and comprehensive, including a number of tips that arc generally helpful. While CyberEdit Pro is clearly aimed at entry-level editing and is not intended to serve as a replacement for elaborate A B roll-editing systems, it oilers substantially more than I expected. The edits 1 performed were accurate and easy to set up, and this system actually made the process fun. If you are an aspiring editor, CyberEdit Pro gets you going fast and makes the transition to high-end edit systems a breeze. 1 highly recom- J o mended it for everyone, from video students to beginning professionals. Paulo de Andrade Attention Amiga softw are and hardware developers: Got an appropriate product you want reviewed in the pages oi Amiga World? If so, we’re constantly looking for new items. Contact Tim Walsh at 603 924- 0330 during normal business hours (9-5, FT), and we’ll do our best to review your product in a timely manner. If you're too busy to call, just fax us the information concerning your product and leave the rest to us. Our fax number is 603 924-4066. ¦ 4HH TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-8, SAT, 9-5 CST CUSTOMER SERVICE 4I4-548-8I2S.FAX4H-5M-S130 SupraFAX Modem 14.4 Ext .185.00 SupraFAX Modem 14.4LC Extl 40.00 SupraFAX V.FC 28.8 Ext 235.00 Mobotics Sportster 14.4 Ext FAX 140.00 Sportster 28.8 V.FC Ext FAX..239.00 Courier V.34 Ext FAX 435.00 Bubble & Sqweak AGA 33.00 jss&ssxis&S. Dawn Patrol ...Call Dream Web ....Call Fields of Glory ....39.00 Ishar III 39.00 King's Quest VI ..41.99 Robinson's Requium 35.00 SimCity 2000 ... 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AlfaOptic ..39 00 Tandem Controller .79.00 Trackball 3-Button 45.00 Micro R. & Dj 1200 RAM Expansion 0K..95.00 MIDI Interface 42.00 W 2 cables 52.00 Mouse, Swifty 3-Button ....29.00 Micro R & D Cds 1 Transition ..45.00 2 Nature's Backdrop 48.00 3 Games & Publishing. 15.00 Vlab Motion Card For non-linear video and audio editing and playback; transforms your 200Q'30oa'4000 into a high-end fully digital video record and playback machine without the use of a TBC or dedicated harddrives .....Call Vlab Motion Card Bundle Includes Toccata 16-bit audio card ..Call Noah Ji's EXPANSION SYSTEMS DataFlyer 500 8 ......225.00 DataFlyer 500 IDE .....149.00 SCSI+1200 ..92.00 SCSI+4000 .119.00 SPECIAL! Sony CDU-561 Double Speed CD ROM Drive
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1. 05GB Micropolis IDE 22IDA lQms ...PAR Compatible!. 1 05GB Micropolis SCSI2 2210AV 10ms ...
1. 77GB Micropolis IDE 2217A 10ms ....PAR Compatible!.
1. 77GB Micropolis SCSI2 2217AV 10ms ... 88'44MB SyQuest SCSI Bare Drive . 88MB SyQuest Cartridge ... 105MB SyQuest IDE Bare Drive ...... 105MB SyQuest SCSI Bare Drive .... 105MB SyQuest Cartridge ...... 200MB SyQuest SCSI Bare Drive .... 200MB SyQuest Cartridge .. 270MB SyQuest IDE Bare Drive ...... 270MB SyQuest SCSI Bare Drive .... 270MB SyQuest Cartridge .. MUSIC. MIDI & SOUND ADID12 Studio 16 v3 0 . AD516 Studio 16 v3.0 ... Bars & Pipes Professional v2 5 Deluxe Music v2 0 by Electronic Arts One Stop Music Shoo by Blue R bbor Soundworks Patchmeister SMPTE Output ..... Sound Effects Volume 1 CD-ROM .... SoundSwitch Super Jam1 vl.1 ..... Toaster Handler AD1012 Toaster Handler AD516 .. Toccata .. Tnple Play Plus PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES AlfaDrive 3.5' Ext 880KB FDD by AlfaDaia . AifaOptic 3-Button Optical Mouse by AlfaDaia ... AlfaPen 3-Button Optical Pen Mouse by AlfaDaia ...... Auto Kickstart Plus • A500 2000 ROM Switch by AlfaData CD1200 PCMCIA Mitsumi CD-ROM Controller ... Cobra A1200 030 4QMhz Accelerator Cobra A1200 030 28Mhz Accelerator ..... Cordless Mouse 3-Button by AlfaData ...... Crystal Trackball 3-Button by AlfaData .....Hot Cyberstorm A4000 060 50Mhz Accelerator ..... HARD DRIVES & STORAGE SOLUTIONS (Cont...) 250MB Viper SCSI 215CS Tape Bare Drive ...... 250MB DC6250 Tape .. 525M3 Viper SCSI 2525S Tape Ba'e Drve .. 525M3 DCS525 Tape External 3.5' SCSI HD Chasss K;t .. External 5.25' SCSI HD Chassis Kit ..... ‘Same day shipping applies to in-stock items only on orders placed Monday-Friday belore 7;OOpm ES7 Vlab Motion Non-linear editor with MovieShop! S1,499.°° - G-FORCE 040 40MHz 4MB for A4000 . G-FORCE 040 33 Mhz 4MB for A2000 CT-1383Y S-VHS Monitor AG-1970 S-VHS VTR w TBC Bbi Panasonic I Call tor our lew prices! PERIPHERALS & ACCESSORIES (Cont...) DataFlyer 12Q0SSCSI+ ..S8999 DataFtyer 270SQ Int SyQuest HD K:t w Carl IDE,SCSI . 599 99 589 99 DataFlyer 40005X25 SCSI Controller w Ext DB25... .... .94 99 DataFlyer XDS At 200 External 3 5" HD Chassis Kit ....69.99 DKB 1202 0KB No FPU tor A1200 ... 129.99 Drawing Board 3 (12 x12 ) State (6‘ x 9 ) by TnMed a ....549.99.349 99 Ethernet Board A2QOO 30GO 4QGO by Hydra Systems ...309.99 FASTLANE Z3 Fas- SCSI-2 w 0 256MB for A3000 4000 ......437.59 l-Card Plus PCMCIA Ethernet Card A60QT200 ...319 99 MegaChip w,2MB Agnus (NTSC) by DKE 219 99 MegaMouse 400dpi 2-Button by AlfaData Sesf Seller! 29 99 MulliFaceCard III 1 O board (2 Ser 1 Par} by AllaData, 95 99 Qktagon2008 SCSI2 Ctrl & 0 6MB RAM Exp by AlfaData ..139 99 Safe Skins (Keyboard protection for all Am;ga models) ...19 99 Smarl One Ext. 14,400bps Fax Modem .....159.99 Sync Strainer 23,15 Pin Monitor Adapter by PreVue .....49.99 Tandem Mitsumi CD-ROM 3 IDE Controller 99 99 Warp Engme 3028 A3000 040 28Mnz Accelerator ......999.99 Warp Engme 3033 A3Q00 040 33Mhz Accelerator ...1.149 99 Warp Engme 3040 A3000 040 40Mhz Accelerator ..t .349.99 Warp Engme 4028 A4000 040 28Mhz Accelerator ......749.99 Warp Engine 4033 A4000 040 33Mhz Accelerator ...1 149 99 Warp Engine 4040 A4000 040 40Mhz Accelerator ...t 349 99 YCP-GA Y C Monitor Adapter ......89.99 GVP - GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS 40Mhz 6B882 FPU lor A1230 Series II ....£124.99 50Mhz 68882 FPU for A1230 Series II 134 99 A1230 Turbo Plus Series II 4MB 40Mhz-50Mhz ...399 99 549 99 At291 Series II SCSI Option .92 99 A400S SCSI Controller - RAM Card A2Q00 4000 124 99 CD-1401 Monitor “The Bcsi Amiiia Moniror Ever!9' *_ ' H Tcn)P0rary price reduction! Gnorl CD Solutions' CD-1401 is the thru f sj ideal 14-tnch color monitor for tkA kp desktop video. No other monitor gives you ,28mm dot-pitch, up to 800x600 resolution, multiscan VGA, NTSC (Yes!) And PAL! Amiga. Toaster, Macintosh and PC compatibleI I CD-1401 Color Monitor by CD Solutions $ 449.99 I LightWave 3D § . Standalone 3.5 LightWave 3 5 Upgrade Kit . Toaster 3 l UW 3D 3.5 Upgrade VIDEO TOAS1TR Pre-Book Your Flyer! Call for Pricing! GVP - GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS (Cont..,) DSS-8 Audio Digitizer . EGS Spectrum 2MB A2000 4000 .... FaaastROM Kit A2000 A50G .... G-Force A2000 040 33 33 4 0 Accelerator w SCSI-2 . G-Force A2G00 040 33 33 16 0 Accelerator w SCSI-2 ...... G-Force A4000 040 40.40r4 0 Accelerator Hof New Price G-Force A4G00 040 40 40 16 0 Accelerator ..... G-Force A4000 96MB RAM Module w 16MB .. G-Force A4000 96MB RAM Module wf 4MB .... G-Force A4000 SCSI Option ... G-Force SIMM I SMB 60ns 32*bit .... G-Fcrce SIMM 4MB 60ns 32-bi: ...... G-Lock Genlock .....Hot Price Hard Drive Mounting Bracket for G-Fcrce A2Q0Q Accel .... 10 Extender 2 A2000 4000 ...... TO Extender 2 Serial Kit .. PhonePak VFX 2 0 TBC Plus ..... TBC Plus VRAM Option TBC Plus Comb Filler Option ... BLOWOUT PRICING! ALL SALES FINAL! DEFECTIVES FOR REPLACEMENT ONLY! CLEARANCE: Hot New Additions to the List! (Cont...) Crystal 3 3uiton Trackball (White Box. No Logo) ... Professional Draw v3.03 by Gola Disk Guma Ve-sion Control Utility and Frle Manager . The Ohice v3 0 AGA SpreadsheetWP (all Amigas!) .. Video D rector • Ed.tmg System w Hardware CLEARANCE: Accolade Software Special Blue Angels' 3D Formation Flight Simulation - ... HoverForce ¦ Top Gun meets Elade Runner in 3D1 ...... Jack Nickiaus Greatest *3 Holes (Mam Program) ..... Pii-Fighte- by Tengen - No 1 Arcade Coin-op Hit Shadowlands • Incredible RPG Experience by Domark .. The Graphics Studio * Beginners Painting Software ... CLEARANCE: Amiga Machine Specific Hardware S49.99 439 99 399 99 379 99 .24 99 A1000 KwikStart II - Kickstart ROM Adapter At 200 AtfaRAMl2Q0 l 9Mb w Ctaek & FPU Socket .. A1200 GVP A1230 030 40 40 4 Turbo ..... A1200 Twelve Gauge LC EC030 882 33'33 SCSI .... A4Q00 96Mb RAM Module for G-Force 040 w 4Mb ... A500 2000 1.3 Amiga Kickstart ROM ¦ 315093-02 .... CLEARANCE: Application Software HiSoft Basic 2 - Hi speed development system ... t LFA Adds two serial ports and one bi-directional parallel port lo any A2000,3000 4000! Safe data transfer up to 115.200 baud (FIFO) MultiFaceCard III ..... With CNET v3.0 BBS Software . CD1200 Bundle PCMCIA Mitsumi CD-ROM controller for the Amiga 1200 600 complete wi 2x CD-ROM drive and chassis! CD 1200, Mitsumi FX0O1D and Chassis CD-ROM Internal Kit • Our popular 2x CD-ROM kit now bundled with Phatov otx - Tha Kodak authorized PhotoCO software. Per A2000 4000! Mitsumi FXOOID Complete Tandem MitsumLPhiotoworx kit Complete kit without Pnotoworx . CLEARANCE: Application Soltware (Cont...) £19 59 Proscnpt by New Horizons .... Superbase Persona! 2 v3.0l . X-MEM Virtual Memory System (Requires Accel'MMU) CLEARANCE: CD32 Titles CD32: Diggers - Unique Mining Game .. CD32: Global Effect ... CD32. Pro Control Game Pad ..... CD32: Super Methane Brothers • 100 Levels! CD32: Total Carnage - Great Version! . CD32: Wembley International Soccer ... CLEARANCE: Games Bart (Simpson) vs. the World ..... Beast Lord by Grandslam (Euro) - Different is Good .... Body Blows - Hard Hitting Action Cco! Spot • Help the 7-Up Spot Save His Friends .. Cyberpunk - Five Levels of Action Packed Missions.. ..... Dennis the Menace - Also available in AGA . Fatman - Hi'anous Fun .. Hunter by Activision.., Liberation AGA- Sequel to Captive ... Lost Treasures of Infocom: 20 Classics in One Box ...... MORTAL KOMBAT: Brutal. Bloody Combat Simulation..... Nicky 2 - Euro Title .... Oscar Ultimate platform challenge ..... PAL - Fighter Duel Amiga .... Pons ol Cali ¦ Excellent Graphics (Sachs) ... Red Zone by Psygnosis ¦ 3D Racing Action Second Samurai AGA- Fast, Furious Fun .... Second Samurai - The Non-AGA Version .... Shadow of the Beast ill by Psygnosis ... CLEARANCE: Games (Cont...) The Addams Family Arcade Game . The Naughty Ones Hilarious Action ..... Total Carnage AGA: Excetent Com-op Conversion .. Trails AGA - 32 Eye-Popp ng Levels ..... Uridium 2 - Outstanding Soace Snocfem Up .. Wembley International Soccer lor Amiga CLEARANCE: Hard Drive and Storage Solutions 120Mb Seagate IDE ST3145A 16ms .... 171M0 Maxtor IDE 7171A 14ms .....
179. 99 17999 149 99
199. 99 1Gb Tahiti TMT llm Cartridge 35ms - G'ass .... 212Mb Western Digital IDE AC1210 13ms ..... 240Mb Quantum IDE ProDnve LPS240A t6ms ...... 252Mb Conner IDE CP30254H 32k Cache ...... 260M Seacate IDE ST32S0A ... 270Mb Quantum IDE LPS270AT 12ms (Fast1) 273Mb Maxtor IDE 7273A 256k Cache (Fast in A4Q00!) ... 290M Maxtor IDE 7290A (Great 2nd Drive in A4000) . 341M Seagate IDE ST33S0A 12ms 4G5M Maxtor IDE 7405A 256k . I The Best Products... SJSJBy The Best Solutions! Personal Animation Recorder (PAR) S1.559.99 Bundled w Conner 540MB HD .... 1.859.99 Bundled w Micrcpolis 976MB HD 2.199.99 Bundled w Micrcpolis 1 626GB HD .2,449 99 Personal TBC IV (VT2600) ..S799.99 Personal TBC III (VT25O0) .669.99 Personal V-Scope (VM20OO) ......$ 699.99 Personal Component Adapter (DC2350) .249.99 Personal Series Remote Control (RC2000) ....249.99 AmigaNet Board
- ligaNet b Software Enlan DFS 2.0 CLEARANCE: Hard Drive and Storage Solutions (Cont...) 425Mb Western Digital IDE AC2420 ..$ 229.99 546M Maxtor IDE 7540A 256k Cache (Fast in A4Q00) 299.99 CLEARANCE: Hardware, Peripherals and Accessories 2 (o 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch .....: 4 to 1 Parallel Auto Data Switch .... 44 Pin IDE Cable for Amiga 600 or 1200 ... AfaScan 4O0DP1 Hand Scanner w,Touch Up .... AfaScan Plus w TouchUb v3.07 and OCR ... Gravis Clear Switch Joystick - See Triru Case (Cool) ... Replacement Power Supply for SupraModem 2400 (US) .. CLEARANCE: Music. MIDI and Sound Related S69.99 Bundle: Bars & Pipes Pro 1.0 w 3 Add-Ons .. CLEARANCE: Reference and Information Visionary Handbook (Oxxi) ... CLEARANCE: Video and Toaster Related Products Amm Woikshop 2.0 by Axiom Software ... Autoscript • Postscript to 3D Translation . Caligari 2 - 3D Design Rendering ‘Special Offer" .... D gi-View Gold v4.0 for PAL Systems ..... Interior Construction - Over 100 Superb 3D Objects Media Station (Digi-View) lor PAL Systems MediaPomt v3.0 - MultiMedia Excellence! ... P V-2001 Video Editing System . P-ime image Remote Control for TBC .... Pnme Image T3C - PCB Y C S-VHS P-o Video CGII - Hi-res Character Generator .... R-Pamt - Arexx Programmable Paint Software . Take 2 - Cel! Animation w' Sound by Rombo ..... CLEARANCE: Hot New Additions to the List! ' i i Ihfifz&Wj WsJ&j'Ub &Jr &MI 'lysiifo = Mifcifd m&$ k &s I'm? WM WifypM (fJMfjfymj Mli1 'iMtife fife? R - iir 'fsf ©Kw 24-Hour Fax: 217-356-4312 Internet (inquiries only): solutions@prair1enet.org Gateway to the Savage Frontier . Pipes Pro v1.0 ¦ Upgrade Direct and Save* .. OUR POLICY VISA. MasterCard and Discover accepted. No surcharge on credit card orders. Credit card is not charged unlit order ships, $ 5 OO COD fee. Cash only Prices are subject to change without notice. Call tor current pricing. We are rot responsible lor typographical errors. 15% restocking fee tor items returned and not exchanged for same. Customer is responsible for return shipping. Returns accepted lor 10 days after invoice date. Clearance items ere non- returnable unless exchanged for same Select Solutions, Inc.
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- flaies Hifty to orders yitfv-uic con’inomji u 5 «*vy Game Preserve By Peter Ola son, AW Games Editor Special Report. A Preview of Full-Motion Video A common buzz-word in the IBM game market these clays is “full-motion video” or FMV. It seems to impress people. I couldn't say why. Perhaps because it’s more like watching TV, In fact, on many occasions, FMV has nothing to do with game- play, and that is precisely the problem. FMV hasn't made its way to Amiga games aside from its occasional use as a cute effect. Oh. Sherlock I lolmcs, Consulting Detective, for CD’IY (using CDXL) and Amiga Football for CD32 both came close, but they featured only limited motion
* recorded at a low frame rate. The MPEG module introduced early this year gives the CD32 true FMV capability, but no FMV game software has appeared yet. A version of Jurassic Park, using clips from the movie, was to be the first, but it seems to have gotten stuck in a tar pit en route to release. (However, at least two other developers are working on FMV games.) So, it may come as something of a surprise to find that the first FMV Amiga game is already here on an unexpected medium (disk, rather than CD), from an unexpected direction (the US), and in an unexpected form (shareware). And here’s something else: It’s rather good. The FMV sequences don’t replace the gamcplay; rather, they complement it nicely. As of this writing. Tomcat inspired by Tomcat Alley for Sega CD is in beta testing. A playable preview (a whopping
2. -1 megs compressed) is available for downloading. The game is something over 7 megs and occupies about 5 disks, so you’ll need a hard disk and a meg of chip RAM to run it properly. Not to mention a firm hand and clear vision: Tomcat’s a simple fighter-pilot arcade game based on the Navy’s famed F-14, but with a heavy emphasis on quick reactions and good aim. (The black-and-white FMV sequences, appearing in a central window, set up each action sequence and then show the results.) Vou use the joystick to follow the pilot’s digitized instructions: Move the onscreen crosshairs to a waypoint, the tail of an enemy fighter, or just to clear out of the Dodge when a bogey’s on your six. You'll either live to fight another day, or crash and burn. Tomcat is the work of John Graham a member of Dark Unicorn Productions (DUP), a South Carolina-based shareware coding group that aims to become to the Amiga shareware game mar ket what Apogee and Epic MegaGames arc to the IBM. The 12-member group has been around in various forms since at least '92, but none of its earliest projected releases including Castle of Terror, Return of die Ancients, and Star I rek: The Next Generation saw die light Tomcat features full-motion video: a gaming first for the Amiga. Of day. The first ones to appear were Shane Monroe’s pleasant strategy games, Psycho Squares (1993) and Psycho Squares Deluxe (1994). Tomcat promises to be the game that gets DUP noticed. At this writing, the shareware version has been available for a week, and Graham has already received 27 registrations. (The shareware version includes only air-to-air missions. The full one has air-to-ground, recon, and rescue, as well.) I he beta version f saw wasn't quite as polished as a commercial release, but it was highly playable, and it certainly wasn’t as slow as one might expect a non-CD FMV game to be. Ideally. Tomcat should be played from RAM on an accelerated machine. But the FMV sequences are loaded in on die fly from HD during play; there was no wailing around for the game to kick in. When I crashed (which was often), I could get right back at it. If Tomcat takes off, there’s an FMV space sim in our future as well. This one, already laid out on paper, will be in color as will a planned adventure about being followed. Now, the trouble with FMV games generally is that they tend to lack genuine choices and wind up playing like Dragon’s Lair: Make the one right move and proceed to the next stage, or make one of several wrong ones and die horribly. If Graham and DUP can stay out of this trap and provide lots of interesting alternatives to encourage replays, they'll be in business. Also in the works from DUP, but farther clown the road: Fleet Commander (Monroe): A Star Fleet-style, search-and- ? A Wow! Exquisite. A must for your games library. C Meets expectations. Good, solid performer. B Great fun. Plenty of entertainment value here. D Disappointing. Lots of room for improvement, F A real stinker. Don’t waste your time.
* You may encounter some problems under this operating system and or require a PAL NTSC adapter. Amiga CD-32 $ 259 Amiga 1200 g [neVM.2200 $ 1199 $ 349 CDNJ
- 68BCQ20 Cpu 0 14 Mhz
- AGA 32-Bit Chip et
- 2 MB Chip RAM
- 600 MB CD-ROM Drive
- Double Speed CD-ROM We have 100’s of CD-3 2’s I in Block! Add an SX 1 few- only S199 USS (S265CNS) Supplies are now limited, but we still continue to receive 1200’s weekly! $ 1599 CDN$
- 68020 Cpu (Over 2X *9 fra aa 1200)
- 4 MB RAM * 210 MB HD Built-in
- Seven Slot* Toul
- 3.5" Floppy Drive
- Built-In CD-ROM Controller A220(3s are scheduled to ship December 15th. Best price performance ever! Amiga 4000 $ 2,699 $ 3,599 CDN$ 68040 Cpu 0 40 Mhz (32 Mips!) Mjith Chip Built-in (7.6 Mflop*) 8 MB RAM 420 MB Hard Drive (2JMB Sec)
3. 5* High Density Floppy (1.76MB) We still have a few 4000's left, and more continue to trickle in weekly! 4000 T.O. $ 4,199 $ 5,599 CDN$
- 68040 Cpu 0 40 Mhz (32 Mips!)
- Math Chip built-in (7.6 Mflopi)
• 10 MB RAM
- 420 MB Hard Drive (2~5MB Sec)
- 3.5" High Density Floppy (1.76MB) We now have Toaster Oven Packages available! The 4000 Tower solution! A* thia went to preaa, w* a till had not haard tha word on tha Commodora aituallon, howavar, wa hava baan told to axpaot good auppllaa ol Amiga'a by Chriatmaa. In tha laat aavaral waaka, auppliaa have baeome mors limited, and Amiga’a hava baan mora difficult, more axpeftalve and much mora tima conauming to aqulra. Howavar, wa atin have auppllaa and wa a a oontinulng to ship unite every weak. Wa taxt shipped over 160 oomputere laat month and mora than 90 thla month, to regardless of Roomers you may hava read trying to talk you Into abandoning the Amiga platform In favor of a Mao or PC, Amiga daalara mlm. Atill supplying computers, alow but steady. Alio, wa hava )uet received our first demo unite of tha axoiting new A2200 from Amt-Tech Canada, and it ia scheduled to ahip in quantity by Mid D p in quantity by Mid December. We have an exolueive on the firet 100 unite, «o call early to avoid diasapointment! Introducing the New A2200! 013: Keyboard: Mouse: Seven Slote: Interfaces: Graphics: Dimensions: Power: Dealer & Distributor Inquires Welcome Common F.ealuum Kickslart 3.1 Built-in Dstatchable, 94 Keys, w Function, Numeric & Cursor Hi-resolution, Opto-Mechanioai, Two Button Design One ‘Local Bus’ Slot (160-Pin, Amiga 1200 Compatible) One 'Compatabllity Slot* for 486 Card One 'CPU Slot’ for future expansion Four IBM PC AT Compatible Slote Mouse Joystick LightPen Graphics Tablet (X2) Serial, Parallel and CD-ROM Porte Composite Video, SVHS Video and RGB Video AGA ChlpSet, Programable Reaolutiona from 320X200 to 1280X400, including 800X600 @ 80 Hz 40cm (15.76*) Deep, 42cm (16.6*) Wide & 12cm (4.76* High) 115 230 Volt, 50 I 60Hz, 200 Watt (CSA Approved) Model A2200-2 Specifications 68030 CPU & 68882 FPU @ 40Mhz 2 MB 32-Bit Chip RAM & 4 MB of Fast RAM (128MB Max)
3. 6* Floppy (1.76MB) & 420 MB HD (2.6 MB I Second) Mode! A2200-1 Specifications 6Q020 CPU (Over 2X as fast as an Amiga 1200) 2 MB 32-Bit Chip RAM & 2 MB of Fast RAM (8MB Max)
3. 6" Floppy (880K) & 210 MB HD (1.8 MB Second) Vlab-Motion Card $ 1499 S2Q79CDN$
- Digital Non-Linear Editing
- RealTimo Digiti*er
- Animation* Sc Moviea Double Speed CD-Rom
- With Grollior* Encyclopedia
- Cables & Software
- For A2200 only. Electrohome 1440
- Color Mu hiSync Monitor ¦ 15-40Khz, .28mm dot Pitch
- Developed here in Canada! $ 429 $ 579 CDN$ 14,400 Baud Modem
- Send & Receive FAX
- V.42bi«, MNP5
- Compntiblo with GP-FAX $ 99 $ 135 CDN$ 1 PAR Card & 500mb
- 60 FPS Animation
- True 24-bit output
- with 500MB Hard Drive $ 1999 S2769CDN$ 1 Deluxe Paint 4.5 (AGA)
- AGA Support (HAMS)
- Animation Sc Morphing
- THE.Amiga Standard! $ 69 $ 95 CDN$ Video Toaster 3.1
- Digital Video Effect*
- LightWave, Ton it erPaint
- Digtia 1 Video Effect*, Moro! $ 1799 I2769CDNS 1 WordsWorth WordPro
- WYSIWYG on Screen
- Beat WordPro Available
- With SpellChecker $ 59 $ 79 CDN$ Shipping & Handling wr T B i Gi est Price.. Liaranteec I! I $ 1.00 lb add.50 lb 0-201bs Over 20lbs M-Il A S*flDfld rwv Air asheSjqikhk. These arc ihc average rates for ground service within Canada & the USA and include all regular shipping, handling, duly, brokerage, customs & door to door delivery. Delivery times ere not guaranteed. By default, courier insurance only covers you for 52.00 lb. UP S Fed EX M ail will not accept claims for damage or lots with cut you rpcafiavlly buying additional insurance. FuD coverage insurance is 45f c( insurrad amount. Xing tee ( If any of mi* L* unclear, pWse a»k for details before ordering.
(306) 953-8960
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21. 95 Assassin Special Edlbon Barbarian 2 (Psygnosis) CD32 ? CDTV - Hard-drive installable. No copy-protection. Tyet Eye ol the Beholder 2 (SSI, F-15 Strike Eagle 2 PS Ground] For up to 3 gitcii, by paymtn Ivna J5.00 ¦ C.O D. (Caeh OnV) 110.00 . 2nd day air add 55.3 day air add S3 to bi 31111 Price & Availability eubject to charge at any time! No refundi or exchange) Defective products exchanged with same Item, but eubject ts Sideline approval. CALL HAST! Ign i Shipping tlm«* net guaranteed. COMPATIBILITY NOT GUARANTEED OEAlEfl INQUIRIES? Call 305-491-C39« Nothing it etched in etone. Everything ie eubject to change
U. S. products warrantied through manufacturer, U K. products warrantied through Sideline. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE. New Additions are in Red 3-D Construction Kit 3-D World Boxing 4-D Sports Boxing 4-0 Sports DrMng A-Train w Construction K‘l Action Stations Addam's Family Atrlkj Korps Air Support (Psygnosis) Allred Chicken (regular or AGA) Alien Breed Special Edition Alien Breed 2 Allens 3 Ancient Art of War In Die Skies Anotlier World Apldya Apocalypse Arabian Kniglits Spet 12(t Battle Hawks 1942 Battle Isle Battleship Battle lech Bin Elliot NASCAR Challenge Bill’s Tomato Game Birds ol Frey (Electronic Arts! Black Crypt Blackjack Academy Blob (Core Design) Blues Brothers Body Blows Body Blows 2 Brutal Sports Football Cadaver and Data Disk Camp a jr 2 Championship Manager ‘93 Chaos Engine Checkers, Chess, Backgammon Chess Master 2 JOO Chuck Rock 2 Cohort Fighting tor Rome Combat Air Patrol (Psygnosis) Conan the Cimarron Corporation Crapy Cars 3 D-GeneraVon AGA Dark Mere Defender Of Die Crown DeLuxt Strip Poker 2 Deuteros Diggers AGA Dogfight (Microprose) Donk Doodle Bug Double Dragon 3 Dracuia (Psygnosis) Dragons of Flame (SSI) Dune Ehrlra 2 Epic Eye i 1 ol the Beholder 1 (SSI) 2 (SSI) lag's 2 F-16 Falcon (Spectrum Holcbyte) fi 17-A Stealth tighter (Mterpprose) Face Off ice Hockey Fairy Tale Adventure Fast Break Basketball Feudal Lords Flreteam 2200 Flight ct the Intruder Fool's Errand Full Meta! Planet Gauntlet 3 Global Effect Globule (Psygnosis) Great Napoleonic Battles Gunship 2000 (Microprose) Hardball t Harlequin Harpoon Challenger Pack Helmdall Hlllsfar (SSI) Hoyles Book of Games 1 2 3, each: Indiana Jones Graphic Adventure Indianapolis 500 (Electronic Arts) Indy Heat international lee Hockey It Came From The Desen Jack Nlcklaus Greatest IS Jaguar XJ 220 James Pond Aquatic Games John Madden Football KickodJ Knights of the Sky (Microprose) Knight mare Laser Squad Legend (4 Crystals of Tranar) lemmings 2 Links God Llonheart Loom (Lucasfliml Lotus Turbo Challenge 3 M l Tank Platoon (Mlcroprose) Maniac Mansion Megatraveier 2 Mercenary 3 Mlcroprose God (Greens) Mlcroprose World Circuit Millenium Return to Earth Neuromancer New Zealand Story Nick Faldo’s Gott Nig ell Mansell Grand Pnx Obitus (Psygnosis) Overrun (SSI) ¦ ¦ 70s r Paclflc Islands (Team Yankee 2) Pauadm 2 Patna Kick Boxing Parasol Stirs (Rainbow Island 2) PGA Tour Golf Plus Phantasle 3 (SSI) Pictlonary Pirates! Police Quest 3 (Sierra) Populous Promised Lands Populous 2 Power Monger A WWI SHIPPING = UPS Ground] For u Vaetercard A...... Nexl day air add $ 10.2nd day Premiere 26 55 Premier Manager 2
21. 55 Prince of Persia 1695 Project X 2195 Pushover
21. 95 Putty
24. 95 Quack (Team 17) 24 95 R-Tvpe2 IB.95 Railroad Tycoon
24. 95 Reach For The Skies
21. 95 Rlsiv Woods
21. 95 Road Rash 18 95 Robocod Regular and AGA 18 95 Robocop 3-D 26 95 Rodtand 1895 Saber Team 2195 V ¦ ¦ 26 55 Secret of the Silver Blade (SSI) 1895 Seek and Destroy 24 55 Sensible Soccer ’93 2455 Shadowlands
18. 55 Shadow Worlds 18 55 Shufftepuck Cate
16. 55 Shuttle
21. 95 Sierra Soccer 2195 Silent Service 2 24 95 Sim Ant
26. 95 Sim City 2195 Sim fjrlh 24 95 S m Lite 24 95 Skid Marks 24 95 Soccer Kid 2155 Space 1889
14. 55 Space Crusade
21. 55 Space Quest 3 1895 Space Quest 24 95 Speedbail2
18. 95 Spoils of War (inlercine) 1895 Stardust
21. 95 Street fighter 7
24. 95 Stunt Car Racer
16. 95 Super Methane Brothers 2195 Super Space Invaders Super Tetris
18. 95
21. 95 Supremacy
21. 95 Syndicate T2 The Arcade Game
24. 95
18. 95
T. V. Sports Baseball
21. 95 TV. Sports Football
18. 55 T V. Sports Boxing
21. 55 Team Yankee
21. 55 The Immoral 1995 The Simpsons
18. 55 The Third Reich (Avalon Hill)
21. 55 The Three Stooges
18. 55 Their Finest Hour
21. 55 Tip-Off Basketball
18. 55 Tokl
16. 95 Torvak the Warnor
16. 55 Traders (Mule Clone)
18. 95 Jraccon 2 76 95 Trivial Pursuit Genius Ed.
16. 95 Troddlers
18. 95 Trolls or Trolls AGA 1895 Utopia 2155 Volfled (QIX 2) 1895 Waiter Psygnosis) War in the Gulf .'4 13 55 Warhead 1655 War Zone 1695 White Death (Intsrclne)
18. 55 Winter Olympics 94 Lmammer
21. 55 Wing Commander Wings
21. 55 WU and Lit (Psygnosis) Worlds at War (inlercine) 2195 18 95 Worlds of Legends (Legend 2)
24. 95
W. W.F.2 Euro Rampage
24. 95 Xenon 2 (Megabit)
14. 95 Zak McCracken
18. 95 Zool
19. 55 Zoo! AGA (A-1200)
24. 95 Zool 2
24. 95 Aladdin (AGA only) 42 Amazon Queen 40 Amber Moon 40 At mage don 2 35 Banshee-AGA ONLY 35 Beneath j Steel Sky 40 Benefactor 35 Bfoodnel 40 Burn Time 40 Cannon Fodder 2 38 D-Day (Impressions) 40 Detroit (Impressions) Dream Web 40 42 Fields of Glory = Mlcroprose) 42 FIFA Soccer 40 Global Domination 40 Gunship 2009 AGA 42 Jungle Strike and AGA 40 K240 35 King s Quest 6 (Sierra) 45 Lemmings 40 Lion King A-1200 38 Overlord 42 PGA Euro Tout and AGA 42 Power Drive 40 Raider 35 Reunion 40 Riee ollhe Robots and AGA 42 Robinson's Rsquum and AGA Ruff and Tumble 40 35 Rules of Engagement 2 Sim City2 M-AGA ONLY 40 Seen Simon the Sorcerer i AGA 42 Skeleton Crew and AGA 35 Star Lord (Micrcprosi) 42 Super Stardust • AGA ONLY 38 The Blue and the Gray 40 The Settlers 40 Theme Park - ALL AMIGAS 45 Turbo Trax 35
U. F.O. (Mlcroprose) 42 Universe 40 Valhala 38 When Two Worlds War 40 NEW TITLES baeie rat«. C0IN-0P HITS 2 tnjludiv Ninja Spirit. Dynasry Wirs. Hammtfiist. Vigilante. Ghouls and Ghosts AIL FOR S24.95 BIG BOX 2 includes TV Fwttail. Back tq the future 3. R*jl GhoMhusteis fl-Typ* Si.7 bid. Arm*tyt« aI a r air t r.l Iki fur***- IrTI Litifiiiuri* O' Inf t l'Tii. I'm I Xante Pkrs. Eafrfruxzle. Shanghai ALL FOR $ 39 95 COMBAT CLASSICS includes: 688 Attack SuO. Fi 5 Strike Eagle 2. Team Yankee ALL FOR S34.95 EXCELLENT GAMES Shuttle, Populous 2. JiT.es Pond « Archer WcC't rs’5 Pool ALL FOR $ 49 95 POWER HITS includes Lrttia Computer People. Shanghai, Sp.n Diny Woilds Ports ol Call. Hacker 2. Battle Tech, Fighter Bomber, GB Air Rally, Wicked. Tournament Gall ALL FOR $ 34.95 Most Titles S35! Aiaddin Alien Breed 2 Arcade Pool Banshee Beneath a Steel Sky Bubble and Sqween Cannon Feeder Emerald Mines Fields of Glory Guardian Gunship 2000 Helmdall 2 Jet Strike Jungle Strike Kid Chaos Lirtie Devil Power Drive Pisa cl the Robots Second Samurai Simon the Sorcerer Skeleton Crew
T. F.X. Top Gear 2
U. F.O. Universe UtNmite Body Blows Vital Light world Cup Golf Competition Pro CD 32 Joystick only 528 SB.95 Each, or Any 3 for $ 20! All Sal** Filial! Aquavenlura * Thunder Jaws Cardiax * Night Shift Hudson Hawk ' Ran-X Borodino California Games 2 Megaphoemx * Hagar the Horrible Faces (Tris 3) Red Zone * Alpha Waves Covert Action Deadline Dark Castle Monty Python Zoe trope
20. 000 Leagues UnderSea Bravo Romeo Delta Under Pressure Gem-X• Super Sgweek Nmja Remix Cool Croc Twins Deluxe Productions Revenge of Defender
* = requires AGNUS chip. While They Last! CD32 TITLES IN STOCK MULTIPACKS Elf ROIV1 AGS Amiga Format. C.U. Amina, Amiga Games. Amiga Action, Amiga Computing, Amiga User International. Amiga Power, CD 32 Gamer ALL WITH DISKS-$ 10 each Amiga Shopper-no disk $ 7 Fix (306) 481-6184 GAME PRESERVE destroy game with FMV clips, digital sound, rendered graphics, and a random mission generator. A preview should be available by the time you read this, and the game itself is a good bet for December release. It’s the Pits: A Bold Miner’s Slaughter (Kit Felice): An arcade adventure from the author of the Gladiators of Dagania, with different styles of play in different segments. A couple of levels were reportedly up and running, and one is said to be like the tunnel sequences in Stardust, while another appears to hark back to Thrust. Look for this after Christmas, Flying Tigers (Seumas McNally): Said to resemble a combination of Choplifter, Gunship 2000, and Desert Strike (I guess it involves helicopters!), this shoot-’em-up has reached playable state. Again, due after Christmas. Theme Park THE MAIN THEME in amusement parks seems to be intermingling spasms of rapture with prolonged sojourns in the depths of human misery. The people come in thickets, the lines are long, the food is expensive, the help is harried. You lose your car in the parking lot and your lunch on the big coaster. You now have the power to verify that grim vision, or stand it on its head. Theme Park (Electronic Arts UK, about S35) puts you in command of a big rectangle of green space and charges you to fill it up with rides (including an elaborate design-it-your- self roller coaster), food stands, shops, and other attractions. This delightful simulation from England’s Bullfrog Productions its first Amiga game since Syndicate suggests a conflation of Maxis “software toys” with Bullfrog’s traditional “God” sims. That is, it’s immensely fun and challenging to play as a game Theme Park pokes its fingers into many different parts of the gamer’s soul but, like SimCity, it’s also fun to just play around with and watch. You use the mouse and screen-bottom icons to plunk down attractions (starting out simple with the Bounty Castle, a tree- house, a haunted house, and a merry-go-round), along with ticket booths, roped-off waiting lines, exit stairs, and paved walks to hook them into the rest of the park. Then, open the gates and see all the people . . . And watch the bottom line. They’ll want to eat, of course, so you’ll need junk-food vendors. .And they’ll want momentos of the occasion, so you’ll need places to sell souvenirs. They'll drop litter, so you’ll need someone to pick it up. .And they’ll want to be thrilled, so (in the more advanced levels) you’ll have to invest in research to develop bigger and better rides. The full game is a genuine sim that gets heavily into the business end of the operations. (Dig that balance sheet.) Here, you negotiate over wages with staff and goods prices with suppliers (where the game can be won or lost); order up junk food like ice cream, fries and soda; buy shares in your competitors’ parks (and keep them from taking over yours); and, at length, earn enough from the auction of your park to take on a new site. The detail is impressive throughout. You can even control how much caffeine goes into the coffee and how much sugar into the ice cream, and the odds and the value of prizes in the carny games. But the basic fun is simply watching your creations in action. A big, profitable, well-organized park just hums. You can almost feel it. The rides aren’t just little stand-alone animations. People line up for them, ride them in turn and eventually the rides break down and start smoking, which will draw the atten- ? 400% INCREASE IN SPEED ON AN AMIGA 4000 68040 25MHZ! MACRO SYSTEMS MAKES IT POSSIBLE WITH THE WARP ENGINE! ' FREE 2 DAY DELIVERY ON CSA & MICROBOTICS PRODUCTS TO THE 48 STATES' 'NO SALES TAX IN DELAWARE' Mcicro Systems =mw tHourc 68040 - 28Mhz w o CPU 749 68040 - 33Mhz w CPU ! 099 68040 - 40Mhz w CPU 1299
- Comes with SCSI II Controller
- Expandable To 128MB w 72 Pin Industry Standard Simms
- 16MB Simms S 599.00 60ns (Low Profile)
- 32MB Simms S 999.00 60ns (Low Profile)
- Upgrade kits available for owners with original A4000*040 board.
• Free two day delivery in the 48 states. Csfl D€RfllNG€R+ 68030 & 33MHZ with MMU fc FPU I Megabyte of 32bit nun (remap kickstart) lip to 32MB of 72 pin industry standard ram Ours comes standard w the modification to work with the DKB Megachip 2000 500 (a $ 25.00 value If purchased seperately) CC€l€ CSA All Speeds Available 1x8 120-60ns SIMMS 39+ 4x8 120-60ns SIMMS 139+ 1x4 100-60ns Static ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-60ns Page ZIP 19+ 1x4 100-60ns Page DIP 39+ 1x1 120*60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns DIP 5+ 256X4 120-60ns ZIP 5+ 256x32 (1MB Simm 72P) 39+ 512x32 (2MB Simm 72P) 85+ 1x32 Simms (4MB) 149+ 2x32 Simms (8MB) 299+ 4x32 Srmms 16MB) 599+ 8x32 Simms (32MB) 1099+ PCMCIA Ram Card 2M 119+ PCMCIA Ram Card 4M 229+ GVP TBC+ FRAM 199+ Ram Changes For Better Or Worse Please Call 1st MAGNUM 68040RC33 MAGNUM 6S040RC28 DERRINGER 25 25 1 MB DERRINGER 25 25 4MB DERRINGER 33 00 4MB DERRINGER 33 33 4MB DERRINGER 50 00 4MB DERRINGER 50 00 8MB Rocket Launcher 50 50 1199 999 399 499 499 575 549 699 499 995 995 595 145 295 345 595 CALL 39 29 239 89 119 499 599 89 CALL Gforce 040-40Mhz W 4MB Gforce 040-33Mhz W 4MB Gforce 030-40Mhz w 4MB A4008-HC8+OMB Glock Genlock EGS Spectrum w 2MB TBC+ w o SMPTE CODE A500+ Or 530Turbo FaaastROM Krt Cinemorph Software Phonepak VFX 2.0 DSS8+ Sound Sampler I O Extender A1230 40-00-4+DPP-11 A1230 50-00-4+DPP II A1291 SCSI II Controller GVP SIMM 32'b 229 309 389 149 199 229 249 225 725 3 68040-40 w MMU&FPU 399.00 68040-33 w MMU&FPU 299.00 68040-25 w MMU&FPU 199.00 68040-EC25 149.00 68030-RC-50 w MMU 139.00 68030-RC-40 w MMU 119.00 6803Q-EC40 (NO MMU) 99.00 68030-RC-33 w MMU 99.00 68030-RC-25 w MMU 75.00 68030-EC-25 (NO MMU) 50.00 68882-RC-PGA-50 FPU 119.00 68882-RC-PGA-40 FPU 109.00 68882-RC-PGA-33 FPU 89.00 68882-RC-PGA-25 FPU 75.00 68881-RC-PGA-25 FPU 45.00 68882-FN-PLCC 40 FPU 135.00 68882-FN-PLCC 33 FPU 89.00 68882-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 75.00 68881-FN-PLCC 25 FPU 45.00 68881 -FN-PLCC 16 FPU 35.00 80387-25SX (386BB) FPU 69.95 Crystal Oscillators 10.00 Itv&Kl'ls (Math Co IviicmMro PCZ&6 a ms tos 5.0 fest £99.00 CSA 12 Gauge Accelerators 33Mhz w MMU & SCSI Board 399 w(4MB8C-70NSR*m 549 33Min w MMU A FPU A SCSI 499 w!4. TB80-70NS Ram 649 50Mill w MMU * SCSI Board 499 wMMB 60NS Raiii 675 50Min w MMU A FPU A SCSI 599 wMMB 60NS Rain 775 200 390 249 275 395 445 SUPRA Supra Turbo 28 Mhz Supra ramboard w 2MB expandable to 8mb ram 169 199 CBM A570 w Lemmings & Groliere Encyc. 199 NEC CDR-25 NEC CDR-210 NEC 3Xi NEC 3Xe NEC 3xp Plexlor 4 plex Xetec CDFS 2.0 w Fred Fish 1 -950 49.95 ASIM CDFS 2.0 w Fred Fish 232-1000 49.95 Zappo CD1200 (OVERDRIVE) 299 650MS 150k sec 99 380MS 3Q0k sec 195 190MS 450k sec 345 190MS 450k sec 429 250MS 450k sec 349 150MS 600k sec 499 Back by popular demand A3640 4000 3000 68040 @ 25MHZ Now only 399.00 DPS Personal TBC IV 799 DPS PAR w Software 1549 Conner 540A IDE 299 DPS Personal Component 399 DPS Personal V Scope 729 Kitchen Sync 1285 Final Copy If 59.95 Final Writer 89.95 Magic Lantern 24 Bit 74.95 Sparks 74.95 DCTV-NTSC 274 Montage 299 Deluxe Paint IV AGA 119 MorohPlus 139 Art Department Pro 2.5 139 Scala 3.0 289 Caligari 24 139 Aladdin 4D 249 Lightwave (Stand Alone) 499 Video Toaster 3.1 Upgrade 599 Video Toaster 4000 3.1 1995 Picaso W 1MB-2MB 439 495 AD516 Digitizer (16bit) 1189 Janus 2.1 Upgrade 49.95
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 34.95
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 34.95
1. 3 Kickstart Rom 22.95 1MB Agnus (8372A) 37.50 2MB Agnus (8372B) 99.95 Super Denise (8373) 28.95 Paula (8364) Or Denise 19.95 CIA (8520) 14.95 Gary (5719) 19.95 2620 2630 Upgrade Kit 49.95 2091 Upgrade Kit 49.95 Superbuster (-11) 99.95 Ramsey (A3000) 99.95 Fat Gary (A3000) 99.95 Super Dmac (A3000) 99.95 Amber (A3000 & 2320) 99.95 A2320 Flicker Fixer 299 Amiga Dos 2.1 Soft. Kit 79.95 Amiga Dos 2.1 Complete 99.95 A4000 68040 or 68030 CALL A1200 Computer CALL A2000 Computer w ECS 599 A500 Computer System 299 A600 Computer System 399 1962 Monitor (.28DP I) 499 '1084S Monitor 349
* 1950 60 Monitor 399 A520 Video Adapter 49 A2088 XT Bridgecard 69 A2286 AT Bridgecard 299 2 MB Ram For 2091 96 A2 3000 Disk Drives 79 A500 Int, Disk Drives 49 A2 3 4000 High Density 149 External Version 159 A2 3 4000 Keyboards 79 A2 3000 Power Supply 109 Replacement Mouse 29 Amiga Dos 3.1 System Roms only 125 Roms & Software only 149 Roms, Software, Manuals 199 Please specify model Amiga CUSTOM CHIPS&UPGRADES AUDIO VIDEO Vlab Y C Int Ext NOAHJI AMIGA VLAB MOTION CARD 1495 VLAB MOTION SYSTEM 1699 Retina Z2 w 4MB Ram 495 Retina 23 w 4MB Ram 659 Toccata 395 1230XA SOMHZ w MMU 299 1230XA 40MHZ w MMU 275 1230XA 40EC No MMU 199 1230XA33 w MMU & FPU 249 MBX1200Z w 20Mhz FP U 125 MBX1200Z w 20Mhz&4MB 299 MBX1200Z w 20Mhz&8MB 399 8-Up! Ramboard w OMB 99 8-Up! Ramboard w 2MB 149 8-Up! Ramboard w 4MB 8-Up! Ramboard w 6MB 8-Up! Ramboard w 8MB VXL*30 68030 25Mhz VXL*30 68030 33Mhz VXL*30 68030 40Mhz VXL*30 68030 50Mhz VXL32 W 2MB 32Bit Ram VXL32 W 8MB 32Bit Ram Baseboard 601C w 1 MB 69 Dataflyer 12 600 XDS 69 W 425MB Hard Drive 325 w 1080MB Hard Drive 699 Dataflyer Ram w 2mb 199 500 SCSI or IDE 149 1000 SCSI or IDE 149 2000 SCSI or IDE 95 500 SCSI&IDE 179 1000 SCSI&IDE 199 2000 SCSI&IDE 125 DATAFLYER 1200 SCSI* Provides A SCSI Port w pass* thru for internal IDE 2.5" drives 1200 SCSI+ w No HD 99.00 12Q0SCSI+w HD's CALL 2032 w 4Megabytea 349 MegAChlp W 2MB Agnua 109 Multi-Start 2 Rev 6A 29 KwikStart H (A1000) 09 1202 FPU A Ram W 1MB & Clk 159 3128 A3000 4000 Ram W 4MB 395 2000 Bigfoot Power Supply 159 1200 600 500 Bigfoot 89 Sfingshot A500 (1A2000Slot) 39 Slingshot Pro A500 69 X-CalburA4000 Ram Unit 649 AdlDE 40MB HD System w 2.SM Drive (500 2000) AdlDE 130MB HD System w 2.5M Drive (500 2000) Ricker Free Video II ADRAM540 W 4MB (A5O0) EXPANSION SYSTEMS PARAVISION Micro R&D DKB Accelerator for the Amiga 1200 with SCSI Controller at SOMhz with Lfour mega of ftOn* ram - 549JO M1230XA W SCSI+ Only 399 w 4MB 499 wJBMB 699 w 116MB 999 w 32MB 1399 68030 ® SOMHZ with MMU Only 499 68882 Sf 30MHZ (Math Co Pro odd 99.00) 7 1MB of 60NS 32bit ram (remap idckstart) Up to 32MB of 72 pin industry standard ram w 4MB$ S79 Ours comes standard w the modification h S.MB $ 679 to work w ith the DKB Mcgaehip 200Q 500 wfl*MB $ 1099 (a 525.00 value if purchased seperately) w ft 2MB $ 1499 Quantum Access Time Warranty 42 ELS SCSI 16MS 2 Yrs 99 85 ELS SCSI l&ll 14MS 2 Yrs 149 170 ELS SCSI I & II 14MS 2 Yrs 179 270 ELS SCSI I & II 12MS 2 Yrs 219 340 ELS SCSI I & II 12MS 2 Yrs 249 525 LPS SCSI I & II 10MS 2 Yrs 299 540 LPS SCSI I & I! 12MS 2 Yrs 299 1080 Empire 9.5MS
9. 5MS 5 Yrs 599 1400 Empire 9.SMS
9. 5MS 5 Yrs 899 2100 Empire 9.5MS
9. 5MS 5 Yrs 1199 Micropolis 2210A 1.2G IDE 10MS 5 Yrs 599 2210A V 1.2G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yre 775 2217 A V 1.7G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yrs 999 2217A 1.7G IDE 10MS 5 Yrs 999 2217 1.7G SCSI l&ll 10MS 5 Yre 975 4110 1.2G SCSI l&ll LP
8. 5MS 5 Yrs 599 4110A 1.2G IDE LP
8. 5MS 5 Yrs 599 1936 3.QG SCSI l&ll 12MS 5 Yre 1945 1936 A V3.0G SCSI l&ll 13MS 5 Yre 2299 1991 9.0G SCSI l&ll 12MS 5 Yrs 3899 1991 AN 9.0G SCSI l&ll 13MS 5 Yrs 4495 Maxtor 120 Low Profile IDE 149 345 Low Profile SCSI IDE 249 540 Low Profile SCSI IDE
8. 5 MS 299 Seagate 3145A 120MB IDE LP 16MS 1 Yr 149 3290A 260MB IDE LP 16MS 3 Yr 199 3391A 340MB IDE LP 16MS 3 Yr 225 3491A 420MB IDE LP 16MS 3 Yr 249 Barracuda 4000MB SCSI II SMS 5 Yr 2495 9000 MB (Video Flyer!) 11 MS 5 Yr 3995 SYQUEST HARD DRIVES 1
5. 25* HH44MB DRIVE (SQ555) 199
5. 25* HHS8MB (SQ5110C) (R&W44) 265
3. 5'LP 105MB IDE & SCSI 259
5. 25* HH 200MB (SQ5200) (R&W44&88) 399
3. 5* LP 270MB SCSI (SG3270S) 13MS 399
5. 25* 44MB Cartriges 65
5. 25* 88 MB Cartriges 99
3. 5" 105MB Cartriges 59
5. 25 200MB & 3.5* 270MB Cartriges 99 External Versions w Cabling Add 99
2. 5" IDE HARD DRIVES 1 40MB Seagate Conner 139 65MB Seagate Western Digital 159 130MB Seagate Conner 249 250MB Maxtor 349 350M B Seagate 449 455MB Seagate 549 525MB Seagale 649 CD-ROM DRIVES & DRIVERS (
- Built in double speed CDROM drive with two megabytes of ram
- 11 button controller & built in battery backed clock
- Sleepwafker&Pinball Fantasies Diggers
- Internal expansion up to eight MB memory
• Internal & External IDE connectore
- Pass-thru for full motion video option
- External IBM Nine pin serial port & standard parallel port
• External IBM keyboard interface & floppy drive connector
- Disable switch for compatibility
- BONUS • Includes Gold Fish CD with over 2000 programs CD32 alone $ 389,00 SX1 alone $ 229.00
- Extra four megs of ram +149.00
- Exlra eight megs of ram+299.00
- External high density disk drive +149.00
- External low density disk drive +89.00
- Matching keyboard +49.00 CBM CD32 & PARAVISION SX1 3,5" HARD DRIVES ' Please understand our policies_ DISCOVER VISA MASTER Card I American Expre« & COD Accepted. All Prices and specificationi arc subject to change without notice! ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES WITHOUT APPROVED RMA . 15 restocking fee on all refunds. Defective items replaced with same item only. Call 302.738.92 57 for approval RMA before returning merchandise, or fax an RMA request to 302.738.9259 otherwise your return will not be accepted. We are not responsible for incompatibility of products. CODs are CASH ONLY Shipping & handling is non-refundable. S&H for chips is $ 5 COD Fee $ 6 Personal checks require 14 days to clear. Call for actual shipping prices on all other items. 25 South Old Baltimore Pike Lafayette Bldg. Suite 202 Newark, DE. 19702
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(302) 738-9267 PRODUCT Info Tech
(302) 738-9259 Fax 24 HOURS
n. ___ y G A M E P R E S E R V E CD32 ? 9 CDTV- don of a mechanic provided you’ve hired one. (You can also enlist Barney-like animated characters to entertain the crowds.) In a throwback to Power Monger, all these little folks carry miniature histories with them, and you can stop visitors at any time and find out what they think of the park, how long they've been there . . . And how much money they have left. Limitations: Mainly hardware-related. The initial release of Theme Park is only for AGA machines. (A triinmed-down, standard-Amiga version is in the pipe.) And the flow of play improves markedly if you have a hard disk, which requires 2.5 megs of RAM. Then again, some additional business aspects might have been explored in the full game. Space is limited to that starting rectangle, and it might have been nice to include in the full game an option to buy adjacent lots for expansion and to address the environmental and comnumity-relations challenges encountered. However, this is pretty much the game as it already existed on the IBM. Bullfrog only trimmed one ride, one feature, one type of staffer, and some minor menu items in the move to the Amiga, and while I'll miss the fireworks, the omissions aren’t serious. Besides, in an unusual hut welcome move, they've added an “Ultra” speed that’s specific to the A4000 whose association with productivity usually means that its soaring specs evade game designers’ attention. Most important, all of the considerable satisfactions ofTheme Park remain intact. If vou build it, they will come. If you do your job well, they’ll come in thickets and the lines will be long. Some things never change. Rmirf-rrrr OREGON iflClUiNOJA ZtiVf
• I 3cra"d >3( GiVmo $ as&teSir Gufliry X lenp* ">vk iennii oft i b _ Coif, write, email, or FAX for more infofmorion: 16200 S.W. Pacific Nwy., Suite 162 Tigord, OR 97224 ¦ ' nw i(Un 'nmp ITU H juwirn., ..... j fifBJr iLTTnr-- - Dtp- : niilifFTLs*'. «i. Nnr-i
- r. ItlfM ».r. '.*_t r- * I in's;
I. .H »-«*?* - M Ha r >+”**•»*•» mmt • - .
- Lit* .....frr* :k;';TT • rnr-vVr-;- lit!.:. 1 • 1 rr- ; mmm ismra u maammwrnm
- - --* Telecommunications in the 90'sl Everything you need fo storf cruising the Information Super _ Highway in one easy to use package! Termite is so easy to use, that even a novice will feel ot home. Yet it has all the power to satisfy the most seasoned modem v arrior!
• Designed tor WB2.0+ • Style Guide Compliant
• Flexible Phone book with custom configurations
• Editable Review buffer Cut Paste • Configurable button bar! Assign any program functionAnacro. Wont yout own icons? Just assign on IFF brush!
• FontSScreen Sensitive • full ArtXX Support • Call Logging. Time, location, and S‘s spent Recording • Much Much More! HAM* That OnmriA Oorifirr Send vs your sug- '.* gssfion; and register to win a 28,800 BPS modem end lots of other Oregon Research Products. No purchase is necesscry to enter. Winners will be announced on SuperBo.vl Sunday '95 1 Auto-Macro 1 Tired of the limitations of those "BASIC" game development systems?? Ready for one that you can REALLY sink your teeth into ? ? Fast Parallax scrolling ? No problem. Duol Ployfields?? A piece of cake! Multiple viewports with multiple animated objects on independent paths with background ond object collision detection? ? Child's ploy!! I The GameSmith Development system gives you the low level power to create the masterpeice of your dreams. The packoge has over 400 pages of documentation fully describing the system, utility programs, and over 130 library functions complete with a detailed tutorial ond mony examples.
• Complete animation system with double buffering
• Prioritized object display • Custom Object Object Object Background Collision Detection & Response
* Automatic placement & animation of Multi- Sequenced animated objects • Chain objects • Virtual Specs obfect handling • Dynamic Animation Control
• Interactive Character Animator for complete control • Complete Audio System • Custom Joystick routines
* Encryption • AGA compatible The perfect solution for shoot 'em ups to graphics ad entures. Don't let the limitations of yesterday keep you from forging tomorrows masterpiece. Buy GameSmith TODAY! Cm bt 37 nr Guardian FINALLY, A CD32-SPECIITC game that you can really play! Guardian (Acid Software, about $ 35) is a splendid, polygon-based shoot-’em-up from the creators of Blitz Basic that will bring back memories of some older classics while i( carves out a nice niche for itself as a new one. The Guardian is you. In a wedge-shaped craft (seen from an adjustable camera position) armed with laser cannon, smart bombs, and guided missiles, you’ll defend ten varied planets the last vestige of the human race against the usual alien invaders. That means blasting. Lots and lots of blasting. (The packaging proudly heralds “an endless supply of violence, mayhem and destruction.”) But be sure to blast with care. In this 3-D version of Defender (an evident favorite of coder Mark Sibly), everything enemies, buildings, ground craft, even pine trees disintegrates into itty-bitty pieces when shot up. And you don't want to blow up everything, because that does the aliens' job for them. To think of this simply as a shooter would he to overtook some significant inclusions; Guardian’s play mechanics obviously were given a good deal of thought. There’s support for a second player. The enemies may he called Dronoids, but they’ve got minds of their own and are not beyond ganging up on you or catching you in a crossfire. The power-ups that you’ll get for wasting certain of the enemies can be stockpiled and, if you already have one, applied to your next life. All aircraft, by the way, cast shadows. Which are sometimes easier to see than the craft themselves. Also, the array of surface objects allows you to lead enemies into destructive collisions. And the brake-and-thrust controls smartly positioned atop the controller give you easy access to an old fighter-pilot standby: Hit the brakes, let your pursuer roar past and jam a missile up his spout. (Guardian represents the best use of the CD32 controller to date.) And smooth? Yes, it flies smoothly. Now, this sort of game could doubtless he done well on a standard Amiga. (A disk-based version is in the works.) It’s not AGA-specific, and it’s not going to blow you away with HAM8 screens and Imaginc-rendered cut scenes. The game here is largely where it belongs: in the gameplay. Still, I had read that Acid was aiming to use every last hit of CD space, and was surprised to see that the game occupies only about 2.2 megabytes. My guess: The rest of the disk is used for music, playing directly from the CD. 1 he music, provided by an up-and-coming New Zealand band, is extraordinary. It fairly powers out of the speakers. (Headphones or a stereo hookup are a must.) And it’s not the usual Euro-thrash stuff that the mod crowd keeps churning out. It’s real music derivative in places, perhaps, but eminently lis- tenable and the perfect arcade complement to the game itself. If 1 had to come up with a complaint and I don’t have one, really it’s about the packaging: just a jewel box and a slip of documentation. The game really doesn’t require anything further, but a more substantial, eye-catching box (perhaps in the style of MicroProse’s CD32 games) would give this small classic a bigger shelf presence both in stores and in homes a position it manifestly deserves. ¦ To locate vendors of the games reviewed, see the “Manufacturers' Distributors' Addresses" list on p. 59. BETTER CONCEPTS, INC SAYS HAPPY NEW YEAR! TITLE CALL FOR NEW TITLES! $ 32 to $ 19 !Call About NEW A2200! The newest AMIGA! CD1200 ZAPPO Ext. CDROM Drive Hooks Up To AlXOO Thru PCMCIA Slot. Runs All CD32, CDTV & Amiga CDS! $ $ CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE$ $ CD32 COMPETITION PRO JOYPAD
• Replaces original CD32 controller
• Heavy Duty Construction
• Turbo Fire C Auto Fire
• Slow Motion Switch
• 1 Year Warranty Sxl by Paravision Tarns Your CO)X Into A Powerful Alioo! Cones with GoldFishCD! Ask about configurable set ups! SCALL FOR LOWEST PRICE$ CD32 W Pinball Fantasies And Sleepwalker CD $ $ CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE$ $ CDTV TITLES Grollers Encyclopedia II $ 35 InslghtiTechnology $ 18 Defender Of The Crown H $ 17 Eyes Of The Eagle $ 7 Psycho Killer $ 7 Hounds Of The Baskerville $ 9 Town With No Name $ 7 American Heritage Dictionary $ b Advanced Military Systems $ 6 All Dogs Go To Heaven $ b Board Games $ 6 Cinderella $ 6 Curse Of Ra $ 6 Fun School 3 or Fun School 7 $ 6 Illustrated Works Of Shakespeare $ S Holy Bible $ 8 Wrath Of The Demon $ 6 Women In Motion $ 10 Cover Girl Strip Poker $ 17 Sexual Fantasies $ 18 CD32 & Sxl Combo Deal! SuperFrog $ lt Arcade Pool $ 1B ProJectX Fl7 $ 17 James Pond II $ 12 Video Creator $ 34 Helmdall 2 $ 29 Bubba & StU $ 27 Wild Cap Soccer $ 19 James Pond III $ 19 Alien Breed Qwak $ 27 Disposable Hero $ 32 FrontieriElite II $ 32 Legacy Of Sorasli $ 32 Impossible Mission $ 32 Lotus Trilogy $ 30 Labyrinth Of Time $ 2$ Spr Methane Bros $ 32 Liberation $ 2$ Banshee $ 27 Universe $ 29 Chaos Engine $ 29 Fire C Ice $ 30 Fire Force $ 26 100 PD Games I $ 19-95 IOO PD Games II $ 19*95 Games N Goodies $ 19*95 Grollers EncyTTI $ 3f Defender Crown II $ 17 InslghtxTech noloey $ 18 Gulness Records PAL $ 19 Morph $ 10 Pirates Gold $ 29 Emerald Mines $ 15 Gunship 2000 $ 28 Global Effect $ 1$ Brutal Sports Ftbll $ 17 Ult. Body Blows $ 29 Microcosm $ 34 Summer Olympics $ 29 Arabian Nights $ 21 John Barnes Soccer $ 29 Soccer Kid $ 30 Sabre Team $ 30 Fly Harder $ 30 Trolls $ 32 Battle Chess $ 32 Mean Arenas $ 30 Diggers $ 10 Ryder Cup Golf ADULTS ONLY Sexual Fantasies $ 18 Sheer Delight $ 35 Cvr Girl Strip Poker $ 17 AMIGA AMINET II $ 9*95 AMINET III (JULY 94) $ 13*95 BCI NET (DEC 94) (newest) $ 14*95 17 Bit 2CD Collection $ 28.95 17 Bit Continuation CD $ 17*95 17 Bit Phase IV CD $ 17*95 LSD 17 BIT Combo CD I $ 17*95 Amos PD CD $ 19*95 Network CD $ 17*95 Serial Cable For Above CD $ 26.95 Euroscene $ 14*95 CD PD I, II, III, or IV $ 19*95 Demo CD I or II $ 19*95 GIFs Galore CD $ 19*95 CD ROMS DTP Clip Art & Fonts CD $ 16.95 Music MOD & Sound Effects CD $ 19*95 Meeting Pearls $ 14*95 Fresh Fish -Latest! $ 19*95 Frozen Fish -Latest! $ 19*95 Gold Fish 2 CD Set -Latest! $ 19*95 100 PD Games I (PAL) $ 19*95 100 PD Games II (PAL) $ 19*95 Games N Goodies (PAL) $ 19*95 ADULTS ONLY Sexual Fantasies $ 18 Sheer Delight $ 35 Cover Girl Strip Poker $ 17 Plain Brown Wrapper $ 25 COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE BLOWOUT SX TITLES Amazing Spldertnan Twilight* Raniome Covert Action F-1S Strike Eagle IX Flame* OF Freedom Green* Knight* Of The Sky Thi* Big Box Contain* 3 Game*! Include*] F-IS Strike Eagle II, Team Tankee & 688 Attack Sub! The Ultimate War Game Package! Only $ 14.95 !NEW TITLE! UNI VERS E*By Core Design Itoto*coprd gam* character ___ with r«al time scaling U ovir 89 TITLES War In The Gulf Sleeping God* Lie Arthur* Quest For Excalibur S°® frame* of animation. Lu*h, Jram Y.nk- a5b color hand pointed seme* O backround animations! Campaign Excellent n*w game! For AfOO bOO XOO lZOO 99C EACH to work out !ALL NEW! ARCADE GAMES PACK Xf disks filled with the NEWEST gomes that run on All Amiga*. All new titles! All the fun of an arcada In the comfort of your own home! Game types Included are platform, adventure, puxxle, shoot cm up, beat em up plus much more! Only S»S2 !ALL NEW! AGA Entertainment Pack If disks filled with the NEWEST games, eurodemos, animations V other neat stuff that make your AGA Amiga really show ofB A Etw titles are: Klondike X, Mad Fighter X, Treasure* Of Tutankhamun x, plus much more! Only Sxo 22 !ALL NEW! STEAMY WINDOWS PACKS Each pack contains Xf disks of the most beautiful women poetng In bathing suits & lingerie, working out tf other erotic shots. Over 10,006 copies sold In Europe! Chooee from 10 different paekages!Sp*clfy Pack •, Specify AGA or Regular Amiga. Only SxoH 99C EACH Loan & Accounts Packags-Sevsrst progra mortgages, loan figures or Just general accounts. Relokick 1.41-Loiat Degrading utility that allows higher end Amiga* to run older software. Lockout Z-lc-A great Hard Drive security system! EPU Disk Stokker-Great utility that allows you to fit double the amount of information on your hard drive. Panasonic Studlo-Everything you need to gst the most out of your 9 or X4 pin Panasonic printer. Canon Studio X-0-Latest driver upgrade* for most popular Canon printers including bubblrjets! Award Maker X-Crsate C* print out awards & certificates. Uses standard bitmap fonts! Virus Workshop 4-0-Latest & best Virus Killer for your Amiga that checks all RAM, Hard drives & Hopples! AmigaDOS Tutorial-informative disk about AmigaDOS._ PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE All our PD disks arc now only 99C EACH I Thai includes all disks front our library. Assassin G ame disks (600+), LSD Utility Disks (150-*-), 17 Bit Software disks (3400+), Amos PD disks (600+), Fred Fish Disks (1*1000) plus more! Thais about 10,000 PD disks available to you for only 99C each! Why bother paying more when you can get it here for lew? Send $ 3 for our paper catalog, 4 disks of disk catalogs & a sample disk from our Library! Sec something we don’I have? Call us & we’ll get it! DISKS AVAILABLE FOR W. EACH Star Wars Cardsst Empire Strikes Back Cardset Return Of The Jedl Cardset Dr Who Cardset M aryl In Monroe Cardset Betty Page Cardset Star Trek Cardsst Eus MacPherson Cardset Sandman Comicbook Art Cardset Iron Malden Cardsst Cindy Crawford Cardset Facee & Bird* Cor diet Classic Art Cardsst Hot Cartoon Women Cardset Sorayane Hajbne Art Cardset New Klondike 3 4 disks containing the latest version of the awesome card game for your AGA machine! $ 3*50 BAGMAN- AGA Poem on game with excellent graphics & sound sBects! Lb levels! Si yyAGADiSKSyg
* .1n if jw .1 a*o;i ?ALL NEW! MUSIC MOD PACKS Each pack contains xg disks of awesome music! Choos* from TECHNO, POP, MELLOW or ASSORTED. All players are also Included! Each Pack is only SxoS! !ALL NEW! SOUND SAMPLE PACKS Each pack contains If disks of professional, ready to use Sound Sample*. X Pack* to choose from:INSTRUMENTS or VOICES SOUND EFFECTS. Only SIX per pack! ?ALL NEW! VIDEO PAINT BACKDROP PACKS Tons of Xfb color, HI Res Interlaced pictures to use In your multimedia projects. Subjects Include Nature, People, Landscapes, Fractals, Space, Strange, Cars, Flowers, Bldgs, Places & much mors! So disk pack only $ 40. 100 disk pack only 575 NOW SHIPPING VU* Configurable Image Output Options
• Resizing, Precise Scaling, Color Correction, Batch Processing Plus More!
* 68020 or higher recommended CALL NOW TO ORDER! I-SOO-i;AMIGA Multiple Platform Graphics Conversion & Processing List Price W5 Special SALE Price $ 29.95
• Super Easy', Point & Click Environment unag' PCX, JPEG, 24Bit & more! Better Concepts, Inc. 10 Mandon Terrace New City, NY 10956 1-914-639-5095 Info 1-914.634-7097 Fax you see PD soltware fiat you warvlin another ad, wo will gel it for you lor only 99* per disk1 Please call lor an ilem. Call or Just a note 1o let you know that we will not de under soldi II see anything Amiga in any other ad, we can gel it lor tess PD; " write for a tree catalog! IWE ARE ALL AMIGA! ___ PRODUCTS We at Anti-Gravity Products Have the highest confidence in Amjgajmxtucts, and the resurgence in the Amiga platform. The Amiga platform is too powerful to be ignored. Here at Anti-Gnnity nr stand ready to supfx rt and aug- ment vur Amiga systems with the latest in hardware, softwareatul sup wrt for all you r Amiga, Vida) Toaster and 3-D animation needs When II ('antes Tit Amiga Nobody Does It I.ike A MTI GRAVITY TRODUCI'S! V -rv . 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310) 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383 This acveftiserent, is counts and as sya are !Tm> Copy'll o' Art Gravity Products and cannot ba duplcatod without oip-n-vi written permcMier "fcims and Conditions Can ty shipping «atn-t. *tffann s. Andcrtfre? Poices tha! Apply Quant tos grg (rotod and prtcm are iuo-bct to changa without notice An& Gravity Product* (AGP) accBpts COD O'OdiS pavatMi Dy check Only Payment mutt accompany all purchase oncers V*> are able to o“cr quantity tfcscounis to dealers and system builders Orders may be paid try VtM Masfercard Ail sales are filial No refunds, please Delectue exchanges are lor same product only and must have a Return Material Authoniation number (RMA; be in oegioal packaging, and condition No guarantees are implied as to product performance with your system or as to manufacturers claims and Speci-rations A 20% restocking fee applies to all exchanges ot urUe products or any orders that are cancelled after shipping All orders cancelled musl obtain a cance'lalon number All exchanges are at our option AGP is able to snip mav 1) F«Wal Express Priority Standard Overnight. And Second Day Economy; 2) UPS rvnrn-gn: Second Day and Ground Most orders are shipped withm aa houre h* your convenience Shipping damage must be reported difectty to the earner wohm *0 days. Federal Express 10901 used wth permission VI Oip fJA 51?.,vj Federal Express Delivery Available! FLYER 4000 NON-LINEAR TAPELESS EDITOR TOWER WORK STATION; We have these systems available for sale $ Call for Pricing !
- i _ The Most Powerful DeskTop Video System In The World! JustGot More Powerful!!! Ambitions Technologies We Accept LightWaveJD 5.5 OpCrade S 95 Stand-Alone $ 495 $ 650 $ 1450 $ 1750 5 Call 5 Call FLYer HARDDISKS SNAP MAPS: Fields Si Foliage $ 129.95 Building Materials & Fabrics $ 129.95 Super Bundle; FSF plus BMSiF $ 240.95 The ToasterOven GT has been Completely Redesigned, Its bigger and has a new siotboard called the BigEthyl Sisterboard* that greatly expands the versatility of the your system. Jj-Zv vV The new ToasterOven GT has: NEW. BigEthyl Sisterboard More room for Full-Height drive bays. More System Cooling Power. INSTANT REBATE 2 $ 100*** AAA i SCSI-2 wiring harness for upto 6 internal drives and an external port, 3 External Flyer SCSI-2 Ports Ail Metal RF Enclosure Switches Monitor On Off ‘ BigEthft is avaitibfe as an option for the ToasterOven 4000. " Other configurations available, ’"Instant Rebate good on ail paid orders received before December, 31,1994. ToasterOven 4000 $ 89
• Mm Powerhouse $ 120» CroiiV&Soli. The Easy To Use Video Operating System integrates all your Arexx compatible programs Now your Toaster productions can , move ahead speedily and efficiently, i with 1100 video functions. No more j J . Arexx programming for you! Tie it all | together with Crouton Tools 4000! * To aster To OI k i t Creative Utilities to unleash the power of your Toaster, better than ever! Toaster Sequence Editor Toaster Project Editor FrameStore Compressor Anim to FX FX to Anim Color Font Converter ToasterOven SixPac 6 FullHeight DriveBays with a 250Watt PowerSupply Scall ToasterOven Thermoneter Scall ToasterOven Zorro Adapter $ 100 SCSI-2 External Internal Kit $ 120 (BigEthy Sisterboard'j 11 slots positions: '2 video slots '1 Zorro slots (4 standard 3 power slots) '6 PC slots (5 Full Function 3 power slots) -- 300watt Switchable Power Suppiy 11 Bays (2- 3i 2; 5- 5im ; & 4 LPS Bays**) ToasterOven CT-4300 S1295 BigEthyl Sisterboard 300watt Switchable Power Supply 11 Bays = 2- 3v. ; 5- 5i 4 ; & 4 LPS Bays**) ToasterOven GT-4400 S149 BigEthyl Sisterboard 4O0vvatt Switchable Power Suppiy 19 Bays (2- tw. V Sim Bays") Greater Cooling capacity I $ 235 m toyalt fre Stock Footage for Computer ANIMATORS! Y' 22 texture sequences for animations. Two types of image on CD ROM. ' 7a MapS: Boiling, £&&& Calm, Disturb, Jiggle, (ft Time L pse cloud iihljyationfl cackling fire, smooth-bumincL- fcki flumes, bubbling steam, op .in ¦ »’*¦ • -i : in „ •___ Spots, Mb IkL‘,W-i! R A, Water B, Z' 456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90402 TEL (310} 393-6650 FAX (310) 576-6383
* 10 TIMES ? Call us for complete 1 specs, and test scenes 1 you can test-render on your present system scene riles xfirouc Screamer Net. Use up to 8 GPUs tor a whole herd Rendersaiiruses! Pm Gigamem The Leaders In AMIGA Productivity Software We Accept HILite is committed to provide added value, convenience and excellent customer support with every product we offer, Experience the HILite Difference! Extended Warranty Plans Available! ? 2, 3, & 4 year Warranty ? 72 Hour Replacements ? 800-Toll-Free Tech Support ? Install Video Available on most models! Federal Express Delivery Available! TU. JH| Faster Virtual Mem- orj for thc Am'9a- NUMBER HmMP New*faster supp°rt Bbi for Lightwave and Unt Real 3D, '040 support. Use hard DIRECTORYdisk as RAM-P€rfecl for AdPro' . It11 ITU PageStream, LightWave. TRONICS HILite Tape Drives Are The Next Generation In Tape Technology! @H L TE« TAPE DRIVES CiiiiVi.-yin Hriv, imp o1i >m$ ) Comes ncl ifii- ;:u0Mti Ur.vc- 90m 120m I' Ccrrcdai AMCL DDS-2 features: WanqDat 90 & 120m data cartridge SCSI-2 interface 4-8GB typical capacity Transfer Rate 366-732 k sec Access Time 35sec HILite DOS-2 DAT Internal S92S External S102S Enhance productivity with Directory Opus's easy file access and mds, MODs. Launch programs, CLI. Essential for hard drive file maintenance. The best-selling software for the Amiga. HiLite 5 10GB Tape Drive features: 5GB upto 10GB with compression, Fast Transfer Rate 780-1560 k sec, Afterdabl..*: tilt. $ 1295 Ext $ 1395' tivlernat w Carl- $ 425 88MB 105MB 200MB 270MB m ~ * HILIlc Multi Media CD-ROMS Features: u MM&T f] , ? Double, Iriple, 6- Neiv Quad Speeds L m miHl i L ? Kodak Mutti session CD Compliant ? MPC Level II ICD-ROfVt *** Can,pliant Toshiba XM340IB 2X 200ms 330K8 S350 S450 NEC TRIPLE SPEED 3X 195ms 450KB $ 425 $ 495 Plextor IMB Cache 4X Fast 600KB S595 $ 695 ASIM CDR File System _ $ 65 Professional
- Quality text editor. Unlimited files, unlimited windows, configurable interface, fast serch and replace, Arexx support, macros, multi-undo, more. The Great Multimedia Author- ware Package. Dramatically Upgraded, rewritten from the ground up! USE YOUR AMIGA'S POWER to create anything quickly! From simple presentation wares to advanced applica tions, CanDo lets you develop your own creative potential. BATCH FACTORY psHi -rate,- The most 9 i ;_ • , powerful . - 1 Hj and easy to 8 f utility on9 the Amiga. It comes with over 350 Arexx scripts that range from creating animations to compositing images to making custom video wipes. PlCITAL SOUND TRACK >5 J ¦ ~j Simply create an EDL to tell where you want the sounds to play and Digital Sound Track does the rest. It gives you complete control of your VCR. With over 5 Mb of special effect samples and MOD files. ROAD SIGNS FOR LIGHTWAVE 3D SURFACE PRO FOR LIGHTWAVE 3D Finally, a collection of useful, ready to use, low memory, y seamless surfaces for the LightWave professional. Surface Pro offers a wide varietiy of seamless image-based LightWave surfaces. Surface Pro gives ;you over 60 newsurfaces that are instantly available through LightWav: Liquid Metal, Circuit Board, Nebula, Wood, Globe Wrap, Water, Flame, Marble, Chrome, and more. S50 Road Signs is a collection of over 50 handcrafted Lightwave objects, consisting of all major
U. S. traffic signs. Ideal for accident reconstruction or any out door scene. Simply add text to the Roa Signs Construction Kit to create unlimited signs, and tailor them to fit your scene. Requires LightWave 3.0 or higher and about 1 Mb of HD space. TapeWorm Federal Express Delivery Available! We Accept A3000 WARPS NOW AVAIL WARP-3000: 28MHZ with a 040 CPU S895 WARP-3000: 33MHZ 0 MB Ram v. S ll P with a 4MB %£all WARP-3000: 40MHZ 0MB Ram v S1425 UiilKvith a 16MB 60ns S Call ittWCvtth a 32MB 60ns S Call
- SSO INSTANT REBATE! - Receive SSO off a 4QMhz WurpEngine when I you buy it with 16Mb or 32Mb of ram! OFFER COOP UNTIL DEC. 31 J f A4000 WARPS AVAIL.1 WARP-4000: 28MHZ with an 040 CPU WARP-4000: 33MHZ 0 MB Ram with a 4MB 60ns WARP-4000: 40MHZ L MB Ram Mmth a 16MB 60ns U £th a 32MB 60ns t 550 yn £ iNSTANTj k REBATE $ 1185 $ Call s5o 533wBPi jirr; KjllX: How Fast Is The Warp Engine? $ 1425 $ Call $ Call The WARP ENGINE Is an 040 Accelerator with a High-Speed SCSI-2 controller & up to 128Mb of ram expansion, AlHn'On Wmmm Rendering Lw3D Texture Example A4000 040-25MHz: 160 sec, A4000 Warp 28MHz: 82 sec.- apx. 2x faster A4000 Warp40MHz; 56 sec.- apx. 3x faster Warp SCSI-2 Speed: Using Diskspeed the 2,1 GB BarracudaDrive: Read 9MB sec with 94% of the CPU still avail Very High Speed Local 040 Memory Bus with full 040 burst access.
* NCR 53C71Q 40MHz SCSI-2 Fast Controller connects directly to
* 32Bit SCSI host bus DMA interface supporting burst to and from RAM
* Supports lOMB s SCSI transfers.
* Full DMA allows the CPU 90% 3 Processing Power while Transferring.
* No Zorro III DMA Problems.
* Autoconfig w optnl. SCSI Autoboot
* 32Bit Ram Expansion Up To 128MB.
* Uses Standard 72Pin SIMM Modules.
* Supports 4, 8,16,32 MB SIMMs
* Supports DMA access from Zorro III Devices to onboard Memory.
* A3000 Ver. To 64MB of 32Bit mem.
* A3000 Engine will clock 16MHz
* Compatible with the Video Toaster, Retina Z-lll and OpalVision
* Requires AmigaDos 2.1 or greater. ¦ Full Two Year warranty HARDWARE FEATURES CITYBUILDER ; =- SSK1” [(OTHER 0B|ECT libraries) contains over V I objects featur- Medical Anatomy (25 objects) 5135 ing high and , , j . , ' s A low resolution Space Essentials (SO objects) s 95 recognizable Autos Vehicles (65 objects) 5 95 bulMngsfram Jjq jjj cities. V J Objects such as streetlights and highways are included along with extra surfaces and modular building sections for adding detail, diversity, and atmosphere to animations. Example scene files allow city scapes to be loaded into LightWave automatically. Virtual Environments • Visualization - Reconstruction Architectural • Forensic Accident • Special Effects Objects are also available in Imagine. DXF, and Wavefront formats. "Primerat bright, sharp color knocks the socks off any other color printer on the market today!" Ben Richards, Author ol "Practical Typography for Desk Top Publishers" DYE-SUBLIMATION WAX TRANSFER is particularly well-suited for artists, designers, illustrators CAD users, ad agencies and other graphics professionals rimer PRO $ 1450 $ Call $ 200 Primera With Dye-Sub add output for proofing and client sublimation and wax thermal print modes produce vastly superior print quality compared to other low-cost color printers 600x300, 300x300, 75x75 resolutions 24-bit color or monochrome 8,5x11 printable area PostScript 2 optional Ethernet optional Toaster 100% Animation! O o DevWare is YOUR Raptor, Video Toaster and NewTek Flyerj System Resource! Call 619-679-2226 for information and pricing! Crouton Tools New V.1.2! Toaster Toolkit 4000 LightWave 3D - No Toaster Required!§ LightWave 3D is the ail-in-one photorealistic animation Bystem containing most of the same tools and features as animation systems costing thousands of dollars! Its ease-of-use is unparalleled. Now you can create great 3D graphics and exciting visual effects-such as seen on seaQuest DSV, Babylon 5, Robocop, Unsolved Mysteries and Star Trek: The Next Generation-without paying broadcast-quallty. You also don't have to invest in the Toaster either-use your existing 24-bit display card instead! (accelerator card recommended). The new Version 3.5 of LightWave 3D incorporates new features such as minisilders for numeric input, automatic keyframe adjustment, new procedural textures, automatic lade into the distance lens flares, image output up to 16000 x 16000 pixels and more. LightWave Modeler adds the stunning Metaform Tool which allows you to form oreganfc shapes with complex, curved and smooth sufaces-qutckfy and easily-lrom simple boxesl No other 3D package offers this much power and flexibility combined with such an intuitive interface! Makes your Toaster more Powerful. Faster and Easier to Use! Supports over 60 programs, has the best Logger for the Toaster-bar none!, and is the easiest and fastest way to manipulate Toaster tiles on the Planet1 Includes new support for PAR Card. Composite Studio, Hollywood FX, Toaster FX, Sparks Ver2. MultiLayer and VLAB VLAR Motion, Toccatta and SoundSwjtch. T5394 $ 149.95 The indispensable collection of SIX Power tools for Toaster 2.0. 3.0 and 4000 Power Users' T5Q95 $ 74.95 75 wipes and effects for your Toaster! Matte, Soft- Edge, 3D-Style and Live Action Wipes.T5i43 $ 69.95 Call us for the best pricing on all NewTek Products: Standalone LightWave 3D, LightWave
3. 1 to 3.5 Upgrade, Video Toaster 2.0 to 3.1 3.5 Upgrade and The Video Toaster 4000 itself! Composite Studio Power Macros Learn the tricks of the trade from industry professionals! Call NOW at 1-800-322-2843 for YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. Save 50% off the Cover Price-Get 1 Year for just $ 48! Num PUBiicHTfons UGHTWAVE 17 Power Tools for LightWave 3D users. Great Value! T5299 $ 94.95 Hollywood FX Public Domain Collection on CD-ROM! Make your Toaster create video effects that rival Abekas and ADO systems-at a fraction of the cost! Create amazing 3D effects for video and interactive productions using LightWave for the highest quality rendering. T5298 $ 249.95 Your ultimate program for controlling ToasterPaint or OpalPaint! New Version- now with 70 templates' T5294 $ 119.95 New Release from DevWare! Nine years in the making-The Best Amiga Public Domain Collection on disk, has now become the best Amiga Public Domain Collection on CD- ROM! Over S400 Retail Value! T5382 $ 79.95 Sparks Ver. 2 The most powerful, dynamic animalion software available for LightWave users' Particles bounce with real-world behavior & gravity1 T5323 $ 124.95 Motion Master-Animation Utilities for LightWave 2- Volume Set T5321 $ 199.95 Dynamic Motion Module The easiest, most accurate way to motion-animate with LightWave 3D1 T5054 S129.95 Mastering Toaster Technology Book B106 S39.95 CocoonMorPh Full-featured, professional morphing system. New Low Price! T5056 $ 29,95 i HomeBui CAD Deluxe Edition A full-featured CAD program. Also includes Contractor's Upgrade, HomeBuifder's Library 1, and DeckBuilder's CAD Design and Estimating System IfiLBfifihS, HQ32 S69.95 ENLAN-DFS v.2 The Ethernet-based, Peer-to- Peer networking solution for your AmigaToaster! 5 User License T5095 S259.95 ImageMaster R t More features and capabilities than any image processor at a fraction of the price1 T5too $ 64.95 Accessory Products |Snap Maps Fields and Foliage T5402 $ 124.95 The inexpensive . F¦ and powerful IBM VGA Emulator ' solution for any Amiga. T5072 S39.95 DIGITAL PROCESSINQ SYSTEMS INC Call for the best pricing on Persona) Animation Recorder Cards with 1 and 1.6 Gig drives! Personal TBC-IV T5204 Sbest Alpha Paint Create stunning, network- caliber graphics with this full-featured, 36-bit professional paint solution! T5293 $ Best! MONTAGE T3053 $ 299.95 Building ..Materials & Fabrics T54Q3 Bars & Pipes Pro 2.5 The state-of- the-art MIDI sequencer for your Toaster & Amiga! T1183 S219.95 SuperJam 1.1 Create and synchronize musical soundtracks! T1185 $ 72.95 Polytype Art Collection & o „rr_ Images in Font iluxi" -H Format Great Value! T5406 $ 129.95 How To Order... From DevWaro Vidoo Public Domain: Wn1o you* namo. Stopping aOd'osj daytmo i«»'a phone ard il paying o, crop l c.vo Uwv crt'ds
b. Mirtg adtJfoss Uil iho product cqcJps ol the items you would like to orde' ie V2040 T2035 0 K ) arid me price o' each itom Encioso a check, money order or Visa MasterCard Dsoovar'Amcr an E.pr $ S c«i»-alion data 5 mail to. DevWare Video • 1252a kwhhxu ct. Suite 1-AW58 • S*n Diego, CA 92064 Ship*wr%g mrwiiinj u $ i tx Si S' 'c* iocn Lrtl s.'«ei Cj'iii S' pul 5' IwwcTi «*!1 *int can id W. fnerj Fo t r t0> 1"® rti Ji asitra f '..S. r.-ra srx, c* «¦» - -tv m VS tfu-Ol mitKul note* P** -.ipOMto* 'c» trees A minimum ol $ 20 00 required on all ered- II card orders Dark Horse Toaster Videos LightWave 3D tor the Rest of Us Series Flying Logos V4056 S39.95 Bones & Organic Motion V4110 S39.95 Displacement & Bump Maps V4l2d $ 39.95 Animated Machines V4131 $ 39.95 LightWave 3.5 New! V4144 $ 39.95 All 5 Videos V4145 S174.95 Intelligent 3D Power Tools for Power Users' Make complex 3D o&iects move ana react to their environ men) wijh "intelligence ' as if hey were in the real work)! T5044 $ 379.95 Hyper Cache KCS 3.5 with Level II Powerful 48-track sequencer that operates in linear, non-linear or pattern-based mode. T5368 S74.95 Copyist DTP v1.6 Music printing and scoring program prints 100s of pages of music on laser, PostScript or dot matrix printers. T5369 $ 69.95 Tiger Cub 12-track sequencer with real-time graphic editing and instant standard music notation. T5370 $ 29.95 Rmfossjonal Version 2.0 Get FASTER Reads. FASTER Writes and QUICKER Seek Times on Your Drives' T5387 $ 49,95 (ilWiW Order Toll-Free 1-800-879-0759 Technical Support; ((>19) 6*9-2825 Or mail your order to: DevWare. Inc. • 12520 Kirkham Court. Suite 1-AW58. San Diego. CA 9206-i IX-jVt fnqutnc' Urkunic Pntc* on.1 juiLihibli >4 pmdur jjt whjni mtlunpr niih.nn notat Rricr* iilcOivr YiActnhcf 2: I'M. Manufacturers’ Distributors’ Addresses Add Software 2151 S. Dobson Rd., Suite I 7*196 Mesa, AZ 85202 602 851 -1256 Alfa Data PO Box 6990 Champaign, 11,61821 217 356-19(52 Almathera Southenon House 92-94 Church I louse Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3 I D England 81-687-0040 Consul tron 11280 Parkview Plvmoutli, MI 48170 313 459-7271 Creative Focus PO Box 580 Chenango Bridge, NY 13745 607 648-4082 CyberCall 20 Cleveland Ave. Highland Park, NJ 08904 908 249-9883 Desktop Video Systems 14121 V. 95th St. Lenexa, KS 66215 913 782-8888 Digita International Black I lorse House Exinouih. Devon EX8 1JL England 39-527-0273 Digital Creations 2890 Kilgore Rd. Kandio Cordova, CA 95670 916 344-4825 Elastic Reality 925 Stewart St. Madison, V1 53713 608 273-6585 Electronic Arts 1450 Fashion Island Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94404 415 572-2787 Expert Services 7559 Mall Rd. Florence, KY 41042 606 371-9690 Gf xBase 1881 Ejhvell Drive Milpitas. CA 95033 408 262-1469 Golden I MAGE 3578 East Enterprise Dr. Anaheim, CA 92807 714 324-1322 Gordon Harwood New St., Alfretori Derbyshire DE55 7BP England 77-383-6781 Heifner Comiminications 1451 1-70 Dr. N.W. Columbia, MO 65202 314 445-6163 Hi-Soft The Old School Greenfield Bedford MK45 51)4 England 52-571-8181 Inkwell Svstenis PO Box 1318 Talent, OR 97540 503 535-1210 INOVAtronics 8499 Greenville Ave., Suite 209B Dallas, TX 75231 214 340-4991 InnoVision Technology 1933 Davis St. San Leandro, CA 94577 415 638-8432 Intangible Assets Manufacturing 828 Ormond Ave. Drexcl Hill, PA 19026 610-853-4406 Intelligent Designs (IDI) 5742 Old Cheney Hwv. Orlando. FL 32807 407 382-0227 Markertek Video Supply 4 High St., Box 397 Saugerties, NY 12477 800 522-2025 Media l Productions 2800 University Ave., Suite HI B-101 West Des Moines, L 50263 515 225-7409 Micro R&D PO Box 130 Loup Citv, NE 68853 308 743-1243 Noahji's 3591 Ny land Lafayette, CO 80026 303 499-1975 Ocean Software 2 Castle St., Castlefield Manchester M3 4LZ England 61-832-6633 Oregon Research 16200 SW Pacific Hwy., Suite 162 Tigard. OR 97224 503 620-4919 Plav Incorporated 2890 Kilgore Rd. Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 916 851-0800 Qnestar Productions 1058 Weld Co. Rd. 23 Brighton, CO 80601 303 659-4028 Rombo 2 Baird Rd. Kirkton Campus Livingston West Lothian, EH34 7AZ Scotland 50-641-4631 Small-Biz Software PO Box 24 Golden Beach Queensland 4551 Australia 7-491-9190 Software Hut Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr. Sharon Hill. 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* 30 DAY WARRANTY ON ALL USED EQUIPMENT * QUICK CASH FOR YOUR HARDWARE A co uple of easy ones from the pile of monitor questions; whither goes the Retina Z3; and expanding your A4000. HELP KEY BY TIM WALSH Flicker and Modem Misadventures
Q. After reading the June ’94 Help Key,I switched my A1200 to Double-NTSC, Hi- Res, No-Flicker mode for an improved screen display on my 1942 monitor. However, if the monitor is on for more than an hour in this mode, or if a number of screen windows are open, a series of short, horizontal flickering lines appear. Fs this a normal occurrence or the sign of a problem? My second question concerns connecting two AMIGAs through then serial ports for use with Psygnosis’ Combat Air Patrol, I purchased a serial cable from Radio Shack, but had to gel a gender changer for one end, since they don't sell a 25-pin dual- female cable. I followed the instructions in the Combat Air Patrol manual to no avail. Any suggestions? Leland Jones Dallas, Texas
A. In reference to your firs! Question, your monitor might be defective. II it starts llickering after an hour of operation, there is a definite problem. Furthermore, no matter how many windows are open, no flickering lines should appear. If a computer-repair center gives your monitor a clean bill of health, it might be the computer. As lor your serial cable, you might try another Radio Shack to find one in stock. Ask for part 813-2506-551. But alter reviewing the instructions for the CAP program, 1 think you probably need an RS-232, 25-pin null-modem connector (RS part 000-2505-1). Any Amiga programs that require null-modem connections should work fine with that component in place. More On Monitors
Q. I have three monitors: a CBM 1950an Amiga 1680, and a Cordata .S'I GA. I also own three Amigas: an A3000, an A1200 and an A500. What would be the best matching of each computer to a monitor? On another note, my A3000 operates a multiline BBS using Supra 14400 modems. Which CD-ROM drives operate fast enough to prevent data slowdown? James Larry Stell Glasgou Kentucky
A. The most logical matching is as follows: the A3000 with the 1950, the A1200 with the SVGA, and the A500 with the 1680. The only one that requires any changes beyond plugging in a cable is the A 1200 SVGA combination: You'll need to use the 23-to-15 pin adapter that comes with the A1200 and experiment with monitor drivers from the Amiga- DOS 3.0 Devs Monitor directory. Some fine-tuning will definitely be in order. Concerning your second question, while tests I’ve performed show they read data at roughly one-third the speed of an A4000’s IDE hard drive, any of the new double-speed CD-ROM drives will probably be fast enough to prevent any significant slowdown. My favorite for the Amiga is Alfa Data’s internal, dual-speed Mitsumi CD- ROM drive coupled with a Tanclem IDE controller. Although some newer drives are faster, the Tandem combination is fast and works exceptionally well with the A4000. My Kingdom For a Z3
Q. In your May '94 issue, you published an article on 24-bit Amiga-compatible graphic boards. Tve gotten a lot of use out of my 24- bit Retina board, but I’m dismayed to hear * that MacroSystemsUS will not be carrying the Zorro-III version of the board. Why did (hey advertise the Retina Z3 card for months if they had no intention of selling it? Robert Poole Veraon, Connecticut
A. You’re in luck, Robert. MacroSystem LS has changed its name to MacroSystem Development and has thrown all its efforts into marketing and manufacturing its first-rate Warp Engine 68040 accelerator. So it no longer carries the MacroSystem product line. However, Noahji’s, a Colorado- based distributor, has picked up all the MacroSystem products. It now markets the Retina Z3 and will soon release new software for it. It's an excellent display card and takes advantage of the increase in speed offered by the Zorro-III design. Watch for a review in an upcoming issue. More Slots, Please
Q. use an A2000 and an A4000 to develop computer graphics and animations for load TV stations. After reading your review last year about DPS' Personal Animation Recorder, I bought one and also intend to buy a TBC-1V from them. If I install both the PAR and TBC-IV on the A4000for modeling and rendering, I’ll still need to get the output on the A2000 for output to videotape. I'd like an expansion box where could install the PAR, TBC-IV, and a hard disk. CeV Design’s X-Pander Chassis seems to be the solution, unless you know of a better one. Marcus V.V. ViUaboim Juii de Fora, Brazil
A. An item made expressly for situations like yours is the Toaster Toolbox
4000. Manufactured by Desktop Video Systems (913 782-8888) , this $ 369 expansion box has its own 200-watt power supply that can be stuffed with all manner of PC slot-based peripherals. In your situation, the PAR would stay in the A4000, and the TBC-IV could go in one of the Toaster Toolbox’s slots, operating just like an external TBC. If you have a SCSI controller card in the A4000, you could also install a SCSI hard drive or a SyQuest drive in the Toolbox and connect it to the A4000 with a SCSI cable. ¦ Send your questions to Help Key, cfo Amiga World Editorial, 80 Elm St., PO Box 802, Peterborough, NH 03458. InfoMarket If you think you can't afford quality commercial software ... think again! Although we cany the top 100software hits and a full line of accessories for your AMIGA, we specialize in closeouts and liquidations. Let us do the bargain hunting for you! Find out why thousands of computer users choose us as their one stop supplier. ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES and 35mm COLOR SLIDES from COLOR POSTSCRIPT • 24-BIT IFF • HAM • Standard IFF We publish one of the best catalogs in the industry'. Call or write for your free copy! Software Support Ini. SnmuHRE support 271X) N.R. Andre sen Rd. Suite WA-10 Vancouver Wa 9K66I (2(.Hi) 645-1393 AMIGA - C64 I28 - IBM CALL TOLL FREE TODAY! 1-800-356-1179 Major Credit Cards Accepted. TO ADVERTISE
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(602) 949-6066 Scottsdale, Arizona 05251 PRODUCT in the Infomarket Section. Call Heather Guinard at: LIQUIDATIONS & BARGAINS 1-800-441-4403 or 603-924-0313 NOR’ THW (6ST PUBLIC DOMAIN DEC. Jj ?rTAT ALL NPL AMOS PD. ASSAS IN A-i A A tjv_ | 2 uLnJLJ fish. ISP .*; 17 Bit lusks only: vI*UU Izdl Loci -N- Load $ 17 Bd Conl CD s Plus a power supply . Only l love: 5SH New for NOV. 9*1 I Share SIS.55 - Gold $ 16 95 AMINET CD *4 17 BIT PHASE 4: noxr ir.sra>iinervT in me «c- claimed series includes T7B«i Disks 2501-3351 + More $ 19.95 binwiii.
P. O. Box 1617-Auburn, WA 98071-1617 (2061351-9502 !7Bt CD Collection (ZCffs) S3995 ITEit CD Continuation (I CO) 51995 17B1T PHASE 4 CD (1 CD| -51995 Tootl Professional Font? £ Opal • * 524 95
* rr ivt CD v2-5l J95. V3 SI 395 %4-Sce BOX ELR05CENE1 - 'sane' water - 51500 Fredi Fish CD. Sept Octlof iwl • • 51995 Video Creator-PAL Only......534.95 SPACE 6 A5TR0V>Vfr CO 51995 Gfs Gakm Picture CD -*519.95 DemoCD I k 2 (Demos, Mods) * * *319.95 VfiYork CD. Conned CD32 & Ango- 51995 CDPD II, [IE ..519.95 CDTDIV ..... 519.95 FROZEN FISH or GolD FISH 51995 Weird Science AMOS I’D CD ¦ - • • 31995 Scunds Fetrifd (2 CD Music)......52995 Lodt-N-LOAD Games CD .51993 !i MAD FIGHTERS 1200B Excellent SticetFkihlcrs game Jdhkv pal- S9.00 CRVSMI SHULL Excellent interactive adventure! I Dish. $ 6,00 1MBRIUM, Day of Rakoninq You will spend many hours trying lo complete this excellent adventure PAL S6.00 BLACKBOARD v2.0 Image Processor, too many features lo list Given a 90% cat nrj by Amiga Shopper in May '94. Supports AGA Screens 2 Disks $ 8.S0 REUCS OFDELDRONEYE HUGE Monkey Wend type adwntutf game. Mouse driver. 2megsCHIPfiAM 4 DISKS NTSC $ 1200. ARC (W ¦ fill rCATt fifb ArtXX COMPILER! 1 Disk Requires ArtXX ¦ $ 6.W 1! AMDS COItM lt II AMOS TURBO PLUS EXTENSION! Arkt over 130 new commands lo AMOS 5 AMOS Pro a MUSI- 529.95 AMOS inluiUan Lx cnskm - 514.95 AMOS Mont LxicnxiiM - 514.95 MASTERING AMIGA AMOSI Excellent book, many lopics S26.95 ULTIMATE AMOS! »y Amiga is hopper 4(H) - pages * disk1 $ 36.00 The most popular AMIGA Share Ware program by Mike Welch is now available Irom NPD in its full. Artillery Battle. Bomb b asting glory. 10 new weapons, 64 color scene generation, plus load Save game option for up lo 4 players HD installable. Cmon. Flow long have you been playing this game? Time to get the full, registered version Si2,00 ! 11)32 SERIAL CONNECTOR ! When used n ccqincicn twtfi the Network CD, it wA afcw you Jo tcmeci a CD32 to ar Amtrya or tC through the Senal Port Indutles CD32 keyboard Passlhrotifji St?S 95 OH GET the Connector AN3 Ketaork CD lor $ d5 OO New Liccnseware from NPD I This is a fantastic flashback type game from Mark Judge in the UK, this was so good, we had lo bring the full version across the pond See Dec AmigaWorld for a mini-review. Tljere is even a solution slveet available upon request $ 15.00 A great platform romp Irom Ben Marty, you are the valiant 'droid freeing the factory from evildoers big fun game, includes level editor (with Auto level generator) and full source code in AMOSPro! $ 10.00 The BESF graphics we have seen Brought to you by THE FARM, this is an AWESOME, gravity thrust I Race game. AGA only, PAL Rayt raced graphics modem option SI 5.00 SCORCHED TANKS vl.9: TECHNOVENTURE: ROHETZU GREEN 5;
- Technoventure, the Dema version, try it first! GAM 281 - Wheel of Fortune GAM 292 - Warchon - 2 player version of the classic Archon game. GAM 294 - Knight Quest Kill the Uttle Dudes, & Berserkers GAM 295 - Mangled Fenders Dema. - Demolition Derby! GAM 296-AGA Solitaire - Just like the WINDOWS version GAM 297 * ROHETZ PD - try it lirst then get the real thing! GAM 298 - GALAGA v2.3 17B 3135 - Green 5 Demo. 17B 3397ABCD - Klondike AGA 3 - on 4 disks, latest update of this cool card game! 17B 3353 - Starwors Cardset 17B 3401 - Return of Jedl Cardset 17B 3402 - Empire Strikes Back Cardset-all for AGA Klondike! 3379 - FAR SIDE Slideshow. 3394 • MogicWB Icon Archive. [5&H ||-1(I I Jisks $ 2,00, 11-50 Disks $ 4.00,51 * Disks $ 6.50 1-2 CD's $ 2,00,3+ CD's $ 4.00 !WE Send $ 5.00 for complete 6 Disk Catalog & Sample pack of our complete line of Disks, Books. CD's, and Magazines! Interactive Microsystems, Inc. has been providing audio-visual communications products and services of the highest quality to its customers since 1986. The MediaPhile Desktop Video System provides a low cost, highly productive means of editing video tape, overlaying titles and graphics, creating special effects, and producing and recording animations. MediaPhile products are fully compatible with all Amiga computers, and support the Toaster Flyer and most popular video decks. TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP . CALL FOR A FREE MEDIAPHILE PRODUCT GUIDE * Interactive Microsystems, Inc. • 9 Red Roof Lane Ste. 2 * Salem, NH 03079-2929 Telephone (603) 898-3545 • Facsimile (603) 898-3606 InfoMarket VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398. Carmel. CA 93921 U.S.A. Memory Price Product Price I x4-70ns Static Column Zip 25
l. 4-80ns Static Column Zip 24 l 4-70ns Pane Zip 24 1x4-80ns Pane Zip .24 lx8-70ns Simni .....45 lx8-80nsSimm ....43 1x8-100ns Si mm ...41 4x8-70ns Si mm ..145 4x8-80ns Simni ..140 I x32-60ns Simni .169 1 . 32-70ns Simni .159 2x37-60ns Simni .299 2x32~70ns Simm . 89 4x32-60ns Simm .589 4x32-70ns Simm .579 8x32-60ns Simm 1199 8x32-70ns Simm 1159 256x4-70ns Paae Zip ......7 256x4-70ns Paae Dip......7 256x4-100ns Paae Dip.....6 GVP 32 4mb Simm 209 GVP32 16mb Simm 899 Excalibur 4x32-60ns.....599 Warp Enuine 4x32-60ns .....599
1. 3 Kickstart Rom .29
2. 04 Kickstart Rom 45
2. 05 Kickstart Rom 45
3. 1 Kickstart Rom Kit .... Call A3000 2.04 Kickstart Rom .69 8373 Super Denise .35 8520 CIA 2 Mhz ..10 8372A 1 Mb Agnus 39 8372 B 2Mb Agnus ...... .79 8364 R7 Paula ....16 5719 Gary .19 Super Busier Rev. 11 ......79 A2091 Rom Ver 7 ..39 A2620-30 Rom Ver 7 49
W. D Chip Rev 8A ..55 M68882 PLCC 25Mhz FPU .69 M68882 PLCC 33Mhz FPU .89 M68882 PGA 50Mhz FPU 1 19 M68030 33Mhz CPU 99 M68030 4()Mliz CPU 119 M68030 50 Mhz CPU 139
2. 5” 260Mb IDE Hard Dr . 329
3. 5” 340Mb SCSI Hard Dr .249
3. 5” 540Mb IDE Hard Dr ...379 Orders Only: 800-735-2633 "visT cod Info & Tech: 408-899-2040 iw* & Availability subjKi Fax: 408-899-8760 BBS: 408-625-6580 cl,:mSe with,,ut notice TURTLE LIGHTNING AMIGA DOMAIN A MIG AS' BEST: TLAS- POWER HI TS PACKAGE: LI TTLE COMPUTER ITOIT F-TOURNAMI VI GOLF WICKED FIGHTERBOMBER - HACKER 2-GIT- 0: B AIK RALLY - 5HANGEII SPIN DIZZY lP WORLDS BATTLETECH ¦ PORTS OF CALI ’FREE* MARATHON JOYSTICK value pac No Box Software I Manual For All INFOFILE Diabase F-lfl PERSUTT PORTS OF CALL Who What Where MASTERTVPE AH 5 for $ 19.95 AM1GAVISI0N 579 V 1.7 Release 2 GRAPHICS BUNDLE: TV TEXT PRO DELUXE PAINT 3 39
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• $ 17.95 Each Volume + $ 3.U0 S & H UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT SOLTI HERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK . X In re In Proceedings For A Reorganization Under Chapter 11 Case No. 94 B 4218" (JLG) Classes Oclotoer 3 .- o eatpto am . Call to tootmaVon ot o auange a vlsA Fmat'cto aid lot those vjho guatty .Excellent employment assistance Dotm'worf and apanment housing a a thE RT INSTITUTE 0T P1TTSBUBG Qnnn Avfimie Pittsburgh. PM ;v8qo-2T5- CaMlwia’j AMIGAS IN STOCK ! NO KIDDING!!! A4000 A3000 A2000 A600 A500 AT200 Multisync Monitors ALL AGA Modesl 950, 1960, 1942, 1084 Everything for the Amiga AMIGA 1 ST VOICE- 719-630-7478, FAX 719-630-0960 Bankruptcy Court. One Bowling Green, New York. New CBM CD-32 $ 295.00 IN STOCK!!! (501 )-93-AMIGA 1-501-932-6442 We are North America’s newest, fully authorized, full service, AMIGA dealer. We also carry a complete line of AMIGA products. Please call for additional info. YES. CD-32s are in stock!!! Computers, Video & Moore, Inc. 5614 Valley Ridge Tr., Jonesboro, AR 72401 COMMODORE AMIGA COMPUTER REPAIRS REPAIR COSTS C Kjp.i Court. Fifth Root. One Bowline 10004. INQUIRIES CON- A500 - $ 50.00* A2000 - $ 79.95* A3000 - $ 95.00* A4000 - Call Call for Others C64- 1541 - 1571 - C128 * S30.00* S40.00* S50.00* $ 45.00* off with mention of this ad C128D - $ 70.00* SX64 - $ 70.00's A&M COMPUTER REPAIR Authorized Service Center 24 Colonel Conklin Drive, Stony Point, NY 10980
(914) 947-3522 FAX (914)947-2728 FREE ESTIMATES-24 HOUR TURNAROUND*
(800) 344-4102 Mon, thru Fri 8am-9pm,Sat 9-5 EST COMMODORE BUSINESS MACHINES, INC., Debtor. . X NOTICE OF LAST DATE FOR FILING PROOFS OF CLAIM TO: ALL PERSONS ASSERTING CLAIMS AGAINST TFTF. ABOVE-CAPTIONED DEBTOR PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT: An involuntary petition under title 11, Untied States Code i the "Bankruptcy Code"), was filed against Commodore Business Machines, Inc. ("CBM”) in the United Slates Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York = the "Bankruptcy Court”) on May 4. 1994. On May 24. 1994. CBM consented lo relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. On November I, 1994, ihe Mon. James L. Garrity. Jr.. United States Bankruptcy Judge, entered an order under Rule 3003(c)(3) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure requiring that all persons and entities, including, without limitation, individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and governmental units, EXCEPT THOSE CREDITORS DESCRIBED BELOW, who may have or assert any Claim, as defined in 5 1(11 (5) of the Bankruptcy Code, against CBM or its property that arose prior lo May 24*. 1994 or pursuant to the rejection of an executory contract or unexpired lease based upon an order of rejection issued on or before October 31. 1994, shall file such claim on or before 5:00 p.m. (EST). January 17. 1995 (the “Bar Date”) and such claims must conform substantially lo Form No. 10 of the Official Bankruptcy Forms, for each and every Claim asserted, whether general unsecured, priority or secured, eilherbv (i) mailing the proof of claim, together w ith all supporting documentation (if voluminous, a summary thereof), to: United States Bankruptcy Court, c o Commodore Business Machines, Inc.,
P. O. Box 11, Bow ling Green Station, New York, New York 1(1274-0011, or (ii) by delivering the proof of claim, together with all supporting documentation (if voluminous, a summary thereof), by hand delivery or courier service (but nol United Slates mail) to: The Clerk of the Court. United States
(a) Any creditor that lias already duly filed a proof of clai m against CBM that the creditor does not desire to amend;
(b) Any creditor (i) whose Claim is listed in the schedules filed by CBM w i:h the Bankruptcy Court (the "Schedules") and is not designated therein as “disputed.” “contingent." “unliquidated.” “not determinable" or "unknown" and (ii) who agrees with the classification and amount set forth therein:
(c) Any creditor w hose Claim has been allowed by order of the Bankruptcy Court prior to the date hereof; or
(d) Any creditor whose Claim is an administrative expense within the meaning of § 503 of the Bankruptcy Code. Any creditor whose Claim is not listed in the Schedules, is listed in an incorrect amount or is listed as "disputed,” "contingent." "unliquidated." "not determinable" or “unknown" on the Schedules and who desires to participate in the case and sharcinany distribution, must file a proof of claim on or before the Bar Date. If it is unclear from the Schedules whether a Claim is scheduled a.% "disputed,” “contingent ""unliquidated." "not determinable” or “unknow n” as to amount, or, otherwise improperly listed, the creditor must file a proof of claim prior to the Bar Date. Any person or entity who desires to rely on the Schedules will has e the responsibility for determining that its Claim is accurately listed therein. All know n creditors will receive written notification of the Bar Date together with a proof of claim form containing information on how CBM has listed the Claim of such creditor on the Schedules. If a creditor does not receive a written notification by December 1,1994. The creditor should assume it is not listed txi die Schedules. Copies of the Schedules arc available for inspection between the hours of 9:30 a.m. anti 4:(X) p.m. at the Office of the Clerk. United States Bankruptcy ( Green. New York. New N ork CERNING THE AMOUNT AND PRIORITY OF THE CLAIMS LISTED ON THE SCHEDULES SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO CBM AT (610) 666-2729. Any Creditor whose Claim arises from rejection of any executory contrac t or ur,expired lease after the uate hereof, hut frior to the entry of an order confirming a chapter 11 plan, must ilc its proof of claim within thirty (30) days from tne date of the order approv mg the rejection of the contract or uncxpircd lease, but in no event earlier than the Bar Date. Dated: New York. New York November 3,1994 BY ORDER OF THE COURT HON. JAMES L- GARRITY, JR. KAYE, SCHOLKR, HERMAN. HAYS & HANDLER Attorneys for Commodore Business Machines, Inc., Debtor 425 Park Avenue New York, New York 10022
(212) 836-8000 Attn: Herbert S. Fidelman. Esq. Brian E. Kriger, Flsq. THE LAST WORD Kudos, complaints, comments, concerns, and contributions from our readers. Wish Lists for the New Owner I am totally in love with the video com- J puter marriage made possible by die Amiga and such cards as the Video Toaster and OpalVision it has changed my life. The A-1000. However, turned out to be incompatible with the existing Toaster card, and Commodore o built it with inadequate slots, power, and RAM for dealing with such a complex application. So here is my request to whichever group succeeds in buying Commodore: Please aim at producing an Amiga with a 68060 processor (or at least a 68040 at 50 Mhz), 4MB of chip RAM and 32MB ol last RAM, at least two video slots, and fast SCSI controllers. Such a machine would at least begin to make the Amiga competitive with the IBM and Apple computers in terms of power and speed. (We already know the Amiga lowers above the other platforms in video and graphics capabilities.) In addition, please work very closely with developers before you bring out some major new computer or device. Instead of working with NewTek* Commodore caught everyone by surprise by releasing an A4000 that was incompatible with the Toaster. Such a “decision" was preposterous! To ignore a company that brought the Amiga such new-found success is worse than absurd. Whoever you turn out to be, rest assured that if you operate things in an intelligent and positive manner, you will have the most devoted and loyal users anywhere. Steven L. Thomassin I datura, California If the new owner of the Amiga turns out to be the Commodore UK management group headed by David Pleas- ance, the future of our favorite machine will he in the hands of persons having an excellent marketing track O u record. We in America wonder, however. What kind of Amigas will he coming our wav and when. Commodore n UK was noted for producing low- priced, bare-bones machines lor use as game platforms, a strategy that simply won't work in America. Naturally, Mr. Pleasance would be expected to concentrate on reintroducing the Amiga into the UK, hut I hope he does not forget that most of the Instead of working with NewTek, Commodore caught everyone by surprise by releasing an A4000 that was incompatible with the Toaster. Such a “decision ” was preposterous! Amiga's nonemertainment software and hardware is produced in America, and this support network is eroding rapidly. Attention on the part ol the new owners to the American market might go a long way toward forestalling the extinction of the Amiga as n n a serious computer system. Jeffrey T. Powell 11 Us Coi'ina, Cali fit ni ia A Tip o’ the Hat To Quick Tip As a serious .Amiga user since the clavs O j of the A1000, I'd like to point out how helpful your magazine really is. This is to thank Denny Atkin for his Quick Tip in the “Denny on DOS" column of your August issue. 1 had bought a used 210MB IDE hard drive, and after installing it, 1 tried to Q save a scan from ADPro. It seemed to save fine, but when 1 went to load it in again, 1 got an Incomplete File error. At first I thought the drive was corrupt, but a quick check with Ami- Back Tools eliminated that possibility. I then assumed the drive’s controller card was bad, and was about to write it oil as a loss, when I remembered Denny’s Quick l ip. Within ten minutes the drive was up and running with no problems. Thanks, Denny, for a great column and for saving me some cash! William Young Address unknown AW May Bf. Thin, But It’s There When I got my first .Amiga (an A1000) there were only three commercial software titles on my dealer's shell, and no Amiga-specific magazines. Then the Amiga hit the launching pad and blasted off, rocketing us into another age of computing. Magazines such as Amazing Computing and AmigaWorhl appeared on the scene to provide users with information about the Amiga and its capabilities. Now, three Amigas later and still not owning a modem, I count on those magazines lo feed my hunger for new ci n information and updates. So in response to those readers who complain about the “thinness" of. Imimi World, I simply say that, thin or fat, it helps to fill what was once a void and would be again without it. Also, many thanks for "Denny on DOS" and theAmigalVorld hotline about CBM. For a guy who never met a program he couldn't guru (me), Denny's tips alone are worth the price of your magazine. .And even though I 4 o n have to pay for it, it's nice having the hoi line number to call. Colonel Conner, Jr. Tampa, Florida ¦ City Zip. [ft VECI Enter my one year subscription (12 issues) to AniigaWorld for just « Y Cw i $ 24.97 a savings of $ 22.43 (47%) off the newsstand rate. Bill Me Payment Enclosed City_State Zip_ Please allow 4-6 weeks for deliver)1 of the first issue. Make all checks payable to AMIGA World. All Foreign and Canadian orders must be prepaid in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank. Foreign Rates: Canada $ 33.00 (includes GST). Mexico $ 30.97. Foreign Airmail $ 81.97. p 1 ° B5JFS R:yrn I Enter my one year subscription (12 issues) to AmigaWorld for just S Y E V i S24.97 a savings of $ 22.43 (47%) off the newsstand rate. Bill Me Payment Enclosed Name_ Company Address_ City_State Zip___ Please allow 4-6 weeks for deliver)' of the first issue. Make all checks payable to AmigaWorld. All Foreign and Canadian orders must be prepaid in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank. Foreign Rates: Canada $ 33.00 (includes GST), Mexico $ 30.97, Foreign Airmail $ 81 97. B5JFS SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE 47% OFF THE NEWSSTAND RATE! IllfVCCI nter IT1y onc year subscription (12 issues) to AmiguWorid for just 133 I CO ¦ $ 24.97 a savings of $ 22.43 (47%) off the newsstand rate. ? Bill Me ? Payment Enclosed SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE 47% OFF THE NEWSSTAND RATE! SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE 47% OFF THE NEWSSTAND RATE! Name Stale. Company Address_ NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES m 11 m 11J r 111 n 11 IIII II11 Mil BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 111111 n 111111111 BUSINESS REPLY MAIL NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 I I i I I I I I I I I I 11 II I I I I I I M I I II I I I I I 1 I I I J M I i II I I II I J NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO 210 MT MORRIS IL POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AmigaWorld PO BOX 595 MT. MORRIS IL 61054-7900 UPCOMING FEATURES February A Buyer’s guide to new color printers. Also: Troubleshooting guide to printer problems, printer drivers and other printing issues. March Resources and support for Amiga users in the post-Commodore era. Product support and services; book, tapes and tutorials; BBSs and online support groups;eduction and training; find parts and equipment. April Hints and tips for desktop publishers. Also: Hands-on tutorials on using the latest version of PageStream. AMIGA WORLD SUBSCRIBE TODAY ONLY $ 24.97! (12 issues) CALL 1-800-827-0877 OR FAX
(815) 734-1223 All Major Credit Cards Accepted TO ADVERTISE CALL 1-800-441-4403 or Fax 1 -603-924-4066 To flie Attention of Heather Guinard The World's First Multi-Platform Emulation System! "BEST EMULATOR Winner of Amazing Computing's 1994 Reader's Choice Award ¦ Image Rende P*tih EM PLANT tunntrtg
* Aca! 01994 By Jim Dca Macintosh12' Emulation Module E586DX module - S99.95 (Requires base EMPLANT system.) ’ * > h AC V ,*VVe % >> V X 6,t> &&£* V Ge

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