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Brass lacks lime, methnks Let's be honest Wing Commander would be kjmped «i with a£ the other mmdless 3D shoot em-ups out there it it wasn't tor the graphics Quite simply, they are the most complex 3D images yet seen in an Amiga game In place ol abstract 3D vectors. Wing Commander otters texture mapped crah These Mite cubes actually have sutace detail and colouring as it they were plain old sprues, but they can zoom In and Out and rotate through all three planes as if ihey were real live vectors. In ihe pictures dolled around this review they may look a bit gaudy and chunky, but when the space ships are actually doing the business - (tying towards the player, then peeling olf with gunlire smashing agamst their hulls - ihai s when (he lull impact ol the graphics technology becomes apparent Let’s be honest - Wing Commander S i a league ol its own in terms of graphics technique Programmer Nadi Pefeng has performed minor miracles in gettmg this stuff on the Amiga at all Okay, so Ihe colours have been compromised quite radically, but ihe overall effect is Sti mightily mpressive The way the missions are ihieaded together (SO a coherent

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Amiga Power Issue 21 1993 Jan Cover

9 "77096


Indiana Jones storms _ Atlantis ■ in US  Gold's titanic graphic adventure

Space: The



for the



agent I

% AND~

! 1    the

lucky winner of our Design A Game competition

Find out v    inside


guarantee of value


last word In fight-and-flight suns from Psygnvsis

Flair do the console platform thang. with a real swinger.



e on oft

Mark Ramiham

RtVCwS EOfTOR Stuart Campball


Tim Norrli

STATE WMIEftS Mark WiniUnlty Tim Tuckar

MT EOfTOR Jacqula Spintan

DEPUTY Ml ECTOR Lua Nicholli


PNOOUCnON COOfOMTOf) Claira Fulltck

PUBU9CR Colin Campbell




IMNJUXG DOECTOfi Chrli Andarion

CONTRSUTOftS .Jonathan Dawai. Jea Jhanpttfiet. Dave Gaidar. Gary Petal. Adam Patera. Ronnie Randal. Richard Longhtait

LNO&SGWfNNG Simon CNBandan. John Moore Chtlt Stacker. Simon Wtndaor

PHOTOGRAPHY Stuart Raynaa. Tkn Norrli. AaMoe Jamaa


Amga Power.

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t member ci the AxN 6rreao cl Crciiaaom ftfgistrrrd crcutshon

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'fWtl tof «* fety


T) q to* lebdVtffi


nd* «0>4 iHlAY


1 MAM kt A CAT. I *01 A COTftftV


H Ml OCmOM* WA Act


By mi antu a Mr t ohh


TJoxI kM M Viarf komaowl no

Aim POMtA ccpw tet MM Vori f Aai PYMhhL Roytm ol Arra j formal ST fcrmM. <m i Supw Hf i Wmh hay Yoi Sadat. Cenmcaat foal. HOid ActOL S«(i *Omm. To14 wrA On Uk**

C Future Publishing 1992



They say no news is good news, so this month we haven't done any. Only kidding.


The world holds its breath and waits - is Bryan Adams still at number one


Sexy cover star James Pond serves as an entree lor Flashback, Soccer Kid, Arabian Knights. Nick Faldo's Golf and more!


Fll in those unsightly cavities in your AMIGA POWER collection, or pick up a fab game at a bargam-tastic giveaway price.


MoreFascmatron tips, part two of our Shadow Of The Beast 3 playing guide, plus Curse Of Enchantia and, most importantly of all, Jonathan Davies with the utterly wonderful Last Resort!


Find out which games we loved the most in the last 12 months. Yep, another three pages about Sensible Soccer. Sorry,


We ask the industry what it thinks of CDTVs chances in 1993. We're really sorry about the headline, by the way.


Stung by criticism, the readers bite back with four pages of venom, vitnol. great jokes and sparkling prose Or is it just a load of crap whingeing as usual


Don't buy an Amiga game until you've read - hang on, haven’t we used that line


This is is your last chance to take out a subscription for a fiver less AND get a free game into the bargain.


Introducing a new feature to our back page! We delve deep into the dark and turbulent pools that are the minds of the, er, 'movers and shakers' of the software biz. Kicking off is star programming chap Andrew Braybrook of Graftgold - he's a very nice man. He's a very, very rice man. He also likes Patrick Moore.



A display of state-of-the-arl programming, or just another over-hyped mess Page 34


Yes, we know It looks like Paradrold 90. but there's one big difference...    Page 38


It may be a year late, but the idea of Tef/7s-wlth-caslles Is as bizarre as ever...    Page 42


Have you got the Trolls '

No, I always walk like this.'

Page 44


After Vroom and F1GP is there really room one man and his moustache     Page 50


Imaginative sequel names, we ust love 'em. It only we could find one...    Page 52


OVER 300




The game that s so expensive you’ll have to buy It on HP.

Page 40


We just bet you’ll all be Russian out to buy this one. (Fired.

Fired. Fired. - Ed) Page 46


Shock! Maxis do a game without the word slm In It. This time It’s Slm War. Page 54


Well, it's an Indy game, really, isn't it (Didn ’t you get fired already - Ed)    Page 56





30 Construction Kit 2-40

■ill’s Tomato Qama--40

Cool World-79

Cytran-- 34

Dungeon MastartCHaos—BO

Goblllns 2-52

Indy JonoaMtlanlla .- 50

Loads Unltad ..... 12

Lamming■ Doubts Pack—17

Wotorhoad ...53

Nicky Boom----15

Nlgal Uanaoll————SO

Noddy's Playtima-51

Populous 2 Challango-14

Rampart--------------- 42

Robo Sport-54

Sonalblo Soccar 92/93-71

Trolls .. 44

Wing Commander .—34


Plctlonary :------------r------103

Spellbound Dizzy ——103

tups rears II". .-103

World Championship Boring Manager---102


Bupor All Stars-102

■upar Fighters-104


Had Suslo Qooa On-100

Intrepid ...- . -100

All Quna Blazing-100

Tank Attack-100


f MONTH...

wt go on solo on tho soiond Thursday of tho month, so you'll bo ablo to buy tho groovy February isiuo on tho 14th January. Wow, only throo week* to wait. Innit marvolous

What ANOTHER three absolutely top-notch demos all crammed on to one single disk

How on Earth do you manage it, oh mighty AMIGA POWER ’

'Weil, it’s like this. We re brilliant, frankly.’

01 course! Why didn't I think of that ’




Football isn’t a matter ot life and death -it's a matter ot life, death, and horrible mutilation and maiming wilh hand




AMIGA POWER and Sensible Software proudly present three new additions to the Sensible Soccer squad, featuring some titanic tussles through lime. You know you’ll love it.


It gol Combat. It’s got air. You know (he rest. Do your best Tom Cruise routines, with this playable demo.


More colourful than Zool, cuter than Lemmings, and wilh more hair than Freddie Boswell - it’s an entire playable level of Trolls.


Oh no! Art you >ur« Before you go any further try the procedure! deter I bed in the panel over the pege. tt. alter all that, you do have disk problem*, limply place it In an tnvalope. along with an SAE and an txplaiulory tetter, and raturn it NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Ralum* 21. Dlikcopy Labs. Unit 2*3 Omega Technology Centre. Drayton Field*. Drayton. NN1 1FR










• Combat Air Patrol I* or* m*g only. Urn. sorry.

• To load any ol the gam**, all you have lo do ia switch ofl your machine, Insert lha disk, and switch your machine back on again.

• An options menu will appear. Simply follow the Instructions to load the game at your choice.

• Just to be on ihe sale side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key lo make your selection

R It really Is that simple.

R You'll have to reset your machine In order to play one ot the other demos. When you do so. simply lollow Ihe Instructions above.

R Remember lo keep Ihe disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all limes. And ramambar -switching ihe machine oil lor 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

R Have a good time.


R Are you sura

R Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals Ihe program might not 'like'.

R II your disk tails lo load, then pop It in a padded envelope, along with a letter eiptsinlng the problem, lo: AMIGA POWER Disk 21 Returns. Dlskeopy Labs Unit 2*3

Omega Technology Centre Drayton Fields Drayton NN1 1FR

R We really hoping you're reading this bit, because it's quite Important: please don't send your disks to us at Ihe AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how lo lit dodgy disks. We've tried, we really have, but we re usl crap at if. So send It Dlscopy Labs Please.

A rial ol cotoer ea mn acraaa - ikai i ifc, nraaky new TroMs Iran flair.

Publisher: Flair




Publisher: Renegade

Sensib'e s finest moment lo date is very probably the updated version ol Sensible Soccer Undoubtedy Iheir weirdest moment ic date was ihe In The Style Of creation published back in November issue of AMIGA POWER Now for the hrsl and only time, the two games are together on disk Thts is your chance to play

England vs Germany n 1993. or lo go back to 1944 and play a vacation on that match And you can even relive the that classic world cup maich ol 1966 It s all here vi this very exclusive Sects Cue Soccer demo

Playing couldn t be simpler On the Me screen use Ihe joystick to select which of the three matches you wish 10 play, and wiih how many people Then press the lire

After the entertaining Elvira arcade game. Flair really get into the piattorm swing ol Ihmgs. with their game based on the devikshiy cutedotaiiy moating (delete as applicable) little Freddie Boswell look-alikes kxtenng m toy shops up and down the country

What you have in this here playable demo, is a single level oi a single world - which gives the player control over one ol the ubiquitous trolls, on a mission to aipiore the landscape

avoiding slamping on baddies and collecting all (he little baby trolls siting around the place

To help you on the quest yo-yos (along with extra energy and the like) can occasionally be lound inside balloons and other collectible ejects The troll's health cs indicated by his hair colour - but you ve

button and away you go The demo ends when either s>de manages to score a goal


This being the new edition ol Soccer, a number

gal three lives to play with, so don t worry to much

Once the yo-yo has been collected a press ol the tire-button and a push of the joystick wni send it (tying in the desired direction, and it this is done mid jump, it II sick onto platforms, enabling the troll to swing around Tarzan or Spiderman style

And. er. that's about it. really Enyoy yourself and check out the review ol Ihe lull Ihing in this very issue, why donchai

g a




la elusive 1 Never teee be lore eed b« itpcilid - Soai/WWII itfU-

Or lor lomathirif a litfllo (inllUr, haw ibDMl the World Cap final If44

Taking II ban* mp to dalt, tht f tyf ] vcraloa «««■ ia<lad«i r«d Cirdi. CatMt.


GENEHAL CONTROLS CTRL Afterburners TAB Weapon HUD select ♦/- Increase decrease power B Brake A Arrestor hook L Launch

G Landing gear toggle *}> Left right rudder L Cockpit lights toggle


J Joystick X Keyboard

CONTROLS FOR KEYBOARD (up arrow) Dive (down arrow)    Climb

(left arrow)    Roll left

(right arrow)    Roll right

CAMERA MOVEMENT ♦/- raiselower camera /    Zoom In

*    Zoom out

(    Rotate left

)    Rotate right

1-9    Quick angle rotate

S Cockpit external toggle

Note that all the rotational controls are available from the keypad, and also work Inside the cockpit.


I nearby players with it A tree I luck is Ihen given to the team I who suffered the casually I Any players lost in action are

■    lost lor the duration of the

■    match, so da try not to get I them all blown up

As m the original game.

■    it's all joystick controlled.

I® there's after touch on the ball, pressing the lire button will dive lor the ball or kick it. ■ and the goalies are computer controlled And remember kids, the 1944 scenario may be a little sick But so is war. so don't fry this one at home

XWIWIHIW play Ita ]<■< ■kick ku larvae ■a la ilia Slain aa arn<a all la klwsalf-

Tka aawbar ta Ika Saawy ikavi kaw Maay baby trolb kam baaa callanad to far.

Jaap daaa ea la iba plaaa la destroy It


Publisher: Psygnosis

If this playable live minute demo is anything to go by. then Combat Air Patrol could well give the mighty but ageg F 15 Str*e Eagle D a good seeing to.

Combining some cl the smoothest 3D we ve seen on the Amiga, with lull-on

gutt simulahon and shoo! am-

Lf aspects. Psygnosis are obviously aiming lor a Itighi srm with general appeal Mega fortress it aim The

obtective in the demo is simple enough Take Oft from an aircraft earner, take on an enemy fighter using only air-to an missiles and machine guns, then pull oil a smooth landing back on the aircraft earner. Easy, huh1 Remember though you've onfy got five minutes in which to achieve this - we can t give the whole game away, now can we1


Par ail Mrihbound klutz types out there here's a quck guide to taking oft With the mouse, select instant (light horn the

main menu - its the only opr ion highlighted. Onoe the cockpit view appears, press J key lor yaysiick. M for mouse or K lor keyboard (Joystick and mouse simply work as normal except forward dives and pulling back climbs) Holding down the CTRL key press the plus at the lop of the -    keyboard Two red

bars should begin to rise on a metei at the lop left at the cockpit Keep the  keys held down until the ied bais leach three Quarters ol the way. up Ihen press the L key to launch Once the plane has rteared the runway, then press G to raise the landing gear. TAB to set the Head Up Display to air-to-air missies, and away you go The game itseK a scheduled lor release some time m January, and you can bet your bottom dollar there'll be a full review ol il in AMIGA POWER


F1 Cockpit view F2 External track F3 External panning camera F6 Aerial view F7 External track *2 F8 Carrier view F9 Missile view

Jimu Umi and amowoPdes - *a u< b« i< ii»e w flwtea Air tarot U<cp4 for tbk If MM, Ibkt It

ol new tncks. tactics and rules have been implemented - the most obvious one being the yellow and red cards. Check out Stuart s lul review ol the game for a complete list ol the changes The 1944 match doesn't have yellow or red cards of course, but what it does have is a volatile hand grenade replacing the ball Don't worry. Play youi match as normal - though the odd way the grenade bounces might be a little disconcerting to begin with - and panic only when the grenade begins to glow It will soon explode, taking any

Explosive aciiok Ik tbk kit Ma, all filfiai, and all deloaabej 1**4 aarsioa ol Seajikie totter




Your crystal ball got broken, so AMIGA POWER is still the only plaice to come for a view of the future.



Game: James Pond Operation Starfish Publisher: Millennium Authors: Chris Sorrel (Design. Code. Visuals). Richard Joseph (Sound & Music)

ETA: Easter 1993

Briefly: As we all know, the Moon is made of cheese And no ones more aware of that tael than James Pond s arch

enemy. Or Maybe The deranged doctor has set up a base on the Moon He has a team of rats mining cheese which will be sent 10 Earth to flood the market and so throw it into financial chaos. The world will then become Dr Maybe's oyster unless Pond can find the dastard and save the day With Operation Starfish (formerly Splash Gordon).

James Pond is boldly going where no teh has gone before


For a start, the Pond character s been overhauled and is now more versatile than ever He can pack up handy items (see panel), some of which are activated immed'alety. whie others can be thrown at the enemy characters or P used when necessary (What you Al can t see here are the lain and Gfc cakes which Pond wears so he ' can roll into the enemy

characters As an added bonus, some robot guards don’t

Hrv, iiBEij wild awl for tkil wora «Mi tkm droopy aiiannii and Iht Miller ■■■itidial

And, «f, dill ii a btf ■■■Iimh IIIii thin, on lk« dtiici ■oca. Wk*i «!m coo m Mil Ok, fidpl did yoa know ttval wknn ipaiicnk lood oo iho woon, M rlnff Ilka a kollT




A*d Mn i a coaplc ol iht jmwslaf charadcn Powd metis am Hit Moot. Tltrt i Hit fhrlif Com (Ms dmatl raUllai it apt d over Iht Maos, of count), aid a cAT-AT Walhtr (I).

There's tlso s slier rsl, lose mod robot mict tod a worm.

'•cognise Pond m his disguise

Pond can also ump and duck and r.jr. - and can he runt ‘He's ai leas) as last as Sonic,' says Chns And Pond needs lo be il he's lo build up enough speed lo tun 14) same cl Ihe neat vertical inclines in the strange scenery.

Bui best ol all ts Pond s Speoai Ab*ty He Uew bubbles in James Pond and could stretch and hang Irom the ceiling «t floboCod In Operation Starfish Pond can sack to almost anything by means ol a pan oi gravity bools He can even hang upside domv and there may yet he a boss character as targe as - it not larger than - the screen which means Pend will have lo run around it There are dozens at novel new features, loo such as a map screen (an ncompieie version ol 1 is

inmg oy    collecting

3ls    tokei

"l»'s the biggest Pond gome yet"

shown here) to chart Pond s progress through the too plus levels The route isn't linear though Once a level has been completed. Pond can be moved on to a vistte adiacent level Secret routes and levels are found by collecting speoai tokens And let s not lorget Finmus Frog, a trainee agent and Pond's new assistant You actuary gel lo control Finrtus by collecting another type ol speoai token A rocket then shoots on to the screen and drops oft Finruus He s a simply adorabe little leiia who packs a mean tongue and can carry an object Control reverts back to m Pond only when one & Fmrvjs' own ve$ ts lost The creators Wr speak: It's the biggest

whole thing's dairy based '

Where does Chns gel his ideas

'My graphics inspiration comes Irom Disney cartoons and Tom and Jerry cartoons It's less apparent in RcboCod. but much more obvious in this one

"Each Pond game has been inspired by a class* Commodore 64 game Pond was Gnbbly's Day Out-1 like that a lot -and RoboCod mas Thing On A Spring. Pond3 is simitar to Nodes Of Yesod "The graphic style ol Operator Starfish is a cross between the simple, outlined look ol. say. Mano. and Disney cartoons lor the animation Everything bftnks lo grve a mare character There are a lot more animation frames lor Pond *

Has he met with many problems during development'3

'The waking around wails ts all very mce but it doesn't halt cause problems It's why it's taken so long The biggest problem now «lifting in all the ideas II always happens

'RotoCod could have done with a lot more polish, which Pond had but Ihe mapping could have been done befler there were some bits that were unplayable, and all that going back and forth was a bit ol a pam But I've learned more about design

)    I'm tmishing of! Ihe map

at the moment, placing on it (rhT% where Ihe levels will be There 11 be an almost limitless number ol routes through it You should be able tc go back and explore most ol ihe levels once you've completed them, to find the hidden things This one's go ng to have more hidden things than ever belore It'd be diftcuil lor one person 10 Imd them all There probably will be boss characters at the ends ol al the sections, but I don t know yet I want to do something a little bit drfterent *

Verdict 10 tar: 11 s certainly shaping up to be Pond's finest hour The character has the potential to do tor Millennium whai Mano and Sonic dd lor Ihe* respective companies And ol course. Pond's as Bntish as Bntam itself • GARY PENN

Pond game yel.' says Millennium s Ian Saunter 'll was originally going to be ready lor this Christmas but now ti's too big and loo good really'

'The Moon's not just made ol cheese ■ there's every other type of dairy product there,' says Chns Sorrell TKs whole world has evolved on the Moon, so it's not realty a senes ol separate levels I want this lo be remembered as a game where everything's in context That's why the


Chns Sorrell went straight Irom leaving school to drawing tor programmer Steve



Bak 'I never saw mysell as an aflat though, only a programmer' says Chns

He cut his coding teeth with Yolanda, a conversion ol Steve Bak s cult

Commodore 64 hi Hercules 'll was only a small protect to prove 1 could code


I'd never realy written anything belore that'


With Yolanda under hts belt. Chns was tired up and eager to do l>s own


thing, so he started work on Guppy Miflenrvum weren't keen on the title though Michael Hayward [Miierrum s managing (Vector) came up with a new name James Pond It stuck, and the rest, as they ckche <s history




Spiffing Image Domark (1986) - Visuals Ddgs Of War Pnsm (1989) - V«uals

Fire And Bnmstone Firebnd (1989) - Visuals Yotanda Miiennwm (1990) - Visuals 6 Code James Pond Millennium (1990) - Visuals. Code 8 Design RoboCod Millennium (1991) - Visuals. Code & Design


Pood'i minion atom io n« (hint filial lo fht bottom lofl-fcoorf (enter of (fell oesthic mop (which liol ftt finished). The Milk Soo b below. No potsoi Ik roof b Tk« Swamp, Tho lottcr Monatoios, The Bloo Chooio Moini, owd, towards lh« froioo North, 00 Ico Croom Zooo compute with cooo hills. There ore waderf rowed levels, loo, nek 01 ike Mooe s ooierol cavern, The Slime Caverns, ood The Cheese Mines (which may yel hove to be bloom ■p). “I doaT keow H Ibere will be oey mine certs la Ihe mines/ lOfi Ckrii "There seems to hove beco o ipotc of those receotff, to I doeT realty weal lo do them.'








1 m x









It uhci mote tfcjfi iikki md iIomi lo brtjh 1k€ bflMl of lk« trtitiru utrtd In Itiii organic kval.

or console system He's a Uexibie tellow is Conrad Hrs remarkable repertoire ol actions indudes walking, running, jumping, climbing, rolling, crouching skidding to a halt, inching forward, hangng, picking up objects throwing them, shooting and much more

Delphine achieved the lifelike animation by using a Mm industry



intense development have added -gasp! - depth

Flashback has five large levels 10 explore, each one full ol platform arrangements to negotiate, bizarre alien creatures lo combat, kooky characters to question, and cash and groovy gadgets galore to

collect and use    _

Flashback looks lush - tar mere detailed and like an animated cartoon than its precursor - and even m its present, ncompiete. torm it appears to be  more involved than ” Another World

It s also certainty lair la say lhal Conrad s animation is easily some ol ihe most impressive ever seen on any home computer

Coatad takci a rwfliii] Jump li Ike iiifl«.

"Looks smart, sounds healthy and has the depth

technique called Roloscoping Actors were filmed performing . Conrad's moves, then k selected frames were traced before being redrawn and pieced together The result was certamty worm the eh an The improvements don 1 end there though Flashback also boasts cinematic style zooms.

" animated dose up shots and -here's where the title comes mto play -Hashback scenes And. as ever. Delphme are making tu* use ol their in-house recording studios to create appropriate and atmosphere sound and muse Verdict So Far: Flashback looks smart, sounds healthy and has the depth, if it has the playability to match it will turn out to be. as they say, a sionker It will certainly be interesting to see how Delph.ne develop this torm ol arcade adventure now that their star all rounder Eric Chahi is working tor Virgin Games • GARY PENN

Game: Flashback Publisher: US Gold Programmers: Delphine (Code Paul Cuisset)

ETA: Easter 1993

Briefly: Research scents! Conrad B Hart has discovered with the aid ol a special eye glass thang. that extra terrestnats have assumed the guise ol lop ranking human be«ngs and wnl soon dominate the Earth (Shades - hahehc -ol They Live there

But the aliens knew that he knew, and before he knew it. Conrad was kidnapped him and Its memory erased

He managed to escape though, on a hover bike, and lound to bus horror that he was noton Earth. Bang1 Conrad was shot down

He regains consciousness in the deep dark depths of the jungle, unsure ot his own identity but fully aware ol the surrounding danger The action begins on Titan

This deadly dreary scenario (presented as a neat. My animated introductory sequence) belies a potential lour de lore* m computer entertainment software Delphine have taken the technology used m the sick yet vacuous Another World and m almost two years ol

dernety popvUltd city, Coercd I on to a ««lk«4y Whet a clever <K«p




!o solve Ihe problem before Ihe rtexi loumamenl FIFA ate on the verge of handng out a discarded drinks machine cup wrapped m a tn ol Alcan, when a little boy comes up with the solution Why not collect Ihe bits back together and fix up the cup Bnikant' So starts the epic tnp ot Soccer Mol his globe trotting tourney to bring ihe World Cup home m one pace The creators speak: With eighteen levels, set ever i-.- countnes, it; taking a LONG hrne to get the graphes done.' moans Nigel Lithe, programmer ol Soccer M ‘The game features parallax scrolling several levels deep, so that means several backgrounds tor each level Another thing that we re working on at the moment is the movement ol the football instead at having the ban acting artiteaiiy like a yo-yo and returning to Soccer M we've decided to impose real physical rules on its movement Although this makes 1 bounce realistically, n also means that it can end up down pits or Moating on water, so we ve got to come up with a credible way that he can get he ball back Also ai

some pent we re adding a kit design section so you can customise the Kid to your favourite team *

So apart horn the World Cup. what other uses o'the soccer theme does the game e7

*His football ol course' Soccer Mi best tnend <s rts bai. which he uses to get out ot a* kexJs ot trouWe He can do a«

i' Iasi food is a common I American filial, and I can fall fan dial Art! hood. Did I ever fall Ton I'd been 1o Anarica


r.'vv’V;' T

Itiaq li !<*lur< ol


%*:.*■***    viW ' v .We >.

V'.W»/ V"a •. p u ,v« v* w. f    . ■ JB7- V*- r

- ' ' ' ’’• * * ' •

£v»‘rriZ    '.V* '.VwV

kinds ot trick shots. Such as trapping me ball, headers, t>cyde shots and balancing on the ball He can also jump on rt and use rt i*e a springboard to gel to rvgh p.ittorms Aong the way    %

the K<1    *

can collect power-ups to boost the range and abilities ot his kicks He must also keep his energy up with food and can collect try and collect a set at lootbatl cards which get him through to bonus levels Once he s goi the Cup back together the last level« a dash through the streets to the Cup presentation but it s not gomg to be easy *

Verdict so tar: Although both Soccer M and Arabian Nights operate on the same



they couktn i look and play more differently, and they both look and play very wett indeed The iooibail moves convincingly and creates many more playing opportunities than you d have on a standard platform game and there are enough inck shols to make ihem lun to use. so this is no game gimmick From the pre-production version that I've played I realty can t tmd lault with either the sound or the graphics, so let s hope Ihe completed verson plays the well throughout • UARK WINSTANLBY

Game: Soccer Kid Publisher: Krisalis Programmers: Nigel Little, Neil Adamson. Mall Furniss

ETA: April 1993

Briefly: A tragedy ol almost apocalyptic magnitude has shocked the football world* The World Cup irophy has been scattered across the entire globe et •rsy. mangled pieces and no one seems -ihfe

hints and extra details flashing up in the form at a light bulb over Smbad's head Verdict so far The puzzles seem to be pitched at the right level ol difficulty, so a couple ot Ines is enough to gel past each one, and even tailing into liery pits doesn't herald the instant and annoying death so alien seen on other games With the emphasis on thought rather than action. Arabian Hights won t be the kind ol game you can just rush through and expect to finish From what we've seen though, ihts doesn't slop a novice player /usl picking up a joystick and getting stuck in. It all the proposed levels oome    '

together as planned    ~

. -


Sinbad laces various pdfaiis such as adc pools and flame pits as he leaps around There are gaolers to contend with each one looking downright nasty and armed with a particularly vicious sword To advance through the game you need lo do deals wilh the characters you meet, with

puzzle solving aspects to all its fifteen levels The creators speak: Programmer Simeon Pashley stresses lhai this is. above all. a puzzle game "There's enough hack and slash at there lor those that want it," he says, 'but to gel on in the game you realty have to use your head Sinbad s journey lakes him trom the pnson to the \toers castle, with a lores), did lace, boat journey, volcano and mme level, causing problems at every step Ol the way We ve pul in several guardians called Djim's. at the end of certain sections The Djini s are based on the four elements, eadh, wmd, water

and lire, so there s a water _

D ini to lace dunng the boat journey, a tire D, ni m the volcano and so on In this

mine levels you    

'acs along on mine cans lighting

atiacks. and we ve    1 ,    ; j ■

even put m some

(lying magic carpet

levels bui i everything

gets too bg lo fit on the disk.

then these wii probably have to go

"There s a separate inventory screen and around thirty different objects lor Sinbad to pick up There are the obvious things to help his progress such as weapons, keys and food, and also magical items such power boots lor extra speed and potions that make you lighter so that you can jump higher'

Aa Mul HaraT 1 Malkiakx rCi lomclhlif is Ms wtik Iks plan.

Well, w«ll, Mil, I diia lay Sal all anaaav at avafkal advaalaret wil sexar U t la bad «pl Mam a ay aaa at Ikaaa. Tktra ajala, aiaybe kail Jail frt sal.

Game: Arabian Nights Publisher: Krisalis Programmers: Simeon Pashley and Darren Hebden ETA: January "93

Briefly: In Knsaks" lonhcoming puzzler ol might mage and (etching rugs ■th tassels on them you play a young scamp held captive by the Caliph who lor tome reason thinks you've kidnapped his beautiful daughter Ayrma You not only nave to escape and flee the oty. but also rescue Aynna trom the Evil Vizier. Arabian Mgftts is a platform romp with

faille) lad kata-keep* ara balk aka laaxbai-




r -\

4 \

• * Ml


/Ml* J tMM / iiAUi

IT J. i



Above; A mill Kdioa of lk« rail network Epos which your fro«t  «4«iR(uri will like pUc«.

Left Aln«sphinc

AClho« ia lk«

operations room iboard tk« Triaurcticj. Love ihii bet

living power of lue against the death gnp ot ice encapsulating the game s final arm. to find the Sun In Transarcbca civilisation may have perished but man's love of culture and beauty has not and. whilst Me is hard, this can sbii be expressed in the machinery and buildings that men create * Quite

The game will be mouse and con driven With the playing map covering Europe the far East and northern AInca and the locations and enemy moves being




















GAME: Transarctica PUBLISHER: Silmarils AUTHORS: Louis Maria Rocques. Andrr Rocques (game design), Jean-Christophe Charter. Pascal Einsweiler (graphics). Fabrice Hautecloque (music)

ETA: Late January

car on i

It's going to have tremendous visual impact11

Briefly: When an attempt to reverse the eflects ol the Greenhouse Effect by deliberately cauSdig a nudear winter works far loo wen, things took Weak tor humanity. Centuries after this ecodisaster mankind has re-established a new world oider. where a vast corporator! ca*ed the Viking Union holds the power over the only fuel source - coal - and the trams that are the only transport across the inhospitable Irozen wastes Breaking tree of the grasp ol the icy totalitarian Stale you play the captain ot the tram

Transarctica' who believes that some ancient writings are true and that he can bring the sun badr to In Since this would not liy bring the world out ct the ee age but also wreck the Viking Union s monopoly on woito transport they will do anything to stop you

Tra/isarcfrea is one ol those real time strategy adventure games, so you have to keep hack of the numerous events as they happen As well as maintaining a steady coal Supply and repairing the tram, the wagon order has to be set tor bathe

mammoths herded starving wolves avoided and ct

course the Viking Union has to be kept at bay This can involve an optional arcade sequence, which uses a wtoe variety of missiles cannons, infantry, mammoths and even sabotage units to btow up railway tracks and bridges The creators speak: French unfortunately. Bui protect leader Lours Mane Rocques s also conversant en anglais The oto Russian style ol the game ■s influenced by the Trans-Stoenan express, he explained The huge coal fired trains themselves represent a strong symbolism, when placed against the ee Socked world lound m the game, ol the vital


•ainalh Utr hope Iho Optra Hook b HIM ihari.


MioMIhr aod ■onatain In ■ha Vain hall ■rasa load.

Ton'll ba abla lo faolld your Iralo from a ■ alaclloa ol naatal carrla ai.

randomised every game, tong term game play seems guaranteed

'Strategic elements test the intellect, while the quests lor Mammoth City' and the tmal chase (or the sun are pure adventure Suspense is permanent as you are pursued by the Viking Union and the adventure element is compulsive. pushing the payer deeper and deeper into the game until the player becomes hooked on power and ambition !‘ enthuses Louis Verdict so far:

Everyone involved with the game seems exerted by it. and from what we've seen so far. they ve got good reason to be. It's obvious that Tran&arctca is going to have tremendous visual impact, and no one can accuse them ot being m any way derivative with either the concept or setting h only remains now to see whether this supedrain strategy game wi« have the playability to match its doubtless good looks • HARK WtNSTANLEY


*m <w cKoot* your club from lb* lup aa am >>»il»m to cMp M over Mm voter would help, ■otcit of course roe enjoy aquatic foil.


GAME: Nick Faldos Golf PUBLISHER: Grandslam AUTHORS: Andrew Perkins (design and code). Gary Tonge (graphics and design), Jamie Moore (course design). Andrew McGinty (music and sound) ETA: November 27th

The creators speak: We tawed to Andrew Perkins, who's responsible lot ail the game programming, and a lair amount ol the design too This is Andrew s fust game, so what nas th s go t game got to otter that others are lacking'5

’The bas»c

philosophy we had was to make this game lun to play and good to look at Too many golt games are technically accurate, but just dull to play We wanted to create an arcade type game, while keeping in mind that got! players will want to play it. so the realism's there too. We did a lot ol play testing to ensure that it plays well, and there's a lot ol lun elements - the caddies lak to you on the way round, and the animation really adds to the atmosphere ol the game The interface is very easy to use - there are snap on menus which appear when you move your mouse tc the side ot the screen and you use these to choose dubs and J look at where you are on the course

T persona»y    Vyiji

knew very little )

about go1 before    P V'TWin

start ng the game.

.ro * - a"" as 1

we'" a "g b jt (    £

Nos Fauc    UEjr»

looked at it and    TO

passed on

Thin 1 a ihjfaily diHmni coairol niihod lor piltiri with 1h«, irn, lotfil fhjpod iklBJf ( ) to lh« loft ol lh« JlfflfB.

comments about how he thought it could be improved There are two different levels ol play, amateur and professional so it you>e new to golt you can break yourself *1 gentty. There's also a coaching section where you can practice shots on different parts ol the course and you're grven tps and advice on the correct way to play The tips are taken Irom Nick Faldo s training videos, so you re improving your real golt at the same time too '

What kind ot player options are theie in the gams’5

’There are two types ol game. Stroke play and Match pay Stroke play

■•for* YOU tun YOU have lo iIimii yoar vaapoai Voa can < actually dwau few    all of Ikaai - va thaM.

ML mat >ou could get bored

T    with it quickly'5

No. there s a lot to BM H da m me game Theie are two compete golt courses which are (,ci oral We designed them us ng p-o'eSS anal course design books You Wfr also have the option to pay n SgF spring, summer or wuiier It would md lake you a coupe ot hours iusi 10 lake rt an in before you even M started paying it. so the longevity ol the game is assuied ‘

B What technical things were involved § m making it a realistic simulation'’ 'The ban lights are all worked out using algorithms which relate to the way the ball is hit and how its flight path woukf be attected The wind also affects the shots, with me contour ol the course and obstacles determining how the wind behaves We used the Reality3 system which gives very smooth graphics using polygons on the courses, and e»ce*ent shaded grass effects The screen redraws are very quick - about tour or live seconds compared to something like Unks. which takes two minutes."

Verdict so far: N>ck Faldo's Golt looks good and it s quick It seems to juslify the creator's claims to being a tun golfing experience The version we had was hard to play, but an amateur option « the timshed version should put us non gpters at ease Something to look forward to we reckon • TIM TUCKER

Th« rijht had bin ulli foa haw Hit bill it tittiMj amd wb«r« you ill ob lh« cotru Mbbbi mb brought ap by limply moving th« ho«<« pointer Tale thaf ar<fl.

Briefly: For those ot you who aie too darned lazy to go out and actuary pay golt. here comes another golt sim for your Amiga It's already been proved mat what in tact sounds like an incredibly dull concept for a game can be rather lab, so if you haven't been introduced to the peasures ol computer gob yet. this could be the one for you.

Oh wrl, bwl bul l as! lair, thara t a bloody ]tul baa la (ha w*y aad I eaal ua lha hola final tiara Vaa'rt ckreia] ■I ara vara la play property, I'd baal YOU awry bar

Nick raids b Jail about la baal a lmall, ai

aiiiprctia) licit viik a I tick. Wa lay

vkita rod,

Deal be ie haardau, Nick.

USI has you going round the course trying to do rt under par Match play pts you against up to three other payers, wheh can be human or computer There are eight computer payers, ranging m difficulty horn the bottom one. who does the course m about 20 above par. to Nk* Faldo himself, who's the best."

How pg «the game itsefl - s it kkety


This month has been a bit of a corker, gameswise. There’s Indy Jones and KGB for adventure fans. There’s Nigel Mansell for race fans. There’s Wing Commander for shoot-’em-up fans and loads, frankly, more. But first...




y We jot precious iittie ,k work Irom the

■    ammulrve Soot this A month - the new

0    version ol Sensjhte Soccer arrived and we

haven 1 been able to

1 pnse him away Irom    g

his Amiga 'Go away    I

I'm busy.'was usl about the only conversation we got B Irom him a> month


Tim's gidlnend went to New York on business and left    B

the poor chap on his t own 'But she brought me back a really tab Statue 01 Liberty, and some chocolate And she got hersett the most amazing glowm-thedark golf ball - it's the best thing ever' But Tim. you can't see the hole m the dark


Gary made one ol his rare visits 10 AP eh'cn this yE momh so we

A -

new phc'os o< him 'Can I go home now1 I'm    H

bored.' sa<d the    H

ace freelancer    S

Wei1 thanks (or    I

com ng. it's    fl

always nice to

see you    H

W Thus month Mark

achieved a ft tile-long ambition B by having his Bphctc hM-’ody  ft Maker. 'It'S  B more tmponam f ▼ to me than being the editor ot a computer

magazine,' he said Well, at least he's honest



This month ft Jacque organised  B the AMIGA §■ POWER of-tn

HV shoot. ‘It's about By lime we had AL some new B) moody photos ol HE everybody B Poking cool." she Bt mused, and then M stuck her Imger H m her ear Very arty


Lisa had a great time at the Future Entertainment Shaw She took her camera so she could get

some .;     k

pieces lor Jfl V us but was V  disappointed    ft

to lind. when    m, . '

she got home, that she hadn't put a film m it '( US1 lorgol ail right '



Yet another new statl writer1

He gamely volunteered to

use his



(Cameron] to avoid the

• >o HBVy

Marks in the c" -    ' on.

the two ' ' .    ■BBB

woo'd do    EBBB

something ' he

sad. pointedly    H



As a lorleii lor failing to pay JM back a loan, ftfl Adam was M 'O'ced ro e<to W the virtues o' U ■■■ : i- B r-2 ipM s~ W m a very <XXJ B voice m the c*f ft park Hehassmce 1



New statl writer. Tim. has joined us irom ST Formal He's also got a new flat which by bizarre coincidence, was once occupied by out own dear editor 'It's quite nice." he said, tut I'm not sure what to do with the barbecue that Mark lett in the wardrobe ' Nor. obviously, was Mark

lectureship at theLSE



Rich looks mote like a cross between Mornsey and Jack Dee every day ‘I da not.' he protested, 'and il you pnnt that It beat you with JP" this datlodil '



Sometimes it's tun writing this b1 ol Ihe mag People love to tel us about all the (ruling things they've done Bui sometimes they just wish we'd go away and bother someone else 'Can t you just make something up " asked Jonathan. "I haven't done anything."



It seems Dave s rapidly becoming something ol a sex symbol Apparently he s been geti ng some Ian mail but. frankly, we re at a loss to explain it 'It's my charm wit. charisma and general good looks.’ he said, modestly


It’s been a long time coming, but the legendary epic is here

the new A1200.

results are occasionally a little gaudy, but in the 30 space sections I he reduction

from 256 to 32 cotours is hardly noticeable Phew Made it to first base


It works something like this.

Humanity, just lor a change, is at war This time it's a teg budget interstellar atlair. complete with chorus girls and Busby Berkeley numbers The bad guys are a bunch Of pussies, literally Going by stock Dr Who (Great! - Dave GoWerJ name number 29 - the Kilrathi - the enemy are Ion-Ike warriors who seem to have some kind ol genoodai grudge against the human race The player takes on the role of

Game: Wing Commander Publisher: Mindscape Authors: Chris Roberts £    (Original), Nick Palling

®    (Amiga version), and a    cast

-    ot thousands (graphics    and

>    sound)

x    Price: £34.99

<    Release: Out now


z    o. Wing Commander eh’ Wing

*    Commander - the game which A got people buying big. powerful

PCs. Wing Commander - the ®    landmark in shoot-'em ups Wing

“J Commander - the game wh<h saved all

*    that tedwus mucking about m hyperspace ® Wing Commander - the aww. you

get the dea

The big piobiem when approaching a game like this is to sepaiate the hype from the game beneath It's all too easy to be laker n by the superlatives draped over Its shiny, smooth exterior, and it's also very easy to tall into the trap ol adding to the hyperbole What this takes is some kind of cdd. detachment But then, that's not what being a games Ian and criiie is abouf Hen I'm noi a number. I'm a reviewer, and HI be enthusiastic or caustic if I want to So there

The history ol Amiga Wing

Commander is vwdely known, having already laitered on the starting block once, until programming genius Nick Pelting grabbed the reins, with the intent of doing what they an said couldn t be done - bringing Wing Commander to the Amiga And here it is So what's new1 Not a lot. thankfully When you've got a game design so obviously successful as the one. then there's little point in messing around with the winning lormula No. what s been attempted here is an exact recreation of the ongmal game, with the number of cotours being the only compromise The





kaUdin, SIwijliU tad Aaftl - Juft tkr«« plwn] ia Dm hi ajilnl ik« allliHlMi KilraUil. A ckal trill Am jurt if atvifi aaUfklaalas-

' -


It la daafci, fly itratjkt at fkaai, with all ,uaa blaiia,. II ttally aartu. iantllaii.

the rookie who. over the course ol game wilt either be the saviour o< the human race, or land them in b*g doc doc

The tact that all the blasting bits link together to lorm a story, means that each time the player returns to base, a debnefmg takes place - sometimes Itetowed by another medal to add to the old collection, sometimes a promotion, or sometimes a severe ticking off. After that, d s back to the officer's mess Here the game can be saved, or a visit to the bar can be made, where other plots are always keen lor a chat - a convenient way ot conveying me storyline to the

Watch oul lor this symbol, it indicates mews, reviews and percentages on games which lake advantage ol Ihe capabilities on Ihe Amiga A1200

storyline shouldn t be underestimated either The eflect serves la draw the player in even further, with little sequences depicting failures or successes n the war eflect - all dependent on Ihe performance

ol the player ol course

In space, the game works as a very simplified flighi simulator - even afterburners aie available Depending on the mission and Ship type, mines, missiles and vanous strengths ol photon torpedo are available whh which (0 wipe oul Ihe bad guys It s nol all fight, fight, fight though Proximity mines and startlingly last asteroids also lie in wail in that b>g thing we call space

The missions themselves vary between reconnaissance, plain old

Mm A d*M hrwah wMfc Mm MM

Mm brakes'

player A 'simulator' is also available, for a M ol danger-tree ftyog


Brass lacks lime, methnks Let's be honest Wing Commander would be kjmped «i with a£ the other mmdless 3D shoot em-ups out there it it wasn't tor the graphics Quite simply, they are the most complex 3D images yet seen in an Amiga game In place ol abstract 3D vectors.

Wing Commander otters texture mapped crah These Mite cubes actually have sutace detail and colouring as it they were plain old sprues, but they can zoom In and Out and rotate through all three planes as if ihey were real live vectors. In ihe pictures dolled around this review they may look a bit gaudy and chunky, but when the space ships are actually doing the business - (tying towards the player, then peeling olf with gunlire smashing agamst their hulls - ihai s when (he lull impact ol the graphics technology becomes apparent

Let’s be honest - Wing Commander S i a league ol its own in terms of graphics technique Programmer Nadi Pefeng has performed minor miracles in gettmg this stuff on the Amiga at all Okay, so Ihe colours have been compromised quite radically, but ihe overall effect is Sti mightily mpressive

The way the missions are ihieaded together (SO a coherent

tcfli Mia* haw Voa a* lx •>■(■ Ilka Ikli aaa



offensive and defensive jobs The latter involve escorting huge transporters la designated jump points, while offensive runs sometimes give the player the chance to strike right into the heart ol the Kiirathi empire, and go up agamst the rrvghi at a huge enemy warshp

Wmgmen are available lor some missions, with orders sent via intercom -which can also be used to taunt the Kiirathi during battle It's al a be l*e the fighting sequences ol Ebie. condensed and concentrated mto one intense wai


The design aspect of Wing Commander has never been m doubl. lei s be honest The big question mark hanging over the game is one of speed The ongmal PC version requued a pretty damn powerful

Ldi Th* b«r to a good place to glaaa *rw

Of in o«i 1k« ilnalalor Below. The officcn' nan li aclxlhr (he aavc/lood tcrcan.

machine to rattle along at a decent pace, so doubts have been hanging over the Amiga version since beginning it s a real shame, then, that after such attention to detail on the game, the speed lets things down On a standard Amiga the screen update is painfully slow, the

dynamic graphics being reduced to stop start blobs Wing Commander has always relied on its pace to create tension and e*otement Without the, it's reduced to a (very slow) giaphical showcase It s certainty not last enough to make it anywhere near as playable as il should be Hell. I feel guilty about this After all. I'm such a Ian ol the game, and l really can t see how the game could be made any faster without simplifying the graphics system quite radically

But it's not all heartache, disappointment, and tragedy Somebody at Commodore obviously pie erupted all this, and deeded to bring out the tablious. sorry labulous At 200 It s almost like a cop-out, but on the new machine Wing Commander is a dream - and a very swoony, smooth and pretty dream at that Good news lor buyers ol ihe A1200. then For these lucky people, an almost exact interpretation al the original Wing Commander avails. The only downer is that we re still dealing with reduced colours here - strange when the A1200 can handle it The real problem, of course, if. that Wmg Commander on the A1200 shows up Wmg Commander on the good aid Amiga guile badly Would you really be satisfied with a version which runs three times slower than on your Inend's new super Amiga71 think not

The game itselt is sM as paper-thin as ever, of course Strategy and depth are as absent as ever were. But if dekoouS 3D shoot em-ups are your bag, and an A1200 is yours, then Wing Commander awaits The rest of us would do well to thmk twee belore taking a nde an this particular freedom moped out ol nowhere aty • MARK RAUSHAW


j The entire    'Q/%

Wing Commander game la In thera, and 11 plays just like the original PC one. Aside from Ihe reduction In colours, this IS the original PC version. Running about three times aa fast as It does on the standard Amiga, this Is tht game the way Its supposed to be. Juet be thankful that Commodora Introduced a new machine which could cope with It all.

DOWNERS Some will dismiss this la a mindless shoot- em-up, with only the clever graphics routines to save H Whether this Is a downer depends on your tastes, realty. The A1200 can handle 256 colours, so why not use them all


The wow factor may hava lessened since Its Introduction on the PC a couple ol years ago. but Wing Commander Is still something ol milestone. The first game to really need an A1200, It s going to become the game which owners of the new machine must own. Full on raging 3D action you can't afford to miss.

® UPPERS The entire

Wing Commander game Is In there, right down to Ihe last


® DOWNERS If ever a game was trying too much, then this Is It. Wing Commander on the standard Amiga la just way too ambitious.

Evstythfng Is way loo slow, even the non-3D sequences - robbing the game ol any kind of frantic playability.


A landmark product, but hugely flawed on the standard Amiga.

Uaybe compromise would have been a better route than attempting to recreate the entire game, right down to the complex graphics. Asa fan ot Wing Commander It P r 2 pains me to say this, but hh n the game just loses all Its UU *


A rash of robot games this month. The first

Game: Cytron Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Lunatic Software Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

Well, it's eiactly the same as Para&otd 90 really, isn't it’

Metallic scrolling mazes, zip around idem m a itne robot thing, shoot lots ol

baddies and log on 10 a tunny computer thing every now and again and latf around a bit Looks pretty conclusive Irom where I'm sitting Ah but hang on a mmute - there s a twist1 (Nope it's no use. I'm not going to be able to keep up this leigned enthusiasm) In Cytron, as wen as running

fhot* bla< and 0ian « ihinfi iMh lih« Miitf Moo«« from Nalioul Lampoon i Vacation Bo1 tfccr'rt robot], IiobciL

J of skidding around and shooting.

around a scrolling metaic maze m a little robot thing shooting bad guys, you can, er. split up your little robot thing into TWO. even littler, robot things, with which you. urn. run around the scrolling metallc mazes and. er. shoot bad guys Oh. that's all right then


After so much innovation Irom Psygnosis. it s a little disturbing to see them not only releasing stuft this simple

and retrogressive, but pnong it at the premium £30 mark Cytron a. essentially, a cut-down version ol a game three years old Us quite good tun. there s nothing realty very wrong with it. but why bother’ There's already something almost eiactly the same but better out there, who in their right mind's going to fork out 30 quid on this SMI. on with the review, eh’


Cyfron is actually a sort ol cross between ParadrcwJ 90 and Robotron. in as much as that you have to save lots of little scientists who can be lound tying around in ihe various mazes lhai make up the












1 O a



2 <



i TH - ciuwjnTT 7


\ o.Yo It

c ran Hi    0

V. nJLr.fr


Lett TIm Mil has


WKetcvcr iKelt we let

Me* Maict everywhere eel m wye •f Ikkerl Olner

9>me s levels To gel to some ot them (or lust to progress through the level), you 11 sometimes have to split your Cylron robot wo two smaller ores called (ahem) Cyt are Ron Up all night thinking ol that one. yeah1’ These have Ihe advantage ol being ibe to lit through tiny gaps and reach areas which are otherwise inaccessible, ikt1’ is a nice idea, although m practice it “Stly usi means a lot ol lathy pointless lading around as you gel lo a narrow seden, split your robot up. move one htHe be through move the other little bit tvough and pin them up agam

The game positively bulges wiih

other stuff (weapons    Iwm

upgrades. dever ways    y.lPtlE

to control your robot's with joystick. Peking'    jK'HBH

joystick, mouse, two

0cy. tW‘u mice, a-d ■■ ' _ '

piobaby your TV's    Hr flmnj

remote control as well power • ups that make    

you invisible or cause an the scientists on a level to home in on you doors and bamers that have to be switched on and of), and all manner ol dever stuff that you can do with the computer terminals littered around each level), but it's only window-dressing - 95% ol the lime you H

thanks (but no thanks) to Ihe. um. over enthusiastic control response ol your little robot Ihmgs It s extremely inertia-heavy (well.

ue zipping a'ouno snoOl wwi«e\ Ji *«. n on l. hioi na

get something moving and then hard to make it slop, but m Cylron the control is more us! plain Inetion.'ess - one Much on the sick sends your robot lurching oft at great speed, and it takes a fair t>l ol

ftwgryCiWmt'irH. uKwWbtsfort) ytod " can tire that way Nothing wrong with that m itself, but with the light design o< many ol the game's levels and the aforementioned lurching movement, you II spend more lime simply ramming your  enemies than you do shooting

them Soil some people ike that kind ot Ihrng look at Kick OH 2 :Ohno "''.Ia ■■ Ed;

ever Mg ftp

thal s about it

Mxa it a ifd&u «u


Unfortunately, tor the duration


St-1 let s be larf and conscientiously list ail the game's good points and mitgaiing factors despde ihe tad that it won t make the slightest difference to the final mark, on the grounds that a game should be fudged on whether i1 entertains you and makes you leel good, regardless ol any technical considerations No. on second thoughts, let's not bother, eh



old fashioned fun*

convince youreell that you're actually doing something Intellectually demanding

ulttl w a ceraai ■awawhara aM a (all laak aal ika ■Ikai wai aaaili Ital, vaa caa nrtth ■■■> aaaryi katwaaa *aa (wall, aa la ay aa Mayra kaM lanil MM ■aiwlaali, Mai la). faa alaa kaaa a rtuiw saak, tar aUii raa caa caltaci aMiyi aa yav t* Mraaffc Ma taaak-

® UPPERS Good old-

tashloned tun, lots ot nice touches (sspecislly In ths control department), and a raatonable pretence at depth In ■rhal's really a simple maze shoot-'em-up

® DOWNERS H i pretty skinny In the gsmeplay department, and the price Is polntlessly outrageous


Does what it does nicely, but that doesn't really amount (o much. Uncomplicated, undemanding, unsophisticated but still entertaining, II screams out 'MAKE ME MID-PRICE!' at Ihe very lop of Its voice, but nobody's listening And <1 was all done so much p 1 ; better In Pendrokt 90, so I “ why bother     U I -






Game: Bill s Tomato Game Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Bill Pullan, Lee Carus-Westcolt. Mike Clarke

Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

Now that Psygnosis have put back the release date of Lemmings 2 um after Chnstmas. Bill's Tomato Game is their big hope tor a Chnstmas hit And in essence, it s not loo far removed trom temmmgs r concept (Oi no1 More comparisons' - Ed) It s pacifists. it's a puzzle game disguised as a platform game, it's cule(sh) I expect Psygnosis believe anyone who bought Lemmings and IS going to buy lemmings 2 is Ifcely to appreciate ftT's Tomato Game


ft*s Tomato Game is one ol those games that requires a considerable suspension ot disbelief in fact, put your suspension at disbehel on overtime and tell him he can have next weekend off if He just bears with this game lor a httte while It concerns the fortunes (or rather misfortunes) of Terry and Tracy Tomato You see. fheyie m love, and they've been put on a truck to be taken to the market and suffer the inevitable tale ot being eaten Not wishing to sutler this d<re tale, our Tet and Trace jump oH the truck (d's never really explained how they manage this) and. er. run away

All seems rosy, but then another disaster stnkes While they're wallowing m their new tound happiness. Sam the squirrel jumps on Tracy and kidnaps her ITS now down to Teiry la rescue the Irut m rfcstress It's tunny that. I always considered squirrels a lot more cute and turry than tomatoes, but in this game our sympathies are kxced to lie with the salad ingredients Now Sam (the squirrel, remember) has taken Tracy up a magic vine, and lor Terry to get her back again he has to scale this mystical vegetation And this is where the game starts Alter the ntro sequence has Imtshed and you're fully clued up on whal s lo ba done, you are given the task ol controlling Terry an his perilous tourney lo rescue Tracy. (If by now you re wondering who Bill is. he's the guy who wrote the thing)

The game ts made up of 100 levels m ail, which Terry has to complete in order


shapes and sizes. This one’s round, red and very squashy.

to save

Tracy trom the evil clutches o< her turry abductor The levels are organised mio 10 setsol 10. so when you complete the 10 levels ol one wortd. you are laken back to the magic vine where you have to move up the vine to the nexl world and complete the next tO levels These inter level sequences are the most Irustratmg parts

ol the game Using mouse (as you do throughout the game) you have to gel Terry up to another branch at the magic vine, and basically it's tedious and truslrating I suppose it serves as a break after the 10 levels ot puzzling you ve been domg.but it's even more trustraimg when you keep getting knocked olf by a bee who s Hying around the vine t mean, since when could a bee knock a tomato off a

the vine’(I'm sorry, my suspension of

disbelief iusf npped out for a packet of biscuits and I lost it there lor a minute.)


But all this is by the by. because the mam gamepiay of ft s Tomato Game concerns an intriguing and somewhat original game You start with Terry on one


He's really being put through his paces this tomato. The spears move, but your timing has to be spot on to ensure you don't become part of an elaborate vegetable kebab. This could put you off vegetables for life, which for the vegetarians amongst you only leaves, er, wood I suppose.


Sw Hukci kn <Mr«a«

m* Terry cm aaff look m

k kuut, « Mm mMi arc Mm)t lUckcM »s«mhi a ••mala ta a ftftrt with a

T1 A.


t f-■; ' . W, . H



Jg g a


sjOs cl the screen, and you have to get him to the other Now the problem is that, bang a tomato. Terry can l actually move (we 1 skip the question ol how he managed to run away tram the truck lor now. just promise your suspension ol dsbeint two weeks oft at Christmas) He's placed on a spring and without any help he d simply jump up and down on the spring going absolutely nowhere. Much like Lemmings m concept, you have vinous objects at your disposal which aid Ttl r his progress The most lundamental ol these are the lens, which bow our squishy trend across the screen alter he has been launched trom the spring You can place trampolines, jack-in -Ihe-boies. blocks and more tans on the screen to propel him towaids the conveyor bell at the other sxte ' d the screen The game works lo the actual laws ol physics - placing Ihe tans al higher levels creates dihereni ae movement, and bouncing on trampolines depends totally on how you land an them

Yeah, it s a puzzler, and a thoroughly engaging one ai that Each world suns oft tairty simply, but the d'lliculty goes up on the later levels To add to the problems there s a time limit, which vanes You can launch Terry on his tourney as many times as you like w.thin the time iimd. which mostly results m him being splattered on an obiect on the screen, or falling squishily lo the floor. Once you're time is up you have to sian the level again, so all your carefully placed objects have la be re placed on ihe screen -incredibly frustrating when you ve sel up a complex chain ol

events that are so close lo working but need some hne tuning But it s not the kind ol frustration that makes you throw dawn the mouse and load up Lemmngs agam No. it really grabs you. this one. and everyone I've played it with has just been unable lo turn it oh The thing is, you get so far towards getting the solution and there is often more than one solution to a level) lhat you can't bear 10 turn it of) until you ve got it And the sense ol satisfaction ai getting it right is much like the feeing you gel when you relieve your bladder alter a long coach journey Oh dear You /usf cam gel the stall anymore -Ed]

When you finish a

A thoroughly engaging puzxler"


level you gel a password, which you must write dawn and keep m a sate place so you can skip straight to lhat level later on The passwords are all randomly generated, so you have to ensure that your disk isn t wnle protected when you re playmg the game - it you entered the same password on a tnend s verson o( Ihe game il would lake you lo a totally different level

It may seem that this game has only a certain amount to olfet. alter all 100 levels ol puzzles must gel tiresome alter a while Wen happily this isn't ihe


case with BTG Each level has different obstacles, and often completely different methods required to gel the tomato to its loved one The game demands you change tactics and strategies constantly, and completing one level can be no guarantee ot successfully negotiating another The graphics look like they ve came straight out ol a platform game -they're bright, bold and yes cule and the backgrounds aie superb so there s always something io keep you inletesled visually. It manages lo bring humour nio Ihe proceedings loo maeily through the graphics and the alarming squelch that accompanies Terry's splatty demise A great new puzzle game with an angmal(ish) angle ihal really hits the mark • TIU TUCKER

® UPPERS Looks good, sounds good, plays even better, and most Importantly you won t warn lo turn it off. The sort of game where you go to bed at night and you're still trying to work out a way of doing H. Loads of tun.

® DOWNERS Inter-level vine lumping Is a bll of a pain. Some ot Ihe levels are ■itrsmely hard too. and It's arguable that Ihe game does lack substance.


It you liked Lemmings, and you're looking forward lo Lemmings 2, then you're sure lo like (his. Puzzle games need new ideas to n 4 ; make them Interesting, and U I “ this has got plenty.    U I “













la oM'lUH' aad<, Ikou konid paopla la tka ifclpi ikool Ikalr )>ai al yoa lad aiht u<ti beta I la TOaf Mtlli



Every other format has had a Rampart conversion for ages. Now we’ve got one.




















Game: Rampart Publisher: Domark Authors: In house Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

A bcuI l.me. loo What kepi you7 We ve been wailing lor this simple arcade conversion lor about a year now. so surely Ihe leas) we can eipecl is an absolutely pm el perfect job. yes7 (Dear me. I'm in a belligerent mood this mormng Better gel a gnp.)

Hurrah, we ve been waiting ages lor this fabulous arcade game to be convened to the Amiga and now here it is (No. it’s no good they II never swallow that one) Fish1 Stirling Albion1 32-piece dinner service1 Double decker bus1 Centipedes' /Srt*1 / don t thin* Ihe wacky Surrealist'

"A fab two-player game

approach is going to get you out of it this time, either Have another go -Ed)

Oh God. I just can t seem to tmd the _ tone here at all. I think what we need is one ol those reviews that an the crap dweebs who wnle m complaining all ihe time about how we don't like football management suns or wargames or RPGs or whatever seem to want -the tacts, and nothing but the tacts Here goes, then Tramspotters of the world thus one S lor you


Rampart is a conversion ol a Tengen (« Atari] oom-op It can be payed by one or two players. in three basic game styles First, there s a one piaye* mode Here, you stan oft with a castle surrounded by




Above: Sekctkj oa< or two-pUytr mode if a tioipk mailer ol joint*) la.

Left: Mijh ftcorei a fo-fo. Oid A~ ileap tec mi to do mcll.

walls you choose your site from a selection ol live ottered at the beginning of the game), within the boundaries ol which you place three cannons By guiding a target Sight with the mouse or joystick you tire these cannons at a number Ol Sh£S which sail towards the coastline at the island (which ■s green interestingly) on which your cashes are snuaied. atiempimg to sink them The ships (which are

brown), however tire back at you. atiemptmg to destroy the wails surrounding your castle While doing this, they also attempt to reach the beaches of

The most Important part ol the two-player game seems to be the castle-building bit (it s certainly the trickiest), but the best lun Is to be had Irom the shootlng-the-bejaysus-out-of-the-other-chap's-castles bit.

PREPARE FOR BATTLE 1 _wwt it ft ray —tts_



graphics are \ mostly green j

the island and tksgorge Hoops H they re successful the troops advance on the other, unproiecied cashes which are grey], and destroy ihem After a short penod of time has elapsed, the shooting' stage ot the game ends and you move on 10 the rebuilding' stage Here, a number ol random geometrical shapes (a brt t*e the ones n Tetris interestingly] are placed one at a time under your control, and using the mouse you move, rotate and place them in the gaps in your castle wall

created by the enemy tire, attempting to reconstruct the waif so that your castle >s once more completely surrounded You can also attempt lo enend the walls so that they surround one 0< mote ol the other, unprotected castles It you tail to suiraund any castles at the allotted lime, your game is over but it you succeed, you are awaided a number ol eitra cannons lo place dependant on how many castles you have claimed and how successlul you were in the previous round These cannons, though, still have to be placed within castle wails, so you must make sure you leave enough room tor the cannons, which, lake up four squares ol the castles chequer-patterned loots The game progresses c this manner, with increasing numbers of enemy ships, until you fail to sirround a castle or have them all destroyed by enemy troops


The second type ol game m tampan is the standard two player

A lo««h row ol «a«mT ihipi,

jo* I waiUM I or yoo lo bUsi ikcm



Mora dcwaftanoa

imagloa, b«n h i okay bacaata a law TttrH blocks ml oaf tf riahl.


UMr the raMMlej itaf* (which deetel lest very leaf at el), ywe'rv heclerve the lever If ywW fafUe U nf ltul rchwIU jeer cent* welle. M el keel yea Mi he


mode In this, the two players (one ol whom plays the Red army, the other playing the Blue army) face each other across a civet The gamepiay is largely the same eicept without ships or troops - you simply shoot at the other player's castle walls, in an attempt to make them as

difficult lor him to rebuild at the end cl the round as possible


Lastly, you can play a game which « a hybrid between the two lealunng both human players playing near a river estuary (which is the point at which a nver opens out and hows into the sea. interestingly), towards which computer-controlled red and blue shps sail, lultling the same task as the computer enemies do m the one player game. viz. shooting at the other side s walls and landing troops It is. ot course rather more  ktticuli and complicated than either ol the other two game types


term, and we don't want any subiectnnty m here, do we7 Let's yjs! say. then, that it's Not nearly as last, lor example as in the Super Nintendo version ot the game and leave it at that.) At the end ol the two player game, there's a sequence where the victorious player gels lo execute the other one with a guillotine bul there's no blood The enemy ships all have Single tall masts, sometimes with sails up and sometimes with them down and there are several skill levels you can choose, mainly involving more difficult coastlines to delend II you choose one ol the harder levels, you get a points bonus lor surviving Ihe test round, and al the end of the game you can enter your name on the htgh score table, using up to three letters That's that. then. Dull way to review a game, wasn’t it7 Will you please shut up now7 (You know who you are.)


The graphics are mostly green and blodty. although they change to a rather prettier (oops, sounds ike a brt ol opinion creeping in there better edit that out later) contoured and curved landscape once the building stage >s compete (while (his is happening, ihe ground takes on a chequered pattern with all angles simplified to either 45 or 90 degrees to ad with block placing) Sound consists ol some simple explosions and miktansic jingles, pus the odd snalch ol sampled speech (Cease finng1 that kind ol thing). You can control the action with mouse or joystick. the joystick method involving some complex manipulation to compensate lor the presence ol only one fue button to perform both rotation and placing with The response to either system though, is rather slow (Although stow is ot course a relative and subjective

UPPERS Great mix ol arcade sklll-lestlng, and a lab two-player game.

® DOWNERS Really sluggish and annoying mouse control, and the joystick mode just doesn't work with one button.


I've probably been a bit spoiled by other versions (especially the SNES) making this one look a bit sad, bul it's still a pretty neat arcade game at heart. Not, by a long way, worth £26

unless you're going lo be RK =

regularly playing the two-

player game, though.

uu =



i k'il 1.1 ■ TROLLS

They’re invading card shops throughout the land - now they’re heading this way.



















are too constrained*

irularf tr.

make even Dr H Lectof

Perhaps my parameters


Game: Trolls Publisher: Flair Authors: In house Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

rhkt ctaplual bit all tom el problem.

my hum-drum existence. SO imagine my utler surprise when a game landed on my desk that was not only completely impossible to review without using the words cute and eonsole-esque. but also features a purple haired trol as its mam character After such an astonishing display ol some unknown, higher order ot destiny manipulating the very essence ot my life, who am I to dismiss the fundamental nier connected ness of all events'5 I won t even try.

TroAs is extremely cute and the gameplay can be described as highly console esque (just thought i d

niiiim uiginy nim

to to lake up the

Jttll in uu you

iron started oti as one ol the thousands ol toys that are currently clogging window displays around the country. The lifeless toy sat amongst the wood shavings ot lovingly handmade iiems in an old toy maker's store, until one night, at the stroke ot midnight, a ma c portal into strange new worlds opened up and breathed life

into tvs sUI lorm It all sounds periectty credbe to me. m lad dunng my shell stacking days at college I lost count of the number of times I saw Ken and Bart>e magically spring to life only to shrug oft their middle dass values and dothmg and hi the road as new age travellers in Barbie's dubiously pmk camper-van

However. unl*e these miniature plastic beatniks the little troll not only has new Me. but also a deep sense ol destiny.

K Iun a pP

Do you believe m tale’ Do you put it down io bad karma when you walk into a lamp post as you re checking how cool you look in a shop window, or jusi particularly poor urban planning') My tale, if late exists, seems lo have drawn me closer and dose' lo ugly little creatures with blue eyes and nasty hair, and l don t mean the rest ol the AMIGA POWER team

Being a new kid both in the quaint, historical town of Bath, as well as at AMIGA POWER. I've been doing my homework and generally nosing around the pace Flicking through back issues every night as I'm tucked up m bed. I've noticed that AMIGA POWER reviewers seem to have caught onto console-esque as being THE key word to refer la cute platform games invoking humorous ants goldfish eggs etc leapng around onto the heads ol equally humorous bad guys Competely separate Mom this observation or sc I thought, was the port that Ba1h shops are currently packed <u< of trots Row upon row of these small pastic nasties line the shelves, each with a permanent smirk that is. I suppose, meanl to look cute: huge bue eyes that undoubted are cute; and a shock ol lund ha* that wouldn’t look out ot place on any of the My Little Pony range ot monstrosities I've seen these troll dolls everywhere and. what with marketing tie *is being the way they are. can see that only total thermonuclear war will prevent a Trots cartoon Irom appearing on children's TV in the next lew months

You might think, as did I, that my bedtime reading and yueky paste liguies are two seemingly unconnected events pucked at random trom

Check M) Ike Hmm iWi mfl M diicileli ImUbi    kM sake, Bka Olm mII

liii/ H immldi    <

Bui ol course its not a« babes, babes, babies Spread IheWy around each level are balloons which you car run pas! and pop After an impressive shower ol spinning stars you can pick up obi eels o' powers that also change the troll s hair colour, lor springy shoes you get btoe hair, red lor a shield and so on Problem bakoons lumber you with a ball and chain, which slows you down or a can ot SKo which makes your control Over the troll highly unpredictable and presumably gives the little leia a pounding headache when 11 wears off The most useful item you can get is the yo yc. with which

heroic task o< rescuing lost irol babes and returning them to Iheir mummy and daddy trolls Eai your bean out Hansel and Gretei - see how the word cute' ts an nevitablrty7

In its lavour I'd have to admit that Trots is the best re animated plastic figure ptottorm based game I ve ever seen, but perhaps my parameters are slightly loo constrained 10 be m any way objective (Of course they are I was only thinking almost tie same fbng myself - Ed) To anyone who's seen Zoo! and Doortebug Trots is gong to seem eerily familiar, with themed levels, backgrounds and graphics Shockingly similar to both Noi that tbs ts an uncommon stale of affairs, everyone seems to be trying to release their own definitive version ol a platlorm game at the moment, so like Hu going round the oflee, there's a lot o< it about

At the beginning of each level you're pier the number ol baby trolls you must ind be lore progressing onto the next level Propess trom level to level is by Ityng pig (and why nol ) and your journey is occasionally marked by a big ted elephant Snce elephants never forget, when you lose a life you're returned 10 where ihe elephant remembers seeing you last A nice touch

Each level is based on a particular theme and with fifteen drierenl lands and each land having several levels, there s obviously plenty to plough your way through Also by collecting the letters lo spell Bogus or Bonus' you get Me-laking or giving levels, and altogether the game boasls over 70 levels I'm sure that this has lo be enough, even tor the most ardent platform (an

TehJns i nwwck Jw the mouth It eioogh to ruffle aiyone'l heir, eteu H Hi loaf, joriih ud lyloi.

auk vhil j lovely, fluffy teddy, what a culaiy-umtacy ear, what a ihiney-uHnay traio, what a luihy-wuyhy etc, etc. —

you can swing spderman like across gaps and also smash down walls Aher at my previous comments about the ugliness ol the toys. I'm forced to admit that although the character looks exactly like them, he sbli manages to look cute I'd pul it down to his animation with his long hair wafting and hts stubby little arms flailing around as he leaps ihe obstacles H's all very wen done and a lot more impressive than in Doodlebug, lor example

The baddies are themed to each level io unusual effect m some cases In Candy Land you're pursued by jelly lots and other wobbly Ihmgs. which ts understandable In Boaidgame Land' there s plenty ol dice and snake tomfoolery, which is tme by me But m Media Land' you re principally attacked by cameras, erasers and. guile bjarrely the letter T Not generally known as one ol the more terooous consonants, this twentieth letter-el

the alphabet type attack took me completely by surprise, and resulted in a great many noil deaths before I realised the devious intentions ol this capital letter And that, as they say. is that, really. Lots ol running around and trailing ootoured hair, more beautifully animated stars than you know what lo do with and hoards of peculiar nasties leaping about li s colourful, tunefully packed with boppy little, er. tunes and lealures wonderful visual touches like the troll blinking and the flatulent looking elephant

It's not without its tlaws though There are numerous points where you have to take leaps of faith into the unknown that frequently end up m your switl demise Taken as a whole, though, this is a pretty seamless presentation Okay, so n's a cutesy, platform game, and if you don't like them then you won t Me this, as it follows Ihe platform rule book to the letter 11 you do like them then I d say this is the one to get. as it's approaching near perfection (tsh - Ed) as tar as smoothness and graphics are concerned I could In/e without the dolts ttiering my Me and won 1 be holding my brealh lo see if my dea ot a TV franchise will lake oft. but Trots the game is definitely worth a bash • MARK WINSTANLEY

® UPPERS Great graphics and sound. At 70-plus levels this Is as big s game aa you're ever going to need. Nicely varied themes, colourful and cut* beyond belief, this Is definitely the thing lor you H you're a platform kind ol kid.


nothing original lo lha platform scene. This may ba one ol the better additions lo Ihe genre but we've seen it all before.


With a high quality of graphics and piesentation and an almost fault-free level ol playability. Trolls really can't be faulled technically. However when playing II, you get that leellng ol ddja-vu. Perhaps with so many platforms around being Just lauliless Isn't enough and we need lo tee more original fl f) — concepts. (Or then again,    II « SJ

perhaps not.)    UU “




3 rn

■kli ui



knew why he was arrested and there were no records ol what happened to him Most disturbing









The graphic adventure comes of age in a political thriller about the

Game: KGB Publisher: Virgin Authors: Crya Price: £30.99 Release: Out now

The Komitel

Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosli (that's KGB to the tikes ol you and me], is a mysterious and shadowy organisation whose name is synonymous with underhandedness, smtsfemess and general nast ness ol all sods Soviet state security went through vanous mysterious sets

ol mrtiats before settling on KGB in 1954 (it was the NKVD m the 1930s that were responsible tor disappearing' so many people) Actually, here s an alarming story 1 heard about the Stalm era Irom an old teacher at mine who spend some time n the 70s studying in the USSR He met an old woman whose husband had been arrested and imprisoned n the 30s lor alleged anti Soviet actnnties She never saw him agam. but many years later she was allowed to see his Ike It contained the original information sheet typed when he was arrested On the sheet was the man's name. Ns address and

"The game is very easy to get into

nothing else. The space for the charge was blank and Ihe were no other papers in the tile No one ever


Anyway, back to Ihe action KGS is a graphic adventure set in post Penstroika USSR o the days immediately before the August putsch You pay the part ol Captain Maksim Rukav. formerly at the GRU - the Red Army s intelligence service - and now assigned to Department P ol the KGB He seems like a nice enough chap, it a little inexperienced, and his superiors have something ol a soft spot lor hen (they knew Ns lather). He works in a grotty office m Moscow and he gels Ns orders Irom a rather grumpy Colonel The interlace is quite friendly -mostly point and dek stuff - and. as a result, the game is very easy to gel mlo And once you're m, you'll be captivated by A The atmosphere s established almost as soon as you beget playing by the superbly drawn and deiaited graphics The characters have character, the scenery ts scersc. the static screens between sections show mamfy) beautiful pictures ol Moscow, and the whole tNng draws you into the seedy, scruffy and

0. I .

u - '

Oh no, ceplurc d ind locked km m ttirffy room

httms ACM Wlut mmm7



M trfcfy to M, Jail






dwh am (he MCoad ktma ham the Ml mod jam *et Ihn iu( belpM mm ol mU the taamm fu'n «Iplnnd km jam prtseat locutc. fhn u the uq(t kiKtrri ifcop But b U the shop at the batcher thill mihnT


the ruby in your right hand, the dagger m your left, you jumped m the an three times, span round and sang the American national anthem in Spanish with a Welsh accent Yeah ngM


Things have improved in recent years The solutions to the problems are now Slightly more logical Sul. in KGB. il seems lhai unless you do everything m exactly the right order (which, first hme, can only be by good fortune) you re lust as stuck as you would have been it the solution was completely bizarre This linearity can be a bt ol a dowrei

Take, tor example the rather more complex second mission You need to fmd the identity of Ihe geezer you lound out about in the first mission Unless you see two muggers and Overhear their conversation, you II never gel anywhere But it wasn 1 until Ihe third or fourth time I'd played it

to that point that I actually saw them Is my meeting with them random or what7 Once they appeared, everything suddenly came together, but where had they been up until then If you're going to have a whole section of the game dependent on the presence ot two characters, the least you can do is make sure they re there Isn't it

Oh. and sudden death Don't you just hate it when that happens it was outstandingly Irustraling to be killed by anoiher two lobs (ugly twins) every time l did anything with no idea ol what was going wrong (If was because I hadnl met the muggers, and without them there was nothing else to do but talk to the thugs and gel killed Aaaarrrrrgh1)

At least when you die you re given the option ot backtracking to a point before you made your fatal etror. but given the linearity of the \ game. th« often \ isn't helpful -

sightly unwholesome Soviet underworld (Or. at least, into what i imagine the Soviet underworld is like, having never actually eipenenced it personally )

Your first mission, by way ot introduction to the whbe thing, is nice and smpe You have to investigate the murder ol a private investigator named Geltsm So you bo* oft to his office, search the place, and eventually meet his wter She gives you a tape you isten to it. you go back lo base and get your next orders Now that s all we* and groovy, but ol course you can t listen lo the tape

in nai muck but rt i kom« Aciu«l>i you live with your Uod« Vioyi vWi aa liiKlbk old tool

unless you hnd Ihe tape machine, and you don't find that unless you've got the key la one ol the drawers m the office But you can't get the key until you've tned to open ii and found it locked and then gone outside and asked the guard for the key (not my first idea) and The problem with bd-tashoned text adventures was that the puzzles tended to be thoroughly irritating -n that they had utterly ifiogeal solutions You know Ihe sod of thing where you could open the secret door only if you had




















In finally maaajt la bra** Ms «b* b1cbai*ii »*•*. M u— dark, bat I AMal Aar* tan ati tba lijfcl la caaa I an apaWaA ta Mat aa aarlb AiAf I AaT

10 as pii



I kiHrw ifewra wm pr»><Wy n f nd fiaiaa few ptcfciij ap ikiu Mlchn. •kick <d Halt    «In Bill I ft Arttfh


.. *


■ ijk<: ni€ Kill autaldt your office Why dofi Litlt ohwoyi look 10 tod

■claw Those muffin la fall. Now why didn't I mi them earlier

presented loo There's quite a bit ol mlq tn there about the history of ihe

unless you ve done all the right things in roughly the right order, you re pretty much slutted So even though I had the option ol not saying whatever I was I d said lo make the twins kill me, I still couldn I progress smee I knew nothing about the muggers who weren't actually ihere

The aforementioned friendly interlace has a couple ol nice knle features to help you along the way As well as the usual tools (including a backtrack option lo a*ow you to change your mmd about earlier decisions) there's a little map ol whal you ve eipfored so tar. there's a very usable inventory, and there’s a replay (unction which lets you go back to see again whal people have sari lo you. m case you' note taking isn't up lo scratch The manual I saw (a rough version) was pretty well-

Soviet intelligence agencies and a little background on the political situation in the USSR towards the end ol Gorbachev s premiership As with so many other games, this son ol attention to detail m the manual adds greatly 10 the aimospheie and gives a real (eel lor the world that you're going to be Innng in

II you look around at the world of popular books movies and TV shows, you I see it lull ol political thrillers Spies secret agenls. mtnguo. murder.

cover ups. corruption - staple lare ol popular culture. Bui where are the games'Floor 13 seems about the limit ol it. really So there s a massive hole rfi the market lor this son ol thing, and this particular thing is just the sort ot thing that'll nicely (ill sad hole I love adventures, but ihe

Dungeons And Dragons stuff anp an its clones can get a bit samey after a while (although there's an occasional gem like Legend) and the comic book style ol Monkey island car be a Pi wearisome as wed So an adventure based in the real world with a bit ol (fairly) current aHa>rs thrown in is a Pi ot a godsend

ll it were a Pt heer. it'd be an absolute classic but as it is. it's just utterly lab • TIM NORRIS

® UPPERS It'll draw you Into Ihe murky world at Soviet tree enterprise and black-markeleertng with atmospheric graphics and characterisations It seems extremely well researched and leels somehow 'right.

® DOWNERS It'S too linear - you have to solve Ihe problems In Ihe order Ihe author wants you to. There's no room tar exploration or doing thlnga your own way.


H you're an adventurer who wants to gat away from monsters and magic, and doesn't lancy ill the comic-book stuff ol Ihe Monkey Islands ol this world, then this could be exactly what you've been looking lor.

Political thriller novels always sail well. It would seem obvious ftp ; that there's quite a market    

lor this sort ot thing. UU H














Game: Nigel Mansell's World Championship Publisher: Gremlin Authors: Damien Hibbard (code). Damon Godley (graphics), Matthew Donkin (track designer). Michael Hirst (track designer). Patrick Phelan (music and sound)

Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

A ah yes The thrill ol ihe race. Ihe heart-paundirg rush as you lake a competitor on ihe inside o< ihe chicane, ihe gum determination clout ng your lace as you zoom up Ihe straight We re m ihe moior racing world, and I love it Now. Ml have lo admil right away that I don't know a tot about this sport but maybe there's not lhal much lo know. I mean, isn't it just a load o( people who I fee 10 drrve cars very last getting together and. er. trying to drive taster than each other'11 mean, that's nght. isn't it

The game bears Nigel Mansell's name, and it's going lo be popular because he s It's got his peture on the front and everything But a tot 0< people have been wading to see what this game s Ike Thus starts the controversy, because

most people in the office who copped a look while I was playing eipressed disappointment some quite violently, and came out with some very valid reasons why it's not worth buying Somebody chucked a copy ol Vroom at me to prove the point, and it all started to look a bit inevitable But then comes the big question - why did i have so much tun playing it Why is it that I'm gong to sneak it out ol the oh ice so that I can play it at home  These questions need lo be answered Al nght. let's lak about the game It's a bit at a hall way house, being a cross between a simulator and an arcade

l got completely hooked on


game Vou play Nigel Mansell, although you can change your name it you want, and you take pari m the lull 1992 Grand Pnx season As well as going lor the lull season you can also choose to race one carcut. Irom any ol ihe Grand Pn» tracks, m a one-ofl. H you're new to an this, ike me. then you get a chance lo practice a course without the hindrance ol other cars, and there's also an option lo improve your driving with Nige himself Unfortunately, this is a bit crap You 00 round the track and a picture of N«ge appears on the screen to tell you

track kne to grve you an irxkcation cl where you should be on the road, which is very handy, but Niges comments are mainly lestricted to completely obvious things like "keep on the road" and "go on. speed up" Thanks. Nigel

This aside, you really want to get Stuck into the races and Stan enjoying the game itsett It you re doing a single track race, you're given a choice of where you want to race first of all The tracks arem completely accurate representations at the real thing (lor some reason Ihe Silveistone is two years out ol date, so l‘m reliably told), but they're tun anyway and they all vary in difficulty and require different driving skills The weather conditions during ihe race depend on where you re racing (obviously, it s not gorng to be anything but sunny in Mexico) Sometimes there might be some ram o' threatening clouds, and ail this combines lo give you a tot ol vanety in the races you'll be running


Before you start you can set up your car usmg the Tuning Your Car option Here you choose what type ol

between, but Gremlin have found themselves one.

Formula One Grand

Wlica yofl'vc choice f&mt track, check the weather to ice wfcal kiwd ol tpu lo cm.

Thto h M cratMaf mm a t«j• HU «a«iwi a LkMmmMM pm* in Ml)

dMri tor «h fr«M - mkkWHMMl pop ■JLMl lor raCMtf 4rnm,

ooMn -i i

-*St LAP OS O4-20 Hirn 1 LAP


® UPPERS U s exciting.

good lo look at. I hero's a lot ol tracks and It's a Ihrill lo play. I’m having tun with It, and that's always a good thing.

® DOWNERS It's not gol anything original to add lo Ihe genre, the sound's a bit weak and Ihe scrolling Isn't perfect.


It a not one ol those games that I'm going to Insist you rush out and buy. As I said, It you have one ol Ihe great racing games on Ihe Amiga, then this Isn't going to Improve on It massively. But if you    3

haven I, and you want one. I SI “ this Isn't a bad bel at all. I II -

'00er\ I think) Obviously if it's raining you wan lo choose wel. but it the rain slops you irvght want to go into the pits and change them. as they wear out quicker Soft tyies improve the gr<j and make cornering easier, but need changing more often maybe twice In the race) In this section you also choose your gear ratio between low. medium and high - low gives you good acceleration but reduces tie lop speed, medium has a balance at speed and acceleration and high gives top speed with less acceleration You pays your money, you makes your choice You can choose between automatic and manual gears, but 1 prefer auto because you don't really want lo be bothered changing gears while you'ie roaring round a track But you do gel more control with manual gears


Finally you can choose how youi aerofoil s positioned, which a fleets eornenng and al that stud I left all these settings on default, eicepl when the weather conations looked a bn menacing Beiore racmg you can also change the control method between mouse, joystick or keyboard Go loi the loysbek. it's more eiating. While we re on control, you can also use the FieeWheel joystick This locks tke a steering wheel (actually I suppose 1 is a steering wheel) and

TmmhI - a bntfc wHk • wall *Mk«< tpariu fly. ticmay duff, WIT

you hold it in mid air and steer n 10 control your car It's not supplied with the game, so I didn'1 have a chance to use il. but it undoubtedly makes you look a complete floppy bratn while you're playing

You can go straight lo the race, but you won't be positioned very well on the starting grid instead, you can choose to quality, where you have to do one lap and the time you take determines where you are on the grid There are a couple of other cars which you have 10 avoid, but you're net actually competing agamsl them Once this lap s done, you're ready to go The tirst thing you notice ts that the graphics are rather smart The backdrops look attractive and atmospheric, and the cars themselves aie impressive The sound effects are a bit weak though -acceleration sounds more like an electric shaver Still you get used to it quickly and it's good to have the sounds lo give you some impression of being on the circuit And the raang itself7 Very exciting. I got completely hooked to this, mainly because

alter a tew races you really siart getting the hang of the controls and actually domg well. It's not as smooth as Vrootn, but it looks a tot nicer, and there's more excitement generated by the Grand Prix atmosphere and the lad that you are Ngei Mansell It’s not as thorough a simulator as FlGP but it's arcade leel makes this unimportant it's how much fun you have while playing a game that really counts, and I had loads II you ve gol Formula One Grand Pnx or VroOm and you're happy with those thank you very much, then you probably won t need this But if you're looking lor your tirst racing game, and you fancy soaking up Ihe atmospheie of the Grand Pnx, then you won t be disappointed with this game • TJAf TUCKER


Tk< iniarttlia] (kin, a boat (his iHajliaa o Iliai tha lii] wai mora icarad Hub lla]«.


Tbara'i a correct an Id Kaadla Itaa poaHry, bol lhl« lial a.

Game: Gobliins 2 Publisher: Coktol Vision Authors: R Lacoste, E Maguet

Price: £29.99 Release: Out Now

What with Trolls being

reviewed a lew pages back and goblins bursting forth from this spread, it seems fhai we re m danger here af AMIGA POWER Of being inundated by mylhica! cute creatures that only come up to your knee Thrs lime we re Irmly back m the realms ol fantasy, with wizards, kings and all that sort ol stud

GobOns 2 is. quite unsurprisingly, a sequel to GoMmns. only this nme there's only two of the cheeky wee scamps.

that the sequel to Gobliiins, then I’m sorry, I’m confused

instead ol the three that were in the original There's a gag in the two titles relating to this, but I I leave it to you to work it out You're pul in control ol Fmgus and Winkle who. I imagine, are are a fairly representative cross section ol the state that gobtm youth culiure ts up to nowadays Fmgus is a po le and conscientious young lad and is the sort ot myihical cave dweller that you could leave at home looking after the kids while you pop out to the movies, secure m the knowledge that he'll entertain them with stones ot tar-oft lands before popping them m bed He s also round and pinky, so is far mora pleasing to

the eye than Winkle, hrs partner, who s purple, pornty and an altogether different kettle ot fish

Leave Winkle baby ■ sitting and the chances are that you'i return home to <md the remains ol a raucous party littering your living room, the toilet blocked with your best duvet, and your children missing with only HP sauce stains on their cots to indicate their bewildenng tale Winkle ■s rude and pushy, but as many telephone salesmen and loreign language students m bus queues could tell you. this frequently is the only way to get anything accompkshed

Together. Fingus and Winkle lorm the crack assault team chosen by Modemus the wise man to rescue the

king s son from the dutches ot the evil demon Amortiak Personally when confronied with a huge castle guarded by monsters and harbounng a demon I d have probably gone lor a team ol ninjas, or maybe get a squadron ot B-52 bombers to waste the entire area while I crossed my lingers and hoped that when the dust settled there d be substantially more ol the king's son left than a small red slam on the rubble These are the logical choreas, but logic doesn t play much ol a role in this game, and apart from that no one eicepi me would want to play a game called Goblnns 2 - Ninja Death Force' or B-52 Strike Team Goblins '

Anyway, the king aulhonses this unlikely choice ot rescuers and the game




















Wmh It I ri«i lo bra alt lh« lea artth live local* by lila] tbiB tha oat abaal rba aflari aad rba power tool*

lor raafoai that will andoabladhr bacoiwa ctaarar talar oa, Ibc lat jay ll jaaloaity faardiay bit tala ail

liayai rahai tuna owl from all that adhrtirtarioy lo wfaiirla aloo, la kb f*»e Nlnau track.



A coaipicoomly amply bon la Now wbai ala

could tbal be

Tb« paocbliaa laavti tkafa two aid local! lo a ■ tala ol ihock approacklay catatonia.

Than look a Ml arfilad, H oaly wc coaid Had lametkiay lo carry fom* waiar la ...

small smooth out the gameplay. which. ai certain points, really does need some smoothing    r1

Much ot Gobhms2 is pure slapstick, and bits ol it are tunny enough to make you laugh out loud It's real Tex Avery stuff, with dogs chompng down on lingers being followed by comical youch es and the soundtrack adds Ej E greatly to the canoon atmosphere The characters speak o a    sort ol J E

squeaky babbie that I d imagine is gobimspeak. and you get subtitles so you know whai s going on    I

The introduction sequence where    1

Modemus fils you at on the story Rj is classic, with comical liming wonhy ol Wile E Coyote, and this high standard ol graphics and humour is kept up Itiroi. about !he game    *

Here comes the down side For a start there's fh way'ha! an,

'■ o

screen a somehow relevant !

- A " .....IS

is a much used

■v.    • "    .

that within a mmuie oI entering a new location you've got a rough idea ol what to do Let's see now. dog giant, chicken, pot hole, nil make some sense in a lew seconds But that's another thing, sometimes it doesn't make sense at all. Take Ihu (purely hypothetical) situation you've got a stone, a bottle and a salami « you' possession and reed lo Deal up a chicken What would you use’ That’s right, only the sausage works, even though either ol the others would logically be good lor a M ol poultry abuse

The most annoying part of the game, though, ts getting Winkle and Fingus to work together Ckkmg on objects starts to be an inexact science m srtualpns _ requmng perfect jL ' *    * . liming For all my

f attempts I couldn't i    get Fingus to light a

' V nA match before [2 8/    Winkle


I. VR a m • w* bomb and

r.    \    \    ■ smacking

Would you rtally send 1 licit two lo pop down lo tki new*ft nil lor E CEE ol Tlitf End the Ivcnlof Icho, let Elont OB E Bltikm lo

Unj'i ion T>« io colled wiunm Modcmui woold.



NI SOI peppy tyn, Horribly HwiilEd End detormed limbs. End i tci ol icith tkd could chomp throofh e huchcn table In three minnlcs fftal. Tbc demon lial loo plenum either.

M cartoon lun

V These points are a shame

realty, (<y this deserves to be a truly V gieai game, and I dare say that those ol you into adventure games W with a sense of humour wifi get a greaier kick out of this than I dd The pomts I ve raised may seem small, but it's sill enough to slop me giving this a colossal score Sorry Fingus Sorry Winkle.


■ deltcurt


rnon xts home

mins*, wtu*s«, whine, do theie royels hn«e BoihiB9 better to do Ihni mope Eboul

cosipUininj nboul Ibe burden ol respomibliityT It's no fun beinj poor cither.


u ri.rs» oi my n i:r:


unfriendly giant and onwards to the castle.

Teamwork is an important, and to complete the puzzles you need to work ou1 which task is suited to the temperament of each goblm Being mouse dnven all the moving around and picking up is easily accomplished with a dick or two. and a hidden menu across the lop ol the screen contains options such as saving, skipping locations and Jokers, which * give you a lew dues when you're really stuck There’s a rather dEB pointless object exchange option which allows you to swap obtects yl between the two goblins Why not    TS

lust have a jont inventory’ It's a    4&

New, THIS lx Ibt correct My.

starts with ihe two bogtodytic tearaways arriving m a village neighbounng the castle Along with thiee other locations, tie triage lorms the first section ol ihe game, and contains all the dues and objects needed to gel past an

■    (hypothetical)

R chicken while Winkle held il look afewtnes Seeing as these interactive bits are the onfy L elements oI gameplay other than r wakng around, d's a shame that they re so fiddly, as they expose L the mechanics ol the game to the player when you should be immersed m all this

TH« cbicli«ii, 1k* troy, end

■on Ihii. Ia« H (lain, Doctor OoolitfJ* yon ai*T.

® UPPERS On the

presentation front you can't fault If Gobliins 2 has a sense of fun about It lhal makes II en oyable to Just run the little guys around, with lively performances liom the supporting cast as well as Fingus and Winkle.


Involved with gameplay. Getting the goblins to perform simultaneous actions can be difficult and tiresome. A trial and error method will get you through many ol the problems, some of which seemed loo contrived.


A Hawed diamond ol a game, ihe vlsuala and soundtrack making It worthy of it's own TV slot. However the linear problem solving and gameplay glitches cen often make playing It less an oyable "1ft : than watching a Irlend    f '

have a go.    f U •

Into the tray In an etton to destroy all the other teams In a tour-player game of survival. The progress of my valiant band ol robots is plotted as they sweep remorselessly southwards, destroying enemies as they go.

Game: fioboSport Publisher: Ocean Authors: Maxis Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

T«ir ■!« sun im ib* dtx± el Ibc imp, aid there first na«i hat lo be late the ikadad area fcelew. Veer •ppoRtaii sun at the tide aad the be time

Make feed esc of roar MlsaJle-carrrtef robot. Give klai cevariaf Arc aid be cat pkfc efl eec of the a near robots wtth e well-eined shot.

Croochioj robots are herder to h*t, bat neve ilewty ead caal cll-b oalls.

After seciif a beach of iiaii)

robots oa the Arst lent. M's one le oaki a ceeAdaet nova sooth. Trouble is, A seeois the eaesiy cat see yoe ceoiiof. They cai'i, of ceinc, bot lea call step that lealief ol peraeota.

It's pretry qalti down Ihii side, so this f oy caa sM here aad eaH for loaethiof lo happea. Make sore he’s leciof l he rtf hi mat ihoaf h.

hno, whats wrong

A game irom Maxis that doesn t hava the word Sim' in the title Whatever can they be thinking of’ SmC/ty, SimEant). SimAnt. SanLite. and SavFish and Si/rFarm m the pipeline You don't have to be a lexical genius to realise that RoboSpon doesn't fit into the neat linguistic progression Success must have addled the old corporate brain Dear me. is nothing sacred’


some things nevei change, and you can rest assured that the latest ollenng Irom the masters ol simulation still provides enough strategy and statistics to keep you up late into the night And as with SimAnt. it tries to throw in a bit ol humour to lighten the labonous load For labour you will Despite the seductive explosions on the game s box. and the promise ol a mixture ol chess and guerrilla wariare (very attractive), it's all a bit ol a Inal to play

The concept is easy enough to grasp You control a bunch ol robots who have to achieve cenam objectives depending on the game you've chosen to play In the simplest game you just have to wipe out the enemy, and in more advanced scenarios, you have to capture the enemy's flag, pick up treasure or rescue hostages.

The game s parameters are entirely user definable, sc much so that the Quick Stan menu gives you a stock ol pre set scenarios to save you the bother ol customising your own You




















Maxis make the move away from SimSomethings and venture

left: Maid !■

(Im ipcriillr (MilnctU robot paa.

Tear liui in ekjapiif el ik« bn and nidi Id fo.

■I]hn Thai aka Mr lobol ]on lor a walk la lha jardca. Ha ■aci Ike pretty baihci aad flawan aad Moan them ap

onput r 2

Oact foalc icrlcd oui yoir ■««<!, lit back nd vilck ik« deilmciioa

Robot docks Well, lh«y look a bit like It aiYHiy Miuti of iLits for oil ifat *boti.

can decide which weapons you and your opponents are armed with, the type of landscape the battle is to be lought on. and the size o( the playing area The game is turn based, which means you give out orders, and then watch the robots carry them out A sick pomt and chefc control system makes it easy to hand Out commands, and because each turn is a limited length (up to 40 seconds l. each robot can only be given a Hinted number ol orders You ten the bols where to move, where to look, where to tie. who to fire at. and when to duck. The computer or human opponents da the same and you sit and watch the results Obviously, you can'1 see where Ihe enemy robots are white you're programming your team, and that's where your bniiiant strategic and tactical thinking comes m You have to guess where the enemy bets will move too. and set cunning naps accordingly One of the best tactics is to hide belt nd a building and wa<t tor them to walk round Ihe corner. Not a particularly brave or exciting strategy but effective nevertheless.

Having made all your moves, it's time to set the wheels n motion and commt your learn to acton End your turn and the

»IM om

I"! C

1 . rs . i

(AeMlee •

• 0

» 9 9 ■


™ 9 _ v ■

(aaptolap M

W«» • T*h

!•*« la4«*r


1 "lull* lUVal

• ara. « » aw Maiaeer %a*P



• Raar . 1 *-W •

9 Btlte >e»at

1 ■«»*>» •Mae fee*


D »-kaw » a

tktri: Click ni a. HI faa*a« torrid Ike p.ri.cl icl a< apilaai.

Rifkn At Ike cad at ike jaaa year* §<v«a a tear*, stuck depeadt aa abialmeh kafi ■ ■■aben at lUayr.

computer generates its moves, and the results ol the combat To see what's happened, you switch to the movie sechon where the positions at the start ol (he turn are shown Hit pay and you see the robots perform (heir manoeuvres, waste the enemy and get wasted themselves Its a peculiarly voyeuristic leelmg - good attacks are played over and over again (you car even save them to disk to Show your friends if they re not around), and bad mistakes are brushed under the carpet as you move swiftly on to the next round.

It's very much like Laser Squad really. The gameplay in both games is essentially the same - it's just the graphics and control system that are different RoboSport has some neat touches, such as the sound effects that play white the moves are being generated at the end of each turn If all's quiet, you know that nobody has come under fire, but if you start to hear crashes and screams, you

nil ItmiMI

Uekit    il)l

1    811

)oh iut»r\    338

know that the two teams have exchanged lire and that somebody s robots have been severely dented This adds a bn of extra excitement when the movie starts - you know someone s going to gel it m the neck, you just don't know who

But then agam. it you've paid enough attention to the stats, you should know who's gomg to get it Success or lailuie an this battle ground depends on what type of ground you re standing on. the type of armour you have, the type of gun you're using, how lar from the enemy you are. and whether you're Slandmg. ducking or crouching Thiow ail those vanabies into the grey matter up top. shake your head around a bit and the chances are you'll be totally nonplussed by the whole attar But >f you ve got a head tor figures you'll probably love it The mam (rouble with floboSpod'S that it doesn1 hang

together well There's lots ol pointing, clicking and hammering at the keyboard to program your robots, then there's a pause while the moves are generated, then you have to watch a movie ol the battle, and then there's another pause white you go back to Ihe programming section It's all so disjointed - the game just doesn 1 seem complete Bather than being one coherent strategy to achieve a single obyectrve, the game is at limes reduced to being a senes of one-eft engagements with the mam aim being to avoid be<ng hit by enemy fire Ultimately it's not a particularly satisfying game to play Sure, there are plenty of statistics and game variations, but Ihe basic game and game structure aren t smooth enough to keep you booked - there s no real flow to the proceedings The small attempts at humour are moderately engaging lor a while, but it's not long before you're turning away to find edher a more substantial challenge in the shape ol something like Cmkzabon, or some real action, fie bo Sport is trying to be the "thinking man's shool-'em up" and to a certain extent it succeeds. You have to think, and things definitely get shea Bui that doesn't mean it's very much fun. and anyway, we've already got Laser Squad Breach 2, Paladin 2 • RICHARD LONGHURST


into the murky world of weird robot strategy warfare things.


f oftojporfl cob he pitied im hi its node, which loehci if Much tester to see ■hti’i 4*iM «■ eed five orden lo fO«r robed. Uiloniiiielf, If ■okei the picliii Richer like med or

® UPPERS Undoubtedly sophisticated approach to Ihe okl Laser Squad-style game. Slick control system, which la particularly good In hi-res mode.

® DOWNERS There'a not much new on offer and the game la much loo

disjointed There'a not enough to gel stuck Into, and the graphics ara small and unimaginative.


The Laser Squad style game has plenty ol mileage left In H, but RoboSport Is lar from the best Implementation ol Ihe Idea you'll ever see.

The um i.ctioa at tk« map la law-rc. node aad jdl fcajla la u< what laa'rt alul. . Mack

■lore icroJIiag eroood ihe nap ii Involved !■ towr-ru, which soob btcoaei a ml paia.


Who’s that craggy, handsome man with a whip, a leather jacket and a battered old



The screen layout and interlace is that ol a generic LucasArts Games adventure. Most ol the picture is taken up by the Action Screen, where the - no! - action takes place, animated sequences are shown, dialogue is spoken and from where all objects are viewed, moved or picked up.

Game: Indiana Jones And The Fate Ol Atlantis: The Graphic Adventure Publisher: LucasArts & US Gold Price: £34.99 Authors: Hal Barwaod & Noah Falstein (Story & Design) & The LucasArts Games Team Release: Out Now

What a dilemma (Great cars.

them Dilemmas -Ed) The one I'm in is bigger than anything Indy s ever

become involved with You see l tust cant decide how to rate his latest adventure Its almost excetent, but it's the variable state ol the almost' that s the problem

For a start. Indiana Jones And The Fate Ot Atlantis: The Graphic Adventure (hereinafter referred to as UATFOA TGA comes on 11 disks But before I delve any further, let me enl hten you as to Indy s


hat It’s Indy. He’s back, back! BACK!

limit! Coll«i« Pliioi Lon Dliiofm Is htrt loncwtari, but lh« lociiioi li mudointy eho«<n iich tlmi. lady mrcbii for cImii la lhe human room, ih« iltic. bixiciity ill ih< kxitiooi ifcown io the Introductory nqocici. Ifiamilly, lb« Dliliyic la no longer Loit Indy ikowi bli find to Sopfcti i«d they rullii that Allaalii b iciaiilly it the middle of the world. It i«««i they will ilio eeed three Hone hen to mike iiy prof reu. Now the pilhi iplH

predicament The Jeer mans have dscaveced ihe devastating potential cl an ancient mineral called onchaiaim And it Ihey can find its source the legendary oty of Aitaniis, the world will     m

become then lobster This however, is net apparent when ihe adventure begins k-interactive introductory    fig, „ t ft

and credits sequence    Vf

sees Indy falling through holes a lot, but basically it all serves as a taster and almost semes to generate a km-like atmosphere

indy has acquired a mysterious statue for a Mr Smith, who turns out to be a Nan piece of work (Ho ho ho - Ed) called Klaus Kerner He hotfoots it when this is discovered A due then leads out rtrepid hero to a former assistant. Sophia Hapgood. who now works as a psychic She offers lo help a (Jsbelieving indy find Atlantis Bui firsi they need fa locate

Plato's lost Dialogue which will provide dues as 10 Atlantis wheieabouts

Once indy has acquired the tome the adventure splits into three paths Fists, Team or Wits These are essentially dilt culty levels though I must say I (Cund mysell complelmg Ihe Wls ■BMP pfirst and struggling B    wdh Ihe Fists path The

MMMHH locations used (or each path are by and large the same with subtle differences (omissions or additions! but the problems presented are quite ditterant There are times when a little role reversal is in order Assuming the role ot Indy's psychic sidekick Sophia is the only way some problems are solved, but it must be said that the sen change isn't as good as the rest at the adventure It's a shame more wasn't made of this split personality business

The exploration and puzzle solving is punctuated by animated intermissions (or cut-1 scenes ] which ycu can skip Sadly, you can't BBfa avoid the disk accessing or swapping, which rs

Cl os*

Am «di adiniin wouldn't b« am lady idvuturi wilkom i ht1i« ]lob« !ro(liii Hii qitil bc lii 11 limcM Coiiifi. Allintb b Utile more lKi« i ichMl ■•non




Pull 1


Al]tan a tain

■radar Omar AJ lafchar lives, lady Uadi At-la Mar's ha ala

diHartaf daaradtay aa the ctaui nA. Iraas hara lady riAtr aadi vp la a balloae ar aa Aa bach al a uatl aa bta way la a

-AAAAAARRRRRGH'to say the least Disk requests crop up in (he sirangesi o* places Voulmd yoursefi lumping around trom (ksk lo disk just to move a Single object on screen and ihe story s carefully created (tow and atmosphere is often destroyed

"The character animations are smart"


1)10 pace is a little too sloth like at times It takes a while to update the minor animations or the dose-up scenes, and there are occasions when the acton slows down to a neat unbearable crawl A pity, as most cl the character animations are smart The interlace is sometimes sluggish to respond, loo. and often the urge lo eipiote and experiment« suppressed as you don i feel inspired lo spend the time trudging around, swapping Asks

The scenery is rarefy as attractive as Monkey Island Its. and the LucasArts scrolling is as shoddy as it’s ever been Sound-wise there's little to wnte home about This iMIISE system certainly doesn t work on the Amiga Here, the soundtrack is always ill-fitting - even the familiar Indy theme tune seems out ol place Surprisingly, there are virtually no spot eftects to accompany the acnon A compromise was obviously made Ihere There are some diwy inconsistencies - I stroked my beard with disbekei when i wasn t allowed to knock a book down with Indy s wtip A lew ol the solutions are a little loo hit and mss lor my kkmg. but the saislaclton ot solving most

ot the others is ample compensation And it I was being supremely -    pedanlic. I would say that the

dialogue is n it entirety convincing but it's good enough I UA TFOA TGA is a more well  rounded adventure than Monkey Island II and that s saying something Hell, I'd even go so lai as to say that it s simply the best advenlure ol its type available on any tormat Well. I can it you have a hard dnve. but. to be honest, everyone else had best think twice before shelling out. There, problem solved • GARY PENN

® UPPERS Top-notch plot with the flavour of the three dims to savour. The atmosphere s occasionally richer than Steven Spielberg. Thera are plenty ot perky puzzles with satisfying solutions, and comic touches and animations abound throughout, but In a far drier vein than the Monkey Island series.

S X DOWNERS Hard drive ( "yf ) owners have little to tear, 'w' but tor everyone else, ie, the majority ol ui, the disk accessing is ■ total bummer.


While falling shorl (very In certain floppy Instances) of perfect, Indy  ust goes to show that the graphic adventure Is Improving In leaps and bounds The best yet but also the worst aa tar as lloppy    AA    Z

disk-based execution    U11    ~

Is concerned.    UU    “

(a atce saach bat N d*«i dray miM


Germ." «»*aro Split.

I* New York, Sopku Mapf ood hem I lilh aa Attaetii ler liltitiKl pi flies, leAf emeus ■hem. A beeecer bin kk way et Ike beck el Ike Ihcetrc (tfeere ere three methods el eateries, which It lire], and e itiyekisd b rclecteet to leave bis nation el she side al the slays Sriesias Sophie's show te ee early (Iota, Indy meets hli seatch: the flame-haired firl herself. Someone searched her aMcc, has User's eel the bhysst . She claims she's ie contact writs ea Allealeae spirit called Nar-Ab-SaKO eed proses M by deseeestretiBs the power el oricbalcvm eed her spooks eecklaca. Needless te toy, Kemcr was lerhias there all alees.

/J .1

Tkra, Hi Crtafc iiUod, ta

from OMl fii«. WWftt

taarchias. the Malta ere taatries la Aelr sabmariee far Crete, a passible caireace ta Atlaeus Maw Wta faAy catch them sp

leAy avaalmaAy beards the sabmertae aad ta lakee So Crete where be reaches Aa eatsence la tabyrlaAtaa cavents aace be has explored a sec aad dlf sue. AUaaili cadi be tar away saw...

The prtaclples at ta brief M characters sbasAd be aaAlas

ICIMM fyitc

W4 Li    1

I fii fMTMl iMHir jmm ■■■ iiiif mm biu auMiM-TW pagliiR ta «m m4 li 'i

Aspects. ffi port im pored w m Ptau m*    Md m kAd ibert i

a tidier Hod apiUa (a wtakt fta mm IQ gdti bmt art lead jmm dmm'i kiM la icrap.





Jonathan Davies is back with another tip-fest. This month he’s even taller than usual - it must be the water.

(Gremlin Graphics)

AAin R Mitchell of Durham along with one or MO hem hem) other people, has ponied out that typing GOLDFISH' on the tfc screen accesses a cheat mode You can then pess Ft to F6 to skip Irom world to world Additionally, pess i to make yourselt m vine Me, 2 to skip to the net! level, 3 to jump to the same level in the Mil world, and 4 to. er, lull yoursell But that's not all Rather fabulously, there s a secret shoot- em-up section on *vel 2-1. It s been Pought to our attention by Andy Peters Ol Hull. To get to it. you II reed to get past the first two crumping Wtlorms with spikes underneath Just alter the second one. it you diop down to

the floor next to the spikes you II see a platform above your head and to the right a bit Jump up mto the corner underneath and viola1 [sic]

On level 2-2. adds Simon Geary ol G’asgow. the sequence lor the pane is Red. Yellow, Light Blue. Dark Blue

Thin arm abeal 10,000 Oifltfail haova iptcMi of ail. lew ol liken weor naikj.


(Gremlin Graphics)

More codes (rats1), this time Irom Coim Gray of

Easy Level t PWRWUWHNM-30



Medum Level









9    B2 ZF BAT-90 10LWNJWKACN-90

Hard Level









Oat tpeciei of locut wat aitl Of ike Oreekj lo nahe bread.


10    DASICOTET-80

11    XDNVSEECE-85


14    YKGJWVNAK-92

15    WJMEGMEQH-60


To get these to work, you're pobably best off taking a gander a! the manual that came with yout Action Replay cart

SubM Bobbie C091 EE infinite lives CJs Elephant Antes TFD 1EC71 infinite was

Laser Squadi2AA5 XX no al credits lor weapons.

Uousetrap C07B2F infinite lives

Mrya Warriors 1967D.XX no of shunkens

per life. 19A09.XX no of credits Pegasus 022B6B infinite lives Plotting 5FAD.63 99 zapper blocks per Lie player 1.5FCB1.63 same lor player 2 flambow /stands E337 infinite lives Space Blob Ci C47F infinite lives Zoolftl A003 infinite lives

Thanks lor these go lo Joyce Heekf of Birmingham (sorry you couldn't get those t'ps to work) and Cart Surry of Barnet


John Chapman ef Liverpool very kindly sent us hundreds and hundreds of Troddlers codes. But you don't want to see them all, of course. You do  (Grit teeth.) Okay...

Tt« Palaaolilklc (Old Slow* a <) wax whom seao fawn I].. Maaf kuwiaai livid Iw c*««i.














14    R77777





19    DONTM1X







26    TECHNO


28    S1XROOMS








36    KEYX














51    ALOT1000




55    CLOSE UP


57    JEWELPUSH (gasp

58    GUI0ETRY


60    LOOSEM


























86    HELLS01TCH














100    TWEAKY



Oops. Last month we forgot to tall you lo taka the acapal from Doc * lab. Go back and gal than, than road on. Recover tha remain* ol tha broken vial In I ha gla*a. Taka tha lapel pin* trom the Door and the boi ol chocolate* Irom tha caff** table. Leave the room and go down to tha hotel lobby. Kara you II meal the commisloner. Aniwar all his questions -

tha small place ol paper. Find tha corner which is missing in the girlie magazine and replace It with tha piece of papar you've ust found. You now have tha telephone number tor Lou Dal*. Return to the hotel room and telephone Lou Dal*.

r.nnrll Uinl <    -1* - «»o n rtnrgarnnr n*,<f ■ j

haue auftjrLdui i d:«c*3*ar ci and I Vio<a “he ta:K e rir*:ii c-;n tcfsre an un lcuL: . a band of rac<*Ct«rs eat their hands on thtr Do woo 'iavt    wiali in woor care

don't lie about anything except the death ol Jeffrey Wilier. Don't say anything to him about the vials you lound In the lab. Finally tell him that you will only daal with Miller's son, Kenneth. When tha commlaloner leaves, pick up

tl'l o torn corner of Vxobig onirto b* Lra;«c(.cr i chuir*


Put on your surgeon's mask, and tum on the tap. Take the dish cloth and wet It with water. Now go to the cupboards .. and find the basin. Take It. Open the top cupboard with the dustbin. The glass will tall Into the dustbin. Be very careful In this section, you don't want to give yourseil away after getting this tar. Get tha bottle of bleach and pour H Into the basin. Use the basin to mix the bleach, with the washing powder and the caustic soda. It's nasty smelling stuff, so be careful you don't damage yourself Open the service hatch as wide as you can and place the basin In It. Block tha apace with the help of -the wet dish cloth. Deliver It to Lou.


Give Kenneth tha drugged chocolates When he's out cold take the ring on his linger. Now go to the sitting room.

Take a cigar from the parrot and put H

tel -** a r if* or hu hrc1 fill It tell ae tart

ax>.-. -it anih’

In the pirate's mouth. Switch on the aquarium. Find the shell and give H some plankton. Take the llah net and use It lo fish out tha peart. Find the band on the pirate and put tha pearl In his eye. Look lor the print on the statu*.

Use the hallmark of the ring on H.











i i i m*



Here you come up against the    '

commissioner again. Answer all his questions, but give him inoffensive

replies. Go to the bathroom and take    —

the syringe from the dustbin. Fill it with . lormoi Irom the glass ar Now. you V -It 1 V "■ ifl-need to find the opening mechanism ol

the secret wardrobe. Fill the atomiser you lind In the wardrobe with the syringe. Once that's don* return lo the living room. Neutralize the commissioner with the tormol. Leave the living room and go Into the adjoining room. Take the magazine and make a not* of tha publication month. Next look at the torch under the microscope. Press the comer ol the painting. Now go to the zodiac wheel and start the mechanism. Choosi the sign corresponding to, two months betore the publication month this just happens lo coincide with tha evil Doc's birthday. Ignore the date on

‘-'.'ft mo    V

• --rm    gta* <3 3 * *L«~



Matt Squires concludes our three part Fascination Tips with a lethal mix of

bleach, washing powder, and caustic soder - confused Then

read on

As you approach the studio you'll see a car. Click on it and taka the 10 dollar bill Iron) lha base of the windscreen Go 10 the service door - It's locked and the key la In the lock on the other side. So first aka the newspaper Irom the dustbin - it seems an old Iriend of yours Is up lo no good. Slide the photographs

you picked up In the lab under the door. Use the scalpel on the lock which will drop the key on the other side of the door. Pull

I    the folder to gel the kay.Usa the

key to open the door and enter 4     into the kitchen.


£ bi.ll under* tine uiew*

A Little Gift to oretent portsina

t lovcts That's a cr u-*= (bo“ c

cer« 1


Take the newspaper from the dustbin and then give lha guard the lapel pine and the 10 dollar bill. Your next fob la to convince Kenneth

Miller about the visit and

Vou uonC Co sceak Co •» fcighT, youJue got tuo ninutes! First of aLL, who o*"e yotf

rmciociiielle. but don't toil him anything

Important. Simply

2- 3 'n a friend ut*ia u.sre; yt>j LteLL

Kenneth's ring. Now H's time to try out your musical Merits. Compose the melody of I he torch on lha organ, noting that A la la, 8 la M,C la do, Dla ra, Elami, F is fa, G Is sol. and *Is flat To put all this complex Information inlo perspective Ufa use lha following •temple. Let's say that It ths publication month Is April, Own two months previous Is February So the sign is Aquarius. If the message on the lamp is BAD+GE you will have to ptay si-la-re llat-


After ail that you find yoursall In prison. Taks the lighter In the prisoner's pocket. Place the magazines on the table - you need at least five. Bum the magazines, the Are detector will go oft and the door will open. And that's all there la lo H. Now wasn't that fun. Keep witching AMIGA POWER lor news of a poasJbie sequel.









































balls. Fly down lo the ground and lind the shaft Fly straight down it and go right Voull be attacked by a load ol lire breathing birds so blast away at them until one ol them diops a hammer Get it and tty back up to the lop cave Get oil the bird and go through the gap You'll have to dodge a Nock that tails down just ai the eut Here comes a tncky Nl Change your weapon to the hammer and push one ol the metal balls to the left ol the

pit Shoot the slab so that H moves over the ban and move the slab to Ihe nght by putting balls under it to keep it going It you mess it up you have lo kill yourself and try again When a bail is tree at the back, put it at (he front Keep going. it's easy when you know how When you reach the other s*fe ol the pit keep throwing hammers at the block until it won t move any further

Now change your weapon back lo the throwing stats and use the slab as a step to reach that higher platform Head to the nght and when you come lace to lace with a monster Ml it by shooting it in the eye several times When


he dies go nght and gel Ihe empty glass (task from the lab Now go a* the way back to the Nrd that you left at the cave opening and get back on it Fly down to Ihe bottom cave (not down the shaft! and tty past the bouncmg baits to the edge ol the red lake Get oft the Nrd and select the flask Jump rfito the middle ol the lake and press fire to till the (task Voila. level complete


As usual run to Ihe right Irom the staft and (not as usual) shoot the name thrower while ducking under the flames, it'll take a lew hits but you'll gel it in the end Run nght past ihe large steel ball and go down the stairs Shoct the left leg oft the taNe and push it as far to the nght as n will go but make sure you don't tan oft the ledge Bast away at the bats and push the bookcase left until it s just belore the library Now climb up the ladder and ump on top ol the bookcase One more lump and you can coned the hammer

Climb up ihe ladder and go back up the stairs la the steel bat Shool it twice with you' throwing stars and switch weapons to the hammer

laflci ia advaaiarai an atwayt to ablijfaf. Bide ‘ta, coakay

In the Imai pan ol ou' complete solution we take you through the caves of Bidhur to Nosthomak and the Inal confrontation with Maietoth    »


Run to the nght until you make it past the two monsters standing on the bridge and then jump up and shoot them Irom behind (Nave man] Move to Ihe nght and youit come to a spongy branch Jump on it and stand as tar right as you can but lace left Jump up the Nanches and shool the nest and the lour birds that come out ol if Run nght and jump oft the edge Now go right until you see a taNe Shoot the left leg and lump over it to shoot the nght leg You should now have a pivoted plank, it not then it s lime lor sucide because you II have to stan over Shoot the head that is m the rocks, basically because it ts annoying you. and you need if a bt later Push the plank lo the left as tar as H'l go and dimb up the ladder Run oil to the ledge to the nght agam and you li lal onto the nght side of the plank The head that you blasted will tty up and hit the cage with the Nid m it

The Nrd wilt now come down to you. Stand in tront ot it to the nght and press the lire button You wifi now mount the Nrd (Yi hat. rate mat t>rd - Ed) Fly diagonally up until you see a column ol metal balls and some adiustable runners Go to the runners and shoot them until they re in tme to direct the bails into the top cave Now go back lo the bails and release the first three. Then go back and set the runners to direct the balls mio the bottom cave and release all the remaining













3 0) 3 D1 CQ A






to the end of level two.

Shod ifie ba'i'aoe » ui'i AAjk'

■    V ••', j

" . ■■

I W iph yCu .« ancofl cr If" S B (

ledge change yout weapon back to

Ihe throwing stars and

shoot the bat the next     vJ

line it appears but :. loot

it Mhen it is at the     Jfw[    ■

highest pomt o! its    BRp*    1

swing It will deiach itseil    71    1

and roll dawn the stairs 1. \

Now run nght    I S J

past the slicing

at the bottom ot

the top left tank and teed it to the top fish in the third tank Then pck up the lop fish m tank three altei it has eaten the small fish and feed it to the fish in tank one Now take this fish and feed n to the hsh in tank three Now take this one and teed it to the shark rfi tank two The small shark is the only one ol the hsh that will not harm you Move to the ant box and press fire Now dimb up ihe Ladder and run through ihe tanks taking care noi to he a spike. Climb down the ladder aher tank three and tan down the drop to the right Jump over the ball and dimb down the next ladder Run to Ihe right and jump over the small prt and then ump onto the ledge Then shoot the switch to turn the furnace on and stand next to it Select the

hammers and keep shooting the lumace until it stops moving Change your weapon back to the throwing stars and shoot the spates that are hanging from a chain m the ceding to the right Shoot them twice and Change the weapons back to the hammer Jump up and fire Ihe hammers at the spikes until they re at fuk Swing Then

Pol* aonlilnj i oil aory well, bat ■«'■« fol o ]im lo flaiib.

change Dack la    B    /.

me miowng    t BIBMiLfl

v f

Ihe sp'kes when

they re at the highest pomt of their swing to the leh They will then tail down and lorm a plug m the shallow pit Go left and dimb up the ladder Jump over the large ball and push it 10 the rtghi until it falls into the furnace New run lo the right and lump on the small platform next la the furnace switch When ihe block of ce starts melting to the pomt where the top is ust below the platform you re standing on. and immediately lump on ihe ledge lo me right Hitting the switch on the wall will turn off the lorce held below you.

When the molten metal has cooled drop down from the platform Collect the crystal on the floor and go right until you are under the crystal which is embedded m the next block ol ice Keep shooting the ce until it shatters, throwing stars will do Ihe tuck, and catch the second crystal You are now set lor the hnai confrontation

will show you how to

finish the game

II ulkloj birds wero ol oil asafal yoa'd bo abt* I* jat Ikaw lo pbaa* tor piiu **d Holt,

■MldrT JOB


Run and ump onto the platforms When Mafeioih makes his appearance lire rapidly and repealediy at his head Take a hp and change platforms every time he goes past you. Try to destroy him as quickly as possible, but then agam you didn t really need me to tell you that, did you7

Pool Jail kaaal lhara looking at yoar Cknuwai crackar compass, ]<t oa wlik It

trick ot tka liykt, M looks as it you r* ktajls] trow ikai rock by o rap*
















Getting a bit stuck in Core Design’s groovy new adventure game New AP boy Tim


You're hanging upside down Irom a wan in a dungeon Can "help" and the guard will rush m. have a bi ol a lit on you. and m the process drop a key Pick up the key and unlock the chans you're hanging trom Go to the pillar m the bottom right hand corner and pick up the com Goto /Cn the back wall where the water is W dnppmg and pul the mortar A paper cfp tails out - pick it up and go over to the door Use the paper do to pick the lock and gel out ot the dungeon


See that goldish bowl on the table at the stan ol the corridor - you want to take that, you n need n later Go to the

door next to it and took through the keyhole (spooky, eh’) The monster m the corridor disappears, enabling you to gel past Start gotng down the condor, but watch tor the staiues mallets trying to whack you. and avoid the monster who returns to give you some gnel Slop just betore each statue and move after it's landed a blow On your way you want lo collect all the gems, there's one between the tirsl two statues and another to the right ot the targe table in the middle ol the corridor Pick up the com trom the top ol the table Take the gem just betore the second statue past the large table, another on the wall before the last statue and yet another behind the block at the end ol the corridor You made it1 Go through the door

at the end ot the comdcr LAKEBED:

Put the goatish bowl or your head -this will slop you trom drowning Pull the stuck lish tree trom those bars right by you - a good deed is often rewarded Take the com Irom behind the rock at the bottom right ol the screen lor some more money Walk on a little bil and you IS see a patch ol mud on the ocean bed Look at it. then take the worm that's lying in :t Go up to the fishy shopkeeper. g>ve him the worm and in exchange you It get a supply ot oxygen to fill up the gokJlish bowl and keep you going down there Move on a bit and you H come to the etectnc eels This is where your good deed o rewarded.

as the stuck fish you treed comes back and drops an oyster Now. fortunately this seems to be just what the turtle who's circling you wants, so give it to him and heH rather nicely take you over the electric eels

Once you re over, pck up the cattte prod that somehow lound its way to the bottom ol the water and when the shark comes near you attack him with the cattle prod Keep doing ths and walk left towards the gant dam When the dam Is closed jump over n Go left (young man) and insert the cattle prod m the plughole You will be sucked down


You're at the edge ol a lake by the start

Tucker is here to help you out. Here’s part one of the complete cursed solution.

3 a cave

Go lo the bottom right ol Ihe set eon so

®that you can i see B<ad anymore and pek up the seaweed Goto the **i and press the protruding rock to reveal the secret entrance


There's a lot to do in here, so brace yourself Pick up all the holders and rocks that you find to give to Ihe rock basher m the rock basher room

®Fmd the gold com (it's net easy to see. but if glints a bit and you'll find t by one ol the cave doorways)

Go lo each of the separate rooms and do eiactly as described m the Mowing steps


Give the rock basher all 18 rocks (three ol each size) which you'll have lo go back and collect because you can t carry them ail at once In return lor all your hard work he gives you. er. some Stnng


’ Take Ihe plank then attach it to the boulder Throw the monitor (see POLO ROOM) on to the plank and you It be catapulted onto the higher rock, where you It tmd a magnet Pick up the magnet and jump down


Pick up the monitor Alter getting the

magnet trom the SEESAW ROOM, come back and tie the stnng to the magnet and then throw it down the hole ItH come back with a roil o< wire attached to n

Take the wire 10 the corridor outside \jy ihe rock basher's room where the mud monster is running about (don 1 worry, he won t harm you)

Attach the wire to the loops and when the mod monster runs past a bit ol mud will get caught on n Pick up the mud


Time to do a bn of snouting around Look m the three leftmost holes, look r the rightmost hole and take the twigs out of it


Throw the com into the well and a games show host appeals to oiler you three prizes - money, a woman or a helmet Now. you re not going to like me lor this, but take the helmet VOu'll need 1 to gel out ol the caves Go to where the boMe'S are falling from the cod mg and pul the helmet on


Jump m the bucket New. atlach the mud to the seaweed, attach the twigs to the mud and the seaweed and then wear the resulting mask (yes, I must admit that's not the tvs! thing that sprang lo my mind) To tmd out why. tune in to ne«1 month's instalment




When all seems lost, when the darkness of despair descends upon you and your candle of hope is all but extinguished, Jonathan Davies will be there for you...

This is the bit where I wattle on tor a lew lines about how you're meant to write in to me with your game-playing questions, and I'll help out it I can, but the chances are I'll have to tarm your problem out to the AMIGA POWER readership (who seem lo know the answers to everything) and hope someone II write in. I can't see the point of it, quite honestly, and I may well stop doing it after this month. (The introduction

bit, not The Last Resort. Although...)


Q I can 1 gel past the b<oken bndge or the dragon just alter the Snap Happy Gator I've had the game lor over eight months’

SY, Worthing

As you've probably realised by now, I'm not too hot at this answering questions' business. I can only apologise, and beg anyone who can help with the following problems to do so.

Qi m stock on WIZKID How do you finish levels two and three to get the number ot kittens neededOliver Smith

Q'How da you gel to level live ol WIZKID'’ How do you gel a kitten on round tour without lumping to level seven What do you do wiih a herring'’’ Faion Smith. Sunderland

Q’ln ZORK I. how do you get into Hades'5 I've tried the bell, the book and the carries, but the candles keep getting vapourised HelpChristopher Powell, Ipswich

Q’l can t get anywhere m DUNE Has anyone got any tips or a cheat7' Jamie Whiltaker. Rugby

Q’On DUNGEON QUEST, how do you gel mio the castle71 ve been into the village and got the coin to give to the boat man I can get to the castle, but

then I can t get in Help1

Darren Knight. Kettering

Q’How do I complete taxing level seven on LEMMINGS7-0 Bowman. Darlington

Q’l can t get past the FBI agents on the beach m LEISURE SUIT LARRY II. (I've already changed my hairstyle )’

Eddie Mendoza. Holywell

Q ‘Where's ihe guardian at the end ol level three on FIRST SAMURAI7’ Justin Robinson, Warwick

Q’tn FUTURE WARS I can't find a way to get out Of the buying at the stad I ve soaked my boss but that's as tar as I can get Crap, eh7

Colin Edwards, Woolton

Q’ln HElMDALL. on Ihe firs! world. I’m having trouble finding alt six

scrolls la grve to the wizard on the first island I've got lour with the power runes .’ (Here he's drawn two sod ot Mag like things, one pointing left and one pointing nght. a backwards N and something that looks a trn l*e a 1 the way the French wnte them ) ’Could someone lei me where the other two are7 Also on the first world, there s a room with a number ol switches and two doors How do you open the doors, as none of the keys seem to tit7"

Graham Bond. Basingstoke

Q’On level two ol the Dark Tower m LEGEND, there s a room with a lot ol locked doors in a row and a Dispel rune behind a pillar How do I open lhedoorsr

Paul Kemp. Sohom Toney

*J'm having trouble in SPELLBOUND DIZZY How can 1 breathe underwater7 How can I coked Ihe honey past ihe bees wuhout being

stung7 Haw can I get past the ore crusher down the hole without being crushedAnd what does the ceramic lid do *

(You re not having a great deal ot success, are you 7 - Ed)

M Lee, Poole

Q Apart from music, can anyone tell me some special codes lor POPULOUS nr Dale Bird. Cannock

Q ‘Since last Christmas I've gone round and round level lour on CADAVER trying to find all lour gokj keys l ire only gol two '

Alison Knowles. Goole

Q 'l m stuck on LEGEND on level one in the oty ol Balenhalm. I can't hod the ruby and iron keys and I can't open the door that won t budge'

H W Lee. London


GETafix. i can't enter the Roman Camp, but I can get the oil What should I do now7'

Thomas Franklin, Abingdon

Q’tn SPIDERMAN. where do I go liom the time machine "

Thomas Franklin, Abingdon

8elow, lols ot kind people have written In with advice on problems I couldn't answer. I salute them.


QMrs M Turner of Wednesbury was being driver lo despair by the gorilla al the end of level two

A Whan you lose your last Me, keep you> finger on the lire button The game will start again, bui your score won't have reset Keep doing this unbl you've got 100.000 points - you are now Super powered1*

T Cauwood, Lincoln


Q Alexander Wood was after a cheat, quite a while hack row

A Ail you need to do is pause the game and press Help *

Justin Robinson


Q Stephen A D had ground to a halt on mission two. level two. thanks to a missing clipboard

Alt seems there s a bug si the game Here, straght from the horse's mouth (welt. Aron Phelan at Mmdscape). and m a pictorial first tor The Last fieson is the missing clipboard


Qian Beckloid ot Jersey couldn't tmd the probe code an Salstiee

A'There are m tact, two probes to be found on this planet The codes lor the two probes are SYTHALEBEE and MIDINSNEING I think it's possbie that Ian may well have missed a very important feature on this planet In the corridor with a ladder nexi 10 a shop there's a bote si the ceWng It he uses the anti-grav device under this hole he'll float up through 1 to the next level near ihe other probe console *

Harry Maton. Croydon


Q Daniel Brumhead ol Keying ham came a cropper with a chopper at the end ol level two (I'm starting to worry about you - Ed) I m deeply sceptical of the following, but 1 11 print it anyway

A'Pause the game at the helicopter and type helicopiertootoughlorme Then un pause Ihe game and die once only to see level three '

Nathan While, Walsall


Q Cheryl Adamson ol N Yorks had come tanialismgiy close to reaching level two. but it continued lo elude her

A'To destroy the flowerpots you must jump onto a window, and Ihen on lop of a door Jump up and down spraying your pamt onto the pots For the Cinema screen you need to be on the right-hand srde of it and again jump up and down spraying your past) and turning it pnk *

Jonathan Algar, Newark


QP Griffiths of Cambridge was frying lo find a passport

A'Go back lo Eve's house and search the dustbins outside *

Haydn J Mulllneux, Manchester


QA D Feather had no speotic problem. He was iusl a bn crap, and kept getting killed by ihe Meihanoids

A 'Here are two pieces ot advice 1) The Methanoids won't attack unless you either trade with them too much or build six orbital lactones It is a good idea to build five lactones - on Earth, Leda. Titan. Tethys and Ganymede (These moons have hydrogen and methane, and can produce fuel. You should build up stocks at these bases so that when you start the war by building the sorth base you can produce drones m large quantities and tight off any attack Mr Feather is starting the war too early with lew or no resources 2) To prevent Methanoid attacks wifltm a solar system, first capture or destroy all Meihano*d ortxiai lactones m that system, and then construe! an incomplete factory on ihe outermost planet. The Methanoids will be unable to launch an attack anywhere m that system and you won’t have to delend any bases there

Oh. and one more thing, press Shift and C an the planet resource screen to give you infinite quantities of most objects (except drones).'

A G Foster, Milton Keynes

A Hey, I can do this one Actually the two problems are connected To gel across the water you need three boulders Ones in ihe Armorog’S den one's US! after ihe Gaior and one s m the enhance ha* Drop them in the water at the edge of be bndge Then you can jump over them gef the key and find Dozy on the pier He'll grve you a sleeping pohon which will get you past Ihe dragon


Q 'Could you tell me how I car gel past Ihe vampire baby sitter'’'

Scott McGill. Liverpool

A When you're being chased fay Aloa gel Ihe can al han spray Irom ihe Bathroom change lo Ihe cross-hair cursor and spray a cloud of it in front ol her near Ihe ceVftg Thai will slow her down Then get ihe mouse from the chair cushion m Bnanna s room Go to Ihe living room tick on the vacuum cleaner and hide behind the seflee Throw the mouse onio the table When Alicia goes for ii. change to cross-hairs agam and dick the button


Q‘On level eight. I can get the seeds but when I plant them the birds come and eat them Please tell me how to do it *

Matthew Hlnchliff Colne

A Do you mean level seven fay any chance’ II that s so, lo gel nd ol Ihe brds smpiy hit the scarecrow.


Q"On Le Chuck's ship, we can'i get lo the cooking vat m the hold The rat keeps stopping us. What do we do’'

Mark and Ian Wood. Taunton

A Try putting the grog mto the bowl on the floor

Q 'I've put the blah. bah. bah] into the cooking pot. but it won t go bang Can you helpMrs S Munro, Hull

Alt would be a pleasure Your list of ingredients is wrong. IhaTs all Whal you warn is the cinnamon sticks, the breath minis, the Jolly Roger the ink. the fine wme. the rubber chicken, the gunpowder and the cereal

Q'l have reached Monkey Island but I just can t blow up the dam. Having called the LucasMm helpline I was told by Ihe answering machine lo use the gunpowder, magnetic compass and noteworthy stone. I have Ihe f*st two items but where an earth is the noiewcnhy Slone’ And once I have it. where do I stand lo use all these items '

S Hayward. St Lawrence

A The noiewonhy sione is actually a pace ol flint, which you! find on lop of the note at the river fork Once you ve got that use the gunpowder on the dam and use Ihe flint with the cannonball


Q ai ihe end ol level 12. how do you pull the last levers on the control panel’ It'S really hugging me'

Chris While. Trowbridge

A After staring long and hard at the solution in issues 11 and 12 ot AMIGA POWER. I can only guess that you mean level 11 - the last level It that's the case (and l quote) Wait until the fight is finished, then time it so that when you pull the level the alien is under ihe trap door in the centre ol the screen. Then quickly pull another lever and crawl left underneath the open trapdoor' Is that any help’


Q'How do you get access lo the hidden level editor’'

Nathan White. Walsall

A This was al covered in issue 8 of AMIGA POWER But. lo summarise, you've got lo go to the level select screen and type Edit' (i.e. capital E. small d. 1.1)


Q Irani, fume, snarl] ..I've spent one hour trying to get your damn cheat lo work [rant. rant, rant]'

This is just one ot thousands ot tetters I've had complaining about the Manager cheat in issue 19 Apparently you ve actually gel lo press A alter you ve pressed D. I'm really sorry, okay’ While we re at it. I made another horrific cock-up in the same issue, while I was typing oul

Adnan Panned s answer to the New Zealand Story problem. I should have said that the warp's on level 1-3. Yeah. yeah, and toads at people can t gel the Parasol Stars cheat to work. Sorry. They're working me loo hard, that's what it is.


Q'How do you kill Ihe laige dog in Ihe pyramid’ i Ye gat the headdress and the magic eye. but neither ot them seem to have any etlect"

Darren Jelfries. Ponlypool

A Have you put the ankh in the space in the wall’ll so. stand undei it and use the mage eye By the way. my car came from Pontypool tt says so on the number plate


Q'How da you a) make the bow and arrow, b) get the metal detector lor the clock, c) jump oft the dift side, and d) talk to the leader ot the Lost Boys’"

Grelg Brown. Falkirk

A a) Use Ihe tree branch with the string b) you can get the money to buy if by taking the coins horn the ship at Good Form Pier, c) use the piece ot elastic with the slingshot, and then use yoursefl with ihe comer of the fence, and d) you just. like, talk to him. I suppose

If you think nil help, you can write to me at The Last Resort AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BAf 2BW Send Loose Ends answers to the same address




















The Frankenstein Syndrome - or Winners of the Design A Game Competition.

Tha Middaa, llun a ad Mark pond.tr iha fmali.ti. Tfea imb look, tidy aid mart bacaaia H lial tha AX office

Y 'know. it doesn't seem like a year ago mat we instituted our grand Design A Game competition, giving you the chance to win yourselt an Amiga 60GHD or one o< ten copies at AMOS by inventing a game (of our top programming buddies The Hidden to write There is. ol course, a very good reason lot that It was

only live months ago.

Nevertheless, m that Short period of time we saw an avalanche ol mad unlike any since the Headers Tap 100, which we sent out to The Hidden m a large truck tor them to hunt 1hrough. looking lor the ideas which they could turn into a world beating game tor our coverdisk They were after originality, playability, but also (and most importantly) feasibility - a suggestion tor a beat'em up which involved characters the lull height ol the screen scrolling smoothly across 6-levei parallax

backdrops, tor example waul fbaight cut the window There were mtfty entr.es . which peop’e had obv.ous-y spent absolutely ages on. and aimoslas many hurriedly scrawled on the back of a fag packet, but we didn’t care - good ideas were what we were searching lor After several weeks ol the most intense and careful scrutiny, though the Hidden boys managed to whittle the barrow loads o< entnes down to a short list ol 11. which they lugged back all the way trom Tie roof* bejoa le look familiar o. papan aicra ftraara about.

Great Yarmouth to the AMIGA POWER Offices so we could all have a look at em together We II gel to the conclusions in a moment, but for now. let s have a look at That Short list In Full



by Robert Prent ol Nykerkerveen In Holland

Another giveaway title but (Ns entry was distinguished by a lovely panting Robed sent m with it The game is sell explanatory, being Space /nvadecs m 3D with extra bits bul there was enough thought and

innovation in the design to make it worlh considenng


by CJ Clarke ot Twickenham

**v A cute scrolling arcade game starring a bob called Splosh, nicety realised in a thick dossier th extensive character data and storyboard-ng an prettily drawn and meticulously r    thought out The idea is to guide Splosh

j acioss a venicasy-scroiiing course. V avoiding bad guys and gaps, m a scenario noi a million miles away trom G'emlm’s old 8 b<1 classic Bounder


by Martin Fox ol Banchory

A tunny little arcade batti« game leaiurtng lots ot little cute Huffy characters caned Spods. who while away Ihe long summer days in Spodiand by e«. sotting at each other A very simple concept with lots ot e»ira stuff bolted on to keep it interesting, and one ot the tew multi playet desgns we got

liH.'. 0 ITf •Vi*




by Tim Genge of Portishead

Another multi piaye* game, tbs time usmg the dassc post apocalyptic Mad Max scenario m. wen. a battle between cars Supposedly a future gameshow. the winner si Baffle Cars is


by Dominic Camus of Cambridge

Absolutely gorgeous presentation by Domnc here, sending r his multi pan warrior ral RPG wargame on some beautiful paper covered r subtle, detailed drawings Ot course, we didn't pay any attention to that whatsoever, the ideas being the important thing, but it s nee to see someone pul the effort r at! the same


by Michael Brockbank ot Canberra in Australia

Another rueety presented effort lor a game looking a bit like» cross between Captive and Laser Squad Michael even weni as lar as to suggest the type of music that should accompany tha game, but we re not going to hold the lacf that he likes Speed Metal against twn


by John Murdoch of Renfrew

An arcade puzzle game, setting me player on a group ol towers which collapse as they're looched Lots d nifty ideas m this one. like having to earn the right to i Pause faddy and potentially excellent mane tv


by Paul Rayment of Tunbridge Wells

j-jwnrc-. Ik*v-nre Skis* j '««>.• type of thing. sumng

Pred as a cross-coirtry runne* *eped io his quest to mpress the test of the school unrig learn by a o*tphil (airy who g*n9y guides bin MSI obstacles t Ins path


by Charles Dlckins of

Trollhattan in Sweden

Vet more lovely drawings m this tale ot a big-nosed green troll on a irnsson to traverse lour varying worlds ot honzontally scrolling platform ish mayhem with ihe ad ol several d>fterent raincoats ot tazaire and unusual properties


by Chris Davey of Lichfield

Multi player tun again, as you take on the personae ot Cednc and Cmdy. a cduple ol scrap yard cranes!1! who race agamst each other and the dock m an attempt to get tots and lots ot knackered cars into the car crusher Certainly no tacfc-ot-Origmality problems here

LAIR OF THE WOLF by Sam and Annie Rlgny of Rowlands Gill

Scrolling slash 'em up attain with an entry notable lor story bearding pradeaity every inch ol Ihe game Irom start to Itnish. right down to ihe sound effects Lots ol thought and effort irom Sam and Arvue. but marks oft for ail the staples in the envelope which cut Craig's hand



by Matthew Thomas of Swansea

The Hidden also singled out one other entry tor special attention Transformer tsh Robots Kick Damt) Joke 's Butt ("That s just a working title feel free to change it' - thanks Matthewl is a beat em up in winch -oh let's lace if. i s all m the tile really We coukin t quite work out whether young Matthew was taking the mickey or not 'Or even better for the final level you oouid ust dismember him lotalty agamst a time kmrt - bonus points tor chopping him into very small pieces perhaps71. but we got a tew chuckles Irom h>s thiee sides ot school enerose book scrawl anyway Cheers Matthew (But no ogar. t



game lor more than an hour or two s play but as we studied the design m more depth and thought ol a lew iirtle eitras ot our own. it became dear that we had the potential tor an absolute cracker ol a slice ol pure arcade mama And that's alt there was to it really - we wanted to play it. The Hidden wanted to program it and we reckoned you tot would want to see it on our coveidisk. so it had to wtn End Ol Story

Or rather, ol course just the beginning c< the story Me ve packed The Hidden ott with strict instructions to lorget about alt that dever clever commercial money' making stutl and get on with the imperial" business ol turning Spod Land into a game worthy ot ihem. us and. ot course, the now'lamous Manm Fox Match this space to see how they get on


After much thrashing around and involved discusson the Hidden boys and ourselves

managed to wh ine the last 11 designs down to three This was the point at wh«h it got really lough The thinking went kind Ol tike this


This one was looking very good indeed The multi player aspect was popular (although we decided the three-player version mooted was ust too impractical how do you split a multi direclionalfy scrolling screen Ihree ways and SMI be able to see what s going cn’i lots ol attention had been pad to detail and we spent ages thinking up other things we could do with it like having little teams ol pedestrians running around in the colours ol the two players, the idea being to kill you' opponent s men while protecting you' own Everything was going wen until we realised that instead ol designing a game, young Tim Genge had more or lessjusi nicked one The des>gn ol Sadie Cars is almost identical to old Spectrum game by Games Workshop caned er. Battle Cars A technical knockout, then leaving the way dear tor


Spod Land came oul on top lor many teasons. including the excellent characters the multiplayer capability and the neat base idea ot cute Huffy a! ens gobbng at each other, but most ol an because when we saw the rough penci diagrams, we all

immediately lound ourselves wanting to play the game At lirst we thought the idea was too thm to hold up as a

one with a tme tooth comb It d certainly look good and it wouidn I present any major technical difficulties Space invader games are always playable and the added element of screen depth would make It really frantic A tew new ideas an display too. and scope tor nitty stutl wih bonus waves and hidden eitras. bul it s sM Space Invaders, isnf it1 And having done a Design A Space Invaders Game competition, we thought, m the end. this d jusi be talking things a b>t too fa'


Noi being swayed by the lovely pamimg was a task -n itself but we tned to lorget >t as we went over this

Abov«; Sen*    al kyper aaalv«4

dach (dai l lib ■    ■< aaty mark kcra)

battlci k la lk« Hiddia i lalcil nice at lahatti, Damf. II breaka milk Aalyi Iredition by alia] ‘lira' la jaaip (a Gaad Idaa Irani ikn conaatna) loalaad al 'ap‘. Left: Iff really relker feed tea la play, aid Ike aiaia ckarader fa delta chaHaaiatic.


You ve seen Puggies and Borne and Top SMM noted n into your al time top 100' new yqpTeprobably wondering wfiatTne Hidden are going to come up with next. Me ware too. so ahei a heavy office braiBiiumtlng session we flncMad Mtal we would phone them up and ask them ‘We re just finishing a Soncy platform game called Dong It's actually quite a lot like Doodlebug m look and style, but we think it's better Mere looking lor a publisher lor i. so il anyone's interested '

We ve had a look at it. and it's a bit excellent Software houses, snap it up‘We ve more or less finished a new bit of PD. a lour player Smash TVcione

called Monster Mash, which we II let you take a look at lor your coverdisk '

Smash TV3 Four players'3 Give1    I

'Then there s an un named shoot we up designed by a chap Irom a firm called Dome Software They did th* Inn.1 fa Jones Atlantis game on (be Speccy and the Amstri and a new game cai Sob s Sad Day which does some clever siufi that's never been seen on the Amiga The shoot- em up design is amazing and we ll probably be working on that wiih him soon"

Busy, aren't you

'And we re also mvohred in discussions with a couple ol major software houses about a design we ve got. lor a

revolutionary platform name with bizarre -flO.fctuafy l

shouldn't it tie moment and see '






Gama: Sensible Soccer 92/93 Season Publisher: Renegade Authors: Sensible Software

Price: £25.99 stand alone/£3.95 upgrade Release: Out now

ornmg. StuaM. IT'S THERE! WHAT A GOAL1 Oh. is lhal ihe now version o< S«ns*te Socce


The best got better. Now we’ll never get any work from Stuart.




Could you stop shoulmg. please’


Mark, could you make Sluan be quiet’


Oh look. Estonia just equalised That's so very interesting


I Bring bring] Sluan I think that's your phone


IO.Mib. Custom Icjms cjbii Bach imasimcifl.

(Bring bring] Hello. AMIGA POWER No. I'm alrato he's noi here ai the moment Can l take a -


No. no. that's u$ t. er. the radio Hang on a minute. I'll lurn it down (ClouO HE FLOATS ONE IN. A DIVING HEADER - GOOAALLL1

Yes. I'll get him to call you as soon as he calms dow- er. comes in Bye AND THE SCOTS HAVE REALLY GOT THE PSEUDO-RUSSIAN LOSERS ON THE RACK NOW' A CROSS. A GOAL'

So. you'll be giving ibis a pretty good review then’ Lots ol stub about the new goalkeepers and how they can turn the bait round the post tor corners and stud, and how the

and how the computer teams skill levels have been tweaked upwards lor a tougher challenge, and how there are new custom teams, and how the game's got lots ol up lo dale options like lha chance lo play the World Cup Qualifying groups, and how the red and yellow cards that quite a lew people complained about the lack ol in the original game have been implemented this time round (complete with entra crowd samples), and how it's just generally an even more labuktus all-round recreation ot the true lee oi loolball. right down to the unpredictable way that you can thump Italy away m one match, only to get a 6-2 home drubbing from Ponugai or lose lo a breakaway goal from Malta m the very neil one. and al that kind o< thing. In tact. I shouldn't be at al surprised it you were to tentatively suggest that with all these

improvements this might, m tact, just possibly be the

t.ltyi. full u

work Iran liurt

best Amiga game Ol aB time, as our readers voted it In last month's Readers All-Time Top tOG. Alter all, you do seem to be having a good time over there NO WAY' YOU CAN T SEND HIM OFF FOR THAT'NOW THERE S A HOLE IN THE WALL AND - ARGH' FOUR TWO1 HOW COME THE GOALKEEPERS NEVER EVER SAVE FREE KICKS’

Oh God. I'm gelling a headache now COME ON REF, SURELY THATS A PENALTY’ YES' IT MUST BE FIVE' IT IS'

I think it might be an idea i< the rest ol us look an early lunch. Mark AND ITS ALL OVER' WHAT A WIN' LOOK AT THESE HIGHLIGHTS'

I think you could be nght. Tim • STUART CAUPBELU

® UPPERS Tougher, •ticker, more reallalic, In pretty much every way belter than the 93Vrated original. I« there eny more to be said

® DOWNERS The keepers do teem lo have e bit of a weak apol where tree kicks are concerned, and It'd be nice H you gol to play some kind ol World Cup If you qualified. And where have Aberdeen gone’


You lot think Ihlt (even In lit previous, Inferior

Incarnation) la Ihe best H i — Amiga game ever I'm    ~

inclined lo agree with you. 9 I “




It’s a funny old world, especially when it s

Game: Cool World Publisher: Ocean Author: Twilight Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

There's no way to tell what the Mm Cod World <s like because it's not out yet The only thing t can say is that I quite lancy the cartoon representation ol a woman on the poster her name s Hclii - sigh), which has me. and my psychiatrist . '* more than slightly worried, especially as I was just getting over my crush on Jessca Rabbi That aside (ahem), let s look at the game piot This guy.

Jack Deebs, has been writing    •*

thts giocvy underground comic    ,

cased Cool World and m the process he's unwittingly created an  alternative universe This universe is ' • peopled (or charactered, anyway) by doodes. who are the stars ol the comic, and they re merit on transferring otkeds trom the real world to Cool Work! by lumping

through vortices between the two All this would be line il it weren t tor the tact that as a direct result the universe is going to desiruct You play Hams the Policeman, and it s up to you to save the unrverse trom this unusual threat It all looks like lantastc potential lor a great game

Ah. the game It was looking good on the lamasie nuo sequence, and my heart ached as the current object ol my desire danced on the screen in trom ot me. and somebody else had to push the tire button to get me on to the game itself And „ then oh dear You le on this ' honjontally scrolling level, which

could hardly be called platform as there re only two dimensions to it. shooting purple gorillas «•    and Bart Simpson lookaiikes

,    armed only with a handy

pen I car t believe it. it looks l*e a Spectrum game I was >    ; cursing and

preparing myself for a 29% 0b. when it ' got better. It turns out that was just






characters from a cult comic.


flu i lo««h. hn'1 4 *fc« Whil kind of * cHarcc do ton iMflk I ki«t dlh O driM ficlioMl ckoroclcr

Som« of lfc« doodln ore o M weird More Norris hot lo fijhl i]iiail Jinny Sovilo In his Jofjinj >uil, ond o fUal bloc bobf. Ivor wonder wbo thinks of oil Ihii staff

The Cool World is o fltronfc piece, toil of jionl tops on springs ond olorvn clocks.

the stan. where you're levelling the Cool Woiid streeis collecting corns at order lo bribe your way into the other levels And the other levels are an improvement This ■$ a platform game after a> but with the added twist that you ve got two levels at once - the real world scenario and Ihe Coot World scenario - and you skip between the two using the vortexes You have to shoot the dootSes. which turns them into ink bubbles, and then suck them back into your pen to completely destroy them In the Cool World you have lo pek up real world objects and send them back where they belong You gel an indication ol how many doodles are m the real world and how many objects are m the Cool World.

SO you're constantly skipping about between the two to keep Ihe balance «n

_ check When the

danger reaches critical level you lose a life and you have to keep the balance during the time limit io go on to the next level And that's it really it'siauiy engiossmg lot a while, as you battle with time and are lotced to lump around a lot between the two worlds This makes lor a nrnkty entertaining game, and bumps the rating up by 30% trom my initial d'sappomtmeni. bul it's not a compiele stormer by any means The control ol Ihe character is very crude and feels clumsy at times The backgrounds look good, bul not stunning, and it's really an average platform game that is raised slightly above average by the time limit and two-ievelsm one scenano I was left with the

impression that a lot more could be done with such an interesting plot But never mind, eh'’ There's always the title sequence • TJU TUCKER

II » a Uni* rad ptoH

creator, (to l a

Quick flip back to Ike real world, aad M l fioia io do a bit atorc doodle bathla].

® UPPERS Having a lime limit adds excitement to the game, and playing two levels at once Is kind ol groovy. Tlw backgrounds are attractive, and some ol the doodles sre effectively, er, doodle like.

® DOWNERS It's clumsy to control the main character, It'a nol original and ll‘s basically ust an average platform game when there are some stunning platlorm games around.


It's i shame that this Him licence hasn't been turned Into a lantatllc game. II the dim's a hit (and It will be) then this will be loo. and I'm sorry that people * money won't be spent on something mora worthy at their oath. Not a complete rft ; disaster, but It should have *tU X been a triumph.    Uw *











Games: Dungeon Master. Chaos Strikes Back Publisher: PsygnosiS Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

Some say that there S nothing an AMIGA POWER writer tears more than fining a role-playing game, beanng a 'review this' Post-It note, lying on their desk This is not true I have discovered something even more scary, and that's hndmg TWO role playing games, cleverly packaged m a single boi. lying on your desk

Dungeon Master is very old. but still much loved - it popped up spockiiy ai number 34 in the AP Readers' Top 100 Packaged with it is the sequel Chaos Strikes Sack, which is less old (m traditional sequel fashion), more difficult and similarly simitar.

The games are typical RPG tare, with character sheets, special abilities.

- _ _.



kes back, and this time it’s

monsters and dungeons galore The sort of game that you'll either love or hate With that m mmd. here are two reviews Read the one that applies to you

H you've read every one of Totoen s books and drawn hexagons a* over your kitchen table, read this

The enduring success ol Dungeon Master can be put down la one maior factor: Ihe game s control meihod This « both innovative and usei-friendly The character sheet offers a pictonal

representation of your _

hero's body, and you move Cons around on this to store, eat. eiamme or use the various items you II find around the dungeons Casting spells is almost a game in itself, as it involves learning' a new

Cadar iraa, haw kl, in grown. (Ok hoy - id)

language There are 24 magical symbols, each with their own meaning or tunchon and the inck is to combine Ihe nght symbols to perform the spoil required A lot ol ow my head hurts'style thinking is needed here

Despite ihe compienty and depth ol the gameplay. Dungeon Masters control method is admirably user-fnenrfy Moving round the dungeon involves clicking on the

arrows to the side ol the action screen Picking up or operating objects you find lying around also ust requires a simple mouse dick. Simple Quick. Easy

Chaos Strikes Sack is similar, with extra difficulty and extensive character development features In Dungeon Master you have to select lour ready-grown adventurers Irom the Hall of Champions Chaos allows you lo edit a character to create your own unique hero, even to the extent ol drawing a new icon for their lace Chaos is much inckier, though there is an extensive help option provried (sadly il involves quitting a saved game to boat it up separately) RPGs are a fairly timeless genre anyway, bul the reason that Dungeon Master has lasted longer than most is lhal it's such a good game, with clever controls, loads of options and lots to do But hey donf you own a copy already’ Everyone else, read this User-friendly controls and innovative character sheets make Dungeon Master mote of a joy to play than most RPGs. but *. s slil mainly a lot of looking at blank dungeon walls The value lor money concepl ol having two games bundled in one pack is only really ol interest il you re really commuted to this son ol game The two titles are pretty much identical (though Chaos involves some sod of neo-masonic disk-swapping niuai before you re allowed io play), so unless you're into lighting ihese things through to Ihe end, you re not realty gelling two games lor your money There are plenty of leasers lo solve before you meel any monslers - wJ you have (tie patience to work ihrough them’ At Ihe end of the day. Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back are 10k-playing games And you know what that means • ADAM PETERS
















dm ■).

■ ■

Tta win 4 aw *ia*t






® UPPERS Smart control method, atmospheric graphics. Dungeon Ulster Is sasy lo launch Into, a few added features In the saqusl.

® DOWNERS You really have to hunt out Ihe action Initially, and Chaos Strikes Sack may prove loo difficult tor Ihe average gamester.


Dungeon Ulster has aged well, and puts Ihe majority of today's Identikit role-players to shame. Il Is sn acquired taste, of course (but if all RPGs were like this, II might be worth acquiring). Impressive


Game: Noddy's Playtime Publisher: Jumping Bean Company

Author: Richard Costello Price: £24.99 Release: Out now

What has a 43-year-old with rosy cheeks and a blue hat got to otter the natron s children More than you night at first imagine, actually Particularly •hen the 43 year-old In question is only three leel high, drives a rather pleasant

POST CFflCE OJ(Ol10110110

Post e’ters

If, tfc« naa]htf «M on tho roof hot do«i« tomoihinj onufonitnc lo Ihe ull (1)107 do tfcef) ond til fear job flo pal H Hfhl.


Lock up your daughters, put shackles on your sons. Noddy’s back with a vengeance, with a mission to educate.


krtie yellow car. lives in Toy Town, and is caled Noddy (Is that is first name or his second’ Never could work 0 out)

Anyway, there are eight games to play in Noddy's Playtime, all ol which are Inked by a natty little driving section, which involves steenng Noddy around Toy Town 10 get to one ol the games A simple painting program is thrown in as well, to enable children to e«ero$ e then creativity. The games teach children about (deep breath) shapes, colours, matching objects and animals, basic muse, letters. ri words odd one out. counting, and basic maths Phew, you never knew there was so much *1 it, eh’ All the games are extremely well

presented, and have eiceiient sound

Viul No* hi art la ptai lk« Jljuw

Ttorc ire more pkcit or Ike herder levels

effects, though some of the graphics are a brt smal. particularly On the tram matching game I had trouble distinguishing between ihe portraits ot ihe characters, let alone remembenng where they were all sitting. Three skill levels cater lor a range ot age groups, from just entenng school to about seven years old When

children fist use Ihe program, it s best

llth*r fcl Noddy la driv* yo. la a fin* ai click an Ihe car and drive ynurt.H.

that an adult uses it with them to guide them through the bases The control sysiem is simple, and lent has been kept to a minimum, which makes Ihe program easy to use Bui you can t help wondenng how many live-year-olds have mastered the complexities o< swapping disks on the<r smgie-drrve Arrvgas (although they'll gel a lot ol practice here).

Apparently there has been a lot ot demand tor a Noddy game trom parents, but whether rts to educate their children or satisfy their own nostalgic cravings is ay, parents who were raised on a good healthy (fret ot Noddy.

Big Ears, suet and cabbage will want to ensure their children get the same treatment - however unfair it might seem to outsiders

The attraction ot Noddy as a game character must lie very much with the parents The little chappie hasn't been on TV lor a good few yeais, and I know that my lour year-old boy oedainty wouldn't accept sweetes trom the strange little

<a< fdir h«an oul. Create yoar own nuiltrpJicci arhh Noddy1! help.

gnome But it Sonic came round with a pockettui of sherbet dips, that would be a ckberent matter In marketing terms it's obviously very sensible to use a character parents can identity with - atler all. Ihey have all the money (There can 1 be many intants (ust entering school with £25 pocket money 10 spare, can there’)

Having used the program lor some tune, I d quite happily fork out the aforementioned sum for the program lor my lithe ones to use And not being a huge Noddy Ian that surprised me a bn. I wouldn't buy it lor the ridiculously twee, cotton-candy Noddy stub, h's US1 a damned line educational program It's tun. rt keeps children interested, the graphics and sound sheets on the whole are excellent, and theie are plenty ol diberent games The numerous d>sk swaps involved are an absolute pain on a smgie drive machine, and is potentially rumous tor young children but overall Noddy s Playiimeis one of the best programs ol its kind • RICHARD LONGHURST

® UPPERS Well presented throughout and extremely easy to use. Noddy Is bound to be a sure-fire winner with parents and children alike. Plenty ol learning opportunities In an good variety ol games, plus some decent sounds.

® DOWNERS Too much disk swapping lor single drive owners means It's hard tor young children to use on their own. Older and more experienced gamesplayen will find It too easy lo complete.


A thoroughly professional educational game that's surprisingly en oyable lo play. It sets out to appeal to younger children and H definitely succeeds.

A shame about the    TT    ;

excessive disk    ll    S

swapping I hough.    I U    5





Team licences are all very well, but do

Game: Leeds United Champions Publisher: CDS Price: £25 99 Release:

Out now


i    lar

You ve laughed atlhe

penoimance against Glasgow Rangers now buy the game Wheh is a roundabout way o< saying 'what's the idea behind these football team licences’" We ve already had a host ol Manchester United games a Liverpool game. an Arsenal game The tans ol the dub m question might go lor it n a big way. but what about everybody else (and that s going to be at least 95% ol the loctball loMowmg pubic)’ How many

It's very playable, you'll soon be hooked"

Manchester united or Bradford fans car you see queuing up to buy a game covered m white roses’ It s not as it the whole country is going to be behind the Peacocks in then brave challenge lor the European Cup Not now they re not m it any mote So. bearing in mind that large numbers ol people in the Wesi Yorkshire area will be buying the game whatever it s like, and even larger numbers ol people wouldn't go near it it Winona Ryder was using the bon as a changing room bow does it shape up’

For a start, there s no arcade action at all The Liverpool game was an arcadey. the Manchester United games were a mixture at arcade and strategy, but

Leeds United is entirely a management game You won t even spot any sprites ol footballers during the match sequences, just a dock, details ol scorers, and a brack bar with the words attack . midfield' and defence' zppmg across it

Sounds off-putting’ (A decent match sequence is a vital pan ol a management sim alter all) Don't worry The simple, speedy way the black bar illustrates the How ol play, combined with a steady stream of information (goals and bookings), is a lot more nerve-wracking and exotng man your average sluggish, predictable when-will it-end animated match sequence. Oh. and you can interrupt at any time to make substitutions Here comes the section ol the review where we list the niggling flaws

Flaw one The training element ol the game s best ignored While it's much easier to operate than most management Sim training bts. your players are more likely to gel worse if you tram them (as the naming reports confirm) Do CDS know something about Leeds that we don't’

Flaw two: It's too easy to begin with In ordei to generate the

climbing up-the league challenge that management suns Me. Leeds United (the only team you can be. natch) start oH Site m the Fourth Division It this might upset same ol the Leeds die-hards, they'd be even more upset it the<r team made a habit ol losing to teams like Doncaster and Wreiham Consequently, they don t.

You'd have to do something really stupid (only fielding si* players, lor example) to lose a game m Division Four Things get harder as you progress up the league ol course, but a bit more challenge horn the kick off would have been nice

Apart Irom that, it's all pretty decent It's user-fnendly. you aren't swamped with information you don 1 want and there's plenty ol scope lor gati ng tactical Which is exactly what you want m a game style based on getting tactical In shod, it contains a lot of things that are good, and a handful of things lhal are dodgy • ADAM PETERS

t Short rossino 7 Loo* Um1t

f On

M . <lf I V 1 .

I .Canton*

4 alow Dmii«-wf

7 Short MtBln«

9 PrlbblE


Above: Iiie Uclla aid stuff wall a pretty Leeds Veiled becfcjroaad.

Left Ooh Ar, Ciiieur, and ell the!. Slid eat mamy la ike crowd.


Icons, icons everywhere. Leeds United Champions is a bit o1 a bargain tor you tans of icon-ed up menu systems. You don't just gel one menu here, you get double that number. Two.

Tke eili meiE kosls aesl of Ike ioiporteei bits. Here ere Icoes for pterin tke mu ae«fc, ckeajlaj isee faraolloa, ryelaig ep tke leejee tables ead Allures, ckeckJaj ei Jewries, CMHief tke cask, tryiej to fled a Ireesfer Merkel, etc.

Keee ike SMeller secoed meee coeteies a food, kvellky qiati of koos, eiey of wkick era Uelcriey oe ike precipice of aselcsseess. Tkcre ere several differeel oplioes la display year parfomeect la As forte ol a bar yrepk, for eieaiple.

® UPPERS It * got loads

of options. It s easy to control. It's very playable You'll soon be hooked.

® DOWNERS It s got a

few rubbish bits. It'll struggle to win over people who hale Leeds. Sieve Hodge Is In It.


We were Inundated with footy management games around the time ol the European Championship. Leeds United Isn't as good ss the best of those (Graham Tty tor s Soccer Manager), but It's a damn sight better then the worst (Domark's Championship Manager).



That’s the way I like it, baby, I don’t want to live forever. The ace of spades etc...

Game: Motorhead Publisher: Virgin Author: Richard Costello Price: £1 5 99 Release: Out now

When it comes lo appreciating the (mar points ot the music ol Motorhead. I've get to admit that my experience is united to two separate and realty quite table everts One is watching f« warty rock gods strumming harmoniously away in the Young Ones bvmg room •hie the boys rushed to keep a dale with Bambi Gascogne and tbe other is bang a spoggy twelve year old jxnpmg around ai the school Chnstmas party, mumbling along to the verse as it I realty <M know the lyrics and tan shouting out The Ace ot Spades1 The Ace ol Spades' over the chorus

All ol which. I think, leaves me amply qualified to have a bash at Virgin's latest ohering. Motorhead. a sod ot lovable llutty homage to these leather dad kings ot rock starring their legendary head man and Chet sereecher Ian Lemmy' Kikrvnster In a not entirely original sequence ol events it transpires that while our Lemmy was tying ’ a recreational Jack Daniel's type coma, noons gangs r a small lown have kidnapped and made oh with various band members and roadies Confronted with a note telling him to bug out or lace the

An halifo.il <iuck oa 8ii8fpcdli ripper, fcsfcidiy.

consequences. Lemmy takes tbe only option open lo a man who makes a Innng out ot drinking heavily and weanng soiled leans he kicks butt With such a sha*ow pretext to hurt people there's very little left to do other than getting down to the serous business ot bustmg people's laces The ultimate aim ol a> ol this violence is lo letease all the boys and to get down to lots ot debauched lockin' anO head bangin' but ol course life's never that easy The gang tactions that have the lads are numerous and split along musical lines, so betore the gig can proceed Lemmy must traverse the trauma ol listening to music as


dweise as country and western hip-hop and punk as wen as the physical pan ol bad guys bashing fits spleen Moving through levels such as Kaiaokeviiie. Nashville and a particularly gothic Cathedral setting, it's obvious to any casual onlooker that this game is drenched by egalitarian bigotry, throwing scorn on all types ol music regardless ol race, creed or colour

It's also blatantly dear to even my wtvie-haued old grandmother (bless her) that this is m tact that arcade classic Golden Axe remsiied. with Lemmy using his axe in tbe way it was originally intended before jimi Hendrix gat bis bands on the word Tins isn't actually a problem imitation being after ail the sheerest form ol flattery, and Ihe humourous touches add an appeal mat I always found lacking in the sword and sorcery version

Lemmy can punch, headbutt, swing his guitar or use halitosis attacks, always assuming he s loaded up on cockles 01 Jack Daniel s first By collecting magical Motorhead talismans he can unleash a devaslaimg musical chord or summon up helpful demons, ranging from a lasty lass who dstiacts his opponents tor a tut up to WWF s very own Undertaker Who just plan kit's everyone

The characters are well animated with Lemmy rattling his tonsils convincingly, and the bad guys range Irom a slick haired Japanese businessman to a

Limf Jail hit lo do tudlf atm tot llvlfi do EftlEl fOO til too moor cocklci.

dubfooled inbreed called Clmt When kilted they either mell away into a sticky pool or get burned into charcoal with a surprised look that s a joy to behold End ol level sub games - such as bike rides. h*>py bashing and beer guzzhng - break up Ihe stages and supply a bt of variety For a game based so heavily on musical themes the sound ts pretty crappy, with pfinkety-ptonkeiy themes that only seem fit lor Kaiaokeviiie How hard can 1 be to come up with a convincing heavy metal guitar sound7 Sun. despite that rather glaring haw. Motorhead isn’t at a* bad It s no instant classic but it s a bit ot a laugh, and at the reasonable price ot sixteen quid (middle-quality games at middle-quality prices' At last1) you could do much worse than spending an evening with No Sleep Til Hammersmith' on your stereo and fNs on your Amiga • MARK W1NSTANLEY

® UPPERS Smooth,

humourous graphics and projectile belching together with leather and motorbikes make it a pretty good laH.

® DOWNERS Naff sound all round la a bit of a let down. Probably loo easy for devoted game players; I'm pretty hopeless without at least a week's practice but I still managed to glide through the first lew levels.


A perfectly professions! and fun game that's great If you en oy hacking and slashing, with a few little diversions thrown In for good luck. What it lacks In originality H more than makes up for by being reasonably priced, Throw In Ihe latest Motorhead LP as well and I'd say you've got a bargain





Tired of ruling the ancient world Bored by having to be a


Tfc« ihid<d «r«« ii ikii Tint Clock ikowi ko« muck Urn* kai cljpicd duriif m ckallciifc.

At Iht nd of Iks icili «• kin 1k « 4li< ckillanf«, with the code void <«r«fuiif deleted on ike eipleneiory icreen


Game: Populous II: The Challenge Games Publisher: Electronic Arts Author: Bullfrog Price: £14 99 Release: Out now

So you car conquer all i .000 worlds m Populous II and regularly ihrash your males blindfolded but still you warn more Then you obviously need therapy - and a copy ol Populous It The Challenge Games Here are 500 new worlds lo play, with the added bonus of "stunning Japanese graphics and sprites' and 42 challenges. Oh. and a new Divine Intervention thrown in lor good measure The 500 new worlds are just that Big deal Apart (rom new oriental visuals (ho hum), there's nothing innovative on otter -and certainly nothing you couldn 1 pul together m a time consuming sitting with the CUSTOM GAME option No. I'm alraid it's standard expansion disk tare there The challenges on the other hand, all

r f,*l

■standard! expansion Idisk fare!

42 ol them, are more inventive anO along the lines ol Can you do this belore Ihe time limn expires but without that and the other ability available it s the son ot stutt I d expect to see printed in magazines and not have to lork out 15 hard-earneds tar only it'd oe tricky la create these challenges on the standard Pop II The tirsl handtul at challenges are easy peasy lemon squeezy tutorials (with a HINT lor the complete divs) to the point ol being condescending For example, in the very first challenge a lone subject wanders aimlessly on a small plot ol basalt You have approximately 30 seconds to realise that m order lor at least toper cental your popu'ation to survive the only

Til lint •( ike 41 cljllii]ii is tkis: a single, msll plot ol lend wkkk Ii incapable of lailainiog life... until you lend a kelplng kand.

Lett: And kere‘1 Ika second of Ikoie 41 ckellenget.

option is to vegeiale ihe Land and get sproggmg pronto (although how you re go«ng la manage that with only one little Chap. I'm not loo sure) to win

In Challenge Number Two it so happens that your chaps have ereded wails la torm three sides ol a square An enemy hero s attacking and he can stroll Straight in and pummel your people What should you do with that gaping holeChallenge Three A tidal wave will wipe out your tnbe unless you can move ihe people and ensure that at least 10 per cent are saved By the time you reach Challenge Six. the HlNTs have dried up and your people have an impending sense of doom Maybe it would be wise to move Ihem Why1 Then tiny settlement suddenly bursts into names Ch dear. Get the ideaThe challenges gel toughen with

more tidal waves and having to boost youi people's morale alter their leader's popped his dogs But ihe time limits stay tghter than a fish's bottom

In some ways it's a bit like having an Action Man ("It s NOT a dolt "1 and buying extra kit tor him

Fiddling around with icons at high speed isn'i a bundle of laughs There s loo much disk accessing, too. which hardly befits these time sensitive challenges, it seems as it more time is spent waiting between challenges than is actually spent playing them It's a bd cack. really

Come 10 think of ii, I never dd fancy Populous interface much And I certainly never got oft on the restrictions imposed That's like learning to drn/e a car and then someone saying wouldn't n be tun it you had to drive blmdlolded1 Or with no brakes1 No. it wouldn't

Populous II The Challenge Games gets nght up my nose, and you must be a Populous pervert it you d pick it • GARY PENN

® UPPERS Pretty new

graphics, and some stutt you couldn't do with the original game and a bit of spare time.

® DOWNERS. but not

very much, really. It a a tot ol money to pay for something you could mostly do yourself.


Add-on-vantageous antics lor Populous pickers only.






ten a penny, but this one costs 26 quid. So is it worth it

Game: Nicky Boom Publisher: Microids Author: Dominica Manfredi (Program). Alain Lambin (Graphics & Animations. Sounds &


Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

Nicky Boom Thai cam be

h« real name I think il must have something to do with his penchant lor all things explosive Quite why he spits apple cores and assorted other tains Wt* though, is beyond me Perhaps SSt* ts a tunny French Oke.    ./

No. you don't want to know / t* Story Fine Nicky s grandad's being held by a wicked wtch She s lorong him to show her tvs special secrets, but he won't Ncky must find the witch’s den and save the old leita pronto There

What did I tell you

Nicky Boom s pretty - sony. ugly -standard tare Platforms ♦ Ladders ♦ Monsters < Special Scenery ♦Shooting * Jumping ■ Nothing New And the bombs don't even play much ol a pan Alain Lambin must be a member ol the Burning Pants Club, tor they are surely on lire after Ins daim to be an artist and a musician The man has been given a lot ot colour to pay with and hesobvicusiy not alrald to use it Extraneous detail A abounds too. and it doesn t make lor a pretty picture The music s bland and unsuitable, and the spot effects are now! speoai

Lett: A (till, iniiidir


It doesn't make for a

n't 1

tititJn)' action from level four of Nicky Boom.

Ike differences between level one (below) end level two (rishl), ore hard lo tool


It Kii to be told that tome of the

qartt nice The imllf look quite qroovy, after all.

To its credrl. there are many hrfden features Digging through the mud to discover ladders and bonus points is alnght There'S little else worth ■" discovenng though Ncky Boom is the sod ot average tare payed by the *es ol Mean General Ordinary who lives al Mundane MiddleOfThefload

The eight lengthy levels each come with a code, so you don t have to endure previously completed ones lest you flutt it. but there s Mtfe chance ol that anyway The (kNcuNy curve must have come tree with a packet ol Cornflakes My dog. Stumpy, finished it in halt a day

There are only two taxing aspects ot Nicky Boom s playability. One is the tedious task ct having to !a« into unknown territory only to find an inch of deadly water below The other is some ot the enemy characters shooting bu«els m Nicky's direction Now they at least present a challenge Otherwise, it s pretty much like talking a leisurely stroll through the countryside, throwing old Iruil at anything animate

Ncky Boom won't blow anyone away, that s lor sure. I can t help feeling sorry for it. like something the cal's brought in which has to be pul it oul Of its misery.


When Nicky picks up any ol these he says "Bobalob!" or "Oh God!", I'm not quite sure.

MEGABOMB Throw h in the lir . JSflA where H explodes,      killing eneryihia] on

sereca end dcttroflnf week pletformi In the process. It (ifl sometimes eel like e bomb.

gp . ’• BOMB \ m ) Blows open certeie - - ereei of iceueri end creeiei new tedders from Wobbh Up Ttiftjs.

■>4 KEY

r » II - Ml - opens doors 1 Semetimcs ikoufh, Nicky has la iwtak a special knob la apaa a dnne


Tekes e tick) Nicky's energy 10 the


Nicky shoots loys when be pkks up one of these. Left ere used to creete bridges in ipeciel pieces.


Dreary laokiny jewels and land mainly lawn


Van caa*1 pick Ikem ap bm yaa can blew 'em ep sa a ladder paps up.

TELEPORTER Nal Transports Nicky la a aaw area al Ihn landscape!

® UPPERS It's almost suitable for younger players...

✓—v DOWNERS . but not ( W j quite, because of the tricky V y big monsters. Pukka players will be bored.


BAOOOMPH! That's the sound of Nicky Boom failing between two stools. You can take il or leave it really.






POS x395® » 310 24-267 ROT x 19 » 1Z3 z © MODE UflLK HEIGHT 27®


inyirfrniyn -gfrT Yryryrr rr


Compared with the original product.

Ihts is an improvement in many respects, but a sideways step at others And viewed m isolation, 4's a AA z neat - but expensive - way U11 “ to create 3D games    UU “


these problems seems to have been rectified in the new version the manual <s now all rightish. with some good jokes (although the earty copy I saw didn't have an index - tch}. That means the package still costs £50. which is enough to deter everyone but the most serious McAlpme wannabe And the graphics are stil hombiy slow I realise there are limns to what the Amiga can do, but I don t think two or three frames per second (at best) and two or three seconds per trame (at worst) even begins to approach them 111 was working on a sequel to 3D Construction Kir I'd have streamlined the guts ol the thing first, and left the exlra bm and pieces Ml later

And now tor the tricky bn Coming up with a mark to stick at the end ol a game review is a pretty arbitrary process, mostly based on gut feefcng, a comparison wnh existing rivals, and a quick pail ol the rest Ol the team But 30 Construction Kit lie a lot more serious (and expensive] than your average game, it has no nvats. and the AMIGA POWER team have made i quite dear that I'm on my own with this one So I II try to be scientific about n I'll start with the 80% I gave the original I'll add on 8% lor the extra stuff that's been included, and the improved manual I'll knock of) 5% to allow lor the ravages ol lime, bearing in mind that what's underneath is basically the same thing I was looking at eighteen months ago And a nominal 3% can go as a protest lor the refinements that could have been made, but weren't Does that sound lair



Vet. IXMkti

All right, so it’s not a game, we admit it. But you can use








uite who this review is addressed to. I'm nol sure It you're-nleresled m writing 3D

games without actually writing them, the chances are you ■ already have lound out about 3D Constnjction Kii and tracked down a copy And, if that's the case, you II have been informed about this new version through the user club, perused its list ol improvements and quite possibly sent oft lor an upgrade So. er hello'’ Is anyone listening1

3D Construction Kit II i$ more ol a utility than a game (But what the heck, eh ) With it you can build a 3D world by sticking together lois ol cubes and pyramids and colouring them m. and then wander around the results la your hearts content Those ol sufficiently robusl constitution can go a step ludher. using the lemfymg Fieescape Piogiammmg Language to add animation, room-lo-ioam movement and puzzles, to turn their 3D world into a 30 game But you could do all that with 3D Constructor) Kit, the program's forerunner, which was

reviewed in issue 2 Ol AMIGA POWER (By me, tunmly enough.) How does the sequel improve on it

Well basically by tacking on lots Ol new features There's now a comprehensive and very serviceable sample editor lor adding sound ettects lo your games There'S a facility lor moving around your game on autopilot a bit like playing a video The hombiy complicated programming side ol things has been made even more hornble and complicated, which will come as good news lo people

who know what parameter types, object manipulation and structured piogrammmg are You can now put spheres into your games, as well as cubes and pyramids And you also get a disk lull ol clip art - ready-made objects tke pianos and buses tor you to play around with There are countless mmor additions loo. bul

you'll lorgive me i! I don't list them all (They are. after all. countless ) My review ol the original 3D Construction Kifwas pretty favourable I gave Ihe package 80%. on the grounds that it achieved exactly what it set out to do. and that I had lots ol tun playing around with it I did have three main reservations, however, the sluggishness ol the giaphics. which made Ihe process ol creating a game more and more painful as you add more bits to ij; the price; and the useless manual Unlorlunately, only the last of

Tie MMpli tdlier bcs quite i iikeiion ol Ititartt lid cubits you lo add ciciliof sounds to tour ID erections


V« J T * ) ■ J k’lT kT

~lj • f JL1 A I ■ A * * 'a

Let’s go! Another chance to save those wretched rodents from their own stupidity.

' "Within five' minutes I was completely V hooked" A

® UPPERS The original

sjve- em-up hasn't lost any of Its charm or appeal. The puzzles are tun and the addictiveness ol Ihe game will waste many hours ol your life.

® DOWNERS The first twenty levels ol Oh No!... are ridiculously simple. Some ol the puzzles, once solved, are a chore actually to complete Both games are a bit long In the tooth to justify Ihe high price tag.


Ace puzzley fun. Even with Lemmings 2 on the way lie • (It's due In February 93)    II I H

It's well worth a crack.    U I ~

Game: Lemmings Double Pack (Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings) Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: DMA Design Price: £29.99 Release: Out Now

Ah yes. Lemmings Wtial can you say about one al the mosl talked about games (aside horn the rather du> S<reatt>ghtot n, that is) that there's ever been1 Unless you've been living a cave lot the Iasi two years or so. you II know all about rese lemming things They're the small pnk Scandinavian rodents with green hair, that wear blue sweaters and march about the place with scant regard lor their own personal salely Your fOh, as you probably well know, is to save them trom their own stupidity and return them home unscathed The idea at rescuing these irrational creatures never appealed lo me before it just seemed a rather tedious waste ol my precious time But I agieed to give it a go anyway and within five minutes I was completely hooked

The new kmied edition double pack features both Ihe original game and ihe Oh No' data disk So lei's deal with ihem one at a time

Lemmings is great The learning curve <s almost perfect, leading you from easy peasy this is how lo pay the game screens, through to the most fiendishly

it by six o'clock III give you my entire month's wages ' His C3 SO. sadly, was sale Id worked out what I had to da wittvn len minutes but it required pxei perleel positioning of my builder lemming and by six I stil hadn’t managed it. It was the old problem again - the puzzles are tun to solve but gening the wretched creatures out can be a chore even when you know what you have 10 do

It you havent already, you really should give ihe little lems a try. though The double pack gives you the Oh Noextra levels lor when you ve exhausted the possibilities ol the first lot. even it 30 ol them are a waste ol space At £29 99 it doesn t represent the best ever value tor money - both the games are a bit old now Bui there is a tree demo ot Ms Tomato Game thrown in, m case you've lost your AP20 coverd'Sk. (Or something)


Pfhcuii puzzles without you actually noticing Ihe transition I have only one sight niggle For me. the lun is m the solving ol the puzzle - working out which ol the many different classes ol lemming will be reeded lo txn<d a route to safety lor the others I find the actual digging ol lunnels and building ol bridges quite tiresome - once I ve solved Ihe puzzley Wt l want to do ihe nexi one rather than go

through all that pointing and clicking Oh No' Mora Lemmings is an altogether different kettle of, er. rodents As we said m issue 9. the difficulty curve is abysmal The lust 20 levels a>e so simpe. even a lemming could do them Simple enough, in lad. that anyone who bought Ihe disk as a suppement lo the original Lemmtfrgs will have tell a little cheated Level 2f is quite challenging and l was glad that things were beginning to p*ck up a bit At five o'clock. I arrived al level 22 Stuan. who was looking over my shoulder al the time, lei oul a hearty Gaelic chuckle 'You’ll never do ihe next one.' he said ‘In lad. it you can do



A year is a wonderful thing. It's got 52 weeks, tour seasons and 12 lovelv issues of AMIGA POWER. After a qamerparked year theca's nothing we like better than to round up our own personal top 10 games of the year. And so, this rmtnrrth*. «nrt-nHti*- v-.«» and all, that’s •‘tartly what we've done But first a whistle-stop took at uw nominations ioi all the games leieaseu in me year mey were all cam rig 1992.











So that's the nominations, hut who voted tor what Without further ado let's dive on in and find out exactly what each ohuommewers vuted as their top tO games ui »2.





1 i i


■ w j ['(B r CO

TO .


W* 1


wnsT* 1

f ******** ir/S» tf4i9 »<.....

; ££ j






0 Dynablaster 0 Monkey Island 2 O Sensible Soccer O Crazy Cars III 0 Putty 0 Legend G Wizkid O Another World 0 Apidya

© Pinball Fantasies

0 Sensible Soccer 0 Crazy Cars III 0 Apidya 0 Dyna Blaster 0 D/Generation 0 Harlequin 0 Wizkid

0 Pinball Fantasies 0 Titus The Fox (0 Putty

0 Zool 0 Putty

0 Sensible Soccer O Wizkid 0 Dynablaster 0 Pinball Dreams OJaguar XJ220 0 Monkey Island 2 0 D/Generation (0 Dreadnaughts

0 Sensible Soccer 0 Zool 0 Wizkid

O Titus The Fox 0 Crazy Cars III 0 Space Crusade O Graham Taylor 0 Troddlers 0 Apidya (0 Pool

'Not is many obviously crap games as last year, though Ihe number ol real lop notch titles Is fairly limited. Originality and console-style stub seem to be loaning against each other - let's be honest, the likes ot Wizkid could never

appear on a console    1

system. Then again, only the Japanese could come EBB up with a concept as

beautifully     B1

simple as    JB

"A year much Ihe same as last year, really - Iota and tots of games, but only a lew thal really grabbed my attention for more than a few plays. What I did enjoy seeing was a lew brilliant 8-blt game Ideas being resurrected with Ms-level execution, moat especially Dynablaster,

0    Generation and    ,


(which just fell    RBIt

off the botlom al my list).

some real    ■

origin    V

allty In         I

the '

likes '    *

of    ®


and Puffy, i    i j

and some wonderful    ®

realisations    *

01    some old standards.

like the football game. Ihe scrolling shocl-em-up and Ihe sprite-based



though ihe

the A1200 machine is going to


coming year realty Interesting."

"1992 was alright, I suppose. As usual, I wasn't allowed to play any of the good games - to compile my top 10 I had to hide under my desk In the evening and ihen sneak out alter everyone else had gone home. It was qulla a revelation, I can tell  you. There were definitely less war games than In H 1991, which was j

nice" B (Okay Jonathan, tee B promise ro give you    ;

some nice games in fl the coming year. RP We re really sorry about all those ‘ -' wargames We realty    l

are - The Team) \ >£

"Jusl Ilka any other year, this year s seen Ihe release of a few realty brilliant games (Including these fen), together with large numbers ol bolh hall-deeeni and totally sad games. Amiga programmers are starling to light beck against Ihe consoles, producing 'console-style' games with 'Amlga-style' gameplay (Zool, Wizkid, elc], Tha fight la on. The really weird thing about 1992 has been all the football games - most ol them    WA'jJ

really terrible Thankfully a select law really stood out.

Including Graham Taylor s Soccer Challenge, and of course Sensible Soccer. Pity

about all the other Eif l/y ones, though." *'


Pinball Fantasies

Dynablaster BC Kid

McDonald Land Wizkid

Parasol Stars Harlequin Black Crypt Pinball Dreams Locomotion Monkey Island 2

U Putty

0 Wizkid

O Dynablaster 0 No Second Prize O Sensible Soccer 0 Legend O Pacific Islands Q Crazy Cars III ® Apidya

Civilization Monkey Island 2 Legend Dynablaster Dune

D/Generation Battle Isle Pacific Islands Zool


Pinball Fantasies Putty

Pinball Dreams Cybernetix Parasol Stars Pushover Monkey Island 2 Dynablaster Caesar Legend




'i think it * »ad that some ot the baat stuff was converted from consoles. Where is Amiga creativity 1992 was a very average year, with loads of overrated crap dominating the ntgatines and charts. I found it very difficult s do actually come up with a top to -1 :ouidn t realty think of A-

to seeing the Ai20Q itutlrwii year - that's when it's really gotag*: get exciting.

In the action stakes, stuff Ilka Zool is zooming ahead In leaps and bounds. But on fte graphic advaniura Iron). Irankly I've been disappointed. Moat people not having hard disks is restricting development. Too many good games are ruined by excessive disk accessing. I don't really think there's    Ai

been too much In the way at originality - j j .

Watld Is a bit ot an exception really.

Uiyba once the A120Q is established, then

herd drives wlII become    P

a more popular Kcessory - they're going te need It to handle all the    e

extra graphics and stuff."

‘The year has been a bit like watching all lour series o< Blake's 7 In one go - tairly entertaining In places, but pretty much devoid of any original Ideas. Puffy provided a shock ending to the year, though (again, just like the series) by actually not being a sequel or the latest attempt to emulate Lemmings or find an Amiga answer to Sonic. Nexl year should be better -the A1200 will hopefully encourage companies will produce some games lhal take advantage ol Its Increased capabilities - though more likely wa ll probably gal all the him old stuff again, only a bit faster and a bit prettier. Ho hum."


a '• JV.■ HI



Just when you thought it was safe to go to the Letters page, it turns out there are still more great reviews for you to read. The idea with these budget things is that you get more for your money. But do you Read on...


















till didn'l itiinh hi d ivif fii ihi alien dJinct turn nad) for the blf competition



Publisher: Team 17 Price: £10 99 Release: Out Now

Scary Giger influenced

monsters Hostile planets, and butch space marines Sounds lanutar’ Alien Breed - Special Edition, doesn t mat ring a bell15 Doesn't mat sound susp*>ously like Aliens Special Edition that other re-released story ot dnppng corridors echoing to the screams ot the dying and the staccato blasts ot large-calibre weaponry’

1991 s Alien Breed is now out on budget but why is tha special as opposed to iust be ng re released’ According to Team 17 they ve taken this opportunity to iron ou1 all those quirky, annoymg little delects that caused people to comment Yeah i like it, but there is this one thing the first time around This version boasts twelve new missions, a password system, taster running speed

you're a sduadd>e sent m to see why a remote research base has slopped transmitting, only to discover the place <s seething with nasty *enamorphs not entirety dissimilar in tact trom Jim Cameron's now legendary claustrophobia-lest Okay, let's admit it. Alien Breed IS Aliens - The Game, only withoul the icence Good tun with one player the game comes into its own with two player mode For one thing two guns a>e always better than one when your view ot the world consists ot gleaming back eioskeletons. but better than that you can shout Hudson run a bypass' and Let's Hock1 at each other. With a mission lor each level, a surprising degree ot strategy is required as there s only a finite number o! keys to open a tot of door; You can actually shoot open the doors, but it burns up you' ammo supply The base computer supplies you with equipment updates as woi as maps and other information but you can 1 play Pong on it any more

NOOOOOI DON-1 CO TttaOtiCM TNI DOOII l.cilinf UuH, (fell.

wfey »o« can't jw»t yet fetch m row ifeip yo feomc

Hello, l a coad.cii.y tone market r.Mifck. Wo.Id (oil mt.d just ...w.riny . few qu.nlo.iT

and better game maps But we ve all heatd this kind of bu<b before and been let down so hcrw does it stand up to

dose scrutiny’    * _

Extremely well in my opmion. but there again I loved the ongmat. and there s nothing radically different in this version tor me to change my opnon Booting up presents you with a f im poster advert tor aijqi Breed 2 (complete with a PG rating) and a preview Ol .iiother game Blimey, all you need is your brother serving popcorn, chewmggum stuck to me seat and Pean and Dean advertising and you ve got your very own cinema experienceSlapping m the other disk lakes mere moments and then ifs action all the way with no further need (or disk swapping For those who missed Alien Sneed the first time round rt s one o> those games where

- swizz' There's not much variation in gameptay. but it s stilt enough to keep you coming back, and as for atmosphere well, if you don t get stressed when the sirens start and you ve only got sixty seconds before the generators blow then you're probably watching Eldorado and not playing the game at a«



Great sound and graphics, hard but tun to play and heaps ol stmosphsrs. Just like the untweaked Allen Breed really. I'd have bought It without hesitation at the original price so it's aa ; even better on budget. U 4 ~

A must buy.    UU •

So Id'f )<l this sirjJf In - ifrii if polff om boiiR] If 30, rijhfT 8« f«rioai.


Publisher: Mindscape Price: £ 14.99 Release: Out now

Theoretically, it should be possible to make an exciting and addictive boxing game Street Fighter 2 has proved that beat em ups can be stocking (whether th* gameptay will translate to the Amiga is yet to be seen] but alt anempts have fallen shod of the mark Unfortunately, tins s about the worst I ve ever seen

It s a 3D boxing game Where they got the other D trom in the title I don't know - perhaps they're referring to the tact that it takes place in time, the fourth dimension but doesn t every game’ The action (or lack of it) lakes place m a lutly rendered 30 environment, with the boxers themselves being 3 dimensional objects The advantage of this ts that you can see the acton trom various different viewpoints During the match you use the function keys to step through a number ot Virtual camera' angles

Now this would be great, and probably tremendously exerting, it rt wasn't (or the lad that all this 30 rendering makes the game unteasibty stow and terminally dull You're not even sure at lira it you're having any effect on your man at an as he drags himself pamlully across the ring and stumbles towards his opponent, taking a lew laughable swipes in the process

You can lower the resolution ot the graphics make the screen smaller and speed up the frame rale, but apart trom making the boxers look like something oul of a Lowry painting with a cardboard box on their heads. it hardly improves the gameptay at all Obviously when it first came oul there was a certain novelty va .s in playing a 3D beat em-up. but now it iust looks dated A potentially good idea, but i wis need to be a lot faster and smoother» ofter anything in the way ol a good game • TIM TUCKER




Td be disappointed If this was a PD game, so even al budget price II doesn't represent value for money I s a shame that a lot of work has gone Into something that Is just not playable. Hp ; Don't buy It.    / H —


Publisher: Mmdscape Classics Price: £14 99 Release: Out now

just to gel it out ol the way and slop tings getting repetitive and tedious taler or, I'm going to get ail repetitive and ■dous row Hang on. that can t be right What I meant to say was. I'm going to get

all oMhe Hard Dnvm' references m thes review m at the sian. okay" Hard Dnvm'. Hard Dnvm. Hard Dnvm. Hard Dnvm'. Hard Dnvm Hard Dnvm'. Hard Dnvm ’. Hard Dnvm. Hard Dnvm' Right Nowon with the review

This is a simulation ol test-track stunt driving, using 3D polygon graphics, with an extra dimension thrown m on top namely realism' Oh. please Of all the many things you could call this game, surely realistic is just about the least accurate one ol the lot. rqhf> Right So let's not have any mote of this ridiculous '40 crap It was stupid m 1983 with 4D Time Gate an the Spectrum, and it's stupid now Sorry, back to the game

Okay, so you reed pofygons rather than pretty

sprites to carry off any kind ol speed in a 3D game ol this nature, but -4D Sports Driving carnes basic' to new depths The scenery, er. isn’t, the vanishing point ol the perspective is about 30 feet m Iron) ol your car. meaning that otracts go Irom invisible to taking up half the screen m one sudden lurch out ol nowhere, and. er your car doesn’t have any wheels Which, and you car call me perfectionist if you will, kind ol spoils the illusion a bit (or me It's not last, it's not smooth, the disk swaps and accesses take lorever the control s lar Irom perfect n s twee the price ol a normal budget game and your car doesn't have any wheels How much tun do VOU think it is


So loll f«1 llh ilialpl - Ikli I* lappottd lo b« a driving iiripIjiJoe in 40 la tcrioas.


An Interior copy ol That Other Stunt Driving Sim, obviously ported across tram a machine that was altogether better suited lo the Job. Uedlocre rather than dreadful, but mediocre s bad enough tor me.


Publisher: Mmdscape Price: £ 14 99 Release: Out now

What ho Ginger, tally-ho and an that, time to lake lo the air and give Boche his due -it's a World War One Hying ace sim On loading, you're treated to a rather tasty intro sequence, with an atmospheric soundtrack over a sequence ot digitised




Publisher: Ocean Price: £24 99 Release: Out now

T*r wiiTijip m a»> BGs a-s

eerty 90s cons appear n one barganpack VS a parents

’vgnma'e .inn -i

s nv.v-r Tr-,i Svrg*ows V"i.mb»;3m rWrf    -

‘•re flames m a-e nc« h,hc f ju. jc: the lunch ec* muq ruw dorK iey ■■rg arwiLiJtt-sKs eoSMi re1 You nave1 O" meat w: -jo. r.

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unsavoury tkcrks and rather unwhotesom games let start an he

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35'. A£!5A iY". --£h s sne i-ayvfek ixugjgiir'S s-eam.. mj’, ;-,t ns 'a: as ">■ jamvany The Jj-m Jv- cosh n rn a w.iri .ird ;*!,< ta SBlBi    j

kcor-st game



A-rnwvanr jci]flt&«. AO£", a tende.-ng i-vv-se -4 d ■gin-.. 3wr a taftnr damp isiBGte'dk <1 a pwn» B'sirreqfet »-« i rsna Hun!    *3 '.re tim\ ate!

■ tree o: Shj5 .vtw stf Pie same .i-id if'fi ~ar -cTTKrrx '"*■ voa'iic I ‘ -neivs! A T.Cii>« ol t’ » :wt!J Sic S3" s.»«y !M tt uveh son ■ *i w « r v»;!tt the gnre aveg«.i«3r.i    <,'• tHvnps vdA

">• -dves-oufi .liaj -gefj .usfdBnrn,: the —-r- a— i ■;•!« j-m!-!' rfaan tor

i*. t 16. a'¥s-2s:-- en.'-i,.=omp.<.v c-rur-iiitety “3!" s*ess day ir. ->u‘e a,w r.i" c-ft :r rir- xndss-s  trt w pv rre KlJATSi .®i APS • f<j    eem.Vjtjw fnrb-iMk-i pattorm

’ i~i- rv-ic i sees Satt .l-e iastty r:"r,i ij .vi.rg t-k an -ISae so slop thi m .tan v atttg b aw I ft, mass the d yobc b»e 4c rare a j>. 'or vame >tg *pioaS'e rtneer :! p'O/ues penty o< •mocent. and rea l* rather entertanu-g gamepay There are ptenfy 0> enenves. several weapon so puy. and more than enough snPKOkOb puertes M keep me r

ftxaNr, cliliica, Armi* frt «

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Finn deal try ikii «cui

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0«l to H Ami« Oflt lh« ippcMi \ op ‘m PPd pia I ip    (hi <

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h*vt« C •wnou tuifcty OH on $ k/f\ but SM o

I Ml tor V 1 r« MMIAf torn* OP pp. M i liipwici Wi dPmp pm h P«

!h*«*s*]rs toot and one pheasant don t make a flock brace a gsggte a nvder or a duck Shoot lor anythmg else lor that matter) • RKHARD LOHGHURST


One bed, one medium, one good.

Not worth E25 when all a told, you'd be much better otf buying e single decent geme that you really want, or waiting lor The    me v

Simpsons to come out K I ” on budget on Its own. ) •



Talh ko, chaps, lot's jtvo Hun Hun lomlili] la think nbaul, me— van know fha drill bv now.

images of IgMer planes from the great war to-end-ail wars Whoever wrote this game is senously into 1 - the manual gives you ail sorts ot embarrassingly thorough information on what planes were used, the plots that flew them, the guns that they killed people with and even the propellers on the tront lor God's sake The game itself is a 3D flight sim dressed up in First World War garti On loading you are presented with a menu from which you can choose various parameters for your flight If you regtsler yourself as a flyer then you can keep track of your record as a fighter pilot. amassing a set of statistics on missions accomplished and kills made Being a 3D affair, if takes a fair bit ot memory, so if you're shod of this you can turn off sound effects and give the ground detail less definition

You can choose to be an allied or German plot, and you gel fo choose your plane loo You control your flight using the mouse. (Oystick or computer keyboard The mouse is the most tesponsive method, but if you re playing two payer mode one ol you has to use the keyboard

Two payer mode is fun. with you either choosing to tight cooperatively or have a dog fghi agamst each other The flying itself is good enough You fly around, shoot things and get shot at - what moie is there to say It you want to go on a campaign you get given a mission lo accompish. like shooting down a bridge n France There's a suitably Fast World Wai atmosphere lo it an. bul m other respects it's an average (light sim • Tim Tucker


Sadly. Ms altogether fairly average really. If you're really Inio all Ihli leather helmeted stuff then you need help - er, sorry. I mean you might Ilka It. It s been done betler

elsewhere, end Kntghtaot _— _

(he Sky Is worth Ihe extra Lll ; money any day.    UOi

C/mmj Cm Jlii ilull firtif eI tiiinji, i jeem tfcaf eh •clipitd by its icqEcl. fh« ikyt i nk« ihid« oi pink.


Publisher: Fox Hits Price: £9.99 Release: Oul now

II you'd read Mark s highly favourable review oi Crazy Cars III in issue 16. you d be lorgnren lor imagining that Crazy Cars II was also petty good Two thirds as good, possibly (You might also wonder who MiW’ was.,.] But youd be horribly, hombty mistaken.

The toad in Crazy Cars II s actually quite good, especially with those telegraph wires that run down the side of if (It's a Pi ot a shame <t scrolls at exactly the same speed whether you re travelling at 2 mph or 200 mph. though ] Your pogress down n « hampered by pPce cars, who try to run you oft it At fast I thought they perhaps suspected me of pink driving -not because I was drunk, bul because (he contrp sysiem is so awful as to make driving in a straight line tar more than a coupe ol yaids an impossibility

Even so. rt wouldn't make much difference if the controls did work properly There wouUn 1 be much to do with Idem You just drive along the road, trying 10 stay away Irom police cars This is about as interesting as. well. Pvmg along a load trying to stay away Irom police cars (l.e not really very interesting at all)

Crazy Cars IP The only crazy thing about these cars is. urn lo be honest, I can't think of anything even slightly crazy about them


■■ Mini, ■» Dup. A ban ■■ Via Manat. Twa baa sufcaaartaa Maw, bal oar id aboard H-laali.



Publisher: Mindscape Price: £14 99 Release: Oul Now

To witches ml those Pack and white sene when sweat* men irjhien (oaky PfKl amn iis! bp to Ifxngi ping png. Memeene wartere s a tamfiar sgnt A stop wetch a periscope and 9m abtoy to Mil Owe. dve peer seem tc no ihe only quakkotWM needed to cruse baneais ike eg grey ocean and Das Boat Mb toy kne e go wehout even thoee I ibeeei esachy make yew fee* l net you're In cbm and at a 1 M3 li-Bort. but at tees* I ties a level of pay abac* Oaf's sady lading m many

satin taw oenea A ms of I masons and a wee lad out manual take I» tagcaity Ihrauge al its sub sections ;Stifay ifxry na M sls mesame- —fef o'

Pkaaam'y simple to operate Mott opions ten be mouse-Omen, with onfy a few keys used Once f ea se snoi down aeaak and gone heed to head with anoCwr led. 4k ime tc meu wdh tne bg beys

The>* are fin rxesera tang ng from a Horwfi campaign down lo rwraob tunning m the Uadiamir Tim eflen can be vtewnd tram any eamsa angle ireg shaded ootygon grapNce and although its i«suits am

t*ien a bri lumpy, a all urns srrnclhlf enough '-or you to not nvnp loo much lemon nuh wboINsgsTMis •sued «. as many sequences pity »ka vmpushc Vdeo games. Ohleti mghi out off PatorcM m*wo payers tai noi umcrvij enough to grab fba ifM-'eri-lu turns n s a sad of strategy -txade c-asarwer ■nuaaeaw t succeed on •ilheircme: The man protean "yptf « ina: targets a>e few arm tar Htfmee. and win te-s a lew "WPS c1 irom (when Dai Bonl manages admrabfyl submarine war saems



Submarine games aren't everyone's cup ol rum-laced cocoa, and this one compromises depth and realism tor Improved graphics. It's more tun than strategic, and I don't really think lhal there's enough here lo    HIT-

Interest anyone bul diehard wargameis.    UU *


This dates Irom Ihe days when French games were greeted hy nervous giggles Irom reviewers, and really shouldn't have been rereleased at any price. It's certainly not the poor man's Crazy Cara in


Publisher: Action Sixteen Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

Flight simulators, what can you say abou em You take off. fly around, lake pot shots at bogeys and land again is there anything else to them Well, yes actual F 16 crams m a Pi ol a campaign and probably succeeds m adding depth But hold on there iust a minute, what s all th< probably malarkey

Well, initially everything looks utterly wonderful You can peruse technical rto. load up with your tavounte weaponry and choose missions varying liom a siraghhcrwaid scramble to lank busting and carpel bombmg (lake lhal, vile Axmmsterf) There's even an option tc Irs up rwo Arrngas and have a go at your btf Inend Ail this seems (me. but adualy getting to play is a real pain, and only some ol Ihe blame can be palmed of! or* the extremely bnel and unhelpful manual just iound it Irushaimg lo play, even manoeuvring oul ol ihe hangar caused a lew crashes, and once in ihe air I couktnt work oul what hall the displays ckd Features like pre planned flight paths seem a great idea, bul I just couldn't wo* out how to follow them Why is this Am i stupid'5 (Wan, actually comments have been made, but we were trying not to Hjn your feelings - Ed)

All of this is a shame because this s a good simulator, it has a workable operating speed, a good leel and a wonderful night time view M In atmosphere reds and greens I realise M liight sims are meant to be realistic and Challenging but they le also games and at Such should be accessible and payable t even a newcomer which this one isnl So high scores lor Ihe smiulationyness. (An: an instant sacking for that made up won) - Ed) lake oft some lor its lack of user fnendmess and add hve (or the iwo ptay*-mode and plain old good value Thai's, er. carry the three • MARK WINSTANLEY

A pUnc ie iJmpte, even ifec cil co«ld H A All «r« iMttd t» to find o«rr«lv«« • cJt


Publisher: Mindscape Price: £14 99 Release: Out Now

Scalpel Scalpel

fliiraaors Retractors

Ego whisk Egg whisk

Oops Mop and bucket Mop and bucket.'

There's no getting away Irom the bet. Life and Dealt) is a novelty game, and tw best, it not the only, way to play it is to get a gang ol you together and take turns to get patients on the stab Whoever gets one all the way through the operation and manages lo sew them up with most ol tier internal organs on the inside should be given the title Hackmaster Supreme' and presented the complimentary rubber gloves and lace mask

This is a game ol truly dubous taste but seems to sutler Irom an extreme case o< schizophrenia, as 1 takes itself lar loo seriously while at the same time being a load ol nonsense It’s as rl all the programme's thought they were working on a game to mspre potential Doogie Howsers everywhere, not realising how

Hor etll vii killed when a lirja piece el •rmewaatel naionry tail ee kiwi.

people would howl with mirth as their fifth patient expies mldoperaien. There s even a glossy booklet charting the history ol surgery whch is deadly serous and nkxmatrve but has a cover leaturing two Haiess leet complete with toe lag

It you do get this game, and it won t be because ol me recommending it. all I can advise is that you miss the anatomy lessons and just dive m Vou poke and pod the patients a bal before guessing on a Ireatment. and il you're wrong and they buy the (arm then no one seems lo mind Eventually you find one you can operate on and belore you can say malpractice you re into the tun hi. Surgery is a team operation, you do the cutting the nurse swabs, and the patient takes care ol all that messy bleeding business Kill 'em and what the heck, there's plenty more out twe A surgery Sim game'Come on. get real tUARK WINSTANLEY


The perfect Ingredient lor a tun night In with your chuma, but once It's back In the boi I can t see this ever seeing the light ot day again. Tha ultimata one-laugh wonder

Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £7 99 Release: Out now

So in sack the moiMormat

uOiQuttjua y* '.<■ <.ix.fi Ma'be

‘twin >04 up itt bools and aowa eack to its roots I've seen non: a milkon versons at Ponce Of Pmwa nun. on every machine you could imagine end a lew jou probably couldn t (the SAM Co i ) and the wairdaat thing 11 that thay’ra aaarty all aiactiy the aarra From tha Gama Boy to the Mega CD. Panel Ot Pans lust never changes So itn t that gang lo make >t look a bit dated now two yean turlhar on’

Wall, yai basically It s lunny. but when Mark handed ma thu and said There, a yob yea I actually enjoy lor a change, you miaereaa grumpy old ceil', what i aaoa11* it*=uo" *ss On no not

this one agam That, ot course, la enitely my own problem but playing Pnnce Of Persia a dozen times on various formats means that n s a bn ol an open book to me - there nn t one hole bit of it I don 1 know and Ihere isn't a smgle feature or Use it can hide from me There probably, thee, isn t anyone better qualified to jodge how it bears up as a game once the initial gob-smack delivered by the wonderful ammataa wean oil So here a how

Tha tint bung that realy strikes you when playing Pnnce 01 Persia il tha lack of total control you hava ovar your character Most platform games these days allow you the haest possible precision over character pin eng but Pnnce Of Persia s conirci ia actually more along the lines ot Dragon a lair (to take an aitrema eiamplel Once you re commuted to a particular move, no amouri ol joystick-wrenching will interrupt

04    flT<M    il ill flic aid liady, bat Ibirt' bo    coairol-

your sprue until fa's completed every last trame ol animahen. and if that means plummeting to his death dawn a bottomless pt then so be it You do gel used to the slightly weird time-delay leel ol the thing after a white but that doesn t really alter tne tacts - tins * Mil a game where you guide your character rather than control him

And than there s the repetition Oh. sure, it's great fun leaping around lor the first couple of lavela. swinging Irom ledges and dinging on by your lingeries ■Her death-defying jumps into thin air. but as the game progresses you don t really gel anything else to do There are more complicated mazes to negotiate, tougher guards lo buckle your swash at and a couple ol minor erira features (like the guillotine traps), but essarnicy n s just lots more ot the same aga<nsi a light time -nit Plug away, learn ate layout ot the levels, and you ve cracked it Ot course, mats t'ue about most games, but here me tack ot Total Control means that unlike Other games, there s very i tlfe room tor those Bftie mistakes that can make all the ditlerence In Pnnce Of Persia there's one nghl move lor every stlualion. and if you don't make it. you've blown it.

Bui hey - we re noi just here for the nasty things in Me Pnnce Ot Pertm IS stunningly animated, it IS amazingly almosphenc. and a 16 damn good lun lor a while It s jus! not slate ot the an ary more. Ihats pi. Cite, eh



A bit like Ihe new Madonna album, it's a nice thing lo have In your collection, but not something you d really aver want to taka out and play ■II that much. 11 really ta showing the strains ol old aga. 11 wa ra being absolutely honest about It.





















If you want to pay less than a fiver for a game you don’t have to buy a C64. (Although if you want to pay less than a fiver for a computer you do. - Ed) There’s plenty of low cost software in the public domain and Dave Golder’s the man to tell you about it.


Foriiss PD

The latest rage among PD writers seems lo be lo emulate console-style action Wonderland makes a lair old attempt at copying the kind ol inertia you get with

Some the Hedgehog - get your sprite (who. incidentally, looks not unlike Mano) moving and it s dffiojtt to slow him down Wonderland is a place lui of platforms which have tiles that light up when you move your sprite across them

So guess whai the aim is Yep. you ve got to light the lot In your way are loads of nasty blobby things, and bekeve me they do make life hard Fruit (ties about as if possessed - collect it lor bonus points It s a simple premise, but it works exceptionally well. The graphics are cadoony and bright, the controls fluid and the gameplay fairly addictive The levels are fairly spacious (going well off the screen] and there are enough surprises to keep it fresh for a few plays Certainty worth checking ou1 VERDICT: A respectable cutesy platformer that looks good and plays well Rating •***


Telescan PD

Who’s lor a bit of mindless violence, then If it's a no-hotds-barred. fast and furious blast- ’em- up- ike-they used to make-f hem you re alter then Pod is the business It s about as original as a Danrw Minogue cover verswn, but who cares  You whi22 about m a little spacecraft that can fly up, down and side-lo-side. and you have lo blast away any alien craft that

W. doal km vkf ih oa a jnd, bat H do.1 Ik. bulla... 10 wtio car.it

appear while avoiding their lire They attack in waves, usualy from above but occasionally, when they're I eel mg especially sneaky, from below as well The only real innovation ts that this all lakes place on a grid bul this is pure aesthetics n makes no deference to that gameplay style we a> know and love It's nippier than a mosquito that's ]ust finished fasting for lent, and you whi22 through levels like a wild thing, especially if you re playing with a mate in two-ptayar mode There's an impressive range of aliens, each with their own attack formation, and they often combine lo produce some real surprise levels.

Downside The missiles are SO liny

you can hanky see them, buf other than that it's a bit too easy. You gei an extra Me lor completing each level so you Imd yoursett romping through with very little danger ol dying SMI. sometimes when you're really cheesed off, you need a long, satisfying bast to boost your ego a bn VERDICT: Back to the basics. It blowing up lots ol alien ships in a Iranuc blasting extravaganza is your lhang. Pod might not be the tales) innovation, but it supplies the goods Raimg: ...


Software Expressions

The best days ol your kle Are they kidding School ts hell, and it's the last thing you want lo be reminded of when you finally escape the place So lbs adventure is down-marked immediately lor being based on such a dud premise: a lext adventure (with a lew pcces dotted about here and (here) set in a school

li is all done in a humorous style, and there's the odd surpnse. but as an adventure it doesn t realty hang together Besides the dull location, the parser (the way you leli the computer what you want lo do) is very unlnendly It you want to do anything (pick something up, tor examplel you first have to type in the command, then press return, then type in what you want the command to act upon (eg. you have lo type in TAKE, press return, then

A mao wrtk a 11.4.11 Hack la hl> lop Hp.

type m the obect you want to take)

In the lext the words break between lines so you offen get one letter stranded Irom ihe rest ol the wend, which is just downright irritating And there s no central thrust lo the story: you can wander around for ages and achieve nothing uselul

Oh well, the pKrtures are pretty good VERDICT: Human Geography lessons are more exerting than this Rating: *

















Fortiss PD, Shareware £5

This game is definitely more than the sum of iti parts.

Based on the nal-exactly-revolutlonary concept of inlergiliclic war. In this casa between the Vagans and tha Zardons (who are praaumably carnivores). M s a mix of strategy and shoot- em-up action.

A one or fwo-player game (in which casa you compele against each ofhar) the aim to wipe Ihe opposition from existence. Pity commences on a grid. Your base is in one corner, your opponent's in the other, and you both hava a certain number of ships occupying squares. Esch turn you can move your ships Into adjacent squares where your llig will be planted (strange concept In a specs game, but hey, I'm sure It's only meant to be symbolic). If you move Into a square with an anemy flag n will become your territory.

The more Digs you have on-screen Ihe more resources you have. You designate resources to either building more ships. Improving your weapons or bribing a

third-party raca into giving you tome help m batua.

Oh. I haven t mentioned the batllai yet, hava I  Well, these happen

laurjaUdic cktu or llik Is IkMlI

Ikool- to tea akk iu1 ffaphid, tt'a IM nrriy tail b>1 H decs ika buitn.il ia a wall-«arlk-liia-«ai4 ion at way.

when you or the enemy moves a ship Into a square that s already occupied by an opponenl s ship. They lake place either In space or hovering just above a planet's suriaca. These ara the shool- em-up sections, end they re pretty basic, though there are some nice touches, such as the use ot sniper ships and Ihe effects ol gravity. If a ship maneges to reach the enemy base, another piece ol blasting action takes place as lha attacking ship tliaa into tha bate, attempts to avoid enemy lira and plant a laser missile In the base a reactor.

The strategy bill aren I overly taxing and Ihe shool-em-up sections are lar tram the laalest or most exciting ever. But the elements combine to make i game that la quite engrossing. The graphics ara above par and lha presentiilon Is excellent Even ihe instructions are much better thin you usually gel

VERDICT: Two names roiled into one and done reasonably cuocaastta* (kce touches ol humour Hot loo sure whether if*

wort" a IBS -    lilt

Addresses: TElESCAN . 1a Grantham Road. Handsworth Road. Blackpool » Blackpool 22296 • FORTISS PD. PO Box 2. Earl Shilton. Leicester LE9 8LU r SOFTWARE EXPRESSIONS. 44 Beauley Road. Southviile. Bnslol BS3 1PY Tel 0272 639593

"I don't think It will make a difference The thing la, the PC, In America especially. Is a machine at the leading edge ol games In general at the moment. US Gold represent a lot al major American software houses and a vast majority ol them are not doing any games lor the Amiga at the moment - whether It has the CO or not doesn't seem la make a dlllerence. With a PC now you have a machine which can serve all purposes. The Amiga's a great machine but It's still a lltlle bit.. Well, lha PC’s caught up with H We ve sold hundreds ol thousands ol Amiga products and we II stilt suppon rt. but developers are tocussing more on the PC."

GEOFF BROWN. Managing Director of US Gold

Will Commodore’s CD Drive prolong the

"We read a questionnaire trom aboul a year ago and that was positive about people wanting to buy the A690 (Horn known as the 4570. - Ed) but more recently less people seem Interested. To start oft with, the hard drive and the CD ROM drives are just two big storage devices. But there s obviously more you can do It does give the potential lor some ol the big PC titles to be convened properly. We II be doing some stuff, certainly, but In whal way I don't know yet. I'd don't think the CDTV lilies have helped with decision to buy Ihe A690. There doesn’t appear to be much difference between existing Amiga games and CD titles A lot ol Amiga games don't need la be big multi-disk games. What can you do to make it CD ROM Do you just stick a big soundtrack on It It won't really take oft until someone does something really Impressive with the CD so that everyone wants II regardless of cost. I think It maybe trill come from the slut! like conversions of Ihe big PC American titles on the Amiga You can I do certain things on the Amiga that you can do on the PC."

ERIC MATTHEWS, Designer for The Bitmap Brothers

Three hundred quid Nash.

ANDREW WRIGHT, Marketing Manager for Virgin Games Software

"i'll be perfectly honest. I don't think II will make any dlllerence to the Amiga. I don't think It s powerful enough, t don't think enough developers will develop for It - and that's Ihe important thing. Commodore, very bravely, ware one of the pioneers ol CO stuff, but the technology in there Is tailing behind Ihe limes already. It you're going to spend years of time or longer on a CD product It could be out ol dale by Ihe lime it's released.

PETER MOLYNEUX, Managing Technical Director for Bullfrog and author of Populous and Populous If


3 Z

4 -»






It will lake off provided ihe price it right - say. under two hundred pounds tor Ihe drive. You can III loadi o< gamas on a CD. and Its much cheaper to produce CD slull. And you can III lots of music on, and have demos ol other games. II slops piracy And you can always save slutl to the floppy tor saved games and so on. CDTV Is a dead duck though. It's too expensive. Where does it lit into Ihe market  We will be supporting Ihe Commodore CO Drive though.'

GARY SHEINWALD, Development Manager at Audiogenic

It'S up to pricing really. I've been reading recently Might And Magic Wand Sierra games being slated by Ihe Press lor Ihelr disk accessing problems and slowness. When the Amiga Is able to read In those son ol games Irom CD Those sori ol games are expanding Ihe PC market ai the moment, so It the Amiga market's to keep growing, It needs this serious edge software and Ihe only way that will happen is It a storage medium takes away the •lemeni ol frustration. CD Is that. It also opens up multimedia applications. A hard drive Isn’t as Interesting. It hasn't gat that high a market penetration and Is not seen as an essential purchase lo> Amiga owners People are mote aware of CD and lhal helps enormously."


Communications Manager at Electronic Arts

At ihe moment we re talking to publishers but the budgets they want lor the scale of protects they want for ihe CD Drive don't tally. It's a marvellous opportunity lor some vast projects but no-one wants to pul up the tinance. I would like lo do somelhlng It s up to publishers really la pay developers to exploit the hardware. II li t not compatible with lha CDTV then they re onio a loser. It Is exciting though. It s certainly what Ihe machine needs With Ihe consoles, the advent of the CD ROMs It pulling ihem another step ahead Yes. the CD Is essential to survival ol the Amiga. II gives II a new lease of life.

STEVE TURNER, Managing Director of Graflgold and author of Realms

I definitely think CD based products next year will be of a big Interest, especially same of Ihe ltuff from the Stales. I can t see CD having, like, ninety-five per cent penetration In ihe Amiga market, but II software companies find the resources to develop proper product... it could ba so significant lo Amiga owners that they'd go out and buy a CD Drive, a bit like Star Raidan and Ihe Alan VCS all those years ago. lt d perhaps be something using 3D technology which had rendered surfaces, not just Hal ones, and uses the abilities to pull data alt the disc that would otherwise take a long lime lo calculate Virgin are hoping to do a multimedia version ol Snookerand Pool, but I don't know It it will definitely happen. It'd probably have loads ol real loolage ol breaks and perhaps Jimmy commentating I d like lo do It.

ARCHER MACLEAN, author of Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker and Archer Maclean's Pool


T don t know it It will lake oft III be surprised I think people are turning more la Ihe PC lor things like that now. Are we doing anything for H

No comment."


Joint Director of Arc Development*

Commodore s marketing has lei itself down again. We re not planning anything for it unless It performs well. The CD Orlve'a got lo do somelhlng pretty spectacular If It's going lo sland any kind ol chance of succeeding '

MARTYN BROWN, Product Manager for Team 17

life of our favourite home computer

11hlnk that It'll (ill flit on lls (see. Thrfe are only a very small number ol publishers who can pul the effort into making anything decent on a CD. I‘d love to say that every single UK publishing house has the sheer depth of vision lo commission large games but mosl ol Ihem are happy wllh platforms lhankyouverymuch."

NICK PELLING, just finished converting Wing Commander

“I think the CD Drive Is vital to the succaaa of the COTV and I would urge readers ol AMIGA POWER lo give it its best chance. I'm sure it will succeed The drive Is the driver, so la speak Yes, we are lupparllng il Trivial Pursuit is already available -that was written Irom scratch with 2.000 spoken questions end enswers. We ere else looking at two murder mysteries and ■ flight simulalor And a car game has been thought about There may well be some altalghl parts bul really al end ol day bespoke software has gal to come out otherwise It wan t succeed *



Joint Managing Diractor ol Domark

It's a very competitive Held, but with the wind behind them II could be very promising.''

GARY BRACEY, Software Director for Ocean

'Initially I think well see lots ol parts wllh CD sound and a little bit at speech and perhaps live new levels. I'm a real big believer that 90 per cent at Ihe Industry doesn t understand CD and Ihe limitations. They re thinking it's a Saviour, and I'm sure II will be but It won't be wllh this generiilon ol CD slutl.

Everyone s hoping lo pul motion video and so on Into games but It doesn t happen like that. People torgel that CO Is only as good as Ihe machine It's strapped lo It s like live thousand disks squashed Into one and ihe machine Is Ihe same It's suit loading all Ihe time. All that data has lo go through the eye ol a needle and that causes Ihe bottleneck. We re spending a lot ol lime on CD slut) and we ve got our heads around It. People are over-complicating if and forgetting that

ultimately the people who will use It will be those who want lo play games. They want Instantaneous tun. They're not loo bolhered aboul massive ten-minute beautifully animated Intros The consoles provide the belter pick at Ihe CDs - due la the hardware platform and the tael that they've also changed whal ihe machines will do. For example, the Sega machine has hardware extras. Initially, we won't be supporting II (Ihe Amiga CD Drive] bul we will walch it very carefully. We won't turn our backs on II because we have so much CD knowledge In-house and II wouldn't be difficult lo switch on lo It."

JEREMY SMITH, -Mr Big' at Core Design

The CO » great for storage tl really

should be sold as another disk medium not tor encyclopedias and sluff like that. I personally Ihlnk It's a waste ol money. I might develop tor It but I won't be gening one until they can reaO and write to ihe damn things."

TONY CROWTHER, author of Captive and Knightmare

I really don't think It makes an enormous difference. II will be good lor certain kinds ol games with huge amounts ol data and it coukf help create new styles ol game ot Ihe Dragon s Lair genre I think a more Important thing holding up Ihe development at Ihe Amiga at the moment Is a lack al processing power which means there's a lack ol an upgrade palh

DAVID BRABEN, author of Virus, coauthor of the original Elite and currently applying the finishing touches to Elite If

“I won Id say without the CD Drive I wouldn't really see a long-term future for the Amiga. You have to consider the growlh ot the console market and the growth ot the CO marker But Ihe Iwo prime considerations are - wllh any hardware platform - lls price and quality ol Ihe software The Amiga CD Isn't hue multimedia but II people are Investing in CD technology anyway, lo produce an enhanced Amiga version wouldn't Involve a great deal more expense. It can t be extra levels though. II has lo be Ihe right type ol software - high-end software like simulations and adventures. I can't see It competing with Ihe high-level PCs though.'

SEAN BRENNAN, Sales and Marketing Diractor for Virgin Games Software

When we get one, we can see what there Is to see, then well have an Idea. People have set up overblown expectations lor the principles ot CD. All you're doing Is providing an enormous amount ol memory. Big deal. People are much more comfortable wllh CDs than disks Bul will people buy Ihe CD drive When It happens, great But it's not going lo change Ihe games themselves overnight."

TOM WATSON, Managing Director of Renegade

Obviously Ihe games will be on discs Instead ol disks. It they could somehow speed the loading up... Good Bul II It's like Ihe CDTV... Disaster. I say: don t waste your money and buy a kebab Instead."

JON HARE, Orchestrating Director et Sensible Software

“I think CDs are a very Interesting way at developing software. It gives you far more scope lo make games easily. You can throw In lots ol sampled music and lots and lots ol graphics which appeal lo Joe Public, and It s not that much more expensive lo do lhat as lar as I can see It can only be an advantage. It adds so much. It's noi the best Idea in ihe world, but tf It's cheap enough, that's good. 1 think a hard drive unit Is a belter thing for the Amiga, but only If it was cheaper.

COLIN FUIDQE, R&D Director for Konami
















c*' cpcusv“ , r5%-

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O-Osj * frame ,9 COeot cv .

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22***«k* rw    CoStt w*.

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ta £sr s £i

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oweus p6* >986 ‘"‘•ns*    >98&7

°"* lU4n(ts r4 ’387/8 r«r<W go /"VAST j, 4 <ce    ’‘WST rs(

f ViST 199

■ *Our\J *OUn<J soofyj souno


feS,w"* ***

What do you believe in

Sian with the heavy stufl. why don't you I don't believe m ail that much, really. Honesty, quality and dang a flood jci

What was the first thing you said today

‘Hello. This is flomg 10 be complicated but bear with me,' to British Telecom

Who's your favourite historical figure

Most historical figures tend to be well known tor beating up skghdy less well-known historical figures Einstein might be a good exception

What's your Number One object ol desire

I'm sure she'd rather remain anonymous

What have you got in your pockets

Just the usual, wallet, spaie change grubby hanky and a bass guitar plectrum Never leave home without one!

How do you rate your/your team's importance in the software bii 11 -SO)

Trying to lind out how big headed 1 am. eh** I like to think that occasionally we set standards and we try not to follow trends How does 35 sound7

If you could be in a computer game, which one would it be

The little space bus m Asleroas You always win in the end

What's worse - death or dishonour

Don't lancy either really, but death is a bit more permanent so it's worse

Did you pay your poll tax

‘Ftaid so As a single home owner it was a lot cheaper than the rates

What do you think of GamesMaster i

It amuses me I'm a bit ol a doset astronomer so I'm a Patrick Moore j Ian. I'd like it more if I got invited to appear on e . hint.

Is it better to give or to receive 1

To give of course, that was easy Not that I've got much to give

these days, you understand

What would your autobiography be called j

I do hope 10 write one at some pant How about AB Bytes Back'7

(I wouldn't advise it. - Ed)

What was the last book you read

'Mod by Terry Pratchett I'm reading the Discworld novels in

sequence, great fun

What's the nicest thing anyone's j ever said to you

rm a miserable so-and-so. people lend not to bother /

What one thing do you think would most improve the software industry

It it's only one thing, then it had better be something global, kke an end to human greed That would get rid of high

pnces and pracy

What would you like your epitaph to be

Here lies AB He's dead which is a good job.


In our new back page feature we intend to delve deeply into the egos and the ids (Ids - Ed) of top computer industry figures. This month: Andrew Braybrook.

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