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AMIGA POWER MARCH 1993 we thought Some lacked depth ol gameplay. Certainly the graphics wil' k have the leading edge over Sonic." they daim when is a pretty bold slarl Stni. looking al what they ve §¦ dona so tar. there's maybe some truth to it Certainly, there are some ' * extremely impressive graphic T exhibitions on display - the level one boss apparently measures a phenomenal 192x762 pixels, which bearing m mind that Ihe whole Amiga screen m standard mode only measures 320x256 pixels, it pretty damned stunning 'We thvik fhal Chuck Its technically lar superior to Chuck t,m says Dan "The sprites are t>gger. there re more colours, baddies made up of 27 separate sprites -basically, were pushing the Amiga as lar as it car go in this genre ' The boys have had a while to practice - Chuck II was begun in late 1991. but postponed for a few months while the team worked on Ihe grapheally gorgeous Mega Drive CD title Wondendpg as well as the Mega CD version ol the lirsi Chuck flock

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Amiga Power Issue 23 1993 mar Cover

9 -’096'


fc-::::::::::::;:::::: r::s :::: >

Desert Strike storms onto the Amiga!

Dino Dini - beyond Kick Off 2



41G A


t i





. T

oo ... -




Mirk Rjmthkw

KVfWSCOnOR Shjirl Campbell


stmt msters

Mark Winstanley Tim Tucker

AR1 EDITOR Jacquie Spinton



MOOuenON COORCtMTOR Craig Broidbiidge

PUBUSrCR Colin Campbell





CONTRSUTORS Jonxtfuui Oanai. Jm Tkenoliriet, Days Colder. Cary Perm. Richard Loo(hurfl

LNO A SCAMING Senon ChlRenden. John Moore, Chrta Stocker. Sknon Rtadrer. Heath Pariom. Graham Sanddord


PHOTOGRAPHY Stuart Baynar Afthtori Jamal

COYER DISK COMPtED BY Grantl Computing


Amiga Powet.

Fubae Pubksheig Lid.

3C Monmouth Street,

Rath BA I BW Tel 0225 442244 Fax 0225 446019


The Old Barn Semen on. Somerset TA1I 7PY Tel 0458 74011


A raenbo d ea AuB Bwsju ol    —

-> Regntfred caciilbon

ABC 60,184

J January - June 1992


1al0A .bfMl. ad «*ar«4ta. fOOtTiyM




Hm 4pA tow sib, Rg-y m JACGUIfl WOULD JUST UHS TO UVi «*MH« «* •» «I M fOt MIRK WOULO JUST LIRI TO UVl SurmswK«Wr iciwm» M \cmad torn*


SMirWttftM tf iW'llORtO'

UtCA ROMS COfl » »OM >Jur Muml tern <* 1*0 r«wi ST l«wi An * SKooom UtfA Vw> Ptar >ow Wwr OwadnfBniAmtMldM Wi Trw. TOT Ail tatl f»»miUhMw O Future Publishing 1993



News of the Amiga Live show, (fairly) gratuitous Winona Ryder pictures. Virgin’s latest and more! Much more!


Three guesses for what's number one. Clue - It sounds quite a bit like Fete Blighter Noo.’


The console smash hit Desert Strike is nearty upon us, and Chuck Rock II, Cyberspace and Goaf are getting there too.


We’ve started adding ’Sold Out" flashes to some of our issues now,so Buy! Buy! Buy!


The Indiana Jones solutions continue, while Enchantia and Kyrandia are wrapped up. and Jonathan Davies continues to dish out helping hints.


Do you people have no shame Once more we manage to get our readers to make complete fools of themselves.



US Gold's city-based RPG Is here. Find out why Mark R’s foaming at the mouth. Page 26


Possibly the best game that's an anagram ol Anorak'. Well, it nearly Is.    Page 36


A kid. his dog. and hundreds ol lethal traps. No wander they look stunned.    Page 30





Psygnosls release their Gulf-based shooter. Is It the mother of all flight slms     Page 38


Okay, so this second half of the feature is actually the ] to W. but you never see the 1W of London, do you


Not a mis spelling of the celebrated Spike Lee film, more a sort of collection from this month's mail bag - which comprises hate mail and letters about The Prisoner.


What to buy. and why. Its all here, matey and no mistake - 12 whole months of the stuff to choose from.


Get AP the easy way, and sleep easy. Hell, you'll even get yourself a free game into the bargain.


Its the turn of Bullfrog's Peter Molyneux to go under the spotlight and talk about life, Populous, and everything (including the one and only Elvis Presley).


Yo-ho-has, cutlasses and baggy white shirts a-plenty. Pass the grog, Jim lad.    Page 65


Revamped arcade action from the days that games were only ten pence a go.    Page 66


Standing m a cold. dark. smoke-Mled room pumping cows into a throbbing arcade machine is so much fun And arcade machwes have the distinction of being the best games around. It's inevitable, then, that they find their way to the Amiga, where you can enjoy them in you cold, dark, smoke filled bedroom. This second half ol our A to Z of cow-op converses is as close to investigative lournalism as we ever get.

OVER 300




The French come up with the strangest ideas, don't they  This time it's trains. Page 34

% SZOliaE—

jV gq

I 2fI[S

l~f J J jliii

I i*:

! 1 iBs


Another dose ot chaos and hard men with guns.    Page 64


That lovable egg-type thingy s back again.    Page 66


Not conlenl with your RPGs Make your own then. Page 69




Sard's Tala Kit—---

Ssyand Haro Quasi -Combat Air Patrol-Crystal Kingdom Dlzay •

Legend 01 Valour-—2®



Transarctlca . 34

Plratos ..Si

Vector Storm- SS


Amarlcan Tag-Ttam Wrestling ■    ■    74

Chassmaslor 3100- 72

Oalacllc Warrior Rata—>73 The Power--73


Fantastic Worlds-72

Sports Masters---------<73

Strategy Masters-74


Flag Catcher 76


One on Ona--76



Full rivliwt of Desert Strike, Has'.tbatk and mayba, iutt maybe, the lowdown an t—hw 2, Walker and Hired Guns. There's also bound to be a more

There’s something for everyone this month, from ardent pacifists to the most deranged and disturbed violent mind. II your idea of a good time is helping a small child across the road, or kneeing a total stranger in the kidneys, then we can help. Details below



Never before have small, cute kids been so utterly

exasperating. It's time to play the part ol the helpful but long suffering pet ol one such brat in

this playable demo of the game that's not only going to raise masses ot cash for charity, but is also one ol the most original games we've seen in ages.



Every so oflen, it's good to snap a mate's arm, shatter his leg. or maybe push his nose bone into his skull, killing him instantly. Unfortunately, murder's still a crime in most parts ot the world, but thanks to Team 17's spinecrunching demo, you can safely indulge in needless violence without being arrested.


• Oh no! Ar. you »ure Before you go any lurlher try the procedures described In th* panel over the page. H. after all that, you do have dltk problem*, limply place It in an envelope, along with an SAE and an explanatory tetter, and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Oiak Returns 23. Oitkcopy Labs. Unll 2*3 Omega Technology Centra. Drayton Fields. Drayton. NN1 1FR







A Sleepwalker and Body Blows an one meg only. Urn. aorry.

•    To load any of the game*, all you have to do la switch oft your macMne. Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow the Instructions to load the game ol your choice.

•    Just to be on the sate side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press Ihe appropriate function key to make your selection.

•    It really is that simple.

•    You'll have to reset your machine In order to play one of the other demos. When you do so. simply follow Ihe Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep Ihe disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all limes And remember -switching the machine oil tor 20 seconds or so before loading a new program wilt help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses.

A Have a good time.


A Are you sure

A Try all thal stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not 'like'.

A If your disk fails to load, then pop it In a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem, to: AMIGA POWER Disk 23 Returns. Diskcopy Labs Unit 2*3

Omega Technology Centre Drayton Fields Drayton NN1 IFR

A We really hoping you're reading this bit, because It's quite important: please don't send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how to lix dodgy disks. We've tried, we really have, but we re just crap at It. So send it Discopy Labs. Please.


For although you've got two thirds o1 a level on ttvs groovy cover disk, there's absolutely no way that your conscience will lei you play it without you first doing something good lor mankind. Playing the without a donation wil result in a little voice waking you up at 3am saying You're a bad person, a selfish person, go and get sponsored to lie m a vat ol cotd custaid or something We know what a


Publisher: Ocean

The last pathetic but admirably chanlable lund raiser was the so called novelty' record trom questionably humorous comedians Hale and Pace, and ihe time before thal 1 was Bananerama and Lananeeneenoonoo singing a pleasing fcMe Lennon and McCarlney number

called -Help1'

TNs year, la go along wnh bus drivers dressed as gonllas and neuro-surgeons r saucy French maid outfits, there's another addition lo Ihe well-died chanty maciwie that Red Nose Day has become And guess whaP You've got pan of it lor tree1


Publisher: Team 17

The Big List of Impossbe Acts lists luggtmg the the AP learn one-handed as being easier than talking about Body Blows without mentioning Street Fighter II. See  We only pjsl staned and we've already done A And since Lisa (who bruises easily) was dropped the last time anyone ined the other Ihmg, it's been banned Team 17 are. even as you read this, struggling night and day lo ported whai they believe will be Ihe ultimate Amiga

Aad he i hoots bls< bolts too.

beat-'em-up There! be loads of exotc locations and charaders to choose trom. but in this pre release version there's only hardened street lighter (tut. there I go agam) Dan or the Nin a. hghtng on his home lurt ot the Ninja Cavern It s a (wo player only demo, so you've gol lo drag a Inend. your gran or anyone else really la waggle joysticks agamst. otherwise you n wm every time. Like. err. wow1 The charaders have


lind the seerel bonus noses These are incredibly helpiti in the finished game, but mere points ol special interest m this version

In the extremely likely event that you enjoy playing Sleepwalker, you might want to trot down to your local software emponun and donate some extra dosh to Charity by buying yfr.-sell a copy To lind everything you ever wanted to know about Sleepwalker, check Stuart's tab lull review taler on in this ish flight, now I'm on lor a quick kip ■

M - Map HELP - Pause HELP A ESC - Quit ESC - Loose a life

lives in me kind ol urban hell generally reserved lor Gotham-related ccmics. and al some pent in the night has risen liom his bed and heeded out across the rooftops compielely asleep The only thing separating him Irom a premature and needless death is the mdestructOie family dog. Ralph who must guide h« Slumbering masier across the city Smce Lee's goi all the sense ol a lemming m his snoozing state, you've got to push him away Irom drops, kick him trom rooftop to rooftop and generally manhandle hm about. Usmg excessive lorce (such as putting Lee against a wan and kicking him repeatedly) v.vi wake him up. and the bar at the top ol the screen ads as a kind o< sleepomeier The sleep bar's afteded by tails. Ralph-related violence and water which always lends to muck up your sleep paiierns.


II you can bear to tear your set' away Irom Lea for a lew maiules. or you can And a sale place to leave hm. men you can scout ahead to neutralise any possibly fatal pitfalls, bash arty bad guys and even

Mow jfeool pantos lloclllnfl M - than lm .

decent bunch our readers are. so we ■ leave d up to you to stuff cash mlo coftadion boxes on Comic Relief day. which a March 12th by the way As il you 4-in'! already know


Ah yes. Sleepwalker is about a dog. and a child who sleepwalks Lee (the child)


heaps ol moves and it s actually possible to choose them, unlike that other newty released fighting game Rather ‘hen leaving you lo work all the moves out. glance at these clear yet informative charts instead

Directions only: You get all the usual ducks, lumps and blocks that you'd expect We re not going to insult your intelligence to show you these

Special Moves: Hold down the fire until the power bar reaches maximum, and then tel go Dan releases an Eteclro-bott. where as Nrnia goes nio the spookily Predator-IAe Super Shadow mode that renders him almost invisible With lire button pressed: You get all ihose wonderiul goodies (over there m the diagrams). II you re in the air at the lime you press lire, you get to do the moves m brackets Simple isn't a

To further contuse you. all these moves are reversed when you're facing to the left ol the screen but you would have imagined that and you 1 lind it much easier to play than read about it What are you wading (or Gel pitching You'll feel better lor it •



s«io.b.ou NINJA

( kt,k mm* rwl)



V yf «ipwj





ta— ■ ■ » HICH HMCN

/ I \ •"**»




tow mot «MKH



NOV>l (»«H' f

1 1

mick m •IOCS


LOW PUNCH f (rcftaciwr LOW koN)


jf(*V»S kick) * w NMN



-ry-,-1 UIOIHC SICS ««■



Astrology can’t possibiy help you. What do the stars know about Amiga games Only we can find out.

Game: Goal Publisher: Virgin Games Authors: Dino Dini (Design & Code). Design Systems (Visuals), Aliister Brimble (Sound)

ETA: Summer

Briefly: Ono Oni. the coder behind Kick OH, Kick OH 2 and Player Manager. was working on a Kick On 3 lor Anco Now he's nol Now he's working tor Virgn Games on a loolbal simulation provisionally titled Goat Why Who won the war anyway  (Joke.) Oops

The Creator Speaks: We don't like Kick On It's nothing like tool ball Oh, and so having a bal stuck to your tool s realistic is it Get real Do you really want to play tor 90 minutes With all the tedious staccato play And so on

'People want a result; says Goal author Duo Oni "You need the elements ol lootwll but you also have to supply what people want tram a computer game *

The good news lor those who lound Kick On unplayable is the player control has been improved no end lot Goal Each player s abikbes are delermned by eight attributes pace (lop speed), stamina (endurance), aggression (the likelihood ol performing a lout), resilience (the likelihood ol sustaining injury during a tackle), passing and shooting accuracy, and lacking and keeping skills.

You can sMi dnbbie the ball, trap and

pass it. and perform headers, scissor kicks, and chips (only now you can determine the height) hut. to make Me easier, three new variables have been introduced acceleration, deceleration and turning circles

It’s not as complicated as it sounds The players don't immediately run at lull pell, and they don I all Slop on a ha'penny The lasler a

player's moving. 1

ball control at slower speeds And because a player actually turns and defending players can't move through tvs back, you can keep them at bay

"The philosophy

behind the changes is that it's easier to play lo start with but has greater depth; says Dmo "You can play straight away and as your confidence grows you can

play taster and show mote sMI' The behaviour ol the computer-controlled players on your learn has been improved, too "They don't tackle and toul as they used la in Kick On That was a problem Only the human player has lhal privilege now *

There's no otlside

rule "I've never been a Ian,' says Dmo

"A potential Sensible Socter

“Maybe you need d m real soccer, but you don't need it here *

What about new regulations, such as the back pass rule 'Goal a structured such that there won't be an opportunity to

A iltrllflf um Ires A« Blai liitpti

... mom advanced than in Kick On 2 Goafs has slow motion Iasi lorwaid, mwmd Irame-by-Irame advance and reverse, and a save Ubkty And as far as options are concerned. 'There'll be the standard cups and league systems and you'l be able lo odi them" says Mike

Menngue 'We re definitely     having ail the leams and

4M    players (rom the

English French

m 11    a*s

a leam

editor so you can change the names."

Perhaps one el the biggest additions lo Kick - Goaf, sorry - ts the option to play with the pitch v«w rotated through 90 degiees. e. the goals are positioned to the left- and right-hand sides ol the field "People asked tor it, it's as simple as that." says Mike Menngue 'The playability's the same It's just a matier of taste'

But what does Ono thuk of the competition Tve had little experience with other football simulations, so I wouldn't tike lo comment'

Will he spend the rest of his life wring soccer simulations ‘I don't know But I'd like to do a player management simulation with the Goa! engine There's a lot of potential there"

Verdict So Far: At the end ol the day, I reckon the boy Din's done good Goals a potential SensMo Soccer socks* lor Sure


break the new back pass rule, it's as sxnpe as that"

Goal sports two viewports a close up one a la Kick Off and a more mmole look You can play with either or both -you decide whether to switch between Hem manually when necessary or leave He computer lo display the more lemote new tor throws, comers and goal lucks The players ere larger bul ihe scale is the same as Kick Off' says Dim. The angle ol the view to Ihe pitch has changed - S's decreased from 70 degrees to 45 degrees so * s less ol a plan mew ‘All ihe graphes have been radone All the

a cack player's on the ball, and being more appreciate when a good player's *i possession And thtfigs like 'OOOOAAAH1" for near misses."

Dno's adopted a new approach lo the execution of throws comers and set-piece free kicks Gone are the I odious /j*< cons and preset joystick /.ja movements Now a line of tfr" dels is used lo ispiesent ,'f*' *( — the strength direction and height of ihe throw or kick \    

The position ol the wall and *;*’ ihe number ol players H it s ’w ~” easy to determine.

I Attenouch can be used i immediately after any throw or shot. i be it a set-piece or the keeper.

A Attenouch ts the lootball Simula bon A equivalent ol controlling a character

Th« iiauei ■eaati m (fca lads and Haas binla tar tfea bal

"    Italian and German

B 3    Premier Leagues

There are 22 leams n the English Premier League. 20 *i the French and 18 in the Italian and German, so that's at least 78 We re lookxig at having some mom leams. but we may leave it at that because there u be

slightly m mC'iump in a paltomw only here it's the path ol

0    me ban when is    BBi

L affected It's

lat«r    "iQOSSitVt nil hardly    fmrn

id1*4    ioa 3tc bul it s a real    el du

b**- vi playab'My booster ]

IBB The keeper automatically

performs all the saves to the best ol his ability, but you get f 10 control a lew steps and determine where he throws or kicks ihe ball w-tn ahenouch i> need o* You do I

01    course control Ihe keeper s aving when on the receivxig end ol a penalty

Penalties are less hassle From me penalty spot the payer simply kicks the ball xi the desired direction, affecting the elevation and applying attenouch it des red Thares no arrow to watch as them was n Kck OK arid no tuss The rep'ay 'ealure is

payers and pilches There are tour new pitches muddy which is Ihe heaviest normal which is like Wemb'ey wet and the Stnpy one. which « sunlar to the normal pitch Them s no icy pilch - no-one ever payed t There are Six k-t styes, too ffhe same as Kick Off 2 di lad)"

A large portion ol memory has been allocated tor atmosphere spat effects As M< as such essentials as whistes. player grunts and so on, the crowd sound features chants and grows louder as the bai rears a net

’Them 11 be more sound than m Kck Off ‘ says prayed manager M ke Merngue There are all sorts ol possAiklies. like me crowd chanting when

•••A •-Jfc

4 - • - * .

• * » •





Spcshioj o4 tiplollORS,

chick oil Ihil


conporcd with Ike ralfctr feeble SN1S

Publisher: Electronic Arts Authors: In house ETA: Mid February

putaly lor the sake ol world peace (and nothing at al to do with the ail reserves, honest guv), the Yanks have deeded to stick the<r nose into an escalating situation that's nothing to do with them Rather than si art  G a lull-scale ground war.

J they've decided to send in small scale stnkes to \al R cnppte the country In “ f VV' the first wave, ground units have estahl'shed

■JLJh*' torward simply bases and gal shot up * mlo the baigain, so it's up to you k to go m as the second wave. w -J-. save your buddies, blast the    -1

bad guys, win lha war and    _ '

generally he the knd ol hero    ,

that John Wayne was in Sands Of Iwo Jma

Thankfully you've got a

Briefly: There cant be

many games that have a

multi-Wlion dollar

advedisng bud gel but

that s whal the Gull War

was tor the the creators of JK

Desert Strike The setting.

missions and weaponry are all EE

shamelessly upped otl Irom the

b*ng-shooi ol 91 whose most ■

memorable tact was that the **

Americans killed more allied soldiers lhan

the Iraqis did It's been kicking around on

the consoles tor about a year now. and

been an endunng hit. but it's taken until

now to get onto the Amiga

Desert Strike's set in a mythcaf and unnamed gull slate ruled by the tyrannical dictator General Kiibaba. who bears mote than a passing resemblance to a cedam Mr S Hussein 13 The Poplars. Baghdad    KBR9

This evil ruler's been making    *_ -

nasty advances or his    'KNEKE

Inendiy neighbours, and    ughSpSffi

guys Flying al a steady height over the desert, you can move in any direction across an tsometne 3D terram. Essential la the game is the map screen, which shows you all your targets and supplies, and pinpoints allied soldiers lhal have been listed missing m action (MIA)

Initially, there are quite a lew MlA's. but as the game progresses, they get kitted oil by roaming enemies Apad Irom the obvious humanitarian aspect ot chopping the enemy into meaty shreds to save the lives ol your fellow countrymen, it's wodh pekmg them up. as every time you Iransport them to a friendly base, your damaged helcopler is repaired Fuel and ammunition are limited (you gel a realistic load ot missiles and cannon shells) and once you ve • MB exhausted the base supplies, you've got to scrounge your enemies' dumps These are hidden in buildings an over the place, and it's quite a skill to balance attacking objectives with resupplying al the nght time The Creators speak:

I asked Gary Robeds Irom Electronic Arts why it had taken so long to get round to doing Ihe Amiga verson "We don't start * unfit we d almost finished ihe ongnal. and


new Apache ground attack helicopter and a copilot to help you in this task, and plenty at state-ot-the ad tuepower to throw at the bad

in Ifcc Tflrtte Wee, I ull you, It brinji ool ib« cdloiir mill.1

Tb« rev lone it lin«f«d RTtb wryKki]<l End tcftoci to dlsUBt suafln

Th« mop

icrccn So

foo don t, ct,

f«t »Oft

iVs taken us kyvyer than mo expected Sure, we could have knocked it out m a Sorter time but we've put it -II manner ot new mpravemeris The basic game structure is the same as the Sega version, but we've lotaty rediawn or

touched up ALL of the •'    .

graphics * The Armga verson certainly looks wonderful making the Sega version , appear quite Wand by comparison and Gary explained why.

“We ve redrawn them in 32 and 64 colours as we fell Oval the oognal Sega spntes (in 16 colours) just weren’t good enough tor an Amiga game We ve also made the desert background look more like a battle field by putting xi burning vehicle wieeks and smoking o< patches ‘

Apart fiom glaringly obvious differences such as a completely redesigned power station, the most noticeable additions to the graphics are f; huge firebating explosions that replace tf* ralhcr weedy blips ot the onginal “We took the explosions from a video ot real rr ssvi $ txting targets, and then hand drew them from this video reference These pyrotechnic displays take up over 4OK. but we ve found thai people like explosions in games, and the satisfaction of taking oul an airfield is so much more wi«h these new eftects *

The other major improvement is the sound, which is just wonderful Distant gunfire and explosions add to the leelmg

d bang xi a war zone, ihe     _

SOVt«3 scream when you C “ Wait them, and there are j o.m voces that warn you that your armour is critically low. I thought that usxig a soman's voice was a bit out o< place, but Gary set me right "The US Air Force are now using women s speech to warn pilots o> Mending danget They actually dgtise the pilots daughter or

■ *


* . '





Ai unlucky US pilot Ioiei hil no-cUim * beam.

*•    wife, as

they've found these atiract the plot's attention m the heat of battle' I Stand corrected, and can't argue with McDonnei Douglas (makers ot the Apache) who have given the programmers advice and relerence videos to get the leel ot the game right Most of the sound, xi lad. has been digitised from US training videos Although ihe game structure is ihe same. Gary says thai the gameptay is a lot more dynamo “Thetere more private wars going on between American and gull tool solders, and the enemy are more aggressive towards the Apache, they'll even destroy buildings lo gel at Ihe chopper. Overall we leel that it's more than a ■    straight conversion, and

'-*=%> thai it's far better than the t Sega version which is no j mean ieair

I As tar as questions . l about the sequel Jungle , Stnke. everyone at EA is ■ Jr being cagey “I've seen a fan -    M ot it." admits Gary, “but I'm

">3r“ just gomg to sit back with a Wg 1 grxi on my laoe and tell you to / watch out for it, it's awesome1"

Verdict so far:

Visually. Desert Strike's even more impressive than either me Sega or Nintendo versions, with bigger and better graphics and sound, and EA are even considering releasing data disks to expand the number ot missions, though this is. ot course, some way oft it's good to

sec that a software company has taken

the time to do a proper conversion from one lormai lo another, and although we've yet to see a finished copy, it looks as (hough this will fun as smooihly and quickly as the original This game s been aiop fO Mega Drive aame ever since <! was released lor the simple reason that it's incredibly good lun And with this new version. 1 looks like Amiga owners are definitely going to get one better than those console types • MARK WINSTANLEY

Ilm'K jroovi dalU'Wini j««« and ki < 'Bwdooikl' flrrballi on Ike Amis* veniox.


we thought Some lacked depth ol gameplay. Certainly the graphics wil' k have the leading edge over Sonic." they daim when is a pretty bold slarl Stni. looking al what they ve §■ dona so tar. there's maybe some truth to it Certainly, there are some ' * extremely impressive graphic T exhibitions on display - the level one boss apparently measures a phenomenal 192x762 pixels, which bearing m mind that Ihe whole Amiga screen m standard mode only measures 320x256 pixels, it pretty damned stunning 'We thvik fhal Chuck Its technically lar superior to Chuck t,m says Dan "The sprites are t>gger. there re more colours, baddies made up of 27 separate sprites -basically, were pushing the Amiga as lar as it car go in this genre ' The boys have had a while to practice - Chuck II was begun in late 1991. but postponed for a few months while the team worked on Ihe grapheally gorgeous Mega Drive CD title Wondendpg as well as the Mega CD version ol the lirsi Chuck flock

bb Check de«f >Mi bahici do bail li Ibcii  ki - hawlii] the placa down. Vaa can ita how lah ihe jraphlcx are.

torjeaeily aaiwaiad they are


1 I \ J

- *■



Qame: Chuck Rock II -Son Ol Chuck Publiah«r: Core Design Authors: Dan Scott (programming). Richard Morion (graphics)

ETA: April

Briefly: You ve

D'cbably already worked out tor you'seil that this »Ihe sequel lo Chuck Rock, yes’ In this latest prehistoric (er. ii that s not a ecniradict«n m terms) lark. Chuck and Ophelia Rock s son Chuck II sals out to rescue tvs Wnappad

-The graphics will have the leading edge over Sonic0

pop (now a success!ul car manufacturer) trom the dutches ol evil industrial rival Brick Jagger. head ol the Datslcne Car Company (oh please, etc) This he does with the akl o< a bg club (replacing Dad s belfy butt and rock lohtung escapades trom the first game) with which t maims and brutalijes his way through five w-'»s (each divided into three stages] ol Chuck I flock-style arcade 1 platforming mayhem The creator* apeak: Dan and Richard are both 19 and between them have worked or games as diverse as Premere. Hm/nda*

WrVfchJd. and Scooby And Scrappy Deo They're very proud ol Iheir new baby, pointing out an impressive k$ t at technical achievements (3-layer parallax. 50 trames-a second scrolling, hundreds of colours on screen, reaiisbc ropes and slopes and so on), but also keen to emphasise that this is going to be a game Ivst and foremost •We hope lo have more variation than something lAe Some The Hedgehog ' as

'We've actually had quite a lot ol time tor thK. on and off. more than we had lor the t«r* game We've needed it. because we had to thnk harder to come up with new ideas and characters that we didn 1 use m the first game, and producing different backgrounds lor an Ihe levels was a bn ol a problem too We ve got as much freedom as we want in designing the game, but true ii a constant bugbear.' Verdict ao fan U s more ol the same, certainly, but this is looking pretty

impressive The giant sprites are excellent, the sub games add a little variation and the slapstick humour ot the first game is back m loice We loved the firs* game, and although we d like to see this one speeded up a little bit trom the early demo we looked at. I wouldn't be at ail surprised it we ended up Ics»; one too • STUART CAMPBELL

Left: Oil a lead al ihoia yiaphlci, Mn McOlaty Ai ran caa laa. Chuck II boasts iteari, carvaa aad taadi aiora of Ihoia wacky dlaotaar dados.

noiceaWy different when it comes lo B communicating with I hem ‘

■    How does i hie


U    work7

V    charaders

* JP’' responding lo     '    Ihe player s

vsesws (available horn a ltd)- It's also possible 10 show Jl a character an object lo prompt a different line ol conversation When replying lo questions from the computer characters, Ihe player isn't jus) limited to a yes or no, but can be sarcastic, aggressive etc All these elements will affect how they, and / their    / Where Ihe iffldt Km

colleagues /    «*e ihe (omeen ere

deal wlh j    •« the* uteMirr <

you The    /    

tad that    !

computet    \    I

characters    \    I

relate opinions \

about you to    MOmtA. ’«

other computer characters is an important pomllo

remember. It's    iBBI j j j

possible to build up alliances, enemies

different companies, ■SpMiPTH * I ■ I ' ■ A

gangs, agencies

which you can either B .

alienate or belnend ' fe . Where does the

Cyberspace element In into it "The game is set one hundred D& years m the luture, m a

reaching consequences Although there’s a heavy adventure element - the player doesn't initially know what the ultimate goal is - there's a fan bit of combal m the game Hookng up to computers in the city takes the player mfo cyberspace itself - a computer generated world within the game worid Doing this wi* lead to ooixitlass sub-ptois

Although it's based around Ihe tabletop game, we ve decided to concentrate on jus) one charader. with the computer acting as dungeon master1 n an intelligent way - readrig to the player's


interest up. and moving BB S

the pc* acog if j fllJI

. Player dot

N. makng nxich    5

*mm, \ progress then .

tabletop game system completely there’s the 3D aspect - giving everything a real lime, action slant The game works on seveiat levels - if s not iust waikrg around solving little puzzles The Cyberspace game engine is such thal it s like having a camera crew and cast - it's then up to us lo design something around thal. Bui whereas a Mm Is completely kreer. this is a gamo of almost infirate branches * Verdict so far: Wow. it sure sounds like an epic in the making ODE assure us that it won't be b<g but boring, but that's always hard lo achieve when you've got an entire aty and a m on people roaming B JIB around inside your Amiga This has the potential to play and feel > like nothing else - time will tell 9 MARK RAMSHAW

Briefly: As Richard Yapp of ODE says. 'It's impossible to BMe describe Cyberspace briefly * BjH Let's hand the mtc over lo him The creators    I

apeak: "Based on the abietop role-playing trom Iron    . *

Crown Enterprises, Cyberspace    *

males an entire aty v.ewed in 3k W-screen 3D perspective An •dpjstable head-up-display is the    I J

player nterface. there's no control L panel as such"

It all sounds suspiciously like wrtua! reality.

"Yeah, it's such a misused term, but I really haven t seen another computer game which comes as close lo virtual reality as this one. Wrth the user-definable HlID the player can even define how the game a controlled *

Is al the action city-based7 "Yes. It s all indoors - though the player does gel the occasional glimpse of the world outside. The oty actually COntuns around one million people, al gang about then work In 100.000 different buikkngs We re really trying lo create a bmg, breathing city - but we want to make sure that it doesn't result at a worthy but bonng game

The city's inhabitants all interact with

•tike Iffccthf«h a !<■< eMiIa Ida

ryfeanfMCC la an asiamiai pan of Cfbartpata. la H dur7

Cmm ki biijklaf In 10 Ida tola In (feta mbii i ipirtaul

Game: Cyberspace Publisher: Empire Authors: Oxford Digital Enterprises ETA: July

each other, have places lo live, work and so on They even all look different -achieved using a combination ol bitmaps and vectors Different characters even have different walks - plus they'll be

massive American aty. A mega corporation owns most ol the bukfcngs. with guards palrollmg then corridors -cannon lodder if you like Killing the average man on the street has more far

al introduce something to guide the story one stage further.

So what is Cyberspace exactly7 Is it action, role-playing, or strategy

"Although we've implemented the



The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of Desert Strike and Sleepwalker, and why the sea is r boiling hot and whether Legends Of Valour and Transarctica are any good.




Ths month, we decided that we'd try to improve our superstar images and tell you ail about the iambus people we’d met. We asked Jonathan i he'd ever said anything to anyone famous 1 said Just there, please’ to Terry    * - *

Pratchett. Is that the son ol thing you're looking lor7’ Yes, actually, it is.


And whai about you. Rich7 You met have had a lew brushes with the great and the good Whal have you ever said la a famous chap7 'I once said Thank you very much to the lale Ted Croker who was then the Secretary ol the FA. Nothing else springs lo mind '


Dave had a dream come true this month when he interviewed Silvester McCoy at die Theatre Royal in Bath, but that wasn i erating enough lor us While I was mere, I said Ooh. sorry' to Rolf Harris I suppose that's what you want


Beng that much older and more worldly, we eipecied great things Irom our Gaz 'I met Lews Collins in a lift and I wanted lo say You re not as tall as I expected' but he still looked mean and hard so l didn I boiher


So. Tim just what eiadly have you said to a famous person

*1 do remember saying No. take it' to Derek Thompson who plays Chadie Fairhead in Casualty. 1 think I also smiled at Julia Watson who used to play Dr Baz in the same senes ‘ You've met ail the naaf stars, then


Mark s something o< a romantic at heart - this month he look his girllnend lo Pans WesawGeord e aaor and top pop star Jimmy Nail at the airport.' he sard, 'and I was so impressed that HI managed to say was Meeting him was more imponani lo me than beng the ednor ol a computer magazine ’


Unlike the rest of us. Tim used to have an ending yob betore he came to AP - he was a pop star. 'I can t remember exactly where it happened, but I said 'They're over there, on the left' lo Ray Davis, the chappie from the Kinks



Mark's a bit ol a film and TV guru type, so we had high hopes lor some gieat star related quotes 'I was working on the special effects crew for a TV movie and l said Yes. I thmk it is' to Roy Scheider What a great guy he is *


We needed Adam this month to balance the pyramid / (although not lor any actual wnfmg) Unfortunately, we didn t get time to ask him about his encounters with the rich and famous so that's that sketch knackered


lisa's met so many famous people, she didn't know where to start. 'I'm so lovely.* she said, that the stars are practically falling over themselves to talk to me I think I once said Fancy another dnnk to Violet Berlin tram Bad Influence1'


Our very own cunning litile Cell (or something like that) has met the most famous Scot ol them all 'll was a lew years ago now. and I said Here, use mine lo Isla SlClair * Frankly. Slu, there s no way any ol us can top that That's amazing


Ronme is just a Sickening individual He s met almost every tamous person and he s said loads ol things to all at them So many, m fact, that we didn't think it would be worth our while telling you about them Then , when we realised that he hasn't written anything tor us this month, we decided that rt wasn I worth using photo But ■( was too late




According to Jacquie. our own Lisa qualities as a lamous person. 'It’s because she gels more Ian mail than all the rest ol us put together." she said, ‘and I hale her.

I've said loads of things to her. though I said That looks awtui several limes I've sard Are you really going to make it that colour7 Mosl often, though.

I just say No




• Eitrinj die (OWE ill if JITf if «■ hind lo five lk« flnl (Im.

a a □□ □u

pUc«> to jleiE aofiip md yet

LoHer if*E»d for too lOE] and the crooked kiaj aad kit croaiet wifi Iapriioa

H«vi*g paid a floe it's into

Now vtiera if dial

biaedia' unpirc bat cayef

btiM). f«ak, rijkt




vampira bat ca a. ■«1 tkara taenfl to ba alack of bats ia (ha area. Ok bov




Malh ova aa object and ini

p«« in Ik if

■paca bars. If can tbaa a* aiamioad «r



Ckjuft Ik* iuc of Ike ninlk] aikdoa <ilk IMS kH.

Tk« i

««■»*«« wtm 30 laxiin ■—plf mm4 a

Game: Legends Of Valour Publisher: US Gold Price: £39 99 Authors: Synthetic Dimensions Release: Out now

Now where did I pul lhal hrsl

paragraph'’ It must be around here somewhere Just a moment Ah. beta it a Jacqiae Colleen was a hard case, and she dtfn'i cate who knew it Her tales: collection was the talk ol all Manhattan socialites, and the lashion chain just continued to expand Sdhng here, at the head ol the expansive dinner table, she gazed at the lour lithe young men one by one “Which one wil I be taking home tonight ' she asked herselt

Mmm that s not quite nght. is it Ah (USl one moment Here rtis

Tolkizen slowly approached the town Mounted on hr$ sweating, panting steed, his shoulders were heavy and his sword banked pamtuly against his thigh Thoughts ol a night ol heady drinking with his cousin Sven tilled his mnd. as he lode

through the town gales.

Sounds kind ol dchOd doesn't it And it's not just because I'm terrible at fiction either - the whole fantasy genre has been done to death - m lichon and > computer games These days it takes some really Itesh ideas and either a total bel«l in, or a healthy disrespect lor. the subiecl matter to lilt fantasy material out ol the doldrums


where you ask.in typical reader

lashion does Legends Of Valour fit into this homespun theory Kind Ot almost m the Iresh ideas and healthy distespecl department to be honest, but more o< that later Fust I ought to tell you a little M about the game itself, complex

Legends Of Valour - a breakthrough in

Moh<T, genii and other vaJubl«t Jr« kepi h«r«.

glimpses inside buildings, and even out onto other streets It's all a tar cry Irom the Wocky cell movement ol Eye O The Beholder. Dungeon Master and Black Crypt That's the theory, anyway The reality <s pretty much the same, but quite slow unless it happens to be running on an A1200 0' some olhei ’ accelerated Amiga

Because ol this

rnJH problem wth speed, PMH Valour otters three 30

window sues Remember '    however thai 'he largest is

only halt a screen big and ’he two smaller si2es - although ottering huge improvements m speed -become less attractive propositions Do bear in mind however, that even the slowest 3D movement is preierabie lo the btocfcy movement ol Beholder and the a like. Having a real. Ileshed out 3D M world 10 move around in is a great improvement, even it (i*e most mu races) it doss lave a hie anger H  The oniy other >eai downs de lo the 3D system is a lack ol upwards and downwards movement It s possible to go up and down with the use ol V _ stairs, but the actual smooth movement only sms1 really occurs in two planes - it's not possible to ump. tor instance It's a minor niggle, but >t leaves the game somewhat Hal )Ho t,,tv ~prodEd) ff ., ’    Bui even the most

advanced 3D techniques amount to ’tie wi'hou' r. ■. "

' at'os. a «

RBr* '

control system, and a leelmg ol excrement Valour starts oil on the right toot, with the pkjl basing the entire game in. and below the l&an ol Mitt BdC't Bards Tar.    ■

leatured lowns. but in Valour it actually looks and teets i*e a town Every building * serves a purpose, people go about their Inres. (Wetent groups occupy different areas, and they all treat the player m different ways

The King s guards are probably the most important group - with the power to imprison you lor any crimes you've communed or to trame you tor ones you haven't They serve the new king ot Miniedorf. though loiiowets ot the deposed

H«r«ai wiMrt then um(I lo bai] cminaif. WiM IW Ike lo Ibt aorth lor ■or« o4 the Mjubrt jod Bfadlshty $ rim.

To trait rcf«rta« wtlh the mop ii the Ltfcnd* Of Vilovf bo I, NN OE-fCTEEB OIE

ii eveIInMe. Th« ytllow dol ihowi yoir poiitiM.

Tbil ii <h«

backpack, mk Ipaca tor liz obj.cn

Ikc cawpaci not mh ihowi tour 1 Aaccnaa, bar I e*n jaoih. •

1 caalvsl ai.thod. Th. object la Kaad ii dliptaicd here A wcapoa b always haady.

i llesh out the town, as well as help the i player progress Temples do likewise. I with allegiance to a particular deify I opening up a different route ol J progress through the game r And while you re considenng which taction to jom. there's always rented accommodation to worry about, and a means to earn enough to pay lor it Reading notices m taverns is invariably a good way ol preking up odd jobs though trading is another way to raise capita! As to actual missions, there are lar too many to mention here. Some are simply errands as posted on the notice boards, others are challenges set by a particular guild There is no sei route through the game, with a choice ol hundreds ol challenges to take up at any one time And ol course completing one task will more often than not give way to another

All this to-mg and fromg around the town serves to help the player map it out and % lo gam •

<    ' - Rut

►    ...    J

doing -i

king, or even the king ol the

lar oft mainland can be found m the town Temples and guilds are Ihe other mam organisations lo lake note ol It s possible to join up to lour guilds at once -though some guilds don t get along with others, so the choice isn't an entirety arbitrary one Some guilds, such as the Men At-Arms Guild, will leach the player lighting abilities. The Thieves GuAd (which is hidden, incidentally) teaches lock-

ptcking skits, while other guilds teach the use ol spe»s and -w


food It ii ail.atial toll: The TMihi' da lid - H toa caoT beat ‘cal, Join 'em.

beast that n ts

EKv Nearly two years m Kir development Valour is only the W second Amiga game to utilise ~ texture mapped graphics (Wing Commander being the first) Ottering the player total freedom in a 3D environment, every wa« is patterned, people and other creatures walk around buikfcngs nse into the air and details abound Even windows *e a staple cl the Valour world, giving

re apart 1

fo, this



jria. Still, be* iol itM *cylh< ,

SO hE is M


i • a

\ *

• 1 fy: -

RPGs, or just a collection of clever graphic routines Revealed - all this and more.











MARCH 1993





using a ccuj nol the mosi events, and sound eftecl serve to tension eetti

nothing lor loo long and you just could get thrown into an underground jail. This can lead to al sons of underground adventures, where all kinds ol monster await And this is where lighting comes in

The reason I haven't mentioned combat yet is because a) 4 isn't actually the most important element ol the game, and *

b) n isn't very good A tight consists , ol throwing a weapon or swinging, slicing or jabbing a sword, axe or whatever pie ol cons It's t inspiring ol the lacklustre Is den t really ghlen the er

1 lighting isn t really whai this game is ail about Interacting and

exploring are where it's al. and d s in that area  that Valour i" really makes ihe grade

The programmers have obviously realised ihes. because they've given an option to leave lighting to ihe computer, and they’ve really emphasised the exploration cl the-town aspect The game comes with a mostly unlabelled map A key at Ihe side lists the major locations, but nol where they are. By talking to other characters in the game, the player gradually becomes more lamihar with location

names, gets directions to them, finds them, marks them on his map. and so on Anon screen map is also available to help danty things, and a mock newspaper which also comes with the game, points the player in the right direction to a number of useful and key locations Now this is the way to do a roleplaying game - you can leave your graph paper and endless hack and slash behind

The Valour programmers are no slackers when it comes to control methods and presentation either Just about any function can be performed with the mouse and a bunch ol icons, and three different movement options are available Whethei you prefer moving a compass, dickmg on icons or having direct mouse control.

Vabur can help out And - hey1 -remember all those nasty things like hit pomts. and other slatislics’ Well, you can torgef all about them, because Legends Of Valour does

But. wait, in typical Ramshaw style. I've iusi remembered a whole bunch ol stuff, and space is running out    &-

There's the

character creation I "1 tut where you    L i    _

Hcj - I'M

aulif Charles ■raiiant

STRENGTH    62    HUEOUi I    *•«—e—


HEALTH    <33    Cf i J    «««!■■«.

SPEED *    66



riaili aaroai arc alio a eexxibrutr t* thii al aqialie.

aaiaitaiaali la lha

rliaqr af A a fay(ai M *•0 five ■

! K I NO lli    02 HUMAN.

i n uofNcr o2 D\x£rf

At III    .    ~-l

Br ni .

KWian<e 2$


ftflRw; Mara vi fat s f IIMPSC Of fll<

k md al



ST RENGTFi    62


SPEED    66




get to change the lace and kit out you new character, and you ever get background on hisrTier lather and family profession And there s the gambling element to the game, the digitised petures ol shop, guild temple and pub characlers There's the gambling, the food The underground stud with all the different races ol creatures There s the way ditterenl characlers have ditterenl heights, or the way choosing to play a dwarf gives a ditterenl eye level dunng the game There's Ihe layout ol the town - with its docks, its dwarven district and other surprises There s the way shops dose on Sundays, and day turns to night And there's the presence ol werewohes and vampres -and the great way in which beth attains atfeci the player There's the big mission at the end ol the game, the animation sequences, the dever way in which everyone in the game has their own beliefs, rather than there being any dear band ot good guys or bad guys And I really must leli you about • MARK RAUSHAW

® UPPERS Incredibly

complex tenure mapping, clever Inlerwoven plot construction, and not a statistic or dice roll In sight. The Amiga RPG comes ol age This Is ihe only Amiga role-playing game you need lo remember


standard Amiga Ihe lexlure mapping can be painfully slow (al anything other than postage stamp slaa). the sound is underused. Ihe lighting is a real disappointment, and - despite the graphic style - It slill won t attract the arcade crowd. It s just one more reason lo buy an A1200 (and a hard drive]. And don't even bother playing it with just a single disk drive. Oh. and Ihe price Is well over the lop. Since when did Amiga games cost tony quid Eh


Facl: This Is Ihe best role playing adventure game around on Ihe Amiga. A lew decidedly non-user friendly bits and a hefty price lag aside. Valour Is a real success Not all RPG Ians are going to like its Iresh approach, butlhls Is AA : jusi about as advanced as IIII £ It gets on Ihe Amiga    UU “

In celebration of Red Nose Day, Ocean have a way of getting you to part with cash

Game: Sleepwalker Publisher: Ocean Authors: CTA

Development Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

Xerxes, lung of Persia, once sari on surveying ha army. 1 am moved to pity, when I think ol the brevity ol human lile. seeing that ol all this host ol men not one will slii be alrve In a hundred years' time.' And after a couple ol

days ol playing Sleepwalker. I'm begmnmg to understand how he


lell Because il I had an army ol Ralph The Dogs instead ol the single more or less indestructible one you gel here. I'd be cruising lor an assassination myself m no time Now I know what you're all thinking You're thinking Oh bloody hell what's Ihe useless pral an about now"’1 Well, it's simple Whai I'm on about is that this is a ineky. difficult and frustrating game to play, but I still can't put it down Controlling Ralph The Dog on his nearimpossible mission lo save Lee (The Siupd Kid) Irom certain Death By Somnambulism. I've had poor Ralph tailing under speeding cars, swimming into electric eels, colliding with swinging demolition balls, crushed by ridustnai steam hammers, getting bitten by poisonous snakes, bealen

up by nightclub doormen, turned into a bat by Dracuia lookai kes and all manner ol other unfortunate mishaps, but every time that he ust picks himself up, dusts himsell down and sels oh bravely again on his appointed task. I can't bring myselt to leave him to manage on his own Manage whaP' I super naturally hear you all cry Well, it's like this Lee the Sleepwalker of the

* i Bad

Th ig Looks

mfmmijifmmia M like l« s in

tr oub f.,h e n

■UHUV    Ad well, noi

/    iCj necessaniy You

see. Lee has a

guardan angel Ralph The Dog. his devoted pel, takes it upon tumsed to shadow Lee or r»s nocturnal travels, taking out hazards In tvs path and gentty gudmg his sleeping charge n the dredion of safety, while all the time taking the utmost care never to wake him up Of course, ihis means that Ralph himseil more often than not (alls victim himself to

ihe things which would otherwise gel to little Lee. but hey - it's a dog's life, don't you know’

So there you go. that's Ihe game plan All this stud takes place over five scrolling levels, filled with hazards both natural (like water which Ralph can swim through but Lee mustn't lal mlo) and not-so-natural (like weird monsters who! scare ihe little poppet to death) There are actually very lew enemies as such, most Ol the game's drtlicully coming in guiding Lee through ->

(for a good cause)

s a little boy with a problem His potvem is h>s predilection for failing out of he bedroom window and wandering m a trance through Ihe streets of his hometown This «, ol course, a Bad Thing because the streets are. of course, filled a*r ail manner ol hazards

me tec wievunh hmmi •« ut«n. tat** •« ti >»»P7 as a cel awe

rvjjt iinikin Li* twe wvavwvt eew -

tkM Woic lomHicrt before. r%M«. I ikuih rt wot m « toys looey chimm end to wot« womow

Dost «jik li froef of Ike

Cir - you'll kill yoonoMl'

"It's been excellently put together and it plays dreamily"J

OM (Ml

help k« lafll ftoi

5 ■ 1J f l1,1

Rf f n ii


the mazes ol platforms There's plenty of that, though - even at level one you'll be cursing and swearing al the little bleeder as Ralph's nereasmglyfrantic eflods al come lo nothing as lee blerrfy waits straight into wais and sewers Vou'l S. need plenty of aicade talent as wen as map-rearing ability rf you're going lo make any progress at all at this game, but at least you do

gel a training level (at the style ol Wtrt/dand Putty) wh*eh prints helpful hints on the screen to guide you through a sample stage and let you get the hang ol the controls

Mind you. you're not gong lo need much else There's no depth at the game at all. which means you might well get a bit discouraged by the time you get past the first couple of levels Sleepwalker does its best to keep you mleresied by means ol bonus levels, little cartoon sequences which you only gel to see if you complete enough of the previous level, and lots ol lunny new bits at each new level, but the basic gameplay doesn't change all the way through, and the difficulty level might just be enough to put you off before then Sla, this is ail a bit picky, and if


■MW* 1M l«« M la

loilrol aatki


■in«s, d a \osd ol Um ili« af tkai (aval

doesn l detract from the enormous fun thal you it get out ol Sleepwalker it's been excellently put together and <1 plays dreamily, and the lore's ust right loo -you realty begin to feel lor the poor put-upon pooch, and the dream sequences where he imagines whal he d like lo see happen to Lee if he wash! there lo slop * are realty sweet I like this game, and if it can help save a tew people from slarving to death, then so much the better • STUART CAMPBELL

® UPPERS The central character (the dog. nol the kid) Is completely lovable, it's very easy to get into, and It's extremely addictive. It's technically spiffing loo. with soma lovely graphics and last, smooth parallax scrolling.


controls can be a bit ol a pain in Ihe bum al limes, and it's a bit repetitive by Ihe end. Oespllc all Ihe celebrity sampling, it’s a bil lacking on the sound front, loo. But hey - it's all for chaiidee. right


A smashing little game, and delinitaty one that's worth having in its own right regardless ol Ihe Good Cause. I1's nol really A I ) one for Ihe easily-    H/ "

frustrated, though.    If I H


0/MV out Of sneer Ebeower Scrooge type nasty

— - - - a — * - - - —

mnoeancss »*gno*rng lonemg Not mV me edher - wo ve had several letters on the subject and &v subject rs tfts Now t ought teem a hi petty bet n stnkas me that col ol a £25 S3 sol vj pace. ti 32 gang lo Come RaW seems a Al. we*, small. I mean I remember when Band Aid and all that sort of slut! happened, ttw Ng deal was thal about 90% of your money worn straight lo tho chanty, but with Sleepwalker we're talking about jui over 16% is someone makog a kiting oul ol slarving babes’ To set the record straight no spoke to Ocean s Gary Bracey

The first thing lo point out here is that things are happening this way at the

tf people are dong semeevng tor netting tneyre utfwfy to make the* best aVorts H everyone wtx> gets bennd vw • VV makng money from «. afeert V a hearty

reduced rate then re product «• do a tofbeoer A percentage ct the profit Irom a reel effort *v be at toast as good at the

total proR from a ha*-hearted one Wove never tned to pretend we were

break;**; trier, or 3s*pwsiikei People are $ ! ■ .-hsiong some moor ) ■»«* it. but why sha&lnT they1 Sieanweiket wasn't a

game spo-:nca;iy designed lor Come Relief, t was a • Cy-1     . t J/<kAlU\.l that

we'd already spon' t.wi /ears developing 3rd had high expectations of making lots ol cash from We could have just rereleased Shadow Warriors or come up with a compilation ot old stuft. as


normal, but a* Vie money to recened by Future e donated strain to Come RaW - Ed) Rt (WnWon and retattrs take thaw cu. and ct course

there's £4 m VAT comng of! strait

away fcveiyoras ooinc jne n goon Mith - we:e m    n .'""Sj cis

at ymr !:mc to compel* *. we re not slicing plug: for f-Vu over Itw ramr c-.c™;* s nsrcr": have rosirr -'sec- hamssnred And anyway. Ihe more money we make the more money Comic Reltel makes At the nr>:t

Hare * at A BU who kail a lal of oorh l«

charity kil


Ilka lo talk a boar k, yaiiarday.

Publisher: Silmarils Authors: Louis-Marie Oocques. Andre Rocques Jean-Christophe Charier Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

Ve cimi ihii ivIm, ioiII Mid fa ki«< biufhi i noifh tncfuj aid have ih« in -«d BuniMIh-pwr to bold iftut bridge. \i font tfdln art fad, «1l be Ijt olhtfviac tfin null If Weckcd.

It’s trains, planes an

Darren wiped the heavy droplet tram his nose with the sleeve ol his anoiak. and peeied Ihiough the gnme and thumb pnnls that covered his thick-lensed glasses Ram tel intermittently across the deserted platlorm as he calculated that the next inter City wasn't due lor another twenty minutes and sal back to enjoy his packed lunch As he chomped on Ns spam sandwiches. Wagon Wheel and coflee liom a tartan thermos. Darren was completely unaware ol the strange twist his Ha was about to take WNch was just

as well really, lor since the most exerting thing he'd ever done in his He was listen to heavy metal tracks backwards m the mistaken belie) that he'd receive instructions from Satan, he was entirely unprepared lor it

As he sat. the eene blue light o( a time warp shrouded him. causing sparks to fly painfully off hts dental    .

bndgework and numerous fillings In an instant, he was w, whisked Ihiough the millennia. \ propelled by forces tar beyond the \ understanding of us mere mortals \a

Tin, MlanaMitlT, tt <k«

fiB« UICCI. Docifll y look loo «idtJa do«« HT

X    And ihen


\ y' relevant to the game happens - Ed)

Then he was standing knee-deep m snow next to a rail line (fat larger than a European standard gauge track, he noted) and in shocked amazement he stared as a massive tram blurted past him. the ornate snow plough throwing snow off the back with such a lorce that it look mmules to drift back down agam On and on if went, sparks from the funnel glittering m the cy air above the carnages And what carnages' Ten storeys high, entire jarts rumbled pas! In massive stables, mammoths snorted and munched on hay. while in glass-covered carnages, gardeners ti nded to the r crops Finally, gun crews    '

.c cannons

and machine gun posts,    1

while bawdy ballads were sung heartily in garrison carnages, the shutters locked down to keep out the biting wind Blimey, thought Darren as silence returned, that was even more impressive than the 332 Devonshne Scot that I once saw at Paddington

On board, the captain of the train

T ransaref ica f Who, if should be noted, ts the character you piay r the game, fhrs Darren chappy being the invention of a statt writer's bterary pretensions - Ed) was lost in his own despainng thoughts, unaware that the acne-ndden. shrvenng figure he'd ust swept past was m fact a time traveller Irom the tar distant past. While Ns personal secretary Kolotov recorded the results of the latest mammoth hunt, the captain paced

nervously, running over the events ol (he last lew months '    He'd believed the

■    ancient wi tings that others

considered heretical He'd believed that the 50 wJ-j man rr.li and colVJ t reversed He'd been driven onwards in the behel thal he couid unlock the secret ol Protect Restore so that the douds that had obscured the sky lor centuries could be driven away, and for the first time *i a thousand years, mankind would see the sun Breaking the ice-age would break the Viking Union's hold over the world, so they'd loughi him all the way Wandenng down to (he engine room.




Corirol bailer prassara. KaptraUn aid ipead la Itt n]in raaai.

coal burned oul. and when Koioiov went 10 question Die captain he discovered the body Panic in it,    npptedthrough

the Iran. They were without a leader, without a quest, without hope They needed a miracle A solitary figure limped oul ot the log and snow, its feet gnarled by frostbite, its eyelashes troien together The screams and babble laded as the Transarclca crew turned and stared at this person wfio'd appeared oul ol the desolate wastes, a thousand kdometres from the nearest town One by one Ihey bowed befoie him Surety this must be the chosen one (So are you Chosen for the sack, that s -E<f)


w automobiles - except it hasn’t got any planes or automobiles

® UPPERS Brilliant Willi and Impreislve music create a fascinating retro-vision as you captain the Transareltca through this apocalyptic world. Being mouse driven, it’s instantly accessible, and the sheer number of locations mean you'll need both strategy and planning to solve the adventure, promising weeks of exploration before you bring back the sun.


pictures aside, the game element Isn't at all Interesting, being just a train Icon heading to location after location. Having to manually add the coat Is another needless hasale.The arcade combat sequence is slow and boring and there's a lot of aimless travelling before you can atari planning ahead and progressing with your quest.

Not enough happens, really.


It’s pretty much like Storm Master (by the same people) but with trains, and although It’s a novel idea, It’s one Mill only partly works. The attempt at a itrategy/adventure crossover scores lop marks for ersilivtty and atmosphere, but what's lacking Is any true gameplay or addiction. H you're Into making copious notes white you play then you'll like trading and building up your train, but you'll need A 1 ; a lot ol pilience to cope hfl  with all the travelling. Ui ”

salt and caviar lor Ihe essentials ol tracks, slaves and soldiers, buying m areas ol plenty and selling them lor a profit at towns where demand was high They d gone to the indusira! Ruhr and bought new carnages which, along with the onei they'd captured in battle, meant that the tram now stretched lor neatly a hundred carnages. He'd sent oul spies to report back Irom all over Die continent, kept his coal supplies plentiful by mining, and even


Iim Ike operations urrlifs, spies ere Mil eel, aid year Icy odassy Is Mapped

he was shocked that Ihe navvies were sMi shoveii-ng coal into the cavernous boiler, even Hough the pressure was dmgerously high II the boiler blew in twse Siberian wastes it would be disastrous, but his crew refused to make my independent decisions, and he had to Wl Item to slop Such responsibility meant that he was lorced to spend hall his days checking on the speed, coal supplies and steam pressure

(Sony to break your flow Mark, but when are you gang to say that the game element is just an acton screen consisting eta tram network, along which you wend your weary way’ And shouldn 1 you mention that the pictures, although beaut,tul. have hole to do with the game, or that the missiles, combat and tracing seem kke a good idea, but are m fact dtAr man a dud thing’ Whenever you're many. Mark - Ed)

for months now they d been crossing the entire European/Asian land mass m their stolen tram, avoiding Viking Unen bases and attacking and tooting tied trains They'd traded goods like lur.

carefully checked hi$ routes oul by sending out scout carls

And tor what It seemed that he'd run and lought. traded and run lor months now. but never seemed to get anywhere He'd picked up a lew vague rumours about a sanctuary ol warmth, on the Bx.slenee ol a huge lake monster and he'd read a lew pages tram the journal ol an ancient scientist, but now he was out ol ideas What did it all meant Where should he turn next1 He didn't know

Sadly, ihe captain relumed to his carnage, accepting the tact that he'd hrought all these people on a wild and futile quest The guilt ol al the wasted lives too massive, the boredom of travelling lor days too great lor him to hand e He'd tailed, and there was only one thing left. He reached lor his revolver. Transarctica ground lo a han as the

flcaeahania unli <i pravida trash toed far tha kaadrads al craw nambart.

Until Kl

Barracks Mast pa boaybl baton yo racnilt soldiers.

Tenders Increase ywar (Ml capacity, and


OdlA'i Ike <ia< wlk flic kom aid ke'a keidu lor Ike coner aquarc k«f< He mai artII oelu rt, loo.

m    The basic tflvaiafi

of block hci« it lo cuf oil Iki Icfl-kaid conn mi] 1h< punt Do H to all the coraen aad to* ie 901 shut oa iki n«

i ZJ

r' •

lix* *1

i r


1 &£







1 i ■

□ fio

•»‘ - r Ti


1 /



SUrfiaf poflMioaf oa lha

■afaarok baaid.lai, Ut

aotfciaf like chest.

Take some Norse legends, add a little

Game: Ragnarok Publisher: Mirage Authors: Imagitec Design Price: £34 99 Release: Out now

any would question the vairtty ol convening a board game into a computer game They d say that it doesn't use the capabilities ot the computer to enhance the game, ot that it doesn't provide any more than a set ot pieces and a board s worth ot entertainment but at a much higher price, cr that you can i play it in the bath or something The counter argument would retaliate that tor a start you have a computer opponent which provides a better challenge to those who keep whopping the butts of all their mates, or indeed lor those who don 1 have any mates They'd point to Battle Chess as an example ol a board game which has been enhanced by the batite sequences and animation

Another good excuse lor doing a board game on the Amiga is thai it's simply unavailable as a board game This appears la be the case with Ragnarok Ragnarok. as the manual so mtormatrvety poeiis out. is based on an ancient European board game caied King s Table the roots ol which can be traced back to the Vikings (it says here, although I find it hard to believe that a marauding group ot international vandals, whose sole reason lor Irving was that there were shii civilisations around that they hadn't

nenl but    corner si

_Ll i. -a. _i

"It's actually a rather intriguing game

siaughiered. could come up with an intricate board game involving a heavy strategic element)

Have you ever heard ol King s Table'51 know I haven't (Stuart has - EH) And I bet it you had heard ol it. or even read an m depth account of how it's played and thought to yoursall Hrnmrn sounds like an interesting way ol exercising my intellect using stiategy combined with a ruthless determination to go tor the lull when my opponent is at tvs weakest. then you wouldn't be able to just pop down the I corner shop and get it anyway.

So now you have the chance to buy it lor £34 99 in a lascmahng new variation called Ragnarok Not only that  you also get King s Tab* itseil bundled with it Youi search is over, you j litetime struggle is at an end. your mission is complete. (I should be domg PR lor a living. I d be good at than OK. there mghi be the odd person out there who's been dying la get hold ol , King's Table (or any derivatives] their whole life, but lor the mosi ol us it's really a case ol Wen what's that then*5' And we re really gong to need some convince.; it we re going to shell out thirty hve quid k. a game that wasn't interesting enough to survive beyond a time when human intelligence stretched to

bfltlf fcqacactt arc ealerljJaiaj (Above) ike dwarf it af a f lie disadvaatajc, to ke elecia 10 ikooi (fee bfg yn (U4 ) b«1 ike btj 9*1 oat} aeedi 10 jive kJa a food smack la ike lace.

strategy and voila.

i.< anrvg helmets with horns sicking out o! mem as some son cl personal statement Happily I can tell you thal Ragnarok « ntiresting enough. It's actually a rather n gj,ng game which Alters a wide variety ol ■ays to achieve your Objective I admit I was Kpecting a kind ol poor man s chess (or perhaps a maromeally relent man s chess, eonsdering its Viking roots) Instead you get a game which has •rrtianiies. no doubt, but has a completely different structure to it. Just look at the board layoul and you'll see thal ; works m a different way.

The two opponents play black versus **e. but unlike chess you don't get the same pieces on both teams The white team plays with eight 'Emhenrar'. the Rigrurok equivalent ol pawns Ode Ssm&I who is equivalent lo a King *1 Chess and lour speoal pieces which have Twv own unique powers These Ihmeen paces are arranged m the middle ol the table with Ode at Ihe centre

The black pieces are made up ol Mnly pawns (the Giams] and aQain lour gaoal pieces, and these twenty four paces are arranged around the tour sides ol the table The obiective ol the white team s lo gel Odm trom ihe centre ol the board to one ol the tour corner squares. tn.% winning the game The objective ol te black team is to prevent this trom happening, and the black team wins it it s/rounds the Odm piece on all lour sides The black team always starts the game The pawns can move an unlimited timber ol squares horizontally or •wlcaty as long as nothing blocks their ny The special pieces have varying auai'lws. such as being able lo lump over okwf pieces 'ike that horsey one «n chess, and belore the game each player can choose the lour special peces that he wshes to use out ol a choice ol six To lake an opponent s piece you ne lo sandwich it between two ol your own with the exception o* a couple o< speoal pieces which require Surrounding on hree sides and ol course Odm who has to be cut oft on all lour And that s aboul if really, with a lew olher inevitable tachncaiihes in the rules. It might be as

clear as mud to you at the moment, but l can assure you that it s dead easy, and it you're still unsure ol what lo do during the game it will tell you how each piece can move and what options you currently have open lo you. You can even get advice on what move to make next

It's a good game which requires totaly d'ftereni tactics trom chess (although the similarities are obvious -there must be some common ancestry here). You can play a human opponent or a computer one In order to beat the computer and progress to a higher opponent you have to beat it rwce. once as black and once as white To enhance the game further there's an animation run whenever a piece is taken, which is lairfy amusing n some cases (like when the dwarf takes a swipe at the giant who does a back somersault to avoid the blow, only lor the little guy to pull out a gun and shoot him in the groin). The computer opponents also add the odd quip to wind you up The difficult part now is actually rating this thing I lace a similar problem to Mark W in his Chess Master 2100

Ik* dorri m llikkii aft his


review, in lhai were really looking at a beard game here and il you don t like the board game then you're not going lo want it are you7 Having sad thal, it's well executed, the animations enhance the action and Ragnarok the board game is not only a lot ol tun but a good intellectual challenge too It you're looking lor an onginal board game with an intelligent strategic element then you'll love it Anyone else will know thal they aren t going lo like this, so you can go on to the next review if you like Simple, isn't S’


® UPPERS Adequate

graphic!, nice animation!, helpful pointers It you're i bit stuck on the rules, and a good board game underneath It all.

® DOWNERS It Is ust a board game alter all, and at thirty five qukt It's mote than you'd pay lor the. er, real version (II you could find it).


(I hate lo say this because it s such a cliche and means very little quite often but...) Great H you like this kind at thing. An excellent board game that looks and plays well, and even manages lo give you a bit ol a taste ol Norse legend loo A tad expensive, but It will last you your whole life as a two player game.

The only shame Is thal you can't arrange the pieces on your shell and impress your friends. I don't think the box will M z have quite the same    If1 “

effect somehow.    / 1 ■


1 - ■ —- -, 1

F 1

'r'Vr 1

IL - -- ,-v U


m I

L, V il *1

L l\ /*1 d ]

J 1

* £

1 2

KB - •

IbJ m

F*‘ ZlL 3

0*5 til

■ a

.-ir >v»w




1 TLf

PSvf ii



L » Z

_c v

1 J


1 * 1

pL J




P% Lai • J

[Jr •'2 1 Hlowi


Caatrd lovtr d<An jmm lor take mH. Hop< yoa ltd dM Mod, tW Mid lor i «€d.


It's so impressively fast that it's hard to believe

Will mi, Mtt'1 At Urj«1 ml At 4my Good lack. Md Aoal

lutkinml Cm Ditjtt Iom ank, cm jnltHanli tail (Mllti cm ]IA Tam (nln dulojas. All (hal t mlttiaf It Killy McCilNi.

Game: Combat Air Patrol Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Ed Sclo. Geotf Bramfilt Price: £29.99 Release: Early March

Having responsibility tor the lives ol thousands at silted soldiers might seem a terrible burden lor a single person, but in Combat An Patrol it s just one o< the many options you have in your mission to get Saddam Hussem out ol Kuwait or. CAPs one ot those flight sun - and then some -games, where you nd only have the option ol Hying around happily tiring ott SAMs, but also control the entire ground

war as well Eek. that sounds a bit complex, doesn't IP

Weil yes, but thanks lo Psygnosis.

CAP is an easy-io-fly attain There s nothing more horrible than searching through a manual the mo ol the _ . Hampshire to Imd out where the ignition key is. but    A*a lum

thanktully the    pk ot •

programmers have realised thai no one    >

caies about the lack ot    -

such details.    i

In the Instant Flight mode, you can    1

,usl skip all the complexities, and quckly \ start oft on the flight deck ot \.

Notice haw lha wiaji iwaip bach at you fat yoar tpcit up  I did. I wax noil Impcttud


Ma d like to potal am that

” z* § 1 2 t . insokiij lia'i bif a cl«*t

Cwutkyi -Vccofeo

UTl 41


mu *


•syr a\o2cPRar. S e* A aukNfto c

8 *'k tn g r *-Mi j> v c irnti o

t n«

l us, &



the aircraft earner Theodore Roosevefl. which is siting «i the middle at a sizable \ fleet n the Persian -    I Gutl The manual

'    l recommends that

/ you use the keyboard / controls, but it isn't a / (tying game it you can'i s' uses toyslick is it So switching lo Ihe joystick

---mode. I look ott. waggled

around a bit and

and crashed into ,he sea a mere lew hundred toot Irom Ihe ship Suffering the indignity ot being pulled out ol the bnriy. I strapped I into my second plane and I Ined the keyboard like they suggested, and i, flies perfectly This sensation provokes a mixed response one hand, the motion is smooth and wonderfully detailed, but on the other, it's a shame you've got to fall back on the keys to control the plane with any degree ol precision, as it kind ol detracts Irom the feelmg ot flying by the seat ot your pants

Bui back to ihe look ol the game As well as the exterior views, there's the normal front view complete with dials and Head Up Display You can even look around Ihe skies and, by some bizarre, Exorost-esque manoeuvre, swivel your head lound 160 degrees and smile at your startled co-pilot Switching lo Ihe trailing view. Ihe control surfaces on your plane move in a pleasingly realistic way 111 say i al the and again, but it's worth saying lhai CAPs ust about ihe lasiest flight sim I've seen on the Amiga, and as such it's one of the most playable ones Ol course, the point ot CAP is that it's not just a tWghl sms. it's a Gulf War llighl svn The I campaign mode starts  you aft at day one ol lha war and presems you with a map at Ihe Kuwait with the ground farces al either side diawn up against each other You can target enemy unis lor reconnaissance or air attack, and move infantry or armour up lo attack opposing lorces Obviously it would be impossible lo fly every sortie yourself, so the game takes your performance from

Mil J

Inert -*■» Tsctjni 'Jp4;w !«I

Tbtrt t

*pi«»n to* fnaadty Kr< uvodtiru

sack mason and uses this as an average In ihis Nay. it you're

disastrous m a lew    V

masons, your poor    *

performance will be reflected across the entire battle laid

Considenng it s based on a war where the allies had total air ftfiramacy after the first lew days, there are an awful lot of enemy planes m CAP but l suppose there wouldn't be much of a game without them For most ol the game ftey re nothing more than a last-moving Up across your gunsight. but once you ve OCX a Sidewinder locked onto them, then Itsy're generally history Unfortunately, fie same can be said lor you. and quite a to) of the time you gel that sinking feeling as your hydraulics and engines pack up and 36 million dollars of lighter goes mlo a swap dive Thankfully there's an eject opton so you can at least watch your

ft plane crash Irom the '    I salety ol a parachute

m I 1 There ate several i     j dilliculty levels, which

’ */ IS USI as well really. Or, yy Ihe hard level you come under the sort ol ground and air lire (hat you’d a»pect ,    a novice pilot would receive

when he flies a straight, level course across a war zone it may be learsomety authentic, but once you've been downed several tames. d's good to know that you can bomb airfields, convoys and bodges at an easier level where the defenders are squinting myopically down their gun-sights

Air threats ate the staple ol flight si ms. but with CAP your missions revolve around destroying ihe ground targets, and your arsenal reflects this. There are the usual (ree-lail bombs, but why should you bolher with them when you've got a high-tech arsenal Walleye AGM-62 are gliding bombs that you release Irom a high

I altitude and guide «i using a nose mounted TV camera view, where as the laser-guided variety give you a close up view ol the target that's eenly close to the real attacks viewed an the news These stand off weapons aie displayed convincingly, save you

the anguish ol getting shot to pieces, and add greatly to that Gull War leelmg.

It's a brilliant game, and even more impressive when you compare it to last month's release Hamer AV8B It'S SO impressively 8 Iasi that it’s hard to believe    Jw

unless you see *. but there are a lew rvggly points    H

It'S possible, lor instance. 8 to load up so many weapons that your plane just plummets mlo the sea I realty can't imagine US ground crew beng so stupid as la let yau render a plane unllyabie. so why alow this overload'’

Also, on the harder missions, you' life expectancy is ft single minutes, but maybe this says more about my lack ol pitot skills than the murderous level ol ground lire Small grumbles indeed lor such an xnpressrve game • MARK WINSTANLEY

Ho aef laci, ■« wiapoai, aid toll of kol«. Ml la all, tot tad ol a typical lanit.

Mialhtf baaplad atiuioa ii a second away Iron aadiaj dat to a lack at wtaji. i

Haidar, mardar. l a hit tad I'm faiMf dewv Ok daar, I can ■«« atry fka Mr foraa laafkad kcarbly al aa wkoa I applied labaa pilot.

A Ilia faatora l> Ika ability la tpla year kaad raaad Iht caahpil. It aaibarraaiii tour ce-pllel tad

% UPPERS Fast, smooth Al and extremely playable. The ' ground anack scenarios and weapon* systems otter a wide range of mlastons. and the campaign la aasy enough to make you want to play It.

® DOWNERS Not praclsa anough control on a joystick, silly weapon loading system and. urn. that's about It really.


With plenty ol weapons to play about with, varying mlsilons and an amphaslt on playability

father than realism, this Is QQ . the new bench-mark game nn In the genre ol High! aims. U U *




If you’re stuck, confused, or just too lazy to play the game for yourself, Big Jonathan Davies has the tips you need.




Siaphen MtVK c* NewCwn-by-l»Su ■nors he's ifeAJ an extra -Ourse Type jAMESMAST cm code box and you I la abta to play


an nedtor N programme

A l.nkart Jif.r H a d.vicfl wklck lore. raor. ai< lato Ik* (rlmdlri

(US Gold)

The thing about Street Fighter II is that people gel very excited about it And they gel exoted about the tiniest things To the ordinary man r the street, the idea ot playing same character vs same character' might not seem exactly revelatory But to the Street Fighter II aloonado it's hearfme news Presses were stopped across the globe when someone dscovered how to do il on the Super Nintendo version, and now Amiga owners can do it loo

To play with Guie vs Guile, lor example, what you've got to do is start the game and select a two-player game Let Player 2 select his control method first Then Player 2 should select Guile. (He must select his character and press lire lest.) Then Player t selects any other character. You should lei Guile win Then do exactly the same, but with Player 1 selecting a different character, also letting Player 2 press his fire button first and win Repeal this so Guile wins lour consecutrve matches over four characters Player 2 should then select Zangiel. pressing lire first, and Player 1 should select Guile When the match begns you should both be GuSe

It seems like an awtik lot ol effort, but Adrian Harper and Charles Lindsay, both of Douglas on the Isle ol Man. assure us it's wonh the trouble.


(Ubi Soft)

Heie's a little tip (rom Chnslopher Harker (aged 11) o4 Shepshed Jump up and turn on the autofire on your joystick, he suggests, and you'll glrte through the air while spinning madly This slxxid help you dodge all those horrible dinosaurs and volcanoes he adds

Take your roster disk and copy rt Then, it you die place one of Ihe rosier disks n the drive and IcAow the prompts on screen Once on the iosier screen, reload the other <*sk

(and your commando wil stil be alive and kickng You can do ttvs as many tames as you •nl - just keep usng the same disk tor tailed missions That’S aeeordng to Rchard Limbed (aged 14) ol Chestertietd. anyway


I rtu've ga any tips tor Amiga games send them in The address a Complete Control. AMIGA POWER 30 Monmouth Slreel, Bath BAI 2BW



Some codes, quke stmply. Irom Lee Perkins of Bristol

Level t MEDIT Level 2 KflATTY Leval 3 MIRTES Level 4 ARRAX Level 5 JANiR Level 6 TRINOS Level 7 SIXAN

A Mill If II ait-bmihiif jaitropad goJIeic idfk « iplfil Until




A football management game that's actually quite gootP We re sW reeling Alan Welsh of London reckons that if you dial 753423 - Gremlin's phone number - on Ihe telephone you'll aefrvate a cheat mode Your goalie, now called Gremlin will have fits handling and stamina skills raised la 99. making him really rather good




(Team 17)

It’s, the codes' (From Marti Bowes ot Darlington.]

Level 2 XXDFA Level 4 RTMAA Level 6 LAEEA Level 8: UYTTA Level 10 PPEAB



Tim Tucker takes you on a magical journey to the snowy wastes, the graveyard ai

Last month ms left Brad back on the country toad alter successfully completing his quest 4 lor the Ian From here go back into town.

and at the crossroads turn ughl You will 2 arrive at Mr Benn’s costume shop Give Mr < Bern some money and he will alter you a dress Take It, go to the changing room at

Othe back ol the shop and put it on A door out ot the changing room opens, so what are you waning tor"5


You re in the snowy waste Take the plank that s beside you and go south You come across a hsh leaping out ol a water hole Throw the plank on the water hole and pick up the hsh Irom the plank Go right and you ! come across an Eskimo f«hmg Untortunateiy you seem to be a b't smelly, so much so that the poor blighter passes out For now. go south until you come to a

rather strange scene invohnng a walrus and an ice monster Say 'Hi' to the walrus Go left to the ledge, then north where you'll Imd a creature trapped m a block ol ice Ignore him tor now. go nght and pck up the deodorant

@Come back to where you met the walrus and the >ce monster - the walrus has gone Pick up the snowballs by the ice monster and throw them at him He wilt release the creature

he swallowed earlier. Go back to the Eskimo, but this time wear the deodorant to Stop him passing out Give him the fish and he will whisk oH. well chulled. leaving his fishing rod Take the fishing rod

®Go back to the trapped creature m the ee and attack with the fishing rod Brad like a true boy scout, uses the fcsfkng rod to create a lire and melt the ice. thus treeing the creature Pck up the ashes Irom the fire before you go

' •- L J i >

d ]9b vK •


* 1



i g

the witches castle. After that it’s all over, really, and you can get back to your life.










Keep going north until you reach a ledge •here the walrus $ now sleeping. Walk across the walrus io reach the other ledge and then shout 'Help' The little beastie you saved earlier cuts a hole m the ce and Pd>S you through


® You're by the Ice Lake Forget the boat, ii capsizes halfway across the lake Throw the ashes on ihe

lake and a giant sea monster win rise lo the surface and lake you across 10 the door ol the ice Palace Push the tides lo Ihe right ot ihe door in this order - 2.3. t. 4 Enter ihe Ice Palace

® YouTe m ihe d*» room Take ihe broom from the right hand wall Go lo the table, pick up the dice and throw them On each throw a different door will open In the ice corridor through the lop door, so you have to keep coming

back to the dice room lo open other doors Go to all the rooms and collect a jack, loud hailer, ce cube, magnifying glass, gun and stalactite end For the gun and (be stalactite, attack with the brush lo gel them down horn the ledge

®Go back lo Ihe start ol the ce

corridor and you II noiice a pulley system Insen ihe gun mio ihe hotsier on me left hand side, then go to the right hand side lo pick up ihe sun ten

lotion and the glass shard Irom the tray Go to Ihe lop ol the corridor and p*k up ihe wtusile on the Moor belore the back window Attach (he whistle to the loud-hailer. ihen attack with this lethal

combination ( ) to break the glass. Jump the wndow and you re outla there

©There's a whole laser system m this room which you need lo son oul belore you can leave Attach Ihe magnifying glass directly under ->










the laser, then atlacfi itie rest on me other spots «t the room m this order (anticlockwise) - >ce cube, stalactite and glass shard The laser sett destnjcts Insert the jack m the door to open it and get out

®Now you're lace to lace with the Ice Oueen herselt and she is Irng ■ce bolts at you with alarming regularity Move forward and tump up when she tires at you (you have to gel the timing right here] Keep tumping to avoid the bolts and move up the steps to the sprmgy seat where you II be bomged out ol harm s way

®ln the ne<t room youH be grabbed by a gigantic hand Wear the sun tan louon and you I sip out cl the giant digits

Enter either door and you re m the (11/ Ice Maze Just keep moving and you eventually find a box ol matches Keep gomg to get out ol the Ice Maze and you wind up m a room with the exit being blocked by an Ice Guard Sland to the left ol the pillar so that you re hxJden from his view and he fails asleep When he's definitely kipping, creep up to him and anach a match Irom the matchbox to ' ■ toes Attack with the matchbox to set light

®Go left to the study

Take the ring that s tying on the door Go back to the entrance hall and go right to the library

®1n the second alcove you !t Imd a book which acts as a secret lever (don t they always’’) Pull the book and you enter the Queen s chamber the room ol the final battle

The first attack she launches at you is a sprit ol some kind Attack with the hoover to suck up the attending spook On her second attack, push the fire extinguisher to retaliate On Ihe third attack, attack with ihe Ian while she shoots (trnrxng is important n all these attacks] Now she s down go up to her and attach the nng to her

@And then, before you know

what s happening, you're whisked back to the playing held where you test lost your liberty (and probably the baseball match by now) At last it s all over and you're free - hurrah

Time to have a decent meat, gel some sleep, and give some ol those fnends you haven't spoken to m ages a call •

to them and he'll disappear in a panic.

Pick up the lire extinguisher the second part ol your quest <3 now complete Then, rather surpnsmgly. Mr Bern arrives from nowhere to take you back to hs: shop

©Back in Mr Benn s shop, you need to make your way to the Mage again (go to the town centre and go north) Give Ihe Mage some more money (he's doing weft out ot you. ant he’) You II be whisked away to a graveYes you re m a grave Pick up the bone and attack with bone to get out olthe grave


®Nol Surprisingly you tind yourselt in a graveyard Take the shovel from the grave you just came out of A vampre emerges Irom the shadows and attacks you. Move to the lett ol the open grave as he runs towards you and he • la* m Look around the graveyard tor a hoover, cross tray and cymbals, but avoid ail the open graves (the ones with Ihe arms waving around m them) Another vampie blocks your way gang up the steps Get iound the side at him and smack him round the bead with the shovel

®Yet another vampre blocks your path, just gel nd ol him by pushing ihe gravestone in Irom ol him Go back to the grave you came out ol and pck up the garlic bread When a fourth vampre appears, eat the garlic bread and he'll scarper A tilth vampre l. vanquished by attacking him with the cross The sixth vampre needs to be attacked irom behind with the cymbals

® You're now tree to leave via the gate at the back ol the graveyard, which <s opened lor you by a departing vampre


®Go strpght through the copse -there s nothing at alt there You'li come to a gate which is crackling with some sod ol mystical psychic energy (probably) Have no tear. ust walk up to the gate and push it Walk through quckly because the ground under your feet crumbles once you're past the gate

©You are now n the entrance hall ot the castle where the tmal showdown is gong to lake place Nervous1 Good



till floundering Rich Pelley's brother s friend from across the road picks up where he left off Iasi issue (o point you In ihe right direction.

IBy now you should have arrived m ihe nearest Nomad camp in your balloon Show the Nomad to* map. then head oft for the village on Ihe beanng thal he gives you. Continue lo follow the advice of every Nomad along the way. until one tells you that you are "very close' An X appears on the map indicating the spol where you should land

Neil, walk to the dq and ignore Sophia as she tails down a small hole - you'll be reunited with her m the course ol time Take the ladder down the big hole and pick up all four objects

Once in the light, the piece ol tubing turns out, m fact, to be a hose - use n with ihe petrol cap on the truck, use the clay jar with the end ol ihe hose and return to the hole Locale Ihe filler pipe on Ihe metal thing' the generator) and use gas hitsd jar with filler pipe Locate the little me’i Bung' (that's Ihe button) on the metal thing' push it. and a little light should be ihtown on Ihe subject _ -- Wah lo the right-hand side of room and use  the sh<j nb with ihe crumbling wail to ' expose a large disc Use the wooden peg with . — the large cksc. the Sunstone with the peg. and 9 take a look at what you've done Check the m dialogue to see where to set the Sunstone. then ‘ line it up accordingly (noi forgetting that you're supposed to be looking trom the pomi ol the tali horns) A hidden door will appear, as will Sophia.

You II be needing the spark plug from inside the generator, but you n have to turn it off before you can pu 1 out Pick up Ihe Sunstone and the wooden peg and leave

Back outside, walk to the broken truck, use both the distnbutor cap Sophia was holding and the spark plug m the engine, close the hood and away you go To Crele. in lad

3 On arrival, exit left and walk to the nuns ol Knossos. taking the transit trom the other sde ol ihe bridge on the way Examine all the rooms until you Imd a muss', and see it you can work out what it s trying to tel you Any ideas Something about a bull's horns'9 Aren t there two bull's horns tockeig things somewhere in the ruins1

In case you hadn t realised you 'd be us*ig the surveyor's instrument m conjunction with the horns in the centre of the rums to mark out where something <s buned First, push aft the stones on the small scale map l,-$ i you unearthed Ihe two statues Use the surveyor's transit on lop of either statue, and set it to the oulside edge ol the relevant horn (as shown on the mural) m the centre ot the rums

Repeat the process trom the other statue, and where the two I'fies of s>ght met. an X win appear (don't they always ) Walk to the X. use the ships rib and pick up the stone

4 Leave the rums, walk to the stone pedestal and pul both the Sunstone and the Moonstone there Set the contraption according to Ihe dialogue and another secret door will appear



Fick up U<


5 E nier and once inside pick up two of ihe slalue heads Walk through me door and use your whip to pck up me thud head

6 Make your way up the stairs take the left hand door and then the door to your immerkate led Coax Sophia on to the lift - your combned weight <s enough to send the lift downwards Pick up the Worlds! on a and the staff, look at the waterfall, ckmb re chain and go through the left hand door Neil, put n three statues on the shell, walk through the newly opened gateway, ckmb the slaus and continue until you reach an elevator shaft Under the counterweight a a chock which you should push with the staff

7 Return to the steps and take the door to the right The large lace on the wall wili activate the lift when you stick the stall m is mouth Pick up the gold boi and return to the anginal elevator

When you reach the Minotaur statue, walk up lo it and use the whip with ns head - as Sophta isn't with you. this will provide the weight necessary to activate M Walk through the door at me back of the screen, and keep talking to Sophia until you linaBy succeed m persuading heno go through the hole above the gate

8Go through the door, talk to her again convince her lo pul the necklace in the box and then wander around using the fish in each room until you locate a hdden door behind a wan Use the shp rib on this wan, open me door and go through Through the next door iwc the map room. This s a Good Thing

9 Place the Sunstone. Moonstone and Woridstone respectively on the spmdle and set them accordng to the dialogue Go through the door that    ,

opens (don t forget to p<ck up the stones) and    .

Kemer will appeal Tafc lo him. but bear m mind 1 •ut if you msuil him loo much he i shoot you He li    I

•nd up with the stones anyway, so you may as    I

give them to hen Break through the wall with 1 me ship nb and head for the sub    '

A ft Wa < 10 ,he ha,ch and sna,ch a hr®*

I W conversation with the captain m order to convince him lo allow you on board Once under way use the intercom to order the crew to the bow Wander around locating the controls to the ship and coiled some battery add m the porcelain mug from the galley. Pick up the cold cu1s and the bread as well Wak to tie other side ot the vent behind Sophia, tell her to dstract me guard, creep up behind him and allow events to take their proper, and rather convenient, course Take the plunger then use the acid on the strong box Unlock the steenng wheel by Sophia with tie key and push i Walk back up to the control room, use the lever, replace 1 wih the plunger when it breaks and use it

A A Finally Steer the sub into the entrance I 1 somewhere on the background You may. by the way, reed to reverse

Commg next issue - such great quotes as "Place the three stores on a spmdle. set them to the opposite ol last lime and place a second bed in the statue's mouth"What ever you do. don't give m to tie professor s demands' and 'Take a look at Sopba s chest ‘

Time m same time same place, next month •



P0 ■ FnbMr) lutli Locatlona

H ■ Rock Localloaa KIT • K*i la Ciitla Cali


MdiMi kmi A- Mineral Pod I* T)m Iron Gila C- Tkt CKaun d Ivarlall D> TIm Pinlhnon d Mnenl hl I> The Cavom d IWiiiflM FiTMliMrald Cm 0- VelcJdc Rmf

,-D-FS-    -

not so much

legend, more a game in need

ILasi month saw Biandon entering the fearsome labyrinth A few locations in and you'll find a door crashing shut behind you. and your first task is to open it again by collecting enough rocks to weigh (he counter balance down Suitable rocks are marked on the map along with the best roule through these treacherous caverns The key to surviving is never to be without a ckjmp of fire berries, as the light keeps the darkness and associated nasties at bay The berries bum out after being earned through three locations. but will stay lii it you drop them ott in unlit caverns, so you can mark your return route with them

You re going to need space to carry the rocks, so dump all your possessions somewhere near the entrance but keep hold ol the scroll as you'll need thal later

Fallow the map to gel all the rocks and on the way pick up the com from the Cave of Twilight and an emerald from the Emerald Cave It's obvious when you think about it

Stacking the rocks onto the counter balance raises the portcullis and lets you get back to the wishing well that s near Darm's house Throwing the com into the well causes a moonstone to appear, which will H into the pedestal base of the Pantheon of Moonlight At this pent it's worth picking a tulip and getting a ruby from the ruby tree if you haven I already gol one. as it II save you a lot ol time later on

4 Back at the Pantheon at Moonlight, the moonstone activates the purple gem on the Amulet Thu turns you into a will o' the wisp and allows you to drill around

lighting your own way Pop down to the Volcanic Rivet and then, to avoid embarrassing combustion, freeze the lava llow using Damn's scroll Cross over and you I Imd the key to the castle gate n a cave at the other side You’re now ready to enter Faenewood. which you do by wispmg over the Chasm ol Everlall Out in the fresh air agam Brandon wanders through the woods until he's smashed or the head by a lump of falling limber

6 You regam control land consciousness) in the laboratory ol Zambia the Alchemist. She asks you to till a flask with magic water from the fountain but at the fountain you have another run in with Malcolm, who trashes the place and takes ott with one of the orbs To recover the orb you need to find the burning nee and then extinguish the flames using Oaim's scroll agam By

upacmg the orb you repair the tountam and can drink kern it This activates the bue gem in the Amulet, which dspels certain magic Taking the water back to Zanthta. you’ll team about Brandon’s hentage and be sent oh once more n the search tor blueberries V These are at the Sparkling Waterfall which is past  the (laming tree, but by (he time you gel back.

Zantba s gone oh somewhere, leaving you a laboratory to play with By dropping a plant and a gem into the cauldron you can create ail different colours ol potion depending on tw colours used You can fiddle around with this a lot. but to complete your quest you need two bodies ot red potion, one yellow and one blue The blue and the yellow you can probably manage already using a sapphire and ihe Mrebemes and then a local and a tulip but the only red

(lowers lo be found are m the Tropical Lagoon

Lilt the tug to reveal a trapdoor which lets you into another secuon ol the woods The lagoon is somewhere norlh Ol your starting point, and once you ve snatched an orchid and mued d wiih a ruby to torm the red potion explore south ol Ihe trapdoor 10 find the Crystals ol Alchemy

8 This s a kind of cocktail muer that magically combines potions, so rf you put m a red and a blue you II Qet a purple potior out. and the other red combines with the yellow to produce an orange one

9 Round about now a royal chalice would be nice.

wouldnl if’ As luck would have it there's one hanging around (literally) not a mllun miles away Irom Ihe tountam but by using your band new bue gem you can

break the levitation spell Before you can pick It up some urchin-type leprechaun tbng runs off with it Follow it right and you'll see a tiny door in a tree. The faun will swap Ihe chalice lor a lasiy red apple so make sure that you have one and then drnfc the purple potion which will shnnk you Chat a bt. bung him the apple and voda. one chalice Simple, isn't it

1 A Head ba<*10 ,he 'afloon with the essentials I w you ii need lor your Imai bust up with Malcolm -the key. Ihe chalice and a (lower, and then dnnk the orange potion and walch Ihe stunning results Fly Air Biandon1

H After landng on the island you'll soon find a

grave Placing ihe flowers on it causes the ghost ol Brandon's mum lo appear and bless him with a red


gem on Ihe Amulet which gives him temporary invisibility This is particularly handy lor gening past those naughty gargoyles guarding the gate, opening it and getting into the castle

Once past these and another brush with Malcolm, your ultimate goal t$ to gel mo the Royal Foyer, which is through the two large doors at the end at the Great Hall Needless to say the doors are locked and the two keys a>e hidden

The tirsi key s in the catacombs which are entered through the revolving fireplace m the small Study downstairs Wander around a bit until you <md the lores lield, then disarm it with the blue gem m the Amulet The key is hriden under a stone door slab m the room beyond

The second is upstairs m the bedroom guarded by the iombie Herman, who can be put to sleep with the yellow healing gem Find the right sequence ol Oo-Fa Mi Re' on the bells before picking up the little hammer and doing it lor real The picture rises and reveals the key

Returning to the study, pun out the books r the order OPEN, which will make the fireplace spin lound On the other side ol the fireplace, you K find the royal crown, and with the chalice and the sceptre you it be ready to enter the (mat room

The sceptre's *1 the kitchen being used as a spoon or something, so pick this up and then unlock the doors to Ihe Royal Foyer From left to right, pul the sceptre, the crown and the chai«e on the cushions to

open the door to the Chamber ol the Kryagem

Malcolm will saunter out and give you so much gnet that you H punch him and then dash into the chamber You've quickly got to stand m (root of the mirror at the right ol the room and then turn invisible before Malcolm comes m

He s mightily dischuMed at being slapped around and tires a spell at you (they lend to do that sort ol thing, these mighty magician type chaps), but being invisible the spell wilt pass through you and retied alt the minor back at him He turns to stone and your troubles are all over You've saved the kingdom, ofted Ihe tyrant and everything is wonderful and rosy.

I think that deserves a hot cup ol lea and a lew choccy bcoes. don't you •



Altai looking at loads ot console games I dried sketching out some designs lor the actual Spods (The characters in the game, iyou haven't been watching - Ed) Martin had already supplied some ideas for Spod designs, but like everything else i decided to tamper with them so oft I went, tcrbbiing away agarv

Hidden <o« ip inHh a lnuiiic nv concept tor the cherecten - 30 Spodi,

ode I led In pleitkinc eed then dlfliiied-

betore Ft Grand Pmt was loaded into it. and after I picked myself off the floor. I could still hardly believe it. Needess to say. nc work was done that day


Oisasler1 Not one ol our previous games works on the A1200 How can I cope without Puggles'5 After phoning Will and telling him ot the problem he deckles that we d better see if Dong, our new. soon to be released, stunning aicade platfoim game. £ 15 99 RHP fThal'S enough - Ed) would work


Silence tell A laml whin ol a disk drive Thiee pans of eyes gaze into a cold black screen Suddenly, the screen was aglow with strange, phosphorescent shapes 'Is it meant la da that .' Simon asked hesitantly 'Nope." said Wi

colour, scrolling mountainscape We all immediately love the A1200 and begin toymg with the idea of some enhancements tor A1200 Spodand


Despite everything, I wasn t loo happy with some aspects ol making Spodtond look like a console game although I didn't wanl if 10 look compuler-y either) When you look al a console game it usually consists of lots of pnmary colours, due mostly to the limited palette ol the machine. However, people usually warm to this type ot look, probably because it looks bright and cadoon-iike. On the other hand, most computer games go lor a limited amount ol pnmary odours but more

"I wanted to try for something

totally "


Deal nybedy

else call tpitlliif nobbing'

Hul l mc a»d lo cell It at school aad foe coeld oic Ika phraia Spod Hob'.

shades ot each colour (the Bitmap Brothers games are a very good example ol this, very blue and metallic) I wanted lo try tor something totally different so I went away and thought and thought

22.1 2.92

Finally. I have an idea - I II make the game e Claymabon! This would be a bit ol a radical change, but as Spoctand is a PD game we've got more room to expenmem with difterenf graphical styles So out I went for some Plasticine and constructed a 3D Spod. then digtised it and realised that this was the way torward for the graphics However, all work and no play makes Craig a very dull boy. so I decided it was time I started my Christmas holiday Until nexl month, this is Craig sayaig Byeeee1 (Oh dear Again. - Ed) •


Christmas came early today when I lecened a brand new A1200 Cod What an excellent pinna nl U' It rftdn't take tong


Will has now got the A1200 and is currently finding out what makes it lick I spent what little spare time I had still sketching out some Spod designs, and trying to come up with the overall look ol the game


Will linally got lo gnps with (he A1200's insides and presented us with a new.

A1200 compatible Dong Whilst hacking away at the machine, he lound cut that if could do some rather spifty things and had produced a little demo ot some super hires spntes whizzing in and out of a 256-

Or bow aboil Flobblaj la fpodlaad"

Woald w« ytl ioa< royalties lor lhai


After deodmg that Spoctand was lo adopt i more cule. consolesque type ol look. I Ml about playing large numbers ot console games so I could get an overall mpressnn ol how the graphics are constructed, like which features are heavily exaggerated (tug eyes,  proportionate head) and when ones aren't (torso, arms and legs) Why take hs particular course ot action Wei. playing Sonic and Uano all day certainly beats working

Work on Spodland continues apace but Craig Howard still has time to keep us informed.


LIVU 7 Retrieve eed Remre

LIVIL I Scah nd Ocilmi

LCVtL 10 Aiuiiiuit


Heel eed Diubk

LCVtL 1 Relocate




Beyond what,
though That’s

the thing.

If... RAM<21 Thai net M up.


Gremlin Authors: In house Price: £24.99 (For Ihe new missions plus Ihe original game)

£14 99 (New missions only) Release: Out now Other Information: Not A1200 compatible

Hut. hut. hut. hut, hut. hul, hut.

splat Yep. the lowest toon of marine tile is tuck They don't know what they ve been told, cos they tell asleep during the bnefing. but they remember the motto - itito movus. biasuta peesus So it's up la you to take command and try to make sure that your team ol spaced-out crusaders manage to shoot

Tk. Ri.Hr npUc«l IJm Atuall U..M, .ad ii koadwr lor fc ktia cqrnlHt.

the enemy and not each other through 10 new missions Space Crusade isn't

everybody's piastre cup ol If ooze deed machine-vended

beverage, it has to be admitted A blast- em-up where you have to wait 10

minutes between each blast and where He and death decisions are reached with dice (ones with zeios on them, lor heaven's sake1) does not have universal appeal But the strategy and planning elements ol the game have

Tk« Vi loan pjrtiiici vrfco luck the life out of A bh like viichnf


irviL 1 Loe.tr mu4 Bi

Lout. .ad tiaifk

LIVU « SabaU*.

.id R.ltini

Clul.ua MiutH Hall The foaar (kil.ua npbcti lira Bower Sword.

some people hooked, and the free add a sense ot. wen. hope, when everything looks hopeless Luck Nah. it was a calculated nsk

So I you did blast, grapple and slash your way bloodthirstily through the original there's more ot the same in the Voyage Beyond

Only it's not quite the same There are some new weapons to let np wth, some new ranks to aspire to and some new monsters to reduce la green splodgy messes (or to reduce your men to red splodgy messes) You wait till you see the new Mark VII Dreadnought -you might have thought the old ones weie mean mothers, but they're just slrghtty stingy maiden aunts compared to this.

But that's not alt The missons ji Voyage are more than just extra levels with monsters and rooms in different places They are a logical progression tram ihe ones ri the original A lot of them took deceptively simple, but require a great deal ol thought (and pointless deaths) before you work out the best way to achieve your objectives. Some levels even have teleport pads jus! to complicate matters Even more so than belore you can't just blast your way through and hope the nght numbers come up on the dice

Some of the new levels also look great, especially in the 3D mode Mission Three (Locale and Launch) has some effectively gooey waifs which complement the introduction ol one ol the new nasties, the Viloos parasites These We down holes and pop out to trap marines m adjacent squares and suck the Me out ol them


IlM ruff 1 MM



rtMMr look, kkc

r* * Iff 1

y kv

V. fr

The Metro. CrMl

tr, ns-

llk-ak, IV. Jh.i I*I*parted itril hl into dw p.lk of « Drt.d.ouski. I km* I ikoaM have job* dr lake

Okay, so the new missions aren't drastically different, but it you liked Ihe original, they after a worthwhile new set d challenges But I reckon they just about stretch the concept to its limes Any more expansions, unless Gremlin come up wirr something radeaify different, would be downright yawnsome • DAVEGOLDER

® UPPERS Ten new level* that are a logical development from the one* In the original. They're more difficult, more perplexing but u*t as much fun. The new monsters and touches like the teleport pads also slop Ihe levels from becoming loo ssmey.

® DOWNERS I think

Gremlin have had just about all the mileage they can get out of this formula. There'S nothing really startling or surprising in any ol the levels.


ft's definitely quality stuff and well up to the original's standards. It's not really going to be to everyone's tastes but lor anyone who likes to dip their toes Into the strategy pool every now end then, this    AA ;

should do your bunions    fflln

tome good.    UU ■

Wkal ...city ii Ikii Ituiuiiai ll itiai le lun vrirk hmiciT hruiulli, I kata geMiaf loll

Ha-har, Jim lad, take this black spot to Blind Pugh, etc, etc.

Game: Piracy Publisher: International Computer Entertainment Authors: Steve Fabian. Francis Staengler. Sander Domokos, Leslie Vovardy. Joesef Hevesi, Peter Tolnay2

Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

y taking piracy as its trieme.

Monkey Island created an

eioting atmospheric and hugely enjoyable game Whch just goes to show •hat great potential piracy has tor a game But when you've got the game loaded and ten minutes later you're dragging a pathetic picture ot a ship

around a blue backgiound trying to find the best pnee tor doth and cotton you begin to wonder what's so special about this piracy lark anyway It’s basically a strategy-cum-adventure game with a lew sub games thrown in Your task e to recover the Golden Chalice and return it to the Hal ol Balance, the loss of which has caused evl. and particularly piracy, lotlounsh all over the world So you start the game with a shp. three men and 200 credits You have to move around between all the islands buying trom one and selling at a belter pnee to another. The idea is that when you've got enough money, everyone starts talking to you and dropping hints      about wtvie you

-    m*9h< ,,r*3 the

chakoe You don't have to pay lor

information. it seems that people are wiling to tell you anything, presumably content with the knowledge that they ve helped a nch person I bet the unemployed have a ternble time round here You are.

A* ulisd, where to« cab

of course not a

,    „    m md Hi rtc«. ki.«ttii*i

pirate You re    1

a trader The vmd* pirates ere the nasty ones who try to mug you on your travels This appears to happen at random -you'll be chuggng

along quite nicely with a ship lul ol baked beans and suddenly you re laced with the message They want you' gokf You can decide to either pay them or tight them - it you don’t have enough money you have no choice but to light Then comes an outrageously amusing sub game where you choose one ol your crew (who all look like they belong in Spinal Tap) to go out on lo the ship and light the pirates One at a time. Not loo smart, but it gives you a beat- em-up section ol the naffest quality Have hysterics as you watch your character shuttle ridiculously around with about three moves in your


TmVi JM .«•«


kMiM kM pen,


sad rw'rt f ...

km le i M Umh

reperloire It s embarrassing

You can avo<d this absurd combat by buyng a cannon and cannon balls, which then gives you the option to have a cannon light with the enemy ship Another pent awaits in the lorm ot a giant octopus.

There's also a dungeon lo explore, in which you have lo find 20 treasure chests by wandenng around this dungeon maze You come across various dungeon inhabitants and zap them with your magic It's tedious as well. I'm atraid So there you have it The graphics are disappointing, going nowhere near what the Amiga can otter The strategy element is too limited lo otter any real challenge, and the adventure itsell generates no interest II you fancy a pirate adventure, go back to Monkey Island - k's tar more rewarding • TUI TUCKER

® UPPERS Theresa

number ol different game style* In here, which make* lor some variety.


f J Unfortunately, they re all y er*p Nothing In here ha* anything lo offer beyond the Initial laugh* at how badly It's done.


By trying to incorporate several different genres Into one game, Piracy end* up having nothing to aatltfy anyone. There's certainly the potential here lor an Interesting game - the strategy and adventure elements could be combined lo create an interesting    All

challenge. This doesn't. 1 /I ” and the result Is tedium.    U”l -

Tom com always do a spot ol lamblioj II yo« jet bored ol all ike other Hoff.

















k School ties, Haircut 100 and Tempest, v Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.





Inova Games Author: Carl W Moore Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

without firs) sneaking a took at the percentage just like it s impossible to eat only one cheesy biscuit snack (For those very lew who manage to retain enough sell will to avoid looking at the score, I'm gong to rum it for you - it s 60%.) Having done so you will notice that there is a bit ol a discrepancy between the description simply brilliant tun' and a score ol 60% it explain why

This is one ol iticse sad cases that occasionally slip Ihiough - a k game that s essentia ly tioody good Demg 'e! down by some    "

niggly Haws    .

But first a little about the game iseil Its a    9HB9S

conversion ol an    V ‘

excellent ateade     B

game called Tempest When I loaded it I was tilled with  ■■■ dewy eyed nostalgia, and nearly wept all over my ■    mouse "s' as images ot the

arcade, school hes and early eighties pop music giants Haircut 100 came Hooding back lo me Ah. those were the days when games were games, men were men and. er. second hand electric blankets were second hand electnc blankets

Anyway, that game was    _

great And

Simplicity is everything All that is great m this worid can be attributed to the tact that it has intrinsic simplicity at its core The second movement ol Morart s Piano Concerto Number 21 (in E flat) is a fantastically structured piece ol elegant simplicity. The Japanese Haiku poems present beautiful miniatures ef fae'e k    .    . '

grace ar d Amanda de    .

Cadenei is a good example o' a person who ; both beautiful

and extremely    •    '    , •;    ’

simple We all

harbour the oplimst-n B

i:    i r , nj a f,    

that the answer to the mysteries ol Me. Ihe universe and everything will actually lum out lo be a very simple equation, or perhaps a word, or syllable even Whether it will or not. our tove o< the simple in an and science makes it the central objective ol mankind m our time

Which leads us nicefy onto Vector _ Storm (It does’ - Ed). Because here 1 we have a game that i$ simple at its l design, simple to its gameplay. simple in its graphics, and simply bnliant tun Or it would be. No doubt you've already sneaked a took at the percentage at the end ol this review, because I believe its impossible to setlie down to read a review

this would be too it it     m

weren't tor the dodgy control system How did this happen’ The graphics can hardly be sato to be stretching the Amiga to its limits, there's no number crunching parallax scrolling lor it to deal with, so why does it stow down in places’ Why does it stick at the most awkward times’ It's a dsgrace - this should have H B been soned out straight away If this was any olher game I d give n some tow score and target about it, but I really want this to H be pedeef and it's breaking ■ my bean that it isn't The H graphics don t bother me .    \ they're not stale o' 'he art by

H any means, but then they H reuer were Ihf, do the .ab an 3 - . add a me

nostalgia lo the thing But the gameplay that's what makes this game great, it's simple gameplay

In lad it's not a complete disaster, because you can still have a good time on (tvs game, you'll just find 4 mlunahng when rt does stick or stow down but why waste this opportunity to create a dead cert 90 percenter’ Oh well That's Me. Simple really, isn't it


Iti ilayl. la pUy. fair. ffcal booafrw it Pm tdyt al Ika kciqi aad yaa ha*. le 1X001 IhlaS* com lay (award. yaa.

Coayl.li a lUffl aad yaa'ra ■lltkid Ibfoxyl the vortex.

liralfbl aad lyil ti lleax - (kal i all tfcara

hi 10 It

® UPPERS Such a brilliant game. Exciting and highly addictive, pick It up and you won't want to put It down until sunrise. And vary simple.

® DOWNERS The control system's not totally smooth there's some lagging on the joystick response end M's basically not the game It could have been. Disgracefully expensive too - at C30 Vector Storm ought to have been bloody perfect, not this halt-baked.


A fantastic game that's flawed by some bed programming. Although an Amiga version ol Tempest is a highly desirable artefact, this one can't be recommended    OH '

with these lautts.    nil

Whatastiame.    UU *



















password when you complete level one. (With lhat in mind. 111 break with tradition and give it now. as a reward for any ot you wbo've struggled through the first section and can't be bothered to play if over and over again when you keep dying on level two. as well you might, for reasons I'll get 10 at another moment it's G5J 73Q 8HK) That's just one ot the little buggy annoyances in the game, though - in the aforementioned level two. it's only too easy to get a nde across the sea from a dolphin, leap oh its back, and find yourse* failing through a sold looking floor and getting stuck at the lop ot a different screen, from which there's no way back into the game Couple that with the lack ot a level two password, ot course, and youl get very angry with this very quickly.

Also, it could just be my imagination, bul I'm sure the other Dizzy games didn't make you traipse backwards and lorwards Shutting objects around tediously nearly as much as this AdLdoes, especially in level three where it gets qu te lartastcaJiy nasty minded about things

I've kmd ot run out ot space here, and there's lots more I'd have kked to mention (like paying 20 qud lor a game and stil having to put up with flick screens and a choice between average music OR fearsomety crap sound efleets), but let s lust say I'm one ol Dizzy's biggest Ians, but l hale this game with all my head • STUART CAMPBELL

The egg returns in his most expensive adventure

Game: Crystal Kingdom Dizzy

Publisher: Code Masters Authors: Andy Severn (programming and sound). Brian Hartley. Peter Austin, Damon Redmond (graphics). Gerard Gourley (music)

Price: £19 99 Release: Out now

Dozy), it's gong to cost lour times as much Actualy. maybe a isn't so strange the Codies always insisted that their games were really al full pnee products and that selling them for eight quid was always purely a marketing thing,

soperhapswe 1 ; ’ ’,’.'TfT    '

,,    ' be UKuBUkiilliaiilk

raising any

eyebrows Yeah.    I    I - I

right. In whichever    I    I Wz I

case, though, one B    I

thing IS scie to ra-se

eyebrows in connection

with Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, B

and that's how crap it is.

Now. as I've already said, on first impressions Ihis is Jusi Another Dizzy Game But there s been a bit of fiddling around gomg on beneath the surface -this is a little txgger than the Dz epics we've been used to betare. and it comes m four separate sections, each of which can be accessed with a password ma a neat iiftle spool on Code Masters' Nintendo and Sega cheating device, the Game Gene Well, that's the theory, but a b« of a cock up on the production tront meant that the fnal version ot the game actually forgets to give you the level two

No. we haven't made a mistake - th«s b a Dizzy game and it costs 20 quid. In a skghtty puzzling marketing strategy scenario, the Codies have decided that, although at first glance (and indeed second, third and all subsequent glances, but wel get to that in a moment) this looks exactly the same as all the first 16-M Dizzy game (the £4 99 Treasure Island

I wist I could Hod ■ ahudM la (tick la uy, fa, email dodal Surf a apt' H*f tod la Mai that I probably aaacr arid-

r -You'll got 1 very angry with this very i quickly" ;

® UPPERS The odd nice Jake (*Ya there, smell dude! Surfs up! says Fat Freddy Up what says Dizzy). Um... cartoon graphics

® DOWNERS Migraine-inducingly convoluted paths to follow, no password lor level two. some Infuriatingly pixel-perfect Jumping required, no simultaneous sound and music, no scrolling, endless loading times, crap from end, and lots more.

V© t her'© sin a ll dud*! Sut'f ’ s up ! !


Almost certainly the worst Dizzy game so tar. so a bit ot a strange choice lor a near-trebling ol the price tag. Extraordinarily AP ; annoying and almost no    J

fun stall.    Aw ■

id « Hi 77U

£i C

■ * A LJ A JL. A- \§ ■

I ' nt hun9fy



9ot any





* *

I /X -RM /I

■ • • • vh

V r * *

- —J JL«I m'«i J


Game: The Bard's Tale Construction Set Publisher: Electronic Arts Author: Interplay Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

The great thing about

construction sets is that they more or less review themselves (I donl the the sound ot this. -Ed) It the game they re based on is okay, fieri the construction set most likely wfl be too But it the game was a bit natt. there won't be a lot ol point in constructing your

Mill the party (H)duance (R)un auay (M)elee >You are

attempting    to    run

auay .

You manage    t o    get

auay I

Combat ended.



XStarbrant    10    26    26    0    0 Ha




Bard's Tale

own versions ol * Ail you really need to know, then, is what the game’s like and whether the construction side ol things works as it should.

Let s start oh with The Bard s Tale eseN It's something I led I realty ought to be tamikar with, but. although the name rang all sorts ol bells, I couldn't actually pul a game to it So I did a bit ol background reading and discovered that there are actually three Bard s Tales 7he Sard's Tale. The Bard's Tale II and The Sard's TaJe III, the last ol which (lo my mmense relief] was reviewed at issue 1 ol AMIGA POWER It scored 67 percent

Although I probably should have guessed it. I also lound oul that the Bard's Tales are RPGs They're rather primitive ones. too. with e token 3D display ot the new ahead, an emphasis on fighting rather than puzzle-solving, and all the

If you build a better

the world

underlying dice throws and lists Of numbers laid bare But what they lack in presentation and atmosphere they make up lor with lots ol ection and places to go They're npe lor (he construction set treatment, then And. yes. The Bard's Tale Construction Set gets the ob done ust fine You can specify all the things you'd expect to be able to - monsters, items, spells end map tayoids You can import DPamt •- f-i.    images lo

1TB N UI21VCU 'V--. ZP&LL EtLTDB \ MftStTEK ECITI2R V inur- l£BiVOk




Thou art Gil i td of



ou are 4 Gobiin< feet

Mill t he part y )dvane e )un auay )e l ee

'(■)«■ •war' I ifcoild Ikiak. Mall, )•> Ilka la oaka tkcia tfciw*i « rialnUc an ewtaiMa. I'd tcarpar, m deubi a bowl d.

represent monsters And you can delme specials: lists ol commands (i.e programs) lo be executed when certain points on the map ate reached This isn't as bad as it sounds - the commands are Simple things like Have monster named X leave party , Pnnt "You are daacT or ’Regenerate 25 spell points' Using them you can build up the puzzle side of youi game

Trouble is. I found the whole business enormously tedious I’m a borderline case RPG-wnse at the best of times, and when I'm laced with one as crudely laid out as this I lend to baulk The construction set is even more basically-piesented than the games, with page 20 alter page of text and no graphics beyond the title screen and those you draw yoursell Mainly lor that reason i never got as tar as writing The Bard's Tale IV. (I just tweaked the supplied sample scenario a bit)



will beat a path, etc.

Oddi Itisil fair Ikd ,nwwii. t.i an' batowai 'Ikon ait', participial l.v.rlfd. Oiktr ckaajai wbwwdawt an

But. although I’m probably in the overwhelming majority, that still leaves a small minonty who'll be delighted to see this -RPG construction sets are pretty thin on the ground (in contrast to wargarre construction sets, which are everywhere) It you re one of them. well, go lor it. I say As long as you know what to expect, you won't have the least cause for complaint • JONATHAN DAVIES

® UPPERS Well.it works, and the guts ol The Bard's Tale are a pretty good basis on wrhlch to build your own RPGs.

® DOWNERS Only pretty good. mind. You won't be wrrillng the next Legend.

I'm afraid. Not with this. It's not cheap, either


Now you can buy a construction sel for The O Q fj Bard's Tale. That's all il / 5 there is lo It. really.    A “


If it’s inexpensive or if it’s a compilation, then this is where you’ll find it. It couldn’t be simpler. Well, it could, but that would involve us coming round to your house with the games we liked and playing them for you.


Publisher: Mindscape Price: £14.99 Release: Out Now

Chess - the game that came down the pilgrimage trails from the midde east Chess - the game cf tactics and conttet thai has fascinated mankind through the

centuries Chess - that pionky lithe crowdpleasing show by Tm Rice and the Abba boys that most people bought their mums lor warn o( a better or more imaginative Christmas present (Chess, that groat Okies and RAB record label, home to such legends as Chuck Berry and Buddy Guy - Ed)

It's kind o( strange then to discover that this chess game (the BEST just got even belted1! boasts the packaging] a a mixture of a> the above descriptions, with plenty to please both chess punsts as wel

Aad H loa d had a total food tail, kypui, tail k tfca un at lat .e roo d no.

as those belonging to the MTV generation ol two-potnt-ihree second attention spans, tike myseii

What we have here is a chess game that really can be al things to all people, simply because the programmers have added enough options to please everyone II you want lo play a straightforward game with a simple display then fine, go ahead II you want a game with knobs on though, with hints, voces and a purple and blue board wdh lime green and orange pieces displayed m tsomelnc 3-0 then, hey, you

Cknta Latatd,. Dodjaai (L.nii c.rral] ■n . Weimar t> Mkwdia at Oxford.


il Iti

Om,I« I.ii

i« II low el Ifcal.

the form ol a series ol sub-games (shlp-lo-thlp combat, duelling, navigation, etc.) linked by a roleplaying atory line. I turned out to be s pathetic twordsman and a total loit as a ruthless cut-Ihroat. and coniequenliy anded my days as a beggar, but apparently you can aall your way to rlchas and lame. Veah. right.

And finally there's Wonderland. which Is a no-hoids-barred adventure game. Adapted from Ihe Lewis Carrol book with you In tha role of Alice, it's a highly polished affair utlng windows, so you have a lext window, a map window, a graphics window and ao on, and although the game is strictly word-basad, the pictures add quite a lot of atmosphere. Test adventures seem a bit old hat now. but this la line axampla al what may ba a dying game torm.

So there you have II, live good but old games. Whelher they're worth 36 quid depends on how many of them you've slready got. They re all good gamea though, and I seem lo hava done this in lest than 620 worda. Can I go home now



Publisher: Ubl Soft Price: £35 99 Release: Out Now

favourite first.

Populous It one lhat I've played before, till about five In Ihe morning. I seem to remember. It's one ol those all-time classic games that people go on about all the time. Considered obsolete and overshadowed by Populous 2. the original still ottsrs plenty of scope lor making life i complete misery lor hoards of primitive lolk by Inflicting earthquakes on them when all they really want to do Is build nice houses and have 2.3 kids.

Another classic god-game, and undeniably In Ihe same vein. It Mega lo Mania, which It suitably similar to Interest    ...

Populous players.    . : .

but thankfully    *■

different enough to give you all    '

aorta ot new    i

challenges. As ■ warring dally you have lo forca your followers through Ihe historical pipeline from working out how to use a rock as an offensive weapon up lo possessing nukes and SDI technology

Rasims puts you In control ol an empire struggling against all manner ol Ores. Dwarves and Vikings. There are eight different scenarios, including a handy Intro game, and where as the joy ol the previous two games is that you can get airtight on into them, the appeal ol thlt one Ilea In It’s potential complexity. As well as raping and pillaging, there s also Ihe problem ol paying for the slaughter, so you've got lo ensure a steady flow ol caah Into your coffere. Tha graphic* are fantastic and the tactics challenging, making it an ideal game lor all you Tolkien types who lincy e bit ot conquest ee e breek from exploring dungeon.

After three games set In fantasy. It comes as quite ■ surprise that next up Is Pirates, a simulation set In the 17th century Caribbean. With mass** of grog awiggin' and yo-ho-ho-ing, you either start out as a young adventurer or choose lo follow In Ihe loolstaps of historical plunderers. The game lakes

Stopwatch ready, and go! Now here's a challenge for an up-and-coming ttaft writer. I've got tlx hundred worda to review (Ive lull length games So donning my rollerskates end hooded lycre body slocking. I'm ott.

Okay, you gel 11 disk* lor your money, theft e mere £3.27 per disk, or £7.20 per game, which seems pretty good value. But epace Is pressing, so left get onlo Ihe games.

Wall, there are live ol them, end they're all good, which Is unuiual lor a compilation. They're all quite old though, but being quite new to this Amiga lark, I managed to mlaa moil of them Ihe lint time around. Here's tha run down, with my


In terms ol hours ol playability par pound. Fantastic Worlds represents ■ great deal, but Is there anyone still out there who still doesn't own either Populous or Mega to Mania H I'd just bought an Amiga then I'd definitely get this, but 1 aa • think If t probably loo late II11 S for you long-term usan. uu =

Dtipki btl«j idipwd by Id MqE«l, PoQuiom la itil tab.


•<i J « a at J

• iK¥imr 1

,uuu i


Publisher: DMI

Price: £7 99 Release: Out now

When you load Mils game you gel an options screen with Snap's hit single The Pouter' kicking away in the background, compile with vocals and everything When s la mastic, but why"* I could understand it this was a storming shoot 'am-up or something, but it's a puzzle game lor heaven's sake As you try to


Seaa aasialf m-ilupad palkatlc ■■uni deles their tklaj.

reunite the two cute and romantic blobs. Max and Mini, you wonder how on earth the word Power1 sprang lo anyone s mind Something like Vaguely egg-shaped pathetic mutanis gel il on with a love thang' would have been my suggestion, but presumably the fad that Snap haven't done a tat single with that title would have caused il lo be rejected mmetialety. I'm sure The Orb would have been interested though

Anyway, when you've got over ttas

Publisher: Summit Software Price: £9.99 Release: Oul Now

When con side rnq whether la gel this one or not. don't lei the name sway your decision in any way. shape or form Understand this and understand A well, paly boy. this game has NOTHING to do with wamors or rats. Nope. nah. nada. Net, nul and lots ot other negative terms, remove the word rat' and any other rodent-related term Iron your consciousness, because Galactic Wamor Rats has only one thing to do with rats, and that's nothing.

Okay. I'll admit you do see some particularly well drawn galactic rats m the opening screen, but things start lo go hombty wrong when you gel onto the equipment section, where the rat's sitting inside some kind at high-ieeh bathysphere. Using your credits you slick on guns, coolant and add drone robots, and then it's onto the game where you discover what I've been saying all along -there're no rats

Replacing the mieistetar vermin a whai looks like a metaiic eyeball -k


can do thai too There's even the slightly worrying option ol playing bfend chess, where you play against the computer with tie added hindrance ol not being able lo see ha pieces There are some very strange people oul there.

There's room In the review lor a paragraph on how well the computer can play, bui seeing that the last time I was victorious. I was nine and my opponent was an Action-Man called Mike. I'm not ■•ally the one to comment on this What t can say is that even on the more ChaMenging modes the computer thinks quckly. and even on the hardest level you can interrupt its chaai ot thought when the waiting starts to gel tedious We'll have lo lake the programmers' word lor * that it’s very. good, and personalty I believe them • HARK WINSTANLEY

anomaly you tmd yoursed involved in a reunification exercise m a standard puzzle game set up

There's this arrangement ol bocks and hearts with an impressive scrolling background and a cute. ar. chick called Mini stuck In the middle ol d. and it's your jot to guide anothei odd looking thing called Max lo her

You siide Max around the screen, and he only stops when he reaches a wan or another obstacle You can only move in one fraction at a time, and you have various helpng stones which you slide around the screen also, and they're used to guide Max m the right direction. First you've got to collect all the hearts, then finish the level by sidling up lo your loved one Oh and there's a tme knit of course

It'S ainght. you know It's noi the best puzzle game n the world, and d's not temble It's alnghi. and it's £7 99 It your puzzle collection isn't entirely complete, then - oh God. I hale al the crap, it's so wishy-washy Let's just say this - I wouldn't buy it.


Publisher: Empire Software Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

There are plenty of    V

sports games on the Amiga, but they tend to r vary anormoualy

between between the classic _ and the abysmally dire.

Happily, here is i compilation Including soma real corkers, covering four major aporls aim*.

Indianapolis S00 la a 3D racing simulation which at one lime was the beat available or the Amiga, but Is starling to show Its age a bit now. Competition from the likes ol Formula One Grand Prli and Nigel Mansell's World Championship makes If no longer the first choice racing game, but it still has a lol going for il. The control system works very Intuitively, more so than the lira lo accelerate one sued by Mansell s. Despite the neat control method, the game's a bit difficult lo gel the hang ol It at first.

led rwdwf u«wi «e be Fermili ■late my at the niliwui. Narrat.

but II dose play vary well and should kaep you satisfied for ages.

Advantage Tennis Is a serloualy smart 3D tennis game. Control Is by Joystick or keyboard, but If you don't move your man then the computer will take care ol him for you. ellhough he'll produce a non-effective shot.

The animation la supremely gorgeous, smooth and enticing to watch, and although I actually prefer playing Pro Tennis Tourlhls Is a game that will give lennie tana plenty to en oy.

PGA Tour God ha* been at the

top ol the goll

Sima on the Amiga for ages, and only now are others catching up. with Nick Faldo s Golf (reviewed In AP22) Improving on It slightly. Nevertheless it's still a very elegant game that will laet you a long lime, and anyone who a interesled In golf can t aflord to miat oul on It. H i one of those games that hain't suffered with age, and there's no reason why It should either.

European Championship 1992 Is an arcada type lootball game. It's not Sensible Soccer, let's lace It. but It's not a terribly bad game either, and coming along with the others In this package It doesn't disappoint loo much. The gameplay Is similar lo Sensible but nowhere near as smooth, but than that's the besl soccer game In the world so It's no surprise. Certainly worth loading up alter you've checked out the others In the box.

So there you have IL three excellent games and one not so good tiller. Whatever way you look al It It's a bargain, and II you hava none of these In your collection If* a must buy.



A great collection of sports games, three ol which are contenders tor the best ol their genre. There's loads ol laslabllity here, and plenty ol variation too. If you're O Into sports slms you U I “ can't go wrong.    U L “

Or (Ml, not AHRliar ntti foolbtll    Aingll


It depends whether you like chess or not really. This Is a last, no-frills version, and It you ra more concerned about the game rather than fancy animated sprites like In Baltlechesa then this Is a must, and being under fifteen quid makes It a gat to the shop* right now.’ To non-chess players, well j -you won't like It then, Ufl — will you     U I “


As mentioned In last Issue's Clone feature. The Power It a eliding block puzzle game that'* not a million mites trom Atomlx by Thillon. It's competant and cheap, It could well keep you amused lor soma time, but because I've already said I ~ wouldn't buy It mysell I'm    j

going to give IL..    UU “


zooming aiound a mulh-direetional scrolling maze Flying robotic meanies tire al you. you tire back. and much mernmem is bad by al The purpose ol all this

mu I fir )

SlripEi, blefci, kombi sad Haff. The rai l la lha parpli ball.

blasting is to collect computer access cards so you can log into a terminal, find out where a reactor shield has been deactivated, and then span over to the location and trash the reactor You do this because, er. because il tells you to Look, t just play the games, how am I supposed to

know everything, I think it's something lo do with the planet exploding All right

Along ihe way. you're hampered by hosts ol robots and locked doors and aided by keys, litis to other levels, and Joe's Automatic Weapon Store, which allows you to buy bigger and meaner guns You don't have three lives, but three different rats (perhaps at an attempt to avoid being dona by the trades description act) and you power them up separately before heading back to the totally todent-Iree game

Technically, it's smooth, aesthetically the graphics are lovely, and there re some strange danks and pings interspersed with an the usual explosions and gun noises None ol this is ground breaking slut), but n s a thoroughly playable and enioyable game lor a tenner, so you cen t compiar Pity about the rats though • MARK WINSTANLEY


I've no doubt that It's all bean dona before, but without auch a datt and misleading name. If* a lot better than your average budget game, and betide*, what do you ft I ' expect tor Ian aquld FI 1 5 Virtual reality     U 1 *


Publisher: Zeppelin Price: £7 99 Release: Out now

Is your idea ol lun to waggle a laystick until your wn$ ( <s completely knackered in the hope that you might get the odd blow in lo your opponent Then this is ust iha game (or you. Why is it that wrestling games aie not cutting it on the Amiga They seem lo be immensely popular nonetheless, but I'm afraid this game does nothing to improve Iha situation

It's a tag team contest, which means that when one ol your team is getting the crap kicked out ol him he can tag has team male lo take over lor him The control system is ridiculous, although there are a couple ol moves which do work quite well -Ihe lope lo rope llymg drop kick is a sure (ire success 11 you've got the space to do it Otherwise most ol your time is spent

grappling with your opponent in the midde ol the nng No tun. I'm afraid Forget if • TIU TUCKER


A poor man's WWF Rampage, and we gave that 18 percent. The only good thing you can say la that (while WWF IS marginally better) you'd only be wailing    A A —

eight quid H you bought I 1 S this one.    I.U ■

where it started in Arthunen Britain, and impaled on a lance of colossal proportions. If* s laborious mixture ol strategy end adventuring that takes the worst ol both world*, end in a form of negative synergy, creates a

you've never played tt, you should, but don't be surprised il you toon get bored, that's all. Good, but (in my most utterly humblest opinion) not at greet at many would lead you lo believe.

Chessplayer 21501st competent, but not particularly sophisticated, chess game (no shocks there I suppose) from Oxford Softworks it's e decent enough rendition of the mother-ol-alt-strategy-games (it dates trom along time ago. before many of us were even bom), but it has been outdated by the likes ol Oxford Softworks own Chess Champion 2175. OK. but nothing special

On to Battle masters, which is a pleasing Mend of strategy and RPG. It does its best to combine the genres in an addictive concoction, but unfortunately, you're left thinking whether the game would have been better off plumping tor one game style or the other.

I    rather than a mixture of

8 1 Spirff of Eicallbur is • pMe of tosh that

1 ' should have been left

The only game In this compilation to feature in AP 20 s Definition ol Sound God Games it Populous, end even thef s been out-dated by Populous H So the games appearing here ere not so much masters ot strategy as veteran crones. They are the lore-runners ot some excellent strategy games, but they are an too old and too tired. If you hanker for some brain-testing strategy, you'd be tar better off going for a more recent game such as Mega to Uama or Clviluation But it you’re new to the world ot Amiga games, end haven't experienced the delights of Huntat ot Populous, then it s worth considering this as a cheap way to eipand your collection Chessplayer 2150 plays a mean game of. er. chest, but Sptnt ot Etcahbut is best forgotten • RICHARD LONGHURST

engrossed in the subtle Mend of action and strategy. A Mt of a gem it ever there was one

There's e large body of opinion that rates Populous at a classic game - a landmark in the development of god games But tor me. it's a tedious affair, with too much clicking and not enough excitement -the

gameplay soon gets


Strategy games don't have to be dull and boring You wouldn't believe it to look at some of the dnvel that's boon produced over the years, but thankfully this compilation manages to pluck out five games which show, albeit to a limited extent, the better looking side ol brain-bending gaming Without further ado. let s see whet these sett-styled masters of strategy have to otter

Hunter is something ot an underrated and oft-forgotten classic. It puts you in a 30 polygon world with a series of missions which you have to complete in order to recapture an archipelago (group ot islands to you and me). There are plenty ot weapons and vehicles to collect and control, and N't not long before you re


Two classics, a couple of so-so games and one dud Not the most thrilling combination around, but there's plenty ot lun lo be had. Only worth considering pr ; if you haven l already n I ~ got Populous or Hunter U I *


m f

T l 4

1 FwF w


1 “ I u >


Dave Golder, top computer journo and renowned cheapskate, returns to check out all that’s free in the world of Amiga games. Apparently, it is possible to get something for nothing and here, for your edification and entertainment, is a small selection.

pounding muse blares Irom your speakers - methmks we have a demo coder with musical aspirations here.

There is one oddity about the game, though it doesn't get progressively taster, but just has sudden spuds when things get all frenetic lor a lew seconds. Whether there's any logic to these bursts I couldn't figure out. and the lack ol doc files was no help.

But it does give the game an interesting edge, cos you might think you're doing well, then suddenly thmgs speed up. you can t fit the pieces at the nght places, and the whole screen looks a complete mess that you have to sod out


Fortlss PD

A600/A1 200 only

Yep. it's another Terns done The prefix is a M hyperbolic - Not-At-AI! Bad-Tns might have been a M nearer the truth, because, while there's nothing raftcaay new about the game play, it looks great The graphics are sleek and styksh and the blocks make a pleasmgfy metallic dang when they touch There is an mieresting. rf pretty irrelevant, statistics table that tells you how many blocks of each type you've used. All the while

when the game slows down again VERDICT: It you haven I got T frfs already this excellent-looking rlp-oft (or homage a* they say In the film business) Is well worth nabbing RATING: ***


Fortlss PD

Not 600/1200 compatible A bil ol a minimalist game, this one. A two-player duel between a couple of tanks in which the arenas are ma2es comprising blocks of one colour against a different-coloured background

You whiz about the mazes - it's pretty nifty as these sad of games go -tinng at your opponent and trying to avoid getting hit back You know the score

Ifi a-nau-lip (The Jot Cmatrm'a round dim canw amor aka frmmtmt ltop. - id)


















aklng classic early '60s games that only ever saw the light ol day on 8-bils as far home computers were concerned ( cos the 16-blts hadn't even been thought of then) and giving them a new lease of life la a favourite hobby of Amiga PD codera. Sometlmaa the results just make you thankful that computer games

have moved on so quickly (da we really want lo be reminded of Ramparts ) but al others times they remind you that great games are based on Ideas, not flashy graphics.

0-flJc, a straight update ol O-Serr. It a brilliant example. The gameplay Is completely faithful to the original. There's a pyramid suspended In space that hat a number of coloured tiles. You control a Zebedee-like alien who bounces around the pyramid. Aa ha touches each tile It changes colour, your goal being lo change the whole lot.

Things are made more difficult by lethal blobby wotaiti that also leap about the platforms. The first lew wotsitt are pretty thick, but If you lake your time on a level larger blobs appear that mutate Into naatiea that follow you around. Life Is made tougher on later levels by tiles you need to leap on twice.

The only enhancements that have been made are aesthetic. The graphics are a lot bolder, the characters cuter and (hare's some great use of sound effects. It you know the game already refresh your memory and wallow In nostalgia. H K'l new lo you, gal It and discover one ol the best cutesy puzzley type things around.

VEROICT: Nil points for originality, loads of points for style and presentation. Simple Sure, but then the best Ideas always are.

RATING: **.t

Unfortunately the game doesn't, and ai the end ol each bout it lets you. erm nothing at ill

The mazes seem to randomly generated, which keeps things relatively Iresh. and it runs smoothly But the almost puritanical lack of any fnlls makes it a pretty dull expenence VERDICT: Okay, so we re always saying that the gameplay Is the most Important thing, but some kind of effort In the presentation does help make things a bit more bearable.



Telescan Shareware

The aim ol the game here is to Imd the flag on each level ll's hidden under one ol 63 tiles and you've got 25 attempts to lift up the nght one. The fewer goes you take the more paints you gel

To help Ihere are clues under certain hies, such as arrows and numbers saying how many tiles you are away Irom the Hag. There aia also bonuses which give you extra points or replace used moves

Unfortunately, bombs lurk under some ol the tiles as well. End one of these and an the ikes you've turned over and replaced, and you have to try to

(UatortMMmtaJr, Him pmnom rmipoatibtm for mrrMof rmpriomi kot bmmm fltmd. - id)

remember what was where On the early levels there are more helpful things under the tiles than bombs but this situation reverses as you progress.

Not that it makes things much more difficult I romped through this first time. VERDICT: Nice Idea. One problem. It's loo darned eaiy.


Contacts Teiescan Computer Services.

Hands worth Road. Blackpool

Tel Blackpool 22296

Fodiss PD, PO Box 2. Earl Shkton

Leicester L£9 8LU

J3 •    111

O t tf> lu


o v>

— IS)

Jg s.

** I

0    *

£ c

> pi 4) V)

1    O


= 4*

a q

.2. = d

>. s 3

co S w>

E ■ "7



« «■

re *>

- 3 C X

- * co o

- E

CO — X o — '»

*4) CO

J i

4)    3

3    0

1/1 X

.2 £

•Z Q. CO < « o» 2

c 2

•— -O

5 ** § 5 ” u.

c« _

• « 4> ♦*


i I

.5* u = c o a •* <O0 4> -Q *

« 5


o T3 -

- C ff

■. « c

4> w 5 > 4> « « jc e

a 5 «


5 * >

"• 2. = *f o* «

2 c •

II « *

4» •*


• > r- CO



At last, after a month of patient waiting, here's part two of our complete and utter round-up of Amiga arcade conversions. In this final part, Stuart Campbell takes you from N to Z... well actually, at the risk of being hauled up for Infringement of the Trade Descriptions Act, he only goes to W, but that's not actually his fault.









I,    ,    ,,,    *

* . • •




(TVi* Ml* Squad}

Really nasty port ol a < unpleasant controls to in




Tha Ml* Squad]


technically great conversion, but more importantly the Dow s interrupted much less often by lafftng around weh disks and the game's consequently lota more tun to play





(Tfia HI* Squad)

The daddy ol all the duck-shoot mass-murderama arcade games, but untortunaiety one that was licensed bet ore anyone no'kad out how lo do convert ons Ol games that needed more than one Ask. Tha looks an absolute treat, but «c. joouI three d sk swaps after every «e. ei and (terminabie accessing you'll be tailing a war against scr earring ledum before you've gol through ha* I he camouflaged bad dudes the game throws at you. ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    7





Thts doesn't look as race as the NES vers«n (I). but apart liom a law missing sacral warps I's a near-Hawless conversion at one ol the most lovable con-op plattormars of all time Firmly ensconced ai No 69 n be in the AMIGA POWER and Readers All-Time Top tOQs.






Crap platform game with a token bit ol katana-weldng thrown m lor laughs, aicepi it's no! fumy






B arra Cnema scope a fleet (to repfccale the look ol the two-screen con-op), some styfcsh graphics and a ton ol wacky special effects hidden away lo stretch the lifespan ol what's actuaty a pretty repetitive and Irmtled chop- em-up. Fun all the same





(Tha Ml* Squad)

The aicade loiiow-up to Cprvafwn Wot. and try programmers ol the Anvg i version learned Ire a mistakes made in cry*. 'q the Ml ar title (he in ■

This rSdnl look too bad at the time, but beside the likes ol Crazy Cars 1 the crude graphics jerky movement and huge tearing pauses between stages make * seem really primitive It s a halfway reasonable dmring game it you make atawances. but why bother when you could just buy Lotus 1 instead’








Unusually stylish ported In the unlikely anywhere, you'll probably


A very strange game to play, but that's not lor want ol any conversion accuracy. Cuie, original. lun

A great arcade beat-'em-up (a rarity in itsetl, that), eye-waienngty brutal but still with tongue (irmly n cheek, bnlliantty converted to the Spectrum, then absolutely destroyed by some of the most inept Amiga programming seen in Irving memory. Sub-8-txi graphics, fearsomely bad control responses and much, much less conspire to make this one of the most dreadful Amiga games ever, lid slop. ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    8




(Do mark)

The third in the Star Wars senes isn't quite up to the standards of the other two. having those difhcuh-lo-convert sprite graph cs rather than good old simple vectors, but the gameplay is more or less al there. Sarfty. without the big enema tic (eel of the lovely-looking arcade game to hide behind, the gameplay is revealed as not realty being all that good.







In gameplay terms Ihts is an almost-pertect copy of

PAC-MANIA    arcade Puzznic. but there s one glaring omission-In the

IGrandilaml    coin-op. successful eomptetion at a level was rewarded

"    *    with the gradual, er. unveiling of several cutesy Japanese

It's only Pae-Man with jumping, fancy graphics and some babes in a krt-free scenario, but this feature somehow efferent ma es. but you'd be surprised how much tun that didn't make it to the conversions. Slil a corking puzzler, turns out to be Another sterling Pac-conversion.    and a very taithtui pod.






The mouse control is a surpnsmgly workable replacement lor the arcade s steenng column in this Out flun-wrth-machine-guns driving game. So much so, in fact, that it makes what was a pretty chalenging coin-op rvkciiously easy on the Amiga, to the pomt where you won't much want to bother playing if alter the first 20 identical levels ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    8






A much better conversion slow and irrposs bie to





(Tha HI* Squad)

Cunousty. tor some reason, the com-op v-at of current tavounte Amiga game of al time isn't reaty all that entertaining Whether it’s the unsatisfactory joystick control Rainbow islands is definitely a keyboard game), or the reduced movement space afforded by the bigger graphics, or the off-putting drfhculty level, it s just not as much fun as the home version Along with Hootsnd, the is one of the best lustrations of a game actually being improved on through the conversion process, and you shouldn't be without it




A bnfliant arcade game m your home.




(Dam ark)

A bnlhanl arcade game m. er. an arcade. Except, um. it s not actually all that good, even then ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    6


AMIGA GAME RATING:    3    (Activision)

One of not very many Amiga games that more than two players can play at once without buymg a special mterlace. Rampage is a bnikantty entertaring giant-dinosaurs-deslroy-skyscrapers- em-up which suffers from the same gels-a bl repetxive and-bonng-atler-hatt an-hour piobiem as the aicade game




The ongnal arcade game ol this ultra-cute platformer was hindered by some ugly bugs and a couple of fundamental design Haws, but to the everlasting credit of the Sales Curve programming crew, almost all of the game's niggles and drawbacks were eliminated by a conversion which ddn't so much convert the game as write it the way it slxxid have been wntten in the first place Excellent stuff ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    7




(Tli« HI* Squad)

There's a very strong Power Drift (eel about this conversion, which is odd as technicaly it's not even slightly dose Don't play it if you're prone to motion sekness. though - the fearsome way the screen leaps around will have you reinsilmg your lunch in no time. ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING: CLOSENESS OF CONVERSION: AMIGA GAME RATING:


(US Cold)

Stow-movng. sticky to control, graphically a bt rough, but most of the charm ol a strangely endearing arcade game remans intact I can see you all salivating horn here ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    7







(Thu Hit Squad)

Plays a i ffle bn last and loose with exact accuracy in a number ol places (especially the third level), but -*


captures the tee) of the seminal shoot-'em-up superbly. At budget price, no game collection should be without X.




mode, though (conceplualy, at least), and a pretty top- controls and some graphic sioppiness. Never gets you notch replica hoc ot the original    ducking up and down In your seat as you fly down the

ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    8 trench, and hence completely tails to recreate the leel thii

CLOSENESS OF CONVERSION:    8 made the arcade game so great.



SKULL AND CROSSBONES    amiga game rating:    s

(Domesric)    STREET FIGHTER

For reasons which escape us, this one appears to have .    ,    .

been released halfway through development. The     RI*a

appal' ng control a a nightmare to overcome, and the    The programmers were on a loser from the start in trying

game underneath is so pedestrian that there's no point in to recreate the coavop's force-sensitive controls, but that's bothering anyway The original was crap, but this is a    no excuse lor not being able to write a decent scroll

whole new world of dreadfulness    routine, or lor any of the other displays of ineptitude

ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    3    *PPir8rt in completely laughable pile ol old rack    As

CLOSENESS OF CONVERSION:    S    far behind Street Fighter II as Crazy Cars is behind Crazy

AMIGA GAME RATING:    2    Cara 3 and that's a very tong way indeed.



(Ocean)    AMIGA GAME RATING:    1

Very much like line Of Fire, this is another Operation Won done with graphics that're just too much tor the Amiga to handle It plays reasonably well, and it's qute good fun with the Trojan Light Phaser, but you! tire of a in less time than it took you lo read this review.






Embarrass your Super Nmiendo-owrwrg chums with a pixel-perfect conversion of a great coin-op blaster which aduaty manages to nn at more or less the same speed ai the way through. Its not actually all that lest a speed, but Fa so excellent you won't notice.






Mind-numbingly hombte vertical ty-scrolfcng shoot-'em-up that's obviously a product of the infinite number of monkeys and an assembler' school of programming





(US Gold)


(US Gold)    

Scroll rig rarya beat- n upsdfij aiLdH. <fw w. M Ignore ol creations, but this one's mart! I d 1 sharp trxs pretty and it's even got * '4a    touches

You might even say ;! s qJta good toe* ■tony ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    7





There're two distinct camps n AMIGA POWER over this one but since I'm writing ttxj feature I'm going to say that it's a completely hopeless effort which is a pain to piay and doesn't feel anything like the game it purports to be a conversion of The tJAculfy level is al over the place, the cession detection e worse, the graphics are shoddy and the control mecharvsm w*h one loystidr is al but unusable. I love Smash 7V. but I hale this ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    10



Compered to the ongtoel's breathtaking lovefmess. this looks really tacky, and sm the con-op's good looks wen there mostly to cover up the lack Of any ha*-decent gameptay. udjng Bvs particular book by its cover is by tar the wisest move.





(Hie Hit Squad)


< £* l    (Activision)

   Another average run-d-the-ma vertically-scrolling zzzi -

T    oops, sorry If* not very nie*esting Bus ore



The, however, makes most other scroilng rwija beat- em-    AMIGA GAME RATING:    S

ups took like complete works at genius Ridtoutous    ’

movement, witty (no. realy. « s spectacular) inaccurate    STARG ATE

cotoon detection, and a heap ol <ksk swapping on top to    . _    .

good measure Totally hateful    *    •

ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    4    Sm Defender





(Mastartronlcl    ST DRAGON

This is roughar than a bowt ot Kellogg's Nut Clusters that's IKIxx)

just been covered m sand and broken glass but a actuaay    Scaled down (Ho ho - Ed) quia a tut from the onpnai. but

plays a tot like the real thng despite looking like al the    still a bntiant shoot-'em-up n its own right, with one of the

graph cs were drawn with biunt crayons Twice as good as    most challengrg difficulty curves at the genre One of the

it looks, wheh isn 1 saying all that much realy.    best horuomaily-scrokng short-em-ups around






A sharp remmder that mere are some things an Amiga jus: can i be expected lo do Even so. you wortdnt be unreasonable to expect a sfaghSy better eh on at converting Tengetf s Bfiiiwnt fiojetkjattrs-wa-Og-tLm* arcade game than the travesty. Ho too* whatsoever





(Tha Hit Squad)

Brlient conversion of Ihe orya:. helped immensety by the tact that you ctidni have to ling yourself around energetically wtvta sitting astnda a huge end rttcutou* ptastc morortxke like you <M r the arcades Seioneof the Amiga's very best racing games





(US Gold)

Things Amiga Super Monaco GP Has In Common ttetti Tha Arcade Super Monaco GP The name, plus it's g« care nt.




Vary similar to. not as good as. but lots mors popular (for some reason) than. P-47 Thunderbolt Nifty two-piayar



One of the grooviest con-ops of al time but the conversion is a little on the erode stoe with very slippy






Programmed by tog do-the-job-property converter* Graflgotd. this • - we*, a 10b done property Love *. ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    8





Thu con-op update ot the most famous arcade game of d time teas an excelent. last frantic, pretty and varied blasting epic. The conversion, er. had a race intro






The follow-up lo Star arcade game, but the quality of whole different planet cl a M repetitive, and the kind of tie odd 20p tap than a £25 done all the same


better as extremely wel



A gkxvous. epc con-op (< not really all that exciting to play), but a looks. Irankfy. a bit pathetic on the Amiga. The control aims tor authentic hetcoptar-type authenticity, but succeeds only to testing sluggish and fantastically annoying, and whai gameplay mere was ■ lost n ■ waller of cot tsion-detection bugs and graphical flinches





( Da mark)


cruaaFy-mportant reafcsbc bet movement, and hence became a complete pan n pie bum to play Ah wel.










Oui kind of Ifcan Warriors derivative, stoppiy written and fortunately almost totaly unavailable. to you shouldn't have to worry about bang tempted by A ORIGINAL COIN-OP RATING:    S






A souped-up version ol the bnsantty weird and ongnai

coin-op Our. Voffied adds power-ups and ahens and al sorts ol bits and bobs, but only really succeeds In detracting tram the dassfoaly simple and addctive Efch-A-Sketch gameplay. Sti. the conversion replicates the con-op pertectfy, so if you cant find a Qix machine anywhere (and let s tace it you won't), this is a pretty damn good alternative.




The Ocean France team have proved themselves to be absolute stars of the arcade convarson (like, whatever happened to Snow Bros anyway ), and they <*dn t do their reputation any harm with this supstb Amiga raproducbon of a cute but insubstantial con-op platformer Monkeys to American football hairnets We got 'em






(eu*.)    m

Suggtsh. unrewarding Awrtfoad. a feM)pan"’•iRffl just been voted one ol tr 10 ansi c ifnaaaiJAa Mega Onvs magazine T"A Amiga < e ds) k Hnsaal 1

rxtahnguishabie from the f.foga Dttia one sc thaw y«ur own Conclusons    \     ‘ P:    \ ®




Dodgy, upside-down controls and umewsrdmg gameplay conepire to wreck a pretty and potentuly neat nde-a-tyre-down-a-ragng-nver aort oI affair Ongnai. but crap





(US Gold)





Tha Empire Strikes Back R-Type II Bubble Babble

Aee1 A poor arcade lolow-up to Rotng Thunder converted lo the technical standards ol about 196T Best lor all concerned 1 we just try to prelend if never happened at al. I thnk





(US Gold)

Lifeless platform hack- em-up with very lithe gong lor it certamiy not the workmans conversion job






Pmbsli down f work as a video game. goes (he conventional wisdom on tha matter Tire Scanner proved conventional wisdom totally and utterly wrong with a great game that captured the feel ol pnbail as wen as making use of the possibles of the meckum with multiple tables and the like, but the Amiga conversion completely lost the

A much betler job than the fast Our Run conversion (although son not that cfota). but the iniemwtabto stop-dead foadmg gaps between tha levels really spoil the How ol the game Flowed but bearable





(US Gold)

Extremely ccrr-cto- -; ujl .'u I--- , ...ig ouwarilatK -this eorttng shoe- — ... mule -- cc- C OognA just a hny trtOe W, but not !■ ary nc cc-ar Jmse eftect A great conversion and a -lies' -mw






t c m ot thrxj fu Master (ihe ongnai

pen.- ■-£), made even worse by .down for is Amiga

Crack Down Gauntlet II Rodland Mr Do Run Run UN Squadron Commando Final Fight EFTPOTRM Flying Shark


Street Fighter Cisco Heat STUN Runner Star Wars 1943 Big Run

Super Space Invaders

Smash TV

Bionic Commandos



Out Run


Line Of Fire

Time Scanner

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Amiga Power Issue 23 1993 mar Cover

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