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Since I started working lor AMIGA POWER. I've had a lot at abuse Irom various quarters Readers, rival journalists, complete strangers «the street, my own parents, they ve all bad a pop it's all water ott a duck's back, ot course - I'm Irom Scotland Now. though tor the tirst time, something s happened that's made me seriously consider my tutuie as a wner I'm laced with a three-page review ol International Rugby Challenge, and I really and truly don't think I'm going to be able to find the words to describe lust how dreadful it is. Let's set out our stall by starting wXh a quick companson The previous lowest-rated game ever m AMIGA POWER was European Champions by Idea, which got a less-than-impressrve 4% in issue 17 And European Champions «s, approximately. Hit (oivfntom art a ckvckli and a hall. Chidi o«i iM ilia ol tkoia liaaiaia* ko ikli Ift-yardi-ott effort.

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Amiga Power Issue 26 1993 jun Cover


jJ jjJJ JUjjJjjJJ


Limited-Over version of the latest in Audiogenic '• Work1 Citst tenet Bowl yourself

• googfyt a,0*

tf) Practically perfect version m of one of the greatest

> games In the history of the world

classic one- or two-player dogtlghtlng In Biplanes and vintage alienzapping In Quest For Galatia


ISSUE 26 JUNE 1*93

con on

Linda Barker

DEPUTY EOHOR Stuart Campbell


STWI WATERS Mark Winxtanley Tim Tucker

ART EDITOR Jacquie Spanlcn










ADMN ASSISTANT Susannah Angelo-Sparling


Michelle Trewavat

PU9USKR Colin Campbell





CONTRBUTORS Jonathan Ojvm. Jo* Hmohrlot. Dan Colder

LNOtSCANNNG Simon CMtondon. Jon Moore. Chris Stocker. Simon WAnOtor. Heeth Parsons. Mark Gone

PHOTOGRAPH* Ashton James COYER MAGE HtJlon Deutsch

COVER DtSX COWTED BY Grants Computing


Amga Power.

Future Pubkshng Lid.

30 Monmouth Street.

Bath BA1 2BW Tel 0225 442244 Fa* 0225 446019


The Old Barn. Somerton. Somerset TAI1 7PY Tel 0458 74011


A meoter d the Nidi Birtaa d CtcdMm Reftileied crcdaoon SO,222

Jdy - December 1992


Mac* eoww tern spin 'was heeuwa hare d. ate tore* d «n« Future Publishing 1993




Sadly, there aren't any pictures of how cool the AP crew looked as they cruised to the European Computer Trade Show in someone else’s flash car last month. But we do have the news they picked up.


■ *    CHARTS

Can Lemmings 2 hit the top spot again, or will it be Rolf Hams with his amusing cover version of The Secret Of Monkey Island



This month's most-changed section of AMIGA POWER boasts the lowdown on Alfred Chicken, Batman Returns, Twilight 2000 and, er, four more.


40    - SURVEY '93

Okay, time to stop whingmg and get constructive as we give you your big chance to shape the face ot AMIGA POWER m the coming year. Don’t miss it!



To celebrate the arrival of Dmo Dim’s new game, we offer you a lush VCR and some fop footy action to watch on it.


Fresh from a couple of months off. The Hidden are back with more on Spodland.


Jonathan Davies is so big he's got twice as many cheats as normal this month, plus KGB and Legends Of Valour tips and. of course, The Last Resort What a geezer


They're the pages YOU write, and they're always (That's enough Viz-pinching. - Ed)


Dave Golder's back with more of the best PD. but this time he's got a whole new look into the bargain Well, his page has. at least. Dave, lose the sideburns.



Buy your AP goodies, get fab FREE games by subscribing, and plug those nasty and unsightly gaps on your magazine shelf.


By popular request, everything you ever wanted to know about - Linda Barker!



The moment of truth - Dlno Dlni versus Sensible Soccer!

Page 26


Can the Amiga ever emulate Super Mario Bros Should it try

Page 36


Is it the worst game of all time

Page 30


So it looks like Dizzy with scrolling - want to fight about it

Page 38



They say It's over, but then politicians always say that. At AMIGA POWER, we re taking no chances - check oul our bumper cheapo games special.


After a flood of complaints from, well, Linda mostly, Mark Winslanley redresses the balance with a look at the world s cuddliest, cuteslest, fluffiest and loveliest games ever. Aw. doesn 1 he look sweet

OVER 300




Games with Legend' in their titles, pari 764.

Page 34


Made in Italy, set in Japan, reviewed in Britain. Flags out!

Page 40


We re never short ol people telling us we re doing everything wrong, but we only listen to them once a year. II you want YOUR voice to be heard about AP, (ill this page In and send it oil. Now.




Ini. Rugby Challenge-30

World* Ol Lagand-34

Woody * World-3«


Nippon Safa*


Graham Oooeh Cricket—6S Tom Landry Football ■ 4«

Cohort 2 -67

Humana Juraaale Laval* -68 Sink Or Swim--—69


Natal Mutant* -Lagand———




Moonstone-....-------7 a

■dd Tha Duck 2-73

Tha PI*gu«--73

Tha llmpaon* ...-74

Doc Croc'* Adventures—74

Robin Hood-76

Blgnoaa Tha Cavaman—76 Loat Dutchman Mina ■ ■    76

■attla Squadron--76

4th A Incha*-76

Populoua Prom. Landa-77

Storm Maatar-77

Strlka Float-76


Tha Qraataat--73


■ acapa 2 .... 86


Poo Poo Oraama • Roach Hotel — Tetren-



Next month, eh Well, next month will be June June was named after the Roman goddess luno wMeof JupRof wnu was the iathei in the gods.

liinn miicf

ntothei u> the gods, yes t Weft. l unless Jupiter got divorced.  and then (Snip! - Ed)


You won f b« MAing much by Linda in lha m*g foe lha nail eoupta Ol month* Our tMlovod Ed • boon vory Mtkkuaiy IB. and iht • cunonfly rocupArnimg In A laAfiomaly mptainva way In i amtof hoapiui TNi AP crow would hko to tifca this Oppoelunily to think RiMha HUH

•Pdaifv rtEta - ao it mora qt aiafui to you thon towtd ovor od09uol»*y •rprOAA H Anybody won«A to AORd Got

wauai AP addrett Hon* torvico wab oBtanwaa contmwo On wadi tha ahow

It's unbelievable, isn't it Other mags struggle to lit two games on a disk, and we bring you FOUR! (Count, as we re wont to say, 'em!) Even though one of them's the biggest demo you'll see this year (probably), another's one ol the best games of all time, and. well, look..


Welcome in the cricket season with the best Amiga cricket game there s ever been - try for yourself and see.




It's one of the best games ol all time. It's, quite literally, the mother of all subsequent shoot-'em-ups. It's on our coverdisk. Play it.


One or two-player dogfighting fun of the highest order.


It's Galaxians, really. But it's great anyway. Thank you.


• Oh no! Arc you sura Before you go xny further, try the procedures described in the panel over tha page It, after all that, you do have disk problems, simply place It in an envelope, along with an SAE and an explanatory letter, and return 11 NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 2fi. OlsCopy Labs. PO Box 21. Daventry NN11 SBU. NOT here to AP. We really don't want lo know.












• Graham Gooch Cricket It one meg only.

R To load my ol lit* garnet, ill you hive to do It twitch off your machine. Inter) the dltk. and twitch your machine back on again.

R An optlont menu will appear. Simply tallow the Inttrucllont to load Ihe game of your choice.

R Juit to be on the tale tide, though, the on-screen Instructions tay that you ahould preat the appropriate function key to make your selection.

R It really It that simple

R You'll have to reset your machine In order to play one ol the other demoa. When you do to, simply follow the Initructiona above.

R Remember lo keep the dltk you are playing your game from In the drive at all timer And remember -twitching the machine off for 20 seconds or to before loading a new program will help prevent dltka being Infected by itray viruses

R Have a good time.


R Are you ture

R Try all that atutf again, making ture you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not like'.

R If your disk falls to load, than pop It In a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Oltk 26 Returns

DltCopy Labi

PO Box 21


NN11 5BU

R We're really hoping that you're reading this bit, because It's quite Important: pleate don't tend your dltka to ut it the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how to fix dodgy disks. We've tried, we really have, but we're utt crap at it. So send H DltCopy Labi. Please.

Game: Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Publisher: Audiogenic

As the lootbaii season lades nto the realm of memory and ihe summer begins to resonate lo whai we always like to refer to as the crack of willow on leather, what better time lo bring you a demo of what looks like the Amiga's finest cnckel game to date Not iust any old demo, either -this is one of the biggest we've ever am. consistmg basically of the enlire game but

with matches limited to two overs Thai's about as much as you need m the way ol background. I think, so let s gel down to the important business ol telling you how to play the thng But beiore we launch into a detailed account ol all the ms and outs (ho ho), please note that all these controls are reversed lot a left-handed batsman


It you suocessluily hit the ba« and decide 10 go lor some runs, press Ihe fire button The batsmen will begin to run tairty slowly.

but you can speed them up by waggling Ihe joystick trom side to side (m tact it you decide to run straight away, just start waggling and don I bother about pressing lire) It you start running but change your mind, pressing tire will make Ihe baismen return to the crease, unless they're mote than halfway in which

case the lire button press will be taken as a    >

signal to go for . another run alter they complete the Current one


Beiore you stad your bowling run up. decide where you want the ball to bounce by positioning the small white square with the joystick and lixmg

Game: Defender Authors: Acid Software

What cs there to say Way back m issue seven we gave you on the coveid'sk an arcade-perfect version ol Asteroids, arguably the greatest corn-op game of all time Ai the time, we said that Asterods'mantle as all-tune Number One arcader was ‘a position only seriously challenged by Williams' Defender' Now. we bang you an aicade-perled version of Detender so you can judge lor yourself Do you love us, or what1

Well, alnght Mr Picky, it's not ABSOLUTELY arcade-peried - the laser blasts are a bit shorter than the long sizzling lines ol ihe original bul that's

about it As tar as we can tell, save for the Hyperspace feature that nobody ever used anyway, every other last little bit ol Ihe COin-Op is right here in this conversion, right down lo the sound effects And we should know -

we've been piaymg it sWkfy lor days here m the AP office (current top score a none-loo unbeatable 112.750 by Stuan) it you're a crumbly kke us. stand by lor a nostalgia Was! ot colossal piopodions II you re one ol those new-tangled young people, get ready lor one of Ihe most fearsome assaults ever launched on your person by a collection of pixels The original Defender was wntten m 12K ol memory, bul see how long you play if lor compared 10 your average coverdrsk demo


O if only if were lhai simple II anfy a lew well-chosen words could make you good al Defender, what a different place the world would be But anyway, here's the plot The Landers (gieen aliens shaped a bit like diving bells) are trying lo capture your Humanoids (little purple dudes walking aroixid helplessly on the ground) II they succeed m picking one up and carrying hxn to the top of the screen, the Lander (uses itseH lo the


posdion with lire Now. >1 you're using a Iasi bowler he i automatically start his run-up. which you can speed up by waggling the pystick II you're using one at the other two types at bowler, (swing or spin), choose which direction you want the bait to move t\ and press tire, then waggle the stick to ncrease speed as bet ore

button, drag the mouse to the new position and release the button aga n


Frankly, we ve only scratched the surface at the numerous options available in this game, but unfortunately we havenl got nearly enough room to explan all at them You shouldn't have loo much trouble navigating your way around ihe user-lrtendly options menus, so gel lo it and. er. happy batting


Each bowlei has a set tielder pattern, but you can change these, or even copy liekting set-ups between bowlers so you don't have lo keep changing them To change the tie king set-up. press Space while the bowler is r waitrig to bowl A menu will appear which should be pretty seii-expianatory. When the pitch diagram appears, move the pointer to a fielder's name tag. then press the left mouse

Humanoid and forms a much more formidable enemy called a Muiant. which ihen chases you relentlessly until one ot you dies Helping ihe Landers out (by kilhng you) are Pods.

Bombers. Swarmers and the utterty evil Baiters which appear it you take 100 long to dear a level

how nasty Every Lander turns into a Mutant and unless you're superhuman you can pretty much kiss your ass goodbye



its not all bad. (hough As well as your lasers, you've got the arcade world's first ever Smart Bomb, which kills every enemy on Ihe screen You start with three o* these, and gel a new one (plus an extra Me) lor every 10.000 points you score Also, when a Lander kidnaps a Humanoid, you can sMi save it. It you shoot the Lander while it's carrying Ihe Humanoid up the screen. Ihe Humanoid will be released Irom ihe exploded Lander and fail to the ground if it's nol too high up. it'l land salely (and give you 2SO bonus points), but you can make sure by tying mlo it with your ship (500 bonus ponts). It'll then hang off the bottom until you touch Ihe ground, when d ll jixnp off and start waking around again (500 more bonus points). You can carry as many ol your ten Humanoids around ai once as you like Bui - it you allow all ten ol your Humanoids to be mutated (ot shoot them yoursell by accident), things gel nasty. How nasty7 The world explodes, that's

Well yes there is. Firstly. k there's a Scanner at ihe lop ol the screen that shows you where all Ihe badries are And secondly, every fifth level, you gel your ten Humanoids back and with the Humanoids comes the planet Phew That is. ot course, assuming you ever gel to the tilth level


A Up 2 Down Space Reverse  - Thrust Shift - Fire Return Smart Bomb


Believe d or not. Defender is written in BASIC. Well, sort ol. It's programmed (by the people who brought you Woody 's World, reviewed on page 36) n a language called Blitz Base 2. which the boys al AcidiVrSion Software wrote themselves Impressive, huh7 For more info, check out the text file about it (called Biitz2 about) on the coverdisk

Game: Biplanes Author: Peter Mason

Back e the early days of AMIGA POWER, ihe biggest single reason lor missed deadlines was (so Stuart tells us) a lithe thing called ftp A two-piayer dogfight based on an ancient Alan VCS game, d kept the team occupied lor many hours ol intense and bitter rivalry And now d's back again, In a new version -(ust the same as the old one. except now there's a computer opponent lo play against it you haven't got a Deputy Editor handy Load it up. fly around, stall and plunge to a horrible death, over and over agam 11’s great


Griptiics w«rca*i loo impofliil fa the aarli 1tft0s.

Game: Quest for Galaxia

Author: Goth'

Putting togethei this month's coverdisk. what should we find but 6SK ot tree space at the end 'That's a brt ol a waste', we thought, so we rummaged around and found this little Galaxia ns clone It's ust as simple as it looks, but it you think that simple' means easy'. hn F9 on the idle screen to start at the toughest level and then see how tough you leet

,    , (ai yon tpal Ike ura

   lanrnlbmty umadwaT

Hn lows <aa im May alhia ban Nal aary laly. alley.




nwmumu Kitn




This month, the AMIGA POWER team took a couple of days off to wander around the Spring European Computer Trade Show in London. Your faithful newshounds put up with the terrible discomfort and we even pretended to enjoy it - just to bring you lot a couple of pages of news. Oh. it was difficult to settle down and relax in the flash spoils car we borrowed to drive down to London, it was hard finding room for all the free sandwiches and it was even more  demanding to sit there in comfy chairs while people showed us all their new games. It was an arduous task, but - hey! - somebody had to do it. And did we find out lots of thrilling news You bet we did, and here it comes...

U / *



Gremlin were lull ol secrets - they’ve definitely gal e tew things up their corparete sleeve, but they weren't letting on’

However, we can tell you that then forthcoming releases include Hero Quest 2. Premier Manager 2. Zoo!2 and i.rtf DtvH, The latter won’t be released on the A500 or the A1200. but it will be coming out and we ll be reviewing it' Zoo) himsell is al set lo become the star of lunch boxes, pencf cases and duvet covers as he’s been taken on board by PSL. the UK's leading licensng company who are lesponabte for the ubiquity ol characters such as The Simpsons'1'. Garfield “ end Super Mano Bros '!

H«rd Ihal impitli sprite Is p«n«ii wfiicli Amiris will lie ran or Stay tuned lot deUlli...

The    itseH boom Iha laihyuiny lano«Jtion

ol cjrioon-qajliti yfaphiu Ihif yon can aclullr control. Mai will tfiiy think el Mil



Cora’a up-and-coming ainlir, which wa previewed last month, warn looking great - If, by tha lima it'a ralaaaed, it'a not tha beat all-dlreclion-acrolling Smialanatyla shoot-‘em-up around than we'll be quite dleappolnted. Work also continues apaco on two olhar naw Cora titlaa - Darkmare and Bubha'n'Slix. But wa don't know vary much about them yet. Sorry.


For those ol you who Ilka lo spend your leisure* hours being all clever and strategic. Impressions have got enough games coming out to keep a whole battalion happy.

There's AuJes Of Engagement 2, When Two World* War, and The Blum And The Cray.

The Codiet hed great newt to Imparl - Micro Machines, their Super SprinhUnd of racing game, la all set lor an Amiga release. It's a racing game with one major difference - the racing cars are liny and you race around bathtubs, table cloths and other equally ridiculous locations. On hearing this great newa, the AMIGA POWER team slopped sniggering al the pop bard (balow) and all went Wow" In unison Micro Machines has been ■ bit of a smash on the NES and the Mega Drive and apparently the two-player game la a bit ol a atonker. At well as    x

oohlng and ahhlng at MM.

we look a peak at Firwhawk (coming soon, kidsl) and gazed at Worlds Apart (who are apparently the new Take That) In admlrallon. (Ahem.) After nabbing a couple ol budgie*, we moved on...

Above aod rijbfc ladog a« Iko twill

■call Will tfci Codin' Micro Macklmai

(aoa ikon actaal too)

late Coaid Ik it bo the mo lake Thai Aad, for that Minor, door aayoac ipooAcaily uorabrr esklag tor aadbor oo.




Rtnagada art working an Uridium 2, Team 17 haws converted Allan Brand 2 to Ihe A1 200 and ara also ■ laving over a hel Amiga la bring you Body Blows 2. Bui before that, wa’ll bo ravlawlng Overdrive (out toon!) Ovar In Qarmany, tha Thallon programmers ara busy on Ambvrmoon, which Ihay hope will boat Lagsndi 01 Valour al Its own gama. Bor fulura ralaaaa ara U96 (a tubmarlna simulation).

Search Air Patent a helicopter simulation) and Na Second Priam 2. Soltwara 2000, anelhar bunch of European programmara, ara alto working on fee Hockey Manager lor US Gold.


Not conlenl with wowing ui wllh Arabian Nights. Kri&alis showed us the latest version of Soccer Kid and il doesn't half took smart - lough but smart After

Soccer Kid. Krlsalis' neat project ia Legends which, hopefully, we ll be previewing neat month. Il's 1 kind of role-ptaylng. fantasy game with an arcade element, set In a modern posl-nuclear landscape in which you have to make Ihe lour characters into heroes so lhat they can save Ihe world. (Phew.) After that, we re hoping for a glimpse of Tomb World, which will be followed by a puttier that s going to be called, erm... I don't know how lo (ell you this. Er. okay - It’s Soup Trek: The Search For Stock.


Mindscape now have Allred Chicken ready for preview (see page 23 of Ihis Issue for Ihe full story).

Said chicken

decorated Ihe hit T-shirl of Ihe show - everywhere you looked somebody had ihe slogan 'I've been laid by Allred Chicken* acioss their chesl Later in Ihe year we re also expectog Sm Lrte Mavrs Beacon Teaches Typing and

Mane Is Missing

anil tnron i typing skills iklnc l.c «■ «... beacon. And loon ibcll be ikerfng them with you.

Uhe moil birdi, Alfred Chicken began life at an egg. In a publicity campaign. On the Ceme Boy.


0n« company with load* of roloaaoa planned it Piyonoiil. Walker la out on tho A1 200 toon, Creeper* la imminant and coming up aro Prime Mover, Second Samurai, Dracula, Microcosm, Theatre Ol Death and innocent - Until Caught.


inierplay have a busy summer ahead loo. They're currently working on three games The Lost Vikings. Star Trek and Castles 2

lin*l n a bit Ironic (Hal th«f« i only one vcnJoe of Monopotf oaf on (he Amiga


Now from Suparviaion la tha definitive Amiga varalon of that good old family favourite. Monopoly. Jam-packed full of cartoony plcfuraa of hotela and atuff, It'a the aport of deairabla London property-trading brought to colourful and eacltlng Ufa righl there on your acreen. Further traditional* •tyla board-game licancaa ara mooted, mo keep 'em peeled...

Over at the Cyberdreama stand we were tal down and fold all about (he reedy-raal-soorwtow CyberHace It's a racing game that's also a war gama, with graphics by Syd Mead who - slop ma If you'va heard thla before -helped In the design of (lima Ilka Biade Runner, 2010, Aliena and Shod Circuit. Sometime In the fulura, two tribes are lighting agalnaf ana another and war takta tha form of a race. So tha hare, the chip you control, la racing and lighting for his levs and his tribe.

When designing tha game, Cyberdraams visited a apace cenire In Las Angeles and acquired detailed photos of the lerraln of various pianola. So you can actually race over real planetary surfaces. Sod al. Wa alio admired the packaging, which la kind of 30 and comes with a matal model of the ship you race In. Coo. eh Also on Ihe cards ara Dark Seed 2 and something called, somewhat Intrlgulngly, I Have No Mouth, ..

And I Must Scream, a act-tl

novel adaptation. Apparently.    1 ,

Loti: One Viking. Aniwen 10 Nordic war crici.















The Gull War - who played the leading parti Saddam Hunein teemed like quite an importanl character, Norman Schwarakopt had a lair bll lo do with it and George Buth popped up on telly quite a lot.

But none ol these people are the man we re looking lor. cos David Pnngle was undoubtedly the mam man How do we know

Just lake a look ai the evidence - it's literally underwhelming


Name Gripper Bonemarrow Address Cherry Tree Collage 33 Bumble 8ee Lan*.

_ Nrcaviile EastAnota_

Telephone Number 1111 222333

Machines    Games    Wanted

Wanted! Cybemo d I will pay up lo len pounds lor an original, boxed copy - with instructions II you can help, please phone 1111 222333 after 6pm and ask lor Gripper

Postcode NR2 3GR








Telephone Number

Machines    Games




M's here - the Ural French adventure game lo lake place on the Yorkshire Moors' We should have a review next month, bul lor now we II entertain you (and ourselves) by giving you a swift plot rundown. Are you ready Okay, your grandfather is found murdered at his home in Hobsdsle and the spell book that protected the village Irom wicked megic has been stolen Obviously wilh the book gone, the village is open lo the tear and the terror In no lime at all. Ihe Yorkshire Moors are inlesled by the Black Sect. And guess what It's your ob to avenge your granddaddy s death by destroying

them Spook Gawp at the screenshots and watch out far Ihe review.

Abes*: These '■■pe models' ere Jusl skin end bone

left: Me, I reserved e double non wish e bell.


Coming aeon to a store near you Is the AdOOO 030 - just CMS for a luper-powarlul naw Amiga with a built-in 8011b hard dlek drive. Similar In many ways to tho AdOOO 040, tha main dlHaranco Is In He more economical 60030 chip. It's avan tailor than tha At 300, yet ll cheaper than tho top-ol-tha-morning AdOOO 040. Coo, ah

Now you know us - here et AP we're not very technically minded and tha Ins and outs at chlpi and megabytes are completely beyond us. But what we da understand ll that there's a now Amiga In town which ll all ya an earth know and all ya need to know.

Rumour hai It that Commodore era alio about to relearn tha Amiga CD which will replace the exlitlng CDTV system. It’s thought that tha machine will bo ready In tlmo for Christmas and that soma software publishers are already galling on with designing Amiga CD games. Hurrah, ah


Daniel Kendall o( Bradford has written In to us with s solution to any game compatibility problems you A1200 owners might be having To gel more ot your S00 and 600 games lo work on the 1200, simply do the following:

•    Reset the computer before the purple screen re-appeari

•    Hold down both mouse buttons until a gray screen appears

•    Go to boot options'

•    Click on disable CPU caches

•    Go to use'

•    Go to 'display options' and change chip type to original chip type'

•    Go to 'usa' and click on boot'

H any games still refuse lo work, try doing the above and than using tha 1.3 Klckstart disk. You'll have lo lollow the same procedure every lime you reset the computer and want to usd ‘Incompatible software.



Well, (or one reason or another, there STILL doesn't seem to be many games around, but luckily, what there is - is nearly all great...



Consoles7 Who needs ’em’ The Amiga version ol Desen Stnke lucks sand m the lace ol both the Mega Drive and SNES  carnations by virtue ol meatier explosions, txitch >et sound and more colourful graphics (even it everything still seems to be yellow). It's an awesome game aside trom all that, though - you gel so much freedom withm the mason set up that it's never the same twice, which is something you can t say about most shoot-em-ups these days (or any days) Even Lnda Mres this, and she's a girl (You're fired - Ed)



Wow No. realty, wow It's jusl so wow The thog about Flashback is - wow Like, obviously, the graphics - wow. But it's nol usl those, there's wow. Wow I'm really sorry about this (wow), but I can't help it Wow Animation' seems so inadequate a word Wow. wow. wow Actually, wow seems lauty inadequate too. but it’s gong to have to do tor now Wow Wowey wowey wowey wow wow Great gameplay. decent lifespan this lime aiound. mce muse and everything, but mostly wow



There's been a bit at a kill rt the Ptattorm Game Wars ol late, but Knsaiis have really re opened hostilities with this corker It s pretty, it's last, it's got some ongmality and imagmalion. mere s a cute central character (No1 You're kidding' - Bruce Forsyth) and there's, er, a skppy skJey ice world Damn I HATE slippy-slidey ice woods Hate hate hale hate hate hale HATE Ahem Still, nothing s period, so I guess il would seem lhal lovable puzzley platform charmer' will have to be good enough tor now



Despite some appalling oversights and let-downs (like, how come when you're m the top turret and you swivel your guns found so you're pointing at your own tail and then lire, it doesn't shoot the tail ofl7), this is a comprehensive and tension-packed flight sun with a difference - you don't us! have to be ihe pilot, you have to do everything else as well It's not lasi-movmg in a Irame-rate kind Of way (allhough it's la' from being adualty slow), but m the heat ol the action you won t have time to lake a breath



Look, it anyone's got the faintest idea how to do Outdoor World Four (Deliverance') without losing any lems. could they ust wnte in and tell us. please7




£5 OFF!

So. you know how it is. The price at games, eh We re all always complaining about it, but now AMIGA POWER'S actually gone and done something about it. Cunningly concealed behind this month's coverdisk. you should have found two vouchers, each ot which can save you an entire tiver oft the price of a game at HMV stores. The rules are as follows:

1.    The vouchers only apply to games priced over £20.

2.    You can only use one voucher on any one game.

3.    There is no rule 3.

And that’s it - it's as simple as that. The list ol participating HMVs is on the back ol the vouchers, and look out tor more otters in the future...


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Stuart Campbell ha tiles the cat-thmgs

Dave Green explains a world at evil


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Salary according to experience

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Europe's biggest publisher ot computer and console magazines is once again on the lookout for first-class talent. The company responsible for such market-leaders as AMIGA POWER. Total, GamesMaster. Sega Power, MEGA and Super Play is gearing up to launch yet more worldbeating magazines onlo the market.

II you're already an Editor wilh experience in Future territory and you re hoping to join us. we want to hear from you. It you're an experienced, ambitious Deputy Editor keen to move on and up. we want to hear from you If you re an Art Editor Art Assistant or Production Editor working with Quark XPress and desperate to get on, we want to hear from you If you don't work for a magazine but would dearly love to. and know Sega and Nintendo consoles and console games inside and out. we want to hear from you. If you really, seriously believe you have something to offer Europe's market leaders, we could well have something serious to offer you.

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Big-budgel, high-profile releases often splash into the chads impressively and Ihen bomb out. but soma humbler biles remain best-sellers These were xi ihe Top Ten list way back in November last year when staff wniers Tim and Mark were stil swelling ihe ranks ol ihe unemployed

O TERMINATOR 2 Hu Squad £7 99 * (18)



Hii Squad £7 99 ***(27)

OJ0HN MADDEN AMERICAN FOOTBALL Electronic Arts £29 99 ***** (30)


Ttfirg S. r> m=m

Aotrt M don lo the rnjddcfilnig crowd.

And look who's topping this charts Who could sum up the American Dream better than a heavily accented, muscular Austrian who dreams cl nsing horn his inclined weighls bench to be President ol Ihe US ol A A whip-cracking, arab-shoobng archeologist, perhaps'1

O SENSIBLE SOCCER Renegade/ Mmdscape £25 99 ***** (7)

Q F16 COMBAT PILOT Achon 16 £9 99 *** (15)


*** (17)

0 SEUCK G&H £9 99 *** (2t)


w Microprose £34 99 * * * * * 2<)

**•    -1 open to* re tmm

gJMCHMl    fvt *•** Vary good •<* lW-»—KM* Harm! • D*a

1    (7) BODY BLOWS Team 17 £26.99 ★★★★★

2    (I9) THE CHAOS ENGIHE Renegade/Mindscape

£25.99 irk-kitk


Team 17 £10.99

4    (1) LEMMINGS 2 Psygnosis £29.99

5    (INE) B17 FLYING FORTRESS Microprose £34 99

★ ★★★

6    (4) PREMIER MANAGER Gremlin


7    (6) SENSIBLE SOCCER '92/93

Renegade/Mindscape £25.99 a (13) FIRST DIVISION MANAGER Code Masters £7.99 ★★★★

9    <NE) SUPERFROG Team 17 £26 99 ★★★


£25.99 ★★★*

H 015) HISTORY LINE 1914-1919 Blue Byle £34.99


12    05) STREET FIGHTER 2 US Gold £27 99 ★★★

13    016) TRIVIAL PURSUIT Hit Squad £7 99 *★


Masters £7.99 ★★★

13 011) F16 COMBAT PILOT Action 16 £9.99 -kirk

16    0NE) RBI 2 Hit Squad £7.99 ★★

17    010) JAMES POND GBH £7.99 ***

18    021) TERMINATOR 2 Hit Squad £7.99 ★

19     (24) SPELLBOUND DIZZY Code Masters £7 99 ★**

20    014) HERO QUEST GBH £9.99 ★★★★★

21    027) SEUCK GBH £9.99

22    022) PRINCE OF PERSIA Hit Squad £7.99

23    0NE) TEST DRIVE 2 Hit Squad £7.99 ***

24    (RE) FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX Microprose £34 99


£9.99 ★★★★★


Kixx XL £14.99

27    (NE) JACK NICKLAUS GOLF Hit Squad £7 99 *★*

28    (19) WING COMMANDER Origin/Mindscape £34.99

★ ★★

29    (NE) ABANDONED PLACES 2 Ice Ltd £34 99


Electronic Arts £29.99 *★★★★

Wa    you awl htvt toot Mat ttom 9m efctrta wort By noa, to hrtafty: Mayra o CLSPA, Mty ran

budgMa and M priori togrthar, gawaa art rtltd In Mart, tnd fhtyra mm apomorod By Ptngidni


Til* M' li penoallicd I* Imh', a illaiL 10 Ail which helps fai hiulhi ma cauls Male alto Iha doable iavilatioa "0e1 Ready*. Col laa

■ t    «

i    lor whall I

there are two Bala proiJfaaittt wilhla n< Cmmiu Repieieaiiay Iha Olo' wa haaa Iho ‘Sapor /Ufa!', broadly corrupondlaj lo Iha lalh archetype of the lalry Codwoihcr'

Bunny. Mr D Duck and Mr s Cat can have therr tui/wings singed, then heads flattened and then eyelids burnt ofl . yet rt the very next frame they ! be back, large as hie and healthy as a ladybird But at real life, should you ever try anything you see m a cartoon, you'll be locked up quicker than you can say Meep meep Similarly, cartoon characters are technically outside the censure at The creator speaks: Look, can I tell you something about the game now7 Yes'9 Okay. nght. where was I Well, it s an arcade/ strategy concept and it's going lo be greai We re really proud o< the two Cartoons -

character You'll love the little Toons, he's so sweet He's so helpless that he can't survive without the help ol the bigger Super Angel And it's such a busy game (sort ol a bil like BuMerisnd. but lots, lots better) - as wel as killing things you ve also got lo collect all the bonuses and objects that you find along the way. To make things a iitile more complicated, these objects can only be used by one or olher o( the Iwo Cartoons - so you cant  us! pick up something and use it Wen. you can il it's suited to the character who picked it up II you see what I mean The teacher butls in again: Hey can I carry on nowThe creator speaks: No I'm sorry but I don't see how you can You didn t even mention Roland Barthe s seminal work. Mythologies. Barihe's very tirst essay is all about the theory ol carnival and its relation to the wrestling nng You should have included a bit about that m the intro Honestly The teacher talks: Look. I knew that I just didn't have room, alrighi• LINDA BARKER

Game: The Cartoons Publisher: Loriciel ETA: Next month

Briefly: Super Angel and Toons are The Cartoons They're also cousins, best triends and animated characters with a mission Y'see. the Monsters (cue eek) (Eek) - Ed) have stolen six magic mgs In order to retrieve the mgs. Super Angel and Toons have lo race around, ooh 21 levels solving puzzles, hilling naughty things, buying good things and tndng the bonus levels. Hurrah'

The teacher talks: Two ol the most important things to consider n any torm ol cultural expression are the theories ol the other and 'the carmvaiesque'

It is the latter that we will be concentrating on today, as its application lo cartoons is immense The term carmvaiesque desenbes an event or senes at events, m which society’s morals and bas/c goring pnnC'ples are turned upside down Perhaps ihe eases! way to explain is via the traditional medium ol the pantomime On the pantomime stage everything is lopsy lurvy - Ihe hero is a gut dressed up as a boy. the stepmother and Ihe ugly sisters are men dressed up as women It. in normal Me. the roles were reversed in this way then ihe man characters would be Itowned upon Bui on stage this is allowed ILnda Linda7 Earth caAng Linda . - Stuart)

In cartoons. Ihe same applies The characters run around indicting all sons ol grievous damage upon one another, but nothing is tmal Thus our triends Mr B

Iomhi ail object! ■oil bo collected -a icelkles criuqia ol 101k Coaler) aalerielitB Or il HZ




That* arc all K

IdCCfllftOfS -Inspire prompt Ihil Ilia Anlfi ]raphl<i will be me b*tl(r.

Game: Twilight 2000 Publisher: Empire Authors: John Jones-Steele, Wynford Davies Glynn Williams ETA: August

In The Gull, so it comes as no surprise trial a large pan of Twtbghl 2000 involves driving oversized Tonka toys across the Central Plains. Tho pencil and paper version ol the game was designed by Marc Miller, i who also got involved n working out w tbts scenario, so eipect a gripping L yam. games Ians. You control a band 1 ol Krakow-based soldiers, who've decided lo take on (be evil 8aron Czamy and his sinister Black Legion that currently control the country

I talked lo Empire's Rik Yapp, who was quick to ponl out ihat this isn't a Straight conversion ol ihe PC verson, which came out last year to mixed reviews "The Amiga verson has a superior screen updale    -

compared to ihe original (whoh was a lad jerky) and on the A12O0

especially >s a Ol    BaAp

smoolher The whole game's fasie< now. and supports 256-cotoui mode mV, so Ihai S cne UO lor Ihe Amiga over ihe PC " Now     B

there's something you don't Kk. hear every day MU    The game's split into two

I f parts Fust there s an isometric BaA i 30 secion where individual

Working o«l o< a Polish ‘Ztrlan* wirchoiiK, you id off to conquer ih« coinln-Iud]li) b flic slit of fftc place, swfcnci arc a pretty popular commodtfv il Poland.

Briefly: Before RPGs commonly meant nose on computers, they were played with masses ol paper and dee. and involved actual social contact with other human bsmgs (Wen as good as - Ed) Twthghi 2000 was one such game, concerned with .i zaderless Europe attar a limited nuclear *• change How would society change.

-rt would take power, and what would all to NATO and Warsaw Pact soldiers do now Ihat their commanders had been ■educed to radioactive dust floating m the enosphere In the computer version, some ol these questions are answered, as )0u take contioi ol a team of good guys ratting lor control ol Poland The creator speaks: Empire are .w*r-;-"-sible tor ail manner ol tank games,

• ,7i Team Yankee to the upcoming War

characleis walk arourd towns and countryside, encountenng Inends and toe

alike Secondly there's a 3D tank simulation, where you can drive eight different vehicles, irom armoured Hum Vee jeeps I0M1 At larks an aver the place One ol ihe cnlmsms with tne PC version was ihat the amount of hardwa'e contused tne gamepiay cut Rik seemed surpr sed that I'd dared lo mention this 'Having loads ol different weapons isn't normally seen as a disadvantage by role-playing or military enthusiasts It's a very subjective point - we like lots ol weapons and I'm sure that if you asked youtseil. deep down, you like them too'

Wei yes I do. and not even deep down Ask any AP team member and they'I bo moro than pieasee to tel you about my so-caned gun tatish'

Empire reckons these

are their most sophisticated lank graphics yel. with separate views lor Ihe gunners and drivers, and detailed displays ol ihe scenery. 'Many ol the missions you go on ate sender. but in any role-playing or military simulation there's inevitably a certain amount ol common ground between some games Also the adventure isn't as Imear as many RPGs - it's mote kke a (tee structure The further you get in. the more options open out to you, the more vehicles you can drive, and the more diffenng options become available' Verdict so tar: As a general rule. I've found that games that try and combine two genres never seem to manage either ol ihem as wen as genre-speahe versons For example. Transarctica Ines lo be both a management game and an adventure game, and doesn't really work on either level This could well be the case here, although, o their favour. Empire have had plenty ol time to improve on last year's PC release. It's also good lo see Ihat they're giving the A1200 Ihe son ol suppon that's often promised but rarely delivered And lirvalty. when it comes lo tank warfare, these guys really know their stub, so here's hoping lor a good un • MARK WINSTANLEY


mvt rwr

Jk* C« I'WI IS’


1*4 III

Dtipitc hlx Inaxiilw ft rule l record, Joke hid lo b« discharged dm lo kb ckioolc aoortala amou.

la Ike

funear’i ml lor ftm-penoo kills.

And knt l tow* more. Chew high eipJoihrc ordeaocc, you commie pin* Ire*.



jrty pitch

*. U-A


MAC, llnctt IkImI VtM, TO« CM choose to hook, like, chip, <u hf Biovinf ihe fIjhl on lk< bottom HjM comer. Cliooilfli the wrono club remit* In (tie sif kl wobbling otnlni up your shot.

Hey-tiO, let's sUrl off with a scrioasly inforoutivc and facloal caption -none ol those witty, irreverent throwaway jaft here, no way- Not this time, iust the fads. What you're looking at here is the club scled options screen.


Game: International Golf Championship Publisher: Ocean Authors: Martin Lyons, Dave Harrison (programming). Tony Meridilh (art), Mike Anderlon (music)


Briefly: Wen. rt’squile obviously a golf

indignant and lunous Irenzy by telling hen that we'd an been really repressed by Me* Faldo's Championship Go , and we couldn't see bow anyone (not even (he Really Interesting Software Company) could impiove on it

Tins approach was a complete non-slaner though, partly due lo Tony soundmg so related that 1 was scary, but manly due lo his impressive belief n the worthiness ol the learn and their product "We've taken a completely different

approach from Mck Faldo's, and spent a lot ol time perfecting a believable 3D terrain Tony told me. as I lurously toed to tnd a biro that worked "We've been working on this game oft and on lor about a year now. and much at the initial work was on designing a 3D terrain engine Obviously, we ve been improving It as we went along, and we re confident that we n be able lo use it in many other 3D games m the luture Whai Ibis means to the player is that the game can be played from ail manner ol views and thal you actually move

game Isn't it

The creator speaks: I phoned up Tony Mendtlh at the Really Inietestmg Software Company (RISC) but he was Out. I dunno. down the shops or something Anyway, he phoned me beck later So that's alright hen Us*ig all my considerably nsubstantiat journalist*: powers I'd planned lo whip him up into an

through the terrain rather than lumping trom one position to anoihet The game can be viewed from the standard behind the goffer' perspective, and also trom the spectator's view There s even an option 10

track the path ol the ban."    

Sort ol like the

views you gel in flight simulator games7 I asked, desperate la break up this long passage o< dialogue into more manageable segments "Yes, be replied

Sounds impressive thought I. taking up my usual

drop in little and finally tacts such as the graphics guy having a harxfccap ol twelve, or the programmers having played a lew holes with Tarby But they haven't, which is a shame Tony: "We have spent a lot ol lime watching real goffers to gel the nght leel ol the game, but our only real contacts with the

Judfc llic ID Unwin for jeiintll - It ccnwtwff ImIu putty feed la me




*0 percent of available oltice space (but I can t help berg tall) But what son of deiail does this wonderful world appear in  ‘In the PC version, it's full Gouraud shading (which, r graphic farms. t$ a Very Good Thing indeed - Ed) but on the A1200 version that'll be coming out belore ihe standard Amiga version, it won'1 be quite up to thal standard It will, however, show up bumps and dips in the green thal can affect your putting " Wow. well I'm convinced, if you can took at the ke ol the land, then that should be good enough for everyone What more could you ask lor -virtual grass and litter7

I was a M disappointed to 1rd thal none ol the programming team were great golfing fans, because it s always good to

game have come about since we started working on this project'

1 thanked r him and said my goodbyes.

_ leavrg different r people with different perspectives ot Ihe event Tony was probably quite glad that he didn't have to talk to such a lanky kd any more, while i came away a lithe wiser about ihe ways of golf and programming. And BT7 Well, they coined it in. as usual H lax ihe programmers next lime, i think. It's cheaper Verdict so far: Love god or hale golf you certainly can t play it for real n ihe confines of your average bathroom Wet. nol without breaking a tew mirrors, or having lo take a couple ot difficult chip shots olf the bidet RISC seem to be living up lo their name and producing some really interesting stuff, so maybe this is the game thal')! get those frustrated urban putters all hof and bothered under their ludicrously checked slacks • MARK WINSTANLEY



Denton Designs say. anyway, and I haven I currently got any reason to disagree with them

Verdict so tar: Weil, as you might imagine, it's a bit difficult to tell from what there is. but Salman Returns promises a refreshingly different approach to the hackneyed o*d beat-'em-up diches We ar certainly a smaller approach to the hackneyed otd beat-'em-up defies I'm looking forward lo rt with great interest, and I 'm not joking either


M 'B -

■ -

11- . Ru1 Tr ann fl Q.irp S c.mu*

PF tram, then to venture into the luiler-pengum-robot-and-tOJic-waste-mlesied iev.ers. and fmalfy to enter the Arctic World of Penguins, where

« all the bosses (Max Schreck Catwoman and The Penguin) teconvene lot one last almighty ruck All the levels are linked by appropriately dramahc animated cameo sequences featuring all your favounte

Bat-characters and 8at- _ M

equipment, and    m

JM “y ■    “

Q kiS aBk

II I"]

.1!'    ■ t’l .f “ ’

k    *<*3e    usual movie

   licence baai- em up

■ -]ljr    ft    Instead ol taking the

’    normal Sfreef P-ghfar

2/Fnai Fight route and using spntes so enormous that you can only fit a couple ol them on tht- screen at a time. Denton have used comparatively tilchy characters which (a) allows lots more to be happening on-screen at any one time and (b) is tar more successful at captunng (he wide-screen Gothic drama of the Dark Knight movies

The game nei boast (me levels ol increasing difficulty, with Bats battling the bad dudes ol the film The honaontally- A

SMS    on


pBppB S*    Kyle

,-wM *1    .. ■ • ByB

mm    ■ - I


The Si'cng ».<ar lo me     BRbP

equation Things change a tithe B in the third and lourth levels B which take place on a senes Ol B buildings and rooftops which Bats  dambers across m a multi-diredional scrolling scenano. and involve the lovely

Mm, njftil- Ikls it fall] lo

b« tricky. Architecture,

. ih OoRielii jml love i it lirtl up, m wiodow.

Game: Batman Returns Publisher: Konami Authors: Denton Designs ETA: TBA

Briefly: With Frontier still draggng its neats, it looks like Konami’s grand entrance into the world at Amiga games is going lo be heralded by a mome licence But hey. what a movie icence fast summer's S.g name, the film go! mined critical reactions lor its

convoluted plot but as HomAmIUm with the previous

Batman nobody bad BmOBIMIB any complaints about y • T- i the grand Goihsm C-i>    't'-*

backdrop me action was    ‘    ‘

played out against How clever, then, of the lofcs at Denton Oesigns to pinpoint that vary fact, and to make sure that then conversion from b*g Screen to monitor screen wasn't shod on atmospheric drama

The creators speak: What on Earth am I getting at. you might be wordenng Well, the Ihmg is. Denton Designs (having taken over the design and development ot Barman Returns trom Rage Software) are playing the less lhan-revolutionary card of writing a movie licence game as a multi-level beat-'em-up But Batman Returns will be a bit different from ihe

1.'    No.    . tl.i.l -V IB

c■ ■ - i« i"n ;fcoi -■ bib '    V BBI« MflBBr ot lifSB lUlBB

4udt, poBlll ■lofollv OllfUl O cos Milk I lai]a Itvor tlkkJns ap wr lkiafl]t tli kali. Oak, ail cbbbI r lko«* laiplaa oiupkon, oIibii. I (kink rfcai ion Bilikl bo •jibib ol iko bellow, loo.

■ "



lU* r




On<« upoa a time, la a land far, lar away, lfc«f« was a lanity el i maylcal plalci. They lived in a I lovely hoau la Ihi lotcil, and I survived ae a dial composed I eaclaslvaly ol loadilooh,

W valar biscuits and laryc lime-flavoured boiled sweets.


G'tme: Simon The Sorceror

Publisher: Adventure Soft Authors: Simon Woodroffe. Michael Woodrofle and Alan Bridgeman ETA: September

Briefly:    "    -- matedgraphic-

vasy-adventure. you piay Simon, a ,yxq boy who acquires a magic book, lagge*-* a spell and gets transported. ,:-ong win Blotch me puppy, to ■ drflerem wyvj i*j a spinning disc portal tort ot thing) Your tas* * io save the good wyard Catypso and. ot cc\m. have loads ol exciting and magical adventures alc.>g 'j™ way.

The creator speaks: Yes. n s corner one ol those graphic i triures - so how different «. Smon The Sorceror going to be trom other games ol <u ifc’ W‘i as with any

example of the genre Smon shares general characiensbcs wth games like Monkey Island But what we re frying to do is create a more Brrtish/European locus to the game I mean. Monkey Island was very tunny but a lot ol its humour was Amencan-basad In Simon we've incorporated a lot ot fairy tales and stud mat wi» appeal to the British and hope ", the European audience

’For mslance. there’s a Three Billy Goats Gruff bit wth a troll on a bridge He'- on stnke Cos he doesn't like beng chucked oft the bndge ait the time. So he's on the bridge witn ms placard, and the goaf: looking through the rule book to see if thi:    allowed

Obviously, semethrg like that is going to appeal to the older gamespiayer. but there's plenty ol :ck tor the younger ones There're so many nee touches, but I suppose you want to know mote about the gameptay " Oh. go on then

Wei there are loads ot puzzles to solve along the way. but we've med not to make them loo irrational in,. lot ot these kind ol games the puzzles are iust so dflicult You know the sort ol thing I mean - v.-hen you have to slick your linger in your ear and spm round three limes in ruder to open a rVmi We'w tned to make the puzzles in Simon a tot more logical For example the passwoid to tha dwarf mine $ written on a s!o.» ouraw; Sm ca r entrance" (Copes' I think you 've said enough - Ed)

We ve also tned to make the Simon character a lot more accessible by means ol the control panel Everything you need there on the screen - there's just 12 text commands and instead ot having to type them m or scroll through a list you simply dek on '.he command you want So it you want Simon to go somewhere, you just dick anywhere c<s the game screen and then mnn** the command walk to1 It's virtually looiprool Likewise, instead of having a whole inventory screen, we've just got all ihe objects on the game screen tlsmg an object is as easy as

clicking on the object and then choosing a command That's an them n ic it'

Hirtm, how interesting Now. you also daim that Simon The Sorceror has been wntlen using something called Agos 2 Can you ten us a little more about thaf’ ‘Agos 2 is a new language that has been written especially lor des.'O'n'ig atfvfnturafRPG kind ol gamer, But -i s also more than a language because it incorporates vanous utikoer. which do things like ereale data structures, oomp-le other things and process graphics But me most important thing about Agos 2 is that < makes the translation process (bom computer language 10 English) so much easier I could go into it further, but that:-what it does basically Verdict SO iar: Hang on a minute you've just simp*'**! it oos you think hw won't understand anything too complicated haven't you '£r yes.' Good, we tvaie -t when things get an complicated and technical, but we do like Ihe prospect ol a beaut game «>U Smon The Sorceror looks like just that • LINDA BARKER
















ll t * hatd h«« ImIbj M wfurd. Vihc Ihli chap Iron fts% lit dosial look loo hippy, dosi li Tkali probably


everybody tipccti him lo laos evcryihi* I and ha, erm, dMiil. Shame.

ftsttbsti It violanl - you can ft 11 ihii by iht fad lhal Ihli fcicta ha* moailtn oa ii raihar ihaa chtarltadan.

Sat lhal inset scicta Thai shows you whtrt you're currently al. ll really l< all far loo complicated lo flo Into here.

for iho jort-fleadi amofijn you, fleasrba/i actually has a lot mere blood ihaa this screenshot's letting on.

Games: Beastball. Diggers. Dinoworlds. Flag Publisher: Millennium Authors: Teque. Simon Cook, Ian Harling and more ETA: June — November 1993

else japan (tom (he titles) going to change much’ "No The basic storyboards and the ganneplay are pretty much sorted out. There'll probably be added touches, but nothing drastic" With the exception ol Beastbalt, it sounds like a set at very complicated games "Wen they do sound a bit complicated when you're just given a basic game outline It's always hard to explain strategy games satisfactorily - you really do have lo play a tot ot them in order to ready understand what s going on' Seastboff. on the other hand, is a tot easier to pick up - it s a very immediategame, isn’t it7 'Yes. we think Beasibai ts going to be realy good, as it appeals to both those players who like spans games and those who like the idea ol realty violent games And because it s got a two-player mode and is so unfair, you can have a lot ol tun'

Diggers and Flag, on the other hand, are very complex - these aten l games that you'll buy on Saturday and be bored with by Monday'’ 1 should hope not' W ill Diggers, there are actually lour races ol 1 x*    d jgers who have

Oulnsalt action h 10 muck more cicltinj wkta ll iaaolaci Iht sundry rippitf ot* Ol limbs.

Briefly: Alter James Pond 3. M'lienmun have got tour other Mies coming up this year Flag is a strategy game. so-Mied cos the object ts to seize your opponent s stockade and torce them to lower then dag Diggers is a strategy arcader where you co ordinate diverse teams xi order to become a bgwsg mining executive with toads ol pits la your name The onertwo-player fieasiba/Jis kinda like CyberbaM cr the Mega Drive game Mutant League Football n that it s based loosely on American Football and is played by androids with a particularly violent bent The creator speaks: These ate all working titles at the moment - is much

been a dinosaur element to our muse (T-flex’ Dinosaur JO We love 'em ) Anyway. Dm worlds has got a tew ol the beaut beasties m it. which is only fitting considering it's meant to be an 'amazingly accurate depiction of whal life was truly like millions Ol years ago' You play a T-flex who must lead the other dxios m a lOurney north to escape extinction "There's a lot mote to

Doioworids than lust meets the eye M's a s'Miegy-puzzlei whch you can play 1 three ditterent


completely ditterent charactenshcs. plus they can also make independent decisions So it's all very involved Flag is similar as each ot the warlords (who you must challenge and defeat) have then own personalities, which means that each one must be dealt with in a ditterent manner.'

Dmowcrtoshas surprise surpnse, gal quite a lot to do with dinosaurs This is undoubtedly a good move as dinosaurs are renowned lor their    ~

commercial Qualities (Gc! a brand ol confectionery that isn't selling’ Slick a dinosaur on (he packet and it ll go like hot cakes') Not that we re suggesting lor a mmuft Ihat Anoworidsis merely cashing in on the dxio craze No' Here at AMIGA POWEfl we think dinosaurs are great - there's always

agaxist the MHHMN computer, against a

(rend or as a conquest Theie are eight ditterent breeds of dinosaurs to .    con1’',; and r ach dinosaur

"    has a mind ol its own so it

can be very difficult But it's also an incredibly rewarding game *

Verdict so far: At the moment it looks like BeastbaD will only be released on the 1200. and Aggers is conning first out on the 1200, followed by a 5OD6O0 issue Flag will be a S0O 600 release only and Anc worlds is lo be put out on all Amiga formats Watch out lor them - it's going to be a busy year tor Millennium • LINDA BARKEN

Tlil ckjp iuy look llk« oa alia*. Sat ha t ■OL Ha'! a ouoar. HooaM


Game: Alfred



Mindscape Authors: Twilight ETA: September

Briefly: Allied is a checker The creators speak:

a bizarre hybrid cross between ihe squawking* ol farm-yard poultry and Received Pronunciaiion English No not really, rial s just my mile joke I taked lo Mmdscape s Mr Nee Guy. James Morns.

■he lilted me in on the plot details wiihoui a him _ el embarrassment, an repressive leal lor a     '•* Jrfl

grown man when talking senousty about chickens with girilnends 'All ol Alfred s Inends have been eggnapped by the evil Meka Chickens, and whisked ofl kilo their strange lair ' Do you fw* Ihe word whisk'

was pul m there as JHjap

an extra omelelle-

related gag or am I

jufl reading loo

much into whal

people say Ihese

deys I wonder bui

back lo James 'Along

•nth an ol Allred s males

ha girlfriend Floeiia has also

bean grabbed but Allred's not too

bothered about getting her back, as she's

just a girl ’ Oh dear, obviously Mr and Mrs

Chicken didn't raise their boy properly,

otherwise he'd have been a more caring.

Dcprcucd at ih< baflility el hit environment, Allred termed hl« own little florin cloud el uetupplnett.

them lor thirty seconds or so Take it away, James.

To help you elobbei all ihe clockwork mice and snails and things, you can find a gun lhai fires eggs ai them' Whal'’ More ludicrously politically unsound behavwur from this so-called hero7'

Surely breaking eggs is tantamount to kilmg h.s very own offspring7 Is ihere a sinister subtext lo this superficially cute game that James isn't telling us aboulHe wouldn't say. He did point oui lhai ihere are secret rooms, switches to make hidden blocks appear, and special doors that zap you to another pad of the level Oh. and that it'll be out in September Can't wail Verdict so far: Looks like it's going to be another one ol those cute, console-style plattorm JH romps where you coiled things betoie going 10 another level ’    1 And collecting more things


f \ A ''    been pretty

XflmSwm    popular on the

Game Boy. ihere

seems little pomi

' ™ • JflT *0' 'he Twilight boys and prls (who are doing Alfred on a* manner o( systems) to change anything Before we gel back to James last bit. I'll usl say lhai Alfred's a bit ol a cube, with trademarks like bnlhani dtvmg beak attacks lhai either get ihe baddies or slick turn lo the door, and a couple ot those bored looks around that piallorm characters tend to produce when you've not moved

90s New Age man' type Of chicken

There are ten different worlds, with two levels on each. The worlds are all themed so there's Cheese Wodd. Toy World. Wood World and so on Alfred can collect VM n diamonds and watering cans

«k> jHH ,0' e,!,air,!s who

thinks these up7 Ed) and has W to comb each level to find balloons, when he pecks Once he's burst ihe last balloon, he's transported to the nexi level'

It all sounds a bit bog-standard lor a pialform game but

- 'I'     'J





Brainwashing was the new craze around the AP office this month. By writing catchy phrases on pieces of paper and sticking them up everywhere, the team hoped to subliminally influence oihers. So how did the experiment go




Lnda surrounds herseil with a lot W or tack but she seems ic have


' I

1    ■    Wr

►aard a p’asnc JHCjj'

" .

itvat 'For God so loved the world that he gave his only  begoller son ' Locking around. we found two bits ol paper lhal had clearly had an effect One said LUST AFTER POINTLESS THINGS and the other PRACTISE YOUR PREACHING. II worked1


Stuarts mam tope of conversation    Jacquie tried to sell her llai this weekend The

thrs month has been his parents    problem s - it doesn't actually belong to her. Sun. she

From all lhal we've been told. Mr and    wasn't going to let a pitting detail like that mm her

Mrs Campbell are truly great and.    plans and so the hat was put up for auction

although we've never met them, we    m the AP office with an initial staffing

love them deaffy Did you know, lor    HHB pnee ol £2000 Hallway through the

■ example, that Mrs Campbel never    *    proceedings Colin the Publisher walked in

eve'forced young Master Campbell    flP    and got a bit caught up m the spmt of

lo eal hs greens1 And she makes    things Alter a lew mmutes ol

ace cases Wh.it« parent1 Further    energetic bidding Jacquie

-    ■    si Hat to Com

unearthed the phrases    lor £2000 and 15 pence A

RESPECT vqiir PARENTS and    piece ol paper with the


ORE OFTEN Go figure     Bfr PROPERTY was later

lound stuck on Jacques in-tray


For a wh 'a. we gave up ta a -ig to Tm Nothing he sa d made any sense

iWv    whatsoever

Even a simple question, like ‘Do t • * you want a coffee7-, led to a ’Bp* ventable barrage ol nonsense along the knes ol "The last lime    \V

I look a dog lo* a walk it staffed    

lo ram heavily The besl thing A \ lor corns are those round little pads you gel m Boots ‘ II took VL.U l us ages lo Imd the SAY .. /. y ‘ ANYTHING message    1    

that was cunningly


L • I    AP binder


Mark responded to his subliminal I message very well indeed All month Mark has been following Colin the Publisher around, making notes n a nng-bound i notebook When Mark tell asleep latter playing S-m Earth) we posed the notebook from his lingers and settled down lor a good read "Monday Apni 26th 3 15 pm. Coin went into the ST Format office and asked if anybody had a light He then proceeded through the old Your Smdair office at a leisurely pace of about two maes per hour * After two pages ol this we all fell asleep loo. but not after peeling off the paper from Mark's glasses - it read SPY ON YOUR SUPERIORS


Being an alien, we thought Dave

might be immune to the biainwashmg process so we stuck ffl the phiase DO LESS above tvs JM Mac We weie stunned to see that \ Dave actually did staff doing less. R and less and less Eventually this got so annoymg that we had lo 3 ask hen to do some work Dave W was contused "But this piece of A paper that you stuck on my B y Mac says DO LESS I was only obeying orders '

RH B Aiicns ■    ‘    I

so literal    B


Lisa hasn't done anything out ol the ordinary this month As usual she's plied us with cream cakes and chocolate and urged us all to have large lunches. Mnd you she has been loming in the eat ng binge - which is a liny bit odd All was explained when we sported DIGEST FOOD on one ol her posteis Next to it was MARRY AND REPRODUCE, which we quickly removed Just in case


As we expected. Jonathan refused lo be brainwashed We managed lo stick two phrases on his desk and waited for something lo happen Luckily, we drin'i expect much so we weren't too disappointed    *

when Britain's tallest W waigamer sauntered into the AP office and asked us why we d stuck bis  0 Ol paper saying

REPEL YOU r to his desk We I tried lo explain the

I theory behind it an but JD B ■ B just thought we weie

being silly and left with

k a slcxcal trown hovenng around his lips


Dave bemg an ace drummer and a good cook, isn't shod ol pals but has acquired another, extia special. Inend Dave's new chum is his Amiga 1200 and he's been showenng it with the kind ot attention usually reserved ler one's very best mates The rest ol us got so annoyed when Dave slopped mviting us lound and I wouldn't even come lo the pub with us (when we offered to pay1) that we went and took down the piece ol paper that said THE COMPUTER IS YOUR FRIEND from his wall He's piomised to come out with us torvgbt




















Game: Goal! Publisher: Virgin Authors: Dino Dini Price: £30.99 Release: June

Dino Dini is heading your way, with a whole new ball game.




•) -

OB Good afternoon and welcome to the show Today we re going to look at Ihe comeback of a near legendary player. Dmo Or and assess what he has to otter an increasingly competitive sport TERRY The boy Dmo. 'e's a good lad who really understands the game He's had a lot o( well-deserved success m Ihe past with Player Manager and the hugely popular Kick OH and Kick OH 2. and now he's back with. er. GoalBOB Why's It not called Kick OH 3. Bnan’ TERRY Well Bnan. it's something to do with the tact that it's published by Virgin, who don't own the nghts to the Kick OH title, and at the end ol ihe day BOB But is it anything like Kick OH 2* TERRY Well. Dmo himself considers Goal1 to be Ihe nalural successor 10 Ihe Kick OH games, so yeah, it's really Kick OH 3 m all but name BOB Of course we've seen some fresh talent in the game since Kc* OH 2's success, especially mat young newcomer Sensible Soccer

TERRY Yeah, the boy Sens*te. e's a good lad who really understands Ihe game In faci. he's the best player ever according to us and ail our viewers  Number One m Itie Readers Alt Tine Top 100 and Number One -■MG* POWERS Al Tune Top 100 - £di He s really given D.no some competition while he's been oul ol the game BOB But da you think he can come back. Bnan'’

TERRY Wei he's got a good past record, and he's certainty got ihe Ians behind him, so. sure, he's definitely m with a chance I never liked fas style as much as Sensible s. but mat's noi to say he can t prove himself worthy al this stage At the end of the day it s the football that counts, and the learn with me most goals al BOB So how do you think he's looking’ TERRY He's looking good, Brian he's looking good Detailed sprues with good animafnn, two zoom options, the further






Tb« (OHIfOl method lor Ike comer If limiter lo I throw-In.

Which looks like Ihii, lo cam lou d forfoiice.

on* with a Sensibie SoccaMypc iee< nd the near 200m gwing you a chance lo ivafy sea (he

fW; jPtTy when

you re dnttfeng and gong lor goal Switching between *w two is a simple mailer ol pressing fre space bar. wheh you can do al any point tn the game When all ts tad and done. I'd say ties the best looking loot ball game ei h ft game al the moment BOB Let's now go down to the ground and see the state ol the pilch Hello Bnan can you bear me


11U Good afternoon Brian

BOB So Bnan wtiai's the pilch looking

fee down there

JIM Well you've goi a choice belween dry. -..■a muddy and Wembley (WemWey -Ed) No, it's Thursday - Ttn) (Me too.

M'S go ky a dnnk - Ed}, and you can altar the wind speed loo. Plus you can view the game noruontaliy or vertically, both with ether 01 the two 200m options BOB What's 1 he wsfciiiy like

JIM There's a scanner on screen tc show the state ol play an the rest ot tie pilch, but you can move it around tie screen it it's in

the way ol the action, or turn it ofl altogether it * simply annoys you BOB Thanks. Brian, we ll see you later JIM Cheers Brian [BACK IN THE STUDIO]

BOB So it's certainly a good looker with lots ol view options, but how's n playing  TERRY Well, although the control system's very much based on Kick 012. it's been vastly improved U s really the opposite to Sensible Soccer You hold the tire button down to trap the ball, and let go ol it to pass to the nearest player m the direclun you're lacing Dnbbhng the -♦

in * Q**r wkKh.

COiflKftdCOtelty, to tke IM feme Now fM I

Tkc close ■p view is food lor wkee you fd dote lo Ike irei end yoa re foinf for f eel. H you like fkol ion of ikinf.


BOB But s it intuitive play

TERRY Wei I never found Dno's earlier games easy to get to grips with, but this is a lot better You actually get the tooling that you re m control ol the game and not dominated by it A lot of people found Kick Oft 2 loo difficult, but with Goal' you can alter the difficulty level, which enables you to work at your own pace    .

Difficulty is really defined by how fas! you and your opponent play the game. w ch means that at a low difficulty the game s    K,

actual'y slower lhan Kieli Off 2 but at the highest level it's SUL about 30 perceni faster wh oh VH

ball involves pushing the icysbck m the direction you want to go. while shooting is just a press ot the fire button, with aftartouch H you need it BGB Ail the siandatd options really. TERRY That's ust the start, Brian You can chip the baft, by pushing the joystick up and down quickly, header when the ball's m the air. do sliding tackles - it's all there, and more It's a bit more realistic to play, too If you try to dnbble too last you lose control ol the ball, but with practice you can perfect certain techniques mduding 100-degree turns (something you couldn't do in Kick Off 2). and quick changes of direction

Hire we cee pi j yen  lpnimi Iheanieleci' And Alia crcAlinj loane ipacc

HnUlMaH she., d give even

’    ' H •    '

■kpUa r 2 pro a challenge

BOB I ve noticed    I

that there s more    I

control on the comers.    I

throw-ins and free kicks too.    I

TERRY Yeah its a gieat system I which enables you to determine the height, angle and strength ol the kick With practice you can even score Irom a corner, something the gieat George Best was great at The boy George, e was a good lad. really understood the game    Jfl

BGB Wasn t Boy George a pop Singer. Bran1    /

TERRY I'd say that it has more control options than any other arcade football game.

BOB What teams wBl be playing. Brian TERRY Alt the Premier league's at there, with authentic home and a way kits and up-to-date squads, as welt as a liil complement ol International teams You can also edl them to create your own custom teams, change the names of all the players and redesign the kit designs and colours, although the actual statistics ol ihe individual players can't be altered, and the teams are all of differing standards You can even choose the referee lor the maieh. with each refs stalstcs determining what percentage ol fouls he spots and how lough he s on penalising If a player gels away with a couple of fouls, he's more likely to gel a yellow or rod card when he commits another foul later on BOB; Can we see that again. Bean'TERRY Yes. you can get an instant replay ol Ihe action at any po*H during the game, and you can forward and rewind at last, normal and frame by frame You can save any replays to disk too.

BOB: Is there anything you can t do’ TERBY Goal' has certainty got more options and features than any other football game around at the moment - it's stunning the amount that's m there BOB But is it an enjoyable game'’

TERRY Wei I'm happy to say that the whole experience ol playing Goal is a thoroughly enjoyable one It's a massive improvement on Kick Oft 2 in every way It's easier if you want if lo be. harder it you warn n to be. better looking, packed with options, boasts good atmospheric sound ellects and best of all. it's lots more fun 100 percent improvement overall. I'd say BOB Is there anyone who can touch the boy now. Brian

TERRY Well, despite all my trumpeting I have to say that it's still not quite up to Sensible s standards There s something

about Sensible

Soccai that transcends every other game ever, and despite a good run by Dmo. this st* tails short SMI. it's a game of two halves, and at the end ol the day it s the lootball that counts and the team with the most goals FADE TO CREDITS]


® UPPERS ITa got

everything you could plausibly aak Irom an arcade soccer game without being ridlculaue. The difficulty settings help enormously lo gal you Into the game. Uaseive Improvement on the Kick Off garnet, great lo look at and good footballing fun to boot.

® DOWNERS Still not completely happy with the control aystem. There’s loads Ol options, yas, but It somehow seems leas obvious than the Sensible Soccer controla.


The bottom line la that this la a very good football game. Soma will love It more than anything else in life Itself while others will atfll find the controla Irritating and turn back to Sensible Soccer. You know which we prefer, but don't let me put you oft, thle la worth every penny. Brian.


Goal! actually rune A1200 quite e bit better on Ihe 1200,

because II doean'l alow fjH -down when there's Iota of A I [ playera on the screen. Ufa “

19 9 3



m/mm h loam 1rd

Game: International Rugby Challenge Publisher: Domark Authors: Oxford Mobius (code). The Kremlin. Mick Adams. Jason Cunningham. Matl Hicks, Alex Keazor, Jo Myers. Alan Tomkins (graphics). Martin Walker (music and sound efiecls).

Nathaniel Wilson, Kris Hall Price: £25.99 Release: Oul now

Since I started working lor AMIGA POWER. I've had a lot at abuse Irom various quarters Readers, rival journalists, complete strangers «the street, my own parents, they ve all bad a pop it's all water ott a duck's back, ot course - I'm Irom Scotland Now. though tor the tirst time, something s happened that's made me seriously consider my tutuie as a wner I'm laced with a three-page review ol International Rugby Challenge, and I really and truly don't think I'm going to be able to find the words to describe lust how dreadful it is.

Let's set out our stall by starting wXh a quick companson The previous lowest-rated game ever m AMIGA POWER was European Champions by Idea, which got a less-than-impressrve 4% in issue 17 And European Champions «s, approximately.

Hit (oivfntom art a ckvckli and a hall. Chidi o«i iM ilia ol tkoia liaaiaia* ko ikli Ift-yardi-ott effort.

Wfetraai lo tkia further-off (hoi, tk« froindiooi narfclnj Ike pitch lines do a rtf 90I borad halfway.

A challenge Yes. International Perhaps. But is it rugby It would appear not.


MM. TW <*,

mm Iw •« Man Na


THe line M<

(iKiMMrt, iri r*n eaij la IM njM tbrawfb tfca ai«i> al H

You tkdn'l (ofgel lo choose a shorter match length. did you1 Because (he game IS prone lo locking up m the middle ol a scrum it you play a longer game Good

Damn Being methodical isn't going lo work - there just isn't enough space I'm going to have to go lor the edited highlights' approach instead Like how m two-player mode, you can’t both use a joystick Like how it's practically impossible to tackle or be tackled, and hence the game consists almost entirely ol one team kicking oft, you picking up the loose ball and running it straight m (or a try. Like how when you cross the try line, you automatically put the ball down without getting the chance to run it m behind the posts Like how when you kick a conversion your player's strip changes to white shirt and black shorts whichever team he's playing lor Like how the line judges are always the same number ol pxels m heighi when you kick the conversion anO hence look six inches tall

when you're doing a close-in one Like how players try a diving

tackle, then immediaieiy do another one I'om the ground, then another one and another one. so they're Happing around looking like they re swimming a 100-metres butterfly race Like how the bail catapults around senselessly at random and Ireguently dsappears completely oil the screen, leaving the scrolling lo catch up with it live or six seconds later Like how the player you control is almost never anywhere near the opponent with the ball, even though he's got three ol your men practically starving on his toes, or how it the ball s loose one (or more) ol your players can actually run nghl over il without Peking it up or commg under your control Like how sometimes you can actually have the ball but be controlling one ol the players in your own learn who isn't the one who's holding it Like how the bars so small -*

Oil ol my »«n liwwili Mi -Scoilaad, In ika allblue llrfp, take on Iraaca, lo lb«, or. all blaa lot ot paapk iavalaad lo wrrtias ihli

SO tones better than International Rugby Challenge Now (gulp), let's gel specific The only way to do this. I think, will be to be methodical So lei's start with the options screen The default set-up has you paying England, agamst Scotland, using mouse control (ol which more later) in a rOmxiutes-each-way match To change any ol these options, consult the manual tolxidoul whal the icons mean, then jerk tie pomier slowly across the screen with me mouse and hold the t re button down lor a couple ot seconds until a menu comes up Mostly, these are (airly obvious - i you don't want to play as England, ekek on the iitile team crest icon until it changes to the side you want

It, however, you want lo change the opposition (or it you want to play as Scotland, who you can't choose al lust because they're your opponents), things get a bit more complicated First you have lo go to the Number Ot Players' menu and select two players' Now the game alows you to ClCk on both the learn crest icons and you can choose your tavountes Go

back to the players' menu and choose one player' agam. Sian the game Suddenly you realise you're stil using the utterly rideulous and unworkable mouse control Quit I he game This brings up a stals screen M ol great  into like haw many 'trys you've scored and how sm much    I    , .

possesion' 1    *

you've had. so have a bit of a chuckle then choose ihe Manage' option which in fact gets you back to the initial options screen Choose joystek control, and lor good measure read Ihe instructions on how to operate it properly 'When not in possession ol the ball, dick fire and hold to retain possession' Mmm, sounds like a good one Right, time lo start the game property


- V -


Mur mvF luid Dat*: 1S/7/93 Ulnd: Calm

Th* laafbabh-lMad \ Quick Starr aptiaa

\tkrowi fM cfeaifbl late a Mid Nfad yaa, I daal I raaaabar

J Manaytlald ha.la, / a capital latter la / th* alddlc at Id

A labalatM all aetiaa that Cant Tee pMt leel ihe raar at tka

bar*, wafer

jama, waraai Ikaraf




[n«f and













TE HR 110R V




0 7/





IREKl rs



Cam faa ip<H 1« Alibiiita Blslahi oa Ak iMkkBihei, mainl

and difficult lo see. and when the other team's got it the player at possession isn't highlighted, that you can never te> where it actually is L*e Ihe 20-second loading delay belore and alter you kick a conversion Like how you can throw the ball backwards lor over 40 or SO yards Like how a ruck consuls of the two teams lining up at single tile behind each other a couple ol teel to the side ot the ball, which eventually leaps oft one way or the other ol its own accord Like how hne-outs are awarded without the ball gong out ol play bke how when you play Scotland agamst France, the two learns play m two practcaHy identical all-blue strips (both wrong, too - Scotland and France pay m white shorts, you clowns] which are impossAle to tell apart in the heal ol play L*e how ihe game calls Ihe French

■ flfbf I MU -411 b« ailanifccd ia dia<o*ct I hull Ihu If, Ib Ieci, a rack Ib frttfrtll kMhskM.

now. and I’ve never seen anything this bad The longer you pay ii. ihe worse it gels (the sound is a sick Oke loo. by the way) 1 loved Domark s original Rugby -The World Cup. but this, a year and a halt's development Later, is so elenor that it utterly beggais beiiel It's ritenor to everything In the world Ever • STUART CAMPBELL

national stadium the Parc de Pans instead of Ihe Parc des Princes Like how the computer side wil happily run around lor 10 seconds with the ball lying at their try zone, waiting lor one cl your playets lo come and Hop down on top ol H and score airy bke how when you pause the game, the aciion freezes bui the dock doesn'i -Stan a 10-mmuta game, score a Iry, pause, wait lor 10 mmules and unpause, and you've won

This hasn't been much lun to read, has it’’ Nci much zing. not much zp, net many jokes Fad is. I haven't ever started to list the awful, awful Haws m this game

Well. obviously I've sianed bui i haven't covered even hall P them)

You really have lo see ft ’ in action to believe it I look two days ol convvtcng before I'd believe that this was a (rushed veision ol the game and that someone wasn't trying to set me up I've been paying video games lor about 16 years

® UPPERS The manual la

slightly amusing, slbell useless is tar as helping you play tha gama goes.

DOWNERS Wad need

lha whola magazlna to Hat tham. We really would.


Quite simply, tha worst gama I'va seen since I started playing video games with Pong back In 1977 or thereabouts. I'm not exaggerating. In your worst nightmares, you couldn't avan begin to Imagine anything as appalling as this. Hall ol tha (Plowing score Is (or comedy value.


A bll faatar and not at

A12DD (e*ky. But Still more

abominable    «« -

than human balngs are equipped to appreciate.    L ■■

International Rugby Challenge is bad. But exactly how bad Is it We decided to set up a scientific comparative test with some of the most-bad things we could think ot to tind out.


Hundreds ol thousands ot dasths, tarrlbla atrocttlss committed In the name ol ethnic cleansing', the disintegration ol anlire nations Into srdlass waning faction* pitting brolhar against brothar and lathtr agalnat son.

■adnasa Rating: Not Nearly As Bad As Intemetlorul Rugby Challenge.


Hundreds ol thousands of dasths, rails! supplies balng looted and plundarad by corrupt officials, starving peopla balng shot by the apposing sides In a prolonged and polntlasa civil war.

Badness Rating: Closa To, Bui Not Quit* Aa Bad As, Internationa/ Rugby Challenge.


Slight speeding offence punished by llle-threetenlng assault with heavily weighted sticks, perpetrated by lour armed police officers against ■ dalancalasa man lying motloniass on tha ground. Lad lo huga riots In Los Angeles area, causing millions ol dollars' worth ol damage and sevaral deaths.

Badness Rating: Approximately Hall As Bad As International Rugby Challenge.


Winlon destruction ot a vital stctlon ol ths planet s atmosphere by entire population ol tha Induatrlallsed world. With aerosols. Lowered resistance to lethal ultraviolet radiation causa* massively Increased Incidence ol skin cancer, not forgetting catastrophic cllmecllc change and global warming, which In turn bring* on malting ol tha polar Ice cap*, widespread flooding ol much ol lha world’s srabls land and hence massive lood shortages. Combination ol these affects almost certain lo lead lo complete eradication of human lit* on lha planet within the next 200 years.

Badness Rating: Would causa death ol Jeremy Beadle, therefore Still Not Aa Bad As International Rugby Challenge.


Sell-explanatory, really.

Badness Rating: Actually, This On* Probably Is As Bad Aa International Rugby Challenge. But H a A Close Thing. And No Ulstake. (Right that a H, you're coming with us, aonny. Gel In the van. - Tha Taala Police)




Thit b Ik* lob CM** ol

Ik* group He flag* io*gt which boot!

all ha«< ihii thill, baa iha caa do if ia kti darti anal ikaa ihi ml ml ■>

1 Jk* laatmiitir. M«t

food of nMfU, Miarillr Aad kai ih« oah koi auiliblt fo (In ffoip.

Voai ■•ri«*fc«r It a haid §inar, Chech oat ffeal aaa for a ttan. Ha t the %wi yoo «aai to ihroa iaio a fljhi ai toot at pon

He io nl i fcictuf

First there was Legend. And now there

Game: Worlds Ol Legend Publisher: Mindscape Authors: In house Price: T8A Release: June

i m genmg a brt worried about review pokey here at AMIGA POWER It doesn1 take long (or ore Ol us to get sort ol typecast - Jonathan does the (tight sims and strategy war games. Mark gets anything violent. Stuart gets anything be wants, and now it looks like I'm the RPG/Adventure man No1 Please, guys -I II do the piattorm games you al hate. I'll do puzzle games and honzoniaty scrolling shoot-'em-ups. sports sms and god games, but please don't condemn me to a Me of working out spell systems and trying to pronounce my mam character's surname Don't get me wrong - I've got nothing against adventure games In tact. 1 realty like them But lust ll«ck through the magazine and you! see that thts month I've reviewed Krughtmare and Legend, tipped Legends Ol Velour and KGB. reviewed Nippon Sales Inc. and now I'm on Worlds Ol Legend Apart trom the lad that I don't know what particular legend' I'm involved m any more. I'm also not sure whether I'm m Mittledorf. Trazere or Moscow, whether I'm called Zolhen Runecaster. Marine Shafthassen the Elder or Omo Fagioii. or what the hel's gong on I yearn tor a name like Scooter or BiH, one that's easy to say and doesn’t suggest that I had an abnormal birth and that I'm incapable of getting on with people my own age (Look.

stop whmgmg and gel on with the review or II kill you - Ed)

There's a happy coincidence m this issue, as alteady mentioned - on page 71 you'll Imd a review ol the newfy-released-on budget Legend, which the game yust happens to be the sequel to Sc. it you're unfamiliar with the original. I suggest you turn there now and have a good read I'll just go and make a cup ol lea

Fintsherf1 Good, wasn'l it7 I wrote that Anyway. Worlds Of legend is the sequel, and I have to say that on lust took you could be mistaken tor thinking you d got the ongaral by mistake - the gams engine is identical I rkdn't have a lot ol room lor background details m the budget review, but I've got two pages here, so perhaps a little elaboration is in order First - the plot One ol the adventurers m your party receives a message telling him that h>s lather, the Emperor, has been assassinated Theculpnt seems to be one Ti-Mann MoChun. and you have to return to Impena in the Empire ol Ihe Moon to sort things out This involves a subquest m which you have to return the tour shards ol the Eternal Amulet to Aunt Sushiana so that she can telorm it and the Empire may be saved

The team consists ol lour characters a Barbanan a Wizard, a Bard and an Assassin You can alter some ol their characteristics before you start, and even change their sex and dolhmg, which i$  very politically correct I think Each character has his or her own special power - the Barbarian goes into a Berserker rage, the Assassin can hide at the shadows, ihe

Bard can sing enchanting songs and the Wizard oi course is pretty nitty at mage

Apart Irom the pkk. the other mayy difference between this and its prequei is that Worlds Of

Check everylhiej i* * mom lor irtoior*. tv«a that laddha.

This room look a bit ol workjas ««•.

but evenlojltr k coma io aia. I'm clover, lee

is Worlds of it.

(iBOirtd lo 111 picqMCl, Woridt Of hill of (iilara pioEiic.

(Mot Ike Drafoa urt kli4l raopi oil Ike dEBfEflEi lor 1 Cikk oe kin lo i«e It

Tki« icoB bHafi up ik« iavciloq SOCCB, where you CEE map iliEi bftwcia charade n.

II yoE f« fetfiaf mini) iliiyhiind Je e fifhl, dick oe Ike ckicktB Icoe EBd your yaay, «rt mat eve

Legend has a mystical Eastern background, rattier than a straight Owgsons and Dragons style. It's a good dea. but i s the only thing that separates ne two games at tee I Everything else is exactly the same, from the character selection to the control system

Perhaps this is no hid thing - after ri. you would expect certain similarities beteeen a game and its lollow-up And lagendwas a great and immensely popular game, so why change it True, but ii tie same lime it wasn't without its faults, and I can't help thinking that this would have been a great place to put them nghi Also, a it worth the money when whet it amouts to is a data disk’ We shall see There's a land map lo travel around and you use this to enter vanous different loans In the towns you can pick up dues, buy runes for spells, gel equipment, pray t temples, and so on However, ihe mam acton lakes place m the dungeons These ate (naturally) lull of pent, but they also eontwi gold, spells, weapons, scrolls and nevitahly the shards ol the Eternal Amulet There's also a number ol puzzles to solve, end keys to Imd which enable you to gel on and move further through the dimgeon. so your mind Is kept busy too.

If you're not familiar with the control system, this is how It works The view is aometnc 3D. and the play area is like a board made up of small squares You

Tk« raiaiof bowl ii MBd lo rail tpcllfl lofciher ObI

■ MB«MEl1«ri KOVC

<«llfl lo SpEllt.

Th« rsIlT icoB- This cEMtEf the whole IeEra lo liarl lifhfiEj, or lo froop together.

These Eft used lo choose which chared* perforwt ee EdioB, «Ed show the health of «Ech

The rijht EBd l«fl hsad Icoes. Wiapon fo Ie Ihe

riytil, EBd htyt EBd scrolls 1b Ihe left.


control Ihe four characters by clicking on wheie you want them to go with the mouse There are plinths around the play area which you use to make your character light and cast spells (r the case ol the Wizard) There's also Elliot Ihe Dragon (don't ask me], who sits at the side and does the handy task ol drawing out i map lo< you as you progress You'd think m these days ol amazmg graphical advances and

incredtte game designs like legends 01 Valour. that this sort ol game would go out of dale The tnilh is, Worlds Ol Legend is so much fun that * doesn't matter how tar up ihe RPG evolutionary

Ike liman Tl-Meee Mo(hiB. Hc'i Ihe fwy rtipoBiibit lor Ell this.

ladder it is - it works and it works well If you've played Legend you'll know whal I mean

But ihe criticism still stands that nothing's moved on smee legend - all you're getting is a (Mlerent plot It seems a shame when perhaps something more could have been done with it. and there must be a cheaper way ol presenting a game with exactly the same game engine. I'm going to recommend it. because it is so good, and you can never get enough ot legend, but I'm tinged with disappointment that some new deas werent incorporated • TIU TUCKER

® UPPERS Same at legend - loads ot fun, unusual graphics and delightful gameplay. Lots to do loo. with i spall system to gat your head around, puzzles to solva and scrolls to decipher. It'll keep you entertained lor months.

® DOWNERS Same as

legend. Seems a bit ot a rip-off to be sold Ihe same game with different rooms and quests - but then again, anyone who loved Legend (and that a a lot of people, myself Included) should be well pleased that there s more for them to get their teeth Into.


If you've never seen Legend, go for the budget version - you're gening the same thing lor a batter price. It you've gol through legend and you're looking tor more, this la of the same standard and la worthy of your attention, no doubt


- It runs with

A1200 noproblems f 1 ~

' / on ihe 1200. If] ” but ft's not any faster. U I ;

E f*sM, e*4 the lericrfccr appeera lo b« FMflfllBf e«E). Coward


TMI toOL TKm i a tarry la Du

bal nr wooor Ma, in a nw took m a ferry. I MU TM

It’s a world of laughter, it’s a world of tears. It’s a world of boats, and a world of

SAM: Wa*h! I«k! (tic.) Wk«r« eei I Ai. Zifgy Ufi ffid'rt m priaci arfio Cii 1I1001 iad kick tkiaft.

Ife SAM. And I u Eft diflii up ia ■

CHIC OHillll HP null, vial W fciad ol coo-r wonjecu li A jolag 10 io(«i

WOODY: A Hrjvfecrry. TORIOISI TYM THINE: No, a loci oil*-type iking.

Game: Woody's World Publisher: Vision Authors: Paul Andrews, Rodney Smith, Blair Zuppicich Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

POOLS OF DARKNESS which a why my grandmother never wore light-fitting underwear (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER.) MICHAEL ASPEL Ha ha ha ha Or slept with the window dosed, presumably  POOLS OF DARKNESS Exactly [MORE LAUGHTER FROM AUDIENCE ]

MICHAEL But I'm sure our nexi guest has never suffered the same problem Ladies and gentlemen The lalest in line lor a cule/console-esque ptattorms' label A game about a chap called Woody who's searching tor a magic crystal to save the kingdom Irom some unspecified evil or other Please give a gieat big warm welcome 10 Woody's World (AUDIENCE APPLAUSE ]

WOODY'S WORLD. Hello MICHAEL Woody's World- your detractors reckon you're trying to look fee Super Mane Brothers, but don't even come close How do you respond’

WOODY'S WORLD Whal detractors’ MICHAEL Wen. me lor nstance WOODY'S WORLD Oh Urn I suppose I do look a bit like a Mano game Slightly. But you could say that about any platform game, surety’

MICHAEL: Yes. but there's something about you in particular All that hitting-blocks-wilh-your-head business, maybe Anyway, let's talk about your graphics WOODY'S WORLD: What you you think ol them’ 'Woody fee 'em - that's what I was wondering on the way here!


MICHAEL They're well they re okay.

aren't they’ But not exactly startling All the sprites are a bit btehy. and. although you claim to use 32 colours WOODY S WORLD Sure do MICHAEL it doesn't look like more than halt a dozen or so And you look so Hat WOODY'S WORLD Probably because I haven't got parallax scrolling backgrounds, lor some reason

MICHAEL Oh well, at least everything moves slickly enough Which bnngs us to the music

WOODY S WORLD: Whal about it’ MICHAEL Well, how about givrg us a qu«k tune’


WOODY'S WORLD Crumbs Er. it s not all that good It sort ot goes, er, turn te le te turn te le turn. er. te le turn. er. turn And so on

piers. It’s Woody’s very own world of woodiness. Probably,




WOODY'S WORLD I (old you it wasn't wry good P taps it's just as well it's realty quiet, so you car hardly hear it.

MICHAEL Ha ha ha ha Now. to Woody

hmsetl He's an odd little tallow, isn't he

For a start, he doesn't seem lo have much

(i the way ot personality

WOODY S WORLD: I suppose

not. really Although you've

go! to admit it's quite handy

the way he can jump on    MI

baddies heads to kill

hem. ard someiimes !um

rto a prince who can

karate kick ihem art also

he blobs il he pcks up the

ngN sod of block

MICHAEL True. Although he

can I pick up a doak and glide

araind. can he


MICHAEL Or. lor that matier. ride on the back ot a dinosaur WOODY'S WORLD Huh’

MICHAEL Sorry - just my little pka I must say. though. Woody s media and

everything is just about right, and he lumps about rather nicely As controllability goes he coukki't be much betier WOODY S WORLD: So you reckon I play pretty well, then

MICHAEL Weeem up lo a point Each level stads oh looking very not wondedul exactly alright But then they just never seem to go anywhere Once you've seen the first couple of screens ot each one you've basically seen the w* lie ing it's just the same sorts ol obstacles over and over again Ard they lend Ic be spiead out rather thinly so there a ie lets ol completely empty areas.

* 'h ,us! the odd miniscule twddy crawling about WOODY'S WORLD Hurr*>h MICHAEL And going back lo this personal ty thing - the game as a whole doesn't seem to have one. does a Some ot the baddies are reasonably cute (rt you peer at them very closely), but you're unlikely to remember anything about them aher a day or two There's just no

coherent leer to the game to I it an together Even the levels have got boring names like Cave and Mines'

POOLS OF DARKNESS It's si'll reasonably good tun to play, though. I reckon But don't expect i1 lo last you lor very long There are sixty levels, but they're not breathtakrgly long, and with the passwords you should have it polished off within a week or so. MICHAEL What, with all the little secret rooms and things There are lots of them POOLS OF DARKNESS Yeah, they're a nee touch, but. like the rest of the game, they harrty set one's pulse racing WOODY'S WORLD Urn. would this be a good lime to mention my new book’ MICHAEL Thanks very much. then. Woody's World If you'd just like to stay put on the settee tor a mmuie we ll welcome my nexl guest, A320 Airbus A320 AIRBUS Hello IAUDIENCE APPLAUSE ]

(Could we stop this now. please’ - Ed)


MUCH SCUUV: It 14 nip, c.rty lltk Ccilurt, and probably worth about £50

level with., a boat

wilh tai


aid nn< h aa idle retting wibbty • Heel on Ihe water. PICAID: Picard lo InfiiMcrinj. I need warp cabinet immcdiiKly

® UPPERS The basic guti ol 11 work okay, and the levels are laid out In an orderly fashion, snd ss s result you'll be sble to plsy It - If you wsnt lo - for as long as II takes H to complete It. And you'd probtbly quite enjoy doing It loo.

® DOWNERS But It'S not very exciting. I* It While everything's competent enough, nothing sticks out ts being particularly brilliant. I'll try my very personal best not to. but I've a horrible sneaking feeling I'll have forgotten all about er,~ It by tomorrow morning.



It looks neat. It playe quite well. It doesn’t do anything wrong ss such, tt you re hungry (or more console-style action, Woody's World Is worth s gander. But there's definitely something missing here -Inspiration, probably.


.-v. I looked and looked. I A1200 really did. bul couldn't

honestly see any difference whan

Woody a World I s    f ft ~

running on an A1200.

Sorry about that.    / U ;


Game: Superirog Publisher: Team 17 Authors: Andreas Tadic Rico Holmes, Allister Brimble Price: £26.99 Release: Out now

Shock Horror In-Depth Superfrog Imposter Probe Alert' AMIGA POWER has conclusive proof that, far from being the most pumpeO-up and pert amphibian ever to don a dashing red cape. Superfrog is nothing more than a siar-struck pnma donna Thanks to our exclusive image-enhancement technology, we can i eve at that a poorly-paid stand-in was employed to undergo the ngours of ptaflorm exploration and suffer all those messy fatting on spikes experiences    J

Shunning NASA s generous □tier of a state-of-the-art CAT B scanner, or a bit Ol down-time on their Hubble space telescope, we opted lor what surely must be the highesl-lech piece of picture scanning equipment available today, namely our very own    l

Jacquie Spanlon' In the clinically-controlled    ,

. . ■ ■ ■ ■ • we established beyond doubt that the alleged super Irog' rsnt rtskng his

own gieen warty siun HI

preferring la basx m

me spo‘ gr-i at 'amj

A- G ii™ q-.ini non H

union st-nr<rogs perish I

by the bucket'oad lTIh j £

MARK A-e you ready    fjV fj *j

to Degm men’

JACClo c Ooc“ tx>    I    Si

si tnose Onfiysnc'es    I    111

MARK 'Aral snores')    

JACQlilE Thanks    K

Cam i have a agei    H

and a c'eme de    H

menihe chaser    H

MARK Oh hardy har    l •

har New I've got a    lip

picture tram the intro    .'Jji in I

seauence r«-e and    H

c"e '■o"' the cha-acter    >

Is it a toad Is it a newt No, it’s a platformer. With a frog in it

in the game. What do you think’ JACQUIE I think it's about time you got them n [WAVES

EMPTY GLASS] Look, you ~ i can get a pint m there MARK; No. but really.

Z does I tvs close-up took like the same frog as the game’ f Q . r

jgk    Bt

S iT'eS1

k    Hey. can I

B    go now

w We re missing somesenous dnnking lime

MARK; So there we have it, indisputable scientific proof that, tor reasons unknown, the frog m the mtro is some kind ol imposter Furthermore JACOUIE Twas on the good ship Venus. By God you should have seen us MARK Would you turn oft that tape recorder now please, Tim     /

Hmm. kicked the Jacquie / goes to the pub lots oke to / death methinks. so I guess / i s lime to gel ‘ou"rt to la « nq / specifies The b*g problem ft-.A, with pfattorm games is what to ■■■HH say about them I mean, love or VX C hate 'em. be really good or a compieie loser at 'em. they're al

PV by a txl of shrewd W product placement (Witch wore not gang to mention here it Lucozade want free advertising from us. they can oh what a giveaway - Ed) and then Douhce yOur w:iy m'Cugh virOu!

Itemed worlds, coeectmg corns am fn*t and ;..'T'o ng on the heads o< various oad guys Heard that plot before’

Okay Okay, so >'R talk about the game now There are su worlds to battle ,-oor way u-o-Qh beto'e you ;e -eu* ted w»w -.our gat nro lo-.esum.iM,) turad rack "to the hendsc-r.e ponce yeu ore.-were Each world « dnnded up mfo tour levels and. at the end of each level, you can gamble your bonus <t a Irmt B machme level to try and get an extra kfe or levot password Shoukl you  B struggle your way through to the

gamble your bonus In a fruit

tv machine'' 7


same game lei s ook a! Sup&'frDg as an example -


you' girty gets kidnapped bya

y i—


witch, ma yo v re

t* -

r r / w

fumed kilo a frog

v L


To getrei back .Ou re Itansformed ■nto a super reio

’ •

"You con

Shocked md locked up In 1h« pyrenidi, our hero still fciini found Ike iprinj louded spikes. Look down!

Almost friction tree turleces, freeiinj water pools end uity ice monsters - it's snow iokc, motet-


lands Ills llii arc line for siopplcj intrude ri, bul can ii imagine ik« txridii slrcssas and strains el working In luck a busy anvlroarnaaf And would your employer be able le yet leturaact I wonder.

andol 9i« tifift world, mere s another sub-gwne ei the lorm ol ■ shoot-em-up where you head to (he moon lor a fwval, high-tech showdown with the smoked witch

The Irog may have a cape, bul that’s aboui the extent ol h« super powers.  *ough he car jump on baddies a la Sane and Mane and take them oul But, and here s the first ol my dislikes, some badges seem to be rtminerabie to venous attacks hedgehogs, or brkxes with spikes or Iheu backs are obviously gomg to be bad news, but there •ra some others who  usl say no' to dying tor no apparent reason Even when you gei a handy if barely controllable) ite green thing which you can lire oil at dssani baddies, some ol Viem still siay stobbomiy alive Oh yes. and there's another power-up in lha term ol a little sel Ol wings, which enables you to tty

Well, nol leaky - it you press tire enough, you do get to flap tits cape a bn which slows your descent a little Sorry, bul I'm not impressed Nor was I wowed by the between level Irud machine sub-game it's all very nee. bul whal's the pant It's just a tut loo irrelevant lor my Idong

Playing through the levels. I think that the Team 17 boys have probably got

the diffeufiy curve spot on Despite the fearsome teputalon we put around ol us lot being games gods. I'm actually pretty crap at platform games, but I stdl managed lo get through the first world with no problem at al. and loixtd my progress siowng as the worlds got harder With level codes available, a good player oould jump through Ihe easy bits and head lor


Ihe Ancient or Ice worlds, where things gel really tough The Ice levels amused me greatly due lo Ihe almost total lack ol Indion so. once you gel going, you've ust goi la keep going, unW you either finish, find a long stretch to decelerate on or (more usually) you die

So there we have it. It's colourful and tunelul. but ultimately I've seen it all belore With Arabian Nights showing us that it IS possible lo do something a little different with platformers. Superfrog seems just a little uninspired Thai's not lo say lha! it's not good cos it is. but there are better ones out there and better Still, I think, to come • MARK WINSTANLEY

good cos i! is. but there

® UPPERS Great cartoon opening sequence eete the tone lor i thoroughly slick presentation. Good sound affects merge well wtth numerous boppy little tunes, end a plethora at secret passage* add longevity to the game

® DOWNERS Instant

death on the spikes - what a drag, as are the pixel-perfect Jumps onto the tope of baddies Also, tome nasties can be tumped on where ■■ others are oddly invulnerable. Finally, why doesn t the character in the game look like the Irog in the opening sequence A smalt point indeed, and completely Irrelevant to the game, but confusing nonetheless.


This line's starting to gel worn out but Svporirog I (yet) another last and slick platformer for the Amiga. By now. platform (ant must be In their horizontally-scrolling heaven, as the software companies are Mil up to epeed churning oul the sort of stuff we and up calling cute ptatformesqu* romp*' I just lound this one. for all Its speed, lacking In character end charm. You like platformers Go for Arabian Nights Indeed - it's more fun. deeper, and far. far mors lovable


yv. The game's

A1200”"**™    70 =

but the intro f K n sequence is ■ bit quicker. I U ■





A tricky problem here - ho«'i Diao )«ii) to yet oat of Hot

Game: Nippon Sales Inc Publisher: DMI Authors: Bruno Boz, Massimo Magnasciutti,

Paolo Costabel. Marco Caprelli Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

The sun was mailing or ihe skyicne. like butler or warm bread The sea looks beautiful al this hour, wher day and night make then bnel encounter The fishing boats were clacking m the mild breeze, but apart from thal the only no<se Tom could hear were me weary sighs of the fishermen as they prepared to make their way home lor the nighl. Ml only Katrina would return. I could make this my home.' he sobbed, gazing (oriomhy at the dark broodng doods as they moved menacingly in towards the harbour.

I’m sorry about that, it’s usl really hard to start a review about an adventure game, so I thought I’d go lor slock intro number seven - the Harbour Anyway

Nippon Safes Inc The first thing you notice is Ihe international flavour of the game A look at the list ot authors should indicate the Italian background, but it's set in Japan so it all gels quite contusing Amusing, loo. when the manual hurts us superb pidgin English like "hold down the nghi button ot the noise' and 'after getting into the umpteenth scrope he was thrown off the ship' I love it The first point ot reference with

Nippon Safes Inc is your Monkey Island Curse Of Enchanha type games You know, the new (ish) breed of adventures which are the latest word *1 user tnendiy control (you'i have to lorgrve phrases like user-lriendly control’ - they ust come out sometimes] You control your character by pomhng with Ihe mouse (or is that noise ) to where you want to go and the character laithluiiy follows The nght mouse button bnngs up a menu which provides you with your base options - open or    _

close, take, examine and talk

Having diawn Ihe comparison. I must point out stiaight away thai one ct the really nice things aboul this game is its ireshness and originality Yes we ve seen adventure games with

simkar interlaces, but Ihe look, feel and approach ot this one really make it something quite new

Plot-wise, you’re not given a lot ot dues to start with There are three characters involved ihe intelligent (but nerdy) criminal Doug Nuts, the strong but exiremeiy stupid Dmo Fagiofi and the starstruck variety actress Donrva Fatale Great characters, these, and straight away you leel you're in tor a treat ol a story. The game begms with al three ol them endmg up m (ail kx various reasons, not all ol them valid, and you lake control usi as they are set tree Various shifty individuals and mysterious stiangers lurk through ihe narrative and motrvale the gradually-

iti« put ii my pnttj, bul «oif i to got loll to.

_ yourself a job, son. A nice safe job What a cracking idea.

. ScoPf, in srao.

nwMiww pmm. MCf mm mym mmt tiwnca«k« mm. wi m rcs<M


rttnsriying mystery that drives me plot Sul here comes me difference - you don't control the characters as a party, you take the role ot each one individually The game authors have dubbed this the paralaction’ system, as game authors are •on to do when they I eel they've moduced something speoal The idea is fiat the three characters' stones run alongside each other, and are indissolubly inked (at the start of the game they ve never even met each other)

Thus you can play the part ---

ol any one ol the characters    I

at any time It you want A you can play one    /

chaiacter all the way    N

and finish ihe game. / men go back and play f 1 Irom one ol the atiei characters    wfk

pewits ol view Or you TJ could take ihe part ol ’9 fl Oonna uni you gel stuck tier switch to Doug Nuts and lake him as tar as you can go. and so on. Whatever character you're ptayng you cover simitar territory to the oners, but also find pads ol the game that you wouldn't come across, and you bump no the other characters at vanous points loo. Even choosing your chaiacter is a    tun, involwng one ol

Oouj's scarce ohi of kb nlnd hi Ike ukkii - me wouldn't fan be

complain about with this game Its only problem is a common adventure game gripe - loo much disk swapping It comes on live disks, and is hard disk installable, but it you haven't got a HD theie are times when it's going to wind you up. especially it you've only gal one dnvs

The only thing I haven'i mentioned is its size. and yes d's big Very big It's certainly going lo take you a while to hnsh. and although I’m ethrealty opposed to games being priced over £25. you do get your money's worth here. Vep. it's cod on al counts There s nothing left to say then but. er. go out and buy it • TIU TUCKER

Tli« m«1fo ’ in Tfoho if citrcin*hr bin.

done, hasn't it " fHo ho - Nobody at al)

A common problem with games ot this kmd is the level ol tkfliculiy it's very hard to pitch the puzzles nght m adventure games, and create the fine balance between mtngumg branslomners and imitating toughness Agar I think Nippon Safes has got the balance just nght here There are pans which wd have you baffled tor a long while, no doubt, but nothing so i/ilaihomabie that n makes you want to grve up Also, you've always got ihe option □t going to one of the other characters, remember, and somehmes their exploits can give pointers on how to make more piogress with Ihe others

As you might have noticed, there's not a lot to

Jml II fkc foci into kcr iptclil act.

Tkc square In Tfoho Tfoke n a fictional iapanasc cltf where a to) ol ika action la Ike sane lakes place.

Dina Is aos Ihe bail person lo Ihe world 10 talk someone ool ot e suicide anampi, cos he's stupid.

® UPPERS Great graphics,

thoroughly enjoyable plot, superb 'psrsltscfton' system lyes, parallactlon' - read the review, you lazy git), lashings ot humour and ust an all-round lop adventure gams really.

® DOWNERS Some ol the translation (It's written In Italian, with lour language options) la a bit rough, but you always understand what's going on.

I don't Ilka this trend ol games sneaking up lo the thirty quid plus mark and hoping we don't notice, though. Too expensive, but worth It In the end. I suppose.


An enormous amount ot tun Is abroad, and can be lound on live disks with the words Nippon Safes Inc written on them. Er, In other words it's really good. Advanturs gamers should buy Immediately.


, vs It s fully 1 Steffi 20D compatible. :

s—• but with no Un ; obvious enhancements. Uu ■

JUNE 1 g 9 3





It’s not all war and shooting in Mark Winstanley’s head. Well, not any more.

Nowadays he likes nice games too.

I’m sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so very, very sorry. The doctors here have been ever so understanding. I like the doctors. They've ted me. they've given me little tablets that make all the Bad Things go away, and they've even given me a room ol my own. It's lovely, and they've carefully covered all the walls and the floor with soft cushions so that if I fall over, I won't hurt myself. Most of all though, they've made me see how very, very sorry I should be. They've shown me the article I wrote last month, and I now realise that it was a Bad Thing. A very, very Bad Thing.

I’m sorry.

Doctor Leary's given me some paper and crayons to write things with. Occupational therapy, he calls it, he says I should


purge all the Bad Things out of my system. He says I should write about pretty, nice games. I like Doctor Leary. Looking back on it, I find it hard to believe that I could write about all that blood and all those guns. He tells me that I've got to realise that guns are not big or clever. Sometimes it teels like it was someone else who wrote that article, but then I look at the pictures and it's me, and I get all contused. Then the nurse brings me my pills, and I don't feel confused any more, just sleepy. I like the nurses.


Oops, choosing Dynablasler was a big mistake, but the doctors helped me see how very, very wrong I was. I don't like the punishment therapy, but now that the lights and noises have stopped I can see I was wrong. I mean, at first I thought it was a real culie - what could be nicer than getting together with tour ol your bestesl pals, and controlling funny little men around a big maze, being chased by iunny little blobby things

'But what.'’ said Dr Voorhees. at he adjusted the sellings, what you forgot to think about was what the game makes you do to your palt." And Dr Voorhees is always right. You collect bomb and llame power-ups, and try 1o blast your friends to little pieces. I used to think this was fun, I used to play it all the time, bul then again I used to think that guns were seiy. I must try harder tomorrow.




Today, dear reader. I weep big tears of grief. I tried. I really did, buf Dr Myers had the straps on the restraining couch tightened even before i d finished explaining. Rodlsnd Is ust so cute (1 thought) and so massively lovable (I thought) that no one could criticise It as a choice for even small children to ’ play. What could be more nicarer than two kiddles

trying to rescue (heir mummy from the clutches ol a nasty monster In a far-off magical land With j only a magical rod to bop the baddies, and an enchanted ladder to gel them out of trouble, these lucky boys and girls tumble playfully around the platform levels avoiding baddies almost as lovely and Huffy as themselves. Weeping sharks In  wellies, startled sacks of potatoes, lobsters, mad bunnies and nubbly-nubbly nee squirrels - they re all there, and you've got to slop yourself from stopping and stroking them.

BUT - I overlooked the horribly graphic scenes of violence as you beat the life out of these defenceless creatures. And I forgot about the bombs too, the weapons of mass destruction that tear the lives out ol other living thlngles Dr Myers tells me that hidden beneath the cute surface. Rod/and Is In fact a modern Tut - awl    - day parable preaching the virtues of the Ihe totalitarian arms trade

Urn prrtrr icim vICIBla from South Africa, and I for one believe him.

tobocod wtjalti ki> (Hpperi aad looks all flabby labby In.



When he saw what I'd chosen tor today. Dr Geln phoned ahead and got his friends to order some extra prescription forms. By Ihe time I’d told him that he'd got it all horribly wrong and that this game had nothing to do with the nasty nasty lilm of nearly the same name, he'd pulled down his big book ol special medicines from the shelf and had poured me a glass of water. But then he calmed down and said he was very pleased at my progress. Jumping from Ihe deep blue briny, the hero James Pond Is a funny little goldfish who's

protected Irom Ihe dangerous lack of water by his extendable Robocod suit. It's extendable because It. well, extends really, allowing you to reach up to Ihe lop of levels. Doc was delighted that the most confrontational event In the game was bouncing on a baddie s head, and that active co-operation between Robocod and various friendly planes and cars was not only encouraged but also rewarded. But I still had to lake my tablets. Something lo do with me

being such a special

Jui ia allow too how daffy <kti ]<« is experiment boy, I think. As I tfw kMfi by lor Om leanest bla Ja h. slept that night. I dreamt of

fish. On skateboards.


Errr... Monday

Ive got it now. I'm got it' As me and my can were being hosed down this morning, ihe icy water enabled me lo gel into a better and Iriantfe  slate ol mmd Biti was a race man who wrote lhi$ story ol a tomato's love for another one. and it now stands as one ol the gieatost romances of mi time Their love is hindered by 99 levels of funny pu22lemenl, and using only an strange blend ol buarre things like Ians, lack-m-the boxes and trampolines, you've got to blow, push and bounce Ihe lovely fnends from one side ol the screen lo the other There were stem frowns when ihe doclors noticed the tomato bursting whenever he trusses the platforms, but seeeig as we were having spaghetti boiognese tor tea. they d-dn t seem to camper very much




Ahh..    ■

fin on a ion now after dogging this old    S

Sjvounte irom the bottom ol my disk pile    *

vd gnnng it a dust-oft It all looks very    M

laied now. but two brontosauruses (or is    S

J-.ii brontosauri ) wandering around    »

piatlorm levels and blowing bubbles at the inevitably) cute, shuffling monsters is certainly my dca ol twee Doctor Bundy loved it. and was most

Wednesday (I think)

Tbe towns Hash by as I put as many miles as possible between me and the hospital while I finish oft these notes. My brain's clear and unfuddled by chemicals, and as a final, desperate attempt at sensible journalistic integrity. I leel I've got to slale the cases tor and agalnsl so-called cute' games lhat have permeated my being lo Ihe very core for the past. er. week Or was It a month

■abbli nMilan Wow, tf, wall babbitt I ■appall.

A packet of twee - Cute games are pure lanlasy. and never show anything that could be considered violent, well, no more confrontational than any Saturday morning cartoon show. In a world of overt sexism. cule games come out tops In Ihe politically correct stakes, as the heroes are alien heroines, and Ihe games appeal lo both sexes, rather than many ol Ihe more boysy' titles involving guns and tanks and Ihlngs. These are the fads that makes everyone agree that cute games are greal for young children, indeed Ihe entire family, but I now have my doubts. I believe that there Is a darker, more sinister side to these sweet games.

imposed " at I

'W even gat old Mr Nichoison Izom Ward C lo play with me He wasn't very good, he kepi getting lulled and calling me bad names bui he seemed lo like it anyway As a special favour. I was allowed lo sleep m my bed tonight tor the lirst time in weeks Tbe floor had been so uncomlortabie

Sickly sweet conspiracy theory - The point of

games Is to have a good lime, and I leel thal a lol ot this

enjoyment Is derived Irom Ihe cathartic purge of

unwanted feelings. So If you're feeling down, you plsy a

cheery platformer and shed those blues, and It

you're angry at your neighbour, a quick shoot-

em-up will purge you ol all your violent

feelings. That's Ihe idea al least, but when

you get to Ihe cute games, where's the    r

purge Does knocking something

resembling a gonk oft a piatlorm amid

a shower of pretty stars give you a

leellng of achieving something Maybe

lor you. but nol lor me. matey. Show    

me a game featuring bunnies, and I II

show you a game lhal winds me up.

Show me a game, though, where you can call down napalm on your enemy, or press key F1 lo bile your opponenl s lace off - now that's what I call entertainment. •

Sun, nlilwn. dnfuin - all itw kallaiartu ol a H)kl toppi jaot


Doctor Kreuger lorgol lo give me my medication this morning, but I'm sure won't matter. This is it, this is Ihe

one After 3 week ol soul searching, I ve reached Ihe    f    \

pinnacle at lovableness, the summit of cotton-wool-

slufled. velveteen-lined, lacy-trimmed niceness. This time there was no-one to fault my choice or doubt lhat this game was so pacilisl. It wouldn't even hurt a fly. Moving on from yesterday's choice, it seemed wise to slick with the Iwo-player theme, and ll's been such a winner lhal they're allowing me back on the ward tonight. Equipped only with magic rainbows, the heroes have lo gel to the lop ol each level before the island sinks under the waves. They manage Ihit by climbing up the rainbows, which crumble away after a few seconds. All manner ol cule nasties are done away with by trapping Ihem

under the curve ol your rainbow. Lovely Certainty. Playable Undoubtedly, but I'm left with a nagging doubt. Although I hid my thoughts from Ihe doctors. I can't help thinking that it could be Improved if It had. I don't know, a flamethrower maybe, or some spring-loaded man-traps in It. II this is Ihe pinnacle of f M    cute games (as It definitely is) then either there's something wrong with

t A    ” /J JLYJ cute games, or there s something wrong with me. Msybe I'll make use ol

the reduced security I find around me these days. .

Fla Hus ai i<al laid, a fal kid tea ca Hi* k*ra without balls callad ■loary.




urn ENnr kiMbd vcnnv

The story so far: the

Hidden programming crew (pictured left) are writing a game about spit. Intrigued Now read on...

'. ..    1 t 93

[    Th« Christmas holiday it

M over, to what better way

*    lo settle down 1o Itie Now

than to do tom* work

on SpodUnd Wi1h Will all tied up (oo-er!) doing the programming tor Dong. I decided to pop out and tee tome old chumt at Dome toltware. Batically, I wanted their

"yHAKdtUf 4

opinion on what they thought of the claymatlon concept lor the Spodt. After approximately 97 cupt of coffee and endlest umming' and 'ahhing'. the retponte wat a meatly. ‘Well. It'* quite nice * Not exactly the "Wow! Amazing stuff' reply that I wat hoping for. So I'm really at a loose end at the moment - I don't know whether to continue with the claymatlon ttuff. or go back lo a more eonsole-esque look.

1493 y/nru/ii&t

Worked on Dong for moet ol thit week, though I did decide that I wasn't happy with black and white picture! lor the Spodiand spil-at-the-ceiebrity' tub-game. I wanted them in


colour! I told Will that I wanted a program which would convert a HAM plccy to a 32-colour one, and I wanted It by yetterday. I'm on a bit ol a power trip today.

1993 QA'n'UAT&t

Will came up with a program which did the ob. I haven't digitised any celebs yet though, to I made do with a plccy of


a tiger and converted that. The retult wat excellent - three tmug grins. Writing games It tuch fun.

I thought of another tub-game today. Thit one pult Ihe winner of the main Spod Spitting Tournament at Ihe bottom of the screen. He/she/it has a large pile of gold which needs to be protected. To make things a bit more Interesting, all the losing Spods keep trying to steal the gold. The Spodt are going lo move down the screen on different paths, but rather than Just making them move in a straight

line I'm going to let them jump left and right too. But they can t just move downwards as Ihe Spod at the bottom can spit at Ihe descending Spodt and knock them upwards lo Ihe top ol the screen. When the timer hits 0, the Spod who's managed to get to lo the bottom of the screen keeps the gold. The whole concept It similar to those crush a crab' machines that you get In the arcades. (It you sty so. - Ed)

1993 fM'K'UAT&i

Today I showed Will’s excellent piccy-changlng program to Paul (the bloke who does our 3D stuff). He was most impressed: “Nat bad - but

doesn't DPalnt 4do Ihe same thing ' We quickly loaded up DPajnt 4 and. oops! He wat right. (Good grief. Are we Still sure these are the right people tor the job - Ed)

w 1993

But enough serious techy talk. Here's a joke for you:

Q: I say. I say. I say. how many programmers does It lake to change a light bulb

A: None. They'll just tell the graphic artist that it was his fault it's all wrong and. as he's changing Ihe light bulb, he might as well re-decorale the whole room.

Yep. today Will showed Dong lo me and Simon. It wat definitely faster and smoother, but all Ihe graphics were


completely bodged So they all had to be redrawn, remapped and resized. Argh! All the graphics that were sprites are now bobs' (blitter objects), and vice versa. The main difference between Ihe two Is that sprites have their awn t6-colour palette, while bobs can use a much wider range of colours on the screen. Of course, what this really means Is that we've now got a hell of a lot of work lo do and that I'm ever so slightly annoyed!

i \ ■ >

y /gj


ttf t

Attar a long period of rest on the Spodland project (due ta work on the recently re-tltled Donk - WH Smiths objected to Oong' tor same reason). I laund the only lloppy disk containing all ol the work I'd done so tar. After wiping sway Ihe dust and loading up Ihe plccles. I decided that the

claymatlon concept was sllll the best look lor the Spods in Ihe game However, I'm not exactly Tony Hart when It comes to sculpting, so I've decided lhat I’m going to design Ihe rest ol the Spods, and get someone else lo actually make them The question is. who

Keeping with the real-lile Spod look, and still In a decisive mood. I decided that I would make the Fight Arena look like the secret little magic corner which everyone has at the bottom ol their garden. (I know I certainly do. - Ed) After

getting some stones from Ihe beach, polishing them up and arranging them In my garden, I had to video it really quickly belare the rain sat in. The resull. once digitised, looks nice Very nice, actually.

Today I pondered the ways of saliva. How does spit actually fly and move, and, more importantly, how does it splat when It hits the target 1 devised a test, basically Involving spitting al various objects In Ihe garden, all set at various distances from where I was standing, and making notes on how Ihe spit got (here. (Don't try this at home.

kids: your mum'll give you such a clip round the ear. - Ed) It didn't really prove much other than the more pressure you use, the further It goes. Nol exactly ground-breaking stuff, but It can be translated so that the longer the lire button Is held down, the more powerful the spit.

luc drxtf 16

Really grassed everyone out today when I fried ta digitise my spit

'WcdncicCatf 24

guessed that the person who wrote Ihe best looty game ever would support the best learn ever - up Ihe City! (That's enough olthat. - Ed)

Went lo see Norwich City walk all over Aslon Villa today (Well. It sure beats football. -Ed), and who should I see there but Jon Hare from Sensible Software! I should have

Managed to drag Will away from coding Donk lo do a bit at coding for the Spods

wcdMC&deuf 31

t993 Wst‘Re'%

Will presented me with the start of the Spodland source code This mini-listing deals with Ihe setting-up ol the base pointers, one for Ihe hardware and one lor the variables. Apparently these are used to help speed up the program and make it easier lo read. They then switch oft the system, which stops all Ol the Direct Memory Access (DMA) and interrupts.

This makes the Amiga suddenly all vulnerable and unprotected, enabling it to da things It wouldn't normally do. Will likes to think ol as a blank book, waiting lo be written In. He s a bit poetic that way. The main guts ol the program are then Initialised, followed by the main loop ot Ihe program - which I'll tell you about later.

Anyway, that's your lot lor now. If you ve gol any dais tor Spodland. please send them in - II is the AMIGA POWER game, after all. So. until neat time, this Is Craig saying Byeeee! (Do that once more and you're fired. - Ed)






In today’s fast-moving society, life is busy and games are hard. And from time to time we all need the helping hand of Jonathan Davies, with his magic bag of level codes, secret rooms, and infinite-power-up cheats. Yes, you can live forever - with AMIGA POWER.


Thu a another rea y big. important game mat s attracted lots of attention tram the more top-raided among you What we I do a present a random assortment of your thoughts on the game, ranging Irom sets ol codes to cheats and general tops Here's a typical example, from Stephen Jaeques ol Newt«gg»i-by-the-Sea: "On world one, level tour, proceed to the left the long way round] and then up to the left unlri you find the entrance to a forest which should be on the right side ol the screen Don't enter yet. though Go left and 14) a bit more uitil you find a party power star Cded t and run back to the forest entrance before the counidrwm runs out

'Alter appearing n the tores) you shoiAd notice both characters are powered up at firepower and speed, just as H you had collected the party power star, but there Is no countdown so your characters remain kke this untot you lose 81 your Irves I'm not sure it this works in two-player mode, but it does In one-player and CPU mode *

And here's another, this tome Irom Nek Bndger ot Wes) Maftng: Tve found the Wowing cheats lor Chaos Eogne Go to one-player and CPU and then, on the password screen, type:

HHGGFFODCCB tor Thug and Preacher with 13 lives each and 57814 cash, or

JJMHGGFFDOCC for Nawie and Bngand with 8 lives each and 10605 cash.’

Giang Tong ot Bristol starts of): Tve found these one-player passwords, which start you on world one, level one: BBKMWQW48R35 lo be Bngand and Gentleman.

BBJUQWQ«5R35 to be Mercenary and Name,

BBJLQWQSSR35 lo be Mercenary and Thug *

And so * goes on for ages and ages, with subtle variations on this one password, and gets a bit bonng. to be honest So we'll cut twe oft there and move onto Anon of Coventry, who's simply got some level codes: 'They're lor Nawie (human) and Bngand (compiler)

GWCHS0US7JN - world two V35078X6S7WH - world Ihree 6UCDXU25S7V2 - world four,'

Ian Wilkams ol Bedford has a rather bolder claim lo make 'For the last word in Chaos Engne power-ups. enter the two-player password NIF04C56Q2UO This w4i put you in world two with full power-ups and a fat wad of money And as if that wasn't enough, when you finally reach B'a Chaos Engine Boss it's impowbta lo <ke! Thereafter, worlds three and lour can be accessed via the I ol lowing two codes:


Srck ol Chaos Enpne codes yet7 Tough “While playing Chaos Engne. I must have coprod one of the level codes down wrong or something.* admits Maunoa V Cray of Maasskiuis (which is probably *1 Belgium) ’Because, when I restarted the next day. I found that my party's fortune had grown considerably. I could buy anything al all. and it tkdn'l take me long lo finish this great game Mind you. even with virlualy infinite money ttxs game is no pushover

T found Ihe codes whke playing Nawie and Bngand. so you'll have to put up with hen and his mate:

ZBVKL9ZN5717 - world one 3V4JI4NJ48QC - world two QVWHNiMPISMQ - world three *


(Team 17J

The trouble with really popular games is that, il they've got cheat modes, roughly haH Ihe population ol Europe seems to tfcscover them simultaneously and send them etto AMIGA POWER in Ihe case ol Body Blows il happened last Tuesday Now. the last theig we want to do is sound ungrateful - we don't know what we'd do without you lot sending m tops and thugs - but you'll understand if we don't list all 26.422.019 Body Blows topslers by name instead, here are three picked a! random Mary Danson ol St Helens. John Chapman ol Liverpool and David Pender ol Boness Oh. and the cheal (for the four or five of you who remam in ignorance) goes like lies:

Plug two icysticks *1. wait for the options screen to come up. and then push the lOyslick that's plugged into Port 1 tell and Ihe joystick that's plugged mo Pori 2 nght Hold them like that for about six seconds and a cheat screen will come up wheie you'll be able lo choose infinite energy and infinite credits end have the option of playing Max



Wa ve got absolutely no idea what Smnbbie Dibble is. or whether these codes will be of any use lo anyone, but Mrs M Woodruff ot BFPO 10* seems to Ihmk they will so here goes (And if this turns out lo be a joke at our expense, we accept no responsibility.)

Level 5- ENZOFERRAR1 Level 10 - PITBULL Level 15 GUNS N ROSES Level 20 - BATMAN RULEZ Level 25 - METAL CHURCH Level 30 - GUMMIBAERLI Level 35 - TESCHNO BIET Level 40 SOLI US

Level 45- EICHBAUMPILS Level 50 - GAME80YSUCKS Level 55 - HALLO LITO Level 60 - ANJAMOUS Level 65 0DINH0L1HN Level 70 - SPERMINATOR Level 75 - TACH NANA Level 80 - YOU SEXY MF

fwMl Njm ■ kiU ea breaae lint



T'm writing to tell you about a krxl of cheat lor Lemmings 2 ' begins Paul Guemena of Marlborough To make the game much. much, much easier to complete, on the first level ol each tnbe save only one lemmng. lor which you will gel a bronze medal Now go through al the other levels of that tnbe with just one poor, soklary lemming, making it a lot easier Each time you save this lemming, notice that you get a gold medal. Now. when you've done al ten levels on. say. the Mecfeeval Tnbe. select Award Me' which writ come





lm Billioa credits Lets Uhl ofl ind mukm tl ul« froo Ofbii - tfi Iha only maj lo be ur«.

vr. *arsrjL — rr

(Team 1 7)

i ve found a cheat that comes ai very handy.’ mils Maithe* Froude oi Wainngion 'Select the two-player mode and switch the Share Credits option on Then start I he game On the first level, go lo the computer and log on Instead ol typing PPEAB lo go straight lo level ten. as suggested in AP 23 type PPPEAB (Nate the three P's )' (Cor) "When you now log alt you'll go suaighl lo level ten. but it you go lo ihe nearesi computer a tew screens above where you sian) and log on you'll find you have a staggering five mil on credits, which really helps *


(21st Century Entertainment)

Some more codes, from Dillon Eyre of Bndleglon

EARTHQUAKE - use hh as much as you want VACUUM CLEANER - dear all high scores FAIRPLAY - clear all previously-entered cheats


1)    I'm enraged' - Michael Hodgson of Sedgeheid

2)    "My head nearly exploded ’ - Matthew M of Nealh

3 ’Are you Stupid or something’" - A Phillips ol Marshhetd

4)    "Why oh why *- Graham Brookes of Telford

5)    ’l ready canceled my subscription ’ - Ian Aston of London

up after you've completed the last level of a lobe This will show that you ve ganed a sfver piece of talisman. Now sxnpty go bach lo the very first level of tie trbe and complete it. saving every lemming. You'll recerve a gold medal lor that, making it all golds lor your Inbe. Agar select Award Me and the taksman wit now be gold! If you repeal ihrs mbe you wil compiele Ihe game it a reasonably short amount of time, but a wont be easy4'

To be quite frank, we lost Paul somewhere near the beginning there, but ha might have something



We don't make up Ihe lips n Compiele Control Which means thal these pages can't hope la survive unless you lot out there keep serving in your lips, cheats, level codes highly personal observations and all Ihe rest ol it There are pn2es lor Ihe very best ones, SO send everything you can possibly muster to Complete Control. AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW


(Blue Byte)

Why a A thal lips lor games like Body Blows lend lo come scrawled in biro on ihe backs of old chocolate wrappers and things, while wargame tips arrive neatly word-processed and immaculately spell on ensp sheets of A4 Thai s the kind of ihasg you begn to nobee when you're hall-way through Compiele Control You also begm lo get reefy, really annoyed by the wtvrnng noise the printer's making n the comer ol the room, and the way the Shfi key on the keyboard doesn't seem to work about every tenth time you use i. so you have to look 14) at the screen each time to check it worked, and you can't help thinking about all ihe really great telly programmes you must be missing You also begin lo measure every key Stroke n pence Thai last sentence was probably about another 23 2p or something, lor example

Pad Kirby ol Leeds has some helpful advice lor History in players And it's so neatty typed it's hard to see how AMIGA POWER S typesetting process could possible do it justice.

Over lo you. then. Paul ‘firs!, here's a complete sal ol codes


Level 1 - Pulse Level 2- Goose Level 3 - Sport Level 4 - Bimbo Level S - Tempo Level 6 - Baron Level 7- Bumm Level 8 - Level Level 9 - Toxn Level 10 - Pmc Level 11 - Clean Level 12 - Xenon Level 13 - Signs Level 14 - House Level 15 - Sigma Level 16- Seven Level 17 - Zombi Level 18 - Moves








Level 19- Blade Level 20 - Zorro Level 21 - Stone Level 22 - Mosel Level 23 - Order Level 24 - Sodom


‘(Not that you need these codes because they're conveniently contained wither Ihe instruction booklet.)'

What’ Weil IX be biowed if I'm typing them al out. then On with the tps'

'Now for a lew bps ky those players having a spot of bother wvtnng The easiest way lo beat the computer is lo position your lorces it the following manner Retreat la your bn kings put all your artillery in front ot the door and surround them with your other inns Then put all your spare units rtsite the buikings On your movement turn, wail lor the compder lo select its attack targets and liter move Ihe targeted units itlo the buikjmgs lor repair Replace these units with the undamaged unis Irom inside the buildings

“On your attack phase, only use your artillery, as usng the perimeter unis will only weaken them (thereby grvmg the computer a better chance ol destroyng these unis on its attack phase) Only shoot enemy units adtaeent to your perimeter urits. as they pose the biggest threat (If there aren't any enemy unis next to yours, then the computer player can’t do much damage )

The most dangerous enemy inits are the aircraft, so shoot them down as soon as possible For some strange reason, the computer doesn't like to put £ its aircraft in lor repair, so this gives you _ a good opportunity to whittle them away O After this, go lor the computer's arlilery.

Then, when you I eel strong enough, go -g for the kil    0

"Of course, alt this doesrit make the f game particularly interesting, but at    least    m

you should wr '    u

-Mi I akaali Iuhm - I iai lo raeaai' ■e Mlitonr A-laval anew Una llmaa

cd < u. * a z>

M(02§«in<oiiro l2i!!$ iScoiSl!

£Si 8

I'slig8.5. « 12 Il     i

! i!s!!li!i! i!i,lis 1 jj llfil



ll f l l .if

ill *sf r


.Hiilff [fill!

u iHt* ii ! P !i lifil





Them >•■>« vroBdcHul ic«n«nr l» Mmirdorf, lik« Ikii Irt* ht * w*ll

Second level tasks

Last month we lold you how to go about completing the fust level tasks lor lour ol the rune guilds And now. here are the second level tasks tor the same gukds

On DUflJ Ikd1 Itllhl wiRlIl bi« tip IB LOVb jtliiaj aniilid lor aciinj IHUSiciOHltv'. It's UKk •

1. Men At Arms

Meet Oriak the Warrior ai the Casino Ortak tells nw you to Imp the Salty Captain at the Mermad. yi. and he II lead you to the contraband Follow yjsl Captam Birdseye (lor ii is he) when he 9*' leaves the Mermad until he goes into the jA next building, and mto an inner room. jSjSK where you’ll find the contraband

I 2. Asegeir

g Find Fotseli and return with the scroll d truth Ask lor directions to the Halls ol gg f Justice At the Halts a man appioaches.

— ■ - r and instructs you la go to the Casino and : — •' tel Forseti it's his scroll you warn Ask his name (Derby) A notice at the Casino directs you to Denby s scroti, which is downstairs at the Hals

M*r« irrrt Mk w«*« M* any toll bk« rt*l lit* So, wtMr* nil am4 wait* « m

«>M<OI« IldPl

tor mm Mi ol

3. Thieves

Steal a day’s taxes A notice directs you to the Troll's Arms, where a man . approaches and tells you he's cul r L the purse strings ol me    *

collector, so all you have    .

' .• „ lo do is kkiow him until f t '-<* he drops Ihe purse

wtMr* too «Mt IM or lr««i

4. Set

K Collect the sacred W llask trom ihe    *'

embaimers A scroll at the embaimers yard says  mat the key is next door Go n next door (to Wanlock Tombs), find the key. unlock Ihe door m the yard and cd&eci the llask

General survival tips

Staying alive is a lul time job m legends Ot Valour Here are some essential tips to keep you fil and healthy

First, gel a room as soon as possible The cheapest

A ■maoll. Not sb awful lot is Iebowb abOMl that*, ciccpl Dial lliay art hti t abarrailoai of nature Ib Di« sKapt of a wolf. Siai away.





G Guild Conflicts

Can't remember which guild* gel on with which other one* Do you keep making embarraiiIng faux pas at

lha Asegeir dinner table with your Temple ol Set anecdote* Well, thl* ready reckoner will *orl you oul.






























Men AI Arms 0





































































0 - Gel on


Don't gat on

O Spoils

Templed lo use magic bul aren't loo sure ol the

side-eftects Then this handy chan will help.


Enargy liaaga

Level Needed










Create Food



Create Orlnk










ei — — - e






‘But totally eshauata you.



bin al<

■ N Seaman's Tavern Join a temple, because this ■takes heafng a lot cheaper and you also get wages (rom them Always sleep in your room and carry no more than ftrty groats around

Avoid the town guard at all costs They don't like adtenlurers. and are liable to throw you m pnson or line you Always spend at least two days between quests rasing, eating and sleeping - don't sign up lor the next quest immediately Buy LOTS of life insurance When you've got some spare money, spend it on weapons >mQ it you gel possessed by an evil sp<nt. don't get cwed" it you can help it - it's beneficial to your health, and •xr appeal and energy are boosted

Making money

There are three man ways cl making money in Udedorf - commodities tradng running errands, snd muggng people The best way is trading -buying cheap and selling high - il you know you way around town and don't mind carrying large amounts cl money and goods on your person Last month we gave you a ol how shop pnces compare in Miitledorl. so check that out to see where you can get the best bargains II you warn to make some quick cash go round to the back ol the Custom House (the first place you entered when you started the game opposite the town gales] and you it find a myslenous passage Follow it down and you II come across the Tax Collector's daughter, who sells stuff cheaper ihan her lalher Buy as much Ore from her as you can. then just nip back upstairs and sell il to her old man tor a tidy profit

The quekest and most profitable run is usually between the Pnson Stores' Ship s Chandlers and Holch's/Armoury Use the West Wall route, veenng round the Temple of Freya. fhe Casmo. the Mercenaries Guild and then up lo Castfe Boulevard Try nol to carry more than 250g at any one time, as that’s ust what you need lor a full load ol goods If you're powerful in a temple and a magic guild you can use your sanctuary,'warp spells lo good effect Running errands >s uselul il you haven't any money and need some capital to start your commodities trading. M i doesn't pay a lot - between 10 and 20g

Mugging can get you large amounts of goods, but (be resulting healing lees mean it's often nol loo profitable There ate other ways ol making a last buck. You can deal m bat snacks, a delicacy m these pans Just throw your weapon at a bat. pick up the remains and sell it for 2g - much more than its nutniional value as they are a delicacy (Oh. yuk - Ed) You can also sell oft unwanted quest items, such as scrolls and so on The temples and guilds otter small wages, but they re lairty nominal Some of Die objects lying around town are worth picking up - lor example Ihe potion bottles are worth 30g each but most are only worth 1 g

• Stiff hungry Then keep an eye out tor The Official Legends Of Valour Tips Book - available soon!

Him iox «m> uii IhEI filn Lt)<ad wrth Tom Crake le  lMpr«lli«€ vlflll 1«cfcaiqa« I

IfcOEffci, bal rl

rullf seeded move (hinclEi dEVElopMEEl, aad some tori ol plot WO Eld hEVE

When Dcbaitf compoied Mi first

MEllErpiECE tVElodE 0 1‘EprEI-Midl d BEE fEEBE Il iikirEd in i whole EEW EVE, daE lo Ike

iodEfioo Ol Elonol ElEMEEtl for 1t)E fin I IlME lo Weilera doiiicoJ MElk- Il l Elio « «Ert fli<E IEEE


e itrEOf e End


Dmidi. Nobody fcoowi where Ikq

(EMC ffOM, or WhEfE lk«1 WEEI -or whei lk«y WEfE doiflf. (Iisid NO SpmMl 7spJok€S -id)

. -

1 IIHfl


world Mljki bo

CElEfOrilEd El

idEElkbc'. IE the

j nu






y 1 ;

_ _

ii«Ed object! El rEprElEfliEfiOEl or iMperieci copici Of MOfE reel icd perfect ideoi An nolle found Ifcli view EElifEty eioi), of ciiru




If you’re really stuck with something, it’s possible (just possible) that our very own games guru will be able to help. Hey Dr J - drop your science on those assembled!

The Last Resort. Games. Readers Help. Stuck. Loose ends. Cases closed. Write in! Amiga. Questions. Answers. A problem shared is a problem aired. Instructions. Cheats. Solutions. Psychiatry. Chemotherapy. Aromatherapy. New carpets. Butterflies by the side of the road. Ink. Triceratops. A medium-sized jar of pre-1959 cranberries. Palm trees. Wooden legs. A blinding light. Darkness.


Q Please tell me - how do you gel past the troll on the bodge * Michelle Skidmore. Holywell

A What you need lo do is gel the holy cheese Irom Si Peier. which he'll give you n exchange lor the harp, and

then drop it mlo the cage in Ironl ol the Iluflle m the loresi The riutlle will run mlo the cage, and >1 you pick it up and put it down n from ol ihe troll * I scare him oh


QTrn m the lab at Ihe weird

contraption on which ive placed the wand I then placed the cheese m the


These are all questions that I can’t answer, but - hopefully - you might be able lo.

•In HEIMDALL. I haven't a due what to do Ive visited every room on every island, cleaned out every chesl and done everything I can do. but I can't seem to got oh the first map I've gat a whole host ol spells (including Desenoon which I can't use anywhere) and a scroll with loads ot tunny runes written all over it Please hefp1*

Marlin Mathers. Stanmare

Q*tn LEGEND, on level seven ol Fagranc. there's a room split by water which can be entered on either side The east side has a switch which opens a door on the west side, but as soon as I enter the door on the west side the door i opened doses How can I gel the door to stay open *

Julian Jones. Wrexham

QThe trouble is an old chestnut called NEUROMANCER I can't lor the life ot me get past Larry Moe lo get into the Panther Modems' meeting 100m

Please help me - even Electronic Arts have run out of clue books '

Chris Jones. Erith

Q*l ve just reached the hnal level ot BRAT (level 12) bui I can'l work out the solution to the eight colour -coded pads Can anyone help *

Philip Sadler. Darlington

Q l m stuck on D/GENERATlON. I've got to Floor W. Scene SZ~S4. but I can't make ary sense ot the ramblings tkshed out by the bloke who's meant to give me the computer terminal password.' Darren Wall, Halesowen

Q"On HARLEQUIN, how do you gel from TV Wodd back lo the Dream Mile and back *

Chris Kelly. Londonderry

Q*On CADAVER, i ve ust ideponed to level Ihree. but only have seven urns ol eneigy left This makes ii near-

impossible to continue Should I have done something betore I left'’'

Philip Sadler, Darlington

Q-tn VOODOO NIGHTMARE, how do l gel the hourglass which I thank I need to complete the Eagle Temple And how do i hack through the ungie7 And where and how do I gel some bananas7* Jan Holmes. Hull

Q'ln SPELLBOUND DIZZY. I've saved Dylan. Grand Dizzy. Denari. Dozy Dora and Pogie bul I don't know what to do next I've probably got the objects I need, but I don’t know what to do wrih them “

Jan Holmes. Hull

Q'l can t open two ol the doors on EYE OF THE BEHOLDER They re down m the Drow levels The fust is on the level ot the stone dagger portal down the right passage and on Ihe nght-hand side just betore the Hal ol Thieves. The

second « where ri says Combination -be Quick I've tried lots ol combinations * Simon Bullowa. BFPO S3

Q"How do you get the spiral design off the wall ot the temple in INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS7 I've opened Ihe tamp and used it with the darkest spiral, but Indy just says That doesn't seem to work' ’ Steven Sherwood. Bately

Q'And I'm In Ihe same game, at the stage where I have to set the Wortdstone Moonstone and Sun stone on the dial near Atlantis I have tned many combinations but he ust keeps saying That didn t do anything' *

Allan Smith. Leuchars

’And I can't work out where the enhance lo Alianiis is I can Lnd the airlock m the German sub. but can t enter if as the sub goes behind it I've found a gap n Ihe ckff. but no luck there either' Kirsten Gillespie, Glasgow

QTrn stuck on ELE. level 6 I've found everything, apart Irom Ihe sledge that Albert wants I can't open the exit, either'

Russell Elandes. Southend-on-Sea


machine Theie's a lol of noise and bright Ights. after Much I'm told that nothing happened Before I can do anything, the m magean appears and zap1 I'm dead * Scab Connolly. Glasgow

• You actually need two wands at this M pom! - Mordack s, which you should pul on the left-hand side of the machine, and Crispin's, wheh. you've guessed it. tfmuld go on the right


Q~ , Tve been thrown overboard by the sold*' oft the boat I have operated re bracelet whch treed me trom the ropes I can t find any way out "

S Cults. Nottingham

A Ah well, you ve got to tree Julia as well by opetaling' her


Q "Could you tell me whether you have any back issues with a solutions to fa) Level 2 ol Cadaver, (b) Heimdai or (c) Curse ot Enchant*9'

0 Tlmson. Barnsley

A (a) Don l think so. (b) Ditto and (o) Yes' - issues 21 and 22


Qt'm on level lour. I've teleported dawn onto the planet surface and I keep getting blasted Shooting back aeems to be a good way ot getting killed Qucker Running away seems lo keep you akve. but only lor a shod time All I can mm ot nteresl is a crate by a Hare m the >al. but the robots seem to congregate around it. so you get blasted it you get near it Secondly, how do you work credit caid slots'5 They just swallow my card and nothing happens The manual is pretty irdear over thus"

Ben Nichols. Taunton

A Ifs a M deceptive me porting this here, cos I haven't a clue what the answer is But I ve been on that planet surtace (I couldn't gel anywhere either) so I realty do sympathise Can anyone help


Q t m trying lo solve the pattern to the murders on the computer draw and plot' set-up I have all the co-ordinates to the murders which I plot on the map Now I don't know if I plot the murder locations on the streets or the blocks When I draw the pattern which I believe is the pentagram, nothing happens II I'm right about the pentagram, where do I place the last port, and when do I know 4 I'm nght " Scott Connolly. Glasgow

QThe tilth pornl is actually on Palm, between Eighth and Ninth Street You'll know when you ve got it right


Q Sometimes l get surrounded by walls and can t attack the other player so we have to qu<l the game Dan O'Brien. Clapham South

A Press the help' key and you II gel a new maze without losing a Me •


'll you're not part of the solution, you're pari of the precipitate." (As they used to say in my Chemistry class.) These puzzles have been solved by AP readers, acting alone. Respect is due.


Q Nicola Lndsell at Wiliesden Green was on level lour of Fagranc

"Wander around a bit until you attract some monsters Flee to the room with the chest in it and at least one monster should follow you. Gel him lo siand on one ol I he four squares which you leieport to Position three members ot youi party on the other squaies The remaining member ol your party should then be able lo gel lo the chest Inside it >s a key which will lei you gel furiher" Daniel Stow. Tunbridge Wells


QRhiann Harwood of Ponlypool was trying lo spray some flowers

A "Jump up from the window ledge lo Ihe lop of ihe door, and then jump up to them, spraying as you jump "

Ray Smith. Milton Keynes


QAndy Yates ol Gloucester couldn't quite locate Vrangor's Station

"You need the Oiag lo gel there, which is ahead of the Northern Airlock Sloan is needed to pass the guard, and you need 5,500 credits Beloie leaving, you must have the access code for Epsilon as well as plenty ot ammo"

Ray Smith. Milton Keynes


Q Allan Smith of leuchars presented us with a long list ol questions

A "(a) To see n the dark, assumng you mean it the Mayan Temple, search far a larch and bghl it with your lighter, (b) While in the ioiler block Ihe sink with paper and lei 4 overflow When this happens, push the help button You can then go forward and put the egg *t the microwave (c) Assuming you mean Anme. in 14th Avenue pul Ihe blue crystal m ihe slot «t Ihe red door"

Ray Smith. Milton Keynes


QS Marsh of Eland was Stuck in Ihe ice Keep

A "To gel mio the Black Tower, easi Mage Flame. Shock Sphere. Word ol Fear. Summon Elemental and Spell Bird To gel nto Ihe White Tower lho one with the shimmering curtain), cast Levitation. Anti magic and Phase Door To gel into the Grey Tower, cast El* s Instant Wo* Wind Hero. Fanskars Force Focus and Kylearans InvtsiMity Spell * I Yeah What if says. - Ed)

Janet Campbell. Taunton


QMark Kessock-Phiiip ol Weymouth was having trouble with the ore crushers (Oo-ed -Ed)

A "Go up the tree house until you reach Grand Dizzy Talk lo him and he’ll give you the ctowbar The fourth key is down the well I'd drop the wmdow Itame - it’s completely useless" Daniel Slow, Tunbridge Wells and Jan Holmes. Hull


Q James Cooper ol Bamet was trying to wake up a gant

A "The answer s quite a long one (Cnpes. 4 is too - JO), but here we go Deep breath, everyone

1 On ihe opening screen position Fngus behind the two men next to ihe bottle Using Winkle, try to grab Ihe sausage while slanting next to the man by the house While the men are laughing, gel Fngus lo grab the bottle 2 Go lo the screen on the right and use the bottle on the fountain to gel the water. Go back to the opening screen and use Ihe water on the (tower Then give the flower to the man by ihe house, position Wmkte on the roof and. when the man tails asleep, gel Winkle to gel ihe sausage

3 You need to go the the scteen with ihe fountain and gat mio the house using the rock Once m ihe house, get the key trom the cuckoo dock and go outside Use ihe key on the celai and get the wine

4 Now go two screens to the left and get Winkle to grab the chicken by the neck At Ihe same time. Fingus should hit the chicken over the head with the sausage Now you ve got the egg (Oh. and next month's outdoor recipe1 is for Spaghetti Botognesa ~Ed)

5. Fingus should then put the sausage down the hole At the same time. Winkle should walk past the dog Then he should go through the hole m the tree, creating a hole m Ihe tock lor Fingus to go through Fngus should (hen light the wood with the matches (Irom the house) Then he should put the egg on the fire lo wake up the giant'

Jell Pearce. Wolverhampton


QFran and Late ol Leicester had only managed lo Imd two ol the mysnc gems

A 'The only way I could complete thus game was lo map each sedion as I came lo it. One of the remamng two gems is in Cullen Castle, whch is reached through Cu*en Dungeons To

gel the last gem you need the blue gem Irom Fa Icon wood and Ihe ilem received n exchange tor the boind spellbook n Burville Castle - thus is Ihe only thing that'll k4l the knight guarding the fourth gem The gem is lound by opening the secret passage m the catacombs usng the blue gem Kill the knight and work your way northwards until you lind a very strong knight Kill him and you II Imd that the gem is behind him'

Jan Holmes. Hull


QThe Mumloids ot Shoreham-by-Sea were looking lor a tool box

A "Pick up the key from Julius's room Later on. nearing the end. you need a screwdriver Irom the engine room, but you don't need a tool boa"

M Francks. Hinkley


QJ A Aldgrolt was expenenemg a conltct of interests with a dragon

A Kill (he dragon with the dragon nip You can t escape the maze, so don't go m - use the other door instead ‘ Jan Holmes. Hull


QOnfy last month. James Bacheilier was pondenng the significance of many marvellous items Oh yeah, and he wanted to gel past the Beast's Lair too

A"1 presume that you have collected the bag trom ihe Old Mine workings You must collect three rocks from Ihe Sandstone Quarry and take the shamrock down the Windy Shaft Take the thud shall on the right and jump over Ihe water using the plant You will find a Leprechaun who will ask for a "yellow, leafy thing' Grve him the shamrock and he will give you a talisman If you are holding this when you walk mio the Beast's Lair it will stun Ihe beast so that you can gel past The human bones are lor use when getting yoursell eaten by the man-eating plant (if you use them on top ot it then it will swallow you up) The peppet pot is used on the Whale's snout to make it sneeze - you then stand on Ihe fountain and push up and left or right at the last second and you'll be ptopeiled m that direction And the megaphone is used with Grand Dizzy s ear trumpet to get Dylan s vibes.

Andrew Norris. Ashlord

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On patrol! Our favourite way of getting

Game: Beavers Publisher: Grandslam Authors: Arc Developments Price: £25.99 Release: Out now


days we seem to be m the

middle ol something at a platlorm game renaissance Wa ve had some corkers recently Arabian Nights. Flashback). there're some great looking ones coming up very soon Soccer M.

Vo' Joe1), and now we've got the long-awaited Seavecs This ts a game that's gone through a tew changes snce we first previewed it donkey's years ago. but it's stil a piatlormer at heart You play Jethro Beaver, whose beaver babe s been kidnapped by some evil rabbit dude with a machine gun. tor unstated but doubtless mmoial purposes Ot course, you can't just pop round to Bad Rabbit Dude s place and sort 'im out - nope, m true traditional style, you have to slog through

20-ish levels ot piartorm-leaping tapes, meeting tncky traps, perplexing f% puufes. mixed-up machinery and nasty, er. nasties on your way The usual, m other words But hey. that doesn't make it a bad peison

I have to make a pant before we start. Something that I thought we'd lell behind a long lime ago has reared its ugty head recently talher too often lor my bking I'm talking about multi-disk games whch don't recognise the presence of a second disk dmre. Beavers isn't the only one this month but m a completely arbitrary and umeasonable way I'm gang to single it out, manly because nght now I can l remember what the Other ones were In these testing limes, this kind ol thing is simply gnst 10 the mil ol those who say computer games are old hat tedious and incompetent compared to the latest flash-bang technical wizardry on the consoles, and what's more it's a slap m the face to everyone who's invested in the future ot the Amiga by forking out haid cash lot the exira hardware that can make a gamer's life so much nicer Sort it out, programmers

Ax iiidoi ol Ik* toil Iftu* will alnody Iiimv. Ibis li port ollh<

I OS policy troafportctlon trtlcin, wkick ■•ooipont Iclkio orouad Ike level!. On, at mna, loyi

building dams and gnawing sticks.

Bui back lo the game There isn't realty much I can tell you about Beavers that you can't figure out lor yoursetl by looking al the pics It's pretty basic stuff, tots of umpmg around, taking out the odd baddie with a swipe ot your spade-like tot. ticking the odd switch to operate litis and suchlike,

leikre kcldf bit bri.lk, but iurt< 10 hjllurift.it lcajafli vritk Wjlkm.ni.

and searching each level lor ihe Davy Crockett hat that'll enable you (lor reasons best left to the imagination) to go through lo Ihe nexi stage There are about lour different types ot level, including underwater sections, tough aulo-scroling bits where a seconds hesitation will result m your bemg squashed to death by the side ot the screen, and - aargh1 -

annoying slippy-skdey snowy worlds where (surprise!) Jethro s inertia takes on a Me ol its own Every sixth level you meet an big boss, and that's about you> lot It'S all engaging enough, bul it does get pretty repetitive once you've seen al the graphic styles, and the control isn't nearly as precise as it ought to be in a game with the unforgiving collision detection ihai this one's got Truthfully. the word that came mostly lo mind while playing this was Next• STUART CAUPBBU

® UPPERS Lot* of level*, huge bosies and a nice mix of thoughtful puzzfey adventurey section* and outright platform-leaping arcade antics.

® DOWNERS The colour backdrops are ■ bit crude (especially the borders), tnd Ihe controls can mike It easy to accidentally the select Ihe 'creep' mode, which can frequently be extremely dangerous on the auto-scrolllng levels. AND It's got bloody sllppy-slldey Ice worlds. Grrr.


It s all very sweet and everything, but In the wake of platformers like Arabian Nights and Flashback. It’s all ust ■ little too simplistic. Perfectly nice, but I tear It s destined lo be lost to history (airly swiftly.




It s the same, there's no difference.



Tbe ftnl level - dNl $ ei discouraged, il yets e bk easier after Ibis.

Pair waraloj Hate - the itii jane I have lo play with a slippy-iMdcy ice world yets docked 14 percent sir al 4 111 away.



It’s got bats. It’s got wickets. And

Aa ■Mpfccifk *l«t* ball j«ls lh« ir<aim«ni and tell off lo Iht Vaunliall ■fidf* toad.

it’s really just the ticket.

Owu < perform.n. kxmpxicd by kla I..HI..C. a. icnkllq hi. back « k. bowled. Still, tr. a yood chance Id ... Ike .pia (peed me.a.



Game: Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Publisher: Audiogenic Authors: Gary James Gray. Gary Sheinvald. Peter Calver Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

y piotVem is mal I'm jusl loo trusting When I was al school I was forever tang caught out by the most transparent d ruses For instance, there I was. minding my own business when the music teacher. Froggy Davies by name, sad. ‘Noms. you l*e muSd. don't you ' 'Yes, sd.' I replied 'Good, help me move this prarro *

Now the more cynical sort ol chap a never tripped up bke this more than once or twice But not trustag old Tim, oh no. I never, it seems, managed to work out that nothing a ever quite as n appears, and that no-one - not even someone as pleasant and apparently mgenuous as Lmda - a ever without their own secret hidden agenda Take, for instance my experience ol ea'tar this month it was a hectic day and I thought I'd better gel away Irom my desk tor a bit ol a break I decided that a visit to my old chums on AP would do the trek, so I wandered into their oHee lor a bit ol a chat. Linda looked up Irom her daesy-covered desk and said n her lovely Hackney accent. "Ere, Tim - you went to public school didn't youT 'Yes.' I loofcshty replied 'Oh good, you d probably like to review Graham Gooch World Class Cnckef for us. (hen' Caught again It onty I were a Mite more suspoous of people On the face of *. i s difficult lo

capture the mage of England's summer sport m a computer game What after all. is cncket7 What do you tnmk ol when someone says cncket1 Beer tents, chaps m white trousers playing a bizarre game at the rwddte of a huge circle, beer tents, old chaps at blazers and gaudy ties who used to wear whrle trousers but are now. because of their fondness lor beer tents, too fat and lazy to play the game and prater, instead, to pontificate at length about how much better ihe game' used to be Oh. and don I target the beer tent

Magic aside, though. Ihe mechanics ol ihe game are fairly straightforward a bloke chucks a bal a Woke hits the ball with a sick, a Woke catches the ball It'S all down lo tailing, co-ordatation. skill and luck - just the thmgs you need lor a good game But for some reason it seems to have been really drtbeult to gel all these things together n a decant cncket sun Until now

My first game was England (me) against India (Ihe machine). You can choose any ol the international teams and each has a squad made up ol curteni players (there's also a team of cncket legends) There are statistics for all Ihe players and they do affect their performance m Ihe game There s also the facility lo create your own players

So. I had the machine pick my best 11 players (rather than picking my own team which was the other option) and oh we went England won the toss (quite neat graphics) and elected to bat At the end ol the first over England were one for five (quie reaksbe. really)

You» batsman has eigM strokes m his playing armoury controlled by moving the joystick al (he appropriate moment Judging the stroke to play and the moment to play it«, as «t Ihe real game, the key to batting success

By the end ol the fifth over England were all oul for nine runs and there wasn't

even the hope ol ran stopping play

Maybe we'd have more luck taking You can set your field (with a pop-down menu) and then select the pomt at which the ball will pdeh Now choose your spin direction - lor Ihe spinners - and waggle your joystick lo control either pace or spm By the time play was halted by switching oh the machine and going home, India were 156 for one and I couldn't bear the fake sleel drum music any more As I practised. I M. of course, improve And as I improved.I found tha! I was really beginning to enjoy mysetl As a two-player game it s great fun (as these things always are) but it you're on your own you'd have to slick al d lor a wtae to get anything from il If you do. though, you ! find it quite entertaining • TIM NORRIS

S7\ UPPERS tf'a definitely ( Ai) the beat cricket aim to far.

'---' The graphics are exlremely

neat and the control tyilem 11 comprehensive without being contusing.

/—V DOWNERS II sound*

(R J awful (the applause sounds


'—y Ilka a toilet flushing) and


H can be ju*l loo damn difficult lo be


fun aa a one-player game. It only


tha computer would maka a


tew mistakes.





H you're a cricket fan, you'll certainly enjoy It despite Its


limitations, but It's not a game that'll


grab everyone.





Well. It all looks and


A120B ***•*• P'attY mueh

tha same except that the computer A A S itself la somehow whiter jtl 1 S



and more expansive. UU *


More plays than a year at drama school!

Game: Tom Landry Strategy Football Publisher: Merit Software Authors: Kerry Batts,

Allen Mitchell. Oewayne and Eric Fletcher. Rob Wallace and Tom Landry Price: E44 99 Release: Out now


ow here s a subject I could witter on about to* hours it anyone would be bothered to listen American Football - I love it Beneath the surface c! glamour and violence. American Football is actually an extremely tactical game. It takes place as a senes oI plays, with each team trying to outwe ns opponents with clever

formations and tactics Torn _

Landry Strategy Toolbar is a simulation ol the spon which concentrates entirely on the strategy aspects, without any concessions 10 arcade action

Basically, you re the Head Coach and it's up lo you to call the plays You can play the computer or another human (over a modem link it you like), and Choose your teams Irom a list ol 28 It would seem that the game doesn't have a licence lor the NFL teams.

because Ihe teams aie usl place names like San Francisco and Dallas The team colours are pretty accurate though, so you can easily pretend you're m the NFL At first them is a battling array ol options but it doesn t lake long to gel stuck «ilo the proper game Whether you re Getensa' or Ottense'. you get an extremely comprehensive 1 array ol plays lo choose from Once you ve come up with your formations and plays, you can either watch the play acted out in anenabon or ust see the result ot the tangle The animations are lul-screen and are about the best l ve seen in any management



simulation, so it's well worih keeping ihem on. just lo remind you that it's American Football you're playing and not chess.

John Madden is (he best American Football game you can buy. but it's a krtte unfair to compare it with this because the two games have very ddteienl styles ot gameplay Having said that. Madden has a good strategy element as we« as the chance to get yourself playing me game arcade style. I'd

recommend Madden lirst. but A you're a complete American Football nut. this comes next It really does give you the (eel ol Ihe game, and battling Wits agamsf an opposing coach is incredibly absorbing. Unfortunately, you can't customise the teams and put your own name m as manager, which I personally would have liked And there's no option to call an audible' at the line ol scrimmage, so once


r-v, , _

Vi*-'-T’ r,

■' Lt 4' f fr     *00(1 MA a

r,    rRIlO f .    • **40 wv.

* * LO*i*S-,T- oCr /I1* **

, ,'tOM't A.    Hatx»Ac, *'w

ro    OOOO a

e *

£"«* *** «c. t ,f

you've called a play, you're stuck wiih it For the non-Ian. I'm not so sure It's certaxily a great way lo introduce yourself to the game, as it gnes you all the information you need and ihere are help menus available too. But, il you like strategy games, well, that's exactly what this is. and you may find you like it And as lor me - Til be playvig it for ages • 77M TUCKER

® UPPERS Excellent

American Football itralegy game, with all the lacti. figures, and stats you could possibly want The animations are really very good lor this sort ot management game, and, all In all, it's a thoroughly absorbing and entertaining experience...

® DOWNERS if you like American Football I suppose there's not much here (or anyone else, but It certainly might convert the uninitiated lo this mighty sport. Lack of a proper league system Is a bit disappointing (you have to play all the league games your sett It you want to simulate a typical saaaon). and there's no Super Bowl or playoffs lo ■Im lor. 45 quid s EXTREMELY expensive loo. It's also ■ real downer that the Miami Dolphin* got beaten In Ihe AFC championship by Buffalo earlier this year, but that's gat nothing lo do with this game.


I love H, but 1 may be In a minority.

At C45 it's far loo expensive, end if you're looking for an American Football game. John Madden s Is sllll the first choice. Despite all lhal.

If American Football fascinates you. this will loo.


Totally compatible. /II200 with slightly faster " X responses and ■nlmalions - as you might expect, fl still plays exactly the TT -same though, so no big surprises Ihere.    11“

; lUftLi

13.1% of (fit public believes ifcat ihcrc'i loo mom lUliflia lo Aniricii fool bail About 14% too m<i , lo be prtdu.

And btra'i Mr Landry liJoitll, i generous baf-uiirli] tgcal who coo only folk io topic*Is. Its actually his own personal Stfiliff fool boil ikil you chock around.






5 pi,

*v% ,>

f    **

i t££L>- ai-U

Where did Caesar keep his armies Well, on his floppies, if this Roman battle wargame is to be entirely believed.

♦>« e t.4. t.t

And tkcyTrc oftf ILftnkinj round Ike borboriam is a fine move wfeen (he lists

Game: Cohort 2 Publisher: Impressions Authors: Edward Grabowski, Andrew Prime. Jeffrey Von Brakenton Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

Put your (eel up. stick on your favourite Garfield slippers and grve out a huge s>gh at relief. Mr Jonathan Davies cos your waigaming days could we* be numbered It's a particularly well-hidden tact here on AP that Jonathan isn't adually the huge wargame Ian we make him out to be - it's just that up to now, the regular staff wnters hated, loathed and despised most wargames with the sod ot venom and antipathy generally reserved for cabinet mmsters Bui not any more though: enter stage left Cam 'Way back m the Nam' WnslarOey, the guy who's proud to admit that he likes guns, the guy who spent mree years at college blowing Ihngs up and tilmmg them, the guy who genuinely DOES love the smell of napalm «the mornings Okay, so it s all hype, but I reckon that building a larger than Me' magazine persona is one of the many facets ol the job I mean look at Stuart, he's got size 6 shoes but his ego s a 13 at least Bui I Ogress )

Although it's a game in itselt. Cohort 2can be linked with Caesar, to form a sod of a<-encompass*ng Roman extravaganza expenence. only minus the lions and the


bits Apparently, it's also (and I quote from

the box) 'a mote than wodhy successor to the original Cohort'

Blimey. I think it has to be a Good Thing that I nevei saw the Ongnal without an the enhanced features The idea behind the game is to create a table-top battle on a computet, which is a concept that I can definitely get my head around Many were the weekends I spent dunng my teenage years, crammed into the spare bedioom with my mates, moving little logons ot Orks and Goblins and Elven miniatures across a large expanse o< green felt and rolling entire heimetluis ol dice to decide the outcome of each conflict So why doesn't Cohort 2 impress me then'’ Well, lor a start there S no two-player option that would let you mash your mates, leaving you completely at the solitary world of Lonelygamer. Nofnendsviiie Secondy even though there are eight different terrains, they're all pretty similar, and once you've goi r arnmes wedged in. there isnl very much room (O' manoeuvring, or I tactics, or anything  that makes wargames such a pleasure for those who prefer a more cerebral form of entertainment than pressing the fire button The control system's mercifiAy user-tnentfy: ail you have to do is dick on a unit, then tell them which way to tace. where to move to. and how fast, and they're oft The action freezes whenever you give orders, so there s no pressure to lead to the battle in real time. However, once you've moved your troops near the enemy, things rapidly gel confusing, and any semblance ot order goes out the window as the entue battle regresses to something resembling your average European Cup Quarter Final teiracs brawl This isn't fun. or nteresting. or anything really

Iren lop Icfl: lirmj iquedfl, formation dmem j and oou-drciiiej model

Anrown ki«< a tendency lo chiitje direction mid-flijhl end then not injure nnyonc nnpnjy.

Good evening fporii lent welcome 10 ike bijtgcii, bloodieil battle ol AD 1M.

The archers don't kil solders fast enough to slop them advancing the cavalry don't seem particularly good at anything other than looking horsey, and after a lew goes, you fend to fast-forward the game to see the outcome Plus, it you let the game play all the way through without giving a sngle command, you still stand a good chance of winning - hardly a bonus lor straiegy Ians Cohort 2 is pretiy and accession, but it's starting to dawn on me why poor old Jonathan always gets the wargames • MARK WINSTANLEY

Ten minutei into Ike IreT end... «... I rcelfri ddfli kAve a due wtut'i jainj on. Anyanc,Anyone

® UPPERS A user friendly control system, and It's remarkably easy to get into. The horse-whlnnylng, sword-clashing. battle noises are kind ol atmospheric too.

® DOWNERS It s possible lo win a battle without giving a single order, which certainly brings the tactical value ol the game into question. Too few terrains, too limited scope for laetics, loo much like a school playground ruck simulation.


Probably a lair representation of how battles were fought way back when back. However, manoeuvring your units for a few mlnules before the whole thing dissolves Inlo a confusing scrap isn't much fun, and. it mull be said, doesn't really bring out the Julius In you. Only worth considering if you want It at an expansion for Caesar.


/“X Well, it seems lo run A12DD Slightly faster on the 1200, but

(typically) this doesn't f”A — make any big difference *1 / ~ to the gameplay.    wl. ”





Loads of extra courses for the race that keeps on running...


Game: The Humans -Jurassic Levels Publisher: Mirage Authors: Dave Lincoln. Rod Humble Price: £29 99 stand alone, or £19 99 data disks

Rel ease: Out now

ou like statistics7 Hi give you statistics Slam n the first of the three disks you get with The Humans - Jurassic Levels, and you'll be forced to endure e ht afferent ntro screens teang you how good Maage s. how

good the game a how wonderful imagitec are how tunny Humans is. and so on Three dak changes and almost eight minutes atter you decided to have a quick game, you finally gel to play In (he same t me. you could cower in terror at two separate nuclear missile attacks write this much ol a review or even cook a couple ol soft boiled eggs One alter the other Not the ideal

prerequisites to gel me m the mood to play a game, but even alter this hassle. I was initially still really into the idea ol Humans I d seen all manner ol screen shots and read I he sod ol press release stud that sad 'it's  ust so much better than Lemmings' However, as Flavor Flav (torn Public Enemy once put it so succinctly, don't believe the hype

The Jurassic Levels isn't Humans 2 (which is due out later this year) but another 80 levels using the onginal system, hence the stand alone or data disk options Seeing as I never played Humans. I can’t really comment on how this compares, but the scenery and character graphics really ate impressrve

Something to get your synapses Into*

and imposs*le-1o-faull throughout, with the cavemen going through all the actions necessary tor evolution m a cheery and well-presented manner.

You've got to complete various tasks such as discovering lire and rescuing fellow tribe members, and along the way. your quest is aided by spears, ropes, stone wheels and even witch doctors. The Inck is to get the tight piece ol equipment m the nght place so that ihe Humans can clamber all over the level to their goal This « a great idea, with the comic cavemen looking good, and the puttie-tilled gameplay gnnng you something to get your synapses into The game comes apart when you gel into the mechanics ol it To lower a rope over a clrtf. lor example. Ihe Human has to be nght over the edge or the rope won t go all the way down Unfortunately, if you go over by so much as a pixel, you end up with one spiatted caveman which means a decreased chance of linisfxng the level

Another supposedly simple task is getting the bays to lorn a tower You do this so often that there really should be an icon to do il automatically, but instead you have to dick on each one and move them into the formation then take them all dawn agam afterwards All this <s a bit tiresome, and it wound me - up so much I was forced to flick elastic bands at Lisa until she started crying and I tell bad about it Not really one to recommend. I'm alraid • UARK WINSTANLEY




bit tin

® UPPERS Great graphics, funny little characters, bongo drum-tasflc effects, and lots ol thought needed. Oh yeah, and you get tome neat cardboard puzzle* Included free.

® DOWNERS How many different Intro screens does any game need About full a dozen less than this one. I'd Imagine Instant death by placing human* one pixel loo close to Ihe edge results In many a rude word ahoutad. Takea ages to achieve anything, which la heartbreaking when you mess up. Tedious disk swapping too.


What's all lha tut* about tt’a inevitable that this kind of save- err-up will lend to gel mentioned In the seme breath at Lemmings, but Ihe fa*t and turloua puzzler element just Isn't there. Lurking in its place is the ability to make you teal little or no enjoyment In the game. Playing more than three level* at a time seem* like a chore.


.. Not 120001200 compatible. AA Z jual like the hi" original Humans Sorry! UU «



There’s platforms, puzzles and plenty of water. But it’s not all plain sailing.

- well, no) unless take the rather extreme measure at soldering up the diagonals on your joystick

This is so dose to being a really nice platlorm puzzler that it hurts - the difficulty curve s good, there's just the nght number of elements lo manipulate to slop it getting too repetitive (and each new one gels introduced with a nice simple teaching' level), and the actual puzzles are well designed It could be better ihan Krusty's Super Fun House but the sloppy and mlunatng controls all but scupper it When ■I comes lo the crunch the puzzles themselves are hard enough without your character leaping all over the place ot his own volition • STUART CAMPBELL

bits of machinery to negotiate or mampuiale. and the whole Ihmg takes place over 60 levels ol (obviously) increasing dfficiily

So tar so peachy, then, but there's a Hying fish 0 the ointment Your character (I refuse point blank to use thvat terrible, letnble name) moves 0 blocks, rather than pixels That is to say. graphically he moves 0 pixels, but one move of the joystck moves tvm several pixels at a time What this means in practice is that '    when, say, you're

WM dimbtng a ladder I he .    slightest twitch ol the

st K to the left or right w.ii make the characte walk unslop pa bly oft the Side oj jve ladder and tan to the botlorr again Now. considering thts ts a game which cats lor some fairly speedy manoeuvring around the screen once you get past the first lew levels, that's a Haw which isn't ust irritating, but uttedy wall-nutlngfy 0tunal0g

The controls 0 general are realy skittish and over-responsive - ust a little bit of calming down would have resulted 0 a lovely, playable tee!, but the way rt is at the moment you simply haven't got a chance after level ten or thereabouts

Game: Sink Or Swim Publisher: Zeppelin Premier

Authors: Andrew Drake. Anthony Gallop. Stephen Wannell and Robert Tucker Price: £25 99 V Release:

,*    _ Jm Out now

l am. the pun 0 this game's sub-Mle ("Starmg Dm Passengers'] is. of course, a Kim Basinger gag Yeah. I know, it looks obvious wntten down, but it completely eluded me for days, so I thought I'd save you the head-scralching

Gel past the awful jokes (the hero ol this aquatcalfy-themed game is called Kevin - oh be still my aching sides Codner), ard JfM r you find lhat Sm* Or Swim    .

is a platform based puzzle game with a number ol dslinci n a- ,ts Ic Krusty s Super Fun House You're a troubleshooter on boaid a sinking passenger liner, and you have to save the Dim Passengers' ol the title by guiding them through escape hatches to safety (Obviously They'd be pretty crap escape hatches if they led to a tank full ot piranha lish. or something ) To ' 9 helP arT hinder I    you. there re

'W*' I H various items and

ust in case you're as stupid as

> HE]


® UPPERS Loti 1 l_

of levels, looks nice, s bit more variation then the sversge puzzler. The Intro music It very Jean-Michel-Jarre-lth. but despite that It's pleasantly mellow, and soma of the In-game sound It excellent too.


Imprecise control la really annoying, and having passwords slier every level meant It won't tike you forever lo play through to the end.


A twwal enough platformy puzzler, but In all honesty, the way It elands it s a budget game at full price. After Lemmings 2, the puzzle game goalposts have bean shifted, and this attempt just isn’t up lo the price tag any more.



big 12. No obvious differences lo report.


Come on down to the budget pages, where the price is right, the beat is fresh, and much general cheapness abounds. We’ve reviewed so many criminally low-price games this month that we’re practically illegal. And that’s true.



Publisher: Daze Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

! have a problem No. not lhai one - the extensive course ot psychotherapy took care of that a while ago As a matter ot (act. my problem concerns this game Vou see. I know that it's crap, but tor the last lew days I've been regularly loading it up and trying to gel turlher than the Iasi time The thmg is. I've been going through a bit ol an identity crisis this last week, as wen as tosng a lair amount ol sleep over a> the usual unsotvabte mysienes ol the cosmos and the ultimate futility ol man's place m the universe, and (Tun. please gel on with the review - Ed)

It's this son ot horizontally-scrolling robot beal-'em-up - although it doesn't seroa. if jumps Irom screen to screen when

till Ilk* Tia.iloiiMti"1, Mtul MuUnti an robots In dlijulin. As dinosaurs.

yfu reach the edge (Dizzy-style) which I hato Your character can morph between being an ordinary common-or-garden cyborg, a roboitsed dinosaur (you've got to see it to believe it) and a tank-type-thmg with laser guns Each ol your three alternative characters has rktlereni abilities and each one is best suited lo dealing with a particular sod ol menace For example, ihe bees can only be destroyed by the robo-tknosaur's fiery breath, whde their nest has to be shot down by the tank-type-thmg

I suppose you could say this adds a puzzle element lo the action, and indeed there are puzzles ol sorts to solve, so I guess it s not as completely mindless as I first suggested The controls are lairty flexible, bul some ol Ihe tights are hardly exciting - the robo~dmo biting swamp reptiles on the shoulder ts hiianous ihe first few ernes but it soon gets boring

Publisher: Mindscape Price: £1 4 99 Release: Out now

Cast your mind back through the mists ol history, to the Dark Ages, the Lost Era. A time when the Youngers regularly met in the dickering gloom to gather around the ancient map. A time ol 12- and 24-sided dice, of miniature figurines called things like arcs and hobblls which were lovingly hand-painted by their owners. A lime when your Mum made the lea for everyone who turned up

Yeah, there was a lot more to Fantasy Role-Playing Games in those days.

You all had lo sit around in a circle, and if was fraught with real danger, like the constant threat ol tea being spill all over ihe graph paper, or somebody at school finding out that you were

playing Dungeons And Dragons and laughing mercilessly al you all Ihe way through puberty.

Then computer role-playing games were invented and. not long alter, computers themselves inevitably anived on the scene (I think it was that way around). Legend (Ihe game under consideration here, in case you ve forgotten) is ol this genre, but avoids being like anything else you ve seen.

which is just one at the reasons why it s so darn groovy.

The perspective s unusual lor an RPG. being an isometric 3D view ol the action (although anyone who s seen Hero Quest will tind the look eerily familiar), l it dispense with the plot, only to say that it's all about the struggle between good and evil in a world driven mad by the dreams Ol

chaos (I've always wanted to say that), and you control a team ol (our travellers whose mission is to vanquish this evil It’s a big game. You have a land map to travel around, which can result In impromptu tussles with evil hordes, dungeons lo explore, towns

. .bul the lilcd bjituoom it ujrm and coiy.

to investigate, ancients to meet and exchange runes with - It's all here.

The control system is very smooth and easy lo work with. The characters react intelligently, fight sequences are actually entertaining, there's lots lo discover and plenty ol btain-numbing puzzles to solve. And gone is the need for graph paper, cos there s a mapping lacility on screen.

Okay, but there s a couple ol higgles First, why do we have to put up with all these statistics It can take halt a day to work out what sort of slate your character's in by comparing his hit points with his armour class, strength, constitution, luck and all that wibble. Is he close lo death or what

- that s all we need to know. Second, the over-complex spell system. There are a lot ot runes to learn in spell casting, so why does Ihe Damage rune look like Ihe letter S and Teleport have a strong resemblance lo an R It Just means that it takes that much longer lo learn the system, which isn I tun a. when you've got foul unmentionable demons Irom Ihe gates ot hell bearing down on you.

But these are minor points and don I detract too much Irom this otherwise lab and gripping game On budget it s a bargain, so it you think you've seen everything the RPG can otter, give this a try. You can't go wrong.



Here's a bottom line for you - H's only fifteen quid (ell games should be this price). 0 0 ~ It'll last you ages, and    KK jj

it's great. So buy It    U U •


















Graphically, it seems la consist ol about loui colours (green. light green dark green and red), and quite honestly looks dreadful The sounds are bog siandaid (Etcevent swamp-based pun there Tun - Ed) and the garreplay is minimal and predictable Like I said. I have a problem, st that I have been enjoying this lor the last couple of days But I know lor a lad that, even at ten quid, if I recommend this I'm gonna get lynched It dearty lacks all the things that make a game great, or even good tar that matter So I I have to put my mild addition down to mental dness Yes. that must be it ■ TIM TUCKER


Crap really, but It hat a certain Charm (the dinosaur'sgait It pure comedy), and It kept me playing lor a while. I can't recommend It, but It does have something to otter (like, maybe It you're really stupidly rich) and It It only ten quid.


Publisher: Mindscape Price: £1 4.99 Release: Out now

In the world ol Fantasy Role-Playing Games there are two things which have a lot to answer (or The first is J R R Tolkien who wrote some great books but is also

directly tesponsble lor some dire derivative rubbish The other is Dungeon Master ihe first computer FRPG with en easy-to-use graphic control system, and a cracking good game 10 boot

Knghtmare is a game that owes a lot to Dungeon Master The control system is practically identical (although the graphics have a singhtty different feel to them), the fighting system s similar, object manipulation is the same, and even the way that you encounter the bad guys is straight out o( DM's book

This is no bad thing if the result >s a good game, and in this case I'm happy to say it is You control a party ol tour adventurers, which you can choose before you Sian the game, and there are some rterestmg variations on the usual slock laniasy characters, including a Genie Ghoul and Insecloie (whatever lhal is) You have tour different dungeons to explore in order to complete

your quests, which involve retrieving a shield, a cup. a sword ard a crown

There's plenty of atmosphere, loads ol fighting and puzzling to be done, and with lour fair sued quests you shoiid be kept busy to* quite some time Some ol the tights are a t>t irritating, especially il you lose a party member and are forced to edhet re-trace your steps lo ihe life regeneiator or load up a saved game, but it's not enough to deter you Irom playing the game It you re hungry lor a good RPG. this $ a great bargain • TIM TUCKER


After Legends ol Velour, games Ilka this are starling to look a little out at date, but thli la still a good game that’s worthy of your attention. II you're new to the genre, try Eye ol Ihe Beholder 2 and Dungeon Master first, but II you've been all through them and are looking lor more, try Knlghlmere tor slue.

Th« dunfcon ii rcjdf blah blali Halntl ol luilicc blah blah laltihead blah blah Iruih acccpitd. And 10 on

Publisher: Mindscape Authors: Anderson Art Studios Price: £14 99 Release: Out now

If there'i one thing guaranteed to warm the cockles ot the heart ol this particular writer. It's a game (like this one) (hat includes the option gore on/otf . This presumably means thal someone in the marketing department was worried by the programmers bizarre and borderline

disturbing sense ol humour. In this game, to quote the tint Nightmare On Elm Street movie, you don I need a stretcher, you need e mop.

Lip to lour players can have a go at this magical quest -type game, which Is set In some far-ott ancient kingdom. The time ol the Moonstone Is upon this lind, and lour knights, one Irom each corner ol the kingdom, set ott lo Ilnd the lour keys that'll enable one lucky contender to enter ihe Valley ol the Gods, where he II have the privilege ol being lorn limb from limb by a huge and scary Guardian. Assuming you csn crawl away from this conflict victoriously clutching the Moonstone, it's just a quick hobble to Stonehenge where the druids will thank you kindly, grab the stone and then tell you to leave them alone, in a game over kind of way.

As with most games, indeed as with life, there are a number at

obstacles to overcome before you gain this grudging gratitude. For a start, the keys are guarded by all manner ol entertaining monsters, the other knights are out la gel you. end there's even the option at losing all your cash In some sort ol moon-related dice game. You move your knight across the main map. which shows the lour terrains making up the kingdom Whenever you encounter another knight, or a monster s lair, then hurrah! Il'i tight time.

It's probably ust a little sad to admit it, but what makes the fight scenes so much fur is the amount at blood spilt. It jets through the sir, Hows tram gaping itomach wounds and gathers In huge puddles on the ground Baloks jump on you. bursting you like a ripe watermelon, wild

• •

unicorn dogs gore you. and nasty Troggi run you through with spears and then dangle the dripping corpse several feet oft the ground. It's all dons in such an over-the-top way that iff impossible to (a) take it seriously, and

Samuil iillovtt (<■ wain bi berk modi Ii hirt)

in back is

e- y l

(b) not to think ot Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Moonstone... it pretty much a hack-and-slash game with a quest thrown in but. with lour players, you have the added option at wailing until they kill the monsters, then mugging them for ill their money, with which you can buy betler armour and weapons in the cities. The trading s quick and easy, and leaves plenty ol time left tor hacking things up And that. I think, is where I came in.



Moonstone... straddles the area between beat-'em-up and adventure, and produces fair versions ol both You can probably finish H In a few daya, but thal doesn't really matter, since the adventure aspect's a bit lame anyway, and ust an excuse lo trash some bid guys. The disk accesilng s Intrusive st times, but robbing your 1 I ; friends gives the game I [\ ~ long-term appeal.    f 1 ;





Publisher: Zeppelin Price: £7 99 Release: Out now

Look, what Ihe hall's gong on here’ It's nd is if we expect vary much from budget gimes in the way of plot depth or character exploration but this is just atsJUtg On the crappy little bit of tofded paper that accompanies the disk, you get a couple of paragraphs ol inspid puns about a Wild Wist saloon Then there's a Wile diagram at what the joystick does And that's it Like, sorry if I'm being picky


l Whim

Title: The Greatest Publisher: Beau Jolly Price: £29.99 Releeee: Out now

Compilation time again, lolka. This time we re looking at Dune. Cura Ot The Tamptraaa and Jimmy Whltaa Whirlwind Snookar, a trio ot Virgin tltlea ol varying vintage, on ralaaae again not from Virgin, oddly enough, but from budget maeatroa Baau Jolly. H'a a cerebral kind ol pack.

Jimmy Whltaa Whirlwind Snookar la ' a 3D, avary-way-scrolling and    Ml

zoomy-ln-and-outy    V a

enookar game It a jfi I got aorna great    m 1

sound aflecti In H that Archer Hacleen    ©

made by rubbing two    *

balloons together (no. realty), and It you were to have a really wild draam In which you Imagined the beat computar

—*•*•" i - it •) lutlijl

l.wewm-IsriM « I

■ turn a film licence Into a multi-level scrolling platform game. Virgin came up wtth an Invenllva atrategy/adventure/ wargame affair which, nonetheless


with even the token ‘arcade1 ottering being a game that call* lor a lair

snooker game poialble. It (till wouldn't be any better than this one

was apparently moat ramarkabla (well, according to our original review by

Looking to the game for help proves equally fruitless - it throws you straight mto the (and I use this term loosely) acton, which is stodgy, slightly animated, almost-soundless scrolling piaitormy slult where you Ihrow custard pres al soma baddies Reaching ihe exit ol the first level

amount ol thought-power, and at Ian quid a game It'a a little more demandingly-prlced than the usual compilation. But. hey. let's not complain - two ol the tltlea hart ara lata than tan month! old. all thraa ara atilt parformlng pretty Impreaalvely In

Lura Ol Tha Tamplraaa li my personal favourite so tar ol all tha Monkay iaiind-iah advanturaa that wa vs aean such a bundle ol racantly. It's got a lovely, dingy atmosphere and (It asamt to ma at laaai. although lhasa things ara kind ol subjective)

Dave Golder) lor lealurlng a character who looked like Franceses Annla. Dava'a hormonal aaida, though, this la a wall smart gams which n kaap you angroatad lor mors thin a tanner's worth ol time lor aura.

All ol which laada to the

s easy, but you can t go out ol it until, axpermenting you pick up a brown lump Put might be a hat of some sod Or it mighi not Whichever, why it lets you go through the exit is never satisfactorily explored Level two brings you. er. some more ol exactly the same. ie more pitiful dross agamsi a strikingly similar backdrop, and proceedings continue in the same .an lor as long as you can stand it - m my case about tour minutes

Really. I can't imagine how anyone, having secured such an er prestigious kcence could have written a game to go with i at a more desultory, slapdash shoddy manner I know it's only eight quid and ail that, but I haven't seen a game this awful in a very tong time I'd rather spend the rest ol my lila locked at a room with Ardi Peters and an the presenters ol The Disney Club than play it agaat • STUART CAMPBELL


Astonishingly rudimentary platlormar that, remarkably, lomahow managas to be aven worse than the first Edd Tha Duck gams. Back With A Quack mikai tha languaga that we re allowed to uaa In a family magazine seem woefully Inadequate, and gata 3 parcent for tha qulte-nlce Intro music and scresn.

tha charts, and all thrsa wars originally 30-quid gamss. so you rs hardly getting ripped oft. Still, enough of that. What you rsally want. I know, Is a little mini-review ol each game In the pack (ollowad by a dinky summing-up paragraph, so lat a go.

.less intruslva dlik-swapping and accessing than moat In tha gsnrs.

Lastly, but only laaitly In tha aanaa that It'a vary allghtly laaa good than the two other very good garnet on the collection, there's Dima. Manlully raaltting tha tamptatlon to


Publisher: Global Software Price: £7 99 Release: Out now

l m desperately searching tor something, anything, nee to say about The Plague, so that this review H start on a high point and you'll have to read all the way through it to work out whether Ihe game's wonh buying or not I thmk 1 ve finally got one. so here goes The Plague is the first game I ve ever seen where you can actually sign your name whan you get into the high score table Like. I bet that one's got you swabbing lor your f8 and heading lor tha shops right now. hasn t it’

Dropping any pretence ol storyline Ihe flimsy leaflet makes things quite clear with its conose ftslructions to 'destroy everything that moves' So. even the

novice games player browsing through tha latest releases down at his local Platformers R Us megastore could deduce that the elements ol strategy and planning are kind ol non-existent n this title Add to this list enjoyment addiction, good graphics, superior stereo sound and any reason to play the game more than three tanas (other than a rabid programmer with a large gun up your left nostril, which the only one I can think ol) and you're getting a fuller picture of ust how far from my hean this game is

Inescapable conclusion that tfili la the summing-up paragraph, and far ba It from ma to buck tradition. For tan quid each, all of Ihaaa garnet have to ba aaan it extremely good deals. In fad. even it you ve already got one. 15 quid apiece lor tha othar two la still way shod ol unattractive. Tha Graataat la a compilation oddly bereft of tha usual obligatory turkeys, and lor that novelty value alone it'a worth a buy. And for tha thraa great games too, of course • STUART CAMPBELL


Top-quality compilation of largely recent and still-popular games lor tha more thoughtful gamer. H you've ever had a thought of any kind at any lima In your life, you'll do well with this compilation.


Gameplay goes like so - badly animated barbarian runs from left to nghi. shooting things Bizarre backgrounds struggle vamiy to conjure up an image ol the world laid to waste by genetic mutation. while weak bloopy noises limp out ol the speakers Lizard man gal Shot, bubbles and lava pis kill you and you rapidly wish you ware somewhere else The Plague’ I d rather have tetanus • MARK WINSTANLEY


Anyone who'd been encased In carbon He for the last thirty yaara and saw this couldn't help but ba Impressed al tha extraordinary progress ot computer technology. The real ot ua lhould kick sand in tha laca ot thla game and then steal its bika. Top A A — entertainment tor the    / / E

chronically bed-ridden    LL ”







Game: The Simpsons -Bart vs The Space Mutants Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

With the other Simpsons

garnet still dragging their heelt (teen Krusty a Super Fun House or Bart va The World in a software shop near you recently Though! not. What on Earth are Acclaim playing at }, the rerelease of this first adventure of the spiky little yellow dude Is a welcome sight tor all of us post-modernist sociological satire fans. Bar1 va The Space Uutants la a straight conversion of s game which you can now buy on pretty much every format Irom the Game Gear upwards, but which originated on the clunky old 6-blt NES.

Yea. that's right, the NES - an ultra-primitive piece of kit with hardly

any colours, a deep reluctance to display more than about three sprites at any one time, sub-Speclrum sound and a general level ol sexiness on a par with Bernard Manning in a bucket of sick. NES games, as you might expect, are very rarely anything to write home about.

The Amiga version of Bart vs The Space Uutanta Is. save for a alight tidylng-up ot the graphics and marginally brighter colours, exactly the same as the NES game. You might also expect, than, that it'd be rubbish.

Sorry, folks. Wrong again.

This Is a smashing little game, for an unconvincing-sounding collection ol reasons which I'm about to try to outline. For a start. It’s bloody hard. It’s a good deal less obvious than It first

eeik* woeid Ilka le ialinrin Oil w, a petiikk kit wkecu.

seems, with a fair scattering ol puzzles that still regularly manage to stump Last Resort correspondents to this day, and the puzzle aspect Is married to platform-leaping requirements as strict (In Its way) as. ooh. Prince Ot Persia. It's only five levels long, but they're learsomely big ones and every Inch of progress is hsrd-won.

It all feels very Bart-y too. which Is odd considering that there's very little Of whal you could farm Bari's World in It. Somehow, though, you really do get the Impression that you're wandering around Springfield. I think It's probably the big solid blocks of primary colours snd the simple sprites that do It - the true art of carioonery. after all. Isn't

■ Mi






M tm prmUm cm

14 kalp pnvi •



1 kll

Mite, wi ll be wail

1>S ter soar


just drawing fluffy things with big eyes It's giving an Impression ol something that's loose and ambiguous enough for you to Impose your own Imagination on It. hence allowing yourself to relate to and be drawn Into the cartoon's universe, and that a something this game does expertly. Still, that's going a little deeper than I'm paid for. so let s gat back to the game.

Bart va The Space Uutants has a plot so ridiculous (hat it's a stroke of genius, presentation so cursory that it feels like a new version of Workbench rather than a front end, sticky controls that lake hall a day to come to terms with properly and graphics that your little sister could knock up with DPalnt In half an afternoon, it's also a game that I've been playing on and oft on my NES and Amiga for well over a year now, and I've still only just managed to scratch the fifth level. Normally I ve gol as much patience as a man with only half a pack of cards, but I keep on playing this, and that's got to count for something. Or maybe It doesn't. But hey - that's enough philosophy.



Uncompllcsled but much more demanding than you might think, you really shouldn't let the fact that this Is a conversion of an NES game put you oft ftP I buying one of the Amiga's K *1 ~ better character licences. UU -




Publisher: Zeppelin Price: £7.99 Release: Out now

It you didn't have us lot at AP la aid you m buying games and just warn lor the ones that looked interesting. I reckon you'd end up (ksappomled a lot ol the time Here's a case n point Sluad rather kirxty let me choose ihe budget games I wanted to review this month, and alter looking al Ihe plot lines and screen shots I chose this as one ot ihem. 1 thought it looked wacky, different and refreshing

Basically if I'd have been si a shop dutchmg eight quid, thrs is the one I would have gone lor Let's see how it strikes you A video pnnrmg press has been invented, but has been accidentally blown up by Doc Croc, blasting ihe Latest edition of the comic he works on all aver the sewers There are tour characters which you

lt‘i juil like Hill I Col Him lor Voi Will crocodiles Ji 11«wit.

control around ihe sewers lo pick up ihe bits of ihe video priming press and ihe pages of the comic and bnng back the joke punchlines

You choose the character you war! lo control Irom the Docs oflice. ihen choose one of the lout drams they can enier From ihen on irs 8-M-styte platform antics all the way. with the emphasis on lumping and avoiding things II you find that character's comic page you can enter the page and play a little sub-game to gel la the punchline jokes 11 you lind another

character s come page, remember where it is and on the next go send that character to get the punchline. (Itall this sounds familiar, it's because it's an based on the old kiddies TV show Round The Bend In lad. the game was a Round The Bend licence m its Bbk incarnation, but now. probably because Ihe shows not on any more, it’s got a new name Shame they didn't change the title screen, though Okay.

Tim. all yours again - Ed)

There's a time kmil lo do if al m. of course, and Imdtng a punchline increases the time left to complete the task See It sounds great, doesn't it Untodunaiety. it doesn t live up to its promise One ot the most irritating factors is that it you gel hit by anything you're immediately sent back to the office, which is more than a bit annoying when you're jus) getting the hang of one of the drams

The graphics have a very 8-bil look to them, which isn't too shabby but defnitely could be boiler. Probably the worst thing about the game, though, is (hat you never teel rewaided tor your efforts. I guess until you've finished the game (wtveh I haven't) Okay, so you might Ind a lew pages, but halt the time you're using the wrong character so you can't do anything wrth them The levels get easier with familiarity, but can still be anrvaywgty tricky, and before you know rt lime's up and ihe game s over, and you leei like you ve achieved nothing Most ol us play games to get some sod cl feeling of satisfaction even if it is from the complete annihilation ot a species, so I can t see this one being on anyone s playlist lor long • TIM TUCKER


Not terrible, just disappointing.

Great plot, and yet. a refreshing variation on the standard platform fare, but atilt Il's too frustrating lo be fun.    CC ~

Please - somebody take    “

Ihe idea and do It properly. U U “



LkLkLrAbAi L


Publisher: Code Masters Price: £7 99 Release: Out novu

Okay, lei's kick ctt with a quick joke:

Q Where does Robn Hood buy his flowers'7

A Sherwood Flonsi1

Okay lei's get on with (he review Ive go) a problem with my Amiga al home - I have 1o lighl 1o gel a go on it M's very popular in my house is our Amiga, especially when Stack Up's m ihe drive I tried (0 play Robm Hood - Legend Quest over a weekend al home. I carefully unpacked il and. n my excitement, I accidentally knell on Ihe cellophane wrapping just as I slipped (he dsk into the drive My brother (visiting lor the weekend) came rushing n, grabbed the joystick from me and started playing

t tried to recover the joystick, but I was thwarted at every turn "Look, t vs got lo levtew that Let me have a go'

_ 'No. I'm doing

really well here It's a shame M's not in colour (you really should gel that telly lined you know), but M's a nice little platformer *

"It s nol that good, look at the way Robm Hood s animated, he moves like some sort of wooden puppet'

_-Well okay, he

doesn't exactly glide

ETTwrsmr; er ns r,r.rsi r

lollewins Ihe WtlUbit commercial, tobia weal underground bends down But that S

cos he's so big. it'd be a lot better it he was smaller I think you should give it a good review It's really hard loo. but watchI'll Show you where I can get up to First I've got to oo>ect an the keys, jump on all the chests and avoid al the arrows It's like most things rr Me, jusl watch your step - take things one at a time and you'l be okay Right, now this is the bit I can't do Gentty does it ab oh damn It's impossOle, I can't do it You try'

At last'Right, this is fme dumde dumdedum aha. it's the drfficull bit. I bet I can do it Okay, here goes damn A whole two hours later and the Barker household still hasn't got past that tncky bit that's just ten mmuies Into the game Maybe we shotAd have persevered, but somebody put Stack Up in the dnve and we lorgot all about poor Rotwi • LINDA BARKER


Decent enough platformer In the Gods, er. tradition (le It'* almoat exactly Ihe same), but too (erky and not original enough to keep you Interested lor more than, well, the 10 minutes It'll mA ; tske you to gel lo the hard hi I =

bit we got stuck at. uu =




Publisher: Global Software Price: £7 99 Release: Out now

Moseying into the Lost Dutchman Computer Exchange and Console Mart (orca tale 1000s) you'd have been most surprised to discover that, although a copy at this game currently retails at a fad under eight quid (that's about 13 bucks), it would then have set you back an astounding a00 fokkng greenbacks Hot only that, but you'd then have to hang around lor the best part ol a century to actually play the dumed thing Downer

Taking the role of a Wild West prospector, the idea ol this hopelessly sad and not quite terminal mess is to find the legendary Lost Dutchman Mme. which has sort ol been, well, lost realty On Ihe way are aJI sorts ol equally sad sub-sections, such as the fishing game (too dire to go into here) and the poker game, which gave me bizarre 2X Spectrum flashbacks


'Now, ri ion'll jull tallow m< orautd Ihi roil ol lilt iid<l, 111 ikow ton mi oMfnllictnl Itrni and btrbottom bordtra

Tim littlt ft llow coo St o rcol ptit, oi Ik feed* tichfimlr on iknMtrr '

on the ground.

Having uid that, H a not the kind ol game lhat'i going to gel you maaalvely Involved. There'* not much

k lollop karatal













Tin wcch I've bffts icil-driviitj l*»« IfllOrCCf Mjch t dtltE-VlEJ The bilk model hit a jood naf( ol oplioail Eccciforicf■


Game: Battle Squadron Publisher: Global Price: £7.99 Release: Out now

lo more shots than usual, and right from the start they're pretty heavily armed. Consequently, you'll spend most ol your first couple ot attempts In a ball of flame, and begin lo gel a little dispirited. Another couple ol games In, though, and you'll begin to power up your gun. to a point where most enemies disintegrate al Ihe mere thought ol It. Beyond here (and we re

Walt a minute. What's

going on here Didn't we do this last month Ah, no. Battle Squadron is the second In a genealogy of lour games notable lor their almost total similarity lo    .

each other. Starting oil about a billion years ago with a game called Hybrts. the line v „ takes In this game, then    *

Wings Of Death (released by Thallon), and finally last month's 70-percent-seorfng Lethal Xcess. All the games were vertically-scrolling    ;

shoot- em-ups, all ol them boasted attractive, metallic graphics, all ol them (as far as I can remember) had simultaneous two-    g'

player modes, and    !*«. »

all of them shared    .    *

the same power- ,1 / up system.

What this    - -

involves, and off '

Ihe top of my head ' it s a system unique lo these games. Is that there are several power-up paths you can take. When you blast a power-up-yielding baddle. he'll relinquish one ol several different kinds of power-up (or a single one which cycles through all the types). If you keep collecting the same type, you'll build up your main weapon to a fearsome degree, but II you get one ot a different type, your gun will revert to Ihe lowest level ot that type's power and you'll have to start all over again. It's a weird system, and I'm spending so much time going on about It because It has a strange effect on Ihe balance ol Ihe gamefs).

At first. Battle Squadron Is off-puttingly hard. The baddies are a little more intelligent than you might be used to (it you don't shool them when they appear, they'll often come after you. hound you into a comer and waste you, rather than ust drift oil the bottom ol the screen), they're resistant ji;VaUnKL


only talking about naybe two-lhlrds ot *    * Ihe way through the

first level) things get ridiculously easy and hence vary boring, unless you accidentally pick up Ihe wrong power-up or somehow manage to get shot, at which point Ihe game gels totally and utterly impossible again.

Many shoot- em-ups suffer from this kind ol Haw (Ihe baddies al a certain point being designed solely under Ihe Impression lhal by then you'll be powered up to a certain level with no chance tor Ihe player who finds hlmsell in a different situation to drag himself back into contention), but It's precisely Ihe one that sorts out the good shool-'em-ups from the bad ones, the SWIVs from Ihe Project Xs. Battle Squadron Is all technically very fine and everything, and It’s undoubtedly one ot the better games in a genre strangely short of good ones, but I'm afraid it just doesn't light my candle al all • STUART CAI4PBELL



Eerily similar to LethalXcess, despile being several years its elder, this Is a tough and pretty shool-'em-up that only really suffers from a lack of character and a bit ot a power-up Imbalance Doesn't really compete with SWIVor Sky High Stuntman, but It's well up there in Ihe League Of Vertically-    HA ;

Scrolling Shool-Em-llps.    III “

Nol that that's saying a lot. I U •

Novaur,    car often te i

prohlf, date i« dM lar E lirtem circle

r— .. * ■



Is this oul on the C64. and if not. why not7 The graphics look 8-brt beyond belief but that still doesn't excuse the game play Keeping led and watered takes most ol ihe time, but occasionally you can pan lor gold m the over, or dig at existing mines You trade m the gold lor money - and let me tell you. you need plenty of it. what

Whan iSijil, Latiic Silly i trapped id the eld mine ihafl Add ha'i yet a lilty half'

with a box ol matches weighing at at five dotars. and a loaf of bread an astonishing fen buckeroontes Unbelievable

Which is a word that pretty much sums up ihe entire game There s one last thing - when you die. the game asks you 'Play Again * Be glad you are given this choice You Should answer ‘No’



Stay away all you arcade fans. Stay away all you adventure Ians. Slay away all you tlrategy Ians. Stay away all you Wild West fans. Stay away all you H I -platform fans    I ft

And so on.    Lm “



Publisher: Hit Squad Price £9,99 Release: Out now

Many people don't understand American Fooiban They don't understand the tact that even though the game lime is one hour, it actually ends up taking about lour It's al la do with the pace ol the sport, you see Soccer is played over 90 mitutes. cncket ts often played over a lew days, and American Football takes about lour hours But none ol this explains why it lakes 4th <5 Inches an intolerable amount ol tine to simply take the kickoff, lei alone perform a Short Hook passing play with play action fake

This ts slow So slow thal any melaphor would be hopelessly maccurale II attempts lo otter an arcade American Football game, but ends up as one ol the most laughable experiences ever committed to disk You choose your lormations. plays and which playet you want to control and then laugh hyslencaily as what looks like a genatnc morns dance is enacted right before your unbelieving



lyes Only it's not really that tunny, because you ve spent ten quid on t*s ciap and could nave spent less money on Rainbow islands or Bobbie Bobble and got a really good game Theies more fun just a tew problems n this game - it s virtually unplayable It seems to be ncompatible with gust about every Amiga I tried it on. lor a start -the S00 Plus runs appalling slowly, the 1200 produces some tod ct flickering block over the players and both of these are supposedly supported The 600 produced the best results, but no matter what computer

lor a bit el a ilur]i, I'm aikinj id to took it Ihis picture and juiii wkil happened belorc H...

Correct, they acre ell dell] ip their ihoelecel el the seme lime.

I played it on. it stopped working alter the second play and froze up Now even A it didn't have this alarmingly tnconventenl bug, you wouldn't want to touch this with a bargepole because (a) the animation is simply dreadful, consisting o< about two frames oI

action, animating at a hideous rale o< about one frame per two seconds, (b) the gamepiay tacks any excitement due to the agonisingly slow speed ol it al. (c) there is never the feeling that your control ol the players has any significant consequence m the game, (d) there are only two teams to choose from - Ail-Pro and Champs ft mean, come on), (e) there's hence nothing resembling a league sysiem. and (f) I could go on lorever. but you gel the point The point being that you couldn't spend your tenner more (ksastrousty than on this game Avoid it Please • TIM TUCKER


Just crap, with no redeeming features whatsoever. This gives American Football a bad name, and you'd be Infinitely better off saving up the exlra fifteen quid (or John Hadden's. I've said why above, so let me use this space to give my own public support to the Miami Dolphins nexl season. Go for it. boys.


Publisher: The Hit Squad Authors: Bullfrog Price: £12 99 Release: Out now

Blimey, yet another copy of Populous1 What with all the boys and girts o( AMIGA POWER being shoe-horned into a try office packed with all manner ol Amigas Apple Macs and the 1 4 scale model of ihe Eiffel Tower that we build out ol non-workmg coverdisks that people send back to us instead ol to OsCopy Labs, space is at a premium, and every copy ot Populous we gel adds to the weight that will one day. no doubt, cause Ihe games shell to come crashing down amidst a shower ol plaster and waipaper We've got the original version the budget version, three



Publisher: Games Worth Playing

Authors: Silmanls Price: £12 99 Release: Out now

Those crazy-mad French

blokes are at It again They really are completely potty, or at the very least have an imagination beyond the realms ot us normal, sane (Ish) types inhabiting the real world Recently the same team came up with Ihe lush-looking but thoroughly Hawed Transarcfica a game based around the less-than-mainslream subject ol post-apocalypllc train management, but all those who missed one ol their earlier efforts can now check it out on budget. So what, you may wonder, have those wacky Gallic lunsters come up with this time Check out Ihis storyline, and then tell me that I'm not the only one

who's concerned about the ground-level sanity of the Silmarils team.

For reasons never lully explained, the neighbouring islands ol Eolia and Sharkaania on the planet Urgaa have been grumpy lor centuries, and you ve been honoured by being appointed Ihe Grand Magisler ol Eolia. ruling over the Council ol Seven In this privileged position you have Ihe run ot the land.

you are the ruler ot all you survey, and you're undoubtedly heading lor a surprisingly premature grave You see, to gain the admiration and adoration of your people, all you have to do is pillage and destroy the seven enemy cities of Sharkaania (a teat your fathers and their fathers belore them never quite pulled ott) but it you slip up in anyway, eek1 Game over, man

The Council ol Seven control all aspects ol Eolian society. Irom science, agriculture and commerce to religion. Ihe military and even the seedy covert world ol spies. As their boss, you ve got to distribute Ihe wealth ol Ihe nation between them, ensuring that there s always enough lood for Ihe masses soldiers far the wars and materials lor Ihe warships Unfortunately, when they re not getting bumped oil by your enemies, the council are a miserable bunch who tend to leel neglected and wander oft it you don t pay them enough attention.

Now. unpronounceable place names aside. Ihe really btzarro thing

about this is that the planet is ruled by the wind, so all travel and fighting is achieved using big Hying boats. You get to customise your own fleet, and then set oft to (hopefully) trash the bad boys in them. Should you come into air-lo-alr conflict, you play one ol Ihe strangest battle games I ve ever seen, seeing off all manner of attacking craft with a catapult (as in medieval conflict, not the Bash Street Kids, stupid) and two massive crossbow bolfy things

So, Ukt exit if

fOll lfl left YOUr

i dry."

It s hard I

5 hard to know who to recommend this game to. as it s neither an adventure game nor a wargame It s best to think ol it as a football management game, where you re the manager ol the world You juggle figures, keep everyone happy, and since you re trying to destroy the other island. It's a game ol two halves (art. art). It's a tough game to gel into though, and definitely one for Ihe shool-'em-up up posse to avoid.



At times Storm Mas fee is a lot ol hard work lor little reward, and to get the most out ol fl. you'll have to put in a lot ol hours. The graphics are lovely, there's plenty ol depth and huge amounts of statistics to think about, so maybe it you're Into juggling numbers snd 14 ~ reading fantasy novels. II” this'll be just your thing. I I ■






Populous I* a brilliant game - led However, thl* I* now the fourth or fifth re-raleaaa of ft, either on its own or In compilation*, and the Promised Lends data disk Juat offers you different seta of characters rather than any new challenges. This set as a regular budgie Definitely. But for

thirteen quid, you'd be „

better off grabbing the I L I original sacond-hand. f aj ~

megalomaniac power -trip You mess around with your followers by altering then isomelnc world and encouraging them to build on the Hat bits In turn they adore you. giving you enough psyche energy lo trash the followers ol another god When your boys kill the others, you've won The addition to this version is a data disk with five new worlds on it. like a Wild Wesi and a French world It's really tunny watching comical French types building Arcs de Tnomphe alt over the place but what does it add lo the garnet Not a lot. I'm afraid, and <( anything the modem settings detract trom the idea of gods ruling over pnmifrve man This is a very old game now (in Amiga terms) and I reckon that 13 quid's asking a bit much, even with a Iktssy addition • MARK WINSTANLEY

The aicitm tribe ol the look People lined ■ear ea laainai book shaped book.

And. lo return Ike lavour, parhepi yea d like lo join we on at beet, lonorron i'

Everything’s mouse-controlled, and one* you’re Into the actual game (as oppoaad lo equipping your fleet) you have a complete overview of the game from uat two well-presented screens. Thera's the map screen, that plonks you and your foea In torn* ttvaalra of war, be It the Falkland*. Gulf or Atlantic, and than there'* the bridge screen. Remarkably, you can pretty much control the entire shooting match from this one screen, which means that tha programmers thought long and hard bafora working out Ih* game mechanics. And than want and got them spot on.

You control the Heel through a flagship, but can also split up tha fleet and send them off Individually. Clicking on a target on the radar present* you with a view of It, and allow* you to zap It with a weapon ot your choice Easy.

As wall as views trom all tha ship*, you can even fly helicopters around, boosting your radar and antisubmarine capabilities. About the only downer in the game la the size of the graphics window, which tends to give you ihe feeling of lighting a war looking through a latter box. The actual graphic* are great, with huge plumes of walar iplooshing up la signify near misses, and columns ol tmoka lingering around aunk ships for age* aflar the event, but I tend lo think H was lha graphics window which waa compromised to fit everything on one screen. It s no great problem though, and certainly won't slop me giving this on* a big tat nautical thumbs up.



One of that handful of wargame* that's slicker than a Shetland* coastline. Strike Fleet looks good, playa well, and will keep you entertained way Into Ihe night. Ever read The Hunt For Red October or fled Storm    rtA ;

Rising Tom Clancy    Ull “

would go ape over this. JU •

versions from venous compilations, and now tfvs one Populous’’ Popular, more kke Art. art (Oh dear - Ed)

Okay, so tor the benefit of Mr 'I've never played Populous cos I've been asleep for the Iasi decade' out there, this was the ongmai god sim. m which you get lo be some kind ol deity on a massive

It's one of Ihelr Platinum Edition releases, which i* another way of saying that even though It's a budget re-release, you're still getting slammed for thirteen quid. In this case though, you're getting real value.

Strike Fleet la a modern-day naval balti* aim. whata you gat to control a surface Heat ol up to 16 veasala against all manner ol air, sea and subaqua enemies This isn't on* of thoaa WW2 aim lobbies, where you crisscross Ihe Atlantic plinklng at dastroyars. No way, what w* have here la a atala-oMha-art. fly-by-wira kind of wargame simulating ail Ihe electronic v wizardry that lal ihe allies win .     tha Gull Wat

Q with no ■■    worse

I casualties Ru--    than a lew


headaches trom looking at TV monitors for too king. (And all the guys the Americans shot - Ed)

Tha gams'* a braaza lo gat Into, simply work through Ihe tutorial In the manual and you’ll have the mechanics suased within twenty minutes









Publisher: Hit Squad Authors: Electronic Arts Price: £12 99 Release: Out now

*1 HI, w (•■leal M ■■ a IM to ■bora, caald yppT*

ns thing that really bugs ma la being tunk bet ore dinner lima. Cruising Ih* Strait* ol Hormuz certainly itrlkaa me as a good way at passing tha lime, it's  uat that I gat juat so wound up whan Exocelt start scratching my paintwork and sanding Ihe entire Heel to the polluted bottom ol the Gulf.

Oope, sorry about that, I lapsed into a hypnotic state for a moment there, lulled inlo a world ol passive dipping sonars and Phalanx anil- z, missile cannon aystema by thl* little gem trom Ihe Hit Squad. >, <


Look at this, readers - it’s the way to do it. Here in the public domain, you get your software for nothing and your disks for a nominal copying charge. And most of it is working, even on the 1200. This month’s Hawaiian noises were made by Dave Golder. Err... thank-you.





Not 1200 compatible

T le««ert Computer


1200 compatible

Remember Dedeoder Wall, how about It* sequel, SterGaf* h you gat hold ol Oblivion you wor t hava to, because you'll hava SlarGata lhara In Iron ol you. A* clones go. Ihlt ana la jusi aboul partacl.

Thar* hava bear a law graphical twaaka, but tha aounda ara a pot on and lha gameplay. whlla almpie, I* a* addlctlva a* II evar waa. And lha apaad o< lha game and lha unpredictability ol tha alien attacker* atlll make It a Ihoroughbrad blaat.

H«r* i . lml.-k.aM. lUffjH facti Ifc. I.fae... Mnlaa il called ieJt.Daar


VERDICT: Okay. *o rahaahlng old game* I* a bil lama, but H you wanl aoma good old-fashioned blaallng action this provide* tha good*

RATING: ****


There s no real lope involved jus! hava to remember whai dQMri The coksion delect ion is jot dod and you keep getting r dote

Pathfinder PD 1200 compatible

The aim ol lha game here o simply lo gel Irom point A lo point B The problem is (hat you have lo take the kind ol circuitous route that involves visiting every olher pomt from C to Z and well rto Greek alphabet I armory as well

Escape 2 ts a luturrsbc puzzler teaturng matter transporters, varashmg ties, switches which operate skrkng doors (usually on the other sate ol the screen) and tight time limes

The graphics are impressive and the basic concept is Ime (although, admittedly it's hardy ongnal). but the game relies lar too rrxich on the try-and-dw and-slart. aga n school ol puzzling

VERDICT: I still prebr lha wnon wi.a Slava McQueen having an argument with a barbed-wirr lance. RATING:***

■wtt tar lb. lUtl, u knrl mrmWI

Th*'* I tats gong on - s*X»y ce o'aflonps conveyor b*«s manar t'anspo'MKS stJI *a*ng Irom th* ceiings a*gr >e-e s tcv peooi* with on* mag machnes - But f s 'atalty let down By a muddy control system massiva slowness and soma ***iy quta tvdeous graphics

r its gettmg a" -control a whee ivi

you get Thw* a-e peseta you can pick up which make you longer and multiply your points So bas«a>y you waavt about the maze trying not to gel tangled and getting ever longer If s dead ample but dead addetna There s even a twbpiayar mode which can gel very voous

if S a shame there « only one maze indeed the gam* has me tael of an idea tha! hasn't been Wy devaiopad Bui tha idea s sai good (Wametg - th* demo uses rude words, so i you're th* prudish sort, perhaps you'd belt*' avoid I hr! on )

VERDICT A lot of good Idaaa. but th* whole la conaldarably las* than th* aum ol hi parti RATING:


Bum Stop PD 1200 compatible

Oh no! Not another PD Tetri*. Oh yea! But this Is Tetris with a difference! You've probably haard that one belora • but In this case the game doe* actually add a lew new twials.

You're tlfll (lotting falling shapes logathar to form lino* which vanlah. but In Tetren you hava goal* to reach - It takaa a certain number of llnaa lo complete a level And lha level* become progressively more difficult, and not uat bacauaa the block* atari tailing faatar. Thera ara level* in which lha screen blanks out. where acid rain rot* away lha block* and where block*

VERDICT: tt'm email. It's aamay. If a not entirely original, but In tha abort term M gata Its hooks in.


Shuttle aldewaya off the screen.

Add to this a two-playar competitive mode, a password ayatam and soma above-par graphic* and you va go) a rather nifty little game.

VERDICT: Do you taka ust one Tetris Into th* shower Than why not taka Tatran at well (But remember, kids, water end Amiga a lion 1 mil. - Ed) RATING: ****

Contacts: Telescan Computer Services, Handaworih Road, Blackpool * 02S3 22296 • Bus Slop PO, 5 Waalboume Road. Marsh. Huddersfield HD1 4LQ

• Pathfinder PO. 41 Marlon Strati. Blngiey. Waif Yorki BD16 4NQ





iMTiitviev* «p,cl*1





..en oniMER And she reallv likes She runs AMIGA P0«"’    ever> we give

flowers. Now, lor the It*    st editor.

you the full facts on Britain

~£S£SS~ _

Well aparttiomWoddPeace.a

What    a**

A Walkman    Mouse keynng. bott*s. chmmng g



If you C0U,J15*H,5eT

-•■" sss '°*aKe *

SJoopwafter-aitha    klll f0r

P--    H....HCM M.ttJ

Would you vote fo    Absolutely defm'leiy

ita bMX Bandits song

***'•*'SSilflft so can l have Osco M

, or a summer's n>gh1





Linda Mari« Barker Old maid

Jop«ier. because I used to be

able to see A somebmeswhen I

garden (







What would your autobiography W called-

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever uM

Then l wom i0 second , *" i,h "V "Me brother Ih'ngs, except bum villages w 0®14nd <W ***% 'he same my 9et,in9 bigge,-all itJTJ "h my newer “me sister school witt, t l,* h*',lm* brother. I manao .l a,h*f ,han


2 KisSSr

“ sll SSSsr

What one thing do you

think would "OsnmP™*®



5 0






Programmers be*>g allowed io

software industry •

do exactly what they want Hnagne.

   liWe your epitaph to be

What would V°u 1    •    1 m ,,rsi blossom

■ ■    . htossom 18 me .»»■ C ossom.

$ *™***"*s°n‘ Irom Eden we take

Trie morning aheret l V


And the f1'8*    1axe our way.

(Loess MacNe«e)

_ii the devoted male Have you got a me*** ®. parted writing to us.

groupies who’ve a,,®"J'    atoum's comvtg od

, wme to the Pastets and ask mem    2 ,0 the opocans

ZTr    b00fc* -K-J5T

'00k the little SSST    in t J"*- When,

evenings w. E£Z£L«« «*» on SlfpJj*

a r         -

houM called Dalrod It waTi "' ”■ nin««n.

did my final...»    " was lh* be*' year ever *. J7 ® 0 u* '“d a

;esu4ndceiabraiecMtwas S'°"bury' P nedNo£ Ch'£[! ''

'sianedmynewiit .    Ma«B*eibyand

ind was “>en asked If g i/tf-1 *'"*'■ mov<* up 'o 6«om « welt, eh (Actuaii, ■    WOrk00 AP w.n ...    tdifw

3. Don't throw fOCAS

...Now Completely Updated With this Season's Stats.

Domark's Championship Manager Is recognised by football fans everywhere as the most realistic football simulation ever!

Now this n§w 1993 edition Includes all the latest league and tournament structures, player statistics plus over 50 new features including...

•    Manager history

•    International transfers and overseas players

•    Double the In-match Information

•    Salaries and win bonuses

•    Injury time

•    Reserve squads

•    Supporters player of the year

Championship Manager '93 the only football management simulation to be written by football fans fer football fans

Click image to download PDF

Amiga Power Issue 26 1993 jun Cover

Merci pour votre aide à l'agrandissement d'Amigaland.com !

Thanks for you help to extend Amigaland.com !



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