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Briefly: Cam was led up l! seemed like Stuart was making him wnte all cl the previews sectcn and it wasn t !a>i Now he’d got to wn« about the Amiga conversion at the popi.v T2 arcade game (the one with the two big guns and ail the sg hsod pictures) when he'd much rather skive off and go la the on«ma n was then that he remembered Dave's expenmeitsi time d.splacement module, and slowly a plan started to lonn Rummaging through Die stack ot recent ob applications, he reached lor the phone The creators speak: Young fiery Morton from Tipton could hardly bekr-.e : He'd just been phoned up by one o( the mightiest bemgs ever to produce a compute: games magazine anj been .vierod 50 quid to wnte * sr-Je cage preview He fiends trembled as he phoned Terry Haynes, the producer ol the Amiga version ol 72 at the ottices ol lop software developers, Probe First he asked how similar the Amiga version would be to the arcade game As wiir -Jotut KombaI, Probe s other current arcade converse.-, the source code came direct trom mn arcade oi .-ens: This produced the Mega Drive V6.-s.nn. which IS th.* vwreon we re wc!..i"-y converting We re hfcvvj to afor some ol tho grapo ;-5 Jo lit the restrictions ol the Amiga, but v S be as close lo the original as the machme can manage '

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Amiga Power Issue 31 1993 Nov Cover

9 *77096





O EXCLUSIVE disk from Sensible Software, featuring the world's O first Interactive Diary Of A Game, and morel

Out-Speedbell Speed ball In this. at. brutal and sporty demo from Millennium.


Lardy platform antics

In this new superhero


epic from Kompari.



. ’ 1




* j 1 • k 11

[• W

l 1 J [ •

f i p]

• 1


l 9

Li • 1


j _ *












SEMOft SALES EAECUTM Caroline Simpson








AOABL ASSISTANT Suzannah Angelo-Sparling


Michelle Trawavat


Colin The Publisher



MANAONC DMCTOfi Chris Anderson

CONTRBUTORS Jonathan Davies, Rich Paley. Devs GoMar. Tbr Norm. Tan Tuchar. JacQiaa Spanton

LMOASCAWWG Sanon Chetandan Jon Moor a Chris Slocfcar, Sanon VAndsot. Jason rnSay, Mark Goaar

CCMRDtSK COMPtED BY Grants Computing

PHOTOS Pal a Carmnf. Ron Scon


Anvga Power, future PiiAsfang Eld.

30 Monmouth Street,

Bath BA1 2BW Tel 0225 442244 Fas 0225 446019


Cary Court Somerlon Somerset TA1 ] 6TB Tel 0458 74011


A awntxt <* Ra Am EL/to. ot OmlMnei RegrUefed crciAahon

ABC 54,182

Jjn - X« (993

MU POM R -    *M MM

■*’t fjMC to torto* re- mymrt

Future Publishing 1993


When it comes to the naked truth, there's noone nakeder or truer than AP's intrepid newshounds Dave Green and Linda Barker.


What's going to be Number One this month We didn't believe it either.


Zool 2, EHmania, T2 - The Arcade Game and at least four more great previews.


Wm a pool table with Micro Machines!


Swashbuckling adventures with the AMIGA POWER readers of your choice.


On holiday with some top programmers.


In which we get practically everybody m the entire world a jab with Bullfrog.


No good at games Then you need Complete Control, this month featuring tips on Nippon Sales. Ishar 2 and more.


We wish. These are the letters pages, in case you hadn't worked it out already.

1 A A ALi quiet on the diary


Yep. it's all going pretty slowty on Spodland and Cannon Fodder. Again.


Win a life size skeleton or a chest full of silver, thanks to Kompart UK and Yo! Joel


Although we doubt if any of you read it quite that carefully, to be perfectly honest.


Well, it’s The Right Profile featuring Team 17's Martyn Brown, and he's actually from Wakefield. Sorry, Martyn. Sorry, Waketield.



Overdrive Overdue, more like. Deadlines, don't you (Snip! - Ed) Page 32


Suspect clone ot Cannon Fodder. more like. (Snip! - Libel Ed)

Page 40


"Will you pay for this game now, sir " “No, just put it (Snip! - Ed) Page 46


First there was Turrican. And now there Is (Snip! - Ed)

Page 36


“Just remember - no-one Is Indisposable. Er...‘‘ (Snip! - Ed) Page 42


Phew. Nearly had to cut our legs j oft then. (Snip! (Ho ho) - Ed)

Page 48


It S’ IMV MuilVM '«Javourite reader ads page with a quaint Victorian theme, and it's - hang on a minute...


STUAST WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: Tm vu ***** tor n fern harm*. SAL WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: jolvi Wayne mm Hm tad very «

CAM WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: l BeugM I had era key to her i«el. A way eta key lo iv Vwd'    0

LISA WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: Jui do a tor me money *    S

OVER 300



Wizzy, Lizzy, let s get busy! (Snip! - Ed)

Page 38


Is It great Is It crap Do you give a cluck (Snip! - Ed)

Page 44


(Snip! - Ed)

Page 50

The December issue ol AMIGA POWER will be on sale on the 11th of November With any luck we should have reviews of Apocalypse. Cannon Fodder and JurtstK Par*. Bui you know what we re like.






Alfred Chicken---—44


Diggers A1 200 —-85

Disposable Heroes -42

Dank —-------- 46

Oscer —......— ..48

Overdrive —---32

Premier Manager 2-80

Space Hulk ....-----..82

Theatre Of Death—40

Turrlcan 3---------------36

Uridlum 2----50



Crstl Kngdm Dizzy —90

Grand Prlx Circuit—87

Hard Drlvln’ 2------86

Huckleberry Hound-90

The Immortal-------89

Knights Of The Sky-88

Qwak----- 8g

Shadowlands ...86

Super Space Inv.--87



Air Ace----104

Dr Mario W/land-104


Mr Man Olympics—103

Neighbours ......104

Road To Hell-103


Wibble Wrld Giddy -103

DAVE WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY: Wert’ iVe ol . rrcorlart ihn i to da STEVE WOULD JUST LME TO SAY: Hvr'i nottnc real jtoul tn wrtuWfy'

It's been a while since there's been enough interesting stuff out there to justify two coverdisks. but what we've brought you this month was just too special to miss. We defy anyone to play our WORLD EXCLUSIVE Interactive Diary 01 A Game and tell us otherwise. That's all


Ifi Ik* worM'i Ant lataracliie Mary 04 A Camel let, low yon car fallow iti development al Sensible t eew Mockbniler where ft reelly coaali - aa the acreee. Trace a path Ikrouyh hiilary with lOUl ncrftoaa al the aame game. Here. Naw.


d ha*

s-..pr.. f’c -Jl    Uhl

i»leiC‘S kam    «©f a

;©f Umt rtDttr bwi ffeiRK* mi$ M b« dboui 10

)( tritlt n . . - ©f tHs faitnc frdra

r»di i*-*i domi i'tiic oar Wi*kj-Rf.r;Sirj 'fi coRsmhtai Id  pUf <1 for yoiartA'if


N« i fk« Am a i Urdi««1 hero ilac« Ckach iMk, lid kc i coming foar way - lock ■p roar ckocolaia, folks. NaRfRrr'l fn«sl profriMRitfi colUborili witk A9 to briar foi a coapku kvtl of ourmi lM pUHoraiii] amki.


And flnoifr< of coirtt, whta oib«r mf* Im«« ]M«a ap and *on« koat, ■•tit packid air covtrdisk just a litilt bd Inkier wnh iha ttadilioaai do<s« f look miy food bot 1ft realty food hia to pLar, bofl«U' nahl-playii PO jaate. And karc's tkh nootk'i. If i jnal.


4 Oh no! Ara you sure Bat ora you go any furthar, try the procedural described In the panel over the page. If. after all that, you do have disk problems, simply pises it In an envelope, along with an SAE and an explanatory letter, and relum It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Batumi 31. DlsCopy Labs, PO Box 21. Davenlry NN11 5BU. Send It to us, and wall bum your house down




! disk

U    31



•    To the disappointment of any lama* 512K-machln* owner* out than, Cannon Fodder and Brutal Sport* Football ara on* mag only.

•    To load any ot tha gamaa, all you hava to do la iwttch off your machine, Inearl the disk, and ewttch your machine back on again.

•    An option* manu will appear. Simply follow tha Inatructlona to load tha game of your cholc*.

•    Juat to ba on tha aat* alda, though, tha on-acraan Inatructlona aay that you ahould praaa tha appropriate (unction kay to make your taiecllon.

•    You’ll have to raaat your machine In order to play ona of tha other demos Whan you do so, almply follow tha Inatnrctona above.

•    Remember to keep tha dlak you ara playing your garna from In the drive at all times. And ram*rrbar -switching tha machine off for 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by atray viruses.

•    Hava a good tlma.


•    Ara you aura

•    Try all that stuff again, making aura you’ve disconnected any peripherals tha program might not ’like’, such as external drive*.

•    It your dlak falls to load, than pop It In a padded anvalopa, along wtth a latter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Dlak 31 Returns

OlaCopy Labs

PO Box 21



•    Wa’ra really hoping that you’re reading this bit, because It's quit* Important: plaaaa don’t aand your dlaka to ua at the AP office. We raally don’t know how to fix dodgy dlaka. We’va triad, w* raally hava, but wa'ra uat hopeless at tL So aand ‘am to DlaCopy Laba. Pleas*.

Authors: Sensible Software

Is il m yeP Is rt finished y«P" says Cam every morning as Ihe post amves Evary single day Can you imagrna how letous fhaf gets for ihe rest of us SM. it’s not without good reason because the game mat he's so eagerly awaiting only happens to be Cannon Fodder, the long-timecoming wargame from those kooky Sensible boys lhai could well be THE most ending game of Ihe year Yeah. I know, the words wargame' and 'eroding' don'I lend to appeal so dose together m these pages, bui H you’re Sinking that then you ve obviously never played Cannon Fodder


Okay, slap m the top disk out ot Ihe two (count 'em1) that are on the cover, and you'll be presented with al manner ot wonderful options Since we re assuming that you’re almost drookng with anticipation at the prospect o< playing this awesomely lartabuious game, weT leave the quz and interactive Diary Ot A Game till later, so dick on Stage Three to get into the thick ot batile

You’ll see tour little blokes who are your team, and almost immediately, a lone soldier will head towards them from the bottom left ot the screen Move your mouse (did i say that you used the mouse xistead of Ihe lOysbdP Oh. well you do) over to him and press the nght mouse button to unleash leaden fury towards ('Shoot' Ed) him Fun. isn't iP

Once he's toast, point the mouse to the little red box on the island to the nght and dek on the led mouse button The sends your merry men over to a box ot tour grenades, which show up in the display on ihe top left hand comer To throw a grenade, hold down ihe nghi button and men hit the left but make sure that it's not loo dose to your squad, as it's extremely easy to waste your own men. It you head led until you cross ihe bg ever (killing anything that moves along ihe way,





Authors: Toque

It's brutal, a s a sport and it’s get a ban which you kick with your loot, so there's absolutely no faulting the choice ot name lot this game There agam. they could

Deel a* ImI td. Itlis llliM fe rt Ally IS Nir, Wftfccr'

have called a Savage Blood-Letting Sword PtaybaJT. Gruesome Maimbair or something, because beng homd is what this game's all about

Okay, so there s a ban m there somewhere and you ve got a toad ot

heavily armoured guys on a pitch with some rather sturdy bus shelter Ihmgs at either end that may or may not be goals, but that’s merely an entertaining backdrop designed by the boys at Millennium so tha I shopkeepers will stock the game They know what the consumers want, and it's blood Lois ot it

To encourage carnage rather than sporting and healthy competition, this demo finishes ones you've scored a goal, sc to gel your money s worth you re much better od concenlratmg on kicking in the

of course). there s another bo« ust miand Irom the beach, but took out lor the tnpwire that's nearby. Just lelt of the box is a hut - troops Mill keep coming out ot it unli you blow it up. but look out tor the door, which has a nasty habit ol Hying oil and taking out one ol your guys

With all lht$ lirepcwer your squad will be absolutely Joseph Rock Hard, so explore at your leisure There are lour rocket launchers m a barrel somewhere, which work like grenades but have a massive range To switch between grenades and rockets, simply ckek on the relevant icon II you want to split up the team, highlight two names r the list and then ckck on the unit badge The unit that you're not controlling will delend themselves while you wander around, and you can toggle between ditterert units by simply dcking on the unit badge


Nat only do you get lour dilterenl versions ol the game, not only do they piesent totally dittereni challenges ranging Irom massed lull Irontn! attacks to a marauding helicopter, not only do you get to see the progress ol the game Irom a single solckt r and blocky graphics to an arena chock-a-block with lethal explosive devices but -There's a qui2 as wen

It's Irue - as explained more luliy in the Diary Of A Game feature. Sensible are giving away a load ol props that appeared m their soon-lobe-released pop video, most notably a glut of plastic replica krearms. ideal lor restating famous bailies, posing n hard photographs, robbing building societies etc <Don't try this at home. kids - Ed) Clicking on the members ol Sensible and the tour pictures m the corner wil reveal 10 questions, and all you have to do is write your answers on the back ol a postcard and send them to Ooh1 Guns. Guns. Guns1' at the usual address Blimey, and some mags manage to only get two games on two coverdisks Not us. maieys

other team Controls are context-sensitive. so it you press lire when you're near the ball (or any other object) you pck it up. where as if you're near an opposing player, you II give them a swift punch m the throat

Ideally, you should pck up ihe sword that's tying around, run up to the hare (to give you

extra speed) and then go and inflict as much damage on the opposition as is inhumanely possible As the cuts and puncture wounds add up. the players gel weaker and weaker until eventually you can np their heads oh and run around the pilch with them Match Ot The Day was never this entertaining Anyway, the best thing to do is to kill the goalkeeper, as he isn't replaced Thai way. you can bash the hell out ot everyone and not really bother about how many goals are scored against you. because you can always make them up ai Ihe olhei end And the great thing is that no one actually gets hurt while you release all this indent energy, not in any real sense anyway


I/O Product

Dinner, dinner dinner, dinner -falman' At long Iasi extremely lit muscley superheroes have given way to someone who resembles your avenge bloke The caped

consumer's here, flesh Irom Ihe finest programming mods of Hungary He's lough he's hard, he s a wobbly mass ol lard' lOhno - Ed)

For all Ihe usual reasons. Fatman's got to run around the level collecting things and in this casa it's gold cups There's all also manner of freaky ectoplasmic nastiness to deal with, and our obese protaganist's got more than one lock up tvs cellulite-pecked sleeves

By holding ihejoyslck down and pressing lire, you can loggia through Falman s attacks k whph involve throwing carrots, dropping  mushrooms and belching He runs out ol * these attei a while, but thankfully he's shit packing several pounds ol paunch laden power stored up in his gut. so belly onIt's also worth running into walls because he squashes amusingly This also works in real Me too Come to think ol it. tfS quite funny it you think about it isn't itHe s Falman. but he comes from Hungary He'd better have another burger then hadn t he1 Ho ho


Author: Tom Kuhn

It's strange that atomic reactions were once feared as the doombnnger lor Ihe human race, and now lhal the Berlin Wall's come down, no-one's scared and there s even a game about them First ol an I you need a friend, preferably three, so run along now

Ready then'’Okay take turns to click on Ihe playing area to deposit an atom The number ol atoms each square can hold depends on how many squares are

honzontaty and verticaiy adjacent to it, so a comer can hold iwo. whereas a centre square can hold lour Well when I say can hold tour. I mean that when it gels up to lour, it reaches critical mass and explodes When this happens, ihe contents ol the square are thrown out in all directions, and any atoms *1 these squares are turned into Ihe same colour as the exploding one. As the screen gets filled up. these explosions tend to sat ott other atoms, and Ihe whole screen goes ballistic, but once the sub-atomc dust's seined, there will be only one. who's the winner Have a go. it's groovy




using any combnat'O'’, of *tr« Ltd joysticks ot mice'

Before Ricky sent oil me la* and got his cash, he asked who tho team would mosl like to dcvdcv it they controlled *n unstcof™ cyborg **aa6Mi They repiwci n uric in ‘Anyone in the Gillette -vf.erts •> the to" 'ecr. - they're just loo smug And eumj. n that Bacardi ad But not Aufdrc Beryl i. t-ihe' Verdict so far: Cam got back to me ofiice just m time to see Ricky - tan arrive Bin Quck.y, >V' set the time module lor a lew houn; r mo ~~z'. where hi saw himsell reaching tor the phone "Don't do .!'■ h6 yallod "We =taMdy Vac* lhai 72 promises to be as trashy and tun as the Mega Dnve version and, hey. the graphics lock great Put down the phone, go to the pictures and torget about the kid Wewrn. he loses, and li‘<, -v-veet'Cam (future j laughed hoarVes-iy as Cam (past) gra’.ef Jiy '■** the oltice. and then he rapped back to ht -jut, Ime And young Ricky was noma the wiser • CAM WINSTANLEY

Game: Terminator 2 The Arcade Game Publisher: Virgin Authors: John Meegan, Terry Ford, Allister Brimble, Terry Haynes ETA: Early 1994

Briefly: Cam was led up l! seemed like Stuart was making him wnte all cl the previews sectcn and it wasn t !a>i Now he’d got to wn« about the Amiga conversion at the popi.v T2 arcade game (the one with the two big guns and ail the sg hsod pictures) when he'd much rather skive off and go la the on«ma n was then that he remembered Dave's expenmeitsi time d.splacement module, and slowly a plan started to lonn Rummaging through Die stack ot recent ob applications, he reached lor the phone The creators speak: Young fiery Morton from Tipton could hardly bekr-.e : He'd just been phoned up by one o( the mightiest bemgs ever to produce a compute: games magazine an<j been .vierod 50 quid to wnte * sr-Je cage preview He fiends

trembled as he phoned Terry Haynes, the producer ol the Amiga version ol 72 at the ottices ol lop software developers, Probe First he asked how similar the Amiga version would be to the arcade game "As wiir -Jotut KombaI, Probe s other current arcade converse.-, the source code came direct trom mn arcade oi .-ens: This produced the Mega Drive V6.-s.nn. which IS th.* vwreon we re wc!..i"-y converting We re hfcvvj to afor some ol tho grapo ;-5 Jo lit the restrictions ol the Amiga, but v S be as close lo the original as the machme can manage '

Scnbblmg trantcalfy. Ricky asked the team about the specie ot the game 'It's a simultaneous rwo-player shoot- em-up. viewed trom a first-person perspective The seven-level action toitnw*. the him quite closely, and you play the old John Connor in the first tour levtld. and Arne's character, the 7100.«the later ones

We re not bothenng with any light guns, sc the-on-screen targeting ': going to be done


■1 062000

Game: Zool 2 Publisher: Gremlin Authors: Andy Findlay and Ed Campbell ETA: November

Tk« •» J«l -Jk«. 1.,kl work o* <h« ctartriultf    tl

(Clew wording I two*. <»««"•) He »tiH looks III

13 i&mr

Cow* o. end 1**1 Ik* (*"•*'' Wkk Ik* cun«i>l coonin* up 1«« »**»• rfM.b.Mlk.lB TO*' '*«< h—    *•*' "*t

Briefly: First I here mss Zool. and -:■* there 3 two 01 it.

The creators speak: Ever snea ihe wee green alien-type monster hit the Amiga screens, there's been a raging contioversy about whether he was an ant or not. so much so that Gremim actually launched a Zool s not an am campaign a lew months back V « all thought that the advert used to read Ni>s am horn the Nth dimension' fld it tuns out that word am was lust some sort d mass hallucination or widespread paranoia I thanked Zod 2s producer Peter Cook lor pomtmg rss out lo me and challenged him to lei me everything about the new product w «out any prompts from me at all. tms entirety treemg me ol my role as an nvestigative fournalot Nee one

“We le slicking pretty dose to the ongnal Zool gameplay. but we re taking t» chance lo tweak some ol the bits ■.a ddrYI realy like For instance. Zod can now climb up waits whereas before he caJd only stick to them, and he now does a great backup oil walls There's aba a move where he can ihr round Iron one sxle ol a pole lo Ihe olher. and we re ust adding a bonus power shot, which n be available as a power-up *

And there s a grrt< Playing through Via demo levels. I couldn't help but notice thai on one ot them. Zool seemed lo have longer hair, a daintier step and an sS-fixmd more sytph-tike figure A babe Zod. or a worrying trend towards



"A worrying * trend towards characters that so cross-dress"

LMk •! Ik* «*lk o* that Nob s«n 1b«t loon "•* tk«i toold lafkct a waity aip, dwckl

Ini away, lull* a«l ttM*y' iwat w* ud wilted d*dd«dlT salncndhr




Hew lar «.« an •* WP« "«*«»" *>T    "“° “

„ a tkat hnt aa iacradikty iwall «*al« m*>d«l at tk« Spkia.7

Ifi a lon]M twtilcr - ckoota tour colow i you reach tk« top yo.1l b* .« dUif that tow V tail la a tpla


m • Iokc floor Poor Hm«

computer characters that cross-dress

I quiued Peter on the matter

“As welt as playing Zod. you can also play Zoo:, who's a girt Nmia but there won t be a simultaneous two player option Zoo: looks different and has gd different powers Zool can lump up through floors, but Zoo: can jump down through them so each level wil play dtferaniiy

depending on the character. She's gd a whip which she uses lo knock out her enemies, and also a lew Afferent moves, which we re working on right now There's also ZooTs dog witch has a head at each end and reacts difterendy depending on whether the sluprd head or the clever head is lacing (onwards Zoon. as he's called, wii appear in a bonus level, whch we re not really sure about yet. but it may be a sort ol breakout game Another new character is Mental Block, who's the ch*el badde s henchman and 3 a large morphing block, so he changes form at the end ol each d the six levels

“We ve gd the programming learn which worked on Harlequin, which

everyone seemed to be very pleased about, and Ihey re developing many ol Ihe themes and elements d the ongnal Zod and hs world The Chupa Chops loftes are sbll there, as ii gives the sweet makers plenty d adverting and means that Zod will be displayed at ail the retail outlets ‘ Verdict so far: Gremim reckon that worldwide sales ot Zool are set to top one million, so it s got plenty ot Ians Zod 2 doesn't look like it's going to be vastly different but that never did sales d Soruc 2any harm He may nol be an ant. but this game's certainly gong to be an imporl-anl Christmas release Art (That's the last Straw Get out This insl ant - Ed)


Game: Elfmania Publisher: Renegade Authors: Terramarque ETA: Nov/Dec

Briefly: A Street Fighter 2-esque best-om up. ,n a cuts and Ikjffy son ol way The creators speak: What cto they leea pfogM'nnWfS on n Finland A tew months ago the Bioodhcuse boyi irpa:ed us to Stardust, a game ’.fat turned out to be the most popular covatrki* demo we re had in ages, and now Terramarque have aimed lw their Helsinki offices to show off ih&r almost-too-gorgeous-io-be-believed beat- em-up Fresh trom demonstrating the game lor three days at the ECTS. Han Kinsmen launched into a tnghtemngly slick presentation

The first thing you notice is the level ol detail in the grapfws There's foreground and background animation, multiple layers ol para::jji sending and. on the dock lev*:, the platform the playe>s light on rolls wilh the sea " Saa lor yourwHI on the screenshots - the detail s incredible, but you have to see the parallax it motion to see just how lush a is The ground parallaxes loo. whch is someihmg that was missed out ot Ihe Amiga verson ol Street Fighter 2 because they sard it couldn't be done on a standard Amiga Wrong

"We've gone lor a much softer, less wownt approech. and included more humour than other fighting games, so

fnen we I    .

played, we    f    jm*1

loughl. and l I ' >

lost so no    l    x    * Wf,

surprise there    Y    -A

All the action's    /

accompanied by \    j

some damn lunky

tunes and some great    “    "9

voce samples, but the impact sound ™ effects are a bn sparse All    **

movements are avafc.htc us.".g a single button joystick, and the special moves are easy to access, so there's I rone ol this up. then left, dow". down. ” lire nonsense to get 10 flashy attacks And those graphes wow Verdict so far: For a while now. I programmers have been moaning about how they've pushed the A5O0 to the limit and are turning then backs on it because the A1200 offers more scope Well boys. Terramarque are proving that that's a load ol porkias, and it looks like the real reason that you can't get decent results out ot the humble 500 is because you're simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH EttmsnA's stunning, and does things on screen that I wouldn't have thought possible, and with the prospect ol data disks offenng lour more characters on top ol the existing six. tl

when characters are punched, they took dared and stagger around accompanied by tweety bird noises Lite points are shown by anna, and lives by treasure chests, so when a chest is empty, you've lost a life Each gama <s continuous though, so you play withoul interruption until one player’s used up all fas corns As well as being me player's hie lorce. ihe corns also play a part m the game as they can be used as weapon* it you punch them et an opposing player

"There a>e only lour characters and lour locations at the moment, but we're

working on a Wood

Ell and an ice Eff

HL    . J * III and Ihieif home

BUill ■    As wr as

f    normal hand-toil    . I ww hand lighting. Ihe

1    ■•,!« if il l Fakir has a sword

r f ’-1 LJI and Ihe Fdl King L    j** .Tnl has a huge battle

jr -     hammer, !Qthere's

plenty ol vanaion

\    Sk.    •    n techniques *



note imiii«« "»h    ' u _

lob -    -«*’h 1- a« d~"

could well be a firm lavounte of combat fans everywhere At the momenl the gameplay’s not quite there yet, but Terramarque have got a good few months to tweak it The sound needs beefing up. the chaiaders need levelling out a bit and maybe a lew extra moves would improve the gameplay. but let s face it. it looks so good you realty want to stand it m front ol a mirror so it can look at itself For ever ■ CAM WINSTANLEY

If lk«i ltd ikii * ioflncbadr‘1 jaiif io ftl kin.


¥W wv ; gas :a see Although m one episode you did get an r,-'C,-.'i ai one oi htscyctjSs It .v3s    i k* v.ake up

coveisd in blue globduies isafry. beads) ol sweat when!    have my

Trapdoor dream' by accident ,-<Vo. Sieve meant get back to we

Net mA




Trouble b, 10 art ikx taillat.

not mat par : otbe-'one -Ed)

On ugh* Aziysay. - ZI-, er, Ihingy IGLOBDUE1 *5 aGLOBOULE' - Edj


" J- “    no :    -; Bui mar c

where me

i KM Jf

'"'is nr- • c !hd1 s-s Jyk la- mere evocative ol ott-e- r/Miures fre-rr me Tifiptf-tmt mjfliws - to  insianee, he can sKk lo waAv or change

SgHHHHj "VOC i" morph wo 1hF varekHnmens traf

BBHBHH enable n r- id pour ’i-Ccrjn hoes

sMC'Si a.od the :+e Hr.m so ers;: Ihe game actually about Iheni [jtdkn Ong na y enough Giobdiiic ha;  CW to 30 around colloo>r-g ke,s and 1 power-ups while exploring ivga J J sph-t>x cav**n>s BuHhus aUH pan< --i' gc-dh>.o(j-cet» ng-Jrf keyi-am-cew -h    Mark

em BlC-Jttl! assured uk >. ■ -    ,

J.    an; Uuur ,1 UHI ~’hf>- natlorm-

«V pjrziers on ihe market And th«s

Game:    >J T

Globdule    Tl®

Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: In house ETA: Early 1994

Briefly: Croi-ds a-c s jod ra»s» ICO pen rAM y©u leer So rl you warn 10 f'"d cm; non • aqgc-i yw tune n her* ;£>. i* Em The creators speak: GioMue.

*h*i Wh*r i it ei about*! To answer these land other) Questons Mark Cmw rr- n





PC »v£ R To*«h

•Kt f 1004y W

CO tfiry to ht$ r o*o no! tk>/. -ir fjtf th« oorvon.l



r' 1 Verdict so tar: You can't gel

BJ away troiT- mo tact mat GJoM-jic tSoes loiin-e~» c-'a“i arva ur;o So. * yeu'rc into cute     look Km

litre s anntnet one r-.rn-.xy your war, SjI

SCtmeno*, ,1 s; S 'I'-.'V- me O! y--r0’“ ' j

Maybe ;fs Morph 0< maybe if iUst those worms Itom Tf3pd:o: igavi Hd any arc see the opsode where Berk has ->J io conecl a'i tfo different pans d

and one of ihe

piAeti sere :r 1 5 -.ch hi>j* 1. J Jt c-iasJ-c aeuter; frem r r.    '>

tine.' Li O*T-lSr f fi _ jl and n .r‘ - vU !o*d v*s pwt f y j they v.yvr lie Up-and-    WfalJ

J CVlOw j iVi: Oave -----

•jneccew-Tied to in®    A

in!e: s-t ’ Z‘ Scdhlnj htjircu: then /j - v:    a ,-t 'feserce

sc 'ar has t-z-nc

.ide '.-.i’n •,• •jjplvMSd. Somacnc    LJ

GO sbi they ;MnM a p«»cky -c.c« \.

ng . »e Oa»e ca’ mg >3 Order r.'s.'Tm” irom ,hc sound-    a

rfiiitte    ot me w*»‘ opetau.

BlA 9W IS C-nfy ir. ixab fSnjNUl -.meut Da.r is k- €-jv\g lySter .X'S y guaz odiui f -.n wO-5’5 5h rg

But ;«'s get hack to the gore GJoerfsip'Cover e-0"1.hg I know For ir« ■Anradeacd. ,i glob «s a ’Oj"d_sn do;top o' o so- -t 'jhstd-.rc a-1 a 'duie .$ s tTOarra-flec !igh! oehAoert :«o peoc e. ody -,.*r wrongly n ■ s ;osa So. yc-_ m- *'. i.i.u expccicd :ho garwe

‘C-    SC . 0*     B

o'rvr.xir t *»een *    - ‘    '    '

ca -•    , ob-

c-e->‘ .•£•;• mo-yt-e Oo

Q.r vA    z ‘.y

nr-c s me --osi v js a‘ me :*o urUonuiviioly. yee'd oe wrong Enough spo.; tow ntCCuBS <fr‘.b o

coni 1..-aso-o and other exctitki ‘n%% like that, we V->ty got GkOdkAi up and



rl 1

Tkirt ihhii io b« a

\ dliiiaci lack J ol sraaily la J ikii world, f Larky, Ikal.

running Tne first thing lha! Struck me H addjf t was that the eponymous H ne-o c' me game :' cks ■'yt'ed'b’y like H one o1 me squ.dgy slimy high-p-'otcir H low-tbre p:as!<ine worms f;- n H mat aii-t me kids TV

.    ar. rnatKin c'2r.:. c. Trapdoor :

sad as m-yh m Mark Bievi'f W th razor sha.p ! ” , j.f    * : ratable cf cutting

WU H soggy rice paper at t hy

I paces Mart -rsnerd q. as a r-.u ig‘ yes it does' It touk us at tsasl1 : rnav'es :o recover from that part-Cuiai bon mof r! me !cl you Luckily. Dave was sc:; ;.»r.a to contact Orson ‘3»og-3%i His .Tien, ccbsaiuiMi >." • d have been ripped apart :tf oi the B'ewn com-cat p

-pcste L-*ky Dave' (Get tnek to ms po.nf. Steve phrase - Ed)

Wh«'e was P Ah yes Trapdoo' Berk thie overworked blue b)oo ol pastione and nis t.nte pel green blob Drut who ikes lo eal worms Not I lo mention Boney -    1

Berk s bon«head    _

’e\- 1 And Ihen ol course Ihe'e s Ihe Mesfer Thing ihal

Aft*' a



1> BIVl



pMj .*]

* M


- - .- - *"V 1


► Mi





E-JJa .jjjY, i






Game: DreamWeb Publisher: Empire Authors: Creative Reality Neil Dodwell. David Dew ETA: January 94

tOiTi. -. around on ht sins' ratvyi opeibiC"' S

0( Him TV; intoCt'OCI ueing that  » v---.- ...ogress, iha

nem< r ftm Kitrq Spree rvfl become flheveto


to hi

Briefly:.'''.    10

come tram the imagvtatrve br»r>-fingert<> vaerlace ot recently tormod softies Creative Reality

Set in a Wac« sombre, no-hope-tor-mankmd world (thats ngf*. ft 1993). the pax <s

Uka c :'*i , 3“'- * OT    ; 1

■ i Met vs® ted (come* ever more To tight to' goon

d-'ii’cerov* enc

you f«a nwr-n <g


the end justs

OspiJV unit The of delau s ocredOie Tics ;Airb about bvog aM  lo pick up a pea and eat < * so enaggoM!-.' PveryVwvg T    lt\v \Ou «-*e o .oom I

‘    , ' r

;k>.    - In one




Jr    loie

r \ Sw

o* 'he

i spend


Verdict so far:

The verson I got so see nog on a PC -vd be red that it t    The

colour palette

OnrapSfU Cf ustrophotxa terror and vie* round (Sne though bn«ar in •v-i-jh -v---: ord ajfc-sJots nappy.


ne* due to ihp

At’srod S* V- wnd i r R u r ■“■    .V .“.    '

laifwip: of Sisters <A U«>Cy

tact that it was slancSd PC tare <t not v> the Amiga s league

Anysay. s goog to have ID sg .’ch to keep up with


That *». w»j im»

>ietiA'.t r*«ieheb:o p-r-t e kknoei >■ grm end an mo haue r:tj*r u"-V.».    < wig

to tevo :t m yov v. waste people .’..’*1 .’..i ' *.n    _ndo.~ ,w> ijo the

ihd waA asout OAdess* niflR ft

Rijr.'v.-ish c;*, -n"•: 1



'    TV an tre

roam :r-£--.    ap-" *n

They "“yn't showing the usual SBC Monday evening schedule, so maybe '.‘‘•e •utuie won't be SC' V-V»- otter ai: L-.nor Ml tor Dfit8.T.“W". the beginning ot «te«t '.-car t: shouldn't o-eappomt • STEVE McCILL



shf( you cha

:vc' , verbose

ol Guns in last mmn. uE ot AP youV sss that I’m o tan t e*"*OTpn©.*c ganes On;.;:«'Vab i,,s atrnese onr.-g o-.-' o! if •yreiiai

saw a - tat s see 4 the euth The creators speak

C.e»nrVeb dw.iws ledwthf fitter

s agree

• N Cit

e o a compete


hey u

Tjiri r.

c-'■ --need ay Stunn rg graprves nan

erhf'iu jl‘




pafl« ♦ icact With an tmovairvf magnify rrxx) -Md

C«n o$ y •w'nnec

and h T rrs efi<auUlH You con even p<k a p«« «*

31V: ik<jr md -iis « you sve *"r

/ irtvemory

« tore* r»»i M«M4.4<r«uarMr]gXS Iranituc*n< oreny* etou -*T 7N>-/ urtunwti MKryi / Uw

r -ByHie 1
end Hie whole police force will be after
L r«’ j
% ■ IS> Vi, T

■Mpnn x.


9 •


«siMMea«MKnasnMi i vi




Men bdixvn rfial dim ii semcrfiino out oj the ordinary about dm murder

Game: Jack The Ripper Publisher:

Mirage Authors:

Intergalactic Development Incorporated ETA: When the lull moon rises over the dark shadows ol old London town (Thai's enough of that - Ed)

Briefly: Saucy jack. Saucy jua* Ooc, he':, a naughty one So sang Are* Tap r their experimental .-—d neve: Hteased reck opera charting the Me ol E rt»itf s most enigmatic, mysterious and, >. w»y» most succosslut random rrow.-eless mass murderer Such e rt "weary surrounding this «„i«r wtin

Stf*vd tnu Street J ol

hw*r. in 1888 that he-sc“>«v >i efcirence

tar further than comedy pseuOo

ncxtmcntar.es featuring A«-v<-ur actors peMrab'-') tn tin chicles'!

E cytsh 3!*.jS;&.'rr.. Ecu tu”rA; when I was a kid ih«local ca cream -can had Jack The WHpper (•cm down the w anc laaruao shadow, figure >. a Week cape holding a with raspberry sauce in he outstretched hand D sorting ivugary tor

Aka. tk« phelo nil ka>« lo«« ilyaWciKi, b«1 qalu wkai w« deal kaew. Ttt

Win x ■ iiaeipwrlc opxili] uma, «kt You realty ua I b<M a bit at drlpplaq bleed

I would nevt

Muapry Id' iterica, «kr

Saiada a bn mpKtom.

N /

'    Pin -old Alien u a jouinaiiit jot Ike Mi 'toQ Gaxttc

' y    diet is paid fcu the column inch and ha is ohvioutij

ky . . hunom jot a itocii

Jr Men may do lomclltinfl unusual to manujacturc a itotg jot personal gain

_ B_

firt rnm4 murder, Hi Noth-i mr cfciiyt-

A dlilioMii jOMnulidT Hut

lOildtl like SlEfEOtlpiBf f

omatxxi on

*op~e involved with th«* c«vr< KX3t>0riS «•' a! !hu


a u rn'- year-old, I can te yc. £«uf; Mchael Cu-'- and Lew.

C:- nc neren t enlirelv S.w !RS! they'd got Tr -ight man in the TV verson J atu story, and one ol them use: 1: to Bod« in The Prc-tsssw.-iic. fc* crying out k>ud But anyway, now r< ‘ a game u-jut him The creators speak: Who was 03c- tr-n Ripper why cbd he pray so on iarhui Ol ifw 1 ghf and a' c 'us links with the ro/r* tamny er :< m Freemasons-’ The fact is that mr ens rej-liy know ■ otherwise I tend to r.-- "At trjre'd have been a successlul and the murders ecu': have gone down n the mh:ry hooks as tv Gary the ©■vodontisl «sjrae«»'.or

sng Uia that, iisiess ot axsvr N wi.adeie; had i't.-i*, Umo called Jati Can you imagi hs s-’prvw and tear when V saw *k name splashed a-ms: £ 'rnn; aag«. at newspaperst A do get 00 wrtft ,l - Ed)

Ary-way, no-one was available when i phT -1 so 1 thoughl I'd just e,j± tham .no speak to the person


octs The gam


to the kill-ngi."

•    out that 1! < had been that

easy, then the puwle would havo ber-n aektwt. ■**: asked han how tne g*Tu gals round this

-Well, as Orv bbtrut-watkor sa-tl mi the atiurr Help me. choke, help, my throat's been cut. AaonS'gh1 1 m joking ot course, but to ar.;-.',sf your goor-Vm idi have- included se.»*l vital but ‘<*hmus dues which wiH enab'„ you to actually so\e the crimes Depending ora 1«m many dues you need before yen work it out and how tong It takes you, you not only get a drfterem sc or a hut also reach a drftereni conclusion Tell me. where does your tampy We1*

: thanked hm guckly and hung up Bad Jack's verdict: "•ty. no* often that a senes ot rea1 !r*e murders g*!s a computer game ot iovn.' -ary own. so lor an ol you out there who buy Serial Kkters Quahcty and True Cnmes Magazine 'h-could weal be kist what you've ws.bpg for With i Oukrfy commissioned pa- ii;J rk drawings accompanying the game and a r-ropk "Cuse-operated interlace, my game w 1 be thy ideal way to spend those tong. dark, cold winter rnghre Sweet dreams. HEE HEE Ha ho. etc '




crMktd henf« provii if papa Ur m% ivir.

t«H: Sirt«1 ifi1<rUiflR»n1 r««<fcci o«« ifld dun kilobit Ja fb« pjrk with bl«i« cHkktflfl (e cheer yea fia your msj.

•ouWn i rl be free!

Game: Sim Theme Park Publisher: Bullfrog Authors: Bullfrog ETA: Nexl year (Sorry)

couldn't find the Lavs cos they were tiny little unhygienic huts *

The creators speak: Okay, pom made. Hopefully you got the gist You re more kkefy to complain about bad points than you a>e good (psycho-profile demographicsty speaking of course) In lad. talk lo Ihe marveling department ol ary big company and they II tell UjejeaSb you lhal it's statistically provable lhat someone ■■JMdfl who's pleased with a , I piodu:! or service will tell two cl their true rids But if he she's dissauslied. heshe wii ten live ol their Inends and a veritable pleihora of their colleagues And if marveling people say that's the case, it must be true Righl kids

So what's all thrs got to do with this particular preview1 Lots and lots and lots actually. Sim Theme Park is the brainchild ol Peter Mofyneux. ihe constant innovator and agent entrepreneur

Briefly: What's the first thing you trunk about when the subject ot theme parks comes up in

conversation'’ Could it be    '

the ndes1 The facilities1 The roads and pavements1 The

queues1 The    HmAAMM

entertainers1 The    ■MB’"!    .

prices1 Whal do you mean you don't know1

Apart Irom the first    '

subject mentioned r the Isst. it's unMely lhat you'll have paid too much attention to the others Assuming the theme patk was any good that is. On the other hand, if it was bad. you’d probably end up on a rant 'I upped and fell on the mud path The hamburger stall was crap, the chips were dnppmg with grease They cost loo much The queues were loo long. I got bored There were no entertainers Whal about the lifter1 It was everywheie The staff were rude And I

ol Bullfrog He explained Ihe bases and the strategy behind Sim Theme Park.

It's based around the successful managemenl ol a iheme park. You stan off with a piece ol waste ground and a wad ot money You have lo atiempt to build a theme park that will keep punters satisfied and happy To do Bus. you need more than nisi ndes and Ihnlls * llnlorlunatefy. you can t Wk    afford the best rides

< .. when you first start pr l ‘ Out An t T ™ rei •» inlraslrucluie first  Ah lifi, m has lo be built and <Vi    V maintained roads.

jW'    paths. buildings, hl-

I    bandwidth ISON daia

1    information inleichange

\ /t networks etc Families like (-*, Oi chip shops, burger bais V - 9 and Pepsi Max vending f)    machines should also be

constructed m order lo keep your daytnppers happy

"The people in the park all belong to different age groups and have different personalities and outlooks Some of the smartest programming is tucked away in Ihe artificially intelligent personality atfnbuies Everyone reads differently The more people you keep happy, the more you can charge lor entry to the park, for the food in the shops and that kind ol thing An important part ol the strategy a the mstam marketing research le you can dick on someone and ask Ihem questions Far example. Ihe most likely question youl find yoursefl asking is whal did you thdk ot the ndes and will you come backAsk enough questions and you can tailor your theme park-building strategy lo sutl' Verdict so far: To con a favounte AP cliche, it's going to be one to look out tod Especially as super-teenage-chess-genius Dams Hafaus (see the Jobs For The Boys feature lha ah) is doing most ol the work on the artificial intelligence • STEVE McGILL






Kami Aid OrcKl City! ClMw ih* jnu nd Ikk the mill



for tool* niton Ihli rcmladt n of Ltfoliad.






Game: Wonder Oog Publisher: Core Authors: In house ETA: October

Japanese market

been bothered with    TJ*

breaking soctai taboos    V _

The Manga cartoon Legend    -

Ol the Demon Womb, lor instance, is a non stop barrage ol msogynrstc, tasteless, violent and morally dubious imagery, so compared to this, having a sman puppy infected with some unined (and pebbly dangerous) new chemical is relatively harmless subject mailer

Anyway, nol that any ol this matters, because wbal we have here, as Richard admits, is a cutesy platformer "The game leatu'os seven worlds spread mio numerous zones two hidden levels and loads ol bonus -coms The action begins in Bunny Meadow, where Wonder Dog has to learn h-s has-: skills and ooltea

Briefly: Once upon a lime. Core were approached by JVC lo produce a Some-type character tor the WoryJerVnga Tn-s was an ood sod ol Mega Drive add on mat only ever sold in Japan and combined a CD dnve with a karaoke machine, and sod o( tell by the waysete whan the Mega CD came out Oh-aouw*. ins somewhat Um.ied-oppenl formal tkdn t allow the game to roach its lull potential audence. so now it's set is I*: ihe good old Amiga The creators speak: Rchaid Barclay from Core was keen to point out that ins isn't just any old conversion it s ths firs game io be poded over from a Mega Dnve CD title, and since we

w'o‘£ the original verwet,     —

f. .sn t as il we've got any

problems    ■

COmrrv..nica1 ng wilh    '

the programmers '

Trc game revolves

a'ouno the owl Geneiai /

Von RuHbone and has j aim o' sweep ng o cross tor. . axy Wilh h-s

VICIOUS dog Iroopers Asa

last resod. the <nhab:ar.;s c! The planet K9 hastily ini«d a young pup with eipenmer'ul drugs to boost his    1

powers and provide thsrr only line ot    v

delenee TNs so-cai'-cd Wonder Dog' is men *rcd oh mio space where he i ar Js on Earth to begin his campaign ( aaa:

pin do i my style, jumping on badtkcv neads and 'y.nc around with iha help of Mite wings on hts hai There s a nice lealuie h many of the levsls where there are a load ol neutral characters hangng ebev*. In Ihe Bunny Meadow level ih- v re (quite iteSUipfritw*;*, Sunniny. and they hop about harmlessly until you acodent.yty hit them, in wr-ch case tr oy turn nlo a blur of lur and teeth quite remntsceni ol that scene from Monty Python and Ihe Holy Grad

•Tlvs versons wduiity dents.,V to the CD verson * uud    

Richard, proudly, 'and we've mosi ol the muse and ail Ihe ongnal g- -v 'i s jusi as good as the Mega Drive verson * Tne muso is worthy of a quick mention, as it’s all vaguely reminiscent at some De La Soul iraeks crossed with the theme tune from Starsky and Hutch, and although there isn't much r the way ot m-game sound sheds this hardy matters as the mis* works

bnllenUy on its own II s very similar io one oi Core s other piatiormers Chuck flock 2 Bnd has shades ol Soccer Kid in there as well (particularly some ol the * ■ human bad guys) but that's I no bad thing Or in tact. er. not two bad things I-*/ Verdict so far: Wonder Dog isn't set Io break any new ground, but with gieat graphes and some awesomely boppy sou nr* tacks it's a platform game that iusl dnps class With so many other good piatiormers on ihe market, it's hard lo lei whether being goods enough lo gel a slice of Ihe marker especially when it'll be up ky.jinst established chaiacters such as Zook 2 I guess you. the consumers will nave io make ttiai teosxvi lor yourselves • CAM WINSTANLEY


i e murderous Von Rutlbone he bav< story puts the campaign against animal v.wseciion back severa1 decades, but there again, entertainment produced tor a



Here at down-to-earth, straight-to-the-point, no-cssing-about AMIGA POWER, we don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘seiMnduloeni’. Unfortuna




With Lo a hy m Ihe office pari-lorl**resl of us have bear lei loose lo indulge our own quirky senses of humour, so il came as a great surprise lo the siiii-corvn le s RBHffTTe her <ilo a Ihr-lapeiied black si and shades and renamedjp/Sher her hair colour, mag p ransforming her into Miss Bnnetla' "WhaJ i jmg on’" she enquired ol the resl of *e mood ly-scowimg learn


me re an pretending to be characters from an 18 certificate s» s lhai most of our readers hevenl seen, and we re going to parody the movie dialogue to obvious, if somewhat out-ol-date. eomcal effect." explained Scotland's very own Mr Black, mho's been itching lo wear shades in a photo shoot ever wee he first saw The Dogs "It's supposed to be tunny You first, Dave"


Tel me tell you whal Madonna's 1r*o ihe Groove i$ all about." said Ur er. Green, already regretting the shallow and rather badly

Iwughi-oul (oke *lfs all about the    _

and of Star Wars where Luke's got A& JPiAiTO* , to piof hs X Wing into the Death Star trench, proving hts love for the Force Hence - get mio the groove. Simple " ‘Stop ad-ibbng or you're fired." admonished Stuart, sternly


The aptly renamed M<ss Blonde, ike 90% o< our readers, hasn't seen the l*n and so doesn't gel the 0ke Instead, we let her list her favourite dog-ieialed movies, wtveh are lOf Damnations. Digby - The Biggest Dog in the World, and Sam Peckinpah s family tave.

Straw Dogs Sarty. she couldn't remember any tunny daiogue tram any of fhera

tOW37Wk j



Mysteriously changing his name to Ur Cam’. Mark's finely solved the problem of answenng the AP phone with a cheery "Cam here" and no-one knowing who the tppmg heck he is "Yeah, let's go to work." he added, gratuitously.

"This was your idea, wasn't itT Stuart added, with a tone of reproach becoming irconcealably evident in h«s voce.


Pt 70*0370* ’ T


Free-minded femmsl Ms White got into Ihe movie dialogue thing straight away "I'm hungry Lets gel a taco." she beamed, so we did Minutes later she d finished eating and added, Tm hungry Let's get a taco." so we did. One Mexican snack later she chirped up with "I'm hungry Let's get a taco." and (Etc. - Ed)



Once we'd explained the basic concept to him. Sieve's lace lit up and he vanished to be found an hour later on the floor, wallowing n two gallons of raspberry syrup We explained ihat this was highly likely to be copied by impressionable children and so made bim mop up the mess, pay tor the suit to be dry-cleaned, and cry


Mr Sleety Grey, the supercool babe-magnet ot the office once went into a pubhc inlet at a bus station *1 came lace fo face with lour policemen and a German Shepherd Calmly, i went to the toilet, poked up my bag and left, without modem." reminisced Jon,

"but 1 slii missed my bus Maybe I shouldn't have cleaned up all the graffiti as wed'


II was led lo Tim fo bnng an element ol common sense to Ihe proceedings “This simply isn'l working, is it’ If I was you. I'd Abandon Gag' nght now and think ol something funnier ." “We can't do lhai. Tim." replied Stuart 'll l25ll37(Mk i cost 200 quid to hire these suits, and it we don't get at least a couple ol decent photographs ouf ol if we ll all be lor the high jump."


"H ever I gel a PD supplier who won't give me the games I want. I break his nose on the butt of my joystick." admitted a stem-faced Mr Gold "Sometimes if they gel realty uppity. I threaten to dress them up in lades' underwear Or something like that anyway Can I have another look at the senpt please " (Seeing as the ft*n won't be getting a video release lor a while, buying the CD is probably the best way of figuring ouf what the heck this is all supposed to be about H you care - Ed)


As Tim readied himself tor a Superhuman burst ol method acting in an attempt to save Ihe day. Cole The Publisher suddenly appeared on the scene "Let me tell you what L*e A Virgin's about." he boomed "It's about this mag whose staff led like they were doing an issue for the very first time, because they felt like they were al shiny and new - because I'd fired all the old stall after an embarrassing and expensive photo-shoot liasco You can codec) your P45s at the door." Damn





It’s a driving game, it’s viewed from

Game: Overdrive Publisher: Team 17 Authors: David J Broadhurst (coding), Haydn Dalian, Mike Oakley, Andy Oakley (graphics), Allister Brimble (sound/music), Christopher Brimble (speech)

Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

wtvcti just appeared complete on our doorstep almost without warning Then we've got this. Biastar. Undum 2. Don*, even Alfred Chicken. I suppose, a dutch oI Mies which have had difficult and protracted births and have only u$ t finally made it here alter what seemed like years ol waling, rejigpng and slipping deadlines And the tunny thing Is. it doesn't seem to have made any difference at all With the possible exception of Undttn 2. (he games that we've been hanging around lor ages lor aren'f any beffer than the ones which just fumed up out of the blue - and mere importantly, they don't seem to be significantly better than they were, say, a year ago



It's been a bit at a tunny month, this month On one hand, we ve got a load ot games which have appeared all of a sudden oul al nowhere - the likes ot Tumcan 3 and Theatre Of Death.


proudly present - Headrace! Um, no, er.

Mm: rm met ten whs M Mh tm ikrt - Iti met u M jmm ua rt»«n vhkii wkMd yea mm.

■oft. due t eren anvlrnnment

moving buggies

nef HsMh

ef dM •rmtkV

"There are never more than three cars on



111 sever i««i a if sad Prim circail «Hk mM« Ail aid jaak ItHfrii] tka tarlaca. fankaiy <aali f*1 kan, i haav.

fW iik»rU §01 la nailM sodtl

kf *i nsarteM mu f ia yrtA

To bo lair. Overdrive hasn't actually been all that tong m the malting - it's ust trussed a lot of release targets, so it seems Bias way Sir seeing how it s turned out in Bw end. I think I'd rather have wailed another couple of months

Overdrive is. as you can probably tell, an overhead-view Super SpmMype racing game It's got lore different racing scenes, encompassing deserts, cy wastes and city streets among others, and four different types ol vehicle to race through them, wng two different control methods The most Surprising thing about Overdrive, trough is that these are pretty much the most vnpressrve technical statistics on oiler Oh sure, it s fast and smooth in that 50Hz-update kind of way. but otherwise you might be rocked back slightly on your heels by the relative, well, pedastnan ness of it For a start, there are never mote than tiree cars on screen at a lime - you race eiher against the clock or agamsl ]usf two computer-controlled opponents, most of whom you won't see tor most ol the race And Biere's another thing - computer oontrofted opponents There's no two-player mode m Overdrive, unless you link ip two Armgas with a null-modem cable and that's a major drawback as lar as long-tarm game life goes

Also. Iha game's structure appears to be almost non-ensteni You gel what appears to be a different, random selection ol (racks every time you load il up. which means ii's very difficult to generate any teeimg ol progress either as you go through a single game or as you play lots and improve over time Even the mam menu screen is cluttered and confused, and you have to search around lor any useful information you want to glean (rom it

And how about those old Team 17 strong points. Mr Graphics and Mr Sound'’ Wei. the graphics are line enough m themselves, but the level ol zoom-m on -♦

0 1 S8

\ »■ * ix S % X

kl ara ■ dto-aHay kw mWI tnMf*wWa»i«iMnw ,

WWW niffei War. O M a*, n»W*l- 1




It's nice to have two options"

R't already more than AV200 fast enough, and the thing* that are wrong with Overdrive are thlnga that an At200]uat can't tlx.

UPPERS It a certainly fiat, and the controla are pretty good

® DOWNERS Lacking

tocua and obvloua goala. It doean t leel like a coherent whole, more a seriea ol ahort, unconnected racea. That aaid. the racaa themaelvaa are atill too long, and get tedloua by about halfway through. And there'a Iona ol dlak acceaalng. loo.


It'a hard to say exactly why thia feela so unsatlafylng, but It doea. (And If you think that'a a cop-out, read the review lor further

elaboration. You lazy git.) if* — Somehow, It'a uai ill A” " exactly wrong.    1 U “

the track is exactly wrong - e's nol dose enough lor a real down-ontheroad leel. but it's too dose to gnre any kind oi overall graphical impression ol the sunoundings, or any uselui idea ol where the next comer's coming Iron There's a scanner lor that purpose, but let's lace it. scanners are crap and nobody ever looks at them and the screen space would be belter used on. I don't know, a nice picture of a teddy bear or something The one at Overdrive (scanner, that is. nol I eddy bear Obviously. You're just being sJly now) is worse than most anyway, being pretty zoomed-m itseil and hence very little better than just looking at the track, where you at least get a Ng arrow on the road to warn you ot comers Iradwnaiiy belota they happen

And as lor the sound, it starts oft alnght with good rocking tunes accompanying the standard rowing and screeching sound effects. but after a Lap or two the music seems to run out o< putt and shakes and stutters and eventually loses its way altogether, to such an extent that it s distracting and annoying.

All these presentation and aesthete Haws could be saved by gamepLay. but, er. they aren't There's nothing realty very

wrong with the gameplay. you understand - indeed, the actual driving ol the car's got a nice leel to it. and it's nice to have two options when it comes to control, even though the second one (an absolute directional control. whereby to go. say. down and right you move the OystiCk down and nght. as opposed to the usual rotational control) is horribly unfamiliar and unworkable The difficulty curve is reasonable, although it's a bit too easy to

The truth is that pretty much every other Amiga game n this genre is better than Overtime Psygnosis' ancient Nitro is better-looking, mare varied and more playable The little-remembered Champion Dover Irom Idea is just as last, but prettier and more controllable Supercars 2 Irom Gremlin has Ihe two-player mode (albeit flawed) and the Codes' Ktcro Machines, ol course, has all the lealures of all of them put together and then some Any or al o( them are a belter bet than Overtime. and that makes this an even bigger isappomtment than last month's F17 Challenge Pull you< socks up. Team 17.


lose a race by making one wrong turn al Ihe start and watching the computer cars race off mlo the distance, never to be seen again no matter how llawiessJy you seem to drive lor the rest of the eight laps of the race (and there’s another unfortunate mistake - eight laps is far too many xt a game like this, and just gets tedious) It s ius» that there's nothing here lhat hasn't been done better belore And there, as they say. is the rub.


Goad quality roads arid rvasonibl* conditions bring out th* true handling □haraotarlatioa of your    [

■    n

■ esr Lap



trtTHt ree


PAirz nonet tsr: S MIA 7NO.- $ MIA

i/ea i


ci ocai t

jiru sxcis

aacc tai s aiseur

no nr. i •

First there was Turrican. Then there was another one o

’ Game: Turrican 3 Publisher: Renegade Authors: Factor 5 Price: £25 99 Release: Late October

i'iVo. - Ed) and (untoplay games7 (No -Ed) And then I thought, hey. I wnte lor a magazine. (Thai coJd very easily be changed - Ed) I couW do if Sure, it wo<Ae appear ri the middle of winter, but that would be even better as it would remind at the readers about lun-Mled summer hoi days Hoorah1

ofhce and tap out several thousand words every mourn Such is the non-stop party atmosphere ol AMIGA POWER that it realty doesn t seem like I'm going to work at all a (eels more like I'm hanging out with all my most lavountest pals With so much tun and Iroircs. I've only recently got round to taking a week oh, and while I was chilling out n the splendour ol the Lake Distnct. 1 read several ot those summer special things, and it set me thinking Wouldn't it be great to read a special

summer special ot \ ii

I Wouldn't it be a 1 wacky idea to make it a blend ot short stones. (No - Ed) ns3Sfie P putties.

A g o ks1 Doesn't lime tly B F when you re having tun

It s going on tor a year ■ now stftce I was plucked Itom the ranks ol the unemployed to sit here in the comer ol the


Bren McGuire was a hero, although he didn't yet know it Sure he had an enormously manly jaw and purple hair, sure he owned a leaisome mechanical exo-sketelon capable ot enhancing tvs strength but al heart he was just a simple larm boy That s. unU the day the day thal he got the special message Irom the toxy  Manga babe

She lived on a distant wodd ■t Jig had blue hair (Bren always 3 4 B,

HB he couldn't resist this call lo

,,    J .    ..

ol planets and captured hundreds ot innocent people (So the destruction ol another  planet could polentiaty mean the death ol maybe 10. or posstty even 13 innocents ) He pulled up the zipper oI tvs exo-skeleton and headed lo lace the evk ol the Machete

Take out lh« iIn4-like baddie milk a leanone sailfiring rifle. Mayba.


1. What would be your ideal employmentA Accountant B Chartered Surveyor C Saviour ol the Universe, jumping Irom platform to platform shooting all manner ol robolc baddies across 15 different levels detendmg yourself with guns that lire in all kinds of directions, plus homing missies

Here's ikat rape-swing action All together now, Qflol Heel dc

facing kia's ffet Ha chine, nho looks a lot like Zolur fvoa lop cartoon katlle Of Tke Maaets-

led so Brea

virtually Hie

W (



•*«*<»« •h.p.d ,»d a> k„,

***"’    WM.l tki,    fr

you eat too much unk food at motorway service stations You know the knd cl teeling. you're glad you ate (9). but you sHl teel a bit ill and wouidn t rea>y want to do (9) again

The mam down side of (1) is that (9) s virtually the same as (11.12), only with the inclusion ot the (6) swing This isn't such a terribly Bad Thing, as all the (11) games play well, but (9) s a bit sad that we're having the same old thing recycled and pumped back at us time after time The lack ot imagination m having

tr. rt* run, 6«,d«« k¥tli conlp4ttt o-mt. Uk, ..a ifiei iiytcd ipeccUipi.

2. Which ot the tolowng phrases best describe your lavounle type cl game''

A Though tful, methodical, rtoagonl B Puatling. mmd bending C. Windless adrenaline-pumpmg. lie-button-hammenng arcade action

YU, H i biom.cbjBoid Urn. -    d

h’ ** <“*«' ~ "• Head or lM,oM


extra lives and power-ups Which you didn't need belore, because there weren't any hard-to-reach-without-swinging-on-a-rope bits anyway


Mostly As and Bs You will not Ike Tumcan 3.

Mostly Cs You will like Tumcan 3

similar baddies similar levels and the

® UPPERS Top mindless entertainment for tans of (11) and, or, (11.12). (Stop that. - Ed) Plenty ot big levels to plough your way through, and some pretty psrsllaxlng backgrounds.

® DOWNERS ft's Still pretly much Turrican. Isn't It Including Flashier weapons snd nicer backgrounds aren't going to fool anyone. There's no vsrlatlon in gameplay, and very little to hook you.


It's almost as II this was Turrican 2. only with a rope to swing from Come to think of It, It genuinely IS Turrican 2 with ■ rope to swing from, so It depends whether you're Into one-dimensional arcade action ol the blg-levels-and-lots-ol-platforms variety. ft'i technically sound but usl a bit vapid and uninspired.



Exactly the same. It s A! 0 almost as If you were playing the same game but on a slightly different computer. Oh, you are. That explains It, then.

your ability to press tire rather than to think, but they play we* (1) just seems to have much ot the (3) sucked out of (9).


1. Tumcan 3 2 parallax

3. enjoyment 4 you re 5. pretty

6    ropey

7    gameplay 8. fired

9    it

10    Snp1

11    Tumcan

12    2

So there you have it. and wasn't that tun’

I can see all manner of possibles opening up (Down at the Job Centre. periiaps'> - Ed) so don't be at ail surprised ri next time I do a review m the style ol a Pcasso painting, ot as a scratch 'n' snfl card, where a complex senes ol odours are used to explain my feeling on the game, or maybe (10 4.8 - Ed)


3 If you were going to save a girt horn a mad. pianei-destroying mechanoid. how would you do it’

A Phone the Intergalactc Police and let twm deal with a

B Ode the planet dropping 90 kilotor nukes, and hope you miss the grty C. Land and then set oft on tool, taking out every single one ol the Machine's tiny mnons individually

4. N you were to make any changes to the popular arcade game Tumcan 2. what wort they be

A Indude more strategy, finesse and varyxig gameplay options 8 Add some more cute things, and maybe a Mly bunny as the man character C Gnre the battle suit a harpoon gun that fires a rope You would then be abe to hang from platforms and swing, allowing you to gel to hard-to-reach areas

same old (6) run. shoot, run (7) is. quite frankly, terrifying

On the good side, many of ihe levels are very (5) The underwater one hangs together the best, with the aquatic nasties titling in well with the surroundings, and the animation ot Bren being quite convincing. There's a Irantic run across steel grders suspended Irom Hying cars that looks gorgeously like that Flash Gordon movie with Peter Duncan in it (purple clouds. 1930s-looking so-ft craft, the works) and some screens featuring loads ol (2) layers that are tnAy wonderful However, the first tew levels and some oI the end ones are a bit msod. and let's •ace (9). numerous layers ot (2) stil don't cover up the incredibly superficial (7).

1 realise that some people love shoot-em-ups. and lhal they'll be reading this and thinking ’Yeah, he usl doesn't like arcade games ’ but there are some games that are as basic and thoroughly mindless as this s. but sUI a lot mote enjoyable Walker tor instance, or R-Type (12) or Uamatmn.

.'these all rely on


Next up we've got the review-by-numbers' section, where you use your skill and ludgement to fill in the spaces It's a bit Ike painting by numbers and many ol the same rules apply, so make sure you put some newspaper down over the carpel before you start, and don't forget to rinse all the brushes out with warm walei when you've finished Hang on here we go1

According to Ihe blurb you gel when you've finished (I), the adventure has only just begun, in which case, oh dear This version has very little new to otter, so the prospect ol numerous sequels tils me with a teeling very similar to the one you gel when



Game: Wiz'n'Liz Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: Martyn R Chudley and Mike Waterworth Price: £29.99 Release: Late October

Cuiesy platform games, eh’

Don't you usl love 'em’ Well, some people do. and il you're the kind cl person who likes this kind ol thing, then this is the kind of thing you I like All the same, you should try before you buy. because it's really tor diehard tans ol the genre only. Erm spook11 seem to have come over a> idiolect dichd' And - hey - d you don't know what idiolect' means, you'll have to look it up in the (mythical) AMIGA POWER Dictionary, cos 4's not in the real one - we checked Hoho.elc Insert your own Get on with if joke here What are you, stupid or something’ (Nurse1 - Ed) This game looks quite good, but not as good as Asiennas AsteroKJs s good Pardan’

You don't think so’ I don t cate Me and my mates know a really good Oke. but we re not tellng you what the punchline is

I We interrupt this wale rial ot driver ic bring you

ZSX '°    **■> «•««*

'»« 'owdbtiildcn Mil I. la*.

the traditional useful game information apparently inserted Mo review as last-moute afterthought tor comical effect' Mer/oction Wa n Liz <s a fast-movftg platform game remarkable lor not having any enemies oil. The object of the game is Simply to save'lots ot cuddly wabbts (so) by nnnog Mo them, and oodentaPy collecting the letters ol some unusual words along the way Of course, itvs would be completely dbf it there wasn't some king ot danger, and *\ Wiz'n'Liz it s the ever-decreasing hme bmit Times too tight to mention ft Wiz'n'Liz (or at least it a if you're playing on the hardest dfhculty setting. of which more later), and the only way to stave off clockwork

doom rs to collect extra seconds trom saved bonnes Disturbmgfy. thals iteratfy ak there is to the body ol the gameptay here, and that's the big problem with the game On Stuart s hrstgo. he trundled away Quite happily on what turned out to be one of the highest difficulty combinations, and after about IS minutes sat back m his chav and said, 'Right, that s the first boss out ol the way - I thnk I've got the hang of this ', only lor hcs smug smile to be replaced yusr seconds taler by a look of horror and a disbelieving cry of Tve brushed if’* as the end sequence bickered ft front of his eyes The very hardest settings do help to

eitend the game s length considerably, but it ssta nrkcukxisfy easy to complete it Right, let s see it he's managed to put himself together yet - Stuart's EtHonal Conscience)

But hey, that's enough about the game - let's talk about something I don't Me lor three-quarters ol a page Uke Whoopi bloody Gotfberg for a start, or that appalling, appalling Scottish prat who used to present Gimme S on Saturday mornings - don't you iust hale it



A    a

/f 4 MW/- whrr/pooi

9    A <*»/»/ erode4 f/4ft of !en4

C    A natty hoary drink* r - -

A Af/A «W/« tanning

Mm, v» Mcm it ftm Am f flM Vtfil fMTfl

ctAtdtof tito Win tl    .

1 Ai la a Mn vf i y mmMm

ftstifi mu aU fiitM inoumi, llnwfiE. 0»EE1-1i, **,V»

a Jauaw J


fSn<3‘ - Ed)

(Ididn't think so I suppose it s dowr. to St mo to do the bit where we go Hey. but it’s not at bad', baton comng up with a short kstola game's redeeming features then slagging i ott some more again In Wiz n'bz s case, am saving grace is the two-player game Tatung place on a homontatty spht screen, one player lakes on the mantle ot Wiz. the otier Lu The game is pretty much the same, except you're banting agarsl each other - basicaty you have to coMect tenets ■ay trying to stop the other player from dong the same. and there are various dneous tactics you can employ which erranabty result xi you winning the game. txJ also getting punched Quite hard xi the tace by your mate it's great and I don't care what anybody says

And in tact, there's another saving grace The amxxit ot hidden stufl xi Mi'n'Lrt is /ust massive - there's hidden hrtis sub-games, gameplay dues, wacky visual effects and pointless )Okes.

at whch are accessed by txpenmentng with the truk you can grab xi the ortVury levels and mixng them up xi your caddron There are Utraty dozens ot combinations and vinous ways ot getting to everything, and ill take you weeks to find it at.

Wei that s. unfit someone prints rw spell codes on their bps pages and completely nega tes the enhre port d the whole game But r-yway ITS odd. n

examine that loo closely, eh (Tight, let s grve ben one last chance - Sluart's Edtonai Conscience)

And another thing - women drivers, right’ (Where’s that targe housebnck -Ed) I wouldn't say my wile's <ai she's a terrible cook, though1 (I know I left if around here somewhere - Ed) I know what you think - you think I'm just trying to pad this rewew out with a lew crap gags at the end to cover up the tact that I've run out ot things to say about the game, as usual And you're ngh(i Ha ha' (Aha here d is - Ed) I'm great and you're not1 And I get paid tor the loo1 (THWACK1 - Ed)

Ow (Bleeds) This review was brought to you by an experimental prototype ot the Eezi-Wnte Generic Auto-fieviewing Engine, a revolutionary new product ot tha Redundancy Inducement Corporation ot Miyamoto, Japan * (Vou're fired - Ed)



CaicM a tiiMt) WJA64, i«4 mi Jl in ftwr tonal pMQ iLr), Ot

HwOWC*, Adrift

hoCrkEf, tO". Tun, tun-, fam Ate.

C    TIHl

•    XXX


fka EVrM i 4n0«tt f/tjlairi anii -tKirm TMiOiiiri] Id ll’rt, tw tui«l *jJ1 ot

® UPPERS Graphic*.

animation and movement are all absolutely lovely, and (he number ol secret bonuses end hidden games lucked away in there le colossal.

® DOWNERS Undeniably quite Ihe slimmest game Idea I've teen in a long time, and laughably aaay on anything but the very hardest settings.

flaid, irv ■ ft30 j fvdf lOrtMH. jwu *•**■■« 4.



Tough call, thli on*. It's actually a lot of tun to play, but there's almost nothing to It One-player mode la limited In the extreme (although finding all tha hlddan garnet and to on will take you a very long time), but two player* Is a laugh riot It'a awaet and    in =

loveable, but dlillkeably I H <-> expensive. God. Um... I U “


Look, I know

A12G0 objectively H'a a bit

rubbish, but I just can't help liking it, okay Oh, and tha A1200 version's much the same as tha A500 one as wall, excapt H doesn't slow down as badly whan thera'e really an awful lot happtnlng on the screen.





The word ‘Theatre’

J V -'B»    JEAN'S

dinner off a Frankenstein's monster"

Film Guide Bui the Maebein clinched it lor me because ine underlying meaning q1 ihe mefaphonc inlenl er whatever, is basically, life's like a play and you die at me end*, the important concepts here being Theatre and Death concepts which baarrely. are lellected in Theatre 01 Dealt] Or. m other words, you M lots ot people (Sob - Ed)


So. let's set the scene Despite the title. Theatre Ot Death isn't the license ot some hammy Hammer film starring Vincent Price It's actuaty a vaguely sa t, strategic military-type aflair with a hefty dose ot shoot- em-up action thrown m.

The setting s a post-apocalyptic wasteland divided into lour areas or is < Er. no. actually. Y'see this plot ts actually: plot within a plot (very Shakespearean) Whal you're actually playing is. The most advanced battle simulator ever created* a the Def Com Military Academy and the battle 2ones are ust part of a virtual landscape. Basically it's a rather biaarre douWe-take which adds nothing to the game (except the opportunity tor the manual to use buu-wotds Vke Virtual Reality) So I'll ignore all this Academy nonsense and Heal the wastelands stud as ihe real plot.

Game: Theatre Of Death Publisher: Psygnosis Author: Dave Anthony Price: £29 99 Release: November

_ ile is but a walking

L shadow that struts and Ireis his hour upon the stage and thon is hoard no more' How s that for a bri at culture n AMIGA POWER'’ Well, it was either that or the review ot the 1966 Chnsfopher Lee film Theatre Of Death from Harwell's

■ ltd ’»

Mrtt iM'ff tetter


can mean (a building with plays in it’ or ‘an area of military operations’, you see.


flight. as I was saying Wie are tour zones: grass, desert snow and lunar each ruled by an evil delator commanding h« own private army The lirst three zones aach have 15 missions but you only need to complete 10 at Item to move on to the neit zone The final Lunar Zone has five missions Every mission has an objective which nvanably contains tie subtext "frasi everything m sighr The action is viewed Irorn a satellite posfton. and there are two mam screens The Live Action Screen is where all the tun happens - te. where you get to see all the Wood and blow up buildings - while the Mao Screen is where all your strategic dacsmns are made


M tie beginning ot each mission you have I number ol platoons, usually containing fee men. an objective and a tainted ■mount ot ammunition The Action Screen shows you only a small section ot the twUetald. lor a complete mew you need to go to the Map Screen

Soldiers can be moved individually be selecting them or en masse as a platoon by selecting the platoon leader Whole platoons can also be given orders irom the Map Screen: platoons receiving orders this way will carry them out aulomatcaity so that you can leave them to their business while you deal with another platoon manually.

There are a number ol vehicles that can be comandeered nciudng helcopters. Armoured Personnel Carriers. Tanks and even moon buggies m the Umar Zone Weapons, such as grenades, rocket launchers and (lame-throwers can ba lound m the weapons dumps


So. with the exposition out of the way. it’s down lo the nitty gritty; Is the game any good1* Well, there's certainly a lot ot thmgs that are mpressrve about Theatre Ol Death which is usually iust the sort ot thing you say belore gomg on to list a whole host ot faults Which I'm going lo do m a mmute. but. as I'm in a good mood. I ll pul the case lot the delence first

It's a Iasi-paced game with a simple and initially appealing premise The graphcs are generally excellent • especially the various forms ol transport (although the 30 s a tittle odd from time to lime) The missions also work well, and Ihe progression through the zones has been intelligently worked out so that new challenges - and opportunities - keep the jtSrSEt game play unpredictable



The problem with Theatre Ol Death is that it's a bit ol a dog's dinner ol a Frankenstein's monster of game It’s a bit an over the place, trying to be al things to all psychos, and generaty tailing a bit short m all departments It s not last enough to be a shoot- em-up, or complex enough lo be a strategy game

Okay, the argument might be it's trying to be neither, but because it doesn't stnke out m any new fractions or otter anything unique, it ends up a rather unsatisfying experience

Plus, there ate a lot ol irritating problems with the mechanics ot the game, none ot which are debilitating ci

themselves, but which collectively do drag things down The sokkers are loo mdsbnct and in battles it's easy to shoot your own men The screen doesn't always scroll when you move Ihe cursor with your mouse; you have lo resort to usng the cursor keys There s no easy way lo get the Action Screen to lip back lo a particular platoon or solder because Ihe automatic tracking system is a nightmare lo usa. The land vehicles gel stuck behind trees Halt the action takes place offscreen The list goes on (or rather n would, except that I'm bored ol it and I think you get the pom) by now).


They say time Kies when you’re hawig tun When you're playing Theatre Ot Death it manages to take off. glides a bit. then hits some turbulence and nosedves into a swamp I think Shakespeare said il better, but I can't quite remember when

• DAVE COLDER Him arc apparaailt aaaoif craft, tri Nka bale, lacad with aa lavaiiea lorca

® UPPERS A sound basic concept and great graphics lor a strategy game (except It Isn’t really a strategy game).

✓*”■>. DOWNERS Despite ('V J attempts lo keep the gameplay Iresh II does become very tamey. Plus there ere loads of minor control faults that collectively make playing the game extremely Irritating.


A sort ol okaylsh-ll-you-dont-play-lt-

lor-too-long. not quite shoot-’em-up,

but not quite strategy

game (hat’d be quite tun (J ;

la play If It wasn't so

darned fiddly.    WI


Vou have to hold down ATTOO your mouse buttons when you boot up and adjust your settings to original graphics', otherwise It's hlckerama.

of Volhiwifci rtflllf

z/'i. *1


A. ’


"" <" < • C; </' r.'vr'; -r


If- -




















• Realisttc water effects are a hugely pretty feature that add absolutely nothing to the gameplay but took

Game: Disposable Heroes Publisher: Gremlin Author: Lawrence Van Der Donk Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

Lloyd Grossman wnles 'Secreted around the AP offices amidst the posters, the stacks ol disks and the subliminal messages are many books of lists You can t see them most of the time, and casual visitors are probably oblivious to their existence, but they're there, lurking, and from time to lime various members ol the team write things in them'

Some of them are bulky and dogeared from frequent use. such as the Big Book Of PR Lies (where we wnte down the promised release dates ol games, and which we then use to taunt companies when they tail to deliver the goods) or Songs That Stuart Plays That Everybody Else Hates (currently running into 1 a volumes) but there ate many more discreet ledgers There's Dave s Book Ot Observations From Atar. which hovers

mysteriously over the tiling cabinet, and Cam's List Ol Ominous Dreams, which is taped under a desk

Wahey! It’s a horizontally-scrolling shoot-’em-up that doesn’t so much dispose of the opposition as recycle its best ideas.

and booby-trapped with a block ol C4 plastic explosive. And finally there’s the office book ol Nee Touches, a labutousfy beautiful but slim pub cation ol finest vellum bound m softest caltskm mto whch we employ a scribe to wnte Nee Touches »i perfect copperplate handwriting The ink's barely dry on the latest page, and our sentoe is laboriously adding gold leal to the illumination down the side, but peenng over his shoulder I can share these tew paragraphs with you


• Getting power-ups m shoot-'em-ups is always a bt of an inexplicable, not to say surreal experience What usually happens is that you shoot a spaceshp which explodes, dropping a little blob which then grves you a power-up r< you lly into it D-Heroes has a much more topcal system which nvohes you picking up bluepnnts ot various tabbo new weapons, and then lantkng at the occasional but conveniently

placed research stations.

Your she has a certain energy output and all the medications draw varying amounts Ot power. SO you ve got to work out which add-on eonfgurations will fit into your eneigy output You can then add bgger. better and more weapons that lire oft c all directions, home in on enemies and generally make killing everything m your path a to! easier • The spaceship itseft is a mass of tflle Nice Touches When you nudge it forwards the engines Hare briefly la start your acceleration, and the truly wonderful thing is thal instead ol blowing up after a single hit. your little craft can absorb quite a lew shots belore plummeting to (he ground, whch is not only a Nee Touch, but also a Good Thing When your energy bar's getting tow. smoke starts lo dnbbie out ol the ship, and each successive hit adds lo the smoke until you evenlualy give up and belly flop onto the ground Almost entirely implaustoly. the programmers have worked out that it's totally Iruslratmg to gam masses o< power-ups only to lose them on a difficult level.

so once you've got them, they stay lot the rest ol the game Hoorah1


*srtxsic Ftymg to* over these pods reeaids you with a delightful <efieci«n o< youcrah, and when various huge mechanical beastes tramp their way across the screen each lootfali is marked ■eh cute splashes

•    Most sort aces have bolted-on gun turrets These animate m microscope Mat spinning around and elevating as tr», try to draw a bead on you

•    Much ol the evrl nastiness m the game comes m the form ol quasi-txoiogical Meferms that took like insects but lire off Mm blasts at the slightest provocation Meed, one ol the levels seems to be set rkrely m the moulh of a latge entter with retractable teeth, so as well as dodging tie nak you ve got to watch out tor massive Cannes that leap out ol rotting gans at terrifying speed

So why the emphasis on neat little touches rather than the actual gameWei. because we ve an seen the game before, haven't we1 It's a horizontallyscrolling shoot-'em up. so what else can you say about it1 It plays like fltpef-X or ft-Type 2 and Mhough e's better than tiase two m some respects I most notably hr masses ol dinky Me animations and the 3b*ly to survive a couple ol hits) it doesn 1

really have any features that would make you drop what ever you were dang and dash out 10 the shops to buy it

Maybe it's usl me being ovetfy cynical, but i realty can't see what Disposable Heroes does that R-Type 2 didn't do better a couple ol years ago Like Pac-Uan clones and Pong games, horizontal scrollers seemed to run their course before Suffering a drop r popularity, and the resurrection doesn't add lo or enlarge on any gameplay leatutes that weien I covered tairty comprehensrvely m R Type 2 Okay, so there are masses ol biologcal enemies, but there were plenty ol these at the excellent Aptdya which may have had annoyingly sudden deaths, but also featured some ol ihe most impressive muse ever heard in a computer game

Am I sounding wishy-washy11 hope

A go game, but hardly a novel or unique one"

nol. but the problem is that it's loo good to slag oft but at the same lane >s very hatd to mention at all without going on about R-Type 2 DHeroes plays like R-Type 2 (but not as nicely), looks much like R Type 2 (but not as pretty) and has the same combination ol big frightening twdries and small annoying ones is R-Type 2 This means ol course that it's a good game but at the same lime hardly a novel or unique one Like this review, it's just ’ going aver the same ground time and time again Sorry

Anyway that's what k's tike, so I II end on a Cut ol blurb about the game that may or may not set your imagination alight It's got six long and tough (really tough - «i (act. this is one area where it does expand on R Type 2. because it's much harder And R-Type 2 was m pushover, either.) levels, each ol wNch feature a number ol super huge and impressive boss-type enemies The music's entertaining but

unremarkable and you can save your high scores I found it hard even an the easy level, but I dare say all the pros will relish having a go or the manic arcade setting And that's, um that really • CAM WINSTANLEY

UPPERS Challenging.

( uncomplicated, shoot-'em-V y up that doesn't stray away Irom Its alms ol destroying everything. The power-up system's Ihe best one I've seen on i shoot em-up. Every feature oozes professional programming, from the ruthleatly efficient collision detection to the almost Illegal number ol Nice Touches.

✓"'■'v DOWNERS Even on f ) Easy level. H's fearsome ly V/ hard, and although you can take a number of hits, there's still a fair number of sudden and seemingly unavoidable deaths.


It's a hard game to knock, but also one thal I found it hard to get very exciled about. It's tun to play even (hough I found It extremely hard and everything Is slick and professional, but we've still seen It all before. If you've already got R-Type 2, then you'd have to be a real T T  shoot-'em-up fanatic to If” buy thlt one aa well. I ■


Exactly the same. It's a A i    nicely dona shoot-'em-

up that doesn't add anything new to the genre, okay

nttt may ihooUnj End tesbi - bid



ITx Mr assent

intd v



ttl lA V ill 1 I> ill 1




U 1 M d




Finger-lickin’ good or just another platform turkey You decide

Game: Allred Chicken Publisher: Mindscape Authors: In house Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

you're writing a cute plattorm game Probably the first thing you'll want to do is decide or a character to centre it on. Someone to do all the running about and collecting things So. go on then -    

choose a character (HiA Er    '

Who. me - Lethargic Reactor) You'll need to deode what he lofcay. or she) will look kke. how he'll be controlled, and a bit about his personality

You could do some sketches it you want. Give yourselt about live minutes Right Time's up

Now. I'll bet any money that you’ve picked either (a) a son o(

'    amorphous blob with big eyes

(m which case you have little imagination and may L play no ludher pan m I this expenmenl). or (b)

I an animal ol some son I Say. a gerbil What you ' ttOfl1havechosen.nl wager, is a person But that's not what concerns me Alter all. people all look pretty much the same in the genealogcal sphere ol things, and it's very hard to make a

[teHorm game stand out Vom the I crowd it it's get a    jHf

person in rl.

You've got to give

him a football to luck about or something Animals, on the ether hand, are distinctive As long as you pick one that no-one's done before - that gerbil, lor example - you'll have a game that people will remember simply because it's got a gerbil in it And getting him to look kke a gerbil couldn't be simpler. Some brown lur, a pair ol beady little eyes, and he's made But the point a. it I'm


Playing AHred Chicken has sel me thinking - about game characters. And I'd like lo do a sort ol expenmenl. t you'll bear with me lor e couple ol paragraphs Imagine you're a programmer, and

"Tli* bait game

character I've seen for :    agei"

A ckickaa IMt H Hikttf Iai»k] all ika k«ai Iran harm, tax run W 4 packed tk Ufa aaa , Tk< taai (Mina dap attar da).

Witk *a atack tkai knpaba knapi,

Ma clicked kta keeh aad iffud kla dayi A ma, a m , aad up ka Mat,

AJrkarae tkrilh ka aata Meal

Tkaa tat dap ka kaard a aaaad, Laaked ap aad taw, Mlaa Iron I Am aeiepliaa, ktfk ia tka tk , Aad paid, *1 nlpkl tkai a ap

•a aad ap ika ckkkea aaared.

Hit dkkia Mad eatta aaar awad.

A ckickaa ka a lliikrlaia Mad


® UPPERS Alfred t a great character, and pleaaure to play with. The graphics aren't all bad - there are a lew neatly animated apritea. And I checked, and chlckena can be boya aa well a* glrla. ao the game sftoufcfn f be called Alfred Cock1 (aa the real at the learn seemed to take great delight In suggesting)

® DOWNERS But atrip

away Allred, and underneath there Isn't much going an. The levels are a bit samey, and all you get to do la collect thlnga. with a (aw puzzley bits here and there. And the aameyneaa Isn't alleviated by having all the sprites the same size (le really small).


A fabulous hero, and a pleasantly different feel, but It gets boring more quickly lhan It probably should. It doesn't look much like a mid- 90s Amiga product, either. I'd place It about mid-way In the platform game pecking    T ft ;

order. (You're to fired if a 111 ~ unbelievable. -Ed)    I U ”


Alfred's still a great AH/f-fcO character, but the game still lets him down somehow. There’s no special AGA-related antics to speak of.

lUMSMtik mmy-wjur level icctioo

you correctly. Ihat he's unlikely to behave much like a gerbi He may well walk around on tvs hind legs, tor instance Hel be weanng clothes - probably yeans, pknsolls and sunglasses, the way things are these days He rrvght even talk What he wontdo. however, is spend much ol ha tme eating toilet rolls, or asleep m his nasi He won't spend ages and ages

>W*::WMRlclcIcM W!-l

Irullessly trying to dig a hole at the comer ol the screen, or chewing al the bars above his head, even though he knows there's no chance of escape There mighi be a lew token sunflower seeds lor tvm lo collect, but that'll be about it In tact while he rrvght look superficially like a gertxl, hell acluaty act more like a person A gertvl-shaped person

And that's what's so refreshingly different about Alfred Chicken Allied not only looks like a chicken but he also behaves like one He struts about, rather than walking He pecks at the ground to activate switches and things He can jump quite high (something that chickens have to do lo reach iheir perches m ihe evening) He can't tty but he can Hap his wings a bit to slow his descent He can do these really neat power dnes at baddies ending up with his

beak sucking it the ground and hts legs


up m Ihe air He looks all son al small and i neon sequential And best ol al. he's gal that brainless, completely out-of-it look about him that chekens have Tiresome publicity-seeking election stunts aside. Allred's usl about Ihe best game character I've seen lor ages, and d it wasn't lor him I don 1 ihmk I'd be nearly as keen on hts game as I am Technicaiy,

though Alfred Cfvckon (tho game) is hartfy cutting-edge slutf. You'll search m vain lor parallax scrolling, ggantic end-ot level bosses, or mote than about tan colours on the screen at once Instead we're given flat, pnmdrve graphics that lend the game a very peculiar abstract tee< - which ts nice m a way. as it makes Allied look even more lost and out ol place, and you even more determined to help him out Comical music also helps towards ihe surreal atmosphere There's never an awful lot to do. either On each level (they're small, tourway scrolling yobs, and there aren't very many ol them) you've got release a certain number ol balloons by bcfsrvg through ihe stnngs that attach them lo the ground, and collect diamonds lor bonus points, but that's about it The skill's all in jumping about avoktng baddies and trying lo remember where you're meant lo be going. There ate a lew puzzley type bits involving switches and thmgs. but not many

Allred tvmselt is great, then, but his game s merely middling I was never itchng to see what came nexl (one level’s pretty much like ihe next anyway, with only Ihe scenery changing lo provide a selection of hackneyed gaming environments), but I was quite happy playing it. watching Allred wander quietly about I even smiled gently each lime Allied got killed and exploded in a cloud ol leathers (Er. that's to say mat he exploded, not me)

I could easily tmd a place lo< Alfred Chicken in my Amiga games collection lust nof very neat Ihe Ironl • JONATHAN DAVIES



Game: Donk Publisher: Supervision Authors: The Hidden Price: £26.99 Release: Ou! now

Everybody knows how lorluous life on the dole car be One ol lhe lew ways 10 pack up your Iroubles and escape lor a couple ol hours is lo lose yourself n a computer game Money supply is as light as a pair ol bath-shrunk Levis, so you have to make sure you gel your money's worth

Alternatively, you could write your own game Who knows, you might us! get lucky and hit the big lime: free lunches, name on cardboard. Andrew Braybrook, throwing up in trains and travel lor hours and hours to the loveliest places on earth

This is ust what happened lo Ciaig Howard. William Bell

and Simon Leggeil. who effectively are known as The Hidden Allegedly, their name is derived Irom the tael they all  live in Norfolk and would prefer the information to remain hidden They all attended the same college and obtained HNO'S n Computer Sturtos lor their Iroubles How were they rewardedStraight dawn the Job Centre. Ihat's how Bemg enlerpnsing types, they began coding PC demos and games and that kind ol thing Then ideas and programs finally caught the eye ol a commercial software house: Supervision

Rumour has il that Donk is nol lhe ongmal name ol lhe game and lhai lhe eponymous hero was nol even a duck Collectively the AP team cannot work Out

what it may have been We guess that we re not big. hard or clever enough lor that type ol adult joke Poor us

Donk is a platform game II comes packaged m a cardboard box with an outer plastc-lamtfiated paper sleeve inside thus box. which incidentally you have to take the sleeve oft ol to get into, are three diskettes and the instruction manual They contain the program code and instructions respectively lor the Donk game

II you switch your Amiga on and put these tkskefles' mto your computer's d&k drive' they will be put through a process known as loading' or booting Wait lor a lew minutes or less and a screen, known as a requester' screen will appear This screen asks you to press key 2ero lor normal mode' or key one tor AGA mode' Here you will have lo engage m some product research If you own an Amiga 1200 or 4000 then select AGA mode Everyone else will have lo

content ihemselves with Normal mode' Weil aid. dont-give-a-duck, AI200 and 4000 types car piove how  wacky'they are by choosing Normal mode ust lor laughs There are another couple ol requester screens, but the only one at note is the options screen This allows access to the number ol players, music on/off selection and ump controls The last option listed here is very interesting Too many games ol the platform nature (such as this very month's Oscar, lor example] don't allow lor lhe lact that many players hnd it easier to use the fire button to jump than the up control ol lhe stick One up tor The Hidden mere, tor sure Now (hat all the details on how to gel mto lhe game have been satisfactory

27 quid Quack quack oops"


A duck-based platformer. Enough said.




Much prattler, with £■200 lovely paralleling background*.

Apparently there are more than 256 colour* on screen at one time, even. Same old game, though.

® UPPERS Likeable main character. Nice power-ups and facilities (such as the big scroll-around map).

® DOWNERS Doesn't look loo good, even with the AGA extra screen. And alter a while, your ability lo differentiate between the various levels becomes severely diminished.


A nice game, but it really should have gone out at the lower price point of C17 that it was originally aimed at. As It stands    

(and despite the    IQ ;

numerous levels), It just I II — Isn't worth the money.

screen two-player game Depending on your particular foibles and personality make-up. the two-player game can be competitive or cooperatrve if competitive, look out lor the teleport lundnn. whereby both players are simultaneously swapped m location This can be disorientating and frustrating, all liom one handy little capsule

So. is Donk playable all the lime’

The simple answer is yes You're not going to finish i1 in one sitting A handy little saveAoad function lets you save the game at any time and lestan from that pomi whenever you <eei like it This is much more convenient than having to write down code numbers and stuft Conclusion time now. Donk isn't going to ruftle your leathers with outstanding nnevaton or ongnaMy What were you eggspectmg1 But. on the othei hand, it wont make you I eel down' eider (Slop fhrs nghl now - Ed) But 27 quidQuack quack oops No way1 Despite the quantity ot levels and vanety ot creatures.

Donk is overpriced tor what it is Asking peope to shell out any moie is quackers (Nurse bong me the big stick mfh naks m We end - Ed)


«xplaned, let's discuss the game itself (And not before hme - Ed)

At the start, you are laced wi1h the Adventuie Map It is horn this map that you will be able to gam access to the whole 112 levels

Yes. that's right. 112 levels spread over seven exciting worlds Each world contams 15 thnlleg levels and one tortiess The lorlress can only be entered after having colecled an access key It is m these fortresses that you gel to tight your arch enemy Eider Down'

Elder down IS usually tound inside expensive quilts It is very light, very waim and very expensive.

Conceptually, the tact that Frier Down is Donk's enemy could be described as humoui: enter down ongeates from the line plumage ot the Northern Sea Duck The only thing we know about Donk is that he was an ugly duckling But that's mote than enough lor us to make the connection nght kids1 Ho Ho Ho (Hedd Anybody home9 - Ed)

So. to business How does the game play, what does it look like, why do you want to play ft. where might you want to play it. and when is it playable1

The game plays much l*e any other piattorm game You always start at the left ot the screen From there, it's ust a matter

ot explonng the level, collecting gems (the mainstay ot Donk) obtaining power-ups, switching switches, killing baddies and generally trying to stay out o< trouble So far, so bloody what, eh1

Donk. despite the tact that you get a nee sense o< parallax with the At 200 background screen, looks like one of the better PD games n doesn't have that

giiUy glossy gel like sheen that many ol us have come lo expect Irom modern commercial releases Donk seems to have suffered from pixel abrasion as •< a steel wool bniio pad had been drawn acioss the screen This may sound harsh but Cam was playing Disposable Hero on the A1200 while I played Donk on the 1200 Dock was apocalyptically eclipsed hy D Hew s radiant beauty

Graphics do not a game make though Donk has plenty ol endearing little louctxes The hero himsefl is likeable, though not exactly loveable When left to tvs own devices, he puffs and pants and blinks like a nervous person with a tic Power-ups are usefully varied and add a lair amount ol strategy to the scene It's probably advisable to play Donk m your bedroom's! udy me si with a tnend. tor one ol the best things about Don* is the aMity to play a simultaneous split




Game: Oscar Publisher: Flair Authors: In house Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

myselt laced by a bewiklenng array ol movies at ihe hne multiplex cinema that lurks there. Spoiled lor choice. I was eagerly scanning ihe targe display, when I noticed a small tlulfy creature lurking m the shadows This was strange as I'd just seen that Disney's Winnie The Pooh was in a late-night Inple bill (along with Troma s Suri Nazis Must Die1 and Dano Argenio's Zombie Apocalypse] and tar a moment I thought Id forgotten to lake my medication and was once agar mistaking hallucinations lor reality

Rubbing my eyes. I looked again and there really was a creature at

uncertain ongm and undeniable cuteness nibbling some discarded popcorn behind one ol those tug chrome bins He looked up and saw that I was looking at him. and with a wry gnn. waved me over Resolving to get to the bottom of this    _

mystery. I crammed into the    " ~

gap behind the bn    _

"Hi. I'm Oscar." he Chirped, sounding /fl I like one o( the    /II    '-i

Chipmunks who d /    - 4 - - ■    -gone through    1

puberty "You re gang to hod the    \

next hour terribly exciting, because not only are you the best-looking, heallhy young man r thus onema (Oh dear - Ed) but you're also into computer games.

I know I've come straight from the offices ol Flair, and they've announced that I'm going to be THE A . iTV    game oI ihe year Put

*    ihese on quxtkly.'

\ Ik Out o) his mage \ pocket, he produced Ijgi r set ol laded leans _X iH and a cowboy hat. -4-1 . Wj and I was m dway

*    'Hm through changing

xito them when a 1/ securty guard ww appeared and started to i s' threaten me with a charge of indecent exposure, but - Oscar saved Ihe day.

,    "Woop, woop. you can try but

A there's no catching me Heh. heh.

" I'm the cheeky young scamp Oscar Weeeee1" he tniled. grabbing me by the collar and yanking me oft my leet with more strength than Id generally attribute to a two-foot rodent As I Happed behind this spiky-haired enter like a poorly conslrucled kite. I thought it would be a great l<me to question his motives

"I'm featuring m the first game to use the At200s F Mode, so my t6-cokxjr dual ptaylieids give a greater depth ol hue to the background screens. Hah hah. with

Hera's a curious tale, and one that's strangely relevant to one of this month s releases Having spent a happy lew years occasionally going lo college n Bournemouth, I deeded lo don my mirrored shades and gun my Harley Davidson Faiboy down to the south coast For a bit ol entertainment, i dropped into the Tower Park leisure complex and kxrnd




® UPPERS Pretty

graphic*, cula sound, a lovely central character and... It's no good, I can't manage it any more. AAAaaarghhhh!

cw 100 colours on screen al any one sms »n<i seven him worlds. I'm going lo be a sue-hre hit Here we go!" And with ihal a* dved into one ol the cinemas, where fe strangest ihmg happened We were •.uddeniy n the Mm which happened to be a Western And then my heart sank

■Hold on a moment." I sa>d. This is a platform game *

■ftighi on the tuition'" squealed Oscar "I've got la dash around collecting MBe Oscar trophies before hndng the clapperboard and rapping out Once I ve completed a level. I can go through a bonus door and go vito another level And km. Mden in that film can i; a yoyo thai lets me smash wails and bid guys and swing from performs Wahey'"

"Weil, all you need is a tag red etephani as a restart point, and you'd be just like Flair's groovy and scktysweel platformer Traits"

Icommented sarcastically, ynpiog on the head ol a cowboy three times amidsl a ..lower ol pretty stars and watching him pkxnmef oil the ledge

"You mean like this big red elephant," pggied Oscar as we ran past a suitably scarlet pachyderm. "I've got those as wel ton nmr

"And like Trons, you've got themed meis as well. I suppose." I queried, smflaneousiy picking up a pair ol framers rut alowed me lo run taster and pushing — nvesbgative journo talent to the limit 'Indeed I have They're all based on movies and TV. with a so li level, a honor wni. and get this - there s a war movie level that's (toggle] actually in black and wtkte1 Pretty wild stud, huh7"

‘Just like the black-and-white newspaper world r TVoSs’T fired back Before he could reply, we passed the clapperboard and reappeared outside the onema. where a perfectly tailored silver tut and microphone were waiting lor me. I quckty changed and Ihen we were of) into fie game show

'"I”    "T-.....

and    lor th

"Trolls A 1 200 was a much better game

land, where we earned on doing exactly what we were doing belore "So lets get this straight in my mnd - just like Trots, you've got a yo-yo'

That's right, but look how pretly everything a, look at Ihe pretty backgrounds "

"Ouiie, and like Trofls. you leap around themed levels cdectmg objects before tmdng an escape route, and Oof" Something hrt me and sent me sprawkng I peered into the mass ot cotour but caidn't see anything apart tram a small question mark Turning round. I was hit again. Oscar shouted to look out lor the pogo slick, but it was so hard lo distingush between the foreground and the background that I was smashed about a lew more times until Oscar whacked it with tvs yo-yo "I'm a Wile oftended that you're making all these Traits references " be moaned, "because me troll — was a b*1 ot a childish character immortalised by numerous revolting plastic toys, whereas I'm a brt ol a tough guy, although you can't help but love me See. I dress up n different costumes tor each level and everything Although I'm obviously a lurry mammal ol some sort, you can i quite work out which, but I d look great on sports bags and T-shirts I'm going to be Ihe Some tor the Amiga lor crying out loud, and all you can do ts go on about some superficial similanlies to another Flair game damn you1'

Al las) I was getting somewhere -ihe cute mage ol Oscar was crumbling, and beneath it I detected the haid-bitten features ol businessman I refused lo put on the space sua that Oscar thrust at me lor the next level and started to lake control ol the situation


I told him that ha game was nothing more than a shallow revamping ol Ihe game Trpls I fold hxn that since Trots was associaied with those crappy little dois. he'd been created as a ploy lo appeal to a much older and broader age range ot people, and that dressing him up m different costumes didn't necessaniy constitute a major leap forward n game design I told him that if was al very wel having loads ot colours on the screen but that ttvs didn't mean frddiy squat it you couldn't play the game property because Ihe baddies usually merged into the backgrounds m a contusing, gansh graphical mess. Finally I told him that Trolls A1200 was a much belter game, and that I thought Flan should have tried coming up with a new idea, but by then he d bounded over to another person and was telling him that he was the best-looking youth r the cinema I

® DOWNERS AAaarghhhl It's another platform game, It's no batter or worse than half a dozen others and It's about time someone had some better Ideas. The lush graphics mess up the screen so much you end up running head-on Into enemies -YOU CANT SEE THEM PROPERLY.


How many times must AlS-tlO 1 b* forced to say

“You run around and lump on baddies' heads while you collect things " Oh yeah, this one's got a yo-yo In 11 at well. Well hoorah for that. Buy TroHt A1200 Instead, aa it’i got the same great background!, but they    C Q

don't meat up the game screen as much.


There's going lo ba versions for the A500IA600 and the C032 along soon so we should be looking (well, squinting painfully) it them In next month's Issue. See you then!

left m a state ot contusion and resolved to rent a wdeo next lime • CAM WINSTANLEY

If! M M ml M

m cfc»t with Ot car. W—Mt.



mall* »®«

ruyy ■-¥





OMkanl Mkalwal full la tWv ■■ fraud

!•■■■ aiti UMf Ml the

mMk «a«NM»

Despite my misgivings about the 6128.1 forgave it all ol its sms whan me owner ol the shop ordered Un&um on dish Although I had played the original on the C64. it never quite took my lancy; loo garish and blochy The Spectrum version was virtually unplayable the control System was Crap and the ship was indistinguishable from the background Imagine my surprise io find that the Amstrad version ol Undtim was beautifully sculpted with a the right bott-on parts tor a shoot- em-up. plenty ol power ups. loads ol enemies and

a freedom ol movement which so tew shooi-em-ups permit. This last bit. as wen as the velvety scrolling, sold Untum to me (albeit at a knockdown bargain price)

Your average shoot- em-up consists ol a non-arbitrary horizontal or vertical scroll and several attack waves ol aliens The mam tactic involved lies m the learning of the attack patients, how to obtam the best power-ups and use them properly and. er. that's it With Undtum. you had a lot more choice over what you wanted to do First you had to discover the layout of the dreadnought ship you were supposed to destroy Thus was important Irom the point ol mew mat once property


surveyed, you

could rush up and down the ship without hitting solid things like walls Once scouted, you then proceeded to lake out the ship's defences, which included several attack waves of alien ships, and Land on a designated runway. This done, it was on to the next dreadnought with more fiendishly dttcult defences and aliens. Ail m ail. a good blast and highly therapeutic after dealing with an obnoxious customer on a bonng Monday morning


Anyone who's been waichmg B8C2 s utterly absorbing Sunday escapades on evolution in Nature by Design probably couldn't have avoided thinking about the parallel progress ol compute' games Okay, so it was probably iusi me thinking that but L/ndrum 2 provides a perfect vehicle to discuss games evolution On booimg, the code on the disk checks to see what kind ol Amiga.

Game: Undium 2 Publisher: Renegade Author: Andrew Braybrook Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

The Amstrad CPC-464 and 6128 were never very well known lor their graphics Occasionally. CPC programmers produced a beauty out of then assembler hats that outstripped the Amst'ads two mam nvals of the time One instance of this was ATF (AH Terrain Fighter) Contrary io the usual jerky frame update, the scroll ol the undulating landscape in this wonderful game was unbelievably smooth When I used to work in an independent computer shop, we had an Amstrad monitor attached to a CPC6128 atop the glass fronted counter I never could quite wotk out why someone would wani to buy such a set up Okay, you got an independent monitor (whmh was really just a cheap TV with the tuner taken oui) as wen as a Ihree-mch-drrve 128K computer For the same pnce or less, you could gel a three-and-a-haH-ioch drive 512K Amiga So before I get a 'Steve just what are you wittering about’’ from the Ed. I'll get to the point Due to the Amstrad's location m the shop. I used to be able to play Amstrad games while serving customers I got to know the games reasonably well

Yeah, we know we over-use the phrase ‘blast from the past’. But this time it reall


nni tl til, ao oni bclirvci yea Ikil lb* faUxi dotlll Mark wltk Undium *.

Aluch ami an kiii pxdicuhl* Tkari «*ky ■ken Ini oat hart aew. kill lika ham. Ik kldif

Iku t«o jel leaf to fha kal]i forail oH<<< am leack. Stall no « aad a« cats.

»*alh, la daiparalloa, yea yet laal dom to *a Say a Zest afftco to do Ikia

Tkai amtu, but Salli up they re aol ai yood ai Ifccy alaalh an. Ok, ikaalu.

Man, Of l a uptioalaf tfcta, I Had ap<H aaadcriay wkat Sal an talkiay a boat


processor and chisel you own It your set-up is any different trom a standard 1 3 machine with one meg of memory, it's likely that youl find enhancements of varying degrees ot enormity, eg smoother scrolling, better sound samples and bener homing missiles etc Get the pictureSo with that little piece of techno-inlo out ol the way. let's investigate Undium 2's finer points

Induslnally decadem dreadnoughts are wreaking havoc throughout the lanes and systems ot ihe local space motorways Your job as a lone-won Manta commander is to put pad to these monolithic ram raders by issuing go-slow destruction bans. ie destroying them

This isn't easy Each dreadnought carnes an arsenal of quek-fire use-the to'ce-luke defences m the shape of fast fre joyriders Nice touch beam-me-up-Scotties reside at their attack patterns With the original Undium, hierarchy structure keep-formation onslaught lines were used With U2 the (tight orders change No chance of Gestalt stasis here Aggression impetus with extreme prejudice is required, rather than blase t know the form' passionless stroke play Keeping to ttvs strategy leads to btq-bang tooks-better-kiiis-best weapon power-ups smart bombs, ioniser toothpaste, tiuoro-tasars etc Some of these power-ups are vital to completion qt rote sync plans For example, your recon pre plan footprint (scanner) can be knocked out by ihe dreadnought's tadio-scrambie jammers These can only be expiry de-lactoed by bomb or torpedo Front-fire weapons having no discord facior effect m this instance whatsoever. (Nnngggh1 - Ed) Difficulty influence is progression-


With U2 the flight orders change

is an updated classic shoot-’em-up.

feedback stimulated This is only fair and just Challenge must be maintained lor smart-boy-out-ol-the-way-sonny fire-fiSt freedom fighters This it does Walls  have to be reckoned with Space can be cleared for more dogfight room and escape routes Quickfire dextenty bucks wii even find the further levels a wnst-strelch bram jack Praise be to Allah lor the improved lad le feedback control system Ongirval Unttum Ians will love the speed-tum.

1 over-roll back-flip quick-velocity new shape f Manias Balance is kept r check Some enemy commanders break formation and come for you. Oarth-vadei-ierai style Nee touch high-mvolvameni (actor Lo-mo no-goes are the sequences alter dreadnought destrudion The pretty-ptc shoot-the-core animation impels dissonance m non-game context What is d doing here1 Big bore no fun More originality please on this section It does no justice to me rest of me game

Temporary faults aside (I am now devoid of polysyllables), just how much is Undk/m 2 an evolution of the originalControl is massively improved, you can fly upside down and turn on a ventabie sixpence The difficulty fador is progressive Up to nine different attack wave fighters delend each fleet Extra weapons are much more desirable and collectable Aggressive play is encouraged by this and rewarded accordingly, discouraging the rush tar an earty landing Two-player modes have been tweaked Rather than simple alternate turns, there's a lot more variety A pair ol you can attack the dreadnought an at once or alternatively fly tone missions with a drone on tow Plenty o< fun to be had there

Also worth a special mention is the beauty of the graphics on me 1200 veis«n On later levels, the dreadnoughts are dotted with realistic rust-spots The smoothness of the scroll is as good as anything the so-called superior' console locks can come up with (would you expect anything less ot the 1200 though1).

Fans ot the ongmal Urt&um will lave the sequel Other unkind people wilt simply pomt out that Undium 2 is Undtm with brass knobs on And who knows1 They might be nght • STEVE McGILL

® UPPERS Beautifully imooth scrolling and control interlace Lovely-to-look-at graphics. Interesting weapons and enemies. Vertical as well as horizontal scrolling. Superiast gameplay

DOWNERS It's Undium with ton-up tweaks and no great variation In gameplay.


Iti been quite a few yaara now since Ihe original version was on Ihe go. Despite the snazzy    w a ;

graphics and bolt-ons, III “

M's still Uridlum.    I u =


Absolutely gorgeous. A1200 Slick, fast, smooth and a oy to play. Am I allowed to say ‘klnaeathetlcally experiential (No. - Ed)




They call him ‘Rich1 Pelley - and not without good reason. For he is ‘rich’ indeed, though his wealth is measured in hints-and-tips-related knowledge, and not by pounds and pence. He uses his fortune for good, not evil - he uses it to maintain Complete Control.



I (US Gold)

You vary wall know how to complete arguably Delphlne* tlnaat hour from I the complete solution we ran two I Issues ago, but did you also know L that It la possible to actually walk

When a fen (MW dale, hi mld4ta •4 a §aa« at rlilist. and IMri,aa, ah

that at Alex Trowers o! Buiihog (thanks. Alex) Weedng out the more rudimeniary advee. we amve al the toAowing


The cost ol research « proportional to time So. by funding a research project at the start of the mission, commencing play, wandering around (or staying still) in relative safety lor a lime and Escaping back lo the Statistics screen, although you wil be Idd you have withdrawn horn the mission, research will be complete Stocks ol every weapon and body pan can be built up this way Modify eyes, chest, arms, brae legs and head m that order for body refinements, heavy, assault and rmscetaneous m ihat order tor weapons


Group mode can be devasiaung it under attack, hence the Scatter option Once you ve got the hang at it. you may like to try a more complex method the Skirmish


Ah, htf. aw. Ilk. h - ilitl luhp a a..a la Aa mill

Line’ Lme you' agents up sale by side (to cover Ihe width ol the screen) and move lorwards. concentrating your luepower on one spot it an enemy is engaged The I."-  should also be sufficiently wide to negate practically all enemy cover It \-.-T also attack horn multiple directions

No! enough lor you1 Then try a Drag' lormahon one well-armoured or shielded agent leads two others ad as Hankers. Ihe third blocks behind and to in* side whilst the lourth supports with a M rv. Long Range Laser or Gauss gun The leader shows Ihe locations ol any enem-e* - it the Hankers cannot deal wrth them open up with the support agents

New Agents

II an agent needs to be replaced, you can safely Persuade an enemy by placing a= agents up against a building with a solid wail lacmg Out ol ihe screen, upping the Adrenalin ol the Peisuadedron agent ary ambushing horn a blind comet



Last month we may wed have pnnied mote Dune 2 lips than you can shake a spce-rack at. but III wager my bottom dollar that old Marky-boy didn't mention that whilst under attack by an Orrsthopter on the later levels, by adiustmg the game speed to slow you can effectively cheal by making it easier lor your turrets lo destroy them No! tor the first lime, the skill at a man who plays computer games lor a hobby (Mark Sezry ol Dublin) is proven to outweigh that ot a man who plays them tor a living (Oi, Rich' Cut that out1 Cam ’ex-Mark' Winstanley)

-Ms, Wld b Mm, «rw, lea daUAad Knew. Mae Aea MkeMhwdTM










0 z



1 O a





The fleer bailee sweet was teeili, flrelfh! el Mmss. . Mere wes eawbere la hid*.

through walla and doora (In Ihe game. Ihat la.) Well, nor did we - nol until It waa brought to light by Danny Allen of Witney and Pjotr van Dun ot Tilburg, Holland.

Here a how. Step up to where you want to walk through and tum around. Hold down Fire and lap the direction you are teeing (ee It you were going to run), but quickly pull the loyetick back and remove your finger from the Fire button. With any luck you ehould magically taka a itep right through the wall or door In question. Very handy.



it s only a select handlui ot games dial make a massive impression on us here ai AMIGA POWER Syndicate, however was one ol the chosen tew We covered general mission tactics last month but

some ot you out there obviously decided that this wasn't enough Space is shod, so what we a do is combine tho thoughts of Sleven McMahon ol Sunderland. Lee Gnftiths ol Warbiington, Lee Randall ol Uxbndge and Ben Twitehen ol Essex with

GUNSHIP 2000 + ROBOCOD 1 200 -f- NICKY 2


nt u hanues art you it jet rescued


When given a Search-and-Destroy mission, consign

Rebellion is likely lo occur m eaitier missions il lanes are iBised Youil have lo repeal me mission, but il ts a chance lo gam new agents The enemy will have manor weaponry, so rl you have Chest prelection and moditications you can walk straight up to them


To deal with any guard in the open wait wet out ol range, and use the Long Range

Ritte For guards in the open but not tar enough away rl posstfe. use a car It not. split the squad and atiack from opposing directions, and when the agents are m close, switch to Group mode and move in, shooting as you go For guards behind dosed doors use tsgh Intelligence and Perception bul low Adrenalin, and select Shotguns Attacking from both sides, gel right and burst m 11 the guards are loo tar back then you ■ need a afferent weapon

kw la kma a liod Mac.




Here are the codes for this unashamedly Gallic platformer, tent in (with minimal

NchotasTaedt o«





They enhanced the backgrounds, they upgraded the colours, they Improved the sound, they Increased the number ol levels and, er, they changed the cheat loo. Tbla time you have to type O S. FRIENDLY on the title screen - pressing M In the game then calls up a menu, from which you ust type a number (1-55) tor Ihal level.


• • • •

Skip a level (or SI) and make I he nail ol yaar Janai Oaad-IHe.

' J J * J A j. 1 > J

Hey! Hey' Hey1 Action Replay pokes1 Much. it entirely tor space-filling reasons, as we like receiving these things, it might be worth pointing Out ihal we've absolutely no idea of how much use they are How many people own an Action Replay cartridge'’ And d you wanted a cheat lor a game you can gel no further on. surety with minimal knowledge you could work it out yoursetl rather than wait around lor someone else to1’ Still, every moo hi we are invanabiy leh with a-iist-ot-Adion-Repiay-pokes-sized gap to til each month, so we ll keep on printing the things until someone persuades us 10 do otherwise )




Arabian Nights









Chuck Roc* 2






Gunshf) 2000


Inside wing


Outside wing


Wing tips


Inside wing (when Captar)


Outside wmg (when Captain)


Wing tips (when Captain)

Lethal Weapon








Thanks to Damian McAvoy ol Wallsend lor those


Commandeer a car by shooting at if. and drive over as many enemies as possible unU ihe car explodes Use eneigy shields when there ts more than one squad ol enemy agents Head towards one group and the other should mow them down lor you To pick oft lone enemies, place one man at the lop of a flight of stairs, three lacing dtlereni cH&clions at the edge and the rest on the rool You wtii have a clear shot ol the enemy but his shot is greatty impaired Entice enemies around comers, then toast them with your Flamethrower Wailing behind doors with a Flamethrower bar-b-quemg agents as they open the doo' :s even more makoous Stash your weapons when moving around a city that has an active police force - this may require you to lower your agents' intelligence to slop them getting their guns out whenever they are startled

Global domination

To complete the world lour, head horn ihe UK lo Russia am cross over to the lop halt of North America Go down from Russia lo Australia, proceed Irom the lop of Africa downwards and tinaly work your way soulh through America, saving the Atlantic Accelerator lor Iasi

And here's a fresh angle you can also try lor the Atlantic Accelerator mission Arm one cyborg with a V3 chest, legs, arms end head, three Energy Shields three Mediluis and two Mru guns and send tvm <n alone By alternating between energy shews you will be efleclively aivinaWe between then recharges Wait until he's suiroirWed by enemies, sell-deslruet but immediately use a Medikit You >1 be unharmed, while the enemy are reduced to ashes Repeat as necessary, bul try to pick oil lone targets, resting your vitality in-between


Tips don't write them selves, you know. We’d certainly prefer not 10 rety on H lor next Issue's Complete Control. So unless you are prepared to find yourself staring at two completely blank blue pages next month, keep on sending in all your tips, cheats, level codes, pokes, mint-guides and anything and everything really to: Complete Control, AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW.























hi I »■ I «■ I no ,

2 Combining the beans and the statue will result m super bears and eating them will give Dmo special st'ervsh which shows up as an icon Take the Mona Lisa and the thermometer that are hanging on the wait, then open the first box on the right and break the contents with your special list Take out the lighter that's inside and hi: it with the alcohol Iron the thermometer Next set lire to the Mona Lisa and hoW the burning piece ol priceless art history close to the lire detectors in the ceiling

3 Your next task is to move the statues aiound. but when you arrange them with the smallest el Ihe left and the latest at Ihe nght. Dmo knocks them over and gets tired Downer

4 After your chat outside the museum.

speak to the taxi driver then go to the Hot Sushi bar Head leh trom here until you go past the Impenal residence then go into the park

Head down until you teach the fountain Handily, there's a coat in there, so grab it

Go back to the newsstand and buy a ticket for Kmza Go fo Honest Chan's and exchange Ihe lighter for an Allen wrench, and then catch the tram

7 Once out ol the subway, go m;o the tower that's opposite and open the door. The handto comes oft m your hanc but if you've got the Alien wtench like t ton you to. then you can use that instead





gamesters it's Cam here, welcoming you to the world s only AngloltaiiarvOnental graphic adventure As owners ol the game will know, completing the whole thing involves manipulating three chataclers People not owning the game don't actually need to know this, and it you don't have Nippon Safes and are still readng may I suggest that you go and read a book or something Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegui is en excellent novel, and I recommend it without reservation

Okay, so m no particular order, here are tips to get two of the characters started First up. theie s Dmo Fagma the sirong-but-stupid type who gets mto all sods of moronic scrapes Atter him is the first tut ol Doug Nuts' solution, and coming up right now are the codes needed to gel these two characters

ISoon atter the start. Dmo gets locked in the strong room, and to gel him out you need to open the ihe second and fourth boxes from Ihe led

1 4 *



I V 1 L • 1


HC 1


8 Go up Ihe stairs and hav« a bit ol a chm-wag with the guy who s : rrtempialmg bursting his fragile imarts jw. the pavement at the end ol a very long drop Take the hat that's lying on the found and examine the parcel twee, as you may miss something the first time Head back down the lower and talk to the Femme Fatale and then wander into the usno arena and talk lo the light organiser

9 After this, go back lo the subway and use Ihe hat lo beg lor money m Iron the newsstand which ll give you the dosh to buy a ticket la Subu Head back to h outside ol the museum and lake six betels from the distributor, and then go lo the restaurant behind the park, where you l be able to hand over a leatiet to get b tree lasting

1 A When you eat some beans, you )

I V get the special strength again and :e brawny enough to open the door at Ihe t»no wrestler's place

Wander into here until you meet V two punks, and hand them the red leaflet, which myslenously prompts them to drop a magazine Take this to the news vendor and he'll give you some money lor *. wt»ch is odd. because normally that kind of transaction happens the other way round Anyway, this gives you enough money lo buy a subway ticket lor Subu ■ (VStibu s got a Pachmko hall, which

Have you worked out what's gomg on yet’ Me nerther. but I dare say that things will gel dearer in the next thniing instalment whichll be next month Probably •

I / -> a kind ol bizarre Japanese skat machine game involving thousands ol liny ball bearmgs Handily, ball bearings are made ol steel so it you use your magnet on the machine, you'll be up to yOur eyeballs in Van before you can utter the names ol Ihe lop live international motorbike manufacturers I AF l the pot up with the cascading I O torrents ol Pachmko balls, then take all the balls and exchange them tor cigars from the machine

You Must Be Nuts!

1 Okay, onto Doug's story men I I Once you're out ol pnson turn left and go and rummage m the second bm onete you'll find a ring pull Go lo the right ol the pnson and vandalise the phone with re r ng pull to call yoursell a taxi  A Talk to the taxi driver before and I m after you've looked ai ihe pendant

■    A Once he's decked you, go into the I V Hof Sushi bar and show the letter

» Dr Ki Talk lo him then Max and Kos. and otter them a beer to tmd oul where the Sumo arena is

■    A Enter the alleyway, go into

I Doug's house using ihe key and men open the chest Take out the monkey wrench open the pantry and use the wrench to get tie magnet out at the radio Turn    a

on the telly with the remote control. fien read Ihe letter m the mail box on your way out Go back to the museum and talk lo the taxi driver r men wander oil and relum again Strange I know, but this time the pamphlet distnbutor will be ihere and you n be able to gel s<x leaflets oB hen (Jse the wrench on the RG parking metei to gel some cash 1 C 8uy a ticket for Kmza and I ap go there on the subway I /' YouT bump mto Dmo Fagioli there. — so speak to him. and then go back into the ixbwiy Here you should read ihe sign cZich wilt tell you about the Pachmko hall Swap your wrench lor a large pot ai Honest Chan's and then head left until you reach the park

Hill, m mi Mk! Mail < cairn M ki!

"HIROSHIMA BEANS WITH MUSHROOMS" scants rc■ TasiiikC ncc or chamc


I Ireet irr, ms! Uii'm cai 1 IHN« 1* i»li aecvi!


J \



Where Am I

In The Village!

Ill be agamst al of your better instincts but the Itrst thing that you r« going to see after setting out e s woman being fmiftier.-di by three ItH y: At ■' >- ;tage completely Ostegard the parable oi The Good Samanian and on no account should you try to sort them out They're loo big and hard As they say <+ good things come to those who wart

2 instead, go :o nt vefcst fai"'. wise i T -in and

;s* you; ,-**£> a; tt iimos ('orr, thi:

Act con Tbs help minimise wasted time and at that unpicaari ‘Shtisiy world    —I'A-dron

Anyway, it won t be tong ur J you reach the . lage Once there, go to the rrr l at its centm Turn the crankshaft you can onty do thus d you lace Iho wee straight on A character looking sssp iousiy like ancient French soothsayer Nostradamus wm a&f ~r iron the nr*e Ho Kudsac Enrol him lake all Ol IhS ron-cy and the' -• mm Do not. repeal do nol lei

tem yon your merry band He ;sas deeply dodgy as Ken dodgy' Dodd trying to srotd a ta* inspector In a dodgem car (Atteoeor Ed)

3J Done mat Good. I ■ time to pay a v»t to me

vi'-age <■ two tavem. = Again, i you tmi yoursni walking around -■    refer io

the map

Enrol an archer, a warrior, a scholar and a magoan It posset-:, enrol Ei«c.df the scholar and Zetorari the mag*: .an An archer is indispensable as you'll be

»>awvj cut liter bn

5M it's aiv. wee worth vtsrting ihe m W ••• ,-igu s two shops; the

armoury and the tood Store Top up with a

Sword, armour as many arrows as you can cany and energy lep ras.’- i q t<xxj

Trouble With The Law

7 EL Now ta inject a ktle t eat cm m OI :t c aoventuie Go down u Ihe hattoc.m the ;-ou n west porlton oi the msp Youi twit * 00 Stock**! by one o! the vjtage chier., guards He s p-oMfcy



.:ik you lor some sparo change Belt him once and once only lor hs cheek You SShuld soon gel arrested lor dong Site K", what did you expect-’ You can't just go round hitting people all the lime you te You're not ai school any more

9 The 'Net as with all these PPG-type fuMd Ser-chcs. --s a sullen lettouw >.nose only interest n life appears to be :•* lac !Kal Ns daughter s necklace is ri;.v,~g This a yXjf chance lor a bl ot

proper adveniunng action Say cheeno and prepare to leave the visage V ■ ■ Remember (hose big I Ip™ I I hard men whom you had to back off Irom at the Start ol the adventure-’ Now's your chance to go back and luck some serious posterior with you' swords and arrows Go down to the stone cirdes Belore you reach them, though, it's worth saving the game up to this point - just m case anything untoward happens, you understand As this is your lirsl toray mto a melee, it rs also worth experimenting with the chessboard lormations ol your group In general, keep the weakling scholars and mag&aiis to the rear Oh. and Imally. it's worth noting what the girl has to say as she dies a™ don t target to pick up the pendant wNch you ii '-nd lying there on the ground

You'll be tired atier the big battu . so eat whatever food you ve collected Return to the niage

and buy things like shields helmets and mora lood Even bigger tights are in store No. not m the shop, m the future. You dot

Fruits Of The Forest

■ The next part isn't stncU-,

I relevant to this part ol the adventure, but me objects you coted wi< come xi handy later on Check your map and head east straight through the lorest to the other side II you can. try and travel along the relatively etc.ir area ol the woodland You may have to tight some Ores, but these guys are easy and should present no problem Go as tar east as you car and then turn north You wdl find some black-and-white mushrooms Pick these up and hold onto them Further north trom the mushrooms' location is a bunch ol dandelions Pick them 14) loo V A ■ M' Now tor another ol I P™ I ™P ir.3S< rollicking hst-fights that make role-playing adventures such tun Go back into the lorest and

head lor the deanng which is eas y located on the map Hare, you wfi come across an amendexlrous giant ol an Ore This guy is your toughest opponent yet Therefore, without wanting to sound too •epetiirve make sure you save your progress belore reaching the deanng This Ore can absorb an immense amount ot damage. so take care, and don 1 go wading in straight away with an weapons ftaikng - back ot! anp keep hitlmg him with arrows wvW you tigure it's sate enough (tx a bd ot hand-to-hand

IE You'll nolee that the Ore was 9 weanng a necklace Gobsmackmgly, this is the necklace that the village chief has lost Take it back to Nm You have now won his favour He targets about the ine wnt wm h 5 guard earlier on and a flows you access to hts boat You are now leady lor the next stage 0! the adventure Belore heading tor the harbour, spend the nigh! a tavern -

I C3' g-hk

skreo and you Ube

more than

m.v.'y (or

the- next day

ad •


He may look like he’s just stuck his head in a photocopier, but take it from us, Rich Pelley knows his games - and knows them well. His job depends on it.

Amiga games can be a bitch at times, but it you're in dire straits then I'm afraid you may well have come to the wrong place. There's no way I am going to hand over advice to anyone who has played a part in inflicting such a crap selection of records on the

general public. Everyone else is welcome to write in, of course -in fact, for the thousands of Amiga gamers worldwide who seek or offer advice, sticking a covering note in an envelope and whisking it off to The Last Resort is the usual status quo.


These readers appear to have dropped their car keys of computer-gaming confidence down the deep storm-drain of despair. Can you possibly call the AA

QTm stuck in CRUISE FOR A CORPSE 1 When I speak lo the statue o( the mermaid m the rear hal. all I gel is a strange code - whai does this mean, and how do I gel past it7 And 2 Where is the tool box7'

Robert Cetll, London

Q -Hello. Tm Stuck on ISHAR 2 Hopelessly and completely And only you can help me Please On Akeer's Island. I've drained ihe sewers and leasied my eyas upon a big room with a comdor tearing Irom it When I try to head down it. a spint rises out ol the floor and kills me Weapons or spells seem lo do A no harm, so how do I kil it7*

Matt Graham, Taunton

Q*1n BAT 2 I can make an

appointment with the bank manager and I can find the dead body, but that's about it A pointer in the right direction would be nee."

Robert Penn, High Wycombe

Q'l am trapped on Level Four of ihe Research Complex on Baidol * in

SHADOWORLDS My progress is hampered when I arrive lo either ol the three planet surfaces, because all my lime is spent trying lo avoid a constant barrage of laser shots '

Gareth Bright. Oldham

Q After following the KGB solution in issue 25.1 gel back to Voukxi but the game keeps ending because I let the American leave However, according to your solution, this was the correct thing to do Are you sure7"

Andrew Whittle, Ltttlehampton

Q “While playing DEUTEROS I have no Silver or platinum so I am unable to build any essential equipment such as R-Frames or Aslernd Mcvng Attachments I've tried trading with the Mechanoids but they refuse, and when I build an Orbital Factory around a planet with the respective elements on. such as the moon, there is no R.frame present ' Andrew Clarke. Manchester

Q*1've tned using the ty in AMIGA POWER 1B concerning Level Two

ol the Treiadwyl Dungeon of LEGENO to ga«i access lo the south n the room with the damage door, but I still can't get a path to the door'


QTm also a bit stuck loo in the same game (LEGENO) My problem l*$  in a room on Level Eight ol Fagranc The door to the right seems to be completely immovable, beyond the door to the left a a plar which reads Venture forwards with your rune end a Paralyse rone on a biown stab, and si front ol me floor pressure pad there are 16 mage aretes and a chest It anyone a still with me. then maybe they could help me out * Laurence Browne. Luton

Tn HEIMDALL although I've apparently collected everything on World Two. there a still one door, which 1 think leads to the Orchard of Iduna. that I can't unlock. How the heck do I open it7* Steve Jarvis. Rugby

QTm atraid ifs EYE OF THE

BEHOLDER 2 which a giving me

hassle - agam More specfcaity. my problems are

1    A note informs me that there are only tour horns and they must not tall into the wrong hands, but I have only been able to get my hands the one witch

I lound with the note in the guard barracks o< the guard's chambers in the underground level

2    The note also mentions a seal I suspect that this a the stone cannng of the lout winds which you tmd as you enter the Darkmoon Temple, but again I am not entirely certain about thus

3    To break the seal do I need to blow all lour horns7 And do I need lo do tins si any particular order7

4. In Ihe underground level I have come to a door that requites a Skull key but I have no idea where it is

5 And (many i have arrived at a door with a mouth in the dene s chambers This door says that none may pass without the mark of Darkmoon Where a A. and how do I open the door with it7’ Kenneth Shackleton. Cheshire

Q*1n the first base ol CAPTIVE, when I throw me dynamiie into Ihe generators and run out there is a wall blocking my escape so I always gel caught m (he explosion Is there another way out7 Also how do I use Ihe camera, laser and some packs7 Do I require mart experience points *

Rich 0 Meara. Ireland


“On Pari Two I have located the first VI piece o< the map. but when I try to procure the second trom the bottom ol the cMi with the luting rod. a seagull always beats me to it What am I doing wrong ' Mark Knopfler. So Far Away

A (You're tired -Ed)


Q'How do you get the Pirate's

uniform I've tried proofing it from Mrs Sweedles washing line with the pole ‘ Sirtsh Parekh, Preston

At trust you already own the hat

Knock on Mrs Smeedtes wash-room door but - and this is the tnck - swing back on the rope before she opens it Go back an the way romd to round about ■here the game started (I can t quia remember where - sorry) and you should be able to snatch the iacket with the pole It you were already doing this, you just need to do it taster'

Q'l have no money to purchase a magnet to get Dr Chop's dock ' Kerem Cetindamar. Leicester

A Try to pick up the pots next to the portcullis on Hook's ship and you will find some gold This should secure you the magnet trom the Pirate tailors that you have been dreaming of


Q"On Section Two I am urabte to reach the second plattorm trom the krst I must be do*ig something quite heftky wrong, but what "

Marlin Lowrie, Co Durham

AThi S Vissia ot ApekJoorn, Holland (should he ever get to read this) was having simitar problems The majority of Flashback players will be sniggenng behnd their anoraks over this one. because your problem « merely tack ot comprehension of the controls By smultaneousty pressing then releasing a direction and Fire. Conrad will run and automatically catch hold of a higher ftoor. ■tdudng floors which are slightly too high to grab with a running ump Why the «istruction manual was not consulted on fts. I think we d better not ask


Q t am mtunatmgty stuck on Epoch Seven Can you give me the codes to Epochs Eight and Nine "

Richard Newman. Berkshire

AT it do better than that - m ofter two codes lor each MMYAFZE2XFD and SOYAECRZXFE tor Epoch Eight, and (OUBTYOSPAD and ORUBOVESPAE lor Epoch Nine


Q'How do I do Level Five Do the secret screens have anything to do with it How do I gam my legs And does < lead to Level Six or must I take a deferent route "

Glen Turner, Sunderland


These readers have been, as Mr Kipling would have it, exceedingly' helpful in sorting out the more unfortunate among you. We'd send them a cake each only they'd go stale in the post.


QBack in May. James Wylie of Somewhereorolher was worried that shortly after me start ol me season, he players' ratings dropped oft alarmingly Jonathan Davies offered he advice but. even though our expectations weren't high, this proved about as useful as a dosed bmocutar-hire shop on the edge ol a nocks! beach

A To constantly raise player values.

tram the team as a whole as follows (ceasing training on days you have a game):

Sunday - indoor game and circuit training

Monday    - circuit I raxing and outdoor


Tuesday - rest Weds - rest

Thursday - outdoor game and skills Friday - skills and set pieces Saturday - rest

Keep to ttvs pattern all year round, atrangmg a Inendiy at home once a month on Tuesday or Saturdays when the season ends."

Paul Robson. Preston


QHow could Michael Alkson of

Yorkshire get to the crux of Beach Level Seven two issues ago

A "Having made the second

Lemming into a Runner, wait until me lust Lammmg reaches Ihe slit below and make him a Platformer to block it Now the majority ot the Lems are safe, concentrate on the Runner Swim him across the lake, bash him through the palm tree, at the peak ol me harxfe appoint him a Jumper and do so again the mstant he has rebounded trom the metal block Jump the purple clam, make hen a Miner at the lirst red-stnped hut. a

Basher when he teaches the level o( the sand, a Platformer across the gap. and a Basher through the green bucket to release the others Appoint the lirst Lem to reach the can a Basher and watch them trundle home'

Mark Brooks. London


QCan you deleat Kossak with eeher Junior or Lo-ray to arcade mode’

A Aien of Bristol couldn't - Ihe gut

A "Hold down lire to throw a fireball at him. then jump-kick txm. Immediatety preceding this, bend down, lack turn. ump away and repeal as necessary If he attempts tvs spinning move at you. stay well dear and have a fireball lucked up your sleeve to whip out at the appropriate moment And be sure to temember to leap back after a sweep kick or you'll be fned."

Who forgol to Include Ihelr name, eh


QWhat on earth s the Some Blaster lor " pondered Khalid Shawwa (and his brother] Ol Croydon

A "11 s tusion-powered, emits pulses at preset intervals and frequencies, and boasts a power adjuster But it's not much cop as e weapon Ail it does s play mus*c "

Ray Smith, Bleichley


Back in issue f 9 Adam Brumhead was stuck on the Mermaid boss Unless Leicestershire is a lot ludher away than I always xnagmed. I've no idea why this tepiy has taken so long to reach the AP office

A "World One. Stage Two is your test stop When you are next to the snowballs, head left be lore kiling them

and you II meet a bear Kill turn and coked the resulting lirebals Complete the stage, then on the next leap trom the ice cube on its initial aseeni. go across the branches and kil the snake Take a running jump onto the ledge. Wl the snowball and pocket ihe cotter Stopping Oft to kill the fish and lake the anchor from World Two Part Two. destruction ol (he Mermaid boss should prove no problem with a little help from Ihe fireballs and ihe cotters ’

John Perry (age 9), Leicestershire


Q Phillip Marshall ot New Zeeland was about this [MIMES SMALL GAP BETWEEN FINGERS] dose to completing Mtndscape's masterpiece, but the lake Derrida had him stumped

A ‘Meet, talk to and touch Oemda In the screen to the right, walk diagonally nght and down, then nght and up to exit the Eye screen and rendezvous with the lake Oemda Talk to him. walk to the lop ol the cross, exit fust this screen, and then the following screen to Ihe nght

The appearance and movement ol the glowing man is your cue to hurry left and folow the red arrow path down to the key hole ai the bottom left Touch a when the man ts at Irani ol the radar doh to kiR him Return to the gtowmg man s abode, locate the computer and use the jet-pack to tty away'

Ray Smith. Bietchley

Would you believe It It seems like hours since I started marshalling together fhla month's Last Resort, and already we've reached the end. Please make my life worthwhile by sending your Questions' or Answers' (marked accordingly) to: The Last Resort, AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. Cheers!






A Go to the shop and buy a hidden screen, and lose all ol your stars by headbutting the bombs You'l be sent back to the altar, but you won't lose a Ha. Use the cross to kill Oracuta and a kitten wii appear In answer to your second question, there are no legs to this round, and to answer to the third. 4 is possible (it ill-advisable] lo skip from Level Four


t'/n quoting dfect here - Rich)

"I am having some mager problems with Core design game and I could do with some hepl I have compiled the lirst world, were I lound Thor's Hammer, but I can not fund Frey s Spear to Utgard. I have found the apple and the necklace but I can not locale the iled lo give to the yougest sister I have been trying lo find it for nerty

a mouth now and it slowly drivng me mad could you please please help"

Stephen Palmer, Dorset

A Sounds likes you need rather more help with your English to me. young man (Thanks Rich, you 're at heart - Ed)


Q ‘Recently I became the member ol AMIGA POWER Subscnber family Ai present Hus letter I am wntng you since I am not able to finish Level 81 in lime due So I cannot go further Please let me help with further passwords since with them i can go further with this game' Marko Davila, Benslaviceva, Croatia

AOkeydokey The code for Level 82 is THE SECRETS And to save you

having to wnte in again, you might also kkelo try ON THE ROAD. ITS LOGICAL. TOMORROW or FINAL SURPRISE And it you d like lo take a look at the Construct on Kit, enter THE FINAL CUT (Wei done Rich, that's better - Ed)


Q'My cksgutsa as Seltoa treed the girl.

and I now know that I must lind the dragon But how "

Scott Hetherington. Inverness














A No issue t9. Scott Visit Luthem's mum and take the missing herb to Goewm who wil mix up the potion necessary tor control ol the dragon, have a chat with Grub to front of the Magpie, and head oft tor Weregaie •






tiulMlIoiu plolllaa akoyt Alios ifelpi lima Ml al a sciksr Plmaailoo la aMHaraM ifca tank. Looks kka a caa fee aoa-Mep klastUf la aa.

rie: Blastar l lisher:






In house Price: £25 99 Release: Now

Think ol a kit-car Ferrari replica It's got that nch ruby-red pami jot the badge of a prancing horse on the bonnet, the bucket seats ihe lal tyres and even that cute lirte chrome gale on Ihe gear stick But under hs fantastic exterior lurks an old car. a chassis and engine from some other cheaper, older car It looks Me a Pence 01 The fload. but in reality it's just never gong to live up lo your expectations Which bnngs me neally round la Blasts/ which al first seems lo have all the prerequisites ol a real stunner II comes Iron Core.

, who *•- have

shoot em up thai loiiows ihe typically Ikmsy plot line o< you being Earth s Iasi line ol defence, and you having to blast your way through 12 stages to destroy the threat ol slimy averts padding m the Gulf ol Mexico and polluting Covenl Garden with their septic xenomorptac tittti You ve got the idea, then'’ Fty round, shoof things, pick up power-ups, Ml things, use smart bombs. Ml things, and so on

The high port ol this carnage is undoubtedly Ihe amount ol Ihoughl thal s gone into making it look pretty The scanner r the bottom comer pulses, some ol ihe backgrounds throb and heave like real living tissue, and there are loads ol odd creaiures lhai float, run and slither their way towards you You explode, they explode, everything explodes, but that's what ihe game s all about

And the bad side'1 Well thai s whai ihe rest ol ihe review s aboul For a start, the intro sequence is all very pretty and lovely and everything, but once you've seen it a couple ol times, then that's it really Unfortunately, it comes on disk one. as does the Start Game' part ol Ihe game, and the rest ol it comes on disk two so every time you start a game or gel killed, you ve got to swap a disk Wouldn't it have been a much better idea to put the last levels on Ihe intro disk, and Ihe start-up bit on the same disk as ihe first lew levels'’ I think so


kLtfe ¥«■ cam l«II by thm icjiKf that ifcii b a


■at II Imi look kka «*«nrtklaj alia.

wrap-around playing area, it's very hard lo orientate yoursell The scanner's only short-range and gives you no dues as to where the targets are, so you end up Hying around at random until Ihe scanner shows you're next to something, which means I hat for most of the time, you're looking at the scanner rather than the maxi screen

This leads lo Ihe next problem because you end up getting hit all ihe lime. I thought it might just be me. but everyone else had a go. and found that you gel damaged in what seems to be an enhrety arbitrary manner Now if you gel killed 'cos you're no good, then fair's lair, bul it's another thong to gel hii by stuff that keeps unavoidably smacking into you.

What are Cote thinking oP Something that's keeping their rrvnd oh making proper games.

UPPERS Nice graphics, sound and Introduction sequence. Yeah, great.

® DOWNERS Dull as dishwater, and aboul as much fun as falling In a smelly old canal. In January.

All the prerequisites ol o real stunner"


Insipid shoot-em-up that    w

falls to even live up lo the * I — pretty pictures on the box. U / =


Much as l‘d like to say t, »i that the gsmeplay

really comes alive on the taster machine, I cannot Because H would be a massive lie.


le ae eattmla Mrmt, . Mm computer Mill Mm —


operator that al Is sot

well la Mm loooipkere

r s4 pe.







lala n la tfcl licredlM* world of looifcail Nauftaul, atm ail iaar r«. ooilMIM«< ara jfewwa la aasy-iw-doolpfcor kaaa.


Game: Premier Manager 2 Publisher: Gremlin Authors: In house Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

PROLOGUE: I gazed al Ihe

package on my desk 'Have lun. now1" chirruped Sluan. skipping oul of the room, as every reviewing mstmci told me lo run away as quickly as possible

Right A football management game, then Premier Manager 2 is the sequel lo what's widely regarded as just about the best loolball management game there is Thai lad. and Ten Tucker's unquenchable jOie de vrvre. netled the original Premier Manager an unprecedenled 80% m AP22 Bui what s so good about ip And - more lo the point - what s so good about the sequel1 And is what's good about the sequel betler than what's good about the ongmal1 And furthermore, are there things that are good about the sequel that aren't even in the anginal1

Firsl, the basics You're the manager ol a lowly Conference football dub (having initially been lorn between Oover Athletic. Woking and Merthyr Tydfil. I everfualy plumped lor Bath City - ever the pamot). and by managing it in the correct (astuon you ve got to try to get it promoted to the FA Caring Premiership', or whatever they're insisting on calling it these days Managing involves buying and selling players, choosing team fades, recruiting trainers and physios, looking after the ground, jiggling finances about, and a host ol other responsibilities. And there's football in there too. Each time your team participates n a match you'll be given a blow by blow account of the action - 'Brown moves forward*. ‘Smith*rs shoots'. 'Ferguson deflects' etc - along with animated sequences en one of those illuminated scoreboard things 10 illustrate the really exerting bits It's not quite match highlights in the iraditonal. stek-

N Mil Will

men sense, but it's exatmg enough, and it’ll do And it's rather amusng to

bump the speed up to ukra-last and watch the match pass in a blur

There are a lew things that make Premier Manager 2 special It's accessible for one ttwig Aside from one or two datt dieking-on-obscure-parls-ol-pictures bits, it should be passible lor anyone with a working knowledge of the loolball league system to pick the game up and play i1. M's also nicely presented The inevitable lists of numbers are displayed

attractively almost There's even a lab tune at the start, with samples like “What a lovely bend on that ball1', and "Goai1"

It avoids over complicating things, providing enough lo make an absorbing game without going into tedious detail And it's fast Some loolball management games lock up for whole minutes al a time white they do their sums: with this you're barely aware it's doing any

If you've already    ’

played the onginal. don't expect any surpnses Premier Managers moie of an update than an al-new product, and you'd have lo be alarmingly serious about fa game to wanl to own both Oh. and look out H you r* pari ol a loolball management loving gang ol chums - Ihe original s tour-player opicn has been reduced lo a still-optimistic two-player one.

EPILOGUE "WeH. I suppose lhai wasn t loo painful.* I admitted grudgingly, as I handed the three disks (hard drive installable. mark you) back to Sluan 'But il it's okay by you. I won't be reviewing an, more football management games lor AMIGA POWER ‘ Sluarl smiled knowing-, • JONATHAN DAVIES

\ •


Football games, eh Some folk can’t get enough of them.

® UPPERS Slick, fast.

friendly and nice to look at. The worrying number ot people who ve been craving a sequel to Premier Manager can leel justly, •rm, something or olher.

® DOWNERS No proper match highlights. And. If you've yel to get dawn to the loolball management beat, even this treat Is unlikely to tempt you onto the dancefloor.


One of the Amiga's best football management games just _ ww .. got a whole lot betler!

(Steady on. JO. - Ed) / J :


You rs expecting me A *f 2 0 to say “It's pretty much the same", aren't you Well, you're right.




Don’t make these aliens

Came: Space Hulk Publisher: Electronic Arts Authors: In house Price: £24 99 Release: Out now

type view pom, and you confiol your Hoops moving down corridors in very much ihe same way as the classic RPG You can easily switch between the different members ot your team too.    *4

enat»ng you to create covenng

situations and so on _    ■ The trouble is.

Genesfealers move

vary quickly, much 1 quicker than your \ cumbersome Termirators. and if 1 your only control was ,    l the 'ambling along

PV*V A l corndois’ variety. Ihe *'" •    l whoja team would be

RfcA*    -1 dead withm minutes

Instead you need to go to the Planning Screen, where you can determine ihe paths of all the different Terminators in your group and set them all Olf at once For this you utilise Ihe Freeze Time option. i-gi n, which gives you a limited amount ot time in which lo


you'ie not 'leezmg lime    IH

you leally are working / *■ agamsl the clock, as the    /

blighters olten storm you    /

before you can say    J

"S journey Weaver"

The crux of play / the'' . i s-nri c'siiiste-jy / MjStWItt combat game Get your / troops into Ihe most edective positions

.    agamsl ihe alien threat, sei time

back lo ricrmal and do battle PBM You can leave your troops lo light it oul. but they don’t Iasi

M ■    ,. re isla ' y k pp iq

back lo the mam view screen

to fight This makes Ihe action very sian-siop. as you constantly Hit between real time, frozen lime, planning stages and mam views As such it works very well The atmosphere is highly-charged tension, very like that scene in Alien where they re


Some things demand lo be ripped olf Not npped oil like Robert Maxwell s pensioners. I mean copied artistically For example. James Brown must have known thal he couldn't gel away with    _

poop e thinking. ‘I'd l

love lo sound like    i ' f» • **    »

lhal' One of ihe most 1**    '

emu'jfed ideas o!    L -

recent limes has lo be    i

Aliens Everything from I E.

TV ads lo, er. computer

games have taken a *’ .

page out of that book

(But its a him - Ed) and created lhe>r very

own Aliens scenario.

Space Hu* has got Aliens' written all over it The base plot involves a group ot Space Marines (like Ripley and co) lighting a host ot alien creatures known as Genesteaters (God knows whal they da with all those Levis), who inhabit derelict spacecraft The Geneslealers look so Similar to Giger's exo-skeletal nightmares, you'd be forgiven for thinking the whole idea had been npped ott wholesale Because you'd be absolutely nghl

Space Hu* isn't the lust game to put the Aliens idea onto the Amiga Ignonng the obvious Aten 3 (when it evenluaty

comes oul). Aten Breed springs     _

1C mind, and indeed Space Hu* is very much a mixture between Team 17 s overhead view shoof-'em-up and Dungeon Atasle-r with a tew of its own ideas thrown in too You control

teams ot special Space Mannes known as Termmalors (another lamiliar phrase) engaged m ihe endless task ot defeating the Genestealeis The mam view screen offers the Dungeon Master

f    hunting the

4*    creature through

7r    Ihe ship The music

® and sound enhance this superbly, and you're soon caught m the spell What lets it down is the lack ot variety You never see any other aliens apart from the Geneslealers. which puts it behind even the archaic (but still great) Dungeon Master tor diversity There aie Other asskjnmenls. like retrieving objects trom the hulks, but you're sMi subjected to tots ot very similar looking mlenors, and the odd Hash of Genestealeis either tearing you lo pieces (it happens a lot) or going up m names Space Hulk is a game la get senousfy involved in. but you shouldn't expect many too surprises


® UPPERS Superb sense ot atmosphere, excellent ■Irategy element*, great sound. It s very large too. with over forty misaiona lo accompllih.

® DOWNERS Too much ot the tame, with not even any varlabla alien life forma to tace (well not at far aa I've been, anyway). Also, dltk swapping; the three disk* enjoy a good deal ot drive hopping during a session.


Space Hulk tskes a lot ot elements from other sources, but still retsins Its own identity. Once you're Into A you're hooked, but you may find yourself losing Interest just as quickly.



Works absolutely tint on the 1200 with no hassle, and acrolllng around the map Is Improved loo.

ted ISM k We Mktr view at *« *<• Ail Itt set ta tie- ten balers yea dlv

traumas. In just about every rttpeci (apart Irom lha music') Diggers dots everything a good game should do and doe* It (oily well. So why didn't I \ enjoy It What's wrong with It

_    As tar as I can make out,

there's nothing actually wrong with it, except that •r    It's not, actually, tun to

J play. I spoke to a number pv -—. at ‘actual experts' on the / subject and we agreed that there was something about the whoia experience that wasn't quite right. Something about the way you rapidly lose track ol at least two ol your party and tind that Ihey've been vapourised while you weren't looking annoyed us a little. Then there was the way you could play merrily tor an hour and a halt with your remaining three diggers, amassing wealth, buying mining equipment, and generally having an absorbing lime ol It, only lo llnd that, without any prior warning, the computer's diggers have won. No warning, no clues, no by your leave' -you've lost, mala, off you go. We didn't think that was tun.

And that brings us to the Inevitable last two paragraphs where I search valiantly lor a final mark and some way ot justifying H lo you, The Reader. Let s examine the evidence. Thera's a game here with almost avarythlng we look lor In a Good Game. It's avan bean Improved over lha CD32 version, with some of the more annoying quirks \ that we complained \ about Ironed out

although you lose lour ot the 32 worlds. The ly,    sound's vile, but you

can't have everything.

But there was

/ something not quite right about the whole thing. I

didn't really leal as If I'd had a

good time playing It and I don't think I'd play It again.

But It seemed like It should have been such a good game. Damn, that's three closing paragraphs and I said t was only going la do two.


Subterranean Homesick The CD32 classic hits the A1200

Qame: Diggers A1200 Publisher: Millennium Author: Toby Simpson Price: £34.99 Reloaso: Out now

Diggers... blah blah.. CD32... blah.. bundle blah bleh - you probably know (ha alory by now. You control a party of email digging chape who, er. dig. They dig In search ot mineral wealth and, should their digging exploits prova successful, they mike huge profits and you win. You hava Indapandant control over each ol a party of five of the little chaps and you can tell them to walk or to dig In any direction. They carry on doing whatever you tell them lo do until, (a) they hit an obstacle, (b) they get bored, or (c) something alee happens.

Diggers from others racas try to bait up your diggers should they happen upon them. And that's it Pretty much.

Apert Irom the music' Have you aver played around with a tapa recorder You know thai weird wowing nolee you get when you wind It by hand It sound* quit* amusing, doesn't It At first. But the appeal dwlndla* attar about, say. a couple ot minutes. Attar three hours you leal like Harry Palmer In The Ipcraas File end

you're ready to do anything    -----


A bit negative to fir, len't If And that's what's been giving me i -t*U Q

For many a long month now I've been dreading eomethlng Ilka this happening. Vou know how you somatlmes see a gama and you think "This Is a really worthy gams but, lo be absolutely honest, I don't really like It" Vou can see that It's quite a clever idea and It's been very well put together and all that but somehow It uet doesn't grab you. It happen i to me a lot. A lot of things happen lo me a lot,    •

though, eo I suppose I'm just unlucky like that. I just hoped they wouldn 1 happen to ms whan I was trying la raviaw a gama.

UPPERS It's f<: an extremely well-crafted game that looks and plays axtramaly, or, well


Somewhere there's a rest home tor game reviewers who have been sent dribbling mad bonkars by having to tind a way of being fair to a game that they think la terribly worthy and haa everything a good game should have, but which. In the end, didn't really grab them, or anyone they know. I'm oft there now.




Basically what these pages seem to be suggesting is that, if you wait long enough, you can pick up pretty much any game you want for around a tenner. Eventually. And we are the grocers who mark on their ‘sell-by’ dates.


Publisher: Hit Squad Authors: Domark Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

The box quotes lo Hard Dnwi' 2 reckon, that it's a "first rate" and "wonderful skilful game* which makes you think that the

game's going to make your pants explode or. at the very least, give you an extremely heavy nosebleed Unfortunately, playing <1 reveals that both these quotes are somewhat oh the mark Rather than being a proper sequel the game's a debugged version at the ongnal (we re informed that the cars no longer appear through the hills) and has a track edtor boiled onto if. so you can create and save your own liendsh routes

It's a pretty straight conversion of fhe arcade game, with the track splitting into a speed course and a stunt track, and you racing round against the dock trying lo reach checkpoints The stunt track (salutes a budge that uses and lowers and a kxtp-ihe-loop. whereas the speed course requires you to simply slay on the track and avoid the onocmmg tratfic

and attractive wooden red farm-houses along the route

While it does look a lot like the arcade version, it's so slow on a regular machine that it's unplayable, and although it speeds along at a cracking pace on the A120C. the handling is so sensitive that I ended up swingng wildly Irom one sate of the road lo Ihe other every time I Ined to steer The mam difference between this and the arcade version is lhal it's not really any fun to play Shame that • CAM WIHSTAHLEY


On the At200 If* almost the tame a* Ihe arcade version, but without the gsarstlck and pneumalfc feedback fleering wheel. If a ill a bit lacklustre really. It you're a big Ian you're going to like the court* designer, but It you really want a great 30 racing game with crashes, you'd be completely daft not to buy the excellent Slunf Car Racar Instead ol this.


Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

'Haven't we already reviewed this on budget ' I whmed as ihcs was dropped onto my desk Tm sure the late, great Tim Tucker did this a tew issues before txs unfortunate death and subsequent black mage resurrection " Entenng the hermetically-sealed, bomb-prool AP back issues vault, it turned out that I was ri tad wrong (so no change there) and Ihe game I'd been thinking about was legend, which featured m issue 26

It was an easy mistake to make, since both games involve running round dungeons looking for axe-lodder. both games have lour lanlasy characters lo control and both use a point-and-dick movement system on an isomefnc 3D playing area However, whereas legend* Ihe prequel to the popular Worlds O legend. Shadowfands is the lorelather ol Ihe excellent Shade worlds, which covers



Publisher: Kixx XL Price: £12.99 Release: Out now

Let a lace it technology really took th* tun out ol aerial combat. Okay. In Ihe real world. If a lar better lo have a plana that can do Mach 2 60 feel off the ground, drop a 10001b bomb, evada heal-seeklngmiatilet and then lake out two ett with Sldewlndari from 20 miles away, but on a computer screen, how does this look I'll lell you: The ground blurt paal you. a head-up display marks the target, a panel warns

you ol lha missile and you press the lire button when you tee two dots surrounded by diamonds. It may all be terribly accurate, but It ain't much lun.

I don't supposed they realised It It th* time, but when MicroPros* cams up with Knights Ot The Sky. they were distilling all the fun bit* of flight alma Into a tingle, thrill-packed product.

Maybe they were just doing what they usually do (la strive lor realism) but In doing to they came up with my lave aim ot all lime.

The main reason if* to good It that ihe planet are to crap. WWi started only It year* after fhe Wright btothert managed lo get the tint aeroplane off the ground, so the state-of-the-art technology In planet consisted ol lots ol wood, string and canvas. This was of course a vary Bad Thing for pilots, who had ridiculously short llle expectancies at a result, but If a absolutely great tor game players II you lum too quickly, the planet side-tlip. If you climb too sharply, ihe plane alalia, to you actually need some skill to lly Ihe hunk ol Junk.

Armed only with machine gunt. you have lo gel up close to your enemy, which meant that you can appreciate the wonderful detail thaft gone Into air and ground targets, and rather than teeing anything lor a

Heeling second (at In Jet alma) you can marvel at each enemy. And then kill them. Flying low over towns, you can see churches, buildings and road tratfic. and you're going ao alow lhal you've got time lo lake it all In.

The planet are to alow that you're always near your enemy, dogfighting require* reel skill (whereas firing missiles doesn't) and there's always the chance lhat your pathetically underpowered plane t Just going to drop out ol the sky. At well as all Ihla, you can walch th* action Irom ill Ihe usual outside views, work your way through tome campaigns, and even link up two Amiga* and blast away at your Iriends. II you've got this and Gunahlp 2000. then I reckon you ve goi all the ttlght elms you need. Buy It - It's cheap and everything.



H may not be Ihe lasteal. smoothest or matt technically Impressive Amiga High! aim. but In my opinion If a the beat. The gameplay a perfect, keeping your plane In the air 1a a struggle In itself, and the slowness of the plane Juat tala you appraclata the scenery more. Dogtlghtlng at Itt flnett.




fanl Tea cial nil Ilia oki lioa lk« prliili lhaia dan- Now, whco I an a lad.

pretty much the same ground, only the setting's in a space station

It's a <a>rly standard dungeon romp, but win a realty natty control system that involves clacking on different limbs tor afferent tasks, so you tick on the head and then an object to look at something, m arm and then a haddie to light him, and so on You wander round kiling people, poking up dues and generally being a stereotypical fantasy character until, well, trot you get to the end. I suppose

The gimmick lhat occasionally adds 10 the gameplay is the realistic lighting effects, which create pools ot light around each light source Some puzzles require you 10 light certain areas, and toads ot handy objects aren'1 visible until you light the room It's all very clever and moody, and works surpnsmgly wed. even though it’s a tad btocky There's nothing particularly original ft al ol this, but at the same time there s very little you can tind to complain about e<ther Top lantasy tun al round, it you ask me • CAM WINSTANLBY


It's moody, atmospheric and claustrophobic - despile Its clunky graphics, blocky lighting and dodgy scrolling rather than because ot them - and looks a tad dated compared to the similar but much better sequel Shadoworlda.

However, It’s still a great adventure with one of the friendliest player Interlaces I've ever teen on an RPG.


Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

'An awesome racing experience ' proclaims the quote on the Iron! ol the

box A quick Ikck through the nowlegendary AP dictionary reveals one ol the definitions ol awesome' to be dreadtui'. which is altogether a tar more appropnale usage ot the English language lor this descent from fhe present

Appatently this grand-daddy ot FormiAa One racing offers a world ot high-tech, high-speed incomparably glamorous excitement Actually, it's about as exciting as Nigel Mansell explaining hts golfing handicap while speaking into the wtong camera Oh well

Grand Pnx Cvcwl harks back lo Ihe days when all you needed lo sei an Amiga game was lo have more colours, better sound and a taster screen update than the Commodore 64 Unfortunately, though. GPCcan't even manage these minimal requirements. This wouldn't be too much of a handicap if the car tell like a car should, but again, expectations are cruelly dashed

Rather than righting itself, the car slews around the road until the joystick driver corrects the lurch, effectively nanmg any chance you thought you had ol driving in a straight line It you drove m this manner in real life. Formula One cat or not. it wouldn't be long until you encountered a uniformed gentleman driving a nice white vehicle with a pretty blue light on lop requesting you lo blow into a little plastic bag.

GPC showed its age in 1988 before it was even released Yes it is a grand-daddy ol the genre, but this grand-daddy should have been locked up in a secure rest-home a long lime ago Top Tip save ihe tenner GPC would Ueece you ol and put it toward Formula One Grand Pnx trom Mooptose It s worth it.

• st£ ve McGill


Grand Prix Circuit suffer* from negligible sound, limited screen colours, poor frame update and dreadtui handling. Apart tram lhat.

It's pretty terrible.

j y jj



Stanleyl Set Larry tow Newt New [     £J auay Sea tfe I km to teS yee

_ J

Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

Space Invaders, eh Where would we all be withoul Space Invaders Space Invaders. Space Invaders. Space Invaders. Bui that's enough nostalgia. The best thing about Space Invaders is lhat we don’t have to play it any more, because it we want a nostalgic thrill we can get all the atmosphere ot Space Invaders in a tar better game, the brilliant arcade sequel. Super Space Invaders the

Ham ma»y yaa for to4m, SiaaT tan tat) W*U, we ara falaf to km to ky kortfir

coln-op) Is a fast, pretty, action-packed blast with all the feel ot its grandparent but a truckload of '90s-atyle gameplay dropped In on top ftike Smash TV or Strike Force, which we ve ascertained since last month Is the real name ot Midway's Defender 3. as seen in Overkill). and it's great. However. Super Space Invaders (the Amiga game) is, er. Space Invaders. Space Invaders. Space Invaders. Space Invaders.

What went wrong here It's not like SS/is the most technically demanding arcade game ever wutlen - the sprites are mostly pretty titchy. they don t do anything particularly clever like spin round or zoom in and out ol the screen, there aren't particularly many ol them (not

TtayVi a M talks, 4cm alltax. Aaykneyd talak ttary war* karV 4aaa by.

compared to Smash TV. or Overkill, or even PD games like Microbes). So how came this game is so horrifically, unplayably slow How come if looks so totally poxy How come it doesnl even recognise a second disk drive I can't believe there was loo little memory left to check, (which Is the usual, pathetic excuse), not in Space Invaders. (And I didn t have the heart to dock SSI the usual 10** for this dismally common Haw - It would have been like kicking a cripple.) These and other flaws mean that in play. Amiga SSI Is uncannily like playing ihe original Space Invaders, which somewhat defeats Ihe ob ect ol ihe exercise.

It's a shame, because the programmers are obviously talented enough (as can be seen m Ihe nifty little intro animations and the large Chunks of code they devote to introducing themselves in Ihe demo sequence), but they clearly didn't bother their backsides when they were writing this.



Probably the Amiga's worst coln-op conversion ever, and a godawful game In Its own right.

Heads should have rolled 4 1: tor It - this re-release only I /I n adds Insult to Injury.



Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

The one thing that's fairly obvious about all re characters in The Immortal is that (heir grp on life is a lot more lenuous than the name suggests They know that they're nothing more than an eternal soul m a fragile package ol fluids and sort tissues senply because at every twist and turn, mere are examples of organs, tubes and other assorted viscera lying around all over ihe place

The Immortal's Ihe sort o< graphically volenl adverluce game that would cause (yet) another campaign against computer games if Mary Whiehouse or one ol her clones ever became aware of iis existence You control a wzardytype character on a quest to tree your elderly teacher Mordamir trom an uncerlam tale Seeing as your character s no spring dicker, we can only assume that Mordamir's a truly elderly duffer, which

translates as a wise and most powerful

111 miiuI cUlm you ua brcoai« nwenal tar tfl lscaadt* V«ah, Hytiu

one'm adventure speak, rather than he who drools and wets the bed' as he'd be known these days

Through a senes oI rooms presented n isometric 3D and message boxes, you progress through seven levels ol quality dngeor romping You meet people, pck up things, and commit some hideously expkal violence upon all manner ol baddies before completing your quest.

Ait hough there's a simple combat system with a handful of moves, the emphasis of •he game's on puzzle solving, and here's the mb Once you've done it. then that's it really, there s little reason to go back and play it again, and not enough options tor you 10 try alternative routes It's limited, but as if s on budget, the pnce still matches up mth the entertainment • CAM WINSTANLEY


Challenging and Impressive visually. The Immortal lasts most ol Its marks by being loo linear, so once you ve done It, I can't see you going back for more. It's great tun while It teals, though, and tha amount ol thought that'a gone Into the gory deaths Is almost scary.

tixitiiyscy of the harkkw Aiei the vegws into ■ ear b id rhe eight tael*

«e> ittppeo srounn horimmatty) *

«uu don’t hais to gat taxed kxne«q et

ime ry h* »th Jv* eciajno n Omm In

Publisher: Team 17 Price: £12.99 Release: Out now

there's nniv the nne of vrui the! is -

each other to greb ait the goodies. Mot only that though but the

Now here's e funny thing - a hr end-new budget release horn Team i < aknrisi ooberetdart letveetv tirapUtla no Sr rutting ot any kind end tooted as the new Bobbt Bdbote. Caught me out. anywey

Omsk a ptattono rntlert. em-up very irorb m the slyW u» ttm

Hart, ana that s

m the aetaun otmp Joust.    ommendatlon • van think n! ft m

> get MM—I Pads at    surry. tit try to thmk ut a ilight v*

uues iirwhiurt yuw haveto next month okay7)

» with the other player, ones • 6 WXH1 LAMWELL

Toure e uttfe dork (or e you «e goa • Ineno two httle duoklt rzfcxise' - EVf. sob you Sap eroond dozens at smgie screen m er reena ■ ntterhngkeys and trait rt ■ s ■ izd> v * ie way with thk scat id ttag O s unnarvingty bamiC, with lots ana tats at nw sprite* ringing atr-o at) near the ptare in an

MwS W werrtsd sick


nitiarfyni, jr Yntog mauow no ea been ptaying tor a

a hd

parreptionnadae and you can work out


The obvious next successor to Bubbk Bobbie, this Is an unfailingly cuta and busy arcade platformer and If* a load ol tun, In both one-player and In Iwo-playar modes. The mare I play It. flO -

.... .    u ■

Ihe more I Ilka it. And that'a a good thing.





Publisher: Alternative Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

Lord, can you hear me I seek enlightenment I seek knowledge, and teachings m the way ol the word I seek to discover what the bloody hers gong on in the world when someone thinks they can get away with releasing a gargantuan pile ol utter, utter crap like this as an Amiga game m 1993 I seek to Imd out what was going through the minds ol Quex Development Limited when they thought ‘flight then, thafl do' and sent Huckleberry Hound In HoHyrtood Capers oil to Altematrve with a covenng note






hard-saved pocket money because be likes Huckleberry Hound, only to have been landed with this unlorgiveable. unimaginable, inexplicable, inexcusable unbearable garbage Most ol ai. I'd like to know why. lord Why


la's dark, Ifi probably

paint trttl.

saying 'It's finished, send us our money now' I d like to know exactly how long they spent working out the insulting excuse lor a ptot I'd guile like to be told exactly how the Hollywood Capers' ol the tide relate to the platforms against a-wibbty-green-and-black-background that comprise tbe game's graphics I'd be guile pleased to learn it the programmers had any tneky moments drawing the total ol tour different frames teguired tor Huck to walk and jump m two fractions I wouldn't mmd asking someone m the know it this was realty knocked up m 20 mmutes one ratty Wednesday afternoon by a six-year-old with a copy of Totally Useless Plarlorm Game Construction Kit. as 1 appears to have been I'd ike to know if Altematrve can sleep at nights thinking about some little kid who's just lorked out £ 10 ol his

del HI ll mull bu a film Ml ter ficftriad «nd Ikcu an all llttl* Nkbalunyr murkily away la Ika earth's bewail-


The worst pile ol dog’s crap Inflicted on Amiga owners since Edd The Duck 2. Much, much p z. worse than It looks, and you *1 £ can see how H looks.    U ■






















Ob Saar, tk« pruyramman Mam I have Ian an mum of panpaciivc

Publisher: Codemasters Price: £9.99 Release: November

devised and who, when sufficiently provoked, will threaten to Indict actual physical harm upon the first group. In my usual wishy-washy way, I hop Itom group to group depending on my mood and the particular Dizzy game I’m looking at at the time.

It you've missed out entirely on the Dizzy phenomenon, please allow me to explain. Dizzy Is an egg. He has arms and legs (and boxing gloves). Ha has a girlfriend. The girlfriend keeps getting kidnapped. Dizzy keep*

reaculng her. in order to do    

this, he must negoliate    ,

platforms In a platform-

game style. But he must

also collect ob ecta and use

them to solve puzzles The fc ■]«

puzzles are never complex I Lj

There ere currently 3.726    "

diderent Dizzy gemei on

the merket.

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Is the sort at geme that mikes me wonder how I

could ever have -, had any patience for the be-limbed    •

egg. It'a not very much lun at all    ,

Although It haa. at lean, managed to very the kidnapped girlfriend' toimal by utlng, Indeed the much more original stolen magical treasure end kingdom In peril excuse for a plot.

Thera's a lot of trudging

■    bout and picking things up

■    nd carting them about the place In a tedious sort ol way and you rapidly wonder why you bothered - It somehow doesn't seem to have the appeal of some of the earlier Dizzy outings.

There's ■ school ol thought that saya the Dizzy

The world aeeme to be divided Into two groupe when It comae to thli Dizzy chap. There are those who have never been able to see the attraction of the objectionable ovum and loathe him with a passion bordering on the psychotic. Then there are those who think he's Ihe best game character ever

games are designed tor younger players and that the simplicity of the puzzles has been tailored to their limited cognitive powers. So, If your cognitive powers are limited. you'd find the solving of these puzzles quits a rewarding experience. But If you re a bit of a thinker. weU...



It’s another Dizzy game, and there's no harm In that. f\ f% z It's just that it's    ft h

a crap one    UU ■




by Ihe Hidden

Continuing our behind-the-scenes look at The Hidden - the guys behind Donk! AND the authors (allegedly) of the AMIGA POWER reader-designed game, Spodland.

1993 rf'U 'KSI

Today Paul Douglas travelled all the way Irom tunny Croydon to the jewel ol East Yarmouth, bringing with him hit groovy new disk routinet that'll atop people copying Donk!. While he wat at The Hldden t HQ. we managed to bring up the tubject ol Spodland and how it need! a programmer ol mastlve skills to program it. Paul, being

Saturday 14

the madeii chap he it. didn’t actually catch onto the heavy hint! that we kept dropping, but once we’d managed to gel hit thumbs In Ihe vice he finally admitted that he wanted to do Ihe code lor ut. (Wow. perton-management skills really are my forte.) The rest of the day was then spent discussing Spodland and how It's all going to shape up.

1993 /t'UQ'USl

Supervision (publishers ol Conk'; had told us to get our butts into gear as the Autumn ECTS show was approaching, and they wanted to show off Donk!

SutuOuf 15

there. Luckily, now that Spodland Is being coded by Paul, we were able to bash on at Donk! with a clear conscience Now, I’m not a clever man, but by the end of a whole day working on Donk!. I had a horrible sneaky feeling that something was wrong. Very wrong.

1993 A'UQ'USl

At last I realised what the cause ol my worries might be: I still hadn’t worked out the controls for Spodland.1 A quick call to Paul cleared up Ihe matter - luckily he'd


been on Ihe case already and had decided that to move a Spod left you needed to move the joystick to the left, and that to move a Spod right you had to move the stick to the right. He'd also come up with Ihe appropriate actions for joystick up. down and lire. Blimey, eh

1993 A'Mf'USl

Time for a break from Donk!, I thought, as I headed off to construct an arena for all the Spodland spitting to take place In. Sticking to my original Idea lor digitising the background from video, I searched lor a suitably flowery pari of my garden and


Sotundntf 21

some nice pretty stones. However, once I d lilmed the entire set-up. I found that my digitiser was up the spout. In a frantic, Oh crikey" sort ol mood. I therefore decided to draw a Spodland title page (The one over on the left. - Ed), just so people wouldn’t think I was skiving!


9fO%K<Oxtf 6

It's ECTS show time again. But this one was different, as Supervision had a very swanky stand which we had to hang around while showing DonkMo

prospective customers. There was a lot ol CO-based stuff there, though not very many CD32 games, which was a bit of a shame. But luckily for CD32 owners, a super-duper Donk! Special Edition is being written for them. Anyway, back at the ECTS. there really were very few Amiga games around, but all Ihe ones we saw were perfectly formed.


After a lew days recovering Irom Ihe ECTS I pul together a final arena graphic for Spodland. First I drew a grid of 16 by 16 piiel squares (which Is how the


game divides up the screen), and then positioned the rocks that the Spods are going to stand on. the Spods themselves, and the digitised pic of my back garden. After messing around with this to get it to fit. I’m pleased to say that the whole thing looked absolutely terrible.

This meant lots more messing around with the picture, until I finally ended up with something rather Impressive - that you'll have to wait until next month to see! (Chuckle.) Anyway, now all I need are tome Spods - II anyone out there would like to send in their designs.

I'll Immortalise the best ones In video-game form. So. until next Him. this Is a fully mature, adult, hairy-chested Craig saying Byeeeee!'


rvvvcR by Sensible Software

The world’s first interactive Diary Of A Game is here - experience the history of Cannon Fodder for yourself. Jools Sensible explains.

ol Goal' (Sea lasl month a

AP lor details - £d< so    ,*

that s still up lor grabs JXX.0* P*A 4»JR l To get back to the U  mam demo-disk menu IJ  from the quia, ckck on    MrinJ .

the dog that s having a    ,    Tf

go at Jon What we

and show lha progress    V»

ot the game over the

coj se .hat would    .

mean re-implementing    V,

we've since corrected. And then

up with a demo-disk that s nowhere near as playable as the one you've got. So what we've produced Is something which shows how a Cannon Fodder mission is built up. Irom the map being laid out from a rough design all the way through to the linlahed thing.

For example. It you click on Stage One ot the map you will find yourselt playing on a sparsely detailed background wrth only two sprites: your man and a single enemy positioned in the lop left-hand corner ol the map. On the other three stages you should look out lor boxes and barrels - pick these up by walking over them and you'll be rewarded with grenades or bazookas. (Vou can lire these by holding down the right mouse button and clicking the left one.) Oh yeah, and clicking with the left button makes your man (or men) walk to the point you clicked on. To shoot you can either hold dawn the right butlon or click on it repeatedly - whichever you preler.

It you've gol more than one man, you can split them Into different groups by clicking on the names ol the ones you want In the new group In the Icon box. Then dick on the top Icon (it looks like a snake at Ural but changes Into a cross between a bird and a snake when you highlight a man’s name.) And there you have It: the new breakaway group appears, with an eagle symbol to Identity it.

night, I think that's about it for now, so go and have lots ol tun with the demo disk, buy the game and have a sleepless year or two playing It. Which means It’s tour byes Irom me till next lime and don't torget: Cannon Fodder- war has never been so much tun!

H ello again.

n chums. 1 guess by now you

have already loaded up and had a law plays on the wonderful Cannon Fodder coverdlak and you have decided to read this because you're wandering whst the hell it's all about. Well, do not tear, cos Jools la here - every mystery will be made clear.

Okay, let s gel the quiz out ol the way first. I’m going to assume you ve got as tar as the main menu screen (which you get by switching on your Amiga and putting the disk In. Sheesh.) Uove the pointer la somewhere In the Sensible Software Quiz' box and click your left mouse button. The screen will fade out. the Amiga will load Irom disk tor a couple of seconds, and a lovely photogenic pic ol us lot will appear. Got that Good. Right, to be in with a chance ol winning the fantastic Sensl-prize, all you've got to do Is answer ten questions. These can be found by clicking on the people and the lour small photoi In the corners of the screen.

For example, try clicking on Chris Chapman (the programmer of Sensible Soccer) - he's the guy on the left, the one having a little bit ot trouble with hla arm. A new pic will appear surrounded by details ol Mr Chapman, wi1h a rectangular box marked Question Five' over on the left. After reading through Chris's enthralling details, you should notice that one is missing ( Cannon Fodder Job'), which lies In with the question at the bottom ol the screen: What did Chris do on Cannon Fodder ' Now you either have a massive brainstorm ol an answer or just make up some amusing and/or Insulting joke and pen It onto your postcard as Answer Five. Easy peasy, eh

Queationa One to Four are found by clicking on the lour boxes around the main photograph of ua lot standing against the jeep When you've found all ten questions, and are completely satitlied with the answers on your postcard, send It oft to AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath. Avon BA1 2BW. The person with the most correct answers (or, in a tie-break situation. Ihe card drawn Irom Dave Green's big army helmet) will win a talking toy gun. a signed copy of a game and any other rubbish we find lying around Ihe office. And while we re on the subject ol competitions, nobody has yet come up to me in the street and said "Where's my pork pie - in order to win that signed copy






It had to happen. But strangely it didn’t. So Dave Golder settled down with a warm cup off cocoa and took a shifty shuffti at the latest PD releases instead “It might be cheap,” he mused, “but it’s certainly not expensive.”

ciu being a euphemism for more than two cara In any race \

Evary raca la a    ~—>    — -


allhar against tha

compular or a    I    1 II

mala, which la a    La U 11V

ahama: a law mora


controlled cara on lha track would have added to the excitement.

But apart trom that tha game la superb, and much mora tun than a lot of commercial overhead racer. I've playad. There'• an Impressive range Ol tracks and difficulty levels, missiles, smoke screens and a variety of tournaments. It's frantically last, the

Right, this Is an U25 joke-tree zone. But It's still open season on Chris Rea. I mean, wouldn't you gel a dig In about the tat. boring old muso given half a chance (Allegedly. - Ed)

1 mean, has he got more than two songs In his repertoire: the slow one with the slide guitar and tha lat one with tha constipated horn section

Anyway. I'd love Road To Mel/ uat lor giving me tha chance to gel that oft my cheat. But luckily I can award It a hefty live stars anyway, because It'a just darned fantastic.

It's an overhead racing game that's got just about everything but tha kitchen sink: ‘kitchen sink' In this

controls are excel km and the graphics and praaentallon are Impressively polished. Turtlawaaed. even.

VERDICT: Just gel If. RATINQ: *****

No. It can't be. Not hare. Not In tha public domain. I thought I was safe here. But no. He's followed me here. That hideously smooth, ovoid body. That stupid spinning jump. That vile grin. Those ridiculous boxing gloves... hang on. he's not wearing gloves.

This ain't Dizzy. Let's be thankful for small mercies. I've seen hardened reviewers reduced to something out ot a John Carpenter movie at tha prospect of a Dizzy game. I've hoard them beg to be given a flight slm Instead.

So If this Isn't Dizzy, what la It A Dizzy mickey-lake, would you believe  And It s not as bed as It sounds (well. It couldn't be). Oh sura, It has Its faults: tha puzzles ara ridiculously simple; tha conirola ara annoying; there aeama to be very little logic or point to It all; tha screens (lip at the most Irritating moments; yap, uat Ilka any In any Dizzy game.

But U s still worth checking oul Why

Because It's all done with

longue (Irmly In cheek. And

as a game, despite tha

fauhs. It's still got a lot

going tor It. like lha tact that

it a massive. It looka great

and haa a lot more    =.',1 ]

luhslance and playability

than most PO games

love the way tha characters ara used,' ha said. But because he wss lir PD Reviewer ha had to give bath sides ol the argu/reni. So he admitted. “The controls ara very awkward and ll‘a awfully slow."

Unity Inc

Hallo. Ur PD Reviewer wss reviewing VERDICT: If you’re Into the seriously some PO one day when he came    silly or downright kitsch this has got

across a game so downright silly ha    what K takes. As a gam*. H s the worst

was just had to rsvlaw It. It was a live*    sort of waggle-frenzy

event sports slm starring tha Ur Uen.    RATINQ: * *

probably beceueethey ara the eaglesi

sprites ever to draw (except Dizzy). Ur ft AIIAIII RIV

Nosey pole-vaulted using hli famous    LUIA

proboscis; Ur Skinny was used aa a I

javalln; Ur Strong had his weight-lifting Telescan

talents: Ur Oizzy chucked the hammer; Pay war* (sic) £18

end Mr Rush did the 100m dish.

Ur PD Reviewer wanted to say Boukhrdsth Dotuxt Is what Robouldlx something nice about the game, so he seta out to be. The basic concept It a did. "If* very colourful and kkli will PD lavourHa; you move your aprtta

around the screen digging tunnels to gal to jewels and tha like, the problem balng tha tunnels alto loosen rocks and bouldars that can fall and crush you. But Robouldlx throws In so many other ingredients Into tha brew that you and up with a mixture to rich It'a almost physically overpowering.

It’s certainly an Impressive piece ot coding, with loadl tor tha player to think about. Hearty •vary move you make hat an affect on the outcome ol a level, to the extant where you give up thinking too hard end just go lor Irlal-and-error (luckily you gel aa many go*i aa you want).

I cnM s«i Am ikla ,aaaa rs*aliai shall an* irMnskiSir, bat I aelae arriab-

Unfortunately It's rather disappointingly presented Tha graphics ara garish but strangely unimpressive and lha trimmings, like lha option menus, art similarly chaap-looklng. Normally I wouldn't pick or minor things Ilka that with PD. but hava you aoan what they re asking lor a registration tee And what exactly la paywara supposed to be anyway

This PD version la a vary cut-down version ol the full game you'll gal on registering, with only a fraction at lha lavala. From lha taw I taw on show hare. I'll admit that Robouldlx la an •ntartalnlng puzzler, but thera’i no way I'd spend £18 lor more of the tame

VERDICT: Aa satire goes It's more Carry On than Hava I Got News For You. but It's still a great little game nevertheless. RATINQ: ****

VERDICT: Tha demo version la decani enough, but I can't see many people registering £18 lor tha full version. RATINQ: ***

Left (ace teen, lets AManaa nMIA at date, Am aalrai ta the Mr Mas. Arthur laaaX latarpratatlaa waa Malaal.

CONTACTS: First Choice, 138 Hlghridga Green. Blahopaworth. Bristol BS13 SAB • Unity Inc, 22 Downing Way, Davantry, Northanls NN1 f *TN • PD Soft 1 Bryant Avenue, Southand-On-Saa. Essex SSI 2YO • Talescan Computer Service*. Handsworth Road, Blackpool.







I iicai 10 b« cipiticaciAj i ichcic cjsc o4 d«>j va here. Von in loo Biurrc Mill dtja in. freaky.

First Choice

Three disk* 0n« meg required. AGA. Thra rounded good What could it bt A f hoot-’em-up of apic proportion!7 Maybe An adventure with lovaly luth graphics Perhaps A platformer extravaganza  You never know your luck. A game ol patience with using girty playing carda  Nah. eouldn I be. could It

Yup. It certainly la. Attar welting around for I line disks to load, all I anded up with was a card game. The reason why such a simple game consumes so much (loppy space Is the graphics; they are admittedly very Impressive - technically.

Each card displays a high-ras picture of the tort ol Isis who might have titillated tax-starved squaddies during World War 2 - lhay Might even be dlglllaed cigarette carda for all I know.

The problem (apart from the tad that you'd gal a lecture on sexism from any right-on dud* who happens to see the game) la that because every card has a picture, lha value ot the carda la hidden away in the comer* Combined wBh the hlgh-m* graphics this makes tome of them very hard to reed, especially when the carda are piled up on top ol each other

Yes. It's based on that Nintendo game, and thank God that li t being distributed at pure PD otherwise there would be the smell ol lawsuits In the sir (whatever they smell Ilk*, but hey. H's a metaphor, okay Not a great one but a metaphor -lay oil me.) And anyway. Ihe main character Isn't really aupposed to be that Mario. I mean, how many plumbers do you know who are Doctors

The game la a platformy fruit-collecting exercise. In which the main character - a plump, mustachioed tallow draiaed In a red cap - hat to dash about switching on loads of lights embedded In the platforms. The main obitaciai are the craepy crewllet that blob around the platforms aa well; If he louche* them, he's dead.

Actually, they aren't the main problem That's the Inertia. Your bloke skids around the platforms Ilka they're covered In ice. This makes lha game extremely tricky to master, but it also gives It an edge over other standard platformer*

The tlrsl level, though, la tar loo tricky (aapeclalty It you're playing on a 1200). A couple of easier levels to gat used to the controls would be handy But on Ihe plus tide the game does come with a level editor, to you could design yourselt an easier level It you wanted (though isn't this uat laziness on bahatt at Ihe programmer This DIY ethos Is too much Ilka hard work to me.)

it We is «k*' a cikai e**"• ViX-*"


VERDICT: h a inluriatlngly tricky but still tun. though not a patch on tha gam* that Inspired II RATING: ***

VERDICT: h'a all a bit pointless realty Mutton dressed up in wolfs clothing, or something like that.


Yat. II It ihMi Neighbours. It the world prepared lor a down-undar TV soap advantura Probably not. but we've got It anyway.

The gimmick here la that all tha plclurat have been dlglllaed trom tha TV. 1k 'v* to be honest - they stink. They're all

horrlbla. grainy, mono messes which become tiresome very quickly. The actual plot isn't up to much either but then that a keeping In tha spirit of the show. Paul wants to chuck avarybody in Ramsey street out ot their houses to that he can build a new development. Who a working with him Who's working against him Who cares

But lha game does have tome points In its favour. The control lytlem It sxceilent. though the grainy pictures do cause soma problems; you're never too 'sura what a relevant In a picture, so you have to do a lot of random clicking, hoping lo hit tomtihlng Intareitlng every so often. Tha descriptions, however, are

n ■ ■« e*c«M

occasionally genuinely tunny; Ilk* this month s Dizzy parody, H's all been done vary much with tongue In cheek.

VERDICT: As a game it's pretty da mad awful, but It scores lor novalty value It's fun In a warped kind

ot way.    Ok m, Hal's Was kM hi a

RATING:***    ckaap sac laiar aflaril


act mm

First Choics

Look. I tried lo avoid It. honast. But

recently I've been using up decent    

software at a fair old rale So H had    * an* o v* »•***




to happen. Yup. The Shoot- Em-Up Construction Kit review ot lha month hat returned.

This on*, aa you probably guessed trom lha name, la all about World War 1 tighter planes engaging In dogfights (and wa re talking poodles rather than pit bulla here). H'a

the usual vertically scrolling tsdlum. though Ihe graphics are a darned sight better than usual, the difficulty increases Intelligently and tha enemy attacks are a lot more unpredictable than In moat SEUCK gamea Hey. could this have been programmed by someone with a smidgen ot Imagination Surely not But before it sounds Ilka I'm going soft in my old age. let me assure you that It la still very Irritating. It s sorely in need ol a tew power-ups or even extra lives (as If you'd really want to play It (or any longer).

By the way. the other day I taw a SEUCK gama that Impressed me because It displayed a spark of originality. Some bloke had actually created a maza gam* In SEUCK. That's right. It didn't vertically scroll. And It was vaguely enjoyable. Think on It.

VERDICT: We've seen K ell belera (apart trom Ihe and-ot-level airships, but they don't really save H). RATING: *•


' *1 don't N watch KYTV, bocauso I think It's \ crap" y

*•*' Yfl*.


f U5< <Vr/v» ydr>C*US *rw _ SQPTWa     e °0nvr»frcv

i    *«*5S&:ho*312!

f G0T‘VWf»efjl

9am*i*a.»    e,A*rooa    you Ob T 0**1*

***y _    •’*>

What da you ballsvs In

I believe that you should lake each day as i! comes and certainty not think about lomorfMf. I have 2e<o religion and also believe in having a damn line t-me - which is something I believe I'm particular good at

What was I ha first thing you said today

I told my girtfnend to (Sfif - Ed) because she was moaning about me not gelling out d bed while she was m the bathroom

Who's your favourtto historical flgura

I don 1 really have one except Davey Crockett - and only then because he had a smart hat

What's your Number One object of deslra

I desire nothing I have everything I could ever wish tor arid more besides It I'm hard- * pressed. I'd have to say that I'd realty like to own a raccoon and name it (Snip - Edl

la the character of Martin Brown In KYTV and Radio Active based on you In any way

No. he's not a bit Me me at all. I don't watch KYTV either, but not because oi him, because I tfrnk it's crap

Which la bast - money, fast cars or beer

Money, with it comes beer and lots ot rt. I don t dnve

Are video games killing pop music

I certainty hope so

What's your favourite Bon Jovl song

Blaze Ot Glory. I know that's Jon Bon Jovi but A still counts

What’s your favourite planet In the Solar System (except Mars)

Uranus, because it's got lots ot scope lor sad talet humour.

What's the nicest thing anyone's aver aald to you

I don't know really. Katrina, my girlfriend, has said a lot ol nice

things I'd like to thek that l‘m quite nice to people mysett and that means people

are usually nice back

What have you got In your pockets

A snotty tissue, my wallet (empty except tor some creOt cards, video membership cards, my Leeds Utd Premier card, a ticket stub Irom a recent Jean-Michel Jarre concert and an Asda receipt), and 5p «n cons.

Who would pisy you In a movie of your IHa

Met Smith

Hava you any ambitions left to vaallss

No. but then I never had any to start with. I Suppose I used to dream about driving a Porsche when I was a young kid. but I still haven I learned to dnve yet

Art you a ‘Barmy* tied to a stick

What the chuffs that"’ Certainty not, at toast I hope not COH NO' BENNY t ON THE LOOSE1’ -TheAP mm’)

‘We apologise for the incomprehensible nature ol this joke. But it maki

His team of seventeen-ness have brought you some of your most favourite games ever. So now it’s time to discover the secrets of Martyn Brown.

Click image to download PDF

Amiga Power Issue 31 1993 Nov Cover

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