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Well, there's good news and bad news The bad news is that me US told leaves Commodoie UK with what's probably no more than two or three weeks' worth ot Amiga and CD32 stock II no-one sorts the Amencan side ol things out before then, then obviously there's gomg to be a major problem in getting hold ol any Amiga hardware The good news, meanwhile, is that (a) Commodore UK is an independent company, and not directly affecied by anything that happens to (he US branch, and (b) industry leeimg is very much that with Commodore's lortunes just starting to pick up dramatically as the A1200 and CD32 take oft in some style, it's inconceivable that someone won't lake over the reins and allow business to cairy on with the minimum of upheaval Indeed, given Commodore's, er. less than impressive business performance ol the last lew years, who's to say that the financial muscle end marketing sense of a big corporation won't be just what's needed to shove the Amiga up there where it belongs7 (I'm sorry - Ed) Here's hoping, anyway

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Amiga Power Issue 38 1994 jun Cover








ISSUI 3a JUNI 1994


Jonathan Davlai

0EPUT1 EDITOR Stuart Campball

PRODUCTION EDITOR Stave Fahufuhruhurr

WVtWSEMTOR Cam Wlmtanley


ART EDITOR Sal Meddinf t


Sarah Sheriey-Prlce

C0STR6t/T0RS Rich Pel ley, Dave Gaidar

AD MANAGER Jackie Garlord


SAlf S EXECUTIVE Diane Clarke


Uz Tuck





But ho don't know what It means



Suiannah Angalo-Sparllng


Michelle Trewavas

PROMOTIONS DETECTOR Hat Ml the budding PUGUSKR Steve Carey AAAMV»C DKCTOR Greg Ingham CSCUUTQNDKECTOR Sue Hartley CWIOTCUTTVE Chris Anderson UNO t SCANTING Sanaa rtatniUii ■Ian Mean. CMa Sloctar.

Slman IMndur. Jaton TtWy,

Mark Gower

COVERDtSR Gratt Campudnf


Amsgi Paver,

Future Pubtdmg Ltd.

30 Monnxvdh Sheet BattiBAl 28W Tel 0225 442244 Fai 0225 446019


Cary Coat, Somerlon. Somerset TA11 6TB Tel 0225442244

thi eoNuri asiT-ieLLiNa AAaiaa a aims uaoazimi it RRINTCO IN TMt UK

A meata d te kM &jmi d Crtuam RrgrUrred cvciiihcn 54,124

AAy - Dee 1993


There're some pretty important things happening in the world of the Amiga this month. Turn to the start of our monstrous 11-page news section right now to find out what they are.


Is it shil Cannon Fodder Or is it yet another football game Or what


A feature in which AMIGA POWER faces up to the evils of censorship, and tells those who would ageclassify our software to stick their stupid ideas right up their <You can't say that* - Ed)


■■ Vet more fantastic free software for you to get. For free. Yes. Indeed Mm.


At last! The final part of our mammoth Cannon Fodder playing guide. Plus (plus!) tips on K240. Beneath A Steel Sky and - belief-defyingfy - more.

M DIARY of a game

EXCLUSIVE! We take you on a long journey from the first steps to the last birthing contraction of Sensible Golf.

■YO WIN (GUESS...) A CD32!

RP Your chance to walk away with the

state of the art in CD consoles, just for thinking of something really sadistic and utterly horrible. Intrigued You should be.

TA back issues/mail order

» "w Hurry, hurry, hurry! Only a few thousand copies of Pocket Workbench And Amiga DOS Reference left! Hurry! Hurry!


CD32 games - get ’em while you can still get a CD32 to play ’em on.



Normal service is resumed.


Letters from readers, fo readers and by readers. Yes. Why not read ’em



Your complete buyer's guide.

rvc ucunn uovv

to.1 to. tv - MlMwN

Futura Publishing 1994



*" Buy stuff from readers, sell stuff to readers, correspond - oh, you know.


By popular demand - the last one. You've got no taste at all, you lot, Tch.


Hello again. This box still appears to be here, so I suppose I'll have to think of some sort ot regular monthly use to put It to. Like welcoming you to

this issue of AMIGA POWER, perhaps, and telling how it's got absolutely everything an Amiga games player could possibly want to



_ _



You're prc able to re* wa re golr


Yes, It's an Amiga boardgame conversion so good It just had to have, er, three pages.

Page 34

v * r


There'll be none of that FI5H’ nonsense here, thanks vary much. I

Page 40



Get you court ci



1 ut first, a platformer that    (

■edeflnes the word aubergine'. To mean 'Sonic The Hedgetwg'.

Page 30

_    .    US.




t going to be l properly, so 'bum'. Ha. Page 42


We've crammed so much onto this month's two coverdisks that there quite literally isn't enough room on this little column to tell you about all ol It. We've got two exclusive demos and a whole clutch of fantastic and exclusive PD, so stop reading this rubbish and get playing, eh





Jamas Pond 3--------40

Monopoly ..34

Mr Nutz----- 30

Slorra Soccer--.--38

Stable Manager----68

Traps ’n’ Treasures -—42 Wembley Rugby Lga — 70

OVER 107

MOKE neaOEHS than shioa action event month, blimey, eht



read In it. and how It s still the world's biggest-selling Amiga games magazine. Which, In tact, I seem to have ust done. Jings Jonathan Davies






ow, before the -s what we say. Page 38


Tornado — ..69

0£ VO18*—•**■*»«■    0 3

Brutal Sports Football -82

The Cheoa Engine--83

Fury Of The Furrlea----82

Gunshlp 2000 —————66 Premiere--—---—83


Arcade Pool-------71

Jaguar XJ220-77

Jimmy White'* Snooker-76


Tory second choice fo play this (obnlons cross between Pyae Jlesiereod Arofo, from the euthor of, ipoekitf tnovgh, Soper ObiJicrtiiom Yep, we've font completely Dovid Pepwonh bonkers this month, folks.



A hope playable complete level ol the new plotfone gome from Virgin fhot II leove you completely legless- And ‘ormless os wall. lie.

Lure 01 The Temptress -77







Or, at Ml. Pa* One ibl a

complete diary charting its development. And -

boy - do** W look good *o

Torvak The Warrior — WnlfrhlM





far. Pag* 64



Karats Championship

Karat a UiaUr......



Amazing, exclusive new*


about Cannon Fodder. Page 18

Racing Maniacs—— Spodga --------



Strikaa 'n' Spares— World Oarts---





■van* i

mo* im-



A special, never-seei before sdd-ofl mission for Beltfrog's ultra-violent hostile tokcover- cm vp


comnm cam■ i a uhbi uttu so to pli

bowtinq uniUtiM W«'M been playtnq H q«H«    all month, portion.


• Oh nol Are you sure Before you go any further, try Ihe procedures described In the panel over the page. If, after ell lhal. you da have disk problems, simply place It In an envelope, along with an SAE and an explanatory letter, and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 38, DlsCopy Labs. PO Box 21. Daventry NN11 SBU. If you send it to ua, we'll complelely Ignore H, and call your molhar a lal tail on har birthday as well.















mad this an run or no-


•    You've only got S12K ol memory on your Amiga Blimey. that's a bit stupid, isn't H Go and buy an expansion BIGHT NOW.

•    To load any ol the games, all you have to do la switch off your machine. Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow the Instructions to load the game of your choice.

■ Just to be on the sale side, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key to make your selection.

•    You'll have to reset your machine in order to play one ol the other demos. When you do so. simply follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game Irom in the drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine off lor 20 .seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Intacted by stray viruses.

•    Have a good lime.


•    Are you aura

•    Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not like', such as external drives.

•    If your disk tails to load, then pop it in a padded envelope, along with a letter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 38 Returns

DisCopy Labs

PO Box 21



•    We're really hoping that you're reading this bit, because it's quite important: please don't send your disks to ua at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how to fix dodgy disks, and we ll just throw 'em straight in the bin. So send them to Discopy. Please.

Author: David Papworth

What it is

Anyone who's read George Orwell's Animal Farm will know that all animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others, and that's the way that we feel about our readers Net that you're pigs you understand, just that, although we thmk each and everyone is greal lor buying our mag. we regard some ol you as being extra special Like Ian Rich Irom Momheth lor instance - where would our letters pages be wilhout him Or Isabella Reese, who brightens up our days with her

Haw to play

David's latest blockbuster is Super Obliterated, which is sort ot Asteroids meets Pang meets Tumcan meets . well. Obliteration, presumably. It's a complete game with 30 levels, it's completely exclusive to AMIGA POWER, and it's completely lab We know tor a lad that David s open to otters ai the moment, so it there are any software companies reading this - give this man a job.

The idea's the same as Asteroids, so you've got to destroy all the rocks to move onto the next level. When the big rocks


There are all sorts ot control options on the opening menu, but we recommend that you go lor the Two joysticks' option Cheetah Bugs are best lor this, as you can hold one In each hand, or any joystick with decent suckers but with this option you've got the noticable advantage at being able to run in one direction while firing in Ihe other. Take our word tor it: it helps

kooky correspondence Or David Papworth. who's supplied us with two ol ihe best complete games we've ever had on the coverdisks Hoorah lor you all'.

break up. they drop powerups. which are always helpful on the early levels, but get a bit nastier lurlher on In a bniliarl show of common sense over convention, you retain all your powerups even if you gel killed, which certainly helps things. So anyway, jump around, shoot things and. most of all, enjoy.




Author: Virgin

First Ihmgs first It you've got an A1200 disable ihe CPU caches before booting this disk Then enjoy

Dressed like Nigel Mansell, completely bald and with huge black and yellow stickers on the sides ol their heads. Crash Test Dummies have been a regular feature ol vehicle BSD sites and toy shops tor a good lew years now In the foimer. they help prevent massive crush irjunes to the chest by improving car design, and in the latter they amuse children with their ability to run into wails and come apart Now they've done Ihe decent for inevitable) thing and popped up m a computer game It's all to do with some Bad Dummy who wants to take over Ihe world, or the test plant, or something. Welt, suffice to say he wants to take over

something, and you've got to slop him by

running around a platform maze. There ate loads ol spanners to ptek up and throw, and plenty at nasty Dummies to throw them at As you're a Dummy, damage merely knocks your limbs oil. but collecting enough yellow and black circles replaces them, so that's all nghi then

Author: David Papworth

The David Papworth collodion is finished off with this little tank game. As you know, we re lernbly land ol ancient video games and this one's jusi ike one ol the lank games an Ihe Alan VCS Combat can

• ,


Shoo I, dcilioi, hill, ilc.

WMCtrw* •• fMirywi »Mi mull.





* O

L .: ** :



Author: David Papworth What it is

We always gel a brt of feedback from coxerdtsks bui the entire world went completely barmy when we first gave you this way back in AP22 Seeing as everyone liked it so much and the original didni work on the A1200, we thought it would be a cruel and heartless act la depnve all our new readers (you know, the ones that have made us the best selling Amiga games mag In the ENTIRE WORLD) such an excellent complete game, so here's another umpteen levels ol Papworth-wntien excellence

How to Play

As with ihe classic Pengo. me idea's to get nd of all the baddies m Ihe mare by flattening them with blocks It you push against a block and press fire, it'll slide

along until it hits another block And if you push against a block that can t move, it'll mefl away Bombs invincibility and time-Ireeze powerups pop up occasionally lo give you a much-needed advantage, and problems occur when the lemming baddies start exploding The game really shows its total playability in the two-player mode, where you've got to avoid killing your partner as well as ducking his blocks and all the baddies Phew, eh readersAnd the shocking thing is that this isn't Ihe end ot the story

There’s More

II you type it CATHERINE 2ETA JONES on the menu screen, you'll hear Ready' and be into the cheat mode Once you're in the game. ‘S' skips levels. 1 toggles infinite irves on and oft. and V toggles invincibility. To access the level editor, type m 2ANDALEE, and you'll then be

able to build your own screens just by following these easy instructions:

Each scteen consists of three layers, which you can toggle through by pressing D. Depth 0 is the backgiound; depth 1 is where the ice. mud and mines go: and depth 2 is where you make the maze. On this depth. pressing ‘SPACE’ lakes you to the block select scteen. whete you can select a block by pressing lire The bottom ot the screen now tells you you're in BLOCK MODE and you can place a block on the screen by pressing fue again Slaying on deplh 2, pressing M toggles you between BADDIE MODE and BLOCK MODE You place both players by pressing T and 2' at the desired position Toggle through the baddies using the comma and lull stop keys, and place them by pressing lire Baddie characlensucs can be changed by highlighting them and using Ihe arrow keys

UP - increase baddie speed LEFT/ RIGHT - Decreaseiincrease ihe rale at which baddies drop hazards. Irom 00 (no hazards] to 99 (a hazard ever 99 moves.)

DOWN - Increase drop speed by 10 Pressing RETURN lakes you to the QUE screen where you can place up 10 50 replenished baddies, and pressm O' changes the time interval between these appearing Other helpful

ESC - return lo mam menu

DEL - Totally blanks Ihe selected depth

G - On depth 2. toggles through the

graphic styles

Easy eh

keys are:


out how to got a complete disk lull cl exciting new Stateside-based

missions Go on - you know you want lo

Author: Bullfrog

A bit ol a bonus tor Syndicate owners this, and also a taster ol me much-lusied-afiet American Revolt mission disk. To play this, you'll need a copy ol Syndicate (natch] and have to be able to lollow these easy-lo-understand instructions

1    Load Syndicate as normal

2    Type MARKS TEAM mlo the Company name in the Configure Company option This will give you the ability to play any country in the world, with all weapons and mods researched and the cryo-chambers lull ol equipped agents You'll also have pots and pots ol cash.

3.    On the map screen, select the Rockies For the geographically challenged, these are near the middle of the USA

4. When asked lor disk 4, msen Ihe cover rtsk

5.    And that's it, really. II you play it and want more. more. more, then Ihck to the page 10 to find

Author: Kirk Bonner

Coo1 Bowling in the comlort of your own home! Life has rarefy been so good, eh readers7 Thts one's great, so whether you like i1 or not depends on your feelings towards me superb and noble sport of ten pm bowling

It's all mouse-controlled, and you slam by moving me ball lo where you want to throw it Irom Click Ihe left mouse butlon and move the pointer over to the side, where you can alter the speed and swerve ol the ball. When you're satisfied, dick on the ball icon at the bottom and watch the little shark's tin zip across the alley. When it's where you want to go. click again and the ball aims lor the tin

and hopelulty stays out ot the gutter It you don't like this control method, then simply grab hold of the ball and ding it down the alley The speed and direction the ball's going as it crosses the Iron) line is then taken as Ihe ball trajedcry, and it makes its own way to Ihe end Strike’


Author: Paul Gaze

It's a PD racing game A brt like FIGP Onty split screen. And a PD game, ol course. You race Around (he track A btl like FIGP. Only cheaper,











As the world sleeps, AMIGA POWER relentlessly gathers news. Here’s what we’ve turned up this month.


In news trial broke iust hours before this issue ot AMIGA POWER went to press, il has been revealed that Commodore's American operation (compnsmg two subsidiary companies. Commodore Electronics and Commodore International) has gone bust The companies, which are actually registered

in the Bahamas, are seeking a buyer to take over the business as a going concern, as suggested by Commodore's only official comment an the matter to date, which reads as follows:

'Commodore Business Machines IUK) Limited has announced that rls parent. Commodore International Limited, has sought the protection ol the Bahamian Courts whilst active

organisation are finalised

'Commodore Business Machines (UK) Limited will continue to trade as usual A further announcement will be made in me next lew weeks."


The honest industry rumours at the moment pinpoint Sony. Samsung or Gotdtech as the most likely candidales to take the company over, but other rumours (completely unsupported by concrete evidence at the moment, we hasten to add) suggesl a slightly more interesting late.

Gossipmongers on the Internet have been heard claiming that Philips, producers at the unsuccessful CD-i console, recently mounted a hostile takeover hid tor Commodore - with the Supposed intention ol killing the CD32

and preventing it Irom damaging the

Question mark over supply of Amigas to Commodore UK.


ailing Philips

machine - and that Commodore s self-mduced liquidation was a deliberate ploy to avoid that very situation. But we've got no reason whatsoever to believe this to nave been me case The companies who re potentially involved are keeping mum. needless to say


Well, there's good news and bad news The bad news is that me US told leaves Commodoie UK with what's probably no more than two or three weeks' worth ot Amiga and CD32 stock II no-one sorts the Amencan side ol things out before then, then obviously there's gomg to be a major problem in getting hold ol any Amiga hardware

The good news, meanwhile, is that (a) Commodore UK is an independent company, and not directly affecied by anything that happens to (he US branch, and (b) industry leeimg is very much that with Commodore's lortunes just starting to pick up dramatically as the A1200 and CD32 take oft in some style, it's inconceivable that someone won't lake over the reins and allow business to cairy on with the minimum of upheaval

Indeed, given Commodore's, er. less than impressive business performance ol the last lew years, who's to say that the financial muscle end marketing sense of a big corporation won't be just what's needed to shove the Amiga up there where it belongs7 (I'm sorry - Ed) Here's hoping, anyway


There is going to be an A1200 CD drive. (In theory.)

After much fudging and several flat denials. Commodore have finally announced the existence ol the CO drive for the A1200, providing an easy route to 32-bit CD-related gaming tiokcs lor 1200 owners. The machine was shown to the press at the recent European Computer Trade Show in London, and (turmoil at Commodore nohwllhstanding) is due to hit the streets in September at a price yet to be confirmed. However. Commodoie are launching the machine In Germany in June at a price roughly equivalent to £200. so it wouldn't seem unreasonable to expect a similar kind ol tag over here. (And no. there's no reason we know ol that a German

machine wouldn't work with a UK 1200. so it you just cant wall you Should be able to pay a bit more and get one on import three months early)

And H you haven't got an A1200, we'd say the launch ol the new drive Is all the more reason to buy a CD32 without further delay. As the Amiga CD format becomes mote and more widespread, publishers are going to be even more Incfned to write proper. CD-spedfic games.

Details of software bundles and so on lor the CD drive are sell thin on the ground, so watch this space for more Info.



Ah. remember the good oU days Quite literally hours have passed since Sensible Software's astound ingly good Cannon Fodder was

nestling at the top of the ELSPAfGallup Top 30, but it's already been signed up tor budget release by The Hit Squad.

Accompanying it over the next few months are a whole clutch o! other Virgin titles, mckiding Dune. Dune 2. Legend 0> Kyran&a Lure 01 The Temptress, and Archer Maclean s duo ol bar-room ball game simulators, Jimmy White's Whirl*md Snooker and Archer Maclean's Pool, as well as a tew non-Virgin titles like Road Rash. European FootbaS Champions and, er, Harpoon vl.21.

Don't gel too exerted, though - the chances ot Cannon Fodder actually coming out before Christmas are. we should Imagine, pretty remote. But it's always nice to have something to look forward to. eh

Top Finnish programming starlets Bloodhouse's Super Stardust (Ihe enhanced A120TVCD32 version ol Ihe original A500 game which scored 89°o in AP33) has been snapped up by popular UK software house Team 17 The 32-tnt incarnation ot the game (which should be out in a lew weeks) boasts drastically improved graphics, especially or the already-stunning tunnel section - we've seen an earty version in action, and it made Microcosm look a b*t sad. (rankly - and all manner of olher cosmetic fnppery, but there's no word so far on the control system The original game sulfeied badly from having no keyboard control option, and while the bizarre design Haw in the A1200 that prevents it from recognising two simultaneous keyboard presses puts pad to the notion ol matters being improved on that front, we leel obliged to point out that it the CD32 version uses up' on the loypad as the thrust control, we re going to give it 50%. Lei s hope someone's listening, eh


Sorry, there's no justification for saying lhal, other than we forgot to use up that joke In Iasi month a review, and it was way past Its sell by date and starting to make the fridge smell. Anyway, after last issue went to press, we got a call from those nice people at Psygnosis who said lhal they'd changed their minds about Armour Geddon 2 (AP37, 57%) and are now releasing It at Ihe recession-busting price of £24 99 as opposed to the £29.99 tag we gave It In Ihe review. So now you know.


We can't say We can exclusively reveal... because this Isn't from a concrete source, but we've heard it from the girlfriend of a friend of a friend lhal after all this time. MicroProse are working on F1GP 2. Hoorah! At last we could well be getting that oh-so important serial link option as well as many more goodies, and the only down side of Ihis great (but thoroughly none-attributable piece of news) is that MicroProse may wait a while and release F1GP2on CD32 rather than rushing out FIGPto grab a fast buck. More news and Idle speculation as we get it, you can be sure.


21st Century Entertainment have graced us with some real corkers over the last lew years, haven't they First there was Pinball Dreams (AP12 87%) which featured four stunning pinbal tables complete with smooth scrollng and realistic pinbal action Then there was Pinbal) Fantasies (AP20 89%)


As we approach a summer that's already set to be buned alive in new football games, the best news on the honzon is the revelation that Electronic Arts are to bring their hugely-acclaimed FIFA International Soccer to the Amiga The game takes an unusual

diagonally-angled viewpoint whch makes lor a very TV-like expenence (it's enormous tun in Iwo-player mode, although Sensible Soccer is still way out at front m pure garrepiay terms and as a singleplayer game]. and its sales easily Outstripped those ol any olher console game over Ihe Chnstmas

period, to the poml where it was actually completely sold out and unavailable lor a lodnighl and subsequenlly dropped out ol the charts. It's back in there now. though, and with the computer versions on the way. it's a story that could go well into extra time Bnan

which featured four stunning pnbaii tables complete with smooth scrolling and realistic pinbal action Pmbaa Fantasies CD32 (complete with that inevitable pinball motil. natch) has been around tor a few months now but has been bought by nearly one In four at all CD32 owners, and with that kind ol populanty. you wonder where 21st Century corAd possibly go nexl. Yup. you've guessed it - PmbeU Illusions is due out in November, and as well as al that smooth scrolling and realism shift, we re gomg to be treated to hot multiball action (Sfeady. - Ed) even on a standard Amiga Sadly, though, a second instalment ot Pinball Fantasies. featuring the same game engine but with lour all-new tables, is scheduled to appear on the PC only. Boo!

The second hail of 94 will also be bnghtened up by Marvin Mmx on the CD32. which is a Cute plaitonmng adventure game based around a pizza delivery boy. and doesn't have a pinball table ft sight. Odd that.







As exhaustive readers of last month i True Stories will already realise. November I8th-20th sees the World ol Amiga show taking place at Wembly In London. H*i going to be great, with loads ot Amiga stuff to play about with and buy. and all the latest games. Well be there, too. hosting a sort of lorum' thing, where we'll answer your questions on all aspects of Amiga gaming.

And that's what this coupon's tor. To make sure we've got plenty to talk about, and aren't left standing there shuffling our leet


about, we'd like you to post us the most Interesting question you can think of. Then, at the show, we'll read out all the ones wa receive and answer them as best we can. Plus! The most Interesting question (In our opinion) thst we're sent will win Its poser' C2S0 to spend at tha show on Amiga goodies. And! The ten next-most-interesting questions will be rewarded with a pair of tickets for the show. (Hint; Anyone asking us lor a cheat tor ZooI 2 or how to connect a Citizen LSP10 printer to an A1000 running Workbench 3.1 will be summarily executed.)

So whaf've you got to lose Have a bit of a think, fill In the coupon, and make sure it gets to us by June 30lh 1994.

Send this coupon to: There's No Question Like Show Question'. AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street.

Bath BA1 2BW.

'It's totally disgraceful " Those were the words of. er. AMIGA POWER Deputy Editor Stuart Campbell when he was informed of the results of this year's ECTS Awards, announced at last month's European Computer Trade Show in Islington. London Dozens of games developers and publishers battled it out lor a total ot 18 awards covering all computer and console formats, but the results were decrbed as ‘outrageously unlau' and 'plainly ridiculous* by a number ol other observers, including a Mr Cameron Wnstanley ot Wigan and a Mr Steven McGill ol Onlyoneieamm.

Ayrshire The most relevant gongs went out as follows

Overall Game Ol The Year: Doom (beating Frontier. Rebel Assault. Street Fighter 2 end Super Mano All Stars) AMIGA POWER Says: Well, lair enough really.

Computer Game Ol The Year: Doom (nominees Syndicate Frontier. Cannon Fodder. X-Wmg)

AMIGA POWER Says: Much slitter competition hete. and there's not much depth to it. but we suppose so Developer Ot The Year: Lucas Arts (beating Sensible Software, Electronic Ads. Westwood Studios and Ongm) AMIGA POWER Says: Gel oulta here' Developers ol whal, a crap CD licence with no gameplay and a couple ol point-

garnet have

used to tie no venous had Sleepwalk* to to in aMiOomte Relief loedi ed crappy platformers to Be in with pooily Ihoughi ouf f4m keenest and, of couiee. me former tw marker* going lo be flooded by hundreds of World Cup Speaei Edtoon tootu* gemee Meemmee. fmpreseexw seem to tew found e gap In nadaf to axpfoe. end are gom*i ter a wfih (quite Manly m the cate) it guna blazing. Those that know thaw Omaha Beach tram thee Mutter* haiboot will know that« $ the 50ft1 anniversary of D-Day the month and whal belter way lo

1 to recreate «  lareusmg an updated voruon of me* Moo Mraatum lyelem. wZvch arrt,. to bong tha visual appeal ot tabletop wargaming to tha computer  iseii. I tael taw aytsiem m CcAon S  AP28, a sort of sct>- Theatre ot Death add-on to ha popular Roman Empire game Caesar that played marginally worse than it looked Apparently, Impraaaaas have bull up tram Btie system, added on petsonakhoa for *1 clHcea (so ihay read diflerertly to the same iiluatioo), ironed out a taw problems lhai tfinwad up in the vareian used m Tftx fee ant the Grey (AP38,

AMIGA POWER Says: Doom is a brilliant game, but it's a 3D maze with shooting in i. We've seen more innovation in a PD Pacman done.

BBC Live And Kicking Award (voted by the viewers ol said programme): Frontier (losers: FIFA Soccer. Mortal Kombal. Streetlights' 2 Turbo. Syndicate. Mcro Machines. Ataddm, Day Ot The Tentacle. Super Mano Land 2. Jungle Strike)

AMIGA POWER Says: Hmm Well, it could have been Super Mano Land 2, we suppose.

Software Publisher Of The Year: Virgin (as opposed to Lucas Arts. Konami. Electronic Arts or Ongin)

AMIGA POWER Says: Hurrah1 An award lor purveyors of a whole wide-ranging senes ol genuine quality games Last year (Cannon Fodder. Dune 2. Mortal Kombal. Beneath A Steel Sky. Cool Spot - no two in the same genre) rather than overhyped one-tnek console and PC publishers Yay!

None ol the olher awards were really applicable lo the Amiga scene, but there's enough up there to be going on wiih Nothing at all tor Cannon Fodder

Nothing at all lor Micro Machines

Nothing ai all lor bberatkxfl Anything olher than universal snorts of derision lor Rebel Assault Something's rotten in the state ol Denmark, we say yrg.     - Loners ol complain.

: pehlions and heavily-delaced photographs ol Oexler Flelcher when he  L ■ was good can be

addressed to (That's enough. - Legal Ed)

Or you can wnte to us. Bui then you know that And you will anyway So we won't even bother telling you the address. Because you know 1.

By now



What I'd like to know is:

and-click adventures with 0kes Fix!

Most Original Game: Syndicate (contenders: Cannon Fodder. Settlers. Rebel Assault Day Ot The Tentacle) AMIGA POWER SayS: Fine by us. males Best CD Game: Rebel Assault (ahead ol Libera bon. 7th Guest. Thunderhawk. Dune)

AMIGA POWER Says: Complete scandal1 Limp Dragon s-Larr rubbish with great graphics and no game beats three bona-fide classics and one interesting and almosphenc strategy effort Whal price the lufure ol videogames

Game Innovation Award: Id Software (and not Lucas Arts. Virgin, Electronic Ans or David Braben)

66N) and have gonaraty xnprovad 4 at round. *Tbns it no doubt that the Mere

new levaL providing ernoymsnt to boti wargorwi and mere general ilraligy garni ahfca.' aald David Leaai.

The three companies I'd most like to visit at the show are:

1 .

2 _

People say AMIGA POWER'S a nasty magazine, you know. They say we give games lower scores than everyone else just to be mean and spitelul and make ourselves W' look tough. But it's not true. In (act, we adhere to a strict ' and rigidly-defined set of rules governing our marks, and with new Ed Jonathan Davies bringing a spirit of glasnost to the magazine, we've decided to go public and reveal exactly how we arrive at those controversial scores. Below, you'll find our new regular column, in which, month by month, we'll be exposing the Great Gaming Crimes and the punishments that go with them. So without further ado, let Ihe first victim...

Kneel in submissive terror before the vengeful retribution of...


NO. 1


The crime: Putting messages up an screen while the game accesses Ihe disk, explaining that Ihe game is accessing the disk (associated oflence: Decrunchmg-decompressing Please Wail).

The cate (or the proiecuilan: We re quite capable of spotting that lor ourselves, thanks We can see the little yellow light, we can hear the clunky scratching sounds coming trom the disk dnve. we can appreciate the noticeable pause m our gameplay What we don’t need is some dothbramed, bone head programmer spelling it out tor us. and ■emindmg us that we re playing some shoddy computer game, as opposed to actually being m a futuristic city blowing away cyborgs and innocent bystanders lor the good ot the Corporation, or whatever What we don’t need is our almosphere ruined. Like, why not go the whole hog and show us that you're reaHy clever’’ ■fletnevmg data stored electron catty on a disk ol magnetic tape rotating at 300 rpm.

converting it into machine-language instructions, inlerpretmg Ihem through ROM-based operating system and displaying the results on a 625-lme colour moniior screen using cathode-ray lube (echnology Please Wait.'

Tell us we re ’Travelling to the Underwater City Show us a pretty picture ol something vaguely relevant and leave it there until you're finished Print up a paragraph ol text explaining the plot developments tor us to read while you know what’ is happening. Do a countdown sequence ol the previous level's bonus points it it's appropriate Or it you're ust completely rubbish and can't handle any ot that, just give us a black screen Even that's an improvement. Just DON’T TELL US WHAT WE ALREADY SODDING KNOW. ALRIGHT

The penalty: First offence 2-5% oH Second oflence 6-10% off Third offence Underwater spear-gun execution

B«ra*rd I ntvir tui«w Ifcat.

fiMMti ■■ ■ittaili L tomORf U.. fe kw< L H «e», *«toM Sto ftp

fit Cm <■*j* mmmM J aim

to ■tov.atow

N.rpjtoi •> iv'i-m J ttoVa

I- <•**.»— to Lq feaUto . l-AA ——to- A toJ at • - _ . —w

k>to -to toto M-id to.    »to m -

£<a— » a- —— toiAtotll    is.

• to .-to-. I -■ fc -to) to fU M

to I— ■> Kit---■ -■ -r h-A— wA

«* 111. — tto Mtod Jtola 1. U-t

gc a lew monihi befoia we anver raise Um totewMrfeiqh and carry Mn timufi Ihe flaai cneennq or pan Nm In fee rmx am call tin Mi NXy' W* rattan rl toviu.t ue ouila tunny, tha i. end w i tie opaon to ptoy etoierfhe AJtae


Game: Detroit Ruin on: A500. A1200 Publisher:



David Lester. Dale Campbell ETA: June

In his Implausibly great book Et tu, babe ' Mark Leyner talks about hit new car. 'I've got a sports coupe, the VUW Piranha 793 (commemorating the year lhal Viking raiders sacked the English monastery of Llndislarne). It features state-of-the-art technology that not only protects Its passengers In the event ol a collision, but ensures the death of the passengers In the other car. The Piranha 793 is the perfect automotive statement lor the I’m okay. You're Lunch' generation.”

While this feature is missing from Impression's forthcoming release Detroit (and also trom real life, ol course), It's pretty much Ihe only technological advance missed out at the game Have you ever landed running a car company from the pioneering days of the early 20th Century through to the lledgllng years ol a new millennium Well, H  ust so happens that that s EXACTLY what Detroit Is all about, both the game and. of course, the great, sprawling Indusfrlal city on the bank ol Lake Eerie.

The game starts In 1908 and the Idea's to survive and prosper until 2006. Depending on how tough you want it to be. you can have up to three rival companies working against you. or none al all. and keeping your head above water depends on a number at lectors. For a start, you've gat to keep your research and design budget as high


Same iporu ur tfcli oec b-


I** tEr« Bf BflcW Eicd to

rully pm ore •! Am.

as possible so you're constantly on the cutting edge of technology. Obviously as the years roll by. the technology changes, so In the early part ol the game you work on stunning advances like new gearboxes and suspension, while later on you get Into all that flashy side-impact protection and air bag stuff. All modifications are done on screen, so choosing a new wing or making the seating bigger produces all manner at odd looking vehicles, and the comprehensive testing procedure la accompanied by pictures of crash test dummies and cars skidding ott test tracks

The business side ol the game Involves monopolising Ihe world market, so you’ve got to try and get factories In as many countries as possible. I was quite Impressed to tind that Impressions have thought about the various factors that would atfect your business and built them • Into Ihe game. The world wars knock you back a bit. as does Ihe Great Depression ol 1he '30s, and Ihe markets ol Africa and India are dramatically different trom those ot western countries.

We’ve seen this format ol business aim before with the likes ol Air Bucks, and whereas there don’t seem to be many novel features In Detroit, the presentation's slick and Ihe car design and testing sections look fun. My only thought about games like this is that It Dune 2 and Syndicate can Incorporate comprehensive R4D and business sections Into exciting and playable arcade games, maybe plain old business alms will start to look a bit lame and '60s. Thera again, I suppose you could argue that it you're into the business side ol things, then flashy arcade bite just gel In the way. so I guess Ihe argument gels resolved when Ihe game comes out In June.


-qwl’fvjNf 'r




iMttl like the pool KM 4amm ay local pat.



The Lawnmower Man was a phenomenal success on ihe PC CD-ROM. In il. you look on Ihe role ol Dr Angela, bul il wasn't out on CD32 or the Amiga, so who cares about that1’ What you wiiY want to know, however, ts that Cyberwars is the sequel la Lawnmower Man, and you once again lake on the role ol Dr Angelo Your task is to battle Cybeqobe, who resides m the cyber complex ot the VSI mainframe computer

It sounds pretty much like a hunt-and-kill type ot scenario There'll be loads of logic puzzles and enemies to overcome And. what's more, it's going lo be massive; it takes up three CDs-worth ot space and utilises all sons of CD32 hardware tnckery m the lorm cl lay-traced 3D giephics and lull colour video sequences

No pnee has been arranged yet and the earfiesl date it’ll be out ■s October this year So it looks like all you aesthetic impulsives are gomg to have to keep ihe components ol your mind in check until then



When Audiogenic picked up the licence lor Wembley Rugby League (see review p70). they didn't just get the rights to rugby - they got the rights to the entire 70.COO-sealer stadium, and everything in it That means they've got quite a tew more Wembley games in the pipeline, the next of which is Wembley International Soccer It should be out by the time you read this, but wasn't quite ready in time lor a review

So - another football game, then, eh What's special about this one Picture-ln-Picture. according to Audiogenic As you select potential players to pass lo (either by moving the yaystick towards them when you re running with the ball, or by predefining areas ol the pitch before the match that you d like lo pass mlo) they'll appear in a little window in the corner ol Ihe screen (if they re not on Ihe screen already) with their names next to them, so you can see what they re up to. So it's pretty tactical, although you can lorget ail that stuff and fust kick the ball around it you want Also you’ve got the choice of en ald-lashioned trom-the-S'de view of the pilch, ot a Sensible-style overhead one

And the game will look stunning, according lo Audiogenic, running at 50 (tames a second You might want to wait tor a review in the next AMIGA POWER to be on the sale side, though

Mission 2025.

ME Hallo I hafl zom questions about your Impossible Mission, ja I vass vonderink vhy you choose to do zuch em old game

STEVE: We saw il as a great game idea, and lelt that we could improve on it and make if more up to date The rooms are now bigger than a single screen, and there are loads of power-ups to make il more interesting. If you can light your way up Ihe skyscraper, you eventually get to meet and light the evil Elvin Alombender It's a first person combat game, and in the standard Armga version, EIvin's a scaled and rotated spnte, bul in the CD32 version, he'll be fully animated

ME: Ja. das ist gut The virst game hat no veapons. yet this version does Von't this make it jus) em other platform blaster  STEVE: We've deliberately made all the weapons one shot, and many of Ihem are only effective against cedain robots The emphasis is slil lirmty on finding the best route through the base agamst the dock, and the weapons aie just an addition. We've also added a jetpack. but once again, this is just another element and not essential

ME: Vonderbar. Tell me about your sub-games.

mein Hen.

STEVE Rather than just giving away power-ups. most ol Ihe terminals that you log onto are protected by sub games There's a shoot- em-up, a slidey puzzle and even a tone game.

ME: Like the humorous children s game Simon

STEVE: Ja. I mean, yes 11 you can remember the sequence of flashing lights and sounds, you're rewarded with a power-up.

ME: Das ist fantasbeh So. vat ve haf ist em new game set in a skyscraper mrt der vonderbar animated graphcs ot em running und leaping character. Ve also hat the old game faithfully reproduced to amuse the old timers, as veil as many, many new features to enthrall an entire new generation ol garnets, ja

STEVE: That's about right

At tins point several armed police officers burst into my ward and charged me with industrial espionage, fraud and prelending lo be a German freelmce writer without a permit Unless I find a decent lawyer in the next tew days, I'm looking at a five to ten stretch in old chokey. Blimey • CAM WINSTANLEY

tail lov« '*m

■ I

*w«, iowh - watr

•carry wuiiyKi •Hoor-'cm-up ML

three minutes 2fl to run around all the doors and turn all Ihe light switches oft. an act that caused Wilt the security man lo explode with indescribable range I ever discovered I could remember the four noises that ihe One produced - Ping, Zap. Shoot and Explode.

All this work was in vain though and n seemed that my flippancy had offended Jason greatly Over the next week, he tailed to return no less than 134 phone calls, and when I visited his oft ice, he boiled the door and rendered me unconscious by dropping something from a third floor window. I later learned that ti was a Sanyo twm tape/ CD stereo wifh bass expansion and a 20 track random play facility.

While recovenng from extensive head wounds. I had only one last desperate I nek up my sleeve. By placing a clean handkerchief over the mouthpiece ol the phone and adopting an amusing Teutonic accent. I managed lo convince the receptionist at Microprose that my name was Harts Muller and I was a freelance wrier tor the German gaming mag Das Stemgamenmagazin Thus tooled, she put me through directly lo Steve Hand, the producer of Impossible

Game: Impossible Mission 2025: The Special Edition Runs on: A1200, CD32 Publisher: Microprose Authors: Paul Dunning. Seth Walker, Paul Ayliff, Andy Cook. Drew Northcott ETA: May

According to the dictionary, special means distinctive', exceptional detailed and even 'intimate' and that's exactly what Microprose hope their new release will be It also means a particular dish ottered in a restaurant, olten at a lower pnee' but when I asked Jason Dutton from Microprose whether it was gomg to be this as well, he hung up on me and refused lo talk to me lor a week I used the time wisely to compile a dossier on Impossible Mission, so that I could dazzle Jason with my encyclopaedic knowledge of the entire history ol this much-loved game I discovered that the original version came out on C64 and was shortly followed by versions tor pretty much every home computet, possibly even Ihe One. I discovered that the action was based on running around a huge underground base switching oft things and collecting parts ol an electronic key. I found out during extensive research thal if I started at the entrance lo Future Pubkshmg. il look me

Cwa Ml Ml Mi

— ✓

— mMMm Dm iAir * l> day yarn km.



• r Jrrt - - flHI




















Game: On the Ball Runs on: A500, A600, 1200. CD32 Publisher: Daze Authors: Ascon ETA: Late August

Considering that there are probably more Amlgas In use In Germany than there are In the UK. It's a surprise that we don't see more games from over there. In fact, we had a quick count up In the office and, with the honourable exception of Blue Byte's (The Saltiers, Yo Joel, etc), we ware hard pressed to think of any German games af all. (The Patrician - Ed)

So It's good to see this promising footy management aim coming our way. The demo I played

was very entertaining. The game has the usual team selection, tactics and training options, although it seems a little lacking In this respect. The players are very firmly defenders, midfielders or attackers with no opportunity for changing their positions, and there's no real chance to apply specific tactics against the opposition -no man-to-man marking, no chance to push your full backs up to upset their wingers and soon.

Where the game really scores (Ouch. - Ed) Is In the presentation. The programmers have scanned In a


series of really fine watercolour animations that give the game a sort of Roy of the Rovers feel. There seems to be an almost unlimited selection of these (which probably accounts for the size of the game - 4.5 Mbytes to' the 1200 version I played) and you get three or

four every match - free kicks, penalties, dangerous breaks down the wing etc. These combine with a running commentary to give one of the most enjoyable Match-of-the-Day-type feelings that I've experienced in a football management game - and one that should be enhanced by the spoken commentary that's been promised for the CD32 version.





AP embraces a new Italian publisher

New software houses writing Amiga-specific titles are a phenomenon that we heartily welcome here at AP Of course, that assumes they're gomg to be both stylish and Italian

One such software house fulfilling all the above criteria, including the bit about being Italian, is Dynamic Style Scdwaie Design based in Paierno (somewhere in Italy) The team consists ot eight individuals who take care of tasks such as coding, design, music and all the other gamey stuff thaf software house staff get up to

At the moment, there are two games awaiting completion on Dynamic Style's publishing book Perpetual Craze a Street Fighter 2 time by the look of things, is roughly 6S\> complete and should see a credible street release date of round about Sepiembet Meanwhile. USA Racing is only 30% complete and probably won't be ready until Chnslmas


Dynamic Style have gone to great pains to stress that this game is not just another Street Fighter 2 clone They consider that they've hit upon that elusive gameplay trait that will make Perpetual Craze stand out from the crowd and be as playable and enjoyable as the Street Fighter 2

coin-op allegedly rs So far. apart from some unconvincing videotape ot the game m action and some typical-sounding solfware house assurances, there's nof much mere that can be said about the game other than the following You're going to need a 1Mb machine at least, but. possibly apart from one or two exceptionally out-ot-touch saddos. there should be no problems there Extra RAM will be utilised to shorten loading limes and the like The game will have nine stages Each screen will be standard lo-res and use around 80 colours, the maionty of which will constitute the exceptionally detailed and pielty background graphics

There are the standard eight characters, selectable trom a standard

(but nevertheless jolly pleasing to the eye) front end. along with a boss to tackle once you've beaten all those We ll just have to hope it plays as devaslalmgiy as it looks, eh readers7


A top-down racing game m pretty much the same mould as Micro Machines and Overdnve In all. there are going lo be six

scenanos. each lealunng vanous stages which have to be raced over Three bonus levels will also be included in the package Each screen will feature at least 32 scintillating colours, with each car taking up 16 of those visible-to-the-naked-eye electromagnetic frequency vibrations The size of each car will be e not too inconsiderable 48x48 pixels. (Look - how many more times Stop Quoting tedious, irrelevant technical details trom press releases I won't tea you agam Clip - Ed) Artificial intelligence of the opponents will be built in and the player should - repeat. should - find himselfihersell under the impression lhal the computer cars are pretty clever. Due to Ihe unfinished state ol the game and the inconclusive footage on the videotape, we ll give judgement on this aspect ol USA Racing a miss lor now. rf that's okay

So there you have it: two new games from a new software house Like just pretty much everything else that comes from Italy, the games look good and ooze style. Kind of like Feirans smeared in pesto sauce and then rolled about in a pile of Armani clothing. Whether that's going to translate into games that are playable remains lo be seen We ll admit to looking looking forward to them, but then, we always say that And we always say that we always say that as well So that's two things that we always say But if this all sounds cliched and tued. just spare a thought tor Steve Faragher - he has lo sub the stub

"The sliding sequence with him in the dress"



When you re buyng Iron any mail Older company, it's worth toSomng mesa AMIGA POWER guidelines

1)    Before you send any money, ting the Supplier to make sure the item you require a in stock Ask questions about the company's policy on delivery and relume ot faulty oqupmenf Make sure there ate no hidden costa such as postage and packaging Find out when you can realistically aspect to receive your goods

2)    Always lead tne small pnnt on advene

3)    Beware companies that do not indude their address on thee adverts Also, avod companies wtnch do not answer or return your calls They're probably hding somethmg

4)    By lar the best method ol payment a by aectt card It ordanng goods of more than £100 in Mai value, remember that you are legacy



Game: Flight of the Amazon Queen

Runs on: A500, A600, A1200 CD 32

Publisher: Renegade Authors: Steve Stamatladls, John Passfleld, Tony Ball, Richard Joseph ETA: November

It horribly difficult to write anything about the game, because If you go "and then there'* this great bit where.

• Theri*' is oui} sweetlPrince!

CD versions having lull speech throughout. We're looking for actors at the moment, but Bruce Campbell (from the Evil Dead films) would make a great Joe King.'

Sounds a great Idea. Anyway, as we cast these roving software types Into the gloom and drizzle ol an overcast evening, 1 asked Steve If England lived up to its reputation ol being cold and wet, but he ust shivered and got dripped on.



tend to give the plot away. So maybe I'd better just talk to the people behind the game.

For Steve

Stamatladli and John Paaslleld this is their first commercial game, which makes the tact that it's ao good all the more surprising. Instantly recognising Stamaliadle as an obviously Australian name. I saked him whether It was true that women glowed and men thundered, but he Juet smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich.

"The name's Greek actually, but you've got the nationality right. We re reckon we re the third largest software producer In Australia, but that say a a lot more about the state of software production down under than It does about us."

Steve and John are both wunderklnds In the world ol Australian comic books, but at the beginning ol the project, neither at them were particularly into programming. "We knew we wanted to make a big. tunny, and entertaining game that looked great, but due to our basic programming skills, the original Amiga version lived up to expectations graphically, but ran far too (lowly. We then got Tony Ball on the project.  who's more used to coding arcade games.

I and he recoded everything on a PC using much slicker routines. We decided to use a control system similar to the Lucas I Arte ayetem. because everyone's used to I It and It's extremely uaer-frlendly.'

■ It certainly Is user Irlendly, and what I've seen ol It's extremely funny too. In a genuine belly laugh tort ot a way. There'ra plenty at people to talk to (Death and a tall pygmy being a couple ol the 40 characters) and Iota ol those sly relerences to Him* that Steve and John Ilka, most nollcably Star Wars. There'* also an Incredible amount ol detail In there too.

"There'a a scene at the beginning of the game where Joe King (a hero and pilot sort ot guy) jumps down a chute and elides down to the basement. Later on. he ends up in a dress and hat to do the same again. It'i sort of Flight ol the Amazon Drag Queen. It you will. Anyway, the point It that we completely redid the sliding sequence


Ne - hcqir -Wt Caaerae _ pff ' wiuuiUr auaiOA FOWML

*1 need more Amazon women!" cries Dr Frank Ironeteln. the obviously bonkers-mad scientist, putting Into words what many ot ue spend moat ol the day merely thinking about. Like all the other loon-charged man In lab coate. he's got a plan to bring around hie mastery ol the entire globe, and true to form, hie Insidious plant stem Irom the darkest, deepest ungle* ol the Amazon. But whal e the chance of anyone finding out about It before he unleashes hit terror onto society As remote ee the location. I'd Imagine, unleea someone stumbled upon II by complete accident. An accident Involving a fabulous 1940s cargo plane owned by a wlseguy pilot and carrying a beautiful movie actress, perhaps.

With such a plot, lit obvious that we're talking about an adventure game, and this being the '90s. It’s bound to be a point-and-cllck

adventure game. This makes



More than half ot all CD games sold are lor the CD32. according to the latest figures from Gallup, with the machine now accounting for S5.6V of the markeL (That's compared to 44V tael lime we printed one of these slightly ledlou* statistical stories.) The lupposedly-so-popular-theyve-had-to-reprlnt-the-magazine PC-CD-ROM Is trailing horribly on 24.2%. with the Mega-CD slipping to 19.3V the CD-I (whatever that Is) on 1.1 V and the Apple Mac CD-ROM with 0.9V. "Ot ail the platforme out there only Amiga CD32 can deliver advanced CO gaming now." disclosed Commodore's Kleron Sumner. "Its chert performance Is hard proof of Its unstoppable progress."

"Strum suvm strum, atrs fas*



with him In the dress.

entitled to claim compensator (torn some credl compares it the    >



Promotional gear - we just love 111 It's a rare occasion these days lhat a game comes out without an accompanying Hurry ol T-shirts, badges and novelty mouse ma1s, but Renegade have come up wilh a truly lab one to promote Flight ot the Amazon Queen. They're little replicas ot lha eponymous 1940* plane, and even though they're only card, a 'special' weight In the nose makes them superb stunt tlyere. They've been buzzing round the office tor weeks now. but anyone's yet to match Cam'* circumnavigation of the office and perfect lending on Steve's 'In' trey. We'vs got literally dozens of them to give away to who ever write* In, so write your name on the back of a postcard and send It to: Of all lha compos, In all the world, and I had to enter this one', AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Slreet. Beth BAf 2BW.

at we believe this level ol detail s Important to a game.'

Tom Wslson from Renegade's going fairly loopy about the game. "With Flight ot the Amazon Queen we've got a product that ranks alongside Monkey Island. We aim to reieate It on PC. Amiga. CD32 and PC CD-ROM at the tame time, with the

retailer goes bust Check your credit card company's pokey You can also try lo gel extra msxxanca « advance 5) It you're not paying by credit card, pay by cheque Never send cash and avoid us«j postal orders

61 Keep records It you ate buying by credit card, keep a note ol the lime 0< the aider end ask IO> In order number When ordering anything oyer tne telephone always double check the pnw 7) It you ate sending a cheque, keep a note ot the cheque number the date and the exact value Make sure you know the eraci name oi the max order company

8 When you receive your goods check them carefully It Anything is mussing or I aufry. contact the suppter immediately S Always order Itom the most recent issue ol AMIGA POWER 10) It a problem does arise, contact the supplier «i the first instance Calmly and pditeXy tel them your problem Most problems turn out lo be minor hitches Or misunderstandings that can easily be resolved It you Ehnk you have a genuine grievance, contact you local Tradng Standards Officer The number s in *ve phone book






Game: Bump n' Burn Runs on: A500, A600,

A1200 Publisher: Grandslam Authors: Pieter Opdam ETA: Mid-Late May

The (rouble with arcade-style driving w games is that they're always going to be compared with benchmark games at the genre like Lotus end Jaguar XJ220 mused David Birch ot Grandslam.

Considering that many people consider one driving game to be much like another. I wondered what Grandslam's pitch is. What's so different about this effort that's going to make It stand out from the gathering The answer came from David In two words: cartoons and characterisation. That's right. Bump n' Bum draws heavily Irom both.

I'll start with the cartoon     ,

Influence. Think once, think twice,    m

think Wacky Races. Yup, that age-old    ‘

classic cartoon has been a major Influence on

the shaping    1    scan iMm )■    »»d -

and design of    \    ikan is« ii tii

Bump'it'Bum.    i     •

the shaping     .    uaii itw«i la

and design of    LB    ikan tba ii ti

Bump 'n'Bum.    Jf    i •

So much so. In    T* * * '

fact, that    WT

Giandslam are - y }■*    • “

currently engaged In

various    _

swappings of    

lawyers' letters and the like

over the look and feel of the game. The characters we played. The Dodgy Dlnos, bear an almost uncanny resemblance to The Boulder Mobile and ihe Slag Brothers (Number    u m

One In the Wacky Races line-up,

Incidental fact fans).

The racer can be any character from a selection of eight.    sHdC

While we were looking at the game, David continually highlighted the 'cheesy' choice of names for these characters and their cars.

Cannon Fodder mission disk on the way!



quizzed, enigmatic Sensible suptemo Jon Hare would only say 'It'll all be over by Chnslmas" This is a last-breaking news Story, so we dor l have any more details yet. but rest assured we t be keeping (irmly on the case In related news, the Salfron Walden coding

maesiros also announced a new version ol legendary zillron-sellmg toolbaii game Sensible Soccer (94°« m AP21. and No I in ihe new AllTime Top 100) To be known as Sensible Soccer Version 12 (International Edition), the game will fealure referees, auihenlic World Cup compellions. and up-io-dale entries lor all the competing teams in

this year's USA Finals. The gameplay will be langibly identical lo Sensible Soccer l I. bui Ihe new version will again be available as a cheap upgrade lo your existing disks Irom publishers Renegade. Exact details on this aien t available yet, so please don't call either Renegade or AMIGA POWER aboul it at the moment -when we lind oul. you will, ol course, be Ihe lirsl to know.

Pacifists ihe world aver wept tears ot 0y yesterday as top programluhrers Sensible Software announced a new extra-missions data disk for their world-beating war-is-stupid game Cannon Fodder (94°0 m

AP32 and No 2 in the new All-Time Top 100). The disk, to be released as an addon lo ihe original version will contain no fewer than 72 (counl 'em') new missions. Ihe same number as Ihe hrsl game When

I'll not Hat them all, but here'* a random selection: Loretta Lamour (The Love Bug). Colonel Carnage (Tin Pot Tank Trakker) and Count Chaos (The Skull Crusher Special).

The game Is Intended to simulate all sorts of motoring mayhem and dirty trick manoeuvres. Some of the cars are programmed to be slow but tricky to pass; as soon at you try, they bump you, throw weapons at you, or do whatever It takes to slow you down.

Of course, you can do just as many nasty things back to the other competitors as they try lo do to you. Each competitor has his own special weapon - for example, the Dodgy Dlnos throw bones at Iheir enemies, Loretta Lamour throws lipi and so on.

The version I saw was unfinished, so It’s hard to say what the game'* going to lum out like. It's got the usual split screen two player option, but due to some sort of hardware misunderstanding (the autofire was possibly left on) the bottom car didn't run at lull speed. Things are looking  ort of promising, though.






flemembei in AP35. when Sieve said he d



In our JurassK Park guide in issues 36 and 37 we orlypnnied A1200 codes, and lorgoi about all ol you poor old A500 owners Hopefully you'll forgive us if we now reveal fhai they'ie

Level 1 - No password required

Level 2 - 8EB75C3D

Level 3 - DE5FB8CS

Level 4 - EEE7740D

Level S - BEB7SC2S

Level 6 ■ AEA7S42D

Level 7- BEA7542D

Level 8 - CESFB0C5

Level 9 - FE6FA80D

Level 10- EE77780D

Level 11 - 9E07403S

tell you how to make up your own lead so that you could conned two Amigas together and play ail of those exciting games that have a serial imk option He wasn't kidding

We don't have the space or inclination to draw diagrams and stuft. basically because the job s so simple Go down to Tandy and buy yourself two standard 25 pm HS-232 connectors Invest in the hoods lor the connectors as well II your pocket can sirelch to the expense, purchase the shielded vanety Last but not least, work out the length ol cable you think you need and add another couple ol feel'metres to avoid

disappointment Oh. and make sure the cable you buy is three-core, preferably three or live strand.

Heat up a soldenng iron, strip both ends ot the cable, tin the ends and do all the other sensible stuff that electron*: mags tell you to do when soldenng Now lor the important bits Solder the tinned strands ol one and ol the lead to the pins marked 2. 3 and 7

You should now have one 25 pm connector with three separate wires soldered onto pins 2. 3 and 7 Pay exceptional atiention to the following' take the other connector and solder the free end ol the wire connected to p«n 7 to the tree pin 7 Then solder pin 2's tree end to

pm 3. Pm 3$ tree end should now be soldered onto pin 2.

Pm 7 should now be connected to pm 7 Pin 3 to pm 2 and pm 2 to pm 3 Check that you've got it right and that there are no traces ol solder forming a bridge between the pms on the connectors As soon as you're sure that everything s hunky dory, pul the shields on the connectors and hook up your Amigas You are now ready to play any games that otter the serial link option

It you missed our feature and are wondenng why you should do all (his. it s because you can have twice as much fun with lots ol games such as Kntghts ot The Sky and Stunt Car Racer Honest

games can be. Simply making your character walk around and blow thing* up la

Game: Ruff 'n' Tumble Runs on: A500. A600,

A1200. CD32 Publisher: Renegade Authors: Wunderkind ETA: July/August

We've had terrible trouble In the office this month frying to keep track ot all these n' games. Let's see - there's been Sump ‘n'Bum. Bubble n’ Squeak., and now fluff 'o' Tumble as well. Thank goodness Bubba n' Stlx came out In February, ah

But apart from the 'n1. fluff Vi‘ Tumble makes tor a refreshing change. Okay, It'a a platform game. Okay, It’s got a pudgy little character with big eyes In it. And okay, you get an extra life It you collect 100 colna. But ralher than having to jump on the robotic baddies' beads to kill them, you're given a nifty gun to shoot them wtth. And there are even more powerful weapons like flamethrowers and racket launchers lying around, too. (“It's like

Turrican, only cute." aaid Cam, with a curl in his lip.)

There are four worlds, and each one's made up of six levels, ("fl/g levels, mind," stressed Renegade's Jason Perkins as ha struggled with the crap blue joystick we've been reduced to using this month.) The first one's a forest world, obviously, the second one's same caves with lava In, the third's a factory and the fourth one's a castle. (Sllppy-Slldey Ice-Wortd must be fully booked tor August.)

And to progress Irom level to level you've got to collect a certain number ol marbles.

The liner points Ol the plot haven I yet been finalised.

fluff n‘ Tumble Is being written with the Intent of actually making It (un to play, ralher than the chore some platform

entertaining enough In Itself, especially when you track down a rocket launcher. The slick, cute graphics help a lot, with stacks ol frames at animation for your character, and loads mare for each of the

baddies. But there are puzzley elements, too. where you've got do things like finding keys to deactivate lorcellelda. The game we looked at was quite a way off being finished, but Jason proudly demonstrated Renegade's map editor, which allows them to rapidly design all sorts ol sneaky puzzles and traps simply by planking things down on Ihe screen.

There'll be versions for all the different aorta of Amiga, Including a 32 colour 5007600 version, a 256 colour, parallax-scrolling 1200 version and a Dolby Surround Sound CD32 version. Which sounds just Tina 'n' dandy.



Sinker's ocil on the CD32 Er Oh. and it's the same as the original, only so last as to he almost unplayable


Next time you're in Oebenhams. choosing some new towels, or picking out a pullover, why not pop into the new Silica computer department They're to be found in 20 Debenhamses across the country, along with a flagship store in Oxford Street. London which boasts "dazzling lighting displays, video walls, demo pods and lutunstic styling lo highlight sections dedicated lo dittereni types ol users' Presumably they'll have exactly the same games at exactly the same prices as everyone else


Millennium are proud to announce that Ihey've teamed up with top under age pop smger Little Sister to produce the soundtrack tor their lorthcoming release Pinkie And there'll be a single released by Message Music lo coincide wrih the game Pinkie himself is "The Inendliest alien there has ever been He has been sent trom the planet Purple lo help creatures less todunale than himself


Gama: Empire Soccer Runs on: A500 Publisher: Empire Authors: In-houae ETA: June

I bet Knsaiis are relieved Far a kffle while there back in Apnt. d looked kke the boys from Otd Traftord were going to bottle ri when the pressure was on (or 'do a Dundee United', as we Soots rater to the phenomenon), and leave Manchester United Premier League Champions looking a little red devil-laced at the lop ol the ELSPA/Gallup Top 30 Luckily lor them i was Blackburn Rovers who tel lout ol the Tannadice Tendency, and Man U dnched the title without having lo luck a bai m anger, so the Rotherham software moguls can rest easy in thee beds once again Phew, eh

Now you might be wondenng what all this has lo do with Empire Soccer and Ihe answer, quite (rankly, is nothing at all Bui with (4 (at (he last count) new Amiga loolbaM games appearing over the summer monlhs. we ve pretty much rut out ol things to say aboul them already. Empire s ottering bucks Ihe Imy-graphes trend set by SensAte Soccer, anti continued by MUPLCanti this month s Sierra Soccer, in lavour ol an arcade-style took, all big chunky players and comedy anenalions The game esell rs smkarty ccun-op-esque in play, with fast-moving end-to-end action and none ol that lockouts

N (tut RMsrCsill MM eUycrs leek a


i eul fee * ftjfer

realistic midfield slogging which

so bogged down ihe likes ot Sinker It an authentic simulation is what you're lookng lor trom this yoar's now lootie crop. Ihen look somewhere else, bul Empire Soccer looks kke ii could be a nice simple arcade romp

Sarfiy that's pretty much all the information we ve managed to glean

trom ihe very early playable demo we ve seen so tar. bul Empire assure us that the finished article will be ready In plenty ol bme lor that all-important World Cup 94 sales penod. so watch out lor a Ii  review next, as they say. month • STUART CAMPBELL


mu »






If you ve played your way through all ol Syndicate, smashed your way past Ihe learsomely difficult Atlantic Accelerator mission and then had a blast on the exira mission on this month's cover disk, then you're probably gagging to gel your leeth into some more shotgun and mm gun antics, nght

Well it just so happens that the mission on the coverdisk is just one of 21 completely new and rock hard missions that make up Ihe American Revolt Missions Disk. It's been hanging around the Bullfrog offices lor quite a txt now, just gathering dust, so those whacky lads and lasses on our sister magazine Amiga Formal have taken it upon themselves to release it

ll s £12 99 (which works out at a bargtastic 68p per mission) and is only available directly trom Amiga Format Send either a cheque payable to Future Publishing Ltd or

your credit card details (including

tmiwni vtlkkcMw Sr

■BUfifeM tNtln.

that vital expiration date) to:

Future Publishing,

Syndicate Missions Disk. FREEPOST, Cary Court,

Somerton. Somerset TA11 7BR. and the little Future trolls will endeavour lo send you a spanking new set ol missions as soon as they can. Who says Amiga Format's all bad Not us. that's lor sure.


Entnes are still floockng in by Ihe mailbag-lull tor this, one ol the most popular sections ol AMIGA POWER in recorded history, but this month we were most taken by one ol the more minimalist efforts Amir Netiler ot Oxlord ottered his interpretation ol Bullfrog's ultra-violent Syndicate, but In The Style Ol Derek Jarman's unusual art movie Blue We were sufficiently impressed lo award d ft'lO, which would ordinarily mean £160 worth ol tree software lor young Amir (pnnted entnes lor In The Style Ol vnn £20 wonh of software lor each mark out ot 10 we award the picture, you see), but we decided to lake halt ol the marks away agaxi in tnbute to the recently-deceased director, leaving Anmr with 4/10 and £80 ol tree games. Hurrah1

Want to win loads ol tree slull lor drawing a big red rectangle Send DPart-readable dsks ol your interpretations ot popular Amiga games In Ihe style ot something else to In The Style Ot.


30 Monmouth Street,


Avon. BA1 2BW

* * . l.    « • «l*t« NmiV NX * * * • Q«*J • • • HM ta rwa«*> • • FiMd • Ckx


Krisalis £29.99 *★★

2    (NE) BENEATH A STEEL SKY Virgin £34.99 **** 3(1) CANNON FODDER Virgin £29.99

4    (2) FRONTIER: ELITE 2 Gametek £29.99 *★★

5    (4) PREMIER MANAGER 2 Gremlin £25.99 ★ ★★★

6    (5) THE SETTLERS Blue Byle £34.99

7    (6) SKIDMARKS Acid Software £25.99 ***★

8    (3) LIBERATION Mindscape £29.99

9    (14) ZOOL 2 Gremlin £25.99 ***★

10    (7) MORTAL KOMBAT Virgin £29.99 *****

11    (15) SENSIBLE SOCCER 92/93

Renegade/Mindscape £25.99 *****

12(9) MONKEY ISLAND Kixx £16.99 ★ ★★★

13    (18) STREET FIGHTER 2 Kixx £14.99 *★*

14    (64) FACE OFF ICE HOCKEY Buzz £9.99 *★

15    (71) F1 GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT CDS £7 99


Buzz £9.99 ***


Domark £27.99 ***★



Any of these should keep you happy during those long summer evenings.



'Apocalypse slatls olt hard and gels exponentially harder.' Basically speaking, it s an updated version ol Chopbfter lor the 90s M's got live levels and oodles cl gameptay You save hostages, waste the bad guys m a miasma ol blood, guts and wanion carnage, and generally fly aiound destroying anything you don't like the took ol The drawback is ihat there are only live levels lor thirty quid Don't lei that put you oft, though - you aren't going to Finish it in a hurry, that's tor sure



Imagine a synthesis ol &m City. Populous and Dune 2 taking place m the vast empire ol space: well, at least a small sector ol it, That's whai K240s like Your mission ts to gal nch by mining all the valuable minerals in (he Magellanic asieidd held The one hileh in the plan is that you're not alone There to up to six different types ol aliens out there, and they're all set on bombing you into oblivion For strategy, tension and oul-and-out aggression



A 3D-isomelric adventure romp You control either lumpen ox dimwit god Heimdall or a cute, blondhaired Valkyrie who walks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo Basically. Heimdall 2is one ot those romps where you end up trekking an over the place to locate obtecis that can be used m some other location to complete your quesl The main quest ts the location and retrieval ot lour pieces of a magical amulet It's not that easy, though; each subquest is broken down into Other sub-quests With well over 100 locations (o visit, you're not going to finish this one in a lortnighl. that's for sure

Empire £29.99 ***★


Team 17 £10.99 ★***

20    (13) EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Kixx £16.99 *★**

21    (24) JURASSIC PARK Ocean £25.99 ***


Domark £9.99 ★★★


Hit Squad £12.99 *★**


Buzz £9.99 ***★


Interact! vis ion

A repeat performance in the AP Recommends slakes lor this one Contrary to everything we've evei believed in (he woild ever, this is ore stonker ol a tittle game Mil probably not gel bought in droves, but that still doesn't detract from the tact that Stuart Campbell gave it 90 peicent in AP36 and summed M up succinctly by saying Ihat 'it's everything plallorm games should be. but almost never are'







25    (NE) POLICE QUEST 2 Kixx £14.99***


Renegade/Mindscape £25.99 *****

27 (NE) DARKMERE Cere £29.99 *★★


Mindscape £29.99 *★**


Domark £25.99 ***

30    (34) TRIVIAL PURSUIT Hit Squad £7 99 ★★★*

W* ftgura you mini hm torn* kWl ho* Iht Chert* wort by nom. to briefly: ffwy r«C ELSPA they mli budgie* end full-priceri together garnet eta rated In alert, and (hey r* ivh aiw apomorad by Panguln1



That's right, we liked this one so much that we decided to remind you ol it agam It s a well-thought-out hotch potch combination ol Thrust, Ods and Lunai Lander What's more, when the Newtonian physics manoeuvres get loo tricky toi any joystick antics, you can opt to use the keyboard A rarity these days What's more. Fly Harder is a budget release and deserves to be bought m droves Fly it today












With censorship suddenly thrust into the public eye again, Cameron Winstanley

E refuses to be silenced by any interfering    politician.








very so often computer games are unwillingly dragged out ol the bedroom and pushed Into the harsh tungsten lighting ol the world's roving news-cams. It might be right-wing groups using Internet or schoolkids trading computer porn, but the papers and TV are constantly coming up with shocking new revelations. Is It all simply hype and scaremongering, or should we really be

concerned about the lllegal/lmmoral use of computers This month, we take a serious, unbiased look at the Iron-tisled. totalitarian and autocratic regime of censorship.


At the time of writing this, censorship is once again hitting the headlines, with

Liberal Democrat MP David Alton trying to push an amendment about home videos through Parliament. The original bill called lor the banning of all 18-rated videos, and specific references to the depletion of violence would also have prevented the release of critically-acclaimed films such as Reservoir Dogs and Schindler’s List.

With these recent calls for lighter censorship and greater control over

what we can and cannot be permitted to view, and In the light of all the fuss about Mortal Kombat, It s only a matter of time belore the focus of media attention shifts back lo computer games once more.

Bearing all this in mind, we at AMIGA POWER have decided that li e time (or one of our near-legendary. Investigative-type, documentary-style features. Read on.


AMIGA POWER * clOMMl sciapa an the censors cam* ala months ago, whan virgin released Sensible Software's long a—llad Hirgna

" MBitaioA lha game and the OOVfll flf AP32 wm supposed to feature a picture of a . but lha Royal British got winded thH plan, and quicktyjriltsted the help ol the Dally and a couple ol rentaquote i to present a storm ol liniaraaled public. In lanlial boycott ol both and WH Smiths by fans of AP-readlng at to mention the




end Future decided 10

and came up with new Images lor

Ihelr respective products.


the la

something, then press It. Are you concerned about what your kids play In Ihelr bedroom Why not lake an Interest Why not aak them about games Have a go on one. maybe. Don’t you think that you should be aware ot what form a a large part of most children's recreation time  Talk to your children. How hard can that be You own tham and everything.

violent games are terribly destructive. But II you credit everyone with Just an ounce ol common sense, then it's lalrly obvious that people can distinguish between a bomb victim on the news and another dead civilian in Syndicate.

People say that one ol the most

potentially    _ a ft §

harmful aspects

ot video games la

their Interactive

nature, so

whereas you just

watch carnage on TV, you

actually choose who and what to

malm or destroy In video games. So if

Interactivity's the benchmark lor

harmful behaviour, we can also Include

playing hide and seek, tig and even

football as eiamples ol confrontational,

interactive experiences, right

j H to blame the teachers, the

film makers, the programmers or society on this one. This one stands with the parents, and If they're going to leave 18 videos, adult-themed books and violent h    video games lying

around where their kids can tind them, than Ifa no one a

'    fault but Ihelr own If

they fall into the hands ol the kids. We re sorry, bui we look a vote around the office, and no  one s prepared to watch Keeping Up Appearances, The Generation Game and Postman Pal tor the rest ol their lives on the off-chance that a small child may stay up and catch NYPD Blue



Games: harmless and en oyable pastimes, or blueprints for an antisocial, misogynistlc and destructive lifestyle Well, your view depends on how stupid you think


What have we learned trom all this

1 Software companies aren'1 stupid Designing and marketing a game costa vast amounts ol money, so no one s going to spend ages writing a

people are. It you believe in the

hypodermic theory of Influence, then you're going to believe that

i f iu< iimi

r ™ iij» Jr

liAM A TOM I HAT Ti t* un’v'tMiuo


A word to parents: See that button on the front ol the TV It's the 'Oil' button, and It you don't want your kid to watch


The other argument people come up with is "We must protect the children. Well, we reckon that It's complete



Jonathan Oavies hotly denies any suggestion that he's an old fuddy duddy. But ha dual man; around Sainsbury’s very slowly, blocking up BAiKatliifl'aftrfe vrith his trolley...

We wanted to gel ■ personal view on the effects of censorship on artistic merit, so we decided to employ a respected and experienced authority on the subject. Sadly, we then found out that we couldn't afford one, so instead we lied AP Dep Ed Stuart Campbell to a chair, forced him to watch the edited TV versions ol BoboCop. Repo Man and Aliens one alter the other, and then stuck him In front ol a typewriter, where he offered these thoughtful words ol wisdom: 'Censorship I'll tall you< what I think abaidOMBOrihip.

injecting themselves with stuff Or swearing. Or spilling their Insides everywhere. What they do In the privacy ol their bedrooms is their own concern. But let's keep It there, eh, rather than trying to con people into buying crap games with the promise that they might get to see something a bit naughty.

"I also think It's rather childish the way the real ol the team have been deliberately trying to provoke the censors by saying rude words Ilka taioms', or willy', or 'underpants', or._ Come on - they're quite rude, aren't they Toilet'. then. •Doing it' Oh..

I'm not toolisl enough In think tha

having welched someone die ta agony In a pool of blood on ihelr monitor, even the dimmest el Amiga owners la going to be inaplrad to • commit a raal-life murder. Or that, having oggled lor a bit at a heavlly-pixeiatad naked lady, he's going to suddenly undergo an Incredible Hulk-like transformation, dash out into the afreet. wrestle llw nearesl woman to the ground and perform unspeakable acta.

"But... wall... that sort ol thing jusl Isn't very nice. Is it I don't went to see complete strangers taking ihelr clothes oft on my Amiga. Or smoking. Or sleeping together. Or


Deeh, m Icrrifala All IlsAdll, aughf Is b* banecd.

If* not only games which are subject to restrictions on what they can and can't leature - even AMIGA POWER has to tread carefully II It doesn't want to spend six months ol the year In court. For example, we re simply not allowed to use words like .

probably all be thrown In Jail for ever. The British public la more sensitive to colourful language (like '■■■■

.    say) than anything else (ask

the BBC or ITV which films they gel the moat complaints about - violent ones, sexually explicit ones or ones with swearing In them - If you want proof of that), and we'd be more likely to gel away with printing picture* d( people having with lhan we would with saying *

eh If we did, every newsagent In Britain would immediately pull the magazine from Its shelves and we'd



‘A helpful g

the terms used in the censorship debate.

t deleting ttaJr tat, futWddfrr    of the MVt 4 i« try Ty •« show nnthino tun reaeais of The

i> I’HterialIlf is steeull unmoral    uouu uat snu Oergeiau. cor ever, a mime ounun of

The Hypodermic Theory The view that «*■*»!.stimulus you arc exposed **wdTfflioctly alfent ymiln a *'■ ■* rwJ »ndxttrrl numo <Snn of ■ ounr i oaqdeti-« u nnrnt mean wai aft atisifiuno Wi mm I mo*, etteclise mconvincingymtotni tyurlm • Untijjni really existed and that Ansuaha tmtistert •» a *n upe ama rmutiny estate nriiadfistsd try utnonvvniiiig auttee.

iltonal Viewers and l Ktansrs* Aaaorwimn A y iv"met1 emkrtny dtt oodars arts• took jgpogoD then sngMmkUki tqsos and wir» mtn t»«>vixiui. and radio as sr« lOCentiy try alary Wnrnrt rouse the ultimate atm

Mejontv Approximately three middle*anert hHtixti Atuetk'« wtar tnypen tn he ntei i n n to A majority ol what exactly f


QJTTV *hat. ‘ ps won ' 5tff“ >r\/i MOD i    (f

industry ti trii Kyutal- tg. and nas

'MSTlJypi i ) m ''<1S ,f ■ if

■jwxw that aran • inriemi car dftnshe. Uhiess yuu luumi JaigrTuvr Jirnli, of course.

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Fodder7 Of course you buy the good

You re not stupid. (Are Wr you quite  W    sure about this one. Cam

   - The authors ol WWF


0 O Bureaucrats probably are O quite stupid.

We've already covered that

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tftfit rtf. vnri    )0 lift At

the usual address and we might ptim your letter (after we've edited it. natch).




• Random and gratuitous

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»y ton with innocent, youthful ibesol

h* Evans- Unky geek kid.

ere Both ol them' Nyar. nyar, nyarf He loves

scamps and Ukes nothin' better than

>g games lor them , such as    n “®k <

ornaubWe).creepin' Iniuns (wrth Ja L

n creepin' in a combine harvester) and the

me tail on the buD Yup. that Jason



Ask anyone in the town

a deep or masive

question about rockin chairs, and they * scratch their hair (l*e they do), mumble •Rockin' chutTS, now

ain't that a tricky un" and then (Srect you up to Alton Mountain. Subsriber to What Churr international, Tc



- Dubbed the witd chid ol

the atea. Elizabeth's a bit


the area. Euzaoetn s a d a party animat. Every Saturday night, she

replaces her work clothes

(muddy from honest, good or prt foil, natch) with a cotton dress and heads off down to the raunchiest dub in town. But you won't be finrSn' neon tights, mirror bails, dry

r prices here, no siree.

Wn sells nothin' but or J ja to the sound ol    J

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*i    represents the unruly

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J part s now wrapped

*2LS also recently jacked up ihe suspension i Jnfss feet and ftfled beBoon bulpmmptly Jumped out and broke her legs. So here s a o( her sister, Usa


n a«r ■ . • WER ,eam were 3,1 3 bit Shaken

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ft the ta *°rhen ar, 'n«nner of


b°use, ah saw k 10 stay out of u-

ha. Sorry,

zelnut hi every ‘byte’


Ocean proudly present a


Game: Mr Nulz: Hopping Mad

Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Ocean Authors: The Neon Team Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

.    ■

i S.&s'tV**'."i

and    '

Ckc S

r< d be bflve'cflas

Super Mane. B Bui men he has B ar 'her charge of B

heart and goe-- tor Zelda (eponymous star

ol several Nintendo PPGs)    -

instead. As rl all ih,s wasn't     B

contusing enough, he has a    

strange etlect on anyone playing his game, too - one minute you're going

‘Ooh that's a really nice idea', the nexi it's "Gaah1 What kind H»1 ot psychopathic moron .    designed this anyway7’I’ll try

,    to explain

Even as I'm typing this I paragraph I don't know what

I mar*t 1 m 90inS ,0 9lva Tj Ni1(2 Hopping Mad I've been JKj playing it lor fwe days now.

_    I I'm three-quarters o! Ihe way

■dD through, and I still don't know U H whether I !:ke il or not. (To be v ' I honesl. I'm Kind ol hop ng it'll become clear to me asl’m writing] It's a platform game.

Schizophrenia is a lunny thing (No if isnTf. - Ed] Take Mr Nutz lor example (Btrmey. that's an uncharaclenshcatly early plunge into relevance - Concerned readerJ For one thing, he's not sure himself who he wants to be At first he seems to want to be Some The Hedgehog, but then he

but with

a definite Zeida-esque PPG angle, in that you have to da an awful lot ol trekking around on a map m between platform sections, talking lo other characters, collecting stuff and solving elementary puzzles Indeed, the first time I reached the second wodd. it took me a good 10 minutes (well, there wasn't really anything good about them] lust to find a platform section


The game is also structured a lot like Super Mano World (look, sorry abaul always bnngmg up this kind ol thing, bul it’s so blatant and deliberate I wouldn't be doing my job properly it I didn't tell you about it. okay7), but the actual platlorm bits are (oh no, not again) the closest yet that the Amiga's come to domng Some. It's probably the best-programmed Amiga platformer

I can recall (only First Samurai sphngs immediately to mmd as j

cha longer) but the des»gn is dangerously leaky in parts. Some of it's had the most painstaking care and attention to detail possible, but some ot it's so -y thoughtlessly infuriating it's hard to believe the same people are responsible lor it.

* The graphics, as you can see. are lovely - mulliple layers ol smooth, fast parallax scrolling a-go-go, even on an ordinary 1 meg A500 Next time someone (the authors ol Cool Spot or Zooi 2, say) tnes to tell you that the old machine simply

can't Handle that Kind of thing, wave Mr " Nulz m their taces and watch 'em blush You also gel some excellent SNES-Mode-7-type slut), with bosses and bonus sections whizzing in and out flawlessly, and graphics are full ol similar little tncks.


But on the other hand, they're designed in such a way as to render lots of power-ups and baddies all but invisible unless you creep along a pixel ai a time and scrutinize the screen with a    .

magnifying glass as you go. Whether this is due i _ to limitations on the

numbers ol colours    illj

B or a defiberale design strategy I don't “    ■ know What I da

Know is that it’s *0 -*t damn annoying to    Ov*,

get repeatedly spiked by things you simply rkdn't see because they were Ihe same colour as most ol the background scenery

Similarly bits where you gel whipped along uncontrollably by underwater currents, and then thrown out straight into a spiked wall will be a hanging alienee come the revolution    uA- *

The scenery itself is annoyingly inconsistent too. in terms of wtial you can and can't stand on Frequently (especially in the later levels) you can stand on one piece ol background, but nol another completely identical one. and it makes navigating your way through the already-sprawling levels    JtT*

much harder and much less enjoyable lhan it ought to be    -A v


Still. I don't warn lo find loo much fault with ihe graphics, because you do get used to them to a large extent, and even at then worst they're not a tenth as incomprehensible as. say. i

Oscar. The untottunale thing a that they're one ol a number of minor imiations A that make playing the game less like having a good t>me and more like a chore, and Ihe biggest bugbear among these is the amount of maze-mapping you must do

Mr Afutz's worlds take shape as lots ot little islands on big spread-out maps, with imle identikit bndges and ladders and pathways. Because everything looks Ihe same it's [L asioundmgly J 1. easy to get tost. RS and because it s jaS in liffle liny w sections scattered over such a btg area it's very hard lc get your beanngs

While the maps are full ot little _ characters

k O A wandfi,,ri9 _ --V around who

A' you can talk lo. practically none ol them have anything interesting or relevant most of ihe

to say

'conversations' you "    _

can have only offer    i

you one possible    1

response al a lime,    *

or if you gel more '    I hey often bnng

exactly the same resuii Even it you make Ihe wrong choree when there is a decision to be made, you can Simply go back up to the character and start again


Beanngallthisin ■    5    • mind, it seems dalt to

- have to spend so much game time trekking around the maps frying to work out where anything is. You can't get killed or lose anything important in the map Ms. they re just a linking motit to connect 0 A ,rw P*attorm segments, so it's just tedious and maddening lo have lo >

'He has t range effect on anyone playing his

For that fail Mode 7-itftc boti effect, xooe Ifcta page ie end anl In troel of fout eyes until imi, frankly, get bored ol ihe old toon lit page In and out in Iron! ol four J efts' im. Or sooner.


- *

wander the identical pathways lor five or ten minutes at a time trying to tmd the nexl platform Stage o think we can consider that point wen and truly made now. - Ed) Anyway, let's gel back to the game


One ol the cleverest (and. indeed. Some-esl) ideas in Mr NuU is the way your hit points work You actually carry your energy around as little sentient beings who look like the little brother ot Stix out ot Bubba h Stix When you get hit. the hit pant spromgs oft and starts bouncing around ol its own accord, and you can actually run after n and pick it back up again More often, ot course, you'll run alter it only to lose another three hit points while you try to get it hack, but forcing you to make that decision is a classic    v

gameplay device, and it ' works very well here

Oddly, quite a tew ' other elements ot the gameplay seem to bo dropped in as a tease, and then simply not used lor the rest ol the game In level one. lor example, there are mushrooms doited around which you use as springboards    *

After a bit, you notice "kA * that certain-coloured ones shuffle away from you when you're near them, and hence can be intimidated into *     moving quite a long way along

the level into advantageous positions Alter the first world, though.    9*9.

this neat feature * fw

seems to be completely abandoned, whch is a bit ol a shame Likewise the bits on world two. where you have to cleverly manipulate a senes ol switches to raise and lower the water level m a pariiaily-submerged stage in older to reach pedicular areas, seem to he a one-oil puzzley interlude m the middle ol otherwise uniformly-slraighilorward platforming Oh. and by halfway through the last world. I'd accumulated no less than 17 energy balls'. without the remotest suggestion from either the game or the manual what I might need 01 want them for.

Blimey, this e going on a hit, isn't it’ And quite honestly. I'm still not sure how to mark the game Like I said.

I ve been playing ii tor quite a while now. and while it's regularly driven me almost to Ihe end of my telher. I do keep gang back lo if. I ve almost finished if. and I can't imagine wanting to put mysell Ihrough it again once it's done, but I can't quite seem to let it go just yel How am I going to lind a score I know, how about some hard and tangible tacts’ You only gel 20 main levels, bui alter the first world


9' they re absolutely huge (abdloc z -A bsg lor my taste, in tact), and while the game isn't generally all that hard until Ihe ndicuiously tricky last world (fUPs are everywhere, and you should have at least 25 lives by the lime you reach world three, lor example) it'll take you a fair lime 10 get to the end. even with the help ol Ihe save. The save facility is smart What happens is that you can save your position ' i either after defeating a boss, or

!'■ rtilk sails Eo kx<* lo part Ihb oiia, oiherwbn Hit acmr HI) ip ill Ihli ipi

n< aiptnuui nciloii in ■iprdili vliiiily coalidaf. Ai yoa cai Ml. Or noL

Nik i an abtelwlaly poodle ilvfted born rictioi fraa level two. (I think)

Meiew All b a tree-power hit that yea dent have to do

And thli k yoar plain coMoe-or-sardea avarydiy aacrot room with hltpolata la. It-

in midlevel it you find a save pomt and have

enough stars (although you mighi prefer lo hold on to your stars lor other reasons, like getting access to warp zones, secret areas and messages and so on Decisions, decisions]. You can save to one of tour save slots, and when you're on the options screen you can fool around with the slots -copying, deleting or renaming them at will What this means m practice is that you can. lor example, gel lo the end ot the first world, save the game, quit and go to the options screen, copy the saved game mio the other three save slots, then play on Irom one ot those Then, it you gel past another boss ot save pont. you ve still got your original end of-levei one game saved as wen as Ihe one at your current point. This means that it you want lo. say. go back

Dropped into a lease and then ■imply not used*

over an earlier section *    lo try to come out ot it

with more lives, k stars or


, L you don't g have to start again Irom Ihe

, r beginning Watch out.

* f though - it you / try to save with Ihe game disk write-/ protected, rt doesn't r give you a chance to wrte-enabie <1 and start again, which can mean a lot ot eltort getting wasted il you gel killed before you can lind and use a save point in the next world I speak (natch] Irom experience


Right. Time lo cut to the chase. For technical achievement, but mostly tor the tact that I've kept coming back to it even though it kepi annoying me, I've decided that Mr NuU deserves  the benefit ot the doubt I haven't heard ol The Neon 'JD Team before now. but ij® this isn't a half-bad start  lor them II they can  come up with an idea to match their obvious talent nexl time, then Bullfrog, Sensible el al had belter watch their backs ■ STUART CAMPBELL

Extremely well programmed, pretty, big and sort-ot difficult. The game-aave system la particularly good.

Oh, and there's one really good aound effect that reminds me ol that seminal coln-op. Galatians.

A bit

sprawling and aimless at times, with rather too much wandering around desperately trying to lind something to do The RPG element la too slight to be worthwhile, but too intrusive to Ignore. There are a lew stupid and annoying Idlosyncracles. too, and the music's not up to much.

A curious and slightly muddled attempt al combining console classics Mario, Sonic and Zelda. and a not entirety-unsuccessful one. You'll take quite a while to finish It, but then you'll never play It again once you do. The Neon Team will write much better games than this, but It'll do (or now.


Less disk accessing, £1200 but otherwise no " noticeable differences. Multiple drives are recognised anyway, so intrusion Is minimal (and not a sign ot 'Loading... Please Waif, either).


Game: Monopoly

Runs on: A500, A600, A1200,


Publisher: Supervision Authors: Malcolm Lansell, Kevin Wells (programming). Graftgold. Jo Walker (graphics), Sound Ideas (sound)

Price: £27.99 Release: Out now

onopoly on computer - a stupid idea, right The whole point ol playing Monopoly is getting together round a table with your trends, actually holding all those culture-icon banknotes and title deeds physically In your hands, trying to nick ESOO notes when no-one's looking and putting everyone's lines and taxes into the middle lot whoever lands on Free Parking (it you don't do this, you're lying). It's not about crowding round a poxy 14-Inch monitor taking turns at the mouse and liddlmg around with hatl-a-dozen menus just to swap your Regent Street kx your male's Trafalgar Square

That's the common wisdom on the subject, anyway, and I have to say I used to completely agree with it. But that's charged a bit now that I've played this new version. Oh yes It provides you with eight players, any, all or none ol which can be played by human participants or the computer. Also, each location is illustrated by a vaguely appropnate picture (ie Mayfair looks nicer than CHd Kent Road), and building or knocking down houses and hotels are depicted with various animated sequences Play is controlled by means ot an unusually easy-lo-understand icon system, but otherwise it's pretty much ust good old Monopoly.


So. the age-old question approacbeth - should you get this instead ol the much-cheaper cardboard version Well, maybe, but first you should be aware ot a lew niggling flaws.

It's a bit annoying to have no idea ol how much cash the computer players have - it might

be realistic, but it's inconsistent it you're playing with other human players. You can see how much they've all got, but not (be computer players, which is a little weird.

Secontty. I d have liked it it the location pictures had some indication on screen as to who owned them, whether they were mortgaged or not. and so on (Or at least an option to da it.) I can see why they haven't - it means that you've got to remember what you've got and pay attention at the risk ol missing out on your rent -but it's not realy fair It you're playing the board game, you've got your little cards in Ironi ol you. you're not expected to commit them ail to memory. Sure, you can call up a list ot who's got what at any time, but it's a bit ol a clumsy way lo have to go about things Personally. I always regarded skipping rent as a bad thing anyway - rt just makes everyone sulk. It's also a touch odd to shout all over the box about having computer players with individual

only one

And how come there’s Waddington’s Games, then Eh

behind dice-throwing larfci n ifce very ltari of the game.    «b

The videogames industry, yesterday. Except for the Amiga, of course.



characters, then expect the player to piay against them all a dozen times trying to work out what their charactensues are It would have been better to have them all desenbed in the manual, so you could deliberately set up harder, easier or ust different games without having to play the thing lor a week first And. of course, if you wanted to work it oul yourself, you could just tear oul that page ot the manual and eat it. or something.


In tad. generally the only complaints I have about this version of Monopoly are about flexibility. There isn't any. I'm sure, for example, that it was Waddington's who wouldn't alow the old pay'the-fines-mtO-Free-Parking routine for

Monn Ul«r, k« ruliut kl* ■iIiuIm. But ifi too U «.




- * TFCf *



Cwrf lime imicobc Lands on a iquirc, Ou §el lo Mich (heir piece trundle alOBf 1b from ol i picture of acconpiflUd bi appropriate found effects. II snore I hen one piece lands on ihe sene a quern, diet Hop on lop of one mother, which hi Ul ujty.


JCC outton to contznuc

Qnnnf knot foes on lo dear old the lot of Iheoi.

And Ihci lo hah mother dlT-Ncxt dotes Ihinfflll be different.


Ita sake of purity (Itie only computer version I've ever seen with this facility was an unofficial one on the Spectrum called Go To Jail, and that had a court order taken out against 4). but everyone in the entire wo rid does H. and it seems potntfessly petty not to allow it. This is already a pretty good game, but it would be so much better d you could customise it to your own tastes a bit.


However, lor all these flaws, this is an engaging version ol Monopoly It's still not as much fun gathering around the monitor with a lew friends as it would be just to get the board game out, but the characters (you really do get to hate Mobile Michael after a while) and the presentation make it much more fun to play by yourself against the computer than any previous incarnation. It’s a great time-kiler. too - if you've got 25 minutes to hang around In, lor example, just pick a lew opponents, sei the Short Monopoly' dock lo 25. and play the special game In which you each get dealt a couple ol properties al the start and then have to simply be the richest at the end ol the time limit. There are loads of different strategies lor this variation, it's surprisingly Iranbc ( Never mind the bloody auction, gel a move on and land on Park Lane!'), and it's kept me happy lor a good



HaH ai hour lalo the §!■«, amI still rv«ryih<M to pUy for. Oeoftr«T


You'll be herd-pressed A1200 to see any difference

lew days now. As such, it's the first computer Monopoly there's been any point in buying, and I recommend if.

with It running on a 1200. Because It Is. In tact, utterly Identical. The same In every way.


® UPPERS The characters and animations go a long way to making this leel like a proper computer game, not just an Interior version ol a board game. If* last and smooth to play, and II caters lor up to eight players.

® DOWNERS ...but you re still betler oft with the genuine article It you're actually playing against real people. Very occasionally it takes a bit loo long to get on with the next lum while It fiddles about mortgaging sites and building houses and stuff.

It a still a bit expensive, considering the board game s Ies9 than a tenner. Oh. and we'll have live percent oft lor 'Lord Topper builds an hotel'', lhanks very much.


I was surprised al how much I enjoyed this - it's the Ural lime I haven't been bored out ol my mind playing Monopoly against a computer within 10 minutes The new cosmetic additions really    —

da make a difference, so U I I'm going to be nice to It Q —


As the game doesn't supply you with any character backgrounds, we employed legendary private Investigator Lance Carbine to let the skeletons out of their closet - who are all these people, and what are they doing here His findings shocked all of us.


Seaalnpty a wealthy aid lady dabbliay la tfca paaa far i fail oi aduaiil fa* bar tvriliphf fa an, bat It la lad larq Tba Skirt* Dadmarblar, a weB-haowa 1ace' la tka crhainal aaderyroaad al Laadaa. Aeanyr tradaaark ii paikj as a trail-brad widow, aad Ibaa jinii] lorn track aid aaa la loaa bar1 (H,M« far a bmiaati lavartaant aad dliappieilaj



A Saoial in, lafl ilraadad la laplaad altar ika lalijii aad dluabrtiaa el tka MSI, Berea lirucla' (raai aaaaa: Vladlalr Vlad lair ovtchlnovikiev) iwiftty laraad fail aaa riploaeye irelaiay Me a ratal practical Maaopab-ptaynty rkilb. Ha cam tail how "act aoacy yaaVe jet, tablck propartfaa yoa've aoxiayad, aad whether yoaVa pot a Sat Oat Ol tail free' card, etapb Ire" tba aayla at year ayaheowv.


A Scottish vide epa act reviewer, kpaadary la Meaepely carder ter hit La "ear Tvccaddy Triple Met aad

'Nartkanbartaad Aaaaaa Hair etlachjep itrataylen aad rrytbh tkcethrowiay taebaipaa. Yet, lard Tapper k aheaye played by mm, bacaura ol bb tka bat.


Nat actually a lamer al ad, bat a DSS laeapar InveiUpaiiny the attar piayen let vadacLarad aarvlnyi whenever they aHa a crernrerd caapamiaa, ar pat reread pcira la a baaaty caaiart Sea«ti"ei be

coaceatratar aa ttb al tba erpeare el kb ceeer, able* caatar tl" ta eccatieaaOy "in barpain-priced prapartiaa or ranl-collediap opportuamcr


CLalanr la be a retired war aalaraa, bat b la fad a cruel hoaxer atiaaptiap to caa Oraany Real aid of bar IHa tavlayt by per land I ay ta tail la let", nunytap bar ler bar noaey aad killlay bar off witt aadatadabia paisaa. Praaa ta dlrplayr al macho bravado, like bayiap tka (lectrtc Caapaay al twice tka aarkal valaa.


Detectable daaphlcr al Aaaay Tba Skirt, Mar Trtxie eperatar ar the attar ball al a doable ad with her dear aid dad, 'dittraclivy' Or acral Hobaill wbaa ba r away Ira" die table la order to prevent bla Iroa kxvytty anoayb tlaa la levartipata Oraany Kratl oTfiton baaltiay arraapaaenir. Sbe daUbarataty piayv a radilait aad lacffectual paaa,

37 preraniabb ta ar aal ta

create tHpIdaa ar wail ar Ika Oaaatal.


AdaaAy a heavily dlipabad hrinceti Ol Malar, trytey to trbt •aoayk aaaay ta pay bar callalar phone bill. Oxaa latally flawed by a waabaan lac paytay bnpaly reflated pricer lar anythlap la lha enpeaaive Repeat-Street ta-Mayfair ■trip dawn tka rtpht-haad tide al tka band


Joan Cal la i, ea her day off Dear at care whether the

artar or lorer, bat b deteralaad ta eainra the defeat al latee Barnacle, altar aa aatortanala laddaat etatS Navy bare la 1S44.


Game: Sierra Soccer -World Challenge Edition Publisher: Sierra Authors: Steve Dunn Price: £24 99 Release: Out now

At first, I was having a bit ol a problem with my approach lo this review. It seemed dear cut at first My home learn Kilmarnock, are struggling to stay out of the lelegation zone in the Scottish Premier League Unfair enough I'll just talk about them for a bit, make a companson with Sierra Soccer - World Challenge Edition and put in a derogatory comment about the game being relegation material m the AMIGA POWER Fantasy Football Game League But that wouldn't be entirely lair.

For a start, just because a team's unfortunate enough to be caught up m the relegation zone doesn't automatically

mean that it's crap and worthless    O

(unless of course the team in question 3 is based in Fife and go by the name ol ™ Dundee. Ha Ha Ha) You only have to (/) ask Glasgow Rangers - allegedly one 5ol the best football teams in Bntam ■£ today - about Kilmarnock.    jj

They'll tell you Kithe are crap (they * say that about every Scottish team that (/) doesn't have Glasgow and Rangers in Q the title], then they'll come over all O sheepish and shamefacedly explain    O

that if it hadn't been tor a presumptive 2 myopic linesman and a disgracefully • * incompetent referee, the semi-final replay of ihe Scottish Cup would have witnessed a famous Ayrshire victory. Killie walked all over them Made their £25 million Ime-up look like a twenty-five-pence-arsd-lour font-salads affair (Ayr United anyone'’). The only people m the foolballing nation who weren't surpnsed about Kiltie's performance were the Killie

supporters themselves: no one rates us. we don't care


The forlunale/unfortunale thing about taolball games is that they're always going lo be compared against Sensible Soccer I agree with Stuart when, m relation to Sensi. he said that some games aie so tar ahead in Iheir genre that no one should bother wnting games that are just gomg to be a pale shadow ot the ongmai But. and this is a big but. in Scottish real iile footballing terms, that's like saying Rangers are so good that nobody should bother competing against them because every other team is but a pale shadow in their vile presbyterian light As Killie so magnificently proved, underdogs can still leach new incks and pack a bonecrunching bite to boot

So. bearing m m od that Sierra Soccer - World Challenge Edition is the

underdog, up against the likes ol Manchester United Premier League Champions and Sensi. why can't I say the same thing about if Well lor a start, the lirsl thing that strikes you is ns uncanny resemblance to Striker The resemblance is so remarkable that I ended up scanning the programming and design credils of both games for matching names fully expecting to shout 'snap' at some stage in the search Incredibly, not one ol the names trom either game matched. Looks like a look and feel' litigation case could be in the offing it you ask me

Striker was originally reviewed by Stuan m AP15 where it earned a sottish 76 per cent "It's got Ihe right idea, bul at the end ol the day lacks ihe necessary polish to make it stand up to the sheer class ol the all-conquenng Sensible Soccer', he said

Sierra doesn't have any polish whatsoever and here's why I II assume that you haven't seen Striker (if you have skip the next couple of paragraphs) Sierra uses a second person perspective, ie the action is viewed from one end


Only one Sierra Soccer, er, there’s only


of the pilch. usl behind and above the current location ot the ball Due to the smaller player semes and slightly altered perspective, more ol the prlch can be seen than that ottered by Srnkec it's very similar to ihe 3D mode in World Class Rugby So I suppose you could can that an improvement, but definitely not a polished one. oh no


Control s pretty standard tare It you're not ei possession, your nearest man to Ihe ball is highlighted and under joystick command Otherwise, it's one ot those veicro-to-ihe-foat jobs until you either pass or are successfully tackled This brings us to the three most blatant flaws ot the whole game. The first most ludicrously absolutely bloody ndiculous flaw is the inability ot the computer to decide who's nearest to the ball This can result in the preposterous situation ol thinking you were controlling one particular little man only to find that he is no longer under your control, because Ihe programmed algonthm has opted to change to another ot your little men More often than not. the

direction lhal you were originally sending the first little man in is earned on with the second little man So. say for example, you had been running down Ihe pitch wdh a midfielder trying to catch the opposition's attacker and control suddenly switched to your delender who's now m front ot the bait He's gomg to be led m the awkward position ot running down the Held away from the onrushmg forward because that's the direction you were last bolding the lOystick in. By ihe time you compensate tor this you may have run so tar away Irom the ball that another ot your players is now deemed closer by the algonthm and consequently switches to him It's no longer a case ol playing computer football, it's more a case ol reading to whoever has the arrow above their head That's not the worst ol it. though

Sometimes (and it s rather loo often lor comfort), your opponent will be charging down the middle towards your goal, wrlh a detender on either side The computer will first put the arrow over, say. the defender on the left You'll start to move towards the attacker, bul the the computer suddenly switches control to (he delender on the nghl Because ol the direction you're holding the stick, the nght-hand defender will momentarily be moving away Irom ihe forward making the left-hand defender the closest one again Ot course, at this moment in lime you're compensating lor the nght-hand defender

her as soon as I got the hang ol the controls. Great tun. eh

I haven't given a great deal ol space to the actual World Cup tournament and the numerous player statistics Basically, you can have up lo eight human players taking pan (why not have the option to have as many human players as there are teams in the competition), can play Inendlies and all that sorl ol stud, but it's nowhere near as comprehensive as other games such as Sens*

Each player and each team have a pile ol statistics based on skills such as tackling, attacking, pace, stamina etc Before a game, these are displayed on a screen This means that there are some instances, such as Germany v South Korea, where one team dominates on all siatisitical fronts: with this game Germany positively oozes attacking skill and pace Yet surprisingly, when Ihe computer controls South Korea none ot this massive adavamage is very apparent, as the defence runs circles around you seemingly at will. Strange and frustrating indeed: in some instances, you can spot the advantages, but you have to be looking very hard


In summary. I have to say lhal this game has just about no redeeming features in my eyes - although some ol Ihe goals you can score are the most spectacular you'll ever see in a football game and are fully adion-replayable Oiherthan lhal. I would avoid this game. In the end it's going to share the same late in Ihe AP office as Dundee and Swindon have done elsewhere m the real world • STEVE McGILL

and moving in the opposite direction again, so when the computer suddenly switches back to the left-hand delender, he starts running away Irom the lerward This frequently continues all the way lo the six-yard box. with the arrow lliekenng luriously between your delenders until the computer’s stuck the bail in the net and your defence is standing al ihe corner flags It's quite annoying, in Ihe same way that war is quite bad

The second mator Haw is that ifs just about impossible to play a flowing passing game When you're running towards goal and you're just about to be tackled, it makes sense to pass ihe ball The pace ol the game isn't so fast that you're not aware ol your other player's positions There should be no problem wflh passing Unfortunately, it the player waiting to be passed to faces the ball, no matter how hard or soil the pass, it will always bounce oft him and travel at least live yards back the way it came As often as not. the opposition picks up the ball Again, this can be compensated lor, but it’s incredibly disruptive and irmatmg.


The third major flaw is the tackling You cannot take or steal the ball Irom the opposition, other than him missing a shot or putting it out ol play, unless you slide tackle The odds are normally around 7(V30 wheiher or noi you're going lo give away a foul while doing this. Admittedly, as soon as you've slid, your player just about immediately picks himselt up and is able to star) running with the ball assuming iheiackle was successful I'm now at ihe point ol sounding needlessly repetitive, bul this flaw, while tedious, can be compensated Ion but you end up not wanting to bother, it's too much to take.

I know it sounds as if I'm pulling the boot in, and yes, l am The person Irom Sierra didn't seem to think too much ol Ihe tact that from kick oil. she scored two goals simply by running up the held wiggling her player from led to nghl to keep the opposition's (me) player control switching Irom player to player so that fl was almost impossible to gel a (sliding) tackle in. As soon as she reached the penalty box she let np with a heavily alter touched' shot and scored, all within about three seconds Surprisingly enough. I managed to do exactly the same thing to

® UPPERS Immediately

playable. The second person perspective looks good: It's almost like those supposedly sexy down with the player1 shots you sometimes get during real live football matches.

® DOWNERS Poor player control. Terrible passing Diabolical deadbail situations. Tackling. Player statistics. Some ridiculously laughable bugs, such as the referee running through solid terracing after he's sent someone off.


Stuart reckons Slerrs Is better than Man Utd Premier League Champions. I disagree and that's why this game Is getting AA  a lower mark than Stuart M I “ gave Man II.    \)L =


No graphic

A1200 enhancement. If It was

speeded up It would become unplayable.

I can t really disagree with the mark, bul I da think Steve's being a bit hard on this. The Ineptness of the player-under-control selection beggars ballet, but otherwise this It a playable enough game whose Idlosyncracies you can actually get to grips with with a little effort, unlike Man UldPLC which never made you (eel like you had a chance ot winning two games In a row. Or scoring two goals In a raw, even. SSVVCE plays at a manageable speed, with challenging but not unbeatable opposition, and In a much more real-football-tike manner. It really Is like Striker with liny graphics, though - litigation alert! • STUART CAMPBELL


















Now listen, Pond, there’s something fishy going on at AMIGA POWER. We want

'Hiaia men accosted you In Hie street *

Qam«: James Pond 3 -Operation Starfish Runs on: A1200 Publisher Millennium Authors: Chris Sorrell (original design), Alan McCarthy (Amiga programming), Sean Nlcholls, Leavon Archer (graphics). Richard Joseph (sound)

Prlco: £29.99 Roloaso data: June

to involve two small fat moustachioed men ti dungarees, and a fish with boots on]

PC TrouterptM*: Right. I warned you.

IPC Trouserpress draws his truncheon and wades in. swkigmg mrtscnminatety to the left and right. In moments, the combatants Se daied on the ground and PC Trouserpress takes command ot the situation.)

PC TrouMrprM*: Now. would one ot you gentleman I As to explain this unseemly commotion lo me You, the lat one In the red

Mario: It wasn't our    A

a-lault. cheer It was    / M

him. him a-there    X I

[Mane poms at me fish    H

who PC Trouserpress    

recognises as one-time    10

big videogame star

James Pond]    ' *    _

James Pond

(sullenly): I didn't do    \ pT>

was the fish's a-lault He tried to steal the a-bread horn our mouths.

PC Trouserprssi to Pond): la this right, sir

Pond: I wanna talk lo my lawyer, filth PC Trouserprau: Right, that's it. You're all coming wrth me.


lScene: The station Desk Sergeant Stepladders is taking a statement from Pond.)

Sgt Stapladdera: So. you say these men accosted you In the sheet, accused you i of trying to steal their jobs and ruin their I reputation by stealing all their ideas and I then doing them really badly, and then physically attacked you

Pond (now heavily bandaged) Yeah, that's right

Sgt Slapladders: And you deny these charges, do you

Pond: Is my lawyer here yet’’

1 Sgt Stepladdera: Hang on a minute. I'll check at reception

[Sgt Stepladders leaves, only to return a \ tew moments later accompanied by another man. a short, black-clad figure with a strange and unstghtty hairstyle He ts carrymg a bnetcase. and has a Scottish accent)


Sgt Stepladders: Here's your lawyer, he arrived a couple ot minutes ago Now. can we gel to the bottom ot this

Lawyer: I need lo consult with my dieni lor a moment. Sergeant The noo.

IPond and the lawyer hudda around a monitor screen m a comer of the interview room The monitor is attached to a

Uarlo: Did a-loo

Pond (in a menacing low growl): You're dead, chubby. You hear me7 A deed man PC Trouaarprett: Now than, that's quite enough ot that. sir. or n run you down to the station right this minute.

■ Mario: You ask-a A*.    rnry brother, hel

a-tell you

L ,-rjT'

lScene Outside Nutt Respeki Gamez, a seedy and run-down computer games store m one ot the less pleasant suburbs ot Bolton. Lancashire Its the mtdcSe Ota tooriof and muggy summer afternoon, and there's a ruckus m progress.)

PC TrouMrpresa (arriving on the scene and lingering his truncheon nervously): Alright, alright, break it up. What's going on here

[The tussle continues unabated It appears

Tba mm, Iimi Net ] « U, la (Martf) all Ml flan. Tba aaiy-pcaiy cktasr —Mi an tan at Ek« batten kft, while lha trtdtT and Ut an top rtfbt la betvata an 11* at hard, bitten pUtferaUna-

Ald Poad'l really fat a raaaatj climb la tba tacaad baM, Brian.'

you to infiltrate, disguised as an ordinary platform game, and report back to us.

77* fctrywr bepns to snub* an A* of


Lawyer Er. could as possibly arrange some kind ol plea bargain, do you 1hink


(Scene. A busy courtroom. Judge FAngcattnet cats the assembly to atdat j Judge Flllngcabinal: The deleraani a around d being a due attempt to done tha StpK Itoe games, except wiih incredtiy dark graphics which try to suggest die cold, airless atmosphere ol the moon, but actually end up suggestkig nothing more than the nopablly of the programmers to draw proper backgrounds even when given a 32-brt hardware platform. Furthermore, it is darned that even though the said backgrounds are simply walls d black with a lew sngle-puel purple dots on them, they don't move at al, meaning that anyone playing the game can be subject lo tha (ksconceding experience of (tying through the air ky the duration ol about hall a level without anything on the screen moving at all There is also an adekbonal charge that the defendant's actions are incompatible with the speed ol the game's update, leading to unpleasant instances oI slow-down and jerklness when many sprites are moving on the screen at once, and that his control is irritatingly skittish in as much as that it s very difficult to move him small amounts, and many ol the platforms he must A9A stand on are stupidly ■    

small Finely, it is alleged dial the defendant contains areas in which the player's character can be damaged and kited simply by standing on completely Innocuous-looking sections o( ground, and also areas in which the player's character must leap blincty Into an mky black void in the lervent hope that there shall not be some manner of danger beneath him How does the defendant plead

Lawyer My dient pleads guilty, bull with extec using circumstances, rrilud.

Judge Flllngcablnet: Extenuating circumstances Whal might these be

ttwSUMcMWJJJknre' and the lowrtpanio i. my dieet

teals that lha court should taka note ol the sutmniiai value tor money ottered by Ns Urge master Ol lave* (in excess of 1001]. save imily, recognition of fwo-tuilori joypads and extra dak driven, and ol the many hignous ebaaae- and custard-i dated jokes contained her am And, erm. the tlppery movement is. urn, a deliberate gemeptay device lo. er, ar. annulate my dient’s slippery (ins. Yes. that a H Fins Judge Flllngcablnet: Hmm. I'm not convinced


/Later. The jury have retired to consider their verekd and return. ledby-odrty-PC Trouserjxess I

Judge Flllngcablnet: Have you reached a verdict upon which you are all agreed  Foreman ol the jury: We have, mlud. Judge Flllngcablnet: And what is your verdict’

Foreman of the jury: We find the defendant guilty on all charges, plus several olher ones that weren'1 previously mentioned, such as having spiky pits in the custard worlds, suggesting some kind ol dangerous spdty custard which is demonstrably lurkcrous. Furthermore, the defendant suiters from severely flawed oolKssion detection, a dull and largely ye Sow colour scheme.


.alecki reasya

dran*e pause] sppy-aiday ce world near tie end. m lud! [Court gaspa) The mambsre ol the jury expressed a unanimous desire lo slop dsvrg lbs gaae by appreaiMlsVy the middle ol the second slags (some live and a had minutes in, inducing loading fame), and on bang I weed lo eorkxiue ended up In extremely had tampers.

Lawyer: Yeah, and it got me so annoyed I broke my lavounie joyped throwing it at the floonn disgust Gn Pond: Hang an, you're supposed to be on my side1

Hill a mm of ik« prettier levtli, bar H Ull looks like Mobotod •■fa rot re send.

An act ton-pack id KtM, with yummy joodMi blocked offb < mpiinom wall of lam* tori. A tricky om for wra.

'• mm

Judge Fllingcablnet: Make 1 so. [Pond a led Imm me mud to a wertng Black Maria, a bag over ha head j • STUART CAMPBELL


absolutely huge. and there's lots ot secret stuff to go exploring for, both on the map and In the ectual levels.

annoying to play tram the off. and you'd expect a 1200-only game nearly two years In the making to look a little more Impressive than this. Well, we would, certainly. James Pond 3 It just not angaglng In any way.

it s perhaps Inevitable that any game you have to wait this long lor Is going to be a btt of a disappointment when It finally arrives, bul James Pond 3 Is as much of a letdown as anything I've seen for quite seme time.


The £34 99 (!) CD32 CD32 version will make lull use ot the joyped buttons, but should olherwlse be pretty much identical. There will be no A500/GOO version, apparently due lo size restrictions.


Tk« ]in« look! tooicthla) lika tkla. (uctt Ilka All, la lad- In feet, tkii b H. _

Game: Traps and Treasures

Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Krisalis Authors: Slarbyte Software Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

<r    ■ ■ H her your magazine’s or

01    V mk M deadline, and a load ot me

WmWM games you've been w    promised by certain

software companies (who shall remain nameless, cos we're professional like that) haven't even been seni to the office, then it’s a real boon to be given a platform game to review at the last minute. The reason's simple - you can fill the opening paragraphs ol the review by enplain ng how ctep the plot is. So. for whet its worth, here’s some space-tilling storyline Captain Jeremy Flynn is sailing around the Canbbean doing the sort ol deeds that Captains tended to do in the Canbbean ol 1641. Suddenly, m a scene reminiscent ot Burt Lancaster's tamous

Gfilm. The Crimson Pirate, he's attacked by Bedbeard. and all his crew are kidnapped This, as anybody left awake will no doubt

tell you. is not a happy state of affairs lor the poor Captam to be left in. Luckily lor Jeremy, though (and us gamesptayers), he s managed to retain his freedom, and embarks on a quest to rescue his crew.

So. that's the plot-line dealt with then What are you supposed to do with Jeremy once the game hands over control ol him’’ As i previously mentioned, you've got to rescue your crew members while at the same time defending yourself from any living things, objects or miscellanies that happen to cross your path


If you take a look at the into box that sns atop this review, you'll see that the programmers are Starbyle. the very same people who programmed Fly Harder (awarded 90 per cent by Commander Cameron in AP36. fact fans) Now. considering the pedigree that Fly Harder radiantly displays, I peeked up my ears and started to lick my ips in anticipation Visually. Traps 'n' Treasures bears a remarkable resemblance to Arabian Nights and EH World Anybody waiting lor any other cempansons have metaphorically had if. I'm afraid

Now cl's onto some hard factual information about the game itself. There

are only tour levels: The Thread Needle Lagoon. Skul Grotto, The Temple and. last but not least. The Fortress. Before you ail go in a hull and shout "Surely that’s a foul ref. consider the following: with the exception of the first each level is so large and so convoluted with tricks, traps, puzzles and skuiiduggeroos denizens that if will lileralfy take you longer than a long, tong time to complete. And. with some reservations, that's a good thing So ust what

9 ,*Sfr

Van hjm <a vroodtf wba d acinallf kaw ■ uu I)Ih on a rtnol* nwgiula fide.

hutting and puffing with the effort: you almost feel for him Vou get emotionally involved and want to see him succeed m his quest, and that's a good thing It's also good to see that he isn't nauseatingiy cute or m-your-lace. He does exactly as you tell him When you leave him alone for too long, he leans over and taps on the screen with a perfect rendition of the old Channel 4 tap on-lhe screen advertising campaign II made me laugh so much that i had to call people over in the office to lake a look Unloriunately it s not a new slant on the thmgs-ihat-piattorm-charaders-do-when-you leave-them-alone mechanism - Hugo the trotI did Ihe same thing Bui if still managed to amuse me.


I'm reaching ihe end ol the review now. so Ihe last mention concerning the mechanics of the game goes to the sound. It s competent, game-enhancing and well-executed. if nothing else

Noi being ihe best udge of platormers (He's/okmg. of course - Ed), I recruited an ace plallorm fiend lor his opinion ust to make sure that I wasnl making a fool ol mysetl 'Stuart." I said, "is this any good-5' "Don't know Steve, you'll have to make up your own mind.' Oh no. Well, here goes: Traps n' Treasures otters nothing new in the field What it does do. though, is entertain and amuse • STEVE McGill

. key The only green key within any kind Ot

■MpH reachable distance is hidden behind a

lEipr breachabie wall To

breach the wall, you need to blow it up. In order 10 blow it up you need a bomb To obtain a bomb, you need to buy one born a shop To buy one from a shop, you need money To earn money, you need to collect it from treasure chests and platforms and underneath collapsible blocks and things like that, while careluil avoiding or bashing nasties For further rnckery and head-scratchy Jack-m-lhe boimg you can move boxes toward plattorms that ate normally too high to reach without some torm of external aid When I first saw this I thought "Oh oh1 Dumb lump ot plasticine with a crap antenna on top alert.‘ Yes. it almost threw me back into the deja vu-like nightmansh world ol Puggsy. the most imtatmg platform game m the world ever. But no. in Traps n Treasures the boxes don't sutler trom inertia or mass - maybe not as realistic, but much more conducive to sanity and game playability You can stack them on top of each other without having to worry about their inertia creating a collision and spilling the whale edifice all over the place


So that's ust about n with Traps n' Treasures The difficulty level is probably set a little on the hard side - some cl the monsters are too difficult to kill quickly enough, which means that unless you pay an inordinate amount ol attention to avordmg or killing them, you're going to die. And the catch with that ts that it detracts trom the puzzle-solving element which is set at ust about the perfect level ot trickiness. ie it doesn't bore you to tears through being either too hard or too easy.

Oh. and I haven't mentioned the animation of Jeremy himself yet. When he swims under water, you can see him


is the party carte sepiete quad (Completely wrong informationally inconsequential sequence ol fencing terms - AP Fencing Coach) that will , defend and render sale Traps ‘n’

J Treasures trom the now legendary I universal AP cry ol "Oh no, not another j platformer, no please."

[ Wei. there's ust so much to do -I puzzles and sub plots abound Rather r than having a completely linear , sequence ol events to overcome, Tn'T I contains small asides to be discovered.

I For example, on the second level, there's a door that requires opening by a green

UPPERS Difficulty level set fust about right. Loti ol thing* to do. Fabby graphics. Lots ol different tools lb use.

DOWNERS Soma monsters are too quick and

■    oiu iuu v uivn ariu

loo hard lor the character id f kill without losing health points    a

Hard-tfrspol, spflng-up-and-    "    f

surprlse-you traps.    *


Basically, it you're on the look-out lor a decant platform game, be sura to lookout tor Traps n Treasures.


No grsphlc

Al OO embellishments, but the scrolling does seem noticeably smoother.




*r.» y ■ j




T*« IftMfaial robot re-mlo. caofcrooco cmM mI ba claoid aa a taccau-

Give us a ‘C\ Give us an ‘O’. Give us a

MPLETE CONTROL’. And what have you got More tips than a bag full of


snooker cues, that’s what, lovingly sorted, typed up and returned to us (late again) by everybody’s favourite tip freelancer - Rich Pelley, we mean.









From the start up screen select options', set the level to arcade' and the sound to zero, exit to the high score table, hold the nghl mouse button and type In EUPHORIA.

Release the mouse to return yourself lo the main screen and - hey! That option marked Configuration wasn't there before. I'd swear. And it's full of more goodies than you can shake me at

Ira, m Sorry to brtndo, bet ceaM to* poulbty dlrttl ■« lo tb. ...rail Pad Off leaf*











Disposable Hero




Zool 2


Fly Harder


Hired Guns


Bubba n' Stix


Cannon Fodder    50*55

K240    56*57

Steel Sky    58*59

And! Rich addresses your gaming concerns in...

The Last Resort    60-61


CM you know some items can be bought lor a (taction ol their correct price simply by expressing an interest in making a purchase, locating a credit card with less money on it that the price o4 the selected item and handing over the card So claims Terence Ferguson of Swindon The

first lime any transaction will be denied, but offer rt again and it will be accepted, a few credits will be deducted, and the item and card will be handed back This works best wrth Underworld dealers, but bear in mind even this way items can sail prove lo be pretty expensive on later levels.



Those ot you not already In the know will be delighted to hear that a literal edifice of cheats exist lor loots not-ent-tastic follow-up which could in ihemsehres aid even ihe most abysmal platform player to victory. Study Ihe list below. Then at the intro which says Press Fire For Options', type in the relevant word lor the desired effect CREAMOLA - tO Lives VISION - 20 Lives

TOUGHGUY - Invincfclity

(except eieanc & spiked walls) SESAME - Start on Level 1 RON SON - Start on Level 2 FUNKYTUT - Start on Level 3 HISSTERIA - Start on Level 4 MAHROBONE - Stops Ihe ball on bonus stage

KICKASS - Hooray lor reusable Smart Bombs

NAPOLEAN - That Bonus Level every stage

ALCENTO - Increase percentage to 99%

OLDENEMY - Stops the dock








Tfcta 1* Mdukj% known u a >« o4 bolhar' la Ika olflxa.

"Here are all (he codes lor the CD32 version of Fly Harder Level 2 - PHO.

Level 3 - MET.

Level 4 - BLA,

Level 5- SUP.

Level 6 - TRA.

Level 7 - QUA.

Levels - NEO.

Incidentally.' writes Paul Japp ol Richmond, ‘regarding the Fly Harder review. Please tell Stuart Campbell thai the CD32 controller Is tar better than a joystick and up Is the only function you could have tor thrust, contrary to his beliels. And please add if he is going to slag off any mare bnllianl games simply because he cant handle a joypad then he is going lo make himself look like a btg pussy .'

I passed on your message for you. Paul. And virtually had lo carry my nose home in a hankerchiet.

rkwh bow Hcb caller oar Ihm would bo wMhoul Mo bordoa o4 ra*tt .


...that the planet nearesl to the sun Is Mercury, that the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919. that Ihe capital ol Belgium Is Brussels and that the volume ol a fixed mass of gas at a constant temperature is Inversely proportional to pressure. Oh. and remember to send any cheats, codes, hints, tips and play guides that you inadvertently unearth In Ihe month to us at Complete Control. AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath 8A1 2BW. Thanks.

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pBf.j~ *



Stuart Tomlinson ol Manchester looks like he might have come up with something interesting here, to wit:

‘Load up and select Short Action game, then after the players and controls menus select mission 4-5. Lemming Wars

»2 Now just nip down the stairs, grab the grenades and tun round in the water to find someone to blow up. Il s manic1 Just like Dyne Blaster with first person perspective! Other laches indude standing on the lop and throwing grenades at people in the water, replacing grenades

Mlab, mehran, idWu, abl-viM, McblM-g.sa, f.ill.fa - n I«m ‘.a .11.

with mines (biggest laugh in ages), putting sentry guns round comers and on heads, lobbing grenades dawn stairs at someone coming up to kill you and chucking grenades at wall so the explosion hits another player. Jusl remember not lo drop into the Lemming pits. Now if this doesn't knock the game into the nineties and live red stats then George Formby's not crap. (OH - Jonathan Nash) '


switch lo the light on the roof and knock it off the robot along Ihe baggage carrier. When it teaches the end. push it oft and take a running jump in order to knock the case on to the next earlier

Run fully left to catch up with the case on the moving piatlorm Jump on and left to the restart alien. Wedge Stix at the hole and crawl over Ihe moving walkway. Use the security robot and Stix to circumnavigate the wall and drop down Run nght and usa Ihe security robots to reach the baggage robot - you will end up at the back ol a spaceship Leap right, across the tightrope, avoid the robot and locale the broken baggage robot. Hit it, jump on, and. as it reaches its maximum height, leap onto the tightrope and led to the restart alien

Now all that remains is to kill the end baddy That's rather easier said. I'm alraid. than done So I wish you the very best of luck with it.


Part two of our solution concluded tram last month in a can't-realty-think-ol-a-decant-introduction kind ol way

Level 4

Password - X65YX36T5Y At Ihe first restart alien place Stix In the hole above the switch, jump up left from the tongue, call and place Stix in the hole and jump up, then right You need to do this bit very quickly Leap lo Ihe leh ol the two platforms and crawl through the spiked hole. By calling Stix from Ihe wall when ihe water has reached its highest point you will be sale lo swim nght lo the switch.

As the water drops, negotiate the plaHorms downwards Crawl beneath the firing spikes to a huge baseball Jump onto if. h« ihe rool switch and open the door with the wheel. The water will drop but w4l then rise again allowing you to use the ball to cross, using the switch or Stix Through Ihe door, jump into Ihe water, smash Ihe pillar, swim across the spikes and drain the water.

Continue right until you reach another baseball, fill (then empty) the area with water, wedge Stix above and when the water has reached leet level on Ihe highest piatlorm to the left, call him to pop the bell and spurt you upwards to the wooden platforms. Now, having killed the bath aliens: use the dial to open all the mouths: use Stix in the hole lo shoal out then lo burst Ihe ball: take a running ump

lo cross the wooden bridge: use Stix again to raise the water: move in on the blue blob past the spikes and throw Stix lo land ihe blob, a makeshift stepping stone, in ihe wafer.


Password-1 JO P6NWL19 Run over the moving walkway and wedge open the mouth ol the alien with the brolly. Go right, dodge the lasers and stun the secunty robot to head i*j Left to the lloor switch, spnng onto the plunger robot as N rises, left to another switch and right lo initiate a laser. Drop down and continue left to the (tying security robots Use them to reach the baggage carrier. Push the non-spiky case on lop ol its spiky Inends and jump on. Knock another case down when opportunity knocks, activate the






Grab your socks, pack your gear and lock and load, people, because this is Commander Cameron with the big one, a bumper slaughter-test from Mission 18 to the very end, non stop, so hang on, troopers. Thanks to Andy Roberts from Bridgend for his oh-so-helpful tips, and also to that guy who kept phoning me up about mission 20. He told me about the end of mission 18 and hey, here it is...


Phase 5

Clamber into the jeep and try and lure the tanks down to the bottom oI the screen Once they're there, zoom up to the top left hand comer and par* outside the first troop door Blast the door to the oght ot that one. and take out the blast door that's inside And what's the little leiia hiding behind It's a missile fmng hefccopter Your problems are over


You need three men to fresh tfes mission, so if any get

luted, it's best to press ESC and try agan

Head straight up to the buAtng at the top (1)

and position the troops to the right side Spkt off two men and head right to the pile of fink

(2) . where you’l come under fire from a ieep The idea's to run towards the junk, lob a grenade over to the other side and then scoot off quck)y. otherwise the jeep either shoots you. or jumps over the junk and flattens you.

Head these two guys down to the wa8

(3)    and avoid the grenades raring down from the chopper After a M. tin get bored of

trying to kit you and head down to (4) where SI land Hug the right side of the screen to avoid the turret.



and rocke" the sucker, then go back lo the wall and Stand or the white pad In front of the door

Switch to the other blokes, split one oft and leave him on the other white pad. then go to (5) via the building in the middle. Once again, you'll have to avoid fire from (he turrets, but when you stand on the final pad. it'll glow ted and the helicopter will fly over to you. Get in. Kill everyone.


Phase 1

There's only a lew huts and a couple of bunkers to take out. so this one's a doddle. There's a tank (1) which helps you take out the turret (2) and also a power up that gives you 50 rockets (3). so once you've blown up the hut near the start, I'd hide most ol your guys near there and use just one lo finish ihe mission like the gosh darned hero he most certainly is.


Phase 2

Another tank level, so hide your guys up the side ol the house and put only one in the tank. ALWAYS KEEP MOVING in your tank by dickmg on a distant point, which not only gets you up to full speed, bui also leaves you tree to blast the enemy There's quite a few tanks and turrets hiding around the buildings, so take them out first before blasting the buildings, buf since everything's tightly packed, make sure you've got a direct line of fire, otherwise you'll end up blowing yourself up.

Once Ihe village is cleaned up. switch to the mlantry to grenade the cottage surrounded by a hedge (1) and then head down the nver bank to take out the huts on either side ol Ihe nver (2).

Phase 3

Pul one guy in Ihe helicopter and take off immediately. Bomb the hut (1) and Ihen head up to the island (2) and hang around until the enemy chopper lands. Blow this up and then land and transfer to the lank (3). Leave the hostage in his field, but clear a path for him by destroying the barricades and all the enemy. The best way of faking out Ihe turret near his house (4) is to go into Ihe field near Ihe hut (1) and shooting if across the water. Once everyone's dead, let the farmer out ol his field and stay orf his lamer until he staggers back to his house.

Phase 4

Jump one guy in the jeep and head down to the turret (1). pausing only to flatten the rocket launcher neaitiy. First blast the enemy tunei on the far bank, and then Ihe bunker. Ihen collect the team and head over lo the chopper (2). The hardest thing on (his level's actually finding all ihe stragglers, because as soon as you get airborne, they sensibly cower in Ihe dirt and whimper, which makes them lernbly difficult lo extinguish from bushes. Better just shoot at everything, eh


Phase 1

There's really no getting away from the fact that this level's a cast iron bitch. First of al. go nghl to AVOID THE MINE al the beginning, and than just do one thing - keep finng. Keep linng and KEEP MOVING, two things, or you won't get to the turret Just keep finng. keep moving and cover all the doors whrfe you gel lo the lurrei. and then don't blow yoursell up by finng loo dose. Which is three things, I suppose. Possibly even lour


Phase 1

Switch lo lockets, blast the turret directly opposite you and then get in the chopper. Kill everything. Rescue the hostages You really don't need any help on this one.

Phase 2

You need lo nail the helicopter when it's on the ground, so if it takes off. press ESC and try again Before you move, swileh lo rockets to lake out the fence, and then move a bit closer and roll a grenade under the chopper's skids. H you stay behind Ihe building, the rocket launcher usually



lets lly, takes out the building and then gets killed by the door, so use your remaining grenade on the hut (1) and then pick up the grenades in the top comer.

Incoming lire's pretty intense, so kill everyone belore moving forwards to a new position and firing again You've got to work down the nght side of the screen, but ignore the tempting extra grenades near the bunker (2) and BEWARE THE MINE nearby, which you need to shoot betore you get too near.

II you go down the nght. you can gel lo the power ups in Ihe comer (3) and finish the level. II you fry and go down the middle to gel to Ihe lurrel, you'll discover lhal Ihe enemy lunel fires homing missiles It'S your choice.

Phase 3

You've got to beat the enemy jeep lo the other end ol Ihe screen, otherwise it'll flatten a civiiian. so get in the jeep, zoom along a bit and get out to grenade the first fence. You can jump the second lence by hitting the large rock at lull speed (1) and then use up your last two bombs to blast

the final lence. Then just park up near the lurrel, hop out and - Boom'

Phase 4

It you make it la the helicopter, you'll Irve. il you don't, you'll de It really is that simple.


Phase 1

The only way you're ever going to get to the turret (1) is by avoiding the enemy troops, who are particularly mean on this level Take the long route to the lurrel by going round the trees (2) and then hop in, blast the bunker and also the barricade (3). There's a helicopter (4) which you can use to taunt the tanks in the next Held. Hapelutly. they'll kill each other, but even rl they just off a tew sheep, it's still good lor a laugh Fly over to the lank (5) and take out the remaining bad guys lo finish off

Phase 2

Head left to the next island (1) and clear everyone off it. Send one man to ump info the turret (2), blast the enemy and leap out again belore the returning fire hits home. Grab the chopper 3) and then just take oul the remaining turret and bunker (4) and the enemy chopper when it lands (5).




in the dropper and ud trail it around until it lands. Then bomb it.

Phase 5

BEWARE THE MINES!!! The island's lull ol them, and there's also one ol those nasty spiky things as well Head right, then split one guy oft to grab the chopper (1). Whoosh over to the bottom comer (2) where you should be able lo catch the two enemy choppers on the deck. Blast them, then troth the turrets (3) to finish the level.

It one ol the choppers gets aubome. crash into it. Your pilot will get killed ol course, but hey. this is mission 23.

Phase 2

Although there are three helicopters in this level, only (1) has rockets, so assuming you survive the initial firefighl. it's a simple walk up to II. Waich your back, and throw grenades over walls to take out any opposition before you meet it lace to (ace Then blow everything up.

Phase 3

Put one man in the chopper, but keep all the grenades with the rest ol the team Send the team as tar forward as you can. then take the chopper up the screen. The mines (t) detonate as soon as you fly over them, and i you're lucky, one ot the enemy will lob a grenade at you and blast one or both o( the doors. Otherwise, bring up the team and grenade the doors from the rocky outcrop (2), and finish oft any survivors by landing the chopper on them.

Phase 4

The first hefccoptoCs unarmed and guarded by a rocket launcher Usen to get to the second hehcopter. which is smvtarty defended Get in A Kill everyone

Phase 4

Run up to the lop comer (1) and put one man in the chopper. Now it you can manage it, the idea's to take out the lour turrets (2) in one pess. because if you fad. they'll launch homing missiles that plague you for the rest of this phase. Assuming you've got a couple of these blighters on your lad, then the helpful hint KEEP MOVING applies more than ever, so blast the computer until the dome's destroyed (3). all the doors, consoles and pretty much everything in graceful (ty-bys. The enemy helicopters land In the comers (4) so why not pop by occasionally to see if they've landed

Phase 3

Switch to rockets and take out the two enemy choppers (1) before they take oft. If you miss one. BEWARE THE SHEEP, get


Phase 1

Pul one man in the tank (1) and then take out all eight turrets. Remember to KEEP MOVING. Kiling the dossers is optional on this level.










sel of blast doors (1). then go down the ladders and head left As the team passes the next set ol ladders, split one man off and give him all Ihe explosives. He's got to blast his way round to the pressure pad (2), bul make sure that you use up all his grenades before you leave him. otherwise he lends to toll himseil.

While you're doing this, move the rest of the team to the middle and split them Send two as tar down as you can, and send the older two straight up. but keep to Ihe nghl. As soon as the enemy turret (3] opens up on you and blows itself up, head back down and go right. Climb the ladder, get In the turret (4), blast the other turret, kill everything and then stand them on Ihe next pad (5).

Which leaves the team at the bottom. Swim them over to the ladder, but stop at the bottom rung and tire upwards, as the ladder's mined When you get this lot to the final pad, it'll glow ted (6) and both your helicopter and the enemy one will come over to you. You've now probably got only about IS seconds to blow up all the doors and kill the remaining soldiers while the enemy chopper tires heat seakmg missiles at you It you manage,

you've finished the level and won the game Hoorahtl All of which will probably leave you leelmg a bit drained and empty. With your combat service over, there's nothing more tor you to do other than go home, gel tat and bore your kids with dull war stories. There's always Ihe possibility ot Cannon Fodder 2 Ol course, but I don't know how likely that is. or you could go back and do it all again What's the biggest body count you can rack up lor one soldier How lar can you gel Jools through the game, and what’s your lavounte level Can you compiele every level using only one man If you can, don't hesitate lo not wnte In and tell me.

It these are the tins! Cannon Fodder bps you've mad and you're desperate to get hold ot all the rest they're in issues 35 through to this one and can easily be ordered on page 74,


Phase 5

Where as the homing missiles were a bit of a drag in the last phase, they're a disaster in this one, so rl your chopper picks one up. press ESC and try again. Cross the water and send one man to get the jeep (1) then race past the two turrets and jump into the helicopter (2). Blast the turrets, then sneak down the screen until you can just see Ihe next turret, fire oft some shots and back off You need to do this lor every turret, bul each time you hack off. you can take out the door (3) or any survivors. Once you've taken out the remaining tour turrets, paste the area with rockets and then pick up the leader (4). You can't miss him, he's the one with the flashing red light on his head Fly him hack to the tent to finish Ihe penultimate level ol Ihe game.

Phase 6

This is It. and to mark it as something special, there's no map. only a Time to Die' counter You've got about tour minutes to finish this, otherwise bombs go off everywhere and kill you, so you have lo try and do several tasks at the same rime.

Stan otl by iobbwg grenades at ihe first

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ersineGRinG secnon

H com three tints as bmkIi ji a regular in«nlar. Bui H's worth Homl

m: ruin-mao will in uni ioHi me mini

or m vour ik. torn ixr.iiM rm iimn.

In which, Steve

Someone, somewhere this side ef the Milky Way, once said ‘In Space, no one can hear you scream'

Obviously, whoever said thal wasn'l passing anywhere near Earth on stardate 13th April 191W II he had. he would have heard the screams of solar mdignartce el the cosmic injustice perpetrated on Celestial Tommy Gums Blue and White Army.

What’s all this got to do with K240tlps Absolutely nothing It's lust that it's lar too important a subiect not to be mentioned in the hallowed pages ol AP. So anyway, on with the show

K240 is one muddy funsier ol a game. The downside is. it's so big that it'll take you longer than a small while to get to gnps with the intricacies and strategies Considering that I donl like games where you can just hand out a complete solution (like last month s Jurassic Park), here's some handy tints and tips that I picked up while playing the game They vary Irom the elementary to the sublime to the downright devious, they'll help you get into the game qunker and provide an easier route to defeating the enemy.














mining colony in the far galactic reaches.

1 Before you start doing anything.

extract all the most useful icons from ihelr control panels. This is a simple process. Find the icon you want to extract and just hold down the left mouse butlon Extracted buttons locate themselves on the lower right ol the screen and work their way up until they fill lhat side. From there, they slad again at the lowest right position and work their way across toward the left it's pretty much down to

personal choice where you place them, but absolutely essential



ftST-LVC 651

rent nRciE no me brscb

CkooM ak« cm Mines to rtmembe one's thoril reflect the noture ol the coloaised osieroM.

extractions are the build icons, the asteroid field map, the space altitude icon, the resource icon etc etc II executed efficiently, most game time should be spent doing things other than constantly searching for an icon buried under two or three icon menus

2 Renaming ol asteroids.

This is a lot more imponant than you think As soon as you've colonised mote than three asteroids, you're going to lorget what mineral or function you had in mind for them. To avoid this, you can rename them. Click on the CPU and you'll see three lime icons lo the right ol the pop-up panel. Click on the lop one and you'll be given th« option of renaming thal

asteroid. Useful names tike ‘Home Base’ or Mostly Dragonlum' (depending on which mineral is most abundant) will encourage you to use your memory to something kke hall capacity.

3 Right behind the renaming function should be the assigning of asteroids to the function keys This lets you jump lo any colonised or uncotonised asteroid taster than a stow wink. Think again about




none BFse


— none —-


--- none —






— none —


— none —


— none —


— none —


— none —

nupplij by Ufeli] t ikwItM •I’d pukpaiae illli.Ml M function hifL



«$ Vv



A ItMuM .«*»<*•«***" th««. Tou d“*



HOffie B«se








KORGLUUm ™ DRflGomum » TRflXUlTl

nexos _

Boat better antes four uurb. Ittfn era te H)feu aapraf aad rt ■Maas ttifll cast mo.







orc necoeD:

C05T:    3000



Ik! III.

5 <    5)


israc pemeuhtok

um-NLii znnit

rt»CY = 1HC5B

provides ihe cflmerLnv to


You til leek forward la loads al aiM caarlss la wtea raa’ws yol aat al tin ap ■ad niafttef.



DiuipIlM yanritH with iCfttUr chccki on the borief cmiIm Hdff Il Mkti UIM.


Horne BHse











TOTRL :    600

5 As soon as you've taken care ol the essentials, build a hangar, a weapons factory and a command centra These are essential it you want to build scoutships and fighting ships. The command centre lets you build a spacedock; eventually Spacedocks lei you build the bigger spaceships like Transporters. Terminators and Fleet Battleships.

6lniroduce yourselt lo the Sci-Tak btueprints screen Sal aside 130.000 credits and buy the ordinary mine and deep bore blueprints This doubles your output Irom these type ol mines and soon pays lor itself.

7 Considering that there is an unknown enemy out there, it makes Secuncor sense to try and find out where he is as soon as possible.

Build as many scouts as you can aflard. Don't bother going to the trouble and expense d arming them The Empire tends to send you a fleet of better equipped ships anyway.

9 By now. you'll have discovered several asteroids. Survey Ihem as soon as possible to see if they have any uselul or essential ores Don't colonise the first asteroids you discover straight away, unless they ate particularly rich. Colonisation Is a costly and lime consuming process, so sometimes it's best to wait

Jj ft Asteroids with Traxium and Nexos I w on them are always worth miring due to the large

8 Keep checking the routine stuff such as mine production, power output etc As soon as any scouts have been built, send ihem out into the

lurthest reaches of space to explore If they come across any asteroids in the irtiensn, they lly back and report the find. Note if they reached the initial destination you set lor them. If not, send them out to explore the same area again.

up a couple of Heels. Arm one of them with chaos bombs, static inducers and heavy shields Assemble the other fleet as an attack fleet for space combat. This ensures that your bombers should be relatively undisturbed as they reduce the enemy's buildings lo space dust. As you dispatch the fleets, fire oft a whole load ol cheap missiles at the target asteroid. This should soften the asteroid up a bil and make 4 that bit easier to destroy.

amounts of revenue you can earn through exploiting them Of course, you need the formidable sounding Seismic Penetralor to mine either ol these ares. Purchase the blueprints Irom Sci-Tek

14 By this lime, you'l have become a 1 lot more familiar with the game mechanics and requirements Money saving gizmos such as power amplifiers, repair and construction droids, accurate missile targeting etc.

And by now, you ! be itching to give the enemy a good hiding. Set

That's tl then II you follow these guidelines, you'! find that the first enemy is very easy to despatch. After that you're on your own I've been warned by Steve F not lo finish these tips by saying too much about Kilmarnock's dismal treatment at the hands ot blind, stupid and iconstslent referee Les Moflram So I'll not do that Only thing is. what can I say other than get yourselt a new guide dog Les. Your old one isn't working.


how you rename your asteroids as well Pul in the function key that it's been assigned to eg MosttyDrag F3', ter extra help This helps when you're in the asteroid map screen

4 The following procedure will become routine as you start to build up your asteroids: build power supplies firs), the 8Mw variety. Follow that with deep bore mines and normal rrvnes Fill in with a radiation filter, hydroponics, food plants, air supply generators and ore stores. Don't bother with environment control or power sfoies at the moment until you know tor sure that you can attend Ihem.

















Droid messing you about Fear not, S


We don't like to spoil things too much here at AP. Way back 2 in issue 33, Commander Cam stated that you should stay away from Steel Sky game solutions in the same manner you JjJ' would avoid the plot of a movie. So far, we've respected his g. wishes; not any longer though. This issue sees the first <D instalment towards the complete solution.    J3

IYou sian at the head ol a set of stairs and overhear a security man having a conversation with old Hobbins the maintenance man Listen to what's being said and walk over to the led Pull oft the rung on the tar left and use it to open the door on the nght This creates enough nose to attract the unwelcome attention ol the security guard Before he has time to reach you. wax aver to the door on the right and lorce it open with the rung. The nexi sequence of events pretty much gel taken care of tor you.

2 Go hack down the stairs and through the exit to the nght. You'll see a pile at old unk Stick your circuit board into this pile. Miraculously, one of the pieces in the pile comes alive. That's Joey the smartass wise-cracking Droid that is Have a chat with Joey, it helps fill in the storyline and adds to the atmosphere.

3 Now stand on the lift This sets olt an alarm that alerts Hobbins As soon as he come through to see what all the noise ■s about, go thiough the exit to the righl The next bit is time crucial Quickly locate and open the cupboard Grab the spanner inside the cupboard, you're going to use it latei

4 Go back to the room with the lift

m It. Inspect the transporter droid and then go and talk to Hobbins As 3“ soon as you've wangled out of him what's actually up with the droid, ask  Joey to fix it The tiansporter droid ■ wll now go about its business Wait lor it fo come back. It will load a drum on the lift. When this happens, jump down the hole After a small wart. Joey will follow you Ask him to open the door. No sooner is the door opened, than you are confronted by Reich. Miraculously, be wll be killed by sparks or something shooting out from the tumaca. Search his foul corpse and pocket his possessions

5 Prom here, go right and nght again A1 this location there should be an exit into another building. This is the lactory. Chat with the woman there her name is Anna Wan until a big lat

greaser of a bloke comes along. This guy is Lamb, a sell promoted supermarket manager type. Tell him you're security and lake the exit to the nght. This is another pari ot the factory amazingly enough Time for a bit of well earned vandalism now. Take the spanner you

nicked from Bobbers and pul il into the exposed cogs in the machine. The machine stops working almost immediately. If you pul the cursor back over the cogs, it should now read "damaged cogs'. Take fhe spanner back out and bead left. Locate the droid at the

• it

7 Time lo leave the factory Go along the walkway unci you reach the building at the ta< left. This is the steamroom Once inside, use the spanner on both ot the buttons on the boiler Ask Joey to press the button on the left, simultaneously press the button on the nght. The old man will complain and leave. When he leaves, pull the switch on the dash on the left. Remove the lighlbulb and put the plastic explosive in the socket Pull the switch again A door on the bottom ot the panel should open and reveal two more switches Pul the one on the right down Because that's the one you want that is.

8 Leave the steam room and go into the lift near the factory You'll need to uso Reich's ID card lo do this Once oul of the lift, walk to the left and then go through the doorway on the top right. Use Reich’s card on the left slot and enter the room Pick up the pillow on the bed and pocket the magazine there. Travel lo the right now. past the lift you came out ot, until you happen across Travelco Cover all conversational options while chatting to the man. He will swap a tour for the magazine. Go back to Reich's apartment and wait until Lamb armies. Chat with him. When he mentions going

_ away, hand him the ticket. Head

■H back to the factory via the lift and BB have another yap with Lamb He takes you on a tour of ihe factory  but leaves abniplty. After he's tell. P talk to Ama again When she asks I lor your ID card, hand her Reich's I I Chat with her exhaustively.

furthest left location of the factory. Use Ihe spanner on it and then ask Joey it he wants a new shell 01 course, he does You're now in possession of a cooler looking less embarrassing to be with droid

you're on now. Ask Joey lo cut it. Travel down in Ihe lift and pick up the cable then head lor Lamb s pad.

6 Try walking through the top left door that leads to the storeroom You will be refused entry. Ask Joey to checkout the storeroom. When he comes back, ask him to rksable the fuse box he reports being there As soon as he gets back, walk into the storeroom yoursefl Push the gangway over and pick up the piece ot putty you ! tmd underneath it. Show this Putty to Joey, he'll tell you that it's plastic explosive.

IAUse Reich's card in the slot. Use W the machine on Ihe right lo teed the cat Pick up the video and pocket rt. Leave the area now and travel along the walkway lo the tar left and enter the building marked 'Burke's Bio Surgery' Chat with the hologram. Gel Joey to persuade the hologram lo let you through the door on the left. Go through and chat with burke. Otter him your testicles (really] and he’ll give you a Schreibmann Port. Again, exhaust all of the conversational possibilities with Burke

1A Leave the surgery and travel to 1 Ihe tar nght and enter the building next to Travelco. Examine the statue, then have another ot those exhaustive chais with the man behind the desk Enquire about a Special Policy and tell him that Burke sent you When he leaves, ask Joey to weld the anchor oft of the statue. Pick up the anchor and go back to ihe top level again Head lor the steam room and go through the

v_     _    door lo Ihe

J    Wfl nght Hurrah,

ftHSWy    you* back

ft    ~ at the

M    starling

HHI    position and

BBHH 9 you're a iso at ihe end ot the tips

----- Jack-in next


HHB    where we'a

complete the rest of Steel Sky before it  *-    gets rusty.

*■    >—    Sony

9 Leave the factory and jack In to the LINC terminal Select 2,1,1 and then 2: in that order. Jack oft and wait lor Lamb Chat with him again and wait lor him to authonse your entry to his flat. Before going down lo Lamb's flat, locate the cable to the right of the screen



Time again to let Rich Pelley detatch your clothes, run you a bath, splash in some Matey and soothe your gameplaying aches and pains away.

Hello all you cosmic love lhangs, Rich Pelley ol Tipadelica here    cohort of top, tipping lovers from around the globe. So stay fly,

ready to funk away all your gaming blues with the aid of my    keep funking and be seriously cool to each other, y'hear


The*s readers are rather bunr d-up ganies-playlng v/rse. Con you provide the Vapo-rub

Q-FATE - GATES OF DAWN, the third level of the catacombs beneath the city of Larvln. I am ‘unable to follow the path through the catacombs to the Royal Palace any further than the series of rooms teleported to by the Travel Chamber. In these room my eyes have spotted a note advising to dig Immediately In the right place' and a switch which activates one of the two Inactive teleport points. The then active teleporter gives access to a secret room which appears, annoyingly, to be empty. There Is also a crystal containing spinning stars embedded In one wall which seems to be ol about as much use as the other crystals I have found, ie none whatsoever. Are they just markers, or do they possess some higher function '’

Adrian Duffy, Deeside

Q 'Do you or any ol your readers (Not me - Rich) have any Idea pn how to get going on LEISURE SUIT LARRY 2 I can't get any further than finding a dollar, buying a lottery ticket and then attempting to buy some soda and getting shot because I can t afford itl Stave Scdgely, Eastbourne

Q ‘On BATTLE HAWKS 1942 I am having ma or problems with the first Midway mission tor the Japanese. Although I can normally save one carrier (and sometimes even two) the third is always destroyed by American dlvebombers. Is there a way to fly this mission so that all three can be saved "

Stuart Nibble Har... (Noooooh! -Ed), Sheffield

Q"Wlth reference to METAL MUTANT and the Case Closed in Issue 36.1 am told to deal with the zombie on the second level, leave the first gate closed and open the second. Well, the second is already open. This in Itself doesn't cause any problems, but what Is rather more distressing Is that it goes on to say that back on level one I should ignore the first gate and open the second, and every lime I open the second I blow up."

Paul Denny, Harts

Q“You wanna help an extremely thick person I'm stuck on level 22 of PUSHOVER and I don't want to simply be given a code for level 23 fit's 14342, actually. - Rich)

because I wish to play the whole game right through when I get bored of my Maths and French homework."

Lisa Edwards, East Sussex

Q“l am having trouble with the last level of BLACK CRYPT.

I’ve tried everything to kill Estoroth, but he Just keeps on coming. I've spent about tour hours just Immobilizing the git - hacking registers hits but has no overall eftecl."

Lumpy Platt, Cheshire

Q" E.O.T.B. 2 Lev. 2. On the bit where you can't rest your party, there are two doors I can t open. One Is situated where there are nine pressure pads - I've put everything on them but nothing happens (We've done that one before. Pul things on them In a cross shape. - Rich). The other door requires a purple key - and I seem to have used the only one I could find to open a door a minute ago.

I’m even still stuck on the original E.O.T.B. where there are spiders on the door. Where Is the throne "

E. Unsworfh, Huddersfield

Q-DUNE 2. Level 7.1 need lo know specifically how to build more than one ornithopter on that particular level."

Ian Cawley, No fixed abode

Q‘‘ls Ihere a cheat lor LIONHEART I've been following your solution In issues 27 and 28, but I'm still finding things a bit hard."

Jez Chin, Humberside

Q "Please can you help me on LEGEND OF VALOUR, Men-At-Arms quest tour. I have killed the Bear on the Moon Day, the Troll on Woden's Day and the Minotaur on Freya's Day respectively. Part of the mission Is to take your Victory Laurels to the Guild but I can't find them. Er, so where are they " Tempest Allchome, Kent

Q~£ver heard of a game called WHERE SLEEPING GODS LIE  (Actually. I reviewed ft once. - Rich) How do you gel off level one  (Except I didn 't get that far. - Rich) The hermit has told me to get to the slone gale, where the magic tree Informs me that I will be transported to Sylvar. But nothing happens." Phil Ducker, Bedfordshire

Any problems You know where to get the answers by now. Just send 'em In and let Uncle Rich lake care of them.


These readers certainly deserve more than a ‘Thanks then'. But they won’t get it.

QPaul Mlel of Lossiemouth's Amiga will be jumping for joy when Paul reads where he has to go nexl.

A "So you're stuck In the

Crughon prison, are you And you've used the key to open the air duct Well, next you need to use the glass vial front Ihe glass case In Ihe passage In the monastery), on Ihe duct, followed by the newspaper. Be quick with the last one, though, or you'll gas yourself (along with everyone else on the ship!)." Stephen Lindsey, Aberdeen


QRhys 0 Cain knew, from previous Last Resort experience. Ihal the third horn was in a niche near the stairs leading to level 5. but was having troubles actually laying his hands on it.


Q Patrick Gratt ol Malta got shot every time he went down the stairs. Why he'd like to know.

A “Visit the small robot on the plane! with Ihe huge robot behind the store, and kill the small robot Inside. Take his Invisibility belt but refrain from its usage until you reach the stairs; this way you should have jusl enough energy to get you past the guards. Once Inside you will need to swipe the overalls from the closet, burn all the Irash in the office area, steal an ID card and use the colour photocopier. I'm deliberately not being too specific here so as not to deny you the joy of figuring it out yourself. Save frequently - once Inside you’ll be ripping your hair out with frustration."

Joseph Kroopn, Arizona, USA


QBack in issue 31 Robert Penn of High Wycombe was stuck. Basically.

A "Go down the stairs and on Ihe first square next to the stairs turn and face the wall to the right; a very small square should protrude towards you. And It you click on It, the niche and the third horn will be revealed."

Ramy Wurgatt, Herts


QAn anonymous reader

requested some codes or a cheat. We gave him (or her) (although I'm willing to bet it's a he) the cheat last issue, but In case that wasn't up to acralch, and our

reader's a particularly finnicky type, here are the codes.



DS GAMMA Z ALPHA for Skaro." Nicholas Mooney, Kent


Ql was rather surprised when I received a letter from Catherine Jones of Tyldesley two months ago explaining how although she could get all the way through level one In some computer game called ARABIAN KNIGHTS, she couldn't find the key for the last door. Then I remembered that I host an Amiga game-snag problem page, and suddenly It didn't seem so weird after all.

A "After finding the dead body, wait outside for two dudes to attack you. Fight them and win, then search them and hey! 25 deeds are yours."

Darren Murphy, Little Multon

A “Also: Type in SIMEON on the title screen to activate TAB as a level-skipper or keep the left Amiga button pressed for Invincibility."

Paul Rossiter, Bristol

Q Talking CANNON FODDER here, for a minute. Cam mentioned In part two of his play guide that the method he employed to complete Mish 12.6 seemed awfully hard. However, knowing what a bunch of philanthropists the readers of the Last Resort are, I was sure someone else would come up with a better way. And Indeed they have.

A "I have actually managed to complete this level without using the chopper or pressure pads, and with only one man. Using the diagrams you gave as reference, start as you did, head east to bunker 1 and destroy the gun on top. Now go Southeast to 2 and destroy the enemy chopper before It lakes off. Head anticlockwise taking out the enemy guns, run to your own gun on top of the factory and take out the factory door. It's that easy! Make sure that the man you send has all the rockets, though, and you should be through It before you can say “Tankie, tankle".

David Ashby, Kent

A "You need to use the lock pins that the prisoner hands over when you free him. If you don't know how to free him, pay the snake charmer for his snake and then In turn use this to wind him down." Nikki Russell, Dudley

A “And another thing. On mission 12.4 I have noticed two snowmen In the top right hand corner, a thin and a fat one, and If you walk up to and stand next to the fat one, you become Invincible for the remains of the phase. Cam didn't mention that, either."

Andrew Marsden, Cheshire



30 Monmouth Street,


‘I have obtained (he bag lull of half-credit coins and given the can of newt bru to the tramp, but otherwise I am failing My inventory reads: tax bill, passport, bag of half-credit coins, newspaper, length ot hosepipe, oil can, jar, cane, bottle ol purfume, bubble gum wrapper and an egg. I presume I have to find some coins to pay for a dnnk so please could you fell me how lo do this." Alex Weir, Kent

A The guy at the bar who mentions his camera has (if you look very closely - it realty is tiddly) a ticket in his back pocket Once nicked, this will allow you to daim the camera tram the pawnbrokers. Re-charge it from the socket by the burger van and use on the tramp. You will now be able to help yourself to the change in his hat. and buy yourself that drink.


QDid you know that it is possible to achieve Elite status in around five minutes Tool up a ship with a Mining Laser and around 40 tonnes of tuef, head lor Mars Height (which is orbiting

the planet) in the Sol system, re-fuel, launch and head directly tor Phobos Hall on manual once in firing range and you should notice that wtiat looks like an asteroid is staring you straight in the lace - so don't wasie any time in firing your Mining Laser and immediately speeding up time to maximum. Within a lew seconds to you receive a message. Right on, Commander1, which is your cue to continue (until you reach Eide) before returning lo Mars to finish Ihe job.’

Terence Ferguson, Swindon

JL Actually, I didn't.


"Are there any cheats "

Mark Coles. Oxlord

A What, apart Irom all those we printed In Issue 36 Try typing the alphabet up to U tour times on the option screen.


-Codes '

Samuel McConnell, Co. Down

A 234644. 447464, 747822, 392822.

446364. 984448. 477444. 343522. 882311. 992334. 091332. 467464. 818234, 182394, 298383, 452234, 984841, 383772, 093152,387211, 981122.017632,398112,

Bath BA1 2BW.

Whet that If* the addreaa which you ahould send all your question! (marked ’questions') and answers (marked ‘anwaere ) to, stupid. Look forward to seeing you next month.


Q "Cheat "

Anastasla Gibson, Lancashire



Q 00 r





Jonathan Hopper. Malborough





Q'And did you ever realise that it is ft possible to steal materials and people Irom enemy settlements When    -o

your border is running parallel to a road    O

ol the enemy, you will find that you are    i

able to run a road parallel on your side.    m

Then place a dag on your side, double    31

click on the flag and you will be able to connect this to the enemy road system The opposition will bring you raw    c

material and will also send over the    Z

miners and so forth when they are    m

required. They will even fill up your    .•

guaid houses although the knights will    «

still be against you in a batile.'    2

Stephen Rogers. Bath

A Again. I don’t know how you do it. bui I had no idea.










Okay, so golfs got its strong

points It gets you out into the trash air It gives you the opportunity to meet people (even it they're generally aged 50+ and dressed rather oddly) You can nde around in those electnc car things And it's been responsible tor some cracking games - like PGA Tour, MicroProse Golf and Links - that always turn out to be miles more tun than you were expecting even it. tor example, you delesl golt with every fibre ol your being

But all the Amiga s existing got! games plump lo> a 3D view ol the scenery, often taking a horribly long time lo update Sensible Software, on Ihe other hand, specialise in overhead-view games -things like Gannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer An irreconcilable inconsistencyNot at all As you'll be able to see from the pictures Sensible have mocked up lor us. gdl lends itself rather neatly lo a bird s-eye perspective, making you wonder whether every other software company ever has been barking up the wrong tree Sc it's going lo be just Cannon Fodder without the guns, Iheni Not at all Sensible aie bravely incorporating zoomed-in views at Ihe action which can be invoked during lucky precision operations like putting' And there'll be zillions of frames ol animation detailing everything down to the goiters taking dubs out ol their giant rucksacks

But anyway, all this will become dearer as our brand new Diary ol a Game unlalds aver the coming months We re teeing the series ott (chortle) this month with an introduction from Pale. Sensible Golf s producer at Virgin (Virgin will be publishing ihe game) And then we II be getting a drtterent member ol Sensible to wnte the Diary each month, so as well as being kepi up to dale with how the game's getting along, you should be able lo gel a pretty good idea ol what these software developer types get up to

Golf. Honestly, it’s a terrible sport. Yet Sensible Software are adamant that their adpatation of it will be the best game out this year. And, y’know, we’re inclined to believe them. So much so, in fact, that from now until the game’s release in the autumn, we’ll be following its progress from drawing board to disk duplicating plant.

Whaf heroes, eh Sensible Software, we mean. Just check out this catalogue of top smash hit titles. (We re half inclined to go and work tor them ourselves...)


(AP5 90%)

One ot the most accessible, and best. God-sims ever created Truly a gaming great Mega-to-Mania 2 (right) was never finished, but would almost certainly have been great.


(AP32 94%)

The ultimate real-lite substitute, and just like having a real war inside your Amiga Completely great.


(APIS 91%)

A beguiling blend of puzzling, shooting and generally admiring how great it is.


(AP15 93%, vl.1 AP21 94%)

Officially the best Amiga game ever.

Mere words can only hint at its greatness



Greetings. Amiga owners My name's Pete, and I'd like to welcome you all to Pad 1 c‘ a diary that'll follow the creation ol Sensible Software's brand new sports game. Sensible Golf

You've probably become quite familiar with Sensible from the Cannon Fodder diary lhat appeared in AMIGA POWER last year So this time round we've decided to do things a lithe differently Every month the diary will be presented by one of the team involved in producing the game, and as well as keeping you up to date with the game's progress they'll be giving you an insight into just what their particular job involves.

Here s who you can look forward lo meeting over the months to come:


The Programmer

What a guy. He's just bought a Porsche you know Anyway Jools (as he like to be known) smokes too much, dnnks too much, comes from Newcastle and likes lo work m I he mosl disgusting office in Ihe Sensible building (which he shares with wild-haired arbsi John Lilty]. On the down side, he works far too hard and doesn't get paid enough (Happy now. Jools ) Julian's impressive programming resume includes Megalo-Mama (Mega Drive) and Cannon Fodder (Amiga).


The Artist

A well-known Elvis lookalike. Stoo is almost ihe exact opposite ot Jools. Stoo doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, buys Ford cars and comes from Essex (And I hear he's partial to white stilettos Personally I don't care what he wears as long as he does all Ihe graphics.] S100 shares his office with Sensi-Soccet programmer Chns Chapman and new team member Chris Denman. I1's full ol green plants to increase the oxygen level and has a great view out onto the office lorecourt Sloo's other protects include include Megaky Mana, Cannon Fodder and a new Amiga Soccer game which I won't mention cos it isn't being published by Virgin


The Designer

What can I say about Jon Golfing Ireak and industry veteran, with a back record ol products like WizbaN. MtcroPmse Soccer. Wizkid. Mega-lo-Mania. Sensible Soccer and. ot course. Cannon Fodder. Jon's uliimate ambition is to cut a single and gel

lost • bar«hr-f>«rccptibU hactiu ot Um fianci at •■laMitoa iiiltibk.

* «»*'* I t

at         me    m    oo    «■»    am

r    H    f    »    «    f    «    •



■**    •>    me    -i    J*




—aod now too (almost) (tool, h i brilliant.


$ « v

it into the Gallup Top 10. Oh yeah - he also desparately reeds a haircut


The Pro ect Manager

Martyr has the unenviable task of pushing the rest ot the team around and making sure they do their work (Untoriunalety he's also first in line for the llak trom me when things go wrong). Having spent quite a white in the US. Martyn has picked up a smooth transatlantic accent OK, dude’’


The Producer

That's mel I have the ultimate responsibility lor putting together and coordinating all ol the elements that lead to the completed game. That's a pretty vague descnplion ol what I do but III give a better description at Ihe end of the project when I get another chance to pul pen to paper

Tb« lOomad-la slaw. Now , you hi I tvs Itttfa fallows-..


OK. down to the game. As I wnle it's Apnl. and Ihe prefect has beer running tor a couple ot months. The game is being designed to appeal lo much ihe same audience as Sensible Soccer, with small but detailed sprites and an overhead view.

There'll be lour courses, each made up of 18 holes And. in order to oul-do all the golf games out there at the moment, we've decided that, rather than just being able to play a single round or small tournament, you'll be able to travel around Ihe world competing In an entire season Because we only have four basic courses to work trom, Jools will lake those 72 holes and shuttle them around to create the rest ol the gaming world This probably makes Golf the biggest game Sens*le have ever done (Boy. is this gonna need some piay-iesting!)

One of Ihe nicest touches in the gama will be a zoom mode Yes! Big sprites and scaled backdrops will feature prominently on ihe greens, giving you a

much better view ot the action, so you'll have no excuse lor not knocking those balls in.

So tar. Julian has been working on a map editor which will let us take Stoo's course graphics - which are all made up ol small, 8 by 16 pixel blocks - and piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle to create the gelt courses that you will undoubtedly come to know and love. This map editor is a pretty large accomplishment in ilseil - not only can you create maps' with if (which, alter all. is its main (unction in life) but you can also use it lo lay down spntes and lest small parts ol the game.

Other parts ot Ihe map edrior let you change the physical makeup ot Ihe map blocks For example, in Cannon Fodder we had trees, two different depths of water, ce, hills, huts etc. Each ot the graphic blocks which made up these things was assigned a status that actually told the program what to do if you moved your team into/over/onto it.

In Golf. Jools has allowed much more detail, so. lor example, we can have up to eight different types at water, each with a different depth - so you could hit the ball mto shallows and Ihe game will slill let you take the next shot (you just get your leet wet!).

Stoo has been busy doing lots ol ihe player graphics Scattered around this page somewhere should be screenshots of some ol the mini golfers and also some of the zoomed-in versions, which should give you an idea ol the detail Sensible are going into Graphics only gel a bnel mention in this month's diary, but their importance to the game should not be underestimated

Music, sound eftects and speech samples will be handled by the inimitable Richard Joseph He's got some good ideas, but the game's only at an early stage We ll get some more details tor you next month

I II leave wnh a piece ot good news lot at! you hard drive owners the game will be hard dnve installablePete the Producer.

Virgin Interactive Software


more, so hoorah lor that. The sound's nolicably beeled up, with only mildly annoying music and a co-pflot voice that warns you of all incoming fire and nearby targets. This version also runs taster, and even when you use the accelerate time' option to get Into action, the effect’s mors ol flowing rather than lumping ahead Finally, the controller's used to maximum effect, but after a couple of hours I found myeelt wishing someone would faring out a bigger, eomflar one soon. The top buttons cycle through the cockpit displays and change wey-polnta whereas the other buttona give you weapon choice, target choice, autohover and a fire button at your fingertips. At last - a CD32 game that makes use of all those buttons!

■    The down side Is that

t flUyT there atlll aren’t enough Vv-.,    . keys lor all the options.

Accessing the map screen s simple

JA m enough - you ust uMBV press pause twice, bul the menu options

/ H - Yn reduce Ihe uaablily cl the exterior views to nil. In Ihe Amiga version. II look only took a single key stroke to get a external view or hitch a ride on an outgoing mlsaile. In this version, you've got to (Ire a missile, then pause the game, go down a menu to ’view', select missile' then exit to return to the game, which is so taffy and Intrusive It sort of spoils the effect. Shame, that.


valleys as well as up Into hills, which Isis you contour fly your way to a target and thus avoid ground lire.

It all runs

Incredibly last, so    pfaAM

much so that the option .    * A

to reduce detail levels    i.

seems a ted superfluous. Ground details and exterior views of your chopper are brilliant, and once the missiles and cannon fire start flying, It all looks rather fab snd groovy. There’s a campaign structure to Ihe game, with your pilot details being stored on the none-volatlle Internal memory, and If you compare this to (light aims on other consoles, you can see straight off that It completely stuffs the opposition.

Compare It to the standard Amiga verelon though, and it's got both plus and minus points. The main reason I marked the original down was that tedloua disk swapping really hacked Into my en oyment ol the game, but obviously that Isn't a problem any

Game: Gunship 2000 Runs on: CD32 Publisher: MicroProse Authors: Darrell Dennies James Day and Detmar Pelerke Price: £29 99 Release: Out Now

CD32 version ol the Amiga game (AP28, 85%) Is the Incredible Intro sequence, featuring a team ol three attack hellcoptara and skip-loada of flashy rendered graphics, and displayed In a small portion ol Its glory here. However, a flashy intro doesn't make a jot ol difference to a game (look at Microcosm), so I'll say a quick thanks to MicroProse while at the same time adding nothing to the end mark.

We're In familiar flight sim territory here, even down to the tried and tested method of giving you a primary and aecondary mission to complete. Randomly placing the attack sites on the terrain makes lull use of the gorgeously crafted landscapes and also stops you getting bored of endlessly flying Ihe same missions. Unlike many (light slms, the ground goes down Into

/ f ■ m h. looks extremely III I dull to me,"

■ ■ commented Sluarl as he paused to watch the game before slinking oft to one ol his numerous dental appointments, and he was in a certain sense, completely right. Gunship 2000 can look dull, especially compared to cutesie platform games, tedious shoot- em-ups and other so-called entertainment.’ Thais because the writers have taken their time to build In playability and realism ralher than working on amusing sprites that tap their loes and wave at you. Also vector graphics always look dull when static, because they're made to be seen in motion.

What doesn't look at all dull in this



■M eak .<anl .fn.



Thokka, thokka, thokka - heads up, here comes Charlie


Gptlons (or everything Irom

theatres ot conflict to weapon loads and helicopters. It's last, it's smooth, snd the graphics ars awesome.

Great sound, loads and toads of missions and game life judged In years rathe* than months.


f J effectively lose the external \I/ views, which ia sad but not -worth crying about


Aflkf Knights Ol The Sky. thla Is my second t&e flight sim. You can admin the levSTIn hover mode ehd theeetion s densely packed and elgjp quarters, so you usually see what you're shooting at. A A m 5

® UPPERS It looks like

Sensible Soccer, and It's got most of Sensible Soccer's options. Which In Itself can t be bad (or a tenner. But...

® DOWNERS Phew... Well, the top three are 1) the tact that most ol the players are Incapable ol playing football, 2) the absence Ol any form ot passing, and 3) the spectacularly poor tight the computer teams put up.


We were terribly disappointed. Al the price, even half as good as Sensible would have been good    ,

enough.But.alas.no. J"J ■■ Comedy value only.    L\II

Game: International Soccer Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Zeppelin Authors: Dave Sowerby, Kevin Shaw. David Taylor, Stephen Dietz. Andy Rodger Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

Do you remember that bit in Top Secrei. where Nich's in the yard Of an Easl German prison, about to be execuled by finng squad lor being a corruptive Western influence'5 The film culs to the military headquarters, where a general is ordered to give Nidi a last-minute repneve so he can perform in his concert The general picks up the phone and dials the pnson,

and the film culs back to a dose-up of Ihe phone nngrng m the pnson yard The camera pans out and. as ihe tmng squad raise their nlles and lake aim. we see a litlle otd lady with a Zimmer frame inching towards the phone, with several hundred yards to go.

Well, al limes, International Soccer seems a little bit like that

Whichever team you choose to play, it’s made up Ol fast players, medium speed players and slow players The tasl players -usually about two per side - race about the pitch ai about the same speed as Sensible players Meanwhile, the medium speed players - again, you usually gel a couple ol these - struggle to keep up. And Ihe slow players - ihe rest ol the team - honestly might as well not be there Vou'll frequently find yourself in situations where the Iasi and medium players are over on the other side ol the pilch, and the ball's sitting unattended on the grass, with hall a dozen slow players converging on it almost imperceptibly, like snails around a lettuce leaf Who's going fo make it first, you wonder, putting down the joystick and folding your arms resignedly. Although International Soccer

styles itself as a Sensible-syle passing game, and has a semi-sticky ball accordingly, there isn't actually any sen ol passing function Of course, you can always kick die ball in the general direction ol another player, and hope the game twigs and gives you control ot him. but there's no guaranteeing he won't turn out to be a slow player, in which case you'll have wasted youi lime II a Iasi players got possession, you're much better off iusl sticking with him. and getting him to leg if towaids the goal, hoping he doesn't randomly let go ol the ban on ihe way. II he does gel tackled. Ihe chances are it'll be by one ol Ihe computer's slow players, who'll simply kick Ihe ball a short distance away and leave you to retneve it - a minor inconvenience.

The lack of passing obviously makes kicking oil a little tricky Try to lap Ihe ball to ihe player to your nghl and it'll overshoot by miles, allowing a computer player to swoop in and steal it. Instead. Ihe best approach seems la be to kick il to the left, chase after it. catch up with it and then dnbbie it up towards the goal The computer, wrestling with the same system, prefers to bool the ball straight up Ihe field and hope for the best

Headers As the manual points out. ‘Pressing Fire when ihe bail is moving over a player's head will result m a header, providing that the player has that characteristic from the Team Set Up screen * (The same seems lo go lor overhead kicks, being able lo kick the ball hard enough to get it pasi the keeper, having any sort ol ability to dnbbie. or. indeed, possessing any sod of football

playing skills at all.)

Anyway, you gel the idea Neat. Sensible-style graphics. An on-screen ret and linesmen A nice troni-end with al) the ophons you d expect, including loads ol learns and ihe facilities to create your own 8u( otherwise an absolute mess.




play You'd have 1o be a complete motor to lose your way The manual ts helpful and surpnsingty legible The navigation through the numerous screens is achieved via mouse dicks and space bar poundmg And each screen is dearly marked with a quick exit: you're unlikely to get stuck on an unlnendly screen

Fifth furlong There's not really much more to be said in the way of game mechanics that needs explaining, so that's the eight luriong sketch abandoned, then.

T ■ 1DRAW-. Low


‘Got a headache ’ ‘No, I’m just a little horse.’ ‘Er, hang on.’

Game: Stable Masters 2 Runs on: A500, A600, A1200

Publisher: ESP Software Authors: Mark Loveday. Nick Stephens Price: £24.95 Release: Out now

Hurrah its Football

Manager (or gee gee lanciers So you can bet your bottom dollar on a Yankee [ackpot treble accumulator that AP s going to pul the bool m and give it a low mark The only thing is. you'd be wrong and you'd lose your slake So tear up that crumpled betting slf) now and prepare to Imd out why this game isn't the total outsider the AP tipsters thought d might be We re under starter's orders now. so let's put the game under the microscope in a tortuous eight lurking review

First luriong: There's no denying that a program like this is a specialised taste Who s going to be interested in watching a bunch ol dwarves dressed in brightly coloured polka dot dothing beating the living daylights oul ol some o( the most beautitul creatures ever to grace the earth1 Not many. I'll wager


Second luriong: While ihere's plenty ot horsey-tipstei-bookieiockey-tramer candle Stick maker detail here to keep betting punters happy, it's laid out clearly enough to engage anyone with a slightly more casual interest in the sport Admittedly, while

many ol the inlormalion screens induce a strangely exasperating numerical dyslexia among unconverted trainers (take a look at some ol the screenshots to see what i mean) (Nope, stiff no idea. - Ed) things do get dearer.

Third furlong The longer you play the game, the more sense things like form'. jockey feedback' and horse psychology' mean to you. Eventually, this understanding leads to belter results on and off the race course -

assuming you apply your knowledge sensibly and logically, that is. And that, as someone somewhere once said, is that Fourth luriong Because much ol the information available can initially be trealed as superfluous nonsense, the game is pretty much instantly accessible to


The mam entosm to be aimed at this game belongs to the part ol ri which forms the very crux and dnvmg force ol horse racing and. dare I say it. horse racing games The betting Yup. despite the numerous complicated screens concerned with previous form, stable reports, jockey reports and all the other stuff, the betting is an incredibly simple affair. You can either put money down on an each way bet. or bet to win And that's it. Sadly, it means that you ean'1 try to rake money m on a Yankee or a treble or any ol those other kind of accumulator bets that nobody but compulsive gamblers, rich swine, and sad losers like that ever understand II might have been tun to try them out Bui now 111 never know how they work Shame that • STEVE McGILL

r j


»    fi m*

: * mXlMMan I ■ “ s    mb

m — tnaaM

flmt fht ftafetc rtpert. Aid lilHji ieib priff ilitili

pi • strne

P<6 APR>

race: i

NO BET To view, or Ml« n>»i » <h«

viort Tkot I

quotto* »«*-

f 8-98 H* cap 5 f 8-188 H'cap 7 f 8-98 H'cap

® UPPERS Not as tedious as It could have been. Mildly entertaining, almost Easy to use. Legible, well laid-oul manual.

® DOWNERS For a game surrounded with heaps and heaps ot stats and Information, the betting Itself Is disappointingly simple.


PLAYER:    Steve

DAY:    15 <6 APR)





You'll probably not give this game a

second look, but In case

you do, you can get hold IT Q ~

ol ESP Software on

0702 600557.    WU =



A Munrn 1 L Dettop 1 R Hi 1 Is 1 NONE    8


Stable Masters 2 looks A1200 even more like an old

Spectrum game on the 1200. But only by way of contrast. It Is, In tact, completely Identical.


Impeccably    ‘‘'J

authentic, plenty to do. all ihe views and things a good flight aim should have, plenty of pilot-aids to help the beginner, and a wide variety ol things to blow up.

® DOWNERS Slow screen updates, and a slight (but inescapable) feeling of borlngnesa. No truly convincing advantages over the ordinary version (although It's hard to Imagine what they might have been if there were any). And it'll only run on a machine with a hard drive.


Still a splendid game. But the differences between this and the original version are minimal. Only YOU can decide whether    ;

It's worth spending the    II f £

extra £9.99.    UL =

Actultf, JhI Maaieg. nil ta will Torm+do rtaftf kx*i Ulnf SUM eel roe bad. bnjt.

A MMi •«, yaw deadly oppoaeni-No4 bad pvUci, til Ibae Altai

tare la a artty piece oI Mt-

the sort of thing you'll like'. It's a ruthlessly accurate simulation of the RAF's frontline multi-role combat aircraft, and playing it is quite possibly more complicated than flying the real thing (If only because you're having to perform the functions of both the pilot and the navigator). Getting It off Ihe ground Is simple enough, but keeping it there for more than a few seconds will take hours ol devoted practice. Pointedly, Ihe manual Is over 300 pages long, and the 'quick reference' card covers over 150 different keyboard and mouse functions.


The original version of Tornado didn't exactly steam along, even on a 1200.

and the new version la no —. different. The screen updates jerkily, making high-speed manoeuvres pretty hlt-or-mlss, and It's hardly a great advertisement for the power ot the AGA chipset.

If you don't mind that too much, though, and can forsake

Instant gratification in favour of a long, slow teaming process. Tornado is great. It's got loads of different types of planes, tanks, helicopters and trains to blow up. H's got a wide range of missions to fly, it's welt-presented, It's authentic-feeling, and It's (largely) tun. I'm not giving the A1200 update any extra marks over the original, though, and whether you upgradWpay Ihe £S It'll cost you over the normal version depends entirely on how much ot a perfectionist you are.


And H yea fklek Aar Is lew tkl you ms

Game: Tornado

Runs on: A1200 with hard

drive only

Publisher: Digital


Authors: In-house

Price: £39.99 (or £9 99 to


Release: Out now

If you followed our edvlce In AP35, the chances are you won t have bought Tornado unless you've got an A1200. (It’s just too slow on a 500.) And, that being the case, you've now got the option of sending your disks back to Digital Integration wHh a cheque for £9.99 and trading them In for an enhanced A1200-speclflc version.

Or. of course, forking ouf £39.99 for the new version of the game If you haven't already bought Ihe original. Either way, Is It worth it

Let's go through those Improvements one by one. eh

• 256 Colours I'm sceptical, frankly. Maybe If you count all the ones In the graduated horizon (see below) there are. Or perhaps Include the Improved Graphical Interlace (again, see below). But In terms ol actual thinga-that-you-look-al-on-the-ground, it's still the

same live or so shades of green and occasional little speckly bits and squiggly lines as tar aa I can see.

•    Full Screen Visual True enough -the visuals do indeed take up the full screen.

■ Graduated Horizon There's a graduated horizon all right, If you care to switch It an.

•    Improved Graphical Interface

The digitised pictures of planes and things at the beginning ol the game possibly look slightly nicer. Improved Sound Effects The sound effects have been Improved. Warning sirens now penetrate to Ihe very depths ol your subconcloua. And the engines go 'swoosh' a bit more convincingly. Maybe.


So, er, well. Yeah. It's exactly the same, basically, except with a tew more of the little aesthetic touches you'd expect to see If you were running the game on an incredibly expensive PC.

It s a good gams, though. As Chrla Lloyd so astutely perceived In his review of Ihe unenhanced version, Tornado Is a very much a flight slm ten's flight slm - a classic case of 'll you like this sort of thing, then this Is







® UPPERS II Is, as far as I can tell, an excellent simulation ol the aporl.

But I'm no expert, frankly. Lots ol options. Including two-player cooperative games, realistic skills and customisable rules.

® DOWNERS A couple of weird bugs, and a couple of weird things that look like bugs but In fact turned out to be just the bizarre rules ol Hugby League. The action replay Is Inexplicably fllckery.


Despite using more or less exactly the same game engine, this Is nowhere near as much fun as Five Nations Rugby. Therefore I deduce that Rugby League Is simply a crap sport.

Send all letters of (JO ~ complaint to Jonathan fl / — Davies. For a oke.    —


Plays much faster

A1200 than on the

A50Q/600. A wee bit loo fast. In fact, to the extent that It gets a bit rtdirulous arut almost Impwsstble to ten What's going on.

Up, under, over and through. Oh yes.

over Iherr line for a try ol my own), and quite honestly. Sallord vs Barrow in Manchester just doesn't have the same glamorous sense ot occasion as Scotland vs France at Murrayfietd. II you like Rugby League, my cntiosm is largely irrelevant -you'll go tor this and revel m having the chance to be' Castlelord at last. Anyone else should check out the superior original. • STUART CAMPBELL

Game: Wembley Rugby League

Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Audiogenic Authors: Denton Designs Price: £19.99 Release: Out now

As far as i can tell, it s all about the letter W If your Rugby League team s name sians with W, they'll be great, any other letter and they'll be rubbish Warnngton, Workington. Wigan, Widnes.

Wakefield - they all seem to be completely bnlliant at Rugby League On the other hand, randomly sample the alphabet tor Halifax.

Sheffield. Dewsbury.

Leigh and Oldham - yep. totally crap. Still, er, at least they've nearly all got exactly the same kit design, eh Hurrah lor conformity.

Wembley Rugby League is an adaptation ot Audiogenic's previous rugby game. Five Nations Rugby (fl€*v Vl AP14) The only ma Of difference is that the game is now not a simulation ot Rugby Union, but ot its professional little brother, Rugby League Rugby League is a similar sport, but teams have only 13 players as opposed to Union's 15. and there are several extra rules, the most critical of which is the American Foolball-esque one which dictates that alter the team m possession has been tackled six times, they must hand over the ball to their opponents There's also a sin-bin. where players can be sent tor set periods alter committing particularly heinous fouls, and

there are no I ire-outs. The sporl is played predominantly m and by towns Irom the north ol England, and is notable lor being the only event ol any kind in which Wigan has ever been a world lores So what's to know7 It you're familiar with Five Nations, you've already played this, in every meaningful sense. If you liked lhai game, but longed la play Hull Kingston Rovers. Ryedale York or London Crusaders, then you'll need no further recommendation - rush out and buy Wembley Rugby League right now. II you're a Five Nations virgin, then be aware that this is comfortably the best Amiga rugby game available with 30 Stnker-style or overhead-view Sensible Soccer- style viewpoints to choose from, along with Goodyear-blimp versions of bolt) views. If you're a complete novice who's ust curious about rugby and fancies giving it a try on your Amiga, then try to get hold ol a copy ol Five Nations itself because it s simpler, easier, and just generally more fulfilling than this slightly shoddier incarnation.


Shoddier7 Well, yes (but only slightly). The manual's especially rude ( This manual does not attempt to explain the rules of rugby if you are new to rugby you are advised fo read a bock on the game ), there are a couple ol bugs (once, for example alter conceding a try, I was allowed to kick oft while most at the opposing team were still in my halt, then run on and pick up my own kick and run it


You can’t go shopping in it. And it’s not full off water. Apart ffrom that, though...

Game: Arcade Pool Runs on: A500, A600. A1200

Publisher: Team 17 Authors: In-house Price: £9.99 Release: Out now

Arcade Pool is bonkers Nol bonkers in a zany, lovable. that-A/cade-Pooieh’-what-wiii-rt-gel-up-to-next’ kind ot a way. Bui ludicrousty, irritalmgly, Irustraiingly,

what's the-pomi -ty bonkers, in lact. its siuprd.

Bui why’ li's from lop publisher Team 17. Ii's a version ol a sport that's been knocking around in various computerised looms practically since electricity was invented It's slick it s polished It places the emphasis tirmly on getting stuck in and having tun t'Aicade'. y'see). What's gone wrong’

It's the computer players, mainly -they're unteasibty good Very, very rarely do they simply lire the cue ball at another ball and knock n straight into a pocket, even it there's a ball waning nghl next to a pocket to be potted More usually it'll go for an elaborate trick shot, involving the cue ball rebounding ott two or three other balls belote it hits the target ball, and then the target ball possibly colliding several more times with balls and cushions before it slips neatly into a pocket that ycdd never have dreamt of aiming lor.

Once l recall the cue ball hitting one ball (which we'G can Bail A), and -J then going on to hit the ball to be potted (Ball B) Bali B rolled towards the pocket, but not quite at the right angle to go In. Fortuitously, however. Ball A had rebounded oft the opposite cushion, and was heading back towards Ball B just as il was passing ihe pocket. They collided, and the resulting adjustment to Ball B s course was just enough to divert it into the pocket Or how about the time when the cue ball bounced ott the rounded part ol  the cushion next to the pocket at just the w right angle to no. no. Ii's too painlul

What's more, the computer never Ires to play strategically When it pots a ball it doesn't seem to yve any

Tftflra'i n ikorUf mi dWirtK Rif 11* pbf Ikl MM.



consideration to where the cue bail's going to end up. instead retying on its phenomenal playing ability to gel it out Ol any treky situations. It's virtually impossible to snooker and. conversely, never bothers trying lo snooker you And (and) it wildly applauds rtsell every time it pots a ball, which rs hugely irniating Now. the computer seems lo spend ages thinking' before it takes each shot.

I'm only guessing here, bui what seems to be going on is that, rather than choosing a ball to pot each time, and then trying lo calculate the appropriate angle and speed, it's simply mentally running through every possible permeation ot shots - no matter how ridiculous - and noting the outcomes in its memory. It then picks the most successful and plays it as you took on m awe That's the sort ol thing computers can do and people can't, and it makes lor a very artilical and dispiriting opponent Ol course, you can always choose one ol the crapper computer players lo play against. Sleepy Hollow, lor example, hasn't won a single game lo dale in the AP office. But all lhal happens then is that the computer deliberately, and qurte obviously, messes up shots Irom time — to time to give you a chance When

Sleepy does decide to poi a ball, he still uses an absurd Inck shot like the others. Why not play it in ihe Speed Pool mode. Ihen, or againsi a Inend. you could argue I'd relort. predictably enough that you could have much more tun doing either ol those things in your local pub (except you might not be old enough, and your clothes would stink ot cigarette smoke the next day).

Arcade Poofs only a tenner, ot course, and. apart Irom this one tlaw. is a

thoroughly slick, polished game. (Oh. except the balls bounce around curiously ireely. in contravention ol all sorts ol Newtonian laws Maybe that's the Arcade' part.) Bui I. personally, would be loath to pay E10 lo be ridiculed by my own computer Especially when Archer Maclean's Pool is due out on budget only a little bit later m the year • JONATHAN DAVIES

® UPPERS nil. as It

claims, pool with an arcade angle. And In two-player or Speed Pool modes It’s really good tun. Additionally, It's only C10. And -hay - there's a chance you might not find it annoying at all.

® DOWNERS If you re

anything like me. though (God tortald). you will. The compuler players vary between being Impossibly good and deliberately, palronlsingly bad. and are no lun to play against al all.


The basic game engine's solid enough, though not as staggeringly slick as some are claiming. But the algorithms (or whatever) behind Ihe compuler piayera are    aa •

utterly unconvincing.    nil"

And the 'Arcade' tag It    UU “

no excuse lor that.



Touchingly enhanced

A1200 graphics and aound -





C0HN 8    •RCA* O •    0    TOM

> W •©♦ • ♦ » •

> i -V

,t i l

Not tttt Hoot cooM Ml Mi «, lay. Mm IiofcasiT finals.

wtial they are. this doesn't happen as smoothly 01 as regularly as it should. AH too often, you end 141 wasting ammunition rather than making the intended jump This usually happens when you're being shot al or chased by one cl the game's denizen.

My biggest cnticrsm though, and the one that resigns the game 10 plattom hell in my book, is the lack ol restart points As soon as you lose a Me. you go back to the beginning ol the level Even more annoyingly, all swilches. denizens and power-ups will have been reset, so you have to go through ihe same set ol motions and actions usl to gel back to the location you were killed al in the first place. • STEve mcgill



Runs on: A500. A600 Publisher: Corkers Price: £9.99 Release: Out Now

It seems that every other month. I get lo review a budget release that was originally covered by Mark Ramshaw Most ol the time. 1 agree with what he s said, stick a gratuitous quote trom the onginal review in and then ramble on tor a bn, putting in my tuppenceworih where relevant. Oh. and I usually aner the score just to make sure everybody realises that I'm my own man capable ol independent decision-making

This lime, though, it's going to be a bii different I'll not deviate Irom the usual formula I use. (Huh - Ed) Here's the quoie (AP17, p26): 'The best union ot cartoon animation and satisfying gameplay ‘ Now. quite frankly, that's a pile ol old unpleasant waste malenal Yes. ihe animation and eadoony leel cannot be knocked As I played around, Stuart ccmmenled Irom behind me that it was a really sweet little game. I can't disagree with that, either, although I was almost overpowered, nol to mention shocked, by the reek of sentimentality hanging about him The animation ol the central character is smooth and - surpnsingiy enough (or a cartoon-styte platform game - cart Deny

Bu1 the control sysiem is distinctly iffy in certain instances. Eot example, you can move into the background by pullmg down on Ihe joystick and pressing Ihe fire button and the same applies it you want to come back into the foreground again Unfortunately, joysticks being

Jimmy White's is undoubtedly ihe best snooker game on the Amiga, and an absolutely essential purchase if, like me. you've gat even the slightest interest in the sport, it's even harder to gel ihe balls in than in real Me.

The physics ol the game is utterly convincing (unlike, say, Arcade Pools), and it's impossible lo lault the way the ba*s bounce around You gel pin-point accuracy over where you hit the cue-ball, too. with full control over the spin you pul on it. and a Vowing line' that can be called up if need be 10 show you where the cue ball's going lo go

But lor some reason, despite the way you can zoom and relate the table lo ever conceivable angle, it's curiously tricky lo gel 'comlorlaHe' when you're trying 10 line up a shot. As soon as you get zoomed-in enough sc that Ihe balls




Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £14.99 Release: Out now

Although I'm generally a pretty great al-round guy, my lack ol snooker-playing abilities has always been a huge embarrassment I can sometimes hit the balls m it they're right next to the pockets, and there areni any other ones In the

way. and the cue doesn't suddenly sly) out ot my hands al the last minute. But lor some reason my opponent always takes them out again, muttenng something about rules'. So I was hoping I might be able 10 disappear into my bedroom tor a M with Jimmy White's, shielded Irom the scornful public eye. and emerge a few days taler a snooker-playing god, having mastered trajectories. Newtonian physics and those 'rules' with the game's help.

It didn't happen, though Although

These are those games that are cheap, cut-price, retailing at substantially less than their original price, value for money, economical, re-released with a lower profit margin, cheap at half the price, well... you get the idea.

stop being mis-shapen lumps ol pixels, important bits ol the table start disappearing ot the sides ol the screen You then have to swing the view down so your chin's pressed against the benze, whereupon the perspective starts to go a brl tunny, and you can't judge the angles

I'm probably just being awkward, though - you car lind ways 10 line up shots property, through various combinations ol zoomed-out and zoomed-in views. And the graphics move about bnlliantly smoothly, so it's realty all quite painless.

In tact, depite my mtlial doubts. Jimmy While's is wonderful, with buckets of features and even humourous animations on the balls if you don't touch the controls lor a bit. sc I see no reason to give it any less than the 90% Cohn The Publisher gave when he reviewed it in AP4 And, actually, I'm not nearly as crap at real-lite snooker as I originally made out. Otherwise I oughtn't really lo be reviewing a snooker game, eh

(Grins cheesity.)



on bigger. Which wouto. indeed, be Impossible.





cllcklness. and will provide hours ot virtually faultless adventuring

all about a chap called Oiemnot who’a been Imprisoned by

Wall, I cau l saa Ilia harm In jaai having a littla iry, can iou7

thinking that the new incarnation's lataily hawed trom the start, tiecause m doing away with Sleepwalker star Ralph The Dog, you're binning half ol Sleepwalker's appeal tram the oH Ralph is a pul-upon pooch who has to save suicidal somnambulist Lee from all manner ot hideous danger as he straits subconsciously around the sleepy (natch) town ol Kipswile. and he's depicted in the grandest tradition ol hapless comedy sidekicks - there's no building site hammer he can't be squashed Hat try, no llame that can't bum him to a little charred and cnspy silhouette, no electric pylon that can't try him in comedy X-ray style He's completely adorable, and il's Ralph that keeps you coming back to Sleepwalker time and time agam when the enormous difficulty presented by keeping the witless lemming-like Lee out ot trouble would have consigned many a lesser game to the Cupboard Ol Infinite Frustration So don't spend a hundred quid buying a new console and then another 50 on a copy ot Eek The Car - save £140. buy Amiga Sleepwalker, and get a damn line dog into the bargain You know it makes sense.



An incredibly difficult but engaging platformer, with one of the Amiga'* all-lime graaletl he roe* In Ralph The Dog. H you're feeling hard, give H a try.

Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Ocean Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

Currently wowing Amencan console fans as a brand-new TV cartoon licence called Eek The Cal. Sleepwalker started life as a Comic Relief benefit game a shocking IS months (bi mey, doesn't time fly when you're having I (in'5) ago And I can't help


Runs on: A500. A600. A1200 (disable caches) Publisher: Corkers Price: £9 99 Release: Out now


any punlehment It might have taken from Father Time. So, if you're after a eenalbly-prlced polnl-'n-cllek adventure, and you've already played all the good one* (apart from Lure of the Temptress, obvloualy), then buy Lure ot the Temptress without delay.



Runs an: A1200, A4000 Publisher: Ocean Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

£ welly the same • STUART CAMPBELL

Inilf I doj it i sleeping min i bill fiiand.

This isn't a driving game, it's an HPG. Look at the evidence.

Evidence In Favour Of Jsguar XJ220 Being A Driving Game:

-    you dnve a racing car

Evidence Against Jaguar XJ220 Being A Racing Game:

-    you can't lose the game by dnwtg, even it you come last in every single race The only way to see the Game Over message is by running oul ot money.

-    running oul ot money, no matter how badty you play, lakes at least an hour.

-    lor at least 80% of every race, there will be no other cars on the screen

-    you have to make strategic decisions

about where to go in the world lor your next race Planning your route careflily can save you huge sums ot that allimportant money.    ►

No, no, tbefre reinbrooMi. booett

Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: The Hit


Price: £14.99 Release: Out now


Well, okay, technically Ural 1200-only budget more colours and batla sound. Bui you'll never notice. And It lakes

he Amiga's pimes got


longer to load.


r i

' 5

One of the beat graphic adventure* ever, now at a - well, not bargain', exactly - more reasonable price.

Go on - be lured.

Now here'* a fine way lo spend £15. Number 66 In last Issue's AMIGA POWER Alt-Time Top 100. Lure of the Temptress ranks as one of the Amiga's vary finest point-'n'-cllck adventure*. It's up there with Monkey islands 1 and 2 and Beneath a Steel Sky In term* of polnt-'n -

tun re an.

The story (stories are

rriwlflrt In thle srirt At thlnnt It

setena. the eponymous Temptress, In her dungeon. So '• he's got to 1) escape. 2) rescue a girt called Goewln. and 3) rid the town of Selena'* evil Influence, hopefully In that order.

Hmm. Lure of the Temptress Is a bit different, though. In the aense that talking to people Is more Important that you mlghl expect There are loads of other characters In the game, and you've got to 'Interact with' them extensively H you're going la gel anywhere. This means constructing sentences out ol a choice ol words available, rather than simply multlple-cholclng them trom a short Hal like In Monkey Island.

The graphics They're great -

Hm, (bli debt mi ip is aacb b It Where'! lb* BIT Where's tbe bar

really prettily drawn, with the dark, moody look you'd expect ot a town being oppressed by an evil Templreas. Lure of the Temptress s only drawback Is that It's shortsr than your avarage adventure - lour disks-worth, H that's the way you like to measure Ihem.

The sorely-missed Matt Squires gave the game 88% in APIS, and the fact that It'a now lest than hall the price It uaed to be eailly makes up for



4 tpookT dirk fcrtn with a load of Swamp Thinj'i natal.

-    you also have to make decisions aboul which bits of your car to repair and enhance, depending on damage status, the type ol track you're about to race on. and so on Hu points by any other name

-    I've seen better animation m any ol a dozen RPGs than the slidy, twodimensional attempts on display here.

-    and more all-out last-action thrills, too.

-    m tact, come to that. I've seen more allout last-action thnlis in an episode ol Wailing For God

-    sorry, this is losing the thread a tiny bit, isn't rt

-    I'll stop now

Let s lace il, though - I'm right Jaguar XJ220 is Iasi smooth, pretty and completely boring With a brl more effort and a bit more gameplay it coulda bin a contender, but there's so little sense ol challenge and so little sense ol adventure, you'll play I once (lor aboul three hours, in a single game), and then never ever load if up again



Runs on: A500, A600 Publisher: Corkers Price: £9 99 Release: Oul now

controversial and pretty much agree with everything he had lo say.

You see. Wolf child is one ot those plattormers lhal likes to think that if can combine beat-'em-up mechanics with podium ascending antics It's not that the gamepiay's loo bad. it s ust that it could be about any generic platformer that you cared to close your eyes and have a nightmare about I agree with Cam that a platformer's get to have lhat elusive something to make me interested enough to pursue the game MWfchiWmost certainty doesn't have it,

And yet. curiously enough despite my complete lack of interest m the game. I still reached level three in about thirty mmutes Considering that many of the things lhat aie sometimes pul mto platformers to try and hide the shallow superficiality of the thing are in here in force - invisible enemies and power-ups. no start up po<nts etc - this is doubly surprising

In summary, despite the good looks ot the game, the gameplay is ultimately disappointing Those of you who are good or average at platformers won’t take long to complete it, and may even question <he value despite the tact that it'll only se1 you back by a tenner • STEVE MCGILL

   f 1 " fl

Not enough variety to keep you Interested. Crap central character  (although I did like the traniformation into a wolf - great howling sample).

No dlatlngulahlng characterialtlca.

Oh no. not only have I had to re-review Premiere lor this issue, but I've now got fo give my opinion on a game originally reviewed by Stuart (AP10. 55%) This lime I'll have to watch what I say. though Stuart reads this stuff way before you get to see it II i disagreed too vehemently with what he said, he'd take 1 out on me in public, chop and change the stuff that made me look big hard and clever, lum it around with an asinine twist let that East Coast haired ot the enlightened Westerners erupt, and generally let me have it So i guess I’ll be out'ageuosty


Runs on: A500, A600.

A1200 (disable caches) Publisher: Corkers Price: £9 99 Release: Out now

You know, I could have sworn this was more than four years old. Sliii. '1990' it says on the oopynght notice, and who am I to disagree’ Definitely not available lor debate, though, is that Torvak The Wamor in 1994 is a very sad prospect indeed.

Torvak is a scrolling beat-'em-up. based very obviously on top cull coin-op ol the late 1980s Rastan Saga You control a muscular barbaiian through live levels of axe-hacking action collecting treasure and trying to avoid physical damage at the


hands ot trolls, ores, soldiers, archers and, er. caterpillars Il's a ined. lesled and essentially sound lormula. but the spanner in the works is provided by a crippling tack ol speed This is an extremely slow-moving game, and Ihe insensitivity of your half-witted brute to control makes things even worse Response is such that you can take a swipe at an enemy with your axe. send him reeling back across the screen in pain, but still not be able to summon up another swing be lore he comes charging back and slabs you one with his pokey-pokey sword When Torvak lumps, he flies through the air wilh ihe grace of a blue whale climbing a ladder, and ihe game quickly degenerates into a race lo reach ihe end ol each level before boredom completely overcomes you and you're forced to load up Total Carnage lust for a bn of fun Being old «

itself isn't a crime, bul being old and crap mosl certainly is. (And hey, I should know).



Runs on: A500, A1200 Publisher: The Hit Squad Price: £14.99 Release: Out now

Whichever member ol AMIGA POWER is quoted on MG-29M Super Fulcrum's box desenbing il as 'A real delight' has. I hope, now left Because, although it's basically a decent, solid flight sim, there's certainty nothing 'delightful' aboul n.

II anything, it's actually a bit boring. While most High) sims mask their essential dullness by giving you loads ol things to blow up. and buildings on the ground lo lly over Incredibly fast and low, and massive explosions, MiG-29M doesn't really bother with that stuft. and sells itself simply on being a faultlessly accurate Simulation of ihe MiG-29M. When it originally came out back in 1991, that in itself was quile an achievement, because ihe Iron Curtain was only fust starting to crumble, and Russian planes weie still lop secret These days, though, you can look up into ihe skies most days and see whole formations of MiGs on their way to airshows. and the whole thing seems

much less exciting

As far as if goes. MiG-29M Super Fulcrums okay. The plane handles pretty realistically, and you get some pretty convincing missions to fly on (although there aren't all that many ol them - the game only comes on one cksk, it that's any guide) But the graphics are Irom the squiggly-lines-and-dots school, meaning sight-seeing's out. there's hardly anything tc blow up beyond what you'te actually supposed to. and it you're playing on a 500 Ihe screen moves a bit jerk

Er. I've just found oul it was Colin The Publisher who desenbed MiG-29M Super Fulcrum as ‘A real delight'. In AP7. in tact. So I’d better shut up in case Steve The Publisher ever decides to give us backto him.



Solid enough, but It doetn t do anything you couldn’t find In ■ whole host of other, betterlooking, more enjoyable flight sim*.

We’re happy boys and girls these days, because we’re quite literally up to our ears in CD32s and CD32 games. Then again, that doesn’t take much in Stuart Campbell’s case...

Mindacapa, £25.99 Amiga version: 77% AP34 This i* another game that all but paised me by drat time around, and I reckon I've been mluing out It * a bit like a leaa-pretly but more-playable version ol The Lost Vikings, In that ll a a cuteay puzzler with tome piatiormi In It where you have to

juggle around with a team ol lour character!, each with different abilites. The CD32 oypad alteration! make the mechanics of control a deal neater (although In terms ol actual onscreen movement It's still a bit horrible), but again we re not looking at much in the way of enhancements.


Really entertaining

CD32 stuff, with some

lovely Ideas that

make up for those    A A    —

polntlessly annoying    III I    “

control problems.    uu    -

Nijr-pcHfcl pvnliy muiui - Si ihrt lead kounttit lor Mindicip*

M >>


- -*


Cora Design, Cl4.99

Amiga vertlon: 84% AP17

nocntion ihii »tw* iww

wvmrui lyintti in CU32 Chios Engine it a seriously useful art gameplay-•ohaor igaviaino •« i game (hat s already superbly playable, and lifts it straight

Well, it's Premiere, but en CD. and on budget. Isn't It

dosli, spacer bill with Mb and lasers and everything

Grandelam. C25.99

Amiga version. n% AKA A below-par cutesy platformer, which somehow looks altogether sadder when It’s running on a 32-bit wonder machine There's a new ano imprurto cdiiUut evslem hu* nonet fmm 'hat yvftj nave >u wvnoei n we

weren't being unnaturally kind tu it rirsi time rvmno. Armuugn that s ust not like us.


But why does it coat five quid more CD32 than the more-expenslve-to-produce - floppy disk budget version, eh A nation demands the answer...    ™ mm

Well, we’re waiting.. Is there    f f

anybody there .. Hello .. Hello ..     »


Looking like a relic of CD32 a bygone age, this s' Just Isn't a CD32 mustard-cutter Very    PA ;

little in the way of    ~

lasting fun.    Utl “


Millennium, £29.99

Amiga version: 88% AP32 This Is my first serious play ol Brutal Football. and I have to admit I'm surprised. In almost avary tangible way. It’s Speedbatl 2. but sideways. The Idea's the same, the gameplay s the same, the structure (one or two players, league, cup or friendly, management/tralning section) It the seme, many of the powerupi are the same, and evan the goiiicorlng strategies (lob the bell straight In at

the keeper.    50 [H§4]

then smack    ill ii

him ana and

rail It Into

the nel. or

fling a high

ball Into the

middle. * * "I I    * 4

Intercept it    I    . I

in mid-air and atlck it In before everyone else cornea down) are pretty much the tame.

For the CD32 It boaali a new Joypad control ayetem (hurrah!), an annoying heavy rock soundtrack which It s almost totally impossible to turn off (bool), sudden complete silence when someone score* s goal (huh !) and still no action replays (10% eftl). So that's that. then.

The point of Hi Ho Silver Lining is this: it's the place where we take a brief look at newly-available CD32 games which we've already covered in their ordinary Amiga incarnations. They're only little reviews, so most ol the time they'll skip the stuff we mentioned In the original piece and concentrate on the differences and enhancements present on the CO format. We ll also tell you how the game did first time round, and where to find the full-sized review. Alright


Enjoyable and

CD32 occasionally witty

fulura sport slm (I especially liked Injury Tims'), but it's neither as playable nor as slickly done as    A

Speedball 2, which It's    f M J

otherwise Idenllcal to. I U ‘

a %

PUt ovt m Um itraifM.

As the year 2000 approaches and Judgement Day begins to mean something more than just a sequel’s subtitle, the world has indeed gone mad. Earthquakes, wars and air crashes rock the world, GMTV’s viewing figures rise and Dave Golder manages to get through a PD column without reviewing a Tetris clone.


have an unconlrollable cursor whining back and lorih across the allay, and you have to bawl tha ball whan you think tha cursor's In tha right placa. But whareas that's tha whole game with World Darts, In Strike* n' Spare* there loads more to think aboul.

□awn the left-hand aide ol the screen Is a collection ol options that can be altered with every bowl: they Include everything from speed to

swerve, from bowling position lo some things I couldn't quite fathom out. Even the slightest alteration can have quite a ’ dramatic ilteci.

It's all rendered In lop-quality hl-rea graphics which y give the game a professional gloss, though strangely the bell never actually looks like it's * rolling when It's heading down the alley

I’m going to sound like a hypocrite here. So what else Is new. Y'see, while slagging off computer darts, I'm going to go all soft and give this 10-pln bowling aim a much smoother ride, even though In one Important way It la very similar.

When you bowl the ball, this game also uses a syslem whereby you

"You're only half the man you used to be," said Danny Baker to Eric Bristow on the Big Breakfast recently. I think ha was referring to his diet. Because y'see, beer guts are no longer trendy In the darts world. But '' * II you're one ol Ihe old school, and even walking from the ocha to the board la more physical exertion than you can handle, then computer dirla could be your glass of lager.

Then again. It probably won't, because computer dads ’ " bears only a passing resemblance lo the real thing. In a medium where you can placa a cursor wherever you want on screen with deadly accuracy, a gama In which aiming la all seems strangely out-ol-place. The now-standard way of Introducing a bit of skill Irtn computer darta la lo have a roving hand that moves randomly aerate the board and over which you have limited control, the Idea being you

1    let fly with yer arra

<. when Ihe hard la over the bit of the board you want yer r»    arret to hit.

Rk    World Darta uses

‘ this system. And like every computer dart game that want before It, It all works okay, but It's Interminably dull and repetitive. And some of the graphics are so primitive archeologists would have orgasms over them. (Please. - Ed)


VERDICT: Oddly effective Ifrpin aim thal s a lot more fun than you might think (which wouldn't b« difficult), ***fc

VERDICT: As dart gama* go, It's almost as good is tha commercial stuff. But has anybody ever bought a commercial darts game **

Racing Maniacs PD Soft

Strangely. I never envisaged myself ever racing haad-to-head In a formula one car against Tommy Cooper It s  utt not one of those things lhat aver crosses you mind when you re sitting on the loo or watching EailEndert (not lhat anything much croasas your mind when you're watching EaatEndera].

Clint Eastwood maybe, but it's still not very likely. Bui they're just two Of Ihe celebs who'll be cutting you up on Ihe corners In Racing Maniacs.

This really Is ■ line game ft's a through-the-wfndscreen viewed. 30 racing experience that's fast. Very last You only aver race agalnsl one opponent which can be computer or male-controlled: bul In all other departments It's firing on all cylinders.

There are four tracks which can be raced on In both directions Weapons and pick-up* are optional. Tha control* VERDICT: Tap Gear, Formula One. fast are responalva and the road-handling la lane action. * * * *

smooth while Ihe split-screen two-player mode la the kind ol feature Ihe game would be marked down for If it didn't have It

Graphically. It's bare and lunctlanal making excellent use ol hires mode, (hough some ol Ihe option screens could have dona with a bit more Imagination; thay look cheap (PD-lih ) In the context of the rest of the game. And someone should tell the programmer how to spell loser'.

But these are mere Insignificant quibbles detracting no more from the excellence of the games lhan a boom microphone shadow In a Hitchcock film. (And - Stop Press - It's oo the co vet disk. - Ed)

Karat* Master: F1 Licence were Kerete

Championship: PD Soft

will Improve a fighting game.

Karate Championship Is one of lha worst-looking beat-'em-ups around, has severely limited options snd Is sbout as assy lo control as free-market economy. Worst at all, tha lighters are liny, and. because they can ! turn around, constantly end up with their backs to each other, kicking uselessly It's awful.

Two karate games. One big

difference. About three stare-worth of difference. Put simply - Karate Master Is good: Karate Championship Is bad. Very bed.

Karate Master Isn't the bestlooking beat-'em-up doing the PD rounds but Impresses wllh Its range of options and ease of control. There are loads ol diffeieni skill laveti. moves, backgrounds and all the other tarts of things that having loadi of


Karate Master A good beat-'em-up tor people who aren't vary good at baal- em-upa because It's to easy to control.****

Karate Championship: Give II the chop. *


Elektrek PD Soft

is ridiculously long; it can take up to a minute. So even though the simple gameplay might draw you in tor a while, you're put oft by Ihe tact that you tpend more time waiting around than actually playing.

Well, at lean It trlea. Splodge la a SEUCK game that doean't horizontally scroll Instead II comprises a series ol screen on which you have to help splodge rescue his mates while avoiding the roaming nasties.

There are the occasional guardians lo deal with every lew levels, but other than lhal It's all pretty basic stuff. The sprite animation is kinds cute but It's annoying that Splodge looks Ihe same as his male; It's too easy to forget where you are on-screen.

Hang on - I'm beginning to review this like a normal game That's because It disguises the fact It’s a SEUCK game pretty well.

Except In one way - the wait between each level

Bannerware. I don't know whether it's an official term but I heard It somewhere once. And it It's not an official term here starts the campaign to make It one. Bannerware, y'aee. should be the name for shareware that comes In two varieties; a cut-down PD version which can be freely distributed and used and the fully-blown shareware version which you have to pey (usually around a fiver) for.

This style ol marketing (yes, the public domain will soon be overrun by men In suits) Is becoming Increasingly popular and I reckon It's a good thing. Vou only have to look at the cut-down PO version of Elektrek to see why - it's much superior to most common-or-garden PD.

It's an Ingenious platformer with a brace of decent glmmlcki. The first Is Ihe whole point ol the game; there's a current passing around a circuit which you have to direct lo the correct terminals by controlling your little electrician blokey who dashes sboul switching switches (It's what Ihey're there tor). The tecond is that there are two planet ol plattormi. one set In front, the other lo the back, and you leap between Ihe two by praising fire and either pulling back or puihlng forward on the

,oy stick 11 s '',ck>ii

, '-WF comes

t naturally. A bit Ilka eating


Great looks, great gameplay. great sound, great galloping gnus, why aren't you ordering this already The PD version only has a few levels and a couple of other limitations, but it's well worth checking out to see If you want to buy the real thing.

VERDICT: A SUECK game that doesn't look like a SEUCK game might be an advantage In Itself, but this would only really be of any value to any amataur programmer! who d like to see II they could speed ll up a bit. **

Ltotei like    ifoufcM i«

M- *eik Cfrttct; *    •    '

VEOICT: Smell and not perfectly formed, but for what is essentially just a taster of the real thing, this playable demo Is shockingly good. »***

A platform, a ptartene, my kingdom for a platform

TkU ll tfck

Fortress F1 Llcenceware


oui mart pad conqiar ll.

Well alrlke me down with something ralher witty that Stephen Fry mighl

utter lor a cheap laugh.    -

This la PD, Jim, bu1 not at we know It. It'i not a thool-'em-up. a racing game, a Tetris clone, a version of Mario or crap.

Nope, I reckon this Is the tlral lime anyone attempted lo do a PO verilon ol Populous, and a pretty good attempt h It, too.

Fortress la a aIralegy wargame that a been given Ihe complete cosmetic treatment; It looka stunning. And to a large degree, like plaatic surgery on pampered Hollywood octogenarians, Ihe treatment la a superficial covering disguising Ihe tact that there really Isn't that much to the gameplay. But It's an addictive enough little game, and the polished presentation does make It more inviting than a lot of strategy garnet.

Basically, (here are three Iribes on a war-ravaged planet, each with a number ol email sattlemenia. You're ihe yellow Irtbe and the aim Is lo conquer the globe (or squashed spheroid as It actually Is) and place your yellow llag In every settlement.

You assemble your armies, dividing your resources between an attacking force which will go out on

campaigns ■ and a delence force who will I stay ai home and watch

Neighbours. Than you pick lights with Ihe other tribes and croas your lingers Ihe computer works out Ihe outcome In your favour. As the game goes on you're given more men, and II you have enough people at any given settlement It will grow in size, from a gathering of tenia right up to massive Fortresses,

I'm s sucker for this sort ol thing, and despite the tact that Ihe computer tribes are a bit dlmwltted at limes, Ihe bailies (which, once underway, you fiava no control over) occasionally drag on Interminably and Ihe gameplay doesn J develop to any great degree, I thought II was a grand way to waits a few hours. I reckon a Fortress 2 with a tad more Interactivity and a lew more surprises would be welcome, though.



get them to an exit. The tact that the lamera cannot be destroyed once treed and the lack ol any time limit seems to undermine any element of gameplay thla feature might have added, but there you go. It haa to offer something to Justify Its existence.

Apert from that It'a a (airly decent ihool-'em-up with lots ol action and more pick-ups than a hitchhikers' convention, though graphically It's a bit lack-luatre. Actually I did play a very similar PD game called Intertsce Robot this month which potentially could have been even better, but the disk corrupted before I could review It properly, so watch out tor that In next month's PD section.


No prizes tor guessing what this is based on. It's not a patch on the Mlnter classic, and Ihe one original gimmick It's got Is a (rankly pointiest addition, but it ttlll delivers the goods In the fast and furious shooting action department.

The gimmick it lhal, as opposed to shoollng everything on screen, you have to rescue some little lamera and

All <x€h«Bi(nl, all action, alrishl, I luppeia.

VERDICT: It tries to add a new dimension to Usmstron, but tails. What's left is good, but not that good. aaa

VERDICT; A political strategy game. Political because tike any MP It tails to live up to lie promises. Stunning to look at and Initially addictive. It does suiter from samlness and drags after a bit. AI least It's not Tetris, a a a a

Where to go:

Ft Licencawaia. 3t Wellington Road. Exalat. Devon EX2 90W PO Soil, t Bryant Avenue, Southend-On-Saa. Essex SS1 2Y0 Tel 0702 <66933. Called. 3 x 36th Avenue, North Hull Eatale, Hull. North Humberside. HU6 BOS. MlcroPower PD. 11 Orkney Close, Stewhley. Leighton Buzzard. Bedfordihlra LU7 OJF

Welcome to the hallowed letters pages off AMIGA POWER, the multiverse’s biggest selling Amiga games magazine (definitely). Only the finest and the funniest pass through our gruelling selection process and win the opportunity to share their thoughts and wisdom with you, our beloved readers. Sing on, people...

• Address your letters to: AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW


Deai AP

I thank you t have finally gat a letter printed in AMIGA POWER II yon are wondering which letter that is. then I shall ten you that it is this one. If you aren't, I shan't. Say. which issue is this anyway"  Issue 361 Or perhaps 37 (38. - Ed) Oh, what a lovely APPATTOH you have got in this issue Of have you" And by the way, thanks also for the amusing way you wile that word 'wmnef on the tap of my teller and also pnnl it tn a nee red background Ha ha. (We took it out again after reading fhaf M Ha ha.- Ed)

Now that I've got that out ol the way I will proceed to write some words In my native longue. Here goes lOh no you don't. - Ed)

So now I'm back to English again You surety haven't understood the above  Have you1 Good. Speaking ol Finland, iead the following paragraph.

So. you reviewed Stardust n issue 33. didn i you Cunning little beaslies. You didn't mention a word about the beautiful pnncess Voi Levi. Get it Vo Levi' I think she must come Iront the gtonous Becel (amity, and her mother must be named Queen Flora. Thai's no light line at history, that's not What do you mean you don't  understand what i m talking about'’ oi Why do you always entitle the letters ’** with a quote Irom them II you dare entitle tu my letter as *11. and only it. he has two Z cucumbers on his back, shall we be led to 3 the heinous scavenger ol the lorgotien ”1 wastelands* or any part ol it. I will punish you with appropriate measures.

Why are you Bids so damn ignaranl1 I mean, surely Nafhan White and Sievo McGill must be the only persons left on Earth Ic think Zoot is an ant Save for our very own Altli S)6gren and Ham Hohlen. ol course And not forgetting the whole ol the MikroBilti team Oh my goodness, will you look ai that And by the way. when Is K240 gomg to be published I mean, you (yes. you11 slated that it H appear in Septembei 1993 It is now February 1994 ana stil no sign at the damned beast. And why did you exaggerate so much when every other mag mentioned December 1993° What ate you. stupid or something

Questions, questions, questions (Snip1 - Me) questions Are there never any answers1 See ( See1 - Me) I have done it again I personally Do tHink thE am Ga 500 is a prettY cool machine, espeoAiiy with one megabyiE cl memory. You don't need a CD32 lor anything, do you1 Except lor an excuse tor showing oh with your really cool ‘superscript’-type writing skills.

Finally, I'd like to disagree with one (just one) ol your reviews You sencusly think you were going to get away with gnnng Cover Girt Stop Poker a staggenng 6*o tft issue 13 It's vasity underrates t think the game deserves 75% at leesi It's good, especially when you change the filenames so that the girts are naked Straight Irom the beginning Surely a game doesn t have to be considered as utter crap only because it includes a tew pKtures of naked gifts1 Anyone would think the Bntisb government was run by maiden aunts.

So. until i become such a glorified mass writer as Stuart N Hardy, Ian Ritch,

Robert Fcrsdyke, Dallas James Parker. Nathan White and (finally) Lars Enk Johnsrod. good bye all. and may your dreams come true And it they do. I can send you my gtonous DPamtl in the style ot Lemmings picture. Just you wait. Just I wait.

Yours very yoursly,

Joona Palaste, Finland

Sony. Joona. but you completely lost us alter 7 finally got a letter printed" Better tuck next time, eh1


Dear AP

This is an envlionmently Inendly mflet. I've been wondering about this issue for years, so ! think it's about time I did sometting about it As some of you might have heard, we have only got 10 years to save our planet. Now that the computer software industry is so extensive, I think some eflotl should be made to do something to go towards the struggle to save the earth. I have never seen anything in any magazine game or demo that has made the slightest effort to put the green message across, and I think it <s disgusting If it wasn't lor this beautiful planet that we live on, we wouldn't be able to enjoy playing computer games, would we The least we could do is make an chart to encourage young, upcoming gamesters to love and care lor cur pianeL

After all, it we don't repair the earth there won't be any young, upcoming gamesters, will there

Me and everyone else who cares for

the earth would appreciate it il you pnnted this letter

Paul Japp. Surrey

Don't you remember Tony Cronther's Captain Ptanet game. Paul Best advertisement tor CFC aerosols we ve ever seen.


Oi you bunch oI snivelling Cannon Fodder addicts' Well i bet that got your attention arn t you fed up with al these letters that start ofl by saying TO MY MOSTEST FAB MAG (DEPENDING ON WHAT THE COVER DISK CONTAINS THIS MONTH) SORT OF SHANDY DRINKING LAME TRIPE1

Well im glad i ve got that out ol my system and now t would (ke to reply to a letter Irom last month (NICE COVER DISKfll) Mister S Bosanko (I HOPE YOU GOT THAT NAME FOR A BET) Irom West Midlands, you think that you like violence ha you couldn't even lace your shoes up with out moral support, becuase when it comas to Speedbait It I am the master i ve •eft more opponents n need ot surgery than the Bnlish Army (EVER!1) I've kicked bull smee the days ot the zx8i and have never looked back my ultra Violent games play has destoryed the qu valent of a thousand Blsmarks my trusty monitor is on anti depression tablets because ol the blood curdling eoes ol agony ft has witnessed, in order to make my Amiga more agresstve i recently fitted the disk drive with a full set ot lentciced steel gnashers tor the deadtest reponce to coweidtce from my opponets who try to remove the disk while I'm having tnp to the MENS room so they can avoid even more humilabon So you can count your sell lucky that i chose to wnte this responce and not deliver it to you (RIGHT DOWN YOUR THROAT AND PULL YOUR GUTS OUT TO SEE WHAT YOUR REALLY MADE OF)

Yours deadly, Dr S Froyd. Midlands

Don't try this al home, kids DIY tobotomy is a difficult task and should only be attempted alter months ot intensive training This has been a pubkc service announcement.















I am having a problem with the magazine, the problem being that the best reviewers (l.e. Stuart and Cam)

have a style which suggests hard (but lair) opinions and kidney bowltulls of reality, yet the magazine's art editor seems to persist In shoving twuncy', cheerful ‘hip’, bright' and Brad-out-ol-Nelghbours-T-shlrts1 down our

throats until we can chunder no more.

I propose to dedicate the rest of the magazine to Scottish poetry and black-and-white colouring (contradiction ).

Yours sincerely, Tim Page, Alresford

We showed your letter to Sal. and she was so upset she went oft and married Andy Dyer from out ot Mega magazine. Show a little tact In future, eh Tim



This must be ihe first time I tell m love wiih someone called Sieve Has Sal realty got married, or can 1 pul my rope back m a locker until my nexl headache

I would really like to develop nice feelings towards more ol your learn, but seeing as laces and names change so often. I've lost some kind of comtori Is it me getting soli and old. or were those first issues ol AP really funnier"5 (You're getting soft and old - Ed) At least in those days you could evaluate a game's appeal by the sole name of the reviewer

I’ve thought ot a way ol communicating with those too young to know about Blastthis or Take/har back in the AOs. or too old (like me"3) to spend days at Ihe arcade comer Haw are we lo fudge a game whom you quality as good (or bad) as' such-and-such

Well, take a bunch ol games -


Dear AP,

The eun I* ihlnlng, birds are tinging, a tiny tear glistens on a baby's cheek, my view of my lellow man la once again rosy. Thera is good In the world. Not everyone Is out to stab you in the back alt the lime. There are people who are here lo protect us from the horrors that some would Inlllct. Yes, Stuart's review ol Microcosm has restored my faith In humanity.

I went to the Vision '93 show late Iasi year and arrived at the stand where Commodore were busy plugging the new CD32. “Ah,” I thought lo myself, "let’s tee what this new machine can do." I eagerly grabbed a controller and pressed •Start".

-Ooohr I said, as I marvelled at the Microcosm Intro sequence.

“Ahhh!" I said, savouring Ihe nice tunnel effect. “Oh," I said, as I realised II was just a naif version at Space Harrier. Not Ihe best ol first Impressions, you must admit. And yet the hype went on. Edge magazine did a huge preview (ten pages, In fact), saying haw wonderful the Intro sequence was. how they made It, how Rick Wakeman s done twelve minutes of music etc etc. They mentioned Ihe actual GAME about twice. Even the usually level-headed Amiga Format have succumbed, awarding It about 90%, but still admitting that thay didn't think H was very good. They gave il a high matt as an encouragement, because II shows what the CD32 Is capable ol. Very philanthropic ot them. The fact that most people use reviews as a buying guide, and that there's therefore an obligation to mark games on what they are worth, seems to have eluded them.

This Is starting to sound like a one man vendetta, isn't it Well, don l gel me wrong - I've got nothing against Psygnosis. They've made soma excellent games In the past, it's just unfortunate for them that

mostly classics, but others also, as the point is lit having a lot ol them.

Have them marked by each and every reviewer of yours end publish those marks in a wide penal

That way. we readers would know which reviewer we aro most likely to agree with, because his/her tastes are a reflection of ours Sifhllarty. we would know how a 74% trom Steve means an 85% for Sfuan. or vice versa.

Even more1 We could design a statistical tool by which the readec. answering a tew questions about some classics he likes/drslikes, could compute h-s own mark based on those el your reviewers. Say, tor example: ‘I am 3G% Cam, 10% Stuart and 60% Jonathan, so I have an 82% chance ot liking this game...,’ And so on

Oh, by the way. I'm a statistician I actually am unemployed I also happen to like Amiga games Would Steve The Publisher get my point"5 Whether he does or nol, keep going, 'cos we definitely like


Merc Leotard. Brussels.

Thank you lor your kind (rl utterly bonkers) words, Marc A quick straw poI of the office regarding your idea revealed the /atoning Jonathan gave your proposal a 40% chance ot appearing; Slpart, 10%; Cam. 69**. and Steve, 61%. Thai gives rt a 55% chance ol being published as a future leeture Hope that's debited things for you.


Dear AP.

I'm sorry, but after writing to you just two days previously, I teel a desperate desire to put pen lo paper once more So here


What ihe hell ia going on Whalen earth are all these btoocy conversions doing on the CD32

Now with Liberation coming out on

   w£45 SOFTWARE — mM


Microcosm ia a very good example at the natty trend of packing a CD full of llathy graphics and sound and then forgetting la put a game In. I'm not trying lo bedmouth Ihe CD32, either, aa any new development In Ihe Amiga world ia to be applauded. Betide*, the PC CD market la having exactly the tame problem*. Tike The Seventh Guest, lor example: nice rendered graphic*, good tound, dlgltlied actor*, tpocky atmosphere, and NO GAME, to consequently It ha* about a* much entertainment value at reading the phone book.

Developer* should realise that they are channelling time and money into Ihe wrong things. "What are they " I hear you cry. Wall...

1)    They shouldn't watte lime creeling flashy ten minute Intro sequence*. I don't care It It's got the beat graphic* In Ihe world and show* Ihe Second Coming. Thera lan't a person In the lend who won’t be alck of It after the third viewing It I want lo tee state-of-the-art graphics. I ll go and watch Jurassic Park.

2)    If I hear the phrase Interactive Movie' once more, I swear I'll projectile vomit Why doe* H teem that all games developers are desperate to get Into Ihe film Industry Listen, It you went to make films, make lllma Just atop trying to create a market where there isn't one. Garnet at thli type are never going lo be any good. The whole Idea la inherently crap. Does anyone remember the "Choose your own Adventure' books that ware around a few year* ago They were baeed on exactly the same principle: road a bit. make an arbitrary choice, read a bit more, make another choice etc. Great tun... for about live minutes, before you get totally bored with

having to re-read Ihe first few pages every time you die. Ot course, H didn't matter to much with the books - they only coal about £3, to who cared It they didn't last long. But If you have to pay £45 lor what amounts to the tame thing...

I reed In a PC mag recently, ‘Imagine being able to watch Star Wars and then taking control ot an X-Wing yourself during Ihe light sequences." And I thought, But, H I'm watching the film. I don't want to keep Interrupting it with some game. And it I'm playing the game, then I'm not going to want to hava lo alt through half an hour of Luke agonising about fancying hit slater before I can get to the next level.'

Now, I'm not saying that good graphics aren't Important - ot course they are (I've played a flight simulator on the ZX6I. so I know whst suffering Is), but they're not the be-all and end-all. People often say that game* were better on the CSX or Spectrum and I think they re half right. It's not that there weren t at many crap game* around then at there are now. It wai Juat easier to spot them, because at the graphic* were uniformly bad. there was nothing to hide behind. I can remember playing lot* ol games that were nothing special to look at. and loving every minute, but I can alto remember plenty ol garnet with state-of-the-art graphics that were ralegated to the back at my cupboard after a week. Good presentation ol a game ia Important, but It Ihe game itself It no good, then all tha tinsel In the world Isn't going to save It.

It the developers want to create game* with amazing graphic*, then they need to concentrate on getting the computer to generate them In reel

the 500, 600 and 1200 tor God's sake. I have reason to believe that there is one. yes that’s ONE! original game out on the mega-console, and what, pray tel. is that  The Labyrinth ol rime - yes, the sodding Labyrinth ol Time1

The reason I bought a C032 was Ihe enormous game-playtng potential The demo on the Wing Commander/ Dangerous Knob, er sorry, Streets CD even states - ’Combine the graphics power with the mighty 68020 processor and the possibilities aie i mllesa '

time, rather than just reading oft a disk what a supercomputer hat taken days to generate - full freedom of movement rather than "Choose your own Adventure'.

Perhaps all this It caused by the fact that the software Industry It lest personalised than II used to be. Most games now team to be written by a committee. In some cases a development team la a good thing, using the best that each person has lo otter to produce a very polished and enjoyable game (Bullfrog and Sensible Soccer are good examples), but this method ol working can, juit at easily, spawn a product that la technically very good but that la devoid ot eny enjoyment.

1 think the biggest difference between row and Ihe ’old days' Is that people seemed to produce software because they had an Interest in It. whereas now there appear to be a lot Ol people In the Industry who are only In It to make money. I don't necessarily mean the programmers It's more the people higher up the corporate ladder, who view games as just another way to get rich. They have the attitude that as long ia the game looks good, and therefore sella, who cares If It hasn't got any longevity. When the public reallae that all they are getting It glossily packaged rubbish and decide that they aren't going to waate Iheli money anymore, the businessmen will find the next big thing to bleed dry. Record Industry anyone

Oh dear, this hat got rather aerioua. hasn't it Sorry to rant on. but I think this la something that we all need to prati the software companies on. Choose with your wallets. Support gameptay and don't ba seduced by the (hallow promises of graphics. Above all. listen to the reviews In AMIGA POWER.

Mika Faraday, Hants.

We agree with Mike.




Well, I haven't seen anything too great yet' Have none ot the software companies got any new ideas that could only be produced by CD32 and not by an mlenor machine11 should bloody well hope someone comes up with something soon, or once again I'm threatening to take the llippm' thing back and buy a CD-i (and once again. I won t really!

So tar. the only games which are CD32-oniy appear 10 have little or no gameplay (and I own Labyrinth ot Time and Dangerous Streets, so I know, all right ), and the same looks to be true ot an that's In the pipeline too. m the term of hi crocosm and, er, well, that's the only Other original game I can think ot at the moment.

Look. Thus lax, I have backed CD32 ail ihe way i even bought Liberation carter today), but I already own a large bank ot software, and I don't wani versions o< the same game an my 500+ and CD32 It there are any sottwarey people reading, please tor the sake ot CD32 s future, it nothing else. JUST BRING OUT SOME OECENT GAMES WHICH STRETCH C032 TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL. PleaseYours Tom Potlef. Herts.

AP sympathises with your pkghl The Labyrinth ot Time rsnT an ongaialgame either - if first appeared on PC CD-ROM Unfortunately this situation looks sel to continue tor some time. When the Amiga first started making senous inroads to becoming a viable market, most ot the games available were straight ports from the Atan ST - Widely regarded as an inferior machine.

The user base crept up. though, and that's why the Amiga « now the king ot the computer game castle Hopefully, history will repeat itself with CD32 and nwfl see some decent original, ground-breaking games sometime, er. soon


Dear AP

Just a small request re your April coverdisk. Benefactor and Jetstnke

Please could you put 1 on Ihe tronl ot the mag it Ihe game is not suitable lor the A5O0 (1 meg) as it is both a disappointment and a waste ot money to buy a mag game and not be able to play it This may not be a problem lor the people who read Ihe mag before they buy it but I have not the lime or the inclination to do this

By the way. I enjoyed Jetstnke so all is not gloom and doom It you find fhes note a bn bonngfy pul together (after ihe wizkids] bear wiih me please as I am well

Othe wrong side ot sixty and my computer knowledge is limited to say the least I am pleased with your mag on the whole as it

"BRAD BURTON IN    games mag (ofilelally) (Surety some

PARTICULAR"    mistake7 - Ed), and 8rad Burton In

Dear A Power,    particular aendz hla beat regard! (or

CONGRATULATIONS - YOU'VE WON your enthusiastic response to hla A PRIZE    section

That a right, you are one ot our ten    Anyway, thanks again tor your

lucky Reader Survey winners, and we thoughts. Keep reading and enjoy Ihe have Ihe pleasure In sending you    games.

your games. Thanks very much for Paul Roundell, AMIGA ACTION, taking the time to let ua know your Macclesfield thoughts, It's this kind ot Input which

keeps us one step ahead of the rest Cheers, Paul. We. at least, will as the world's best selling Amiga    certainly keep reading.

has got me out ol many a problem, so keep up ihe good work and don't forget to keep catering lor the old has-beens as well as ihe modem lads Yours, Dogblscult Whitehouse,

Been ham

Sorry. Dogbtscuil but wie didn't hndout that Benefactor wouldn't work on old A500s until it was loo late iwe haven't aclualy got one anymore, /see) But well be more careful m future, and hey. it wasn't aB that good anyway.




Dear Stuart and Cam.

Thank you vary much lor the software you sent lor my daughter - it is very much appreciated She says thai i should send you a big thank you but let's not get silty about this t would, however, like to apologise lor any inference in my previous letter which suggested that your personalities were m any way corrupt. Hawed or maiadiusted. I should port out that this was not a personal view, bul was based purely on the corroborated testimony ol 300 expel witnesses, and enough concrete evidence to build an extra lane round the M25. To make amends I would like la send you a personalised joke which is In no way Intended to make up lor you having sad lives

Stuart and Cam were sitting in a restaurant one day counting therr lingers when a man walked in carrying some magazines He sat down at a table and proceeded to wrap one magazine to a pair ot socks, one in a T-shirt, and one m a woolly hat (This ts going to be an effrude' joke, isn't it - Stuart) He took a bite trom the lust magazine, chewed it tor a while and spat it oul n disgust 0 think you're almost certainty correct. Stu. - Cam) He then tred the second and again took a bite, chewed it lor a while and spat it out in disgust. Finally, he tned the magazine in the hat (Here we go. - Stua/tJ He took a bite, swallowed it in obvious satisfaction, and then demolished the whole thing -hat. magazine and all As the man rose and walked oul. Cam turned to Stuart and said. *1 wonder why he enjoyed that magazine so mudh more than the others "

(Poor-quality punchline alert I - Cam)

Stuart smiled and replied, 'That's because it's AMIGA POWER - the only magazine with hat he chewed1'

Keep Smiling. Ian Campbell, Herts

That's the last time we send you any free stuff. Ian


Dear Kids.

Why is everyone so pissed oft at the moment Receni editions ol Do The Write Thing have depressed me so much that I bad to go and watch my Ivor the Engine video lor at least an hour, until I cheered up a brt

l realise that it must be tembte for you if your new game refuses to work (my Cannon Fodder crashes to the point of

making the game unplayable, so think how

1    leelj. but wnling into a magazine about it won't help It all the other readers knew how to lix broken disks we would be conskteiabiy richer than we are (and even then we wouldn't be much use to you).

Why not write aboul something entertaining for a change1 Tell us something interesting, something new (it's not just a magazine - It's an education I f mean, Dammit Jim, I'm a reader, not an agony aunt.

I realise that I have just spent three paragraphs complaining aboul people wbo complain, but come on. I'm getting a bit led up ol Jones the Steam, and Dai the Station s tone ol voice seems to be getting slightly more sarcastic every time 1 watch Yours reallslng-lh*l-l-can't-thlnk-of-a-lunny -name-to-put-at-the-end-oMhe-letter.

Ben Atkinson, Cambridge.

What's wrong with Ben Atkinson


Dear Commander Cameron.

How anyone can get bored with Cannon Fodder1 I dor I know I have completed all 24 missions and enjoyed every minute ol the game. I can’t wait lor Cannon Fodder

2    I am not one ol your computer Wiz Kids, I am a 45 year old housewife who managed to get on the computer lor a

couple ot hours in the evenings It took me a month to complete. So. all you kids out there - it I can do it. come on. I still go on it it I can, doing my tavounte missions Yours sincerely. Ann Williams, S Yorks


Dear AP,

I hope 1 am nol breaking any secret rules here, but I would like lo express my views on a certain irritating part ot youi magazine

Namely The Other Hand' 8ox Why must you have it1 It either wastes space by saying exactly what the review says or complains massively aboul the mark given, leading to huge contusion on whether you should believe the review or noL Don I you think I'm rightYours Irrltatodly. Craig Hesmondhalgh, Blackpool

Oh no. We've had letter after tetter, over Quite kteratfy years, tethng us that we should have every game reviewed by more than one person to give a more complete and balanced picture So we try it tor a couple ct months and an we get is Complaints You'D be pleased to hear. Craig, that the experimental period lor this particular idea has now expired, and the On The Other Hand boxes win once again disappear untI they 're actively required m the event ol severe disagreements Anyone who'd Hie to wnte m complaining that they actually liked them and want lo see them reinstated kindly get lost

I will be much oblige If you kindly arrange to make me subsclbe to your magazine.

Behzad Nakhoda, Iran

Er... okay. Subscribe, or we'll come round to your house while you're oul and sprinkle Icing sugar In your bed.

Thla Is the first time I've ever had to book a game before.

P van Campenhout, Australia

Why do you call yourselves 'AP' If you're ao against people celling themselves SB Smith' snd the like  This Is unjust!

Simon Collier, Tyne A Wear

Over the Easter holidays, I have been exercising my passion...

Hichard Charrett, Stockton On

We don't wish to know aboul that. Richard.

I considered jumping oft Blackpool Tower, but decided to writs to you Instead.

Andrew Edwards, Cumbria

We think that says It all, Andrew. See you next month, everyone.







Taka a stroll around your town. Admire the herbaceous borders era sweeping, wait-manicured awn*. Gsze at the concrete-and-rubble-strewn urban wastelands, testaments to the decline at heavy industy in Bntain Take a bus lo the edge ol town and wandet through the open Helds that provide gr p lor cattle and wheat (or hour, and the bjle woods consisting ol ancient beech. oaxpfyl yew .

Each HI everyone ol these sites into your very own Srm Is a float of JCBs. a hundred o< so ld biotas m plastic construction Miw.is and a complete disregard forflUfl ecological damage rou're about to wre L With just a tew hund« grand to star xj oft any or all Ol thA iconic English v.ews can be savaoetS turned into aJjuiidiag site within houM Now, withouflgeliitig all h ppy and Ztn aboui it S'/riCit> Isn't a place, it's a stale olmind YoJdglM

could be tun City All it tai



aA rich.

Or the A-


There's a tunny thing about cities dial you've probably noticed - the narttai hates you. It knows it you've gone lo London on a day trip, and siactt otl cold so you take your thickest jacket Then it

deliberately nudges up lha temperature so high lhai you're loroed lo sweat m your trainers, carry your lacket around and queue lor hours to buy a can ol Pepsi Irom some shark kiosk vendor who charges you a fiver. It rains on you in the morning, then as soon as you get to work, it's bright and sunny, and it you wear that new white shirt, it's windy and you pq covered In dust and diesel lurries. These are the immutable lorces ol nature, and so these aie the way things are within the boundaries ot Sim City It you don't like it, blame Michael Fish and his evil hordes


Well hey. this is what it's all about -whatever you want, you simply build II you want houses and oftices. then bung them on (he map. It you want to give your city that Simpson feeling, just construct a dodgy gas coaled nuclear reactor in the centre ol a housing estate For more ol an Edwaid Sossorhands look, go lor acres ot ■denheal suburban streets And to attain that elusive Bill and Ted. Beavis and Bullhead. Wayne and Garth ambience. Stfnpty build a huge shopping mall. Sports facilities'9 No problem - just construct a stadium or two. Airjxirls Shipping ports  Pick a spot and slap them down It really is that easy - providing you've 90! the cash ot course


An mate are rare (apart Irom rampaging sea monsters ol course), but there are quite a lew swamps lying around. Now ihere're two possible reasons lor this:

ISim City is built on alluvial deposits covering a syncline (or downward fold) ot impervious rock strata or clay. This means that precipitated water can't dram very far into the ground, raising the water table to a point where the thin covering ot alluvial deposits are saturated, and ground water collects due to inadequate drainage Either this or

2 They've been pul there to make the game harder.


Complete with added mercury, effluent and methyl tso-cyanaies. beaches near a major industrial conurbation are there to admire. Prelerabty Irom a long way away


H you're barmy enough to want lo go to a * city lor your vacation, then you'll probably

gel a kick out ol the tallowing:

Water polution. rats, muggings, tornadoes, dodgy lakearway food, earthquakes, cockroaches, nuclear meltdowns, random dnveby shootings, pavements clogged by refuse bags, roads clogged by angry and unsympathetic moionsts, air dogged by carbon particles and ground level ozone, floods, tires, air crashes and giant monsters rising tram the ocean 10 ravage the-city.

Wei lucky you, because Sim Citys got pretty much all of Ihe above. Ot course, since you view everything Irom several hundred leet up in the air, you only get to see the major events, wh'ch is cool. Alter all. who wants lo see plastic bags lull ol rotting trash close up Not us. that's tor sure.


Modem cities, we love em. Every type ot accomodation's available. Irom a £400-a-nighl hotel room lo a sleep; ng bag covered with newspapers in a doorway ct a shop. Take your pick


Cars, trams, ships, aeroplanes - Sim City's goi the works. 01 course, it you don't design everything property then you're going to end up wilh a massive gridlock jam, but that's half the tun Are we right, or are we right


Ccnsidenng a garage m the centre ol Leodon costs anything Irom £20,000, Hit Squad have managad la get the cost ol an entire new city down to an amazing £14 99. ao maybe the financial pundits are completely nghl about the property slump.

1 Like all those llathy holiday programme* on TV that ollar you holiday* you can't afford. Wish You

Were Here has reached the end of its currant run. No doubt It'll be back In the autumn, but meanwhile we re busily concocting a tlendlah plan to till this page for the months to come. Tune In next time to discover what our twisted minds have evolved.


Over the last few months we've daz2led you with many exciting and interesting vacations for the price of a new suitcase. We've given you the chance to paddle In the fatal seas of the Rainbow Islands, to put togelher a Syndicate with your mates, and even to explore the secrets of pirate's treasure in the Caribbean on Monkey Island. But some of you might want something a bit more normal, a bit less exotic, a bit more, well, day-to-day. It an urban-based experience Is what you're after, then enjoy a completly buildmungous holiday in...

“Trouser-wettingly fantastic... This is the closest an Amiga owner is going to get to owning a high-spec arcade \nachine" -The One


TMT I The Promise Fulfilled

FOR ALL AMIGAS (1 meg of memory required) £25.99

Renegade, Cl Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping Wall, London El 9SS


i 1 • i


W *

1r* »i- i 1



% n

4 4


► E* 1


j . . jn



S '


Click image to download PDF

Amiga Power Issue 38 1994 jun Cover

Merci pour votre aide à l'agrandissement d'Amigaland.com !

Thanks for you help to extend Amigaland.com !



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