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Samsung, the Korean company that's got lingers in every electronic pie except computers, is the new Iron! runner, although unsubstantiated rumours are circulating that Samsung has been less than impressed with CBM s alleged inability to provide lull financial figures Hewlett Packard, the computer giant, also appears to be interested HP was involved in the development ot the AAA RISC chip set that will be at the heart cl the next generation ot Amigas. so there is a dear previous technological liaison Amstrad, however, who appeared to be an early favourite, is no longer a serious contender It simply doesn't have the financial clout The only way it might Still be involved is >n partnership with another bidder And at least one pundit has lipped ASA. the PC manufacturer, as another possibility. General opinion is that it a major player such as Samsung or HP takes the rems. it'll be a good thmg lor us all So many companies are interested m buying Commodore because Amiga technology is some of the best in the world, and (hey want it lor themselves, to use m new machines bearing the Amiga biand name Things could soon get interesting.

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Amiga Power Issue 39 1994 jul Cover


Vi \K \VUA \V


9*770961 731055


Cluu your best


I miiimc Your guarantee of value

l»SUfc 39 CJ.B3 JULT 1994


tiirlhcr under- j yround tun MUD) BCKOB - I 5 4m Umi dm *' with trail! N •

lijj jj}l£

if §



1 s

1 1


V HM TO* M>« Diner, » W TOull lore thiu '




con or

Jonathan DivMt

ON TK ROW) ON THE HOT TRjtjl Stuart Campball

production editor

Stava Faraghar

R£VtW5 EDITOR C*m Winitanloy


ART EDITOR Sal Madding!

ART ASSISTANT Sarah Sfcariay-Prica


Rich Policy. Dave Gaidar Penny Ooda, Gordon Dnjca, Harry Aphay. Julia O'Shea, Uu Nlcholli

AD MANAGER Jackie Girlcrd


Anne Green


Diane Clarke

AO 0€ SION Uz Tuck



production cooromator

Craig Braadbridga



ADUN ASSISTANT Suzannah Angelo-Sparlini


Michele Trawavai

behold The tea

PUftJSJCR Steve Carey naNAGHJWSCTOR Greg Ingham r*C1 ‘.ahON ONECTOfi Sue Hartley EJIOJTAL Chrli Andenon LMO 4 SCAMNG Simon ChMeeden. Jee Meere. Chrtj Stocker.

Stmee Shadier. Alton Ttoev Mark Cover

.-rrniior Gram Comeebto

■MToniAL s anvamitiNo

*hgl PMr.

T*S e FKtokeR Ltd.

30 Monmouth Street.

Bath fiAl im Tn0l 5« 4A fa 0225 <46019


Cary Cot*. Samtrton. SomerMt § TAJ1 6TB TH 07M U22U


V Amigfrrelated news Irom around the world, though largely centering on London, England, the scene of our dramatic Nipper final. And! More.


I W The thirty best-selling Amiga games, listed in numerical order for your convenience. And for the second month running, it's all change at number one.


BEAUTY We examine the world of games that tie in with reaHife events What world of games that tie in with real-life events Never quesbon us.


■•Q Why dip into your pocket twelve times when you only need to do it once  Once again, we'll do all the hard work.


Having trouble with Beneath a Steel Sky and Innocent Until Caught We're not. And we're prepared to share our knowledge with you. Also, your problems aired on Rich Pelle/s rotary washing line.

7A BACK issues/mail order

T-shirts, binders, copies of Pocket Workbench & AmigaDOS Reference, apricot flapjacks. Whatever you're after, we almost certainly sell it - and at unbeatable prices, too. Gosh, yes.


The pages CD32 owners gather around like gnus at a waterhole. looking to see which old Amiga games have been converted to their machine this month.


Do just as Dave Golder says, and you need never pay for another game again. Can it be true Yes. ft can.


You write to us, and we reply. Then we beat our fists against the wall howling at the pomtfessness of it all


Hello. And welcome to another issue of AMIGA POWER. Incredible. Isn't it, to think just how many AMIGA POWERS there've been. And yet here's

another one, looking as fresh and bright-eyed as if it'd only been thought of yesterday. The great Impossible Mission 2025 review helps a lot.

games of the


Find out what that chap on the cover Is so upset about. And then kill him. Cruel - but. hey. eaea.M

■vrHKi nr


Er, a feature

Page 2lt


fill more men =J    ■

titan you'll P 9 probably eveA'f W;

0 meet In your — vahole life.


Page 44


« » »

if r \

OVER 250





Ultimate. in fact.

Page 42

Banshee .44

Impost Mission 2025 —28 Wembley Int Soccer-----46



Benefactor —...... 36




Incredible Crash Dmms-67

Last Action Hero---69

Out to Lunch ... 16

Super Methane Bros-----40

Ultimate Pinball Quest-42


World Cup Cricket----71



obviously- And the Games Mimic Reality feature. In fact, it s all good, and I’m proud to be able to put my name to It.

Which I'll do now. I think.

Jonathan Davies, Editor



And discover who that liutebit of while hairdo "in there belongs io.

Page 38

JULY 1 994

Chuck Rock — Chuck Rock 2 Fire A Ice — Mean Aranas-Naughty Onas


enetactor. It sou

brutal, doesrrt it

Ultimata Body Blows



Cadavar & The Payoff—76

A VIDEO RECORDER CAN BE YOURS If you triumph in our impossible Impossible Mission compo.

Page 64

A CD32 FOR YOU Should you win with Ultimate Body Blows.

Page 73

Serious Backgammon.



Supe rc in •*••••«•••••••••


Supercirfi 2 ....—



Crystal Ouast —


Dream Stream —


Qalaga Deluxe-—


Interlace Robot — —






LIKE TO SAY: *t J wort*£ ruT.. I can hofcj Down my job. bid not my    "

o r«.« i com ~ STEVE M WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY:    IM ttw write

Far from resting on our laurels, reflecting on the glory of last month's coverdisks, we've assembled two more - and they're even more splendid. With an exclusive demo of the most eagerly-awaited beat-'em-up in history, and the world s greatest two-player game... well, phew.



Anyone will eoiueti Ih the shady world of PC faming will have heard of Doom, a ad its ticJtirtf two-player network facility. Well, he re‘i your chance to piay a simpler, slightly cheaper-looking, but no less enjoyable version of your own. KJIII And kill agalaf


Ivy out a whole level of this Ireneadoac lasecl-bated shool-'em-ap. Let nothing yet away unscathed - not even the gladioli.


Iwo-player Thrust with guaf. ir* that simple. And that good. Really, really, really, really good, in fact.


The flnt of two variations m the digging luancls underground theme this nonth. So make like a mole.


More underground fan, b«ii this tine wtth ImH. Too should be getting good at thb by now. Ih, chans


• Oh no! Are you sure Before you go any further, try Ihe procedures described In the panel over the page. If. alter all thal. you do have disk problems, simply place II In an envelope, along with an SAE and an explanatory letter, and return It NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 39. DisCopy Labs. PO Box 21. Daventry NN11 5BU. It you send It to us. we ll come and stand under your bedroom window at 3am and sing the Marseillaise.





•    You've only gal 512K ol memory on your Amiga Blimey, that'* a bit stupid. Isn't It Go and buy an eipanalon RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any ol the games, all you have to do la switch off your machine, Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow the Instructions to load the game ol your choice.

•    Juat to be on I he safe aide, though, the on-screen Instructions say that you should press the appropriate function key to make your selection.

•    You'll have to reset your machine In order to play one ol the other demos. When you do to. simply follow the Instruction a above.

•    Remember to keep the disk you are playing your game from In the drive at all times. And remember -switching the machine off for 20 seconds or so before loading a new program will help prevent disks being Infected by stray viruses

•    Have a good time.


•    Are you sure

•    Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might not like', such as external drives.

•    If your disk fails to load, then pop It In a padded envelope, along with a latter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 39 Returns DlsCopy Labs PO Box 21 Daventry NN11 SBU

•    We re really hoping that you're reading this bit. because It's quite important: please don't send your disks to us at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how to fix dodgy disks, and we'll just throw ’em straight In the bln. So send

AP them to Dlscopy. Please.

Authors: Audios

All load Apidyal

Wa ve had a lew problems with this game on one (but nol all) ol our 1200s. so it you gel any lurny slulf. boot up while holding bolh mouse buttons down, and then seleci ihe ENHANCED option m the CHIP SET memory and then it'll load Don'l ask us why it does this, because we simply don'l know.

All hail Apidya!

According to our besl estimates the first time Apidya came (API3, 89°>°) it sold aboul 22 copies, even though we raved about n. and even (hough il stands tall and proud ai number 11 In the AMIGA POWER Ail Time Top One Hundred This lad. along with Lee Harvey Oswald gelling framed tor capping JFK (And England winning the World Cop in 1966.

- Stuart) are some of Ihe greatest injustices in the world today, and being the upholders ol justice and truth that we are. we've been trying to reclily them ever since AMIGA POWER'S much-publicised collaboration with Oliver Slone went some way to deanrig the name of Oswald, but even (hough we've been going on and on aboul how great Apidya is. no one oul there seems lo have been listening Thai is (dramatic pause) until now.

Team 17 have lofted the mighty Apidya battle banner high, and reckon that wilh Iheir marketing dout behind it. such an awesomely fab game simply can't fail la sell by the buekei load. Lei's hope so, eh The lull game's teeming with msect-related blasliness. drenched with thumping techno tracks, and dnpping with bugs, maggots and squidgy dead rats, and lo whet your appetite, here's all of level one lo sample, which Is three complete sections. The lull game's also

gof a rather odd two-player game, where one player's ihe wasp and the other's a kind ol dione gnat thing, but this demo's one-player-only.

All play Apidyal

In the spirit ol honzonially scrolling shool-'em-ups. you simply blast your way lo Ihe end. taking out dung beetles, butterflies and even dead leaves that get in your way If you pack up the red (lowers along left by dead bugs. Ihe meter ai Ihe bonom gradually creeps up. and when you gel lo the power up you want, simply press Ihe SPACE bar. II you save up enough flowers, you'll even get lo see that little drone bug. and who knows, maybe al last this lop game will get the recognition il deserves.

Still, don't just lake our word lor II. slap 4 in yer disk drive, power Ihe little funster up and gel ready lo blast your way lo insecloid glory.

Authors: Barf and Mad Lamer

Not Workbench 1.3 compatible

What it is

In the lew weeks this has been in Ihe office, it's been hailed by many (but not al) of AMIGA POWER as ihe best game of all time due to its irresistibly competitive nature, which has made us think how cruel irle can be. When professional programmers are getting paid vasl amounts of money to come up with gaming dnvel such as Dracula and The Last Action Hero (reviewed this issue,

Author: Justin Leek

Kfiown 10 the greater mass of us as Dig Dug. that classic old arcade game invoking digging through the ground and Killing nasties by blowing them up with a bicycle pump in a sadistic manner not entirely unlike that thing little luds do with trogs and dnnkirtg straws. The great thing about old arcade games is that what you have to do is so amazingly obvious that you can ust play them Soiuslpiayil.


Author: Justin Leek Or Mr Do, that classic arcade game involving digging around and avoiding nasties and, er hang on,

haven't we already done this Mr Do is, it must be admitied. awfully similar la Dig Dog. but whereas you had the fiendish bike pump in Dig Dug. in this one you've got a magic ball thai clatters along tunnels and then returns to you. This may be a

minor change, but it makes a whole lot ol difference to the gameplay. so give if a whirl It's all-time top tun. we reckon

folks) and irue talent such as the curiously named Barf and Mad Lamer are wnting this in their spare time, then there really is no justice

What to do about it

As you can see. it's gravity- and inertia-heavy Thrust wars, with each player trying to take oul their opponent Sensibly. FIRE is used to thrust and UP to fire, which makes things a lot easier. DOWN activates the special weapon, the default one being bomb which produces a fearsome shockwave Shields, fuel and

Guided missiles art a jrtai way of accidentally killing yourself. '


weapons can be recharged by landing on any base, the water makes a pleasant plop when you drop into it. you can race round various levels, and there's about fifty levels to choose trom Absolutely everything can be tailored lo suit your requirements, trom the weight of shots to the type and effects at special weapons: our choice tor tournament games is currently the fearsome unguided missile It's a shame that we didn't gel to see this one in lime for our All Time Top 100. as it would almost certainly have been nght up near the top Never mind. Maybe sometime next year. Gravity Force 2 will get the glorious recognition that it so nchly deserves

Inspired by the likes ol Doom and Wallenstein on the PC. and the fabulous Extreme Violence on AP24 s coverdisk. AP leader Duncan Stuart s answeiedour call to arms and been thoroughly rewarded tor his efforts It's two ptayer tun once more, only this lime you've got to run around an odd maze dressed as a wizard and try to blow the other chap (also, curiously enough, dressed as a wizard) cut of his little blue curty boots

The compass shows you where the other guy is and the bar shows your damage, but you'll quickly lind out that running up to each other and blazing away isn't Ihe soMwn, oh no

What you need is tact, cunning, and as many power ups as you can grab out of Ihe Ihe rooms You choose them by pressing DOWN and FIRE fo gel Ihe arrow al Ihe bolfom, and activale fhem by pressing FIRE Here s what they are and what they do:



Rickies Jem Anyone


1 Invisibility. Il l 1 a feed un.


A Trader. Orddrt


Messes up Ike bed cempesi-

Invulnerebilify. 4 Pretty Heady.

Remember, juil U) bo.

Stop* the bed fuy moving.

We reelfy have ao idee.



lor ages now It s now finished, so lo get the lull kiwdown on the game, check out Stuart s review on page 32 This demo's one-piayer-onfy and features lop babe-on-babe action, complete with very short shorts, very dingy, loppy, er. tops and masses and masses ol great hair Hnnnngggglll Punches and kicks that connect produce a shower of coins (presumably tram the combatants pockets) which can be picked up for bonuses or punched towards the enemy as nasty impromptu ninja stars, and you can access the secret move by repeating a certain move until the move kicks in. (Ooh bit ol a due there, it's in the wording.) Obviously, since it's a secret move, we re not going to tell you what it is. because men it wouldn't be secret any more, would it We re I ke that

Authors: Terramarque

What it is and how to play it

Its a beat-'emup. You beat things Up.


No. that's about it Work out all the moves lor yoursell. You can access them all by either moving the joystick or pressing FIRE and ihen moving the joystick. At the end Ol the round, the one left standing is the winner It's ever so simple when you think about it.

No, really

Oh, okay Ihen. Terramarque are a bunch ol Nordic types, long * I mb and Ian of hair, and they've been keeping themselves busy with Eltmania. clattering away on their little keyboards.




AMIGA POWER’S newshounds have once again scoured the globe in search of these cutting-edge scoops.



One, er, not exactly

Since the story cl Commodore's voluntary liquidation o the US broke Last month all sorts ot rumours have been circulating There seems little doubt that somebody will buy Commodore (fortunately tor Am ga owners) It's just a question ot who and when

Dawn Leuack. a spokesperson lor Commodore UK. told us that we could expect some definite news within the next

careful owner.

two weeks 'There are lour companies interested m Commodore at the moment', she explained, “with one pursuing rather harder than the others Judging from some Ot the conversations I've overheard, it won't be tong before a deal is clinched' She was also keen to point out that, despite stones to the contrary, supplies ot Air gas and spare pans were holding up well 'We have all the stock from the

Phillipmes’ manufacturing plant here in Europe.' she said, 'and I can t imagine that we ll run oul Ot anything m the lorseeabte future'

So the big question remains: who will lake over Commodore7

Samsung, the Korean company that's got lingers in every electronic pie except computers, is the new Iron! runner, although unsubstantiated rumours are circulating that Samsung has been less than impressed with CBM s alleged inability to provide lull financial figures Hewlett Packard, the computer giant, also appears to be interested HP was involved in the development ot the AAA RISC chip set that will be at the heart cl the next generation ot Amigas. so there is

a dear previous technological liaison

Amstrad, however, who appeared to be an early favourite, is no longer a serious contender It simply doesn't have the financial clout The only way it might Still be involved is >n partnership with another bidder And at least one pundit has lipped ASA. the PC manufacturer, as another possibility.

General opinion is that it a major player such as Samsung or HP takes the rems. it'll be a good thmg lor us all So many companies are interested m buying Commodore because Amiga technology is some of the best in the world, and (hey want it lor themselves, to use m new machines bearing the Amiga biand name Things could soon get interesting.














player ever to live

His name's Brian Sigley. he lives in Great Wyriey in the West Midlands, he secured victory with the record score ol 146.460, he hesn t yet deeded what he’s going to spend tv* C1000-woriholHMV vouchers on and he doesn't even own an Amiga*

Our Nipper competition met with a magnificent response, and the play oti Final, which was held at HMV's Oxford Street store on 7th May. was a truly tense occasion A huge crowd assembled in the shop's Level One games department to watch our twelve winners proving their worth

The Twelve' (as they've smee beedme popularly known) each played three games ot Nipper and their scores were averaged out The top two than went through to a sudden-death final, horn which Bran emerged triumphant thanks to weeks of practice on tvs brother's Amiga He was persenaty

congratulated by

Saaads like IrLM oof III le iptk al — A    I l»«    «* kb

7 J talk o« a brand

♦    an Amiga,

maybe a CDIST

Slu.fi and Nipper fanirSH-

the actual, real Nipper the one who sits by player on the HMV logo, who was lovety

the record


Team 17 have allayed our control-rotated tears regarding Super Stardust The A1200 version wrf/have a keyboard control option, and the CD32 version won t, they promise, use Up for thrust Phew, eh7 In other related news, an enhanced Stardust Special Edition is planned tor later in the year. That tl have a keyboard option, loo Well done the Wakeliekt wonders, we say And let's see more

sense tram noi .< muck you others fus .< u>, bui ■at bad anyway. Super Stu/dttsr Is a lorra, larta fun, says Cilia.

Tka jama dial dtey played ta Ik Is <







1993 El arc t rn l a a 3 ■ ■ n«. ■■«! I n.a Enterpri Si



*«, - <. muc* III. mi protMbl) h« yone Wllh a Mega Drive. or SNES.

nud« i!i«jji loon    owning chum will undoubtedly be

lamiliai with Electronic Arts EA Sports label And thanks to some son ol bizarre, and slightly contusing, side-eltect from Ocean's publishing ol EA's Super Nintendo games, well soon get the chance to play EA Sports games on our Amlgas We've already played Madden, of course, but come the autumn we II also be able to have a crack at NHL Hockey Ithe delmitrve console ice hockey game).

Mutant League Hockey (similar, but mare violent). $ kitchm'(a moderately

enjoyable vanant ol Road    , e_ „    \ /

Rash, where you re on    _ _ .    1e

roller skates and you grab    _ y.n V . >

hold ol the backs ol

Tf. -riPGA.y " j    RffT    19B

wiih live European    *2    J    -»•—

f ” - SU(6    >.,• /./././././    L

' ll).’    r J ■

j&i H

he appears in a beal-'em-up

Tklt jim< It to jood Ihn even Tun 17 ipcnd all day pljiyiny H. Yhi1 shouldn 1 b« illeutd.


si PUB

A CD32 version of Arcade Pool should be appeanng in the shops during the first week at July It'll be ust the same as the floppy version (which has shot straight to the top of ihe charts this month, accounting for. Team 17 claim, 36% ol budget game sales), but with the inevitable animated intro and - brilliantly - a sort of pub-ambience soundtrack, created by taking a DAT recorder to a pub and leaving it running.

And this is actually better news than it might sound You see. er. due to a fairly maior internal misunderstanding at Team 17, the version of Arcade Pool they sent us to review last month wasn't, in tact, the version thal made it into the shops The completed game has got much more convincing computer

Pool - a garni af two hahiat. 'I don't mind III da, than hi

opponents and utterly realistic ball movement, and is In tact worth a good 91%. (It'd be even belter if two of the crappest players weren't called Stuart Campbell and Steve Faragher)

Fear not. readeis - AMIGA POWER is committed to reviewing only finished, fully-tested versions ol games, and steps are being taken as you read this to ensure that nothing like this happens again

Game: Top Gear 2 Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Gremlin Authors: In-house Price: £25.99 ETA: July

Well. I

know all about

this / UUV

one. hav.ng p’ayed jg J    ***

it lots on the    nlsERfl

Super NES tiunng    ■

my misspent    WEEII'I

years on Super

Play The SNES boasts both an original Top Gear and Tpp Gear 2, whereas the Amiga will only be seeing the sequel. In tact, it's not absolutely dear why Gremlin are converting either game to the Amiga. Alter all. they've pretty much gel the genre covered already with the Lotus senes, to which Tpp Gear 2 bears a disconcerting resemblance, and Lamborghini American Challenge is going to take some beating

Still, here it is. and it doesn't look bad at all It's a traditional sprite-based game, with a smoothly-scrolling road, a range of backdrops and a selection of equipment you can buy to spruce up youi car. Stats Ians will be keen lo know that ihere are 64 cities in 16 countnes to dnve through. 36 things you can buy lor your car. and a maximum speed (in top gear', presumably) of over 200mph Collisions with major roadside objects are (awarded by spins and even complete    -

so me rsa ul1s    'JlSf J    s'

Vom your car,

and nieradive    ,    ,

scenery is

prom sea wh ii

vtiii f:,; o*er yoiir

bonnet when

you hit it And. J .    


Top lur the TV prafriemt - Too Out the jiMt

as you'll be able to see, it otters that essential split-screen two-player mode, although there's a full-screen opiion H you're playing on your own.

The game arrives on the A1200 in July, and a 500/600 version should follow along shortly afterwards. And the SNES version (which got 74% in Super Play) earned the title ol 1993 Games Ptayer SNES Racing Game of the Year. So who knows, eh


lack [»■>«.

VJAK y_3_L_L CJ U£5

>J-j* U Ji j


Exile's coming ou1 on the CD32 later this summer. Which Is good news, as the original Is still way up there al No 6 In our All-Time Top 100. When pressed, an Audiogenic spokesman admitted: “It's going to be much bigger than the original, with much better, more colourful graphics." And. er. that's It for the lime being. Hopefully we'll have some pictures of the game by nexl month.

We asked, you answered. And here are the results!

We II say one thing about you readers when it comes to questionnaires, you're nolhmg it not prompt Within days ot AP37 hitting the newsstands, we were inundated by replies which have now finally all been fed into the Future Publishing mainframe by out trained team ol surgically lobolomised slaves Rather than bore you with a statistical breakdown ol the entire thing, though, here aie the, in our opinion more interesting bits

•    Less than a dozen questionnaires were pholocopied, with almost every single one ol you thinking nothing ot just leanng a page out of your favourite mag. This hud us deeply

•    When asked to rale AMIGA POWER oul ot ten. no one from our sample gave it less than six. and an astonishmg-20% rated it as perfect This leads us to the shocking conclusion lhal people who read AMIGA POWER do so because they like it No. really Aren't statistics fascinating’

•    When it comes to quality and ludgement. it seems that you think the same way as us Your favounie issue Ol AMIGA POWER was issue 32. complete with that controversially-replaced Cannon Foddei cover, ihe long-running and popular Nipper Compo coverdisk, and reviews ot such top games as Second Samurai. Alien Breed 2 and The Seiners Only two

If there's one thing the CD32 needs, It's a cute platform game to rival Super Mario World and Sonic. Oh yea. Something with colourful, cheery backgrounds, Iota of big levels and an Iconic central character, preferably.

So you can Imagine the sudden, unbridled outpouring of - enthusiasm in the AP office when 21 al Ate Century's Paul Topping strolled trio the office and thrust a copy of Marvin's Marvellous " Adventure Into our CD32.

Game: Marvin's Marvellous Adventure Runs on: CD32 Publisher: 21st Century Entertainment Authors: In-house Price: TBA ETA: September


A CD32...

Or. ralher. a place to buy one from Our chums at Paradise Isle are exclusively otfenng AMIGA POWER readers to buy a CD32 with Microcosm, The Chaos Engine and (while stocks last) Wing Commander. Dangerous Streets. Diggers and Oscar, for the knock-down pnce of £229.99 (plus £5 for delivery m mainland UK. or £20 for Eire. Shetland and the NW Scotland islands). What's more, the first

100 people to order will be sent over £200-worth of vouchers, giving you money off things like the FMV module, a mouse, and top games such as TFX. Util Dml and Rise ot Ihe Robots You can contact Paradise Isle at 70 Standlast Road. Henbury. Bristol BS10 7HJ. lel/lax 0272 500245 But remember to quote the special secret password - APPI001 - to prove you re an AP reader.


Remember Loopf> The puzzle game where you have to make, m fad. ioopz' by joining together dilterenily-shaped blocks’ We've never reviewed if. but ■! we d>d, it'd get a good mark Tbe thing is, though, Audiogenic are domg a sequel lo ii m a couple of months Called Super Loopz

frames of animation are promised to make things look convincing, and the, er. demanding ness of this approach means the game wdi be for the 1200 and CD32 only. It'll took very real', we re loid, but we're a little worried as to whether il l play as deanly as more conventional footy games

Otherwise, there seems little lo choose between Real World Football and 1he avalanche of similar tides currently raining down around us. It offers a full tournament (although, bizaneiy, only two players seem to be able to Join In with this), differed playing techniques for each team, all the usual headers and overhead kicks end thirds, and training In things kke penalties and comers

But whether Real World Football can truly rival real real world football, thus obviating the need ever to come into contact with grass again, remains lo be seen • JONATHAN DAVIES

Game: Real World Football USA 94 Runs on: A1200. CD32 Publisher: Infogrames Authors: Condor Software Price: TBA ETA: June

We were having a bit ol a competition In the AMIGA POWER office the other day. frying to think ol a software publisher who wasn't planning a new footbaB game to tie In with the World Cup. We'd been sitting in silence for about five minutes, our faces creased with concentration, when suddenly Cam held his right index finger in the air. smiled, and said ‘Infogrames ‘ Just ihen, the phone rang

Real World Football USA 94 is different, promise Infogrames. And from what we've seen of if, if is, Indeed, nothing like Sensible Soccer at all The most dramatic deviation is the perspective, which puts you down amongst the playeis' (eel. while the pitch scrolls about in 3D Loads ol



other issues got huge vote tallies, and those were AP37 and AP28. which had Syndicate. Yo' Joe' and Dune 2 reviewed Curiously, three people said API was the best ever issue, so we can only imagine mat the last lew years' AMIGA POWERS have been a siring ol constant disappointments to you

•    When the results ol the last reader survey came out in AP29. a mere 11 % Ol you owned an A1200 and the dominant machine was an upgraded A500 Technology s marched on Irom then, and a whacking great 30% ot you now own an At 200. with 35% ol you owning either an A500 or A600 Machine loyally must run deep though, because 28% ol you are still holding onto that old A500 Maybe now's the time to make that change, huh’

•    You're getting older. Well, obviously everyone's getting older, but 47% Ol our lesl sample are over 20 whereas only 8% are under 14 A laidy hefty n% aie aver 30. which makes them proper grown ups with [Obs and everything II would seem that our readership s malunng wilh ihe machine.

•    Two years ago, 5% or our




1.    ISSUE 32

2.    ISSUE 37

3.    ISSUE 28 4 ISSUE 33 5. ISSUE 30

readers were temale. Last year il was 4% This year, we re down to just a liny 3% lemale readership, which means that now, more than ever, the chat up line "Do you want to read my AMIGA POWER’" is a complete none starter.

•    Toftee Maclean from Gloucester bought AP37 because ol Ihe Top 100 and because "Amiga Force has slopped pnnting." He reckoned that his girlfriend was a Large dog and that we should gel rid ol Ihe covertksk lo prove we don’t have to copy the other mags Well actually Totfee, Future Publishing pioneered cover-mounted disks on magazines, and >1 you didn't like any game Irom our top PD disks, you're Obviously barking mad anyway

•    Even though he's in the army and stationed m Cyprus. Kieran Burke doesn't own a gun What's all that about then Kieran’ What's the point ol joining Ihe army and not having a gun’ Follow SAC Rickleslard's example gel armed nghl now and start defending our borders like you re supposed to Rickiesford's got a motorbike too. so respect Irom Cam and Steve M

•    Richard Austin wants more features, pretty much everyone owns a baseball cap. and Mr Petunia Jurassic Goodwin Irom Chelmsford owns a copy ol Cindy Crawford's workout video. Barry Mason Irom Scotland asks, nol unreasonably. "Are you gods at AT’" and Roman McKenna trom Northern Ireland has a packet ol cigarettes, but we re not to tell his ma Well Mrs McKenna H you're readmg this

• Oh and Edward Walker Irom Coventry doesn't think we re as Silly i as we used to be Weil Edward, we l den t think you re as sensible as you used to be either, so there

NO. 2


Having areas in your game where the player is killed without warning by something they couldn't see before II hit them, and (hen are expected to complete the game by finding all these areas (by dying, obviously) and then remembering where they are.

Imagine the scene. You're a programmer and you've hall-linlshed your new game, which, let’s lace It, Is almost certainly some sort ot cute platformer. You've drawn the levels, put the characters In. dreamed up a suitably stupid name lor Ihe helpless lemale heroine your lantern- awed bo nohead Is doubtless attempting to rescue. Thing Is, at Ihe moment. It's far loo easy. You can walk through It first try without even using any continues. It's got to be made harder. There are now two options available lo you.

If You're A Good Programmer: You can devise clever traps, where you're perhaps lured Into extremely dangerous areas by the promise ol big bonuses. You can pul In a tew bad guys who attack the player In

tpisl store VkE.

ways which are hard lo deland against but which can be learned and defeated with practice and skill. You can Introduce bits where you have to utilise skills you learned at an earlier stage In the game and which are now vital to your progress. You esn even, God lorbid, try to think ol something original that nobody's ever used before. It has been done, you know.

If You're A Totally Useless And Crsp Programmer: You can put In completely Invisible spikes which pop up Irom underneath when you stand on lop ol them, turning the game from a test ol skill Into a test ol memory. II you're really unbelievably diabolically awful, you can even put In a previously-uselul feature which suddenly turns out lo be hilariously booby-trapped'. You can. In lact. cheat everybody who pays money lor


r mW* got unfothomably k largo levels* i

a copy of your game by simply nol bothering lo do your job properly and come up with some real gameplay. You moron.

Flral ollance: 5-15% off Second offence: 10-30% oft Third otfence: Underwater spear-gun execution by scuba-diving firing squad.

Marvin doesn’t particularly resemble a minx. HI» not furry at all. for example.

Anyone who's played Super Mario Wnrid nr Its derivative* wttl reei pretty si home wun Marvin (who's actually a pizza delivery boy). He


tie Manner

Mick D.iflfcroAii f. Marred



With the problems Commodore have been having gening hold ol supplies ol hardware recently, anyone whose AS2Q modulator has tailed may well have been a bit stuck But never lead The Amitek modulator can get people quickly back into action using their TVs and colour composite monitors (such as the Commodore 1084S].’ cried Silica's Mark Blackman, announcing the arrival ol their own replacement. The Amitek costs £34. either trom Silica's shops or mail order on 081 309 tin And it's moulded in black plasle to co-ordinate with your, er, digital watch



Here re a couple ol prclures ol LrW Dual, a CD32 animated adventure from Gremlin that promises to be a real demon' to play Probably. You control a little leitow called Mutt and you've got to steer him about the place as he tries to track down the Mystic Pizza ol Plenty It is. as may be becoming apparent, a 'humorous' game, with corneal animation a-plenty. And that's about it tor this month Next month a proper Work In Progress See you then, eh’

Game: Space Academy Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Mindscape Authors: In-house Price: TBA ETA: Autumn

Cnkey. Thus ts going to be tricky. You see. we know what Space Academy looks l*e And we know what you've got to do in it What we don’t know, however, is why Still, here goes.

Space Academy is a 3D isometric adventury type game, with vague simrlarities to D/Generaiion. Berng a CD32 game, itll be huge, with an animated ray-traced introduction (a cut-down version lor normal Amigas will follow on In due course]. There ! be two buidmgs lo expore. I ol towed by a spaceship, m all making up about 700 rooms As you puzzle-solve your way around, you’ll need look out for SAS Hoopers who re trying to shoot you because.er...

’Urn. Hang on a mmule. No Er.

Hmm. The product manager would know, but he's on holiday till next week. Er..." explained a spokesperson for Mindscape "Erm Oh no. Sorry.’

So er The buildings, we 1 assume, are the Space Academy of the title- And the spaceship is some sod of training vessel that you'll be trying to escape on. Thai seems fairly likely. Bui the SAS Maybe fhey're not, in fact, the Special Air Service, but actually Space Academy Secunty or something. And you're trying to steal some top-secret plans, maybe But then whal'd they be doing at a Space Academy And there are some builders too, apparently Oh dear, help

Hopefully H I a! become much, much dearer by the erne we do a review in a couple ol months' lime. Until then, here are some nice pictures.




WNyn woo ff bv/r<g from jry msd ottim compvry, il k •OY foiOMrq AM GA POWER

1)    Mot* you Mod Miy mon*y. mg mm f ppM 10 mala kn Tm Mm you foqura a m stock Ask Quastora

r* ccmoATv i potcy or dt*v*y mk1 (Mums d AqjpTttrt %Uk4 sort r»<« in no hxttvt oocts sue* ai pc«(*9C *nd ptefcipng Pnd oul you car «*t»d 10 f*OMtfi your goods

2)    AKwcys r**d ff* smM pnrt or

3)    cototm Yat do noe nduds no* address OD f»f KMfll AHO. Svc*1 OOrrOAfMS wfl*f» <30 ACM sniww or rslum your cVti

4)    By *ir **4 tmi mMhod <M paytwi i Ojr c»*dl cwd II

goods CM mors flhvt 1100 n total vMj* Ttrrmvbm mil you mt topfty *114*3 to dsn* comptnufton Imm soms oMl compsnet 4 rauM* OOMtMR Omm '/our Cf*dt card evnpvty'ft pokey You CAT Mo try la gM utri tsunres r

5)    H you rs no* ptyrg by CfSdi card pay by CteQui NrrsrMndcAkh and *vC-d uwtg pecUl Oidari

6)    Kmc rscxxda 11 you vs buying by «3Sdl card a

roll o* ms im« ol me wj«r vxl *** for v> ordv nrjrfcsf WHsn ordsnng snymnq o«<r ms ttfcpttto Lksrsyi    Vn pnes

71K you vs ivxlng •    Loop a non of ms

ctw)j* nuTt*r. ms <U3t and me eud value Maks aura you know tf>« siact narrs ol me    ordv


Ai WNwi you rtKSMS you» goods eft** men cvefUly if anyTing a nung or UuiTy. cctlMl Vm luppk* ermecfcalefy

91 A**yf «ydir Worn ms <notf (acsM <Uu* cM AMIGA POWER

10] if ■ probtom do«i sms cor tact me tuppnt in the frViVUVYS Cvrvy and poUVy tail m rn you proDsm Uot( votMsma turn oj lo bs mmor McftM or fTtoundsndandngs mal evt ssMy be raaofwl II you ir»rt< you have a ganums gnswsncs. ccmracf ya> local Tradng Siandardt 0*v*f The rtmftv « w ms phone book

Game: G2 Runs on: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: Psygnosis Authors: in-house Price: £TBA ETA: Late summer

First, a confession. G2 is Just a working title (standing for Game 2' or something], but it's one of those working titles that may well stick. It’s certainly tricky to think ol a better name lor thia odd 3D ahoot-'em-up. II, In fact, It Is shool- em-up..

"Yes, it's basically a shoot-'em-up,“ confirmed Adrian Curry, G a project manager, "although it's got adventure and puzzle elements In it loo.’ The Idea Is that lor reasons

which Psygnosis are still working on. you're patrolling a series of 3D scrolling corridors hunting down aliens. "The 3D scrolling effect Is the bit we're proudest of,” continued Adrian. "You'll llnd none smoother.”

There are nine levels altogether, encompassing (our different sorts of scenery (we only saw the one pictured here] and a total of around 1000 rooms, and crawling around them are fifteen different types of alien.

The adventuring comes In the form of things you can pick up and

use. Most important are guns (you can hold one In each hand lor double the firepower), but you'll alio need lo keep a lookout (or food (to replenish your energy) and keycards, which you'll need lo get through security doors. Should these cards prove Impossible lo llnd. you can always reaort lo using your onboard computer lo try to crack the codes. Your computer also provides a handy scanner, which maps Ihe levels as you explore them, and warns of the approach of aliens in a manner similar lo the one In Ihe film.er, Allen.

By ihe time It s finished, G2wtll hopefully be last, tense and action-packed - more than Just a nice 3D scrolling routine with s game tacked on lop.






Game: King Pin Runs on: A500, A600. A1200, CD32 Publisher: Team 17 Authors: In-house Prlco: £9.99 (£14 99 CD32)

ETA: August

'Prepare to be bowled over.' suggeel Teem 17. nol entirely unprecfcdabty. But dramming up support tor a 10-pin bowling game can’t be easy, wheh is perhaps why people don't do them very often. Alter all. when you go real-life bowling it's not. on the whole, lor the Itirlll ol railing a bell towards some skittles and knocking some ol them over. It’s more lor the pleasure ol the company ol otters: the team spirit: the atmosphere: the glory

But Team 17 hope la capture all ol thd ("and mors*) in King Pin. It's a bowling emulation, basically, with

everything you'd expect lo tind In one. Up lo six people can play al once, throwing' balls at skittles until somebody wins Authentic digitised ball-roiling-aiong and hall-hltilng-sfattles sound eltects are promised, along with both male and female characters And, well. yes. In keeping with so many other Team 17lavee, though. King Pwt wil come In at the bargain price al £9 99. Not bad lor (their words again) *t 0-pin bowling without the embarrassing shoes*



The Official Cannon Fodder Playing    popping mlo your neaiast good

Guide is your chance lo counter daims    bookshop, or by investigating tha entirely

lhai Britain is reading fewer books than it    coincidental advert on page 57.

used lo ll's been put logelher by (cough) Future Publishing, and written by *

AMIGA POWER’S Cam Wmstanley. and is actually a t complete version ot the    V.A1

astonishingly popular    A

Cannon Fodder guide we’ve been tunning lor the past lew months, elaborated upon slightly and repackaged in convenient book lorm at the pocket money price of £9 95 Gel hold ol a copy either by


“Today's Multi-Media requirements demand a speaker system that nol only sounds good but also compliments a modern computer's design.' say Logic 3. not only blundering straight info the old compliments'complements trap, but also making no sense at all. Today’s Multi-Media requirements A modem computer's design’ We are. in (act. being told about a pair ol stereo loudspeakers with a built-in amplifier that

you can strap to the side ol your leliy/momtcr so as to be able to hear all those groovy m-game tunes better. They cost £16 99 Irom your local computer slore. or you could call Spectravideo on 081 902 2211.

"John Wayne running up a beach*




II you really like games, you're unlikely to have missed the Future Ernertainmeni Show, either Iasi year or the year belore And you'll probably be planning to go to it this year loo, eh’ Its organised by AMIGA POWER along wth all the other games mags here at Future Publishing, and is the event to attend to see not only the latest Amiga games (belore Ihey even go on sale), but also innovative cutting-edge technology-type Stull like CO-ROM and multimedia

"See1 Try! Buy1* is

the show's by-line and, er. you'd belter do what it says. So avoid the queues and save money by calling the ticket hotline on 0369 4235 Tickets cost £6 m advance and £7 on the door. And! When you call, you'll be able lo enter an incredible pri2e draw by answenng ihe question: ‘In which city is AMIGA POWER written’" Five winners, to be drawn on August 1st, gel a £100 voucher to be spent al Silica's stand dunng the show. Oh, and the show's taking place on 26th-30th October, which coincides neatly with the autumn halt-term break What could possibly be more aiiunng’

PLUS' We've actually got some lickels tor Ihe show lo be won' Five pairs, in tact, which you can have a crack al winning by sending us a postcaid with your name, address and the date Lillie Langtry died, by 30lh July 1994. to Peppery Vinegar Compo AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Sheet. Bath BA1 2BW

as If we had Included German missions, we would have upset the balance at Ihe game.

You can fly either a Typhoon, Mustang or Spitfire and change throughout the game depending on the mission. You start oft from Tangmere airfield on April 1st and have to get enemy activity under control belore June 6th.”

Being a bit of a war head mysell, I was Interested In the sort of research that goes into games like this, and Rod's really been going for It grand style on this one. "I’ve read over 100 books on the topic, but much ot the Interesting stuff came from photos and movie lootege. All the airfields are based on photos, and we visited the national archive ol reconnaissance photos at Keele University. You have to tell the archivists the dale and site and they provide you with boxfuls ol dusty photos thal probably haven't seen the light of day In 50 years. The Smithsonian Library at Washington wss much more up lo dale and we just bought their laser disk set - nearly halt a million photos on six disks!'

"From gun camera footage we noticed that one ot the most satisfying ground targets was a steam engine,

which blows apart In a cloud ol sleam. We Included this effect In the game along with black smoke and white glycol coolant streaming from damaged planes and fatally damaged planes spinning violently when you shoot a wing oft.'

With loads ol ground attack missions as well as doglights, and a welcome return to good old fashioned planes (with none of that silly air-to-air missile and laser guided bomb rubbish)

It seems to me that Rowan are well on their way to another hit game.

It's great to see that Virgin are supporting such an unusual treatment of D-Day too. when they could easily have gone tor the more obvious ‘cover the beach landings' scenario.

We re all eagerly awaiting the arrival ol this one In the office, which will no doubt soon resound to cries of 'chocks away Ginger'.


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Issue onsale at selected newsagents now




Dene Bastard of Scunthorpe is this month's lucky free software winner for his excellent 'Bub and Bob In the style of Desert Strike'. We thought It was so good that we gave It an Instant 8/10. But then we sobered up and halved that making 4/10 for a total of C80 worth of free software.

It you reckon you're the kind of AP reader that's artistically talented enough to win yoursell a bonanza of software we've got some advice: Send your entry on disk, make sure It's DPainf-readable and don't forget to put your name and address on the disk. Our address Oh yes, It's AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath, Avon BA1 2BW.

Being earnest fans of Sens/bfe Soccer and all that It represents, we felt we ought to point out that a new version of the game Is currently In

) A+04

. ~

t - -



* *


the shops. It's called Sensible Soccer International

Edition, costs £19.99, and It s ust like the last version, except It s got nonEuropean teams, a World

Championship facility and - hurrah! - an on-screen referee. None of this affects Sensible World of Soccer, however, which will be considerably spruced up. and available In August.

SsmTMs «s»K». why tkaii itapM.

’ r' I J-j


World Cup Year '94 is your chance lo attain the football equivalent ol Death by Chocolale Il's Empire's contribution to the World Cup melee (aside irom Empire Soccer, ol course), and features Sensible Soccer. Goal. Sinker and Championship Manager '93 and 94. Can't be bad lor £25.99. (Unless you don't like football games, in winch case it's terrible )


Phew - more football news’ Only that Domark are releasing a Championship Manager end ol-season data disk towards the end of June, allowing you lo update your copy of the game with ail the latest transfers and divisions li'lt cost £15 99. and come wilh a free book, witlily-titled Fever Pitch'


Unbelievable though it may seem, there s more to the Amiga than games, and mote to Amiga magazines than AMIGA POWER Which Is where Amiga Formal and Amiga Shopper come in.

Amiga Format is a huge, fat thing that covers the entire Amiga market, everything from beat- em-ups lo hand scanners The June issue on sale now for £3 95. has got paint squirted all over the cover, heralding a leature mside on bitmap ad and art packages. It explains the basics at Amiga screen ad, and how to get lo gnps with DPainl and Personal Pamt Alter you've digested that, there's a first look at the new 4000T tower machine, a review ol v2 ot the award-winning Mosic-X. lull news on Commodore's current crsis. and Humanoid, a 3D human model lor rendering and slul1 Amiga Formal also comes with three disks, this month containing: Demo Maniac, a demo maker that lets you do all sods ot things with spinning words and 3D vector shapes, interspread, a comprehensive and valuable spreadsheet: and a payable demo of Empire s Dream Web Mmm - sounds good

And then there's Amiga Shopper, which is geared towards people who take their Amigas incredibly seriously. There are no games in it at all - ust toads of invaluable information on squeezing the most out of your Am ga The July issue, out now for £2.50. kicks off with a round-up of the wotdpcocessors available on the

Amiga Format: the enormous June issue is in the shops now at £3.95.

Amiga - and gives you the chance to win a copy ot the best one. Then there are reviews ol the A4000T and the A12G0 CD-ROM drive, more news on the Commodore situation, adides on video titling and creating fractal plasmas In AMOS, and eight pages of solutions to your real-life Amiga problems.


magazines come from Future Publishing, which means they're produced lo ihe same high slandards as AMIGA POWER, and are essential it you're alter Ihe lull Amiga picture We read them all the time

Amiga Shopper: just £2.50 for the information-packed July issue - out now.


%* * *

** ASSOX>h


1    (NE)

2    (1)

5     4)

6     RE)

9    (6)

10    (RE)

11 (NE) 12(12) 13(11)

14(21) 15(71) 16 (RE) 17(13) 18(20)

19(9) 20 (RE) 21(29)

22 (62) 23(33) 24 (17)

25 (16)


Vary good • • • Nm ta a

i •« fli—a a On

26 (NE)

28(10) 29(84) 30 (NE)

ARCADE POOL Team 17 £9.99 ★ ★★★


Krisalis £29.99 ***


Virgin £34.99 ****


Hit Squad £14.99 *★*★

SKIDMARKS Acid Software £25.99 *★★* PREMIER MANAGER 2 Gremlin £25.99 ★ *★*

THE SETTLERS Blue Byte £34.99 SIM CITY CLASSIC Hit Squad £14.99 *****

HEIMDALL 2 Core £34.99 ★ **

MONKEY ISLAND Kixx £16 99 ★ *★* SENSIBLE SOCCER 92/93 Renegade/Mindscape £25.99 JURASSIC PARK Ocean £25.99 ★★★ LIBERATION Mindscape £29.99 CADAVER Kixx £14.99 *★*

STREETFIGHTER 2 Kixx £14 99 *★*

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Kixx £16.99 ★ **★

ZOOL2 Gremlin £25.99 *★★★

DUNE Hit Squad £14.99 ***** CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER ITALIA Domark £25.99 ***

STRIKER GBH £9.99 ★*★

F17 CHALLENGE Team 17 £12.99 ★★★* CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER COMPENDIUM Domark £27.99 *★**


Buzz £9.99 ***


Code Masters £7.99 ★★*


Renegade/Mindscape £25.99 MORTAL KOMBAT Virgin £29.99 ★★★★★ SYNDICATE Electronic Arts £34.99 GENESIA Mindscape £29 .99 ***

Wilbur* you ffiuftl ItMiMma IdM horn Gw chteia wort by now. us brtefty Bwy rtCELSPA. Buy mb budgets and ti*-pricari logethw, gamaa art rated In atari, and ttwy'ra not att aponaorod by Ptngidn!


Any of these should keep you happy during those long summer evenings.



A nohentirely-unsuceesslul attempt at combining the console classics Sonic. Zekta and Mano It's the first outing tor The Neon Team and it shows just what the A500 is capable of in terms of graphics and speed There are some exquisitely executed ideas and some Iruslralingiy flummoxed ones, the latter being the reason the game couldn't be considered a dassic Nevertheless, if you're in the market for a platformer wilh oodes of stay-with-me appeal, look no further than Mr Nutz



The fust version of the eponymous board game that we've come across that hasn't beggared the question "Why Just what is the point of putting

Monopoly on computer ' The reasons in this case are pretty simple: character and animation That's right, due to both those simple reasons, this version plays and (eels like a proper computer game rather than an interior version o( the board game Here at AP. that's a good thing.


We know you're probably thinking that AP s losing its grp when we've got two platformers in the AP recommends section, but Traps n Treasures ts competent without being Hash: difficult without being impossibly hard: and pretty without being nauseatmgly cute It's only got lour levels, but each one is so big that you II be hacking and slashing tor. ooh. at least 7.200 minutes. We're sure you'll agree, that's quite a long time.




Commander Cameron's second favounte (light Sim ever, alter Kntghts oI the Sky. There are options for everything. Irom theatre of conflict, to weapon payloads, to the type of helicopter you fty. Not only that, but for your thirty pounds, you're talking about having a game whose playing life and appeal will last for years, not months. Seek and destroy it today


A Populous cum Dune 2 cum Sun City derivative. We've got it in AP Recommends for a second lime because there wasn't much to choose from last month, and Gremlin quoted a bit Irom our review in their advert Build up a colony ot asteroids and construct a space fleet so that you can go ou1 and do to the aliens, who don'l want you there, what they try to do to you An absorbing and. at some stages, extremely exciting ottenng









3    (3)

4    (2)

7    (7)

8    (5)



You’ve fought in the conflict - now play the game. Cam Winstanley investigates the increasing number of games that tie in with real-life events.

You're probably reading Ibis to escape the non stop barrage ol World Cup coverage that's currently taking the entire globe by storm Everywhere, that is, apart trom America, who have only the vaguest notion ol the rules ol soccer', and even

less ol an idea where the World Cup's bemg held this year

The problem lot football haters everywhere is that you simply aren 1 sale It s on TV. it s In books, on the radio, in (he street and even snacks have started calling themselves The Ollicial Crap

Sugary Thing Ol The World Cup. Aaaarghhhhh1 Is there no escape Wei. it would seem not. because those software types have been keeping themselves busy lor months now working on what Ihey each hope, and claim, will be THE definitive World Cup game

We on AMIGA POWER, being the mightiest beings ever to produce a computer magazine (as we most certainly are], have remained alool trom these comings and goings, but they've set us thinking in a philosophical-type scenano Is this the first time an actual event has set

audience runs mlo billions, and quile a lot cl people play a waggly 0ystick. 8 colour Spectrum version ot these goings on.


The World Cup Pretty much every software company releases (Thai's enough history otgame tie-ins. - Ed)


But what s this got to do with the Amiga Well, not even taking things like film licences into account, there are masses ol real-world events that have been lurned into Amiga games Don't believe us"3 Weil check this out:

C.—p.iy. t. These lulu .clu.lh, rutty, e.isicd

Sun City 2000. which features the Malibu boshtire ol 1993 and San Fransisco quake ol 89 And if that isn't an example ol sohware that's informative, educational AND entertaining, we don't know what is

the software producing fraternity off in such a way, or has it happened before  How doseiy do game releases mirror real events Have computer games ever prompied events and if so. how will this affect civilisation as we know il We thought, we investigated and then we wrote about it. so >1 you fancy being a fellow traveller down lie's road to eniighienmeni. read on,



ViCtonan muddyfunsTBrChados Babbage teams up with Ada. daughter ol lop poem penner Lord Byron lo produce The Analytical Engine, a crude mechanical calculator based on cogs and things The era ol computer technology is oft to a slightly dodgy start

the Earth. At fasti A dear link between games and events!


Ronald Reagan starts the most aggneeive period in US foreign policy by annotating his Strategic Defense initiative f Star Wars') program Bilkons of dollars are spent on research mlo orbital laser platforms andarl’-bWirst-c mtssiie stations.


Missile Command i9 a smash hit m arcades across the world. CoincidenceWe think not.


The Seoul Olympics Its worldwide TV

SIM CITY (Hit Squad]

Buned away in the scenano section of Sun City are all manner of varied and interesting games based on real, and rot in any way simulated, cities. You can rebuild Son Fransiscaaher the quaked 1906. save Detroit from crime In 1972,even tryandf ooneci raging flies in'

Hamburg during the intense bombing ol 1944. This is followed . up by the forthcoming



Israel s Six Day War m the '60s. Korea, the liberation of Kuwait, and pretty >


Tlme-tentltlve games are alwaya a good Idea, at they can ride on the wave of free publicity that lends to surround

turning point ol Ihe English Civil War. In which Charles I loaf control of tha North of England to the Roundhead*,

every major anniversary. Here are some ol ihe events that would probably ba best.


we think are likely to apark off a merchandising explosion

The Boer War. Ihe Russo-Japanese War, WW1 and 2 The Tiantc goes down. Picasso is bom and the destructive power al the atom is unleashed A quiel lime lor computer games

this year:

June 28th - 75th anniversary of the signing ol the Treaty of Versailles

An Ideal opportunity for a platform game In which you

October 18th - 650th anniversary of foundation of Swabian leagues in Germany

Publishers will probably look to The Patrician lor Inaplralion, creating a pnlnt-and-cllck strategy game in which Ihe player lormt leagues for protection against the


Using a PDP-1 mainframe computer at the Massachusetts institute ol Technology. Slave Russel. Peter Samson and Oan Edwards program Spacebar II runs only on miiiion-doila' equipment and allows two spaceships lo ffy around a central black hole while shooting at each other Earlier that same year, an February 11th, the first American astronaut had successfully ortkled

control Count Ulrich Brockdorff-Rant2au aa he runt around the rooms ol the Palace ol Versailles trying to amass the 20 billion gold mark* demanded by the Allies as reparations. Collect a hundred marks lor an i ex Ira life.

July 4th - 850th ,anniversary of Moslem S _ storming of Edessa

7* ‘    A scrolling beal-'em-up would

probably be in order here, with tha player beating off Christian defender*, and ■mashing crates to raveal daggers, roast chickens, cans of cola etc.

July 21st - 25th anniversary of first man on the moon

Nell Armstrong first set loot on the lunar surface with the words: That's one small slap tor man, t ona giant leap for mankind." So a platform game would be the obvious choice.

September 9th - 350th anniversary of Battle of Maraton Moor

A 1990s-atyle polygon graphics treatment of the

weakness ol Imperial authority In Germany.

November 22nd - 700th anniversary of death of Roger Bacon

We d suggest the scrolling beal-'em-up treatment for this one. Levels could Include Oxford University, where the tounder of experimental science first studied; the streets of Paris, where Bacon lectured; and the Franciscan Friary where he lived until his death.

December 201 h - 900th anniversary of El Cid taking Valencia

Another welcome opportunity lor a scrolling beal-'em-up, perhaps one lhat could be tied In with the 1961 iwords 'n' sandles epic starring Charlton Heaton

Last month - 3rd anniversary of AMIGA POWER

Could only be a horizontally scrolling shoot-am-up. Aa crap games tloat into view the gunners ol the AP flagship take aim and blast them into smithereens Good games eel as power-upa giving new Macintoshes, better laser printers and more acphlsllcaled screen grabbers lo the wacky AP crew. And at tha end ot every level there's an avll publisher to defeat.


much the entire Vietnam war are all covered in Campaign 2. Each unit is accurately placed, the maps are accurately drawn and the tactics ol the enemy are accurately represented Shame the game s so nob.



Coming out soon, this is a (tight sim that manages to cover the D-Day landings How it displays the full fury at the largest amphibious landing ever seen by man by being sal on board an aeroplane isn't entirely clear, but it does have the interesting advertising potential of coming out slap bang m ihe middle ol the D-day memonai celebrations Nice one Virginl



In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America And in 1992 the world went Columbus crazy, with wall-to-wall

Columbus television, no less than THREE Columbus movies. Columbus T-towels er. Columbus clouds (They were cumulo nimbus. - Ed) and a game from Impressions It was surpnsmgly good, too.




Sensible Soccer International. World Cup USA 94 from US Gold. Rage's World Cup Striker, nlogrames Real World Football US 94 and even the oddly-named Soccer Star World Cup Edition are all threatening to be out in timejar the actual eveni. and the software wpras generally gone tooty petty, soccerjjlpdtka Jumping on that —MMMIBMcBboh (but without Ihe

qtf kpensive World Cup label) r so far '.en Sierra Soccer World

SoSWi larne Tha ■■■la la ■i.lai.r..




5 O






Challenge Edition andl btisier United Premier League Cham,-    Krysatis.

Okay, so maybe the last oneSp nothing to do with the World Cup BuSs based or a teal team, so it still provw our games-based-on-raality pant in a roundabout sort ol way

OEVERTON FC (Intelligensia)

Ditto lor this



While not strictly tleing In with historical avsnts. product placeman! In games la rapidly gaining In popularity, and la an example of the ease with which Ihe real world can cross over Into games. The last couple ol years have teen a sudden flood ol this kind of tie-in, resulting In an office that's virtually swimming with sugary macks. Indeed, usi recently a company called Microtime Media was set up with the express purpose of plugging products through videogames. Here are some of the In-game ada you might have spotted:


M Would you have known that Chuppa Chupa ara the world a betl-telllng lollipops (or. Indeed, lollipops at all) H you hadn't seen our un-ant-llke chum clambering over lota ol them


Virtually a commarcial break sireiched out to game-length, and one that ! best fast-forwarded through.


Ask anyone to name one at the most Influential _ . a chocolate-coated anacka ever, and they’ll

Invariably mention tha Penguin. Can Ihla have anything to do with Its appearance In James — Pond 2


Quavers don't seem lo appear at all during this Inspired platform puzzler, but they feature heavily In tha llightly tenuous animated Intro.

mm* tmwnmfr*

- AT- JF- i ..    A * AT, JT Jr


Quavers again, but this time you're In control of Mr Quaven himself - Colin Curley - as he scrambles around In, er. an Inspired platform puzzler.

Tha benefits at product plecemenl are obvious from manufacturers' and games publishers' polnli of view, It's juit more advertising, but how about yours What exactly do you get out ot It

The ada in AMIGA POWER mean the magazine cotta you lets than It would otherwlae. Tha ada on telly mean your TV licence costa less But do gamee with products In cost any leea Ho ho - no. Still, aa Microtime Media so wisely point out, garnet benefit from the added tense of realism reaMlle products bring to things. Oh yee.


And this one s based on a real gall Competition Appaientty


Alt this has set us speculating about all the untapped game potential ol history's rich tapestry So listen up software people, here are a few Iree ideas lor you: *’•'


The Amiga's wackiest programming team have done it again' Whoop it up through 36 games ot The Times Grandmaster Challenge m London Features the popular point and click interface (torn Cannon Fodder and the liny lorced 3D hom, well, every other Sensil ss - it s never been so


And he's oft' The road, that is.

that day m stunning bitmapped vector graphics and sampled sound. Be amazed as the astonishing 25 horsepower engine throws your plane along a 60 toot greased platform, and cover distances ol up lo 650 leel in just jeder a minute. Features no weapons, no landing gear and no climbing ability - a must for all (tight sim Ians


A data disk set in the ‘60s, with you gktying the pan ol Busier, Ronny. Tadger Smas.ne and Big Derek as they perpetrate the greatest rail heist ol all time using nothing more than a red bicycle light hooked up to a lew battenes Fealunng a pomi and dick interface, isometnc 3D throughout and Ihe CD32 version's got a Phil Collins soundtrack. Can't wait


Face Koresh s leases ol guilar wielding . lokpwers as ',pn£ond m four Bureau of

and Firearms cyborgs to dull radio broadcasts and


pop Star


On Dec t 1903, Orville Wnght climbed' into the firsl heavier than air powered Hying machine and launched into history Now you can share the Ihnlls and spills ol


■.i good or bad idea'5 Fgut-,i.' kept Sluart the While A    a bn o'a

[jwbbaert or what tvgg a simple pomi „ aekeka 'vjaanda i : top-  down vi Kn    the

faceted career ol the most popular pop band ol all time. Arcade subgames allow you la control Rmgo through screaming Ians, guide George to inner enlightenment with the Maharishi Maheshyogi. dash Paul into the arms ol Lnda and get John out ol the loyer ol the Dacota building in Nc  York us last as you can waggle year y*hek Yt- yeah, yeah.


Just 1*8 the reel thing, ah spam ' .ns1

GREAT PLAQUE DIZZY our <<*»'*■* ehucklM Dizzy In

thistun paiwwcoiH.~ jp Vicbmsot

Ihe Black Death tun ■’*. uom vbccmd-storey windows and rx>tto(Ny£M control Dizzy's wagon thribugti the a*imm lilted streets ol Old London "Wl,


A 50lh anniversary data disk lor the T popular Buddy Hotly Night sim


A honzoniaily scrolling beal-'em-up’


A horizontally scrolling beat (Er. and Ihals enough speculation tor now - Ed)


t seeth®tT'Wn ionium


*n< a"ou9h

oadaocaP1 8 w goal    **

i stands, mw* mate** a«

~*u*d. panicu n

Lliu Jw    "    _

I ***JWoridCuP

H* leads lodU»

, draws woyW BSf


*£n UH***410


-----------1 tooaa*'*'' , F

R Ml A 1 the M W> n*****J*

you r*vc'


wouWatto J* ww> • He aPP***


to include a °P

tables Hai»®


sss Hss

1 Gen e**1 pa1"1M,rw Ttv





c 1 _    ... I rtvin wOl

J --jrirsss.

H    vetdobootsonai

1 cont ... would define

1 rssrssS-a I «s7 rr

■ thecot«o»ftn(W«

ortcees wouW pec**1 *n,, *•* " Mflaid asw«


1 ES'1 'h'rkS 0



"W*01 Q, spending w

giumtotad lop PD headfiortci Qwi'ano


I flipping lortbie match iwH one 1 oi then. Noe Od *o*ty'»vno not**’

on tmabouuo





Et **001 «w



Well, it’s certainly not easy.

Game: Impossible Mission 2025

Runs on: A1200, CD32 Publisher: MicroProse Authors: Paul Dunning, Seth Walker. Paul Aylifl Price: £34 99 Release: Out now

ANGUS: and the relaunch of Ihe new. more modem and hip Tuhy Club wenl hornbsy wrong as Ihe star was mown down on his way lo ihe press party by a hit-and-run UFO ▼

/Scene A TV studio The assembled cast sit before a live audience, recording this week's edition ot Have I Got Reviews For You Angus Deayton. tor it is he. grins smugly into Camera One and begins his introduction]

ANGUS: Good evening and welcome lo Have I Got Reviews For You . Ihe show lhal does for videogames what Aydon Senna did lor sales of Teflon driving gloves.

AUDIENCE (nervously): Ha ha ha ha ANGUS: Bu1 first some news And (here was an unlodunaie mu-up earlier today, as Ihe managing rireclor of one of the new NHS trusts was accidentally taken io an underfunded genainc ward instead of a new cancer wing ▼    a

ANGUS: And finally, we ve jusl received some exclusive film foolage from Labour Party headquarters, as a healed debate between Roy Hattersiey and Robin Cook over the new deputy leadership threatens the party's new-found unity. ▼

Km screen H ri feta toe* fM'rt Instantly din dead In an aitfeury manner. Thu fa jtui m« of titt enhancements* •« die odffau] dUt i totally crap

Here i ninninf and that nafl spot flifht combined In one screen shot. Ooooh!

This fa where ihe impressive graphics really show up. will loads ot (times as he turns.


ANGUS: On the show tonight, wove got a bit of a specialist panel tor you. On Stuart's team is Agent 4025. the one-time star ol old S-bit computer game Impossible Mission, and a man ol whom Conrad Han oul ol Flashback once said. ‘He taught me everything t know today - especially the bits about Shetland pontes *

AUDIENCE: Ha ha ha ha.

AGENT 4025: Hello.

ANGUS: And on Cameron's team. Iresh tram a West End run at Roger Hargreaves' "Whoops, There Goes My Geometry', it's that Mr Men con ot all things purple and egg-shaped. Mr Impossible'

MR IMPOSSIBLE (jumping dean over the desk Irom a silling position): Good evening.

AUDIENCE: (loudcheers, asil welcoming a long-lost and much-loved family member}

ANGUS: Ei yes And without lurlher ado. we blow our nose on the handkerchief ot Round One and examine the current-aflairs contents Stuart and Agent 4025. what's happening here’ ▼ * I

AGENT 4025: Ah now that's an easy one. It's Impossible Mission 2025. the new. more modern and hip updating ot the ongrnai B-bit Impossible Mission the game

I starred in There was one time when me and Ehrin Atomberder

ANGUS: Really0 That's terribly interesting but unlorlunatety it's time for Cam and Mr Impossible s question Cam and Mr Impossible, explain, it you can. this ▼

STUART (interrupting cleverty): Is it an inner-city youth, shortly pnor to being sent on a tour-month luxury cruise ot the Bahamas

AUDIENCE (knowingly): Ha ha ha ha MR IMPOSSIBLE (dosing his eyes and becoming invis*le): No, no, it's John MacGregor trying to remember where he left his coherent transport policy AUDIENCE (who conveniently, and

pos&biy unlike several AMIGA POWER readers, know that John MacGregor is the Government's Transport Minister): Ha ha ha ha.

CAM (with mock imitation]: Actually, it's a dip showing that the basic gameplay in Impossible Mission 2025 is basically the same as in the original game You run around platforms, go up and down in lifts, and search objects lor parts ol a puzzle. which you have to solve in order to reach the next level You can also find guns, various high-tech protection devices and even a jetpack to help you on your way.

ANGUS: Absolutely, if slightly

STUART: Ah now I know this one It s one ot the restart points scattered liberally around each level

CAM: No. you're wrong, n's one ol the computer terminals where you can log m and locate various important points around the levels, or perform certain important tasks It's also an indication ol how much more complicated the new version ol the game is Thicky.

ANGUS: Actually, you're both nght It is one ol the computer terminals.

smugly, correct The next clip is tor Stuart and Agent 4025. and it kicks like this ▼

CAM: Er.

MR IMPOSSIBLE (suddenly turning orange): Er STUART: Er AGENT 4025: Er

ANGUS: Well, as you're obviously not going to gel rl. ►

but every time you log on to one. it acts as your new restart point, so I'll give you one each And lastly in this round. Cam and Mr impossible, can you tell me what unsavoury incident this is° ▼

t i/cloj £jttgL f-~ xcr


LCtPlGfl ICflltlflAL PPAA 7ffl«r/lAL EXIT LI I


ANGUS: We ware going to come up with some funny captions for these unusual pictures, but all the ones we thought of were crap. So if you can think of any good ones, send them to

‘Whose Job Is It To Write This Review Anyway ’, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW, and we'll send our copy of Impossible Mission 2025 to the best one.

All reoYt jot la He b cither Jo all u and Hiinl< ot ceaielhinj ant,«trf M< unreal approach. Priict aril I ha m

That*! became we aeeailonjtly farjal la pal a captiaa ia. Thn lima it'a up la yea thoeah.



I'll tell you It's a plaMorm winch used to hove a robot on it. the robot having mysteriously disappeared when the player walked oM lo the side so that the robot was obscured, then walking back to lind that -hzarrely - the robot simply wasn't there any more So no points there, and at the end ot that round the teams are quite literally inseparable, both sides having a Siamese-twin like three points AUDIENCE: (Applause)

ANGUS: Well Round One is now a distant and nostalgic memory, with certain elements ot the press already claiming that it s rot as tunny as rl used lo be The more modem and hip among us. however, are moving swiftly on to Round Two. Ihe odd-one-out round Stuart s team you

Dangerous Streets0 IScreen shows pictures ot Stardust. Overkill. Frontier and (natch) Impossible Mission 2025J

STUART: Is J Overkill, because no other game has baddies exploding like over ripe melons

CAM: Surely it's Stardust because all the others have at least slightly sensible plotsAGENT 4025:1 think it's Impossible Mission, because all the others ate bettei than the anginal versions ANGUS: No. you're all wrong, and Asteroids was bener than Srardusi anyway. The answer ts. in tact. Frontier, because all the other games contain subgames ot one sod or another.

Stardusts got ihe tunnel sections and the Thrust-ish secret missions, Overkills got Lunat-C included or the CD. and CAM: Impossible Mission 2025contains a Simon-esque repeat-the-cclour-sequence thing, a shool-'em-up and various other delights that you have to battle thiough on the computer terminals lo gel power-ups and pieces ol ihe puzzle. MR IMPOSSIBLE (walking vertically up , the studio wall): That's a bit bonng. isn'i it

AGENT 4025: Not as bonng as Impossible Mission 2025.

CAM: But arenl you in Impossible Mission 20251 The animation cedamty looks exactly the same as yours did m the ongmal game.

AGENT 4025: No, that's, er. my young nephew. Agent, ei. 2025. Hence the. er,

family resemblance Bui anyway rt'S not all his lault - and besides, you can choose Irom no less than three characters to lepresent. There's a man. a woman and a robot, who ail run and ump at different speeds, although they all share a polnilessty long and inflexible jump lhal Itequenhy makes you miss many ol the smaller platforms ANGUS (to camera): And next week on Gong On And On And On For Ever About Not Very Good Computer Games. Cynl Fleleher (lather ol Dexter) Bui meanwhile, on with the odd-one-oul round. Cam and Mr Impossible, you gel tour Richard Nixons - which

one's the Dick    _

[Audience laugh uproariously as screen shows pictures ol Wayne Hussey from out ot top goth deadbeats The Mission, Robert De Niro from oul ol top Amazonian duelling movie, er. The Mission. Agent 4025. and Michael Pakn from oul ol top Victorian prostitute-redeeming movie The Missionary)

CAM: This is a trick question, surety0 MR IMPOSSIBLE (doing press-ups with only his little linger): No. i1 must be Agent 4025. because all ihe others have made a comeback ai least once AUDIENCE: Ha ha ha ha.

AGENT 4025: Aha. that's just where you're wrong, clever-clogs. because I do make a comeback. In lad. my entiie

Move in visually realistic manner"

game, nght down to ihe onginal crackly Commodore 64 speech, is included as a bonus with Impossible Mission 2025 which you can select to play Irom Ihe slart menu instead ot the new game In tact, many people think that it's actually bet STUART: I reckon it's Robert Oe Niro, because all the others move in a visually realistic manner

ANGUS: is the nght answer, which takes us thankfully and unusually quickly to the end ot that round, where we lind that Stuart and Agent 4025 have a Cannon Fodder-ishly large live points, while Cam and Mr Impossible have a Dennis- ty poor three Now. as ihe sun sets ai the west, the grass giows in the rushes-o and some pamt dnes somewhere in Cornwall, we move on lo our final missing words round. Our teams get a headline with one or more words blacked out and they have to fill in the gaps This week's guest publication, which some of the headlines may come Irom, is the July issue ot AMIGA POWER STUART: What, the world's best-selling Amiga games magazine

CAM: And, indeed, the world's finest Amga games magazineANGUS: Yes. And Ihe firsl headline is "Impossible Mission 2025s Levels...*, what

CAM: "All Look The Same'

If you're anything like us, you'll spend nearly all your time actually playing the 1982 version of fmpossibfe Mission, immaculately ported across from the old CG4 game. So here's a quick guide to what's going on.

Uallkc th< ipdaia, Ihla nrtloa hu loti of Individual room that cock . tik« up jusf a ilajla icraaa.    O

HantiOy - Moduli ■fcfellocii. oh

Like the apdiU, »t o«i uardi each Inn, N niflbbci from the ierica.

I-■-» ~ ~M--1

It's all flinty paulfl-baifld, fflr noit so thfli th« ipdflli. And those subtle

r—~ h* \

m ** •

A t 1



—• TTrriii

you «t( lifts ood1



— ■ J

UPPERS By far Ihe biggest Upper la that you get the original Impossible Mission included tree on Ihe disk. It might look and aound rubbish but It's a game that challenges both your mind aa well aa your reflexes..

DOWNERS It's much more of a typical platform game than Ihe original, but keeping Ihe original control system, with all Its restrictions, doesn't work nearly as well In a straight platformer as It did In the first game. It's not very focussed, it's annoying to play, and It never captures the original's atmosphere.


Hmm. Tricky one to mark, this. The new game doesn't really do anything for the platform genre and has some very annoying features The original game Is. however, stilll a classic. If It was Impossible Mission 2025 on Its own. we'd be looking at a score In Ihe low 60s, trankly, but the Inclusion of the old game (In a nostalgia-lover s exact-replica condition, right down lo the sound) undeniably bumps the value-tor-money rating right up. Then again, you could probably buy a C64 and a copy of Ihe original Impossible Mission for about Ihe same price anyway and have the opportunity to play loads and loads of old 6-bll games, no doubt going all bleary-eyed and    IT —

nostalgic. It's a funny old IT” world, Brian.    i W “

MR IMPOSSIBLE (fuming his head through 360 degrees): "Are A Bn Sprawling And Empty"!

AGENT 4025: ‘Aren't Nearly As Tighlly Focussed As In The Original"!

STUART: 'Are Centred More Around Platform-Leaping Than The First Game's Intnguing Puzzle-Solving Emphasis'  CAM: "Are Largely Grey"!

ANGUS: Two pomis Next up 'Impossible Mission 2025s Gameplay Is. \ whatCAM: “Slow And Unengaging"

AGENT 4025: 'Not Nearly As Tightly Focussed As In The Original"!

STUART: "A Bit Annoying"

MR IMPOSSIBLE (sneezing wilh his eyes open): "Not As Good As Asteroids"

CAM: "Largefy Gulf

ANGUS: Correct lor another two points 'Impossible Mission 2025 Decade 01 Gaming Enhancements Produce what  STUART: "Slightly Better Graphics And Not Much Else"

AGENT 4025: "Something Thai's Noi Nearly As Tighlly Focussed As The Ongmar

CAM: "A Worse Game"

STUART: Is it "Largely Nothing"7 ANGUS: is nght for two points, and finally, “The Best Thing Aboul impossible Mission 2025 is ", whatMR IMPOSSIBLE (landing safely on a small plalform suspended in mid-air. while using the game's inflexible one-distance-only tumping system): Is it ‘Largely Nothing" again

CAM: The Fact Thai I Don't Have To Play It Any More"STUART: Er.

AGENT 4025: The Original Impossible MiSSiorH

ANGUS: is the correct answer Which needless meandenng bnngs us sluttenng mechanically lo the end ol another show, and looking ai me scores we find that this week's international playboys are Stuari and Agenl 4025 with nine points, and this week's International Rugby Challenges ate Cam and Mr Impossible with seven points.

CAM: Thai's impossible1

ANGUS (pointing to MR IMPOSSIBLE):

No. dial's Impossible.

AUDIENCE: Ha ha ha ha ha

CAM: Take lhal. you smug gil (punches

ANGUS m lace).

ANGUS: Ha ha (Winces) So. a lop ol-ihe-range stereo system to our winners, a

tape-recorder that self-destructs in frve seconds lo our losers, and we leave you tonight with memories of a week In which British Rail unveiled Iheir new failsale back-up system for transporting passengers in the event of Ihe wrong kind of snow' ▼

CAM: Hang on a minute. Iheie's smoke com-ng out Ol this Ih [Large explosion]

ANGUS: and Jurgen Klinsmann was repnmanded by FIFA dunng the World Cup tor not going before Ihe match started ▼

ANGUS: Michael Barrymore allegedly suffered an unfortunate relapse tn his battle against Ihe botlie f

ANGUS: Goodnight IAUDIENCE m uproar. wM applause. hghts dim. everyone hves happily ever alter, catchy theme tune, lade to credits!


Review by:


Game actually played by CAM WINSTANLEY Continuity checks STEVE FARAGHER Last-minute winner STEVE McGILL






'No, Niiq on, Ihtic'f a baa on too... lhara, jot it,"

It’s fairly manic and there are elves in it. Hmm, it’s not by a bonkers Scandinavian

Game: Elfmania Runs on: A500, A600. A1200

Publisher: Renegade Authors: Terramarque Price: E25.99 Release: June

Why do we bother1 Month

alter month, year alter year, we sit here desperately trying to help people make better Amiga games, because better Amiga games are whal we all want We pomt out obvious stupid haws, we try to otler constructive cntiosm and practical suggestions, we stomp viciously on the metaphorical laces ol games which fall below the desired siandaids Bui does it do any good Do you lot

actually wan lo read the review ol WWF European Rampage/EptoMicrocosm or whatever betore you rush out and buy it  Do any programmers actually ever go Oh. nghl. I’m going lo get roundly abused bigtime it I don't do something about this crap control system, better sod it out Does anybody, in tact, ever listen to a word we say0 Obviously not


Elfmania is a game that we'd ongtnally expected to see before last Christmas, but that's been delayed more than once while the programmers ined lo crowbar some gameplay into it, The graphics, which we saw tor the first lime way back in issue 31. haven't changed at all, which ts lo say that ihey'ie still absolutely lovely. All ol the backdrops are extremely pretty, with several layers ot smooth parallax scrolling, and some ol them have a real feeling ot depth and atmosphere The impressive speed’s Ihe same as eight months ago.

But hang on 'The gameplay s not quite there yet." said Cam in hts preview lealure. the sound needs beeling up and the characters need levelling out a bit and maybe a lew extra moves would improve Ihe gameplay * So. Terramarque look the chance ol a bit ot tnendly advice and came up with a game that we'd find it impossible lo criticise, yes Obviously not

EHmama is a beal-'em-up. but it's a beai- err up with a difference The difference is lhal when you hit your opponent. Ihere's no sound You glide weighllessly towards them with

Kin] ElfjrtsMhstsofh (or whUcur his Hnpid bloody riim is) ntvir realty f©t 1o fdps whh the concept of swordfiftillnj. But he was the King, so H didn't matter.

Above: A neat variant on the old 'sawing the lady in half

Below and left a bit: The fat bloke tries to distract Janlka by dravrinf *100' on her face.

ipany by any chance



■ '»« fet a really horHbk Inyrouriny leanall, you know Look.' 'largh, your leal unall.*




"Owl Owl Mw keep* dropping alt tke*e flipping eoi.i o* wy head Owl Owl'

Indcy lo actually pull off), but against another human the System means that you're telegraphing your intended move anything up to six or seven seconds «i advance, which obviously renders it useless The remaining hall-dozen moves (or a couple more it you include doing them in the middle of a jump, which isn't as easy as it sounds either) don't give much scope lor exciting 'combos1 (as I believe the young people these days call Ihem), or indeed anything else Lots of two-p(ayer tun. then Obviously not.

So what else has Eltmania got going tor it Er. did I mention the graphics  They're really nice

A press release which comes with Eltmania details ihe 'huge difficulties encountered by the programmers through the game's various delays, and talks in dramatic capitals about how trying lo creaie the nght control became a NIGHTMARE', before breathing a Sigh ot relief at the end and informing us that We feel that THE NIGHTMARE has turned almost like NIRVANA All you Seattle grunge pop Ians out there who play Eltmania will almost certainly agree • STUART CAMPBELL

case you lose. Secondly, the difference in stamina and hit power between the characters is so great (another thing that Cam pointed out in his preview) that if you lose against them with a halt-decent player, your chances of then winning with your crap back-up fighter are so tiny as lo be non-existent - you might as well just quit the game and start again So is there any point Obviously, as they say. not


This pretty much kills the one-player game It you're a weedy character lighting a hard one, you can score a dozen good hits and barely alfect their energy bar, while they wipe out haH of yours with two good smacks It's a waste ot time. However, most beat-'em-ups sell on the strength of the two-ptayer game, so is Ettmamais up lo scratch. Well, if it had been I wouldn't have embarked upon this ungainly literary device tor ending the paragraphs ot the review, so dearly the answer is obviously not'.

For the reason behind this, we have to look at the head of any beat- em-up. the special moves Eitmama's special moves are accessed by repeating one of the character's six attacking moves several times m quick succession This is a« very wen if you're playing the computer (although with some of the characters, especially the ones where the relevant move is on a joystick diagonal it's pretty

champion' tram a maximum ot six available according to how much money you've got You stad with only enough cash to hue the three wimpiest characters, but you make money Irom successful tights until eventually you can hopetully take control of the huge tat king with the dangerous sledgehammer You have to be careful, though, because every hit you take costs you money (the bouncing coins previously mentioned) and it you win a bout but get badly beaten up in the

process, you may well not be able to afford a good tighter again next time round. You can l either blow all your cash k on hiring the hardest B character for each fight -I which means that it you ■ lose, it's Game Over - or y you can use a weaker one who'll obviously be harder to win with, but will leave you enough money to try again it you lose. It's a novel system, but you have to ask. is it a good one Obviously not

And here's why. For a stad, the pnee of each characler changes according to haw much cash you've got. which ts a b<1 of a cheat The prices are fiddled so that it you choose a lesser character, you've always got Bn exad multiple ot 50 coins lelt (50 is the increment between characters), which means it's impossible to save up a lew quid and get Ihe chance to have a hall-decent fighter in reserve in

your arm sticking out (there's none of the kinetic twee that so charadensed Mortal Kombal. or even Amiga Street Fighter 2), your sprites overlap lor a moment, then the other spnte recoils away with a pained expression and a coin appears Horn nowhere and stads to bounce around What happened, did you pick their pocket There are no imped sound effects wodh speaking ot whatsoever, and it's completely ridiculous The reasoning behind it is apparently that the game's supposed to be more light headed and funny than most beat'em-ups. but if that's the case then why not have some comedy impad sounds - i horns parping or cymbals m crashing or something y Most ot the time in    I

Ettmama you're simply    

not sure if you've scored a hit or not. and that's Clearly a bit of a problem in a fighting game. But at least Terramarque pul "" the other problems nght. yes Hmm Look at the score. Obviously not.


At this point I'm going to have to diverge a little and explain how the game works, because it's a lithe different to the beat-emup norm The objedive is to von the game by completing a straight Ime of victories from one side of a 6x6 map to Ihe other You don't nominally tight in the various battles yourself, but hire a

"Er, did I mention A* graphics  They're reallnice."

leeikj, will roil marry m*r To. null be jelilq, .ink Tkof* the ii.iesi Hej l *« ever *e*e ie wy life » .

T«* 901 a realty terrible -*

'Oh ao yo. don't. I've heard about you, iwelty '





Even when washed In At 2 00 new improved 8est-Ever Daz, Eltmania looks, sounds, and does everything exactly the same when running on Ihe AI200.

This is almost certainly your only chance to save the ‘merry men’ of Lullyat. Or

Game: Benefactor Runs on: A500. A1200 Publisher: Psygrtosis Author: Digital Illusions Price: £25.99 Release: July

You Know. I'm gelling prfilly

darned sick o< playing games that are all right It's simple to moan about pathetic ones or rave about great ones, but it's a total drag to have to work my way through ones that could have been great but just tailed oil somewhere in the production stage. Like this one There are last paced games and there are medium paced games Then there's slow paced games, extremely slow paced games pedestrian paced games, zimmer lrame paced games and somewhere below that, there's Benefactor.

Now I'm not talking about the speed the characters move (although when I think about it. they hardly whoosh across the screen) or the scale ol the levels (which are huge and lake your slow moving character eons to traverse) but more about the length ol time it appears to take you to Imish a level Civilisations have risen and (alien into disrepair taster than this. The problem lies with the yawning chasm between working oul exactly what you ve get to do tocomnlel* a level mJ then actually gelling pasi the bonng monsters, annoying jumps and tedious

Te «i udi level, (we've jet 10 yet at the jmIu, and tbee (werseH *• the lekywiii. AM Mix uAcs ejet, amt t ram riieeld die. Its back te the start. Oh dear.

Ihe gonk's can't jump, so they just walk up to edges and stand there until you pick ihem up and jump across gaps or throw them up to higher platforms. Occasionally you come across machinery such as 'itls and cranes that you can l operate, but that a gonk can, m which case they'll help each other to escape. I'm talking about coloured gonks now. which are lathy helpful, but there's also black and white ones, which are major league pains They wander oH «n the wrong direction, bad mouth their paients and are generally gonks from the wrong side ol the sheet, but there is, thankfully, a solution to these delinquent Hull balls - paint. All you have to do is find a can ol pa nt, pour it into the top ol a paml lube and Ihen chuck Ihe ollendtng monochrome nasty down the pipe to produce an instant coloured one See7 It's easy when you know how

And that's it lor the gamepriay. with all subsequent levels being variations on the theme ot collecting various items in the correct order and charting the nght course around the platforms You come upon doorways which lake you lo dillerent pans ol the level (A la Dizzy), you Imd cool little

mstani death falls lo complete ihe sodding thing Aaaaargggghhhhhh1 Call me old fashioned, but I've always thought that puzzles games are supposed to be challenging thought-provoking AND entertaining This one isn't

Which is a shame, because on the lace ot it. Benefactor looks great It s one ol those save'em-up games like Lemmings and Sleepwalker, where you've got lo rescue little creatures and guide them safety to their den. In this case you're a marine and ihe creatures are little Huffy gonk things that have been locked up in an attempt to take over the planet, or some similar such rubbish Suffice to say that you're a human, they re not and that there's lots ol nasty alien things jusl gaggmg to sink Iheir leeth into your protein-nch nether regions.


The most obvious thing about the game is the leeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy-lidgy-widgy

scale ol everything. On a 14 inch monitor, your guy's about the size ol a 00-gauge slahon master Irom a Iram sel. whereas Ihe gonks are the size ol a match-head When I first started playing. I Ihought that this liny scale must have something to do with you needing to see a vast amount ol ihe screen at once, but this just isn't Ihe case Even il you needed to look ahead an the lime, Ihe game lets you scroll ihe screen around, so why the liny figures'’ I really don't know, maybe the programmers didn't (eel like or couldn't be bothered with presenting us with huge, realistic looking ftashhaefc-esque characters, or perhaps they thought that tiny figures would be somehow cute and endeanng They aren't


To complete each level, you've got to find keys lo unlock each gonk's cell, and then gel them back lo a teleporter but obviously it isn't plain sailing For a start.

so it says here

tope slides and spongy platforms to bounce across large gaps and as you progress, there's more to do, more baddies to work your way past and more black and white gonks


Unfodunately. there's also mote and more stupid ways to gel killed. Get this - long drops kill you. Didn't that go out with flares1 There's also masses ol random baddies like birds and bees and things that cause you serous and often entirely unavoidable damage when you least deserve it You can also spend anything up to five minutes trawling round a level only to tall into a room where's there s no escape, so you've got to quit out of the game and do the whole Hipping thing again Annoying and tiresome1 You betcha.

Continuing on that gnpes and moans thing, there's the control system Cnee you're on ladders, you can't jump oil them and many ol the jumps are of the annoying pixel perted vanety where you have to be on the last pixel of the ledge to make it. If you're just one pixel away, you tall to your death I've got doubts about this 16-40 pixel jump business as well The idea's thal you hold down tire to lump and when your bloke's gone far emugh. you let go This is all very well and good when you lust need to leap across a gap. but when you're trying to ump onto a small moving platform with lethal spikes underneath, you mvanably miss. And die. And spend Ihe next live minutes gening back to that point again It also makes it difficult to jump on the run. so stopping at every ledge breaks up the Dow

This isn't eniayabte. or entertaining, or even particularly challenging and with one unavoidable death alter another, it's just bloody annoying This is a shame.

because I en,oyed the demo we had on AP 36 and was looking forward to playing the ful version Looking back on it. I reckon you got the best bits for free, and the complete version great to look at though it may be. gets the Throw a Joystick Across the Room in Frustration' award lor completely annoying gameplay. while Ihe disks gel chucked m the corner of Ihe AMIGA POWER office where all the other mediocre things live • CAM WINSTANLEY


animation, colourful and varied backgrounds and loads and loads of levels that frequently give you a leellng of well being and smugness when you complete them.

® DOWNERS Long and complex levels without restart points, soft you mess up. you've got to go through It all again, some of the moat annoying music ol all lime, poinlleaaly small graphics, and hundreds ol new, unusual and completely arbitrary paints that either kill you Instantly or trap you. Oh, and H you (all too far. It kills you. Great.


For every level that's lun to do. there's one that annoys the hell out of you, and tor each Nice Touch In the game, there’s a Bad Thing to go with it. More often than not, the silly things get In the way ol en oylng the game, and If we ever do a p w  Complete Control section K I ” on It, count me out.    Ul =

Of cmhi, jellies to the key lavolvti jampinj eerotl this, which MCtns lo be liidf 40 pimeh acroii. Oh deer.


An altogether more A1200 expensive way to scream at your

computer and pound your head against the TV in annoyance.


miUMtl faaal Tha cMH pappara n»ttll» Ilk

trying lo pul together - carrots, onions, potatoes, leeks, mushrooms, that sort ol thing They've escaped and gone on the rampage in countries all around the world, and Pierre's go) to pursue them around the platform-filled levels, stun them (either by jumping on fheir heads or throwing bags of flour at them), ensnare them in his net and then lock them in a cage.


Complications include rogue ingredients who chase you aboul and try to kill you Rotten potatoes, for example, swallow you whole, while evil tomatoes squirt ketchup at you Worst ol all is the Chef Noir who'll appear from time to time and undo all your hard work by opening the cage and releasing all the vegetables in it And the levels themselves include things like trampolines and teleporters to spice up the proceedings

The levels are. as I said, spread ail around the world, which means that not only does the scenery change, but the ingredients you re pursuing do loo In Switzerland, there's cheese wilh holes in. In Mexico there are dniii-peppeis In the West Indies there are pineapples. See  The music changes, too. ranging Irom accordion-sounding tunes in Pans lo a labulous steel-drum based track in Ihe West Indies And belore each level you re shown the tlag ol the country you're about to travel la. along with its name in huge letters SWITZERLAND' lor Switzerland, lor example, or CHINA' for China. There's no mistaking ihem.


Because Out lo Lunch looks so lovely, and revolves around such an entertaining concept, it's possible to forgive it a lot. I didn't bat an eyelid when a rogue avocado tempoianly reversed my controls, lor instance. The tact that you can move straight through some walls and platforms, while other, identical ones block your progress was an irritation, bui only a minor one The password-entry screen which keeps missing your keypresses made me giil my teeth sightly, but no more Pierre's tendency to keep tailing, rather than lumping, olf the edges of platforms barely registered an 'Nnngh' The incredible rapidity with which I tended Id suddenly lose all my lives without seemingly having done anything wrong can probably be pul down to my gamesplayirtg inadequacy. Even ihe slippy-slidey ice wodds. occurring as they do at the upper reaches

Bless his little

wooden spoons

Pierre le Chet (Except we *    wouldn't have chicken to eat

obviously.) Alter Allred Chicken, he's my favourite game character in ail the world. I've decided He's really liny with a huge hat and, although you can't see his lace very dearly, he's got the cheekiest little smirk. Out lo Lunch gets loads of marks simply tar having him in if, and I hope very much that it's the start of a long-  running series of Pierre games (Then I could say fhal I was into him belore he got famous)    -

(Except I'll still like him when he's lamous I (Obviously.) HE But Pierre isn't all that Out to Lunch has got going lor a In

common with a surprising number of this month's games, I played Out to Lunch on the SNES last year sometime, and thought it was great - really sick and neatly pul together And none of that has been lost in Ihe journey lo ihe Amiga

The sprites are all a bit or ihe small side, bui they re exceedingly finely detailed and animated

I.    And tor pieces of fruit

'n' veg. they've got incredibly expressive faces Er. you see. the baddies in jKjZr 10 Lunch are all ingredients for P§r recipes Pierre e

Game: Out to Lunch Runs on: A500. A600, A1200 Publisher:

Mindscape Authors: In-house Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

I love Mindscape's cute platform game characters Take Alfred Chicken, for example Only don't, because I want to lake him - take him home, that is. and look altet him. and ensure no harm comes to him With his big. frightened eyes and line ted comb, he's welcome lo come round to tea anytime And so's

111 ilippf! in illdflvf M in okMj, bflcjisc U] ii

klfli op ii tSwiff AJpi WHirt M teawi a Iat

"A rogue avocado temporarily reverse my v controls* /


Hra, track davm tfca ad lad tka k*f at Bam.

Tkca kaad aM ia pawt of tkoaa raacalti feodstafh.

tkapoth aai rox captara la tkta iaj< Tkara - ha.

laaataati Ola pant la Oa aan la vat aril apta.

ta Tho«t»l hsrdly

'« world


• «<«« for a mr,*,, is.,, w IlMlu.


though ihe layoul cl the levels is a bit samey. the contrast between diHereni countries is enough ot an incentive to keep you playing the game through to the end.  Passwords are sensibly provided hetween countries, rather than levels, easing you on your way white keeping the challenge alive)

Yes l like this But it's not the most inspired piece ot game design I've ever encountered I wonder whether, without Ihe Gallic presence ot Pierre and his edible triends, Oul to Lunch mightn't be in danger ot having its toes tapped by waves on the shore ot the Sea ol Mediocrity • JONATHAN DAVIES

® UPPERS A well-rounded, coherent teel, helped along by lovingly-designed graphics and titling background music. And Pierre himsetf. though actually too small to make out clearly, is undoubtedly one of the most appealing characters ever created. It he ever opened a restaurant. I’d eat In It.

® DOWNERS Lurking beneath la a game that, while amuaing enough to dabble In, lacks the simplicity and immediacy a true, hard-core arcade game really needs There's an assortment of traditional platform game niggles and, Ihe rather samey levels don't help.


Good, wholesome tun. but not

ultimately as satisfying to

play as If might have

been. Tch. But still, eh I ft ~

Vive Plerret    * u -


On a 1200. the game la a; ry similar la the point ot being, in tact, exactly the same. You should expect no better nor worse.

It you can't stand the ha*, they say, get out ot the la ust what Plane la Chef haa done. Although he'a further than that, flying to six lar-oft countriaa la Ns round up Ingredlsnts. We wlsb him luck In bis adventures.

yru MjIki m dt* Mr

b ••errata* hUth food h t«ictn«d, loo. H«r«

M linjlhf *1 the nll-proclaliMd

-    . minimi ipml of the world, firrn

*auatcla2te«r p (hr IMal Tower (ITi a bslldlif the worM by any

—    • obir uau) b yarwll al nuuvdy

eflkMM- Sad Ikaa theft I hr rad at the yiaaa Or b tit V«f, H b.

Swiss levels 10 represent snow on top of ihe mountains, seem perfectly legitimate when viewed in context But other aspects ol the game are less welcome, and together conspire to make you wonder whether vegetable-catching was such a great idea lor a game alter all


It all iusl seems a bit. well, routine. Before you can start to round up the ingredients, you've got 10 go and imd the net This is usually tying around nearby somewhere, but you wonder why you couldn t jusl be holding it m the first place. Then you really need lo Imd the Hour-bags And then, even when you ve caughl a load ot things, you've still got la lake them back lo the cage And then, all it needs Is lor the Chel Nor to appear and randomly let a load ot them out again and you're back where you starfed. teeimg s bit bored and frustrated.

Imagine playing Bubble Bobbie. except you've got to find a bubble-thrower at the start ol each level, and then carry all the baddies you catch to some sort ol cute pnson, and there's Ihe imminent possibility that they might all suddenly escape causing you lo have lo siart Ihe level all over again Thai's usi what Out lo Lunch ts like.

Even so. though Despite being Hawed. Out to Lunch is still reasonably enjoyable It's played against the dock, giving it a sense cl urgency, and even



Game: Super Methane Brothers

Runs on: A500. A600.

A1200, CD32 Publisher: Apache Authors: In house Price: £25 99. £29.99(CD) Release: Out now

Every so olten.

a game turns up IKal really stumps the reviewer He can't decide whether it's good, bad or indifferent It can be a traumatic expenence as you II soon Imd out. After all. what do you think ol someone when they dither and stumble and stutter when they're trying to make up their mind'’ You think they're a plonk, right’

You wouldn't believe anything they said even it the truth ol the matter loaded itsefl, cocked itself and shot you In the head at point blank range

And that's the malady tacmg me now It's draining my dopamine levels and llood-ng my brae with de-oxygenated serotonin. For the first time I can teei the lull weight o< game reviewing responsibility pressing on my shoulders It's not a nice teeting. believe me. It's tike waking up in the morning and staring your true sell m the lace and wilting in the radiance ol Karmic Kaos

The maionty ot you trust us and. in my case, even it you've disagreed with everything I ve ever said about every game I ve reviewed in AP ever, at least you should still be able to gauge whether the game I m reviewing is worth buying or not well that's

Ihe theory anyway Go on. shoot me down and prove me wrong)

01 Ihe lew things that we al AP take a real pnde in. the main one is our inability to be deflected by pressure Irom internal and external agencies. You know Ihe kind ol pressures I mean software houses whooping and whingmg: the advertising depadmenl griping: publishers bleating: readers ranting: interior rival mags imitating and so on. Without trying to sound too

unprofessional or cock-a-doodle-doo. it's only a lew months ago mat the whole AP team nearly got sacked lor sticking to our guns over an internal misunderstanding: it was a bloody light with no winners or losers I We'd like to point out that rf Steve says any more on this matter, he 's fired -Ed] but other than that little snippet I'm net saymg any more on the matter, only that it was resolved and we re still here


Now don't gel me wrong There's nothing like a good light to get me going (especially it it's with swords). But. and this is another ol those big buts that I throw into a review occasionally, I'm

Like everybody else, you’ve probably spent most of your life wanting to be a Rentokil operator. Here’s your chance.



•--------- - ......



i j

1 <> ‘Iv

Ii leotu Miy, It plafi tut, m completed stilly, In ltd , Ikli urem li ctsy.

onty prepared lo cross swords it I have the conviction o! one hundred per cent beliet m my assertion And that's the crux ol this whole argument I still can 1 make up my mind about Super Methane Brothers III don't really believe what I'm saying about it, how can I expect you to betieve me’

The short answer is, I can't So this time, rather than launch into a dialnbal invective or a scooshy praise be. I'll desenbe the game and outline the points that should make it sound interesting or boring The rest is up to you. (Hang on -Scooshy - Ed)

Super Methane Brothers is an arcade-style plattormer. In tact, it tnes very hard to be the o4d arcade game Tumble Pop, only it doesn't quite make it. The action takes place a screen at a time, each screen consisting ota dittereni design in terms ct denizens, walls, power-ups. completion strategy and layout So. in theory at least. Ihere should be room 10 say that there's plenty ol variety. Yet despite all i

that, alter playing it lor a while, it seemed to be prelty much the same all the way through, lor screen alter screen It wasn't lust me. either - due to my dilly dallying. I recruited quite a lew reviewers trom AP and Other mags lo express their opinions. I figured it would help me make up my mind But no. no-one could convince me either way that if was crap or good So it looks like lhaie's more descnption in sloie There are 120 screens in all. Each has to be completed within a set time. It you don't manage that, a horrible minion appears (usually in the (arm ot a clock monster] and tries lo despatch you You can still complete the screen, albeit with a bd more difficulty, but time gets really shod Alter another elapsed lime period, another time minion appears and then you re done lor lor sure


To complete a screen you have to empty the screen ot baddies' You do this by putting a doud at methane gas at them This envelops them in a cocoon-like sneli Once m this shell, they're vulnerable lo being sucked into your gas gun Incidentally, subjective lad Ians, it looks a bit like an asthmatic child’s applicator with a plunger at one end Once in the gun. let the baddies out via a vertical surface and they break up into a confetti shower ol bonus point icons. Let them out into the open air and they come back at you taster and meaner than belore. And that's all you do, basically. That's bs m-depth as the gameplay gets There's the odd moment ol light retiet


I'd like to say that there was much, much more, because I did feel ever so slightly, without too much emphasis on the ever, addicted - it only to see it I could reach the next screen Not because I particularly wanied to see it. you understand

See what I mean about being wishy washy and dilty dally I still haven't made my mind up. It'S a poor man's flubbte Bobble without the involvement And that's lust about the most controversial statement you're going to get out ot me lor this review • STEVE UcGILL

with bonus rooms where you run around against the dock and try to collect as many bonus icons as possible, but they only seem to be there lo fulfil the obligatory bonus screen role. Once all the baddies have been dealt with you've fi nished the screen Dispose ol them quickly enough and you earn a bonus card. Earn lour bonus cards and you're rewarded with a bonus Me (you start oft with seven lives and can obtain more through extra crediting]

There're also tour parts ota key lobe collected (although, as ol the time ot wnting, I've only managed lo collect one part, around about level'screen 35]. There are no start-up points or passwords, so when you get killed outright, you've got to plough through a whole load ol screens which, by the lime you've reached level 42. you could probably do in your sleep Oh, and there's the option lo play with a inend. but the screens, at least the earlier ones, don't seem to increase in difficulty trom one player screens to two. So that's a hit ol a let down, really.

UPPERS Easy to pick up. Eaty control. Lota ot levela. Nice, but not twee, graph lea and a tlnkly bonk tune that Cam'e been humming all day.

DOWNERS Shallow gameplay: each screen It different from the next but the game viewed at a whole seems incredibly tamey.


Do I really have to write a bottom line for a game that has caused so much doubt and hesitation In me


Get outta here.

Al 00

Those young ladies

screens on table one. each one repeated twenty limes The Other two tables are rather more conventional.)

"You've just scored another 1.000.000." chips in Richard.

Table sin and - yes' - through the warp onto table lent" cnes Steve, nsing from his chair enthusiastically.

The accordian based background music gnnds on relentlessly.

Table eleven," points oul Richard.

"Oh - table ten again Table nine Table eight" (The ball plunges downwards unchecked by bumpers, ramps or any of Ihe other things you'd expect to hnd in a proper pinball game) Table seven Table six Table live Ooh -table six! Table five agam Table lour. Three Two One. Oh ‘

"My go." Richard lares similarly, although he does manage to make it as lar as a bonus table in which a small skeieion caterpillar appears and crawls about on the screen tor a bit And then it's Sieve s go agam

I don't understand I like pmbaE games normally, but this one just seems crap - empty, repetitive and unexciting Completely without

Game: The Ultimate Pinball Quest Runs on: A500. A600, A1200

Publisher: Infogrames Authors: Interactivision Price: £29 99 Release: Out now

Hmm I dunno about this one. To me it just seems hopelessly dull and l-corceived. but Sieve Faragher has proclaimed it his lavounte game of the month, and has been playing it almost continuously in coniunchon with Richard Jones Irom alt Amiga Format.


I ve watched them dong it, too. bouncing a ball around a senes Of largely empty screens as it Me couldn't possibly get any more exciting

"Ooh1" goes Steve, making use ol the quirk' he’s discovered whereby it you hold down the left Itipper and lire oft the ball, it goes straight up onto screen two Terrific Stuff1 I'm on screen three! Oh no - screen two again Screen thiee1 Screen lour!" (Which is identical to screen one ) "Screen live!" (The same as screen 2 -there are actually just three

down there look like they’ve got better

about it (They're playing it again now. in tact.)

Perhaps it's the lantasy/adveniure'quesi element that so lascinaies them Play the game in Adventure Mode and a story supposedly unfolds as you go. It mamly seems to consist ol pictures ol almost-naked ladies standing on Ihe screen with their chests puffed out. but ihe manual explains it thus


"Relentlessly time trickles between our fingers and nothing, il seems, can ever stop it.

But things were not always like this. As Ihe sun Calypso

things to think about than pinball. Wagnerian harmony, for example.

entered its thud jenrth. the three daughters ot the nver, who were mistresses ot all destinies, decided to steal the 6 elements ol life ensuring the temporal and ecologcal balance ol the planet Immediately the galaxy underwent major upheavals tear and its hideous lace gripped the souls die ralher than surrender six symbols ol Irle ' etc

The Ideaol a pinball game lhal tells a slory as you dock up the points is a neat one, but in practice it ust seems to involve getting stuck on the lust table lot ages white occasionally looking at iude pictures

So what you tend to end up doing is putting it in Arcade Mode, which is the same, onty without the

pictures, and you get to choose which ot the three tables you play on. and other players can jom at But then Pinball Quest is Slap bang up against Pinball Dreamsfantasies. and it comes out ol it with nasty split lip and a nose-bleed


Admittedly there's nothing wrong with Ihe way Ihe ball bounces around It's last, and slick, and seems to go in all Ihe nght directions when it hits things The dippers seems a bit shod, though, so it's always going down between them Another good thing is the way PmbaH Quest lakes advantage ol the lac! lhal it's running on a computer, giving you bonus screens and things (lying about lhal simply wouldn't be possible on an ordinary, real-life pinball table, in a pub

Bui ai the same lime, ii seems to miss out so much There's hardly anything to hash Ihe ball into - points are generally scored by rolling the bad over special bits ol Ihe screen Thai means you have lo hack away relentlessly at Ihe ball with ihe dippers, trying lo gel it lo do something interesting. In proper pinball, on the other hand, ihe bad occasionally shoots oh on ■is awn. bouncing about all over the place and clocking up millions ol points, while you stand there helplessly (but happily) wailing lor it to return lo your control.

And ‘features' are noticeably thin on the ground There are a tew things you can hit the ball into and it pops out again a couple ol seconds Later. You can tilt'. And there are bits where you've got to light up a whole set ol things to get some points But that's really it No multi-ball No ramps lhal you can go up. No huge things lhal light up and make tunny noses it you hil Ihem hard enough

Only Ihree tables, loo. And Ihey're not even particularly big ones (bonus screens excepted) You'd expect a game lhal comes on ihree disks, wnh Die words 'Ultimate and Quest' in its title, lo be pretty enormous But no.

What's really rmssing from Pinball Quest though, is any son ol real pinball atmosphere The hooters and sirens and


thuds and clanks and dashing lights lhal Should be there aren't, and instead we're given a bit ol fantasy nonsense and some accordian music (There don't even seem to be any sound effects it you play it on an A60G ) Plus, when it's accessing the disk (which if does too alien tar comlort). the screen goes black and <1 writes LOADING' on the screen. And then, while ids decrunchmg whatever it's just loaded, it gels rid ol Ihe LOADING' and writes PLEASE WAIT' Gnuk.

So. er. sorry This should have been good, bul is merely average Steve can write an On The Other Hand box if he wants (No thanks Jonathan. I'm bored ot it now - Sieve)


® UPPERS An Intriguing concept. Not-too-bad graphics. Mechanically sound, with balls that move around In a convincing fashion. Smooth scrolling. Oh yes.

® DOWNERS The Quest' bit doesn't really work. Not enough to H. A lack of atmosphere and excitement. Repetitive. Impenetrable front-end menus. Much better pinball games to be had. Generally not very good.


Pinball games have to be put together very caretully It they're going to work, and this Just doesn't seem to have been. It bored me, frankly. Hang 4 — on lor Pinball /Hustons to FI I coma out In tha autumn. U I ;


The same. Except!

,    Oddly, running the

game on a 1200 seems to be the only way to get any sound effects.


Banshee n. a female spirit whose wailing warns of impending death. Apparently.

The batilcifaipc oa kill on Mill Min m« tinicit M hkndhr lo you.

Game: Banshee Runs on: A1200 Publisher: Core Design Author: In House Price: £25.99 Release: Out Now

Suzie I tom Core Design brought Banshee down lo the AP office lhe other day Steve M and I plugged in joysticks and Wasted Our way through until we got lo the Arctic zone, and we both simultaneously spotted a polar bear making its way peaceably across the frozen wastes Seconds Later, we d poured hundreds ol rounds, a lew bombs and a couple ol missiles into it. and this noble beast ol the tundra was lying on its back in a pool ol blood, the vivid

enmson standing out on the pure while of the snow Even though it was her game. Suzie looked shocked "Ahh. you didn't have to do that.’ she cned. tears brmmmg m her eyes We looked at her That's where you're wrong, we both thought. We had fo do it. We HAD to. Banshee made us do it.


Banshee's all aboul shooting things. Shooting anything, in lad We've seen this sort of thing a million times betore, ot course, from most SEUCK games lo the excellent arcade blaster 1942. but it's

rate lor one to look this good Yeah. I know, we re always going on about how gamepiay s tar more imponant than graphics, and it's true, but when you're looking at a genre ot games as limiting as

the vertically-scrolling shoot-'em-up. it's attention to detail that counts, and this one's dripping with tiny animations that you only notice alter you've played a level a lew limes. The detail m it's incredible.

but I'll hold ott wowing about it for a tew paragraphs

The game, then Well, it's four levels and it's all about getting rid ol some invading alien nasties Since the baddies are siding with lhe alien scum. there's no need to leel guilty about killing them, so

Sanaa i

* •

IhtM art lhe uafasf kiroit of Ike §a«n«, iht thouuadt of troop* vftkp Marry around aad y«i blown apart or drilled full of hole* la from of your cfit. They do il al for yo«. Little bloke* - we ulalc you.

a«th«r Ikil JmiI blow up, your plJ n« flrti ff«liul)y billMd la ■nE H in la All torn stale

outgun the baddies totally

You can't ust rely on getting bigger guns, though, because power-ups lend to come at clumps during heavy action, so there's a good chance ol missmg them as they dntt oft the screen The game area's about one-and-a-hall screens wide, which looks great and works well, as it means that you can sometimes skid round hot spots like battleships or buildings The standard shoot-'emup technique ot wiggling around the screen with the tire button taped down won't always work either, as there are things like towers and bridges to avoid, and even rock slides to dodge And that's betore you take alt of the baddies

into account


And there are hundreds ol 'em, from foot soldiers to motorcycles to gangster limos and tanks The air's lull ol planes, balloons, parachutists and helicopters, the seas are chocka with boats and subs, and the land's crawling with fiosMes, and each and every one of them is drawn in loving detail There's none ol this generic baddy nonsense here, no way The snow levels have skidoos. skiers and soldiers in little lurry parkas, while all the troops are m desert camouflage in the. um. desert and

time, so you can always let the best player bailie through the first tew bits. Blasting certain objects (you soon lind out which ones) releases power-ups which you can change by shooting them Usually you get the option ot an offensive power up, a defensive one and some points, so it's up to you whether you repair your shield or gotoi more firepower This means that at the same point in two separate games, a single player could have no exlra weapons, or two players could be luily-armed.

that's all nght then Four levels might not sound like much, but they're massive and vanable and m many cases you're gelling three or more scenery changes without a disk change, so hoorah (or that

A second playar can pin in at any


Beanng in mind this wide range ol possibilities, the programmers have done a pretty good job ot balancing the game out. although there re still some points (especially m two-player games) when you

plain eld khakis lor that all-important around-lown combat

The detail ol the thing Weil, where do you start’ If you shoot up a phone box. blood drains out at it It you nail a parachutist, his chute crumples and he spiats on the ground The tarpaulin at the back of trucks is lifted to reveal troops, and then the interior's lit by their gun Hashes Eskimos lurlively look around before detonating their igloos, but only if you don't blow them away first Tram carnages marked Danger' go off with such a whump that the screen whites out, and you actually see soldiers popping up Irom behind walls rather than just appearing The graphic artists worked overtime on this one

There also seem to be two levets ol weather over the action, so Irom time to time you find yourselt flying through dntting log. driving ram or blustery snow. Having two levels means lhai ihe rain or snow can tali m iwo directions, which gives a realistic effect that also looks jolly nice


Banshee's hard enough to be challenging, bui you always get that exlra txl further. The relentless blasting's all a bit one track, but throwing tall buildings into your path forces you to think a little, so it's not entirety mindless Mostly mindless, but not quite entirely

The onfy things I don't like are the end-ot-levei bosses, but that's really a problem with me as there's nothing I hate more than battling though a level only to meet a swrtt and seemingly pointless death at the hands ot a rock-hard boss monster. And ol course, the entire thing looks beautiful Ot did I already mention that a couple ol times


® UPPERS Cleverly

thought-out, and genuinely tunny In parts. Hard, smooth, great to look at and NO MUSIC to detract from Ihe gunfire and moans of Ihe dying. The absence ol crappy music Is worth at least 10%.

® DOWNERS As with any ahool-'em-up, the gameplay'a repetitive, but If you're thinking of buying this, you'll already know what to expect.


Wall, It's certainly no mental challenge, but frankly that's halt Ihe lun Banshee's just a good, honest, rip-roaring, barnstorming powerhouse ol a blast-em-up, which Is all it ever tries to be. Take out your brain and pul It to one side. Tweak your reaction glands to maximum response, and jusl get shooting.




Have you noticed how England never lose at Wembley

Game: Wembley International Soccer Runs on: CD32. A1200 Publisher: Audiogenic Authors: Graham Blighe, Richard Smith and Herman Serrano Price: £25 99 Release: Out now

t's rat until you've been a follower at football and computer loctball games tor a while ihat you realise their historical importance. Take my home learn Kilmarnock. (Grtgh - Ed) This year they reached the semi-ftnal ol the Scottish Cup lor the first time in twenty years - a landmark in the dub's history


II you read last month's AP. you'll already know ihat we were up against Scottish Champions and European Challengers. Glasgow dirty slmking hun' Rangers. On the fateful day ol the semifinal, we lorced a replay. 1 tell so proud ol Kilmarnock Ihat I slayed over in Scotland to catch the next match Now. I don't mind it we get beaten fairly and squarely in any game. Sickeningfy though, in the replay. Rangers were awarded a non-goal as a goal - the

Tommy Bums, Jeremy Wellard, the Protect Manager ol Audiogenic, admitted that Wembley International Soccer isn't as good as Sensible Soccer - the game with which every other soccer game on the Amiga and. indeed, any system is inevitably compared But. just as with the Kilmamoek/Rangers sanation, that doesn't slop WIS having some star features which make it more than capable of challenging and beating Sensi.

equaliser. Consequently, our game tell apart tor the next ten minutes. Rangers took lull advantage of the demoralising situation and scored the winning goal ol the game Hearleningly. Kilmarnock's play picked up from that major setback They pressured and hamed the hunsforthe duration of the match. In the end, it was to no avail, but at least they mod They played with one hundred percent conviction and even more heart: it very nearly paid oft. too. Despite the extreme disappointment at the result, all of the Kill* supporters who went home that night tell proud of the team lor their effort and commitment

Killie s manager. Tommy Bums, is the first to admit that our players aren't bs good as Rangers players. Just like


The first ol these features, and the one that made me literally just about almost beg Jonathan to give the review two pages on the flat plan, rather than the allotted one page. Is the inclusion of some code

that lets the A1200 make lei use el the CD32 controller Yes. that's right. I can hardly believe it mysell Even the game's ehiel programmer told them it couldn't be done. Every single button on the CD32 pad is made use ol by this game It's quite literally more astounding than something that's astonishing: the exira button availability opens up a world ol fantastic potential. (Steve, calm down. - Ed)


Let s deal with each button in turn. The cursor pad fulfils its statutory obligations. ie. it controls the direction you send your players in. The big red button is your shooting, tackling and heading control. Shooting is similar in style lo Kick OH, so Ihe longer you hold the button down, the greater the strength of Ihe shot on release Slide tackling takes place if you're not m possession of the ball and you use the button while moving. The last function ol the red button, heading and volleying, is achieved through some dextrous, well-timed. mmbie-hngeredress. and can result in some particularly line goals if it's execuied property.

The blue button implements a function somewhat ridiculously known as 'prng' passing Now. the thing with ping passing is that it allows you lo play a very accurate, flowing passing game. The man you're going to pass fo appears m a little window, affording you extra visibility lo gauge where he is on the pitch and whether or not he's in a good position to pick up the pass Provided you're pleased with his present position, a quick tap on the blue button will send the ball hurtling in his direction

The yellow button charges Ihe view from a top-down plan view a la Sens/ and Kick Off to a side view much like John Barnes Football Whichever view you opt to use (the top-down view, admittedly, doesn't work too well), there's also the obligatory transparent map like the one from Kick Off to lei you gauge the positions of players on the field


The green button is similar to 'ping' passing except that you can choose usl about any player on the field to pass to This is achieved by moving a little direction arrow which appears above the player in possession's head Intelligent use ol this button will allow you to catch ihe opposition on the hop

Those are the mam control buttons. The shoulder buttons and the pause



button are also used in a peripheral fashion: lor replays, pause (surprisingly enough), and lor speeding up those dead-ball situations.

Don't think from all this cock-a-hoop ng that the game isn't any good using a normal joystick It is. It's just that the mechanics are a little trickier to gel to grips with - al the time ol wnting, I'm still trying very hard to get the hang ot one-touch passing.

There are plenty ol game options, loo.

Varying from bog-slandard choices such as referees, type ot prtch surface and wind strength, lo the incredibly helpful style-ot-ptay lactic choree. You can opt for a British style e. hoot the ball and chase after it. or a continental passing game, or any one ot the three other styles on otter You can even customise your own sel of ladies so that, as soon as you've familiarised yourself with the passing routine, you can fine-tune your foolbaling skills.

The biggest criticism that WIS leaves itself open to is that ol speed It the pitch was larger and the players moved taster.

this game would be nigh-on period. As it stands, n looks and feels as il Ihe players are being held back by an invisible magnel, giving the impression that the footballers are running on Ihe spot while moving (if that makes any sort cl sense lo you). Thai obstacle is something. I'm sure. Audiogenic can and wil improve on with luture footy game releases I certainly hope they do. They're onto a real winner <1 they manage it.


It's obvious from playing WISthai an incredible amounf of Ihought has gone mla the playability and entertainment slakes. Both Jeremy Wellard and Weal I Campbell (Audiogenic's playlester) are true enthusiasts who really believe In the games they're helping to create And the effort has really paid oft.

Just like Kilmarnock EC. Wembley International Soccer has a lot of heart and commitment behind it. The use ol all Ihe buttons on the CD32 controller is nothing short ol a historical landmark, and one that we hope to see other lots ol other software houses pick up on in the near future What's more, WIS is capable ol some upbeat play, and that's got lo be belter than a good thing.




CD32 controller option on the

A1200. It closes the embarrassing gap that lie* between Ihe Amiga and the consoles. The moves and goals that can be strung together. The playability. The potential on offer.

® DOWNERS Sluggish movement and player animation. The windows that pop up when stringing passes together can block your opponent s view of his players. Neall supports Glasgow Rangers (boo. hiss).


If you only have a normal joystick to hand, subtract five per cent from the final score Meeting Jeremy and Neall made me leel proud that Ihere are people like them around who are Innovative and

imaginative enough to try n P — something new. Excellent X *1 ”

Uu =

stuff, guys.


The same, only not as rfluch fun unless you

happen to have a CD32 controller knocking around.






Are you stuck on Super Obliteration from Iasi month's cover disk We aren't, cos David Papworlh not only wrote the game lor us, he also gave us a cheat Pause the game with the led mouse button and then press UP on the joystick ten times, after which you'll hear a ping'. Once the cheat's

activated, pausing the game and pressing a direction gives you various cheats. DOWN puts the game into slow motion. RIGHT toggles invincibility on and off. LEFT works you through all the power ups and the right mouse button lets you skip levels Give it a go. You know you wart to.

What the hell were the more tip-minded AMIGA POWER readers thinking of this month Only one man had the guts to find out, Rich Pelley, who once again presents the cream of what’s hot, and totally ignores what’s not. Do you love him enough to give him your last Rolo



I You'd better autch ovl, rov'd better take core.




Aa air traffic controller'i ai,btm»re. Yesterday.


Kevin Knight of Staines. He sent m these passwords. Good man.

Level 1 - TDEJONQL Level 2 - JHALMROB Level 3 - RZWVUVCP Level A - VZQRUDOP Level S - HTETAPOJ Level E - NFYHOTAR Level 7 - RPSREBSX Level 8 - TREFCPMJ Level 9 - XHYJMVKX Level 10 - hhSfmbqx

He also sent in this general tippery:

For starters, disregard whatever the first level mission instructs. Take out the SAM and AA unrts with either the A-10 (Watlhog) or Su-25 (Frogtoot), both of which contain a generous supply of AGM-6S Mavericks Next use the Tornado carrying JP233s to wreck the

enemy runway, and prevent additional enemy aircraft from scrambling (If you're not up to Hying lew then use 50016 Bombs) Play aggressively through the missions to lake cut the enemy early on. concentrating on hills and bridges (Avoiding them, that Is.)


And now: Fly Harder. We gave you the CD32 codes tor this last month, so it looks like the only decent thing to do would now to give you the A500 codes And here they are.

Level 2 - PHOTON Level 3 - METAGRAV Level 4 - BLACKHOLE Level 5 - SUPERNOVA Level 6 - TRANSMITTER Level 7 - QUANT Level 8 - NEOGEOPOWER


Mark Joyce of Essex. David Nolan ol Liverpool and Mark Edlington ol Sheffield have all come to just about the same conclusion on how to cheat on this, ah so: When, near the start of the game, it cuts tc the animated sequence as you are aboul to enter the pod bay. pause and enter the following control pad sequence: Green. Blue. Yellcw. Red. Yellow, Down. Green. Right. Red. Up The screen will turn black and white which, lor you, is a big cheating thumbs up. You are now invulnerable and your ship will gain all available weaponry after each level. Blow me if (by moving the outlined block around the map with the blue and yellow buttons and teleporting with the green bbtton) you can't warp around the map as well And I'll

be slutted if the right hemisphere of the bram can’t be reached without having to play through the previous levels either. The only drawback with this cheat is that all the animated sequences will appear in black and white The cheat can be activated at other posits in the game. (The sequence will be dittereni but after pausing one of the coloured or directional buttons will make a different sound - the first in the sequence - continue in this manner to find all ten.) And read the mission overviews when docked to* a message from the programmers!


























A good month tor Psygnosis, or possibly a bad month depending on whether or not ihey like us giving away passwords and cheats on their games II the latter is the case, then perhaps Richard Fisher ol Everard best keep his head down (or a while.

Level 2 - RFBW1CA1 Level 3 - UH2RWEYM Level 4 - B4XUDWY

Level 5 - ZHTI40TI Level 6- SALICUF


(AP 37 coverDISK)

John Hard« may program a mean puz2ie game we loved it, and Irom what we gather, you loved it it too), but having just typed his choice oIpasswords I'd be rather loath to choose him as a Scrabble partner. TREE What kind of password is that CARPET CLEANER

The man s obviously mad. And you weien't exactly having a brainwave to rival Archimedes it you exclaimed Eureka’, jumped out ol the bath and entered AMIGA POWER as a rather stupid level 63-sklpping password Next time I'm stuck in the Times' Cryptic Crossword. I know who not to bother asking. Stil, great game though John.

And talking of Johns. Jbhn Wilson of

Level 42

Warwickshire sent in the codes which.

Level 43

some time ago. were the point of this

Level 44

otherwise pointless introduction.

Level 45 Level 46

Level 2 - DISK DRIVE

Level 47


Level 48

Level 4 - GUTTIES

Level 49


Level 50


Level SI

Level 7 - BOX

Level 52

Level 8 - CIRCLE

Level 53

Level 9-LINES

Level 54

Level 10-WEE MAN

Level 55

Level t1 - MCDOWELL

Level 56


Level 57


Level 56

Level 14 - CHICKEN LEG

Level 59

Level 15-TOILET

Level 60

Level 16 - WORK

Level 61

Level 17-MANGA

Level 62


Level 63


Level 64

Level 20 - SLIME

Level 65

Level 21 - GREASE BALL

Level 66


Level 67


Level 68

Level 24 - AMIGA CD32

Level 69

Level 25 - BIBILYBOO

Level 70

Level 26 - POWERPACK

Level 27 - CHANNEL 4


Level 29 -123456789

Level 30 - SKID BAG AYE

Level 31 - TWEEKIE

Level 32 - THE CHEETAH

Level 33 DELTA

Level 34 - FROGS

Level 35 - NTSC

Level 36 - BUTTONS

Level 37 - FRAGGLES

Level 38 A400

Level 39 - LAMP SHADE

Level 40 - MAFIA

Level 41 - BLOW JOB (Apologies lo any Mums mating. - Ed)










Is that an Aebon Replay caitndge plugged mlo your Amiga's expansion pod. or are you just pleased to see the return of this section As welcomed as winning the pools on the day your bank manager refuse la extend your overdraft, or as helpful as McDonalds opening a branch next door to your house the day you decide to become a vegetarian, we just don't know. But as long as you keep sending them In, well keep printing them. Hats off. today, lo Mr Initiative Smith of Rotherham

Game    Code    Effect

Alfred Chicken 0513F5. 7F 127 Lives Alien Bash 0300B5    Lives

Aliens 3



Cool Spot



Deep Core






Dmasaur Detective



Fury Fumes



Jurassic Park



Kresty's Fun House



Lion heart



Second Samurai 0E17E6











0866FF. 7F127 Lives

Too (Mil nan Itvci Mr Cool Sport AJ mi ll.


but the screen moves). The next bit takes $ ome practice, what you need to do is get to the top of the screen on the springs before the chainsaw gets you. Ignore any goodies as the lime is very tight. Persevere and you will gel to another tunnel, go in and you will have lound the level warp screen.’



Andrew Nevick has written m Irom Nowrwich with a lip lor Alfred Chicken on the CD32. Let's hope there's no cry ol fowl' from the publishers Mindscape.

'On level one.’ Andrew writes. *you must find a secret room with a telephone inside it - jump up and down the lar right hand wall near the bottom of the screen and hold right on the Oypad lo get into the secret corridor. Once you can tire with the blue bution proceed around the level until you are at the top left hand side Fly up and headbutt the lop left comer and a tunnel will become visible.

Now go to the top right hand side of the level and shoot in the comer, a block will appear. Jump onto this block arid jump again into the unknown above it You should now be able to walk across the top of the screen (you can't see yourseU



Of course, we had absolutely no idea what Swibble Dibble was when we printed some level codes in issue 26. and as absolutely no one wrote in to enlighten us. we have no idea whether or not they were any use. So when the following cheat irom Graham Lewis ol Loughborough arrived lor Svwbbte Dibble 2 - The Follow Up (which we haven't heard of either), you could have contained ten times the amount ol excitement it generated in a thimble Still, maybe the following into will be useful to you elusive Swibble Dibble fans out there When okay, you get to the purple diagon. type DIE and he will drop a purple key Take this to Marvo and he will grve you a cheat mode in return Also, try

typing BLOOD (this makes Modal Kombal-stySe blood Ity out of your enemies). SUN (this makes the sun wink at you) or WHAT A CROC (which makes Dibble shout abuse whenever you do anything particularly crappy). Swibble Dibble, indeed


Complete Control. AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW. That's the address to which you should send your tips and questions Help your fellow man or pester him (or the level codes for Out lo Lunch, It's your choice. You'll also, of course, need an envelope. And a stamp.




Til* pic's * tMl oaf of tio wsy, bof this is tic jif foa li«

Difficult Until Tipped. That might’ve

Before we start this section proper, I'd hire to give you some lips about the tips The first one is easy Oor t expect all of the events to unfold immediately. Sometimes you'll have to sit and watch a chain ot cinematic events These can take anything up to a couple of minutes.

For example, before you gain the deflector ring tram one ot the later tips in this section, you have to watch some gangsters swap cliches with each other until the senaus business ol killing one and other crops up.

Another point I'd like to make is that




ol phoning in This guide hasn't just been cobbled together you know.

I've lortuously visited every location and purposefully picked up every object mentioned in these pages So don't phone in if you gel stuck. Write to The Last Resort and ni take it from there. It's bad enough that, as junior member ol the team. I've got no choice but to implement these play guides. But you really are adding insult to Injury by phoning in and expecting me to answer your ■ queues there and then. I'd like to. but there usually isn't time and. as a rule. I can't remember how I did it anyway. All I do with adventure games like this is rewnie the piny guide submitted to us and check that it plays property. Hence the authentic screenshots The last point to make is that some small incidental events have been passed



. tut tfc» MatiTtaf •m4 uul tus ■tWf D—11ttl lW),lt» Mi

r "Thelonly speechworlhy ; biker there

Swip lk« uitori cep lor lac «li«ud meek carpel. «

over. Don't worry, all you have to do to overcome Hie problem is pick up every object you come across, eg the aerosol can on one ol the train journeys. Use your discretion Anything that's small Is definitely worth pocketing.

As soon as you've gone through the preliminaries ol the loading ol the game and following the plot sequence, you'll find yoursell in the Spaceport Pick up the passport that you find there. Leave and head tor the bar which you'll find behind the Spaceport. Take the pawn ticket Irom the back pocket of the punter who's sitting furthest left at the bar. Once that's done, head over to the ter left ol the bar You ! find a newspaper, a jar and a lid. Pocket the lot, you'll need them laier in the adventure.

Leave and attempt to enter The Paradise Club which is situated to the lefi ot

the bar. The doorman will halt your progress and demand proof of age Show him the passport Once inside, speak to the woman you recognise She'll ask you to retrieve a vase tor her Before you leave, pocket the cane, perfume and chewing gum that you find m the room.

As soon as you get outside, meander down the aley to the left ol the Paradise Club. Pick up the hose and the bag and then pass the can to the drunk who's srtimg there. Follow the alleyway al the way and you'll come across a Diner.

Al the left ot the Diner stall itself, there's a trash can. Pick up the egg you tmd In (1. Talk to the only speechworthy biker there. You should eventually be left In no doubl that he's prepared to swap a jacket lor a silver slash Mre ornament

Head lor the Pawnshop, which you'll find la the left ol the alleyway Exchange the pawn ticket tor a camera. Examine the vase on display and pocket the wrapper you find there. Place the vase over the bag already in your inventory. Leave the shop. Head lor the Oiner again. Once there, charge up the camera at the power point which you II tmd located on the left hand side ol the Diner. Go back to the alley Take a picture of the drunk. While he's temporaniy blinded, steal all the money from his hat

Perambulate towards the Paradise Club Once there, hand aver the vase to your woman triend. She'll give you the Silver Slash. Backtrack to the Diner and grve the Silver Slash to the biker. In return, he gives you a jacket

Return to the bar. Sit down and buy yourself a dnnk with the loose change garnered from Ihe dnmk A whole sequence ol gangster-type frolics unfolds as you sit. Once Ihe shenanigans are over, pick up the deflector ring that's left on the floor. As soon as that's done, head lor Ihe underground station to the left ol the Pawn Shop. Use the wrapper with the coin to get past the security bamer Use the 04 can you'll have picked




up at the Diner on the screwdriver stuck in the vending machine. Pick up the radio at the tar tell ol the platform.

Stagger back to the bar and order a drink from the electronically challenged slave. Remove his circuit board with the screwdriver and combine this with the radio that you found earlier. You have become the proud owner ol a radio remote control. Now lo use it.

Head lor the docks situated to the right of the Diner. A robot will attempt to bar you tram the boat there. Use the remote control. Climb on board and pocket

the sailor's hat on the gangrail. Traipse back to the Pawn Shop tor the next part

Trade in the hat lor a carpel, leave and then catch a tram from the station nexi door. Exit at *1116 Hiir station (about three or maybe lour stops along, can t remember exactly how many - sorry). Exit the station and head to the right Youli see a secunty camera there Show it the deflector ring and choose the option about returning the nng.

Once inside the house behind the door, walk over to the left and converse with the man there Hell thank you tor the

return ot the ring Engage him in conversation until he otters lo pay a wad ol cash it you can retrieve an egg. a sculpture and some bonds tor him

Leave. Use the tram to travel to East Enik. Exit the station and burst the kid s balloon Pick up the stnng and merge it with the cane to make a bow. At some point while travelling on the tram, you should have picked up an aerosol can. Fuse it with the hose to make an air gun.

Hurrah. Hotd your breath and count to ten. this month's tips have finished. There would have been mere, but due to the playguide tailing completely into disrepute. I couldn't actually do halt ol the things it claimed Don't worry though, the contusion will be well and truly resolved by this time next month. I've taken down my trusty duelling epee and I'm going to seek Rich Peliey out Irom his hiding place at the University Halls ol Residence See you next month

Unfonunately. due to an internal misunderstanding, this playguide has had more space set aside lor it than originally ftalplanned Therefore, some frantic

padding is needed. So let's talk about the culiural and moral implications ol the type ol behaviour that Jack T Ladd indulges In throughout the adventure

‘Absolutely outrageous and morally reprehensible are two phrases that spring immediately to mind. How dare he steal money Irom a poor alleyway drunk and walk away. He should have kicked him In and hospitalised him as well Honour among thieves. There's no honour in lettmg a beggar gel away with it. They're the scourge ot society. A blight on Bntam's good name They're killing the tounst industry and fnghtenmg children. They probably watch video nasties as well And no doubt they play computer games.

I wish I could earn the £1000 a day that they so obviously earn, judging by the way they can aftord lo dress Then I'd buy Cam as big a gun as he could cany. And Jonathan a better car than the one he's got just now. Steve, well I'd buy him another magazine. And. er, that's about it. Those beggars, eh Donlcha just luv 'em  • STEVE McGILL (Tune in next month lot more psychobabble with Steve - Ed)


Before we start today’s lesson in traipsing around screen after innumerable screen and disk swap after incessant disk swap, I’d best mention that in last month’s AP we lied to you. Yup that’s right, not intentionally, but as a famous Scottish bard once mused, “A lie’s a lie for aw that”, or something. So apologies go out to all and sundry who thought that we would be completing the whole adventure this month. That particular privilege is going to be reserved for next month’s lucky pages. Honest.

ITo reap, you should now be back at (he sis rung position of the game Among other things you should find yoaned in poeeeemon of a rope and an ■ndn II you daril check out Iasi month's spa suction and aaah then out. You need both to make a grappkng hook Waft up *>e stairs and out the door

2 Throw the hook at the shield on the cppoMe buMng Swing over and

crash through the window. You'l find yourself to a daik room Go through the door to the right This room reveals a strange kind of seat thing. This is the LINO interlace. Use Reich s card to the stot next to the totetlaca and then sit down in it

3 You've now been transported into LINC-space Pick up the ball you Imd there and head lor the exit on the nght. As soon as you eniei the next room, check

out your inventory. You'll notice that it's coraptoiety different Irom the normal one Use the OPEN program on the carpet bag that you ftod In ttw room Pick op both items, you're gang to need them lalei on. Use DECOMPRESS with the torpimjad data and DECRYPT with the documents. Take the exit to the nght

The next brl ia Indxy, so pay altentlon Use one ot the PASSWORD programs with the floor then waft to the

tight. Lay down ihe other PASSWORD program Fallow the next sequence to the letter, go left, pick up the password, go up. put down PASSWORD, nght. down, pick up PASSWORD, go up, put down PASSWORD, left, pick up PASSWORD, up. nght, down, rlght.down. put down PASSWORD, up. up than exit the room As soon as you're through, pick up the bust and the book that you'll And in the next room DECRYPT the two documents In your inventory. Now DISCONNECT

/%    Go o««t to the UNC machine

™W & 3 next to the lilt and use Reich's card Select option four. Emer the required security number mat select one. Read al the documents and dgeeftho information al your leisure Once read, ■too zero, toen two. then two again. You have new given you'eall 48 hours worth of special security clearance. Exit the system

6 Use Recft's card to the Not next to Ihe 118. You'l aae that you now pass the body scan wilt lying eotoura. Enter the lift This drops you off«the Security Staten Weft over totoeMtontheleftanduseA Exit this lift and make your way to (he next lift on the left (you've been here before

apartment Tim* to taka a screen-break

J" <tw> ng(jt or the reactor you Ann anaaviera an the How

wP . _... _ ump on th* plank

hu* anu wit the mum. Clue* (he door

when vtsmng Retch's apartment) Retch a cent can now access this lit). You mil top yoorsetl at the bottom ot the dfy

7 Hang around a M unhl at* w»-an with a dog appears Chat wth her be nc« Go left unfit you spol a doorman Have a chat w*h tarn The mam piece of information yogi tnd out s that you need a sponsor lo gam access to the dub Seek out the fat women (Mrs Vermont) ogam and ask her to sponsor you. Now wak sa tar rtght as you can uthl you come upon a screen with a young boy and a gardener Press the button by the door on the right YouY find yourself rode Mrs Piermonfs

8 Have another chai with her. As soon as she makes her phone call, pul iha video cascade you have Into the VCR As soon as the dog Mils barking at the ■seen, nip round to his food bowl and steal the twain* them.

9 Leave the apartment and head for the bottom left a»t Examn* the dentate wooden doors ol the naxf i oca bon Use Radi o card lo open them and pidi up eta aacalMia thel you Ind there Head cgm and ften go enough the top left exit and make way in the tram wsh the Ml HI <f»tkig utsaatsd'thedw* yuu

A J Put on the RAO su* (hsl you'll find I 1 in me middle loan Go right and access ma e»*rrx panel Select Two to open the door Enter the reactor room

A When it does, pul the    f

I W tope. In the ensuing confusion, sneak into the cathedral whiia the guard's distracted. Go through the lop left exit and open Idf, an the lockers Leave and make your way back to the lop lavel via iha Ids Then enter the ladory and make your way lo the location wham you tael saw Anita tiwa.

from iha conird penal. Go left and dungs back bid your coal

A O Leave the tactory end head beck 1 O to the UNOspec* mtarfac* \na the Security Stabervt kft Once there, put yourself on hold We re gorog lo use AnutcvuDiaame.i know what to do. you're tune m next month tor

' It



Watch out for Rich Pelley - he’s coining ashore at a beach near you, soon.

The first line of an article is the most important. I read that, once. In an article, I think. On ‘how to best go about writing articles', I believe it was. And that’s exactly what this is - an article, nay The

■.tyb; 2    _ „

Jk Breaths are drawn hearts beat

Q‘ls there a cheat because I can t    M (aster and beads ot sweat run

get pest the boss on level two ' down foreheads. Tension mounts. Jonathan Smith. Hounslow    Excitement builds. The Last Resort

Article, where you know you can safely expose all your gameplaying problems without fear of laughter, ridicule or nasty rumours. Go on - open up, you can talk to us.

steps deliberately up to the starling line, loosens up one final time and crouches for starting orders 'Marks' The crowd hush 'Set.' The crowd are

rigid in their seats As the gun Tires The Last Resort sprints off with the speed of a bullet and grace of a swan, and the crowd go absolutely bananas (So


If you can tie up a [Loose End, then please get in touch as soon as possible. It you can’t, then we won’t expect to hear from you. At all.

Q"l have been playing CADAVER for about four months (You must have a very long concentration span. - Ed), and have got 44% through the second level. However, I'm only having around 0.0000001% success working out where to use the Bless Potion Spell, and trying to reach the left gem from the room with two gems on the tile in the middle Of the room Is 99.9999999% disaster."

Ian Pa ton, Hampshire

Q'Tve now played F1 GRAND PRIX so much that I find it much too easy.

Has anybody got any suggestions what would make It harder (Having electrodes attached to your genitals whilst someone flogs you senseless with a knotted rope, as a possibility II usually works forme- Stuart)

Q"'Can anybody tell me how to find the last balloon on stage 6 ot ALFRED CHICKEN ’"

Bob Clarke, Stucksville

Q "Please, please, please can you help me with the fifth (and final) quest In the Guild of Thieves In LEGENDS OF VALOUR. I have got the map to the Forbidden City but unfortunately It looks like complete nonsense.”

Dave Hetfon, Glasgow

Q“How do you do the very, very last level of Lemmings 2 ” Jack Bolton, Weston-Super-Mare

Q“ln MYTH the Sphinx on the Valley of the Kings Is driving me crazy. I've picked up and tried everything I can find but I can't get past the Sphinx."

Chris MacKinnon, W. Germany

Q“5 Damage Runes, Lev 2,

Treihadwyl, LEGEND. 1 can only hit one ol them.”

Anonymously, Leicester

Q LEGENDS OF KYRANDIA: Which ol the gemstones do you place In the alter in The Pantheon ol Moonlight How do you cross The Chasm of Everlall. "

Ian Scott, Cardiff

Q‘a) How do you gel Into the castle, Sutek, East of Serpent's Hotel. I've blown the door open but I can't lower the drawbridge, b) How do you get the Magic Gem needed to join the Serpent's Guild c)

Where is the other Codex lens I've found the purple one but I can't find the blue one. d) Where are the pieces ol map for Homer In

Buccaneer s Den e) Where is the Other hall ol the silver tablet I have got hall of it Irom Marla's desk In Moonglass. These are my problems in, ol course, ULTIMA VI.”

Stuart Wuglet, Bradford

Q“Just a quickie. How, without cheating, do you get through area 2.2 In the original ZOOL (I think we've done that one. You have to play a tune on one ol the keyboards: Red. Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue. A helicopter will then appear to take you away to the end ot the level."

Susanna Wldenbur, Chesham

Q "BLACK CRYPT. Level 7. A plaque reading HCTIWS. Obviously this Is SWITCH backwards, but which one does It mean

Chuck Norris, Gibraltar

Q"ls there a cheat tor SCOOBY AND SCRAPPY DOO " Thelma, Daphne, Fred and Shaggy

(Well that's how they signed themselves anyway. What do you want us to do about It, eh )


If you ve helped Close a Case, I’d like to propose a toast to your kindness and obvious sheer madness for writing in when we doni even give you a prize.


Q“a) What do you do with... b) What about... c) How do you... d) And what on earth... " pondered Claire Smith of Gwent and Gareth Harding of Kent back In May.

A "a) the radio and glowing key

Use to open the padlocks in the dungeon and to provide batteries for the flashlight.

b) the garage Use the machine to open the door, take the facet handle, use the yellow key in the trunk and swipe the tools,

c) fix the stairs in the library  There's no need.

d) is the man wrapped up In the bath doing Use the handle from the garage in the socket and turn it on and off to view Edna's phone number.”

Philip Colin, Dorset.


Q Craig Blackthorn ol Wakefield had reached Kamchatka ("I can locate the Informant but am having rather less success killing the woman") and Iran (“Who on earth Is shooting at me ).

A “KAMCHATKA: Use two agents.

Give one a Persuadatron and leave him to hold the Informant hostage whilst the other zooms oft to kill his wife. To finish, escort your hostage back to the pick-up zone with both agenls.

IRAN: You are being fired at by enemy agents with Long Range Rifles. Stock up with Minlguna and waste the crowd of shoppers and the target. Then peg it, like, dead quick to the pick-up point. Provided

we've started, then - Ed) Pause the game, hold down the left mouse button and press F1 for invincibility. Okay. Jonathan


“We cannot find Lex.'

Alex Marsden. Nottingham

A Have you looked in issue 36 I did.

It says: “Climb the first set of stairs by pushing the block al the top ol the flight of steps (second past the first Stegasaurus) off ihe south edge and along. Head east past the second Stag, up the steps, west, up. knock down the block to in turn shove ott the edge of level Back past the Steg give Ihe block a westwandly heave then head up. west, up. east, north, west, across the bndga. northeast, across the second bridge and follow the path southeast to take the steps by the dinosaur. Push one block down, one east, and repeal above.

you get close enough Ihe agents al the end should be no bother.” Nlckle Thomson, Long Gaton

QAnd Nell Ewin ol Bexhill was stuck In Paraguay.

A “Arm up three or so Cyborgs wllh Mlnlguns, Persuadatrons and Mediklts and head for the building housing your target. Slay close to the wait - the minute you turn the corner next to the ramp blow the guard on the roof so full of bullets you'll be able to use him as a pencil (Teabag, surely - Ed). You must wait for the guards to come out of the building to gel you (strolling In and spraying bullets around like angry wasps on an Inverted training course Is liable to blow the head ott your targel). Activate your Persuadatron at eight civilians - you are now tree to return and Persuade your man. Watch your back though - the olher Cyborgs are close and armed to Ihe lips with Mlnlguns."

Oliver May, Gosport


QELSUVXRRAJLL. This, it now seems, was the code to gain access to tunnel tour that Martin Crossan from Stirling was asking tor in issue 36.

A “The password gets you to a completed fourth world with access to Ihe second special mission or lira! tunnel, with eleven lives and full weaponry. How's about that then ”

Long Cool Blackman. Nottingham

Drag the block to get up the stairs lo ihe northeast and west. Go northwest, run and tall off with the block as you push it over the west ledge, repeal twice more and belore you can say Gel A Back Issue you'll be Standing on a stone bridge with Tim and Lex


Q'l’ve reached the broken Atlantean machinery, and I've gol Soph locked in a cage. Now what '

Adam Davis. Plymouth

A You need to tit the bronze-spoked wheel onto the front o! the machine and tip a cup lull of lava down the tunnel at Ihe front. To rescue Soph you'll need, (or starters, to stick beads in anything that looks likely. Trap a crab using the bread and coldcuts from belore in the nb cage to lure away ihe octopus, use the diagrams on the closed cupboard (the moon and star representing Ihe


Q James Bachelller of Paignton was having more than his lair share ol hassle thanks to the Codies.

A“Afler giving all three dragons their buckets of water, feeding Rocky with stones to make sparkly steps up the walls and picking up the Ilea collar, megaphone and skull, head to the east wing and down the ladder to Zip and Sir Rustalol. Jump on the ledge under the window and use your magnet to attract the pin beneath 1he ledge. Renegotiate the ladder for the Fright Spell, go back down lo Ihe Spooky Cellar and pop Ihe bubble blocking your way with the pin. Now you can get the magic wand, but belore you are able to cast spells you must read the spell book above the table in the Magician s Lab.

Back at Ihe East Wing. Frighten away the ghosts and collect the ear. Keep your distance from Herbert and Hubert (down and along the ledges) otherwise they won t recognise you and'll fell you 1o clear off. Combining the Ear and the Megaphone lo get the Hearing Aid and they will let you pass.” Charlotte Webb, Bolton and William Hancock (age 9), Guildford


QA Mr L A. Phips ol Liskard enquired about the King's Parmit back in issue 22. but lor reasons which I don't think we need go into, I chose to tile Ihe reply I received inside a dirty sock under my bed and lorget about It until I

crescent and bronze bronze gear, the circle the spoked-wheei and machine part - you'll need all these) to operate the statue and use the hinge pin to brace the cage


Q‘Having got through the rat mazes I am now stuck in the bathroom with the guard. How do I gat out '

Paul Smith. Mlllam

Q'l have collected the red carnation, pen. little box. watch, electric cable and razor but unfortunately I always gel caught in my hotel room, gagged and dumped in the sea."

Joe Lamb. Winterbourne

A Walt print a solution to this one day l swear. Paul Operate the soldier and examine his shoes to take his laces. Take the towel, and use it on the soldier Use ihe laces on him. take his shoes, clothes and glass and exit.

next bothered to clean my room. This cleaning ol room business has now taken place, meaning that i am at liberty to disclose the reply.

A “You must stand the Runemaster on the White Damage Rune in the left comer of the screen and cast Missile. Healing and Damage. And, er. that's it. Christian Summit, Croydon


QAnd finally, somehow a letter 1 knew the answer to (from Kieron Priestly ol Somewhere) sneaked Its way Into Loose Ends two month's ago. That didn't stop hall ot the population of the Northern Hemisphere from writing in with the answer, though.

A "To get the Crypt Key from Stan's shop you must use the scream that results when you saw (with the saw trom the shop on Booty Island) the peg-leg from the men to the right of the laundry (on Scabb Island) as a diversion to distract Ihe Woodsmith for enough lime to allow you to swipe the hammer and nails from his hut. Ask Stan to show you his deluxe coffin, then when he stops to show you how roomy It is, nail him In and swipe the key from behind the counter at your leisure.

To get Into the cottage on PhBtt Island you must use the banana with Ihe metronome In Ihe pub on Scabb Island to hypnotise Jojo the Monkey allowing you to pick him up and take him to use him with the pump at the waterfall on Phatt Island. This will drain ell the water exposing a tunnel leading to the beach and In turn the cottage." Natalia Bulmer, Shropshire (amongst lots ol others)



30 Monmouth St root,

Both BA1 2BW.

Dwt r* the iddmi ofttoh you should your quMBone (nwrkad 'quMdene')

to Maine you naxt month.




Joe: Operate the ground once lor a piece ot metal which ycu can use to cut your ropes, and again tor a pick axe which can be used lo bash through the section ot the wall where the draught is coming in.


Qk ‘Is there a cheat "

Stephen Hughes. Northern Ireland

A‘Pause Ihe game. Stephen, type THUNDERBLADE and unpause. New 'G' replenishes your missiles. T reduces them, '<’ skips a stage, V jumps back a stage and N' gives extra lives Simple huh '











1. The hero is a shellfish who's permanently In lears.

2. Based around a waterproof glove with all the lingers Joined together.

3. Stars a member ol the Church ot Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who's easily led astray.

4. Based on a tyre that's not bad but has room to be enhanced.

S. Set In an flawless French house.

6. Takes place during treasonably heavy rain.

7. A version ot a Chinese strategy game that can't be assessed

8. The public are sceptical when genetic engineers develop a sheep whose meat actually tastes quite nice.

9. Features a stone-worker who isn't allowed.

10. Involves severe difficulty during a visit to the lavatory.

And the words you can choose from:


Write the ten answers on the back ol a postcard, and send It to: Nothing Is Impossible compo. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath BA1 2BW. making sura It arrives by 31 at July. 1994.

To mark the release ot the spectacular Impossible    '■ m j j

Mission 2025, those big-hearted folk at    *

MicroProse have given us a swish video recorder. E five episodes ol Impossible Mission to watch on It, and a whole pile of T-shirts. Unfortunately,

though, we've got to give them all to you lot. But to be in with a chance of winning, you're going to have to undertake an 'Impossible mission' of your own...

The winner gets the video recorder and the tapes (each emblazoned with the

message "This tape will self-destruct In five minutes"), and ten runners up get a

T-shirt each. So what about this 'mission' It consists of a "What If ' scenario.

What if Impossible Mission hadn't, in fact, been called Impossible

Mission, but something slightly different How would the game

have turned out We've listed ten game descriptions, and we'd like    ■ *

you to work out the names of the games they’re describing.

Contused Good.    . j

All right then, here's an example: A game in which all sorts of bizarre events take place at a funeral parlour, but the undertaker doesn't bat an eyelid. The answer Imperturbable Mortician'. Still baffled Okay, we ll give you ail the words you need - but jumbled up, with a few red herrings thrown in.


\    N,.    \



1.    Employees of Future Publishing and MicroProse may not enter.

2.    Entries arriving after 31st July 1994 will be declared void, and cast unto the wind.

3.    The editor can be quite impossible sometimes, but his decision Is final.

Is this the last one then, or what

Game: Ultimate Body Blows Runs on: CD32 Publisher: Team 17 Authors: Daniel Burke, Junior McMillan Price: E29.99 Release: Out now

You've goito give T earn 17

credit tor one ihmg. ai the very least - they're rot atraid to go back to something and try to get it nght at the second or thud attempt Protecl-X was significantly belter in its second sensibie-ditliculty-level life, and Alien Breed was distinctly zingier too (although Assassin Special Edtton was worse than the original, but you can't win 'em all), and now the Wakefieiders' third stab at Body Blows has finally provided us with the game it always promised to be

Personally, and agamst the How o< AP office opinion ai the time,

I was never leally convinced by Body Blows The characters felt weightless and two-dimensional, the


backdrops were largely Hat and lifeless, and fhe conirai systems was loo simplistic, taking away much o< the skill tequired to play the game successfully The sequel Body Slows Galactic. iniroduced some crap alien characters, some even flatter backdiops. and slowed the game down by about 25% mto the bargain (rumouredly a deliberate ploy by the programmers so pfayers could see all the animation frames, for flip's sake) Teh The time, though, desprie Ultimate Body Blows being basically a combination of lhe previous Iwo games, ihey ve gol prelly much everything right


The single biggest thing Ultimate Body Blows has got going tor it. obviously, is the

CD32 joypad Anyone trying lo do a beat-em-up with a standard one-button Amiga joystick is on a loser from the word go. but the CD32's gol six buttons and they've been put lo very intelligent use here, turning the game from a who-can-hit-the-lirebutfonfastest contest into a true test of skill One butlon gives you kicks, one button is for punches, one butlon is for the special move and one butlon does blocks, with other hidden moves being found through vanous combinations ol those buttons and toypad directions


Curiously, though, and going agamst the norma! grain of AP reviewing policy, one ol the othei most important lealures of Ultimate Body Blows is, or are. the new backdrops. I'll explain It's not enough tor a background to look pretty, n has to tesl like it s part ot the game as weii This is one ot the biggest strengths ol lhe likes ol Mortal Kombal and Street Fighter 2 Now. some ol EHmantas backdrops, lor example, are very pretty m themselves, but in play - -    they feel iko lhe fighters are

lighting in Iron! ol a painting ol something Here, (unlike ihe previous Body Blows) with ihe exception ol Hai-Tt’s waterfall scene, you actually

"Ttiey'v* got pretty much everything right"

feel like you're visiting the game $ various venues, and <1 adds immeasurably lo lhe atmosphere

Otherwise. Ultimate Body Blows is largely the same as before, only better You gel 21 characters 20 ol which you can play in one-player mode (all 21 in twa-piayer games). 12 locations, a uselul one-bout per-match option which makes tor a tenser, zippier game, some realty crunchy sound effects and crap music (natch). It doesn't quite have the wonderful malice of Mortal Kombal. but in every other way rfs the Virgin game's equal If you've got a CD32. you Ought to have it • SWART CAMPBELL

The ebc-button control I* greet feci mode I* extremely last the backgrounds are greatly Improved end bath the chariots re and their actlona have some real weight

®A middle •peed setting would have been nice, some slicker presentation wouldn't have hurt and the speech le to crap It would have been better left out completely. You'll have to buy an extra CD32 joypad to play the two-player game property, which la a bit of a bummer.


The beat Body Blows by a mile, much better than EMnanfafl'm •urpdead, at least), a smashing beet-'am-up In ita own right and Teem 17'a finest full-price moment to date.

iimiy uei


For the AGA

A12C10 backgrounds and a

slightly smaller number of opponents, check out Body Blows AGA In tha budgets section.






"His dad used to be a top king"

Game: Valhalla and the

Lord ot Inlinity

Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Vulcan Sollware

Author: Lisa Tunnah, Paul Carrington Price: £29.99 Release: Out now

Here are just a lew short arguments to support trie continuation ot strict gun control laws in Bntam

1 One out ot every three police cars has

been adapter) to cairy firearms

An armed policeman can be

on the scene m less than 30 \Cv*‘

minutes The general public

dcn'i need weapons to delend •* 'S>

ihem selves

2    Tighi control on existing tireamns make* it hard tor cnmmal elements to get their hands on untraceable weapons

3    I was lorced to play this game, tfs my  Ob Installing it onto a hard drive was no pioblem. and I thought it would save me the hassle ot swapping te seven disks around. Mound that I Couldn't jump past the intro, but mere again, you always watch the inltoon your first play ot a game You watch a little kid walk ontolho screen, his Ilyaway hair bobbing around in an exaggerated manner. He stares up at yflli (il's a lop-down adventure throughout, did I mention that ) and alerts to talk


He explains that his dad used to be a top kmg, but histfg brother (the unbelievably named Lord ol infinity) look over in a bloor f revolt that left the squeaky-clean monarch dead So now he's come ol age and relumed from exile lo avenge his lather's death Seeing as haw he looks remarkably like a certain Spoilt character irom Viz. and he apeaks in an annoyingly pre-pubesceol squeak. I lound hts boasts ol maiunty *0 be a tad misleading So blah blah badguy, blah blah castle. blah blah quest Il's one ol those

dungeon romps isn't rP This time, this hook is ihal (gosh!) the child speaks I'm scared.' he mlorms you Irom time lo time, urttkh is a bit crap considering his previous statements about nghtng wrongs and destroying evil "It wont fit* he repeals, lime alter lime after lime as you wander aimlessly around trying lo find something, anything. Ihal the keys will fit It you sea a book and look at it. he informs you: 'If s a book." M you see turn pick ii up. ha fells yotr 'I've got if No. really'9


You amble through lour levels, pulling levers, picking up (oin pieces ol paper ihal say things like'll you want to survive, you've got to look out lor ihe and generally try and find keys Ihal lit Ihe

Wfcca k« look! up aad lpcilu to you Too gal a raal arja to ipH oa Mm-

doors, which curiously enough look exactly like barrets It's barren it's empty and I didn't run into any other Irving thing all the time I played it.


All this is irrelevant, because after 20 minutes, youH only be aware ol one thing, which is the number ol times you die.

Have you read Kangaroo Court on the news pages yet Well do so, because i s all about how crap games are made haider by tnslanl and unavoidable deaths. In this game, it you move onto the wrong floor tile, you die It doesn t wobble and give you a second to jump olf or anything, you just die Now in some levels, the danger areas are obviously marked by cracks or hinge lines, but in others the pits are identical lo the solid floor, and seeing as many rooms have only a single sale palh through, gamepiay is reduced to moving, saving the game, moving, tailing to your death. reloading the saved game, and


So what s all of this got to do with gun control’9 Well, the thing is that I love guns I admire then flawlessly functional lines their engineering and then power, and il someone slutted a Browning Hi-Power m my hand nght now after I've played this all day. there's a good chance Id go out and do very Bad Things with it I really am Ihal wound up.




lha e:



licrtdiblc ifeoufti H nay aacn, Ihtsi arc jm ionic ol (fee entirety Icitairt lid unavoidable dcatfei la this room. Voc nova, fall, die aad have lo reload, fabulous.

41200 let that fool you. Listen to us. We know best.

you can run or jump through. These restore an appendage. So say you had just lost a leg. Running through a screwdriver would restore IL

One ol the annoying things about these screwdrivers Is that they aren't saveable. so even If your dummy Is whole and complete and you run through a screwdriver and then Immediately lose a limb, that’s It gone. You can't restore the limb until you come across another screwdriver. It might not sound like a problem, but It's very annoying, and in the later levels when things start to gel a tad difficult, being able to save up the screwdrivers would be appreciated.

Every time you lose a life, all obstacles and creatures that Inhabit the surreal dummies world are reset and

up the charts but in

anywhere near that delicate stage ( ol physiological chronological    y

degeneration, so If you happen to be among that group, add another j 20 per cent onto the score at the * end ol the raviaw.    '

At this point, the question of    *

what makes this game so bad fills ! up your backsack and demands    •

emptying. (Something to do with RPCs. probably. - Ed)

Not only storming

Game: The Incredible Crash Dummies Runs on: A500, A600, 1200

Publisher: Virgin Authors: Acclaim Price: £25.99 Release: Out now

A typical ic*n« (I any junction with a Volvo, Involved.

levels are an Insult to your gaming Intelligence - a straight run-through against the clock, with various obstacles to traverse and a couple of vehicles to shoot or jump over - and Ihe others are just an Insult, period

Bear In mind that Crash

Dummies Is aimed at kids around the age ol fourteen (it's a console conversion) and you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out why it's so cack. Less than eight percent ol AP readers are

The easiest answer Is linearity. Sevan linear levels In all. No puzzles to solve, no lateral thinking laqulrad, nograei arcade skills required, no sense of Involvement Included and a general 1 tack of addiction factor Any one of the (actors In that list is enough to mar a game. So. as you'll no doubt have concluded, just like the dummies ol the

"Never title, the desire to

n.    ■ a _ continue playing

quite able to    thegamelslls

nut Steal!    apart and Is new

put Itself    quite able to pul

together ns®if tog iha.

®    aaalrt. The llrei two


The purpose ol the game Is to guide your dummy to the End Zone ol the level. Then are various obstacles and objecls In Ihe way which are Intended to slow down your progress. If you hll anything, you lose ■ leg; hit something else, you lose another leg. This results In the ludicrous scenario ol being left with s torso that propels Itsett using Its arms. You can even end up with a torso with no llmba whatsoever In order to allay this (each limb-loss stows you down), thera are screwdriver icona that

you start at the beginning of the level

again. A pointless and frustrating mechanism I'm sure you’d agree.


In way of conclusion, I've got say that the game Isn’t a complete and utter wreck. It’ll probably appeal to the Volvo driven among gameplayerm. But, having said that. I suggest you get it out ot my braking distance before I gleefully run It oval.


k again

Thti diinavy kMkk way M dm otSi Munwbiri ■•liar by Sr took ot tb« ulM.

Dut only yon know k«u to construct line TtOCO.

toys, we nasi slop Junkman before he SreoMrc lb* Caere!

> Good rKckt

UPPERS You don’t actually have to own a Volvo lo drive this game.


® DOWNERS Linearity No puzzles. Nothing engaging about Ihe game. Some irritating game mechanics.


Dummies has worn    r A ;

shock absorbers and no hi’ road sense.    Ua_ -


Not one whit ot

A1200 diH®,ence 1 m®,raid,0

report. I've seer better looking PD games.






around-hittingdhings < without a trac ■ of the film s storyline or l

And It s all br- wn. Except for the

Z uter. wdh a« Uvel 11 colt»oi out o«

> rt« way, »o—a— «•<•—»«"

* nWb .H« **»** *•'

„ m.yl«< juU -ark -

»uet« •»«»«»


Surety art But


n _ „          4

MP T:r. mTm i 11 • !

V • • ™    o    a0** irni-—


Inciemury poor. After eight seconds w of playing this you’ll have

seen all that Dracula has 11; 1 to offer.     d §


G 1 '• 0 0 Incredible as It may seem. Dracula is just as ludicrously slack on the A1200 as on any other machine.


9    .------i kiM ream appaa>r,    „ b Mi prcnimabty) 9U«*

_1    •••••■■■•■■■■■■■a*

1 M ■ "_vv- « yii miiiiihi in a ■••••• i

Corner ers- -»«< «'■« •*"    *‘d

tha ,1.*. word Oraeala’ apt**" « '»■« danbedlaWood. "a *-««■« **lTwl,» their

airlklpatloa, Stipple, .«n.o«h onto .hair

piiiarn1 ana* aa-<


a bit, pax

■nail lardy be a

«empire la the face a coaplc ot lines...

..aid ike acnipirc rcyiurlouity hop! to the brown floor and caabhai. Shew.

VIA cl, a deadly kiSer bai (or a black pintle bln Boer, or ponibly last ai ally Miidjr oa the icrcaa), racing itraryki for him. Thinfciny quickly. Jooariian puncbei Ike bat and, with ai oot-of-all-proportioa crump . If fall! lo earth aad disappear!.



11 lnum

And you, yes, YOU’VE got your very own ticket!

Qame: The Last Action Hero!

Runs on: A500, A6Q0. A1200!

Publisher: Psygno$ lsI Authors: The Dosiel Price: £19.99! Releasee Out now!


S r.ulUni







[l MOP ■ >lf HftP A. MU MflP 1 , , 2 fU-H HOP

1 1 ■ 1 1 ftl 1 1 ■ ■ 1 1 • 1 1 • K 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 • 1 • ■ 1 1


i,;l> 1,

Jf ,V &»££ L-*

f :• tit m v'

Saa m

\ Z ‘vT-.

jn; K

_j , ' a

t«! leek ilMr nk aloof Uriel, ae K an dee the control of wot eerie outside tarcel

Waldl As Udt sects seat people cad puccScs ffecai rcpcjlcdlj ia the Ilea While siandiej cogpfcicli stilll

Sanell ll ha dons H afata, sllfhihl hither alaaj the street with a sllfkllr differ cm collection of people!

Wmce' At * sudden neck

tenure readers loch tetaporarthr N


I* hop ■ ruji hop _• _4 _

• ••••••••I




0 • T 1


• J T P A

to W

1 m •—* jpr

t *


Hollywood. In the plush offices of movie producer Cecily V DeBille, a creative team is assembled to discuss a new project. 1 1

"Okay, hm'i the plot', c.plelned Ml. scriptwriter, Crispia Tarantula. "Til bod jiji pal the ■■n«y j.d Ihi <bkh, ii]MI And Ik. pood puyi jap. kill khs, ciikil-

l..n«d baclHakh chair amid ■inn apppuia ■ 1 ■ <

Th< Ml director, WaUyX Manp.l.i, mi nail la speak. Ha cleared hd

Teak', InierrupSad T fall-pay.

tW it..i nap 'kink Mm

■■■■lain. ■< ca. have ankaoelble Jumps hr.r. rocky pinnacle la. cr, rocky pl.nadc,

throat ncnroaity.

"I Mdkh me aba.Id tel it la. ok, the

atau.laf.i, where ltd really cold,*1 ha said. 'And the hara should wear a slec.elesi lacks! to shase how, like, hard he Is."

Aad after that,' tke coaliened, marmlap to bar tharaa, dee co.ld lun l sllppy sUdey Ice voeM» dlspatted as loowy moealolas

. 11

And forests,' he weal oe M eicHedly. -y.ah, they ha.e lor«,t, on mountain don’t icy '





HftnM do vnti *»p* t /Th»i « rtgfn. Zero uriterence. it s uncanny, tan i it

1 4 ' a

1 f


Mar- j v ' l

L J «

: f ‘'2HB

r v —- -—-

the room wsnl wild with ccftcmcnt. 1


no master




Swear allegiance to

Game: World Cup Cricket Masters

Runs on: A500, A600, A1200

Publisher: ESP Software Authors: Edward Hayes Price: £24 99 Release: Out now


fantastic graphicat and'or tactical representation ol t Cricket that has been completely wrtlen by a traditional Ian ' So runs the descnption in the advertising blurb lor this untortunate alleged cnckel Simulation fiom ESP The only thing fantastic about the graphics is that someone had the brass neck to call them lantastic m the lirst place


Now before I get accused of being out and out nasty or picky or smariassish or whatever. I’d be the first to admit that the use ol a word like lantastic is totally subjective Some people out there can get all hot and bolhered and excited about

cubist an Me. I think its hilarious that anyone «i the 0> world anywhere takes something  like cubism seriously And that's what l thought about ihe use ol the rj word lantastic to    

describe the graphics in this game They can't be senous II has to be a joke For a start, the little men look like user-detmed graphics Irom a Spectrum game -incidentally

tact tans, this game has been wntten in Amos and it's probably Ihe worst advert lot the programming language I've ever seen The animation ol the men must take up about lour frames max The effect is comical when they run onto Ihe pitch They look as it they're clenching something extremely tightly between their buttocks And it seems to be inflicting a lot

xaye<* ** °°CC

Y{jumi [dataz/press_magazine/AMIGA_Power/HTML_TXT/Amiga_Power_Issue_39_1994_jul.htm]} r*    of unnecessary pain

on the poor blighters It s not just the graphics that are to blame lor the overall shoddiness ol the game, either The point and click Iron) end leaves a lot to be desired. Can you really trust the integrity of the programming when you have to click on a box to tell the game that you want it to access data from floppy or hard disk13 This box permeates just about all of the options menus and its presence offends my sensibilities.

Let s delve further and look at the game Irom the following point of view. It costs 25 quid For that you get a 20-page, fanzine-style instruction manual and two disks The graphics are shoddy and the gameplay non-existent, tar example to bowl you combine a couple of nght mouse dicks with a left mouse click inside a cross-hair cursor and then watch Ihe proceedings Irom there Fielding is automatic and earned out by the computer This might seem like a good thing, but wait until the computer decides for the fourth time that the wicket keeper has dropped a potential catch Infuriating, irritating and irksome are three adjectives that tnp easily oft ot Ihe tongue when pondering the meaning ot World Cup


Now I warn to leel that I've got my money's worth - something boring marketing types would label perceived value' The only perception that Cricket Masiers gives is one ol boredom But it's worse than that Take a look at the statement at the beginning ot Ihe review again Apparently this game has been: completely written by a traditional Ian whatever that means It. as I suspect it does, this is supposed tc imply authority and that the game has worth to traditional cnckel tans, then ESP should think agam about selling it It's an embarrassment and an ouerpneed rip-oft.

Cricket Ians are tar better cateied lor with Graham Gooch's Wortd Class Cnckel It's got groovy graphics and involving gameplay. And what's mare, it’s entertaining and worth the money It only the same thing could be said about World Cup Cnckel Masiers • STEVE McGILL

UPPERS Seriously, there aren't any.


graphics, the animation, the gameplay, the user-interlace, the asking price. The complete tack of any saving grace whatsoever.


ll'a a restatement of the conclusion, but cricket fans would be far better off obtaining a copy of Graham Gooch 's Work! Class 4 I Z Cricket It, at least,    I ~

knows howto entertain. I ■ “


Let'a be honest about A1200 this-There's nothing " that Ihe mighty A1200 could do for this effort.





Saw a cool game Chris Yales, aka Sir c* Master, ts working on It's like a shool-’em-up where you have aliens in spaceships lhal move from left to right as they come down the screen to get you. and you have to shoot them as fast as you can, and they get faster the fewer there are which means Ihey get to you quicker and it‘s harder to shoot them Way coal We also threw the idea ol an AG A version o< Sim An; about, but alter seeing this shool-'em-up I'm not so sure


This pad of the day is the busiest, and most of it is a blur. Ventured into the smoking room to have a talk with Joels and Noddy. They live in this dark, smoke-titled room that smells like a Turkish wrestler s tobacco pouch, and where the music is so loud that hard dnves

(Er. sorry. Thin* of if more as a fascinating glimpse into bfe at Sensible Software.

We'B have some extra-good stuff about Sensible Goll next month. - Ed)

crash due to the amount of bass that Joels and Noddy kick out of the speakers. John UHey. aka Noddy, the graphic artist who's working on the follow-up to Cannon Fodder, was hard at it. (Stanng into the screen blanker, that is. He reminded me of Aidous Huxley and The Doors ot Perception It was as if I coukj see the ideas flooding out of the cathode ray tube and into his mind. If was a way cool expenence lo behold.

Or it may have been because he went to the pub at lunchtime ..)

Our Silicon

Graphics Indigo ll has arrived, along with some killer software (torn Alias and The Speed I wanted to fondle and play with the Silicon for a while, but I was swamped and a queue was forming So I wen! in search of Stuan Cambndge. aka Stoo. who. when he's nol doing the graphics tor Sensible Goff or Sensible Soccer, is probably out at a tram station. Stoo's a keen Iraki spotter, and has an anorak and flask to prove it. When he's not out trainspotting he produces screen shots like the ones you see with this article.

At 4.30pm I go lo get Jops and Noddy from the pub where they’d taken reluge from the phone to work on some levels of Cannon Fodder. Mother Of AB Battles or whatever we decide to call it. I got a sandwich and some milk and ended up bnnging both home and having lunch al 10 00pm followed by tea al 11.30. It's now 2 00am and I have to gel up at 7.00 lo repeat my journey into work again, so I shall wish you all a good night. Long live the Amiga Martin Lunn Project Manager,

Sensible Software

Cruising down the highway with David Byrne. Tina Weymouth and the rest ol Ihe Talking Heads as they crank out It's A Wild Wild Life.. Hi My name's Dr Manyn Lunn and I'm Project Manager lor Sensible Software And as I travel to Sensible HQ (hidden deep in the countryside), I en Oy the only chance I get to retax before Well, let's take today, tor example. (Wiggle your lingers and wave them in front of your face and make Twilighl Zone sounds like a Wayne's World flashback.)

Cool My new chair has amved I gel it set up and read some mail Then. Barron trom Thor Video arnves with a VGA/Video card for one of the PCs in the network Nick Gardener, aka Andy Pandy. the well-known graphic artist, has been working on a real cool top secret project that we’re dumping onto video. Hence the VGA/Video card We can also use it io dump live video onto Ihe PC and send Amiga graphics (IFF or Arum) through Ihe net Into ihe PC and onto video Yes. true, we could dump from the Amiga, but it would be more timeconsuming when the time came lo transfer the PC graphics to the Amiga

Chapman, aka Chappers Chns is Ihe programmer responsible lor Sensi Soccer and Mega-to-Mama.

Talking to John Hare, aka Jops. as soon as he pulled up in his mafia stall car. as it's about Ihe only lime I gel a chance to talk lo him (In tael. I saw Jops once in Ihe aliemocn and once at about 8.00pm.) Then I get a call trom Jonathan at AMIGA POWER lo tell me that I've got to wnie this story and have it ready lor tomorrow!


Got the memory sorted out on Nick's PC. Now. il I can (ust sort out some books on C for Chris Denman aka CD. CD is our newest programmer/ musieiaiVwhalevar's-going-this-week, and one ot the people who supply most of the foodstuffs, ft it wasn't for Seedy and hts food. I strongly believe people would starve overnight here


Disaster stnkes as Barron has a problem wrth the memory on the PC. Graham Bona 11 at Renegade calls regarding Sensible Soccer, and this means I have to make some suggestions to Chris


Hmm. Tfcis IHlIt fellow Of oil. Nice iRlaiilloi, thoufli, Loti of frimti.

at Sensible.

Starting la freak out. as I'd been waiting lor David Korn, aka Ubik ol Sensible Soccer lame, to show up and make some updates to the gams. But he went to a festival in the Forest ol Dean last weekend, and people ate starling to drop like flies all aver ihe UK because of some bacteria that is supposed to come trom the Forest of Dean area. Nariey stuff...




We re giving away another CD32 this month Blimey. With a freshly-minted copy of Team 17's 86% rated Ultimate Body Blows Lorks a-lummy. And five bundles of Apidya, Arcade Pool and Assassin Special Edition for some lucky runners up  Sounds too good to be true, doesn't It

Well, yes, but we love to pamper you, and thanks to that lovable, beer swilling, fast living buncha guys from Wakefield, that's exactly what we re offering YOU the readers. All you have to do Is prove that you're as hard and Joe Rocky tough as Team 17 by placing yourself in these true-to-life situations and using your skill and Judgement to choose the best outcome of each fracas. Here's a hint - think “What would Team 17 do "


1.    While at a computer show, you and your 200 dead hard mate* meet the AMIGA POWER teem In the cafeteria. Alter you tell them that Kick Oft 2 la "miles better than SensT. and that Frontier la “a landmark product In video game history", they begin to get agitated. You then aak lor cheata tor Shadow of (he Beast Z cauaing them to advance menacingly. Do you:

A. Get atuck In. After all, there are only aeven of them

B Run away. After all. they are the mlghtieat beinga ever to produce a computer gamea magazine

C.    Eacape lo a aafe dlatance and than taunt them with jlbea about their on-aale dale

D.    Get your heed kicked In

2.    You're walking home with your dale, the international top laaa Ella Macpheraon. Two atreeta away from her third-floor council Hat, you run Into live old clasa matea who atari telling alortea about how you used lo wear national health glassea and how your mother dreaaed you funny. So you:

A.    Take out the ring leader with a well placed rabbit punch to the gall bladder

B.    Plead with them pathetically and offer them money to ahul up

C.    Pretend to be Swadiah, and lead Elle away muttering Abba lyrlca

0. Get your head kicked in

3. Wandering the deserted streets of Wakefield at 3am, you come upon a atrange aight. Team 17'a Martyn Brown la being set upon by a fat Japanese bloke in a nappy, a cute girl with meaty thighs and a bra on her head, and aoma Jerk In red pyjamas called Ken. Do you:

A.    Take out the weirdies with a dazzling display ol the South American dance-baaed martial art Caporla In the hope that Martyn will buy you a pint

B.    Join Ihe three In the hope of getting a anog off Ihe scantily clad baba

C.    Realise that Martyn's so hard that ha doesn't need any help, and carry on your merry way

D.    Get your head kicked In By everyone.



Thai kjrti* Bran kt i a feaak.

To the Compo. Some Rules

Employeei ol Future and Taam 17 can't anlet. The uim goal lor bars knuckla fill tighten and ganulne Nlnjaa.

Any entries I bat reach ui afler July XMh will ba taken down a dark alley and repeatedly called toft lad

The Editor's decteion will be. as usual, completely l Inal

Sand your entrlai on postcard! or lha back oi aaalad anvalopaa to Didn't you apHI wor laaaaa pint having llril lookad at it and called It a putt Or

what You ATARIlng Oultlda now, you

Tht original AitaitM

girt' competition. AMIGA POWER. 30

Monmouth Street. Bath. BA! 2BW Wa won't open lattera with the compo Inilds Wa II throw them away. Without a second thought.




Cheaper than an expensive thing, er, less pricey than something which costs quite a bit, these are budgets.


Runs an: A500. A600.


Publisher: Kixx XL Price: £14.99 Release: Out now

Cadaver is an early offering from trie wonderful Bitmap Brothers. M's an iscmetncally-viewed role-playing game m which you take the starring role ol Karadoc the Dwarf Karadoc's mission in life is to navigate and negotiate his way through hundreds ol puzzle, trap and monster-filled rooms as he Ines to find the mysterious Castle Wult Once there he must slay the obligatory evit-necromancer-with-a-silly-name. C anos

The character is easy to control with


Game: Serious Backgammon 1.1 Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Tower Software. PO Box 9, Gosforlh. Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 1QW Price: £10 Release: Out now

I've got a confession to make here I love Backgammon I spent three solid years playing if when I was supposed la be doing a degree, staying up late at night with disreputable characters and gambling away my grant.

Consequently I've played just about every computer version of Backgammon there has been And I can fell you lhal there's one uniting fealure about them all -they're crap Backgammon is a game at enormous subtlety, the playing ot which requires a peculiar combination of exact mathematical understanding and blind intuition It's not enough ust to understand the maths, sometimes you have to ignore

it The computer versons that I've seen have suffered on both fronts: they haven't fully understood the mathematics of Backgammon and they've (obviously) had no sense ot the psychology, and that's why I've always thrashed any computer opponent I've met Senous Backgammon is different, though It plays easily the best game ot    .

Backgammon I've seen on a computer - the bas< mathematics are ust nght Senous is also extiemely well

presented having a myriad ol options that ■How you to play all kinds ol variations on the basic game

However, the game engine only plays one style ot Backgammon and you will, therelare ■t time leam how to beat it fairly

consislenlly. Bui when you get to this point, you'll be a better Backgammon player than you were when you started.

and that alone makes if worth the price The Other criticism I have ot Senous

Backgammon is that >1 doesn't know when to use the doubling cube

piopeily (Tcha -Ed), but this is an advanced featuie and doesn't really detract trom the all-round en Oymenl ol this 1 V otherwise excellent game,



This it seriously good Backgammon at a serloualy reaaonable price. Put logther that'a got to make _ up an offer that'a really ML — difficult to refute.    Q J ~

Game: Apidya Runs on: A50Q, A600 A1200

Publisher: Team 17 Price: £10.99 Release: Out now


Juat not quite making It Into the top ten of this year a AMIGA POWER All-Time Top 100 (and it would'va got away with It. too. it It waan't tor that meddling Pinball Fantasies), Apidya it the 11th beat game on the Amiga, and alaa the machlne't lineat hoHzontally-tccolling shoot-em-up. It haan't been aurpaased tine* It waa originally reviewed way back in API 3.

Certainly, it's hard to think ol a more patent beat! to be in control ol than a waap. (Much batter than a boring old spaceship.) And what better place to atari your minion than a nice garden, on a glorloua tummer'a day  At you fly along, you'll be attacked by (allow Invertebratec. all armed to the

teeth, at well ai email feral mammala. Knock out a whole wave of baddlee and little flawere will be released.

These are power-ups, and will boost your ship's capabilities In a way that'll be lamlllar to anyone who's played coln-opa like Nemesis or R-Type -speed-up. bomba, two-way laser, extra-powerlul bullets, drone ships (one ol which can be controlled by ■ second player, Interestingly) end so on.

Later levela take place In a pond, a sewer and a futuristic mweha-world (there are live worlds altogether, with around three levela on each), and all look absolutely gorgeous, with delicious backgrounds and highly-detailed (If occasionally a bit small and weedy) sprites. I'm not too aure about the music, though. It sounded Ilka a lot of beeping and funny nolaea to me, although H e certainly better than you normally get.

In terms ol look and tael, Apidya can clobber anything on the Mega

Drive or SNES. and It's intensely playable, loo. Vour waap leels exactly right to control; the enemy attack patternt have been perfectly designed to make your IHe hell while always giving you a lighting chance: the screen la constantly awash with baddies: and it's gat a get-aightly-lurther-each-tlme-you-play (actor that makes it Impossible to atop trying.

And Its new. Impossibly low price of £10.99 has got to be worth a couple of extra percent on top ol the 99 It gat

originally. Truly, we've never had It so good, ah



Apidya has to be the beet thoof-'em-up on the Amiga and now It's tailing at an almost    

embarrassingly low price fl 1 £ H you don't imp up a H I — copy now. you're    V m =

obviously beyond all help.

Top RR&p Fee - diid il awl or ll« caitrdlik.

a number of icons selected by the joystick There'ra ail the standard 'pick-up1, drop. read' and eat' commands, and die game is heavily reliant on the tmd-object, take object, useobjectina-lateral-ihinking-sort-otway and collect reward method This can get a little tedious

The game looks a little old-fashioned but is very atmospheric and you quekfy gel interested and involved The sounds are nothing original, but help the game along acceptably. The puzzles are set at a reasonable level ol complexity and won't have you tearing your hair out unnecessarily.

As an added bonus the game comes complete with The Payoff, which « a sei ot bonus levels that tallow Karadoc's story after he returns (torn the successlul completion ot the lirst adventure The graphics in this section have been nicely tweaked and all the action lakes place in and around the village ol Wultheim

All in al this a fine Irflle game that'll keep you otf the streets for several nights and is highly recommendable at the price, especially with the bonus levels.



Slightly archaic but nonetheless fun. Hundreds of rooms to explore and a spat-on difficulty level. The game mechanism wears a T =

little thin with time.    If"

I i ■



Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: GBH Price: £7.99 and £9.99 respectively Release: Out now

Have we done these before on budget The general consensus of opinion Is that we have, but no one can find the reviews. Weird. Anyhow, they've both turned up together this month and are

Ksi nn a aIH /im nlatal »■


separately ot each other, but It seems a bit silly and wasteful to do two completely different reviews.

Being all

unconventional, I'll go with Supercars 2 first. Obviously It's the nawer product, a tact that’s mirrored by the extra two quid, the two-player option and loads more coursee and add-ons than Supercars. Both games are Supers print racing games -that la, you view the race from a top-down view - and both games are pepped up by having lota of crashes and explosions and rockels and things. All of this auto destruction and fireworks seems a lad Incongruous with the Intro ecreena ot young, goodlooking happy folk cheering you on, but that hardly matlsrs In the game.

In each race, you start off last on the grid and have to bump, drive or shoot your way through the pack to get the chequered flag. Getting placed In the top few gets you points and also prize money, which is Important as you've got to repair, re-arm and power up your car. This continuity between

and antl-soclal driving habits and either fined or rewarded accordingly.

If* good fun, but It quickly becomes obvious that il you struggle through the pack and blast the lead cars with rockets, there a a good chance of you winning moat times, and there are so many cars In each race that sometimes H a impossible to avoid all the rocket* and mines, resulting in atop/alart game play as your car explodes and reappears on the track a law seconds later. The much trumpeted two-player option's a bit naff loo. as you simply can't see far enough ahead, although If you learned the tracks, I suppose you could get

pretty (allhough the excellent shadowing still adds depth lo each course), the presentation isn't as slick, and there are (ewer tracks and lewer cars In each raca. Thera's no two player game and you only get two missiles (one forward, one reverse) In each race. Oul of the two, Ihough, ihli la the one I'll be playing In the future for ihe simple fact that the races are better. You can allll Improve your chances by blasting the leaders, but working through the pack's trickier, and when cart are blasted out ot the race, they clutter the track and create extra obstacles. I loved this game, and my only gripe Is lhal although you can race the nine tracks In any order to get to the next league, the last one you race Is always made artificially hard. But It la Iwo quid cheaper.



Supercart la more of a

straightforward driving skills test.

with lota ol last and

frantic action round S U p 8 rc a TS

hard corners. The better

of Ihe Iwo for

straightforward racing


Snpercars 2

Super cars 2 offers two-player action and a more

races Is further heightened by odd    round that one.

Runs on: A500. A600, A1200, A3000 Publisher: Hit


Price: £14 99 Release: Out


Dune is the son of game I'd normally hate It's a graphic adventure with a linear plot. Go there.

Do that Come back Get this. Take 1 there Come back Not my idea ot tun at all But Dune is somehow special, and I love it. It's got a lot to da with the truly splendid graphics (1 really want lo strangle Ihe weasly Emperor every time 1 see him) and a bit lo do with the strategy sub-game Let me explain Fans ot Frank Herbert may like to skip this paragraph The plot is concerned with your arrival on Ihe planet Dune to

belween-game bita where you’re

quizzed on Ihe Highway Code

mine the incredibly expensive drug Spice. ( which ts essential to long-distance space travel As Paul Aireides you must win over the local inhabitants (the

- <

Supercara, by comparison, seems a bit bland. The graphlca aren't as

Fremen) and unite them n driving your enemies, the Herkonnens. oft the planet The strategy game involves you flying around the planet r your omithoptei recruiting Fremen and getting them to mine Spice or to tram as soldiers Fremen groups come in different sizes and ihere's a targe element ol resource management as you move Ihe Fremen from Spice mines that are running dry to the new ones that you're, hopeluify, discovenng Later in the game the strategy element expands as you become involved in combat with the Harkonnen forces

The other halt of the game is a straightforward graphic adventure lhal leeds into the strategy element.

rough and tumble, Batllecars type game.

providing you with equipment such as Spice harvesters and atomic weaponry, as well as information

What makes the game work so welt is Ihe seamless way that the two strands ol the game are woven together Unlike any other game lhal I've seen that tnes to replicate a film' feel Dune actually succeeds in its ambition ■ STEVE FARAGHER


Dune features mesmerising graphics and an excellent plot. The gameplay can gel a little bit repetitious, but you'll be so engrossed by the atmosphere that you won't care.

This Is truly an excellent value game and recommended.




PtfWE R JULY 1994

Stuart Campbell clutches his joypad lovingly to his chest and checks out this month’s Amiga-to-CD32 updates


Qratmlin C29 99

A120D mux S7%UM>

Aswe said last tnratt- •ountn'ilon • ••• • mm improve shglHty w• the-pr*’-'    rtnougin me

xigirtal was a bit ■ jbblsh. frankly, but    S

taaefnple addition n< tumerippy sounoand 7,-‘Tjafl

eft) back0 tfs ‘ . S ■ 324* ret stun* pepped n up lurrsidefabty. The A500 Zoo) 2 was better again, hut or»ttv riulklnoking, then the et/Uli vers*® puj trram amttm waul euj bar mytiwuls in again, rod things were groovy Mob the iJXt/pnn t here wtthad IheAt/OP improvement* plus s>jroe Ufa of ray-

■ trared animalr a anrt nvwi fpad—Ma ewhute'eneincae-w*e> world« etieri Paper Plate*

nohfcup n * m gnorl anraxgfr to gamer ttit* version any extra marks, though.

, * rokL-.o ;


The traditional slight CD32 Improvements (with reservations)

ec “ <oe teds, *0x4*50''. he in an absolute stunner but this I

I don 1 care what anyone says.

J /M i



1 1 -1



fashioned son ot way. Not much use ot a CD32, but not bad either.

ICE, C2S.99

Amiga version: not reviewed Due to verlous internal misunderstandings we never got the chance to review this when It originally came out on (loppy disk, but now It's on CD32 and luckily, it a exactly the same (right down to showing a picture ol a floppy disk when It accesses the CD), so we can finally find out what It was we missed.

What we missed was a Pac-Man-derlved maze game In that old deadly-future-game-show setting, with power-ups and weapons and telepons and all that kind ot stuff, but still basically Pac-Uan. It's not too prettily put together, with lots of disk accessing and hall-heanedly tatty presentation, but the actual game Is playable and addictive in a neat old-


Don t expect any CD32 technical wizardry from Ihia one, but expect a simple tun male game and you III won't be disappointed. fU


Core Design, £29.99

Amiga version: 83% AP24 Not many of this month's games actually change month in the trip to the CD format, but Chuck Rock2Is at least graced with I he addition ol the best Intro sequence we've seen so far. It's neat and cartoony and Core have obviously employed some kind of proper actor to do the voice-over Instead ol Just using the managing director's mum. as usually seems to happen. It a a lab intro, but I can t quite spot what Cam saw In this slow, stickily-controlled, uninspired platform game first time round to award it an uncharacteristically generous 83%. He doesn't even like cutesy platformers, you know. Some of the big dinosaurs

are nicely animated, but that's hardly enough In the style-conscious nineties, Is if

An internal nwe xterrtaneins Today.


It really Is a great new

CD32 intro, but otherwise I

can't help leellng we overrated this quite drastically llrst time    Q J

round. Cute but dull    ft££

plattormlng.    W ■

Renegade, £24.99

Amiga version: 88% AP14 Much like the original Zoo!, Fin 8 ice was a cute platform game that tell down somewhat through having empty colour-graduated backdrops that looked empty, cheap and a bit nasty, and hence not at all cute. It s taken two years for things to change, but now



the game boasts a lull complement of pretty parallax-scrolling scenery (as well as an Infinitely welcome llre-butlon-Jump option), and It s all the better for it. The game Used is sweet (starring, as it does, the Inestimably cuddly Cool Coyote) but tricky to the point of extremely bad language and petulance, and I like it. Alright


(    * bM expensive lor a

J " two-year-old, but a mote than

welcome addition to the 1 fl already-growing ranks    f H

of CD32 platformers.    *


Interactivlslon, £25.99

Amiga version: 90% AP36 Curiously, and for no good reason -  I can put my linger on, this lab little Bubble Bobble derivative is the first Amiga game I've played that's less fun on the C032 than it was In the floppy versions. I think tc that up-to-Jump (you morons)    fli

might have something to do with s< it. though.


Right, that's It. I'm led CD3 2 up of all these Idiots who don't know what to do with h*tf-a-do2en A A firs buttons when they SI 11 see them. 10% off UU

Heednn brew, bit hi


Core Design, £14.99

Amiga version: 86% AP1

This is a game that's exactly the same age as AMIGA POWER (In tact, it was the first game I ever reviewed - sniff), but I think Chuck's showing the effect ot advancing years a little worse than wo are (well, I hope that's the case, anyway).

-     Tk"    -

-    - ‘

I ual tuiid Um tern, tyiim


, A straight no-lrllls i 2 port oi original, but lor me It's a better game than the sequel.

Then again, maybe    CE

that's just because I    [tjj

hale babies. Bye bye    vJ U







Shattered dreams. Lost hopes. Abandoned aspirations. All this and more in a particularly promising looking but ultimately less-satisffying-than-the-chips-ffrom-the-Twerton-chippy selection of PD. Dave Golder doesn’t like chips that stick to the paper.

Onslaught PD    _

Computer 4dw»ntur» World

Bnin the aiuch of di< a liqoorka noniltr

Dream Stream Llcenceware Essex Computer Systems

Never was a game batter named. Have the authora never heard at a difficulty curve Right from the word go this vertlcally-acrolllng. ecl-fl shoot-em-up is difficult with a capital 0. And a capital I. And two capital Ft. And... (Yea. we gel the point. - Edy

Bullets fall In your direction Ilka a particularly bad thunderstorm and the enemy ships zip about the screen Ilka demented Insects. They do move in regular patterns, but there are so many ol the darned things you'd need a personal computer usi to memorise how they all move.

With no pick-ups or power-ups (their absence. I feel, Is debilitating), this

God knows whether Dream Stream la an attampt lo Incorporate Italian Neo-Reallatlc principles Into PO.

(That means a bit like EaatEnders, only more grim.)

One life per game, however true to life (or

verislmilltudinous aa they say In the study ot Italian Neo-Realism, though strangely not EaalEndera), Is pretty crap. It's more than crap, In fact; It's utterly debilitating.

Dream Stream, you see. la an arploratlon-lype, puzzly-sori-of, ahool-'em-up-lah kind ol a thing featuring a James Bond-Ilka sprite who runs about like Rudolph Nureyev In search of a bog. It looks impressive. There are a series of platforms which you look down on; you start at the bottom and work your way up using lifts, the gimmick being you can see the lower levels In the distance.

And so your sprite, James Sprite, prances about the platforms, avoiding getting shot, shooting anything that looks like It's not got his best Interests at heart and trying to work out how to open doors, get onto new levels, by-pass aliens, that sort of thing.

all makea for relantlaa* and ultimately uninteresting stuff. I'm not entirely sure what the point of It all la. It's certainly not fun.

RATING: A no-frills shoot-'em-up. Personalty. I like frills. Wanna make something al It


Okay, I'll coma clean. I dldn 1 gel very far. Not because I couldn’t, but because I couldn't bo bothered. A terrible admission I challenge anyone to do better Yeah, I’m aura you could but It would seriously damage your menial health. With only one life, you keep getting sent back to the atari and having to do Ihe whole tedious Hung again, tt wouldn't be too bad It Ihe controls ware any good But they aren't, so you keep galling killed just while you're trying to get used lo the thing. Unfair.

Interface Robot PD

Frankly, who cares

RATING: Having more than one III might have made Ihla glosay but hollow gama more playable. But I doubt It * *

moving, and you need

to phyalcaily    * g

hold down the

fire button an your oyatick to do ao.

In the original game you Tire automatically In the direction you're moving, while holding down Ihe lire button meana that you can change Ihe direction ol your aprite while still firing In Ihe same direction aa before: It's what mskas Ihe game playable

I did try interface with a lew oyallcks just to make aura that It wasn't ust incompatible with mine; I wouldn't normally go to such lengths but lacking this laaturs was auch a ridlcutoua oversight that I thought the laull musl be al my end. No such luck.

It's not like the graphics or the level design Is any good either.

Er. toot In mouth time. I seem to remember latt month, when reviewing the not-too-bad Lamertron. saying that I'd briefly teen this game and that rl was better. Frankly, 1 was talking a load ol tatld armadillo droppinga.

I'm not cure what possessed me aver to think Interlace Robot was any good. For a Llamatron clone It has one dehilitating (hey, this could be my word ol the month) omission. As you move your sprite - which In this case resembles a packet al lags -around Ihe screen you can't control the direction in which you lire: you always lire in the direction you're

And wti«ra a

This place is

Ton'd or katt lum thought they weald haec iillsd the i win rainy pool.

Link did the people ol torth realise they were about to be Inaaded by IPs nostalgia.

RATING: Serlaualy flawed llamatron clone. Avoid. *



see r«m mm n

Haac you eaer wanted lo be a packet ol fay ft Here’s

yonr chiocc



* «



Crystal Quest Licence ware Essex Computer Systems

Hare mi have yet another game In which you only gal one life. And ilnce probably the Aral ihlng you'll do (If you don I read the Inatructlona. and with PD. who avar does )

It die by (ailing down a hole,

Ihlt It pretty annoying

To be talr. Crystal Guest unlike Dream Stream, la an adventure o( aorta, and adventurea rarely give you more than one life, but they do give you plenty ot opportunity to save your position. Personally, I prefer the Monkey Island approach - you can never actually die; if you're going to let the player save their position whenever they like, what's tha point In killing them

Anyway, back to the game. In Crystal Quest you have to explore vast mazes In search of crystals. It's all done from a Aral person point of

view, though you do have access to a map which builds up as you explore. And that’s about It. Apart from few puzzly bits which aren't really worth mentioning. Even though I have.

So what's debilitating about this game, then The lack of any sense of fun, basically. God, it's dull. And repetitive. I would say dull and repetitive, but that's a bit of a dlchd. Isn't It

RATING: Dull and repetitive. Sorry.

* 1/2

Galaga Deluxe PD

On-Line PD

'Opinion on the matter is divided." to roughly paraphrase Tom Baker in the classic Blackadder II episode Potato. "I am ot Ihe opinion that Galaga Deluxe la a fine game. Ihe rest of the Amiga Power office Is ol tha opinion that It Isn't"

9    Well. Cm going to stick to my

o> guns. Okay, it starts off a bit shakey, but by level 25 I was loving it.

>    Galaga Deluxe is the game

Onslaught should be. a horizontally- scrolling, scl-li, shoot- em-up with

loads of pick-ups and power-ups and enemies that you can actually get a




Man pick upl lk« an Italian... (res, well team tear one terra, thadmtf- Id)




clear shot at.

The levels are arranged In a series of sequences, each sequence featuring a particular type of enemy ship. There are a couple ol standard blast-everythlng screens with standard-sized ships, then one with a lew larger ships, then a kamikazes level (In which the ships dive bomb you) and finally a bonus level. As well as all Ihe pick-ups you get by blasting ships, you also get to visit a Shop after every sequence to buy even betier weapons (or even discover a law game secrets, though It's cheaper to discover them for yourself; they're not hard).

Add to this a meteor storm sublevel, and you've gat a game with a hell of a lot going on, ft starts off a bil slowly wllh crap weapons and dim aliens, but once you've collected a lew pick-ups it really comes to life. No. honest.

RATING: Wall. I couldn't find anything debilitating about It. I don't know what Ihe rest of Ihe team were complaining about. A pretty standard shoot-'em-up but It does all Ihe right things In all the right places. ****


This would be a really rather Impressive horizontally-scrolling shoot-'em-up with Geiger-Inspired graphics If It wasn't for the fact that It crashes every three or tour minutes. Debilitating or what

RATING: Back to the drawing board. This one could be good... It It worked.


Sentinel Licencoware Essex Computer Systems



RJ Evans

Cute platformer ot Ihe month award winner. Okay, it's the only cula platformer this month, but even if there were any others, it'd have a good chance ot winning.

The odd thing about Sploggy Is that looks Ilka It's In Ihe wrong screen lonrat; It looks Ilka It was designed for NTSC and somebody has stretched it lo fit our screen. Which seems unlikely since it was written In the UK, but that's what It looks like; everything la tall and spiky.

Actually, Ihe graphics can be described as functional at best. In a PD scene where the graphics ara becoming ever more professionallooking, and every object Is carefully shaded. Sploggy. with Its vast areas of primary colours, certainly seems a bit of a throwback. But don't let that pul you otf. because Ihe game Is a good example of that old gameplay Is more Important than aesthetics' ethic all us computer journalists promote.

Nat that Sploggy oilers anything startlingly new. It concerns a blob that moves around the various levels collecting balloons, crystals and pickups while killing nasties with stardust. But what It does have going for It are a) large, well-designed levels, and lota ol 'em (80), b) a decent difficulty curve, c) Intuitive controls and d) It doesn't crash. Oh yeah, and there ara some nice touches, such as the fact that Sploggy can slick to ceilings. So basically, what I'm saying is. Sploggy works, it's competent and It delivers the goods

RATING: A beltar-than-averaga cute platformer. Oh yeah... nothing debilitating. ****

A    ' * » m •

■nn mmmmm .....a    a

That'i aal lilarlaraifa , tri lappi ha rata. Saapaad disbelief, okay

Where to go:

• JR Evans. Woodwinds. St Martin's Road. Gobowan.

Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 3NP

• Online PD. 1 The Cloisters. Halsall Lane. Formby. Liverpool L37 3PX • Essex Comp. Systems. 1tB Middle Crockerford. Basildon. Essex. SS16 4JA • Computer Adventure World. Charing Cross, Birkenhead. L41 6EJ (yes this Is the address I've been given)


As somebody famous, wearing a ridiculous Hat and a cheesy grin once said, “Of all the letters pages in all the magazines in all the world, you had to walk into this one. Sit down kid, I’ll play a few notes on my piano and if you don’t know the words, just hum.” Or is it just that our memory’s playing tricks on us again

• Address your letters to: AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA1 2BW


Hi Folks,

Ha1 Proof positive that computers make you introverted and solitary, as only one ol you has got a wedding ring in the Who Do We Think We Are1 pictures in AP36. So those (“Pesky' - Ed) newspapers were right an along, t <utew my soaraway Sun wouldn’t lie to me

Ha< Spectrum* are belter than Arrngas - Times headline This is true, because 10 years ago I could load up a game on my Speccy and choose exactly which keys I wanted lo use. or even which direction on my Joystick did what Now I'm stuck with whHewer the Amiga programmers have decided is beet lor me Oh wen. that's progress tor you.

Ha1 I've solved the mystery surrounding Can's name change In issue 21 we were told that it's Mark Ws middle name Elementary. That sail leaves the

question - Why

Ha! lYe completed Cannon Fodder and now Imd that I need MORE1 Tell me there s a Fodder 2on the near hortaor. Please Or how about a disk on the cover

with more mission, or even better, a coverdisk dt a level constructor so we can

make out own missions.

t don t like the football shut covet, but I don’t tike loolball. so that's no surprise I don't like the Wish You Were Here feature. The Right Prolile was much more interesting and relevant. Why not do profiles of ihe Power team, eh I like everything else though especially the humour

See ya, Lord Lucan. Bromley PS i didst do 1.



Cooey. Henry IheUcn here Whilst browsing through AP37.1 noticed a review tor Brian The Uon. I always look at Ihe little coloured bos wSh Ihe scare in if first, and what do I see 42\. that’s whal, and I don’t like it one little bit it's an atfiont to lions everywhere. I was angry, very angry, and you wouldn't like me when I m angry. How dare you slag off a cute lion (although he isn't as cute and cuddly as me) f was sll set to put pen to paper and threaten ai the AMIGA POWER stall with all manner ol nasty things like me bounding through the office door, pouncing on Ihe monitors, tearing Ihe


BO'n tUUUtzM    




Hi folks.

Thts maiaikey about certificates lor computer games is all well and good, but I reckon it wil al go horribly wrong evenlualy It’s the 18 certificate that will grab everyone s attention and as il's up to the softies to set their own standards, they're going to stick 18 on any halt-baked nonsense with a bat ol Wood n i to boost sates For blood read bocWy functions, bodily pads, sampled expletives, ale

Then when some ignorant tud does something bad. like eating his dog.

someone wil pipe up Didn't Hite Johnny play X-Ray (“Bandstand" - Ed) on his Amiga last week9" Cue media uproar, everyone paining the finger at computer games, but no one will ever think about biammg Ihe parents

Everyone ignores the tad that bad parenting equals bad children regardless ol the games they play, videos they watch, etc. I always find it strange while watching Kids TV with my own chiidren to see the amount of adverts tor toys which ate taken from adult time such as Rotoeop. Aliens and Terminator I’m not saying this ts Wrong, just strange Whal do you reckon7 Good ponl or complete oibbrsh

joysticks limb trom limb and saying ‘grrrr' in a loud and scary manner

But no. I thought. I had to read the review first, or I might end up making a complete Oyton ot mysetl. And attar having read your review. I will be doing none of the above. Why I don't like plaHorm games, that's why. death and destruction on a globs' scale, 'hat's what I like! Luckily for you lot. you slagged oft the game and nal ihe star Brian There will now Da no gnashing ot teeth or pouncing on Stuart's head

Indeed, you were so nice about Brian that I calmed down completely, although not before my brand new red ribbon had come undone, so I'll lorgive you bacauae Brian isn't as ails or cuddly as me (or ltd I mention that already ’) I, like Brian, also have a cute animal dium he s an elephant caned Engles He has no nadr, a schoolboy s cap. loud trumpets and an unleasibly large appetite lor beer. I bet he's more tun than any ol Brian's chums.

So, after getting all that oft my mane, t'a nice to know that AP are not lo blame. Those people at Psygnosis had better wslch out though! Lastly. I hope you appreciate this letter - you have no Idea how hard it is to type when you have

WhSe I'm here, I'd just Ike to say that the mag's great, but you should gel nd of Wish You Were Here and bring back The Right Profile, as that was much better. Also, how about some more booklets on the cover7 An enormous stocking A to Z ol tips lor older games would be good like YS used lo da. It saves flicking through all the back issues, that does i need more Cannon Fodder too I'm all foddered cut, so howsabout a covenksk ol missions Yes Please I hope the new Sensi Goff game has guns m it

Bye talks, Herbert Sherbert. Bromley

Nothing much to do in Bromiey thts tone ot year, is there We thought Wish You Were Here was great actually, so you're an wrong Bui wo ve stopped it anyway Hope you like the replacement Er. whatever its were bound to have deoded by the tone we go to press


Yours pounclngly, Henry the Lion, Bromley


Dear AMIGA POWER In AP35,1 read a review that started an page 31 and at this point I was sure that the game was Man Utd Premier League Champions I reed on. end alter page 32 was sure that Stuart was reviewing Sensible Soccer but after page 33 thought it could have been Kick Oft 2

tt you're reviewing e game then stick to it. without telling us about all the other games ban the same genre You need to compare the game with other lop quality games cl the same type, but this review was ridiculous. In the three pages, you mentioned MUPLC15 times Sensible Soccer f 7 limes and Kick Off nine times Rohan Patel, Enfield

Stuarf says; IH stop maneorung Sensible Soccer when Krtsaks stop blatantly rucking three Quarters ot thetr game trom it Now

get lost


Dear AP,

For the last eight years, I've been working as an engineer and thought 1 would be my job far tile Weil, imagine my surprise When I was reading AP37 (page 32.

HerewM the Ckres) and found out that I ■rt now an Assistant CommUoner.

Please could you tell me whal nty new salary will be and what my new job involves7

Yours wlthoul the Hop. Adam Fosberry. Rolhiey

Salary What s that, then


Dear Sirs,

Atler having watched the immensely enioyabie Hitchcock films The Birds and Mamac over Easter, I was impressed with the actress known as Tippi Hedren It would give me great pleasure if you could provide me with a definitive list of all the

films stie has appeared in.

Yours sincerely. Michael Grant, Crfckhowell

Sure thing. Michael Former model Tippi was bom in 1935 and appeared m several Hitchcock films inducting The Birds m 1963 As uvea as numerous TV appearances mainly m the 60s. Tippi has featured in such memorable classics as The Man with the Albatross (1969). Mr Kmgstreet's War (1973) and the African bon movie Roar in 1982 Interestingly.

Tippi isn’t her real name at an. which is actually Nathalie Next1


Dear Lemon Rodents.

Guess what On your Who Do We Think We Are bit ol AP36, all you Steve-type folk are showing oft your bee-yootiful timepieces, and t noticed a phenomenal coincidence Steve McGill is weanng the very watch that t bought on holiday in Turkey last summer. I named it Guts because you can see its insides, but last month it unfortunately slopped working I think I overwound rt but now it continuously says 10.15 and I'm (Oily upset There. I bet you're all teeimg very much better lor knowing that Yours an the lookout tor a watch like Steve Meddings' - a half eaten toad flavoured Jelly Geliy Been. Newton Stewart. Scotland.

Whais wrong with 10.15 It’s one of ota favourite times (the second cup o! tea tn the morning, and usualy round about the time the fkat santhnch man arrives in Hie

office) and at team your watch mb be tight tmce a day.


Dear Mr Davies

I wish to complain about the content of one ol the covetds'is on AP37 I was playing Soko Ban with my seven year old son and having a really enjoyable time The game itself i$ nothing apeciai. bui we were having a bit ol lantfy Itr That was until we goflu level 51, password ("Bank Job" - Ed). Fortunately. I managed to rtvert my son's question "What is a ('Bade rob* - Ed), daddy * However all was line uifl we got to level 55 and then he wanted to know what a fhaf - Ed) is. j The answer 'John Harde* Immediately sprang to mind, but once again. I tned to s desks) the question Hts raply 'Well, it sounds like a rude word la me' convinced me to write to you regarding the use ol swear words in games. /

I am no prude, but I feel U s umvcaanry lo use sweat easts in these sriuatana. Cannon Fodder 18 another culprt, with fBugler' - fioj Me It s Cold and 5 heap (’Sheatet sie Ed) Dalighi. The latter took a lot of explaining. I can tell you

At a lime when the software Industry

is under a Wet scrutiny from the censors.

I feel that wrters must dean up their act H they're to keep the sympathy of the games buying parent After all. it is the parents who ultimately control the purchasing power ot the children Please publish this letter by way of appeal to all software writers la remove bad language Irom their


Iia inner


To whom II may concern.

I feel that I muat write and complain about your magazine and It* unsuitability tor young people, or Indeed anyone. Whilit relaxing In the lounge the other day. my eye* fell upon one of my ion s computer magazine*. To find out what all the fuas I* about. 1 picked It up and began to browse through It. Before long, I discovered that my child had been reading tilth, utter flllh! Four letter words are prevalent throughout, and another word, which rhymes with rap' Is In almost every single review.

programs At least then it would avod the son ot awkward situations I have encountered wilh the above games Yours sincerely. Pete Wood, Isle of Wight

Sfuart says. Sony, Pete, but it you rs offended by the word bugger' (even on behalf of someone else) then lYn afraid you mm a prude That's what a prude la Otherwise, I think we've covered this poM pretty extensively in taOors pages past Out opinion hem on AMIGA POWER is y that d you hide the word bugger from your children, all you’re going to do * make their entry Into the real world, vdkenever it tmatty happen, all the more . haematic There's no such fling as bad language (well, except in JfM crap fanimar sense) as lor as we're concerned, only mom and leas expressive language But we've printed your letter anyway Hope th s helps


Dear AMIGA POWER Once upon a time on a bright sunny afternoon In April a young lad and his friend went stepping Enter ig a shop, they came upon shelves ol boxes containing unfold delights for Amiga gamers Sinoa one of the pan owned an Amiga, and ahtea they were both lane cl shooting things, fcey decided to go tot a two player game After handing over £30 tie two lads eogariy dashed home to try tie r new game in • lew hours of enjoyable playing. But this was not to be. since the game was very poor. wBt dreadful collision detection and a dftaniy that avert Burt would have problems with. The two lads disappointedly switched off the game and played Brutal Sports Football inetned.

And then, the very next day. their copy ol AMIGA POWER arrived on the doorstep. A quick scan ol the contents led the excited youth lo a review of the game he d just bought. Alter reading the words barbanc mauling', 'unrecognisable', crap' and '10 percent,' he broke down In tears at having not wailed to see the knowledgeable comments of Campbell.

This I* disgusting and you will not get away with It. I have burnt alt my son's AMIGA POWER* and I am reporting you to various people who will shut you down for good If there's no marked Improvement In this area (and Indeed others).

Yours showar-me-in-hot-hrandy-butter-and-tweak-my-nlpples-roughly-from-faehlndly, Christine Duffy, Southport

PS Can we have a few more naked pictures ol Stuart Thank you.

Christine, we love you. Each and every last one ol of us. Just tell us something, are you married

Wmstaniey. Davies and the two Steves Woe is me. lor I am that very lad. and the game in question is (as if you don't already know Total Carnage.

Please, for the good ot your healih and sanity, listen to those nice people at AP and don t buy this game.

Yours akintly, Mark Prior, Chatteris PS Anyone want lo buy the (Hoddmg" -Ed) thing o« me (BJub!)

Dear oh dear When wit you learn, folks


Dear AP.

lAboul your Top 100 in AP37 - I'm afraid it's too biased against certain types ol games to be truly delwiitrve. and ihassiare is ot somewhat questionable value Football management games may be the bacon butty at your bar mtevah. but others gobble ihem up with great gusioi

Similarly, I get the Impression that RPGs are equally reviled. All-time classics such as Eye Of The Beholder get the royal raspberry, usurped by a putrid pile ol pathetic platformers, most ol whtch you could only get to play if the alternative was (he immersion ol my ("Gantetoer" -Ed) In a val of foiling’ HuoresJphonic acid! ■Chacon a son gout,* you might say. (But then agam. we might not Ed)

Perhaps then, you should've gone for k separata charts for each game style, but there's another mag Anorak Acton. I think, which already doaa ins every monih. Nevertheless, altar reading your Top 100,1 find myseri bemoaning your . bigotry and not admmg your 'Attitude'. Yours, Richard Smith, Southampton

So let 's get this right You're calling us bigoted because we prefer platformers to RPGs You think that we don't like RPGs. although our chart indudes games like Dune 2. Hunter. Liberation. The Settlers. Ishar 2. Hired Guns and Frontier, as well as a total ol 17 platform games (the most popular and numerous single game style on the Amiga) You dunk that all platformers are pathetic' and you d rather mutilate yourself hembty than play one Who's the bigot here. Richard


Dear Sir,

Why do you fail lo take into account the tact that people over 30 play computer games I will be 31 this year and nothing pleases me more than spending a tew hours playing games on my A500 For the past 12 years I've had one machine or another (Mattel Intellivisron. Specimen.

C54. A500). No! Before you crack some wise joke, t am not a sad individual or one of a kind I know lots ol people older than myself including a couple w their 50s who love computer games, so rsn I it about lime magazines like yours recognise this

I have every issue ol your excellent magazine and although I disagree with about 60% of your reviews I still find it a worthwhile read

Keep up the good work, Kenneth Edwards. Rotherham

Whal do you suggest we do. Kenneth Knitting patterns Three of the AP learn am over 30. and only one « under 25 We day games aH the time. We don ’t ondnian whal you're basing your cnt/nMci on, to be quite honest Why not writ In and ten us. eh


Dear AP,

I have an idea tor your magazine that could drastically alter the quality of Amiga PO. shanewaio and licenceware games as we know them Interested yet You should be.

Basically, it's this - readers should offer their services as musicians, graphic artists, sound effectors ( ) etc to budding young programmers (such as myself) for a price. Thera was a similar thing going on in ST Formal a month before me and it parted company, including offers such as a disk luE of spntes for £5 and other such treasures

Whilst Hus obviously won t improve the gameplay to any degree, it will slop great games being let down by drab graphics andfor ternble sound I hope this inspires all Ihoee lop quality computer artists and music makers out there.

Yours QfwMvrt-a great-idea-I ve-got-ly. Kevin Button. Wirral

Yes, Kevm Let's ak hope that Thank you


Dear you.

So Stu Campbell (hall man hall soup] is nol besi pleased with games proieciion syslems May I elaborale on the excellent system used in Hired Guns’3 Them's a kst ol 4000 driferent passwords >



(almost the number ot square yards m an acre, lac! Ians] pnnted in suitably unreadable red and grey, but it only asks you lor a password aboul once a monlhYou can play this game lor ages and ages without intrusions, and ihen only then at the start at a level Well done PsygnosisAlthough did anyone else notice that they spall than OWN NAME wrong in the G/obdutedemo

Clao lor now. Dominic Conneally, Plumstead

But mhy should you have any intrusions a> all once you 've loaded the game ufj and done the copy omtacfion me Vst tone. Dominic


Dear AP.

Hero * some constructive, but or-asionelly OesiMjdive criticism (oh. and. er. rrotn-.an wibhle as an untortunate tde ePect sorry ) kwashoffitied when I got tr\ hands on AP37 Rhd touidn r tind Points 01 View This is one ol my lavouMe sections in AP and without it. how wifi: tell whether Cam likes Brian The Lon even though it's got no tank* in it Okay, bad example hut you get the pomt.

Also, was I crying in disappointed when I saw that you have removed Whatever Next from AP After appealing m

issues 35 and 36 'I (ust seemed lo be sucked up into an enormous bfanit hole which warped it into a distant alien dimension where it probably got zapped up by killet (aidant lasers lo be served to their lenradU. distastefully slurry queen lor their d no»r. tfi horrible believe me I ve been ttitro

Maybe it's JC. Mr Newly-Ed (hoho geddiPj who's going around slowly taking all the good bits out at the mag Weil. STOP HIM" The alnp on the back ol AP was always great, as was the one at the bottom ot Points 01 View, but since they're all gone there'* no way to find out nrftafT! be m the next mag. Follow my wise advice and slop this horrible degeneration Now. that is

Your* truly. Try* Vlssia. Apeldoorn. Holland

For you. Trys. and everyone whos written m massing Points Of View, don't panic Space restrictions due to the giant Top 100 feature m issue 37 meant we had to lose the column tor one month only, but it's bach to stay from now on Okay')


Dear AP Team

Over the last tew issues I have Icund less

©and less reviews in your mag I'm a bit

concerned. I mean is the Amiga dying ot is it because we re coming into the



Dear AP.

In your review ol Apocalypse In AP37. there * a caption that says And now she * got helicopters, yes she has Is this a line taken Irom the long Pilot Can At The Queer ol God' by the

Flaming Lips', or just a spooky coincidence H it Is. which of the AP staffer* is a Lips tan

Yours, Richard Harrison, Barnsley.

Yes. No. Slued. Can we have the next letter now. plesae

summer months'7 But so tong as we have quality and not usi quantity, we should be okay. I suppose Oh. and one more thing let s hope Commodore get it nght this year. eh7

Anyway. I think AP's a great mag. and it keeps me laughing until I hit myself. That's the lot. so I II leave you now to get back to some more work Yours. Paul Barnard. Fareham.

Well Paul, as you can see trom this issue. we'vp got games quite kte ratty coming out of our ears (Well, maybe not literally literally' - Ed) so yes. it's just been that annoying slump ihai hits the softies between January and that six month tong runuplo the oh-sc important Christmas season As tor Commodore getting it right - Hmmm. maybe not. hey7


Dear All at AP

The most expensive copy of AP. eh7 Nipping dawn id my local newsagent. I grabbed the lust copy of your magazine, paid for i and then rushed out to read a. Before my eyes, it then transformed Info m fli'en' It explained that it was tailing for intelligent life forms so naturally nad decided to kidnap an AP reader, and before I could react. I was teleported onto his spaceship and taken lo the planet Pouport Alter expenmenilng on me. 1 was able lo escape and fake an interstellar taxi heme. When I arrived, the driver asked me for four Pouipor: dollars, which works out at an astonishing £576.2931 To add insult lo injury. I still had to pay £3.95 for a new AP It this is not the most expensive copy then everyone else must just be making up stories to wm.

Youra. Dave Heffron, Glasgow

Yes, Dave They ana.


Dear AMIGA POWER I could not believe (he cheeky nature of Rubicon Downs' claim In AP37 that al £400. his purchase o' AP35 is the most expensive ever Check this out1

Last week. I shambled monthlily Into my local newsagents to buy the latest issue ol AP. and I've only just returned from the ensuing adventure. Clutching the mag in my left hand. I stuck my right hand into my pocket lor change I was too careless though and accidentally pressed a turnon on my leg that I'd never noticed before CLICK! it went, and I stared at the newsman to awail the results. My toes twinged, my knees bailed and my (Heinous' - Ed) quickly sprouted a lutunstic iet engine.

This shockingly magnificent engine that was (irmly attached to my pelvis gave me no time lor admiration, as within seconds I was up! 2O0M through the roof CHARGE through the douds. and DAMMIT. I was at space

For two days and rights my engine continuously advanced me into the frontiertess space. Luckily though (and hey. I was lucky) I bounced oil a targe Saturnian Womble trampoline and was soon on my way back to Earth 49 hours later 1 landed on my neighbour's

greenhouse The total cost lor this expedition'’ £3.95 for AP £2000 lor the toot. £70 lor unauthorized use Ol the trampoline and £290 for a new greenhouse. Oh. and 20p for Ihe plaster to cover my grazed nipple.

Yours bsrklngly. Elminlrude, Irlam

Not nearly expensive enough. Eknettrude Next!



This is my most expensive issue

I was dnving to the newsagents (£20 petrol and £15 000 (or the car) when I crashed into a china shop (£1.000.000 companubon i and totalled my car. The police arrested me lor under age driving and I had 10 pay £2000 bail Just as I came out ol die Police Station. I was kidnapped and

(Gosh are we out of space already7 Next month, eh toAs7 And let ’s keep up all these tremendous most expensive issue ever /offers' eh They're a real bright spot in the the otherwise humdrum existence of AMIGA POWER -Ed)


I'd Juat like to point three things out:

1.    You have the disadvantage ol living In alow motion.

2.    Food proceaaor* are great.

3.    WE are the mutlc makers and WE are the dreamers of the dream. Homan the Dark Lord, Guildford


The reason that Brian the Lion a so rubbish Is that lions aren't meant to be In computer games. Oh no! Homework time.

David Ben ham, Sawbridgeworth

Oh no! Next!

Err, now for some constructive criticism, what the hell have you done to the Points Of View opinion bars  They're awfull It's not an improvement believe me!

'Stave' Vlssia, Apelcloam, Holland

We II try some different colours again this month. "Steve'. Next!

There are a couple of ways that you could improve your mag:

1.    Bring Linda back.

2.    Get Lisa back.

3.    Get rid ol Cam.

Rowan Phillip, Elstead

How about getting rid of Stuart Instead, as a compromise Next!

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN A lot of people call it names, but I

would like A320 Airbus by Thalion Yours, Jaffacake Howarth, Manchester

Well, don't let us stop you. Jaffacake. Next!

Five years later, in the year 1993, he was declared completely insane and was transferred to Scooby Doc s Nutcase Motel where he is now staying. Do I win a free game now  David Banham, Sawbridgeworth

No. David, but you do win our eternal gralltlude tor coining the phrase Scooby Doo's Nutcase Motel’. We use It all the time now. Next!

With PD. I think you should review demos, alldeahows. music, etc end rate each disk percentage wise. This would prove more interesting than Juat all PD games. Also, a few PD companies wouldn't go amiss.

It s Juat as well you didn't tell us who you are. Anon. Or we'd have come round to your house and kilted you. Slideshows, tor Gods sake Don’t be so utterly crap. Next!

In the competition, you could give an adaptor to the winner that allows Ihe person to play A1200 games on the CD32.

Nina Morris

Eh What are you on aboul See you all next month, sadly.

The media has often portrayed the worlds of fashion and computer games as entirely separate. But tonight we hope to prove to you that

VSK’i - .i r m an Banka: Hello /aideoaud:    >    I again, and

teriiw« fti ii<fi' a a I welcome to me

11] 4 *    NabooB

I • ■    . ExNbibon Centre in

-‘---IH 8ifmaigharr lor the

TH ' - Video Game and Compuler Puzzler  Fashion Awards 94,

I    1    supported by AMIGA

■    POWER (Ibe world s

1    besl selling Amiga

games magazine) and \    many lop software

.    producers. The lights are

“    dimming lo mark the start oI

■ -    the catwalk display, so I'll qulddy

introduce my two guests fiespiendeni *i H his stylishly slripy T-shirt and leldiingUt h designer and TV presenter extraordinaire. John Paul Gauliier.

JP: Hello and welcome my Bntish chums Jeff Bank*: And nexi lo him is a real otd lady of progressive lasNon, the pioneer ol punk and purveyor al pop. Ms Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne: Like, errr, hi.

Jett: Well. Iirsl down the catwalk are Lester Chaykin and Conrad, stars ol Delphine's smash games Another World and Flashback They look comfortable yel tidy, although Conrad s shirt isn't quite as white as il could be I'd recommend he changed his washing powder.

Vlv: Spare me the commercials Jatf.

These boys are perfectly dressed lor adventuring across uncharted planets.

with warm, sensible dothmg that '

looks good In aken _

cities and proleds

them in hostile jungle    u.'.     fcJtl

terrains    — L*-J t-tj,

JP: And so styltsh    .. *

loo So elegant, ft is

all very, very French ~*T f>V/ ■ Jetl: Hmm, quite. 1    

Nexi up are the lads * ~    —i

(torn Smash TV and    *

Tola) Carnage The    19

Amiga versions may    j*

have been total    J

losers but jusl look------*

al the these stylish -and functional    I*A

costumes. With such    -    --1 ■<    —

bright colours. you    k ** *

might think they'd lade *t the wash, but I know lor a lad that they've all been using a colour-kind detergent.

JP: Mmmm. 1 like zis I lurve Ihe light titling lycra across those tense muscles, and al those buckles and things also.

Vlv: Ol course. I did a similar thing back in 79 you know

Jett: Well, nexi up it’s the girls' turn, with a selection ol female fashion (A stunned silence is broken by John Paul) JP: Well, there's no a lot you can say about that.

Vlv: Quite. Exadly bow many female readers did you say AMIGA POWER has  Jett: Well, moving onwards to less mysoginistic designs we've got a man who probably has no need ol any washing powder, even rl it's as good as the one I adver... er. use. Star of no less than three games, It s Mr Tumcanl JP: I do not know about this one Maybe if he had a tunny hat. or perhaps a little

I . ’ POM«« Kiup

Snvnh TV; "T(*M «»1Wn*S her* *cr*M


short kill that showed of) tvs

Viv and Jett: John Pauli

JP: What I was going to say "knees'

What is wrong with zal You British are

strange people H is no) as il I was going lo


Vlv (hurriedly): Well personaty, I'd scrap Ihe whole outfit Nuclear powered exo-akeietons are so passe darling so very 1980s.

Jett: Well, that's about il lor this week, but before we go. we'd like lo ask our experts about you. Ihe AP readershf) I've go) photos here from the recent AMIGA POWER Nipper compo in London, where one lucky reader walked away with a thousand pounds-worth of goodies. Vivienne and John Paul, what do you think of the lashlon statements and styling decisions ol this group

(The photos have been withheld from publication m the interests of decency and good taste - Ed)

JP: Mon Dieul Where do you start

I Vlv: Nathan While's mum boughi him a lime green and black shell suit Eutghh, ( my skin's gone all goose bumpy

jjeft: Hah hah And as we deliberately sel out lo annoy and alienate yel more ol the AMIGA POWER readers, it's time * lor us to bid farewell to (he Birmingham NEC until nexi year. Bye now.

JP: Au revoiri

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Amiga Power Issue 39 1994 jul Cover

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