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We were considering giving away tree packets ol paper hankies with AMIGA POWER this month such is the sense ol tragedy hanging over You see Stuart's leli And yet. he hasn't Allow us to explain Sfuarl is now Sensible Software s Product Development Director, which means he'll be spervJng most Ol his week «r sleepy Saffron Walden overseeing the development ol lop new titles like Cannon Fodder 2. Sensible IVortcf of Soccer and Sensible Got He decried that he was so led up with shouting at programmers who tailed lo meet his exacting standards that he'd lolly well go and sort them out himselt As be dismantled his legendary Babe Walt and switched otf hts Macintosh lor ihe last lime, his hnal words to us were 'AMIGA POWER has always been the world's greatest Amiga games magarne And now it's the biggest-selirg one as well My work here is done' But Stuart's promised he'll stiH lind lime to wnte lots ot reviews and things tor AMIGA POWER. ust like he's always done He probably won't be reviewing games by Sensible Software, obviously And other people's football games might be a bit iffy But otherwise, it'll be business as usual In the meantime, raise your glasses to Cam. who. A you read the hi on the left ol the Contents page, you'll see is our new Deputy Editor Congrals.

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Amiga Power Issue 40 1994 aug Cover



9 *770961


Your guarantee of value



iaiUE 40 AUGUST 1M4


JoniHun Dlwat

«PUT» EDITOR Cam Winitanky

WWOUCTnNEDnCC Slav* Fjrifhaf

UNACH IWOK Jonathan Nash

STAff mciir Slava McG4

«1 EO* TON Sal Maddoigs

•RTASS8IMT Sarah Shartay-Prlca


Rich Palay. Cava Goktar.

Uta Kalian. Akton Smm Jamas Attaood. Sua WhMa


Jackia Garford

oi pliit to uvwjr Louisa Woods

sales Exrcurrs

Diana Ctarta

*0 DESIGN Ua Tuck

grcwp PAooucnoN hank** Judah Hiddlaton


ooucnon cocrdrsmor Craig Broidbrtdga Pfiotxrrrairofmkx Asasimi Hagan Doola 'watiafra Fiona Oasna vaan sssximi Suramah Angalo-Spaillng


Hlchaila Travavsi

BCUlMBVVtT Adrian Ford. Rob Scon wirilfiiiMf Slava Car ay wvtAGWGWTC .«i Grag Ingham »«■ ;s *+rn raifTT'ai Sua Haniay u«'E<iCU7M Chris Andarson LMO t SC0WM-, Saw CM_d.

Jaa Moata. CMia Satka Sanaa Wmdiw, Jjhu Tain Hart C««

“OS Grants CiuwqmW

■ DiTomat a aovaoTiaiNQ

tonga Eon.

Fidme PuUnJag ltd

30 Uonmodh Slit-l BjMUI 2SW W B «, *422*4 fuG225 446019


Ljrf Oxrl, SoaamiB Grarg TA 6IB 1H6Z75 442P44 asnoa no arm n mintid


*    it N V* tvia r



w. . fw ;a;3

u siraanaMn

1    to t-Mf Dai tm trnmm ■* Mi i *m %m

Future Publishing ItM


I W Now with the previews sec bon and charts rundown included. They've moved into True Stones and just love its chirpy, news-packed ambience.

MRITA, SUE AND CANNON FODDER TWO Lite on a council estate and the most eagerly awaited game sequel of all time, together for the first time m our exclusive orewew/compo combo. How good


Before the might of a panel of top judgemental lesser deities. Yes!


Sleep well at night do you Plesant dreams Well, read this - AND WEEP


• And a video to watch it on, courtesy of Gremlin. We love 'em



You know you want to.


W More problems solved per column inch than any other part of the mag.


A Order back issues and things through the mail. No, realty


'•A complete couch potato kit. that is. Chill out with a full satellite TV system courtesy of Empire, We love 'em.

Mhi ho silver uning

More chances for us to My that the CD32 version's the same as the Amiga one. Only ystfi more music


Dave Golden's Emil fronber of al things free and/or cheap for ynnr ftrc;ga,

MOO the write thing

Yrw write things, we pnnt them.

And it realty is that simple


m I five pages, a year * games


Cool sutfs and bargains aplenty.

QQ yonda ues the palace of 70 MY FADDA DE CAUPH

It's al right, we didn't uwtesianTi it


Hello. And once again we re at that "Hello and welcome to AMIGA POWER bit Of AMIGA POWER. Even though the summer months are

traditionally a slow time for Amiga games, v-e'-e still managed to come up with top reviews ot such great games as Empire Soccer and Bubble and



., Pointing guna at people Is naughty.

:c Unices you're playing the aequel to 5 mm.second-greatest game ever,*

£ Wnnon Fodder 2. Read all about jl in f-gnr in-depth preview - and find-aul  L~ hrtw you can become a part of II.    .

• *

Page 22



Strategy and adventure In a post-nuclear desert. Sounds tun, Huh

Page 40 I





Have you noticed game characters are a bit ■Inisler They've noticed


Watershlp Down meets Dr Who In this culesy romp. No hold on ajolnute...

. .T    Paae 4

you. Pege’M



STEVE M WOULD JUST UKE TO SAV: - «*, ,0 ....    ......

Bandit Mania---77

Body Blows--77


The Games-------7B

Jack Nicklaus’ Golf 76 Leisure Suit Larry 3 78

Road Rash-------78

Rourke’s Drift-77

World Cup Year 94-76




Bubble and Squeak -34

Bump 'n' Bum-----38



D-Day------ 51

Empire Soccer--42

Kick Off 3----44

Wild Cup Soccer.....46

World of Soccer-45






Squeak. But. oi course, being AMIGA POWER, we ve got plenty ot reviews ol dull or miserably dire games as well. We re like that, you know. Jonathan Davies, Editor


OYER 500


squiaK    P

So which one’s tf£ blue kid in the hat then

A VIDEO RECORDER! And something to play on it, all from Gremlin.

Page 57



Blaster    fl 5

Formula One Man. -85 Sensible Massacre -86 Superleague Man. -86 Wayne's Pong-----85

A COMPLETE SATELLITE TV SYSTEM Thanks to Empire, you may never have to leave the house again.

Page 75

AUGUST 1 994

SAL WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAV:    -.-x *aw>M cojrjwi •

STEVE F WOULD JUST UKE TO SAY "Bu »*- ro»* ; uxdm-. r. «uM ’

We've managed to cover the entire spectrum ot human activities this month, from pleasant card games and bar-related fruit machine antics to running away from killer robots in blind panic, fearful that each breath could well be your last. And all this on two plastic disks.


Assemble several friends, choose a massive steel tank each, and then veefarc forth to capture each other's fla*s and - Ideally -blow up as many tanka as possible. It's a complete, folly-playable fame, and ft's unbelievably food fan. Trust us - we know.


Doal tM WciM h, apptli»«K Ikoujb ln)Ubl, ilnplc, Ibis is a lisaidishly (Mpslilhs complsil m pb <p ,iim



Play a selection of top card fames In Ikis demo of the - quite literally - laceiienf Card a Ok yes. Indeed.



Sample a whole fruit machine lo oar demo of this multi'machine exiravafaaxa.


• Oh no! Ara you aura Before you go any further, try the procedure* described In the panel over Ihe page. If. after all that, you do have dlak problem*, *lmply place if In an envelope, along with an SAE end an eapianatory letter, and return H NOT TO THE AP OFFICE but to: AMIGA POWER Disk Returns 40, DltCopy Labs, PO Boa 21, Davertry NN11 5BU. If you sand It to ua. we’ll be so cross wa ll never publish another Issue of AUIGA POWER ever again.






Authors: Paul Atkin.

Grant Young

Bit of a mystery

Here's the first cl two tank games Cam insisted we include this month But before we gel onto that

Haway the lads and everything, and a special thanks to the Assassins, the Tyneside-based PD company who've been tuning some very special games our way lor a lew months now In recognition ol their sterling work *t helping to pack our coventsks with great games, and as an expression ol our undying gratitude, we promised to give them a gratuitous plug, so here goes If you want to tap mto the Assassins' limitless PO back catalogue, then you can

wme to them ai ASSASSIN PD 32 Ripley Ave.

North Shields.

Tyne and Wear

Anyway, back to Tanks n Stuff, and Ihe stuff at the idle presumably refers to boats, since these are the onfy two options m the game, so why it's not called 'Tanks n' Boats' ts a b>t ol a mystery

Shooting at your mates

Two players use joysticks, with the other one on keys (A. Z. X. C and Lett Amiga to lire), and the idea is to fill up you' base with all the little flags that are lying aiound You can only carry a few at a i me. though, but it you're cheeky enough, you can np into another player's base

and steal Hi ol hts

Swearing punching and shooting al your males is, in this case obligatory Wearing yellow wellingtons and crying Extrusion1' is not. however

Or    of tfc««n st iKc

••mt MMUI,

Authors: Microprose

Stay a while, stay forever

Only it isn't 2025 at all No way. Jose It's 1985 and we’re all listening to Duran Duran and Men Without Hats Most of the AP learn are either doing their A-levels or al University, and Impossible Mission's the hottest thing to hit home computing since Manic Miner on the Spectrum with its robots and lilts and character so well animated it's almost like watching a Km And that synthesised speech - blimey, it's as il there's an actor m your Commodore 64. isn't iO Stay a while, stay forever. Ahnn

Rm furntthins* arc diinncth cur tom



•    You've only got 512K ol memory on your Amiga Blimey, that’a a bit slupld, Isn't It Go and buy an expansion RIGHT NOW.

•    To load any ol the games, all you have lo do la switch off your machine. Insert the disk, and switch your machine back on again.

•    An options menu will appear. Simply follow the instructions la load the game ol your choice.

•    Juat to be on tha sate aids, though, tha on-screen Instructions say that you ahould preaa the appropriate function key to make your selection.

•    You'll have to reset your machine In order to play one of tha olhar demos. When you do so, simply follow the Instructions above.

•    Remember to keep the oiak you are playing your game frcm In tha drive at all times. And remember -switching Ihe machine off lor 20 seconds or so before loading ir.r program will help prevent disks being Infected by rViy viruses.

•    Have a good lima.


•    Are you a>:re

•    Try all that stuff again, making sure you've disconnected any peripherals the program might nof like', such as external drives.

•    If your disk falls to load, then pop H In a padded envelope, along with a latter explaining the problem and an SAE, to:

AMIGA POWER Disk 40 Returns

DlsCopy Labs

PO Box 21


NN11 58U

• We re really hoping that you're reading this bK. because It's quite Important: please don't send your disks to ua at the AMIGA POWER office. We really don't know how lo fix dodgy disks, and we'll juet throw 'em straight in the bln. So send them ta Discopy. Please.

Aarjfc. Turn ifc« jink) bark an, yea mm ft

Aiombender commanded us - and by and targe we obeyed

Play a while, play a bit later

If you read last tsh. and actually understood the review, you'll have noticed that although impossible Mission 202S got 75%, we rated the new verson in the 60s and this old gem ai the high 80s. and then son of averaged out the results So in a way. you're getting the absolutely best bits ol the game «, the old bit) completely Iree Not bad huh’ Although there is the slight problem ol Ihis being a timed demo which conks out alter a tew minutes, so it's sort ol a case ol pay a while, play a bt later

Very remote indeed

Each room handily Ms onto a single screen, so there's none ol that

newfangled scrolling business, and although some rooms are tairty slraightonwaid. others are puzzle-based and you need to work out which lilts to use and how to avoid the varous robots You've got to search each item m the room to find parts ol a puzzle and then slot them all together However, tha being a timed demo, the chances ol you managng tha are very remote indeed, so iust run around and try to gel trom one entrance lo the other n the Ihe fiendishly puzzly rooms Have lun<

Authors: Tower Software Fret ye not

Al last. Ihal summer problem is solved You know when it's really hoi and you don't want to go out. even though you've

spent all winter complaining about how cold and miserable it is1 You know how there’s nothing on telly until me Autumn, so you decide to play cards instead'’

And it you're nodtkng your head, then you'll also know that alter spending ages laying a> Ihe cards oul. the dog runs in. or a draught blows them all over, or you find oul you ve lost the three ot diamonds But tret ye not. pale-skinned sun shunners, lor help is at hand liom AP Introducing card games that are completely wind, animal and loss prool Now you

can while away those blazing days inside, slinking out only taler in the delightful cool at the evening, secure « the knowledge that even it you don't know the rules to games such as Stonewall, then the game will explain them to you at the touch ol a button

Hootah1 Basically


Author: M.ncn Viqnlius

Get snagged, you lose

Channel Four's constant commitment to he odd and curious gave us a season ot Xhabaddi a lew years ago It's apparanlty InAa's top sport, and is basically an elaborate form of lick where if you're grabbed m the opponent's halt, you're out but il you manage to reach their back line, you score po*its

Enter the computer equivalent, with each player controlling a little block There's a goal al each end and all you've got to do is duck and weave about until you can reach it Obviously, if you gel snagged, you lose the pomt. but there again. 4 you grab the opponent in your halt, he's toast too. For such a bland-looting game, this one s a tip-top twosome treat, we reckon Or something like lhal anyway

Author: Mental Image

ssmsw ms smm

mot -» w

caw Htl cMiUmcni. caul ran’


Chunka,chunka, chunka

Fruit machines, eh You either love or hale Iheir relentlessly pionky muse, cheerfully raft Hashing lights and relentlessly one track game play Money, butlon, whirtr. money, button chunka. chunka chunka and so on To most people they're a harmful pub pastime, and yet to others ihey're as addictive as. well, something very addetive indeed - minstrels, maybe it you tall into ihe latter category they are. of course, a constant dram on your 10p cofedion That is until now!

Sun-drenched mango

Menial Image have preny much cornered Ihe market of PD fruit machine games, and have worked on all manner of vanaiwns on the theme Take this one tor example, there isn't a Iruit lo be seer - not a grape, not a cantaloop melon, not a sun-drenched mango Not even a blackcurrant

That's because it's al set around technology, with the other machines at Bandit Mania being a bit more traditional There's a review of (he lull game in the PD section on page 85. so check it oul. why don't you7

You get about len minutes worth of game before thus demo blanks out. with each sub game counting as two minutes, regardless ol how long you spend on it So that the game'll lit on the disk, the Space Invaders game has been disabled so if you feel the need to piay that one. send oft lor further details ol all Mental Image games lo: Menial Image 16 Mile End Ave Hatfield, Doncaster South Yorkshire DN7 6AU

As lor instructions, well, tcha You ust sort ol point at bits of ihe machine with the mouse, and lights Rash and things Spn round The rest is a mystery lor you lo try lo unravel Good luck



Monumental Amiga-related news from ail across the globe, beginning with details of what’s surely the most gorgeous-looking game ever...

Game: Super Stardust Runs on: A1200. CD32 Publisher: Team 17 Author: Harri Tikkanen of Bloodhouse ETA: September

And now. over to the Rich Pefley-exCftabto Petten Putkonen o! Finland's famous Bloodhouse programming team

lor some Irtfy mspmng news about Soper Stardust

"Super Stardust and Sfandusl are two completely different games It's Me companng Daytona Racer to Pole Position Really1 AE ot the graphics have been redone They now come m 256 colours, with twice the animation ot the original Some ot the tugger boulders and enemies now Ml halt the screen And the tunnels WOW> Wad until you see them' Now we have parallax scrolling, mid-bosses which you have to deal with when flying through and masses of things lo avoid, ai with no slowdown at ai' Ot course, all of the levels have been redone as well, not to mention the unforgettably lunky erghi-channel sound and t2-channe< title Hack. AND the

GD32 version isn't a straight port from the already unbeatable A1200 version No way. The C032    s V1 *

version has true CD music, which is the best game music we've ever heard anywhere There are lots i>l ray-traced

animations in store, which use our very own animation system NAMU which enables the animations to be played directly Irom the CD continuously. Super Stardust pushes the At 200 to rls limits I can't ima ne how anyone could make it any better *

Phew, eh chums’ We'd usually be indmed to lake this sod of thing with with a pinch, as they say. ot salt But in this case, one thing (orsiailed our scepticism they re very probably right Sia/dusf. as you will recall was the

before it. delivered fabulous gameplay at a ludicrously low prce and NOBODY BOUGHT IT 'II seems the public wasn t ready lor our revolutionary prong pdey They thought it was

tremendous Asferods-nspued game that. Me D/Geoerabon




a budget game or

something, I guess ...* mourns Petten with a particularly emotive crop ol dels \ You bloody tools Didn t we tell you \ il was a gieat gamei Didn't we command you lo buy 'I n order to prevent Nco.apse ol reasonably priced software’ Bui anyway Super Stirdkjslhas been completely rewritten by tie author ol the tnt game and apparently tramples all over the original in terms ol speed and spectacle and a word that means gamepiay but begos with S. Petten again

'The lather ol the original Srardustis now breathing tile into this completely nee. 2S6 colour, live disk monster EVERYTHING has been ENTIRELY redone The mam game backgrounds have been entirely te-iendered along with tie mam ship, all ol the enemies have been completely redone, all ol the erd-ol-'*.*1 bosses have been redone the kjtntis are simply not the same any more w*h huge enemies Hying about with multi-paraliai scrolling backgrounds and tons ol cofcxxs everywhere'

Blimey Surely there's something critical we can say to retain our position as Britain's mightiest and callously % hardest-to-please v 4    »    Amiga mag’ Er.

\ k    Stardust didn't

■.    have keyboard

control, did *

And that was a Bad Thing, given its Asteroids inclination, and )L fCam" - Unde Joe Stain) docked you marks lor it "We actually had the keyboard control routine ready and running.'came the retort, as last as lightning. ~bul at the cntcal moment my dog ate it Anyway, without going into too much detad. we got it back from him and It's now m Super Stardust, so I hope you're satisfied *

Damnation And yet. at the same time, hurrah • JONATHAN NASH


Can It really be ai good aa II looks Probably. But In any case, neat month's AMIGA POWER (out Thursday 16th August) will carry the world's first review ol Super Stardust - exclusive and everything. Three cheers lor AP.


Four-wheel drive recreational vehicles are. as anyone with an ounce ol sense will realise, complelely stupid They're slow, they re uncomfortable (hey look crap, they use up lar too much petrol and they'll kill anyone unlortunate enough to wander into their path But they do make lor some reasonably entertaining computer games. Ivan Imnmari Slew-art's Super Oft Hoad Racing and Rocky RoB Racing (out on the SNES. and rumoured to be arming on the Amiga sometime soon) being obvnus examples So AB Terrain Racing should be quite good, then it s being written lor Team 17 by Jamie Woodhouse. who did Ouak and Nitro. with graphics by Danny Burke (Body Slows), and it's a two-player overhead-view scroller. There are six different types ol lugged terrain to bump over, which is

nee. and they include deserts, caverns, outer space and rocky places And there are the obligatory upgrading-your-car facilities as well, it you collect power-ups The game s due out 'later this year, and will hopefully be a bit better than Team 17s last overhead-view racing game. Overtime (AP31 46%). which q coming out on budget m August.


We were considering giving away tree packets ol paper hankies with AMIGA POWER this month such is the sense ol tragedy hanging over You see Stuart's leli And yet. he hasn't Allow us to explain Sfuarl is now Sensible Software s Product Development Director, which means he'll be spervJng most Ol his week «r sleepy Saffron Walden overseeing the development ol lop new titles like Cannon Fodder 2. Sensible IVortcf of Soccer and Sensible Got He decried that he was so led up with shouting at programmers who tailed lo meet his exacting standards that he'd lolly well go and sort them out himselt As be dismantled his legendary Babe Walt and switched otf hts Macintosh lor ihe last lime, his hnal words to us were 'AMIGA

POWER has always been the world's greatest Amiga games magarne And now it's the biggest-selirg one as well My work here is done'

But Stuart's promised he'll stiH lind lime to wnte lots ot reviews and things tor AMIGA POWER. ust like he's always done He probably won't be reviewing games by Sensible Software, obviously And other people's football games might be a bit iffy But otherwise, it'll be business as usual

In the meantime, raise your glasses to Cam. who. A you read the hi on the left ol the Contents page, you'll see is our new Deputy Editor Congrals. too. to Jonathan Nash - alter wntmg several truly splendid reviews lor us over ihe Iasi lew months, he's now our Reviews Ediior What excitement


With Commodore UK still refusing to name a release dale lor their At 200 CD-ROM dnve. news comes ol a pretender to the throne French company Archos. who are well known tor their Overdrive range ol hard-dnves. have developed their own CD dnve and have made it available it lo all hardwaie suppliers in the UK

Both dnves are expected to retail at around the £200 mark. but. unlike the Commodore drive, the Archos 1200 doesn't require that you install Kickstart 3.1. and emulates the CD32's Akiko chip ■t software which may mean a slightly lower level ol CD32 compatibility

However, Indi-Oreci (who are badgmg the dnve as a Zappo') maintain that they have only seen one CD32 game that would not work ‘Most impressive o) all.' said Nigel Spires, bead ol BSD "was that Microcosm  usl loaded straight up and ran without a hilch ' Call Indi-Dued on 0543-419999





Games boasting oodles ot wacky humour1 are asking lor trouble, and Advenluresoft's pomt-'n'-dick adventure Simon the Sorcerer got it when we reviewed it in AP34 - the game not. sn tact, bemg very tunny at al This seems unlikely to change when the CD32 version appears very shortly, although it should correct one ot the ongnal's other ma)Or flaws - a complete Lack ol justification lor your being trapped m a magical land trying to rescue a wizard -with a lengthy ammaled intro The other major addition is a revamped soundtrack, with dialogue provided by top celebrities Chns Barne Arnold Rimmer n Red Dwarf and Bnttas n The Bnttas Empire) and Roger Blake (various people's voces on Spitting Image)

Boiling oil, a clip on the ear just weren’t enough to stop Magnetic Fields’ rampant trog

Game: Kid Vicious Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: Ocean Authors: Magnetic Fields Price: £TBA Release: End ol August

And it's a good

job they persevered.    .n

because Kid Vioous

actually looks alt nghi    ,J' jr1-

II ts. undoubtedly, going to be

suspiciously similar to ... It l.~

Sega s ubiquitous platform game Bui il l do it by    « \

mcorpcrat ng the best elements ol Some - the slick scrolling, the colours. the bounemg-about-ail-over-the-place - rather just being really last'

He looks like a M ol a thug, doesn't be ' said Ocean's Nick Clarkson as Kid walked onto the screen But he proved tc be surprtsmgly agile. rebounding oil cunousiy-lanvliar bumpers and huding himsett fearlessly rto the air. (Kid. not Nek ) To complete each level he's got to smash up a certain number ol objects with his club They might be flowers in the Secret Garden world, or  kgtttUbs

Some the Hedgehog seems to be something ol a Holy Grail as tar as Amiga programmers are concerned "Tniy. this game shall be the Amiga's equivalent ot Sonicr they cry with each new platform game they wnte leave us alone.' wait Amga-owners everywhere fortunately, however, the lorces of righteousness stil prevail. So when Magnetic Fields turned up on Ocean's doorstep waving a game with a little blue hedgehog in it who zoomed through levels bouncing oft baddies and collecting things, they were clpped around the ear and sent away When they relumed a lorlmghi later with the hedgehog's head replaced by a cat s ('He s called, er. Kit Vicious*), boiling oil poured Irom Ocean s parapets It wasn't until the cat had become a young caveman, spookify brought forward m time

and !ry:nq 'o eSC4pe

tack lo rhe S'ooc Age. that Magnetic Fie'ds were avowed across the threshold



‘ ‘    o the Toy

Factory There are Irve worlds altogether, with around lour levels n each Nick looked slightly embarrassed as we bounced across a line ol TVs with nngs m. and had to look away each time we ran through a lamppost shaped restan pom! Bui Magnetic Fields have had a lew ideas ol their own. too Anyone who's HA played torus II (which HH they also wiote. along W . with the rest ot the Lotus games and

V .*    ■* ' Supercars) will

9 \ * . * r«a!it,i«Duck

t t    Sh001 game you

i    could play it

y    you knew the

' secret password Kid Vioous abounds with such things, with a bonus game al the end ol each level (Breakout, Asteroids etc) which you have to I win it you want a password We I were also detighted to find that one section ol the Toy Factory has a room lull ol Space Invaders which you've got lo bash into.

Kid Vioous a gomg to have to waggle rts legs frantically lo keep its head above the bde of similar Amiga games, but we re still looking forward to reviewing it next H month.


In May. the Amiga pulled ahead ol the Mega Dove to become the most popular games lormat m the UK. with a whopping 22 1% of sales by volume, against the Mega Drive's puny 21.0V Mega Drive Ians might retort that by value, the Mega Dnve accounts lor 28.2% of the market, with the Amiga trailing third behind the SNES on 14.0%. but that's ust because Sega games are so expensive, and means nothing Dennis Potter's wile was unavailable lor comment.

Further evidence of the continuing deckne of Western culture arrived Ibis month when a mouse mat comically shaped like a pan ot bosoms was pushed through our letter box. heralding the arrival at a new range of accessories Irom The Mat Label There are a total of ten designs m the range, induing a pig-shaped mat. a trog. a racing car. a spilt mug of coflea and an apple with a maggot com mg out ol it. and they each cost £6.99. You can call The Mat Label on 0865 842224

Quake in terror prior to the unstoppable carnage of...



November will see perhaps 111* most polenl demonstration yet of the CD32 s lemtying power Mind sea pes Megarace is a futuristic driving game, revolving around a Virtual Reality TV Quiz Show, n which the coniesiants race along a senes at incredible lolereoasler-iike tracks trying to kill each other and collect things The roads and scenery have all been pre-rendered on graphics workstations by Pans-based developers Cryo. and tray look absolutely gorgeous, taking you through deserts, inderwaiei oties. an

asteroid belt. neo-Tokyo, a padide accelerator and even the inside ol a whale s tummy, snaking and looping about with unemng smoothness. No (act. I think the CD32 version looks even nicer than the PC version - a bit crisper and more detailed.' grinned Mind sea pes James Morns Megarace came out on the PC at the and ot last year to a largely rapturous welcome, with only a lew dsseniers suggesting it was all gloss and no gameplay For a truly definitive opinion, we suggest you wart tor AMIGA POWER s review m AP42

NO. 3


THE CRIME Including In your game a 10-called slippy-slidey Ice world', where normal Inertia la greatly eaiggerated to provide a more 'realistic' simulation ot a character walking on an Icy or anow-coverad surface.

THE CASE FOR THE PROSECUTION: Ooht You platform game designer! really are an Inexhaustible fount of

attar three hours. "A Mountain World'**, with snow and cute little penguins and ■ Giant Evil Polar Bear'- tor a boas!" Triumph raigni lor the briafeal of moments, before the quiet, almost apologetic voice ol Programmer 3 Is heard again.

“But hang on. Aren't The Kids11* going to be a bit bored ol all this tedious, repetitive, hackneyed, witleai old loss by the time they get to the fourth level "

"Damn! You're right, Programmer 3," answers

I«4eIj« im m bttta *s!«rotd tiytiu.i.j *■ ram.

Innovation, aren't you We can see the scene now: it's late at night, browa are levered, nerves are at breaking point. Heada In hands, tha nations leading davalopera rack their mighty bralni for Inapiratlon tor their new platformer, Cule Woodland Animal In Dungarees 4. Slowly, lortuousiy, the game beglna to taka shape.

“Why don't we... hnngh start oft with... a... Forest World suggests Programmer 1, boldly.

“You mad Impetuous tool", retorts Programmer 2. “But there's just one way It could work - we could follow It up with... er. er... an Underground Cave'** level! Year

“It WOULD have a Runaway IHne-Cart'“ section, wouldn't It ” pipes up a nervous-sounding Programmer 3.

“Well, at course," soothes Programmer 2. "Naturally, tha minecart ride would lead to a Sandy Desert1" level, and then... er... and then..." His voice trails oft Into a long pause.

“I've got 111" yells Programmer 1,

Programmer 2. “It only there was something we could... - wait! I've got it! Why don't we make the Mountain World’1* really slippy, so that playing It It just at Incredibly difficult, frustrating and stupid ai trying to run up the aide ol ■ REAL mountain In cute rainbow-coloured ahorts and Zany Cool Sneakers11* Atler all, whal people really want from a cute platform game Is a precise and accurate simulation ot real life, isn't it "

“Blimey, you guys really are the tops", gatps Awed YTS Programming Trainee 1. “Maybe one day, tar oft In the future, I loo could be writing amazing garnet juat Ilka that."

“You know, I think that just maybe you will", sighs Depressed Games Player 427, killing hlmsell.


lit offence S-10%off 2nd offence 8-22% off 3rd offence: Underwater ■pear-gun execution by scuba-diving tiring squad using rutty harpoons.


scene. Or, at least, there will be on 21 November when Team 17"a King ol Thieves comes out.

Like Delender ot the Crown, h a a trylng-to-become-lhe-king-of-meolevel England game, organised a bit Ilka Rlik with arcaday sub-games. The latter consists of an Operation Wolf-style game where you shoot at ahlps, trying to disable rather than sink them so you can plunder all their treasure, and a nifty sounding Laser Squad-type section, where your soldiers swarm around castiai capturing them. ‘It should be really good," commented Team 17*1 Alan Bunker.

In days of yore, England's goodly folk would prove their valour with something called Defender ol the Crown. A game ol duelling, jousting and treasure-gathering, its colourful graphics were just the boost fledgling 16-bll computers like the Amiga needed, although a couple ol hours' play subsequently proved it to be a bit crap. But soft, stay your hand, thare'a a new challenger for the throne eppearing on the

















Of course. Putty was probably ore ol the first platform games 10 feature an amorphous blab with big eyes as a central character, so that's not quite so bad It's te feeble-minded sheep who've been producing them ever smce who re the real -.tarns Also, it didn't get a one-syfiabie. onomatopoeic name (Ike Plop, or Gob. or something lerfcous ike that) So we were qute happy to award it 90% in AP18. partiaiarty at view ol Uncle Ted and his Hammond Organ But it was a bil shad, wasm 4 And, rt at truth, it wasn't the most captivating game to play, despite its many charms

Tart Best. Senior Producer at

Game: Putty Squad Runs on: A500. A600, A1200, CD32 Publisher: System 3 Authors: In-house Price: TBA

ETA: September/October

System 3, seems to agree ■Yes." he said "Which is why Putty Squad is going to have over surly huge levels, against Putty's seven tiny ones."

Gosh But hang on - Puffy Squad5

"That's nght It's kind ol a sequel, and is better than the ongnaJ tn every way Putty himsetl. lor example can use loads more power-ups And the baddies are much more interactive - they sometimes come chasing after you, rather than ust walking mindessly backwards and lorwards '

The plot, it transpires, is vaguely Apocalypse Now-influenced, only instead ol Maior Kurtz out there m the jungle, it s Commander Napalm the Cat who's gone mad and set himseil up as a god Putty and hts unwilling comrade Dweezil the Ginger Cal have been parachuted in to sod things out.

uny ttu«

SouEda like uniial 70i TV icri«a (irm Squ*d, ah kJdi


The baddies are a curious mixture, with surreal ones like frogs and carrots, and then a range ol rogue UN Troops who throw grenades and things at you. and whose helmets tty oft when you kki them The object i* simply to rescue all the Putty MIAs on each level, but to do that you'll have to invoke Putty's special shape-changing powers, and also enlist the help ol Dweez i who you can lure into position with Ins ol cattood and then - cruelly - knock him over and use hs lummy as a trampoline Interactive indeed

Putty Squad seems to be quite a bit sicker than ihe ongnal game, with more fluid animation and better control-responses fit’s rnore putty-like', r tact.' observed Tim wryly ) And it's been developed with the A1200 and C032 very much in mind, with tonnes ol colour and parallax scrolling, and - yes' - an animated introduction on the CD version You'll have spotted Irom the Buns on' bt above that an A500 verson is planned, though - it'll follow on a couple ol months after the others, and will have less colour and special effects, but the intention is to get it playing the same

Putty Squad looks absolutely great so tar We've been promised a finished copy lor the next issue, so we ll hopefully be able to tel you lor sure then • JONATHAN DAVIES


Here's a thing You know Gravity Force 2. the PD game on the cover disk of AP39 that we've been touting as the best two-player game at all time'5 Wal. if seems that even though we said it doesn't, it actually does work on Workbench 1 3 Amigas Danny Gough Irom Cheam reckons that it you load up Workbench open a shell and type copy c:A»»:gn ‘AP 39.2:c' and then load the disk as normal, the game will run Sounds good to us. whatever it means, but if it means that more people will be able to play this stunning blaster, then that’s good enough torus



Than'i a new face In AMIGA POWER this month - James Attwood. At 15, James Is slightly younger than most of the AP Issm. but he's on work experience Irom school so that's okay. Our new employee lives In Ctevedon, which Is 'near Bristol', in his spare tints, James likes nothing more than to play on his brand new A1200. His brief stay hare sees James reviewing the brand new punier Clockwiser, amongst other things. (And srrttlng this bit].

When asked to comment on his stay hate. James said: 'I tael humbled end lowly to be sitting amongst such worldwide megastars.*

Jared Holdcroft Irom Darlington knows just how we think He knows we ike movies more than anything at the whole wtde world (Apart Irom Amiga games, natch - EO). that a good idea s better than flashy art work, and that we love

Reservoir Dogs. That's why this month's effort scored a massive 9/10, due to Mr Orange's obvious stomach wound and Marvin's ear' lying on ihe tell Tragically, we then had lo reduce it to 4/1Q because he'd spelt 'Reservoir' wrong Never mtnd. Jared, that's still £80 ol software Remember DPamt-readablB disks

with your name and address wntten on them could win you software prizes. provxJng you post them off Where to  Why lo us. at In The Style Ol. AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street. Bath. BA1 2BW, at course




The Great Ward 1914-1918 was, ol course, the ideal Night sim air war. with slow moving, low powered, flimsy planes blasting away at each other with crummy machine guns, and producing dose-up dogfights requiring loads ol skill. Not al all like the dull lock and tue' missile  airwars ol et

Sims Rod laid / Mm“ out the basic    /    b-B

ideas behind    (

Dawn Patrol to \

Chocks away, chaps! Indulge in some WW1 aerial high jinks with Blue Leader and the Red Baron.

Game: Dawn Palrol — The

First Air War

Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Empire Authors: Rowan Software ETA: Autumn

Hying the untnentfy skies above Normandy in the PC version ol Overlord Whai looked like a pretty good (light sim a month ago has now shot up the list ol important releases to become my most eagerly awaited Amiga game.

Now. all this praise about a Virgin game's probably going to upset Empire, and all this talk about PCs is bound to leave a load ol Amiga owners milted, but the port! is that rather than looking al a lew screenshots or listening to programmers say how great their game is. I've now actually seen their work in action, and I'm impressed

\    -Each

ICfcsP*®* , - -    ] story relates to an

J incident that / actually occurred, and you can play m rough to try to recreate or change history We have French. German. American and English pitots in the game and m most instances you can lly on eilher side, playing Aces such as Alberi Bali. Oswald Boelcke and Mad' Mick Mannock '

As you can see Irom the screen shots, you can gel in a nght old tangle with up to 16 planes whining around at any one lime But before you get over excited, remember these are PC shots, and the Amiga version, although similar will only have 32 colours and less in the way ol texture mapping There's also no serial link option planned, simply because Rod thinks that with ail the 30 calculations going on the processor

would have difficulty keeping up ““““with a head to head game There are. howevei. heaploads at planes to lly. Irom the odd looking 0H2 to the fairly cool Sopwilh Pup and Camel on *l the Allied side, and German classics such as the Fokker E Triplane and Albatross 03

*' I Featured n the game but noi

IH1 actually llyabte are lumbering bombers such as the giant Gotha 4. providing big targets and much memment tor all

Rowan are keen to make games that are both accurate and playable, so as well as a long list ol programmers lor landscape, user interlace and animation, there's also Jim Taylor working out the artificial intelligence.

'Jim's included realistic features such as balloon logic.' said Rod ‘Enemy spotters m balloons will sight your planes and then vector in lighter interceptors, but it you get too close, the balloon will be winched down to slop it becoming a target. Not only do we Imd research to come up wiih such detail interesting, but there's a definite satisfaction in achieving more realistic Al' Add 10 that missions to blast up truck convoys, balloon busting and various ground attack missions, and we re looking at some senous tum-of-the-century aerial high-jinks to come • CAM WINSTANLEY

Mcroprose have lor a long time now been masters ol the Night sim. but now there's a game looming that could well luck their buns and claim the title ol best WWt (tight sim ol all lime It's been hanging around usmg the alias ol Ftyng Circus since Iasi Christmas, only recently starting to use its real name. Dawn Patrol Knights ot la* the Sky. you have been warned ikla Last month we talked lo    p>«

Rod Hyde and the Rowan team about Virgin s up and coming D-Gay light s m Over lord This month they re back lo rabbil on abcul Dawn Palroilrom Empi* and m the mean lime. I've been

'The game \ '    T"7

is a collection ol stories Irom the war Ounog the first few years. a>r superiority was gamed and lost by both sides as machines and tactics developed

Generally, when I start lo think about a game


tw - \- o>-



that n<- decided to

m profluce a m..-*med<a interactive history boat ‘

Evidently overcome by the sun's powerful rays. Psygnotls have launched a Summer Storm' promotion In which they'll be sailing oft lots ol their older titles at greatly reducad prices. And they're all really good: Walkat (AP24 85%), Bob a Bad Day (AP32 85%), Combat Alt , Patrol(AP23 88%). WU n'Lii<AP31 78%) and Gfobduie (AP33 82%). Er, apart Irom Prima Mover (AP32 22%). Thay each cost £12.99, and the    !■

offer lasts from now 'until aboul the end ol August', according to Glen    fl

al Paygnosli.

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Renegade/Mindscape £19.99 ARCADE POOL Team 17 £9 99 ***** TACTICAL MANAGER

Black Legend £25.99 **

CANNON FODDER Virgin £29.99 K240 Gremlin £29 99 *****


Gremlin £25 99 **★★

FRONTIER: ELITE 2 Gametek £29.99 ***

MAN UTD PflEM LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Krisalis £29.99 ***

KICK OFF 3 Anco £29.99 ★★

BENEATH A STEEL SKY Virgin £34.99 ★***

SIERRA SOCCER Sierra £24 99 ***

WORLD CUP YEAR 94 Empire £29.99 ★*★★


Renegade/Mindscape £25.99 ***

SIM CITY CLASSIC Hit Squad £14.99 *****

BATTLE OF BRITAIN Kixx £14 99 *★* CORKERS COMPILATION Corkers £14 99 *★* SKIDMARKS Acid Software £25 99 ★★★* EMPIRE SOCCER Empire £29.99 LIBERATION Mindscape £29.99 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Kixx £16.99 ***★

SENSIBLE SOCCER 92/93 Renegade/Mindscape £25.99 MONKEY ISLAND Kixx £16.99 ★*★★

DUNE Hit Squad £14.99 *****


JURASSIC PARK Ocean £25 99 *★*

DENNIS Ocean £25 99 *

ROAD RASH Hit Squad £12.99 ****

JIMMY WHITE’S SNOOKER Hit Squad £14.99 ★**★

CADAVER Kixx £14.99 ★**

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MORE damp strips of biO'matter from Team 17. Yum.

Game: Alien Breed II — Tower Assault Runs on: A500. A600. A1200, CD32 Publisher: Team 17 Author: Stefan Boberg (graphics), Tony Turunen (graphics)

Price: £9.99 on floppy,

£29 99 on CD32 ETA: Autumn

Team 17 sura know when they're onto a good thing, and so far have managed to

capitalise on their strengths Alien Breed Special Edhon (AP21.83%) was just a tidied up version ol Aken Breed, but it caught the imagination of the games playing public and stayed «i the top 20 lot the best part ot a year, even attar Aten Breed 2 (AP32. 81%) had hit the shops It seems that you just can't gel enough ol creeping round darkened alien bases shooting hulking aliens into tattered damp strips ol biomatter, and when Team 17 are on the case, the pubic gets what the public wants More levels'3 More aliens'3 With Tower Assault you got it

Although the levels are being designed in darkest Wakefield.


Apache are working very hard on a Gauntlet- based game with a difference “What's it called then * we asked, inducing a state ol team pane. ‘Errm. we've not realty decided yet." they llustered ■Slsfters ot something ’

Having lorced them to name their game (still a good six months off), it seemed only fair to look at the cute, manga-esque graphics ol the four heroes, with the unlikely names ot Tammy. Bret. Luka and Merv. Unlike in Gaundet you can only see areas ot the map you've explored, so like Dune 2, the screen's black until you explore everything This is just one at many things that make the game unlike Gauntlet, as Apache are keen to point out

For reasons tar too technical tc go into hara (or lor ui to understand) you can

flood the screen with baddies without slowing down the action one iota But the biggest difference is that there aren't any set levels, everything is generated randomly.

This is harder than it sounds, as every section ol the level has to be accessible, all rooms have to have doors and the corridors have to be laid out in a believable manner Six monihi ol hard graft went into creating the level designer, so Apache are keen to use it alien.

Using a number between one and 45. you can lime the parameters ol your maze trom two rooms and a connecting corridor to hundreds of rooms, dead end corridors and fiendish mazeiiness. and using a simple i€-4gii code, you can can up any level you can remember And if that's not clever, we don't know what u

ancestoral home ol Team 17, the actual programming'! being done by Stelan Boberg who's a very nice man who lives in Sweden My Swedish stretches only to Abba lyrics. Voutez Vous and all that (joke), so I was most happy to hid that Stelan speaks English even better than me It also seems that he's pally with the coder ol past Team 17 triumphs such as Protect X and Superirog and now that he's out o< lui-time education, he's turned to full' bme programming Tony Turunen (another Swede) is working on the

I iU i! H :*TT


August Issue on tale Thursday, 28th July. £3.95

"The nexl splendid Issue ol Amiga Format carries an ln-depfh texture on the advent ot Interactive TV - and the Amiga's role In what could be the next massive media market. Before long you'll be eble to download game*, movies. Information, order (hopping and book your holidays, all via your TV and without leaving the comfort of your comfy chair.

'Science fiction Whimsy

Read Amiga Format and ail will be revealed.

"Oh, and we’ve got loads ot top stuff, like Detroit end Oc tamed on disk, plus world exclusives on the India Direct a new CD-ROM drive and Paravlslon'a Mlcrobolix SX-1, which turns your CD32 Into an A1200 with CD drive.


Steve Jerratt    '

Editor. Amiga Format

graphics lor the new levels, the aliens and mid-level animations, whereas true Bnl Alistair Bnmbell is supplying all the music.

The Amiga version ol Tower Assault will feature between 40 and 60 completely new levels, which will all presumably lake (he familiar and popular lorm at shoot, wander around, shoo! die.

There are at least three new aliens, and the whole thing will be at the staggeringly sensible budget price of around a tenner The CD32 version, though, is a different kettle Ot face buggers 3D animations at the tronl. middle and end will make if look rather swish, but that's ust the start ol it Team 17 never released Aon Breed 2on CD32. so for £30 you're going to be able to get both Aben Breed 2 AND Tower Assault on one disk Also, the anginal game was plagued by one of the most pomilessly difficult and all round rancid first levels a game has ever seen, which they ve new dropped When you look at this sort of commitment to the CD32 (over 100 levels lor £30'), il makes some other companies' efforts, most notably Psygnosn with their lull-pnee Lemmings CD32 release, look ralher lame Top marks and a gold star to Team f 7 on thu idea


AMIGA SHOPPER August Issue on sale now. £2.50 “This month's Amiga Shopper has a big feature on the subject that's on every computer person's lips: the Internet, the Information Highway.

We tackle those nasty questions like: What is It Where Is H and can you get any information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome available on It

Find out In the August Issue at Amiga Shopper.

'Plus: we also have 10 pages of Amiga Anawers. where we solve your technlcil heartaches and our regular tutorials on C programming. Video, Amiga Dos and AMOS. If you're serious about your Amiga, we ll show you what you need to know." Richard Baguley gk Editor, Amiga Shopper.


"Casual jackets and ties"

A new game from the people in Sleaford, and gallons of blood.

Game: Death Masque Runs on: A500. A600,


Publisher: Apache Software

Authors: Patricia Sorrell. Michael Ryan. Lloyd Murphy. Mark Page ETA: October

What is it about programmers and tiny, teensy weeny towns in the middle ol nowhere Sensible are snuggled away m Sattron Walden (a speck on the map near Cambridge) and Apache are based n a town (Village'’ Hamlet'’) called Sleaford, which ts somewhere in sunny Lncolnshire. and a very, very long way away from Bath

After hours on the road. I eventually tracked down Apache s first floor office (just above a reupholstery firm) and had a cup o( tea thrust into my dehydrated hand. Strong, no sugar and semi skimmed milk - nice The first game to see the light of day with the Apache name on il was Super Methane Brothers (AP39. 72%) but they've been keeping themselves busy before that by working on vanous game conversions to and

The game definitely runs quickly, and since the controls are just for moving and shoobng you can mstantty gel into killing things As in Doom (tch. that comparison again), your view lades otf into darkness, so you only really know about trouble when it looms out Of the murk clutching a machine gun And when baddies dd turn up. they all seem to be dressed very neatly m casual jackets and ties I thought tht$ was kind ol strange, but Lloyd (the graphics man) explained n all away

IMe starred with drawn graphics, but they just didn t work with the gloomy, realistic look ol the levels, so in Ihe end we digitised our Inends Irom vanous angles using a video camera and replaced their heads with plasticine monster heads that we made *

So now you know The finished game's going to have about SO levels, with scenery ranging from crate-tilled warehouses and cavas to a Mars colony and the inevitable HR Geigennlluenced world The Idea $ to put out data disks with extra levels so that the game will just run and run. and Apache are actually taking time out to make use ol all the extra buttons for the C032 version, so hurrah for them They've even considered that age-old problem of sneaking a peek at your opponent's side of the screen to see what he's up to -Apache plan to package the game with a groovy cardboard (kinder 10 hide your side of the screen Irom prying eyes • CAM WINSTANLEY

liom consoles, and dd ihe CD32 version of Sens

Anyway I d come up to see Deaih Masque, which they re all vary proud ol and reckon should be hitting the streets not long after you've read this.

What s it going to be like Wen. regular readers will have played The* Or Treat an last month's coverdisk. and that's what Death Masque's all about Coder Mark Page put it like this:

"You play the pan ol one of three characters. Rail. George or. um. Michael It'S a split screen, two player game with your view xn a first-person perspective and the idea s simply to run smund the screen and shoot everything you see The levels are an packed with monsters and things, so you can choose either to

team up with the other player and lake them all out or to stalk each other aiound and try and wasle each oiher"

Ah so a s son ol spirt screen Doom thenh I asked tefemng to the blood-washed.

scanty teakstv:

PC game that everyone most notably PC owners) are raving about The Apache team weia a b i loama to admit  ahS> the sin- arty. bJ Paincxa admitted there s no getting

- away Irom it:

‘Most games ol this type on the Amiga have either been very slow or used tny windows to boost the speed up We ve compromised the screen sire a kflle. but in return, we can run the game so last it's unplayable, and consequently we ve had lo slow il down On the A500 version, there'll just be skylights and pools ol light or the ceilings and floors, but due to their taster running speed. Ihe CD32 and At 200 will be able to manage lull floor and ceiling graphics'


Read this month's Joystick leature, choose your weapon, and practise will, because this autumn will see the most arduous test ol your gsmesplaylng skills yet. Yes, ha National Games Championship lima again, and this year the official Finest Gamesplayer In Brttain will walk home with the ultimate games machine (apart Irom the Amiga) - a hlgh-spac PC with a CD-ROM drive and some CDs. The runner up gels a new game every month lor a year.

So how do you enter You'll first need lo tackle the heats, which are being staged at Future Zone shops all around the country from 1st AugusL (Future Zona are sponsoring the

Championship - you can locate your nearest store by phoning 0891 332288*.) There'll be two (haying sessions each day, Irom 10.00am-12 noon and from 2.00pm~4.00pm, along with a SOp entry fee. all ot which will

go to the charity BUSS (Baby Lite Support Systems). There will then be four regional semifinals. comprising the six beat players from each region, the winners ol which will each get a Philips CDI system, with £50 Future Zone vouchers lor the runners up. The lour semi-finalists will than battle H out at the Grand Finale, to be held it the Future Entertainment Show at Earls Court on 29th October.

The catch To stand a

chance at the heats you'll need to be good at Virtua Racing on the Mega Drive and Super Matrcid on the SNES. Go on, though - show those rascally console owners what true gamespiaylng la all about. Uphold the AMIGA POWER readership a tradition ot excellence. And win!

XafvMMlirM'iinW IX ■

I know - and don't tor get tm txwx) paid by mention] - now about tome beNnd me scenes industry mto Everybody loves a M o» goss* don t they’ Do you remember Martyn Lunn, who wrote last month's Diary'’ Well due to an internal misunderstanding he's left Sens' Towers already lor pastures new Phew, the dynamic and last-moving world ol leisure software, eh At the recent ECTS industry (Knees' - Ed) up recently, there was an excellent little freebie party held by a rival publishing company Well, to cut a (lucrative - Ed) story shod. Dexter Fletcher was there and I - allegedly -asked him 10 sell me some ( Persian rugs - Ed) -1 had a headache - but he denied being m possession of any *1 thought YOU could sell ME some’ suggested a passing drunken goat on a Harley Davidson (sounds like a Jeff Mmter reference to me)

Bei eve this one if you dare, but I was recently accused of being a psychopath lor punching a clock, not in the timekeeping sense but in the fisticuffs sense I must add m my favour, though, that I was totally lustilied. because the ticking ol the clock was so laud that it seemed 10 be saying ‘YOu're gomg to die' Just though! I'd mention <>

Anyway. I guess that's all we've got lime lor from me. Vlad The Impaler. so Ini the next time, keep buying Amigas (I personally have 17 now), keep buying games, and don't kill ihe markei with piracy or complacency because the impending consequences are software companies moving onto diHarem machines, making yours delunct and a total waste of money So be shrewd, and don't torget I love you all And want to marry you And bile your neck. And burn you at the stake In a loving way. of course

• VLAD THE I MPA - oh. alright, its me. JOOLS.

(There 1 be a special prize lor anybody who can wnfe m and lei us what Jools is going on about here - Ed)



the money of Sensible's leafy village base of Saffron Wakfen) is quite a chryuey place, like many small towns, but it's also a true community ol people who know, understand and like each other Even the bastards And you can also luck iheir teeth m if you have lo Blown by Ihe wind, blown by Ihe wind, I can't live with or without you Right. Bob. Dave. Nick. The name's Les. Jools" ‘Cindy" 'Ybu're not mamed Joois' "Wahey. slow down boy. get a grip * (What0 - Ed)


So. heia we are about halfway through the article, and you might be wondering a what it has to da with computers.

goll. Sensible Software or anything else lor that matter Well, Ihe answer is simple nolhmg at all Jesus loves you. but he wouldn l touch you with a bargepole For example - what s got 40 legs Y-ZB and smells ol wee’ The dinner ■'JKr queue in an old people s home See what I mean (Er. no - Ed)

Do you remember’ The geezer who wrcle the Cannon Fodder Dianes m pages not loo dissimilar to these around the back end ol last year’ Thai's right - Jools. Sensible Software's unappreciated programmer, designer publics!, alleged psychotic, anchor man ankh-wearar. dam diving expert Wei. he s dead So now. instead. Diary Of A Game comes to you Irom a Count with no tongue His name is Vlad The Impaler and he smells ol garlic bread Which just goes to shew, it's not easy being a programmer Or a goiter tor that matter Anyway, over to you. Vlad "You know, alter a hard day impaling peasants, there's nothing I enjoy more than a game of golf - as they say. all work and no play makes Vlad a dull Impaler Aduaily. that's a lie I really hale go!

I mean, what's the point of whacking a little white ball with your impaling stick, then traipsing miles after it and whacking it again, by which time you're stuck m the middle of a torrential storm and some nob's run over your tool with an electric shopping trolley’


Frankly. I d much rather do the whole thing on a computer, even it that way you don't get the satisfaction ol watching small overpriviiegad middle class gits being struck by lightning on Ihe 18th hole Which brings us. neatly, to Sensdka God "

(Surely some mistake7 - Ed)

"So. how's Ihe game actually go ng’' you might be bogmrang to wonder by now Well, it s a lot mare than ust a map editor these days I Which is lucky I've been working on

the mam overhead view; it shows ail the trees and bunkers we've been drawing so carefully with the editor There's a score panel down the side and a couple of player sprites running around the course taking turns to hit the ball with any one ol a wide choice ol golf dubs and torture implements. It'S beginning to look like a game now. but there's a way to go yet 1 still haven't done anything about the colision detection, so the ball still bounces 0" the surface the lakes as if lhay



All this BuMhIb

progression is    T B • T-T~] •


considering I've

S’ "IX    ‘ '

months down the pub, changed my name lo jack Telfey-Darnels'    M (

and dwelled on ihe    

decriminalised vees f , Z7V freely available in the    4         '

wonderful Dutch city ol Amsterdam (DonT fry    Vjbf

trus at home, kids -

Jools. er Vlad's mum) 0    \.

seelhing metropolis in

Tkoix uxx* leak jail like Ikx bollix* Ikal *l 9*t lex-crxxw madax um to. Well sorl ol. Toy boa* 10 kold Ikx pxjx ap in trout at year < a*xi ant tqaixl x bit

Hx* anybody txxa mj ■lo411 think I foil M la Iki* baakxr.


Dxxtxr aid loot* diseuii llfx oa Ikx fixxa. Txitxrday.

5 T DO




"The dinner queue at an old people's home"

In which Cam Winstanley discovers how Cannon Fodder 2 is being put together, and how you can actually ‘be’ in it.

course ihoy    k

blessed us with

/Cannon Fodder

m Of course, you j1    wouldn't krow ■

m    about ih s it 1 wasn't H

lot AMIGA POWER I Wo lave a, and in years JB lo come, whenever    M

philosophers and world presidents Bvj gather m dosed sessions, the name D ot AMIGA POWER will (Wen yeah. they gel the idea - Ed) We thrilled you with previews on it, we tantalised you with a monthly game diary written by the programmers and charting its progress, and we practically rendered you

Sensible Software, we love 'em in thousands ot years' time, when all the great thinking dudes of the world gather to work out exactly what was so tlippmg good about the 20th century, the name ot Senses wilt be mentioned in the same breath as The Beatles. Mother Theresa. Nelson Mandela and Sean Connery They brought us Sensible Soccer, they wrote Mega-to-Mania, and. at

unconscious with awesome and exdusrve demos and compos on our coverdisks With it all lopped oft with the first ever review ot the game, it was a surprise lo absolutely no one when Cannon fodder stormed into the AMIGA POWER All Time Top 100 at number two. and was pipped to the number one slot only by Sensible Soccer Which was also wntfen by Sensible Obviously. So anyway, when we heard that they were working on a sequel lo Ihe second best Amiga Wf game OF ALL TIME, we thought jM something pretty impressive was catted tor    M&n








lifetime of extensive

games knowledge to make sure H that the 70 odd new levels a>e tunky playable and extremely hard He BHLHfiBfl appaiemly used 'a work tor

''McDonalds' - Unde Joe r Stahn) before he started at Sensible Software


FACT: Virgin wilt be    Ud

reieasxig a sequel to    ™.\k

Cannon Fodder m lime tor    fjlVI

Christmas    IB n

FACT: Cannon Fodder    IB \l

was given a    IB ™

massive 94% m AP    J

.    32 This is the    ®

highest score we've ever given a game FACT: Sensible Software

are working on the sequel this very minute.

FACT: The game will

t    \ feature a totally remixed

\ version ot the mfinnety * catchy War's never been sc much fun' song, featuring lead vocals '    trom top Sensible

geezer Jon Jops' Hare

[j ’

* •




heleopters, but we've not ruled out air-to-air combat'

So now we know What about any new teatures 'Well. I've been heavily influenced by the baba lilies' ol Mortal Kombai 2. and was hoping we could have a friendship weapon that dispenses prettily-packaged presents and ice cold lirry drinks, but everyone else kind ol nixed that idea, so it's

still knee deep gore and slaughter'

So it's going to be Cannon fodder -only more so. which has got to be good news tor the modern Ian ol high-velocity firearms and sucking chesi wounds Bui have you ever wandered how Sensible works and what sort ol high pressure

. environment is M needed to craft M the best games U ol all time'7 We have, so we gave Stuart a tiny little camera and got him to talk his way thiough an ortknary day at Senstole wh4e spying

I    on hrs

leltow workers On the next page ■s the report he sent us back >


It will be called Cannon fodder 2. Cannon fodder Mother of Ail Santos, or

something like that Ol that there « no doubt Well maybe just a little

Cannon FoM 2. Cannon Fodder 2. the noten ol it ]USt

sets your heart a-poundmg. doesn't it This is

•m game you can hold n front ol your console owning friends and shout 'Ha11 oen and play a game that's so bnlliant that playing it makes me more handsome, stronger and an all round better personNow go back to your tiresome and prerkciabie plattorm games, and if you re reaty good 10 me. I might let you watch me play * later on1*

The thing about a near perfect game a that there's lithe room tor mprovement So what are Sensible gomg to do then Is il just going to be more ol the same, or are we going to see new characters and controls Are

there gomg to be more weapons lor the troops to use Can you actually go air to air with cannon-toting helicopters, and w* the ground troops Imally be able to defend themselves liom air atiacks Hmm. well we don't really know So we'd better talk to Ihe creators, then.


It was Joois who originally coded Cannon Fodder - and also, incidentally wrote the Diary ot a Game that ran from AP28 to AP31 However, he's now devoting most ol his lime lo Sensible God. and consequently finds any additional coding he has to do *a bit ol a pam m the bum' Noi to worry ihough, because with the basic game engine in place, the buck has been passed over to Sluari Campbell and John Liley (JL to his Inends) to create new and excitmg levels. John s the graphics guy who's drawing up all the new terrains, buildings and the like, whereas Stuan's actually thinking up al the levels Sensible are being a bit cagey about things al this early stage, but it seems that there 5 going to be some sort of storyline this lime, so instead ol mirvtess slaughter, you'll actually be committing geooode tor a reason

"We re introducing new weapons and veheles. but the power-ups stay the same, as they re already powerful enough We ve no plans lo include I air-to ground missiles, as we like the way you have to cower in terror of

any i





0 >



1 ra s












3.H I Inexplicably find dozen* ol Cannon Fodder map* strewn haphazardly ecrotf the floor. Il't funny how hatllly-fcribbled map* ended up a* *uch

polished and prolemtlonal level*. Isn't II And now If* my turn to wort this particular little miracle. Ulpl Still no programmer* In the building, though. Ive checked.

3.31 - Joolt arrive* and make* a solemn stalemenl. ‘I'll never mix Southern Comfort with gin, lager and Esso Super-Unleaded aver again. Just say 'No' kid*.‘ 4.20 - JL arrives. Hurrah! “Could you not thoul. please ’ he asks quietly. At Iasi. Programming finally begins In earnest as everyone knucles down.


All this a very well and good, but it's the kind ot coverage any other mag could give ihe game We on AMIGA POWER, however, teel that you. the readers, daserve something more Something bgge' Something you could only gel with tie world's mightiest Amiga games mag So here it is:

Even as you read this. Stuart Campbell's salting m a tiny room in Saflrcn Walden surrounded by reams and reams of graph paper The reason'’ Well, hi$

• A screen le made

up from 19 squares acmes and 13 down. A level can ba between one and six screens, but they have to form blocks ilka these. No fancy L-ahapea please.

position as Senior Executive Vice-Presidenl ol European Development Coordination means that he's in charge ol designing all Ihe level maps lor Ihe new game, which is taking him ever such a long time Being a bit ol a work-shy lop ai hean. he'd love to do the least amount ot work by designing as lew levels as passible And this is where you come in.


by designing a level so awesomely fantastic that Sensible will have no option bul lo go "Ooooo1" and -Ahhhh'- and include it into (he game We re nol putting a limit on Ihe number ot


1.    Employees of Future aren't allowed to enter. Sensible and Virgin employees can obviously enter aa many time* aa they want, although they'd ba a bit daft to. (And they won't win anything.)

2.    Entries hava to reach ua by August 31st, otherwise Cannon Fodder 2 will mbs Hi Christmas deadline, thousands of Amiga owners across the globe will be desperately disappointed, and It'll be YOUR fault

3.    Sensible a decision will ba final, and the Editor won't have anything to do with It Odd that (Sob. - Ed)

* Sand your entries to Lord Kitchener says “Hey kids, H'a your chance to be In the sequel to Cannon Fodder Pena and paper at the reedy, you muddy tunetars your in an excited squeaky voice . AMIGA POWER. 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW.


Enemy eoldier

Enemy Vehicle





Player vehicle

Enemy turret


Player turret


winners lor this one. because Stuart hopes that you'll come up with 70-odd excellent levels, and he'l be laughing all Ihe way lo the bank As well as getting then levels in the finished game and having a grunt named alter them, winners will also gel loads ol Sensible and Virgin stuff (you know the sort ol thing - T-shiris and caps and things) to Me them over until Ihe game comes out


and read this bit carefully . Levels have to be be designed in a certain way. and <1 they aren't,    '

we ll simply have to bin them - sorry So grab some




Enemy hut



Player soldier




Box ol grenadei or rockels Enemy hale

Switch pad


Trap (mine, trip wire, spike)

Player tent lor hostage

Exploding tree or bush

L Tree




i i i

graph paper and coloured pencils and lake note ol all ihis important stutt

•    You can't have any cliffs in your level

This isn't because we re being mean, it's just that cl'lfs are only m exterior levels, and Sensible wani to reserve Ihe right to use your level in any location (interior or exterior] that they choose

• It you're going to have a hostage, you're also going to need a player lam tor him to return lo Remember also lhal hostages can't swim DQ • If you re having civilians, make sure to lell us whether they're aggressive, retaliatory or passive by marking A. R or P on the door that they come out ol.

•    il ihe position ol an enemy turret or sniper is crucial to a level, indude a line ol sight on your map

•    You can have no more than 30 sprites at ihe entire level. The box on ihe left shows how many sprites they lake up and what lo draw If there's any doubt, write what you want it lo be on Ihe map

And finally, make sure you observe all Ihe Rules lo the left, especially ihe one about gelling your entry to us by 31 August Good luck1









‘And the earth shall shake, and the seas shall boil, and the sky shall be aflame. And there shall be a mighty thunderclap, and from a portal in the sky shall ride four cyclists. And they shall raise their fists and let forth a terrible cry...”


the world line up



Jonathan Davies was on hand with a camera

At flames tnd tmokt swirled about lhanv Iht cyclists decended la tarih. Iheir Ritchey 2 Max WCS 1.9* carving deap gashes In the ground a* may slid la a halt. Bahlnd them, tha portal through which they d arrived mapped thut, and tlra ruahad to till it* place. They at aatrld* their bicycle*, thimmerlng in tha heal, and aurveyad the davattatlon around them. The Ural of tha cowled figure* spoke:

'W* are tha Four Cycliat* o< tha Apocalypse. And we are displeased." Hi* word* aounded lika a thousand lombtlonas smashing togalhar. thalr might spanning the live continents ot tha earth and the centuries lor which tha Cyclists had rested.

For too long.- continued the Second Cyclist, "substandard joysticks have caused distress to gameaplayers everywhere Wrists have ached, blister* have formed, and scores haven't bean as high as they might have been. This cannot continue!"

-lt la time for Joysticks to be ludgad, and for those which offend us la teel our wrath." cried the Third.

Only the truly righteous can find rtdemptlon and attain our prestigious live-star rating. For wa are the only lesser deities committed to a rigorous programme ot consumer testing!' With ihasa last words, ihe Cyclist raised his hands to the Sky and brought forth a mighty blast, rocking the ground and opening vast, tava-flllad chasms which swallowed hills, mountains, even entire countries. Fire rained from the sky. and tha very sea turned to steam 'Vet.' added the Fourth The Cyclists fell silent as they watched the earth burn. Nothing escaped the terrible llamas, the great**! cities being consumed as easily as the Irallest flower. The Fourth Cyclist toyed Idly with his stem pinch bolts.

Than the First Cyclist lifted his hand, and the flames subsided. The sky darkened, and a wind, a terrible wind, began to howl around Ihe <>gures. Rain lashed down and.

silhouetted by


The cloaked figures encircled a small group of joysticks that huddled In terror on lop of a rock.

'Verily, tha joystick market Is a crowded one.- announced the First Cycllsl ot the Apocalpsa. "creating confusion for games players soaking a simple, straightforward joystick with aulofire We hava chosen nine of tha most popular designs to subject to our Ineffable judgement

"Flrs1, we examine the Zip Slik Super Pro (£ Powerplay. £13.99. e**ee). Its slightly stiff action renders its puny suckers worthless, but as a hand-held stick this works efficiently enough We also commend It for Its classic styling

“Much tha same can be aid of the Cruiser Turbo (0 Power Play. £13.99. ****). Its action seems rather stiff, with the advertised Variable Tension Control proving extremely awkward to operate, but the turbo button is conveniently placed for easy access.

"Meanwhile, the standard Cruiser (Power Play. £10.99. ***), though less costly, lacks the

flashes of lightning, the Cyclists outstretched their arms.

Gently, almost imperceptibly. Ihe ground started to shake. As the Cyclists slowly lifted their hands, the earth shook harder, harder and harder until Its thunderous roar drowned out all alsa (and making the Second glad he'd fitted elastomer sprung forks). Cracks began to open in the ground.

And from ihe cracks came joysticks.

* * *

Yeah, but Orfl's so... so hackneyed He’s everywhere The slightest hint of divine retribution and it s out with the

Carmine Burana. Boring. No. what you want" - the First Cyclist of ihe Apocalypse pressed eject on his Walkman and waved a cassette at the other* - ~is this. Verdi. Daea da da da da da da da-da-da da-da-da di-da-da da-da-da DA diddly-dlddly-dlddly... Brilliant stuff."

But the Third Cycllsl clearly wasn't impressed. "Oh. what, to Orff s hackneyed but Verdi Isn't "


*1 rather think he Is."



"Al least he's not German Tha First Cycllsl quickly put hit tape beck in and turned up the volume. Verily, he


"The Cheetah 125 (Cheetah. £5.30. * * « *) does not look terribly promising, but Its appeal does grow.

It uses cheap, primitive twitches that do not Inspire confidence, but it it reliable In action and particularly adept al producing diagonals The trigger is a little stiff, however

"Its close relation. Ihe Mach f (Cheetah, £5 70. * *), it not so successful It is poorly shaped, with sharp edges on the baa and a shaft that It loo thin al tha top. and the tugger is virtually unusable The mlcroswltehet emit Irritatingly loud clicks, and there Is too much

movement In the shaft It mutt die “But our greatest wrath is (Starved for tha Navigator (Konlx, £15 99. *). Blzarrtiy shaped like tome soil ol ciap raygun. it only hax one stilt lire button which is intensely uncomfortable lo usa And its horrid Hubby abaft is much loo still and spungy Truly, line loyllich insulls ul by ils very presence Wa condemn it lo hum lor eternity*

*■ he said this, the Navigator burst into tlsmax amid leinliad screams from Its comrades

essential aulofire function, tnd It coloured in a detasllble


"Cast In fragile plastic, the Star Probe ( Cheetah. **) would, we suspect, be rapidly destroyed by tha more demanding player It emits a cacophony of tacky clicks, although there It a variety of fire buttons with a particularly well-positioned trigger.

"The Competition Pro Extra I Power Play. £16.99. ***) It familiar to us. but Ihe appalling rubbery action ot the pink on* we tried cam* at a surprise The clear on* was not loo bad, though. They are both rather stiff, but work well enough

"At to to the Bug (t Cheetah. £8.55. ***♦*). Wa find this joystick highly utisfactory lor Ihe playing of Sensible Soectr, with Its precise, lealherilght touch Its fire buttons can grow tiring with prolonged use. however, so we would avoid it for shoot- em-upt Alto, we scorn its Spectrum *2 compatibility.


CHEETAH: 061 954 4060 GRAVIS/ZYE TECHNOLOGY: 0293 538666

POWER PLAY: 0457 6 76601 RSD: 0992 584205 SPECTRAVIDEO: Oil 902 2211 SUNCOli: 0265 642211


All 10(11 of hard corners that -*

'Aw..." interjected the Fourth Cyelisl.

" - that. er. that hurt one a hand*. It awlnga loo lar aa wall, and la only aullabla for tabletop..."

"Aw. took!"

" lor tabtatop . What "

‘Look at these!" The Fourth Cycllal of lh« Apocalypae waa holding a Competition Pro Mini atlck  % Power Play. £14.99, *«***), and atroklng It gently

The Firal Cycllal aiamlned It disdainfully. "11 seemi to be a mlnlaturlaed Competition Pro. How foolish."

"No! You can 1 aay that! D a ao aweel! Look al lla llekle button* " "You lorgel yoursell, fellow Maalei al Dirknesi Anyway. II can 1 poaalbly work aa wall aa a proper one"

"But It doea, look. Better. If anything Oh, It a adorable.'

Tha other three Cydlala alghed. and began lo ready Ihelr bicycles for flight, knowing lhal their work hare waa done. Until Inferior

until eventually Ihe atrap broke The Second Cycllal tumbled backwarda. landing rather heavily on the bag.

Thera was a faint squeak.

“Oh nol Oh no!" The Fourth Cyclist snatched Ihe bag away. He reached Into it and drew out something small, grey and damp.

The Second Cycllal peered al It. “It a a dead mouse,' ha


"I waa trying to save him. From the Apocalypse.'


"And you killed him."


"He waa called Michael."

Dark clouds swirled overhead, and rain laihed Ihe lorlured earth. Slimy creatures crawled through tha mire, while above them, vile, ragged birds struggled against the wind. Lava floes crept steadily across Ihe landscape, consuming all in Ihelr path. Not that there waa much left to consume.

"Forsooth, our work la complela. Judgement Is served."

The Four Cydlala ol the Apocalypse regained their saddles and pointed Iheir from wheels skywards.

"The virtuous have been honoured, and Ihe inadequate cast into the All-Consuming Fires of Perdition."

They rose steadily Into Ihe air, pedalling faster and faster.

"But be warned. We shall mtum. Perhaps not for many millennia. But possibly next summer, when Ihe reviews are looking a bit thin again "

Aa the Cyclists rose, they began to glow white.

"But we shall return, to judge again."

Ahead of them, Ihe clouds parted to reveal a portal.

“I'd have cleaned out his cage "

"What "

The (our blazing figures could barely be seen against the light which streamed oul from the door.

"And remembered lo feed him."

The portal closed behind them and Ihe clouds rolled back inio place.

A terrible darkness decended. making the rain, which still poured down, seem almost comforting.



ll looks splendid, but otherwise performs Identically to Ihe standard Bug. So that is okay.

"The Saitek Megagrlp II (0 RSD. £14.95, ••) appears lo be an analogue joystick converted into a digital one. It has Ihe long, ungainly swing of sn analogue Joystick, making it very difficult to use We tail to see the point ol It which Is a pity, as It Is otherwise of sturdy construction.

"We srs also somewhat bemused by the Argo Stick (0 Cheetah. £8.55, •), ll seems to be based on the attempts ol Ihe artist HR Geiger to depict evil (how little he knows...). Unfortunately It Is cast from revolting, shiny plastic, which

The Cyclists then approached ths final group of joysticks: misfits, largely: joysticks which, whether by accident or design, didn't seem to tit in anywhere else: joysticks which ware, In a way, particularly vulnerable.

We do nol feel Ihe QJ Foalpedal (£ Spectravldeo. £24.99,

• **) property betlts our divine status, considering H more suitable lor games players so lar progressed as to be beyond redemption. It allows three of the standard joystick functions to be replicated by switches under the tact. Ihe Intention presumably being lo make driving games feel more realistic.

"It the Cheetah Bug resembles a biacklly. then the Bug Special Edition (0 Cheetah.

£6.55, * * * * * Is a greenfly.

eaa tha First Cyclist ol Ihe Apocalypse, tha Cleanser of Souls, the Mightiest Purveyor ol Damnation, and he didn't care what anyone else thought.

"Have you tried Mozart " the Second Cyclist asked Ihe Third. "That's gal a bit ol oomph'"

"You think It's quite a nice luna but. I dunno. it hardly sands lightning shooting from your fingertips. You want something with blazing trumpets, ihundering timpani, choirs ol thousands. Something you can really pedal lo."

"Hmm. I suppose. How about you. Fourth Cyclist "

"Hmm "

"What do you like to have playing in the background as you charge from tha nether world to inflict eternal torment on the unworthy "

"Oh. Er, nothing realty." The

Fourth Cyclist turned back to his bike, where he'd been trying to locate a slow puncture

“No, come on."

’Really - nothing. I'm quite happy listening lo the thunder, and Ihe

llames. and the screams of Ihe damned.'

But Ihe Second Cyclist clearly wasn't convinced. He lunged for the Fourth s rucksack and began lo rummage about In it

“Oil Get oul of there!

Why "

"Give H back!"

"What a the big secret, eh " ‘Give... it., back!'

They wrestled with Ihe rucksack, lugging it from one aide lo the other,


njta( <nte<T09at,on    1

i*mre=\ Sm*1*

Tm *v' Hobbkt*

r w * 1 Analyst S*<9* I

■"H Eae°s,e'n s „ „ I

/    Ba s Potemiun I

S y r the

UH H*rr-Ot lC'« *P PHB anecdote





«na>. lining*”*-.


as he ms 6*®"


» lon: Editocju*

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Attention Readers! Attention Readers! The Marching Forward With the Revolutionary Masses Toward a Glorious Future Publishing Party is keen to banish rumours and avoid further unnecessary bloodshed. We of the New Order that runs AMIGA POWER have sworn our allegiance to the


“•w ' TANCEY

sufptos money

■v- /oooOTefgeioy ,


'Including an archbishop"

All together now: it’s Bubble! It’s Squeak! It’s Bubble and Squeak! ty’s Bubble and Squeak! Hurdy ho.

casti* with an earthe eke. ant “df squatting down tv thorn a /town tv a little girt.)

Ctrncm- With Brian RlAM M find iMoce tarn tut* showing Go Mapping LMttaai hmmtttf .» the hack t.Of eel eni >tod 11 trtntog oh in nppotft

msttnq. t-arttaW bringing ituwn a riaaing auapwl mth a tnsary mao and uadfaei twrtinga communion piste tries a discus.

Caption: Starring Derek

------x Jacobi a* Cadiael.

~~ -TXt lAriotn«eset ol X 1•three panels

\ displaying


turning to

' pvtPpI I ,o°* ,n,° y dJB I camera and

nj smiling

\y 006

   S destroying a

Gama*- Rut>hU> aod Rnueak Sons on: « > riiti i :D t2 Pnbllslwn Miirfei lyernc Author; in-ht/use Pr.ce: £30 Release: August

car* Oat agstai aaaa • mgr argument wttu (adM etu Uou /niriap-ran* foeovr anj a myrasWc criam mm

Csetteei and fieri Dlark-evwt anri rtn liaarf hattomiag *’witty Ctnemtp of nmatsheka between character*./ uaraoa i-arttaai and flop Carms. Tonight s Episode - Uneasy Rest *»ie Spints

(Streets nf mediaeval town Sheriff strides post, njnuweo by uedfaei./

Protessionals-styte music Wants soin in Irnm sides nt mean to crash togetnei m term*

/ //////4

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13 • ■ 7-


!*«•» or to '•"V at • rW h* pauitye* w thw yyund Th* totflM datoy iMtat haJBKls to wav fflnmmatli too toad* to oaapto at Mgb cmdy.


"Said TV's famous The Bible"

UPPEitl A tJFE very playable platform game that avoids the obvious laulis and Is. shockingly enough in lhasa modern limes. A Lol of Fun. It s gol nicely ditferenl sub-games, well-balanced puzzles. pots ol character and. amazingly, good music.

Bubbie and Squeak avoids the obvious faults right enough, but provides a new batch ol Its own. The clodding Imbecility ol your sidekick really gets snnoylng. and the ability to undo all your work with one poor Jump does the game no favours

The bad bits, which are fairly bad. aran t bad enough lo smother the good bits, which are very good Phew

around to check the tie of the t land. The game

recognises the COM lovpad using a button to WPP tuheer*-; jgp *

underwater, if you make a

mistake and tall oft a platform you will drown


Bel I'm stis playing It And raV beer. w some time. It tenge together far batter

aialUra puzzles usuauz •flUftny pttingRue Thing hz seme irrymentngty higr. edge, are reasonably

/ZMOtved end    The

thaok ampin arts a sort ot mdarw«t» Senaaeta wibi uur heroes In a ship remarkab*» iimdai m PaMog’shatti tana avourita Otagie fugj add

nom t~Uartftew Squire*"-JnrJ* -km Statin) got ad •scitad about attention to deta0> fumneend Squeak pays attention to detail Thera * a look'ahead mature, to you sen strut! the screen

This just escaped having its name changed to ‘Bumpy Burn’. Future ’n’-games won’t be so fortunate.


pleasure of seeing your victim spin"

Game: Bump 'n1 Burn Runs on: A500. A600. A1200

Publisher: Grandslam Author: Peter Opdam Price: £26 Release: Late July

h no Not again Bump 'n' Bum (oi Sad and Breakfast as it's known due lo those ghastly apostrophes) s going to gat yet another ol those ffcrtfinghr - Ed) reviews that puts AP at odds with the whole at the computer game industry You've got to ask yourseU why1 Why’’ Why1 Why’’ Why1 Why1 Why1 Why1 Why do we do it1 It would be easier to submit to external and internal pressures and just say: TOasb'-Ed) it. here's 87 per cent. Ft* thank you very much shake hands and we can have some lemonade and a

techmcalty proficient racing game, recogrvsably inlluerced by Lotus Turbo Espni and embarrassingly obviously plagiarising Super Mano Kart and the cartoon Wacky Races Great idea, eh I sincerely wish it had worked


Probably the easiest way to explain why the game tails is to hold up the shining examples ol each ol the games it's emulating mtum. Fust. Mano Kart It's structurally identical lo BSB you race agamsl personality' opponents and zap them with personality' weapons The graphics and courses ol Mano Kart have been cleverly designed so you re always m the thick ol

IW chat about it in the

the pack (the

UO cat! alter work Alter

short tracks

\ 3 all. it's not as it there's

mean that

anything intrinsically at

you II lap

9 lault with the game It's


A \ * a cutesy.

markers and

V compeieni(ish).

so stilt have people

1 A >

It Irish    Slain.r mid la AaintJi

Din«i, what would ih« Dodjy Dual mt

to scrap with) but have a dear view so you can lire accurately at other competitors \ BSB has huge.

7 rambling courses, with the competitors slicking together m a vast, leaplroggng bunch. Excepting the homing missiles, your weapons (od slicks, walls and the like) are dropped I from behind you. increasing

the difficulty ol hitting someone (already high due to the small amount ol visible road ahead) and also robbing you at the pleasure ol seeing your victim spin out Worst Ol an the weapons are practically redundant, because you can Itoor the accelerator and pass any ol the cars with impunity - only to see them zoom past you 10




- At different as Count ' - Chaos and the Creepy Coupe. Eh, Grandsiam

itisl spent two or three solid minutes trying to catch up with the pack You do so and then manage to steal the lead Suddenly, Count Chaos, or Cdonel Carnage, or whoever turbo-boosts past you or hits you with a homing rocket You wobble out at control for a lew seconds Meanwhee. the pack s overtaken you and you're left with a lot ot catching i*j lo do Again So. much (n fact, most) of your time is spent zooming along an empty track and watching the scenery


The actual driving mechanics aie soggy as wei Step forward Lotus Turbo Espnt With that game the circuits are short and interesting You have to use the throttle a lot. especially when cornenng and steenng. For example, you re flat out and approaching a bend Centrifugal force slews the car toward the outer barriers You have lo ease off the throttle lo stay on the track, in exlreme cases braking hard This leads to a perceptible slowdown ol both the graphes and the engine noise II piaymg agamsl a human player as well.

seconds later It I were being kind-hearted. I’d accept the explanation that

this is because the drivers cunningly employ them turbo power ups. but, er, surely they can t be collecting these al twice the frequency you or I would tad Ihem1 This phenomenon can be ■educed to a deliberate mechanism on the programmer's part The intention behind it is to mamtam the challenge ol the

computer cars, but in practce it s ntunatmg. Imagine the situation You've

they can hear the aural cue and work out roughly where you are on the course Not one ol these mechanics are salistymgly implemented n BAB There s no sense ol acceleration easing off the throttle on bends seems to have little eflect. running into obstacles doesn I even slow your car (although me speedc reading drops] and the sound, although lOty In its own special way. felts you nothing

But the game scores highly when up against Wacky Races The eight competitors are highly characterful, the graphics are lovely, with dean lines and great slabs ot colour, and the animation is smooth and ticker-tree It's certainly more tun than watching the cartoon, anyway

Bump n Bum is a case of great idea, but markedly unfuHilling game The manic

compactness of Mano Kart has been fatally compromised, and the unreal, floaty way your car handles finishes off the illusion of driving BABs funny, m a tunny kind ol way It's got a toi of character, m a characterful kind ol way Unlortunately rl lacks addictive gameplay In an unadddive kind ot way


UPPERS It s fast and

® colourful. Competitors are neatly characterised -everyone will have their own special lavouritas. Loti ot tracks lo race on. Lots ol power-ups.

® DOWNERS The tracks are too big - you juat lose interest scenery-watching. If you get picked up by one of the random monatera. you have to wiggle the Joyatfck to force them to let you down - try doing that with a joypad. There's no serial link lor the two-player mode, juat a cramped split-screen option.


Uario Karl on the Amiga with the people Irom Wacky Races No, not really. Bump n'Burn borrowi heavily from a great game, but doesn l capture Its essential essence. Still M f has its own special    m 1

charm, though    §




They came across the desert in leather trousers, with wildness in their eyes. Life

Game: Burntime Runs on: A50Q. A600.


Publisher: Kompart Authors: Max Design Price: £30 Release: TBA

You know how it is these days Corrupt, crazy, corporate, caustic, capitalist, consumerism has a voracious, unrestrained, knwrs-no-bounds, destroy all in its-path appetite The planet itself* twig ripped to shreds m the name ol moistunsers with age-defying complex and action liposomes, cheeseburgers with extra

World Cup-sze bites and Amencan-style relish, and nappes with super-absorbency lor extra confidence and dryness So at least it's bemg done lor something worthwhre Am t progress great, eh

Not that it really matters anyway 8y the time we exceed critical mass and ecological melldown occurs. I ll be dead So that's alt right then Nothing to worry me there. IExcept being dead, obvtousfy

Fortunately lor Mother Earth, Greenpeace s altruistic y diehards refuse to accept ju the inevitability ol FA temporal toxicity ard \ have directed all their I 1 public awareness ; 1 resources and heroic I efforts into lighting the J forces of apathy, greed. y wasle. deslruchon and ' aulhontanan sanctioned espionage and then getting blown up by the French secret service And here's Bumbme - the game of the principles ol the group endorsing the game rf you see what I mean

"Recruit followers, teed and water yourself"


The point of Bumbme is to guide your character over a large-ish post-apocalypbc desert map. recrud followers, feed and water yourself, and overthrow and control all the major obes Helping not at al with first impressions is the bald tact that you're going to die a lot on your Hedgehog outings It's the only way that you'll make any real progress, because the game s all about sussing out which locations are best tor developing as bases, which are best as water sources and which as food sources, where you can easily find doctors and merchants, and so on Obviously you don't wanl to know everything al the start, bul killing you oil with maddening frequency goes beyond the pale

The laughable graphics are another point against the game They look exactly like Speccy tIDGs and move in such a horribly tortured

manner that actually • meeting other X characters is made that much more difficult I But. as we constantly

Irla.dt mi lb. tarlk laaaJaa mi th< kil.r car more like. Su'd be battar ah with a tikan Jaap la ■bis a a van


thard in those bitter years after the...

® UPPERS Engaging

storyline. Nice mix ol itralegy and adventuring Lota of Interaction wrth character*.

® DOWNERS Generally crap graphic!. Lota of trudging around to do. Vary rarely can you enter a fight and coma out of It unacalhed.


Not suited to everyone's tastes. If you're Into adventures or aw A 2 atrategy games then    If1 ”

you II like this one.    m llr

(Atrghh. - Cop-Out Ed) •    ■ *



A«nfln tt looks better on the ‘    A1200.

y«N fJlBuld ihfifl b« * UipkiOOf of ■■Blit] wtM riti to uipklofl.

pushing them around a bit so they leel up to defenrkng your territory or storming a low country. In order to do this, you've got to recruit technicians who car quite metaphorically, make something out of nothing Have your followers diedge conquered settlements for targe piles of rubbish hand them over to your technicians, and be lore you can mention plagiarising the A-Team. you've got some tembe weapon that nevertheless tooks nice on a mantelpiece, or something

So. Well-composed conclusion time It's an odd. but on the whole satisfactory, jumble is Bumbme The ideas are certainly nothing nevr a borrows (tom everything from The Setters to that number-crunching tavounte Kingdom.

You get a lot of interesting tussles and sieges. but you also have to contend with trudging around in a halt-aimless exploratory manner lor a fair bd of the game It's certainty not outstanding or excellent or anythng like that, but it is sokd. dependable and performs wet *Vorsprung durch technic.' as Greenpeace might say it they had a mind to toke about

the tool ot the devil that ts the internal combustion engine • STEVE McGILL

0«l . fca.d la •dv.rilling

Hn h. had kii WaafahaT

Bay Balia ntadi tdaia ihada.

laad hat dial, wara appraciaiad


VA A * 7A


In ih« d<un, ubiquild«i urd ihbi la b«

V CHirrafetK.

preach to you. good graphics don't make a good game And Burntime is a good game Nat a great one. bul a good one On the first couple of pfays. I got all pnckJy and restless 'This is tedious crap." I thought And I was mostly wrong (It was entertaining crap7 Oh. never rtsnd. - Ed) The reason tar ths conclusion was simple.


Alter the initial, uneomtortabiy extended setlkng-in period as I grappled with the (teas and challenges ol the game, things begin assuming a definable shape You can only carry so much precious kfe-su staving toed and water. H lasts a lime chronological period before replenishments are required Considering that your main obiectrvo lies m the recruitment of people horn the various towns, cities and settlements scattered around the desert, it makes sense to

OlM ml VMI MHl II W l

Om ol your wm II Vw esmyilrty th« XtHrt ky Ukmy the my»lcry MU



ensure you're carrying enough to see you safety on your way lo the next town As soon as you've recruited some followers, you use them to take, secure and hold the aforementioned settlements This isn't as much ol a problem as it sounds, assuming, of course, that you've read your basic strategy handbooks and made a thorough reccy ot the area The trick (and hence mam fun of the game) is lugging the variables required lo reach the heady heights of overlord of al you survey Generally this involves maintammg a supply of vrttais to your people and






As the build-up begins for the 1998 World Cup in France,

AMIGA POWER brings you five pages of advance reviews of the games that’ll be hoping to capture the spirit of France ’98. (And not, for exampfe, a bunch of footbaii games that, for various reasons, we didn’t get in time to review before the end of this year’s World Cup.) Vive le football.




I—I 4


□□ oo

«. 414ml iNnoteM.

ikta. Pkt fUrtd bitui    CUP

•has n ttauftrl-

61    POSSESSION    39

06    SHOTS    ae

I «•■... Special.


0    3 ee 0


3    3


«    3








Game: Empire Soccer '94 Publisher: Empire Runs on: A500, A600.


Authors: Graftgold Price: £26 Release: Out now

Whir I tirst saw this game being previewed >n the PC Gamer ottee a couple ol months ago. I've gal to admit that I was overwhelmingly unimpressed The pitch looked too small and the animation ol the huge sprues seemed stift and unwieldy The gameplay lacked depth and mainly consisted ol both players trying lo outdribble the Other before unleashing a shat All m all, it looked like lodder lor a hatchet ]0b ('A game M lor authoritative. m-depth review' - Ed) That's why I wasn I looking torward to the game comng m at all

How astoundingly. smotherngly surprising then that this is going to be only ihe second time ever that I've awarded a game 90 per cent But why’ There are so many lootbail games around at this particular moment in time that any new one has to alter something really special even to Imd isell kicked into the 80 per cent AP stratosphere

The reeson for Empire Soccer's exceptional score is simple: gameplay And depth and tun. and testability Don't let


I ’



the initial impression ol superficiality put you oh This is merely a pointer lo ihe ease wtlh which you can pick up Ihe game and immediately slart playing Trust me.

Before l begin waxing lyrical about how much fun you can have with Empire Soccer, I II discuss and definitively dismiss some of the criticisms aimed at the game by a couple ol fellow Oumos - namely. CCam" - Unde Joe Staton) and JD


JD said that he found the restricted view a bit limiting Ordinarily. I'd agree: a restricted view has spoiled many a footy game, and Empire Soccers is limited m the strictest dctionary sense of the word. Take, lor example. Ihe kick oft There's jusl about enough space lo fit the centre circle m Bui (and this is an absolutely huge completely urvgnorable gaiganluan. bul) look ai ihai gamedozer among games. Speedbati 2 Its view is every bil as peripherally

detracts from the game not one infinitesimally imploded iota Alter a trilling amount ol practice you know exactly where your players are going lo be as you hoof out a pass, and the larger sprites make lor a more easily-followed, zippier game ( Cams' - Unde Joe Staton) criticisms were aimed mainly at the apparent shallowness ol the game It's one of those grab-the-balland-


it-through things, isn 1 it’ Simphshc drivel that crumbles before Ihe mighty powers ol Sensi' he sneered An obvious comment, but one steeped in specious logic Empire




Soccer wallows in (admittedly hidden) depth Fairly prerkcfabfy, but none the less welcome tor it. each o! the 32 teams plays differently (But you can equalise their abilities lor a straightforward match ) Bettering SpeedbaF 2. theie are frve team formations to master. Irom a wholeheartedly aggressive 5-3-2 to a weediiy protective 2-4-4 And (best of all) there are special powers The bo* below describes them m attractively-illustrated detail, but bascaily you can beet up your play with an unstoppable Power Drive, improve your goalocking chances with Snap Shot battle





interceptions with the Banana Shot, btter the pitch with unconscious opponents with Super Saige. carve furrows m the mud with Speed Burst, or fox tackles with Super Dribble It all adds to the zingy unreality ot the game, allowing you lo (lor example) score fantastically exaggerated, come book curving goals, or blast the ball three-quarters ot the length of the field to your waiting shooter, which is a Good Thing. Even so. you can turn oft the special powers it you ieel it's Just Not Foolbali Blinkered tools

And. yes. you can mooed dribble the bal up the Imld and run it into goal, but only H your opponents have inexplicably tor gotten how to tackle Such laches can also be quashed by de-velcroing your boots and switching to the 'prolessionar game, which demands a passmg style ot play that ii appeal to those who reaiy can t be torn away Irom Sens)


By now, you may have guessed that I like Empire Soccer a lot I ve letramed Irom the inevitable lootballing comparison cfcche of. Mis good, but not as good as SensT iSo it's not reaiy . mewtabte then - Ed J It's not trying to be Sena -the only thing the two games have in

common is the word "soccer" m the title and the obieclnre of trying to scon more goals than your opponenl

Empire Soccer« a tar more arcadey (but not simplistic) game, with the emphasis on cartoony larger-than-liteness (though not at the expense ot playability) In tad, d you load up Sena after playing Empire Soccer lor a brt. Sens seems sedate, stow, bny and pedestrian by comparison It's a weird perception imagine the Mowing by way of analogy You ve just been on a roller-coaster, or the Corkscrew, or the Black Hole or whatever As soon as you gel off and plant your teel on sold ground, the rest ot the world teets distinctly odd lor a couple of minutes That's what it's like playing Sensi after Empire Soccer - distinctly odd

So go on. buy this game If you do. it can only encourage Grahgold to do better next time Because it's not perfect There are quite a few Sen$ > and Speedbail 2 features that corid be lurthei bolted on lo make it one o! the best games ot al time, the mosi important ot which would be the ability lo customise and personalise your own tooibaii teams. I'd love to be able to play as (Nngh - Ed) Kilmarnock FC But these ate onty small gnpes Empire Soccer, as it stands here and now. is a last, fabulous, fantastic frolicsome, truitmi. fandango, flavoursome lootballing test Do your Inends, your Amiga and most ot al. yourself a favour. Even it you ve got Sensi. grab hold ot Empire Soccer today It’s a winner.


® UPPERS Speed.

playability, fun. Involvement, hidden depth, special powers, variable formations, (asm line-ups. strategies snd tactics. Booked players have ■ little yeliow card displayed on their shoulder so that you know to hold back Irom heavy tackles (but don't).

® DOWNERS Irritating copy protection. You can t customise your own teams or Individual names of players. Replays are too short and you can't save them to disk. Special powers can be tricky lo use. The whistle wilt blow (or half- or full-time evan if you're lining up lor a tree kick. There's room for Improvement-individual player slats, leagues and that customisation, off the top of my head. And, blzarrely, you get only two points for 9 wtn W


It's Speedbail 2 for footy fans (or looty for Speedbail 2 fans, if you like). A great lun. hugely playable game that! well worth buying, but with just enough nlbbly laults lo warrant a Vert Ion 1.1. How about il.

Graft gold



p. 1 2 0.0 No 1200 specific

version yet. but such a game demands the ability to use ■ CD32 joy pad Clamours for it. In fact.


'Ykey'ra aot Mlckii] Iki fast, Ikayia «akhl» you. SpMkl

1k< World Cap proaiotai laUrmidoMl ladariuadiHy aad kanaoay ai ia (hit loachiaf dao<« utit.

Gama: Kick 041 3 Publisher: Anco Author: Steve Screech Runs on: A1200 Price: £26 Release: Out now By now, everybody in the world knows the rather ud dory behind the belated release of Kick Oti X Apparently, Anco decided that the computer press couldn't be trusted not to copy the game and distribute It to their piraley friends. Pahl Looks like an and to that particular lucrative financial avenue then. The next thing you know, wa ll have to atari writing games reviews lor a living. Where would we be then, eh  We'd probably have to tar ourselves with soma kind of an alternative lack of Integrity' brush.


Don't worry We re professionals at AP. We don't let Insults like Anco's Influence us one bit. H the game's a goal scorer, we ll say so il It s crap or lacklustre, expect us to point that out in as talr and logical a manner as possible. Ain't we top. guys

The first thing that should strike

you about this review Is lhal It's on ona page. Generally, that's an excellent pointer io the Importance we attach to lha game. It was hardly awaited with balled breath or raised expectations. Dlno Dlni doesn't work tor Anco any more, and this Kick Off offering, unfortunately, sutlers for It.

It s a aide-view game h la Wembley International Soccer (AP39, 5%) and John Sames Football (APIA, 74%). It suflera Irom the usual malady associated with this style ol computer looty - you can't sea enough of the pitch. To compenseie lor this, a scanner it provided So that's all right then. (Sort of.)

The alher typical hitch of slda-vlew game* Is hsra as

wall: large, stiffly-animated

sprites. When lha

footballers run lull flight.

aide-on, they look    **

remarkably Ilka the

Blue Meanlet from /    «    ;

The Beatles’

snlmatad    / liWflU (q

extravaganza / i

Yellow    90S GHOB4

Submarine. It's a \; t staccato mofion V .-HlR pill lhal took*    V j -y 4

awkward and landt \    • -Tj iyj

to play up the    <

(aubllmlnalty quite         "

nauseating) )erklnesi of the scrolling.


The gamapiay isn't so much off colour ss not quits on song. Kick OH 3 successluily defeats Ihe pinball' teal ol the previous games, but has a stupid fault of its own. In this vsrston. you can only utilise full control of the game with a two-button joystick: the second button takes cars of pinpoint passing. Badly. You can play using s singlebutton stick, but you'll have to cope without Ihe passing featurs. Havan t Anco heard ol options screen! where you can choose between tingle- and two-button joys ticks Brutal Sports Fool bait a got one. and Wembley International Soccer automatically detects what sort at controller you've plugged in so that you don't even have to toggle an options screen.

It's a ridiculous feature' and one lhal resks of markating ariogance and myopia: the sama arrogant myopia that accuses games mags of being frontman for pirates. And don’t think that I'm saying this because I'm upset at my integrity being questioned Consider the following. The game comes on two disks, but. can you guess, doom I recognise a second disk drive. Does this strike you as the sort ol programming that pays attantlon to dstall Thought not Furthermore, there are crowd chants and the like throughout the game. But

I / when you score, the silence J Is deafening. It robe you of the y sense of achievement, and that / Is most definitely a Bad Thing -I'm taking three percent off lor that transgression.


If you're In the market for a tide-view football game, go for Wambley International Soccer. It hat more straightforward conlrolt and far more options to help customise the gamapiay and tactics. Avoid Kick OH Jl ft's a bit of a Duncan Ferguson, the over-priced Rangers striker. In the gamapiay stakes: Is, a waste of money. • stev£ McGill


it looks nice and lha goal netting looks exceptionally nice. Er, that's H.



translation of the consols version. No second drive recognition. A1200 version only uses a two button joystick. No crowd roar on scoring i goal. Wading through the user unfriendly option screens is a bit of a drudge.


Side scrolling footle garnet can be fun. Kick OH 3 isn't much fun. Certainly not In the same league as Wembley International Soccer.



foe t in »a •» « *r>

i iw mw-    «    gtr in«

fffrtllor    S-4-1

htvi    o’ » I    Rttacki

Be hir n


Game: World of Soccer Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Challenge Soflware

Authors: In-house Price: E20 Release: Out now

Prepare yourself lor the shortest review ever to grace the pages of AP World ol Soccer is crap It’s overpriced, it's boring and it's got one ol the worst Iron! ends ha) I've ever seen on any type of game Ever Review over

You want to know more1 Okay, lei's start with the praltmmanes World ol Soccer is a football management game Its been wntten in rt-Soff Basic and pays about as much attention to detax as Wile E Coyote does to safety

You know that you re in lor e treat Irani the very beginning About thirty seconds after booting up. you're requested to dick the left mouse button For no reason whatever Around twenty seconds later, a tote screen appears It's so poor its laughable It's got to be a pke - s looks like the first lesson you ever took ndrtheung with D-Pamt 4, but worse Par worse Tele screens are supposed to buik) a sense of anticipation in the nervously eager gamer World ol Soccer’s induces a sense of humorous dread of what's to come Unsurprisingly, the game delivers •nth a pathetic aplomb akn to the murmunngs of a dejected puppy dog


After choosing to continue with a saved game or start anew, you're laced with a poorly designed front end Take a look at the screenshots I've spared you nothing and desperately Ragged the opening screen



Spit at it on the page Show your friends Let them know that games like these are the enemy ol innovator and progress They're a retrograde step It's almost as it the programmers had deeded to incorporate everything shoddy and lacklustre they could think of into one game


If you think I'm gong overboard, consider this There are thirteen optimistically-named icons on the bottom of the screen. allowing you to access various parts ol the game, as per usual But they're not icons. They're words Words like ‘(R)eview' to review your next fixture, and. er. "(K)" to save or load your game Take a moment to guess how the icons work Hands up all those who suggested something along the lines of typing the bracketed letter Nope, sorry, wrong In tact, you dick within the bracket There's no keyboard option.)

Now. I'm not a game designer but I do know that I'm being torted to work at least twice as hard as I should It you're going to decoiate icons with letters, make their function accessible from the keyboard as well Alternatively, and prepare yourself tor a bil of radical thinking here, why not have ■cons that are kttle pictures hinting at then

limction Hmm7

You can choose to become manager of several dubs, many of wtveh are in foreign leagues Being a Scotsman. I naturally chose the Scottish league Only ii was spelled Scobsh' and n consisted of sixteen learns Surely, as they say. that's a foul tel l relented a bit when I saw that Kilmarnock (Nngh - Ed) was rated as one ol the strong' teams. But the next momenl the kmdy. avuncular smile had slipped away The game assigns these strengths randomly It doesn't even have the

decency lo make a halfhearted attempt at naming any of the proper players for each team You're supposed to do that yourself

I couk] go on. but frankly folks it just isn't worth it Games like thts are the enemy of the Amiga market The saddest thing about the whole affair is that this game writ probably sell quite a lew units because it's got Soccer'm the title Thai means that there's gomg to

Inaii facts as4 Ilf aras.


be less money around lor good games like Empire Soccer or Sensi international Edtion or even Empire s Work) Cup Year '94 compilation Pease don't buy this It's absolutely awful • STEVE MCGILL


A1200 It rum on the 1200.

Destroy your machine to prevent this.

® UPPERS After about live minutes ot solid concentration, nothing s come to mind.

® DOWNERS The front end. The complete lack ol any worthwhile graphics.

The match commentary. A lack ol attention lo just about every aspect that makes a football management game worthwhile.


World ol Soccer Is a total waste of money. Treat it    r    2

as you would a vampire,         £

and thrust a slake    

through Its heart today.

kpivrel    t «*«•§•


Review n kI nat ch B . Dorthund Kol

(Tip Good)




All good things must come to a sequel - so they say.

Game: Wild Cup Soccer Runs on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Millennium Author: Teque Lid Price: E25 99 Release: Out now


i/ill 11

Oi Brutal Sports Soccer by

another name (Hang on let's get something straight Football <s the tamous sport involving *idung a ban with great skd1 fito the opponents goal Soccer navee euphemism used by American people who wrongly consider their game. Amencan Football, to be football ~ Ed) We re looking at Millennium's pop at the World Cup gravy Ham but as you'd imagine (torn the team that brought us Brutal Sports Football (AP32. 88%) this one's kind ot different from the rest The thinking behind Wad Cup Soccer seems to have bean this: it Brutal Sports Footbal made us loads ot cash and got great reviews and was a pretty lunky game, then we can do it all agam lor soccer with the minimum ot play testing, changes or thought and stilt make pats ol cash, right"* Wrong

Cataloguing everything that's wrong with Wild Cup Soccer would take much more than this humble page, so you're getting just the highlights. Before that, it's worth telling you that the teams are made up ol gobim type thmgies and the setting is some sort ol Toikienesque past where

wh*r fit u. ee i

reel h»« pewtr

burly warriors play looty to win the Wild Cup As well as taking part in the Wild Cup compo. you can also play (ho ho) an 'unfriendly' or m a league, but more ol that m a bit In the mean time - the problems


•    The sound consists mainly ol natl music and crowd noise I couldn't get nd ol the music and rapidly got bored Ol the single crowd sample that goes Oooooh " every lime a player is tackled Another game played m silence

•    A combination ol the letlerbax-shaped playing area, large character graphics and an isometric view means that you can only see a tiny amount on the screen at any one time

•    For reasons never fully explained (although I suspect it's shoddy programming) most ot the players spend anything up to, say. 20% ot ihe lime being

completely invisible Although the animations ot the players are very nice, it’s all spoiled when they dicker m and out ol exisience

•    In between games, you can change the team Ime-up Irom offensive

AeeV-te. TT

'Aii4 MV ell mi Ik* bl*o4 i («■!■* «ato Ik* pkckr

to defensive buy and sell players and tool up your learn with anything Irom swords and shields lo handguns and rocket launchers I can see that making your team harder might profit you in the league, but is I won every game I played without ever trading players, buying weapons or altering my taefces in any way. al at these add-ons seem entirely superfluous

■    Talking of tactics, how about this one’ For reasons never fully explained you can run much taster it you go right than in any other direction 01 course, being an tsometnc view, right means that you run diagonally across the pitch, so if you pass the centre line and then press right you can whoosh past al the delenders and end up near the goal mouth Goal'

■    On my first ever go. I won the Wild Cup To prove it wasn't a fluke. I ckd it agam. and then gave it to someone else who also won it Value kx money and long lasting gameplay1 You betcha

• The computer players make no attempt to run around your playeis. so you can stand still and beat them up Using only the tire button and never touching the stick ol the joystick itself, you can take every game to a nil-mi draw and a penally shootout (involving - ho ho - running around with a shotgun and shooting' (you see1) opponents) and even score ihe odd flukey goal Challenging gameplayNil points

• You can't play a league match or the Wild Cup with two players Bah'

Proving you can have too much of a good thing. Millennium really messed up on this one They should have basked in the glory ot Brutal Sports Football and waded until this one had some gameplay in it Brutal Sports Hockey. Bowling and Synchronised Swimming11 hope not



Nice graphlei.

DOWNERS It's not actually a game: well, not In any meaningful sense ol the word.


Not as good as its predecessor. Not by a very, very long way.

And that's a very. very, very big ihame.


.0.1200 Equally pretty

grsphici. Equally problematic gameplay. Don't you wish that ust for once It’d be different on the A1200

Did we hear cries of “hooray bunny, bunny” from Cam as this fell into his hands No. Strangely we did not.

Game: Quik

Runs on: A500, A600.


Publisher: Titus Authors: Vincent Penns, Bruno Gore Price: £20 Release:TBA

[A monorail tram puis «IU a sumptuous station The floors art densely carpeted and the air shghtty scented with lemon grass (Hi As the travellers dsembark they're greeted by young, good looking and met dressed guides who take them over to

expansive leather solas. After a lew minutes wait, a three loot high blue bunny is minted to sit down A wet spoken lady begins the interview J interviewer 1: Good morning s<r As you are aware, m less than three weeks the planet Earth will plunge into Ihe sun and be moderated Death lor all inhabitants is certain but. (or a (oriunaie tew. tile will continue m the Star Cruiser Eden 2 Vbu are here today lo be evaluated, lo ascertain whether your skills and talents are worthy enough lo be preserved 'rtxjr name pleaseQuik: It's Ouik

Interviewer 1: Ouik7 That's an odd name Even lor a llufty-wufly Hue bunny rabbit

Auwm, he tarn lump Mil Mm

h.vyMr Mark Md fnmpj lort«t*«, Mr Mr* tarn reach the IMH travel tfaar Mm Thu 1* a t.«< ThMf.

Quik: Actually. I'm not a rabbit not m any real sense I'm a video game character Interviewer 1: Ahn. well, in that case. I'm a!ra*d you've come to the wrong place Although there are 250.000 places lor electronic persons, they're being processed in a different section The monorail will lake you mere Goodbye


[Another monorak. another Staton This line, the floor is tiled and overhead signs reading Queue Here' drect an odd assortment of video game characters towards barricades Quik is forced to stand hr three hours, nodding sympathebcaty at Tumcan's mantal

problems and gnmacmg at tales ot ihe Barbarian's mtected ingrowing toenail Eventually hts name is called and he sits on a hard wooden bench that's seen better days]

Interviewer 2: Okay Quik. gimme J a rundown Whatta you doi>m    Whaicha good

W    at7

trampoline) and do lots and lots cl cartwheels, smacking the bad guys as I


Interviewer 2: Waitlaminule Vbu meanla say you're one o< them

Quik: One o( what7 Interviewer 2: You know what I mean scumbucket. One ot. you know, THEM Quik: I'm alraid I still don't loiiow you Interviewer 2 (htssmgy. A platform game Quik: Why yes. that's exactly what I am Why is that a prob (He ts dubbed unconsoous by guards m not gear and thrown mto an open-topped wagon )


[Not so much a Staton, more a railway string The monorak slows and Quik is thrown out Guards with cattle prods and tmted visors shng him across rhe concrete boor towards a desk The interviewer


Quik Wen as

v f you can see (He «•    stands up and

y    twins round) rm

1    very cute l can

jpH.-- also run

■Hr ) '***>*

f (power-ups permuting)

f jump very h-pn I (always assunvng I can find a

nm* travel,    pH hn+w, mtsru th* yom

M«« M tmmp up lo tfc« t pp of p loo* *4

fcert ittpiW >a At <at>. It kap Thic,




al all bad I can see ihai the bidden nasties that lurk behind toregiound scenery ate supposed lo be Ineky when m tact they gust slow you down bul 11 let that one slide The inherent Some-ness of your game's Irankly a bit nab but see<ng as you're jusl another generic platform game. I'll drop that one loo The long and short ol it Mr Ouik is that I'm not gomg to blow you away

with the shotgun Quik: Phew

interviewer 3: However, being cute and entertaining lor a tew hours simpty isn't enough To gel that golden ticket on the Star Cruiser, you need to look good, play well and be imaginatively pul together Second Samurai's packing r*s bags right now, cos he's got the kind ol varied gameptay and oomph that you need to survive when playing through the endless aeons ot space Whereas you're slightly better than average, which means only one thing

Quik: Whals that7

Interviewer 3: Were leaving you on

Earth You're gang lo laB into the sun and

die along with everything else that s


Now Jltkouyk Ovik kiul nuch setae lor K, Ir ii very pretty !• look <1. So Hurt

Ifi Quik: Errm what's that7 fl Interviewer 3: It's ust a standard thmg we do We look for things like Green Hill Zones, cute bad guys and

P Then we watch the characters special move and

risen name

_    9 spin" and it

it looks loo much like Sonic the Hsdgehog then Quik: YesInterviewer 3: Then Quik: Yes7

Interviewer 3 [patting the shotgun . I blast em with this here twelve gauge Quik: Ulp

Interviewer 3: II you've got anything you want to cough up then now would be a good time

Quik: Sob Okay. okay, so the first ol the tour worlds looks ev ' such a lot like the first level of Sonic even down lo there being different ways through each level And I do spin a lot. but whereas Some docs it lacing the drection ot travel. I (ace out of the screen and smle at you. so that can I count, can rt7 (Chokes) Can n7 And I B admit that my speed power-up may look a little like the Sorvcs speedy bools, but it wasn t deiibeiale, honest (Stubs, Please don't kill rr.e. Oh. please don't Mi me I'm fust a little Huffy blue rabbil trying to make an honest k-ng. (Begs ) Have pity on me


Interviewer 3: Okay well. I s-jpocse ’ i give you the good news f-rst i checked your V’ ,Y» eredeafeats and you're actually no)

that lead to the time travel sections J Ive then got to jump my way lo the lop of the screen while a flying    I

creature keeps pekmg me up and ■ dropping me Also I can get killed in " several ways I can (ail down the numerous bottomless caverns dotted around, or I can dn of Ihirsl. hunger or accumulated wounds To prevent th,-. I've got to find water, carrots and heart icons, which are dotted around and also _ released by the baddies when I kif them There ate even I (tie signs -V saying Joke’ dotted around for little \< or no reason, which is a feature Ive ** never seen r any other game Interviewer 3 (ruffing/ Weil it's hanJy groundbreaking stuff, but I suppose it could be worse Okay, we ll move on to the Some Test

checks hts sawed-off double-barrelled ihotger. before shutting a pile ot forms j Interviewer 3: I ve got to tell you Ouik. the chances of you catching that shuttle are pretty slim The last thing the remnants of cvirsalion need is a bunch of lame platformers Okay, do you have a level based on HP Giger with funny aliensOuik: No

Inlerviewer 3: Thai s good What about a tippy slidey ce worldOuik: Yes. one of my four worlds is M slippy and slidey, with funny v  tledges and snowballs and things Interviewer 3: Bad move, bunny Tell me about 'f \ your sub-games and  untque features 1 -S *v Quik: Wen. on certain <1 S~\    ■ levels. I've got to find doors

Quik: Oh dear • CAM WINSTANLEY

Coo! Y«« rotcjlfy fox on J birifi tom.

Hoo-hool ViMich die lami buiifii ran!

Fyalil 11*1 m lal Mmd

laafti bffd arird l

Wj*Vt£ie .iw"lr

Spiel Of Quik, mjyfec

Tlncrl A puty vallurr - arrih    Oipfl*

® UPPERS Bright and

clear graphlci. varied routei through levels, entertaining bonua level a and cute (but al the same time slightly scary) characters. It's also priced at about the rlghl level.

® DOWNERS Horrible, horrible mualc that forces you lo play the game with Ihe volume down. Also, quite i few baddies vanish from the level the moment they leave the screen. I hate that. I lound It quite eaay, and I'm lerrlble al platform games


And Ihe bland played on. As a needless addition to the platform market, Ouik lan'l as offensive or banal as Ihe likes of Dootua or James Pond 3. but there again H Isn't as way cool as Second Samurai. It has few things wrong with It. but st the same lime little going lor it. It's all right lor a lew hours ol cheaplsh N A. tun. but all predictability k ■ [! and no Innovation makes llE Quik a rather mediocre lltlle game.



.    No worse, but

AI2UD certainly no better, and similarly doomed to perish In the all-consuming fires.





Would playing this game have helped John Cleese to get to his headmasters’ conference in time We think not. Rather the opposite in fact.

®UPPIH1 Very addictive game with lots o< level* (one hundred and ten) meaning that It'll take quite a while to finish. The Editor * pretty good a* well. Old I mention how addictive It is

®DOWNIR8 A bit too hard tor it* own good In place*. It * hard to tell which way you're about to rotate the brick* (or is that just me being stupid ). The graphic* are a bit unattractive as well, but what can you expect from a pile at brick* (A Legoisnd extravaganza at so me kind - Ed)


This I* a surprisingly playable and enjoyable game with loo much addlctivertesa lor its own good However there are a couple ol minor, but nonetheless

irritating, points that stop    —

Clockwtser from being S Ij ■ surprisingly amazing (or. § "a er, very good anyway). ■    " -



Differences No.

A17CO However there Is an AGA version on the wey which will undoubtedly have more colourful bricks (always assuming that's possible).

interesting and the controls a ktiie easier this would have been a fine game • JAUES ATTWOOD

Game: Clockwiser Runs on: A500. A600. A1200 Publisher: Rasputin Authors: Reirner van Vliet Price: £12 99 Release: Out now

and garages and office bocks are made Ol It’S all about rotating blocks around other blocks until your blocks look like the picture ol blocks on the other side ol the screen Easy enough you might say. but when you discover that some bocks are affected by gravity, some explode some multiply, some don't mom at all some make other bocks (loaf and some make other bocks teleport around the screen then you begin to notice ClockmWs hidden complexities

annoyingly addictive Ckxkwisei's level edilor is easy lo use. allowing you to make levels hsrder than soma ol (he original ones (if ihat's possible)

Mind you you do need a friend lo have a go ai your lewei tor you. because you'd obviously know how lo complete ii yoursetl (probaby]

The game's difficulty level nses and lilts more often than a rollercoaster You can spend halt an hour on one level (and we re taking the easy levels here1] and then complete the next level in a minute (or even less).


The worst levels are the ones that look really easy

I destroy all lha bocks on the screen) buf ore wrong move and ihe diamond self-reproducing bock sals lo work and before you know it the screen looks something like a diamond thief's heaven1

It’s hard to work out which way you're going to rotate the bncks Oh so many times I rotated the wrong way because ol a genuine msunderstanding and messed up Ihe whole level when I was one lousy rotation away from finishing it1 Some arrows denoting which way you're about tc rotate might ham been nice (yes. you can tell it you look at ihe rotation path but you have to siare tor ages to work it out).

The following may offend those people who subscnbe to BRICK POWER, and gel ail excited when they see an authentic 1958 sandstone weathered building bnck. but the subject matter of the game makes lor bonng graphics witch are all a teensy bit samey (usually square).

So if the graphics had been more

Beio<e you start playing Ckxkw&et I would advise you to lake a week or two oil work (or school, or whatever you do tor a Irving) and gel ready for a bg electrical bit This game is seriously addictive and almost anyone who plays it will end up suffering from the just-one-more-go-syndrome fhal plagues the mcsi irniatng of Amiga games


Clockwiser revolves around blocks Thai s nghi. those little square things that houses

On one side ol the screen is a pattern ol blocks This is ihe pattern that you rotate your bricks into Blocks are rotated by creating a rectangle thing' and clicking an one ol Ihe appropriately drawn rotate cons

Sometimes it's painfully obvious whal you have lo do but the time limit runs out too quickly The first twenty or so levels represent little problem it you pay attention to the helplul demo before you play But Irom then on the game gels so infuriatingly difficult that you'll destroy your Amiga head-butimg it1 It is. though, the frustration which makes Ihe game so


This la Ihe level editor screen. From her* you can aller any of Ihe levels to make them fiendishly Impossible. The levsl on the go Is only half-finished but rest assured that whan It's dona it'll keep a member ol MENSA busy lor an hour or two.

Adding an extra bomb or a atael wall hara or there will make a hard level nearly Impossible. Everybody who en oyt sell-torture should coma straight hare.

I F l    tt I NOS






















large sand dune*



End of what The beginning Of what

Game: D-Day: The Beginning of the End Huns on: A500. A600.


Publisher: Impressions Authors: Edward Grabowski, Chris Bamford, Edward Pugsley (design). Erik Casey (graphics),

Jason Rinaldi (music)

Price: £34.99 Helease: Out now

As I write. everyone ai AMIGA POWER is hcvoughfy s>ck and tired ol D-Day. having been subjected to weeks ot non-stop TV coverage showing dreary ot- ("Heroic saviours ot democracy" - Nervous, AP Legal Advisor) standing around on beaches talking to Raymond Baxter


[Scene. The beach Seaguks skim across the waves that lap gently al the shore, and a kghi breeze blows butty clouds across the sky )

Raymond Baxter (with hands to pockets/ It is incredible to ihmk that, titty years ago today this peaceluI beach m Normandy

was the scene ol some ol the fiercest lighting ol World Wai 2 AHhoogh it was raining, then, ol course, and dark. Giles -you were there What was it leafy ike’ What were you teelmg as you scrambled from the icy water, with enemy mortars landing all around you

Major Giles Bradshaw. DSM (Rid) (also with hands n pockets/ I was frightened. Raymond Our brigade was one ol the first ashore, but Jerry was expecting us Nobby went down while we weie still to the water I tried to pull him up onto the beach, but I lost him to the smoke Our orders were to regroup a short distance up the beach, behind a large sand dune, but we couldn't find it in the dark Dick. Whiffy and I got separated from the rest, so we decided to try to meet them further up the beach There weie shells landing everywhere -they'd obviously trained the heavy artillery on us - and we coukl only see a lew tee! through the smoke Above us we could hear the Hurricanes frying up and down the beach bul they didn’t seem Sure who lo shoot at

i HUJi c W* • V


ti •

W >

. i -

h»>i>lj Ik. mom at Ikr lop •M, ihovyh py hard lo be tort


C l



Wc MOfl Vo«i cjii 1*11 b*c*uf«


H uti 'lh« Aliks Win*.





i :



- rn«r















u i;ts>


0 ,













n.1el* it,ir*r

JUtUtft—««,U* Ul Arm-,

■9DHI BtfW&SZ! **

f    *t    Ar     f

**    ti ii)

♦ iiPf t    min

Tk*» II wk.l 0 Oaf looked like,

then Apparently


' ■

Mf ll.lh


Then we walked straight into a German machine gun nest

Raymond Baxter You must have been very frightened

Major Bradshaw We were, although I Ihmk Jerry was more Surprised than us There were three ot them, and luckily we had our revolvers ready They hit Whiffy, (hough, in the shoulder We rkdn'i know whether to stay with him. ot leave him and hope somebody found him Raymond Baxter Whai did you do

Major Bradshaw Dick stayed with him in I he end, and i went on with the equipment I never saw either ot them again I met up with the rest ot the group, and we pressed on into Caen Raymond Baxter So what are you leeling today, fifty years on ele


(Scene An area ol brown, m between an area ot blue and an area ot green There ts sAence)

Raymond Baxter (with hands m pockets/ II s incredible lo thtok that this is supposed lo be a beach to Normany which fifty years ago. was the scene ol some of the tierces! lighting ol World War 2 Small green square - you were theie

IWhat was it really like’

Whal were you feeling as you moved jerkily from the blue area to the brown one

Small green square I left nothing I moved silently mio the brown area.

accompanied by several other small green squares It was broad daylight We moved towards some grey squares and I hey vanished Some numbers appeared Raymond Baxter You must have been very frightened

Major Bradshaw What, ol the small grey squares’ Or the numbers’ Raymond Bailer Um

D Day is a relentlessly dull game. It's almost as if it wants you to go away and leave it alone The control system >s sluggish and unlnenrty, with tiddly little buttons that you sometimes have to click on loads ol times betore they work (Why don't they just use Ihe ordinary Amiga wmdows/conslmenu system, rather than writing their own. crappier version’) The graphics are the worst I've seen m any wargame - just minute squares with

letters n (Why. out ot all the colours they could have made the allied squares, did they pick green, making them virtually invisible against me green background"3) it's incredibly tedious having lo ndrv(dually seteci each unit on me map and ten x what you want it to do again and again (Why, incidentally, does the game sian alter all the D-Day planning has been done, with all the units posed lo land m Normandy, leaving you with the relatively straightforward task ol pushing towards Berlin’ Surely Ihe potot ol a strategy game called D-Day' should be to plan D-Day yourself) And the optional Mere Miniatures screen which gives dose-ups ol bathes allowing you to control them directly, is really quite awful D-Day gels a reasonable number ol marks simply to deter vociferous wargame enthusiasts from wntmg m complaining that this is exactly what they've always dreamed ol and how dare we criticise the graphics when if s obvously the accurate reganenlai data that really matleis etc But ordinary readers ate likely to frnd even thirty seconds d this teelh-gnttmg expenence more than their patience can bear • JONATHAN DAVIES

tt I* - sigh - an accurate strategic simulation of D-Day.


dismal, terribly tedloui to play. Irritating control system, and you don't aven gel to plan D-Day.

So boring you'll spend more time gazing at It while slowly shaking your head than actually playing It. Oh Its so. so boring.


The Normandy

ft * ©G landings seem little

Improved by the addition ol the Al 200’s extra processing power and graphics capabilities. Which Is as wa d luipected.



Join Jonathan Nash as he cowers in liquid-stomached fright before the horrible reality of jolly people.

shove) until they t*ed as introduce to their children Come with us now as the unsmirchable guardians that are AMIGA POWE R expose a small child. Jimmy Dugan, to the real terror behind the games If you dare

Little news this month has been more terrifying than the revelation that TVs famous Mr Slobby has made the cover of the New York Posi "Britain's tunmest export makes US debut today.' trumpeted the paper, corroborating its daim with quotas liom local youngsters "All! know is. he's tunny.' said Cesar Pd20. fl.

'especially when he tails down, ro*s around and says. Slobby, Nobby. Nobby ' Aside Irom the worrying sooal implications of this foam-dad monster ■captivating American kids', it certainly goes lo prove (hat one nation's debilitating nightmare <s another's hugely amusing, heartwarming and altogether lovable cultural icon

But why the surprise1 Software publishers have lor years attacked our sensibilities with characters they perceive as cute but which nghl-lhinkmg people would as soon hit over the head with a


Sooty and Sweep walk around a house and dean up after a party, or something. But waitWalk around1

Ci W Jhiy Dugan: They have qp j legs «this. They do not have legs on the H . television Why do they not have legs on Ihe television1 They glide around like Ihey have no legs Whimper

happy dead, apparently unconcerned al his damnation tor all eternity to bound around on platforms But even worse are his shoes Why does he need shoes1 Surely a lack o< corporeal term dispels Ihe reed lor clumpy . lootwear Unless he's not a ghost ol course, but someone with severe psychological problems who pretends he's dead by dressing up n a sheet Jiuuv Dugan: Blinky1 Lurky. more like



Ronald McDonald is the children's Iriend He smiles warmly and capers, attracting crowds with his tales ol environmental concern and pleasant cardboard


Btmky a a ghost Uke most similar characters m games he ■* one of the

,*¥. * j

*- ■ 01

s r j

V \ IT.r

N f



Filed grin* are a lure V something s wrong "upe BL _ Would you lorm a close ' * friendship with someone who grinned constantly Of course not. It s a dead giveaway when someone smiles without any attempt lo slop the Aool puddling In the well ol their lower lip. Famous character actor Lon Chaney Sr In 1927's London After Midnight grinned constantly and bit the heads off most of the cast, so there you go.

And yet lhal s what most platform characters do. They smile (but not with Ifcelr eyas), delighting in their ability In dsatroy other lile-lormi by leaping on them and crushing their heads. Only when they themselves are destroyed da these characters repent of their evil ways, looking downcast and waving their arme in risible supplication. But In a moment they are up and smiling again, and lulling, and they will keep on killing until they are stopped.

inadequate lor ha ophihakrocally-enhanced UV protector needs Jaarr Dugan: Sell-mutilator is a desperate plea tor attention, but having too small a pair of sunglasses is downright silly

surprise with 'Gash; and 'Golly; even as he (alls under the wheels of cars and crumbles all loo briefly into dusty bone Jaarr Duoan: Seymour s the spawn ot the devil


Disney used lo lest would-be animators by instructing them lo imbue a bag ol Hour twisted shut at the top with the lull spectrum ol emotions Puggsy looks like the results ol ust such a test, orange, and dangerously ‘impaired ’

Jaarr Duoan: We have hour bags m our kitchen I shai never go near them agari


Dizzy. eggy friend lo millions, shakes continuously Whai has he got lo be nervous aboutAnd he grins a lot Jaarr Duoam: Are they the shakes'1 (Absohjtety not - Legal Ed)


Seymour, pretender lo Dizzy's crown, is the true horror He looks like one of the mountain men from Deliverance it they were reborn as cancerous blobs, or like Dizzy s inbred cousin kept locked m a distant attic as the lamily try to ignore his squealing cnes and frantic scratching, and keep lorgetfing to pay the electricity bill even though they have guests tor the weekend All the more horntying is his childish pattern at speech, expressing



Tiki Kwi dnes lor treasure But it is a long and hazardous path between mtiequeni breathing holes, and Tiki cannot hold his breath lor ever First he bubbles unpleasantly Then he struggles, ever more frantically, until finally, the last breath slips from hr$ blue-veined body and he sinks through the tathoms Dead Jiianr Duoan: Ugh

paintings But it is a facade An advertisement Once the children have paid over llveir moneys in return lot something passing lor food. Ronakt banishes them discourteously Irom his presence Only money talks in the world of Ronakt McDonald Jaarr Duoan: I thought you were my special friend, Ronald 8ut you only •anted me lo sponsor your commercial empire


Its an unwritten rule lhal tie larger the eyes tie more baby-like a character and hence tie cuter its appearance Bub

Mr Nutz is a squirrel with attitude. This does not prevent him Irom looking cuie But to look hard he has slashed his letl breasi open to make a crude pocket tor sunglasses lhal

Da Vino was a I rm believer in the concept of beauty through correct proportion And he was dever and invented the helicopter and

everything Jnarr Duoam:

Hydrocephalic Nazis displaying lhair A-ttling underpantsNo thanks

and Bob have ihe largest eyes ot any character ever. But no eyelids Or noses They therefore have no means ol protecting iheir soft, large eyes Irom gni. smoke and pollen causing hay-fever but, alarmingly they appear lo enjoy it

Juan Duoan: They are like tat squids who revel in bitty discomtort



"Further entrapment and mass death."


Only flightly leu unsettling than character* who grin permanently are those who wink chummlty, perhaps even raising a thumb In camndaly bonding fashion. With what terrible conspiracy are they Implying Intimacy And why are they trying to Involve you Just walk away, that a our advice. Wall away, or ytff* f’-probably find yoursall sucked ,

used aa a patsy, picked up by Government MIBs and presented with a packet ot (Hahnctty uncompromising black and white photos picturing you besida the . convincingly friendly sprite, even aa you protest your Innocence. Not

even the Inevitable lucrative _

television drijns aeries contra adH . make up lor the desperate lerrw.


Lemmings have nasty smocks

JaiMY Oucwn: Like ants, lemmmgs represent (he ethos ot Ihe survival ot the whole at Ihe expense ol the survival ot the individual Despite having Ihe ability, and. one presumes, ihe sense lo observe

immediate danger, lemmings willingly sacnfice themselves lor ihe greaier good Except there is no greater good, lor escape leads only to further entrapment

powers, and would move from set to set between lakes In 1991. Hambie disappeared tram the programme, apparently of her own accord JaarY Durum: She's slid out there Somewhere


Leaving the controls alone causes all Ihe sprites on-screen lo slop and tap their leel impatiently They then ail but one subside into near-cataiomc slates, the rhythm ot

and mass death This disturbs me


then breathing slowing 10 an almost imperceptible level Gradually, inexorably, their eyes ■ droop They tail asleep as the remaining character dances unconcernerty Then, suddenly, shockingly, ihe sleepers' eyes snap open They stare maniacally Then ail ol them, all at once, turn their eyes so they're looking directly al the dancing character They raise their arms and pomi directly at if. and they all scream The victim's hands tly lo its head as it rocks in agony. It struggles, bnefly. beiore its eyes slip shut The others calm down and slfi60 as ihe victim too


The Vdorian doll trom Play School. Hambie sal ill-at-ease beside Ihe squashy lamilianty ol the Teds and Jemima Presenters deliberately avoided including Hambie r the group, preferring la push her to the back or away to the sides Chloe Ashcroft broke the silence recently to reveal that Hambie possessed sinister

scieam ai you

r>(f» >.» ion A..r*kfc1

III foMj l« ipoai out your brfllu. Aiir hfel

Jt U-a*

Programmers have long been considered a Bri Odd. and their somewhat peculiar idea ol nee things provides the vital evidence so long required by Ihe Commission, which is confidently expected lo present its damning reporl later this week despite inexplicable multiple fatalities among its members.

Investigation ol thus wholesale misconception ol cute has also ieveaied a bizarre abrkty to take the most homtxe subject metier and pratty i up beyond all recognitor Leihal Weapon the everyday story ol some madmen with guns, as a game has characters you just want to rush up and hug to Ms. Similarly. Ihe wholesale slaughter of Cannon fodder is somewhat muted by the solders close resemblance to Michael Bentmes Potty People And Gomez, the tram-wrecking, woman-murdering ghoul ol The Adda ms Famdyl Charlie Drake more kke Jaarr Duojm: Darksoed is also misrepresented The marvWd forces ol darkness are not evil They are our Inends and guardians We shotAd embrace willingly the ami-Chnst. because (putts ot! mas*J I am Hambie Ybu are all my chkdcen now Evdtom: Aaarghh

Page 60 of the Argos Catalogue gives you toasters, page 60 of the Oxford Dictionary provides the definition of the word ‘archegonium’, and page 60 of Just Seventeen elicits advice on how to kiss boys. But Rich Pelley and page 60 of AMIGA POWER...


(The Hit Squad)

Enter the Tneks hot Mode Then at any time on the table, press F7 F4 and F1 Return to the Conttol Menu and a third DO A RANDOM 147 BREAK option should have appeared on me demo menu Also, once all the reds have been




(Team 17)

Dunng the game, type ANOTHERCHEATMOOE lor infinite energy. W lor full weapons. D lo die and N

tO ! TeSTi


--    » * page so. mm assu

me ter* m AMIGA PO’SBr. -hews regular readers be anacaem c 2

•tv uro oi.---'d on tv m tmmmt »    . c-s nba* in the*

lOyslEi -' "-t-    oefi. Ami ifcafs

Ub i" ;    .1" "    VH =    — '' '

has me ftmmire M*cee Me*>i you'*'} gel. f‘x: = rj-: > apf) i' r Tscmt; Vrr 01 bought wed do things rJUghw,

0iHer "S:y

What “e vs elected m co d lo hetpkuMy roof around >.* a% chMK &o sight have for any ta-ratew b mptr.

ij ihB rncentty - w . the fcii«». aaam you ’re Musty t2 see gleaning with ,autism, af~aateay «t* uudgai

sneasr, oc ysu knl garnet son - J»c r-mn mase instead Some have Sean

n Cerpwe Ceres' afiaaay. some na«e Been reguiQiiaiad further r Last    but here they as* rtf One.

iaarv ;■> read yt a-gfarce chunk tor ysu to ~u ■ itame. c-spiay (scee the maniie two ae nfce. or h»tSS n me nownvujrs iv*r; a-u tea irr ail po5*«4y e-“ na mpy jre- frasum yov- sna; nmr mas’vgrm - Am


to Kill ail me sheep

!»! Enhst a shepherd with sheep m your army, set him afloat m a boat, and get him killed

•>. . 1 Amte- take a lone Captam to the Norm of the map and leave him mere (rv) To invent cannons and catapults In double quick time, make a Captam Aggressive before clicking on the desired town and then the invent con After ten seconds, dek on both again

(v)    Shoot down the chdd-beanng stork .1 soon as ti appeals

(vi)    Chop down an the trees



Supercars When “sked to type m your name fry these variations'

RICH for half a miliar credits.

ODIE lor level two (and the red car], BiGC or BIGL <01 level three, and POOR lor live pounds

Super cars 2 Name payers one and two as I WALK THE HILL and INWARDS, or WONDERLAND and the SEER respectively lor 99 ol every weapon, all the highest grade    and automat*



On the title screen type DINADINDANGMYDANGALONGLINGLO NG Ralph and Lee's noses will turn green, whch is youi m-game cue to press TAB lor lul energy and lives and RETURN to skip levels





















MAN UTD 68-9






Type CHEAT with as many lull slops as posable on the high score table, hold down Fire and press 1 to S to be transported between levels

*    * R     /rf

♦    J •>

i V. ’



Seen r *wo - HICI Sect I- r -hree - FLLD Secti r 'our - LIBC Sectkm 1v - CCAi. Secti-

Secti <\>rven - FADK Secti e eight - KCU Sectkr* nine - igAH Sectr r en - HE I Sectfcm eleven - LAL0


(Team 17)

Type the following onto the bile screen MISSHONEYBEE DEPUTYOFLOVE SNEAKPREVIEW and SHOWCREDITS lor end sequence Also try holding the HELP and DELETE keys to Slow the game down





On the title screen (where il says Press Fx* 10 flol Cameras) type SPARKPLUGS tor a cheat screen Sian the game and you I he able lo skip levels by pressing the ' key on ihe pad on the keypad




I Tune lhe radio to GS 4 (whch apparently sounds a bit like the iheme from lhe A-Team) and although your speedometer may show no difference you'll be able to dnve much faster Also, push the joystick (onward and press Fire as soon as you re lOtt lo Go' and the car wilt spm round mlo first place

da i< Ini ei yOM like with oh iEfREf XM90 lip*-


(The Hit Squad)

A1 the begnnmg ol lhe year set the lax at 0% Play as usual until December men set the lax at 20% When lhe lax window pops up in January, reset the tax to 0% You will now gel pemnaneni maximum cash without lhe ciluen's realising itAlso try typing FUND at me begnnmg at the game lor S10000 bonus



If we asked you who you thought had whiten this complete solution to Penhekon then, although negligibly small, the chances ol the name Jeremy Beadle spurring to mind rs tamer more likely mat the name. say. Angus Brown ol Aberdeen entenng into your head However, Jeremy Beadle will not be receiving a thank-you col lection ol goodies on our behalf this month (a letter bomb, perhaps) Spookiiy. though, one Angus Brown ol Aberdeen will


Get the Net Code trom Yheel m the northwest, tog on (with code PSYCHO] m the Net Station and read away. ProHer the medallion to the woman to the south and download me Permission Me from the Net Siaiion to the east with the new Net Code her baby gves you m return Leave the oty and head lor the Watchtowar Colony



To open the locked door, talk lo the east guard and upload the Permission file Irom the Net Station lo the west Aigcethi (your next stop) * «hand over a Net Coda, security card, and mlo on Mnack. but y*.» aed to lix the broken Hoiogate first





a f..

Ihree transmitter parts (once you've lound (hem) n (he Hologale and walk Ihrough lo me Security Zone Here's a map of the way out

Here you should be able lo lay your hands on lhe Hobscan device (Irom lunnel five), the transmitter detail (from lunnel three, use the plug) lhe security card (from tunnel two) and some useful battle equvment (Irom lunnel one). However. DON'T (whatever you do) take lunnel lour (it's a PSI Hap) Use me

Use Menial Defence before attacking lhe vampires Log into (he Station (with code MIRROR) and make your way Mirack-wards to the South Tomb CatoTs simple lask musi be completed before Mirack s daughter. Peart Blood will take you to a new sector m the mines Here you it discover e battery, a drill, and lhe news (from Mirack himself) that hrs godson Algol has been kidnapped You. (hough, can (and should) save (he day

Scoop up the crystal on the way to the lower section of lhe mines (You'll also need a key plug and some filler masks ) Combine the key and battery m the composite assembly unit (as prompted when lhe crystal is used m me hexagonal hole); use me composite key behind gale two lo open lhe I re door, drill a hole in lhe wall and place a bomb near the filler masks And run like hell

Algol will be hanging around lhe remains ol your doings but gel him back to Muack Iasi or he'll d>e Muack lets it slip about me unborn and me guardian, so gel to Fort Nightfall pronto


Escape from the tower (defence is the key to overpowering the guards) and read the tiles Net Coded SPIRIT m the Net Station Archan Darkey, it you can tmd him. vn!l talk of a palm pnnl. but you'll have fo gel hen lo activate it The secret door he also alludes to « not in the northwest, but to the southeast Activate lhe print m the sanctum, destroy the beast mstde and you will recede a lefepathe message Irom Datoth telling you where lo locale the unborn So go Imd it. kck ass and save the world trom deslructon Hooray




Take the key and log on in lhe Net Station (with Net Code MURDERER), open the storeroom doors by standing on the pressure plates prepare to light it cut tor the audio card, open the Commanding Hall with

To send anything and everything tippy to Complete Control, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW, and If we like it, we'll print itl And if we really like it we'll send you a prize - so let us know what kind of Amiga you use.

the key you found a minute ago and program the card accordng to the sample generator Back at the Secuniy Sector use me card in Gateway A do battle with Charlie Chan and head lor (he Mediation Chamber Destroy Lord Daleth. swipe (he DNA sampler from (he labs and use on Daleth's remains - this will gam you access lo the guarcMn m the secuniy chambei And now’




kM Mcfr None odMr end o4 the

eheoot •< the





.»    ' V- f>

bit Uotse-


1© have

Okay, lei's lorgei the crap

mlrodoelion bit (Why break the haCxt of a Wetme7 - Ed) It's He,/T«Uit 2 and it picked up a very healthy 79 percent r AP37 We re going to lumish you with enough tips to let you collect the (irsl ol the Ro Gelds It s based «i Midgard and ; cunnmgly protected by ail manner ol tncks. traps and puules So prepare your sett by casting some runestones The gods are with you. the omens are «i your favour Let's go

1 Go to flunk s village You achieve I Its by walking through the only open portal situated at the right ot the Hall ol the Worlds Fire an arrow at the column on the left A magical bridge will appear Wafc along it unU you come across a

beefy Norse looking type ot chap Ignore him and jump down trom the ledge at the right ol the screen Walk through the tunnel and avoid a« those irritating roiling skulls

Once you've made •! lo Runks village, locate the hut that looks like a store room and take the circlet trom the box Make you; way to the next hut a shon way along the road and have a chinwag with flunk

4j“Head toward Eadnc s milage and “Omake peace with twn by gwing hm the circlet In return he'll give you a letter Make sure you've got it by checking out your inventory Trudge along m the general direction ot the pub and speak to everyone n there Doing so should lumu* you wrth more mtormabon on your quest Go back to Runk again and give hi-n the peace ottering (torn Eadnc He'll be over the moon at the prospect ol allying wrth his Old tnend So much so. in lact, that he'll give you a pass lo gel into the King's castle

Guess where you're gang next. k>os



nat's nghl. head drecify tor the King s Cauls Hess about a b>i after you ve tended on the castle Pretend you vc goi a ted pass or something Eventually, whan you've pissed oil the guard at the gate enough, gne him the pass given to you by Punk This should see you salety through negetes and in one piece

From now on every time you do something important. SAVE the game At era point alter a light. I made Heimdaii dhnk some Wine It was poisoned The poor god died r iron! of my eyes - nasty

towards to the King s chamber

4 rt ive the King the letter His advsor I Uthrows a tlaky and then disappears The force iietd at the lop cl tnc stairs also disappears which is usi as wen cos that s where you're going next

4 4 Shoot an arrow through each ol the I I three holes Be careful You can easily bum to death doing th.$ Save your position first, just in case you tail lust lime round Once done traverse the walkway into the next room Collect the piece ol RoGatd disguised r the shape ol a skuN

For the final, thrilling part ot these tips, go to the fisherman s hut and press Fire' in (ront ot the cupboard This releases the fisherman from h,s chains ol bondage Hell also tell you about his poor, enslaved daughter So put on your thinking cap and try lo guess what you re go«) to do nexi

Head tor Lota s shnne Some ot the tricks and traps can be quite incky to get round m one piece, but thce s nothing outrageously difficult So i it not msuti your intelligence by tolling you how lo reach the daughter It you're incredibly stuck check out the accompany,ng grabs They should give you more of a due

6Follow your nose to ihe kitchen and talk to ihe servant gut there, she a the one wth the dark ha>r. nice tigure and excellent posture She tells you wtuat to do nexi Wnila up there, oick up the pck-uppabie cbwtis Some ot them wilt come m handy teuton Honest

7 Q Explore Ihe castle a bit Youii “Ocome across a portrait with ayes teal loiion you Shades ol Scooby Doo Wait up to 'I and press Eue' on the joystick A secret entrance win be revealed Go through the entrance into the bedroom there Press the button on the bedpost A secret door will open and reveal a signet ring therein Retrieve lhal cgel nng

Go back lowards the kitchen When tee guard bkxhs your way. gwe him me •gne! nng Hell let you pass Prepare (Oursaii tor ihe next bit. you're going to be doog some serlous lighting. SAVE your position now Make Sure (hit your bow is o ne appropriate slot and that you've got i chock lull with arrows

4 QAs soo" as you ve rescued the I fcgtaietu) tishe»gih she tl g ve you a taksman This fats you access another ol the portals m me Hail of ihe Worlds Head back there now

Congratulations, you have ,ust completed an impodam part of HeimOal 2 See you all next month when I li no doubt be doing the p!aygu>de lor some other game I really do want to spend the best part ol two days on • STEVE UCGILL

9There s a Hakrat down the stairs who reeds lolling before you can go on Try and position yoursell so lhal the Hakrat Iras arrows mto the wail while you lire ■nows into him You'll probably not kill him win tee arrow; Lay into him with ydur sword until he s    \

dead Be warned, it you're    *'i

cup. it's gosig lo take    ,

quite a while belore he dies Owe dead, cohact m your    A

mows Go over and speak lo 1 xM the old chap msade the prison V O cell He just so happens to be 1 j\the Kmg s brother Pick up the    VV, 4

laser he throws to you and head    /,*[ <

O, dull H<n ol Ike «<ih nd


'»to Ik ones

\i : Ai ii Part 1 being in the last issue, of course.

"It's huger than a helium filled huge thing”, “It'll lake you ages to finish”, and “After two-days non-stop playing. I completed only ten percent of it”. Quotes there from Cam's review that would have any self-respecting point-and click adventure enthusiast speeding to the shops as fast as his legs can carry him, but the legs of whichever poor sucker has to write a complete solution sprinting at twice the speed In the opposite direction. We started our complete solution last month if you remember, so it seemed only logical to finish it off in this issue. We felt sure you'd agree.

IFrom inhere we left you Iasi month.

take the lube to Reguigi Fill the jar with mayonnaise Irom the stand add the i<d and dick it on the lly. Grab the hoidog Irom the stand also Talk to the desk sergeant in the police station Incidentally, when you are talking to a character if you move your speech cursor around hts or her speech bubble sometimes words will highlight In the case ot the desk sergeant, you'll need to highkghl and click on drugs bust' to receive a bag ol hour Next door in the bank, address the windows, tell the

, D«>1 lor,cl la pal ill Binshroon am tfc« mall, *>' 1(

i_ _ Wia _ .ULU

or roall <>d ap la a bit at a pickle.


es shier you'd like to open an account and hand over the bag of change Ring the doorbell, press it agam and use the chewing gum on the catch Go through, and use the screwdriver on the keyhole (the top leh white pixel) ol the tiling cabinet - once lor Ihe bank Me and then agam lor the blueprint

2Collect the mushroom Irom The Hill.

and head back to Badside You don’t, incidentally, have to keep travelling the entire circuit - examine the map on the tram and dick the walk icon on the desired station At the docks you'll automatically hitch a nde to the monsters cage

3 Pick up the two pieces ot vme.

stick, straw and grabng. Combine the si ck and one piece ol vine, seled the bow (and ekek at the top ol the screen) to grapple the resulting hook m Ihe girders above Spray Ihe monsier with the perlume. swing across, teed Ihe plant the hoidog. swap eggs swing back attach the second piece ol vine lo ihe meiai hook and escape down the sewers

4Use ihe bluepnni to locate the vault and piece the mushroom against the wall and let the tty loose to blast your way in Use the Hour, take the bonds Irom the deposit boxes to the let! and scarper back through the sewers lo The Hill. Take the Work of An' (it’s a stone) (torn the gallery and use it with the aerosol and hose to shoot the tkspiay case P<* up the stone and shoot agam. use the carpet and fire one fmal time Take ihe statue to me house to the nghl

5 Hand over the statue, bonds and egg and. to cut the animated






-. J .

Rxpvnicl. kl <*w* • -r

' .<.1 - *

sequence shod, you end up at pnson Use the bid. examine the device that appears and use il Talk 10 N'palm the guy in the cell next door (he'll actually be accompanying you to the end ot the game) P«k up the mat use the trapdoor and go down

6 The maze bit is a bit ot a bummer - but hopefully ttxs map will make things a bt easier (The exit s at the top nght-hand corner, incidentally)

7 Use the device agan and dimb aboard Talk to the bloke - a lengthy section ot plot unfurls, and eventually you'll be transported to a luxury cruise liner Take the book, hand the flowers to the honeymoon couple. nab the man's wallel, show the barman the credit card and passport, and accept the dnnk

8 At the Spacepod. gel N'palm to distract the old lady whilst you pocket her lur side Tell the customs officer you're a visitor and enter the shop Pick up the tools and talk to the shopkeeper (he'll give you a box o< mechanical parts and an elouatte book) Use the screwdriver

/ •->

with the mechanical pads, and at turn m!i: the stole to make a lurry mouse The lab tech m the bar vsn agree to help you if you can deliver P'PauD'Pau's daughter a love letter Readme emuette book a I ihe palace, and talk to the guards Use me lurry bait to distrad the dog in the dog pound as you walk past, climb the rose trellis and talk to Ruthie Seek out the lab lech again and. as you listen eager!,, ne'tf let it slip about the Doomsday weapon

Back at the Spacepod get N'palm to steal you an Army uniform Tell him you've gol a plan, change into me uniform (on the status screen), enter the lab and (oh dear) d'$ mio another yail Out Ot el the to escape only writing a love letter to Ruthie w‘i have any positive outcome Back at the bar. ask Ruthie about the Transatron and tor a travel warrant At the lab. ask N palm to lake a crale to the Spacepod Use the travel warrant with the crate and men get mside c

1 Escape from the shuWe \-a fha W pod to the rght Enter the lodress and take the stairs up Walk through the

building until you find Ruthie (picking up the crowbar on the way) and ask her about a way into the vault

1 Walk back to Ihe first room move I ihe crale blocking the door and go through You need me pass key to get the crystal out of the pknth, and Ruthie h-.- me very thing (To gel out. use Ihe crowbar on the fust crate and lake out the balloon end gas cylinder Use the gas cylinder and dick it in ihe bs»con to float back up.) Jse ihe crystal on the console m me control room - it doesnl work - so walk around a bit and come back a d the dictato' w* have appeared Talk to him and - btc- . mo! - you're within a cat's whisker ot comp'efms me game The rest you can probably manage on your own • RICH PELLEY

Vwtvw driven vrir <lwn«rw>i v» the tk,


lu aflF 1



Hi, kids. Well, I’ll bet all you Subterranean Steel Skydivers aren’t half as glad as I am about this month’s Steel Sky tips. Yup, it’s winding up time. The final third of the solution is now revealed. Enjoy.

MuMI n tm »»■»« IM.fiMl..


TM. Mr. Iricfcv

NlMWt, «■» '

program on Die eyeball mere While il u blind pick up Ihe lunmg lork Disconnect from LINCSpace

Leave Ihe security building and ma* your way down lo ihe bottom Itoor; where you fusi mei Mrs Piermont Traipse along lo me location on ihe lurthesi left and have a chat wth ihe gardener mere Now. head ot< rghi until you come across the club Enter it It there is a band playing leave and go and do something until they stop piaymg As soon as they ve vacated the area, go over to the juke bo. and activate it The manager. Colston will get up hom hts Chair Quickly walk over lo his table and steal the glass that's there Exarrwte me metal plate, next to the door, at the rear o! the dub Leave

Head lor Burke s Bio-Surgery via the lift Grve Burke the glass Head lor Ihe duo again Once mere use the metal ptale The door should open into the wine cellar Use the metal bar on the packing case Move the lid over onto the top ol the bo.

Last month, we were just about to enter LINC Space using poor, depaneo Anita s Line card Here's what to do wtirfe you're there Walk through the e.<t to the right Call down your inventory and use Ihe BLIND program on the eyeball Quickly walk through the upper e.it while ihe eyeball is stli blind Continue m Ihe up direction Use the PLAYBACK program with the well and engage the hologram in conversation Go through the upper nght exit and once again use the BLINO

Stand on this makeshift ptaltorm and eul the grill with ihe secateurs Crawl through tie narrow passage it exposes Go nghl and then through the top right passage Once agam go right To be on ihe sale side save ihe game at this point

Do not walk past ihe noie until you have located tie light socket Put the light bulb Ihe socket Emtio Ihe nghi and save the game •gam Go nghl agam and mmedialely dick on Ihe exit on ihe botiom nghl II you don’t, you'll be crushed to death

Look above Ihe vein on me wall There's some plaster there Loosen it off with your metal bar Then loosen (he tmckwork with the bar until a bock tails out Pick the brick up Use the bar agam and puncture ihe vem; near the bottom Once punctured, bit the end of the bar with the bnck A drotd win appear Irom the door on the nghl Quickly pick up the bar and take the exit through the door Have a peek through the gnu Take the upper left exit Once agam save the game

Go over to the control unit and select 2 to reduce the temperature As soon as you've done that, walk onto the ms and yank the iron bar Walk oft immediately and exi1 the room Go nghl and right agam Put Joey's circuit board mto the medical droid that's hanging about mere Te'i him to check out the tank room Wait tor him to come back and chat with him about everything Tell him to go and open the tank in the nutrient room Await his return As soon as he gets back lake the upper left exit, the upper nghl exit and yet another upper nghl exit Use Reich's card with the terminal there, select 2 then 1 Exit

and go left There new follows a little coffee break Watch me sequence and then take Joey's circuit board out ol Ihe droid Pocket Gallagher's Line ID card Go back mio the room on the lop nghi Access Ihe LINC-Space mlerface using Gallaghers card

Take Ihe exit to the right. BUND the eye and quckiy go up Use me DIVINE WRATh prog on me crusader Disconnect, then use Anita s card m the mierlace slot to re-access LINC-Space Go right, bknd the eye. go up and men nght Use the OSCILLATOR on ihe crystal *==! pek up the helix Disconnect and go to the left Go through the bottom nght Pick up Ihe longs to Ihe nght ol the glass lank arid u&e them to freeze the tissue that you pick up with them Exit to the nght open the middle cabinet m the room and wul m Joey’s circuit board Access the console and select 2. 0 and 3 Chat wiih Joey Retrieve his board Irom Ihe cabinet

Now (or some s,T*'.!--i«alion trickery Go to the door on the nght and ask Joey to place h.s hand on one ol the plates As he does so. place your hand on the other plate The door w* open Go nght and nghi agam Use (he cable with I the p pe support Climb down me ladder 1 Use the longs with ihe onfice and save ft your game Right dek on the cable lo H Swing nlo me room After me n 'o*d>rg B scene, quickly leu Joy m sit in ihe chan And that s il Watch the rest ol (he story and marve at ihe wonder that  k was Beneath A Steel Sky • STEVE McGlLL



Only sings when he’s winning that’s our Steve McGill.


ITha Shaun    H [~

McSklmming: (Gtggsj l[

Requires a player in the    j    - .

line-up wth excellent

Mness and high    ■ rr

n'ei gence    1

The natural instinct of most players s to run straight down the t tch

This leads to predictable play and inevitably ends up m a packed central midtield area Frustrating tare indeed MUPLC intercepts this problem by lewaidmg payers who use the wings Great tern tonal advantage can be gamed, especially it your player is as last and skilful as Shaun McSkimming Wingers with high CONTROL skiBs can make the 90 degree turn at the touchime to get the ball mto the box no problem Highly recommended tor exciting play One word ct warning however It the winger screws up. dor 1    HBBEHi

shout at him Otherwise he H 8 go in the hi.fi and diep out &     8

Pay tor ten nvrules with a H petted iip (a dropped pouhrg p dtsp'ay rg dspteasure AP 8 CPtoQuUism Interpret' Ard Behaviourism Exped)     B

TheTacti-Grid system is the best feature of MUPLC. Manipulating individual player statistics lets you customise your team line-up and optimise on their strengths.

The MUPLC instruction booklet doesn't provide enough concrete examples of how to exploit the Tacti-Grid tactics. Therefore, if you completely suspend your disbelief and pretend that Man UTD: wear a blue and white strip: aren't actually called Man UTD; didn't actually win the Premier League; play in the Scottish Premier League; managed to stay up in that league tor the first time in their lootballing history; and are supported by me, then you're well on the way to understanding the upcoming unofficial title of: "Tommy Burns Premier League Survivors." II you don't know what I'm on about, then the names in brackets after each player formation should give you a pretty good idea.

3 The Bobby Williamson: (Stieam) Theie are only a handlul of strikers who can beat keepers outnghl Explod sa shortcoming by playing two or even three sinkers In an upfront central attacking ro4 It you adopt this style ot play, a severe haircut and high aggression rating helps Pounce or and take

that you're playing against an aggressive team Capitalise by putting a player with a high CONTROL value up lion! Have him dance around in the penalty area until the inevitable arty toul a committed Assuming the referee isn't Les Monram (who suffers from temporary blindness when faced with louts committed by Rangers) score from the ensuing penalty (see Tom Black).     _

2The George McCluskey:

(Klmsmanj If the opposition are like Glasgow Rangers and give away more than their lair share of fouls, it's obvious

l l -Ur-









IVTT ; 1

rr i—







M M 1



l-M 1






M ill




rjvaniage ol dropped or parred balls Could well be 'he only way you'll score, bui a goal's a goal lor aw' that

6 The Andy Millen: (Matthaus) Playing lo a home crowd can raise your game il you're eonhdent enough and find that you'rB pinning the opposition down, pie on the pressure by pushing your <u> backs forward Should one ol

Syour defenders find

himself in the fortunate position ol one agansi one' on the goalkeeper in a vitaty important maich. make sure he i scores II he doesn't.

1 he'll be lorever known I as having committed ft ar Andy Millen'

4 The Ally Mitchell: (Baggo) The most Iteguent sconng position a player will find himself m is directly n front of goal Goalkeepers lend to be ai their best when laced

* *~


"ewever have hard enough shots to beat

f a good acse oi aher    ■' r

touch is added    -

Millimetre perfect    aJ

•hols should only m:SS    I    ,,

- '    H

" 'Mtr .,


So tar, we've only tooked ■ '    . -

at me options available     HQPpPi

lor attacking loofball I don t want to be accused ol putting mysetl n an offside position, so lei's delensively redress that imbalance here and now

The Tom Slack:    ■

/ (Koeman)    H

MUPLC also lets    ■

you choose who'll    H

be designated as    H

penalty laker and    H

free kick-taker Pick the piayet in    H

your team Hitntne best average Bn between power and accuracy Who H knows. Ihal vital winning tree kick goal may pust pop up 12 minutes from Mne and keep you' learn m the premier league


n« Hast- At Ihyrt Botlti luoani. Itaai larai Dm mm4 Mill Anar PyaiMlc Ibnillai afUcb play. — —--Pa«h el bal

Incidentally, to that strange land north of the English border, this is known as committing a Paul Slurroek'

After the game, return .• the team to computer control Don 1 use the    aKTSeQ

tactc too olten    . <

howevei The

managers slot is    

now locked up lor the remainder at the

game If you te playing    WRBk

a one ptayer season.

there are now only two IX

slots left with whtoh to cheat

your way through to victory.

While I haven't covered ai the tips that Knsalrs sent to us that's only because I spent too much time playing the QMk thing and fine-tuning my own set of tactics and from the jSbXBIk basic ideas here you jfifi'xTORi- should soon be able lo do •' ' ci yt ..•* ■' Dom t

'    ignoie the Taci G'd

with my a m • ma amount ol liddlmg you should Imd mat you gel some gieai lesuiis Just make sure you don't play in the bath - you'll probably die from the shock

5 The Ray Montgomerie: /Barest) Defenders land to be harder and less easy to intimidate than their team-mates In this bog standard delensrve formation, you don't have lo worry about last, skilful players Just make sure the defender gets ai the way and boot the ban toward the opposition Don't worry too much about passing to your own players IMontie never does), just make sure you slop the ball from going into your awn net Inciting the crowd to sing and lift the learn s game can also lead to The Andy Millen edect

Hopelulfy, you'll have realised by now ihal you don'l have lo stick to the same ngd formations to get results Sfxxid a match become sc vital that you would do anylhmg lo secure a victory, do the lode wing Go lo (he screen that you select a 1,2.3. or 4 player game from and select lo introduce a new manager lor the learn ihai you want to beat You * Imd that when you play them they'll stand around looking contused as you hammer m the goals






Hold a chicken in the air, stick a deck chair up your nose... Surely there’s a more effective way to alleviate your gameplaying snags with Rich Pelley around.

Hi. Jonathan here. Rich claims to be suffering from writer's block (amongst other things) this month, and wondered if I wouldn't mind stepping in and writing an intro for him with, of course, a suitable reduction in wages. "Hasn't this been done before " I replied, but it was too late - he'd gone.

So then. Er. Yes. This month lots of people have got stuck in games and haven't felt the slightest whiff of embarrassment about writing in to confess their delinquencies to the world. And some other people have written in under the impression that what they have to say may be of some use to previously flummoxed gameplayers. And, er, that s it. Much like every month, really. I mean, what were you expecting (Thanks. I think. - Rich)


Q'l have got M fte deaft mow* InllN playars oic.pl Lu Kang, and I'm I rad ov.rytfing Pimm can you 1*i rr* *hn lo

do r

l.n W«llh. Accrington

A Hu <M*lh mov. * a HHrnplar Spn -Doan. Lad, Up and in qiack luccaavon In after worth fouling ft* joystick round m a amooft orda and prastng fn. ought to do a Sea7 lit .ferny* M*y whan you know how Non do., anybody aha hava any petram*7


Q'Can you pv* ma any chaat*. M coda, hptaieior





I) trolls



TVs 'aaders arc having ebeu: ss much sucres ns er.' am trying to think up a suitable metaphor.


Q*l hava tear lofiowmg tha SIMON THE SORCERER aokjbon you vary knty printed (W« do our best - Ed) but I can t find fte shoppmg fisithal I am lotd ft hand to fta shopkeeper *

Dav* Booth. Ridding*

Q1T* fta M where you have to get a password on fioor 84 ol DEGENERATION that is galbng my goal I've spoken lo the guy who sayi the stufl •bout black wings coming acmes the desen and I've triad averyftmg ha says but I can t gel 4 to work Why not *

Joe Quinn. Somewhere


I've lot lowed the bps in issues 22 and 23 but I stfl cant find fte Poaon Miter Any ideas *

Craig Stswart. Aberdeen

Qln LABYRINTH OF TIME I need to find mysel * shirt. I've been told that t a somewhere near the City street eecbon but I cent quia put my hands on It. as I

Paul Japp, Surrey

Q*l hava WAXWORKS and I am vary stuck. How do you gal the address book mat the pimp Is hottng I know I hava got to find someone, txd where a he And how do I open the crate I'm trying to save the world here'*

Currant Harris, Hampshire

Q1 have a problem concerning

BATTLETECH I recently bought this on budget from Prism and have almost completed the game. * fta rasped that 1 have assembled the entire Crescent Hawks team, located the Protesaor. found the cave

containing the cache, unlocked el fte doors, laid my handa on tha actual cadis, activated the ganeraioi and located my mach However I have come a bit of a cropper. In that I can't work out the correct wtvla coda In the map room needed lo use the oonvrunication room A solution in mi indent copy of AMIGA FORMAT claimed the coda was featured ft the manual (but gave t anyway). Except H a not In the one Prism sixipked (and fte one they gave doesnl work)*

David Mallet, Bristol

Q1 wrote ft two days ago asking e question about LABYRINTH OF TIME But I've worked out tor myself now. lhanks * Paul Japp, Surrey

Q1 am ftcredftfy stuck r DAAKMERE I've looked everywhere, but I can 1 find

the ft res nvssfng potions tor fte Alchemist* Jamei Crawley, Chaetsrliald

Q*l have seen passwords for the A1200 and A500 versions of JURASSIC PARK, but are there any lor fta AfiOO version7"

Barnard Hatton. Liverpool

Q*Weio. Ma again I'm stuck again on LABYRINTH OP TIME I va now got everything I need to firvsh ft* gam* but I cant complete tha mlddto bndga section to read! tha Minotaur. How do you open the door inside (he Mayan Ziggurat I'm sack to death of going back and fourth puting fevers*

Paul Japp. Surrey

Q1 have been gomg rotftd in ordaa on EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 2.1 hava found almost every sacral room there Is going and I have opened almost every door bd I *91 have a skid key and I need to find two rad keys lor tha Privata Chambers Surety there's somebody out thera who can hatp me, please7*

Rebecca Brtatow. Milton Kaynea




ff-'. MICRO MACHINES1 T* milt ‘

Trillin Sharp*. Aierby

ACnksy Ef Cnfceroony Ym Crikey indeed Okay in* you asked so nce*y her* goes bul 4 looks kk« you rrvghl b* hoggng ■\yj rimer (a) To hah a Lemmeig around i*or using a Bkjcker. dg lor a couple at toovekuis i.-id ban ha" into a Builder You Can Ml <nsv* Ih* mous* porter around Ih* Screen and sated cor* whilsl paused. usekl n oranins* narrow scrapes And to compktr* Taxaig level 3 (a bummer), build two bridges rrmedwltly. rr-w downwards n Itonl ol Ih* i**Jg« dg a hole anmadaiaty balora lha narrt pear, appoaii via two Iron Lammaigs Biaide's and gw* tham a parachula. and they tbouid Ton having bu* drought bidd a bndga high enough to stop th* maai Bukdats liom (aeng to tiaii deaths And d* Anal coda a GKCX.LOIUN Ibl Lest level codes Tam* - RTFLCILEBK.

Cmzy - BlLTTDca, Wed - PUFIHILUDP Wicked - FILTUOHOEJ Havoc - PTDIFllEGL (<) Go to each comar ol lha menu acrean and press both mous* txAlons iribl you hear a Lanvrwig tertty squeal Lal'tGoi tosalactany on any Inft* w«i 60 Lemrrvngi on each (d) Bkzzird laval 4 coda (plucked randomly «o> time'll »*k )-XlFLCKKNE0X (a) GOLDFISH (t) Nope, cant help you there I'm drip (g) Stan playing and gel loth* Soda Pap icvpi When i says Get Ready' push to* pyllick Up. press Fire end pu* Dawn Escape ad now skip laveSs Herman TooShrob s pheosophcai nddi* a inetovanl (h On rvwsron teatve phase si you must blow 141 the leetory tram n«vn it; can gun turret Complete to* tnel nvssion thus Grenade to* two sell d w**s go down toe ladder, spit end arm two man with everything you v* got. sand dree to Via left and two up tie nan available ladder to lha pressure pad Sand a single trooper left. up and past lha iiaiai to the second preside pad and swan the ramammg rwo down screen, shoot 141 toe steps, rin to lha pad and summon Ih* chopper 10 take out the remaining buiktngs >) Enter lha codas 21132011H7 and VUKBE27QAG on lha Mia acrean to gat you onto toe swore level (jl On *1* test Up. go toto ih* pas brake sharply Escape accelerate the time and youl be ranked eilc krai place Also try lappttg rto toe pas an«r you' Srsl tap. and holding down lha keys PALIR and pressing Fee to make you immc*M (k  When you re IMd 10 Start your trvjn* press Firs Whan ih* starter says Go press P twee lo win tos rece with to* tastes! lap km* To taka lha up record Choe* to* LoU/Burk end customise with Furl - kva gallons Drag - Ironi two and taar one nolch liom lop. Tyre* - nghl hard, bn so* Stagger - <0 20 nch Pressure - nghl 24 p 51 Iron bit 28 p 11 taar latl 25 p s 1. Shocks - two uptrom turn Cambers - Ironi nghl -0 50. Itanl Utl and raa> ngfil .0 25. bit rear *1 00. Gears -krst at 9 30 To quality Use Ian gallom al tub and last gear al 8 13 (l) it you gal stuck *1 a hob or at the bottom ol a jump, drive stowty 14) to the wai and accelerate with bocal to min anise damage (m) For a sue arm on track su (toe Cue Bel Race] loom onto lha wooden edge 01 toe track and onto th* Up'tamp Vouleiplod* trace there'll be a slranga bleep and on* lap an be knocked ott your Remaning Laps cornier Carry on around ih* outuk ol th* track and repeal. bU be sura to drop back drawn onto to* beige on your trial Up efea youl be torced lo go rtamd agen


The best tips win prizes, so pleaes let us know what kind of Amiga you’ve got - it's in your interest.



Q 14342 Thai was to* code tor level twenty, bul there not what Use Edwards ol East Susaei waited She warned 10 know how lo do 1

A'Pick 14) the Bridget and wafc nghl and ob the edge ol toe ledge The block a* drop w*h you. Pick up toe Ascender and place 4 ImmedMaty to toe right ol toe normal block, and puah toe normal bkxk to toe right ‘

PAF. Laede

QJoeeph Robertson ol Robenon

ottered eome trisnffly advice to Gary Jenldns ol Stdmouto regarding Beach Level a back In Issue 35. but 4 transpires toal this may nek hive been much use

A "Have you gal your head up your backside You should know ton there are no hoppers on tool particular level, nor on any Beach level (Menas stupid taca end makes msuAng noise ]

'The correct proceckea a to make Lemming nunber one ride 1 magic carpet, and number two attract the metal block. Alow toe Carpsteer to ride where he wants to go and when he raachas toe let! edge at toe plariorm, buM a bridge upwards. This should take Ave Builders

'When someone waks down toe bridge, bomb him al toe very bottom so that he tela back onto toe sandy platform Taka anotoar carpel, blow him over toe obstacle lo toe right and land h*n next to another so toal he tuna around Fire an arrow upwards so toil 4 lands back down, torn make him buld on toe plariorm just before the axS (just In case toe pMtorm Isn't tag enough). Rnaty. jump toe a (trad or

'Hope that's a NS more help, lean! do Ctasslo Level 10 or Sports Level 5 though, so it anyone world Ike to return the favour *

Jocna Pi la tie, Finland

QJoeeph was also having problems of hie own on Circus Level, The one with iuC one screen, two cannons and a trumpet' And. *r. and whist browsaig through an isaua ol AMIGA FORMAT (whal better way to supplement your monthly dosage ol AMIGA POWER than by reading a magazine written by people who. t you were u wnte in to ask how exaedy you do conned a Ciizan LSP10 pnmer to an A4000 running Workbench 3.1, aren't UcaJy to coma amend to yoc» house and set Are to you parents ) I accidentally stumbled across toe answer

A “Make toe frst Lamming a CSmbet.

bomb him through toe floor and move toa cannon 10 poke through tola hole. Wan inti he reaches toe ax* then junp him over twice over H the success tala • negators, adiuet toa cannon sf>gMy and try

again. Let toe Lemmkig out with two Gkja Pouters, one lo the lar Mb. one to toe far right. Next do a Bomber at toe bottom at toe kampekna p* and flnaty a Fencer to toerighl*

Alex Churchill, courtesy ol AMIGA FORMAT


QBob Jones ol Green lord was In the liteslaalar section and had loind two ol toa torse crowns Tm r toe Ideeieeler section and I've lound two al the three crowns.' he wrote

A "You ahorld have the key to toe thkd door. This ahorld lead to three teleporters: one to me left, one right and on* straight ahead Face toe right teleporter, and when e switches oft. Ihek toe sweeh behind a then quickly rut pas) toe Meporiar to toa left and Ihck that sweeh TNa deactvates toe tokd Meporiar. moves two blocks of stone and ravaait a tourto Maportar Heed down toe leb corridor pest toe new Meporiar (which should be lemporaniy deactivated) rta e series ol tunnels. After ■ b* ol puzzle solving, which fm sure you wouldn't want me to My divulge, youl And toe third crown."

Alan Mather. Co. Durham


QAnd Pad Japp ol Surrey coiAdnT Ind the Gem in the Keep "Where in heaven's name is toe Gem in toe Keep.' he said

A'Thera art tour gams to laid in toe game, one tram each lower (Serpen. Dragon. Moan. Chaos). The Serpen Tower a toe (Wat 10 be completed. When tots le done you wfl have a key to aocesa toe next lower and to on. Whan al tour lowers an complete you wt be given ■ key lo access Zandocka Lak and ener the Anal baffle ‘ Alan Mather, Co Durham


QAnd inaly, Messrs Martin Croat of String and Alex Meaoudl ol Watford ware having an a) to d)‘i worth ol traitola wrth paths. Iiees. hammers and dragon agga

A’a) The Choose your cfasa. choose your path1 brt A doesn't really matter which you take, bul Heimdai hemal can only ener the Warrior Portal The Way of toe Oruld raqures leaa Aghtng (youl need 10 use toe spel of Telaportaaon to past toe three pita), but aitoar way youl and 19 with toa same lama'

b) The tree A atom coin goes in toe mkkfa (ol which (here era two or tote* knocking aromd World One) which lands you w*h Serpent Kler spall

c) Thor’s Hammer Sal (ram toe smal bottom left to lha top nghl Mend ■Racking toe See Serpen with your new

spel Once landed. U the monster to toe left and give toe tor scroll 10 toe cheeky chappy Ihraugh toe doorway in exchange lor toa stone key. Ki toe otoar monster in toe inf room and use toe Jade Key to unoek toe Northern door Watch tor arrow traps and appearing monmen. and DO NOT TOUCH th* wait at you pass through the next room lo unlock the northern door wah toe stone key Enter end cast toe Shrrttng spel I ram (he small Mland in to* bottom tab of toe map

d) Th* Dragon a Eggs: These ere hidden or an Mend which has something lo do w*h boats or barrels or eomethng. I think. Delect Doors ki el rooms, though I know toal. Once al toe sisters have beer gnren took presents toe door lo toa home in toe centra of toe island open* upend you can grab toa moutopwc* lo us* on the Horn or toe lop right island. You may have to us* a Disenchant or Ravsialtan Spel lo gall, bul I can't qua* remember But to* horn we blow your ship across to* magical bonier, which i* good newt ’

Fiail Fflory, Worcerster

QAnd Analy finely: Faulted though I supposed 1 am. I do actuaty ike 10 think toal at test I'm toe sort ol person who manege* to get toe nghs end of to* sack In Me However

Al was looking through AP37 and I noticed you giving Steven Marsh ol Co. Durham a halpmg hand with finishing toe game. From toe answer you gave. I don't think you My mderstood Ns problem - whal you <Mnf mention was toa kb. and tots was whit had me stumped tor ages too. It's at to* tar n il ol toe tar right screen, by to* raftng and tote « whal you have lo take up (by pressing Fire and pMng Up) to ANsh to* game Bye Bye (Bye Indeed, but only untf toe next fabulous edfion of toe mghtost Arruge games msgtntt on to* pfanef. - KchJ Kiratan Gillespie. Glasgow










Answering questions on Amiga games is my game, and Rich Peiley, The Last Resort, AMIGA POWER, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW (marking your envelopes Questions’ or ‘Answers’) is my name. (And address.) (And pointless requisition.) Next month That’s when I’ll see you next, I suppose.


As the long summer days finally arrive, software publishers around the world decide that you want to stay indoors and play sports simulations all day. Bonkers eh


you gel bored with the two courses supplied with the game - Muirlield Village and Jack's own The Bear's Track - you. er. design your own This involves using a sort at drawing program, which lets you spread grass, trees, water, hills and bunkers a> over the place, and then renders them r 30 (You can even redesign the trees to look like houses or monsters il you've got the patience ) A good ■dea’’ Er. well, maybe Exlrenvst goiters will no doubt have hours ot tun comng up with the greenbetl-demolishing plan ol their dreams But tor the rest ol us. it'll bo novelty-value only - designing ridiculously hard spiral holes, or holes with huge lakes n lhe rmddte - and lhe possibilities soon run out

Thai means the package s success Shu relies heavtfy on whether Jack

Runs on: A500. A600.


Publishar: Action Sixteen Price: £16 99 Release: Out now

Some might argue that enough ol our

countryside has been chewed up by goll courses already without Amiga owners building more ot them Bui luckily lor Jack Nicklaus. AMIGA POWER has never let personal pre i>dica gel in the way ol incisive reviewing

So - golf. Ihen. eh’ Tch Oddly, though, despite the undeniable crapress ol I he spod. goll games on the Amiga can be cunousty playable Jus! look al PGA Tour, a truly line game which you don't need to be a lal businessman or unlunny comerkan to enjoy

The design-your-own-course concept is one I haven't come across beiore. though The theory is that it

Nicklaus is a good game n its own right And. Irankly. it's not It's got all the accessbiiity ol PGA. and the ball .zings about wen enough (although taking shots isn't quite as comloilabte as m PGA) Bui alter each shol is taken, there's an embarrassing pause as Ihe view is slowly redrawn trom your new position And the results don'i look halt as pretty as PGAs We end up with a frustrating, lumpy-leeimg ahair that never gives Ihe teelmg ol Iresh air and open space that’s so essential lo the success ot a god game • JONATHAN DAVIES


At a tool tor designing and testing goll courses, this works undeniably well. But building courses Isn't a tenth as much fun as playing on them, and PGA or Nick Faldo Is much better lor doing that.


Runs on: A500, A600, A12Q0

Publisher: Empire Price: £30 Release: Out now

When H comes to packaging and assembling games compilations, H seems lhal Empire can do no wrong. In AP36 (' Cam" - Uncla Joa Stalin) reviewed their Award Winners Gold Edition. It consisted of Sensible Soccer. Jimmy White's Snooker, Elite and ZooL A decent compilation by anyone's standards. He awarded it BS per cent and summed up by saying: "Smart compilation ol genuine grade-A classics... unimpeachable value."

There's no getting away from Ihe tact that this compilation is aimed at dyed-ln-the-wool football fanatics and therefore has a more specialised, tled-in-to-the-World-Cup attraction about it. Il consists ot one Grade-A classic In Sen si, two B«, nol-qulle-classlc-but-detlnltely-ln-contentlon-lor-being-awarded-thal-accolade games (Goal and Championship Manager 93/94) and one relegation candidate (Striker).

Let's start with Sensible Soccer. Even III was lo plunder the AP Dictionary of Super Gushy things to



Qurlti tkliU rsult


How, tfcari were Stnublt AJukaWWi.

ctiepiMiik aih]« -■in la tfcia tliKwitl

say about gamea we love, there'd still wouldn't be anything lo say that hasn't already been said about Sens/. So that's that sketch knackered then. (Everyone's got a copy anyway.)

Following closely on Santis heels Is Dlno Dim'. Goal. Il l Kick Ott 3In all but legal Injunction name and is widely (Widely - ( Cam- - Uncle Joe Stalin)) considered lo be nol tar behind In the playability atakas. You can trap the ball. Change direction very quickly, throw the ball about a bit, swap view*, access ■ radar type ot screen, use a zoom function and, more Importantly, hold the lire button down and then release It lo determine the strength ol your shots. This control method Is ihe exect opposite of Sens/, and I've alwaya had a bit ol an Internal misunderstanding with (-Cam" - Uncle Joe Stalin)over its obvious benelils, which is probably why he'i gone oft In

a huff. Bye ('Cam' - Uncle Joe Stalin). Championship Manager 93/94 has been In Ihe Top 30 chart lor what seems like lorever and a day. It's the beneficiary of oodles and oodles ol stats, lots and lota ol decisions lo be made and a general all-round leel ot being Involved. It s slightly marred, however, by Ihe lack ol any animation lo break up the lex).

The last of the games, and the one which la absolutely Ihe least good ot all Ihe offerings laid beiore you, Is Striker. Some people like II lor its Immediate playability, others lor its video reeorder-llka action replay function and yat others lor Its variably sticky ball. This Iasi function lets you tailor the speed and tact let ot the game to your own Idiosyncratic preferences. But then, tome people like piercing their nipples and engaging In similar techno-failshlsllc delights. Deduce

from lhal what you will.

In summary and In conclusion. I'd recommend this compilation. Sort ot. Sensi Is without doubt the llagthlp of this collection, overshadowing Goal and making Striker look stunningly poor, but you've probably already got IL You'd basically be buying it lor Sens! and Championship Manager (which falrty obviously works out at a reasonable £15 a pop) with Ihe other two tilling up the box in a tew hourt-passlng sort of way while you walch the rain dribble down your window panes ■ STEVE McGILL


Aimed to coincide with the USA tournament, this compilation doean t Otter anything like as strong a lineup aa Empire s Award Winners One lor fooly    1 [j

game fanatics. (Nngh. -    In

Cop-Out Ed)




Huns on: A500. A6Q0, A1200

Publisher: Tactix Price: £10 Heiease: Out Now

The baffia cl Roufkes Drill in January 1879 ptied jusi over 100 Bntsh soldiers agamsi over 4000 Zulu warriors In the lunous lighting that resulted, the Bntish repelled the attackers and 11 Victoria Crosses were won. as well as an Oscar lo Stanley Baxter kx Best Supporting Actor and numerous commendations lor the sweeping cmematography Hold on. I ve got that kind o1 mixed up or have I Historians take note, as lar as most people are concerned. Rourke s Dntt featured Mchaei 'Don't throw those bloody spears at me" Came. Kirk Douglas escaped from slavery and bady defied the Roman Empire, and George C Scott halted the German advance m the Ardennes offensive of 1944. Ffms are reality

And it's this point that s both the strength and weakness of this game Anyone who's seen Zulu has an entire brain ful ol images ol war and death on the African veldt, ol burning kralts and whooping Zulu impis. so rather than having to imagine the setting, they've already seen it The famkianty means that you know what to expect n the battle.

Which makes it all a bit disappointing when you gel to play. Pootty music adds nothing and the rows ot solders and attacking Zulus look a be naff. The single perspective also means that loads ot troops lend to get lost on (he blind s>de of the hospital buildng. And the control system -uurghhh There isn't an option to tell the troops to fire at will, so they'll just stand fare until they re forced lo light hand to hand, and with the odds at a staggering 400 lo 1. it doesn't take a genus to work out the importance of guns m their victory And you can t be ihe Zulus and have tun It you played it through once I'd be Surprised M you played it any more than that. I'd have to say you were lying • CAM W1NSTANLEY


An Interesting Idea thaia so hideously Implemented it's a real disappointment. The sooner Impressions scrap their III conceived MIcro-MInlatures system In favour of something playable, the better.

Runs on: A500, A6O0 Publisher: Titanlx Price: £ 1 0 Release: Out Now

Brace yourself for another rewritten review ot a game already covered In the exalted pages ol AP. (Ha ha. No. really. - Ed) The unsubtly-titled The Executioner was originally covered by ( Cam - Uncle Joe Stalin) In APS and he awarded It 55 per cent. Not bad. It a bit repetitive." he concluded.

I can't disagree with that at all. What I do disagree with is Ihe score.

55 per cent IS a teensy-weensy little bit hard. The game Is an Olds derivative with a bit ol a plot bolted on You've got to find four parts of a key lo crack the secret ot Ihe universe or end Ihe tyrannical reign of a megalomanical evil ruler, or something along that particular plotline.

Even lo have a chance of finding any of Ihese keys, you've gol lo land on planets and find enemy pilots.

While on Ihe planets, you'll find all sorts of inhabitants and strange creatures intent on killing or marring ( Marring" - Ed) your little lunar lander thing. Just like Olds. you

control the craft by careful use ot thrust and rotation.

You re also equipped with a gun and a tractor ball, which you uae to pick up things like prisoners, tuel, keys and

transmission pods

Just like

( Cam" - Uncle Joe Srj/inJ highlighted in his original review, the lack ol a keyboard option Is lamentable and. frankly, pretty stupid because YOU HAVE TO USE UP TO THRUST frhere'9 elso an option to go lo a bar that seems to be there for Ihe sake ol it. because you can t actually do anything like play the coin-op sitting in Ihe right hand corner. Pshaw, eh )

The Iasi and final bit that needs mentioning is Ihe torluie of prisoners that you pick up. You can either sell Ihese prisoners (or slaves as Ihe game likes lo call Ihem] or else torture them lo fry lo find Ihe localioni of keys. The torture sequences are pointless and enlirely horrible, with Ihe disturbing

object of lillllating mad people, or something. Maybe lhal's why ( Cam' -Uncle Joe Stalin) gave It such a low mark. We ll never know now. Sadly.

("To Ihe enduring relief ol the glorious masses." - Uncle Joe Statin)



The lack of keyboard controls make the game too picky to be truly considered a good game, but there s quite a bit of entertainment value in there somewhere, especially al this price

Runs On: A500. A600. A1200 (1 Meg) Publisher: Team 17 Price: £13 Release: Out now It's that Body Slows Again And it's sWI jolly good)ish).



Runs on: A500, A600,


Publisher: Menial Image Price: £6 Release: Out now

Video Iruit machines - what an odd concept, but one that people seem to go tor Even though you can't win anything Even though fru4 machines aren I very interesting. Weird

Bandit Mania contains three games, one of which is gracing our coverdisk even as you read this The good news lor you but the bad news lor Menial Image is that A you've played the Technology table, you've seen the besi of the collection, and therefore have very little reason lor loriung out Ihe small sum ol cash to buy the lull version

The dullest ore’s Tciacioe firs cased Noughts end Crosses actually -Ed) where you piess Ihe mouse button lo make Ihe three tumblers go round Er.

With no nudges or holds, it s slightly less lun than plaiting spaghetti A quantum leap up Ihe Iruit machine evolutionary

ladder is Ihe World Tour game, complete with iP jingles from around th  world and a couple t games Youcannudgl hold and gamble, but " feature game (mvoivir travelling round Ihe wi (No' But yes' - Ed) re absolutely no pancp; so you've ust gol lo w 4 lor anything up to a couple of minutes untworks out how much you've won Z2222

Finally there's Technology, with more sub games and features than the other two. They're sill terrible though Ihe Pontoon game, lor example, tailed lo recognise a pontoon And. I We ihe other tables. Technology pays out lar loo often, resulting m more credits than you know what to do with (Except you can't do anything with them, obviously.) And yet. strangely, the Technology table held my attention lor Ihe longest amount of lime.

If you really are (he kind of sad loser that spends sunny days glued to Inal

maehmes. then at least this is ihe same price as playing a real Inal machine for an hour



Take this simple test: play the coverdisk. and if you want more when it cuts out, look up Mental Image's address on the coverdisk pages and send off for the Ae * full game. I did, and I hi S won't be.    U I ;





Runs On: A500. A600. A1200. A4000 (1 Meg) Publisher: Hit Squad Price: £13 Release: Out now

It's time lor a quiz Can you connect Danny Kaye with Road Basti before the end at this review Remember, read stowty lor extra time.

The game sounds ideal cartoon be-in fodder, with lots ot action and lots of pseudo-violence m which no one realty gets hurl It's basically a bike racing game with the novelty at being able to punch opponents oh their bikes, and the tact it hasn't been snapped up by. say. D-l-C (a mulmalional paploon manufacturer whose trademark, rather endeanngty, is a small child peeping. 'DicT can onty be aitrtiuied to phenomenal good luck Anyway, racing game it is. and one thai plays Surpnsmgty well conskfenng the altogether cheaply gnm look ol the thing There are no gears or brakes which means the races Itow all the better, and the welcome

addition ol barging, punching, kicking and hitting with clubs cheeis the game up a great deal

Problematically, you don't actually gel to fight people that often Because the pack is spiead ralher thmSy. pocketing into tembie, competent and supenor nders. Ihere are long stretches when nothing very much is happening apart from the leisurely dodging at legitimale load users Rather than the non-slop action siuglesl Road Rash at first appears to be. it's more a nicety last, largely uneventful, basically, well, pleasant game

Road Rash goes out ol its way to help (you can take part n a race any number ol limes to boost your linal placing, and Ihere are passwords lo secure your valuable cash) and it is. essentially race Just so. and no more than that And Danny Kaye, ol course. Starred ei The Court Jester, where he played alongside Angela Lansbury who later shot to ill deserved lame m Murder She Wrote, a programme indirectly inspired by Murder She Said, the Margaret Rutherford lilm tram Agatha Christie's 4 SO From Paddington m which a friend ol hers witnesses a murder on a passing tram thanks lo their matching speed at a point ol the line, which lascmatmg sited ot relative veloolns allows you lo pugkisticaily unseal a rival m Road Rash without tearing your arm oil You see1 (Or a it possible because it's hjppervng m a computer game and nor the real world, who knows7 - Ed)



Agreeable racing game with sporadic lighting bits that pas tea the time but doesn l really get exciting Not at tun a bike game aa. aay. Super Hang On and not as tun a road warrior game aa. tay. Road Blasters li t. nice.


Runs On: A500, A600.

A1200 (1 Mb, hard-drive installable)

Publisher: Kixx XL Price: £17 Release: Out now

No, wait, look, this la rubblah. Yea, Iheae game* substantially outsell the likes of Monkey Island 2, but 14 million people watched Alio Alio. Leisure Suit Larry and lit sequels perpetuate the myth that PCs are not used by gameplaying tolk who want to network Doom but by emotionally restricted middle-aged rapidly falling businessmen under doctor a orders not to drink who want clumsy puerility masquerading as dangerous lun. (Possibly - Ed)

Here is what Is wrong with Lalaura Suit Larry 3.

The game mechanics are awful. You have to click on an object to walk to It, but you can get jammed in the scenery and have to guide Larry painstakingly to his destination. Actually doing anything Involves typing commands ol the get money/look desk variety which combines delightfully with the movement jlggery-

i second drive.) The puzzles are eiactly as obvious at you'd expect, except with Hilarious Objects, and if you can be bothered shoving the imbecillc Larry around everything in hit path, you'll find the game linear and unsubtte.

Aarghhh. no, I have to mantlon the jokes. America may be the country that brought us His Girt Friday. Heathers and. Indeed. Monkay Island, but they venerate Benny Hill, had Police Squad cancelled lor being too clever, waited Gremlins 2 at the box office for the seme reason and haled Reservoir Dogs. Lalaura Suit Larry 7s sense of humour It loud, crude, violent, nasty and hopelessly unfunny.


pokery to create a truly monstrous whole

The game communicates with you through targe text windows that pop up, obscure the graphics and refuse to go away so you can move to the area they're hiding. Frequently you'll enter a story sequence which you cen neither skip nor Interrupt end which Involves disk accessing between each live-line speech bubble. (At least the game recognises

















Runs on: A500. A600,

A1200 (1 Meg)

Publisher: Ocean Price: £13 Release: Out now

The besl ever episode of TVs famous Animarvacs features a eolossally dull man called Pip Pumphandle. Wakko. Yakko and Do! make the fatal mistake of approaching him at a party, and the rest ot the cartoon details the accumulatively debilitating etlect the infinitely protracted story ol how Pip mel celebrity Bob Barker has on our irrepressibly gleeful chums.

Their normally reliable armoury ol bizarre locks singularly laikng to defied Pip's

unstoppable monotone, the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) flee the party, pursued by Ihe genial, ambling horror Cornered on the bus home, the tno has no option but to endure Pip's relentless dnvef as besl they can. until finally they are able lo leap suddenly out ol Ihe vehicle and bolt lor their water lower home. But. temtyingly. P*j has preempted their escape attempt and is m tact resting comfortably in their tronl room, his

rvghlmanshly unmltected commentary never once having missed a beat The Warners, crushed, sob deleaiedly and round-shoulderedly, hot tears pounng down their laces as the<r arms dangle loosely, these ntaiibty chipper fellows cruelly and utterly broken And. do you know, a similar thing happened to me while playing The Games. A bravura attempt on Ocean s part to create a true international game, with language options, very little text, pots ol icons and sub-menus lo the nth degree, has gone very wrong The simple idea (you’re managing an Olympic team, and must get your competitors ei shape lor their events, belore playing the events themselves) has been squashed Hat by

the interminably convoluted mechanics To gel anywhere requires mure panting and clicking than a poultry artist masterclass with some other vowels, and when you do get Ihere. it's a pyshek waggier. Suit, at least you get loads ol lop lads about the Olympics, eh Thai's got to be worth 13 nicker • JONATHAN NASH


interminably complicated, inexcusably dull and graphically quite horrible Olympic management sim with an almost fatally burled game struggling lo surface and then turning 4 O out lo be Track and Field I h Ghastly.    I U


Psygnoala, CTBA

Amiga version: 42%. AP37 Improvements over ih* original  Well, there* i routing logo *t tha baginning of tha game featuring, and here I quota, 'trenepaiency effect* and brand new rotation affect*.-Oooo There are 40 piece* of CD mu*lc. three ol which I listened to before turning it down and playing In stony silence. The game uses three of the Joypad buttons tor separate functions, and has rather natty paralleling backgrounds, so points added lor that. Thera are also extra lavalt and bonus sub-games, and new objects, puzzle* and baddies Tha end result ol this impressive overhaul Wall. It's now a dodgy platformer that looks better.

The part of the mag where (“A variety of reviewers” - Uncle Joe Stalin) takes a peek at all the games that have made their way from floppy to silver disks. Exactly the same idea as last month, in other words.

Krlsalia, £30

The EEC CD mountain continues to teeter and groan under the weight o< more and more titles as they hit the shop*.

In the coming months I expect some (It not all) ot this lot to be heading your way.

We’d Ilka to give you release dates and things, but you know P" what these programming types are like. Schedule What's on* of them then

i v* heard of 6>rt l tun re Arid bel Cawpal.r Saw.rai wtlh JctpactuT - Ridxwloul

Me deebi hr car leap flail water lake, ekt a sir,I* breed. Wei dree.

SECOND SAUURAI Psygnosis. CTBA KINGPIN Teem 17.C15 ARCADE POOL Team 17, £15 SUPERFROG Team 17. £15

accuracy, but I Ilka It.

So what a the problem then Wall, although you da get a rather neat demo of aome forthcoming raleaaei (A vital part of any game, quite naturally. - Ed), there'e no two-player option. Now. ofting your opponents lemming* I* the beat part of the game, ao Paygnosi* have loat lota of polnta there.

And then there a the price. £26 What the hell are they playing at

We re talking about a game that came out In 1991. and they're charging full whack lor ft; a software crime of the hlgheat order. While the likes of Core and Team 17 are aupportlng the CD32 with load* of cheap and cheerful ro-release*. cynical caah-lna like thla aren't doing the machine any favoura

at all. They could at teaat have Included Oh No! Mora Lemmings to give you 200 odd levata. but they didn't. Oh Nol Mora Caah For Paygnoala more like It'a uat not good enough.

but atlll haa loo many arbitrary deatha. There * alao a jump that * ao high, you can’1 see what you were aiming for. A great version of a vary poor game.


(Sottt Me My.)


A bit expensive for a f* D ' / two-year-old. but a more than welcome addition to the already- f\ growing ranks of CD32 H i platformer*.    UL

Virgin, £30

Amiga version; MV AP32 No new level*, no extra sound and no gratuitous but pointless In-game music In thla CD32 conversion, and It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference. It'a Cannon Fodder, and so It's brill.

For your money you do gel a flashy Intro sequence starring the Sensible craw and the option to play It using the CD32 controller,

although to get Into the full flow of the game, you really do need to gat yourself a mouse. Shoot, bang. kill, run, swim, bomb, fly, rocket, spike, bleed, malm, drive, die. fall, slide, panic and bodge your way through 72 levels packed with moral disregard and political Incorrectness.


CD32 Buy it lor (M yourCD32. 71*4

A1200 version: 89V AP3S There are no major changes between this and the At 200 version of the game, mainly because all the problem* had been Ironed out between I he 500 and 1200 versions. However, you do get an improved aaundlrack. complete with extra sound biles from Mr Voiceover Man. Krfsalis' vary own cool sounding dude. Inexplicably, what you don't gel are (he extra two levels as promised a few months back. Vipes. What could have happened

The game revolves around a four-man SAS unit and gameplay'S similar to Laser Squads, with movements and actions taking up points. It's slow-moving and Immensely tactical, but thoroughly enjoyable and absorbing, and Ihe only minor downer Is that the game begs lo be played with a mouse but you've gat to use the joyped. Bah!


A nicely tweaked

CD 32 version of whal was already an all-round polished and funky game. Don't expect a quick gam* or fast action, but do expect your men _

and escaping hostages on

lo be mown down in 11M

- _ Uw

Core Design, £35

Amiga version: 79%, AP37

Aside from Ihe obvious

is4 C k    elimination

tLV ik of disk

,ppi"9-I    it's good lo sea

thal Ihe CD32 loypad make* everything much easier to use. For a change, we ve gol a conversion that fully utilises all the buttons, which means that you don't keep shooting people when all you want to do Is say tfi' or

whip out your shield. The Isometric graphics remain virtually identical as you solve problems and leap from enemy lo enemy, but there's nice new music playing away, so that's all right then.


— _ . Hard, hard, hard!

C D «£ jL Maybe It's jual us.

but the puzzles are loo obscure. Sensible use ol the joyped does helps lo _ remedy some ol Ihe    QA

frustration, but It's slill nil way too hard!    Vw


f « .« The lack of Ihe two- ■* - * player game and the Inflated price taint this classic game's transition onto the CD32 The game's still Iresh and Inventive, even after all this lime, although you really do need a mouse (and healthy    

bank balance) lo get    I -J

the mast out of it. f ]

Paygnoala, £26

Amiga version: 81% AP21 We ve a sneaky feeling that Psygnosls think we ve been having a go at them recently, but when they come up with garbage such as Last Action Hero (AP38. 3%) then there's little else we can do. And now there's this, the super and thoroughly playable Lemmings on the CD32.

■ee sea like las uaasatsgB

■ we Teak. Aka Its ke he.

Like Ihe lloppy version It suffers from loo many easy levels at the beginning, but there are quadrillions of the things, annoyingly catchy tunes and. of course, the option ol alternately saving and slaughtering rodent* In the original save-'am-up. Tim N and ("No one else" - Uncle Joe

Stalin) may have

<■' ‘    reviled the game

A * I j \ for It*

\ repetitiveness ) and ihe way J that once

»    J you've worked

* .•    out a screen

you still have lo get Ihe lemmings to “    follow your plan with

absolutely pin-point



(r«w •

« •«    • Mfrcll r«i m«

Pi ui


Jan «fc«B I iioa]M I had laaqaiiliad tfcii han mj ■Jad... I Hava 1o upUea U

retia« - ••

The games reviewed in this column are totally noncommercial. Any similarities to any games or sports simulations, good or bad, are totally coincidental. Or maybe not. All cases off any such software threatening to be ‘off purchasable standard’ must be reported to Dave Golder. Immediately.

scl-ll *hoot-'em-up with wave* of enemy lhips flying dawn lha screen In attack formation.

You can chooaa which difficulty lavel lo atari on (and there are quite a few) from the rather attractive option acreen. Than H a on with the autotira and away you go. The onalaught la relentleaa bul luckily thla ia one of thoaa gamea that favour. Hie ahleld method: you don 1 die Inatanlly whan a nasty geta you: Inatead aome ol your energy ia k drained away and you B die when there', none ■ left Thla givea you Ihe chance lo W pick up a few energy-replenishing power-up.

So it took. good, there t load, ol action and It's laal. But that'a It. Thare'a nothing much etaa la the game, and It doea become rapidly ledloua. Sure, H'a exhilarating being

TIM ri.hu r XL MM bee toct bet cook rad Mu a

Thla la a concept ahool- em-up, the concept being. "Let's make Ihe graphica like nothing you've ever seen before." And they certainly have. Doylaya were the thing that kept coming lo my mind. Or perhapa net curtains. Or lace. There a definitely an elegant, lacy feel about the game. I doubt whether this ia dM Ihe eftecl the programmers    _

were aiming tor. bul lhal a    Jfl

what we've got.

But ihe atrange delicacy of the graphica la offset by Ihe all-out violence of Ihe gameplay. Thla la nonstop blasting action that makes no excuses Basically, It's lhat good old PD aland-by, the vertically-scrolling.

Fable lo shoo) hundreds ol aliens per minute, but only for a few minutes. After lhal you want something else. In thla game, you don’t get It

VERDICT: Well, at least It looks different to every other vertically-scrolling. scMI shoot-'em-up with its net-curtalna feel. Whal ■ terrible shame that H doesn't play any differently.


ft fear j

something. “Ow... ooh Ow ooh . No Way! WAY!. . Sehwlng. .. and fade to black." you might want to check It out

But If you actually want to play someihing that's, well, playable, give it a mlaa. It'a hard to go wrong with Pong, but somehow thla manages H. Whoever gels the Joystlck/keyboerd (both players aren't allowed mice) might a* well give up.

I'm quite surprised that NBS had tha guts to send me this one. I can usually rely an them lo send me tome decent stuff, but If I rsn a PD library, frankly I wouldn't let anybody know I had this In stock.

It It quHe possibly the worst PD game I've ever seen (of Ihe ones that don't actually crash, that Is). It's a management tlm - gening It off to a bad atari - so inept It redelines Ihe whole concept of Ineptitude.

Once you gel past the particularly badly-prasenled and unfriendly management decisions section -which conilits of picking drivers and buying or repairing cars and anginas -you come lo the actual racing section.

Go on, guess. You'll probably be spot on. Yep. you're right, Wayne's World Pong Is Pong faaluring. gal this, samples from Wayne's World. Oh. yeah, and Scooby Ooo

To be talr, the samples are very good, and there's are loads ol them -one lor every occasion. In fact. Every lime anything happens In the game. Irom lha bell being hit to tha screen laded, there's a sample to accompany It. So it you want to play a game with rallies that go

VERDICT- Nice samples, shame about Ihe game.

* • (for the quality of the samples)

Oh dear. 80 laps represented by feeble-looklng cars crawling past tha pits, accompanied by the sound of someone stepping on a half-deflated set of bagpipes. And this goes on for sn eternity. Or did H just seem that way. You don't even gel lo see

I any crashes.

And this is supposed to be tun Even If you get some perverse kicks from the management section, you're not going to be able lo handle the race section.



VERDICT: Expect to see this lum up as a challenge In that Japanese game show Endurance.


This realty has bMn a pretty dira month lor PD Whan something at downright dumb aa this thraalana la gel tha bait acora, you know things ara bad.

It's aubtlttod Holland - Tha Havanga. Thota ol a mora lootballing inclination might hava managed to put two and two together (It thal'a actually not a bit loo dlttlcull lor anyone ot a tootballing Inclination, that It) and worked out that thli mutt be something to do with soccer.

So If you're still holding a grudge against those Nelherltnders lor actually being a decant toolballing laam and putting the linal nail In the coffin whan it came to England's

Ner U Im< led w) tear tree**


*ImM4 iMIBf IB ike WerM €■».’    * "

chances ot getting to tha World Cup. you might glaan soma kind ol anfartalnment Irom this schlock.

Basically, forget league rules and throw away the ball. This rematch features Just one England goalkeeper against seemingly Infinite Dutch players. Bui this ain't no penalty shoot-out. In fad. there's no shooting

at all, ual a lot 0< bombing. Y sea. this goalie Is armed and dangerous, and he's out lo blow those Edam-munchers lo smithereens.

So tha luhp-pmners run down I he screen, while you try to bomb them using the mouse to control the target. And that's about It. Apart Irom tha fact that you can change the speed and duration of Ihe game, and altar the colour at the pitches.

Exciting stuff, eh (That's sarcasm, for those of a lootballing Inclination, by Ihe way.)

VEROICT What s there In this football shoot- em-up Is polished stuff. But since Ihera's so little there, that's not surprising.



Wall, it probably seamed like a good idea at tha time. SrMkouf with two bats - one at the bottom, one at the side. It s got potential.

But that's about tha only thing Amlgsnokf s got Playability It certainly hasn't. It's so slow. And boring. And dull. And lethargic. And. ah. just get your own Thesaurus, okay

I'm not sure what went wrong. I love Sreakouf-slyla games, me. But this one has about as much spark as

a recently-used Kleenex. Apart Irom the drab design. I think It must have something to do with the layout of the bricks Or maybe the ball movement routine doesn't quite work properly. But whatever It Is, you just don t seem to gal those great long, multibrick busting, ricocheting rallies you normally get.

Getting used to the two bats, both mouse controlled, is no great hassle either, so Ihera's no challenge to be had there. The game just descends into a tedious slog lo clear the bricks one-by-one In the vain

Twe ban, Mt ball, ure Inn.

hope that Ihe rtexl screen might be more exciting. It won't be.

VERDICT: Yawn, ee


Pathfinder PD

Okay, so you might have gathered that I'm no sporls management aim Ian.

But I pride myself on being able lo put my prejudices aside and make a levelheaded. considered, objective decision about Ihe quality of any game. So avan though I enjoyed Superleague Manager 2.01 about as much as being dragged naked behind a galloping horse across recently-laid Tarmac with a personal slareo playing a Worlds Apart LP grafted to my ears. I must admit that this isn't at all bad.

SLU 2.01 isn't a new game, but this latest version Is a considerable

gives you a minute-by-minute account ol each gama.

I've played better (in the line ot duty) but this is a reasonable enough soccer management sim. Though tha management choices are a bit limited

-    buying and selling players, choosing teams, sorting out a bank loan, building stands, that sort ol malarkey

-    al least your choices do seem lo make soma kind ol difference la the game.

Having said that, it none too tricky. It's pretty obvious what you need lo do lo progress through the leagues, and not too difficult to achieve it. Thera really need lo be a

but so easy, only Graham Taylor would be still be stuck in Division Two after a couple of hours.


This is a little box-out I need to do every so ottan In this column, because some people seem to be slightly contused about this whole public domain business

Public Domain software Is noncommercial stuff that has been written by amateur programmers. They release the software Into the public domain (which is a concept rather than a place). This means that It is non-copyrighted and can be duplicated by anyone. So. In theory. PD software Is free. If you know a mate with a PO program (maybe that he got Oft Amiga Power a coverdisk or Irom a PD library) then you can copy it completely legally.

Most people get their PO Irom PD libraries, however, and then they do have lo pay. usually a minimal amount to cover postage, packaging, duplication and the running costs of tha library. This Is usually a couple at quid (if any library tries to charge you over £3 lor a disk of PD, ask why - if they haven't got a good reason, shop around).

When we list a specific PD library along with a review, they're not necessarily the only library lo have that game, so feel tree lo shop around. We Just like la give you a name to make your life easier, but there are loads ol PD libraries advertising In Amiga Power so leel free to check them out They should all send you a catalogue of their stocks on request

Finally, there are mutant strains ol PO lo watch out lor. becausa some of them come with strings attached:

•    Shareware - this Is treely copyable. but it is not tree. Huh  Well, you can copy H and use it. but if you tike it and want to keep on using it. the programmers request you send them some money and become a registered user. If you do decide to carry on playing a shareware game, please da register: it encourages the decent programmers to chum oul more stuff. However, some programmers use shareware as an excuse la release sub-standard losh and expect lo gel paid tor it Do not encourage them.

•    Licenseware - this is licensed to certain PD libraries only, will probably cost about £3-£4 (which is split between Ihe programmer and tha library) and is not troely-copyabie. It Is probably also ol dubious legality, but It does produce some vary good software occasionally, so who cares

improvement over Ihe previous, rather lew more variables added lo make it drib releases. The screens have all    more challenging. At Ihe moment it's

been spruced up. an editor has been    perfectly possible to get lo the lop of    Where lo go:

added so that you can create your own the Premiera Division in an evening.    NBS. t Chain Lain, Newport. The Isle 01 Wight

teams and players and, best of all.    Pathfinder PD. 41 manon Street. Bingiay, Weal Yorkshire, B0I6 4NQ

there s now a match section which    VERDICT Decent enough football elm.    Epic Marketing, First Floor. 31 Fahngdon Road. Swindon, SN1 5AR

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Amiga Power Issue 40 1994 aug Cover

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