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Amiga Technologies gave J speech on the current status of the Amiga market and where he expected Amiga Technologies to take the Amiga in the future. For your convenience, we have published the transcript oi his speech on page 48 of this issue. One of my main reasons for visiting the expo was a chance to visit with Mr. Tyschtschenko and discuss the American Amiga market and Amiga Technologies' efforts here. Orn.' of my chief concerns has been that until now, there has not been any announcement concerning the North American marketing program or who has been selected to direct marketing for North America. 1 was hoping that Amiga Technologies had come to some understanding and were in the process of creating a program. However, Mr. Tyschtschenko had his own agenda. Petro began by telling me that Amiga Technologies had still not settled on their marketing partner for North America, but before I could object, he assured me that such a partnership was in negotia ti ons. With SMG (long known for their work as the US repair headquarters for Commodore warranties) designated as the Amiga distributor for the US, Petro felt confident that Amiga Technologies could satisfy the needs of Amiga 1000 users. The assembly line for Amiga 4000 Towers

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Document sans nom Amiga Plans from AT’s Petro Tyschtschenko azing Amiga Off I Volume 10 No. 12 December 1995 |L !S $ 3-95 Canada $ 5.95 AMICrA Monthly Resource FREE REN nrixTTirvTT ¦m. Inuii,aHU 3b attjfirxm* 1 HI***
• Mand 2000
• Persistence o ioy Tracing1
• Altering Photo in PhotoGeni
• Director) Optjf V3|
• Getting More P Your Intern
• Sci-fi Adventures Dark Seed Beneath a Universe Fires of Chaos
-- Amiga 4000 Towers Ship!
0 IHHiU (9 IU y BI..HARDWARE...SOFTWARL..HARDWARE...CDROM.JDROM...CDIOM...CDROM...GDIO MoCata Y3.5 Aminet 8 Aminet 9 TurboCalc 3.5 is the powerful successor to the program TurboColc 2.0, which defined a new standard for spreadsheet analysis on the Amiga®.
The most significant enhancements ¦ Objects (chart, text, drawing, picture.. } con be directly inserted into the sheet and have a macro attached, and olso be printed in the graphic mode,
- Cells may contain several lines.
Drag-ond Drop for moving copying changing the size of blocks by the mouse.
- Multiple Undo Redo
- Chart module vcstly expended (new chart types, 3D,
Auto-Refresh,,..) Preview for the printing of graphics (from
OS2.0 on]
- Formfeed visible in the sheet.
Dota-Mask for an easier inpuf dispfoy of doto records.
- Status row displayable with short online-help.
¦ (Maximal) number of columns increased: now up to 18278 columns con be used [A..ZZZ) (together with up to 9 999 999 rows]
- Clipboard support for easy data exchange with text processing
¦ Sheets can be saved as IFF-images (e.g. for on easy export to text processing programs).
- Autosave (every x minutes, alternatively the last version will
be kept).
- New Import & Exporl-Farmots: Excel 4 (XIS) Qnd lotus 123
f.WKl .WKS) both con import formulas, the xls- filter even
keeps most of the cell formatting.
- fast and easy access to the last used projects via "Smart-Open"
- Encrypting sheets using a very sophisticated crypto- grahic
- Complete support of OS2.x 3.x (Locale support, me- mory-pools,
Rsqlools'Filcrequejfer Is supported!
Amiga-Guide help file con directly be accessed Irom TurboColc.
Requester for inserting functions macros now with categories la allow an easier ond faster access Many now functions macros.
- TurboCalc-Libraries for on easy expansion of TurboCak with
external functions, macros, objects, etc. (Documentation to
program own libraries included) Numerous general improvements
(e.g. saving the cursor position, special colors for every
sheet, "hidden" password inquiry S6V.’5 Coming soon!
An update to the world’s best-selling Amiga CD-ROM- 80 MB Business software series has just been released Aminet CD 8, dated 45 MB Communications Ocfober 1995, contains mare than 1 gigabyte (uncom60 MB Graphics & sound demos pressed) of software In thousands of archives. 5ince the 30 MB Development software release of Aminet 7 CD more than 500 MB new soft5 MB Disk HD tools ware has appeared. The current edition has a special 20 MB Documents focus on modules. More than 1.000 were included.
60 MB Games Many modules are of o very high-quality end feature 8 45 MB Graphics software voices The excellent user interface has also expe30 MB Top-dawnloads rienced further improvements and we ore proud to pre40 MB Miscellaneous sent you a new CD-ROM of superior quality for the 400 MB Music modules AMIGA.
10 MB Music software 10 MB Text software 30 MB Utilities TurboCals 3.5 uses on enhanced, easy-to-use user interface, utilising numerous innovations such as Drag & Drop for copying moving or filling with the mouse' even easier selection of functions, freezing of sheet titles or the displayable status row. A multiple Undo Redo ora vcriable depth reverses the effect o: erroneous doto or commands and con save much work, os can the Autosave and Backup options.
Thanks to the new object concept which allows insertion and printing of charts, texts, drawings, JFF imoaes ... directly in the sheet, sheets con now be more effectively created and designed. Charts (e.g. the new 3D bar and pie ehorfs) con be directly placed beside the appropriate number sequence, longer texts can be compactly accomodated in o ce!l comprising several lines. The formfeed visible in the sheet os well as the print preview function assist in achieving optimal layout on screen, saving both paper and time.
All this can be committed to poper with using improved print routines, or be integrated in your text processing software as IFF graphics or text (via file or clipboard].
A datobcse mask is now available to allow easier management of your TurboCafc databases.
Aminet Set I Aminet Set t GURU-ROM V6 Years of experience, technical know-how, and competence from the world's best Amiga software and hardware engineers are condensed in this penultimate product. It makes it possible for the user to productively and comfortably use SCSI, without sacrificing performance, risk of incompatibility, or waste of resources.
Still available!
Considerably extended in rfs code and feature set, replaces all previously distributed driver ROMs.
Fast: unparalleled transfer rales of up to 3.5 MB s raw (ZorroTI limit), 31 MB s measured with »5C5ISpeed«,
2. 4 MB s measured with »DiskSpeed« - even on a stock 7-MHz
68000-based Amigal All the while, the CPU typically retains
80% free processing lime. Always maximum performance through
the automatic selection of the currently optimal transfer mode
(DMA, buffered DMA, PIO| Multifaceted: supports all device
types defined in the 5C5I standard, such as hard disks, CD-ROM
drives, streamers, scanners, and mognelo-opticol devices
Compatible: complete support for the ROB standard resulting in
trouble-free autoboot, automount, and the exchange of devices
and medio between two computers from Amiga OS 1.3 through
3.1. Flexible: disconned reselect, synchronous transfers, and
parity checking can be enabled separately for each device
(even for devices without an RDB). Also complete
wrife-prateciion (useful for kiosk applications ond for virus
protection) is possible.
Intelligent: maximum compatibility wrth nearly all hardware and software through special handling ol all known firmware bugs of the most popular SCSI devices and DMA hardware bugs in the A3000 and A4000, workarounds for internal errors in the WD SCSI chip, as well as spedol modifications to account For defective application software.
Upward-compatible: completely compatible both to the SCSI-2 as well as to the SCSI-1 standard, thereby providing the broadest support for all devices on the market including those still to come.
120 MB Utilities 270 MB Documents 40 MB text software 75 MB Business software 630 MB Pictures & animations 170 MB Graphics software 150 MB Miscellaneous 630 MB Graphics & sound demos 250 MB Games 110 MB Development software 10 MB Disk HD tools 5 MB Hardware related 840 MB Music modules 150 MB Communications 30 MB Music software AMINET SET 2, doted November 1995, consists ol approximately 4 gigabytes of software in 12.000 archives.
Whether yau like applications, games, communications or programming, the SET gives you all you need. Easy fo use index files and search facilities make accessing it
o pleasure.
) pleasure. m m Stefon Ossowskis Schatztruhe and Ralph Babel, author of the welMcnown »Amiga Guru Book* and long-standing farmer system software developer for GVP, the American company known for its high-quality hardwere products, present: Guru-ROM Version 6 Tbe final update for all GVF SCSI host adapter*!
Together with exhaustive documentation, the »Guru- ROM* enhances each Series-ll host adapter in rnory decisive and For the serious user essential features: Universal: a SCSI driver without compromise for all Series-ll host adapters and all »Combo« and »G-Fcrce« accelerator cards for the Amiga 4000, 3000, 2000, 1200, and 500. This ROM module, which has been Subscriptions to the Ammei series are available. There are expected to be six releases per year, and the subscription is actually for 4 CD s, regardless of when they end up shipping.
Aminet - subscription: S59.95 XiPainl V3.2 XiPomt If a leading edge, 24 bit paint program It’s suited to the demand* of novice and expert alike, ond within a short time, you too will ba cblo to produce colourful arid eteahve art in 16.3 million colours- Thif version of XiPqinl provides o professional paint program ot on unbeatable price per lor nonce ratio.
Overview af Features Diverse point functions including colour, contrast and saturation adjustment • Most, outline, recolour ond W1 functions - Airbrush with adjustable spray functions - Light-table function for manipulating montages ond animations - Text functions with onh-a’icsing using Campugraphic fonts Support for a variety ol graphic formats - Unlimited Undo - Diverse manipulation of alpha channel Supports many graphic cards layers to combine different projects Arexx port Drag & Drop colours External ftltet module Extensive documentation 60 textures, 50 landscapes, 30 other pictures ond
many fonts included XiPalnt V3.2: $ 49.95 World Info '95 Your virtual guide around the world. Travel to places, you have never seen before, get informed about your next holiday destination beforehand, spend some time in fhe sunl Are you preparing far c geography test? Then you can fmd the info here! On this CD are information about all the 194 countries end about mere than 700 dries, covering ail sorts of subjects. Here is a short selection of information areas: Geography, Mop*. Climate. Time- zones. People. Language, Religion, Food, Politics, Flag, Notional amhem (see & hear), Economy
dclo, Environmental issues, Holidays, Cities, City Maps, Metro Maps- These areas are explained thou- roughly. Difficult definitions are explained (wfvot is eg the tundra climate). In addition to this there is a massive amount of pictures from ail over the world available. A fcttle dictionary covering the most important languages is also there os a lime bonus. It Is easy and snfuilrv to use. You can enter and exit at any time. There are extensive possibilities tor searching. A printout of all information Vs no problem ot oil. Minimum system requirements: A computer with Mosaic or NetScape
(e.g. Amiga, Mac, OS 2, Unix, Windows)! Recommended system requirements: Orte of the above computer* with, a screen resolution ol 640x480 with 256 colours and sound.
World Info '95: $ 59.95 Gamers1 Delight II This CD contains 1070 gomes forth* Commodore AMIGA from deleting categories. Action, Jump 6 Run, Card Comes, Puzzles, Strategy Gomes - a whole range of computer entertainment awaits! Gamers Detighi will hold you captivated far hours ond guarantees tongJcsting pleosure. 70 gomes are commercial versions ¦ no public domain & no demos! This CD con be tun on any AMIGA with CD-ROM drive, 1 MS free memory and Joystics loypadL Gamers’ Delight 2:529.95 The Light Works Raytrocing is a fascinating area of computer graphics. Pictures from tho computer,
perfectly rendered, fascinate people all over the world The AMIGA was the first computer to be used far raytraewg.
And today it is still a leader, with many high quality programs. A real artist of raytrodng is Tobias J, Richter from Cologne Germany, whose derailed object* stun people, especially his space ships of famous science hcrion films which ore used to demonstrate the capabilities of roytracing programs. Now available on CD-ROM for the first time as a complete collection, his objects ate highly detailed and extremely realistic due to the application of complex surface textures af the models. Until now it wos difficult to acquire these object* in order to create your own scenes or animations, The
Light Works: $ 34 95 Meeting Pearls Volume I The Meeting Peorls Volume Ifl contoins 650 MB of the finest FD software vio a special user interface, which has been creoted to allow you to find the program of your choice with ease The contents: 10 MB Packer, Cruncher, Archive Program* ¦ 3 MB CDROM Utilities - 21 MB Communication and Network Programs - 5 MB Debugging Tools - 29 MB Development Tools • !3 MB Floppy, Hord Disk ons SCSI Programs 8 MB Educational Programs 9 MB Gome* ¦ 35 MB Graphics Programs - 39 MB Internet Me vie Database, Updated Version ¦ 7 MB Midi Tods and Programs 27 MB Mods ¦
12 MB Music Programs ¦ 21 MB Pictures 13 MB AmiTCP ond mote For Networking 60 MB Documentation, CDRCM Databases, eta • 96 MB PasTeX 1.4 - not previous avoiloble on ony CDROM ¦ 15 MB Utilities 30 MB HTMI-Poge» Collections of datatypes, benchmark program*, team, prog rami far amateur radio and electrical electronic engineerirg ore also included.
Meeting Poarf* VoL 111; j---- CDWrite is based on a simple but ingenious technique, Because you cannot write on ordinary CD's using ordinary CD-ROM drives, CD- Write extends the Amiga OS in a fully OS compliant ond completely transparent manner, to redirect modifications to CD's to a special area of your horddrive or other writable media From now on you will be oble to treat CD-ROMi lika any other media, writing or delating hies, moving and irwpshafing window* ond icons, changing the icon loo hype fiotdi. Replacing Icons -with your favorite ones, rearranging directories, changing the dsfaut
configurations of programs run directly ham the CD-ROM, saving game high scores, etc. Minimum system requirements: Amiga 500, A60G, A1000, A1200, A1500, A200G, A2500, A300Q, or AAQOQ with ot least 1 MB of RAM, OS 2.04 or higher, CD-ROM drive; hord disk recommended.
CO-WrHe: $ 57.95 EreshFonts II FroihFonts volume 2 contains 632 megabytes of fonts for almost any computer system. Most of the fonts ate freely distributable, except for the Thienon fonts, which ore exclusive on this CD. Each of these fonts it included in four different formats: DMF. Agfo InteHiFont, Adobe and TrueType. There are 231 font families 6n thii CD (each containing of up to 8 different styles). They are classified in seven categories; Deco (63 families}, Non-Latin (33 families), Pictures (16 families}. Sons Serif (29 families]. Script (36 families). Serif (36 Families},
cndThienen (19 families}.
FreshFont* Vol 2: 529.95 Gateway! Offers NetBSD 1.0, o full featured UN DC-like operating system wilh both source* and binaries far the Amiga, i386. Sun 3, and other architectures. Go rtetsurfing with the large selection ol supplied networking took. Other supplied packages Include a binary release of the X window system (X1IR6) far the Anigo, wilh many additional clients, end packages such as petf, ensacs, games, mail programs, and many megabyte* of important text files such os RFCs and FAQs, A complete installation guide is available on the CD There are also some Amiga DOS internet utilities,
such as clients far AmiTCP ond Envoy.
Gateway!: 522.95 CDBoot 1.0 CDBoot is o fantastic new product that enables you to use almost any CD 32 game on on AI200 or A4000 with CD-ROM drive and any Filesystem. You con create a configuration file for each CD, containing information about the Joypad emulation. You cart also save the highscoro of each CD32 gome Use and installation of CDBoot is very easy, even far beg nners, due to the excellent manual. Since the compatibility is very high, you con use 98% of CD32 games Currently available. CDBoot is an excellent software solution Far all Amiga enthusiasts who would like to enter
the world of CD32 games.
CDBoot 14:549.9 ’ftirboSale V2.1 CD TurboColc V2.1 CD-ROM is the unique software solution that defines a new standard for spread sheet applications on the Commodore AMIGA®. Experience its nearly unlimited capabilities in all relevant categories.
TurboColc V2.1 CD-ROM; Si4
• • o • • o * • o * * o • teo • Iwews Offline Volume 1 NatNews
Offline Vol. 1 is the lirsi disk of a now bimonthly published
series of AMIGA CD-ROMs which contains alt AMIGA-reloted news-
groups from the interns! Every volume features about 50.000
artides which contain hot rumours, important information about
dl aspects of the Amiga, ptess-rdecses. Discussions ond Home
wars. ... A newsreader is included. NelNews Offline is the
cheap alternative ol getting in touch wilh Usenet.
NetNews offline Vol. 1:517,9 j All products are available in your local Amiga shop or through national mailorder companies
• *o**o**o*«o**o* North American distributor; Amiga Library
Services 610 North Alma School Road - Suite 18 Chandler,
Arizona 85224-3687 USA Fax (602)491-0048 Voice only:
(602) 491-0442 Email: info@amigalib.com European distributor: GTI
Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmiihlenweg 73
61440 Oberursel ¦ Germany Tel. +49-6171-85937 Fax
+49-6171-8302 Email: CompuServe 100336,1245 6 New Products
& Other neat stuff Amiga Technologies announces a new
monitor, a modular screensaver called Aurora, XiPaint v3.2
and TurboCalc V2.1 from GTI GmbH, Nova Design's ImngeFX
2. 1a upgrade, and much more!
P. 6 14 Mand 2000: The Fires of Chaos by Shawms Mortier Mand 2000
is a newly released CD-ROM version of Cygnus Software's
Mandelbrot- based fractal picture generating software.
18 Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer bi Dnvc Matthews Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer POV ray traces is a powerful 3D artist's tool capable of creating stunning imagery, and it's free!
26 Directory OPUS V5.ll Reviewed by Merrill Callaway What possible improvements could have been put into this already best of all directory utilities? Find out who should and should not use this latest version.
32 Altering Photos in PhotoGenics by Shamms Mortier Tour some of the special effects of this image manipulation package and discover if you should add it to your other Amiga graphics tools.
48 AndFurthermore... On Thursday, November 2,1995, Petro Tyschtschenko, of Amiga Technologies, gave a speech in
L. A. to a group of Amiga enthusiasts and journalists. Here's
what he had to sav.
42 3 Sci-fi 3D Animated Adventures Reviewed In Jason D'Aprile If you are a science-fiction fan, check out the following 3 game titles: DarkSeed by Cyberdreams, Beneath a Steel Sky by Virgin, and Universe by Core Design.
DEPARTMENTS Editorial 4 Index of Advertisers 40 ImageFX is the oniy image processing software package you will ever need for your Amiga...Period, This phenomenal program comes with a complete array of professional 24-bit paint tools and unsurpassed special effects, When you're up against a deadline, you don't have time to second guess.
ImageFX gives you total control of the creative process with the fastest and easiest to use interface on the market.
When your image is on the line, you can't afford to make a mistake. Your image processor has to have all the tools an image processor should have. ImageFX lets you see your images as you work on them. Provides virtual memory for virtually unlimited image sizes. Supports framegrabbers and scanners.
Paints in full color, even emulating traditional media such as charcoals and watercolors.
Supports dozens of image file formats. Other packages? They either can't do it, or you' II pay extra to get it. They stand stili while ImageFX continues to grow and improve.
ImageFX 2.0 sets a new standard of quality for graphics manipulation on the Amiga.
When your image is on the line, don't settle for less. Step up to the best. Step up to ImageFX 2.0. For a complete list of features in ImageFX
2. 0 call the Nova Design support line at
(804) 282-6528.
NOVA DESIGN, INC. 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214 • Richmond, VA 23060 Customer Support: (804) 282-6528 • Business Line: (804) 282-5868 • Fax: (804) 282-3768 Editorial Content: Tis The Season A4000s and A 1200s, HO HO HO!
It is now December, and at least one gift for Amiga fans this holiday season is that Amiga Technologies has delivered on their promise of Amiga 4000 Towers and Amiga 1200 computers.
The first five Amiga 4000 Towers were seen at the Video Toaster Expo in Los Angeles, While this may seem small, it is a start. For the first time in over eighteen months, the Amiga is being manufactured and users have the ability to order new machines. This may be a small item in other markets but, for the Amiga, this is spectacular.
At the expo, Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga Technologies gave a speech on the current status of the Amiga market and where he expected Amiga Technologies to take the Amiga in the future. For your convenience, wc have published the transcript of his speech on page 48 of this issue.
One of my main reasons for visiting the expo was a chance to visit with Mr. Tyschtschenko and discuss the American Amiga market and Amiga Technologies' efforts here. One of my chief concerns has been that until now, there has not been any announcement concerning the North American marketing program or who has been selected to direct marketing for North America. 1 was hoping that Amiga Technologies had come to some understanding and were in the process of creating a program. However, Mr. Tyschtschenko had his own agenda.
Petro began by telling me that Amiga Technologies had still not settled on their marketing partner for North America, but before I could object, he assured me that such a partnership was in negotiations.
With SMG (long known for their work as the US repair headquarters for Commodore warranties) designated as the Amiga distributor for the US, Petro felt confident that Amiga Technologies could satisfy tile needs of Amiga 4000 users, Thu assembly line for Amiga 4000 Towers should reach 500 pieces per week shortly, while the A1200 line in Europe is nearing 8,000 units per week. On the A1200, Petro noted, "We will produce eighty thousand units before the year's end."
Just as this issue was going to press (in fact as 1 was writing this piece), I received a call from an informed source who stated that the Canadian Distribution would be handled by Legendary Designs.
My source went on to state that approximately 5,000 A1200s (a 3-day run on the assembly line) would be created for the North American market. While marketing and advertising issues had yet to be arranged, my source was confident that the machines which could be available as early as mid-December, would sell quickly.
PS: Look for our new web site under construction at www.pimpub.com How good are the new Amigas?
Unfortunately, Amazing Computing lias not been able to obtain a new Amiga 4000 Tower or Amiga 1200 (needless to say, tiiere are veiy few "extra" units).
However, we have been told by several vendors who have tested the machines with their products that the new units behave exactly like the original Commodore machines. No one has experienced any complications at this early date.
Hopefully, AC and other publications will have an opportunity to test these products in the near future.
Best Wishes This has been a difficult year for everyone in the Amiga community.
Vendors have fought hard to remain active against the worst possible situations.
Amiga users have defended and continued with their computer of choice because they believed that something this special must be worth something to some company.
With the current news, everyone has received good tidings.
At this holiday season, I want to take a moment and thank the AC writers who have helped us produce AC. I also want to thank our readers and advertisers for their continued support. Everyone has worked under hardship to maintain a marketing presence and provided the community with much needed support. The news from Amiga Technologies is the spark and justification so many of our friends and colleagues have needed.
Best wishes from all of us at AC to you and your families. Please drive carefully this holiday season. See you next vear.
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AMIGA™ is a registered trademark of Amiga Technologies Gmbh Dstrtbuted in the U.S. & Canada by International Periodical Distributors 674 Via de la Valle, Ste 204, Sdona Beach, CA 92075 & Ingram Periodicals Inc, 1226 Hell Quaker Blvd., La Verne IN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. Unlimited Displays and Buttons: You can have an unlimited number of fully independent file display windows and button banks. Buttons can he defined as simple text buttons or graphic images.
True Multitasking: Opus 5’s internal multitasking gives you unheralded power to perform multiple operations at the same time - no more wailing while one job completes GPFax No Scheduled Faxes r y mm 11 : i'UUJ ligfcdiiiAttii The Ultimate Send & Receive FAX Software For The Amiga. Automatically Broadcast FAX Messages To All Or Some Of Your Phone Book. Send FAXes Directly From Your Word Processing Or Desktop Publishing Programs. Schedule FAXes To Be Sent During The Least Expensive Phone Times. Simple And Easy To Use, GPFax Is The Must Have Fax Software For The Amiga.
Mand2000 The CD (Micro R.&D. Vol. 5) Your Dealer About The "Swifty Mouse", True Three Button Mouse For The Amiga.
New Front Micro R.&D. and Cygnus Software, Mand2000, on CD ROM. The best Mandelbrot generator and exploration program, on any platform, is now available on CD. Includes over 600 Megabytes of fantastic fractal images and animations ail ready rendered and ready to play. Use Mand2000 to generate graphics for publishing and video work, or just to show off your Amiga. Can be used as a fantastic screen saver as well.
Ask Your Dealer About Micro R.&D.‘s Vols. 1-4 New! Easy Ledgers2 Full Featured Accounting Software For The Amiga.
$ 199.00 ebrasA'a For Upgrades From Previous Versions of Opus & GPFax, please contact Micro R.&D. Toll Free 1 (8(10) 527-8797 or I (308) 745-1243 Voice I (308) 745-1246 FAX Internet: ggraham@ios.com GPFax© GPSoftware, Directory Opus© Jonathon Potter & GPSoftware Micro R.&D., Inc., Home of the Bigfoot Amiga CD32 High Output Power Supplies Circle 114 on Reader Service card.
' ' ' -l V , J -V Amiga Technologies GmbH The Amiga M1438S is a new monitor which suits a whole range of possible applications. Some of the highlights of this new monitor include high resolution, high- quality picture, real autoscanning, analog inputs, and compatibility with the Amiga 1200 and 4000T. The screen is 14" (355,6
mm) with diagonal antiglare, 0.28mm dot pitch, and a short
persistence (P22) phosphor tube. The Amiga M1438S is already
equipped with an Amiga compatible connecting cable. It can
represent all video modi of A1200 and A4000T. Two stereo
speakers with amplifier are installed for sound output. Due
in North America by Feb, 1996.
Aurora from InLine Services Aurora is a modular screensaver. It supports up to 256 color displays on the OpalVision graphics card and any Amiga non-HAM Extra Halfbright screen. The program comes with 16 blanking modules, 13 graphic routine modules, an Arexx module which executes any Arexx script as a blanking routine, a Null module which uses almost zero CPU resources, and a random selection module which selects any other module from a list that can be specified during installation. The random module also has the capability of picking a new module after a configurable time period, Each module
has the ability to run its own screen resolution and can support up to five numeric and five string variables.
AT's newest Amiga monitor.
The user can specify the commodity exchange hotkey by clicking on gadgets; whether or not to open a WorkBench window displaying date, time, chip mem, fastmem, totalmem, and largestmem; choose which of eight system events will cause it to unblank (including serial.device ring and carrier detection); the inactivity time to wait before blanking; whether or not to use password protection; the module's task priority when running; each module's screen resolution and variable settings; and the serial device's name and unit. Aurora also provides a complete Arexx interface which allows you to determine
or alter any preference setting except for passwords. Aurora is available for S34.95 from InLine Services, P O Box 3204, Hampton, VA 23663-0204, Tel (804) 722-0068 2 New Products from GTI GmbH XiPaint v3.2 Xi Paint is a 24-bit paint program.
Features include diverse paint functions, airbrush with adjustable spray functions, light-table function for manipulating montages and animations, unlimited undo, diverse manipulation of alpha channel.
The press releases and news announcements in New Products are from Amiga Vendors and others. While Amazing Computing maintains the right to edit these articles, the statements, etc. made in these rtporls arc those of the vendors and not Amazing Computing.
Arexx port, drag & drop colors, external filter module, extensive documentation, and 60 textures, 50 landscapes, 30 other pictures and many fonts. System requirements include: Kickstart 2.0 or higher and 2 MB RAM. A hard disk, additional memory and graphic card recommended.
TurboCalc V2.1 NEW PrflDIICTS andothnn- ne-at TurboCalc V2.1 is a software solution for many in several categories: Design - extensive formatting options, no color restrictions, various cell frames etc.; Functions - more than 100 functions covering arithmetical and financial needs; Diagrams - all common chart types supported, footer and header, legend and axis labeling, output as IFF-file or graphic printout; Macros ARexx - macro an Arexx language with more than 120 instructions for free menu definition; Printout - output in built-in printer font (draft mode) or as freely scalable graphic
(requires OS2.0 or higher); Technical characteristics - sheet size limited by available memory only, no restrictions in sheet or window quantity, import or foreign formats supported (e.g. MS Excel), detailed amigaguide manual.
Required hardware includes Amiga Kickstart 1.2,13,2.0,2.1, or 3.0, 512 Kbyte RAM (1MByte recommended). Output on all common printers supported.
Nova Design, Inc. Announces ImageFX 2.1a Upgrade Nova Design announced that it has an all new upgrade to their special effects and image processing package ImageFX. This upgrade is now part of any new ImageFX package and is available to all owners of ImageFX 2.0 who mailed in their registration card. A minor shipping and handling charge will apply. The theme of the upgrade is "Totally Toasterizedl", which is reflected in the extensive new support (since version 2.0 was released) given to NewTek's Video Toaster™. ImageFX now allows real-time painting and image processing directly on the
Toaster's output display as well as framegrabbing and rendering to the Toaster.
Other new features include: CineMatte
- a true blue green screen compositing system; CyberGraphX -
windowed full color previews for any graphics display card
running the Cybergraphx software system; Hewlett Packard
Scanjet support; Epson Scanner SCSI Support; Primer Pro
support; NewTek Flyer Clip - any frame can be loaded instantly
from a Flyer Clip into (continued on page 10) You have read
about the resources available to artists through the Internet
and BBS's, but you lack the time and finances to access them.
LIGHT-ROM, published every 6 months, brings to you these
resources along with exclusive contributions for an incredible
“The range of objects is very impressive.
LIGHT-ROM is worth every penny.” Jason Holbourn • Amiga Format January 1995 “A must have for Lightwave users” Graeme Sandiford • Amiga Format August 1995 “This CD is a must have for Lightwave users.”
R. Shamms Mortier • Video Toaster User August 1995 “This has
got to be my favorite CD of all time.” Graeme Sandiford *
Amiga Shopper April 1995 “This CD ROM is an excellent
value.” David Taylor • Amiga Shopper August 1995 “The nicest
collection I’ve seen for Lightwave models.” Erik Flom • Video
Toaster User October 1995 ? Over 4500 Lightwave objects
divided into categories including Anatomy, Aviation, Botany,
Buildings, Furniture, FX, Holidays, Household, Logos, Music,
Ships, Space, Sports, Tools and Vehicles.
? Showcase directory features contributions from Lightwave artists around the world including Alan Chan, Jamie Cope, Erik Flom, Tim Nign and Dean Scott.
? Every Lightwave object is represented in thumbnail renderings (IFF, TARGA & JPEG) for easy previews.
? Collection of 3D objects in other formats including Imagine (175 megs), 3D Studio (100 megs) and Sculpt 3D (30 megs).
? 700 Textures in JPEG format complete with thumbnails.
? Public Domain graphic programs and demos for the PC and Amiga.
? Collection of 3D landscapes in Lightwave, 3D Studio and Imagine formats.
Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts.
? Bonus “DEM ROM" includes over 1000 DEMs (digital elevation maps) for use with VistaPro, World Construction Set and Scenery Animator on any platform.
? Use DEM ROM (along with any of these programs) to create realistic backgrounds or flights through your favorite scenery to incorporate into Lightwave or other 3D programs as background sequences.
? Ail DEMs include thumbnail renderings of their topographical maps.
Michae&Meshew, the author of LIGHT-ROM .
WM eve® LIGHT-R0M 3 includes MOD ROMs 2 presents the most ambitious ssie of LIGHT- th over1.9 gigabytes of § ta and ove§L6;000 file LIGHT-ROM 3 is available exclusively through Graphic Detail, Inc. I I I I I I I I I III! B I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ? Special Introductory Offer * 3 CD ROMs for only $ 49.95 plus shipping.
Shipping and handling is $ 4.95 for U.S. & Canada - $ 6.95 International.
ETAIL GRMi .MasterCard GRAPHIC DETAIL, INC. ? 4556 SOUTH 3RD ST. LOUISVILLE, KY 40214 6 USA VOICE I FAX - 502-363-2986 E-MAIL - michael@iglou.com
• ORDERS ONLY -1-800 -265 -4041 • “LIGHT-ROM" is a registered
trademark ol Graphic Detail, Inc. "DEM ROM" is a trademark ot
Graphic Detail, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of
their respective companies.
Circle 101 on Reader Service card.
From the original demise of Commodore to the final sale to ESCOM, AC has been there! During this crisis, Amazing Computing has gone to great lengths to be the first with news and information for its readers. From interviews with the new owners to the thoughts and ideas of Amiga users, Amazing Computing has lead the way in complete Amiga coverage. AC’s coverage is the first discussed on the networks, AC should be your first news format.
Dial toll-free in the US and Canada, 1-800-345-3360, or dial 508-678-4200. You may also Fax AC at 508-675-6002.
By popular demand, this special edition of the 1994 FrozenFish is the first of the “Fish line” to be PC compatible, allowing Amiga users with PC CD-ROMs access to the "Fish disk" archives.
FrozenFish ’95 contains 100 "Fish disks", making it the most complete library of Fish material available. Archived on a per-Floppy basis, this multi-platform CD is fully readable on all systems, including Amiga, MS-DOS, Windows, OS 2, Mac and UNIX. Each directory contains a standard "FILES.BBS" File.
FrozenFish - August ‘93 5l9a UOLUME3 GoldFish Volume 3 marks a change in the GoldFish series by presenting material unarchived on a single CD Format with user Friendly access system allowing most programs to be reviewed and executed From a centralized interface. Volume 3 contains material from FreshFish Volumes 8-10 as well as the latest PD software. The GoldFish series represents an effective method For users to maintain their “Fish library” in a more periodic manner.
GoldFish Volume 3 M9a GoldFish Volume 2 '19a - GoldFish Volume 1 '19a 2 CD set 2 CD set
E. S. Productions CD Archive created by Eric Schwartz, contains
atl of Eric's previously released animations and artwork. Also
included are several unreleased animations, dozens of
unreleased pictures. Imagine and LightWave 3D objects used in
creating some of the animations and a special set of icons. As
a bonus this release introduces three new large animations as
well as material from other Amiga artists and cartoonists Eric
has worked withl
E. S. Productions CD Archive '24s FantaSeas Portfolio Photo CO.
Is a 2-CD set capturing the beauty and diversity of the
oceanic world. Almost 300 photographs encompass the globe from
the walls of Grand Cayman to Fiji’s Bega Lagoon. All photos
are 24 bit images providing resolutions up to 3072 x 2048
Released quarterly, the FreshFtsh CD's are compilations of the newest programs, libraries, documentation, animations, pictures, etc. presented in unarchived Form, FreshFish has been designed with more user Friendly access allowing most programs to be reviewed and executed From a centralized system.
FreshFish'19 a Subscriptions (4 CD’s) 559a With triple the choice of most photo Cds, FantaSeas is an excellent source For stock photography.
Requires Photo CD compatible CD-ROM drive and system software. Bonus Includes Portfolio Photo CD software for Mac and f'C users.
FantaSeas s39a luiiiM imm pi;jiuiciip £10 North Aima School Road Suite 18 Chandler, Arizona 85224-3687 USA VOICE (602) 491-0442 FAX (602) 491-0048 EMAIL info@amigalib.com OR CALL (800) 804-0833 Circle 116 on Reader Service card.
( 108 &'I'I HiixJlillili: I Jill J ill JJ lil'fiiiillll'i'IDilill iijiibU Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 D-61400 Oberursel GERMANY PU06E - 49 6171 8S937 FAX * 49 61718302 EMAIL Corspuserv 100336,1245 mastercard visa accepted Fr Rsh71'. FrozenFisKM. GoldFish"41 and FantaSeay-are trademarks of Amiga Library Services.
Evaythingfor Commodore Amiga Computeis Sell • Trade • Repair * Buy 1420 County Rd. 914 Burleson, TX 76028 817-295-7658 817-447-6974 - Voice FAX line We carry a full line of hardware, software & magazines, both new & used, including European items & CD’s.
Our flat-rale repairs include most parts & labor. Call for details.
Trade in your unwanted items.
Catalog - 311.95 Big Sale on CD32 Software ‘Limited quantity on some items, 1st come - 1st served.
A500 Rcfurb *149.95 tl.F.O. CD32- *24.95 A2000 Refurb -$ 395 Sliadow uf llic Beast - $ 9.95 Optical Mouse $ 37.95 Lemmings DC32 - $ 14.95 Killing Cloud -*7.95 Jungle Strike CD32 - *24.95 Chaos Engine $ 14.95 Amiga Monitors Available. We have hardware, SW, & accessories for the Commodore C64 & Cl28.
All Major Credit Cards Accepted.
_SORRY. NO REFUNDS_ Circle 105 on Reader Service card.
(continued from page 6) ImageFX; and PNG - the new replacement for the now-defunct GIF format is fully supported in this release: as well as new compositing methods, PaintFX improvements, AutoFX batch processing scripts and more.
ImageFX Z.la's list price remains at 5349,95. Upgrades are only available to registered owners of ImageFX 2.0. To check to see if you are registered or to order the upgrade call (804) 282-1157. Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Ave, Suite 214, Richmond, VA 23230. Customer Support Information
(804) 282-6528, Fax (804) 282-3768.
Oregon Research Announces 3 New Products Squirrel ZipTools Squirrel ZipTools is a full featured disk management software package for Iomega ZIP drives. Squirrel ZipTools allows a SCSI Zip Drive to be connected to any Amiga and provides complete access to all of the Zip drives configurable options such as Zip disk formatting, read write protect management, password protect, and software eject. The program is compatible with all Amigas and may be used with any SCSI interface (does not require Squirrel SCSI interface). SRP is $ 19.95 DiskMAGIC DiskMAGIC ends the battle with the Shell CLl by
simplifying every task performed, from the copying of disks and files, to the viewing of pictures and anims.
All AmigaDOS commands are duplicated and all are available with the click of a mouse button, or the press of a key. 16 easy- to-use configuration utilities are included, each covering a specific area of the DiskMAGIC package including window layout, device list, fonts, screenmode, file types, gadgets and much more. It includes a user-definable hie types facility to allow for the performance of a series of actions or if an unknown file type (such as a graphic, sound, clip art or archive) is encountered.
These can include internal, external, AmigaDOS-bntch and Arexx commands.
DiskMAGIC also makes the extraction and creation of archives no more difficult than double-clicking the file. The product includes a configurable launch utility, DiskDOCK, to make the running of Workbench CLI programs, Arexx scripts, batch files & DiskMAGIC functions as simple as clicking on a button. It also includes viewers and players for a wide range of file formats including, hex files, ANSI ASCII text files, IFF ILBM pictures, IFF anims and HSN IFF sound files. The package comes with the DiskMAGIC software, hard disk installer and 170 page user manual. SRP is S69.95. Cinema 4D Cinema 4D
provides a flexible multitasking development environment with powerful capabilities including window- based realtime interactive modeling, modeling directly in 3D, basic and complex primitives with uncountable variations, easy object manipulation, movable tool, object and texture lists, user definable object hierarchies, and optimized versions for accelerators. The package runs on all Amigas with a minimum of 3MB RAM, and Kickstart 2 or higher. Cinema 4D supports all Amiga and graphic card modes (HAM, HAM8, 24-bit, etc.) and recognized file formats (imagine, Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.).
The package includes an extensive user manual with reference, tutorial & glossaiy sections, modeler, ray-tracer, convertor, scenes, objects, material library, textures, images & online help. A full featured demo version is available on request Cinema 4D retails for S349.95 For more information or a copy of detailed product literature for any of these products contact: Oregon Research, 16200 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 162, Tigard OR 97224, Tel: 503-620-4919, Fax BBS: 503-624- 2940, Internet: orres@teleport.com, Genie: ORA, CompuServe: 7133,2655 International Flow Charter from Neather Realm Software
International Flow Charter was designed to allow anyone to quickly create and print professional flowcharts for engineering process control diagrams, marketing charts, Boolean algebra diagrams, computer network diagrams, as well as any other flowchart needed.
Features include: 21 fonts, 4 line patterns, 200+ shapes, 2 page preview modes, single page and multi-page charts in portrait or landscape form, multiple flowchart editing, page and shape manipulation features, import export capabilities, ILBM page export, ILBM clipart import export, and total keyboard or mouse control. The program retails for S39.95 and requires an Amiga with 1 disk drive, 1 Meg of Chip RAM and an additional 1 2 Meg, Workbench 1.3, 2.0, 3.0 or higher, and will work in both NTSC and PAL. The program can be purchased through Neather Realm Software or by contacting their
distributor Amicom Technology at 402-556-6160 phone fax. Neather Realm Software, 2930 8th Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221-1622, Tel Fax: 216-928-1738 Ami-FileSafe This new system software will upgrade your Amiga's performance and reliability. Replace FFS with a faster, high data-integrity filesystem. Ami-FileSafe (AFS) allows for smooth displays of directory' listings, and software accessing the disk will run faster. AFS ensures that data is safe from invalidation caused by machine crashes and accidental reboots.
AFS is always validated so invalidated disks are a thing of the past. The product is published and supported by Fourth Level Development and distributed in the US by IAM (Intangible Assets Manufacturing).
The consumer version is limited to 650MB and smaller Hds. The professional version, for video, audio and other intensive use, includes support for Hds to 9gigs and multi-user security'. Consumer S40, Pro $ 99.95. IAM, 828 Ormond Ave, Drexel Hill PA 19026-2604, Tel (Orders only): 610-853- 4406, Fax: 610-853-3733, Web Page address: http: www.iam.com, info ©iam.com (continued on page 12) COMPUTERS Canada's Home oS Amiga INC. y :r -g¦ ¦ ¦¦:¦. ";.'¦ : .¦ ;¦ ¦ ' '' : :v: , ' V'' T:. '• ¦ u‘1T; ¦- • •• .-. f '¦• - *' TT • ¦''¦ PC-Task 3.1
• Superior 80286 Emulation ¦No additional hardware required
• Minimum ‘020 based machine recommended for Windows
* 114.99 *149.99 CDN) ¦ inf; m&m.
¦¦ • ¦--vSX-'af
• ; -v ; j§ :a&; w SsS; Dirmrk 2.1 ¦Totally user configurable
directory utility ¦Can operate easily even on 512k Amigas
• Works with AmigaDOS 1.2 and up!
* 89*99 (*119.99 CDN) Design¥forks 2.0
- New Release Version ¦All new interface
- Support for several new file formats
• excellent addition to any DTP package!
* 109.991*139.99 CDN) GPFax ¦Best selling fax software for the
• Class 1 & 2 support in one package ¦Supports all popular fax
• Latest revision *74*99 (*99.99 CDN) Come and visit one o£ our
many locations... Toronto: 371 Old Kingston Road (Scarborough),
Phone: (416) 266.0001 Fax: (416) 286.0038 London: 395
Wellington Road, Phone: (519) 681,0004 Fax: (519) 681.7736
Montreal: 130 Laurier Ave. West, Phone: (514) 279.0002 Fax:
(514) 279.6229 Ottawa: 1315 Richmond Road, Phone: (613)
596.2542 Fax: (613) 596.9349 Vancouver: Unit 280 4040 3 Road
(Richmond), Phone: (604) 279.4240 Fax: (604) 279.4241 ...Or
give us a call!
"The most complet image processing solution!"
• Works with any Amiga
• Hundreds of features!
Vlab Motion Card
* 1949.99 (*2599.99 CDN) Toccata Audio Card
* 524.99 (*699-99 CDN) ¦ .... r '•¦¦•¦¦ ¦ ¦ Psion 3a Palmtop
- Top selling palmtop, worldwide ¦Can swap text files,
spreadsheet files, & database material with any Amiga using
Workbench 2.1 or above
* 449.99 (*599.99 CDN) 1 German Chinese* Audio Gallery French
Italian Korean* Spanish Russian * English Japanese* Portuguese
Hangul - Postscript Korean and Chinese text editor - $ 99.95
Word Pal is an on-line dictionary that you can use to translate
and paste foreign phrases and words in your text documents.
Enelislt- Word Pa!
S29.95 780 Digitized Instrument Sound Samples on CD - only $ 14.95!
80 disks of sound effects'- S1.95 each!
To Order, call 1-800-GO-WORDS FairB rot hers, Inc., 202! Cocquina Drive.
Reston. VA 22091. FAX 703-391 -2164 Info: 703-758-8478. Visa, MC, AmEx, DISC.
Internet: http: www.smart.net -fairbrothers Circle 117 on Reader Service card.
(continued from page 10) WONDER COMPUTERS INC. VVCi Lazarus Engineering has announced the release of DesignWorks 2.0 for the Amiga. This updated and reengineered version of the original DesignWorks features such improvements as a new user interface, updated operating system and graphics support, DR2D and EPS exporting, improved Arexx macros, multiple and selective undo and redo Silent Paw's special portable Amiga cases for the A1200 (right) and A600 (above) will be available this month.
Audio Gallery, the widely- acclaimed foreign language-learning tool for the Amiga, is now on .sale!
Audio Gallery is a graphical language learning tool with digitized speech by native speakers. Audio Gallery, on an 8-disk set or CD, includes about 800- 1000 digitized words, is for ages 3 to adult, contains a program dictionary, and reference and grammar manuals.
Now only $ 29.95 *39.95 levels, plus much more. The minimum system requirements for DesignWorks 2.0 is an A500 or better, running Workbench 2.0 or higher, and at least I MB of RAM. A hard drive is recommended, but not required. MSRP for DesignWorks 2.0 is $ 199.99 U.S. S149.99 Canadian. For more information, Wci Distribution can be contacted at 613-226-0000, or emailed at dishib@wonder.ca ASIMWARE Asimware has announced the upcoming release of PhotoCD Manager, a new PhotoCD slide show and viewer software package. Willi PhotoCD Manager, you will be able to quickly and easily view PhotoCD discs.
The program allows you to pick the pictures you want to see with the full-color thumbnail images displayed in 4096 or 256,000bril]iant colors (HAM or HAM-8 screen). PhotoCD Manager works with any Amiga equipped with a CD-ROM drive or a CD®. PhotoCD Manager requires AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher. The suggested retail price is $ 39.95 in U.S. funds, or $ 47.95 in Canadian funds. This product is expected to be released in December of
1995. Also, Asimware has released Texture Heaven, a CD-ROM disc
crammed full of 24-bit color IFF Textures and Images.
Included are 245 woods, 59 abstract designs, 18 wilderness scenery, and much more. All images are 768x480 pixels, and Texture Heaven is perfect for 3D Raytrndng, MultiMedia and Video applications. Texture Heaven is usable with most CD-ROM equipped systems, and iis suggested retail price is $ 89.00 in U.S. funds, and $ 106.80 in Canadian funds.
SILENT PAW PRODUCTS Silent Paw Products has announced the release of PAWS 1200. This laptop Amiga computer includes a case, power supply (110 220V), Battery Module, Active Matrix LCD Panel and LCD Panel Driver, the PAWSTrac Microtrackball, and Link-It and CrossDOS 6 Pro software packages, and dimensions of 18"W x 123 4"D x 41 2"H, Batteries required are Duracell DR31 Laptop Batteries, but also uses Compaq Extended Life Battery. The suggested retail price of PAWS 1200 is $ 2800. Silent Paw Products has also announced the release of PAWS 600, another Amiga laptop. This one has dimensions of 14"W
x 12 3 4"Dx41 2"H. Finally, Silent Paw Products announced the release of PAWSTrac trackball, a palm sized, high precision pointing device whose advanced design, reduced design, and performance offer advantages over a standard Amiga mouse. A brief, light touch can control the trackball, eliminating the repetitive arm and wrist motions that can iead to fatigue and distress sometimes experienced by computer users.
LEGENDARY DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES Legendary Design Technologies proudly announced the relocation of their offices in Canada. Legendary's new address is 515 Park Road North 19, Brantford, ON N3R 7K8. The United States address remains the same at P.O. Box 1147, Lewiston, NY 14092-
8147. Telephone numbers also remain the same at (519) 753-612(1
and fax at (519) 753-
5052. You may email Legendary at Internet: legend@io.org. In
addition. Legendary also has a new home page on the World
Wide Web at http: www.io.org ~legend. The AmigaLink
2.0 Envoy 2.0 Networking Package AmiTrix Development has
announced that they will now be distributing the Amiga Link
Envoy networking package for al! Amigas.The package
includes software and hardware that allows the user to
share hard drives and printers, as well as run other
network applications. It is compatible with all Amiga
models and uses the floppy port for maximumcompatibility
across models while keeping other ports available for their
uses. Standard AmigaLink software and the Amiga Envoy
software are included. The advantage to having the
AmigaLink software is that it works with AmigaOS1.3 to
provide compatibility with older machines, whereas Amiga
Envoy requires 2.04 or higher, but it provides superior
performance, device sharing, and an API that allows for the
development of third-party networking applications. MSRP
for the basic 2 unit package is $ 299.00 US, or $ 379.00 CAN.
Expansion kits, cable options and accessories are also available.
AmiTrix Development, 5312 - 47 Street, Beaumont, AB CANADA T4X 1H9, Phone Fax 403-929-8459, Email: sales@amitrix.com.
• AC* $ 109.99 ($ 139.99 CND) Suggested List DesignWorks features
the first hierarchiai-switching, context-sensitive (HSCS)
toolbox in the industry.
Toronto 371 Old Kingston Road 416-286*0001 London 395 Wellington Road 519-681-0004 Accessible and easy to use, it provides instant access to most DesignWorks functions. It otters a wide variety ol operations and tools that make drawing fun and effortless.
Making your drawings look professional has never been easier. Design Works simplifies the creative process with new features that are intuitive and fun to use. Features such as a revolutionary new drawing interface, modular filter support, and powerful object creation and control. It’s the perfect way to make signs, posters, maps or to add illustrations to your desktop publishing or word processing documents!
Encapsulated PostScript'** and DR2D exporting will make your drawings look picture perfect wherever you choose to use them.
Montreal 130 Laurier Avenue 514-279-0002 Ottawa 1315 Richmond Road 613-596-2542 Undo Vancouver Unit 280, 4040 3 Road 604-279-4240 Contact your Local AMIGA Dealer s Most drawing programs let you undo k to j your mistakes. Only DesignWorks gives you a list of all operations and lets you choose how far back you want to go in your drawing! This is just another example of the creative and original thinking that has gone into the FEATURES development of DesignWorks.
• A Revolutionary Drawing Interface Bitmap Import
• Multiple Drawing Layers Support Including:
• Powerful Arexx Macro Language • IFF • GIF
• Multi-Page Images TIFF • BMP
• Multiple Document Support «TARGA *PCX
• Customizable Multi-Color Fill Patterns *JPEG
• EPS, DR2D, and IFF Exporting
• Multiple Undo and Redo Levels uinf in rat.
L division of WoiltllT C HtlplUCf Incorp milcd w ('ifntula 1827 Woodward Drive, Suite 110, Ottawa Ontario, Canada K2C 0P9 Tef: 613-226-0000 Fax:613-226-9990 E: distribution@wonder.ca
* 4' Jy
* At several times in the past vve have explored fractal-based
software in Amazing Computing. We have looked at both fractal
scene generators (like Natural Graphics Scenery Animator) and a
whole collection of picture and animation generating programs
based upon the work of Mandelbrot and leading researchers in
the field. For those of you who are attracted to "strange
attractors" and other aspects of chaotic math, a term
associated with the algorithms that drive these picture
generators, we have a treat in store.
Revieioed by R. Shamms Mortier Cygnus Software, long known for its "Cygnus Ed" and other packages for the Amiga, has released version two of its Mandelbrot-based fractal picture generating software on a CD- ROM, Mand 2000. Having seen what other like programs do both on the Amiga and on the MAC and PC, 1 can say that Mand 2000 is light years ahead of the others in terms of ease of use and the beauty and variety of its output. This is good news to all of the Amiga diehards who need some ammunition in the verbal onslaught coming from users on other platforms.
No other platform can boast of a fractal generator like Mand 2000.
On a CD-ROM Previous versions of Mand 2000 were marketed on a collection of floppy disks. Care was taken to pack them as full as possible with animation file examples as well as the executable program. But CD-ROMs are definitely the way to go when you have more data than ten floppies can hold, even when the data is super-compressed.
The Mand 2000 CD-ROM contains thousands of individual images that you can browse through or use as a start for your own fractal explorations, as well as over 30,000 frames of animation. In addition to this, you get the program itself and various utility files. As for the inrages, they come in a multiple number of resolutions, so that AGA and non-AGA users (as well as owners of 24-bit hardware) can access them visually.
The Mand 2000 Interface Options This software is fully Arexx compatible so that, as new uses are found for it, Arexx commands can Figure 1 (top). You can open as many screens as your memory will allow, and each can be set to color cycle at the same time. AGA users will, of course, achieve more colors in their images.
Figure 2 (bottom). Mand 2000 offers the Amiga user a wealth of on-screen controls that act fo add variety and interest to each image.
Drive it to those destinations. At any time, you can move a Mand 2000 image on the screen to a new camera location simply by click-dragging with the Left Mouse button. The best way for me to walk you through the rest of this software is to take a look at the specific commands contained in the menus, and to tell you what they mean as far as creative applications.
The Project Menu Listed under this menu are several basic options (save image, load save image placement, print) and several others that say a lot about the depth of the software. "Show Location" zooms you out so that you can see the totality of the image against a background, great when your explorations become so deep that you forget where you came from. But this item isn't only a visual indicator, it is accompanied by a verbal list of chaos jargon descriptions which, when clicked on, demonstrate that item on the visual ("Dragon, Nautilus, Double Spiral and more). As you will see, Mand 2000
attempts to educate you as well as giving you a beautiful experience of discovery at each step of the way. The Project menu is also the place where new Mandelbrot and Julia Set screens are initiated. Julia sets are special case cousins of Mandelbrot sets.
Zoom Zoom is the next menu. All of the items listed here have an effect on both the magnification of the scene and the area of interest. Remember that chaotic images are for all intents and purposes infinite. You can keep zooming forever, either in or out, and never reach a last overview or final resting place.
"Set Fractal Location” allows you numeric control over the area of interest, and over the Mandelbrot "Type" as well. Increase decrease magnification jumps you into or out of the image by discreet steps. If you desire to explore more definitively, "Good Spots" is the menu item for you. Here, you choose a selection from the jargon list and are rewarded with an instant placement to that area of the sliders to manipulate the image palette further.
Image, For those who desire control over their own image destiny, using the "Box Zoom" operator provides the ability to zoom into any area desired at any zoom level.
Animations Mand 2000 allows you to create two distinct types of animations or No other platform can boast of a fractal generator like Mand 2000.
Setup movies: zoom based and morph based.
Zoom movies are just that, animations that allow you to move into or out of a fractal image. Morph movies allow you to show a morphing transition between fractal images, creating some of the more interesting and bizarre animations you will ever produce on a computer, looking like alien liquid plastic in motion.
Although a stand-alone movie player exists on the CD, 1 loaded the movie samples included with the software into Brilliance (from Play, Inc.), which gave me more control over the playback. There is an especially nice 12 meg morphing movie included called "SmallBulb" that was very intriguing to view7.
In addition to being the place that Cycling is set in motion, which we will cover in detail later on, the Setup menu contains the color palette settings. These allow you to configure the palette to your liking. When 1 work in a low number of colors (usually 16), I set the color palette to a smooth transition between the start and end colors. This gives me a smooth graphic and it's just right for cycling effects.
The other unique menu item here is the "Color Mapping" requester.
Here, you can make global changes to the palette by selecting one from a series of choices. My favorite is "Mono", which changes the image into a stark two color screen and is just right for creating bump maps for 3D applications. You can also play with the "Skip" and "Offset" function December 1995 15 Cycling and its applications The Mand 2000 "Cycle Colors" operator is exquisite, good enough to act as an image generator for an experimental music video.
No matter what Amiga system you are running, the cycling is so smooth and mesmerizing that you will want to find a method to record the results. You can also reconfigure the color palette so that the cycling transitions progress smoother.
Another use for the cycling generator is to use a Mand 2000 cycling image as a screen saver. A screen saver is a moving image or an animation that keeps your CRT screen from sitting too long with one image burning into the phosphor coating. The only trouble with using a Mand 2000 color cycling image as a screen saver is that once you look at it, it may be hours later before you remember that you were about to leave to do another task. It's that hypnotic and beautiful.
But what if you want to create an actual animation made up of single frames that emulate the color cycling look? I've figured out a way to do that too. Mand 2000 has the unique ability to freeze the color palette once color cycling is switched off (versus Dpaint which always returns to the same color palette instead of stepping it forward). You can turn color cycling on and off several times, saving a frame each time. Once you figure out which frame belongs where and name them with sequential numbers, you have the ingredients for a neat single frame animation.
The only caution I would suggest in using this method is to work with a 16 color palette, so that you will have only sixteen frames in your cycling single frame animation. Otherwise, the gluing process becomes too intricate.
Once you have a single frame animation sequence of Mand 2000 color cycling images, try wrapping them on a plane in a 3D program, either as a background for objects (including text) or on a horizontal plane to emulate liquid. You will be knocked out by the results.
One last remark about Mand 2000 Cycling, Each time it is toggled on, it reverses its direction from the previous time, adding even more variety to the cycling animation.
And in addition... Fred Fish's Amiga Library Services has recently been expanding its offerings of CD-ROMs from Europe. One of these is called "The Beauty of Chaos" from Germany. It lias 507 stunning fractal images in diverse formats for the Amiga, MAC, and PC in a variety of sizes.
Most are in 256 color, but there is also a TrueColor collection in the TIFF format. If you are a MandelNut, you owe it to yourself to check out this lovely CD-ROM.
Mand 2000 The Beauty of Chaos, Volume 1 MSLP: $ 49.95 MSLP: $ 22.95 Cygnus Software Amiga Library Services 33 University Square, 199 610 North Alma School Road, Madison, Wl 53715 Suite 18
(608) 277-0413 Chandler, A2 85224-3687 cynussoft@cup.porfal.com
(800) 804-0633 From Top io Bottom: Images from “The Beauty
of (602) 491 -0048 FAX Chaos’1 CD-ROM from Amiga Library
Services. Info@amigalib.com
COMPUTER The new FofoFUN! Digital Color Photo Printer opens up
a whole new world of fun possibilities for your computer! With
FotoFUNI, you can fake any image - from Photo Cds'" digital
cameras, on-line services, or your own scanned photos - and
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The color ond clarity are as good as that of traditional snapshots! Plus, you can: L COLOR FROIO MW***
• Print your own photo postcards, for holiday greetings or
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Use image-editing software to crop photos and add text for a unique, personal message.
Create personalized photo coffee mugs - for gifts or souvenirs.
Mugs and blank postcards sold separately os part of FotoMUG!' And FotoFUN! Postcard Film Kits. Image-editing software must ie purchased separately.
For real color photos and real fun things to do with them.
For the dealer nearest you | QAA 00 T A HO A or to order direct, call: | "OvVvZl i 0 i To order from outside the U.S.A. and Canada, call (612) 941-9470 or FAX (612) 941-7836.
WWW: http: www.farga.com ’Average U.S. retail price is under $ 400, but dealer prices may vary. FotoFUN! And FotoMUG! Are trademarks and_FARGO is FI=IR50 ELECTRONICS. INCORPORATED a registered trademark of FARGO Electronics, incorporated, All electronics,incorporate other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.
©1995 FARGO Electronics, Inc., 7901 Flying Cloud Drive.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 U.S.A. Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer POV ray tracer is a powerful 3D artist's tool capable of creating stunning imagery, and it's free!
Review by Dave Matthews These days, you can hardly turn on the TV without seeing some exotic new use of 3D computer graphics, many in fact done with NewTek's Lightwave. Most Amiga owners have been inspired by these images, and have dreamed of creating their own 3D artwork.
Unfortunately, the high initial investment (most 3D software costs from $ 200 to $ 900, not to mention steep hardware requirements) often stops the would be artist in his or her tracks.
Well, for those who can't afford a Lightwave workstation, or those unsure if 3D art is their cup of tea, Ihere is an alternative. Persistence of Vision (POV) ray tracer is a powerful 3D artist's tool capable of creating stunning imagery, and it's free!
Well, there is a catch. Unlike commercial offerings such as Lightwave and Aladdin 4D, POV boasts of no GUI. POV images are created using a text editor, in a process very much akin to programming. In fact, the POV scene description language closely (and not coincidentally) resembles the C programming language.
So to be able to create images, vou will have to be on familiar terms with the Amiga's shell, a text editor or word processor capable of saving ASCI!
Files, and either have some programming experience, or be willing to learn.
A very basic knowledge of Algebra is helpful as well.
If the mention of Algebra and programming hasn't sent you scream- Modeling Rendering and animation. Cinema4D is packed with powerful features that will satisfy the most demanding users, All this power with an intuitive easy user interface that actually helps you work I Constantly doing Iwtlie with the Shell CU? Stop Ibis futile struggle with DiskMAGIC, the easy-to-use lile and disk management utility I from Oregon Reseaich. DiskMAGIC simplifies every task you peiform, from the copying ol disks end files, to the viewing of pictures cod enims, to demystifying dreaded archiving utilities.
In fact, you'I wonder how yon ever used youi Amiga without it.
I All AMIGADCS commands me duplicated, and cl! Me available “ with the simple click ol o moose burton, or the press ol c key. DiskMAGIC includes a user-definable lile types Facility,, I includes a configurable launch utility, DiskDOCK, to make the tanning of Workbench Cll programs, Arexx scripts, batch files, includes configurable viewers ami players fat a wide range of file formats including, hex files, ANSI ASCII led files, IFF IIBM pictures, IFF tmimsond HSN IFF sound files, :: " V- (inemedD provides a flexible raulli-tosking development environment with powerful capabilitiesinduding
window-based realtime interactive sssp'fwn KSS5PS mm i 1 flAt 11 A 1 . ?;• m IB feitii ¦ r i 1 t . ; - -- - . . . .
H The CinemodD onimotoi breathes life into your objects and scenes, allowing you to effortlessly create your own reality. Whether yooi tosklorce is docking with a new spDceslolion, or you're exploring around the darkest dungeon - with CinemodD it's I simple. With jest a lew mouse dicks you will have youi objects move fiuidly end realistically through lime and space. Cinema 4D's features incfuc e: D Interactive real-time modeler, Edit directly in perspective Ei Screaming fast rendering limes,rendering always cancellable El Moveable tool palettes, Keyboaid shortcuts. Undo function Of Ful
support for graphics cords Ikctsso, Retino, ffeilm, Piccolo,etc) I Q Imports and exports oil common modeling formats.
:.v" Objects: I Ci Usei-cditoble object pnmitives Ef Complex-ohjects fmonnekin, morph, path, skinned, _ lathed, extruded, fractal, displacement, sun, text objects) I D Fmctnl rnourtoin landscapes; Unlimited object nambeis ® El Easily editable object hierarchy; Direct point editing B Polygon one 3 spline style models' Scale modeling h Ei Texture onimolioo (in animation playback) Of Light animation (color, lode, cane angle) _ Q Gun animation (e.g. lot simulating sunrise cod sunset) I I Ci Time list control lot precise gtcphicol conical of onimdions ® Ei Genuine Deceleration, broking, user
defined complex functions | topchfons in lime and spocetraned, m aPts-f Ignpr I CinemodD runs on oil AMIGAs with a minimum of 3MB RAM, end Ikicksturt 2 or higher. CinemodD supports oil AMIGA nnd graphic cord I modes (HAM, HAM8,2dbit,etc.) And recognized iSe lovmols (Imagine, I Sculpt, DXF, Reflections, etc.). The pockoge indodes rm extensive user Imcrx.nl with reference, tutorial A glossary sections, modele, raytrucer, m convedar, scenes, objects,malerid tbraiy textures, images, S onine help. I Creafe your own reality with I Cinema 4D!! I See yeor local dealer or contact us for a lull featured
¦ demonstration disk of the power of Cinema dD ¦ r jfle’p .1 r I) f ’» S& 1 Jt ¦ 1 if1H Bligl M.-i i II f|i ;i .'-y '.i'ii' .'f' " 'IKM = ;“T1 e I ii1 • 'i' Tbh B miiiii?iuiTTu.~lHF. »i y i r11 ¦ Tl T' i fi'T- 7111. I, d i B ¦iTmiJtrruT it.’iir rrjr'iMhL B to 1 m BBBm niih i (~ ” mTTmBbhbwe vs;
- XV jBB - Mm!
ITn iiYiT fTl 7ffT?i!tffJ1 fit flTT WCiil SB i j I ?nd Hard Disk Backup and Reside sollware coming soon.
Termite - On The Ball - GameSmifh MegaloSound - Devpac 3 - Twist 2 wowt irc fire* Irr?"'!'! '?' Ll i 6200 S.W. Politic llwy.. Soil* 1 hi l*i H I ligcrn). OR 97224 Ej i Plione: 1503) 6!0-«t?
HHVEVSVEm’HVlHlj [.([lie: DBA CIS: 21333.26SS Circle 108 on Reader Service card.
Mg Display Trace Continue Trace Pause G4 Exit Halt ..Keypress Pov 1.0 Conpat.
Verbose Msgs jSj fpovV inctude '
- ] cpiti a| 11 e| |POtf;«tftt» tM»t3 toack.pov"
|frflV:EUtur«a Sn.ck.grt Start End ", | Ro« Output Format Ol
PUMP Display Fornafc Ol hbhb | Render Port ion Colunn display a
preview quality Image while rendering. POV 2.2 adds support for
Ha in 8 AC.A previews.
POV is complete with a large library of cool and helpful scene files to study and render. It contains sophisticated lighting shadowing options such as spotlights and soft shadows as well as numerous built in colors and textures including beautiful marbles, woods, metals and many more.
Itig from the room, take heart- POV's scene description language is much simpder than learning a general programming language, and the archive comes with a ton of sample files to help you get started. Plus, since POV is freely distributable, if you find POV is not your cup of tea, all you are out is the cost of the download or disk.
Originally based on David Puck's DKB Trace, POV is available in standard and 68881 FPU versions, and it runs on everything from a one megabyte single floppy 1.3 A500 to a full blown Amiga 4000 Tower. While you certainly won't be creating Babylon 5 level graphics on the said 500, you can render simple scenes, create some nice pictures, and learn about raytracing. POV, like all 3D software, of course, greatly benefits from more ram, storage space, and most of all, processor power.
POV Panel While you are grabbing POV, you might also want to snag Colin Bell's nifty POV-panel program (Figure 2).
This handy program gives you a GUI for setting up and running POV. Select your file from a standard ASL requester, click on the options you want, and select GO to run POV. This S5 shareware program is a must have for POV users.
POV images are created using a text editor in a process very much akin to programming.
What does POV offer?
POV supports a surprising amount of features. There is true ray tracing with shading, phong and specular highlights, shadows, reflections, refractions etc. There is also a variety of built-in shapes, such as sphere, box, cylinder, torus, etc. POV supports high image quality, with 24- bit color, anti-aliasing, etc., as well as several utilities to convert POV images into IFF and IFF24. You can also m rT ri Rea I tyCheet €Xio?hlheR*veri Verl igo zns ® MIGA REPLACEMENT CHIPS AND SYSTEM UPGRADES FaxtPOn is North America's largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement and upgrade chips
1. 3
ROMO S .S12.50
2. 04 ROM O S . 527.95
2. 04 ROM (A3000) Set of 2 Rom 0 1 ......539.95
2. 05 ROM (V37.350) (A500 & A2000) .....SI9.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) s w add $ 10.00 557.50
3. 1 ROM (A3000'A4000) s w add $ 10.00...$ 62.50
3. 1 ROM (A1200) s w add S10.00 S62.50
3. 1 ROM(s) Software ..CALI A2091
7.0 ROM Upgrade ......S29.95 A2620 30
7.0 ROM Upgrade ...S31.50 8520
CIA .529.95
8372A Agnus with diagnostic disk .....529.95 8375-B
(2MB) (A3000) 31BQ69-03 $ 35.50 8375-10 Agnus
(318069-10) PAL ..517.95 Paula (8364)
......510.95 Denise
(8362) . 512.95 Super Denise 8373
w,'diagnostic disk .....519.95 Gary 5719
510,95 Busier 5721 (A2000) . 514.95 Western
Digital SCSI chip BA 532.50 Video
Hybrid • (A50C 390229-03) ...S9.95 GVP
Upgrade Chp Series II .534.95 SURFACE
MOUNTED DEVICES - SMD 8520 PLCC (391078-02) .. 519.50
Amber (390538-03) 527.50
AMIGA FLOPPY DRIVES (Factory New) 1541
(refurbished) .. .$ 44.50
KEYBOARDS (Factory New) A50Q
....$ 39.95 A600
....$ 29.50 C128D
,...$ 19.50
- .521.50
A120O ......
...$ 34.95
.,$ 34,95 A2000 U.S ver.) K Q E94YC' 3127164)2 .. ....$ 64.95
A2000 $ 46 95 CDTV Black (U.S. version)
....$ 52.95 A3000.... $ 49.95 CD32
Black ......
....$ 39.95 1010
(refurbished) .. ..$ 29.95
A3000 (U.S. version) ..
..,.$ 69.95 DMAC 4 7
(390537-04 07) .....$ 44.50 Ltsa
(391227-01) ...537.50
Ramsey (rev. 7) (390541-07) .529.95
Alice 8374 (391010 01) 529.75 Gal (XU9)
(390123-01)) ..521.95 Gayle
(39155-02) ..... 529.95 Budgie
(391425-01) ....538.50 MC
68882RC25A PGA New (390434-01)......$ 23 95 MC 6803QFE25B OFP
(390399-05) ..$ 19.95 6570-036 Keyboard Chip
(328191-02) ....519.50 256X4
RAM ...... S5.25 Paula B354
(391077-01) . 529.95 Gary (390540-02) ..
532.95 Super Buster Rev. 11 (390539-11) S34.50
Bndgetle (391380-01) .S39.95
Video DAC (391422-01) .. 529.95 MOTHERBOARDS
(Factory New) C64 (refurbished) ..
C128 ....549.95
C128D .$ 69.95
A501 V? Meg RAM Expander ...$ 29.95 A500 (Rev.
5 6) .....589.95 A500+
Revision 8A 1MB board all chips 569.95
A600 .. S 139.95 A2000 LATE
Rev. 8372 8373 2.04 ..$ 249.95 A3000
(16MHz) ...$ 274.50
A3QOO (25MHz) .. $ 359.95 1541
II . $ 17.95 1581
1541 Aps (15000401) . $ 17.95 1571 Newtronics
(310420-01) ......517.95 THIS IS A PARTIAL
LIST ONLY Send Cafologm- POWER SUPPLIES Factory New) C64
nonrepayable ... S14.95 CS4
repairable ......S19.95
C128D Internal $ 24.95 C128
external 5.2 amps ..339.95
154) 11 1581 (HOvoltS) $ 9,95
...$ 38.95
A5O0 AB00 A1200 Big Ft. (200 Wat!) Micro R D..S79.95 CD32
Original Factory (HO volts) $ 21.95 CD32 Original Factory
(220 volts) ......$ 14.95 CD32 Big Foot (200 Watt) Micro FI 0
$ 74.50 CD32-SP switching-type high amp. Output...$ 33.5Q
A2DQ0 110:2207. Internal original .$ 99,95
A2000 Big Fool (300 Wall) Micro FID S144.50 A3000 internal
(110 220 volts) ...$ 114.50 A3000 Big Fool
(300 watts) Micro FtD S 144.50 A3000
Tower 5124.00
A4000 internal (220 volts) ...... ,,,..-$ 39.95 A4C0O int.
110 volts Big Foott (300 Watt), $ 199.9$ 1084SP Phillips
Flyback Transformer S42.50 1084-D1 Phillips Daewoo
Flyback $ 34.50 1084-D2 Daewoo Flyback
Transformer $ 34.50 A590 external .. $ 24.95 Great
prices Fast Delivery ADD ON BOARDS (Factory New) A336
(25MHz) Bridget™rd SW Inslr ...$ 279,95 A386 (20MHz)
Bridgeboard ISW rlnstr ..S259.95 A2058 (OK) (A20O0)
Expansion board $ 69.95 A2058 2 Megs Expansion board
(A20K))...$ 149.00 2091 Hard Disk Controller 0K new ROM....,
$ 89.95 A501 original Ram Exp. - 512K (A500) ...$ 29.95
A5S0 external A50Q Conti, (no Wd) with p s ...$ 169.95 A590
HD controller, latest ROMs.
2MB RAM, 100MB H D, P S ., ___________$ 399.95 ICO Ad Ram 540 (OK) .$ 69.50 AdRAM 5+0 (A500) w 4 Megs ...S267.50 ICO AD SCSI 2000 - ..$ 39.50 ICO AD Speed $ 99.95 ICO Flicker Free Video ......$ 248.95 Microway Fkkerfocer ... $ 224.00 Micro R D Slingshot Pro pass thru $ 39.95 A1050 RAM Expander (A1000) 256K ......$ 10.95 A170Q RAM Exp.-board only ¦ (no case) $ 17.95 A3000 Daughter Board ...$ 42.50
MISCELLANEOUS VGA 15 pin to 23 pin RGB Adapter (390582-01) very rare $ 19,95 A520 New Video Modulator Adapter kit cables $ 17.95 Monitors 1084. Etc. Refurbished CALL CBM 1351 Mouse (C64 C12B) $ 19.95 Amiga 1352 Moose .....$ 17.95 Switty Mouse (3 button) .....$ 22.50 Rom Switch - (Switch itt) with speaker .,,$ 14.50 Advanced Amiga Analyzer (10.000 sold) $ 99.95 Amiga Diagnostician Trouble Shooter Guide .$ 7.95 Amiga A1000 Mouse $ 11.9$ Amiga
CDTV Mouse ..- ..$ 15.95 Amiga 1230 Printer (Citizen 120 returb.) $ 39.95 Cables - Monitor, Serial, etc ...CALL 65 different service manuals in stock EXCLUSIVE NEW PRODUCTS ,57.95 28 Grove Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 • ORDER LINE ONLY: 800-595-5534 • FAX 914-624-3239 Hours: 9-5 pm EST • Add $ 5.00 UPS Charges • MC VISA • Prices subject to change ADVANCED AMIGA ANALYZER An Inexpensive Diagnostic Anauzer That Works On All Amigas A complete diagnostic hardware and softwate analyzer (uses point and click software interlace.)
The analyzer (able plugs into all Amiga ports simultaneously and through sophisticated software, displays 8 screens lo work from. Shows status ol dala ports, memory [buffer) checker, system configuration and auto test. Reads diagnostic status of ony read write errors from track 0 lo track 79.
Software automatically tells whnl errors are found and (he chips comononefs responsible. 85 to 90% of the prcbfems presented to service centers are found with this analyzer. Saves you lots ol money on repnirs and no end user or repair shop can afford la be without one. Don't be fooled by its low tost. Simply plug in rabies Irom the analyzer bo*. This diagnostic tool is used by end users and Amiga repair centers worldwide and is the only one of its kind.
* * fkw 2.0 OsMk n * • JUST RELEASED FROM COMMODORE A500+
(revision 8A) populated motherboard Fnctory new, latest
revision high powered motherboard containing: 1 MB RAM
(8-256*4), 2 MB agnusthip (like the Megachip), ? - 8520 CIA, 1
Paula, 1 Gary, 1 Denise, latest 204 ROM, 1 68000 CPU. (II you
bought these chips alone, they would cos! S169.00) Also
included Isa 90 day warranty., "Final Test' system and PAL NTSC
AtmiotUi fen Aim ¦ New CBM A500 plus Service Manuol .. ¦ ADRAM 510 ~ (ICD) is a 1 Meg RAM Board increasing your A5D0 + to 2 Megs (uses 256*4 RAM) .. Attpji&m Amiga Cmicb & Regain. CedpM COMING SOON: AMIGA DEAD TESTER bydcs The AMIGA DE ID TESTER will revolutionize all Amiga repairs in the future. The DEAD TESTER is fast, accurate and an absolute must for all repair and service centers worldwide. This diagnostic unit is designed until you, the service center, in mind. The
first releases will begin in mid January.
Those interested in complete specifications should write to us. Other fine diagnostics soon to be released are the KEYBOARD TESTER and the POWER SUPPLY TESTER. Watch our ads for further details.
Paxtron CORPORATION ..$ 54.50 SX‘l EXPANSION MODULE Transforms your CD1! Into a high powered multimedia computer system. Effectively turns the CD3! Into &00 I 95 a fully functional A1200 computer Ntui Low PtiM with up to 8 MB of RAM.
Optional accessories include PC-type black keyboard, internal 170 MB IDE hard drive and floppy (uses all A1200 software), Ccu b §L2S.OO tjihir (Jon btuj bdtk LlrSj CD & CX-1 Amiga CD” are trademarks M Price, 95 of Commodore-Amiga VIDEO ENHANCER PLUS This unique adapter module converts and enhances the CD13 standard composite output to a MUCH improved RGB signal. The VIDEO ENHANCER PLUS will brighten and sharpen all your colors so that reds are redder, blues are bluer, and greens greener, all without having that washed out look that usually comes with adjusting your brightness and
contrast controls. You will notice an incredible difference. The ENHANCER works with all tr . ?-.» Amiga compatible monitors. Some multisync ' ' 1 monitors may require the VGA Commodore adapter $ 24 7390682-07). See above listing for part.
CD32 is a powerful 32 bit console with dual speed CD ROM drive -16.8 million colors - plays audio and CD plus graphics CD - eleven button controller - full RGB output.
Comes withfree software and 90 day warranty. Also includes new special “switching-type" high amperage output power supply. Runs cool and is ideal for adding on SX-1 Expansion .
Module. NTSC or PAL units available. Jjw LtrwPiic& $ 234 JUST RELEASED FROM COMMODORE Amiga CD32 95 There are multi-platform versions, so you can share your scene files with other POV users, whatever computer they run. POV is available for Amiga, Mac, PC and many Unix systems.
POV lets you interrupt rendering, and finish partial rendering later. This is especially helpful for slower machines. You can render highly complex pictures this way, without tying up your Amiga for hours or even days.
Once you have POV installed, the first thing you should do is follow the beginner's tutorial in the doc file. This will show you the basics of turning a scene file into a picture. After learning the basics, study the included sample scenes. Figures 3-5 show a few of the many sample scenes.
Hints: Depending on where you find POV, it may be composed of several files, and in several versions. Make sure you get the files you need, i.e. the correct executable for the Amiga, the documentation files and the extra scene files.
At first, spend your time mastering object placement, lighting and surface color and textures, using simple objects. Figuring these out before jumping into trying to build that hideously complex (Figure 5: Sample POV textures) alien warship model, will vastly improve your results.
Once you start the actual design process, buy a ream of graph paper.
This will save you much wasted effort when trying to visualize your model.
When you are ready for more complex images, remember you can use POV's Include command to break your scene into smaller and more manageable files.
Finally, there is no getting around it, you will need a good deal of perseverance and patience to create quality 3D art. But seeing a finished piece glowing on the monitor after all that modeling and rendering is well worth it. Now get out and do it!
Persistence of Vision ray tracer is freely distributable under the GNU license. It can be found on Aminet in the Graphic 3D section and on many good BBSs. Principle author support, as well as POV itself is available on CompuServe. Colin Bell's POV Panel is shareware (US $ 5.00) and should be available where POV can be found.
Contact: Chris Young (POV Team coordinator) CompuServe: 76702,1655 Internet: 76702,1655@compuserve.com Dave Park (Amiga version) CompuServe: 70004,1764 Internet: 70004,1764@Compuserve.com Colin Bell PO Box 1058 Bondi Junction NSW 2022 Australia Internet: colin@triode.apana.org.au Fidonel: 3:712 631
• AC* DKB Announces WildFire 060 Accelerator for the A2000 &
RapidFire SCSI-2 Controller The WILDFIRE is the first in a
series of 060 boards for Amiga computers. You told us what you
wanted in an accelerator and we listened. We have come up with
the fastest accelerator for the A2000 to date: the WILDFIRE
We have been committed to this marketplace since 1985, and we are still here today, stronger then ever.
The next design is for the A4000 and A4000T models. This board is ready to ship upon receipt of 060 CPU from Motorola, scheduled for January. If you have any comments or questions please call us at: 810-348-3821.
"Wc tfou fan, ryoun continued, dufrfioit.
WildFire 060 50Mz Accelerator for the A2000 List Price: $ 1699.00 Wmft® Sqfflstsm® RiJluroi:
• True 060 50Mz design
• Lightning High Speed local 060 RAM
• Supports interleaved memory
• 32 bit SCSI-2 Fast Host bus DMA interface
• Supports Wmb sec SCSI transfers ¦ Over 90% of the CPU is
available at full speed SCSI DMA
• Fully Autoconfigurable
• 64 bit ram expandable to 128 Megs
• Uses industry standard 72 pin SIMMS
• Allows mixing & matching of SIMMS
• Supports 4, 8, 16, and 32 bit SIMMS WMF3® m&miif iPmtiwm
• Twisted pair, optional Thin Coax
• PCI bus for future expansion
• Supports transfers up to 100Mb sec
• Compatible with Video Toaster
• Compatible with MegAChip 2000 500 mpJflPfrd rJufdyme
• True SCSI-2 Hardcard Controller
• Compatible with A2000 A3000 A4000
• Zorro 2 compatible
• Two 72 pin SIMM sockets
• RAM capable of up to 8Mb
• DKB's famous mixing & matching technology
• Add Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, Tape Backups, Scanners without
• RAM configurations of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8Mb
• System friendly user interface
• NOW SHIPPING RapidFire SCSI-2 Controller List Price: $ 159.00 We
are currently accepting pre-orders for both of these products.
Please contact Software Hut or your local dealer. Many dealers
are accepting trade-ins on your old accelerators.
Please call them for more details.
C Copyrtgni 1995, tMfkatnicdl |fi. M RijHls RtarvrH Connect Your Amiga! A Guide to the InlerNel, LANs BBSs, and Online Services - From background Info for the novice to networking. 256 pages.
$ 24.95 for book only, or $ 49.95 w B disk set described below Connect Your Amiga! Eight Disk Set - Save downloading, here's all the files needed to get started: Terms. InterNet progs, virus checkers, & more.
$ 27.00 for disks only Aml-FlloSale - Upgrade your Amiga's performance with new system software: Replace FFS with taster, high data-integrity file system.
Consumer limit of 650Mb or less) $ 39.95 Pro (limit of 9Gig & multi-user security) $ 99.95 Disk Saiv 3 - The ultimate Amiga disk utility from the ultimate authority.
534. 95 Amiga Envoy 2.0b ¦ The standard Amiga peer-to-peer
networking software enables Amiga computers to share drives
and printers tranparently.
$ 59.95 The Deathbed Vigil and Other Tales ot Digital Angst - This 2 hour video documentary includes: serious and humorous interviews with many famous Amiga engineering and CATS personalities; footage ot West Chester R&D labs; burning the former CEO in effigy; & much more.
$ 25.00 MegaBall A ¦ Classic Amiga brick-buster by the Mackey Brothers in a brand new commercial package. For all Amlgas, enhanced when used with AGA $ 20.00 Amiga Guru Book by Ralph Babai - For programmers. Excellent, lots of examples, 700+ pages.
$ 49.95 The AREXX Cookbook Deluxe Edition by Merill Cataway - Includes 3 disks.
549. 95 MegaBalls T-Shirt - XL ONLY - $ 12.95 w 2Mb+Rev 7 Eproms
199.00 A262Q Accelerator wWMbt Rev 7 Eproms 289 00 A2 630
Accelerator w 2Mb*Rev 7 Eproms 31900 A2630 Accelerator
w 4Mb+Rev 7 Eproms 399.95 A364 0 25Mz 040 CPU 399.95 A2232
Multi Serial Board 199.95 GVP-M is back in business ... and
Software Hut is the OFFICIAL U.S. Distributor.
A2000 Combo 030 40Mz CPU 8.
FPU. W SCSI controller. OK RAM expendable to 16Mb.
$ 499.95 4Mb GVP RAM Module 60Ns $ 199.95 1SMb GVP RAM Module GONs 5729,95 G-Lock NTSC: 5299.00 G-Lock PAL: 5329.00 GVP DSS 8 Plus 3.0 Software Upgrade w Many NEW features $ 29.95 Video Products A500 Peripherals Cybervision 64 Z3 4Mb $ 649.00 Bipfoot 200W P.S.-A5 00-500-1200 $ 84.95 AJI Noahji's Products Call Commodore A500 Power Supply
49. 95 Personal Arilm. Recorder, Amiga Call A500 Case complete
w shielding
17. 95 Personal TBC 4
823. 00 A50D Internal Replacement Drive 44 95 RocGen Plus Genlock
199. 00 A500 Keyboard
44. 95 Vidi Amiga 12
119. 00 AIR External Floppy Drive
89. 00 Vidi Amiga 24 RT 26995 A501 RAM Expansion Board
33. 95 Vidi Amiga 24 RT Pro
379. 00 ..... ¦ ¦¦ a 1 Game Software Blowout r Agony $ 11.95 Joe
3. 95 Air Support 16 95 Leander
11. 95 Amazing Spiderman 4,95 Lemmings 2 - The Tribes
19. 95 Amnios 11,95 Liberation
12. 95 Aguaventura
8. 95 Magellan (At program)
9. 95 Alomino 9,95 Oh No! More Lemmings - Add On
5. 95 Barbarian 2
11. 95 Qh No! Mote Lemmings - Alone
9. 95 Big Business r 95 Ork
8. 95 Cart Lewis Challenge
11. 95 Power Styx
3. 95 Carmen San Diego - Europe
29. 95 Prime Mover
6. 95 Carmen San Diego - Time
29. 95 Puggsy
14. 95 Clever & Smart 2 95 Rambo 3
4. 95 Clilfhanger
14. 95 Red Zone
11. 95 Clown-0-Mania 4 95 Renegade
2. 95 Colorado 3 95 Rings ot Medusa
4. 95 Cougar Force
2. 95 Skidmarks
19. 95 Covert Action ¦I 65 Skyblaster
2. 95 Ditto Wars 6 95 Strider 2 5 95 Double Dragon 2 2 95 Subwar
2050 AGA
16. 95 F-15 Strike Eagle 2 6 95 Table Tennis
4. 95 Fields Of Glory ECS AGA CD32 Spec 14.95 Targhan
4. 95 Flames o Freedom 4 95 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
7. 95 Glodbule 9 95 Theme Park Mystery
3. 95 Greens 3D Gcll 4 95 Thunderboy
3. 95 Gunshoot 2 95 Total Carnage
9. 95 Gunship 2000 CD-32 14 95 UFO Enemy Unkown ECS AGA
(Spec)16.95 Humes ot the Lance 2 95 Vindex
2. 95 Hill Street Blues 3 95 Wi;'n' Lit
11. 95 Impossible Mission ECS CD32 Spec 14.95 Wurld Trophy
2. 95 olcrott East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA
19079 Commodore AMIGA Info 610-586-5703 Tech 610-586-5704 FAX
610-586-5706 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 10 to 4 • Eastern FAX
610-586-6416 Orders 800-93-AMIGA
- Happy Holidays from Software Hut. With the largest Amiga
inventory in the US & SAME DAY SHIPPING, we can make your gift
giving a breeze. Call us and see * ; ' : : : , - . . . • : • *
r Caidlnil Z400 Bsutf External S39.95 Cardinal 14.4 FAX Modem
89.95 Sportster 14.4 FAX ModBm 109.95 Septa 14. FAX Modem
119.95 Supra 28.fi FAX Modem 2D9.95 Cardinal 26.8 V.34 FAS
Modem 189.00 JR Comm Terminal Software 5.00 Termite 39.95 CP
Fai Software - Class 1 A 2 59.95 A2060 ArcNel Board 59.95 Hydra
Amlgane! Ethernet Card 269.00 Ariadne 299.00 Liana Network
89.95 HighFlyer w Power Supply $ 389.00 HighFlyer Fan Kit 42,95
HighFlyer Cable Kit
79. 95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI
159. 95 DataFfyer 500 SCSI & IDE
139. 95 DataFlyer XDS 1200
79. 95 DataFlyer SCSI+ 1200
94. 95 DataFlyer SCSI* 4000
99. 95 DataFlyer 2000s SCSI
89. 95 DataFlyer 2000e IDE
79. 95 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI & IDE
139. 95 DataFlyer 2000 8Mb RAM Board with OK 94,95 DataFlyer 500
8Mb RAM Board with OK
109. 95 DataFlyer 40QGSX SCSI Zoiro
99. 95 Please call lor bundled prices with SCSI & IDE Hard
Joysticks & Mice Suncom (Spec TAC 3 or TAC-30) S 12.95 Competition Pro CD-32 Controller
24. 95 The Bug
18. 00 Python
17. 95 Port Rel
19. 95 Ergo Stick
12. 95 Swifty 3 Button Mouse
27. 95 Alfa Data Mega Mouse, 400 OPI
26. 95 Alla Data Crystal Trackball
39. 95 Alla Data 3 Button Mouse
27. 95 Megachip A500 2000 $ 209.95 2632 RAM Board OK lor 2630
189.00 Cobra 1280 28Mz RC CPU 139 95 Cobra 12-40 4€Mz EC CPU
249.00 Mongoose 50M; RC CPU.FPU 359.95 The Clock A1200 17.95
3128 RAM Board A3 4DOO OK 249 00 Ferret SCSI-2 Cobra Mongoose
89 95 Kwikslarl 2 A100D 54,95 1202 No FPU OK 99 95 FPU and
RAM prices Call RapitfFtre SCSI Controller 149.00 WildFire
060 50Mi lot A2000 1539.00 Advanced Amiga Analyzer 2.0 $ 69.95
Special this month: Buy a sorvice manual tor your computar,
wilh purchase - $ 12.95 Monitors, CPU & Motherboards
Ehclrohome C1440 Monitor $ 469.DO Multiscan - NEW A196Q -
Refurbished 339.95 M1438S 14" Slereo Monitor Call A3D0D 16Mz
PCB w 1Mb 319.95 A300D 030 25Mi 1Mb desktop PCB 373.95 A3000
D30 25Mz 1 Mb lower PCB 479.95 A3000 Daughterboard 59.95 A500
Hev 5 PCB 109.95 A500 Rev Ea PCB 129.95 AEOO Computer System
NEW 219.95 A,1000 Tower Power Supply 129.DO VILLAGE TRONIC
Plosso 2 Board w 2Mb- The best 24- blt graphics board lor the
Amiga 2000.
3Q00. And 4000 Is now back In stock! - NEW LOW PRICE: $ 379.95 Main Actor Professional 579.95 Main Actor Broadcast 269.95 Pablo 179,95 Ami TCP IP v4 94.95 Picasso to 1080 1084 Cable 34.95 CD32 Products CD-32 NEW, NTSC w 90 Day Warranty $ 279.95 CD-32 NEW, PAL w RGB adaptor & 90 Day Warranty $ 239.95 This system is perfect for the game player with an RGB monitor SX-1 Exp Module by Parawsion $ 239.95 SX-1 Keyboard
44. 95 Networking Cable for CD-32
55. 00 1Mb RAM
49. 95 4Mb RAM
165. 00 8Mb RAM
319. 00 130Mb Hard Drive
134. 95 170Mb Hard Drive
179. 95 210Mb Hard Drive
209. 95 Big Foot CD32 Power Supply
79. 95 Purchate a CD-32 and SX-1 TOGETHER and take an extra
S2S.00 off A1200 Computers Limited supply of NEW NTSC A1200
computers. They come boxed, with all manuals, & 90 Day
A120Q w 2Mb $ 589.95 A1200 w 130Mb HD $ 699.95 Call for other configurations Hitachi CDR-1750S CD-ROM
• External w SCSI pass-thru
• Single Speed, 320Ms Access Time
• T50Kb sec,64Kb Buffer
• ISQ9650, Single-Session Photo-CD
• Variable Audio Jack, 1 YearWTy $ 89.95 NEC CDR-2fOP CD-ROM
- IS09660. Multi-Session Photo-CD
- SCSI * Double Speed • Caddyless ¦ 1 Taer Warranty Internal
model $ 149.95 External model $ 199.95 Sanyo CRD-254S Quad Speed
CD-ROM Drive
- Quad Speed (4X). EOOKb See Access
• 120Mi Random Seek * 256K Buffer
• SCSI-2 *1 Year Warranty
• CaddylesE internal model $ 229.00 External model $ 299.00
HSHmSHSM ..... ... - AMIGA Custom Chips 1Mb Agnus
8372A $ 3995 Super Denise 8373 34 95 CIA 8520 Chip 1295 Gary
5719 Chip 13 95 Paula or Denise Chip
16. 95 Lisa 1C
44. 95 Alice 1C 44 95 Buster 5721 1C 2995 Eproms2630 Rev 7 36 95
Eproms 2091 Rev 7
34. 95
1. 3 ROM Chip
13. 95 2 04 ROM Chip 29 95 2 05 ROM Chip
34. 95
W. D SCSI Chip Rev 8A 35.00 : 68000 CPU
16. 95 | CIA B520 Surl. Mount Chip 23.50 i Super Buster Rev 11
58. 95 Amber 1C 44 95 : Ramsey Rev 7
49. 95 I Fat Gary 1C
49. 95 ; Gary Surface Mount
42. 95 | Paula Surface Mount
42. 95 ! Super Dmac Rev 4
54. 95 i Bridgette
38. 95 1 Video DAC
46. 95
k. ...... ..
ASIM CDFS CD-ROM Driver v3.1 comes w Fish Market CD $ 59.95
SPECIAL - While supplies last, purchase any CD-ROM drive and
you may buy Teilura Heaven and or AsniNet Share 4 for: S7.50
each Now Available Amiga Technologies A4000 Tower $ 2799.00
Hard Drives We carry a full line of 2.5' & 3.5“ Hard Drives
Irom Conner, Quanlum, Seagate, Micropolls, 6 Maxtor. Call for
Hi-Density Dell Drive Dell didn't buy Commodore but they did make 7500 hl-denslly external floppy drives. These ere black, ultra- Slimline (.5* high) lor easy placement.
Support lor OS 2.1 and higher. No sollware pilches necessary. 30 Day Warranty.
$ 119.95 We also carry Power Compiling's hi- density floppy drives Irom the UK.
Compatible wilh 05 2.1 or higher.
1. 76Mb XL Ekt. Drive $ 134.95
3. 5Mb Super XL Ert. Drive 209.95
1. 76Mb XL Ini. Lor A4000 124.95 From Village Tronic, ol Germany,
wo have the official 3.1 kits!
Each kit comes complete w Manuals, Disks & HOM(s).
AS32D 3.1 Kil for the A500, A2000, & A2500
5129. 95 AS330 3.1 Kit for all A3000s
5144. 95 AS340 3.1 Kit for all A4000s $ 144.95 AS312 3.1 Kit lor
all A1200s $ 144.95 AS306 3.1 Kit for all A600s $ 129.95
3. 1 ROM for A500, A600, A2000 (Specify) 569 95
3. 1 ROM set for A3000, A40QG, A1200 (Specify) 89 95
3. 1 Manuals A Disks (no ROM) 69 95 AS2I6 2.1 Kit from Commodore
52.95 AS2I6 2.1 Kilw 2.04 ROM 82.95 AS217 Arenx DOS Enhancer
14 95 Multi-Stark 2 v6A 500 600 2000 34 00 CBM Parts A1Q00
Mouse from Commodore $ 14.95 A1000 Internal Floppy Disk Drive
69,95 A1000 Case w all shielding 19.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard
79.95 AIR A2000 Internal Floppy Drive 69 95 A3Q00 Internal
Floppy Drive 69 95 A600 1200 Internal Floppy Drive 69.95 A2000
Power Supply 109.00 Amiga Replacement Mouse 19.95 Mouse tor
CDTV. Wired - black 16.95 CBM A3000 Power Supply 139.95 CBM
A4000 Power Supply 149.95 Bigloot A40QQQ Pwr Sy 300W 269.95
Bigloat A3000 Pwr Sy 250W 239.95 286 Bndgeboard PCB Only 69 95
CBM CDTV Control Pad 34 95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bot.) 19
95 Tabby Graphics Tablet 2048x1538 resolution $ 98.95 TekMagic
TekMagic (the nsw GVP) now suppllies these high quality
products. TekMagic's designers are formerly from GVP.
Combo hoards feature sockets to hold 4 GVP SIMM 32s 8 4 standard SIMMS.
Guru ROM v6 $ 71.95 Guru ROM V6A5Q0 530HD 82 95 4008 SCSI-2 Controller 14995 4003 SCSI-2 w 360Mb Ooantum 299.95 I O Extender - 2 Serial, 1 Paral. 119.00 A2000 060 50 Combo 145900 A200Q 040 33 Combo 979 00 A2000 040 33 LC Combo 679.00 A2000 040 40 Combo 117900 4Mb SIMM 32 60Ns 199 95 16Mb SIMM 32 BONs 729.95 Input Devices JS-105-1M 400DPI Handscanner w 64 grays i, Touch-Up software $ 109.95 with OCR software: $ 149.95 JP-100 Pan Mouse lor al! Amiga computers. Fast, accurate & precise movement. Excellent for graphics pros, yet affordable.
$ 19.95 CD-32 Commuddre Joypad $ 14.95 SCALA MM400 & MM300 SCALA MM3DD $ 139.95 SCALA MM400 209.95 SCALA MM400 upgrade far MM30Q owners 74.95 A1200 Peripherals PCMCIA Card 600 1200 2Mb $ 135.00 PCMCIA Card 600 1200 4Mb 229.00 IDE Cable & Software - 600 1200 20 00 M1230XA Accelerators - All Configs Call Squirrel SCSI-2 PCMCIA Card 98.95 Power Supplies & Expansion Boards A20QQ 300W Power Supply $ 149.00 A3000T Fan Assembly 39.95 Emplant Basic 269.00 Emplant Deluxe 359 95 amia interlace 55 00 E586DX Module tor Emplam 119.95 Multilace III I O Extender 99.00 Cyberstorm 060 50Mz 1289,00 Cyberstorm Fast
SCSI-2 Controller 249 00 Cyberstorm I O Module 549 00 Meoalospund 4995 Pro Midi 42.95 Warp Engine Call
7. 00
24. 95
36. 00
22. 95
42. 95
37. 95
24. 95 M-TEC German Arexx: Your Amiga's Turbo A12QQ & CD-ROM Need
to Know Amiga Shoppers PD Directory Internet, Modems & Comms
A1200 Insiders Guide A1200 Insiders Guide, Next Steps Amiga
Disk Drives Insiders Guide A to I Workbench Insiders Guide
Assembler Insiders Guide Mastering Amiga Program Secrets
Mastering AmigaDOS 3 Tutorial vl Mastering AmigaDOS 3 Ref. V2
Mastering AmigaDOS Scripts Mastering Amiga C Mastering Amiga
Beginners Mastering Amiga Printers Mastering Amiga System
Mastering Amiga Arexx Mastering AmigaDOS 2 v2 Amiga User
In'tace & Style Guide Mtec AT 500 No HO !
Mtec AT 500 w 4QMb HD Mtec AT 500 130Mb HD Mtec AT 500 213Mb HD Mtec AT 500 540Mb HD Mtec AT 500 I.OBGig HD 2Mb RAM lor AT 500 unit 8Mb RAM tor AT 500 unit Mtec A5QQ 2Mb RAM Module Mtec 680201 Turbo A5Q0 OK Mtec T1230 42Mz CPU+FPU 1Mb RAM tor T1230 or 680201 4Mb RAM lor T1230 or 680201 8Mb RAM lor MTEc T1230 Be.vrow •TO-'Wf , ¦¦ - mmm CD-ROWl CDTV CP-32 SALE CD-ROM Disks will work w CDTV, CD-32. A-570 and any Amiga model with a CD-ROM drive and Adults unlv aooronriate driver software. Purchase 4 or more, and receive FREE SHIPPING 3D Arena $ 45.00 Hound of the Baskervilles
8. 00 69 XXX $ 14.00 17 Bit Continuation CD 25 00 Illustrated
Works ot Shakespeare
14. 00 Adult Sensations XXX 14,00 17 Bit 5lh Dimension
25. 00 Insight: Technology 14,95 American Girls (Spec 1 or 2)
29. 00 17 Bit Phase 4
25. 00 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM
44. 95 Ameteur Models (Spec 1, 2 or 3]
25. 00 17 Bit & LSD Comp. 1 or 2 (Spec) 25 00 Kara Fonts Complete
54. 95 Asian Hot Pics 14 00 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch
9. 00 Light ROM 1 or 2 (Specify) 34 00 Bangkok Beauties
18. 00 Advanced Military Systems 10 00 Ught ROM 3 (3 Cds) Call
Body Language XXX
14. 00 All Dogs Go to Heaven 900 Light Works
32. 95 Busty Babes (Spec 1.3 or 4)
35. 00 American Heritage ill. Dictionary 12,00 Logical - CDTV
ONLY 800 Celebrity Nudes
26. 00 AmiNet Share 4
14. 00 Magic Illusions 3D Stereograms 15 95 Cheeky Chics XXX
14. 00 AmiNet Set 1 or Set 2 (Specify)
39. 95 Meeting Pearls 2 or 3 (Specify)
13. 95 Climax XXX
14. 00 AmiNet 5 or 6 (Specify)
17. 00 Mega Media 2
18. 00 Dirty Duo XXX Bundle
23. 00 AmiNet 7 or 8 (Specify)
19. 00 Micro R&D Volume 1
25. 00 Electric Lust XXX
22. 00 AMOS PD Library 1 or 2 (Specify) 25 00 Micro R&D Volume 2
40. 00 Elite Euro Models (Spec 1 or 2)
23. 00 Assassins Games 28 00 Micro R&D Volume 3 1900 Elite USA
Models (Spec 1 or 2)
23. 00 Audio Plus 18 00 Micro R&D Volume 4 17 00 Erotic Wave XXX
14. 00 Barney Bear Goes 1o School 8 00 Micro R&D Volume 5
44. 00 Eruption XXX
14. 00 BCInet (Specify 1 or 2) 16,00 Mind Run - CDTV ONLY 700
Exotic Extasy XXX 14 00 Beauty ol Chaos Fractals
21. 95 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 Extreme Delight XXX
26. 00 Bible & Religion
24. 00 Moving Textures 100
229. 00 Girls of Paradise XXX
14. 00 Case of the Cautios Condor 900 Mud Puddles 10,00 High
Volume Nudes
29. 00 CD Boot
45. 95 Multimedia Mega Bundle
24. 00 Hot Pics
24. 00 CD PD 1 800 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs)
39. 95 Hoi Pix 5 XXX
14. 0Q CD PD 2,3, or 4 (Specify) 24,00 Music MOOs & Sound Samples
18 00 Hot Pics Vol Sex
14. 00 CD Write 4995 Network CD by Weird Science 25,00 Hot Super
23. 00 Cinderella: The Original Fairy Tale 900 Network Cable CD32
to Amiga 30 00 Hooter Heaven XXX
26. 00 Classic Board Games 1000 New Basics Electronic Cookbook
15. 00 Luscious Lips XXX 14 00 Clip An & Fonts 12 00 OnLine
26. 00 Moody Nights XXX
14. 00 Clipan Warehouse 1800 Our Solar System
18. 00 Naked Dragon XXX
22. 00 Clipart Warehouse 2 - TIFFs
10. 00 Paper Bag Princess 10 00 Northern Delights
31. 03 Club Toaster
24. 00 Personal Suite from Cloanto
69. 95 Parly Time XXX
14. 00 Cookbook Heaven 2
19. 00 PhotoCD Manager CD32 33,95 Pink Passion
26. 00 Curse of Ra - CDTV ONLY
9. 00 Power Pinball
10. 00 Pixel Playmate XXX
22. 00 DataMix 16 00 Pro Pics
34. 00 Plain Brown Wrapper XXX
12. 00 de Capo Mods & Sounds
27. 00 Psycho Killer
8. 00 Pussy Galore XXX 14 00 Defender ol the Crown 2, CD-32 16 95
SFX Volume t 29 00 Red Hot XXX
14. 00 Demo CD 1 or 2 (Specify)
24. 00 Snoopy: Case of Missing Blanket
12. 00 Sex & Games XXX (Spec 1.2 or 3} 14.00 Desktop Video 31 00
Solar Heaven v2
18. 00 Sex Foot Slut Pack (6 Cds) 4500 Eric Schwariz CD-Archive
21 95 Sounds Terrific
25. 00 Sexual Debutantes
26. 00 EuroScene
15. 00 Space & Astronomy
21. 00 Sexual Fantasies XXX
12. 00 Eyes of the Eagle
9. 00 Strip Poker
14. 00 Shaved Pink
26. 00 Fanlaseas
29. 95 Super Fonts
19. 00 Sheer Delight
12. 00 Fractal Pro Image Library
42. 00 Syndesis 3D ROM v1 or v2 (Specify)89.00 Smooth Lips XXX
14. 00 Fresh Fish 8 or 9 (Specify) 18 00 Ten on Ten (10 Cds)
59. 00 Spicy Pics XXX 14 00 Fresh Fish Vol 10
19. 95 Texture Gallery Vol 1 27,95 T&A 2 the MaXX 21 00 Fresh
Fonts Vol 1
16. 95 Texture Heaven
25. 00 Tight Panlies XXX 14,00 Fresh Fonts Vol 2 24 00 Texture
Heaven 2
48. 95 Top Heavy XXX
14. 00 Frozen Fish 8 95
19. 00 That's Games 1 or 2 (Specify)
25. 00 Tropical Heat XXX
14. 00 Fun School 3 - Ages 5 and under 10 00 Thomas' Snowsuit
8. 00 Underground Adult Ref. Library
25. 00 Gateway
21. 95 Time Table of History: 1991 Editions Venus Models w VHS
Tape 2900 Gamer's Delight
34. 00 Business. Politics & Media
15. 00 Wet Dreams XXX 14,00 Gamer's Delight 2
27. 95 Science & Innovations
15. 00 White Underware XXX 14,00 Gaiden Fax: Fruits. Vegs. Herbs
900 Town of Tunes
18. 00 Wild Wendy XXX
14. 00 Garden Plants
9. 00 Town With No Name 900 Your Privacy Assured 25,00 InHrirtr
Dlinlc a rvt Turbo Calc 2.1 CD 14 95 V ...... inuour
rianis Gardening Handbook e w
16. 00 Visions
24. 95 r GIF Galaxy
26. 00 Visual FX1 or 2 (Specify) 109 00 We carry a complete line
of GIF Gallery Vol 1
27. 00 Weird Science Clip Art
14. 00 RAM, CPUs, and FPUs.
GIFs Galore GoldFish f.2,or3(Specify)
12. 00 19 95 Weird Science Fonts Weird Science Animations 1400
2500 Please call for pricing and Graphics Plus IS 00 Weird
Science Demo Mania 1 2000 availability.
Gruber's Encyclopedia 2 24 95 Women In Motion 900 Guiness Book ol World Recards Gutenberg Project 14,95 1900 World Info World of Clipart 45 95 19 00 Specials of the Month Holies! 4
27. 00 World of GIF 22 00 68882 50Mz PGA FPU « „0 n * 11 muHnlu
D IIJf $ 84.95 no qx W&PW-A 1X0 HAM iTlOOUIc OuhS 1x4 Static
Zip 80Ns 21 00 $ 2900 ROM Kernel: Devices 3rd Edition
27. 00
29. 95 ROM Kernel: Inc. 6 Adocs 3rd Ed.
36. 00
25. 00 ROM Kernel: Libraries 3rd Ed.
35. 00 1
* ¦;
29. 95 Exploring Lightwave 3D
52. 99
25. 95 Complete Post-Prod. W B. Wilson 24 95
25. 95 25 95 A500 Service Manual 1995 25,95 A20Q0 Rev 4.x Service
Manual 22 95 25 95 A2G00 Rev 6,x Service Manual
22. 95 31,95 A5030 Desktop Service Manual
24. 95
31. 95 A3000 Tower Service Manual
26. 95
31. 95 10345 01 Service Manual
14. 95
29. 95 1950 Service Manual
19. 95 2995 2091 Service Mamral
12. 95
29. 95 Prog’s Guide to Arexx w Oisk 14 95 29 95 A2060 A2065 A2232
Serv. Man.
12. 95 34 55 A590 HD Service Manual 1495 31 95 CDTV Service
14. 95
29. 95 I960 Service Manual 1995 24 00 -- V CBM Service Manuals &
Books Productivity - Utilities Address It! T.5 $ 26.95
AmigaVision Clips vl SFX 8.95 AmigaVision Professional 49.95
AMOS Pro 45.00 Anim Workshop 2 74.95 Art Department Pro 2.5
149.00 Art Dept Pro Conversion Pack 46.95 Artworks Clip Art
Library 22.95 Batch Factory 49.00 Blitz Sasic 2 69.00
Brilliance 2.0 69.00 Caligari 24 139 00 Checks & Balances
38.00 Cinema 4D 259.95 City Builder 84.95 Cross DOS v6 46.95
Cross MAC 79.00 Decision Maker 199.00 Deluxe Music
Construction 2 99.95 Deluxe Paint 4 v4.5 79.95 Deluxe Paint 5
124.95 Desktop Magic 28.95 Desktop Magic Sound Art Pack 14.95
Directory Opus 5 79.00 DirWork 2 69.95 Disk Expander 37.95
Disk Magic 56.95 Distant Suns 5.0 54.95 Easy Ledger 2 179.95
Epson Scanner Driver Pack - ASDG 99.00 Epson Stylus Color
Driver 34.95 Family Connections 34.00 Fiber Factory 79.95
Final Calc 144 95 Final Copy 2 Rel 2 59.95 Final Data Release
3 59.00 Final Writer Release 4 119.95 Forge Essence (Specify
1 or 2) 89.95 GameSmith Development System 99 95 Gigamem 3.x
58 95 HiSoft Basic 2 99 95 Home Front 34 95 Homes 69 00
Humanoid (Specify Lwor Imagine) 159 00 Hypercache Pro 2.0 48
95 Image F X 2.1 239.95 Imagine 3.0 239 00 ImageMaster R T 69
00 InfoNexus 2 w DataNexus 79 95 Interior Construction 69 00
Interior design (Spec 1, 2. Or 3} 38 00 Invoice It 1.2 34 95
Lightwave 4.0 Unbundled 789 00 Magic Lantern v2 94 00 Make
Path 24 95 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2 24 95 MaxOOS2.5 7900
MaxiPlan 4 39.95 Morph Plus 114 95 Motion Master LW (Spec v1
or v2) 114 95 OctaMED Prov6 59 95 On the Ball vl.5 35.00
Pegger 2.0 59 95 PC-Task v3.G 129 95 Photogenics 10995 Power
Macfos Lighlwave 99 95 Pro Vector 3 179.00 Pro Textures Combo
39.95 Real 3D v3 389 00 Rollem 41.95 SAS C 6 51 15995 Scenery
Animator 4.0 65 00 Snap Maps: Building Materials 124 95 Snap
Maps: Fields & Foliage 124 95 Sparks 11995 Squirrel Zip Tools
1995 Studio Printer 2 99 95 Super HP-DJC 3 or HP-LJ4 (Spec)
37 95 Surface Pro 65 00 Swipes 8995 Terraform 24 95 Toaster
4.0 Upgrade - Floppies 494 95 Toaster 4.0 Upgrade - CD-ROM
524.95 Top Form 34 95 TurboCalc 2,0 39 95 Turbo Calc 3 5 64
95 TVText Pro 19 95 Twist 2 Relational Database 119 95 Upper
Disk Tools 25 95 Video Tape Backup 89 95 Vista Pro 3 05 54 95
Wave Link 69 95 Wave Maker 2.0 18900 World Construction Set
169 00 XlPaml 3.2 42 95 If you don't see it... CALL Extreme
Racing AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Fears AGA CD-32 (Specify)
37.95 Gloom AGA CD-32 (Specify) 36.95 Gloom Deluxe
ECS AGA(Specify) 39.05 Gloom Data Disk AGA 17,95 Lucas Arts
Classic Colleclions ECS 36.95 Microlight Warriors AGA CD-32
(Spec)37.95 Overtord ECS AGA 39.95 Pinball Illusions
AGA CD-32 (Spec) 37.95 Pinball Mania AGA 37.95 Sensible World
of Soccer 34.95 Shadow Fighter ECS AGA (Specify) 19.95 Shadow
Fighter CD-32 39.95 Sim City 2000 AGA 29.95 Sim City Classic
ECS 22.95 Sim Classics ECS 49.95 Speris Legacy AGA CD-32
(Specify) 37.95 Soper Skidmarks ECS CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super
Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Theme Park ECS AGA (Specify)
44.95 Viro Cops ECS AGA (Specify) 33.00 Virtual Karting AGA
26.95 World Ol Golf ECS, AGA 37,95 Worms Amiga CO-32
(Specify) 39.95 Due to ad schedules, all prices are subject
to change. We accept Visa.
Master Card, American Express. & Discover with NO service charge. We also ship COD, accepting Cash, Certified Check, or Money Order, Minimum COD order is $ 50.00 Software and accessories shipping is $ 6 00- Hardware shipping is $ 6 00 lor small items, $ 15.00 for Monitors. Call lor larger items, COD add $ 5.00. Canadian, APO, & International orders are welcome. We will bill only for actuat shipping charges & insurance at time of order. 15% restocking fee on all returns not exchanged for another item. Shipping charges are NOT refundable.
Amiga Magazines With fewer sources of Amiga info, the following UK magazines are excellent. Al! Include software on disk(s) or CO-ROM.
Amiga Formal • CU Amiga CD-32 Gamer • CD-32 Special Amiga Computing • Amiga Action Amiga Shopper • Amiga Pourer Amiga International $ 9.95 each Ask about our subscription plan T & SfEW Games for Amiga & CD-32 Aladdin AGA 532.95 Alien Breed 3D AG A CD-32 (Specify) 39.95 Blitz Bombers ECS AGA CD-32 (Spec) 37.95 No waiting for your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go our the same day. Second Day & Overnight shipping is available International orders ship by Air Parcel Post or UPS Express. Domestic orders ship by UPS or Airborne Express.
* All orders are subject to credit card verification • Carmen San
Diego - World Civilization AGA Colonriation Hie Clue (CD-32)
Dnngean Master 2 AGA Exile AGA CD-32 (Specify) Exile ECS Our
Policies D CcpyhgM 1995. TonvAnLonittio |Fi, All Rights
Reserved Directory Opus Version 5.11 by Merrill Callaway "I was
curious to see what possible improvements could have been put
into this already best of all directory utilities."
I have reviewed every version of Directory Opus (DOpus) since it became a commercial product, and I was excited to hear that Directory Opus had been completely rewritten as version 5.11.1 was curious to see what possible improvements could have been put into this already best of all directory utilities.
You may recall that Dopus was originally shareware by author Jonathan Potter of Adelaide, South Australia. In the early '90s, INOVAtronics of Dallas, Texas, picked it up as a commercial product and marketed several versions Most Amiga users consider a good directory utility to be a necessity even with the considerable power of Workbench.
Up to version 4.11 which was the last Dopus available at the demise of Commodore in April, 1994.
INOVAtronics went under soon after.
I understood from the former partners at INOVAtronics, that Jonathan Potter was continuing with an Australian company to market new products.
GPSoftware of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is the manufacturer of the newly rewritten Directory Opus version
5. 11 (Opus 5), and Micro R&D of Loup City Nebraska is the USA
distributor (1- 800-527-8797; internet; ggraha m@ios.com).
Opus 5 is available as an upgrade to previous Dopus versions
for just S65.00, and the suggested retail price is $ 134.00
(both prices include shipping). While the manual and packaging
is not as expensively done as the INOVAtronics version
4. 11, a look "under the hood" reveals a landmark in Amiga
programming virtuosity.
Whcrt is a Directory Utility?
Most Amiga users consider a good directory utility to be a necessity even with the considerable power of Workbench. It fills a place between the totally graphic interface of drawers and icons, and the abstract, textual world of command line interfaces (CLI or Shell) which require a knowledge of AmigaDOS commands.
The original Dopus had two windows where directories and files could be displayed, several button banks for custom commands and launching programs, a drive bank for displaying specific directories in either window, and a menu, all of which could be user customized in endless ways. Files and directories could be moved, copied, renamed, searched, and manipulated in all the ways the command line allows.
However, the file information text was displayed in windows in the form of lists in which multiple files could be mouse- selected for manipulation.
In addition to AmigaDOS file manipulation, there was a full Arexx interface and an internal set of Dopus commands. Buttons and menus could be programmed to (for instance) launch applications with selected project files, display a file on a graphics card, hex read a binary file, hear a sound file, or even complete an entire project such as building an animation from all selected files in a window. Dopus supported file types so that a double dick (or other GUI event) could be programmed to (for instance) launch the application appropriate for the type of project file you double-clicked, with
that file loaded into the application, Why Buy a New Opus 5?
All of the above functionality is contained in the new Opus 5. The improvements are in the way in which the new Opus 5 is object oriented and in the way it takes advantage of the drag 'n drop aspects of AmigaDOS.
Opus 5 takes full advantage of the object qualities of AmigaDOS. Even though the Amiga has had these powers since System 2.0, Opus 5 is one of the first programs to showcase how really good AmigaDOS is. This innovation comes at a price, however, particularly if you are using Workbench Version 37 (System 2.0+) instead of Workbench Version 39+ (System 3.0+). I tested Opus 5 on my A-3000 running AmigaDOS System 2.1 and on another A-3000 with System 3.1. Although Opus 5 worked flawlessly within System 3.1 running WB 40,1 found two annoying glitches caused by the failure of System 2.1 and WB 37 to
handle some of the objects, particularly in color mapping. By the time you read this, there will probably be version 5.2 in which Jonathan Potter tells me he will have fixed these annoyances under WB J 37, But to take full advantage of its power, you should run Opus 5 under the latest AmigaDOS 3.1. Which Workbench?
Opus 5 is a landmark program, almost at the level of importance of the Operating System itself, so it may present users of older System 2.0+ AmigaDOS with a dilemma somewhat akin to the one we faced earlier in the upgrade from 1.3 to 2.0. Any development and support of newer and better applications running in AmigaDOS must at some point abandon supporting older, inferior precursors because the older system simply does not have the power to keep up with the new features.
Opus 5 is a herald of things to come.
Opus 5 is really a "class A" fit only for AmigaDOS WB 39 or 40. WB 37 will run Opus 5 v5.11 but not to my satisfaction at present. As more applications exploit the object power of the latest AmigaDOS, we will need to upgrade our System. This of course is not a fault of Opus 5.
If the old version of Dopus v4.11 were available (which it is not), then there would he more choices (Version
4. 11 works very, very well, notwithstanding that it is not
fully object oriented). But to get the full enjoyment from
Opus 5 you will want to upgrade to AmigaDOS 3.0+ (in a new
computer- very expensive) or to upgrade to AmigaDOS 3.1 (ROMs,
software, and manuals for about $ 150-not exactly cost
effective either).
If you don't upgrade your System, to
3. 1, then wait for Opus 5.2. In Opus 5.11, I get a weird set of
colors (that I can only change temporarily) appearing whenever
Opus 5 comes up from its iconified state or at startup. The
color choices for customizing buttons permits only four colors
regardless of what my palette is.
I also noticed that "snapshotting" icons on the Opus 5 screen caused my drawer icons on my Workbench screen to rearrange mysteriously (not so in WB 39+). The latter seems to be a bug. I am told version 5.2 will fix both of these problems.
Opus 5, running on a machine with a Warp accelerator, a Retina video card, and System 3.1, worked flawlessly. I found that the non-color-related drag 'n drop features and other object related features worked adequately in WB v37.
Opus 5 is such a fine product, that 1 consider it to be the best reason I have seen so far to spend the money to upgrade to System 3.1. But, until 1 upgrade to System 3.1 (or Opus 5.2 fixes the problems), 1 will continue using Dopus v4.11 because of the annoying color mapping problem.
What is Different About Opus 5?
Much more than an annoyance, a major setback is the fact that older Dopus Arexx code breaks under Opus 5 because the two command sets are completely different. This will cause no problems for new or casual users.
However, power users and Arexx fans who have spent lots of time programming Dopus 4.11 will not want to rewrite all their code just to get drag 'n drop and other object qualities.
If Opus 5 was a "complete rethink" as the manual claims, then the Arexx aspect was botched. They should have allowed for running older code. I have seen applications (ADPro comes to mind) that retain the old syntax whenever they implement new, just so older code will not break. Continuity of Arexx code need not and should not have been sacrificed.
The most visible difference, however, is that every component of the old Dopus has been made into a separate process with its own window and settings. Rather than two windows in which to list files, you may now have any number of "lister" windows (or none).
Listers are separate windows appearing on the Opus screen (or on WB if you prefer). They contain the files in a list just as the buffer window in Dopus does. They may be moved around or sized separately, however.
The button banks and drive banks now occur as individual windows, each one a separate multitasking process. Each lister displays a global toolbar with icons for common operations such as copy, move, etc.. Listers also have three global menus: 1) to perform Opus commands (user configurable); 2) directory navigation, parent, root or list devices; and 3) to change the lister window status to "OFF", "SOURCE", or "DESTINATION".
Since there may be any number of listers open, clicking on its control bar changes the window status to OFF, SRCE, or DEST. If only two windows are open, clicking on one window changes it to SRCE and the other to DEST (and vice versa, just like in the old Dopus). If more than two windows are open, holding down an appropriate key while clicking determines window status.
Status may be locked as well. You may now copy to more than one DEST from one SRCE. OFF prevents the December 1995 27 CD destination ss PTOIisi Mo tile quote Output to reader Mane |B*nR 2' Cotunns | ?
Rous I 6 Cant gOlrtoii Button tunclion Q| Left Button | Opus 5 will let you install it as a Workbench replacement it funct jon E cittPo , mi H0TLTfnr5~ window's participation All the old Dopus niceties such as a hidden "parent" bar disguised as the left hand border of the lister are still there, but everything is now separately moveable and iconifinble. Middle mouse button support is also new in Opus 5, Workbench View The other striking thing about the new Opus 5 is that its screen looks just like Workbench! The same drawers are there, Only the icons you "left out'' are missing (if you had
an)' on your WB to start with).
When you open a drawer, a lister window with its contents appears in Opus 5 text format. You may set the lister to display in icon format, but you lose the features available to Opus 5 text format. To copy or move things around, you may drag 'n drop the names or icons of selected files. This is accomplished by a left mouse click and hold followed by a right mouse click and hold. With both buttons depressed, you may drag the file to another window and drop it there.
The easiest way to conceive of how the new Opus 5 looks and feels is to imagine melding your Workbench with all the features of the old Dopus! In fact, Opus 5 will let you install it as a Workbench replacement. Listers simply take the place of the old style windows that open when you click on a drawer.
They have all the features of the WB and all the features of Dopus, too, plus you can make custom button bars with text or icons to perform custom tasks.
You may also make special "group windows" that iconify when closed.
Groups take "leaving out" an icon one step further. You may "leave out" groups of icons and keep them organized in a named group icon that becomes a window when clicked. Button banks perform the same functions as in the old Dopus. To create or edit them, a separate program lets you configure the buttons with any mixture of AmigaDOS, Arexx, or Opus Commands. You may elect to use icons (supplied) instead of text for button bars.
Configuring Opus 5 is easier than Dopus since you click on a popup menu for each object to set its properties. Once you open, say, the button bar edit requester, you just click on any button bar you want to edit and its name appears in the edit requester. Then, you merely have to click on a button. It flashes while you edit its characteristics.
Since everything is multitasking and separate, you may be configuring a button bar while Opus is doing something else: no waiting! Buttons and their associated properties may be dragged 'n dropped to another bar, or to an edit clipboard.
Conclusions: Cons Opus 5 suffers most from the fact that its predecessor, Dopus 4.11 is so good. It will take a lot to change my comfortable working habits with the old version just to get drag 'n drop and object oriented capabilities in the new, particularly since I'll have to rewrite alt my old Arexx code for Opus 5. The smaller annoyances I found (in WB 37 only) tended to magnify my reluctance to change over.
I found that Opus 5 scrambles the original WB icons when 1 snapshot icons on the Opus 5 screen (this happens in WB v37 - Opus 5 does not do this with WB 39+, and a fix is due in v5.2). Also, I use ToolsX to extend the original Workbench "Tools" menu, and the Opus 5 screen picks up only the first 16 of these items, ignoring the rest of (hem. To take fullest advantage of Opus 5 you will need to upgrade your System to 3.1, a somewhat expensive proposition.
The most serious consideration for Dopus 4.11 users, whether you upgrade your OS or not, is that only part of tiie configuration from v4.11 is translatable to the new Opus 5, and no configs from versions below v4 will transfer. If you attempt to load your old con fig from v4.11 then you can transfer over important things like file types, and the appearance of button banks, but the differences between Dopus and Opus 5 can still cause things to break.
The manual does not enumerate these differences, except to say that v4,ll config files can be translated. The manual is poorly indexed and very spartan compared to the INOVAtronics Dopus manuals. 1 have spent literally hundreds of hours programming my Dopus v4.ll, so it is unlikely I'll transition completely anytime soon.
I find myself still using the old version because I have invested so much Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (Central Time) SI 8.95
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Time into it. Because I am a creature of habit, I like its working feel better, notwithstanding the technical virtuosity of the new Opus 5.1 am sure that the new version would become just as comfortable eventually, but v4.11 users should prepare themselves for an uncomfortable transition if they use the old Dopus as much as 1 do. It will be like changing to another editor or wordprocessor.
The new separateness of listers and button banks has some advantages, but the new screen requires a lot more "housekeeping" such as moving all the separate windows around. The clutter will undoubtedly be confusing to beginners, and annoying to veteran users until working habits develop.
There is now no equivalent for the nifty way the old Dopus lets you click through several button bars one behind the other. In Opus 5 you must load each separate bank and then they are in the way unless you have a video card supporting a large screen area, or keep iconifying them. Ditto the drives gadget on the old version.
Circle 102 on Reader Service card.
Dopus v4.11 was simply neater and easier to use compared to the new Opus
5. The integration of the old screen I consider to be a major
advantage rather than a disadvantage, Amiga Style Guide
notwithstanding. I rarely need to work with more than one
destination at a time, so I won't miss having many windows
open. Perhaps in a future release there will be a menu item to
put two listers, a button bar and a drive together into a neat
arrangement resembling the older versions.
You may tile or cascade lister windows in Opus 5, but they cover over any open button windows. I'd like to see an "iconify all" feature to clean things up quickly, as well as to see listers iconify smaller than they do now (I prefer a top bar only, showing path). If button windows could stack one behind the other and cycle as in the old version, that would also be great for saving screen real estate.
Conclusions Pros Assuming you have AmigaDOS 3.1 installed, and few if any Dopus v4.11 Arexx programs, Opus 5 has no disadvantages. Buy it. It is a must-have. I believe Opus 5 will enable a very efficient and pleasant "working style" once you get used to its considerable number of features, and stop thinking in terms of the old Dopus interface.
For instance, lister menus are user- customizable, eliminating the need for large numbers of buttons. The clutter caused by multiple open button bars goes away once you realize the functionality formerly carried by large numbers of buttons maybe transferred easily to lister menus (using drag 'n drop no less!).
I mentioned earlier that Opus 5 is the best reason I have seen to upgrade to AmigaDOS System 3.1. It showcases the drag 'n drop and object oriented technology of the Amiga better than any other program I have seen. You can replace your Workbench without losing any of its features. Your work environment can become the easiest to use yet most powerful interface ever, for a very reasonable price. Opus 5 is truly a landmark in Amiga programming and richly deserves our support. »AO December 1995 1-800-252-6442 SALES 914-786-0218 TECH INFO 914-786-1708 FAX betterc@j51.com 36 DYE STREET GARNERVILLE
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some of the special effects of this image manipulation package and discover if you should add it to your other Amiga graphics tools.
By R. Shamms Moriier When vve speak of computer graphics as medium, vve are really taking into account the blending of what were once considered two different artistic approaches, painting drawing and photography. Not that long ago, the "traditional" painters considered photographers second class citizens. Making a "print" of a work was considered to be a non-art issue, and printmakers today that work in non-computer modalities (lithographers, silkscreen printers and others) down a slippery slope to the possibility that "everyone may he a visual artist!". Yep. That's right. It definitely
leads there and it is about time.
Certainly computer graphics of every kind is helping to bring at least a modicum of this evolutionary idea to pass.
Photogenics Almathera, a company based in Europe, has stood by the Amiga since the company's inception. Its flagship those to whom this term may be daunting and new, is basically an image channel devoted to a grayscale range of 256 levels. Alpha channels are used to communicate to the main color image what areas of a picture are to fade out and which are to be left in place, rather like an image sieve.
Alpha channels are used in video when only a small part of an image area is to be seen as the moving image, while the rest of the picture is blocked out in favor of another background.
Fbotu ienus - wpyr t«»n -i. 1 D Pout Hotan t% HthaUiefa n] D1RNE1.JPG : 189x451 C861Kb - flag: 97 ,97%_]_ n| nodes I EH I c&|D [ Btc*7~ Set tings MBBMMBBIB e rhtii ’’ ---- Br i __ I » 10« . - '"*•1 r ossltrtl ch «•« • •- : fnbos
- -'tv f .i l-seCo l our W fiHnna A y rWi jVttor " 'H a I i Hu
* i*jht •.
- ---,;bW . ¦ Vl M.isl i i nt ? X StMatrix . -~f --T I rgjjj
' SMB ' : -1:- Y * • dtr' 1 jtf-r 2J Monochrone hjotionBtur ¦
ii 1 •'’Poster i so Randonlse BtibTeytupc fsl Maneuvering in
the Photogenics Interface is intuitive. The Modes, Loaders,
Savers, and a few other menus are al!
Open to toggling on off, and even the toolbox can be removed. Here we see the picture I worked on before any alterations were performed.
Are still considered graphics artists rather than "fine" artists by the elitists.
My position as a well known nonpurist is rather simple,., if a visual work causes a viewer to dream, it is a piece of art, no matter if it was sculpted in peanut butter and lard, or if it is a photo or anything else.
It is the transmission of a vision that is important. Most purists object to this view because they feel it leads product, PhotoGenics, is a cousin to Nova Design's ImageFX and Elastic Realities' ADPro (though ADPro is considered to be officially out of the Amiga market). It lacks many of the image manipulation features of ImageFX, but it does offer some new operators and FX of its own.
It is also a superb tool when it comes to alpha image channel compositing. An alpha channel, for Alpha channels are used a lot in video for moving image compositing effects.
PhotoGenics only works on Amigas that run under Workbench 3.0 and above, and it appreciates AGA Amigas as well. The general look of the interface is a lot like ADPro, it is archetype. You need to get used to a new way of working to master PhotoGenics. Changes in an image, for Figure 2 through 8 left to right, top to bottom.
Figure 2: An antiqued look is a snap with Photogenics.
Figure 3: This is what Photogenics called "8as Relief", a color embossed look.
Figure 4: Multiple blurs applied to the same image give it that dreamy romantic look.
Figure 5: A series of BrighfMap applications give an image a decidedly Caribbean glow.
Figure 6: Using a Contrast mode pops the image out from a background.
Figure 7: CrossHatch adds a discernible jitter, giving an appearance that the image is either a painting or that the subject was caught in a lightning storm.
Figure 8: Defocus is great for that “Where did I put my glasses “look.
Example, must be "fixed" at each alteration stop along the way. The screen arrangement is also different than what many Amiga image folks are used to, but all that is required is some minor alterations in your work habits.
The important thing is that PhotoGenics works and it works well, giving you a whole basket of additional effects to apply to your images.
We are going to tour some of these effects so that you can visually appreciate how you can make use of them.
Obviously, you will have to purchase the latest version of PhotoGenics to do this, and you will have to be running an Amiga that is configured as stated above. My thanks goes to my wife, Diane, for allowing me to demonstrate these effects with a picture of her beautiful face. So, ready? Here we go (refer to the accompanying photos).
Hof Items to remember when using Photogenics One,., always "Fix" a graphic before you save it. Photogenics has a unique (and very useful) undo mode that erases everything you did on a graphic, giving you the original back exactly as it was originaly loaded.
When you Fix the graphic, all alterations are saved as part of the picture on screen, so that undoing is no longer possible. Tills is a very different approach than most other paint programs which have either one undo or multiple undos. It is a feature you will appreciate once you become accustomed to it.
Next is the Loader features contained in the software (which we will look at in more detail in another Photogenics article). Briefly touched on, there are some features available in Piiotgenics that are only offered by programs like Adobe PhotoShop on the PC and the MAC. Of note is the Plasma December 1995 33 Figure 9 through 10 left to right, top to bottom.
Figure 9: GradienTint is one of my favorites. If applies a tint that fades over the image.
Figure 10: DisplaceMap Is none too pretty, unless you're aiming for that “earthquake" look.
Figure 11: HueMap is nice for that return-to-the-sixties look.
Figure 12: Life through a frosty window, the look of Photogenics Jitter mode.
Figure 13: The LineArt mode in Photogenics has the appearance of colored pencil.
Figure 14: The Mirage mode applies another kind of graduated transparent wash over the image.
Figure 15: Randomize mode is like looking through a shower glass.
Loader, which, with some extra manipulation, can give you the capacity to create gases, clouds, rocks, and many other organic textures. A Ripple Loader creates,., guess what,., rippled surfaces. All of these effects can be applied as displacement maps to a graphic, another subject we will cover in visual detail in our next Photogenics article.
Photogenics has some of the most impressive Alpha channel compositing features that I have seen on the Amiga.
A few examples of its potential for creativity in this area can be seen in the accompanying graphics. The Smear routine is a tool that allows you to push and pull parts of your picture into new shapes, and it might be compared to the warping features found in high end morphing software.
A selectively smeared image is represented in Figure 26.
Warping is another feature of Photogenics, like smearing an image on a more global scale. You can appreciate its power by viewing Figure
27. We will cover both Warping and Smearing in a deeper fashion
in our next Photogenics piece. For now, just refer to the
accompanying graphic examples.
What is special about Photogenics?
Though it sounds a bit facetious, we should say at the start that Photogenics is special because it exists. On the Amiga platform, existence and support (and even upgrading) during these troubled times is no small matter. Almathera, Link-lt!
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112 on Reader Service card.
Figure 16 through 22. Left to right, top to bottom.
Figure 16: Refract is a mode whose uses will be rare, but when you need to show what life looks like after too many Margueritas,... Figure 17: Stellate adds those sparkly toothpaste commercial stars.
Figure 18: Split is another unique disintegration look.
Figure 19: Tilefiricks are unique to Photogenics.
Figure 20: Spooky! A negative mode applied with a filled circle brush.
Figure 21: Selective Hue Shifts,., circus anyone?
Figure 22: Glow bugs, using the Limit mode with a circular brush and “rectangles’ turned on in the Transparency Gradient requester.
However, is doing more than existing, it is prospering. Almathera is also close to everything that is happening at Amiga Technologies, the Amiga's new parental environment.
Secondly, Photogenics is a perfect compliment to your other image manipulation software, especially [mageFX from Nova Design.
Photogenics includes a number of effects processing features that are unique on the Amiga platform, and some which are unique all the way around. Photogenics is also very affordable. The European Amiga market, dominated by A-1200s, demands a great value for product, and Photogenics is a major piece of software in that market.
Lastly, image composition in Photogenics, blending images together so that they appear as one graphic, is addressed with one of the more professional and easy to understand interfaces that I have seen, rivaling anything on any system.
What can you do with Photogenics?
Having fun is the first answer to the question, but there may also be opportunities for you to generate real income from its use. You could, for instance, set up a booth at the next fair in your area and sell Photogenics prints. Better yet. If the booth were equipped with the right hardware, vou could print attendees altered personas on T-shirts and such. What about starting a greeting card Do your taxes the easy way... , .A dataTAX W Formerly known as Tax Break™ from Oxxi f Only $ 59.95!
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Legendary Design Technologies Inc. Home page: ] http: www.io.org ~legend I______ I 515 Park Road North 9, Brantford, ON N3R 7K8
P. O. Box 1147, Lewiston, NY 14092-8147 U.S.A. Tel: (519)
753-6120 Fax: (519) 753-5052 Internet: legend@io.org Figure 23
through 27, left to right, top to bottom.
Figure 23: Mix with a rectangular Transparent Gradient.
Figure 24: Using a secondary painting as a background, Photogenics Rub Thru routine produces interesting results.
Figure 25: if you carefully layer a series of tinted and standard Rub Thrus to a secondary picture, the results will amaze you.
Figure 26: Using the Phbtogenics Smear mode allows you to change the shape of any elements in a 2D image.
Figure 27: Warping an image leads to startling conclusions.
Business with the hetp of Photogenics? All of these ideas and more can be set into action with the right equipment, supplies, determined hard work, and planning.
Photogenics is a perfect compliment to your other image manipulation software, especially ImageFX from Nova Design.
Photogenics includes a number of effects processing features that are unique on the Amiga platform, and some which are unique all the way around.
Conclusions, and “Where From Here?” Photogenics is a very diverse and qualitative Amiga graphics tool, as you can gather from the direction of this article. As to where it can head, there is only one place left animation. If Photogenics included a keyframe animation system as a part of the package, so that you could set different effects to move from one to the next, I am not sure that anything else could touch it. Almathera needs to be motivated to do this, meaning that without a sustained user base, major upgrades can be too expensive (you do have to pay programmers you know).
Other than that, I would say that it is on the right track, and 1 look forward to its next release for the Amiga.
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CQNSULMW 3 Sci-fi 3D Animated Adventures DarkSeed (by Cyberdreams), Beneath A Steel Sky (by Virgin) and Universe (by Core Design).
Reviewed by fason D 'Aprile I have been a fan of science fiction ever since my father took me to see Star Wars when I was a wee tot. Since then, I moved through Alan Dean Foster, Douglas Adams and J.R.R. Tolkien (for fantasy) in elementary school, learned to role play in junior high and got into computer gaming as I entered high school. Interplay had just released the ground breaking title, Neuromancer, and I had gotten the game and novel (by William Gibson) within a short amount of time of each other. So, 1 learned about this "new" genre known as Cyberpunk and promptly found out how ahead of
its and my time my fascination with it was, many forms, been stretched on a whim, and there is more than a little speculation as to what qualifies. On the Amiga and, more specifically, the CD-32,1 found three titles that cover aspects of the genre in different ways. All three games were done in the "Sierra-style" and all three are better than pretty much anything Sierra ever did with the Amiga.
DarkSeed DarkSeed, by Cyberdreams, was originally released way back when in
1992. It was the company's first project and it was exciting
stuff. Using the dark, disturbing biomechanical artwork of
H.R. Giger, DarkSeed creates a dual, completely
intertwined, and horrific universe to explore.
That was the late eighties and, by now, cyberpunk is a standard in the gaming world. The genre has taken Beneath A Steel Sky is a game of puzzles and discovery.
42 Amazing Computing In Universe, be careful with Uncle's hidden Iransporter.
Playing the role of writer- wannabe, Mike Dawson, you find yourself racing through a nightmare plot to save not just your own alien implanted skull, but the Earth as well.
The game suffered criticism because it (like virtually every game in this genre) was very linear and many parts were stubbornly time-based.
The main problem with DarkSeed was the fact that some of the puzzles could only be solved through fatal trial and error, as opposed to intelligent, clue catching trial and error (the jail puzzle, for instance, requires you to leave certain items under the pillow, but the game barely hints at what to do).
Regardless, 1 liked it then and 1 still do. DarkSeed is involving and has a very cool storyline that mixes elements of horror and very dark, cyberpunkish sci-fi.
Unfortunately, the CD-32 version looks just the same as the old ECS version from 1992 did. This is especially noticeable in the awful close-up of the librarian (she looks like an alien). Overall, the 64-color scenes still look very good, due to the subdued color schemes especially when you get to the monotone-grey Giger-scapes and DarkSeed's innovative use of digitized actors is still remarkably good.
What has been added to DarkSeed are voices. When originally released, DarkSeed had an unheard of amount of digitized voice within its floppy disks, but on the CD version the main character narrates everything. Also, the game has multiple save game slots. DarkSeed is still a good title, overall, though not for everyone due to its ahead of its time tendency for rather horrific, violent screen images.
Universe Universe, by Core Design, is probably my favorite of the three titles. The game tells the story of the Adventures of Boris, a kid who gets transported to a strange, technologically based, governmental!}' repressed universe. The graphics are all hand painted, displayed in 256 colors and look very good. The music is moody and well done and sound effects are suitably atmospheric.
DarkSeed starts on unfamiliar terrain and goes beyond.
Universe plays like a cross between Flashback and Monkey Island (Universe is very icon based). You have direct control over Boris' basic movements with the control pad (double tapping in a direction makes him run, for instance), but more complex actions, like item manipulation, jumping, and attacking require icon use.
Universe's main flaw is that it is a little too icon based. There are so many different ways to manipulate objects in the game that it can get frustrating at times to figure out how exactly an item must be used. More simplistic controls would have been a real boon for solving some of the game's many dilemmas.
While the CD version of Universe does not have much in the way of CD enhancements (not even voice was added, unfortunately), tire game is involving because the main character is very likeable, the dialogue and story are good, and it has a sense of humor. The visual presentation is also very appealing.
Universe only allows for one game save, however, and the CD-32 version has a lockup glitch when you try to talk to the robot on the second screen of the first city-scape at the beginning of the game. (Take a hint, there is no reason to talk to the robot, so don't. Instead investigate the air ducts in the first city screen try push pull). Universe is a very enjoyable game with all sorts of atmospheric alien and cyberpunk touches.
Beneath A Steel Sky Virgin's Beneath A Steel Sky at times takes on a truly dark, gritty, and violent cyberpunk air, then, without warning, switches to a sci-fi comedy show that tries and sometimes even succeeds at capturing tire same absurd- est and irreverent style of Douglas Adams. If the game could have decided which way it wanted to go and stayed there, it might have worked better. As it is, this story of a man trying to find his way home, while solving the mystery of what happened to him in the first place, is interesting and entertaining.
Beneath A Steel Sky plays in the standard Sierra style, and doesn't break any new ground in playability. The game does advertise its "Virtual Theater" system which supposedly innovates the game play over others of its genre. Suffice it to say, the game plays easily, but is more than a little particular about cursor placement. Also, it only accepts input from the CD-32's second port (the mouse port), even though all other games in existence traditionally use the first port. Steel Sky also supplies passwords at certain parts December 1995 43 of the game instead of actually saving to memory.
Like Universe, the Beneath A Steel Sky graphics are hand painted, displayed in 256 colors, and look great. The very cyberpunkish world of Sky is its main attracting point. The game's many eccentric characters are entertaining to watch and listen to especially given that everyone talks and some of the dialogue is very humorous. Also, the puzzles are challenging and generally entertaining.
Verdict All three games are recommend- able to gamers looking for this style of play. While none of them are in any danger of breaking new ground or being called state of the art, they are entertaining, attractive, and interesting.
Universe is directed more toward straight science fiction, as opposed to cyberpunk. Steel Sky was marketed as a cyberpunk adventure and has that distinct Blade Rtinner-ish cityscape that has become the archetype for the cyberpunk setting more so than Universe. DarkSeed is definitely directed more toward the horror genre, with its nightmare sequences, Giger biomechanical imagery, and disturbingly weird small town atmosphere.
• AC* This month we will begin by looking at a few more uses for
Besides allowing you to log onto remote systems, telnet can also be used to augment the services available from your internet provider.
Zap JUUQ B. y c lob ~ amiga tel ecommunicc itions Ui Archie Because of the vast, and rapidly expanding, nature of data available on the internet, finding a specific tile can be frustrating. Even finding a place to start the search can be a challenge. In a perfect world, we would already have those intelligent assistants in our computers that the phone company has been promising us. Just tell the assistant what you need, and away it goes, returning with the right data every time. In a slightly less perfect world, there would be a master directory available that would point you to the data you
want. This is the idea behind archie.
Archie is a database program that periodically contacts a number of file libraries across the net, and gets a list of new files each library has added since the last update. Archie currently tracks about 1000 libraries worldwide.
You can access archie three different ways: through e-mail, by using an archie client on your provider's system, or through telnet. If your provider does not have archie, you can telnet to one of the following ad- d resses: a rchie. Macgi 11 .ca; archie.sura.net; archie.unl.edu; archie.ans.net; or archie.rutgers.edu. When you are connected, begin the search by typing: prog filename and hit return. Filename can be a partial name, but wildcards are not recognized. If your system has neither telnet or an archie client, send e-mail to: archie@quiche.cs,mcgill.ca For the body of the message, type:
prog filename Within a few hours, you will get an e-mail from archie, with the answers to your queries.
Gopher A dictionary might define a gopher as a small, burrowing animal.
On the internet, a gopher is a program that will burrow through the masses of data available, looking for a match to your request. Unlike archie, gophers use a menu interface, similar to the menus found on the commercial services, such as Portal or CompuServe. Named after the mascot of the University of Minnesota where the system was developed, gophers provide an almost hypertext-like way to explore net resources.
As with archie, you can use telnet to reach a gopher if your local system lacks one. Telnet to: consultant.micro.umn.edu When prompted for a log-in, type: gopher This will place you at the start of the menu system. Gophers allow you to use the keywords "and" and "or" to define searches.
Veronica If you remember your comic books, archie has some friends.
Veronica to net users is actually a specialized type of gopher, rather than a girlfriend. If archie's specialty is files and their ftp sites, veronica, and gophers in general, let you search for types of information. If you want to find museums, or dessert recipes, Veronica can help.
WAIS As you search for information around the net, you soon realize that every database has its own Idiosyncra- cies. While gophers smooth over some of these rough spots, there is another way to simplify your searches. Wide- Area Information Servers take the gopher menu system one step further.
When you use a WAIS, you only use one menu system. The program deals with the different interfaces used by the other databases you are searching through. Like other resources we have been talking about, you can telnet to a WAIS if your system does not have it vet.
Telnet to: bbs.oit.unc.edu Answer the "login" prompt with: bbs When you complete your search, you are left with a list of articles and their sources matching your search word. In addition, WAIS assigns a numerical rating to each reference to indicate how closely the reference matches your request.
IRC Imagine a world-wide party line, and vou have a picture of the Internet Relay Chat. Actually, it is more like a multi-line party line, where a number of people can communicate in realtime with each other.
Different channels are accessed by the sign followed by the name of the channel you want to connect to. The main jumping- off point for Amiga users is Amiga, Many on-line conferences will begin here before moving to a dedicated channel. Recent conferences have featured people from Escom and AT discussing and answer- ing questions about the future plans for the Amiga.
1995 Products P AWS The Portable Amiga Workstation (PAWS) for the Amiga 600 and 1200 is here.
Order now tram your favorite store or mail order for December delievery. Kit includes Case. Power module that can handle up to two batteries, LCD Panel Driver (Supports all Amiga Modes!), Active Matrix Color LCD (640x480), PAWSTrac MicroTrackball. Laptop Power Supply, Linkit and CrossDOS!
Circle 115 on Reader Service card.
Of course, there is much more to the internet than we have covered here in the last few months, but by now you should have an idea of what it is all about.
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Here are some more Amiga BBS's submitted by renders.
NAME: The Ninth Portal BBS - North Pole, Alaska PHONE: (907) 488-2547 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: up to 14,4000 bps CONTACT: Rick L. Henderson NAME: The Intruders BBS PHONE: (716) 731-9113 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: up to 28,800 bps INFO: use the handle "anonymous", and password "pass" NAME: Acquisition BBS PHONE: (616) 969-9538 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: 300-28,800 bps INFO: Free NAME: Critical Mass BBS PHONE: (803) 366-6235 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: up to 28,800 bps INFO: In operation since Dec. 1985 CONTACT: John Threatt NAME: Morningstar BBS PHONE: (413) 967-7378 CONTACT: Tim Ferris NAME: Fresno Area Amiga Exchange PHONE:
(209) 226-7162 SPEEDS SUPPORTED: 300-33,600 bps CONTACT: c o Darcy McConnell
P. O.Box 16216 Fresno, CA 93755 Where To Find Me
R. HaysS on Genie RHAYS on Delphi 72764,2066 on CompuServe
December 1995 45 Rob Hays on Portal Internet users, my
provider has recently made a change that allows a shorter
version of my email address: rhay s@intersource. Com.
For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community 1 will include the information I receive in this column from time to time. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
Next month, we will take a look at which internet services are offered by each of the commercial on line services.
That's all for now. See you On I ine!
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7. 0 ROMSA262Q 30 S39 WD SCSI-02 Chip $ 10 WD SCSI-04 Chip $ 10 WD
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7. 0 ROMS A2091 $ 29 NEW PF The American market is not only
important to us for selling hardware.
There also is a great potential of development intelligence here.
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Nitvnf:h i nih:h jiaa aim 15 hamu.im: ¦ M£ii 144 i‘i SV- Hni'BS 12 - (, I'M M - F Integrated Teknologies Inc I to 1 Chestnut St At • Rnsclle • NJ 07203 FAX 908 245-9409 I ON 908 245-13 13 (continued from page 48) believe that our product is a good alternative to Pcs and Macs.
ESCOM invested several times the amount of money that was spent for the takeover of Commodore. We want this investment to fructify in the future. The US market is very important for us.
Ladies and Gentlemen, i want to make a commitment here: we do not intend to concentrate our efforts only on Europe.
Our location is in Bensheim, but our market is worldwide. The A4Q00T is the product that is wanted most in the USA.
We are currently thinking of the possibilities that we could have to market the A1200 here too.
The American market is not only important to us for selling hardware.
There also is a great potential of development intelligence here. NewTek for instance is an important strategic partner tor us. We want to support the Video Toaster and are currently negotiating with NewTek to build up a strong partnership and set up licensing agreements to get new products based on the Video Toaster technology.
Another partner for the American market is our new distributor SMG. SMG will take care of distribution, and spare parts for the North American market.
SMG is well known and appreciated.
They have been a service provider for a Song time.
The Set-Top-Box is an important topic at Amiga Technologies. We have now finalized several agreements in the USA.! Will mention our agreement with Viscorp that was just finalized a few weeks ago. Omnibox in Connecticut is another company we are currently dealing with. Through Set-Top-Box systems, we arc confident that the Amiga platform will enter into millions of households. No other computer manufacturer is able to provide a system that multi tasks with 2 megabytes of memory.
Our partnership with SCALA brings MM300 to the user out of the box.
All Amiga models fitted with hard drives include that popular multimedia package. More than a partner, SC AI A is also an important customer for Amiga Technologies. SCALA purchased 1000 Amiga 4000 Towers to provide their customers with high-end multimedia systems, My understanding is that NewTek will be following with another 1000 units for the Video Toaster market.
Tire demand for the Amiga 4000T is also very high in Europe. We know that the price tag has been set quite high. This is due to the fact that the Amiga 4000T is actually a new product for us. Setting up its production was an expensive task that needed the competencies and knowhow of many people. My special thanks to Jeff Frank and George Robbins. The production costs are currently about 40% higher than in Commodore times.
Actually, we had planned to bring out the Amiga 4000T before the Amiga 1200, but the complexity of this product made it impossible to respect the schedules. But finally it is available, the first models came off the lines this week.
It was a great moment for us when the first Amiga board was finished in our A1200 production facility in France. It happened on the 13th of September 1995.
Here It is, just for your eyes.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please be aware, the Amiga is the only computer which has a multitasking operating system that is not in alpha or beta stage.
Of course, we look at our competitors. I recently went to a fair where a computer manufacturer proudly presented its new machines, i asked one of the guys at the booth to demonstrate me the multitasking abilities of his system and lie replied "Please wait a few minutes sir, as soon as this disk formatting is completed, I will show you real multitasking I said: No further questions." It is really encouraging to have a strong feature and to find out that some competitors don't even know what it is.
Ladies and Gentlemen, our strength, more than the hardware platform, is our operating system. Amiga OS is excellent Circle 122 on Reader Service card.
46 Amazing Computing VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A 800-735-2633 800-735-2633
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Custom Chips 1x1-100ns Page Dip
4. 95 l 3 Kickslun Rom
19. 95 Ix4-70ns Page Zip
20. 95
2. 04 Kiekslurt Rom
29. 95 A3000 lx4-8Gus SC Zip
22. 95
2. 1 Upgrade Kit
85. 95 256x4-70n.s Page Zip
5. 75
3. 1 Rom for A500 2000
69. 95 256x4-70ns Page Dip
5. 75
3. 1 Rom lor A3000
79. 95 256x4-100ns Page Dip
4. 95
3. 1 Rutn for A 4000
64. 95 l 9-7IJus Simm
29. 95
3. 1 Kit for A500 2000
129. 95 lx8-70nsSimm
38. 95
3. 1 Kit for A3000
144. 95 4x8-70ns Simm
132. 95 8372A Imb Agnus
34. 95 4x9-70ns Simm
134. 95 8375 imb Agnus
19. 95 A4000 lx32-60ns Simm
149. 95 8520 A-1 CIA
13. 95 lx36-70ns Simm
159. 95 8520 Surface Mount
24. 95 2x32-60ns Simm
299. 95 8364 R7 Paula
17. 95 4x32-60ns Simm
499. 95 5719 Gan
17. 95 8x32-60m Simm
1039. 95 8373 Super Denise
35. 95 GVP 32 4mh Simm
185. 95 Fat Gary
39. 95 GVP32 16mb Simm
789. 95
W. D. SCSI Chip Rev. 8A
34. 95
- , e Warp Entitle Super Buster Rev. 11
56. 95 16meb Simm Module Super Dniue Rev.4
52. 95 $ 495.95 tA4 A2620-3O Rom Rev. 7 A 2091 Rom Rev.7
39. 95
36. 95 Hard Drives Soli ware Clearance Maxtor 85mb 2.5" IDE
75. 95 A2000 Professional
19. 95
W. D 170mb 2.5" IDE
109. 95 Black Crypt AGA
19. 95 Quantum 270mb 3.5" IDE
139. 95 Chaos Engine
19. 95 Quantum 340mb 3.5" SCSI
179. 95 Disk Master
39. 95 Quantum 540mb 3.5" SCSI
259. 95 Pinball Fantasies AGA
19. 95 Quantum l.U8gh 3.5” SCSI
389. 95 Zoo! AGA
19. 95 Peripherals A521I Video Adapter 19.95 A500 880K Ini FI Dr
45.95 A2000 K80K Ini FI Dr 79.95 A500 Power Supply 39.95
A2O00 Power Supply 89.95 A3000T Power Supply 89.95 A3000
Power Supply 89.95 A4000 Power Supply 149.95 A20iX) Keyboard
65.95 A3000 Keyboard 74.95 AlOOOSafeSkin 9.95 A500 PCB Rev.
6A 129.95 A4000 PCB 995.95 Amiga Unix MultiL'ser 89.95 Amiga
Replaeemenl Mouse 19.95 Golden Image Optical Mouse 22.95
Golden image Pen Mouse 19,95 Swilry 3-hullon Mouse 29.95 Dell
High Density Drive 119.95 Cables & Adapters Call C0V Amiga
4QOOT 681(40125 I 68060 50 mhz 540mb I lgtg Hard Drive
lit-Density Floppy
3. 1 Amiga Dos AGA Graphics EXPANSION DataFlyer 500 SCSI 169.95
Data Flyer 1200+ SCSI 109.95 DataFlyer 2 3000 IDE 88.95 Data
Flyer 2 3000 SCSI 89.95 DataFlyer 8mb Ram Board 89.95
DataFlyer 1200+ SCSI 109.95 DataFlyer 4000+ SCSI 119.95
DataFlyer 4000 SX-25 SCSI 99.95 dkb DKB WiidFire 060150
1499.00 RapidFire SCSI II 149.00 MegaChip for A500 2000 199.95
: MultiStart II for A5O0 2000 29.95 Cobra 28 for A1200 139.95
Cobra 40 lor A1200 249.95 CYBERSTORM CyberSlomi 060 50Mhz
1349.00 CyberVision w 2mb 469.95 CyberVision w 4uib 599.95
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Blizzard 1260 Turbo 949.00 Blizzard 1260 SCSI Module 169.95
Blizzard 2060Turbo 999.00 Memory Visa. Master and Discover
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And will become even better. We have decided to port it to other platforms as soon as possible. Of course, we are also aware of the features that our system lacks. Long awaited features like memory protection, virtual memory and strong network abilities are on lop of our to-do list. The next version of Amiga OS will include all these important things.
We also need software for the Amiga. It is absolutely necessary to continue development on existing products as well as getting new applications developed or ported to the Amiga OS. We are setting up the support for Amiga developers. This will be working through BBSs and Internet. The German CBM EHQ is already up and running in Bensheim. We now also have an Amiga Technologies Web page. We will be very active on the Internet in the future.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is more and more evident every day that the combination of Intel and Windows 95 is not satisfying for many people. It is also a threat for the computer market that a monopoly like this tends to establish itself.
Therefore, it is important that systems like Amiga improve their market position, so that Ihe user can still find an alternative way, To improve our market position, we know that we need to improve the product. This improvement has to be done on the hardware and the software side. The 68000 processor family from Motorola winch is still powering our models will end its evolution after the 68060.
We knew from the beginning that we had to look for a new processor.
There were many options possible.
Motorola proposed the Power PC, there was also the HP PA, the Minisparc or DEC Alpha processors. All of them had advantages and disadvantages, the choice was very hard indeed.
Ladies and Gentleman, we made our choice. The next Amiga will be called Power-Amiga. We removed PC for esthetical purposes. Let me now explain tills choice.
The Power PC processor is fast... Especially when it runs a decent Operating system. We believe that with an Operating System like the Amiga OS, the Power PC processor will show all the power that it has, it will be faster than with other operating systems.
December 1995 4 Another important reason for our choice is the strategic partnerships that this processor brings to us. Apple already had the experience of a migration from sixty eight thousand processors to Power PC and we can take advantage of this experience. We have now been in negotiations with Apple for a certain time and a future partnership between both companies is becoming realistic. Motorola and IBM will also be precious partners for the Power Amiga project, on the software side, as well as on the hardware side.
Ladies and Gentlemen, all in all the Power Amiga project will involve more than a dozen companies. We are confident and think that such a synergy will make things happen very fast. Our team is readv to go.
Thank you for your attention.
• AC* On Thursday, November 2, 1995, Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga
Technologies gave a speech in Los Angeles to a group of Amiga
enthusiasts and journalists. The following is a transcript of
that speech.
Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests. I am very glad to be here in Los Angeles at our first press conference in the United States. But let me introduce myself, my name is Petro Tyschtschenko, T'rn President at Amiga Technologies. I worked 12 years at Commodore and I was responsible for the worldwide logistics. I will now say a few words about our organization and how we set it up.
Amiga Technologies GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of ESCOM AG. ESCOM AC. Is a public company. Twenty-Five percent of the shares belong to Quelle, the first retail chain in Germany, 12.5 % to RWE, one of the biggest German cable and wire providers, 10 % to Siemens- AMIGA Nixdorf and 38.5 % to Manfred Schmitt, founder and chairman of the board. 14 % are split among other shareholders, in August 1994, almost one year before the 21st of April, when ESCOM AG took over the rights of Commodore, Manfred Schmitt, Chairman at ESCOM AG told me "Petro, I want the Amiga".
From this day on, I was in charge of setting up the deal that the Amiga Community was waiting for: taking over the rights and patents of Commodore International and give the Amiga a new home.
It was a very difficult task, tire situation with Commodore was complicated and many companies were also interested in getting the baby. But our strategy to keep silent about what we did helped us to be faster and more efficient.
Nobody new about ESCOM before the deal was completed.
The next goal was to build up the company. This was announced officially during our press launch in Frankfurt, 30th of May, 4995. Amiga Technologies is now located in Bensheim, 60 KM southwards of Frankfurt and a few miles away from Heppenheim where ESCOM has its headquarters. We currently employ about 40 people and are growing on a daily basis.
During our last press conferences, we made lots of promises and commitments. Today, I would rather show you something more concrete. Here is an Amiga 1200 and here is the first Amiga 4000 Tower. These two products you can see here today represent the tremendous work done by our team in Germany, together with our strategic partners in only three months.
Ladles and Gentlemen, we have sold our first 10,000 Amigas 1200 in Europe.
These were not onlv sold to our distributors and dealers, all of them went over the shelves to the end-users. The demand is more than satisfying. We are happy to see that the Amiga didn't loose its appeal to the customer.
The success is like in earlier Commodore times. The difference is that now a new management of competence is installed. Motivated people who love and know the Amiga are taking care of the business. Our strength is that we are a dynamic team. We react quickly to new situations. And we also learned from the mistakes Commodore made.
Some people over here think that ESCOM AG acquired the intellectual property of Commodore just to build a few computers for the Christmas season and leave the market afterwards. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is neither my style, nor the kind of business I like to do.
Amiga is a long term project, we want to reestablish a market and give the Amiga the position it deserves because we (continued on page 46) n r w 0 0 (D 3 t; g-o-o ifiiii O?o=cfi = i p t -D 0 o ° 0 S Oiu “ 81 S2 0) .to ¦e £ ¦Q m 0 E £ 1 03 g .c CD £ 13 X - o E © 2 CD O D 00 o o © © © oJ cn VO SO s O' O' O' O' O'
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“ VO m I O vo VO VO o r o VO 1 rt 124 no 144 154 CO CO CO CO
CO CO o CO Tf VO “ “ r-4 rj (S rJ OJ n o n co vo ” “ “ ~ O'
_ 04 (O O’ vo r i £ 8 s CO c o w Cd £ 2 *
- i CO , © © b © 2
o n © ® J © © © 5.
© o vO ON CL N Q_ N X) E © C CD U c o -W a o a "O c 0 1 D c fc O a 5 55 .'a T3 CD E | o & .8 tC 0 (N QJ E £ 0 o o 09 ra CO CD ¦a 73 (D & O 1) t O CD D X3 O O U O c o P 3 s £ CD E ¦C "o £ I C S Q B s 0) -c CO « O t & s, ctf Oh |
O. £ O c .9 £ ¦*-* g ¦& | g X E u a « U Si 5 0) £ ¦§ (0 Q £
.C 5 Q) -Q Q) 50 s Q. X3 ?
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T3 *D .
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- uO 0 O'*- LU O ° CO ¦Q C o Q 0 n o CO JD D 00 * O'" O (D
0 0 O 0 °ti
o 0 oo
* 1)
(1) 05 LL D i O ffl “ (0 CL « o Cl CC +mt tn CD I V cn £¦ a,
o d E " jg t s ¦?
° co x CO -2 o 0 3 to to C to to it 'S 0 O C LO 0 LU CO S3 ‘St1 m S I 9 St *¦ B 5 I s € s a » s s 6 NM ft ® U 3 o w .2 ¦* 5 .2 N
* ¦ "2 * K S ° a £ ~ M T5 c 0 4 CO CO : (D C 9 £ W © .. a
ta - N S’ S M £¦2 S ft** “IJl 9 £ M £ s is®?
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$ 145 Mtec A1200 030 882 Accel, $ 99 Miracle Plano System $ 155 Supra Turbo 28 Accel. A500 2000 $ 95 ICD AdSpeed Accelerator $ 65 Copy Stand w ilghts $ 45 Supra Z-l Internal Modem $ 20 Supra Word Sync SCSI A2000 $ 45 GVP IV-24 A2000 Adapter $ 59 CBM 15-23 Pin Adapter $ 25 A3000 25 Mhz Computer Pkg.
$ 795 A500 Rev.6 1.3 8372A NEW $ 175 A3000 System Schematics $ 11 A500 System Schematics $ 10 A3000T Service Manual $ 11 Sunrlze Color Splitter $ 25 CDTV t.R. Remote Control $ 25 DataFlyer 500 SCSI $ 75 Midi Gold Insider A2000 $ 25 : : Si* • •-••• gpi AM I 5A COMPUTER REPAIR COPPERHEAD TECH SERVICE CAN 0R N 5 YOUR A IV71O A back TO LIFE Fa STI A 500 S 55 A 2000 S 145 A 600 $ 85 A 3000 $ 145 A 1000 $ 75 A 4000 $ CALL PRICES INCLUDE PARTS AND LABOR " CALL FOR DETAILS * SCSI & IDE HARD DRIVES QUANTUM 3.5 SCSI DRIVES 40 Meg S 30 80 Meg S 60 120 Meg S 99 42 Meg $ 35 85 Meg S 65 170 Meg S 125
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S. DENISE 8373 $ 21 PAULA 8364 $ 9 Video Hybrid $ 8 R£F£RBISH€D
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MMU &FPU $ 375 A2056 Fast Ram Card For A2000 3000 4000 Syslems
Includes 2 Megs RAM Expandable To 6 Megs $ 75 A4091 SCSI-II
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106 JAY ST. SCHENECTADY NY 12305 SALES 51 8-346-3894 BBS 518-346-7532 FAX 518-370-3416 30 DAY WARRANTY ON ALL USED EQUIPMENT * QUICK CASH FOR YOUR HARDWARE * ProVector® 3 ProVector bo registered trademark of Stylus Inc. PSImport, and StylusTracer ore ir.idein.trks of Stylus, Inc. Amiga is .1 registered trademark of Cummodorc-Amiga, Inc. AGA is a trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc, PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. LightVVave is a trademark of NcwTek, Inc. Circle 125 or Reader Service card.

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