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the Amiga market. Much of my orphaned software doesn't work with the new Amiga OS, such as 2.1. I would like to know how many Amiga users have received letters stating that Company X will no longer be supporting the Amiga but you can upgrade to the Windows or Mac version when it comes out. I have no problem with a company developing Windows or Mac versions of their Amiga software, such as Soft-Logik, as long as they continue to support their Amiga software. I will not buy software in the future from companies which left the Amiga market and returned once things looked more profitable unless I have to. Instead of purchasing a new version of Word Perfect (if it were even ported to the Amiga), why not buy a word processing program from Softwood or Digita, since both of these companies stuck with the Amiga through thick and thin? Furthermore, the next generation Amiga should deliver work station power at an affordable price, just as the Amiga 1000 did a decade ago. In the December issue of 3D Design, Peter Plantec wrote that the Amiga was the first serious video-based PC

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4=IT AMIGA Volume II No. 4 April 1996 US $ 3-95 Canada $ 5-95 WGA~ Monthly Resource Your Original!
Amiga Technolog schtschenko an this man revitaliz world-wide?
Graphic Tutorials: Cinema 4D ImageFX ERIC SHWARTZ PRODUCTIONS CD ARCHIVE AMI NET Incredible price of only $ 24,95 ESPCD SERIES AMSET01 User friendly access software makes the Aminet Cds a pleasure to use. Bi-monthly releases Include selected portions ot the Aminet files.
Bi-monthly releases (single CD] SI 9.95 Volume 9 AG09 $ 19.95 Volume 10 AGIO Subscription (4 Cds) S59.95 AMINET SETi dated Novsmbei'95, consists of appfoxirnat&y 4 gigabytes cl software In 12,000arctwes. SET 2 picks up I wfere SET I left off. Plus 300 electronic books Irom Project Gutlenbutg, Easy to use index tiles and seoich | labilities make accessing IheCDeasy Volume 3 marks a change in the series to on unarchived single CD format with a more "user lilendty' access system allowing rrost piogroms to be reviewed and executed from a centralsed system. Goldfish represents on effective method
tar users to maintain their "fish library' in a more periodic manner.
Created by Eric Schwartz, this CD contains all of Eric's previously released animations and artwork. Also included are several unreleased animations, dozens of pictures, Imagine and Lightwave 3D objects used In crealing some of fhe animations and a special set of icons.
As a bonus, this release Introduces three new animations as well as material from other Amiga artists and cartoonists Enc has worked with Volume 2 Volume 3 $ 19.95 $ 19.95 GFCD02 GFCDQ3 $ 43.95 Aminet Set 2 ( 1 CD set) AMSET02 ¦FROZENFISH - AUGUST'95' TURBOCALC V2.1&V3.5 is the unique software solution that defines o new standard for spreadsheet applications on the Amiga TurboCalc has extensive formatting options, numerous font formats, 40- different number, time and data formats, 100+ functions covering arithmetic and financial needs, plus much more! Released in November ‘95. V3.5 is avoilable
on floppy in ertrer upgrade format or lull version.
V2,1 CD-ROM version $ 14.95 TCV.CD V3.5 upgrade from 2 0-floppy $ 35.00 TUP3.5 V3.5 full version $ 69,95 1CV3.5 A Temfiio Value for only $ 19,95 FZCD-PC2 This Portfolio Photo CD brings you the beauty and diversity of the oceanic world! Photo sites range from the walls of Grand Cayman to the Blue Corner of Palau.
This two CD set contains macro shots of colorful ocean life as well as detailed shots of v orld War II shipwrecks plus much more. There are almost 300 24-bit images, each one presented in five different resolutions ranging from 192x128 up to 3072x2048 pixels As a bonus. FantaSeas includes Portfolio Photo CD software for Mac and PC users!
North American distributor Two CD-sef for only $ 3995 $ 39.95 FSEA01 contains demo versions and full conmercially distributed software for the Amiga. Included are demo versions such as Caigari 24, XiPoint 3.1, ImageFX 2.0, WordWorth 3.1, Sba$ e4Pro, MaxDOS2.5, plus much morel Over 200 demos and 8 full versions can be run directly from the CD $ 29.95 GAE01 By populor demand from BBS operators that use IBM-PC systems, we have produced a specsal edition of the 1994 FrozenFtsh CD containing 1100 'fish disks' archived on a per- disk basis, as well as selected material from the latest FreshFish Cds.
Fhis multi-platform CD is fully readable on all systems, including Amiga. MS-DOS. Windows. OS 2. Mac and UNIX. Each directory contains a standard
• FILES.BSS' tile that BBS programs can use to provide user
SlIQ&S access to material on the CD-ROM.
TH E GLOBAL AMIGA EXPERIENCE A must have z 1840 East Warner Road 105-265 Tempe, Arizona 85284 USA Voice: 800 804-0833 or (602) 491 -0442 Fax: (602) 491-0048 Email: info@ninemoons.com Visit our web site at http: www.ninemoons.com THE LITHTWORKS Raytracing is a tascinating and specialized area of computei graphics. A real artist of raytracing Is Tobias J. Richter from Cologne, Germany. His detailed objects stun people, especially hs spaceships from famous science fiction films which are used to demonstrate the capabilities of laytracng programs.
For the first time ever, his complete collection is available on CD-ROM for the Amiga.
A collector's piece for only 3495 S34.95 LTWKS01 NETNEWS OFFLINE VOLUME 1 Is the first disc of a new bi-monthly published series of Amiga CD-ROMs which contains all Amiga-related newsgroups from the Internet. Every volume features about 50,000 articles which contain hot rumors, important information about all aspects of the Amiga, discussions and flame wars, A news reader Is included. NetNews is the Inexpensive alternative for getting in touch with the Internet, WORLD-1 NFO '95 is your virtual guide around tne worldl Travel to faraway places, research your next vacation spot or piepaie (or a
geography test. This CD contains information about 194 countries and 700 cities.
Topics Include: geography, maps, climate, food, people, pus much more, Minimum system requirements are a computer with Mosaic or NetScape with a screen resolution of 640x480 with 256 colors.
Greaf resource for only $ S995 WORKBENCH ADD-ON Is the ideal companion to your workbench. This CD-ROM contains the best programs available for the Amiga, ready-to- run from the CD. There is also an Installer script that installs the desired programs to your harddisk, This CD covers all areas of interest. The programmer, the creative and the gamer will all find what they are looking for, WorkBench Add-On Volume 1 $ 34.95 WKBCH01 NetNews Offline Volume 1 $ 17.95 NETNEWS $ 59.95 WDINFO is a leading edge, 24-bit paint program, tt’s suited to the demcnds of novice and expert alike, and within a short
tme, you too will be able to produce colorful and creative art in 16.8 million colors. This version of XlPaint provides a professional paint program at an unbeatable price performance ratio. Includes 60 textures, 50 landscapes, 30 other pictures and many fonts!
TEXTURE GALLERY is a 1WO CD-ROM set containing over l ,3 gigabytes of textures. Over 1000 textures are presented In six different file foimats: IFF, TIFF, TARGA JPEG. SGI and PICT. Thumbnail renderings allow tor easy previewing. The textures are perfect for use with 3D programs like Lightwave and con be used to create bump mops. Texture Gallery is multi-platform and con be reod from AMIGA. Moo. PC and SGI platforms, Two CD-set onty $ 29.95 TXGL0I GAMERS DELIGHT II contains 1070 games In various categories. Including Action, Jump & Ron, Card Games, Puzzles and Strategy, A I whole range ol
computer entertainment wtil hold you captivated for hours and guarantees long lasting pleasure, 70 games are full commercial versions.
This CD can be run on any Amiga with a CD-ROM drive, the CDTV or on on Amiga CD32 console with 1 Mb free memory ond a Joystick or Joypod.
Family Fun for only ®2995 GATEWAY offers NetBSD 1.0, o full featured UNIX-like operating system with both sources and binaries for the Amiga.
1386, Sun 3 and other architectures.
Go netsurfing with the supplied networking tools. Also included is a binary release of the X Window System (XI1R6) for the Amiga, with many additional clients. F’ackages such as peri, emacs, games. TeX, mail programs and loads of megabytes of text files such as RFCs and FAQs. A complete installation guide is available on the CD.
GWCD01 is "the" source for high-quatrty music containing 1400 'mods', marry of which have never been previously released and can be heard only an this CD-ROM. Containing over 2000 high quality sound samples presented In five different formats; AIFF, AU, IFF, VOC and WAVE, da capo Is uniquely sorted by sound and maintains example drawers for guitar sounds, technoloops plus rnany more. Additionally there is a drawer wtth some of the best PD Shoreware programs available such as OcfaMED 4.0 and a demo of OetaMED V6.0I (Amiga version ontyl As o bonus, there is an audio Track composed by Gabriel
Seher, ONLINE LIBRARY Is your ultimate source for texts from all around the cyber-world.
Online contains the works of writers such as Charles Dickens. Robert Louis Stevenson, Tolstoi, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells plus many more. More than 200 books are presented in five different languages, including the Bible In seven languages. There are also thousands of FAQs (frequently asked questions) and RFCs (request for comments) from the Internet, This multi-platform CD is ready to reod using your favorite WWW browser.
$ 29.95 Now Available ONLINE Hours of listening for only s2995 CDWRITE is based on a simple but ingenious technique.
CDWrite extends the Amiga OS in a fuly compliant and transparent way to redirect modifications of Cds to a special area of your hard disk Or other writable media.
System requirements; Amlga500-A4000 with at least I Mb of RAM, OS 2.04 or higher, CD-ROM drive. Hard disk required.
GDBOOT is o fantastic new product that enables you to use almost any CD32 game cn an A1200 or A4000 wiih CD-ROM drive and any file system. You can create a configuration tile for each CD and also save the high score game.
CDBoot is an excellent software sotution for all Amiga enthusiasts who want to enter the world of CD32 games.
Incredible price of only 54995 $ 49.95 CDBOOT 1.0 Amiga $ 29.95 DACA01 Mac Version $ 29.95 DACMAC $ 29.95 GD02 MEETING PEARLS VOLUME 3 contains 650 Mb and provides even more expanded and improved usable access tools. Fimfeails has been improved and extended and an AmigaGuide style search Interface has been added. Exclusively, there Is a special version of CD-Write so you can eompletety customize the CO to your special needsl S57.95 A Terrific Value af Volume 3
513. 95 MPCD03 Grenville Trading International GmbH
Zimmersmuhlenweg 73 European distributor 61440 Oberursel -
Germany Ace,; Y?,Ti?a37 ’ Fax:+49-6171-83 02 Email:
CompuServe 100336,1245 GURU-ROM is a ROM replacement
contotnirvg a new device driver lor oil GVP Series-II SCSI
host adapters and oil turbo cords wtth a GVP SCSI host
adapter. The new OMNISCSI.DEMCE driver Is a portobte driver
for all Amigas and is being introduced for the most widely
used SCSI host adapter on the Amiga; the GVP Series-!l. Tt
ts faster and more reticbte than all previous standard SCSI
device drivers, but nevertheless fully compatible to all
previously supported SCSI devices and then some, Gutu-ROM Is
nol compatible with the GVP 1230 or 1291.
A "musir have" for only GUROM $ 79.95 10 New Products & Other neat stuff New Productivity Cds, Specialized Speech Utilities, A New Amiga Game Company, and more.
Petro Tukchtschenko ESCOM announces record losses. Amiga Technologies changes distribution structure.
One man is in the center of all this activity to keep Amiga strong, spend an afternoon with AT's top exec page 42.
16 Amiga Atlanta Inc. Amiga Atlanta Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary with a celebrity banquet.
Discover how this Amiga users group attracted attention from Amiga notables, television celebrities, and the Governor.
18 Creating Artwork with ImageFX by R. Shamms Morlicr Alter your photographic images so they appear as if they were created by the hand of a master artist and not the camera.
Hot Amiga Web Sites Gusets at Amiga Atalanta Inc., P. 16 26 Cinema 4D Object Sculpting Techrtiques ¦ by R. Shamms Morticr Explore object sculpting and creation options, how they work, and the unique Vj objects that they can provide.
ImageFX Tools, P. 18 31 Web Typesetting Part 1: Introduction by Randy Finch Discover the tools available on other platforms and what you can do with your Amiga to begin creating Web pages on the Internet.
From Eric Shwartz's animations and graphics to web information guides, check out wrhat other Amiga users are doing on the internet page 48.
DEPARTMENTS 34 Termite 1.1 by Rob Hays Has Oregon Research created the ultimate Amiga telecommunications program or have they just come close?
By Rob Hays Editorial 4 FeedBack 6 Index of Advertisers 40 Comparative shopping for the best on-line services with cautions.
Cinema 4D, P. 26 rf I11 iflMft ' This CdpRovides a compUte coIIectIon of Eric's pREViOUSly ReIeASEcI ANIMATIONS And ARTWORk. Also iNCludEd ARE SEVERAL UNRElEASEd AniMATiONS, dOZENS Of piCTURES, iMAQiNE And LiqhTWAVE 5D ObjECTS And A SpECiAl SET Of iCONS.
SlxqIe CD RrlrisFs OnK S 19.95 Also AvAilAhlr i a CD SibscRipTios Raie ol S59.95 AMI NET* 9 Tilt WORld'S lARQEST ColltCTiON Of fliEEty diSTRibUTEd AmiqA SoflWARE. User (RiENdly ACCESS SofTWARE MakES tI-ie Cds a pIeasure to use. Bi-MONThly reIeases iNcludE A WidE VARIETY of pROqRAMS SUCh AS AppliCATiONS. QAMES.
DtMOS, piCTURES, Mods. AniMATiONS plus MUCli. Mucft more!
We Have ChANqEd Our Name From AmiqA LibRARy ServIces FOUR CD SETS EACH ONLY S45.95 AmInei Set 1. CiMid January '995, is rhc Iirst "coMpli n' AmInet arcIiIve on CD coNSiSTiNq ol 4 qlq»byrES of soli ware in 12. 00 arcI lives, ir Is a vIihuaILv iNExhAisriblf reservoir of rop IrfeIv disTRibtTAblE soFiwarf.
AmInet Set 2. Dvitd NovemUer 1995. Picks t,p wFiere Set S LeIt oil. Ii also consists ol approximate! V 4 qlqAbyTES ol sob ware iN 12,000 arcKIves. Plus 500 eIectronIc bcxiks Irom pROjECT GliifnItfrc,. SlMplE IO USE lilES And SEARCll I XCJUtIES MaKe ACCESSlNq IASS'.
Ibis pORTfolio Pfioro CD baKqs you tIie bEAUTV anc] cIiversIty of tNe OCEANiC WORld! PllOiO SlTFS RANqE lltOM lIlE W. lls of GRANd Cayman io ihc Bite Corner of PaIau. Ihis two CD set contains MACRO sl'IOTS of CofORftl OCEAN LiIe AS WeII AS dtTAlIld pFlOIOS of WoRld War II wREcks plus Mich more. Tihere are aImost 500 24-bii iMAQCS, EACl I ONE pRESENTtd iN (iVE diffcRENT RESoluTiONS RANCjiNQ Irom 192x128 up io 5072 x 2048 pixels. As a boxus. FantaSias ixcludES PortIoIIo Pitoto CD soItware Ior Mac Axd PC users.
To Serve You With ThE Hot its ol LisTuviNC, For OnK 529.95 V1a Vi rsion A iL blr fort 529.95 Latest A d Most Exemxq In CD SofTWARE!
We Accept Mastercard Visa American Express Discover Novus Domestic U.S. Shipping and Handling S3.95 for up to 4 CD’s $ 1.00 For each additional CD.
International Orders please contact our offices for correct S&H charges Circle 116 on Reader Service card ContaSnInCi MOO Mods, dA capo Is 'tIte' source foR hiqh QLAliTy music. Many reIeases are exclusive to This CD-ROM.
CONTAiNtNQ OVER 2000 TliQft QuaUtY SOUNd SAMplES pRESENTEd iN fiVE diffERENT foRMATS, AIFF AU. IFF. VOC And WAVE, dA Capo is UniQUEly soRiEd by souNd And maintains EXAMplE dRAWERS.
GotdFisb REPRESENTS AN EffECTlVE Mblliod (OR USERS TO MalNTAiN rllTlfi "fisFl libRARy" iN A pERlodlC MANNER.
VoltMt 5 MARks a cItanqe !n tFie series to an LNARcbivEd sInqIe CD fORMAT WiTTl A “user l:RlENdly“ ACCESS SySTEM AllONViNQ MOST pROQRAMS TO bE REVIEWEd And EXECUTEd ffiOM A CENTRAliZEd sysiEM.
1840 E. Warner ItoAd, "105-265 • TernpE, ArIzona 85284 800-804-0855 • Voice 1602) 491 0442 • FAX (602) 491 -0048 ElVIAil iNfO@NiNEMOON5.COM OR iNfo@AMiQAlib.COM This is no April Fool Petro Speaks!
ADMINISTRATION Publisher: Joyce Hicks Assistant Publisher: Robert J. Hicks Intern: Nicholas H, Pacheco It is always a danger doing the April issue. Many people wonder whether they are being tricked with an April fool joke or not. In our April issue of 1994, we ran an article about a proposed Amiga Pad with artificial intelligence, built in programming and video capabilities, as well as the futuristic marketing techniques to he used to introduce it.
I have always been proud of this article. Many of the things we discussed have actually occurred in one way or another. In one place we discussed the possibility of the voices of deceased actors being used to promote the product in voice overs. The ink wasn't dry on the issue when the Beatles announced that long forgotten demo tapes by John Lenon were going to be used with the voices of the three remaining Beatles to create new songs.
Since an April issue is ripe with the opportunity to do this type of mischief, it is always a danger when you need to present an actual, for real, honest-to-goodness storv especially about the Amiga and Amiga Technologies.
Petro Tyschtschenko I am very proud that we were able to get the interview with Mr. Tyschtschenko into this issue. Mr. Tyschtschenko had been attempting to make the trip to the US for over a month, and when he finally had the opportunity, he was more than generous with his time.
We Spent several hours with Mr. Tyschtschenko that Sunday afternoon. He was direct and extremely honest with us. I may not always agree with every decision he has made or he is going to make, but Petro does tell you why he has made the decision.
1 was upset about the marketing (or lack of marketing) that we have seen in North America. Petro explained that adding any more marketing would be exceptionally difficult at this time with the current concerns of the head company, ESCOM.
ESCOM's problems are real and they should concern us, but not overly so.
ESCOM does DM 2.3 billion per year. Their losses were DM 125 million, or less than
5. 5% of their sales. Last year they acquired Commodore and began
Amiga Technologies, thev purchased a large chain of retail
stores in Great Britain, and they were faced with one of the
most difficult years in recent history for PC sales. Adding
all this together, it is no wonder that they showed this
Don Hicks Managing Editor Unfortunately, ESCOM has spoiled their investors. According to Petro, ESCOM has never reported a loss. What is ironic is, if all things are equal, ESCOM should be worth more this year than last. True they lost capital (cash), but did they gain equity.
By purchasing the British retail chain, they needed to spend money to realign the stores to ESCOM's business. They probably had to clear out older merchandise, clean up and redecorate the stores. All of this requires cash.
We aie well aware of the capital expenditures required to reconstruct the Amiga. They had to create two production procedures one for the A1200 and one for the A4000 Towers. They were forced to dig through old material to see what they could reconstruct of the previous development and production work. These and more were all front end, dead expenses. Certainly they will get their money back, but it will take time.
As far as the PC business taking a noise dive, it seems the acquisition of the Amiga technology was a good way to hedge against the same problem occurring again. ESCOM's ownership of the Amiga means that they have the exclusive rights to a proprietary system. The fact that the Amiga remains to be the system that most other manufacturers are trying to put on a PC is a clear indication that ESCOM's ownership is worth a great deal.
Unfortunately, this means that the Amiga is still fairly far down the food chain and Petro will need to continue to fight for any portion of marketing and development funds. This is why I believe it is important to hear the plans of AT directly from their president.
Other Matters With Petro's article, we were forced to postpone our Amigrt in Business column for this month. This is only temporary, we have already received several letters of praise for the new feature.
Take a look at the Hot Web Sites on page 48. If vou are not currently in touch with the web, you should be as soon as possible. Not ail of the growth on the web is with the PC. Amiga users have utilized the Web to get their story out too.
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AMIGA™ is a registered trademark of Amiga Technologies Gmbh Distributed In the U.S. & Canada by international Periodical Distributors 674 Via de la Valle. Ste 204. Sotona Beach. CA 92075 & Ingram Periodicals inc. 1226 He) Quaker Blvd., La Verne TN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. LIGHT ROM 3 for Windows NT Amiga You have read about the resources available to artists through the Internet and BBS’s, but you lack the time and finances to access them. LIGHT-ROM, published every 6 months, brings to you these resources afong with exclusive contributions for an incredible value.
THE REVIEWS ARE IN “This CD ROM is an excellent value.” David Taylor • Amiga Shopper August 1995 “The nicest collection I’ve seen for Lightwave models.” Erik Flom • Video Toaster User October 1995 “The range of objects is very impressive.
LIGHT-ROM is worth every penny.” Jason Holbourn • Amiga Format January 1995 “A must have for Lightwave users.” Graeme Sandiford • Amiga Format August 1995 “This has got to be my favorite CD of all time.” Graeme Sandiford • Amiga Shopper April 1995 m up !MH “This CD is a must have for Lightwave users.” ft Shamms Mortier • Video Toaster User August 1995 CD 2 CD 3 CD 1 i i i i i i i i a i « ¦ i i a a i a a i a a a a a i Dealers, call 1-800-265-4041 for distribution information.
? Over 6,500 Lightwave objects divided into categories including Anatomy, Aviation, Botany, Buildings, Furniture, FX, Holidays, Household, Logos, Music, Ships, Space, Sports, Tools and Vehicles.
? LIGHT-ROM 1 had 2.300 Lightwave objects, ? LIGHT-ROM 2 had 3.700 Lightwave objects & ? LIGHT-ROM 3 has 6.500 Lightwave objects, an increase of 2.800 objects over LIGHT-ROM 2!
¦I ? Collection of 3D objects in other formats including Imagine (175 megs), 3D Studio (100 megs) and Sculpt 3D (30 megs).
1 700 Textures in JPEG format complete with thumbnails.
? Public Domain graphic programs and demos for the PC and Amiga.
? Collection of 3D landscapes in Lightwave, 3D Studio and imagine formats.
? Video Toaster directory with wipes and CG fonts.
"A Bonus "DEM ROM” includes over 1000 DEMs (digital elevation maps) for use with VistaPro, World Construction Set and Scenery Animator on any platform.
¦ ¦ Use DEM ROM (along with any of these programs) to create realistic backgrounds or flights through your favorite scenery to incorporate into Lightwave or other 3D programs as background sequences.
All DEMs include thumbnail renderings of their topographical maps.
Na J 3 CD ROMs for only $ 49.95 plus shipping.
Shipping and handling is $ 4.95 for U.S. & Canada - $ 6.95 International.
GRAPHIC DETAIL INC. * 4556 SOUTH 3RD ST. ? LOUISVILLE, KY 40214 USA VOICE I FAX - 502-363-2986 * E-MAIL - michael@iglou.com [MasterCard] ? ORDERS ONLY -1*800*265*4041 ?
"LIGHT-ROM" is a registered trademark at Graphic Detail Inc. "OEM ROM" is a trademark ol Graphic Detail Inc. All other trademarks are the property ol their respective companies.
Circle 101 on Reader Service card Dear AC, Thank you for your unfailing, positive, optimistic support of the Amiga. I have to admit, with the slow, excruciating death of Commodore, and the delays waiting for a transfer of technology to a new manufacturer, I lost much hope for future continuance growth of the Amiga, Your magazine was often my only info that not all was dead.
1 have subscribed for an additional two years mostly as a reward for the beacon you have provided over the past two years (a sympathy sale? No...not that!), Thanks.
Regards, Ronald H. Martin Dear AC, The article in your January 1996 issue on page 32 stated that Iomega doesn't make any Amiga interfacing hardware. Iomega makes a SCSI version of the Zip Drive (the one that uses 100 megabyte removable disk). I have an Amiga 1200 with a GVP A1230 Turbo Plus Accelerator with the SCSI option. When I prepped this drive using the GVP SCSI software I was able to define how many partitions etc. and save the information to the drive, but when I tried to Amiga format the drive I received the error requestor Disk Is Write Protected.
The disks do not have a write protect switch on them, the drives do not have one either. After reading the documentation that came with the drive I found out that you set the write protect Ihrough software, of which there was none included for the Amiga. At first I thought I was out of luck, but when. I rebooted the machine I had a Non-Standard disk icon cm workbench. I selected the icon and formatted the drive from workbench and it worked. The disk formatted out to 95.9 MB though (not sure what happened to the other 4.1 MB).
The removable disk can be purchased for around $ 14 to $ 20 each, depending on how many you buy. I use it with Ami-Back to back up my hard drives. To make this work on Ami-Back, name all the disks that you will need as RH0, Reboot with one of these disks in the drive. Ami-Back will ask for another disk about every 30 minutes, I back up my hard drive with over 500 MB on it. This takes around 5 Zip Disks. The disks are more expensive than backing up to tape but for me this drive is more useful than a tape drive. Tliis drive is like having a floppy drive that holds 96 MB, and has the performance of
hard drives. The drive loads and saves files almost as fast as my hard drives, Mark Spitzer Oregon Research also mnkcs a tool set specifically for the Iomega Zip Drive and the Amiga. Editor Dear AC, While Mr. Martin E. McKeever (November 1995 issue) raised some interesting points in his letter, I strongly disagree with section E of his letter concerning a new version Word Perfect or similar prod ucts being ported to the Amiga.
Why should 1 line the pockets of software developers with my money who left me sitting with programs that were not upgraded or supported in any form?
I have numerous pieces of software worth several hundred dollars that are sitting on my shelf gathering dust because certain software developers left the Amiga market. Much of my orphaned software doesn't work with the new Amiga OS, such as 2.1. I would like to know7 how many Amiga users have received letters stating that Company X wiil no longer be supporting the Amiga but you can upgrade to the Windows or Mac version when it comes out.
I have no problem with a company developing Windows or Mac versions of their Amiga software, such as Soft-Logik, as long as they continue to support their Amiga software, 1 will not buy software in the future from companies which left the Amiga market and returned once things looked more profitable unless 1 have to.
Instead of purchasing a new' version of Word Perfect (if it were even ported to the Amiga), why not buy a word processing program from Softwood or Digita, since both of these companies stuck with the Amiga through thick and thin?
Furthermore, the next generation Amiga should deliver work station power at an affordable price, just as the Amiga 1000 did a decade ago. In the December issue of 3D Design, Peter Plantec wrote that the Amiga was the first serious video-based PC. "Its passing (or maybe more appropriately, its hibernation) has left a legacy of quality graphics to be ported to other platforms..." It's ironic that LightWnve, Calagari, Real 3D, Sculpt and Imagine all started their lives on an Amiga and not on a Windows PC or Mac. Many people in the mainstream computing world (Windows and Mac) still view the
Amiga as a toy, yet these same people hail LightWave, Sculpt, or Calagari as being intuitive, powerful 3D programs.
So why should I have to put up with a clunky ill conceived program ported from Windows? 1 enjoy using programs written on the Amiga by programmers who understand the Amiga.
I recently read that Amiga Technologies announced that the next generation Amiga will be powered by the PowerPC which is a smart move. Of course some readers will complain that Amiga Technologies should have used a HP PA RISC processor. If anyone reads BYTE, they will have read that Hewlett-Packard is going to team up with Intel to create a new architecture. This leads to doubts as to whether future development of more advanced version of HP PA RISC processors will take place.
Lastly, Phase 5, the makers of the CyberGraphix graphics board and the Cyberstorm accelerator card have introduced the PowerUP program. From what I have read, RISC technology may be closer than we think. During the second quarter of 1996 Phase 5 plans to introduce PowerPC based accelerators for the Amiga 1200, 3000, 4000 and perhaps even for the Amiga 2000.
They will be using a 680x0 emulator to run older software. This is a very smart move since it will not split the Amiga community into two computing camps, those with RISC and those without.
1 hope Amazing Computing can arrange an interview with both Wolf Dietrich of Phase 5 arid Mr. Tyschtschenko of Amiga Technologies. Keep up the good work Amazing Computing!
Sincerely, Sidney E. Shuptrine Check out page 42 for an interview with Mr. Tyschtschenko and we will begin working on Mr. Dietrich.
• AC* M f HI !m,l Personal Information Manager Your Amiga is a
powerful ally in the quest for increased productivity.
On The Boll allows you to take control of your busy schedule and information so you always accomplish your goals with the timesaving features that let you organize your life! Calendar and Appointment Manager, Address Book and Contact Manager, To Do list, and FreeForm Notepod. Get On The Balll Ti lil ITT K Telecommunications Everything you need to start cruising the Information Super Highway in one easy to use package. Termite is so easy to use o novice telecommunicator will feel at home, yet it has ali of the power and high end features to satisfy seasoned modem warriors.
• Mew version 1.10 features internal ZmorJem, ANSI, and VT102
emulations optimized in assembly laguage for maximum
performance Flexible Phone Book with unique configurations for
each number9 Supports nil modems serial cords e line BBSs?*
ioft1 Runs on WorkBench - Always available! Iconifies to a
convenient monthly calendar View and print configurable
appointment schedules from day, week, month, or year 11
appointment repeat modes Configurable reminders with
"snooze"can also launch Arexx scripts, programs Flexible
appointment search Convenient Rolodex layout for addresses.
Sort and seard y any field
• Configurable multi-tasking review buffer with cut and paste
• Multi-tasking chat window w history & cut paste to prepare
text before sending it. Great for ifiose real time conferences.
• Configurable Function Macros
• Font and Screen sensitive, supports high tez graphics cards,
use Workbench or custom screen
• Fully Arexx programmable
• Automatic Call Logging. Know where you were ana S's spent
• Configurable button bar! Assign any program function macro a
button. Do you wont your own custom icons? No problem, just
assign your own IFF brush to the button! I COOL! J ® Load and
save notes with the handy built in Text editor with
cut copy paste, secrch “ replace, copy to clipboard.
• Attach notes to calender, appointment, to-do list or
• Contoct Monogement with Auto dialer and Auto dote time stamp of
• Creole your own iabeisfe.g. Personal, Business, Birthdays,
etc.) to organize your data.
• Extensive Arexx support.
Supports Amiga XPR libraries giving you o wide range of transfer protocols including Xmodem, Zmodem, Kermit, CompuServe B+, etc. • Supports AMIGA standard XEM external terminal emulations. Support for RIP XEM. • New Quick Reference Cord • Many New Features Upgrades to Version 1.10 ore available to current Termite owners in two forms:
• Upgrade Disk and Termite Quick Reference Card 510 + S? S&H
• Upgrade Disk, Quick Reference Curd, and 2nd Edition Manual $ 15
+ 52 S&H iwiraiiL Graphically create your databases and reports
with the easy to use, uncluttered user interface. Twist is the
perfect dctobose for your CD collection to a full double entry
business accounting Plug and ploy SCSI 2 solution for yoor
A1200 and A600I The Squirrel SCSI interface simply plugs into
your PCMCIA port. Attach up to 7 different devices including:
Herd Disks,Tope Drives, Syquest, Floptical, and any SCSI CD-
ROM drive including 3 and 4x drives. Completely compatible with
any SCSI 1 at SCSI 2 device, Squirrel SCSI can achive
o transfer rate 1,2Mb sec on a stock At 200 and 3 Mb sec on a
68030 accelerated A1200. Can be inserted or removed at any time
and software auomafitalSy mounts unmounts the drvies I Drivers
are all CD32 compatible so you con run your favorite CD32
titles! Squirrel comes complete with SCSI software drivers and
a host of utility programs.
Full featured Zip driver far all SCSI cards and all Amigas including write protect and password fum tions available now. Plus exciting new disk cataloging, synchronization, duplication, and hard disk backup and restore software coming very soon!
System. It s relational, easy fo use, and REALLY FAST!!!
Graphical forms editor.
Import Export to other dotabose formats. Full clipboard support for data exchange with other programs. Full Arexx support for total automation of database tasks. Much more:.. mifM n ¦! _____ __________ _________
t. J™ J-.Ar.ci-U.. -
- test ,
- l"»j ifelFH a?____-itss
* 8*1 Js?.
Development System Professional game development made easy! Fast Parallax scrolling? No problem. Duel Ptayfields?? A piece of cakei The perfect The fantastic new 3 dimensional package horn Oregon Research use and unbelevably you unparralleled your scenes to life! Easy definition, object movable and ond much sure to get demo disk now the new standard modeling, ray tracing, and animation is about to arrive. The easy to powerful real time modeler gives freedom and power to bring OREGON texture palettes more! Be your to see in Amiga animation.
Solution for shoof 'em ups to graphic adventures.
Includes FREE Compiler and Assembler!
Stay In Focus With TAMGA Convert your C program* to C++ From the original demise of Commodore through the final sale to ESCOM to the creation of Amiga Technologies, AC has been there! During these difficult times, Amazing Computing has gone to great lengths to be the first with news and information for its readers. From interviews with the new own8 ers to the thoughts and ideas of Amiga users, Amazing Com- puting has lead the way in complete Amiga coverage. Acs coverage is the first discussed on the networks, AC should be your first news format. Subscribe today!
Dial toll-free in the US and Canada, 1 -800-345-336C|or dial 508-678-4200. You may also Fax AC at 508-675-6002.
600 x 300 DPI. Dye-Sublimation.
Wax Thermal liansfer. Just $ 1895!
If so, just call 1-800-3274622. We'll tell you ail about FARGO's incredible new PrimeraPro"1 Color Printer. If you're really into graphics, electronic photography or digital imaging, you'll want to check out these specs: Ef 600 x 300 dpi resolution - an industry first!
Bf Apple® LocalTalk® or parallel interface ST Optional Adobe " PostScript'" Level 2 Sf Dual Dye- Sublimation Wax Thermal Transfer PrimeraPro is the perfect color printer for all of your comps, proofs, layouts, photos, illustrations, scientific and architectural renderings, 3D models, video captures, and final artwork. Print on plain laser paper, transparency film - even T-shirt and mug transfers!
For more information and FREE sample output, call 1-800-3274622.
FORGO ELECTRONICS. INCORPORATED 7901 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344 U.S.A. 1-800-327-4622 612-941-9470 FAX: 612-941-7836 in Adobe PostScript Primera and PrimeraPro are trademarks and FARGO is a registered trademark of FARGO Eectronics, Incorporated, All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies, 'Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Dealer pnce may vary Aminet 10 This latest from the largest Amiga software archive features the full version of Pagestream V2.2 and a special edition of TypeSmith v2.5. This CD dated February 1996
contains more than 1 gigabyte (uncompressed) of software in thousands of archives. The current edition has a special focus on fonts. More than 1,000 high-quality fonts were included- Published b j GTI GmbH it is distributed in North America by: NEW PRODUCTS and at hen- neat tftudd New Productivity Cds, Specialized Speech Utilities, A New Amiga Game Company, and more.
Cronus (formerly Amiga Library Services), 1840 East Warner Road 105-265, Tempe AZ 85284, Tel 800-804-0833, Voice 602-491-0442, Fax 602-491-0048, email info@iiinemoons.com. Replica Technology Replica Technology has announced the release of the Camelot Collection, which contains over 250 Real-World Scaled LightWave 3D Objects for the Windows and Amiga platforms. It is a CD ROM which contains a complete English Medieval castle complete with furnishings, circa 1200 AD. It also includes royal apartments, gate houses, functional drawbridge, kitchen, blacksmith shop, and many other settings.
Also includes sample scene files and 24-bit browser images plus 90 MB of texture maps.
Replica Technology has also announced the release of the Wright Collection, also available in LightWave 3D format for the Windows and Amiga platforms. This is a CD-ROM collection of over 140 Real-World Scaled Lightwave 3D Objects, which includes home furnishings in the style of America's most famous architect and interior designer, Frank Lloyd Wright. Seating, tables, storage, lighting, rugs, art glass, glassware and dining room accessories are included with 50 texture maps of woods, fabrics, art glass and rugs. Animated objects with drawers can open and close. It can be used to create
interior design for use in digital video, film, accident reconstruction, simulation, multimedia and animation.
SOFT-LOGIK Soft-Logik Publishing has announced the upcoming North American release of Digita Wordworth 5, a huge feature update to Wordworth
3. 1. The new features in Wordworth 5 include: drag & drop style
tags, true footnotes, intelligent internal printer font
support for LaserJet printers, background printing edit while
printing, faster opening and saving of documents, faster text
editing, and more.
Workbench Add-On Volume 1 This CD-ROM is a companion to your workbench. The programs are ready-to-to-run from the CD. In addition to this there is an installer script that installs the desired programs to your hard disk. These shareware programs have something for everyone from the programmer, to the gamer. Many are offered at a special price, such as Shapeshifter and Ami Win, the new XI1 server for the Amiga. Published by GTI GmbH, it is distributed in North America by: BODY BLOWS GALLACTICA CYBER BLAST Ft 5 STRIKE EAGLE II MYTH GREENS JAMES POND 2 MORPH MEGATRAVELLER 2 MORTAL KOMBAT ROAD
Master Card, Visa, Discover, money orders, and checks accepted. Personal checks require 10 working days to clear. Sorry no COD orders. All merchandise is new and in the original factory cartons. No relunds or exchanges. Quantities are limited. Add S5 for shipping and handling. Sale ends 4 30 96.
(800) 334-3122 fax (305)261-2544 Circle 105 on Reader Service
Cronus (formerly Amiga Library Services), 1840 Ensl Warner Road 105-265, Tentpe AZ 85284, Tel 800-804-0833, Voice 602-491-0442, Fax 602-491-0048, email info@mnemoons.com. Maximum MODS Now Shipping Legendary Design Technologies announced their new Maximum MODS CD-ROM is now shipping.
Maximum MODS works with both the Amiga & PC and contains over 4,200 music "mod"ules that can be played back via a personal computer. This one CD contains over 241 hours of music if played continuously. Maximum MODS comes complete with a friendly front end program that allows the user to search for names of modules, or even specific lengths of time. Also included are several appropriate module player programs. Suggested retail for Maximum MODS is $ 34.95 US.
Legendary Design Technologies Inc., P. O. Box 1147, Lewiston, NY 14092-8147 or 515 Park Rd. North 9 Brantford ON N3R 7KS, Tel: 519-753-6120, Fax: 519- 753-5052, Internet: legend@io.org, Web: http: unuw.io.org ~legend. Babylonian Twins Legendary Entertainment, a wholly owned division of Legendary Design Technologies, announced Babylonian Twins, a new platform game coming in March to the Amiga.
Babylonian Twins combines Eastern atmospheric graphics with a riveting sound track. Five huge levels are designed to keep the player busy. The levels are password coded for easy access to higher levels once the earlier ones have been completed. The game is compatible with all Amigas with at least 1MB of CHIP RAM. The SRP is S59.95. Legendary Design Technologies Inc., P O Box 1147, Lewiston, NY 14092-8147 or 515 Park Rd. North 9 Brantford ON N3R 7K8, Tel: 519-753-6120, Fax: 519- 753-5052, Internet: legend@io.org, Web: http: wum . Io. Org ~ legend.
SofTalk SofTaik restores the attractive voice feature to the Amiga, with library and device files that provide synthetic speech for all Amiga machines and operating systems. It can be installed in new Amigas that have no speech, or as a replacement for the original Amiga translator library and narrator device on older systems.
In addition to control of voice features such as pitch, speech rate, and inflection, SofTalk provides up to four independent simultaneous output voice channels, and can generate speech from any number of separate language or voice files. Slur, lisp, stammer, and sound substitutions can be requested "on the fly" by application programs. Messages can be provided to a caller upon the change of every spoken word, syllable, or phoneme; messages also can be provided at every change of mouth shape; articulators responsible for the spoken sound are identified in these messages.
Also, because SofTalk is a file- based synthesizer, both the text translation file and the voice characteristic file can be (independently) changed to accommodate any written language or to generate unique vocal characteristics. Although older programs cannot access all the new features, any program that "talked" using the original synthesizer now can be made to speak in a foreign language or with a customized voice. Price for all this is S7.50 which includes a noncopy protected disk and installation manual.
Pnrth Galen Software, 24475158th Ave., Cold Springs, MN 56320, Tel - 320-685- SS71.
With your Amiga,? Tmi 60 minute vide© Will walk you through every step necessary to set up your hardware & Softwaf , Complete tutorials covering AMI TCP IP, several Amiga Mosaic' programs, MFTP and much more! Follow along step by Slip as you vouch, live, an actual Amiga monitor along with our experts, getting online from scratch.
?Call for a lull line j mu 15 OJU-vm oi me taiesi. Ana greatest souwaie avauaute uuin me Intemet.This includes Games, Utilities, All sorts of Entertainment, plus so much more. We did all the searching for all the good stuff so you don’t Mvft 10! Its new iiltfeiiiafe® mil MfeMteiS MS®: 1«M V w tliis ¥V interface allows you to browse th§ entire CD’S contents, read info on all files, decompress output to anywhere-r-r*. It also allows you to put in any 17Bit CD, ' ' i"'w ’ ’ ’ “‘ffl right from our interface!
THE FMV CD your you lock on the enemy &, blow him out of the sky. Tons of hard hitting Full Motion Video action. In DESERT APACHE, take 10 the sky in an AJACMS helicopter loaded with enough fir* power to make Sadam Hussain drop a load. Fly into enemy territory, avoid enemy fire, as you attempt to save your men from the Msmies strongholds. 2 treat lames on 1 trial CD! Works Oh CD32 or any Amiga with UD drive, '•' YOUR PRIVACY ASSURED CD fltti ind anywhere on the Amiga, An Milt oriented. User interactive CD for your CD32 or Amiga Computer. Not only are there 1A digitized HOT video animations,
both conmoile viewer front end. ThifS is also many adult Stories to read right from the -CD, along with a version of Klondike AO A with plenty of adult card sets. Best of all a complete PhonMaker Also from Parth Galen is PhonMaker which allows the user to design speech sounds to create your own unique voices. The Amiga narrator device receives calls from application programs that submit strings of phoneme "codons". These are then converted to speech sounds.
The SofTalk narrator is a file-based device, and the PhonMaker program allows these files to be changed. New phonemes can be added to existing sets of speech sounds, or existing phonemes can be modified.
More generally, PhonMaker can create completely new sets of phonemes having any desired voice characteristics. The potential for achieving unique vocal features is limited only by the designer's imagination and persistence. The program is for Amiga systems version 2.04+. It has a CHIP memory requirement of 1MB, a hard disk is not required but is recommended. The PhonMaker comes with one non-copy protected diskette, three document manuals and card for $ 47.50. If you are curious but not sure the three volume PhonMaker documentation set can be purchased for $ 10.50. Parth Galen Software,
24475 158th Ave., Cold Springs, MN 56320, Tel - 320-685-
TransMaker Design your own text-to-sound translation for any language or any keyboard with TransMaker. The Amiga translator library receives calls from application programs that submit text to a translation function, and in turn receive a string of phoneme "condons". The condon string then is sent to the narrator device and converted to speech sounds. The SofTalk translator library is file based, and the TransMaker program allows these files to be changed.
Specific pronunciations can be added for personal names, for words based on foreign spellings, or in general for words that do not follow the "rules" of the language. More generally, TransMaker can create brand new files for the conversion of text in any language to phoneme condons for any voice. If the text can be entered via the Amiga keyboard, you can use TransMaker to turn that text into speech.
TransMaker sells for $ 47.50 and is for Amiga systems version 2.04+. It comes with one noncopy diskette, three document manuals and card. If you are not sure you can purchase a three volume documentation set for $ 7.50. Parth Galen Software, 24475 158th Ave., Cold Springs, MN 56320, Tel - 320-685-
SAFE HARBOR COMPUTERS Safe Harbor Computers lias announced their relocation at a new address, effective immediately. The new address is: Safe Harbor Computers
W. 226 N. 900 Eastmound Dr. Waukesha, WI 53186 Amiga Library
Services is now CRONUS Amiga Library Services has a new name
and a new address that is effective immediately. The new name
and address is: Cronus 1840 East Warner Road 105-265 Tempe,
AZ 85284 voice (602) 491-0442 fax (602) 491-0048 LIGHT-ROM 3
Light-ROM 3 is a 3 CD-ROM set of 3D objects, textures, digital
elevation maps, etc. The first CD-ROM contains over 6,500
Lightwave objects and scene files. This is an increase of
2,800 Lightwave objects over LIGHT-ROM 2.
All of the Lightwave objects contain thumbnail renderings for easy previewing.
LIGHT-ROM 3 may be used on an Amiga as well as a PC. This crossplatform compatibility with Lightwave
4. 0 is not available with the previous issues of LIGHT-ROM.
The second CD-ROM contains: 100 MB of 3D Studio 3D objects (loadable into Lightwave), 160 MB of Imagine objects (for both the Amiga & PC), 30 MB of Sculpt 3D objects, (loadable into Lightwave 3.5 & earlier), a directory of 7.5 MB of Real 3D objects, over 700 textures in the JPEC.
Format along with thumbnail renderings, a Video Toaster directory of wipes and fonts, a directory of 3D landscapes in Lightwave, Imagine & 3D Studio formats, and a directory of demos, PD, and shareware programs for the Amiga and PC.
The third CD-ROM contains over 1,100 DEMs (digital elevation maps) for use with VistaPro, World Construction Set & Scenery Animator on any platform. This is the first CD-ROM containing DEMS from North America. Tire CD-ROM contains thumbnail renderings of the topographical maps of the DEMs for easy previewing. Price for the 3 CD-ROM set is $ 49.95. Graphic Detail Inc, 4556 South Third St, Louisville KY 40214, Tel: 800-265-4041 (orders), Voice & Fax 502-363-2986.
¦AC* New Product?
Industry Announcement?
Send it to: New Products Editor Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140
(508) 678-4200 FAX (508) 675-6002 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (Centra! Time)
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24-Hour FAX (402) 556-6160 6057 Maple Street Omaha, NE
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3.1 (A1200) $ 24.95 AmigaOS 3.1 (A3000) AmigaOS 3.1 (A4000)
MegaMouse (400dpi) Wizard Mouse (3-button 560dpi) $ 29.95
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14. 4 Pract. Periph. Fax Modem $ 109.95 Amiga Surfer Internet
Bundle CALL
28. 8 Cardinal Fax Modem $ 179.95 (Other Fax Modems Available)
Termite 'HOTSELLER* $ 35.95 GP Fax Universal $ 58.95 Amicom
Technology is the new OFFICIAL US : Distributor. Includes
such features as AREXX support, recursion, linked lists, and
many other new and improved leatures. Free Technical Support
available with purchase!
BLITZ BASIC 2.1 $ 69.95 Dell 1.76MB External Floppy $ 119.95 A1010 880K Ext. Floppy (Used) $ 35.00 50 Pack 3.5" HD DD Disks (Prelabeled) $ 17.95 Call lor pricing on preowned 880K and 1.76MB Drives Cyberstorm 060 50 (A4000) $ 1,449.95 Others available, please call!
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Telecommunications BLITZ BASIC 2.1 Disks & Drives Accelerators Pointers Cables This is the perfect program for those wishing to make organizational charts, logic flowcharts, process diagrams, etc. Comparable programs on other platforms sell for $ 250. Suggested retail price of $ 39.95. Yours for the introductory price of $ 29.95!
15% restocking fee will be levied on returned nondetective items Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Not responsible for typographical errors.
Prepayments by personal check require 14 days to clear.
No surcharge for using your credit card.
Availability and prices are subject to change.
We are always looking for good, new software to distribute commercially. If you have written a commercial-grade soflware program, you may submit it to iAmicom Technology, 6057 Maple St., Omaha. NE B8104 iialong with a cover letter requesting a review. Enclose a SA3E it you wish the software to be returned to you.
We carry a targe supply of used software and hardware! If you are looking for low priced hardware software, CALL1 Programmers...call our inlo line to lind out about joining Amicom's remote programming learn!
Squirrel PCMCIA SCSI2 S98.95 M-TEC AT-500 IDE + RAM $ 149.95 = DataFlyer 500 IDE SCSI $ 149.95 159.95 DataFlyer 500 SCSI & IDE $ 189.95 : DataFlyer 2000 IDE SCSI $ 99.95 84.95 DataFlyer 2000 SCSI & IDE $ 129.95 TekMagic 4008 SCSI + RAM $ 139.95 Oktagon 2008 SCSI2 + RAM $ 149.95 DataFlyer SCSI+1200 4000 $ 89.95 99.95 Vlab Motion $ 1,649.95 Toccata 16-bit Sampler $ 439.95 Vlab Y C Int. Ext. $ 424.95 $ 469.95 Retina Zlll 4MB $ 759.95 Picasso II 2MB $ 369.95 Cybervision 64 2MB 4MB $ 499.95 649.95 Vidi 24RT framegrabber $ 249.95 Pyramid MIDI Interface $ 42.95
2. 51' IDE Drives CALL for availability
2. 5“ IDE Short Cable $ 10.95
2. 5" to 3.5" Mounting Bracket $ 4.99 100MB ZIP SCSI Removable
$ 214.95 100MB ZIP Cartridges $ 19.95 Call for sizes & prices of
3.5” drives rtmma International Flow Charter by Neather
Realm Software Dealer inquiries invited Gfx Sound Hardware
SCSI IDE Hardware CD-ROM Drives AmigaDOS Hard Drives $ 77.95
$ 124.95 $ 149.95 $ 149.95 $ 139.95 FotoFUN! Photo Postcard Mug
Printer $ 499.95 Includes 4 FotoMug kit & 36 Foto Kit
PrimeraPro $ 1,339.95 Primera FotoFUN! Supplies available!
1 x Hitachi SCSI External $ 89.95 4x Sanyo SCSI Internal $ 199.95 4x Sanyo SCSI External $ 269.95 AsimCDFS 3.4 363.95 Fargo Printers This ad was produced entirely with Amioa computers PaoeStrcam and other Arnica software Amiga Atlanta Inc. is one of the oldest Amiga users group in North America. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the organization held a banquet this past January. Lamar Morgan, Aai President, stated, "1 think it is safe to say the banquet surprised everyone. When our club first started to work on the banquet, only 20 people signed up to attend.
The night of the banquet there was an overflow crowd and the hotel served more than 130 meals!"
The celebration attracted Amiga notables as well as politicians, television celebri ties, and friends of the Amiga. Speakers and guests included distinguished Amiga legends such as RJ Mical and Dale Luck, from the original Amiga team; Dave Havnie, Commodore engineer on the Amiga 3000; Fred Fish, Jason Compton, of Amiga Report; as well as Tim Jenison of N'ewTek. Susan Rook of CNN's "TalkBack Live" and Stewart Cheifet of "Computer Chronicles" served as co-hosts for the event. Motorola was also represented at the event.
In honor of their 10th year anniversary, Aai was presented with a proclamation from Georgian Governor Zell Miller's office which proclaimed January 22,1996 as "Amiga Computer Day in Georgia." Speeches were also given by Ron Heimbgner, one of the founding members of Aai plus former Aai presidents Joe Torre, John Lotshaw, and Aaron Ruscetta. For anyone interested, the Aai banquet was recorded on video tape and will be available through the club what a great way to preserve a piece of Amiga history.
Amiga Atlanta, Inc. is a not for profit user group for all users of BY TUI: GOVKltNDH 111- Till: ST.YN* OH A PROCLAMATION RMIGR COMPUTER DAY Yn*Bt*5 On ;*nul'y it. 1986, AttiMi in oTficial nonprofit uui cjrcmp of tM Cownwdfrf-im j l«i( of corocutnv ml WOUI 5«n » [hit tel**. Am-gi IUI COMinuefl to mil I fie (a'”ibr-lr. DrtKJlrt (0 orovKting in |, vr pmvM* pdUl And «n c to 1 tv rrl TodJi. *IUnU Inc. •* m of IN* 01 «»nji lenyvl wi j n United $ tiln J • « r Mi| [?* cuvtien of dufin* irue«Mbaf_ M JWMt* 0*1 the rSJrkeS for the proer* put*cr m MCKA&: On J*uwy 27. 1996 sang* AdMU. Fcv ».i
c«i brjt« n% 'OlJt Anmvnrv*rJ jr J njrn iVX,.Tiq o* mr ‘r*»
• rtnch AU pnnrycd the ntw* ot C«nmodc»« ’tvif lo ti*b m pgfttfdi
pt*c« •• the cootpuifi MurMU i*oilih«yh. No w THEOTOAt i, KM
Met, Gov*rn4i of th* Sute of (itorgu, Uo (UivtM-m Itrxiiry .??,
1996. *1 "A Hit A COWCll 1 EM OAT in ieon 't «i honor jmd
rrnxynnon of thrt Siwrai inii fiti*, catobraton is Wlht&S
W«lfi£Of. I h*v* hereunto i t my htrwj ng HbM the Seal o* the
Eieaiirvc DrpAnmsrn la h jffurd '?•r ?2nd Or, of jKury the
Amiga computer family. Anyone may join whether or not they own
an Amiga. Aai has a monthly newsletter, The Aai Workbench.
Members enjoy discount prices for Public Domain software, full
access to the Aai Bulletin Board System, monthly general
meetings, as well as monthly meetings of Special Interest
Groups (SIGs). SIGs include desktop publishing, 3-D animation,
music and MIDI, video production, technical problems and
projects, and new users.
To discover more about the Amiga Atlanta Inc. group (and even read their newsletter), visit their Web site at http: www.mindspring.com
- amigaatl. The webmaster for this site is Aai president, Lamar
Morgan, and the site is a showcase of what can be done for an
organization on a web site. Our thanks to Lamar Morgan for
forwarding this bit of history to us and a special salute to
Amiga Atlanta Inc. and its members through out these last ten
Amiga Atlanta, Inc.
P. O. Box 49103 Atlanta, GA 30369-1103 USA Contact: Lamar Morgan,
Aai President
P. O. Box 49103 Atlanta, GA 30359-1103 USA Voice: (404) 365-0670
E-mail: lamar@mindspring.com Right (left to right): Jeff
McCord, representing the office of Governor Zell Miller,
Stewart Cheifet, of “Computer Chronicles," Susan Rook, of
CNN’s "TalkBack Live," and Lamar Morgan, President of Aai.
Left: Tim Jenison, founder and CEO of NewTek, shared a few closing comments with the crowd.
Creating Artwork with ImageFX
R. Shamms Mortier Use ImageFX to alter your photographic images
so they appear as if they were created by the hand of a master
artist and not the camera.
When someone introduces themselves as a "computer artist", it can mean one of two things. They may work in 2D or 3D, though many times it means both. It is important to realize that the distinction is not between being a DTV (Desktop Video) or a DTP (Desktop Publishing) artist.
It used to be true that DTP artists worked strictly in 2D, preparing material for the printed page. Though that is still true in many cases, it is the so-called "printed page" that has gone through a serious evolution. Now, it is just as likely that DTP persons will find themselves creating printed pages for the internet, a realm that incorporates not only 2D and 3D, but animation and sound as well.
DTV artists, associated with the video realm, are most often categorized in an opposite fashion, being thought of as permanent residents of the worlds of 3D art and animation.
But every DTV professional knows that in many cases, an eye and a hand for creating 2D graphics is equally important as having a mastery of 3D imagery. Charts, graphs, background art for credits and titling, video slide shows for academia and industry, animation backdrops, all of these and more examples of 2D work can be a substantial part of the DTV artist and animator's menu.
Dimensional Differences As far as 2D computer graphics is concerned, there are some noteworthy differences related to DTP versus DTV environments, though not so much in the creative tools. Specifically, screen resolutions tend to be much higher, and screen sizes larger, when addressing DTP output (film for glossy magazines, large format printed output), though it is also true that computer art produced for major TV productions and movies can also take advantage of film mediums that require higher output than that required by commercial broadcast TV or other DTV uses.
Left (Opposite Page): Here are the four original Legendary Technologies ProPix images we are working with. Notice that each is fairly contrasty.
Right: After heightening the Gamma on each image to 60, a Sobel Edge Detection was applied.
This produces very organic looking pen and pencil-like graphics.
Edges are thicker where contrast is highest.
Many Amiga artists are used to lower resolutions, like the Toaster's 752 x 480 output. If you want to get a professional printout of your work, however, the stakes have to be raised.
Normally, the DPI (Dots Per Inch) ratio of a video screen equates with about 72 DPI. If you have a laser printer, you are already working at 300 to 600 DPI or higher. That means that a standard video screen graphic that takes up the whole display surface of your monitor comes out looking tike a postage stamp when printed, if the DPI numbers have not adjusted and the art is printed for density rather than size.
Notice the difference between applying the Oil Painting effect versus applying a high (6 out of a possible 8) Dispersion underpainting first. Then a Cotton paper texture was applied with a depth of 150. Finally the Oil Painting brush was set to 7 and applied. The rougher you make Ihe graphic before Oil Painting, the more realistic the painterly look.
A 72 DPI visual measuring 5x5 inches will only be 1.2 x 1.2 inches at 300 DPI and 0.15 x 0.15 inches at 2400 DPI A lot of printing software make these adjustments on the fly, so you never have to worry about it, but that is not the case when you do professional DTP work. As an example, I recently created a piece of cover art for a music CD. On screen, the artwork was about three times the size of the CD space with a 300 DPI resolution.
When printed in actual size, it looked like a photo.
Natural Media If you are targeting your computer graphics to print output (paper mediums), you will at some time want to craft your images so that they take on the appearance of what the trade calls "natural media'', oils, watercol- ors, pencil, ink. No matter that the original art is a photograph or a drawing, it is often necessary to add warmth to artwork by making it appear to be hand, not machine, crafted. Warm artwork gives a message of humanity, caring, heart versus head, almost without even considering the image. We can truly say that as far as visual art is concerned, the medium is
the message, or at least a good part of it.
There are, of course, times when you will require sharp raz.or edged graphics. A technical drawing, for instance, will not be appreciated if it looks like an oil painting or a dreamy watercolor. Numeric call-outs on a blueprint have no business appearing in '60's style rainbow graphics. When you do want to alter the feel of an image however, choose software that gives you the options to explore the possibilities. Enter, ImageFX from Nova Design.
ImageFX Artisfic Options Having .already covered ImageFX's effects options in the February issue of Amazing Computing, we will take a look at its "painterly" effects this time around. As a pencil and pen-and-ink artist for many years, I sometimes resent the ease with which great software does what it took me so long to learn. But I'm a bit schizophrenic about it as well, playing with effects tools until way past my bedtime, and drooling with glistening eyes at the results. Like many of you, I A rather interesting effect, almost like graffiti. A Stone texture was applied to the image, then a
Sobel edge detection. This would work well with text too.
Still love to create non-computer art, but I am also finding that my Amiga allows me to explore dimensions that go far beyond my initial training, opening both my eyes and my mind.
Our specific aim in this article is to show you how to use ImageFX to alter photographic images so that they appear as if they were created by the hand and not the camera. In many cases, this is somewhat of a trade-off between the appearance of the graphic and the amount of information it contains.
What must be understood is what I have termed "painterly" images.
Painterly images appear as if they were paintings or drawings, the information is transferred to the medium. Recognizable elements in the graphic, specifically small details, are lost What is gained, however, is a more immediate emotional content, an opening of the visual to allow for more interpretation by the viewer. In short, more visual interest. In psychology, we call this a perceptual shift to the right brain, away from the demanded logical alternatives resident in left- brained perception.
A good preparatory step is to choose your original graphics wisely.
Never use pictures full of nothing but small details alone. Look for images that dominate the viewplane. Organic figures work the best (human faces, animals, large foreground fauna), though discernible shapes of any kind can also produce appealing results.
Also make sure your images are contrasty, light against dark or vice versa. For our explorations in this article, we will choose some graphics from the ProPics CD of images produced by Legendary Technologies.
This is a wonderful CD-ROM packed with loads of images in Toaster FrameStore, IFF, BMP, TIFF and JPEG formats.
Underpainfing It is also important to become familiar with the term "underpainting", especially its new definition in the electronic arts.
Traditionally, underpainting developed as a technique used by the master of oil painting. It describes the ability to use large swashes of color on a canvas before you apply the colors of the final images. You would think that because underpainted areas are covered by the final palette that underpainting is just a waste of time, but the masters knew better. Subtle changes in light and color take effect with underpainting that have a great effect on the final colors in the image.
As a digital use of underpainting, we realize that electronic canvases are different, and that printed output is also very different in color and light from your computer screen. For a computer artist, underpainting may not be associated with color alone, but with the application of various techniques upon an image before a final effect is applied. Like traditional painting, digital underpainting has lasting and radical effects on the final image, and requires study to master or even to begin to understand. With our ImageFX explorations in creating art effects, we will explore some
underpainting processes and display the results.
The great thing about exploring image manipulations in ImageFX is that you have multiple undos at your command, making discovery and risk fairly painless.
ImageFX 2.x required tools There are so many great effects tools in ImageFX that the hardest part is to limit their use, choosing only those at the start that help you get a creative grasp on what you are doing.
This article is in no way intended to be a complete tutorial on how to navigate in IFX. It is strongly suggested that you spend some time, if you have not already, in reading the IFX documentation and working through the tutorials.
This article assumes you have had at least that experience.
We are going to incorporate the following ImageFX tools, so you might want to locate them beforehand: the selection options, negative, edge detection, solarize, posterize, false color, antique, balance, oil paint, disperse, roughen, paint effects and apply texture. If you are interested in computer graphics but you are not an ImageFX user yet, the graphics that accompany this article should still be of interest.
The great thing about exploring image manipulations in ImageFX is that you have multiple undos at your command, making discovery and risk fairly painless. Balance, negative, disperse, and roughen will be considered as underpainting tools for this journey, meaning that we will not use them as final rendering steps.
Snake Skin texture, Blur, and Oil Paint. The texture translates into what appear to be brush strokes, emphasizing the believability that this is truly an oil painting.
One last preparatory remark, do this exploration on an AGA Amiga or one that Iras 24-bit graphics capability if at all possible, since much of the beauty of what can be accomplished with these tools and methods will be lost on anything less.
!n General Some things that I have discovered over the years, in addition to my earlier comments about using contrasty pictures, might also be of benefit to your experiments. Pushing the contrast of an image to the max increases the density of the outlines in all of the edge detection operations.
Conversely, moving the contrast down to the minimum first, gives edge detection renderings more detail and less blatant outlining.
When you have an image with features that you want to emphasize (like the features of a face), move the contrast down. If you desire a more silhouetted image, move the contrast up.
Moving up the Gamma setting beforehand also enhances edge detection detail, while moving up the brightness alone washes out detail.
Since certain edge detection algorithms render as grayscale images with results based only on the luma signal (brightness), it sometimes helps beforehand to turn off all but one color gun (leave the R, G, or B on that has the best contrasted image). This is possible in the ImageFX balance window.
Posterizing an image before applying edge detection enhances all of the detail because intermediate grays are dropped out. This might be a good choice for a harder edged effect, like a technical illustration (use a fairly low posterization setting).
Turning up the contrast (which I call "underpainting with contrast") before using an oil painting effect, gives you a graphic that looks like a paint-by-the-numbers piece. Using a high dispersion routine setting before oil painting produces a watercolor look. This can be most effective with the human face as the larget.
On the left is ? Cubist Pointing Effect (setting=500 strokes) and randomized color, followed by Oil Paint with a brush size of 3.
This is very much like a ten watercolor. In the middle, the same cubist Painting Effect with negative on, followed by a ramping edge detection. The result is much like Oriental embroidered silk. Plaster Texture (Shading on), Blur, a Dispersion of 8, followed lastly by Oil Painting with a brush size of 4. Finally, Antiquing was applied over everything, adding an ethereal yellowish cast to the painting.
Underpainting with a texture before applying the oil painting effect can result in some beautiful abstracted electronic paintings. Unless you Underpainting with a texture before applying the oil painting effect can result in some beautiful abstracted electronic paintings.
Absolutely require it, I would caution against using textures right out of the bottle. Either blur the image afterward or use a painting effect. 1 find vanilla textures alone a bit too harsh and "computery" looking.
The Looks Negative' This operator does what it says, reversing all of the hue and luminance values in an image. It is best used as a special underpainting technique, and works best on segments of an image rather than on the whole graphic. It has no effect on edge detection, since edges remain edges.
Edge Detection- Although 1FX offers three separate edge detection methods, the most useful one to our present explorations is the Sobel routine. This produces exquisite pencil and pen-like graphics from photos.
Solarize- This is like adding a super blast of sunlight, and works best when used as an underpainting technique before a Sobel operation.
Posterize- Woodstock anyone?
This operator can either produce 60's like art right from the box, or it can be used to underpaint another painterly effect. It is important to select a graphic with lots of color all over or you will be dissatisfied with the results.
False Color- I usually use the "use palette" option here. The result is a very modern looking graphic, part edge detected and part colorized. This is a good tool out of the box, though using a blur over it decreases the computer look.
Antique- You can use this as is on photos to produce aged graphics. Used with other routines, usually last, it also gives a warmer character to the graphics.
Oil Paint- This option smears out edges and detail and at the same time differentiates color blocks. Used with other routines first, some startling electronic paintings can be produced.
Disperse- This operator also addresses edges, but instead of merely following them like edge detection does, it smears edges. This can add a lot to later painting effects.
Roughen- This is a Lot like dispersion, but instead of effecting edges alone, it roughens the whole graphic, introducing pixelated noise into the mix. Under the right circumstances, this can create a look comparable to what an artist calls "stippling", especially when a Sobel routine is applied over it.
Apply Texture- This applies a texture seemingly "behind" the artwork. The texture list is very extensive.
Paint Effects- These are similar to textures, except that they seem to rest on rather than behind the graphic. The menu is one of ImageFX's most complex, offering thousands of possible ways to apply these effects.
Unlike most other Amiga graphics output tools, ImageFX saves out images at 300 DPI. Hope you enjoyed this ImageFX excursion. The next AC ImageFX tutorial will focus upon rub- thru variations. Enjoy! See you in ROMulan space.
ImageFX Nova Design, Inc. 1910 Byrd Avenue Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 282-6528
(804) 965-0234 BBS
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0 Copyright 1996 terukntoniccit |Fx. AZJ Rights Reserved Cinema 4D: Tutorial 1 Cinema 4D Object Sculpting Techniques by R. Shamms Morticr The Amiga boasts some of the most serious 3D software of any system available, and it can compete effectively with any other platform.
The only difference is speed. That is why so many Amigans dizzy by tbe lack of Amigas have been opting to purchase Pentium or Alpha machines, not so much for the available software as for the dedicated rendering power.
No serious animation studio is without at least one Amiga. True, it may be hidden away so that the client only gets a view of the spanking new SGI sitting center stage, but the Amiga is still there, waiting, breathing the hot winds of creativity when the lights are low and the designer is alone with her thoughts.
We all have our favorite Amiga 3D software, and for those of you naving suttered all these years through my sermons and tutorials, you know all about my choices. My choices in 3D software aside for the moment, I also recognize that you deserve to know about the full range of available options. However, "Houston, we have a problem."
By myself, I am incapable of providing that, as no single Amazing author can cover every aspect of the 3D field alone. Each has her his own target area of mastery, and the writing skills to lead you, the thirsty artist and animator, to water. That is why it is important that those of you who have mastered specific packages get up the courage and take the time to contribute those ideas to other Amazing Computing readers from time to time. In that way, we'll all benefit from each others discoveries.
Speaking about discoveries, I have discovered that Cinema 4D from HiSoft has art and animation options not found in competing Amiga packages that 1 am aware of (and like the jaded world traveller, "I've seen and explored 'em all" in the last ten years). Some of you may have seen my Cinema 4D review in the February issue of Amazing Computing, where an overview of C4D's features was presented.
Figure 2 (left). Deform and Crumple are two of C4D’s effects that can be applied to 3D objects. Here we see the Cinema 4D “Figure” object, and to its right are the applied “deform: and “crumple". The interactive menus allow for the changing of the respective settings.
I have discovered that Cinema 4D from HiSoft has art and animation options not found in competing Amiga packages... Cinema 4D is a very rich program, however, and deserves more specific looks at some of its creative tools. It has more market share overseas at this point than here, but then again it hasn't been openly available here except for fairly recently.
What 1 would like to do is to offer you a handful of tutorials that explore some of C4D's tools in greater detail.
One, because that will allow you to decide if what Cinema 4D does is what you might be looking for, and two, because you should be aware of what other Amiga packages are capable of, even if you decide that they are not your cup of virtual tea. In this first Cinema 4D tutorial, we will be taking a close look at some of the available object sculpting and creation options, how they work, and the unique objects that they can provide.
Figure 3. A more refined look at the DEFORM effect on a plane surface shows how different settings effect the outcome. A- target=XZ plane, Amplitude 50, Function l=Decrease, Function 2=Saw Tooth, Frequency and phase=default. B- target=XZ plane, Amp!itude=80, Function l=t x t x t, Function 2=Wobble, Frequencies set at 2 & 2, Phase at 0%. C- target=XZ plane, Amplitude = 77, Function l=Sq.Root, Function 2 = Decrease, Frequencies at 3 & 2, Phase at 0% and 60%. All of these surfaces were simple and identical flat ground planes before the various deforms were applied.
Figure is an articulated humanoid form, and Fractal is an automatic 3D terrain generator.
Figure 4 (above). Boolean operators perform drilling magic in Cinema 4D. When selected, a pop up menu allows you to choose the drill and the target object. Then it is merely a matter of waiting a few seconds while the operation is completed.
Cinema 4D Primitives At this juncture in the development of 3D 4D software, most every package has a selection of primitives, basic objects, that can be accessed.
Many times you can use primitives unchanged, stacking them like so many blocks to build more complex objects. Actually, we should be calling these primitives "internal primitives", because in a sense, any pre-made object you load can be thought of as a primitive. It can always be used unaltered as part of a larger construct.
Cinema 4D has a rich collection of internal 3D object primitives. These include: cone, cube, cylinder, pyramid, sphere, tetrahedron, torus. These are listed under Object Primitives menu, along with some 2D and non-object primitives (which I would prefer to be placed in another non-3D object list).
A I Help window Also listed in the Object Special Object menu are two choices that I would group with the 3D primitives list, Figure and Fractal. Figure is an articulated humanoid form, and Fractal is an automatic 3D terrain generator. See Figure 1 for a visual display of these 3D primitives.
G i Deform Plane (?j Sphere j First Function- Eundion (21 Wobble | I 1 I Ehase | o% | Amplitude | ioo
- Second Function- Function P| Wobble Freq. | i Phase I o% Figure
5 (left). All of these objects were built using a primitive
cylinder as a base and applying specific Deform parameters on
the planes of targeted change: A- Sphere Plane, B- Cylinder
Plane, C- XY Radial Plane, D- Sphere Plane with Square Root
Cancel j A MA ZING COMPITTING Figure 6 (right). The subject we have chosen is a primitive Cinema 4D Torus.
A- Radial with an X Move of 50, B- Radia! With an X Move of 100, C- Axial with XYZ Move set to 10, 10, 10.1 am amazed that of these objects look like yummy frosted pastry.
As a general rule, when you want to bring up data menus for transformation operations in Cinema 4D, you hold down the shift key while making your choice. There are so many possibilities for object transformation included with Cinema 4D, that giving you some sense of what is possible so that you will gain a degree of intuitive knowledge on what the controls are capable of requires a narrowing of your explorations.
What I mean is that jumbling all of the controls at once (and this goes for any software you are trying to learn) may result in accidental nice graphics, but will give you zero retention rate when it comes time to repeat your tasks. I would suggest then that you play with just one option at a time in the control menus, keeping some records of what your tweaking produces.
Choose a simple object, a cylinder or cube for instance. Deforming objects always takes notice of how complex, how many polys, arc being operated on. Better results are achieved when there are more polys involved, since this means that the twists and turns of the new object will be seen as a smoother surface.
Twisting an object with a minimum number of polys results in sharper edges overall, not that you might not require that on occasion.
What I generally do to a primitive object is to make sure it is triangulated (polys become triangular surfaces) and then double the polys. This results in a better object to deform, twist, and bend.
In Cinema 4D's Deformation controls, the first control parameter I would like to suggest for experiment is the "Plane" controls. This toggleable list tells the software which plane or series of planes the effects will be applied to, and very different objects can result from the application of these options alone. The results of selected alterations in the planar option can be appreciated in Figure 5.
Deforr'irg obiec's always takes; nottee ©f haw a©mpl©*,, haw many polys, are being operated on.
Axial, then all three axis can be numerically altered. I usually leave the "subdivisions" setting at its defaulted zero.
Crumple Crumple is really a special case of Deform, but with fewer options for targeted change. You can either apply a crumple effect radially or axially. If radial, then only one axis parameter, the X, can be numerically changed. If Crumples are great in an animation, and can add that needed touch of realism to a piece of printed paper floating on the wind. Experiment and explore this setting at will, and also look at the results achieved in Figure 6.
A pun 1996 i d | Help -window ? I I ? I mylattiei i 1 - i- i , ,_ HP 'uU ' w.. Sv'’5 k.SBJt ’ • '* Wrap P| Spherical | Radius |"~ goo Move | o Longrtude---rlafitude- S!art 1 l30° I Start I -46° g&mm £nd | 360° | End | 45* Polygon Cancel Figure 7. Another Cinema 4D object modification possibility is “Wrap”, Selections include Spherical, Cylindrical, and Planar. This effect tries its best to wrap a selected object into the chosen shape, many times with unexpected 'results when the object is a 3D one, as you can see from the way that this lathed object responds to the effects. A- Spherical,
B-Cylindrical, C-Pianar. The lathed object was wrapped on a star shaped polygon for the planar effect, resulting pretty much in a crumpled mess, but it animates interestingly.
Wrap This effect is probably best applied to a plane or 2D poly object, since the alterations it produces on 3D objects is often strange. It does make for interesting animations, no matter the targeted object. A right mouse click on tire effect brings up its requester where parameters can be altered. Make sure that all objects explored with this effect have had their polys subdivided at least twice, resulting in smoother final renders.
Conclusions Cinema 4D is far more extensive in all areas than the few examples we have illustrated demonstrate. Hopefully this will give you some sense of its power, and also let you know that Amiga development in the arena of 3D graphics is still continuing. Our next Cinema 4D tutorial will take a further look at C4D's capabilities. Enjoy! See you in ROMulan space.
In the U.S., Cinema 4D (a HiSoft product from England) is distributed and supported by Oregon Research
(503) 620-4919 orres@teleport.com
• AC* Web Typesetting Part 1: Introduction by Randy finch teete
gvgjlgtete m vMm Qiiid; wJii you con do witft yoyr- Amiga to
Cf aHiit Wofe pages on, tdit intern .. The long stated
prognostications have finally come true. The Internet has
become a mainstream means of publishing and communicating. File
transfers, remote programs, E-mail, home pages, newsgroups,
list servers, video-conferencing, and much more are a reality
over the Internet.
Thousands of new subscribers come online every day. New home pages are added at an unbelievable pace. The biggest problem seems to be the ability of the communications companies to keep up with the bandwidth needed to handle the number of people online. Fortunately, they have been doing a pretty good job so far.
The World Wide Web One of the fastest growing segments of the Internet is the World Wide Web or WWW for short.
Currently, the WWW allows individuals, businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and whomever to create a textual and graphical, somewhat multimedia, presentation that anyone with an Internet connection and Web browser software can access.
Of course, with the currently available transfer speeds, it is not yet a true multimedia system. Rather, it is an infant in its crawling stage. However, with higher transfer speeds (ISDN and cable access) and new file compression schemes, it will soon begin to pull itself up and start cruising along the edge of the couch.
Hopefully, by the end of this millennium, it will be walking tall and beginning to run.
Getting Connected There are essentially two ways to connect to the Internet. One is a direct connection; the other is an indirect connection. The former requires you to purchase all the equipment necessary to connect with a communications company that offers Internet sendees.
This can cost thousands of dollars up front and is therefore mostly limited to businesses and institutions.
The indirect connection only requires purchasing a modem and connect time with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who themselves have a direct connection into the Internet.
This method is relatively inexpensive if vou already own a computer. To give you an idea of the cost, my namebrand 28.8 Kbps fax modem cost about $ 200 several months ago. Some off- brands with the same speed are now available for about $ 100.
My local ISP has two basic levels of service available. The first level is $ 9.95 per month and allows 10 hours of connect time. For each hour above 10,1 pay $ 0.95 per hour. This service also includes 10 MB of hard drive space for storing files or creating a personal home page. Space above 10 MB costs SI.00 per MB per month.
The second level of service from my local ISP is $ 24.95 per month. It provides a "common sense" unlimited access to the Internet as well as unlimited disk space within reason.
I have heard that in some areas, major educational institutions offer unlimited access to the Internet for about $ 15, If you live in such an area, check it out, just be aware that there are many different services available on the Internet and some ISPs may not offer all of these to their customers.
My ISP has a mail server, a news server with all newsgroups available, an FTP server, a WWW server, a chat server, personal home page capabilities, an 800 modem number for out-of- town access (with a surcharge), backup numbers, and good tech support. They are also continually increasing the number of lines available so no one will ever get a busy signal when they try to connect, just because a particular ISP is cheaper does not mean it is a better deal. It all depends on how you plan to use the service.
Web Browsers There are many different Web browsers on the market. Unfortunately, as Rob Hayes said in his February 1996 column in AC, Amosaic is the only one currently available for the Amiga. Further, the Amiga Amosaic does not support some of the , i - netscape - manna men 5 name pjcfj Yes, that is a picture of yours truly to the left. It is the only picture of me that has actually appeared on the cover of a magazine. No, not TIME or NEWSWEEK or PEOPLE. Rather. AMAZING COMPUTING FOR THE COMMODORE AMIGA. I have written many articles for this magazine over the last several years. A recent
one was about the Xspecs 31) glasses (which is what I am wearing in the picture). This article was in the June 1995 issue. There is more information below about my articles. Cheek it out!
Randy Finch’s Home Page Welcome to my humble World Wide Web abode.
Email your comments to: irfinrIt' d Hi W AAV net You are visitor number since February 5,1996 I intend to provide several interesting topics on this cyberspace page. I have many interests including: computers, writing, photography, videography, philosophy, science, and science fiction. As new items are added, more links will be added to this page. Check back from time to time.
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• Amazing Articles The archives of my articles that have appeared
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• Educational ideo Information about a MATH ANXIETY educational
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DmreS Dow zi m Visit the Author's own homepage at
http: fly.hiwaay.net ~rcfinch for a sample of diverse personal
Web activity.
Newer features available with browsers on other platforms, although some of these features will be added in future updates.
The most advanced browsers are available for Pcs, Macintoshes, and Unix systems. The most popular browser by far is Netscape Navigator.
There are essentially two ways to connect to the Internet. One is a direct connection; the other is an indirect connection.
It is a multi-platform (but not Amiga) product and is free for students and staff of academic institutions and charitable non-profit organizations.
For everyone else, it costs about S49.
However, anyone can download the software and use it for 90 days before deciding to purchase it.
Netscape has been praised by some and disparaged by others for offering features that are not yet standardized and sometimes not even on the drawing board for future standardization. Netscape defends itself by saying that the standardization process is too slow and cannot keep pace with customer demands.
A ma zin a Com runs a Microsoft is now giving Netscape a run for their money. Its new Internet Explorer Web browser is totally free to everyone. However, until recently, it was only available for Windows '95. It is now available for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh platforms in beta form.
Although the Internet Explorer supports some of the newer browser features and has some of its own custom features, it is still behind Netscape Navigator.
Many other "free" Web browsers are available, but none are as feature laden as Netscape Navigator. Also, most online services such as America Online, CompuServe, Prodigy, and others have their own Web browsers built into their access software, I am only familiar with America Online's browser and it is no match for either Navigator or Internet Explorer.
Horne Page Creation Now we get to the meat of what this series of articles will be about: creating your own Web pages on the Internet for the world to see. In order to do this, you will have to have an account with an ISP that allows its customers to create Web pages and all the necessary programs for connecting to their server. (See Rob Hayes' On- Line Amiga Telecommunications column in the February 1996 issue of AC for comprehensive information on this topic.)
Once this is taken care of, there are several software tools you will need. A text editor or word processor capable of saving ASCII text files, a graphics package capable of saving files in GIF or JPEG format (preferably both), an FTP program for transferring files to the ISP's server, and one or more Web browsers for testing your Web pages.
Web pages are created in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) format. HTML files are in ASCII format so they will be totally portable across computer platforms.
Web pages are created in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) format. HTML files are in ASCII format so they will be totally portable across computer platforms. An HTV1L file contains the text that will appear on the Web page along with some special codes for formatting the text, referencing graphic files, and creating hypertext links to other documents.
For anyone who has created AmigaGuide help files, this will be familiar. (See my article on CanDo programming in the March 1994 issue of AC for information on creating AmigaGuide files.)
In my next column, I will begin a tutorial on creating HTML files for the WWW. Along the way, I will point out features that are not available in Amosaic since your target audience, as was mine, may be mostly Amiga users.
1 will use my own home page (Figure
1) in the tutorial.
Web Creation Tools Web creation tools for the Amiga are very slim, but are in abundance on other platforms. For this reason, 1 currently produce my Web pages on a PC running Windows '95.1 use an HTML tag editor, a graphics file conversion program that can write files in both GIF and JPEG formats and can read IFF files. In some cases, I use a WordPerfect add-in called Internet Publisher for saving WordPerfect files in HTML format.
A tag editor is nothing more than a text editor that has an easy way of inserting HTML codes into the document, thus alleviating the user from typing them in. I know of no HTML tag editors on the Amiga.
However, if you have an editor that allows macros to be created or supports Arexx, then you can build your own tag editor. ! Will discuss this more in a future article.
If you would like to check this out now, you can download an evaluation copy of HTML-Heaven from PKS MultiMedia Consulting at http: www.iaehv.nl users paul heaven.html. It uses Arexx with many popular Arexx aware text editors for adding HTML tags to documents. This software is shareware. The registered version is $ 15 and adds several extras to the evaluation version.
Since GIF and JPEG are the standard graphic file formats for Web browsers, they need to be used in your Web pages so everyone can view your pictures. Although it would be nice for the program you use for creating graphics to be able to save files in these formats, it is not absolutely necessary.
Another program capable of converting IFF files to GIF or JPEG can be used for this task.
The Future of the Amiga and the Internet Although gathering all the tools together for browsing the Web, creating your own Web pages, and then getting them all to work on your Amiga is a daunting task, this may change in the near future. As you have probably heard, Amiga Technologies GmbH (http: www.amiga.de) has already released a system called the Amiga Surfer in Germany. It should be available in North America soon.
The hardware in the Amiga Surfer consists of an Amiga 1200 with 2 MB of RAM and a hard drive, a 14.4 Kbps fax modem, a telephone connection, and a power supply. The software consists of the Wordworth text processor, Datastore database, TurboCalc spreadsheet, Organiser personal organizer, and Personal Paint graphics program. Internet software is also provided in the form of a PPP driver, I-Net 225 TCP IP stack, Mindwalker Web browser, VooDoo E- rnail program with MIME support, AmFTP FTP program, AmlRC chat program, MultiTerm SE terminal program, and MultiFax Light faxing program. This package
costs DM 1199 (about S810).
For people who already own a compatible Amiga, the Amiga Surf Kit containing the modem and the Internet software will be sold for DM 299 (about $ 202). For those already owning a modem, the Amiga Surfware package containing only the Internet software will be sold for DM 199 (about $ 135). Watch this column for a future review of the Amiga Surfer package, comparing it to the software currently available on the PC platform.
See you soon. In the meantime, check out my home page at http: fly.hiwaay.net ~rcfinch. 1 have all of my past AC articles online there. My E- mail address is rcfinch@hiwaay.net.
• AC* Please Write to: Randy Finch c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 Mention the word termite
to a homeowner and watch their face blanch at the thought of
huge exterminator bills. Mention the same word to an Amiga
owner with a modem and watch their face light up with joy.
While there still is the potential for a huge bill, it will be the result of many happy hours spent on the phone downloading files from BBS's.
Amiga Telecommunications Termite 1.1 Has Oregon Research created the ultimate Amiga telecommunications program or have they just come close?
By Rob Hays Termite from Oregon Research is the first commercial terminal program for the Amiga in too many years.
Because of the proliferation of good public domain and shareware terminal programs, many Amiga users thought this was a saturated market. However, with a street price very near the suggested shareware fee of many freely distributable programs, Termite has managed to make a home for itself.
At the start, Termite displays a button bar at the bottom of the screen. This row of Supplied on a single floppy disk, Termite is installed with the use of the Commodore Installer utility. Other requirements are OS2.04 or above, a Hayes-compatible modem, and a minimum of one megabyte of RAM.
Termite is most certainly a full featured terminal program, including all of the features needed for modem tele-communicating: a phonebook to store the numbers of favorite systems, and any special configuration settings they may require, review buffer to reread text that may have already scrolled off the screen, the ability to transfer files between your Amiga and the host system, and more. In fact, there are very few features that one could wish had been included.
At the start, Termite displays a button bar at the bottom of the screen.
This row of icons gives one click access to the most commonly used functions of the program. No need to fumble through the menus or try to remember hot-key combinations. Want to bring up the phonebook? Just click on the phonebook icon and up it pops. Don't care for the placement of the icons within the bar? Rearrangement is a matter of only a couple of mouse clicks. Prefer the buttons in a vertical line-up instead of the usual horizontal one? A single click makes the change.
You can substitute your own artwork for any of those supplied for the buttons, and each button has its own editor available to help make alterations quick and easy.
If I had to describe Termite in one word, that word would be flexible. The variations available with the button bar are just one example of this flexibility. Nearly every other aspect of the program's operation and appearance has the same sort of choices icons gives one click access to the most commonly used functions of the program.
Available. The down side to all of this flexibility is the need to configure all of these different options. While this can take some time to fine tune, most users will be able to get online with their local BBS's with the default settings.
Scripts within Termite can range from simple to complex. A simple script to automate the login process can be generated with a menu choice.
This will cause Termite to learn the procedures and write the script necessary to reproduce the required actions. From then on whenever Termite dials the phone number, your login script will be executed.
Termite allows its users to completely configure the program to their tastes from screen colors to icon design.
Scripts within Termite can range from simple to complex. A simple script to automate the login process can be generated with a menu choice.
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Termite’s displays offer users a full view of what is going on including the ability to split screen.
Tern Mic I 78 x 47 ISL i t » File Selection for Downloading with Znoden « ] Currently you have these files queued for downloading: Neus c«indx2.uue C2 Heui cnindx3.uue C3 Negi ftindx17.uue 4 N«Ji ft indxlfl.uue mss _ Fite nane ff t indxl 8 . Uue m Message |reeetving binary file Last Error I Est . T ine |00:fl1 :25 Elapsed Tine 100:91;15 CPS 11 638 Size 140372 Transferred |V23904' Errors
- 4k nds inds nds nds nds Stop Press CENTER] to begin transfer,
or [fllbort I Cpress CTRL-X to abort Znoden] 00000000000000 I
More complex scripts and macro functions can be written to
automate entire online sessions if you wish.
With a vocabulary of 30 Arexx commands, virtually all of the functions of Termite, your modem, and your Amiga's serial port are controllable through your scripts, Termite has built-in terminal emulations for the ANSI and VT 102 standards. Between them, these two emulations will probably work on 90% of the BBS's around. Also included with the program are three other emulations, and the ability to add many more. Transfer protocols include the popular Zmodem, and CompuServe's QuickB. As new terminal emulations and transfer protocols are developed, they can be added as standard XEM and XPR
libraries, which insures Termite can continue to serve your terminal program needs for years to come.
Termite's current version is 1.1, and it is much improved over the original. Oregon Research has a very liberal upgrade policy, and if you are still using version 1.0,1 urge you to get the new one. They also maintain a presence on CompuServe, Genie, and the Internet for support and information.
The manual is spiral bound and does a fine job describing the program and its use. The section on troubleshooting is short but should solve most common problems. A quick reference Using status boxes, interactive menus, and on-line help, Termite 1.1 otters Amiga users a complex, but flexible terminal package.
Ternlte Tips and Tricks
- Bacfesja Terpite's Menus i 1 1 51 kl|.cn[ l jnei»|?
BetttnBB Locate Settings Path Set11 nos
- T. rp.i.nal .Sot tings Sc r f-rn Spt ' 111 g*» _Bo.deP-.Bett
- Ser.i.a.i Set Tngs.. Transfer Status Hindou Pialor
- Button Bar.
- mero Li.sj.. .n.-icro Editor Chat Htndpu St aO j Up load List
RPQieu Bufffr Phonebook editor Phonebook Terninal Hindow niiUk
Start Huont TgieconnuoUat mns Terntte Online Help - Table of
Contents Termite’s current version is 1.1, and it is much
improved over the original.
Card illustrates the standard button bar icons along with their hot-key equivalents, and the file name of the artwork for that icon.
Faults and Conclusions With the understanding that no program is perfect, there are a few minor items 1 would like to see changed in the next version. When setting the paths Termite uses, the gadget that brings up the standard Amiga file requester is a blank box instead of the standard graphic symbol. Also, during a download there is no indication of remaining space on your destination drive. An indication of free space couid be a real help during long downloads to already packed drives. Finally, when you call up the on-line help, you get either a tabLe of contents or an alphabetical index of
topics available. The addition of context-sensitive help would be a welcome enhancement.
The minor nature of my suggestions is a tribute to Termite's programmers. If you are still limping along with an old terminal program, you owe it to yourself to check out Termite.
Termite 1.1 $ 49.95 Oregon Research 16200 S. W. Pacific Hwy, Suite 162 Tigard. OR 97224
(503) 620-4919 FAX (503) 624-2490 Internet: orres@teleport.com
Genie: ORA CIS: 71333,2655
North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga replacement
and upgrade chips AMIGA REPLACEMENT & UPGRADE CHIPS (Factory
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0 S $ 12.50
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2. 04 ROM A3QQ0 (Set of 2 Rom 0 1) ......$ 39,95
2. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete 0 3 without support
file).., ..., .$ 7.95
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3. 1 ROM (A 1200)
$ 62,50
3. 1 ROM(s) Software Manual S124.00 S137.50
3. 1 manual
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3. 1
Software ..$ 10
3. 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support
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Denise 8373 v.VrJiagroslic disk $ 19 95 Gary
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Expandable vio trap door) lo 2MB jusl like ihe DKB MegoChip a! A fraction of ihe cosi.
On this biesf revision board is a real lime clock, |RTC] with battery and includes the newest chips: 1- 2MB Agnus, 2- 8520 CIA, 1 Poub, 1 Gary, 1 Ceruse, blest 2 04 O S ROM, I 68000-8 CPU, 8 - 256 x 4 DRAM. If you purchased these chips abne they would cost you $ 191, plus the cost of the motherboard.
NOTE: These same chips are original replacements for the A200G series, Comes with a 90 day warranty, Ine Final Test system Gnd RAL *V Jpr T NTSC “ PAL| TRADE-INS AVAILABLE
• 3.1 O S ROM (Installed) in above
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Inexpensive Diagnostic Analyzer Tkat Works On All Amigas A
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software, displays 8 screens to woric from. Shows states ol
data ports, memory (buffer) checker, system configuration and
auto lest. Reads diagnostic status of ony reod write errors
from track 0 to track 79. Software automatically tells what
errors are found and the chips components responsible. 85 to
90% of the problems presented to service centers ere found with
this analyzer. Saves you lots of money on repairs and no end
user or repair shop can afford to be without one. Don't be
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centers worldwide and is the only one of its kind.
71&W Z.O l Cr-t£ZOt * A500 external ..S74.95 A3000 S74.95 Adapter (included) is required for A500 and A4000 keyboard. Piease specify. One year warranty. These high quality PC-type keyboards were originally for sale only in Europe and are now available for the first time in the U.S. ? HOT NEW ITEMS ?
Commodore GmbH Germany and Commodore U.K. Ltd., has liquidated their entire Amiga inventory. A large amount of that stock was purchased directly by Paxtron U.S. Until our shipment arrives by sea freight, we have flown In some hot Items:
• A500+ COMPUTER: Includes latest BA revision board with 2MB
Agnus, Super Denise, new 3.1 O S, plus all chips. Also has
additional 1MB ICD AdRAM 510 for a total of 2MB (similar to
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CLICK between PAL 8, NTSC. 90 day warranty. Limited
quantity ......S299.95
• VIDEO ENHANCER PLUS tor CD32. The enhancer does two important
things: It allows you to use the RGB format and electronically
enhances the RGB signal tor a much improved
display ..S29.95
• A501 original CBM 512KB Memory Expansion Card with clock,
calendar battery for A500 computers. Includes instructions and
warranty S19.95
• A520 Video Modulator Adapter Kit with cables and instructions
(NTSC). Run any Amiga on your television
• Super Buster Chip (rev. 11). Latest upgrade
(390539-11) S29.95
• C64 (NTSC) Motherboard with all chips and 90 day warranty
S29.95 28 Grove Street. Spring Valley, NY 10977 914-578-6522 •
800-815-3241 800-595-5534 • FAX 914-624-3239 Hours: 9-5 pm EST
* Add S6.00 UPS Charges ¦ MC VISA * Prices subject to change
Paxtron CORPORATION amiga telecommunications Rob Si G services.
This month we will take a break from surfing the Web to catch up on some odds and ends.
New Rates At Genie On January 24, the Genie network was sold to Youvelle Renaissance Corporation. This is a division of IDT, which is an east coast Internet access provider. Wasting little time, the new owners announced a new service named GenieNet with a host of new features, including full PPP SLIP connections for graphical Web browsers. They also announced a new rate structure.
If you choose to join the new GenieNet, you are charged a flat $ 29 per month for unlimited Internet access at speeds up to 28.8kbps. Time spent on the existing Genie system would be billed at $ 2.75 per hour. On the other hand, if you choose to remain with the original service, effective February 1 the rates changed from S8.95 per month with four hours of usage included, to $ 18.95 per month with nine hours included. Extra hours are billed at the $ 2.75 rate. While this is a large increase it can be somewhat justified by the inclusion of more hours and a lower rate for extra hours.
What cannot he justified is the manner in which it was handled. Users were given at most a few hours warning before the new rates went into effect. If you happened to be on line late in the evening of January 31, you had the opportunity to read about the new rates before they took affect the next morning. To add further injury to many budgets, Youvelle announced a change in the way charges would he calculated. This meant two charges to users' credit checking accounts for February. One charge for the January usage under the old system, plus a charge for February under the new system.
All of this has angered many users, and has prompted many of them to leave Genie. It remains to be seen what the long term results of these actions will be on the network.
One small change made by the new owners had an unexpected result.
They changed the name from "GEnie" to "Genie". This small change caused the automated terminal program Aladdin to stop at the opening screen.
Many users reported starting the program and coming back later to find they were still connected, with none of their messages collected for reading.
Some joked that was one way to use up some of the new extra hours.
Tim Purves, who has done an excellent job over the years with Aladdin, got busy and updated the program to allow for the name change.
If you haven't already done so, be sure to download the new version 1.84c. Comparison Shopping How do the new Genie rates compare to other services? On CompuServe, the standard membership is $ 9.95 per month, with five hours included, and additional hours S2.95. Or for $ 24.95 per month, you get 20 hours with additional hours at $ 1.95. On Delphi, there are also two pricing plans available. The first is 510 per month with four hours included VisionSoft
P. O. Box 4398 Carmel, CA 93921, U.S.A 800-735-2633 800-735-2633
sales@visionsoft.com hslp: www.visionsoft,com Memory
IxI-iOOns Page Dip !x4-70ns Page Zip A3000 Ix4-60nj SC Zip
A3000 1x4-70ns SC Zip 256x4-70iu Page Zip 256x4-70ns Page Dip
1x9- 70ns Simm Ix8-70n3 S'uran lx8-80m Simm 4x8-70iu Simm
4x9-70iu Simm lx32-60ns Simm (4m b) 1x36-70ns Simm (4mb)
2x32-60ns Simm (8mb) 4x32-60na Simm (16mb) 8x32-60ns Simm
(32mb) GVP 32 1 mb S imm GVP32 4mb Simm GVP 32 !6mb Simm
4. 50
20. 50
25. 50
24. 50
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CD 19.50 AmlNel Set 2 39JO ASIM CDFS 2.0 35.95 ASIM CDFS 3jc
w Fish CD 59.95 Audition 4 12.95 CBM Amiga Unix Multiuser
89.95 Eye o f Beholder II 29.95 Gold Fish CD 14.95 GunShip
2000 CD32 19.95 Lemmings CD32 19.95 Nigel Mansell's CD32
19.95 Pinball Fantasies 19.95 Prince of Persia 6.95 Populous
6,95 Syndicate 9.95 Wild Wheel 9.95 Upgrades & Custom Chips
1. 3 Kicks tart Rom 19.95
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3. 1 Rom Tor A50Q 6Q0 200G 59.95
3. 1 Rom for A30GQ 400Q 79.95
3. 1 Kit for A500 600 2000 129.95
3. 1 Kit for A300Q 4000 144.95 8575 Imb Agnus 19.95 8372A lmb
Agnus 34.95 8372B 2mb Agnus (A3000) 39.95 8520 A-l CIA 12.95
8520 Surface Mount 24.95 8364 R7 Paula 16.95 8373 Super Denise
34.95 A2620-30 Rom Rev. 7 29.95 A2091 RomRev.7 29.95
SuperDnmcRev.4 49.95 Ramsey Rev. 7 44.95 Super Buster Rev, 11
53,95 Fat Gary 39.95 5719 Gary 13.95
W. D. SCSI Chip 8A 34.95 Hurd Drives Areal 2-5'60mb IDE Conner 2
110 mb IDE
65. 95
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9. 95 Segate 2-5" 21 Omb IDE Quantum 3.5" 270mb IDE Conner 1.08gb
2. 5" Hard Drive Cable Modems Supra 28.8 Ext Fax Modem 209.95 JR
Comm Software 5.00 Serial Modem Cable 9.00 Null Modem Cable
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Keyboard Adapter A20(X) 9.95 Keyboard to A40QQ System Keyboard
Adapter A4000 9.95 Keyboard to A2000 Sy stem A500 Case 19.95
A1200 Case 29.95 RCA Video Cable 6.95 RF Modulator 8.95 A520
Video Adapter 13.95 A501 Ram Card for A500 39,95 A500 Mother
Board Rev. 6A 129,95 A1000 Pal Set DKB 19.95 A1000 System w
Keyboard 79.95 MicroBiolics 1200 Clock 23.95 MidlGold 500
39.95 ICD AdSCSl 2000 89.00 Micro R&D C64 Power Supply 35.00
Mlndscape Powerplayers J S 9.95 Eldlpse Mouse wJ Mat 19.95
Safeskln for A12120 3014000 24.95 Moth Co Processor M6888 2
25mhz FN-PLCC M68882 33mhz FN-PLCC M68882 40mhz RC-PGA M68882
50mhz RC-PGA M680I0CPU Crystal Oscillator
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DalaFlyer 500 SCSI 159.95 DalaFlyer 1200- SCSI 94.95
DalaFlyer 4000- SCSI 99.95 DalaFlyer 2 3000 IDE 88.95
DalaFlyer 2 3000 SCSI S9.95 DalaFlyer 2 3000 IDE . SCSI
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95.95 DalaFlyer 4000 SX-25 SCSI 99.95 Baseboard 1200 29.95
Baseboard 601C_ 39.95 dkb DKB Wildfire 060 50
1499. 00 RxtpidFiie SCSI U 149 BO DKB 1202 for A1200
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16. 95 Kwikstait II for A1000
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29. 95 DKB 3128 for A300Q 4000
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249. 95 Ferret SCSI 11 for A1200
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Speed CD-ROM Drive 600 kbytes s (quadruple).
150ms Randow Access Time, *uS SCSI II, Caddy less *v GVP 123QTurbo* wMmb for AI200 $ 449.95 GVP A1200 SCSI I RAM* Kit $ 39.50 A2630 Accelerator Tor A2000 wf4mb & Rev. 7 ROM $ 395.00
(408) 626-2633
(408) 625-6588
(408) 625-6580 Info Fax BBS o Vian. Master ami Discover Card
orders are accepted with no surcharge. We also ship COD
only iu payuieut of Cash, Cashier's Check or Money Order,
All returns must be returned and aecoinpouied with a RMAtf
within 15 days. Defective products will be replaced with
the saiuc item only. Other returns subject to 25%
restocking fee. Skipping & Handling charges arc
nou-retiiudablc. Price &. Availability arc subject to
change without notice. We do not guarantee hardware and
software compatibility. We are not responsible for any
typographical errors.
Circle 120 on Reader Service card.
And additional hours priced at $ 4 per hour. The second is $ 20 per month, with 20 hours included, and extras costing $ 1.80. Internet services are an extra S3 per month for either plan.
Portal is a flat $ 19.95 per month for unlimited usage.
For More Information Here are the phone numbers for the various systems if you would like to call for more information.
CompuServe 800-848-8199 Delphi 800-695-4005 Genie 800-638-9636 Portal 800-433-6444 Who Ya Gonna Call?
Here are some more Amiga BBS's you might want to call.
NAME: The Catacomb PHONE: 504-882-6576 SPEEDS: 2400-28,800 bps CONTACT: Geoff Sloan NAME: Mystic Places PHONE: 504-641-6868 SPEEDS: 2400-14,400 bps CONTACT: Don Talbot NAME: Mike's Video House PHONE: 818-240-1593 SPEEDS: 1200-36,600 bps CONTACT: Mike Moon NAME: The Benchmaster's BBS PHONE: 408-238-5885 SPEEDS: Up to 14,400bps Where To Find Me rhays@intersource.com.
R. Hays5 on Genie RHAYS on Delphi 72764,2066 on CompuServe Rob
Hays on Portal For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community I will include the information I receive in this column from time to time.
If you come across any World Wide Web sites you feel would be of interest to the Amiga community, pass them along for inclusion in the Hotlist of the Month. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That's all for now. Next month it is back to the Net in a multitasking sort of way. See you on line!
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DRIVES & TITL£S CD ROM AMIGA Petro Tyschtschenko ESCOM announces record losses. Amiga Technologies changes distribution structure.
One man is in the center of ail this activity to keep Amiga strong, spend an afternoon with AT'stop exec.
Interview by Don Hicks New York City in the winter is just like New York City in the spring and summer.
Instead of hot and busy, its cold and busy.
This Sunday afternoon it was no different.
New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world, however, if vou are only there for a few hours, you tend to miss the intricacies of its nature and see only what it offers superficially.
1 was traveling to the Big Apple to meet with Petro Tyschtschenko, President One of its major problems is that ESCOM has never had a loss.
Never in its history has ESCOM reported a loss.
Of Amiga Technologies. My Publisher, boss, and wife, Joyce Hicks, was also traveling with me this trip. We had made the three hour drive (the traffic and roads had been exceptionally clear this cold winter morning) into the city to meet with Mr. Tyschtschenko and discuss the latest plans of Amiga Technologies. There had been a lot going on lately, but little news had been available to the North Americans.
As we waited for Mr. Tyschtschenko in an executive lounge on the fifteenth floor of the Sheraton Manhattan, Joyce and i discussed the last time we were in the hotel.
It had been in October of 1987. We had just completed the world's first Amiga show, A JUA 7.1 SG C OMPUTING AmiEXPO in the Sheraton Towers just across the street.
That show had been the starting place for a lot of good Amiga companies. 1 could not help wondering if this was an omen and we were on the edge of a new beginning for the Amiga, In a few short minutes, Mr. Tyschtschenko came moving in with energy and charm. He welcomed us all, quickly apologized for the delay.
As I adjusted my tape recorder for the meeting, 1 wondered if my equipment would pick up the soft, German accented voice of this genuinely excited man who insisted that we call him Petro. 1 wondered quickly to myself if I would be so enthusiastic if I had been in charge of the Amiga's recovery for almost a year. A year in which he was not only responsible to rebuild the Amiga 1200 and A4000 Tower from deserted plans and very few left over parts, but also the dealer network and distribution channel of a destroyed and looted Commodore. And yet, while he had accomplished both, he was still
faced with challenges both within and outside of his control.
AC: We have heard that there are a lot of changes going on at Amiga Technologies, Is there anything that you can tell us?
Petro: We have reorganized our distribution in North America. Quikpak has been assembling our boards for the Amiga 4000 Towers for shipment to Europe. They have also been completing the assembly of the A4000 Towers for distribution in North America.
Quikpak will now become our master distributor in North America. They will continue to export A4000 Tower motherboards to Europe for final assembly there, but they will also supply distributors in North America with machines in quantities of fifty or more. Quikpak will now take care of this market. They will do the marketing and advertising in North America.
At the same time SMG, who was our previous exclusive distributor in North America, will remain with their special knowledge. They are important in their ability to handle repairs, telephone hot lines, etc, SMG remains an important part of our effort here in North America, however they will continue to concentrate on the tilings they do exceptionally well.
AC: Until now we have seen absolutely no marketing or advertising in North America.
Will this change?
Petro: Quikpak promised me that they will make a special deal so they can spend some money on marketing and advertising.
They will create packaging, special hardware assemblies with CD ROM drives, and other promotions. They will also discuss how they can market the A1200 in North America.
AC: Will Quikpak be able to bring Amiga 1200s to North America?
Petra: They said yes. The Amiga Surfer is already available in Germany. It has a 14.4 modem of course you can use a 28000 Baud modem with the software. The problem is, of course, to sell this technology you need to address some problems.
Advertising is of course very expensive.
Amiga Technologies is 100% dependent on ESCOM for our marketing dollars.
And ESCOM is currently not in the best shape. They are troubled just as Packard Bell is in the United States. The business in Pcs over the last quarter was terrible. ESCOM is a public company, they have 2,200 employees, they have revenue of DM 2.3 billion, but the margin on the PC is very low and the Christmas quota was terrible.
ESCOM announced in January a loss of 45 million Duetschmarks, which is S30 million. Last week, ESCOM's stock trading ESCOM's PC business was also hit hard. The development on the Intel chips has been dramatic. Look at the last one and a half years, you have the Pentium 60, the Pentium 75, the Pentium 90, the Pentium 100, the Pentium 120, the Pentium 133, the Pentium 150, and now the Pentium 160.
This is all in 12 to 14 months. It is unbelievable. This is also an issue as to why Packard Bell is having difficulties.
The PC market is drowning in product. After years of high sales, the market turned down and there is product galore. Everyone must write-off the losses.
They cannot sell it. There is no cash flow’ on such things. This is a situation which has to be solved and which will be solved. The share holders are standing behind ESCOM in this. They have issued a press release.
The press release came out on Friday.
AC: For the North American market, how will the addition of Quikpak change things?
Petro: Quikpak will serve all the distributors who are ordering 50 units or more.
Dealers will be served by the distributors.
Move a much larger volume of units.
Quikpak currently assembles the Amiga 4000 tower in the US and supplies the European market with the mother board which is assembled there. Quikpak also purchases some components in the US which I cannot buy in Europe because they are so much cheaper to purchase here than in Europe.
I believe they have the capability to put in CD ROM drives, or not to assemble units with hard drives, or to lower the price for special configurations, to create units without simms, they can do special things with software packages from a marketing point erf view. There are things they will need to do. They need to find distributors not only in the Amiga community, but also outside. They need to bring in fresh blood.
They need to search for additional markets for the Amiga.
AC: Have you heard anything more about Wonder Computers in Canada?
Petro: They called me and told me about the problem. They had ordered 500 units of Yes. What we have to do is produce some margin to do some marketing. If we lower the price, I believe we will not sell anymore units I must use my margin for marketing and advertising.
Was suspended. The reason behind this was that the the original DM 45 million was in error and that the real loss was DM 125 million.
AC: Was the loss due to ESCOM's large acquisition of retail stores in the UK and the downturn of the business in Pcs?
Petro: Of course, plus ESCOM spent a lot of money on the Amiga deal and the ramp-up required to get the first Amigas built. Plus the Christmas quota on Pcs was bad. All of these facts came together and hurt them.
The solution is to continue the Amiga business. The main share holders have said they will invest an additional DM 100 million. This will help them, it will make them healthy, but it is still tough.
ESCOM has to find ways to cut their costs. They are rethinking about how they will strategize the PC in the market and how they will distribute it.
The reason ESCOM stock trading was stopped was that the wrong amount of losses were first forecast. Because they arc in the retail business, they were hit with additional things like inventory.
One of its major problems is that ESCOM has never had a loss. Never in its history has ESCOM reported a loss. 1 don’t have ail the answers but IBM is troubled and Apple Computer is having its problem.
AC: The dealers will no longer be limited to a minimum of 10 units and pay in advance?
Petro: Dealers will no longer be required to buy ten units at a time. Quikpak is really reliable, they have a lot of ideas. They sent us a marketing plan early on in their negotiations.
SMG is a very good partner. They are extremely successful with their help line, service, and maintenance. On the marketing side, Amiga Technologies needed a partner with a little more experience and Quikpak had a lot of very good ideas.
AC: Is Amiga Technologies working on anything to decrease the price of the Amiga 4000 Towers?
Petro: I think, to be honest, that if we decrease the price, we will not sell any more units than we are selling now.
AC: Because you see the demand for the Amiga 4000 Tower as a niche market?
Petro: Yes. What we have to do is produce some margin to do some marketing. If we lower the price, I believe we will not sell anymore units I must use my margin for marketing and advertising.
1 am doing this to create a push-pull distribution. The distributors push the units into the market and the advertising creates demand with the customers who pull the product out of the dealers. Then we will the A4000 Tower. We built them and then they went bankrupt. Amiga Technologies was not hurt, but the Amiga Community was hurt. There is now one company less.
AC: Not only did Wonder Computers have five stores in Canada, but they were also distributors and developers of several useful products.
Petro: Yes, they were an active Amiga company. They even had plans for distribution in India. 1 talked with them when 1 was at the W'orld of Amiga in Toronto this last December and I supported them.
I have been told that they will come back. They are arranging additional financing through their investors. They should be back sometime in the March time frame.
AC: You remain committed to the US market?
Petro: 1 will not walk out on the North American market. We have a good business with New Zealand, Australia, and India.
We are not big in masses but it is impressive. We are doing well in Germany. We reached our goal in Germany.
We would have done as well in the UK, hut a major retailer, who ordered 35,000 units, went bankrupt. Before, the UK was 40% of our market. This time they did not match that. But, I have new people in that market. I have a new distributor. While the original Great Britain market was disappointing, we have new distribution, channels opening up, and we expect to once again meet our goals.
Our German sales were right on the mark. And now, with the changes we are incorporating here, we expect our US sales to also increase.
Quikpak will start the marketing campaign. They will not only advertise in the Amiga community but they will also advertise in other markets. They are going to create noise.
AC: How soon will this occur?
Petro: They begin tomorrow with the distribution of the Amiga. They will start shortly after that with their marketing coverage.
This is another reason I don't think it wilt be smart to lower the pricing of the Amiga now because people will get the wrong idea. They will believe that we aren't 1 would like to sell the Amiga Surfer (o a wider market in Europe, but I need to advertise outside the Amiga marketplace and ESCO.M's current position makes any additional expenditures incredibly difficult.
1 have a problem with the price of the surfer package. It is not that I am making a large margin on the A1200, it is because my costs are so high. I would iike to sell the A12Q0 on the US market for 5400 or S500.
However, the Amiga Surfer package includes the modem, the software, and the A1200 and it has a street price in Germany of S800. This is with a 260MB hard disk drive, 2MB standard RAM, and also the software.
AC: Is that really a problem with Oracle announcing a product for the internet that will not store text it has no storage capability. It sells for $ 500 and all it does is allow people to channel surf the net, Pelro: We have a problem with the balance of the market. Our Amiga is a brilliant machine for animation, video, multimedia, that they can move 10,000 units.
AC: No one on this side of the Atlantic has the autonomy to offer that commitment.
You are asking one person to make a commitment and then everyone else hangs onto their coat tails, Petro: You are right. I am looking for such an individual because, at this moment, Amiga Technologies cannot afford to fund this.
AC: Where is Amiga Technologies going in the way of future products?
Petro: Power PC. This is what we have announced and nothing has changed. It has improved recently because we have had very good meetings with Motorola. It looks good. We are getting 150% support from Motorola. I really appreciate their activities.
AC: You have said you are on schedule for the Power PC. Do you have a schedule that you can tell us for the PowerPC Amiga?
Petro: Yes, we will come out with the PowerPC Amiga in the Spring of '97.
However, we will have an enhanced A120Q We have a problem with the balance of the market, Our Amiga is a brilliant machine for animation, video, multimedia, sound, and other things. But, if you offer the Amiga for internet use, you have to compete with a PC and you can buy a PC in Europe for around $ 800.
Making the sales. They will believe that we will just start dumping the machine and this is not so. I believe we need the pricing to create the marketing dollars to promote the Amiga.
AC: Alright, but some believe that if they are going to pay this much for the Amiga, it should be configured with more. Will the configuration be changed?
Petro: Quikpak will think about this and they will do this. They know the North American market better than we do. Due to the concerns over ESCOM, we will not be able to put more money into this market at this time.
AC: Is the Internet as strong in Europe as it is becoming in the US?
Petro: I believe there are some problems with fees. The telephone connection over there can become quite expensive.
There are some computer coffee shops that have been offering internet access for a set fee as you drink your coffee. We are seeing more and more of the internet.
Everyone is putting their web site information in their advertisements. You constantly see the addresses "www.whatever.com." This is showing up all over.
People in Europe are still hesitating. In Germany, there is 4 million unemployed.
Sound, and other things. But, if you offer the Amiga for internet use, you have to compete with a PC and you can buy a PC in Europe for around 5800. This is with SMB of RAM , 540 MB or 850 MB hard disk drive, and a CD ROM. So if you compare the two machines, we have no CD ROM, only 2 MB, and a 260 MB hard drive.
AC: But the Windows memory requirements are exceptionally higher than the Amiga's.
Petro: We know this, but we now need to convince the marketplace of this. At the same time, the PC market is selling Pentium 60s cheaply to clear their inventories.
The internet package with the A1200 is something special which is better than the PC. I believe we can sell a lot of bundles or just the software packages to the Amiga community.
1 have no problem bringing the Amiga internet system to the US. But, 1 must buy the special NTSC parts which will create a problem for me if 1 do not sell enough units.
Because I do not only have the investment of the parts, but I then have the assembled NTSC boards which wiil cost me a fortune.
I cannot have 10,000 pieces in inventory. When I ask for a commitment, nobody in the US can give me a guarantee with a built-in CD ROM drive and additional memory, a modem, possibly an 030 processor, a separate keyboard, and possibly the ability to put in accelerator and expansion boards.
AC: That sounds like an AGA 2000.
Petro: Right. 1 will show this machine on March 15th at the Hanover Faire at CEBIT.
We vvill launch the machine in September, There are still some unannounced features to this machine that should bring it into a whole new realm of markets and productivity.
I am going to keep this Amiga's price as small as possible when we bring it out.
We will only sell a small percentage in the Amiga community because I believe we will use this to show the rest of the world what an Amiga can do, We will use this machine to compete in the PC community.
It would be my dream if this machine was a full PowerPC Amiga that we could deliver in September, but it is impossible.
The difficult part of this is the port of the Amiga operating system. It will take at least another year to port the Amiga operating system to the PowerPC.
We will also soon have our 1241 which is a CD ROM drive. This should have already been available in December, but Link-lt!
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AC:In Europe, but do you have plans to bring the A1241 here?
Petro: If 1 have an NTSC A1200 selling in North America, then I will bring the A1241 here.
We are strategizing on how this can be accomplished. It is possible that I could import A1200 PAL units to Quikpak and they could rework the units to NTSC A1200 as needed. If f produce NTSC units, I will have a stockpile, but if I keep the production units in PAL, then I will not have an inventory problem and 1 will be able to service the Amiga market.
AC: Are you ready to answer some rumors?
According to "unnamed sources” you are no longer in charge at Amiga Technologies.
So, what are you doing here?
Petro:(Laughing) So, you see 1 have no job anymore. Really, who told you this?
Technology, the chip set, and the operating system. They will begin supplying product in September. They will create TV set-top boxes first for France because they already have a customer in France. They will continue in Germany, the UK, and so forth.
1 have also been able to generate money for Amiga Technologies through our licensing agreements. The deal with VisiCorp is verv good, it not only pushes the Amiga technology' into other markets, but it pays for itself too.
I have made an additional deal with a company that is using Amiga technology to do sonagrams, They are using the A400G but I am not allowed to release their name because of their competition. They are licensed because they would like to produce their own boards based on the Amiga technology. This has been very successful.
There are other companies who are interested in licensing. 1 have had discussions with people concerning home ers are looking at the Amiga to port PC software to the Amiga. Motorola contacts us nearly every day.
AC; You feel there is still a real strong market for the Amiga.
Petro: Yes, 1 think so. I think there is a market, but we cannot survive as we have survived through the first half year. But this was clear from the beginning. I gave myself three months for the ramp-up production. I matched this.
We have had A1200s since the middle of September in Europe. We sold from the middle of September to the end of December 35,000 units and 10,000 monitors. Which I think is tremendous even if we expected more.
AC: What marketing have you been able to do in Germany?
Petro: We have a lot of plans at Amiga Technologies, there are a lot of things that we want to do.
In Germany we have put together a Road Show for the Amiga. The road show we will have an enhanced A1200 with a built-in CD ROM drive and additional memory, a modem, possibly an 030 processor, a separate keyboard, and possibly the ability to put in accelerator and expansion boards.
AC: It was just a rumor.
Petro: In Bensheim we have two people who are running the company. One is Mr. Domeyer who is responsible for the finance and I am responsible for the sales. Mr. Domeyer has been doing a lot of the strategy as well and he is running the Motorola meetings. I am in the meetings, but I spend my time listening to what he is doing, maybe this is why people think I am no longer in charge. But, 1 have my responsibilities. I am fighting with ESCOM for marketing money.
I must improve our French market, they have been hurt by the old Commodore. In addition I must do translations. We have 11 languages in Europe.
Quelle has been very successful with our products. In just this year they have purchased 1500 units. I am very proud of this. They are all sold out. The)' have a picture in their catalogue and the customer can mail order it. It has been very successful.
AC: How well are the licensing deals developing?
Petro: Very well. VisiCorp signed their deal in December. VisiCorp signed a three year licensing agreement for the Amiga shopping and home banking people where we could sell 100,000 units.
AC: Would this be set-top boxes?
Petro: No, the Amiga 1200 because you can attach it to a TV and you can use it immediately. It is much better. The cost is inexpensive, you do not need a hard disk drive, you have a keyboard console you can communicate easily.
Then we are making a video package because I remember our basic value. You will be able to put a video camera with the Amiga. With the Amiga it is very easy. You have SCALA and other software remedies. 1 want to bring out a video bundle that I can place in photoshops and other non-Amiga channels. We will be able to place it in the photoshop and say that this is a video machine that will help edit your videos.
I would also like to make a game bundle. Why not, we are very good in graphics. We could create a bundle with an Amiga 1200 and a hundred Amiga games in a box.
I am also talking with software houses that are now getting interested because we are back. They are asking me how many units we are selling. Software developers are also contacting us. Several PC develop- started on February fourth and will continue until March fifth, this Tuesday, The show has traveled to eight cities in Germany. We hold the events at a hotel and invite dealers. This has been a great way to mobilize the dealers. We sign them up and then set them up with a starting order of two Amiga surfer packages, two A1200s, and two monitors so they can begin demonstrating the Amiga right
We have also had a campaign with McDonalds, There is a special flyer that goes in all of the McDonalds 600 to 650 stores. The flyer has an Amiga 1200, an Amiga 4000 tower, and a surfer package to win by sending in a postcard.
We will occupy three booths at the Hanover show for CEBIT, ESCOM, Motorola, and MicroVitek, the company who has developed our A1438 monitors.
AC: What would you want to say to the Amiga community in the US?
Petro: Buy Amiga, develop software, and thank you very much for your loyalty.
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REFURBISHED MONITORS C-1080 RGB $ 145 C-1084 RGB $ 165 C-1084S RGB $ 175 C-1950 Multisync $ 245 C-1960 Multisync $ 265 CBM A 1010 $ 35 AIR 3.5 Ext $ 45 CBM A1011 $ 45 A500 Floppy $ 45 CBM A 1020 $ 55 A1000 Floppy $ 45 CBM A2010 $ 38 A3000 Floppy $ 45 MISCELLANEOUS HARDWARE SPECIALS Sunrize Sound Switch (External) A500 Refurb 8372A 1.3 512K $ 89 A600 Relurb 8372B 2.5 1 Meg $ 185 A1000 Refurb 1.3 512K $ 89 A1200 Refurb AGA 3.0 2 Megs S395 A2000 Refurb 8372A 2.4 1 Meg $ 399 A3000 16 Returb 8372B 2.4 6 Megs $ 550 A3000 25 Returb 8372B 2.4 6 Megs 5725 A3000T 25 Refurb 8372B 2.4 6 Megs S945 A4000 030 Refurb
120HD 3.0 6 Megs S1495 A4000 040 Refurb 120HD 3.0 6 Megs $ 1745 A4000T 040 NEW! 1 Gig 3.1 6 Megs S2695 A500 600 1200 Power Supply NEWI $ 25 DKB A1200 Internal Clock Calendar CBM A2052 RAM Card W 2 Megs NewTek Video Toaster 2000 Easyl Drawing Tablet tor A2000 3000 CBM A1411 Black CDTV Disk Drive GVP PC286 Card for A530 Turbo CBM CD1300 Genlock for CDTV Supra Power PC Board for A500 $ 49 Commodore A2386 BridgeBoard 25 MhZ $ 145 GVP 22MhZ 030 w SCSI & Ram S3B5 Commodore A520RF Modulator $ 17 Megalo Sound Audio Digitizer $ 39 GVP Spectrum 24 Bit G FX Card $ 265 $ 145 Commodore CDTV 8372A 1.3 1 Meg $ 125 58
$ 45 $ 745 $ 125 $ 49 $ 59 $ 25 GVP A530 Turbo W 120 HD for A500 $ 425 Atari SC 1224 RGB Monitor SI 00 DKB Mega Chip A500 2000 $ 145 RCS Fusion Forty 28 MhZ-040 w 16 Megs S945 Intellitouch Touch Screen Package $ 175 Midi Gold Internal Midi for A2000 $ 25 DKB 4091 SCSI-II Controller for A4000 $ 175 Commodore A10 Stereo Speakers $ 25 Bigfoot A500 600 1200 Power Supply S55 A501 Clone 512K Cfock Calendar A500 $ 35 CBM A1000 KickStart 1.3 ROMs w Docs $ 65 A500 Replacement Keyboard $ 35 COPPERHEAD TECHNOLOGIES INC. 106 JAY ST. SCHENECTADY, NY 1 230 5 SALES 518-346-3894 BBS 518-346-7532 FAX 518-370-3416
HARDWARE * are r directly inti Flyer™.
ildHwkiicu a snap! Graphic Boards - Supports all Amiga modes, caSso, I] Re jye ygflequin, Firecracker, DCTV, HAM-E, all EGS- tas me supports the nevy..Cvbera£gphx 24-bit retargetable ftmes: j"Too cdolj scrmuch in tnls pi’ rinsn e hadspace to barely scratch a must-have foi se k n gaowners.'1 scanners - Epson 300 600 800 and 1000 1200, ieries II, Sharp JXIOmH Hfeters - IVA1A VI AR YC framegrabber, PP&S Framegrabber Printers - Any Workbfr; h Pr Wkces-compatibl printer, PostScript printers, and full color nera and PrimeraPro »!or' prnnl Jideg Toast&r Ljser: "...it outshines everything
else th any painting-effectsMacj rJBB& piatform." Reahttffle-patntiqg - Emulate traditional tharcoals, Chalk, Oil jffiTingeqj S Qg Markers, Wateocolorsy reyons and dozens of styles! Friskets, maft4, and te)q T5pecial Effects ang painting ufelng regions and the Computing: "lmaeef¥CZO is lik& p Fractal Painter for the Arntga vkfee-adisLaPd itive tablets - SrifJortam yhcorr 3n M nip Advanced Compositing - Create dosages s dedicated toolsV r 4 mattes Image Rotation - Complexk) spective rotation st d irhre. TV Technoft gy iayaFX islan outstanding program that mayv software for all
Amiga users." PaintFX™ - njBbfiatic inting generator can turn a film or Image scaling and (Cropping - Automaticall HHhpil mflgjlMk scale images to any ;o filters - can automatically color correct for VA° Rut Lightning -Realistic lightning bolt ling, electric arcs ;|rid more! Amiga Computin?- "W mrtuei memor opfrfVm nothing short Sreen Screen Composites - Using Cinemattf™ yotrcl Mate optical qualirjTblue and green lintain your color integrity for foreground a ndfcackgrou Hments. Just Antiga Monthly: "I bFX's) PaintFX. Yes indeed, I do want to iave its chilumtk Spherize - Mao images onto in
the USA., Lens Flares - Advanced lenl flare generattMwwadd preset flares or custom 3rps - Warp. An. Image or add distortion lens Meets. Spe ;anH&ts - There are hundreds of u can achievfe' using the provided speciaylffects.
And Paper textures, Relief maps, Water nd Glass distort ioni»id much much mWeTrapw 'am. Period.
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