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the Amiga, Which Amiga games to kepp - part 2, by Peter Olafson. New Life for Old Drawings, With creativity, rtad itional drawing practices and digital techniques can enhance each other, by R Sharnrns Mortier. This Old Workbench: Episode 8 Amiga Anti Virus Programs, Computer viruses are very contagious. When your Amiga gets sick, you wiU also become ill, by Dave Matthews. World of Amiga London-Another Amiga Success! Amiga vendors, Amiga users, and even the new Amiga owners gather in London to show new products and prepare for a new future. Gateway 2000 & Amiga International, Jim Taylor of Gateway2000 and Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga International address the Amiga market together for the first time. DO IT NOW! AC's Guide form for Amiga Developers, Amiga Dealers, and Amiga User Groups. Volume 12 Number 8; August 1997 New Products & other neat stuff, SASG Gets 100,000 hits!, Imagine 6.0 special offer, CNET Professional Y4, New Sadeness Titles, and more' Not Just Another Amiga User Group Meeting, Amiga Atlanta, Inc.

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Document sans nom Vote For Jay Miner, Fatherof the Amiga.
Volume 12 No. 12 December 1997 US $ 3.95 Canada $ 3.95 COMPUTING ( Your Original AMIGA Monthly Resource Procedural Textures Aladdin 4D Tutorial Amiga LINUX IDEFix97 Atapi + w JH V J Update your IDE devices New Amiga Clones!
The Grammar of Ornament Design & Style PLUS!
Class Action, MCP 1.3, Visual Perfs, and BarNone AmiNet Browsing 'Lv«fsa..v and more.
Glowing Text Bizarre creations from your own basement!
Introducing The Newest Model From QuikPak The A4040L and A4060L represent the latest innovation from QuikPak. A fully functional Amiga in a portable case, complete with LCD, these computers offer full compatibility with all A4000 peripherals. Combined with the NewTek Toaster and Flyer, the A4040L and A4060L are the ultimate graphics and television broadcasting solution.
* 68040 25Mhz CPU
* 2 GB HDD
* $ 4495, or $ 9495 when bundled with the NewTek Toaster & Flyer.
* 68060 50Mhz CPU
* 2 GB HDD
* $ 4995, or $ 9995 when bundled with the NewTek Toaster and Flyer.
Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com QUALITY QUICKLY UIKPAK www.amigasupport.com quikpak An Open Letter to the Amiga Community To: The Amiga Community From: David A. Ziembicki CEO, QuikPak Corporation It has been a while since I wrote to the Amiga Community. As those reading this already know, we published a letter welcoming Gateway 2000 and reinforcing our desire to continue to support the Amiga as we have in the past. To this end we have met with Gateway 2000, proposed various new products including our advertised A4040L,
A4060L, and A1630. Gateway warned us early on that they are very meticulous in planning and that they would need time to review our product proposals and to see how they fit with their plans. By the time you read this, we will have met with Gateway 2000 to discuss these and other products.
Many have asked why we are not shipping the new products and have pointed out that we have been advertising them for months. The answer is that in order to utilize the Amiga chip set and OS, we need to be licensed by the owner of this technology, Gateway
2000. We are currently in negotiations for such a license and we
are hopeful that these negotiations will be completed
shortly and we can move forward quickly with an exciting
line of new Amiga products.
This transition hasn’t been without problems. We are aware of the difficulty some of you have had in reaching us lately, and of some delay in obtaining support. We have addressed the majority of these problems and anticipate that all of you will be satisfied with the results. We have changed our Web site and domain name. Our new site is QuikPak.com and we have added some new features to enhance customer service and make communicating with us easier. Please visit our site often as this along with our advertising here will be our primary means of keeping the Amiga community up to date.
Finally, my thanks to all of the loyal QuikPak Amiga customers. We truly appreciate your support.
P. S. Please excuse the WIN 95 screen shot on the A4040L, we’re
just kidding.
Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or 610 666 8080 QUALITY QUICKLY UIKPAK www.QuikPak.com Terrific Packages from QuikPak A4000T
* 1GB SCSI Drive
* Value Priced @ $ 1997.00 A4060T
* 1GB SCSI Hard Drive
* Value Priced @ $ 2697.00 All QuikPak Amigas come with Wordsworth
4SE, Photogeriics SE, Personal Paint. TurboCalc, Organizer,
Scala, and preconfigured Internet Software from Robinson
Consulting I.S. Accelerate Your Amiga If you're looking for the
most powerful Accelerator for your Desktop A3000 4000 series
computer or A4000T, then look no further. The A4060T and A4060D
accelerators offer a 50Mhz 68060, SCSI-II wide, 64-bit EDO RAM
capable, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., and are
available today.
Both Models are available for $ 999 Now Things are Happening with the Amiga Call QuikPak @ 1.888.784.5725 or by email: quikpak@ix.netcom.com QUALITY QUICKLY UIKPAK www.amigasupport.com quikpak Vote for Jay Miner, Father of the Amiga , page 4 azine AMiGA vTPUTINgC7f 9 New Products & other neat stuff Win a phaseS accelerator on the web, Amiga Forever emulator, Nova Sector Engineering to produce Amigas, Lotus Inc., and more!
12 IDEFix97 Atapi CDROM Device Update by Dave Matthews IDEFix not only supports Atapi CDROMs, but many other IDE devices, such as hard drives, IDE Zip drives, the LS-120 120MB floppy, IDE CDROM changers, as well as general enhancements for IDE devices.
14 Aladdin 4D: Tutorial 15 Procedural Textures by R. Shamms Mortier Aladdin 4D has a secret weapon to improve the look and size of textured drawings as well as the speed of animations. Try thirty-three Procedural Texture basic designs to improve your art in any magnification.
Amiga Forever Irom Cloanto, P.9 18 The Grammar of Ornament Aladdin 4D Procedural Textures, P. 14 42 Text a Glow Glow... hi Nick Ci ok Adding a little extra brightness to .i headline.
30 This Old WorkBench: Episode 12 Something Old, Something New... by Dave Matthews Class Action, MCP 1.3, Visual BarNone are just some of the programs available through AmiNet and on-line to help you gain total control over your Amiga's Workbench.
The Grammar of Ornament, P.16 48 Amiga LINUX by Nick (v Another way to tell Bill Gates to, urn, Buzz Off!
Iff c o 0 re Tutorials DEPARTMENTS Editorial 4 FeedBack 6 Index of Advertisers 40 34 Games on the Amiga by Peter Olafson The latest news, gossip, and just plain hopes for the Amiga game community.
N» *lai iq.mki rul | Mtr III M4 M This Old Work Bench, P.30 Vote for Jay Miner, Father of the Amiga Robert J. Hicks Nicholas H. Pacheco Doris Gamble Robert Gamble Ernest P. Viveiros Who defines the 20th century?
Don Hicks Managing Editor The editorial this month was going to focus on Microsoft and Attorney General Janet Reno, however, you have been spared all that by an email I received as I was writing this column. Jerry Smith (jws@cris.com) from Smith Disks fame, informed me of an on-line poll being conducted by TIME Magazine for the people who helped define the 20th century. Jerry had found the information on a site he said was from Istanbul Turkey at www.geocibes.com Vienna 6344 timelOO.htm. I visited both the Istanbul site as well as TIME magazine's page at www.time.com. The TIME page stated,
"The most important people of the 20th Century. Next March, TIME Magazine will publish the first of several special issues celebrating the 100 most important people of the 20th Century. As each issue is published, CBS News will broadcast a one-hour primehme special produced in partnership with TIME. We'd like to know your top choices for this very select group."
There are categories for Warriors and Statesmen, Entertainers and Arfists, Builders and Titans, Sciendsts and Healers, as well as Heroes and Adventurers. Most Amiga fans would want to see Jay Miner's name in the Builders and Titans category.
For those of you that do not know, Jay Miner was the man directly responsible for the creadon of the Amiga. It was his goal and his insight that created the team and the concept. Unfortunately, Jay passed away several years ago without the world really giving him the credit he deserved.
As the Istanbul site stated, "If we take
(a) look at the 'BUILDERS AND TITANS' section, we see that the
results are like (the) following:
1) Steve Jobs
2) Bill Gates
3) some other people We think that as the creator and the father
of Amiga, Jay Miner should be listed over those 'important'
people. So we invite every Amiga user with Internet access to
vote at http: www.time.com for the How to connect Jerry Smith
wrote, "Please note that Ibrowse and Aweb will NOT pull up the
full voting screen. I have been told that Aweb HI will, but
(I) can not verify that.
This means that voting will be difficult for some and impossible for anyone without internet access. The best would be for Amiga user groups to place votes for their less connected members as well as Amiga friends helping Amiga friends.
You can connect directly by calling up the TIME web site at www.time.com or you can link through Amazing Computing's web site at www.pimpub.com. We will keep the access open until the final winners are chosen.
Giving Credit This is important, not only for the recognition it will give Jay Miner, but for the experience and possibilities it gives the Amiga community. Jay deserves our thanks and what better memorial to his efforts than to show that the computer he created so many years ago still has a large and dedicated following.
As the Istanbul site said, "It may take some time to vote because of the popularity of the line, but we are sure it will not take more time than the time Jay Miner spent to design the Amiga. Together we will honor Jay Miner and show fiim our respect and loyalty."
I could not have said it better. Please vote.
Designer of the wonderful multitasking machine, that opened doors to the multimedia age and (is) still being used by its users since 1985 (sic)."
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AMIGA™ is a registered trademark of Amiga International Gmbh Distributed in the U.S. & Canada by International Periodical Distribute 674 Via de la Valle, Ste 204, Solona Beach, CA 92075 & Ingram Periodicals Inc. 1226 HeS Quaker Blvd., La Verne TN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. Amazing Amiga X jLCOMrUTLNCrC Amazing Computing AMIGA™ ADMINISTRATION Publisher: Joyce Hicks 1-508-678-4200,1-800-345-3360, FAX 1-508-675-6002 http: www.pimpub.com Assistant Publisher: Intern: Circulation Manager: Traffic Manager: Production Manager: EDITORIAL Managing Editor: Don Hicks Hardware Editor: Ernest P. Viveiros
Illustrator: Scott Brown Contributing Editor: Shamms Mortier AMAZING AUTHORS Randy Finch Rob Hays Marc Hoffman Dave Matthews A1YUG4 International, Inc. They're Back... AMIGA 1200s for North America One of the Amiga’s most popular editions is returning to North America. Amiga International is re-releasing the AMIGA 1200 in NTSC beginning December 1,1997. Don't miss this opportunity to purchase one of the most popular Amiga systems of all time.
The AMIGA 1200 includes:
• Motorola 68EC020 14 Mhz, 2 MB RAM onboard
• 32-bit RAM expansion up to an additional 8 MB, significantly
more 32-bit RAM may be added with an accelerator board
• AA Graphics System, colour palette: up to 16.8 million colours
(24 Bit), 256 of them displayable simultaneously or more than
640,000 in HAM8 Distributed in North America by:
• Graphics resolutions: from 320 x 200 pixels noninterlaced 50 Hz
up to 1280 x 512 pixels interlaced 50 Hz or 640 x 480 pixels
noninterlaced 60 Hz or 640 x 400 pixels noninterlaced 70 Hz and
many more freely programmable modes
• Video and Genlock capable Software Hut Sharon Hill. PA
800-932-6442 Compuquick Media Center Columbus, Ohio
614-235-3601 MagicBox Corvallis, OR 541-752-5654 Paxtron Spring
Valley, NY 800-815-3241
• 4-Channel Stereo Sound standard, each 8 Bit DMA
• Keyboard: 96 keys
• Mouse: high resolution 400 dpi, 2 buttons
• 16-Bit IDE Interface for internal 2.5" harddisk, 44 pins Floppy
Disk Drive 3.5" DD internal, 880 KB AMIGA, 720 KB MS-DOS
• Interfaces: serial RS-232c (modem), parallel (printer),
external floppy drive, 2 mouse joystick ports, video RGB
(monitor), video composite (TV, video recorder), RF modulator
(TV antenna), stereo audio
• PCMCIA-V2.0 16-Bit interface for RAM (max. 4 MB, 16 bit),
Ethernet, or other expansion cards
• CPU Slot 150-pin internal, for memory expansion or accelerator
board with bigger processor AMIGA pcmredby
• AmigaOS 3.1 with preemptive multitasking Technical
specifications subject to change without announcement.
Special: HardDisk version comes with 170 MB harddisk Software Bonus!!
Join the Amiga Team!
For information on Amiga Liscensing for your products, please contact: AMIGA International, Inc. Robert-Bosch-Str. 11 B 63225 Langen, Germany Phone 49 (0)6103 5878-5 Fax: 49 (0)6103 5878-88 E-Mail: sales@amiga.de www.amiga.de Each AMIGA 1200 comes with the Magic software bundle, containing: Word Processor WordWorth v4SE Spreadsheet TurboCalc v3.5 Database DataStore v1.1 Graphics program Photogenics v1.2SE Paint program PersonalPaint v6.4 Organiser v1.1 Games Pinball Mania and Whizz HardDisk EXTRA!
The harddisk version of the A1200HD also comes with Multimedia Authoring System Scala MM300 See your local Amiga Dealer Dear AC, I don't know if I have asked you this question before...I may have. However, it is a very important question, and I still haven't been able to find anything out one way or the other on it, so here goes. Is the Amiga year 2000 (Y2K) compliant?
I have surfed the net, and read all sorts of interesting information, including projected release estimates for Amiga OS
3. 5 and 4.0. However, I have not seen, heard, or read about this
issue being addressed. Is the Amiga Year 2000 compliant?
The time is drawing neigh. Is the Amiga ready? Is the hardware compliant at the chip level? Is the OS compliant? Are the ROMs compliant? How about the Gigabytes of commercial and PD software that we all use? What is going to happen to us when the magic moment arrives?
It is going to be real interesting to see what the rest of the world does when the numbers click over. The shear volume of confusion and finger pointing should provide us with unlimited amusement.
However, it won't be very amusing if our own platform keels over as well. Is there a standard for Amiga Y2K compliance? As 1 understand it, the rest of the world has three competing standards, that are incompatible with each other. I don't think we want to go there... ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION 4x5 COLOR TRANSPARENCIES 35mm COLOR SLIDES from ALL Amiga Computer & Video Toaster Graphics
• 4000-line Film Recorder Resolution*
• NO Scanlines • Brilliant Color* Call or Write for order form,
price list, and FREE sample slides: HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHIC
SERVICES 4301 N. 75th Street, Suite 101B Scottsdale, Arizona
(602) 949-6066 All in all, the Amiga has been a study in doing
things right. The OS is very compact and efficient. The way
things are organized show a lot of forethought on the part
of the design team. That leads me to HOPE that on our
platform, the Y2K problem was foreseen and accounted for
from the beginning. Perhaps this is so.
Perhaps. But then again, I can't get anyone to tell me for sure one way or the other. The WINTEL world can afford to dither. Individual companies may live or die on this issue, but the WINTEL platform will not disappear tomorrow over Y2K problems. On the other hand, this one issue could seriously hurt our fledgling comeback if not properly addressed.
While Gateway has offered no official statements, interviews with Gateway employees have shown interest in using the Amiga technology in other applications besides the usual video applications and the home computer market, such as in consumer electronics applications. The reason stated was the small, efficient, highly stable operating system. A small, efficient, highly stable, guaranteed Y2K compliant system would be a good marketing angle in an age beset with uncertainty over this issue.
Is the Amiga Y2K compliant? I don't know, but I would surely like to know.
Can you help me find the answer? Does anybody know? Does anybody care? Is anybody out there... Sincerely,-' John D Turner San Antonio TX We contacted Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga International who informed us that yon have asked a very good question. Petro then directed our search to an Amiga Guru, Heinz Wrobel. Mr. Wrobel enthusiastically responded that both the hardware and the software of the Amiga is Year 2000 compliant.
According to Mr. Wrobel, the on-board clock is designed to register the entire year (not just the last two digits) and the software takes its cue from UNIX which calculates time based on seconds from a specific date. Both portions of the Amiga system should take users well past the year 2000 and on into the next millennium. ED Dear AC, I want to congratulate you on publishing a wonderful October issue. I just received mine yesterday and have already read it cover-to-cover. The variety of articles covering many aspects of the Amiga was enjoyable to see. There have been times when I felt the
coverage was devoted primarily to graphic artists and not the average home computer user.
Thank you for a more balanced coverage.
Is the Amiga Year 2000 compliant?
Due to the amount of A1200 .
Expansion opportunities available today, have you considered a feature article regarding this issue? As an A1200 owner I know I would appreciate your thoughts on the multitude of expansion possibilities available to A1200 owners, depending if you're a general professional user.
One item that concerns me is the wait that Amiga owners are having while Amiga Inc. International develop their plans. First I want to thank Gateway for bringing professionalism and dedication to a market that has sought it for years. I realize Amiga Inc. International require time to develop a successful business strategy and to implement it.
However, with companies like Phase 5 selling power PC boards for Amigas without direction from Amiga Inc. that Power PC is the future for the Amiga, why would Amiga users or software companies spend money on a technology that might not be the future direction of our favorite computer? I do not believe Amiga Inc. International should disclose any plans until they are ready and committed, however, an excessive wait might hurt the company as it strives to, "leverage the existing Amiga technology".
Finally, I would like to see Amiga International advertise in other computer video electronic magazines. The Amiga faithful are kept aware of the developments in the Amiga realm through their support of AC. It's the rest of the world that needs to know that we still exist and are staging a comeback.
Continue the great work AC and thank you Gateway for recognizing an unpolished gem. I look forward to continuing my support of the Amiga and its future possibilities.
Sincerely, Doug Libby Yreka CA Please Write to: FeedBack c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02720 ANTI GRAVITY PRODUCTS W 1 +
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It is as simple as Black and White.
There is a new number to get the 1 Amiga Magazine, 1 -800-59-AMIGA Toll-Free US and Canada Amazing Computing is your best information ar publication offers the in-depth research and lom story. Add to that AC's unique tutorials on hard you have a magazine no Amiga user should be * A mazing Compu ting tk AC's TECH SUPER Back Issue SPECIALS!
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Call: 1-800-59-AMIGA To send check or money order to: PiM Publications Inc.
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NEW PRODUCTS andother neat ftuKK Cloanto to Publish an Official Software Emulation of the AMIGA Cloanto, publisher of AMIGA graphics and productivity packages such as Personal Paint, The Kara Collection, and the Personal Suite, was granted by AMIGA International, Inc. certain rights to publish an official software emulation of the AMIGA Computer, including original AMIGA OS software, AMIGA PC networking software, and various other programs.
The package, code-named "AMIGA FOREVER" and scheduled for release in mid-November, will carry the "powered by Amiga" logo.
The product is to incorporate a number of features which will be announced shortly before the release. The package will be presented to the public on November 14,1997 at the Computer '97 Show in Koln (Cologne), Germany. Clonato execs have promised the release will include more than an "Amiga emulator".
Cloanto acquired from the group of owners of Amiga technology (Gateway 2000, Inc., Amiga International, Inc. and Amiga, Inc.) a license covering all Amiga operating systems from version 1.0 to version 3.0, to be published by Cloanto as Amiga Forever. (A few minor files will be missing or changed as agreed in this license, without affecting Amiga compatibility. Certain Asian territories are excluded by the license.)
The license also covers Amiga ROMs, Amiga patents, the "Amiga" name, the official "Powered by Amiga" The press releases and news announcements in New Products are from Amiga vendors and others. While Amazing Computing maintains the right to edit these articles, the statements, etc. made in these reports are those of the vendors and not Amazing Computing.
Cloanto’s Amiga Forever is a software based Amiga emuiatior for the PC.
Logo, and other intellectual property and every permission required to legally publish an Amiga emulator. (It must be considered that, without a proper license, emulation as well as other Amiga compatibility solutions may infringe not only on Amiga copyrights, but also on Amiga patents and trademarks.) This license to Cloanto is exclusive until a period in 1998.
Amiga Forever includes "Amiga Explorer", a new Amiga-to-PC networking software developed by Cloanto. The Amiga Explorer user interface is an object-oriented extension to the Windows Desktop, where the Amiga appears as a networked computer. The Amiga and the PC can be connected via a serial (null modem) or parallel (Windows LapLink InterLink Norton standard) cable. A future upgrade, expected to be available later this year, at no cost to Amiga Forever users on the Cloanto web site, will extend the networking capabilities to support TCP IP.
Amiga Forever will also include a variety of famous old Amiga games, demos and other material of historical interest (with an exclusive, never before released, interview with the late Jay Miner, "Father of the Amiga"), plus Personal Paint and other up-to-date productivity software by Cloanto and other companies.
The Amiga operating systems, ROMs, and Amiga emulation software will be preinstalled on Amiga Forever to enhance ease of installation. The user just needs to insert the CD-ROM in a PC, and with one mouse click a fully working Amiga will appear on the screen. The Amiga emulation software includes for the first time drivers for Picasso 96 screen modes (up to 256 colors, as well as 16 24-bit true color modes).
The initial release of Amiga Forever is scheduled to include a CD-ROM with software for the Amiga and the other USED AMIGA EQUIPMENT FOR SALE
• 4000-040 18 MB desktops $ 995
• PAR cards $ 575; TBC-IVs $ 475
• Toasters $ 525 up; Flyers $ 2995
• Sunrize AD516 cards $ 595
• 3000 $ 245 up; 3000T-040 $ 795
• Accelerators, memory SCSI cards
407-636-3393 hrgreen@worldnet.att.net Circle 155 on Reader Service card.
Platforms, plus a floppy disk with a copy of the Amiga-side networking software (for Amiga systems with no CD-ROM drive). The exact platforms which will be supported by the emulation software, in addition to Windows NT, Windows 9x and DOS, will be defined and announced shortly. Cloanto: http: www.cloanto.com Aladdin 4D Deal for the Holidays!
As a special holiday offer from Nova Design, Aladdin 4D 5.0 is available in special bundled pricing from the following distributors and dealers.
Special pricing for Aladdin 4D is available when bought with ImageFX or other products.
Aladdin 4D is a 3D modeling, rendering, and animation package. It's integrated particle systems and volumetric gases along with its support for Lightwave 3D and the Video Toaster make it a valuable addition to both the consumer and professional markets!
Aladdin 4D 5.0 is no longer dongle copy protected, a relief to most graphic artists who can never remember where they put those things. Other features include a new AmigaDOS 2.1 3.1 style interface which is completely configurable interface and has been designed to make using Aladdin 4D's modeling, rendering and animation tools easier to use than ever before! Support for all Amiga display modes, CyberGraphX displays, Toaster, DCTV and more. Full support for the MAGIC image buffer system to allow integration with ImageFX for amazing postprocessing and special effects.
There are also new lighting effects such as spotlights, negative lights, and completely configurable photorealistic soft-edged shadows! It now has two lens flare systems as well as support for Newtek's Video Toaster and Lightwave 3D object loading, hierarchical, spline based, motion paths and more!
Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Ave. Ste 214, Richmond, VA 23230, Tel: 804-282-5868, FAX: 804-282-3768.
Aminet21 Aminet 21, October 97 has been released. This CD ROM title features Ppaint 6.4. The CD contains nearly 1 gigabyte (uncompressed) of software in thousands of archives. More than 500 MB of new software has been added since the release of Aminet 20.
Stefan Ossou skis Schatztruhe, Gessellschaft fur Software mbH, Veronikastrasse 33, 45131 Essen Germany, Tel: 011 201 78 8778, Fax: 011 201 79 8447, Email: stefano@schatztruhe.de or see their website at www.schatztruhe.de Schatztruhe Monthly Contest Schatztruhe, the people who just love to distribute CD-ROM collections and software have created a new game on their web site. Each month there will be a new contest so visit often. The deadline for the first competition is November 30,1997 with a prize of a Phase5 PowerPC board for your Amiga (A1200, A2000, A3000, or A4000).
Schatztruhe: http: www.schatztruhe.de Two New Releases from Sadeness Software Due for a November 1997 release, is the CDROM game onEscapee from Sadeness Software. This title combines the best elements from classic games such as Prince of Persia, Another World and Flashback along with some totally original ideas and features. The feature list includes: 100% multi-tasking, digital music score, control choice of keyboard, joystick or joypad, thousands of hand- drawn animation frames, logical puzzles, full use of AGA chipset, AGA required and CyberGFX support planned, 5 minute long, atmospheric
9meg intro, Cave, City, Underwater, space levels and much more. System requirements include: AGA Amiga, 4 Meg RAM minimum, double speed CDROM or better, graphics card support planned.
Coming in December 1997 is a second CDROM game titled Foundation, a real-time strategy war conquest game.
Combining the best elements of The Settlers 2, Warcraft 2, Command and Conquer, Megalomania, along with original features this will set a new standard for the genre. With features such as a random level generator, the ability to create your own levels with the built-in level editor or by using an IFF ILBM image and the 8-player internet tcp ip games and serial links there will be months and months of gameplay.
Features include: 1 player versus 1, 2 or 3 computer controlled players, full control over every friendly unit, random level generator for infinite levels, advanced enemy Artificial Intelligence, "Kids Mode" to turn off gruesome graphics, 2 player split-screen mode, Map Mission editor, Winter snow levels with appropriate graphics and much more.
Sadeness Software, 13 Russell Terrace, Mundesley Norfolk, NR11 8L] England UK, Tel Fax: Oil 44 1263 722169, E-mail: Foundation@sadeness.demon.co.uk or visit their website: www.sadeness.demon.co.uk onescapee.html Turtle Lightning Software’s New Site AMIGA WEB DIRECTORY Visit The Amiga Web Directory!
• The world's leading resource for the Amiga on the World Wide
• Updated daily with new Amiga web sites, industry news and
product announcements
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If you only have a few bookmarks in your web browser, make sure
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Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group, the "AWD" is the most
complete resource to the Amiga on the World Wide Web. Make the
Amiga Web Directory your starting to point to exploring the
Amiga on the World Wide Web. Visit the AWD at:
http: www.cucug.org amiga.html today!
Turtle Lightning Software has a new web address. Their new internet location is www.ole.net -chaos tlas. Stop by and say, Hi.
Nova Sector Engineering, Inc. licensed to manufacture AMIGA based computers Nova Sector Engineering, Inc. has announced that AMIGA International, Inc. licensed Nova Sector Engineering, Inc., USA, to manufacture A4000T workstations in Nova cases with A4000T motherboards and the original Amiga OS
3. 1. Nova will produce three styles of Amiga products, Alpha,
Bravo, and Nitro series computers. Nova emphasis is to be on
quality products. The different series of computers is aimed
at different stages of the video and graphics market.
Unfortunately, no information is currently available for delivery dates at press time.
For further information: Nova. Sector Engineering, Inc.,1936 OakcliffDr., Grand Rapids, Ml 49525, Tel: (616) 361-0806, FAX
(616) 365- 9596, email: NovaSector@aol.com Lotus Pacific Inc.
announces Wonder TV Broadcast System Lotus Pacific Inc. has
announced the Wonder TV Broadcast System developed by the
company's subsidiary, Regent Electronics Corporation. This
newly developed system which includes Wonder TV A 6060 will
be shown at the International Broadcast Television
Equipment Show in Chengdu, China, to be held from October
28 to 31,1997. This coming product introduction is to be
jointly presented by Regent and CCTV Teletext which is part
of the Chinese Central Television Station.
This broadcast system was designed to provide product and services to the subscribers of the cable TV companies.
Useful information selectively collected from Internet and local information sources is sequentially transmitted 24 hours a day through a cable channel. A user can select the desired information by setting attributes or references.
Wonder TV A 6060 serves as a terminal set top box for receiving and down loading the required information transmitted via cable by CCTV and any local cable broadcast company. Besides the cable broadcast function of this newly developed Wonder TV A 6060, it also retains other existing functions of the previous model Wonder TV A 6000, such as audio CD, video CD, Karaoke, Internet access, and all other general PC functions.
Lotus Pacific, Inc's subsidiary, Regent Electronics Corporation has stated that they have the rights to build and distribute Amiga products for the Chinese market. In an earlier release, Lotus announced the purchase of Regent Electronics as well as the purchase of the Chinese market rights to the Amiga technology through a company named Righ timing.
This was matched by a response from Gateway 2000 which stated that, "Rightiming purports to hold a license to manufacture Amigas and has apparently attempted to sell this purported license to Lotus Pacific. We dispute their license, their right to sell any license, and we dispute any claims they have made with respect to Amiga patents, copyrights, or trademarks. Gateway 2000 owns all Amiga patents, copyrights and trademarks worldwide and will continue to license Amiga technology to qualified companies.
Lotus Pacific, Inc., 200 Centennial Avenue, Suite 201, Piscataway, NJ 08854, info@lpfc.com •AC* Please send New Products Info to: Amazing Computing,
P. O. Box 9490, Fall River, MA 02720 FAX: 508 675 6002 IDEFix97
Atapi CDROM device Update IDEFix not only supports Atapi
CDROMs, but many other IDE devices, such as hard drives, IDE
Zip drives, the LS-120 120MB floppy, IDE CDROM changers, as
well as enhancements in general for IDE devices on the Amiga.
Bij Dave Matthews In the December 1996 issue of Amazing Computing Amiga, I reviewed Oliver Kastl's Atapi device, a set of programs and drivers to use Atapi IDE CDROMs on the Amiga 1200 and 4000. At the time of publication, I was unable to get in touch with Oliver Kastl, Elaborate Bytes, or the American distributor, and it seemed as though Atapi device had been abandoned.
ATTENTION AMIGA USERS Having problems surfing the World Wide Web?
Let LOCKJAW VIDEO give you the answers to your Internet questions with... “THE PACKAGE” Informative and Comprehensive tutorial for you and your AMIGA. Easy to follow video unlocking the mysteries of... AmiTCP - GuiFTP -EMAIL NEWSGROUPS - The WEB Special Introductory Price only $ 29.95 + 5.00 S&H Send cheque or money order to Lockjaw Video Productions RPO Westbrook, P.O. Box 34243 Calgary, Alberta, Canada,T3C 3W2 For more information send request to... lockjaw@telusplanet.net or lockjaw97@hotmail.com_ However, the old Atapi device has been reborn as IDEFix97. IDEFix not only supports Atapi
CDROMs, but many other IDE devices, such as hard drives, IDE Zip drives, the LS-120 120MB floppy, and the new IDE CDROM changers, as well as enhancements in general for IDE devices on the Amiga. This article addresses the updates to the Atapi CDROM article listed above.
I was able to use IDEFix with my IDE Mitsumi4X FX410A and my old 40MB Conner CP2044PK 2.5" HD, as well as a Seagate ST9096A 2.5" drive.
As with earlier tests with the Conner, a special boot program is required to get the HD to coexist with the CDROM.
The Seagate however, experienced no difficulties, and worked without a hitch.
As always, to use a second IDE device with the Amigal200, you will need a special cable, which converts the 2.5" 44 pin header into a 3.5" 40 pin connector. Many Amiga dealers carry these now as Amiga1200 owners seek to add the more affordable IDE CDROMs and 3.5" hard drives to their systems.
The first task, when installing IDEFix, is to tell it what sort of CDROM (or other device) you have connected. Normally, this is handled Circle 158 on Reader Service card.
12 Amazing Computing semiautomatically by FindDevice.
This program scans for devices and it picked up my Mitsumi without a single complaint. See Figure 1 for the FindDevice program.
I indURvicn Exec Deutce ¦itap i , dev ut* In addition to the actual Atapi device, IDEFix includes a CDROM filesystem, which supports Rockridge, ISO-9660, and even MacHFS CDROMs. Other features include Amiga Protection bits supported, advanced LRU caching algorithm, built-in MultiSession support, Trax support, and MultiVolume support (more than one ISO image on a CD).
See Figure 2 for the Prefs program.
Figures 3 and 4 show the PC and Mac sections of the Star Trek: Borg™ game CD being read on the Amiga.
Figure 5 shows an old friend, Groovy Player, an audio CD player, working with IDEFix. While IDEFix includes a functional Audio CD player, it is somewhat basic. Groovy Player includes a database of many CD titles, and of course, you can add your own and Groovy Player is prettier too! If your CDROM supports it, IDEFix also includes the ability to read audio tracks off an Audio CD, though you will need separate software to use the data. Since my Mitsumi is incapable of this, I was unable to test this function.
IDEFix offers Amiga owners a significant choice in utilizing the IDE port, for either a CDROM or other device. To check out IDEFix for yourself, download the demo from Arninet (fully functional except for periodic nag requesters) or visit the Elaborate Bytes web site at www.elaborate-bytes.com. Please contact me either via mail at Amazing Computing Amiga, P.O. Box 9490, Fall River, MA 02720. You may also email me directly at: dm05438@navix.net Author: olli@elaborate-bytes.com (Oliver Kastl) Version: 1.9 Aminet: disk misc.
Requires: OS 2.04, OS 3.0 or better recommended.
Url: http: www.elaborate-bytes.com
• AC* Un 11, t ticntlur l I’ i.l" t i p CL, I i ion | i i in i
Mint i-111 mm" 11111 in I jn'j I r-----r Redist El &¦ St jge
5-0ct~96 1 Oct-96 4:
- Sep-95 12: ‘ -95 12: ct-96 4: t-96 12: y Borgl, (OK) free
Figure d, ...or Read MacHFS CDROMs r-rf.T iCLECTItftt 1 L£H i
If £ H; £ LIST nirt. Rises ||- Itniiin Tiir.lfjilin ----------
07'- ? 2S-n -O: -33 Z3 1 5 3 * s Luscious Jackson J1 J. i “J£-
! Wy *“• ™ Taken Ride H ,J 1,1 Mltat __ __ utflau IS IF IB
19 20 A 41 T T FffKflBT JBIM Fmtitfifll PftETS JSE • ¦ i 4 s-fi
t TtfiP I’HT3 is Tt Ta 19 20 * » * ?
HHBHEi ___„_____ .___ 0 |44 Ml 44 ??
Figure 5. Groovy Player with FixlDE Aladdin 4D: Tutorial 15 Procedural Textures Aladdin 4D has a secret weapon to improve the look and size of textured drawings as well as the speed of animations. Try thirty-three Procedural Texture basic designs to improve your art in any magnification.
By R. Shamms Mortier As I remember, we left off over a year ago with our Aladdin 4D tutorials at number 14.1 was debating whether to call this one 15 or I, since Aladdin 4D is now reinvigorated with new life after its purchase and retooling by Nova Design. I decided that 15 was appropriate, since it also pays respect to Aladdin 4D's history.
I would hope that we can continue these tutorials every two or three Amazing Computing Amiga issues. I have about the first six or so in mind, but I will always listen to you, the Amazing readers, if you have some suggestions on where the tutorials should lead or what they should cover.
At the moment, I am planning the first group of tutorials so that they deal with global A4D themes, like mapping and other essentials.
Palace of Procedural Textures We're going to begin by gliding through Aladdin's palace of procedural textures. One of Aladdin's strongest features is the ease with which you can apply textures to objects, and the variety and options involved. You will find that Figure 2 is a graphic that all Aladdin 4D users will want to remove from the magazine and post next to the Amiga, since it visually details (in color) all of the thirty-three Procedural Texture basic designs. (Please visit our website at pimpub.com and save a copy of this graphic.)
They have been mapped to a sphere with Planar mapping using the default color palette. If you are an A4D user and are interested in using this figure as a reference graphic for your 3D work, take note that the default palette shows you exactly how the color positions relate to positions in the Procedural design, so that as you alter the palette, you can pretty well intuit what the results in the design will be.
Assigning Procedural Textures in A4D It is assumed that, as an Aladdin 4D user, you have already immersed yourself in the A4D documentation, and have a thorough understanding of the basics. We will allude to various techniques at times that will take your familiarity with the basic A4D icons and tools for granted. If you run into a phrase in these tutorials that is new to you, please re-read the A4D documentation.
Aladdin 4D allows two basic options when it comes to texture mapping: procedurals and bitmaps.
Each has its uses (and we will do an A4D bitmap-specific texture article in the future).
Aladdin 4D Procedural Texture Types A graphic representation of all of the thirty-three Aladdin 40 Procedural Texture basic designs. Place this next to your Amiga or copy this image from Amazing Computing's website at www.pimpub.com. Row Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 A 2D Bands 2D Blocks 3D Blocks B 2D Cubes 3D Cubes Helix C Helix(M) Open Noise Closed Noise D Bounded Noise 2D Scallops Burst Tiles E Burst Tiles (H) Circle Tiles Circle Tiles (H) F Closed Noise Closed Noise (H) Polygon Tiles G Polygon Tiles (H) Polygon Tiles(M) Polygon Tiles(H, M) H Rectangle Tiles Rectangle Tiles(H) 2D Waves I 2D
Zig-Zag Burst Tiles (Sine) Fireworks J Spiral Tiles Spiral Tiles (sawtooth)Radial Tiles K Ripple Tiles Ripple 2 Tiles Circle 2 Tiles Use the following Procedurals textures to emulate various natural materials and F X:
1. For Woods, use a brown color palette with ProceduraJs Al, A2,
Bl, B2, Dl, H3, and II.
2. Por Marble, use a palette colored to suit with Procedurals C2,
FI, F2, H3, and 12.
3. For water, use suitably colored palettes with Procedurals B3,
Cl, Dl, FI, F2, Jl, and J2. Layer the Procedurals with
transparencies at different depths.
4. For wallpaper and holiday wrapping, use your choice of
palettes and any Procedural.
5. To give an interesting alternate look to bitmap textures, use
a Procedural Bumpmap channel added to the texture mix that has
no color but full strength.
6. For rock, use appropriate colors in the palette, and mix
together two Procedurals explore mixing C2 C3, F1 F2, H3 I1,
A3 C3). Mix them with different transparency levels, so that
either one pattern dominates or they both are equal (50
percent each).
1 2 3 A 1 V B Sfr « * o J ( i n ' * - F ¦ V
o p 0 LL V- f; 00- V V v II 'usU 1
- IB It 1 -i
* T - J ‘ ¦* M' K S& 5C®.
* ?p ,oro, & O ' fr Figure 2.
In general, bitmap textures are great for applying targeted real-world looks to an object. Bitmap textures can be either paintings or photos, and like procedurals, can be mapped to the object in Aladdin 4D in a number of ways. But bitmaps have two drawbacks.
The first is that they take up a good amount of room on your hard drive. The larger and more detailed the bitmap file, the larger the file size.
The second drawback that sometimes comes into play (especially in an animation), is that bitmaps don't look so good when you do a radical zoom in on them. At very close distances, you begin to see the individual pixels that make up the image, and so become disenchanted.
Procedurals, on the other hand, have nothing to do with pixels. A procedural texture is not an image at all, but like a vector line drawing, is simply a series of mathematical descriptions.
The formula that makes up a procedural texture is called an algorithm. The algorithm describes the direction, color, and "velocity" of segments of the design. Because of this, procedural textures take up just about no room on your hard drive.
Although Aladdin 4D has a limited library of thirty-three procedural textures, it is also an unbounded library of texture possibilities for the following reasons:
1. You can customize the eight color Procedural palette to your
liking, and even use a different palette for alternate
keyframes in an animation, making the procedural texture
shift and move in countless ways.
2. A4D allows you to layer textures one on another, so there are
limitless final texture looks possible.
3. You can alter the way that textures are mapped to an object,
and even layer different textures with different mapping
methods in one texture sandwich.
4. You can layer procedurals and bitmaps on any object (using
procedurals, for instance, as a bump channel, and bitmaps as a
standard image channel... or vice versa).
5. You have the ability to save and load any textures you design.
Basic Procedural types from the listed library, then, are just the doorway to a bottomless and rich reservoir of texturing possibilities.
Steps in Assigning Procedurals These steps assume you have a basic knowledge concerning applying Attributes and Shading parameters to A4D objects. If not, re-read the appropriate sections of the A4D documentation. Once you understand these preparatory steps, you can apply procedural textures to an object by doing the following: 0
1. Select the object (left mouse click).
2. Go to the "Textures" item in the Object menu, which will bring
up the texture List Selection requester. Click on New, which
brings up the Edit Texture List.
3. Under the Resource tab, make sure the selection next to Re
source Type reads "Procedural".
Click on the disk icon next to the Resource Name item to bring up the Select Procedural Resource list.
4. Select the Procedural Type from the list that you want, and
click on Okay.
5. Go to the Settings tab, and set the Color and Strength
parameters for the beginning and ending frames. Click on OK,
and the Procedural texture will be targeted to your selected
object in the scene.
Developing Procedural Texture Movie Files This is one of the most interesting ways to develop a library of animated images for use as A4D texture maps.
Here's how to do it:
1. Create a rectangular plane as seen from the Y axis in A4D that
is as large as the rendering screen. You will be rendering a
30 frame animation.
2. Target your favorite procedural texture to the plane, and
alter the Figure 3. Here are three groups of shark models. The
top three are mapped with a banded Noise Procedural texture in
the Color channel only (spherical on the Y axis, cylindrical
on the X axis, and shingles on the Y axis). The second three
sharks have an added Bump channel mapping of the same
Procedural at 100 percent Color strength. Notice how the color
is accentuated. The third group of shark models shows the same
Procedural mapped as an Intensity mapping type. Notice how the
color flattens out, giving the models a 2D look.
Settings as you prefer over the length of the sequences. Render the file as an animation of single frames (as of yet, there is no way that A4D can apply an ANIM sequence to an object, though this would be a worthwhile challenge for the folks at Nova). You can use one or more of the following alteration methods to create an animation: change the palette, alter the sizes of elements in the procedural, change the way that the procedural is positioned on a frame, force a totally different procedural to supplant the initial one as the animation progresses.
There are more alternatives, but this gives you a good basic starting point.
3. Name the file, and render the frames to disk (use a numbered
file extension, like MyAnim.001, MyAnim.002, MyAnim.003,
etc.). Do this as many times as needed to collect various
animations that can be applied to images or
backgrounds foregrounds.
Use these sequenced animations as needed to spice up your A4D animations. This allows you to use procedurals to design bitmap textures, giving you the best of both worlds.
Take care and enjoy! See you in ROMulan space with the next Amazing A4D tutorial.
Aladdin 4D version 5 Nova Design http: www.novadesign.com
video magazine about the Arnica!
1997 issues featuring scenes from Dave Haynie’s video “The Deathbed Vigil,” including never before seen 6 footage!
Over 60 minutes of fun, informative video - 5 times a year!
NEXT ISSUE COMING IN OCTOBER 5 Issues $ 11.95 each 3 issues $ 12.95 each 1 issue $ 14.95 (+2.05 s&h per issue) ORDER TODAY! Write to: Legacy
P. O. Box 60711 Chicago, IL 60626 1 issue: send $ 17, 3 issues:
send $ 45, 5 issues: send $ 70. Illinois residents add 8% tax.
Make checks, m.o.’s payable to Legacy Maker.
Visa MC accepted, please include expiration date, phone & signature.
Circle 150 an Reader Service card.
December 1997 17 The Grammar of Ornament A CD that offers design, style, history, and m the nineteenth a When many non-digital artists think of the computer, and even of computer graphics and animation, the words "concise" or "photographic" often come to mind. Less frequently is computer generated art spoken of as "beautiful" or "awe inspiring" by the digitally challenged.
Sometimes, the original artwork that is created with the aid of computer graphics is indeed beautiful, and adjudged so by computer artists and the public alike. This is becoming all the more recognized because of the uses that both Hollywood and Madison Avenue put the computer graphics medium to, surrounding us with the "ooo's" and "ahaaa's" of our contemporaries and friends.
Computer graphics, beautiful computer graphics, can arise from another source however, a source that has little to do with originality, and more to do with a respect for history and tradition. This is the capability of computer graphics to represent artwork from the past in a digitized form, cleaning up and restoring any of the artifacts that time bestows upon all things in the world.
Art Restoration Like the art restoration crews that save paintings savaged by time and pollution in the temples and chapels throughout the world, or perhaps more like the Ted Turner Classic Movies that present the history of film with digital technology added, historical art can also be presented to Figure 1. This is a page from the electronic PDF documentation.
You will need either a Mac or PC to view it.
Index of Cultural Styles Savage Tribes Assyrian & Persian Egyptian Greek Byzantine Arabian Pompeian Roman jss; Persian Indian Med aavai & III. Mss.
Hindoo Chinese Geltc Leaves & Flowers Renaissance Elizabethan Italian The Amiga Business Program, WB1.3 & up Hv Business Master ™ A R,-A P, G BT Invoices, Billing Inventory, Payroll i., , Ti. T (• y Client List (y 5L Stark Reality Software 2212 Polk Sail Francisco CA 94109 Circle 126 on Reader Service card.
The public on CD-ROMs for computer users to appreciate. There is, in fact, a wealth of CD-ROM libraries bursting with the paintings of the masters, and pictures and models of the sculpture of the ages.
Unfortunately, most of these collections are developed to make quick bucks, paying little attention to the eye's requirements for appreciating beauty. When done with quality in mind however, a library of traditional art can not only please, but teach as well.
The Grammar of Ornament One of the most beautiful and awe inspiring works available to computer artists and animators, a CD-ROM library of images and corresponding historical text, has to be The Grammar of Ornament from the company Direct Imagination. This is a CD-ROM dedicated to the work of Owen Jones from the mid-nineteenth century.
The Grammar of Ornament comes ready for Mac and PC use, but that need not daunt or frustrate the Amiga user. The Amiga is quite capable of reading any of the associated PC files, that come in EPSF for ornament details, and in JPEG for scans of the original pencil drawings.
It is Mr. Owen's idea that the included ornaments from diverse worldwide cultures be used primarily by architects in the development of new buildings that pay respect to various ornamental and cultural traditions. Architecture and ornament have always danced together, because symbolic ornament has much to do with the spiritual nature of a culture, and this is expressed strongly in the architecture of a period.
From the nineteenth century onward, democratic cultures have become the crossroads for an infinite number of cultural and spiritual traditions, so the architecture of Western democracies has always demonstrated an obsession with representing (and paying a mysterious respect for) the ornamental symbols of historical traditions. This can be seen in the resplendent theaters in Chicago influenced by the architect Sullivan, and even in the stark work of Frank Lloyd Wright in his genuflection to the natural world. Ornament and architecture have always gone hand in hand.
Figure 2. This is a selection o( the JPEG art on the CD-ROM.
Most of it represents the original plates.
In this age of computer graphics, animation, and desktop publishing, it is not only architecture that encom- ProvTech VOICE FAX (812) 254-1721
• provtech@hotmail.com Circle 134 on Reader Service card.
Passes ornamental use. A huge reservoir of graphic images is needed constantly to replenish the appetite of computer graphics and animation producers, as well as to slake the thirst of those involved in desktop publishing. This is the age of the eye, and omamentalism and symbolism (sometimes overused) is vital in the feeding of the eye.
Owen Jones’ Grammar Not only is the Grammar of Ornament a journey in visual grammar, but it is also an exercise in verbal grammar. Owen Jones lists a total of 37 Figure 3. The EPSF art is the most useful tor design applications.
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Propositions for the uses to which the included ornamentation may be put to, ways that architects should and should not use the designs. Some of these may seem a bit archaic now, but they are nevertheless interesting historical reading.
Every designer should avail themselves of a wider education in the traditions of design, and the text (taken from the original manuscript) that is folded into the documentation on this CD-ROM is an excellent learning vehicle. Here is an excerpt of some of the "Propositions" for using the included designs:
* 4QM % + ship represents the best of 1, 2, and 3.
GOLD is a golden resource."
Author of Lightwave Power 1 97 $ 9Q95 +sh + shipping shipping LIGHT-ROM 5, is a 3 CD-ROM set containing an all new collection of Lightwave objects & scene files. Also included on the 3 CD set is a collection of over 200 megs of Imagine PD 3D materiai, a collection of Image maps & sequences, a collection of over 200 megs of 3D Studio objects (loadable into Lightwave) and over 240 Image backdrops at 752x480 resolution. LIGHT-ROM 5 can be used with any version of Lightwave on any computer platform. All of the Lightwave objects, 3D Studio objects, image maps and Image backdrops come with thumbnail
renderings for easy previewing.
LIGHT-ROM 4, a 2 CD-ROM set features all new Lightwave objects and scene files. The bonus CD-ROM is 3,000 Jpeg Textures, a $ 29.95 value.
“LIGHT-ROM 4, a wonderful collection of mode s.” David Hopkins 30 Artist, Issue 27, 1997 LIGHT-ROM 8-3 CD-ROMs For *49* Available Oct 1,1997 shipping ORDERS ONLY 1*800*265 VOICE I FAX - 502-363-2986 ? E-MAIL - michael@lglou.com Shipping is $ 4.95 lor U.S. A Canaria - (6.95 International C.O.D. $ 4.50 Extra WrMJHC* DETAIL DEALERS, CONTACT MICRO-PACE, INC. FOR DISTRIBUTION.
“LIGKT-HOH," “DEM-ROM," "Imagine PD 3D." "Multimedia Backdrops," and "3,000 Jpag Tenures" are trademarks ol Graphic Detail Inc. Ail ntfur trademaitc are the properties oi their respective companies.
Circle 137 on Reader Service card.
Ornaments of any color may be separated from grounds of any other color by edgings of white, gold, or black.
Ornaments in any color, or in gold, may be used on white or black grounds, without outline or edging.
In "self-tints," tones, or shades of the same color, a light tint on a dark ground may be used without outline; but a dark ornament on a light ground requires to be outlined with a still darker tint.
Imitations, such as the graining of woods, and of the various colored marbles, allowable only, when they employment of the thing imitated would not have been inconsistent.
...and so on. Studying Owen's design propositions, while looking at the visuals, gives you a good idea of what Western design was like in the nineteenth century, and might also serve to give you some creative ways to utilize the ornamental designs on the CD-ROM.
Using these Ornaments in your creative work There are a number of ways that you can utilize these ornamental designs in your videographic and DTP projects. Here are a few suggestions:
1. Use them as ornaments in your DTP work. Many create very
interesting frames around text blocks.
2. Use them as backdrops for Web page designs, or to surround URL
3. Use them as texture maps in your favorite 3D art and animation
Depending upon how they are mapped, you can achieve very sharp texturing looks.
Caveats There is an astoundingly beautiful electronic documentation file in the PDF format on the CD-ROM. The Amiga, however, is not PDF friendly, so you'll have to use either a Mac or a PC (or an emulator of either) to view this file.
Conclusions is the one to get, as it contains a total of 640 graphics files in all. It costs $ 199.95 from the developer, and is worth every penny.
Another product recently made available from Direct Imagination is a two CD set called "Father of Industrial If you work with images, either for DTP or DTV projects, this CD-ROM is an absolute must-have. The image quality is superlative, and the graphics represented cannot be found anywhere else. The Professional Artist's Edition Reprints Reprints Reprints Reprints TO ORDER CUSTOM REPRINTS OF ARTICLES IN: AmazingAmiga J- -M- COMPUTING CALL JILL HUGHES AT:
(800) 259-0470 0 Reprints Reprints Reprints Reprints Design: the
works of Christopher Dresser". This set is composed of two
CD-ROMs, Studies in Design and the Art of Decorative
Design, totaling over almost 500 graphics files in all. A
protege of Jones, Dresser's work centers upon Victorian and
Art Nouveau designs. The two Cds sell for $ 79.95 each. The
work on all of these Cds, and the historical commentary,
belongs on your library shelves.
Direct Imagination PO Box 93018 Pasadena, CA 91109
(818) 793-8387 http: www.Digimagin.com Please Write to: Shamms
Morfier c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02720-0009
• AC* ???? WANTED ????
A2000 Computers TOP DOLLAR PAID We want to buy your A2000 (A2500). If your 11 year-old Amiga 2000 is sitting in your basement or attic gathering dust, this may be your last chance to turn it into a sizable amount of cash. We offer top dollar for any A2000 and will even pay for shipping (UPS). Specifications for the A2000 are:
* any revision motherboard 4.2 or higher
* any Agnus revision
* any Kickstart revision
* Amiga keyboard
* we prefer a working computer but if yours does not, call us and
tell us about it.
* When you sell us your Amiga 2000 computer, Paxtron will give
you a 15% discount on any item we have on our web page:
www.paxtron.com (end users only).
PAXTRON IS THE AUTHORIZED U.S. DISTRIBUTOR FOR MICRONIK MicroniK For a complete list of all the plug in accessories in the MicroniK line, including classic cases for the A2000, A3000, and A4000, check out our web site or send us E-mail inquiries. Dealers, call for pricing or check out our dealer page on line.
INFINITV 1200 UPGRADE $ 299.00
• Add your own A1200 motherboard
• Add your own disk drive
• 100% compatiblity with any A1200 peripherals
• Use Amiga or Win95 compatible keyboard
• Expandable on future purchases
• All the above features PLUS a 150 watt power supply $ 359.95
INFINITIV A1400 TOWER $ 849.00
• Same as A1300 above with additional:
• Bus-Board Zorro II with 5 Zorro II slots
• Video-slot option
• Pass-through A1200 expansion port INFINITIV 1300 TOWER $ 649.00
• infinitiv Tower with Amiga 1200 mainboard
• Floppy disk drive 880 KB Amiga 720KB DOS
• Internal PSU 200 watt
• Separate Amiga keyboard
• Workbench 3.1 operating system Manuals INFINITIV A1500
TOWER $ 1199.00
• Same as A1300 above with additional:
• Bus-Board Zorro 11 11116 32 bit, with 5 Zorro ll lll slots
• A3000 4000 CPU slot (A3000 4000 accelerator cards)
• Pass-through A1200 expansion port
• Fast SCSI-II host adapter onboard
• Video slot option CLASSIC TOWER CASES A2000. A3000, & A4000
Tower Cases now in stock.
Look on our web page or call for details.
Zorro It expansion $ 209.00 150 watt power supply upgrade $ 69.00 PCMCIA adapter $ 39.95 A1200 expansion keyboard case $ 49.95 Video slot adapter $ 85,00 A2000 classic tower* $ 243.00 A3000 classic tower' $ 439.00 A4000 classic tower’ $ 398.00 ‘call for additional accessories and configurations SPECIAL PAXTRON OFFER ACCESSORIES For the first 100 people to purchase a MicroniK Tower, we will give away, ABSOLUTELY FREE, the Advanced Amiga Analyzer. This $ 60 diagnostic evaluator is invaluable to everyone using an Amiga.
Keep checking our web for tower pictures and Micronix news.
MicroniK towers may be ordered from Paxtron or any dealer on our list. First come, first served!
Are you tired of waiting 4 to 6 weeks to have your motherboard or computer repaired? Are you further frustrated upon discovering that the repaired motherboard or computer is sti.ll not functioning properly? Paxtron has the solution. We can turn around your broken equipment generally within 24 or 48 hours after it is received. Our prices are more than fair. Our replacement parts or components are new and our technicians were originally factory named by Commodore Amiga.
On July 2,1997, Paxtion was appointed an authorized Amiga repair center by Amiga International. Up to now PaxtTon has provided service in large volume for dealers and corporations worldwide, With the enlarging of our service center to the general public, end users will now have the same top quality access to our Commodore trained technicians and the most sophisticated diagnostic and surface mount equipment in the industry. Our technicians' telephone hours (to answer tech support questions) are between 2-3 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday.
AUTHORIZED AMIGA REPAIR CENTER If you want to take advantage of our rapid turnaround and low repair costs, give us a call on our toli free number. Our service department will give you an RM.A (Return Authorization Number) and instructions for sending in your equipment.
MODEL COST MODEL COST A1000 $ 100.00 Flat Rate A1200 $ 95.00 plus parts A500 $ 54.00 plus parts A4000 $ 169 00 plus parts A2000 $ 85.00 plus parts A4000 Tower $ 185.00 plus parts A3000 $ 105.00 plus parts CD32 $ 95.00 plus parts A3000 Tower $ 169.00 plus parts CDTV $ 95.00 plus parts A600 $ 65.00 plus parts A3000 upgrade 16MHz to 25 Mhz $ 79.95 NOTES: (Other Amiga Items Call for Pricing)
1. Above pricing is for repair of basic Amiga PC Boards only and
does not include floppies or hard drives.
2. Above pricing is for PC Board repair. If entire computer is
sent, add $ 15.00.
3. New motherboards are available for the following systems:
A500, A500-plus, A2000, A3000, A1200, A600 & A4000.
£3 SmMe Slrt-ei. Spnng Valley. WV l.osyf ',14-5? ¦ 6521 ¦ 9O0-615-3541 8&0-595-55M . 809 PAX THOM • FAX PI 4 -578-6590 Hours. 9-5pmEThA™-Fr, .AaijaKiUPS Chains ¦ MCVI5A. Prices sub,Kl tothanja E-mail (or orimimrrespondspw pa.lroncDrp-=«ik™l.com WE SHIP WORIOWIDE' . -- -• "'•••• ¦ -" ¦ •" .... . •; .¦ " ¦ ¦ . Software Hut AMIGA Folcroft East Business Park 313 Henderson Dr Sharon Hill, PA 19079 softhut@erols.com Info 610-£66-5703 Tech 610-586-8640 FAX 610-596-5706 Orders 800-93-AMIGA Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat - Sun Closed FAX 610-586-6416
• All our customers worldwide can now reach us by E-Mail. We
always respond within 24 hours on Quotes & Technical Info, and
ship orders the same day. Our address is softhut®erols.com • f
NewTek Lightwave 5.0 Amiga $ 1149.00 Lightwave 5.5 Intel Call
Lightwave 5.0 Upgrade Amiga
289. 95 Lightwave 5.5 Upgrade Intel
469. 95 Video Toaster 4.1 Upgrade CD
499. 95 Video Toaster 4000
2079. 95 Video Toaster Flyer
4195. 00 Calibar Call Power Supplies A Expansion Boards A2000
3D0W Power Supply $ 149.00 Megalosound
57. 95 Pro Midi
42. 95 Big Foot CD-32 Power Supply
79. 95 Squirrel SCSI-2 PCMCIA Card
94. 95 Surf Squirrel PCMCIA Card
139. 95 The Siamese System 2.0 RTG
369. 95 Buddha EIDE Z2 Controller
84. 95 Cat Weasel Z2 w Buddha
139. 95 Cat Weasel A1200
109. 95 Cat Weasel A4O00
109. 95 HD Floppy w iity Cat Weasel purch. 24.95 DataFlyer
89. 95 r - Custom Chips 1Mb Agnus 8372A $ 34.95 Super Denise 8373
29. 95 CIA 8520 Chip
11. 95 Paula or Denise Chip
16. 95 UsalC
39. 95 Alice 1C
39. 95 Eproms 2630 Rev 7
36. 95 Eptoms2091 Rev 7
34. 95
1. 3 ROM Chip
13. 95
2. 04 ROM Chip
22. 95
2. 06 ROM Chip
26. 95 Guru ROM v6 GVP A500 series
71. 95 GuruROM GVP or A2091 (Spec) 63.95
W. D. SCSI Chip RevBA
29. 95 CIA 8520 Surf. Mount Chip 2350 Super Buster Rev f f
29. 95 Ramsey Rev 7
29. 95 Paula Surface Mount
42. 95 Super Dmac Rev 4
42. 95 Bridgette
29. 95 Video DAC
24. 95 For other custom chips, call or vlitt aur wab site.
A50Q Peripherals Software Hut Authorized Amiga International Distributor Wt art happy lo report to our customara that Software Hut has baen appointed national distributor lor Amiga International lor OS 3.1 and A1200 computers. You can check out all the latest Inlo on Amiga International's Web site at www.amlga.da BigFoot 200W P.S.-A500-600-1200 584.95 Commodore A500 Power Supply 49.95 A500 Internal Replacement Drive 49.95 Saturn External Floppy Drive 88QK 89.00 A501 RAM Expansion Board 33.95 Phase 5 Blizzard 1230-IV w 50Mz CPU $ 199.95 Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board 649.95 Blizzard 12x0 SCSI Module
129.95 Blizzard 603e PowerPC 175Mz 569.00 Blizzard 603e PowerPC 200Mz 729.00 Blizzard 2040 T ERCw SCSI 449.95 Blizzard 2060 w SCSI 699.95 Blizzard 2604e PowerPC 150MZ 929.00 Blizzard 2604e PowerPC 200Mz 1139.00 CyberGraphx Software 44.95 Cybervision 64 3D 4Mb 279.95 MPEG Decoder for CV64 3D 18995 Scan Doubler Switch for CV64 3D124.95 Cyberstorm 040 40 Mk2 439.95 Cyberstorm 060 Mk2 3000 4000 749.95 Cyberstorm SCSI 139.95 Cyberstorm PowerPC 150Mz 899 00 Cyberstorm PowerPC 200Mz 1099.00 GVP-M DSS 8+3.0 Software $ 94.95 DSS8t 3.0 Upgrade Software 29.95 I O Extender - 2 Serial, 1 Par. 114.95 G-Lock
Genlock NTSC 339.95 G-Lock Genlock PAL 349.95 A2000 T-Rex 060 50-Mz w SCSI 849.95 A2000 Combo 030 40MZ w SCSI 399.95 A4008 Controller Card 124.95 2Mb Increment 34.00 Original GVP made SIMMs for all older GVP boards: 4Mb - $ 59.95 16Mb - $ 129.95 Modems & InterNet Sporster 56K x2 Fax Modem $ 224.96 Supra Expr’i 33.6 V34 FAX Modem 119.96 Supra Express 56X x2 Modem
189. 95 Supra FAX Modem 33.6 V34
114. 95 Sporster 33.6 FAX Modem
159. 95 Prac. Periph. 14.4 FAX Modem
49. 95 Cardinal 33.6 FAX Modem
129. 95 Ibrowsol.1
41. 95 Termite
39. 95 Termite TCP
41. 95 Termite TCP IBrowso bundle
79. 95 GP Fax Software - Class 1 & 2
44. 95 Hslp Amiga Get On I’not Video
34. 95 Aweb 3 w HTML-Heaven
41. 95 Air Mall 4, e-mail program
39. 95 Village Tronic Main Atfor Broadcast $ 169.95 Ariadne
239. 95 Ami TCP IP v4.x
89. 95 Picasso to 1080 1084 Cable
34. 95 Liana Network
76. 95 Liana Network 5M
86. 95 Picasso IV
439. 95 Concerto Module lor Picasso IV V Call Video Products
Personal Anim. Recorder, Amiga Call Personal TBC 4 $ 829.00
Vtdi Amiga 24 RT Pro
299. 95 Graffiti Graphics Box
99. 95 Video Magician 289 00 Super Scan
159. 95 Super Scan Flicker Fixer
134. 95 Flat Bed Scanners Epion Action Scanner 2, 1200 DPI
$ 299.95 EpionES1000 Scanner, 1600 DPI 559.95 ScanQuli 3
Scanner Software 114.95 CD-32 New Units in slock w 6 CD
title bundle - Limited Supply $ 214.95 For the latest
Products, Prices, Detailed Info, Tech Support, t Amiga Mews,
visit our Web Site at www.softhut.com CD-ROM Drives Toshiba
2X SCSI CD-ROM Drive Internal model $ 49.95 External model
$ 104.95 Pioneer 12X SCSI CD-ROM Drive Internal model $ 134.95
External model $ 189.95 Toshiba 12X SCSI CD-ROM Drive
Internal model $ 139.95 External model $ 199.95 Pioneer 24X
SCSI CD-ROM Drive Internal model $ 269.95 External model
$ 319.95 Sony CDU-926S 6x Read 2x Write Recordable SCSI
CD-ROM Drive Now you can inexpensively record your own
Internal model $ 379.95 External model $ 459.95 Apollo A6B0 63Q 33Mz 66030 $ 189.95 630 50Mz 68030
234. 95 A1200 1260 50MZ 68060 $ 589.95 1240 25MZ 68040
299. 95 124Q 33Mz 66040
339. 95 124Q 40MZ 68040
369. 95 1230 50MZ 68030
194. 95 123Q 40MZ 68030
174. 95 1230 Lite 25Mz CPU t FPU
119. 95 1200 SCSI Module
99. 95 A2000 2030 25MZ 68030 w SCSI 2 $ 239.95 2030 50MZ 68030
289. 95 A3BB0 3BB0T 3060 50MZ 68060 w SCSI 2 $ 679.95 A4BBB A40BBT
4060 50MZ 68060 w SCSI 2 $ 649.95 CD-32 SX32 $ 229.95 SX32 Pro
030 33MZ
399. 00 SX32 Pro 030 50Mz
439. 00 Storage Devices Zip Drive SCSI External $ 159.95 100Mb
Removable Disk 15.95 100Mb Disks (3Pack) 44.95 Zip Jaz Tools
Software 24.95 Jaz Drive, 1Gb internal 309.95 Jaz Drive. 1Gb
external 409.95 1Gb removable disk 89.95 1Gb rem. Disks-5
Pack 424.95
3. 5Mb Super XL Ext. Drive 209.95 Power Computing 1.76 XL Ext.
134.95 All Herd Drives Cell Memory, CPUs & FPUs Calll Prices
changing dally.
A1200 Computers Back in stock from Amiga International A1200w Magic Bundle $ 539.95 A1200 w 260Mb HD Magic Pack $ 649.95 A1200 w 1.4Glg HD Magic Pack $ 769.95 A1200 w 2.1Glg HD Magic Pack $ 834.95
3. 1 Kits AS320 3.1 Kit for the A500, A2000, & A2500 - $ 94.95
AS330 3.1 KI1 for all A3000s $ 106.95 AS340 3.1 Kit for all
A4000S $ 106.95 AS312 3.1 Kit for all A1200s $ 106.95 AS306 3.1
Kil for all A600s $ 94.95
3. 1 ROM for A500, A600, A2000 (Specify) $ 37.95
3. 1 ROM set for A3000. A4000, A1200 (Specify) 51.95
3. 1 Manuals & Disks (no ROM) 58.95 AM-TRADE High Density Drives
A4000, or A4000T-$ 799.95 A2000 series -$ 114.95 A1200 series
-$ 114.95 NEW Amtrade External High Density Drive - $ 134.95
Megachip A500 2000 $ 184 95 Cobra 1240 33MzRC CPU 14995 Cobra
1240 40Mz EC CPU 169 95 Ferret SCSI-2 Cobra Mongoose 84.95 FPU
and RAM prices Call SprtFire SCSI2 Controller 79,95 RapldFire
SCSI2 RAM Controller 139.95 WildFIre 060 50Mz lor A2000 1279
00 The Clock A1200 17 g5 Quik Pak A600 A600 w Soltwaro $ 229.95
A6011Mb Chip RAM w Clock $ 69.95 A4000T We have excellent
pricing on bundled options Including: RAH, Toaster, Flyer,
larger Hard Drives t CD-ROMs. Call, FAX, or E-Mail your
configuration lor the bast lactory installed pricing.
A4000T 060 50MZ 6Mb 2.1Gb HD $ 2649.00 A4000T 040 25MZ 6Mb 2.1Gb HD $ 1949.00 A4000T 060 50MZ 34Mb RAM 2.1Gb HD 12x SCSI CD-ROM Personal Suite Bundle $ 2999.00 Micronik Towers Now carrying Iba new lowers from Mlcronlks, officially licensed by Amiga International.
A1200 Inflnltlv Tower caie $ 279.95 130OT1 Inflnltlv computer 629.95 1400TI Inflnltlv computer 829.95 Input Dtvices Mlndicepe Powerplayert Joystick The Bug Joystick.
Wizard 560DPI Black 3 But Mouse Wizard 560DPI Beige 3 Bui Mouse Acid Mouse. 300 DPI, 2 button CBM CD-32 Joypad Logic 3 Action Joypad Golden Image JP-100 Pen Mouse Golden Image Trackball Aka Data Crystal Trackball WIC0 Black Max Joystick 4 Player Joysbck Adapter KB100 Adapter for AT Keyboard Wacom AtlZ-212x12 Tiblel 1 Topollno PC Mouse Adapter , , , , BiMfiffiMi! ..... Software Hut Info 610-586-5703 Tech 61Q-586-B640 UlOGlS FAX 610-586-5706 6416 * Hour$ :Mon-Fri9to6 800-932-6442 Sat-San Closed OUU CD-ROM Software Titles Amiga Technology Monitors We are pleased to
announce the exclusive North American Distribution of Amiga Technologies Monitors. These are Highest Quality monitors, made especially for your Amiga. 1 Yr Warranty through Electrohome, in the USA.
Beginning this month, many Cds are Lower prjce(j - CHECK IT OUT r - NEW p.OS Hot, new Operating System is now in stock ¦ $ 26.95 V Magic Publisher
49. 95 Magic Workbench Enhancer
26. 95 Meeting Pearls 3 or 4 (Specify)
11. 95 Micro R&D Volume
25. 00 Micro R&D Volume 2
40. 00 Micro R&D Vol 3 or Vol 4 (Specify)
14. 95 Micro R&D Volume 5
44. 00 MODs Anthology
36. 95 Movie Maker Special FX 1
36. 95 Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache
9. 00 Moving Texlures 100,200 (Spec)
239. 00 Mud Puddles
10. 00 Multimedia Backdrops
24. 95 Multimedia Toolkit
10. 95 Multimedia Toolkit 2 (2CDs)
26. 95 Music MODs & Sound Samples
8. 95 YetNews Offline 1 or 2 (Specify)
16. 95 Network CD 1 or 2 (Specify)
19. 95 Network Cable CD32 to Amiga
30. 00 Nothing but Tetris
14. 95 Mamed 6
12. 95 Mamed Sound Studio
24. 95 Mine Library
19. 95 ndoras CD
9. 95 Paperbag Princess
10. 00 Arsenal Paint 7.1
59. 95 3ersonal Suite from Cloanto
39. 95 3hotoCD Manager
33. 95 3rint Studio Pro
34. 95 3ro Pics
24. 95 3sycho Killer
6. 00 Tetro Gold: C64 Games & Emulator
22. 95 SFX Volume 1 or 2 (Specify)
29. 00 Scene Storm
19. 95 Sci Fi Sensation v2
28. 95 Solar System Kit for LW
84. 95 Sounds Terrific 1
12. 95 Sounds Terrific 2
17. 95 Speccy CD 97
27. 95 Sports Football CD-32
6. 00 Strip Poker
12. 95 Surface Pro & Pro Textures Combo
55. 95 Syndesis 3D ROM vl, v2 (Specify)
79. 95 System Booster
26. 95 Ten on Ten (10 Cds)
49. 95 Texture Heaven 2
12. 95 Town With No Name
5. 00 TurboCalc 4.0
54. 95 Universal 3D ROM
137. 95 Ultimedia 1 & 2 (2 Cds)
21. 95 Utilities Experience NFA
19. 95 Utilities Volume 2
29. 95 Visual FXLW 1,2 (Specify)
129. 00 Visual Fxfor ImageFX
129. 00 Weird Science Clip Art
14. 00 Weird Science Animations
19. 95 Weird Science Demo Mania 1
20. 00 Weird Science UPD Gold
26. 95 Women In Motion
9. 00 Women of the Web
39. 95 WordWorth Olfice
79. 95 Workbench Add On
24. 95 World Atlas from Wisedrome
39. 95 Wrath of the Demon
5. 00 XiPaint 4.0
55. 95 Zoom Release 2
32. 95 Delphina 16-Bit Audio Card Softwara Hut is the exclusive
North American distributor for this excellent sound card.
Intro Price - $ 289.95 CBM Service Manuels A500 Service Manual $ 14.95 A3000 Desktop Service Manual
19. 95 A3000 Tower Service Manual
22. 95 1084S Dt Service Manual
14. 95 1950 or 1960 Serv Man (Specify)
19. 95 2091 Service Manual
12. 95 A2060 A2065 A2232 Serv. Man.
12. 95 CDTV Srvice Manual
17. 95 A1200 User Manuel
5. 95 A4000 User Manual
7. 95 3D CD-2 Images $ 12.95 3D CD-1 Objects 12.95 17 Bit
Continuation CD 12.95 17 Bit 5th Dimension 18.95 17 Bit Phase
4 12.95 17 Bit it LSD Comp. 1.2 (Spec) 12.95 17 Bit it LSD
Comp. 3 22.95 1078 Weird Textures 17.95 3000 JPEG Textures
19.95 A Long Hard Day on the Ranch 9.00 Advanced Military
Systems 6.00 AGA Experience 24.95 AGA Experience 2 12.95 AGA
Experience 3 24.95 AGA Toolkit 97 14.95 Amiga CD Sensation 1 -
Demos 11.95 Amiga CD Sens. - Golden Games 11.95 Amiga
DeveloperCD v1.1 17.95 Amiga Emulator lor Pcs 32.95
Productivity - Utilities Amiga Repair Kit 45.95 AmiNet Share 4
7.50 AmiNet Set 1,2, or 3 (Specify) 26.95 AmiNet Set 4
(Specify) 34.95 AmiNet Set 5 NEW 37.95 AmiNet 8,9,10,11,12
(Specify) 13.95 AmiNet 13,14,15 (Specify) 13.95 AmiNet 1B,
17,18 (Specify) 17.95 AmiNet 19,20 (Specify) 17.95 AmiNet 21
NEW 17.95 Amy Resources - US Edition, Vol t 22 95 Anime Babes
28.95 Arcade Classics Plus 23.95 Artworx 12.95 Assassins Games
8.95 Assassins Games 2 or 3 (Specify) 22.95 Audio Thunder
69.95 Beauty of Chaos Fractals 15.95 Blanker Collection 19.95
Card Games 22.95 CD PD 1 8.00 CD PD 2,3,4 (Specify) 24.00 Clip
Art & Fonts 9.95 Clipart Warehouse 1,2 (Specify) 18.00 Colour
Library 15.95 Corporate Video Backgrounds 11 B.95 DataMfx
16.00 da Capo Mods & Sounds 22.95 Deluxe Paint 5 NEW 59.95 OEM
ROM 22.95 Demo CD 1,2 (Specify) 24.00 Desktop Vtdeo CD 2 29.95
Distant Suns 5.01 CD NEW 49.95 EMC-Phase 1 or 2 (Specify)
33.95 Emulators Unlimited Plus 26.95 Encounters: The UFO
Phenomenon 19.95 Epic Interactive Encyclopedia 1997 38.95 Epic
Collection 3 34.95 Epic Paranormal Encyclopedia 34.95 Eric
Schwartz CD-Archive 19.95 Euro CD Vol 1 or Vol 2 (Specify)
19.95 EuroScene 8.95 EuroScene2 18.95 Eyes of the Eagle 9.00
Fantaseas 22.95 Fractal Pro Image Library 19.95 Fresh Fonts
Vol 2 24.00 Gamer's Delight 2 24.95 Gateway 1 or 2 (Specify)
18.95 Geek Gadgets 19.95 Geek Gadgets 2 18.95 GFX Sensations
16.95 GIF Gallery Vol 1 22.00 GIF Sensation 24.95 Giga
Graphics 32.95 Global Amiga Experience 22.95 Gold Fish 2.3
(Specify) 16.95 Guiness Book of World Records 6.95 Hidden
Truth 44.95 Horror Sensation 26.95 Hottest 4,5,6 (Specify)
24.95 Hound of the Baskervilles 8.00 Humanoid LW or Imagine
(Spec) 159.95 ImageVrsion 184.95 Imagine PD 3D 23.95 Insight:
Dinosaurs 9.95 Insight: Technology 8.95 Interior Design
Collection 169.00 Internet's Avalon CD-ROM 44.95 Into the Net
(2 Cds) 17.95 Kara Fonts Complete Collection 44.95 Learning
Curve 21.95 Light ROM 3 or 4 (Specify) 39.95 Light ROM Gold
24.95 M1438S Amiga Monitor
• 14' CRT Hi-Res Color Monitor
• Short Persistence Phosphors
• .28mm DP • 40Mz Bandwidth
• 15-40KZ Horizontal Frequency
• 45-90Hz Vertical Frequency
• Universal 100-240 VAC 50 60HZ
• Amplified Stereo Speakers
1379. 95 15 to 23 pin Adapter $ 26.95 Sync Strainer Adapter 46.95
Pro-260 Amplified Multi-Media 60w Speaker System 39.95
Address Itl 1.5 $ 26.95 Air Mail 4 Email 39.95 AmiPC Power
Mouse Software 18.95 AmigaVision Professional 24.95 Art
Effect 1.5 109.00 Art Effect 2.0 179.00 Art Effect
SupeiView 45.00 Art Effect Power Effects 45.00 Artworks
Clip Art Library 22.95 ASIM 3.x upgrade ter 2.0 39.95 ASIM
CDFS CD-ROM Driver v3.x 59.95 Aweb 3 w HTML Heaven 41.95
Batch Factory 49.00 Blitz Basic 2.1 49.95 Brilliance 2.0
124.95 Cinema 4D v3 239.00 Composite Sludio Pro 149.95
Control Tower 139.95 Co-Pilot Audio or Video (Specify)
99.00 Cross DOS v6 46.95 Cross MAC 79.00 Decision Maker
199.00 Deluxe Music 2 59.95 Deluxe Paint 5 NEW 59.95 Desion
Works 2 29.95 Desktop Magic 28.95 Diavolo Backup
Professional 98.00 Dies 3.2 89.95 Digital Universe 89.95
Directory Opus Magellan 74.95 DirWork 2 59.00 Disk Magic
54.95 Disk Salv 4 29.95 Distant Suns 5.01 CD NTSC 49.95
Distant Suns 5.02 CD PAL 49.95 Distant Suns 5.02 Floppy
52.95 DJ Helper 2 59.00 Draw Studio 2.0,3.5' 124.95 Draw
Studio 1.0 CD 158.00 Easy Ledgers 2 149.95 EnPrtnt 2 Epson
Stylus Color Driver 34.95 Envoy 2.0 39.00 Family
Connections 34.00 Fiber Factory 79.95 Final Calc 134.95
Final Data Release 3 59.00 Final Writer 97 112.95 Final
Writer Lite 59.95 Fractal Pro 6.10 w FPIL vl CD 85.00
Fusion 69.95 GameSmilh Development System 68.00 GeoMorph
1.0 49.95 Gigamem 3.x 58.95 HiSott Basic 2 94.95 Amiga
Parts A1000 Case w atl shielding $ 9.95 A2000 A3000 Keyboard
69.95 A4000 Keyboard 67.95 A600 1200 Internal Floppy Drive
69.95 A2000 or A3000 Inf. Floppy Drive 69.95 Mouse for
CDTV, wired - black 16.95 Bigfoot A4000 Pwr Sy 300W 269.95
Blgfoot A3000 Pwr Sy 300W 239.95 286 Bridgeboard PCB Only
29.95 A23S6 SX Bridgeboard 25Mz 149.95 CBM CDTV Control Pad
34.95 Casework 4000 (Spec Top or Bot) 19.95 2088XT
Bridgeboard complete 15.00 CDTV Keyboard Black 59.95 M1764
Amiga Monitor
• 17' Diagonal FST Invar mask
• ,28mm DP • 85Mz Bandwidth
• Anti-Static AR faceplate finish
• 15-64KZ Horizontal Frequency
• 45-125Hz Vertical Frequency 679.95 Toshiba 20* Multisean
S-VHS, RGB. Comp., Audio, Sub- Bass 20W Stereo Speakers, Dark
Flat Screen, 181 channel Tuner.
$ 449.95 Ibrawsa 1.1 41.95 Image F X 2,6 229.95 imageMaster R7T 69.00 InloNexus 2 w DataNexus 59.95 InterNet Starter Package 27.95 International Flow Charter 23.95 Link It! 49.95 Magic Lantern v2 94.00 Make Path 2.10 29.95 Master ISO from ASIMware 174.95 MaxDOS 2.5 79.00 Media Magic 79.95 MegeBell 4 19.00 MR Backup 2.5 45.00 Money Matter by Dlgita 39.95 Nelaoik PC 32.95 On the Ball v1.5 35.00 Organizer by Dioita 39.95 PageStream 3.3 159.00 PC Task 3.1 49.95 PC Task 4.2 94.95 Pagsslrsam 2.2SE 49.95 Pcx Software PC Emulation (9.95 Pegger 2.0 29.95 Pixel 3D Pro 2.1 195.00 Power Macros Lightwave
89.95 Prelium 45.95 ProMIx Call Pro Vector 3 179.00 Quarterback 6.1 49.95 Quarterback Tools Deluxe 2.02 49.95 Quarterback t Tools Bundle 74.95 Render FX Call SAS C 8.51 89.95 SCALA Background! 2 er 3 (Specify) 12.95 SCALA MM400 199.95 SCALA MM400 upgrade far MM300 59.95 Scape Maker 4.0 39.95 Scenery Animator 4.0 58.95 Secal Programming Language 49.95 Sequencer One* 35.00 Snap Maps: Building Materials 124.95 Snap Maps: Reids & Foliage 124.95 Squirrel Zip Jaz Tools 24.95 Storm C 2.0 275.00 Storm Wizard 84.95 Studio Printer 2 v2.14 85.00 Super HP-DJC 3 or HP-U4 (Spec) 37.95 Surface Pro 55.95
Tableau LT Driver 31.95 Termite TCP 41.95 Terra Form 2.10 29.95 Turbo Print Pro 5 69.95 Twist 2 Relational Database 119.95 TypeSmhh 2.5 69.00 Upper Disk Tools 25.95 Vista Pro 3.05 49.95 Visual FX CD Lightwave, 1 or 2 129.00 Visual FX CD Image FX, 1 or 2 129.00 Wave Maker 25 149.95 Wipe Studio 137.95 World Construction Set v1 158.95 World Construction Set v2 368.95 World Construction Set v2 Intel 589.00 Amiga Books Exploring Lightwave 3D $ 52.99 PhotoRea! FX 42.95 FX Kit for Lightwave 33.95 Power FX for LW 5.0 27.95 Connect Your Amiga 19.00 Lightwave Power Galda 42.95 Games for Amiga A CD-32
Alien Breed 3D AGA CD-32 (Specify) $ 19.95 Alien Breed 3D 2 AGA 39.95 Akira CD-32 w T-Shirt 9.95 Big Red Adventure AGA CD 29.95 Bograts AGA 29.95 Breathless AGA 29.95 Capital Punishm ent AGA 34.95 Chaos Engine 2 Amiga 38.95 Coala - for all accelerated Amlgas 29.95 Colonization 29.95 Defender of the Crown 2 CD-32 9.95 Exile AGA CD-32 (Specify) 37.95 Exile ECS 24.95 Extreme Racing AGA CD-32 (Specify) 19.95 FIFA Intemationil Soccts 14.95 Gloom Deluxe Amiga 24.95 Gulp CD-32 9.95 Hillsea Udo Amiga 29.95 Humans 3 AGA 39.95 Jet Pilot Amiga 36.95 Uon King AGA 24.95 Nemac 4 Director's Cut CD 39.95
Odyssey Amiga 34.95 Pinball Illusions AGA CD-32 (Spec) 37.95 Pinball Mania AGA 37.95 Pinball Prelude ECS AGA (Specify) 34.95 Pinball Prelude CD-32 34.95 Roadklll CD-32 17.95 Sensible Golf Amiga 37.95 Sensible World of Soccer 95 96 34.95 Slam Tih AGA 34.95 Span's Legacy AGA CD-32 (Specify) 26.95 Star Crusader AGA 42.95 Super Skidmarks ECS CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Skidmarks Data Disk AGA 19.95 Super Stardust AGA CD-32 (Spec) 34.95 Super Street Fighter 2 19.95 Super Tennis Champs Amiga 34.95 Theme Peik AGA (.95 TimeKeepers Amiga 29.95 TimeKeepers Data Amiga 14.95 Tiny Troops Amiga 38.95 Trapped
CD CD-32 34.95 Trapped 2 CD CD-32 39.95 Valhalla 3 Amiga 3B.95 Virtual Karting AGA 26.95 Watch Tower AGA 24.95 Wendetta CD CD-32 34.95 Worms CD-32 22.95 Worms: Director's Cut AGA 29.95 Oh Yes... More Wormsl 14.95 XPBAGA 38.95 Our Policies No waiting for your orders to ship. Orders in by 2PM go out the same day. Second Day S Overnight shipping is available.
International orders ship by Air Parcel Post or UPS Express. Domestic onlers ship by UPS or Airborne Express.
• Ail orders are sub ect to credit card verification- Due to ad
schedules, all prices are subject to change. We accept Visa,
Master Card, American Express, & Discover with NO service
charge. We also ship COD, accepting Cash, Certified Check, or
Money Older. Minimum COD order is $ 50.00. Software and
accessories shipping is $ 6.00. Hardware shipping is $ 6.00 for
small Items, $ 15.00 for Monitors. Call for larger Items. COD
add $ 5.00. Canadian, APO, $ International orders are welcome.
We will bill only for actual shipping charges & Insurance at
time of order. 15% restocking fee on all returns not
exchanged for another item. Shipping charges are NOT
B Copyright 1997, tewyiUtaaaKcle (Fx. M RigMs Rasarwd by Rob C'- Hays amiga telecommunications Stay current with the latest shareware using AmiNet Browsing and email.
Or, use AminetRtc or AminetFTP and automate the process.
Keeping current with the latest Amiga shareware can be a full time job, because, on a typical day, something like 40-60 new files are added to the AmiNet archives. Thanks to the ingenuity of Amiga programmers, there are some easy ways to wade through this mass of data looking for that new gem for your system.
Browsing One of the easiest ways to keep up with the new AmiNet additions is built right into the AmiNet web sites. From the AmiNet homepage, follow the "Recent Uploads" link, and your browser window should look like this (Figure 1).
From here you can follow links to display the new files sorted by age or directory. But if you follow the third link on this page, AmiNet will, in effect, create a personalized web page for you, and you alone. On this personal page, you can see the file listings for all of the files uploaded since your last visit (Figure 2). Add this new page to the hotlist of your browser, and in the future you can go directly to this list. No more sorting through directory trees, or seemingly endless lists of files, trying to locate the newest ones.
Email Did you know you can get the same new files lists via email from Figure 2: All of the new files in one place.
AmiNet? You can choose to have either daily or weekly updates emailed directly to you. Send an email to: listproc@mail.wustl.edu And for the message of the email, put either: SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily YourName or SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly YourName You will get an acknowledgment email back shortly with information about how the service works, how to get help, and how to un-subscribe.
After you get the email showing the list of new files, and choose the ones you want, you can also have the files emailed to you.
There are a couple of things to remember if you do this. The list of files has only a very short description of what the file is. If you can't tell from this if you want the file or not, get the readme associated with the file first.
This way you are not tying up resources getting the wrong files, or files you can't use.
The other thing to remember is most Internet Service Providers have a limit on the size of files accepted via email. Since some of the AmiNet files can be quite large, be sure you are not requesting a file larger than your Provider will allow.
Assuming that your want to use the main AmiNet site in the U.S., once you have decided on a file send email to: ftpmail@publ.bryant.vix.com the body of the email should contain the following: connect ftp.wustl.edu uuencode get pub aminet pa th to your file filename quit Once again, you will receive an acknowledgment shortly, and usually within about a day, the files you requested, as uuencoded files.
To get them back into a normal file, use a program like Uuxt from Asher Feldman. Then uncompress them with the appropriate program, such as LhA.
Amiga Lints Here are a few pointers to hot-spots in the Amiga Universe.
Amiga Shareware Need the West and greatest, you micjrt want to start here!
Statement of pvpose. These pages exist to spport and report on al aspects of Amiga Development. They are acfrect r«dl qf suggestions made at the Amiga '97 Developer 's Meetng on is, March, 1397 Please have a bit of patience as we piece it al together. Qci&fei. Fwtafnfifg whatjow met rradtr
* r§W Send al fewfcac*, suggestions, material, and anjrthmg else
you need to be here to le? iinforrfc. aTii oQ Developer News
21 Teptfbir, 1997 I wi be out of town on business this week
(22-27). Sorry for any defajrs in reptyng to you emais. And
yes, I wi be atten*rg the MAE (hfctwest Amiga Expo)ei November.
I hope to see many of you there at the deveioper meeting. - Lee
12 Septmber, 1997 - DEVELOPERS- I am start g a new page that wi
be dedicated to Items you want to dscuss with the deveioper
community. My pfen is to get the topics) from you, post them to
the page along wtthyoir emai adcfress and have each topic
posted for one week. Think of rt as an wftoriai page. I already
have a veknteer from AmtraSa who wants to write some thing. If
you have something to cfocuss, send it to me as an ftsd tie
along with yew emal adfress and 1 wi post it to the new page. I
hope to have this new sectton ontoe soon.
Hard war Kniciij.-ir*1 AminetRtc This is all well and good, but surely there is an easier way to go about this isn't there? If you use YAM from Marcel Beck to get your email, then thanks to the efforts of Charles Patterson there is a way to automate this process.
AminetRtc is an Arexx script and some support files that will display the list of new files that AmiNet emails to you. You choose the files you want, and the script takes care of the rest.
After using the Installer script to copy the files to the right places, follow the readme directions. You need to alter the script placed in your YAM:Rexx directory to reflect how many files you want displayed in the files window, and add one line to the YAM configuration file.
Now, when YAM is running, select AminetRtc from the Arexx menu. You will be able to choose which file listings you wish to see (Figure 3). The program will then open a window showing the file names, the AmiNet subdirectory, file size, and a short description (Figure 4). Use the buttons to move forward or back through the list you've chosen. Enter the line number of the file you are interested in into the string gadget at the bottom of the window, and click the "Finished" box.
Fljjga News AJ the Amiga Neve ve can find to report ends i*) here AminetRtc will ask if you want the readme for the fiie(s) you have selected, and construct the appropriate mail message to send (Figure 5). Once again, a day or so later you will find the file(s) you selected in your email box.
AminetFTP I can hear you now. "OK, this is easy enough, but when I find a file I want, I want it now, not tomorrow".
Well, this being the age of instant gratification, Mr. Patterson also has the solution for us impatient types.
AminetFTP follows the same basic format as AminetRtc as far as displaying and choosing files to retrieve.
Rather than using email however, it makes use of AmFTP from Mathias Mischler.
Now after deciding on the files you want, the script starts AmFTP, Figure 8: If you are a developer, check this out.
Connects to the site you chose during installation, changes to the proper subdirectory, downloads the files, then closes the connection (Figure 6).
Installation is again handled by an Installer script, and you will have to ' use an editor such as Ed to change three well marked lines at the start of the script. These are the directory paths for AmFTP, the directory where you want files to be downloaded to, and the AmiNet ftp site you wish to use.
COMPUQUICK MEDIA CENTER 3758 TOWN & COUNTRY RD., COLUMBUS, OH 43213 TEL: 614-235-3601, TEL FAX: 614-235-1180 SYSTEMS ACCELERATORS OS 3.1 PERIPHERALS AMIGA 4040T $ 1900 CYBERSTORM $ 790 A500 2000 $ 95 CUSTOM CHIPS, CD AMIGA 4060T $ 2600 A4060T ACCEL $ 840 A3000 $ 110 ROMS INT EXT.
AMIGA 1200 HD $ 640 2040 BLIZZARD $ 500 A4000 $ 110 WRITEABLE Cds, SOFTWARE, DISK DRIVES HIGH DENSITY, CD32 + 6 Cds $ 229 2060 BLIZZARD $ 770 A1200 $ 110 SX 32 $ 230 1230 50BLIZZ $ 220 A600 $ 95 INT EXT. ALL AMIGAS, SX32 PRO 33 $ 400 1260 50BLIZZ $ 650
3. 1 ROMS $ 40 55 HARD DRIVES SCSI IDE, SX32 PRO 50 $ 440 1260
APOLLO $ 590
3. 1 BOOKS $ 60 ALSO FOR A1200 AMIGA 600 $ 259 1240 APOLLO 1230
Both AminetRtc and AminetFTP are freeware, with the author requesting a note if you like use hate them.
Both programs require a TCP stack, such as AmiTCP, Miami, or TermiteTCP, YAM, and the rexxreqtools.library, by Rafael D'Halleweyn. AminetFTP also requires AmFTP.
PICASSO 4 $ 440 3128 RAM CARD $ 235 USED AMIGAS.
OPEN MON-FRI 11AM TO 7:30PM, SAT 11-7 Sources AminetRct.lha can be found in the comm mail subdirectory, and AminetFTP.lha is in comm tcp. Both files were being updated almost daily as I was writing this, so file sizes will probably change, but they are approximately 9K for the former, and 8K for the latter.
Circle 124 on Reader Service card.
The file RexxReqTools.lha is 65K, and is in the util rexx subdirectory.
This package is also freeware, and includes an Installer script and AmigaGuide documentation. This package adds a number of useful requester functions for Arexx scripts to take advantage of.
YAM13_4.1ha is a 512K file in the comm mail subdirectory, and is also freeware.
Uuxt31.1ha is 109K, and is located in the util arc subdirectory. Uuxt is shareware, with a $ 10 fee.
AmFTP175.1ha is located in the comm tcp subdirectory, is 296K in size, and is shareware, with a fee of $ 25 for email delivery of the key file.
Miami consists of several individual downloads, depending on CPU type, and registration status. Check in comm tcp for the latest. Miami is shareware, with several registration options and prices, the standard registration is $ 35.
AmiTCP-demo-40.1ha is a 738K file in the comm tcp subdirectory, and is a demo version of a commercial product.
To decompress files with the .lha extension, get from the util arc subdirectory the 107K file LhA_el38.run. This is also a demo version.
Hotlist of the Month The North Alabama Society of Amiga Users (NASAU), has a couple of sites worthy of being added to your hotlist. For general Amiga news and info, as well as links and more (Figure
7) , check out: http: www.amiga.org If developing software for
the Amiga is your passion (Figure 8), go to:
http: www.amiga.org developer Where To Find Me rhays@kiva.net
http: www.kiva.net ~rhays rhays@amigazone.com
R. Hays5on Genie 72764,2066 on CompuServe For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community I will include the information I receive in this column from time to time.
If you come across any World Wide Web sites you feel would be of interest to the Amiga community, pass them along for inclusion in the Hotlist of the Month. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That's all for now. Happy Holidays to everyone, and see you on line!
• AC* This Old Workbench: Episode 12 Something Old, Something
New... Class Action, MCP 1.3, Visual Prefs, and BarNone are
just some of the programs available through AmiNet and on-line
to help you gain total control over your Amiga’s Workbench.
By Dave Matthews Well, our twelfth episode! Who knew there was so much material to cover?
Luckily, there are still plenty of dedicated programmers out there keeping the Amiga alive and kicking.
It would be nice for this twelfth episode to announce that a new official version of our trusty OS was shipping, but since I can't do that, we'll have to be happy with the latest downloads from Aminet.
Class Action 3.5 Short: ClassAction 3.5 (MUI && GT) Author: salim@gasmi.net (Salim Gasmi) Aminet: util wb ca35.1ha Status: Shareware (free) URL: http: www.gasmi.net Class Action is a "recognizer" program, you give it a file, and (once properly configured) it will perform the appropriate action(s) on that file.
You can configure Class Action to recognize and act on just about any type of file you can think of, pictures, sounds, archives, you name it. And you can configure Class Action with multiple actions for a given file type, for instance, viewing, testing, and unpacking an archive. You can even use Class Action as a mini- filemanager, to copy, rename, and move files. See Figure 1 for the main Class Action program.
Class Action features:
- ClassAction is now MailWare and you can register for FREE !!!
- All advantages of a MUI application (font sensitive,
- Built-in File manager
- Multi selection
- Directories handled
- Arexx Port
- Commodity
- Applcon
- Localized (English and French)
- XFD support
- Easy to configure with ClassActionPrefs
- Analyzer making ClassAction able to auto-learn new file formats
- Interactive commands
- Use few memory
- ReqTools Support
- AppWindow support for your comfort
- You can have up to 50 path buttons As with any such program,
the bad news is you must configure it to meet your needs.
Sometimes I feel like I spend so much of my time configuring
programs to act the way I want them to, I never get to actually
use the programs! Class Action includes a very nice feature
that can make this process less painful.
Class Action's Learn mode (see Figure 2) is very handy for automatically configuring new filetypes. As an example, if you wanted to add PNG pictures to Class Action's list of known filetypes, all you would have to do is use the learn mode, select several PNG pictures from a file requester, and Class Action scans these pictures, finds the "ID bits" in them and configures itself to recognize them.
"ID bits" are letters or numbers embedded in a file to identify the fi le.
A PNG picture will have the letters "PNG" in the first few bytes of the file.
A JPEG picture will have "JF1F." Class Action finds these bits and can use them to properly recognize a filetype.
Not all files have these, for instance plain text files generally don't, and Class Action can't automatically learn these, but for the majority of files, Learn Mode is an incredible time saver.
Figure 6: BarNone Example Object All of Class Action's abilities are accessible via an Arexx port, for those who need the extra control and flexibility.
MCP 1.3 Short: THE Ultimate WB-Enhancer!
Author: knoke@cs.tu-berlin.de & zerocom@cs.tu-berlin.de Aminet: util cdity MCP130 Requires: util libs mui38usr.lha && OS =2.04 (3.0+ for some features) Status: Freeware Wow, another "ultimate!" I covered MCP in an earlier episode, and now it's back in a brand new version. MCP is a multipurpose commodity with a seemingly endless list of features for enhancing the utility and the look and feel of your Amiga.
Take a look at Figure 3 for the MCP preferences.
Some of MCP features:
- PropHack
- Force Hires Pointer
- Wait Validate
- NewEdit
- Assign-Manager
- WBTitle-Clock
- ReqTooJsPatch
- moving solid windows (fully systemconform)
- sizing of solid windows (fully systemconform)
- PackerPatch (every program can load crunched files)
- 16 color Mouse-Pointer
- new Workbench-Titlebar
- complex ScreenManager
- Format Protection
- ToolAlias (changing the Default Tool in the icons)
- CacheFont
- New ToolTypes (additional ToolTypes for Games etc.)
- Mouse Accelerator
- Drive NoClick
- setting DRI-Pens
- AssignWedge
- automatic Screen Activation
- Requester Time-out
- exchange Applcons
- exchange TopazFont
- Blanker (supports SwazBlanker and GarshneBlanker)
- Dimmer
- Mouse Pointer-Blanker
- Guru-History (saving of all Gurus)
- NoGuru
- PatchRGB32
- Screensmenu (for comfortable selection of screens)
- patch for memory management (e.g. turning off the ChipMem)
- DOS star (* instead of ?)
- Force NewLook-Menus
- Hotkeys
- MUI-Preference-Program
- programmed in 100% Assembler Well, MCP won't mow your lawn, do
your taxes, or walk the dog, but as you can see, it certainly
does do a lot.
In addition to the always popular floppy no-click, screen blanker and mouse accelerator options, MCP offers enhanced editing for string gadgets (cut and paste etc.), as well as an AssignWedge to replace the unhelpful "please insert volume..." requester with options to make an assign, mount a device, or completely deny the volume. MCP can also keep a list of all gurus, which could be helpful if you are having a lot of crashes.
Tired of your dull old 4 color mouse? Well, if you are using ECS AGA, you can now have a 16 color pointer. If you have a DPMS capable monitor, MCP offers power management. Newer monitors can be turned to standby or suspend modes during periods of user inactivity, to save on electricity.
MCP also offers many options for controlling your CPU, such as turning caches on and off, enabling the '060's advanced features and so on. This can be handy for running older programs or games which often dislike the more advanced features of the Motorola CPUs.
As always, a program this complex can cause conflicts with other software, so be sure and watch for odd behavior. You might want to enable the options of MCP one at a time, until you can be sure they work on your system.
VisualPrefs 1.0a Short: Configure the look of the Amiga GUI!
Author: tanti@intercom.it (Massimo Tantignone) Version: 1.0a Aminet: util wb Requires: AmigaOS 3.0+ Status: Shareware Visual Prefs, by Massimo Tantignone, is a new program which gives you a whole slew of options for controlling the look of the Amiga's GUI. There have been many similar patches that change bits and pieces of the GUI, such as the Window gadgets etc., but Visual Prefs is by far the most comprehensive and easy to use.
Some of Visual Prefs features include the control of:
- different light dark colors for active or inactive windows
- the thickness of all four window borders (also with system gad
- the height of window screen titlebars regardless of the font
height used
- the system gadgets style (also for MUI KingCON ClassAct
titlebar gadgets)
- the exact look of the BOOPSI and GadTools 3D frames
- the look of GadTools proportional gadgets
- the position of window titles (centered in dragbar or in
whole titlebar)
- the fill color of inactive window borders All of Visual Prefs'
options are available via a nicely done prefs program. One
drawback is the inability to use your own custom gadget images,
ala Tinic Urou's Urouhack. Perhaps the author will add this
functionality in a later release. If you are looking for a
little more control over the Amiga's GUI, you should definitely
have a look at Visual Prefs. See Figure 4 for a screen shot of
the preferences program, showing off some of the customizations
Bar None Short: The ultimate controller for your Ami (MUI) Author: srk@frii.com Version: 1.3 Aminet: util wb BarNone.lha Requires: util libs mui38usr.lha &&OS =3.0 Status: Shareware URL: http: www.frii.com ~srk ShadowWorks BarNone is billed as the "ultimate system controller." What BarNone gives you is a centralized and organized way to add a lot of functionality to your Amiga. Think of it as a toolbar on steroids. You can create docks with your favorite programs, but you can also incorporate system monitors, such as memory, tasks, etc. One of the really cool things BarNone offers is a
visual display of available screens, with thumbnails.
You can open, close, and even have the screen pop to front or back. If you have many screens open, this is very convenient. See Figure 5 for the Bar None Editor, and Figure 6 for a small example.
Some of BarNone's features:
- Over 20 imbeddable object classes that can be used to create
your own custom system controller applications, with more on
the way
- Innovative features such as antialiased, palette-remapped
thumbnail views of other screens
- An extremely powerful layout mechanism
- Runtime object binding allows full extensibility by 3rd parties
(development kit to be available)
- Multithreaded objects
- Powerful template system for macro object creation
- Construct interfaces by dragging and dropping objects I
A500 $ 59 • A600 $ 89 • A1200 $ 129 A2000 $ 89 • A2000HD $ 99 •
A2500 $ 109 A3000 $ 129 • A3000T $ 179 A4000 $ 179 CDTV $ 59 • CD32
$ 109 A1080 4 4S $ 59 MultiScan (NO 1M0»S) $ 89 add-in boards A
Email Fon Fax for current stock & prices SPECIALS MULTISYNC
HH 7 $ 39 » 40MB 3.5 HH 4 $ 39 170 West Westfield Ave • Roselle
Park • NJ 07204 FAX 908 245-9409 FON 908 245-1313 EMAIL
SEEDETAILSwww.itigs.com Tttcsiliiy it Thrirultiy 12 Soon to S
I'M Circle 122 on Reader Service card.
A word of warning, though, there is a pretty steep learning curve here.
BarNone is so customizable, and has so many options, it is rather daunting to get started. The documentation includes a number of tutorials, as well as the reference section, so this should help.
Like a growing number of Amiga programs, BarNone's documentation is in HTML, rather than AmigaGuide or text, so you will need a browser to view them. You can get demo versions of Ibrowse, Voyager, or Aweb to view the docs; all should work well. Figure 4 shows the Opening tutorial page.
If you understood any of that, and you are willing to put some effort forth, BarNone could make your Amiga a nicer and more productive place to be.
That's about it for this episode. As ever, you can contact me via email: dm05438@navix.net.
• AC* By Veter Olafson Caught in the Net The latest news, gossip,
and just plain hopes for the Amiga game community.
Countdown to Extinction and Traitor Alastair Murray The fellow behind Hangar 18 (see last issue) didn't simply spring fully- formed from the mind of Zeus.
Murray's been practicing this charming craft 2D action adventures crude in appearance but artful in design for years, and only recently gained access to the net to share the good news. (Check out his web page at http: freespace.virgin.net malcolm.murray for details on his works-in-progress.)
These two mission-based precursors Countdown goes all the way back to 1993 are similar in style, but a bit more crude and a bit less artful. The detail that makes Hangar 18 such a rich experience and that takes the edge off its graphical simplicity isn't in place.
But the games are essentially fun, and you can tell that, even then, Murray was onto something. I can't wait for his next step.
B Engine by John Seick and D Engine by Peter Annuss With Quake on the way to the Amiga, can Apogee's Duke Nukem 3D and Id's Doom line be far behind? These new 3D engines, which interpret level data for the IBM originals, show it's well within the realm of technical feasibility.
B Engine v 0.1 does for 3D Realms' trash-talking hero what BSP did for the original Doom a couple of years ago.
And it does it pretty well especially considering this is a very early and largely unoptimized version. On my 060 50-based A1200,1 was getting 8 frames per second in hi-res and about twice that in the default low-res.
Similarly, D Engine allows you to tour levels for Id's Doom, Doom II and user-built add-ons, and at a nice clip on that same 060 albeit with a display window the size of a big postage stamp.
(Things bog down quickly with a larger display.) Happily, you can jump between levels in the wad files (not included) from within the program by just tapping a couple of numbers.
OK, granted: these programs are processing only the most basic data. No enemies, no sound, none of Duke's special effects like mirrors and bloody or soppy footprints. (No collision detection, for that matter.) But I'm encouraged by what I've seen (especially by B Engine) and I'd encourage the authors to carry on.
WolfPac Gunter Erhart The concept's intriguing: a first- person, free-scrolling version of PacMan in a Wolfenstein 3-D-like environment.
The reality is... well, somewhat less interesting. The textures look dandy when you're at rest, but the tops and bottoms of the wall panels appear to move at different rates when you're turning and the shuddering effect is anything but smooth, (http: www.onlineloop.com wolfpac ) Invasion Force Team Iforce The computer enemies in Interstel's Empire may have had the brains of an Irish setter, but simplicity and configurability count for a lot, and Amiga gamers took to it with a relentless passion. But the setter never produced a puppy. Empire Deluxe (a similar game with German Shepherd
brains) wasn't ported over, and by the time Empire II rolled around in 1995, the Amiga wasn't even at the table.
Happily, a quartet of designers and coders is effectively creating its own Empire Deluxe, and what they've achieved through v. 0.18 is pleasant indeed. Invasion Force is affectionately faithful to Empire's look and feel suddenly, it was 1987 again and I spent hours playing the built-in scenario and trying out new additions to the Empire canon. (Air cavalry! Bombers!)
Of course, one reason it took hours is that the game in this early state is oppressively slow (even on my '060 and with just a dozen units in play) and a number of those features remain to be implemented. So keep watching. If you've ever mourned for the loss of a old dog of a game, you'll welcome this puppy home, (http: users.mainlink.net -esnyder if.html) Albion Blue Byte No, it's not a mental glitch or an extended typo. Back in 1994, Blue Byte considered bringing Erik Simon's RPG Albion (a stylistic sequel to his Ambermoon) to the Amiga. Ultimately, it didn't happen gee, what could
have happened in 1994? and Albion (published last year) wound up IBM- only. But this curiosity survives: Some good soul recently had the presence of mind to upload the Amiga version of Albion's dungeon-testing engine to AmiNet.
These days, with attention turned to Quake and its variations, this small sample dungeon, explored via joystick, will seem flat, angular and unadorned.
But it's also very pretty my utterly uneducated guess would be around 128 colors and history-minded Amigamers will enjoy this stroll through what might have been.
Xpedition Gobi Software The in-game text is in Polish and the game doesn't have any docs at all, but this slick taster level for an indevelopment action strategy game just screams "Potential!" This demo made me think of a simpler, real-time version of Breach, and I like that idea.
You control four heavily-armed commandos as they... well, actually, I don't know ’exactly* what they're doing. But if you head them up-screen across the desert, you'll find other heavily-armed commandos shooting sparkly things at you. (Note to developers: Replace sparkly things.)
Everything's handled with the mouse, either by clicking directly on the terrain or on the task bar at screen- bottom. This gives the game an elegance. And the hi-res graphics give it a professional veneer.
Turtle £ighttung Jtmtga Software “ ll M ||II 8"S 24 HR FAX: 91 5-563-431 5 Visit At: WWW.OLE.NET ~CHAOS TLAS E-mail: Turtleguy@Apex2000.net
P. O. BOX 30499 - MIDLAND,TX 79712 9 1 5-563-4925 Open: Mon-Sat
9am - 9pm, Sun 12-4 pm Central End Of Year Software Sale ¦
6-DISK SET 8.00 Keyboard Template For D-Pilrrt .. 4.45 COLOR
MOUSE CLEANH6 KIT 5.50 PowerPlayer Joystick $ 5.95 Competition
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JOYPAD 18.95 ZIPSTICK SuperPro Joystick 22.95 GREAT DEALS ON
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7. 95 HEIMDALL2 AGA .. 14.95 PINBALL 'Fantasies AGA 3195
3. 95 AFTER BURNER (Jet Arcade) 7.95 CRIBBAGE & GIN.....
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Ot The Crown Epic Encyclopedia (Quad) Epic Paranormal
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(CD-32) . Advanced Military Systems $ 1.00 Amiga CD
Demo Sensations 14.95 Amiga CD Golden Games.. 14.95 AmirelSel
2 or Set 3 .. 32.95 Aminet Sel 4 or Set 5 . 34.95
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CDPD3 ..... 22.95 CHAOS ENGINE 7.95 CUPART &
FONTS 5.95 nice deals on Amiga Cds 4TI CSV JM1 5 7.95 Fields
01 Glory AGA (CD-32) $ 9.95
37. 95 FUN SCHOOL 3 8.95
34. 95 GLOBAL EFFECT (CD-32) 7.95
17. 95 LEMMINGS 9.95 KR SAM!
22. 95 SPCflTSFOOTBALL (CD-32) $ 1.95
14. 95 WILD CUP SOCCER|CM2) 4.95
3. 95 Wrath Of The Demon (all «ys) 2.95
15. 95 Weird Sci ClipAri & Fonts 195 SHIPPBVfi CHAROKS:
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JP-60N Brush Mouse (or $ 8.95 DS DD AMIGA DISKS: 25 BLANK
DISKS ..$ 14.95 50 BUNK DISKS .. 24.95 25 FORMATTED
DISKS 8.50 50 FORMATTED DISKS 17.95 The quality of the artwork
does need some evening out; as it is, some elements (stone
walls) are sharper than others (bluff tops). I'd like to see
the ability to control all four troopers at once. (At present,
they operate separately.) And speech would give the guys a
little needed personality. But the basic game mechanism is
fine. Here's hoping this Xpedition bears fruit.
Zero Gravity Matthijs Hollemans A cousin to HydroZone (see Amazing Computing Amiga November,
1997) , this AGA-only tunnel game challenges the player to beat
the clock to the end of five tubes without smashing into
the occasional barrier. (If you like this type of action,
check out Speed and Boulderdash 3D.)
Technically, it's well-done written in speedy assembly, with a punchy chunky-to-planar routine that makes the Amiga look good doing something that doesn't come naturally.
But it lacks a game designer's appreciation for his audience's patience, and the difficulty of the task, which HydroZone took in stride, quickly becomes oppressive.
Divumex Claudio Mazzuco Divumex or Xevious by any other name. The strong suit of Namco's classic '70s vertical shooter which literally took food from my mouth in college was a balance between air and land targets, and the second demo of this Italian production captures that mix to a "T," along with the familiar simple graphics and plentiful enemies.
If the sound effects are up to this level (there aren't any now), this game will become a nuisance all over again and in the best conceivable way.
SuperBallz David Reed Here's a pleasant freeware variation on Marble Madness from the author of the delightful Blobz. (See the review in AC November, 1997. Have a thing for "Zs," do you Dave?) Once again, you're guiding a ball through a lively, gravity-equipped environment to a distant exit, with the added trick that you have to hit switches along the way to open the final door. (The two-player game allows you to cooperate with a pal in this venture, or race without the switches.)
Mind, SuperBallz doesn't have the physical presence of Marble Madness (the ball is pea-sized), but Reed seems to know intuitively what's fun and the Blobz philosophy of allowing players to make their own levels regardless of how sophisticated the game finds expression here as well. Good show.
FaYoh NC.Gamez I've never been able to resist a good Super Mario Brothers-style game, and the shareware FaYoh is an excellent one.
It has the usual hidden levels and bonus games, but coupled to an in-your-sleep playability, spiffy musical themes and a gorgeous burnished quality to the sprites that, frankly, outdoes the full- price competition. Required playing.
FreeCiv ported by Troels Walsted Hansen This is as good a time as any to rediscover Sid Meier's Civilization. For one thing, the OCS ECS and AG A versions of that classic MicroProse strategy game have recently been reissued on CD by England's Guildhall Leisure. (I hope to have a review next issue.)
And the freeware Civ clone FreeCiv, which surfaced over the summer, brings to the Amiga functions that, to date, have been reserved to owners of CivNet for the IBM the ability to play multi-player games with up to 13 other people over the net.
Suffice to say that, while the game's very like the original in flavor, the single-player game pales beside this experience. (Human opponents are ’'much* nastier than computer ones.) It's almost worth the trouble you may have getting set up among other things, FreeCiv requires MUI 3.8, a couple of libraries and datatypes and finding a game.
MiniArcanoid Piotr Pawlow Union I typically don't give much attention to snake clones, minefield clones, Tetris clones and breakout clones. This soil has been plowed, planted and harvested so many times that there's simply not much more it can produce. So you can imagine my surprise when I found myself coming back to this Workbench version of Arkanoid once, twice, three times, 'sold* ... to the man who's still up playing the umpteenth Amiga breakout game at 2 am.
The obvious reasons: High configurability, ease of use, a general sense of structural integrity. A not-so- obvious one: a very solid set of sound effects including a round of applause if you make the high-score table.
Briefs: C&C Clone Central We have mixed news mostly good in the wake of last month's takeout on Command & Conquer variants for the Amiga. The bad news came in first:, the team that was working on The Game seems to be hanging it up a broken A1200 and some basic life issues loom high in the mix and the team is looking for a new coder to take over development.
The game currently a buggy, privately-circulated beta that works only with graphics cards and with the AI disabled is said to be system- friendly, written almost entirely in C and in need of more units, mining rigs, research "and whatever else you might want," according to a UseNet post by co-developer Espen Berntsen. Send Email to nameless@mo.himolde.no for details.
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Options: infinitiv 35" HD 1.76 MB $ 69.00 infinitiv PSU 200 230W $ 69.00 Top Case 5.25“ $ 39.00 Top Case 35“ Snap in $ 15.00 A1200 Keyboard Case $ 45.00 Power-Bridge-Connector $ 8.00 (For internal PSU w o Zorro board) PCMCIA Adapter $ 29.00 (90° Right Angle Adapter for A1200) Front Bezel for 5.25" Drives $ 5.00 (Special for CD-ROM installation) SCSI-Slot Bezel $ 19.00 (25-pol Sub-D socket, for rear slot) (Passive, w o termintor) SCSI Adapter $ 25.00 (For Blizzard SCSI Kit) Video Slot $ 89.00 Zorro-Board ? $ 199.00 Zorro-Board II SIMM Slots $ 249.00 Zorro-Board III $ 449.00 Single Cable $ 75.00
(For Video Slot on A1200 Zoiro board) Fourfold Adapter $ 29.00 (For 2.5', 3.5- HDDs, CD ROMs) (w Y cable, runs w ATAPI Softwae) Amiga Int’l, Inc. A1200 68020 1 4mhz CPU, 2raeg chip RAM, 880k FDD, 3.1 OS, Magic Pack.
$ 539.00 Amiga Int’l, Inc. A4000T 68060 50rahz CPU, 6mb RAM, 2gb HDD $ 2,699.00 Amiga Tech M1438S Monitor $ 349.00 14" tube, anli-glare, .28mm dot pitch Hori 15-40kHz, Vert 45-90kHz Microvitec Ml 701 Monitor (Amiga Tech Ml764 Monitor) $ 679.00 17" diagonal FST Invar Mask, 28mm dot pitch,Hori 15-64kHz, Vert45-125kHz Crystal Oscillators 8.95 M68882 33mhz FN-PLCC 39.95 M68882 40mhz RC-PGA 55.95 M68882 50mhz RC-PGA 64.95 M68030 RC 50mhz 59.95 M68060 RC 50mhz 229.95 SCSI CD ROM Drives Toshiba 12X Int Ext 149 209.00 Panasonic 8X Int Ext 129 189.00 Plextor 6X Int Ext 119 179.00 AsimCDFS3.8w FishCD 49.95
Free CD with any purchase of CD ROM Drives. Choices are BCI Net, Future Shock, Aminet 3 or Aminet 4.
Oregon Research iBrowse + Termite TCP
82. 00 i Browse
39. 95 Squirrel Zip JazToola
24. 95 Squirrel SCSI
89. 95 Surf Squirrel SCSI
139. 00 Termite TCP
41. 95 ¦
5. 25" Mounting Kit for 15.00
3. 5" Devices
5. 25" Mounting Frame for 24.95
3. 5" Floppy Drive
3. 5" SCSI Box 2HH 1FH 109.00
5. 25" SCSI Box 2HH 1FH 119.00
5. 25" SCSI Box 4HH 2FH 159.00
3. 5" SCSI Box 89.00
5. 25" SCSI Box 95.00 SCSI CD ROM Drive Case 59.00 2 Meg Chip RAM
Board 129.00 A600 630 33mhz + FPU 179.00 A600 630 50mhz 199.00
A1200 SCSI Module 89.00 A1200 060 50mhz 559.00 A1200 Lite
03Q 33mhz+FPU 99.00 A1200 030 40mhz 149.00 A1200 030 50mhz
179.00 A2000 030 25mhz SCS1+FPU 229.00 A2000 030 50mhz SCS1+
FPU 279.00 Graffiti Graphics Box_89.00 Blizzard 603e PPC 175Mz
569.00 Blizzard 603ePPC200Mz 729.00 Blizzard 2604e PPC 150Mz
929.00 Blizzard 2604e PPC 175Mz 1029.00 Blizzard 2604e PPC
200Mz 1139.00 CyberStorm PPC 150Mz 899.00 CyberStorm PPC 180Mz
999.00 CyberStorm PPC 200Mz 1149.00 CyberVision 64 3D 4Meg
269.00 Scan Doubler Switch 89.00 CyberStorm MKIU 060 50
1039.00 CyberStorm SCSI Option 139.00 CyberVision 64 Memory
59.00 Blizzard 2060 Turbo 789.00 Blizzard 1240T 299.00
Blizzard 1260 Turbo 649.00 Blizzard 1230 IV Turbo 199.00
Blizzard 1230 1260 SCSI 129.00 Orders could be placed by
telephone, fax, e-mail or snail-mail. Visa, Master and
Discover Card orders are accepted with no surcharge. We also
ship COD only in payment of1 Cosh, Cashier’s Check or Money
Order. All returns must be relumed and accompanied with a RMA0
within 15 days (Call (408) 624-5879).
Defective products will be replaced with the same item only. Software is non-returnable. Other returns subject to 15% restocking fee. Shipping & Handling charge is non-refundable. We ship via UPS, Federal Exprcus, Airborne Express & US Postal Mail. Price & availability are subject to change without notice.
We do not guarantee hardware and software compatibility, We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
Amiga Developers, User Groups, & Dealers DO IT NOW!
We need your latest information to complete the long aw aited AC's (iUIDL. If you are an Amiga developer or dealer, please copy the form on the next page and complete it for each product and service you provide. If you are an Amiga User Croup, please complete the same form and describe w hen and w here your group meets, w hat areas you cover and any other pertinent information. Please complete the form and mail or lax it to the address listed.
Onlv with your help, can we be certain your products, services, and organizations are included in this valuable resource.
Phases VILLAGE® TRONIC ¦digital products ’ Blizzard Accelerators • NewYork News Reader • Picasso4 Graphics Cards ¦ CyberStorm Accelerators • Voodoo Multimedia Email •AmigaOS 3.1 Kits ’ CyberVision Graphics Cards • Web Cruiser Browser We ship anywhere in the world!
Monday through Saturday 10am-6pm EST AmigaFest? Hmmm, maybe we can do that.. Phone: 519.858.8760 FAX: 519.858.8762 email: sales@nationalamiga.com (continued from page 36) Meanwhile, Maim & Mangle has gotten a shot in the arm with the merger of developer Deimos Design with Digital Anarchy Software and Intuition Software (whose principals are working on the space station management game called Explorer 2260). The idea is to pool resources to bring those projects and others for expanded and Power PC-based Amigas to completion. For more details, point your browser at http:
www.worldfoundry.home.ml.org . NATIONAL AMIGA AMIGA PRODUCTS AND SERVICES INTERNATIONAL www.nationalamiga.com ; n Our full catalogue is available online in 60 different currencies, or call write for a free catalogue on disk! Just as we went to press, word came that Counter Strike which seemed a bit up in the air at last report has come down to earth with a new beta (currently
v. 0.3). It remains at http: homepages.enterprise.net dalisopp
New and Used Hardware • Software • Accessories • Books
Toaster Flyer Systems • Networking • Chips • Parts Canada’s
largest Amiga Service Centre And, finally, I've come across
two more C&C variants. The two-level taster for the original
War Blood wasn't anything to write Sweden about. It was
interesting less for the brilliance of its contents the
homemade graphics are around the level of a bad Shoot Em Up
Construction Kit game than because no shareware coder had
cloned Cannon Fodder before. (On the commercial side,
Psygnosis had moderate success with Theater of Death.)
Some of the fine products we carry: But an early version of War-Blood 2 (http: www.algonet.se ~bearsoft ) offers a significant jump both in graphics (an artist is now on the job) and in gameplay with the ability to construct purpose-specific structures. A lot of the details are still to come, but, generally, I'm impressed.
The other is Diversia (Vulcan) from Slovakia's Ablaze the folks behind Vulcan's The Strangers. Few details are available on specific features (apart from a reportedly strong AI and TCP IP support) for this CD-only AGA game. But look for 256-color high-res graphics, a CD score, and Power PC and CyberGFX support.
Please Write to: *AC* Peter Olafson c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 9490 Fall Rivet, MA 02720-0009 AC GlWEy MIGA
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Category (see back of form) Version Information Suggested
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affiliate Availability (when?)
Localization: Display (NTSC PAL) National Keyboards Foreign Language Support Foreign Distribution System Requirements: CPU RAM Disk Drives Operating System Other Product Description: (50-75 Words) Please be descriptive avoid hype language' Attach additional sheets It necessary.
We offer one FREE listing for each product. Additional Send completed forms to: PiM Publications, Inc. listings may be added for a low $ 20 service fee each AC’s GUIDE Product Listings (Maximum of three listings per product.) We also offer to p O. Box 9490 frame your listings at a low cost. Call our Advertising Fall R|Ver, MA 02720-9490 department for more information.
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They are built one issue at a time. DGCOITl© AH Amazing Writer Amazing Computing is always searching for contributing authors. If you want to share your experience, your knowledge, or your insight in the many different areas of the Amiga, write us today: AC Writer’s Guideline Amazing Computing PiM Publications, Inc.
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Stay in touch. Inform us of your move so we can continue to inform you of the Amiga marketplace. Send old and new address to: Subscription Services, Amazing Computing Magazine, PiM Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 9490, Fall River, MA 02720.
CDROM DRIVES & TITLES Toshiba 5701B12X lnt..175.00 External .229.00 NEC 1610 16X Int 125.00 NEC 1610 16X Ext......179.00 E M S SupraExpress 33.6 Ext ....95.00 SupraFAX 33.6 Ext 149.00 | Sportster 33,6 Ext ....139.00 Sportster 56K, Ext ....199.99 TO ORDER Call 800-544-6599 MON.-FRI. 9-6, SAT 10-4 CST INFORMATION 414-548-8120 • FAX 414-548-8130 TECH SUPPORT RMAs 414-548-8159 *12-4 PM, Mon-Fri HAAGE & PARTNER ArtEffect 2.0 ..169.00 Upgrade to 2.0 ......89.00 drawSTUDIO 2.0 3.5” ..110.00 drawSTUDIO 2.0 CD ...155.00 Upgrade to
2.0 ..Call NetConnect Call PowerEffects 2 39.00 StormC 2.0 Pro ....275.00 StormWizard 2.0 ....79.00 SuperView ..45.00 Tornado 3D ....Call 3000 JPEG Textures 10.00 Amiga Developer Vol 1.1 ..18.00 Amiga Repair Kit 39.00 Aminet Set 4 ...35.00 Aminet Set 5 ...29.00 Aminet Vols 13-20 .18.00 Amy Resources U.S. 1 ..24.00 ASIM CD ROM FS 3.8...63.99 Corp Video Backgrounds ..89.99 DEM-ROM ....16.00 Digital Motions Flyer Clips .119.00 Digital Motions
JPEG..129.00 Dinosaurs CD 125.00 Eric Schwartz Prod 20.00 i Geek Gadgets Ver. 2 18.00 Humanoid ......Call Imagine PD3D ......19.00 Kara Collection ......55.99 i Light ROM Vol 4 ....29.00 1 : Light ROM Vol 5 ....39.00 Light ROM Gold 29.00 ; MAN D 2000 44.00 Master ISO CD 149.00 Octamed Sound Studio VI .35.00 Personal Paint 7.1 .59.00 Personal Suite 45.00 Plaid Companion 29.00 ProPics 20.00 . Surface Pro LW 3D 59.00 . System Booster 19.00 Universal 3D 119.00 Visual F X-lmage F X Call V. ouFtttB Blizzard,
Phase 5 ..Call CSA Derringer Call Cyberstorm Mark II ...Call Cybervision 64 3D 4MB 289.00 Floppy Drives, High Density....Call Harddrives, Seagate Quantum..Call Hydra Ethernet .279.00 JAZ Drive, Iomega 1GB, Ext..395.00 Keyboard ..75.00 Megalosound ..49.95 Picasso IV 4MB ...429.00 Rapidfire SCSI-11 ..149.00 Scan Doubler 4000 4000T.. 129.00 Scanners, Epson ...Call Spitfire SCSI-II ...89.00 Surf
Squirrel ....139.00 Syquest EZ Flyer 149.00 Syquest, SyJet ......Call TBC IV TBC Plus 839 1229.00 Topolino .....39.99 Trackball - AmTRAC 69.99 Whippet Serial Card 1200....79.00 Wildfire Inferno .....Call ZIP Drive, Iomega 100MB...149.00 Zip Cartridges 10-Pk . JREAL 3DV*S wrswjJ.5 Professional 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software program. Loaded with new features! US tech support available ......450.00 .ecute outs' SW9
• SSlUt*" «* (.CBvM Software Air
Mail 40.00 Aladdin
4D 189.00 Audio
Thunder ...69.99 Aussie’s Fast Frames 2.0
75.00 Aussie’s Speed Zone .....75.00 Batch
Factory .....49.99 Composite Studio
Pro .139.00 Control Tower ..139.00
Co-Pilot Audio Video ....84.00 Decision
Maker 199.00 Diavolo Backup
Pro ......98.00
Fusion ..79.00 Fly
F X 189.00
Fusion ..79.00 Imagine
5.0 ......100.00 l-Net 225
Pro ...289.00 MacroForm
2.0 209.00 Main Actor Broadcast .159.00
Media Magic ......59.00 Miami Into The
Net 56.99 Monument Designer V3.....329.99 Multicam
Editor ...139.00 New
York ....33.99
Pretium 45.00 Pro
Mix 80.00 Puppet
Master .159.00 Render
FX .125.00 SAS C Development Sys 49.00
Surface Effectors ...79.00 Termite TCP iBrowse
79.00 Twist 2 Database 115.00 Voodoo
email .....33.99
Wavemaker2.5 129.00 Wipe
Studio .....129.00 Visual FX lmage
FX .....110.99 YBT VideoGems .99.00
ZIP JAZ Tools ....25.00 =CONSUI77ttW 1 1111
11111 1 ( Micro R. & D0 Dir Opus Magellan Upg ..69.00 GP FAX
Generic ... .47.99 . Mouse, WIZ 560 dpi... .29.00 Power
Supply 500 ...... .89.99 Power Supply 2000....
156. 00 Publishing CD .
15. 00 CrossMAC V1 Rel 1.05 ...69.00 Read write files from MAC
floppies and harddrives directly from your favorite Amiga
CrossDOS 6.06 Pro 35.00 The classic PC to Amiga utility has just been improved: faster floppy access, faster HD writes, creation of MS-DOS partitions.
PageStream 2.2SE: Voted 1 Amiga desktop package! Special!
Buy now and apply purchase price to V3.3! HOT Price .....20.00 TypeSmith 2.5: Blowoulll Convert Truetype IBM or Mac fonts, or design your own.
HOT Price ..20.00 PageStream 3.3: New Versionll Provides professional page layout, tools and more!
New manual! ..225.00 Calibar 299.00 Lightwave Upgr4-5,...289.00 Toaster 4000 ......2099.00 Toaster Flyer 4,12c ...3999.00 Toaster 4.1 d Upgrade..499.00 Best of % UghtWave Pro
* 38.99 .. _ . Call lor school and NSWTGK government pricing.
Studio Printer II v2.15 The newest version of the best- known collection of print drivers.
Studio Printer II helps you get the most out of your printer.
Now with support for the new line of Epson printers 69.99 The ONLY Amiga image processing software you’ll ever need!
Image F X 2.6 ......225.00 Buy Image F X and get Aladdin 4D lor only $ 125.00!
Adding a Little Extra Brightness to a Headline by Nick Cook Want to give a little charge to a headline? Add a glow! Image Club's catalog and the book "Professional Studio Techniques: Design Essentials" (Adobe Press, 1992) provide instructions for Adobe software users. The procedures are just variations of soft shadows (see Amazing Computing Amiga, June, 1997). There are two basic methods to make glowing text. The first is to just blur the "glow" text, or two, stack layers of darker to lighter "glow" text.
Basic Blur Method STEP ONE: Set the text in your word processor, structured drawing or desktop publishing program (Figure 1, top). You'll need two copies of the text.
Fill one with whatever color you want.
The second copy should be filled with the glow color and have a stroke (outline) of 4 points, also in the glow color (Figure 1, middle).
You've got a choice to make now.
You can just "print" the glow text as an IFF, perform Step Two in an image processing program, and complete the effect back in the word processing, desktop publishing or structured draw program. In that case, set the dpi to 75 (in PageStream 3, for instance, do this in the Print Setup Requester). Saving the glow text at a higher dpi will increase image quality, but it also makes the resulting text image larger.
That'll cause Step Three to be a difficult and frustrating task. Be sure to save the original document before you quit!
If you want to create the effect using only an image processing program, save both the original text and the glow text as separate IFF files.
STEP TWO: Load the glow text graphic in your image processing program and apply the blur filter.
Make it a hefty blur, too; for Figure 1 (bottom) the blur factor in ImageMaster R T was 7. Save the result under a different file name in case something goes wrong or you don't like the result.
If you plan to import the blurred glow text back into the original program to finish up, don't fiddle with the glow text in the image processing program any more; for example, don't crop it. If you do, the glow text saved may become a different size than the original text, and Step Three will be a pain.
If you plan to place the glow over artwork, double check the palette. A "transparent" text object in PageStream 3 will be saved with a "white" opaque background color, which may or may not be the transparent color 0 in other programs.
STEP THREE: Reload the blurred, glow text into your desktop publishing or word processing program. Place the glow text, then stack the original text on top. Or do the same with the original and glow text in an image processing or paint program (Figure
2) .
Figure 1: The three faces of glow: the original text (top), the filled and stroked version (middle), and after returning from ImageMaster R T (bottom).
W Glow.
Can You Say “Stack It”?
Stacking progressively lighter layers of the glow text also works.
Using PageStream 3, for instance: STEP ONE: Enter the text. Click on the arrow icon, then on the text object.
STEP TWO: Duplicate the object.
STEP THREE: Click on the text icon, then highlight the duplicated text.
STEP FOUR: Go to the "Line & Fill" requester in the "Type" menu. Set the Line Stroke (width) to 1 point, and the Fill to 60% of your glow color (white, in this case). Set the Fill for the character to the same value as the Line Stroke fili. Accept the changes.
STEP FIVE: Repeat Steps Two, Three and Four, except increase the Line Stroke by 1 point and decrease the Fiil percentage by 10 in Step Four.
Keep duplicating and changing the line width and fill each time until the latter stands at 10%, or you get bored, whichever comes first.
STEP SIX: Stack the text objects.
Start with the lightest glow on the bottom and end up with the original text on top. Select all the objects (in "Edit" menu) and group. A black background was used in this example to accent the spooky effect (Figure 3).
Different colors give different impressions. A red glow may suggest a neon sign or fire, yellow or white hints at electricity, and blue or green is good for all purpose "eerie." Vary the size of the character stroke to get effects ranging from a glimmer to a supernova. Glowing text is another tool for creative desktop or web page layouts.
Don't overlook the glow ijffixls Luiilt into your image pm cessing program! Tlw magic word Billy Batson repeated to transform into Captain Marvel was Mrs!
Created in IxiuxePnint V, then loaded into ImageMaster lt 7 Thu "Shine" effect (located under "Process," in the "Special F X" panel) was applied, i he original graphic was reloaded as a secondary buffer, and placed on top of the "shined" text using the "Color Keyed" (keyed to the background color) "Keyed Sec Max Rub Thru" command from the "Compose" panel.
Kmp up with the Latest with AC!
Rvr- fT'PifT, nn 0 Volume 12 Number 4; April 1997 New Products and other Neat Stuff, A Sweden Amiga Show, Draw Studio CD, four new Cds from Schartztruhe, and more.
Morphimals, Basic Morphing is not as hard as it once was, if you follow a few simple Rules of the Game, by R Shamms Mortier.
Tips for Animators: Part 1, A few tricks to keep your animations interesting whether they are for your computer buddies, a tape presentation, or to dazzle viewers on the Web, by R Shamms Mortier.
On Line, AmigaWorld is back!!! Well, sort of.
Also, leam the latest on MiniMail, MUI (version
3. 7), and Voyager NG, by Rob Hays.
ATAPI CDROM on the A1200 A4000 Part 2, Both AsimCDFS by Asimware Innovations Inc and AtapiPnP (Atapi Plug and Play) by CD++ will get you spinning with CD-ROMs, by Dave Matthews.
Demo Tape Success Secrets! Whether you are a video producer in need of marketing or just someone who needs to promote their best efforts, Steve Yankee has some valuable insights into what we all need to do, by Steve Yankee.
Step Right Up! Creating Stepped Type, This desktop publishing article provides tips for creating stepped type effects using either Art Expression or Pagestream 3, by Nick Cook.
This Old Workbench Special Delivery Alternative Views, Dave Matthews has received a great deal of mail concerning his suggestions on the next Amiga OS. Read what the Amiga users want and then write Dave with your own needs, £ Amu ; m tm
r. , - x !
¦ Ak *4 VOLUME 12 Number 5; MAY 1997 New Products & other Neat Stuff, MYST on the Amiga, Prelude sound card, Real3D upgrade, Imagine 5.0 upgrade, AV8RPro, REBOL, and more.
DrawStudio, DrawStudio's vectors, layers, and warps are a must see in Amiga graphics by R Shamms Mortier.
Computer Graphics and Zen Denting, The perfect reality often relies on imperfect objects.
Give your renderings a feeling of history, and a sense of unpredictability by doing what every human does best, being imperfect, by R Shamms Mortier.
On Line, This month we will try to work some magic on the e-mail problem, by Rob Hays.
This Old Workbench: Episode 7 Boot Camp, GUI Wars, and Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks, Expand your Amiga's versatility with a few utilities such as a musical pictorial boot sequence, a variety of GUI authoring utilities, individualized color on your screens, and more, by Dave Matthews.
Translucent Shapes, The Amiga user has several options when it comes to displaying text over graphics. Nick walks us through a few of them, by Nick Cook.
How to Organize Your Life, A few helpful hints to organize your work life and define your goals that work as well for a video producer or an average, overworked, under-funded, Amigan, by Steve Yankee.
The Gateway Computer Show, An Amiga User group of 32 people bring together a computer show that attracts Amiga users and vendors from around the world and revitalizes an industry.
McFiler Version 4.3, Tired of never knowing where your files are? Check Out this catalog utility for a multitude of media, by Dave Matthews.
A New Beginning, Amiga developers meet to determine cooperative strategies to continue Amiga development.
The Amiga Sale: Round Two, Amiga Technologies' President, Petro Tyschtschenko, breaks a long silence to tell the Amiga community what has happened and his experiences.
DO IT NOW, We need your latest information to complete the long awaited AC's GUIDE.
VOLUME 12 N um ber 6; JUNE 1997 New Products and other Neat Stuff, Gateway 2000 wins the Amiga, but will not speak until May 17th, Amiga web design with Pagemonster
1. 0,Siamese System RTG v2.0, Asimware upgrades, and more.
Picasso TV, Is it time to see the world of your Amiga in a little more depth and color? Picasso IV is the latest edition to Village Tronic's long- running graphics card, by William Near.
Animating Video Backdrops, Use the Amiga and a few secrets to create sequences that rival those from the big boys, by R. Shamms Mortier.
On Line, While THOR is just the god of thunder, rain, and farming of Scandinavian mythology, he is one powerful multitalented program for Amiga net surfers, by Rob Hays.
Final Writer 97, If you compose your prose, SoftWood has created a new version of their product word processing software designed to make your muse cruise, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Soft Shadows, To satisfy your thirst for a mystical look of soft shadows in your graphics and text does not require a large bite of effort, just a little reflection, by Nick Cook.
Games on the Amiga, I'm getting rid of my Amiga games. Got your attention? It's true. Peter talks about certain games that have exerted (and continue to exert) some sort of hold over him, by Peter Olafson.
Gateway 2000, Who are they? Where did they come from? Where are they going? Where does the Amiga fit in?
NewTek @ NAB '97, There are hundreds of displays at the National Association of Broadcasters each year, but NewTek remains a key player, by Thomas G. Reed.
DO IT NOW! AC's Guide form for Amiga Developers, Amiga Dealers, and Amiga User Groups.
With Amazing, the 1 reader is always number 1.
VOLUME 12 Number 7; JULY 1997 New Products and other Neat Stuff, It's Official Gateway 2000 is in charge! Opus 5 Magellan released, clickBOOM to produce PowerPC games, Cloanto releases PowerPC Library, and more.
New Logo Backdrop Ideas: (or "Brilliance Lives!"), When a computer program is a classic, it isn't old, just under utilized, by R Shamms Mortier.
Visual FX for Image FX, Making a great program even better! By R Shamms Mortier Off We Go! Offset Type Creates Depth, By offsetting your type you can give some shady characters a rest, by Nick Cook.
On Line, On-Line News: How to get it and what you get! By Rob Hays Games on the Amiga, Which Amiga games to kepp - part 2, by Peter Olafson.
New Life for Old Drawings, With creativity, rtaditional drawing practices and digital techniques can enhance each other, by R Shamms Mortier.
This Old Workbench: Episode 8 Amiga Anti Virus Programs, Computer viruses are very contagious. When your Amiga gets sick, you will also become ill, by Dave Matthews.
World of Amiga London Another Amiga Success! Amiga vendors, Amiga users, and even the new Amiga owners gather in London to show new products and prepare for a new future.
Gateway 2000 & Amiga International, Jim Taylor of Gateway2000 and Petro Tyschtschenko of Amiga International address the Amiga market together for the first time.
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F , 1 um itu; Volume 12 Number 8; August 1997 New Products & other neat stuff, SASG Gets 100,000 hits!, Imagine 6.0 special offer, CNET Professional V4, New Sadeness Titles, and more!
Not Just Another Amiga User Group Meeting, Amiga Atlanta, Inc. User Group presents: Amiga International's Petro Tyschtschenko, "The Amiga market cannot afford to split; we must go together. Together, in one direction."
Real 3D version 3.5 A Very Different Animal, Although Real 3D Version 3.5 has been ported to Windows, RealSoft has not forgotten its Amiga users, by R. Shamms Mortier.
2D 3D: Producing 3D Art with 2D Tools, The Amiga was not designed to be a desktop publishing monster. It was designed to address video, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Adding a "Hand Drawn" look to Clip Art, Even if you are not a great artist, with clip art and a few quick techniques, you can produce "original" masterpieces, by Nick Cook.
This Old Workbench: Episode 9 Tool Time: Beneath the Hood, A tool of beauty is a joy forever, by Dave Matthews.
Web Design: A Review, Need to layout a new web page? If you know HTML and just want a little help in your format, WebDesign is a shareware program you should see, by Randy Finch.
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Call: 1-800-345-3360 On Line Java for the Amiga, additional new's agents, and more, by Rob Hays.
Petro Tyschtschenko, Petro Tyschtschenko, President of Amiga international, discusses possibilities and the need of the next generation of the Amiga.
Games on the Amiga, Vulcan Software has had some hits and some misses, but they have kept swinging for the Amiga, by Peter Olafson.
DO IT NOW!, Amiga User Groups, Vendors, Dealers, Shareware Authors, and anyone with a product or service for the Amiga, now is your chance to register your products Don't miss this opportunity!
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All TECH SET Prices Include shipping & handling Volume 12 Number 9; September 1997 New Products & other Neat Stuff, Aladdin 4D 5.0 Released, Siamese Alpha & TCP IP, Animator Tips & Tricks, Ron Thornton Digital FX CD... The Licensing of the Amiga, Amiga International expands the concept of the Amiga with new editions from Index Information Ltd. And MicroniK Computer Services.
Amiga-Web Color Connections, Accurately capture and translate web art created by ail platforms, by R. Shamms MortieT.
LightWave Deforms, improve your 3D graphics and animation with the unique deformation tools in NewTek's LightWave 3D, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Adorage, Create complex 3D page peels, particle effects, and motion effects on any Amiga with truly stunning results, by Rev. John Jackman.
On Line, Try newsreading with Voyager NG, Autopilot is freeware, CompuServe could be sold to AOL, how to find a local ISP, and more, by Rob Hays.
A Polished Edge, Burnish your headlines for a 3D effect, by Nick Cook.
Network PC & The Siamese System, With the right tools, your Amiga can utilize the better parts of any PC, by Dave S. Matthews.
Games on the Amiga, Id's Quake is on the move - to the Amiga. Peter reviews shoot-em-ups and even finds a new game available FREE (with a certain European Mag)!, by Peter Olafson.
The Cross-Platfonn Page, Is it time we looked beyond the Amiga and used its power to work with the other major platforms?, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Volume 12, Number 10; October 1997 New Products and other neat stuff, Gateway 2000 fights off Amiga rights encroachment, Paxtron & Software Hut expand their distribution, Haage & Partner create more Amiga power tools, and more.
AMIGA Inc.?, Gateway 2000 continues their push into the Amiga market with a new US company.
Aladdin 4D version 5.0, Nova Design has revamped a prestigious 3D program and released it to the public. Is the new version worthy of the title? By R. Shamms Mortier.
Memory Power UP! DKB's 3128 and 2632 Memory Boards Let Amiga Owners Take Advantage of Lower RAM Prices, by Nick Cook.
Tune in the Alpha Channel, Creative Edges for Photographs, by Nick Cook.
On Line, This month Rob takes a look at another newsreader, more news on Java for the Amiga, a new browser, a new home for a program previously mentioned here, and a new venture for a long time Amiga guru, by Rob Hays.
This Old Workbench: Episode 10 Hodgepodge and Miscellanea, The Tooling of the Shells, by Dave Matthews.
PC-Task 4 and Pcx: Emulating the PC, Can the Amiga truly find happiness in a world dominated by MS-DOS based software? By Marc Hoffman.
PageMonster, CultureShock Multimedia has fathered a web design program for Amigans with talents between skilled programmer and talented neophyte, by Randy C. Finch.
AC: EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko, Managing Director, Amiga International Inc., Petro explains that there are now two Amiga companies with one united goal.
'’m i"v™ Volume 12 Number 11; November 1997 New Products and other Neat Stuff, Amiga Developers' conference, AmiCON Amiga Show, Epson, p.OS beta, PM Pro, and more.
Multimedia Branching Storyboarding Creation, Amiga multimedia producers need to be able to storyboard their ideas, but multimedia storyboarding incorporates necessities that animation storyboarding lacks, specifically "non- linearity'', by R Shamms Mortier.
Text Effects in Draw Studio, Using Draw Studio to customize your text, by R. Shamms Mortier.
Crossing the Line: Poser 2, Crossing the line: cross-platform project ideas for the Amiga.
Creating and animating anatomical models with a Mac or a Windows PC for Amiga uses, by R Shamms Mortier.
Directory Opus 5.6 Magellan, GPSoftware's Directory Opus can bring your Amiga Workbench into an entirely new reality, by William Near.
This Old Workbench: Episode 11 A New Face for an Old Friend, Magellan and Mbench Amiga Workbench alternatives, by Dave Matthews.
On Line, Spam-O-Matic It doesn't slice or dice, but it could chop out unwanted email. Updates on A-Webll and Miami TCP IP, plus AOL buys CompuServe, by Rob Hays.
A Photo Finish Creating Image Filled Text, Picture filled words can be worth a fortune to any layout or special graphic, by Nick Cook.
Games on the Amiga, This month, Peter has outdone himself. There are four sections to this issue's coverage of games on the Amiga you do not want to miss: Command & Conquer, Briefs: News on Amiga Gaming, Reviews, and Caught in the Net, by Peter Olafson.
ANIMfaces, AnimBrushes, only the AMIGA can boast of AnimBrushes. Use Shamms' technique to dabble in your own quick and easy animations, by R Shamms Mortier.
Books of Note: Net Research: Information Online, Avoid detours on the Information Superhighway.
Daniel J. (BLAZEMONGER) Barrett has written a collection of strategies for research and discovery for everyone on the net, Reviewed by Nick Cook.
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Vendors contact Bob Scharp at 314-739-5181 (please leave message) or email bscharp@icon-stl.net AMIGA www.icon-stl.net ~jwwilson GAC show.html or www.amiga-stl.com (continued from page
48) Installation Installation is the next step, once you pass the
hardware muster. The Walnut Creek CD set includes a 34-page
booklet detailing how to install Linux for the PC. That
doesn't do the Amiga or Atari owner any good. Ron Flory has
written a very complete and understandable "how to," and it
is available at his web site: http: www.clark.net pub
lawrencc linux install.htm The 25 pages document the
installation in a step-by-step manner, including such basic
topics as how to download the files (not needed if you have
the CD) and handling the various archivers you will need.
Read it a couple of times before you do anything on the
You should have a moderate knowledge of AmigaDOS, since you will need to write a script to boot Linux. Also, you should be comfortable using the HD Toolbox program (in the System: Tools drawer). One false move with that program can wipe all the data off your hard drive, certainly not a happy possibility.
It is also helpful to have a basic knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of UNIX LINUX (for example, case sensitivity). While Disk 3 of the CD set includes over 100 megabytes of Linux documentation, having a book on the subject makes life easier, and you will certainly want one as you configure the OS. O'Reilly & Associates publish my favorites: LINUX in a Nutshell and Running LINUX. There are many other Linux books on the market, but they tend to be PC-centric and somewhat less useful. If you can't get a Linux specific book, any one on UNIX should be "close enough."
The whole installation process isn't a walk in the park, but it went far easier than I expected, and was much less complicated than the NetBSD manual install. Linux was up and running on my A3000 on the first try. The Amiga file system is supported, so your data is available when running Linux (there is a beta program to make the reverse true).
I am now in the process of configuring the system. Linux has been very stable so far, although occasionally it locks during the boot and, once in a while, it gets into a snit over the CD drive. I have run into some expected problems, such as needing to set permissions to various files, and some not so expected ones. For example, the "more" and "less" text readers complain about missing libraries which exist. The hardware link to my printer works fine, but the software print system is balky.
Despite that, things have gone so well that I'm seriously considering expunging Windows from my laptop and using Linux instead.
Does Linux give workstation power on a desktop computer? Maybe not completely, but it is as close as most people will ever need. If you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and diving into a new operating system, installing Linux has the potential of extending your Amiga's usefulness.
LINUX TOOLKIT June 1997 Walnut Creek CD ROM Suite 260 1547 Palos Verdes Mall Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(519) 674-0783 FAX: (510) 674-0821 http: www.cdrom.com for
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1-800-59 AMIGA Or send a check or money order to: PiM Publications Inc., P.O.Box 9490, Fall River, MA 02720. Michigan and Massachusetts residents need to include appropriate sales tax.
Amazing Computing is published by PiM Publications Inc., P. O. Box 9490, Fall River, MA 02720, Tel 508-678-4200, FAX 508-675-6002. Centsible Software, 8818 College Ave., Berrien Springs, Ml 49103, Tel 616-471-1089, or FAX 616-473-3456.
Amiga LINUX: Another Way to tell Bill Gates to, um, Buzz Off by Nick Cook jrJV-lirlTs4 r'll-V.I One of the most popular "alternative" operating systems (OS) out there is Linux. Like UNIX, it is a multiuser, multitasking "industrial strength" OS which runs on Motorola and Intel processors. Unlike UNIX, it is free for the download (or the cost of a CD). Linux isn't just a computer enthusiasts' OS anymore. Some businesses use it to run their networks (for example, my Internet sendee provider). Like AmigaDOS, Linux boasts a supportive and enthusiastic base of users.
Walnut Creek's June 1997 six CDROM set Linux Toolkit includes five different distributions, including ones for the Amiga and Atari platforms. Three of the Cds are full of free applications. Like what, you ask? How about: spreadsheets, checking account balancers, scanner drivers, electronics design stuff, databases, TeX, editors, an optical character reader, GNU development programs and even tools for working with the Chinese language. Typical of such compilations, though, there is some redundancy.
The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Walnut Creek CD notes that Linux supports the following hardware: A3000 SCSI, A4000 IDE, A1200 IDE, serial port, parallel port, mouse, keyboard, built-in graphics (OCS, ECS and AGA), timer, floppy disk drive (DD FTD, Amiga and PC formatted disks), sound, and realtime clock of A2000, A3000 and A4000.
A4000T SCSI support is in beta testing.
All accelerator cards with compatible CPUs are supported (this does not mean that all features of the CPU card, like SCSI, Remember "Linux” and "user friendly" are oxymorons. As the Preface to Running LINUX puts it: "Linux itself is somewhat of a rebellion against the world of commercial software; the world of Linux is not a planned or organized one. You must expect the unexpected...you must hack."
Even though many commands and concepts in Linux are familiar to Amiga owners, it still is a different world with a possible steep learning curve.
Linux requires certain hardware.
Specifically, you will need: a 68000 with a programmable memory management unit (MMU). This includes the 68030, 68040 and 68060 accelerators, or Amiga models A3000, A3000T, A4000 040, A4000 040T, or A4000 060. The 68EC030, which was shipped in A1200s and A4000s, does not have an MMU. If you're not sure if your Amiga is equipped with a MMU, run the Show Config program in the System:Tools drawer, or the "lawbreaker" portion of tire Enforcer package.
Got What It Takes?
Will be available, but the CPU itself works).
All RAM expansions are supported except the 16 bit GVP RAM expansions.
Supported SCSI cards: A2091, A590, GVP Series 11 (including HC+8 and A4008), Phase5 Cyberstorm and Cyberstorm II SCSI options. Phases Blizzard 1230TV 1260 SCSI options, PhaseS Blizzard 2060 68060+SCS1 card, and PhaseS Fastlane Z3 SCSI card.
Commodore DKB A4091 and WarpEngine SCSI controllers are in testing. (There is an A3649 Zorro II bug which crashes early A4000 040s.)
You will also need at Least 4MB fast RAM, or 8MB of fast RAM if you plan to run the Xwindows graphic user interface. It is possible, but difficult, to run Linux in 2MB. As you might guess, the more RAM, the better. With a larger RAM pool, you can reduce the size of the virtual memory "swap" hard drive partition.
As always there is the necessary hard drive space requirements. Linux requires at least 60MB free on your hard drive for the basic installation and 80MB to add Xwindows. You will also need to have a supported hard drive controller.
An additional 16MB may be needed for swap space; this can be reduced if you have more memory. For example, my A3000 has 80MB of fast RAM, so my swap space is only 8MB.
Finally, you will need AmigaDOS
2. 0 or better if you want to run the Amiboot program, which
allows you to go into Linux from the Workbench.
(continued on page 46) Supported Ethernet cards: Ariadne, Hydra, A2065.
Supported 10 cards: BSC Alfa Data MultiFaceCard III and GVP 10-Extender (the serial port on the GVP G-Force accelerators may also work).
Supported graphics cards: PhaseS Cvbervision 64 (not including 3D version).
Retina Z3 (2.1.29 and higher). Piccolo, Piccolo SD64, Picasso II (not IV) and GVP Spectrum (2.0.29 and higher, with the Cirrus Logic driver).
Paxtron is North America’s largest wholesale supplier of Amiga
replacement and upgrade chips UPGRADES FOR YOUR AMIGA PRICE
A1200 ROM-3.1 ROM 0 S ......$ 47.50 A2000
ROM-3.1 ROM O S .$ 37.50 A2000 8372- 1MB
Chip RAM ...$ 29.95 A2000 8373-Super
Demse ......$ 19.95 A3000 Ramsey
(rev.7) ....$ 29.95 A3000 DAMC
4 .$ 49.95 A3000 Super
Buster (rev. 11) ..$ 24.95 A4000 25MHz CPU
(SMT) ......$ 19.95 A4000 Super Buster (rev.
11) ...$ 24.95 GVP Series ii
Chip .$ 24.95 Higher Amp Power
(Factory New)
1. 3 ROMO S $ 12.50
2. 04 ROM O S ....$ 16.95
2. 05 ROM (V37 350) (A500 & A2000) ...$ 17.00
2. 04 ROM A3000 (Set ol 2 Rom 0 1) .....$ 34.50
2. 1 Workbench lor floppy users (complete O S without support
file) .$ 7.95
3. 1 ROM (A500 A2000) .$ 37 50
3. 1 ROM (A3000) .$ 47.50
3. 1 ROM (A4000) .$ 47.50
3. 1 ROM (At 200) .$ 47.50
3. 1 Software $ 10 00
3. 1 ROM software manuai (A500 A2000).....$ 87.00
3. 1 ROMs software manuai (A 1200 3000 4000)...$ 99.95 ROM
Switch Switch-Itt with speaker $ 17.50
3. 1 manual only $ 54.95
3 1 Workbench for floppy users (complete O S without support
tile) ..$ 7.95 A2091 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ....$ 19.95 A2620 30 7.0 ROM
Upgrade ...$ 19.95 8520
CIA ......$ 11 95
8372A 8375 Agnus with diagnostic disk guide . .$ 29.95 8375-B
(2MB) (A3000) 318069-03 ......$ 25.50 8375-10 Agnus
(318069-10) PAL ......$ 13.95 8375-18 Agnus (318069-18) 2
meg PAL ..$ 15 95 Paula (8364)
A500 A2000 ..$ 10.95 Denise (8362)
A500 A2000 .$ 10.95 Super Oenise 8373
w diagnoslic disk ...$ 19.95 Gary 5719
A500 A2000 .....$ 10.95 Busier 5721
(A2000) ..$ 16,95 DMAC 4
(390537-04) ...$ 49.95 Ramsey (rev. 4)
390544-04 .$ 19.95 Ramsey (rev.7)
390541-07 .S29.95 Super Buster Rev. 11
(390539-11) ..... $ 24.95 68000-8MHZ CPU
(DIP) ..$ 11.50 68000-16MHz CPU
(DIP) ..$ 22.50 68040-40 CPU (PGA)
Phase 5 Apollo .$ 139-95 68060-50 CPU (PGA) Phase
5 Apolio ...$ 269.95 68030-RC50
PGA ... S84 50 MC 68882RC25A
PGA New (390434-01)......$ 19.95 MC 68882RC20A
PGA ....$ 30.00 MC68882RC33A
PGA ....$ 37.50 XC 68882RC40A
PGA ..$ 69.95 Weslarn Digital SCSI chip
rev. 8 .$ 23.95 Video Hybrid - (A500
390229-03) .$ 9.95 GVP Upgrade Chip Series
II ....$ 24.95 A2000 Big Foot (300 Watt) Micro
FVD ....$ 144.50 1200 SCSI Moduie For Apollo A1200
Accelerators...$ 89.95 Mmdscape Power Players
Joystick .$ 5.50 SEE OUR WEB PAGE
(FOR A1200, A3000. A4000. CD32) 8520 PLCC
(391078-02) .. $ 19.50 $ 24 50 $ 27.95
$ 21 95 S19 95 $ 33 95 $ 29.50 $ 19.95 $ 29 95 $ 32.95 $ 24.50
.$ 18.95 $ 19.95 $ 19.95 Amber (390538-03) Paula 8364 (391077-0D
Ga»(XU9) (390123-01) Gayle (315107-02) ... ...... Budgie
(391425-01) Bndgeite (391380-01) .. Video
DAC (391422-01) . Super Denise (3911081-01) for A600
... Fat Gary (3.90540-02) PLCC .. .
Lisa (391227-01)... . ...... 68020-16 (391506-01) . Alice 8374 (391010-01) ..... MC 68030FE25B QFP (390399-05) ..... MOTHERBOARDS (Factory New) CD32 (no RAM memory) NTSC ...$ 89-95 CD32 complete with RAM tested NTSC .$ 109.95 CD32 complete with RAM tested (PAL) ...$ 89.95 CD32 replacement CD mechanism ..$ 39.95 A500 (rev 3) me all chips ...$ 39.95 A500 (Rev. 5 6) ...S89.50 A600 ...$ 124,50 A1200
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Graffiti Graphics Box $ 89.95 POWER SUPPLIES (Factory New) A500 ...$ 38.95 A5GQ A60Q A1200 Big Ft. (200 Watt) Micro R D.....$ 79.95 A500 power supply (used) 220 volts Europe...$ 19.95 A590 ..$ 19-95 A1200 110 volts original faciory ..$ 30.95 CD32 Original Faciory (110 volts ...$ 21.95 CD32 Original Factory (220 volls) .$ 14 95 CD32 Big Foot (200 Watt) Micro R D ......$ 74.50 A2000 110 220V. Internal
original $ 89.95 A3000 internal (110 220 volts) . $ 95.00 A3000 Big Foot (250 watts) Micro R D ...$ 144.50 A4000 internal (110 volls) ....$ 119.00 A4000 int. 300 Watt Big Foot (exchange).....$ 169.95 1084S Phillips Flyback Transformer only $ 29.95 1084-D1 Phiilips Daewoo Flyback only .$ 38.50 1084-D2 Daewoo Flyback Transformer only...$ 38.50 1084S new Motherboard Flyback ...$ 69.95 1084S power supply board (refurbished) $ 29 95 C64 nonrepayable .$ 14.95 C65 110
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keyboards.....$ 44 50 ADD ON BOARDS (Factory New) 68020-030 (A4000) .$ 67.95 68040 processor board (A3640) .$ 238.50 A4000T ports board .$ 99.00 A4000T audio visual board ......$ 110.00 A4000T disc board ..$ 99.00 Daughter Board (A0QO0) .. $ 99.00 Daughter Board (A4000) ..$ 149.00 2091 SCSI RAM card ...$ 59.95 GVP 2091 SCSI card ...$ 67.50 2620 Flicker Free
Display Enhancer .$ 79.00 Emplant 1200 - MAC emulator ....$ 46.95 Picasso IV ...$ 439.95 A2058 (OK (A2000) Expansion board 8k .$ 49.95 A501 original Ram Exp. - 512K (A500) ...$ 17 95 Microway Flickertixer ..$ 224.00 A1050 RAM Expander (At 000) 256K ...$ 10.95 Jet Fire 134 A1200 accelerator ...See below Buddha IDE Controller (or Zorro II . $ 76.50 APOLLO ACCELERATORS Call for Special Pricing 1230 Life 25MHz 68030 W MMU+FPU (A120O)......$ 99.50 1230
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Desktop) $ 639.95 3040 40MHz 60O4O+SCSI-2 (A30O0 Desktop) $ 399.50 4O40 4OMHz 68040+SCSI-2 (A3000T & A4000|T|'|. ...$ 399 50 4060 50MHZ 68060 * SCSI-2 (A3000T & A4000(T)).. $ 539.95 Mini Meg 2Mb RAM Board (Megachip) $ 121.95 SX32 ....$ 199.50 SX32 Pro - 33MHz 50MHz $ 352.95 3399.95 PHASE 5 ACCELERATORS Call for Special Pncing Blizzard 1230-iV w 50MHz 66030 $ 214 95 Blizzard 1260 Turbo Board w 50MHz 68060. $ 648 50 Optional Blizzard 1260 or 1230-IV SCSI Kit.. $ 134 95 Blizzard 2040 ERC w 40MHz 68040 ....$ 429.00 Blizzard 2060 Turbo Board w 50MHz
68060. 5699.00 Cyberstorm Mark II 040 40MHZ $ 429.00 Cyberstorm Mark II Q60 5OMHZ ..CALL Cyberstorm Fast SCSI-2 Moduie ..$ 138.50 CyberVision 64 3D 4Mb ... $ 278.50 CyberVision 64 3D MPEG Module audio*'video.. $ 188.50 CyberVision 64 3D Scan Doubter Monitor Swilch. $ 123.95 Cyberstorm PPC w !50MHz 604e. W o CPU .$ 899.00 Cyberstorm PPC w 18QMHz 604e, w o CPU .$ 999 00 Cyberstorm PPC w 200MHz 604e, w o CPU .$ 1099.00 68040-40 68060-50 .See Prices ai left MOUSE CONTROLLER (Factory New) Amiga 1352
(refurbished) ....$ 22.50 Wizard 3-button (for all Amigas) $ 19 95 Amiga A1200 mouse port replacement kit......$ 7 95 Amiga Tech 2-button mouse for all Amigas.... $ 19 95 CD32 controller $ 11 75 DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Amiga Analyzar $ 59.95 Final Test diagnostic disk by Amiga 57.95 Amiga Troubleshooting Guide .$ 7.95 Commodore Diagnostician II ...$ 6.95 Complete Service Manuals: A500, A500+, 590, A1000, 1230 primer, 1002,1902. 1902A, 1934,
2002, 2091, 2300, 2630, CDTV, 1581, C65 ...$ 19,95 A500 schematics, A600. I084S, 1084S-D1. 1084ST.
1936A, 1960.A2000 ....$ 24 00 At200, A3000, A3000T, A4000. CD32 ...$ 39 95 CLEARANCE SALE A500 computer w 2.04 & 8372 Agnus .$ 119.95 A500+ (PLUS) COMPUTER $ 169.95 A600 computer sysiem ......$ 229.00 A520 Video Modulator Adapier Cable ....$ 12.50
2. 04 3.1 ROM Switch - (Switch Itt) with speaker $ 17.50 15-23 pin
VGA adapter ....$ 19 95 Monitor Cables
- 30 Different types ...CALL Monitors: 1084S,
1802. 1950 etc ... CALL Joystick - Captain Grant
(for ail Amigas) .$ 2.99 1x4 S C ZIP lor
A3000 $ 5.95 ? ONLY AT
PAXTRON * Amiga A3000 Computer Includes:
• A3000 16MHz (factory refurbished) motherboard with 2 megs of
RAM (25MHz version, add $ 35.00).
• New A3000 Power Supply (110 or 220 volts)._____
• New A3000 Floppy Drive 880k
• New Daughter Board. C $ 570 Value J
• Amiga 3000 Mouse -----------
• Full A3000 Service Manual
• User Manual
• 90 Day Warranty Reduced To: $ 389.95 (plus UPS) OPTIONS
AVAILABLE dmac14 upgrade8 PACKAGE PRICE $ 89,95 Super Buster 11
Upgrade 1 Western Digital SCSI
8A ......$ 23.95
3. 1 Operating System Upgrade ROM
$ 39.95
3. 1 ROM Software (package of 7
discs) .$ 7.50
3. 1 Books Manual (without disks or
ROM) ...$ 59.95
1 x 4 Static Column ZIP (8 zips = 4
megs) .....$ 4.50
A3000 Keyboard ( New U.S.
version) ...$ 54.95
KB 100 adapter to use with IBM
keyboards ..$ 34.95
AmiFAST 3000 Adapter (ZIP to SIMM
adapter) .....$ 74.50
Rack Mounted enclosed A3000 Cabinet cabling - new low
price ...$ 20.00 The above prices are
special to those people who purchase the A3000 BLACK FOREST
PRODUCTS GmbH (Manufactured by ACT Apollo) A1200 ACCELERATOR
(For the masses, not the classes!)
Black Forest Products is pleased to announce a great new accelerator that will speed up your A1200 500-700 percent. The Jet Fire sells quickly because il is priced lower than any ol the competition and includes 8 meg SIMM memory al no additional cost.
Jet Fire 134 68030-40 Meg CPU Includes: 68882-40 Mhz FPU • SCSI option » Real time clock • l year warranty
* 8 megs of memory (Accepts up to 64MB RAM) 72 pin SIMM
(installed)_$ 156.95 ? ? ? WANTED ? ? ?
CHARGES) 28 Grove Si reel. Spring Valley. NY 10977 9145 78-6522
• 800-815-3241 800-595-5534 • 888 PAXTRON • FAX 914-578 6550
Hours 9-5 pm ET Mon Fri • Add $ 6 00 UPS Charges • MC VISA •
Prices subfecl to change E -mail lor orders 4 cotrespondence
paxtroncorp refcnet com WE SHIP WORLDWIDEf Paxtron CORPORA I
|f_ |Nl Al 11 NttON 111 Al I H!i If ymt w+mlrl Ilk*" In rri *
Hn.ih'i i ,n.il*'ij Ian iin ym i Mtinfieaii fiappy Holidays
from Nova f) sign!
Sioic a S') es a wise cnoice Santa maJx.
Take the lead from Santa and treat your Amiga to the best in graphics software this Christmas. Choose ImageFX for the 1 best selling image manipulation, processing and special effects software available for your Amiga; and choose Aladdin 4D for modeling, rendering and animating 3D objects with beautiful gases, multi- layer textures, and brilliant particles. Aladdin 4D is not your average 3D software.
$ % i 4D IthageFX The Best of the Holiday Season!
I Circle 106 on Reader Service card.
Aladdin 4D and the rendered lamp logo are trademarks of Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Ave, Sle 204, Richmond, VA 23230 Sales Information: (804) 282-5868, Fax: (804)282-3768, Web: http: www.novadesign.com 1 New enlarged Web site: www.paxtron.com Our web page is continually updated with latest products and pnee changes. This ad is only a parcel list ol producis we se i. Visit us and check it out. Enter your order there or by E-mailing us at paxtroncorp@rcknel.com

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