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the Amiga. Their initial plans appear to take what has been the best of the Amiga in the past and project those strengths into an Amiga for the future. The entire line of proposed products not only satisfies the needs of a future Amiga market, but brings the Amiga solution into a much larger future mainstream market. At the same time, they have committed to maintaining the current Amiga Classic system as a part of this general expansion. These announcements excite QuikPak for two reasons. First, QuikPak has the unique responsibility of providing the current A4000 Tower system. While we have improved its speed and productivity, the main system has remained the same and has allowed the Amiga to amass a depth of software and hardware solutions found nowhere else. QuikPak's efforts to maintain this system and to improve it through research and development with accelerators, PCI cards, and even new configurations (such as our proposed Portable Amiga) has been extensive, but consistent. This has allowed the Amiga to maintain a stable supply of dependable computers while the ownership of Amiga moved from company to company. Amiga lnc.s firm commitment to provide the Amiga Classic in the future Amiga design guarantees that the software you buy today will work in your system ln the future. Few other hardware platforms can make that claim. This guarantees a stable market for our users. Second, Amiga lnc.'s designs for the new Amiga 5.0 ln media towers, desktop systems, game consuls, set top boxes, and more will require licensees to produce and market these products. We look forward to the opportunity Amiga Inc. has provided this market and its licensees. Amiga 5.0 is a ground floor opportunity for the future and the current Amiga market is the best source for programmers, game designers, and hardware engineers to utilize this opportunity.

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Document sans nom International Amiga '98 in Toronto!, p42 COMPUTING Volume 13 No. 8 August 1998 US $ 3*95 Canada $ 5.95 Your Original AMIGA Monthly Resource Make your Images stand out!
BitMap Editor Use PageStream’s secret weapon Moving Textures 200!
An Insider's view of an Amiga event!
Keep the momentum going Linux: Adding a hard drive Unix: Efficient and productive software PLUS!: Web authoring, JavaScripting WorkBench customization, and more!
A New Amiga Poster!
Introducing the new 1998 QuikPak A4060T PowerTower At first glance, just a new, larger, more stylish case.
But... when you release the patented hydraulic door, the PowerTower begins to whet the appetite of Amiga Power Users with a host of standard features and available factory installed options.
Standard: MKE LS120 SuperFloppy Accepts PC formats down to 720KB and up to 100MB of storage using available SuperDisk media.
Optional: (shown) Syquest 1.5Gb SCSI removable media HDD makes transporting Data and applications easier than ever.
And... when you “pop the hood” You find more drive bays and more room for peripherals. The removable side panels make it easier than ever to add drives, and boards to your system.
And a few other surprises that make this the most powerful, versatile and expandible Amiga™ yet AMIGA And, just when you thought we forget our A4000T customers... A4000T owners can upgrade to the A4060T PowerTower.
By upgrading, all the new features and options are available arid the warranties on the A4000T mother board, A V board, Disk board, and Ports board are renewed for 1 more year!
QUALITY Q UIKPAK Contact your local dealer for more information - or visit our Web site at www.QuikPak.com Amiga Inc. Announces a New Future for the Amiga and opens a New Avenue for QuikPak Congratulations to Amiga Inc. on the May announcement of a new direction for the Amiga. Their initial plans appear to take what has been the best of the Amiga in the past and project those strengths into an Amiga for the future. The entire line of proposed products not only satisfies the needs of a future Amiga market, but brings the Amiga solution into a much larger future mainstream market. At the same
time, they have committed to maintaining the current Amiga Classic system as a part of this general expansion. These announcements excite QuikPak for two reasons.
AMIGA First, QuikPak has the unique responsibility of providing the current A4000 Tower system. While we have improved its speed and productivity, the main system has remained the same and has allowed the Amiga to amass a depth of software and hardware solutions found nowhere else. QuikPak’s efforts to maintain this system and to improve it through research and development with accelerators, PCI cards, and even new configurations (such as our proposed Portable Amiga) has been extensive, but consistent. This has allowed the Amiga to maintain a stable supply of dependable computers while the
ownership of Amiga moved from company to company.
Amiga Inc.'s firm commitment to provide the Amiga Classic in the future Amiga design guarantees that the software you buy today will work in your system in the future. Few other hardware platforms can make that claim.
This guarantees a stable market for our users.
Second, Amiga Inc.’s designs for the new Amiga 5.0 in media towers, desktop systems, game consuls, set top boxes, and more will require licensees to produce and market these products. We look forward to the opportunity Amiga Inc. has provided this market and its licensees. Amiga 5.0 is a ground floor opportunity for the future and the current Amiga market is the best source for programmers, game designers, and hardware engineers to utilize this opportunity. After all, we Amigans are experienced at experimenting with and producing future systems.
However, no matter how exciting the future is, the current Amiga market stills needs to produce product for its users as well as provide enhancements and opportunities for expansion. QuikPak is a leader in this as well. Our A4060T is equipped with the fastest Motorola 68060 yet - the 66 Mhz (when Motorola ships). Our A4060T PowerTower has more expandability and room for multiple processors. Our upgrade program will allow A4000T owners to expand their systems to this faster CPU while renewing their warranty on their upgraded systems. For more information, check out the details,
specifications, and benchmarks for the new A4060T PowerTower on our Web site at www.QuikPak.com. The Amiga has weathered difficult times, but the efforts by its users, developers, and vendors to maintain this market have made it the survivor it is. QuikPak has played no small part in this work and we plan to continue our efforts for our current Amiga customers as well as for the Amiga 5.0 and beyond. Our continued supply of A4000Tower systems not only provides current users the opportunity to replace and expand their systems while maintaining a reasonable price level, it also allows new users
to discover the Amiga and what it can do! We look forward to the future, but we recognize the need to supply our current customers' needs.
As always, thank you for your continued interest and support for our line of computers “Powered by Amiga".
Now Things are Happening with the Amiga QUALIJ1' a TEL: 610-287-8866, FAX: 610-287-0746 or by email: quikpak@aol.com www.quikpak.com UIKPAK Distributors - North America MicroPACE 109 S. Duncan Champaign, IL 61821 Phone: (217) 356-1884 FAX (217)356-1881 Software Hut 313 Henderson Drive Sharon Hill. PA 19079 Phone: (610) 586-5701 FAX: (610) 586-5707 WWW: www.sotthut.com EMAIL:softhut@erols.com Dealers - North America
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Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7G8 Voice FAX: 613-798-8150 (Call
first to fax) Computer Shop of Calgary, Ltd.
3515 - 18th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2T 4T9 Voice. 403-243-4356 Fax: 403-243-2684 WWW: www.canuck.com cshop austin@canuck.com Forest Diskasaurus 35 Albert St., P.O.Box 84 Forest. Ontario NON 1J0 Tel Fax: 519-786-2454 saurus@xcelco,on.ca GfxBase Electronique, Inc 1727 Shevchenko Montreal, Quebec Voice: 514-367-2575 Fax: 514-367-5265 BBS: 514-769-0565 Oshawa Amiga Oshawa, ON L1J 5J8 Phone: 905-728-7048 WWW: web.idirect.com -oshamiga mjacula@idirect.com Randomize Computers
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QuikPak sales at TEL: 610-287-8866, FAX: 610- 287-0746 or by
email: quikpak@aol.com nnitiwfcuvtBt® 9 New Products & other
neat stuff Cloanto has given Personal Paint 6.4 freely to the
Amiga community, Amiga International has a new poster, a new
Amiga Developer CD, and more!
12 Moving Textures 200 by R. Shamms Morlier A new CD for computer graphics artists, animators, videographers, and more who want to add realism to their work.
14 Titling F x by R. Shamms Mortier There are always means to make it sharper, clearer, and deliver your message on more than one level.
17 BitMap Editor (BME) How-to by R. Shamms Mortier Hidden within PageStream is a winning utility for translating bitmap graphics into infinitely "re-purposable" vector graphics.
26 This Old Workbench: Episode 20 Building the Perfect Workbench Part 3 by Dave Matthews In our quest for the Workbench of our dreams, it is time to start the long and winding road toward customized Nirvana.
30 On Line by Rob Hays An updated program for web page authoring, and who is looking at our web pages, with JavaScript.
34 Linux Amiga: Adding a Hard Drive to Your Linux System.
Always err on the side of caution!
36 Unix on the Amiga Part 3 by Antonello De Santis Part 3: Software to make your Unix-based Amiga more efficient and productive.
48 The Greatest Show in Canada.
By K. Wood A behind-the-scenes look from a vendor's unique perspective by an author who wished to remain unknown.
22 Heavy Metal- Creating Metallic Type DTP tricks and tips "Arniga- ized" with DrawStudio, Pagestream 3.2, and ImageFX.
DEPARTMENTS Editorial 4 FeedBack 6 Index of Advertisers 40 It is not often I miss an Amiga event, but it does happen. At the last minute, I could not attend IA '98 in Toronto.
Fortunately, Kermit Woodall of Nova Design agreed to cover the show (page 42).
Unfortunately, Kermit's name isn't listed. 1 apologize for the error, however the only place 1 can make a correction is here, so thanks, Kermit!
Kermit told me he would do the report as we always have, but he had a close friend, Mr. K. Wood, who could write a behind-the-scenes event piece (page 48). Kermit said our reports were too dry and lacked the excitement of the event the humor of the moment.
While I was pleased to get both reports, 1 must defend our coverage (which is done over 90% of the time by yours truly). In my opinion, a show report is an account of what was released, who was there, and what was said. We work hard to keep subjective information out of the report. After reading K. Wood's article, I see I have also missed some of the external events. That's OK, at a show I cover a show, man a booth, and talk to everyone I can in a very tight two days. 1 need my rest.
Kermit's perception does have merit.
There are events and happenings at these shows that we never cover. Kermit believes these are key points of the event.
And as 1 have learned, perception is reality.
Perception as reality was defined for me some time ago by an Amiga developer as lie explained why he liked AmigaWorU, the now' defunct IDG publication, over Amazing Computing Amiga. "Don, your magazine is fine, but AmigaWorld has a higher perceived value." He said their paper was shinier, the magazine was wider, they used more white space and they provided overviews instead of the detail in Amazing. He said the magazine was just perceived as a classier publication, "They've won awards."
His words hurt. Our decisions on style were driven by pricing considerations to fit our printer's press and keep ad rates low. Since we filled pages with information, we had little need for white space.
But, here was a consumer and industry member who told me I was second rate.
While I wras comfortable with our decisions, now 1 was uncomfortable with the results. What I thought were advantages, w’ere perceived as weaknesses.
We didn't change. There wasn't room in the Amiga market for two Amiga Wnr r s no matter what the perception. While the information was helpful, we would have been in greater danger if we had changed.
The market could not have supported two pricey mags and when people chose, it might not have been us.
However, perception is a killer, it is a subjective road block that takes more than good works and well wishes to clear. Just ask Microsoft's Bill Gates who has been mounting a drastic campaign to change his perception and get the Justice Department off his back.
Unfortunately, it is perception that seems to drive the marketplace. Perception can become reality. In the case of IBM, everyone believed that IBM would be top dog in personal computers. Programmers and developers worked to stock store shelves with software and hardware to support it. The public knew IBM and believed in their prominence. Whether they had a better machine or not, IBM soon dominated the marketplace. Perception became reality.
Amiga Inc. has a very difficult road ahead. Amiga Inc. is sponsoring a new Amiga by the end of 1999 (see the article in the July issue of Amazing Computing Amiga).
Will this be perceived as a winning technology or as a last surge by one that has past its prime? Remember, perception is not always based on reality. The world does not always embrace the best technology. If it did, MS DOS and Windows would not have become the dominate OS and the technology path to today would not be littered with thousands of innovative products that were never accepted.
Amiga Inc.'s job is to prepare the market for the next great achievement. Will Amiga Inc. promote the current Amiga and provide the support that will spur development in both today's system and tomorrow's promise? If they do not, will Amiga receive the support from the marketplace needed to launch this enterprise?
Amiga Inc. has taken a lot of care and effort in creating a new level of professional and consumer computer power. From the general statements concerning the new system, we have a world of opportunity ahead of us. However, it will take the entire Amiga marketplace and a whole lot more to get this opportunity generally realized by the rest of the world. Amiga Inc. not only must maintain the current Amiga perception, they must use that perception and expand it to a world view. Otherwise they will have difficulty attracting developers, licensees, and users to their new systems even with the
ultimate multimedia system.
Every politician will tel! You that perception can be their greatest ally or the worst enemy. It is extremely important to lay the ground work today in marketing, development, associations, and more to guarantee the Amiga's acceptance by the general media and the industry.
At least that is my perception.
Amazing amga JL XCOMPUTTNG (7 Perception is a Killer Amazing Conipitling 'siMIGA™ ADMINISTRATION Publisher: Joyce Hicks Assistant Publisher: Robert J. Hicks Intern: Nicholas H. Pacheco Circulation Manager: Doris Gamble Traffic Manager: Robert Gamble Production Manager: Ernest P. Viveiros EDITORIAL Managing Editor: Don Hicks Hardware Editor: Ernest P. Viveiros illustrator: Scott Brown Contributing Editor: Shamms Morlier AMAZING AUTHORS Randy Finch Rob Hays Marc Hoffman Dave Matthews 1-508-678-4200, 1-800-345-3360, FAX 1-508-675-6002 http: www.pimpub.com Amazing Computing Amiga™ (ISSN
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AMIGA™ Is a registered trademark of Amiga Internationa! Gmbh Distributed in the U.S. & Canada by International Periodical Distributors 674 Via de b Vaile, Ste 204, Solona Beach. CA 92075 & Ingram Periodicals Inc. 1226 He! Quaker Blvd.. La Verne IN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. Amazing Computing 4 ryv*' The biggest event for the AMIGA and all AMIGA fans in the world!
Come and see all new AMIGAS, peripherals, CD_ROMs, games, applications, and, and, and ...
13. -15. November 1998 Cologne, Germany Exhibition Grounds Halls
11 + 12 I Internet: http: www.computer98.de, u _ Organizer:
PRO Concept GmbH Kemander StraRe 52 D-44795 Bochum Phone:
+49 234 946 88-0 Fax: +49 234 946 88-44 Email
austeller@computer98.de pomredby v... iff AMIGA Advertising
sponsored by Amiga International. Inc. Roberl-Bosch-Str. 11b.
53225 Langen, Germany Fax +49 (0)6103 5878-88 www.amiga.de Use our booking office: No wailing af the ticket office but a separate entrance!
ANNEX, =in Two Shows Daily, present AMIGA e ack for the futu Tickets for computer 98 tickets for adults at 25 DM___DM at 23 DM_DM 5DM DM tickets for children students PLEASE ADD FOR P&P TOTAL VALID UNTIL 15. OCTOBER 1988 Name: Address: Address: Date, Sign: Dear AC, I certainly enjoyed and agreed with Dallas Honeycutt's letter June '98 issue).
Though a rather minor annoyance, I don't like the notion that a PC (personal computer) has gotten to mean an IBM or clone there of. Any sort of computer one uses personally is, well, a personal computer. An old, retired, but collectible classic Atari 2600 is a personal computer, as is a Mac, Amiga, IBM, hand-held calculator, Nintendos, Sony Playstation, etc. Where in the history of computers did IBM garner the moniker PC?! My lovely herd of Amigas arc both personal and professional computers.
While using a friend's IBM,! Was surprised at how much of the Amiga's operating system and software has been mimicked on it. Everything seems to have its inspiration in what Amiga has had proceeding Windows '95.1 am an artist, so of course, I had to explore tire paint program on this IBM. The tool menu has the same tool selections and certainly the program was a dear attempt to copy Deluxe Paint. I used the IBM with an open minded attitude, as I am fascinated with computers in general, but I certainly prefer Deluxe Paint, Photogenics, and my A3000 and A1200 to the IBM. I certainly would not
trade my Amigas for an IBM.
Why was I using the IBM? My friend bought this computer brand new, and has had nothing but trouble learning how to Make up your own mind.
Now at 6419c Lyndale Avenue South In Minneapolis, Minnesota 612 861-4686 use it. F was showing my friend how to use it. I had no trouble using the IBM, but found it rather slow and cumbersome.
Forget my almost fanatical love of the Amiga, but honestly and logically, I fail to understand why the IBM and IBM clone has boomed in the computer market. The Amiga can do everything an IBM can do, and more I think in some areas. The Amiga and Macintosh are truly ground breaking, and pioneering computers, and 1 will stay with the Amiga, and one day purchase a Mac as well. I can't think of any real reason to jump on the Microsoft bandwagon. I've been a computer enthusiast since 1985, and an Amiga user since 1986.1 have no desire to change my computer platform. Simply put, if I thought the IBM
was a better computer for my needs, then I would purchase one.
The time is right for the Amiga to burst once more upon the scene, and 1 for one have seen many IBM users, who are friends Df mine, use my Amigas and they can't believe how fluid and sweet the Amiga is to use. They reatly like how the Amiga operates. Its incredible ease of use, and the spectacular things you can do with the Amiga impressed them. I show them Final Copy, Deluxe Paint IV, Photogenics, OctnMED Pro (with my Yamaha MIDI keyboard), Imagine 4.0, Directory Opus, PageStream ( a UK cover disk) and every other thing I can think of. I use my Amigas for art and graphics, music, and word-
processing mostly. However, I do have and love Alien Breed 3D, and the Doom lovers enjoy this tastv game too. The Amiga has something for everyone, and it is a computer for all ages, and all walks of life. I have weathered the bad times in the Amiga market, and I still believe, and know that the Amiga will survive and gain wide-ranged success. It's too good of a machine to just roll up and die.
Jay Miner was truly one of the real geniuses of the computer world. He has given me so much happiness, adventure, and an invaluable creative tool with the Amiga. Jay Miner was a great man, and I was deeply saddened when he passed away a few years ago. I hope that he can see that his baby, the Amiga, is still alive and well even after going through some very rough times.
I think all terms like AMIGAid (sounds a bit like hemorrhoid to me), Amignns ( a better term), and whatever else exists should be dumped. What is wrong with simply Amiga user, Amiga devotee, Amiga enthusiast, or Amiga lover?
As for the Amiga logo, the new one is much better! I'll go with Petro's logo. It looks more professional, slick, and appealing. (Where might one purchase stickers of Powered by Amiga? I must have some of those!)
Of IBMs, Boing Balls, and more Faithfully yours, Vivian McAlexander Socorro NM Dear AC, The original Boing Ball looks horrid as there is no 3D look to it. It's utterly flat! My family and I (can we be counted as 3 votes here?!) Like the modern Boing Ball. It's much more sweet to the eye, and looks sophisticated and 3D. So -1 vote for the modem Boing Ball!
The modem one presents the Amiga in a slick way. Forget the original Boing!
Please, take it away and hide it.
As a professional artist and graphic artist 1 know what looks good.
Sincerely, Vivian McAlexander Socorro NM Dear AC, Since the vote is limited to either the Original or Modern Boing Ball, I cast my vote for the Modern Boing Ball. It has a professional appearance the Original Boing lacks.
However, like a good politician, I suggest a compromise: Take the Original Boing Ball with its 16 degree tilt and 128 tiles, then add the light-source and the spherically-correct dark red tiles from the Modem Boing.
The result is a boing that not only sports a professional and modern look, but also retains the original characteristics that should satisfy Joe Torres all over the world.
Thanks for your consideration in this regard.
Gregory S. Donner Elkhart, IN Please Write to: FeedBack c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02720 Circle 147 on Reader Service
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Containing "Personal Paint 8" in the message title).
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Persona] Paint 8 requires a major re-write to support features such as true color, layers, and advanced animation functionality.
At the same time, Cloanto contends that it is important the new code is written in a portable style, because of the unknowns in the new Amiga OS. Suggestions regarding the features of Personal Paint 8 are very welcome, and can be addressed to suggestions@cloa n to.com (preferably The press releases and news announcements in New Products are from Amiga vendors and others. While Amazing Computing maintains the right to edit these articles, the statements, etc. made in these reports are those of the vendors and not Amazing Computing.
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Don’t miss any of the announcements from the International Amiga ’98 show held in Toronto.
Please see the articles on pages 42 and 48.
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The CD also contains packages contributed by 3rd parties: PowerUp software & developer package by phase 5, WarpUp software package by Haage & Partner, the WBPath and ActionFSSM packages, courtesy of Ralph Babel, the Envoy v2.0 developer kit (courtesy of tAM, Inc.), the Inet 225 developer kit, version 2, courtesy of Interworks, the Kiskometer package, courtesy of Angela Schmidt, and the Enforcer v37.70, courtesy of Mike Sinz. Additional developer material includes: BOOPSI gadget and image classes, the AmigaOS Additional reference material includes: the collection of AmigaMail Volume 1 articles,
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Moving Textures 200 A new CD for computer graphics artists, animators, videographers and more who want to add realism to their work but do not have the budget or time to film and digitize their own backgrounds.
By R. Shamms Mortier Having reviewed Precision Computer Graphics' Moving Textures 100 sometime back, 1 was pleased to see that they had released another CD with additional footage. Moving Textures is a product meant for the computer graphics animator and the video producer who needs to incorporate animated photographic footage into a production. Often, computer animators use this type of footage behind animated foregrounds, with the most common case being logo animations.
As far as 1 know, there is no Amiga 3D software that allows you to map Anims onto a background or an object, but there are a number of applications, like Aladdin 4D from Nova Designs, that do allow' you to map image sequences of various formats. Aladdin 4D, for instance, makes it easy to place specific numbered image sequences in either IFF or JPEG onto a 3D object's surface, or use as a background. LightWave also has this facility, except that it also allows for TIFF and other image formats.
Precision Computer Graphics was one of the first developers to offer libraries of photographic footage as single frame files, and I am pleased to report, they seem to be hard at work continuing to do so, with more examples to be released in 1999. This CD-ROM collection is loaded with high quality material.
Tru-Maps and FX-Maps Moving Textures 20(1 is separated into two kinds of footage: Tru-Maps and FX-Maps. A Tru-Map is defined as a full color image sequence of single frame images. An FX-Mnp is a 256- level (8-bit) grayscale image. What is important about FX-Maps is their luminance (brightness) signal. The brighter an element in the FX-Map, the more it will affect the 3D object surface or (in the case of displacement mapping) its actual 3D geometry. FX- Maps are mapped to 3D objects in 3D art and animations software, and can be used on Bump, Reflection, Specular, or other channels.
Contents There are fourteen Tru-Map sequences on the CD. They each contain different amounts of frames, and are sized at 752 x 480 at 72 DPI (no accident, since this is perfect for Toaster applications). They are in the JPEG format.
The Tru-Map sequences include:
1. 3 Beaches (rolling surf footage), with one example of 300
frames, and two at 900 frames each.
2. Candle (a burning candle frame), with 930 frames.
3. Clouds, with 500 frames.
4. Waterfalls (2), one at 900 and the other at 960 frames.
5. Smoke (2), one at 960 frames and the other at 990 frames.
6. TRFDAY (2 Traffic sequences), one at 990 frames and the other
at 930.
7. TRFNT (2 sequences of Night Traffic), one at 900 and the other
at 300 frames.
8. Waves (close-up of waves on a beach), at 900 frames.
The FX-Maps include:
1. Rips, at 960 frames.
2. Sheet A and B, at 990 frames each.
3. Splash, at 990 frames.
5. Undulate, at 990 frames.
The Reference Video Moving Textures 200 ships with a VHS Reference Video of the selections played back at 30 fps. This is tremendously helpful for the video producer and animator trying to decide which footage sequence to apply.
A Caution If you plan to use a truncated sequence in Aladdm-4D, be sure to copy the needed frames to your hard drive first. If not, and you access the CD-ROM, Aladdin will attempt to load all of the frames in the sequence. You have been warned.
Conclusion: I highly recommend that you add this CD to your footage library if your work centers upon video production and or computer animation.
• AC* For pricing and availability, contact: Precision Computer
Graphics 634 N. Glenoaks Blvd., 367 Burbank, CA 91502-1024
(818) 842-6542 Phone
(818) 842-1085 FAX By R. Shamtns Mortier Whether you are creating
video titles, desktop publishing pieces, web pages, book
covers, CD-ROM titles, or any other creative project that
includes text, there are always means to make it sharper,
clearer, and deliver your message on more than one level.
The two main branches of "computer graphics" are pictures and text. Of these two, text based graphics dominate when it comes to video production content. Whether it’s titles, credits, or other elements in a video project like drawings with call outs or text that appears at the bottom of a screen to call out a date, time, or place), text based graphics are an essential and constant ingredient in stitching together a production. To be sure, when we say "Video Titling", we could just as well relate these same creative processes to titles for Web pages, or to CD-ROM titles.
Non-textual images and textual elements both have to be "read" by the viewer. Where images can be read quickly, and have wide parameters as far as their appearance, textual matter has a narrow and more constant set of guidelines under which it must fall.
Images can be very dark, and almost invisible, and they will still impact the viewer emotionally. Their very darkness, for instance, can be interpreted as foreboding, or mysterious.
No such luck with text. Dark text is just plain unreadable, adding nothing to the overall viewability or understanding of a production but viewer frustration.
Usually, you can craft the textual elements of a production by rote actions. For standard credits and intermittent text callouts, the video artist sticks with a non serif typeface like Helvetica, and adjusts the color so that it pops out against whatever background the text is placed upon. As for the color itself, various surveys concerning reader viewer perception indicate that text can be comprehended quicker if the text is lighter than the backdrop, when viewed on any projection medium (overhead transparencies, slides, or a TV monitor).
The clearest color combination is reported to be yellow text on a dark blue backdrop. If the backdrop is complex, or moving, then it helps to keep the text sharp, and to mute (or even blur) the background. Sometimes, the text is placed against a solid dark color backdrop that is placed on a vertical panel at the left or right 1 3 of the screen. That way, a motion video or a set of still slides can be placed on the other 2 3 of the screen, giving you the best of both the image and the text cooperative requirements. Titles for video productions, however, are a different matter entirely.
REPLACE | AMOUNT: IN ¦¦ HHY. ¦¦ Figure 1. The Brilliance
interface is where you find the Modes icon at the lower right.
Figure 2 (Top). From top to bottom, a titling line of text is displayed in its original state, as manipulated by stacking cloned lines with Ihe Brilliance "Mix" mode, as stacked color- cycled images, and finally, as customized and broken up with the Smear option.
Figure 3 (Bottom). A series of titles using the Dither mode in Brilliance. The middle line has a Negative mode applied over the dithering.
Video Titles Titling your video production allows you a much wider variety of options. A video title is a marriage of both graphics and text, so you can really let your creative genie out of the bottle. As far as the basic requirements of a title, it must be both readable, and at the same time it must invite the viewer into the production by the graphic design of the letters. Just think about your favorite movies, and how this was accomplished.
Star Wars used an animated title and opening credits that appeared at the bottom of the screen and ran at a perspective angle towards the top. The titling text was readable until it reached the middle of the screen, where it started to blur as it receded into the distance. This effect was not only emotionally tied to the film, but was also accompanied by the opening shot of the spaceship, that came in overhead to recede into the distance.
(Editor's note: This effect was “borrowed" from the original Flash Gordon seqttals which Star Wars further emulated by Figure 4 (Top). The top line was created by lurning stenciling on for the foreground color, and a solid red block applied in back of fhe text. A similar stenciling was applied to the second line, and this time an airbrush was used in back of the letters. On line three, a vertical Range of colors was used. On the fourth line, ? Linear Range was used on the letters themselves.
Figure 5 (Bottom). A series of title graphics generated with the Stretch and Shape Brush Modes.
What you need starting at story number 4 of the sequence stories 1-3 are being filmed now.)
Ben Hur, another big budget movie for its time, used a title that looked like it was etched in a massive stone block, reminding the viewer that they were going to be transported to archaic times, with an equally massive and mythical story. Titles are tied to the content and overall makeup of a story, and can be crafted from any "material" you can generate on your Amiga.
To create interesting and evocative titles for your video productions, you will need the following:
1. An Amiga, preferably an AGA machine (because you should be
working in 256 or more colors).
2. A 24-bit graphics card (if you want to maximize the number of
colors in your palette and create smooth iooking titles).
3. Paint and or animation software that will allow you to work in
the resolution and palette depth you desire.
4. The motivation to explore, and to revise your work until you
achieve what you want.
In this article, we will stick with the titling possibilities that can be created in Brilliance on an AGA Amiga. In a follow-up article, we will look at the same subject by using Dpaint, while future articles to follow will refer to ImageFX, Aladdin 4D, OpalPaint, ToasterPaint, Kara Fonts, and other software for the same titling purposes.
Brilliance Using Brilliance for accomplishing Titling f x necessitates that you are familiar with using Brilliance, especially when it comes to the Draw Mode options (the second to the last icon in the Brilliance interface, to the left of the magnifying glass). The Draw Modes that are most useful in the creation of titling f x are Mix, Dither, Range, and Brush Stretch and Shape.
What these Modes do Mix uses whatever brush is loaded as a painting tool, and mixes the color of the brush with the color(s) of the area that is painted over. The Dither mode in Brilliance is unique. By adjusting a slider from 0 to 101) percent, the current brush is painted down in pre-formatted screens. It works the same way if you are painting down a shape. In both cases, the color is the current palette selection.
Range takes its cue from the currently selected palette range of colors, and can be used with shapes or with the current brush. Brush Stretch allows you to select a shape as a stretch boundary, and is a great way to globally resize a brush selection. Brush Shape is my favorite for altering the look of a video title, since it allows you to use the Freehand and Oval shape tools to warp the look of the image.
Conclusion The Amiga offers the video artist and animator a number of ways to alter the look of a video title. Stay tuned as we investigate software options that push this process further.
• AC* BitMap Editor (BME) How-to Hidden within PageStream §0] is
a winning utility for translating O&Q y bitmap graphics into
infinitely “re-purposable” vector graphics.
B j R. Shawms Mortier Soft Logik is well known by the Amiga community for their flagship Desktop Publishing software, PageStream. A utility that comes with PageStream however, may be another winner when it comes to developing graphics for your next Desktop Publishing project. BME, short for BitMap Editor, allows you to translate your bitmap graphics files into vector graphics, preferred by DTP users because the graphics are resolution independent. This means that the vector graphics can be resized without ever showing the dreaded jaggies, the stair-stepping that occurs when you zoom in too
close to a bitmap (or you expand a bitmap too big on a page).
One vector graphic can serve an infinite amount of purposes, so that vector art is sometimes described as infinitely "re-purposable".
What You need In order to follow along in this tutorial, you will need the following:
1. A bitmap file to translate. This can be an image of any depth
to start with, though a 24-bit image would be best, since we
will start by translating it to 256 colors.
2. A copy of Soft Logik's BME. If you are a PageStream owner,
look for it in your PageStream directory.
3. A copy of Nova Design's Image EX. This is what we will use to
translate your 24-bit image into a 256-color image.
Here we go...
1. Load your image into ImageFX (hopefully, you are using the new
ImageFX 3.0, or better yet, the 3.1 upgrade). If you have a
24-bit board, the image should come in as 24-bit viewable. If
you are working on an AGA machine with no graphics board, it
will import as a 256-color image. Anything less, and it will
display as a 16 or 32-color image, which will make it
difficult for you to see what's really happening.
2. Click on Toolbox, then on Color.
Select Convert to CMAP from the list of options. This converts the image into a ColorMap, or an image with a set palette of colors that can be edited.
3. When the Convert To Colormap requester pops up, select Dither
ing method as NONE, and Number of Colors as 256. If you dither
the image for this translation, the BME software will
attempt to translate every dithered dot, which may hang your
system. See Figure 3 for a comparison between the 24-bit
image and the new 256-color image. Save out the 256-color
image. Quit ImageFX, and open BME. Load in the 256-color
Now at this point, it is important to insert a word of caution. The tutorial thus far lias proceeded as if all you wanted to do in BME was to translarte a bitmap into a vector image. BME however can do much more, but only with bitmap 24-bit images, and not with 256-color images, ft can also do the following operations: Brightness, Emboss, Contrast, Negative, Pixelize, Reduce Noise, Sharpen, and Tiles. So if you get the 256-color image into BME, i iiiiiiuaiiii pmiiiiiiiiinii 1+1 KlBRIRIIIIIBIIIlllll ]| Iwaqet'X 3.1 Zg-F1pr-gO S t99Z-1998 Nova Pestgi »»l T t t-i 19B,F«.VT4»8B Fr«»
7gZ» 488 24 a I UnSTg ftl
* [PC B 1 1-V-juMDOl . !, Full J Balance.
CoqposIte|Iransfornl Size | paiette j Color I Convolve Eilter f Bistort 1 Effect | fipen ( Buffer | Brush Alpha | Hook j flrexx j Print 1 Er efs | aui Figure 2. The 24-bit image is imported into imageFX 3.1. Note the Color menu to the right which lists the Convert to CMAP option.
J752k4B9x8 332k Palette Figure 3. The image is loaded into Soft Logik’s BME lor processing.
Port the image into BME and use its image processing operations on the 24- bit image.
If you do have ImageFX however, it's always best to do your image processing there. ImageFX has ten times the bitmap processing power of BME, and is much faster at applying bitmap effects. So back to BME...
4. After opening your 256-color image in BME, explore some of its
options. In addition to the image processing options we've
already discussed, there's more here.
And find you need one or more of these alternatives, you will need to translate the image back into a 24-bit RGB image in ImageFX and then translate it back to a 256-color image in BME all over again. This is because the next step, the Trace operation, only works on 256-color (8-bit) images.
Now this is silly, since it totally wastes your time in ImageFX, so here's tire solution. If you need any of these image processing filters, do the steps in ImageFX, allowing BME to do just the Tracing. If you don't have ImageFX, then you can obviously just The second icon from the right in the top toolbar opens the BME Script facility. In this list, you will see a good many Arexx script names. These are for using BME in conjunction with PageStream, so that your modifications can be instantly shipped out to PageStream. Read the script descriptions in your PageStream manual. Another interesting
subdirectory here is the Avery Template Data listings. These templates target the Avery labels, and industry standard label set that can be made accessible for printout by your computer. This list is also for PageStream printouts that incorporate your work in BME, perhaps as part of a label design you are working on.
Let's take one more side journey before we continue in BME. Go to the File menu and select Preferences.
Under the general Tab, you can see several options. The first, Use Smart map, should be left checked. It allows BME to compute the mapping of the image. You can select to do this yourself, but that would be negating the pow-er of a dedicated piece of software. Besides, if you want to play with the color mapping of the original image, it is best done in ImageFX before you port the image into BME.
Standard UNDO levels are set to
5. If you have over 16MB of RAM however, you may wrant to adjust
this to 10 or more, though 10 UNDOs is usually enough. Also
leave Virtual Memory checked as a default, as w'ell as the
rest of the listings.
5. Back to BME again. What we want to do is to translate the
256-color image into a vector graphic. Go to the Effects menu,
and select Trace from the bottom of the list.
Tracing an image is just that. The program explores the image for borders and color areas, keeping a record of all fields. Then, the image is translated step-by-step, so that all of the separate color areas are noted and segmented.
Each area really becomes a separate vector graphic that can be edited as to shape and re-coloring.
All of this is controlled by the Effect Options requester that pops up.
The Effects In the Effects requester are a number of input areas and options.
These include: Sample Rate, Precision, Lines Only, Ignore Detail, and Ignore Color.
Sample Rate: Fine, Normal, and Coarse. These are quality settings.
Normal is a good default in most instances. Fine creates the best quality trace, but doubles the computation time or more).
Coarse can be used to create an image processing effect by making the edges of the image areas less than perfect compared to the 256- color data. Most time, Coarse is to be avoided. The image is sampled (investigated) in accordance with your selection.
Precision: Tight, Normal, and Loose.
Normal is the default. Tight Precision forces the computation to follow the exact outlines of all of the color areas, but at a time cost. Loose takes less time, but creates a vector graphic that only loosely resembles the original bitmap.
Lines Only: Use this checkbox if what you want is a black and white illustration that skips the filled colors.
Ignore Detail: This slider ranges from 0 to 15, with higher settings ignoring more detail. Remember we cautioned against using dithered images? This is why.
Dithering adds a lot more detail, and is very expensive when it comes to vector translation. The default setting is 5, which in most cases, should be pretty much left alone.
Ignore Color: This is a drop-out color setting. The selection chosen will remove that color from the image.
The options are: None, Lightest, Darkest, Most Common, and Top Left (the color indicated by the topmost left pixel in the image).
You will have to select an option based on what you want to achieve as the resulting vector graphic.
When you are ready, hit the Perform button. Depending upon your choices, there will be a wait depending on how long the processing takes. When it is done, save your new vector image for use in your DTP work.
Please Write to: Shamms Mortier c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 or stop by our website
at: http: www.pimpub.com Figure 5. On the left is the
original bitmapped image, and on the right the new vector
graphic. There are areas that have dropped out, which could be
coaxed to remain with more tweaking, but the vector
representation is ready to place in any DTP project. It will
show no aliasing, no matter what the size.
Creative DTP tricks and tips “Amiga-ized” with DrawStudio, PageStream 3.2, and ImageFX to create a metallic-looking typeface.
By Nick Cook Along with their wares, the Image Club folks provide interesting DTP tricks and tips in the catalog. Just because we don't use Adobe software, doesn't mean we can't profit from these techniques. All we have to do is "Amiga-ize" them; in this case with DrawStudio, PageStream 3.2, and ImageFX. This tip creates a metallic- looking typeface.
DrawStudio STEP ONE: Create two rectangles.
Each one should be half the height of the final headline.
This effect looks better if the type appears to be reflecting some kind of landscape "out there," so let's make one. Convert the bottom rectangle into a Bezier (under Object Convert).
Select Add Points from the Bezier menu. Click on the top line of the rectangle at several points, then pick Edit Points from the Bezier menu.
Adjust the line to make it seem like a distant mountain range.
STEP TWO: Fill the bottom rectangle with a brown to yellow gradient. Since brown usually isn't a defined color, we'll have to create it.
Go to the Object Attributes panel.
Select Colour in the Fill Colour section, then click on the Edit button. When the Colour List appears, highlight a close- to-brown color (I used a yellow- orange) then click New. A new entry will be added. Click Edit. Change the name in the Edit Colour panel to Brown. Drag the hotspot on the color wheel to a suitable brown shade. Click OK twice to get back to the Object Attributes panel. Now select Gradient, then Edit. Pick a gradient, click New then Edit.
The Gradient Name field will be active, so enter "Brown to Yellow." Set the Tvpe gadget to Linear. Use the Colour List, Add and Delete buttons to end up with Brown and Yellow in the Gradient Colours list. Set the Speed gadget to Constant. Click OK on the three requesters to apply the colors to the rectangle. Be sure to set Pen Color to None.
STEP THREE: Repeat Step Two for the top rectangle, this time filling it HEAVY AM'TAL ' vf“ _ Amiga Business Program,& up .... Business Master ™ W- Invoices, Billing Inventoryc.I&yr&'l 1 Client Lift % , ‘-.f-" ; rwcv;a Stark Reality Software 2212 Polk San Francisco CA 94109 Circle 126 on Reader Service card.
With a blue to white gradient. Fit the two rectangles together (Figure 1, top).
STEP FOUR: Type in your headline. Convert the letters into Beziers (in the Object menu), then ungroup. Draw a filled rectangle around the headline which is slightly wider and taller than the joined gradients. Select the filled rectangle and converted letters, then pick Make Compound Object from the Bezier menu (Figure 1, middle).
STEP FIVE: Click on the compound object created in Step Four and select white as the fill color. Stack the object on top of the color gradients (Figure 1, bottom).
HEAVY METAL Figure 3: If your headline is more than a single line, be careful not to spread the gradient so that yellow to brown is the bottom line, and white to blue fills Ihe top line. Each line should have the full yellow to brown gradient.
PageStream 3.2 STEP ONE: Create your rectangles. Choose the bottom one, then use the Object Convert to Paths menu item. Select the Reshape tool icon (it looks like an arrow pointing toward an itty-bitty box). Hold down an Alt key, then click at several points on the rectangle's top line. Release the Alt key. Adjust the new points (dick on each with the mouse) until you're happy with your mountain range.
STEP TWO: Fill the bottom rectangle with a brown to yellow gradient. With the rectangle selected, choose the Line & Fill item from the Object menu. When the requester appears, go to the Fill panel. Change the Type gadget to Gradient, and the Taper to Linear at 90 degrees. Select Yellow from the bottom popup menu.
Now to define some Brown for the top Color gadget.
Bargain Hunting?
Don’t forget the number one source of proven Amiga software at very basic prices.
Centsible Software 8818 Coliege Avenue Berrien Springs, Ml 49103 Orders only: 800-640-6211 Info: 610-471-1083 or visit our web site at; home.sprynet.com sprynet cents Click on the small browser button ( ) next to the Color gadget. The Define Colors panel opens. Click on New. Nowr the Edit Color box appears.
Enter a name for the new color (how about "Brown"?) And select CMYK in the Model popup menu. Set Cyan for 0%, Magenta for 37%, Yellow for 78% and Black for 20%. Click OK to get back to the Define Colors box, and OK again to return to where we started, the Fill panel. Make sure the Stroke gadget in the Line panel is unselected, then OK the whole works.
(800) 259-0470 Reprints Reprints Reprints Reprints STEP THREE:
Repeat Step Two for the top rectangle, this time with the
blue to white gradient. Move the two rectangles together
(Figure 2, top).
Select both, then choose Make Drawing from the Drawing submenu in the Object menu.
STEP FOUR: Type in your headline. Stack the headline text object on top of the gradient rectangles (Figure 2, middle). Make sure the text and gradients are selected, and use the Mask Graphic command from the Object menu (Figure 2, bottom).
If you don't own PageStream 3.2 or higher, you'll have to work around the missing Mask Graphic command.
Substitute Step Four from the DrawStudio instructions instead.
A nice touch is to outline the headline. If you want to do that, copy your headline before you fill it with the gradients. Set the fill color to None or deselect that option. Pick whatever color you want as the pen or stroke color, then stack the outlined text on top of the filled text.
ImageFX Pounding out metal type can be performed in bitmap graphics as well.
STEP ONE: Create a buffer. Select white as the drawing color, and clear the buffer to it (in Buffers Clear Buffer popup menu).
STEP TWO: Add your text in black (Figure 3, top). Copy the buffer to swap (also in the Buffer popup).
STEP THREE: Repeat Step One to make a new buffer.
STEP FOUR: Go to the Palette panel and create a yellow to brown to white to blue spread. Make the whole gradient (from brown to blue) a Range.
Go back to the Toolkit.
STEP FIVE: Double click on the Fill button to open the Options panel.
Choose a Vertical gradient, and make sure the proper range is selected.
STEP SIX: Draw a filled rectangle as wide and high as the text. This is easily done with the aid of the Lightable option, found in the Buffers popup menu. You may have to flip your box vertically to get the colors in the right order: brown on the bottom, blue at the top.
STEP SEVEN: Select Box from the Region gadget, and drag out an area which falls a little on each side of the border between brown and white. Go to the Distort popup and pick Liquid.
Fiddle with the settings (especially the Wave slider) until you create the wavy mountain range (Figure 3, middle).
STEP EIGHT: Swap the buffers so that the text is showing. Go to the Composite panel. Select Fast Matte with the Blend at 100%. Set the sliders for the colors of the text; in this case, 0,0,0 for black. Leave Closeness at 1.
The wavy gradient will replace the letters' fill (Figure 3, bottom).
While the metallic headline we made won't fool anybody into thinking it is real metal, it is a simple way to create a more than passable facsimile. Objects, too, can be made to look metallic with the same technique.
Image Club Graphics, Inc. Catalog Request: (800) 387-9193 http: www.imageclub.com
• AC* Please Write to: Nick Cook c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02722-2140 or stop by our website
at: http: www. Pimpub. Com Toll Free in USA: Electronic Mail:
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9. 00 MODs Anthology
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6. 00 Movie Maker Special FX 1
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24. 95 Moving Textures 100, 200 (Spec
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39. 95 Women in Motion
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33. 95 WordWorlh 7 0 CD
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27. 95 Wralh of the Demon 5,00
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16. 95 A4000 Keyboard
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32. 95 A600 1200 Internal Floppy Drive
59. 95 A2000 or A3000 int. Floppy Drive
69. 95 Mouse for CDTV. Wired - black 16,95 286 Bridgeboard PCB
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169. 00 A500 Service Manual $ 14.95 A3000 Desktop Service Manual
19. 95 A3000 Tower Service Manual
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17. 95 44 95 10B4S D1 Sen ice Manual
14. 95 1950 or 1960 Serv Man (Specify)
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21. 95 19 95 2091 Service Manual
12. 95 A2060 A2065 A2232 Serv. Man.
12. 95
39. 95 34 95 CDTV Service Manual
17. 95 A1200 User Manual
5. 95
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7. 95 34,95 Air Mail e Email $ 2895 Make CD TAO
49. 95 AmiPC Power Mouse Software 1B.95 Make Path 2.10
29. 95 AmigaVtsion Professional 24,95 Master ISO Ver.2 from
79. 95 Art Studio Professional CD
74. 95 Maxon Magic
39. 95 Artworks Clip Art Library 22 95 Media Magic
79. 95 ASIM 3.x upgrade for 2.0 39,95 MR Backup 2.5 45,00 ASIM
CDFS w 2 CO titles 49,95 Money Matter by Digita
39. 95 Auru 16 Digitizer w scundprobe 124,95 Network PC
32. 95 Aweb 3 w HTML Heaven
41. 95 New York News Reader
34. 95 Batch Factory
49. 00 On the Ball v1.5
35. 00 Blitz Basic 2.1
49. 95 Organizer by Digita
39. 95 Cinema 4D v4 CD
199. 95 OxyPatcher
27. 95 Cinema 40 CD (Upgrade from v3)
124. 95 PagoStream 3.3
159. 00 Composite Studio Pro 149,95 PC Task 3.1
29. 95 Control Tower
139. 95 PC Task 4.2
79. 95 Co-Pilot Audio or Video (Specify)
99. 00 PC Task 4.2 Upgrade from 3.1
49. 95 Cross DOS v7 Gold
59. 95 Pagestream 2.2SE
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79. 00 Pagestream 3.3
159. 00 Cygnus Ed Pro Rel. 4 CD
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199. 00 Pcx Software PC Emulation
54. 95 Deluxe Paint 5 Pegger 2.0
29. 95 Disk or CD (Specify)
49. 95 Picture Manager Professional CD
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29. 95 Pixel 3D Pro 2.1
195. 00 Dev Pac 3
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209. 95 Draw Sludio 1.0 CD
156. 00 Snap Maps: Building Materials
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34. 00 Studio Printer 2 v2.14
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79. 95 Super HP-DJC 3 or HP-LJ4 (Spec)
37. 95 Final Dala Release 3 59,00 Surface Pro
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Development System 68 00 TypeSmith 2.5 69 00 GeoMorph 1.0
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58. 95 Upper Disk Tools 25 95 GP FAX Class 1&2
49. 95 Vista Pro 3.05 49,95 HiSoft Basic 2
94. 95 Visual FX CD Lightwave -1 or 2 129 00 Hisoft C++ Lite 109
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1. 2.3, or 4 12900 Hi-Speed Pascal
149. 00 VooDoo E-Mail 34 95 Ibrowse 1.2
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239. 95 Web FTP
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Policies This Old Workbench Episode 20: Building the Perfect
Workbench, Part Three Last episode we finished the basic
install of the Amiga OS, including the latest installer from
Now, in our quest for the Workbench of our dreams, it is time to start the long and winding road toward customized Nirvana.
By Dave Matthews Lost at C: But first, 1 discovered a minor glitch in last month's battle plan to combat chaos. If you recall, the following lines in the startup: ASSIGN NIL: C: Sys:C-User ASSIGN NIL: C: Sys:C ADD
* MagicMenu j * SiSys MagicColors MultiCX
* QuickGrab Today it Wednesday, IT Jun- fcOTzia Fleas© wait, CPU:
63030 FPLt; 6BP32 Kicktturt: W.JOi Workbench: Chrptct: A rA
DOS: 3.0 Figure 1. The MuitiStarl Menu This will allow us to
keep third party files separate from the "official" Amiga OS
files, while still allowing the system access to both original
and third party files. This helps keep things organized, and
cuts down on confusion when upgrading or reinstalling the OS.
However, using this setup can lead to a bit of confusion for the path command. The Path command is a sort of road map telling the system where important files are. The following command, for instance: PATH C: S: Sys:tools ADD Tells the system to look in the C: drawer, the S: drawer, and the Sys:too!s drawer when you type a command. Normally, this works well, but with our scheme for extended assigns, under certain circumstances, path only notices the first assign, not the secondary Added Assign. While this generally works by typing commands in the shell, one place it doesn't work is when a
command is placed in the Default Tooltype of an Icon.
Apparently in this case, only the first Assign is remembered, so clicking on the icon with the default tool of Iconx for instance, will result in an "Unable to open your tool 'IconX'" error message, since the second assign, using the ADD option, isn't recognized. The solution is simple, right after the following line in your Startup-Sequence file: PATH NIL: RAM: C: SYS:Utilities SYSiRexxc SYS:System S: SYS:Prefs SYSiWBStartup SYS:Tools SYS:Tools Commodities COMPUQUICK MEDIA CENTER 3758 TOWN & COUNTRY RD., COLUMBUS, OH 43213 TEL: 614-235-3601, TEL FAX: 614-235-1180 Add this line: PATH NIL:
SYS:C ADD This places the forgotten SYS:C drawer firmly back on tire map.
Give your Amiga the Boot!
An obvious place to start is with the boot up sequence. After all, that is the first thing you generally experience. How1 the Amiga loads the OS is controlled by 4 items. The first, w'hich device the Amiga boots from, I covered in previous articles.
The Startup-Sequence and User- Startup, found in your S: drawer, control the majority of the Amiga's boot sequence. These Amiga DOS scripts load necessary system files, setup assigns and paths, and generally prepare the Amiga for the happy task of serving its users. The Startup- Sequence file contains the Amiga's OS related stuff, while the User-Startup contains application and user specific stuff. Ideally, wre would leave the Startup-Sequence in its pristine state, and perform all outrageous slings and arrows upon the User-Startup.
However, some programs, including the ones I'm going to cover, need to be started early enough in the boot sequence that the Startup-Sequence file is the only possibility.
The final element of the Amiga's boot process is the WBStartup draw'er.
This draw'er contains programs which PERIPHERALS Nec4XCd.Ext-Sl1Q Pioneer 24xCd.[nt-$ 130, Record CD 12fV4W- S430,lnt.Amtrade High Den.lnt FI dr. S100 S105 Amiga2000 4000 Kybd- 359 Wizard Mice-S25 Aoid Mice -S19 Alia Trackball - $ 35 Joysticks - $ 10 $ 26 MicronIK Scan Dblr. -599 129 OS 3.1 A500 2000 A3000 A4000 A1200 A600
3. 1 ROMS
3. 1 BOOKS Soft Termite TCP l Browse Aweb 3.1 Miami ACCELERATORS
Cyberslorm 060 Mk-3 $ 720 PPC 200 Mhz 060 $ 1230 603ePPC 160-040
$ 500 2604 PPC 200 Mhz $ 1130 1260 50BLIZZ $ 550 Apoilo
1230 33mhz SI 20 Video Cards Etc, Picasso 4 S379 Cybervisicn
64 $ 240 Vidi 24 RT Pro $ 295 Delphina 16 Bit $ 269 SYSTEMS AMIGA
4040T,2Gig- AM1GA 4060T,2Gig- WITH 34 MB, 13 XCD, 2Gig HD +
Magic Bd I AMIGA 1200 HD AMIGA 1200 CD32 + 6 Cds SX32 AMIGA
600 HD Micro niK 1300 Viper 520, 8mb $ 90 S104 S104 S104 $ 90
$ 36 52 $ 57 $ 42 $ 42 S42 S59 S1900 $ 2600 S2900 $ 409 S339 S200
BLIZZARD 1260 SCSI $ 125 Final Odyssey - $ 38. Mysl - $ 55 Flyer, Lightwave SCALL GVP4008 Si 10 Nemac 4 - $ 35, On Escapee - Amiga 400QT. Toaster, RAPID FIRE S140 $ 40,Quake ¦ $ 55, Slam Till ¦ $ 30, Lightwave SCALL SURF SQUIRREL $ 140 Strangers - S40, Shadow of 3rd Moon - Toaster, Flyer, LL Wave S33B5 SQUIRREL SCSI $ 95 $ 40 . Sward - $ 35, Testament - $ 25 Toaster, Ught Wave $ 949 DATAFLYER XDS $ 88 Brain damage • $ 35 Trapped 2 - $ 39 Flyer $ 2595 MEGA CHIP $ 170 Multiscan 14’-$ 460,17" S665 ASK FOR SYSTEMS GVP I O CARDS $ 115 Y C+RGB 13' - $ 320.20* - $ 509 WITH 06DS, CDS, Siamese Soft $ 195 USED AMIGAS,
OPEN MON-FRI11AM TO 7:30PM, SAT 11-7 Circle 124 on Reader Service card.
Offer a variety of functions, from the practical to the whimsical. I'm going to cover a few' of the more useful, but realize that there are many more than what I cover here. See the sidebar "Customizing your Boots" for my Multistart and Rainboot setup.
Muitple Personalities MultiStart 1.01 MultiStart is a nice, fairly simple program to control your Amiga's Boot.
Are executed when the Workbench is loaded.
One of the most useful changes is to enhance the control over the boot process, and over what actually gets loaded during the boot, ll would be nice if you could select which programs get loaded, or even better, have custom boot sequences tailored for specific uses.
There are a number of such programs available on Aminet, in the Util Boot directory. These programs AMIGA MOO l Aimkos AMIGA. I AGO ijj AMIGA 05 E3Z2MMEEI ¦A-r Figure 4. My Rainboot Startup in Action Customizing your Boots My Custom MuitiStart and Rainboot configs Note that I've commented these files: ;-Begin This is a comment- ;-End This is a comment- These are ignored hy by the Startup-Sequence, but don't include them in your own MultiStart.cfg, or rainboot.config files. They are here just for reference. Also, see Figure 3 for the Rainboot picture template I use, and Figure 4 for the
finished result.
• -Begin Startup Sequence- ;My Custom MuitiStart Rainboot
Startup-Sequence ;Necessary System Preliminaries C:SetPatch
QUIET C:Version NIL: CrAddBuffers NIL: DFO: 15 FailAt 21
C:MakeDir RAM:T RAM:Clipboards RAM:ENV RAM:ENV Sys C:Copy NIL:
ENVARC: RAM:ENV ALL NOREQ Resident NIL: C:Assign PURE Resident
NIL: C:Execute PURE ;My Funky Assigns Assign NIL: ENV: RAM:ENV
Assign NIL: T: RAM:T Assign NIL: CLIPS: RAM:Clipboards Assign
NIL: REXX: S: Assign NIL: PRINTERS: DEVS:Printers Assign
Assign NIL: HELP: LOCALE:Help DEFER Assign NIL: Fonts:
Kali:Fonts-User Assign NIL: Fonts: Kali;Fonts ADD Assign NIL:
C: Kali:C-User Assign NIL: C: Kali:C ADD Assign NIL: LIBS:
Kali:Libs-User Assign NIL: LIBS: Kali:Libs ADD Assign NIL:
LIBS: Kali:Classes-User ADD Assign NIL: LIBS: SYS:Classes ADD
Assign NIL: DEVS: Kali:Devs-User ADD ;Here we mount the
Monitor drivers, This will diifer according to your hardware
DEVS:Monitors VGAOnly DEVS:Monitors Multiscan
DEVS:Monitors DblNTSC DEVS:Monitors NTSC ; Do this to keep the
system from bothering you about little things.
C:AddDataiypes REFRESH QUIET C:ConCiip CilPrefs ; Now run Multistart.
SYS:C-User MultiStart NIL: ;Now run Rainboot ;Note the ModelD option ;This is where ModelDList comes in handy Shiva:CrySyz Rainboot Rainboot2 NIL: Shiva:CrySyz Rainboot Configs Stoneheart.config MODEID 0x39024 EndCLI NIL: ;-End Startup Sequence--- ;My MuitiStart Config file ;Pretty Straight forward ;The first of each two line element ;is the name which appears on the menu ;The Second is the Script to execute.
;-Begin MuitiStart,cfg- Normal Run Execute S:Start-Normal Minimal Run Execute S:Start-Min Shell Run Execute S:Start-Shell ;-End MuitiStart Config-- ;-Begin Stoneheart.config-
* * Custom config for Rainboot 2.0
* * Written by Dave Matthews * * This section loads the
graphical elements. The background picture, the IFF brush
* * that appears in the blank space, the fonts for the System
information, date
* * and time,
* * The Bar item sets up a progress gauge. The TIME item is used
with this to allow
* * the progress gauge to learn how long your system takes to
boot. Hence it will
* * become more accurate with each boot.
* * Also note the FADEIN and FADEOUT commands.
’bBGPIC = Shiva:SensorGhost Laees Stoneheart.iff HBROSH1 = 318 33 Shiva:SensorGhost I,aceG Blac)i:TowerIn6et.if£ %F0NT1 = futura.font 13 5sFONT2 = futura. Font 23 TsBAR = 267 103 26 351 12 TsFADEIN = $ 000000 32 FADEOUT = $ 000000 32 WB VTIME = 578 473 12 * The next sequence of commands actually prints the system information,
* * date, time etc. The and tell it where on the screen (In
* * to print.
V %TEXT %B1 HC12’iX325%Y470Dates%X368SsY470Vrw, %TIMC536W47 0?ime: %X3 6%Y117 Ki ckS tart: SUC18 4W1 mvK 5iX3 6%Y146Workbench: 5iXlB45sY14 6 VVW 56X36%Y208CPU: 5iX1905sY2 08%PC %X36%Y23 7FPU:%X19 0%Y2 37%PF %X36«26 6MMU: %X19 0%Y2 6 6%PC °-SX36%Y338FAST RAM!%X164VY338"-tKFB %X36%Y367CHIP RAM!SsX164!tY367’6HCB %X36%Y448Chipset:%X2 mY448WC • The tells the script to wait for the Rainboot QDIT signal, which normally happens
* * at the end of the boot, when the Rainboot program in the
WBStartup is run.
* * The %D is the delay when printing the letters, so they are
’typed' at the desired
* * speed.
* W %D300 ; - End Stoneheart.config--- A MAZING COMPUTING
MultiStart allows you to choose between a number of different
startup scripts, as well as select which programs in the
WBStartup drawer to run, all via a point and click GUI.
MultiStart also supports various monitor screenmodes, as long as the monitor drivers are loaded before it runs. See Figure 1 for a screenshot of the MultiStart GUI.
MultiStart does require fairly extensive modifications to the Startup-Sequence scripts, and some care is advised here. As I've stated before, you should back up the contents of your S: drawer, particularly before embarking on a project where you wilt be altering your Startup-Sequence to this extent.
NATIONAL AMIGA AMIGA PRODUCTS AND SERVICES INTERNATIONAL $ 129cad $ 89usd What we need to do to make MultiStart work is create a Startup- Sequence with the bare minimum needed for MultiStart to function.
Then we can create secondary startup scripts, each tailored to a specific need. For instance, the default, or normal startup script would have all the commands you want in your normal Amiga boot process. You could also have a script for a memory saving minimal setup, a script which runs onlv a particular program, and a script for a CLI Shell only boot. Then during the boot, pressing the left mouse button will pop up the menu, where you can select from a list of your Startup scripts. You can also select which programs in the WBStartup drawer you wish to run.
MultiStart 1.01 by Eric Bayer is Freeware Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.
USD prices are approximate and subject to change with daily exchange rates.
Circle 149 on Reader Service card.
Http: wuarchive.wnstl.edu ~aminet dirs aminet util boot MultiStartl.Ol.lha When it Rains, It Boots... Rainboot v2.2 Well, we seem to have practical matters in hand, so how about some fun with the Amiga's Boot? Rainboot, version 2.2, from Kimmo Pekkola, is just the ticket. I've covered Rainboot before, but as there is a new version on Aminet, and I am covering the Amiga's boot sequence... Rainboot can display an IFF picture during boot, but it can also do a lot more- play MODS and IFF sound files, Ethernet Card for A600 1200
• 10-base-T RJ 45 and 10-base-2 BNC Coax
• FCC and CE approval
• 16K buffer for maximum data throughput
• Auto senses between 10-base-T and iObase-2
• Does not require power supply
• Link and activity lights
• Works with CPU caches turned on
• Standard SANA-I! Device driver for use with Envoy.
Inet225, AmiTCP, and Miami
• Great for cabfe modems and networking with Pcs!
• Dealer enquiries welcome!
Haaae & Partner CAD USD | Art Effect 2.5 S219 S159 Tornado 3D S359 S249 StormC Professional S389 S274 ST Fax S79 S59 Storm Wizard 5119 SB4 X-DVE Video Effects S254 S179 Easy Writer Scall Scall www.nationalamiga.com Phone: 519-858-8760 Fax: 519-858-8762 email: sales@nationalamiga.com display System specs, show a progress gauge, even show anims!
The good news is Rainboot works nicely with MultiStart, so you can eat your cake and have it too. The bad news is, while Rainboot is a fun thing to have on your Amiga, it does take considerable effort to customize it to your setup. Rainboot is controlled via text based scripts, witli its own set of commands and syntax. For those who wilt at the idea of programming, however simple, there are several prerolled Rainboot configs available on Aminet which might suffice for your multimedia booting needs (do a search for Rainboot). See Figure 2 for a sample startup.
Rainboot v2.2 by Kimmo Pekkola is Freeivnre at http: wmrchive.wustl.edu pub aminet util boot Rainboot2.lha This is a good time to bring up another handy utility available on Aminet: Modelist vl.23 Which may be helpful to setup Rainboot up correctly. One of Rainboot's features is the ability to 111 Waterloo SS.
London-Ontario Canada Eyetech CAD USD 4-Way IDE for Amiga 1200 S54 S36 4-Way IDE lor Amiga 4000 S39 $ 26 External Scandoubler S169 $ 115 Finale Development Voodoo Emaiier S39 S26 NewYork Newsreader S39 S26 Web FTP Web Site Maintenance S3 9 S26 Leqacy Maker Catalyzer Volume 1 S3 5 S23 Catalyzer Volume 2 videos S3 5 S23 PanCanvas S3 5 S23 Join our email update list for our bi-weekly listing of new and used hardware as well as inside information an the Amiga world and what goes on, Email sales@nationalamiga.com asking to be put on the list!
Appear on any monitor screenmode, even CyberGrafx. However, you need to know the ModelD number, not an easy number to remember. Enter ModelDList, by Thomas Krafzik. This simple program lists all available Screenmodes, and their ModelD number. Handy in a number of situations.
Call or write for our full catalogue!
Modelist vl.23 by Thomas Krafzik is Freeware at http: wuarchive.zvustl.edu pub aminet util boot ModeIDList123.lha Well, that should do it for this episode. Next Episode we start the ball rolling on some real Amiga customizing fun. As always, you can contact me via Amazing Computing or by email: dm05438@navix.net Also, as part of an effort to learn HTML and Web Design, I am starting an archive of This Old Workbench articles. There's not much there yet, but vou can see it at: HTTP: www.geocilies.com SiliconValley Hills 2359
• AC* webPlug amiqa telecommunications li r This month we’ll
check out an updated program for web page authoring, and learn
how to find out who is looking at our web pages, using
Esteve Boix has been working on an entirely new version 2.0 of his webPlug program for quite a while, Unfortunately, the new version is still not finished, but Esteve has put out an interim update to bring the program to version 1.45. WebPlug automates the HTML authoring process by letting you concentrate on the text aspects of your pages, and then plugging in the HTML code to achieve the effect you want.
Type or import your text, then select the section to be affected. You can modify the size, position, color, etc., by clicking the appropriate HTML tags displayed in a window (Figure 1).
Backgrounds, images, hyperlinks, tables, lists and more were already part of webPlug. New capabilities in version 1.45 include frames, the number of documents limited only by available memory, and support for plugins. Also new is the ability to select multiple documents to be loaded at once.
With the possibility of large numbers of documents open at once, you can now choose which document you wish to work on from a List View (Figure 2). Click one, and it pops into the editing window. "Pop" is the right word to use to describe many of webPIug's functions; everything seems much faster than the previous vl.25. Plugins for now are limited to the three supplied, (Figure 3) but one of them will quickly become your best friend. File dropper opens a window with two tabs (Figure 4), one for volumes on your hard drive, the other for the directories, and files. Double click a file name, and
if it is an image, it will be displayed; an HTML file will be loaded for editing. Drag a filename into the editing window, and images will be inserted with the proper HTML tags at the cursor point. HTML files will be linked through a HyperText link inserted at the cursor.
Many other enhancements have been added, as well as the inevitable bug hunting. WebPlug remains one of the truly great values in Amiga shareware with a $ 10US registration fee. Esteve says this registration will be good for all future versions as well.
As I was finishing this, I received an e-mail from Esteve, advising me of the update from version 1.4 to 1.45. Note that the screen grabs show version 1.4, but there is no visible difference to 1.45. The newest version fixes a few bugs, and updates the translation functions. You can find webPlug on your favorite Aminet mirror, or on the webPlug home page (Figure 5) at: http: www2.minorisa.es ~stv webplug |g|E|Kl;TS| artists Jitml crtsr at Jitmi crisservhtmi index htirt 1 ‘fdrv web srte Pkigim I Insert color Detr ent finder Fie dropper ±gJE3LBiS5J S BeUI Tabterov Ur* Line break Paragraph r
L. ,... ..i I.,i Untyaerea Bsi METa NAME=Teyvords" CONTENT*
¦nev.rdepcndent st'jcbojromotion'i 8ASEF0NT 8IZE**1“» HEAD
8G0Y Congrahiatkns! You are visitor number S'hHD m
jr-studmxom biVvi!tt502W «u J-£!2EE ,
«b502W MMin count s)to setup.tirtV
• 80DU1NK.-I P P
• -BODY BACKGROi-W 'pca backgrndgin CENTEJT IMG
SfttXpics tgiflogQ gir WIDTH = soo HI CENTERxlMG
SRC=-pecs phonegiri 8ft CENTEf £NTEIbdti Artis*
promotions and recordng 3tuc*o J. tefrrah Tft
«TD tH2 ENTER DbcQver Tomorro-r's Superstars f Figure 4: The
File dropper may just become your best friend, too.
WebPlug requires OS 3.0+, and MUI3.8+ to run. Two custom MUI Classes that are also needed are included in the download archive. A WWW browser with an Arexx interface such as VoyagerNG, I Browse, or A Web will let you send your pages to the browser from webPlug for previewing.
JS101 As 1 said in an earlier column, JavaScript was planned from the start to "know" a lot about browsers, windows, and their various components. In this edition of JS101 we'll take a look at how to find out about the browser looking at your web site, and why you'd want to.
JavaScript uses the navigator object to identify the browser accessing the web page where your JavaScript is Located. The navigator object has several properties, each of which can return a specific piece of information about the browser in question. To see how this works, we'll construct a page that will interrogate a visiting browser, and print out the information.
Who’s There?
Start with the basic HTML code for a web page with JavaScript (Listing
1) . The first property we'll use is .appName, which will return
the name of the browser. We'll store that information in a
variable called Name so that we can retrieve it later. The
line of code to add follows the SCRIPT LANGUAGE =
"JavaScript" tag, and looks like this: var Name =
navigator.appName; Now print the result to our browser window
with this line: document.write(“The name of this browser is" +
Name + You'll recall that this sends everything within the
parentheses to the current browser window, with items in
quotes displayed verbatim, and items like the variable are
replaced by the contents of Name. This short bit of code
results in the page shown in Figure 6.
* ! EMA Hvrhftya tgs hrvar*e I” PftOCaAM*'Weijf fc g vi 25 &
1996-9? Esteve Boif.'
COMMENT 1'verson3‘' TlTl£ TGIF Productc TITLE* ¦.META NAME=''deseriptiorf CONTENT¦‘Internet promo 0 independent artata. Recordrg studio serr META Nafr£- T.eywo«'ds- CcmENT-'nev,independent studio jsromotion'b tBASEFONT 5!ZE=’r HEAD B0DY Congratiiattons! You are visitor number img src-Tittp y tgif-3tudkJ3 m c -bri vi5ti303t 5 coun veWCGW c -bin couriterjibm setup txt“
• BODY L!NK=- FFOOOO"* PkP, BODY BACKGftOtJND-*'c»C3 b-ackgrrxJ
«T CENTER* IMG SRC pics tgiltogo.gr WIDTH - 500 HEIGHT =
tSOALT-TGIF Shdkw"*‘ CENTER* £NTER tMG SRC 'pics pbone giT
BR C£NT£ft 'Sft 'CENTERxHi Art»t promotions and recording
3tucfco Ht t C£NTER» 8R TA0LE Tfi cTDxCEJJIERxA
HREF*“arttstsTitmT IMG SRC-"p4C5 rwvartst girBORC€R*o ALVHot 4
Newr CENT£R TO A TDxCENTER 'tA HREF=“stuqtostbtirTxJMG
SfK-’pic5 5tucJstuf.grrBORDER i ALT*'Stu(iC StuffTi CENTER
TD A TR Tft cTDxHZMCOTTER Disccrver Tomorrov's
Superstars Before the Masses DoH C0JTEft K2x TD Figure 2:
The new document listing lets you choose from open documents by
A | vobftug vi A » 1996 87 99 Esteve Boix I aiciaro . MM .1 fll N1_..J Document f| « j (MM:v* TM arbA«iKMM iiWwiiWi ‘HTML* k- AlrTHOR=~Qats Roots' ! EMAIL-“rhays@tavajTet’ i PROGRAhKWebPlug vl 25 «¦ 1996-97 Esteve Bob'- : i CohWENT--version3' TITL£»TGIF Produet»ns TlTL£ META NAME*“description‘ CONTENT“‘internet prorpc D i ndependenl artists. Pecordmg stuAo sert ¦META NAME’"keyvords" CQNTD4T-‘nev.™iepefidwi» stuefcjpromotion'J BAS£FCNT S!ZE ‘f ‘ HEAD* cBOOV* Congratuiationsi You are visitor number src “hitp: tgif-s1udiosx»rn cgi-t}in vi,eb502b4 couta I ln -
w cgt-bm counlerxbm setup .txT* B0DYL|NK.*eFF0£3CDW ‘QODY BACXGRQUW 'pscs backgrnd gir CENT£ftxlMG SRC pto tgrflogo.gfT WIDTH ¦ 500 H
• CENTERmIMG 5RC='pfcs phone.girxSSx CENTER»- 'CENTER H l Art»t
promotions and recordng studn 'TABLE* Tft* TD» C£HTER A
hfiEF artists htirTxIMC SRC “"pics TD C£NTEftxA
HR£f=-stud*»t.Mrrr riMG SRC-'pfc' Tft TR
TD H2 CENTER Discover Tomorrov's Superstars Before the
Masses Do!t C£NTERx H2»* TP |nru - * „ . Jf**- I : AmiTrtx I
Cache | Hev3: [ Ox* | HTML Mode | AweWw | V eb W)out About
webPlug III Registering webPlug A lug Uami.
Sites created, vvitn weoPme wehPlngis an HTML editor for the Amiga.. Basically, is a text editor with lots of HTML specific features that heips you when creating your web sites:
* MUI interfacewhh abMt-in texteditor gadget ftexteditor.nicc
from Allan Odgaard)
• GUI for every tag of the HTML 35 standard (new HTML versions
will be included in newer releases)
• Unhmitednumberofdoaiinents (memory permitting)
* Automatic translation of spatial chars to the ISO-Latin
standard used on the web
* webPlugusesthedaratypesystemtoknowthesizeofanyimageandset j!
It for you when you insen it in the document ? Youcanview any image via datatypes (CyberGraphX and PicassoPfi's v43 picmre.datatypeis supported, thus showing 24 bits if necessary) or ® ; via anv PYTpmal imaop vi+wpr nfvmtr rhrn'rp a ¦ ¦ i 1 3 Figure 5: The source for fhe latest and greatest version.
A |. AWEH.I-WHO'S Thcfc? I BUB |Tte7Aft +ostWni::vi+ HTHyt«t wno hW | y| f- - ,v S?[ --( » | i " ‘ i I - ,:j?7 -m AmiTrm | Cache | Neva: | dot* | HTM Mode | AwefcHeva | ¦¦ ,, Figure 6: Want to know who's visiting your web pages?
0| AWCTl-WVw’s there? | ___ igj .
|ae: Axat»3tAV0fa »vb Krw. '?ivVtK')iifs _J j I _ il iSl L_)[ r | i' ' rU cSijyjuJjmiAd AffllTris I Cache | Neva | Cxx* | HTML Mode j AwrtUeva | I The name of this browser is A.Web I TheversionofthisbrowserisS.l(Amiga, I), Another bit of important information you can collect is the version of the visiting browser. After the line that begins "var Name", add the following: var Version = navigator,appVersian; And in the document.write line, insert the following in front of the closing parenthesis: + “The version of this browser is” + Version + The result of this change is shown in Figure 7.
Actually, both of these bits of information can be had with a single property, called .userAgent. Adding this to the above lines of code, we can see the result in Figure 8.
Why would you want to distinguish between different JavaScript enabled browsers? Because different versions of the browsers have different levels of JavaScript compatibility. For example, Awebll v3.1 supports version 1.1 of JavaScript. Version 1.2 has added many new event handlers, objects, methods, and properties. To further complicate matters, various versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator support different features to different extents. A complete listing of differences is way beyond the scope of this column, so look for a good JavaScript book, or check out the following
site: http: webcoder.com How you determine which browser the visitor is using depends somewhat on how much detail you need. If you just need to know if a person is using a specific brand of browser, you can check like this: var Name = navigator.appName if (Name == "AWeb”) document.write(“Oniy Amigal’V’”); else document.wrifeCSorry!”); What this fragment does is use a regular if-then-else programming construction to compare the contents of the variable Name with the string Aweb. The double equal sign is Amazing Computing JavaScript's way of testing to see if the two sides of the equation are
equal or not. If the statement is true, the following line tn the script is executed. If it is false, then the next line executed starts with "else". Added to our previous script, this yields the result shown in Figure 9. The complete page is shown in Listing 2, and like the others, can be found on my web site.
Now that you can find out what brand, and version of browser a person visiting your web page is using, you can provide customized pages catering to specific capabilities.
HEAD TITLE WhO'B There? TITLE 1- From the August 1998 Amazing Computing - HEAD SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "javaScript" var Name ¦ navigator.appKame; var Version ¦ navigator.appVersion; var Agent-navigator.userAgent?
Document.write("The name of this browser is "+Name+w.',+",'+’,The version of this browser is "+Version+'r."+ff',+'TThe Agent listed for this browser is "+Agent+".; if (Name « "AWeb'') document.write("Only Amiga; else document.write("Sorry!"); - SCRlPT USED AMIGA EQUIPMENT FOR SALE
• 4000-040 18 MB desktops $ 750
• PAR cards $ 519; TBC-IVs $ 525
• Toasters $ 350 up; Flyers $ 2195
• Sunrize AD516 cards $ 519
• 3000 $ 245 up; 3000T-040 $ 750
• Accelerators, memory SCSI cards
407-636-3393 hrgreen@worIdnet.att.net Where To Find Me Circle 155 on Reader Service card.
Rhays@kiva.net http: www.kiva.net
- rhays For U.S.Mail: Rob Hays
P. O.Box 194 Bloomington, IN 47402 Please include a SASE if you
need a personal reply.
If you run an Amiga specific BBS, send me the information callers will need to access your system. Phone number(s), modem speeds, software settings, etc. As a service to the Amiga community 1 will include the information I receive in this column from time to time.
If you come across any World Wide Web sites you feel would be of interest to the Amiga community, pass them along for inclusion in the HotList of the Month. Send the info to any of my addresses above.
That's all for now. See you on line!
• AC* Listing 1 | fW locrthoiVWort ivtb HTtlt teWvhomr r AmiTrtx
I Cache | New | Ckx* | HTM. Mode | AweWeva j Thename of this
browser is Aweb.
The version ofihis brows eris 3.1 (Amiga; I).
The Agent iisted for this browser is Amiga-AWeb S.l. Iftey toMftiMt WorfrxrebSKnA teot whohttnl Amffrfa | Cxhe | Nevs | Oocfc | HTM Mode | AweWevs | The name of this browser is Aweb.
The version of this browser is 3,1 (Amiga; I).
The Agent listed for this browser is Amiga-A Web 3.1. Only Amiga!
HEAD TITLE Who's There? TITLE !- From the August 1998 Amazing Computing - HEAL SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript" - SCRIPT Figure 9: The results of our inquiries.
Adding A Hard Drive To Your Linux System Always err on the side of caution!
X fc fc M by Nick Cook That scream you heard awhile back came from me. One of my A3000's hard drives crashed. The louder scream you then heard also came from me. I mis-configured my backup program, so I had no backup at all. 1 took advantage of the, um, "opportunity" to shuffle programs around and dedicate the A3000's old 50 meg hard drive to Linux.
I grabbed the handy book, Running Linux (O'Reilly & Associates) and flipped to the appropriate section on hard drives. Oh, oh. It goes on for pages about the disk command, which isn't included with the Watchtower Linux distribution. Time to play it by ear.
Dive Into The Toolbox The first stop is to the HD Toolbox, which lives in the Amiga's system tools drawer. All 1 need to do is change the drive from two partitions to one. I also have to make sure the partition was not bootable. If you have never dipped into the HD Toolbox, be very careful. Check the May 1998 issue of Amazing Computing Amiga for a tutorial. Once that's done, time to boot Linux and log in as "root".
A MA ZING COMPUTING Slice Up That Hard Drive If you are familiar with the Amiga's naming conventions for devices (e.g., the floppy drive is "dfO"), Linux is slightly backwards. For IDE controllers, the first physical hard
- dev edal Figure I: Hard drive partitions are referred to by
their sequence and connection.
Drive on the system is " dev hda." A second hard drive is " dev hdb", a third would be " dev hde", and so on. SCSI devices use " dev sda" for the first physical device, " dev sdb" for the second, and so forth.
Hard drive partitions are numbered (Figure 1). The first partition of the first SCSI hard drive is " dev sdal". The third partition of the second SCSI hard drive is " dev sdb3." So here's a pop quiz: what would the second partition of the third SCSI hard drive be? Give yourself a cookie if you answered " dev sdc2".
One of the Amiga's advantages is how the hardware "autoconfigures," now just appearing on a Windows95 computer near you as "Plug 'n Play" (or "Plug 'n Pray", as some note).
Linux sort of does autoconfiguration.
When the kernel boots, it scans the SCSI bus and spews forth what it finds on the screen. For example, when my A3000 boots Linux, it notes: c sda RDSK sdalsda2 sda3 sda4 sda5 sdb RDSK sdblsdb2 sdb3 sdc no partition table uc Since the hard drive I'm adding is not partitioned, "sdc" must be the Linux device name.
“Drive,” He Said Linux has device drivers, programs which link the operating system and the hardware. Like the Amiga, these are found in the " devs" drawer.
In my case, I needed a driver for "sdc".
A listing of devs shows sda, sda partitions 1 through 8, sdb, and sdb partitions 1 through 8, but no sdc. So even though Linux recognizes the hard drive attached to the system, I can't access it without the appropriate driver. Consequently, 1 have to make one.
Device directory type options freq pass dev sdc sdc ext2 defaults 0 1 Figure 2. A new entry in the etc fstab file to let Linux know about the new drive, so that it will mount it during startup.
There are two ways of doing that: the easy way and the hard way.
Fortunately, the easy way also sits in the devs directory: the "makedev" script. It will create all the device files for you.
To make a driver for sdc, it is a simple matter of a couple of commands: c cd devs MAKEDEV sdc uc Remember, in Linux capitals count! Since 1 didn't need specific partitions, I don't need to add numbers. If you don't have the Make Dev script, or you are just curious, the hard way is recounted in the Linux documentation, "How To SCSI".
Next step is to build the Linux filesystem, ext2, on the drive. A check of the sbin directory reveals several "make file" commands. Running Linux recommends "mke2fs"; it doesn't require adding specific partition sizes GIVE IT BACK! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!
If you have a CD ROM or removable hard drive on your system, you may have noticed that Linux demonstrates a marked resistance to yield it. For example, the motorized drawer on my CD ROM locks closed while running Linux. So, something like double-clutching an old manual transmission, there are a few hoops to jump through when swapping Cds.
First, unmount the CD ROM or removable drive with the urnoimt command (this will unlock your drive door, too). Switch disks, then remount the drive with the mount command. Even if you can "pop out" a CD, still follow the sequence. If you don't, the drive will become "out of sync" with Linux and will likely cause problems.
• AC* that the others do. The command syntax is straightforward:
c mke2fs dev sdc uc Uh-oh, another problem. After running
the command, a message appears to the effect that the ext2 file
system will not be supported in future kernels. The message
suggests using "e2fsck -s" to convert. Alas, the version of the
program I have does not support the "-s" switch. Guess I'll
have to live on the wild side with the ext2 file system.
Onward and Upward i need to let Linux know about the new drive, so that it will mount it during startup. That requires a new entry in the etc fstab file (Figure 2).
You can access a Linux device by the full path (e.g., " dev sdc") or by the directory name (e.g., "sdc"). I select a directory name based on ones which are easy to remember. For example, 1 use "fdO" as the directory for the floppy drive, "syquest" for the removable hard drive unit, and "cdrom" for the CD ROM.
1 need to reboot to let the fstab changes take effect. So for now, i manually add the drive: c mount -t ext2 dev sdc sdc uc Now to make sure everything is there with the ( (disk free) command: c df dev sdc uc The command printed out the amount of space available on the drive, the amount in use, and mount directory. My hard drive sdc is officially in business.
And, yes, I fixed the configuration with my backup program. Hopefully, you will hear no more screams from my direction.
Two More Amiga Linux Distributions An unofficial m68k port of the popular Red Hat Linux distribution is currently in beta testing. Check out http: www.feist.com ~rjflory linux wt wat-inst.html for more information.
Also, the Amiga done manufacturer Eagle Computers has announced its version of m68k Linux. Unfortunately at the time of this writing, the web page information is only in German.
Correction: In the article on Linux accounts (Amazing Computing Amiga, July
1998) , 1 wrote that you could use the AddUser command from a PC
distribution of Linux, Wrong-o! The source code can be used
for the Amiga version, but Linux programs and commands
still need to be compiled separately for each specific
Please accept my apology for the confusion.
• AC* Unix on the Amiga!
Turn your Amiga into a powerful Unix workstation.
Part 3: Software to make your Unix-based Amiga more efficient and productive.
By Antonello De Santis Let's see how to make the NetBSD system you've just set up a bit more comfortable. In this article, I want to examine some good software you will need to install to make your NetBSD-based Amiga more efficient and productive. You can download all the programs I'll mention atftp.unina.it in the directory pub Amiga NctBSD contrib and pub Amiga NetBSD contrib xll.
NetBSD installer First of all you need to get and install "Easylnstall- 970304.tar.gz". Once you've got it we can proceed to install it, type in the following commands:
1) cd usr local
2) tar zvxf path_to_file EasyInstall-970304.tar.gz
3) mv Easy install install The first job is accomplished!
Bash shell The most important program to install is a shell which is better than the one (cshell) provided with the basic system. The best choice is the "bash" shell (Bourne again shell), that undoubtedly is the most efficient around.
Download the file "bash-2.0-binl2.tar.gz" and follow these steps to install it: About The Author: Antonello De Santis is an Italian student in Computer Science at "la Sapienza" University in Rome. He is very keen on everything about computers, operating systems in particular. He would like to greet his Canadian girlfriend through these pages: Ciao Claudia! Feel free to contact hint at his email address: ua01020@flashnet.it Antonello aids his email with, "On the box it said, 'To install under Windows 3.1 or better', so I installed it on my Amiga."
1) cd
2) tar zvxf path_to_file bash-2.0-binl2,tar.gz
3) sh usr local bash-2.0 install install.sh Now we have to
modify some configuration files of the system and your account
to make the bash shell usable. Edit the file " etc shells" and
add the line '' usr Iocal bin bash" to it. Now run the
program "vipw", this will launch the editor vi and open the
password file " etc passwd".
The first line is relative to root account, replace the path " usr bin csh" with " usr local bin bash", then save and exit. .
Listino On© .bashrc configuration file if t "SPSl" 1; then return fi bogus if [ -f unix ] i then alias ls=' bin ls -CP' else alias ls=' bin lB -r' fi alias ll='ls -la* alias dir='ls -ba' alias ss="pfi -aux* alias dots'ls .[a-zA-Z0-9_]*' alias news="xtenn -g 80x45 -e trn -e -51 ~N alias CB'clear* alias n="nore" alias j-"jobs" common misspellings alias nroe=more alias pdw=pwd hash -p usr bin mail mail if [ -2 “$ HOST" J ; then export H0ST=$ (HOSTNAME!
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When launched, the bash shell expects to find two configuration files in the user's home directory: .bnshrc and ,bash_profile. You can see two examples of these configuration files in Listing One and Listing Two for the listings ".bashrc" and ".bash_profile". To make changes effective you have to logout now, run the command "logout" or "exit". Insert your login name and password again and now your default shell will be the bash.
The most important feature of bash shell is command completion, that is, when you start typing in the name of a command and press the "tab" key, the bash will complete the name of the command by itself or will prompt you with the names of every command whose name begins with the letters you have typed. This feature is very useful since in Unix environment filenames are often very long and complicated to write, so commands completion is very helpful for eliminating mistakes while typing.
You may add another configuration file to your home directory: .bash_history. This file is a database of everything you have typed in during a session in NetBSD; you can access every line of the file pressing the up arrow key. This is another very useful feature of bash shell, to activate it you simply have to create an empty text file called ".bash_history" in your home directory - A powerful editor: emacs This is, in my opinion, the best editor available for any Unix OS. You can choose to download either the Xfl or text version, but take note that Xll version is 15MB, almost double the size
of the text one that is SMB. 1 don't advise you to install Xemacs unless you have a graphics card that allows a resolution of 800x600 pixels at least. Download both or one of the two files "emacs-19.30-bin 11.tar.gz", "XEmacs-19.15- binl2.tar.gz" and unpack them following these steps: HISTIGHOREs"[ ]*:&:bg:£g" } builtin cd "$ &" xtitle $ HOST: $ PWD psgrepO bold!)
Ps -aux | grep $ 1 | grep grep ) tput stnso * t This is a little like 'zap' from Kemigh&n and Pike unhold() pskill () r } tput naflo local pid if [ -£ unix ) ; then pid=S(ps -ax | grep $ 1 | grep -v grep | awk * print Si }') clear!)
echo -n "killing $ 1 (process $ pid)..." tput clear kill -9 $ pid echo "slaughtered."
I fi t tenn() rot 13 0 if [ $ » Q 1 t then TERM*51 tr *Ia-aJ [n-z][A-H][N-Z]" "[n-z][a-m][N-Z][A-MI" export TERM else teet tr " a-a}[n-z][A-M]IN-Z]" *[n-z][a-n][N-Z][A-K]" $ 1 fi xtitle ) ( watch!)
Echo -n -e K 033]0;$ * 007" 1 if I S -ne 1 ] ; then cdf) tail -f nohup.out else t tail -£ $ 1
1) cd
2) tar xvpzf path_to_file emacs-19.30-binll.tar.gz
3) sh usr local emacs-19.30 insta!l install.sh You can launch
emacs simply typing in "emacs" from a shell or typing in
"emacs filename" if you want to open an old file or create a
new fife. Emacs is an ideal text editor for programmers. Among
its many features, I want to mention die auto-indentation,
bookmarks, cut and paste, search and replace, multi buffer and
macros. You can get an idea of the power of emacs taking a
look at its manual pages. You can quit using vi now that you
have installed emacs!
The best scripting language: peri The basic NetBSD system provides you three optimum languages: c c++, flex and fortran. Another powerful language interpreter is available to download: peri. Perl certainly is the best scripting language and it's particulary suited to be used in networking systems, so Unix is the ideal enivironment for peri and peri is the ideal scripting language for Unix, using in depth its kernel functions and system calls. Get the file "perl-5.003-binl2.tar.gz" and unpack it following these steps:
1) cd
2) tar zvxf path_to_file perl-5.0[)3-binl2.tar.gz
3) sh usr local perl-5.003 install install.sh It's prohibitive
to explain peri's features in a little paragraph like this, so
if you are interested in an overview of peri, refer to its
manual pages and a good book. I can advise you on three books
from O' Reilly and Associates: Learning Perl, Programming Perl
and Advanced Perl Programming.
Two alternative window managers: fvwm95 and amiwm Fvwm2 is NetBSD's default window manager, I find it very nice and efficient to use, but you may wish to try some of the many other window managers available. There are really a lot of window managers around: mwm, afterstep, ctwm, fvwm95, ohvm, amiwm and many others.
1 suggest you download and try fvwm95 and amiwm. Get the files "fvwm95-2.0.43a-binl2.tar.gz" and "amiwm-
0. 20pl25-binll.tar.gz" and unpack them following the usual
1) cd
2) tar zvxf pathjo_file fvwm95-2.0,43a-binl2.tar.gz
3) sh usr locaI fvwm95 install install.sh
4) cd
5) tar zvxf path_to_file amiwm-0.20pl25-binll.tar.gz
6) sh usr local amiwm instaU install.sh Now edit the file
" usr locai XHR6.1 lib Xll xinit xinitrc" and add the lines
"exec fvwm95" and "exec amiwm". You have to comment out with a
every line of the tvpe "exec window_manager_na me" but one,
that is the one relative to the window manager you want to
Fvwm95 uses the same GUI style of Windows 95, guess what GUI amiwm emulates? I think the name is self explanatory!
I advise you to also try mwm and afterstep. The latter is a NeXT like window manager, it's wonderful to see and use, but a graphics card is absolutely necessary. If you want to try the last two window managers, get the archives "lesstif-0.80- binl2.tar.gz", "afterstep-1. Qpre2-binll.tar.gz" and install them following the same steps of fvwm95 and amiwm.
In Conclusion This month's article is finished, I advise you to download as many archives as you can from the ftp site I've mentioned before. There are many interesting programs you may wish to try. Remember that the best way to leam Unix is hacking, hacking and again hacking!
The last note is about the "GNU Manifesto". It concerns the GNU project and Richard Stallman's Free Software Foundation, and it is available at Amazing's web site: www.pimpub.com GNU. Read it carefully, it explains in depth the philosophy of Unix-like operating systems and their primary importance for the evolution of computers and Computer Science in the right direction.
Please Write to: "AO Antonello De Santis c o Amazing Computing
P. O. Box 9490 Fall River, MA 02720 or stop by our website at:
http: www.pimpub.com ti ) It f Remote login passing all 8
bits (so meta key will work) no rlogin $ * -8 } function
setenvO if [ $ -ne 2 ] ; then echo "setenvr Too few
arguments" else export $ 1="$ 2“ fi ) function chmogf) if [ $
- ne 4 J •, then echo "usage: chmog mode owner group file"
return 1 else chmod $ 1 $ 4 chown $ 2 $ 4 chgrp $ 3 $ 4 fi )
HISTFILE .bash.hiatory
PATHl* usr honves chet bin.$ HOSTTYPE: usr local bin gnu:
PATH2» uer local bin: UBr ucb: bin: usr bin Xll:.
PATH3B usr bin: usr new bin: usr contrlb binj sbin: uBr sbin: usr local X11R6.1 bin PATH=$ PATH1:$ PATH2:$ PATH3 ED1T0R» uar bin vi vi5UAL- usr bin vi FCEDlT= usr bin vi SHELL»$ SHELL!-$ (8ASH:- bin baBh}} PAGER* usr bin less LESS«'-i -e -M -F t?£*f :stain .?pb%pb %;?lbLine %!b:?bbByte Wjb « Bogus 1003.2 variables. This should really be in etc profile ft LOGHAME=$ USER-$ (whO&mi)} TZ=Europe Rome export HOME VISUAL EDITOR MAIL SHELL PATH TERM export PAGER LESS TERMCAP HISTSIZE HISTFILE KAIL MAILCHECK LOGNAME TZ PS1»"$ HOSTNAME) $ n PS2«' * export PS1 PS2 umask 022 if [ -f unix ] ; then stty
intr Ac bogus fi if [ -f - .bashrc ) ; then . - .bashrc fi A V Solutions inc. Amazing Advertisers To contact these Amazing Advertisers, use the information beiow or go to www.pimpub.com and link to them directly.
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Dimensions Computers TEL: 888-5-Dimensions, TEL FAX: 203-234-1483 emaikdimensions® nrex.net, http: nrex.net dimensions Page:23 Circle 151 Great Valiey Products-M Inc. TEL: 215-633-7711. FAX: 215-633-9288 www.gvp-m.com Page:11 Circle 109 HardDrivers Co.
TEL: 407-636-3393 email: hrgreen@worldnet.att.net Page:33 Circle 155 National Amiga TEL:519-858-8760, FAX: 519-858-8762 Internet: www.nationalamiga.com Page:29 Circle 149 Nova Design Inc TEL:, 804-282-6528, FAX: 804-282-3768 emaiksales: bob@novadesign.com emaiksupport: kermit@novadesign.com www.novadesign.com Page:C!V Cfrcle 106 Paxtron Corporation TEL888-PAXTRON, 914-578-6522, FAX: 914-578-6550 email:paxtron@cyburban.com, www.paxtron.com Page:CIII Circie 123 QuikPak TEL:610-287-8866, FAX: 610-287-0746 emaikquikpak@aol.com, www.quikpak.com Page:CII Circle 111 Safe Harbor TEL800-544-6599,
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Plug-in for ImageFX 29.00 Download demo al www.sbarbor.com ( Micro R.~& D. ) Mouse, WIZ 560 dpi 29.00 Power Supply 500 .89.99 Power Supply 2000 ....139.00 International Amiga ‘98 : Exhibitors The following is a list of exhibitors who attended International Amiga '98 in Toronto. This list was compiled (for the most part) by Kermit Woodall of Nova Design. You can also see the description of the event from an exhibitor's point of view by reading the article The Greatest Show in Canada on page 48 of this issue. This was written by K. Wood, an anonymous source.
Amiga, Inc. Amiga, Inc. dominated the show floor with their Amiga Beadt-shack and webcam.
NCAUG member Bill Bonsari was one of the main hosts of the live IRC conferences and he was webcamming everyone and everything in sight. Seriously, the presentation was slick and really brought everyone with an Internet connection right into the event. Many developers made time to be interviewed while at the event and chatted with users worldwide from the booth.
Amiga Inc., 600 N. Derby Lane, North Sioux City, SD 57049, USA, Tel: 605 232 6442, Fax: 605 235 1002 amiga.org Representing the UGN (User Group Network) was Wayne Hunt. They worked out of the Amiga, Inc. booth and helped coordinate user group activities.
Www.amiga.org Anti-Gravity Dan Lutz was present and discussed Anti-Gravity's Neila systems which are based on the Index Information's BoXeR motherboard. Due to the ever-present customs problems, the units never made it to the show floor. The specs and price point for this system make it sound very exciting!
Anti Gravity Products, 1649 16th St, Santa Monica CA 90404, Orders: 800-7-GRAVITY, Tel: 310-399-8785, Fax: 310-399-8262 Asimware Rick Giannini and crew were demonstrating the latest versions of their CD and audio utilities, AsimCDSF reader and MasterlSO writer software have been receiving frequent upgrades to support a truly huge selection of CD ROM devices.
Aswnvare Innovations, 600 Upper Wellington Street Unit D, Hamilton, Out Canada L9A 3P9, Tel: 905-578-4916, Fax: 905-578-3966 Ateo Concepts Tlais French company crossed the Atlantic to show off their new bus system for the Amiga 1200, Pixel64, which includes an adapter card, cabling, a four ISA slot daughter card, and a graphics card all available for under $ 500! Drivers for I O cards and more to come. (See the description in the WOA show coverage in the fuly issue of Amazing Computing Amiga.)
Ateo Concepts, Le plcssis, 44220-Coueron, France, Tel: 00 33 (0) 2 40 85 30 85, Fax: 00 33 (0J 2 40 38 33 21, E-mail: info@ateo- concepls.com Web: httpf ioww.atco- concepls.com Cloanto Cloanto representatives were demonstrating Amiga Forever 2.0, the software-based Amiga emulator for PC systems. Running on an old IBM Thinkpad laptop with a Pentium 133mhz, (Amiga Laptop?!) It seemed to work much like a fast Amiga 1200. They also had Personal Paint 7.1 and they were talking about version 8.0 to come next year with truecolor support, animation, and perhaps even MPEG support. They also stated that
development on Personal Paint is being done with an eye towards platform independence to make porting to the new Amiga OS easier.
Cloanto Italia srl. Via G. B. Bison 24, 33100 Udine, Italy, TEL: 39-432-545902, FAX: 39- 432-609051, www.cloan to. Com Digital Processing Systems, Inc. (DPS) Long missing from Amiga shows, DPS returned home with a nice display of their video hardware. Their hardware nicely compliments an Amiga or Toaster Flyer setup.
GPSoftware Dr. Greg Perry was demonstrating his Directory Opus Magellan which is not just another directory utility but can actually replace your Workbench with a MUCH nicer version that has far more power and versatility. He was also selling his DirOpus t-shirts to the few people who did not already own one!
Iga.cam GP Software, P.O. Box 570, Ashgrove Qld.
Australia 4060, Tel Fax: 61 7 3366 1402, Email: greg@gpsoft.com.au, Webaimno.gpsoft.com.au. Haage & Partner Markus Nerding was demonstrating EasyWriter, still in beta, which promises to be a very interesting word processor for the Amiga. Similar in appearance to Final Writer, it also boasts text frames, Postscript and Truetype font support, footnotes, and has a higher end cousin in planning as well.
Haage & Partner Computer GmbH, Maimer Strnfie 10 a, D-61191 Rosbach v.d.H., Tel: +49 (0)60 07 93 00 50, FAX: +49 (0) 60 07 75 43, email: sales@haage- partner.com, umrw.haage- partner.com eJitml HiSoft Britain's Hisoft was showing off its wide range of products which include Surf Squirrel SCSI interfaces and their new Soundprobe audio digitizing and editing package. This package also includes support for AHI making it compatible with the new sound hardware and software from other companies.
HiSoft Systems, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford, MK45 5DE, Tel: 01525 718181, Fax: 01525 713716, E-mail: sales@hisoft.co.uk Individual Computers Known for their external Graffiti graphics peripherals, IC was also showing off a large number of other cool products.
The Cat Weasel floppy interface that allows the Amiga to use cheap PC floppy drives, the Buddha IDE Zorro II interface, the IDEFix adapter that allows the use of four IDE devices, and Atlantis, an impressive 20- bit sterco DSP sound system that can play many audio formats including the highly popular MPEG3 (MP3) format. Atlantis is due later this summer.
LegacyMaker The stylishly dressed Bohus Blahut was presenting his company's Catalyzer video tutorials for ImageFX and the Amiga Legacy video magazine. Catalyzer is up to Volumes I and II with Volume ill not too far off. These highly successful tutorials have quickly risen to the best seller lists and make using advanced features of ImageFX seem like child's play.
Legacy Maker, Inc., P 0 Box 60711, Chicago IL 60660, Tel: 773-465-5158, email: jcompton@xnet.com, Web: www.xnet.com ~jcompton National Amiga Archtech, Inc. Greg, Joe and the gang were back with their usual high-class booth. Selling all manner of Amiga goodies and more.
National Amiga Inc., Ill Waterloo St. ttlOl, London, Ontario, Canada N6B 2M4, TEL: 519- 858-8760, FAX: 519-858- 8762, email: saks@nationalamiga.ccrm, website: www.natiotialamiga.com. newmedia.pro Southam, Inc. newmedia.pro is a new Canada-based magazine for the desktop video market. They were handing out copies of their latest issue, which looked very good. With DV Video and AV Video moving away from average consumers, this entry is very welcome indeed!
Southern, Inc., 1450 Don Mills Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 2X7, TEL: 416- 445-6641, FAX: 416-442-2213, NewTek Nice presence from our old friends NewTek at the show. About a dozen different people were manning the booth during the course of the show and Tim Jenison, NewTek'shead honcho and founder, was frequently present and available. They seemed to be very enthusiastic and were promoting their newly priced Toaster Flyer system (new and lower prices!) Which has a new advertising campaign behind it as well. Everyone at NewTek seems very upbeat about the Amiga market and the new Amiga
NewTek Inc., 8200 IH-10 West Suite 900, Srt;i Antonio TX 78230, Tel: 210-370-8000 or 800- 862-7837, Fox: 210-370-8001, Web: unow.newtek.com Nordic Global Halger Kruse was present and taking registrations for Miami, his TCP IP program for the Amiga. He was also promoting Miami Deluxe which, when released, will be able to mix local and remote networking and will use Holger's new MNI driver system for faster networking.
Holger Kruse, Nordic Global Inc., email: kruse@nortiicghbal.com, Web: wumuiordicglobal.com Nova Design, Inc. One of the more impressive booths at the show was the nearly omnipresent Nova Design, Inc. booth staffed by Kermit Woodall and the stunning Corinna Cohn. The pair were showing off the all-new ImngeFX 3, which was shipping as 3.1a, which is an amazing new upgrade adding a new interface, layering, and even more special effects to this package.
Premiering at this show was Wildfire.
This package is being distributed in North America by Nova Design, inc. for Oberland of Germany. The package boasts a storyboard interface and envelope controlled parameters to control compositing and 3D special effects.
Nova also announced at this show that they are full steam ahead for development not only on the new Amigas to come, but reaffirmed their commitment to PowerPC solutions from Phase 5, Their first release, a package of PPC accelerated effects for ImageFX 3, will be available later this year.
Nova Desing, Inc., 1910 Byrd Ave Suite 204, Richmond VA 23230, Attn: 3.0 Upgrades, Web: www.novadesign. com INDIVIDUAL COMPUTERS ProWave Bill Evans and Lee Stanford were showing RenderFX for the Toaster Flyer and Promix. These are video and audio utilities for the Toaster Flyer and are a must.
ProWave, 205-830-2767, http: www.amiga.org prowave. phase 5 digital products Phase 5 wasn't able to personally attend but had a large booth staffed by Mike Jacula who was demonstrating various PowerPC packages such as Tornado 3D and Wildfire PPC. The machines were suitably fast and impressive.
Judging from reactions at the show, many Amiga users do plan to add PPC boards to their systems.
Phase 5 digital products, in der Au 27,61440 Oberursel, Germany, TEL: 49-6171 583787, FAX: 49-6171 583789, email: maii@phase5.de, www.phase5.de Randomize, Inc. Randomize maintained a moderate presence, primarily selling products for companies that were from outside of Canada. They also shared their space with their AmigaWares line of shirts and caps with Amiga logos and designs.
Randomize, Tel: 888- RANDOM1ZE, Fax: 905- 939-8745 email: sales@randomizc.com, Wet: www.randomize.com RBM RBM is a German hardware company and they wore showing a prototype of a lOBlix, a new multipurpose I O card that provides four serial ports, two EEP ECP parallel ports, and a bunch of daughtercard slots for inexpensive 16-bit audio, I O, and ethernet addon cards. Drivers are promised for parallel port scanners, ZIP drives and more. The board is due out in July. They were also showing the TowerHawk 11® Amiga 4000 and 1200 kit-cases. These are very professional looking and add slots for both
boards. They're also looking for North American companies interested in distributing their hardware, email: info@rbm.de TAZA Digital Image Fest The TAZA Digital Image Festival is a celebration of independent computer animation and imaging excellence. The festival is scheduled for Thursday, October 29,1998 and the entrance fee is S8. You can get in for free, however, if your entry is accepted into competition. Their submission deadline is August 27,1998. Join them for the prizes, food, and new toys. Full details are available on the TAZA web site.
Www.intesrlog.com ~dolish taza.htm Toronto Pet Users Group (TPUG) The venerable TPUG group was present and with its magazine and newsletter. This group, as its name makes clear, has been around since Commodore's earliest days in computing. It was nice to see them still around and still supporting the Amiga and her users.
Toronto Pet Users Croup (TPUG), 3605 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Box 48565, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M8W 4Y6, Tel: 416-253-9637, email: tpug@icomm.ca, www.icomm.ca tpug Toysoft Development Inc. Toysoft was showing three of their products at the show. The first was World News which is a multi-threaded news reader for WB 3.1. It is extremely configurable, has intuitive user interface, built-in mailer and many more features. Their second product is Air Mail Pro, the premier Amiga multithreaded email client with powerful and advanced features for WB 2.1 and higher.
Air Mail Pro is very easy to configure and has an intuitive user interface. Along with this program is their Air Mail Pro plugin, which is a light version of Air Mail Pro for sending email only. It's perfect for web browsers. The Air Mail plugin is included with Air Mail Pro v3.0 program.
Toysoft Development inc., 131-64 Ave., NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2K 0L9, Tel: 403- 680-1656, nnoiv.toysoft-drv.com VideoLink VideoLink had many amazing sales on various hardware and software items for the Amiga. Of note were their S200CDN Banana 2000® which were regular Amiga 2000s with additional cards that were packaged in Banana boxes.
Visual Inspirations Jeff White was exhibiting his VisualFX series for ImageFX. Currently offering Volumes 1 through 4, these add volumes of 20 effects to ImageFX with a completely automated front end that is amazingly easy to use and powerful. Fie was also showing Decision Maker, an Edit List tool, and Control Tower which has a major new upgrade in the works!
Visual Inspirations Inc., 809 Wesf Hollywood, Tampa, FL 33604, TEL FAX: 813-935-6410, email: visunl@vionline.com, www.vionline.com VillageTronic VillageTronic was represented bv a local company. They were showing their Picasso IV card and many of the daughter cards for it that are becoming available. The Paloma IV card promised 24-bit video digitizing, TV tuning, and Picture-in- Picfure display on your Workbench. The Concierto audio daughtercard provides MIDI and four channel 16-bit sound. Finally the Pablo IV card converts the RGB output of the card to high quality video output.
Also mentioned, but not shown, were 3D engines and PowerPC interfaces.
VillageTronic, Muhlenstr.2, D3V157 Sarstedt, Germany, TEL: 49-5066 7013-10, FAX: 49- 5066 7013-49, email: orders@village.de, www.villagetronic.com Wonder Computers, Inc. Mark Habinski and crowd were selling fast and furious throughout the show and reported excellent sales.
Wonder Computers International Inc., 1315 Richmond Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2B 817, TEL: 613-721-1993, FAX: 613-721-1994
• AO Amiga Inc. Press Conference Tapes!
Witness this historic event from a unique perspective. Learn what Amiga Inc. said first hand. Listen to the complete Question and Answer session. All of this from our editor's own video notes!
Amiga Inc. Press Conference with Q&A (2 hours): $ 14.95 plus $ 5 S&H Amiga Inc. evening Announcement: $ 14.95 plus $ 5 S&H Both tapes: $ 24.95 plus $ 5.00 S&H This is a product of Fly on the Wall Video ® This is not a professional, edited production.
This is raw, uncut footage for a you are there feel!
Visa, MC, Discover, AmExp
(800) 345 3360 or send check or money order to: PiM Publications
P. O. Box 9490 _Fall River, MA 02720_ (continued from page 48)
announcement in London?!), much of the confusion and rumors
that were flying around the Internet since the London press
conferences were neatly defused and the exciting plans for the
1999 Amiga were described. (Editor's note: Please see the
details as presented in our WO A London 98 coverage in the
fuly issue of Amazing Computing Amiga.)
10:00am The exhibit hall officially opened.
10:30am The keynote speech completed, people streamed into the exhibit hall. Classes started late, but quick thinking on the part of the Randomize staff headed off the panic-stricken crowds and the class schedules were adjusted. Things moved ahead. World peace was restored.
Highlights of the day included: Boing Beach balls everywhere as Randomize attempted to bury the keynote-attending crowd in them. Amiga, Inc.'s booth theme, 'Amiga Beach' (thanks Kermit!), was a lot of fun and a web-cam was continuously broadcasting images of the show over the internet. A nearly 24-hour IRC conference was hosted live from the booth during the day as well. Amiga, inc. personnel, including Dr. Allan Havemose, wandered the show and met with fellow Amigans.
The rest of the day proceeded pretty much without incident. No hostage situations arose, and the crowds enjoyed themselves thoroughly. But later that night... 6:30pm Everyone gathered in front of the hotel and boarded the bus, or rather school bus, that would take all of us to the Medieval Times Banquet! After a leisurely 45-minute tour on a hot Canadian night of the Toronto suburban scene, we arrived at Medieval Times.
Medieval Times Medieval Times, where does one find the words to describe it? Does one describe huge, towering, and dark turrets housing ancient secrets? The imposing stone edifice?
No, it's a lot more like a Chuck E. Cheeses - only with a lot more men wearing tights. It's also guaranteed to make a crowd of computer fanatics look even MORE like nerds than usual since you have to wear paper crowns in the colors of your section.
Actually once you are inside the building properly, after enduring a photograph session with someone who I believe was called Lady Bags of Shoppingcart, things aren't too bad and become a little fun. You guessed it; there's a huge bar smack in the middle of the waiting area, in fact, there are enough bars scattered around to keep you plenty happy. There are also Ye Olde Whack-a-Molc gaming rooms, Gifte Shoppes, and Zena the Warrior Fortune Teller. (I made up the 'Warrior' part) That's the way to run a business - keep 'em happy and keep 'em spending their money!
Finally its tournament and dinner time. You are invited to take a seat in your section along with 500 of your closest friends. Medieval Coca-Cola is served (I didn't make that up), and while various events consisting of talented horses and their riders entertain you, you get to eat soup, chicken, ribs, and baked potatoes with your hands. The bar-wench visits frequently to keep you properly liquored up. During the various events, you cheer on your Knight (the Amiga crowd had appropriated the black and white checkered Knight-who was supplied with a Joe Torre creation of a spiked Boing! Mace).
The show is surprisingly entertaining, some of the ladies in our crowd even captured our Knight's roses as he cast them into the crowd. You know what was best of ail? Our side won!
11:00pm Everyone made their way back to the hotel for more partying, swimming in the pool, riding the waterslides, and dancing in the saloon. Later that night, many congregated in the suite of Darreck Lisle (of Amiga, Inc.) where the bathtub (and many of the guests) had been filled with beer, imbibing and IRC'ing was the rule of the night.
9:00am Saturday, May 30th,
1998. Ohhh...my head hurts!
At the breakfast buffet, everyone was happy and grinning. Or grimacing - it was a pretty long night after all. Some of us were clearly relishing the air-conditioning in the restaurant as about a third of the hotel lost the room air-conditioning sometime during the previous day's unusual heat wave. Others sitting near them wished perhaps their companions had been a little more liberal with the deodorant that morning!
10:00am The show opened for its final day. The crowds were far larger on Sunday. The classes were well attended, even more so after Nova Design, Inc. and Amiga, Inc. sponsored lowered admission prices for the classes for the last day of the show.
Newtek, who had a welcome presence at the show, brought what appeared to be a dozen personnel to the show including Tim Jenison himself! Ali remained throughout the show and many meetings and cabal sessions were held. National Amiga, Wonder, Videolink and Randomize were all selling quite well at the show, many titles sold out fast in fact!
1:30pm In a moving ceremony hosted by Joe Torre of Amiga, Inc. Bill Bonsari of NCAUG, (the National Capitol Amiga Users Group) was awarded a Pocket Boing!
Levitator. This fabulous example of electronic engineering can levitate a miniature Boing! Ball up and down while clipped to a pocket.
6:00pm The show dosed for it's final day. The mood was highly upbeat and contagious.
Big Prizes were awarded even as a developer meeting started.
The developer meeting was a fun, if rambling, affair. Hosted by Kermit Woodall of Nova Design, Inc. at the request of the ICO A, it focused on the impact of the announcements made in London that were repeated at this show. If there was a theme to this meeting it was about the inevitability of change and the need to be ready for it, Sunday, May 31st, 1998. Why are we still here?
Well, actually the answer to the heading is that airfares are cheaper if you stay Saturday night so many did. Also, everyone from outside of Canada wanted to actually see what Toronto looked tike (instead of just the airport) so working groups were formed to explore the countryside. All this was done under the stated intention of everyone meeting for lunch at the CN Tower. (I recall vaguely that the CN Tower is noted as being the world's largest freestanding structure, has a glass observation dome and floor that elephants can stand on, has a microwave tower as well.)
Back to exploring the countryside of Toronto. So our driver (driving one of three cars on this expedition) who for reasons of Amazing Computing A Mug as agi cal anonymity we'll call 'driver' (even though his name is Bohuslav Blahut who is also the brilliant filmmaker and videographer behind our demo tape and the ImageFX Catalyzer tutorial tape series) took the wrong roads and managed to turn what was a line-of-sight trip into a bizarre crosscountry adventure. We finally stopped, got directions and donuts (Canadians are simply mad for donuts and coffee shops).
We essentially turned two corners, There was the CN Tower and the Skydome, home of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.
However, no one else from our group was there. After looking around for them a while, we gave up because we were too darned hungry. It later turns out they were too darned cheap and ate at McDonalds.
We never looked.
We decided to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe (it is pretty much a tradition with some of us). This turned out to be a smart move. The Hard Rock opens into the Skydome and you can watch the game while you eat. If you're lucky (and cheap) you can get the 'seats without a view' that are really only one space back from the window and actually have an excellent view for only $ 3.25 Canadian, (which is something like a nickle US). So we got to have decent eats, watch a game, and were thoroughly entertained.
That night wo did much better in our navigation and actually managed to mostly all end up together in downtown Toronto to eat supper. The Armadillo Texas Cafe turned out to be an excellent choice, even if we decided to duck in simply because we were chilly (sudden cold snap) and tired.
As the Amiga!
Promote your Amiga interest, order a Magic Mug. Watch the 5 color check reappear and come back to life just as the Amiga has done. Add hot liquid and see the smiie appear. Marvei at the beautiful, large 5 color porcelain mug.
Great gift idea for your Amiga friends and even yourself!
Microwave safe. $ 13.00 plus $ 5 S&H.
Amigan-St Louis P O Box 672 Bridgeton MO 63044 www.amiga-stl.com Aside from the great food, many evil plans were hatched and detailed onto a myriad of pocket computers (Psion 5s and Palm Pilots) to be carried out at upcoming Amiga shows.
It was a good show. It was a very good show. The shows are also getting better! *AC* The Greatest Show in Canada A behind-the- scenes look from a vendor’s unique perspective by an author who wished to remain unknown.
By K. Wood They set sale that day for a “few” hours four.
What was the slickest looking show to grace The Great White North in the last four years? Why, it was the recent International Amiga '98 show held in Toronto, Canada! It was possibly the second most interesting thing about May 28lh (through the 30lh).
The show was held in the Plaza International Hotel, which isn't technically in Toronto, but is directly adjacent to the airport. Depending on who drives, which directions they follow, and possibly the alignment of the planets, Toronto was a short drive that lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to seven days from the Hotel. The Hotel was quite nice, a bargain for US citizens ($ 90 Canadian which works out to something like $ 60 US), and fairly upscale.
Randomize, an Amiga distributor based in Canada, were the hosts of the show and they did a darn nice job of it too.
The basics were better than basic. The special touches were very special. Nicely draped booth areas and tables, spacious lavouts for the exhibit hall, classrooms and the entryway. There were nice extras like a magnetic badge system with portable badge scanners for the exhibitors and other nice details.
1:00 PM Thursday, May 28,h,
1998. The Horror... The show began on Thursday with a full slate
of classes for developers. Wouter von Ootermerssen, Eric
Lavitsky, Laurie Perrin, and others held several classes on
topics dealing with the full arsenal of programming for the
Amiga in many forms. Those who weren't attending classes,
were setting up their booths in the exhibit hall.
That night Amiga, Inc. hosted a boisterous pool part}' and barbecue for all of the teachers, developers, and exhibitors.
This of course quickly devolved into some serious beer drinking. Why? Because, it's Canada, eh?
8:00 am Friday, May 29th, 1998.
Murphy Who?
Some developers arrived early that morning to continue setting up the booths.
The few. The brave. Tire hungover. Some were fortified witlr room service breakfasts.
Some grew pale and trembled at times, but carried on.
Murphy, with his laws, had been working overtime. As developers began to complete their preparations, unnatural things began to happen as well. Power strips were missing. Computers lacked essential libraries, personnel were hungover (well, it's not fair to blame Murphy for that), but most horrible of all shipments were stuck in customs. What to do?
Hey! It was an Amiga show and what happened was that everyone pitched in and helped each other out. Products were found, parts were loaned or given, entire Amiga systems were loaned if necessary.
9:30am Tire keynote speech was given by Petro and Jeff Schindler. While no new information was presented (What? After nearly two weeks since the original (continued on page 46) Everyone looked like a nerd! Pomp AND Circumstance Joe Torre strikes again.
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