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Depending on what you hit. and how fast you hit if. the game piays one of two différent $equences. The arcade offered more, but memory and disc space are limited on the Amiga. The resuit is that you can end up sprawled out. yet hovering in midair. Stiü you are too busy worrying about finishing the ieg to notice the most minor of graphics aberrations. Finish the course and you are rewarded with an animation as the crowds welcome the triumphan! rider. Finish the last one for a clue as to who he is. For an experienced Amiga pro grammes Super Hang On is an impressive bit of coding. For a first program on the Amiga it is incred ibie. Zareh went out of his way to reaüy use the Amiga. although the basic gameplay is the same as that on the Atari because it is the same as that on the arcade machine the Amiga version is ver)' much better.

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Document sans nom A Database Publication tOMPUTING AMIGAONLINE Start shaking the phone line at 2400bps without paying through the nose AMIGAVISION AMIGAGAMER
• Falcon
• The Kristal
• Super Hang On
• TV Sports Football
• Lombard RAC Rally ... plus hot news from Activision and all the
latest happenings on the Amiga games scene BROADER HORIZONS |
Learn to program! Two new series start this month THE AMAZING
AMIGA... .
1084S STEREO COLOUR MONITOR nCQ 00 Pack Includes: A500 CPU. Mouse. P.S.U.. T.V. Modulator. Very First Tutorial. Workbench 1*3, Basic. Rxtrasand Manuals.
PLUS POSTRONIX BONUS PACK WORTH OVER £250 which includes 10 Blank Disks. Disk Storage Box. 10 Excellent Games, Mouse Mat.
Mouse Bracket (Mouse Holder) Deluxe Paint.
£399.00 t- £5.00 post and packing AMIGA 500 plus DISK DRIVE AMIGA 500 + 1084S Inslruction Manuals, Exlra Disk, Workbench 1-3, OtmrA The Very First Tutorial, T.V. Modulator, Photon O I LKLU Paint, Mouse PLUS additional Amiga Compatible fiAi ai it) lAKTTDI) Disk Drive and 10 Blank Disks. LULU UK iVlUiM 1 UK Compatible with PC, % 1 1 Amiga. C64c, CI28 + K.OOpost and packing mps 1200P £229.99 + £5.00 pose and packing Hie Commodore MPS1200P printer presents the state of the art in dox matrix printers, with all the features of a printer that would cost much more. The MPS 1200P is designed to be
like three pnntersmone. It can adjust like an Epson FX printer, or with the flip of a switch, it can act just like an IBM Graphics Printer with IBM Group II-I character set (Danish Norwegian character set) support. It can also print all thecharaders available with the Amiga in the Amiga configuration.Thc MPS1200P is capable of all the printing fundions you would exped. As well as some additional features you may not exped.
AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE Amiga 3.5" external drive. Capacity 880K PLUS FREE DISK £1 lQ QQ STORAGE BOX & dtl 17* 10 BLANK DISKS + £5.00 post and packing A501 RAM riTQ QQ pack £149.99 512K for the Amiga *£5.00 post and pack,ng MPS 1500C COLOUR PRINTER £199,99 A who compu durabli fit youi only sa forms t
(9-nccdlcprint head).
DRAFT MODE .-matnx: Vertical dotsx (5 +4) horizontaldots; -print speed: 120char s.at ltVchar in TABULATION SPEED ..2char s PRINTING DIRECTION bi-directional, with optimised head movement PRINT PITHES lOchar in to 24 char in programmable from line.and in SET-UPmode LINEFEED .....- l 6in(4.23mm), 1 8(3.17mm)and7 72in(2.4mm). n 2l6inandaT72in.
CHARACTER SET ...ASCII charadcrsand special charaders.
MAX. PRINT LINE LENGTH 40top 192 charaders, according to print pitch seleded.
+ £5.00 post and packing large: ALL M l ...AND MORE BESIDES!
THIS TOPICAL G AMES COMPENDIUM OFFERS A TRUE SPORTING CHALLENGE Pact contains: Cmc Computer 1530 Datasettc. Quicishot Joystick. Malchpoint (Tennis), Snooker. World ClumponsAiD Boxing. Dales Thompsons Supertcsl.
* £5.l»fuaarip»diig 1541II DISK DRIVE PACK Pack includes: 1541II
Disk Dme. 10 Excellent Disk Games. 20 Blank Dislu. 5W* Diskette
Storage Box. AND GEOS!
£169.99 ? ICIBpwaripKkng SE1KOSHA PRIXTF.R ICONTROLLER Icontrollcr b semi permanently mounted on your computer console, ¦controller leaves hands on the keyboard while executing Icon commands with your fingertips.
A| 1750 RAM EXPANSION MODULE FOR CBM 128 Simply plug it into the ciconskm port on vour CBM 128 mi 5I2K Brtes ol adbkxuJ Ram are availafc*:
B) I35l COMMODORE MOUSE a £149.99 b £19.99 c £99.99 A1 gnxs •
I5.D) post and (acting SLIKSTIK JOYSTICK CONTROLLER Compatible
with Atan Computers.
Atari Games System. Commodore.
RAM DELTA DELUXE MICROSWITCH JOYSTICK Compatible with Atari computers and Video Games Machines. Amstrad PCW (with adaptor). Spectrum (rihad*p,o,). FQ 00 Commodore. Et J • CHALLENGER DELUXE Compatible with Spectrum (with optional interface). Commodore.
Atari 2600 Video System. Atari Computers. Amstrad computers.
£4.99 TAC 2 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK Compatible with Commodore W and Vic 20. Atari Computers.
Atari Game Svsteim.
£10.99 MICRO HANDLER MCLTl FUNCTION JOYSTICK Compatible with Commodate. Commcdwc «¦" £24.95 A whole new range of innovative computer covers, made from durable clear plastic. Designed to fil your computer perfectly •.. nol only safe from dusl but also all forms of accidental damage.
CM OLD STYLE £6.99 CMC NEW STYLE £7.99 AMIGA 500 £9.99 ATARI 520ST £9.99 ATARI 1040ST £9.99
Slugging Editor Derek Mukin Group Editor AluMdx&lu 7 LATEST SEWS Warning! There is a new virus aboui.
And existing virus killers won't stop it How to get the cure, and other news from the husy world of Commodore.
Editor fomftp ff v-»7ran Production Edilar Peter Glover Art Editors Mark Nolan Doug Sleek Editorial AisisUnt Elinefcwliat MAG SCROLLS
J. mm UNDERWATER Dave Eriksson goes fishing for red hemngs and
comes up with a great adventure. Meanwhile Ingrid's back and
there are some temples to visit.
New Editor Mike Cowley Reviews Coordinator Pam Turnbull Advertisement Manager John Snowden Advertising Saks Wendy Colbourae C77 S» AteBn.Tt.KB- ucw AM* fe3 atu S rTpfapnf flb3KVWfi Telco* Goid: RUAGttl Tckx SlUMMtOB Fa; OtUITOtfc txMlLxxx 6US6CO Pubiahedby: Haljfuo Pnhlirarirtnv 1id Europe Hooc, Adiiagtoe Ptfk.
.UliO OO. SklO 4X?.
* • UafJAi wncoao «Aon faf pebb- caul Malcrui h&QUifl De lyptd or
cospskr- ac.?rupuni*. ap teukac aoa n ca 'CaciWccack»c 4 Aaped.
Wi+aumea ovoope. O&tok use reCw-a of au*rui u&au be gU4.* ai«c.
Coam- I~u- yajy J* pufylw vs Qy OtUbeM PuO-udoo* Ufi oc «a
diKipU baa.
IiiUbuc tokAoo Ufl. No sukrui auy 5* (epra&ac a w&ok or - prf wufiai «as perameuL Wa-c every cut i» Uu&. Be puO-
- »un uud be tee kpiiy anpoa-te tor «sy
• Hxzza lULj 1*1* mlmpmaO*iarmyaiQt*Xtesaami*or Sm (Me CaftMUca:
uropcw Sua «&C Da- tndUtoo UukC. Uaa 1, bwieu too. ByteuM U&c.
Riuta* tel W 7Xi5 iVt 7* 43MZ2.
LL DIGITA'S M JL MAILSHOT NowF save yourself the drudgery of writing out dozens of labels with a program which has been a resounding success on other computers.
, f DATEL SUPER H SOUND SAMPLER Chnx Jenkins casts a critical ear over the cheapest sound sampler and finds that quality has not suffered at all in the quest for a low price.
COMMUNICATIONS "C AMSTRAD QUAD U U ST.AND.ARD MODEM Alan Sugar's bid to break the cartel of high priced modems with a box that sports the magic green sticker and is a cheap, last telephone talker.
Mmm 7 TYPING U I MISTAKE E-types may be very nice cars, but this so-called "typewriter emulator" would fail its MOT. Steve Rackley examines a text editor with no use.
LL -ASSEMBLER JL ¦¦ TUTOR Rupert Goodwins explains why you should leave the safe waters (seas?) Of high level languages for the perils of programming in assembly language.
Dalel’i Simpler Page 2S Current object Puyer 1 ** 2 2 1 1 3 3 ,1* J«I ** 3 3 1 1 3 3 a* i»i MM SiM && 2 2 1 1 3 3 DELftY 4 AMIM mmnm Mm«n im ¦CONTENTS* M U SKRIKS 58 BASIC TUTOR GAME KILLER GENERATION GAME If you are tired of playing the same old scrolling shoot-'em-ups it may be time you tried to produce your own with a program that makes it easy.
PROGRAMMING PROGRAMMING 1 KUMA’S JL K-GADGET A software tool which makes sane 1 programmers go “yuk!" In the night 1 gives D| Walker-Morgan a bad case of c “it can't really be that bad" blues. 1 '-I THE PLAIN MAN'S SJ GUIDE TO CLI feah! 1.3 est arrive and Phil South ooks at some more goodies which an be found by typing cd c, plus aying a path to the right directory.
(i WIKS LEXTERS Boa of digital tricks Page 20 lL J pump up the JL VOLUME A wee black beaslie which your next door neighbours will hate and your speakers love which can cut off an unwanted second external disc drive.
¦ "rn AMIGA J ARCADE An action-packed look at the hottest new- releases: Falcon, Super Hang On, TV Sports Football, Elite, Captain Blood, Pac-mania, 1K+ and more.
FROM OUR POSTBAG Readers are given the final word in Amiga Computing. So whatever your views share and enjoy them, love us or loathe us, but don't ignore us.
"C GENERATION *-l “C %J GAME CF O Max the Hacks, your hero and mine of information, exposes the ways to win at Carrier Command, Elite and a host of games by fair means and foul.
81 Stereo amplifier Page 47
• Drone flight patterns that you can program to soak up energy
from the city below
• Carefully-designed instrument panel - to help you plan your
• Your performance analysed to show your strengths and weaknesses
• Dazzling HAM-mode graphics: 4,096 on-screen colours
• Eight-directional scrolling over a detailed cityscape
• Stereo music score and digitised speech aCpionfor n "i i i
Please send me Pioneer Plague for the Amiga.
? I enclose a cheque for £24.95 made payable to Mandarin Software D Please debit my Access Visa number E*piry date In association with 11 iij i i i m i i 111 i 1111 Signature.. Name . Address .... SOFTWARE Postcode Postage: Add £2 Europe Overseas £5 R28 J Europa House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
AMIGA SCENE J'UST when you thought that the virus plague had een beaten, a new' strain appears. This is known as the IRQ virus and uses the technique which infects programs rather than discs.
New breed of virus found The IRQ41 virus attaches itself to executable files, making them larger and spreading across discs.
It's prime target is the C:DIR command, but it will also look at your startup sequence and attach itself to the first executable program found in it.
This is similar to the way in which PC viruses spread, and is not as dangerous as traditional boot block viruses such as Byte Bandit and SCA. But it is sufficiently different to evade most virus checkers, including the Guardian and VirusX1.7. The virus attaches itself to memory by taking over the OldOpenLibraryO vector, and adds a KickTagPtr - for no apparent reason. If you run a program that uses the OldOpenLibraryO vector - and it is hard to predict which ones do the virus will open your startup sequence.
It then picks the first filename it sees, checks if it's executable, and if so, writes itself into the file. If it's not executable the virus will try and write to the DIR command on that disc.
This virus is mostly a harmless joke. It will not kill commercial programs, it doesn't attack anything and doesn’t do anything malicious. It's not nice to have around, but it’s certainly better than the malicious variety.
It changes the title bar of the Initial CLI window when you boot, and it will try to write to any disc inserted thus bringing up the Volume whatever is write protected requester whenever you insert a write-protected disc.
Commodore fighting massive back tax bill This virus will not work under Kickstart 1.3 - you will get Software Error requesters whenever you run an infected program.
You cannot spot if a file is contaminated just by looking at it. The virus encrypts the text parts of itself, and does so differently on each copy - so you can't learn to recognise it.
You can tell your system is infected if you put in a write protected Workbench disc - or any disc with a startup sequence and if the system brings up a Volume whatever is write protected requester, this virus is in ram attempting to infect the disc.
When it first installs itself in your system the virus changes the title bar of the current window on reboot - usually the initial CLI window, since it is the first thing in your startup sequence - to say something like Amigados Presents: The IRQ Virus, V41.0. This is of Amiga’s F-16s fly in THESE are the first screen shots from Digital Integration's F-16 Combat pilot.
The game is reputed to offer accurate simulation of the top-notch American fighter with Dave Marshall of DI having tried a real military simulator to fine tune the accuracy.
As with previous DI games COMMODORE UK is keeping quiet about a massive tax bill said to be owed to the Internal Revenue Services in America by Commodore International.
None of Commodore's UK chiefs have been forthcoming with comment on claims by the IRS that they are owed $ 74.1 million.
An American press report course a dead giveaway.
The Americans have been really quick to eliminate the early strains of IRQ41 and Steve Tibbett of VirusX fame has produced VirusX3.1 which will spot and eliminate most of the common viruses, including the new IRQ bug.
To get the virus out of ram, run VirusX 3.1 and it will tell you if it found it and that it removed it if it did. VirusX will check discs in the same way that the virus does. It looks at the startup sequence, determines if the first file found - or the DIR command - are infected, and gives you the option of on 8 bit micros, F-16 Combat Pilot includes a strategy side.
There are eight squadrons, each with a combat zone of 20,000 square miles offering a variety of challenges.
The ultimate challenge is Operation Conquest where said Commodore had received a statutory notice of deficiency from the IRS for taxes of $ 74.1 million over the years 1981 to 1983.
"The company strongly disagrees with the notice and will vigorously contest the proposed deficiency”, it continued. "Outside tax counsel Mayer, Brown and Platt has advised management that repairing them if necessary.
You can also get rid of the virus simply by deleting all infected programs and rebooting. This virus will not hang around after a reboot.
VirusX 3.1 will look in the same places the virus does for possibly infected programs. If it finds one it will pop up a window and show you where it found it, and ask if it’s OK to remove it.
Keep VirusX 3.1 running when you test new programs. It will alert you as soon as it sees the virus appear in memory probably the last program you ran was infected.
The best place to get hold of a copy of VirusX3.1 is a bulletin board or conferencing system like CIX - a good enough reason in itself for buying a modem. Otherwise contact a supplier of PD discs like the Amiga Users Group for a copy.
You assume the role of Squadron Commander for both tactical planning and the combat skills of air-to-air interception, counterair operations, interdictor strike, battlefield ground support and reconnaissance.
The company has a solid position on the facts and a strong legal defence with regard to the IRS claims".
Commodore International believes its tax reserves are adequate to cover “a realistic resolution of the tax liability”. It is confident that resolving the deficiency will not have an adverse effect on the company’s earnings.
AT this winter's shows, including World of Commodore and Comdex, Commodore was showing working prototypes of a whole line-up of advanced new Amiga technology, some or all of which will be at the Which Computer Show in Birmingham:
• A high resolution, ultra speed colour graphics card displaying
programmable resolutions up to 1024 by 1024 at six million com
mands a second, 0 The A590 combination 20Mb hard disc and 2Mb
memory expansion for the Amiga 500.
• The PVA2350 all-in-one video adapter board combining a frame
grabber, digitiser and genlock, so you can capture and
manipulate video images from all sources.
• Janus 2.0 improved multiprocessor software that runs IBM AT
and XT in multitasking mode. Supports CGA colour and MDA mono
simultaneously with Amiga graphics, with either the 80286 or
8088 Bridgeboard or the Sidecar.
• Ultra high-speed Transputer Parallel-Processing Workstation
32 bit implementation for the 2000. Up to 170 million
instructions a second - 20 million floating point operations a
second - with 17 Inmos 32 bit transputer processors. Uses
Helios and X-Windows software.
• Unix-compatible Amix for the new 68020-based Amiga 25000UX.
This operating system is fully compatible This report was
prepared by the staff of Amiga Plus, a new American magazine
to be launched in the US in March.
With AT & T Unix System V, Release 3.1. The 25000UX will come with 5Mb ram, an 80Mb hard disc and 150Mb tape streamer. This system, with a beta release of Amix, is currently for sale to qualified Commodore developers.
Also on display was a new Macintosh emulator by a New Zealand developer.
Unlike the earlier Magic Sac for the Atari ST. this new Amiga emulator uses today's 128k rom chips in its hardware interface.
On the games side Discovery software from Annapolis, Maryland, was showing Sword of Sodan, a graphically elaborate three- disc fantasy adventure featuring 4Mb of action and realistic digitised sounds.
The best-selling Amiga spreadsheet in America, Maxiplan, has switched to a new publisher, BEST, and is about to be released under a new name, Planlt.
Brown-Wagh. A highly active Amiga publisher (Express Paint 3.0) from Silicon Valley, is opening a London office to be managed by Jim Housego, former Commodore UK national sales manager. B-W’s newest is Midi Magic, a powerful but easy-handling sequencer which has been highly impressive in show demonstrations.
Box of tricks... New technology goes on show A REVOLUTIONARY cost-effective alternative to hard disc drives is now available for the first time for the Amiga. Known as the Bernoulli Box II, it is a half height drive that uses removable 5.25in 20Mb disc cartridges.
The system stacks up favourably against most hard discs in that it offers: 0 Faster performance - an average 40 milliseconds seek time.
0 Infinite storage capacity simply by increasing the number of cartridges used.
0 Greater security in that the cartridges can be removed from the drive and stored safely elsewhere.
In a direct price comparison with hard disc drives More gore on the way OUT soon on the Amiga is Human Killing Machine from U S Gold (021-356 3388). Developed by Tiertex, the game features Kwon, a traveller who has a score to settle with many enemies.
On his grudge journey he visits Moscow where he Debut for Amiga 2500 COMMODORE UK is to unveil the latest machine in its Amiga range - the 2500
- at Which Computer? '89 at the National Exhibition Centre on
February' 21.
Although details about the Amiga 2500 are sketchy at the moment, it is known to each 20Mb of storage costs only £65.
Cartridges can be split between Amigados or Msdos format - when used with the XT Bridgeboard - or a mix- I lure of both.
Bernoulli Box II is supplied with an SCSI interface - fully auto configuring and compatible with all Amigados commands - which fits into the first expansion slot of the Amiga 2000 or on the DMA port of the 500 and 1000.
The drive units come in three models: Single external (£1,489.25), dual external (£2,179.25) for the entire Amiga range and internal for the Amiga 2000 only (£1,224.75). Bernoulli Box II for the Amiga is available from the sole European distributor - Burocare Graphic Design of Harrow. Tel: 01-907 3636.
Avenges himself with his old enemy Igor and his dog Shepski. In the red light district of Amsterdam he tackles the delectable Maria and her partner Helga and then it’s on to Barcelona where Igor tangles with Miguel the toreador and Brutus the bull.
In Germany there is a bottle throwing pub brawl with Hans and Frans and the game ends in Beirut with a battle against guerillas Sagan and Merkava.
Be aimed at the workstation market.
Amiga Computing has also learned that it operates through version 1.4 of Workbench, uses the 68020 CPU and boasts an enhanced chip set.
The Amiga 2500 is also destined to house both the Unix card and the AT bridgeboard, both of which will also be on view at Which Computer? '89.
Trade Show attracts WITHIN one month of the European Computer Trade Show being announced, 50 per cent of available space was booked.
The show, which is aimed at the leisure and small business sector of the computer market, is at London’s Business Design Centre from April 16 to 18.
Sts lit los he ix- is SI
* n- )lc m- the he iA L in lal lal ire for iy he Ihe of Did og I
isles her it’s ?or he oil.
I a ivvl Ihe h a 'an ion las ites of 020 ced ilso Ihe AT lich at It has generated overwhelming interest not only Kickstart 1.3 released COMMODORE has released its Amiga Enhancer VI.3 kit which includes three discs and a manual.
The £14.99 kit contains Kickstart 1.3 for Amiga 1000 owners as well as the improved Workbench 1.3. Commodore is also supplying the improved operating system discs with new deliveries of the A500 series in the UK.
"With the arrival of this Be a god Connecting Amigas seems to be really popular. It is one of the features offered by Electronic Arts’ new release, Populous.
Because this has been written by the British company Bullfrog, it will go on sale here before the American public gets a look at it.
You play a god whose aim is to recruit more followers than a rival god. Followers are encouraged by flattening Show time winners WINNERS have now been chosen for the Design a Christmas Card competition held at the Commodore Christmas Show, Editor of Amiga Computing Simon Rockman gave the First day’s prize to Mat Broomfield of Langdon Hills, in the UK and Europe but also in the USA.
* Wysiwyg cartoon capers are here JIM BUTTERFIELD reporting from Canada ¦AMIGA SCENE!
The British Microcomputer Federation has given the event its support, and key speakers from Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Sweden and the UK have been confirmed to take part in the show’s Computer Trade Forum.
"The computer industry has reacted in the most positive way possible to this event - by voting with its feet", said Michael Meakin, head of organisers Database Exhibitions.
Update, the Amiga has again set the pace for everyone else", said Commodore’s technical support manager Rahman Haeleem. "With capabilities such as disc partitioning raised to two gigabytes, the Amiga range looks better than ever before.
It’s a must for every Amiga user and an extra incentive for anyone thinking of buying a 16 bit machine".
Kickstart 1.3 has several improvements including faster disc filing system; hard disc read writes up to seven times faster and directory catalogue up to 10 times faster.
Land for them to build houses. The enemy's followers can be killed off with earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters - although watch out. For he can do the same to you.
Price £24.95. Essex, for his forest of Christmas trees in the snow.
Second day’s prize went to Mr. A. Orton of Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, who drew a flying Father Christmas, and best on the third day was Giorgio Utimpergher of Swindon, whose entry also featured Father Christmas.
Prizes for each day were copies of Photon Paint provided by Commodore.
THE big crowd-pleaser at the December 1988 World of Commodore Show in Toronto was clearly the premiere.of MovieSetter, the "push button Wysiwyg animation" program from Canada's own Gold Disc developer.
Professional quality cartoon sequences created with this new software were playing continuously at half a dozen locations around the haU.
Commercial quality comic book pages in full colour can be produced easily by Gold Disc's ComicSetter. MovieSetter takes this process to the next level of complexity, producing animations of commercial quality images.
The resulting smooth, realistic motion looks quite comparable to the professional cartoons that take over kiddie television on Saturday mornings.
Like ComicSetter, MovieSetter provides non-artists with an extensive library of characters and props to start out with. You can also import backgrounds and characters from other paint programs in standard IFF format, or draw your own images within MovieSetter.
All animation commands are controlled by the mouse from onscreen icons.
Clicking the mouse moves the characters and changes the speed, colours, or backgrounds.
The program supports scrolling, colour cycling, wipes and dissolve effects, and editing of sound as well as visuals.
Movies several minutes long can be created on disc at up to 60 frames a second and with 32 colours. There’s full overscan for transfer to videotape.
With Wysiwyg animation you're watching the process in action at every step. Let’s say you’re creating a walking man in your First frame. Just move this image to the second frame and re-position the arms and legs. Continue frame-by-frame until you have smooth animation.
Animated objects are easily placed and moved anywhere. Path guides simplify the process even more. Use the mouse to draw a line across the screen and the object will follow it.
Gravity and acceleration can be fine tuned.
Stereo sound effects can be panned between left and right channels and perfectly timed to match the action.
For example, the sound of footsteps might follow the motion of a character moving across the screen.
A strong supporting act at the Toronto show was Viva from MichTron - an elegant and powerful "hypermedia authoring environment" which will be marketed in the UK by Microdcal.
Viva (Visual Interfaced Video Authoring) is an interactive storyboarding tool that enables you to combine text, graphics, video, sound, colour and animation on a full range of visual media devices including videotape or laserdisc.
DATeL ELECTl OpiCE t A top quality sound sampling syslem al a realism price.
0 100* machine code software (or realtime functions.
0 HtRrs sample editing 0 Variable sample rale & playback speed.
Seperate scroll line waveform windows plus zoom function with Edit windows for fine accurate editing 0 3D shot of sound waveform. Wave editor to design your own waveforms or adjust existing ones.
0 Microphone A line Input 1 4' Jack A Din connections.
£ Software flies can be used within other music utilities fATE A500 1000 2000 only £69.99 please ? DISCS 3.5' DS DD.
£ Top quality. Bulk packed.
Only £22.99 FOR 25 DISCS ? ROBOTARM FULL FUNCTION ¦ 5 AXIS MOVEMENT Explore the fascinating science of Robotics with this full feature Robot Ann Human like dexterity with 5 Axis of movement It is so versatile It can manipulate small objects with ama ing ability.
Easily controlled using 2 Joysticks (any 9 pin type) or connect to your Amiga with our Interface ? Software to give Computer Robotic control (see Interlace offer).
Comes with Accessories Including Finger Jaws. Magnetic Attachment.
Shovel Scoop. 4 Stabilizing Suction Base Legs. Etc. Uses 4 HP2 batteries (not supplied) to power motor movement so uses no computer power.
Self contained, ready lo use (except batteries, joysticks).
Only £49.99 0 Unique Software Hardware package to allow you to interface your Amiga with the Robot arm Train mode aUows you lo More A then Very easy to use.
0 This Interface Is nol needed to use the Kobotarm but Interfacing with your Amiga has great possibilities.
? MIDIMASTER Full Midi Interface for A500 1000 2000 (please state model) 0 Compatible with most leading Midi packages (including D Music) Midi In Midi Out x3 Midi Thru 0 Fully Opto Isolated 0 No need to pay more Full Midi standard.
Only £34.99 ? MIDI CABLES Top quality.
0 3 metre length.
0 Full dubbing listen to one track while recording another.
0 Works with mam' Midi interfaces including DalH Midi Master (see Ad I 0 8 realtime Midi tracks for record playback.
0 Adjustable track length limited only by available memory.
0 Works with standard IFF flies.
Only £39.99 ?DISC STORAGE BOX OFFERS 0 DWOhokte 40 3.5' dot. Lockable.
Only £6.99 £ DD80 holds 80 3.5' discs. Lockable.
Only £8.99 MmiH ani i vn BOXES 0 A B type connect two printers to one computer or vice versa.
0 Centronics connections or RS232 Serial connections (25 pin). Please Mat only £24.99 0 ABC type connect three printers to one computer or vice-versa.
0 Centronics or RS232 connections.
Only £34.99 ?PRINTER LEADS 0 25 pin D to 36 way Centronics parallel lead. 1.2m length.
0 A500 or 1000. Please state.
Only £8.99 DATEL ELECTi OpiCS Value for money - before you buy a drive please compare the features - this drive has an NEC drive unit A is housed In a superb housing - many units available are built to a price A not a standard. Don't spend a few pounds less A end up with 'rubbish' A remember you arc buying from the manufacturer.
Complete - no more to buy.
Single or twin drive models available.
SWITCH Switch In out of external drives.
Save on memory allocated for drives not currently In use.
DF1 A DF2 controlled.
£9.99 ? Replacement MOUSE f Fully Amiga compatible.
Rubber coated ball.
A Optical type.
Only £24.99 ? Splitter lead £ Allows Joystick A mouse to be connected to same port.
ONLY £4.99 FAX 0782 744292 UK ORDERS POST FREE EUROPE ADD £1 OVERSEAS ADD £3 BY PHONE Q'B 3£ 0782 744707 24hr Credit Card Lina ? EXTERNAL 3.5" DISC DRIVE 0 Slimline extra low profile unit - only 6* long!
0 Top quality NEC drive mechanism.
Throughport allows daisy-chaining other drives.
9 A superbly styled case finished in Amiga colours.
F Fully compatible.
0 1 meg unformatted capacity.
0 Good length cable for positioning on your desk etc. ONLY £89.99 SINGLE DRIVE £1 49.99 TWIN DRIVE ADD £5 FOR COURIER DELIVERY IF REQUIRED lliii ? 512K RAM EXTENSION CARD 0 Available with without calender clock option.
£ Simply plugs internally Into A500 slot.
0 Switch In out with switch supplied.
0 Fitted in minutes - no soldering etc. £ Accepts 41256 Drams (zero K fitted).
0 With calendar clock onboard time date automatically booted.
0 Battcrv backed to retain time date.
UNIT Turn your Amiga Into a sophisticated measuring Instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data Inputs.
£ Sample A display events from microseconds to hours- with amplitudes from mtltvolts to 50 volts.
0 A Hardware Software package with very high spec. Including:- DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY 2 channel lnputs.Manual or contlnuos display.
Tlmebase 500ms dlv to 20us dlv accurate to 5%.
0 6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
PLOTTER DISPLAY 0 Tlmebase range I sec to lOhrs per plot.
All features found on units costing thousands of pounds.
Only £89.99 PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 ALL ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48 HRS HOW TO ORDER ... BY POST s Send cheques POs made payable toDatel Electronics” CALLERS WELCOME - Please reserve goods by telepbone prior to visit.
? MARAUDER II QUITE SIMPLY THE BEST DISC COPIER AVAILABLE FOR THE AMIGA (ALL MODELS) Superfast disc copier will copy almost any commercial disc.
Friendly user Interface - Mouse driven throughout.
Completly compatible with Amiga multitasking system.
Even decrypts many encoded programs Including D. Print Video Paint Mustc ll etc. Supports up to 4 drives simultaneously for mult pie copies.
ONLY £29.99 POST FREE Special Strategy- Files' cope with even the most advanced protection schemes.
Now shipping the latest version.
TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 SALES ONLY 0782 744707 USA's top selling copier.
DAtel ELECTi OpiCS- Magnetic scrolls has a rcputalion for brill adventures. Its latest. Kish!, is no exception. You play the part of an inter-dimensional espionage agent currently on a month of rest and recreation or to be more precise - in voluntary vacation mode.
Dave Eriksson follows Ingrid J]( history and relaxes with iir Your boss. Sir Playfair Panchax VC DSO FRT. Suggested a holiday, after all you had been working for an extended period without a break. You have earned the highest reward within the service - one month inhabiting the body of a goldfish. Oh the peace, the tranquility of it all. You can have a whale of a time.
But it was not to be. Having just started to really relax, you arc called back to solve the worst crime of the century. The Seven Deadly Fins are a pretty gruesome lot. Their list of crimes is already as long as your arm and. Unusually for a fish, you do have arms.
The Seven are planning to sabotage a whole planet inhabited entirely by fish. The world is being battered by a gross attack of evaporation. To combat this, a project has been set up to replaice the lost water. But the Seven Deadly Fins have stolen the focus wheel - a vital part of the mechanism. It has been separated into three pieces and hidden at different locations.
And when the chips are down it is you, Agent 10. Who has first to retrieve the missing parts and then replace the mechanism.
The whole concept of the inter- dimensional espionage section revolves around their ability to "warp" an operative's persona into a host body anywhere in the universe - how did you think you became a goldfish anyway?
Sir PP pops three warps into your goldfish bowl, so that you can skate off to the possible hiding places of the parts of the missing focus wheel. Find 13 amiga cOMPirriNd Mmurv itiuo all three and you will get a further warp to take you to the city of Hydropolis and put an end to this dastardly plot.
These initial three warps will take you to mini adventures where you have a host of human forms. You may tackle them in any order and you arc looking for a ring, a grommet and a spindle. There are various ways of returning to your goldfish state, but strive for the one that occurs after you have found what you are looking for.
To find the ring you will travel to a wooded area and meet Micky Blowtorch, an ex-operative, and his exploding parrot perched nearby, (cod be a red-herring). This is quite a tricky little puzzle, with only a few locations but timing is everything.
Mistakes can be sole destroying.
The grommet is in an old abbey, at present occupied by hippies. You must look like one of them and take care not to attract their attention, as one or more of the Seven Deadly Fins may be among the group. There are only a limited number of locations to explore - just keep your eyes peeled.
Finally, the spindle is found in a recording studio where the deadly Seven are cutting their latest hit. Your first task here is to find a way of supplying the producer with copious amounts of coffee. Without this regular intake of stimulant he will make your life hell and you cannot get on with your investigation. Take a leaf out of his book and delegate!
When you reach Hydropolis you will take over the body of fish scientist and project leader, Dr Koach.
Arriving in his apartment you will receive a reminder of his appointment with the university's principal at 10 o'clock. Just check that out in your fishofax (is this a Guppie adventure?)
Before you leave.
Travelling by underground during the rush hour can prove un-nerving.
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P. O.W_______ Power SirusgW---- WnrtglJ-------Cl US
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subject to change without further notice. All goode subject to
eveilebility especially when you realise that the Seven Deadly
Fins are probably all out to slop Ihe proiccl in any way they
can. This is Ihe largest section of the adventure, and getting
your device working will involve some Heath Robinson efforts.
With a bit of luck you'll end up with a bout of R and R (sorry
VVM) back in that goldfish bowl.
There is plenty of delicious text to read and the graphics are up to Mag Roll’s usual standard. It just seems a pity that apart from the initial brilliant screen all the fishy citizens of Hydropolis seem to look like us. That loading screen is great, and the watery bubbles of the loading tuna must have taken some time to synthesise.
YOU can’t carp at the command interpreter, but I do get fed up with having to type whole words instead of just the first four or five letters so some single letter abbreviations help a bit.
Another first class adventure from Magnetic Scrolls, suitable for all adventurers with a sense of humour.
Cypheric hints arc given for the confused - even if the code does take an age to type in! Great value for 25 squid.
Magnetic Scrolls Rainbird £24.95 STORYLINE.. Well thought out. Novel and logical AURA.. Each section builds to a fine ending STAYING POWER.. Well graded puzzles keep up the pace GAMEPLA Y.. Typing errors could prove frustrating VALUE.. Top games demand top prices DIFFICULTY... Examine and use everything possible Good fun to play throughout FtSDLlHSTDIl UHDEEGEOtJHD StflTIOh exa»ine guard Tie 9iiard stands by the access funnel checking coiiuters tickets before allowing tbe» through.
256 142 Entering the Underground in Hydropolis. Will the guard let you past?
INGRID Bottomlow, the well meaning but tactless young gnome-maiden, has returned. Level 9 first introduced us to this lady in Gnome Ranger. Her story started as she had just completed her education at the Institute of Gnome Economics.
Still trying to think of a way to get Ingrid out of their hair local events overtake them.
There is a move afoot to transform Little Moaning and the Dribble Valley into a Yuppie Homes development and a Gnorsegnomc-style yacht marina, jasper Quickbuck, the Lord of Ridley's Manor, is the prime mover in this money grabbing scheme, abetted by his henchman Silas Crawley. The villagers have been conned into going to a party, thereby vacating their homes and apparently agreeing to the development. Needless to say, Ingrid is at the forefront of the battle to save the day.
Her ideas were sound, but the outcome of nearly all efforts ended in disaster. When Ingrid's progressive attitude annoyed her traditional gnomic family too much they gave her a magic scroll that "accidentally" transported her far away. Ingrid's journey home gave us an adventure that was both amusing and devious.
Ingrid's Back begins shortly after her return, and while the family is The adventure is divided into three parts, any of which may be played independently. In the first of these, Ingrid must get all the locals to sign a petition. Not everyone likes to be around when Ingrid is busy at something, and a certain amount of subterfuge will be necessary to get some of the signatures.
The only creature that really trusts her is Flopsy the dog. And on one or two occasions it is only with canine help that Ingrid can win through.
PART two brings back memories of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Silas, armed with a steamroller and several trolls, sets out to steal the deeds of Ingrid's home, Gnettlefield Farm.
Ingrid, again with Flopsy's help, must immobilise both the steamroller and all the trolls, trying not to destroy her family in the process.
Having drawn a temporary halt to Jasper's plans in the first two parts, a FINAL SOLUTION must be sought in part three. Ingrid now goes undercover. Posing as a maid, she goes to Ridley's Manor to unearth evidence of Jasper's nefarious dealings. Her cousin Daisy, already employed at the manor, proves to be a willing conspirator.
The descriptive text maintains the right atmosphere and is often very amusing. There arc plenty of good quality graphics to complement the story' line.
The command interpreter is similar to that used in Level 9's Lancelot and is in many ways better - and certainly easier to use - than that used by Magnetic Scrolls. It even understands both "give me the letter" and "give the letter to me".
The flow of play is not restricted, as only the first four letters of a word need to be entered in most cases. The arrow keys will bring back commands issued earlier, either to be used again or for editing.
Ingrid's Back also makes use of Level 9's GO TO and RUN TO commands. Simply enter GO TO MANOR or GO TO FARM rather than giving a string of compass directions
- really useful once you have mapped out the terrain.
The instruction booklet includes a few hints on adventuring in general and Ingrid's Back in particular. It also has a copy of Ingrid's Diary. Catch up on what has happened since her last adventure.
Ingrid's Back is great fun to play and has to rate as a must for any adventurer. Part one involves a great roller coaster sequence in a dog cart and part two brings out Ingrid's lethal logic to the full. The twist at the end of part three is completely unexpected and makes you wonder if Level 9 can Rulf to be found in Ridley's Manor. Quite a painter - sings while he works too!
REPORT CARD INGRID S BACK Level 9 £19.95 STORYLINE Logics! And amusing. Ingrid rules OK AURA .. Can almost smell those gnomic Helds STA YING POWER. Putties well graded to keep interest GAMEPLA Y Good use of character ignteraction VALUE ..... Gnot to be missed worth every penny DIFFICULTY..... Is gnot as easy as you First thignk Gnoiw Inn ini the Village Hill. Die Nish Street lead east and vest, and Floughgnone Lane clinked an; to the gnortimest. Ingrid could see Flops;.
Hgpiiuent'iaside through the door and uas in the bar of pie fireen Gnone IiX Ingrid could see Junbo Butterpat, Silas Crauley, Hrs Underlay and a travelling Interesting clattering; and snells drifted in fron the kitchen to the gnorth.
Junbo Butterpat greeted Ingrid uith a big snile and asked, How about a gmce In the pub H'ilh Silas, lumbo Buiterpat ami a couple of travelling satesgnumes A worthy successor to Gnome Ranger r iLUT ii %VAAV ( COMING SOON ON ATARI ST £24.99 • AMIGA £24.99 • COMMODORE 64 CASSETTE £14.99 • DISC £19.99 • IBM £24.99 get her un-knotted for a third tale in the future.
No game from Level 9 is ever easy, but an excellent hint sheet is available if you get stuck. It is laid out to give you clues without giving away too much that may spoil the rest of the game.
ONCE there were no Amigas or Atari Sts and in that bygone era was born an adventure program called The Temple of Apshai. It followed the general idea of Dungeons and Dragons, with lots of monsters to meet in battle and treasure to be found.
TTA has stood the test of time with conversions for almost all computers, including the Amiga. Thankfully this interpretation has superior graphics attributes of a character from an earlier game. You can restore a previous game saved at any point within Apshai.
A status screen shows wounds and fatigue. Wounds may be healed by using healing salves or elixirs, the former being purchased from the innkeeper. The latter can be found within Apshai. Fatigue may be relived by moving more slowly or resting.
The heavier your equipment or treasure, the more fatigued you become.
Having beaten the innkeeper down in price - pay the asking price and you will end up with very little equipment - and purchased a sword, armour, shield, bow, some arrows and a few healing salves, you are inventory of your treasures or saving the game or character for future use.
Most levels of each realm have 50 to 60 rooms, so there is plenty to explore. Some monsters are tied to particular locations, but others wander around looking for the odd meal.
The innkeeper will pay you for any treasure you have collected so you have a chance to add to or improve your equipment. Remember that heavy weapons and armour affect your movement and energy output.
There is a little more to Apshai than straightforward monster bashing, but nowhere near the depth of puzzles and quests to be found in more modern offerings such as Ultima and Bard's Tale.
And faster gameplay.
On the disc you also get the two additional adventures that followed, Upper Reaches of Apshai and the Curse of Ra. The Temple of Apshai Trilogy is produced by Epyx and is distributed in the UK by US Gold.
The 80 page manual covers all the basic rules, together with a room by room description of the locations. The screen display simply depicts a series of rooms and corridors.
It is not necessary to read the descriptions but it helps set the scene.
You will also need to refer to the manual to check out the treasures - some are worthless.
You can start from scratch, with your character given a random 1 to 18 for six basic attributes: Intelligence, intuition, ego, strength, constitution and dexterity, together with a number of silver pieces.
You can enter a previously saved character from disc or enter the ready to enter Apshai. You have the choice of which realm to explore and at what level.
Each realm has four levels. Dungeons and Dragons followers will find levels 1 to 2 are appropriate to third level, and the lower levels to fourth and sixth level characters.
A number of commands are available and the mouse can be used for movement and direction.
Single key commands from the keyboard also allow you to move forward from one to nine feet, turn left or right, attack, thrust or parry and fire a normal or magic arrow.
There are special commands, such as examining a wall for secret doors, opening doors, searching for traps, picking up treasures, listening for monsters, talking to monsters, healing with salves or elixirs, checking the REPORT CARD TEMPLE OF APSHAI TRILOGY Epyx US Gold £24.95 STORYLINE..... More in the mind than on the screen AURA .. Sweaty palms when you set forth STA YING POWER.. I Addictive in early stages but as you become more powerful, it is too easy GAMEPLAY...... Limited puzzles and no speciHc quests VALUE Logical progress gives many hours play DIFFICULTY.....
Survival only difficult early on Classic but lacks puzzles of any depth Lombard . ,he °"ve'««¦ ¦ ymothly through earn iy.y.y.'.y.y, y .y.wX ewormefoaa egotute the mountain ranQe V*ryou, car ar“ H-eqwpped workshop _ ,,nm fr Five - -. Four... three... two... one. -. GO!
Your 300bhp Ford Croup A Sierra Cosworth roars away from the starting line, skidding round hairpin bends, as you speed through unfamiliar, ever- changing terrain ... in a race where every fraction of a second counts Lombard RAC Rally recreates all the excitement of the world-famous rally - with the help of RAC drivers who guarantee its authenticity.
Complete the five stages - down winding tracks, through verdant forests and over precarious mountain ranges - with the additional hazards of night driving and fog.
Repair damage and add new features to your car in the workshop, and earn money for spares by taking part in a TV interview.
This is the official simulation of a lifetime . . . Will your skills measure up to the challenge?
• inside every box: A detailed 16-page booklet containing a
history of the rally and technical specification of the
Cosworth, 15 maps to help you plot out your course, and a
colourful sticker to commemorate your participation in the
rally: I"" Please send me Lombard RAC Rally for: ""| ? Atari ST
? Amiga ? PC |5 A") ? PC |3’ ?"| I I ? I enclose a cheque for
£24.95 made payable to Mandarin Software C Please debit my
AccessA isa number: _u Name_ Address.
I in association with . Postcode _ SOFT WAR F I - Leuropa House, Adlington Park. Adllngton, Macclesfield SKIO 4NP. | Postage: Add E2 Europe Overseas £5 R2Q6 I | VEN as you sil there, the word I Gorbachov has digitally flashed past your left elbow at the speed of light. Bet you missed it. But then you probably haven’t got a Microtext Teletext adaptor.
This box is capable of turning your Amiga and colour monitor into a device able to decode the name of any major head of state out of thin air - more than many major heads of state can hoast. It also turns your monitor into the only television set in your house with mouse control.
Inside the Microtext is a complete television set. Without the picture tube but with a teletext decoder. The whole thing is a white box just slightly wider but not as high as an external disc drive, and within that are three chips and a tuner for the TV part, and six chips for the teletext hits.
It plugs into the Amiga through the printer port and into the monitor - assuming its an 1084 or similar - via a lead. It's got a through printer port, which works normally most of the time. The only control on the Microtext is a switch, which makes the printer port work normally all of the time.
The lavish instrumentation is completed by a no-expense-spared light emitting diode finished in olde gold-style yellow. This glows.
Plug a TV aerial into the back of the Microtext along with some power, and load the software. The Microtext software either loads in automatically from power-on. Or can be selected from the Workbench by clicking on that giant television loitering in the middle. Microtext has thoughtfully redesigned the preferences and CLI icons.
The software checks to see if power and adaptor are OK. And then launches into either a tuning sequence or the main, and only, screen. The tuning sequence instructs the adaptor to start scanning the UHF TV hand and search for a signal.
When it finds one. The information about channel number is stored away: the complete set is then stored on disc.
That’s all there is to setting .up the unit - no channel knobs to twiddle or drift. There are versions available for other countries and systems as well.
So VHF and cable services are catered for.
As well as decoding teletext, the Microtext provides the? Proper video and audio signals to enable any composite monitor with a speaker to behave as a TV.
THE standard Commodore 1084 is particularly good for this, as the TV and Amiga screens can be selected by the front CVBS button. It gives an exceptionally good picture too. Unless you’re using a TV set with a modulator as a monitor. In which case buy a proper monitor first.
Selection of a channel is via a menu
- on the Amiga screen, as the Microtext isn’t a digitiser or
genlock - as are all other functions. Somewhat oddly, the
channel selector is hidden on a top-line option called Review,
along with such esoterica as the subcode controls. Well, it’s
not actually on that option, but the menu bar has gadgets on it
which get concealed when the left mouse button is pressed and a
set of options appears.
These options are. Left to right.
Project (eh?). Display and Select.
Project is where the computer gets its fangs into the teletext system. As well as Load and Save pages to disc - the only commands with A-key shortcuts, by the way - there's a Save IFF to export pages to other Amiga programs Plus an Erase function for when your only formatted data disc is full and you can't be bothered with the CLI. Print a page as just text or as a graphics dump and Speak (also available from a gadget).
Print only prints the current page; it would be nice to have a Print page range option. Speak is a good idea, both because this makes the Amiga the only talking teletext home computer as far as I know and because of the next item on the Project menu - Program.
E3j3"Qj3lU_ SUBJECT INDEX Teletext turn on Rupert Goodwins' Amiga discovers the joys of watching television and consults the Oracle Program lets you set up a list of channels, teletext pages and actions which the computer will repeat ad infinitum. For example, it can display page 451 on Channel 4 for 10 seconds, print out the newsflash page from the BBC and save the sports pages on ITV.
Programs can be made to autorun.
Run with the screen sent to the background - allowing Workbenchish things to be done atop - and repeat.
It's possible to do some really bizarre things like this. With an autodial modem you could program the Amiga to send you the latest stock prices every hour - phone up and read the news... - say the joke page from BBCl on the quarter hour until your neighbours give you large sums of jnoney or have a reasonable newspaper printed for you when you get up in the morning. Why? Ummm.. Rounding off the Project menu are Retune, to modify channels. About (Terry Cassell wrote it - whoops, there goes that option's one surprise), and Quit; this last can also be selected by clicking on the top left hand
corner of the program screen.
EXT along is the Display menu. The first three options mirror gadgets - Reveal. Hold and Review. Reveal displays any hidden text. Hold prevents the screen from updating if a new page is sent on the same page number and Review does the opposite.
Screen to front and Screen to back.
The next options, reveal or hide the Workbench. Then comes Set Language - the teletext character set can be modified to display foreign codes for several European languages or English-specific stuff like the pound sign. There's another option to set the default language for next time.
Finally the gadget bar can be displayed or hidden by two more options.
Select is where things start to get interesting. As previously mentioned, here be monsters by the name of Set Subcode and Cancel Subcode.
Regular users of teletext will be aware of the way in which a number of pages can be displayed on one page number. For example, take Channel 4’s rock and pop news magazine on 540 (you should, it's really quite good). It only has 10 page numbers from 540 to 549. Yet regularly gets around 50 or so pages of information transmitted. Someone reading page 541 will have about a minute to read one page before it’s automatically replaced by another.
Each actual page in such instances has a subcode, a time-related piece of pvoi data sent out with the rest of the page.
If that matches the subcode in the receiver the page is displayed.
The idea was that television sets could be told to display a certain page at a certain time. Some experiments are being made to distributing information by tagging it to "silly" subcodes and then selling those subcodes. It's a shame, but the Microtext can't be programmed to spend all day sifting through subcodes in an attempt to scan for such interesting snippets. Add that to the wish-list.
HE manual is thorough and well-written, with lots of interesting information about teletext as well as the Amiga-specific stuff.
Perhaps some more technical.
Information about how to program the thing from outside the Microtext software would help.
There are lots of oddball things you can try with an automated information retrieval system like this, for example scanning the TV listings until a certain programme is found when details are printed out. Or the video programmed.
There's already a bulletin board in the UK which offers a teletext gateway, you phone up the BB and get live teletext. Such things are possible with the Microtext, and can be tacked on to the bottom of the wish-list.
The adaptor works wonderfully, exactly as advertised. The software is mostly well-behaved, although it is possible to select the gadgets when they are hidden and some of the menu options are in surprising places AMU! A COM PUT!N(! February tm It's worst sin is dropping you into Workbench when a system error, such as the disc write-protected or the printer offline, raised an Alert. If you click on Cancel, the Workbench peers bluely up at you until you click on the FrontToBack gadget.
The hardware is fascinating; most of a teletext television in the space of a good novel. It performs well - getting teletext from a weak signal is more reliable on the Microtext than it is on my slightly elderly TV.
The one warning is that indoor aerials won’t work well, primarily because the Amiga adaptor monitor combination radiates enough radio noise to jam TV signals for a good few feet. You won't even be able to watch TV on the monitor satisfactorily. And the old coathanger poked into the back is right out.
REPORT CARD Microtext. Tel: 0705 595694 Amiga Teletext Adaptor £143.52 inc. Also, teletext is sensitive to ghosting; if Belt Lynch is followed around the Rover's Return by a pale echo of herself then the adaptor will have a hard time even with a strong signal. A swift adjustment or replacement of the aerial will usually cure things.
Usefulness .. Even if you already have a teletext TV the programabilily of the Microtext adaptor makes the system very' useful.
EASE OF USE ¦¦¦¦¦¦ Plug in and go. The self-tuning and software control make setting up and using the adaptor a doddle.
By the way. Most people don't realise that TV aerials and leads need replacing every 10 years or so. Or the signal starts to get worse. Just think, you might be watching rubbish and not realising it.
INTUITION ...... A properly written program, sliders, multi-tasking. You can leave the unit running and forget about it.
SPEED ....¦¦¦¦¦¦. Limited by the speed of the teletext system. Blame sloth on the BBC and IB A. UN!E thing; it's a shame that either the teletext adaptor's or the Amiga's audio can be plugged into the monitor, but not both at once.
Everything else can be left permanently connected. Perhaps another switch on the front panel?
VALUE .. Nigh on £150 would buy you a second drive or extra ram. These must be regarded as more urgent purchases.
OVERALL A really neat peripheral. It can be left plugged in and is easy to use. A highly recommended purchase.
Also for some reason the two phono plugs which carry audio and video to the monitor are not labelled.
If you plug them in and you get a loud buzz, says the manual, you've got them in the wrong way.
The Microtext is a bargain, considering that there's a TV tuner included which will magic your computing setup into something with the picture quality of the very expensive Sony component TV series.
It's useful as a way of getting lots of information into the Amiga, as a sort of teletext video recorder no normal VCR can record teletext pages - and as the basis for a teletext machine for the visually handicapped.
R Ex Pn Sc Fi!
M Or At It’s fun. Too; a product with lots of intriguing expansion possibilities and an easy sell to the rest of the family.
Altogether, much less of a gadget and more of a useful peripheral than might first appear. There is a new release of software due soon; together with the Amiga BBC emulator and the fair amount of free programs sent out by the BBC over teletext there could be treats in store. A programmers kit is planned so that you can turn your wish-list into code.
And anyway, what other peripheral can remind you in mid programming session that Fa why Towers is about to start AND let you watch it?
[ Di D Q Pr Zi If he loi DIRECT HOT HITS - HOTTEST PRICES Word Processing £ Excellence!
129. 95 PrciWrite 2.0
64. 95 Scribble! 2.0
39. 95 Productivity £ File llsg
49. 95 Microfiche Filer
59. 95 Online! Telecomm.
34. 95 Analyze! Spreadsheet
39. 95 Utilities £ Disk 2 Disk
29. 95 3os 2 Dos
24. 95 Quaterback
35. 95 Project D
27. 95 Zing
49. 95 "Our Pledge to You" If you want a product not listed here,
just call us and we'll get it for you at the lowest price.
Video & Animation I Graphics 1 £ £ Aegis Animator
79. 95 Butcher 2.0
21. 95 The Director
38. 95 Calligrapher 1.05
79. 95
- antavision
45. 95 Digi-View 3.0
144. 95 sorms in Flight 2
49. 95 Draw Plus
134. 95 Lights, Camera, Action 54.95 Express Paint 3.0
44. 95 Modeler 3-D
59. 95 Impact
54. 95 ProVideo Plus
179. 95 Photon Paint
49. 95 Sculpt 3-D Animate
99. 95 Pixmate
37. 95 TV* Show
49. 95 Sculpt-3D
55. 95 TV* Text
49. 95 Turbo Silver
104. 95 Videoscape 3-D
99. 95 3-Dcmon
59. 95 Video Titler
79. 95 Zuma Fonts 1-4 6ea.)
19. 95 Music | Desktop Publishing I £ AudioMaster
31. 95 £ Dynamic Drums
49. 95 Publishing Partner 99 95 Dynamic Studio
119. 95 Publisher Plus
47. 95 Midi Magic
79. 95 Midi Rec. Studio
49. 95 Sonix
39. 95 Specials Of The Month Video Bundle
R. R.P. Your Price
162. 00 Only.. .84.95
139. 00 Only.. .74.95 TV*Text + TV* Show DTP Bundle Scribble! +
Publisher Plus Games £
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Carrier Command Champ Football Fire & Forget Firepower Flight
Simulator Fourth and Inches Gee Bee Air Rally Harrier Combat
Hole-in-1 Golf Hybris Indoor Sports Lethemeck Major Motion
Obliterator Paladin POW Solitaire Royale Stellar Conflict
Superstar Ice Hcky Tanglewood Uninvited Vampires Empire Virus
Warlock WordPlex World Class Leader Zoom E3 Get Up and Call
In Now All prices include VAT and P&.P. in UK add am for EEC
orders A Accented Please Make cheques postal orders payable
fo: BROWN-WAGH DIRECT 2 Ha litt Mews, Ha litt Road. London
W14 OJZ 01-603 3313 or 01-602 2502 IF you're not familiar
with the concept of a mailing list program and tempted to
confuse it with mail merge routines in word processors,
here's a two-minute tutorial guide.
The mail merge concept goes something like this: You type in a letter with certain items left in a coded form. Here's an example from your not so friendly bonk manager Dear AJ A2.
At the end of A3 you were A4 pounds and A5 pence overdrawn.
Perhaps you could call to see me on Af at A7 when we can discuss the matter.
Using the facilities of the mail merge program, you can incorporate the appropriate name and address at the top of the letter, replace A1 with Mr or Mrs. A2 with Bloggs or whatever and so on.
It's a means of computer- customising correspondence, and it's a very powerful tool.
The mailing list serves a related, but different job. It's a list of names and addresses which can be entered, edited, sorted and printed cither as a whole or selectively.
Take a large organisation which has all its staff on a computerised mailing list. You may want a memo on this month's special offer to go out to all regional managers their deputies, a note on what y intend to do with cars park illegally in reserved parking bays ti all staff below a certain grade, or invitation to everyone living in t London area to attend the annual "fun" Christmas party.
That's the kind of job any w behaved mailing program will | form. And it doesn't have to be a list of names and addresses: You could put your record collcctio catalogue, club membership On-screen labels Rex Last dips into the new Mailshot Plus program and finds a great deal to like i BELIEVE the most mind-bendinglv boring typing chore for the office junior in the pre-computing days was hammering out a list of names and addresses on the battered old portable with a nylon ribbon so ancient you could see through it.
Now such chores should be a thing ] of the past. When the computing world woke up to the fact that the micro was not just a toy for scientists. 1 it began to invade the office environment, first as a spreadsheet, then as a word processor, and from there right on through the whole range of office tasks except for making the boss's coffee and biscuits, that is. And rumour has it that Silicon I Valley is working on that one.
The mailshot program is certainly with as to stay. I suspect that in the early days of office automation, people were so piteously grateful for any program that bashed out address labels that standards were not of the highest. Nowadays there are certain tasks that any self-respecting mailshot program ought to perform.
I've been taking a look at Mailshot Plus from Digita. A company with a solid track record in the field of basiness software, and I'm here to report as the reviewing equivalent of the office junior on what I've found.
I promised myself in my early days as a reviewer that I would never take my readers on a guided tour of the packaging of the software I'm describing. But I'm prepared to break the habit in this case, since the box that crashed through the letter box is of huge proportions, but when I u A tft:A tr trt TtXC rahmary two plant labels in a market garden, in fact, any small chunks of similar information that can be recorded in address label type format.
So, while a mail merge program is linked to the word processing power of the computer, the mailing list is akin to a database package. It's up to you to make the kind of decision as to which product most closely matches your needs.
Go and you scd s to ran the tual rell- per- : list iuld ion list.
And the old corny but none the less vital piece of advice which goes hand in hand with that - not just your present needs, but requirements for the foreseeable future.
Opened it - steeling myself to facing a 300 page manual and a dozen master discs - all I found cuddling together for comfort in the bottom of the box was one little disc and a 40 page manual.
¦» Well, perhaps Digita bought a job lot of cases and couldn’t think of anything else to do with them. So 1 breathed a sigh of relief and powered up the Amiga to see what, if anything, marks this mailing package off from the rest of the herd.
THE term Wysiwyg is one that’s normally associated with a word processor. Meaning what you see is what you get, it implies that typestyles and layouts appear on the screen more or less in the same way as u'hen you press the print button and out it all comes in hard copy.
To find it associated with a mailing list program was a little odd at first blush, I must admit, but the concept works extremely well on screen. To the left, there’s a menu list which can be accessed by mouse, cursor keys or initial letter, and on the right a series of rectangular boxes just like labels, even down to the tractor feed holes on either side.
There’s room on the screen for one full default size label, plus half of its predecessor and the next in line.
As you enter each label, the list scrolls up politely, and the impression is one of working with a genuine continuous list rather than a series of computerised snapshots in which you are only allowed to see one label at a time on screen.
Take a look at the options down the main menu on the left of the screen, and let’s begin with a word of warning. As I said a moment or two back, you can access the options in one of three ways, and this can be a mite tricky if you're a hasty and impetuous type like me.
I'd hardly keyed in the first address label than I inadvertently found myself in the middle of the Layout menu doing silly things to the default label list, and when I extricated myself from that predicament I found I had squeezed the width of the labels so that they looked like the opening credits of a Cinemascope film projected through the wrong lens.
But I gritted the ancestral teeth with a measure of self-control - and within 10 minutes or so the package and I were on the best of terms.
The system is simplicity itself to use and full of neat and thoughtful touches:
• An option to split long lines or truncate them.
• Automatic detection of duplicate labels, one of the bugbears of
any large label list. It can be quite monev- wasting to send
two copies of the same letter to the same addressee.
• A good selection of search criteria, with options like AND. OR.
And so on.
• The system can sort on any line, and there are facilities for
surname sorting, subset sorting, and a marker sort system.
• A useful feature called “memo lines”. They- can contain
information (not for printing) such as telephone numbers,
dates, or any comments you wish to make. These can be shown on
the screen labels or concealed.
While it seems blindlingly obvious to me. There's precious little point in plonking a piece of software on to a computer, giving the novice user a quick tutorial on which buttons to press, and then leaving the poor soul to get on with it.
WHAT is so important - and so often overlooked - particularly in business software, is a description of the ideas behind the software and its potentiality. People used to clattering out labels on a mechanical typewriter might be tempted to turn a mailing list package into a computerised form of their familiar activity, without realising that, if they adapted their work patterns and data storage to the package, they could enhance their usage of the system almost beyond recognition.
Here Digita scores again. In a clearly written manual, there is a section on how to get the best out of the package, and tips and hints on maximising its impact.
The chief limitation of this program is that it can't be incorporated into a mail merge context, where you can customise each letter according to the particular circumstances of the individual or institution you’re writing to. But Mailshot Plus does have the ability to generate Ascii files which offers good portability across to other systems which do function in that manner.
All in all. It’s difficult to fault Mailshot Plus, and it’s a pleasure for a reviewer who all too frequently is on the receiving end of grotty software to have had the opportunity to explore an unfussv. User-friendly- and realh- professional piece of business software. If mailing’s your game.
Mailshot Plus may well be the name you’re looking for.
REPORT CARD MAILSHOT PLUS Digita International £34.95 USEFULNESS... Very practical with some powerful facilities, thoughtfully put together.
EASE OF USE ..1BBBB3II] Once you get going it runs as though on oiled wheels.
IN I 'Ut i ION . Not written for the Amiga but skilfully adapted so that it blends well.
SPEED ...¦¦¦HID Does its job at first class mail speed because all the data is memory resident.
VALUE.. Even the simplest mailing list beats retyping but this offers plenty of other features.
OVERALL 69% A nifty little program which won’t break the bank even if you only use it for Christmas cards.
Jli istir:.A rrtMItt’Ithrj man fflM ri,V' * ,,a ,0 ll,e fi*JPrS Ayr nl Clmalrv when *v WIN this solid silver Grail, worth £5.000. in the exciting Quest for the Holy Grail competition. Full details in every box.
Knights were hold. WA % galloping ai.ross the countryside 1 and rescuing damsels in distress. * l L Level ‘I rei reale Ihe lime of ” fcA 5T~ wi ards and Ihe Knights of Ihe Round Table in Iheir greatest adventure vel. Lancelot consists of three interlinked adventures, spanning the complete saga from the foundation ™ of the Order to its finest hour - the quest for the Holy Grail.
Guide Lancelot through his many exploits at Camelot. Battle with wayward knights, and win the love of Guinever and Elaine.
The challenge which has fascinated treasure hunters through the centuries is now yours - and you’ll need a. your strength, wit and valour to achieve your goal.
Screen shots from Atari ST version Inside every box there’s a detailed guide to playing Level 9 adventures, a background story to the classic legend, a parchment map of Arthurian England - and full details of how to take part in the Quest for the Holy Grail competition.
Please send me lumcelot on O cassette D disc for:-(state machine) n I enclose a cheque for £ (including VAT and p&p) made payable to Mandarin Software _ and compatibles Amstrud CPC PCW Spectrum Plus 3 Commodore 64 D Please dehit my Access Visa number: Expby ,,a,e: I 1 LLL 1 ) I I I I I I I I l l I I l i I Signature- Name- Atari XL XE Send to: Mandarin Software. Euro pa House.
Note: Tape versions have three cassettes in even- package Aldington Park. Adlington. Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
These formats and all tape versions are test only.
Chris Jenkins is a man with two ears and a pen. He multi tasks his i o ports to review in depth the Datel Pro Sampler Studio A FEW issues back we looked at a wide selection of sound samplers for the Amiga. The PerfectSound, FutureSound. Pro- Sound and Sophus systems all have their advantages, but in most cases these are offset by niggling faults such as disappointing sound quality, fragile hardware or excessive cost.
Now there's an alternative which might prove to be the best buy of the bunch, combining simplicity, style and reliability. Datel's Pro Sampler Studio package costs £69.99, and includes hardware, sample editing software and a fairly sophisticated multi-voice tune-player, the Jammer.
Like the samplers we’ve looked at in the past, it uses 8 bit analog-to-digital conversion, but has anti-aliasing filters to cut sound distortion. Sound quality is as good as. If not better than, the opposition. Although it has no Midi facilities, the Pro Sampler is part of a developing product range which includes the Midimaster interface, and the forthcoming Music Manager sequencing package.
The Pro Sampler hardware is a small beige box featuring a short ribbon cable with a connector for the Amiga's parallel port. Since the gender of the connector differs between models, you have to specify which Amiga you have when ordering.
On the rear of the sampler are three sockets. The first is a five-pin 180 degree DIN socket for line-level signal inputs, suitable for connection to the outputs of a stereo tape deck. Next to that is a quarter-inch mono jack socket for microphone level inputs, and lastly there’s another quarter-inch mono jack for line level signals. A small red LED on the front of the unit lights to indicate that it is receiving power.
As you autoboot the software (or load from the Workbench) you’ll hear an example of funky music digitised using the Pro Sampler. You can then opt to enter either the Sampler or s-s-sounds Jammer programs. The screen displays of the Datel software are beautifully designed, with a metallic control-panel look. The main display shows two waveforms displayed in separate sample windows (left and right stereo channels), a zoom box, and tape recorder like record and playback controls.
The sampling process is pretty straightforward. Plugging your sound source into the sampler, you select the Realtime Display option from the Extras pull-down menu, which brings up an oscilloscope display of the incoming waveform. If the peaks of the signal are flattened, or they are under half the height of the grid, you should adjust the incoming signal level to obtain the optimum sampling level.
There's no hardware or software input volume control to deal with - which could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on what you're trying to sample. Clicking on Exit returns you to the main display, where you can now click on one of the two Record buttons to arm the sampler.
The incoming sound is shown on a volume display to the right of the screen. It will activate the sampler once it passes the automatic trigger level, shown next to the volume display. This is set using up down buttons, or you can over-ride the automatic trigger level by clicking on the left mouse button to start sampling. The waveform of the sample is drawn in the window, taking about a second.
To listen to the results plug your Amiga's outputs into the hi-fi and click on the Loop button to play back the sound continuously. Volume can be controlled with a slider, but to hear its effect you must stop and re-play the sample.
You can then sample another sound on the right-hand channel, even while the left-hand channel is playing. The two samples can be played independently, or in synchronisation.
There are also individual and main Stop buttons.
Once you have your sample, you can start playing about with the pitch.
Incrementing or decrementing the rate counters affects the original sampling rate, and indirectly the length of the sample. The rate can be varied from 124 to 998, corresponding to the Amiga's DMA playback system.
By placing cursor lines on the display, you can set the start and end points of the sample. Clicking on the start and end buttons for each sample brings up a digital display of the cursor positions to six places. Another set of buttons allows you to reset the cursors to each end of the whole sample, and the current sample length is shown by a red bar below the display.
MOVING the pointer into either display window and clicking on the waveform display, brings up a magnified section of waveform in the zoom display. Again, a digital readout gives the exact cursor position.
Buttons below the zoom window allow you to step slowly or quickly through the waveform, searching for good looping points, and there is a wide range of zoom levels.
The pulldown menus allow access to some incredibly advanced options.
Samples between the Start and End points can be saved in "raw'1 or in IFF format, so you can use them in many other sound programs.
There are options to save one-shot or repeating samples, and either single, three octave or five octaves samples, though this takes a long time and uses up about 70k of disc space.
Another menu allows you to reverse samples - you can of course reverse them again to return to normal - or to copy a waveform from one channel to another.
You can create pseudo-stereo effects with the Phaseshift option, which slightly delays one sample. If the two ¦ samples are then played together, you get lovely phasing effects.
It's also possible to define and copy an area of waveform to another part of the window, to erase a section of sample, or to mix two samples together. By shifting then combining identical samples you can create delay and reverberation effects.
Another impressive option, though of little practical use. Is the 3D waveform display. This draws a wireframe model of the entire sound envelope, as opposed to the realtime display which is in two dimensions.
The Wave Edit page actually allows you to redraw the waveshape of your sample, perhaps to eliminate unwanted clicks or to make a perfect loop. As on the main display, scanning buttons and digital displays allow you to position your cursor exactly, while waveforms are redrawn simply by holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor in the window. Beautifully simple.
I AMMER is a four-channel step- I time sequencer. Quitting the Fro Studio and loading the Jammer brings up the main display, which features a five-octave keyboard display at the bottom of the screen. At the left are four buttons which switch on and off the tracks while recording or playing.
Sliders which control volume of the four tracks, and a master volume slider, while to the right are the recording and playback buttons, laid out like those of a tape deck.
There are also what appear to be four VU level meters, but in fact these serve no function they're purely for decoration.
To record a tune, load up the sound you want to use. Select Record, then pick out the tune on the keyboard. A counter indicates the number of notes you have played, and rests can be inserted using a button on the right.
To correct mistakes you can use the review rewind function to count backwards. There's also a marker function so you can move directly to any required part of the tune when editing. Having finished, select ZERO RETURN', to record another track.
To enhance your playing, you can switch on the two-note or three-note chord, which multiplies the number of notes you play in an impressive way. Unfortunately you're limited to major chords, and equally obviously this takes up more than one track.
Though not everyone might find steptime composition ideal, in the absence of Midi facilities it's probably a better option than. Say. Trying to pick out tunes in real time on the qwerty keyboard.
There's also a drum machine feature which adds a simple boom- chick effect. Sync allows you to start the drum machine as you play your first note, and there's a separate tempo slider for the drum machine, which takes up Track Four if selected.
Completed tunes of up to 9,999 steps can be saved in Jammer's own file format.
Jammer can be made to autoboot with any required sounds and tune, and can also run as a task. Provided you have enough memory, pressing AMIGA-M will flip to the Cli from where you can run another application.
PROGRAMMER Roy Harding and consultant Barry' Walsh, who wrote Preferences at Commodore- Amiga. Have done an excellent job on the Pro Sampler. With the benefit of having looked at the alternatives on the market, they've come up with a user-friendly, flexible and economical package.
Datel’s decision to keep the Pro Sampler Studio relatively simple and inexpensive is certainly the right one.
Having created your samples, you will be able to use the IFF files with the £34.99 MidiMaster interface and £39.99 Music Manager sequencer; then you can get into Amiga music in a really big way.
REPORT CARD Pro Sound Sampler Studio Datel Electronics 0782 273815.
£69.99 USEFULNESS... A good sampling package, cheaper than its rivals but just as good.
EASE OF USE.... Plug in and go. Jammer is a simple way to build up multi-track tunes.
SOFTWARE...... A competent program written by a couple of people who really understand the ethos and hardware of the Amiga.
SPEED .. Runs as fast as you need to sample most sounds, but speed is not crib'cal for Ibis kind of job.
VALUE Best value among a range of samplers in an increasingly competitive market.
Useful and amusing as a toy. But offers plenty of scope for the serious musician
- . mum Mai! Order Offers is acknowledged by many as THE word
processor for most home micros, and the Amiga version is no
With over 4 years of development by one of Britain's top software houses. Protext has evolved as more powerful micros came along - each version being extensively tailored to fit in its new environment.
So what you get with Amiga Protext is a powerful workhorse with a proven track record and tens of thousands of customers who wouldn't consider using any other word processor.
In this special introductory offer we are knocking £20 off the retail price. For just £79.95 you'll be one of the first Amiga users to get your hands on what an atricle in Amiga Computing described as "The best word processor for the Amiga."
When you get the package you'll also receive a voucher entitling you to a FREE UPGRADE. So as Protext grows you can grow with it - for no extra cost. This is an offer you should not miss.
R~ s Press comments ZZZZ'SZZLasr*
- Your Computer '¦The great strength of the package is its ease
of use_
- CPC Computing 7 ¦ "Deserves very serious ! Consideration '.
- Amstrad Professional Computing "Protext is probably the
most powerful word processor S available on the ST and is
quite likely to become the best selling too".
_ Atari ST User 7"t EekSSMT Expiry date rm Name_ Send to: Amor Ltd, 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 3HA
- Reviewed in Amiga Computing January 1989 '...merely the best
word processor for the Amiga' Please send me a copy of Amiga
Protext for £79.95. Payment: Please indicate method ( I
Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Amor Ltd |
Access Mastercard Eurocard BarclaycardA isa no- 1.. I 1 LJ LI.
I I. .1 I..I. I 1 I _Signed_ One Good Book deserves another and
another, and another, and a... Amiga C for Advanced Programmers
- contains a wealth of information from the pros: how compil
ers. Assemblers and linkers work, designing and programming
user friendly interfaces using Intuition, combining assembly
language and C codes, and more. Includes complete source code
for text editor.
ISBN 1-55755-046-8 400 pp £22*95 Amiga C for Beginners
- an introduction to learning the popular C language. Explains
the language elements using examples specifically geared to the
Amiga. Describes C library routines, how the compiler works and
ISBN 1-55755-045-X 280 pp £18-45 Amiga 3-D Graphic Programming in BASIC
- shows you how to use the powerlul graphic capabilities ot the
Amiga. Details the techniques and algorithms tor writing
three-dimensional graphic programs: ray tracing in all reso
lutions, light sources and shading, saving graphics in IFF
format and more.
ISBN 1-55755-044-1 300 pp £18-45 Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out
- is the most in-depth reference available covering the Amiga’s
disk drives. Leam how to speed up data transfer, how copy
protection works, computer viruses, Workbench and the CLI DOS
functions, loading, saving, sequential and random file
organizafion. More.
* ISBN 1-55755-042-5 360 pp £27-95 AmigaDOS Inside & Out
- covers Ihe insides of AmigaDOS from fhe infernal design up fo
practical applications. Includes detailed reference sec- Hon,
fasks and handling, DOS edilors ED and E0IT, how to create and
use script files, multitasking, and much more.
ISBN 1 -55755-041 -7 280pp £18-45 Includes Workbench 1.3 Amiga Machine Language
- is a comprehensive introduction to 68000 assembler machine
language programming and is THE practical guide for learning lo
program fhe Amiga in ultra-fast ML. Also covers 68000
microprocessor address modes and architecture, speech and sound
from ML and much more.
ISBN 1-55755-025-5 264pp £14-95 Amiga System Programmer's Guide
- comprehensive guide lo whal goes on inside the Amiga in a
single volume. Only a few of fhe many subjects covered include
the EXEC structure, I O requests, interrupts and resource
management, multitasking functions and much, much more.
ISBN 1-55755-034-4 442 pp £32-95 AmigaDOS Quick Reference’
- an easy-fo-use reference tool for beginners and advanced
programmers alike. You can quickly find commands for your Amiga
by using fhe Ihree handy indexes designed with the user in
mind. All commands are in alphabetical order for easy
reference. Includes Workbench 1.3 ISBN 1-55755-049-2 128 pp
£13-95 Amiga for Beginners HM* and CM Amiga For Beginners'
• the first votume in our Amiga series, introduces you to
Intuition (Amiga's graphic interface), the mouse, windows, the
CLI, and Amiga BASIC and explains every practical aspect of the
Amiga in plain English.
ISBN 1-55755-021-2 184pp £12*95 Includes Workbench 1.3 AmigaBASIC Inside & Ouf
- THE definitive step-by-step guide lo programming fhe Amiga in
BASIC. Every AmigaBASIC command is fully described and
detailed. Topics include charts, windows, pulldown menus,
files, mouse and speech commands, ISBN 0-916439-87-9 554 pp
£18-95 Includes Workbench 1.3 Computer Viruses: a high-tech
• describes what a computer virus is. How viruses work, viruses
and batch files, protecting your computer, designing virus
proot systems and more.
ISBN 1-55755-043-3 292 pp £17-45 "Probably the best and most current hook...a bevy of preventive measures' PC Week ll‘2bM Amiga Tricks & Tips Amiga Tricks & Tips m
• fellows our tradition ot other Tricks and Tips books for CBM
users. Presents dozens ot tips on accessing libraries from
BASIC, custom character sets, AmigaDOS, sound, important
68000 memory locations, and much more!
ISBN 0-916439-88-7 348 pp £14-95 Look tor these Abacus titles in your local bookshops and computer stores.
Distributor Computer Bookshops Limited 021-706-1188 Abacus 5370 52nd Street SE, Grand Rapids, Ml 49508 IN U.S. CALL (616) 698 0330 AMSTRAD, a strange name to come across in Amiga Computing, but you may well find that the best thing to come into contact with your Amiga's RS232 port has the words Amstrad Modem SM2400 plastered across the front.
Amstrad has been producing modems for a while now. Its portable PC was hailed as a bargain because it contained a high specification modem and yet cost under £600. To buy a similar modem alone would have cost £500. Then Amstrad launched the MC2400 which plugged into the slots inside a PC - so the only Amiga owners who could benefit were those with an A2000 and a bridgeboard - oh, and Sidecar owners (both of them).
Simon Rockman used to work for Sugar; now he’s a happy customer Now Amstrad has seen fit to produce a stand alone unit, and that is what the S in SM stands for. No points for guessing the M. The number 2400 refers to the speed at which data is transmitted. This is measured in bits per second, bps. Not to be confused with baud.
Baud is the rate at which the tone changes. If there is one tone and it changes 1200 times a second it can be decoded to 1200 bps. But if there are two tones, still changing at 1200 times a second, and so still 1200 baud, there are twice as many bits going through the system, hence 2400 bps.
Have a 2400 bps modem.
In the bad old days of electronic communications, modems ran at two speeds 110 baud and 300 baud. This was when only one tone was used at a time and so things travelled at 110 or 300 bps. Data was sent and received slowly but simultaneously.
Communications freaks can’t cope with English and refer to this as duplex, or full duplex.
Then British Telecom invented Prestel which was designed to be read without the user sending back much data. For this purpose they imposed a 1200 baud in, 75 baud out standard, this being the best they felt the phone lines could cope with.
Technology moved on, and modems which could run at 1200 bps dropped in price to the level where home users could afford them. Full ?
Think of it like a crossed line. If you were able to understand both the person you called and the person you got a crossed line with you would he capable of receiving information twice as fast.
High speed modems are clever like this. Anyone who claims to have a 2400 baud modem is more likely to Qfjotttuje (Sfwfiivm All prices include VAT and delivery within U.K. (Outside UK add £2 per item) MAILORDER For all your software needs BUSINESS UTILITIES HARDWARE GAMES STRATEGY 7 9.50 Interchonge 36.62 38 95 .. 103.95 .43 95 IntroCAD K-Seko 68000 Auemblec VI .5 cSorood 2
47. 95
36. 95 56 86
51. 50
59. 95 73 9$ Kn o-rvt .C*t Am goto* C VS o UototoiPV* 4? 95 177
00 35 20 . 69 95 43 9$ 141 95 66 00 Mwurto* A500 mcc v?
Moo 6oM M»CfO *•»’ te x*!
SI 22 74 95 65 95 15 3C . 96 95 50 9$ . 109 OS . 51 36 51 2C 51 2C 28 2C Hoovto f to* MoOkto 2 S»*OOrd Sytom og. ( OP* tto. * *
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* ***** v-too Aw Vatoo Au» Ao WfO* 2 56 9$ 74 50 87 95 52 95 73
50 18000 64 95 S? 48 42 vs «-» SAM&m* 72 50 70 4C 124 95 28 9$
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P. '.oroi 2 93 38 12595 . 7-95 47 SO 75 00 42 9$ 44 9$
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• v Sho» rv I«0 i«ocN Word (Vtoi V4 1 29 95 104 95 69 95 190 95
21 2C £urah**» ... ...... ...... 25 95 AMIGA Basic Insida 4 Cxx
14.99 I K+-go Motton IC'JUCO* SO A*-go l' k»
4 *«*• 11 SO A*.»DCS Mo*« 4 :2to l**o: 19 7$ 9a*« Co*"*-o 9C X
Ckw*v AJ Da*»»g lotto* S4C 00 Owny ’ab*a* JO 00 D pK
I'omaOnhea* J4900 H«or4» eSC j" Co****v JS90C KtoM Ga'oc* 74$
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285 OC k* ss cfMoi-a ;bsoc L*"4 Motor* 38 X Mr«c* WS2000 Mooa*
HC» CoioCDMSmo Karuxrc i»00 PC a! 84BHUM 4200C| 70SX
W. X* 6r«q«K*»o ?OOC. 495X ?W Boord lAiDOCl 4)C X A520 Wtf Ao*n
23 50 Morno* Stohor S1000 ISIS A500 Coraol C*«*a 35 X MommHowm
4. 3C Mom* 6*ado* )5C A500 Dw Cow« Glar*yMr* ;ij* Scraa*) S2S
14. 65 650 . 4 '0 14 25 . U 0 . II SO . 1840 I8«S 15 3C I84C I42S
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14. 75 17 AC 1 60
0) 0 1760 10 05 14 50 Aogi* Animotor Imoge* .
Asgis Sonix ... A«gi» Vd*o»cop«
3-0 .. Amiga lighb, Comoro. Aclion ..
AMIGA ModalU* 3-D ..... AMIGA Prosoond
DeMgnor Complete A- go 8wbv V«*» T«fr* Amtgo Syr+mo A Ao»
Cfl4 atoto
* . »«: » C Como*te* Aotew- rW Col 'opKw Coab«* c o'if on* j«p
Co*tf Cl • I C6oK* C©mp-*0*C* J+u Munf Gomtevtfoe So* Dtoo
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D-q»*» 3 DOS «o DOS Alb«do .. Around tU World in 80 Doy» 0 oC ’?o* Al+r O**** 5 Chi*? G-.«to ‘oct'J*
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* * * The AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER is a small stereo amplifier that
comes complete with 2 high quality 20 WATT 3 way speakers. It
is easily connected to your Amiga 500 2000 and adds a new
dimension to all games.
Everyone knows that the Amiga has the best sound facilities available on any popular computer today. Unfortunately until now, unless you could connect your Amiga to your stereo system you could not appreciate the quality of the sound
* Comes complete with 2 high quality stereo speakers
* Twin vplume balance controls
* Headphone Socket
* Very easy to connect
* Compatible with all software hardware
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* Amiga Soundblaster is just £39.99 including VAT and £2.00 P&P
M1 6NG blown 2400 bps modems slill cost around £500, except for
the Amstrad.
And that is what Alan Sugar does well, selling for £500 what IBM would charge you a grand for, plus VAT, service fee and still make you feel like a cheapskate.
There are other cheap modems around but few have the precious green circle logo which means that they are "Approved for connection to direct exchange lines of public switched networks run by British Telecom and Hull City Council".
(Hull has a private phone system.)
THE approval procedure is the way the British stop the market from being flooded with tatty telephones and modems, the way the French test every video recorder which is made in )apan before it can be sold in France. Unfortunately the French are much better at being awkward than even BT, so it is still legal to buy and sell unapproved modems - you just can't plug them in. Amstrad wins both ways. It makes videos in the Southend factory to sell to the French and has approval to sell cheap modems in the UK.
The Amstrad SM2400 is quad standard, which means it works at 300, 1200 75, 1200 and 2400 bps. It also works at 75 1200, which is only of any interest to people running bulletin boards. International standards give these speeds special numbers. V22 is Eurospeak for 1200 bps, V21 means 300 bps. V23 1200 75 and so logically enough 2400 bps is V22bis. Well it makes sense to someone, I’m sure.
With these speeds you should be able to connect to practically anything which wants you connected to it.
While 1200 bps services are now quite common, 2400 bps systems are still rare. There is a good reason for this. The telephone lines can’t provide the extra levels of clarity needed for 2400 bps operation. Yes they should, and if you live in a good area, and are talking to a good area, and BT has kept all the bits of string in between good and damp, you might get away with it.
One solution to the problem of BT’s lines not being up to the job is error correction. Special modems offer a standard called Microcom Networking Protocol. Pace in Bradford makes a box called an ECU (error correction unit) which plugs in between the RS232 lead and the modem which works very' well, but this costs £150.
Still, if you really want to use 2400bps it is worth it. Otherwise you will Find yourself using the SM2400 at 1200bps to log into 2400 bps services.
Software exists to provide MNP for the IBM without any extra hardware and is being developed, albeit slowly, for the Amiga. We can wait. There are not very many places to call which use MNP. Only the Cix Bulletin board and the Mercury X25 network - which lets you talk to distant systems
- have MNP modems. Some MicroLink Telecom Gold users are already
accessing the service using 2400 bps and MNP.
Any modem worth buying these days offers Hayes command codes, which allow the computer to control the modem. Hayes compatibility is to communications what Epson is to making smudges on bits of paper. If you are a real comms freak you can have hours of fun tinkering with the Hayes commands, but any half decent piece of terminal software will look after all that for you.
Setting up that software is more difficult and will have you resorting to the manual. You cannot call up a menu of commands from the keyboard as you can with some modems.
The SM2400 does not store telephone numbers, leaving that job to the terminal software. And to be fair if you have an Amiga with at least half a megabyte of ram it seems silly to pay extra for Amstrad to put 4k into a box at the other end of a bit of wire.
MANUALS only get read when something has gone wrong. If you understand about modems and just want to know the correct syntax for commands then the Amstrad manual, written by Robert Goode, is excellent with the information well laid out.
If you are a new user the sections on how to wire a plug correctly are condescending and the description of what does what plummets into a techie mire. Still, if you are really green the best advice is to get someone who understands what is going on to explain. No book will be able to teach you what to do.
The main purpose of the manual seems to be to hold all the warnings about connecting the modem to unapproved equipment.
The SM24UU is remarkable value for money. At £286.35 it is a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than equivalent approved modems.
Unapproved modems seldom work at 300 and 1200 75 baud, and are as a rule unreliable.
IT is not as cheap as it could be.
Amstrad’s PC card has a rrp of £228.85 and is often discounted to below £190 with Mirror II software for the PC. The software is worth more than £50 - it is clever in the eyes of PC owners in that it multitasks, so the £300 is a premium in Amstrad terms.
The case colour is close to that of the Amiga's and it works faultlessly.
The review model has been on test for a couple of months, used daily and you have to look very hard to find fault. I am glad to say that in true picky reviewer’s fashion I have done so, and would like a reset button. I have been using the public domain terminal Comml.34 on both an A500 and an A2000 with no problems.
All in all a highly recommended product.
REPORT CARD SM2400 Quad Standard Modem Amstrad 0277 228888 £228.35 minimum USEFULNESS.. Like any modem, the SM2400 opens up a world at the end of vour phone line.
EASE OF USE.. Plug it in and go. No battery backed-up numbers or internal menus.
SOFTWARE.. Amstrad is not likely to supply Amiga software, but PO terminals suffice.
SPEED . Full speed 2400bps is a joy to use if you can Find a service which will work.
..I UjHWitni 11 It is difficult to knock a well made product selling for nearly half the price of its rivals. We managed it.
If you want to get on line for under £800 there is nothing to rival the SX12400 for price and performance.
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Springfield Road, Grantham, Lincs. NG31 7SE Subduct to
ivaiaOlty. All numt are desoatched wither 24 hours ESOE Typing
mistake C The typewriter is dead.... long live the typewriter
THAT’S whal it says here, anyway. With word processor software
being relatively cheap these days, and plain text editors
cheaper still. I wouldn't have thought that there was much of a
market for a typewriter emulator, particularly one costing
£411. But here it is.
Loading is simple enough, and the program can be run from the Workbench or CLI. In the Workbench environment, double-clicking the Digita disc icon brings up a window much too large for the three icons it holds - E-Type (a gravestone, not really evocative of a resurrected typewriter, but maybe apt in the long run). Read.Me. and a Trashcan.
Funny, there’s supposed to be demos of Digita'* products, according to the manual. Oh well.
To downgrade your Amiga to a PC is one thing but to emulate a device first patented in 1714 is a serious step backward. It certainly isn’t the type of thing Steve Rackley likes let's look at Read.Me. You can’t do that with E-Type, you have to use the Notepad, or use E-Type to send the file to the printer. Anyway, all it says is that the promised demos are "not available on this disc at this time" - you have to send them another £1 for another disc.
Setting up the printer, and | here's a bit of silliness - f you can’t do it from within E-Type. If you don't have an Epson-compatible printer (the supplied default), you must use Ed or similar to edit the supplied file and insert the control codes for your printer.
There are problems. Firstly the program doesn't seem to like long control sequences, which meant that I couldn't set my Dataproducts printer into NLQ properly - the string ESC R,103.S apparently upset E-Type, so that although the printer was set into NLQ mode OK, it was also sent the next line from the 1 -4 control filo, seemingly without the leading ESC , since the printer printed it instead of acting on it.
So I hooked up my Fujitsu instead in IBM Graphics Printer mode (very nearly Kpsnn-compatible). Nope - NI.Q problems again. In this case, the printer expected ESC %mn. Where m and n are non-printablc characters, decimal value 0 through 2, to select print mode.
Unfortunately % is used to indicate a replaceable value for margin settings, and it seems that E-Type intercepts it even if the control sequence isn't "set margins". It didn't work, anyway. I also feel that the inclusion of at least one (preferably several) user-defined entries would have been useful for things like sub super-scripts.
Eventually i gave up on ni,q and carried on with the Fujitsu, where everything else could be set OK. I'm glad to say that the rest of the program worked fine but then accepting characters and sending them to a printer isn't exactly hard.
E-Type multi-tasks quite happily, but makes little or no use of any other Intuition features.
You can drag the main window up and down a bit, although it fills most of the screen, and flip it to the back or front of the display, but there are no gadgets for rodent-lovers.
Function keys are used to select Bold, Underline, Word wrap. Help - basically the same information that the manual gives - and Bell - warning near end of line - and to set tabs and margins, print from a file rather misleadingly called Load File, send a form-feed, select the Printer Options screen, and exit.
An option to centre text on the line is missing. Exit gives no second chances - you’re asked if you want to save your current setup or not. But there’s no way to cancel the exit.
The printer options screen allows selection of bold, underline, condensed, enlarged, italic, pica elite pitch. NLQ and proportional spacing, and allows you to set the left margin.
There’s also a Set right margin in the printer control file, but I could find no way to select it.
The main screen shows some of the selected options, plus the last 12 lines typed, but for some reason these lines are cleared when you return from the Options screen, except for the current line if you select Options in mid-line.
You can send output to a file by altering the PAR: device line in the control file to a filename, but unfortunately E-Type seems to output each character followed by a space and a backspace, and then drops the backspaces when you use it to send the file to the printer. Result - double spaced characters.
You can send the output to a file and then COPY the file to the printer, but it's more trouble than it's worth.
Pity you can't specify a printer control file name to E-Type when you load it.
As you could then have one for the printer and one for a disc file.
OK. So it's not a word processor, but the ability to easily "print" to a file would be handy for repetitive labels. Single character (manual typewriter) mode isn't quite as useful as it could be. Though that's not the program's fault. It is a fair criticism however, since one of the main uses suggested is for filling in forms.
Unfortunately, any half-way intelligent printer won't move its head if it's given spaces - it waits to see if you're actually going lo print anything.
My Dataproducts printer does this, as will most Epsons. And the Fujitsu is even worse. II works out what's going on and refuses to print anything till it gets a line-feed, so there’s no difference between single character and line modes.
I suspect this is likely to be true of any printer urhich is designed to waste as little time as possible on needless head movement, thus making E-Type no better than a word processor for getting the right alignment on forms - you still have to measure the paper.
E-Type is described as fully Wysiwyg, and the Amiga has an italic character font, but when italics are in use the text on the screen doesn't show this. An oversight, or just laziness, I wonder?
To conclude I don't like reading reviews that consist of nothing hut criticisms, and I don't like writing them, but unfortunately it’s hard to think of much to say in E-Type’s favour.
If you can write reasonable Basic, do so. It'll only take you an evening to write your own typewriter emulator if you really feel a need for one. C wouldn't be much harder, especially if you settle for a program that only runs from the CLI.
Alternatively, have a look at the public domain sector - you may well find something like this for the price of a disc. Otherwise, if you have no word processor you'll probably find Ed adequate - and free.
The only case I can see for E-Type ?
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HINGES A DIV1DER8 STORAGE BOXES ACCESSORIES Mouse Mai __ Ar"«8 Prnar Caoe 3 S* Kit (Bw0) Twt. Sane HEN you were young, assembly language was (hat special lone of voice the headmaster used to direct several hundred kids not to throw the first years into the swimming pool again, please. When computers were young, assembly language - or more strictly, machine code - was the only way their inventors had to control them.
The lowest level of human computing communication, assembler, is the ultimate in power programming where the software writer abandons the safety nets of higher languages such as C or Basic to control the computer directly.
Like driving a very fast car. It's more dangerous and more demanding than its slower counterparts, but ultimately far more rewarding. Unlike fast cars. Amiga assembler costs nothing to try and you always walk away from a crash with no-claims bonus (if not sanity) intact.
Assembly is so-called because of the way it takes a program and assembles it into the machine code that a computer runs. Compilers, which convert a program by linking together prc-written chunks of someone clse's code - a program is never a program in assembler speak it's 'code' - and interpreters, which work out what a program means and then run someone else's code each time the program is used, always make machine code that's less than perfect for the job.
What you write in an assembler program is what the computer gets to run. Nothing else. If you get it right, it will outrun anything.
Writing in assembler for any machine takes an intimate knowledge of the computer, and the Amiga is no exception. However, unlike many computers, the Amiga has a well thought-out and standard link to all of the special functions of the machine, provided by Commodore.
This simplifies programming no end, but a good grounding in the design and foibles of the microprocessor in the machine is still needed. And it's the 68000. Heart and mind of the Amiga, that the would-be hacker should study first.
The 68000, or 68K, is quite an old processor as such things go.
Conceived in the late 70s, it was one of the first to be designed by a team which studied the way in which the first generation microprocessors had been used. As a result, the instruction set - the list of commands that the processor can understand - is both simpler and more powerful than many others.
It's easy and quick to learn, there Cotl] ' are relatively few special gotchas to watch out for - a gotcha is a curious mode of behaviour that causes the programmer to worry for a bit before yelling Gotcha!' When the truth becomes apparent - and it’s logical.
It might seem strange to hold logicality up as a good thing in a computer - can't the beasts out-Spock Spock? - but other processors have an arbitrary allocation of functions. It might be possible to multiply X by Y and store the result in Z, for example, but not to multiply X by Z and stuff the answer in Y. On the 68K, almost any operation can be done to almost anything. The processor has a regular instruction set
- the magic word to impress people is orthogonal - and learning
the’ instruction and the structure of the processor is enough
to know it all.
The bit of the processor with which assembler programmers become most intimate is the register set. Registers are very similar to memory locations in that they store numbers, but unlike memory they are part of the main processor, so can be accessed very fast indeed. There aren't many of VS Jo,.
0hvf0"c*A o. them - the 68000 has 19 and that's a lot for a processor
- but they are where all the action takes place.
The 19 registers are divided into data, address and system registers.
There arc eight data registers, called DO to D7. One of the things about assembler programming is that numbers always start at zero. The first data register is register 0, the first memory location is 0, and so on.
Some particularly silly computer books even start at chapter 0.
This is because in digital electronics whenever something is chosen by a set of signals there’s always something selected when all the signals are zero. It's convenient for this to be considered the first wotsit, and it would be daft to call it number one. So the first data register in the 68K is DO, and the eighth D7. It comes naturally after a year or two... The data registers are used, yes, for data. They are 32 bits wide, which between 0 and about 4.3 thousand million. That's not strictly accurate; as the numbers are held in binary the processor actually deals with those between
oooooooouuooooooooooonoooooooooo and 11111111111111111111111111111111.
It might be convenient to consider the leftmost 1 as a sign indicator - if it's 0 then the following 31 bits are positive, if it's 1 then they're negative.
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This is called signed integer, the former case is unsigned integer.
Whatever - it’s up to you how you choose to interpret things.
Instructions to do things like add numbers together, check for particular conditions and change values tend to use the data registers.
Seven of the eight address registers, again 32 bit. Are mostly used to address memory. This becomes steadily more important as languages get more machine-oriented - in Basic, memory addressing is hidden away completely; in C it becomes important and in assembler there’s no getting away from it.
Consider the Basic line: LET planetS='Hello, Ha r s'; PR I NT 'Bonzo says, ';planetS.
This, behind the user’s back, allocates some memory, stuffs the 11 bytes of "Hello, Mars" into it. Takes the PRINT command, points it at first to "Bonzo says. “ and then the recently-stuffed area of memory and.
Byte by byte, copies the text on to the screen.
To do the same thing in assembler might involve pointing one address register (Al) at a free area of memory.
A2 at "Bonzo says. “ and copying the text. The process would be repeated for the "Hello. Mars", the total length of the text worked out and put at the beginning of the text and then an address register (say AO) pointed at the whole caboodle.
A routine - a self-contained chunk of code which performs a function, either provided by Commodore or home-written - would then be called upon to take the area of memory pointed to by AO. Get a count out of the first byte and copy that many subsequent bytes to the screen.
Translating them to characters as it went.
The eighth address register - A7, of course - is normally used for stack management. The stack is an area of memory which is used for special purposes by the B8K. If. For example, the computer is interrupted by a hardware signal because it has to dash off and run some code to receive a byte from the serial port which just w’on’t wait, it shoves the address in memory of the program it was running “on the stack" to retrieve later. The same thing happens if a program calls (like GOSUB in Basic) another part of the program; the processor has to know where to RETURN to.
Putting stuff on the stack involves getting the information, storing in the memory pointed to by A7. Changing the value of A7 to point to the next free area in memory and repeating the process as required.
This happens automatically, and the machine code programmer doesn't have to worry about the mechanics.
You do have to make sure that A7 is pointing to an area of memory that has enough free space to store the addresses of however many routines are likely to be interrupted or make calls.
It’s common to put data on the stack in order to pass it to a routine, because the processor provides special instructions to make this easy.
Most of the time, for small assembler programs AmigaDos supplies enough stack to be safe; it's only when large programs or peculiar practices are indulged in that the stack need be considered.
There are, although this is not apparent to the programmer, two A7s, changing when the 68K changes between supervisor and user mode.
Some instructions, those that allocate and control memory for example, can only be carried out when the processor is in supervisor mode.
The user mode is intended for ordinary programs, which have restricted power over the system and shouldn’t be able to disrupt others that might be sharing memory with them. It's convenient to have two separate stacks for the two modes, and the 68K provides this.
The final two registers are status and program counter. Status provides information about the state of the processor, and also remembers part of the result of previous maths or logical operations. If a subtraction results in a negative number, for example, then a hit of the status register gets changed so that a later instruction can find out this fact. The program counter holds the address in memory from which to get the next instruction, essential to the processor hut forgettable to the average assembler animal.
The general idea behind assembly programming is to get data into the data registers by locating it with the address registers, change it and put it back out again.
What that data is. What modifications are perpetrated and where it finally comes to rest, is no business of the language. It’s all up to you.
Before the concrete stuff comes next month, the mechanics of assembly programming need to be shoved under the microscope. Various different assemblers can be used; some are public domain and are ideal for learning experimenting with the language, and some cost a few tens or hundreds of pounds. They all perform the same function.
The PID ones - A68k and Asm68k are the most common - have the fewest frills, but produce just the same code as those that cost real money. The expensive ones tend to earn their keep by providing what’s called an integrated environment: text ?
editor, debugger and assembler working together to make program development easier.
The usual way to write an assembly program is. From the CLI. To start with a normal text Tile - if you don't have a commercial editor that can produce plain Ascii text, use Ed. That's provided with every Amiga and works well for small-medium sized files.
Say the file is called GIZMO.ASM. This is then sent to the assembler hv a line similar to A68K GIZMO.ASM. The assembler chews over the work of magnificence newly writ, and spits out either an object file or a set of terse error messages.
An object file is half-way to the finished code - error messages are somewhat further removed. It normally needs to be linked with other object files before it can be run; these files contain routines which were written earlier - standard routines you rely on, or other people's code - and let you write and test a large program in small chunks.
The link process also sorts out exactly what goes where in the final program - for example, each of your small chunks of code might contain a separate area for data storage. The linker will separate out all these areas and lump them together, dealing with the code likewise, making two big areas which can be saved separately instead of one even bigger mishmash of little *uns. Keeping track of what goes where and does w hat is one of the bigger headaches of programming in assembler.
So. Finally, the executable program falls out. Type its name at the CLI prompt and... the machine crashes.
Ka-boom. This always happens first time, and almost always on the second. It's time to go hack to the source code (which has. Of course, been saved before running the new program. Hasn't it?) And check what's gone wrong.
There are some essential hooks to he bought, borrowed or otherwise obtained. The first, which every Amiga should have come with hut every Amiga owner has to go out and buy. Borrow and so on. Is the AmigaDos User's Manual. This covers the use of Ed. How to set up sensible working environments, and lots more technical stuff that's indispensable.
Next on the list is the official Motorola 68000 User's Manual.
Unlike many manufacturer's hooks, this is well laid out. Dear and simple to use. It is written for an expert audience - "The powerful vectored priority interrupt structure of the microprocessor allows straightforward generation of reentrant modular input-output routines", and that's page 9 - but as a work of reference it can't be beaten.
Recommended, hut not must buys, are the AmigaUos Rom Kernel.
Developer’s and Intuition manuals.
All of the above except for the Motorola hook should be gettable by your local dealer or Amiga Centre, or a technical bookshop. Otherwise.
Commodore UK will help (arc you listening. C-UK?). Motorola's sales office is Television House. 10-12 Mount Street. Manchester. Ml2 5VVS.
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Fnet on 8 Tractor £229 95 Star LC 10 Colour As above with seven colour option .... £269 95 BOOKS: Elementary Amiga Bas* .£1495 Kickstafl Gurfe ....£12 95 Amiga Tricks 6 Tips ...£12 95 Advanced Amiga Basic ..£16.95 Amiga for Beginners ...£10 95 Amiga Machine Language £12 95 Amiga Microsoft Basic .....£10 45 Basic Inside & Out ...£10 95 uxywys ...
DISCS & BOXES: Bulk 3 5 Discs 10 off £9 95 Bulk 3 5 Discs 20 off £1895 Sony Branded Box of 10 £15 95 Disc Box holds 50 . £6 95 Disc Box holds 100 .. .....£7 95 All goods offered subject to availability Overseas orders welcome - Please wnte for prices Callers welcome Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5 00 Saturday 10.00 to 4 00 Please send cheques POs to: _M.J.C. SUPPLIES (AMG) 40a QUEEN STREET, HITCHIN, HERTS. SG4 9TS Tel: (0462) 421415 (or Enquiries Credit Card Orders EKE. But there's nowt so queer as folk. That old northern saying is slightly
wrong - to be accurate, there's newt so queer as West Coast American folk. Especially those who design a computer with the sound gizmos to synthesise, in hi-fi digital stereo. Jean-Michel )arre sneezing well enough to make the man reach for the Kleenex.
They get the software spot on. The electronic bits fair resonating with rightness, and then forget to put in an amplifier, so nobody can actually hear the stuff. Not even a headphone socket. Perhaps they were all telepathic, and just didn't notice... To be fair, the Amiga is designed to be used with a monitor which can reasonably be expected to have some sort of speaker system. But most aren't stereo, and while wiring the computer up to the hi-fi is guaranteed to enthral your eardrums it's both messy and inconvenient.
Another problem, but one which isn't really Commodore's fault, is the way in which AmigaDos steals a little more memory for each disc drive | However, there’s a better way to disconnect a disc than by yanking the cables. All it takes is one switch in one of the lines that run from micro to drive, and the unpalatable peripheral is electronically invisible.
When the Amiga scans around for extra bits, the line that asks "Are you there?" Is cut. No reply from the disc connected. Just about every operating system ever written does this: memory is needed to keep information about the disc drive as well as to transfer programs and data in and out of the floppy. This doesn't matter in normal use'but when a utility or game needs every last microbyte of ram. Having a second drive attached can seriously damage your software capability.
Something to shout about Make the neighbours’ windows rattle and hum. Rupert Goodwins decides that things sound better in stereo MEGALAND ~ Sp.d.iw.l .11 ogg 42-44 MILLBROOK ROAD EAST SOUTHAMPTON OFFER CCI 4 Phone tor catalogue on MEGASOFT Software Club OFFER CC11 COMMODORE PC 1 SPECIALS Cumana CAS 354 OFFER CCI 2 OFFER CCI 3 AMIGA drive Commodore PC 1 Commodore PC 1 own P.S.U. High Res Mono
C. G.A. Colour Mon £99 Inc VAT Able-1 Software Able-1 S W £325
PRICE £149 plus VAT OFFER CCI 5 Star LC 10 £195 Inc VAT OFFER
CCI 7 Dragons Lair for AMIGA £ phone Philips 8833 monitor £239
Inc VAT Waball Bubble Bobble Star Goose Int Soccer Vision
V4200 £169.VAT 8Mb RartVB ..£499.VAT XT
B Board ...£399.VAT Int Genlock ...£179. VAT AT
For a limited parlod whan you order your AMIGA you can
purcahaa a PHIUPS 8833 stereo monitor lor ONLY £199 Inc VAT,
or a VISION V4200 (made by Philips) colour monitor £179 Inc.
(similar to Commodore 1084) M tot MjO* atad MAM a™*
rtfcMtotory m* kasim-name, vat PNMttMDueCw*.. PrtntoC**--
Prinlar Rbtor* 0703 332225 NEW YEAR PACK 2 AMIGA A500 Pholon
Pamt Amegas Insanity Fkght Terrorpods Aft ol Clw Thunder Cats
Mercenary Comp Waball Barbarian Utl Warrior Buggy Boy Ilian
Warriors TV Modulator £379 Inc VAT NEW YEAR PACK 1 AMIGA A500
Photon Paint PD Disks Skyfghter Ptaloon Las Vegas Wizball
Demolition TV Modulator Grid Start Gold Runner Karata Kid II
Joystick £389 Inc VAT OFFER CCI 8 Star LC 10 Commodore £159
Inc VAT Star LC 10 Col Commodore £199 Inc VAT NEW YEAR PACK 5
AMIGA A500 - TV modulator - Joystick - Interceptor -
Leatherneck - Goldrunner - Karate Kid II - Mouse Mat - Amiga
Tutorial Disk - Manuals - Mouse - 10 CBM Disks - Disk Cleaner
£389 Inc VAT NEW YEAR B2000 PACK £1399 +VAT .. £4*5 Inc Y AT
...VM Inc. VAT _ r7 J6 Inc. VAT
- -------POA 256K Ram Expamion to C0M 64 06 • VAT 128K Ram
Exparatoi lor C8M 128...B6 • VAT S12K Ram ExpMon to C8M VAT B
2000 ...£839. VAT XT EVBoard ...£399.VAT 20
MB Hard D E199.VAT 2nd Drive 3 5‘ .£75.VAT Philips
8833 ..£199.VAT 1084S or 8833 Monitor B2000 XT B Board PC
Controller Hard Disk Drive AMIGA B 2000 NEW YEAR PACK 4 AMIGA
A5O0 Camer Command Waball Pholon Paint Platoon Karate Kid II
Goldrunner Aegis Sonik PD Disks Joystick TV Modulator £399 Inc
VAT Eliminator Plaoon Captain Blood Spitting Image Winter
Olympiad Joystick Belter Dead than Alien Strike Force Harrier
TV Modulator £399 Inc VAT NEW YEAR PACK 3 AMIGA A500 PhoDn
Paint . Quadralien OFFER CCI 9 C64 1581
3. 5 inch D Drive £149 Inc
- no extra memory munched. And it just so happens that the sound
and floppy sockets are serendipitouslv congruent (he means it’s
lucky that they're next to each other - Ed.)
Astech. A brand-new company, noted all the above and has produced a small box which combines a disc isolation switch and a stereo audio amplifier. Tastefully finished in black to match the Amiga (with the lights out), it simply plugs into all three sockets. The disc connector is taken straight through, so any normal Amiga floppy will plug in. On the top of the box are two 3.5mm jack sockets for loudspeakers, a switch and two knobs.
The switch is marked Drive Disenable and Enable. Disenable is a new one on me; why they didn’t call the other position Kndisable I don't know. But it simply makes or breaks the appropriate line, and thus enables or disables any and all external floppies. It is possible, with extra electronics, to just disable Dfl: or DF2:, but this isn't much more useful and costs extra.
THE two knobs are volume controls for the two audio channels. This is as effective but cheaper than having one volume and one balance control. Inside the box sits one circuit board and a few wires
- closer investigation shows one LM377 stereo amplifier chip
together with precious little else.
This chip is a very rugged, two watts per channel device and should be impossible to blow up by any means short of plumbing 240V' mains directly into the output sockets. This will also destroy the Amiga and kill you, so stick with speakers. The unit takes its power directly from the computer, so there’s no extra wiring.
It works, almost flawlessly - a different arrangement of the connectors on the back of an Amiga 2000 mean that this is an A500 only product but then the rich kids will probably run the sound through their Quad set-up anyway.
One oddity is that the box is plastic and all of the leads are unshielded, so in use there’s a small degree of pickup from the floppy wires and the Amiga’s internals which results in quiet hums, buzzes and churr-churr- churrs as the machine thinks. And on the (obviously pre-production) model I had there was no headphone socket.
However. Astech has taken this to heart, and promises to put this into all production units. I’ve taken the liberty of plumbing one into mine, and as a result the box will be permanently plugged in. It’s not a flashy product, but it fills a need and isn’t too expensive. Recommended.
Sound Amplifier. Astech 0474 325814 £28 CUT PRICE SOFTWARE LTD.
19. 95
19. 99
19. 99
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16. 95
15. 99
15. 99
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10. 95
5. 95
19. 99
15. 95
15. 95 Falcon ......29.95 Defender of the
Crown 29.99 Stf'Oad 29 95 Hostage** 24 95 Retw* an 24 95
ler’o'pods 24 95 Oo terato* 74% No
Excuses .....19.95 Jet
(Sublogic) ..45.95 Balance of
Power 24.95 Barbarian (Palace) .....19.99
Three Stooges 29.99
Nebulus ....19.95 Grand Slam
Tennis ....24.95
Platoon .....24.95
Thunderblade ..24.95 Ojtrjr 24 95 Reru'nci
the.ed 24 95 Enpre Str Kes Bac* 24 95 S'* Wars 24 95
Snaoowgrfie 24 95 OocbeD-ago*' 1995 Xenon 1995
B. 'de 24 95 Summer Oympiac 24 95 Footba i Manage* h ’9 99 Flight
Simulator II 45.95
Afterburner ......24.95 Art of
Chess ....24.95
Ebonstar ...24.99 Craps
Academy ..24.99 Pioneer
Plague ...24.95 Strip Poker
II ...14.95 Strip Poker Datadisk 9.95 Rocket
Ranger 29.99
R-Type .....24.95 Street
Fighter ..24.95 AMIGA GAMES RRP OURS Shoot
'em Up Con. Set .24.95
16. 95 Moebious .24.95
16. 95 Star Glider II ... .24.95
16. 95 F e 8 Forget 24 95
16. 95 Gar so** I 24 95
16. 95 Quadrai**' U M S . ‘9 99 24 95
13. 95
16. 95 S:a"3y 24 95
15. 95
6. 0n Comm*'X»s 24 99
16. 99 Better Dead than Alien .19.95
13. 95 Peter Beardsley Soccer... .19.95
12. 95 Fusion ..... .19.95
13. 95 Lombard RAC Rally
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16. 95 ?
1 1
24. 95
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15. 99 t-erande; Must 0«e 24 96
16. 95 Neme-woic
• 995
13. 95 wonc Ctas* l eacerboa'd 24 95
15. 95 F ¦'ftstor'es 1995
13. 95 A turowi 1999
13. 95 Socce* Sup*emo 1495
10. 95 C*ystai Hamme* 1995
13. 95 WtartQQ 1996
13. 95 .oe Biace 1999
13. 95 Hosywood Poke* 1995
13. 95 va- :»'es Cmpa-es 1995
13. 95 Bad Cat 24 95
19. 95 T me Srooc St i 1995
12. 95 S*em Senrce 24 95
16. 95 CaptarBooc 74 95
16. 95 TRIAD 29 95
19. 95 Efcte:Gur Now*) 24 99
16. 99 BomOjac* Pac Mana 24 99 24 99
16. 99
16. 99 Zyraps Zoom
AGRHHHH ..... 1999 1995
29. 95
13. 99
13. 95
19. 99 AMIGA BUSINESS PRODUCTS RRP OURS Superbase Personal 99.95
64.95 Superbase Professional.. 249.95 169.95 Superbase
II ....99.95 64.95 Wcxooertec* 27885 ’49 95
‘‘•oter 9995 64 95 Loostus 114 95 75 95 VIP 'O*essona 228 85
r 49 95 AssamM* 69 95 49 95 6995 49 95 lattice C 189 95 13995
“ascai 89 95 59 95 T ooi«'I - _ 39 95 29 95 P'O-nse 39 95 29
95 Cor- Setter 69 95 49 95 Maoc Assemper 69 95 49 95 P*0»n
Par* 69 95 49 95 An *rax * images ’03 50 89 95 An iraio* 57
50 39 95 Anmato* 3D ’29 95 99 95 impact 63 25 54 95 Video
T.te 110 40 99 95 Dgo®'*! S9 95 39 95 Sculpt 30 89 00 79 X
D-tfwPljs '98 95 149 95 Fx ess Part 69 95 49 96 AuJoMaster 46
00 39 X Son x 5750 44 96 « So ead n 79 95 49 96 K Data 49 95
34 95 Kseka 4995 34 96 K Roger 49 95 34 95
• Gadget 29 96 ?995 Klexr -9 95 14 95 K Comm || 49 95 34 95 The
Work* 149 96 H995 Drum Studio ....39.95 29.95
AMIGA ADVENTURES RRP OURS Jmxte* 24% 1695 Gmld ol Treves 24 95
16 95 M idhg~tec 24 99 15 99 DeaVu 2995 1995 GjrjptKy* 24 95
1599 Unnvtrec 29 95 1999 laoceloi 1995 1695 Times and I ore 24
99 1699 , eatrie* Gortcess Bermuda Protects 29 99 1999 24 99 16
99 2999 1999 24 99 16 99 19 95 16 95 2996 ‘995 Cn'onoooest
P-arnase » Time & Mag * . Egeno oI the Swore .
How to Order All Prices include VAT Game products postage free
U. K. mainland only.
Overseas orders add £2.50 per disk.
Air Mail £3.50 per disk.
Cheques Postal Orders (Sterling only please).
Made payable to: Cut Price Software Ltd., 17, Staple Tye, Harlow, Essex CM18 7LX All products In Business list must be sent Securicor Delivery £6.95 Recorded Delivery £2.50 Visa or Access orders (24 hour Ansaphone) • (0279) 24433 31956 ¦ Collect vouchers for... Free Discs... Free Games... Free Day Trip to France... Free Weekend Breaks... EAZYPRINT FOR ALL YOUR AMIGA REQUIREMENTS Tel: Sunbury on Thames (0932) 781257 AMIGA A500 Including TV Modulator
• Photon Paint
• Kickstart 1.3
• Free Mouse Mat £370 inc. VAT A500 ACCESSORIES 1084S COLOUR
MONITOR . ..£250.00 A501 512K
RAM . ...£131.00 CUMANA
DRIVE..... .. £90.00 AF880
DRIVE . .....£87.00 A520
CITIZEN 120D ...... £150.00 STAR
LC-10 .. £230.00 LC-10
COLOUR ...... .....£280.00 EPSON
FX-80 ...... .£370.00 MICRO-P
165+ ..... .£165.00 AMIGA 2000
FULL SYSTEM 'Latest B2000 Model
• 20Mb Hard Disk
• 1084S Stereo Monitor
• PC-XT Bridge board (includes 5.25' drive)
• Free 24-Hour Delivery EAZYPRINT PRICE: ONLY £1599 inc. VAT
RAM . ....£695.00 AMIGA 20Mb HARD
DISK .. ....£330.00 AMIGA PC-XT
CARD ...... ....£360.00 B2000 880K
DRIVE .. ....£140.00 AMIGA MS-DOS 20Mb
....£550.00 AMIGA B2000 ONLY £1100.00 SELECTED AMIGA SOFTWARE UTILITIES AC BASIC .....£163.00 AC FORTRAN .....£233.00 ANIMATOR ....£92.00 AUDIOMASTER ....£37.00 CLI MATE £29 00 DELUXE SERIES:-
MUSIC .£53.00 VIDEO .£52.00 PRINT 2 ...£38.00 PAINT 2 ...£53.00 PRODUCTIONS ..£105.00 DIGIPAINT .....£49.00 INSTANT
MUSIC ..£19.00 RUBY-VIEW .£114.00 VIDEOSCAPE .....£127.00 VIOEOTITLER £79.00 TV TEXT ..£84.00 WORDPERFECT £202.00 AMEGAS .... £13.00 ..£25.00 £19.00 £20.00 £21.00 £19.00 £29 00 £26 00 £26.00 ..£16.00
..£19.00 £19 00 £22.00 £22 00 £23.00 £20 00 £8 00 £23 00 ARKANOID . BARBARIAN ... BIONIC COM .. BUGGY BOY .. CHESSMASTER ...
DJ Walker-Morgan finds you need to be an expert in C and intuition just to use Kuma’s K-Gadget W w ¥ HEN programming tools increase the effort expended it is time to write your own. K-Gadget from Kuma is a programmers' utility for the Amiga. It's purpose is to simplify the creation of gadgets and requesters by automating the process of generating C source code.
The idea is that you draw up your gadgets on screen, set their operation, and K-Gadget goes away and writes the code for you.
K-Gadget has two basic screens, one on which you construct your gadgets and one from which you can pull the different types of gadget. To construct a Boolean gadget - that's a ves no on off type box - you pull the object marked on off from the parts window and move it on the main window.
The utility then puts a representation of the object on the screen, and using pull down menus, you can define how the gadget will behave and look. This is fine in theory such software tools are as important to commercial programmers as coffee in plastic cups.
Unfortunately in K-Gadget. The implementation leaves much to be desired.
YOU never see the gadgets you are designing under Intuition, only K-Gadget's representation of them, which is not really the true picture. Most code generators have a test mode which lets you do this.
Here there is no sign of such an option.
When setting up a gadget you have to fill in various screens, but there is no quick way to move between them.
For a program that is supposed to make life easy for the user and programmer its requesters rely too heavily on keyboard entry.
The keyboard setup is dismal.
When setting up borders, you have to enter a list of border coordinates.
Which involves entering X and Y coordinates into a list.
Instead of allowing you to more through the list with cursor keys and pressing Return to move to the next field. K-Gadget demands that you click on every entry box whenever you want to enter a value. For a simple box border, this is mildly irritating. For anything more complex I it is a major pain.
It is in designing the gadget's image that K-Gadget reduces to worthless any positive advantages it might have had. The image editor is slow, very slow, and for no apparent reason.
When you go into the window to start drawing arid press the left mouse button, you expect, as with most applications, there to be a trail of pixels following the mouse pointer.
There isn't. You have to point and click every pixel for your gadget. You cannot load in IFF brushes, so this is also the only way to generate images, slowly.
I couldn't find any way to copy a gadget either. You have to define each one. A colour palette requester would he an nightmarish exercise in tedium.
But you couldn’t really do a palette requester, because K-Gadget only works in four colours on the (140x200 Workbench screen. Anything else, and you'll have to sit down and hack the C source.
COMING on to the C source, a particular irritation is the fact that no comments are added into the code. It makes altering the generated code that little bit harder.
The manual assumes you are literate with Intuition, so if you are new to programming the Amiga he warned that no allowance for you is made. It's a pity really the people that a gadget generator could most help are cut off from using it by the manual, hut there it is.
|ust as a blind test, I called a programmer friend of mine who was working on a communications program. I said I had a gadget generator and would he like to borrow it and put together some gadgets. He did. He came back three days later, very frustrated, after hitting nearly all the same problems that I'd encountered. His only comment was "Buy 30 pounds worth of graph paper it is more user friendly".
K-Gadget is a good idea gone sadly wrong. It seems to be written as an exercise in menus and requesters, rather than with the aim of being an effective tool for a programmer. You spend more time filling in the blanks for K-Gadget rather than creating good gadgctry. But then I should have been suspicious when the most complex gadget image in the program was a simple hexagon.... REPORT CARD K-Gadget Kuma £29.95 USEFULNESS ..L Limited screen modes and the inability to import IFF restrict uses.
EASE OF USE ..1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 I 1 1 H Shows tremendous lack of thought on behalf of the person who designed this.
INTUITION ......Illllllllll.i l While the program obeys the rules it shows a lack of regard for the ethos behind programming the Amiga.
SPUED ....Ml I I I I I 11 I I I I If the draw program was any slower the results would be old masters by the time you finished.
VALUE . You are probably better off with £30's worth of graph paper and a pencil.
THE SILENT PORTABLE PRINTER The HUSH-80 from Ferrotec is a small portable thermal printer, quiet in operation, which is ideally suited for home use, office back-up and everywhere when NLQ isn't required. Fast and efficient - no pretensions to anything else. Easy to operate, quick to load and simple to service. A friend to the budget conscious, a professional product at an economic price.
• Compatible with A500 A1000 A2000 and PCI.
• Both 3VS and 5'A give 880K Formatted.
• Throughport, to add more drives.
• Enable and disable switch.
• Very quiet and reliable Drive Mechanism.
• 1.3 Metres of cable so you can put your second drive wherever
you want to.
• Full 12 Month Warranty.
• Made in the EEC to European and British Safety Standards.
• Already 180.000 Drives sold in Europe.
For More Information Call:
T. W.D. Limited, Dublin, Ireland. Tel: 522811.
Twillstar Ltd.. Middlesex, England. Tel: 01-5716551.
Amtron AB, Houten, Holland. Tel: 03403-79690.
Bruce Campbell OY. Helsinki. Finland. Tel: 80-780433.
* Price applies to C 372N or QD0OP Other prices on Dealer
Enquiries to Manufacturer: Ferrotec Ltd., Unit T9. Stillorgan
Industrial Park, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Tel: 353-1-952529. Fax:353-1-953625 Telex: 91810.
DO you find scrolling shoot-'em ups are getting samey? Do you suspect that you could do better but know that to produce a game would mean at least a year learning machine code and then another six months to write the game? Do you want a quick way to unleash your creative talents? You do? Then you want to rush out and buy Shoot-'Em- Up Construction Kit (Seuck to its friends), a program which lets you design your own shoot-'em-up games.
For the non-programmer it is not until you sit down to design a game that you realise how much goes into the simplest program. You have to design sprites for your player, enemies, bullets, missiles and backgrounds.
If you want to animate a sprite so that your ship can roll for instance - you need to draw every frame. You The Generation Game Simon Rockman looks at Shoot-’Em-Up Construction Kit, the game design program which lets you decide which aliens you zap.
And not an assembler in sight need to sort out the movement patterns for a swooping flock of aliens, and if you want five minutes' worth of scrolling background you cannot just draw lots of screens and join them together unless you have megabytes of ram to spare. Screens have to built from standard blocks to save memory. Then there is collision detection to worry about, not to mention the scoring.
So writing a game means compiling a number of simple routines. Most programmers write special editors to automate the process. Being tools written by programmers for programmers, they are usually a bit rough. Outlaw - the Palace label used for titles written by programmers who work freelance - has produced a neat suite of programs which allows anyone to design a simple, scrolly, shooty game.
A sprite editor is used to design your ship, and if you are creating a two player game, your allies' ship, in a 24 by 24 pixel grid, using seven colours and one transparent colour so that the landscape can scroll by. The same limitations are imposed on enemy sprites all of which can have up to 18 frames of animation.
An animated sprite is called an object, supposedly to make things ?
Object Editor SPRITE OBJECT You can have up to 18 frames of animation simpler. You can have a total of 100 sprites stored with up to 60 of them on the screen at any one time.
You can tweak the performance of your ship by adjusting the number of bullets in the air at any one time, the bullet direction, speed and rate of fire.
Traditionalists will probably want to start with three lives, but can choose a different number or use the option to win a bonus ship at 10.000 points.
The blocks for the background use eight colours - which can be different to the pallette chosen for the ships - on a 32 x 32 grid. You can have up to 140 blocks, which means there is plenty of scope for interesting backgrounds.
Up to 22 levels can be designed and they don't have to smooth scroll, you can flick scroll or have a static screen.
You can even switch the type of scroll in mid-flight so as to tackle a particularly nasty alien at the end of a level, like Xenon.
The game can be tested with infinite lives and then the finished result saved to a disc to form a standalone game.
Starting from scratch is difficult, it is far easier to modify an existing game, so the programmers have put together three sample ones. Since they arc the same men who wrote Amiga Wizball for Ocean it is no surprise that the graphics are great.
But you will soon progress to writing your own games. Pete Stone from Palace says the most clever idea he saw for the Commodore 64 version was a game where a boy had to win the affection of girlfriends hy throwing hearts at them. There is certainly plenty of scope.
Seuck uses its own windowing routines and will not multi-task - a necessary restraint to make the game run fast enough to be playable. You can load IFF sounds and an IFF title screen, but you cannot use brushes saved from Amiga art programs, and I see this as a major shortcoming. It would be great to be able to use something like a video digitiser to grab screens off a video recorder and pipe them into the game. There might even be a market for an IFF-to-Seuck conversion program.
The Amiga is. In the words of its designers, "a killer games machine", it is also the computer which has proved to be an unprecedented creative tool for the masses. Shoot- 'Em-Up Construction Kit is the program which unites those abilities.
REPORT CARD Shoot-’Em-Up Construction Kit Outlaw 01-278 0751 £24.99 USEFULNESS I It is great fun to rattle off a game in a couple of days, so it could be considered useful.
EASE OF USE.. Simple, menu-driven with good editors but putting a game together takes some time.
INTumo M! 111111111111 Kicking out AmigaDos is not so bad, but the inability to load IFF files is a serious oversight.
SPEED The games produced can get a bit sluggish with a lot of sprites, but that is only to be expected.
VALUE ..... As many games as you want for £25.
But it is producing them that is the fun part of the whole exercise A true Amiga addict’s choice.
Gameplaying meets creativity, and the user comes out the winner.
SOFTS ELLERS 12 SANDPIPER CLOSE, LONGRIDGE PARK, COLCHESTER, ESSEX C04 3GE WIG A 5A Dog's Head St. We will match any software price advertised by another company providing the advert is a current issue and not a special otter. Please state magazine and company concerned ¦ iwn Ipswich Suffolk FAST SERVICE 24 HOURS PLACE ©[Riot 36a Osborne St. Colchester Essex STARGLIDER 2 SOFTWARE Afterburner ......13 99 A Question of Sport .... 1299 Amiga Gold Hits 16 99 Army Moves .. ......15 99 Action Service .... ......Ij.SW ......12 99
Armalyte ... ......12.99 Batman ......15.99 uaras I ate I or ll ... BAT .. ......16.99 .... 16 99 Barbarian II ......12.99 Battlechess . ......16.99 Bombuzal .. Butcher Hill ......16.99 Carrier Command . ......15.99 Captain Blood ......15.99 Chrono
Quest ......19.99 Combat School ..... ......15.99 Corruption ......15 99 Daley Thompsons O.C ......15.99 Dragon Ninja . Double Dragon ..... 15 99 ......12 99 Dungeon Master ... ......15.99 Elite .. ......15.99 ......15 99 Eliminator .. ......13.99 Falcon .. F19 Stealth Fighter ...
......19.99 ......15.99 Fernandez Must Die ... ......15.99 Fed. Ot Free Traders .. ......19.99 Fish ......15.99 Fusion .. ......16.99 Football Manager II ..... ......12.99 Football Director II . Guerrilla War . ......15.99 Gryzor .. ......15 99 Ghosts & Goblins .
15. 99 Heroes ot the Lance .... 16 99
Hostages .. ......15 99
Interceptor .... ......16.99 International
Soccer ... ......12.99 Iron Lord .....16 99
Joan of Arc .... 15 99 Leaderboard
Birdie 16 99 Legend ot Ihe Sword .....15 99
L. E.D. Storm ..... .....13 99 HARDWARE
Atari 520 STFM with 1 Meg Drive £269.95 Atari 520 Super Pack
with 21 Games & Business Organiser £349.95 Atari 1040 ST Now
with Modulator + Software Pack £449.95 Atari SMM804 Dot Matrix
Printer £179.95 Atari SC1224 Med Res Colour Monitor £299.95
Cumana 1 Meg Drive for the ST £99.95 SOFTWARE Lombard RAC
Rally ..15.99
Leathernecks ....12.99
Lancelot .... 12 99
Menace 15.99
Microprose Soccer ......15.99 19 Boot
Camp ..12 99 Nigel
Mansell's Grand Prix .16.99
Nightraider ..13.99
Operation Wolt .13.99 Out
Run ......13 99
Overlander .15 99
Paperboy ...15 99
Pacmania ...12.99
Powerdrome ..... 16.99
Amiga 500 with Free Modulator, Tutorial. Extra Disc and Photon
Paint Pools ot Radiance 16.99
Purple Saturn Day 15 99
Quadralien ..15.99
£369.95 Amiga 500+1084S Colour Monitor £599.95 1084S Colour
Monitor £249.95 Citizen 120D Dot Matrix Printer £199.95 Cumana
1 Meg Drive for the Amiga £99.95 Amiga Memory Expansion to 1
Meg + Roadblasters ....1699
Robocop .....15.99
Rtype .13.99
Rocket Ranger ..19.99 Return
olthe Jedi .13 99 Rambo III 15
99 Scrabble .....12
99 Shadowgate .....15.99 Space
Harrier ...15.99 Starglider
II .15.99
Skychase ..12 99 Star
Ray .....15.99
Speedball 15.99 giock
uard £139.95 Skate or
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Cop 16.99 Please
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K. p. *.g* Kuo. Or Po«r T*l« Ad* Pantav'aon K*d of Fraa 7 r»do
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Tracer* Tnvta P-r*. U Tu bo Cup Lt:®a4 LtumataGoif Unlv
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1HE aim of this series is to give you a tutorial journey through the features which put the Arnica into Amiga Basic. Little is understood or documented about the specifically Amicoid features of the lansuacr.
And in forthcoming months I hope to clarify some of these important features with examples of each which you can adapt to Tit your own programs.
It's assumed you have grasped the use of Amiga Basic from typing in listings and trying out a few of your own programs. We're not presuming to teach you Basic here, but to take your working knowledge and mould you into a power user.
The production and use of windows in Amiga Basic programs is an important skill which you must master before you can proceed. Don't get the idea that this is complicated because it isn't. But you should know W AMIGA Cvvrt 'TING n+n*rr 0 No gadgets.
1 With sizing gadget in top left.
2 Allows you lo move window with title bar.
4 Front and back gadgets in top right corner.
8 Close gadget in top left.
16 Contents of window refresh if covered.
Previously treated with the S( l I I (11,11) - (271,71) command, this can be between I and
4. And the default figure of -1 refers to the Workbench screen.
Try this program segment:
• HIM «indo. Id , "titl+ , r«tmjle , trpe , strt« ia I The
command tan jusl specify WINDOW and an id number, which makes a
default window with no gadgets, or if the window number
¦indies: •HIM 1,Huey*,(11,11) (271,71),31
• HIM 2,lt.tf ,(311,1IMSM,711,31
• HIM 3,lMis',(1l,1S)*(27l,1711,31
• HIM MINI 1 LIST together In sill the new type number So if you
wanted all of them il would be 1+2+4 + 11+16=31.
Sake of style and neatness, is to close all the windows before exiting. The thing about this is that you can specify an unclosable task, and this can he untidy if someone hides a window and forgets to close it. Then wonders why his machine locks up when he quits. To close windows simply employ the WINDOW CLOSE id command. Get into the habit of typing this into your programs as a final routine before you put the middles in. Adding WINDOW CLOSE commands as you add a new window to your program.
Particular values related to the currently selected window. (NB: If you’re a beginner programmer I suggest you browse this bit and come back to it.)
Window id of selected front output window Window id of current output w indow Width of current output window' Height of current output window X coordinate of where next char will lie in window Y coordinate of where next char will be in window' Maximum legal colour Pointer to INTUITION WINDOW record Pointer to RASTPORT record Shulit: HIM CLOSE 1 I1M0I CLOSE 2 UIMGI CLOSE !
Before we leave the subject of windows let's just take a peek at a more complex WINDOW-related command, and that's WINDOW (x).
This returns a specific value depending on what you slip in between the parentheses. The numbers between 0 and 8 return The deeper ramifications behind 7 and 8 are best looked up in the standard text, an essential programmers' tome called Amiga Intuition Reference Manual (Addison Wesley), available from all good Amy stores and only suitable for hardened hackers.
To use WINDOW (x) just substitute the x for the number in the above table which returns the information you need. You can seed these commands through your program t make sure your windows are on course. This can be an invaluable programmers' tool, as well a powerful command in your Basic arsenal.
• So thul's the window nut cracked.
Next month we'll he look ini' at DEF FN or defined functions and their uses.
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2nd PRINTER INTERFACE Use your Amiga's serial port to drive a second Centronics compatible printer. A3 metre cable is included - no extras required.
MIRACLE SYSTEMS NBC, Dean Road, Yate, Bristol BS17 5NH Telephone orders welcome on (0454) 317772 Amiga Arcade LOMBARD RAC RALLY THE dust had hardly settled over Harrogate when Mandarin released a driving simulation that used the Lombard RAC Rally as its inspiration.
Having clocked up average speeds of over 120mph on that other well known driving program Test Drive, I was eager to put my talents lo the test on this new contender for pole position of the software scene.
Like most people reading this magazine, my chances of owning a rally-going Cosworth Sierra depend very much on the number of score draws that 1 manage to select on a Saturday afternoon. So I was quite excited about the prospect of thrashing the computerised version around a digital rally circuit on behalf of Amiga Computing.
The game controls are identical to those of Test Drive - move the joystick forward to accelerate, back to brake. Pressing the fire button while performing either of these actions causes the driver to shift up or down through the four speed gearbox.
As you would expect, the engine note changes in relation to the revs you are doing in each particular gear.
Unfortunately Mandarin didn’t employ the superb throaty roar that features so prominently in the title music. But then the programmer also forgot a fifth gear.
Before competing in the rally you must first prove your competence behind the wheel. This is achieved by racing round all five legs of the proposed route and qualifying as one of the three fastest drivers in at least one leg.
Every leg of the rally consists of three stages, each posing its own particular problems. A stage may be open road, a forest section, or a twisting mountain track - on top of which you must also race in thick fog or at night.
Most unusually for a racing game, you are not shown sat in the driving seat or behind the car - your viewpoint is from just behind the driver and navigator, giving the same view as you get on the TV. As there is no rear seat in a racing Cossy I can only assume that you are perched on the toolbox.
With the starter's flag draped across your windscreen a digitised voice shouts a countdown - "Three, two, one. GO!1’. Slamming the throttle to the floor, you scream away from the start. With the power still on you dab the fire button, the driver responds instantly, smoothly snicking the beast into second gear. Similarly. All left and right movements of the joystick are echoed by the man at the wheel.
The sense of movement is achieved graphically using the age old technique of scrolling a series of horizontal lines down the road. Additional realism is obtained with the extensive use of hills, dips, and bends in the circuit. The whole shcebang is made more effective by jiggling the screen.
It is quite unnerving to race up to the brow of a hill and realise that while your bonnet is pointing skywards you can no longer see which direction the road before you is following. On several occasions I found myself straining my neck to try and keep sight of the road as it fell out of sight.
These occasions can be made less frightening by taking a quick look at the navigator's clipboard, which displays a route map upon which your current position is highlighted. I must say that the map did not always appear to show what was happening in front of me; life would have been easier if the navigator wasn't as shy and would shout directions as we tore round the circuit.
Just like the real world, there is the merest possibility that you may hit an immovable object at some time during your rallying exploits. When this occurs there is a loud "SMASH" and bits of number plate, wing, and broken glass fly up over the bonnet.
Not only is this highly dramatic it is also very costly.
After each stage you can visit the workshops to assess and repair the damage to your car. Or if you are very rich, you can upgrade various features - a beefier engine perhaps, more powerful headlights, or even four wheel drive. All on offer at a price.
Money can be won by finishing in the first three on any leg, or by answering questions correctly during the optional TV interview that is available after each leg.
The questions are all in the rallying vein, and pretty difficult if you're not a rally buff. Correct answers are rewarded with cash; wrong ones result in your account being debited.
Overall - 87% It is essential that you fry to keep your car in a good state of repair - if the damage becomes too severe you will be retired from the competition.
Before today I thought that Test Drive was the ultimate driving game, and Buggy Boy the most fun you ! I F I jnrrrrTfr-rc. JjCagagrgTmnj rfi: l oQIggui Visiting the workshops could have behind the wheel of an Amiga - bu! Not any more! The Lombard RAC Rally combines the thrill of the two.
Nothing can compare with the thrill of throwing the Cosworth around a forest stage in the middle of the night - this game is for real.
Jon Revis FALCON II may sound like something invented by an over-imaginative public relations executive, but Spectrum Holobyte's IBM PC F-16 simulator was so accurate the US Air Force adopted it as a pre-flight trainer for budding pilots.
Now the same program is available for the Amiga, with the British development team producing a version that will certainly give Interceptor a run for its money.
Falcon starts with the rookie pilot signing on the duty roster. This contains five levels of difficulty: First lieutenant, captain, major, lieutenant colonel and full colonel. The higher the chosen rank the more accurate the simulation - and consequently flight becomes more difficult.
Once you have progressed past the initial level, you must visit the flight sergeant before take-off. Pilots on the basic level begin with everything set at maximum, but those who’ve earned promotion need to kit out their craft before a flight. The sergeant acts as more than just a storeman, he's ready with good advice that even experienced pilots will ignore at their peril.
The next stage is to enter the cockpit and familiarise yourself with the controls. The head up display (HUD) is complemented by a three screens of dials and controls - represented as a left view, a right view and straight ahead. The majority of the necessary flight controls are constantly in view, while less often used indicators such as damage control and fuel levels are situated on either side.
Because there's so much to be considered during flight, most of the weapons accessing and target acquisition is set automatically by the ship’s on-board computer, Bombing is aided by a computer guidance system that goes as far as telling you when to drop the bomb, while air to ground cannon fire is directed by a computer-generated line known as a snake.
Developing flight skills is one thing but entering into combat is a different ball game. For what must be a first in home computer simulations, the enemy is depicted as a fully detailed and accurate craft in its own right. In fact, the enemy is so realistic that 1 almost ducked for cover when the first MiG shot past my cockpit.
Excellent speech greets each kill - but don't expect to hear this for quite a while.
MiGs aren't the only threat hidden in the Falcon landscape. Surface to air missiles (SAMs) pose a constant threat. Fly too low over one and you're almost certainly a gonner - despite your HUD’s instant launch warning.
Pilot error is a common cause of mission failure, and Falcon represents this extremely accurately.
Attempt to pull off an impossible manoeuvre and you may find the screen turning red as your on-screen counterpart passes out.
Once again practice makes perfect and the best way to know if a manoeuvre is feasible or nol is to test it out with the air combat manoeuvres (ACM) section. In a similar fashion to Interceptor, a flight instructor leads the way in another aircraft.
What makes this different is the series of red boxes generated on screen to form a tunnel for the budding pilot to fly through. It’s impossible to overestimate the help that this feature is to competent flying.
The last obstacle to a successful mission is the landing sequence - and even this is computer-aided to a degree. An instrument landing system (ILS) is available to keep you on the straight and narrow, but it’s still up to you to keep the nose up and the speed down.
When a mission has been completed, the pilot's progress is represented by a series of "snapshots” showing exactly what would have happened in a real life situation. Perform well enough and you may end up with your name and rank displayed in Sierra Hotel, Falcon's equivalent of a high score table. But once again, don’t expect to see that for quite some time.
Simulation fans who were impressed by Interceptor are going to love this program. It's actually a good deal more difficult to get to grips with, but the extra effort is well worth the trouble. It’s as if the programmers have learned from Interceptor and taken the whole thing about 10 steps further.
The basic 512k simulation is an experienced not to he missed, but those in possession of a 1Mb machine can sample the additional delights of the black box feature.
Available at any time, this shows the mission's flight path in three grids, plotting the course of both the pilot and any enemy in the vicinity.
Those who thought that Interceptor was the ultimate in Amiga flight simulation are in for quite a shock - and a lot of Amiga owners had better be prepared to spend a great deal of the next few months with their head in the clouds.
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___________ 990 Kngi* Or: 990 va-Tkres £ mp»e I90 mmx r evaro*
9 * Sky Fghx* . 74C Space Par 99c S' angeNeeWond 4C twremee .
----- ----990 vader 4 90 Thatfar------9 90
* Scenery 7 or 11 ....
* European Scenery ...
* Japan Scenery...... TV-derfliftde .
* ootom ......
P. tiy S*a ChxxBfgg .
GerlWd__________________ Gar neon 1 or 2 GwdeeAirRey H-«f lo. Red October hart Wemors iiercepto* I'Oon----------------- Joe Rude Kmstar ?
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• aery Tele -890 Gnome Ranger ------ ___M0 GdCdThevee ‘5 90
Haoe*- o* 2 16J0 Mrtnrfcex GuOe -890 ng d Chcago *6 9u UflMlOl
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1590 1590 18 * 12* Daley Thompson International Soccer..
Borrtjouzal _..... Ultima IV „ Mag* Motor Menace . .. Marne
Mad eee .
* er-«rwyt«j M'UMSW Pioneer Plague Tales of lore fXngeon u«s*«r
,iMbl Ouvun ------------ The Critics Choice _ 129 95
• K»n 3 Words Wo*c Procnsao'
• Microfiche Filer - Database
* Maxiplan 500 - Spreadsheet |Nigel Mansell Grand Prix .
Oft Shore Wamo* ROW . 15* 16* 9* 15* 1290 1590 1290 . .1590 . . 12.90 1290 1590 . 12.90 1290 1290 1290 690
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Sonwood Wi» • ie 2290 3790 990 69 90 . 69 90 Shoot em up Construct K1 15 90 Ouartoi .
Sargon I . Terra Cues- Zmace Peter Rearo»ei 'oomai .
Paaooa Posrerpliy -____ O+adxfce' . _ .
Return x A.iams Rerun- x Genes s RoMMNft SodXkeOekoe Sertnd .... S4»«i'de Slur Senrce 8taKMee Skylox ------ --.
SkyVn Socerrort* Star Fleet i SiargMer Pacmanla_______________ Rocket Ranger - Heroes ci the Lance .. Cyber noid ...
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Ad Rum
- 4. _ _ . - - 29 9C Aeoe «n "* magee forme Sener Dekoe °«-i ?
69* 55* 59* «a»e •¦ xo 4D Dek .e Video Dekoe Mu» Con Sd DgrvewGdc :°Ai: 4 9C 79* 4-*
• 19* 29* 27 * i «4it M.e D»m«e P»0 Sou-d Utfflx- PmkAdlPlM
PhdOnPkld 15* V* 55* 2 * 4 ’ * ______67*
- i*X4 Sound 2'5C LANGUAGES ONLY!
Qukkshd II Turbo .. [The Navigator... Conpetltkn Pro 5000... Competition Pro Extra... Arcade .
Alien Syndrome Army Moves_______________ Around wonc r 80 Daye .
Beckiae* Bebarsn BanesNpe Sen®* Deer A * .a~p ___ dvtb* Gncat_______ Booc - Sbr Crazy Bubble Room* BoggrBoy Capone Carner Command Oeesmester 2000 Oywai Harmer
• Jan Gave ._______ E Pcp »!.« rowtUHrei Errpire __________ ....
15. 90
- ...15.90 ’2-90
12. 90
15. 90 ’290 1290 . 1290 . 12.90 1290 . 1290 1590 . - 1590 1590 ..
1590 990 1590 1590 1290
15. 90 Stergitder 2 .
Star Ray Surwer* Sixer F ghrer . .
Six* Gang StrSe Force tamer .
- 590
• 590 1890 990 ,-•590 •JO 8 90
• 590 . - *290
• 590
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• 290
• 690 . . *290
* 590
9. 90 LtSp ..12.901 HlM* Dmpac Amiga ..
7. 90
- ¦ 12.90 ..12.901 Stop Poker 2.
* Deie Otek i
14. 90
15. 90 .. 16.90 HARDWARE onlyTI AMIGA A
500 ....
369. * (Free Games and JoystickI) AMIGA A500 +
1084-S .._... 1084-S Monitor
- ------619.* 289 00 [Cherry Graphic* Tablet... .....564.00 A501
RAM CLOCK expansion .. GENLOCK (A500) ...
..135.W ..259.* STAR LC10 Printer ..... Mono:
229.00 (both Inc. lead) -..Colour: 259.00 Sub bane 9*m.aeor
Su-xne- Cymp-ad Te moo* Tes-Ome Terns ihxe Stooges Time Bax*
Tracks*..... vecoromal Virus.. Lattice C (NEW Version 5) Lance
C ?? (NEW) .
MCC Macro Assembler_____ MCC Pascal (Version 2).... Modula 2 Standard___________ Modula 2 Developers .. ..179.50 ..279.00 ..47.90
• 64.90 ..69.90 ..15.90 ..12.90 ..15.90 ..12.90 ..12.90 Fusion..
..14.90| 15.90 15.90
12. 90 Whirligig____________ World Tour Golf.. Xenon ... Zoom
_______ Fernandez Must Die____ Ferrari Formula One.....
Formula 1 Grand Prtc ... Star LC24 10 (inc lead).. ..114.90
CUM ANA 3.5:1MB Disk DRIVE The above is just a small
selection of our VAST stock of AMIGA software!
Callers welcome; Normal Office Hours - 24 Hour Telephone Service!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AC, 6 MUMBY CLOSE. NEWARK. NOTTS NG24 1JE ST ml VISA 1 1 A500, A1000 and A2000 SupraDrives 20, 30 and 60 Megabyte drives available SCSI expansion port tor additional SCSI devices Format drive into as many as five separate partitions (you can use the new Commodore file system on some partitions while still using the old file system on others) All A2000 drives mount internally L*l AMIGA 500 SupraDrive ¦ Built-in power supply ¦ Comprehensive twelve month guarantee Now you can turbo charge your Amiga with a SupraDrive hard
disk and bring it to its true performance A SupraDrive will speed up disk transfers by as much as 500% and also eliminate the tedious task of constantly swapping disks in and out ol the floppy drive Directories, icons and graphics will appear much fester and programs will load quicker.
The SupraDrive tor the Amiga 500 consists of two parts The SupraDrive SCSI interface plugs into the Amiga's expansion bus and converts the computer's signals into SCSI (Small Computer Standard Interface) and also includes space (or mounting 1 MB and 2M8 Fast RAM expansion boards The SupraDrive hard disk then connects to this interface via the included cable (which supplies power horn the drive unit to run the interface and RAM boards - saving unnecessary strain on the A500's own power supply). Other devices can be added by simply plugging them into the SupraDrive s SCSI expansion port.
The SupraDrive indudes features that the competition lorgot. Its fully buffered Amiga bus pass through is designed to ensure compatibility with RAM boards, digitisers and other boards that you may want to connect to your Amiga. Also induded is a SCSI expansion port on the dnve to allow you to connect additional hard disks, tape drive, CD- ROMs or other SCSI devices to your system The high performance A2000 SupraDrive takes tuU advantage of the sophisticated architecture ot the Amiga 2000 computer Its DMA interface board can plug into any Amiga 2000 Zorro slot and features custom PLA
(Programmable Logic Array) semiconductors to insure the highest possible performance This interface features lull auto configuration and includes an extra SCSI plug for connecting additional external hard disk drives or tape back up devices Installation ol the A2000 SupraDrive is simple and can be done by an inexperienced person in less than 10 minutes. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver - everything else is induded All you need to do is remove the top ol the Amiga's case, install the hard disk into the 3 5" or 5 25" drive chassis, plug in the interface board and connect the included
cables Reassemble the case and you wi have a working SupraDrive inside your Amiga 2000!
For more details and prices, please contact your local dealeror Frontier Software.
A2000 SupraDrives feature Direct Memory Access (DMA) interface for high-speed data transfer 1MB and 2MB Fast RAM expansion capability (on A500 SupraDrives) Hard disk utilities included Full Amiga bus pass-through CLImate included free with every drive (usual cost £34.95) AMIGA 1000 SupraDrive See the Amiga SupraDrives on Stand 89 at the forthcoming Commodore Show - The Novotel, Hammersmith on 18th20lh November Frontier Software
P. O. Box 113, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG2 OBE.
(0423) 67140 530577.
Occur in three stage*. Initially you are surprised by the amm-dy but thcv don't bark- Walk into the same pack of dogs for a second time and they will hark, on the third occasion you will be confronted by a character from a nearby hut.
Combat takes place against a stunning lakeside view - bullfrogs croak and splash while a huge heard lazily fiicks its tongue. Standard karate- typc moves arc executed to the accompaniment of sampled sound effects. A successful confrontation is followed by the choice of executing the victim or taking him prisoner.
Before vou stand a chance of overthrowing the masters and destroying the plantation you must tirst mnhilm- your forces. This you do by creeping from hut to hut persuading your fellow slaves to follow you. Y'our success in the persuasion business a very much dependent upon your charisma level.
To succeed you mu*! Kill all the guard dogs and hum most of the fields and buildings. Alternatively you can tty your hand at killing the master. Although 1 wouldn't rccom* mend it.
Freedom is an engrossing game and will keep even the most active of minds occupied through the long winter nights.
Sev Astiy IT o the loth century, the price ot sugar is high end the value ot human life low. Subieded to con* star.l thrashings. The nc-gro workforce grows increasingly review. The tune is right for rebellion. Arc you the one to lad it?
Freedom a a game of strategy that a beautifully complemented hv a series of well-programmed combat sequences. The usual title tunc is replaced by some excellent Tarcan- hke jungle drums - not only do they sound good, they crate a superb atmosphere.
Freedom can be played at any of three levels - from defiant, through rebellious to fanatical. Your initial values for constitution, charisma, and dexterity arc fixed unless you choose fanatical as the game level, in which case you an redistribute your total points allocation between the three categories.
Dpciwoa number two i* the elec- tion of your own character - there are two male and two female slaves lo rhoov* from. Each has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, all detailed in the fiimsy hut ivi packed manual Preliminaries completed, it is time to start your bid for freedom. A diagrammatic view of the plantation fnrms tnc main playing area for the game - colourful, detailed and animated.
A menu across the top of the screen display* the current fr»ny* option*.
The two most frequently used are path finding and movement. Path finding allows you to place a cursor upon any of the plantation buildings and find out who is inside - a most useful feature when you want to know which places to visit and which lo avoid.
Movement gives you control to move your character around the plantation - fraught with danger due lo the plantation's large population of dogs. Encounters with dogs normally FREEDOM - REBELS IN THE DARKNESS PAC-MANIA Nostalgia is big business nowadays - we have '50s and '60s music back in Ihe charts and Pacman back nn Ihe computer screen. The little yellow blob with a penchant for pills is back once more and he’s slill being hounded by Inky.
Pinky. Blinky. Clyde, Sue and Funky.
Can Pacman cut it with Ihe big boys in 1989? Or is the game an insult to Ihe circuitry of your beloved Amiga? The answers lo these two questions are yes and no respectively.
Pac-mania is an arcadc-quality program. Stunning use of colour, shading, and three dimensional perspective make it an Amiga showpiece.
The most attractive feature of the graphics is the way lhal they fill the screen completely - there is no border. By combining this with superb four directional scrolling, the programmers have created a perfect illusion - Ihe monitor seems to disappear and you are left looking at the game itself.
Sound is exemplary - a different tune accompanies each level, with every one taking full advantage of Ihe Amiga's stereo capabilities. Even after several hours play I didn’t feel the desire to switch the music off - so it must be good!
Our hero must out-run or outwit his ghostly following as he races around four different types of maze.
The first is described as Block Town.
I would have called it Lego Land since the floor and walls are constructed from Lego type bricks.
Number two is set in Pacman Park with tubular rails forming the barriers. The third level is based in Sandbox Land - here the dusty paths am separated by the regular shapes of sand castles. Finally we have the elevated wooden walkways of the Jungly Steps.
Apart from the regular Dotty pills the maze also contains several larger pills of various colours. There are always four yellow ones on a screen
- these are Pacman’s power pills which make him mean, macho, and
menacing and also give him the ability to eat ghosts.
Occasionally a red pill will materialise. Ealing this doubles Ihe value of any points scored from that time onwards - quite a bonus if any of the high value fruit tokens appear.
Finally there are the green pills - which give Pacman the ability to out-run any ghost on the screen. I would advise you to take a yellow pill soon after swallowing the green one - a high speed blob can be difficult to control, so it helps if he's invulnerable.
The final weapon in Paccy’s armoury is his jumping ability - not a feature of the original game, but a welcome addition. A quick stab at the fire button can send you flying over a pursuing ghost.
When the strains and stresses of saving the universe begin to get you down, play Pac-mania and smile again!
Carol Barrow Pac-mania £19.95 Grandslam Sound Graphics Gameplav Overall - 85% MANHATTAN DEALERS ALSO known as Operation Cleanstreets this street fighting game casts you as Cleanup Harry, an undercover cop who’s been assigned to duff up all the drug dealers in the city. What it all actually boils down to is really just another variation on the martial arts theme so beloved of computer games designers.
Harry’s task is to thump the villans into submission, take their drugs and bum them them in a fire conveniently lit in a nearby dustbin.
Every time he incinerates some drugs his health improves - indicated by a bar at the bottom of the screen. Conversely, each blow Harry receives from a thug decreases his well-being.
Among the bad hats that Harry has to deal with are a punk armed with a bicycle chain, bikers, a Hell’s Angel with a chainsaw, ninjas and a blonde female clad in thigh-length boots and sporting a whip.
While he’s dealing with a member of the underworld, the local neighbourhood usually add their two- penn’orth by throwing bricks, flowerpots and any other objects out of upstairs windows. I even saw Santa Claus appear at one window, hurling out what looked like a Christmas cake.
Manhattan Dealers takes place against an atmospherically designed background. Dark, dirty and dismal litter-filled backstreets, a dingy cellar, a sleazy wharf, wire fences, graffiti, and boarded up windows and doors all conjure up the right ambience for the game. In fact, this is the best part of the whole affair.
The characters inhabiting the game are well drawn but the animation is dire. Everyone, including the hero, moves jerkily and slowly and what atmosphere is generated by the backdrops is instantly lost the moment you start to play. There’s some music (pretty ordinary) and a few spot sound effects (unconvincing).
Harry has a variety of kicks and punches at his disposal, but the unrealistic animation and the less than immediate response to joystick or keyboard control make every encounter as unexciting as yesterday's cold rice pudding.
The game offers five levels of difficulty. Each basically the same - it’s just that the villains are more numerous and vicious, A demo option shows you virtually all that there is to see.
Manhattan Dealers promises much bul delivers little. The poor animation spoils what might otherwise have been an above average kick and punch game. Watch the demo in the shops before deciding whether or not to buy.
Bob Chappell ELITE LONG, long ago. In the dim and distant past when 8 bit machines ruled the Earth, Messers Brabcn and Bell conceived and coded what was to become one of the greatest computer games of our time - Elite.
BBG Micro users everywhere abandoned their chores, hobbies and wives in search of the adrenalin buzz as man and machine became one in the inter-galactic adventure of the decade.
Until today. Electronic Art's Interceptor was the only Amiga game lo come close to the addictive atmosphere of Wile. Now the ultimate is available on the ultimate home computer - and it's great!
Elite is a trading combat game of mammoth proportions - the playing area covers eight separate galaxies and mom than 2.000 planets, each having its own political and economic structure. Such information is of little consequence when playing a pure zap and blaster like Galactic Conqueror, but for anyone hoping to make a name for himself in the galaxy it is a must.
The ladder to success in Elite is eight rungs long - you begin with a rating of Harmless and progress through the ranks of the Dangerous and Deadly until you finally join the small number of pilots who make it to become Elite.
Your rating increases in relation lo the number of kills you notch up on your travels. These may be good guys or bad guys, they all count as kills.
The only disadvantage of blasting the goodies is the effect that this has upon your legal status.
Following a few indiscretions your status will be adjusted to read OfTcnder or even Fugitive, w hich has undesirable consequences when w ishing to dock at space stations in law abiding systems. It is not uncommon for a fleet of police Vipers to form an unwelcoming committee.
The base model Cobra Mk3 is hardly a ship to put the fear of Zar- quon into a battle-hardened space pirate, enter the trading aspect. Data can be called up for any planet in the current galaxy - the two most important items lo note arc the planet's Tech level and the Government type.
On a technically advanced planet the price of food and textiles is high, but the cost of computers is low, the reverse being true for a planet with a low Tech level, All you have to do is find two such planets in close proximity to each other and satisfy’ their respective economic needs.
The planet's political stability determines how’ much hassle you will get from pirates. Democratic planets have relatively small pirate populations in comparison to the fleets of fighters that you will encounter w hen visiting an Anarchic system.
Drawing upon all of your capitalist instincts, you amass as many credits as you can in order to upgrade your Coiira. With sufficient funds you can buy more powerful lasers, a larger cargo bay. An escape pod. And most useful of all. A docking computer.
Before you can make any money in the trading business you must master the technique of docking with the Coriolis-tvpe space station. All you have to do is line your ship up with the single opening and coax the ship slowly into the docking bay. Oh yes. I almost forgot, the space station is rotating, so you will have to rotate your ship too!
Inside the station you can call up a wide variety of navigational and trading options. Using the local and galactic charts you can display planetary data - useful when planning trading routes.
By studying the prices screen you can make shrewd purchasing decisions and pack your 20 Tonne hold with the goods that will reap you the biggest profit.
The Equip screen displays the items of equipment that can be bought from the current planet - availability varies considerably with the planet's Tech Level. All planets stock fuel and missiles, but expensive items such as military lasers and galactic hvperdrives can only be found on planets of Tech level to or above.
In an attempt to reduce congestion and collisions all hyperspace jumps are terminated a short distance from the destination planet and the remainder of your journey should be completed as quickly as possible using the space-skip facility. This automatically deactivates if another vessel is close. Dropping out of space-skip before reaching the planet is a sure sign that you've got pirate problems.
When you are deemed sufficiently competent you will be given a mission to embark upon. There are five such tasks, all of which arc difficult, all of which will reap you rich rewards.
Overall - 96% Music and sound effects are given a superb stereo ambience which heightens the sensation of panic as your on-board computer flashes Energy Low and you can't remember whether you saved the game at the last space station.
There have been rumours of Elite II
- David Braben is now working on it.
If you want some idea of what to expect... Virus was designed as the planet sequence for Elite II - a sort of equivalent to docking. It will be some time.
BBC Elite is a classic, the kind of game you will tell your grandchildren about... "I remember when 32k was a lot of ram". Amiga Elite has a number of new features - reverse thrusters to make docking a shade easier, medical supplies have been added to the items in which you can trade, there are five missions - taken from all the previous versions.
Amiga Elite is the best yet.
|on Revis "The most impressive looking backgrounds, action areas and character sprites that have been created for home screens."
"Itauntingly realistic..." GAMES MACHINE Amiga User International.
"Animation, authentic sword fights, beautiful digitised speech, an original sound track, the feel of a professional and successful stage production."
ST User, PRISM 11ISUKI ORPORAI ION PLC, UNIT 1 BAIRI ROAD, INFIELD, MIDDLESEX INI IS| Antepic arcade and adventure game. Strategy, . Swqrd fights and space shoot 'em-ups all feature in this unique fantasy of pirates and princesses, a far-away universe and a quest for the mysterious KRISTAL of Konos.
The KRISTAL is the first of its kind..!
"An experience once played never forgotten."
"£29.95 AND WELL WORTH IT TOO" _ GAMES MACHINE_ ATARI ST & AMIGA IBM PG coming soon "The biggest game ever... exquisite backdrops."
_ Games Machine.
"An epic game with a style and content not yet matched in breadth of vision and development." "Mind blowing."
Wnia* c & vc "Complex game play, stunning graphics, nice sound and sense of humour. What more could you wish fort" Computer Games Week.
ILLUSfRATION: PtltR ANOKlVV |ONIs ( OPS4UUII Sol R WIND ITD REACH FOR THE STARS THIS Is a strategic game of galactic exploration, colonisation and conquest. Although the sound and graphics are disappointing, they don't matter quite so much in a game which is practically all tactics, planning and strategy.
The idea is to explore new star systems, pick the most promising and set about colonising them. Once occupied, the stars can be used for production of resources which are then allocated for research, development. Defence, environment, social matters, consumer needs and industrial growth.
RFTS is a four handed game, the computer playing all the roles of those not taken by human players.
Each player takes it in turn to give his complete set of orders, the turns alternating between movement only and production plus movement.
A wide number of reports and choices are available during a turn, You can get stacks of information on the star systems including which have been explored, check out the status of all task forces, costs, current spending, placement of forces, and so on.
Building your forces is an essential part of the game. The more productive a planet is. The more materials you can buy to construct and equip your galactic navy with transports, scouts and warships.
When every player has finished a turn the computer executes Ihe movement of ships. When ships of different empires end up in the same star system, combat takes place.
Combat is split into rounds, at the end of which each player is given the opportunity of withdrawing his ships. Victory in that battle goes to the player whose forces are the only remaining ones in that system.
The ultimate winner is the one who has scored the most victory points, earned by developing colonies, being triumphant in battle, conquering planets and destroying colonies.
Graphically, the game is unimpressive. The main display is a segment of a star map showing the named planets and any scout ships.
This map can be replaced with a smaller one showing the entire system. Sound is used mainly in the form of alerts - for instance invasion taking place.
However, it is not the graphics or sound which really matter too much in a game like this but the wealth of detail and strategy options that it contains. And those Reach For The Stars has in plenty.
It is not Ihe sort of game you can plunge straight into - you’ll need to at least browse through the detailed 32 page manual first. Fortunately, there is a simple tutorial which helps case you gently into the complexities.
This will appeal to all who like their entertainment to be of the more leisurely and cerebral kind. While it lacks the pace, visual attraction and excitement of an Elite, it is nevertheless engaging stuff and a game you can play many times over and yet still find new variations.
Bob Chappell NO EXCUSES THIS is something a little bit fresh in the world of shoot-'em-ups.
Put at its simplest. No Excuses offers a large helping of manic mayhem which also demands more than a smidgeon of intelligence.
You control Strider, a plump blue robot with wide eyes, long stick insect-like legs, and a cannon that simultaneously fires vertically and horizontally. The playing area across which Strider roams - forwards, backwards, left and right - is a large three-dimensional grid. Hovering above it is a well distributed (lock of aliens, green puddings with unpleasant faces and arms where their wings should be.
Like our old mates from Space Invader days, these flying fiends move lower with every pass of a width or length of the grid and one touch from them costs our hero a life.
But Strider doesn’t have to wait until they’ve landed on the grid before blasting them - he can pick them off in mid-air when they zoom directly overhead, which is easier said than done.
Control could have been made a little smoother - changing direction is almost a two-stage job with a joystick.
In addition to the greenies. Strider must avoid the bombs which rain down. He has another trick up his sleeve, a quick press on the special panic button causes him to be enveloped in a temporary indestructible bubble.
Once he's blatted all the aliens, Strider must head for the single square containing a key symbol.
Once he's done that, he moves on to a new grid. There are 50 levels, consequently ooodles of alien annhilation to get your teeth into.
It's not only the aliens that cause problems for Strider. Some of the squares have different properties at the beginning of a stage or are given these properties by being hit by a special bomb.
A square might become sticky, radioactive, unstable or impassable.
It might disappear altogether, become a deadly time bomb or impart fatal electric shocks. And that's but a few of the for instances.
It’s not all bad news, some squares reward Strider with bonus lives, extra bubbles or lives', others impart special powers.
The graphics and animation are pretty good and the digitised spot effects add to the fun.
There's a choice of control devices
- keyboard, mouse or joystick - and.
If you prefer the keyboard, you can redefine it to your own taste.
Finally, there’s a built-in construction set that's dead easy to use. Even the pre-supplied screens have random factors associated with them, so they are different every time you play.
No Excuses is good fare - varied, attractive, challenging, totally pointless but exceedingly addictive.
Despite the controls, it’s the sort of game that should get you playing well into the wee small hours and then coming back again for more.
Bob Chappell CAPTAIN BLOOD THE story of Captain Blood is an unusual little tale - a third rate games programmer finally came up with the goods, a game so mega that he became part of it the first time he typed Run.
All was well until Bob made his first hyperspace jump and a glitch in the system resulted in him being cloned. Now there are 200 Bob Bloods scattered around the galaxy and each one contains a fraction of his vital fluids. Unless he captures every one of them and recovers the fluid he is doomed.
We join the story with only five clones remaining - hidden somewhere among the galaxy's 32,768 inhabitable planets.
You begin the game sat at the Ark's control panel, viewing the planet you are currently orbiting and Blood's bio-mechanical arm - this is your link with the game.
Too large to land on a planet, the Ark is equipped with a limited supply of Oorxx - mutated, remote controlled, space fish. These are despatched to the planet's surface in an attempt to communicate with intelligent beings who may know the whereabouts of Bob's clones.
The ground skimming flight over the planet's surface is the game's only arcade-type sequence. With full control over the Oorxx’s speed, altitude and direction, you wend your way over mountains and valleys in search of a canyon. Life forms, if present, will always be found at the far end of a canyon.
Wireframe landscapes are animated quickly and smoothly, but some of the structures are difficult to pick out when flying over a ravine of rock pinnacles at speed. Having read glowing reviews of previous versions, 1 was a mite disappointed when I saw it for myself.
The view from the Ark of the nearest planet is limited to a low resolution sphere of swirling colours
- yawn.
Investigate the first planet you are initially presented with, as this is always inhabited. 1 mention this point because if you decide to go boldly where no man has gone before, you will get pretty bored - a surprisingly large number of the galaxy's planets are devoid of life.
Assuming you have located your local friendly alien life form, the ship's Upcom will automatically- burst into life. This Universal Protocol of Communication uses an icon system to allow conversation between beings of different worlds.
When Mr Alien speaks, a series of icons appears on your Upcom display and running Blood's finger over the icons gives you a literal translation. Likewise you can piece together a sentence by selecting the relevant icons and then pressing the transmit button.
The game revolves around your ability to successfully interrogate aliens - many of w hom have needs of a reproductive nature. If you can fulfil these needs - not personally - they may divulge information relevant to your quest.
Captain Blood is a game with good graphics and an excellent title tune, but sadly It lacks variety and depth in the gameplay department.
Fames Riddell tjpliin Blood C24 95 Inloyrammes Sound (•raiihK v [iameplav aluf Overall - 76% THE KRISTAL: A PREVIEW THE Kristal is the brainchild of Fissionchip director Michael Sutin. And despite a 1976 inception this massive 16 bit game is now- ready for launch.
It was while he was touring Spain with the original Hair and jesus Christ Superstar shows in 1975176 that the inspiration came to write his own stage musical story called The Kristal of Konos.
In early 1987 he began dabbling with the idea to convert The Kristal into a 16 bit micro game.
The mammoth task involved a team of professionals. The Kristal has 60 exquisite background screens drawn by Michael Haigh and the well known illustrator David Hardy.
Appearing on those screens are more than 75 animated sprites, including over 50 characters designed by Chris Pelts, lulian Edkins and co-author Rodney Wyatt.
With more than 1,500 frames The Kristal is graphically stunning.
An original soundtrack introducing the game was written by- Micky Keen and Rodney Wyatt, a highlight of which is a digitised narration by Patrick Moore.
The coding involved in such a task has been masterminded by Giulio Zicchi, assisted by lustin Gavinovic.
Alex Mills and )ohn Edwards.
The Kristal defies categorisation and includes the best of graphic adventure, space travel and shool- em-up. It tastes mildly of Captain Blood, and the character interaction is similar to the 8 bit game Valhalla.
You play the role of the hero.
Dancis Frake in your quest to find the lost Kristal of Konos and return it to its rightful resting place.
You begin the journey on Novala - capital city of Meltoca - having awoken from a timeless dream with no real memory of who you are or where you come from.
With joystick controlled movement across a scrolling set of screens you explore the planet, talking to any characters you may meet. The beefy parser allows conversation with intelligent responses.
You can become involved in skirmishes with bad guys who get in your way - but be warned. An aggressive approach isn't always a successful ploy. Rapid joystick dexterity is the order of the day if you are to survive.
Space travel to your home planet.
Zaphinola. And other stars in the galaxy is possible. Hvperspace and galactic battle bear a passing resemblance to Elite or Captain Blood.
In your inter-stellar travels you will meet a pot-pourri of interesting characters, including the powerful Kring Narta, Nerod of the Two Bones
- Gru to the Kring. A creature known as Slurpic. The odd talking
flower and many more surprises. Don't be surprised that in your
amnesiac state of mind you don't recognise your old buddy
Mervin the Mauve, who is distinctly puzzled by your
Distributor Prism hopes to market The Kristal in early February on a three or four disc package at £29.95, UNBEATABLE 3111 Verbatim DISC PRICES 2 20 50 100 200 500 £27.97 £65 97 £123.97 £227.00 £537 00 Single S«)ea .... Double Sided PHONE 24 HOUR £31.97 £74.97 £139.97 £257.00 £597.00 DISC VALUE Life-tim Guaranteed, Double Density 135 tpi Verbatim discs for your machine (single-sided available) Don't be put off by the low price, these discs are branded 'Datallfe' top quality media, direct from the Verbatim warehouse, in boxes of 10 "No quibble" money back guarantee Absolutely no
Extras, price includes VAT, label sets, plus first class post to your door.
Superb anti-static lockable Storage Boxes supplied with Two Keys and Plastic Dividers: bb m m 40 disc size £6.97; 80 disc size £8.97 £-1 t JUST 'PHONE IN YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO: 000 O P.O. BOX 66 EAST PRESTON WEST SUSSEX BN16 2TX Mai! Order Offers Reviewed in the December issue of Amiga Computing TYPICAL APPLICATIONS At last, an inexpensive and very easy-to-use spreadsheet that's simple enough for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for professionals.
Digicalc is both menu and command driven. It is fast, with all calculations being performed instantly, and the spreadsheet is constantly updated.
The manual has been carefully designed to cater for all types of user, from the novice to the expert. It includes a tutorial with step-by-step instructions, a glossary of computer terms, a quick reference card, a full reference section and a comprehensive index.
"I really liked the package to begin with, and first impressions are important... Digita deserves full marks for the way in which the menus and command driven operations have been implemented... It's a no nonsense spreadsheet. . I'd certainly recommend it for general purpose spreadsheet work Rex Last, Amiga Computing, December 1988 RRP C39.95 OUR PRICE £29.95 BH Home budgeting Investment project appraisal Comparing rent lease buy options
• Processing results of experiments
• Engineering calculation models Education SMALL BUSINESS
• Cash flows
• Profit and loss statements
• Balance sheets
• Purchase orders
• Invoices
• Costings
• Stock control
• Sales purchase nominal ledgers
• Payrolls
• Price lists professional music systems IMUSIC SYSTEM
• SPECIAL! ¦ 4 channel stereo sampler with midi controller, midi
interlace and 5 octave keyboard ¦ £179.95 • PRO SOUND DESIGNER
v2) GOLD-new greatly enhanced versionS"Pi” £79.99 tow-channel
sound sampler; high-quality 8-bit stereo hardware; sample 1 lo
28 kHz mono & 1 lo 17 kHz stereo; playback lo 35 kHz; advanced
editing lunclions: block copy, move, cut, overlay, echo, edit
waveform “Super Edit mode", lade, adjust value,
compress expand; save load standard IFF samples; save as
multi-octave IFF instrument; edit up lo 8 samples; playback up
lo 4 samples; independanl looping; volume control; etc Original
Pro Sound Designer (v1) still available - only £59.95 'Upgrade
your old v1 • please phone!'
PRO MIDI PLUS MIDI SAMPLE PLAYEK £94.99 tour channel polyphonic; play sampled sounds as real midi instrument voices; load up lo 10 sampled instrument sounds at once; select any sound lo act as instrument voice; up lo 4 keyboard splits; looping, hold 8 sustain controls; fade controls; save 8 load sample sets automatically; works with most midi instruments via standard midi interlace; works with MM5000 Keyboard MM9000 9-OCTAVE PROFESSIONAL KEYBOARD £99.99 very high quality 5 octave polyphonic keyboard with a real professional feet; connects via parallel port; software patches keyboard in to act
as midi keyboard - without the need lor a midi interlace; works with most midi software, including Pro Midi Plus; includes all software, instructions and interlace. Interface and software also available to make C64 Music Expansion System keyboard work with Amiga!
MIDI INTERFACE £24.99 Standard midi interface for all Amiga 500 and 2000 computers (connection lo Amiga 1000 computers requires separate gender changer
- not supplied). Plugs directly into serial port and conforms
exactly lo Commodore's Midi standard.
Amiga Music System including Midi Interlace.
Pro Sound Designer Gold. Pro Midi Plus and Keyboard COMPLETE SYSTEM OFFER Name:__ Address: Post Code: Please make cheques POs payable lo Power Computing Access Visa: I I
- 1 1 1-
- 1 I L Expiry Date: Please rush me Amiga Music System as shown
below: ? Music System: £179.95 ? Midi Interface: £24 95 ? Pro
Sound v2) Gold: £79.95 ? MM5000 Keyboard: £99.95 ? Pro Sound
(v1): £59.95 ? Programmer's Toolkit: £34 95 ? Pro Midi Plus:
£34.95 ? C64 Keyboard l F: £49.95 POWER COMPUTING
• 44 a&b Stanley Street • 8edford • MK41 7RW • Tel: 0234 273000 •
m its hmfi vat aeqaawwi w TV SPORTS FOOTBALL FROM the people
that brought you Defender of the Crown.
Sinbad and the incredible Rocket Ranger comes an accurate and classy American Football simulation. A radical departure you may think, but when you consider how the USA’s favourite sport has become so heavily dependent on its television coverage, the concept begins to make a little more sense.
Cinemawarc's creative driving force. Bob |acob. Reckons that the company's first products were merely experimental test runs - and seeing what’s on offer from this program. It's easy to believe him.
The televisual front end is clever and entertaining, but the football game that it precedes and the almost total customisation options (allowing complete personalisation of your own team - and up to 28 friends to participate in a real-time league!)
Punt this product into a league of its own.
You take on a multitude of tasks, incorporating coaching and playing almost every position. Your first duty as coach is to pick a team, either using one of the 28 default lists or creating a new squad, complete with names of anyone you choose.
A list is displayed on the coach’s clipboard, with each name followed by four categories: Speed, strength, hands and ability. You then allocate a set number of points between the squad, dividing each player's quota into these categories.
Depending on the player's position. Each rating has a different effect, for instance the quarterback's ability rating determines how accurately his passes fly. While the same section controls how quickly the fullbacks change direction.
When you're quite sure that your team is just the way you like it. A dime is tossed to decide kick off and Ihe opening game of the season begins.
The usual one and two player options are accommodated, but a novel twist adds still more to the program's polish. Two players can opt to take each other on in a head to head confrontation or can choose to join forces against the computer. In the latter case both players participate throughout, with one controlling the offence and the other looking after the defence.
During the game proper, a single player - highlighted by a flashing jcrsev - is controlled via the joystick.
The highlighted player is usually in the thick of the action - for example, during defensive plays the quarterback is controlled until he releases the ball, at which point the nearest receiver is selected.
The remaining players follow the path set out for them by the selected ' plav". But unlike the real thing, the players are gifted with intelligence and are capable of adapting to suit the opposition's game pattern.
All games are played out in real time, and as such take a little over an hour to complete. Because of this, Cinemaware has included an option where the computer will carry on for a human player and play both sides if necessary. You can rejoin the game at any point simply by picking up the joystick and getting stuck in.
Each player's movement is believable and realistic, and anyone who follows Channel 4‘s regular coverage of Ihe real thing will immediately recognise how accurate this simulation is - right down to Ihe constant barrage of statistics that appears on screen. Other elements such as place kicking and time outs arc included to complete Ihe package.
TV Sports Football is one of the few games I've seen that comes close to exploiting the Amiga's full capabilities. There is of necessity a little disc swapping, but this generally happens at times when the action has stopped and you really need a breather anyway.
A stunning American football game such as this would be enough for the price, but the addition of all the little finishing touches, such as the on-screen appearance of previous Cinemaware characters and the marvellous documentation, makes it as close as I've seen to Ihe perfect computer game.
Ciaran Brennan Overall - 91% KARATE Games predate the Amiga by several years. Since then many attempts have been made to spruce them up - scrolling backdrops, swords and a variety of opponents - but the key thing has always been how good the fighting feels.
INTERNATIONAL KARATE PLUS The main gimmick in 1K+ (International Karate plus) is the number of opponents. While Barbarian has a variety of guys trying to thwack and flay your head off, IK+ has only two men coming at you. But they do so together.
Two against one may not be fair but it is much more fun. And in a two player game you and a friend can beat the pixels out of the computer's man.
There are several other gimmicks - cute ones. The single backdrop has a number of animations. The tree sheds leaves which pile up and get eaten by a worm. A spider drops on a thread and a pac-man wanders about.
The sun's ripples reflect in the sea as it laps the shore - you can alter the colours in the water. Fish jump out of the sea with a neat splash and a periscope pops up to view the fight.
The slick presentation is carried on to the title pages. A logo dripping blood had to be changed after some complaints. Instructions are shown with 66 sprites performing moves around the border and the high score table starts with some hints. But you are too busy ducking exploding fists and flying feet.
In a three way fight the winner is decided on combat points. If you attack from the front you score two combat points for each successful move. The first of the three players to score six combat points is the winner, and is awarded extra points for every second left. If the fight lasts 30 seconds the winner is the player with most combat points.
If you have the lowest score at the end of a round the game ends. If one human player loses in a two player game the remaining person has to take on two computer players.
Fighting gets tougher as the game progresses, with the computer adopting different tactics. Sometimes both of the computer's players will gang up on you, sometimes they will fight among themselves and sometimes they will both run away and block so that you can't score any points.
Whatever the tactics, every couple of bouts is punctuated by a bonus level. This either takes the form of bouncing balls, which must be deflected with a shield, or a screen littered with bombs. You must kick the bombs off the screen before they explode.
More bombs appear, faster and faster. Clear the sheet and you are awarded 5,000 points. The bomb level is a good way to learn how far your low kick stretches.
Movements can be combined, so you don’t have to return to the vulnerable standing position in the middle of seeing off an opponent.
This makes the fighting the slickest yet on the Amiga and bouts flow fast and furious.
I kept playing despite a hand which ached from gripping the joystick too hard and too long.
Simon Rockman SUPER HANG-ON ZKJ was not asked to write Super Hang On for the Amiga. He had collaborated with Chris Wood on the Amstrad and Spectrum conversions of the Sega arcade game and then went on to write the Atari version for Electric Dreams.
But he had been trained as a chip designer and wanted to get his hands on an Amiga, so when the Atari version was finished he embarked upon an Amiga port to produce a game which looked as though it belonged in the arcade.
When he had a running demo, ZZ
- whose real name is Zareh - took the disc to Electric Dreams and
it agreed to commission enhanced graphics and sound to suit an
the Amiga's superior hardware.
You race a motorbike through four continents - Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Each is divided into timed stages. Fail to complete a stage in the allotted time and the game is over.
Any extra time is added to the 32 seconds you get for the next stage.
You must average more than 280 Km h to do this. Every second left at the end of the game is worth a million points. This leads to two aims - finish as many stages as possible and score as many points as you can.
This is the best racing game on the Amiga, putting Buggy Boy in the shade. You can play with the keyboard or joystick but the pros will take to the mouse. This lets you control how much the bike leans and keep a tighter rein on turn in. In true motor racing fashion drive wide and clip the apex of the turn - this is the path the rival bikes take so be careful not to hit them. Clipping the side of another bike takes a third off your speed, while a 100 per cent collision will halve your speed. They won’t drive into the back of you, so you shouldn't do it to them.
The speed controls can be used to position the bike. You have nitro, accelerate and brake. The nitro boost can be called upon at 280 Km h to take you up to the maximum speed of 324 Km h. This delivers a lot of thrust and is accompanied by flames from the back of the bike.
The standard acceleration control can be held down for most of the race, but for really tricky bends you will have to resort to the brake.
This defies credibility. Stopping a bike from over 200 mph takes some doing and Ihe SHO bike stops very quickly.
Zareh tried putting realistic figures into the game but it wrecked the gameplay. While the brakes are super powerful they work progressively, gripping harder the longer you apply them. The change in speed affects the radius of your turn. If you decelerate as you turn, the bike moves closer to the inside bend, Whack on a bit of power and the bike slides out. Use this to steer and you will get through comers very quickly.
You must learn the courses. As you speed over a hill you have no way of knowing what is on the other side.
There are signs indicating sharp turns, but these are not always reliable - one or two point in the wrong direction. ZZ says this is based on the road signs near Eastcote.
The routes are not the same as on the arcade game, for two reasons.
Firstly Zareh did not get a video tape of the Africa section until the Atari version was finished, and secondly there are different versions in the arcades. Knowing that the third bend among the cacti is a really sharp one makes the difference between cruising around at a leisurely 130km h and coming to a prickly end.
If you do crash, the accident is spectacular. Depending on what you hit. And how fast you hit it, the game plays one of two different sequences.
The arcade offered more, but memory and disc space are limited on the Amiga. The result is that you can end up sprawled out, yet hovering in mid-air.
Still you are too busy worrying about finishing the leg to notice the most minor of graphics aberrations.
Finish the course and you are rewarded with an animation as the crowds welcome the triumphant rider. Finish the last one for a clue as to who he is.
For an experienced Amiga programmer Super Hang On is an impressive bit of coding. For a first program on the Amiga it is incredible. Zareh went out of his way to really use the Amiga, although the basic gameplay is the same as that on the Atari - because it is the same as that on the arcade machine - the Amiga version is very much better.
The whole game is very much smoother. The road drawing module is the biggest part of the program, only the Amiga version has wide road bars and a track which is in the correct proportion to the rest of the graphics.
This is thanks to the blitter, which is so fast that there is no flicker or slowing of the graphics in tight comers - the hardware can deal with the horizontal pixel scroll the game needs. This makes the movement of the signs around the track super slick.
The copper looks after the colours, which coming from a wide palette can be really subtle. The greys in the road are gentle to give an impression of speed without it looking as though you are driving along a 20 mile long zebra crossing. The subtle colours have resulted in dramatic skies with extra clouds blitted on.
Having used the blitter and copper there is one more graphics aid to be exploited. Sprites. When 1 fust wrote about the Amiga five years ago 1 thought that hardware sprites would be important. I was wrong, few games use them, blitter objects being more flexible although not as quick.
SHO uses sprites for the nitro flares, dust clouds and the extended time details which need to flash at regular intervals, but the need to do other things overrides the flashing on inferior machines. Only the Amiga makes it possible.
If there is a flaw in the scheme of things it is the sound. Unusual since many of the games which are a simple port have beefed-up audio effects, but while the Amiga sounds are better than those on the ST they are not all they could be.
Perhaps in a game which so clearly demonstrates how good the Amiga is when programmed with finesse, 1 expected too much from the speakers.
T R I A N G L E I Prices Include Jj I VAT and DellTery j POWER HOUSE 0234 273000 TRIANGLE DISK DRIVES STAR LC-10 PRINTER Top-qualily 880K double-sided NEC 1036a disk drives Single 3.5" Disk Drive with Thru* Port and switch £85.00 Single 3.5* Amiga 2000 Internal Kit £70.00 Superb quality 9-pin dot-matrix printer. Epson & IBM compatible Mono Printer £189.00 Colour Printer £249.00 LC-10 Colour with Quantum Paint £269.00 TRIANGLE MULTI-DRIVE COLOUR MONITORS Top-quailly 3.5' and 5.25" Drives in one case. Built-in power supply Multi-Drive: £199.00 Philips CM883 Colour Monitor: Philips CM8852 Pro
Colour Monitor Works with all ST screen modes £225.00 £279.00 TRIANGLE 5.25" DRIVE hard discs and memory Amiga A500 GVP sub system 2 meg memory + hard disc OK Installed 30 meg 28ms £699.00 40 meg 11 me £799.00 80 meg 11ms £1199.00 512K expsnslon with clock £139.00 (RRP £149.00 As ebove unpopulated £27 00 Amiga 2000 GVP hard card 40 meg 28ms £599.00 SCSI card with 2 meg memory. OK Installed £299.00 1 Megabyte D Ram tor above products £159.95 IBM-Compatible 40 80-track 5.25" Disk Drive
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NAME:___ Power Computing 44a&b Stanley Street Bedford. MK41 7RW Telephone (Enquiries) 0234 273000 (6 lines) 0800 581 742 iimiliil&Jl
1. 1 enclose a cheque PO made payable to Power Computing tor £_
2. Please debit my credit card: ACCESS VISA Expiry Date:_ I I I
I I 1 I I I I I I I I 1 I I AM-C 2 89 0234 270133 ADDRESS:
following: Price: Total: AMIGA SPECIALISTS Unit 1, Willowsea
Farm, Spout Lane North, Stanwell Moor, Staines, Middx TW19 6BW
Telephone: (0753) 682988 ©?ok KAKIT Kan, of Malvern, where the
water comes from in Worcestershire, has been all at sea with
Carrier Command. He offers these hints: When you are heading
for an island always spend your time loading maximum weapons
to each of your vehicles so that they will be ready for
action. Spend time setting priorities. It is best to keep the
aircraft and tank fuel at low. As the Manta and Walrus are
pretty economical and you are not likely to run out on short
Set up defence islands. They are the hardest to destroy, so use defence ACC B. Normally Omega will repulse after attacking it once, which gives you time to head for her.
Islands are easiest to take using Mantas armed with maximum missiles - use them to destroy the enemy command centre. This usually takes three or four successful hits.
Then launch the Walrus with defence ACC B. Be careful about carrier fuel - remember to put a stockpile near you.
Preferably on a defence island. If you want to be sneaky, take the island and place the stockpile there. You could do this to every island you capture.
If you run out of Mantas while trying to capture the island, use your carrier. This may take longer, but it is a simple procedure. Turn the observation turret 180 degrees so that it is facing the stern. Turn the carrier 180 degrees. View from the turret until you sec the middle of the island, then halt the carrier.
IF the enemy is firing missiles take drones out to the back of the carrier. When you have done all this you arc in a position to launch hammerhead missiles at the command centre. If you are too far away from the island to launch the missiles reverse the speed until you get near enough, then halt.
It is best to link a network of islands to Vulcan in a fan shape.
Surround Vulcan with defence islands and try to get everything out of your stockpile. You will get what you order, but it may take some time.
Always capture islands which arc linked to Vulcan so supplies can be sent. But in case things go wrong put a stockpile an island away, preferably a defence island.
The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy carrier Omega. Go all out to destroy her. If you attack Omega a couple of times before the final By Max Tennant assault you will weaken her. The next time you fight you will destroy her.
Try to locate roughly where she is and where her next destination might be. For example she may have attacked and captured Bachus and Storm. Then she would probably head for Terminus, so wait for her near Terminus.
IF you want to attack Omega early in the game select the action game and go halfway between Storm and Help for those who are all at sea Terminus, which are defence islands.
Wait for Omega to attack one of them then head for it at full speed. Make sure you are not too near an island or Omega will not attack it.
When you get to the island use the same system as when capturing islands but this time launch everything. If you are lucky the island is still a free one and Omega will be a sitting duck. Take out all drones.
Take out all Walruses and arm them with maximum missiles, usually nine each. These are more powerful than the ones carried by Mantas.
Make sure you are near enough when launching. Aim directly at Omega and fire. Do not move the mouse or it will miss. Launch all missiles which act as drones if nothing else.
Bring out the Mantas armed with the maximum seven missiles. Launch two to three Mantas at a time: while controlling one launch all missiles at Omega. When you are doing this the other Mantas act as decoys.
HINTS ¦4 Then go for a suicide missile crash into Omega. Use the same technique with the other Mantas. The main thing is to damage Omega as much as you can until she blows up. At this stage priorities should be:
• Engine low
• Radar - low
• Communications - low 0 Laser cannon low
• Anti-missile missile - medium
• Lift - high 0 Auto-repair high
• Superstructure - high The enemy carrier will normally leave
after capturing the island, so don't bother trying to catch it
- it is more sophisticated than your carrier and much faster.
If you fail, well bad luck, but you will have weakened her and
you will have plenty more opportunities to attack her again. If
all else fails carry out a suicide mission with the carrier and
try to crash into Omega - providing the engine is operational.
ADRIAN Curry is having more than a few problems with The Edge's computer version of Garfield.
Well big fat hairy deal, who isn't? But before you kick Odie to death here is Adrian's simple solution to the game where a cat is king: The first thing I would advise you to do is to open the dog flap, which will allow access to and from the back garden. To do so is not as easy as it may at first seem. You will have to grab Odie's rubber bone and place it as close to the back door as you can. Then as Odie goes to grab the bone he will accidentally knock open the flap, making it a lot easier for you to get around.
After this I suggest you get down to some serious work in trying to free your girlfriend from the cat pound.
Go into the bedroom and grab the torch, then head straight for the sewer.
Make your way past the rat and carry on going down until you find the stray cat. Then, being the gentle creature that you are. Kick it. After the cat has run off. Pick up the mouse and give it to Odie.
Then make your way back up to the top, drop the torch and take the mouse back off your old pal. From here, stroll on down to the Health Store and let the mouse run around the place.
Once the lady has been scared stiff grab the donut - but don't be tempted to eat it - and go back to see the friendly rat again. Once there, drop the donut, which will distract the rat, and then kick the chest. Inside you will find the key to your dreams.
The next stage is to get either the shovel or the old bucket and mosey on down to the Hardware Store. If you then try to use the item you will trade it in for a dollar. With your new found wealth I suggest you buy some birdseed from the Healthfood Store and then visit the park.
Once in the park offer the birdseed to your feathered friend by dropping it on the floor. As the bird comes down to feed, jump up and grab on to its feet for a free trip to the cat pound.
Once in there, just make your way to your girlfriend's cell, use the key and "Hey! Ho! Off you go”.
One way of boosting your score is by playing golf in the park, especially if you manage to kick a hole in one. If you should miss, don't worry, you can find your ball next to the lady on the park bench.
If you are sick to death of Odie pinching your items, give him something to play with, such as the aniseed balls.
ELITE - the best selling game in the world. Some people say it is the best game ever, other people say it's the hardest game ever. If you should fall into the last category read on for some points to help you reach the glorious title.
To obtain the first of the five missions in Elite, hyperspace into galaxy two. Then perform approximately 32 hyperspaces. You will need to make 64 hyperspaces for the next, then 128 and so on.
• Mission one: The Constrictor ship has done a galactic
hyperspace from where it was last seen. If you do the same it
should be within seven light years of where you come out. And
then it is a matter of catching it up.
• Mission two: The destination of documents you will be asked to
transport will normally be on the far ?
Prices Include 15% VAT, FREE delivery to your door, and t year manufacturer's warranty. Add £12 for next day delivery.
I Amiga A500 with TV modulator £375 I Amiga A500 with A1084 £615 high-res colour monitor I Amiga B2000 with 1MB RAM. £995 BOOK 35- defc. Mouso. Software I Amiga B2000M As above £ 124 5 plus A1004 hi-ros colour monitor I Amiga B2000 XTM As above. £ 1695 plus PC-XT bridge board A floppy now gun The bright new magazine that shows you how easy it is to make your own video movies... Qz commodore ¦ 512K plug-in RAM clock (A500) ¦ Micron 2MB RAM card A2000 ¦ A1084 hagh-ros colour monitor ¦ A1081 h h-ros colour monitor ¦ MlnlGen PAL Genlock ¦ Genlock PAL Rondale Pro ¦ MicroText TV TuiW ¦ MicroText
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2. a?2mo« S“°scnptj0n 0, the form belou the"S3Ve ° u«n0rmalP«ci
IUK only) Prices are POST FREE 4 include VAT.
Order by phone with your cre *1 card, or send chegue PO or your credit card numbor Official or dors welcome We despatch same day by FIRST CLASS post Please Wow 5 days tor detvery ol hardware orders. Prices aro quoted subject to availability. Ru* «ao CO ware LAKESIDE HOUSE, KINGSTON HILL. SURREY. KT2 70T. TEL 01-546-7256 ¦ Lattice C Professional £299 91 ¦ Lattice C 4.0 124 0* AiC Fortran 179.94 AC Basic compilos Amiga Basic 124.»s PC Emulator 29»s BBC Emulator Phone SuperPtan Pro Spreadsheet with business graphics, time planner 79. »s SuperBase Personal Rolahonal database power, without
ptogranvning1 49 94 SuperBase Protesslonal With Forms Ecklor and OML program language 179 as Acquisition (VI.3) Rolabonal database wilh programmng language 174 94 SuperBase Personal 2 As above, plus text, mail merge, batch entry etc 79 94 Ultimate spreadsheet, lext graphics spooch macros 129 94 Invoicing. Sales Lodger, Slock Control, by Panmoad 129 94 General Ledge*. Purchase Ledger, by Panmcad 129 94 All ihe spreadshoel essentials, easy to uso 29 94 Comprehensive personal accounts, sxrple 10 uso 39 94 Exceeds ISO 7185 specs. Indexed 330-pago manual 69 94 Enhanced CU by Ihe authors of AmgaDos
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99 PERIPHERALS BaJ inch twin-port extornal dnvo £99 ¦ 3j inch internal drive A2000 £99 ¦ A1010 3} inch Oktornal disk drive £149 ¦ Supra 20 MB external hard disk £ 59 5 ¦cm,,n t2°° '2° ops. F t. Nlo £125 ¦ MPS1500C colour ’5° cps, NLQ £295 f 249 H star Lctoe cotour 120 cps. NLO £275 f225 ¦ star LC24-10 170 cps 57 NLQ £375 ¦ HP DeskJet 300 dpi inkjet. B W £795 cn B HP p•lntJ‘f, C0,0o,'180 £995 i to m Xe,ox 4020 co,ou,•240 dp' C1 £ 149 B A2092PC 20MB internal hard £495 £ 225 disk with MS DOS contiollor £ 175 ¦ A2092A 20MB internal hard £495 £299 *** w,'h Amga DOS controller £325 1*2088 PC-XT
bridge boaid £475 £599 wrth 5 2S* ,n,*,nal dlSk d,lv0 Why nol enjoy tlio free Teletext databases with the MicroText Teletext adaptor Fully programmable, with Fastext lacility. Instant access to last 16 pages, doublo page view, telesoftware loader, aulo-stari backgiound opexation Pages can apokon. Punted as ASCII or graphics, saved as ASCII or DIF files With (fegilal tuning lor crystal dear colour TV sound iccoption on any A1061 1084 CM8833 monitor' Uses Parallel port with throughport tor pnnlor Available from slock tor only £1491 II you can think ol il. SuperBase Professional can do fl!
With its uokjuo combination of incredibly sirrple data management, massive processing abftty and high-level program language. SuperBase Professional is the only chorco lor your Amga! And with text, sound and graphics rj D r CCC CIAM a 1 management, plus relational data handling. SuperBase rnUrLuolUNAL Professional is essenlial lot both boginnc* and export STOP PRESS... CITIZEN 120D... FEW ONLY LEFT... £99!
IF YOU WANT IT TOMORROW... CALL US TOOAYI ON 01-546-7256 PRODUCTIVITY If you have a video camera - or just thinking of getting one - you'll find Video Action! Your passport to an exciting new world. No dull technical reviews but pages packed with help and advice - written by experts in a language anyone can understand.
You'll find all you need to know a about lighting, scripting, directing,] sound dubbing and the magic of desktop video - using a home computer to create titles and captions and generate your own startling special effects.
Please send me Ihe next 12 issues of Video ActionI for the special price of C13 Inormally C18I 1 | Access MasiercardrEnrocaid BaiclaycardA isa Date I 1 N° I 1 I I I L-i-l J. J i J. 1 1 J I I I I I I I Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Database Publications Ltd.
ORDER FORM Signed _ Send to: FREEPOSTVideo Action, Europa House. Adlington Park.
Adlington. Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
LATEST RELEASES VIDEO TITLING GRAPHICS Aegis Video Titter (PAL) £110.40 create and animate pro tancy titles - copy genlock presentations to video Video Gen Metier £69.95 A professional easy to use TV tiler. Control vel rates. HorizontalVertical rol. Standard lonts.
Colours, shadows.
Video Wipe Matter £69.95 Excellent transiion system lor video changes Many dilferent wipes, use your own masks Kara Fonts £59.95 superlative tiling lonts NEW PRODUCTS Ricker Master £1195 Plastic filter reduces high res llicker to a bearable level Xerox 4STS Colour ink jet printer lor colour testing, business graphics, overheads etc Professional Drew £Phone The ultimate drawing tool - Vector graphics - no more Maggies" Vldeotcape 30 (PAL) £143.75 create and animate 3D objects - as used by video professionals Sculpt 3D (PAL) £85.00 create and modify shapes, move viewpomt, ray trace Animate 3D
£125.00 companion to Sculpt 3D - animate your objeids, light sources and viewpoints.
Turbo Silver 30 £139.95 30 graphics, animation and ray tracing Animator Apprentice £199.95 multi-module lull colour animation The Director £59.95 an animation -programming- system BOOKS Vol1 Amiga lor Beginners £12.95 Vol 2 Amiga Basic Inside i Out £16.95 Vol 3 Amiga Dos Inside ( Out £18.95 Vol 4 Amiga Mkhlne Language £14.95 Vol 5 Amiga Tricks 1 Tips £14.95 Vol 6 Amiga Systems Prog. Guide £32.95 Vol 8 Amiga Disk Drive Inside* Out Companion £27.95 Diskettes with Examples lor all of the above books (asch) £13.95 Comic Setter £69.95 Kerpow! Create your comic strp page and printer to colour or BAN
graphics printer.
Comic Setter Clip Art Disks Super Hereos £24.95 Science Fiction £24.95 Funny Characters £24.95 Lights, Camera, Action £57.50 Combine IFF pictures. ANIM animations and Sonix instruments and scores into complete presentations Fancy 3d Fonts £49.95 Proportionally spaced characters lor Sculpt and Animate 30 (including European characters eg £, i, 0,6.4, etc) Professional Date Retrieve Ephone Relational database. 8 files at once, 80 index fields file. Not copy protected ie hard disk OK. Many ether professional features Movie Setter £69.95 Push button animation. Use cup art or your own characters.
Add sound, test 8 dump to
V. C.R. Full overscan support up to 60 Irames sec Video Effects
3D £159.95 New Broadcast quality titling system Design 3D
£79.95 The 3D design package with a easy User interface A1000
Internal Memory Ephone LEARNING TO PROGRAM?
MCC Assembler £69.95 Benchmark Modula 2 £139.95 Benchmark C library £79.95 Benchmark IFF library £79.95 Benchmark Simplifier £79.95 Absoft A C Basic 3 £195.00 Absoft A C Fortran £295.00 Fortran Prof pack £189.95 Aztec C £199.95 Lattice C developers pack £275.00 Modula 2 Standard £99.95 Modula 2 Developer £149.95 MCC Pascal 2 £89.95 HISoft Devpac 2 £59.95 MUSIC & SOUND NEW-SoundOasli Ephone Listen to "Mirage" sample disks convert them lor use with midi on the Amiga Reel Time Sound Processor £115.00 Use your Amiga as an echo unk. A Hanger, a reverb unit.
Set your own parameters.
Plug in a guitar or a mike Make yoursell sound like a robot Make up your own drsl oflions'changese fleets All the above products, and many more are supplied by your local Amiga dealer, phone for details or your nearest stockist: HB Marketing Ltd Brooklyn House, 22 The Green, West Drayton, Middx UB7 7PQ.
Tel: 0895 444433 Fax: 0895 441962 Telex: 934689 HBMK $ 0FFST0RE
Special discounts to User Group Members.
P. O. Box 240 WEST DRAYTON 0895 441964 side of the same galaxy
which you are in.
• Mission three: To obtain fuel you will need to scoop it off the
sun. Fly towards it until your cabin temperature almost hits
the roof. Then as you pull up your fuel level will rise.
• Mission four: Three ships will Elite in-built TYPING SARA, as
well as the correct word, into the manual protection makes
available the inbuilt game editor. When the game is running
press * on the numeric pad.
By altering the following bytes you can completely customise the game.
The bytes are: 91: Legal status. 0. Clean. 1, Offender. FF. Fugitive.
97: Rating. 0. Harmless. 1. Mostly Harmless. 2, Poor. 3, Average. 4, Above average. 5. Competent, fi.
Dangerous. 7. Deadly. 8. Elite.
OB: Hit count. This byte has the range ()-l*'F. It is the count of objects that have been shot. When it goes from FF to 0 a "Right On Commander" is achieved.
IF: Fuel. When you have 7.0 units of fuel this byte contains 70. You can give yourself more than 7.0 units.
B9: Cursor type. Has no effect on the game but can he great fun lo play with. It holds the numbers 0. 1 or 2 which correspond to the standard cursor styles. By changing the value beyond this range you can have most of the game objects as the cursor. Try 20.
A5. A7. A9. AA: Time. These values hold the seconds, minutes, hours and days.
19, 1A. IB: Money. By changing the number at byte 19 to a high value you can give yourself vast amounts of money.
21: Missiles. 0-4. Number of missiles currently in your possession.
The following bytes decide which equipment that you are currently blessed with. The byte either contains a 0 or 1 which signifies whether you have got the equipment.
23. Cargo Bay. 25, E.C.M. 2A. Fuel appear on your scanner, then
one will disappear right before your very eyes.
The three remaining ships are Asps and the one which vanished is an Adder.
Shoot the Adder, using a missile if necessary, and a cargo canister will drop out of it. Pick this up for it is. In fact, a cloaking device which you can use to turn your ship invisible by pressing Y. Warning: When this device is in use cheat mode scoop. 2C. Escape capsule. 2E.
Energy bomb. 31, Energy unit. 33, Docking computer. 35. Galactic hyperspace. 3A. Retro rockets. 3C.
ECM jammer. 3E. Cloak device.
The following bytes contain the amount of cargo that you are carrying. Changing these bytes will allow you to have more than the maximum cargo load. The last two items are special cargos that appear as part of a mission.
42, food. 46. Textiles. 4A. Radioactives. 4E, slaves. 52. Liquor wines.
56. Luxuries. 5A. Narcotics. 5E, computers. 62. Machinery. 66.
6A, firearms. 6E, furs. 72. Minerals.
76. Gold. 7A, platinum. 7E, gemstones. 82. Alien items. 86.
Medical sups. 8A, refugees. 8E, documents.
It drains heavily from your energy banks.
• Mission five: Blow up the space station and you will be given
an ECM jammer. Press L to use it. But be careful about your
energy level.
While the game is in demo mode you can use the arrow keys to rotate the ship how you like and use the I and O keys to bring it in and out.
Pressing I) starts the demo again.
Pressing W during the game gives you the game credits and also tells you your score and how long you’ve been playing.
A simple fighting tactic which you may find useful during combat is to slow right down. This makes it much easier for you to get the enemy ships within your sights - but don’t hang around too long or you will become easy pickings for them.
If you are being chased, retro rockets
- to shoot you backwards - can be very useful for turning the
tables on your pursuers.
Hey, I think I’ll nip off and try that, Lave here I come.
Max the Hacks is always on the lookout for help in the joystick jive.
If you have any cheats then send them to MTHT. Amiga Computing.
78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM 15 5BG. He will send a game from the goodie drawer and a Konix Speed King Joystick to everyone who sends a letter which gets printed.
AmigaTgX is a powerful new implementation of Donald Knuth’s revolutionary TpX typesetting program for the Amiga. Widely used in Universities and research establishments on multi-megabyte mainframes, TgX is capable of producing output of unparalleled quality. In addition to advanced typographic functions such as the use of ligatures, discretionary hyphenation and automatic footnote numbering, TpX handles complex mathematical and scientific typesetting with ease. In fact, the American Mathematical Society has adopted TgX as its official typesetting language - even its on-line databases are
encoded with TpX! No other typesetting or DTP software, regardless of cost, can typeset mathematics with such ease.
Now this enormous power is available on the Amiga. Using the multi-tasking abilities of the Amiga and the preview facility of AmigaTpX, a document preparation system capable of handling the most demanding typography is available at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.
AmieaTEX 10 disks £125. Includes TeX. Preview, in- 360 dpi Fonts 10 disks £50. Complete set of 360 dpi ¦Ju?’ - a macro with preformed style guides, fonts for 24-pin printers. Needs P6 Driver to use them.
BiBTeX, SijTeX, and over a thousand previewer fonts, |mageWriter II Driver 2 disks £50.
Laser* Printer Drivers 8 disks £75. Includes drivers for Am*“MA™k0NT 2 disks £50. Includes, METAFONT, 300 dpi PostScript printers, the HP LaserJet Plus and iniMtTAFONT, a screen display program, and source Series II, the QMS Kiss and Smartwriter, and the HP for the Computer Modern fonts.
Epson FX Driver 10 disks £75. Includes a driver and Th T “SfFUL READING fonts for the Epson FX, MX, JX and compatible series ‘ P K,n, .....- ....£21.95 of printers. Also includes a separate driver for printers Thc CaTEx Bo°k - L Lamport ......£19.95 that are almost Epson compatible. The Joy of TeX - M D Spivak £32.00 NEC P6 Driver 10 disks £75. Includes drivers and fonts The METAFONT Book - D Knuth ..£19.95 for the NEC P6 P7 series of printers and the Epson Prices include VAT and postage
Acoess and Visa accepted Amiga hardware LO series of 24-pin printers. And software also availaBle at competitive prices - send br further details Send for further details, a free demo disk and a review of AmigaTEx by Amiga Computing which "...recommended AmlgaT X to anyone looking to produce top quality documents on their Amiga."
QUEENSDOWN GRAPHICS, 14 OSBALDESTON ROAD, LONDON N16 7DP TEL 01-806 1944 Apolonia Software-presents COMPUSHOP 1 The best prices for the Atari ST and the Amiga Hardware and Software.
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Compushop 1 Starter Discs • Mouse Mat • Joystick £1251.75 + VAT omoBcmAisii Tiwngt, 52S* «kh PC Owo - A ...nse.oo ....£85 00 Trance 1 *¦ 2nd Prtve - Amge... TnangM nm A2000 3 S’ 101 _ Cunwna 1M0 2nd Orwe - Amga £79.00 __£125.00 MvacM WS2000 Modem - AtarvAmge----£115.00 Mirada WS4000 Modem - AurvAmge--------- £109.00 Unnet Modem - AurvAmge .....£140 00 Sene* Four 2123S Modem - Atari Amiga--------£260 00 Nightingale Modem (Man dial) - Amiga ------£110.00 RS232 Modem Cable - Ata VAmiga----------------- £12.00 Printer Cable -AMIGA ST ..... £12.00 Epson LX800 Dot MaSlx 9 Pin
Print---------------------£277.50 Slar LC10 - Mono t)of Matrix* Pin------------------£240.00 Star LC10 - Cokxx Uot Matrix* Pin-----------------£260 00 Star LC24 - 1024 Pin MuMHont--------------- £387.56 Star laserpnruer 8(1 Mb Standard)----£1740 89.VAT Eidersoft Graphic Tedet - AterVAmge-------£239.03. VAT Amga 500 . Starter KM_______________________£318.00. VAT As above. ModUMor C336 00.VAT Amga 500 . 1084 CokMX Mon . Starter £548 30. VAT Amga 500 Buveu Pad, (A500 . Mono Monttor .
Printer . The Works . TranstormarMono Texi IBM PC Eml ..ES58.23.VAT Amiga 500 aa above but wfTh A1064 Colour Monitor Instead of Ihe Mono Monitor ....£874.00.VAT Amga Modulator AS20----------------------------£23.50 A501 Exp. Board with Clod________________________ _.£t 10.00 Amiga 1084 Colour Monitor ...... £245.21 .VAT Amiga 2000_________________________________________£976.50. VAT Amiga 200. 1084 Colour Mon ..E1151.7S.VAT Amiga 20MB Hard Drlva for 2000--------------£620 00 Moon 2Mb Mem Expansion -A2000 ..... £370
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Computar)----------------- £24 00 llnisiand Pnntar
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e. g. Rocket Ranger (Amiga) £20.99
Starglider II (ST Amiga) £17.39
connect all AulGAS to your TV or colour monitor provided it
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than using the AMIGA MODULATOR, permit ALL 4096 colours to be
displayed and include the audio lead (to give stereo with
stereo tv's) OROER AL 1 FOR Tvs WITH 21 PIN EURO (SCART)
- ATTENTION 1901 MONITOR OWNERS.- Why not have your 1931 monitor
converted to wcrk with the AMIGA OR ATARI ST - the performance
IS indistinguishable from the CBM 1C64 monitor After
conversion, your 1901 will display all 4096 cokxxs A existng
inputs are NOT affected so it remains compatible with the C64 A
128 Conversion costs only £29.95 ncludng lead for callers
(carried out while you warf) Or £53 95 including nextday
cdlecten A delivery by cexirier Please phene to arrange _ an
appointment or collection AMIGA AUDIO DIGITISER MK II VERSION
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help you set the input signal ‘or perfect results. & even a
lead to connect to your personal stereo, radio or portable
keyboard is included M rks with most software including
Prosound. Audiomaster.
Date! Prosampler & Perfect Sound.
NEW Improved A5COO»git«ser, Leads A Instructions ONLY £27 99 Putt* Domain Disk with Sampling Software ONLY £4 99* :' Supplied by George Thompson Services. Dppen Biodck. Arran. Scotland) Gender Changer Required for A1000 £2.00 EXTRA 2nd DRIVE SWITCHED LEAD - D-sables external drive to permit programs to taad 2nd DRIVE SWITCHER Fits between drive cxxinector and Amiga disk drive port Can be used -hen power non MOUSE JOYSTICK SWITCHER A PORT EXTENDER E xtends the port and has sockets lor mouse and joystick with push button switch tor mouse or joystick selection AMIGA 64 EMULATOR LEADS Connects
1541 ETC to your AMIGA There are several programs which need thn lead MODULATOR EXTENSION LEADS AMIGA PRINTER LEAD - Pan* Type 1 M Kng
EXPANSION + CLOCK. 512K lincl ram chips) 1901 COLOUR MONITOR
Commodore PCI + MONO MONITOR ...... Add £6
for next day delivery (credit card orders) GET THE PICTURE? -
10. .....£8.99
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Lifetime Guaranteed, double tided, double density, 48TPI,
bulk wrapped discs with labels Quantity
50. Price ....£3.49 ....£6.50
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AMP 1 now complete with remote volume control Branded discs:
Sony, TDK, Verbatim, Dysan 3.5” Discs FULLY GUARANTEED MEDIA
AMIGA MINIAMP 2 - with twin stereos MINIAMP 2 combines a mini stereo power amp with two r speaker units which connect directly to your AMIGA They are ideal tor use with mono Tvs & monitors.
& simply plug in for instant stereo sound Mju’H be amazed at the difference.
- ONLY £8.49
- ONLY £10.49
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the AMIGA'S amazing'stereo sound in complete privacy ° MINIAMP
61556 CARIBAG PfilNTEFIS AH pricesinclude VAT delivery & cable
Hugely successtul 9 pin primer, the ' . Nj r r n. Star LC10
provides 4 NLQ tonts (with Onl V £1 99,00 96 print
combinations) at 36cps and v 1 i44cps araft. Has a large 4K
buffer Colour version also available, and IBM parallel
Interface buiilt in, nnan nn includes a comprehensive from
panel Vjniy t449.UU All prices include VAT deliveryj Ksr
S lTSSSTff'SSi Prices include 2 extra without removing tractor
paper. Black ribbons free of charge.
. £339.00 . £499.00 SPECIAL OFFER AMIGA PACK Our new special offer pack includes the following: ? Amiga 500 computer ? Goldrunner £1795.00 ... £169.00 ... £319.00 .. £199.00 .. £319.00 ..£319.00 .... £69.00 .. £139.00 .. £199.00 .. £399.00 .. £749.00 The total retail value of extras supplied is £270.45. All this for only £399.00!
? TV Modulator
* • Mouse & Mouse mat ? Joystick ? Photon Paint ? Karate Kid II ?
Grid Start
• Demolition ? XR 35 ? Atax ? Las Vegas ? Plus 5 disks of public
domain s ware Star LC24-10 feature-packed multifont 24pin
printer . Star NB24-10 24 pin printer 216 72 cps,
including cut sheet feeder and 2 extra
ribbons ...... Star Laserprinter 8 high
specification 8ppm 300dpi laser, (price inc. 1 year on site
maintenance) Panasonic
KXP1081 reliable 9pin 10" printer 120 24 cps . Panasonic
KXP1124 good quality new multifont 24pin ..... Epson
LX800 popular 9pin 10" 180 25cps ....
Epson LQ500 24pin 10"
150 50cps .... NEC P2200
budget 24 pin 168 56cps ..
NEC cut sheet feeder for P2200
pnnter ... Citizen 120D budget
9pin 10" 120cps .. Citizen
180E budget 9 pin 10" 180
cps . Citizen HQP-45 bargain
value wide carriage 24pin Hewlett Packard
Deskjet’ inkjet printer 240 120cps . Pye 1518 FST
TV Monitor with Fastext, digital tuner (40 presets), and full
infra-red remote control. Connection cable supplied ... £299.00
Philips CM8833 colour monitor suitable for Amiga
500 .....£229.00 Philips CM8852 monitor as above, but
higher resolution £299.00 Philips TV Tuner AV7300, use with any
composite monitors.....£79.00 Word
Perfect ...£149.95
Personal £69.00
Professional £179.95
Amig O( usHbovec£rotec ourcomp| DOUBLE TAKE!
£249.00 Induct*. VAT and computer connection lead (MODEL 1102) Super quality. Stylish medium resolution FST colour TV monitor to suit the Amiga or ST. Features full infra-red remote control. Euroconnector, VidecV Audio Input and headphone output connectors, 40 tuner presets, external aerial connector and a loop aerial. Supplied with cable (please state com- puter type when ordering).
Cumana 5.25" External Floppy Disk Drives (model CAS 1000 S) We are now supplying whisper quiet slimline 5.25" floppy drives for the Amiga user from Cumana. The ‘Transformer1 compatible drive features an integral power supply, 40 80 track switching, 360 720K formatted storage capacity and throughport connector. It also has an on off switch which effectively unplugs the drive from the Amiga when It is not required.
Only £159.95 Ultra low price!
£79.95 Inc.VAT and delivery Only £34.95 inc.VAT delivery Probably the best and most I complete 3.5" disk copier for the Amiga user. Can even copy MS-DOS, Atari ST, CP M, Xenix and Archimedes disks. Because of the high specification of the Amiga drive, this copier is probably the best for the Archimedes or ST. Also includes track editor. Updates will be available in the future as and when new software protection schemes arise.
3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Citizen drive mechanisms I Suits
Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000 Hop quality Citizen drive mechanism I
On I OH switch on rear ot drive » Throughport connector
• One megabyte unformatted capacity ¦ Slimline design Very quiet
• Long cable lor location either side of computer t Full 12
months guarantee All price* Include VAT and delivery. Next day
delivery £5.00 extra.
3. 5” Disks How to order from with labels, lully
guaranteed ..£11.95 25 bufc disks as
above £27.95 10 disks as
above with plastic case .£13.95 25 disks as
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ur*------------------------------------£34.95 Verbatim DsfDD
daks, lop quality media with lifetime guarantee. Box ol 10 ot
ody £19.95 Box ol 10 ..... £17.95 SKC MF2DD DS DD 3 5'd
Evesham Micros | Phone us with your ACCESS or VBA card details
on: llT 0386-765500 [*7| Send cheque, Postal Order K=al or
ACCESS VISA cord deads Abo m: 1742 Pmkm RrL, CotlerMfe.
Blrmtagfcsw B30 3BH Td: 021 458 4544 Govt, rduc & PLC order,
welcome Seme day deqratcb whenever pearibie All (00d abject
lo a reliability, LAOS.
Open lo calkn i day., 1J0-5J0 Evesham Micros Ltd 63 BRIDGE STREET EVESHAM WORCS WR11 4SF ® 0386-765500 fax 0386-765354 telex 333294 Plain man’s guide to CLI This month Phil South delves into what we have to look forward to with the release of Workbench 1.3, particularly PATH, RESIDENT and HISTORY IT is funny you know, but it only seems like yesterday since they announced the release of 1.3. To be factual it's more like a year and a bit.
But what's a matter of a few months between friends, eh Commodore? I thought I'd give you a taste of what you can do with some of the new AmigaDos commands.
It's quite odd how AmyDos seems to borrow from other, more archaic systems, but it's true. Most of what AmyDos is has been drawn from Msdos. And quite rightly so: it works and it's a simpler transition for PC folks to the Amiga. But. Curiously, a lot of newer Amiga commands, like some of those you find on PD discs in
1. 3. have their roots in Unix. This is not so surprising, as
Unix and AmigaDos share the same progenitor, the C language in
which both are written. (OK. So part of AmigaDos was written
in BCPL. But lets not split hairs here.)
PATH is a tricky command which has a direct ancestor in the PC one of the same name. What it does is tell the computer to look in certain directories for any information it might need. The syntax is: P»TH subdirectory subdireetory subdireetor« ... PATH isn't like ASSIGN, which tells the computer where to look for commands. No. This could be a program name, or similar, so that typing anything causes the Amy to look in ALL the directories specified.
Let me give you an example: MTU d*T:libs db8:oaMS df0:scrabb After typing this into your CLI. Any word you type causes the computer to first look in the libs directory of dfl:.
If there isn't a program with the same name as the word you typed, it moves to the games directory in dhO:.
If the word Isn't there to be executed it moves onto dfOiscrabble.
And finally if it can't find the word in any of those three, it LASTLY looks in dftlc.
Now this might seem like a bit of drag for normal everyday use. But if you have a few programs you use a lot. And they are all in different parts of your hard disc say. Or even on different discs, you can type the name anywhere and it'll execute the program.
AmigaDos will always search the directories you specify each time you type anything and hit Return. The options usable with PATH are ADD.
RESET and SHOW. Just typing the standard format as illustrated above cancels all previous paths and institutes the specified ones.
Using PATH ADD ... lets you add ?
¦4 more paths to the current set without overwriting those already in place.
SHOW displays the current settings, so you can check you've got it right, and RESET, as used in the format: PATH RESET, clears all the paths set.
Another goodie from 1.3 which I could never do without is the RESIDENT command.
You know when you type a command how it loads it from disc every time before doing it. This cannot only be a pain when you're using the Workbench disc, but what if you've switched discs? What you need is a method of holding commands in memory so you can execute them instantly.
With RESIDENT this is no problem.
Y‘ou simply type: RESIDENT coseand and that command is loaded into memory. You can load as many commands as you like, remove the Workbench disc and continue using the commands as if the disc was still there. It's a sort of C directory ramdisc. This really cuts down development time.
The one word which you can not make RESIDENT is DELETE. That's because DELETE is an option with RESIDENT. Like SO: RESIDENT co««and DELETE removes the specified name from the resident segment. The other option with RESIDENT is REPLACE.
You can use it like so: RESIDENT cossand file REPLACE This means that the code segment for the named command is replaced by the specified file.
Another life saver is the shell, which provides a line history by- using the cursor keys. This is a hangover from Unix, and means that you can call up the last few lines you typed into the CLI and edit or execute them again without having to retype.
You just press cursor up or down to scan through the recent commands until you get the one you want.
CtriJ-K deletes to the end of line.
Ctrl J-U deletes from the beginning of the line to the cursor, while shift and cursor movements jump to the end of lines. Very handy for file housekeeping and deleting long lists of files. You can just call up the commands and alter the filenames each time. It's so relaxing.
Ok. That's all for this time, get hold of a copy of Workbench 1.3 - you won't regret it.
• IF you have any queries about Amiga Dos or CLI please address
them to me at Amiga Computing. Europa House. Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
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behind your computer to swap your mouse and joystick cables ? Are your cables and computer connectors worn out from all the plugging and unplugging? Then Mouse Master is a must for you!
Mouse Master is an innovative switchbox that allows you to instantly select either your mouse or joystick (or other controller) in port 1. A switch on the top does the swapping for you! Additionally, port 2 is brought out to make all the ports easily accessible. £24.951 8E Chelsea Road, Lower Weston Bath, Avon Bal 3DU Tel: 0225 310300 Harsh Words I HAVE had my Amiga for about one month now and although generally impressed, am having no luck in getting Kindwords to work correctly with cither my Citizen 120D or Brother HR10 printers.
I have tried a variety of drivers and DIP switch settings without success.
Please can you offer any advice?
A general point about Amiga software: I get the impression some Amiga prices are inflated merely because it is written for the Amiga. Compared with Protext and Prospell - I've upgraded from an Amstrad CPC 6128 - Kindwords is terrible. Protext offers so much more (how often do you need to include graphics ?), loads instantly from rom and is cheaper.
Andy Chard.
Both printers can be set to be Epson- compatible. Then use the Epson selection from preferences. Protext plus Prospell on rom for the Amstrad costs about £70. More than Kind Words. Rut now you can get Protext for the Amiga, and you should be happy.
What now?
I USE my machine purely for leisure purposes and usually buy strategy or adventure games. Your publication certainly meets my requirements regarding reviews and when buying games highly rated by your reviewers I am generally satisfied wilh whal I have bought.
As I enjoy adventures, but invariably become immobile at various positions during the game because I cannot solve a puzzle. I found the adventure helplines offered by the magazines of tremendous assistance.
While your magazine features a regular article for arcade game enthusiasts - Game Killer - I wonder if you have any plans for helping the adventurer in a similar manner?
There must he a growing number of people who, like me, prefer the adventure strategy type of games and would find a helpline of some sort invaluable. The number of adventure games is increasing constantly and it follows that there must be many Amiga users with unfinished ones.
I would like to congratulate you on an otherwise excellent publication which I will no doubt continue to buy.
Regardless of whether or not a helpline eventually appears.
R. [. Ray.
We will be starting a tips section in the Adventures section soon, so if you have any problems or hints then please let us know.
More ram What difference does an extra 512k make? What is the unpopulated version?
Calvin D. Ward.
Redcar, Cleveland.
The more ram you ha ve the bigger program you can load. Some games offer extra features if you have an extra 512k.
Super Hang On loads all tracks and speeds up starting each game, Starglider II plays music between games. There is a move towards games which only work on machines with extra ram, Dragons Lair is the first.
On a multi-tasking machine like the Amiga more memory is always useful, because you can load more than one program at a time from Workbench.
An unpopulated board is a ram expansion with no ram on it. This allows you to buy the chips separately and plug them in. Companies do this so that users who can buy ram cheaply don’t have to pay a premium to buy the chips with the board. For most people this is not worth doing.
Write to: The Editor. Amiga Computing. 78-84 Ongar Road.
Brentwood. Essex. CM 15 9BG.
We 'II send the writer of the best letter each month a program from our goodie drawer.
Dial an Amiga I am writing to inform your readers of a new Amiga-based bulletin board. The Grotto BBS is thal rarity, a viewdata bulletin board running on an A500 Amiga. II caters mainly for Amiga owners and is already popular among London’s Amiga owners. The Grotto can be found on 01-552-2808 24hrs a day.
R. A. I.uvel London.
Starting over As a newcomer to the Amiga computer field I am continually getting lost in the maze of technical terms, phrases and symbols. There are a few points that I would like to raise: Are there any books that describe the Amiga system in idiot form? A recommended printer driver program for the Amstrad 3000 printer? Any chance of an Amiga poke for Rolling Thunder? What is a man to do between issues of Amiga Computing?
K. Bucchan. Stoke Newington.
The Commodore manual which came with the machine is pretty good, but have a look at Amiga for Beginners (16 bit Software 0706 43519 has it in stock). The Epson driver is the one you want for the DMP 3000. I'll ask Max about Rolling Thunder. Use your machine.
Tired yellow ribbon I WRITE this with my brand new LC-10 (colour) printer, finding it irrestistibie after the review you gave it. There’s one thing which has me worried though: The quality of colour dumps - they are so faint.
I've tried taking the ribbon back to the shop where 1 bought it and they gave me a new one which I found slightly better. But then about five dumps later the quality was clearly deteriorating. The black seems to be the first colour to let me down.
I would like to know if there are any ?
• 4 higher quality ribbons available which would last longer and
produce a clearer printout in the first place.
I have to say that other than that i am very happy with the printer overall.
The speed in draft is great and the NI.Q was unlike anything I was previously used to. My last printer being an Alphacon 32 for the Spectrum.
On the subject of Spectrums, people always seem quick to slag them off. But what many people don't realise is that they had some of the best games ever written made for them. I'm talking about epics like Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge, not to mention classic wargames like CCS's Vulcan.
In my opinion, none of these golden oldies have been touched by any Amiga games that I've seen. You can keep your Outrun directly ported over from the Atari, or Buggy Boy which was actually smoother on the Commodore 64.
There clearly seems to be a lack in really absorbing and addictive games for our computer. Having said that. I've yet to try some of the new generation Dungeons and Dragons type games like Pool of Radiance or Ultima V, Pablo Contreras.
You can buy all-black ribbons for the LC-10 and keep the colour ones for best, and keep them in a plastic ban.
Amiga games are improving rapidly.
Open your eyes to some of the recent ones. The days of the naff ST port are coming to a close.
Next step THE best Christmas present I have ever had was my Amiga. The second best was the money some relations gave me.
Now I want to spend that money to upgrade my A500 by buying u monitor which will give a better picture than my Sony television. I don't want to spend a lot of money for a slight improvement. Which one should I buy?
Richard Burns.
London I wouldn't recommend a monitor as a first upgrade purchase unless you are using a seriously sick telly - instead go for either a ram expansion or a second drive.
Deciding which is difficult. I bought the drive ffrst and coped well for quite a while. Then when I lent my drive to a friend I found using a 1 megabyte Amiga with only one drive a pain.
When I upgraded this was the right way to do it. But now, more and more programs which require a full megabyte are beginning to appear. Not just business products like SupcrPlan but graphics programs like Xoetrope and games such as Dragon's Lair and Dungeon Master. So you may want the extra memory first. You can always use the Ram drive as a second drive.
K POWER COMPUTING Power Computing now have stocks of a brand new 512K expansion board for the Amiga A500 complete with battery backed clock. These units plug into the expansion port on the bottom of the computer and completely matches the Commodore original in performance and quality.
Now for a limited period we are pleased to be able to offer these units from stock including VAT and delivery for a price of £139.00 (RRP £149.00) Have you got our new catalogue. Please phone to make sure ot your copy 512KA500 RAM EXPANSION WITH CLOCK 0234 273000 PLEASE USE THE ORDER FORM IN OUR MAIN ADVERT Power Computing 44 a&b Stanley Street, Bedford, MK41 7RW The Microtext Adaptor tums your Amiga into an advanced Teletext TV giving you fast access to any of the free pages from Ceefax or Oracle.
Hundreds of pages constantly updated to give you the very latest information, at the touch of a button.
The mouse may by used to select any page then print it or save it to disc.
Saves may be compact or IFF, it can read out the news and is easily programmed to do all these things automatically. With true 'FastText', the system knows what pages are likely to be selected next and gets them in advance making them available instantly. Many more facilities are also provided. The Adaptor connects to the Parallel port, your printer is then reconnected to a socket on the Adaptor and when the computer is not in use you can watch TV on the monitor!
A review in the June"88 AUI concluded: The hardware is well built, it has excellent software and is well documented."
At only £124.80 + VAT for an advanced Teletext TV, its excellent value for money, VHF UHF International version: £169.50 E3 MICROTEXT® Dept AG, 7 Birdlip Close, Horndean, Hants P08 9PW Telephone: (0705) 595694 J Public Domain software for the Commodore Amiga from Purple P.D. We have complete collections of FISH, AMICUS. FAUG, Slipped Disk. Tbag, Panorama. AUGE-4000. AMUSE, Music. Softville, APDC, APDL and others.
TCI CT p UT A world of informalion ¦ LLL I Lll I af vour finaerliDS Prices are: 1-9 disks £3.00 each. 10-19 disks £275 each and 20 or more disks £2.50 each. Fully inclusive. We use Sony double sided disks, and copy with the verify flag ON.
For a copy of the latest catalogue please send a Stamped S.A.E. to: Purple P.D. 1 Bartholomew Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 3TP The U.K. Amiga User Group Are you new to the Amiga, finding it difficult to harness the power of this amazing computer?, Then what you need is help from the largest group of Amiga enthusiasts in the world outside of the United States.
Members receive:
• Excellent discounts on software
• Technical support and on line help
• Superb hardware reductions
• A bi-monthly newsletter of over 60 pagesl
• Access to a PD library of over 250 disks
• Ause of an Amiga only bulletin board DONT HESITATE - JOIN NOW
and Start to appreciate what Amiga computing is all. About. . .
For further details write, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to: The U.K. Amiga User Group 66 London Road Leicester LE2 OQD Or Telephone: Leicester (0533) 550993 THE GAMES SHOPPE MAIL ORDER DISCOUNT SOFTWARE GamefStrategy Gamea Strategy Action Service ..£13.95 Roalm of the Trolls ..£16.95 After Burner ...£16.95 Return of Ihe Jedi ....£16.95 Alien Syndrome £13.95 Rocket Ranger .£20.95
Batman ....£16.95 Speedbal .£16.95 Be.ooo -he k» 06 95 Spat** r-age £1396
8. *.“e»Ki £13 95 Sia-Gooee €*3 96 C* *0"«a £16 95 Sl« Re* 0696
C*1 ** £t695 Streedghte- . £1395 C*cM»Game« £»6 95 SvC Bar*
S-'Uaso. £i«96 C-agon-n® 06 95 S.oe an 06 96 £t6 96 UcJvioCce
03 95 »«***- £20 96 Tried f 2C 96 »ede-ercr* c* Free C29 96
Qc« 03 96 f emandez Mutt t** £1696 W*-o 0-ea-e £-6 95
* -g* S«n.iror 1 €2? 96 Advent-*ee ‘oooa D erto.n £13 96 AittO
He-oea y t-elexe Ci6 96 C*r**«- 0395 Reyo"d om 0695 Cant'D £i6
96 O.ngeon Ueste fi696 ?*g*wey ***** Ci395 £16 95 a? 96
kv-laBac* 0396 Joan of Art £16 96 Jnrter 06 95 i WTOa»dMACK» »
0695 la-ceto- OJ95 N6rorUaB*«»e £13 95 legenc o' ihe S*c*d 06
95 Pec Mane 03 96 MorvAe Max. £16 95 £1696 6hedo**g««e £1696
Ponee* e gj £1696 Tr-eeolLo»e 06 95 R *VP* 06 96 Unanvtec £20
95 Send SAE for fuB price list, stating machine Prices include
postage & packing and VAT Same day posting of goods in stock,
but please allow seven days Please make all cheques POs payable
to: THE GAMES SHOPPE 4 Maggots Nook Rd., Rainford, St Helens
WA11 8PL ALL THESE ARTCART This stylish, credit card sized,
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most calculations, including a memory feature, a percent
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But that’s just for starters, you'll also get a limited edition Amiga Computing solar powered calculator (worth £7.95), an Amiga 500 dust cover (worth £4.95), and a giant mouse mat (worth £6.95). That lot adds up to a tidy saving of £25.80. So after paying for your subscription you'll actually be in pocket!
But remember, because the Artcarte is a limited edition, this special offer will only be available for a short time. Take out your subscription today.
GIANT MOUSE MAT- Your mouse won't frighten our jumbo size top quality Amiga Computing mouse mat! With its specially-designed perfect-grip surface, it provides the ideal desktop environment for your rodent... » Offers much smoother movement!
* Gives super positive control!
* Protects tabletops!
» Extra large! (277 x 240 x 9mm| Annual Subscription Includes FREE Artecarts, Dustcover, Binder and Mouse Mat (UK only) 9503 9604 9506 RENEWA L UK £25 9901 Europe S 04 9601 Ovvmii Armajl C4S 9502 Back Issue bundles
- - June-August 1088 £4.06 September-December 1088 £8.45 9832
9834 H Add £1.60 per bundle Europe A Eire £8 Overseas Last
month's Issue January 1080 Add 50p Europe A Elro £2 Overseas
£2.10 9707 t=ZI Dlglcalc ($ **p*0*73) £29.05 9831 ZZI Pioneer
Plague (***P*0»6) £24 05 9828 ZZ Lombard Rally (s**p*o* 19)
* S3» £24.95 9829 ?
Lancelot (a**p*0*27) £19.96 9622 zz Time and Maglk £19.95 9830 ZZ Dust Cover Amiga 500 Keyboard Add £1 lor Europe and Eire I £2 Overseas £4.96 9507 zz MOUSe Mat 'see cpposAe; Add £1 lor Europe and Eke £2 Overseas £8.95 9508 ZZI Binder Add £3 for Europe and Eire C7 Overseas CS.95 9509 ?
For each item add £2 for Europe and Eire or £5 for Overseas, unless otherwise indicated Payment: please indicate method (?)
J Access. Vas i ercar dE umca tJardaycard Vlsa mi I I I II I I I II I _L_L J lo Amiga Computing Name_ _ Signed Address- Deynm« telephone number in case ol queries Send to: Amiga Computing, FREEPOST, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 4YB No elanp needed » posted In Utq Pimee atknr i* to 28 days tot OetHery Order at any time ol the day or nlghl | Far Ordata: Ordata by Praard: Keyaa. A» smseaso MmtMvrabcomOoU 72:UAOOOt j Oatft targat to gtra yatx ttanta. AOttam am etadt emd raerdter MJC2J MAKE YOUR AMIGA EARN!
Yes making money becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro is. It only you knew it, a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant.
Make the initial effort. NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be the most important move you will ever makel REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else's "ditch-.
Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period ot time just by doing a tew basic thingsl It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: 31 PILTON PLACE (AM1) KING AND QUEEN STREET WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR ST & AMIGA OWNERS
• Have you ever bought software only to find rfs not what you
• Would you like to buy software. Hardware, peripherals &
consumables at prices only available to dealers?
• Are you thinking of buying an ST or Amiga?
We can supply members with: Amiga’s (incl. Modulator) £341.50 520 STFM’s Super Pack £341.50 Xerox 4020 colour ink jet printer from £1000.00 Blank Disc’s DSDD Unbranded (Memorex) 25 for £25.00 All prices are fully inclusive. Nothing to add.
Save up to 35% on all software, not Just games We supply a full product range from A to Z If you answered yes to any of the above questions then send an s.a.e. to ST & AMIGA CLUB (Dept AC), PO Box 3, Openshaw, Manchester M11 4FZ For full (Mails and application lorn (U.K. and B.F.P.O. only) Don't anrol with any other club until you've checked ua out Ural “The definitive Pascal compiler for the Amiga METAC0MC0 PASCAL NEW VERSION 2!
Other extra features in the new release (which are optional extensions to the ISO standard) include: Metacomco, the authors ot AmigaDOS, announce the release ot version 2 ot their unique single pass Pascal compiler. It is the most powerful and useful ISO Pascal on the Amiga with the friendliness and ease-ot-use of a Turbo Pascal type environment.
The new manual even includes a section covering conversion of Turbo Pascal programs to Metacomco Pascal.
Ideal lor beginners and experienced PQQ nc programmers. «U9.3u ¦ Dynamic strings ¦ Separate compilation and conditional compilation ¦ Single and double precision lloating point ¦ Full 32-bit pointers ¦ Bitwise integer operations ¦ Enhanced 1 0 error handling ¦ Sequential and random access tiles ¦ OTHERWISE in CASE statements A500 Games pack Workbench, Extras. Tutorial Disk, Handbook, Basic Manual.
TV Modulator, Karate Kid II, Goldrunner, Skyfighter, Demolition, Gridstart, 4 PD Disk’s, Quickshot Joystick.
Now with 10 Star Games Pack ind. Photon Paint ONLY!! £399.00 ¦ Complete access to the graphics and sound capabilities ol Ihe Amiga, with extensive examples ¦ Includes linker and MAKE utility ¦ Extensively rewritten 330 page manual.
A500 ? A1084 Colour Monitor As Above Only!! £649.00 Surrey AUG A Owners A Full Rang® of Software and Ha dwar® Always in Slock.
Plaas® t««i fr®« lo drop in lor a chat, and to s®« what is happening in th® exciting world of the AMIGA See your local Ottkr or order direct from Metacomco Prices mdude VAT and P&P (or UK mainland Add £6 tor delivery ootstde UK Regniered us«s ol previous versions can upgrade By |_j | sending original hm diskette pus £38 50 direct to Metacomco HETRCOnCO i 26 Portland Square, Bristol BS2 BR2, UK.
Telephone(0272)426781 Fax (0272) 428618 Talex 444874 METAC0 G i, The Broadway, Kingston Road, Staines, Middlesex TW18 4LG Telephone 0784 60679 All offers subject to chang® without notic®_ ADVERTISERS’ INDEX 16 Bit Software 91 Amiga PD Library ..91 Amigatex .....86 Apolonia Software .86 ARB Computers .....98 Bath Computer
Shack ...92 Brown Wagh UK ....23 Byteback ......65 Calco Software 83 Castle Computers ...40 Centec ...60 Cestrian Software ...87 City PD Library ......92
Clik 80 Computer Bookshop ..... 32 Condor ..61 Cottage Software .... 34 Cut Price Software .49 Datel Electronics ......10,11 Dr Soft ..73 Easyprint ..... 50
Evesham Micros .....88 Ferrotec 52 Frontier Software ... 66 HB Marketing..., ..... 84 Home Based Business ...98 Humgold Computers ....92 Lan Computers 44 Mandarin Software 6,19,26,27 M D Office
Supplies ......90 Megaland ....48 Melton Computer Supplies .41 Metacomco .. 98 MicroLink ...57 Microtext .....95 Miracle Systems .....62 MJC Supplies ... 46 Palace
Software .... 100 Postronix ....2,3 Power Computing 74,78,79,94 Premier Mail Order 56 Prism Leisure .. 70 Purple PD Software 95 Rainbird ...... 17 SCC 39 Silica
Shop ..99 Siren Software .34 S K Marketing . 14 Softsellars ....55 Special Reserve ......91 ST Amiga Club 98
T. C.
Computers ......92
The Games
Shoppe 95 The
UK Amiga Users Group ...95
Trilogic .87
Turtlesoft .....
36 Worldwide
Software ..... 94
= Commodore AMIGA FREE! - AMEGAS - by Players FREE! - INSANITY FIGHT - by Microoeal FREE! - MERCENARY COMP - by Novaqen | FREE! - BARBARIAN, ULT WARRIOR - Dy Palace FREE! - TERRORPODS by Psyqnosis FREE! - BUGGY FREE!- THUNDERCATS by Elite FREE! - IKARI WARRIORS by Elite ;S includes H H PHFE JK ¦¦ DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one of a new breed of technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard for home computing, based .around the new Motorola 68000 chip. The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive built-in. It can be connected directly to a wide
range of monitors, or lo a domestic TV set through a TV modulator. Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free mouse. And, when you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK's Nol Amiga specialists, you will experience an after sales sen ice that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists: Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers f&of ise your compute toiished m the no w* our
customers THE FULL STOCK RANGE: The largest range of Amiga related peripherals, accessories, books and software in the UK AFTER SALES SUPPORT: The staff at Silica Shop are dedicated to help you to get the best from your Amiga FREE NEWSLETTERS: Mailed direct to your home as soon as we print them, featuring offers and latest releases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped to Silica Shop customers within the UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE: We will normally match our competitors offers on a same product same price' basis FREE TECHNICAL HELPLINE: Full time team ot Amiga technical
experts to help you with your technical queries But don't just take our word tor it. Complete and return the coupon below for our latest Amiga literature and begin to experience the Silica Shop specialist Amiga service
i. ;i'ii'i;i.'.ii:ii A500 Computer TV Modulator Photon Paint
Computer 1084S Colour Monitor Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL
RRP: LESS DISCOUNT: PACK PRICE 3S When you buy the Amiga 500
trom Silica Shop, you will not only get a high power, value
tor money computer we will also give you some spectacular tree
gilts First of all, we are now including a TV modulator with
every A500 stand alone keyboard, so you can plug your Amiga
straight into your TV at home (the modulator is not ncluded
with the A500*AI084S pack as it is not required tor use with
monitors) Secondly, we have added a tree copy of Photon Pamt.
An advanced graphics package with an RRP of £69 95 Last (and
by no means least1), so that you can be up and running
straight away we are giving away the sensational TENSTAR GAMES
PACK with every A500 purchased at Silica Shop This pack
features ten top Amiga titles which have a combined RRP ot
nearly £230* Return the coupon tor details FREE TENSTAR PACK
TOTAL RRP: £229.50 already own an Amiga computer and would
tike lo be registered on our mailing i*t as an » user, let us
know We w.11 oe peated to send you copies ot our prce lists
and newsletters OF CHARGE at tney become available Complete
the coupon and return it to our Sidcup h and Peg»n
experiencing a tpeoahu Amiga service thal ,s second to none
To: Silica Shop Lid, Oepl AMC0M 02 89.1-4 The Mews, Halherley
THE AMIGA Mr Mrs Ms: Initials: Surname: Address: SIDCUP (&.
Mail Order) 01-309 1111 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Road. Sidcup.
9am 7pm LONDON 01-580 4000 52 Tottenham Court Road. London.
LONDON 01-629 1234 ext 3914 Do you already own a computer Jf so. Which one do you own’’ Set fridges (1st floor). Oxford Street. London. W1A IAB OPEN: MON-SAT 9am 6 00pm LATE NIGHT: THURSDAY 9*m Hpm J THE MOST POWERFUL GAME DESIGNER NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE MOST POWERFUL HOME COMPUTERS!
M «ie!
With absolutely no programming knowledge you can produce games with: Fast, smooth scrolling - Detailed and colourful sprites and backgrounds - large multi-sprite enemies - superb animation - your own sampled and synthesised sound - title screens designed on top art packages.
HU , iirsvii . R~ . * a e a e W ¦Efeil Y . LasHS professional results menu driven easy to use editors Already a massive success on the Commodore 64, Shoot 'em up Construction Kit has been hailed by Zzap!64 as "one of the greatest packages ever released on the 64". Now a team of top programmers, between them responsible for a string of hits including Wizball and Barbarian, have brought their skills and experience together to produce the ultimate user- friendly 16 Bit game designer.
AMIGA - £24.99 ATARI ST - £24.99 COMMODORE 64 Cassette - £14.99 COMMODORE 64 Disk - £19.99 Outlaw Productions. The Old Forge. 7 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX

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