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Etectronic Arts was tet in on the Amiga secret very early. They had the first prototypes in red wooden boxes. Straight away they knew that this was an amazing graphics machine. But they decided not to convert Prism Commodore bought the rights to the Amiga and came to the conclusion that the graphics potentia! of the Amiga was so great that they should bundle a pain! pro gram with the computer. This was enough to persuade Or you can right ctick to remove the image from the screen and only have it as a brush. Or you can ctick another part of the icon to get a tasse type feature which can cut out irregular shapes. it's a!! quite easy once you've tried it. Extra Hatf Britt (EHB) mode is only used by a handful of programs. DP tll Etectronic Arts that reinventing the whee! by setting a similar package was not a viable proposition on the Amiga so the company started work on Marbte Madness. When it became ctear that Commodore would not be developing a screen designer for the Amiga. EA stepped in. it laid down the spécification for IFF and set the standard for many of the features we now regard as the norm in Amiga programs. The success of Amiga DPaint!! led to its conversion for the IBM. OK, it is stiü stower on the most expensive, raciest PC than on a simple 500 Amiga. but then that is the faut! of hreadheads who buy from IBM. Even if we make them took footish they sti!) have to thank us for getting Detuxe Paint out of Etectronic Arts tabs and on to their screens. has joined them. It s great for creating shadows and a supptied example shows Fred Astair dancing over scenery. When! say over! mean the scenery shows through Fred's btack figure, ghost-tike, dimmed by the use of EHB cotours.! suspect DPaint tt! offering this witt mean more programmers waking up to the EHB possibitiües and. as many of the sprites you see in games are designed with DPaint! I, many of the death-beiching aliens you see in future wiü have bigger and better shadows. B] PAtNT ttl has onc feature. first seen in Photon Paint,! love it for the abitity to wrap a piccie around an object. Perhaps t've been reading too many computer graphics books with formulae ï don t understand we!!. looking at the pictures at toast but! stiü think that a mandriü wTapped around a teapot tocks better than real art. Video recording buffs have been known to buy an Amiga, DPaint and a gentock just to put tines tike "Gemma s 3rd Birthday" over a shot of candies being spat at.

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Document sans nom Volume 2 Number 1 June 1989 £1.95 GRAPHICS TABLET PAINT THE TOWN RED And green, blue, puce, ochre... Artists' pen pal THE AMAZING AMIGA AMIGA 500 plus DISK DRIVE AMIGA 500 + 1084S Instruction Manuals. Extra Disk, Workbench 1-3, L'TEDL tl The Very First Tutorial. T V. Modulator. Photon 3 1 LktU Paint, Mouse Pl.llS additional Amiga Compatible rtm rXITD lk ffXKTFIVXD Disk Drive and 10 Blank Disks. LULUUK MUM I UK PddQ AA • csatpost (includingthe (VT+y .UlJ andpacktng Amiga 500 deal) AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE £149.99 ? £5.00 post and packing LUIGI ALL M mps 1200P £229.99 A £5.00 post and packing The
Commodore MPS1200P printer presents the state of the an m do* nutrix printers. With al the features of a pnnter that would cost much more The MPS1200P b designed to he like three printers in one It can act just like an Epson FX pnnter. Or with the fhpof a switch, it can act just like an IBM Graphics Pnnter with IBM Group II I character set (Danish Norwegian character set) support, It can also print all the characters available with the Amiga in the Amiga configuration The MPS120UP is capable of all the priming functions you would expect, as well as some additional features you may not expect.
„.lmpaeldolmatm(‘ .needle pnnl had) DRAFT
MODE .- maim:9vettialdotti(5 ?
4)l«mmntaldoU; - ptintspced: I20etarh,al Iwehar in TABULATION
tsi-difeclinual, withoplimisedhead movcme-nl PRINT pmiES
____________________111 char in lo 24ldurlm programmable tam
line, and in SET-UP mode UNEETED ___________________________-
lAsnll Llmm). Lffl(J.I7tnm)and7T2m(2 4mm). -nl2l(unandfC2ui
CHARACTER SET____________________ASCII dulxten and
ipedaldlanetm MAX. PRINT LINE LENGTH _____40 lop IN!
Character. Accwihng to punt p«ch tekelcd AMIGA w (
... Pack Includes: A5(10 CPU, Mouse. P.S.U..T.V.
Modulator, Very First Tutorial, Workbench 1-3, Basic,
Exlrasand Manuals.
PLUS P0STR0NIX BONUS PACK WORTH ON ER £250 »h«.h includes 10 wank Disks. Disk Storage Box. 10 Excellent (iamcs. Mouse Mat.
Mouse Bracket (Mouse Holder) Deluxe Paint.
£399.00 f £5.1)0 post and packing 1084S STEREO COLOUR MONITOR nZQ 00 Compatible with PC. 7 lUU Amiga, C64c,C128 +15.00 pmt and packing AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE Amiga 3.5" external drive. Capacity 880K PLUS FREE DISK £149.99 STORAGE BOX & 10 BLANK DISKS A501 RAM PACK 512K for the Amiga
* ¦ £5.01) post and packing THIS TOPICAL GAMES COMPENDIUM ORIXS A
TRUE SPORTING CHALLENGE Pick cnnuinc C64c Computer 1530
DiUoette, Qurisimt fcmuk. Matchpomt 7 Ml. Snooker. Won!
Mailer. 7raA and Field PLUS POSTRONIX BONUS PACK OE £100 OF FREE SOFIWARE £149.99 DISK DRIVE PACK da IMIII Disk Dn»e. 10 Eicdem Dak Gunrv 20 Blank Dnki. 5V«* Diskette Storage Boa AND CFOS!
• I' ® f«»«f SLIKSTIK JOYSTICK CONTROLLER Compatible with Atan
Computen A tan Gama System Commodore COMPETITION PRO 5000
CompaoHe with Commodore M and Vic20 Smtaff 7.XSpectrum(micrfjcr
TAC5 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK Compatible with Atari.
TAC 2 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK Compatible ith Commodore 64 and Vic 20. Atan Computen.
Atan Game Syflem £13.99 MICRO HANDLER MULTI FUNCTION JOYSTICK A whole new range of innovative computer covers, made from durable clear plastic. Designed lo fit your computer perfectly... not only safe from dust but also all forms of accidental damage.
B) 1351 COMMODORE MOUSE IV Cmmuh l»l Mo« . Cmodc. 1 u .a kc (HU
B !« 8u m mm M. pk| • u. I’M Module a £149.99 b £19.99 .
£99.99 A* P**0 * £5 ® pun i»t RAM DELTA DELUXE MICROSWITCTI
JOYSTICK Compatible with Atan coapulm and Vidro Games Madunes
Amtfrad PCU (nhifa'lorl Spectrum !--« £9.99 1 £14.95 A GREAT
II tasid. IV Geo t«jfc. Mum Vkt. Item Samta. TcfGa. Emm Scoml
ta BfcJw. B*oc Imul Pm. Xm» Four Plus: POSTRONIX BONUS PACK
0NI Y £ 149.99 OF £100 OF FREE SOFTW ARE . Am » u «,» COVER
STORY AMIGA SCENE HARDWARE MtmpnfUdcr Derek Vetkin GrwpfiSor
Alan Vdjeb’-JS fifior Scaoe Beckman Aswtmrfihftr left Walker
PmdvSm Efitor
• i hDo,NGiT Vr V WITH SHU'S Rr«l trtwts God i? DifHct?!? !o r*
* rip« with a now. Mflce Rawlin* rrport* on thf Aprodraw
jjraphic' tablet which ha* proridH a solution.
40- JL V TO POINT John Kennedy looks at linos. II makes Tour eyes to funny, but by knowing the plot you ran draw a conclusion on the storyline.
Art fifiors Vark Nolan DottSM Sew* Editor Deo lewis Adierfrseoent Vautrr lohn Swwdee Adrrriisvtt Site* Wendy Colbarn 7 LATEST NEWS The eery hottest tossjp horn the world of the Arnica. First details on the UK developers conference plus an assembler from ArtonauL I UL COMMODORE JL JL GOES ON SHOW Latest update on the lune Commodore Show at the Norotel Hammersmith.
New product launches, feature area and show seminars previewed.
NEWS SPECIAL ADVENT! RES trnaa acnaaa ¦Derma rastscar ernmaaa ta rwa ereaaao MfcMtr Datakav Plkticatiaai Lid.
IwW. Reaa. Mmh Sark.
MeaOa VaoMMd SktO t E 7 K THESHAPEOF M HUNGS TO COME Dave Eriksson visits Seattle in a bid to help Zak VcKracken defeat the Alien Vindbenderx. He enters GaldraRon's Domain offering valuable help.
32- 1 ¦¦ PAINT m Dan Silva is a protrammint Remus.
By addint animation to the world's favourite Amita paint procram he has left rival artists standing.
Dhsam JL ANIMATE «D Ray tracint is one of the tbints the Amipa excels at. Byte by Byte is the master at exploitint this to the full, as Nie Veitch found out.
Pt'BLIC DOMAIN I FAT ANGUS'S VJ JL SWEET PD loin our public domain expert as be trarerses the plobe in search of the best heebie software the likes of Arizona and Arran can offer.
GAMES REVIEWS ()l I.AMIGA J V .ARCADE Dipita! Vatic Software blasts in with a bittie and an award. LED Storm misses out on the lasers. Plus HKM is in desperate need of an MOT.
¦CONTENTS* Speed machine Page 86 jambs reviews apian Pag, HINTS SPEED MACHINE KILLER Are you a loser in Ihe Lasl Duel? Do you long for more lives in Jug? Does Dcflektor always defeat you? Max and lustin come to your rescue.
Cranking up the Amiga clockspecd to 14MHz wipes the grin off an ST owner's face. Adding an extra maths co-processor leaves the Atari for dead.
FHER.GiVj PROGRAM VI l (i (I I ASSEMBLY J JL TUTOR Rupert Goodwins looks at musical machine code and Ends that a register is absolutely nothing to do with the pedals on his local church organ.
V| "C MAKING MOVIES Different rendering packages will produce varying results, even with the same basic data. Glass is a particularly difficult substance.
YOUR RIGHT TO WRITE Is Germany really the second most boring country in Europe? Which colour printer can do Ihe most to improve your image? This and more.
• Scorpion storms in to plunder 93 per cent.
Don a crash helmet in LED Storm.
Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
• HKM better than a lack in the crotch. Just.
• Tiger Road breaks new ground in unoriginality.
• Emanuelle seen through the keyhole.
• Gauntlet II suffers the ST blues
• An incredible sphere taken to the shrink.
• Deflecktor lights up the Amiga.
• Space Harrier - worth the wait.
• DNA Warrior is genetically unsound.
• I Ludicrus hacks away in the arena.
NOW DELUXEPAINT HAS ANIMATION Presenting AnimPaint' DeluxePaint III mokes animation easy. With the AnimPaint feature, you can create animation just by pressing one key to record your paint strokes, and another key to play them bock. You can also use any multi- cel onimation as a brush and paint with it, even in full 3-D.
8 New Paint Features DeluxePaintlllalsoadds sophisticated featurestothenumberoneAmiga paint software: Extra-halfbrite support for 64 colours; direct overscan painting for desktop video; wrap and tint brush modes for special effects; better font support; improved compression; and mony performance enhancements, including foster perspective. Product requires I MB of RAM.
SPECIAL UPGRADE OFFER: Upgrode now and save £50. (Recommended Retail Price £79.99 inc. VAT) Send DeluxePaint II manual cover and £35 (£30 upgrade + £5 carriage) to Electronic Arts ltd., 11 49 Station Road, Langley S13 8YN, England.
Allow 2-4 weeks delivery. Dpoint I owners can upgrade for £55.
ELECTRONIC ARTS' ¦ AMIGA SCENE ¦ Video game previews Amiga sifts air crash evidence JON Beales is a man with a mission. He aims to tell the games playing public about new Amiga releases by taping "mini movie" videos and distributing them nationwide.
Through his company Hot Shot Entertainments (0206 751217) Jon is producing Action Screenplay, a bimonthly consumer video software magazine.
High spec, low price modem It is the first of its kind in the country.
"I can’t think why no one has done it before", said Jon.
"Video is such an obvious medium to use for telling people about visual games".
Action Screenplay is on VHS tape and features the up and coming games for the Amiga and other computers.
It differs from the current point of sale videos which can been seen around the country in the major software stores. In true TV traditions. The programme features a presenter who introduces each game category and commentates while the game is running on screen.
Win hard discs worth more than £3,000 IDEAI. Hardware and Amiga Computing are working on an amazing competition who h will offer every reader a chance to win one of six System 20011 hard drives lor the Amiga 500. This beautifully designed peripheral autohoots without having to upgrade your Amiga.
The high speed 40 megabyte drive would normally cost £573.85. and is a really good huv at that price. But you can kit your Amiga out with one for absolutely nothing.
Full details will he published in the August issue of Amiga Compnling. Don't miss it.
Games are shown in four categories arcade, role playing and adventure, simulations and original concepts.
The tapes include audiovisual effects to create entertaining mini-movies which run for 30 to 45 minutes.
They also feature competitions.
Action Screenplay costs £4.99 from software retailers throughout the UK.
IN the aftermath of the
- ockerbie air disaster, an Amiga 2000 is being teamed with video
to reconstruct the site of the crash so police can work out
what happened immediately prior to the accident.
Dumfries and Galloway police have installed a major system based on the 2000. It is helping to process hundreds of hours of videotape taken after the tragedy.
The Commodore system, installed by Glasgow-based Video One Professional Video, allows police experts to produce stills from video material using a digital frame store.
The advanced computer graphic capabilities of the Amiga 2000 are then used to enhance the finished pictures prior to printing out to I-TECH Supplies has launched a modem for home users which offers facilities only usually found on expensive business products. The EC2400 has four speeds, V21 V23 V22 and V22bis which are automatically selected by "listening” to the system you have dialed.
The modem can dial from a battery backed-up directory using pulse or tone as part of its full Hayes compatibility, and will auto a Polaroid freeze frame film recorder.
Speaking from the scene of the Lockerbie disaster, Sergeant Bob Ovens of Dumfries and Galloway police said: "The Amiga 2000 system obviously gives us the potential for crime detection by using its excellent graphics and ability to grab video images so we can output them as photographs and slides. We are currently looking at the lessons to be learned from Lockerbie".
To help with solving other disasters, the Amiga 2000 is also being used to produce overhead transparencies for demonstration purposes, as a video titler and for computer animation of incidents.
Other police forces using the Amiga 2000 include Lancashire and Preston.
Answer, adjusting to the caller’s baud rate which is ideal for setting up your own bulletin board.
It looks good with 11 LED indicators showing speeds, status and ARQ. This last LED refers to the MNP level 5 error correction allowing speed approaching 4800 baud with no errors. BABT approval is being applied for.
For further details, ring Hi-Tec Supplies on 01-959
Boost for Commodore COMMODORE has pulled off an agreement that could provide it with massive revenue. For the first time the whole of CBM’s products are now on the official ordering list of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, used at 11,000 ordering points for government departments and the public sector.
Commodore see this as not only an official stamp of approval but also a guarantee of major sales. Orders were already flooding in within days of CBM’s inclusion in the HMSO catalogue.
"We are delighted with the results so far", said Peter Talbot. Commodore's national sales manager for the local government, education and medical division.
"The Amiga 2000s are generating interest from departments requiring computer-aided design or audio vistial capabilities".
Stan Church, HMSO's IT purchasing manager, said: “We are delighted to take Commodore’s product line on board. The company’s machines represent faultless reliability at competitive prices".
Successful joust LANCELOT, the Arthurian legend game from Mandarin Software (0625 878888), has taken second place in the Best Adventure category of the new Computer Arena Awards. Amiga version of Lancelot costs £19.95. June 19B9 A Mid A COMPimNG 7 COMMENT WHEN my Toyota was six months old a new model was launched. It had nicer wheels, an electric aerial and a much better radio. I didn't expect Toyota to give me a new car.
And yet when Commodore launched Workbench 1.3 I had a niggling feeling that it should have sent me a copy. Free. Readers who visited the Amiga Computing stand at the Commodore Show aired the same view.
But the 1.2 which came with my A50U was perfectly OK. If I wanted the belter printer drivers and fast file system I should be prepared to pay for them. The old ones worked; yes the new ones were better, but then wider wheels make a car go round corners faster and an electric aerial is more vandal-proof.
As it was Commodore, and as a rule Commodore are nice people, they priced Workbench 1.3 very sensibly.
At £15 it is a bargain, the manual alone justifying the cost.
Business type people regularly hand over £275 to give their IBM multi-tasking and graphics on a system which is buggy and needs 2 megs. If we want Commodore to keep on improving the system we are going to have to pay for it.
Caroline Scheppner and her cronies at Commodore are working on a host of new Amiga products. Some like Workbench 1.4 will work with all Amigas, some, like the new enhanced chip set will be ruled out for A1UU0 owners, some will only work with Amiga B2000s. This is the price we pay for progress.
Commodore has promised an upgrade path for owners of B2000S. If it launches a new machine with extra facilities, such as autohoot, or a 68(130 on the main board. Commodore will also provide a card for the B2000- Perhaps the best policy is one of reduced price upgrades. This works best with software. Electronic Arts will sell an owner of Deluxe Paint II a copy of Deluxe Paint III for only £30. This not only adds polish to EA's good name, it makes me feel better about buying Deluxe Paint III for £80. Because I know that when Deluxe Paint IV comes out there is likely to be a cheap upgrade.
Progress can be painless.
Simon Rockman Educational conferences COMMODORE is holding a series of one-day educational conferences called EDCO ’89. Nationally known speakers from all areas of education are talking on many aspects ranging from Art and Computers in the Curriculum to Local Financial Management.
Each presentation is accompanied by a display of Finger on US pulse MIRRORSOFT (01-928
1454) has appointed Dick Lehrberg as its American representative.
Dick, president of Lehrberg Associates, is an international software licensing agent specialising in entertainment and multi-media software.
Covering all tongues KADOR (0443 740281) has taken its range of Seal'n Type keyboard covers one step further with Keytop kits for foreign languages.
Printed on rigid PVC, the educational systems and products.
The purpose of EDCO '89 is to bring together educationalists, educational users, software houses and developers so Commodore can judge the needs of British education and aim to satisfy them.
The first conference was held at Parkers Hotel, Manchester on April 26. They continue at Stakis Grosvenor Hotel. Edinburgh on May 9 and Barbican Centre, Level Nine, London on June 1.
Lehrberg Associates will be pursuing product acquisition in North America as well as sourcing film and arcade licences on Mirror- soft's behalf.
Managing director of Mir- rorsoft Peter Biiotta said: "I have known Dick for several years and he is the best there is. His work for Activision was astounding and we look forward to having him as our eyes and ears in the United States”.
Characters come complete with diacritical marks, accents and punctuation symbols and can either be stuck direct on to the keys or Kador’s keyboard covers.
Kits for the Amiga are available in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi. Greek, Hebrew and Russian. They start from £17.50. Micro world welcomes Euro Computer Trade HUNDREDS of heads were put together in gangways, leisure areas and stands throughout the three days of the European Computer Trade Show held at London's Business Design Centre from April 16 to 18.
Deals were struck, products launched, new contacts forged and old ones renewed by most of the 96 exhibitors including strong contingents from America and Europe.
And the spin-offs from this first trade show can only be good news for end users.
In scenes often reminiscent of the Stock Exchange, business was certainly the order of the three days, unfettered by the usual pressures of public exhibition floors. A large number of new products went on show and there was invariably someone there waiting to sign on the dotted line.
This Database Exhibitions event was voted a resounding success. “We regard this as an excellent concept and we will certainly be back again next year", said Joe Oehlmann of Profisoft who had travelled from his German headquarters in Osnabruck.
"The idea of an international show gives us lots of chance to meet people at one time and saves us lots of individual trips. We have also met many contacts that we otherwise would not have met. As far as we are concerned, this kind of show MotorMouth on the ball TIMESCANNER, the new pinball simulation from Activision (0734 311666), had an audience of millions when it was featured on Saturday morning ITV children’s programme MotorMouth.
A special part of the programme was given over to tracing the history of pinball spoke to pinball specialist Geoff Harvey who owns the largest collection of machines in the country.
Things just snowballed from there”.
On the programme, Geoff talked to presenter Tony Gregory about the features of his machines with Neil )ackson, Activision’s Software Producer demonstrating Timescanncr on the Amiga.
Photon Paint 2.0 for the Amiga has been launched in America by Microillusions IV JIM BUTTERFIELD reporting from Canada from the humble bagatelle game to the high tech electronic pinball table and on again to the computer simulated version available for home computers.
Deborah Cliff, marketing executive with Activision was the driving force in getting Timescanner noticed by rrv.
‘‘We first approached MotorMouth with the history of pinball idea back in December”, she said. "They were immediately interested and asked us to do some more research. We then Show is definitely a must for the future".
Top American visitors were keenly on the look-out for new products. Larry Foster of the world’s largest software retailer Egghead Discount Software said at least three hot products would be added to his range as a result of the show.
And Jerry Wolosenko of San Franciso-based Antic said there were certainly many undiscovered gems to be found.
And is to be sold in the UK by Activision for £89.99. Among enhancements are special animation effects, new wrap functions and alternative drawing sources.
It now offers multiple sweep pages, fill functions, surface and contour mapping and much more.
• Above trow lei) to right on the set of Motormouth are presenter
Tony Gdegory, Activision's marketing executive Deborah Cliff,
software producer Neil Jackson and Geoff ‘The Pinball'
AMIGA enthusiasts are doing their best to obtain better media visibility for their micro. Computer Chronicles, a weekly television series broadcast nationally in the USA on the Public Broadcasting System, recently devoted its entire program to the Amiga.
The host said they had been deluged with letters asking why the Amiga had not received better coverage in the show.
The half-hour broadcast gave a good cross-section of Amiga capabilities in various areas. There was an initial demonstration of multi-tasking with the Kind Words word processor as a target for material from other sources - text and graphics material were clipped from other tasks and transferred to a business letter.
Graphics were introduced by means of the games Menace and Battle Chess.
This was followed by a demonstration of the now- released Deluxe Paint III, whose animation capabilities were emphasised. The program then switched to Florida, where Midi interfaced music was created and played.
An Amiga 2500 appeared in the studio, and the professional video packages AnimEffects and Broadcast Titler were shown. Surprisingly. The studio didn’t appear to take a direct video feed for broadcast, instead a camera onscreen shot was used.
? * * THERE is reported to be a virus-infested counterfeit version of the most prestigious virus checker, Steve Tibbets’ VirusX. The fake version is identified as VirusX 3.3, and can be spotted easily because it does not come complete with source program.
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but I doubt that Steve will appreciate the gesture. It seems likely that 3.3 will be skipped in the ViruxX numbering sequence.
COMMODORE has engaged a new company to do its advertising in the USA. The new campaign kicked off encouragingly with a half-page advertisement featuring the Amiga 2500 in the science section of the New York Times.
Video Toaster, long delayed because of high ram chip prices, was on display at AmiExpo New York.
Release was promised for this spring or summer and NewTech was taking orders at the show.
Dragon's Lair is a game renowned for its great graphics. Since its release it has been criticised for having limited play value, but it's still an effective way to impress friends and neighbours.
An interesting effect can be achieved by pressing the Esc. R, L, N and 7 keys simultaneously just as the screen is showing the credits after completing loading.
Arkanoid, too, has a back door. Type DSIMAGIC any time the high score is showing. After that tapping selected keys will cause bonus blocks to drop.
The fastest assembler FROM the men who gave you StarGlider comes ArgAsm, an editor and assembler package for the Amiga. The software has been designed to reduce the time spent waiting for a program to assemble. The result is a program which bills itself as the fastest possible on a native Amiga.
Lez San started the program as a hobby. "While I was working on Starglider 11 the time taken to assemble such a large program started to bug me”, he says. "1 had some ideas to improve the rate of assembly without affecting the user interface".
The Argonaut team on the program consists of Jez, Fuzzz, P| and Yakka. They are paying close attention to ArgEdit, the integral editor which claims to offer the fastest scrolling and re-draw rate of any program.
ArgEdit is a fully legal, multi-window operating system based text editor.
ArgAsm is of limited use on a 512k machine, only working well on 1 meg.
Although it is happy with just one floppy because the assembly is done in ram.
The result is an assembly speed 10 times better than HiSoft. And up to 350 times faster than the Commodore Metacomco assembler, yet retaining compatibility with these popular assemblers.
ArgAsm is scheduled for a third quarter release with a price tag set at £59.95. Contact Argonaul on 01-906
GFA lands In the UK GERMAN company GFA Data Media, which produces the Basic interpreter we reviewed last month, has split from Microdeal to provide a better level of customer support and faster translation of their programs. The new company, headed up by ex-Atari bigwig and generally nice guy Les Player, is at GFA Data Media. Box 121, Wokingham. Berks. RG11 9LP.
Harder line for software THE UK’s top entertainment software houses have joined forces to wage war on software piracy and boost the popularity of computer games.
One year after it was first suggested the Entertainment Software Publishers Association has been formed. It was officially launched at the recent European Computer Trade Show in London.
Its aim is "to radically change the face of the British home computer industry" which it claims will be in everyone's interest including the games playing public.
Main target of ESPA is to improve the popularity of computer games.
"The consequent expansion will be good news for games players because a bigger market means a bigger choice and better products which are more easily available", said ESPA publicity man Michael Baxter.
One way the new association intends to carry out its key aim is through publicising computer gamos on Protext progress VERSION 4.2 of the best word processor on the Amiga promises to bo even better. A significant improvement on the current program, it will have a new television and in daily newspapers.
"We want to educate people in the television and newspaper world about the games software industry", he added.
Gathering more market information is another target of ESPA. In the past, software houses have each had their own market research budget which uncovered similar results for each company. The association will now put all subscription money in one hat and use it to obtain a lot more information on what its customers want.
ESPA has pledged itself to support FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) in its fight against software piracy.
This costs the industry millions of pounds which also affects end users. ESPA and FAST will combine to produce a strong publicity drive aimed at persuading games players to boycott pirate software.
The idea of a publishers association was first floated last year at the Computer Arena meeting for the industry in (ersey. It became reality at this year's meeting on Majorca.
Manual. One additional feature. Is a delete to end of sentence hot key.
Protext V4.2 supports interlace and the productivity modes in the enhanced chip set. The now program will be available in America from Michtron. Contact Amor on 0733 239011.
Developers get together COMMODORE'S Amiga Developers Advisory Board, backed by CATS(UK), is planning a UK Amiga conference, to be held on the weekend of July 8-9.
The venue has not yet been confirmed but is likely to be Nottingham University.
Guests speakers will include Gail Wellington and Carolyn Sheppner from CBM International, Rahman Haleem from CBM UK, and representatives of the UK Amiga software houses, including Argonaut, Ariadne, ASAP.
Precision and hopefully many others. The conference is open to all comers.
The plan is that day one will consist of seminars on different aspects of Amiga programming, particularly aimed at people fairly new to the Amiga, but hopefully also of interest to older hands.
Day two will be a number of seminars on more specialised topics, including deeper looks at the above.
Conference booking is being handled by Ariadne Software on behalf of ADAB and CATS(UK). The price is planned to be under £100 for both days, including accommodation. For further information write to Betty Smith, Ariadne Software, 273 Kensal Road, London W10 5DB.
Amiga DTP service DESKTOP Graphics (01-538 9299) claims to be the UK’s first Amiga colour desktop publishing bureau with a Linotronic 300 and Postscript RIP2. It provides output facilities for Amiga users providing Amiga files are supplied as either Postscript or Professional Page format. Film or bromide output is also provided and in addition, colour cromalins or wet proofs can be produced from film separations. Typical cost of a single A4 film is £10.92. o Commodore computer show Commodore computers are making major inroads into the world of professional and business applications - as
you can see for yourself at the Commodore Computer Show. On more than 100 stands you’ll find the very latest in desktop publishing software, presentation graphics, desktop video, communications, computer graphics and a whole lot more besides - not forgetting the ever-growing range of innovative entertainment software for when you need to unwind.
With special events, presentations and an advice stand, the Commodore Show is the place to go - whatever your interests.
B) Ihdergnmi: Hammersmith (Piccadilly, Metropolitan & District!
Sl'StK 266,714,716, 290.30, 72. 73, 74 Commodore computer show Hand this coupon in at the door and SAVE 50p a head DATEL ELECTi OpiCS MIDI MUSIC MANAGER A TRULY PROFESSIONAL MIDI PACKAQE AT A REALISTIC PRICE |_| Play sampled sounds on Amiga from any Midi track.
? Full dubbing Uatcn to one track while recording another.
_J Works with many Midi interfaces Q 8 realtime Midi tracks for record playback.
_j Adjustable track length - limited only by available memory.
[J Works with standard IFF flies.
ONLY £39-99 MIDI CABLES J Top quality ? 3 metre length ONLY £6.99 pair UNBEATABLE VALUE ACQUISITION UNIT ? Turn your Amiga into a sophist!
Cated measuring Instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data Inputs.
? Sample ft display events from microseconds to hours- with J A Hardware Software package with DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel Inputs.Manual or continuoa display.
Tlmebaae BOOma dlv to 20us dlv accurate to 8%.
[J 6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million aamplee eec.
PLOTTER DISPLAY J Tlmebaae range I sec to lOhra per ONLY £99.99 PLEASE STATE A BOO 1000 2000 _J At last a logic analyser at a realistic price for the Amiga Q The Datel Logic Analyser glees you many of the features found In its costing thousands of J Data la Hea. Decimal. Binary.
1 inputs. CMOS ft TTL Q Specifications Include 8 channel input. SK memory, external trig.
Internal lOMhs crystal clock. 8 ranges from 20-8 to 100-8. Search facilities ft word trigger ? Load ft save faculties.
Q Complete with pod.
Only £99.99 takes the mystery out of disk backup.
ONLY £29.99 NOTICE 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT DATEL ELECTRONICS Ltd neither authorize* or condones the use of it's products to reproduce copyright material. It is Illegal to make copies of such material without the expressed consent of the copyright owners or thler llcencees.
Q Works with one drive or two.
IJ Multiple copy option allows you to make many copies from one original.
? Copy 1 or 2 disk aides up to 85 tracks.
? Full verify option DEEP SCAN BURST NIBBLER J Compatible with A5O0 1000 2000.
? Copy an entire disk In under 60 AMG2 dAtel EXTERNAL 3.5" DISC DRIVE Q Slimline extra low profile unit - only 6' long!
NEW LOW PRICE ONLY £79.99 SINGLE DRIVE ? Top quaUty drive mechanism.
Throughport allows daisy-chaining other drives.
Q A superbly styled case finished In Amiga colours.
Q Fully compatible.
J 1 meg unformatted capacity.
Q Good length cable for positioning on your desk etc. ONLY £149.99 twin drive STEREO BOOSTER SYSTEM MATCHING SPEAKERS Q High quality miniature 3 way speaker units In die-cast aluminium shelf enclosures.
Q 30 Watts 8 ohm each.
ONLY £39.99 pair l_J High quality direct replacement for mouse on the Amiga.
Q Teflon glides for smoother movement.
Q Rubber costed ball for minimum slip J Optical system counting - 500 mm.
Special otter - mat + mouse house v (worth ONLY COMPLETE An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 100 mm scanning width ft 200 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics ft text on your computer screen.
Adjustable switches for brightness ft contrast.
A powerful partner for Desk Top Publishing.
With Genlscan you have the ability to eaatly scan Images, text ft graphics Into the AMIGA.
Q Powerful software allows for cat ft paste editing of Images etc. (J Save Images In suitable format for moat leading packages Including DELUXE PAINT etc. a Printout for Epson compstlbles.
Package Includes GS4000 scanner.
Interface ft Scan Edit software.
? Unmatched range of edit capture faculties simply not offered by other scanners st thlsambestsble ALL ORDERS NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 48 HRS HOW TO ORDER LOW COST BAR CODE READER Q Low price Bar Code Reader.
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Q Works with any Amlga ST computer system (please state which) via the RS232 interface.
Q Features a buUt-in self-testing function.
Q Features a diagnostic Indicator.
Q Comes complete with wand, ready to go.
? Easy to Install.
ONLY £189.99 EXTENSION CARD Send cheques POs made psysble to 'Date! Electronics" Available with without calender clock option.
? Switch In out with switch supplied.
Fitted in minutes - no soldering etc. ? Accepts 41256 Drams (sero K fitted).
? With calendar clock onboard time date automatically booted.
J Battery backed to retain time date.
SALES ONLY 0782 744707 PHONE FOR LATEST FULLY FAX 0782 744292 BY PHONE OS 3E 0782 744707 24hr Credit Card Line UK ORDERS POST FREE EUROPE ADD £1 OVERSEAS ADD £3 TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 DEAN BARRETT. Ih«* m.irkctiny manaRer of Commodore I'K. Looks on the Commodore Show as a vital link between the giant manufacturer and its consumers. "As Commodore gets involved in more and more markets, it becomes increasingly important to have a focal point for all its activities", he says. ‘This is the role we see for the (Commodore shows. These events an* particularly critical for keeping the
ever-growing army of end users informed on the latest developments for their machines, Commodore computer show PREVIEW "The Commodore shows are becoming more vital, particularly to our market strategy. We at Commodore are looking forward to the |une show and believe it will be the most successful event to dale from everyone's point of view".
(Commodore will be taking the main central stand in the Champagne Suite at Novotel to show its latest products. Major interest is expected in the new 590 hard disc which will be there on display only. This 1 20Mb hard dis« is sale in the summer
f. 4'1‘1 and should jk more Music fans .in what they can ,„*
do with the Amiga
500. And stand spac e will also lie given over to the extensive
graphics capabilities and other facilities of the A2000 - a
full range on show for all users.
Carnes players will not be forgotten by Commodore, which will continue to feature its bundle packs of software for the 04.
Msilos-based Pcs and lower end machines will complete the lineup.
SALES of Commodore related products have never been so high and a host of treats are in store for the 15.000 visitors expected at the Commodore Computer Show to be held from June 2 to 4 at the Novotel Exhibition Complex.
New products lined up for launch at show Now Europe's premier event for the booming Commodore market, the show will see the launch of many products from software developers, new hardware, utilities, add-ons and the chance to pickup some bargains on special offers through dealer exhibitors.
HiSofl will be using the Commodore Computer show to announce new developments for its established lines. Devpac and Basic, for the Amiga.
A new library of HiSoft Basic called Extend will also be launched. It includes a host of routines to extend the graphics, windows and general capabilities of the HiSoft Basic compiler.
The new Developer version of HiSoft Devpac will also appear at the show. Intended primarily for software houses, this packago allows speedy development for Amiga software on one machine. It also allows users to assemble at high speed down a parallel connection and remotely debug running code, giving maximum memory on the target machine. "We will also have some exciting news for C programmers so Busy workshops h Dr Rahmon Haleem HEAD of technical support with Commodore Dr Rahman Haleem is to lead the panel of Commodore experts who will take part in the Programmers Workshop which will be a
special feature of the show.
Visitors with an interest in programming will be more than welcome to take part in the workshops, putting forward their own ideas and seeking advice from the experts.
Drop around at our stand. We will be having plenty of fun with lots of special offers and free gifts", said HiSoft's David Link.
The show will see a first time appearance fora new range of American hardware peripherals for the Amiga A500, 1000 and 2000. These are being marketed in this country by George Thompson Services under the Mast (Memory and Storage Technology) name.
THE Match Box Collection features the Micromeg 512 expansion board for the A500. It comes fully populated with 1 Mb hi-tech zip drams cutting down on power usage and also has a battery backed clock. Also on show will be Minimegs 512k one and two meg external expansion units for the A500 and A1000 which show how the latest technology influences the size of memory upgrades.
The Unidrive and Twindrive floppy drives with many features unique to Mast products will be joined by the Tiny Tiger range of high performance hard disc drives. For the first time anywhere in the world. Mast will be showing the new 50 meg Tiny Tiger.
George Thompson Services will be launching Doslab. A new interactive method of learning about Amigados and the CLI. At £14.99 for the two disc set. This unique program takes into account the years of experience Jumpdisk and All your questions answered Commodore computer show.
PREVIEW er n«i on by irn
IPS NOW a regular feature of the Commodore Computer Show are the question and answer sessions arranged by ICPUG, the Independent Commodore Products Users Group, This year's fune show will be no exception, and the group's committee has been working hard with Database Exhibitions to ensure that the popular feature will yet again be a success.
There will be one hour sessions on each day of the show when members of the ICPUG committee and their panel of experts will be on hand (o help visitors with their problems and take part in lively discussion around any topic Commodore users want to air.
“We usually put on a good team of experts for this regular feature of the shows and we intend to do so again", sa’d the group's exhibitions organiser Janet Bickerstaff whose husband John is ICPUG's chairman.
The reputation of ICPUG in the computer world has been underlined by its longevity - last year the group celebrated its 10th birthday.
II all started with the introduction of the Commodore Pet in 1077. Fn the late summer of 1978, Norman Fox of Hertfordshire published a letter in Electronics Today International asking any Commodore users interested in starting an independent club to write to him.
Membership had grown to 500 by the time of the group's first AGM in August 1979 when a constitution was drawn up.
Over the years ICPUG has compiled a wide ranging software library and has continued to grow to its present status as the foremost Commodore user group in the country. With a pedigree like that, it is little wonder that Commodore Show visitors flock to make use of the wealth of knowledge freely available from ICPUG in the question and answer sessions.
At the June show these will be based in the Salon Bourg, after lunch each day.
1 GTS have had in helping customers with problems related to the Amiga operating system.
For the first time in the UK show visitors will be able to see the start of a long line of education programs for the Amiga r Mypaint. A paint program Just for children. It features sampled sounds for each picture, animated icon drawing tools, special effects and much more.
Ving free fora erals
• are orge nory ANOTHER first from George Thompson is the Media
Line series. Yet again due for a show launch, the first three
packages of this series are Video and Animation Background I
for use with all leading animation packages, Clipart Disk 1
which includes a comprehensive selection of one-off graphics
for use with DTP packages and Amiga Font Disk I, a collection
of style fonts for video graphics and DTP work.
The (he Mb sage I on meg and logy ives ucts ligh ime ring ling ling (he into and First day of the show will see the world preview of Ami...Alignment System from George Thompson Services. This is a precision floppy drive head alignment and performance monitoring system for the Amiga range.
At past shows the biggest attraction at the Jumpdisk stand run by Thompsons has been the range of public domain discs offered. "This year a courier will bring the very latest PD discs from the USA just before the show", promised Tony Thompson. "On screen will be a display of the most incredible HAM pictures seen on the Amiga to date, plus a preview of the first comic on a disc".
In the last 12 months Power Computing has emerged as a market leader for peripherals and software for the Amiga market in the UK. At the Commodore Computer Show Power will feature a new software package which it claims will transform the Amiga into the fastest tool for preparing presentations and disc-based demonstrations.
Called Video Magic, it enables Amiga users to take images then add script, sound and animation before saving them on video tape or disc. Icon driven, the package features professional quality wipes and fades, automatic scripting, digitised sound effects, sound sequencing and a remote control handset. It is targeted at the booming personal and corporate presentation marketplace.
Four British designed hard disc drives for the Amiga will also go on show at Novotel. Power’s Meet the Editors DO you like what you read in Amiga Computing? Would you like to voice your opinions about this and the other leading Commodore magazines? Our editor Simon Rockman and his counterparts on other publications will come under close fire at the Commodore Show in a Meet the Editors seminar which will give readers who visit the show a unique chance to make their views known.
If you're happy with the Commodore magazines come and give them praise and encouragement. If you have good ideas for features come along and share them. If you're displeased with the service, come and get if off your chest.
Either way. Meet the Editors will be a lively part of the show.
Commodore computer show PREVIEW Whole world goes to the big show Triangle Turbo 3 drives are offered in 20, 40, 80 and 100Mb versions starting from £499. All have auto booting, with 1.3 Kickstart and a second hard drive or floppy drive can be fitted inside the case as an option.
Also to be unveiled at the show is what Power claims to be the first multi-drive to feature Amiga 5.25 recognition. A revolutionary electronic design allows the 3.5 5.25 multidrive to Beat the Author in arcade action A REGULAR attraction at Commodore shows is the games arcade where players pit their wits against the latest shoot- 'em-ups. This year's June show is no exception but the challenge will be even greater. It will provide the setting for a series of Beat the Author competitions when visitors will be able to take on software writers in an attempt to beat them at their own game.
Contenders young and old will have a chance to show off their skills. They may got thrashed or they may find they are better than the games writers. Either way. It will be fun finding out and swapping tips.
Provide complete compatibility through advanced circuitry for Amiga users wishing to upload data from IBM PC and compatible discs.
It comes complete with twin track counters, isolation switches and 40 80 track switches for £249.
Rounding off the Power launches at this show will be new 68030 co-processor accelerator cards developed in the USA by GVP. They are aimed at boosting the performance of the Amiga 2000 to that of a high-end workstation.
Amiga owners can now receive free weather satellite pictures beamed from space with an ordinary TV aerial and the latest teletext adaptor from Microtext. To be featured at the show, it allows signals from satellites such as MeteoSat to bo received through Ceefax. New pictures are sent regularly and are presented as an index of names on the Amiga's screen. Any can then be downloaded by simply pointing and clicking the mouse.
As well as being able to receive satellite pictures and telesoftware, the Microtext Adaptor enables normal teletext to be received on computer. Features include the ability to print pages, save pages to disc and translate pages to speech.
Mark Tilley of Arnor has chosen this show to display the latest versions of its word processing package Protext. With more than four years Commodore computer show IJ.-U'M'I development, Protext has progressed with each development being tailor-made to fit new environments.
MAKING his first appearance at the Commodore Show is Brian Levison of Equinox Business Systems. He will be launching the latest additions to his Small Business Accounts packages. SBA Plus adds invoicing, sales and purchase ledgers to the cash book accounting system of the original SBA. The first upgrade, SBA Xtra, added debt and credit control. The Equinox stand should be well worth a visit as these packages are easy to use and designed to take the headaches out of accounting for the small businessman.
Another new exhibitor at the show will be publisher Addison-Wesley of Wokingham that will have on display the Amiga Rom Kernel Reference Manual which includes autodocs. This book contains Amiga C and assembly language including files, function autodocs, IEF documents and provides a comprehensive coverage of command calls. Other updated hooks in the Amiga technical reference series will be shown, along with computer science titles of general interest to visitors.
Also in the books market is Computer Manuals. Neil Whitcombe will be bringing his full range to the show with particular emphasis on the two Abacus titles, 3D Graphics Programming Guide and More Tips and Tricks for the Amiga.
Diamond Computer Systems will be offering an exchange scheme whereby visitors can trade in an Amiga 1000 for a 2000 with a cash payment of £664 instead of the normal retail price of £1,295. Mike Brown of Diamond also intends Music from the maestro INTEREST in the Amiga as a music machine is on the increase and visitors to the show will be able to see its full capabilities in the hands of an expert. Colin Gay, one of the country's top musicians will be on hand throughout the three days to demonstrate his skills and answer questions.
Classically trained as a pianist, Colin took part in many piano recitals before cultivating an interest in the use of synthesisers for modern music eight years ago. This progressed to computer- backed music three years ago and he has not looked back since.
Last year Colin played at most of the top computer shows in the country and this will be his third appearance at the Commodore Show. He will be demonstrating his keyboard skills with the Amiga acting as his backing group. A musical treat not to be missed.
IN the annals of Amiga games history there are certain names that should be written 10 feet high, fez San and the Bitmap Brothers are among them and these top games writors will he giving an insight into their art at the June Commodore Show.
How the experts go about creating the games that thousands play will be the essence of the show's Games Workshop with tips and hints handed on to budding amateurs by the men who really know.
Tips for top games programmers Commodore computer show PREVIEW Jeremy “Jez" San is head of Argonaut Software and has had a meteoric rise to fame in the games writing world. He started programming at the age of 13 and left school before A levels to join Silversoft, one of the first successful software houses.
His career progressed but it was in 1985 that the big one happened. He was commissioned by Firebird to produce a game in which you (lew a spaceship from planet to planet. That was the birth of Starglider. The huge success that sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. It was with the profits of Starglider that Jez enlisted the help of the crew at Argonaut. The games hero Jaysan has since gone on to tougher tasks and his namesake Jez San is also progressing to an U2 s I* i V m. The Bit Map Brothers: On the crest of a wave even brighter and more profitable future.
Also on the crest of the games wave arc the Bitmap Brothers, this year’s EMAP 16 bit programmers of the year. No relation, they are Mike Montgonimery, Eric Matthews and Steve Kelly. They met through programming but got "related" with the advent of 16 bit computers. Their first game was the hugely successful Xenon. Following an offer they couldn’t refuse from Mirrorsoft. The Bitmaps went on to produce Speedball on the Image Works label. Speedball heads up an amazing array of Image Works products including Bombuzal, Fernandez Must Die and Rocket Ranger, Success is the name of the game for both
Jez San and the Bitmaps. Visitors to the Commodore Show's Games Workshop can savour an interesting look behind the scenes of that success. Who knows? The young visitors to this year's workshop could be the Sans and Bitmaps of years to come.
To use the show for the launch of his new Diamond auto-boot hard disc complete with fast file. This will be its first appearance. Price £599.
Kuma Computers will be adding two new titles to its range of professional Amiga software at the show. K-Data is an intuition based flat Meet the User Group AMIGA users new and old will benefit from a visit to the exhibition stand taken by the Amiga User Group, whose officials will be on hand to chat with existing members and to explain its functions to prospective new ones.
The Amiga User Group was started in November 1985 by a gathering of people working in commercial software who had the original aim of developing new software for the Amiga.
As the membership became more widespread a newsletter was started three years ago and it has now grown to a 60 page bimonthly forming an important nationwide thread to connect Amiga users.
There are now more than 1,000 members of the group, mainly serious users engaged in program development. Leading lights will be on hand at the Novotel and a visit to their stand will be well worth it for Amiga users.
Card database combining exceptional ease of use with many of the features normally associated with more complex relational databases.
These include sorting on multiple criteria, merging and splitting of files and high speed operations. The file size, limited only by the disc capacity and the layout and size of records and fields, can be altered without the necessity to re-input data already entered. It costs £49.95. K-Roget is based on Longman’s Pocket Roget’s Thesaurus and combines the qualities of this leading reference work on English usage with the ease of use and professionalism of an intuition-based program. Containing more than
150. 000 words and phrases, K-Roget operates as a background
accessory enabling it to be accessed while operating a word
processor or other program. It also costs £49.95. LOOKING
forward to his first appearance at the Commodore Show is
Simon Coombes of Oasis who is using it as a platform to
demonstrate the range of MicroBotic expansion units from
America that he is marketing for the Amiga range in the UK.
In addition to promoting these, he will be able to put potential buyers in direct contact with Win £500 prize ONE lucky visitor will go away from the Commodore Show with a prize of equipment worth £500. That is the major award in a national competition to find the most innovative use of an Amiga in the field of hobbies. Commodore UK has sponsored the nationwide search and will present the prize to the winner who will be named at this show.
All people need to do to enter is write a description of their leisure program in no more than 500 words and send it along with any support material on disc to the Editor, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 4NP.
The editor will nominate the most outstanding entry received and together with those received by other Commodore magazines, it will go forward to the grand final to be held at the June Commodore Show.
All finalists will be invited to demonstrate their innovations in the specially designed Leisurama feature area at the show. Editors of leading magazines will form a judging panel to select the overall winner.
The marketing manager for sponsor Commodore UK, Dean Barrett, said: "The Amiga is recognised as the leading computer in the leisure area but most people tend to think of leisure computing only in terms of playing games. In reality, the Amiga is being used for all sorts of leisure activities from bird watchers logging their latest sightings to horse racing enthusiasts keying in data to try and pick the winners.
"We've even heard of one reptile collector who keeps his pets in trim by working out their menus on the Amiga. The potential uses for leisure activities is endless".
There is still time to enter and enjoy a day at the Commodore Show, plus a chance to scoop the £500 prize donated by Commodore UK.
Dealers who will have them in stock.
His range includes Starboard 2, a multifunction 2Mb expansion for the Amiga 1000. It is offered as a solution to the need for large amounts of memory on the 1000 and comes with a main board socketed for 1 Mb of memory.
Users or dealers may install their own chips or buy Starboard 2 with Dram installed. Price £224.95. watt three-way speakers and is easily connected to the Amiga to give a new dimension to games.
Price £39.99. Hi Tension will be showing Icon Paint, Office Manager and a new 2Mb internal ram expansion unit costing £350. Also on display will be VAT Master Professional, an accounts package which works in conjunction with Superbase Professional. At a price of £16.95 A1 Computer Supplies will exhibit a new disc storage box, the Posso Box. Which accommodates 180 3.25in discs.
Commodore computer show PREVIEW ONE hundred per cent loading success on popular games is the claim for the Load-It adjustable data recorder from Mills Associates which will be on display at the stand of its UK distributor Palan Distribution. Made for the Commodore C64, it incorporates manual adjustment of the read write head together with a visual led array which shows maximum signal strength. It costs £39.99. Bytes and Pieces of Lytham, Lancashire, is another Firm for which this will be the first Commodore show. New on the B and P stand will be an Amiga A2000 clone box for the A500 and
A1000. This plugs into the expansion slot and provides eight A2000 slots for memory, drives, At and PC cards and co-processors. Also on show will be a two slot expansion for A2000 cards.
"We will be showing an A500 internally expanded to 5Mb memory, the new Fat Agnus custom chip giving 1Mb of chip memory and hung on the side, a 300Mb hard drive", said Chris Wright of B and P. "We have also brought out a fan cooled power supply for the A500 that gives 12 times the power of the original and does not cost as much".
Add these and many other new products to games galore and it means an opportunity not to be missed for the Commodore user. The show is open from 10am to 6pm on Friday and Saturday, June 2 and 3 and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday June 4.
THE Oasis stand will also feature Starboard 2 500 with 2Mb memory for the Amiga 500 (£224.95), Stardrive SCSI high speed module for Starboard and the Amiga PC (£85), a multifunction module clock stickydisc with parity logic and maths co-processor support for Starboard 2 and the Amiga PC (£55), HardFrame 2000, a superfast autoboot SCSI for A2000 (£199.95 card only, £219.95 with frame, £500 for card, frame and 32Mb Seagate drive), 8-Up, an 8Mb ram card for A2000 (from £124.95), external drive F Data-10 (£99.95) and twin external drive with PSU, and F Data-20 (£199.95). Aiming to help people
get more out of their Amiga sound. Siren Software will be showing its Amiga Soundblastcr at the show. This small stereo amplifier comes with two high quality 20 Experts at Graphic Workshop ANOTHER special feature of the Commodore Show will be a Graphics Workshop where visitors can get expert advice on how fo furnish fheir programs with good graphics.
Talented Mark Pickervans has agreed to run this and to demonstrate his techniques to those taking part.
Now a freelance writer, Mark has worked with Electronic Arts and was responsible for Flair Paint, the former AMS art package for the Atari ST recently taken over by Database Software.
(oining the Bitmap Brothers and )ez San in the Games Workshop will be Andrew Braybrook who wrote Paradroid and Uridium and now works for Telecomsofi, plus Stan Schembri who wrote The Last Ninja.
GRAPHICS HARDWARE MINIGEN Add computer graphics to your own videos easily 111 Connect to your Amiga's RGB port and domestic video equipment to mix graphics and moving pictures Take our Powerplay Pack 2 and add (to your choice) a Citizen 120D OR CBM 1230 1250 Pnnter n|y.. for that COMPLETE AMIGA HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM POWERPLAY PACK 4 Take our Powerplay Pack 2 and WE add (to your choice) a Citizen fJ EAN c 1200 OR CBM 1230 1250 Q|.c|PJHS: Pnnter with The Works ,nST integrated Professional - Software instead of Powerplay s games MOVIE MAGIC r'l 1 O OC AT ONLY t. I I O.OO DIGIVIEW GOLD
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(5. 25" drives are 40 80 Track switchable) CAX 354-3.5 2nd
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ST UPDATE "SBA is as good as any and a great deal better than most."
COMPUTER SHOPPER "One of the easiest double entry systems for the beginner to get to grips with."
AMSTRAD 8000 PLUS "Powerful and versatile... a very comprehensive program containing just about everything a small business manager could want from an accounts program."
COMPUTING WITH THE AMSTRAD PCW Equinox Business Systems Ltd £69.95 plus VAT Available from most good computer stores or directly from ourselves.
16 Anning Street, New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3HB Telephone: 01-739 3450 Fax: 01-739 2199 The shape of things to come Save as you go with Dave Eriksson A CLASS of game that brings the cinema screen to our monitors has recently come into its own.
Animation has had a fatal attraction for programmers from the very first.
With the early graphics this produced all shades of disaster; with the Amiga, animated sequences have come of age.
Lucasfilm’s latest adventure is Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. Apart from having the longest title yet, Zak is also the latest in the field of total animation. Not quite true cartoon animation, but certainly a step in the right direction.
The year is 1997, the place is San Francisco. Zak is a reporter for a crummy newspaper called The National Inqqisitor, packed with the ultimate in utter drivel but boasting an enormous circulation among the less intelligent. Unbeknown to all, space aliens have invaded and built a stupidity machine that will steadily reduce everyone’s IQ to that of a cretin. This is a ruse David Sullivan would be proud of.
Immediately before going on an assignment in Seattle Zak has a dream. This is the opening animated sequence to the game, and includes a visit from an alien from the distant past, a vision of a pretty girl, a strange device and being chased by one of the aliens.
The girl turns out to be Annie Larris, head of the Society of Ancient Wisdom. She has two friends, Melissa and Leslie, who have travelled to Mars in a converted camper van. All three have had dreams similar to Zak’s.
The future of the world depends on these four working together to construct a machine to defeat the aliens. Parts for this Skolarian Device are hidden on Earth and Mars, There is no text input, commands being initiated by selecting a verb from the list beneath the graphics window, and nouns from either the inventory list shown under the verbs or by clicking the cursor on an object.
One important verb is Walk To, the default command that appears after any action. Click in the graphics window, and provided it is possible, your character will walk smartly to the new position.
Nearly all actions are displayed as an animated sequence. Select Push and double click on a switch across the room and Zak will stroll across and push it for you. Every now and then one action will trigger off an event elsewhere with an animated cameo.
SEQUENCES can go on for some time and usually provide you with additional information. Clicking the right-hand mouse button halts the action and returns you to command mode.
The list of command verbs is limited, with Use being a general dogsbody to cover a multitude of operations.
Another verb appears once you have teamed up with Annie Switch
- to select which of the four main characters you want to
Linking words are supplied by the program, so "Use cashcard in slot” will appear on selecting the verb and the two objects. Many objects are only accessible from the graphics animation window.
An illogical application of the What Is command occurs in locations that are completely dark. Run the cursor around to find a torch, double click and Zak walks to this spot, and can then light the torch.
Included with the two program discs is a simple instruction booklet and a current copy of The National Inquisitor. Read the newspaper carefully, as it contains several fairly obvious clues.
Anti-pirating codes will be needed when you buy airline tickets. These codes are printed in dark blue ink on maroon paper - virtually impossible to photocopy. Not exactly easy to read either.
The game starts in Zak’s apartment the morning after his dream. All he has is a ticket to Seattle. Search his two-room apartment carefully. Almost everything has at least one use and because there is no limit to the number of things Zak can carry, you may as well take everything which is ?
• There is not that much gold lo Gnd so don 'I explore for fun -
you will starve.
• Save before entering each special scenario. Go in, map it until
you are killed, reload the last save and continue mapping until
you know where you have got to go. Then reload again and go
straight there.
• The ghost in the tower is a red herring.
• Although you have been told the elves are on the side of ail
that is good and proud in the land, you will have to kill their
lord to get the green elvan cloak that will help you beat the
leader of the assassins.
• Don't kill the Demon Master until he has summoned the demon
which has the cross you will need later. You will have to kill
him to get it.
• Don't waste inventory space on carrying lots of Light spells,
there is only one dark location.
• Beware of repeating mazes in the assassins' wood and dwarven
• The Labyrinth is in the southwest comer of your map. Don't
attack the Medusa unless you are carrying the mirror, which is
also found in the Labyrinth.
3. 5" 5.25" MULTI DRIVE igh Quality Japanese Disk Drive n Off
Switch • Track Counter jll Manual • 12 Month Guarantee hrough
Port for daisy chaining
• High Quality Japanese Disk Drive
• 40 80 Track Switch • On Off Switch
• Built in 220 240V PSU • Full Manual
• IBM Compatibility with Optional S W ¦ Superb 3.5’75.25"
Combined unit ¦ Features as single drives ¦ Built in 220 240v
PSU • Full Manual
• IBM Compatibility with Optional S W AMIGA TURBO 3 HARD DRIVES
Superior Triangle Drive £TURBOJ* • Always ask your for TRIANGLE
quality products by name!
Competitive Product' AMIGA 500 Turbo 3 with 2MB RAM AMIGA 2000 Hard Card 40MB ¦ SCSI Drive wilh 20. 40 or 80 MB Capacity and Lightning last Access (28ms 1 8ms) 1 Autoboot with 1.3 Kicks tart, Software includes 1.3 workbench • Full Manual 1 Very Easy Instalation. 2-8 partitions, auto boot disk configuration (1.2 KS only) Available at Good Com puter Doaiers Trade only call 0234 273248 ¦ A500 Optional 2MB Ram Board • AMIGA 2000 Hard Card or 2MB SCSI Board ¦ A500 U L approved built in PSU and Wisper Fan • A500 & 2000 SCSI Port . Mail Order Hotline 800 581 742 Zak on Earth.
Now Zak can start exploring on Earth to find the parts of the Skolarian device. As he will have stripped the neighbourhood of movable objects, you must not forget to give Annie something with which to wake the bus driver.
Not nailed down. Only four items are visible in your inventory but others can be scrolled into view.
There are a few locations to explore before you take the bus to San Francisco Airport. The bus driver is asleep and Zak will have to attract his attention before he can board. Zak’s cashcard is vital, in 1997 this is the accepted way of paying for everything.
There are three useful objects in the plane, but to get them he will have to create diversions to distract the stewardess who is officious and objects to Zak prowling around, poking his nose into things that may not concern him.
Without transport to the airport Annie will be stuck and unable to fulfil the tasks only she can complete.
You'll need to swap between the four to learn clues either to aid one of the others or because characters have special skills.
There are interesting mazes to be found in Mexico, Egypt and on Mars.
To activate doors and locks they traced a pattern on sensors. The modern approach is to trace out the pattern with Zak's yellow crayon. But first you have to know the pattern.
SEATTLE has only four locations, one contains the artifact needed for his meeting with Annie. Once Zak realises there are four of them to work as a team, you can switch between the two girls on Mars or Annie and It is not easy to get anyone killed.
Careful use of cashcards is important
- air travel is expensive so you will need to plan the order in
which to tackle the various puzzles. Visit all Julian STM-Ted
rhe journey in his home vilKce of Ta-mbry.
It morninc.
Rv 5 f ndM ir Mrh 0j Julian in his home village, about to start out on his long quest in Faery Tale the locations on a trial run to leam when to visit each and for what purpose.
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders is great fun to play. It has interesting puzzles with tons of good humour.
REPORT CARD Zak McKracken Lucasfilms £24.99 STORYLINE...... Humorous and logical in a whacky way.
AURA .. No easy death to keep you awake, a range of good puzzles instead.
STA YING POWER.A Plenty to puzzle over, difficult to switch off.
GAMEPLAY Mouse or keyboard control is easy to master, simple input routine.
VALUE . Not cheap, but hours of fun.
DIFFICULTY . Good for non-hardened adventurers.
I'm looking forward to Zak II.
Microillusions is not well known in the UK, except for what has become a classic Amiga role playing game - Faery Tale Adventure.
The story is that of the three sons of a small village's Master at Arms.
Following a long period of peace and prosperity the land is invaded by a necromancer and his hordes of evil minions.
The village is repeatedly attacked until its magical talisman is stolen.
Fearing the worst, the village elders ask the father to go to the King for help. For a long time they hear nothing until one day he staggers back, wounded and dying.
He confirms that the country is overrun by all that is evil. On his deathbed he explains to his sons what must be done to save the land from the necromancer’s clutches.
From a prophesy made in the distant past it was said that seven quests had to be completed to defeat such an enemy. You control one of the sons in his quest to fulfil that prophesy.
Starting from the village you must SEVENTEEN BIT "That bit better than the rest" Following the incredible success of the 17 Bit PD starter pack, are proud to present the best value-for-money PD Pack y available for the Commodore Amiga QUICKSTART 3 This amazing PD pack is designed to give the new user or first time PD buyer the very best possible start. There's simply no better way of finding out about Public Domain programs and Seventeen Bit Software CONTENTS Disc 1 - Our very own disc-magazine that is produced by us for our members. Contains a startling selection of programs, artwork,
utilities, programs, demos, music & articles and has been hailed as THE BEST magazine on a disc available anywhere. Try it if you don't believe itl Disc 2 - An exclusively compiled disc for this pack containing some superb PD Share-ware programs such as CLI Wizard (Reviewed in Amiga User) and the brilliant Directory Master. This disc also contains three g reat PD games - G rawattack, I nvade rs & Tiles.
Disc 3 - Another specially compiled disc for this pack containing some terrific examples of Amiga graphics, sound, animation & music. Includes the amazing Boing Machine animation, DOC Demons Demo and four great pieces of amazing Amiga music.
ALL THIS PLUS MEMBERSHIP TO 17 BIT FOR ONLY £5!! (P&P INC.) This offer should NOT be missed, take your opportunity NOW, if you are only going to try PD once - make sure its from 17 Bit!
This offer is backed with a money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with the pack - we aim to please!
The discs included in these packs have been exclusively compiled by us for this offer.
WARNING! 17 BIT are the original distributors of a great deal of the Amiga PD now available, we know about our discs, others may not do so.
SEVENTEEN BIT SOFTWARE PO Box 97, Wakefield WF11XX S] Tel: 0924 366982 Eel All orders despatched promptly by first class mail.
International orders welcome, add £1 it outside United Kingdom V W «c 7Qd MLru&d 2*AMop. Pkam£gJm$ *i Until now putting together a professional presentation with the AMIGA has been a job for programmers and "hackers". Even with the current programs available a simple presentation often takes hours or days instead of minutes! ENTER VIDEO MAGIC powerful desktop presentations in minutes rather than hours!
Using Video Magic's advanced user interface and features, even a complete novice can produce a sharp presentation using only the mouse and imagination! Not only that, with Video Magic he can combine all types of IFF image, digitised sound and animations onto one or several stand alone diskettes. For live work Video Magic features a handy remote control unit as well as external synchronisation .
EIDERSOFT EIDERSOFT products are produced by POWER COMPUTING 0234 273000 explore, talk to those you meet and defeat enemies. There is plenty to find, and you must learn how all the special objects will help you.
Control is via keyboard or mouse.
A large graphics window shows your character and a portion of the countryside. The music changes to an ominous tune when enemies approach.
Beneath this scene are three windows. One tells you what is happening, with the character’s vital statistics. A second is a menu where you can load and save - check your inventory, talk, buy, use a magic item and so on. Another window contains a compass rose from which you can A short way from his village. Julian finds a chest of useful items direct your movement.
You start with brother Julian. I found it very difficult to keep him alive for very long. Each time he is killed his luck points are reduced. If they have not reached zero a sweet little blue faery flies across the screen and resurrects him.
Once Julian is finally dead, you move over to Phillip. When he has gone to meet his maker, Kevin, the youngest, steps forward.
Faery Tale is not an easy adventure to get into quickly. You must learn how to best use what you find, especially the magic items. When fighting hand to hand you must face your enemy and use your chosen weapon. This takes a little practice to ' -A * synchronise accurately.
Addictive, once you get the hang of it, and there is certainly plenty to explore.
REPORT CARD Faery Tale Adventure Microillusions £24.99 STORYLINE...... Fantasy in the D&D tradition.
AURA ... Difficult to get started, which takes the shine off the final product.
STAYING POWER. I OK once you learn the ropes.
GAMEPLA Y.. Mouse and keyboard control takes a little time to adjust to.
VALUE . Many hours needed to get anywhere.
DIFFICULTY..... 1111 1 1 Easy to lose your way.
¦ OVERALL A classic.
DISCOUNT SOFTWARE FOR THE AMIGA SPREADSHEETS: rrts (Dy Dtoila) Home Accounts (Dy Digita) .....£20.95 Digicalc £26.95 Kspread II £49.95 „ . „ , „ GRAPHICS; Deluxe Pant 3 .£59.95 Oigi Paint £41.95 Photon Paint 2 £68.95 PROGRAMMING; Hisoft Basic .....£69.95 Hisoft Devpac
V.2 ..£39.95 K-Seka .£34.95 Metacomco Pascal £68.95 DATABASES; £34.95 ..£15.95 ..£18.95 GAMES: Aue-tx-e' £12 95 He«rce ot Power *990 t*astero«i8 ago*'s l»* C13.95 £i?95 £17 95 £29 95 BM Falcon F-6 C-6 95 €'995 Gaoego s Lancelot £•3 95 C‘4 95 Lombard RAC Raly Operafto" Nsotune £•595 £•7 95 fiur tre Garret Scpe» Ha gO" £•8 95 £•695 Test O'** 2 - The S..* Ww in Middle Earth .... ZakMcKracken £*8 95 £15.95
.£21.95 Zorc O .. BOOKS; Elementary Amiga Basic .£20.95 £14.95 Amiga Tricks & Tim ...... £12.95 Advanced Amiga Basic .. Amiga for Beginners ..... £16.95 £10.95 Amiga Machine Language .... Amiga Microsoft Basic ... Base Inside & Out . £12.95 £18.45 £18.95 fhe C Language £23 95 PHILIPS
COLOUR MONITOR CM8833 with stereo sound OUR PRICE £229.95 K Data . Microbase .. Omega lile .
SOUND: Amas Mid Sampler ...£74.95 Adrum ..£29.95 Aegis Sonix ..£44.95 each has 8 games Fun School 2 2-6 years ...£13.95 Fun School 2 6-8 years ...£13.95 Fun School 2 8-12 years .£13.95 PRINTERS; Alt printers listed have a ten inch (A4I carriage, are Epson compathte, and feature friction and tractor teed mechanisms for continuous or single sheet paper AH prices include the necessary
cable PANASONIC KXP-1081 Offers all the draft mode text sizes of the Epson FX compatibles and offers N. LQ. In all sizes and effects. Well built.
Very reliable, high recommended £159.95 STAR LC-10 As well built and reliable as the Panasonic. Has four N.LQ. fonts (typefaces), in combination with all sizes and effects.
¦New low prices makes it well worth con-sidering £189.95 STAR LC-10 COLOUR All the features of the LC-10. But with a seven colour option.
Uses the Epson JX30 printer driver from Workbench ?
Others £239.95 STAR LC 24-10 24 pin version of the LC-10. Has 5 excellent letter quality fonts available with all sizes and effects. Two extra effects, outline and shadow are also featured.
Good value ..£119.95 ACCESSORIES; Moose W* £395 Artica KeytKMn} Cove* £3 95 Amiga to Centronics Prim Leeo--£695 OtO'S’W Joystick £‘095 3 5 Head Oea *er £595 Onrp Pro socc .wc* £i?95 )Rem Expansion jmc Ciocfc) £13995 Bulk 3.5 Discs 16 Off ... £9.95 Bulk 3.5 Discs 20 off .....£18.95 Sony Branded Box of 10 . £15.95 All goods offered subject to availability. Overseas orders welcome - All pnces include VAT & Delivery. Please write for prices.
Callers welcome: Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5.00. Saturday 10.00 to 4.00. Please send cheques POs to:
9TS Tel: (0462) 421415 32897 420874 for Enquiries Credit Card
DIGITISER Pro Sound Designer Gold is the most Advanced Amiga Sound Sampling and Music System available. The four separate modules that make up the PSD system are avail able separately or as the Amiga Music System, rep resenting outstanding value lor money "..the Rolls Royce of Amiga Digitisers."
£10.99 order as DJA1 MM5000 5 Octave, Midi Keyboard MINIAMP 2
combines a mini stereo power amp with two neat speaker units
which connect directly to your AMIGA They are ideal for use
with mono TV’s 4 monitors. 4 simply plug in for instant stereo
sound. Ybu'll be amazed at the difference MINIAMP 2 WITH REMOTE
VOLUME CONTROL 4 ALL LEADS ONLY £19.99’ MM3000 Midi Interface
VtfflLOGICjgE&'jEIM MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 800 581 742 (Upgrade to
Gold £20) RGB TV & MONITOR LEADS We have leads fo connect all
AMIGAS to your TV or colour monitor provided it has an RGB
input socket. All leads give a much clearer picture than using
the AMIGA MODULATOR, permit ALL 4096 colours to be displayed
and include the audio lead (to give stereo with stereo tv’s).
MODELS MCOl 4 MC05. ETC ...ONLY £9.99 ORDER AL 4 FOR HITACHI 4 GRANADA TV's WITH 7 PIN DIN SOCKET MODELS CPT1444. ETC ONLY £9.99 OUR LEADS ARE GUARANTEED TO WORK WHERE OTHERS DON'T' LEADS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ATARIjST RANGE PLEASE CONSULT US IF IN DOUBT ATTENTION 1901 MONITOR OWNERS Why not haw your 1901 monitor converted to work with the AMIGA OR ATARI ST the performance is indistinguishable from the CBM 1084 monitor. After conversion, your 1901 will display all 4096 colours 4 existing inputs are NOT affected so
it remains compatible with the C64 4 128. Conversion costs only £29.95 including lead for callers (carried out while you wait). Or £53.95 including next day collection 4 delivery by courier. Please phone to arrange an appointment or collection OTHER LEADS AMIGA 64 EMULATOR LEADS - Connects 1541 ETC to your AMIGA There are several programs which need this lead ......AEL 1 ONLY £4.99 MODULATOR EXTENSION LEADS .... MEL 1 ONLY £8.99 AMIGA PRINTER LEAD - Parallel Type 1.5M long......AMP 1 ONLY £6.99 3 OM long AMP 3 ONLY £9.99 PLEASE STATE WHICH AMIGA YOU HAVE WHEN ORDERING SONY FUJI
3.5“ DISKS 100% Guaranteed Lowest Prices ..Per 10 £12.99 DS0D disks Lowest Prices . F r 25 £28.49 Post Free Lowest Prices ftjr 50 £55.99 Post Free 3112’ DISK BOX FOR 40 50 DISKS. SMOKED LID, LOCKABLE. DSB40NLY £8.45 31 2‘ DISK BOX FOR 80 DISKS SMOKED LID. LOCKABLE. DSB5 ONLY £10.49 31 2’ DISK BOX FOR 100 DISKS SMOKED LID LOCKABLE. DSB6 ONLY £12.49 PR05000 JOYSTICK ARCADE QUALITY WITH MICROSWITCHES £14.95 PR05000 JOYSTICK CLEAR TYPE . £15.95 PR05000 JOYSTICK CLEAR WITH RAPID FIRE 4 SLOW MOTION £16.95 A500
DUSTCOVER ANTISTATIC TYPE. ADC1 .ONLY £4.99 A4 NON SLIP MOUSEPAD, AFM1 ONLY £4.99 Please add 75p part postage + packing to orders under £15.00
- NEW, CHOOSE MONO OR STEREO VERSION Both Amiga audio digitisers
give superb performance, unsurpassed at the price No software
is supplied, since they are fully compatible with Perfect
Sound, Prosound Designer, Audiomaster, and Datel's Prosampler.
Sampling rales up lo 60KHz are possible depending upon the
software An audio lead is supplied for connecting to the
headphone socket or line output of a radio, personal stereo
keyboard etc. Full instructions are included, and the mono
versionalsohasanLE.Dover load indicator. A public domain "Sound
Workshop’ disk is available which has demo versions of
Audiomaster 4 Perfect Sound etc MONO DIGITISER £27.99 POST FREE
A1000 ....£2.00
SWITCHES FOR Dfl 4 DF2 ......£10.99
Connects between Amiga port 4 drive lead. No exposed
Switches are on flying leads for easy access 4 reduced strain o compared to other makes.
PRO SOUND DESIGNER GOLD 7Zie, 'UttimaXe, Sampling. And M,cimg SyAttm LATEST RELEASES VIDEO TITLING Video Gen Master £69.95 A professional easy to use TV tiller. Control veil rates, horizontal vertical roll. Standard fonts, colours, shadows.
Video Wipe Master £69.95 Excellent transition system for video changes.
Many different wipes, use your own masks.
Rendale Genlock 8802 £299 Inc. VAT Includes FREE Video Wipe Masler Mlnlgen £99 ex. VAT Kara Fonts £59.95 superlative tit AproDraw TABLET (Summa sketch) The only tablet with JjqUi mouse buttons on the drawing stylus. Actually purchased after review by 2 magazines. 12'x 12" active Flat surface.
DID YOU KNOW Which product was used to win 1st, 2nd, 3rd honourable mention in a recent USA competition for 3D graphics set by the Amazing Computing magazine. Of all the products available it was: TURBO SILVER £139.95 BOOKS Vol 1 Amiga for Baglnners Vol 2 Amiga Basic Inside 8 Out £12.95 £16.95 Vol 3 Amiga Do$ Inside 8 Out £18.95 Vol 4 Amiga Machine Language £14.95 Vol 5 Amiga Trlckt 8 Tips £14.95 Vol 6 Amiga Systems Prog. Guide Vol 8 Amiga Disk Drive Inside 8 £32.95 Out Companion £27.95 Vol 10 Amiga C for Beginners £TBA Vol nn C for advanced programmers ETBA Toolbox for the Amiga ETBA AmlgaDoa
Manual and utilities disk £TBA Dlsksttes with Examples for all of ths above books (each) £13.95 Superplc £469 ? VAT Real time colour frame grabber, genlock lor A500 or A2000 with 1m6 or mote. Works with VCR or colour camera and can digitize all or part of a picture and can work in overscan Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint II Deluxe Paint III Deluxe Music Const. Set Deluxe Photolab Deluxe Productions Deluxe Video Deluxe Print Professional Draw £139.95 The ultimate drawing tool - Vector graphics - no more Maggies' Movie Setter £69.95 Push button animation. Use cup art or your own characters. Add
sound, lest & dump to
V. C.R. Full overscan support up to 60 frames sec Design 3D
£79.95 The 3D design package with a easy User interface MUSIC
& SOUND NEW-Sound Oasis £Phone Listen to -Mirage- sample disks
convert them lor use wth midi on the Amiga Real Time Sound
Processor £115.M Use your Amiga as an echo unit, a Hanger, a
reverb unit.
Set your own parameters.
Plug in a guitar or a mike Make yoursell sound like a robot. Make up your own dislortions changes effects.
All the above products, and many more are supplied by your local Amiga dealer, phone for details of your nearest stockist: HB Marketing Ltd Brooklyn House, 22 The Green, West Drayton, Middx UB7 7PQ Tel: 0895 444433 Fax: 0895 441962 Telex: 934689 HBMK TxED Plus £59.95 The text editor Including ARP MCC Assembler £69.95 Benchmark Modula 2 £139.95 Benchmark C library £79.95 Benchmark IFF library £79.95 Benchmark Simplifier £79.95 Absoft A C Basic 3 £195.00 Absoft A C Fortran £295.00 Fortran Prof pack £189.95 Aztec C £199.95 Lattice C developers pack £275.00 Modula 2 Standard £99.95 Modula 2
Developer £149.95 MCC Pascal 2 £89.95 HISoft Devpac 2 £59.95 POWERHOUSE DIRECT THE COMPUTER STORE 3 Monitor Leads Amiga to: AMI Scart (Analogue RGB) ..£11.95 I* VAT ilocklor forks digitize in AM2 EUA Honda (Taxan Sanyo Sony etc.) ....£11.95 AM3 9 Way D Plug (IBM Monitor) ...£10.95 AM4 9 Way D Plug (NEC Multisync Analogue RGB) £10.95 AM5 9 Way D Plug (Philips 8873) ..£10.95 Make Your Own with a 23 way D Socket ..£3.95 Printer Leads for Your Amiga API 2
Metre Centronics ..£9.95 £11.95 £16.95 £16.95 £19.95 £23.95 AP2 3 Metre Centronics AP3 5 Metre Centronics £49.99 £79.99 £69.99 £69.99 H39.99 £69.99 £49.99 il 39.95 £69.95 sr your umplo « £79.95 User AP4 1 Metre Printer Extension Lead AP5 2 Metre Printer Extension Lead AP6 3 Metre Printer Extension Lead RS232 Leads AS1 RS232 25 way D socket to Plug (DTE) ....£9.95 AS2 RS232 25 way D Socket to Plug (DCE) ....£9.95 AS3 Programmable RS232 V24 Lead Male Male ....£20.95 AS4 Programmable RS232 V24 Lead
Male Female £20.95 AS5 Programmable RS232 Adaptor ......£29.95 Other Amiga Items AX1 1 Metre Disc Drive Extension Lead £14.95 AX2 Surge Protector Plug ....£14.95 AX3 Mouse Mat .£6.95 Microswitch Joysticks wtth No Quibble Guarantee AJ1 Konlx Speedking Joystick ...£11.95 AJ2 Konix Navigator ....£19.95 AJ3 Competition Pro
(Black) £14.95 AJ4 Competition Pro (Clear) £15.95 AJ5 Competition Pro (Clear extra) ..£16.95 AJ6 Cruiser (Blue) ..£9.95 AJ7 Cheetah 125 Delux ......£12.95 Books Amiga Basic Inside And Out (Abacus) .£18.95 Amiga C For Beginners (Abacus) .£18.45 Amiga DOS Inside and out (Abacus) .£18.45 Amiga DOS Quick Reference (Abacus) .£13.95 Amiga Disk Drives Inside and out
(Abacus) .£27.95 Amiga Machine Language (Abacus) .£14.95 Amiga Systems Programmers guide (Abacus) .£32.95 Amiga Tricks And Tips (Abacus) .£14.95 Amiga For Beginners (Abacus) .£12.95 Advanced Amiga Basic (Computel) .£16.95 Amiga Aplications (Computel) .£16.95 Amiga DOS Reference Guide (Computel) .£14.95 Amiga Machine Language Guide (Computel) .£19.95 Amiga Programmers Guide (Computel) .£16.95 Beginners Guide to the Amiga (Computel) .£16.95 Compute s 1st Book of the Amiga (Computel) .£16.95 Compute's 2nd Book of the Amiga
(Computel) £16.95 Elementary Amiga Basic (Compute!) .£14.95 Inside Amiga Graphics (Compute!) .£16.95 Kids and the Amiga (Compute!) .£14.95 Amiga DOS Manual (Bantam Commodore) .£22.95 Amiga Hardware Ref Manual (Addison-Wesley) £22.95 Amiga Intuition Ref Manual (Addison-Wesley) £22.95 Amiga ROM Kemal Ref Man Exec (Addison-Wesley) £22.95 Amiga ROM Kemal Ref Man Lib (Addison-Wesley) £32.95 Workbench 1.3 (3 Discs * Manual) £14.95 A500 + Modulator + Workbench 1.3 + Ten Star Games Pack ..£399.00 Citizen 1200 Printer (Free
Lead) .£159.00 Unit 82 In Shops 2-8 Greenwood Way Chelmsleywood Shopping Centre Birmingham B37 5TL ® 021-770-0468 MONITORS PRINTERS COMPUTERS & POA MEMORY DISK DRIVES rMB SCSI Interface £599 IMB POA
3. 5' Standard £79
3. 5” Triangle Elite £109 SUNDRIES
5. 25" Tnangle £129
3. 5 5.25 Tnangle £239 HARD DISKS A500 20MB Triangle 3 (68ms)
£499 SOFTWARE £699 ART, GRAPHICS & CAD 80 MB Triangle 3 £999
A500 2MB Auto Boot Board £59 ) A500 2MB Board £349 HARD DISKS
B2000 ) SCSI*2MB OK £299 ) 20MB.2MB OK |68ms) j 40MB.2MB OK* ,
80MB.2MB OK UTILITIES & LANGUAGES Transformer £25.00 SOUND &
MUSIC £169.00 ' rs 2.5 £41.00 v5_£159 00 oper I £169.00 v' £45
00 POA £72 00 DTP. WP & BUSINESS hi; Works Pi.iiroom Ed POA
Prices include VATS UK Delivery ORDERS ONLY 800 581 742 S
70.00 GENERAL ENQ. 0234-273000 laxiplan* £100.00 Callers &
is Ihe Relail Division ol POWER COMPUTING!
Silva lining Simon Rockman brushes up on his polychromatic pixellations REMEMBER how you felt when you first started playing with Deluxe Paint? The feeling that you could draw anything, even if your greatest talent at art was bunking off.
Well the feeling is back because now anything you can draw, you can animate.
I once heard that artists find it difficult to resist the temptation to add little touches to a masterpiece - adding a few extra seeds to some sunflowers, making that smile a mite more enigmatic, placing a seventy- third eye on a space alien. Dan Silva, author of the Dpaint trinity, has the same problem. His seventy-third eye took the form of animation. Dpaint II already offered some impressive demos with colour cycling, but Dan wanted to add multiple frames.
The result is Dpaint Ill's animpainting. A name so good Electronic Arts has trademarked it.
A professional animator is happy to redraw a picture in a slightly different position for every frame, but for most of us this is too much like hard work.
And what computers are good at is doing the hard work and leaving the creative stuff to humans.
The simple way to use animpainting is to draw one frame, step through to the next, draw and step on again. The clever way is to define what you want to move as a brush, by drawing the shape and then cutting it out. And hold down the animpainting key while you draw.
Whenever the brush is redrawn Dpaint HI steps on to the next frame.
The effect is very convincing. In true Dpaint style, what holds true for one mode carries through to animpainting. So if you draw a line which is a dozen brushes long, the first 12 frames of the animation Dan Silva, mere mortal or programming deity?
Contain your brush. In practice, lines tend to be longer than the number of frames you have chosen, so you get a number of frames crawling across the screen.
There is a cure for this. A Move menu lets you define a direction for the plotting of the brush in three dimensions. The third axis allows shapes to come out of the screen at you or recede over the horizon, lust the thing for video titling.
The Move control spreads the positioning of the brush evenly through a number of frames. The spacing can be altered to give the effect of acceleration or to eliminate the effect of the brush bashing into the screen when it comes to a sudden stop.
While the brush is moving every which way around the screen it can be made to spin and tumble, the kind of thing which a trained animator finds taxing. All these effects are great for things like rockets and aeroplanes but if you want to show a horse galloping, you need the legs to move.
Dan, Dan the Dpaint man has thought of this. He's included animated brushes. Each time you draw with an animated brush a new frame is shown. Combine this with animpainting and you can paint a movie.
It'll work with a megabyte of memory, but creaks a bit when you try to animate something really big.
Files are standard Amiga anim format. I loaded in some screens from The Walker 11 demo trailer and, ahem, enhanced them. They worked perfectly. Finished animations can be run from outside Dpaint III with a Play program. The possibilities posed by animpainting, move and animated brushes are tremendous.
DELUXE PAINT HI has always been the premiere Amiga art program and has undergone a few refinements to make sure things slay that way. Some of the processorintensive routines have been recoded to run a little faster, although perspective painting - where a brush is laid down to give a 3D impression
- still involves a fair bit of thumb twiddling.
Features are packed into the menus like suits at a city wine bar. Most of the menu options do extra things if you click on them with the right mouse button. Some do more than you would at first expect if you click ?
4 colour - great i leu all llw way for starbursl effects around Ihe brush on them in different places.
If you left click on the top left-hand side of the Make Brush icon you can drag a box around an area of the screen and, using the left-hand button again, drag the box to enclose the shape. This copies the imago within the box to a brush.
The Birth of Deluxe Paint NOBODY would accuse Electronic Arts of production line programming, they talk of "artists" and "creative direction", hut they are fairly strict about the development system. All programmers use expanded IBM Ats known as Artists Workstations. Deluxe Paint started life as part of this development environment. It ran on the IBM and was know as Prism.
Electronic Arts was let in on the Amiga secret very early. They had the first prototypes in red wooden boxes. Straight away they knew that this was an amazing graphics machine. But they decided not to convert PrismN Commodore bought the rights to the Amiga and came to the conclusion that the graphics potential of the Amiga was so great that they should bundle a paint program with the computer.
This was enough to persuade Or you can right click to remove the image from the screen and only have it as a brush. Or you can click another part of the icon to get a lasso type feature which can cut out irregular shapes. It's all quite easy once you've tried it.
Extra Half Britc (EHH) mode is only used by a handful of programs. UP III Electronic Arts that re-inventing the wheel by selling a similar package was not a viable proposition on the Amiga so the company started work on Marble Madness. When it became clear that Commodore would not be developing a screen designer for the Amiga, EA stepped in.
It laid down the specification for IFF and set the standard for many of the features we now regard as the norm in Amiga programs.
The success of Amiga Dpaint II led to its conversion for the IBM.
OK, it is still slower on the most expensive, raciest PC than on a simple 500 Amiga, but then that is the fault of breadheads who buy from IBM. Even if we make them look foolish they still have to thank us for getting Deluxe Paint out of Electronic Arts labs and on to their screens.
Has joined them. It's great for creating shadows and a supplied example shows Fred A stair dancing over scenery. When I say over I mean the scenery shows through Fred's black figure, ghost-like, dimmed by the use of EHB colours. I suspect Dpaint III offering this will mean more programmers waking up to the EHB possibilities and. As many of the sprites you see in games are designed with Dpaint II. Many of the death- belching aliens you see in future will have bigger and better shadows.
DPAINT III has one feature, first seen in Photon Paint. I love it for - the ability to wrap a piccin around an object. Perhaps I've been reading too many computer graphics books with formulae I don’t understand - well, looking at the pictures at least - but I still think that a mandrill wrapped around a teapot looks better than real art.
Video recording buffs have been known to buy an Amiga. Dpaint and a genlock just to put lines like "Gemma's 3rd Birthday" over a shot of candles being spat at.
They can now have better titles for two reasons. First, Dpaint III supports overscan. This takes the picture beyond the edges of the monitor into an area only video can see. Budding Dickie Attenboroughs don't like a border around the screen. The second feature, and one I really find useful, is the ability to preview fonts.
Ting he :k use II IB ned dll rst it n ics hat it id Dt or irts to 8 In keeping with all good Amiga programs Dpaint 111 looks in the font directory. It brings up the list of those available in a proper requester, but it offers a Show option. The highlighted font can quickly be displayed in a window within the requester, so you no longer need to remember if Sapphire or Garnet is the one with the twiddly bits.
All I want now is sorting by size, a feature I've only seen in the unreleased Pen Pal word processor.
Colour fonts are catered for, but you have to run a separate task first.
They conform to the standard colour font spec. I loaded a couple from the Shakespeare DTP program and some really good Kara fonts are supplied with the software. Once you've got this lot spinning, zooming and sliding, your birthday party will look much brighter. Thu cake will still taste soggy.
WHAT the manual will not do is teach you to draw. Go to the library and take out a couple of books on the technical aspects of drawing. You will rapidly learn how to apply the theory to Dpaint III, even if the J.R.Hartley who wrote the book thinks that an Amiga is something they serve in Mexican restaurants.
Most programs are best learnt by having a friend who knows the drill sitting at your side while you struggle through menus. Dpaint HI is an exception. There is no way your friend will be able to resist "doing it for you".
It is also impossible to follow what an experienced user is doing by just watching. Drawing, shading, cutting and pasting all become reflex actions, with menus and keys selected in a trice. Once you are experienced you’ll understand but trying to learn can be frustrating.
Documentation is clear and friendly, if a bit intense. It doesn’t have enough pictures showing what you can see, but copes with the problem of dealing with Amiga experts and computcrphobic artists brilliantly. It also copes with helping those who have never touched Deluxe Paint, those who dabbled with it and those who are upgrading.
The tutorials are excellent. Very absorbing. I found I kept on trying things before the manual mentioned them. 1 was really enjoying myself.
It’s the only utility I have used with the "just one more game” attraction of something like Bubble Bobble, even if it doesn't support HAM mode.
By now you have got the impression that 1 like Deluxe Paint 111.
I'm honestly not trying for Pseuds' Comer when I say it is more than three discs and a manual, it is an avenue to artistic enlightenment.
There is a very sensible upgrade policy. Users who have Dpaint II need only pay £30 for DP III, while artists with the original, including those who got it free with their Amigas, can upgrade for £50. Neophytes will have to shell out £80. It's still a bargain.
REPORT CARD Deluxe Paint III Electronic Arts £79.95 EASE OF USE 11 111 11 11 11II11] Even if you can’t draw, you can still animate. All the menus are well laid out. A bit memory-hungry, it needs one meg and works better with more.
SPEED .. Hill II INI HIM Faster than Deluxe Paint II. Large brushes are handled with ease. No slow HAM mode to damage the score.
VALUE LiJJ J 11 I l l Lll. LH If you are a commercial artist or programmer it will pay for itself in hours. The rest of us should buy it for the fun we will have with it.
OVERALL 1)7% The highest score Amiga Computing has ever awarded. Dan Silva deserves his success for being a programming genius.
Reputations are hard to build, well good ones are. The Amiga has quite rightly earned itself a reputation for being the computer for high powered graphics at low powered prices. Because of this the range of graphics software - paint, animation, CAD - and associated hardware available is large and growing.
Many applications can be driven adequately using the mouse, particularly if, like me, your artistic ambitions are limited to producing cartoons or kiddies-style illustrations.
Doing it with Mike Rawlins pens his opinions on the Aprodraw Graphics Tablet But what if you are striving to create a finely detailed commercial illustration, to develop an intricate animated sequence or to digitise a complex engineering drawing?
Again, you could use the mouse, but it tends to lack both the accuracy and the sensitivity required to produce really satisfactory results.
So what’s the solution? Get hold of a graphics tablet, that’s what. Which brings us nicely on to the AproDraw graphics tablet package from R & DL Productions of Long Island, New York, distributed in this country by HB Marketing.
The AproDraw packages were developed to meet the need for a graphics input device supporting applications written for the Amiga - most of which assume the use of a two button mouse. The packages consist of the MM series of tablets from Summagraphics - originally developed for use with IBM Pcs and compatibles - together with the software drivers which enable the tablet to be used within the Amiga’s mouse driven, multi-tasking environment.
Three sizes of tablet are available.
This review was carried out on the MM1201, 12in square version, the alternative sizes being the MM961, 9in by 6in, and the MM1812, 18in by 12in. The larger tablet is only available to special order, and the small one is of such limited use HB REVIEWS Things you can do with a labial... doesn't carry stock.
The hardware consists of the tablet itself, the power supply, a 25-to-9 pin serial adaptor cable and a stylus. A four button cursor is to he sold as a separate option.
The tablet can be used tilted or laid flat. The tilt assembly is attached to the back of the unit when shipped and varies the angle by sliding up or down a runner and rotating the extension arms. For the tablet to lay flat, the tilt assembly is removed and rubber feet attached.
The stylus connects into a phone type socket near the top left corner.
This should never be disconnected while the tablet is powered up as it could cause considerable damage.
The stylus has one button in its tip which is activated when pressed firmly against the tablet. A second button is provided on the body of the stylus positioned near the tip to enable operation with your index finger. They correspond by default to the left and right mouse buttons respectively, although this can be altered using the configuration program.
BUTTONS on the cursor are labelled one to four. One and two represent the left and right mouse buttons, four represents a middle button which is supported by Intuition but rarely used by application programs. Hutton three is equivalent to pressing both move buttons simultaneously. This can cause some applications to behave strangely.
The stylus referred to as the pointer from now on - emits a low intensity magnetic field. This is sensed by a grid inside the tablet which determines the pointer's location. The pointer need not be in contact with the tablet - there can be up to 0.5in between them (0.25in with the stylus). The extent of the grid the active area - is indicated by a groove etched around the edges of the tablet.
Because it functions electro- magnetically, the tablet can generate radio frequency interference.
Although compliant with American Class B limits, it is possible that it could cause interference with your radio or TV set. 1 didn’t find this to be a problem - more's the pity; any interference to Neighbours can only be an improvement.
Presumably it is possible that some inappropriate prodding with the stylus in the wrong place could lead to a spot of inadvertent disc corruption, so be careful.
The software is supplied on a single disc which contains the format driver, the configuration program and a scaling program. These can be copied on to your application discs as required. The driver program can be started from either Workbench or the
CLI. However, you should ensure that the tablet is powered up
The configuration program allows you to adjust the driver to suit your particular hardware set-up and preferences. With it you can adjust the tablet’s aspect ratio to suit that of your monitor the default is preset to suit the Amiga monitor - set the serial device name and port number, change the assignment of the stylus or cursor buttons, set the tablet for a larger than normal screen size and fine tune the response of the tablet by altering the data transmission rate and driver priority. The driver must be stopped and restarted before changes to the configuration take effect.
Using the tablet is as easy as using a sketch pad and pencil. The stylus can be held as you would a pen for sketching and tracing. What it will not do is draw thicker lines if you press harder. This is something real artists find hard to get used to. 1 found the stylus easy to use.
However, being right handed and with the stylus connected to the top left hand corner of the tablet, I found that the cable tended to get in the way. This was more annoying rather than a real problem, but could have been avoided by repositioning the connector. And no, you can't just turn TURTLESOFT AMIGA PACK AMIGA A500 turtlesoft Free TV Modulator Fro© Paint Prog Free Software the following titles: - Amegas Art of Chess Buggy Boy Barbarian Ikari Warriors Insanity Fight Mercenary T errorpods Wzball Thunder cats £419.95 INC VAT FREE DELIVERY!!
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Arts Pan • Data O*: ! *«.« Art* Par* 2 Oaa Dec QeAn «*ot A Coot
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is Qakxa Pn ¦------- Data voao,.------------ Dean PvsnUP £39.95
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UCC moot Awe •«*.
MCC St*F Mere base were Ten ....________________ Moc 4a ? (Standard* Mocue 2 iOaretopen) MuseStueo Pag* Sena*-- Phtaon Paarr Pre Sound C Pro Sound C (2*9 96 £99 95 €49 95 €69 05 C69 06 iraeiowt rv • snow __ TV • Ter__ viP Proresstonal-----------£9996 veawn* Da»«o»------£09 96 wore Perea V41-- (77896 Zuma Font* Vol 1.2 * 3_______________£39.95 Software A small Hama aanl 1al Claaa Poat. Chaquaa raqulra 7 days tor claaranca. Plaaaa maka chaquas payabla to Turttaaott 3E details " 1 Hardware items sent by overnight courier - Now free of charge Please ring for availability of new software items
Post: Send Cheques PO or Visa Access details to tha address below. Phone: Call (0476) 591040. 24 Hour Service wtth your Vlsa Ao Turtlesoft, Dept. AMC6, Unit 3, The Old Matthouse, Springfield Road, Grantham, Lincs. NG31 7SE Subject to availability, all items are despatched within 24 hours. E&OE ¦ R E V I E W ¦ 4 the tablet round, not unless you enjoy drawing upside down.
The connecting cable resists twisting and as a result it is often difficult to keep the second button positioned correctly for easy use. It is also very easy to press both stylus buttons at the same time. Although this caused no problems with Dpaint it should be avoided if possible.
The cursor accessory would normally be used for digitising technical drawings, and works best when held parallel to the tablet.
Again the trailing cable can be annoying for right-handed use I suppose it makes a change to find a product which is better suited to left handers.
It's an unfortunate fact of life that any drawing that you are tracing or digitising will not be conveniently sized to fit on the screen or the tablet.
This is where the scaling program comes in. It can be used to set up the tablet so that art work traced on it will be enlarged or reduced to fit a particular portion of the screen.
The scaling program can only be used while the driver is running. It interacts with the driver and has an immediate effect on how the tablet responds.
It works by using the pointer to select the required areas on the screen that correspond to the selected area on the tablet. A combination of screen and tablet sizing can be used to trace a drawing that is larger than the size of the tablet, although it must be said that this is a fairly involved process.
ONCE you have used a graphics tablet it's difficult to believe that you could ever go back to using anything as crude as a mouse. The AproDraw tablets provide a range of sizes and functionality that should suit most applications. The documentation supplied is sparse but adequate.
At £460 for the 12in square model this is not a toy, but for professional work a tablet is essential and the AproDraw range represents good value for money.
REPORT CARD Aprodraw Graphics Tablet HB Marketing 12 x 12 £458.85 18 x 12 £688.85 EASE OF USE.. Threading Ihe leads is like playing with an educational toy. But it is really a matter of plug in and go.
SOFTWARE.. The supplied configuration was easy to use. All other mouse driven software seemed to work OK. Hut I wouldn t want to try playing Starglider with it.
SPEED.. Drawing with the tablet is faster and more precise hut it seemed to slow down the application.
VALUE.. You need to be a pretty serious user to justify lashing out this kind of money.
If you do you will be happy.
Using a hotch-potch of Summagraphics hardware. R & DL interface software and Deluxe Paint II the whole thing held together as one.
Conditions of sale All prices exclude VAT and defcvery charges ESOE all prices subject to change without notice All coflections made by prior arrangement from our warehouse Please add E1.VAT lor consumables and £6. VAT lor all other items tor 3 working day delivery. Next day delivery E8 - VAT 0753 35557 dataplexc 10 Petersfield Avenue, Slough, Berkshire SL2 5DN Tel: 0753 35557 Fax: 0753 511122 AMIGA HARDWARE Amiga A500 Complete__________________312.00 Amiga A500 with TV Modulator ......326.00 Amiga A500 . 1900M Mono Monitor... 400.00 Amiga A500 ? A1084 Colour Mortior.. 530.00 TV
Modulator----------------- 20.00 Amiga A500.1084 Monitor and AF880 578.00 AF880 Disk Drive ______ 83.00 MPS 1200C Disk Drive ..109.00 1900M Mono Monitor .... 86.00 1084 Colour Monti or _____ 239.00 Dataplex 3 5' Drive -------------68.00 Amiga Genlock (A5O0)-------------226.00 A501 0.5M Ram Upgrade------------124.00 Amiga B2000.1M Ram 880k 3.5' Disk.
Mouse. Software .. ...... 865.00 Amsga as above. 1084 CO. Monitor ..1083.00 A2058 8MB Ram populated with 2Mb . 539.00 A2088 XT Bodge Board . 398.00 A2286 AT Bridge Board__________________865.00 A2092 20Mb MS Dos Hard Disk 326.00 A2094 20Mb Amiga Dos Hard Drive ... 433.91 A2300 Internal A2000 Genlock 250.00 A2010 Int. 35* Drive------------------175.00 A2052 2Mb Ram Expansion 309.00 DATAPLEX DRIVES 1Mb 3.5' External Drive _____________68.00 1Mb 3.5' Internal Drive_____________________63.00 1Mb 5.25' Floppy Drive-------------------106.00 DATAPLEX HARO DRIVES
20Mb Drive A50 V1000----- 478.00 30Mb Drive A50OM000--------- 529.00 60Mb Drive A50G1000 ------------910.00 20MB Drive A2000 ------------------ 470.00 30Mb Drive A2000 _______________________529.00 60Mb Drive A2000 .. 779.00 Please ring for other capacity drives PHILIPS MONITORS CM8833 14' RGB CVBS Monrtor .....189.00 CM8852 HI Ree. Colour Monitor--------254.00 .253.00 Amstrad DMP4000 ---------------------- 240 00
A. '*srad 105000 0« . ---- 339 » Cwer 120C------------ 1’0 30
Cwer T80C ------127 00 Gwen LSP •0O* - . *38 30 Cozen MSP
itf______ '0600 cozen MSP 40 - 236 00 e ven MSP 45 26900 C wen
MSP 50 304 0C C ezen MSP 56 3260C Ctzen Pieree* * 369 OC
Cazen hQP 40---- . 302 0C C*zer * y 45 .... 2990C
C«zarO e»*4*e-iO --t000 X Epson
LX800--------------------------161.00 Epson FX850
-------------------------- 322.00 Epson FX1050___________
405.00 Epson EX800 ------- 441.00 Epson EX1000
----------------------581.00 Epson LQ500
__________________________ 267.00 Epson LQ850
_______________________ 444.00 Epson LOI050
---------------------- 667.00 Star
LC10____________________________161.00 Star LC10
Colour----------------------199.00 Star
NX15 ......284.00 Star NB24-10
--------------------------- 469.00 Star
NB24-15____________________- -..569.00 Star
LC24-10-------------------------------262.00 StarNBIS
----------- 697 00 M®t 36 . 11C0C NEC P7200FVwrtter .
.» 0C Cvts*er‘aaoe* 55 0C sen* «te-*ace*i --------SIX
ForeCartroge 20 X NEC 0565*1 . 74000 NEC 05.8O Cs+rectm 42? X
NEC P7.136 Character ...... 536.00 Panasonic KXP1081
--------------------128.00 Oft'aaorK K*oi*ec ... - '75 0C
Penesonic *Pi«24-- 91900 .mbee table veiue) Sheet
Feeder-------- 89 00 SoereRbbone -180 Parwurec KKP'592 2 90C
Parxesorec *P* 595 389 00 Panasonic xP*5eO ... e 800
wavesmar TaOyMISt it ICO PRINTER CABLES Amstrad CPC
Parallel---------------------8.90 BBC
Paralel ... 6.50 IBM Amstrad Parallel
1081 1090172_______________ -4.00 DMP 200030003160 ----- 2.80
DMP4000_______________ 5.75 PCW 82SOLQ3500 _________ -4.50
Panasonic 3131 MP26.....-..... 2.30 .*80Onx.Vto*Xd0 ..... 3-6
fXt30O*X*Kl00 4 40 N *0 . 440 (0500800860 ------- 4*0 LC10
______440 NEC 5 X LASER PRINTERS AST Turbo Postscript
_____- ...2499 00 Brother HL8
.....1479.00 Brother HLBQS Postscnpt
3789.00 Citizen Overture 110.---------------1149.00 Epson
GQ-3500 . 1099.00 Hewlett Pack Laser II
.1338 00 Hewlett Pack laser IID
.....2399.00 Panasonic KXP 4450 .... ......4699
00 Qume Script Ten Postscript 2989 00 Star IP8
.... 1349 00 AH laser printers indude
on site maintenance FAX Canonfax Fax80
..... 623.00 Fax230
.. 915.00 Fax4l0 .... 1415.00 Fax730
_____________________________________2359 00 C-Fax Card
SRI___________________________499.00 Nefax N2 ________ 899.00
Nelax N3 .. 1006.00 Pantax UF150.....
915.00 Panfax UF250 ....
1265.00 Sanyofax 100
..: .989.00 Sharp
FO-80_____________ 849.00 Sharp
FO-150-----------------------------959.00 Sharp FQ-210_____
:_________1269 00 REP AIRS - As one o* Ihe largest repair
centres In the country and with an Investment ol over C60K in
our latest test equipment We are providing our services to
other dealers. So ask your local dealer to send us your lauity
equipment. Or send it direct to us lor fast reliable and
prolessional repairs.
Resolution is what it’s ail about. The Amiga has the best graphics of any computer available to ordinary folk like you and me because of the many picture elements, or pixels, that make up the display.
AmigaBasic allows each individual pixel to be plotted by supplying two numbers, an x coordinate for across the screen and a y coordinate for up and down.
Think of a piece of graph paper if you like, with the horizontal rows representing the x axis and the vertical columns the y axis. Assuming that the computer is in non-interlace mode, we have a resolution of 640 x 200 pixels in four colours. This means the x coordinates must lie between 0 and 639, and the y coordinates between 0 and 199.
Two Basic commands will plot a point on the screen, PSET and PRESET. The first stands for Pixel SET. A spot prize of one unformatted
3. 5in chocolate biscuit will be awarded to whoever sends in the
best explanation for PRESET. Which reminds me of a useful tip:
Always keep a packet of chocolate digestives beside the
computer in case you run out of disc space.
A biscuit can store 178k and makes a good emergency backup system.
You can erase the files on them by licking the chocolate off the top. I developed this system of data storage on a 3in disc drive, which explains why they only hold 178k and not the 880k you are used to.
Both PSET and PRESET must be supplied with two coordinates enclosed in round brackets, followed by an optional number describing the colour of the pixel to be plotted. Like this: PSET (x.y),opHonal-colour-id PRESET (x,y),optional-colour-id Notice how I spelt colour with the letter u. Using an American computer is no reason to become lazy. Next thing you know you’ll be writing thru instead of through, garbage instead of rubbish, vacation instead of holiday and missile base instead of Greenham Common.
The value you put in the optional colour id depends on the screen mode you are going to use. Screen modes are an article in themselves, but if we are using the normal display the colour number lies between zero which is usually, but not always, the 40 AMIGA COMPUTING June 1989 background colour - and three. This means we can have up to four different colours on the screen at once. The default colours are blue for colour zero, white for colour one, black for colour two and orange for colour three.
So what is the difference between PSET and PRESET? Well, it becomes apparent if you leave out the colour id. PRESET will plot a point in the background colour - by default this is zero and blue and PSET will plot a point in the current foreground colour, the colour all the latest writing to the screen has been done in. Therefore to plot a point in the middle of the screen in colour number two we would type PSET
(320. 100),2 and lo erase it, PRESET
(320. 100). Listing I uses the PSET command inside two FOR...NEXT
loops to draw a box. You can see that drawing lines by
using nothing but PSET and PRESET commands would be very
tedious, so Basic gives us the LINE command to speed things
up. It comes with as many parameters as there are baked
beans in a tin, so we'll start at the simplest option and
work on from there.
Point to UNE (xl,yl)-(x2,y2),optional-colour This draws a line from the screen coordinates (xl.yl) to the screen coordinates (x2,y2). Just like PSET, an optional colour id number can follow the statement. Leaving it out will cause a default to the current foreground colour.
The first coordinates you supply LINE with can be omitted. LINE
- (x2,y2) will draw a line from the last point drawn on the
screen to (x2,y2).
I was going to show you another example listing to draw a box, this time using LINE commands, but rather cunningly AmigaBasic allows you to draw a box with a single LINE command by putting the letter B after the coordinates. So to replace the whole of Listing I we can use: LINE 50,581-058,158),2,8 In this case the pairs of coordinates describe the top left corner and the bottom right corner of the rectangle.
The computer works out where the four lines go and - Hey Tesco! - a box is drawn in colour number two.
Replacing the B with BF will cause the computer to draw a solid, filled-in PSET (IBB,168) PSET STEP (18,18) PSET (188,188) LINE STEP (18,18) - STEP (28,28) You have probably already noticed that AmigaBasic doesn’t use the most obvious names for its functions.
Whatever team designed it went out of its way to be awkward. I mean, guess what MKS$ does? Or how about CDBL?
Ah well, could be worse I suppose.
I've just used a computer on which the CAT command doesn’t produce a catalogue of a directory, but prints the contents of a text file. Logical, eh?
One day I'll come up to a new ?
' Drawing a box ' the bard way.
FOR x=220 TO 488 PSET(x,5B) PSET(x,158) NEXT I FOR y=58 TO 158 PSET(228,y) PSET(48B,y) NEXT y box instead - a fast way to draw a large, coloured, rectangular area.
SPEAKING of speed, why not type in Listing II to get an idea of how fast the LINE command is?
This program bounces a line around.
The old coordinates of the line are stored and used to erase it next time around inside the loop, giving the impression of movement. Press the spacebar to stop the program. You should try adapting it to draw a box and move it around or even a triangle by using three points instead of two.
You will have noticed that when we specify the x and y coordinates of a pixel on the screen we are using unique, or absolute, values. The coordinates are linked to a specific point on the screen and no other. It is possible to give the coordinates in a relative form, by which I mean their location is given in relation to another previously defined position. To use this technique you must put the keyword STEP before the numbers in the round brackets: The second problem is how to listing as it stands: if you repeatedly rotate the object. I found the solution rotate an object, it shrinks. Anyone
computer, switch it on and type in my secondary school maths book like to hazard a guess why? ; PRINT, whereupon it will say: "|ust in the chapter called Matrix Try experimenting with different j reformatted hard disc. Have a nice Transformations. This can get rather data. What about your initials rotating .
Day.” heavy if you are not into sines and in three dimensions? You could even ' Now we get to the piece de cosines, so just treat the equations as add a Zoom option to expand and resistance - a three-dimensional wire magic formulae that do the job.
Contract the image, which would frame modeller, the ultimate program All that remains to do is write a involve reading the keyboard and when it comes to drawing lines.
Program which will take data that altering the variable size.
Although written in Basic, it looks describes how the object is to be We have barely scratched the very nice. What's more, you should made up and handles the keypresses surface of possibilities. Doesn't it be able to understand what it is doing to rotate it. When typed in and make you go all weak at the knees?
And adapt it to do even more exciting running, pressing X, Y or Z will Hmmm. No. Me neither. Never mind.
Rotate the object around the relevant plenty of time for that later. Send me Listing ID will draw a simple axis. Remember to click in the output all your worst jokes and favourite wireframe object, in this case a cube.
Window first or your koypresses will recipes via the editor. Sec you next and allow you to rotate it in three not register. There is a bug in the month.
Directions. The term wireframe means that only the edges of the object are drawn, as though it were made out ol ' Hire Fraae Node tier IF keyS*T THEN GOSUB Rotate.T IF keyS'T THEN GOSUB Rotate.!
Wire. This means we can use the Nike window is large as possible.
RETURN LINE command to create the object.
' then press X, T or I. Press the There are two problems with spacebar to stop.
Rotate.!: writing a three-dimensional program, both needing some yucky Start: FOR ps0 TO nua oD](p,1)=cvobj(p,I)*s*oDj(p,2) obj(p,2)=-s»obj(p,1)*c*obj(p,2) mathematics to solve. 1 he tirst is how G0SU8 Initialise.variables NEXT:RETURN to draw what is essentially a 3D 60SUB Define.the.object image on a 2D screen. This is handled by taking the third coordinate - the z keyS=* WH1LE keySoCHRS(32) GOSUB braw.the.object Rotate.T: FOR p=0 TO nua obj p,3)=c*obj(p,3 *s*obj p,1) axis, or depth in and out of the screen GOSUB Rotate.the.object obj(p,1)=-s*obj(p,S)*c*obj(p,l)
- and using it to alter our standard x WEND:END NEXT:RE TURN and
y coordinates. Using a simple Initialise.variables: DIN
obj(99,3):RETURN Rotate.I: FOR ps0 TO nua equation - m=1.5
'objectlp.3) in the Draw.the.object subroutine - we can
obj(p,2)=c*obj(p,2)*s*obj(p,3) ildge a three-dimensional
Define.the.object: nui*l obj(p,3)2-sBobj(p,2)*c*obj (p,3) NEXT:RE TURN WHILE aoveflag 99 READ eoveflag,x,y,a ' The Anting Bouncy Line Prograa.
' Object data is in packets of four: ' try pressing the left aouse button.
Obj(nua,0)=aovef lag obj(nui,l)=x obj(nua,2)=y First: 1 ¦ love to point, 1 2 draw to point.
' Randoely set variables.
Obj(nua,!)=t ’ Second: x coordinate (-2 to 2).
Oldx1=0:oldy1=0:oldx2=0:oldy2=0 nua=nua*1 ' Third: y coordinate (-2 to 2).
X1*INT(RND*640):x2=INTtRND«640) HENO ' Fourth: i coordinate (-2 to 2).
Y1 (NT(RND*200):y2 INT(RND*200) site-60 Overall sin of object.
D»1=INT(RND*8):dy1=lNT(RNB«8) s-SlNE.2) ’ The rate of rotation.
1 Back rectangle.
D«2=INT(RND*8):dy2=INT(RM0*8) c-C0S(.2 RETURN DATA 1,-1,1,-1 DATA 0,1,1,-1, 0,1,-1,-1 Naintoop: DATA 0,-1,-1,-1, 0,-1,1,-1 WHILE INKEYSo* • Draw.the.object: If HOT HOUSE(0) THEN (IS ’ Front rectangle.
LINE (oldi1,oldy1)-(oldx2,oldy2 ,0 FOR p=l TO nue-1 DATA 1,-1,1,1 END IF
• =1,5‘obj(p,J) DATA 0,1,1,1, 0,1,-1,1 U»E (xt,yt)-(s2,y2),t
xi=site*iobj(p,1 *a) DATA 0,-l,-1,1, 0,-1,1,1
yy=site* obj(p,2)*a 1 store last line drawn IF obj(p,0)=0 THEN
GOSUB Draw Bottoa left line.
Oldx1=x1:oldy1=y1 ox=xx:oy=yy DATA 1,-1,1,-1, 0,-1,1,1 otdx2=x2:oldy2By2 NEXT:RETURN ’ Bottoa right line.
Update coordinates and check for Draw: DATA 1,1,1,-1, 0,1,1,1 edge of screen in each case.
LlNE(ox*320,oy*100)-(ix*320,yyt100 x1=x1*dx1 RETURN ’ Top right line.
IF x1 l Oil it 641 THEN dx1=-dx1 DATA 1,1,-1,-t, 0,1,-1,1 ylwylfdyl Rotate.the.object: If y1 0 OS y1 200 THEN dy1=-dy1 keyS=* ' Top left line.
X2ax2»dx2 WHILE LEN(keyS)=0 DATA 1,-1,-1,-1, 0,-1,-1,1 IF x2 8 OS x2 6*0 THEN dx2=dx2 key$ =UC»SES INKEYS) y2=y2»dy2 WEND ‘ End of data aarker IF y2 0 OR y2 200 THEN dy2=-dy2 WEND IF keyS=T THEN GOSUB Rotate.!
DATA 99,0,0,0 Listing 11 Listing III 42 AMIGA COMPUTING lane 1989 Armagedon MAIL ORDER » £ 36a Osborne St. Colchester Essex 24 HOURS SOFTSELLERS 12 SANDPIPER CLOSE, LONGRIDGE PARK, COLCHESTER, ESSEX C04 3GE Q mimm 6 Bond St. Ipswich Suffolk FAST SERVICE 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0206) 869668 (0206) 863193 HARDWARE SOFTWARE SOFTWARE ALL OUR HARDWARE INCLUDES VAT AND FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY ON ALL EARLY ORDERS. UK ONLY Balance of Power 1990 ...13.99 .13 99 .13.99 .. 15.99 1599 ...13.99 .10.99 .15.99 _1SM Nightrai Nabulus Amiga 500.
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HSXMsAtfy J4 01 4996 30A**vnor 9 96 '*96 ua»-----3416 49J6 Uee«*»vtoec 56 Ose*lop wto4c WvtCKNtOr
• 3. Maxn MS.1 Copy Program Text SpreadOBase ....104 96 149.95
Utility •.----------------3495 4995 Video Digitizer
______________99 95 129.95 Draw Graphics ----------47.95 6995
Music ________________47.95 69.95 30 Video Animation 69.95
99.95 Animation Ham .47.95 69 95
179. 95 249 95 9 96 69 96 9 91
• M96 229 30
* 291 1991
15. 95 24.05 CLUB 68000 INTRODUCTORY OFFER Fill out this coupon
and return it to CLUB 68000 Ltd. Your only commitment is to
pay £10.00 Tor one year's membership of CLUB 68000. Mail this
coupon to CLUB 68000 Ltd., Suite 1, Wickham House, 2 Upper
Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston on Thames, Surrey KT1
4DP Please send
me ...
Name ..
..- .
. ..... Address
Type of coir :rship £10.00 O Cheque enclosed D
Visa Acccss Masier. No.. D Postal Order Postcode......_______
Telephone No. ..... Date .... Signature
Software free of post A packaging within the UK. EEC
II, Ncne EEC £3.
Hardware Courier ktvkc £6 r WRITTEN around the invenlivo graphics routines devised by Dr Eric Graham, this latest version of Sculpt is updated from the 3D package with many new features. It now comes with the animation which was previously only an option.
If you would expect sound effects and visual trickery with windows from such a fancy package, you would be sadly mistaken. It isn't just an ordinary, albeit expensive, art package, it is of professional quality.
When booted up the screen is empty apart from three smallish windows.
First improssions are: "What's going on?" At this point the knowledgeable draughtsmen will sigh with satisfaction at the display of puritanical professionalism. No silly brightly coloured and cheerful icons cluttering up the place. They might also notice that the three windows are laid out in first angle orthographic projection. This package means business.
The basic philosophy behind the layout is the same as that in all CAD packages. The three windows represent the view of your work from each plane. By drawing your object In two dimensions in one of the Me Veitch traces his views on Sculpt Animate 4D, a program which should rays a few eyebrows windows you can then give it a third dimension by completing the view in either of the other windows.
In CAD these views are known as the plan, the front elevation and the side elevation. In this way simple objects can be created, joined together, rotated, duplicated, expanded and so on to produce a very complex final piece.
Sculpt-4D creates all its objects from a number of points called vertices. Edges are drawn between these to create triangular surfaces - the simplest form of surface - from which the final images are calculated.
You might think it would take you a long time to construct, say, a teapot out of lots of small triangles, and you would be right. That is where prims come in.
A prim, or primitive, is a three- A little light carr ¦ R E V I E W ¦ dimensional building block which can be modified into the exact shape needed. It's rather like a sculptor choosing a block of stone which is more or less the same shape as his finished sculpture is going to be.
Except of course in Sculpt-4D pieces can be added on as well as removed.
For example, a wineglass may be considered to be made out of several tubes - a wide, long tube for the body of the glass, a thinner tube for the stem and perhaps a very short, fat one for the base. When all these tubes have been constructed they can be joined together and bent into shape using the various tools which will be described later. Perhaps a useful alteration would be to close off the first tube so the glass doesn't leak.
There is quite a large selection of prims in Sculpt-4D. Including cylinders, tubes, cubes, prisms, discs, spheres and hemispheres.
Another way of creating a three- dimensional object is by extrusion.
First a two-dimensional representation is created and then this can be drawn out into the third dimension using the Extrude option.
This creates a prism with a cross section as defined in the two- dimensional view and Is very useful for creating things like wings or girders.
A further way of creating a symmetrical object is to draft a line drawing profile in one view and then use the Spin option. This will turn the profile through a specified angle about the horizontal in that window.
If we had used this function earlier in the example of the wineglass a much more realistic object could have been produced by drawing the profile of the glass and spinning it through 360 degrees.
The spline is another feature worth mentioning - a simple way of drawing a smooth curve using very few vertices, called knots. These can be changed individually to alter the "rate of change" of the curve at that particular point Once the basic object has been constructed it can be altered of the object can be enlarged, duplicated, mirrored or moved. A Magnet option can attract or repel surfaces with effect dependant on distance from the cursor.
The composite parts of an object may be named and hierarchies created within the whole scene, which facilitates joining and altering them but which has further uses in animation.
MANY of the tools most frequently used can be got at via the extra gadgets to be found on the viewing windows rather than having to go through all the pulldown menus. The viewing windows are extremely versatile and can be used to room in on any particular face.
Faces can be given "any colour you like" -1 knew I could get a Floyd reference in if I tried - and they can also be given a variety of textures, which affects how they reflect the light falling on them and what shading techniques can be used.
Unfortunately there is no texture mapping which produces effects like mapping pictures on to the surface of spheres - and light passing through glass objects is not refracted.
There are several modes of rendering, or drawing, the image, ranging from a simple wire frame - which can be used as you go along to make sure that you are creating what you wanted - to a complete HAM ray-trace. Image size can also be varied from Tinv all the wav to Video.
The different modes take longer the more complicated they get It is worth remembering that if your image is not going to use some of the advanced texture options, there is no advantage in modelling the object with one of the HAM modes.
To give you an idea, a simple object rendered full-size at snapshot level on a vanilla Amiga took more than 40 minutes, so it's very much a play-bv- mail situation.
Thoughtful to a fault, good old Dr Graham has included a small "Caution: Rav-trace in progress" sign ?
¦ REVIEW* to place on the keyboard for when you leave it over the weekend on one of those difficult jobs. The rendering modes all support Hi-res and Overscan options.
40 minutes to render What, you might ask, are we going to do with all of these images? Well that's the most mind-squirmingly excellent part of the whole program.
Animation, as you might reasonably expect, is made up of a sequence of still frames. These frames can be created by taking a scene, storing it in a frame, modifying it slightly, storing that frame and so on, just like taking a series of still shots.
This could take a very long time, which is why Sculpt-4D provides a second option.
USING the Global animation option, motion paths can be created for all the objects in your scene. This is where the hierarchy structure comes in very handy. If all of the parts of the objects to be animated have names, it is easy to create a motion path and assign it to that name. In this way a very complicated pattern of animation can be set up in a logical fashion.
That's not all. Using a combination of Global and Frame animation, individual frames can be specified and Sculpt-4D will do the tweening.
That is, it will create a series of frames, each differing slightly from the last, which will smoothly animate the objects identified in the first frame to the positions as specified in the second frame.
The animation sequence can be compressed - using delta-shift techniques, where only the difference between each frame is stored - and held in available ram to be animated in real-time.
The package is very simple to use and no previous experience with this type of design software is assumed.
All functions can be accessed via the pulldown menus, though the more popular ones have hot keys. There is even an option for setting up keys to do your own favourite operations, as well as to perform macros.
Documentation is supplied as a professionally-produced manual and is very useful and informative. It includes step-by-step instructions and tutorials to help you get the most of the software as quickly as possible.
Obviously this product is aimed at a serious user and as such is capable of producing professional results for significantly less outlay than most systems in commercial use today. The addition of external frame stores would be recommended for business applications, and Sculpt-4D comes with driver libraries for use with such devices.
A second version of the software is for use with a 68020 68881 speed- up board. Since this board can accelerate the animation by, at the very least, a factor of two, it is highly recommended if you plan to use Sculpt-4D to produce any serious amount of animation.
Sculpt-4D will run on an A500 or A2000 with at least one meg, but although the package says it needs two floppy drives it was found to run quite happily with one.
REPORT CARD Sculpt-Animate 4D Amiga Centre Scotland 031-557 4242 £368 EASE OF USE... Windows are OK and programmable.
Hot keys are a godsend.
SPEED .. Add two if you have a 68020 68881 accelerator board and maths coprocessor.
VALUE ..[Ill 11.111 I 1-111 The best money you spent since you bought your Amiga.
M This product represents a remarkable step forward for the home micro.
ATARI ST & CBM AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN & SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS GUARANTEED 72 HOUR TURN AROUND On All Software Available FREE MEMBERSHIP For free membership lo ihe GOLD CLUB simply purchase any of the ilcms listed below from us. Gold membership means you will receive cxlra discount from our listed prices (which arc already good value), you will also receive a P.D. catalogue for ST & AMIGA. Please stale machine when ordering.
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All our orders are dispatched by first class post (UK included) Overseas add £3.00 Gold Club membership is £3.00 without any purchase.
Access Orders Taken and Dispatched within 24 Hours.
Media Gold, Dept. AC, Marcon House, Wyther Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3BT Access Order Line (0532) 304384 ? Disk boxes 50 capacity £8.00 100 capacity £10.00 Sony branded double sided disks boxed in tens with labels £15.00 r Sony bulk double sided disks including labels £10.00 purple p.D. Mega Packs purple p.p. Hardware Purple Amiga Mega Packs - 3 disks for orty £61 fully inclusivei A Mega Pack 1: Business Pack 1. Word processor, database, spreadsheet.
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A Mega Pack 3 Graphics Pack 1. Graphics packages and utilities.
A Mega Pack A Anmotion Pack 1. Stunning graphc animation demos A Mega Pack 5: Picture Pack 1. Pockea full of me best AMIGA pictures A Mega Pack 6 Demo Pack l me most fobdous graphics and sornd.
A Mega Pack 7 Amiga Bose Pack 1. 3 disks fUl of Amiga Base programs A Mega Pack 8: Game Pack 1. Adventures, board games and shoot em ups.
A Mega Pock 9: Picture Pack 2. Packed full of the best Amiga pictures A Mega Pock 10: Demo Pack 2. The most fabulous graphics and sound.
? Amiga A500. Includng modulator £360 00 j Amiga A500. T.V. modulator end colour monitor £750.00 ? Amiga A2000 and colour monitor £1560.00 ? Cumono CAX354 switchable aisk anve £90 00 ? A501 0.5 Mb RAM upgrade £150.00
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We also have the following Amiga P.D. collections Fred Fish. Softville, APDC. AMICUS.
Slipped Disk. Tbog. Amuse. AUGE. FAUG.
MUSIC. Ponoromo and others.
Prices for P.D. disks are 1-5 £3.00 each, 6-IO £2.75 each and II or more £2.50 each.
For lull details of the thousands of Public Domain software titles that we have lot Ihe Commodore Amigu send for our latest Purole P.D. catalogue , I (Send costal orders ond cheaues Ddvable io PurDle. Or vour Access or Visa card detais to: I Bartholomew Road. Bishops Storttord. Herts. CM23 3tP. Tel:0279 757692 | All prices include VAT delivery F FtlNTEFtS All prices include VAT delivery & cable since they oiler .111 unbeatable combination ol features, print quality reliability and value Make me sensible decision - qel il riqhl vvllh a Sim NEW SPECIAL OFFER AMIGA PACK All-now special
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A plus 5 disks of public domain software Star LC24-10 feature-packed multifont 24pin printer Star SF-10DJ DK cut sheet feeder for LC-10 LC24-10---- Star NB24-10 24 pin printer 216 72 cps.
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Logistix A500 Dust Cover.. DOUBLE TAKE!
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£269.00 TV MONITOR (MODEL 1185) phone output connectors, 40 tuner presets, external aerial connector and a loop aerial.
Supplied with cable (please state computer type when ordering).
Includes VAT and computer connection lead I3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Citizen drive mechanisms Cumana 5.25" External Floppy Disk Drives (model CAS 1000 S) We are now supplying whisper quiel slimline 5.25’ floppy drives for the Amiga user from Cumana. The ‘Transformer’ compatible drive features an integral power supply, 40 80 track switching, 360 720K formatted storage capacity and throughport connector. It also has an on off switch which effectively unplugs the drive trom the Amiga when it is not required.
Only £159.95 Ultra low price!
Project disk backup utility Only £34.95 £79.95 inc.VAT and delivery | Probably the best and most complete 3.5" disk copier for I the Amiga user. Can even py MS-DOS, Atari ST, VM, Xenix and Archime- I des disks. Because ot the high specification of the Amiga drive, this copier is probably the best for the Archimedes or ST. Also includes track editor. Updates will be available in the future as and when new software q c:M Ri kc; ...=j i_ How to order from All prlcn Include VAT tnd delivery. Ex mu Courier delivery E5.00 extra.
V) . U I0f 0 fwl Send cheque, Postal Order or ACCESSIVISA cord
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|41» sr.- 1162 PmSMrc K4, CoemMtr. B» 3BH Tct: 021 CSS 564 |
ERGONOMICS, man in tune with his world, a scientific word that
means the difference between leaning back on the chair hooking
open the fridge door, and falling flat on your face. When is
someone going to design a PD workstation? When are we going to
start calling a workstation a desk again?
Like designer software, the Integrated Dataprocessing Workstation was thought up by some wee spotty boy with a degree in talking loudly about art. Not a finnick of use to man nor ’putcr. These Formica and stainless steel tea trolleys with little trendy channels so you can’t find your leads were designed for administrative buyers to mix and match with the South American Mongoose curtains and the Christian Dior bidets.
Take the top off a refectory table, set it astride a four cubic foot fridge at the right and freezer at the left, leave room for a one man microwave, a bubble, plop, plop, bubble and the SWEET PD Fat Angus goes startrekkin ’ through the world of free software, taking in Arran, Arizona and Wakefield job’s half done. Throw in an antispike plug for good measure, a multimeter to measure good and all we need is an Amiga and a couple of quid for software.
Victor “Know-all’’ West, the man who fills the calor tank, told me confidentially: "I wouldn’t buy one of those things. The software costs 30 quid a time. I could get three games for the BBC Micro for that".
Those early few months when the Amiga had everything but the software was make-or-break time. A lot of micros went to that great random access in the sky for lack of softies, but because the Amiga has a friendly system and will bend itself to any application, people were prepared to write for it. Fred Fish, whose collection of over 200 PD discs is world famous, takes up the story: "We had the Amiga and we knew what it should be able to do. But there wasn't any software to do it. So maybe I’d write a little and someone else would write a little and these programs would be swapped... and the
collection just grew".
I asked Fish what I would get for the $ 55 I was sending him. "Pick any 10 from the collection at $ 5 a-piecc and add S5 to cover the airmail".
"Yes. But what can I have on the discs?” "Just about anything you want."
Chatting to Fish was an education.
"What happened to the Sinclair and the Torch?" He asked. "A couple of years ago we were looking to Britain for innovation, but no more", I mumbled something about rising inflation and quickly changed the subject.
Preferring his Porsche 928 to the stateside alternative of a Corvette or Camaro. Fish seems to be that ¦4 unusual creature who has attained a balance between technology and nature. Living in Arizona puts him within yelling distance of the Grand Canyon. Hiking the canyon, climbing and fishing fill his leisure time.
The Amiga surfaced when he was at a "serious" age for computers in his late thirties. Starting in 1985 with a 256k A1000 and adding a 512k cartridge. Fish describes his first Amiga as a "neat little computer".
"With its ability to do several things at once, the Amiga is the way to the future", he says.
"The computer is the appliance of tomorrow. If you’d said in 1955 that one day everyone would need an icebox, you’d have been laughed at.
Everything you buy today is chip controlled. Soon we will have a computer as a major household appliance quietly controlling the stereo, lights, air conditioning and video by sending pulses down the mains".
That's the thing that sets us apart from the Msdos and CP M machines.
Our PD is colourful, useful, well JUST rushed in from the land of Bjorn Gustav Sven Laarrs and Stig Star Trek. Eric Gustafson put this one together on his own using a few borrowed memory routines and a digitiser. Living on three discs, it needs 1 meg and anything less than two drives is suicidal (he says from dire experience!.
Your mission is to bravely go where Gene Rodenberry last set foot, to explore new vistas, quash new monsters and generally have the best five year mission of your life.
After the Yugoslav Dance of the Swapping Discs and the "I do solemnly swear to bum everything if Paramount ever try to do it commercially", it’s into the game.
Mission, I mean.
You click on the crew and go to sub-screens with their various responsibilities and choices. Pick a planet and let’s go fry an entire lifeform. It runs true to the TV series, with an authentic feel to it. Snatches of digitised speech and sound add to the realism. The only letdown is the combat phase, a sort of geriatric shoot-’em-up with lock-on missiles.
Scandinavia, I forgive you the birch twigs and wait with bated breath for your next offering.
Star Trek was sent to me by Tony Thompson of George Thompson Services, who himself is no stranger to intergalactic travel. Caught by the storms that blew away the turgid South East of England a couple of years ago, Thompson moved GTS north of the border overnight.
"With structural damage and no power, we needed to stay in business.
The only way to do that was to move fast," he muses.
While other firms licked their wounds and called for the assessor, Thompson, his wife and a caravan of camels moved north to Arran, a western Scottish island. It seems a strange place to work from but "Peace, quiet and priority postage are just what we need", he says.
The planning paid off recently when Arran got the worst dose of ?
DIAMOND COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD 0703 581124 AMIGA 2000 PRODUCTS Amiga B2000 £649 + VAT when you part exchange your Amiga 1000 (this price is based on a 5I2K machine in reasonable condition) Internal Genlock ..Phone 68020 Coprocessor ...Phone D2000 DTP Package .....POA Amiga B2000 ..Phone 8Mb Ramboard .£399 AT
Bridgeboard ...Phone XT Bridgeboard ...Phone Flicker Fixer ......£299 2nd 3.5" Int. Drive ..£60 Midi Interface ......£29 Superpic ....£479 Unix Card Phone PRINTERS
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Box 100 Capacity (3.5- or S.25' please specify)£9.95 inc VAT
3. 5" Disk Cleaning
Kit ....£7.95 inc VAT
Genlock Phone
Mlnigen ..£99
Network £43
per node JOYSTICKS Competition Pro Joystick (black)
...£14.95 Competition Pro
Joystick (dear) £14.95
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Professional Autofire
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Quickshot II
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Crystal Turbo
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A500 .£299
+ VAT AMIGA A500 Tenstar
Pack .....£329
DIAMOND A500 Pack- A500 with TV modulator. Rolling Thunder.
Bionic Commando, Jinks. Leaderboard. Winter Olympiad '88,
Plutos, Seconds Out.
Mouse Trap. Suicide Mission. Frostebyte, Gridstart. Karting Grand Prix. Las Vegas. Thai Boxing, XR35, Flight Path 737.
Free Delivery .....£399 inc VAT MONITORS Philips 8833 .£169 Philips 8852 .£199 Philips 9073 .£359 NEC Multisync II ..£425 Commodore 1084 S (lower resolution than Philips 8852| £199 Scart Cable £5 TV MONITORS ITT 14"
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11x14.5 .....60 2000 £20.00 £18.00 11x14.5 .....70 2000 £22.00 £20.00 How to order from DIAMOND COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD All prices exclude VAT and delivery unless otherwise stated.
Courier £5.00 inc VAT PHONE US WITH YOUR ACCESS OR VISA CARD DETAILS ON « 0703 581124 Govt Educ. F. PLC orders welcome. Same day despatch whenever possible. All goods subject to availability. E S. O. E. CALLERS PLEASE PHONE FOR NEW SHOW ROOM DETAILS Showroom 10.00am-5.30pm Mon-Sat. Thursday late night 8.00pm Diamond Computer Systems Ltd 504 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton (Opposite B&Q) weather for 40-odd years, losing power, communications and roofs.
Emergency generators clicked in and it was business as usual within a few hours.
Paying tribute to the local organisation Thompson says: "Out here where things are isolated we have to be prepared. If we had been this ready a couple of years ago. We might still be in the South, perish the thought."
As well as Star Trek, GTS sent mo the Chet Solace Shareware Extravaganza. Pronounced "chase olay” it is a collection of useful utilities, games, sillies and home to the Animated Pointer progettc, a pointless - not pointerless - but fascinating wedge of code.
PUBLIC domain discs arc a mishmash of many things. A lot depends on what the compiler has managed to trawl in the last month or so. While it would be nice to have one disc of games, one of languages, one of utilities... it doesn’t normally happen like that.
Just arrived through the post is the solution to this. APDL of Sheffield has sent me a selection of its recompiled discs. No longer do I have to look behind the C for the zaps. Nor do I have to move Forth to find Comms.
On disc 17 you get three spreadsheets, a database, a wordpro with mail merge and enough document files to squeeze a printer ribbon dry. Disc 25, Communications, sees six different terminal packages and some pretty nifty icons.
The games disc is number 15. It has a version of Backgammon that I can heat, hut only just and not every time, making it a program to go back to.
Othello is in isometric 3D - colourful but infuriating urhen it takes more time to think than a ZX81.
Bouquets of heather and wild ferns to APDL for taking the initiative and bundling similar programs, but a wee smack on the handies for taking the trouble with the icons and forgetting the autoboot.
SAMPLING. Put the specimen bottle away, not that sort of sampling. When Casio brought out the SKI. A keyboard with "digital sampling capabilities", every fool with £100 suddenly became musical overnight.
Or so they thought. Once tho initial novelty of m-m-m-m-musical swear words and two-second Mel and Kims wore off, we were left with a useful way to generate music and sound effects.
Somewhere under the cream slantv hit is a chip that lets the Amiga join in the fun. There are commercial programs that allow you to sample in the comfort of your own bathroom, but by far the best examples of sampled music are those on PD and demo discs.
Some of the finest are 17 Bit Software's Jukeboxes, but the Wild Copper demo is the most proficient of the bunch. With dancing pointers and scrolling messages galore, this demo on disc number 176 takes multitasking to task by running the current music in the foreground while loading the next piece. The join becomes almost as transparent as Brucie's hairpiece.
Without a doubt the most stunning discs you can get from 17 Bit are a couple of demos from Imaginetics.
First came The Walker, a two meg animation of a Star Wars Atat. It's called that because you shoot atat.
Only joking.
Not many people could run The Walker over here, two meg being that rare, so 17 Bit converted it to run on 1 meg. And now. From the same stable, comes the trailer for The Walker II.
Yes, you heard right, a trailer for a demo.
The small version has again been cut down from the full 2 meg one, but this time, as a result of 17 Bit's nagging, Imaginetics has produced both demos itself. What can I say? It makes you go "Wow!” a lot more than 240 volts in a tin bath.
Have you noticed that Amiga PD is directional? Germany, France and to some extent Belgium and the UK are churning out stereo sampled music and naughty scrolling messages, while from the other direction.
America and Canada, comes all the serious business and utility software.
The exception to prove the rule must be the northernmost parts of Scandinavia where the Star Trekkies come from. Must sound really weird: "Bjorn, set phasers on stun. The Klingons have raided the sauna and stolen Sven's birch twigs and Scandahoovee buffet..." THERE comes a time in every column when its author must get from one subject to the next smoothly. This is how it is done.
While you are reading these words a subtle transition is taking place.
We've left the last paragraph 14,000 miles behind. Fasten your seatbelts and extinguish your cigarettes. Your captain and crew hope you enjoyed the flight and will travel SweetPD again.
A long plane journey west via Singapore's Bugis Street brings us to good old Deutschland, venue for Shicklegruber’s European Tour 1939 ?
BYTEBACK Ring us now! 0636-79097 we're programmed to help DELIVERY SERVICE ... and the keenest prices GUARANTEED RETURN OF POST Delivery on ALL Stock items!
.. 16.90 1390
16. 90 1390 169C .... 1690
• 690
• 190
• 690
- .1390 . 1690 . 1690 . 1690 1690 1690
16. 90
13. 90 16.90 16 90 AMGA AhOC (ianw* °ac* 16 90 1690 1690 16
90 _ . I?90 1690 1390 1090 1390 090 , .1390 16 90 OF A Bas
e (V 3) 59 90 Hleofi Base 64 90 Maori Devpa: K q* t snce C
InfW verscn 5, .
MCC Macro Asaentxe' MCC »asMi (Vemxm 21 .
Moc vts 2 Oevesmos ..16.90
13. 90
16. 90 1390 16 90 16 90 1690 1690 i 16 90 _ne6 1690 16 90
’690 1390 ’390
• 690
• 390 '690 ’690 14 90 1390 ___ Sww Devs Worn) Snoow
- ---1690 ______ - 1390 Strip Poker 2*_____________
• Data Disk-------
- -6.90 Super Hang On . .19.90
Sword of Sodan ------------ ..16.90 16 90
Tech .. .16 90 Teenage
Oueen-------------- ..13.90 Teat Drive
¦ .
- ---------------19.90
• Teat Drive 1 Care____
• Test Drive ¦ Scenery
- -----------11.90
- _____11.90 Titan
.16.90 TV Sports Footbal .
. 19.90 Ultima IV .
Virus . War in Middle
Earth ...... .13.90 WEC Le
Mans .... .16.90
Willow ..
.16.90 WorC Tour Golf .
.16.90 Zak McKracken ..
.19.90 Zany Got_________________ CHILDRENS
ABZoo ._...9.50 Fun School 2 (- 6-8 8.) - .....13.90 ________28.90 Kid Talk ..... 29.90 onSOUNDtrailon ...27.50 ROBOT READERS-WITH SPEECH!
Aosope Fades .. 19.90 Chicken Little--------------- Little Red Hen________________ rhree Little Pigs ...... ......- ...19.90 ...19.Q0 Jgly Ducking .... 19.90 PACK 1________
• 1010 Disk Drive
• A501 RAM Clock
• Superbase Personal
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• A501 RAM Clock
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Pro Sound Designer..
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• 1010 Disk Drive
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Animas Images .... ..62.50
..59.90 Comic Seller ... 59 00 Movie
Setter_____________ ....59.90 Deluxe Palm
2 ...
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....64.90 Deluxe PhoioLab Deluxe
Video ......
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Indudes: Page Setter 1.2 Kind Words 2. H. Deluxe Music Con.
Set.. Design 30________________ Digview Gold (PAL,____
49. 90
59. 90 ....119.90
- 16.90 |
39. 90
13. 90 199C 1690 29 90 2990
* 690
• 390
• 390 390 •390 *190 14 90 1390 14 90 169C .1690
13. 90
16. 90
16. 90
16. 90
16. 90
16. 90 .-...13.90 Sottwood Write Fie________________ SuperPlan
Superbate Personal 2 .
Superbase Professional ______ X-Copy (Disk Copier)---------
2. 90 6 9C 790 12 90 1290 1390 .-.U90 . 1690
- 1690 .59.90 ..29.90 ..27.50 ..19.90 ..13.90 H90 1690 . 1390 .
16 90 1990 1990 1390 1390 1690 . 1690 1390 1390 MatxMollon Madt
3 Final Assault Whirligig irtdon Terramex Ebonstar After Burner
.. Art* ..... Ur Syncrome ... ur » ¦*« *»»_____
AT®rttA- m t'OAey o* Worn* , Aba* ------
* *M_____ - BaaxeofPiww t»0 _ lala U___ 3stanan 2 ._____ RiflM
’«*•______ Raids y+a 2_______ R*mftfir.eC4p*dC».sads* .
R*»eChes* .- Lancelot-------------------- LAUDueJ_____ LeMerboard ft Rof LEO&or" ____ to"two RAC. -iat, Lome o» 'he «Js*ng Su“ Mer-txxe* New Von, Menace _ VV*vBe Manor Operator Operaaor. **of Paoartf ..... Pscmame ...._ Caro-a Games Captar Btood '-ap at ; h -- Car»«» Con*na- d Oets master AWC dvono Ouaetog C*udue Egg 2 Zon 4X«« Co*TKPn*e _ C'Uf Cats i- Dark 'utton . __ Denar* ...... ONAWe-rtor _ | B»ttleh»wk»l942 .
Bifcards . Blaster olds ... fttVrbOuZaf ______ 'Scenery ? Or 11 _ .
Fc.'OCtta* wr y .
Japan tcerwy F xtt*l orecto* 2
V. ojgtt 2 .
F %t* Sg*r Qawwure Domar Gttree «««r £ W !
Gar-wc Dragon Nln).„ Dragons Lair.. Krista I.. ‘•Jrac- o' f we ItaMn
* *«*n fomy,* On* ettffr Srxitt® 2__ .4 Internalonal Karate
Plus .
Kennedy Approach ... Kenny Dalglish Soccer .... Gary -*w«ert «C***«XS .
Gauntlet It--------------- Hybrl* .... TRIAD-3 Game Pack--------------------18.90 Barbarian. Defender of the Crown. Starglider WT DISKS (Vol. 1)________________________16.90 Goldrunner. Karate Kid II Jipner Probe. Slaygon_ Plutos. Mouse Trap. Seconds Out Winter Olympiad. Suidde Mission SUPER 6 .. 16.90 Thai Boxha. Karting Grand Prlx. Grid Start.
Flight Path 737. Las Vegas. XR35 R * •--- Reach tor t-e S-a-s Rea Gve*iu»ef* ______ .
Meaarotthe TrtAs ------ MoadMes-ers____ Rooocop Ranger Momarx Enoouraer* (id.)
Ft.- reGatnt* Scfaobte Oexie Paladin ______ Phantom Fighter._ Pioneer Plague.... Pokes Quest--- Xenon. Capt. Blood Crazy Cars. Atkanold II Shaxemae SoaceHam*- .
UxAngDtskBaxOO.) ______ S9C Locking Dot, Boa (30.) ?9C Locking Disk Box (lOO-t . 99C Meca Be* ihom* t60)... i®9C 35* D*K» DSCOd’O ta90 3«* D»o DSCO I.6C1 49 90 9o» m iC SONY r s«s -690 Furry MouseCOWWl _____6 90 I Mouse Bracket .....2M Mouse Mat_______________________________ 5.90 Keyboard Cover .. 5.90 1084-S Monitor______________________289.00 A501 RAM Clock Expansion ..135.00 mlniGEN ...99.90 STAR LC10 Printer (Mono)----------229.00 STAR LC10 Printer (Colour) 259.00 (All printers indude lead
I) Cumana 3.5' 1Mb Disk Drive .99.00 ' * * ALL COMPUTERS INCLUDE * * * Mouse. Manuals. Modulator. Tutorial 1Mb Disk Drive. (NEW, Kkksta 1 1.3 ACCESSORIES ONLY!
Scuttp 30 (PAL)______ Director TooM_________ Ultimate Sound Tracker.. AMIGA A500 Computer ¦ 369.93 239.90 I Photon Paint 2 ......69.90 ART & MUSIC ONLY!
59. 90 .....37.90
59. 90 44 90 17950 . .4 90 64 90 . ’14 90 WORKBENCH 1.3
(NEW)...... ArrtgaDGS Tootoox . BBC
- ---------14.90
- ---------39.95 ..39.90 Virus
Killer ..... RAM
Manager ...... .9.90
......- ....3.00 Protect D ....
....29 90 1 (Superb Disk Copier)
CitvDeiK ....70.90 Descartes
...... ..24.90 DioCalc .
jxjqn | GOMF-The Button...... ....54.90 Aniga for
Beginners----------------12.90 Arrlga Basic Inside and
Out_________16.90 Machine Language-------------------14.90
Tricks and Tips------------------------14.90 System
Programs--------------------------32.90 Arrtga DOS Inside and
Out_____________18.90 Disk Drives Inside and
Out-----------------27.90 Disks to accompany
books-----------1390 Mouse Extension ... : CARD
controller Chaftenge' . ¦**- * n ... .. The Nev'geo'
CobretNtW Cn ae :C*ar Knight Ore Strange New World Tetra Quest
Goldrunner II Bionic Commandos Bobo - Stir Crazy 4x4 Off Road
Racing Strike Force Harrier Return to Genesis Karate Kid 2 City
Defence BARGAIN BASEMENT 1 a (7.90 2 = £13.90 3 = (1990
Compwaon k -0 500C Comjttmon Pro £ «fa A cede Joysecfc___
69. 90
69. 90
69. 90 ...174.90
29. 90 Joystick - WIZ CARI JOYSTICKS ONLY!
Tho obove is just o small soloction of our VAST stock of AMIGA software!
Callers welcome. Normal Office Hours - 24 Hour Telephone Servico' BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AC. 6 MUMBY CLOSE. NEWARK. NOTTS NG24 1JE I LI ml VISA I to 45 and home of the new German game. Return To Earth. Must be why it's been so quiet since 1966, they’ve been off invading other planets or suchlike. On with the story.
I’ve heard of raining cats and dogs, but rain a wolf? Oh, I see, that's his name, Rainer Wolf. Anyway, it’s either Shareware or PD - it says PD in the letter and shareware on the disc.
It costs DM20, which isn’t as much as it sounds, but a veritable chunk of my filthy lucre.
Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles. Mit zusammengeschlossen galaxien hinweg. Hang on a minute.
What’s a galaxian hinweg?
The covering letter says: "We will appreciate if you can bring a small test of this public domain game". OK, anything to oblige the alien alien.
If you like menu clicking and making choices on colourful screens, then this is the game for you. The "read this first" icon divested the dissertation about galaxian hinwegs, whatever they are. In German. As I did French, Latin and Gaelic at school, it means nothing to me.
After finding my way into the game, a task in itself not simple with only foreign instructions, i enjoyed randomly clicking on the choices and trying to work out what the overlay screens did. 1 must have done something right. I got the docking screen. Frantically pulling on joystick and moving mouse seemed useless. It docked automatically. Bah. Grrr.
The sound would have been impressive 12 months ago, but now everyone knows how it's done it comes across as standard sampled stereo blasts and pings. However, putting on my junior highland space cadet's kilt, I sallied forth for a session of space trading and alien zapping. A roaring departure from the launcher - best through headphones - and a viewer screen with stars moving towards you.
More about this next month maybe after I've had the instructions translated by Constance McAndrew. 1 know she doesn’t sound German but her parents were fans of D. H. Lawrence.
Finally, 12 out of 10 to Mark Astley of Salford who has won his industrial tribunal on a technicality. Caught in a pub by his boss after having rung in sick, he produced two 3.5in floppies infected with Byte Bandit as evidence.
On cross-examining the secretary who took the sick message, the wording "Off due to a virus" with no qualifier was taken to be ambiguous.
He's either very lucky or a good storyteller.
Fred Fish, 1346 West 10th Place, Tempe, Arizona 85281, USA. (Tel 0101 602 894 6881).
George Thompson Services, Dippen Lodge, Dippen Brodick, Arran KA27 8RN. (Tel 077-082234).
APDL, 140 Rushdale Road, Sheffield S8 9QE. (Tel 0742 588429).
Wolf Computertechnik, Deipe Stegge 187, 4420 Coesfeld, West Germany. (Tel 010 49 025 412 874).
17 Bit Software, PO Box 97, Wakefield. (Tel 0924 366982).
U. K. (Outside UK add £2 per item)
P. O. Box No. 8, Shaw, OL2 8QN. Tel: 0706 845365 BUSINESS -
GRAPHICS - UTILITIES . 91 20 72 07 . 75.10 18 32 ‘.88.88 .
7383 87 35 , 1188C . 75 18 . 8 53 18 02 9684 .322 00 . I860 .
9098 . 45 S8 .135*1 98 » . 38.12 . 77 72 , 188.81 . 4) 50 . 78
85 . 108 83 . 53 » . 73 58 .206 31 . -.2 85 24 75 40 28 . 3i
60 n 77 . 44 54 88 81 21 98 J.* *7 t» 5C
- 4* 72 21 68 . 38 50
- » 50 . 38 32 .58 88 43 87 44 54 18 50 ¦.83 55 87 22 . 1850 S3
12 7? 72 _ 113 78 9 35 5908 111 84 77 28 . 55 OC 44 54 28 91 44
8802 ONLY £225 Ccetic S«ee» .38 0C Crtac*Cho*c*:L a pi
*•• »: nsoc Dea Retrieve 42 47 De -use Musi: Cora urn or s* 51
If DeLosePwwl --80 89 Da Use Pfcoroleb 5130 ki wj .
DeUse kW.s.ticets NTSC 107*0 DeLxie Video tPAU’ 53 » Design SO - 00
• 28 24 AC Basic Compiler ------------------106.76 Aegis Animator
Images .....-......82.44 Aegis Audlomaster V2 .. 53.41
Aegis Dina Communications - 42.47 Aegis Draw 2000
..... 170.00 Aegis Videoscape
3D .. 107.80 Amiga Prosound Designer Complete
...62.17 Amiga Synthia ------- 72.54 Aai-sCe.-yeJcn's 45 *8
Afl* st. Compi.es fPrclessKns:, 147 20 Digipaint 2 .
Espnss PfcM 3 .
I» a.i-i'Ci Fjtureeojnd fO Hisoft De«pek V2 nons Aomtri laMrdMOft jenJwns* Vodo.es leach] loroced - - - -- K-Como 2 K«*te ..... K Roes: K SeLs 88000 AsMcrbWr V: 5 .
K-Spread I It lea 1------- Ke»e forts .
Kjcd Worts V3 letU i*C Aingailos V50 .
LogJeci MaUahrtF.us ... ----- Math a nation Mac Plea AMO .
Mar Plas Plus MCCSheL . .
Micntfrise f ier Macda 2 Oevelopet S *ieo Mentis 2 Standard Sy««o .
M awe Setter Musk SitdtTJ .
MusirStuJio Page Plippet ?1u* Y.'X P*4etf ’*-ttd . - PttfiKet Video Cel An nets Plucaie Pro Videc Plus . .
?TO Video Flos (Ponte 8 21 eech .
Pro Write 2 Prrtessionel Draw SW*-«rP'cs Pi,W s Choice |CcmpLai-.-«»: .. .
Sculp* s: »ALI Vuipt JO AniBkS’e |PAl I .
Sculp* 4:) Shoo? So Lp Cocstnsifoe Set
S. »**Ra* TV a AfiJ*i*;o Sou dscape Midi nervate .
Scc'dscepe ProolOl Stv*V Sc u d scape v«,td Oblisi Soondscape Utility Ihe*
S. perNasa •*»» cw) 2 Stpertaae Professional leal
Pro------------ The Worse* ......- Turto Ni.ve* ID TVSro«8 TV
Ts.1 sbchi VJP Pro eeeicna Won? P«»l»1 4 1 WcasWBCh i 3
(A500) £275 1 To order, send Cheques or Postal Orders only
please, made payable to: "COTTAGE SOFTWARE" EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK
DRIVE £92.95 Please endorse cheques with bankers card number
HANDY SCANNER £265 For full price list, send LARGE stamped,
self-addressed envelope to Ihe above address FOR EFFICIENCY,
• TV MODULATOR AMIGA B2000 mm ft*% AMIGA A500 PHILIPS 8833 £520
..£305 A500 ? £200 of GAMES ...£339 A500 ? 1084(S) HIGH
RES COLOUR MONT ......£520 A500 * IBM
A2000 . 1mb RAM ...£869 A2000 . 1084(s) monitor .
Bridge BD . 20mb Hrdisk ...£1390 A2000 *
1084(s) .£1049 20mb hard disk_______________
£269 XT bridge BD ....£269 A500 A2000
Epson EX1000 ......£543 Hewlett Packard Paint Jet £689* NEC P6+ ...£508 NEC P7+ .£624 StarLClO. ...________£195 ..£352 Xerox 4020.... £949 LASERS Professional Page £175 Pro Writer 2 ....Ring Publisher Plus ......£69 Sculpt 3-D Animate ...£102 Sculpt 3-D-----------------------------£63 Superbase II .. £59 Superbase Personal £44 Superbase Professional £169 TV Show Text ...£79 Word Perfect
42 ....£169 Works' ... £69 Zumafonts ....£25 Cumana Cax 354E___________________£87 AF880 -----------------------------------£78 RF302C .£74 Supra 20mb H disk £499
* All drives Imb * o VoH switch A AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501-5l2k
RAM___________ C113 TV Modulator ......_£22
Mouse Mat . Call Amiga dust-cover Call
3. 5 135TPI DS DO_ ..Call COMMODORE C64 C64 Hollywood
...£129 C64 Entertainment
..£173 1S41CII 5.25 C64 drive ....£139
1581 3.5 800K C64 drive £112 Oceanic 5.25 C64
drive__________£109 1084(s) High res monit ......£219 Philips
CM8833 High res ..£199 1901 C64-colour Call 1900 C64
-Mono ..£119 PRINTERS Star LC10 (P)
130CDS ... .£169 .£216 .£305 £105 .£119 £279 £149 £156
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Panasonic KXP1124 (24 pin) Pa aso c KXP'OOi _, fcpson 1X800
. fpsor 10500.... __ ... Fp*or FX8S0------ L
psor F X1050_____ tpsor 1X800___________ Epson
EX1000 .... Citizen overture.. HP LaserJet
II..... ..£1199 ..£1825 BUSINESS S'WARE Sale £ £39 Animated
Images 3D.. City Desk ..... Deluxe Video Deluxe
Music Deluxe Paint..
- ----------£49 £49 ____£49 Dgiview Gold___________________£99
Home Accounts £19 Mailshot Plus £39 Maxiplan
A500 .£69 Music Studio __________£23
Organiser M ......£49 Page
Setter ......£89 Page Flipper
Plus ...£24 Photon Paint _____ £49 Photon Video
....Ring UK TOP 19 GAMES No Sale £ 1 Falcon
...19.99 2 Sword of
Sodan ..19.99 3 Dragon
Master 19.99 4 Gales Dragon's Domain ...19.99
5 TV Sports Football .....19.99 6 Dragons
Lair ...19.99 7 Victory
RD 19.99 8 Int Karate
? .....19.99 9
Speedball .19.99 10 Who Framed Roger
Rabbit 19.99 11 Operation Wolf 19.99 12
Lombard RAC Rally 19.99 13
Elite ...19.99 14 Motor
Massacre ..19.99 15 Mickey
Mouse .19.99 16 Captain
F122 ..19.99 17 Purple Saturn
Day ......19.99 18 Technocop ......19.99
19 Rocket Ranger 19.99 ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT
MON-SAT 9am-5.30 pm All prices and manufacturer's
specifications subject to change without notice.
RTo: First Micro, 6 Forest Close, Ebbtake Ind. Estate, Verwood.Dorset ' | I wish to order___ ¦ My computer is _ I endose cheque PO for £__inc VA I Or charge my Access Visa No. Exp. Date_ II | I | | l| | | | i i i i-rr I Name __ . Signature | Address _ I - LAN COMPUTER SYSTEMS SHOWROOM OPEN MON TO SAT 10.30am TO 5.30pm TELEPHONE 01-597 8851 (5 line AMIGA 500 LAN AMIGA SOFTWARE PACK LAN AMIGA SOFTWARE PACK AMIGA 5M| ¦ 1 Free 20 programs condensed onto 2 disks for your convenience Faff MOUSE MAT FAFF DUST COVER FAFF£100 OF SOFTWARE WITH YOUR AMIGA- YES YOU CHOOSE THE SOFTWARE YOU WANT WITH YOUR
AMIGA (£100 RRPI IF YOU WISH TO ORDER A TV MODULATOR THEN YOU WILL HAVE £75.00 TO SPEND ON SOFTWARE £419 INC VAT PACK 1 Winter Games. Out Run. Final Assault, Wizard Warz. Leader Board, Birdie Golf, Marble Madness £39.00 PACK 4 20 3.5' Disks 3.5' Cleaning Disk, Joystick, Dust Cover.
Mouse Mat £49.00 » VAT A5000 COMPUTER ? Introduction to the Amiga Manual» Amiga Basic Manual 4 Mouse Controller * The Very First Disk 4. Work Bench ALL FOR £299 4 VAT YOU MUST BUY ONE OR MORE PACKS WITH YOUR AMIGA PACK 2 Amegas, Art ot Chess, Barbarian. Insani Insanity Fight, Ikari Warriors, Buggy Boy, Mercenary. Terrorpods, Thun- dercats. Wizball. Marble Madnes £39.00 ? VAT PACK 5 Hellbent, Belter dead than Alien, Quadralian, International Soccer, Star Goose. Winter Olympiad, Back Lash, Out Run, Attack, Marble Madness £45.00 PACK 3 12 GAMES Grid Start, Eco, Karting Grand Prix, Wizball,
Thai Boxing. Terrorpods, Flight- path 737, Barbarian, XR36, Obliterator, Las Vegas, Marble Madness £59.00 ? VAT AMIGA 2000 A2000 B Computer £849.00 COMMODORE PC III SD MONO .£499 COL .£633 ECD £755 PC10 III DD MONO .£553 COL .£689 ECD £815 PC20 III HD MONO .£735 COL .£864
ECD £989 We also stock full Commodore PC Range Turn your Amiga 2000 into a 512k PC 20mb Hard Disk for Amiga Dos . S!?T!TTTr£399.00 8mb Ram Boan Populated AT Bridge Board for 2000 ......PHON 68020 Co. Pros ?SPECIAL* Okimate 20 Colour Printer Free Paper Roll Free Roll Paper Holder £120.00 PRINTERS Panasonic KXP1081---------£145.00 SufLCIO__________________£160.00 Star LC10 Col---------£215.00 Sur IC10 Sheet Feeder £55.00 nec P2200 aiam Epson LX800___________ _.£1W.00 Star LC24 10 .... £27800 Star LC24 10 Sheet Feeder ....£55.00
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£368.00 £68.(X) .....£78.00 ...£468.00 Commodore 10845 . ..£238 00 Ferguson . V Monitor 14 Philips 14 RC teleterf Pnikps 15 FST £18900 £21 00 £16900 Al monton corrptu with computer Ml GRAPHICS TABLET 12" x 12" D Button Pen Type Stylist and Software £369.00 DIGITISING PANASONIC WV1410 Camera with 8 5mm lens £217.00 Copy Stand £52.00 Digi Droid £52.00 Software in stock SUPERPIC Real time colour frame grabber.
Grabs video or live signals at 1 30 sec Inc Genlock all for £499 SPECIAL LX800 £159
3. 5" Disk Drive with through port and on off £69 + VAT LANSOFT
CLUB LANSOFT CLUB The corrputer dub tor Amiga a ST Users
everywhere, all pnees include VAT Merrbership £20 per year SO
RRP LANSOFT Tau Ceti £24.05 £5.00 Hacfcer II £24.85 £5.0) Ogre £24.95 £5.00 So you can save up 80% ofl you software on our spedal dub For every £20 you spend with usyou will get a ticket for the draw.
The more you spend the more tickets you will have.
But you must show this ad to get your tickets First Prize: Colour Monitor Second Prize: 2nd Disk Drive 30 Runners up will get a Games software title I ac6 HOW TO ORDER Endoee Mu nth cAeoue. Postal OfOet or OK* CM nuntjer lor amount Helming VAT am d charge CIO. Ctedctca d hoideis may Older by telephone. Contact sale* desk. Despatch normally In 3* Ottidal Orders Horn Educational EstabUhment. Local Authorities and Gwemment dsoanments.
Come. Contact Educ. Dept EXPORT HOTLINE Ol -697 8854 FAX 01 -690 0067 Dealer and Export Enquiries: Contact Trade Oapl.
Prices e.duelve ol VAT txtless othemtae stated end correct el lime ol going to erase.
EducatOn callers ask lor Tony Judge or Marl Butler Come n and see ue at 1063 High Street, Chadwell Heatn, RonOotd. Eseex PERSONAL nore something very strange goirigwHRaeif you are living ‘ worst nightmare and unable to wake up Wor t anyone f ou onthe terrible secret that haunts your waking moments.
Is fheflbw brain child of new kind of icon-driven, animated game that has been written us ng the new especially developed Agos language.
Is highly original using all the features of the 16-bit micro The superb, fully animated graphics, backed by incredible sound effects come together with a highly sophisticated user interface to give total involvement of a new (intension will introduce you to numerous characters including w ¦e Landed of and Duck ~ t fij Bc'd and h s attractive wile Susan he local village pol and a host of other I Eson Industrial Estate, Blaydon.
Tr NE2 JE. Tel (091) 414 4611 V W Amiga Arcade All in a bay’s work knowned for the fast mov 16 bit version of Space I rier. Not suprisingly, the p gramming in Bio Challen** is technically impressive.
The levels scroll smoot in the fashionable parall way and Dclphine clai~ more than 160 colours displayed at the same time instead of the more normal 16 or 32. We'll leave you I check up on that one. Revr next month.
THE European Computer Trade Show saw the launch of new software house Screen 7. No, I don't know what it means either, but somebody spends a long time thinking up these names.
The company has already lined up a host of new releases for summer. First off is Jaws, the computer game of the 1970s film that wasn't as good as the book and had a different ending anyway.
In keeping with tradition, the plot has changed again.
A monstrous great white shark is terrorising the beaches of Amity Island. A grim discovery confirms the worst - he’s out there and he’s hungry. So far so good.
In a bid to save the island's tourist trade, Mayor Vaughn engages a professional shark killer from the mainland.
OK, we can live with that.
Unfortunately, on the way to Amity a fierce storm wrecks his boat and the means of laws' destruction is scattered throughout the caves and chasms of a menacing sea world. Huh?
While laws roams the clear waters bringing a swift and horrible end to unwary swimmers, you must go deep sea diving for the bits of your bedraggled boat. This isn't Jaws, it's Raise the Titanic!
Other Screen 7 titles for release in July are Sleigar, an arcade game based around the exploits of a mercenary helicopter pilot, and High Sleel, in which you must overcome all obstacles and dangers to build the framework of a huge skyscraper.
Screen 7 promises "quality and lasting gameplay”.
No mention of originality.
Still, two out of three ain't bad. We wait and watch with interest.
Bio Challenge, four difficult levels from Ijelphine Software DELPHINE Software is the label newly formed by Paris-based Del- phine Records. Palace Software is handling sales and marketing of Dclphine games outside France.
The first release is Bio Challenge, an arcade style game featuring lots of small blobs, a number of large blobs and one excellently animated robot which spins like no robot you've seen before.
The object on each of the four levels is to kill the various baddies by squashing them, rebounding the small blobs into them or finding armour with special powers.
Between levels lurk the gigantic, evil guardians.
You'll need to collect plenty of ammo on the previous stages to see the backs of these dratsabs.
The game has been written by Paul Cuisset and Denis Mercier, the team re- IN March's news pages we held an impromptu competition to win five Motormouth Weird Dreams T shirts. The closing date for entries of April 1 had a few of you worried that it was an April Fool's joke. Come on. Would we do a thing like that?
Course we would, hut not this lime. The five jflBL r: Frenchies in a spin lucky winners are: Philip McConnell of Armagh in Northern Ireland. Dave Jackson of Preston.
Graham Roberts ol Neston in South Wirral.
Shane Clarke of Ros Mur:.
Co. Galway. Ireland and lames Mercer of Northolt.
Well done chaps, keep watching these pages lor more T-shirt leasers.
All the latest news on the games software scene Nudge, nudge, know what I mean?
THE silver ball has become a bundle of pixels in the latest game from Sega. Timescanner offers the playability of pinball with the graphics scope of an arcade game.
The Amiga version from Activision includes nudge and tilt among a number of special features, such as multitudinous balls, six flippers and a special breakout game bonus screen.
Computer games-are not limited by the constraints imposed by physics, so the pinball playfield is extra- long, scrolling to fit in an area below the flippers.
Warps and tunnels take your ball through the four levels of Volcano, Saquarra, Ruins and Final.
Out now, Timescanner will cost £24.95, which is a fiver more than the ST version. So it damn well ought to be better than a naff port.
Licensed to drive on the Dragon’s slayer wrong side of the road WHEN Ihe boys at Probe aim to out-do Dragon’s Lair, they do it with style. An as yet unnamed project is underway from one of England’s best programming teams. Dave Perry and Nick Brutv.
They identified the main problems with Dragon's Lair as being lack of plot and limited animation and are to produce a compressed screen type game to blow your socks off.
They are attempting to get Ihe whole thing in a 512k machine, but suspect it will fill four or five discs. Ihe animation - with around 60 frames per scene - has been drafted by professionals who I llXEL is a new devel- £opment team which has taken on the latest mission to convert James Bond to the micro screen.
Based on the new film Licenced to Kill, the game follows the plot of the film with JB using a crop duster to run the drug smuggling Sanchez and his petrol tanker off the road.
Other scenes involve an underwater battle which results in JB harpooning a catamaran's pontoon. When the pontoon starts to move, JB realises it is a helicopter and has to watcrski barefoot behind the craft avoiding the pilot's gunfire and climbing along the tow rope.
If the game is half as exciting as the film, it’ll leave you shaken and very stirred.
Have worked on a number of full length feature films, including Roger Rabbit.
The plot casts you as a princess, beautiful natch, who awakes clad in a skimpy negligee, gets sucked through a mirror - what an original idea - and emerges in a weird dream world as a mean vixen brandishing a Sodan-like suit of armour. In Ihe distance there is a castle which eminates evil and is destroying the world.
Your quest entails reaching the castle and saving the world, traversing mountains, water and awesome graphics.
This major project is still some way off. Look out for it.
COLONEL-IN-CHIEF Man Ridley of the Sphere Corps was sick of flying a desk and was in severe danger of being referred lo a Irick cyclist II was the 9 till 5 that did for him - it had been years since he'd piloted a Fighter Sphere, especially on the Death Run training arena at Sangfalmadore.
The Death Run was now really living up to its name, Bits were missing and the generators had gone crazy, making real deadly enemies.
Still, better to die in combat than to keel over on the morning shuBle.
Always 11 minutes late.
The controls felt oddly familiar in the Colonel's hands. How the | Spheres had changed since his day.
The mass and volume used to be set manually but now everything was preset using the Tectonic Tiles on the arena floor.
Level one of the Death Run fell easily: after all, was not the Colonel an expert in his day? At least all the details were still there - the Bonus and Penalty tiles, the Chaotic Bouncers and the Shield Energisers. Each one - except the Penalty - could be used to some advantage if the pilot knew his up from his down.
But it had to happen, and happen it did on level seven, which just happened to be the last and most hazardous level. The Colonel's Sphere decided that it was time to pack in - no fuel and only enough shields for a few hours.
The crass one. Since they're all translated from the French, and badly too.
All turn out to be the hilarious one.
The casino can either make you or lose you all the money you need.
Lucky charms can be bought in the poor part of the town, the favelas.
The most expensive item is a toucan
- 1 suppose you can give it as a toucan of your esteem... The
game is mouse controlled with the really annoying trait of no
multitasking. Once the action has started there is no way to
do anything else but wait - the lift movement in the hotel
takes a while and very little happens during that time. Yawn.
The beach is the funniest part out of a general theme of unwitting crass humour. You can bask about on the boats or liaise with the various female characters who laze about on the sand. The graphics and animation here are meant to leave nothing to the imagination. Unfortunately both arc of such a low quality that virtually everything it left to the imagination.
The beach’s best part must be the fight scenes with the various male baddies. It takes the standard combat game scenario but with a bit of a dif- ERE is the secret of how to get a mediocre game noticed: Add a bit of implied sexual interest. The punters will flock to it in droves, even if it has all the charm and sophistication of a road accident.
Emmanuelle is based upon the infamous book by Emmanuelle Arsan. Which is all about her. Urn, exploits in the more. Er. Lively parts of Brazil. Your task is to find the elusive Emmanuelle and return with her to Paris.
You can travel between the major cities of Brazil by plane, or back to Paris if you give up or find Emmanuelle. Hotels are the major rendezvous points, where you can Iru ndilik Shrinking Sjihrir CUM Uliii wn iliir in
• the is d» - tv«* g W»* les «*n ID Mi oloiM all Ibe 3uilU* Bowl-
E*h ildte piM pena hl(r 14M - ' ihfic By ptt. 1 dunk he ’,
OST of the better games con- iYa* tain at least an clement of real lifr. Something you can relate to as you weave your way through an intricate web of death ray* or make a Lj t Aitrh against the ravaging hordes of Zod the Unwashed. It’s what help* you to pretend that you’re there in the thirv of the action rather Tfian nieV-eri up m bed at 19 MjivAmI* Terrace, Pengc.
Some game*, however, make no attempt at realism. Take the idea of using a powerful laser beam steered by a *er.c* ol' remote mirror* to destroy a large number of well protected target* screened by a jumble of intervening obioct*.
Totally unbelievable, nght?
Nobody but a real cowboy would rhin'.- of trying to do d m teal bl*
- And yd that's jud whal DdVklnr is about The only way this
scenano would have been more unbelievable was if tbc targets
bad been moving at high speed. But that would have been
Tbc aim is to destroy all tbc targets on each level hefote your laser beam run* out of energy. It con be steered by a enc* of mirror* which can be rotated to redirect the beam. When all the target* have been destroyed, the level is finished by deenng the beam into a special receptor to complete tbc circuit It moves through of increasing complexity. Some of the targets can't be reached directly and require the beam to be diverted through repeater*, which absorb it at one point and discharge it somewhere else on the layout Care mud be taken not to teed the beam hack oo itself otherwise an
overload can result - if not corrected quickly this will lose you a life. You star, each level wuh three lives: lose them all and its back to the beginning.
This game needs good coordination. Speed of rhnn hi ana lots of imagination to thread a route to target that remain fmstratingly out of teach.
The graphics are detailed and colourful but ate loo static to be considered exceptional. The music i* Mti-MlUnr |ud r.ghi lor setting your pulse racing as your laser eals up Ihc lad dregs of energy wilh tw o or three targets remaining.
And that's all there is to iL Fun to play in shott hunts at interv als, hut not one to keep you going all night.
Mike Rawlins us a admits ad taws o to X It would tun to be a pretty sharp opcralo.- to get to the Colonel, and !Vi« you're the only sharp operator a the vicinity. Pretty or otherwise, if* all up to you.
Sphere* cun be controlled via
* *rr_hl or uometric control the jjHrf bong vitghtiy i«iv
confusing nctiaDy Some ot the Ttaroaic Tda ere so fragile that
a Sphere at full mas* would plummet through. Other* have become
critically nuUblc and mutate into Sphere Vapouriser*.
At least you can place ammo dump* wherever you need them, although oaly four are allowed per level .“a there a* four plate* per level in vcvcn level*, and the fird i*n't exactly ca»y. There i* a hny bit of a challenge here.
ISS -*v been written by vony iv who know* a thing or two about motion. Tne way the Sphen; spm* round the periphery of a force is bcauiifuL The movement and scrol- hng arc synchronised so neatly that they don't intrude on the gamcplay at lerence. You arc the vcvcn done wcakl'ng on the left and the Dear on the right i* your opponent Unless you have had expensive npffuj arts training your weapons arc the face *lap. The "Look, what'* that up there?- or pulling down the opponent’* trunk*. The two datraC- boo technique* arc -»a~rnmp»r.by neat aound cfte*. Opecjily from tbc urun** opponent. 1 liTa»
a drain all the way through thi* hit.
Nobody'* going to gel any kick* from Emmanuelle. The graphic*.
Jnimafmn jmt generally bad with the gamcplay tedious and repetitive. Tomahawk *hould have forgotten about the main dubiou* objective and expanded ibe beach fight tequence into a full game became if* the only bit which rune* the boredom level off the lows slop.
Thi* kind of production shouldn't really be encouraged - we're deviant enough wanting to wade 90 miTlinn type* of alien* a day. Whal would game. Oc like if they really a high acore table? Arc we *c dck that we need ibi. '.-jnrf ot synthesised shmu- lu»? Do we not have enough oihc* without the Whitehou*e gang muvrling in on the aa? Why ah why oh why do I a*k thcae aassola Points of View question*?
If you need thi* kind of thing, you're probably better off going back to the top row of the magazine rack. It would be cheaper and m. ganq«-v don't get viruses, a* a rule. Live in the real world - it may get bad tometime*, hut at lead it doesn’t cash.
Stewart C Rm*dl all Four* Field - the development team - doc* know how to produce some nice metallic effect*, but the graphic work adequately rather than astonishingly.
What does deserve special mention is the trie me tune Imagine lak Shi* fnn. Famous for the Mission Impossible theme, meeting those zany funsters Tne B-52* over some naughty sweeties. Get the idea? It's a real pity that the rest of the game effects arc just boink*. Thumps, pows and crashes.
Stewart C Russell Overall - 76°;, DEFLEKTOR Beam in some imagination LNCREDUUTY has been expressed it this game, especially in its original arcade form. The hydraulic version is the only arcade machine in which there is a very real danger of personal damage - falling off is no fun.
Contrary to popular belief, Space Harrier docs have a plot although not a very good one. Apparently the fantasy zones have gone weird and need cleaning up. They always were a bit weird, but this time they really have had a serious wack attack.
Enormous things straight out of a deranged head rush towards you and it's a good idea to get rid off them asap. You see, it's either them or you.
And since you paid for the pleasure, it's got to be them.
You are a small fair haired chap toting an enormous pulse laser held aloft by a powerful jetpack.
Everything scrolls towards you in the manner of all recent Sega games, but at an unbelievable speed.
OK. Some of the time all that's happening is the checked landscape moving, but other times there are a lot of large sprites moving too quickly to see, let alone count.
Bits of the scenery don’t give in to your luminous lentil laser and are also too high to fly over, so very fast flying out of the way is needed. At the end of each level huge guardians zoom about nastily doing their best to remove a life or six. These always have a weak spot - finding the technique is the difficult part.
The programmers have seen fit to include a mouse option, which is not quite as accurate as the joystick but much faster. Control can be switched between the two devices instantly, so it’s possible to play certain parts of the game with the correct controller.
The first level, Moot, is really a test of control and memory. Everything can be shot but all the waves must be learnt or you'll lose a few of your nine lives.
The second level, Geeza, is best tackled low. Two-thirds of it can be handled without moving. Level three, Amak. Needs fast, high flying and the double-headed dragon at the end is a real killer. From Ceciel - level 4 - things get harder. Forests of impenetrable pylons, rolling dodecahedrons, nastv big things and all.
The screen is overscanned so you really feel "in" the game. The sound effects and tunes have been lilted straight from the arcade machine, including the rambling, tuneless bit once you’ve run out of lives. The only bit they shouldn't have lifted is the appallingly sampled “Get Ready” at every new life, i've heard better on a Spectrum. Honestly.
The stereo is used to locate your player. If he moves to the left, the majority of the laser noise comes from the left speaker.
Maybe it's been done before, but it’s a real cute touch, Actually, the arcade machine's sound wasn't all that great, so I guess the programmers are just working to brief, Amiga Space Harrier is the closest thing to the real machine. The speed and clarity of the sprites is totally astonishing and if the mouse option is used the main sprite moves too fast to follow. If you fee! In need of an adrenal hotshot coupled with some senseless violence, the prescription is this game.
Stewart C. Russell . Magine a game without violence, yet as chilling is abandoned places where people have died and never returned.
Imagine a 3D world, yet the only forces are those that come from the ground.
Imagine the danger of a tormented sold, carried aloft by nothing greater than the wind.
Archipelagos is a completely new sort of game. It offers 9,999 living landscapes, in 3D, with continuous smooth movement and scanning, is so extraordinary it defies classification. It is the experience of the metaphysical.
7 Archipelagos is conceived and coded by Astral Software.
Amiga £24.99
• ales Bavvery, Gwydir£treet, Cambridge, CB1 TO THE CENTRE Sound
and graphics great. Trip boring NOT read Jules Verne's mas
terpiece? Neither have I, but 1 am assured that the plot of the
game is reasonably similar to that of the book, which has also
been the subject of several bad films.
You can play one of the heroes - Professors Gunnarson, Bourdon, Rutherford or Rossi. It's |une 1870.
You find an ancient Icelandic manuscript that tells you to go into the crater of Sneffel’s volcano, which supposedly leads to the centre of the earth. 3,000 ft below ground a rock fall separates you torn your fellow scientists and you're on your own until you find them again.
Given a rough map of the area, you can dick on four arrows to move in that compass direction. A description of your position is flashed on screen for a few seconds each time.
There are icons to click. One allows you to grab an axe and a stone, break it open to determine Ihe local geology and hopefully deduce things about your surroundings.
Another lets you examine your body and apply the contents of your medical chest to various injuries. To start off with, you are bruised from the rock falls, have a splitting headache and a stomach poisoned by fumes. Your condition quickly deteriorates with fire and brimstone everywhere. You must find food and water quickly; meters at the bottom of the screen tell you how ill you are.
A third is a big R - think about it - and a fourth lets you sleep, complete with snores, whistlos and alarm clock.
Your position can be saved and loaded, and there is a final icon which provides one of the few pieces The held (tone's connected lo the. Em. Ground whirr of the disc. The graphics for each stage contrast one another well and some even look very pretty as they fly past.
Sound I III IUIH mm Graphics Gameplay Value This vertically scrolling racing game has little in the way of originality hut makes up for it with some good gameplay and smooth graphics. The playing area is small but the action happens so quickly anything larger would be missed.
IME to pul on the driving gloves Your energy depletes rapidly but III Overall - 82% and crash helmet as LED Storm an be replenished by running over puts you at the wheel of the' ultimate ierrycans of petrol. Other bonuses devastation device", again in the float down on balloons from passing form of a leap-frogging red sports rpaceships.
Car. Concentrating on trying to catch For some unexplained reason you such bonuses has caused many a ter- have to drive your car through minal collision with large stationary several sections of deserts, tunnels objects, usually mountains, and forests, each loaded with a quick When this happens the equivalent LED STORM Take a terminal road test LED Storm £19.99 Capiom lo the AA man appears in a little What a very nice man.
Hoverbuggy and presents you with a I wish he could do something brand new car. What a nice man. About the horrible frogs which cling of animation. You dash around the bottom of the screen collecting water which drips from the top. Avoiding hot cinders which evaporate any water you have.
When you are poisoned, fall down a chasm or whatever, there is a very realistic scream and you end your days in a pile of dust and bones.
The graphics are superb. HAM mode is used to display everything from stalagmites and caves to your skeleton. The sound is equally good, the effect of steps and voices echoing round the caves is very well done.
You really need two disc drives - there is a lot of swapping with one, particularly during the title sequence, which was a little sticky with my review copy - sometimes I had to re-insert a disc two or three times before it was recognised, which made the game very slow and frustrating, Despite the excellent graphics, louracy to the Centre of the Earth is boring. There is not enough for the player to do and too little variety in what appears on screen. Interest quickly flags as a result, Alastair Scott photogenic.
The graphics, particularly the backdrops, are very well done but the animation flickers, jerks and. In a word, is terrible. One of the best features of the karate games of years gone by was the wonderfully smooth animation as the player executed a well timed roundhouse kick or reverse punch.
To its credit, when one side or other scores a hit a small explosion caption is overlaid containing the word “pow" or "zap" or some other such Batmanesque phrase.
Sound is not very well supported.
The tune gets very boring in record time and there are no interesting or novel effects in the game itself. It really is incredible the number ol software houses that think they can get away with mediocre bang and splat noises or. As in this case, no effects at all.
This game just doesn't compel you to play it. With nothing else but gameptay going for it, the Human Killing Machine looks in dire need of an overhaul.
Green on to the car and slow you down.
Best way to avoid them is to jump over them, but once they get a grip you can only shake them with some serious manoeuvring.
The highways are in a terrible state of repair, with large sections only traversable by using the ramps kindly left out to jump over the gaps with. Miss the ramp and it's the scrap heap.
As on most roads these days, lots of psychopathic drivers try to get in your way and generally make a nuisance of themselves, Unlike real life, LED Storm offers the option of jumping over them - which would come in very handy in traffic jams.
On your side for once, the local Department of Transport has placed arrow direction markers at strategic parts of the road to warn about sharp bends. These must be obeyed to avoid major confrontations with the crash barriers, incurring the associated time penalty.
The music is outstanding. Each stage is accompanied by one of several tunes, ranging from a funky distorted guitar rock piece to a weird new-age synthytunc. All good stuff, and for a change it adds something to the game without getting up your nose after the first three plays.
It is worth booting-up the game just to hear the music and burn off a few trucks.
The title confuses me, Apparently LED stands for Lazcr Enhanced Destruction. Apart from the spelling mistake, there just aren't any lasers... |ohn Kennedy UMAN Killing Machine is the meanest son of a snake you've ever seen, as the blurb goes. You could be forgiven for wondering whether this description refers to the character or to the person responsible for foisting this game on an unsuspecting consumerate.
It begins in the fabled Temples of Moscow with our hero, Kwon, being set upon by a nasty Red guard. So much for glasnost. Fortunately, Kwon is not only a notable miser of reptilian extraction but is also tough and mean.
This would be more believable if not for the fact that on the second level he is easily dispatched by a dancing border collie.
Kwon goes on to face a selection of unusual adversaries including the horribly bemusded Maria, a drunken German, Arab terrorists and the cunning master bullfighter Miguel and his pet fighting bull, Brutus.
If Kwon manages to defeat his opponent with ease he will be able to take a greater deal of punishment in the next round. Exactly why he is travelling around notable trouble spots like Spanish bullrings and German bierkellers is never explained. Pity, The gamcplav is similar to the karate games of which there was a spate a few years back on the Spectrum and C64. Kwon wouldn’t look out of place in Way of the Exploding Fist.
The strengths of the combatants are represented by the time- honoured colour bars at the top of the screen, but the inclusion of little passport photos beside them is a nice touch. The bull is especially UYAJl flJViVl Due for an overhaul i LUDICRUS the arena Hacking CLEVER folk, Ihosc Actual Screenshots people. To live up to their name, they have only used graphics from the game on the box.
And they are very fine graphics indeed.
Ancient Rome, some lime only just AD. Ludicrus has a very important job - he cleans the lion doedoo from the arena and the lion pens, thereby making the gladiators' path a little safer. I mean, one slip and you're really in it.
One Friday - or its Roman equivalent - Ludicrus is in the pub enjoying a few jars of Castcrmanus
XXXX. It’s been a hard week, what with that load of Christians a
few days previously, so our Ludicrus gets faintly tiddly.
He then starts mouthing oil at the local gladiators, claiming that anyone with half a brain and a blunt Stanley knife could do the same.
Via a long and complex story, Ludicrus gets dragged into the arena with nothing but a small shield and an even smaller sword. To regain his freedom he must fight the three current champions, plus several lions.
The first is the Gallic beauty Bon D'Age. Whose speed and agility are legendary. The second, the Teutonic Herr Liss, is very fast and strong and utterly bald. The third, Bu Vyzr. Is very big. Incredibly strong and very stupid. The lion is of course very fast, very strong, yet so mind-blowingly brainless as to have been caught by the Romans.
You may have realised by now that we're talking combat game here. You have the standard 16 moves and opponents have their own fighting specialities. Bon D'Age carries a few- fake attacks then does a quick low jab. Here Liss charges fast. Bud Vyzr charges slowly, and yet both do enormous amounts of damage.
The lion takes great bounding leaps across the arena, although it will stand there and lake a good hammering. Told you it was stupid.
Once learnt, the technique for beating each becomes mechanical and is the same from game to game.
The graphics are tire high point, reminiscent of French comic books.
Ludicrus is small and weedy, the lion looks more like a soft toy than a ruthless killer and Caesar looks overweight and disreputable.
11 ml it rm MBS . U lual St rrrnshols The background graphics are nice, with a motley selection of grubby Romans, tall, thin, short, fat, spotty - the works. The lighters are very well animated, with neat facial gestures and movements.
Graphics Gameplay Value Unfortunately, there is very little sound apart from Oww, Eek, Roar, Blat, Crunch. The crowd doesn’t move or make any noise, so the neat graphics alone fail to give a good atmosphere.
I Ludicrus would be good if it wasn't so repetitive, for to beat each fighter takes several rounds. If you fail, you have several rounds with a lion and then some more rounds with the person who beat you. Interesting, huh? It does have a two player option, but that won't save it for long.
Stewart C. Russell programmed for US Gold - it was - it's just that the freelance programmer who offered to do the job found the task completely beyond him and the project was abandoned.
Not that Amiga owners complained too vociferously. The other versions of Gauntlet were, without exception, dismal.
Gauntlet II throws four friends - if you have either the Microdeal interface or the US Gold one, otherwise it's two players only - into a dungeon in search of treasure, fame, points, the satisfaction of bragging that you made to the 100th level.
Each player can be an elf, warrior, valkyrie or wizard, in any combination. Thus you could have four wizards if you so chose, and that isn't too bad an idea.
Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the eif is virtually all weaknesses. The trouble is that after a few levels you find that the number of shots needed to kill the monsters increases from one to four, making the poor elf a certainty for a monster's dinner table.
Anyway, on into the dungeon and the short term objective of finding the exit to the next level. Before you get to it though, make sure you collect all available treasures, keys, useful potions and medallions.
The potions can have any effect from a smart bomb like detonation, to... WITH a mighty chop and a heaving hack, the rabid sequel was upon the hapless journalist. No, no, he cried, but to no avail - his fate was sealed, his doom set, the disc was in the drive, the monitor flickering alive.
You may be wondering what could inspire such fear in a hardened journo. It could, in fact, be only one thing - another Gauntlet variant.
Hang on though, this is Gauntlet II, the official one from US Gold, You might be tempted to ask how we can have a Gauntlet sequel when the original game was never released on the Amiga, and the answer those chappies and chapesses up in Birmingham would give is that this is the conversion of the coin-op Gauntlet II.
It isn't that the original was never THE world never tires of games with little men - or far more rarely women, which must mean something - hitting things with other things. The hitting things are usually implements to which there is a right and a wrong end.
The things which are hit are little men similar to your own, but invariably facing the other way.
While there may be up to five of your men, there are a seemingly unending supply of chaps willing to lay down their lives for the cause of entertainment.
Tiger Road is pretty much bog standard fare. The party of the first part - that's you. Kidda - is Lee Wong, a dab hand with an axe and a generally all right character.
Lee is annoyed that a certain samurai, Ryu Ken Oh, is causing havoc in the village by stealing all the children. At that time the Orient hadn't heard of YTS, so this was considered a bad thing. The children have been stolen to become soldiers for the despot's private army.
Raised from childhood on the values of Truth, justice and Mom's Lychee Pie, Lee vows to avenge the foul deeds. Or at least get some of the kids back in roughly working order.
The quest is long and hard, the task is onerous and the copywriter unimaginative. So off he goes down Tiger Road, complete with rather nasty axe, for a quick afternoon's vengeance.
First on the scene arc the Useless Samurai. These little folk just love rushing towards you and exploding on your axe. Next up are the Amazing Exploding Spear Throwers, pears and that character becomes It.
All Ihe monsters on that level converge on Ihe luckless individual like he was Salman Rushdie in a mosque.
The only recourse for said individual is nol lo instantly apologise bul lo either touch someone else, thus nominating them as II. Or gel the hell off that level in a hurry.
The graphics are pretty good, bul not as good as Garrison II because the playing area is smaller and the scrolling isn't as good. That said. Ihe use of samples throughout is impressive. Though why they had to be from the coin-op and not freshly recorded I don't know.
If il comes lo a straight choice between Garrison II and Gauntlet II then Garrison II wins. But if you have Ihe interface and three friends who want to play loo, then Gauntlet II is Ihe choice for you, Duncan Evans Medallions don’t allow you lo bare your chesl and pose - unless you're playing Ihe warrior, of course - but add slrange abilities like limited invulnerability, limited invisibility, limited bouncing shots and limited
xxxxx. If this all sounds a bit limited to you, don’t worry,
you're in good company.
Lining up on Ihe opposing team are lobbers who lob things at you then run when you get close, small fire breathing things which brcalhc fire and small invisible men who you don't see much of.
Then there’s Ihe lovely ghosts, muggers, Dealh, the Ihief, the It Monster and the acid pools.
Let me tell you about these acid pools. They're horribly green and slimey and chase after you. Upon contact they inflict an unpleasantly large amount of damage and emit the most disgusting squelchy noise. Ugh!
They might have you shouting Acieed, but this is one house you’ll want to get out of in a hurry.
Death is always a problem. Contact is accompanied by an horrendous noise as your health points start to disappear al a frightening rate. A smart bomb, sorry potion, will solve your problems.
The It Monster is a barrel of laughs when there’s a few of you playing.
When it touches someone it disap- who throw spears which, amazingly enough, explode. Various new weapons can be picked up. But I expect you expected that. Once past these, you’re treated to some rather bad lightning while the new level loads in.
The next bit is Ihe labyrinthine entrance hall to Ryu Ken Oh's castle, where giant night club bouncers hang about and do you no good at all.
Disposing of them is more a mailer of luck (han judgement because the amount of battering they need lo explode varies. This level results in much aggro.
Pari three is a quick piece of homage lo Donkey Kong. Barrels which roll towards you, can be jumped (difficult) or smashed (easy).
Al the end of Ihe section is Ihe chappie who is chucking the barrels; a quick flash of the axe and he's history.
Nexl comes the Hairy Savage bit - he’s hairy, and boy is he savage. If you manage to sec him off - not easy
- the next bit is much Ihe same as all that’s gone before, except
Tiger Road breaks new ground in unoriginality. The scrolling play area is weeny, as arc the sprites, ii may play reasonably close to the arcade original, hut is that an accolade?
What must he applauded is the sound, which is loud and suitably violent, especially Ihe title lune. I've even loaded up the game jusl for Ihe tune, not bothering with play it Stewart C. Russell
• EMEM8EX tbe !»» wbea you ItuI tberc'd be a new wnaxh (use out
from youx fxvounte author. Wed enough for it and tbea ruxhed
down the xhopxoa toe rekaxe ’ rudi&g ail the iaby DNA WARRIOR
First disengage brain... € e e rjrtix. -irn4 Qn the fT-MP
home. Ibea Ibe tapibcat - -: while the loaded? Kcacabcf the
howxwork lying forgooen while you lived dux ant creation?
Waxn-! It fan?
Well. DMA Warrior exactly rccaplurex thoxc old time xpinlx.
Sony, did 1 uy exactly recapturex mote old use xpintx? Urn. What I really' Bout lo uy wax exactly docx rocaptitfc thoH* oldf,rr-** tpjib Wbal it recapturex ix Ibal other great home computer moment at truth, the rcalixabon that you have a died gieeeC.
AH the m icc&ano arc the mp but ioz the oac. Where aow tbe focling ix: "Surely tberc muxt be more to thix turxeyT Yex indeed, dear readcrx. DNA Wamor a aot all tbca.-. Some xcieatixt. Szymaaxii by aaac. Bax dixcovcred bow to increaxc intelligence mfin.
HcSy. Dearly tbix dude aoedx a bit of a boa 10-wac became be doo tbe J& critical experuaeat oa aisxclt.
Duab. Or wbal? Golden rule ot braia xur, ry No 1: Do it to xomcoac ebc 4 mmm ilfrpoornpoffaflQaj Rr fiat.
Fairly typically, something goex wrong. Tbe learned Pro! Tallx into a c*f , jrA U BiftiitUXC ;brr_inne» tirr* The Prof, being old and gcac- ratty put tfehaaiiaaaocr of buarrc prokthcCic ir.K jo »f*p hi& attve _ your llffh* vrtKf inr r b-* a difii* cull taxi, to coalead with.
All tbe uasuac xyxlesa arc ool keen oa you. Xo your taxi, of replacing all tbe recalcitrant bitx of DNA bccoacx a remarkably poor npoff of Eyaapx. If you xboot a wave of aaiucx they drop a uxeful bltle credit thing which can be laved up for handy large weapoax.
Entry to other levels a via tuac- the tube waiix S rrvf tbexe bale to be opened by collecting a ley xomewherc clxe in tbe Prol’x anatomy. Soactiaex the level dcodcx lo end and you are left hang- 1 jgg apart The only cure far rbi. A fithrr ktttmg yourself or waiting tbe Annoying Interlude xtattx Tbix piece of loalbexorecnexx occurx randomly tbe xcrolliag rexerxex and rocks get chucked at you until you get bored and leave vie aa exit If yoo can boar il. Tbe aim ix lo collect eight bitx of DNA and kail off tbe mjhgnini part of tbe brain.
Everytbiag la DNA Wamor wotxx.
Tbe xcrolliag workx. Tbe xound works. Tbe tunc gralcx and tbe gameplay aaaoyv Every ooixe bax bcea carefully cagiacered to be Uriaooc.
There are two very uxeful ieyx m DNA Wamor - M iwucacx the tuac on. Off switches tbe game oft Urgb Stewart C Kuxxdl THE NERVE-SHATTERING EXCITEMENT OF MOTOR SPORT’S TOUGHEST CHALLENGE ( The ultimate body ache as you take up the challenge of the thrills and spills of motor bike scrambling - Time Trial Style.
This real life simulation speeds you through 5 levels of difficulty with three testing courses on each level.
Power through dirt tracks, hill climbs, water hazards and numerous hoggsoftheroad, but remember it's not Just how fast you go. But how careful you are too... penalties count seconds, 3 faults and you're out 11 CBM 64 128. AMSTRAD & SPECTRUM 48 128K +3 £9.99cassette ¦ £ 19.99 disk ATARI ST & CBM AMIGA £19.99 disk Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.. 32 Ludgate Mill, H Off St. Paul s Square. Birmingham B3 1EM. Tel: 021 236 9146 PROFESSOR Moriarty, the Pen- X guin and the |oker are indestructible, yet Batman sets out to rid Gotham City of them. The Penguin has henchmen terrorising citizens and
mechanical penguins everywhere. The foker throws the local fairground into chaos and is holding Robin captive.
Unlike the previous versions of Batman, which took 3D games to new heights, The Caped Crusader is essentially a platform and ladders game, using the currently fashionable 2D with depth.
Put the disc in the drive, wait a few seconds, some music plays and you are invited to press ft for ihe Joker or f2 for the Penguin - two entirely different scenarios for the price of one.
The rest of the program loads, and you’re off.
You can move Batman in 14 quickly-learned ways, all selected with joystick and Fire button. You can walk, climb, duck, high kick, low kick, punch and throw, To use an object you must move over it and press the Fire button while pushing the joystick down.
The utility screen appears and by moving the Batcursor over the appropriate icon you can carry, drop or use it This screen contains icons for switching sound on or off, abandoning the game and displaying score, energy and objects carried.
While you are scrambling around, various maniacs try to assault you, at which point the kicks and punches come in helpful, even against bombs and bullets. Your eventual aim appears to be either to enter the Penguin's mansion or to rescue Robin.
The instructions, as usual, are unclear.
This new version of Batman is disappointing. Especially for 16 bit machines from which great things must be expected. The display is too small, occupying about half the space it could have done. The graphics and sound arc good, but could have been better, and the instructions reinforce the suspicion sparked off by the appearance of the graphics that I am reviewing a port from the ST, The most serious fault is that The Caped Crusader is unsure of what type of game it wants to be. It is a cross between an arcade adventure, a good old platforms and ladders and a beat-'em-up. It doesn't really
Alastair Scott OF VCOF W2HGS AN0 ADMZT I DEFEAT, in 1 Holy ST port. Ihe penguin likes Ihe bhcuil Q-AMIGA “ SUPERDEALS NEW; Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists!
CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! When comparing prices remember ours Include Iasi delivery by courier ' AMIGA A500 + 500 AIR MILES £449 Air Miles pack includes everything in our Amiga System 1 pack PLUS:
* Spritz Paint Package » Disk wallet for 25 disks
* Star Ray
* Who Framed Roger Rabbit
* Nebulus
* PLUS 500 tree Air Miles, that's enough tor a return tlight to
Paris, Amsterdam, or Brussels.
Amiga A500 System 1 £365.00 Inc Vm end Next Dev Dettvuy System 1 includes:
* Amiga A500 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive.
* Free TV modulator worth 224.99 allowing you to use The Amiga
with a normal TV.
» Amiga BASIC, Amiga EXTRAS, Workbench PLUS the Amiga Step by step Tutorial.
* All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and mains plugf Amiga A500 System
2 £385.00 Amiga A500 System 1 plus over £280 worth ot software,
comprising 10 games and either Spritz or Photon Paint graphics
package EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES Amiga A1010 1 MEG £139.00
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Axr»ga 1 meg - an A500 system 1 w*h fitted 1 megabyte memory
expansion and dxk card PLUS TV Modulator AND DRAGON'S LAIR a
six (Us* 1 meg megagame' I AMIGA 1MEG+ £519.00 I PRINTERS
Seikosha 80 column NLQ (inc
lead) .. ft 39 (279 2229 2259
2159 Seikosha 80 column 2A-pin LQ (inc
lead) . Star LC10 including interlace
lead . Star LC10 colour
including interface lead . Citizen 1200
including interface lead _______________________ MONITORS
Commodore Amiga A1084 Stereo colour monitor inc
lead ..... ..£269.00 ..£249.00 Philips CM8833 stereo
colour monitor inc lead .... CREOtT
CARO ORDERUNE T.l: 0908 76008 (Mon-Snt 9nm - Spm) To ordrr
either coll Bin cdc lino nbovo with your credit cord dot.ll. OR
moke o ch.qo. PO poy.bi. to Digicom Compute Sorvtcoe. Ond oood
» wllh your ordor to the oddrot. Twlow. (Mot. Nr. .1.0 moot
welcome ot the oddtoo. Below DIGICOM Unit 36, Wharfskte, Fenny
Stratford. MILTON KEYNES MK2 2AZ visa _ All prices include VAT
and delivery by courier SIIH A comprehensive diary planner
which is equally suitable for the business or at home includes
built-in intelligent calendar, search sort, printing, weekly
monthly planners, etc For the best laid plans At last, an
inexpensive and genuinely easy to use spreadsheet program.
Command and menu-driven, 512 rows, 52 columns, programmable function keys, text overflow and much, much more. Simple enough for the beginner, powerful and fast enough for the professional.
A powerful menu-dnven mailing program using a unique system for on screen scrolling of labels This WwfG (what you see is what you get) system means that any label format you define on screen will be identical when pnnted As well as powerful sowing and searching (search for anything, anywhere1), Special Routines mdude: detection of dupf-cate labels, surname sorting and many, many more For business users, MAILSHOT PLUS is also available.
Why set your sights lower ideal for both home users and snvtf businesses Supports workbench and multitasking, simple to use, the complete home accountmg package wi cater for up to 10 ncome accounts (eg., bank, credt card, HP) and 60 categories of household expenditure (eg, mortgage, rates, food, etc) with optional budgeting. The program will automatically handle 100 Standing Orders, etc, and allow you to produce your own statements to check bank accountisj charges, credit cards, etc Process up to 300 transactions per account per year Comprehensive reporting facilities include detailed
statements, budget forecasts, pie and bar charts, etc. you'll wonder how you erer managed without it!
? HYPE ?
Transform your existing computer into a fufy hedged typewriter, dismaying and poring text instantly ideal for form-filling addressing envelopes, memos, etc Character by character or line by me printing (with word-wrap, iusWication, etc.) The emulated f 5ft flt typewriter I J7.7J DIGITA INTERNATIONAL TOP QUALITY PROGRAMS AT MAGICAL PRICES Ail software wntten m the UK Prices include VAT 4 P4P (add £2 CO for exoon AMIGA SPECIALISTS Unit 1, Willowsea Farm, Spout Lane North, Stanwell Moor, Staines, Middx TV 19 6BW Telephone: (0753) 682988 ©OdDs HARDWARE LIST Our
S. 8.P Pricw A5CO An»ga (Inc. Butt m disk drive and 1.3 Kickslan.
Power scctfy. Workbench 'The Very Fksr and ModUacr ......£399.00 £360.00 A500 Amiga with 1084 S Colour Monitor £649.00 £620.00 1064 S Colour Monitor------------------------- £299.00 £260.00 A5U0 A r*ga ‘064 S Cocu »sor*y and 2nd ftsu firve CH999 C66&0C .064 S Co«X« Moneor anc I V Ivn* €30996 £360.00 PMDtT-V.TgfW £96 60 CuntrtiCan Y* OmnUr: Oik0*6 £9099 (* S0 C* nareGa» * 4w«-?Viwb'S.m** £-50.00 Ci36» Gerex*t9PQ? £29000 CTCX inang»een «»caaPOu y Oer«o CS' X (»C X A50i Meg Ram radeky AbCC fi 5X £16030 Q2COU Am a ... _ ------- ('26900 C999 X 12000 A ioa
and'OBaSColMMonfcr _C«9«00 02593C AXX «m5 -idm do»r wtn 2Mb. Cm 3b tW CO A2066 KT Bndgeboara £80 20 £97330 2*4yu A2092 20*4.MSOjs Hard Otsn C40250 t»* X A209C.A2092 2O C Amoa30SH*-cDiu C4ttX C445X A2C’C '•em.al X5* - *»e ...---- . 09686 fi 230 C -varaCSA‘0CSrre aJ‘ 25*-Wnrve f’2CX fi’S» 9f LciQ 8to» and W* 6 P'rm---------------- (79 86 £266 X N°S ’23C ft*ac* and W*** Pnr» __ £249 39 C23SX Star ICIO £34366 CX&X 9UTLC2A1C---------(49686 £429 X Star NR15---------------------------------------------------------£688.85 C660.X Star NB24 10--------------------------------------------------£759.85
£735.CO Star N815------ £105605 £985. X SlarLazerS----------------------------------------------------£2287.00 £219500 14* Coiron rt Res Colour Mentor________________________________£747.50 £095.00 20- Cotron rt Res Colour Monitor . £207000 £ 1879.00 Cherry Pad A3 DigltMIng Tablet--------------------- £632.50 £505.00 Vdeo Driver Card (must be sold wth Cotron)________________ £396.75 £360.00
S. &P Price l £24 90 £10.50 £24 90 £16 50 £19.00 £13 50 £19.99
£1600 £13 50 £13.50 £13.50 £450 £4.50 t1330 ..£24.99 £19.50
THJe Agnation 1 3 Aria Part 1___ Arto Part 2--- Albas
Fonts.... Audio Mailer I £19.90 £19.99
- .£10.99 £599 £5 99 Ana: C DavWcpe BBC Ernmaaa Comic
Saner------- Deto Ratnwra __ Dahine lArttc Ccn Sat Dahi .a
Paint II _________ Oahiaa PhoMab .
Oehiie Print____________ Deaiae Prints---------- Datoaa ProducBora_____ Dahiaa Video . ...... £1990 £13 50 £24 90 £16 50 £24.99 £16 50 ¦ Vecalon?
Digicam--------------- Orppanl----------------- DffMewGdd___________ £»»dre«d _____________ OlgiMew Stand (Phone tor DVKU------------------ Dlrwtor Tool Kit__________ Dos 2 Doe ... Or aw 2000,__________ Eapraaa Pant Our Price £14.50 £17.50 £16.50 £13.50 £1350 £13.50 £1350 £13.50 £13.50 £13.50 £16.50 £1650 £1450 £1350 £16.50 £1650 £1650 £1650 £16.50 £1650 £1750 £16 50 £1350 £7.00 £13 50 £1950 £16 50 £1650 £1950 £13.50 £16.50 £1350 £1350 £1350 £13.50 £13.50 £13 50 £13.50 £1650 £1950 £700 £16.50 £13 50 £1650 £16 50 £1025 £1650 £16 50 £16.50 £1600 £13 50 £13.50 £1950 £13.50 £1350
£1950 £1950 £16.50 £1650 £16.50 £1950 £16.50 £1350 £13.50 £1350 £13.50 £1025 £13.50 £16 50 £16.50 £17.50 £1350 Gotdapal 2 ... Goml 3.0---------- Cant Button .. Grabb.1 Misoh Baao ... HothCoOJan .
I. F.F. Library_______ Hipact -------- Iratanl Muato __ £10 50
£13.50 £5.00 £14.50 £9 50 £12 50 £3.50 £15 50 £11500 £35 00
£4.50 £500 £24 50 £19.90 £19 90 £1999 £2499 £24 99 £19 99 £19
99 Trpta Poam Freedom Academy... I Lu *i ua Kara Fo«________
Kind Wade 2___________ Lane* C Version 5 0 Lions Fonto_______
Manplan A500 Manptan Plus £13.50 £20 50 £13.50 £1650 £14 50
£1650 £13 50 £1650 £16 50 £13.50 £16 50 £13.50 £1950 £1650
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50 £13.50 £1350 £16.00 £1750 £1650 £1350 £1650 £19 60 £19.50
£13 50 £1650 £1691 £16.50 £1650 £13.50 £1350 £17.50 UaohchaHar
Na-Wabler Fcnta------------- On line_______________________
Organise II---------------- Photon Pant (Special oder) SPECIAL
Aden S*6a___________... Buch Shadow______________ £24 90 ...
£24 99 £10 00 £10.00 Bmdgach Academy------- Ben owed
Tree------------- £24 99 ....£24.99 £1000 £12.00 Chubby
Grata________ Craps Academy £1990 . . £24 90 £11 50 £10.00
Cougar a Run Oatolo________ . £14 99 £10 90
£7 50 £1000 OvaCn 1 Ebonabar _______________ eir
....£10.99 £24 90
- ..£14 99 £11 SO £11 50 £8 50 Ey»---------------- Ftoal
Trip----------------- Ftcatoyia___________ Gatacec
bwaaion ... naariU Ri ni ....£1496 ......£999 ...£14 96
£24 99 .....£19 99 f8 50 £500 £6 50 £11.50 £10.00
• me .. Knga Caiaet
Pach (Ic KO 1-3) Mach 3 ... £19 99 .....£14 00
£24 99 .....£10 90 £11.50 £7 50 £16.50 £10.00
hindkgitor__________________ hdndehedow----------------- £24 99
..£29 99 £1250 £12.00 Moottua_____________ Ogre
Proaocbor_____________ £24 99 .....£24.90 £9 99 £10.00
£10.00 £550 Sacrc*haeer------------- Sleygon--------------- £14
90 £1990 £650 £550 Spaceport------------------ Space Sbton
______________ Sbangs New Werld------ BdaaiahMt_______
£9 99 £9 99 .....£19.99 £24 90 £5.50 £550 £7.50 £1450
Shaatgang ---------------- Sap Pdiar____________ T
eSrlS--------------- Trocar a____________ Varrpre EmpVa
.....£14.99 £9 99 .£19.90 .....£24 90 .....£19.99 £9.50
£600 £11.50 £1250 Wafl ... £14 90 £750 nmicna
...m.wir is.on Please nobs
twt spudal otara are avMMhs to vary Briaad quanoaaa - Raaaa
(toons to ctoadi a.allM4lly Powwwtndoaa 25... Pro Board Pro Not
... PtoM Pja CS Or Pro Sorod Daalroor (Sofhmra ortyl £S
S £29 50 PtoSoind- Pyo Video CGI Pro Vldao CGI Foils Pro Video
Ptua ___ Pro Video Plus Fonts Probaaatonal Draw---- baboa a
daring toaaa ai £19 99 £24 99 £1999 £24 99 Soanecy Bee
11__________________£19.99 Scenery H«Wt«Wn Eaopa £19 99 3oanary
Cmc Japan .... ..£19.99 Sanenal -------- £19.99
Skydiaaa----------------------£19.99 Saeary Phis
------------£19 99 SpacaOuaate----------------£24 99 £24 99
£999 £24 99 £19 99 £24 99 £24 99 £14 99 £24 99 £24 99 £24 99
fWK-, £44 95 £24 99 £24 99 ..£19 99 £24 99 £1999 ..£19 99 £49
99 £29 99 Ruby VlawTarm------ Sculpt 30 ... SoOot
30 Anmaaa Sculpt 40 .. Seasons 6 HcMday* Shad
_____ Simp Ltorary-------- Sail* ,
o Font SuporbaM ProtasalaB T V Show ....
T. V. Tart________________ Tartan (tor Tabo Sarar)
Toodni_____________________ TirboSArsr VrdaoTBa 1.1 Wad
PsrMct4 1 X Cad___________
* -C W ------------------- £19.90 £1990 £29 90 £29 90 £24.90 £24
09 £24.99 6 50 £16.50 £1650 £13.50 £1650 £16.50 £24 99 £2*99
£24 90 Er*g »snment Eieaftber-------------- Faary Tala Advenhne
Falcon F1S________ fanart Formula 1 (I 2 Kkhslarl or* ) £24 96
Fight Storiiato* II _________£39 99 Fcnfeal Ivada I
------------------------£19 99 Fctofcel Manager
II__________________£19 99 Fcrt» and Irenes
...£19 99
Fusion________________________£24 99 Galecdc Conquera
...... £24 99 Geldiagone Danwn £19 99 Gerttotd . ..._
..£24 99 Gain Bat II-----------------------------£24 99
Gaoyabug (Phone *» avarlab**) Heroes ot toe lance (12
K startodyl £24 90 Higrwey Ha-ha---------------------£19 99
- --------------£24 99
- --------------------04 90
- -----------------£24 99 InaadlUa Shmtang S«nwo ......£24 99
krgnda Bacfc----------------------------£19 99
InbemaBonalSoceer __________________£10.90 Intar
ceplc ....£24 99
Ja ------------------------------------£39.99 Joan ob Arc
----------------£24 99 Kennedy A« roecn --------------£24 99
Lerrcabol-----------------------------£19 99
Legw«dd9wor«--------------£24 99
l. eire Suit Larr, -------------------£24 99 __________£999
£77.75 . . Bpeaal Price £4990 Four Player Adaptor (lor
lot Soccer.
LmlemO Me* -----------------£5.50 Mouaa fVea at ------------------------,.£9.99 Re(Mcemant Conmodore Mouse £35 00 SOFTWARE Adranoad Shi SamAator_____________£19 99 Adrenhae CcneeucBcn Sat ..£29 99 AIBmatore Realty ...£19 99 Adenoid II----------------------£24 99 Armageddon Man----------------- £19.99 Aulodusl----------- £24 99 Title S.S.P PERIPHERALS Bee Bo* (Hdde SO Dteca) .£22.50 Ok Boi (HokH SO Om) ...... f 32 90 CMUruae Mat------------------- Pro 5000 JoyeBc* £239 Ram Delta JoyaBch----------£1590 Speed Knge JoyaBch .....
£10 00
C. lwn 1200 Prole Ribbon Capcna--------- Captan Rood ____
Chrcnoqueel_______ ChuchieEgg Ckcua Gamaa---- Cosmic Bcancer
Craato Garret. .... CybarnoM--------- CxingacnmaaMr (1 mag
only) .
10 61 Mouaa House Nebulas-------------- Netoerwotd .... No Eicueee cuiaan--- OperaBon WoM Oi*un_______ Pacrrania________ Plcnaai Plague Platoon __________________ Pats cI CM (Phene la A.adabtty) PreeaMnt Is Mating------------------£24 99 Purple Sahrm Day_____________________£24 99 OuadiMan .....£24.69 RA C lonbard Rafy_____________£24.89 Reach la I- Stars_________________£24 99 Red October .£24.99 Rahim cl Bia Jedl ... £19.99 Revenge II ------ £9.99 Robaary--------------£19 99 Rorket Rangar ------- .....£29 99 Roger
RMI_______________________£24 99 RomanSc Encountara------------------£24 99 SD.I____________£29 99 SpaadbM--------------- SfadarhorM_____________ SMGhdara--------------------- Srta Faca Haniar_____________ SnpPcAarB.... -------- Scpac Hang-on________ Scpar Si (Compialcn) .... Suparman___________________________ 9-oid 4 Sodan (Chacfc AvalatMty) Tactnoccp______________ Taanaga Ooaan Taaa* «al _____________________ TtundarOada ------------------------ Tima and Ma o _________ Trac* Sat Uanagar-------------- Tried______________________ TVSpowFooMM----------------- U M S--------------- mtrna
II ______________ Imrm iv Unmtlad__________________ vwiobM --------- Vletoy Rd_____________________ vme------------------------ War lad_______________ Wartocha Ousal--------------- Way ol tva Uba Dragon________
- ------------------- Wtfed Waa____________ WbibM------------
World Tour Gcd .
Z«o Gravity----------- Tide MarOe Madness Mean 18-------- Mega Pach Menace _____ MmGoN--------- R Type_____________________£2490 £1650 Taen--------------------------------£24 90 £16 50 Kryahal----------------£29 90 £1950 Fcofcal Manager II Eapanacn Ok .£12 99 £1025 Operator Nap line ...£24 90 £16.50 t» GmnBM --------------£24 99 £16 50 A*bM. -- £19.90 £13.50 American » HocAey------------£24 99 £16 50 Balance ol Power 1900--------------£24 90 £16 50 PredousMeM---------------£24 90 £16 50 Lad Storm ......£19 90 £16.00 Typhoon ---------------------------------£9.69 £7 00
Teal Ome 2--------------------------£29 90 £20.50 M K M-------------------£14.90 £12.50 Face Oil . ......£14 99 £1025 Scapo ..£14.00 £1025 Hyper *one . ..... £19.99 £13.50
U. US. C*eh 1 (American Card War) ..£14.99 £10 25
UM8.DmK2 VleMn)---------------£14.99 £10.25 Rebel Charge al
ChkAamauga I Ricne tor AveMMly)
Raider--------------------------£19 99 £13 50 NEW RELEASES
Amiga Odd Hra__________ Ouaahon oI Spat ... Karmy
Dmgtah Tigar Rool ... Baflnto
.. CuaBdUn _______________ Gohdruroar
II______________________ Gddrurnar II Data Dik Ora Gotdnxnar
II Oala Oik Two
D. NA Warrior__________________ Raalm ot Bw Trctta ---- Danana
____________________ Tha Gamas. Winter EdSon
Phacn_____________ W»ok ______________________
AlWrbarvar . Kanny DbgMb Sooosr Mwiagw PdR»
0»*l_________________ Aif-------------------- BUSNEB8 90FTWARE
A C .BaBo------------£19599 £13250 AM AS ----------- £99.66
£79.50 AdWB-----------------------£39 99 £32.50
AramatobiVnagaa--------------£10350 £81.50 W« an Udda Earb
.... Zk Mac Kit* an -------------- Spaaaam---------- (vary
Cara II------------- Shrva DaMa Wcrld Snoohar Last Dual £1996
£13 50 ..£19.90 £1350 HOW £13 50 £19 90 £13.50 £16.50 £1950
£1650 Our I
S. S.P Prie* £249 99 £150 00 I £999 C7S0 | £9.99 C7S0 I £59 99
£4550 I £60 99 £50.50 I £30 99 £29 50 I .. £179.99 £150.0} I
£12999 £11150 I £49 90 £30 50 I £29 00 £21 SO £79 90 £6050 £60
00 £72 50 £39 99 £29 50 £49 90 ESSO £57 90 £42 50 | £69 00 £69
99 EM 50 I £69 99 £5050 £24 99 £1650 £49 90 £39.50 I ..£13990
£122CO I £60 99 £50 50 I £29 90 £2150 £50.99 £45.50 £30 99 £29
50 | £S 99 £29 51 £14999 £125CO | £59 90 £50.51 1 £5990 £45.51
£29 90 £21 50 I £» 99 £29.50 I £224 25 £16500 £199 99 £135.00
I £69 99 f50 50 £29 99 £21.50 I C39.99 £2950 £119 99 £9550 £59
99 £4550 £29 99 £2150 £29 99 £2150 £59 90 £45 50 I . £29 90
£21 50 £7999 £6250 _..£9 99 £700 £79 90 £6050 | £63 99 £2999
£2150 | £49 99 £30 5C £59 90 £42 50 I £79 96 £6050 £49 90
£3250 I £59 99 £45 S £49 99 £35 50 £249 00 £16500 £59 99 f 45
M £99 90 £72.50 £14999 £109.50 £1999 £1350 £70 99 £6250 I
£1990 £1350 I £69 99 £50 50 I £139 90 £10950 £3* 90 £24 50 I
£29 90 £21.50 £110 00 rooso £60 90 £50.50 £69 99 CS 50 £19 99
£16 50 £49 99 £39 50 £69 90 £50 50 I £59 99 £S50 £139 99
£10950 £139 99 £10050 I EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Con
Sound ...£31.06 £24 50 I
_________________ £31.95 £24.50 . 1*»)----------------£66 90
£50 50 Metoamegaan (ago 6.) £30 99 £29 50 I
Robot Readers ( **dran ataiasi aoch£24 90 £16.50 Fin Schocb 2
(Under 6) £19 90 £13.50 Fin Schod 2 (Age
6-6}________________£19.90 £13.50 1 FinSdcd(2 0var6)
______________£19 09 £13.50 £79 90 £60.50 £159 99 £134 50 £69
90 £50 50 I £249 99 £18500 £9990 £7250 I £13999 £12200 I
£24999 £165 CO I ... £90 90 £7250 I £90 90 £79 50 I £999 £750
I £99 99 £72 50 | £85 00 C6S.SC .
£12999 £11150 . £42399 £35500 £999 £750 £49 99 £34 50 £79 99 £60 50 £57.99 £30 50 £2999 £21.56 £60 90 £72 50 £24999 £16500 £69 90 £50 50 £69 99 £50 50 I ....£19.99 £16.50 £30.99 £29.50 I £139 99 £11500 I £110.00 COS 50 I £143.75 £110.00 I £39 99 £29 98 [ £226 65 £18500 £460 00 £350OC f £29 99 £21.50 SCORPION Zany Gryzor with style Scuffuao suss DizUul hpc Software Sound Graphic* Gameplay Value Overall - 93% TIME is runny smnl We don’t know wtut it is or where it's going. But it affects us all In the Magical Lanfls. Time hardly nos a look in.
Mighty strange things fan happen.
Pad nuia wilh Future. All under the guue ol The Pre*ent. Ward.
The Scorpion iolk have a* hdlc a* pouible 10 do with ihe Magical I4o4 . Possibly because tney’rc a little odd but mostly because the nanve* aren't aiendly.
So when Ihe Pnncm ol Scorpia i» kidnapped Oil tO the Fifth Dftnmn 02* the Magical the Scorpa n get worried and in true aemoaatic dylc, you - a Scorpion w arrior - arc vol- unlecrco to be tac hero.
Standard awe Scorpion weaponry arc magic Hand* Ihal Can hell out tairiy feeble death rayv al a rale ol knoiv. Along the way extra ikilii and weapon! Can he picked up - ihe standard weapon isn’t great shakes against the guardian giant at the end ol each level.
The opening icrcen docmT pro- mue much - a very imall though neat little display, accompanied by a very short snatch ol Holst’s Mars.
Things arc not going too well in the boding department. Ttus is rapidly cured by Ihe dan ol level one which is set in a rather odd Harbour.
Speedboats nriv with pirate ships and barges. Every last out to Oarm you seagulls. PiraW. Crabs.
Piranhas, the loL Bit* ol the vccncry decide lhal they're not going lo be let! Out of lhl* whole hurting *ccnc. And fall on you.
Large cannon lake more than |ud a pawing inlcrcvt and parrotv drop slightly vuvpccl homhi on you. Doe* one get the idea by now that there iv a tun? Hjni ol ranine** ui Scorpion?
Oul ol the harbour. U'v into ihe lown. Where everything a thrown al you. If you've been clever you'll have pyvfd up ome lumping ability and some serious bidircc- nonai firepower. .Advanced overkill, or whal? Frog*. Dog*. Vkullv. *naii* of a (ra-ta-tat-ta-iat) and more, all ¦ which can he vapourued with qhu~ ppmt Ceding killed produce* a Uinl produce a faintly euled room routine may cauve the delicate of to rcrj'hr an urgent call down the Greal White Telephone.
Tne action progrewe* in level two lo the lored - complete with rock- chucking trolls - then on to the ice lands. Digital Magic should keep this tnud dage well away mom the BBC the Oalek* area little loo lifelii.
Everything about Scorpion screams Quality and style, except tor the box illustration which is a little my. Tee game a a cany Giyrar cum Grom Beet hybrid with dcliciouviy large, fad character* and plenty of tug TbftUadd d m«j?oa*a'l£*4l*!ukn4£diS»:u*Si*riua£*at4tUBeadof*iGiie*eJ DMS may be a new voltware nou*e. Hut tho .» a very* polwncd product. There'* certainly no draw for the gentle type, hut if the Drain can be *wung into neutral. It'* highly therapeutic.
One thing, i! Or.'! T* caiy. *o Ihcre'v definite long lerm tillered here. The only ilighl problem i lhal you alary* redart at level one. Not al the highed you reached. A mere bagatelle to the dedicated con- Scorpion ha* made a laded reviewer very happy, and will he doing so for Quite some time to come Stewart C Ku**ell HELLO helpful hackers, before we start, an apology. There are a couple of problems with the Elite poke in our March issue, so it’s confession time.
The line: will be along as soon as possible.
Consciences cleared, now on with the pokes. To type them in have a formatted disc handy. Load Basic from the Extras disc which came with the machine. You should be using backups of both the Amiga discs - but then there are lots of good habits some of us never manage to get into.
When you have Basic loaded type the listing into the right-hand window and check it carefully. Save the listing on the disc you had ready and put the game disc into the computer.
Run the Basic program (use Start from the Run menu). The poke automatically runs the game. This will sometimes give an error. Don’t worry, just click on Cancel and the game will load.
Game Killer is not the place to study the workings of Basic, if you haven't used Basic before, a game It’s just a colon to you and me but to the Amiga it’s a syntax error. Even with this fixed you will have some problems if you have less than a meg. New pokes Premier program pokes Max “The Hacks” Tennant explains how to get your cheats working with some help from Justin Gavinovic ¦ H I N T S ¦ poke is not the best introduction.
Spend the next rainy Sunday with the Basic manual, your Amiga and a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits.
Work through the manual and discover how much fun programming can be.
The first poke gives infinite lives for Microdeal's |ug. This will produce an error when Ihe disc is inserted. Worry not.
Tot=0 FOR n*512000l TO 5121508 STEP 2 READ AS A=VAL('8h'*AS) tOt=tOt*A POKEH n,A:P0KEW (n*152),0 NEXT n IF tot’7668628 THEN GOTO section2 PRINT 'THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE DATA.’ END sect1on2: cheat*5120008 CALL cheat NEXT up, infinite lives for Gremlin Graphic's Deflektor. A brill game if ever there was one. No shooting, just simple optics. I'm sure Mr Debanham. My old physics master, would approve. When the disc is inserted you will get a disc error: as usual this should be ignored.
Last but not clich6d infinite lives for Last Duel from US Gold, and worra surprise - an error will be reported when the disc is inserted.
Tot=0 FOR n-327680G TO 3278141 STEP 2 READ AS AsVAL('0h**A$ ) tOt=tot»A POKEH n,A:P0KEN (n«134),0 NEXT n IF tot=722567l THEN 60T0 section2 PRINT 'THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE DATA.'
END section?: cheat=327680t CALL cheat DATA 6100,0B3E,337C,0002,00H,42A9 DATA 002C,237C,0000,0400,0024,48F9 DATA 0006,0000,234D,0028,4EAE,FE38 OATA 41FA,000A,2B48,0142,4EED,000C DATA 303C,6002,31C0,4756,31C0,4802 DATA 4EF8,08U,2C79,0000,0004,93C9 DATA 4EAE,FEDA,45FA,009C,2480,43FA DATA 0086,4EAE,FE9E,43FA,002E,4280 DATA 4281,41FA,0014,4EAE,FE44,43FA DATA 801E,45FA,006A,234A,000E,4E75 DATA 7472,6163,6664,6973,682E,6465 DATA 7669,6365 TTFN. More next month, keep your hints coming in. But please check them first. It is not unknown for unscrupulous gentlemen to send Atari hints which don't work on
the Amiga.
You know who you are.
R SOFTViLLE Public Domain UGA Collection BltfxilNS SOF Collection You have seen all Ihe other collections ot disks but never anything like these All are auto-boot , a are menu driven and very easy to use Available ONLY from Softville. A collection you must get1 MUSIC UUUS i 6 • Tn*s« d«ks are M ol greet muse. •!
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The best the Amiga Article Oddments man from the office down the corridor could come up with is his personal collection of obscure musical instruments, all guaranteed genuine.
The super subjects of stacks and subroutines was covered last month.
Most subroutines need data from the program that is calling them, be they a series of notes to play, characters to print or green creeping things to animate across the screen.
Until now it's been assumed that the data is passed in one or more of the 68K's copious collection of internal registers. At worst, the registers point to an area of memory that's used for data storage.
But alas, that's not how most programs work. For a start the chances are that you want to use some of those valuable registers to keep important information in and they’re not available for parameter passing. A parameter is what real programmers call data passed to a subroutine. If they just called it data, everyone would know what they were talking about.
ANOTHER problem is that it's quite possible that you want to shove more parameters at a subroutine than the 68K has registers.
This happens a lot in the Amiga, where the number of different things you have to tell the computer about the window you want to open gets into double figures.
So you stick all the data in memory and tell the subroutine where the memory is. Right?
Almost. If you choose just any bit of ram it would be a full time job to make sure that each subroutine has its own area. And if a subroutine gets called re-entrantly. The old information will be lost as the new data gets shovelled in.
What happens if the data is of Rupert Goodwins passes on some tips for using parameters instead of registers to get data into subroutines different lengths? You'd have no time left to practice your pibcom technique - Welsh pipe made from a sheep’s thigh bone - if you had to debug that lot. Still, allocating chunks Pihcnm of memory to each subroutine is a quick and easy method if you’re quite sure that it’s safe.
A good way to implement this is to stick all the parameters immediately after the bsr or jsr instruction although this leads to the complication that when the subroutine finishes the return address on the stack points to the parameters.
Unless you are peculiarly skilled in writing data that also happens to be valid 68k code, this will result in interesting yet fatal side effects as the processor comes across Whittle and Dub - a simple recorder with three holes and accompanying small drum
- and tries to run it. So the subroutine has to massage the
return address, like so: jsr blow.instruaent
dc. b 'Whittle and Dub", 10 ; progran will have to ; carry on
fro here.
BlovJnstrunent: eovee.l D0 A0-A3, -(»?) *** - («) novea.l 20(A?),A1 *** - (B) ; here have code to Oo Things to ; the data pointed to by A1.
Add.I 16,«1 *** - (0
• ovea.l A1,2I(A7) *** - (0)
• ovea.I (A7)*,D0 A8-AJ *** - (E) rts The instruction at (A)
saves five registers - DO, AO, Al. A2 and A3 - on the stack,
since we assume that whatever actually blows the instrument
will massacre these registers. At (B) we have five registers at
four bytes apiece, adding 20 bytes to the size of the stack, so
the address of the parameter is 20 bytes away from the current
stack pointer. We move the parameter's address into Al, where
it will be used.
THE parameter at (C) is 16 bytes long, so we add that to Al, This now points to the address after the string, which is where we want to resume running the original program.
(D) is where we stick the new return address back into the stack.
Finally, at (E) we restore all the old registers before returning.
This might appear clumsy, but it's not too difficult to get right and it’s easy to work out what is happening.
It is inflexible though, especially if you are not sure what you're going to be passing to the subroutine. The most popular way of passing parameters is to use the stack as temporary storage.
In fact it's so popular - unlike the ocarina, an egg-shaped instrument NOW OUT!
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2 Telephone: 091 565 5756 M with a number of finger holes - that Motorola designed a special pair of instructions to ease its use. Called link and unlk. They exist for the sole purpose of providing space on the stack without too much mental mangling.
Link needs two things, a register - usually an address register, called the frame pointer - and a negative number. First it pushes the register on to the stack, saving it for later. Then it copies the stack pointer into this register, effectively remembering where the stack is.
It needs to do this because it immediately adds the number to the stack pointer. The number needs to be negative because the 68K stack pointer gets smaller as it’s used - the stack grows down towards the beginning of memory.
SO after all this the stack pointer is a certain distance away from the frame pointer, which is marking where the stack pointer used to be.
But. As Prince Rheinhart said after the world’s first and last ocarina concert, why?
The space between the stack pointer and the frame pointer - called, with more bold imagination, the stack frame - can now be used for whatever the programmer desires.
It’s completely safe from being overwritten by subsequent stack operations, can be used by the subroutine itself to store and return data for the calling program, and can be released for re-use by the stack with the unlk instruction. This loads the stack pointer with the frame pointer and pops the original frame pointer’s contents from the old stack.
So, to pass three long words of data in DO, D1 and D2 to a subroutine... link A0, -12 ; Has to be -ve.
¦ove.l 00,-41*0) ; Stick D0 in, move.I D1,-8(A0) ; and 01, ¦ove.l D2,-12(A0) ; likewise D2.
Bsr play_ocarina ¦ove.l -8(A0),Dl ; Get the result, unlk In this case it might have been easier just to have passed the values in the registers, but it's quite possible that play-ocarina will need to use the registers itself to set things up before Ocarina it’s ready to look at the data. It also returns a value in the same stack frame, which the calling code retrieves and salts away in a register before continuing.
If you do end up writing machine code that has to link to someone else’s C program, you’ll find that passing parameters on the stack is the only way to communicate - a powerful and flexible method that can introduce some subtle errors when the wrong value is placed in the wrong place on the stack.
In fact a virus that almost paralysed America’s education and military computer network last year worked because it was designed to overwrite the stack frame that the intercomputer mail program provided for certain message data. After the data came the return address.
By writing too much data the rogue program was able to insert its own return address. The host computer unwittingly followed this false return address to instructions that duplicated the virus and sent it on to more computers.
LIKE viruses, and not entirely unrelated to them, there is another aspect of machine code programming that is usually glossed over, a subject that is considered almost bad taste by the cognoscenti as they discuss t-states and DMA timings over cups of Earl Grey to the strains of the Axolotl Nail Fiddle Quartet.
That subject is debugging.
It seems, according to rumour, that many people’s machine code efforts somehow fail to fire first time. In these enlightened days there is no need to be ashamed of writing buggy code. It’s no longer a crime, and many a haggerd hacker will relate with perverse pride tales of the early morning bug-fix.
Don’t let it happen to you. With simple precautions many mistakes can be caught before they happen and many more blatted in their infancy.
The far-sighted programmer buys an assembler with good trace facilities. Amiga Devpac is one such.
It lets you trace your program instruction by instruction, examining the register contents, the state of the stack and what’s in memory at each operation. Many bugs are content to give up almost without a struggle when faced with such sophistication.
AS you enter a loop which should display 10 South African marimbas or zapotecanos, you notice that the register which should hold the number 10 has instead got the result from the last keyboard check you did.
If you’re depending on a public domain program without any support, or the problem is happening somewhere but you're not sure where, a good technique to adopt is the debug trace.
This needs a routine which will send a character to the screen, printer or the serial port, according to the program under test. This routine should not change any registers or use any memory apart from the stack.
You should be able to throw in a: ¦ove.w 00,-(A7) ¦ove.b T,O0 bsr debug-routine display the char in 00.
¦ove.w (A7)*,O0 at any point without disrupting the code around it. If your assembler can cope with macros - a way of defining a single word to stand for a whole section of code, such as that above - then it’s a good idea to have a debug macro, like: debug T By placing a call to debug at the beginning and end of subroutines, especially with matching symmetrical outputs, the rogue routine can be found by a process of elimination. For example, having debug “ " at the beginning and debug " ’’at the end of a subroutine to receive a byte from the serial port, it will let you see whether the machine
is going into limbo during the reception, when a lonely " ” will be displayed or ?
4 afterwards, when *' " will be shown.
If the bugged code is destroying the screen, use a variant of the debug routine that writes to the printer or to the serial port, where your ZX Spectrum is doing sterling duty as a debugging terminal.
As useful, but in different circumstances, is a routine that displays the contents of a register. It doesn’t matter which, you can always copy the register you're really interested in into it before calling the routine, and it can provide a useful window on the internal workings of a subroutine.
Many bugs are a result of the program not setting up a value properly or a subroutine messing up a register that should be saved.
For example, many programs have a routine to wait for so many seconds before continuing. If your program does, and it seems lo stop working every so often, displaying the "time to wait” parameter as the wait routine is entered might show that you’re telling it to hang about for 25,000 seconds because you’ve used the same register to clear out some memory immediately beforehand.
Other common classes of machine code bug include the loop that never ends like the ocarina concert - because the register that you’re using to count the number of times through the loop is either never being decremented or being constantly reset. For instance: start-loop: ¦ove.w 10,00 bsr c tarion_ca11 subQ.w 1,00 bne start loop will run and run and run, whereas the very similar but muche correct: nove.w 10,D0 start-loop: bsr clari on_caIL subg.v 1,00 bne start-loop will behave itself. While those examples might seem plain daft - and there is no universal law of nature which prevents
people from writing daft code - when the loop is much longer and more involved, getting the label at the beginning out by one instruction is as easy as falling off an utricularium a Roman bagpipe.
In that case putting a routine to print out the value of DO just before the bne branch would reveal the problem in a trice.
And no, a trice isn’t a musical instrument. If you don’t own a trice, never be surprised if you can’t work out why your code is disappearing.
After all, many a program has vanished without a trice.
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3% 25 3.5’ DS-DD 135 TPI with 40 Capacity Lockable Storage
Box ..£22.95 35 3.5’DS-DD 135 TPI with 80
Capacity Lockable Storage Box ...01.95
453. 5' DS-D0 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage
Box ..07.95 55 3.5' DS-DD 135 TPI with 80
Capacity Lockable Storage Box .£44.95 65
3.5'DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity lockable Storage
Box_______________£49.95 75 3.5' 0S-DD135 TPI with 80
Capacity Lockable Storage Box ...£59 95 ALL
AND ARE SUPPLIED WITH LABELS HIGH DENSITY 5.25" DISCS 25 5 25* DSHD 16MD plus 50 box .....£23.99 50 5.25' DSHD 1.6Mb plus 100 box_________________________£44.99 100 5 25-DSHD 1.6Mb plus 100 box .04 99 High density discs are for IBM AT Compatibles etc)
3. 5" DS High Density box of
10 ..£21 99 BULK BUYERS 250
DSDD 5.25V ..£64.99 500 DSDD 5.25* £119.99 150 DSDD 3.5’
...£110.00 250 0S0D3.5’ £172.50 PRICE AND
QUALITY GUARANTEE All our Discs are top quality products and
are certified 100% error free. Should you ever see a
comparable product advertised in this magatme 8t a lower price
we will not match it we will
TELESALES HOTLINES: 0689-61400 Ail prices Include VAT and
Delivery UK only Supplied subject to availability. E OE
Climb inside the Group A Sierra Cosworth and prepare yourself
for the most realistic driving simulation ever Speed through
the ever-changing terrain, skid round hairpin bends and
experience the unbelievable graphical roller coaster effect as
you plunge down into the valleys and hurl up the next hill.
Take part in a TV interview to earn money for spares.
Visit the workshop to add extra lights for fog and night driving, and repair damage to your car. Every second counts as you race towards the finishing line will your skills measure up to the challenge?
With the previously snail-like Notepad. Mice and windows move very smoothly around, cursors fly across the screen, the Intuition system becomes even more of a pleasure to use and you begin to laugh at how slow the ST operating system is.
The 7MHz, 14MHz icon resets the clock speed. Occasionally programs will object to the faster mode and will require the slower clock speed to be selected before they will work properly. Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga also resets the clock speed.
The board provides space for a 68881 maths co-processor and a CONVENIENTLY forgetting the Amiga’s superior sound, graphics, custom chips and so on, ST owners often claim with glee that their machine is slightly faster than the Amiga. This is true, the ST's internal clock runs at 8MHz compared with the Amiga’s 7.16MHz. Installing the CMI Processor Accelerator (PA) pacifies the critics and lifts the Amiga into a different league.
It replaces the 8MHz 68000 central processor, the Amiga’s nerve centre, with a 16MHz 68000, which actually runs at 14.32MHz. The result is a considerable speeding up of everything the Amiga does.
The first task is to install the CMI board. You have to take out a few screws, lift the Amiga's lid, remove a metal shield, find the old 68000 chip, lever it out, put it in a safe, static-free place, fit the board by pushing its pins into the vacant 68000 socket and reassemble the case. Five minutes' work, no problem, even for technological illiterates.
Alas, life is not quite that simple.
As far as the Amiga is concerned, nothing has happened. Each time you reset it you must tell it that the CMI board is there using the programs supplied on the accompanying disc.
Let’s have a look at each one in turn.
CLICKING on the PA icon runs a program which puts the Amiga into 14MHz mode. There is a version which can be copied into the C directory of your boot-up disc and automatically run by typing PA into the Startup-Sequence file in the S directory.
There are several other simplified versions for use on discs with very little free space. Various parameters can be inserted after the PA command from CLI or from pulldown menus in Workbench which duplicate the effect of other icons.
Use any program and you'll immediately see the effect. They run considerably faster, the most noticeable difference I found being 12MHz crystal oscillator, both of which can be bought separately from an electronics supplier and pushed into the empty sockets before installing the board. Three programs
- InstallMC, InstallSBMC and RemoveMC - are provided. Although
the 68881 runs at a mere 12.5MHz, it speeds up mathematical
calculations by as much as 40 times.
In order to use the 68881 chip you are provided with two maths libraries
- already being shipped with Workbench 1.3 - and they should be
copied to your boot-up disc. Running the appropriate Install
program will then tell the Amiga that the 68881 is there and
any program which uses the maths libraries will use the 68881
Alternatively the 68881 can be selected from the pulldown menus after clicking the HA icon or by using the PAMS command from CLI or in your startup-sequence. Again, resetting the computer turns off the 68881.
A program called FPUlnstall (for Computer Program Time ZX Spectrum Brotty 38 mins Amstrad CPC Amsig 10 mins Amiga (no 68881) MandFXP 49 secs Amiga (with 68881) MandFXP 7 secs Mandelbrot timings Floating Point Unit) must be run, and the FPU library copied to your boot-up disc, before your Amiga will be able to handle, without crashing, multitasking programs which access the 68881.
Demonstrations are supplied. The first, SinePlot, shows off the 68881, if fitted, by drawing simple sine and cosine curves simultaneously. Boring? No, astonishing! Without the 68881 the program takes 54 seconds to run, with the 68881 it's two seconds. The second demo draws strange patterns involving polygons and is about twice as fast as before.
There is also a version of the quickest and best shareware program for plotting the Mandlebrot set which uses the new maths libraries. I can't get enough of such programs, there are literally scores in the public domain, but MandFXP does show off the 68881 to glorious effect. The figure above shows the shortest times taken by various programs to draw the entire Mandlebrot set on their respective computers.
MandFXP has full scaling, magnification and colour manipulation options and can also, given two parameters, draw Julia sets.
A superb program. Send some money ?
Lo the Canadian authors and you'll get the latest version with even more facilities.
Instruction files on the disc give more technical information than that available from the small but excellent manual, which gives you enough information to get started and plenty of help to the beginner.
Enthusiasts will be pleased to see the two hardware links on the board which allow 14MHz mode to be selected at power up or provide a fast rom mode, which slightly decreases rom access when the computer is running at 14MHz, thus speeding it even more. But the CMI Processor Accelerator is very expensive. It is only at its best when accessed from machine code or C. If you want to speed up a slow AmigaBasic program, you'll be disappointed. There will be a slight increase in graphics speed but even the AmigaBasic supplied with Workbench 1.3 doesn’t use the new libraries maths-heavy programs
won't run faster.
On the plus side, the board is simple to install, the software is easy to use and crashproof, desisting from doing silly things like frying to initialise the new 68000 when it isn’t fitted. The documentation is good and I haven't found a program which the board prevents from working, THE main problem is, what use is it? No doubt scientists and mathematicians will be grateful for the co-processor when they are trying to solve ‘orribly complicated equations, but most mortals will find their vanilla Amiga fast enough.
Still, it was a pity I had to send it back.
REPORT CARD CMI Processor Accelerator £179 68881 Maths co-processor £109.25 Amiga Centre Scotland 031-557 4242 EASE OF USE.. Five minutes work, no problem, even for technological illiterate.
SOFTWARE.. Easy to use and crashproof. Doesn't do silly things like initialising the new 68000 when it isn’t fitted.
SPEED |_ Really only at its best when accessed from machine code or C. You'll be disappointed if you want to speed up a slow AmigaBasic program.
Mm VALUE.. Very expensive, especially with the maths co-processor.
Most mortals will find their vanilla Amiga fast enough.
(021) 643 9100 BIS DUNGEON MASTER EDITOR Bashing your heed
characters against a dungeon wall?
At last, the answer is here to all those frustrating late nights!
The Dungeon Master Editor from Softex Create shortcuts, new passages etc. Open doors without keys!
Remove secret doors!
Print out maps of all fourteen levels!
Also includes the revised "Way of the Firestaff" with the "List of Spells", Character Attribute Chart, even more hints and tips and a brand new set of maps.
£9.95 (Disk & Book P&P £1.00) Available for the Amiga and Atari ST MIDLANDS 212-213 Broad Street, BIRMINGHAM, B15 2JP Tel: (021) 643 9100 For the best In Service & Support, visit our Regional Branches SOUTH 9 Exeter Street,(The Viaduct), PLYMOUTH, Devon, PL4 9AQ Tel: (0752) 265276 r GIVE YOUR AMIGA THAT PROFESSIONAL TOUCH WITH A DIGIVISION MULTI-FREQUENCY COLOUR DISPLAY MONITOR Choose between: ? THE MAGUS: A high performance, 20" multi-frequency desktop monitor for only £1,100 (half the price of many comparable performance monitors).
? THE AUTOSYNC 12": A high resolution, 028 dot pitch, metal cased multifrequency monitor; an ideal first or second monitor for the professional Amiga user tor only £399 (usualty £975).
Our multi-frequency monitors are ideal for use with products such as Flicker Fixer*.
?THE CD12: A very high resolution 1T metal cased, single frequency monitor, ideal for the first time Amiga user giving quality colour graphics and word processing, for only £199 (usually £886) Connection leads available at £17.00, all prices exclude VAT and postage (postage is £19.93 for the 2(T and £14.78 for the 121.
EE Distributor Enquiries Welcome For further information contact: Judi Ogilvy, Digivision Ltd, 163 Parker Drive. Leicester LE4 0JP Tel: 0533 351224. Telex: 341382. Fax: 0533 350069 ‘Flicker hiti it aregistaradTrada Mark of Microwty Inc. Designed and made in Britain W MJ Public Domain Software for the Amiga from £3 per disk all inclusive ? Over 500 disks!
? Membership not necessary ? Fast service Our own special selection £4.00 Each Wa have one ol the largest collections ol PD eoltwafe lor the Amiga In the UK.
* LI? T _______ JUAGES Lisp. Prolog. Logo. Forth O APDL 8 AMIGA
DISK DOCTOR Life saving programs!
O APDL 14 SeST ARCADE GAMES O APDL «15 BEST BOARD GAMES Backgammon. Otheto, Yahtzee etc O APDL 17 BUSINESS COLLECTION Editor, spreadsheet & database O APDL 22 MUSIC BOX 12 Great Tunes O APDL 30 USEFUL UTILITIES O APDL 35 NASA DIGI-SLIDESHOW O APDL 36 EDUCATIONAL COLLECTION Write or Phone lor a FREE List We also have O PANORAMA 1-71 O AUGE 1-25 O T-BAG 1-23 2 catalogue disk seta available at C5 aach which give details of the above collections HARDWARE; CUMANA EXTERNAL DISK DRIVE £88.95 AMIGA A500 £355 AMIGA B2000 £995 DISK DRIVE £99.95 All prices are fully Inclusive of VAT PD Software now
available for C64 128 Please write or phone for a list.
* JOIN THE CLUB! Interested In Joining our user club?
Write or phone for details * THE AMIGA PD LIBRARY Dept AC6,140 Rushdale Road, Sheffield S8 9QE PD Hotline 0742-588429 (9am-9pm) AmigaTEX AmlgaTEX provides a powerful alternative In document preparation. It enables you to typeset complex or long documents, especially those of a technical nalure such as user manuals or journal papers. It gives you true typeset quality with kerning, ligatures, full floating accents, mathematical and technical symbols and the ability to produce tables and special formats. AmigaTEX will accept input from any text editor or word processor and with its built-in
screen previewer, a document formatter of mainframe power becomes available.
Also included with AmigaTEX are LaTEX - a document formatter with dozens of preformed styles, SliTEX - a slide generating macro, and BibTEX - a bibliography database program. AmigaTEX is fully file compatible with other versions of TEX.
Printer drivers are available for most printer types and the complete set of Computer Modern Fonts is Included. A companion program METAFONT is available for those who wish to create new fonts or modify existing ones.
AmigaTEX is £125 and printer driver sets (laser series, Epson FX series, NEC P6 and Epson LO series, HP DeskJet) are priced at £75 each. METAFONT is £50.
All prices include VAT and carriage.
Access and Visa accepted.
For further details and free demo disk write or call: THE TEXT FORMATTING COMPANY 14 OSBALDESTON ROAD, LONDON N16 7DP TEL: 01-806 1944 FORM MASTER Simply Racing Ahead Don't Just believe us about Form Master here are some of our testimonials.
"I have purchased hundreds of systems over the last forty years and Form Master is by far the most brilliant system. Since Christmas I am showing a profit of some C4O0. My profit from date of purchase is £1200.'v
M. Lancaster. Leicestershire 29.1.89 "Form Master does what is
claimed for it and finds good priced winners in competitive
betting markets
P. Jones. Gwent 6.12.88 "The first time I used Form Master I had
a 12 1 winner and I have never looked back. I am currently
showing a profit of £500 Form Master is averaging 50% winners
and leaves other tipping services in its tracks. I won't bo
without it."
T. Rixon. Shropshire 13.2.89 "I had a number of winners within a
week of using the system and in the last seven days I have not
placed a losing bet. You can imagine how delighted I am."
R. Newton. Isle ol Man 10.3.89 Form Master has averaged a 43%
success rate over the National Hunt Season to date. Confirmed
figures. Don't be in the losing seat for the flat season
order Form Master now.
Available on IBM PC, Atari ST, Amiga and all well Known computers.
ORDER FORM MASTER direct from Cascade Systems using any major Credit Card or by cheque.
To order by Credit Card simply call our 24 hr ORDERLINE on 0423 504663 at £9999 including VAT. Post and Packing.
PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD Name _ Address SPECIAL OFFER £20 off RRP Cascade Systems Ltd . 1-3 Haywra Crescent. Harrogate.
North Yorkshire Hgl 5BG Registered No 2222612 DRAGONS LAIR BUNDLE Uragon 5 Lai* !1 Meg) f35X Sword al Soden £1SX BOP £21 X Dungeon Master 18X F16 Falcon £ 1c X Hostages £18 50 Blunder blade £18 50 Faery Tale Adv £1850 Interc eptor £1750 Star Glider 2 Pioneer P’ague £18 5C £18 50 Site £18.00 UMS l io du £18 50 Chessmaster 2000 . ....£17.50 Photon Paint____________ Sculpt 30 ..... ....£50.00 ....£65.00 Print Master Plus____________ ....£40.00 Joysticks from ... ......£9.00 Mouse Mats from . ......£5.00
¦---------------------------------£500 I MIXED BAG I LEISURE Languages HiSoft Basic .... £65 Assem Pro™ ________ £39 AC-Fortran_______________________________£230 Devpac___________________________________£40 Aztec C Developer ....£224 Metacomco Shell_____________ O?
Metacomco Toolkit _______£30 lattice CV4.0___________________________£130 DATABASES dB MAN __________ £110 Acquisition V1.3F £240 Superbase Personal 2...... £70 Superbase Professional £180 DESKTOP PUBLISHING - DTP Shakespeare ______________________£110 Publishers Choice______________ ,£85 Publisher Plus ...„.£75 Publishing Partner Prof ......£110 Horae Publisher . £19 City Desk VI ,1______________________________£75 WE DON'T JUST SELL EQUIPMENT WE PROVIDE PERSONAL SERVICE CHECK THESE PRICES FOR BRANDED VERBATIM Genuine branded Kodak &
Verbatim discs at Rock bottom prices.
Now you don’t have to compromise!
A500 with Modulator .. £377 A1084S Colour Stereo Monitor £280 A500.A1084S Bundle .... £580 A501 Half Meg Expansion .... £128 A2000 + A1084S .. ....£1375 Amiga A10101 Meg W
Drive . PRINTERS & PERIPHERALS £130 Xerox 4020 ink jet Printer Amiga MPS1500C Colour Printer......
- ---------------------------£990 £274 NEC P2200 24 pm NEC PS
Plua 24 pm
- -£387
- ------f640 r psor iawx Lot viatru Futuresovod ---------£277
£155 Genlock (8802! Lor A500 f750 Sordid Sampler ---- .
Midi Master
- -------------£45 no (A500. Modulator.
A 501 Expansion.
Dragon’s Lair}__
5. 25' VEREX Double S Double D 5.97
5. 25“ VEREX Double S Quad D T8.97
5. 25“ DATALIFE or KODAK 1.6 Meg 97
3. 5' DATALIFE or KODAK DS DD £11.97
3. 5' DATALIFE or KODAK DS DD £28.97 All price* per box of 10
includng VAT. Order* o er £39 sent CARRIAGE FREE next day
delivery, else add 39p per box. First Class postage. FREE
'Filofax' 3.5“ disc clip with any order for this type Just
Phone in your VISA or ACCESS No. To: 0903 770044 orders during
business hours 0903 776000 24 hour answerphone orders 0903
775656 FAX. Or send cheque P.O. to: DOCTOR SOFT DISC SUPPLIES,
P.O. Box
66. East Preston, West Sussex BNI6 2 T X Are you new to the
Amiga, finding it difficult harness the power of amazing
computer ?, then what you need is help from the largest group
of enthusiasts in the world.
Members receive: ft Excellent discounts on software ft Technical support and on line help ft Superb hardware reductions ft A bi-monthly newsletter of over 60 pages!
Ft Access to a PD library of over 300 disks ft Use ot the groups Amiga only bulletin board ft Discounts on books Wa might NOT bo the cheapost, but onco you try us, wo think you'll find us onaoflha BEST.
All Prices INCLU0EVAT.
Individual software sent by Special Delivery. Computers. Monitors etc. sent by coulter sendee. Please phone for carnage, P*P rales.
This Is lust a small sample, we can supply ALMOST ANYTHING FOR ANY COMPUTER. Give us a ting for anything you need, or even lor help with compular related problems. We always do our best lo help the mosl Important person In Ihe company, YOU, the customer.
DATABRAIN LTD, 52 Idlecomba Road, Tooting. London SW17 STB
etdme ot going to press, butmay change without nodes.
Please ring tor the latest prices AMIGA DON'T HESITATE - JOIN NOW and start to appreciate what Amiga computing is all about.
For further details write, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to: The U.K. Amiga User Group, 66, London Road, Leicester. LE2 0QD.
Or Telephone: _Leicester (0533) 550993_ fii) 01 -323 4461 01-636 8371 Fax 01-2551591 E3 CAVENDISH DISTRIBUTORS Ltd, Computers: Sales, Services and Training AMIGAS Amiga A500 ...£299 Amiga A2000 .POA
3. 5
1MB £75
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Amiga 1084
...£230 NEC
Multi Synic II £389
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Col £205 Star
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Citizen 1200
Olivetti DM105
Col .....£149 HP Laserset
II ..... Epson
GQ3500 ... .POA
.POA Panasonic
HL8 ... .POA Olympia
Laser 6 . .POA
Olivetti 1 aser .
.POA VIDEO + SOUND Genlock....
.£230 Polaroid
Plate ..... ...£1400 RCA
Adjustable Stand .. ...£15 VD3
Frame .. .POA
...£69 Pro Sound
Designer .. ...£60 Sound
Sampler .. ...£40
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Page POA Page
Setter ....POA
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Deluxe Paint
III .....POA K-Spread
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Studio ..POA
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LONDON W1 9AF Telephone: 01-323 4761 Fax: 01-255 1591 Showroom
at C.D.L. Systems, 85 Tottenham Court Road, London W1 Mall
Order Welcome Many otters at Show Prices Education and
Government Sale Phone 01-323 4761 Ex VAT Export Welcome A PS
MA IL ORDER 78 Mjrih Lane. Mill Hill. London NW7 4NX Tel:
01-906 3572 Fax:01-202 1538 '¦'*! »J00 Pack
A .ins.V) taiga 2000 CPU . Ut board....E
9fiO.CC Aulga A XXI Fu.k B .£188.00 *. Abov*
-1th 1WAS maltor. .E12M).fX Ulga AV00 P.,k
Co-proe.aor ....C12VO.OO AilU *VJI P.ck
D .(518.CO A2090 Skb A 1«. Hard drl.*..l
400.00 iTi? ?2)V,r-l,‘U* f"k ....C4W.CC A2010 Int.lab
1.5“ dlafc 4....l 130.00
* '? 'A C. n.luH ......C130.CC A2088 1C IT B.idg. Board I
* 1010 Ut.lab 1.3- dl•b .t ....C133.CO A2092 Jhb MS-DOS
Hard d I 320.00
* r can auk* -r aat p-b ol taiga., to aalt roar o pei.oa.1 M.
PLRASE UK TO UTT IIS m IOC* UwlKBODfTS , k , r.Mp «¦ nan Coun.
|.b 1.3 ...7..7l 93.00 Cuma* tab 3.25-(no pau) C
113.00 Supra 2lta*.lUr4 .1333.00 Supra
Jca»*.lt.rd drlvo 1 373.00 tadrl.e Waag.lUrd
drive .....1430.00 Surra 6*Weg.Har4 drlva I *». *
* A choice from up lo 4096 colours
* A Itorary ot Wpe Fade elfects and Bolder (mask) patterns lor
use with genlocked video.
ni» '0M3OCC Colon .1267.(0 Citlian 1200 2 FT.*r*taa)...l 160.CO tpaon Ubee 1233.00 Mlrro P MP165. 1 195.00 Micro P CPU ICO 24 pi ... *K P2200 Pln-rltM 24plo....I 340.99 »K H6. 24 pin ....1340.ee IK P7. 24 pin .1 663.00 Slat UIO. ....1199.99 CltlMg HQP43 24»ln ...I 199.CO Salkosha SUB0AI 24pla (239.99 Suikouha SP-I80AI .....I 120.00 Mr burr a »ld. Ia»gr of printer accaaaorlaa lacl.nheei feeder a. colour Uta. A«c OfAPHlC TABUT5 T1DB1 4 S0UW PI ta.yl
Dm mg 44 C.rap.labial .1269.1C 3 Crap.Tablet .1 459. K V Handy Scanner tTpa 2) .1192.99 Canon 11-12 Scanner ...I--- Pro Soort Deaigner Cold ......C 69.99 Applied Vlaloaa Fuluruaouud..1 133.(0 Olgl Vie. Cold V3.0 ...1113.00 Baanl VJ403 B « H Video Caa..l 2CO.Ce "'"‘I" ..... 99.99 Polaroid Palette ......1I600.CO Oman 2 aodea .....1 6 F Pate Sarlca Foar 212JS 1 239.99 Para Serlea Foar 1200S 1342.00 Par. Sarlm Foar 2406 1 423.00 Minor Miracle* W52CC0 .1110.00 Minor
Mlr.VSVXO Xtl bla I 330.00 ta.trad SM2440 O-d atndnrd .1233.00 Linnet V21 V2J .l U5.0O au. Runs ut. Rasm of v.a.t “* •l“’ -«l “«»• Aaatrad. Ca-bridg. Co.put.ra. Pa loo alt. Ao p|..M ,la, to find the beat poaalble price, on northing. There U too nch aoltaare to lint, but whatever la aivertlaed lo thla aagarlve elaewhera, -a can obtain at probably a batter price. We alao oiler a epeclal gorthate deal - II you bar aa,thing frna ua,
- h-ther It la a plate ol aoft-ar' that toata 113.00 or a piece
ol hardware coating
1300. 00, on ail tutu., purrhaaea -e .111 gi„ . .p.,„| dlacount.
Tou d=-‘. Have to par to t-cc-e a amber ol thla clab aallka
ao aany other.. APS MAIL ORDER 78 Manh Lane. MiU Hill.
LenAai NW7 4NX Tel: 01-906 3572 Fax: 01-202 1538 Open 7 dap
a week, 24 hour* a day TIME .
______________________________ ________ FUNCTIONS * A
stopwatch wilh ofXions such as day-and-date. Frame display
etc. TEST * A suite ot standardised test FACILITIES Eg.
Crosshatch, Testcard, TITLING * A Mam screen tiller wrth
multi-colour font operation
* A Scroll tiller with smooth vertical and horizontal scrolling.
* A Subtdler with colour Logo and text Cut. Fade and Print
* 20 high-quakly toms, with Bold, hake & Undert.no styles and
Outline Drop-shadow rendering options.
* Overlay over live video or over background picture tiles (IFF)
generated by a paint package or a video kgit.ser4rame-grabber
* Importing Exporting ol Fonts tolrom other packages.
VIDEOSTUDIO produces an interlaced output directly compatible with all VCR formats & Tvs and may be used with or without a gentock It requires an Amiga A500'1000 or 2000 computer with 2 dttk drives and 1 Mbyle of memory.
* Customisable. Station Clock and broadcast style VTR staitclock.
VIOEOSTUOHO » avaUUo new lor___________________________ AMIGA GENLOCK DEVICES
M. rtgeo (tor Bit* homo usor)
______________________________________ Rondal 46802 (For »w
pro son* pro) . G2 VdeoCentor
proiMakmal Gordoc* (The G2 a S VHS compau* . Has menial
FaOenmmn cafl tor avaUe«ln.)
GENLOCKS + SOFTWARE Mmgon - Vooc*»j(So soltware
M. ngen . Vooo Gononc Waster Twtna soffraro on •" « P-994 A300,
Rendalo 48806 Prolessiona Siudo Quality Genlock • V-leokiudo
AMIGA HARD DISKS Anx»he 4500 «0M6
____________________ A500 20Mb hard da* (Auloboot) . 2Mb ll
Other Amga produc* are avadablo. Sen.
MAZE TECHNOLOGY 20 Woodlands Road, Walthamstow E173LE yMail order only__01-520-9753.
Mzn MINIMUM ORDER VALUE O VERSUS MfDW DtSTRIBUTOM LTD £7.50 25 £29,50 50 £49.00 100 £89.00 200 £175.00 500 £375.00 DSDD 135 Tpl COLOURED DSDD 135 Tpl £39.50 £74.50 £140.00 £260.00 Quality Disks supplied with Labels YU-S25 PRINTER STAND Made of molded piasBc. Feeds and refolds paper undernealh the printer, takes up har *y more space than the prmtar nselt.
YU-S25A: tor 80 col printer £27.90 YU-S25B: for 132 cd. Printer £32.50 MOBILE PRINTER STAND SDL 11" x 9" HIGH QUALITY MOUSE PAD WITH NON SLIP RUBBERISED BACKING £4.90 TOP BRAND DISKS Brand DSDD DSHD 135T PS 2 Sony £17.50 £38.50 Datalife £16.50 £35.50 Dysan £17.50 £45.00 3M £17.50 £45.00 Maxell £15.50 £39.50 Price per box of 10 disks 1 DISK STORAGE BOXES
3. 5" 50 £6.75 SELF ADHESIVE. CONTINUOUS PACKED 2000 1.2 Of 3
across 3' ,x1V £10.90 4x1’ ,," £11.90 TOP QUALITY BULK DISKS
CERTIFIED AND GUARANTEED FREE 100 Cap. Lockable disk box wilh
gsm 2000 £ 16.90 A4 11V, x 9 V, 85 gsm 1000 £14.90
3. 5- 100 £8.90 All Storage Boxes are with Lock an0 come with 2
3. 5' Amctrad 825&L03500 £3.90 A mtrad DMP 20000160 C2.75 Amstrad
DMP 4000 £4.50 Citizen 1200 £4.25 Canon PW 1080 £4.25 Epson LO
800 £3.90 Epson LX 8086 £2.90 Epson MX-FX RX80 FX IX800 £2.90
NEC P2200 £4.50 Panasonic KXP 1081 £4.50 Star NL10 £3.90
StarLClO £3.90 Star LC10 Colour £7.90 Star LC24-10 £4.50
Shlnwa CP 80 MS £4.50 Most other makes of Printers Ribbons
available, please call for prices. Dust covers for above £4.50
Available in RS232 or Centronics 2-Way £19.50 4-Way £25.50
3-Way £22.50 Cross Over £27.50 BUY DIRECT FROM DISTRIBUTORS
Height adjustable basket for output paper & base sheff tor mput paper Seff assembly - includes castors.
80 column £57.50 132 column £74.50 Parallel pnnter buffer memory with copy bypass and reset.
3. 5* £3.50 ENDERING methods and their performances are the most
discussed subjects of animation.
Phrases like ray-tracing, painter’s algorithm and .-buffering are bandied around and much is made of the ins and outs of the various techniques.
Making movies In truth, the turning of abstract data into hard pictures is the most automated and uncreative part of the whole process. The raw data the Tenderer will use to generate the final sequence is where creativity can be applied.
Sam Littlewood ends his series by casting a little light on ray-tracing Even though rendering is less creative, it still tends to occupy a large amount of the time involved in building a sequence. Different packages will produce varying styles of picture, and take radically different times to finish the job.
The current buzzword for rendering packages is ray-tracing. The Amiga is just fast enough to make this technique viable for those with an ample supply of patience and a trouble free electricity supply.
Packages that employ ray-tracing are Sculpt-3D and Turbo-Silver.
The system is particularly good at modelling the effect of lighting, including the properties of semitransparent and reflective objects.
This accounts for the plethora of glass and silver ball pictures in existence.
There are cases where most ray- tracers will fall down. For instance, in real life a sphere does not cast a uniform shadow, it will be some refraction of the light source, possibly focused to a point. Using a ray-tracer the sphere will cast a uniform shadow.
CREATIVE use of shadows is an effective technique if a ray- tracing Tenderer is available. An example is the Kahnankas or Newton's Cradle movie. The lampshade puts everything but the subject in shadow.
Sculpt-3D has a relatively simplistic ray-tracer and can quite easily account for a day of processing for one image. Turbo-Silver uses better techniques to reduce the rendering time of the same scene into something around an hour.
The other side of this is that Sculpt- 3D has been available for some time and has a good user interface. Turbo- Silver is more recent and far less work has been put into modelling and animation, the areas that you have to use to design the data for the final picture.
To make an analogy with cars, Sculpt-3D is a somewhat underpowered luxury vehicle whereas Turbo-Silver is a shopping trolley fitted with a racing V8.
BEFORE ray-tracing was researched and became practical, people were quite happily producing images and animations with other rendering techniques. A scene to be rendered will be built out of a set of geometric primitives, whether it is to be ray-traced or otherwise.
Ray-tracing involves chasing the path of every ray of light from the eye through a pixel and finding where it hits, where it bounces off and where it is split or bent.
A simpler method is to take each primitive, for example polygons, work out the area each occupies in the final picture and fill those areas with each object's colour. The process has to take into account the relative distance of objects from the eye.
This technique can be used to ?
Generate images in real-time. However the realism is not overpowering.
Objects turn out a constant colour, irrespective of lighting, and there are none of the shadows or reflections that would be present in a real life scene.
Techniques can be applied to this style of rendering to add some of these effects, but they reduce the speed and increase the complexity. Videoscape-3D and Forms-in-Flight are good examples of rendering by this method where the images are produced in seconds.
There are new versions of both packages which increase the realism but reduce the speed. Adding realism is hard work.
Which technique is better? It depends on what you want. The example movie talked about in earlier RAY-TRACING Advantages The effects of reflection and refraction are taken into account.
Lighting from one or more sources results in realistic reflections off surfaces.
The lighting model includes shadows. These are correctly cast and can be from one or more sources.
Disadvantages The most noticeable feature of most ray-tracing programs is that they take an excessive length of time to do their work.
It is difficult to write a fast ray- trace routine.
Articles has only been rendered using the simplistic painter's algorithm or polygon splating. The prospect of rendering 50 frames using the ray- tracer is less than appealing.
There are other considerations. The objects in the movie were never designed to look like real life, and features such as reflection or refraction are not part of the storyline.
Even using this method, each frame of the movie takes around 15 minutes to render on a standard Amiga. In total, the movie takes well over two hours to produce.
THE movie was produced using Sculpt-3D, because it has a sensible user interface. It would have been nice to have the speed of rendering given by Turbo-Silver, but the design would have been far harder.
Animation can cover a whole host of rendering sins. Ultra-realistic rendering is only worth it if that is the point of the picture.
Or if there is a spare Cray knocking around.
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Software failure I FEEL I must write in to correct an error which appeared in the Assembler tutor in March's issue. Mr Rupert Goodwins refers to the 68000 instruction MOVEQ which he incorrectly states moves an immediate number of value 0-7 into a data register. The number range is of course -128 to 127 IE - a signed byte, not an unsigned nybble.
I work as a software engineer programming in Fortran and Z8002 assembler, and as a professional I am bemused at the current fashion of "Basic bashing" in favour of C. I seem to remember the same sort of thing happening in the early mid 80s with Forth. Anyone remember Forth? Languages come and go, but Basic and Cobol remain, so don't knock it guys.
I do not own an Amiga but am seriously considering buying one and have a couple of questions. 1. What is the difference between an Amiga A2000 and an Amiga B2000? 2. What are the advantages of owning the 2000 instead of the 500.
I intend to add a modem, another
0. 5 1.5 meg memory and add at least one extra disc drive. As I
see it, I could buy these extras with the 500 and pay about
the same as I would have done for the 2000.
Having said that, 1 have an unexpandable C 64 at home gathering dust. OK its storage is expandable but not performance, and I don’t want to fall into the same trap with the Amiga.
Roland Casewell, Birmingham.
Forth is slill alive and living in Fulham. We don 'I think that C will disappear, and suspect Cobol will only live as long as the need to maintain existing programs.
The 82000 has superseded the A2000. Although the front of the box still says A2000. The H has a full megabyte of ram on the main hoard while the A has half a meg on a card.
This means that you have one less slot on an A. but upgrading to 1.5 meg is just a matter of plugging in extra chips.
The B2000 has a composite video connector, the A2000 doesn 7. Amiga 82000s run slightly faster having xero wait state ram compared with the A's one wait state. The enhanced chip set won't work with A2000s.
Buy a 2000 if you are likely to expand your system. Commodore has stated an intention to provide upgrades for the 82000 so that whatever hardware comes out for the Amiga, and whatever it does in terms of new Amigas in future years. 82000 owners will he able to upgrade by slotting in a card.
Hard drives for the 2000 can run faster and are cheaper. Ram expansion beyond 1 meg is easier. A video slot allows special peripherals like programmable genlocks and flicker fixers to he used.
The most important advantage is the ease with which you can add a faster processor. Commodore's A2620 costs £1,400 and speeds the machine up around four times. Expansion on the A500 is possible, but it is nowhere near as easy. There are are no internal modems for the A2000 but you might be interested in adding a serial card.
Digitise and emulate I HAVE been using an Amiga A500 for quite a while now. My dad is a professional programmer and has told me how to write in C and Basic, the latter not being of any use for programming. I own Photon Paint and 1 am producing quite good pictures.
I am starting on my first game and need a video digitiser. I cannot afford one so I was wondering if it is possible to hire one for a fortnight or so.
Is there any way I can obtain compatibility with an IBM PC? All I need to run is WordPerfect 5.0 and Procomm. If this is not possible, is Write to: The Editor. Amiga Computing. 78-84 Ongar Road.
Brentwood. Essex. CMI5 9BG.
We'll send the writer of the best letter each month a program from our goodie dra wer.
There a viewdata split baud rate MicroLink-compatible terminal emulator.
Nicholas Loman, Brighton, East Sussex.
We are sure Mr Casewell would have something to say on your views of Basic and C. While it is easy to hire a video camera from a local television shop, we don 7 know of anyone who rents out digitisers.
Try your local Independent Commodore Products Users Group (ICPUG), someone there might be able to help. Biggin Hill is the nearest branch, call John Bickerstaff on 01-651 5436 after 8.30pm for details.
If you do hire a camera make sure it has the right outputs, normally composite mono.
Commodore has The Transformer which offers a degree of PC compatibility but WordPerfect 5.0 is a big program, it may not fit in a 1 meg Amiga with the Transformer and even if it does it is bound to be disgustingly slow.
A better solution would be to buy a proper copy cf Wordperfcct 4.1 for the Amiga and a copy of Dos to Dos to read IBM discs. The Ruby comms software does all you want, contact Y2 on 0923 50161.
Infected IF by some unfortunate circumstances I get the dreaded Byte Bandit virus, how would I get rid of it? Your answer to this question may be to use a virus killer, but if the Byte Bandit virus affects all discs put in the internal disc drive, wouldn’t it infect the virus killer disc?
As I use the Scribble! Word processor I would like to know how to print in colour. The printer I have is the Star LC10 colour.
R. Fernandes, Thornton Heath, Surrey.
Even if the disc with the virus checker becomes infected it should still be able to repair itself. It is worth noting that viruses only become active when you start up the system with an oSSfci COME 2 Williams Clowes Street I TO THE Burslem Ipact-la PROFESSIONALS!!!! Stoke on Trent v aauc _ st6 3ap Software E5 NOW TAKEN Jel: 0782 575043 AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS SPECIAL OFFERS SPECIAL OFFERS Bards Tale ..7.50 Marble Madness ...7.50 Sky Fox 2 ...7.50 Academy ....9.95
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2+ ..7.95 Spitting Image ..6.95 Shanghai ...4.95 Maniax 6.95 Superman ..8.95 Zynapps .....7.95 Eliminator ..6.95 Circus Games ...6.95 Winter Olympiad '88 ....6.99
N. Mansells G. Prix 5.95 Rocket
Ranger 18.95 Bermuda
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Goose .7.95
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Golf .....9.95
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Quest ......8.95 Strike Force
Harrier ......6.99 Foundations Waste ......8.95
Romantic Encounter ....6.95 Black Jack
Academy ....5.95
E. C.O ...5.95 City
Defense ......4.95 Fortress Underground 4.95
Precious Metal Xenon, Crazy Cars, Captain Blood, Arcanoid 2
£17.95 The Music Studio ..9.95 Black Shadow
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IV ..15.95
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Custodian 14.50 War In Middle
Earth ...15.95 Lords Of Rising Sun ..21.99 The
Running Man ......15.95 Bio
Challenge ..13.95 Hawk
Eye .15.95
Vigilante ...10.95 We offer a fast
reliable service Cheque's P.O's to: CASTLE SOFTWARE Any games
not listed phone our Hotline now on 0782 575043 infected disc.
Use VirusX. Which is available from most public domain libraries, it can be run at the same time as Scribble!
And so check every disc you use automatically.
To use the LC10 in colour mode select the JXBO driver from preferences.
Colour confusion 1 HAVE an Amiga 500 with lmeg of memory and a second drive. I want to buy a colour printer, but I would like a good one. 1 am willing to spend up to £500.
1 heard about a colour printer at £120, the Okimate 20. What I would like to know is how good is it and could I get a lot better for under £500.
Richard Roberts, London.
Unless you are prepared to spend thousands of pounds the output from colour printers is disappointing.
Ribbon type printers, which arc the cheapest to run, give the poorest quality. The Oki gives goods quality and is cheap but it is very slow and expensive to run.
Ink jet printers offer the best of both worlds but fall outside your budget. For more details we reviewed the Okimate 20 and the Star LC-10 colour printers in the July 1988 issue, and the Citizen HQP-40 in January.
Back issues are available for £2.10, contact the mail order department on 051-357 2961.
Poke problems I'M going crazy. I have been trying for days now to use the cheat pokes you so kindly publish for those of us who would like to see what the screens on many of the games look like, the screens which are beyond some of our playing capabilities and skills.
But I cannot get to grips with my machine. Do I need some kind of magical hardware device to enter these pokes or can you enter them using the Workbench 1.2? If so, please explain in detail or write to me in person because I'm itching to use them - I have so many lying around.
Peter Jackson, Tyne and Wear.
You need to type the program into Basic from the Extras disc which came with the machine. Save the program, check it very carefully and then run it. If you have problems see if you can find someone who knows Basic and get them to help.
Under control I HAVE built a small robot and control circuit at home and want to connect it to my Amiga 500. All I need are five output lines, three input lines, a ground line and a +5 volts line. I would like to know how to connect it and how to control it.
Would I use the expansion socket? All information gratefully received.
Alexander Kerr.
Downton, Wiltshire.
The parallel port provides all the signals you need, but the poor little power supply can't cope, so use a battery for power. You'll still have control if you use a common ground.
The parallel port has a programmable CIA.
Your best bet is to buy a copy of the Commodore Addison Wesley Hardware Reference manual £22.95 from 16 Bit Software f0706 43519).
Ignore comments about waiting for an updated version. It is still being proofread, so is some months away.
Even then wheels at Addison Wesley UK grind so slowly it will take ages to make the trans-Atlantic hop.
Listen up I WAS wondering if there are any non-Midi music packages, in which you enter the music in stave form, and the sound comes straight out of the monitor speaker itself without the need for extra hardware? I am looking for a reasonably sophisticated one.
Ben Jacobs.
Try Sonix from HB Marketing 0895 444433 Sprechen too soon?
REFERENCE the article written in March’s Amiga Computing by Max Tennant Sprechen Sie Amiga - just who the hell does he think he is? Am I right in saying the Amiga developers' conference was held over a couple of days? If so. How can he fully appreciate what a country has to offer from the inside of a hotel conference room?
1 presume none of the developers brought any games with them for Max to play so he got the hump, resorting to slagging off the country.
After all he can't lay into the conference members, they wouldn't let him back in again would they?
Then where would he go for a nice little break?
I spent nine and a half years in Germany - no I wasn’t in the Forces - and I can therefore categorically repudiate his allegation that it is the second most boring country in Europe. Belgium isn't that bad either.
If he’d spent more than a few days in the place he would have found that out for himself. I trust he has been to all the other countries in Europe to help qualify his opening paragraph.
I should think Spain rates highly with him as it will remind him of the excitement and fun he has all the time at home, he's not too old for Club 18-30 is he?
Max's article was severely affected by his boredom as well. After you remove the opening waffle, the CV's of assorted Commodore people, the press handout from Commodore Engineering you're not left with much really. Perhaps it would have been better to have Jez San do the report and let Max take the photos. I've heard there is nothing better than an F-stop or two to relieve one of boredom.
On a more personal note, 1 offer my apologies to you Max if I have offended you but like you (I hope) 1 believe in the right to reply. I think I am replying for those readers (mainly from Germany and Belgium) who do not share your views. Anyway, hopefully others will write in on this subject and we can get away from the tedious ST v Amiga debate. Now that is boring.
Right then, I shall step off my soapbox and crawl back under my stone and leave you with the following bastardised title from Elvis Costello - Max mentioned one of his songs elsewhere in the same issue - that would seem rather apt for Mr Max Tennant: 1 Don't Wanna Go To Frankfurt!
PS: It's spelt Lederhosen, A rough translation of your spelling is “unfortunately trousers’’. You weren't that far off the mark.
PPS: It’s called Leberwurst; at least you know a Porsche though.
Colin Robertson, Nr Spalding, Lincs.
MT replies: I've been to Germany three times, and if I don’t go back I won't be sorry. I have to admit that I 4 wrote the line: "The most boring place in Europe" hoping for a letter like yours. Thank you. You've made my Thursday. (I think he should also admit he stole it from a car magazine
- no wonder he got the Porsche right - Ed).
Getting bigger FIRSTLY, what is a hard drive? And what do the terms preformattcd, with controller and hard card mean, and what are the average prices?
Secondly, how can I upgrade my A500 to 2 meg. Where do I go and how much will it cost?
Thirdly; I know you have published one of my letters bul please, ploase, please with a big fat cherry on the lop could you print this one. Thanks chuck.
Calvin Darren Ward, Redcar. Cleveland.
Firstly, a hard drive is a disc drive where the disc cannot be removed. It is sealed in a vacuum and spins very much faster than a floppy disc. This means it can store a lot of data, typically 10 to 100 times more than a floppy. You need a controller to connect a computer to a hard drive.
These are sometimes sold separately, a set-up which best suits Amiga 2000 owners who will plug the controller card into a slot inside the machine and scout around for a good deal on the drive.
Getting ell the bits to work can then be very difficult. One of the jobs you need to do is format the drive, in the same way as you would for a floppy.
Preformatting saves time. A hard card combines a controller and a drive on a card which can then be plugged into an A2000 slot. Drives range from £499 to £1.000 plus Secondly. Amiga Centre Scotland (031-557 4242) has a 2 meg expansion which will take your machine to 2.5 meg. This will set you back £575 Thirdly: no Stale discs CAN you enlighten me as to what a Diskdoctor is, and what it doos. And what does "Disc not validating", mean, as I can find no reference to these things in my manual?
K Murray,
l. uton, Beds.
Diskdoctor is a program which resurrects dead discs. It checks a bitmap which shows which areas of the disc are used and which are free for writing to by running a program called Disk-validator in the I. directory. If this is missing or not properly assigned vou will get a disc not validating error.
T Map reading I |UST cannot seem to get the required SetMap, hard as I try. The problem is that some keys do not show the symbol or character printed on them - when I press the («' key I get " instead and when 1 press the £ I get . I've tried to change the SetMap but I just cannot get anywhere. Can vou help?
K Banks.
Frustrated of N16 The line Svstem sctmap gb in your startup sequence should fix the problem.
All aboard Ihe Skylark AS I do not have access to a telephone on board ship it would be very much appreciated if you could tell me how I can get in touch with Microtext by letter.
As the owner of an Amiga 2000 as well as an occasional reader of Amiga Computing (very few newsagents where I am) 1 am looking to expand my system by buying an Amiga teletext adaptor.
C W Pollard, Oslo. Norway.
No prob, Microtext is at Dept AG. 7 Birdlip Close. Horndean. Hants P08 9PW. Mention us when you get in touch.
Dealer problems WE are sick to death of our customers coming to us and saying some or all of the following; Why will this Amiga game not work on my Amiga 2000? This program will not let me make a user only back up for my disc. Why does the computer fail to toll me that the disc is write protected when I know it is. And the reason is that I don't want to foul up my master (un-copiable) disc? Why can't you get a particular game when it's been advertised and reviewed for months?
Surely it is up to the producers of the product to clearly mark on the packaging exactly which models of the Amiga the program will work on.
We accept that piracy is a huge problem, despite what some people say, and we are sure that we lose money ourselves that way. However, we stili believe that if you have paid for an item of software you are entitled to make a socuritv backup of it.
At least Precision Software has the decency lo provide a dongle with SuperBase. Letting the legal user make the much needed and required backup.
I must admit that at times I do get a bit peeved off at the fact that 1 have to search out a manual for a program just to enter a password from it, but then again I know that this is a good, but not failsafe, way of preventing piracy (ever heard of photo-copiers?)
D I Robertson, Tooting, London.
The idea that users have a right to make back-ups is a fallacy. It is the case in the US. But not here. By copying a protected disc, even for your own use. You are breaking the law. The Amiga Computing preferred method of protection is manual style, because you can only have one dongle in at once, a real restriction on a multi-tasking machine.
Software companies which produce programs incompatible with some machines are just plain daft.
Commodore allows registered developers to visit and try out the programs they are developing on a range of machines. With the advent of Workbench 1.4 this will be very important.
Wider view I REALLY unjoyed Phil South's review of Zoetrope in your April issue. I have also heard that the American artist James Sachs has used the program to produce some television advertisements for the Mattel toy company so I'm really keen to get my hands on a copy.
But there is a little prob. I need a version which supports a full PAL 256 line display. 1 understand that a program like Zoetrope eats chip ram the way Hen Elton sells books, but am prepared to got the Enhanced Chip Set if necessary.
Do you know anyone who could customise the program to work on a PAL screen?
Steve Williams, Twickenham.
Panic not. We called ISM (0983 864674) and they say they have had the program adapted and it now supports PAL properly.
For the MicroBotics means Amiga-Power!
Whichever Amiga you own - or plan to buy - we have the expansion you need Amiga 2000... HardFrame 2000 DMA SCSI Interface If your application calls tor super-speed uninterrupted access to your hard disk, HardFrame 2000 is your answer. This is a high end, no holds barred SCSI interface that operates at bus speeds.
One HardFrame 2000 can support up to seven devices. Word-length data transfer, FIFO buffering, TRUE DMA, mounted on a metal frame suitable for all standard 3.5" SCSI drives (or, if you prefer, connected to a bay mounted or external disk). Available now.
Suggested List Price: E219.95 8-UP! FastRAM Maximum Memory in One Slot!
The FastRAM card that every Amiga owner will eventually come to - why limit yourself to only two megabytes per slot? 8-UP! Will take you all the way to the top of the auto-configuration memory space of EIGHT MEGABYTES! 8-UP! Is available in two versions, the standard DIP model accepts 2, 4, 6 or 8 megabytes of f meg DRAMS. For maximum flexibility there is the SIMM version which lets you custom configure with mixed 256k and t meg SIMM modules, including MicroBotics exclusive PopSIMMS. 8-UP!
Is a power-efficient, zero wait state, autoconfiguring design. The latest and greatest" (Amiga World, Jan. 1989). 8- UPI is available now.
Suggested List Price: £1 24.95 MouseTlme The easiest to use, most cost-effective implementation of a battery backed clock for the AfOOO. Passes the port through for joysticks or other devices.
Complete with WorkBench software.
Available now.
Suggested List Price: £22.95 For the Amiga 500... M501 Memory + Clock Half a Meg at a Great Price!
As we are all coming to realise, a one megabyte Amiga (at least) is a necessity not an option. When you add the inboard 512k memory and clock module to your A500 make sure it's a MicroBotics M501. Note that just like the Commodore and unlike some third party expansions, we use a long lived rechargeable NiCad battery - which you’ll never have to replace. Set the MicroBotics clock using the same WorkBench software as you would use for the Commodore clock. What’s the difference? You get to keep £25 compared to the Commodore version.
The M501 is available now.
Suggested List Price: £124.95 StarBoard2 500 Two Megs PLUS a Choice of Modules The premier memory expansion for the A1000 is now available on the A500. In it's own case with an independent power supply strong enough to handle StarBoard2 and a second A1000 style StarBoard2, all the power and flexibility of this great expansion device is available to you. Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfiguring, zero wait state FastRAM, MultiFunction or SCSI module capability for math chip or fast SCSI hard disk interlacing.
StarBoard2 also has an LED diagnostic confidence light to indicate the power-up state of your Amiga and expansion. An A1000 style StarBoard2 can be connected to the bus pass-up for a total of FOUR megs and two modules. The best..." (Amiga World, Jan. 88).
Suggested List Price: £224..95 U MicroBotics, Inc. OASES For the Amiga 1000... StarBoard2 The Expansion of Choice The superb memory expansion for the Amiga 1000, still going strong! Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfiguring, zero wait state, FastRAM in a sleek, all steel Amiga coloured case plus the capability to accept either of the two daughterboard modules, the original Multi- Function Module or the new SCSI Module. StarBoard2 is powered by the bus (up to two StarBoard2's can be supported by the A1000) and passes it on.
Suggested List Price: £224..95 MultiFunction Module High Tech at Low Price This daughterboard installs on any StarBoard2. It features a socket and software for the 68881 Math Chip as an I O device (MicroBotics pioneered this approach on the Amiga - now directly supported in the maths libraries of AmigaDOS 1.3). Sticky Disk gives you the most “bullet-proof" rebootable RAM disk - its hardware protection turns it into a solid state, superlast disk. Parity checking of StarBoard2 RAM can be enabled when extra parity ram is installed. Finally, the MultiFunction Module carries an easy to use
battery-backed clock to set the system time on startup.
Suggested List Price: £65 StarDrive SCSI Module Fast, Low Cost SCSI Module When installed in any model Star- Board2, StarDrive offers you cost effective, pseudo-DMA access to SCSI hard drives and other devices. Fast, easy to install including driver software and disk diagnostics. StarDrive also includes a battery backed clock to set system time on startup.
Suggested List Price: £85 Toll your dealer he can order direct - no minimum quantity - show him this ad!
In Europe: Oasis Services Ltd., 17 Andrews Place, London SE9 2SJ. TEL: (01) 859 4936 In U.S.A.: MicroBotics, Inc., 8111 Alpha Drive, Richardson TX 75081. TEL: (214) 4375330 WffGA Mai! Order Offers If you take out the new 24 month subscription you only pay for 22 issues
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FREE! • INSANITY FIGHT - by Microdeal FREE! - AMEGAS - by Players FREE! - MERCENARY COMP by Novagen FREE!- BARBARIAN, ULT WARRIOR by Palace FREE! - TERRORPODS Dy Psyqnosis FREE! - BUGGY BOY - by Elite FREE!- THUNDERCATS by Elite FREE! - IKARI WARRIORS ¦ met' iNc.uDts DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one ol a new breed of technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard lor home computing, based .around the new Motorola 68000 chip The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive built-in. It can be connected directly to a wide range ol monitors, or to a domestic
TV set through a TV modulator Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a Iree mouse And. When you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK’s No’ Amiga specialists, you will experience an after sales service that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers e&of THE FULL STOCK RANGE: The largest range of Amiga related peripherals,
accessories books and software in the UK AFTER SALES SUPPORT The staff at S.i.ca Shop are dedicated to help you to get the best from your Amiga FREE NEWSLETTERS: Mailed direct to your home as soon as we print them featuring offers and latest releases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY On an hardware orders shipped to Silica Shop customers within the UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE We will normally mate competitors offers on a same product same price basis FREE TECHNICAL HELPLINE Full t.me team ot technical experts to help you with your technical queries Bui don't just take our word lor d Complete and
refu« coupon beiow for our latest Amiga literature and bee experience the Silica Shop specialist Amiga service Your ivani.
A500 Computer £399.99 TV Modulator £24.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £724.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £325.43 PACK PRICE Si £399 A500 Computer £399.99 1084S Colour Monitor £299.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £999.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £350.43 PACK PRICE is: £649 TOTAL RRP: £229.50 ugh power value for money computer we win also give me spectacular free gifts Fust of all we are now including 'Odulator with every A500 stand alone keyboard so you ug your Amiga straight into your TV al home (the itor is not nciuded with the A500-A1064S pac. As it * no: d for use
with monitors) Secondly we have added a free if Photon Pamt, an advanced graphics package win an £69 95 Last (and by no means least') so that you can De running straight away we are giving away the sensational AR GAMES PACK with every A500 purchased at Sn.ca This pack features ten top Amiga titles which have a ied RRP of nearly £230' Return the coupon tor details litch*.
I in a more 1 Full Initials: Surname: To: Silica Shop Ud, Dept AMCOM 0M9.1-4 The Me«s, Hathertey Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4DX PLEASE SEND ME FREE LITERATURE ON THE AMIGA Mr Mrs Ms.
Address DCUP &. Mail Order) 01-300 1111 14 The Mews. Hathertoy Road. Sidcup. Kent. DAI4 4DX OPEN MON-SA1 u.d. n ¦¦ « rm LATE NIGHT RtOAV 9am - fpm NDON 01-580 4000 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1POBA OPEN Sat V.mirn ri LATE NIGHT NONE Postcode 01-629 1234 ext 3914 Do you already own a computer if so. Which one do you own ’
• ford Street. London. WtA IAB LATE NIGHT: THURSDAY Osm 8pm u
FutureSound 500 Possibly the best Sound Digitizer around?
In STEREO for the Amiga 500 and 2000.
.Records two tracks Simultaneously .Separate microphone input with built in amp .Samples up to 42,000 samples per second, 20,000 samples per second per channel in stereo .Sliding input volume control .Ribbon Cable attaches to parallel port
• Easy to use software editor with many features .Full support
for all hard disks .Support for RAVI disks & VDO devices .Works
with all Amiga operating systems including 1.3 and the new Fast
File System .Listen to input through digitizer .Uses expanded
memory where available, up to 8Mb .Sampling rates up to 56,000
samples per second if used with a 68020 processor and
AudioMaster II software Available from, Applied Visions (UK),
Jersey Supreme Works, 538-546 Whippendell Road, Watford, Herts,
WI)1 1QN, Tel:0923 818078
H. B.Marketing l td Brooklyn House , 22 The Green, West liravton,
Middx UB7 7PQ.
Tel: 0895'444433 SDL (UK) Ltd Unit 10, Ruxley Corner Ind Est, Sidcup-Bv-Pass, Sidcup, Kent DAI4 5SS, Tel: 01-309 0300 And all good Amiga Dealers.
£79.95 Inc A CSA Turbo 68020 For ONLY £295 Inc ?
Hard to believe isn't it ? But its true CSA broke the price barrier in 32 Bit technology.
Now you don't have to settle for a far less capable 68000 accelerator, you can have affordability, capability, and speed in one easily installed package.
CSA’s new 68020 Midget Racer Board for the Amiga A500, 1000, and 2000 supports a 68881 or 68882 co-processor at speeds up to 33MHz, and is available today.
Programs like Sculpt & Animate 3D or 4D and X-Cad have been w ritten to directly access the 68020 & 68881. And may not even run with a 68000 based accelerator.
For further information on this and all other CSA products please write to : I In the U.S.A. CSA Inc. 7564 Trade Street San Diego CA 92121 In Europe.
A. T.H. Jersev Supreme Works 538-546 Whippendell Road, Watford,
Herts, Tel:0923 817549 ASDG (UK) Announce ProScanLab for the
Amiga 2000.
I ProScanLab allows full control of the Sharp Colour Scanners, giving full 24Bit colour input and output to the Amiga for Desktop Publishing and graphic editing.
The full colour graphic output is | compatible with all postscript printers.
And can be output as a file for printing by I your local D TP bureau or direct to your I own Linotronic device. ProScanLab allows editing of the input so you can pick just a small area of your Image for output. If I used in conjunction with Gold Disks Pro Page program this allows you full Colour DTP with 16.7 million Colours output.
ProScanLab Board & Software £900 ProScanLab & Sharp A3 Scanner £7500.
ProScanLab & Sharp A4 Scanner £3000.
All prices include VAT.
For further details on this and all ASDG product please contact.ASDG (UK) i Jersev Supreme Works ANLH. Tnc 538-546 Whippendell | 925 Stewart Street. Road, Watford. Herts, Madison. WI 537I3WD1 1QN
U. S.A. Tel:0923 818079 1 Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000
• Top quality Citizen drive mechanism
• On OH switch on rear ol drive
• Trtrouflhport connector
• One megabyte unformatted capacity
• Slimline design
• Very quiet
• Long cable tor location either

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