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The AMIGA 500 is one of a new breed oI technologtcally advanced computers, whtch are now emergtug as the new standard tor home computing, based. around the new Motorola 68000 chip The A5O0 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive bmit-in. it can be connected direetty to a wtde range of monitors. or to a domestte TV set through a TV modulator Destgned with the user in mind. the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplted with a free mouse And. when you buy your AMIGA from Stlica Shop. the UK s Nol Amiga speciahsts. you wtll expertence an after sales servtce that ts second to none. tucludtug a techutcal support helpltne and tree newsletters and price Itsts Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give detatis of the Siltca servtce and the very latest Silica AMIGA offers EOE A500 Computer TV Moduiator Photon Paint TenStar Pack

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Document sans nom Volume 2 Number 5 October 1989 £2.95
• Chariots ol Wrath § The Motion Maker § Globe 9 Quicksort 9
Mucking with Macros 9 DiskOptimiser Games, hacks, tools, music,
utilities To load: Switch on and insert disc Full instructions
are in the October issue of Amiga Computing £229.99 +
£5.00jX)st and packing Pack Includes: A500 CPU. Mouse, P.S.U.,
T.V. Modulator, Very First Tutorial, Workbench 1 -3, Basic,
which includes 10 Blank Disks. Disk Storage Box. 10 Excellent
Games. Mouse Mat.
Mouse Bracket (Mouse Holder) Deluxe Paint.
£199 00 d»» «VV t £51*1 post and packing AMIGA 500 plus DISK DRIVE AMIGA 500 + 1084 Instruction Manuals, Extra Disk, Workbench 1-3, CTEDCT The Very First Tutorial, T.V. Modulator, Photon a 1 EjKJt V Paint, Mouse PLUS additional Amiga Compatible pA[ A I Tr 3JAMfTA| Disk Drive an.d 10 Blank Disks. LULU U I IvlL iN11 Ul £449 00 ****** »l V and packing 1084S STEREO COLOUR MONITOR MCQ 00 Compatible with PC, J ll w Amiga, C64c, C128 + P1*1 and PackinS MPS 1200P The Commodore MPS1200P printer presents the state of the art in dox matrix printers, with all the features of a printer that would cost
much more. The MPS1200P is designed to be like three printers in one. It can act just like an Epson FX printer, or with the flip of a switch, it can act just like an IBM Graphics Printer with IBM Group II-I character set (Danish Norwegian character set) support. It can also print all the characters available with the Amiga in the Amiga configuration.The MPS1200P is capable of all the printing functions you would expect, as well as some additional features you may not expect.
TECHNIQUE Impact dot matrix (9-needle print head).
DRAFT MODE .- matrix: 9 vertical dolsx (5 + 4) horizontal dots; - print speed: 120char s. At llkchar in TABULATION SPEED ..2char s PRINTING DIRECTION bi-directional, withoptimised head movement PRINT PITHES lOcharfn to24'char in programmable from line, and in SET-UP mode LINEFEED .....- l(6in (4.23 mm). 1 8 (3.17 mm) and 7 T2 in (2.4 mm); n 216 in and n 72 in.
CH AR ACTER SIT ...ASCII characters and special characters.
MAX. PRINT LINE LENGTH 40 lop 192 characters, according to print pitch selected.
AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE Amiga 3.5" external drive. Capacity 880K PLUS FREE DISK £ 1 A Q QQ STORAGE BOX & dUl ty 77 10 BLANK DISKS +£5.00 post and packing packRAM £149.99 5I2K for the Amiga + £5.00 post and packtng THIS TOPICAL GAMES COMPENDIUM OFFERS A TRUE SPORTING CHALLENGE Pact mmaim Cmc Comparer 1530 Dauienc. Oanitkca Jonttk. Madmoal (Tennni Sevier .WtefaCkamgio W &™,Me1Tk-p««S.tdlo . PLUS POSTRONIX BONUS PACK OF £100 OF FREE SOFTW ARE £149.99
• £5fl0pau«a4pKia| ICONTROLI.ER Icontroller is semi permanently
mountedon your compuicr console.
Icontroller leaves hands on the keyboard while executing Icon commands with sour fingertips £15.99 Al 1750 RAM EXPANSION MODULE FOR CBM128 SleaS'lir’ 'k '3*™11”' °* nM 118 ** I2K 6"°1,1 B| 1351 COMMODORE MOUSE TV Commodre 1351 Mane » can*t deugurd lor are Mk He CBM UTS CH7M RAM EXP ANSION MODULE FOR COMMODORE M H rk, nra get a anal 4 33& Ram « tmu M. r pkq ¦ tfce DMUokdr a £149.99 B £19.99 c £99.99 SLIKSTIK JOYSTICK CONTROLLER GaptUe with Aun Campuien Atan Games System Commodore RAM DELTA DELUXE MICROSWITCH JOYSTIC Compatible with Atan computers ad Video Games Machines Amurad Pcb (with
adaptor) Spec!rum TAC5 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK QaapaiMe nek Alan £13.99 CHALLENGER DELUXE Compatible with Spectrum (with optional interface I Commodore.
Atan 2600 Video System Auh Computers Anind computers £4.99 TAC 2 CONTROLLER JOYSTICK Compatible with Commodore M and Vic 20. Atan Computers.
Atari Game Systems.
MICRO HANDLER MI LD FUNCTION JOYSTICK CrmpatiNe endi Coatmodtae Commute Cltv*4(udptorrcquucdl«,u .
£24.9 ole new range of innovalivc ¦er covers, made from t dear plastic. Designed to r computer perfectly... not
* safe from dust but also all » of accidental damage.
C64 OLD STYLE £6.9 CMC NEW STYLE £7.9* AMIGA 500 £9.9* ATARI 520ST £9.9 ATARI 1040ST £9.*H SOF SOFTWARE 4 ACCESSORIES FOR ALL It BIT. II BIT COMPUTERS-ALSO I CAME CONSOLES - PHONE iMMl 751771 NOW WITH YOLR RETIREMENTS amiga sciai; Managing Editor Derek Meakin 7 LATEST NEWS George Lucas lo produce an Amiga lellv ad. HyperCard look-alike from the producers of Maxiplan. Loads of shows and gossip from the front.
Editor Simon Rockman Assistant Editor Jeff Walker Staff writer Nic Veitch AMIGA ARCADE machine com: i;i)i cation Production Editor Peter Glover 67 Ail Editors Mark Nolan Doug Steele I H THE VERY LATEST *'"1 JL A GAMES NEWS J , THE VERY LATEST GAMES NEWS Ocean flies lo keep up with Batman, Electronic Arts put the mark of the Hound of the Shadow on you, and more on the coming games.
PICTURE THIS Hitting the hardware direct is the way ahead for easy performance programming. Jolyon Ralph looks at bitmaps and scrolling registers.
FUN OUT OF SCHOOL There is precious little educational software available. Alex Aird and his family look lo see if quality in one program justifies lack of quantity.
News Editor Don Lewis John Snowden DKSKTOI* 1*1 UI.ISIIING Advertising Sales Wendy Colburn Editorial 0277 234434 Administration: 0625 878888 Advertising: 0625 878888 Subscriptions: 051-357 2961 Telecom Gold: 72MAG001 Telex: 9312188888 DB Fax: 0(25 879966 Presld Mailbox: 614568383 Published by: Database Publications Ltd, Europa House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
"C W-l TACKLING THE J TABOO Are the people who program without any structure stupid. Are those who use flowcharts boring? )ohn Kennedy strikes a happy medium.
COVER DISC I I BIG BOX M J BARGAIN A collection of all the programs you need to produce Amiga DTP for less than the price of a word processor.
Rupert Goodwins takes a look.
UNDER THE WORKBENCH Do you know why the prices of blank discs vary so much? Is a more expensive one better? Henning Sorensen looks at storage.
October 1989 ISSN 0952-594B Amiga Computing welcomes articles for publication. Material should be typed or computer- printed, and preferably double-spaced. Program listings should be accompanied by disc. Please enclose a stamp'd, self-addressed envelope, otherwise the return of material cannot be guaranteed. Contributions tan only be accepted for publication by Database Publications Lid on an all-rigbts basis.
© 1989 Database Publications Ud. No arterial may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. While every care is taken, the pub- ttxn cannot be held legally responsible for any mors in articles, listings or advertisements.
Amiga Computing is an independent publication and Commodore Business Machines (I'X) Ud is not responsible hr any of the artides in this issue or for any of the opinions expressed News trade distribution. Europress Sales and Distribution Limited. Uni 1. Burgess Road. Ivyhouse lane. Hastings, East Sussex TNJ5 4NR. Tel: N24 430422.
CRAMMED INTO A MEGABYTE Fourteen of the latest and greatest programs squeezed, compressed and cajoled on lo one disc. Sample the superb Chariots of Wrath. How to get something for nothing with Powerpacker Make your own animations with Movie Maker. See the world, meet the Mandlebrot and kill fasl ram. Half Brile and other programming secrets revealed with the Amiga Computing Demo. Covert IFF to raw data. Reduce the time it takes to boot with Quickstart. Faster floppies with DiskOpt. Plus loads of other hints and programs.
• Chariots of Wrath m Pqw»rp.rL.,
• Go “• 0 U|“" • Piclur* Thw Demo
• * Wo""’"*h U~U»* .asar- :ssr:sr ( To load: Switch on and
insert disc LasaSS”." ¦*» ant, o,mZc=ZS=.
SMASH AND GRAB Celebrity author Dean Friedman casts a critical ear over the available samplers and software to compare the Amiga with musical instruments.
I MIDGET RACER Who needs a 32 bil processor? Unless you want to tackle some really specialist applications it might not save you time and cost a fortune.
103 GAME KILLER Max Tennant, joystick king and generally nice guy offers help and hints with the greatest games from Interceptor to Leonardo.
86:sr 98 (1 -1 USING V PROTEXT You can have hours of fun with a really good word processor. There is a lot to learn about setting up the system. Peter Ceresole explains.
-1 LIFE IN THE FAST LANE Enter Artronic's racing compo and add some high speed spice to your life. Plus the chance to drive at SilVERSIONe.
WORDPRO! IESSINt (ompetition EXPANSION LOW COST RAY TRACE At an eighth of the price of some ray tracing programs, C-light proves to be a powerful way to produce mathematical marvels. Alastair Scott checks it out YOUR RIGHT TO WRITE Timescanner problems. Which sampler gives the best value? What happened to the save in Archipelagos’ Yes it is there. And more of your views.
9 Xenon 11:100% perfect for Bitmaps 9 New Zealand Story looks too 8 bit 9 Nightdawn, puzzle with a blast 9 Populous data adds classic sparkle 9 Fiendish Freddy is lots of fun 9 Barbarian II: Thud and blunder 9 Chariots of Wrath: Impressive?
Q lowcost 1 f)7 RAY TRACE JL J 9 Gemini Wing - double trouble 9 Wake Sleeping Gods for action 9 Delphine's Castle Warrior fights on 9 Wander in Hewson's Astaroth 9 Linel wipes out in Skate of the Art 9 and more... PRICES EXC.
24927 813176 E3S £5 DELIVERY EXC. VAT AMIGA A500 + FREE £220
• 20Mb HARD DISK AMIGA A500 1084(S) MONITOR £476 AMIGA B2000
1084(S) MONITOR £1049 INC ACCESSORIES I---- T 1 " ' --------- i
• BASIC • UTILITIES • MANUALS t r II..... . . I 1 ..£305 ..£1199
..£1825 rTo: First Micro, 13 lansdowne Road, Bournemouth.
Dorset, BH1 1RZ | 1 wish to order_ I ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT My
computer is_ I enclose cheque PO for £_ Or charge my
Access Visa No.
CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AND EXPORT HOTLINE (0202) 24927 a (0202)813176 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30 pm All prices and manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.
Exp. Date_ _ Signature Cumana Cax 354E ..£79 AF880 ...£78 RF302C ...- £74 Supra 20mb H disk £499 A All drives 1mb ? On off switch A A500 ? £200 of GAMES ...£339 A500 ? 1084(S) HIGH RES COLOUR MONT -.....£478 A500 + IBM DRIVE ...£399 AMIGA EXTERNAL DRIVES AMIGA ACCESSORIES A500 + TV MOD.. A500 HARDWARE i P)13CX Star LC10 Colour . Star LC24-10 (24 din) .
Citizen 120D_______________________El 05 Commodore MPS 1230 ...E119 Panasonic KXP1124 (24 pin).. E279 Panasonic KXP1081______________E149 Epson LX800 --------------------£158 Epson LQ500__________________________£250 Epson FX850 £409 A2000 ? ImbRAM £869 A2000 + 1084(s) monitor ? Bridge BD ? 20mb H disk ...£1369 A2000 + 1084(S) .£1049 20mb hard disk ...£299 XT bridge BD ..£299 1084(s) High res monit .....£209 Philips CM8833 High res ..£199 1901 C64-colour - .....Call
1900 064-Mono--------------£119 Epson FX1050 ......£382 Epson EX800 .£369 Epson EX1000 ......£419 A500 A2000 MONITORS A2000 HARDWARE PRINTERS ..£169 ..£249 Home Accounts . .....£19 Mailshot Plus .. Maxi plan A500------------ Music Studio------------- .....£39 .....£69 .....£23 Organiser II ......£49 Page Setter--------------------- £89 Page Flipper Plus ...-...£24 Photon Paint -------------£49 Photon Video _________________Ring Citizen
HQP40______________________E352 Epson EX1000 .....£543 Hewlett Packard Paint Jel £689- NEC P6+_______________________________£469 NEC P7+ .£589 StarLCIO £195 Xerox 4020 .....£949 Animated Images 3D ...£99 City Desk £69 Deluxe Video------------------ £49 Deluxe Music_____________________ £49 Deluxe Paint_____________________________£49 Digiview Gold_____________________ £99 COLOUR PRINTERS Citizen overture.. HP Laserjet II..... LASERS Sale £ ..£39 BUSINESS
S'WARE Sculpt 3-D ..... £63 Superbase II ....£59 Superbase Personal ....£44 Superbase Professional_______£169 TV Show Text ...£79 Word Perfect 42 ....£169
• Works' . £69 Zumafonts ...... -.£25
fSfe£135-00 Hugely successful 9 pin printer, the Star LC10
provides 4 NLQ fonts (with 96 print combinations) at 36cps and
144cps draft. Has a large 4K buffer and IBM'parallel interface
built in, includes a comprehensive front panel operation and
features paper parking, allowing single sheets to be used
without removing tractor paper.
Publisher Plus.. Sculpt 3-D Animate.
Amiga 1000 owners have not PROGRESS often means that future developments pass existing customers by. Manufacturers don’t like alienating existing customers, but progress and the need to compete often demands it.
Commodore has announced that it will produce cards for revision B Amiga which, whenever possible, will mimic future Amigas. Owners of A500s and AlOOOs will feel the pinch.
Been abandoned The first step in this direction is about to be taken. The enhanced chip set (ECS), will not work with the A1000. Although in time it may be fitted as standard to all A500s and A2000s as well as being available as an upgrade.
The A1000 Rejuvenator from G.B. Tibbes in Miami allows first generation Amiga owners to use ECS.
The upgrade board can be installed where the second tier of the motherboard ram expansion is usually located. It is simple to fit and does not need you to cut or solder any tracks.
The board also includes a clock and A2000 video slot which will accept the flicker-fixer or a genlock.
¦ AMIGA SCENE ¦ Powerful response POWER Computing (0234 273000) claims to have taken the peripheral market by storm with its latest product, Power Drive, a
3. 5in external double-sided disc drive for the Amiga.
It is the result of a £250,000 tie-up with drive and printer manufacturer Epson and is aimed to compete with the current wave of Taiwanese imports.
The Power Drive is boxed in matching computer colours and the Amiga version costs £69.95. Talking like a Mac ONE of the most useful utilities for commercial Amiga users is Central Coast Software's Dos to Dos which allows the Amiga to read IBM PC format discs.
Following the success of this, CCS has produced Mac to Dos which allows the Amiga to read the data from Mac discs.
Although it is not a full Mac emulator it is a useful way of transferring data in offices which use both Apple Macs and Amigas.
Because of the way in which a Mac drive works Mac to Dos uses special hardware and needs a Mac drive. For more details contact Amiga Centre Scotland on 031-557 4242.
Answer is on the cards Cutting the daisies "" UME (0635 523200) has Jcut the prices of its two leading daisywheel printers, the Sprint 11 55 and 11 90.
The 11 55 has dropped from £1,366 to £850 and the 11 90, billed as the fastest daisywheel printer on the market at 90 cps, has been reduced from £1,674 to £1,593.
"Much has been said about the death of the daisywheel printer but we still sell plenty of these two models”, said Qume’s distribution sales manager Peter Smith.
"There are a number of applications where users demand letter quality impact printers and the Sprint 11 range now offers a very cost- effective solution”.
Database manager ARNOR (0733 68909) has announced Profile, a database management program designed to complement Protext, its top-selling word processing package.
“A lot of existing Protext Relational databases are often difficult things to understand. The Macintosh community has a solution to this - HyperCard. It uses graphics to define the relationship between the items of datum and is very simple to use.
UltraCard by Mike Lehman of Intuitive Technologies, the people who do MaxiPlan and Plan IT, is the Amiga's answer to HyperCard. It has full IFF compatibility so that pictures and digitised sounds can he included in the database and selected with special effects such as wipes and fades.
This it does because it supports all screen resolusers were asking if there was a database that was especially compatible with Protext", said Amor’s Mark Tilley. "It was their calls which gave birth to this product".
Menu-driven Profile is a filing system designed for ease of use and speed. Its compatibility with Protext makes it particularly efficient for such tasks as mail merging, which can be achieved without lengthy question and answer sessions. Profile provides the various options speedily.
Amor puts the price at around £80.
Utions except HAM and overscan.
Ultracard programs can either be written using the graphics interface or its own scripting language.
Other programs can communicate with Ultracard by using the Arexx control language, and in turn Ultracard can use this to control other tasks.
It uses Hypertext so that actions can be triggered from either a word or phrase. Everything except scripting can be done from click of mouse.
No UK price has yet been set by the importer, HB Marketing (0895 444433) but the US price of $ 75 is probably a good guideline.
No crash course for flyers Learning to fly remote controlled aircraft, particularly helicopters, is a difficult and expensive business.
Crash costs can make it prohibitive but an American simulation program now available in the UK will soon enlist the help of the Amiga to take the bumps out of model aerobatics, RC Aerochopper has been developed by American firm Ambrosia Microcomputers, is manufactured by Futaba Corporation and is being imported into Britain by Bob Sidwick of Bristol (0272 550900).
Bundled with a modified radio control box, it is designed to simulate the experience of real flight. The choice of aircraft displayed on the screen includes planes, helicopters, ducted- fan jets and a glider.
RC Aerochopper closely simulates the experience of radio controlled flying by giving users the appropriate flight characteristics of each kind of aircraft plus such features as adjustable wind conditions and control response plus realistic sound effects.
Current versions of RC Aerochopper cost £199 including delivery. The ?
* Visit The Greatest Christmas Computer show on Earth!
Yes, for three exciting days in November, Computer Shopper will turn Alexandra Palace into the world's greatest computer show.
Everything you need for business and leisure computing will be available under one roof - with experts to help you make the right choice!
The Computer Shopper Show Alexandra Palace, London 10am-6pm Friday, November 24 10am-6pm Saturday, November 25 10am-4pm Sunday, November 26 The Computer Shopper Show is your chance to meet the dealers with the bargains, the manufacturers with tf latest machines - and to take away the things you buy on the day!
Auctions, demonstrations, competitions . . . Everything that you've ever wanted from an exhibition will be happening at the Computer Shopper Show - the only show for the direct buyer and the ultimate computer shopping experience!
And, with Computer Shopper you know you'll save moneyl Why not start right here! By ordering your tickets in advance you will save £££s! Simply complete and return the coupon with your payment or telephone the Credit Card Hotline on 051-357 2961 to place your order.
Yes! Please send me my tickets for the Computer Shopper Show!
£ ? Adult tickets at £3 (Save £ I!) - ? Under 16s tickets at £2 (Save £ I!) - ? Family tickets - admits up to 2 adults- and 2 children - £9 (Save £5!) TqTAL I would like to pay by - ? Cheque made payable to Database Exhibitions Ltd ? Credit card ? Access ? Visa Expiry Date _ No. I LLU I I I I I .1 I Signed Name Addre: i -¦-Postcode- i 1 Please return your completed order form to - 2 The Computer Shopper Show Ticket Ofhce, Database Exhibitions Ltd, | ' PO Box 2 Besmere Port South Wirral L65 3EA ____A765 !
Over 250 stands serving every major make and model - the ultimate computer hypermarket, packed with pre-Christmas bargains and offers.
Incorporates the Amstrad Computer Show, the Atari Computer Show, the Electron & BBC Micro Show and much, much more!
On-site car parking for hundreds of cars - ideal for taking away your computer bargains on the day!
Excellent public transport network with courtesy coach link to the local British Rail station.
Special show features and entertainment to make your shopping experience fun!
Special discount tickets for under 16s and family groups.
Rr w Microiiok TELEPHONE HOTLINE Onamsedby DATABASE To place your order by Prestd Key *89, then 614568383. Microlink users Place YOUr Orders for tickets by Calling EXHIBITIONS ? Should key MAG 001. Please quote your cmSt card number and C ¦ _ _ _ •» o X I your ful name and address when you place your order. 05 1*357 7 9 6 I ¦4 Amiga version will be available later in the year either direct from Bob Sidwick or from a limited number of retail outlets.
Commodore’s profits fade Starling up in France THE Parisian Disc Company (331 45 53 1053) has produced a Starter Kit for Amiga 500 owners.
Labelled "a complete solution pack designed for first time computer owners who want a diversified use of their Amiga”, it includes the KindWords 2.0 word processor, Fusion Paint and three games for a UK price of £89.95. Up market video LATEST launch by Applied Systems Developments (0724 280222) is MAXIgen which is being distributed by A.S.A.P. Costing £862, MAXIgen is a professional broadcast quality genlock coder providing twin RGB and composite video output channels for use with the Amiga.
The unit comes with front panel controls and rear panel connections in a 19in rack unit. Desktop use is also possible.
PASE (Professional Animation Sequence Editor) is another new product available through ASAP. A full function animation creation and editing program for Amigas, it costs £75.
50 words for a penny THE first thesaurus for the Amiga, K-Roget. Has been launched by Kuma Computers (07357 4335). It is based on the Longmans Pocket Rogets Thesaurus and contains more than 150,000 words and phrases.
Keyboard, function key Announcing quarterly losses used to be a regular chore for Commodore’s public relations people. Three years ago the company pulled itself out of the doldrums and started making profits.
Just as people were starting to lose track of how long it is since Commodore made a loss the company turns one in of $ 8.9 million (including a tax rebate) for the three months to June 30. 1989.
According to Carden Welsh, the company treasurer, the last time Commodore reported a loss was March
Overall the company still had a good year, making $ 50.1 million. Irving Gould.
Commodore’s chairman - and mouse control options are built in to give the user a choice of operation. In addition to the standard thesaurus features, a phonetic spell checker is incorporated which traps words typed in as they sound rather than as they should be spelt and offers possible words.
The Amiga version of K-Roget is being launched at a special price of £29.95. Type it in with Mavis MAVIS Beacon can now teach typing to UK students with an Amiga.
After some delivery problems, the well-known American typing program Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is being distributed in the UK by Mindscape International (044 486 545).
Published by The Software Toolworks, it uses artificial intelligence techniques to provide what is claimed to be the most comprehensive typing tutor available.
The course is structured to match individual student profiles with up to 21 difference progress charts to check skill development.
Famed for his collection of ancient Japanese ivory - said that the fourth quarter losses were a result of the stronger US dollar and a softening of demand.
Since most home computers are sold at Christmas, it is not surprising that the period from April to June was not hugely successful.
UK companies usually announce results every six months, splitting June to December and January to June so that both halves reflect the best period.
Some of the losses can be attributed to reinvestment.
Commodore has recruited a lot of new technical and marketing staff in the US, big advertising budgets are planned for PC and Amiga trying The results of these progress charts are analysed using the built-in artificial intelligence system to produce the next set of exercises.
Guide hands show students the correct finger positions at all times. Speed and accuracy meters are displayed on screen during exercises with a summary at the end of each set of work.
The Amiga version costs £29.99. Big drive in schools PLANS to make the Amiga a vital tool for thousands of youngsters with special education needs will take a giant step forward this to establish the Amiga as both a fun home machine, and an industrial workstation with Unix and high resolution graphics.
None of the losses are attributable to Commodore UK, which under the leadership of Steve Franklin has seen a dramatic rise in profits. Winning a sizeable share of the PC market and routing the Atari in the battle for home users.
Commodore is still battling with the US taxman over what it owes, if anything, for previous years.
This quarter's tax rebate comes from countries where Commodore is not in dispute and. Unfortunately, cannot be seen as an indication that the problems are sorted out.
Month. Commodore’s national sales manager for education Peter Talbot has told Amiga Computing that a concept keyboard for the Amiga is on target for the start of the new academic year.
This will provide the principal hardware opening for a flood of special education programs to be converted to the Amiga and will be a large boost to Commodore’s aspirations in this market.
The latest development is the result of lengthy discussions between Commodore and Martin Littler, special needs coordinator of the North West SEMERC (Special Education Micro Electronic Resource Centre) which works on behalf of the National Council for Educational Technology.
Martin is keen to see his centre's impressive list of educational programs converted to the Amiga and Peter Talbot has echoed his enthusiasm.
Use of Commodore's BBC emulator, other minor hardware problems and principally the need for a concept keyboard have formed the basis of the discussions but Peter Talbot says Commo- ?
4 dore’s help will not cease there.
A touch of the Star Wars for adverts "Special education is an area where we feel we have got a lot to offer", he said.
"We will be having on-going discussions with Martin Lit- tler about how Commodore can help in a number of areas. What is certain is that we will he playing an increasingly important part in this field, "We expect to have the concept keyboard for the Amiga working for the start of the next academic year.
We have got it working with the emulator at the moment and we are delighted to cooperate with Martin and his staff.
With its power, the possibility of speech synthesis, sound creation capabilities and its general ease of use, we feel the Amiga has a lot to offer to special needs education".
Equally enthusiastic is Martin Littler whose resource centre is one of only two such bodies now left in the country.
"Once the concept keyboard is available for the Amiga, we would like to see our whole range of software converted for use on that machine", he said, "With the new programs we are about to bring out, we will have 43 packages specially designed for use in schools and if there is someone out there who would like to help in converting them to that format we would be happy to pay them".
The North West SEMERC’s Blue File list of software has enjoyed singular success.
Within 12 weeks of the first catalogue being published last April sales had reached £11,500, with each package selling at £1.75. Programmers do it in Paris CONTINUING its policy of supporting Amiga developers worldwide Commodore plans to run a course for programmers in Paris. Previous developers conferences in Washington, California, Nottingham and Frankfurt have been well received and introduced many programmers to the finer points of programming the machine we know and love. The conference will have lectures in English and is scheduled for next February, For more details contact
Commodore-Amiga Technical Support on 0628 770088.
"This has surprised us because we did not set out to do this for financial success, but as a support service for the NCET", said Martin.
Also available from the resource centre is the Special Needs Top Thirty, a collection of software compiled on the advice of special needs coordinators in 60 English and Welsh education COMMODORE has had a history of problems with television advertisements. In the US the company produced an advertisement using Amigas. They were screened on MTV which uses high resolution commercial workstations for most advertisements.
As a result the Amiga didn't look too hot.
Over here Commodore produced the splendid teddy bear advertisement using both the Amiga and Iris workstations at Digital Pictures.
Atari complained to the authorities and five Northern Ireland boards.
Many of these programs have the advantage that they are frameworks within which the teacher provides the content to meet the needs and abilities of particular children. They have been developed by both educationalists and software houses.
The North West SEMERC is based at Fitton Hill, Rosary Road, Oldham, OL8 2QE.
Tel: 061-627 4469.
It’s showtime again GLOBE-trotting Amigans will have a busy time keeping up with all the computer shows in November, The first European AmiExpo is to be held in Cologne, Germany on November 10, 11 Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the commercial gave the impression that the whole ad was produced using the Amiga.
This is of course complete twaddle, you might as well say that the ad gave the impression that televisions have little teddies inside, but there you go.
Atari complained (not that it was scared or anything) and the ASA.
Lacking the necessary specialist knowledge, fell in line. This year we may see the ad with a line which and 12. It will feature a number of major American and German exhibitors. For more details contact Joe Lowery at AmiEXPO, the New York-based organisers on 0101 212 867 4663.
Closer to home there are two shows lined up which will interest Amiga users.
The first is a collaboration between Commodore and Database Exhibitions while the second is a Database exhibition sponsored by Computer Shopper magazine.
The Commodore Christmas Computer Show, to be held at the Hammersmith Novotel from November 17 to 19 will be an up-market affair. There will be no time to relax, because the following week (November 24 to 26) sees the Computer Shopper Show '89.
This will be a big event, encompassing Acorn, Atari explains that the graphics were not produced on an Amiga. Commodore US has pulled off something of a coup, in getting George “Star Wars” Lucas to produce a series of four commercials.
Rumour has it that his company. Lucasfilm, has turned down similar job offers in the past, but George has an Amiga and likes it so much that he agreed to the commission.
The commercials have been scheduled for prime time television to promote the Amiga to home users across America.
And Amstrad machines as well as third party Amiga suppliers, so you will be able to go along and sneer at the machines which don’t have a blitter. It should also be a great place to pick up some bargains.
MicroLink cuts costs Microlink telex users will have some good news when the electronic mail service quits Telecom Gold in favour of the Istel network on October 1.
Charges will be reduced by 20 per cent for the many businesses still using telex rather than fax. This will be particularly beneficial to people using international telex to contact countries where fax has not yet become established.
“For regular telex users the price cut could more than offset their MicroLink subscription", said the head of the service, Derek Meakin.
"MicroLink will continue to offer all its existing incoming and outgoing telex facilities including personal telex numbers for incoming messages.
"On top of this, the service will be one fifth cheaper, making it far and away the most economical method of using telex".
J0LM**, 7 1 1 T IUA . TRODUCING The Macintosh* emulator for your Amiga® ReadySoft would like lo welcome you to the Macintosh'.
Until now, the Macintosh' was adistant world ' ed with high quality productivity software,
- accessible to the Amiga owner.
Bui ReadySoft has changed all that.
Now. With the introduction ol A-Max. You will be able to take advaniage ol ihe Macintosh* software being used in ollices around Ihe world without giving uo your Amiga software.
A-Max is a hardware and software combina- ton 'ha! Runs most ol Ihe productivity software
- at has made Ihe Mac- asuccess. All you have ' supply are
Macintosh' 64K (Mac*) or 128K Mac Plus') ROMs. Once Ihe ROMs
are installed. Macintosh* software will run at Tull Mac' reed
on your Amiga The A-Max cartridge plugs into the Amiga's
external disk drive port and has connectors tor an Apple'
external drive and additional Amiga drives. It an Apple’ BOOK
external disk drive is connected, Mac" lormat disks may be used
directly during Mac' emulation. Without an Apple" drive connec
ted, the included transfer software allows you lo convert Mac'
disks to A-Ma« formal which may then be used with standard
Amiga drives (lh* option requires access lo a Macintosh").
A-Max features include:
• Compatible wWi tie AMO. A1000. And A2000
• Supporls the use ol the Amiga mouse, keyboard.
3. 5' drives, serial and parallel pods during Mac' emulation
• Reads Mage Sac* and Spectre*ask tomasiABe ST' Mac' enxilatorsl
• Supported video mooes include 640 ¦ 400 (««ei» cedi. 640 - 200
Win scrolling! 512- 342 |Mac’ standard sue. Menaced! And 1000 -
800 whine A2024 oi Monileim Viking monitor
• Uses all available Am -: ¦ emulalion
• Buii-in Aiple' Imagswnler' emuason lex 9 and 24 pm Epson'
compalibe pnnlers
• Transfer software lo corned AmgaDOS W and liom A-Max and Mac'
disk tormals iMi.
External or* requited Btrau'e tu Ma ’ --
• 68020 supped wifi I28K ROMs
• Runs HyperCard' iregunes IMP ami Mptciga...--------- .
Excel* and Wad . MacPaint' kAacV rc¦' MagOraw' (I & 2). PageMaker' (1.2). MacTeno-.: all syslem disk versions Isotre syslem d«ks I28K ROMs! And mcsl cmer product vily sxftware A-Max may nul run a« games and Midi softwa- Amiga hard drives cannor be used during Mac- tosh' emulation ol XJVIIO Cnil,| ...TIM I ... AMI I and S’ air fm|'*.trir»J •' £134.95 Atv. US. C-Tip f ovi in a roiJ'T leiM *«Oonu»t» ot tptv CmpmaMur Uaj- Sac a tianrnijr. Nl rtntn Pac-'m SprtHftt i trjunmaiti ot IkaOtKl' 1'VSmo . Atn.n ¦ tssrutss.
Wft i.J W tradPOil'N: U ClilS 4t tVyporiT.am ENTERTAINMENT INT. LTD.
TEL: 0268 541126 FAX: 0268 541125 ------ INC. VAT TO COMPLEMENT THE SAMPLE 8TUDIO THE DATEL JAMMER GIVES YOU A 5 OCTAVE KEYBOARD TO PLAY ft RECORD YOUR SAMPLED SOUNDS FEATURES:- ONLY £79.99 please state a500 1000 2000 DATA ACQUISITION UNIT V Turn your Amiga into a sophisticated measuring Instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data Inputs.
Sample ft display events from microseconds to hours- with amplitudes from mlUvolts to 50 volts.
A Hard ware Soft ware package with very high spec. including:- DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel Inputs.Manual or contlnuos display.
Tlmebaac 500ms dlv to 20us div- ¦ccurate to 5%.
6 bit dash conversion gives 2 PLOTTER DISPLAY
* 3= All features found on units costing PRINTER LEADS A TOTAL
MIDI MUSIC PACKAGE Very simple to use.
MIDI MASTER INTERFACE y This unit connects your compute to any MIDI Instrument M Fully Opto Isolated MIDI IN. Mil ’ rurr umi -i OUT. MID! THRU.
Just plug In and go.
FREE CABLES 3 metre long MIDI Cables - completely FREEH (normally £6.09). FOR ONLY £99.99 NO MORE TO BUY!!
M Full Midi T 3000 (please state y Compatible with m packages (including D Music), y Midi In Midi Out x3 - Midi Thru.
M Fully Opto Isolated realtime functions.
HIRes sample editing.
Realtime frequency display.
Realtime level meters.
Files saved in IFF format.
INLY £34.99 V Adjustable « v record trig level y Microphone ft v ft Din connect Software files can be used within editor to design your own waveforms or adjust existing ones.
Ut 1 4- Jack windows for fine accurate editing.
3D shot of sound waveform. Wave ONLY £99.99 PLEASE STAYE A500fl 000 2000 ? *8 P*n 'D' to 36 way Centronics parallel lead. 1.2m length.
? ABOO or 1000, please state.
ONLY £8.99 save.
Y Edit picture, cut, copy, paste am undo.
Y Special effects, reverse, negative mirror, compress, etc. y Increase the width of the display to 320 x 256 automatically or » manually Plugs Into the parallel port of yo Amiga 1000 500 2000.
M Cornea complete with its own Slimline extra low profile unit - only 6" long!
Top quality fully compatible drive I NEW LOW mechanism.
* ST&r*11'"*4*1*7™4 PRICE ONLY V A superbly styled case finished
In Amlgs colours. O Q V 1 me unformatted capacity.
Good length cable for positioning SINGLE DRIVE ONLY £129.99 twin drive ADD £5 FOR COURIER DELIVERY IF REQUIRED rl jf Dfl » DF2 controlled, y Switch in out of external drive*. Fit* between computer ft driver(s).
* r4o°n." 7,y n‘1 .t0, ONLY £9.99 EXTERNAL DRIVE SWITCH GENISCAN
GS4500 AMIGA y Boost the output of your Amiga in glorious
30W * 30W power amplifier.
S band graphic equaliser.
Y Complete with cables for A500 A1000 A2000 models.
Y Slimline colour matched metal case with built-in mains power unit.
Headphone socket.
0NLYE59.99_ High quality direct replacement for mouse on the Amiga.
Teflon glides for smoother Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
Optical system counting - 500 mm.
Y Powerful software allows for cut ft paste editing of Image* etc. y Save Image* in suitable format for moat leading package* Including DELUXE PAINT etc. V Package Include* G64500 scanner.
Inl.W.r. a Si-.W WAI! Mnttmrmrw Special otlar -. ree mouse mat * mouse house worth C7.99). Video 512K RAM EXTENSION CARD U High qil.lit7 miniature 3 w.jr speaker units In die-cast aluminium shelf enclosures.
30 Watts 8 ohm each.
'•pi** HOW TO ORDER FAX 0782 744202 BY PHONE n® as 0782 744707 24hr Credit Card Line nputer Model 420. High performance, low cost Bar Code Reader.
V Works with any Amlga ST computer system (pleaae state which) via the RS232 Interface.
S Features a built-in self-testing function, y Can read codes BAN, UPC. Inter leaved 2 of 5. Code 39. CODABAR.
V Come* complete with wand, ready T to go.
Features a diagnostic Indicator.
SALES ONLY 0782 744707 TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 Amiga Arcade The Joker lands late BATMAN’S fllofax is on the blink. The film wasn't due to arrive until Christmas, but Warner Brothers decided to bring the UK release forward to the summer.
Works at the beginning, and a church at the end - a ladders and platformy scene which has been beautifully drawn.
You must find the girl and rescue her from the Joker.
To get from place to place you partake in a Crazy Cars style driving scene, piloting the awesome Batmobile towards the spooky Gotham City skyline.
Turning corners needs some deft action with the Batrope.
The game, and particularly the fine graphics, conjure up the underworld feel of the film.
The programmers worked from the script but couldn’t get a full taste of the atmosphere without seeing the real thing.
Warner Brothers refused an early screening, so Ocean sent two of the programmers to New York, where the flick had opened.
They saw it twice over the weekend, hopped on a plane and got back to their development system.
While batfans rejoiced countrywide, the programmers at Ocean groaned.
Beating the Dark Knight to the screens would be impossible, but they could give it a try.
Even with the game set for release a month after the film, things are tight. So the programmers in the basement at Ocean are hammering away at their keyboards.
The game is split up into a number of scenes which follow the plot. Giving too much away would ruin the film. The barest essentials, then: There are a couple of levels in which you must take on armed baddies, whose gunshots ricochet off your body armour.
You use your Batrope to leap around a chemical Give us a view PICTIONARY is a game played in a similar way to charades, only instead of acting out a word or title you and your team mates must try to guess the various words by sketching clues to each other.
The game features an innovative (it says here) graphics package, which includes solid broken and dotted lines of various thicknesses, rectangles, circles, ellipses and a number of fill patterns.
Out on the Domark label, price £24.99. TWO new programs from Bullfrog - the authors of Populous - are on their way.
The first is Warmonger, a 3D vector graphics game with many of the strategy elements for which Bullfrog is so rightly famous.
The name of the game is likely to change, since the program is not scheduled for release until well into
Further off than that is Populous 2, which adds loads of features to the best selling Amiga game ever, including more strategy and the ability to zoom in on the landscape.
All in a good cause Greenpeace's function is to raise the level of awareness, and the game tackles seven aspects of the work the organisation does - from saving whales and seal cubs to protesting against nuclear power and acid rain.
WEARING a lighter shade of green than its usual khaki. MicroStyle - a MicroProse label - has teamed up with Greenpeace to produce Rainbow Warrior, a game which is environmentally aware.
Unfortunately the game isn't up to MicroProse’s recent excellent form, but it serves Greenpeace's motives admirably.
As a protest organisation.
The actions are written up in an excellent manual which explains the reasons behind and details of many of the protests Greenpeace has taken part in. It is light All the latest news on the games software scene Bombs away FRENCH air traffic controllers may have a hard time keeping tabs on what is filling their airspace, but that is a doddle compared with what is lined up on the runways of various software houses.
Digital Integration is leading the way but it has bandits at 12 o’clock.
Activision and Vektor Grafix are first to follow into the skies with Bomber. This allows you to fly missions over the US Mid West in a choice of aircraft, the MiG 27, F-lll, two Tornados, the Saab Viggen and an F-15.
You can also choose what you wish to fly against.
By incorporating a huge number of polygons Vektor has produced realistic planes. There is a trade-off between speed and performance so you can elect to play with fewer polygons and have faster action.
But there are more foes in the sky. The game which sets rival software houses quaking in their bootblocks is Hawk from Electronic Arts, also known as F-117a Aggressor.
The program has been under development at Argonaut Software for 18 months, Amiga Computing printed the very first screenshot in June 1988.
With as many as six people working on it at any one time, the result will represent about 10 years work for a and well written, with excerpts from The Greenpeace Story.
It blends the actions with instructions for playing the game and gives you a chance to get involved.
There are plenty of computer games in which you save alien worlds, and even whole universes - Micro- Style has produced the first one in which you save the planet called Earth.
Single programmer.
And it will be worthwhile.
Using special Virus-style landscaping techniques and optimal mathematics.
Argonaut claims it has the best basis for a flight simulator.
Programmers with specialist interests in aerodynamics, modern fighter aircraft and weapons have been recruited. The result should be aircraft which fly accurately and give a realistic performance, although when I got my hands on it for a sneak preview the final figures were being tweaked and the planes were still very twitchy.
Ocean also has an entry for the air race. F-29 Retaliator is a futuristic flight sim which is still some way off.
Looking a bit like Falcon, with stippled mountains and detailed cockpit graphics, it could be the surprise winner in the battle for air supremacy.
The plethora of aircraft games could yield a casualty.
Ace from Artronic uses some advanced maths techniques, but in the face of some stiff opposition it may have its wings clipped until later next year.
I Lands I 83% NightDawn 82% Leonardo ! 78% Journey 1 78% ciendish Freddy 73% epmg Gods J% Barbarian II Gh.ario,s °f Wrath 69 o Astaroth 1 S Gemini Wing I ''ldiana Jones 46? EiW, ZeJUand Story £ka,e of I”1 Art 45% Castle Warrior 42% The Champ
• rriar Command
- Eliminator
• Halter Skelter
• Interceptor
• Leonardo “ Ttiunderblrds Here we go, here we go, here we go
Following hot on the shinpads of Anco's news that it is to
produce another football game this season, there as been a rush
of announcements and signings.
Krisalis has teamed up with Man Utd to produce a computer simulation with a club management section and arcade style action.
So if you fancy yourself as manager Alex Ferguson, or want to take on the mantle of Mark Hughes, you’ll be able to take your choice.
The really ambitious can try both as a player-manager.
The Amiga version will be the first to be released and is the only rendition of the game which vertically scrolls its five-screen-wide pitch thanks to the built-in hardware. The playing area is 600 pixels deep and gives an isometric view.
The ref and linesmen will be on-screen the whole time watching for fouls, offside and sending off offending players. The trainer sits on the bench and pretends not to shout instructions.
Krysalis claims that Man Utd is the most famous football team in the world.
Detailed research (I spoke to two people) reveals that this accolade should go to Liverpool, a team which has had the license for a game tie-in bounce around several software houses.
Is there anybody there?
It now seems to have ended up in Ocean’s penalty box. No details or release dates are available.
The fledgling Empire label has taken a different approach to footie licensing.
Instead of backing a team, it is marking a man. That man is Tottenham Hotspur superstar Paul Gascoigne.
Gazza's Soccer Simulator will use digitised images to "set new standards in sports simulations".
One software house which is so confident of its footballing prowess that it has not signed anyone is Impressions, or to be more accurate Impressions’ new label, Plato.
What an ancient Greek has to do with our national game, I don't know. But Super- League Soccer is the first Plato release.
In a rare moment of marketing honesty the company admitted that this is "yet another football management game”. But it claims it YOU have been dragged along to a seance. The fortune teller is a fake, but that doesn’t stop you from becoming embroiled in an eerie adventure as the mark of the shadow is placed upon is nothing like any of the games currently available because it puts you in charge of a top-rate team, rather than making you struggle to the top.
The game has a good pedigree, coming in part from the team which wrote Kenny you. This is the beginning of Electronic Arts' new role playing game, The Hound of Shadow, which captures the feel of the books by H.P. Lovecraft.
With the mark upon you Dalglish Soccer Manager.
With Ocean, Anco, Krisalis and Plato all ready for the opening whistle this should prove to be an interesting season, regardless of whether or not your screen is tuned in to your A500 or BBC1.
Unclean code BETTING on films is often a risky business. Not only do you have to produce a game to meet someone else's deadlines, but you must rapture the feel every bit as accurately as the celluloid.
The Untouchables was released about a year ago and Ocean has the rights to produce a game based on gangsters and liquor during the prohibition.
Ocean commissioned a game from a conversion company but the end result wasn’t good enough. So in a very brave and laudable move it was cancelled and the game re-written.
The move paid off with a great, playable game in which you play several of the stars from the film, each with different abilities.
Look for it soon.
There is only a limited amount of time in which to free yourself. Investigating the mark takes you around the world, previous experiences perhaps your involvement in the American Civil War - will help.
A pub in Norfolk and the reading room of the British Museum both contribute to the solution.
A carefully constructed combination of role playing and adventure game, the code has been produced by Eldritch games with wonderful sepia graphics to reflect the atmosphere of a game set in the 1920s. Out soon.
TECHNICALLY ACCURATE SIMULATION OF Cl SPORTS CAR RACING RACE FOR THE DRIVER'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE 10 FAMOUS CIRCUIT TO PRACTISE AND RACE ON ATARI ST AMIGA MANAGE YOUR PIT STOPS AND MAKE YOUR REPAIRS SELECT YOUR TYRES TO SUIT WEATHER CHANGES RACE THROUGH THE DAY INTO NIGHT TIME WITH YOUR LIGHTS ON G 1989Artron* Products Ltd. T-3Heywra Cres. Harrogate Tel 0423525325FAX 0423S30054 EMPIRE has changed reality. The world has become cubic, kobolds are good guys, it isn't really that far to the chemists and God isn't dead, merely having forty winks.
Unfortunately, during his omnipotence's slumber a wicked arch-mage has taken over the world and several others besides. Now he has prevented the Sleeper from ever waking up.
You don't know what you are going to do but you must stop him.
Otherwise... Well, it’d be terrible, wouldn't it. He might privatise water.
He might introduce Poll Tax. Yes.
You must stop him at all costs.
That only leaves you with one problem. How?
Fortunately at that moment some half-dead kobolds appear at your door, just back from a similar expedition. Before they die they give you a device which will aid you in your quest.
Now it's up to you to brave the bandit-ridden roads, the freezing hills and snow demons, the trained I UST when you thought it was safe I to step back into your loincloth, Barbarian II from Palace has arrived.
And this time he's out for... well, probably much the same things as last time actually - a spot of death and destruction, all nicely rounded off with a great haul of treasure to improve his credit rating.
Can't argue with that I suppose. At least not to his face.
This time he’s got help. There is a choice of playing the Dark Destroyer himself or his rather comely companion. Female barbarians?
Gotta move with the times 1 suppose.
Whether this move is to attract more female games players seems somewhat dubious after witnessing a few of her near-naked acrobatic feats with only her well placed jewellery saving her from exposure.
An amazing opening sequence, even by Amiga standards, draws you into the game. Nice animated effects and sampled speech even for the "Insert Second Disc" request Why can't everyone put as much effort into this sort of thing? One doesn't mind so much rooting around the box and manuals and swapping discs when it is done in an interesting and entertaining manner.
Each level consists of a maze full of undesirables almost begging to be hacked, slashed gouged and generally inconvenienced. Not only must you find the exit, but you must also collect the two magic items if you are to be able to withstand Drax - the big nasty - at the end of the game.
The items certainly are magic.
When you pick them up they flash incessantly for some jolly good and arcane, if a tad annoying, reason.
The various bad guys, or bad things more properly, ail require a different technique to overcome.
Enemies floating off the ground are unlikely to be affected by a swing of the sword at knee height. Similarly.
«ichers in the capital, the den ns of ;ae dwarven tunnels, the airborne attack of seagulls, the fiery fury of dragons and the terrible mind- pummelling wrath of (gasp!) The giant mice. Privatisation is beginning to sound better *11 the rimp.
The game, like some starbom software offspring between Mercenary and Dungeon Master, gives you the three-dimensional character's-eye view of the terrain and relies solely on the joystick or mouse for all operations.
The ubic, really d Isn't IS.
- maKc everul haft evflf u are i him.
Rible, water.
. Ym».
I one some your cpedi- you a your e the ezing ained - It n. bad lire a omc.
D arc ngof larly, Unlike most of this genre, there is no fiddling about with icons, and no text entry. If you come across a location with the correct objects in your possession the game assumes you know what you are doing and completes the actions for you.
This is a great bonus since not only can you sometimes get things right by mistake, and you are saved all that tiresome fiddling about typing and clicking and clicking and typing, trying to find the right combination of actions or phrases to bring about mere is no point going for the neck if your opponent is only two feet tall.
This means a separate strategy needs to be evolved to defeat each type of beast, more so than in other a*imes of .similar ilk A strong will and stem resolve, never mind the possible advantages of being stone deaf, will be needed to overcome the rabid assaults of the giant rhirtyn presumably recently escaped from a neanderthal CoL Saunders.
Care must be taken not to let a monster get your back against a wall or with a hole behind you. Look around, find your own ground, because if you get trapped you ¦could have listened to that nice msHrancft who called last Tnursday.
Navigating the maze is fraught with problems, not the least of which die the large holes some unthinking workmen have left all over the place.
You’ll need to take a running jump at these.
The other problem is that it all £arts looking the same: Didn't I pass mat molten river and the skull on the sack a tew minutes ago?
The desired result.
Of course this might not appeal to the purists, but if you’re after mono text-only sagas, why didn't you stick with your ZX80?
Weapons. There are lots of these.
You start off lobbing small stones and pebbles at people end up blasting them with lightning bolts. Ammo is usually collected from baddies you blow up on the way. Yes I did say blow up. Yes, with pebbles. No, I don't know why, but it's fun. Listen lo me. Here you are prancing round a cubic planet - it’s no good going on at me about realism.
Whenever you meet someone they're almost sure to be a bad guy, unless they look exceptionally old and feeble or exceptionally cute and helpless. Anyone else, waste 'em.
The joystick, or mouse if you prefer, controls a crosshair in the viewing screen. Targeting with the cursor and pressing the button will fire the current weapon. When you pick up a weapon, if it is more powerful than the one you are using it Bjrlur'un II cu.ua Pjhce Overall - 73% If you get hopelessly lost it is time to take a look at the poster that comes with the game. This won't help, but at least it will take your mind of the tact that you're going to die in some horribly grotesque and totally unreasonable fashion.
On the whole the animation is nothing spectacular, with the excep- tion of the leaping sequences and the death scenes where our hero or her- oine slumps to the ground, usually followed by the victorious baddie celebrating over the prostrate exbarbarian with a spot of sampled sound.
Palace has made up for spawning a generation of bimbo marketed games by producing a worthy sequel to a good game.
Green will replace the current one.
The weapons' ranges vary considerably. With a simple sling you may be able to detect a baddie's halitosis, but with a longbow you can probably despatch them to that Rubick's Cube in the sky before they've even noticed you're in the neighbourhood.
Unfortunately some of the larger weapons can take an age to load, so you may have to resort to hurling shuriken at an irate dragon or lead shot at a master magician. Nobody said it was going to be easy.
It is vital to save the game every time you achieve something or pick up something new. The program has a very good load save screen and it is passible to store upwards of about 20 positions on the data disc supplied - the disc that the program runs from- a definite one- up on those adventures that have you swapping discs continually.
The graphics are fairly good, and reasonably iast considering some are quite complicated. The people and creatures you meet are well drawn, although their movements can be jerky, which is very annoying when you are trying to ambush someone and he mysteriously transports right past The explosions are good and are accompanied by agonising screams.
The fact that they seem to be emitted by throttled pigs is neither here nor there.
The puzzles are quite difficult to solve, but to be honest they often solve themselves. You will be aimles- . Sly wandering around some barren plain when you trip over a molehill and discover some magic boots.
Serendipity isn't in it This also means you have to investigate every molehill, every rock and every dragon dropping in every kingdom. Some things are not very important and only help to keep you alive (not important?) But others are vital to your quest There is no way of going back when you suddenly discover on the last level that you are missing a magic toothpick.
There are some good underground sequences and a tastefully decorated castle, both wisely placed to break the monotony of all those wide open spaces.
It is a good idea to get inside before nightfall unless you've been eating lots of carrots because the sky gets dark. As a matter of fact, it all gets dark, including the bad guys. Doesn't stop them from attacking you though.
Sleeping Gods Lie may lack some of the strategic thought of the more conventional adventures, but it has a certain playability that prevents boredom and frustration setting in.
.Although much of the game involves endless traipsing over the countryside, there is still something compelling about it which makes it all seem worthwhile, an elusive quality which can turn an otherwise mediocre offering into something unusual which deserves a look.
Green nd of every stage. And on the play lipball with your mines, beings into crated agressors. They ' four levels I stick one half way (Xenites don't have feet - Ed), laugh eat little boys like you for breakfast, igh as well. Ha-har! You’ll never at your Speed-up stripes, and spit my 1 can't lose. You see I'm too fast, 'itough all of them. And if just rotting stumps of teeth at your Super too smooth, too evil. And this time bomb is left... When the fuse runs Nashwan Power. I say Pah! To the lot I've brought with me the most Kaboom! It's KYAG time. Of them. Awesome army of agents the Amiga
lun't give a damn if your Zapper My Brachiopods will wiggle deep computer has ever seen, coupled a eradicate everything on the into your ears and suck out your with sound effects to break your
- a in a blinding flash of light. No. Brains. My crusty-skinned
Trilobytes eardrums. Nothing can stop me. The d care I if your
Side Shot causes will shoot your paltry defences to universe
will be mine. Mine, do you nts to emit from the left and right
pieces. The probing appendage of my hear, all mine.
- of your ship. Nautilus will launch indestructible And all
crammed on to two discs ah! I spit on your Electroball. Mines
into your path. The powerful with music by Bob the Bass, oar.
Which sticks to your ship radiation emitted by the time bombs i
you hold down the fire button. I has mutated these once
harmless [effWalker TIME, there is never enough of it.
Some days, ex I re-read H. C. Wells' Toe Tune Machine. I ponder on the possibility of nme travel, of tne paradoxes, of what one could do if the past was mutable.
1 was in one au-h mood of quiet contemplation when he who must be obeyed, gave me an innocuous 3.5in disc and said: "Review this, Earthling".
Gratefully clutching manna from heaven, 1 v"vttbvt off to the corner and donned my cap on which the word Reviewer was wnt large.
The disc drive whirred, the sawn flickered into life, and something strange started to happen. Light blurred, colours streamed, time slowed, stopped, and then began to run backwards. The years rolled back, my midriff shrank to an acceptable size, a hairline receding faster than a Brazilian rain forest sprang forward* with a vengeance.
The year was 198-S. With all its Orwellias connotations. The Olympics were starting in the aty of the angels, it was the 169th anniversary of Wellington stuffing Napoleon at Waterloo, and the Great God Spectrum ruled the forth Ocean Software had worked some arcane magic and brought me back all those years to play New Zealand Story, a conversion of a Taito coin- op.
You are a small fluffy chick out to cross the islands that make up New ' as land snd rescue imprisoned poultry along the way. The chickens you are rescuing obviously aren't in a battery farm - there's only one victim per cage. Blimey, you could yam at Tj-s t 50 more in there.
Anyway, you are that small fluffy thing leaping around those platforms, that is a now and arrow you are carrying, the defenders of (he coup uie armed in a likewise manner, and you do lose a life every tune you get hit by one. It's more than the opposition gets though, so you i-Ajmr your lucky feathers.
Leap from platform to platform, head for the cage before the nmi-r runs out and your pecking pal ends up as six Chicken MecNuggets. Koala bear-hke things and all msnnar of small not SO eid1* animals attempt tO get in the way. Set snails on to you and Are arrows.
Thankfully the first two levels of these things are pretty easy, always making sure you don't get barbecued by running inm an electnc fenm Every animal you kill is transformed into a piece of fruit, the collection of which boosts your score.
Great for you. Not so good for them.
Occasionally you'll hit an jnimal that leaves behind a new weapon. The first one is an nnlimiind supply of bombs, which explode with a crispy crunch.
Just in case you were thinking this was all leapy-Ieapy. Jumpy-jumpy.
Sosas.U Value Overall - 49‘!
Mere are also aerial activities to con- sider. Flumfrwr aboard a halhvm or.
Os in level four, a flying bat appro- priated iron* a luckless bear. Takr to the airwaves, watching out for the planes with engine trouble or hydraulic failure.
The excitement is. Of course, immense. This is dsi. Of the art platform action, with no colour clashing either. But then, as the disc flopped out of the drive, as 1 sharpened mv piece of charcoal ready for the scribing to follow. Father Time started to ratrh up with nx* The Tories won another election, the release dales for Star Trek Came and were lefr behind in the distant past, the hair fell apologetically on to my writing slate, empty beer cam appeared as if from nowhere, the belly resumed its previous portliness, and 1 was sadly back in 1989.
But you can take that trip back in rim* back to when Manic Miner was king. Be warned though, tunc is a precious rhing, there never is enough otiL Duncan Evans ru Zra jml Slur C1UMU Ik run WARNING!
Do not play this game if you are of a nervous disposition1 i con- m or.
Ppro- I take irthe e or urse, plat- ihing pped d my ¦ the rime :tion, came istant on to cans . The ness, ck in rwas is a ough vans Play Life & Death and you will have the responsibility of holding a human life in your hands as you cut into living flesh.
Distributed by Slk In this - the world's first interactive medical movie - you'll enter the tension-filled atmosphere of a busy hospital. Talk with your patient. Read charts. Order X-rays, blood tests and other laboratory reports. And when the time comes... you will pick up the knifel In the operating theatre, your skill will determine whether your patient goes to recovery... or the mortuary.
Available lor IBM and compatibles, Apple ll Mackintosh, Amiga and Atari ST. For further information on Mindscape Products and your local dealer contact Mindscape International Limited, PO Box 1019, Lewes, East Sussex BN84DW. Tel. (044486) 545 547 Burgling becomes a fine art LETSwt one thing straight hereto) has nothing to do with that chap da Vmd the Renaissance painter. ScnJptor, engineer, biologist and left-handed person. Instead.
Leonardo is a very small thief whoU steal anything that's not screwed, nailed or taped down.
The short attract sequence has him breaking and entering a honse.
Accompanied by rery high quality sampled sound. A valiant attempt is made to reproduce a digitised toilet flush: valiant yes - accurate, no.
Still, it is probably the Erst toilet flush to appear in a computer game, so we can let it pass.
Leo's methods are curious. Instead of the usual dart in. Grab and have it away on the old size tl's as fist as possible, he likes to make a line with the goods Erst Every job he does has three things to steal and each slides Eeriy when pushed, so a great deal of care must be taken when manoeuvring them.
Each of the banks, museums and warehouses that Leo visits are bttered . With rocks. A little out of the ordinary granted, but this is a computer game, so authenticity isn't at a premium.
These rods can be shunted about or broken if they've nowhere to slide to. They can aiso be used to great effect to remove the rather bothersome guards. There are always two of them The bobby plods along horizontally before homing in vertically. The Booboooh (a ghost) floats vertically towards you before homing in horizontally. This means that Leo is always being pursued, and if caught it's another spell in the slammer.
Thankfully, the guards always start off from the one place in each level so if you can Mode that off. The rest of the level can be completed with only the (generous) time limit to worry you.
Each level is about four screens full with all the important details shown on Leo's tiny radar scanner.
Unfortunately, there are many other helps and hindrances that Leo's homegrown and consequently dodgy scanner doesn't show.
Seconds. There are also handcuffs, which do as good a job as the guards in apprehending Leo.
Every once in a while there appears a bonus level which has a tiny time limit and hundreds of bonus pearls, not to mention the two guards. The idea is to get as many pearls as possible in the time allowed: fairly predictable, no?
In fad the gameplar is essentially similar to the veteran arcade game Pengo, which spawned many look- alikes on the 16k ZX Spectrum. The similarity ends there - Leonardo has sharp, though small graphics, very well executed sound, and a well planned set of levels.
Speaking of levels, there are certainly plenty of them - 50 in afl.
With levels 10. 20 and 30 accessible | via passwords.
Leonardo is really a puzzle game.
Inmanln £24.99 St'iriytr Wads of money Be abouf the place
- picking them up gives 1X00 poinS.
Manholes give access to the sewers and quick point-to-point transportation. Dynamite returns the guards to the start, and the paralysing rock (?!)
Stops them in tbeir tracks for a few because quick thinking is more important than quick moving. A good puzzle game should allow the player a choice of start levels. B» Leonardo s second and third levels are very hard.
Overall - 82% You could cheat and use the pare words, but me giving them to yo“ now would cheese the editor off s" youH just have to work your way through. A pity, because levels 11 onwards are very easy. I got them pH Max. so check out his column th'» month.
Considering Leonardo was written by a Swiss cracking crew, the efli» are remarkably understated and the gameplar far deeper than would V expected. A very soBd. Reliable garre that holds together well despit” becoming a little too difficult at times. Worth a long, hard look.
Stewart C. Russell IfclilgiElectronics KLR SPECIAL AM1QA A500 AMIGA 2000
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• Floppy Orw* 1064 Storeo Colour Mon* ONLY £1520
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ScweryD tot lire 1«r (16 50 (1850 (1650 (14 90 (14M
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cwv (ism an ou (ISM (1490 (ISM Government, Educational,
Corporate and Export Orders Welcome rsr KLR COMPUTER
SUPPLIES 13 Moneyhll Parade, UK THE CHAMP Floats like an
anchor, stings like a moth WHILE the game loaded I read
through the manual, which has an introduction so pseudo
intellectual that it may well make it into Private Eye’s
Pseud’s Comer.
It explains the story and rules of boxing - the game is endorsed by the WBA, incidentally - going into detail to such an extent that it reminds you that referees must keep their fingernails cut short for safety. It also explains the nine fouls, although none of them can be reproduced within the game.
Once loaded you are presented with a menu from which you can select one or two players. Training, Hiscore Table, Show Wolrd (sic) Ranking, Create a data disc, Reset the World Ranking (spelled correctly this time), Sparring and Start Game.
You enter into a bout of sparring to practice the moves. The joystick is used in a similar way to other combat games. The boxer can move left and right, defend his head, stomach and chest, plus he can dance. This involves jumping up and down on the spot, rather than doing the Paso Doble.
With Fire depressed you can produce hooks, straight punches, stomach punches and the ominous- sounding killer punch, which is rather like a fast cricket underarm bowl, continuing the motion through to end up with your fist under your opponent's chin.
Best of all is the clinch, which results in both boxers grabbing each other in a passionate embrace which almost certainly falls on the wrong side of Clause 28.
You score for each successful punch, although you're never really sure what your score is because the score board is so difficult to read.
Each player has a morale and condition factor which decrease as each successful punch rings home. If they reach zero the boxer falls to the ground and is out for the count.
Although 1 managed to knock my opponent down 17 times in the first round - why didn’t the ref stop the fight? - 1 lost because the opponent wore me down with a succession of puny little punchettes.
Following a knockout your are treated to a nicely executed TV-style action replay, complete with "motion blur" effect as the boxer crashes to the canvas.
The action replay isn't the only good thing in The Champ. The referee darts about authentically, getting in the way - unfortunately you can't punch him - and when a boxer is pushed up against the ropes, the ropes wobble nicely.
The sound effects are quite good.
The referee says lots of referee-type things like "One, Two, Three, Four..." and as the punches connect they sound just as artificial as they do in the movies.
Obvious effects like the end-of- IMAGINE you are a strong-jawed blond hero type. Got that? Ok, now imagine that your favourite princess gets kidnapped by the local evil baron. What would you do?
Would you hop right on your space chariot and get on over there, casually disregarding any thoughts of personal safety as you blast through heavily defended castles dispensing molten laser death to all who upset your sensibilities? What do you mean, no? Of course you would, you're a hero. Aren’t you?
So much for the plot, what about the action? Chariots of Wrath follows the line of thinking that if you take a few old classics, spruce up the graphics a bit, work them into a plot and stick them all together you will get a great game. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn't it?
Funnily enough, in this case it seems to work. Perhaps not to the epic proportions Impressions may have hoped for, but then what do you expect using old ideas?
The different levels are held together by a map screen. This is a round bell are missing. And the music is dreadful. The box proudly proclaims the fact that the game contains the theme from Rocky. It is so appallingly arranged that it would be a positive advantage to have a bad case of cauliflower ears.
Rather nice graphical parchment representation with a large X indicating where you are, and therefore which stage you will be entering next.
The first phase is a reaction timer.
You have a crosshair sight, things pop up in the corridor in front of you.
Do the obvious. If you die you don't lose a life, so there is not much point to this level apart from amassing a large score to make you feel better.
- jawed k, now rincess il evil r space there, oughts blast es
dis- II who to you could, about llows take a p the a plot u
will recipe ase it lo the may loyou held s is a Next you must
break out of the castle. I wonder where the idea for this level
came from? It has some nice touches to it though. The standard
style Arkanoid bonuses are present, with a couple of extras.
The bricks are all nicely aged and the occasional arrow wiggles
down from the battlements, intent on making its point.
Taking a shortcut through the marshes leads you to shoot-'em-up land. Here you must pilot your spaceship through wave after wave of vertically scrolling marsh fiends.
Sorry, did I say spaceship? I meant, of course, space chariot. Laser cannon, wingmen, shields and probably speed stripes can all be picked I the udly con- is so Id be bad As well as the boxing matches themselves, you can take a trip down to the gym for some training. This involves skipping and having a go at the punchbag.
All in all, what could have been a perfectly good boxing simulation has turned out as something positively mediocre.
The moves all work in the way described in the manual, but boxing is a sport of lightning fast reactions, putting together a series of orchestrated punches - Bill Conti said that, not I - and the game's response time to my energetic joystick wiggles was frankly not fast enough to give any real impression of a boxing match.
You feel the game is waiting to catch up with you all the time.
J. K. Nellwood I hr Champ i ifi. Nr,
l. inrl Overall - 42% up by blasting the friendly orb that comes
around every now and then.
There is a cunning programmer plot to this level - the backdrops are sometimes so stunning that you take your eyes off the baddies just at the wrong moment. Watch out for the trolls throwing blackcurrant jellies.
Later stages include a type of platform game and a version of Asteroids. All the stages are repeated, not in sequence but depending on which area of the map you are currently in.
This stops the game from becoming repetitive, as do the subtle changes in the layouts and graphics in each successive level of the same type, with the exception of the reaction test and the Asteroids game, which are always the same.
The backdrops and scrolling on the shoot-’em-up levels have clearly been done with a great deal of thought; there are even little retro-jet thrusts as you manoeuvre your ship. Disappointingly, the end-of-level monster is just an inanimate graphic which moves predictably and unrealis- tically. However nice it may look.
Games of this type generally tend to have one really good stage - the rest becomes annoying and boring as you have to go through them to get to the best parts, rather like a D. H. Lawrence novel.
Overall - 71% Although undeniably the most effort went into the scrolling death stages, in Chariots of Wrath the other levels stand up quite well, giving it a nicely rounded and well constructed feel.
Green IME was when gelling air meant going for a quick stroll, and a real hip skateboard was a short plank with half a skate at each end. Sheesh, even the very term getting air is a little old hat - all the juves groove to atmospherics these days.
T A rr tb "1i7 nr tiii? Adi i Going down Ihe tubes Trouble is, skateparks are either pocket handkerchief affairs with about 40.000 skaters per square metre, or huge, soulless places which cost a fortune to get into. So all the mad. Bad and rad dudes have started building their own courses, wherever they can, and with whatever they can find.
Skate of the Art starts, against all possible odds and LRT's safety standards (whichever is the lesser], on the platform of Earl's Court tube station.
Various bits and bobs are arranged in a one-dimensional way along Ihe platform, for the special delight of your little skater. Tasteful brick ramps must be climbed at just the right angle and then coasted down gracefully.
Manholes, and what look indistinguishable from piles of books and filing cabinets, must either be jumped or flipped, depending on their size.
There’s no bonus for completing a course without error - they can only be done in one faultless run otherwise you lose a board and have to sit through Ihe whole tedious business of the little skater setting his board down at the start.
Each of the courses is short. The real skill lies in timing the movements just right. The 20 courses track your progress through the skateways of the world, with various panoramic views and geographically relevant obstacles.
The preamble to the game is quite well done, with a series of simple but effective attract screens. The controls are explained in rather a neat way.
You are presented with a picture of a joystick and your little skater in a small window. You move the joystick, the joystick on the screen moves, and the homunculus obliges with the relevant action. Simple, but neat. It kept me ItBppy for half a minute or so.
Although the attract mode works, the in-game graphics are not great. In fact, not to put too fine a point on it.
They're blocky and wouldn’t be that remarkable on a C64. Most of the screen is taken up by a huge upturned skateboard whose wheels move in sync with yours. It really only acts as a scoreboard.
The top hundred or so pixels do the interesting bit. The smoothness of the scrolling would be remarkable on a lesser machine, but we are in the real world, so I'll try not to mention it. The tunes can be lived with, but the game effects are limited to a rather pathetic “Aah!" As your skater wipes out again.
By making the first course very difficult until you learn it, and then making it a mere formality when you know how, Line! Has killed any urge to progress with the game. It's too simple, too hard and too dull to charge any more than £1.99 for, despite any effort that went into it Sound graphics Gameplay Skate of the Art's only claim to fame is that it comes from Liechtenstein, the little principal which is too small to hold Bob and his bank account simulta neously. Unless you're on a “Buy Lie- chtensteinian" drive, the atmospherics are better elsewhere.
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Tricks lor Amiga__£18.45 Programmer* GuO* to th Amiga £23.95 Protext-------------- Publisher* Choice Sculp! 30__________ 01-381 6618 (24 Hour*) Caller* Welcome Fax No. 01 301 0520 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT CARRIAGE FREE All pricae ar* subject to chang* without furthor notico. All good* aubjoct to availability CAST] Goodness gracioi CASTLE Warrior: The name conjures a warrior so hard that even battlements quake in fear. Real life, or what passes for it, is never that good; it’s the old story of warrior breaking into the oppressive character's castle.
Much the same idea as those classic mainframe games Hack and Moria, except this one's got graphics and sound. Pan back in time and space, in suitably impressive Hollywood style, to a land which has known peace for, well, at least 50 years.
Edelwulf the Great united all the tribes by the time honoured technique of whomping them until they gave in.
Edelwulfs son, Edelred the Good, was more of the peaceful and wise ruler type. Well, maybe "was” isn’t quite right - but it might be, soon.
For the one malcontent. Zandor, just happens to have poisoned the king's food, and the end is nigh for Ed the G, For such a peaceful place, the king's son, Edred the Brave, is uncommonly handy with a sword. I suppose it could be called a ferrous deterrent, the Olde Worlde answer to the ICBM. Considering Edred's got the musculature of an overcooked chipolata and has the delicate footsteps of a skipping elephant, he's pretty sharp with the old blade.
Edred - that's you, if you're a little slow on the uptake - has vowed to bust into Zandor’s stronghold and convince the old codger that handing over an antidote is a fair alternative to becoming the world's first human kebab.
Zandor is hip to this ruse, and has rigged up a few surprises. The entrance hall is filled with evil creatures, all of which aren't good for the health.
If the manual's to be believed, there's a large snake at the middle of the passage. Rice wine would be enough to take the feet from any hero, but it turns out to be a ravening typo in the shape of a snake which wobbles at you while spitting fireballs. These kill you, but the idea is to kill the monsters by returning the fireballs.
Zandor's castle isn’t your standard Wimpey home. Once past the spacious entrance hall, it's through to an underground river, guarded by a dragon even more dangerous than a crazed rottweiler. A few well aimed spears gets rid of that pest. Once on to the river - where a canoe appears, thankfully - it’s a dodge-the-nasties trip along the river.
The only thing between you and Zandor is Zandor's house pet, jibba the Monster. This guy is not nice. He must be hell on the postman.
And Zandor isn’t exactly a pushover, what with all the nasty spells he has a habit of chucking - a degree of agility is required here. After that, it's all over bar the residual monsters who pop up on the way home.
THE man with the hat is back, and this time he's brought his niece. Well, not quite. But dontcha just love games developed with ail formats in mind? Isn't it a great feeling knowing that the game running on your immensely powerful Amiga sits just as happily on the Spectrum?
Believe me, it shows. The multimillion blockbuster film has been rendered into pixel form by US Gold, and I have to say I'm not happy with the job that has been done.
Now you must have seen the film, otherwise you wouldn't be interested in playing the game, buttering the tea shirt and eating the soundtrack album. This does help. Not with making the game any easier or playable, but in convincing you that this is vaguely connected to the real thing, and thus a worthwhile game.
Unfortunately it isn’t a worthwhile game. Only a very worthwhile marketing exercise. But there you go, that's the software biz for you.
Indiana jones is on the last crusade (before infirmity strikes) to find the Holy Grail. He must get to it before the Nazis do. The Grail goes from being the cup of everlasting youth to a power of great destruction if in the wrong hands. It sounds suspiciously like Raiders of the Lost Ark, and indeed it is.
The computer version takes four key sequences and makes them into the four levels of the game.
Part one, accompanied by a little digitised piccy. Casts you as the young lndv, played by River Phoenix of course.
This is sideways scrolling rocky platforms and ropes territory, populated with knife-throwim indians, gun-toting hoodlums and falling stalactites. The idea, as most of the levels, is to collect certain objects which enable you to progress to the next. Pieces of stone tablets, the diary, the cross and the Grail itself a have to be picked up along the way i you are to save the world from the Nazi jackboot.
The first level then, has you traversing these caves, avoiding the indians, watching out for the platforms which crumble underfoot, picking up vital supplies of whips and torches - it gets dark otherwise - and swinging from rope to rope over water.
A couple of points here. Firstly, the knife thrower hurls at random luck largely determines getting past unscathed. Secondly, where there are two gunmen patrolling, you have I be lucky enough for them to appear Castle Warrior, if you took it all idea apart and anal ’se l '*•couW ** ftu',e impressive. But when reassembled it just doesn't hang together. The idard subject matter has stood the test of j|je time well, but the small, badly gh to animated sprites on a tiny screen do |)y a not help. The sampled sounds are lan a excellent, yet fit together to form a imed lune ,ni astonishing
X on The only saving grace, soundwise, )ea[s is the inclusion of Delphine's funky isties saxophone on the high score sheet.
When you offset this against the exceptionally dire sound effects, the |ibba sound's a bummer.
E ne If you're after a Kick-the- Necromancer-in-the-Balrogs type xUSh- game, Castle Warrior probably won’t e|is do anything for you. Mind you, after e the rather astonishingly clever Bio that Challenge, Delphine has set itself a hard act to follow.
Stewart C. Russell Don’t call him Junior tes four em into r a nice I u as the I Phoenix g rocky rritory, [ rowing I ms and . As on I certain irogress lets, the | itself all c way if rom the j ou having the 5e plat- lerfoot.
F whips | rrwise- peover | stly, the j lorn so ng past here are have to appear | riv come lo the end of my letler some distance apart and not on top of each other, otherwise it is impossible to get past them.
One touch by anvone and you lose a life.
The final groan comes when Indy falls from the ropes over the water section - he doesn't sink beneath the waves, rather he falls in front of them off the screen. Sloppy programming or what?
Still, it is very difficult to get through the first third of level one without serious damage - stupidly hard in fact, when more rope play, knife throwers and fatal drops have to be considered.
Then you get outside, have to leap on to the back of a speeding train and avoid rhino horns, mad giraffes and the usual bad guys before you get to the end. And that was the first level.
The other levels are easier, with the simplest being the final one. There's more cavern play with rats to consider in level two. The Assault on Castle Brunwald. The castle is burning and you must climb up the wall to part three. The effect of the fire dropping from the stone ceiling is feeble.
The next level is slightly at odds with the film as it has you racing around the zeppelin. Trying to escape by biplane. This bit was cut. So didn't make it into the cinema. There's a nice heaving effect where the screen slowly scrolls up and down to simulate the airship's movement, but really the graphics are very dull here
- it's just a maze thrash with the guards in the way.
Only the climax of the game, the Get the Grail sequence, where a heartbeat representing Indy's dad slowly declines, captures any of the spirit of Indiana [ones. There's traps, a fair bit of leaping and a nasty buzzsaw to contend with.
Graphically, Indy and the Last Crusade is only adequate. The playing area is fairly small, the scrolling a bit jerky and only the animation of the characters worthy of note.
Speaking of note, the music and sound effects are awful. 1 wish someone had told the programmers that a good gun effect doesn't mean you don't have to bother with the rest of the game.
Indiana Jones and the Last Rites would have been a better title for this game. There’s plenty of it, but you’re never going to see it unless you can Inili.m.i luni's .mil I hr l.isl ( I lls.lilr Cl 9.99 I S I,old Sound TmiTfTTI Graphics HHHDHII] Gameplay ¦ ¦HHHD value mnn] master the absurdly difficult first level. Sloppy programming adds to the misery. Maybe Indy should have brought his niece after all, it would have made things a little more interesting.
Duncan Evans October 1989 AMIGA COMPLTT8
- t ' ‘ A splendid HAVE you over met a bailiff? (ate - put on
the dcatbest-defyingcst. Tut or meditating in the yoga pos-
Tbey're the biR men with very amazingest feat of drcustry that
the ition for instance, wide shoulders and little conversa-
world has ever witnessed. You fall straight. But in the tumbles
tion. They do not wear clown There are six events. Do well
between positions you drift off target make-up and silly shoes.
Enough in all of them and the circus Frantic joystick waggling
is the order Freddy does. He has been sent by will earn enough
from ticket sales to of the day. As vou move up the the bank to
reclaim a $ 10,000 loan, if carry the show on. Diving boards the
targets get smaller, you can? Pay him. Your drcus will Even
from the lowest board of the And they don? Just look smaller -
become the foundations for a new high dive, the tub looks
pretty small, you end up diving into a teacup, property
development. There is only On the way down you have to adopt
Freddy might appear at any one way to avoid this Rose Theatre a
string of poses emulating Xing moment armed with a fan to
blow you away, but this is tame compared with his later antics.
While you arr* unicycling and juggling Freddy distracts the
seal - your ball-throwing assistant - with a fish. Then he adds
some excitement of bis own with a bomb. Ton must juggle it back
out to survive.
On to the knife throwing, which has shades of Operation Wolf as you try to pop balloons without turning your female assistant into a kebab.
Freddy will help by throwing bombs, which puts you off your aim.
My favourite event is the flying trapeze, not just because it stirs (irmini Il'm- r H.W Virgin (iumr xenophobic, and the rest of the u"1 verse's sentient beings have deddr"1 to teach us a lesson.
Bet of course there's the seaet ship which can show those slimy b-r eyes what for. And you are piloting11 Channel Z. or what? Possibly eve'1 Dullsville. South Dakota.
After playing Silkworn vou at* probably waiting for anotb" amazing, slick and playable arc"'1 conversion from Virgin. Well y'J can carry on waiting for NirW Warriors. This wasn't programme1!
By Rnndon Access, and it shows.
The format of the game is o"c you've definitely seen before. Ye*1 are a small ship facing up * downwards scrolling landscape Things come down the scree" towards you. Wobble a bit. Perhaps shoot at you or drop something. Ai*rt then are shot or disappear.
After a certain length of backdmP has scrolled by the small thiri» vanish, to be replaced by one or tw" large things, which try to shoot you " lot. And then they get shot, or you gP1 shot.
That just about wraps up this per adigm of plainness (thank you. 0* Overall - 49% D EV1EWERS' lives would be con- Avsiderably more difficult - or less easy, depending on honesty - if all games didn't come with a wildly fanciful plot. I mean, "waves of marauding aliens sounds far better than “a row of four blitter-objects”.
Doesn't it?
And in this department, Gemini Wing is no exception. Especially when you can manage to use two of game reviewing's worst chcbes in the one (preceding) sentence.
The humour in the tale behind the game is rather like early rhubarb - forced. It would seem that Earthpeople have become a little too ¦ G A M E S ¦ gfV fcgg-:'- t'iimltji Irrtlih lliz Top O tun CilM me is -aaranteed for all memories of Pitiall but because I find 2 quite easy. Match the swing oi me next trapeze with the one your girl is on, and shout like tarzan as you press Tire. Later on you get to jump at flaming hoops.
Switching back to the hunky nia!.
Character, the tightrope would be quite straightforward - advance by pressing forward on the joystick, correa a wobble with left and right-
- it weren't for Freddy. He'll cut you m two by throwing a disc
in much the same way as Odd Job did in Goldfinger.
You can protea yourself with the balancing pole, but staying on the wire afterwards is a trifle tough.
The grand finale is the human cannonbalL The bimbo smiles as you brace yourself. She carries on smiling a fill* the cannon with powder.
The spotlight is retleaed in her toothy grin as you climb on the barrel Then when Freddy appears and plugs the gun with a cork does she grimace? Does she look worried as the whole lot explodes? Not a bn of it.
She just keeps up her tabloid pose. I think I'm in love.
Targeting the gun is more fun than A level physics. You have to move the net and balance the trajectory against the amount of powder. I wrote a program like this years ago.
Sold five copies.
For each rouna you are given a score. This comes in the best possible form: Money. You use the cash to pay off the bank ana hopefully win the game. How much you win depends on a judging panel composed of slapstick clowns.
Throughout the game the graphics are superb. Not just for the jaunty way they are drawn but for the cartoonist's tricks ljV»* motion blur and rubber people - which makes watching as much fun as playing.
New twists, the hysterical downs and the sense os* achievement when you complete a level, put you ui the party mood. Invite some friends nnomtul I main. Turry ': Sound Graphics Gameplay Overall - 77% around and use the five player option!
If there is a flaw, it is in the juggling. Not the round m which Freddy hands you a bomb, but the juggling between the three game discs. You soon get led up having to remove the "Amazing Disc A" replace the "Death-Defying Disc C just so that some downs can laugh at you. This is a symptom of the huge quantity of graphics the game uses. It is also boring.
But Fiendish Freddy really is very, very funny to watch and play. I'd recommend it to anyone with young children.
Simon PFA ITXTT TA7TXTn Death is an expensive business ioget, wherever you are) but for a few small details. There can be two players simultaneously. Like, serious novation, or what? Instead of the uttle capsules giving extra powers, mey give one-shot superweapons.
Am 1 getting old, or is the term saartbomb getting a little out of he uni- lecided ret ship y bug- iti ngiL y oven nu are nother arcade ill you Ninja mimed ws.
It one
l. You up a .cape, ireen rrhaps
g. and kilrop hings irtwo you a IIU gd spar
u. Dr Gemini Wing does have some new.
Maovahve ideas, though. Having all the capsules you've collected trailing nchind you is a bit one-careful owner in the car showroom that is g*ming. Having fhe»rr, open a be nicked by the other player is a new idea, and can generate almost as -ch animosity as a Treasure Room with "Shots Now Stun” in Gauntlet.
Also, this game doesn't have the
- sual complement of bangs, pows.
- wacks and zonks that every other mediocre shoot-’em-up has - it
leasts a wide variety of rather clever mnes. But no real noise.
Don't know
• oout you, but to me, a shoot-'em-up
• znout noise is KV* is HV . Is KV»
- omething without something else peaty vital, at any rate.
At least the tunes are adequate, especially nice line m electro mock-Tudor on the highscore sheet.
The first level's tune bears an uncanny resemblance to the first level tune from Space Hanier, so there could be a Sound-and-Feel case in it for Sega.
Most of the graphics suffer from being rather vynan being frequently made up from urnts of two low-res pixels, which poshes hem into the really quite exceptional (for an Amstrad CPC, league. There are tirfifts when there are so many ground emplacements and circling aliens that there isn't time to loose a smart bomb, so a rather frustrating death ensues.
Gemini Wing has a similar, though greatly inferior, feel to .Mission Geno- cde, a rather ancrent 8 bit budget game. Where Mission Genocide squeezed every last ounce of speed from the ZSQ machine to get an extended screen scroll. Gemini Wing seems to be barely ticking over on its tiny scrolling window. And as tVmini Wing is over 10 rim** the price. It’s not worth the bother.
You've seen all this before. With better presentation, sad to say.
Stewart C Russell iniTDATTV Pointing the way ahead fmtmri CJJW InliMitm EVIL wb abroad and the land was suffering. The crops had (ailed three Tears in a row. Then the water had become fouL Many people moved away to the north in the hope of escaping the pestilence, but to no avail.
It was decided to seek the help of a wizard. So a nartv of fmir denartrd.
Situation is getting more desperate, so another party must go in search of a solution.
You play the part of Tag. The apprentice food merchant who has been chosen to accompany Bergon the carpenter. Praxis the wirard and Esher the physician on a journey to discover what is hannenine to the put things right again.
Journey is the story of their travels and their encounters with elves, trolls, dwarves, nymphs, wizards and many other strange creatures.
The aim of the Grst part of the adventure is to reach the castle of the wizard Astrix Here you wiD lenrn of the amulets of power which need to be collected and returned to Astrix so that he can battle with the Dark Lord and &ee the land.
Dressing. The story, written by Men: Blank who co-authored the original mainframe version of Zork. Is quite an interesting read in its own right The game is entirely mouse driven •" there is no need to typea single wnnl, although you can use the keyboard if you with.
Packaging is. As always with Infocom games, very good. There is a map which is needed to complete the game and a little bag containing a strange crystalline object - its purpose remains obscure, but I think i is something to do with magic As the packaging is essential to complete the game, it means the disc can be left unprotected for easy backups or transfer to a hard drive.
If you do not like reading mu' h, then you probably will not like Journey. On the other hand, if you like settling down with a good book and would love to be able influent a events in the story, this style of adventure will suit you down to the ground.
Alex Aird Playing Journey is like taking part in a book. Decisions that you make from time to time lead the story in different directions. Along the way there are many problems to solve, decisions about what direction to take and how best to Sgbt enemies without getting yourself or your companions killed.
The story can proceed in many dif* ferent wav's and has many endings, but only one is correct Can you make the right decisions or will vour party meet the same fate as your predecessors?
You are presented with a screen which is split into three parts. One displays a picture of the current scene and another the story texL At the bottom is a list of currently available commands. Click the mouse on one to execute iL The pictures, drawn by artist Donald Langosy. Are very pretty but do not seem to offer any dues. They appear to be just so much window Souoc Graphics :jy Marc original is quite n right, riven so le word, board if s with here is a jlete the lining a its pur- link it is ntial to the disc sy back- ! Much, ke |our- ,'ou like ook and fluence ityle of n to the ex Aird
BEING a God can gel you down sometimes. I mean it's all very well all that terraforming and being fervently adored by the thronging multitudes, but let me level with you
- all this omnipotence gets a bit boring.
Staring down at the same little faces, flooding the same castles, accepting the same burnt sacrifices of the opposing religion's supporters.
Sigh. Makes you wonder if it was all worthwhile in the first place.
Well fear not. If your creation is getting to be a drag, why don't you create some more? Or, if you're not feeling up to the task, those nice people at Electronic Arts have some they have prepared earlier - no sticky back plastic or previous experience required.
The original Populous was excellent. It is still riding high in the charts and has become the best selling game on the Amiga. Now comes the follow up, a disc containing five new maps. That is, five more environmental overlays for the original system.
Ever since the two 16 bit machines became competitively priced rivals there has been bitterness and hatred between the two camps. Abuse has been hurled, families which once nurtured peace and understanding have broken up into heavily-armed factions. Even some magazines have split over their format differences.
There have been no terrorist attacks or hostage scenes yet, but it can only be a matter of time. Now you can decide it forever.
The Programmer map comes with two bands of merry men, Commodore supporters (hurrah!) And Atari freaks (Boo!). Both fight it out on a listing paper landscape, strewn with coffee cups, fag ends and other typical programming detritus.
Straighten out the listings and build Spectrums for your supporters.
(Well, everyone has to start somewhere.) Scribble code to boost your numbers or launch a sneak attack with a floppy disc volcano.
Take no quarter, careless swamps cost lives, Uncle Commodore needs YOU.,. Sorry, sometimes I get carried away.
But 1 always escape and come back again.
Moving on rather quickly we come to the Wild West scenario. Nice to see EA cast the Red Indians as the good guys. The world wouldn't be in the state it is now if they were still in charge over there. Mind you, everyone's Amigas would be made of wood and buckskin.
No herds of buffalo sweeping majestically through the plains here, just desert, teepees and cactii. Watch out or the baddies will send a sheriff to decrease your numbers. I suppose that's a sort of Indian takeaway... The nostalgic of you may like to return to tools you used to build your first universe. In Legoland, er, I mean Blockland, everything is made out of little blocks, including the houses, the trees and the people.
Discarded wheels hinder your cultivation plans while waves of decidedly uninviting green sea, which looks like it’s composed of several thousand plastic blocks preheated at gas mark 7, lap against the blocky shores.
Sillyland is. Very. The land is silly, the people are silly and the houses... Well, you wouldn’t credit it really.
Finally there is a kind of French flavour to the last map. No 1 don't mean lots of garlic and snails. I mean a rather topical, or perhaps typical, due to media saturation, reference to the French Revolution. Pull on your stripey T shirts and wheel out the guillotine, or heads are going to roll.
All the terrains have their particular characteristics reflected in the behaviour of the followers - they die quicker in deserts, breed slower in the cold, and so on.
Overall this makes an excellent addition to Populous. What d'you mean you don't have Populous? 1 don't know, sometimes I despair of Godkind. Now where’s that earthquake icon, that ought to bring the faithful to their knees... Green White wan point with folked mouth Land of the Blockheads THIS makca * change. Normally vucn gamca come with a 20 page novella detailing the plot, including reference. To diaiant alar ayatema.
Beautiful heroca and brave pnn- ceaaca. In NightQawn wc are made quite dear oo the point that thiv is only a Glad to see someone h-iv their priorities right The lack of a meanutglcaa plot alao prevcnta reviewer* from apending the first couple of paragraphs getting paid tor the pnvJege of repeating it while Dying to keep a atraignt lice.
Inatead they muat think of a nappy opening aentence by tbemaelvea.
Sodi as Thi a change**.
Your objective? Well, whoever wrote the instructions couldn't think of one of those cither. It must be to get to the next level. I auppoac. After all d ia only a game.
So you are given a apnte in the abapc of a tank to try and do juat that In caae you arc having problema.
The inatructiona explain that you puah tne (oyvticx away from you to go noilh. Lowarda you for aoulb and left and right for weal and eaat reapedvdy. Whoever wrote thia 10 page has all the imagination befitting a Neighbours scnpt*wntcr.
So enough of the badinage what is the game like? A quick whirr from the diac drive and it loada with an almost instant tune. Then the custo* mary irrelevant loading acrccn appeara and d’a tunc to play.
Each of the 10 levela ia a large floating platform conatructed of (hoac little tilea that computer graphica dcaigncra love ao much.
Said Idea float over another colourful pliyfldd and when you dnve your tank - aorry, robot - everything acrolla in four direcnona wdh an eye- curdling parallax **ifwi The tilea make up the form of a mate, and you can only get lo the exit by opening doora with keya acatlered over the entire platform. Varioua laaer fencea and moving floorwaya muat alao be turned off by finding the correct awilchca acatlered around the place.
Falling oil the platform, running into a mine or bong hit by alien fire will lose you one of the aix livca you are given at the atari of each level Kenunda me of Captain Fmr a hit.
Fftm. Id think of d. Tne ubiqudoua udd-ona are available in the form of laacra. Mine detcctora and compaaa devicca to help you find the exd. The detector ia essential to discover the hidden mino. Which have bom pkint'vl just where you Icaat expect them. And juat when you think you have dia- covered them all a Uwnmower - aorry. Robot - will dnve around and plant aome more.
What muat be the beat baddie accn in a long tunc la the wonderfully named "airbomb cjaculator". Dont you juat love d when inatructiona are tranalaied from German?
GAMES Although hardly lightening in appearance, the ejaculators launch flying bomba which circle you. Apir- ailing closer and closer until cither you kill them prematurely or they crash into you. All the time they malr* stTaHgC whooping 1KMKV two amall furry alieaa from Alpha Cenluru getnng to know each other very welL.
Tne title muaic ia very good and aeema to go on forever. Tnere ia even a funky alap baaa aample in there aomewhere. Which haa been pro- grammcd to bend in just tne nght way. Top marka for aomca.
Spot dunng the arc alao excellent - doora open wdh opernng- door type noiaea and ahena exploding with cxploding-olicn type noiaea. Who could aak for more?
Although you will be by gun emplacements and those fiymg bonking-bombs. NightOawn does not have action to merit the classification of arcade It will appeal lo thovc who like exploring and aohmg problema. However, the lack of any aignificant difference between levela will cauae udereat to
p. 11 John Kennedy The word is PROTEXT... Now available - Version
4.2 of Arnor’s acclaimed word processor PROTEXT is very fast!
Unlike the majority of Amiga word processors PROTEXT scrolls
very quickly and redraws the screen in next to no time. We
have achieved this by developing our own screen handling
routines - much faster than the standard ones.
Protext is the result of 4 years of development. Unlike majority of competitive programs Protext is 100% Bril and is being developed further all the time in response the needs of British users. Registered users are alw informed when upgrades are available.
PROTEXT uses the Amiga ’WIMP' interface fully and supports pull down menus, use of the mouse for cursor movement and block copying and window resizing.
PROTEXT makes full use of Amiga Preferences settings and is fully compatible with the Amiga's multi-tasking operating system.
¦Protext really is the best text processor on the Amiga' STIAMIGA FORMAT2189
• Protext - the real joy comes only from using It I can say
without any tear of contradiction it is the best word at the
price, in my view, at any price in AUI3I89 A brief summary of
some of Protext’s features .. suppresses formatting; will print
proportionally Background printing edit create further files
while printer Is busy Box manipulation move, copy, or delete
any box as well as blocks set over 50 options to your own
preferences using our menu driven configuration program
add delete words to from supplied 70000 word English
dictionary. Create your own dictionaries, copy files, erase,
rename, type, create directory, change directory, remove
directory, catalogue files store sequences of commands In files
for easy use flexible file conversion utility for other WP
files very powerful and fast with many options.
Foreign languages 10 built In keyboard languages. Easy to use accented letters: ase;6u668&u68ft etc. Program mode Proportional text Quick dictionary Ruler lines spaced, right justified text dictionary held in memory is very fast Configuration Dictionaries Spelling checker Disc utilities Exec files File conversion Find & replace Symbols Time and date Tutorial files Two file editing Typewriter mode Undelete Word count Word puzzles Wysiwyg Formatting Headers & footers Help Keyboard macros Line drawing Line spacing Printer support The most comprehensive mail merge program available. Use it for It
personalised 'standard letters', club membership lists, and much mi
• read data from files from any database or spreadsheet program «
ask for variables from keyboard . Display message while prim
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• conditional printing and repeat-until loop construds
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italics, enlarged, pica, NLQ, subscript, superscript,
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and command help available on-screen string any sequence ol
letters together on a single key e.g. 'Yours sincerely'. Load
and save macro key files. Special recording mode as you type,
ideal lor drawing lines find, corners) around text iH lira ' ¦¦
- ... variable In half lines, including 0, S*. 1,1 Vi,
2,214,3 works with any parallel or serial printer. Wide range
auto-reformat; reformat para, block or whole text, up to 9
lines of text, different even odd headers and footers, auto
page numbering, footnotes, edit and command help available
on-screen left right margins and normal decimal tab stops check
whole text from disc or memory, or as you I Suggests
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shown on screen. Insert time or date document help you to start
using Protext two documents In memory, copy text between the
direct printing for envelopes etc. retrieve text deleted in
error quick count at any time, whole text or just a block
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any number of ruler lines to define document la Protext is a
professional word processor Latest News and Announcement
Version 4.2 is now available. Enhancements indude:-
• Revised and improved 300 page manual and Index
• Current date and time are available as single key strokes
• Improved memory allocation and smaller program makes better use
of your memory.
• Scroll Lock function pauses after displaying a screenful of
text Upgrade price from v4.1x £15.
Prices IBM PC Atari ST Amiga Protext v4.2 £99.95 £99.95 £99.95 Protext Rler £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 Protext Office £34.95 £34.95 £34.95 German Didlonary £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 Demonstration discs available please phone 'PROFILE' - the Amor Database for PC ST Amlga.
(People have been walling years tor this) fe easmgyoorm cro'spotential,.. Amor Ltd AC}. 611 Lincoln Road. Peterborough. PE1 3HA. Tel:0733 63909 24 hour.I All prices Include VAT, postage and packing. Accesa Vlsa cheque postal order. Fax:0733 67299 PresteL' 016848009 PICTURE the scene: A nice party, good food, a drink or two, some wonderful people, interesting conversation, then suddenly the phrase "I'm a great believer in modular programming myself’ drifts across the room.
Everything stops. Silence. Eyes turn and fix themselves on the balding and bespectacled person in the comer, who suddenly remembers that he has to check up on the babysitter and leaves with a red face.
Nobody likes talking about modular programming. It brings to mind all sorts of terrible practices such as flow charting and even heaven forbid the writing out in advance of a program’s functions.
Design a program in advance? Can’t be done. Shouldn't be done. Won’t be done. Go away and leave me alone.
I'm just going to type in a program now. I'm not sure what it's going to be about, but I'm sure it will work.
A better Basic If this is your response to a programming methodology, well that's fine. You go right on ahead and make up your programs on the spur of the moment. I. on the other hand, will stick to my structured method and scribble a few ideas on a piece of paper.
Both programs might work, but my program will be written quicker, be written better with fewer bugs and will be understandable when I look at it again next month.
“So when are you going to do some Basic?" I hear you cry. Well actually I don't hear you cry that at all. It would be very hard to hear you cry, because I'm sure we are several hundred miles apart. Why should you cry anyway?
Is all this talk of modular programming getting to much for you? In all probability you didn’t say A look at modular programming - now there’s a term to stop any social intercourse dead in its tracks.
John Kennedy explains anything. I mean, if you are reading this magazine in the newsagents, then saying: “So when are you going to do some Basic?” would quite justly get you some funny looks.
In fact my saying that you did cry something was just a cunning trick that we are all taught at Computer Magazine Article Writers School. It is supposed to be slightly amusing and make you think everything is happening on an easy-going, informal footing. Which, of course, everything is. Because everyone here at Amiga Computing is really laid back and totally cool.
I myself am in a really mellow mood. Even Green - who is writing some game reviews in the room across the hall at this very moment is operating on a higher intellectual plane brought about by some very dodgy mushroom yoghurt which we found in the local supermarket.
Another equally valid reason for pretending to hear you cry things is that it uses up space which would otherwise have to be filled with carefully researched and finely crafted instructional prose.
At the moment I’m revising for my rather important exams, which means that I just don't have the time for major literary and programming mega-masterpieces. The only thing I do have time for is visiting the college library and daydreaming about a girl called Carol who works there.
Carol is very pretty and not interested in me, so I’m sure you can see my dilemma. But enough of my problems, let’s look at some Basic.
Recognising the advantages of a structured and modular approach to programming, most of the post-Basic languages offer some kind of sub-program construct. Pascal and ADA have the “procedure" concept, even the much-maligned Forth is written using modules of code contained in "words".
No self-respecting language can afford to be without some sort of modularisation these days. Microsoft was not so proud as to avoid borrowing some of these ideas from other languages and incorporating them into AmigaBasic.
A sub-program must satisfy several criteria before it can be classed a useful construct First, you must be allowed to pass and receive variables to and from it in the form of parameters. You must also be allowed to have local variables.
¦PROGRAMMING* Local variables only exist inside the sub-program. Nothing the external program can do - including defining some variables of the same name - can be allowed to interfere with the values of the local variables and vice- versa.
The use of such variables keeps bugs to a minimum by ensuring important values can only be changed at specific points in a program. Using local variables means it would be impossible to change the value of a variable by mistake at some obscure point in a program and then spend hours trying to trace the errors back.
THIJ opposite of a local variable is a global one. This can have its value changed at any point in a program. Most variables used in Basic are of the global type, which explains why Basic programs are difficult to debug.
Luckily all these exciting possibilities are possible from within AmigaBasic. An added bonus of using sub-programs instead of. Say.
Sub-routines - code which is accessed via GOSUB - is that it is impossible to execute them by mistake. The subprogram can only be called by name: There is no danger of the flow of your Basic program accidentally drifting into a sub-program because you left a ’ The Insult! Procra® by John lennady.
’ (With halp fro® Srean).
' Only works with two Aaioas linkad via tha ' Sariat ports using a null ®oda» cable.
Nu«ber=B:textS=* CALI Initialise WHILE taxtSo-STOP- If nu»=1 THEN CALL Rec.nsgCtextS) IF nu®=2 THEN CALL Sand.ssg(taxtS) IF nu®v1 THEN nu®=2 ELSE nu®=1 WEND PRINT PRINT "Progra® stopped.’ PRINT ’So and oaka friends again.’ SUB Initialise STATIC Figure I RETURN statement out.
Look at Figure I. which demonstrates the syntax of defining a sub-program. It starts with the word SUB and ends with END SUB.
Nothing really complicated there.
Where things do get a mite tricky is the syntax needed to pass variables into and out of the sub-program.
There are two extra words to control this parameter passing: STATIC and SHARED.
The word STATIC always appears in the sub-program's heading. It is really only a reminder about the variables listed between it and the word SUB - variable1 and variahle2 in our example. All the variables within this space cannot be altered by the rest of the program. Outside the sub-program, their values remain static.
The word SHARED is optional. Any variables listed after this keyword may be changed by the outside program - like variable3 in the example. The variables are shared between the program and the subprogram. They are. In effect, global variables.
The variables passed can be of any type, even entire arras’s. To pass an array you put empty brackets after it in the CALL statement, and brackets containing the size of the array in the sub-program header. Like so: CALL TestArray tateSO SUB TestArray NaaaSUB) STATIC ’ Bo so« stu‘f.
END SUB “What about local variables?" I SHARED nu® OPEN 'C0FR1:960B,n,8,1’ AS 1 CLS:PRINT -Walcoea to INSUlfrPRINT INPUT ’Are you nu»ber 1 or 2r,fu® END SUB SUB Send.®sg C»essageS) STATIC LINE INPUT msult? -,aS PRINT 1,a$ END SUB SUB Rec.®sg (nessageS) STATIC LINE INPUT *T,oessageS PRINT Tnsult:’;®essageS CALL Pronounce.®sg (®assage$ ) ENO SUB SUB Pronounce.»sg UessageS) STATIC uord$ =TRANSLATES(®assagaS) SAV uordS END SUB SUB variable',variable2 STATIC SHARED variable!
Variable = 465284 REN Part of tha sub-progra® where REN all the hard work is done.
END SUB Figure I don’t pretend to hear you cry. Well, any variables that arc defined and used within the sub-program arc automatically taken to be local.
Nothing they do will affect other variables in the main program - for example, variable4 in Figure I. If you want them to be changed by the rest of the program, they must be defined with the SHARED variables.
Whenever END SUB is reached the sub-program will stop as though it were a normal sub-routine reaching a RETURN statement. If you wish to leave the sub-program early you can escape from it by using EXIT SUB at any point There are some special rules that apply to sub-programs. First, you must not use CLEAR, user-defined functions or that funny word COMMON, which is used to pass variables to MERGED and CHAINED programs. You are also forbidden to define another sub-program within the first.
Remember also that sub-programs cannot be recursive, that is they cannot call themselves, or by calling another sub-program indirectly call themselves again. Green says this is silly because recursion is exactly what sub-programs and procedures were created for. I tend to agree. But recursion is a tricky programming technique to use and leaving it out of AmigaBasic avoids a lot of problems.
OUR main program this month will be one from which Green .
And I have derived many hours of pleasure. It is called Insult! And allows you to slag off a friend from a distance. The distance depends on the length of the null modem cable you have connected between the serial ports of two Amigas which are both running the program. It can be up to 20 metres - or even further with a AMIGA MEMORY UPGRADES AVAILABLE Memory Expansion Systems Limited aim to supply the cheapes memory upgrades available for the Amiga range of computers Our half megabyte card for the A500 has dropped in price t A £79.95 .we are now aoie to oner large A50QHALF-MEG competition at
£369.00; two megat A500 TWO MEG id foj |ce« m | g y: competition at £369.00; two megabyte Friday.You can place orders A1000 TWO MEG week-ends.Trade enqu EIGlTMGWffARD OPyiflA TO TWO MEG LARDtR upgrades amailabut call for details £369 00 J BbmOn and A1000 a priced at ALL PRICES INCLUDE V.A.T. POSTAGE & PACKAGING.
Calls from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.You can place orders at any time by calling our 24- hour,seven-days-a-week answering service. All orders are normally despatched same day, Send cheques to:Dept AC Memory Expansion Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7NB
(051) 236 0480 VISA
(051) 236 0480 • 24 Hour Sales
(051) 227 2482 • 24 Hour Fax ¦PROGRAMMING!
• « rather expensive cable.
The cheapest way to get a suitable cable is to buy two 25-way female D connectors and a long length of five- way wire. (The wire used to connect telephones is six-way and not very expensive.) Then connect pin 1 on each socket together, pin 2 of one socket to pin 3 of the other and vice- versa. Then do the same cross-over with pins 4 and 5.
Using this cable will allow you to link two Amigas together for two player games such as Falcon or Populous or for data communication using a comms package.
When the program is running on both machines - expect to be asked to insert your Workbench disc - you must decide who is player number 1 and who is player number 2. We do this by having a fight: The loser is player number 2, who must also do the washing up for a week.
Player number 1 can then type his insult into the computer. The insult will be transformed into serial data, sent along the wire and be received by the other player’s Amiga using the built-in speech synthesiser.
The technical details of inter-Amiga communications are not really the topic under discussion here, but merit at least a passing mention. The Amiga provides easy access to its serial and parallel ports to the Basic programmer. By OPENing a “stream" at the start of the program, data may be sent or received using simple INPUT and PRINT statements.
THESE streams are very flexible and refer to either a file on disc, in memory or an external output device. The serial port is such a device, and by connecting two Amigas using this port we can have a fast and easy-to-use computer network.
All the hard work is done by the OPEN statement, which specifies the device to send and get data to and from - in this case COM1: - and the baud rate (speed) and other little niggling details. All we have to do is to remember to add a (pronounced hash) and a stream number to any PRINTS or INPUTs.
The Insult! Program is constructed using a veritable plethora of subprograms. Which split it up into individual fruit pies, er, program modules. Each module performs a single task such as sending, receiving or saying a message. The message itself is passed as a STATIC variable between the sub-programs.
Some local variables are also generated, such as wordf in the Pronounce.msg sub-program. There are no shared variables, because none were needed.
The use of sub-programs in Basic is a large step forward. It allows you to construct a library of programs ready for instant use. You don't have to remember how they work, only the inputs and outputs of each one. You could even use other people's subprograms in your own programs.
- 3D RAY TRACING - C-Light is a complete ray tracing system for
generating 3D pictures and animations for the AMIGA.
Some of the amazing effects: M Mirror Surfaces IT! Fisheye and Lw J ||Q Telephoto lens [ y True Shadows r r ¦ effects M Wide range of Multiple Light ~ available colours Multiple Light Sources TO ] Sources pF 7] Easy 3D scene editor LiHJ Lr °j for creating scenes C-Light runs on all AMIGA'S and comes with an easy to use program and manual.
To order: send chequ PO payable to Artronic Systems Ltd. Quoting items required or telephone 0423 525325 for credit card sales.
Trade enquires welcome Artronic Systems Ltd. 1-3 Haywra Crescent, Harrogate HG1 5BG Price £49.95
M. A.S.T. d the do is unced iny ucted b- TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE
• Each Drive Fully Tested Prior to Dispatch
• Upgrade Policy * Buy a Unidrive and have It Factory Upgraded to
a Twin Drive
• Super Slim Line
• Very Low Power
• No Clicking
• May be Switch Disabled
• 1 Year Limited Warranty eiving iable £148.96 (Twin Drive has
two switches)
• Quality Fujitsu Mechanism • Removable Cable
• Powered from Amiga™ • Robust Beige Metal Casing or optionally
available • Hinged Dust Cover Piugpak only £10.00 • Plua £5
Carriage VAT Included lere : none asic is 3U to ready o the You
b- MICROMEGS™ This Internal 512K Card is a direct replacement
for the A501.
By using 1 Meg DRAMS Micromegs is only half the site of the A501 and uses a fraction of the power. Naturally, It includes a Battery backed dock and Int-Switch. The powerful S W switch that allows you to run Auto Booting S12K S W. No fumbling under the computer trying to find a mechanical switchl Why buy Micromegs? Why buy MAST? We are committed to providing the latest technology at the most competitive prices.
Micromegs was the first Internal 512K expansion card to use the low power 1 Meg DRAMS. Our existing and planned product range will breath new life Into the Amiga Market If you Invest In a MAST product you will be looking forward to compatibility, h.gh performance, one years warranty and a backup service second to none. MICROMEGS with a battery backed dock and Int Switch costs just £99.95 inc VAT plus £5 00 for 1st Class Registered Post Now you can use an Amiga (or any other computer) to send correspondence in seconds to ANY of the many millions of fax machines in ANY part of the world.
And if you want you can send the same fax to up to 500 different addresses simultaneously.
All you need, in addition to your computer, are a telephone, a modem - and a subscription to MicroLink.
Fax is just another of the many new services now available on MicroLink, Britain's fastest-growing electronic mail provider.
• Auto Configure
• Low Power
• 1 Meg DRAMS
• RAM Tachometer
• Auto Configure LED
• Very small size 3* X 5.25* x 0.625’
• Zero Wait States
• Compatible with A501 Populated to 512K .
2 Meg ..... £179.95 1 Meg £279.95 £479.95 Factory Upgrade per 512K__________£99.95 Plus £5 Carriage
• • NEW • • THE MAC EMULATION PACK • • NEW • • MAST announce the
’Amiga-a-Tosh’ Macintosh compatible 3.5’ Floppy Drive for use
with Macintosh Emulators on the Amiga. Run Macintosh system
disks directly with A MAX. ’Amiga-a-Tosh* even features
software disk ejectlonl Complete with special cable and 1 Year
Warranty for ONLY £199.95 Inc. W also have the AMAX Macintosh
Emulator available with or without the 128K ROMs. The basic
AMAX is £134.95 inc. and the ROM set (2 128K ROMs) are £199.95
per pair inc.
• • NEW ... NEW ... BOING MOUSE ... NEW ... NEW • • At last an
alternative to the existing Mousel The Boing •Optical* Mouse Is
the highest quality professional mouse you can use with your
Amiga. There are no moving parts and the 200 dpi sensitivity is
twloe that of the standard Amiga mouse. The buttons have
superior tactfile and audio feedback. There is a third button
for A2024 software and Xwindows and the pack (ndudes a large
mouse pad with non slip backing.
Compatible with ALL Amiga computers. Special Introductory Price ONLY £79.95 Inc. Hlghiy Recommended for all Art Design Packages
• • NEW ... NEW ... GENLOCK SYSTEM ... NEW ... NEW • • The
Aegis Rendale Genlock’ system for A50 yi00Q 2000 The 8802
Professional Genlock with Aegis Video Titler (RRP £109.25) FREE
I The p“ck for vldeo Promotional Videos and much, much more for
IRN (0770*2)234
CHICO, CA 95921
(02) 2*1 7411 FAX: (02) 2*1 7414 I Details from 0625 878888 ALL
£99.95 Mouse Driven Error Messages Shortened Reset Extra Utilities Kickstart 1.3 Anti Virus Floppy Speeder Boot Drive Selector Copy Program Functions under F-Keys 20 MBYTE HARD DISK L4 40 MBYTE HARD DISK £4 60 MBYTE HARD DISK £5 (state model, supplied with software) GENLOCK A500 MINIGEN
- Low cost, enabling you to merge computer graphics with live
video & record the results on a VCR RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK A500
- Hardware and software QOA QK i
- Place hardware between external !
Drive and computer
- Protects internal and external drives only E9-95)
- Always present after warm reboot
- Gives alarm signal if a virus is found Protects against 16
£89.95 Whtt slocks Iasi £149.95 £399.00 £425.00 £449.00 20 MBYTE 30 MBYTE 50 MBYTE AMIGA DISK DRIVES
Digiview Gold Video Digitiser £109.95 A1000 Kickstart 1.3 + Clock £149.95 Accelerator Board 100% faster £149.95 Boot Selector (Boot from DF1s) £9.99 WITH TRACK DISPLAY £
- Upgrade to 1 mbyte, titled in seconds
- With clock, battery operated to retain time date. On otf switch
A500 1.8MByte (512k Ram)
- Board to add 1.8 Mb internal memory to your A500 With Ram 1.8
Mbyte A500 A1000 2MByte
- 2 Mb ram expansion A500 A1000
- simply plugs into expansion port A2000 2 Mbyte
- 8 Mb board, 2Mb Ram Suite I, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington
Rd, CLUB 68000 Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surrey KT1 4DP.
Tel: 01-977 9S96. Fax: 01-977-5354 DO YOU OWN AN AMIGA COMPUTER?
For everyone who owns one of these computers, CLUB 68000 offers members software, hardware and accessories at huge savings off recommended retail prices! Each item has been carefully chosen to offer the best value and quality.
HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: When you join you will receive a free games compendium and a free catalogue every 3 months AMIGA TOP 100 GAMES ¦snrscsr Spue Quest III .... Skweek---------------- Super Skr amble S-muWor »e*ar .. Sword of Sedan Total Edpee----- Tims Scanner-- Typhoon Thomson------- Thunderbhde________ fed)------- HATE. .. Hawkeys---- Honda Ruf ... Heroes of the lance Interceptor----- Indlena Jones---- I •**£•’ le-gha-
* di IMS Pacland --------- Precious Metal------- Personal
Nightmare Pool 30 .. Running Man_____ Robocop
-------- Run The Gauntlet Red Heel----- Skworm---------- Kick
Oft VndCWSXS MMIkW War *l**M«*9e Earth Who Framed Roger Rabbi
MpsDraw2000 Cad Cam __
• aesLvw.Cww’a.feaar Desktop Video Vdeotller Desktop Video-----
* »“ec C Prof Prog Language......
* ’a* III Commonest ions Fun School 2 Fantavision GFA Basic 3.0
Goldspel II Go ml 3.0 HtrctiM Copy Home Accounts Intro Ced K
Comm 20 Ketd Words 20 Communications .... W-xnmark Moduli 2
Prog. Language ..... k*her2 0 Utlity___________________ Setter
DTP Comic___________ Me Setter Ad I Super Heroes_________
Setter Ad 2 Funny Figures .. '-**'« Setter Ad 3 Science
• g'aphe* 1.05 Font Editor_____
- a Choice Word-0 BasWSpread Graph s___39 65 UtiMy______39 95
Desktop Vdeo . 59 95 UtiMy ---------------2995 Cad
Elec TuhnK________79.99 Education (2-6. 6-9. 8-12) ..19 95
Animation _____________49.95 Prog
Language .69.95 Spelling Checker
- .39.95 Guru Buster________________39.95 Copy Program
24.95 Financial-----------------29 95 Protest 40 Wordprocessor
_ Proterd Filer DataBase---- Protext Oftce Busnees-- Personal
Tax Income Tex - Psgest ream DeskTop PuMeher Publshers Choice
irtegrated OTP--- Pageeetter OTP______ Professional Page Prof
OTP .... Photon Pint 2.0 Graphics---- Photon Video Oesk
Top Video Professional Draw Cad Graphics------ Power Windows 2
5 Utilty .... Pro Video Video Animation..... Promise
Spelling Checker .... Quarterback Hard Disk Utility .... SynttM
Midi ..- Superbase Personal II Database ...
Superbase Professional Prof. Database .... Scdpt 30 3D
Animation .. Sculpt 40 40 Anlmahon
1. 3. Manual------------1995 No1 Copy Program 24 95 Cad- ------
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Date .. Signature .. D Visa Access Master. No ... 1 Postal Order Software Post A Packaging within the UK and E£C £100, Nan EEC£3.00. For the Amiga 2000... For the Amiga 1000... MicroBotics means Amiga-Power!
Whichever Amiga you own - or plan to buy - we have the expansion you need For the Amiga 500... HardFrame 2000 DMA SCSI Interface If yourapplicationcallsfor super-speed uninterrupted access to your hard disk, HardFrame 2000 is your answer. This is a high end, no holds barred SCSI interface that operates at bus speeds.
One HardFrame 2000 can support up to seven devices. Word-length data transfer, FIFO buffering, TRUE DMA, mounted on a metal frame suitable for all standard 3.5" SCSI drives (or, if you prefer, connected to a bay mounted or external disk). Available now.
Suggested List Price: £219.95 8-UP! FastRAM Maximum Memory in One Slot!
The FastRAM card that every Amiga owner will eventually come to - why limit yourself to only two megabytes per slot? 8-UP! Will take you all the way to the top of the auto-configuration memory space of EIGHT MEGABYTES! 8-UP! Is available in two versions, the standard DIP model accepts 2, 4, 6 or 8 megabytes of 1 meg DRAMS. For maximum flexibility there is the SIMM version which lets you customconfigure with mixed 256k and 1 meg SIMM modules, including Mi- croBoticsexclusivePopSIMMS.8-UP!
Is a power-efficient, zero wait state, autoconfiguring design. 'The latest and greatest" (Amiga World, Jan. 1989). 8- UP! Is available now.
Suggested List Price: £149 MouseTime The easiest to use, most cost-effective implementation of a battery backed clock for the A1000. Passes the port through for joysticks or other devices.
Complete with WorkBench software.
Available now.
Suggested List Price: £25 M501 Memory + Clock Half a Meg at a Great Price!
As we are all coming to realise, a one megabyte Amiga (at least) is a necessity not an option. When you add the inboard 512k memory and clock module to your A500 make sure it's a MicroBotics M501. Note that just like the Commodore and unlike some third party expansions, we use a long lived rechargeable NiCad battery - which you’ll never have to replace. Set the MicroBotics clock using the same WorkBench software as you would use for the Commodore clock. What's the difference? You get to keep £25 compared to the Commodore version.
The M501 is available now.
Suggested List Price: £124.95 StarBoard2 500 Two Megs PLUS a Choice of Modules The premier memory expansion for the A1000 is now available on the A500. In it's own case with an independent power supply strong enough to handle StarBoard2 and a second A1000 style StarBoard2, all the power and flexibility of this great expansion device is available to you. Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfiguring, zero wait state FastRAM, MultiFunction or SCSI module capability for math chip or fast SCSI hard disk interlacing.
Star8oard2 also has an LED diagnostic confidence light to indicate the power-up state of your Amiga and expansion. An A1000 style StarBoard2 can be connected to the bus pass-up for a total of FOUR megs and two modules. 'The best..." (Amiga World, Jan. 88).
Suggested List Price: £199 MicroBotics, Inc. OASES StarBoard2 The Expansion of Choice The superb memory expansion for the Amiga 1000, still going strong! Up to 2 megabytes of autoconfiguring, zero wait state, FastRAM in a sleek, all steel Amiga coloured case plus the capability to accept either of the two daughterboard modules, the original Multi- Function Module or the new SCSI Module. StarBoard2 is powered by the bus (up to two StarBoard2's can be supported by the A1000) and passes it on.
Suggested List Price: £199 MultiFunction Module High Tech at Low Price This daughterboard installs on any StarBoard2. It features a socket and software for the 68881 Math Chip as an I O device (MicroBotics pioneered this approach on the Amiga - now directly supported in the maths libraries of AmigaDOSI .3).Sticky Diskgives you the most ''bullet-proof' rebootable RAM disk - its hardware protection turns it into a solid state, superlast disk. Parity checking of StarBoard2 RAM can be enabled when extra parity ram is installed. Finally, the MultiFunction Module carries an easy to use
battery-backed clock to set the system time on startup.
Suggested List Price: £55 StarDrive SCSI Module Fast, Low Cost SCSI Module When installed in any model Star- Board2, StarDrive offers you cost effective, pseudo-DMA access to SCSI hard drives and other devices. Fast, easy to install including driver software and disk diagnostics. StarDrive also includes a battery backed clock to set system time on startup.
Suggested List Price: £75 Tell your dealer he can order direct - no minimum quantity - show him this ad!
In Europe: Oasis Services Ltd., 17 Andrews Place, London SE9 2SJ. TEL: (01) 859 4936 In U.S.A.: MicroBotics, Inc., 8111 Alpha Drive, Richardson TX 75081. TEL: (214) 4375330 r!
3d What you’ll find on our cover disc or the pto2 zero I steel pabil- jhter- Multi- SCSI )ythe in be ses it Chariots of Wrath Li 'At wh k -r 'JT'* WHILE fighting for your king in far off lands, you. Prince Agar of the Forgotten Kingdom, have been commanded to remain in the king's castle following accusations of excessive acts of barbarism in battle.
Confined to your quarters, a bard tells you that the baron, your arch rival, has kidnapped Princess Arthena, your future queen.
Enraged by the terrible news, you have no option but to disobey your king.
You must return to save your princess, and at the same time rid the world of the baron. So once again you wearily climb into your space chariot and commence the voyage home.
Half way to the Baron’s castle you come to a land of giant carniverous insects.
Swarming red and green ladybirds, shiny beetles marching relentlessly forward, all out to stop you The Chariots of Wrath demo uses every spare offer3 V,?niIIai500has to W , T bave Problems loading it _ f "ts noe if it loads for a "Me and then the screen goes weird - simply remove the cover disc Prom the drive, switch off your machine, make sure aU exl rnal devices, like second floppies, are unplugged, throw some reaching Princess Arthena.
Can you beat off the attacks and win through to fight the giant green beetle at the end of the forest? Course you can, because programmer Glenn Williams has given you infinite lives.
And you’re going to need them. Go get them insects!
COVER DISC COVER DISC J COVEI Because the world is round, some countries look bigger and more important than others which have larger land masses. This is an illusion we have become used to with the flat maps of the world that we usually see.
Open your filofax (Spot the yuppie. Ed) to the map of the world and compare Greenland to India. You'll see that while Greenland occupies 840,000 square miles it looks much bigger than India’s 1,269,213 square miles.
To put everything into perspective and get a real feel of how big the world is, you need a globe. And John Kennedy's equivalent of the Total Perspective Vortex does that.
By storing its coordinates in terms of latitude and longitude, all the countries of the world are shown fairly.
Yet again Amiga Computing rights some of the world’s injustices.
Obviously, with only a limited number of points, the map isn't 100 per cent accurate. But then no map ever is.
The program was written in AmigaBasic and compiled using the HiSoft Basic Compiler. It is a fine example of how good software which follows the rules of Amiga Globe programming can be written in Basic.
Pole with values from +90 to
- 90.
You really will have the whole world in your hands.
Globe was sent to us by John Kennedy, a 22-year-old student from Bangor, Northern Ireland, who is into his fourth year of Information Technology at Queens, When you run the program you should select Draw Globe from the Project menu. This will show how the globe is set up as a default.
To zoom in, select Change Settings from the Settings menu and use a number bigger than 1 for the magnification. A sensible maximum is 10 for a crinkly bit like Europe and 5 for boring places like Australia.
Each time you change the settings you need to use the Draw Globe option to see the effect. You can use decimal places for fine tuning. Check out the bug in the input routine. Enter a negative number. Or a huge one like 10e27. Sigh.
You can make the world go round by altering the latitude and longitude. Spin the world on its axis by changing the latitude for any value between -180 and +180. Or trip from pole to Belfast. John has an A500, 512k of extra memory, two floppies and a giant 26in colour monitor from Canada.
His ambition is to play Elite in a life-sized replica of a Cobra Mk3, with docking computer. Dream on, John.
And let's have some error- checking next time.
THE most infuriating thing about the Amiga is the disc drive. What is the point of having a built in floppy when it still takes an age to load?
Part of the problem is the way in which the Amiga accesses the disc. Because it is random access it means that, unlike a more conventional tape drive, files do not have to follow one after the other. They can start anywhere on the disc.
In fact each block of data can be stored on any block on the disc, with the relevant information as to where to find the next block.
This all makes for efficient use of disc space, hut when it conies to read in all that information the head has to travel backwards and forwards over all the place looking for the information.
DiskOpti You may have noticed sometimes your drive light is on. Hut the disc is not heing accessed (there is no grinding noise). These are the "wasted” periods of moving the head.
Until Workbench 1.4 arrives with the FFS system for floppies, the next best thing is DiskOpti. This shareware utility will rearrange files on disc to appear in order and as close together as possible, minimising the search time for blocks of data.
The program works wi two drives. A commorci disc oplimiser. BAD, on needs one. But if your syste crashes in the middle writing to the disc, wii DiskOpti you still have tl original.
The program runs fro Workbench. Double click i the DiskOpti icon in tl Utilities drawer. Holdir down the right mouse butU will reveal two simp menus.
Let's go for a trial ru Suppose you have tu drives. DFO: and DPI:. Ju pop the original disc in DF and a blank in DF1:, sole OME programs don't ij like expanded memory.
When software is loaded into the Amiga the operating system automatically relocates the program according to the amount of memory available. This confuses some badly written programs which think they know where they have loaded.
The usual solution is to EH DISC J COVER DISC J CC KillFastMem turn over your Amiga, open the trap-door and remove the ram pack. This is a pain.
As ever, some enterprising programmers have come up with a solution. Cesare Dieni and Carlo Borreo from Italy have written a shareware program which switches off the extra fast memory if you run it.
When the computer reboots after a Ctrl-Amiga- Amiga it will think it only has 512k available. To get the full quota of memory back you have to switch off the computer and wait a few of seconds before switching back on again.
If you want to copy the utility to another disc you will have to transfer three fdes from the Utilities directory: KillFastMem, KillFastMem.info and KillFast.
This is because the file KillFastMem is a script file for IconX, which runs KillFast.
Use the Copy command from CLI: dragging the bunny rabbit icon to another disc will not work.
Remember when 64k PowerPacker seemed a lot? Now a megabyte feels more like a meagrebyte. Even 880k discs aren't big enough to store everything you want to keep together. What you need is a way to make your programs smaller. What you need is a PowerPacker.
Franois Nico has writton a shareware program which squashes other programs.
PowerPacker looks for bits of the file which are the same, and instead of duplicating the code remembers to look for that bit again when the program loads.
How carefully it looks for ifO - dfl from the 1 Iptimum menu and let Dis- lOpti get on with it. Obvi- msly the time taken to ¦ptimise a disc: will depend n how fragmented it was to egin with.
nother feature is the abil- l In give a listing to the
• oiler or file of all the track details.
This gives comprehensive formation on all the blocks "i the disc, details which in be used before and after plimisation so you can get a nil idea of just what l)is-
• 1 Ipti has done.
Full details are given in 'i-kOpti.doc. matches affects how tightly the program can be packed.
The tighter the packing, the longer it takes to compress.
Hit N»i» Flit Ltnalh Dt)Crunchtd The result is a compressed program which can be run just like the original. It decompresses itself when you run it. This uses a clever bit of the program which attaches itself to the start of the file.
G-eRSSi tff Lull* cw»mi flit 1 J(K tfln) 4U krtn. I iu The decompression takes a moment or two. It also needs memory in which to store the compressed program, and more memory in which to store the program as the data is decompressed. This means that big programs cannot be decompressed on a half meg machine.
Holding down both mouse buttons aborts the crunch Running all the way through the code comparing bytes takes a while, so you need to be prepared to wait.
To stop you thinking that the whole system has crashed when you load the program, there are a number of telltale signs which indicate the thing is decompressing.
Either the whole screen flashes as a rainbow stripe runs through the display, or the pointer flashes, or the whole screen wiggles.
This is set up by using an option when the program is crunched, and can be switched off altogether.
Because floppy discs are so slow it is often quicker to load a crunched program and decompress it than it is to wait for the original to load.
The program comes with an excellent documentation file - double click on Pow- erPacker.doc to read it.
However if you want to get going straight away here are some simple instructions showing how to crunch AmigaBasic from the Workbench 1.3 enhancer pack.
Boot up from the cover disc. Select the Workbench startup. Double click on the lightbulb icon to open the Utilities drawer.
Find the PowerPacker icon
- the one with a hammer - and double click on it. When the
program has loaded and de-crunched itself, go to the Project
menu and select COVER DISC J COVER DISC J COVER Load. This will
produce a directory of the cover disc.
Don't worry, just wait for it to finish. Swap the cover disc with your copy of Extras.
You are using a backup, aren't you? Click on the DFO: gadget and PowerPacker will read the directory from the correct disc.
Find AmigaBasic in the directory entry. You don’t have to wait for the whole list to load, PowerPacker is very intelligent and doesn't force you to wait.
Click on the line which says AmigaBasic and then on OK. PowerPacker does the rest. It will suck in the file and start crunching.
The program will multitask, so you could run another Workbench program. But PowerPacker uses a lot of memory and processor time, so it is probably best to go off and make a cup of tea or read a few games reviews, depending on whether you want nourishment for the body or soul.
When you get back you will find that Powerpacker is still working on the file; it counts up, showing how far it has got. When the crunch is finished (about seven minutes) it will display how effective the operation was: 100% crunched Done.
Original length; 103500 Crunched length: 72148 (72720) Gained 31% (31352) !
Save AmigaBasic back to the copy of Extras disc. The program will ask you if you are sure you want to overwrite the old one. Quit Pow- erPacker. The Extras disc which was full now has 63 blocks free, which is enough room to save a couple of short Basic programs.
Powerpacker really does give you something for nothing.
DiskView ONE of the nice things about this shareware program is that it is not only useful but is also very pretty to look at. The whole objective of the program is to give a visual representation of where data is stored on a disc.
The information is displayed on a large grid with sectors and sides on the ver- The Motion Maker look like at the start and the finish of a sequence, then asking a computer to draw the bits in between?
It’s called tweening. Zoe- trope does it. So does Dpaint III, Sort of. But neither will do transformations. You can’t turn squares into triangles. With The Motion Maker you can.
Let's get going with a simple example. Boot up the program by double clicking on the Motion icon in the Reader-Contributions The- Motion-Maker drawer.
You'll see a black screen with seven gadgets down the left, five of which have writing next to them. This is the menu system.
Click once on Lines Menu and four new gadgets will appear. Click New Line. The screen will go blank. Move the pointer to somewhere top left and hold down the left mouse button. Now drag a line down and to the right a couple of inches will do - and release the mouse WOULDN’T it be great if you could create a smooth animation by drawing only two pictures - by sketching what you want the animation to ER DISC COVER DISC J C lical axis and tracks, known in Amiga circles as cylinders. On the horizontal.
Should you have problemswith yourrdtoe¦
• If you are not a sub- • F yo“ *U ( an(j _ for instance if the
“ ’ . Diet- does Amiga Computing ,h«.wed it or y The small size
of each individual square means you can view the entire disc at
once, something not possible with most other disc information
Start the utility by clicking on its icon. The screen will blank and the grid will appear along with some general information at the bottom of the screen. Hold down the right mouse button and select All from the Project menu. Now go to the Drive menu and select DFO:.
The program will access the drive and three white squares will appear in the grid. These are the squares that are reserved by AmigaDos for keeping the disc information on and booting.
Click on the single white square standing on its own at cylinder 40 sector 0. This is the root block, which con- m n you - - scriber and your disc does not work, please send it to: Protoscan Ltd. Amiga Cover Disc. Burrel Road.
St Ives PEI 7 4LE. You will be sent a new disc.
Tains the structural Information of the disc - where all the file headers are. And stuff like that.
The disc will be accessed again and after a short while the rectangles of the grid will begin to fill w-ith tiny colour- coded squares, two squares to each grid position.
The header blocks, the first in a sequence of blocks, will be solid and either one or two colours. The data blocks associated with these W ir --- Amiga Computing and Vour disc has been damaged in the post, please send it to: Database Direct, Amiga Cover Disc, FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB. You will be sent a new disc.
Headers will appear in the same colour scheme as the header, but the lower half of the rectangle will be a short vertical line instead of a solid block of colour. Sounds complicated, but it looks impressive.
To view a particular file select Project:Erase to clear the screen. Then deselect All from the Project menu and re-select DFO from Drive.
Once again you should click on the white rectangle disc II yuu j -
- for instance if the dog has chewed it or your mum has washed it
- you can get a new one by sending £150 to Proto- scan Ltd.
Please make your cheque or postal order payable to Protoscan
Representing the root block.
This time you will notice that when the program reads the disc, only the header blocks appear.
Now by clicking on any of these the data blocks for that header will appear - very useful for seeing exactly where on the disc a particular file is stored.
This utility is at its most impressive when used before and after a disc optimiser. It shows very well how order conies out of chaos.
Button. You have drawn a line.
The main menu will reappear. Click once on Frames Menu and then Choose Frame. Twenty squares will appuar, the first two of which are occupied by the line you have just drawn. Click once on the second frame. The main menu will come back, and in the background is your second frame.
Now click on Lines Menu and Redraw Line. Move the pointer over to the right- hand side of the screen and draw another line. Longer if you like. And at a different angle.
QuickStart You've just created a second frame - the Finishing point for the animation sequence.
Rack at the main menu, click on Miscellaneous and then on Display Animation.
Arc you impressed, or are you impressed?
You can tween and transform filled areas as well as lines. The demonstration file shows this to good effect.
Click on Miscellaneous and Load Animation to bring up a file requester. Click on Motion.demo and OK.
When the file has loaded, click on Miscellaneous again, followed by Display Animation. If the title bar is bugging you. You can switch that off in the Miscellaneous menu.
You'll notice that the PROGRAMMERS, how many times do you hold Ctrl-D down to break into the CLI mega-last, and having done that typed, system setmap gb. Setclock, setpatch... and so on? Well, wouldn't it be very handy to be able to type one word and have all your favourite combackground colour has changed for the demo. The program has a full palette of 32 colours, all of which can be changed to whatever hues you like. Double click on the Motion.doc icon to read the full instructions.
The Motion Maker was written by AmC reader Andrew McGough using Lattice C (v4.1), PowerWin- dows for the Intuition structures and the PD File- mands executed for you?
If that's not what you want, too bad. However, if it is, QuickStart does just that.
Read the instructions on how to use it by double clicking on the QuickStart icon.
This reader submission is from Toby Simpson, 19- year-old freelance proRequester program. Andrew, who is 17, has u one meg A500 with two disc drives.
Top of his wish list is a video digitiser. The money he's earned by sending us this program should buy him one comfortably.
Andrew is currently studying for A levels. His ambition is to become an electronics engineer. He's certainly finding his way around the Amiga OK.
Grammer and director of The Mind Boggles Development Corporation. Toby and his one meg, twin floppy, A500 live in Norwich and share a wish list as long as your arm.
"It would be very nice to own an A2000", he says.
"Then 1 can have a keyboard with a long dangly cable".
His ambition is to become excessively rich and one of the most respected Amiga programmers in the world.
We suspect he probably will.
COVER DISC J COVER DISC J COVEf Workbench Mandelbrot IconMaster Picture-This POOR old Jolyon suffered a major catastrophe this month when his A500 blew up. Not one to take things lying down, he went out and bought a shiny new A2000. Complete with hard drive and Enhanced Chip Set. Now all he has to do is pay for it.
Jolyon's demo for October features a scrolling bitplane in the message at the top and Extra HalfBrite Mode in the sine wave scrolly. The music is once again by Kevin "Savage" Collier. Squirt it through the hi-fi. Wonderful stereo!
Click on the Picture-This icon in the Demo drawer to play the demo, or on the Picture-This.asm icon to view the source code.
DO you despair of the rather limited facilities of IconEd on your Extras disc? Then take a look at IconMaster - a complete icon designing studio from which it is possible not only to design the graphics of an icon, hut also to set all the flags and edit the default tools as well.
The flags can be set by clicking on the gadgets in the top right- hand corner of the IconMaster screen. The tool editing section is an almost exact replica of the tool requester used by Info on Workbench, so it is familiar and easy to use.
The main screen will also THE Mandelbrot set (as if you didn't know) is a | set of points in a complex plane with a simple defini- j tion but a complicated fractal structure.
The equation c = (c’c) + z is used recursively to generate a sequence of values for c starting with c = show you the current icon - which will be the default one if you have just loaded the program and the alternate image as it will appear on the Workbench screen. Various operations can be performed from here, such as deleting, swapping and copying the images, as well as specifying a path name for your own custom images to be used as defaults in place of the ones provided.
If you choose to Edit either of the icon images you will
0. The values of z in the complex plane for which the sequence
converges are the points of the Mandelbrot set.
Told you it was simple.
To see what it looks like, double click the Mandelbrot icon in Reader-Contribution Workbench-Mandelbrot. To make it a little more interesting. The points outside the set are coloured according to how many terms in the sequence arc generated before divergence is obvious.
When it comes to a halt you can resize the window !
And then select a rectangle for enlargment by passing the mouse over it with the left button held down.
Which should give you time to make a cup of coffee.
Workbench Mandelbrot was sent to us by 29-year-old CAD Software Engineer, Philip Gibbs. He wrote it "for something to do" in Lattice C (v4.0) on a one meg A500 with two drives.
Progress into the drawing studio part of the utility. The screen now resembles a small art package, which funnily enough is exactly what it is.
Some fairly advanced features such as solid or shell (outline) circles, text input and brush cutting are supported. There is also a palette containing the standard Workbench shades and a good selection of fill patterns using different mixes of the default colours.
There are a few sizing gadgets for determining the exact dimensions of your masterpiece, as well as a rather cunning gadget which will move the graphic to the top left of the window for you - all very handy if you are a messy worker.
Meanwhile, back at the main menu, you have the choice of loading or saving images from or to icons or to standard IFF pictures or brushes.
Note that although it will read IFF images, anything over two bitplanes will not produce the expected results.
This means IconMaster is limited to four colours, but COVER DISC then so is any Workbench worth using. HAM pictures don't work too well either.
Ft £1,0001 icily The size of the graphic is limited to 314 x 98 pixels, more than adequate for all but the most awesome icons.
The well written and extensive documentation in lconMaster.doc claims that online help is available by pressing the Help key. But the only help you arc likely lo get is help relieving you of your money. Sigh. That's shareware for you.
We arc looking for original contributions for the Amiga Computing cover disc. If you think something you have written or drawn is good enough to share with everybody else who reads the magazine, send it along and we will have a look. If we like what we see, it could earn you up lo £1.000. Please let us know if your submission needs any files from the Workbench disc. Programs which use the Amiga’s built-in speech can be particularly greedy in this respect.
If your program is clickable from Workbench, feel free to design an original icon. In fact, we'll pay small amounts for good icons, even if there is no program attached. But don't make them too big. And please use the standard Workbench colours.
Bear in mind that a program which does not run on a 512k machine would have to be exceptionally good to make it on to the disc.
Please enclose this coupon, or a photocopy of it. With your submission.
Include a file on the disc with full documentation, your name, address, phone number and a few details about you and your kit. Don't forget to duplicate on the disc label the program name, your name, address and phone number. If you want your disc back, enclose the correct amount in stamps.
. Age years Name.. Address.. but Daytime phone ...after.....am Evening phone ....after.....pm Submission name .... Submission size ...bytes in total NOTE: We will accept submissions up to 500k in total length, including documentation. But the shorter your submission, the better
chance it stands of getting on to the disc. If it is a compiled or assembled program, include all the source code, but do not count this in the size of the submission.
Write a brief description of your submission below. If it consists of more than one file, describe what each file is for. Attach an extra sheet of paper to this form if necessary: ozoni o r Sign this declaration: The stuff on this disc is mine. I didn't nick it off someone else. It hasn’t been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it.
Signed ......Date Post your submission to: Jeff Walker, Amiga Computing, North House, 78-84 Ongar Road. Brentwood, Essex. CM15 9BG.
FUTUREPLACE COMPUTERS 12 Loampit Hill, Lewisham, London SE13 7SW. Tel. 01-692 8700 ALL GAMES SOFTWARE AT 30% DISCOUNT AMIGA A500 GAMES PACK Includes AMIGA A500 Computer Mouse, Power Pack, Leads, TV Modulator. Plus 10 Great Games.
10. ....£9.50
25. ..£22.50
50. ..£43.00
100. £84.00 Please add £1.50 P&P SHOP
HOURS Mon. to Fri. 10 to 6 pm Sat. 9 to 6 pm SOFTWARE
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£19.99 ....£14.00
£22.95 ....£16.00
£24.95 ....£17.50
£29.99 ....£21.00 AMIGA A500 Includes TV
Modulator, Power Pack, Mouse, Leads, Workbench 1.3, RRP
£399.00 Our Price £369.00 Inc. VAT Amiga 501
Expansion ...£139.00 Amiga to
Scart Lead ...£14.95
Mouse Mats ..£4.99
Amiga 2nd Disk
Drive .£89.00 100 Cap
Disk Box .£10.50 50
Cap Disk
Box .....£8.50
Amiga Dust
Cover ...£5.59 STAR
180E 9 PIN DOT
MATRIX ...£159.0(
CARD HOTLINE 01-692 8700 Please add £1.50 to all orders
under £75.00. All prices include VAT Access - Visa - Diners
Club - American Express PROGRAMMING BEEN messins around with
copper lists for the last month?
Want to do something else? What else can you do? Well, you could pack your bags, buy a one-way ticket to Peru and take up breeding guinea pigs. Or you could try messing around with bitplanes to get graphics into your machine code programs.
Picture this As I know little about Peru, and even less about guinea pigs. I will attempt to explain the latter - that is.
How to get graphics on to your screen without all that tedious mucking around with rastports that most books tell you to do.
Firstly. I will briefly explain what a rastport is so you will know how to avoid it. It is a system structure which describes a user-defined screen. It contains lots of information like the size of the screen, the number of bitplanes. What resolution the picture is in and various other pointers to other strange system structures.
When you write a program that needs to multi-task you must access the screen via rastports. Otherwise the poor old Amiga can't work out how to build its copper list to display your program.
Jolyon Ralph explains bitplanes, hardware scrolling and South American cuisine This is. Of course, totally unnecessary if your program does not need to multi-task. A game, for example.
If you are still interested in Peru, you may like to know that its capital is Lima and that guinea pigs are part of the staple diet in some areas. You must have a passport, not a rastport.
To go to Peru.
BACK now to setting up a screen.
First let's assume you have a picture you want to display. To keep things simple to start with, let’s make it a 320 x 200 single-bitplane (two colour) picture. Let's assume you've got a raw bitmap file, not an IFF file.
If you haven't look at the box on the next page, which will tell you bow to make one.
The first thing you have to tell the Amiga is the size of the screen you are displaying. Unfortunately this is not a simple matter of putting 320 in one hardware register and 200 in another. You will have to work out some values for hardware registers called DIWSTART. DIWSTOP.
If vou look at Figure I vou will see that DIWSTART and DIWSTOP tell the Amiga where the top left-hand and bottom right-hand comers of the screen vou want to display are.
How these values are worked out is a little strange, and a full explanation here would only confuse matters.
You'll find the relevant information in the Hardware Reference Manual: basically they are offsets from the top left-hand comer of the screen.
For 98 per cent of your programming life you can work out the values you need for DIWSTART and DIWSTOP by altering the standard values.
For a standard NTSC screen 320 x 200 in lo-res - DIWSTART is S2c81 and DIWSTOP is Sf4cl. This means the screen display starts at scanline S2c and finishes at scanline Sf4.
For a PAL screen - 320 x 256 in lo-res - DIWSTART is the same.
S2c81. But DIWSTOP is $ 2ccl. This is because S2c plus 256 ($ 100) is $ 12c.
And as only a bvtc value can be used, the extra 1 is lost.
The horizontal values of $ 81 and Scl are fixed for a 320 wide screen and only need to be changed if you are using an overscan display.
DDFSTART and DDFSTOP tell the Amiga where the left and right edges of the display area are. You may be wondering whv this is needed - surely Ihe two corners are all that is required to define a display area? But DDFSTART and DDFSTOP can point lo a different position to that in DIWSTART and DIWSTOP so that a portion of the screen is not shown.
PROGRAMMING This is useful if you are scrolling the screen and want to update the Making a raw bitmap data file RAW data files contain all the bitplane data in sequential order. They can also contain the colour palette. IFF files contain compressed screen data plus data on screen type, size and can also be compressed. However it is much easier to use raw data files in your programs.
The program IFFconverter supplied on this month's cover disc converts an IFF file - saved from Dpaint or any other graphics package - into a raw data file. It can also turn IFF files into sprite data, so keep it handy for next month.
To convert a standard IFF picture into a bitmap of the same size as your original IFF file, choose l.oadtlFF and Save:Bitmap from the Project menu. Type in your filename and click on the Save gadget.
To convert a standard IFF picture into a bitmap of a different size to your original file, do the picture on a part of the screen that is not visible - advanced stuff, and beyond the scope of this article. In general DDFSTART and DDFSTOP can be worked out from the values you set DIWSTART and DIWSTOP.
Again, this involves complex formulae to work out. If you feel inclined to do so - and you will only need to do this if you want to use same as above but choose the Frame-Save gadget instead. You can then mark out the area you wish to convert.
To convert a bitmap back into an IFF file you must first know how muny bitplanes the picture has.
Plus the dimensions of each.
Choose Project:Load:Bitmap. Enter the relevant information and you can then save the picture as an IFF file.
You can also cut out an area and save it as sprite data, either in binary format or as a source file to be incorporated into your demos.
The bouncing King Tut in last month's demo was done using this.
Bitmap files can include an optional colour palette table, which makes it easier to set up the colours in your program, especially with 16 or 32 colour pictures. This table can either be at the end - the default - or the front of your raw graphics file.
Overscan 1 recommend you look at the Amiga System Programmers Guide by Abacus, which explains the method of calculation very well.
In general you will only need to use $ 38 and SdO respectively for DDFSTART and DDFSTOP if you are using a lo-res screen (anything with a width of 320 pixels), and $ 3c and $ d4 if you are using a hi-res screen. In this context hi-res is any screen with a 640 pixel horizontal width - the Workbench screen for example, which is classed as a med-res screen.
Confused? Blame Commodore, not ONCE you have the complexities of the DIWSTART STOP and DDFSTART STOP out of the way, the rest is pretty straightforward. The next hardware register you have to set is called BPLCON0 - BitPLane CONtrol 0. With this register you set the number of bitplanes in the picture, as well as telling the Amiga if you want a lo-res or a hi-res screen or whether you want HAM mode or a dual playfield display. The register's format is shown in Figure II.
For our example BPLCONO would be set to $ 1200 - one bitplane, no hi-res, colour enabled. A four- bitplane, med-res screen would be $ c200.
You now have most of the hard work out of the way. But a few minor registers still need setting. BPLCON1 (Sdffl 02) is the smooth horizontal commodore AMIGA; AUDIO _ .
- NEW. CHOOSE MONO OR STEREO VERSION Both Amiga audio digitisers
give superb performance, unsurpassed at the price No software
is supplied, since they are fully compatible with Perfect
Sound. Prosound Designer. Audiomaster, and Datel s Prosampler
Sampling rates up to 60KHz are possible depending upon the
software. An audio lead is supplied tor connecting to the
headphone socket or line output ot a radio personal stereo,
keyboard etc Full instructions are included, and the mono
version also has an L E D overload indicator A public domain
Sound Workshop" disk is available which has demo versions ot
Audiomaster & Rjrfecl Sound etc MONO DIGITISER C27 99 POST FREE
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253 New Works Road Bradford BD12 OQP Tel 0274 691115 u 0?M600i5i!
X LAKESIOE HOUSE. KINGSTON HILL. SURREY. KT2 7QT. TEL 01*548-7256 scrolling register: set this to zero for the moment.
BPI.1MOD ($ dffl08) handles bitplanes 1. 3 and 5 while BPL2MOD (SdfflOa) handles bitplanes 2, 4 and 6.
They determine the number of words missed off the end of each line before the next line of graphics data is displayed. If these were set to 40 it will miss out an entire line on a normal screen before displaying each new line, hence making the display look half its normal height. A normal display should set both to zero.
Now you will need to set up the colours for your picture. The colour registers - there are 32 of them - start at Sdffl80. For our single bitplane screen we only need to set the first two.
The colour is calculated in hex by taking the value of 0 to 15 for each of the red. Green and blue components - as shown in the Deluxe Paint palette window - and converting it into a hex digit. For example, black is $ 000, white is Sfff. Blue is SOOf and yellow Sffn.
The last things we have to set up are the bitplane pointers - called BPLxPT. Where x is the bitplane number. 1 to 6. This tells the Amiga where our graphics data is stored in £ You have to reset the bitplane pointers every time the screen is displayed J memory. Graphics data can only be stored in chip memory, the lowest 512k at the moment. You will soon be able to use a meg of chip memory when the enhanced chip set (ECS) is released.
You will be pleased to know that all you have to do is throw the address of each bitplane into these registers and that's it.
COULDN'T be simpler, could it?
Well, actually, it could. There's one little snag. While the bitplane is being displayed on screen, these registers are updated. Every time one word of data is taken from memory and displayed on the monitor, the bitplane pointers are changed to point at the next word.
The outcome is that by the time the Amiga has finished displaying a 320 x 200 pixel screen the pointers are all
8. 000 bytes higher than you set them.
This means you have to reset the bitplane pointers every time the screen is displayed - every fiftieth of a second in Europe.
Before those of you who have programmed other machines start muttering strange things like timing loops and interrupts. I must point out
* * This wilt set up a 1 bitplane 320*200 pixel screen.
Bne.s loop ; Loop until pressed.
Aove.l old,Sdff080 ; Restore old copper list, rts new: ; Start of our copper list.
Dc.w diwstart,S2c81 ; Top left corner of screen,
dc. w diwstop,SHc1 ; Bottoa right corner of screen,
dc. w ddfstart,S38 ; Data fetch start,
dc. w ddfstop,Sd0 ; Data fetch stop.
Dc.w bplcon0,S1200 ; Set BPLCON0 to 1 bitplane lo-res.
Dc.w bplcon1,S0 ; No horizontal offset.
; Needed for DevPac 2.
Dc.w col0,S0
dc. w col1,Sfff
dc. w bplfpth pUh
dc. w 0
dc. w bpUptl pill
dc. w 0
dc. w Sffff,Sfffe old dc.l 0 SECTION Scrn,CODE_C OpenLi b equ
-552 CloseLi b equ -GH diwstart equ S8e diwstop equ S90
ddfstart equ S92 ddfstop equ *94 bplconB equ S100 bp I con 1
equ S102 co!0 equ S180 coll equ $ 182 bpUpth equ Se0 bpUptl
equ Se2 ; Offset for Openlibrary.
; Offset for CloseLibrary.
; Screen hardtrare registers.
* * Because the copper list needs to eove the address of our
* * screen aeaory in No 16 bit words rather than one 32 bit
* * long word, we aust split the long word into two words
• • and put thea in the copper list.
Aove.l screen,d0 ; Get address of our screen aeaory.
Aove.w dt.pltl ; Hove the low word into the copper list, swap dB ; Swap the low and high words in d0.
Aove.w d0,pl1h ; Hove the high word into the copper list.
; Black background colour.
; Hhite foreground colour.
; Bitplane high word.
; Bitplane low word.
; End copper list.
¦ove.l G.w,a6 ; lea gfxnaae(PC),a1 ; ¦oveg «0,d0 ; jsr OpenLib(a6) ; sove.l 00,al ; aove.l 38(a1),old ; ¦ove.l G.w,a6 ; jsr Closelib(a6) ; ove.l anew,Sdf 080 ; Set new copper.
Loop: btst et,Sbfe001 Check for left aouse button.
Point to 'graphics.library’ string.
Ignore version nuaber.
Open the library.
Store library address.
Store workbench copper address.
Get EXECBASE again.
Close the library.
Screen: deb.b 8000,$ 55 ; This is a block of 8000 bytes of ; a set pattern (change deb to blk for ; the K-SEKA asseabler).
Gfxnaae dc.b ‘graphics.library*,0
• • If you have a raw picture file of 320 x 200 size in 1
• • you can replace the DCB.B 8000,S55 with an INCB1N 'filenaae'
* • coaaand (Devpac 2 only) which will load in your graphics data
* * when asseabling.
* * End of listing.
17Bit Software Suppliers of QUALITY Public Domain programs, games music and demos for the Commodore Amiga.
That Bit Better Than The Rest!
Discs added all the time! Library of QUALTTY PD In excess of470 discs available. Only the best quality programs, graphics and music are used whenever possible. Majority of discs simple to use and 99% auto-boot. Find out about Public Domain the right way! 17Bit is also a user-group consisting of over 8.000 members and one of the best known names in the PD scene - as seen in many magazines.. Beware cheap imitations! Try us!
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any label format you define on screen w* be identical when printed As wel as powerful soong and searching (search tor anything anywhere1), Special Routines nduOe detection of duplicate labels, surname sorting and many, many more, for business usets, MAASHOI PLUS is also available Why set IS* £24.95 Ideal for both home users and small businesses Supports worVbench and multitasking, simple to use, thts complete home accounting package will cater for up to 10 mcome accounts leg, bank, credit card, HP) and 60 categories of household expenditure (eg. Mortgage rates, food, etc) mbi optional
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Transform your existing computer into a fully fledged typewriter, displaying and pnntmg text nstantty ideal for form-filling, addressing envelopes, memos, etc Character by character or line by line printing (with word-wrap, justification, etc) The emulated typewriter £39.95 I A* ay ttru*H irmrr gummv) £39 95 £29 95 £2495 £*995 £2995 £3995 £995
the UK Prices include VAT & PSP (add £2 00 for e*Dort) Wwture
Picaw my ACC ISS VISA CAJIO that there is a very easy way to update these pointers - use a copper list.
In fact it’s easier to set up the whole screen from a copper list - that’s what the copper was designed for. The example listing will show you how to set up our simple one-bitplane screen.
Note, though, that because an address is a 32 bit number - although only 24 bits are used on the 68000 - and the copper can only move 16 bits at a time, you need two copper moves for each bitplane pointer. Because of this each BPLxPT register is often split into two separate hardware registers, BPLxPTH and BPLxPTL for the high and low words of the address respectively.
If you've got the one-bitplane screen working, why not try to convert it to use five bitplanes? First you must set BPLCONO to $ 5200 instead of $ 1200, then you must add in the other four bitplane pointers.
Convert a five-bitplane picture to a raw file. Make sure it is a 320 x 200 picture, King Tut on the Deluxe Paint disc for example. If you want to use a 320 x 256 picture you will have to change DIWSTOP to $ 2c81, otherwise you will lose the bottom. Don’t forget you will have to set all 32 colour registers now, not just the first two.
There is an option in IFFconverter to append the palette information to the end of the bitmap file. You can then read the palette and copy it straight into the colour registers, or into your copper list if you are setting it up from there. This saves a lot of time and effort, and you can put a different picture in your program without having to work out the palette every time.
NOW you've got a 32-colour picture on the screen, here are a few more things that you can do. If you change the bitplane pointers by adding or subtracting a multiple of the number of bytes in a line - usually 40 - you can achieve smooth vertical hardware scrolling, as used in some of the better shoot-’em-ups.
You must make sure that the beginning and end of your graphics data is padded with enough blank memory, or you will find rubbish being scrolled on the top or bottom of your screen.
By adding or subtracting 2 to each bitplane pointer - you cannot add 1 as the pointers must always be even - you can achieve rough horizontal scrolling - rough in that you can only move the screen 16 pixels at a time by this method.
Remember 1 mentioned BPLCON1, the smooth horizontal scrolling register? This is what comes to the rescue. It can offset the screen horizontally by 0 to 15 pixels. So by a combination of changing the bitplane pointers by plus or minus 2 and setting the smooth value in BPLCON1 you can achieve totally smooth, 50 frames a second, horizontal hardware scrolling. The Atari ST cannot do this, which is why the horizontal scrolling games on that machine are so bad.
Another common trick used in games is the dual playfield. This sets up the bitplanes as usual, but divides the screen into two separate screens, or playfields. The odd bitplanes (1, 3 and 5) are one playfield and the even bitplanes (2, 4 and 6) are the other.
Most hardware registers either have duplicates for odd and even bitplanes
- for example. BPL1MOI3 and BPL2MOD - or have separate bits to be
set for the odd and the even planes, like BPLCON1 in Figure
This means that the two playfields can be set up differently and can be scrolled in different directions at the same time, a technique commonly used in games where a background is scrolled slowly and the foreground contains spaceships scrolling in a different direction.
Hold and Modify (HAM) uses a different type of screen format altogether, and although hardware scrolling is possible, it’s not recommended because all sorts of mess appears on the screen unless you are very careful and very clever.
OK. You should now be able to set up your own screen using a copper list, and it should be obvious that you can change the registers in the copper list at a particular position to swap to a different graphic screen.
This is what the system copper list does when you have a program running, say Dpaint, and you drag the screen down so you can see the Workbench in med-res at the top and Dpaint in low-res at the bottom. By changing the wait before the second screen you can scroll the second screen over the first, or make it bounce up and down.
• NEXT MONTH: Hardware sprites.
SOFTSELLERS MAIL ORDER ORDER 6 Bond Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1JB 5a Dog's Head Street, Ipswich, Suffolk (Retail) 36a Osborne Street, Colchester, Essex (Retail) 24 HR. MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 210605 CHEQUES AND POSTAL 0R0ERS PAYABLE TO S0FTSELI- ERS POST AN0 PACKING FREE IN UK. OVERSEAS Cl.50 per item. Subfect to availability and price change without aotice. Not all titles released at time ol going to press.
Shop prices may vary, but personal callers can claim advertised discounts on production of cut-off slip.
£9.95 Konix Navigator £4.95 Joystick £11.95 £4.95 Pro 5000 Joystick £12.95 £4.95 Pro 5000 Clear £12.95 Pro 5000 Extra £13.95 Cheetah 125 Joystick £6.95 OS Turbo Joystick £9.95 Disc storage Box 40 £5.95 Disc storage Box 80 £7.95 1K3_______________ Saw ?a*tanO ro*» ------- .
Sctr a*eS:o*------- Ntcraai'M*--------- Ke*e-v.*c--------------- Cparaton W;f------_ Cirt.nf Cta ---- C«ortai_______________ Poland ...------- Pec man -----...----- Pa;a :cv .
Po«aCjast2...... Peett y R 3 •'xe------- Pctu4us--------- PocMsu* Tata Gsc* ---- Powa-*j»a -------- P a&0bSMa*.a iCo o-atoni .. P ar«r Cj«eesor (Cong aoo*l Patnnai NgU a-a .
Presete» „ - ---- Pe***Q S'cr . . RtUMRr..... .. ¦'en* Siaacn 0ara 9ack 3jW«f ’•»* 8»i Radfaat Reneseee Rac» jargao Rotocjc _.
Recur Aenger At* i-a Gee«M At*0% Men .. ._ ItV __________________ AMIGA 500 Air miles pack with 500 free air miles, three games, disc wallet and Spritz graphics package £449.95 AMIGA 500 ? 1084S Colour monitor pack--------------------------600 95 AMIGA 500 £369.95 HARDWARE ALL OLM HARDWARE INCLUDES VAT AND Rt£E DEUVERY UK MAINLAND ONLY Name ... Address ...... AMC October Licsnce to KiR ... Lombard RAC. R»Hv.... Itnll C» Th*R*-j Sun IS«M*IS? ..... IoffP«r}------- lw.« Su 49-TV J . .. i ve-goa*--------- V*' • V«fi(»MIOU« . .. VI M9* _________ v*i - V»C*ri'’V*'.C» Vim
Mrtucot Afirborna R«p Archip l*go* Astaroth------ AP.B ---------------- Action FiQhtor ....------------ Action 1 or 2 (Compilation) Baal ... Balanca of Power 1990 ...... Ballistic Ls------------------ Btoa'tf* 2 :?•«(«!
R« uao*. ? I•**«('os »l .
8*vt»' Pa' a’l'r avo ai Ban '-haw . . .
Rio Cnata*oa fc*'»a«t ------ 3co N»vxn ------ % cod Me day 3aac*vo!c* IwbH ~ C * d«r CcevM'd Caaaa fc-aaaBaU CoaTcP-‘a*a» Car a Caiajrem* i •*** . .
Cabal Can c* ;i»'Opa Cawa-ti . . .
Cn*' 4* d W at* Oa L*«a -______ Caostt a Cekue Von p» Cekue Vus c CataaPaar 3 Canara----- .
Cta ala .
C'egt's.**---------- Ci« ao' vast.f Cu«geoi V»*«a* fck©' .
CiaasAe.Q*..... Camjnj *c*b..... CtaasA S;*t..... OaitF.acn ....
C. aur 0i'a» '» 8c* la-a f »a .1 c»ia* f iS-aafnf i*- F'A
Coital Vr fe*o« ------- Face* v«**.» Ctaca f OFT
___________ C1900 monochrome monitor £80 95 A501 Expansion
Standard CLOCK CARD 10848 EXTERNAL DRIVE Cum** 1 Meg
20 Gamas, business orgsniser, 1st bsslc and music maker £349
95 ATARI 1040STFM Bueineee pack with database, spreadsheet and
wordprocessor SCLCK V l«)Tl Skwaaa . - ‘ : a a i . « * )
Speedbel S-a»i dar 2----------- Snn Dan* Snc»a' ... .
ST08 ---------------- Story So far I Story So Far 3 Stmoar .... S* roe ...-------------- Sveel Fdwa Ma- Scrou .
Swore 0* i-n.bn Shadow rt 'naRaatt Su wa s Corapiaoon Sl nadudt C*»a S*X e» ScaaTt’a Super Wende* oov Sipnaad----- S aat*5 God* Laa estC «e2 lfx»*da'a*'t» IV SfO*t» -ocdaa t'waiPu w tfa»*yfd®0') IftMi Cod VMS 2 Jtne v
• it*- ATARI 1040STFM SUPERPACK 21 Gsmes and
Joystick________________ £449 95 ATARI SC 1224 F -f*r Cc'Tt a
On fojtbai Vanaja- 2 footba 13aa:to- 2 fo'tcna* Wc'U* f*gr* N
jw fva t . Geae-Wtng . .
Se'tsiComjteao-i Soflraao-* Ccn»*n o-ardvovai S»» 6-w8icC________
6. n*-*p .„_... Carn** St*»»ar tdfto* K*ea *paata Marges st the
* »taca» K**fc» SsaJow ATARI SM124 Monochrome Monitor
EXTERNAL DRIVE Cumana 1 Meg ...... £109 96
CITIZEN 120D PRINTER £140 96 1015' Blank Discs Joystick
Extenders 4 Player Adaptors Mouse Met Mm Snot ----------------
n'arcars* nda a. *a* 'Ucaa f*t»i nda-a .o*a»' JS Oe»dl
• wane .....
• n*06®or ...... vsyaoar yy*. * M ta ta *f Wat* oc
wtCtaMa** Xenon 2_____________ Xybot*__________ Joan *Ar;
Krystsl COMP COME 2 Williams Clowes Stree TO THE Burslem
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- sews STAR LC10 (COLOUR) . STAR LC24 10
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PANASONIC KX-P1081---------- PANASONIC KX-P1124 ......
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P. O. Box 33 10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London W4 4PH
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Modulator, Plus Ten Star Value Pack SELECT TEN DIAMONDS FROM
Quickshot II ??
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Basic, Tutorial, Utilities, Manuals, Modulator ..... .£287 AMIGA A50Q PHILIPS 8833 Inc Accessories .£465 AMIGA A500 Including: Mouse, Workbench, Basic. Tutorial, Utilities, Manuals, 3 Games, Modulator, Art Package, 500 Air Miles £399 AMIGA B2000 Including: Mouse, Workbench, Basic, Utilities, Enhanced Manual Imported Machine..£689 UK Machine.
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Panasonic KX?-1180-2159* Eoson 10500- £259* 1084 (CBM)-£179* 1084S (C8M) - £195* PhffiOS 8833 -£189* PWSps 8852-£209* NEC Multisync II - £399* 20" Multisync - £1895* New Diamond Multisync Monftor £395 68020 COPROCESSOR £295 Inc. VAT XT BRIDGE BOARD £299 Inc. VAT 8MD RAMBOARD FOR B2000 £458.85 Inc. + Free X-Cad UPGRADE YOUR A500 OR A1000 TO A NEW B2000 FOR ONLY £599 (A1000 £699) 1 SOFTWARE HOTLINE 01-597 8851 SOFTWARE HOTLINE 01-597 8851 TOP TEN AMIGA TITLES ’ KckOff .....12.95 7 The Duel .... 16.99 3 Falcon ..16.99 i
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V2.0 ...... 30.00 K-Text
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1699 1999 !6a5
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Setter .....48.95 Deluxe Art Parts Vol
1...... 6.95 Oet-xe An Pam va 2 695 Det-xe Pani n . 4895 Deluxe
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Paint v?0 39 95 Fancy 30 Fonts 3*95 Fantaws.cn 27 95 SopMcall
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READERS' letters to Amiga Computing often bemoan the lack of good educational software, indeed the lack of any educational software. There is an exception, a program which really turns the Amiga into a teaching tool.
Fun School 2 comes in three different versions aimed at three age groups - under 6. 6 to 8-year-olds, and 8 and over. Each consists of eight programs which aim to teach through play.
I was given this software to review because I have two children, Alexander aged four-and-a-half and Karen aged 10. They both enjoy playing games on the computer - Silkworm is my son’s current favourite and Infocom adventures seem to be the things my daughter plays the most. But did they learn anything from Fun School 2?
FUN School 2 can easily be played by several children at the same time using one computer and could be used in a classroom. Groups could be given one program to solve between them and then they could all come together to solve the last problem.
My son quite enjoyed Spell a Word.
He now knows how to type simple words like cat. Hat and bat. All I need to do now is teach him how to write the words down on paper he can type much faster and more accurately than he can write. Colour Train and Find the Mole were two other games he liked to play. They were teaching him something. He recognises more colours and understands that four is smaller than five, so both of these programs worked.
Commodore may be marching on the schools to sell them Amigas, but there is not much scope for home tutoring. One package sticks its head over the educational parapet. Alex Aird dons the mantle of professional parent Happy It is more difficult to assess what my 10-ycar-old daughter learned.
Unicom kept her busy for a while, but after she had completed the game once she never looked at it again. She didn't seem to like Build a Bridge.
This is really only a simple jigsaw and she has jigsaws already. The word games Passage of the Guardians ?
Homework Under 6 YOUNGER children will enjoy games like Teddy Count, which loaches simple numbers. Up to nine teddies walk across the screen and the child has to count how many there are then type in the answer.
Find The Mole is another numbers game. The idea is to guess under which molehill the mole is hiding.
There are five molehills with hill number five the biggest and hill one the smallest. If the child makes a wrong guess the computer responds with either bigger or smaller. The idea is to teach the fact that live is bigger than four.
Spell a Word shows the child one of ten pictures of an everyday object and the child has to type the name.
Simple words like car. Bat, door and so on are used which should be familiar to most pre-school children.
Pick a Letter displays the whole alphabet and shows a word at the bottom of the screen. The child has to pick up the letters of the word and place each letter in turn in the answer space at the bottom of the scroen.
Parents can make their own word lists if they wish, entering family names, favourite toys. Swiss bank account number and the like.
Write a Letter lets a child experiment. Children can press any keys they like and see them appear on screen in large type. This program teaches the general layout of the keyboard. Parents or teachers can type words for children to copy or simply let the child experiment. The final masterpiece can be printed out and stuck on the fridge with a magnet (not supplied).
Colour Train teaches colour recognition. The child has to stop the train at the correct coloured station.
At the start there arc only three stations but these increase to six as the child progresses.
Teddy Bear Picnic is a maze game which teaches both coordination and logical thinking. The aim is lo move the teddy bear, using the mouse or arrow keys, through different maxes and to the picnic. The games have four levels of difficulty, which can be set by the parent or teacher.
For six to eights Experience shows that as we get older things get more complicated. For the six to eight year olds the format is the same. This time the cursor is a frog which leaps about as the child moves the mouse. The train reappears as Number Train, but as a result of ASLEF action is a little more difficult.
The coloured train still has to be stopped at the correct coloured station, but as passengers get on and off the child is presented with a simple sum such as 4+2=? And the correct answer has to be entered.
Another number game is Maths Maze. The frog has to be guided along stepping stones. When it meets a robot guardian the child has to answer a simple mathematical question. There are four levels of difficulty and some problems may need a pencil and paper to work out.
Caterpillar is a version of Hangman.
Every time a correct letter is guessed the caterpillar moves closer to the apple, finally eating it when the word is correctly guessed.
Why you should want to promote the destruction of crops is beyond me.
Perhaps the apple has been sprayed with an insecticide.
Packing is a game where different shaped objects have to be placed into a box. Three levels of difficulty include more complicated shapes and include rotating the shape to fit into place. Ideal if you want your kid to get a job stacking shelves in Tescos.
Shopping is a game which aims to teach reading and comprehension.
Perhaps you have aspirations beyond working the checkout. The child is presented with a shopping list and a picture of a row of shops. Guide the frog to each shop in turn to buy the items on the list.
Should dog food be bought from the grocers or the pet shop? The question of why the frog wants dog food, how it will open the tin and how it will feed the dog without itself becoming the hors d’oevres is not addressed.
And Mystery Machine worked better and it seems that she learned something from them. We had problems with Logic Doors, a colour maze game, where you have to pick up coloured keys. She said: “I think that the game could get quite boring.
I don’t really understand it". My failure as a teacher perhaps?
But Karen quite enjoyed Souvenirs, liking the idea of exchanging pounds into foreign currency and then buying presents. She now knows more about the countries of Europe than before.
Fun School 2 will teach children.
They are not programs that you give to the child and then leave them to get on with it, the parents need to sit in and guide them through the problems. But as John Ridge pointed out in his article (Amiga Computing, July 1989) any program that can get a parent and child together for the child’s education, and keep them there for some time, has got to be good.
The programs can be considered as an aid to education rather than an end in themselves. For example, a four-year-old will learn a few new words from Fun School 2 but it is up to the parent to keep the process going with pencil and paper.
Database Educational Software has plans for a Fun School 3. It has proved that it is possible to write tutorial software which is both a commercial success and worth using.
Perhaps they have learnt the greatest lesson. Good software sells.
Getting bigger OLDER children, eight and over, have games which are more challenging and the whole program has a single theme. On completion of a single program a keyword is given.
These keywords need to be written down so that the last puzzle, Escape, can be completed.
The packing game reappears as build a bridge. Hmm, civil engineer perhaps. Shapes must be picked up, rotated if necessary, then fitted into the correct place. For the older children there are more shapes and most need to be rotated.
If you don't want your child to grow up to be a newspaper editor avoid the two word games Mystery Machine and Passage of Guardians, lDol I „„ Pr I ce 200 2Badge PrIce 50 31-louse__ 3r i ce 300 BeIgIum £ 1=60.00 Buying Euro presents an anagram game. Guardians block the path and the child has to correctly solve an anagram to pass on to the next guardian.
Children can go on a tour of Western Europe in Souvenirs. When the child gets to a country there is an option to buy presents. The prices are given in local currency so the child has to convert sterling to marks, francs or whatever and decide which present he or she can afford to buy.
Later on destinations are chosen by picking a flag. It is necessary to know the flags of Europe to play the game at this level.
Code Boxes is a game which introduces children to binary numbers. It is necessary to convert from binary to decimal numbers in order to solve the puzzle. This can be used as an introduction to different numbering systems in the hope that in the hope that your child will go on to write Starglider 47.
Other games, such as Unicorn, involve solving logic or arithmetic puzzles which are presented in an interesting way. This is based on the old fox, com and chicken problem.
When all the puzzles have been solved and the keywords collected the last game, Escape can be played.
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Labels £1.50 MONITORS Commodore 1084S .....£259.99 Philips 8833 ..£229.99 ART & ANIMATION l *nts Camera Atio- C4? 95 Zobdos* £79 SS Je ,ie Pa-m IlDeiure Prui Comso CSS 99 t -«e Pa nt ill Cl, 99 t Q v «w Gok: C?999 Aegs Vdeuscaoe ID C 0S9S Ccmic Se-ier Cm 99 Mona Selte- CSS 99 W' an;r.*'loa.' £10199 Denise Pnoo I ao CSS 9» :j® -re V tfeo CS9 99 Pt'CtD" Pam ti £79 99 vceo Eneas 30 £i09 99 VaeoWoeM ave- £59 99 Aej s An rrato* C 9 99 Aad s Ararao c £67 99 Aeg 8 V deo i tie* £8i 99 Com Saner Cl o An Disks C99S Fartavso'* £36
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AH picas aie coirecl al lm ol golnj lo Press, and are subjea lo Oianja wShool prior nollce.
TOP QUALITY 31 2" DS DD GUARANTEED BULK DISKS D1 PRICES INCLUDE LABELS Add £5.50 for 80 capacity disk box when ordering disks or £4.50 when ordering 50 or more disks COMPLETE Solution Rupert Goodwins looks over a big box of DTP software which only lacks big box prices PARALLEL evolution happens when separate species evolve into similar lifeforms. There are lots of small, furry monkeys in South America that look uncannily like small, furry marsupials in Australia. It seems to be happening with the computer software industry and the book publishing scene as well.
In old-fashioned publishing there is a breed called the packagers. These small, furry animals take an idea and find writers, artists and designers to produce a finished package. Now The Disc Company has followed a similar path and combined word processor, page layout and art discs from separate companies to produce one package - Publisher's Choice - which provides a route into desktop publishing for the Amiga owner.
T "X Kin*ord» dots run undtr 5121 Mmry, «f Mcowwnd you fxywd of nenory. Mith th* S**rfMti, larttr diction*,, and ntv »l*ct»Oftic thfsaurus nor* n*nory is muir*d to fall, atiliz* the f„tar*s of KindHords.
1 fri nf In "r to urns uiu l «• 01 *«»*. " *¦»**«'* "11 ui w 11 vfl* is loii U» ftictioury »r ttiijiinis in anion. Lading il in .ill ¦««*«• O"4 •' «•«••»* »* •*«»« k" Ltl7all! Ns ur a significant anoont of available ntnony, If yon arr .Ji tiX l«f goconanls on lam »*blo fil.s, it -il1 bo a Hoi idra not to load tbo dictionary on Unwin in ntnony.
Very much in the load and go spirit, Kind Words encourages you to start typing the moment it r TenrronsTEraxy unit roloasod in tkf U.S. is a no. Book by foastor Historian Robirl tarlnel1."THE 1 inu SCREAM M CHINE-I HE HISTORY OT IKE uJ COXSIER” nas 255 paj» and is packod .ilb photos, Ciaos and all other valnabli Tads lor irossinj all poor friends. The price? .oil ai.fi'dd'lhi'klriback 541.95 Both i t * P. lot ckoap but il is an oitollonl book. Horn details fro. Address o«erlea! Or m-ito to tur VESTAL PRESS LI! P.O. BOX 97. 328
I. JDfSDf W*0. WSMl Hdt YORK 1385*.
That The Disc Company is well named becomes obvious when the envelope is opened - seven discs fall out. Even backing up is an expensive game in DTP. On these discs reside KindWords 2.0, PageSetter 1.2, LaserScript, ArtPack and HeadLine FontPack. Why Software Publishers have to InterNally CapitaLise all their ProgRam names is BeYond me.
KindWords 2.0 is a development of KindWords 1, reviewed in Amiga Computing September 1988. It’s a full Wysiwyg word processor, with 100,000 word spelling checker. 40,000 word thesaurus and some advanced printing features. Very much in the load and go spirit it encourages you to start typing the moment the program runs.
PERHAPS its most noticeable missed feature is the ability to work with more than one document at once, although those with 1 meg machines will be able to have more than one copy of the program running.
It is included in the package as a text editor for the page layout facilities, but it has certain DTP-like functions itself. For example, it can merge IFF images into the document, and lets you stretch or shrink them to fit. It can't make text flow around graphics, and since it has no provision for more than one column on a page the graphics aren't suited to anything more than a letterhead or occasional illustration. But then, PageSetter's there for anything more adventurous.
Kindwords is exceptionally easy to The PageSetter screen has a selection of icons which, at first glance, make no Sense. You need to read the manual use. It follows the standards found in the Macintosh world in the way that text is selected by clicking the mouse at the beginning of a block and dragged to the end. This block changes colour.
Changes to typeface, font or style only apply to the current selection.
Alternatively, single words can be selected by double-clicking with the pointer anywhere inside them; tripleclicking selects the entire sentence.
Justification and centering are taken care of by a visible ruler click on the little picture of centred text and the selected block centres.
Automatic hyphenation tries to make the lines of the text appear nicer by bunging a hyphen in between syllables of words that would otherwise move to the next line and leave an ugly gap. There’s more to hyphenation than that, but the full rules for deciding whether or not to hyphenate are complex (bears only do it during the winter) and not suited to a program such as this, so there’s an option for manual hyphenation.
The spelling checker and thesaurus come with British dictionaries, thank goodness. KindWords is available in nine language variants, an international approach which puts many software houses to shame. It all vyorks on a single drive 512k Amiga, but positively purrs on the 1 meg, two drive system on which the program was tested.
With a megabyte or more of memory, the program can keep dictionaries in ram instead of on floppy, which speeds up the spelling check tenfold. The thesaurus makes a stab at telling you what the meaning of the word is; it isn't to be relied on.
KindWords is easy to use. It hasn’t got the bells and whistles of WordPerfect, such as macros or columns, and it hasn’t got the speed of Protext. But there will be few people who stick with it as a good text entry machine for DTP, and it has things like a simple mail merge which make it a good domestic word processor.
Pagesetter is the other major component in Publisher's Choice, It lets you move text and graphics around a set of pages until it looks right, and then prints them out.
Starting with a blank work area, you create a page, draw a set of boxes and then fill the boxes with text or graphics.
You need to read the manual before starting, as the screen has a selection ?
PRESENTATIONS tz VERYTHING you need to know about making a better impression - written or visual - is on display under one roof at the International Desktop and Professional Publishing Show and its new partner, Presentations '89. If you're an expert this is where you'll find all the latest hardware and software. If you're just starting out you'll find all the help you need to make the right purchasing decisions first time round. And it's all happening at the exciting new London Arena in the heart of London's Docklands.
At DTP 89 you'll find: All the major hardware, software and sen ice suppliers A two-day conference on The Changing Face of Desktop Publishing Daily seminars on the practicalities of desktop publishing - what to look for and how to decide what's best for you The Pira desktop publishing clinic Help and advice from DTP user groups At PRESENTATIONS 89 you'll find: t The latest graphics and presentation systems » Audio-visual and data projection hardware » Slide production and reprographic services
• Daily seminars on improving communications skills,
do-it-yourself presentations, and state-of-the-art techniques
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to marker pens THE ACTION OFFICE See DTP and 1 presentation!
In action in working offic environment I Name . Position... Company Address Postcode.. Complete this coupon or phone the ticket hotline on 0203 470075 to obtain your pre-registration tickets and resen e your FREE copy of the 1990 Desktop Publishing and Presentations Yearbook (worth £20).
Please send me:_Advance registration(s) for DTP _ '89 and Presentations '89 ? Information on conference and seminar programmes ? Entry details for the 1989 Desk top Publishing Awards Send lo: The International Desktop Publishing Show. | Data House, Curriers Close. Tile Hill, Coventry CV4 8QQ DATABASE EXHIBITIONS L“ _____________A 7511 of icons which, ai first glance, make no sense. The command menu along the top of the screen is more intuitive.
Project contains file load, save and quit options and Department gives access to text and graphics editors as well as the print command. Art Board sets the size of grid on which the page will be created and whether you want to work in inches or picas. Page controls the creation and deletion of pages; Box sets options for the kind of box you want.
CLEVER stuff lies along the right- hand edge of the screen.
Gadgets choose the page number - a document can be up to 99 pages long, if you've got the memory and the patience. You can turn the grid on to precisely set the position of boxes and off to examine the final work without that unfashionable maths book finish.
Once a box has been placed, it's the work of a moment to reposition, resize and crop the contents until it looks right. Boxes can be linked, so a lot of text will automatically flow from one to another in columns, across pages and in and out of anywhere you choose. What it can’t do is flow around a graphic, unless you link boxes before and after the box with the picture in it.
Typographical tricks, where text wanders around an oval or bifurcates across a triangle, are out.
The text and graphics editors are simple but well-suited to their role in life. The text editor allows block moves, search and replace, and the insertion by hand of font formatting effects ( b for bold, and so on). It can read many different kinds of text file, KindWords, WordPerfect and Scribble! Among them. More than that, go back to KindWords for heavy duty word mangling.
The graphics editor moves blocks of picture around, draws lines, resizes things, fills areas, all in glorious monochrome. Given that 99 per cent of DTP is black and white, this is good. Things go faster in two colours.
The graphics editor makes it easy to tidy up slightly messy imported graphics. Again, if you want Michelangelo mode, get out of PageSetter and into your art program.
You can choose how closely you want to work with the page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon which selects various sizes. The largest lets you examine the details of the text or graphics on the page; the smallest reduces the page to about half-screen size so you can move entire boxes off and on to the surrounding board. Temporarily homeless chunks can be tacked on to a different page later.
In a close-up view, the area of page displayed is selected by moving a white box around a black rectangle.
There are no scroll bars to move around the page in a more restricted manner, and this makes initial attempts to find a particular area rather clumsy.
The coup de grace can be administered to any box by dragging it across to a rather disgusting trashcan in one corner. The pointer changes to a tombstone in a morbid mixed metaphor.
PageSetter comes with 14 fonts of varying utility. Alternatively, using one of the four fonts supplied with the LaserScript disc gives PostScript- compatible output.
LASERSCRIPT is a translation program that takes a PageSetter file arid turns it into a file that can be printed on any PostScript device.
These include shockingly expensive laser printers and typesetters, but means you can run off test documents on your cheap, nasty, dot matrix printer before taking a disc down to a typesetting bureau and getting commercial quality pages printed.
Finding someone with a suitable typesetting machine and an Amiga is often a problem. The Text Formatting Company (01-806 1944) provides such a service.
LaserScript also lets you rotate your document, surround it by a shadow border, resize it and so on.
The final goody in the Publisher’s Choice package is the collection of clip art - a few hundred mixed images in IFF format, little pictures to distribute around your documents.
All human life is there, spacemen, dragons, Santa Claus, computers, dogs, lighthouses and the Starship Enterprise. It's unevenly drawn, and some of the pictures look decidedly amateurish.
All the images are in the manual, as are the fonts. The manual is a large, ring-bound item divided into an overall tutorial section, bits on the individual packages with lots of hints and tips, appendices and an index.
It's well written and easy to use, although the illustrations were printed on something desperately in need of a new ribbon.
PRINTING uses WorkBench 1.3 .
Printer drivers. The whole set of discs comes with enough WorkBench files to let PageSetter, KindWords and LaserScript boot up in minimal ram usage configurations, as well as various hard disc installation programs. Everything in the package follows the multi-tasking rules, so if you’ve got enough memory you can run the entire set together.
The advent of the bundled package is an interesting milestone. It gives users the chance to pick up a number of programs for quite a low price, and solves many of the "will my word processor work with that DTP program?” questions that anyone trying to build up their own selection must answer. On the debit side, if you don't like the word processor you won’t be able to sell it because there isn't a separate manual.
Publisher's Choice is a good package for those who want to get into DTP but who haven’t yet bought a word processor. While it might limit the experimentally minded after a few months of serious playing, it has the potential to generate documents of typeset quality and will be more than adequate for 80 per cent of DTP applications. It's also easier to dive into than many more specialised programs.
Publisher’s Choice The Disc Company £95 EASE OF USE..... Simple, if inconsistent, user interfaces.
Multi-tasking makes DTP very much easier.
SPEED ... PageSetter is impressively quick, but KindWords can be quite slow.
VALUE . Amazing value, two major programs which will meet your DTP needs.
OVERALL A good blend of programs which, within certain limits, provides everything you need in a package.
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Peripherals'Accesso- ries Books ALL PRICES INCLUDE
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A2350Prol Video Adaptor P.0A A2032 PAL Comp Vid Card P OA
K-Spread 2 ...... £41 35 Maxipian A500 £89 70 MaxipUn Plus
£133 55 Superpian £68 50 I LMWiACfS C0MP1LI8« Tc| API 68000
________ £99 95 A-Rexx . £3630 Artec C
Developer £126 00 A tec C Professional £91 60 Artec Cscd
...... £5635 Benchmark ModuU 2 £132 50 Bench (Tart C Libraries
£7060 0evpac2 _______ £4135 GFA Basic V3 .. £47 55
Hisofl Basic £55.40 K-Seka Assembler ....£34 80
Lalbce C V5 £178 00 Uthitih | | Dm Tor Pusushinc | City Desk
... £8320 Pagesefler _____ £63 00 Professional Page
.....£19350 Pu!*sheis Owe_________£7165 £119 70 Protessicaial
Draw------ Pro Video Plus ... Sculpt 30
.. Sculpt 40 ... Sculpt 4 D
Junior______ The Director The Dvedor s TooAit Turbo Sdvtr_____
TV Show £108 75 £193 50 £66 80 ?55 00 £103 80 £47 75 £2865
£108 75 £7060 TV Tex! ...... Video Effects 30
Video Generic Master Video Tiller £70 60 £124 00 £55 35 £86 20
Video Woe Master £55 35 Videoscape 30 £124 00 X-CA0
Designgf .....£89 75 X-CAD Professional ..052 80
Zoetrope ..£86 85 'slate Sculpt or
Videoscape* | Music | A Drum Audiomaster 2 Deluxe
Music . OrTsKCS . Dynamc Drums
... Dynamc Studio .. instant Muse MuscX
_________ £32 50 £63 00 £5315 £154 50 £47 75 £116 35 ?025 £184
15 Opus 1------L_ Pro Midi Studio .... Sorux
. Sound Oasis .. Studio
Magic ..... BynMi------- Track 24 Llbrmie Sound Tracker
£80 00 £11135 £51 55 £63 00 £69 85 £74 70 £7500 ?9 50
Communications A Talk III £7060 B8S PC . Ruby
Comm _____________ Ruhr Cnmn Plus £93 50 £54 65 f7? VI
Accounts Arena Accounts ___________ Home Accounts .
Smal Business Accounts £88 25 ?165 £62 35 Ladbroke Computing
Interna tional "The Countrys Leading 16Bit Specialist" i AMIGA
33 Ormskirk Rond. Pfvston, PR! 2 3P.
Open Mon. - Sit. 9:30 a rr to 3:00 pm Don ter enquiries welcome._ you CANT AFFORD 10 SHOP ELSEWHERE LOOK AT THESE PRICES INC .VAT I Hoed hnM So. Fro ¦ Sat mmMw4wm* I. Amiga Upgrade Hoards Software - New t.ow Price Quality Disks.
Iso to dcrisgt ‘ Switch roridedls switch RAMis isst ‘ Better?
Tmicd cstcmhwAhch rtlsiss rimvA ste os twitch off. ’ Attttins tow price.
Without chet. Tunpopuhtcei) 07.99 with clod (unpopuhtait £2999 without clod (popuhtott £107.99 with clod (popuittcdi £11999 At Lcmtt 20* discount off 16 tdtgsu.es software.
Minimum Discount EC. RRP Our Price f 999 f!S99 f2499 £19.99 £29.99 £2399 Maximum Discount £19.99 £6.99 £2499 £9.99 AU ms UlA. Ol lop (jualilt Son,. 01 Kto prolut. Not -he.
Iinpcm. AU hks imy 01 umonditiorul Metis* pumice.
Quantity 3S" D S 5.25" LVS QfD 96 TPI 10 £8.99 £6.50 10* box £9.99 £7.50 100 £79.99 £60 100+box £82.99 £65 Sony Branded 3.5" DIS Boxed x 10 fl0.99 Sony Branded 35" DIS Boxed x 100 £99 Repair Centre Peripherals Ur lr«n«] Engineer* tan repur all hard*we intluding Amiga* in miniuMvn lime at tompdeliw rate* »e van arrange pukup for prom* deliver* to mv»e(*e* for fll-SO. Nexl tfe* tuivicr return 18.00 Phone for best prices, SAE for catalogue Free deliver* (Mainland LK onl on order* over 140, fcr order* under 140 add £2.50 IrMicr h4l aet* at moute £24.99 PRO 5UJU jcnrtick 18.99 LXOM Ai*o fire
Dvtfkk 19.99 McdJ-tor fcr we with T* 124.99 Anlbtaliv mou»e mb 15.99 Mou*eVio lkk c.xtcmion 15.99 New low Price Printers Monitors Amiga drives Vortex JUMBtST fc Avila) £499.99 Supra 30 MB Ariu £674.99 Third Cowl 6S VIB (Amiga) £629.99 1 Mg flow*. Disable switch and through port. £79.99 Tri.ngk h. other._phone ?
: let c Phillips 8833 Cofc*r Monitor. £249.99 Multevrx iolour Monitor*. F Phone Phillips 15" Rcmole. Si art, Tv with 40 tuner presets. £229.99 Monitorv deduct £10 if bought with Computer phone I for Tv's, All monitors some with aeart to Amiga etc. PACK t £36*99 Intludr* Aims* A5U3 lomputcr. I crater peek c4 ten games and Mcxoc.
PACK 2 £467.99 Indwk* Amiga A5U» vumputcr. 512 K RAM Extension , Tcnxlnr Great Value Amiga Hacks PACK 2 with Chet 079.99 PACK3-PACK - CMSS33 Col Mon. i.599.99 PACK4 -PACK2 * CM8&33Col Moo. 1707.99 PACK 4 with ehei 1719.99 (0772)203166 Fax 5610711 LaOroAa Compaiag laWraafcari is . VadLag W X»IW| Lire** Confidential 32-page A4 bi-monthly glossy magazine Confidential* written for people who take their fun seriously. I you are Wo A«Venture.
Strategy. PRP*. MUG*. PBMe. DAD*, or I you would simply Ike to *ee more from behind the acenee then Confidential is essential reading. Regular fertures Indude Personnel Fie. Dead Letters. The Man in Black. Feature Article*. Brain Teasers. Diary.
News. Competition*, and The Boss Upstairs. Club participation is welcomed.
Gnome RanQer l«»l 9t award-winning 3-pan adventure Starring Ingrid Bottomlow *Good and buy Gnotrm, Rang* pronto* sad Atari ST User.
If you already did please tick the bos for a Surprise Alternative.
Help-Line Manned weekdays and Sundays Advice and hints to help you solve most games.
Special Reserve Included in the membership fee Al the features and benefits of Special Reserve mendership .
Conned, Mastercard and Eurocard) Club Privileges All dub members benefit from:
• Special offers: at prices you might not beiievel
• Bi-monthly Buyers Quids each with dttarti of 40 games. BuAdmg
10 a valued inference.
• Mentoershp card with prMege number, and folder for the Buyer*
• 24-hour despatch of stock Items. Most Inc* In slock.
• Each game sent ddlvtdualfy by 1st das* post. Most will fit
through your letter-box
• 7-day sales hotline, open untH 8pm weekdays, 10 to 5.30
Saturday*. 11 to 5 Sunday*.
• Witten notfication of unexpected delays. Order query me manned
• New Ifllss may be ordered in advance and wl be despatched upon
• Instant refunds avaiabd on request for delayed idea
• No ccmmrtment. No obftgaon to buy anything and no *m(nlmum
Best games at best prices_ All the best games, carefully selected and available to mender* only at truly extraordinary prices. We're mles cheaper than elsewhere, so cheap that we cant advertise our individual prices. Betow are a selector of offers tor two games al about be same price you would normaty pay for one You can buy a per of gams* at the same tsne as jointog - or (oin now and select indfwJurfy from our cacatogue of over 1000 products. There is no obligation to buy anythog_ If you're looking for the best prices, best games, best offers and best service then join Special Reserve. Or
join Official Secrets if you're looking for more JOIN THE CLUB!
Betowe a smal selection from our catalogue The *SRP* e ou corrbned price for both games including UK postage and pacfcmg. RRP SRP 30 POOL . ¥1X01 44 98 IS *S AFRICAN RAJOER SKYCHASC 38 9S 19 48 DRAGON'S LAIR (REOUP1ES 1 MEG) WHO FRAMED ROGER RASerT (1 MEGl M 84 37 98 ELITE .PACMANIA 44*4 19 98 F16 COMBAT PILOT STRIKE FORCE HARRtfR 49 *4 21 48 F16 FALCON ...... ELIMINATOR 49 98 25 48 FEDERATION OF FREE TRADERS SKY CHASE 49 *4 26 98 OUNSHIP ...STRIKE FORCE HARRIER 49 94 214* ORANO PRIX CACUfT PURPLE SATURN
Dav 49 98 24 9* HONDA RV* 750 .. TEENAGE OUCEN 44 90 23 SS Computer__*5.25r3.5T3.0TTAPE Payable to Special Reserve or Official Secrets
P. O. Box 847, Harlow, CM21 9PH Special Reserve and Official
Secrets are tradmg names of toter-Medwtes Lid.
Reg. Office: 2 South Block. The Makings. Sanbndgewonh. Hens CM21 9PG.
Registered In Englmd Number 2054713. VAT reg. No. 424 8532 51 Speciat ‘J eserve Pick a pair of Amiga games Name_ Address Phone No.
KICK OFF LOMBARD RAC RALLY MICROPROSE SOCCER MILLENNIUM 2.2 .. NIGEL MANSELL'S GRAND PRIX POPULOUS .... POWEROROME RICK DANGEROUS nosooop - ...... ROC «T RANGER - .. STUNT CAR .... SUPER HANG ON SWORO OF 90 DAN TEENAGE OUEEN THE NEW ZEALAND STORY THUNOCRBIROS ... TRIAD (COMPILATION) TV SPORTS FOOTBALL (U 8 A).. WATERLOO vortex system 2000 hard disks Now available - Vortex ‘System 2000‘ hard disks, offering versal high-capacity storage, suitable for use with the Amiga 500 and Am
1000. The units are of a high specification, with a formatted
capacity over 42Mb and an average access time of 45Ms. The
system cons is Is a hard disk base unit, cables and an
Amiga interface module, with utllil software including an
aulobool facility and a hard disk backup utili System 2000
40Mb Hard Disk package ....£529.0C
F F?lfMTJEf=?S All prices include VAT delivery & cable All
prices include VAT delivery AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 RAM dock
expansion lor Amiga 500 ....£119.00
MiniGEN Genlock
adapter .£95.00
Contriver Hi-Res Mouse, includes Mouse Mat & Pocket £22.95
ITT CP3228 16.5" FST TV Monitor Inc. rem control 8 cable
.... £229.00 Philips CM8833 colour monitor suitable tor
Amiga 500 ....£229.00 Philips CM8852 monitor as
above, but higher resolution £259.00 Philips TV Tuner
AV7300, use with any composite monitors.... £74.95 Word
Pertect ..£149.95
Personal ..- ..£69.00
Professional ...£179.00
Super-Plan ¦
£74.95 A500 Dust Cover . £4.95 Hugely
successful 9 pin printer, the Star LC10 provides 4 NLO
fonts (with 96 print combinations) at 36cps and 144cps
draft. Has a large 4K buffer and IBM parallel interface
buiilt in, includes a comprehensive Iront panel radon and
features paper parking, ring single sheets to be used
without removing tractor paper.
Only £179.00 Colour version also available, | Only £229.00 Prices include 2 extra black ribbons free of charge.
Stor LC24-10 multifont 24pln printer, amazing new low price EJ Star SF-10DJ DK cut sheet feeder tor LC-10 LC24-10 ...I Star NB24-10 24 pin printer 216 72 cps.
Inducing cut oneet teener end 7 Ultra nooona £498 ( Stan NX-15 good value woe carnage Opin pnntui £329 O Panasonic KXP'08’ reliable 9pm to* pn-ter 12024 cpe £‘690 Panasonic KXPt 180 super new 9pn multifont 11 r carnage £199 O Panasonic KXPt 124 good quality saw muttjioiri 2spin £319 0 Panasonic KXP 37 cut eneet teeore *or KXP1180 E9S0 Panasonic KXP 36 cut sheet leader tor KXPt 124 £‘090 Epson 1X400 twas UX800I 9pin to- 180 2SCOS £179 0 Fpeon lO5S0 24pm to- 150 bOcpe £3:90 Epson F.PX-2O0 out stwet ‘owner tor LX800 LqbOO £74 9 NFC P22O0 budget 24 pin 18AS6a » £3t9( Citizen 120D budget 9pm to"
120COS £'39 Crtlzen MOP-4S bargain value woe carnage 24pln £399 001
M. rn-w*ir.v~. 'a |MI dl 9pTn ¦ )C 74rs» E'49 AMIGA COMPUTING
Gold Modal winner - allows Amiga users lo emulate a Mac Plus
In order to run Apple Mac and Mac Plus software.
Mac disks can be read directly In when an external Mac Drive is connected to the cartridge hardware. Huns at least as tsst ss a Mac Plusl Software compatible with the A-Max Include.
MacPaint. MacOraw (V1S2). MacWrlte.
Pagemaker (V1S2) plus all versions ol Systam.
A-Max without 2 i Mac 128K ROMs ... £129.00 A-Max WITH 2 X Mac 128K ROMa £249.00 A-MAX MACINTOSH EMULATOR
13. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Citizen drive mechanisms Now
available - Our New Low-cost 5.25" External Floppy Disk
Drives We are now supplying the new, good quality RF542C
5.25’ floppy drive compatible with the Amiga. Quiet in
operation, the unit Is colour matched to the Amiga, and has a
throughport connector. The drive is capable ot a number ot
configurations including 40 80 track switching and 360 720K
format, giving lull 'Transformer' compatibility.
Only £114.95 including VAT & delivery Good value, low cost compact MIDI Interface, completely compatible with all music software currently available that uses MIDI capabilities. Connects to the serial port, and features diagnostic display Indicators to enable the user to locate the source ot a fault. Supplied with 30’ serial connector lead full user Instructions.
ONLY £29.95 OMEGA projects MIDI INTERFACE » Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000 »Top quality Citizen drive mechaniam
• On Oft switch on rear ot drive Throughport connector
• One megabyte unformatted capacity Slimline design
• Vety quiet ) Long cable lor location either side ot computer
• Full 12 months guarantee Ultra low price!
£74.95 inc.VAT and delivery DOUBLE TAKE!
PYE TV MONITOR (MODEL 1185) ONLY £269.00 price Includes VAT. Delivery and cable monitor now available suit the Amiga. Features tele tart full Infra-red remote control. SCART connector, VkJeo Audo Input and headphone output connectors. 39 tuner presots, external aerial connector and a loop aerial.
Supplied with connection cable.
Q I-) i c;k =- How to order from | All prices Include VAT and dellvtry. Express Courier delivery £5.00 extra. |
0. 0 L IOn3 fw] Send cheque, Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card
details Evesham Micros Ltd 63 BRIDGE STREET EVESHAM WORCS WR11
4SF ® 0386-765500 fax 0386-765354 telox 333294 10 Bulk packed
DS DD 3.5“ disks with labels, fully
guaranteed ..£11.95 lEvesham Micros] 25 bulk
disks as above ....£27.95 10 disks as above
with plastic case.....£13.95 ?* rtkk ; us a ho v o with 40
cftnacitv Phone us with your ACCESS or VISA card details on:
- B 0386-765500 Govt, educ. & PLC orders welcome bj UISI'O do
OUUVD, WUI •TU IJ lockable storage
unit ...£34.95 Kodak DS DD 3.5’ disks,
top quality storage media. Box ol 10 ...£17.95
E3 All goods subject to availability, E.&0.E. Open to callers 6
days, 9-30-5-30 | Abo a*: 1762 Pmhor* R«L CoOeridje, Birmingham
BJ0 3BH Tel: 021 45S 4564 | esrning! r been such 1» ¦ Torn-
Cha"e”9e "'enirs: An intZ0 made «* ?f0*°s:D£Z?rT0nt0* !*?
T‘’Chine. H»Tjn,.ary. ari' codes satile .mlga ity of sis of
ililie travel Caterp'lla!
Imornbef I i children can really have fun while learning, i School 2, designed by a team of education- , is available for three age groups: Under- 8 year olds and 0ver-8s. Each pack comes eight colourful and exciting programs, a rful button badge and detailed instructions I educational help.
Computer itself monitors the child's iress. The skill level - initially set by parents automatically adjusted to suit the child's children can enjoy using their parents' iter while they learn at their own pace.
7i, Commodore 64, DATABASE EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE 1 CPC, BBC Micro Electron ') C12.951discI. i Atari ST, Amiga, PC C 19.95 format Under-6s 6-8 years 0ver-8s Tape Disc Tape Disc Tape Disc Spectrum 9094 9095 9096 9097 9098 9099 Commodore 64 9064 9066 9066 9067 9068 9069 Amslrad CPC 6179 6180 6181 6182 6183 6184 BBC Micro Electron 2239 2242 2245 BBC B+ Master 40T 2240 2243 2249 BBC B+ Master 80T 2241 2244 2250 Atari ST 9192 9193 9194 Amiga 9842 9843 9844 PC 5.25- 5764 5765 5766 PC 3.5' 6767 5768 5769 Please supply Fun School 2 for the code number(s) circled ? Cheque payable to Database Software ?
Please debit my Access Visa card no.
Signed _ Add £2 per program Europe & Eire £5 Overseas Name.
Please circle the code number of the format you require Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB.
• 512K Ram • Kickstart 1.3
• 1 Meg Disk Drive • Two Operation Manuals
• 4096 Colours • Workbench 1.3 System Disk
• Multi Tasking • AH appropriate Connecting Cables oaass g'M
CSt, yr POWERPLAY PACK If you thought Powerplay Pai was good
value just look our Powerplay Pack 2!
Ii™ PACK 2 contains Ihe super Powerplay Pack 1" plus a Philips CM 8833 Stereo High Resolution Colour Monitor (HIGHER SPEC, than 1084S) See those games - Hear those games WITH ADDED REALITY!
ACCESSORIES TAILORED AMIGA o DUST COVERS 0Nlv GRAPHICS HARDWARE OIGIVIEW GOLD SUPER PIC Take our NEW Powerptsv Pack 2 and add a Commodore MPS 1230 printer lor that COMPLETE AMIGA HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM* 0nlY"' To tuOaMutt tho MPS 230 tor onoOm A ( print* m our range, simply deduct I f .
£139 95 and add the once ot the r 4 alternative chosen JOYSTICKS . . .
ZIPSTICK SUPERPRO POWERPLAY pack 4 Take our NEW Powerplay Pack 3 replace the games software with an extensive business package THE WORKS - Integrated w p.. mad merge, spreadsheet pro database, multicolour graphics etc.. etc. CBM 3.5" DS DD BLANK DISKS oky £249.95 HARWOOD'S - THE NAME YOU CAN TRUST COMPARE OUR SERVICE ORDERING MADE EASY 9 ORDER BY PHONE-Simpty call our 24hr Hotline using your Access Vsa or Lombard Charge Od BORDER by POST-Mak e cheques benkervbuAd-ng society (kafts or postal orders payable to GOROON HARWOOD COMPUTERS (N B Personal or CREDIT TERMS After you ve purchased from
Harwoods we ll still be here to completely satisfy you should any problems arise.
W 12 MONTH WARRANTY - If goods prove to be PAY AT YOUR 8ANK-H you weh to pay by Credit Geo Transfer at your own bank, phone lot detail* FREE POSTAL DELIVERY goods m UK Mainland (5-7 day dekvery) OR COURIER SERVICE • Add £5 per maior item next working day deliver.
UK Mamlanc (Orders normally despatched on day of receipt o» payment or cheque clearance made FREE OF CHARGE' COLLECTION FAClUTY-Any faulty computer or monitor will be collected from your home FREE OF CHARGE within tha Guarantee Penotf" FULL TESTING PROCEDURES computers are thoroughly tested prior to despatch.
Credit terms with or without a deposit can be tailored to suit your needs.
PRINTERS All printers in our range ere dot matrix and include the following lectures .
Standard centronics parallel port for direct connection to Amiga. PC’s, ST. Archimedes etc. Tractor and friction paper feeds and FREE connector cables CITIZEN 120D Full 2 year warranty Very rekabie low cost printer, interchangeable interfaces available (or RS232 or Serial type for CBM 64 etc £149.96 Commodore MPS 1*230 Manufactured by Olivetti. BuA in dual Centronics ard 64 type serial interfaces Connects to C64 128 16 44 and Amiga etc £13935 STAR LC10 MONO Miitipte font options from front panel, excellent paper handling C64 128 version available. £179.95 £UH5 STAR LC1I COLOUR Colour version
of the popular LC10. Atowmg the effect of full colour on screen dumps (requires colour printer driving software). C84 128 version available. £209.95 £23*95 STAR 1C 24 10 24 Pin version of the popular 1C senes with exceptional letter print quality NEW LOW PRICEI £249.95 All our Slar powers are lull UK spec which are specifically manufactured by Slar Japan lor sale in rhe UK only. Please be aware lhal Eumpeen spec Star printers are bong unofficial* rmporiefl against the wishes ol Star Micionics UK. These pnnteis do noi cany a Star UK warranty ard will not be serviced try them should the need
arise These may be unrehaWe due to maos supply intmnp»t»bilil. UK spec pnntm may he recogmsed by then three pin UK type mams plug which it moulded to the mams cable MONITORS PHILIPS CM 8833 STEREO (Higher spec than 1084S) Full 14” High Resolution Stereo Colour Monitor
• Twin Speakers
• High Contrast Tube
• Scart Euro-Connector fitted as standard
• Green screen switch for enhanced text mode
• RGB AI. Ttl, composite video and stereo audio inputs
• Can also be used as TV with tuner or VCR
• Supplied with tilting stand
• Compatible with most micros
• With FREE lead for computer of your choice
• Only from Harwoods.
I year replacement warranty J J for major faults COMMODORE 1084 Full 14” High Resolution Colour Monitor
• RGB AI. TTL. Composite video and audio inputs
• Scart Euro-connector fitted as standard
• Supplied with cables for A500. CGA PC.
• Can also be used as TV O f C with tuner or VCR T IM I
MEGABYTE A500 HARD DISK ri power for your Amiga A500, connects
directly through ir expansion bus. Ultra-ratable, built-in
power supply I to match your Amiga A500.
¦EGA STORAGE, AT ONLY___ Also available 50 mb version £475 s 1 yr. Replacement warranty FREE, optional 2 yr available i COMMODORE A590 20Mb HARD IISK FOR AMIGA A500's 9 Autoboot on Amiga
11. 3 Kickstart only)
• Sockets (or 2 Mb RAM expansion
• DMA 3RTEX 40 MEGABYTE HARD DISK i concept in disk storage NEW
I Amiga A500 1000 (others available) ARWOODS SUPERSLIM 3.5" DRIVE
• Throoghport NEW LOW PRICE!
• On Off isolator switch 4.9 5 JMANA DISK DRIVES CAX 354 CAX
3. 5" 2nd Drive 5.25" 2nd Drive £94.95 £129.95 £399 NEW LOW
£379 £499 SOFTWARE AEGIS VIDEO TITLER £99 95 Use with Genlocks, e.g. Muagem etc THE WORKS £79 96 Integrated w p. madmeige. Sjxeadflwt p* database, mtibcokwr grapta etc WORKBENCH 1.3 £14.14 latest version of Amiga OS.
AWARD MAKER PLUS £39.96 Creates certificates and awards m a varaty of styles, then pnrts out in black or colour, landscape or portrait PROFESSIONAL PAGE VI.2 £229 95 The ultimate in hi colour Amiga DP packages PUBLISHERS CHOICE The package contans KindwonJs V2'. Pagesetter VI .2 . Artists Choice' and The Headlined X-CAD DESIGNER £99.95 Perfect start in computer-aided design WE STOCK A VAST RANGE OF SOFTWARE - TOO MUCH TO UST HERE - AT COMPETITIVE PRICES FOR A WHOLE RANGE OF COMPUTERS AND GAMES CONSOLES. PHONE US NOWhl ES9.9S 10 FREE BLANK DISKS (Worth £9.95) to FREE BLANK DISKS (Worth £10.95)
&24HR ORDER LINE - 0773 836781 © L ii GORDOn HARWOOD HARWOOD HARW VISIT OUR SHOWROOM lease call to see us where our full range of | advertised products AND MORE is on sale. We I be only too pleased to demonstrate any item
* hardware or software and a host of penpherals 1 accessones.
REMEMBER WE ARE NOT JUST ANOTHER MAIL ORDER COMPANY I Ai paces are what YOU PAY. And there are i NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. VAT & Postage are included L and are correct at time of going to press.
I £ b O.E. Offers subject to availability and are currently I advertised prices GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS DEPT A C O 69-71 HIGH STREET ALERETON DERBYS DE5 TOP Tel: 0773 836781 Fax: 0773 831040 Lombard leer and change : h each or che gt Drive down twis i incredible 3D ry lanes al night wit view of the roan ryooate the mnunr r, range JP °r repair your car at ar well-equipped workshop Screenshots from Atari Si Five. -. Four. - - three... two... one ... GO!
Your 300bhp Ford Group A Sierra Cosworth roars away from the starting line, skidding round hairpin trends, as you speed through unfamiliar, ever hanging terrain in a race where every fraction of a second countsl Lombard RAC Rally recreates all the excitement of the world-famous rally - with the help of RAC drivers who guarantee its authenticity.
Complete the five stages - down winding tracks, through verdant forests and over precarious mountain ranges - with the additional hazards of night driving and fog.
Repair damage and add new features to your car in the workshop, and earn money for spares by taking pan in a TV interview This is the official simulation of a lifetime will your skills measure up to the challenge?
• Inside every box: A detailed 16 page booklet containing a
history of the rally and technical specification of the
Cosworth, 15 maps to help you plot out your course, and a
colourful sticker to commemorate your participation In the
M association with SOFT WA R E 'Totally addictive ...a breath of fresh air' - Atari ST User, January '89 Thoroughly engrossing highly recommended... the best controls I've encountered in any computer race game' - Computer and Video Games, January '89 'The definitive racing game Overall 95%' - Computer Gamesweek, November 5-15, 1988 An absolute must? - ST Action. January '89 r1 i Please send me Lombard RAC Rally for: ? Atari ST ? Amiga ? PC |5’ «") ? PC |316'| 19157! 198291 , (5728) |S729| ? I enclose a cheque for £24.95 made payable to Mandarin Software ? Please debit my Access Visa number: I
PER BOX BRANDED SS D0135 TPI TERRA £8.99 £17.50 £28.00 £43,00 £84.00 BRANDED DSDD135 TPI TERRA QUALITY £9.50 £18.00 £27.00 £44.00 £86 00 BRANDED OS D0135 TPI SONY £10.50 £20.90 £31.50 £50.00 £98.00 DS HIGH DENSITY 2.0 MEG £18.99 £37.50 £58.00 £95.00 £175.00 BRANOEDDS HIGH DENSITY 2.0 MEG SONY £28.00 £51.00 £75.00 £122.50 £244.00 BRANDED MAXELL DISCS £23.99 7 7 7 ?
AMSOFT DISCS V- £26.99 7 7 7 7 OTY50 £31.50 £33.50 £36.00 QTY 100 £82.00 £64.00 £69.99 QTY20 £12.99 £13.70 £14.99 OTY30 £19.50 £20.40 £22.50 DS DO 48 TPI-PACKED IN 10'S A 25*S £3.00 10 HOLDER SOLID PLASTIC WITH 10 DISKS ADO 0.90 TO PRICE ABOVE PER BOX BRANOEDDS DO 48 TPI 3M £6.99 BRANOEDDS HIGH DENSITY 1.6 MEG 3M £9.99 £5.90 £8.70 £14.00 £28.00 £65 00 £93.00 £13.50 £20.00 £33.00 £19.50 £27.90 £45.00 PRE-FORMATTED DISKS 1-100 ADD 20p PER DISK AND PLEASE STATE FORMAT REQUIRED IE: AMIGA, ST, PC ETC DISK STORAGE BOXES OTY 1 OTY 2 QTY3 OTY 5 3 5“ 12 HOLDER SOLID PLASTIC EXTRA STRONG CO.99 El.90
£2.70 £4.50 35“ 40 HOLDER LOCKABLE 2 KEYS A DIVIDERS £4.99 £9.50 £14.00 £17.50
3. 5“ 50 HOLDER LOCKABLE 2 KEYS ? DIVIDERS £5.50 £9.99 £14.99
3. 5“ 80 HOLDER LOCKABLE 2 KEYS A DIVIDERS £5.99 £10.99 £15.99
3. 5“ 100 HOLDER LOCKABLE 2 KEYS A DIVIDERS £6.99 £12.99 £18.99
3. 5“ 150 HOLDER STACKABLE POSSO BOX £14.99 £29.50 £44.00 £72.00
5. 25- 50 HOLDER LOCKABLE 2 KEYS A DIVIDERS £4.50 £8.50 £11.99
£18.99 525- 120 HOLDER LOCKABLE 2 KEYS ETC. £5.50 £10.90
3. 5" DS DO DISKS £11.99
3. 5" DS DO DISKS £19.50
3. 5" DS DD DISKS £20.95
3. 5" DS DD DISKS £13.00
3. 5" DS DD DISKS £27.00
3. 5" DS DD DISKS £14 00
3. 5" DS DD DISKS £47.00
ANTI-STATIC £2.99 CHEETAH MACH 1 £8.50 £16.00 £6.99 £ £.750
PRINTER CABLE 2.0M £3.50 COMPETITION PRO 5000 £9.50 £18.50 HB
£3.99 £7.00 MOUSE HOUSE £1.99 TURBO SUPER £5.99 £11.50 AMIGA
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STAR LC10 COLOUR £215.00 TEL: 0533 471485 24 HOUR DISK HOTLINE
AVAILABILITY + PRICES MAKING discs is not a simple process.
Many steps are needed along the way. And in a disc
manufacture plant the process may go something like this.
First the magnetic iron oxide is produced. This forms the
basis of the magnetic media. It is mixed with a binder to
help it stick to a carrier film, and prevent the molecules
from going astray under their magnetic influence on each
Now the magnetic material has to be coated on to the carrier film, which has been electrically discharged, in a thin uniform layer.
Have you ever thought about how much work goes into those tiny discs? What do you have to look out for when you buy them and what do you do when things go wrong? Henning Sorenson tells the story Dance around the disc The film and coating are usually checked for defects - the first check out of many in the production run.
What we have now is a a big roll of the magnetic media, about the size of the rolls of paper used in the printing industry. The next stage is to punch the discs out. The hubspring - the metal thing in the centre of a disc - has been punched out and pressed into shape and is glued on to the disc.
Now the discs are put through the second test in a purpose-built drive that can handle sensitive naked discs.
These machines usually have more than the normal number of read write heads, maybe eight as opposed to two as in an Amiga, so the test can be fast and efficient.
Meanwhile the plastic shell has been moulded, the protective metal cover cut and bent, the simple spring to close the cover wound, and the fleece cut out. It sits quietly inside and is designed to catch dust, fingerprints, smoke particles and other nasties which have found their way on to the surface.
Now it is time for these parts to be put together, but the product is not ready for distribution yet; the final test has yet to be passed. This takes place in another purpose-built tester which can change discs automatically, so no human interference is needed other than supplying the beast with a fresh stack of discs once in a while.
Assuming the disc has survived all the stringent tests so far, the product is now ready for the consumer. Your first contact with the discs is in the shop, but which ones should you buy? Expensive discs are more reliable than inexpensive ones surely?
A disc is a disc, they all look the same to me, so what’s the difference?
What does HD. DD, DS and TPI mean, and what is it to me?
All these questions, and many more come easily to mind when you are looking round your local computer shop. Let's get the definitions out of the way once and for all.
The discs the Amiga uses are the kind called 3.5 inch DS DD, which means Double Sided (as opposed to SS) Double Density (as opposed to SD). Double density may also be referred to as 135TPI which means 135 Tracks Per Inch. Do not be tempted into saving a quid or two by buying the cheaper single sided or single density discs, you may have to pay dearly with many hours of lost work when the media gives in with a sigh.
Having figured out which type of disc to buy. The next step is to decide which brand, and let me warn you it's a jungle out there, especially when you have an Amiga. The Amiga demands a lot more of the media than other types of computers like the ST or PC, which will happily use a disc reliably as long as it is about the right size, slightly mugnetic and slicks together throughout the process.
This is because the nice people at Commodoru-Amiga decided we deserved a bit of extra space, but it has proved to be misplaced affection, since the space has been paid for over and over again with failing media.
Because of this, the use of proper high quality discs is more crucial to us Amigaoids than almost anyone else.
I have used a lot of different brands of discs, ranging from SKC. Through 3M, Maxell, GoldStar and Nashua to BASF. All have performed differently, even though all manufacturers claim they are 100 per cent certified. I have also used a lot of no-name discs of dubious origin, with just as many different results as with their branded cousins.
No-name discs are discs which the big manulacturers throw out on the market very cheaply. These do not usually come with the lifetime guarantee, which is slightly irrelevant, since you'll probably be more anxious to get your invaluable data replaced than the media anyway.
THE branded counterparts are primarily targeted at the business market, since reliability is crucial, and they like the security of the name. The difference between the unbranded and branded discs is purely in the testing because they are being made on the same factories of the same material.
The branded discs have been tested to make sure the product is reliable, and the unbranded is very often not.
To increase profit margin.
My own experience is that there is such a thing as a good cheap disc, but finding it is the tricky bit. You may also say that you get what you pay for. But in some cases what you pay is a lot. And what you get is a disc error.
I have had poor experiences with 3M discs, which to my mind is robbery in broad daylight, since they are horrendously expensive. If possible. SKC discs are the worst I have ever used, and you would be well advised to stay clear ol them.
On the other, and more pleasant, hand I have had very positive experiences with Sony. TDK and BASF ones, and can wholeheartedly recommend them. Goldllisk and Nashua comes in somewhere in the middle, and you can certainly do ?
¦4 worse than buy these brands. When it comes to no-names, I have bought some that were very poor indeed, and some which have never failed me.
The latter is, I am sorry to say, the exception rather than the rule.
One helpful hint when you buy no-name discs: Look at them - is the assembly of high quality? Is there a serial number on the back? This very often indicates discs in the higher end of the no-name hierarchy.
When you have found a good reliable no-name “brand", look closely at the disc. Notice the colour and structure of the plastic and the shape of the arrow on the front.
Very often there are numbers moulded into the shell, holding the disc, upside down, cover away from you, the semicircle on the far left- hand side seems to be a favourite spot.
These small but significant differences can help you find your way around the no-name market, and identify discs you have had experience with previously.
The conclusion of all this is : Use branded high quality discs for your important work I recommend TDK, BASF or Sony, but other brands may work just as well. Try and locate a source of good reliable no-name discs, ask friends or try different types.
USE these discs for stuff you can easily get other copies of, like PD software. This way you’ll have a reasonably high degree of security while avoiding slimming your wallet to too great an extent. Remember, it is no shame to use no-name discs, actually most commercial software comes on them. I should know, I see a lot of it.
When the grim reaper has come to collect one of your discs it is not too late to save it, or some of it anyway.
You have DiskDoctor on the WorkBench disc. This has previously been the only source of disc healing available, and it is no understatement to say it isn't a great pleasure to use.
DiskDoctor has been known to mess everything up and leave you worse off than when you started, so the sensible thing is to make a copy of the disc and use DiskDoctor on it.
Fortunately, there is a better program around, Dave Haynie's Public Domain DiskSalv. Which was on the August Cover Disc. This program will not try to write anything to the damaged disc but rather try and pull as many of the files on it safely off on to another disc, your hard disc, ram disc or wherever you want it to go. It will even pull files from a damaged hard disc on to a series of floppies.
This program has saved my life by helping me keep a deadline more than once, and I can recommend it as the best disc - and life - saver around.
0530 411485 0530 411485 512K RAM Expansion with Clock for Amiga 500 Features: RealTime Clock with High Capacity NICAD Battery Backup Memory Disable Switch Low Power Consumption Latest Technology 1MBit RAMS Low Chip Count for High Reliability Direct Replacement for A501 Expansion Original ASHCOM RAM Expansion ONLY £89.95 (Limited Stock) NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL RETAILER All prices include VAT and Delivery.
British made Trade Enquiries Welcome ONLY £99.95 Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU Telephone: (0530) 411485 Disc bargains!
Send for the full version of the great programs on the Amiga Computing cover disc - and SAVE£43!
Chariots of Wrath RRP £24.95 Our Price Chariots of Wrath combines the best features of some of the greatest games ever to have been written, resulting in an action-packed mega adventure.
Each phase of the game features impressively designed graphics, superb sound effects and highly addictive game play.
As you traverse through the levels, amassing firepower and points, you’ll find you just have to keep coming back to complete that next level.
Home Accounts pjus Day by Day RRP £54.90 Our Price Home Accounts has been designed to make full use of the Amiga's features, giving you the widest range of home accounting facilities available at this price.
The program lets you set budgets and control up to 13 separate accounts, with optional printouts of any data. Within seconds of loading your data disc you can check your budget or any account, and even display or print the data in bar or pie charts.
Day by Day replaces your manual system for diary, 4 (O’ business organiser, notepad, planner, reminder and so ort 1 V M-YS It's suitable for both business and home applications, including numerous useful functions which serve every requirement.
Among its many features are: Updating of regular appointments Comprehensive search facility Automatic reminders At-a-glance week and month summaries Print option Grouping of related messages Both of these powerful programs are excellent value on their own. But if you buy this exclusive combination package we'll knock £20 off the combined retail price.
• Calender diary plarmer Categories such as bills, birthdays
and letters ¦ Appointment sorting
* 'Urgent' notice board 'Overdue' notice for forthcoming events
cmSS Trained Assassin RRP £24.95 Our Price This blockbuster
combines the best features of some of the most popular games
ever to have appeared on the Amiga.
£16.95 It features five action-packed levels with different varieties of scrolling and gameplay, with the fifth level guaranteed to raise your joystick's temperature by a few degrees (if not your own).
"Trained Assassin is of a standard that could probably survive unaltered in a real arcade - few games could Skill and determination are the qualities you'll need in vast amounts if you're going to fully master this game.
Your mission consists of collecting pods by hovering above them and switching on your tractor beam, but all the time you have to take into account the effects of nertia and gravity, controlling your ship as smoothly as possible - to avoid colliding with the planet below.
FO ORDER ’LEASE USE HE FORM 3N PAGE 112 "7 ne graphics are wonderfully drawn and smoothly scrolled in all directions. Every landscape is a joy to look at and explore, delicate, addictive gameplay". - John Kennedy. Amiga Computing.
A BASIC 68000-equipped Amiga is pretty nippy, all things considered. But where massive amounts of number crunching are required, a little extra speed is always welcome. Solid rendering, 3D CAD and many engineering calculations can take surprising amounts of time.
For this reason CSA has produced the Midget Racer 68020 Piggyback board to cater for more demanding users - available in a myriad of specifications, from a 12MHz system without maths co-processor at £299 to a system with a 33MHz 68882 coprocessor for a paltry £1,105.
Why use a 68020 instead of a 68000? Both are very complex chips; they don’t have their entire instruction set hard-wired into them.
Instead they load instructions from an on-chip microcode store. Hardwiring would make them much faster
- in the manner of RISC chips - but it would make them far more
expensive as well. The 68020 also has a much expanded and
optimised instruction set, and is a true 32 bit processor.
Considerable time nanoseconds is wasted when fetching instructions from microcode. The 68020 has 256 bytes of cache on the chip for fast access to frequently-used instructions.
Thus in many cases a 68020 will process instructions faster than a 68000 clocked at the same speed.
The "Midget" tag is certainly apt. The large, square 68020 and the 68881 nestle neatly with some custom logic chips and an oscillator on a tiny board 85 x 70 mm. Some rather clever logic goes on in the special chips. They ensure that the rest of the Amiga sends and receives data at
7. 2MHz while the 68020 talks to the 68881 at full speed. This
retains a modicum of compatibility, but the down side is that
in this case an expensive 16MHz 68020 is needed to give 8MHz
ITTING the beast was very difficult. After an infuriating 20 minutes removing the case of my A500 - where a Torx screwdriver would have been useful - and fighting with the enormous RF shield, I got down to the circuit board. This coruscating gem yielded its processor in under a minute of frantic levering with a 16in screwdriver. Then real problems started.
The board has 64 long pins to fit into the socket vacated by the 68000.
They are long because it has to straddle the rom, which doesn’t like being crowded.
The pins are quite thick and although spaced correctly, they are a shade too large to fit easily into the socket. The manual advises the use of "moderate locating pressure”.
Obviously moderate must mean the entire weight of someone large and not altogether thin, leaning on a pair of freshly laundered Y-fronts cleverly folded over the board in order not to cause serious puncture wounding - from the sharp solder joints on top of the board - to the hands of the aforementioned large person. 'Cos that is what it took me to fit it.
And even then the keyboard wouldn’t go back properly, so the whole testing time had to be done without a cover on the machine.
The accompanying disc contains a few programs, topped up with fdes off the Workbench 1.2 distribution disc and some C source code. The 68020 auto-configures. Along with the maths co-processor, although for some reason the distribution disc I received looked for a 68030 and 68882.
There are three useful programs and two benchmark tests. The three useful programs switch the cache on and off and tell you whether it is currently on. These could have been combined into one. But there must have been a reason for it to be otherwise. Apathy?
The benchmarks are a hoot. One runs on a 68000 and doesn't use a maths co-processor; the other uses native 68020 with 68881 code. They Stewart C. Russell pushes the pedal to the metal and finds a processor accelerator that doesn't live up to expectations both produce the same output - a configuration test, an integer maths test and a floating point maths test.
The floating point test, predictably enough, produces various images of parts of the Mandelbrot Set. Quite why so many people place great importance on something which looks like a cross between a turtle and a psychedelic road accident I'll never know.
On a standard A500 the 68000 test tells you that you're running at 100 per cent the speed of a standard Amiga, that the effective ram speed is pitiful - about 4MHz - due to wait states and custom chips, and that basically things go better with a 68020 and a side order of 68881.
THE 68020 test tells you that you have a speed increase of 1.6. or 60 per cent for honesty, that the ram speed is even worse, and that you can manage around 85 kFlOPS (thousand Floating-point Operations Per Second), which is 15.8 times the speed of a standard Amiga. What do you believe?
CSA claims that certain programs use enhanced set-up for enormouse speed increases. X-CAD Designer is one such package. Sculpt 4D is another. A fairly complex drawing of 2,047 entities was used as the X-CAD test, with loading and re-drawing being timed with and without the board.
Loading time was promising.
Without the board it was 37 seconds, with it 34. Re-drawing threw up the first anomaly. Without the board the screen was regenerated in 5.5 seconds. And with it 6 seconds!
All tests were done in near identical conditions; no tests or results were conveniently forgotten to alter the performance of either set-up.
In order to test the board's floating point speed, a little HiSoft Basic compiled program was employed which utilised the Motorola FFP routines in plotting 25.000 points of the Attractor of Henon. This mathematical figure gets more complex as more points are plotted, yet always ends up looking like a rather dejected banana.
Again, there was a surprise. The vanilla 68000 clocked in at 35.5 seconds while the Midget Racer took ?
7. 8 per cent longer - 38.5 seconds.
Serious disbelief began to set in. So as a last floating point resort a high speed FFP Mandelbrot Set plotter was given the run through. Some sanity returned, but not much. Without the Midget Racer, 36.5 seconds; with it,
The final numerical test was to see how both systems handled that most unresponsive lump of code, AmigaBasic. In plotting a 12-deep Dragon Curve (another fractal, sorry) using short integers throughout, it became very responsive indeed.
Where the 68000 took an awful 82.75 seconds, the CSA Midget Racer crawled in, beaten, at 92.5. In explaining the AmigaBasic result, ATH - the UK distributors - said it was "basically just one of these things”. As they were very reasonable in still being around at 4:57 on a very hot afternoon and had some truly bad telephone hold music into the bargain, only a cad would have har .d on the other results.
" ne final test was the fairest and the toughest. Four games - Silkworm, Trained Assassin, World Class Leaderboard and Backlash - were grabbed at random and attempts were made to load them. The first two didn't, at all. The others did, but both showed at least an 80 per cent speed increase and consequently became utterly unplayable.
UNLESS you really have to have a 68020 for some reason other than for performance or compatibility, the CSA Midget Racer board cannot be recommended.
If you are in a professional situation, where time really is money when rendering, draughting or Fortran programming - because the only 68020 68881 devoted compiler is Fortran 77 from Absoft Commodore’s card for the A2000 gives better value. It may be at least three times the price because it includes 32 bit ram, general niceness, and the ability to use the 68000 when you need it - but anything's better than a Midget Racer.
REPOR T CARD CSA Midget Racer (with 16MHz 68881) Advanced Technology Holdings 0923 817548 £475 EASE OF USE.. Very difficult to fit on an A500. Raises gross compatibility problems.
Very little, and almost useless. No libraries or includes.
Often slower on 68000 code, and very slow as 68020 68881 systems go.
No value speed wise and zero prestige value because it is hidden inside the case.
A very little speed increase for a lot of money.
Mail Order Offers Solar powered, see through calculator.
FREE with orders over£25* Using state-of-the-art technology this calculator has an invisible membrane keypad, runs from solar cells (so you'll never need any batteries), and because it's only (he size of a credit card it fits easily in your wallet or pocket.
This exclusive limited edition calculator can be yours for just £7.95 - or we'll send you one ABSOLUTELY FREE with every order over £25!
TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 112 USING PI A 1 PVT 11 Li A Messing with 3 I A MAN turned up with three cardboard boxes, and there was the Amy. I'd asked for some games and graphics demos, because that's what the Amy's supposed to be about. Right? Now, I wondered, alter the Amstrad CPC, would this stuff blow my socks off? And yes, I guess that it did.
The Wild Copper demo was totally amazing. Scroll and move and whizz about... I tried Outrun. Scroll and move and whizz about, yeah... After a time I realised what these wonderful 16 bit games and graphics had something the 8 bit games had too.
It's called, er, boredom. That's it. No fun. Kind of naff. Good time for the programmer, zilch for me.
Let’s face it, games are nothing.
Graphics are fine for a moment of "ooer" and then they're just graphics.
You admire what the programmer's achieved, yes. Like a dog whistling the theme from Neighbours. The performance is amazing, the result zero. It's almost more fun playing chess.
But wordpros, now that's another story. The programming is great, hut the fun is real. A good word processing program - and I believe that Protext is a very good one - becomes an extension of your thought. Not straight away: you have to learn to fly the thing first, but as you find that you don't have to remember that Ctrl-E clears the line after the cursor - you just do it without thinking - then you and the program grow together.
I remember starting with Protext on the CPC. It’s hard to believe, but that version goes almost as fast as the Peter Ceresole stops worrying and learns to love the guru Amiga, even though its driving a funny little Z80 processor. But compared to my typing anything’s pretty well instantaneous, and the speed at which things happened was quite intimidating.
Hit Ctrl-Y instead of Shift-Y and... what the heck was that? The whole text vanishes. Very frightening after an hour's script writing. Still, it's a good reminder of the second file and how to reach it. And after a while it all begins to feel really friendly and familiar. Tickety-boo.
Which is when you can start making it into your program.
YOU can start with Config, which is very friendly and full of menus and things. For instance all programs come set up for 66 line paper, which is a foolish American size, whereas here we all - in the spirit of Bruges of course - use A4.
Which is 70 lines long. I also hate right-justified text, especially in letters. They look as though they were written by Robocop.
Changing those two is a piece of cake. I was going to change the colours. The CPC and PCW have high resolution mono screens, and Pm used to working with black text on a green background. In fuzzy Amy medium-res though. I think the Protext colours are about right.
But the essence is to go into Config and play with it. Browse. Think of all the things you might want to do, and do them. If you’re worried about not being able to get back to what you had after some foolish experiment - what, magenta ruler lines? - then before you start, copy the file PROTEXT.CFG on to another disc. In an emergency you can always copy it back on to your program disc.
However, Config is the tiniest beginning. You can change the operation of Protext your way until you are both singing in harmony. The program becomes the house you built, with all the comfort and relaxation that that brings.
PROTEXT comes with a programming language of its own. And it's been made unbelievably easy to use. You hardly ever have to touch it as a language, but you can start to make things happen any way you want, no sweat.
For example, how about saving as you go? "They” say that Protext v4.30 will have a periodic save built in, USING 110 IE IJ ¦« especially useful for hard drive users.
Deeply wonderful, but Real Soon Now. So No Use to Us.
I've had a couple of meetings with the guru already on this machine, always from Workbench. Protext so far has been bulletproof, but I'd rather have something safely in the oxide, so I've set up a simple little macro, save-and-continue. It'll always run from edit mode, so I started from there.
After hitting Ctrl-Fl to start recording. I assigned it to Alt-S and pressed the keys Esc S Return Return Esc in that precise order, and then finished the recording with Ctrl-Fl again.
And that's it. Any time I'm thinking and not typing, I go Alt S. Seconds later the piece so far is saved and I'm back exactly where I was. All it needs is for you to give the file a name some time before you first save. In fact the best time is before you start by using the Protext Name command.
Obviously, if you want to keep these macros, use the SaveKeys command - SVK for short - to save them.
You don't have to think of everything at once; you can add a definition here, another there, and build up a useful set in Protext.Key, which is the default key definition file. If you want an alternative set, for instance for standard business phrases, save it in Stuffy.Key. Again, if you feel you might screw up, you can always copy Protext.Key to another disc before you start. The important thing is to play without inhibition.
Another really obvious macro is DEL ?.BAK. (Lord, hash-question mark? There really is life on Mars, then). You can set Protext so it doesn’t make back-up files by using Config. Personally, that would make me feel terribly insecure, but it's still nice to be able to zap all the .BAK files occasionally. So into F3 it goes.
That’s needed most often from command mode, so you record the macro from there.
I recorded another one Most of the features of Protext discussed in article can be used with the version of the program which was given away last month's cover disc. Back issues are available from Database Direct on 051-357 2961 or use the order form in the back of this issue.
Mode - Esc DEL ?.BAK Retum Esc , It runs from Alt-B (Back-up? Geddit?) And works nicely with Alt-S (save-and-continue). The difference between these two is that the first one lands you in command mode, the second in edit.
SIMILARLY, if you use some printer control codes a lot, for instance Italic, then you can put that on Alt Shift I. It saves a key stroke, and that counts when you’re motoring along.
But there's a lot more you can do in this line.
Suppose you want to save a ruler line. Say you've fiddled about getting just what you want, for one special bit of layout, then you go back to alternating between two basic rulers, which is what Protext is set up to do instantly.
If you want your special layout again, you can go back, find the ruler
- you could leave a place marker there if you felt like it - put
block markers at either end and copy it to where you want it.
Now that's what I call a boring way of doing things.
Much better to store it where you can get it back - and a good place is above the first ruler line.
So start your macro recording (Ctrl-Fl) and assign this trick to, say, Alt-Shifl-P, a special version of Put.
Assume you'll be starting somewhere in the ruler line you want to save.
Now place a block marker at the right-hand end of the line then at the left-hand end. Put in a place marker so you can get back there, and use number nine in case you've another eight in use.
Go to the top of the document and make an empty line, then copy your ruler line into it. Kill the block markers.
Go down one line, and copy the default ruler to below your stored ruler with Ctrl-R. This is necessary in case you’re using the default ruler for your text. Then go back to place marker nine and erase it. Go down a line, and that's it. Figure 1(a) shows the sequence of keypresses and what each one does.
Now you've saved the line, you can get it back using (surprise us all) Alt- Shift-R as a special version of Retrieve. The keypresses for the macro are shown in Figure 1(b).
That brings the line back. In fact, any kind of line can be stored there, ?
KEYPRESSES RESULT Ctrl * Go to end of line F9 Place block marker Ctrl-«- Go to beginning of line F9 Place block marker Ctrl-® 9 Set place marker number 9 Ctrl-[ Go to top of document Ctrl-I Insert a blank 1ine F10 Move block Ctrl-K Remove all block markers Shift-Return Move to left margin of next line Ctrl-R Copy previous ruler but one Ctrl-® 9 Go to place marker number 9 Del Delete character at cursor Ctrl-Return Move to left margin of next line Figura I (a) KEYPRESSES RESULT Ctrl-«- Go to beginning of line Ctrl-e 9 Set place marker number 9 Ctrl £ Go to top of document F9 Place block marker
Ctrl ?
Go to end of line F9 Place block marker Ctrl-® 9 Go to place marker number 9 F10 Copy block Ctrl-K Remove all block markers Ctrl * Go to end of line Backspace Delete character before cursor SUPERDEALS o Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists!
CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! When comparing prices remember ours Include last delivery by courier AMIGA A500 STAND ALONE - £369 As above but without the £230 worth ol games software.
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WBBAU.. • m
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PLUS a comprehensive suite of business programs including
SCRIBBLE II word processor, ANALYZE II spreadsheet and ORGANISE
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AMIGA 1 MEG+ £519.00 Our Amiga 1 meg ? Also include* the £230 worth of game* software normaly given with our A500 Games Pack.
MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1084 Stereo colour monitor Inc lead.. Philips CM8833 stereo colour monitor inc lead ... ..£269.00 ..£229.00 CREOIT CARD ORDERLINt T«l: 0908 37B0O8 (Moo-Sarf Sam- 6pro) To *fth*f COM the order line above witfi your eredU card detail* OR make • cheqt« PO payable to Digicom Computer Service*, end eend it witfi your order id the eddreaa beiow. Caller* ore *»*o mo*t wsteome «t the eddreM botow DIGICOM Unit 38. Whartwto, F»nny Stratford, MILTON KEYNES MK2 2A2 __AH prkat Include VAT and delivery by courier__ Track Computer Systems Callers Welcome for special opening offers
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Deluxe Paint 11 D Print I £173.87 Small Bus Accs Hus £34.74 Sculpt 4DJunlor £14.74 Page Mlpper FX (Pal) £14.74 BBC Emulator £14.74 Photon Paint II £43.43 Toetropc (Pal) £69.52 Interfonl £34.74 Data Retrieve £60.83 Microfiche Filer £34.74 Data Retrieve Prof £104.30 Microfiche Filer Plus £60.83 Aegis Draw 2000 POA X Cad Designer £43.43 Professional Draw £139.09 Pro Board £60.8 A Drum £60.83 Musk X £217.35 Mlnlgen USING rPROTEH not just a ruler line, but anything else is likely to be printed or otherwise acted upon and could give you a lot of trouble, so beware.
These macros may look like a lot to set up. But they're a total piece of cake to use - it all happens in about three seconds - and. Much more important, they’re fun. That's the thing. But not nearly as much fun as this next one.
YOU have to imagine the scene.
You've been writing to an important prospective client This is a person with great potential. Your future relationship is at stake. You've R sm 11 Miss Margaret Hilda Roberts Peter Ceresole “Tina" 512 Protext Lane Market Lane A500 1EF Grantham GR4 0ALT ___1____D “Well hello there. I'm Macro Man!"
Figure It deployed the best of your communication skills. The letter is crawling but not obsequious.
You've taken great care not to split any infinitives, nor to actually tell any lies. You spell check (oh Lord!) And then... there's the envelope. The address is by now incomprehensible, the postcode endless. Wouldn't it be KEYPRESSES RESULT Ctrl-( Go to top of doc Ctrl-G L3 Return Go to line 3 R9 Place block marker Ctrl-G 111 Return Go to line 11 Ctrl-G C35 Return Go to column 35 E9 Place block marker Ctrl-8 Go into Sox mode Ctrl-v Switch docs sm 25 Return Side margin of 25 chars tm 10 Return Top margin of 10 lines pl 25 Return Page length of 25 lines Ctrl-0 Copy block from other doc Ctrl-v
Switch docs Ctrl-K Remove all block markers Ctrl-8 Exit Box mode Ctrl-Y Switch docs Esc Go into command mode - Figure m nice if you could just winkle it out of the letter and bung it up there, in the second file, ready for printing?
This one assumes that the second file is empty and that the letter has the addressee's name and address on the top left. Even if. As I do. You have your own address on the top right, this macro will extract the one you want Here is what to do. Assign it to Alt Shift-M (for Mail): Go to the top of the file. Depending on your standard letter layout, go down to the first line of proper text, as opposed to stored codes and ruler lines. Put in a block marker.
Go down enough lines - I've used eight in Figure II - to cope with any address, then go to column 35 and put down another block marker.
Go into box mode with Ctrl-B.
Then swap to the second file and lay down the stored commands to print on your envelopes with your printer.
For me these are " sm 25". " tm 10" and " pl 25”. But you can make them what you want.
After this, swap back to the first document and bring the block across from the other file with Ctrl-O. Then go back to the letter and do a clear up by killing the markers and switching off box mode. Finally, you hop back to the second file and go into command mode, ready to print out the address.
If the block you copied was a little too big. It's easy to go back and trim a couple of lines off the bottom with a few mindless key strokes. It takes about seven seconds to work. It's great fun to watch. The keypresses are detailed in Figure HI.
The important thing with all these macros is to clean up after you. In this case, you leave the letter file the way it was at the start of the operation. By putting down a place marker you could even return to the letter exactly where you left it. But Tve found I'm happy with the macro the way it is.
Both on the Amstrad CPC and PCW I use it constantly, but on those machines there's no macro recording facility. You have to program it in Basic or in a Protext Exec file, which is considerably more trouble initially although it works just the same. I suppose the price you pay on the Amy is that Protext is more than 200k long, whereas in CP M (yawn) it's about 50k. And three 16k roms contain the program in Amsdos.
That's just the beginning: you can macro till the chips come home, or you run out of memory, which is the only drawback. You could store the front and end of all possible letters as macros- I've found it simpler to use standard files for that But obviously, if you've got something to write that'll need you to lay down the word "homozygotic" more than four times, it might be worth making a temporary macro of it acros make the program yours. I first learnt most of this from David Foster, who wrote articles that opened my eyes to the possibilities on the CPC and PCW.
But there are other great wheezes.
Next month we'll have a go at some philosophy with printer drivers and exec files. In the meantime, if you have an Epson compatible printer, try putting the following at the top of a file, and then print it oc 27 45 6 15 27 85 1 And may all your bugs be little ones.
• All the macros shown in this article are on the cover disc in
the Protextkey file which is in the Mucking-with-macros drawer.
YOUR skin crawls with a tingle of excitement as a racing car comes into view. The wonderful, monstrous noise, the sheer power and beauty of a machine designed purely to go very fast. Even watching the cars lined up on a grid makes you shiver with anticipation.
Motor racing is a sport of contrasts.
While the dicing is exciting and the racing frantic, the driver is keeping as cool as possible, concentrating on the smoothest and fastest line.
E WIN A TRIP IN THE HOT SEAT Artronic wants to give you a taste of the action. Everybody will have the chance to get behind the wheel with Fast Lane. And one lucky reader will have the chance to experience SilVERSIONe at high speed for real.
Artronic has arranged a fun day at the British Grand Prix circuit, a trip around the magic three miles taking Copse Corner and Maggots Curve at incredible speeds, followed by lunch and a visit to the nearby Spice factory where the car Fast Lane simulates is built and tested.
The Spice ‘89 Group Cl racing car is an astonishing vehicle. For several years Spice has dominated the C2 class but now they have moved up into the big league where they are taking on the likes of Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes and Aston Martin. Racing for between three and 24 hours at up to 200 mph the endurance races are a test of skill, reliability and performance.
Your test is one of knowledge.
Answer three questions correctly and you could be on your way to SilVERSIONe.
(1) Racing cars used to have national colours. Italians red.
French blue, Germany white or silver. What colour did British
racing cars wear before the war?
(A) British Racing Purple
(B) British Racing Pink
(C) British Racing Green You can experience SilVERSIONe at high
(2) Artronic has produced a ray tracing program for the Amiga.
What is it called?
(A) Ray-Tracer
(B) Solid Modeller
(C) C-Light
(3) One lap of SilVERSIONe is 2.970 miles. If a car completes a
lap in 1 minute 16 seconds what is its average speed?
(A) 119.00 mph
(B) 140.68 mph
(C) 201.22 mph Send your entries to: Fast Lane Compo, Amiga
2nd Floor, North House. 78-84 Ongar Road, Essex, CM15 9BG.
Name . Address .. 1 1 1 Telephone number .. 1
- -------¦ Mai! Order Offers Just how good is Protext?
Mum Protext is acknowledged by processor for most home micros, and theAmya vision is no exception. What you get with Am,ga Protext is a powerful workhorse with a proven track AulomMc rHortnamrig of wri Pm Bwb * wv g CanwichediMyouM** Ovw 0.000 word EftflMh «**onarv Macro record mod* Footnote* Menu drown configurator) program Auto indent to* program editing lm drawing Eaal and ftmbto find and replace Po.
Record C2° °" 'he P ° new version 4! __ I Press comments 1 ¦for nower and value for money.' Don’t think that Protext can be beaten It can be used as cjmDly as you choose, or can handle the most complex mailmerge routines in short, it can be Edrt two * a time Reytward or mouse operetoon ‘...merely the best word processor for the Amiga’ SSSr. The system by which a„ other word processors are judged".-You. Computer ,, Mse of use’ . CPC Computing
- Reviewed in Amiga Computing, January 1989 ORDER YOUR COPY
department of Edinburgh University is a £1.7 million
supercomputer. Its favourite tour de force is ray tracing.
Thanks to 200 transputers and a mere 800 gigabytes of memory it
can draw a picture of three shiny spheres on a chess board in
half a minute. The Amiga can't reach such lofty heights, but it
is the first home computer powerful enough to do ray tracing at
To produce a ray traced picture you need a scene made up of various three-dimensional bodies and one or more light sources to illuminate it.
The computer then takes over, using complex mathematics to work out how intensely each pixel will be illuminated and the position of any shadows. After much number crunching you should see a reasonable approximation to what the scene would look like in real life.
C-Light claims to be able to do this.
For your £50 you get two discs and a comprehensive ring-bound instruction manual. The main disc holds three programs - the configuration program, the scene editor and the drawing or rendering program - all accessed from Workbench; if you only have 512k you will have to close every window possible before attempting to run the drawing program.
The maths libraries are read from the Workbench disc, so it is sensible to use the faster 1.3 ones. And two disc drives would be a help.
The configuration program lets you toggle between NTSC or PAL screens, lets you choose overscan or not (underscan?), and whether you want interlace on or off. It works rather like Preferences, saving a short configuration file which is used the next time you boot up the program.
The scene editor is where you set up your picture, which must be made up of combinations of three basic shapes - cubes, spheres and cylinders, although cones and hemispheres are promised in future upgrades. This review is of version
1. 03. You select the shape you want from a list of gadgets and
the shape's outline is displayed on screen. You use the mouse
to move it in the x and y directions, click the right button
Alastair Scott brings his fantasies to life with a ray tracing
program that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and move the
mouse up and down lo move your shape in the z direction - that
is, in and out of the screen.
Clicking the left button brings up a requester which allows you to alter the shape's size and rotate it about all three axes.
SHAPES can be in one of three main user-defined colours - the program calculates all the intermediate shades - or it can work as a mirror. Once satisfied that all has been done to size, position and colour your shape, you move on to the next one and repeat the process. There are re-size and delete options if you change your mind about a shape you positioned earlier, and you can change the main colours and the size of the whole scene.
You are allowed up to 170 shapes.
Once finished, you set the positions of your eye and of the light sources - again, up to 170 are allowed - and then another small file is saved to disc. You then exit to Workbench and run the drawing program, which loads the file you created with the scene editor, then asks you whether you want shadows, which slow down drawing, or anti-aliasing, which is a method of softening the edges of jagged objects.
Using sliders you can change the intensity of your light sources, of the background light and the blending of colours. Lastly, you click the Go!
Gadget, the screen clears, and the picture begins to be calculated and drawn. You can interrupt it at any time if it looks as if it's going wrong.
When the drawing is finished you can save it as an IFF file, allowing it to be manipulated by art programs.
Included is a public domain IFF viewer which allows you to see your efforts (and the demonstration pictures) without loading C-Light.
ON the second disc, complete with some stunning examples, is a pair of programs which allow you to string several frames together to create animations. To use them properly you really need 1 meg and two disc drives, plus lots of free time because each frame must be designed separately using the scene editor.
There is an option which allows stereo pictures to be viewed using a most suspicious-sounding contraption (not supplied) called the Haitex 3D LCD Shutter Glasses, which Amiga Computing reviewed back in October
My description makes designing a picture or animation seem easy, but there are problems. The scene editor is spoiled by going overboard with Intuition. It would be easier at times to type the size of an object or its angles of rotation in the form 100, 50,
- 50, but you are not allowed to, the figures must be chosen via
the laborious and frustrating use of sliders.
Secondly, positioning a ball is error-prone. It often lags behind the cursor and keeps moving after you move the cursor away to do something else. Again, it would have been helpful to provide an option to type in coordinates and see the result before accepting or rejecting it.
The drawing program is excellent, actually doing the drawing is where the main problems lie.
There is no error checking. This may be too complex to implement, but It is most annoying to wait four hours only to find that you accidentally put your single light source behind instead of in front of a big shape and that all you can see is a shadow on a dark background. Two other omissions which are to be rectified in future upgrades are Halfbrite and HAM.
The big difficulty, which is not the program's fault, is speed, or rather the lack of it. Artronic claims that time to draw pictures varies between two hours and four days and this is broadly true. For example, a picture with one light source and one ball - the quickest shape to compute - in 640 x 256 resolution with no shadows took 25 minutes. A similar picture with nine blocks (a la Stonehenge) and shadows took six hours.
BECAUSE of the amount of trigonometry needed to calculate each pixel, the only way to speed the program up would be to buy an accelerator board with a maths co-processor which could take advantage of the fast 1.3 maths libraries. Failing this, set the program running before you go to bed and see what you get in the morning.
The results can be impressive. In fact too impressive to bo true, because ray tracing assumes that a surface always reflects and refracts identical intensities of light, which is an oversimplification. A real surface reflects, refracts and absorbs relative intensities depending on the angle which the ray makes with the surface.
Radiosity - second generation ray tracing - uses real surfaces, with softer and more realistic images as a result. Unfortunately it is so formidably complex that it can only be implemented on supercomputers.
Or will Artronic prove me wrong?
REPORT CARD C-Light (vl.03) Artronic Systems £49.95 EASE OF USE Defining shapes is clumsy. Otherwise, no great problems.
Speed .HHHHHEED As fast as you can get considering the hardware.
VALUE ...... Cheap, and gives impressive results.
OVERALL Excellent manual, full use of Intuition. I await upgrades with interest.
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B eak 'eOe a -j- oi L m Trader cena'» Forr-oe One
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M ____________________ ‘Scenery 7.9 or it ‘f u*oo» o* Japan seer*-, fooaal 0vec*3- 2 _ 2990 29 90
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Ounsnp ngr S'ee*
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..69.90 X-Cad
designer ...79.9C
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BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AC. 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK. NOTTS NG24 1JE (or 28kHz) unless you add a speed-up board and some 32 bit ram. Meaning only A20fK) owners need apply. While 28kHz isn't all that bad. Dedicated systems are starting to offer sampling rates as high as 38 or 44.1kHz. As with bit-path size, a higher sampling rate translates into better sound quality. Although the human ear can only hear 22kHz you need a better rate for true quality. Compact discs sample at 44kHz.
At least four companies - Karl Denton Associates. Wavetable Technologies. ECT Sampleware and Datasound Inc - produce libraries of sampled sounds on disc from acoustic and orchestral instruments to electric guitars, synthesisers, drums and special effects.
The advantage of these is that they're no fuss. Just pop in the disc and play. They arc particularly convenient if you don't have room in your bedroom to fit a 60 piece orchestra. The disadvantage is that although editing software allows you to modify existing samples significantly, there is still a limit to how far you can stray from the Smash and Dean Friedman, rock star and musical magician, tunes his ears to the quadraphonic delights of the Amiga DIGITAL editing is what makes your A500 the most flexible musical instrument you are ever likely to buy. Although it doesn't say it anywhere on
the box. Your Amiga is a four voice polyphonic synthesiser and sampler - not all that different from dedicated commercial ones like the Roland D50 or the Ensoniq EPS.
The only real difference between your Amiga and dedicated commercial samplers and synthesisers is the Amiga's slightly lower bit-path and its fewer number of voices.
Today's samplers and svnths have sample word lengths of 12 to 16 bits, whereas the Amiga only offers eight.
A higher bit-path provides a wider dynamic range and. As a result, better sound. Most commercial synthesisers and samplers offer between 8 and 32 voices. The Amiga, with only four, can be limiting in certain musical situations, such as trying to compose multi-section orchestral arrangements.
But for creating sketches of arrangements, or for the kind of sparse instrumentation typical of many of today's pop records, the Amiga is perfectly adequate.
Another important issue Is the Amiga's sampling rate, the number of times per second that a real sound is digitised. The Amiga has a effective maximum sampling rate of 28.867Hz Dean Friedman is an ’~roert on computer music. O', the Amiga particular. Based tn the US. Be runs the New York .ichooLnf Synthesis.
Dean has had a nuztd&r of chart hits including Lydia and Lucky Stars. He also wrote the title music for the television series Boon.
Original sound.
The only other solution is to sample your own sounds.
MORE than half a dozen audio digitisers arc available for the Amiga at the moment, all offering comparable audio digitising features.
An audio digitiser is a small box with accompanying software that attaches to your parallel port. In the box is an analogue-to-digital converter which changes the sound into a standard Amiga IFF file, allowing you to import your samples into almost even- music program.
The analogue input to the digitiser can take the form of cither an acoustic sound like drums, or voices captured with a microphone from a cassette deck. You can solve the orchestra in the bedroom problem by buying sound effects records.
Typically, a user will select the optimum sampling rate, the volume and the desired length of the sample according to available memory. Once these values are set. You place the digitiser in sampling or record mode and capture a sound.
The whole process is not unlike traditional (analogue) tape recording.
You strive for a clean sound, a good signal-to-noise ratio and an accurate performance of the sound being sampled. The real difference becomes apparent after the sound has been ' recorded. What makes sampling - otherwise known as digital recording
- so powerful is the degree to which you can edit your sound once
it has been captured.
Almost all sample editing programs share some common features: They offer a graphic display of the sampled waveform, complete with zoom features, which can be edited using cut and paste operations by clicking and dragging with the mouse.
Samples are looped to extend their sustain lengths. This is a way of turning a 2 second sample into something that can be performed for 10 or 20 seconds, or even longer. It makes performance of a sample more flexible and it conserves memory.
Igrab This trick is used to good effect in the demo music on this month's cover disc. Other common sampler edit features include waveform merge and mix. Sample cvcrse and cross fades.
All these fi atures enable you creatively to dtec '-H modify your original soun «yma.ferial in a number of useful and interesting ways.
Cutting the attack out of a piano note can yield an unusual string-like sound. Maybe you want to hear what it sounds like when you merge a saxophone with an oboe? (You get a j Saxofobo.) Remember, once your sound resides in the digital realm almost anything is possible.
Once you've built up an impressive sample library of your dog barking, the door slamming and your kid brother burping, what do you do with I them?
Well, because Amiga samples are stored in standard Amiga IFF format, any can be employed in most music applications. Almost all Amiga sequencer programs - KCS. Dynamic SAMPLE CHOPIN LISZT Audio Digitiser: £27.99 from Trilogic on 0274 691115.
Pro Sampler Studio: £69.95 from Datcl on 0782 744707.
Future Sound 500: £79.95 from Applied Visions on 0923 818078.
Pro-Sound Designer: £79.95 from Power Computing on 0234 273248.
AMAS: £99.95 from Microdeal on 0726 68020.
Real-Time Sound Processor: £115 from HB Marketing on 0895 444433.
Studio. Soundscape and friends - allow you to trigger samples directly from within the sequencer program.
String quartets, pop arrangements, horror film soundtracks complete with screaming special effects, can all be sampled and sequenced directly into your Amiga and played back out of its own stereo outputs.
PC owners have to lay down big bucks to buy Midi cables and extra samplers and synthesisers in order to create music with their computers: you have a choice.
If you want to go the full blown Midi route, just plug an interface into your Amiga and go shopping. But if you're still getting your feet wet with computer music and aren’t ready to shell out another £500 to £5.000 for additional synthesiser or sampling modules, all you need to create complex polyphonic digital recordings is already crammed right into your Amiga.
In addition to music packages that trigger audio samples, more and more non-musical applications have started using the Amiga's internal sampling ability. Several new video and animation programs such as MovieScttor and PageFlipper have begun offering the ability to trigger samples syne’ed directly lo graphic sequences and animations.
These products are just a few examples of applications that are finally beginning to tap the full potential of the Amiga as a multi- media workstation.
PERHAPS the best and most obvious proof of the Amiga's impressive music-making abilities are the digitised soundtracks that accompany more and more of its most popular computer games.
Some people are reluctant to acknowledge that the Amiga was designed to be the world's most powerful game computer. That's the real reason it comes out of the bo* with enhanced graphics and audio capabilities. Lately this aspect of the Amiga's history has been downplayed in a bid to position the machine as a serious business computer.
Well I'm sure Commodore would be delighted to convince the business community that the Amiga is a respectable piece of hardware, suitable for even the dullest business applications.
But in the meantime anyone who has ever experienced the Amiga's incredible animation and sound generting features on a fast paced shoot-'em-up or multi-levelled adventure game needs no convincing as to the Amiga's claim to being the premier game machine on the planet.
So if you're still listening to your Amiga's audio output through your monitor’s tiny speaker - shame on you! Plug the stereo outputs into a good hifi system, boot up Firebird’s Savage and make sure your shoes are tied tight or the sound'll knock your socks off.
And then you tell me how they managed to cram all that incredible music and sound - plus a game and great graphics - on to a single 3.5in disc!
I don't know how its done, but I do know how all the sounds and music sequences were produced - using many of the very same digitising, sample editing and sequencing packages we've discussed here.
Can you really make music on an Amiga? Does Spock have pointy ears!
SYNTH ON A DISC SYNTHIA, by the Other Guys Software, offers another approach to creating sounds on the Amiga. It uses algorithms to drive the Amiga's audio channels in order to emulate various modes of synthesis such as subtractive, additive and FM.
It's sort of a synthesiser on a
3. 5in disc and is a great means of generating unusual timbres
and textures as an alternative to ordinary sampling.
At the moment Thu Other Guys don't have a UK distributor, but you can contact them on 0101 801 753 7620, or write to: The Other Guys. P.O.Box H. Logan, UT 84321.
? I Ckt J lkKJ nWIUI«B vwu »-V ITVW .
All prices include VAT and Defrvery UK only Supplied subject to avaUtMhty. E OE « ??????????????????????????????????????
M. D. Office Supplies would like to take this opportunity to
apologise to all its competitors. We shall with immediate
effect supply direct to the public.
Computer discs. Storage boxes, etc. AT BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES
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95 55 3.5* DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity Lockable Storage
Box £40 95 65 3.5* DS-DD 135 TPI with 80 Capacity
Lockable Storage Box £44 95 75 3.5* DS-DD 135 TPI with
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.....£119.99 IPX DSDD 5.25'TPI £219.99
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Bumper business disc. Day by day. Protext and Hoi.ie accounts lead the way How to program Copperlists from assembler and meus from Basic. SuperPic - the best frame grabber around. Power Computing's Turbo 3 is the best buy per megabyte but with 100 meg on line it's an expensive proposition. Epson's LQ-660 top notch 24 pin colour.
Programming ethics contested Argonaut Vs Ariadne.
Devices: explained under the workbench. Turn your Amiga into an Apple Mac with A-Max. Dean Friedman on music plus some amazing games reviews BOOK NOW!
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Name_ Address.
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That game FROM lime to time I get really hooked on a game. My favourite plaything of the moment is Leonardo, from Starbyte. The same fate has befallen Tony Coxon from Nottingham who has written in with the three passwords to gel on to later levels.
Shut your eyes if you don't want to know what they are.
The codes are Emmentaler, Alphorn and Matterhorn.
It's OK. You tan open your eyes again now.
Tony has been just as busy with Crandslam's Thunderbirds. For levels 2, 3 and 4 the codes are Recovery.
Aloysius and Anderson. Well that really was a fab one.
Stage Code 2 Ameoba 3 Bloop 4 Cheeki 5 Doinok 6 Enigma 7 Flitme 8 GeeGee SI Handle 10 Icicle 11 lammin 12 Kikong 13 Lapdog 14 Mikardo Thomas McDemnott's password for Eliminator Calling people "mister" is far too formal Mr M Stringer from Bedfordshire, but your tips are so great I'll let you off. First up the cheat Max the Hacks takes on everything from Eliminator to Interceptor mode for Carrier Command. Type "THE BEST IS YET TO BE" complete with spaces at any time in the game and a message appears which says "CHEAT MODE ACTIVE'. Once this happens you can press the + key on the numeric keypad
to make Mantas and Walruses immune from enemy missiles. They do not make you immune from crashing.
If you get bored in your immune state you can seek a little amusement by clicking on the disc icon to quit.
Then click on the flag icon to return to the spinning carrier animation.
Now for a bit of magic. Let your fingers wander over to the + and - keys. These will cycle through all the shapes in the game.
Real rulers of all things aquatic want to master the missions in EA's Interceptor.
But if you can't be bothered to work I all the missions there is a quick way to mission six and the shadow sub.
Here you have to destroy all the planes. Forget about the sub. Although you can shoot it and watch the smoke pour out or land on it to re-arm.
The quick way needs some Basic jiggery-pokery. You will need an Interceptor log disc. Start with Workbench. Make a copy of your Extras disc and put the original somewhere safe. You are going to need some space on your new Extras disc, So click on the icon to open the disc and then click on the BasicDemos drawer.
Make sure this is the only selected icon, and hold down the right mouse button. Move the pointer to the top left hand corner and the Workbench menu.
Highlight the discard option and let go of the mouse button. When the warning appears click on OK - you are using a copy aren’t you? The BasicDemos drawer will be deleted.
You now have more than enough room for your Interceptor improver.
Load AmigaBasic from your copy of Extras disc then type the program into the list window: ¦ H I N T S ¦ IE* III THE MISSIONS FOI INIERCEPTOR RE* S’ ». STI1R6EI (C) IMIS* COMPUTING PlINTiPIINT -INSERT TOUR LOG DISK I*
IS BS LSET IJ=CHI»(1 PUT 11,2 FOI 1=22 TO 27 PUT *1,1 CLOSE 11
PIINT "FINISHED" Save the program to your copy of Extras disc
then run the program.
You will now need to put the Interceptor log disc - not the original game disc - into the drive. When the drive has finished whirring and Basic says "Finished" and OK reset the machine and pop your Interceptor disc into the drive. Your new log disc will now open up all the missions to you. Select 6 from the menu to go sub-busting Before 1 sign off here is a tip Adam i from Bletchley wrote in i cheat for Helter Skelter. First
• one must get an extra life i player two. Then both players must
lose all their lives. Then player two comes back with 99 lives,
and when he dies once player two will have 99 lives.
Thanks Adam. Remember to send me your tips.
And that's it for this month. Just time to say that if you have some tips you can win yourself one of the mysterious jiffy bags which litter the Amiga Computing office floor.
Each bag contains a superb game and a Konix speedking joystick. Send your tips, on disc if possible, to Max the Hacks, Amiga Computing. North House 78-84 Ongar Road, Brontwood, , CM15 9GB.
AmigaTEX AmigaTEX provides a powerful alternative in document preparation. It enables you to typeset complex or long documents, especially those of a technical nature such as user manuals or journal papers. It gives you true typeset totality with kerning, ligatures, full floating accents, mathematical and technical symbols and the ability to produce tables and special formats. AmigaTEX will accept input from any text editor or word processor and with its built-in screen previewer, a document formatter of mainframe power becomes available.
Also included with AmigaTEX are LaTEX - a document formatter with dozens of preformed styles, SliTEX - a slide generating macro, and BibTEX - a bibliography database program. AmigaTEX is fully fie compatible with other versions of TEX.
Printer drivers are available for most printer types and the complete set of Computer Modern Fonts is included A companion program METAFONT is available for those who wish to create new fonts or modify existing ones.
AmigaTEX is £125 and printer driver sets (laser series.
Epson FX series, NEC P6 and Epson LQ series. HP DeskJet) are priced at £75 each. METAFONT is £50.
All prices include VAT and carriage.
Access and Visa accepted.
For further details and free demo disk write or call: THE TEXT FORMATTING COMPANY 14 OSBALDESTON ROAD, LONDON N16 7DP TEL: 01-806 1944 Are you new to the Amiga, finding it difficult to harness the power of this amazing computer ?, then what you need is help from the largest group of Amiga enthusiasts in the world . members receive:- A Excellent discounts on software A Technical support and on line help a Superb hardware reductions a A bi-monthly newsletter of over 60 pages!
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$ f|| B I »« **1 *1 r rr.ites 1 Im* time ol u i ards and the Knights of the Round Table in its greatest adventure yet.
Tancelot is a three-part adventure, spanning the complete saga from the foundation of the Order to its finest hour
- the quest for ___ the Holy Grail.
Guide I.ance- ‘»v ~ ~.
Lot through his
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era fled game"
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« I P magik and mys- ia-S iiiifWi w ery round 4 • . a J
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stunning digi- H&. Tised pictures that dramatically j ( BOBS
heighten the atmosphere.
Journey through the eons inside i an ama .ing grandfather clock in j Lords of Time. Weave incredible J magik spells to rescue the power I crystal in Red Moon. And face m near-impossible odds to defeat M the dreaded magician Mylgar fl in The Price of Magik. Fl "The adventure bargain of the year" - Your Amiga B 1 n onderful piei e of work B
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Comprehensive clue sheets with every order, specially designed to give you only as much help as you need - and no more.
Send to: Database Direct. FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port. South Wirral 1-65 3EB.
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Time and Magik Lancelot £14.95 _ 1-I**'.
Arnold CPC ho;o* 6171* Around CPC. PCW Spectrum Plus 1 607!
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? Cheque payable to Mandarin Software C Please debit my Access Visa card.
L-L. I IJ Lll.LJ LLLJ-I L LU Expiry date [ J__ Signed- Add £2 per program Europe & Eire £5 oversei Name _ Address- Postcode Saved from an island I READ with interest the review of Archipelagos in the July issue of your magazine. I was. However, a little surprised to see that the game contained no save game option, as I distinctly remembered having put one in while I was writing it.
A quick run through the game reassured me that I hadn't gone completely bonkers - the option is indeed there. Although to be more accurate it's not strictly an option.
Whenever an archipelago is successfully completed the fact is saved to the game disc whether you ask for it or not. Henceforth on entering the game the player can choose to "Select another archipelago" up to his currently saved position.
I know that Amiga gamesters are an enthusiastic bunch but to expect them to solve 9999 levels of a game at one sitting is. To say the least, optimistic.
On my reckoning this task would take at least 69 day and nights of solid Archipelagoing, and would probably result in a nervous breakdown long before that time.
I realise that this information is not very well documented in the manual and would therefore be grateful if you could pass it on to your readers.
Paul Carruthers, Astral Software.
Mutating Viruses AFTER reading with interest the answer to "what the doctor ordered" in the letters pages of your May 1989 issue about computer viruses, disc formatting, general care of discs and a suggestion on how to make a Blue Peter ashtray out of badly-corrupted discs (good idea!). I bought a copy of VirusX. I have owned an Amiga 500 for six months and only recently witnessed a computer virus at work.
Is it true that even virus antibody discs and virus killers can infect programs, mutating a virus that has already infected the disc originally and changing it into something ten times more deadly?
Stephen Crane, Evesham. Worcestershire.
Yes some antibody programs and virus killers can damage discs. VirusX is safe - although you should watch out for version 3.3, which is an impostor.
Digital ears I AM thinking about buying a sound sampler for my 1 meg A500. It seems that there are many to choose from. I would prefer a good variety of input sockets - 3.5mm jack and phono sockets. I am also interested in the prospect of Midi, so AMAS would fit the bill here, but is the actual sampler any good, as Midi is only a secondary consideration?
Can the FutureSound 500 hardware be bought separately from the software at a cheaper price than £80?
I have read that a combination of Pro- Sound Designer software and FutureSound hardware would be the ideal combination. Would it total around £80?
I would also like the idea of stereo sampling, but is it worth paying the extra, and which samplers do this?
Please help me as I have been considering buying a sampler for a while now and 1 cannot decide.
Kris Roger.
Ashford, Kent.
When we reviewed a whole hunch of samplers in our July 19HH issue the Eidersoft Pro-Sound came out on top.
Since then Datel has launched its sampler and Applied Visions has updated FutureSound. Which we agree now seems to have the best hardware in terms of value for money.
The Sophus 5 probably still gives the best quality, but the software is difficult to use and is expensive. You get much better samples from the more expensive samplers, and stereo is worth paying for. The Adept unit from HB Marketing is unique in offering real-time features.
We would agree that the FutureSound 500 and ProSound Gold combination is an excellent one. By shopping around you should get the price down, but it is unlikely to come to less than £100. Particularly since the price of FutureSound 500 has now gone up to £89.95 and it is not available without the software. For more details see Dean Friedman's article in this issue.
Mumbo (umbo NEXT week I will be parting with my Commodore 64 to trade it in part exchange for an Amiga
500. I got the idea from a friend who did the same thing a while
ago and am very keen on the idea.
It is obviously a big jump and there are several things I would like to know. Firstly, what exactly is a meg?
It sounds very technical, and while I am quite computer-minded, this is a new word to my vocabulary. I have picked up a rough idea of what it is but am still not completely satisfied.
Another thing that nobody seems to know much about is whether or not it is possible to Fit a hard drive to the A500. Is it possible? If so. How much would it cost?
People also tell me that the first thing I should get when I've finished * paying for the Amiga is an external drive. Is this necessary or advantageous, and if so, in what ways?
I had, and am keeping, a printer for my Commodore 64. It is the Seikosha SP-180VC. I know this is not directly compatible with the Amiga but it is a good machine and I am very happy with it. Is there any way in which I could make it compatible with the Amiga?
Julian Hirst, Sevenoaks, Kent.
Remember when you bought your 64 it had an "elephantine 64k of memory"? Well a meg is 1024k, or 16 elephants. A standard Amiga comes with eight elephants, sorry, 512k, also known as half a meg, but the machine is easy to expand up to one meg.
Digging through the ads in the August issue of Amiga Computing turns up an "Amiga 64 Emulator Lead" in the Trilogic advertisement.
Give them a ring on 0274 691115.
Curse of YASTP UNTIL recently I used a CPC6128 for WP. Database, spreadsheet and a lot of games. My main source of frustration was bugged software. This would almost always be a game, and would almost always have been written by Ocean.
Typical examples were Wizball (unplayable) and Arkanoid.
I wrote to Ocean several times without reply. In desperation I wrote to the two main Amstrad CPC magazines (twice each), stating that I realised that they depended on people like Ocean for much of their revenue, but pointing out politely that they were responsible for the advertisements in their magazine. I asked that they speak to Ocean on my behalf. No answer.
I now use an Amiga- One of the first games I bought was Wizball (despite my distrust of Ocean it has to be said that their games are good).
The first time I cleared a couple of levels, the computer locked up, then displayed a Software failure message.
Do I have any comeback against these people? Is there anything I can do to get them to take an interest in their customers? Do your other readers complain? I would be grateful if you could advise me.
I doubt that there is a physical fault on my particular disc - it looks much more like the sort of programming error which I used to make. Anything you can do to help would be very much appreciated - even if you just say "Hello Roger" just to confirm that I exist.
¦LETTERS* Good magazine so far - there are many more rubbishy publications in the world of Amigas than was the case with the Amstrad.
Roger Fenton, Clifton. Bristol.
Hello Roger. We remember Arkanoid being bug free and great on the CPC, of course nowhere near the standard of the Amiga version, but then there you are.
Amiga software has always suffered from the Yet Another ST Port IYASTP) syndrome, but things are looking up with more programs being written to take full advantage of the hanlware. Ocean has just proved the point with a proper version of New Zealand Story.
This healthy attitude to development leads to a better understanding of the machine and fewer bugs.
Protext praise THANK you for the help you gave me at the Commodore Show and the advice to get the now version of Protext from the Arnor stand. I have tried out the new version, and I am very pleased with it.
As 1 was told that Protext has a Star LC24-10 printer driver I bought this printer at the show at a discount. I tried it all out, and it works fine. For line drawing I did not have to go into IBM mode as suggested in the manual. I like the hot key (shift- control-E) for the end of sentence deletion, which makes editing a lot ousier.
The manual is far superior to the early edition, my only criticism is that of the PL stored command - it is not until the end of the manual that it mentions the allowance that has to be made for the paper fed into the printer.
You see I was setting the PI. For the length of paper as stated in the beginning of the manual, 12in. I set my paper to 70 lines but I have now discovered that I have to make allowance for the paper that is fed in the printer, this setting is PL65. It seems to work all right, but is still confusing.
I have yet to try out many of the projects that Protext has to offer, once 1 have mastered it, 1 will be able to transfer some of my files from the C64 Superscript that I have been using for many years.
J A Bailey, Upminster, Essex.
Megabyte blues IMAGINE my excitement when 1 bought Timescanner. Imagine my disappointment on getting home and finding out it did not load. I returned the disc to Activision.
During a telephone conversation with Activision my wife was told that Timescanner was a 1 meg game and will not load on a 512k machine. I hunted through all my recent magazines but found no report of this at all. Following another telephone conversation I was told: "We only found out last Thursday”.
How can any one who produces games not know whether or not they are making a half or one meg game after it's gone to the shops? I find this is an act of false advertising: people should be warned before they buy certain games.
S. Brown, New Addington, Surrey.
Some magazines don't check things properly, some even write "reviews" of games long before the games are ready to go on sale, just so that they can shout "look, we were first".
Yes, it is great to have exclusives but there is no point in rushing to the extent that you miss things or make mistakes. Of course the Amiga Computing review team picked up the Timescanner problem, which is probably due to the programmers not understanding the Amiga properly and producing a shoddy ST port.
A pinball game isn 7 so complicated that it needs more than 512k. Stick to a magazine you can trust. We will warn you.
Talespin is a package which allows the collecting together of drawings, texts and sounds onto a series of pages together to form an interactive story, guide or textbook, which is read purely by clicking the mouse on the drawings or texts. Variables may be used to control the flow of narrative or record progress made. T alcspin itself is entirely mouse-driven and very user-friendly, requiring no programming skills for its use It includes an art package as well as importing Ncochrome. Degas or IFF picture file* and also imports ST-Replay or Amiga A.M. A.S. created Digitised Sound. The use of
sound is optional. Its facilities include giving full details of disk space usage, location of all pages referring to any particular page, drawing, sound or variable, completely interactive development allowing changes to any part of a title at any time, the copying of drawings and sounds from other titles, the 'chaining' to other titles allowing the spreading of a story or textbook across several disks, and the provision of Demo mode, which allows a title to run on its own for demonstration purposes.
It can be used to create interactive adventure games, for profit, pleasure or instruction Or in business to create a sales demonstration, or product servicing manual. Or in education: either using Talcspin itself to teach the design and logic of computer systems in a non-tcchmcal way. Or using Talcspin as a vehicle for the teaching of any other subject. Or create an expert system with it. Or a school magazine. Or... CREATE YOUR OWN COMMERCIAL PROGRAMS Once you've finished developing your program whether it's an adventure, an educational program or other you can lock your program so no one can
enter the development mode.
TALESPIX comes with a public domain display program called "Telltale" with this you can distribute your own programs or oflcr them to publishers.
COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL The manual comes as a complete Tutorial with a scaled down version of "The Grail" adventure and also a comprehensive reference guide.
TALESPIN COMMANDS AVAILABLE ’choose'crane title ’Save position ’load position ’Select driver folder ’auto start
• demo program ’help ’drawing define ’page define ’sound define
•variable define
• turn to another page ’add drawing to page ’modify palette
’select background colour ’Page entry options ’List conditions
’list set variables ’move drawing ’swap colour ’shrink reverse
drawing ’change drawing order ’add edit delete text ’add
delete'chain sounds ’locate item ’show disk space ’show
drawing sound page sue REVIEW FOR TALESPIN ST USER: 'Microdeal
is putting its money where its mouth is and exhibiting
justifiable faith in a very good product.'
MICROCOMPUTER MART: Talespininmyopinion.isahighlycommendable program.'
ST. AMIGA FORMAT: 'Graphics cleverly used for variety Talespin offers the opportunity to create an RPG type of adventure game which STAC and STOS certainly won I.' COMPUTER GAMES WEEK: Talespin gives the programmer all the scope he could possibly need.'
ST ACTION: Talespin has brought the task of adventure creation within tbe reach of everyone!'
* if you have a modem, phone our BBS - (0726) 66422 - & download
Talespin demos written by users. • 30 day money back guarantee.
TO ORDER SEND TO: MICRODEAL V BY PHONE PO BOX 68 St Austell WITH CREDIT CAROS Cornwall PL25 4YB TELE (0726) 68020 Allow 28 days for delivery £29.96 (mcl P&P) Please send me Talespin at £29.96 (mcl P&P) I OWN AO ST ? AMIGA ? IBM ? Cheque enclosed made payable to MICRODEAL ? Please debit my credit card account Expiry date Name.. Address Signed: Hobbyte Busbyte Computer Centre 10 Market Place. St. Albans. Herts.
Unit 1G, Amdale Centre. Luton. Beds.
Luton (0582) 457195 411281 St. Albans (0727) 41396 56005 AMIGA ACCESSORIES BHC EMULATOR £39.95 C64 EMULATOR £69.95 A500 MODULATOR £23.95 AS01 RAM EXPANSION £115.00 MINIGEN £99.95 DIGITISING PACK with £329.9S Camera, DlgMew Gold 3.0, cables PRO SOUND DESIGNER GOLD £69.95 MIDI INTERFACE MM3000 £24.95 CASIO MT 240 KEYBOARD U19.9S MODEM PACK, AD AA HAYES V21 23 £249.99 Public Domain Disks We have a large number of Public Domain Disks in stock, including;.
NO DEPOSIT INSTANT CREDIT (PERSONAL CUSTOMERS) AND LEASING TERMS (LIMITED COMPANIES) AND PLCa) AVAILABLE. ASK FOR DETAILS 1-5 £3.00 each 5-9 £2.75 each 10+ £2.50 each Fred Fish TBAG Amicus Send now for your free catalogue, or simply send order details with your cheque (Plus £1 P&P) payable to Amtech Computing FANTASTIC REDUCTIONS ON AMIGAS AMIGA 2000 AND ACCESSORIES (ex vat) AMIGA 2000, Mouse, Wkbench, Buk, L’tllltles, Manuals AMIGA 2000,10S4S MONITOR, 3.5” AND 5.25" DRIVES AND BRIDGE BOARD (giving PC compatablllty), 1.3 KS If specified AS ABOVE, PLUS AMIGA PC DOS 20 MB HARD DRIVE AS ANY
Try our PD Starter Disks, especially prepared for the new user: Games 1 £3.00 Graphics 1 £3.00 Utilities 1 £3.00 Or try all 3 for only £7.501 Please add £1 P&P to all orders.
Commercial Software The Works I £64.95 X-Cad Designer 82.95 For free PD Catalogue send your name and address to: Amtech Computing 2 Cowdray Close Lordswood Southampton SOI 8EB £449 £250 £559 £249 £479 £750 £187 £545 £69 £105 £1045 £579 AMIGA 500 PACKS: GAMES PACK Conditions ol sal*
• All prices exclude VAT and delivery charges
• E40E all prices sublet to change without notice ‘ All
collections made by prior arrangement from our warehouse 10
Petersfield Avenue, Slough, Berkshire SL2 5DN •
Tel: 0753 35557 Fax: 0753 511122 Ssr.MdS&ST' To place your order, eand cheque, postal order or official order, plue C8 per box ..... '*¦» delivery Computers (software free) for noxl day courier delivery and VAT to Dept.AC.. Hobbyte Computers Ltd., 10 Market Place, SI Ajbana. Harts AL3 Photon Paint II Dekiie Partt III Trenalormer XCAD Designer X CAD Piolassianal Publishers Chaca Cnlcs Chao* £62 95 £62 95 £1995 £62 99 £329 95 £73 95 £109 95 50C, or cad with a copy of tMs ad. At branches In SL Abane and Luton You may also phone your order to our aaloe de* on SL Albana (0727) 56005. AccaasVIas and
official ordera from government.
Rlttea and PLCa e accepted.
Inc. Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games, Sports Bag, plus 8 additional Individually packaged games from the following list: Custodian, Roger Rabbit, Power Play, Mercenary, Alpha max One, No Excuses, Znapse, Nebulous, Star Ray, Harrier Command,, Art of Chess, Amegas, Sprite Paint £349 Inc VAT Also with 8833 monitor AND LC10 colour Printer £749 Inc VAT AIR MILES PACK Inc. Modulator, 24 games on four discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games, Joystick, plus: 3 additional Individually boxed games, Sprite Art packa AND 500 AIR MILES (Paris or
Amsterdam Is 450) £399 Inc VAT Also with 8833 monitor AND LC10 colour Printer £799 Inc VAT PROFESSIONAL PACK Inc Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games, plus: The Works Spreadsheet. Database, W MSPhK«YsbT OR Publishers Choice £450 Inc VAT Also with 8833 10S4S monitor AND LC10 colour Printer ADD £399 EXPANDED PACK Inc. Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure, Board and Shoot-em-up games, plus: A501 RAM Expansion and Dragons Lair £539 Inc VAT Also with 1084S 8833 monitor AND LC10 colour Printer £938 Inc VAT A500 EDUCATIONAL PACK - PHONE FOR
DETAILS RRP MONO SALE COLOUR RRP SALE ECO RRP SALE PC10 SINGLE DRIVE 549 484 699 599 849 749 FREE 24 HR ON $ lTE MAINTENANCE 'WITH THESE CBM MACHINES FLIOUOUBLfc UhlVfc 599 534 749 659 899 ’ 788 PC20 WITH 20MB HARD DISC 799 689 969 639 1099 948 PC 20 WITH 32MB HARD CARD 849 779 999 899 1149 999 PC40 AT SINGLE DRIVE 1299 1065 N A N A 1549 1270 PC40 WITH 40 MB HARD DISC 1699 1393 N A N'A 1899 1557 PC40 40MB HD'40MB T STRMR 1949 1598 N A N A 2199 1803 PC60 386 512KB SINGLE DRIVE 1249 1029 1399 1159 1449 1199 PC60 2.5MB SINGLE DRIVE 1999 1649 2149 1779 2199 1819 PC60 WITH 40MB HARD DISC 2349 1939
2549 1999 2599 2149 PC60 40MB HD 40MB T STRMR 2699 2229 2899 2394 2949 2439 PC60 WITH 80MB HARD DISC 2549 2099 2749 2269 2799 2318 AMIGA 500 HARD DISC DRIVE £385 inc vat AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIALS Dragons Lati £29 95 All boc*s 10% oh BEST PRICES ON ALL SOFTWARE • WE CAN NORMALLY MATCH OR BEAT ANY GENUINE ADVERTISED PRICE.
Sohwa e prices me VAT 6 PP ORDERING AMIGA HARDWARE A500 Complete ___________ 289.00 A500*TV Modulator ..309.00 A500*£200 woflh games . TV Mod 335.00 A5C0.1D84S H Res Col 499.00 A500»Philips Med. Col ......478.00 AMIGA 500 PACKAGE
• Amiga 500 computer
• 1084 S Colour Monitor
• Photon Paint
• Kind Words word processor Kind Words includes a 90.0CO word UK
dictionary, spellchecker and mailmerge.
PRICE ONLY £565 AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501-512K Ram 11300 Free fitting H bought wilh Amiga 500.
TV Modulator .19.00 Mouse Mat ..4.00 Amiga to Philips lead ......10 CO Amiga to Printer lead ..10.00 DATAPLEX 0RIVES 1MB 3 5- External Drive _________ 68.00 1Mb 3.5‘ Internal Drive ...63.00 1Mb 5.25' Floppy Drive 106.00 AMIGA HARD DRIVES 20Mb Drive A50Q 1000 ....478.00 30Mb A50Q 1000 ..... 529 00 40Mb Drive A500 1000 458.00 60Mb Drive A50Q 1000 .....910.00 lor
other c 3NIT0RS CM8033 14- RGB CVBS Mon ...... 189.00 BM7723 14* Amber Monitor ....89 00 CM8852 Hi Res Col Mon 249.00 PRINTERS Amstrad L03500 Dl ... 195.00 Amstrad DMP4000 ...... 207.00 Amstrad LQ5000 Dl .. 310.00 Ool Matrix Ranga Citizen 1200 110.00 Citizen 180E 127.00 New 24pin Swift 24 .255 00 Colour upgrade lor Swill ...42.00 All Citizen printers come with 2 year warranty Epson 1X400 ____________________________________ Epson
LX800 ...
155. 00 139 00 Epson FX850
... Epson FX1050
.... Epson EX800
..... Epson EX 1000
... Epson LQ500

299. 00
399. 00 42500
581. 00 24900 Epson LQ850_____________________________......
Epson L01050 ... Hewlett
Packard Thinkjel .. 404 00 54200 265 00
Quieljet___________________________________________ 343 00 0
DettoK *
412. 00
44) 00 S36.QC Banin 665 OC R 99*rAr-*« 865 0C A« t-ewter. Pac«*:
Pr w* come w-t 1?
Front e orwte *anarfy Star iCt: More 1350C Stef iCIOCok&f 16600 Stt»LC2«lO 745 0C S®«*'teSPl8C9pi80eoi I0fct*f ’ 13600 S« HteSPl70C9 '80c* 120c»f«T H600 Sawc*NeS-8CA8Cc©U4t»n 274 00 tttP??00 767 00 MC P7.-38 G-wrafSA- Cocv ipc:e5«KT X 108 534 00 WOO 128 00 249 00 86 00 Sheeiieeda Kxf’fO 165 30 ‘'avMoc KW *SSJ 63 3C
- T&xasaM KKP’SJS 344 OC Ptmsovc WP154: 4«‘8 -X NEW Mannesmann
Tally Launch Oiler MT8I 0ol
Matrix) ... 110.00
Sheetleeder ......62
00 Serial UF ...... 62.00 RIBBONS Various
ribbons in slock, please call lor prices.
Fast, Prolessional and Etlicient repairs carried out.
N? FS** a, ¦ A? $ OLUT£i v u Get when you *' ! To 4 n, ®*4 YOU KNOW that Amiga Computing is the most informative, V educational and action- packed magazine dedicated V to the Amiga. V With its cover mounted disc W each month, packed with use- M ful utilities and demos of the ¦ latest software on the market, 1 straight-down-the-line reviews 1 and comprehensive hands-on tutorials, Amiga Computing provides you with everything you need to know about your micro.
ITO ORDER YOUR I SUBSCRIPTION J k USE THE 1 B FORM ON fl S PAGE 112 WE KNOW you'll W want to receive your ¦ own copy each month, m avoiding the hassle of W chasing round newsagents ¦ when it has been sold out.
I And as an added bonus if you subscribe now we will knock £5 off the cover price of 12 issues PLUS we'll send you a FREE copy of Batman The Movie ... on the same day it is released
- 2nd October 1989.
Place your order NOW - this exceptional offer is only guaranteed until October 31!
Valid to 31.10.89 1 UK £29.95 9558 Europe S Eire £34.95 9543 Overseas Airmail £49.95 9545 9559 9544 9546 Annual Subscription Including Batman the Movie (UK only) (seepage 1111 12 months Trained Assassin £19.95 9850 Raider £14.95 9849 Home Accounts Day by Day £39.90 9851 Chariots ol Wrath £16.95 9857 Add £2 per program Europe & Eire C5 Overseas Cover disc Offers 24 months UK £54.95 9560 Europe S Eire £63.95 9549 Overseas Airmail £91.95 9551 9561 9550 9552 Fun School 2 (see page 77) Under 6 years 6 to 8 years Over 8 years Add £2 Europe * Eire £5Overseas £19.95 9842 £19.95 9843 £19.95 9844
* Orders received by October 6 will commence with November issue
April 1989-September 1989 bundle £11.95 9856 -1 Add £3 Europe A
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disc Lombard RAC Rally (see page 80) Add £2 Europe A Eire £5
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Europe A Eire £5 Overseas £79.95 9530 CZD Lancelot (seepage
106) Add £2 Europe A Eire £5 Overseas £19.95 9522 [=?
Time and Maglk (seepage 106) Add £2 Europe A Eire 1 £5 Overseas £19.95 9600 CZZ) Transparent calculator (seepage 88) Tick here if you are ordering the calculator £7.95 Tick here if you are spending £25 or more on reader offers (excluding subscriptions) and wish to claim your FREE calculator Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No stanp needed il posted in UK) Please allow up to 28 days lor delivery
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Increase the speed ol your Amiga with our 68010 Processor. Lull instruction .£30.00 Octtte 1*10 speed y your Amiga wfli ire Accelerate* Ce-d »«trie M l mh» mtXJ.
Options' H M*u $ 8881 Ce decease* £179 00 hcrease ihe need ot tu r 8-ij,e::*-d wtt eu- V20 upgraCe f?J tO Add 809 } Co Pro esc* ic yctr XI 8r egeboarliK £134 00 Upgrade *ce Am*e MCO »it ea* IC289 C»rO Iran £333 AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS We have over 600 PO Disks in our Library which include fish Disks. Amicus Tbags. APDL Quads. Each PD costs £3.00 indusive or buy 10 and get 3 tree Disk catalogue costs £5.00 (2 disks). Buy a complete Bible (Old and New Testament) lor only £8.50 (3 disks).
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* -*J) fsstt A'v'wi’Ji tu 9S ociemrwis Gadex* Arepe C2P 95 We
**oc* Cttimo&n 641 tno PC Ca or&et. Popnut Sa*«w*5»Sir e y
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Acc. XtraIMB ..99 82 Small Bus Ace. Cash 1MB 59.80 COMMUNICATIONS A Talk Plus ... 61.87 BBS PC ...89 93 K Comm 2. 23 92 Ruby View term ..74 98 DATABASE MANAGERS Acquisition VI.3 ..... 159 85 Data Retrieve Pro ....160 77 DB Man .....109 94 Form Master (horses)......40.02 K Data .. 35.88 Mailshot Plus .37.95 Microbase 17.94 Microfiche Filer Plus......117.76 Microliche Filer ..58.88 Protext Filer 19.78 Superbase Personal 2......66.93
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Spanish ...... 29 90 E0IT0RS Cygnus Ed Prolessional . 59.80
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49 91 MovieSetter ------- 55 89 Photon Paint II ......61.87
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Sculpt 4D Animate Junior 89 93 The Director ...4186
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Workbench. 14.72 Family Tree Geneology ....39.79 Gomf 3 Guru
Interceptor 27.83 Maxidesk Utilities ......56.12 Projecl
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Superback H D Backup 39.79 Virus Infect. Protection.. .34.96
Word Perfect library 88.09 X Copy 2 Backup & Editor 19.78
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dxks in 100 cap lockable box ....124.95 10 5.25" High
Density 1.6 meg disks in box ....18.95
The Microtext Adaptor turns your Amiga into an advanced
Teletext TV giving you fast access to any of the free pages
from Ceefax or Oracle.
Hundreds of pages constantly updated to give you the very latest information, at the touch of a button.
The mouse may by used to select any page then print it or save it to disc.
Saves may be compact or IFF, it can read out the news and is easily programmed to do all these things automatically. With true ‘FastText’, the system knows what pages are likely to be selected next and gets them in advance making them available instantly. Many more facilities are also provided. The Adaptor connects to the Parallel port, your printer is then reconnected to a socket on the Adaptor and when the computer is not in use you can watch TV on the monitor!
"A highly recommended purchase" Amiga Computing - Feb ‘89 At only £124.80 + VAT for an advanced Teletext TV, its excellent value for money, VHF UHF International version: £169.50 EE3 MICROTEXT Si) Dept AG, 7 Birdlip Close, Horndean, Hants P08 9PW Telephone: (0705) 595694 Public Domain Software for the Amiga ADVERTISERS’ INDEX MIGA DISK DOCTOR oiSx, O AF 01 15 Backgammon. Othello. YahUee etc. O APDl 17 BUSINESS COLLECTION fdtloc. Spreadsheet & Database AP01 41 DATABASES Keep track ot your data APOl 42 ADVENTURES Vol 2 O APOL 43 C COMPILER ASSEMBLER AND LINKER O APOl 44 WORD PROCESSING Wort
Processor & Spellchecker ? APOL 45 PUZZLE & STRATEGY GAMES O APOL 48 MAGNIFICENT FORCE II 20 Great Tunes O APOL S2 FRACTAL GENERATORS O APOL S3 UNKNOWN 5 DEMOS o Musical Invasion 3 O APOL 56 CHET SOUkCE SHAREWARE EXTRAVAGANZA. Some ol the best shareware programmes on easy-to-use mer.u driven disc O SPECIAL Sunrek (1 MB) Superb PD game tor those with 1Mb 3discsfi00 Write or phone tor a FREE List (The G2 e compatible . Has manual Fadersmixers) E3 01-520-9753 from £3 per disk all inclusive
* Over 500 disks!
* Membership not necessary
* Fast Service We have one ol the largest collections ot PD
software for the Amiga In the UK.
We currently stock: O FISH 1-204 O AMICUS 1-26 O SLIPPED DISK 1-40 O FAUG HOTM1X 1-75 O PANORAMA 1-71 OAUGE 1-25 OT-BAG 1-23 Alt the above are C3 each « 1 FREE when you order 10 2 catalogue disks available at £5 which g*ve detarts ot the above collections THE AMIGA PD LIBRARY Dept. AMC, 140 Rushdale Road. Sheffield. S8 9QE PD Hotline 0742-588429 (9am-9pm tntgen « Vtdeostudo software .. Minlgen . Video Generc Master Tiling software ...... (Video Master Software wd run on an uneipanded A500) Rendale A8802 .
Vtdeostudo . _ ..... Rendale A8806 Protessional Studo Quality Genlock ? Videostudio Other Amiga products are available. Send Large SAE lor details.
HARDWARE; External Disk Drive £88.95 Amiga A500 £360 All prices are fully inclusive ol VAT
* JOIN THE CLUB! Interested In loining our user club? Write or
phone lor details * MAZE TECHNOLOGY 20 Woodlands Road,
Walthamstow E17 3LE VideoStudio for the AMIGA Our own special
selection £4.00 each O AP0116 CLI HELP Mall order only Amiga PD
Library .....
105 Amiga Users
Group .. 105
Computing ..
Anco ...35
Applied Research
Kernel 113
Amor .38
Artronic ......17,42
Ashcom .....84
Byteback ...97
Software .57
Software 62
Club 68000
44.45 Computer Shopper
Show ....8
S.D ..66
Datubase Educational
Software ..77 Dataplex
Da tel
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A500's ? £35.00 FIXED PRICE REPAIR ? ST's Includes - courier
delivery, parts, labour, full service and
V. A.T., 90 day warranty, 5 day turnround (subject to parts
availability) Collection can be arranged, £11.50 extra.
All our engineers are fully experienced in 16 bit technology Repairs undertaken on Amiga 2000, Atari Mega ST, Printers, Monitors, V.D.U.'s etc. and most Business & Home Computers.
Low cost maintenance agreements available.
Educational & dealer discounts given.
SHIELD COMPUTER SERVICES LTD 50 Flixton Road, Urmston. Manchester M31 3A8 Tel: 061-747 3185 Fax: 061-747 0515 SUMMER OFFER C= Commodore AMIGA TENSTAR PACK WORTH OVER £229!
FREE! - INSANITY FIGHT by Microoeal AMEGAS - by Players FREE! - MERCENARY COMP by Novagen HARRamaij FREE! - BARBARIAN, ULT WARRIOR by Palace FREE! - TERRORPODS - by Psygnosis FREE! - BUGGY BOY - by Elite FREE!- THUNDERCATS by Elite FREE! - IKARI WARRIORS oy Eme FREE! - WIZBALL - by Ocean INCLUDES FREE UK Ml DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one ol a new breed ol technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard lor home computing, based .around the new Motorola 68000 chip. The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive built-in. It can be connected directly to
a wide range of monitors, or to a domestic TV set through a TV modulator Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free mouse. And. When you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK's Nol Amiga specialists, you will experience an after sales service that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers. E&oe Beiore you Jec » wtien 10 buy
your new Commodore Am*ga compute*, we suggest you consider very caretuUy WHERE you Duy ¦! There ere MANY companies who car oiler you a computer a lew peripherals arxJ the lop ten skiing mies There ere FEWER companies who can oMe* a wide range ol products lor your computer as well as eipert advice and help wne" you reed it There is ONLY ONE company »no can provide ine largest range o Amiga related products in the UK a lull time Amiga specalist technical nclplinc and m-daptn alter sales Support mciud-ng tree newsletters and Brochures delivered 10 your door lor as long as you require alter you
purchase your computer That one company s Silica Shop We have oeen established in me home computer field lor ten years and can now claim to meet our Customers requirements with an accuracy and understanding which is second to none Here ore just some ol the things we can offer you THE FULL STOCK RANGE: The largest range ol Amiga related peripherals accessories, books and software m me UK AFTER SALES SUPPORT: The staff at Silica Shop are dedicated to help you to get the besi from your Amiga FREE NEWSLETTERS: Mailed direct to your home as soon as we print them, featuring offers and latest
releases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped to Silica Shop customers within the UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE: We will normally match our competitors oilers on a same product same price' basis FREE TECHNICAL HELPLINE: Full lime learn of Amiga technical experts to help you with your technical queries But don't |ust take our word for it Complete and return the coupon heiow for our latesf Amiga literature and begm to experience me Silica Shop specialist Amiga service A500 Computer TV Modulator Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP: LESS DISCOUNT: £724.43 £325.43 PACK PRICE a?
A500 Computer 1084S Colour Monitor Photon Paint TenStar Pack TOTAL RRP: LESS DISCOUNT: PACK PRICE s When you buy the Amiga 500 from Silica Shop, you will not only get a high power value for money computer, we will also give you some spectacular free gifts First of all. We are now including a TV modulator with every A500 stand alone keyboard, so you can plug your Amiga straight into your Tv at home (the modulator is not included witn the A500-A1084S pack as it is not required tor use with monitors) Secondly, we have added a tree copy Of Photon Pamt. An advanced graphics package with an RRP of
£69 95 Last (and by no means least!), so that you can be up and running straignt away, we are giving away the sensational TENSTAR GAMES PACK w-th every A500 purchased at Silica Shop This pack features ten top Amiga titles which have a combined RRP of nearly £230' Return the coupon lor details £14.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £229.50 INC VAT TOTAL RRP: £229.50 II you already own an Amiga compute* and would like to be registered on our mailing list as an Amiga user lei us «n©w We will be pleased to send you copies ol our price lists and newsletters FREE OF
CHARGE as they become available Complete ine coupon and return it to our Sidcup branch arq tiegin eipenenr.ng a vpeoalut AT.ga service mat is second to none_ To: Silica Shop Lid, Depl AMCOM10 89,1-4 The Mews. Halhertey Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4DX PLEASE SEND ME FREE LITERATURE ON THE AMIGA Mr Mrs Ms: Surname SILICA SHOP DCUP Csc Mail Order) 01-30S 1111 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Road. Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX OPEN: MON-SA J 9am - 5 30pm LATE NIGHT: FRIDAY 9am - 7pm ,ONDON 01-580 4000 52 Tottenham Court Road. London. W1P OB A OPEN: MON-SAT 9 30am - 6 Oopn LATE NIGHT: NONE_ ,ONDON 01-629 1234 ext
3914 Settndges t tat floor). Oxford Street. London. W1A 1AB OPEN: MONSAT 9am 6 Oopm LATE NIGHT: THURSDAY Sam - 8pm Address Postcode .
Do you already own a computer If so. Which one do yOu own’ SftbyTfm Simenon mdn Gabriel of Rhythm King Records fhm King Records From Amri ST Version* Published b 1 Pick a , Tra" pTa"Va fun,,0n tc

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