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The big boys use Ethernet to iink workstations to mainfirames. PCs to PGs and most industriai computers. Hydra Systems, a British company, has dcveioped an Ethernet card for the Amiga which provides compatibiii-ty with Amiga and industry standard fiie Systems. The iink is up to 1.000 times faster than other networks, making it an effec tive way for a number of Amigas - or any other machine - to share a hard dise. There is a card version for the A2000 with a cheaper extemai unit for the A500. Such a setup is ideai for educationai estabiishments which often want to iink iarge numbers of computers. Ethernet can cope with up to 8,000 users at a time. The software has been written by Periheiion to integrate weü with the Amiga operating system. whiie Hydra has deveioped the hardware which is aiready instaiied at a num ber of ciients. Hydra has a iong history of producing Commodore networks, which made the Pet a sensibie soiution for businesses which needed a muiti-user system. Ethernet wiii take the Amiga into advanced fieids where it can be used as a fuiiy biown workstation.

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Document sans nom Volume 2 Number 6 November 1989 £2.95 A Database Publication November 1989 A MEGABYTE OF SUPERB SOFTWARE Cm RUNNER Complete (RJWS 26 level pfegjp game... E22?5 PLUS much, much more!
• Wowl: Like man. Erm like colours and space.
• Gallery: Tip top art.
• Heavy Demo: 100 fish.
• Atree: Disc utility.
Full instructions are in the November issue of Amiga Computing BLADE WARRIOR EriTV The beast was present in the land and Irom tower to tower the sorcerers voice called upon him.
A r As night encroached and 'y.
Set the sun to (light, so his legions made ready to conceal the tablets that would see daylight «r banished (orever.
* , v1.
So, as the same last bloody light drained Irom east to west, the paladin came (orth, ready to do battle against the legions ol the night, using all his might and skill in this tale ol swords and sorcery.
Mirrorsolt Limitc J Irwin House 11$ Soutkwark Street London El OSV Telcpkonc Ol 928 1454 Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
The program «.n take irAormaoon preparod by Cashbook Conroller and produce a complete set of accounts induing
• Trial Balance • Trading and Prof if and Lose Account
• Balance Sheet * Notes to the Accounts ¦ Full Attainting ratios
All reports may be produced at any time, with cooparasvebudget
figures if required The ferity to produce these dceumer**
gu«*ly. Accurate*,, and regularty is of enormous hefo in
running any business, large or small, sirce one shows the true
profitaWity achieved and the other me exact strength of the
buwness m ferire of at If you ever need to send out mailings or
print labels, you know how tidtfy and hmeconsumng if can be
making sure all Ihe labels are ponied correctly Well now all
thaTs a tnog ollhepasi Because Mailshot axially shows you Ihe
fab** on screen, you can we names ar*3 addresses in exactly the
correct place But more than that, the labels are animated on
screen us a continuous sheet, allowing you to scroll backwards
and lorwards. To search ter particular keywords or to edit
entries with the mirvmum ot has Facilities include seercfrng.
Detection ot diodcate labels, sorting |even surname') 9 labels
across. 9» copes ot any label This has lo be the simplest and
most ertecfive method of creating a £24.95 The fastest and most
powwtol spreadsheet available in this pnce bracket with 51?
Rows by 5? Column*, gnmg you up 10 ?tt2* cells As with all
Digia products, the operation ot the program,» clearly Ihoognt
out Being either menu, mouse or command driven yaill be able to
start using it wthin mnittt
- even if you've "*vw» used a spreadsheet before Some of me
features wh h make if sum good value are the tiporiing of ASCH
tilea for irttgrabon with other programs. Adjustable | ¦ mkeys
Do you ever have to pnnt names arc places on envelopes, o’ do
yoj ever neeo io ne m u«*y forms or mvoces where the text has
lo be in exactly the nght place’ Usually you have to do 1 by
hand, or get your trusty old Typewrite* out of the cupboard ard
dust it off Well nof anymore The Emiiated T, Ft write*
transforms your conputer and printer into a fu*y Hedged
typewriter supporting bold, underline, italic and other
typestyes Because it can display and prim ted INST ANTI* you
can line up your form, press Return and Space a few times fo
move to the correct place, and then start typing Alternatively
you can switch to Imobyline mode, which offers word-wrap
lusMKJhon and proportional spacing, so that you can ed 1 each
line before rfs printed ArKanced version of Mailshot for the
business lolowng extra facile*.
• integrat-on with other software (using ASCII tiles)
• columivtabulated summary i deal tor telephone lists, etc)
• 4 e.tra memo lines per label (with defaults! ' system tor
co»ng. Dating and adding messages to each label
• different layouts available lor horizontal ard vertical
luMdlcabon program wilt calculate your income tan lability |4
tai years included) and provide peonent facts about your tax
position You can perform what-il r cakculabon to discover ways
to mmimise your tax liability in tact the program wilt advise
you on things such as. It you are a married man. Whether it
would be advantageous to have your wife's income taxed
separately or n * At this pro* who knows, you will prcbaWy tmd
that PTP wiB pay tor itself in tax savings the first time you
used* " STOPPMSS " July 80 - PTP user racewes tax refund of
over C20CD" £39.95 An excellent way to get organised With it
you II be reminded of birthdays and other amwersanes. Meetings
and appointments phone calls to make and so on As with ait
Ogita products, inputting information i$ simplicity itself and.
Once entered, you C*i search tor keywords or tor particular events sixh as birthdays to see when one is coming up Includes monttv weekday planner, automatic reminder* tor overdue appointments, month end week summary at a Avai I able to the trade from: Digita, GEM. Greyhound, HB Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
DIGITA INTERNATIONAL 'Serious software at a sensible price" II software written in Ihe UK Prices include VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export) E3 03 Post: Digita In Black Ho snow i AMIGA SCENE 6!
The survir A map shi products a Commodo 7 LATEST NEWS High performance network. Who won the hard discs. Profile name change.
Meet the new Nic and loads of other news and gossip from the trenches.
AMIGA ARCADE 93 A beginner's directories a: Amiga opera those who ai I THE VERY LATEST JL JL GAMES NEWS Ninja Warriors - Virgin pushes back beat-em-up boundaries. Who is Elvira? Sword of Twilight, Goldrunner 3d and more.
MACHINE CODE PRINTER Managing Editor Derek Meakin Editor Simon Rockman Assistant Editor Jeff Walker Staff writer Nic Veilch Production Editor Peter Glover Art Editors Mark Nolan Doug Steele News Editor Don Lewis Advertisement Manager |ohn Snowden Advertising Sales Wendy Colburn UitorUl 0277 234434 Administration 0623171888 Advwtwiot 0625 nw Subscriptions: tSI-357 2961 Telecom Gold: 72 .VlAGOOl Tdo: 94061191 Fac 0625 879966 Prestel Mailbox: 61456*01 Published by: Database Publications Lid, Europa House, Adlinglon Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SKI0 4NP.
4X -1 SILENT JL TYPE What's small and squirts? No not an Oulspan - a new printer that doesn't break the bank. Stewart C. Russell dots the i’s.
COVER DISC THE ACTION STARTS HERE folyon Ralph explains Ihe joys of sprites unlimited thanks to the Amiga's super-powerful hardware.
Share and enjoy his programs secrets.
58 i CHESS PIECE Who is the king of the castle? Alastair Scott plays Ihe lop chess programs against each other to see who really has the finest game, set and match.
November Invincible Intt it Kim Compute 1C The Third C only the che the Amiga 5 Rupen Gooc ISSN 0952-5948 Ami** Computing welcomes articles for publication Material should be typed or computer- pnnted. And preferably double-spaced Program lutings should be accompanied by doc Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, otherwise the retiwn of material canort be yuaranleed. Contributions can oaly be accepted for pubhcation by Database Publications Lid on an all-rights basis ig 1*9 Database Publications Ud. So malenal may be reproduced m whole or m pari without «mtt» permission
While every care is taken the pub- bfatn annul be held Itgalh responsible for any errors in arbdtiL Inline or advertisement.
Amgt Computwg « an indepemferM poblKtlioo tod Commodcn Business Mtchmt IIXI Ltd is nor responsible for any of Ihe articles m fin issue or for am of Ibr opinions eipresserf News trade distribution turopress Sab and Distribution limited. Unit 1. Burgess Road, hyhousr laar. H*tii*s. East Sussex TNJS 4NR. Td: 0424 430422.
41»« JL JL PAGES Cave Runner, a reader’s incredible submission with more playability than many a full priced game. Track Record, Baby you can drive my car - well this Norwegian would. OK so the game’s from Sweden but it's close and great fun. Peter Ceresole’s Protext helps to polish up your printing.
Gallery, art for art’s sake. Demo, where you learn how to produce 100 singing fish - but no loaves. And for the sensible disc user the Atree utility which looks after directories without roots showing.
GAMKS REVIEWS snow c;i mi ROLL UP, WIN Vf A HARD DISC The surviror's guide to the PC Show.
A map showing where to find Amiga products and a look at what makes Commodore the star. The people and GAME KILLER A new look for Max the Hacks does not mean he's had his hair cut.
Loadsa tips for Archipelagos. Indy Dragons Lair, Pop and more.
K A M. YOUR RIGHT TO WRITE The universal cure for sick discs, mice and programs. Did Angus get lost? Problems with icons and who was who in last month's magazine.
The Third Coast Accelerator is not only the cheapest speed up board for the Amiga 500, it is one of the best.
Rupert Goodwins sings its praises.
• Garfield - silly smile, silly game
• Paladin - nothing acts faster
• Ride into the Battle Valley of death • Dunk some point with
• Demons Winter of discontent • Go underground with Black Magic
102 117 JL J hd SPEEDY HUH? JL JL the products behind the
computers you know and love. A detailed insight into what the
Amiga has to offer. Plus an unbeatable chance to win one of
three Commodore A590 hard drives if you use our special
discount voucher for the Commodore Show in November.
I USING PROTEXT Peter Ceresole knows that impressions count, and getting your printer to do pretty boxes and a signature is your route to fame and a new ribbon.
UNDER THE WORKBENCH A beginner's guide to sorting out directories and other mysteries of the Amiga operating system explained for those who are afraid of the CU.
Iin WORKBENCH JL JL Digital video effects are the key to a professional looking production, With some skill, patience and plenty of memory you can make the grade.
U'OKIH’KIK I SM (. ¦ I i: I I I KS mm OXFORD SOFTWORKS iill CHESS PLAYER 2150 Winner 1989 British Open Personal Computer Chess Championship THE& PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW 27 S£PT£MBER - 1 OCTOBER 1989 | EARLS COURT LOROOH SEE US0NSTANDN0.2543 Chess Player 2150 is the strongest and most versatile chess program yet, with the most advanced graphics and widest range of features available, many of which have never before been implemented on a personal computer.
Chess Player 2150 has just defeated all opposition to win outright the British Open Chess Championship.
Every possible feature is included: stunning 2D 3D display, take-back move, massive openings library, simple mouse driven input, full menu control, save load games, many classic games on disc, speech, learning, total on-screen information, special modes for beginners, actually rates your play on the international ELO scale and much, much more. CHESS PLAYER 2150 £24.95 BACKGAMMON PROFESSIONAL OXFORD SOFTWORKS is a division ot: CP SOFTWARE, Stonefield House 198 The Hill, Burford, Oxfordshire, 0X8 4HX Credit Card Hotline 0993 82 3463 ORDER FORM Please rush me the following titles for my Amiga:-
PRODUCT PRICE ..QUANTITY, Chess Player 2150 £24.95 _ Bridge Player 2150 Galactica £29.95 _ Bridge Player 2000 £19.95 _ Backgammon Professional £19.95 _ Postage to Europe per item £2.00 _ Air postage ex Europe per item £2.50 _ UK post and packing included cata no Please detat mv Access Visa card Maryam I enclose a cheque postal order to the value ol Name Address Signature AMIGA SCENE Joining the big league CONNECTING computers is big business, RS232 is fine for linking two machines to play Populous, but when you want a really big network and have a lot of data to transfer something really
meaty is needed.
The big boys use Ethernet to link workstations to mainframes, Pcs to Pcs and most industrial computers.
Hydra Systems, a British company, has developed an Ethernet card for the Amiga which provides compatibility with Amiga and industry standard file systems.
The link is up to 1,000 times faster than other networks, making it an effective way for a number of Amigas - or any other machine - to share a hard disc.
There is a card version for the A2000 with a cheaper external unit for the A500.
Such a set-up is ideal for educational establishments which often want to link large numbers of computers.
Ethernet can cope with up to 8,000 users at a time.
The software has been written by Perihelion to integrate well with the Amiga operating system, while Hydra has developed the hardware which is already installed at a number of clients.
Hydra has a long history of producing Commodore networks, which made the Pet a sensible solution for businesses which needed a multi-user system.
Ethernet will take the Amiga into advanced fields where it can be used as a fully blown workstation.
For more details contact Hydra Systems on 0203 471111.
Track on new tack AMIGA specialist Track Computer Systems (0773 531991) has moved into multi-format with the opening of its first retail outlet in Derby city centre. It hopes to obtain authorised status for business sales of Amiga 2000s.
We name hard drive winners YOUR response to the Vortex hard drive competition was tremendous, with nearly 4,000 entries. And we had to open them all because a fool of an editor forgot to ask for entries to be marked with the name of the competition.
It was interesting to see how far flung some readers are. Lots are in the armed forces, we had a big response from Scandinavia and one entry from Tehran.
A large number of forms were rejected for cheating.
All the entries were put into a big plastic bag and jumbled up. The first one we drew was wrong - IBM invented the hard disc. The winners are: Mark S. Smith from Belfast. Mr P. Lambert from Fakenham, Norfolk. 1.
Timson from Clitheroe, Lancs., Nigel L (ones from Guilford, Surrey, Mr K. P. Gray from Bexleyheath, Kent, and Claes Svensson from Sweden.
Congratulations to you all, 40 megabytes of joy will be dispatched to you.
Commiserations to everyone else. Thank you for entering.
Computer animation draws Festival crowds MARTIN LOWE of Amiga Centre Scotland is the driving force behind an annual exhibition at the Edinburgh International Festival which aims to transform computer art from the static to the dynamic and give the public a chance to use the same tools as the artists.
The first Exhibition of Computer Animation was held last year, and generated so much publicity that this year's event took place with more extensive advertising and better prizes. It was in three parts - an exhibition. A competition and workshops.
The exhibition consisted of 10 animations running on Amigas. Only one. Busy Bee, used an A2000. It showed a bee created with Sculpt-Animate 4D flying figures of eight in front of a Tom and Jerry cartoon stored on video disc. To help this along, the A2000 had 8 meg of ram.
The other animations used A500s expanded to 1 meg, and the favoured graphics package seemed to be Sculpt-Animate 4D.
Animations of Heath Robinson style machines moving balls around in unlikely ways were popular.
Trek showed the Starship Enterprise racing past Earth and firing laser guns. Luxo ?
Yes, for three exciting days in November, Computer Shopper will turn Alexandra Palace into the world's greatest computer show.
Everything you need for business and leisure computing will be available under one roof - with experts to help you make the right choice!
The Computer Shopper Show is your chance to meet the dealers with the bargains, the manufacturers with the latest machines - and to take away the things you buy on the day!
Computer shopping is fun at the ComputerShopper Show!
Auctions, demonstrations, competitions ... everything that you've ever wanted from an exhibition will be happening at the Computer Shopper Show - the only show for the direct buyer and the ultimate computer shopping experience!
And, with Computer Shopper you know you'll save money!
Why not start right here! By ordering your tickets in advance you will save £££s! Simply complete and return the coupon with your payment or telephone the Credit Card Hotline on 051-357 2961 to place your order.
Fmul or Mkroflinfc To «hca , u °n» T -I*. 114M1X1 McrcM «« tfxxM **y 72MAG 00 Pimm quote yoir end* card nurten and your M name and addrus whan you place your order.
Yts' Please sand me my tickets for the Computer Shopper Show!
£ J Adult tickets at £3 (Save £1!) _ J Under 16s tickets at £2 (Save £ I!) _ Q -Family tickets - admits up to 2 adults__ and 2 children - £9 (Save £5!) TQTAL I would Ike to pay by - J Cheque made payable to Database Exhibitions Ltd Jcredtcard Q Access ? Visa Expiry Date _ No I I I I J 111 LJ I Address
- Postcode_ Please return your completed order form to • The
Computer Shopper Show Ticket Offtce. Database Exhiboons awnere
Pwi South WrnlLAS 3EA _ _A_769_ _ TELEPHONE HOTLINE Place your
orders for tickets by calling 051-357 2961 The Computer Shopper
Show FROh comp; reput custo suppl Supre appri Supr mode Amig
serial Th.
1200 ond.
Slot, i comf popi and whic more time.
Th inch is gu Fron mon detai (042 Alexandra Palace, London 10am-6pm Friday, November 24 10am-6pm Saturday, November 25 10am-4pm Sunday, November 26
* Over 250 stands serving every | major make and model - the
ultimate computer hypermarket, . Packed with pre-Christmas I
bargains and offers.
It Incorporates the Amstrad A Computer Show, the Atari ,i f Computer Show, the Electron &
- BBC Micro User Show and much, much more!
* On-site car parking for hundreds of cars - ideal for taking
away your computer bargains on the day!
* Excellent public transport network with courtesy coach link to
the local British Rail station.
* Special show features and entertainment to make your shopping
experience fun!
* Special discount tickets for under 16s and family groups.
Sponsored by Organsedby DATABASE
* r EXHIBITIONS Amiga 2000 card modem FRONTIER software, the
company with an unrivalled reputation for sorting out
customer's problems, has supplemented its range of Supra hard
drives with an approved version of the Supra 2400zi internal
modem. This fits into an Amiga 2000 slot, freeing the serial
port for other uses.
The card works at 2400, 1200 and 300 bits per second. It fits into any Amiga slot, it is 100 per cent Hayes compatible, works with all popular comms programs and comes with software which allows you to use more than one modem at a time.
The price of £169.95 includes VAT. The modem is guaranteed for a year, and Frontier is running a 90 day money back offer. For more details call the company on (0423) 567140.
Per ndon r 24 iber 25 er 26 ery le irket, jn & much, dreds ray the etwork the under J From page 7 Teenager depicted two Anglepoise lamps playing table tennis.
Franklin Fly was the most imaginative demo using Deluxe Paint III. It showed a fly buzzing around landscapes, through windows, and finally landing on the Queen’s nose, causing her to roll her eyeballs.
The competition attracted 20 entries on disc and video tape. They were to be judged by three experts from different disciplines: Len Breen of Middlesex Polytechnic, which specialises in research into computer graphics, Nick Masters, a TV production editor, and Jack Gramon, a ?
New games on MicroLink NEWS of improved services came in thick and fast on the run-up to October 1 when communications service MicroLink left British Telecom for the independent Istel network.
¦ AMIGA SCENE I They include the arrival of two major multi-user games.
Bloodstone has been hailed as the first of a new graphic designer.
The prizes were impressive, including an A590 from Commodore, a genlock from Marcam, a graphics tablet from Techex, six copies of Photon Paint from Micro illusions, two copies of DigiPaint 3 from Newtek, and a day in a video studio from Advanced Video Technology.
Despite suffering from the programmer's voice-over in a heavy German accent and the after effects of NTSC to PAL conversion, an exhibition program on video drew crowds. Caligari is billed as the first 3D graphics program with a 3D (solid graphics, not wireframe) generation of multi-user games. It is a huge role- playing adventure capable of supporting millions of characters, it combines loving, killing, buying and sell- ing in an environment which can be constantly changed.
Federation 11 has more than 900 locations and has been described as a cross between Monopoly and Star Trek.
Following the changeover on October 1, 98 per cent of people in the British Isles can now access MicroLink for the cost of a local telephone call.
Micro on the air again AMIGA owners who missed the first broadcast will have a second chance to listen to Radio Four's computer series Applying The Micro.
Editor, rather than 2D windows. It looks fast, easy to use and effective.
Most of the people who took part in workshops had never used a computer before, so the shop’s staff gave half hour courses on Deluxe Paint III, This was enough for several people to wave their chequebooks.
Despite the cramped premises the second Exhibition of Computer Animation was most enjoyable, and should have persuaded visitors to think beyond the Spectrum and accept that the Amiga, alone among personal computers, can produce stunning, lifelike animation.
"This series looks at some of the newest practical uses for micros in business, music, education and in our daily lives and examines their potential", said producer Clive Williamson.
Transmission dates are Saturdays October 14, 21, 28 and November 4 at 5pm.
The four programme titles are Computers Everywhere, Computers in Business, Micros in Education and The Musical Micro.
Green joins the team HELPING to keep Amiga Computing the best read around is Nic Veitch. He has been working freelance at the magazine for some while, having written both serious reviews, like the one of Sculpt- Animate and loads of games reviews under the pseudonym of Green. You can usually spot one of his reviews by the Pink Floyd lyric buried in the text. His favourite game so far is Falcon, and his least favourite is Stag (easily). Nic has already been sent on a number of missions, including a visit to interview Elvira. Sounds fun - read about it in Amiga Arcade.
ParSec’s progress ¦ AMIGA SCENE ¦ GRAPHICS professionals will welcome the Amiga version of the powerful ParSec graphics board which will be ready by the end of the year.
That's the promise of Elmtech Research (021-472
5719) which has been bombarded with pleas from Amiga users
since ParSec was developed for the Atari ST. Martin
Lockhart of Elmtech told Amiga Computing: "ParSec for the
Amiga is the next project we will be looking at. Once we go
into full production for the ST and get rid of a lot of
back orders, work will start on the Amiga and we are
confident that it will be ready by the end of the year.
We will be selling it for £918".
ParSec is described as a single board microcomputer utilising Texas Instruments TMS 34010, a 32 bit processor running at 50MHz at a speed of 6.25mips. Elmtech’s specifications say its screen resolution is programmable from 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768 with a choice of 16 colours a line from a palette of 4096 for the basic 4768 model and 256 colours a line from a palette of 16,777,216 on the 8768 upgrade.
Genlock and digitiser modules are also scheduled for release by the end,pf the year, aimed at cost effective production of broadcast quality graphics.
The ParSec can communicate via SCSI ports, allowing for the connection of mass storage devices such as CD rom ram, video discs and hard discs.
A standard RS232 implementation will provide for hard copy output to include XY plotters, laser, dot matrix and colour thermal transfer printers. Input devices can also be supported including graphic tablets and mouse controller.
Applications currently under development include a 3D CAD CAM package, a molecular modelling program, a Unix shell with the possibility of X-Windows and an art program Chimera f(x) which is intended to compete with Quantel, Sun and the like.
Epyx designers move on DAVE Morse and R. J. Mical, two of the original designers of the Amiga, have been laid off by Epyx along with 85 per cent of the staff. The company was responsible for Summer Games and a number of other Amiga hits.
Dave and RJ went to Epyx after they left Commodore - which had then taken over the former Amiga company
- where they were responsible for the development of the
Amazing Lynx handheld games machine, which is to be
manufactured and marketed by Atari.
This leaves the Lynx development system, which is based on an Amiga 2000.
Unfinished Prodata gets the vote FIRST with the news, Amiga Computing featured a story last month on Profile, the new database management program from Amor designed to complement top-selling word processing package Protext.
Profile was a working title for this new product, but since then Arnor has decided to market it under the name of Prodata.
Price £55 until the end of November and then £79.95. Amigas run satellite TV game TWO Amiga 2000s have played a vital part in one of the launch programmes for the British Satellite Broadcasting TV network due to start up next year.
The Satellite Game will be one of its first offerings and real-time 3D animations for the programme are being produced with the Amigas by software house Incentive.
Contestants will be in teams of three, aged from 11 to 16 and will take on the adventure fantasy game in the studios of Anglia Television.
They will have to meet the challenge of Enigma, a massive satellite bomb sent to threaten the earth by an alien intelligence.
Incentive was asked to develop the animations after the programme pro- f ducer, Tim Child of I Broadsword Television Productions, was impressed by the graphics of its Driller game.
"What was needed was a t total solid 3D environment ‘ and he felt we were the I people to do this", said j Incentive's Andrew Taite. I "We are using two Amiga i 2000s with 68020 accelerator boards to speed them up !
And our Freescape system , to make a really lifelike ani- ( mated environment in f which the players can move around".
Keen games players will [ stand a good chance on this programme which is very similar to traditional com- puter games. Broadsword are ing for teams to take | part. They must be between 11 and 16 by January 1, [ i 1990 and should apply to I .
Broadsword Television E Productions, Anglia TV, [ Anglia House, Norwich, ; NR1 3|G.
Is have i one of mes for teilite elwork ear.
* 8yncro Express requires a second drive ft works by controlling
It ss a slave device ft Ignoring the AMIGA disk drive
controller chip, high speeds ft great data accuracy ore
• Mena driven selection for Start Treck Eod Track up to SO
tracks. I side. 2 sides Sr Very simple to use. Requires no user
F Also duplicates other formats sack sa IBM. MAC etc. y Ideal for clubs, user groups or Just for your own disks.
V No more waiting around for yonr disks to copy.
Be in rom 11 on the ime in nglia ' meet ana. A I b sent I by an ed to I ON BOARD CUSTOM LSI CHIP MAKES THIS UNIT EXTREMELY SMALL ft ONLY £34.99 COMPLETE HARDWARE SOFTWARE lions w * pro- 1 of sion (SSPti filler 'as a nenl the laid site, aiga lera- l up tem ani- in love will I ¦his ery )m- ord ike een I I. to on rv.
:h, a second drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a drive for ONLY £104.99. Up Id 16 grey Image.
Not only do.. Ih« SPI1 MU .1 300 Dpt - II I. Uh . Lupcrti hn.gr pHnl.t V PLUS - IU . Photocopier!! Ye.. Ju.1 pre.a slut ud II «UI delleei ¦ auperb giving high definition output print, ol .canned huge.. Krvou dump. Ate. Photocopy ol your original lo aecond.1 Ye to your favourite graphlcs DTP package - very suy to um.
IMT to install - connects to the Printer Poet ready to seen la o BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... or block ft white mode giving y TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? WHY NOT BUY ONE AND SEE - YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!
I f f v f V V 0 AI 1 w w B 100% machine code software for realtime functions.
HlRes sample editing.
¥ w * w w » Adjustable manual automatic rernrrf Iris Irvel record trig level.
ONLY £79.
ONLY £99.99 PLEASE STATE A500 1000 2000 f o 25 pin IF to 36 way Centronics parallel lead. 1.2m length.
? A5O0 or 1000. Please atate.
Y Midi In - Midi Out z3 - Midi Thru.
S Fully Opto isolated.
NLY £34.99 y Turn your Amiga Into a sophisticated measuring instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data Inputs, y Sample ft display events from microseconds to hours- with amplitudes from mllivolts to 50 volts.
Y A Hardware So ft ware package with very high spec. Including:- DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 2 channel Inputs.Manual or contlnuos display.
Timebase 500ms dlv to 20us div accurate to 5%.
9 6 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
PLOTTER DISPLAY w 256 * 256 display with 16 grey W levels.
W Realtime frame grab l 50th T second.
9 Takes standard composite Video input from camera or Video recorder.
'Sr Screen update 1 frame per second, single, continuous or buffered » display.
Load. Save facilities including IFF Save 7 Edit picture, cut, copy, paste and undo.
& Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, etc. y Increase the width of the display to 320 x 256 automatically or manually.
W Plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga 1000 500 2000.
Y Comes complete with IU own power pack.
ONLY £89.99 YAMAHA SHS 10 FM SYNTHESISER KEYBOARD Superbly styled guitar-type keyboard with ahoulder strap.
|f Top qnality brand name.
2.5 octave keyboard.
M 25 bullt-ln instrument and rhythm T choices.
Uses FM synthesis.
M Full MIDI standard.
MIDIMASTER INTERFACE & This unit connects your computer to any MIDI Instrument.
M Fully Opto isolated MIDI IN. MIDI T OUT. MIDI THRU.
S Just plug In and go.
FREE CABLES W 3 metre long MIDI Cables - completely FREED (normally £6.99). FOR ONLY £99.99 NO MORE TO BUY!!
C Slimline extra low profile unit - only 6" long!
® Top quality fully compatible drive mechanism.
NEW LOW PRICE ONLY €69.99 SINGLE DRIVE y Thro ugh port allows daisy-chaining I
* other drive s. I V A superbly styled case finished In T Amiga
colours 1 meg unformatted capacity.
Good length cable for positioning on your desk etc. ONLY £129.99 twin driv" ADD £5 FOR COURIER DELIVERY IF REQUIRED TjB y Dfl A DF2 controUed.
F Switch In out of external drives. Y Pita between compnter A drivers).
EXTERNAL DRIVE SWITCH @ Save on memory allocated for OBJ I V CO QQ Y drives not currently In use._ GENISCAN GS4500 AMIGA y Boost the output of your Amiga In glorious stereo.
30W ? SOW power amplifier.
S band graphic equaliser.
V Complete with cables for A500 ’ A1000 A2000 models.
Y Slimline colour matched metal case with btdlt-ln mains power unit.
S Headphone socket.
N LYE 59.99 High quality direct replacement for mouse on the Amiga, y Teflon glides for smoother movement.
Rubber coated ball for minimum allp.
Optical system counting - 500 mm.
Special offer - free mouse mat + mouse house I worth £7.99). featuring 105 mm scanning width A 400 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics A text on your
* computer screen.
Adjustable switches for brightness A contrast.
V A powerful partner for Desk Top Publishing.
S With Genlscan you have the ability to easily scan Images, text A graphics Into the AMIGA.
Printout for Epson compatibles.
V High quality miniature 3 wa speaker units In die-cast aluminium shelf enclosures.
& 30 Watts 8 ohm each.
SALES ONLY 0782 744707 TECHNICAL ONLY 0782 744324 V Model 420. High performance, low cost Bar Code Reader.
IB Works with any Amiga ST computer system (pleaae atate which) via the RS232 Interface.
M Features a built-in self-testing Y Available with without calendar T clock option.
V 91®ply plugs internally Into A5O0 slot.
Switch In out with switch supplied, y Pitted In minutes - no soldering etc. M Accepts 41256 Drams (xero K Y fitted).
Y With calendar clock onboard time date automatically booted, y Battery backed to retain time date.
Amiga Arcade Looking good for Christmas VIRGIN'S big shot at the Christmas number one slot is Tho Sales Curve’s conversion of the Ninja Warriors coin-op. It is being coded by Random Access, the same team that brought you Silkworm (96%, Amiga Computing. July 19891. And will feature some very advanced features to keep the action going at a breakneck pace.
Like most 16 bit games those days, backdrops and sprites will be loaded in as and when they are needed.
Where Ninja Warriors will differ from the rest, howov- or, is that it will load the next sequence on that level while you are still finishing off the baddies on the current screen.
Incredibly the gameplay does not slow down while this is happening. Well, not so you'd notice. If you study the sprites very carefully you may detect a slight hesitation in movement, but this is totally transparent to the player in the heat of the battle.
The game is set in a future world where the evil dictator Bangler controls the army, police and criminal underworld.
Some brave members of the oppressed population decide to rebel. In desperation they build two lethal fighting machines - tho Sales Curve managing director lane Cavanagh believes that Ninf Warriors Hill climb to greater heights than Silkworm Ninja Warriors.
Armed only with a knife and a limited supply of shuriken each, the two robotic freedom fighters for this is a one or two-player game - have to battle their way through six levels of enemios in order to confront and kill the dictator in his lair.
Each scene will pit you against Bangler's massod troops - knifeman, gunmen, grenade launchers and fierce dogs - plus additional enemies, including a hunchbacked ground spider. The ninja swordlady. A IIOLE-playing freaks will soon be able to get together in groups of one to three to play Sword of Twilight, a new fantasy game from Electronics Arts.
Written by Free all Associates, authors of the classic Archon. Sword of Twilight promises high quality graphics, an atmospheric soundtrack and sophisticated character interaction.
It is a world simulation involving characters with memories, attitudes and appetites, plus lands with time and tides.
¦The program has a unique conversation system ", says EA's user-inter- face Lesley Mansford. "It breathes life into tlw game's characters".
Watch out for it if you’re going to the PC Show.
All the latest news on J the games software scene REVIEWED THIS MONTH big dude called Iron Arm with an axe and ball and chain, a fire breather affectionately known as Death Breath, a sniper, some bats, a few laser firing robots and, of courso, the giant tank.
Knife ly of two ers - play- alfie evels Conor in you ssed men, and ional The soundtrack is from the arcade machine, lovingly transcribed on to the Amiga by the programmer, Ronald Pieket Weeserick, using his own software written specially for the job.
The first level music has been commissioned and will definitely be there, the second level tune maybe. If you've played the coin-op, you know how good the music is. In |apan you can buy the soundtrack on cassette.
So watch out for Ninja Warriors in the run up to Christmas. We think it’s gonna be hotter than July.
¦ Running for a golden hat-trick DESPITE the poor sales of Goldrunner II. Which Microdeal blames on piracy, the company is excited about its new release, Goldrunner 3D. Programmed bv the same team that made Falcon a huge success. ¦*- • So it'll come as no surprise to you that Goldrunner 3D resembles a flight simulator.
Graphics have been pushed well past their theoretical limits by use of a cunning screen splitting technique involving a mixture of 32 and 16 colour modes, giving a wide palette yet retaining high animation speed - 8 frames per second, enough to allow five big 3D baddies onscreen at once.
Listen out for the soundtrack - an inspiring 200k rendition of the Mars theme from Holst's Planet Suite by the popularly acclaimed David Whittaker.
Amiga Computing was given a sneak preview of FANCY infiltrating the Russian Red Army, battling with dinosaurs and having a go at a mechanical ape? And all this in the guise of a female? You do? Then what you need is Strider, the new coin-op conversion from Capcom.
Rattle your way to the snow-capped peaks of Siberia, hack your way through the southern lowlands where jungle tribes what to expect. In a reversal of current trends, all the graphics were developed on the Amiga and ported across to the ST. The game features some absolutely stunning animalurk with sharp spears and poisoned arrows, then return to Moscow to face the Grand Master of the Red Army.
The future of the western world depends upon your success in this ultimate confrontation, it says here. And you play a sissy female? Hmmm.
We're off to Australia just in case.
Tion sequences. The ship handles and feels much like the F-16 in Falcon.
It looks good, it sounds good, but will it play good?
Watch this space to find out.
91% Continental Circus 89% Waterloo 83% Arthur - The Quest 82% Oil Imperium 73% Paladin 69% Beach Volley 63% Omni-Play Basketball 59% Steel 56% Demon's Winter 55% Black Magic 50% Battle Valley 49% Legend of Djel 39% Garfield - A Winter’s Tale MAX HACKS
• Archipelagos
• Chariots of Wrath
• Dragon's Lair
• Forgotten Worlds
• Indiana Jones
• Out Run
• Populous
• The Krystal Gallup Chart A New Zealand Sion- 1 Ocean
* £24.99 7 A Robocop J Ocean Ml £19.99 NE A Falcon Mission 1 4
Mirrorsoft V £19.99 4 4 Populous ZI Electronic Arts T £24.95 1
¦ KidOS % .Amo J £19.99 3 ( A Lombard RAC Rallv « Mandarin J
£24.95 10 m TesHMve2 7 Accolade 1 £24.95 NE A Falcon X
Minorsofl 0 £29.95 9
* Grand Pm Cutuit J Accolade J £24.99 NE if Rid Dangerous 1(1
Fimbvd IV £24.99 NE FIFTY years after the war to end all wars
(part II). Britain is once again on the brink Of invasion -
this time one which she will no doubt welcome with open arms.
The threat comes from the multi-million dollar media machine that is Elvira, a cult figure in the States and Australia, whose worldwide popularity exceeds that of many heads of state. She certainly works harder than most of them.
After the offer of a rare one-to-one interview, the most expendable member of the staff (Green) was despatched Mayfairwards.
Equipped only with some essence of garlic and a list of every Van Helsing in the telephone book.
Starting out in a small Hollywood TV company.
The Elvira character developed from a mixture of the terrible-script she was given and Cassandra Peterson’s natural comic ability. Not quite what the TV company- wanted. But with eight years of fantastic success it is obviously what the public were after.
Enter stage left Tvnesoft looking for someone to promote its wares in the colonies. Seeking advice from a New York agency.
Tvnesoft was told that Elvira was the star it needed (anyone who rates Attack of the 50ft Woman as a good film can’t be all bad). A mutually beneficial deal was struck.
From a simple endorsement of Horrorsoft’s Personal Nightmare, the relationship has developed to the point of an Elvira game, going under the same title as her film, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark - recently released on video over here.
So watch out for waves upon waves of Elvira merchandise - comics, records, even a pinball machine.
Elvira confesses to be a bit of a pinball freak.
Advanced combat rules than most current games.
In this land where adventure and role-play meet, more emphasis is placed on tactical advantage and the swings made rather than on a set of numbers claiming you are invincible.
The game takes some ideas from the film and reworks them into a different plot. Elvira has inherited a ring and a castle in England where, shortly after moving in. She experiences some trouble with ghosts and the undead. The player assumes the role of a con man who has been contracted to clear up the matter.
If you think that Cassandra Peterson took a back seat in all this, then you are wrong. Never one to sit back and relax, she insisted on taking an active role in the game's development.
“I re-wrote some of the script for my character".
Cassandra told Amiga Computing, "and I made them change it from a necklace to a ring so it would tie in with the film better - things like that".
Expanding on the totally icon-driven nature of Personal Nightmare, the updated user interface now has "fluid" (as opposed to rigid) selection panels and more sensible control over objects.
The realtime action fight sequences feature 12 frames of animation each and. Says Tvnesoft. Use more TAKE one man whose sole aim in life is to complete the mission on which his father perished and sprinkle that with the savage danger dwelling on the African horizon - from restless nomads, angry natives and hungry cannibals, to bloodthirsty dinosaurs, lecherous animal life (that's what is says here!) And very unhappy witchdoctors.
All this adds up to System 3's new arcade adventure. Tusker - a three level jaunt in search of the much fabled elephants' graveyard.
Should be out by the time you read this.
The game is the first to take full advantage of Tynesoft's adventure creation system which allows everything to be written in plain English. This is realised in greater output and smaller development limes, the graphics being the only hold up.
A Midi sound track is provided, enabling owners with suitable hardware to get extra enjoyment. A full and impressive four channels have been constructed by Jezz Woodroffo, ex of Black Sabbath and the Robert Plant band - you remember them, they come after Pink Floyd in the album racks.
One-knight 10 stand 1 • M • Jezz is currently working on a new album which will feature a slightly re-mixed version of the Midi music from the game.
All this on five discs (so far) with a projected release date of Halloween.
MOKMINC your way Ilii.s (ihriMm.i.s wiU I*.* Ivanhoc.
.lit .Ifc.iiir styles bash bu*c J m this legendary hero of the same num ?.
Drvdoped by Ocean France and with graphics by a lady arlooiiist who worked on lhi? Aslcrix movie, in ivanhoe you will he conlroiited by all manner of human and mythical creatures as you fight your way horizontally through the adventure.
Armed initially with hut .1 sword and basic armour, you will have to defeat wizards. Pirates, dragons, hunters and many more characters in order to 'complete the quest.
.71 SL i :Sf rm h anhi"'.' Ijmks morr likr Aslrris hi as Your sister should know m United States for his many amazing achievements.
He's big. He's bad. And he's signed with US Gold.
Tho question is: Who is ho. And what's the name of the game?
Answers on a postcard please to: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Competition.
Amiga Computing. North House. 78-84 Ongar Road.
Brentwood. Essex. CM 15 9BG.
Bundles of T shirts and posters up for grabs. Closing date October 31.1989. HE is credited with the biggest selling album of all time - more than 40 million copies sold - and has won oight Grammios. Soven music awards, four video awards plus the BP1 award for best international artist.
He performs sell-out concerts all over the world.
Since 1980 he has achieved nine number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 - more than any other artist this decade.
He has received an award from the President of the KEEP the Thief was abandoned as a baby outside the Temple of Mem. All say ah.
The priests attempted to train Keef in the ways of Mem - goody-goody stuff like battle and magic and all that - but he mastered none of them. Instead he trained himself to be a tea-leaf.
He was banished from the temple and left to survive in the Tri-city area, using his skill at thieving and his basic training in the priestly arts.
Exploring the city, he hears rumours of powerful weapons, strange cities and of Telloc the god king who once ruled the city by virtue of a magic statue.
When he was overthrown the statue was broken into six pieces and - you guessed it - scattered about the kingdom. Keef decides fo embark on a quest... Electronic Arts PR person Lesley Mansford told Amiga Computing: "Keef the Thief features stunning graphics, great music and lots of humour".
Out in October some time, price £24.99. THE development of Mars Cops, the space age- arcade adventure from Arcana, has been arrested for the fourth time, We told you in September how two programmers had walked off the job and how company boss and chief programmer Max Taylor had locked himself away in a secret Edinburgh hideaway to finish the game.
Well, the situation has changed yet again.
“We have now got someone else working on it", says Max, "We hope to have it ready by the end of the year ", Will we ever see it?
Answers on a postcard please to... Buu What from 1 Spiked Club__ Weapons 1 30 11 Spiked 6loves 3H[ Dirk 2 0 . Throwing Dagger_ 1 80 We can't wait for this one Readysoft plays its ace here by Entertainment International.
HOW can you possibly top Dragon's Lair? Simple, the same way as the arcade game did. The sequel to Don Bluth’s animated arcade antics was Space Ace.
Predictably this has followed Dragon's Lair to the Amiga. The program has been written for Readysoft, the people who brought you Dragon's, and will be sold The plot is one of a brave space adventurer (you), a pretty girlie, and an evil man (no, not Nigel Lawson).
Rescue girl from dragon - sorry, man - and make off in your spaceship.
Expect it to cost squil- lions and use more discs than Sony makes in a good month, well six actually.
GOLF has always been a difficult game to simulate accurately on a computer.
It's the huge number of factors that does it. In real life even the simplest thing - the flight of a ball, for instance - is affected by a multitude of parameters, in this case ranging from Ihe physical characteristics of the ball itself through to the atmospheric conditions at the time of flight.
When designing Greg Norman's Shark Attack - Ultimate Golf, the programmers at Gremlin Graphics p decided that the only way 1 p to produce a truly realistic simulation was to include I t as many of these factors as I i possible.
They took real holes and real courses and created accurate 3D models from them, including height and vegetation information.
They simulated global weather conditions for all 12 months of the year. Then they took professional advice on how to create, not only a golf game, but a teaching aid as well.
At last, eight man-years later, they believe that the ¦ AMIGA ARCADE ¦ Walk like an Egyptian simulation product they have produced is worthy of the title Ultimate Golf.
The realtime animations of the golfer are digitised sequences of Greg Norman taking shots. Digitised sound effects accompany the action. And arguably the most important feature of any golf simulation, the screen update time, is faster than all its rivals - something of which the programming team is particularly proud.
The game features a multitude of levels, from a simple arcade style swipe-about to very accurate simulations of foursomes, greensomes.
Fourball and normal single games. Both matchplay and slrokeplay scoring methods are implemented.
A computer caddy can give you advice on what club to select and how to use it. There are many different swing styles and spins to choose from, along with diagrams showing how the ball will travel. A true- to- life handicapping system ensures that the game gets harder as you get better.
If you want to check out SOMEWHERE in the labyrinths of the Eye of Horus. The new arcade adventure from Logotron.
Lies the awesome presence of your evil half-brother.
Set. Such is Set's power that he can animate hieroglyphics, which peel off Ihe murals and attack you.
Your quest is to search the scenery there is the ability to walk around the courso to visit every tree, bush, bunker, lake or piece of rough land.
Computer controlled players can be set at any rank from novice to professional. If you're feeling real lazy, just sit back and watch the game being played by four Greg Normans.
To top it off, a disc-based database will hold up to 100 players and their personal attributes. "AH that is missing". Says programmer Paul Blythe, "is the birdsong.
And if we had more room, we’d have stuck that in too”. It'll be out in November, so you’ll have plenty of lime to practise for the 1990 Ryder Cup team.
Out the seven pieces of the late but great Osiris (your father) and return them to the proper burial chamber.
As if that plot wasn't enough to make you buy Ihe game. Logolron is putting an enlry form in overy Eye of Horus lo win a trip lo Cairo. Yes, seven days (and nights) for two FOR three years French programmer Paul Cuissel has been quietly working on a new type of computer game.
He worked out, all by himself mind you, that more people would enjoy playing adventure games if they didn't have to type in so much text. So he invented a new system that uses the adventure style within an animated game.
Obviously Paul has not people, flight and three star hotel included. Can’t be bad.
)ano Smith. Logotron's newly appointed marketing person, told Amiga Computing: "We chose Egypt because we felt it was more appropriate lo Eye of Horus than Blackpool".
Heard of Cinemaware - a similar system from the USA which spawned Defender of the Crown at the dawn of the Amiga.
Anyway, Paul has sold his system - Cinematique - to Delphine Software, and the first game to be developed on it is Future Wars: lime Travellers.
We think you can guess the plot. Look out for it about PC Show time.
JfekElectronics 11
• B700 UoOM
• 20 MB Hard DM
* PC-XT BrtSga Boo*
• Floppy Or*.
• 1084 Storoo Colour Monitor QUO C47J0 QUO
05. 90 C1U0 GFABmK- Gc*)»p«i II GomflO Comp Pro Sc ora Comp Pro
Extra Government, Educational, Corporate and Export Orders
Welcome Q 'XfATT T T ivri kOFF ¦ feTim r 1 J ¦ i Li YOU don':
seed :o be seven fee: tall end come from Harlem lo play
basketball. This seems to be the message from SporlTime in
Ibis release, which aims to combine action with coach* ing
The gsmo flsime io offer a new system of simulation programs where additional modules can be added to your existing system by "Clipping the coupon" sod sending it to Unde Sam (don't forget the zip code). A very interesting ploy, gating people to pay for additional features which should have been includod in the original game.
The game setup is under the guise of installing separate modules - these are the modules that you have to pay extra for.
Admittedly it may have been difficult to fit all those features in memory imuluncou4ly, but it ih still a bit much to ask people to pay for 'fig v-|mt« .imi» mOTC ooce. No nutter if you can view the court from above, from the side or horn jpviHfl a cheerleader’s 7 shin.
SportTime flairs that rhi* is a step forward m technology, as is its system of flow control, where instead of controlling your team at all times you merely take over at a cruaal moment.
This makes it easier for them to program and harder for you to play, as your star player suddenly halts underneath the basket and stands motionless before disappearing a ff»nrw of opposing players.
Should've been ready, shouldn't you. - Admittedly tnere ore advantages to ihi* system. It is possible to get to it after a while, naving the computer do half of your move. Doc. Mean you Can last out a match without the inevitable joystick wounds.
Aside irom chosing the initial team, the coach has other important duties to perform. Strategic use of timeouts can swing the game, not only by giving you the rr..n -e [q meve r rr. Changes, but also by breaking up your opponents’ attack. A keen eye for a bar- gain, and the willingness to torture your in the training camp, are useful.
Do well in the league and you get to travel all over the place for tho playoffs. Which way is Wyoming? But the competition is tight for the glory spot at the top.
Players* performances also seems to depend on how important the mmfh is - a very realistic feature.
Other features include recruiting your team from the various college leagues, so exploitation is the nsme of the game, conning poor students to come and play for you and then chucking them out when they gel injured beyond repair. Tnat's the way of the world - well at least it is in America.
By as the most entertaining part of the game is the pre-match preview and half-time roundup hosted by those two lovable rogues. Nick and Bob. A well animated and detailed synopsis of the sUle of the teams, and roughly how badly Deaten you will be. Follows.
Someone certainly went through hoops to write the manual - S6' pages full of diagrams, every menu item explained in the most exact detail and the worst spelling.
Tnere is an overall polish to the game which is hard not to respect - except, that is, for tho game dis- play. The bottom 56 are oiler- nately filled with garbage or the top of the referee, waiting to pop up. Obviously on an NTSC screen this doesn’t matter, but we are not Airstrip One yet.
Aside irom that, everything is graphically good, though some of the action is a little on the small side.
As a simulation. RL.tv.vKsn mils down on playability. There isn't enough range or depth to the action, the experience being more live watching a gsme being played rather iKsn competing yourself.
As a naMflBDBU vxtxr"* there is a little more s cope for intercsti more to watch for and more feeling of actually being on the bench. My impression is that the game has fallen between the two baskets Green ,Vov.ro NW UIW AMIGA cnunmNG 11 A T! HPT TT TIT r r TT70HH nmrTT?
Joust when you thought it was safe... NO. It's nothing to do with ; Dudley Moore, this is Arthur as in the ancient Saxon king. No.
Not Arthur N'egus. Look I'll start from the beginning, snail r?
There are many versions of the Arthurian legends. But all of them have One Or tWO thlnn m rrmmm Lancelot, jpyshn round table.
Camelot and, of course, a magical sworn called Excalibur.
But here the tales begin to HjnW I For inctAnri* one Mthool of talks of the "sword in the stone" being Excalibur, whereas Geoff of You are hovering over the moor. To the vest lies the edge of the enchanted forest, and to the northwest is the forest proper.
Belov you to the east is the thick cloud of fog, and south of that you can see the castle. The roofs of the town lie to the south, arid the meadow outside the town lies to the southwest.
Monmouth insists that the magical sword was given to Arthur by the Lady of the laic at a later date.
In actual historical fact there was no jousting. Camelot was probably a collection of tents rather than a stone castle, and the table? yes. It was more probably square.
As for Arthur himself, much mystery and debate surrounds the legend, as it does the life of Christ, and it is enntasmd with an almost religious fervour.
In its version of the legend.
Iniocom has compromised, weaving most of these stories into the plot. Some of the other mythical figures and places that emerged from rhi period are drawn into the story.
Ibis is quite pleasing as it gives the player the real feel of ihi rnost magical of line, without giving in* answers away if he or she already knows the mythology. In fact, this adventure concentrates on the period leading up to Arthur becoming king, of which not very much is.*, known, historically or otherwise.
Tne story opens in the church- i rtbove moor Gononh yard where the sword in the stone is being kept. The local bad guy.
King Lot. Is determined that he will be High King of England, so he half-inches the stone and pretends he has pulled the sword out. He plans to be crowned High King on Christmas Day, in 72 hours' time.
With the help of Merlin. Arthur must find some way to stop him.
Unfortunately Merlin reckons that Arthur isn't yet ready to be King. First he must prove that he is wise, brave, chivalrous and experienced enough to be leader of all Fnglami He also must find a way into Lot's castle to find out what the evil person is up to.
Various mini-quests will take Arthur Into the surrounding countryside to face magical knights, wild animals, mythical beasts and »»nrrmqr.vi forests.
The usual Infocom Help menu is included, probably the best help system in the world. Clues are revealed ranging from the so obscure tiie author didn't real- ly know what was going on. To the thunderingly obvious which everyone's pet hamster, or even mother, would twig ta Some problems are merely a question of having the correct objects or having previously completed some other part of the adventure, others require a great died of logic and. I venture to say.
At least one peek at the hints.
There is a varioty of screen modes, incorporating text only, graphics or a rather useful mapping mooe which allows you to use the mouse to click on any adjacent location or to choose a direction from the on-screen compass. This is a great aid to rapid travel, especially in later stages where you may find yourself rushing backwards and forwards quite a bit.
Parsing is very good throughout, with the exception of the "say" rnmm nd which is a bit strange in its usage. But it's seldom needed, anyway. Graphics are pleasing throughout, although 1 belong to the school of thought that you only look at the picture once, so it is a hit of a waste of space.
Iniocom is quite good about this since there are only three full- framo pictures, the rest being confined to a vmall bm nevertheless attractive, graphic in the top centre. They do say. After all. That size doesn't matter - it's where you put it that counts.
Arthur, like most games from iniocom. Is a highly polished example of the state of the art in adventures. Yet unless one is very careful with the hints, it can be over Or too quickly.
Luanda Orr Arthur- Thi'Quasi £24M You are standing at the edge of a river. To the vest lies the path hack into the bog. Passage across the ford to the east is blocked by a fearsome looking knight in black armour.
Haw you got any Paladin?
Say “Vant to buy some Drugs ?“| Overall - 83% PAL-ADD-IN? Vassal then? A new board for European screens? Ob. You mean Paladin is in Paladin and the Lamp? No?
Hang on. IH look it up in the dictionary... Ah. Paladin: A knight errant, a paragon of knighthood.
Hmmm. Doesn't say anything in here about running around killing and maiming and relieving people of their wealth.
As a young hopeful, you are striving io become a fully fledged knight in Arthur's court to order to prove your worth you must tackle hazardous quests, rescuing damsels
- some of whom look more wanton than distressed - and fighting
off dragons, all in the interests of self- lmpfotTfflm?.
Wouldn't it have been easier to do a course with the Of?
To aid you in your quests you will always have a small band of witless comrades-in-arms, or cannon fodder, depending on how honest you want to be. Their job is to do all the dirty and dangerous work while you reap all the glory.
Well, that's what being a knight is all about, isn't it?
However, the first puzzle any aspiring Galahad mast solve is how to get the game started. Not as easy as it sounds. First of all. Unless you want your gallant hero to be called Brandon, you have to call up the quest designer and create a new Paladin with a decent name like Bonecrusher. Once saved, you must quit back to Workbench and click on Paladin proper.
Afler battling with the obligatory copy-protection password, nothing happens. Time to look a! The manual again. Select New from the first pull-down menu and your quest is begun. Or rather, your quest to begin your quest has begun.
Now do battle with the fearsome requesters, which want to know everything about all the files Nothing adsfatrr then Peleiin Paladin seems to need. These requesters lack the simplicity with which they are normally endowed and can become quite a chore, alternating incessantly between using the keyboard and the mouse instead of the option of one or the other.
The quests range in difficulty from Easy (reod quite hard) to Very Hard (read impossible) and are designed so your character can gradually improve over each quest until he tries out for his knighthood.
The improvement made each time depends on how active the character has been, so pop out from Garfield, the feline &tso with the sardonic smirk, is dreaming about all the royalties he could jet for appearing in a computer jame. Ail the lasange he could bur with the money.
More like a horror Garfield has a big smile on his wide chops. But wait, a cloud passes over his face. Something is amiss. Deep in dreamworld Garfield has signed up with The Edge, but notices that Tim Langdell. The boss of the company, doesn't smell quite right. A first inkling of the horror to come.
Then Garfield notices that there are holes in Tim's jumper, and that he's wearing a tatty old hat. Odd.
But it gets odder when Tim shows Garfield how the game is progressing some months later.
There's a scrolling section, a scene in a chocolate factory and a skating part. But where's the Garfield, the plump one asks, bemused. Right where we want him. SnarLs Tim. Six-inch blades flashing across the office, glinting in the moonlight streaming through the window.
Garfield meows in surprise and finds himself catapulted into the game, becoming the computer version of himself Tim has vanished as Garfield peers out from under a blanket.
There's the open fridge and part of his home, but he can only see grey nothingness extending beyond the edge of the room. Garfield realises that there is no way out of this screen, unless-, unless he plays the game.
But to do that he needs to be asleep. Thinking of oceans of lasagne and planets of chocolate he eventually nods off. Floating above in a dream-thought bubble is the choice of the three adventures, completion of which in the right order leads to the fourth and. Just maybe, freedom.
He selects the alpine racer choice and a dream version of him- self wanders off the screen in search of escape.
Finding himsefi on a pair of skis is quite frightening for an over- weight cat, especially, as in all .‘i Ahttr.A mumnwc Nnnmher rwto Lfc't a hcoch. Then you many one behind your human shield every now and th*-n and kill a hall-dead monster just to keep up appearances.
The quests are entertaining and the graphics are generally good.
Some sound effects are relatively pleasant, but being subjected to them constantly would give even dream*, hi* movement is terribly slow. It's like skiing through treacle.
Log*, tree*, bushes, shrub* and other obstruction* scroll up all to be avoided. It isn't too easy swerving out of the way. So jumping is the nest bet. Going over the ramps with a jump sends him flying through the air. A much quicker and safer way than skiing along the ground.
On the bottom of the dream screen a little vignette of Garfield looks sleepier and sleepier each lune ho falls foul of an obstruction.
To keep his dreamself awake, Garfield must swerve violently towards the edge of the screen with his mouth open in order to intercept the local villagers who stand with plates of cake and food.
The mo*t patient of knight* cau*e to reach for the volume control.
Vanou* «*pect* of your knighthood arc like your ability to bounce *word* off your bare chest, lough in the face of dragons breath and. Most vitally, how fast on your feet you are.
One of the most important Unfortunately no sooner does Garfield see the nosh than the holder of it has scrolled past out of sight There's nothing lor it but to keep jumping. Even if he can't huar the sound of skiing or very little else except for some tuneless dirge in the background.
Eventually Carfiold finishes the course and staggers into a lasagne factory. As he sits down to scoff, he knows that he's more like the Martin Bells of the skiing world than the Franz Klammers.
Then Garfield finds himself wandering around a very blandly painted factory, trying to turn valve* so that a supply of feed gets through to various chocolate egg- laying chickens.
Up conveyor belts and down poles, up and down in lifts, and Thmgv to nvt ;* the deployment of your mmiooi and nuking *urc liio)' lake out a fair number of toadies before Ihey gel it. Os they more than liiely will.
Amulet*, potion*, weapon* and the rest of the department *tore li*t of which litter d*ni hovel* and enemy ca*tle* arc prc*ent in comicopiel plenty, all waiting to be picked up and horribly vi*ited upon their former owner*.
Encumbcrence rule* arc properly applied to movement.
The icon-driven *y*lem of man
m. in.i i*m,-nr i* unncce**urilv com* plicated by the addition of
command combination*, ucb a* Alt plu* left mouse button, in
order to change a character* direction.
Someone should've tola Artronic tiu: a mou*c wo* meant lo make thinfiv cQiicr.
The quest buildor give* the scope to design new adventure* for your friend* or alter tho present more jumping and trying to turn those infernal valves, and then wandering all the way over to the one screen which tells you how- many chickens out of four you've fed.
All the while Garfield is getting sleepier, and although there's bits of food around, there isn't enough since a randomly appearing Odie keep* pjnfhing iL Poor Carfield. Even if the lack of food wasn't making him sleepy, the boredom of the factory would. Tim watche* on. And cackle* manicaliy.
Bui now he finds himself on ice skates, tearing around a pond lit- tcred with snow. Tyre*, and half of the sprites from the first game.
Only he's going too fast and he can't slow down unless.. Crunch!
He's stopped now. Hut as soon as oflr (o make them or to your preference. Subsequent data discs are planned which will interface to the present system.
Whilo dispensing with some of the raw randomne** of true role- playing, there is more of the feel of actually participating in a proper adventure. So if any man woula be a knight ana follow a king, follow Paladin.
Lucinda Orr Paladin aasu Antonie Graptuc* Overall - 73 he starts up again in the quest to find the missing rfuv-r lsi. Egg-laying chicken, he's racing along.
Even the ability to tum Mi degrees instantly doesn't help when you hardly have time to see. Oh no. A dead cnd_ Crunch!
That's it for poor Garfield, his alter ego from dreamland return* 10 his captive computerised torso and shivers under the blanket. Garfield can only sit and wait, and hope lhai *omc talented individual with the patience of Job can finish the game and rescue him from this nightmare that The Edge created.
Duncan Evan* _n Anmnr t 1 T7 A ’ M ' * Several bridges too far f- *TjT5?7T rr.iirryY * pttlfclMd Domaiaape 500 seconds leas.
Battle Valloy waa originally a budget releaae on the older rndirhinev. And to aay that you rin tell ia a bit cruel. Multi-layer acenery aaoll. With very fine detail and good pcrapactive. Doean't come cheap. Nor doea well planned and executed aound effecta and a bearable tune, even thfuiofi ihe latter xiiic on the Cfri'aSID.
It'a juat that the the gameplay ia rm onj [he eluaiw apark that ia ao ram at the £2.» price point. But if we aplaah out £20 on a game we want - unleaa we're on a tax loaa binge - a bit of laating enjoyment, or at leaat a high that no volume of black coffee could ever produce.
Well, maybe not. But hopetully you 1 get the idea.
NUCLEAR miaailoa are rather : annoying; all they ever seem to do ia coat a lot of money. I mean, you could uae a pair of them aa elothea polea. Tomato aupporta or posi-modcmul j ird«*p. Ormimests.
Tsai what happened in Battle Valley. Tne local terroriat commune amply couldn't get their faLgLCl the eieH of jr.- I.- aha'ei that they What they eaaHari waa a proper drying facility, and aince the nearby nuke baae waa being diamantlod. They borrowed a couple of medium-rangera for the back lawn.
They weren't any uae - the rope kept alipping off the noae ao they had to find a new uae far them. Tney hit on the ingenroua idea of holding the westers world to ranaom. Since all the other nukea had gone, they had aome bargaining power.
Thia ia Not On: apart from the fact that it'a not aporting. There'd be zilcho game otherwiae. In their uaual way. The Pentagon can't handle it. Ao they call in a mercenary- you.
You've got to deatroy all the ter- roriat baaea and get the miaailca i&tO «i many pj Qp 4 f.ink: can render. You've got a helicopter to do the ground work and a tank to do the real. Slightly unconven- tioaaL true, but it aeema to work.
So you fly along, taking out anything which could barn the tank, and winching in new bridge aec- tiona to allow the tank to croaa the Tnat'a why you muat uae the tank.
Otherwiae it would be a Silkworm clone. Except Silkworm doean't have a narrowed down acreen - Bailie Valiev docs.
Ll isn't ohm filing in the tank.
Some surface insfalUtiflO* are too hidden for the helicopter to get so they need a little working over before tbev aee the merit in exploding.
Tne lemmata haw tnoughttully left pilea of ammo juat where a caretul pilot or driver might find them- how fortuitous.
It'a not that atraightforward.
Though. You have to uae the winch from the helicopter or a complex crane arrangement from the It can prove a little difficult. It'a much eaaier juat to craah and reaten. With full ammo, but with Howaon could have done ua all a favour and converted Anarchy ita other famoua budget game, which didn't have graphics, but did haw captivating gameplay. Battle Valley 1x0*1 actually bad: it'a quite clever inside, but dull on the outside, and conaequeotly '..-v hi.. Stewart C Kuaaell Battle Valley C19M rivers.
The chopper'a miaailea make*- ¦ abort work of the gun cmplace- menta and SAM launchera. But have no effect on the outpoata. 1 Pur anger a your Uaik ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦•¦¦a irnu fi ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ T1NIK is a visual hast.vvilh o*cr 100 locations and scores if animated characters.
A large orbiting spate station to explore, time machines to discover and journevs to make into the pasl. Brave the battlefields of the Crimea, escape the lions of the Circus Maximus and locate the Amulet of Merlin.
TIME it the Journey of a lifetime!
Only possible for AMIGA and ATARI ST £29. W Cher 3 dhks on ST and 2 dhks on Amiga EMPIRE SOFTWARE 4 THE STANNETTS IAIND0N NORTH TRADE CENTRE BASILDON ESSEX SS1560J PHONE (0268) 541126 Mother Supenot sxei* da old fiane People who like pieymg GAMES DEMON'S WINTER When hell freezes over Dungeons and Dragons bui don't fancy spending their time collecting multi-sided dice generally progress an to computers. Which haw their own sc! Of dice ana are leu likely to accidentally murage them at a critical moment - an nrri«f ?jrA.h! .Z the y.Til-
r. QV,-. SUCh poOplfl tCOU to frequent.
Software houses. Although perhaps a bn alow on the uptake, now
• mock out DxD type games by the basketful! - they know a good
thing when they see one (Oh yeah?) And they also know a good
thing when they ace a had one.
Moat of theae guinea haw a sec- non for character generation followed by the main part of the game, an adventure of aomo aort.
Uaually aome quest randomly punctuated by aending lota of happy-go- lucky monalera which frolic ocroaa your path to wherever it ia they go when they have boca jivn~irfr.bpfpd aM trousced upon.
Demon a Winter, unfortunately, ia no exception.
To atari with, you muat create a party with five membcra. If your namo'a David Owen you already have one. Tne party Can be made up of any of the uaual character palaflm, ru'ij**. :urtnr,*r,.
Mank. Wizard. LiucJ. Cienc sad so oa fkjr ftrr ~ u Z -i 1 » choOSC his nee. But imicctum*teiv co mdi- cation ia made of which race ia auitcd to which type of persona.
Choractera may be added to or removed from thia liat at any lime but there muat alwaya be fiw mem- bera of the party before you can enter the adventure, even if aome of them ore dead. Once again, a hit like ihe SDP.
Death ia but a mild inconvenience. A alight malady that Can aaaily be cured for around 90 gold piecea. No questions eaked. No money bock, no guarantee. Hoalera akillcd in the art of reaurrection wiuch is just well, 'cos the Reaper is oulsido unfl ho's i& hia working clothes.
You aegm in aome ruins. It ia a good idea to viait the nearby village and buy aome fearaomc weapona before you run into anything naaty.
Monka can bo quito good at karate, but anyone elae without a weapon would beat apend their ulLick period for Qacibmg hig JT'-ri olid 10 hide hehiod ~ ihe Wizards ore pretty good guys to get to know. Too. They may be rather weak, but even the loweat novice can unloaah horribly deatructive power with a softly apoken magic apell.
Once auitobly equipped you ate prepared for. Well, exploring and thinga 1 auppoac. Or whatever elae it ia that archetypal hcroca do.
When you enter a village a acrica of gadgets appeota with all the pom- btc mowa you con moke. You con viait the pub. Go to church, have a Overall - 56 kip in the inn Similar gadgota appear when you make camp. You Can go hunting pray, go to aloep. Along with a whole hoat of other options. It ia annoying that you have to make ¦~-j ~ p IQ ChiTidCTiS* lies of your chsrsders or 10 equip them with weapona.
There ore objectives. Thinga to obtain, placea to explore and a amall number of puzzles to aolve.
But moat of your tune will be apcnt boating off random aaaortmenta of lad guya who ore out to apoil your day.
The fight aconea ore the moat diaappointing port of the gome.
The graphics could done better on a Spectrum, the aound effecta are eaaily aurpoaaed by thoae of the Oric. Boaicolly you ore left with a program that would run more happily on an o bit machine.
I. urinda Pit PXOCXAMMEXS are inevitahly uitcrcated m either
boer. Ao- ' f A I Baa- J I = ence fiction. JKKR Tolkein. Or
oil three. Thia rneona that if they canT work an alcoholic
spaceman mia a gome, they will turn to the myatcn- oua and
occult, aa in the Coae of thia latcat offering from Tomahawk,
the French aoftware houae reapon- aible for Emmanuel. French
pro- grammera arc obviouaiy intereamd m one more subject The
uac of wizorda and magic to form the baua of a plot ia not
what you might call atortlinglv original; even the early
adventure gamea on the firat eijierr..maN nwvi ms u- aa on
major plot device.
Ca* tml* ft VftMrkn SbIcobb, my son noos«: It waa therefore with totally unbaited breath1 awitched o5 my extra memory and re-booteo Legend of Djel to aco who! Aort of magical myatery tour I woa letbng myaelf m ion Tne booklet accompanying the game ia a wonderful example of what 1992 holda in atoro for us. It oltompla to aet an atmoapheric scene, and f ilv miserably.
Why do our European frienda inaiat of tronalating inatructiona themaelvea? Would it coat too much to oak aomeonc who hod at leaat glanced at an English-to- French dictionary or liatened to BBC World Service to look over the inatructiona? Here ia one of the best lirnv 'At the moment of confrontation you will be projected into'.
Sounda v my painful and probably The atory eventually forthcoming from ccei-c rhi Euro-mounlain of miamatched prove ia the nmsl aoap opera jet in a land in the tar future.
You play the part of a wizard fulli.1 Djel pronounced gel. Aa in tho stuff Green puta on hia C'-1' - arm your career goala ore to rescue a girly. Save a country from atarva- tion and cure a major outbreak of Every aelf-reapecting wizard keepa abreoat of new technology, and Djel ia no exception. Ho hxa tho lateat vcraion of Workbench, which ia covered in many up-to- iho-momcal wtilitifs f*A*r.rr*v 5 K r.riWi fcjy mOSl modem multi-rate cryatal ball, with hardware error correction.
The lijtiruu- ayatem ia msns- ug oy the lateat version of dBrain (Dragon's Brain).
Many more systems tasks are also entered. All accessed by clicking on the easy-to-use rat. Er.
Monse. Using the standard Wimp system - Wards. Icons. Magic and Potions.
By clicking on the various icons.
Die! Can check op on his status, or even pop out to a different country.
This is achieved by plating with an animated icon on the far wall.
A cm!dron In fV Iibnsrr* cooUnj tV ftoota A problem presents itself once each new location has been tlre- somely loaded from disc. These problems are usually little more than doing the right thing at the right time, but occasionally you are tort Into combat with a hideous monster &oom *ber dimension.
Combat mar be of a physical or a mental nature. Being a devout coward, when D)e! In under my command he always tries to out- think his opponent. This is attempted on a small grid where Dfel and his enemy take it in turns to more a plating pieo1 and place blocking mores. Whoever gets totally blocked first loses.
The other action sequences are hr from statoof-tbe art Although the graphics are occasionally wonderful. Their animation Isn't It Is therefore best to think of them as little breaks from the puzzling side of the adventure.
This is. Of course, where it all ills down, because the adventure side is not particolarfy rainsi-shat- tering. The use of the mouse auto matlcally limits the player's actions, and can lead to the very unscientific approach of clicking everything in sight. To tre to solve this problem your total number of clicks is limited What a cop out T'xnrihan k Overall - 49' Iota Kennedy nnPTTT'T Me UR 1| .
STEEL is a Bless of pig iroa auc carbon which can be manipulated by temperature :o give the deviled qualities - high carbon cosiest to: strength. Low cosleol for flexibility. Steel, it also transpires, it j sew gatse from Hewtoa.
If you were cool asd hard with- oul 4 hok* in the m4 1k tfn*n you would probably be a vhjcl common- do. A teas with a mission - tony, a rooot with a mission.
Your late, thould you decide to accept it (tint review will self di- trucl is five q- tooscr it the editor gctt hit hasdt os it) it to board a tpacethip whotc robotic crow hat gase rogue.
Shut down the tytlcm by dead- vjtlP.g the j pr.TjIv (thlk ¦ fhghty irregular. Dave) asd plugging is
• cartndget that you’ll fied at variout poisit about the ship.
Exactly why you should do this is sever explained, sor why you is particular should do it. As asdroid't lot it sot a happy one.
To deactivate each terminal you must ploy a sub-gome. These are all coaly the *asc. V-*ywir.g nolo in moving conveyor belts, agaiott the docs. .Ml very reminiscent of as old arcade called Phoenix.
Thete sub-games arc sot popularly taxing asd so: fatal if you khould manage oschow 10 lox.
They |ust knock a bit off your energy asd let you get os with it Aside from insidious sub-games, rogue robots patrol the corridor waiting to deal out uis&ary ju»* tice to any infiltrator. These mew-fi-on rr_il mpjj £QS4* Ifi thTOC Savours - big ones that bounce off you, little ones that shoot at you and n di'ir- one* ihoot at you asd thes bounce off you.
Oagdog nd remember, bouncing urc means trouscisg - they'll Lick seven shades of alloys out of you if you let them. That's what you get for pretending the danger's not real When you're feeling down there are frequent fuel slops where points make energy increases.
However, it is rare that the dcnuens of such areas will leave you in peace for a complete refuel.
Control of your man of steel is very frustrating OK. He moves up and down corridors pretty well, but just try shooting something You have to be moving towards them. And why are you trying to shoot them? Yes. It's to stop them from crashing into you. V«y clever.
Hazardous oxc one rhin hut eying lo complete then*, with a lumbering of junk u a no*0rain volunteer job.
If thcTC l Oiie Uung f *-¦* fT-i'srv 4 gas* setasorphikc from a cdal* lenge mm that great spoctre of frustration. It is gameplay purposely d«*vjgn**1 to ihc harder.
It ik equally an -I'lmvtiAn of failure on the programmer'* part if he can't rr-“«* tHe uxign enough without japing kocsungly cn*e- less limitatiOQs on the plays.
Agrcod. It's quite hard, but so is building a Ferrari out of Swiss cheese. And at least you'd get on to Wogas if you did that.
Sirri afua ilcWUtO The game is not too bad graphically. Excellence in this department is really the hallmark of Hcw on game*. And although ihiv or,* look* a little m pN****.
It's soil well above average. There isn't much by way of animation, but then tncre an’t all such to Overall - 63' The wasdermg monsters play so real pan in the plot, they're just there to get in the way. They're not eves consistent, bocause they- don’t travel from one screen to the next - they're iu*z rondos annoyance.
With a plot similar to Paradroid.
And from the same software house, you are fix-given for thinking mat it may be more than just the same Ored old more stuff - but it's nob Green Wis i! Like lo run Waterloo Station? Can your ticket collectors halt the advance of the fare dodgers or will they be able to regroup under the clock? In an exciting new wargame from PSS... What? Nothing to do with trains?
Oh, that Waterloo, Ahem. Napoleon was famous not only for his brandy, but also for his Waterloo, of which it has been said that all great men will meet theirs (and not only by Abba).
So it was that on the 18th june
1818. Wellington found himself on top of a hill in central
Belgium looking across a very narrow valley at the massed
guns and troops of Napoleon's army. An awesome sight, for
Napoleon had arranged his larger number of men on the
opposite face so as to be clearly visible, thus gaining the
maximum psychological advantage.
Wellington faced the most uncertain battle of his career. He could not count on the Prussian reinforcements arriving in lime, much of his army was made up of semi-skilled militia forces, and arguably the greatest general of the period had his HQ some two miles south of him.
What would you have done?
How would you have fared in one of the greatest battles of all time, where defeat and victory depended as much on reacting quickly to chance and providence as it did to well laid battle plans?
PSS has produced a package which attempts to mimmick faithfully the conditions and atmosphere of that most historic of moments.
You may take charge of either the French or the Allied armies to see if you could have changed history.
What sets this apart from other battle simulations is that there is no godlike overview of the entire Field of combat - you can only see from a ground perspective. If you want to make things even more realistic you can choose only to see the Field from your HQ, meaning you will have to move around a lot which is dangerous and time-wasting.
Another way in which Waterloo surpasses other wargames is the intelligence of the company commanders. In the early 19th century, duo to lack of efficient communications most company commanders felt free to ¦‘interpret" orders from a higher authority in cases when they felt the order was out of date or where they had a special local knowledge not possessed by their general.
This means that Wellington and Napoleon did not directly command their troops, more sort of request them to do something. This can get very frustrating when troops refuse to advance, or worse.
Go charging unsupported into the enemy strength.
It becomes easy to understand how certain generals were more favoured and given command of larger numbers of troops or more important positions on the field.
Messages, orders and battle reports must all be sent by rider. So by the time information is recieved. If it is received, it may well be too late or hopelessly out of date. I once received a battlo report from a front-line general more than six hours after I asked him for it Clearly a lot of important decisions have to be made intuitively with little or no knowledge of the current situation.
The command parser is fairly intelligent. All the orders are gra- matically correct, but it can be a little pernickety about the spelling of obscure village names.
Graphics are OK. But can be painfully slow in places. They are Aukl ¦ U l HUB 111 Hln I ftVLBK Let's play at being Nakajima UMOUR has it that the japanese intended to call this game Continental Circuit. But following an ancient oriental tradition, established by mis-naming Monkey Kong as Donkey Kong.
Circuit begat Circus.
And given the size of the teams of mechanics, engineers and bimbos who follow Murray Walker from country to country, perhaps the term circus is better suited.
As racing games evolved from Pole Position they earned more carlike characteristics. Visit an arcade to see how realistic they have become - Ferrari Fl style gearboxes. Hydraulic seats and machines which make the earth move.
The magic spark plug in CC's engine was a pair of 3D glasses bolted on to the cabinet. While these are available for the Amiga at £80 a pair, not many people will own them. It's a shame, because they are spectacularly effective.
Recreating on-track antics is difficult on a computer, and a number of approaches have been tried.
Some games like Grand Prix Circuit and Ferrari Formula 1 aim to bo accurate simulators. Some, like Crazy Cars and Outrun, are just a simple blast down the highway. Continental Circus straddles tho central reservation between the two.
The fun is certainly there. Your yellow Lotus squeals away from the grid. Tho aim is to finish the | race further up the rankings, This ' docs not mean winning, just overtaking enough cars. You start in 100th place and have to make it to 80th in the first race.
The circuits mirror the real Grand Prix circus, starting in Brazil visiting Monaco, Germany and most of the major venues. Being a mere island off Europe, Britain doesn't merit an entry, but then the designers would probably have used SilVERSIONe. Which doesn't merit an entry.
Each race is started by a bimbo.
She is probably a mathematician - with a figure like that she should he. It is the same girl for every race.
She must own the card which says 5 seconds.
To get the smoothest start, accelerate while the first (rod) light is showing, ease off for the second and then floor it as the green light comes on. A technique you will see practised every Saturday night in Romford.
It can rain. That's the way of the world. While a downpour makes flowers grow and birdies sing, it also makes Pirellis spin. This drastically effects the handling of the car - you have to enter corners wider and slower. In some countries you can take liberties and bump over the curbs. In other places you must stick to tho road. If it rains in Monaco vou are done GmUitrnlal Qnuy CI9S9 GOK- 't'riin Th*' Salrs G nv engine smoking, a short while later it will burst into (lames. I had a car like that once. Lr you don't make it to the pits to get the inferno extinguished the car will Now up.
The pits aren't as detailed as those in the arcade, which is not surprising. The explosions are a good deal more feeble, which is a shame.
The gameplay has been accu- ratelv carried across from the arcade. Along with the graphics and sound which went ported horn the cota-op.
This is the best Riffle Teque his produced. I'm sure this is partly down to The Siles Curre. Which managed the project for Virgin The graphics are great. This is a fine example of how an nrcado gome should be converted to a home computer.
Simon Rockman Overall - 91' more than adequate to play the I shame the pointer couldn't have i puter battle sim. Make it this one.
Game, and a nice touch is the rov. Been used for giving movement This is the most complete and real- ing mouse, which can identify orders. Istic wargame I have played, most buildings and troops. A If you only ever buy one com- Lucinda Orr for. Part of the skill of the game lies in knowing the circuits. In America the first section is very short. You must get there without incident to earn the extra time. You need to make firm decisions. Dither about, unsure as to which side to overtake a slower car. And you'll end up crawling over his gearbox.
The accidents are fun to watch an idea which will appal true race 5ns. Your first bump will set your H7ieir ore die e fphonts’ rr'vrt -rrv»r HE walks Ihrough the swinging glass doois and smiling at the receptionist, doffs his cowboy hat and neatly throws it to a nearby hook before opening the panelled oak doors to his office.
"G'morning CR. I've got the president on line one for you."
R TT ta mrn tt t i “Put him on hold Marybeth, I have to put out a contract on the head of Rockman Oil and then I'm jettin’ out to Oman to show those johnny- Arabs how a Texan puts out a rig fire”.
It’s just another Monday morning in the life of one of those breed of men whose wealth comes out a hole in the ground, or sometimes the sea bed. He's rich, he's mean, he’s got big boots and he's not afraid of stomping all over people with them.
With the moral judgment of a Pershing missile and the playfulness of a rattlesnake, he means business and he is mean business.
He is an Oil Man.
With live million greenbacks at your disposal you take over as MD of a newly formed oil business, hoping to forge a dynasty from Dallas to wherever it was the Colbys came from. And why stop there when there is a whole world to exploit, er, explore? Buy up parts of Europe, Malaysia, the Middle East. Tton Alaska into one giant well, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.
But be careful. In the oil business everybody is a slippery customer. You may find you're out in the Ukraine putting out maliciSus fires when you discover someone back east is stealing your money.
Get back home and put the screws on before they put you to the wall.
The opening sequence determines your preferences for corporate logos and office furnishing, which provide the backdrops for the rest of the game, so make sure you pick one you like. It is not compulsory to smoke cheroots, but an ashtray is provided anyway.
Activating the computer icon treats you to a very nice simulated Amiga Workbench, where most of your transactions take place. You can buy and sell the world from here, provided you have the necessary. Everything done by modem.
Perhaps MicroLink will open an Oilnet gateway soon.
After prospecting around and finding a suitable site for your first lust like the ST User office Inobody home! black gold mine, you can elect to farm out the actual drilling to subcontractors or get the bit between your teeth, or rather into the ground, yourself. This leads into one of the three arcade sequences in 01. The drilling scene.
It looks quite pretty, with lots of stuff going on and numerous gauges telling you everything you wanted to know about drill bits but were too cool to ask.
Actually this is one of the simplest parts of the game. Just keep the drill bit in the middle of the circles displayed top right and everything should come up rosy, or more preferably black, since red oil might be difficult to unload, except maybe to make pink paraffin. And you've saved yourself around SI .5 million into the bargain.
Opdtt your desk drawer and you will find papers enabling you to contract a little subterfuge. Think those guys are getting too big for their cowboy boots over at All American Oil? Go see how they like their storage tanks being blown up!
If your own rigs catch fire you can either jet out there yourself, saving some cash, or give the job to the strangely familiar sounding Ted Redhair. Doing it yourself means parachuting out of an MFI transport plane into the affected area.
Obviously more than just a nose for hydrocarbons is required to be a successful oilman.
This second arcade sequence has you running up and down tossing sticks of dynamite down bore holes and running for cover before they blow.
Soap fans will be disappointed
• to note that the final arcade sequence is nothing to do with
kidnapping rivals' children, nor is there anv provision for
alcoholism or killing your own grandfather to pay back your
cousin for running away with your wife. Please, this is a
serious simulation.
No, you have to connect two sides of the screen by putting together pieces of prefabricated plastic piping.
Occasionally someone will phone up and offer you a contract for supplying a particular region.
Long term contracts can be very lucrative and may mean the difference between survival and corporate takeover, but the penalties can be great.
Graphically stunning, this game exhibits a degree of polish which is far beyond that of the average offering, while the gameplay - taking a poor second place - is sufficient to sustain interest at a reasonable qlevel. The only major failing is the time taken between screens and the bad structuring of some of the menus.
Reline, after their last hit, Hollywood Poker Pro, proves once again that a mixture of good graphics and loose morals can produce a highly playable product.
Green Compost THE Souths leading Computer by post service CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AMIGA A500 + FREE £220 SOFTWARE
HL-8e___________________ £1409“ Citizen
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'iglirtt ZZIZZZZZZZ7.ZZZZZ'.'. 1 8 " ranmnetor ___i * _ Wbr In MIMb Earffi _1 * .. ttmriu-1 *_ WEC.La Mans . „___1 *_ Xanophoba--------------------------- , 1 * _ Xybeta 1 * " . 13* IS* 16*
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Now there are in excess of 500 17Bit PD discs to choose from! Catalogue-disc just £1.50!!!
AVAILABLE NOW FROM 17BIT The music creation pack featuring music composing utilities by Brian Postma and Andreas Tadic, both programs rival "Soundtracker" for both use and features... these two amazing discs plus two discs containing hundreds of instruments for use with either program. Plus the latest issue of 'Newsflash' the 17bit UGA Disc-Magazine. Plus membership to 17Bit. Plus the very latest up-to-date catalogue disc. All this (6 discs and membership) for the incredible price of just £15 (inc P&P).
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DOS Manual__ Amga DOS Ouk* Reference ..... Deluxe Product one
Deluxe Photol*..... Deluxe Video______ Amga DOS Rat Quids
... Arrtga Dak Drives Inaid* 4 Out_______ Arrtga Gd
Graphics Sound Tslsco._ Anaga Handbook_______ Amga Hardware Rat
Manual_____ Amga Intunon Raf Manual ..... Arrtga Martin* Lang
Guide ...... Amga Martina Language ...... Amga Mooaofl
Basic Prog Guide._ Amga Prog Handbook VoL 1__ Amga Prog
Handbook VoL 2 ..... Amga Programmer* Guide__________
£14.86 £33.95 £21.95 £40.96 Arrlga Programmer*
Guide------------ Amga ROM Kamel Ral Man Exec._ Arrlga ROM
Kamel Rat Man Lb_ Amga Sy*fem Programmer* Quid* _ Amga Tnc**
and Tp*-------------- Arrlga lor Beginners
Becomng an Arrtga Aflat_____ Beginner* Guide to the Amiga „
CorrpuW* 1«t Bort ol Amga___ Compute* 2nd Book at Amiga-----
Elementary Amiga BASIC ------ Inside Amiga Graphlca ___
Inalds tha Amiga *4thC2rto Ed . Kcfetafl Guide to the
Amga---- K«J* 4 the Amga___ More Tip* 4 Trtrta tor Amiga ..
Programmer* Guide 1o the Amiga..... LEISURE SOFTWARE C17M £1690
. C1SB0
* 14 SO fMM DM nsso DO 90 m w £10K tun t'9 *5 niso nsss tisso
ness ri7« nsso D74S nseo LIMITED OFFERS 01-381 6618 (24 Hour*)
Caller* Welcome Fax No. 01 Ml 0528 ALL PRICES INCLUDE
VAT CARRIAGE FREE T All prices are subject to change without
further notice. All goods subject to availability O
OCCASIONALLY someone writes a truly amazing game. A program
which is so fantastic that it sits beside the computer at all
times. A game which gets played for years.
Tetris. Elite. Manic Miner - mention any of these to a fanatic and watch his eyes glaze over.
Mention Boulderdash to our editor and his fingers twitch with excitement. It's Iho only game he's got up in Ihe middle of the night to play.
What you’ll find on our cover disc . * °88
- 5§J°§5 So when a distinctly Bolderdashish game called Cave
Runner came in.
Simon (the Ed) decided that he ought to test it. Testing took the form of three weeks exhaustive playing. And he still hasn't finished it.
Cave Runner There are 26 screens. You must whizz around each of them collecting the starshaped joweis. The amount you have left to collect is shown on the top line. Pick up enough and the screen will (lash. Head for the nearest yellow exit square to move to the next level before the meanies get you.
Cave Runner is truly addictive. Have you gver Caves to be careful in TRUE games players won't read this bit, but some advice on the tougher tasks always goes down well. The second screen. Bang, has all the diamonds you need, but you can score points by dropping jewels on the purple peril.
The first tough cave is Blow Out, screen D. You only have a limited time, which means taking some risks, picking up some jewels while others are falling.
Dig through to the rock above and to the left of the bombs. Clear all three lines of earth from there to the played Tetris? This is worse!
Your brain goes into autopilot when you stop and you lie in bed awake solving Caves in your head.
There are two types of monsters. Avoid or kill to survive. Purple meanies are stupid. They move in straight lines and are easily avoided. Tho groenie meanies are smarter. They run around the edges of walls.
The best thing to do if you come across a monster is to next rock to the left. Then release the bombs.
The bubbles will rise, float into the meanies and shower back as jewels. As soon as you have 99 red baubles, hot-foot it to the exit.
The clue to Enigma is that bombs blast meanies. So you'll have to figure out a way to clear a path to the bombs without getting eaten.
Path of Doom and Spiral are good places to practice precision moves, a skill you'll need for Run Rabbit Run.
Run away. Very fast.
If you feel brave you can try to kill them. As you dig subterranean tunnels you will happen across rocks and jewels. Drop one of these on a meanie and it will be zapped, turning into nine jewels as a result. On many of tho screens this is the only way to collect enough jewels.
The inanimate denizens of the underground are strange.
Bubbles float to the top of the screen when released.
These kill purple meanies, which die in a shower of jewels, but just get eaten by greenies.
Yellow changers turn rising bubbles into falling rocks, falling rocks into jewels and jewols into rocks.
Bombs kill greenies and explode if dropped. This will take out all but the tough walls.
Fungus doesn't appear until well into the game.
The blobby coloured globs pulse effectively. They will grow, engulfing and destroying monsters, filling the earth, making a distressing whining noise all the while.
Small areas of trapped fungus turn into jewels, areas over 100 squares which get trapped inside walls turn into rocks, although this is a rare occurrence. And if Ihe fungus grows to 256 squares, it explodes into nothingness.
Watch out for falling jewels.
If you get trapped by the funguses, press T to advance the time and end tho screen.
Press Q if you want to quit.
P lets you visit tho bathroom
- and you thought it stood for Pause.
Amiga Computing is privileged to have such a professional game on the cover disc. It was written in pure machine code by Rudi Martin and Neil Cooper, third year computing students at Glasgow University, with help from Gaz Dickson, who designed a lot of tho screens as well as making silly suggestions. Gaz has just finished his second year of an electrical engineering course.
They got their Amigas 11, 8 and 4 months ago. Neil has had a Spectrum and Amstrad 464 before and Rudi a Spectrum for about five years. The Amiga is Gaz's first computer.
Well done lads, we can't I wait to see your next offering.
IF your interests include fast cars, bendy roads and Sweden, then not only are you very strange but you are also in luck because here is a brand new hot-off-the- press PD game dealing with at least two of those subjects.
Track Record COVER DISC COVER DISC J COVER D Starting off somewhere in the north of Sweden, fabled home of Abba and Volvos, and ending up down at the bottom, you can choose to race at any one of 10 tracks.
Using a joystick, move the flag up and down the tracks and press Fire to see that The heavy demo Holy zarquon, the singing fish are in the demo! This month the hard working jolyon Ralph shows the less enlightened how to use sprites - a whole teaming shoal of the things.
The demo gets its name from the heavy music track written by Steve Hogg.
Hook it up to your hi-fi NOW.
X highlighted circuit (it will load from disc). Push the joystick right to the Go position and press Fire to play that track.
Control of the car is by joystick only. Hold Fire and push forward to accelerate, pull back to brake. In order to maintain some sense of adventure here, we'll leave you to work out how to steer left and right by yourselves.
Due to typical intervention by the Norse gods, some of the tracks are icebound, which will seriously effect your traction. Your tyres The scrolly seems to have been designed to give you retina damage. We assure you that can read it if you concentrate hard enough.
Finally, which of Jolyon's demos would be complete will no longer grip the tarmac like gunmetal magnets.
Other problems to get to grips with are the usual assortment of bends, sneaky chicanes and the odd spot of astroturf that someone seems to have left lying around.
All races are against the clock, with the best times for each track kept and saved to disc for posterity when you quit. Times are counted in some strange units which defy being related to anything meaningful.
This may explain a few things about Sweden.
So if you want fun excitement and really wild things then join the Romanian Cossacks. But if you want to burn rubber, play this.
Tyack Record was written in Lattice C (v5.02) by Anders Bjerin, who is residing in Richmond at the mo.
We wanted to pay him money for the game, but Anders wants it in the public domain. "It hurts to lose the money," he says, 'since I without spurious comments about Poland? You too will be able to make mysterious remarks about Eastern Bloc countries if you follow his tutorials and examine the source code on this disc.
TRACK RECORD is truly public domain software.
No payment is asked or expected in return. You may copy and distribute this program freely, but may not exchange it for money without prior permission from Anders Bjerin, whose copyright the program remains.
I be would then be able to buy a video digitiser. Maybe I'm crazy.'' Your not crazy, Anders, just extremely philanthrop
ic. Can't wait to see v2, by the way.
LIKE, hey man. If all that arcade stuff is leaving you feeling uncool and heavy, why not let your mind slip into something more mellow and get to grips with the Wow! Experience?
Instigating this incredibly awesome sequence of psychedelic delights is surprisingly easy - just click on the most obvious icon.
Turn on, tune in, but like hey brother, don't drop out cos you’ll be needing some vague remnants of intelligence to work the controls.
OK man, take a picture of this: Abandoned room, the lights are down, listnin' to Meddle or maybe Dark Side. Get comfortable, look around, find your own ground.
Now you will have to communicate with the mouse. The really cool cats may be able to use some astral inference or telekinesis here, but for the more green and submarine you can just push it around, however much this may go against your tendencies towards non-aggression.
Feel the vibes permeating your, for want of a more hip term, essence.
E VERY now and then, I space and quality of material permitting, we will be including some reader submissions of artwork in the Gallery - giving our talented readers a chance to show off to their mates and become incredibly famous.
We might even pay you.
DISC COVER DISC C Gallery Following this philosophy we have three examples of the standard you will have to achieve.
Messenger of Death is an atmospheric and highly detailed offering from Euan Sey in Bucks. He has an A500 with extra memory, a 1084S monitor and uses Photon Paint and Dpaint 111 for all his artwork. This amazing pic was produced with Dpaint in 16 colour medium resolution mode.
Next we come to the excellent Face of 88 from Jason Gee. Jason, who is studying at art college, produced this wonderful portrait to prove that you don't need a digitiser to get a life- like image. Drawn with Dpaint 111. Interlaced and in 32 shades of grey.
Last up is a submission by Paul Smith of Twickenham, which we have called Shaken and Stirred. Paul is not very forthcoming on how he managed to produce this masterpiece so we can only guess. It is 16 colours, overscan and interlaced.
That's it for this month's gallery. Don't forget if you have some work you'd like to see on our cover disc, use the submissions form and bo sure to include details about yourself and the equipment you use.
' Vote! Vote! V ' S X V x v x v x vx OK, you've had four cover discs now, and we've had four chances to show you what we think you want.
Every month there's a huge box of demos, reader contributions and shareware to sort through. We want to know if we are rejecting the right ones.
Score each category below from 0 (waste of space) to 10 (gimme more). Below each category there is a cover disc example of the sort of program we are talking about.
Please don't be a dunce and score the example program, it's your marks for the general category we're interested in.
It's your disc. Tell us what you want on it. And we'll do our very best to oblige.
When you feel the time is right, press the left mouse button. This will unleash a. shall we say. Pictorial expression of sound and space stretching into infinity Further manipulation of the numbers on the keyboard will allow you to change the basic elements of the screen, while your preference for some sort of environmentally aware pattern can be indicated via the function keys.
Let the music flow through you and through the mouse creating light dreamy sequences, then rapidly change patterns and elements for a crescendo.
For the totally ultimate experience, sell off all your flares to Oxfam and equip your pad with wall-to-wall monitors. Far out.
Oh, and remember - don't put washing up liquid in it.
The dude who created this cognisential interface is one Dug Bartham from Lincoln, who started out on the road to enlightenment with a ZX81 aged 13.
Since then he's aged seven years, moved for a while to a QL, but now uses an expanded A500 which communes with a Centronics GLP printer.
Dug's outlook on life is influenced by Fat Freddy's Cat and the yearning to ride a spadehead. He related his heavy concept to his Amiga with the help of Lattice C (v4.00). This his first ever C program. We dig, Dug. Real cool.
Post your ballot form to: Cover Disc Survey. Amiga Computing, North House. 78-84 Ongar Road.
Brentwood. Essex. CM15 9BG. To reach us by October 31.
Article tie-ins ?
(Eg: Playing with Printers) Game pokes (Eg: Cheats for top games I Music to listen to I Eg Erm, nothing as yeti Playable commercial games demos (Eg: Chariots of WrathI Full shareware games (Eg: Thick Hecordl Gallery (Eg. Messenger of Death I Hacker demos ?
(Eg: Zowee, The Heavy Dentol Reader submissions (Eg: Motion Maker. Cave Runner) Shareware CL1 utilities (Eg: DiskSalv. Atreel Shareware applications (Eg: IconMaster. PonvrPackerl Listings from the magazine (Eg: The Model Universe) Usable commercial applications demos (Eg: Protext. Home Accounts COVER DISC J COVER DISC J COVER I WHEN you need to copy a lot of files, or even just one, aren't you appalled by the way the task can turn into a nightmare.
Wrestling with the vagueries of AinigaDos, even for experienced veterans, can be a major pain. This is just one of the areas where Atree can help.
4- uree It is an advanced disc file management system which triumphs over other offerings in this field by its suitability for single and dual drive users as well as those lucky enough to have won hard drive competitions.
[oii.mii'iMi . ¦ ¦ tinea HRECTORY: PLAY1NG-WTH-PR INTERS FILES CMIA - ¦GALLERY S dm if REAO-THIS-FIRST.info I Fill sizeilUl Protnction: rwd 0 tc Dirtctory:33138 ProtKtion: r»d lift: In Am 2A 17:11:11 IMS ltd Alii 3117:21:23 IMS dll: it must be run from the
CLI. If you want you can list current devices as parameters and
Atree will automatically take a directory of them. Perhaps
something like this: Dun Atree DFO: RAH: You can type this
into the CLI the cover disc leaves open for you.
If you try to run Atree having booted off any disc other than the cover disc, it will respond with a requester telling you it is unable to find an important file. This is because the file it requires needs to be in the SYS:S directory, in other words the S directory on your boot-up disc.
Also saved in the configuration file are the paths and names for any utilities you might want to use with your files. This means you can combine file reading utilities and the like with Atree, using them without ever leaving the Atree environment.
Problems with your disc?
For example, if you look in the menu Configs:Set Paths under Text Reader you will see that we have entered Qview. Using the hot key F2 you can now read the currently highlighted file.
There are slots for many applications such as IFF display programs and archive utilities.
The configuration file in question is Atree.config, which handles the startup
• IF you are not a subscriber and your disc does not work,
please send it - within two months please - to: Protoscan Ltd,
Amiga Cover Disc, Burrel Road, St Ives, PEI 7 4LE. You will be
sent a new disc with our compliments.
Of the program, telling it where various things should go, what colours to use and so on, rather like a mixture of a standard startup- sequence and Preferences.
Details for setting up a config file are explained fully in the documentation, but if you are happy with the way we have set it up then you can just copy the file from the S directory on the cover disc to wherever you need it.
One of the salient features of Atree is a graphical representation of the directory tree, displayed down the left hand side of the screen.
Enabling you to view your
• IF you damage your disc - for instance if the dog has chewed it
or your mum has washed it - you can get a new one by sending
£1.50 to Protoscan Ltd. Please make your cheque or postal order
payable to Protoscan Ltd.
Directory structure at a glance, it will also provide the inexperienced with a valuable insight as to what is really happening on their discs.
Meanwhile, down the right hand side of the screen is a list of the files in the currently highlighted directory. Changing directories is achieved by clicking the pointer under the relevant entry in the graphical tree.
This makes access to low- level directories faster and a lot easier, especially if you are in the habit of naming directories Even_more_stuff _Part_l, or whatever.
One point to note here is that although Atree will recognise these long directory names, they will be truncated to eight characters in the display. Similarly, filenames in the right hand side of the screen will be truncated to 25 characters.
This may seem like a bit of a limitation, but it makes the tree a lot easier to decipher, which is the whole point of the thing.
Taking up at least 100k of memory, Atree may seem a bit of an extravagant waste of ram. But bear in mind the acres of features involved - although some of them are disabled in this demo (you'll get them when and if you register).
Basically you can do almost any kind of file manipulation you want.
And since this is the main reason for using the CLI, much of the tedium can be bypassed.
Manipulation of flags and names and all of those sort of things is possible, all commands being performed on a single file, or if you prefer on a whole series of files which you have prepared earlier by "tagging” them.
If you need a management system to find your way around the management system, you can set up to three place markers - very useful for flitting between the squalid depths of directories so deep they were consid- One of the features to watch out for is Prune, which will cut off the branch of the tree you are sitting on. Make sure you really want to do this. It saves time - you can delete a load of stuff all at once without having to go through and delete all the files in a directory first, but it also leaves you without a safety net.
Atree is a very powerful utility, giving fast and easy access to all your files. Read the instructions on the cover disk and give it a go. It's more than a utility - it's a way of life.
Don't be a software sponger!
Name ....Age ...years Address WE are always looking for original contributions for the Amiga Computing cover disc. If you think something you have written or drawn is good enough to share with everybody else who reads the magazine, send it along and we will have a look.
If wo like what we see, it could earn you up to £1,000.
Please let us know which files, if any.
Your submission needs from the Workbench disc. If it is clickable, feel free to design an original icon. But don't make it too big. And please use the standard Workbench colours.
Bear in mind that a program which does not run on a 512k machine would have to be exceptionally good to make it on to the disc.
R- Remember that Amiga Computing will only buy your work on an all rights basis. We are not prepared to buy the rights to programs which are already in the public domain or have been spread by any other means.
Please enclose this coupon, or a photocopy of it. With your submission.
Include a file on the disc with full documentation, your name, address, phone number and a few details about you and your kit. A mugshot would be nice, but isn't essential.
Don't forget to duplicate on the disc label the program name, your name, address and phone number. If you want your disc back, enclose the correct amount in stamps.
Daytime phone ......After ....am THIS version of Atree supercedes version 1.1 and contains a great many of the future enhancements listed at the end of the doc file accompanying that version. However, most of the new routines have been rendered non functional - you will have to become a registered user to get the fully functional version of Atree vl.3. Atree is freeware at this time. It may be freely distributed. But not sold, by anyone. If you like it, please support the author and become a registered user by
sending S20 to: Don Schmidt, 9425 Stanfield Court, Stockton, California 95209.
A fully functional version of Atree vl.3 will be returned to you.
Registered users will be entitled to one free version update and to reduced rates on all subsequent versions.
Evening phone .....After ...pm Submission name .. Submission size .bytes in total NOTE: We will accept submissions up to 500k in total length, including documentation. But the shorter your submission, the better chance it stands of getting on to the disc. If it is a compiled or assembled program include all the source code, but do not count this in the size of
the submission.
Write a brief description of your submission below. If it consists more than one file, describe what each file is for. Attach an extra sheet of paper to this form if necessary: Sign this declaration; The stuff on this disc is mine. 1 didn't nick it off someone else. It hasn’t been published before and 1 haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it Signed.. Date...... Post your submission to: Jeff Walker, Amiga Computing. North House.
78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9BG. THE CHEAP AMIGA MEMORY UPGRADES AVAILABLE Memory Expansion Systems Limited aim to supply the cheapest memory upgrades available for the Amiga range of computers.
Our half megabyte card for the A500 has dropped in price to £79.95 .We are now able to offer large capi competition at £369.00; two megabyte Friday.You can place orders Jek l r|i;|| U U at(|iel||l;;lle week-ends.Trade enqu ElippYGlBiARD OP0LA ED ,TlOW,0 MEG L A R GEIRluiPMRA 0 E S AIM! LAB Ilf CALL FOR DETAILS £369.00 f Mm id A1000 arp priced at ALUmiGfS IN(H U D E V. A. T. product, POSTAGE & PACKAGi GJi,ab,e 10take calls from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.You can place orders at any time by calling our 24- hour,seven-days-a-week answering service. All orders are normally
despatched same day, Send cheques to:Dept AC Memory Expansion Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7NB
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Computers: Sales, Services and Training
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Pk but with a 14 inch stereo colour monitor (This Pk inc. the
bike) ONLY 2599. . 210.00 P.P EXCLUSIVE CONTROL CENTRE A500 O
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cheques tioned on the far right hand side of the machine 1°
£39.95 save the obstruction ol disk drive. All prices indude VAT.
INC. SERIAL OR PARALLEL EXTENSION PORT: You Etoctra Comp Dept 33 VAT have the choice ol either. This enables you to model 10 BARLEY MOW your centre to your needs. PASSAGE, CHISWICK, ~ LONDON W4 4PH m FREE MOUSE HOLDER: Every Centre is designed M lor every convenience. DELIVERY NEXT DAY M AFTER DESPATCH. All L TRADE AND EDUCATIONAL ENQUIRIES goods are tested belore WELCOME: H you deal with the Amiga 500 and you despatch to ensure you get § leel the Control Centre A500 will be an excellent them in excellent condition.
F addition to your shop then just send some into on f your business and we'll send you out an information Prices subject to availability f pack. And are subject to change without notice.
AND MUCH MUCH MORE INKJETS are the Amigas of the printer world. They’re not the most common, nor are they the most powerful, but given the right things to do they’re streets ahead of all but the most expensive machines.
Since nothing solid actually hits the paper, inkjet printers are very quiet.
They have no pins or ribbon to wear _ out. All in all. They’re a different class of beast from the humble impact dot matrix.
You may not be immediately familiar with the name Diconix, which is part of Kodak - which is better known for paying Jimmy Nail lots of money for adverts. The printer itself uses a trusty Hewlett Packard cartridge system, so the device isn't a bodge job by some fly-by-night manufacturer.
It’s a compact unit (356 by 233 by 73 mm) and light at 4.5 kg. About a third of the unit is empty space, since the power supply is external and the inkjet unit doesn't require much in the way of cabling.
The back quarter contains the usual tractor and platen unit, which always looks as if it would jam. But rarely Diconix 300 Inkjet Printer doesn’t try too hard to make an impression. Stewart
C. Russell looks at the strong silent type does. As with most
newer printers, the fanfotd paper can be parked out of the way
to allow the use of single sheets.
The fairly-accessible DIP switches allow the printer to think it's an Epson FX 100+ or an IBM graphics printer, running at 960 or 1280 dots per line.
The front panel gives you the chance to form feed, forward and reverse linefeed, and change the font.
Five fonts can be selected from the front panel - Quality, NLQ, Draft, Script and Condensed. Quality is better than you’ll ever get from a nine pin printer, and on good paper rivals the best 24-pins.
NLQ is very nearly as good as Quality, but is half as fast again. Draft and Condensed are both very speedy, but suffer from being rather dotty.
They’re legible, and that's what matters. Script is that awful mock handwriting NLQ font that annoying mailshots and people with ageing IBM typewriters use.
As ever, the printer’s speed is quoted in cps, a rather misleading figure where paper handling is not taken into account. Diconix quote 258 cps for Pica Draft print; on average (including line and form feeds) I managed 104 characters per second out of it. This is fast considering that it can chunter away at that speed all day.
NLQ gave a healthy 40 characters per second, while Quality managed
27. These are still good, and still way under what Diconix would
have you believe. Condensed mode and Script are well nigh the
speeds of Draft and NLQ respectively. Paper feeds are
especially fast, even in high-res graphics mode.
A bewildering variety of font options can be added to the main fonts. Elite (12 characters per inch instead of Pica's 10), Doublewidth.
Double Height, Italic (in Epson mode).
Bold. Doublestrike. Underscore and Overscore are all possible, and can all be mixed.
Unfortunately, the AmigaDos Ansi printer driver doesn't recognise half of these, so they are only available via direct programming of the parallel port, which can be done with some jiggory pokery from AmigaBasic. With a full specification driver, the text output capability could rival a dedicated text formatting system.
CHANGING the ink cartridge is completely straightforward: the unit clips into a small cradle by the platen roller. As far as can be ascertained, the unit contains all the ink jets and some controller circuitry, and looks as if it is disposable.
At £15 to £20 per cartridge, running won’t be cheap, even though the cartridges last well. The jets aro kept clear by doing a little test squirt on to a blotter at the side of the platen on starting from idle. This ensures that print quality is good no matter what ink density setting is used.
The Diconix 300 is small, light, fairly fast, very quiet - and matches cream Amigas very nicely into the bargain. You can conduct a normal conversation with the machine running, and the unit isn’t any noisier on heavy print densities. The fan on some laser printers makes more noise The Desktop Ink Jet Printer Features Thlt. Fully functional drop-ou-cJMMnd Ink jot printer la t».«o Ideal general office nun him-. U*-o it to print documents requiring up to no column* at 10 i larm ter* per iik.Ii, such *v financial and data processing reports, l.t *i luality lettet . Mmxaida. Grat* . Ilwn-tv. And
any OW*r corretpoiatone*.
1 li coepect size and low noise lev-1 win It t» e perfect deektop productivity em uinc eiuent tool. Plu* many pocial font choices are uvallaM.-. MJCf. -I ratdfUMd, „nd underline. Itellcs.
Bold, nnd proporttHMl spacing. N..v oonsldoi those other exciting features: Non-gloss drip UNTIL recently inkjets only worked satisfactorily on specially coated glossy paper which cost the earth. They leaked, smearod and clogged, and in the earliest days were little more than an airbrush on a plotter base.
Time and technology have changed, mostly due to Hewlett Packard's research and development work in Drop On Demand print mechanisms.
Drop On Demand printors use a tiny electrical signal to fire an ink particle at the page. The jets are fine enough that no ink will leak out unless the jet is activated.
Than the Diconix printing at full tilt.
If a new driver was written for it. It would be the perfect choice for Amigans everywhere. As is. Only most (not all) of its functions are available to you.
INKJETS are famed for their graphics prowess, and the Diconix 300 is no exception.
Unfortunately Preferences EpsonX driver sends the printer soul- searching into self test. EpsonXOld works fine, but as it has a maximum vertical resolution of 72 dpi, and those dots are extremely fine, the output is poor.
The IBM driver (or MPS-1000 as it is called) works when the printer is switched to IBM mode - one of life's pieces of inescapable logic.
Unfortunately, the driver trims the last 20 (or so) pixels off the edge of the screen if the printer is set to 960 dots per line. Normality is regained by switching to 1280 dots per line mode, but then the whole dump is about half the area of a full size image.
Dumps are produced remarkably quickly with good contrast at the lowest resolution. Six passes are made at highest resolution; this gets the paper really wet. And can sometimes get smudged by the bail-bar rollers.
Unless you are doing purely monochrome work, there’s very little point in using the higher resolutions - sometimes they come out as a near- uniform shade of black. With Preferences' Smoothing on in high resolution, Notepad output becomes a thing of groat beauty.
Unfortunately, using IBM mode has its disadvantages. Some programs, notably X-CAD Designer, bypass Preferences and drive an Epson directly. Epson and IBM commands are usually pretty close, but they do differ wildly where graphics aro concerned, so X-CAD doesn’t plot properly. The IBM mode cannot handle italicised text; Epson can. But the loss is not major since you could use the Script font instead.
REPORT CARD DeskTop 300 Diconix £441.60 EASE OF USE... Quick and clean to set up. Very compact, with all controls accessible.
SOFTWARE... Good results in IBM mode, although many of its features aren't available from the standard Preferences driver.
SPEED.. It prints graphics: Very fast paper throw gives a good average speed. Pleasantly quiet at any speed. Manufacturer's figures a bit fanciful.
VALUE ...... Very good deals available, but ink costs could be high. Worth the price just for the silence.
The following character set
* ucvirunia»winurvrdivraiiiL| i _ »¦¦ ¦ i .
«0»»n«5eMl 1 !»Ae,«06 H10!’00*iy»f»lbUMHSt.-HI K a«| MI vll 11* 1 is available in each of the following fonts: Draft ¦ 12 character* per Inch. 310 per Mcond, and 96 per line Draft 10 characters per inch, :iTS9 per second, mid fK» per line NLQ 12 characters per Inch. 73 per ssccnd, end 96 per line - •« r inch. 61 oer second, and 80 per line ( WE HALL A great printer that Preferences spoils by bad management. Fast graphics dumps, smooth text output and low noise am the main attractions. Cries ou for a custom driver.
Ip mm in)® mm ratiKL AMIGA SOFTWARE Battle Chess .. ...£16.50 Blood Money . . .£16 50 Bloodwych ..... ...£16.50 Daily Double Horse Racing ...£13 50 F 16 Combat Pilot £¦6 50 Falcon F16 £19 50 Falcon Mission Dtsk _____ £13 50 GretTky Hockey £16 50 Gunship £16 50 Hawkeye £13 50 Kick OH £13 50 Kelt £16 50 Leonardo . ...£13.50 Lords ol the Rising Sun ... ...£19.50 Microprose Soccer ... ...£16.50 Mr Hell
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From ... £6.95 A500 Power Supply ..£62.50 Modulator .£24.99 B W Handy Scanner ......£209.99 Philips AV7300 Tuner for monitors £69.99 Modems from .£89.99 AMIGA AMIGA 500 Inc Modulator. Workbench 1.3. Mouse. Manuals * Leads AMIGA SPECIAL GIFT PACK All lor only £399.99 Amiga 500 inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3 and Manuals 10 games and Photon Paint or 8 games. 24 PD titles * Joystick. Either o( above plus 80 cap. Disk box. 10 x 31 2" disks, mouse mat. Dust cover AMIGA 500
? DELUXE PAINT 2 + DELUXE PRINT £399.99 AMIGA 1 MEG £489.99 Inc Modulator, Workbench 1.3, Mouse, Manuals * A501 RAM Expansion AMIGA 500 + 1084S Med Res Colour Monitor £589.99 AMIGA 500 * MUSIC X £549.99 AMIGA ART ? ANIMATION PACK £549.99 Amiga 500 ? 1 2 meg expansion » Deluxe Paint III AMIGA B2000 £1499.00 Inc. B2000, XT Bndgeboard. A2090 20 mb Hard Drive * 1084S Monitor A501 1 2 MEG RAM EXPANSION £129.99 MONITORS Commodore 1084S.
£259 99 Philips 8833 ..£229.99 PRINTERS STAR LC10 mono inc. Cable ......£179 99 STAR LC10 colour inc. Cable .....£219.99 CITIZEN 120 D inc. Cable ...£139 99 EPSON LX800 ...£189.99 STAR LC24 10 Inc. Cable £299 99 DRIVES I Cumana 1 Meg 3.5" with on off £94.99 NEC 1 Meg 3.5" .....£84 ~ Vortex 40Mb .....£499.99 Amdnve 30Mb ..£389 Amdrive
50MB ..£489.99 A590 20Mb (with optional ram upgrade) ....£389.96 All prices include VAT. Please send Cheques P.O. Made payable to: TREBLE N ©©MIPOTQM® DEPT AC, CROMER HOUSE, CAXTON WAY, STEVENAGE, HERTS. SG1 2DF ? CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 0438 361738 * FAX: 0438 740 794 If you do send cash please send it Registered.
All Goods are sent First Class Registered. Please ado £3.00 for outside U.K. Large Orders ie. Amigas, ST. Monitors etc. are always sent by courier.
Please add £6.00, if you require Next Day Courier Delivery on other items.
I prcsx ara conact XI tnw or going to Prssx. And ara tubjsa to Chang* watrorx prior norm.
TOP QUALITY 31 2" DS DD GUARANTEED BULK DISKS Tnai tng ....£7.50 £16.90 . £32 25 hi £62.50 £123.00 “j TS NEW prices: 200::: PRICES INCLUDE LABELS Add £5 50 lor 80 capacity disk box when ordering disks or £4.50 when ordering 50 or more disks xmm Amiga Atari ST IBM PC Spectrum CC4 Am si rad MEGA '45' PRICES!
TOP 30 Icde, 57 P& SfUt&UOH.
C64 A*t6tneU t- XENON ll-MEGABLAST.
£ D.45 £ 16.45 AVAILABLE .v SW AV GjBLE 2- BATMAN THE MOVIE.... £ D.45 YOU MUST B€ JOKJNOI £ 6.45 £ 6.45 £ 6.45 3- B100DWYCH . £ 16.45 £ 16.45 £ 6.45 £ 6.45 £ 6.45 4.
GEMINI WING £ D.45 AvaSbLE £ 6.45 £ 6.45 £ 6.45 5- LIFE & DEATH .(Mindscape) £17.45 AV.T&LE avaSble avISble avaSble AV tlABlE 6- STUNT CAR ... .....(Micro Status) £ D.45 £ 16.45 £ 16.45 £ 9.45 £ 9.45 £ 9.45 7 SHINOBI ... £ D.45 £ 16.45 £ 6.45 £ 6.75 £ 6.45 8-
A. P.B ......(Tengen) £ D.45 £
D.45 £ 16.45 AV-CS E AVAILABLE avaSble 9.
XENOPHOBE (Micro Style) £16.45 £ D.45 £ 16.45 £ 6.45 £6.45 £ 6.45 10- R0B0C0P (Ocean) £16.45 £ D.45 £ 16.45 £ 6.45 £6.45 £ 6.45 11- BEACH VOLLEY .... £ D.45 avIKbue £ 6.45 £6.45 £ 6.45 12- INFESTATION ...... £ 16.45 AVAILABLE avaSble AVAOBLE AVAILABLE 13- MR. HELI . .....(Firebird) £16.45 £ 16.45 AVAILABLE £ 6.45 £ 6.45 £ 6.45 14- F-16 COMBAT PILOT.... .(Digital Int.) £16.45 £ 16.45 £ 16.45 AVAILABLE avASble AVAILABLE 15- VIGILANTE ... ....(US Gold) £ D.45 £ D.45 £ D.45 £ 6.45 £
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Please maUg ad cheques or postal orders payable to "Xenon ‘Techno logy .
TUT prices include VAT, postage, pachwina and a full guarantee (please add Cl 35 per item overseas).
Adgoods are dispatchedu ilhin Z4 hours (subject to avaihwility). By TlXSTCLAhS post.
ARDWARE sprites are very similar to bitplanes, the main difference being that they can only be 16 pixels wide and can only use three colours, although you can combine two to make one sprite with up to IS colours.
The action starts here You may wonder if there are any possible uses for something that is only 16 pixels wide. Well, there are - plenty. The mouse pointer, for example, is a hardware sprite. Indeed, this month’s cover disc demo uses advanced techniques to display more than 100 of them.
You have to do a lot of messing around with pointers and other such things to move a bitplane around the screen. With sprites it's much easier - at its simplest you put the horizontal position in one memory location, the vertical byte in another and. Hey Presto, your sprite has moved to another part of the screen.
Now for the meaty bit. How do sprites work, and how are they used?
The Amiga has eight hardware sprites, used by accessing registers.
The hardware has to be told the horizontal position of the sprite and the actual data to be displayed. It has to be told this for each and every line of your display that the sprite is on.
How can you tell the hardware what it needs to know for each scanline?
One way is to set up an enormous copper list with lots of data, like Figure I. However, as you may have guessed, there is a much easier way to Machine code maestro Jolyon Ralph shows you how to get it on the screen, and shake it all about display sprites. What you do is set up a direct memory access (DMA) channel for them.
Anything that is moved to and from memory and external devices, or both
- such as the screen, disc drive, audio ports and so on - can be
transferred by one of two methods. The first is to use the
68000 - by reading a word from memory and sending it to an
audio port, for example. The second method is by using the
co-processors, which is invariably the fastest way and frees
the 68000 to do more interesting things than moving data
SETTING up a DMA channel is simple. You tell it where your data is. What you want to do with it - which in our case is to display a sprite - when to stop, and Bob's your unicorn. Your sprite appears as if by magic.
The Amiga has eight dedicated sprite DMA channels, one for each hardware sprite. However, if you are WAIT tor tho beginning of line I. HOVE the horizontal sprite position (only needs to be done once).
DOVE the data for sprite ioage.
WAIT for the beginning of line K*1.
HOVE the data for sprite iaage.
WAIT for the beginning of line It?.
HOVE and so on... Figure 1: The data list fora simple hardware sprite using an overscan screen - one with a width greater than 320 in lo-res or 640 in hi-res - the co-processors havo to get the extra time needed to display more of the screen from somewhere, so you lose the last four sprites.
Each pixel in the sprite can be one of three colours, or transparent so it shows the bitplane. Or other sprites, underneath. So. Each pixel needs two bits of colour information.
And because a sprite is 16 pixels across. 32 bits of colour information - or two words in programmers' lingo - need to be read from memory each scanline.
The colour of each pixel is calculated by taking the corresponding bits from each word.
Look at Figure II to see the address of ?
The colour registers that correspond to the bit patterns in the sprite data for each of the eight sprites, numbered 0 to 7.
Sprites are grouped into pairs for the colour allocation, so you can have four different colour combinations.
COLOUR REGISTERS (*»dff000) Bit from Bit from Sprites 0 and 1 Sprites 2 and 3 Sprites 4 and 5 Sprites 6 and 7 two one » addr
* addr addr
• addr 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 17 )1a2 18 $ 1a4 19 $ 1a6 21 $ 1aa 22 $ lac 23
)lae 25 $ 1b2 26 )1b4 27 $ 1b6 29 )1ba 30 $ 1bc 31 $ 1be « = colour
number, addr = offset to add to IdffOOO Figure 11- The colour
registers that correspond to the bit patterns in the sprite
data for each of the sprites 0 to 7 The sprites take their
colours from the standard palette, using colour numbers in the
range 17 to 31, which means they can have independent colours
from the rest of the screen only if a screen of four or less
bitplanes is used. Colours 16, 20, 24 and 28 are not used
because these are the ones which correspond to the transparent
elements in the sprite.
Now that you know how the sprite colour data works you can convert your graphics to the correct format for use with it. The easiest way to do this is to use the IFF Converter program supplied on last month's cover disc.
Load in the IFF picture containing the sprite you want to create - make sure, for the moment, that you only have a two bitplane (four colour) picture - and choose the Save Sprite option.
You can save the sprite either as a binary file, which you can include in your program with the 1NCBIN statement, or as a source file, which can be incorporated into your source code.
Note that the source code which IFF Converter generates is meant for the K-Seka assembler. To modify it to work with HiSoft Devpac you will need to add a space before each DC.W instruction. Do a global search and replace for "DC.W" with “ DC.W”. OK. Back to actually setting up the DMA channel. You have to create a data list somewhere in chip memory and point the sprite DMA register to its start address. We’ll come to that in a minute, but first a word about the data list, which consists of two control words followed by the sprite data. The format of the control words is shown in Figure III.
CONTROL WORD 1 Bit 15 14 13 F7 F6 F5 12 F4 1 1 F3 10 F2 09 F1 08 FO 07 H8 06 H7 05 H6 04 H5 03 H4 02 H3 01 H2 00 H1 CONTROL WORD 2 Bit 15 14 13 12 1 1 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 00 N7 N6 N5 N4 N3 N2 N1 NO SA 00 00 00 00 F8 N8 HO 34 AMIGA COMPUTING November 19S9 HO to H8 is the horizontal position of the sprite, FO to F8 is the first scanline that the sprite is to be displayed on (the vertical start) and NO to N8 is the scanline after the last line of the sprite is displayed (the vertical end + 1). Note that each of these values is nine bits long. This is a messy number of bits to work with.
Very often programmers ignore the three end bits in control word two.
This has the advantage of ease of use
- you only have to change one byte for horizontal or vertical
positions - but has the disadvantage of only having a two-pixel
accuracy for horizontal positioning.
For fast moving sprites this is not a problem. You only need to set bits F8 and N8 if your sprite is displayed in the PAL area - the bottom 56 scanlines that are never used in ST- ported games.
Bit 7 in control word 2 is the special attachment bit. This can combine two sprites together to form a single 15 colour sprite.
Now for an example of how to set Figure III: The control words format for the sprite DMA channel up a rough sprite in the middle of the screen. First, calculate your graphics data. We will use a simple spaceship sprite, three lines deep. Our spaceship will have the following data, where 1, 2 and 3 are different colours: 0001111111111000 0112323232323110 0001111111111000 This needs to be converted into proper sprite data. In practice you'd rarely do it by hand. You would draw your sprite using Dpaint or the like, save it as a screen, load that into IFF Converter, choose Save Sprite from the
Project menu and cut the sprite out.
Pretend we've done all that and the sprite data comes out like this: 0001111111111000,0000000000000000 0110101010101110,0001111111111000 0001111111111000,0000000000000000 Next we calculate the control words. Let's say the sprite's vertical start will be at $ 90. This is the scanline number - the same number you would put in a copper list WAIT instruction.
Our sprite is three lines deep, so the vertical end value will be one line lower than that, at $ 93. We will not bother with one-pixel accuracy, and we are not using the PAL area, so we will choose a horizontal start value for Hi to H8 of $ 5b, a position roughly in the centre of the screen. (Note that this will be half the value for the equivalent full horizontal start value because we are ignoring bit 0 and starting with bit 1.)
This gives a control word 1 of $ 905b and a control word 2 of $ 9300 - 93 because that is the end value and 00 because the last byte in control word 2 is only used in special circumstances, which we’ll cover in a future article.
Dc.t) S905b,S9300 ; control xordi
dc. « 50001111111111000,10000000000000000
dc. « 50110101010101110,50001111111111000
dc. . 50001111111111000,50000000000000000 „ ,
dc. H 0,0 ; end Figure IV: The data list for a slmplo hardware
sprite We then create a data list, like that in Figure IV.
Containing this data.
Remember to allocate this to chip memory with a SECTION xxx,DATA_C command: The sprite list must have two zeros on the end otherwise the DMA channel thinks you are setting up another sprite for it to display. You can display as many sprites as you want with one DMA channel as long as there is a gap of one scanline between each of them. This gap is the scanline where the control words are read in by the DMA, so no graphics data can be read that line.
When you have your data list you must put its address into the equivalent sprite DMA pointer, which is a hardware register. As the address for your sprite data is a 32 bit value it will be have to be split into two words for the registers to be set from the copper list, which have to be updated every vertical blank period - every l 50th of a second on a PAL machine.
These sprite DMA pointers start at Sdffl20. The register is named SPROPT and is split into SPROPTH (SI 20) and SPROPTL ($ 122). Set up your copper list to put your data list address into these registers at the beginning of every frame, and your sprite will then appear.
Moving the sprite is easy, you only have to change the control word. All the weird objects moving horizontally on this month's cover disc demo are moved by adding or subtracting a value from the second byte of the first control word. This is all that is needed if the first bit of the horizontal position register is ignored.
Moving vertically is slightly more involved because you must change both the vertical start and the vertical end position.
Now you’ve set up one sprite, try your hand at setting up all eight and and moving them around the screen in different directions. No listing this month, this is your first solo flight.
Any probs. Write to me care of the Editor.
• NEXT MONTH: Collision detection.
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BEFORE I start, word about gradings. Under the Elo system, a player who has played sufficient competitive games is given a number, known as a grade, which is a reasonably accurate description of his playing strength. Elo grades range from 700 for the beginner to 2,800 for a world champion.
A knight’s tour The first human versus computer chess match was a disaster.
The computer got frustrated working out each move on paper, the human got bored waiting up to half an - hour for each move. Things have improved since then, as Alastair Scott finds out The average of all graded players, who make up about two per cent of all chess enthusiasts, is about 1,500.
A good club player will normally be graded 1,850 to 1.900. The big three Amiga chess programs are Logotron's Sargon 111 Chess, Colossus Chess X from CDS and Chessmaster 2000 by The Software Toolworks.
SARGON III is a small program, only taking up 105k. Even better, it runs from Workbench and can multi-task. On a 512k Amiga you can have three games of chess running at the same time. And it has an impressive pedigree, having been written by Dan and Kathe Spracklen, the people who wrote the software for the first commercially available chess computer back in 1977.
Because of its size, Sargon is definitely no-frills. There is no 3D board, but a very clear 2D one makes up for this, with colours set by Preferences.
Presentation is excellent. Full use is made of pull-down menus and requesters. The pieces move quickly and smoothly, rotation of the board through 180 degrees being almost instant. Moves can be spoken as they are played, and the voice used is more pleasant than most Amiga speech.
The game has nine playing levels, with only the lowest three - 5 seconds, 15 seconds and 30 seconds per move - giving a reasonable length of game, as these times are very approximate. One time it took almost two minutes to make a move on the lowest level.
A 68,000 move opening book has plenty of variety and some dubious lines. The full board editor is the best I've seen on the Amiga, and there is an ''infinite" playing level which, in principle, allows mates of any length to be solved, given enough time and patience.
No printer facilities are provided but games can be saved and loaded via either a dialogue box from within the program or an icon on the Workbench screen. The moves can also be saved as an Ascii file, ready to be loaded into a word processor.
There are 107 "great games” and various other positions ready to be loaded in and replayed, although the comments in the manual about them are very terse given that Sargon III is targeted at beginners.
A very elegant program which packs a lot into a small space.
COLOSSUS X is an upgrade from the 8 bit Colossus IV, written by Martin Bryant, an export with 12 years’ experience of computer chess programming.
No multitasking, but four sets of chessmen (standard, oriental, futuristic, mediaeval), a good 3D board which can be tilted and rotated, and a very poor 2D board which is small and over elaborate compared to the clear black and whito board in Colossus Chess VI, HWHIIBEIEHrai Sprite movement is jerky. There is a bug in which part of the display is obliterated when a piece moves along the eighth rank. Non-Intuition and suspiciously Gem-like menus are used, with hot-key shortcuts. Silence, beeps, voices or continuous music can accompany your moves, and the program can speak in five languages,
with all text altered to suit.
W: Your nov»?
Colossus X‘s 3D board can bo rotated or tilted to view from many angles An infinite number of playing levels are available with six different time controls, including "all moves in x minutes" and ”y moves in z hours”, all chosen from foolproof menus. A full board editor, albeit with clumsy control, is provided. Mates in five, as well as selfmates and helpmates, can be solved.
There is an 11,000 move opening book. The program, more often than not, plays unusual and dubious defences. The book can be altered via a crude text editor - certainly not recommended because the master disc is altered and a crash while accessing the disc may corrupt It. This happened to me. CDS replaced my disc.
If you play an opening which is not in the book your next fqw moves will be saved to disc for future referenced This slows the program down to a snail’s pace, and again there is a danger of crashes.
Endgame play is very good, but that opening book needs revision to eliminate some of the bad lines.
Games can be saved and loaded.
The disc directory is not displayed on screen, so if you forget a filename you'll have to fish out your CLI disc to read it. There are 29 human v computer games and 10 problems on the disc. Moves and the board position can be printed.
All sorts of extra weird and wonderful options round the program off, including Blindfold Chess, where you hide one or both sets of pieces, and Play to Lose, an easy mode for beginners.
Colossus X is a reasonable program which could have been much better.
The graphics are so-so and the program is strangely sluggish, taking a few seconds even to clear the screen and set up the starting position. It gives the impression of being a badly ported ST program. Gimmicks like the fancy chess pieces and continuous music would be better removed.
CHESSMASTER 2000 is the best presented chess program I've seen on the Amiga, with large, clear 2D and 3D boards, full use of Intuition, hot-key shortcuts, smooth sprite movement and silence, speech, beeps or bursts of music to accompany your moves.
Unlike Colossus X. which uses a separate screen to display the list of moves and its train of thought, Chessmaster 2000 uses small windows which overlay the main board and which can be closed in the normal manner. Open several of these windows at once on a vanilla A500 and you may get to meet the guru.
There are 12 playing levels, all of the form "x moves in y minutes", and a full board editor - up to mates in 10 can be solved. There is a 20.000 move opening book. One interesting feature is that there is a Coffeehouse mode, for interesting but possibly unsound play.
Best Move suffers from a lack of randomisation - once Chessmaster 2000 and my FDE chess computer played two identical 60 move games in a row, the probability of this happening by chance being over one in ten thousand.
Games can be saved and loaded as ?
The word is PROTEXT... Now available - Version 4.2 of Arnor’s acclaimed word processor PROTEXT is very fast! Unlike the majority of Amiga word processors PROTEXT scrolls very quickly and redraws the screen in next to no lime. We have achieved this by developing our own screen handling routines - much faster than the standard ones.
PROTEXT uses the Amiga ’WIMP’ interface fully and supports pull down menus, use of the mouse for cursor movement and block copying and window resizing.
PROTEXT makes full use of Amiga Preferences settings and is fully compatible with the Amiga’s multi-tasking operating system.
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document help you to start using Protext two documi Time and
date Protext is a professional word processor If you want a
fast efficient program for processing words, get PROTEXT Latest
News and Announcement Version 4.2 is now available.
Enhancements indude:-
* Revised and improved 300 page manual and index
* Current date and time are available as single key strokes .
Improved memory allocation and smaller program makes better use
of your memory.
* Scroll Lock function pauses after displaying a screenful of
text Upgrade price from v4.1x :- £15. Please return discs.
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Please make cheques payable to 'Arnor Ltd'.
Arnor Ltd ACJ, 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 3HA. Tel: 0733 63909 f24 hrj Fax: 0733 67299 CM2000 FDE Col X Sargon TOTAL HATE IN ... TWO THREE FOUR 11*011 0011*1 1011*1 12* FDE 1 sec 5 sec 33 sec FDE 00*100 110**1
* 111*1 10* Colossus X 3 sec 5 sec 467 sec Colossus X 1100*0
001**0 0**111 8* Chessmaster 3 sec 54 sec 510 sec Sargon III
* 000*0 1**000 4* Sargon III 63 sec 695 sec The league table
after a two-month round robin, each match consisting Figure 11:
of six games. One for a win. Half for a draw Speed of response
well as erased or renamed. Moves can be printed: Chessmaster
uses proper algebraic notation (Bg2 or Nxe5) as opposed to
Colossus’s over-fussy notation (Bfl-g2 or Nf3xe5) or Sargon's
mediaeval notation (F1-G2 or F3xE5).
There are 100 grandmaster games to look at, including some recent Kasparov-Karpov battles.
Chessmaster 2000 is the best presented and the strongest program of the three on trial here. Its only weakness is its endgame. The upgraded Chessmaster 2100, which is presumably even stronger, is due for release any moment, ALL three programs obey the laws of chess, including underpromotion and draws by threefold repetition of position and the 50 move rule. They can all force the standard mates, including the difficult King, Bishop and Knight against King.
OVERALL RATINGS Col X Sargon CH2000 Estimated ELO Presentation Flexi bi1i ty Ease of use Range of options 2D board 3D board Openings Middlegame Endgame 1800 13* 12 12 10* 6 13* 7* 10* 13* 1850 12 9 15 12 13* 10* 12 10* 1950 15 10* 13* 13* 15 13* 13* 15 10* TOTAL 1899 1944* 2070 All three programs announce mate.
Colossus X and Sargon 111 resign gracefully in lost positions. Sargon III allows you to offer draws, and will declare a draw when there, is not enough material to force a win - King and Knight versus King, for example.
1 decided to set up an all-play-all tournament between the programs to find the strongest. FDE is my Fidelity Designer Excellence, a dedicated chess computer which cost £155 and which has an advertised US Chess Federation grade of 2,083. Each challenge consisted of a match of six games at 30 seconds per move or nearest equivalent.
The result, as shown in Figure I, leaves little doubt as to which program is the strongest player.
Chessmaster 2000 has a good opening book and a very powerful middlegame in which it frequently builds up strong attacks from nothing.
All three of its losses were in the endgame, in which Colossus X, if it managed to survive, outplayed it.
Colossus X would have done better if it had desisted from playing odd openings which gave it poor middlegame positions, made worse by a stolid and unadventurous playing style - three of its games against Sargon 111 were over 100 moves.
Sargon Ill's style is attacking, rather like Chessmaster 2000, but less successful because it is unable to plan in depth. All three of its draws were by repetition, when it had a superior position but ran out of ideas.
The Fidelity computer did well, except against Chessmaster 2000 when it repeatedly lost in the middlegame. After a long book opening - up to move 20 in both cases
- it is remarkable how the FDE neglected his queenside and how
quickly Chessmaster 2000 took advantage.
To test processing speed I set up mates in two, three and four, and asked the programs to solve them. The results are shown in Figure II. The blank in Sargon Ill’s results is where, despite prodding, it refused to find mate in two. It took four seconds to find mate in three instead.
The FDE dedicated computer, as you would expect, is the fastest. There is not much to choose between the three Amiga programs in speed.
All three programs will give most players a good game, and are about a fifth of the price of a chess computer of similar playing strength, A bargain in anyone’s book.
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4. 99
5. 99
4. 99
12. 99
12. 99
12. 99
15. 95
15. 95
3. 99
13. 95
15. 99
7. 95
15. 99
19. 95
16. 99
16. 99
16. 99 Deja Vu ..29.95
Wanted ..19.95 Billiard
Sim ...24.95 Division
1 .....19.95
Stargoose .....19.95 Fun School 2
6-8 .....24.95 Fun School 2 8-12 ...24.95 Fun
School 2 over 12's ...24.95 Dungeon Master (1 meg)24.95
Elite 24.95 Hellfire
Attack ...24.95 Falcon Mission Discs each19.95
Bloodwytch ...24,95 Populous Scenery Disks -
Kult .24.95 Fiendish
Freddy ...- New Zealand Story 24.95 Red
Heat 24.95 Robo
Cop .....24.95 Proprietors FA and RA Beech
Vigilante _ 9 95 Postman
Pat ... -
7. 95 Populus ...... .24.95 17 95
Jug ......
7. 95 Forgotten Worlds ... 19 95
14. 95 3D Pool .24.95 15 95 Gold Runner
6. 95 Pirates . .24.95 15 99 Honda
RVF . 24 95
15. 99 Karate Kid II
6. 95 Warlocks Quest ..... _ 5 95
Tanglewood _ 7 95 Soldier of
Light ...... 7 95 Bards Tale 2..... .24.95 16 95
Silkworm .... 19 95 12 99 Millenium
2.2 .. 24 95
15. 99 Waterloo ..... _ 17 95 Leathernecks
.. 6 99 Photon Paint (no box!)
Just disc + instructions ..79.95
19. 95 Faety Tale Adventure...
44. 95
8. 95 For 1 month only: Garfield I and Garfield II RRP £39.90 Our
Price £16.99 ALIEN SYNDROME on offer at £7.95 We otter a fast
reliable service Cheque's P.O's to: CASTLE SOFTWARE Any games
not listed phone our Hotline now on 0782 575043 Please state
Amiga when ordering. All orders under £8.00 require 75p
towards PAP.
- NEW. CHOOSE MONO OR STEREO VERSION Both Amiga audio digitisers
give superb performance, unsurpassed at the price No software
is supplied, since they are fully compatible with Perfect
Sound. Prosound Designer Audiomaster and Date*! Prosampler
Sampling rates up to 60KHz are possible depending upon the
software. An auto lead is supplied lor connect ing to the
headphone socket or Ime output of a radc. Personal stereo
keyboard etc Full instructions are induded. And the mono
version also has an L E D overload indicator. A public domain ‘
Sound Workshop" disk is available which has demo versions of
Audiomaster & Perfect Sound etc MONO DIGITISER £27 99 POST FREE
The Creative people at Memory & Storage Technology, the
company famous throughout the world for designing and
manufacturing compact lower power peripherals for the Amiga
announce the arrival of a computer show to beet all computer
shows. Yes. It's possible to buy our products at show prices
from the comfort of your own home.
But only until November 15th. 1989 Please note that our normal selling prices are shown In ( » THE ULTIMATE EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES COMPARE THESE SPECIFICATIONS WITH OUR COMPETITORS I
connect all AMIGAS to your TV or colour monitor provided It
has an RGB input socket All leads give a much dearer picture
than using the AMIGA MODULATOR, permit ALL 4096 colours to be
displayed and include the audio lead (to give stereo with
stereo tv’s), v ORDER AL 1 FOR TV s WITH 21 PIN EURO (SCART)
£10 99 MODE IS MCOl & MC05. ETC ONLY £10 99
2 COMPUTERS WITH ONE TV MONITOR Plug m the scad leads from any
two computers eg AMIGA 4 ST. and connect the SHARER to the tv
or monitor's scad socket Just press the switch to instantly
select either computer MSWI £15.99 OTHER LEADS AMIGA 64
OM long ..... AMIGA A 500 BBC EMULATOR
LEAD ...... BE1 ONLY £7 99 RSI ONLY £9
99 RS6 ONLY £9 99 RS5 ONLY £7 99 HL1 ONLY £4 99 HL2 ONLY £5.99
• PUV«u,X N9 rW avi« OPERA'lO I WEN THE computer IS ON NEW
COMPACT DESIGN £12.99 Order 35 DJAi uraoAivr* special show
pwce - rseaa ir?s mi mc. Vat I • Super Slim line • Each DRIVE
Fully Tested f
• Very Low Power to Dispatch I • No Clicking • Upgrade Policy ?
Buy a
• May be Switch Disabled UnlDRIVE and hai _• 1 Year Limited
£138 99 (M498S) INC. VAT
• Specification as above but Includes option to power top DRIVE
from 9 volt plugpeck. There are also two drive enable
• Plus £5 Carriage SPECIAL SHOW PRICE - £79.99 (£99.96) INC. VAT
This Internal S17K Card la a direct replacement for the ASOV
Meg DRAMS Micromegs Is only half die site of the MINIMEGS™
• Auto Configure
• Low Power
• 1 ft
• Auto Configure LED
• Very small size 3* X S.2S* x 0.825*
• Zero Wait States
• Compatible with A501
• Plus £S carriage Populatod to 5 12K . CI49.9S (C179 9S) Inc VAT
Populated to I Mag C229.90 I£279.95) Inc VAT Populatad to 2 Mag
C399.9S IC479.9S) Inc VAT Factory upgrade only £79.95 (£99.95)
Par S12K Why buy MAST? We are committed to providing the latest
technology at the moat competitive prices. Micromegs was the
first Internal 512K expansion card to use the low power 1 Mog
DRAMS. Our existing and planned product range will breath new
life Into the Amiga Markat ff you Invest In a MAST product you
will be looking forward to compatibility. High performance, one
year* warranty and a backup service second to non*.
AMIGA A TOSH DISC DRIVE FOR AMAX - SPECIAL SHOW PRICE - £149.99 (£199.95) INC. VAT AMIGA MINI STEREO AMPLIFIERS amp With two neat speaker units which connect directly to your II AMIGA They are ideal lor use with mono TV's A monitors. & Simply I!
Plug m lor instant stereo sound Mju’ll be amazed at the difference [ MINIAMP 2 WITH REMOTE VOLUME CONTROL 4 ALL LEADS ONLY £19.99 MINIAMP 4 comprises separate 4 watts per channel high quality mmi ste with loudspeakertveadphone socket, separate speaker units with 4* twin o mams power pack 4 connecting lead for AMIGA CAN BE USED AS WALKMAN BOOSTER 4 WITH OTHER COMPUTERS MINIAMP 4 STEREO AMPLIFIER SPEAKER SYSTEM MA4 £34.99 MIDI INTERFACE 1 FOR A50G2000 OR A1000 This has MIDI IN.OUT 4 THRU sockets MIDI INTERFACE 2 FOR A500 2000 OR A1000 MIF2 £34 99 This has MIDI IN. MIDI OUT. MIDI THRU plus 2
UNIQUE switchabfe MIDI C SOCKETS to save you having to swap MIDI leads when using more than one mstrument FREE MIOI LEAD WITH BOTH INTERFACES SUNDRY ITEMS - BARGAIN PRICES SONY 3.5" DISKS 100% Guaranteed DSTOD disks Lowest Prices Per 10 £12.99 4 Postage Lowest Prices Per 25 £28 49 Port Free Lowest Prices Per 50 £55 99 Port Free Lowest Pnces Per 100 £ 99 99 Port Free 36 * DISK BOX FOR 40 DISKS SMOKED LID LOCKABLE. DSB4 ONLY £8.49 3 6 * DISK BOX FOR 80 DISKS SMOKED LID LOCKABLE. DS86 ONLY £9.99 A500 DUSTCOVER ANTISTATIC TYPE. ADCl .... ONLY £4.99 A4 NON SLIP MOUSEPAD. AFM1
. ONLY £4.99 WE ALSO STOCK AMIGAS PC» PRINTERS MONITORS HARO DISKS. MEMORY EXPANSIONS VIOEO DIGITISERS SELECTED SOFTWARE ft BOOKS - PHONE FOR OUR FREE 20 MCE CATALOGUE TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Pleas* add 75p pad postage - packmg lo orders under £ 15 00 FREE CATALOGUE WITH ALL ORDERS EXPRESS Of I VERV1199 EM TRILOGIC. Unit 1 fNQUimis S 0274 678062 253 New Works Road Bradford BDI2 --1 Tel 0274 691115 ... 'r600l B' MAST announce th* *Amlge-a-Toth* ft wi» Macintosh Emulators on the Amiga. Run ft e 3.5* Floppy Drive for u AMAX ’Amlge-e-Toeh* even features software disk
ejection. Plus £S carriage.
Complete with special cable end 1 year warranty.
THE AMAX MAC EMULATOR COMPLETE WdH OFFICIAL 128K ROMS ¦ £219.99 (£334.90) INC VAT THE BOING OPTICAL MOUSE - SPECIAL SHOW PRICE £69.99 (£79.99) INC. VAT At last an alternative to th* existing Mous.l The Bolng ‘Optical- Mouse is the highest Quality professional mouse you can use with your Amiga. There are no moving parts and the 200 dpi sensitivity Is twice thst of th* standard Amiga mouse. Th* button* hove superior tactfil* and audio feedback. There Is a third button for A2024 software and Xwtndows and th* peck Include* a large mouse pad with non slip becking.
- • *..... - ... - LY£79.96Inc. BARGAIN BASEMENT selliag book
-Professional results with Opsirt It ? ¦ The b FREEI - Special
show price - oaly C17J9 l£29 J») iec. Tba Meal Cwtabeas Gift
Mono sound digitizer complete wttb software aad leads - onty f
11J9 iec.
Stereo sound digitizer complete wttb software aad Hade • onty £2199 inc. Stereo mini speakers A amplifier witb vol control leads - only £17.51 inc. Tba best selling analogs joystick yoke lor sufelegiea FS-11 end the new Falcon - only £1789 inc. Dysee DS DD branded disks packed is plastic boxes onty £12.58 lor tan.
Sony OS DD bulk disci pecked ie plastic boxes • only £11.58 ler 11 MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY. INC. M AIT. (UIQ LT0 UNIT 1 OIPPEN.
(02) 701 7411 FAX: (42) 291 7414 MA1T. U.SA 3881 E.BENATAR WAY,
CHICO. CA 95971
Mbyte ...£399 40
Mbyte ...£499 60
Mbyte ...£599 AUTO BOOT NEC FILE
CARDS A2000 20 Mbyte ...£379 40
Mbyte ...£479 60
- For A500 A1000 A2000 (state model) pnj qc
- Midi in. Midi out, midi thru software incl.
DIGIVIEW GOLD £109.95 X COPY ZO Hardware Version £39.95 X COPY 2.0 Software Version £19.95
- No. 1 Copy Program - Parameter copy
- Backs up commercial software
- Update service: Send version 1.0 + £7.50 to upgrade AMIGA SUPER
CARD Kickstart 1.3 Anti Virus Floppy Speeder Boot Drive
Selector Back Up Program Functions under F-Keys Mouse Driven
£99.95 Error Messages Shortened Reset Extra Utilities ¦'*'»'•
'¦* .¦ .¦ .¦. .¦*.¦.¦ .¦.• mr. ' ¦* ¦' ¦' ¦ ¦' ¦* ¦' ¦¦¦¦¦*¦¦¦*
¦ - ¦ ¦ ¦ • ¦ • ¦* ¦ * m~ mr,¦*.¦ ¦ m~ m-1.
- Low cost, enabling you to merge computer graphics with live
video & record the results on a VCR RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK A500
£189.95 GENLOCK A2000 £189.95 VIRUS PROTECTOR
- Hardware and software £24.951 (Software only £9.95)
- Place hardware between external drive and computer
- Protects internal and external drives
- Always present after warm reboot
- Gives alarm signal if a virus is found
- Protects against 16 Viruses KICKSTART 1.2 1.3 CARD £49.99
• Now you can switch between Kickstart 1.2 1.3
- Supplied with Kickstart 1.3
blank disks £99.99
3. 5” WITH TRACK DISPLAY Includes 10 blank disks RAM EXPANSIONS
A500 512K
- Upgrade to 1 mbyte, fitted in seconds £79.95 Whll« slocks last
£149.95 £375.00 £399.00 £425.001 £449.00
- With dock, battery operated to retain tim&date. On off switch
A500 1.8MByte (512k Ram)
- Board to add 1.8 Mj internal memory to your A500 With Ram 1.8
Mbyte A500 A1000 2 Mbyte Internal A500 A1000 2MByte
- 2 Mb ram expansion A500 .A1000
- simply plugs into expansion port A2000 2MByte
- 8 Mb board. 2Mb Ram
5. 25" EXTERNAL DISK DRIVE £99.99 40 80 TRACKS IBM Includes 20
blank disks COMPATIBLE
5. 25" WITH TRACK DISPLAY £119.99 Includes 20 blank disks ALL
- Including Software Driver £49.99. Can bo used with all programs
like Deluxe Paint I Photon Paint 2.0 etc AMIGA TOP 100 GAMES
Sim Onto Snooker ... Shod Em Up Con. Sal Aftarbumar----- Allan
Legion...... Aataroth ...... Airborne Ranger Archipelago B«am
Bo CM It* no* Bomber .. AMIGA PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE 64 Emulator
20 64 Emulator... Aegit Draw2000 CaflCam___ Afg a Modeller 30
Cad________ Aegt Sonu Music__________ Atgn Audiomaater 2 0
Music Midi...... Aegie Vtdaoscape 30 Cad Animation Aagia c.~w.
•*.*- Desktop Vdso Aegis Vldaotllar Desktop Vdao Ammago
Graphic*____ Artsc C Prof Prog. Language A Taft III Communcatun
BftSPC Common cabon Vmpo Product** Animation Ham __ Prtd
UllMy_______ Prof Drum Track.. Spreadsheet .. Prog
UUIIIes ____ Bualneas. ..... Income Tax-------- Desk Top
Publisher Integrated OTP____ OTP_______ Prol OTP------
Graphic*------ Oeak Top VxJao_ Graphics Funny Fgjr «--------IBM
1295 Copy Program---- Financial----- Cad Cam------
Communicator* .... Wordprocsaaor Idagnltd Buevwee Prog
language----- Prog language Science Fiction 19 95 1296 Fort
Editor-----------19 95 64 99 WordD BasdSpread 149 96 109 90
UWMSS ----------------49 95 34.99 Mdi __________ Herd Olak
Utility..... 30 Animation .. Wordpro c*aaor.....
1. 3 • Manual------- Hoi Copy Program Vidso DlgitWr 149 96 109 99
Copysund -------69 96 49 95 Graphics--------------79.95 5199
Vtosic--------------6996 47 99 Video Animation ...69 95 47 99
CLUB 68000 INTRODUCTORY OFFER Fill oul Ihis coupon and return
il lo CLUB 68000 Lid. Your only commitment is to pay £10.00
tor one year's membership or CLUB 68000. Mail Ihis coupon lo
CLUB 68000 Lid., Suite 1, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington
Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston on Thames, Surrey KT1 4DP Pleaie
tend me
Addrcn Name Membership £10.00 Announcing PRODATA - the Arnor
database Software for the 1990s Prodata is e You can keep data
files which are automatically sorted as you add Information.
The type of data can be very varied, ranging from simple names
and addresses to inventories and catalogues and even invoices
and records of transactions.
You can keep the data sorted in several different ways. E.g. by name, number, date. Almost instantly find information using any of these sort keys You can design different ways of presenting the data, e.g. straight list address labels, tabulated data.
Using Prodata is simplicity itself: All facilities are accessed from a few simple to use menus. To set up a new database file you merely need to enter names for each data field • you need not oonoern yourself with the size of fields or the type of data to be stored or even the total number of fields.
Fclact fuu ¦ fun 4 : Mims FUU I : Amrtss run I Mims run 7 : Ml M* run I : Ml Amr rIf 14 1 : Afl Amr
- --run ii : •*: Ht' run II : Afl A4* ruu 17 : TcloAH run u ;
to rifU 14 : Castsct Tser Designing a new layout 9mm Hr 1 1
|Saltk Cmsr im pc it see-.
J4 Aulterry Hff Laar Tvnkley Mlttaa-iidcr-thi-lill hlttMSllrr 8117 SIT Ntul Hr* 7117 M*_____ li i n Nfdtlq 4447 MSN 1 7 11 Mb lei M Displaying and entering data Amor, the makers of PROTEXT, are pleased to announce the arrival of our complementary database program, PRODATA.
This is the program that our customers have been requesting for years. Prodata Is an Ideal companion to Protext - it uses the same key strokes and many of the same concepts, so Protext users will immediately feel comfortable. Prodata offers the same standards of ease of use and flexibility as Protext.
But you do not need Protext to use Prodata - it is a powerful database manager in its own right, ideal for all your filing applications. The program uses a simple set of menus which may be used with the keyboard or a mouse, as required.
Prodata s being launched simultaneously for the IBM PC and compatibles, Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. at a special introductory price of £55. Available only until 30th November 1989. The recommended price will then become £79.95 indexes to change sorting method Rexibie layout design includes held. Taxi and variable ftama. Lina drawing moda for Boaaa, layout* vMder and longar than acraan um with automatic scrolling. Formatting of Hem* (dacimal piacaa, |uatify. Cantrlng). Printer attributes (boid, (talk: ate) both global and on aach itam, spaciaJ 'attach* attribute* to join it am* Dupllcata
layout faculty. Up to 100 dlffarant layout*.
Printing. Comprehensive sat of prlntar drivers. Full um of prlntar control codas, option* to *at all margin Mai. Headers and footer*, microspacing used to give correct output In proportional font*, background printing, prtnt to prlntar or to a dkac flla.
Filtering of data using any expreeaon, Filter*
• to*ad wtth daacrption*. Latactabia from menu. You can matanlfy
aMlch befween displaying all records.
Variable length fields, up to aoo fields par record. Deta flies automatically axlended aa data • antarad Extra bald* may ba addad at any tlma.
8 may have up to 5 indexes, which and exporting of data m different suitable tor other software including Pretax!.
Allowing data to ba checked and ¦flared as It i* Imported.
Undo changes Ttwmow ™c««o«i»owns* daMUorm LnawTion, art loggad and may ba reversed to allow you to correct mistakes easily Password protection s levels, abfl*y to protect individual layouts to realnct access to sansflfve data File management screen with directory map, rename, erase, copy, type, attribute display and alteration Powerful expression evaluator provides date calculations. Substrings. Conditional expressions, roonefcng. The resufl of an expression can be assigned lo a held throughout the database.
Data entry verification required to be integer, number or given range, ot a string subject lo a maximum Data editing Mb aunty to duplicaM id a.Mng record. Insert and overwrite mode, insert and delete line that automatically move fields up or down, swap character*, convert to upper or lower case, change layout or Index from display moda. Find* Individual record almost Instantly.
Krtomational compatibility includes full use of accented characters Including correct sorting, keyboard configurable to 10 different national layouts, printer driver* supplied to print special Menu driven Sxnple. Easy to UM system of menu and pop up wmdoiw*. Keyboard or mouee may be used Plus macro record mode, belch delete facMy.
Configuration program, example data file*, on screen Indication of bold, underlining, italics, comprehensive manual.
Fields may be Special Introductory Offer - Open until 30th November 1989 Save £55 on PRODATA + PROTEXT Save £25 on PRODATA Prodata is available NOW al the introductory price ot just £55 Or, buy Protein (our renowned word processor - see our other ad in this isaue) at the same time and save even more - the combined price is just E125 «McardorOan«wlbaOa»parcbeCbyra)uiT,o.boar II paying by cbaqua pi aa ate 10-14 day. By pat- ORDER FORM Send to address below Please tend me (indicate where applicable): PROOATA_£55.00 (reduced from £79.95) £125.00 (reduced from £179.90) Disc size: 5W 3W Computet:
PC Atari ST Amiga Payment by: Access Visa Cheque Postal order Credit card no.
Name Address PRODATA *¦ PROTEXT Expires Re easing your micro 's potent ai... Arnor Ltd (AC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PEI SNA. Tel: 0733 63909 (24 hr) Fax: 0733 67299 to tato the7990s.
A specialreport on Commodore hardware and software products on display the1989show the£ PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW SPECIAL " ANY people who will have picked this . Up al the PC Show won't know what an Amiga is. You may think you know what an Amiga is. But be prepared to be surprised. The Amiga is a schizophrenic machine. Initial design was started at a time when games consoles were an incredibly good way to make money. But the designers wanted to produce something better than the best games machine anyone could dream of. They wanted to build a computer.
The hardware was designed in Silicon Valley to produce a combination of custom chips which would share the burden of running a program. Most small computers can only do one thing at one time. So if it is playing a tune it cannot clear the screen, or add two numbers.
The Amiga designers reasoned like this: Why not have special chips to do the special jobs. This good idea was not original. But putting such technology into a home computer was. Previously multi-processing had been the province of big and expensive mini computers.
The software was written in England. Again it represents a radical advancement in technology. The AmigaDos operating system has a pedigree which evolved from mainframe computers: the Amiga was the first home machine which was powerful enough to run it.
The biggest featner in the AmigaDos cap is multi-tasking. It treats the machine as a collection of parts, not as a whole computer.
Programs decide which parts they need at any one time and share the resources. The result is more than one program can be run at once.
For a while rival manufacturers poo-pooed the need to do this. Today they are just starting to produce software which multiM: The Amiga A500 THE baby Amiga is the machine most schoolboys dream of - a 16 bit 68000 processor, synthesiser quality sound and a palette of 4.006 colours. With 512k which can easily be doubled to a megabyte using a slot in card, the A500 is a powerful games engine.
The work of manipulating the high resolution graphics is eased by advanced custom chips. These provide sprites - images which can be moved over a picture on the screen without interfering with the main display - hardware scrolling which allows the view on the picture to tilt and pan without the need for complicated calculation, and sounds stored as digital waveforms which c..,. give compact disc quality speech or music.
All these features are powerful, yet they don't sap the 68000's strength. The 880k di- tasks. The IBM version is still incomplete, needs a very expensive machine and has little software to go with it. Apple has announced some software for next spring: it will also need an expensive computer.
The Amiga is still the only computer which can multi-task and share the burden of sound and graphics with separate chips. The hardware which makes the Amiga the world's best games machine is the platform for software which makes it the world's best business machine. So it is not surprising that the computer which does everything better than its rivals suffers a bit of an identity crisis.
The two identities are reflected by the two machines, although deep down they have a common heart, the uses to which they are commonly put reflect the diversity of the Amiga's abilities.
Drive built into the side stores more information than rival systems.
The unique Amiga Workbench is a friendly way to use the machine. By keeping fries and programs in drawers even large capacity discs are easy to handle. Programs can be run, files copied deleted and shuffled all without a jot of typing. Running more than one program is simple thanks to Workbench's windowing system.
The protocols for using Workbench are carried through to the programs themselves.
Commodore has issued guidelines to programmers which mean that once you have mastered the use of one package tho rost are easy to learn.
The Amiga 500 is expandable. Thort is a huge selection of add-ons from both Commodore and independent manufacturers - graphics tablets, processor cards, hard discs, memory expansions, video and sound digitisers and a some weird and wonderful tools such as 3D glasses.
The A500 is an amazing home computer, yet it needs no extras. The machine can be plugged into the family telly using the supplied modulator unit to get you up and running.
The Amiga A2000 WHILE the Amiga 500 is a powerful home machine the A2000 finds its place in businesses. It shares all the powerful features of the A500 but adds more scope for expansion. The machine comes with one megabyte of memory and can easily be expanded to nine megabytes. The 16 bit processor can be upgraded to a 32 bit 68020 with a plug-in card. This quadruples the performance of the Amiga, with substantially greater improvements in maths-intensive work.
A number of hard disc controllers give you the choice botween price and performance.
Hard or floppy drives can be fitted in the Amiga's 3.5in and 5.25in mounting bays.
The Amiga 2000 can be made IBM compatible. With either the 8088 XT to 80286 AT bridgeboard installed the Amiga will run the vast array of PC programs.' It does this without losing the Amiga's ability to Multitask. While only one PC program can be run at any one time, the Amiga can run as many programs as you can fit in memory. Datum can even be shared between PC and Amiga software.
Tho Amiga 2000 will accept PC-compatible cards to give a complete emulation. Not only do you have two machines in the box. You can use ooth of them at the same time.
The Amiga 2000 is the professional video user's first choice. The vast array of video titling programs and hardware to interface to TV equipment means that it is used in television studios throughout the world.
Commodore and independent companies are working on special effects peripherals which manipulate images.
The Amiga 2000 boasts a custom video socket which allows high resolution monitors to be connected. These are ideal for desktop publishing and spreadsheet work. Industry standard Ethernet cards allow the Amiga to be networked to most other computers, from the biggest mainframe to the humblest PC. Sharing data and making you more productive.
The Amiga 2000 is an advanced multitasking computer. It leads the way whether you work or play.
• 512K Ram Kicksian1.3
• 1 Meg Disk Drive • Two Operation Manuals
• 4096 Colours •Workbench 1.3 System Disk
• Multi Tasking • All appropriate Connecting Cables
• Mouse ONLY... £399° 5*w5 fl?-*«5 '
• t** *!?•»* * ST • M",*w»t l( you thought Powerplay Pack I . Was
good value just look at s - our Powerplay Pack 2!
T) f W £599 PACK 2 contains the super Powerplay Pack 1" plus a
Philips CM 8833 Stereo High Resolution Colour Monltoi (HIGHER
SPEC, than 1084S) See those games - Hear those games... WITH
(N 8 Pmwpln Pack 2 loasrtl include a TV ModiiiW) NEW 10W PRIC* £15.95 £12.95 £139.95 £14.95 CJI lor qoetHV GRAPHICS HARDWARE DIGIVIEW GOLD SUPER ' * formitat *1 (BokHwa from 2 to 4096 colon up to 540 . 400 p *U (reqim B 6 W . Or cota* %rth B 6 W mods ridto camera, to dgfli* r cotour) only £139.95 PANASONIC VIDEO CAMERA Ifcgh qualify high resnkfflon mono MINIGEN only £249.95 Take our NEW Powerplav Pack 3 replace the games software with an »* * .. extensive business package THE WORKS - Integrated w.p. mail . IC|NE * merge, spreadsheet, pro database, o'-* iijST multicolour graphics etc.. etc. A •
To substitute the MPS 1230 for another printer in our range, simply deduct £139.95 and add the price of the alternative chosen.
Take our NEW Powerplay Pack Commodore MPS 1230 printer COMPLETE AMIGA HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM" To substitute tbe MPS ’230 for another printer in our range, simply deduct £139.96 and add the pnce of the alternative chosen POWERPLAY PACK 4 i " Tr: JOYSTICKS .. .
ZIPSTICK SUPERPRO fYMnvon. QmkO MB. ¦-! Prtd Fw( lAtifrt. I? Month wwtre, MICROBLASTER COMMODORE . .. A501 RAMPACK GtM CBM 5121 EXTRA RAM with rtol tar etoefc dam NOT nwfcb* Amga w» rarity CBM 3.5” DS DD BLANK DISKS Bo ol m bUr* daks BULK PACKED DISKS Ten 3.5* DS DO Daks OR with kbraty case ACCESSORIES TAILORED AMIGA r.A Q(- DUST COVERS 0NLY (Also available (or most momtots pnntars alt| Call to. Eea.tnv pf!! „r £10.95 HARWOOD'S - THE NAME YOU CAN TRUST using your Access Visu or Lombard Charge Card ORDER BY POST-Makocheques, hankers-bu ld.ng society drafts or postal orders payable to GORDON
HARWOOD COMPUTERS |N 8 Porsonal or business cheques require 7 days clearance Irom date ol receipt belore despatch!
ORDERING MADE EASY PAY AT YOUR BANK-II you wish to pay by Credit Geo Transfer at your own bank, phone lor details FREE POSTAL DELIVERY goods m UK Mainland (6*7 day delivery) OR COURIER SERVICE Add £5 per major item next working day delivery UK Mainland (Orders normally despatched on dayol receipt o' payment or cheque clearance COMPARE OUR SERVICE After you’ve purchased from Harwoods we’ll still be here to completely satisfy you should any problems arise.
J 12 MONTH WARRANTY - II goods prove to be » faulty within 30 days of purchase they will bo replaced with A NEW UNIT For the remainder o* the Guarantee Penod. All warranty repairs will bo made FREE OF CHARGE' * & £ COLLECTION FACIUTY-Any faulty computer or monitor will be collected from your home FREE OF CHARGE within this Guarantee Period!"
FULL TESTING PROCEDURES computers a thoroughly tested poor to despatch.
CREDIT TERMS Gordon Harwood Computers are licensed brokers and facilities to pay using our Budget Account Scheme arc offered on most items. APR 35.2% 12-36 month credit sale terms are available to most adults, simply phone or write and we will send wntten details along with an application form. (Applications are required in advance.)
Credit terms with or without a deposit can be tailored to suit your needs.
Standard centronics parallel port for direct connection to Amiga. Pcs. ST, Archimadas ate. Tractor and friction paper feeds and FREE connector cables CITIZEN 1200 Full 2 year warranty Vary reliable low cost printer, interchangeable interfaces available for RS232 or Senal type for CBM 64 etc £149.95 COMMODORE MPS 1230 Manufactured by Ohvetfc built m dual Centronics and 64 type senal aitetfaces Corrects to C84 128'16 +4 and Arraga etc £13955 STAR LC10 MONO Multiple font options from frotd panel excellent paper handling.
C64 128 version available £179.95 £18*95 STAR LC10 COLOUR Colour version of the popular IC10 allowing the effect of hi colour on screen dumps (requees colour pnnter driving software) C84 128 version available £209.95 £23*95 STAR LC 24 10 24 Pin version of the popular LC sees with exceptional letter print quafcty NEW LOW PRICE! £249.95 AH mu St* pnnreis ait lull UK spec which are ipeahcah meiwlactwaJ by Stw Japan tor sais in Ihe UK onf| Please be anera that loropeen spar.
Star prertecs am being unafliculy impeded j tiii Ihe wsslies ot Sur Micromcs UK These printers do not cany a Star UK warranty, and will not be serweed by ihrnn should Ihe need ante these may be u-uetabte due lo t UK spec pi mien may be recognised by then g which is moutdrd to the mam - £229 £379 £209 10 FREE BLANK DISKS (Worth £10.95) JOOD' 30 MEGABYTE A500 HARD DISK Real power lor your Amiga A500. Connects directly ttrajgli sidecar espansion bus Ubra-reliable, built- in power supply styled lo match your Amiga A500.
AT ONLY Also available 50 mb version £475 mdudes 1 yr replacement warranty FREE, optional 2 yi available COMMODORE A590 20Mb HARD DISK FOR AMIGA A500 s
• Autoboot on Amiga
(1. 3 Kickstart only) NEW LOW PRICE'
• Sockets for 2Mb RAM expansion
• DMA VORTEX 40 MEGABYTE HARD DISK New concept in disk storage
• Amiga A500 1000 C* J Q Q (others available) HARWOODS SUPERSLIM
3.5" DRIVE
• Throoghpon NEW LOW PRICE'
• On Off isolator switch L 7 4 95 CUMANA DISK DRIVES CAX 354 CAX
3. 5" 2nd Drive 5.25" 2nd Oirve £94.95 £129:95 10 FREE BLANK
MONITORS PHILIPS CM 8833 STEREO (Higher spec than 1084S) Full 14" High Resolution Stereo Colour Monitor
• Twin Speakers
• High Contrast Tube
• Scart Euro-Connector fitted as standard
• Green screen switch for enhanced text mode
• RGB AI, Ttl. Composite video and stereo audio inputs
• Can also be used as TV with tuner or VCR
• Supplied with tilting stand
• Compatible with most micros
• With FREE lead for computer of your choice
• Only from Haiwoods 1 year replacement warranty for majot faults
COMMODORE 1084 Full 14” High Resolution Colour Monitor
• RGB AI, TTL. Composite video and audio inputs
• Scart Euro-connector fitted as standard
• Supplied with cables for A500. CGA PC, C16-64-128
• Can also be used as TV with tuner or VCR W 24HR ORDER LINE -
Please call to see us where our full range of advertised
products AND MORE is on sale. We will be only too pleased to
demonstrate any item of hardware or software and a host of
penpherals and accessones.
Com-'" GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS DEPT A CO 69-71 HIGH STREET ALFRETON DERBYS • DE5 7DP Tel: 0773 836781 Fax: 0773 831040 REMEMBER WE ARE NOT JUST ANOTHER MAIL ORDER COMPANY All prices are what YOU PAY. And there are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS VAT & Postage are included and are correct at time of going to press
E. & O E. Offors subject to availability and are currently
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[ Beef Up Your AMIGA System l RAM Expansion ?
¦ Supra Ram ! 2000 Communication Supra Modem 2H00
2. 4. 6 and SMB configurations available Installs easily into any
AMIGA internal expansion slot Easy lo expand from initial
configuration • start with 2MB and add RAM at your convenience
6MB configuration allows maximum benelil Irom AMIGA
bridgeboard SupraRam 500 ¦ Easy instalalion • simply plugs
into memory slot on underside ol ASM £99.95 Lets you run
larger and more sophisticated programs AMIGA 2000 • 100% Hayes
compatible Allows creation ol large and very last RAM disks
One Year Guarantee 2MB £399.95 4MB £599.95 6MB £799.95 8MB
£999.95 ¦ Works with computers
• Halt card tils any AMIGA bus slot
• Supports up to 5 modems per AMIGA 2000
• Works with most commercial telecommunications software
• All prices include VAT and delivery
• Frontier Software are Supra Corp’s only official UK distibutor
¦Asynchronous 2400 1200 300 baud operation ¦ Fully CCITT
• Aulo answer aulo dial
• Adjustable volume speaker
• One year guarantee 2400zi £169.95 External 2400 £169.95 (Works
with any system) Frontier Software
P. O. Box 113, Harrogate.
North Yorkshire HG2 OBE.
(0423) 567140 530577.
Fax (0423) 522874.
3i4prnDrive Disks A Hard ¦ Easy lo install 30 or 45MB hard drive with suitable interlace (2000 internal)
• WordSync (2000) or expansion port (500) SCSI interlaces
available seperalely
• WordSync interlace transfers 16 bits at once, giving DMA speed
without DMA hassle
• WordSync interlace oilers super smooth sound, video etc with no
interruptions tor disk access
• Compatible with Workbench 1.3 auto booting and fast file system
• Twelve month guarantee 30MB AMIGA 500 SupraDnva £599 95 45MB AM
IGA 500 SupraDnva £699 95 (wtth Eipansjon Port intartac*) 30MB
AMIGA 2000 SopraOnva £549 95 45MB AMIGA 2000 SupraDnva £649 95
(•an WordSync Martatai WordSync Wartaca (Just add any SCSI Hard
0*sfc) £18995 A*. Expansion Port imartaca (Just add any SCSI
Hard Disk.
Power Supply and Casa) £ 189.95 JEFF EARL is the most important man in Commodore UK. He is not the most senior, nor the most technical - he is marketing manager.
His job is to make sure Commodore computers regain the top spot in the UK. A position they held in the early 1980s.
The UK renaissance for the 1990s has no better focus than Jeff, who has worked for Apple and more recently for Toshiba, where he spearheaded that company's growth from nothing to being the major manufacturer of IBM portables and Desktop portables.
JEFF EARL Commodore's man in the seat He is one of a number of industry high flyers who have Joined divisions of Commodore around the world, and he states: "The reason Commodore has spent so much money on a professional portfolio of people is to provide a foundation for new product introductions".
Hot The Amiga is such a flexible machine that it needs someone with Jeffs abilities behind it.
Both the man and the machine understand AmigaDos, Msdos and Unix. Jeff Earl sees the flexibility of the Amiga as its major strength.
The Amiga 500 reigns supreme as a home computer. Atari has tried to ape it by adding more colours, stereo sound and hardware scrolling to the ST. It still lags behind in every respect. "The Amiga is a winning machine", says Jeff. While software houses used to wrife for the ST and then consider a port, more and more now view the Amiga as the lead system. It will be interesting to see if there is a move among software houses to support 1 meg machines.
The A501 ram pack suffered when ram prices rose early in the year. With the problem subsiding. We may see the price reviewed. "It will depend on supply and demand", says Jeff.
Just as impressive is the Amiga 2000. Jeff describes it as Commodore's best kept secret.
'The more 1 see”, he says, "the more I realise its power is in its flexibility. 1 was at Apple at the time of the Lisa and during the early days of the Mac. The 2000 has some benefits that Apple would love, such as colour, from its creation. And we've continued developing ".
The analogy that the Amiga has been like a Lisa - a really desirable but flawed machine which only took off when it was revised and became the Mac - is often used by developers.
Jeff sees the trigger to the Amiga's launch into the big time as being Workbench 1.4. "Maybe the OS wasn't what it could have been, but 1.4 is so different perhaps it should be called 2.0". There will be developer guidelines to provide a consistent user interface, expanding on the current requesters. These guidelines will encompass Amiga Unix, so that the high flying executive can switch between an Amiga under AmigaDos, Amiga running Unix or the company mainframe running Unix, without having to be aware of which machine or operating system is doing the work.
The Amiga, and in particular the A2000, needs some software support. There will be a concerted effort by Commodore to get the big Apple and IBM software houses to wake up to the advantages of the A2000. Workbench
1. 4 and future Amiga machines are the tools with which they will
do this.
The Amiga will become a very different computer when it runs Unix. It is an operating system fraught with politics. In a similar way to the Workbench upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4, Unix is about to be upgraded from v3.2 to v4 - pronounced five point four.
Amiga Unix, which is called Amix, will be a very polished program. "You can't go in with a product which looks right but falls over", says Jeff. While techies may be happy with some of the fundamental parts of a system. Amix will go beyond this and provide a friendly. Mac- like environment.
This philosophy of getting the product right extends to all future Amiga developments, it is the reason why we will not see Workbench
1. 4, the enhanced chip set, nor some of the hardware Amiga
Computing has talked about recently, until the New Year.
Part of the reason for this delay is to allow developers to get to grips with the new systems and reduce the problems inherent in making changes to an established computer.
There is going to be an amazing change between now and next July, predicts Jeff Earl, who has tremendous confidence in the hardware designers. Commodore is looking for growth in four areas - the leisure industry, with Pcs. Where it wants to be a leading supplier of high power 80486 80386 machines, with Unix systems and with desktop portables.
With Atari on the run. Commodore is gunning for Apple and Compaq. Jeff Earl is one of the team which will make it happen.
The£ PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW THE& PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW SPECIAL ANYONE who has added an A501 or second floppy to their A500 will know that it makes a big difference to the useablity of the system. That change is insignificant compared with the advantages offered by a hard drive.
The A590 is smart, coloured to match recent, cream A500s - early ones were nearer to white. The styling matches that of the computer and it is small and neat, partly because the footwarmer power supply sits on the floor like the A500 unit.
The front has lights which show when the drive has power and when it is being accessed. The back has an RS232 lookalike connector which is actually a SCSI (pronounced scuzzy) port for connecting more drives, tape spoolers or even some laser printers. There is a socket for connection to the power supply brick, and a row of four little DIP switches. 1 vo switches look after the device numbers for adding extra drives, a third is reserved for future expansion and the last one sets the system to autoboot if you have a 1.3 Kickstart rom in your Amiga.
Fitting a special clip, then slotting the drive on to the side of the computer needs a bit of courage and a hearty shove. It means that the whole unit is solid. Assuming you have a Kickstart 1.3 rom and the switch is set on the drive, power to the computer sets the unit humming noisely into life. Workbench appears in about 15 seconds depending on what Startup-Sequence has to do. Kickstart 1.2 owners will have to boot from floppy. From then on your Amiga is transformed.
Buying an A590 nets you three separate units in one box - a ram expansion, a hard drive controller and the 20 meg hard drive. Up until now getting this kind of kit together was a techno junkie’s dream and sane user's nightmare.
Ram expansion is the simplest feature; getting to the sockets the hardest part of installation. The outer casing, the drive and then a metal cage have to be removed before you can get to the slots. This jigsaw puzzle is a result of keeping the unit small. Since you only install ram once it is worth it.
Memory can be expanded by adding chips to give 512k, one or two meg in addition to the ram Fitted in your computer. It is worth noting that the memory in the drive runs faster than either the ram in the computer or the A501 expansion unit.
Speed costs: The chips which need to be fitted are rated at 120 nanoseconds. This is pretty fast. Size counts; Each chip stores 256 by 4 bits, or one megabit per chip. To keep power consumption down and so keep the heat generated to the minimum, the chips need to be Cmos, as opposed to the cheaper Nmos. A setup with all the sockets fHled still gets pretty warm. You will void the warranty if you fit Nmos chips. All these factors combine to make the parts expensive. Suitable chips cost around £20 each. You'll need 16 chips for two meg so it is not surprising Commodore sells the unit empty.
Commodore is proud of the design work it has put into the interface - lessons wore learned with the A2090 and A2090a. The new interface will cope with big drives up to 600 megs, and you can attach eight drives at a time using SCSI. There is no through bus, so you can’t plug any peripherals into the A590.
Cetting data to and from the computer as fast as possible is the interface card's primary job. For this reason it uses direct memory access (DMA). Non-DMA drives use the central processor to read bytes from the disc and shove them into ram. A DMA drive uses its own custom chippery. This is not only quicker, it allows any other programs your Amiga may be running to work at normal speed.
'I vo types of drive can be connected. XT or SCSI. Both are better than the ST-506 sold with A2000S and IBM typo Pcs. Unfortunately SCSI drives are expensive, partly because there are so many IBM clones in the world ST- 506 drives benefit from economies of scale, partly because SCSI drives are made to a higher spec. A 45 meg SCSI drive without controller card will set you back £500. Commodore has compromised and fitted a cheaper 20 meg XT drive. This seriously affects performance when compared with more expensive systems.
Speed freaks can either whip out the XT unit and raid the piggy bank to lit a SCSI drive
- bye-bye warranty - or add an extra drive externally. This
should see the performance improve from a data transfer rate of
around 150k per second to a theoretical rate of more than a
megabyte per second, but for that you will be paying over
£1.000. What makes the A590 special is the care with which it
has been designed. Any faults are the result of having to keep
the price down, something Commodore should be praised for.
There is a rash of hard drives appearing at the moment, most of them are at least 40 meg, but they will all have to go some to boat Commodore’s Real Thing.
S. WEST LAN COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD 1045 1047 High Road Chadwell
Heath Romford, Essex Tel: 01-597 8851 Fax No: 01-590 8959
LONDON LHC MICRO SALES 121 Regent Street Leamington Spa
Warwickshire Tel: 0926 429211 Tel: 0926 312155 Fax No: 0926
A500, Mouse, Workbench, BASIC, Tutorial, Utilities, Manuals,
T.V. Modulator, Plus Ten Star Value Pack SELECT TEN DIAMONDS
Ouickshot II ??
Mouse Mat ?
A500 Dust Cover* Marble Madness ?
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Drum*** Art ot Chess ?
Barbarian Ult. Warrior ?
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Insanity Fight* Mercenary Comp ?
Terrorpods* £379.00 Vixen ?
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Photon Paint ??
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Better Dead Than Alien ?
3. 5' Cleaning Kit ?
Backlash ?
Driller* ONLY Winter Olympiad ?
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Quadralien * ECO* Attack* Hacker II ?
Inc. DISK DRIVES A590 20Mb, 2Mb RAM -£325* 49Mb. Autoboot, Fast File for B2000 - £495* External 3.5* Drive with on off switch & thru port only £65.
Internal B2000Drive-£59.
32Mb PC A2000 Portionable Hard Disk- £209.
3. 5" DS DD GUARANTEED BULK DISKS 10 700 25 -------------------
13 OC SO _____________________ 2500 100_________________48 OC
200 94 OC PRICES INCLUDE LABELS Add £4.95 for 80 cap.
Disk Box only when ordering Disks MONITORS PRINTERS 1084 (CBM) -£179.
1084S (CBM)-£195.
Philips 8833-£189.
Philips 8852 -£209.
NEC Multisync II-£399.
20- Multisync-£1895.
As a member you will receive 30% oil retail on all latesl software, a Bi-monthly newsletter (Irom Sept.), a free T-shirt, one tree title trom the list below, and access to our software part exchange library at 114 Lodge Road, Southampton. Also members receive cut price arcade use.
L00K- CLUB SPECIALS: HOWTO ORDER: Cheques or PO's made payable lo the relevant companies. Access Visa orders welcome All prices exclude VA T unless otherwise stated Telephone: Southampton - 0703 232777 London - 01-597 8851 Midlands-0926 312 1 55 Software Club Users Line - 0703 232 777 Software Hotline -01-597 8851 B2000 Hotline - 0703 232777 Export Hotline - 01-597 8851 CHRISTMAS SALE NOW ON!
B2000 Kickstart 1.2 Rev 5 20 Mb Hard Disk XT Bridge Board CiO iK.
1084 Monitor LI£‘IO+ (U.K. Machine) VAT £395+ VAT | DIGITISING PACK Digiview Gold Camera Copy Stand Dlgi Droid I PHILIPS TV MONITORS TV 15 inch remote control ..£189 TV 15 inch FASTEXT £229 1 TOP TEN GAMES Populous .. RRP £24.99 2 Powcrdtome £24.99 a The Duel .£24.99 4 Silkworm .£19.99 5 Grand Prix Circuit...... £24.95 6 New Zealand Story.... £24.95 7 Dungeon Master £24.99 a Indy .. £19.99 9 Elite . £24 99 10 Licence to
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AMIGA 1000 2 Mbyte Populated Starboard £389 inc VAT I A500 New to 3 months old BUY £215 SELL £259 3-6 months £199 £239 6-12 months £179 £219 1 year or more £159 £199 All machines with
T. V. modulators Workbench disks Extras Disk
* Manuals A1000 £150 £199 MUSIC PACK A500 Mr Diamond Midi
Interlace Music X Mr Diamond Ram Exp Yamaha Keyboard z_049
DIAMOND MULTISYNCH MONITOR A500 Lombard See the driver stee
smoothly through sr and change ten of the o2 unve dovyn iwisty
lanes at mdhTv Ringed,tXr Ml view ..... ,£ mountain Five...
four... three... two.. - one... GO!
Your 300bhp Ford Group A Siena Cosworth wars away from the starting line, skidding round hairpin bends, as you speed through unfamiliar, ever hartging terrain in a race where every fraction of a second countsI Lombard RAC Rally recreates all the excitement ol the world-famous rally - with the help of RAC drivers who guarantee its authenticity Complete the five stages - down winding tracks, through verdant forests and over precarious mountain ranges - with the additional hazards of night driving and fog Repair damage and add new features to your car in the workshop, and earn money for spares by
taking part in a TV Interview This is the official simulation of a lifetime will your skills measure up to the challenge?
Totally addictive ...a breath ol fresh air' - Atari ST User. January 89 'Thoroughly engrossing . Highly recommended . The best controls I've encountered in any computer race game' - Computer and Video Games, January 89 The definitive racing game Overall 95% - Computer Gamesweek.
November 5-15, 1988 An absolute must? - ST Anion. January '89 r Please send me Lombard RAC Rally for: ? Atari ST ? Amiga ? PC IS1 .") ? PC |3' | IS 15 71 IS87SI . 15770) |S729| ? I enclose a cheque for £24.95 . -- made payable to Mandarin Software ’ml Mr ? Please debit my AccessA isa number I I I I II I I I II I I I II I I I I Signed_ Name_ Address_ _Postcode_ Database Direct. FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port. Sooth Wlrral. L6S 3EB Tel: OS I -357 2961. Postage: Add £2 Europe Overseas £S SOFT WA R E AMC11 Visit London, go to the show and win a hard drive THE PC Show is a great place to see what
the computer world has to offer. Hut wouldn’t it be nice if there was a show which did not split up the interesting Commodore machine with boring Apricots. Acorns and Alaris?
Have no fear, the Commodore Show is here.
Well, not here exactly, it's at the Novotel in Hammersmith. The show runs from November 17 to 19 and is the ideal place lo pick up some bargains with only 30 shopping days left until Christmas.
Details of the attractions aro still sketchy, but you can be sure Commodore will lay on something special. This is Ihe latest in a long tradition of Commodore Shows which date back to the time when computers wore short trousers. You probably won't find a copy of the Supersoft Cuide to Peek and Poke on the Pet. But you will find the very latest games, peripherals and utilities all at knock down prices.
Tho exhibitors form a Who's Who of the Amiga world, so of course Amiga Computing will be there to answer your questions and take your money.
But the best news is that Commodore is running a competition for readers. Take the form below along to the show and you will save 50p on Ihe admission price of £5. You will also bo entered for a free draw to win a Commodore 20 megabyte A590 Hard Drive Plus.
At tho end of each day all Ihe entries will be collected and a winner picked at random.
Only one entry is allowed per person, but photocopies are acceptable. Winners will be notified by posl.
COMMODORE'S A2620 is a neat, densely packed expansion card that plugs into the Co-Processor socket in an A2000. It will not work in an A500.
Installing a CBM 68020 card is a trivial matter. Power up, and if all goes well, you should be welcomed by that familiar left hand holding that familiar disc? Why is that guy left handed? The artist who drew it was right handed, copying his left hand holding the disc, so they say.
SPECIAL Holding both mouse buttons down with your right hand and pressing various other pointy-parts of your anatomy on Ctrl-Amiga- Amiga you got a menu of three configurations.
You can either boot into a vanilla AmigaDos 68000. Supa-doopa AmigaDos 68020. Or even 68020 Unix if you have the software. If you don't bother holding down your mouse buttons on startup, the machine will default to AmigaDos 68020. Unless you have been playing with your jumper switches on tho main board.
The A2620 hoard comes in its minimum configuration with a 14.3MHz 68020, 2 megabytos of fast 32 bit ram (100ns). A
14. 3MHz 68881 (that's a math coprocessor to you and me) and a
14.3MHz 68851. The last chip is a memory management unit
These perform virtual memory, and address translation tricks required by Unix and other power-operating systems. If your 68020 card hasn't got it. Then you can't run Unix.
Maths freaks can change the 14.3MHz 68881 for a 25MHz one and move a jumper on the board. This will speed up things like ray tracing, but if you have looked at the prico of 25MHz 68881s you are likely to have decided it is better to grow old waiting than blow your savings on one chip.
The 68020. Being a 32 bit processor, isn't being run at full tilt unless it finds 32 bit ram.
The Commodore's A2620 runs its clock at twice the standard speed of an Amiga, making it twice as fast, but the 32 bit ram and sophisticated cache inside a 68020 ends up quadrupling the speed of a standard Amiga.
For mathematical applications this will be even better, as the 68881 can do some things at 10 or 20 times the speed of the normal Amiga math routines can manage, and if you use Workbench 1.3 tho improvements will often be transparent. Ah. The advantages of a proper operating system.
Commodore's 32 bit ram is autoconfigured to reside in tho system's 24 bit address range.
What that means in layman's terms is that it will work with existing hardware dovicos like DMA hard disc controllers and video boards.
The A2620 design is flawless.
The public domain benchmark SI claims that Commodore's 68020 runs at 4.5 to 4.8 times the speed of a standard Amiga. They also claim that equates to 15 times the spoed of an IBM PC, though I'd argue how they worked that one out. Lies, damned lies, and benchmarks.
I tried a few of my own kludged together benchmarks. Like putting individual 68000 instructions in a tight loop and seeing their relative performance compared to a normal Amiga. In most cases my tests proved a figure of four to five times the speedup. With real One day all Amigas will be made this way. Jez San gets a taste of the future Speed the£ PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW SPECIAL world programs like assemblers and compilers the difference is staggering.
Ignoring the unchanged disc performance, most programs show a three or four times speed improvement overall. Even programs that run solely from chi_p memory like StarGlidor 2 show significant improvements, although only about two or three fold. This thing really flies. But then, you get what you pay for.
During my one-month testing of tho CBM A2620 1 found that most programs would run perfectly 011 it. Some self-booting games may suffer problems due to the Amiga running unexpectedly fast. The good thing about the Commodore card is that if you find a program that doesn't run. You simply do the five fingered salute - both mouse buttons, and the normal three fingered one - and you can bool into a 68000 minus the 68020 and 32 bit ram.
A very effective bridge across the compatibility gap with some games, though with business or productivity applications there should be no compatibility woes.
Today the A2620 may seem like an expensive luxury, but it points the way for Amigas of the future. Chip costs mean that we won't see 68020 based A500s for a long while.
But when it comes the upgrade will be simple.
Then there will bo room for the next power- users card - a 25MHz 68030, which is already at tho prototype stago.
A2620 Commodore 0628 770088 £1.405*val demon [tys dawn of a new age in electronic communications mkrolio Please send me more information about the services now available on - MicroLink _ SEND TO: MicroLink, Europa House, Adlinglon Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SklO 4NP.
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WHO would you want on your side in a bundle? The Caped Crusader seems a good choice. Commodore and Ocean have teamed up the Amiga with Batman to produce an amazing Christmas bundle.
This is the first time an unreleased program has been put info a bundle and it looks to be a winner. Some computer manufacturers stick whatever they can get cheap into bundles. Commodore has concentrated on quality.
The£ PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW SPECIAL Still Batman is not alone. The pack con sists of a modulator which lets you connect the Amiga to an ordinary TV and four programs. Batman. Interceptor. New Zealand Story and Deluxe Paint II.
BATMAN THE biggest film of the year has spawned the biggest project for Ocean. A large team of programmers, artists and games designers has been assembled to work on the different levels. Experience the danger of taking on the Joker within his chemical works.
Fly the Batwing to take out the poison balloons and drive the Batmobile for all you are worth to get to the church on time, where the flat faced felon who put the fun into funeral is tolling a bell - for you.
REACH for the sky is Ihe best-selling Amiga only game of all time. Based on one of the most modern attack aircraft the US has to offer you have to stop some F-lf s from defecting, protect the President and take out some MiGs.
Other missions include a head-to-head confrontation with a low-flying cruise mis- ARE you a man or a mouse? Well a Kiwi actually. The cutest Kiwis are to be found in Ocean’s coin-op conversion. This is a game which shows that the Amiga can be every bit as good as an expensive dedicated arcade machine.
NEW ZEALAND STORY You guide a character around the islands of New Zealand. Armed with a bow and arrow you can pick up extra weapons with which to fend off bats, flying cats and evil frogs. Well no one asked for realism in computer games.
The£ PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW PREVIEW DELUXE PAINT II EVERY computer has one program which is a lynchpin in its development. The BBC had Elite, the Archimedes had Zarch and the Amiga has Deluxe Paint from Electronic Arts.
This is the program Andy Warhol used to demonstrate the Amiga at its New York launch. This is the program which is used to design a million alien sprites. This was the program every Amiga owner should have had.
Then things changed. Deluxe Paint got better. The program which was first written to show off the Amiga when it was launched grew up with the machine. The result was Deluxe Paint II. A fine and polished art program which provides everything you need to draw, design and paint on the screen.
Beyond this there is animation, a feature offered by Deluxe Paint III which needs an expanded Amiga.
Deluxe Paint II is more than a fun tool. It is an introduction to using the Amiga. The rules you learn for loading and saving pictures, for selecting colours and brushes and for running the program are all carried through to other Amiga programs. Learning is fun sile and an attack on a submarine.
Brilliantly designed to teach you the basics of controlling your plane.
Dare you fly under the Golden Gate bridge? Can you land on the carrier? Take an F-16 up for a spin or even shoot down the President. Interceptor offers the perfect cross between a game and a simulator.
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CD C s i li O ( ) SAP 33 © Accolade © Active Sales and Marketing © Activision © CDS Software © Domark o Elite Grandslam « Hewson © Infogrammes © Interceptor © Konix Krysalis © Level 9 © Microdeal . © Microdigitalsoft S.A. © MicroProse © Mindscape © Ocean © Prism Leisure © Psygnosis © Roland © Softek The Edge © Titus Entertainment International © Tynesoft © UBI Soft © US Gold Gremlin © Virgin Mastertronic Central Hall © Arnor © CDS Software © Cheetah CRL © Glentop Press © Logotron © Rombo Who is where at the big show Leisure Hall Key to the colours = Games Software House = Midi and Music
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TODAY I ON 01 -546-7256 I Simon Rockman coiries to the
rescue with some hints and tips for CLI newcomers SINCE
Amiga Computing began sellotaping a disc io the front cover
we've become aware of just how neglected Cli is. Most Amiga
owners would bo surprised to discover that lots of
programmers never use Workbench. This is because they have
learned that by using the CU-they can be much more
If you have come to the Amiga from a C64 or Spectrum, an awkward concept you have to grasp is that of an operating system (OS), which is a sort of management language for the computer. In the same way you may have used Basic to create a file handling program, the OS will handle all your Basic programs, as well as any data tiles, script files and other languages.
It acts as a middleman between you and the hardware of the Amiga, and without it that’s all the Amiga is - a heap of hardware. By having a multitasking OS. The .Amiga has more in common with mainframes than it does with feebler micros. Indeed.
AmigaDos is based on Tripos, an operating system pioneered on a small mainframe computer at Cambridge University.
Your way into this OS is through the .
CLI. From WB you can order your programs by putting them into
different drawers. All your pictures should go into a
Dpaint. Spritz or Photon drawer, depending upon which
program you use. Basic programs should go into a Basic
drawer. This makes finding everything so much easier.
Even if you are the type of person who tidies up by pushing things under the bed. And thinks the best way to organise a bedroom is to have the most often played records on top of the most ofton worn clothes, you should keep your discs tidy.
Y OU can read a directory of the whole bedroom by standing in the middle of the room and looking around. To look at everything on a disc means examining everything, and this is tiresome. A pair of Reeboks is physical, a letter to your pen friend in Boston invisible.
But if the letter is in a drawer on the disc called Letters-to-Lucy. You'll find it straight away. The CLI way to do this is by creating a directory.
Drawers and directories are the same thing, the only difference is that a drawer has an icon to be seen by Workbench. One thing you soon learn is to keep directory names short. So instead of calling the directory Letters-to-Lucy. Call it just Lucy.
Remember, you can access drawers from the CLI but you cannot access plain directories from Workbench because they have no icon.
To create the directory you must use a CLI command. Makedir Lucy will create a directory which branches off from the directory you are in. But it does not put you into that directory. To look at any files which are there you need to use the
CD. Change directory, command.
Enter the Dir command and you will see Lucy IdirJ listed on the disc.
Type CD Lucy and you will be moved to inside the Lucy directory. If you type Dir again you will see no files listed. You can get back to the previous directory by typing CD , which will change "up" to the parent directory, the directory which contains the current directory.
All disc manipulation is easiest with two drives. Pop your day-to- day copy of Workbench - not the original, which should be in a safe place - into the internal drive, known as DFO:. Put this month's Amiga Computing cover disc into the external drive. DF1:.
Open your Workbench disc and click on the CLI icon. This will put you in the top directory of the internal disc, which computer techies call the root directory, because all the other directories branch out from it.
Using the CD command you can explore the cover disc. Type CD Dfl:.
Including the colon. The colon tells the OS that you are talking about a device and not just the name of a file in the current directory. Now type Dir.
This will show you what directories are there. You can CD to any of them.
Use the mouse to re-size the CLI window if it is too small.
It may look primitive, but in its incarnation as a Shell with Workbench 1.3. CLI can be your friend. The reason it is called a Shell is because it covers the CLI. Making it easier to use.
AmigaShell users can replace a long series of opening drawers and mouse clicks with a line of type. They can start a program and get going without having to wait for the program to load and then summoning up the right file.
I’m writing this articleoising Protext. Now I won’t be able to finish the whole lot in one go. So I'll need to reload the article at some time. I can either click on the Protext drawer, click on the Protext icon, call up the Project menu, select Edit mode, catalogue the files, highlight the November sub-directory, change directories, list the files, highlight UTW (which is the name of this file) and then load it. Or I can go into CLI.
Assuming I didn't startup in CLI, and type Protext Protext FastHD:Protext November UTW, It works. I've just done it.
The computer knows where to look for everything because I've told it.
Protext Protext means look in the subdirectory and run a program called Protext. The next bit is the name of the file. It is called UTW in the November sub-directory of the Protext sub-directory.
SHELL is more than just a quick way of getting into programs, it offers access to the AmigaDos commands which allow you to view or delete files and directories regardless of whether they have icons.
In addition to this housekeeping, you can do some weird things. From the sensible List PRT: DFO:, which lists the contents of a disc to the printer, to the silly Type SPEAK: DFO:s startup-sequence. Which gets the computer to read out what is in the startup-sequence file.
The " " symbol is a re-direction.
Think of it as meaning "to". SPEAK: is a device. Remember that AmigaDos's heritage dates back to the time when computers and all peripherals were big expensive boxes.
It thinks the printer, the screen and even individual windows are separate units.
You can use the Copy command to move data between these units. Using Workbench 1.3 the keyboard is a device called NEWCON:. You can make a simple typewriter with the command Copy NEWCON: TO PRT:.
To stop everything that you type appearing on the printer, hold down the Ctrl key and press V This Ctrl- is the AmigaDos character for the end of a file - it tells the Copy command that it has reached the end of the document you are typing and can stop.
Sceptics should bear in mind that some commands just aren't available from Workbench at the present time, like the quick formatting option. If you want to re-format a disc, that is totally erase a disc which has already been formatted, it is much quicker to do so in the CLI using: Foraat DRIVE df1: NAME MyDisk QUICK The QUICK option tells the OS just to rewrite the boot and root blocks of the disc, and not to bother laying down tracks for the actual data since they already exist. Another option, NOICONS, which you can type before or after QUICK, prevents a Trashcan drawer from being created,
something else you cannot do from Workbench.
The Shell also allows commands to become permanently resident in memory, which frees single-drive users from the "Please replace volume Workbench in dfO:" syndrome. To make the most common commands, CD and List, reside in memory enter the following: Resident c :CD Resident e : Li s t The c: before the command name Ts very important because it tells the OS where to look for the file - in the c directory on the disc you booted with.
Another useful feature of the Shell, and something which WB 1.2 users haven't got, is the Alias command.
This not only allows you to rename a command to something with which you are more familiar for example, PC owners may wish to use: Alias Dal Delete in order to make the Delete command the same as its Msdos counterpart but it can also be used to substitute for a long string of parameters. If I wanted to list only those filenames with a .doc extension for instance, I could create the alias: Alias Doclist List If?.doc Now typing DocList will let me to see all the docs without looking through the whole directory, and without having to remember the unconventional AmigaDos pattern matching
symbols, hash and question mark.
Additional parameters may be passed to the alias by use of square brackets. To abbreviate the Type command, for example: alias T Type [3 This allows you to enter T Filename to get the same result as Type Filename.
The proper place to put all your aliases is in the s:Shell-Startup file. In fact, have a quick look - Type s:Shell- Startup - and you’ll find a few already set up. I’ve added these to mine: alias bye endcli alias del delete alias ad aakedir alias Is list nodates alias duap type C3 hei alias print type C3 to prt: Get to know Ihe CLI, By learning all the clever tricks hidden within the commands you can become much more productive. Why work so hard when you have a computer as powerful as an Amiga to take the strain?
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- ----1-------!---!----1----- !-------!-----! R IS 0 ; LINE
SPACING ZERO For instance, to go into Souvenir here, 0C 27 102
6 ; SWITCH SOUVENIR ON Ah! Oo'Ores on the Pyramids!
LS 1 ; LINE SPACING SACK TO ONE PRINTERS are important. Why did you get Protext? Why did we all get it? Why did we get computers?
It's a well known fact, so well known that it might even be true, that more computers are bought for word processing than for any other use.
Figure I: Switching to Souvenir font mid-line on the SEC P2200 this, ask yourself why fax has taken off the way it has. And why only freaks like journalists or people like us use Email or post discs.
So. The printer is more important than the computer. Definitely. By your printout shall you be judged.
If you use a Cray XMP and a DMP-1. Then everyone will know you're a nerd. But with a Vic 20, Postscript and a LaserJet, you could write to Mikaii Gorbachov. Or even to Raisa.
So the thought is this: if you want to do something, work out if the printer And Protext, the Arov. The second drive, the mouse, the rat's nest of wires and the list of commands blu- tacked to the wall are all simply ways of talking to the printer. Then the printer talks to the outside world. And that's the way it'll be till we go straight into the cerebral cortex.
If you want to know what that will be like, read Neuromancer and Count Zero by William Gibson. 3ut till then, thank heavens, only printers count.
Nobody real reads anything off a screen. If you're in any doubt about Playing with ir inters ?r inters ir inters Printing is miners such sweet sorrow... Or rather it’s not... Peter Ceresole shows you -- - -vT" how printing can be fun m » ¦ can do it. If necessary bv going back and overprinting the last character, or by going into - shudder! - graphics mode. If the printer can do it. You can do it with Protext. It may not always be Wysiwyg, but that's the price you pay for speed.
Protext, like all good wordpros. Is terrific at talking to printers. For instance, printers come with manuals of varying opacity, but they all seem to include Basic programs to send codes to the printer. Forget it. Protext makes it a hundred times easier.
The direct way is to use the OC stored command. For instance. I always fancied printing something really small. This trick will work with any Epson compatible. It was last month's parting shot, and it goes: 0C 2? 65 6 15 27 83 1 To save you looking it up in the printer manual, which could be a boring Japlish experience, the codes 27 65 6 change the printer to half linefeeds. 15 switches on condensed mode and 27 83 1 goes into subscript.
The result needs a magnifying glass to read, is quite useless except for footnotes of an obscure kind, and is rather fun.
To unwind the effect, you put in the opposite codes.
Now you can do this another way.
The subscript and the condensed codes are supplied in the printer drivers. So you could go Ctr!_xs and Ctr!_xc and have a stored command LF 0.5. No sweat. But I find it easier to have the OC line stored as a file called TiNYPRINT_ON, and merge it where I want it.
There are other things. On the NEC P2200 that I use there are various fonts like Souvenir. OCR-B (the font we use for listings in Amiga Computing) and Super Focus, which kind of SHOUTS at you. They all have their codes, and you can switch them on with OC. But that only works well if they run from the start of a line.
There is a way of using OC codes to make something happen in the PROTEXT ¦ middle of a line. It involves splitting I the line at the change, putting the OC command on the next line and then, below that, starting the new text at the correct column across the page.
Converting the EPSON24.PPD printer driver to do IBM double line graphics ren Aoiga tine graphics ren Amiga double ren line graphics rc «95=«b3 rc «95=lba rc *96= b4 rc 96=*b9 rc »97=lbf rc «97=*bb rc «98=lc0 rc «98=«c8 rc «99=«c1 rc «99=lca rc I9a=»c2 rc «9a=lcb rc «9b=«c3 rc 89b=lcc re I9c=lc4 rc »9c=«cd rc I9d=«e5 rc A9d=dce rc «9e=»d9 rc I9e=lbc Figure I a Figure lib If you set the line spacing to zero I LS 0 - before, and reset it to one, or whatever you're on, after, then it works. Have a look at Figure 1.
Geddit? It can be useful. But in general life's too short for that sort of I thing. No, it's time to hack the printer j driver.
I The manual’s useful here. What am I saying! It's always useful. Especially I if you load your printer driver into j Protext and sit there with the printer manual and the Protext manual together, having a good old stare. For I example. I see that under "f" in NECP2200.PPD, which is the one for me, is the sheet feeder code. Now i'm not that rich, so in my case "f" is I spare.
You can edit the printer driver file just like an ordinary text file, which it is. Except that it's in Program mode. In l this case I make the line: ce T=27,102,6 ;27,102,1 So now Ctrl-xf toggles between Souvenir (27,102,6) and Courier
(27. 102.1). But only on my NEC P2200. Of course.
You can do exactly the same to add codes for your favourite printer I manoeuvres. A good trick is to keep j the original printer driver saved i somewhere - it’s on the master disc - and then experiment.
You don’t have to get it right all at once, you can experiment bit by bit.
Browse through the printer manual to I see if there are things you'd like lo do.
And try them out with an OC code. If 1 you like it. Bung it into the printer . Driver.
You can, of course, change the j codes using the CC "change codes" option, building up a File that'you J load each time to modify your printer i driver. I've always felt that if you really want these changes, then put them straight into the driver.
One of the nicest tricks is to get the printer to draw the IBM double line box characters. The Amy supports single line graphic box drawing on screen, but I feel the double boxes are much, much nicer. If you look in a printer driver that supports the IBM j characters - EPSON24.PPD for I instance, on the September cover disc I - there’s a clearly labelled section that looks like Figure lia.
The numbers on the right are the hex values for the IBM line characters.
About the only thing I hold against Arnor is that it does everything in hex.
1 guess Mark Tilley must have funny hands.
Anyway, if you change the numbers so they look like those in Figure lib you can use Protext's line drawing abilities to draw better boxes. I've saved the modified printer driver under the original name BOX.PPD. It’s on this month's cover disc in the Playing-with-Printers drawer.
Next up is drawing the double line box characters on screen. Might as well keep this contemporary and Wysiwyg and things like that... Use the Symbol command, and an Exec File. Symbol defines screen characters, it's very simple to use indeed, but it helps to do a little preparation.
Take, as an example, the character that represents two lines crossing (generally called a cross. Brian). It is character 9d on the Amiga, which is sent to the printer as ce, or 206 in civilised numbers.
It looks like the cross in Figure ill and it is defined on screen with the 8 x 8 grid it is drawn on. It's worth making a file which is a pageful of these grids, about 12 of them, which you print and use to design any characters you want to get on screen.
The extensions to the right are to enter the numbers for each row of the character. A black square is a one. An empty square a zero. So the top row of the cross character is 01100110, which is binary for 102. The next two rows are the same, but the fourth is 11100111. Which is 231. And so on.
It helps if you've got a programmer’s calculator for the binarv-to-decimal conversion, if not, never fear, there’s one called PCALC in my drawer on this month's cover disc, along with a GRID I prepared earlier... So the wav to get that cross drawn on screen, instead of a simple cross, is to type: syibol »9d 102 102 102 231 0 231 102 102 at Ihe command line, and press Return. But you want to get a whole lot of characters redefined this way.
And you want to do it without typing more than the strict minimum of stuff, so make up an Exec file.
Create a file in Program mode with all your Symbol commands, each on a separate line, with a carriage return at the end of each, not forgetting the last one. Guess who fell into that trap a few times. If you save it with the name, say BOXEX, then whenever you Exec, or better still just x, BOXEX at the command line, it will execute each line in the file in turn.
And because you want to load the new printer driver to print the new characters, you can add "pr box" as the last command. The complete listing is in Figure IV.
Now Protext will draw IBM double box characters on screen, and print them if your printer supports those characters.
If you want to revert to the standard screen presentation, you'll either have to reboot, which doesn't bear thinking about, or make up an equivalent file of Symbol commands called UNBOX which redraws the normal characters ?
00100110 = 102 01100110 = 102 01100110 = 102 11100111 = 231 = 0 11100111 = 231 01100110 = 102 01100110 = 102 Figure III: Working out the Symbol numbers for the IBM double line cross Sfibol 195 102 102 102 102 102 102 102 102 srabol 196 102 102 102 230 6 230 102 102 srabol 197 0 0 0 236 6 230 102 102 syibol 198 102 102 102 103 96 127 0 0 syibol 199 102 102 102 231 0 255 0 0 syibol 19a 0 0 0 255 0 231 102 102 syibol 19b 102 102 102 103 96 103 102 102 syibol I9t 0 0 0 255 0 255 0 0 syibol 698 102 102 102 231 0 231 102 102 syibol I9e 102 102 102 230 6 256 0 0 syibol 891 0 0 0 127 96 103 102 102 pr
boi syibol 97 0 0 118 206 206 206 118 0 syibol 98 0 120 206 268 206 268 192 192 syibol 99 0 256 198 192 192 192 226 0 syibol 100 0 0 256 108 108 108 238 0 syibol 101 0 0 256 102 68 102 256 0 syibol 102 0 0 0 127 198 198 126 0 syibol 103 0 0 238 102 102 126 96 226 syibol 106 0 0 256 68 68 56 28 0 syibol 105 126 16 126 216 216 126 16 126 syibol 106 0 126 198 170 186 170 198 126 syibol 107 0 0 126 198 198 108 238 0 syibol 108 0 126 96 120 206 206 120 0 syibol 109 0 0 102 219 219 102 0 0 syibol 110 0 2 6 126 222 266 126 192 syibol 111 0 0 126 198 112 198 126 0 syibol 112 0 0 126 198 198 198 198 0
syibol 97 0 0 120 12 126 206 118 0 syibol 98 226 96 126 102 102 102 220 0 syibol 99 0 0 60 102 96 102 60 0 syibol 100 28 12 126 206 206 206 118 0 syibol 101 0 0 60 102 126 96 60 0 syibol 102 28 56 68 120 68 68 120 0 syibol 103 0 0 62 102 102 62 6 126 syibol 106 226 96 126 102 102 102 230 0 syibol 105 26 0 56 26 26 26 60 0 syibol 106 6 0 16 6 6 102 102 60 syibol 107 226 96 102 108 120 108 230 0 syibol 108 56 26 26 26 26 26 60 0 syibol 109 0 0 108 256 216 216 198 0 syibol 110 0 0 220 102 102 102 102 0 syibol 111 0 0 60 102 102 102 60 0 syibol 112 0 0 220 102 102 126 96 226 pr oetp2200 Figure VI
Figure V Figure IV ¦4 on screen. You can’t mix the single and double boxes on screen unless you reassign a second set of keys to do it.
What you can do is mix them in printing by using the stored command PR BOX when you want the double boxes, and (say) PR NECP2200 when you want to revert to normal.
In the meantime, the sky's the limit.
Try typing in Figure V, saving it in Program mode as ABC and then executing it. Note that I've abandoned hex in the interests of sanity.
Then type your alphabet, an appropriate term here. If you want to print this lot. Change the printing codes by using RC stored commands.
Like this: rc “a" 224 rc "b" 225 rc “c" 226 and so on until... rc V 239 have an Exec File that restores the standard characters. This is not trivial, but Figure VI should get everything back to normal.
Finally... oder endlich, as they say in Prowort... graphics in Protext. Yeah!
Although Protext has this wonderful relationship with printers, graphics by numbers are frankly hell.
In quad density they're just ridiculous. But on the right day they can be rather fun. I think it needs a lot of time, rather like re-reading all of Hardy’s novels on holiday. Does anybody really do that? I know some of my friends claim to,... As a straight bit of vainglory I did my signature, in double density. I could have had a go in quad density, using all 24 pins, but so far no day has appeared on which it might be fun.
It requires preparation, again.
Print a grid, as before. This time it has to be bigger, but that's OK because I've done it for you. It's in my drawer called BIG-GRID. If your printer can't handle IBM line graphics, you'll have to photocopy Figure VII instead.
The lines to write the numbers on stick down instead of sideways because that’s the way the printer reads the bytes. Now, you draw whatever you want to reproduce over the grid, remembering that it will turn out two characters high in this case, and be as long as you have the patience to make it. The grid in Figure VII is nine characters long.
After you've drawn your masterpiece or signed your name very big, work out the binary numbers represented by the black squares, in columns rather than rows, and write them down. You’ll have two numbers in each column, one for the top eight squares, the other for the lower eight.
Those stored codes call be saved as a file that is merged by an extra line on the end of Figure V. By the way. There's a reason why I prefer to send the new box characters by modifying the printer driver - most of the key strokes have already been put in there by the bod wrote the driver for Arnor, so there's less work to do.
In the case of the "abc..." the Amiga codes are the same as the printer codes, so they’re not in the printer driver. In that case, it’s just as easy to use RC.
If you're using the demo version of Protext, however, you'll have to go the RC route because the printer driver may be too big to load.
You’ll appreciate that to get back to the standard screen font you'll have to Figure VII: The grid for preparing your printer signature T Then send the codes to the printer line by line.
When it came to do a signature I chickened out and kept it small, one line high. The codes in Figure VIII are for an Epson compatible, in 24 pin mode. You need to load it in and print it.
The first code is a gentle printer reset. The next line sets the printer head to a position where I want the signature to start. The third line puts the printer into graphics mode (24 pins, double density) and tells it how many bytes of data are coming. After which comes a football field full of data.
All this could be in one damn great OC statement, but that’s a nightmare to enter, so I prefer to break things up.
As you can see. It's a terrific sweat.
The result is shown in Figure IX.
It ought to be possible to do letter headings and such-like. But unless you’ro a true masochist, not this way.
I suspect the best would be to use a drawing program and adapt the screen print program to send the codes to a Figure VIII disc file. I can't believe that this would present too much trouble to a programmer, which I'm definitely not.
Then you could get the codes you wanted into an OC file. It sure as heck wouldn't be Wysiwyg, but it might have its charms.
In tho meantime. Figure VIII lives in my drawer on the cover disc as SIGNATURE, It works. It's no earthly use. 1 guess it's a perfect example of playing with printers.
• NEXT MONTH: Gelling comfy with Protext. Wallowing like a little
pig in sugar.
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June 1989 issue j Deluxe Paint III - the number one art program gets better with animation. Scorpion heads up the games The Aprodraw graphics tablet, using lines from Basic. Sculpt- Animate 4D reviewed - a bargain at £400’ The best of the Public Domain and the CMI processor accelerator run through its paces at 14MHz.
| July 1989 issue Exclusive review of Commodore A590. X-Cad designer, the Amiga program which leaves AutoCad in the Shade Pagestream - quality DTP on a low budget. Essential tips on how to make more room on your Workbench disc. Musical TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 121 scores ten out of ten with Dr. Ts Copyist Professional.
Teaching is more important than Education, a look at
- Amiga’s in schools. Plus a packed games review section.
J August 1989 issue First sensational cover disc Trained Assassin, Raider and more. Vortex hard drive review, 68020 runs slow, Powerdrome, 30 Pool. R-type and Balance of Power all get the joystick treatment. The model universe gives you a Basic Solar system. Cure the hard disc blues - how to use prep and format to optimise disc performance | September 1989 issue Bumper business disc. Day by day. Protext and Home accounts lead the way How to program Copperlists from assembler and meus from Basic. SuperPic - the best frame grabber around Power Computing's Turbo 3 is the best buy per megabyte but
with 100 meg on line it's an expensive proposition. Epson's LQ-660 top notch 24 pin colour.
Programming ethics contested Argonaut Vs Ariadne Devices: explained under the workbench Turn your Amiga into an Apple Mac with A-Max. Dean Friedman on music plus some amazing games reviews.
| October 989 issue DTP without GBH to the wallet, kiddies software A 32 bit 68020 processor decelerator Making the most of macros wiih Protext. Dean Friedman on samplers. Low pnce ray tracing. How to hit the hardware for scrolling. Structure within Basic, loads of games reviews induding the amazing 100% Xenon 2 and a superb 14 program cover disc.
Filled with frustration while Dpaint fills with a pattern?
Worried by caffeine consumption during ray tracing? Perhaps the answer is an accelerator. Rupert Goodwins looks at one go- faster board that gives any Amiga a boost up the benchmarks I ACK in the days when computers were sci- Jlj ence fiction, a man called Parkinson formulated a law: “Work expands to fit the time available". He would be pleased to note that the same holds true in the Silicon Age as manufacturers chum out faster machines, the software that uses them eats every ounce of performance and still leaves us poor users asking for more.
While 10 years ago. Micro owners sat around waiting for their Pets to reformat a page of text, nowadays we all make coffee while the computer rotates a complex, three-dimensional picture of an aardvark. It’s true of all computers, but on a graphically superb, multi-tasking Amiga it's even easier to run out of processor steam.
The official cure for the wait-a-bit woes is a more expensive, faster computer. Unfortunately Commodore has been just as tardy in producing anything with more whizz than the 7.1MHz 68000 for the Amiga 500. The Mhz is the indication of speed - one Mhz (megahertz) is one million “ticks" a second.
I HE 68000 processor can take anything from JL 4 to 158 ticks to do one machine code instruction, but the average is somewhere between 8 and 16. Thus a 68000 at Amiga speeds can manage rather under a million instructions a second, although in practice the video and audio bits can slow things down more than a little.
So how about buying a faster processor chip?
The Third Coast Technologies accelerator is just that - a board with a 16MHz 68000. Some extra bits to link it into an Amiga and to generate the 14 million pulses that drive the whole lot along. It
V. 'fT.' rn.VPf.TTVr: VotrmNr comes with a discful of software,
and a rather small manual.
Like all accelerators, it requires you to disembowel your Amiga - and thus your guarantee - so it's not suitable for those with screwdrivcrphobia.
However, for those bold enough to wield a 10 Torx (the special tool needed to prise an A500 apart), installation is fairiv a simple. III Once the top of the I II case is off. And the extensive tin sheeting that shields the circuit board removed, the existing 68000 chip has to be extracted.
Commodore has so far socketted all its 1 68000s. So it's just a I matter of taking a small screwdriver and levering out the chip.
The accelerator board plugs in its place: the only problem I encountered was that a number of components on the board around the socket were as tall as the k original 68000 and would short agaiast the new board.
Mv solution was to carefully bend away as many of the compo- nents as could be so bent, and pro- vide a sheet of plastic to insulate the bottom of the board - but there's nothing in the manual about this A and if I hadn't spotted the problem lM , , , H there could have been a very expensive firework display. Flv Zjl Once plugged in. The Amiga H'.' J should work as before. Until '' you run the special software •' , I provided, the board runs at the •“ same speed as the original - -, • chip and this should mean “ Jr that all software works as *- before. - _ Certainly, with the accel- ' erator
installed but not activated, all mv games. ., utility and general purpose software worked as if nothing had changed. Compatibility, in this respect, is excellent.
¦ HARDWARE ¦ CLOCK Nobody pays £150 for a board that successfully emulates a slow 68000 though, so the next step is to kick in the high-speed mode. To this end. A program called PA is provided. Click on it J from your normal Workbench screen and the chip switch- es over to 14Mhz.
Click again, and the chip goes back to the normal, slow.
M compatible rate.
If you use the CU
a. )) to run PA, you can I give it some parameters, which produce
informa- tion about the sys- tern, control the i speed or the
option- al mathematics chip.
Lt. The maths chip option - not provided with the review board - is designed for people who intend to do a lot of floating point mathematics on their Amiga. It uses a Motorola 68881 2 chip, which does in hardware what the Amiga normally does in software.
It's like having a calculator
- to do long division instead of working the sums out by hand,
and can give spectacular increases in speed with cer- ¦ _
tain software. Since this HhjiA includes Workbench 1.3. a
- - t lot of software, such as Hisoft Basic, automatically ; ,.
-ix caters for the maths co- 5 7-- . Pro™- 4535ss* . In some
cases it s _ . -. Possible to go hundreds
* °f times faster, but only SsufiSCB with software that spends
most of its lime squirting very precise numbers through for
Most people don't need a 68881; for those that do. The fact that this board makes it possible to plug one into an Amiga should be reason enough to buy it. Be warned, though, that there are no details about the hardware installation in the instruction book, so you’ll need to get in contact with the distributors first.
There's plenty about the software implications of installing the chip, however, so you should be able to work out whether your software will work faster or not.
Other software on the disc includes a few demos and a couple of tests. The demos are simple and unexciting, apart from a PD Mandlebrot program (MandFXP) which is as beautiful and intriguing as the mathematics it demonstrates.
The Mandelbrot set shows a whirling, contorted pattern that gets more detailed as you zoom in on a feature - it's an excellent test of a computer's graphical and computational prowess. With the accelerator board in. The Amiga finishes a screen between 30 to 40 per cent faster than before.
The computer doesn't go exactly twice as fast, because the processor has to share the memory from which it reads instructions with all of the other special Amiga chips.
These chips control sound, display, disc drives and other parts of the computer, and all of these ! Need to be able to override tho processor in effect turning it off while they do their jobs.
FITTING everything together is one of the big problems of computer design, and the Amiga docs it rather well. This does mean that increasing the speed of just one part of the system won't speed everything up, and that the most you should expect from the processor accelerator is around a 40 per cent increase.
Lots of software won't exhibit even this, although anything that waits for the processor to work things out will benefit.
Programs that work better include Pixel Paint, Deluxe Paint 111. AmigaBasic. Devpac. Anything that writes a lot of text on to the screen. Sculpt and others of similar ilk. Games don't benefit much, both because they tend to use their own loader programs - and thus never give the user a chance to run PA - and also because they can be tied to the speed of the computer's video display.
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There is a switch on the board itself that forces it to start up in 14MHz mode. While using it like this I didn't find any incompatibilities, evon in famously badly behaved programs, but there's always the chance that, once the Amiga's case is back together, that a game will be found that refuses to run.
Another switch on the board speeds up the computer when it's using its rom and this helps with anything that runs under the Workbench and uses a lot of the Amiga's own windowing functions.
The board itself, the documentation and the state of the disc with the software on all point to the review version not being quite shippable.
Everything works, but the board has various last-minute wire patches, tho serial number's written on a splodge of Tipp-Ex and it all looks a bit hasty.
The board will be most attractive to people who are doing a lot of computation, whether for its own sake or with graphics thrown in as well.
1 can see it finding a home in video, where valuable timo is wasted as the ordinary 68000 trudges through another client's logo rotating against a sea of green, in universities and for the keen developer.
THE design seems solid, and compatibility not a problem.
The games players out there will be better off buying that extra chunk of memory or a disc drive, although the keenly competitive might relish having a lurbo-chargod Amiga just for pose value. For this market, it might help if Third Coast printed some sticky badges to adorn the outside of the computer.
More seriously. Ihe accelerator is a nice product with well-defined areas of appeal. I’m going to miss it especially when exploring the deeper recesses of the Mandelbrot set - but nowhere near as much as I miss that hard disc. And no. Before you ask, it doesn't speed up those floppies... REPORT CARD Amiga Processor Card Third Coast Technologies Ltd 0257 426464 £149 inc. EASE OF USE... You need to be brave to plug it in but once installed it's simple enough.
SOFTWARE LLL11 Minimal, but sufficient to prove that there is a worthwhile increase.
SPEED A useful improvement but not as spectacular as the Commodore '020 card for the Amiga A2000 VALUE .. The cheapest of the processor add ons this is also one of the best.
OVERALL Highly recommended, if only as a way to add a maths co-processor.
13 TEL: 0983 79 496 ACCOUNTS Dtsk Too Bu3get 4991 2392 A Ti fcPluo----------81.87 PC ------------88.78 K Comm 2 23 92 Ruby Comm .. 6877 DATABASE MANAGERS Acquisition VI .3 .....159 85 Oau Rolriovo Pro ......160 77 DB Man . 109 94 Form Mast* (horses) .40 02 Kdata 35 88 Mailshot Plua____________37 95 Microbae________17.94 Mcrtfiche Fiat Plm 117 76 Mcrrtch* Ffcr 58 88 Pretext FA* _____1878 SupfttUM Personal 2 66 93 Superbase Profess** 164 91
* * ___ 44.85 139 84 44 85 58 88 174 80 Module 2 Standard 77 28
True Bate ... 53 82 SOUNO Dshjat Music Const Set 49 91
Indent Mue 22 77 C«y Oesk V2 0__11983 Pege
..56 81 PegestfMm 1MB -...119 83 Professional
Pag* 1MB 209 99 E0IT0H8 » Ed Professional 59 80 oR IKS 69 92 C
light 44 85 Comic Sutler 1MB 39 79 Deluxe Part III 1MB
6095 Deluxe Photolab 49.91 Deluxe Vdeo 54 97 Demon 30 1Mb 5980
0* Pert 3 4991 Movie Setter 55 89 Richer* Hove 8 Angela
Hammett Applied Research Kamel Com FamtAoeeo. Chela Green. Vert
nor. P038 21A. U.K. POSTAGE UK Free Software to Europe £4. To
World £S COMPANY Arnold special*!*, efiabtahed 3 yean CHEQUES
London Smrtng Payable to A R K pkase VA T.: Al pr s* ndude U K
VA T * 15 EXPORT: Remove UK VAT (.Pnca 1 IS) DESPATCH: Utuaty
rthm 48 hours PRICES Art subject to change DUCK ACCESS TO OVER
1400 AMIGA PftOOUCTS 184 92 3038 _ 89 92 7337 UTILITIES
Amtoedoe Express 24 84 Amtgedos Toolbox 39 79 Amltat For
Begmnert 29 90 Arexx Language ------29 90 BAD DiskOptimieer 33
58 BBC Emulator .3933 Disk Metier Hout DOS 2 DOS File Ti
Enhancer 1.3 Workbench 14 72 FACC 2 Doc Cache 2139 Family Tree
Geneology 39 79 Gomt 3 Guru Interceptor 27 83 Mex.dcsk utdties
56 12 Protect DBKkup 8 Tools 30 82 Protext Office 26 91
Soperback HD Backup 39 79 Vrus infect Protect on 34 96 Word
Perfect Lorory 8809 X Copy 2 Baeki® 8 Edrtor 17 94
WOROPROCESSORS Kodwords2______________9680
Microtext____________17 94 Outkne Ideae Organiser 35 88 Protext
69 92 Transcript_____________ 32 89 Wordperlect
___________159 85 Write 8 File 1MB 69 89 AmigaTEX AmigaTEX
provides a powerful alternative in document preparation. It
enables you to typeset complex or long documents, especially
those of a technical nature such as user manuals or journal
papers. It gives you true typeset quality with kerning,
ligatures, full floating accents, mathematical and technical
symbols and Ihe ability to produce tables and special formats.
AmigaTEX will accept input from any text editor or word
processor and with Its built-in screen previewer, a document
formatter of mainframe power becomes available Also included
with AmigaTEX are LaTEX - a document formatter with dozens of
preformed styles. SliTEX ¦ a slide generating macro, and BibTEX
- a bibliography database program. AmigaTEX is fully fie
compatible with other versions of TEX.
Printer drivers are available for most printer types and the complete set of Computer Modern Fonts is included A companion program METAFONT is available for those who wish to create new fonts or modify existing ones AmigaTEX is £125 and printer driver sets (laser series, Epson FX series, NEC P6 and Epson LO series, HP DeskJet) are priced at £75 each. METAFONT is £50.
All prices include VAT and carriage Access and Visa accepted.
For further details and tree demo disk write or call: THE TEXT FORMATTING COMPANY 14 OSBALDESTON ROAD, LONDON NI6 7DP TEL: 01-806 1944 ALL OUR PRICES INCLUDE CARRIAGE & VAT HSV COMPUTER SERVICES LIMITED (AMC) 23, Hampstead House, Town Centre, Basingstoke, RG21 1LG.
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subject to change without notice " Mcol cC”n* *1 Py *'
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PRINTERS Amstrad L Q3500 01__ 1900 400 1000 1000 6800 63 00 106
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189 00 89 00 249 00 19500 20700 31000 11000 127 00 25500 42 00
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Buy a I New Testament) tor on* £S 50 (3 daks) 100% GUARANTEED ERROR FREE BRANDED C1QJX) per b« el 10 SONY4UVEROATIM £20.00 per gty ol 25 35'DSOO ..£1M per ba of 10 35" DSHD ..£3110 per boi ol 10 AMIGA BOOKS ril H Amge Hsrftvm Rel M»--i (?? To Anga lo* Begnnvs Clf to K- MGnpNceP-og Saw dial i*„co« RW Ma-v* 177 » toiomig •* A-»oi Hw C14H rilH Bag'nmCuUdoHuAi’it ...It4« Pimm lino for *cs* Al pnees are eiduswe of VAT Goode are despatched within 24 hours of cleared transact on Personal Calers welcome. Please send your choquoPotlal Orders lo: QUADS0FT COMPUTERS Unit
306. 203 213 Mare Street. London E8 3QE Telephone: 01-533 5116 0860 564231 ? SPECIAL OFFER ? SPECIAL OFFER ?
XU to Amiga Matwne _ _ ¦ fll.to AmlAeioeoh Banc Piog C-cetll es ConwuTs 2nd BcoH ot Amga «IK (14 to Progiamrwi* Cud* lor Amga (73*5 iPepa i (II« AngDOSOMRR CUM A-r aDOSRW Code ...(11 to AmigaOncOnvenseMAOJ (77 to A nga GO GrapNn, Setfd (17 to Ai ga Handbooa (ISIS SOFTM ACHIINIE 3 ¦»»(•«»«») l AMIGA HARDWARE PERIPHERALS ACCESS0RIES B00KS Cneinnt Umn AMIGA 500 PACK 1 Arraga 500 (14 FWM) Mouse . P.S.U. Modulator. Leads Workbench 1.3 Basec 13 . Ertas Tba Very First Tutonaf introduction to thu Arraga 500 WBI 3 Supplamant A2000 SYSTEM 1 Amiga 2000 A1064S Morator A2000 20Mb Hard Drtva PHONE -
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FkgM Sirm £995 if ordurs poyatto to SOFTMACHINE. Aft pneus are
inckrsvw of V AT.
Se« our Advertisement In Last or Next Month's Amiga Computing tor Business.'
Productivity Software Flying Fsght SirraAlor £7 95 Fly.no on InstrummtJ £9 95 G unship Academy £14 95 Jet Fighter Schoc* II £1495 Learrangto»*y £14 95 SubConmander £12 95 (Al prices correct at time ot gomg to press) Al items subject to ava4ob.uty SOFTMACHINE Dept AMC 11, 36 Guernsey Road, Sunderland SR4 9RR. Telephone: 091 385 7928 DEVELOPERS Communicate with Simon Rockman explains where you can get free help Commodore Help! I need somebody, help! Not just anybody.
THESE immortal words weren’t written about Commodore UK's technical support department, but I’m sure tbat if Paul McCartney had been an Amiga developer instead of the greatest lyricist the world has ever known he would have been thinking about Or Rahman Haleem, The good doctor will cure your programming ills if you are a commercial Amiga developer.
Commodore Amiga Technical Support (CATS) exists to help promote programming on the Amiga.
The department issues regular updates on changes and revisions, it has full documentation for the Amiga and system software including notes from developers’ conferences around the world. You ean get early versions of new software releases registered developers were the first people to have Workbench 1.3 antfsome already have test versions of 1.4. Telephone ...... Electronic Mail accounts held (MicroLink QX Compunet)_______________ What Amiga projects you are working on? Use a separate sheet if
necessary ...... What commercial products have you been responsible for and who published them? .... Other computers you are developing for .' ...... Category of Amiga developments .._ .. C Hardware C Comms O I O Q Graphics ? Storage devices G Audio ? Video Q Co-Processor ? Other ... You can’t be expected to own all the different
combinations of Amigas, ram expansions and processor cards, so Commodore provides a laboratory for registered developers to use if they want to test a program.
Developers are allowed to buy limited quantities of development equipment at a discount and Commodore will spread word of your work around the development community - provided you want them to, of course. Possible marketing opportunities could arise world-wide.
CATS advice is to think European Market.
D Software D Games ? Business ? Specialist . Programmers areas of specialisation Confidentiality: Please specify if you would like any of this information to be kept confidential.
CATS will keep secret projects secret, but will look out for two people duplicating effort and warn them if they are going to be competing in a very small market It is unlikely that anyone will sell enough interfaces to a Cray supercomputer to justify parallel effort.
To qualify for these benefits you have to be made of the right stuff.
You should have produced at least one commercial product, although not necessarily for the Amiga.
Commodore is keen to attract people from the Apple, Atari, PC and 8 bit Name-------- Company.
Address.... D System Q Utility D Language scenes. There is no charge, so if you want to join fill in the form below and send it to: Dr Rahman Haleem, Technical Manager, Commodore Business 1 Commodore House, The Switchback, Gardner Rd, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 7XA.
* a£ N' showroom ' 13 LANSDOWNE ROAD BOURNEMOUTH DORSET @ (0202)
• BASIC • TUTORIAL £289 £1299 £799
• BASIC • UTILITIES • MANUALS £175 Ring £69 £102 £83 £59 £44
COLOUR PRINTERS Citizen HQP40 .. Epson EX1000.. .£137 .£169
.£249 .£105 .£119 .£279 £149 £158 £250 £409 £382 £369 £419
Oganse-1 Page Sene* Page E 'ooerPus_ Proxr Pam Cumana Cax
354E ..£79 AF880
RF302C .£74 Supra 20mb
H disK .... £499
* All drives imb + orvoff switch A A500 + TV MOD A500 ?
£200 of GAMES ...£339 A500 ? 1084(S) HIGH RES COLOUR
MONT ......£476 A500 + IBM DRIVE ...£399
Star LC24-10 (24 din) ... Citizen
1200 . Commodore MPS 1230 ..
Panasonic KXP1124 (24 pin).
Pa-asoric KXP’081 Epson 1X800 Epson 1.0600 .... fc pson E X8SC Epson EX-050 ---- Epson FX8O0 . Epson EX 100C____ A2000 * 1mb RAM £869 A2000 * 1084(S) monitor ? Bridge BD ? 20mb H disk ...£1369 A2000 + 1084(s) .£1049 20mb hard disk .....£299 XT bridge BD .£299 1084(S) High res monit .....£209 Philips CM8833 High res ..£199 1901 C64 - colour Call 1900 C64 - Mono ..£119 Star LC10 (P) 130CDS______ Star LC10 Colour.. A2000 HARDWARE A500 A2000 MONITORS PRINTERS Sale £ AEGIS
Sonix .... £39 Animated Images 3D ...£99 City Desk ...£69 D uxeVdeo _ _ £49 0*wu«e M *c.--- £49 Oe ute Pant ....£49 Dyv»ew GoW .
M Packard Paint Jet £689* NEC P6+ .£469 NEC P7* .£589 Star LC10 £195 Xerox 4020 .....£949 Home Accounts ....£! 9 Mafshul Pus-------£39 Ma*pia" A500 _______£69 M sc Slid 0-- £23 £24 _ £49 PhOOl Vceo Ring BUSINESS S'WARE LASERS Epson t Hewlen Citizen overture ...£1199 HP Laserjet II ...£1825 Hugely successful 9 pin printer, the Star LC10 provides 4 NLQ fonts (with 96 print combinations) at 36cps and 144cps draft. Has a large 4K buffer and
IBM'parallei interface built in. Indudes a comprehensive front panel operation and features paper parking, allowing single sheets to be used without removing tractor paper.
SjpertmePro’essona £169 TV Show Ten_______„.C79 Word Pe*fect42 ..£169 Wo «s ... . £69 urtafonts _ .£25 fonly: 13500 Pro*essiorM! P«ae _ Pro Wn:e- ? _ PuWsner Pus--- SoXpt 3 D An -rate Soip* 3 0_________ Supe*t a&e ii _ Superpase Pe o-al .
I™To: First Micro. 13 Lansdowne Road, Bournemouth. Dorset. BH1 1RZ | ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT | I wish to order CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AND EXPORT HOTLINE My computer is_ I endose cheque PO for £ Or charge my Access Visa No.
Exp. Date_
• S (0202)24927 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30 pm All prices and
manufacturer’s specifications subject to change without notice.
EXPLORE brave new islands with the Archipelagos cheat. You have to solve Archipelagos one and two. Press return to select an archipelago and type 8421 and press Return. Press Return again and you can select any archipelago from 1 lo 9999.
Every fifth archipelago in the first 100 is the most interesting, as these have been pre-designed by the programmers. There are many very tricky and highly complex island complexes to be seen.
HERE’S a way to make that crusade for the Holy Grail more than a little bit easier. Remember the bit in the film where Indy has to walk across a crumbling floor? The letters that are safe to tread on spell out 1EHOVA.
Type this string into one of the loading screens.
MARTIN Hemming t 3 o from Redditch has written in with an E observation about O The Krystal. If you make Sir Dancis * Frake face away from you and leave o the machine alone __ for 30 seconds his CO trousers will fall +* C 3 down. Thanks Martin. A game U * and a Speedking are in the post to you.
You only have a short time to do it and, like Indy, only one chance.
Gelling this right is more than a little tricky. If it does work - and it is unlikely that it will first time around
- you will have infinite lives.
To get the icons press I and to skip a level press L. You can fast forward through a level by pressing 2. Use this and the quest is more like a stroll in the park.
Tips and cheats Vi GET further in US Gold's over-rated scrolly blast with this tip from B. Mitchell: £ Type ARC then press the Help key while on the title screen. This 02 will load up a two player game. During o play press the S key w oc to go straight to the s- shop and the N key o to skip to the next level.
Max “The Hacks” Tennant presents winning ways for the games he plays 1 ¦ HINTS ¦ - KARL Donovan from Berkshire has written in with a complete solution for Dragon's Lair. It isn't one of those long-winded solutions that gives a load of joystick movements, simply a key combination.
Press ESC R L N 7 simultaneously just after the credits finish loading and the screen will flash, then press the joystick button. This produces a demo mode which runs the game from start to finish, letting you see those last few screens.
Write to Max THIS tip from Mr Mitchell is a long list of Populous worlds, which brings to a close the tips on Populous, I'll just list the last few: 451 Timoxlug. 455 Killuing, 460 Bilemet, 467 Bugikeend, 470 Bindeond, 478 Suzylow, 486 Swakoppal. 493 Ringapal and finally 494 Weavuspert.
There is also a special level: 999 Killuspal.
GAME Killer is always on the lookout for hot tips, so if you have found a cheat mode, bug or written a poke then drop it in the post - on disc if it is a long listing. If your work is used I'll send you a game drawn at random from the goodie box and a Konix Speedking joystick.
To speed up getting the prize to you please cut out, photocopy or copy this form. It will be used as the address label to send out your parcel. Send the form to Max "The Hacks" Tennant. Game Killer, Amiga Computing, Second Floor, North House. 78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex. CM15 9BG.
RESCUING a princess is all in a day's work for the player in Chariots of Wrath. So what do you do if you want to skive off? Woll princesses still have to be rescued, but with infinite lives it is so much easier, and getting those infinite lives is not at all difficult, as Mr | Gower found out.
I have supplied tips pokes cheats for Push the joystick forward when you are first asked to press fire and you will have more lives than you know what to do with.
Name..... Address.
1 confirm that the information I have supplied is mine, it hasn't been published elsewhere and 1 haven ’(sent it to anyone else.
Date ... SPEEDING along in the fast lane is fun, but it can be oven better with this tip from Mr Mitchell: During play type RED BARCHETTA. Including the space. Now you can press S and go to the next stage, or press T for more time.
Disc bargains!
Send for the full version of the great programs on the Amiga Computing cover disc - and SAVE£43!
Chariots of Wrath combines the best features of some of the greatest games ever to have been written, resulting in an action-packed mega adventure.
Each phase of the game features impressively designed graphics, superb sound effects and highly addictive game play.
As you traverse through the levels, amassing firepower and points, you'll find you just have to keep coming back to complete that next level.
Home Accounts pj0 Day by Day RRP £54.90 Our Price Home Accounts has been designed to make full use of the Amiga's features, giving you the widest range of home accounting facilities available at this price.
£34.90 The program lets you set budgets and control up to 13 separate accounts, with optional printouts of any data. Within seconds of loading your data disc you can check your budget or any account, and even display or print the data in bar or pie charts.
Ifao Day by Day replaces your manual system for diary, business organiser, notepad, planner, reminder and so * It's suitable for both business and home applications, including numerous useful functions which serve every requirement.
Among its many features are: ' Calender diary planner ' Categories such as bills, birthdays and letters
• Appointment sorting ' 'Urgent’ notice board
• Updating of regular appointments
• Comprehensive search facility
• Automatic reminders
• At-a-glance week and month summaries
• Print option 'Overdue' notice for forthcoming events * Grouping
of related messages Both of these powerful programs are
excellent value on their own, but if you buy this exclusive
combination package we'll knock £20 off the combined retail
Trained Assassin This blockbuster combines the best features of some of the most popular games ever to have appeared on the Amiga.
Our Price £16.95 It features five action-packed levels with different varieties of scrolling and gameplay. With the fifth level guaranteed to raise your joystick's temperature by a few degrees (if not your own).
"Trained Assossin is of a standard that could probably survive unaltered in a real arcade - few games could manage that". - Stewart Russel, Amiga Computing.
Skill and determination are the qualities you'll need in vast amounts if you're going to fully master this game.
£12.95 Your mission consists of collecting pods by hovering above them and switching on your tractor beam, but all the time you have to take into account the effects of inertia and gravity, controlling your ship as smoothly as possible - to avoid colliding with the planet below.
"7ne graphics are wonderfully drawn and smoothly scrolled in all directions. Every landscape is a joy to look at and explore... delicate, addictive gameplay". - John Kennedy, Amiga Computing.
The dreaded lurgi RECENTLY my Amiga has been doing strange things. Tell me if this is the work of a new virus. After a while programs on the disc - generally in the c and libs directories - start to develop read write errors. If 1 install a disc with the noboot option, a boot track is re-written.
VirusX 3.10 cannot detect any virus and nor can Virus Killer, and Install Check says its legal. Surprisingly it seems to have no effect on nonstandard discs, such as games.
Paul Kerrigan.
Sounds like an attack of IRQ. A copy of VirusX 3.20 will fix that. There is a similar, non-boot block virus which VirusX cannot spot. This produces messages about Greenpeace, and you'll need to be something of a programming wizard to get rid of it.
Wrong route FAT Angus (Sweet PD. July 1989 Amiga Computing) must have been on_ something stronger than Britvic if he believes that his Londonward rail journey from Birmingham New Street took him to King's Cross.
Perhaps he should take up train spotting.
Glyn Williams.
Sinfin, Derby.
Brilliant! Well spotted. There are two games in the post to you.
Sick mouse and slipped disc IF you have problems with the buttons on your mouse, open the case and put a 1mm piece of card, cut to the approximate size of the silver contact, on the leaf contacts, then replace the screws.
This works because the upper leaf sometimes becomes indented from where the point of the button is continually pressing down on it. The piece of card ensures that the whole leaf is pushed down instead of just a single point.
Recently 1 bought some ''lifetime guaranteed unbranded" discs, only to find that half came up with read write errors when 1 tried to format them.
Diskdoctor didn't have any effect, so I tried the Discwipe function found on tho Project D utility followed by Diskdoctor, and they all formatted without a problem.
V S Kirby, Stanmore, Middx.
Thanks for the tips. Some discs are formatted as pari of the testing process. Because this is not the same as an AmigaDos format it can cause problems. A few attempts at using format might erase all the unwanted information.
Beware false Icons I WANT to use IconX. I have made an icon image, changed the default tool to c iconX. Copied IconX into my c directory. When I boot up from the disc and double click on the icon it loads IconX but does not execute my batch file.
If I boot up with Workbench with the disc in the other drive everything works correctly. Please could you tell me if there is something else I need of the Workbench to make IconX work.
I am very pleased that you now offer a disc on the front of tho magazine. Here are my ideas on what you should include: A game demo (one is enough), a dark blue Workbench screen, some better icons, another text file viewer, a bit more documentation on the programs, one or two public domain programs on disc.
Any chance of an assembly language course? The overall magazine is very good.
Andrew Wood.
Sittingbourne, Kent.
Well, if you will persist in reading other magazines you 'II be fed duff information on how to use IconX. The program needs RUN and CD copied from your Workbench disc. You should either put them in the root or the C directory. Thanks for the comments on the disc.
Suffering CLI HAVING only owned my Amiga for a few months 1 am having some .
Difficulty understanding tho manuals.
1 can't understand CLI. Apart from the simplest commands. If you could do a series covering it I would be most grateful. I find my Workbench 1.3 manual impossible to understand.
How do 1 use the utilities and Basic program on the disc that came with the August issue?
Duncan Hayes, Higher Blackley. Manchester.
If everything on the disc was geared to new users it would soon get boring, as new users became old hands. The best bet is to get hold of the book Amigados by Mark Burgess. It is published by Dabs Press at £14.95. Your bookshop should be able to order it if you quote ISBN 1-870336- 47-X. Or contact The Computer Store on 021-770 0468. You may be having problems finding programs on the disc because they are in directories.
You'll need to use the CD command to get to them.
The Basic program is also in a subdirectory on the disc. The AmigaBasic manual is quite good, read up on how to use the Chdir and Files commands, then load the program front the cover disc into AmigaBasic.
There are a few lines which cause syntax errors. If you delete them everything will be tickerty-boo.
Digging through discs is very much simpler if you have a second drive, and answering your questions is easier if you tell us what kit you are using.
Mastering graphics WHEN I was al school I wrote a horse racing game on a BBC Master. I have since converted it to my Amiga. I used a user-defined character for a horse, and progressively moved it from one print position to another across the screen.
I have the whole game, addictive as ever, working fine, except that 1 have stars running about. I would prefer to have all the realism of having real horses losing me money.
Ralph Bolton, Guildford. Surrey.
Programming the Amiga is a fair bit harder than programming a Beeb. But the results are worth it. Pages 88 to 94 in chapter 8 of the AmigaBasic manual detail the Object command.
You will have to use the Object editor to draw the horse. BitT then from inside the program you can moke all the horses move smoothly.
Lost for words HAVE collected more than 70 extra fonts on two discs and use them with the Workbench Notepad with good results.
However, I cannot find a way of incorporating these extra fonts when using KindWords2. I would like to use them via the external disc drive but I cannot get KW2 to read fonts.
Derek Oakley, Middlesbrough, Cleveland.
Well done, we've never met anyone who has had good results from Who was that?
YOU don't know your left from your right! The picture on Page 37 of the September issue looked a lot like jez San and not Dave Parkinson. And the one on Page 36 looked just like Dave and not (ez. I think you have made a mistake.
Wendv Mountford.
Mill Hill. London.
Yes, guilty, slap on the ‘cuffs, sorry, I d send you a prize for being so observant, but as you have been going out with lez for nearly two years I'd hope you could tell the difference.
Joining forces VERY good mag, the August issue, plus a good disc on the cover. What sort of lead would I have to use to connect two Amigas lo play Populous? Where would 1 get hold of one? I believe you have to use the serial port.
Secondly, in the.Gauntlet II package it describes the use of the printer port to control two more joysticks wilh the game. I rang the people at US Gold but they said it was just an Atari ST feature.
Does anyone know a way to use this on an Amiga and if so where to get a suitable interface to control the four of us who want to play?
CpI Elsdon. Coldstream Guards.
Camp Administration Staff, Moscow Camp.
Wow, we've never had a letter from Moscow before. Trilogic does a suitable lead for connecting two Amigas, and had an advertisement on Page 81 of the September issue where it was listed as an RS5 costing £7.99. You can call Trilogic on 0274 691115.
Sorry, can't help with the Gauntlet problem.
Bound over SINCE I bought the first issue of Amiga Computing when visiting London, which sure is bigger but not nearly as beautiful as Helsinki. I've been a subscriber to it (not London, the mag). Amiga Computing is definitely the best Amiga specialised mag available.
But where have the great binders of yours vanished to? 1 haven't seen any advertisements for them despite the 41 pages of ads. Is this a trick to sell back issues when readers have lost their old ones?
My first little problem is a lead. I'd love lo use my monitor A1081 as a TV set. And managed to do this via a video recorder. But because 1 don’t need a video. I'd like to have a little tuner for selecting channels and a lead from the antenna socket to my monitor. Is this reasonable, or should I buy a cheap video?
The second problem is somewhat strange. As I recently made a little Basic program, I needed to use my printer, NEC CP6, which usually is great - more dots than most lasers, with colour.
But when I tried to guide it with escape codes, nothing happened.
Word processors can do it and graphics programs can do it, I can't.
Katie Saariaho, Kirkkonummi, Finland.
Bight O. my fine Finnish friend.
Binders cost £4.95. They are always available from Database Direct at the address on the order form near the back of the magazine.
A few TV tuners are available, Philips do one, but the best buy is probably the Microtext adaptor which offers teletext. We reviewed it lost February: it costs £143.52 for the UK version and £194.93 for the international unit.
Your last problem is Microsoft's fault. AmigaBasic won’t LPBINT escape codes, you need to talk to the printer as a device using OPEN "PRT” FOR OUTPUT AS 8 and then print to it using PR1NT 8, although just testing this out crashed the machine.
AmigaBasic is one of the nastiest, bug- ridden programs to grace the machine's ram.
BYTEBACK Ring us now! 0636-79097 we’re programmed to help DELIVERY SERVICE ... and the keenest prices INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME GUARANTEED RETURN OF POST Delivery on ALL Stock items!
ONLY! ¦GAMES cont.
ONLY! IHARDWARE . 390 '990 . '6.90
- 1190 1690 690 '090 1090
• 690
• 690
16. 90
16. 9C
16. 90 . 13.90 10 90 . 1690 1690 '690 “090 ¦390
* 390 “690
• 690
• 690
• 690 690 '990
• «90 KAO Disks -100% Guaranteed!
..34.90 ..49.90 ..79.90 .49.90 .50.90 Deluxe PhotoLab.. Detuxe Music Con. Set.. Design 30--------------- 690 16 90 DtQIVIEW GOLD (PAL) 119.90
• 990 . -680
* 690 390
• 990 Director (The)___
• Director Toolkit.. XENON II -MEGABLAST 16.90 ... 16.90
• 9 90 . ' 6 90 . I?90 . '990 ’8 90 '990 . 2990 . 29 90 1390
• 390 '390 '390 ’690 , 1«90
• 990 '390
• 690
• 690 '690 090
• 090 ’390 .1690 ..10.90 .. 16.90 ..18.90 ..16.90 Tote rone
Trvta. Pursci-- TV Scora footaal .
CtonalV- W» r M M e Earth .
War«x_________ W *H T®r* Oof ZasMck-ecxen Go*_ GRAPHIC STARTER KIT 59.90 Aegis Animator. Aegis Draw.
Aegis Images, Clip Art ? Arazoks Tomb (Superb Graphic Adventure) f ootbal Mar ape ? '3 90 Zen. Go FO'gtW*’Words _____’6 90 30 Poa kuson i«90 eeeei
16. 90 54 90
• SonJx Soundtrack .12.90 BOOKS (Abacus) ONLY!
Amiga tor Beginners---------- Amga Base Inside and Out .. Machine Language--------- Tricks and Tlpe_____________ System Programs Amiga DOS Inside and Out... Disk Drtret Inside and Out ..12.90 ..18.90 .. 14.90 ..1480 ..32.90 ..18.90 .19.90 |
• 990 1990
10. 90 1090 1690 1190 16 9C
• 6.90 139C is oc 19 9C . 1390
• 980 13 90 16.90
16. 90 Disks lo accompany books..
- 27.90 ...1190 LANGUAGES ONLY!
Absofl AC Basic 3____ Absoft AC Fortran___ -.159.90 .. 199.90 Aztec C Dweioper . Aztec C Professkx al ....
- ---------- 129.90 139.90 GFA Basic
(V.3)______ ......59.90 Hlsoft Basic
. .64.90 Hisoft Devpac (2)____________
.44.90 Module 2 Developers ...
114.90 .ecu s *eus Got
Journey .. »vtedy Afxvoecn ngoo-c* E-cia-a Kul
..... Lancet_________ a»N '0?
.eeoevboard tt-dte .eonerdc -- - _ . O tme RAC Rav
I. or0s of the Rising S.n Men«c»------------ M«erk,m2J________
Wonopo-y Oeuxe .
Mcroprose Soccer--------------- Mr. Ha8_____________________ Dragon Ninja __________________ Faiur-------
• u*son0»sfc ___ Break ---------- ecerajon o' ree Traders Per-a*
formutaCne - Flende* • *edd«s Bg top hkart S-'V-eor 2 M
Blasterotds_________ BWUotw,____ Bortiouze Captain Rood C*"*'
Commanc Cariewaror Cheeamaater ?ono C rono Ousei C-utJdeTgg
Kaosau* C' *• t .
Coria tvrw ComflBOA------- Dro f jeer Lia»%SW« ----- Demor* Wrter Genam ReaFy . _ Asionr* - .. .... (taros of Pone* '9VC .
BaXeif._______ hamartar t . Bard* «*e____ 8*0* '«•?_ __ iw Back Mage _. . .
F OaK'econa Jomar Gv'tefd ___ Gariefd - Winers Tale Qaunttei n ______ (mMer 0**a» Honda RVF____________________ Hybrls_____________________________ Indiana Jones Last Crusade .. Intercept or .
(PLUS T-Shirt!)
’Scenery 7. 9 or 11 _ ’tu-cse or .«pe- Kwne-y ? OctbaJ ed»2 fwfeaiuar internatonaJ Karate Plus .... rPAPrRBdy-.z : THE STORY SO FAR Ikari Warriors. Battleshps Buggy Boy. Beyond Ice Palace MKWWUETAL 1M6 Xenon. Capt. Blood Crazy cars. Arkanoid II mnflWhYJzzz ii« Barbarian. Starallder MmdlUUEHaiB- HT DI8KS (VoLI)_____________________1680 Gold runner. Karate Kid II _Jipfler Probe. Slaygon_ WT DISKS (VoU) _ 16.90 Major Motion, Time Bandit Leatherneck. Tanglewood MEGAPACK .16.90 Pwot. Mouse Trap, Seconds Out Winter
Olympiad. Suicide Mission SOPER • LIZ ..... 16.90 Neuromanosr___________________________18.90 Now Zealand Story_______________________19.90 Night Walt______________________________8.90 Owe ... POA Padand________________________13.90 Pacmanla -------------------------------13.90 Paladin ... 16.90 Passing Shot____________________________16.90 Po*ce Quest--------------16.90 Powerdrome ....18.90 Populous________________________18.90
• Prorrised Lands-----------------------------8.90 Rally Cross
Challenge ..13.90
R-Type------------------------16.90 Scrabble
Deluxe______________1190 Shadowgate .
16.90 Show em up Construction 19.90 Skweek
---------------------------18.90 Space
Harder 13.90 Space
Quest II ..16.90 Steve Davis World
Snooker ...13.90 Strp Poker
2*________________________9.90 8TAR8 WARS
TRILOGY__________________16.90 Stars Wars . Empire Strikes
Revenge of the Jedl_ Batman. Voyager. R-Type.
International Karate Plus ’Ossa 0»k .
| STUNT CAB THE LIGHT FORCE.. COMPILATIONS ONLY Sjoe- **anQ On •ord of Socar iar«A»m .
Teenage a-ee* ThunrKetvtSa 16 90 1490
• 990 1690 109C 1990 1690
• 9 90
• 09C 1390 .. 19.90
- 11.90
- 11.90 Teat Drive U... ‘California Challenge _ SONY Boxed -100%
Pro Sound Designer 69.90 Sculpt 30 (PAL) ____________________58.90 Sculpt 40 Junior_______________________9880 Sculpt 40____________________ 339.99 ITI1II1 ' '111II I or*inn Disk Rnx (VU 7 90 1 Locking Disk Box (100.) .. Media Box (Holds 150) ..... .9 90 1 ....19 90 I Furry Mouse Covert____________ ..6.90 Mouse Bracket ... Mouse Mat .... Kevtvwrri Cnvwr 390 1 5.90 1
ArrsgaDOS Toolbox ... ...39.95 1 BBC Emulator . Deacartes . ...39.90 I .....24.90 I X-Copy - NEW Version 2---- The best Amiga Disk copier .29.90 ninir in 9o on 1 DOS to DOS . .....39.90 1 Excelence ..... ..... ¦ .139.90 1 Home Accounts . .....22 90 I Pubilehers Choice indudes: Page Setter 1.2 Kind Words 2. Headline Fontspack Artists Choice Artpacfc
- 69.90 AMIGA A500 Computer___________£369.90 1084-S Monitor
----------------250.00 A501 RAM Clock
Expansion .129.00 mlnlGEN .
80.90 STAR LC10 Printer (Mono)__________199.00 STAR LC10
Printer (Colouf) ....229.00 (All printers Indude lead I)
Cumana 3.5* 1Mb Disk Drive_____________99.00 30 MEG Supra Hard
Disk ....599.00 CHILDRENS ONLY!
AB Zoo
9. 50 Decimal Dungeon ___________ Cam Q iaaI O I ! . C
______29.90 to nn run cxJvooi d (unoer o)------- Fun School 2
(6 to 8) ... 13.80 .13.90 Fun School
2 (Over 8) . ______13.90 Robot Raaders
......19.90 (Story with speech) Chktan Uoto.
Amcp« FWSm. TWM Uus Ptgs.
Ttvs*Dmi. LxtoRMHmM U0y Du *Sng Kinds Words__________________________37.90 Project D . 29.90 Ram Manager----------------------------150 Scribble Platinum ___________________4190 Virus Killer ------------------------- 9.90 WORKBENCH 1.3 (NEW)----------------14.90 Works Platinum ..... 139.90 Joystick & Mouse Extension--------------4.90 Joystkk Lead - 3 metres I .4.90 WE CARD controller ___________ 190 Chalenger ..6.90 Oukkshot II ... 7.90 Oukkshot II Turbo ..9.90
Navigator------------------- _..1190 Cobra (NEW) ...... 1190 Cruiser (CLEAR) ......-1190 Compettan Pro 5000 ..- 14.90 Competition Pro Extra . -------- 15.90 Arcade Joystick .... 16.90 Euromax PACEMAKER ___________26.90 (Handlebars controler) TV Show_________________________________52.50 Comic Seller---------------------------50.90 Movie Setter_____________________50.90 Deluxe Paint 2 .. 49.90 ! Deluxe Paint 3 ...59.90 1 DISKS (DS DD 3.5") ONLY Tho above is just o small selection of our VAST stock of
AMIGA software!
Callers welcome; Normal Office Hours - 24 Hour Telophono Sorvico!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AC. 6 MUMBY CLOSE. NEWARK. NOTTS NG24 1JE Are you new to tho finding it diffic harness the power amazing computer what you need is he the largest group of enthusiasts in the work Members receive: -
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For further details write, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to: The U.K. Amiga User Group, 66, London Road, Leicester. LE2 OQD.
Or Telephone: Leicester (0533) 550093 VideoStudio for the AMIGA R*n *ato A88Q2 (For the pr»vaemi-pro) _ Maxigen Profession* Gbnlock „ THE ZVP VofO iissssusssz.
VIDEOSTUDIO m Provktoo Plus___ Anl Magic... Rwndato A8802 • VhJeo SSSXiSS _(S««e Cl30)C410 UK VAT • PAP. Send POOwquet to: ¦p.- MAZE TECHNOLOGY B 20 Woodlands Road, Walthamstow E173LE Mail order only 01-520-9753 UNBEATABLE PRICES FROM MANSFIELD COMPUTERS SPECIAL OFFER When vou purchase one ol the above iiems why nol treat yoursell lo our si ( Ratnambar wllh lull Men.ft all dltka aro certlftod 100% brror Ira and at* ouppltod with lull uaar awla. Plua our amaalng 2 tor 1 Ihallma warranty uXSmTsir MoMrield. Motl. NCI I 1EA Men.h.ld Compute*. 33 Albert Street. Uen.fiaid. ?
I. I 0633 31303 Pe. 0633 433061 11 prlcee Include V»16 Delivery
In U K. 34 hour answering ».«. 6pm phone 0633 633313 4n0 leave
your Ol H 1
5. 25’ disks in polybag w labels, sloeves and write protect labs
25 D S. D D 48 tpi disks .£8.95 25 D S. D D 96 tpi disks
.£9.50 DISK BOXES 3 5-40 cap .. 3 5* 90 cap
kxUM ... £06 £7.95 5 a: . £195 525 100 cap
lockable......- a 95 m=
3. 5" DISKS 3 BOXES 10 3 5- 0 S. DA 135 TPI d tkt tn white
box ....£1.30
253. 5*0 5. 0 D 135 TPI drtkt In 40 cip d«k
box ...£22.95 40 3 f D S. D D 135 TPI ditto in
80 cap lockable box ....02 95 75 3 5-0 S. DA 135 TPI
ditto .n80 cap lockable box 04.15 10 3 5' H.gh Dent fly (?
Meg) ditto m while box .....BUS
5. 25" DISKS A BOXES 25 5 25- 0*. DA 96 TPI ditto m 50 cap
loctobJe boa . Cl 4.95 50 5 25* (VS. DA 96 TPI
d«U at 100 cap lockable box 04 95 10 5 25-M h Oeetty 1 6 meg
Holder ..0.75 5 25* Head Cleaner .....£1-75
1. 000 Addreti label.
Wf It’for ..1450 STAR LC10 (24 pin) with cable & paper £221.85 (£199.00* VAT) Citizen 1280 with CAM 4 paper £124.20 (E106.00.VAT) Panasonic KXP1081 wllh cable & paper £148.35 (£12900. VAT) Citizen 188E Kltn cable A page i £141.35 (E129 00.VAT) Panasonic KXP1180 mm cam & nape' £114.75 (£145 0O.VAT) Epson LX888 408
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£215.05 (£187.00* VAT) Epson LQ488 (24 p4n)»» cade and oapar
£247.25 (£21 S.OO.VAT) SPECIAL CBM PRICES A500 .
Modulator ......£349 Inc. VAT A500 . Mod .
CM8833......£545 Inc. VAT lentil (Ur-41 Poet £20 fc Vf
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£510. VAT (PTiono rot ru i range) DISkETTtS llllaDma wafranly)
(100% carolled error (real
103. 5-135IPIOS7DO .£4.50 Inc. VAT 50 3.5- 135IPI
DS DD......£39.50 Inc. VAT 100 3.5- 13Stpl DS DD ....£77.50
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(CI29.00 .VAT i COLOUR Bud.nMwt4.00 .VAX t194.33(f
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Micros Phwe lor our full catalogue best pnc«. Fast service A
12 mwms guarantee Prices subject lo change. We are dosoa
Saturday Posugo ti.00 .VAT (£1.15). SecuncorHOO. VAT (M05]
Hampshire Microcomputers Unit 11. Kingdom Park. Segensworth,
Titchliald. Hanlt P015 5TJ.
Slip slidin'away John Kennedy creates some special effects with Animagic. But finds that his memorv lets him down again ONLY on the Amiga could this happen. Here is an art package that needs at least one megabyte of memory to run. But won't let you draw anything. Here is an animation package that won't do tweening. Here is a large box containing two discs and a 90 page manual. So what does it do?
Animagic is an editing package for animation files. It takes pictures and animations created with other packages and puts them through a digital effects unit.
Through the wonders of interchange file format (IFF). Animagic can be used with any of the animation packages available for the Amiga which save data using the Anim protocol. Such programs include VideoScape 3D. Lights! Camera!
Action! And Deluxe Paint HI.
Zoctrope. Which received a rave review several issues ago. Comes with a progjam to turn its animations into Anim format. MovieSetter uses its own format and is not compatible.
Animagic allows you to load in an animation and edit individual frames.
You can take the last few frames of that huge cartoon you rendered with a 3D package, and instead of re-doing the entire thing, which could take several days, you can adjust frames individually.
Or what about adding titles to your animation? Easy, just append the text frames. You can also adjust the colours and create colour- cycling animation.
Although editing animations is useful, the really fbn part of the package comes when you start playing with the digital effects editor. You can't have failed to notice digital video effects (DVE) on television. Take a look at the opening logos of the various ITV stations for example. If a logo zooms in from the left or constructs itself out of tiny squares, then you're looking at a DVE.
Top of the Pops would be sunk without its DVE machine. As the various camera images all peel back to reveal the latest appalling number one. Busy in the background several thousand pounds worth of electronics is beavering away, folding Kylie Minogue's face into small pieces.
The Channel Four logo, where lots of pieces fly in to form the shape of the numeral four, is a computer animation rather than an effect.
A digital video effect machine takes a finished drawing and manipulates it electronically, usually through a very expensive mixture of both analogue and digital computer technology. It is this machine that Animagic tries to emulate, using your beloved Amiga and as much bolt-on memory as vou can afford.
You are supplied with a fixed number of DVEs. All stored on disc.
This may seem limiting, but the huge number of possible variations will mean that you are rarely stuck for an effect. Once you have tailored the effect to exact requirements, you may save it back to disc for future use.
One of simplest DVEs is the slide- in. The picture moves in from underneath in a slanted perspective view and expands into the centre of the screen. By selecting the Grid option from the DVE menu screen you can split the initial image into four separate screens that slide in. Then you can give each a progressive delay.
So firs I the top left quarter slides-in.
Then the top-right and so on.
Or would you rather they slid in from tho top of the screen? No problem, just click this little unidentifiable icon and they float in over your head in exactly the same way that bricks don't.
A preview option will display your effect in wire frame, which avoids wasted afternoons as the computer renders your animation after which you decide you don’t really like it.
Other DVEs include spinning and expanding routines. And you can lift away one picture in a page-like fashion revealing another image underneath.
Shadows can be added, so all the little parts of the image flying around will have little boxes of colour following them. A strobe effect is also available, where each frame carries a vestagc of the previous drawing. This makes movement appear much smoother and interesting, although it takes a lot longer to draw in the first place.
VARIOUS three-dimensional effects are available, such as a rotating box with two of your drawings appearing on the inside and outside faces. When turned into a continuously looping animation, this sort of spinning effect is ideal for a moving company logo at the start of a film, or even just sitting in a shop window.
Where the DVEs become really cunning is that instead of loading in a still picture to process, you load in another animation. This means the original moving pictures will be dealt with as though they were a static display, which results in some seriously weird and wonderful animations.
Using Animagic is a little daunting to start with. When it first boots up you are greeted with an opening screen and an error message to the effect that you haven't specified a start drawing or animation. This doesn't really seem fair, but after apologising you can load your data and the program will grudgingly let you use the main control bay.
This Huston mission control lookalike is littered with tiny icons.
The designers of the Wimp environment would turn in their mouse houses if they could see this display, because rather than simplifying things all the controls do is intimidate the user. What is the point of several icons which all look the same performing different functions?
Eventually you get the hang of what a particular left pointing arrow does, but it takes time and a lot of looking up in the manual. As such, the manual is very satisfactory, with lots of step-by-step examples and the obligatory American telephone help hotline. It might be marginally cheaper to fly out and discuss your problem with the programmers than use this phone number, but it is always nice to have the option.
Memory is a real problem. Although the animations are buffered to disc as they are created, the finished product must be able to exist in the computer's memory to be played back. If you want to play with an interlaced HAM digitised picture, then 1 meg isn't enough.
If you are the son of person who is able to afford vast quantities of ram.
Then you will probably also own a 68020 68881 accelerator board. This being the case, you will therefore be completely overjoyed to hear that a version of the program is supplied to make full use of this hardware, which will speed things up accordingly.
Unfortunately the program does not have a robust feel to it. It crashed not just once, but several times, because I clicked too quickly on an expanding icon. Single drive users will gnash their teeth as the program gurus yet again simply because they forgot to swap discs before selecting an option.
This is nothing more than sloppy programming and should have been sorted out well before the package went on sale.
It won't crash straight away of course. First it will spend 15 minutes doing 99 per cent of the animation, then it crashes. Why do programs like this rarely look ahead to see if enough memory is available? The answer is because they don't know exactly how much memory they will need. But they could make a good guess, couldn't they? And give us the option to continue or try for something less ambitious.
THE average A500 user could have some fun with all the special effects, but will never be able to use the program to its best advantage without several megabytes of ram, a genlock and access to some hi-tech video editing equipment Nevertheless, for those who want to smash Uncle Fred's face into 255 spinning pieces, .Animagic could be worth the asking price. It emulates a piece of television studio hardware called a digital video effects unit that costs several thousand pounds, and at the moment there is no software around that produces comparable results.
REPORT CARD Animagic HB Marketing 0895 44-U33 £79.95 EASE OF I I Ml II II I 1 11 1 I With hieroglyphic icons and dodgy disc and memory handling, things could be a lot better.
Sot fast. Add 3 to the score if you have an accelerator board.
VALUE I You '11 spend a lot of time with this package. But for the money it could do more, and do what it does belter.
OVERALL Good fun and potentially useful for animation freaks who want to produce stunning special effects. Add 20% if you have 2 megs or more.
V c £i Mai! Order Offers ArgAsm Probably the fastest assembler ever When you're developing software, the last thing you 'v, want is to hang around for ages while your assembler processes your code - when you could be getting on with further program development.
For the Amiga!
But now all that waiting's a thing ol the past, because ArgAsm from Argonaut Software is a revolutionary machine code development system.
It assembles at an incredible rate of 250,000 lines a minute!
- at least live times taster than anything else, and over 100
times faster than the original Commodore assembler - and it
remains fully compatible.
What's more, ArgAsm is the first assembler lo be compatible with all the three major assemblers; Assem, Devpac and Cape. So if you're .. looking to upgrade, the chances are you'll be instantly right at home with ArgAsm.
And for a limited period we're exclusively knocking £5 off |gp* the recommended price.
Iiyou're serious about producing prolessional quality soltware - Iasi, this is THE assembler lor you. But remember. Ibis is a limited oiler, so lo be sure ol your copy place your order today.
Release date: October 10.
? Fast one-pass design ? Code limited only by memoiy ? Unlimited number ot labels ? Long label names ? Unlimited macro nesting ? Unlimited include nesting ? Include binary data ? Extra-helpful error messages ? Instruction cycle timings ? Processor llag display Exclusive price for readers of £54.95 RRP £59.95 SAVE £5!
EDITOR ? Multi tasking ? Full multi-file capability ? Unlimited split views ol tiles ? Cut paste between windows ? Insert delete blocks etc. ? Full configuration facilities ? Save restore environment ? Extremely fast text scrolling ? Fast page update rates ? Assemble Irom any window ? Works on Workbench screen To order yours, please use the form on page YOU KNOW that Amiga Computing V is the most informative, V educational and action- V packed magazine dedicated V to the Amiga. ¦ With its cover mounted disc V each month, packed with use- m ful utilities and demos of the ¦ latest software on
the market, 1 straight-down-the-line reviews 1 and comprehensive hands-on tutorials, Amiga Computing provides you with everything you need to know about your micro.
ITO ORDER YOUR I I SUBSCRIPTION J ft USE THE I ¦ FORM ON ft V PAGE 112 K WE KNOW you'll m want to receive your W own copy each month, ¦ avoiding the hassle of W chasing round newsagents W when it has been sold out.
I And as an added bonus ' if you subscribe now we will knock £5 off the cover price of 12 issues PLUS we'll send you a FREE copy of Batman The Movie .
Place your order NOW - this exceptional offer is only guaranteed until October 31!
Cover disc Offers (seepage 112) Annual Subscription Including Batman the Movie (UK only) (seeeppoate) 12 months Trained Assassin £19.95 9850 Raider £14.95 9849 Home Accounts Day by Day £39.90 9851 Chariots of Wrath £16.95 9857 UK £29.95 9558 Europe & Eire £34.95 9548 Overseas Airmail £49.95 9545 9559 9544 9546 Fun School 2 Under 6 years 6 to 8 years Over 8 years £19.95 9842 £19.95 9843 £19.95 9844 24 months UK £54.95 9560 Europe & Eire £63.95 9549 Overseas Airmail £91.95 9551 ArgAsm (seepage 119) 9561 9550 9552 Dust Covers ' Orders received by November 5 will commence with December issue 9507
| | Back issues seepage 101) May 1989-October 1909 bundle tAdd £3 Europe & Eke £12 Overseas Mouse Mats 9508 | | t£l2.95 9859 Binders 9509 | | May 1989 £2.10 9711 June 1989 £2.10 9712 July 1989 £2.10 9713 ' August 1989 £3.10 9714
• September 1989 £3.10 9715 ‘October 1989 £3.10 9716 Disc Boxes
Transparent calculator
• Indudes cover disc Lombard RAC Rally (see page 76) Protext
Version 4 9530 I I Tick here it you are ordering the calculator
£7.95 Tick here it you are spending £25 or more on reader
otters (excluding subscriptions) and wish to claim your FREE
calculator Lancelot (see page 86 9853 I I For Europe & Eire
add £3 towards postage I For Overseas add £5 towards postage
Time and Magik (see page 86) 9600 | | Payment: please indicate
method (?)
J Attess Wastercard Eurocard BardaycaniVisa
N. 1 I I I M I I I M II ? ChequoEurocheque payable 10 Arrtga
Conputlng Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port,
South Wirral L65 3EB (No fttarrp needed I posted In UK) Please
allow up to 28 days lor delivery size Order at any time ot the
day or night Telephone: 051-357 2961
- Signed_ Orders via Fax: I I Orders by Preetel: I I Orders via
UlcroLInk: 051-357 2813 Kay* , «wn 614568383 | MAG001 PostCode
_ Don't forget to give your name, and credit card number AMC11
Daytime telephone number in case of queries - A «*i T«vaU; )
AC (Wm Coouukf .
Loltago ( ojhuaJte
1102. 95 1121 75
1170. 00 . £?5?9 .1151 00 . 14! OC 1*995 H-9 00 . U a no 112 50
acj is D««w 20f C Amiga Syrtthia Azir« C CorapOer (?n l
fine 'ir-.laiof Comic Sri** . Cntiu CV»M Df-s gi 5
(Htb 10 * OVOO Summer Sketch Pius Drawing
Tablet .. 1435-00 3-5" Disk
Drive .....192-50 Genlock 8806 (Prof.)
£625-00 "Intelligent Music" ...£133-00
lattice Amiga Dos C V5 ......£175-00 Maibhot
Plus . £38.50 Master Track Pro (64 track
seq) ......£254.00 Movie Setter .
£55.00 Music X .... ....£182.00
Pagestrram (Xpub. Partner.
Prof) 1--390C Psoto-1 v.deo (.el Arj.rate . 475 50 Prol video Plus 418995 P-o' Draw 411095 Prof Page vi 2 .1195 95 Put*! * hers Choice £79 95 Scj'sk 3DXL 11.400 Vulpc 4D 1369 00 JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T SEE IT - DOESN’T MEAN WE HAVEN’T GOT IT!!
For further information, send LARGE stamped self addressed envelope Make cheques payable lo -COTTAGE SOFTWARE- and send to:
P. O. BOX 8, SIIAW, OLDHAM, OL2 8QN Tel: 0706 845365 Prices
include VAT and Delivery within UK ALL GAMES - OLD AND NEW
4DJnr ...-.199-95 Studio Magic
- ...- ... £71-95 Superbase Personal
II £74-95 Superbase Prof. V3
...£182.95 Superpk Digitizer .. 1495-00
The Worcs (Platinum) .... £149-95 Video Effects
3D ......£12000 Video Genetic Master
.£52.95 Who? What? Where? When? £60-50
Word Perfect 4.1 . -£179-95 Workbench 1.3 ...
£12.95 X Cad Designer ...£89-95 Xcopy
£19-95 Amiga PD
Library .104 Amina Users Group
..116 Am loch Computing ... Applied
Research Kernel.
....104 ....105 .60,66 ......90 Byteback ... Calco Software ......92 Castle Computers ......62 Cavendish Distribution .... ......47 Commodore UK .. ......87 Computer Shopper Show.
.8 Cottago Software . C P Software .... Dataplex ..107 Datel Electronics 11-13 Diamond Computers 76,7 Digicom Digipro . ....95 ....37 Digila International ....65 Digital Magic ...... Disc Company .... 56,57 Eazyprint .... ....55 Eloctcomp .. ....48 Entertainment International
- .27 First Micro . Frontier
Software .. ....72 Futureplace
Computers .....64
M-A.S.T.(U.K-) ..63 Gordon Harwood Comp
70,71 Hampshire Micro Compoters.116 Hobbyte
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Business ......122
HSV .....106 KLR
Electronics ......20 Ladbroko
Computing 100 Mandarin Software 78,86
Mansfield Computers ......116 Mazo
Technology ..116 MD Office
Supplies ...99 Memory Expansion Systems ....46
MicroLink ....82,83
Microtext .101 Mindscape
International ...31
Mirrorsoft 124
Postronix ..2,3 Quadsoft
Computers .107 Seventeen Bit
Centro ..39 Shield Computer Services......122
Silica Shop .....123 S K Marketing 40
Softmaiiune ----- 107 Softseflers 36 Softatuff 106 Snftvtlle
___ 100 SublogtC- -- 90 Third Coast Techoologiea 91 Track
Computer Systoms ...39 Treble H
Computing 51
Trilogic ..63 Virgin
Mastertronic .23
Voltmace ..101 WTS
Electronics ...122 Xenon
Technology ..52 MAKE YOUR AMIGA EARN!
SPECIAL OFFER Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro is, it only you knew it, a gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial ettort. NOW by starling your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
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REMEMBER You'll never get nch by digging someone else's "ditch".
Anyone in the country, including YOU, can become very rich in a relatively short period ot time just By doing a tew basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games The benelits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: 31 PILTON PLACE (AM7) KING AND OUEEN STREET WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR A500‘s ? £35.00 FIXED PRICE REPAIR ? ST's Includes - courier delivery, parts, labour, full service and
V. A.T., 90 day warranty, 5 day turnround (subject to parts
availability) Collection can be arranged, £11.50 extra.
All our engineers are fully experienced in 16 bit technology Repairs undertaken on Amiga 2000, Atari Mega ST. Printers, Monitors, V.D.U.’s etc. and most Business & Home Computers.
Low cost maintenance agreements available.
Educational & dealer discounts given.
SHIELD COMPUTER SERVICES LTD 50 Flixton Road, Urmston, Manchester M31 3AB Tel: 061-747 3185 Fax: 061-747 0515 * OMPUTER REPAIRS Simply send your machine with a £15 diagnostic fee you will be sent a written quotation for Ihe cost of repairing your machine.
491949 (4 LINES) C1 Commodore TENSTAR PACK WORTH OVER £229!
AMIGA FREE! - AMEGAS - by Players FREE!- INSANITY FIGHT - Dy Microdeal FREE!- MERCENARY COMP by Novager FREE! - BARBARIAN, ULT WARRIOR - by Palace FREE!- TERRORPODS by Psygnos.s .1 ! JU ; INCLUDES ¦ ¦ ¦ W' ' I : FREE H DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one o( a new Dreed ol technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard for home computing, based .around the new Motorola 68000 chip The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided dish drive built-in It can be connected directly to a wide range ol monitors, or to a domestic TV set through a TV modulator Designed with the
user in mind, the A500 features a user Iriendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a Iree mouse And. When you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK's Noi Amiga specialists, you will experience an after sales service that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers e&oe FREE! - BUGGY FREE!- THUNDERCATS - by Elite FREE! - IKARI WARRIORS by Eliti FREE! - WIZBALL A500 Computer £399.99 TV Modulator
£24.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £724.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £325.43 PACK PRICE IS: £399 When you buy the Amiga 500 trom Silica Shop, you will not only get a h»gh power value tor money computer we will also give you some spectacular tree gifts First of an. We are now including a TV modulator with every A500 stand alone keyboard so you can plug your Amiga straight into your TV at home (the modulator is not included w in the A500*A1084S pack as it is no!
Required for use with monitors) Secondly we have added a free copy ol Photon Paint, an advanced graphics package with an RRP ot £69 95 last land by no means least'|. So that you can be up and running straight away we are giving away the sensational TENSTAR GAMES PACK with every A500 purchased at Silica Shop This pack features ten top Amiga titles which have a combined RRP of nearly £230* Return the coupon tor details THE FULL STOCK RANGE: TNNwgest range ot Am.ga related peripherals, accessories, books and software in thelJK AFTER SALES SUPPORT: The staff at Silica Shop arc dedicated to help
you to get the best trom your Amiga FREE NEWSLETTERS: Mailed direct to your home as soon as we print them, featuring offers ana latest refeases FREE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: On an hardware orders shipped to Silica Shop customers within the UK mainland PRICE MATCH PROMISE: We will normally match our competitors offers on a same product same price' basis FREE TECHNICAL HELPLINE: Full t.me learn of Am.ga technical e perls to help you with your technical queries But don't |ust take our word for it Complete and return the coupon below tor our latest Amiga literature and begin to eiper.ence tne Silica
Shop speoalisi Amiga service FREE TENSTAR PACK A500 Computer £399.99 1084S Colour Monitor £299.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £999.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £350.43 PACK PRICE »: £649 TOTAL RRP: £229.50 To: Silica Shop Lid. Dopl AMCOM 11 89.1-4 Tho Mom. HaMey Road. Sidcup, Kenl DAM 4DX PLEASE SEND ME FREE LITERATURE ON THE AMIGA Mr Mrs Ms: Initials Surname Address SIDCUP (& Mail Order) 01-309 1111 1-4 The Mews. Halhorley Road. Sidcup. Kent. DAI4 4DX OPEN: MON-SAT 9am - lOpm LATE NIGHT. FOiDA* 9am 7pm 01-580 4000 London. WIPOBA LATE NIGHT: NONE Postcode 01-629 1234 ext 3914
• rd Street London. W1A 1AB LATE NIGHT THURSDAY 9, n Hpni ou
already own a computer which one do you own'’ RIOR I he beast
was present in tlie land and (rom tower to tower the sorcerers
voice cal upon Screenskots li encroacl ? His legions made ready
to conceal tlie tablets hat would see daylight a nisi forever.
.1 Atari ST, Amiga, I BA PC and compatibles.
Le same ramei rom east to west, adin came forth, le against legions ol the night using all his might ai slcill in this tale ol swords ani sorcery.
Mirrorsolt Limit*J Irwin House Il8 Soutkwark Street London Sel QSW Iclcpkonc Ol 928 1454 J 1 Cave Runner: Amazing Boulderdash-like game.
• Track Record. Test your high speed driving.
T Protext: Printer Power.
2 Inside every box: A detailed 16-page booklet containing a history of the rally and technical specification of the Cosworth. 15 maps to help you plot out your course, and a colourful sticker to commemorate your participation In the rally.

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