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We see bundies aiso heiping those children who have certain learning diffi cultés and cannot keep up with the rest of the ciass. We recentiy compieted a primary project with a num ber of schoois throughout the UK and Richard Adams, a teacher at Holway Community Junior School. was enthusiastic about the Commodore Amiga 500. "He discovered chiidren with severe ieaming diffi-cuities suddeniy found themselves on a par with their peers whiie the machine brought out quaii-ties in some chiidren he didn't know existed". Optionai extras recommended by Commodore inciude a 1084 coiour moni tor at €225, an Amiga 501 ram expansion at €126 and an Amiga 1010 externai driver at €126. The software from the bundie is avaiiabie to schoois which currentiy use a Commodore Amiga 500 as an upgrade software kit for €150. Extended offer KUMA (07357 4335) has extended its promotionai offer on K-Roget Thésaurus for the Amiga. Savings of €20 on the usual price of €49.95 wiii continue until December 31. Decembre For every one who owns an Amiga computer, Ciub 68000 offers Members, Software & Hardware Accesories at huge savings off Recommended Retaii Prices. Your oniy committment is to pay €15 for one year s membershtp. You wiü receive a free Cames Compendium and a free cataiogue fIve times a year.

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Document sans nom Pismcy Its only a game Ripping yarns with Talespin CRAY the back December 1989 A MEGABYTE OF SUPERB SOFTWARE OFFICIAL WORKBENCH UPGRADE PIUS Chit! V?0. Lite. VDO.
Mini Intro. Newlook.
NewAnows. Select. Oview.
Puttie. Fireworks. The Right Button Demo. FisDisk. OXO.
Shadow of the Beast hack.
WmSite. Protest - Cavorting With Commands 1 instructions are m the December issue ot Amiga Computing BULK DISKS CERTIFIED AND GUARANTEED 100% ERROR FREE PLUS OUR NO QUIBBLE REPLACEMENT ON EVERY DISK.
25 £19.50 £22.50 50 £33.50 £38.50 100 £59.50 £68.50 200 £115.00 £129.00 500 1000 £247.50 £489.00 £269.00 £525.00 DSDD 135 TPI DSDD 135 TPI SONY BULK (Made in Japan) 3'A" DISKS AND BOX OFFER BRANDED 3'A" DSDD 135 TPI DISKS Choose either Verbatim or Sony 1 box 3 Boxes 5 Boxes 10 Boxes £14.50 £40.50 £62.50 £105.00 GUARANTEED DISKS AS ABOVE 50 DISKS AND 50 CAP BOX 100 DISKS AND 100 CAP BOX £38.50 £62.50 DISK STORAGE BOXES COMPUTER PAPER DISK DRIVES PLAIN FANFOLD PERF. EDGES 1 1 x9Vi" 60 gsm 2000 £16.90 A4 11 % x 9%' 85 gsm 1000 £14.90 AMIGA AND ATARI ST EXTERNAL DRIVES AT THE RIGHT PRICE.
SLIMLINE DESIGN 1 MB UNFORMATTED CAPACITY 12 MONTHS WARRANTY £6.90 £7.90 £9.90 £6.75 £8.90 COMPUTER LABELS 100 ALL BOXES ARE LOCKABLE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS £1.00 OFF PER BOX FOR 2* BOXES £1.50 OFF PER BOX FOR 5* BOXES SELF ADHESIVE, CONTINUOUS PACKED 2000 1, 2 or 3 across 'h x I’ ,," £10.90 x 1 Vi ¦ " £11.90 £85.00 PRINTER RIBBONS FILING SYSTEMS STACKABLE DATA SWITCH BOX Amstrad 8256 LQ3500 £3.90 Amstrad DMP 2000 3160 £2.75 Amstrad DMP 4000 £4.50 Citizen 120D £4.25 Canon PW 1080 £4.25 Epson LQ 800 £3.90 Epson LX 80 86 £2.90 Epson MX FX RX80 FX LX800 £2.90 Most other makes of Printers Ribbons
available, please call for Dust covers for above £4.50 NEC P2200 Panasonic KXP 1081 Star NL10 Star LC10 Star LC10 Colour Star LC24 10 Shinwa CP 80 MS All metal case with rotary switches Available in RS232 and Centronics 2 WAY 4 WAY x OVER £15.50 £24.50 £22.50 HOLDS 150 x 3 Zi" DISKS £22.50 COPY HOLDERS I PRINTER CABLES I MONITOR STANDS DUST COVERS With adjustable arm 80 Column £13.50 132 Column £19.50 Desk Top £7.90 GOOD QUALITY ANTI STATIC ATARI 520 1040 STFM £5.50 AMIGA 500 £5.50 PRINTERS £4.50 HOLDS MONITOR L14.5Q All monitor stands revolve 360° and tilt up to 25° AMIGA 500 ATARI ST £6.90
CENT CENT 36M 36 M £8.50 RS232 M M £8.50 RS232 M F £8.50 FREE PRINTER LEAD LC 10 £169.00 LC 10 COL £219.00 LC 24-10 £269.00 PRINTER STANDS Rugged steel frame.
Height ad|uitat)le basket for output paper & base shell for input paper Self assembly - includes castors 80 column £57.50 132 column £74.50 YU-S2B KrD PRINTER STAND M»0e o* molded piastre feeds printer Umlf YU S26A for 80 col YU S26B: tor 132 co WIRE PRINTER STAND Made of safety plastic coated steel wire £12.50 YU-S23 PRINTER STAND Securely holds any printers wide or smaii Made of molded plastic. £10.50 OM HOUSE, 139 141 DOMINION ROAD. GLENFIELD, LEICESTER LE3 8JB TELEPHONE: (0533) 877733 (24 hours) FAX: (0533) 873999 _ ORDER BEFORE 12 noon FOR SAME DAY DESPATCH OVERSEAS MEDIA DISTRIBUTORS LTD
MINIMUM ACCOUNT ORDER £25.00 - MINIMUM ORDER VALUE £7.50 IMPORTERS & DISTRIBUTORS educational. FiOvEHNMENi *no plc orders acccpteo ruaos mo export snquims weccow E3 ” CREDIT CARD hotline H533I8TT7J3 PRICES FULLY INCLUSIVE OF VAT & DELIVERY (UK ONLY) p mk; sc:k i: Managing Editor Derek Meakin Editor Simon Rocknun Assistant Editor left Walker Staff writer Nic Veitcb Production Editor Peter Glover Ad Editors Mark Nolan Doug Steele Sews Editor Don Lewis Advertisement Manager |ohn Snowden Advertising Sales Wend; Colburn 7 LATEST NEWS Commodore supremo falls from grace. The truth about Music-X
junior. Plus news of extra nodes for MicroLink and a game prize.
I fcl HOTTEST JL A ACTION Will the new Asterix game purge bail dreams left by the last one? Why is Power Drift so good? Meet the man behind Hard Drivin' COMI'I ITIItIV snow t.t tin
U) I K S I t IKS Editorial: 0277 ZM4M Admnuftitm ousruu
* ****
• us non Subacnpbou k ms; 2Ni Telecom Gold
72. MA0001 Tain
• toll111 Fat;
• usrmt PnMMdbn IUMUU dbg: Dalabaie PAMIGAbonr Ud.
Tump. Home. Adlmn™ Park.
Adlingloo, Micclnfiild SK10 4NP.
I"% I SHOPPER'S J JL WORLD Your guide to the busiest computer show this side of Sirius II. And there is loads of Amiga stuff there if you know where to look.
COM R lllst I I NO HARM i J DONE Who are the hacking heros? Do they really do any harm? Can FAST stop them? Piracy pays, but who loses?
Good software can be the result.
DRIVIN’ VJ FORCE Get behind the wheel of a rough, tough, off-road buggy suitable for even the greenest driver, thanks to Digital Magic Software.
ISSN 0952.5040 Amp Coapotini unde, tor publ.
Ulidt Milirul iboald be Typed or compum printed, led |rduib!i doableepead Prerrjm lid.
• p. Ibedd N raospumd b« die Fveu rerker , nupot Mlrdtnwed
renlopr. Dberne 9» rdum at mednel annot be iiunnMeit Coatn-
button, me ail) be ecoepM be pubbutim bp Durbm PabkjM. Ud a a
drabs bale C 19W Deut» hobm Ud V Ural sir be rrproduced in wbde
oe in pul wilbou ontdn ptraueioa While nery on I. liken, the
pub- Mm and be bold IrpUr iwpcosbk tin rev IX NSC A PAGE
Commodore's official upgrade: The Amiga Computing Disc gives
you more software than the mind can handle. Read and enjoy the
best that Commodore, the domain and others have to offer.
Some programs are written by the pros at Commodore and Argonaut, some by unsung heros and some just for kicks but they all meet the exacting high standard you have come to expect. Amiga Computing .
Doesn't fob you off with a duff demo I and then make you pay for it. I end Gnnmodorr Bmsm Urcbins It,'XI Ltd » ¦d rapantbk lot my at the utlde. In (bn ass of twmdtr epmnn. A nmd Are. Mdr eimbumn Fmpns Sdel end He- tnbuBon Limirt. Uni 1. Burtm Hoed. Inborn Inee. Henan Fed Sum TNB (NR. Toll Mil mm ¦CONTENTS!
A I RIPPING J X. YARNS Talespin is just what you need to create your own adventures. False. It is really an educational tool, but why is it living the lie? Green explains.
111 USING JL J PROTEXT Peter Ceresole cavorts with commands and finds that operating the Amiga can be easier inside Protcxt than from the CU.
I DIGIPAINT v JL JL PHOTON They are both for touching up HAM artwork. Both programs offer many enhancements on the first edition, hut which wins the paint battle?
CITIZEN’S J SWIFT 24 Cheap printers are getting better while better printers are getting cheaper, Duncan Evans stretches the pins on Citizen's latest 24 pin.
118™“" JL JL J PERIPHERAL Two men and a Cray supercomputer produce the most amazing ray traced images. Who are they and what has an Amiga got to offer?
V| THE RIGHT M BUTTON DEMO When worlds collide it is vital to know which sprite has hit a playfield.
|olyon Ralph takes the register in hackers class.
MEZRA SURF'S POSTBOX Stop bitchin* and start scribhlin' 'cos Ezra Surf is the mailman who washes whiter than white. To read what you write post it tonight.
0 Red Lighting strikes gold 0 Day of the Pharaohs. Night at the... 0 Altered Beast - surrealist gore 0 Super Scramble makes a foot fault 0 Dynamite Dux for arcade clucks 0 Turbo spends life in the fast lane 0 Bloodwych - double dungeon 0 Gridiron from the boys in the USA 0 Hillsfar alive with the sound of... A590 Hard Drive With 2MB RAM Fitted For The Amazing Price of £599.95 (inc VAT) A590 Hard Drive With 1MB RAM at only £499.95 (inc VAT) Software Specials!
Pro Video Pus £249.95 Video Effects 3D £159.95 Pagestream £199.95 Scnbblel Platinum £ 49.95 Hardware Specials SuperPIc Frame Grabber £569.00 HP PaintJet £899.95 2MB RAM for A590 Hard Drive £240.00., Easy Payments A500 Starter System From Only £3.77 Per Week inc VAT Amiga 2000 XT Systems From Only £47.38 Per Month inc VAT Written Details on Request 4MB 2MB 1 Fitted Fitted £599 £399 i Inc VAT inc VAT M Fitted £899 inc VAT Cash Price £699.95 inc VAT lire Purchase from £6.29 pw DIGIPRO LIMITED 0703 703030 - 01 905 1030 Enterprise House, Howards Grove, Southempton SOI 5PR Unless Stated All Prices
Include VAT Orders over £50 Postage & Packing Free Add £1.00 Postage & Packing tor all other orders Please phone tor prices outside the U.K. Only
- -- £49.95 Elan Performer The presentation system that puts your
Amiga imagery right at your fingertipsl pHEL A500 Super Home
Video System FREE 512K RAM & Titling Software With Amiga A 500
8802 Genlock Titling Software & Modulator FREE Video and
Genlock Information Packs Available.
Call Now For Yours!
Authorised Commodore Amiga Dealer, Export, Government, MOD and Educational OrdersWelc Export, Government, MOD and Educational Orders Welcome Hire-purchase and leasing finance available. Digipro are licensed credit brokers.
AMIGA SCENE Gong for the best game THE search is on to find the best Amiga game in Europe.
It is part of a prestigious new series of awards linked to the European Computer Trade Show to be held at London's Business Design Centre from April 1 to 3 next year.
National competitions will be arranged with the winners of each going through to the final at ECTS
90. Negotiations are underway with key industry organisations
in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and through
out the UK to coordinate the awards on the lines of the
Eurovision Song Contost. The 23 award categories will be
broken down into leisure, small business, trade and media
Judging will be by an independent panel of computer journalists from various countries.
Now clip art’s on the move "What makes these award not only different but more important than any other is the fact that they are European", said Michael Meakin. Joint managing director of the Europess Group and chairman of the Commodore marketing being restructured Does this headline sound familiar? We used it last September when Jeff Earl joined Commodore. Well in a bid to save money Amiga Computing can re-use the words. Because tho Earl has been dis- robod. . Or perhaps he was just unsuited.
Officially he has left to "pursue his own interests'. In practice he has got the sa.. ouch! Erm. In Eractice he left to pursue is own interests.
Commodore, the company famous for having more doors marked "exit" than marked "welcome", does not yet ask new recruits to sign the visitors book. But it is still left with a substantially WHY restrict yourself? Or so asks Robin Bilson of RGB Studios. Real Things is a new program which helps you learn how living things move.
When you are taught to draw you learn how to look at things, to see how they reflect fight and cast awards steering committee.
"As such, they will bring all the elements that make up the leisure and small business sectors of the computer trade within the EC that much closer together so that we will all be ready to bigger marketing depart- men than it had last year.
The remaining staff are more than capable of ensuring that this year's multi-million pound advertising campaign shadows. When you are taught to animate you learn how movement works. A horse's tail rises as the rump falls.
While most of us are taught to draw in school, with varying degrees of success, most young animators are held back. The take full advantage of 1992.
"We see the European Computer Trade Awards as a natural extension to the European Computer Trade Show and are convinced they will achieve a similar status from vear one".
Swings smoothly into action.
For the second time we will see the Amiga on television and extensive press advertising. There will also be new machines in the PC (yawn) range, including a supor-fast 80386 machine known as the PC 50.
The 486 range, along with all other manufacturers’ 486 machines, is likely to be hit badly by damage the Intel 80486 plant suffered during the Californian earthquako.
This can only bode well for the 69000-busod Amiga, because Motorola makes lots of chips in nice safe places like Scotland.
Expense and physical problems of using stop frame film cameras are prohibitive.
The Amiga and Deleuxe Paint III solve this. You can learn to animate with any 1 meg Amiga. But you still need lessons.
Real Things is a collection of animated clip art.
Designed for use either with the 12 page user guide or in a classroom.g2 Real Things shows you how to put together convincing Animbrushes and achieve realistic effects.
There are soveral discs dealing with different topics, each with oxportly produced artwork. The pictures we have seen have a strong oil painting feel, unlike any other Amiga art. It is a little strange to see a painting move.
More details from Digipro on 0703 703030.
Links cover the country SINCE the new MicroLink communications service was launched, 124 extra telephone access points have been opened in various parts of the UK from Dunfermline in Scotland covering the Edinburgh area down to Plymouth.
This brings the total to 280 compared with the 63 which were previously available over British Telecom’s PSS network which MicroLink subscribers used before they switched from Telecom Gold to the independent Istel-Inet network on October 1.
This means that almost 100 per cent of the UK population can now access MicroLink for the price of a local phone call. Before the changeover, in addition to having to make longer distance calls, they also had to ?
Amiga C for Advanced Programmers Amiga Graphics Inside & Out A comprehensive book lor understanding and using Amiga graphics An advanced guide to programming the Amiga using the C language Abacus Amiga Graphics - Inside G Q an in depth treatment of the A graphic features end fbnctiom access these graphic feature AmigeBASIC or C Learn grep progremmmg in C with examf lines, rectangles, polygons, ex Contains a complete descripti graphic system - View. Viewf bitmaps, screens, and window May 1989 about 450pp Abacus Amiga C fbr Advanced Programmers - contains a wealth of information from the pros:
how compilers, assemblers and linkers work, designing and programming user friendly mtorfbees using Intuition, combining assembly language and C code together Includes complete source code fbr a working n Amiga istPort.
Text editor April 1989 about 380pp ie and Out Abac us Amiga C fbr BeglnncJ an introduction to leej longuege of choice an programmers. Unlikel the examples here urJ geared to the Amiga. I language elements otj language so that you!
Use the C library rout I how the compiler w d 280pp AmigeBASIC - Inside G Out - is THE definitive step-by-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC Each BASIC command is fblly described end detailed Some of the topics covered include files and file handling, using pulldown menus, sensing the mouse, handling windows, drawing charts and using the speech commands Techniques fbr advanced BASIC programmers 554pp AmlgoDOS - Inside G Out - covers AmigeDOS in depth so that you can use many of Its advanced capabilities for practical applications. Includes complete reference section detailing all
of the DOS commands, infbrmeton on using the DOS editors ED and EDIT, creating and using script files and taking advantage of the Amiga's multitasking features.
280pp Tricks G Tips - I Hire is a large collection of useftil and important programming techniques that makes working with your Amiga friendlier end easier. Presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, making and using custom character sets, using AmigaDOS.
Important 68000 memory locations, and much more. , INIUII Amiga Machine Language Amiga System Programmer 's Guide Amiga System Programmer' Guide-_ Amiga Machine Language is a thorough introduction ti Covers 68000 microprocessor architecture and addressing modes, making speech and sound from machine language and more. This book is also a perfbet companion to our AssomPro machine language development software.
264pp hardware and software aspects of the Amiga. Covers the EXEC end its structure, handling I O requests and the interrupts, managing the Amiga's resources and multitasking flmctlons. More.
Considered by many to be a Standard rofbronce fbr all Amiga programmers.
438pp Abacus
30 LINCOLN RD. OLTON. BIRMINGHAM B27 6PA CALL021 706 1188 FOR YOUR NEAREST STOCKIST ¦ AMIGA SCENE ¦ DEVPAC Developer, a pro- fessional version of HiSoft's assembly language development system has now been launched for the Amiga.
Assembler for the professional Offering more power and new options, it is aimed at professional users.
Main improvements over the ordinary Devpac Amiga version involve the handling of multiple file- types, a new linker and the provision of dual debugging- The assembler itself has been oxtonded to allow the creation of multiple output file types independent of host machine. A new linker also allows this type of cross-development and the program can now generate absolute files and Motorola S-records.
The 68010 20 30 881 882 851 instruction sets are also supported, together with numerous new options for power users.
Despite this increase in power, the assembler is actually faster than the original, thanks to new parsing techniques.
Using additional hard- , ware available for the Amiga. Devpac Developer allows dual machine development .One machine can be used to edit, assemble and link, then it can transmit the code to the other machine for execution.
In addition a special remote debugger, ostensibly similar to its MonAm predecessors, allows complete remote machine control. Placing no special requirements on the remote machine.
This gives games programmers who tend to wipe out native debuggers their first chance to use what is a powerful diagnostic tool.
At least 1Mb of ram is needed on the development machine to use Devpac Developer. Price from £199.
4 pay a PSS surcharge of 3p a minute.
"More than a hundred of the new access points support MNP error correction”, said MicroLink chairman Derek Meakin. "This is part of our plan to blanket the country with high-speed links offering fast access coupled with the last word in trouble-free data transmission".
A bundled 500 for education COMMODORE has just launched a new Amiga bundle aimed at the education market.
Its Class of the ‘90s pack includes an Amiga 500 keyboard with 3.5in internal drive, mouse, 512k ram and Midi interface, a range of resource software and support materials for £573.
Software in the pack is Deluxe Paint II, Superbase Personal, Maxiplan.
Publisher’s Choice, Dr.T's Midi Recording Studio.
Amiga Logo and Commodore’s BBC emulator with a selection of BBC programs. Also included are 10 blank discs, a mouse mat. Disc wallet, education file with more than 100 pages of advice, guidance and worksheets relating to the national curriculum, product reviews, education news, feature articles, list of THERE is only one thing wrong with the best music program in the world: Music-X is professionally priced. But a cheaper version is in the pipeline.
Amiga Computing spoke to author David Joiner and asked what would be omitted from Music-X Junior. "Well, for start that's not what it’s called. We don't know what it will be called, but I will not allow the word junior in any of my products”, he said.
However the marketing department may overrule the programmer's decision. What matters is how much has been taken out.
“What will be omitted is the event editor, librarian, protocol editor, .patch editor, Midi time code, smpte and some recording options. The sequencer and bar editor are unchanged, filters are somewhat abbreviated, Amiga samples the same, users in education and information on public domain software.
The pack is available from Commodore education dealers who provide local support backed by Commodore's technical support services and an enhanced seven day repair facility.
An additional offer is a free Amiga 500 to all pur- and slightly reduced keymap editor”, David told us. We look forward to seeing it.
Don’t call me Music X junior Microillusions has a real hit on its hands, Music-X looks set to help the Amiga steal the ST's crown as the machine to use for controlling musical instuments.
The cost reduced program, whatever it is called, should be available very soon for less than £100. For more details call Microillusions UK on 0480 496497.
Chasers of 20 packs. "The bundle gives teachers and pupils a chance to work with exciting software on a machine capable of handling all their different requirements", said a Commodore spokesman.
“For example, music teachers can now take their pupils into another world with Mr.T's Midi Recording Studio where they can recreate, using the modern methods of today's recording studios, music they hear on the radio every day.
"We see bundles also helping those children who have certain learning difficulties and cannot keep up with the rest of the class.
We recently completed a primary project with a number of schools throughout the UK and Richard Adams, a teacher at Holway Community Junior School, was enthusiastic about the Commodore Amiga 500.
"He discovered children with severe learning difficulties suddenly found themselves on a par with their peers while the machine brought out qualities in some children he didn't know existed".
Optional extras recommended by Commodore include a 1084 colour monitor at £225, an Amiga 501 ram expansion at £126 and an Amiga 1010 external driver at £126.
The software from the bundle is available to schools which currently use a Commodore Amiga 500 as an upgrade software kit for £150.
Extended offer KUMA (07357 4335) has extended its promotional offer on K-Roget Thesaurus for the Amiga. Savings of £20- on the usual price of £49.95 will continue until December 31.
For everyone who owns an Amiga computer. Club 68000 offers Members, Software & Hardware Accesorles at huge savings off Recommended Retail Prices. Your only committment Is to pay £15 for one year's membership. You will receive a free (lames Compendium and a free catalogue five times a year.
Club 68000 Ltd, Wickham House, 2 Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston, Surrey. KT1 4DP.
Teh 01 977 9596 Fax: 01 977 5354 SPECIAL OFFER ON DISK DRIVES
• 3.S" A2000 Internal
• 3.5- External
• 3-5" with Digital Track Display
• 5.25' External
• 5.25" with Digital Track Display
* All drives with on off • witch A Through Port *
• Eaiy to Uae • Checks links v
• Checks Bootsector • For disks. File* and
• Repairs Bootsector disks (Also commercial • Disk format and - »
software) information ONLY £9.99 (While slocks last) With
Hardware £19 99 1'.
R. R.P. £24 99 £24 99 £24 99 £24 99 £24 99 £24 99 £44 99 £24 99
£24 99 £24 99 £29 99 £9 99 £29 99 £24 99 £24 99 £19 99 £24 99
£24 99 £29 99 £1999 £1999 £24 99 £29 99 £24 99 £24 99 £29 99
£1999 £24 99 £24 99 £1999 £1999 £1999 £24 99 £999 £24 99 £24
99 £24 99 £24 99 £24 99 £34.99 £29 99 £19 99 £1999 £29 99 £24
99 £24 99 £1999 £1999 £24 99 Members £15.99 £1599 £1599 £1599
£1599 £1599 £29 99 £1599 £15.99 £15.99 £19.99 | £699 £1999
£15.99 £15.99 £1299 £1599 £1599 £1999 £12.99 £12.99 £1599
£19.99 £15 99 £15 99 £1999 £12.99 £1599 £1599 £1299 £1299
£1299 £1599 £6.99 £1599 £1599 £15.99 £15 99 £15.99 £24 99
£12.99 £12.99 £12 99 £1999 £1599 £1599 £1299 £12.99 .
R. R.P. £59 99 £29 99 £49 99 £49 99 £249 99 £69 99 £49 99 £69 99
£229 99 £79 99 £249 99 £38999 £99.99 £139 99 £49.99 £89 99 £99
99 £249 99 £11999 £499 99 £139 99 £49 99 £329 99 £1999 £114
99 Member R.R.P £59 99 £79.99 £149 99 £229.99 £5999 £79 99
£4999 £69.99 £4999 £69 99 £109 99 £149.99 £79.99 £119.99
£33.99 £4999 Member £4299 £1999 £34 99 £39 99 £179 99 £49 99
£34 99 £49 99 £169 99 £59.99 £179.00 £59.99 £69 99 £99 99
£34.99 £69 99 £62 99 £169 99 £99 99 £399 99 £109 99 £34 99
£169 99 £12 99 379 99 Introcad Cad Ekct Techmc K Comm 2.0
Communications K Seka Assembler Kind WonJs II Lattice 5.0 Dev
Prog Lighta.Cam .Action Desktop Video Mailmcrge Desktop Video
Music DTP DfP P Comic Gra AnimaUon Gra Animation T
eken Graphics Desk Top Video Cad uraph: irddisk Util Print
Utility Utilities Spreadsheet l*iog language Graphics Transfer
Utility Utility Desktop Video Cad EkcAechmc Animation
Education Financial 4D Animation 3D Animation Wardprocessor
1. 3 ? Manual Cad Cam £19.99 £29 99
• A500 512K Ram ? Clock • on off .witch £69 99
• A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 512K Ram £129 99
• A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 1 Mbyte
• A500 1.8 Mbyte card with 1.8 Mbyte
• A500 1000 2Mbyte Internal
• A500 1000 2Mbyte External
• A2000 8 Mbyte card 2Mbyte ram Indiana Jones Kick Off Kult
Krystal Knight Force Lombard RAC Rally I x*ds Of The Rising Sun
IjccnscTo Kill Mapc Marble New Zealand Story Paper Boy Passing
Shot Riobia Populous Populous Data Disk Powerdramc Precious
Mcul Rainbow Island Koliocop Red Heat Shadow Of The Beast Shoot
Em Up Con Set Silkworm Stryder Sword Of Sodan Test Dnve II
Thunderbirds War In Middle Earth Astaroth Batman Card Crusader
Barbanan 11 Blood Money Bloodwych Colossus Chess X Dragons Lair
Dragon Ninja Dungeon Master Dynamite Dux Falcon FI 6 Falcon
Mission Disk Federation Of Free Traders FI 6 Combat Pilot
PRICES nil Xcnophobc
• For Amiga 500 2000
• Includes original 1.3 Rom
• Allows you to switch between Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3
• Easy to use
• No soldering
R. R.P. £69.99 Members £49.99 Kickstart Card without Roms £29.991
Kickstarl 1.2 or 1.3 Rom £29.99 Aegis Animagic Animation Aegu
Draw 2000 Cad Carr Aegis Modeller 3D Cad Aegis Sonix 20 Music
Aegis Audiamaitcx II Music Midi Aegis Videoscape 3D Cad Anima.
Aegis Vidoctillcr Desktop Video Deluxe Paint II Desktop Budget Dicicalc DcvpacU Digipsint 3.0 Dos to Dot Dos Toolbox Director Design 3D Fanuvision Fun School 2 Homc Accounts KICKSTART CARD Comic Setter Deluxe Paint II Deluxe Paint III Duluxc Music
• Mini Gen Genlock A500 £99.99
• Rendale Genlock 8802 £189.99
• Superpic Video Digitizer. Genlock.
Frame Grabber £499 99
• Dig!view Gold Video Digitizer £109 99
• Real Time Sound - Sound Digitizer £49 99
• Golem Professional Sound Digitizer £69 99
• Midi Interface A500 2000 or A1000 £29 99
• Yamaha Midi Keyboard £49.99
• Boot Selector Boot from External Drive £12.99
• A1000 Kickxtari 1.3 * Clock £ 149.99
• Kprom Programmer- Fait 64k Bin 15 aec £99.99 Mailshot Plus
Movie Setter Music X Ingeaeiter 2 0 Professional Page !
Photon Paint 2.0 Itialon Video Professional Draw Quarterback I Urddisk Utility Synthia Music Midi Supcrhasc Personal II Database Superbasc Professional Database Sculpt 4D Junior 4D Animation
• 20 Mbyte, 40 msec, Auloboot £399.00
• 40 Mbyte. 24 msec. Autoboot £499.00
• 60 Mbyte, 18 msec. Auloboot £599.00
• 20 Mbyte. 40 msec. Autoboot £369.00 40 Mbyte. 24 msec. Autobool
£449.00 60 Mbyte. 18 msec. Autoboot £549.00 NEC A500 2000 Hard
Turbo Silver 3D Transcript Word Perfect 4 2 Workbench 1.3 X Cad
Designer (Phone for free cat* How to order: By p By post: Club
6*00 1(1 AM Id A COMPimNC Ihuvnihrr I'M!)
• BASIC • TUTORIAL £269 £1250
EXTERNAL DRIVES C 3S4F £79 A‘880 - - C78 R-3A2C -------- €74
Sjp*a iOrO H'C«®k £499
* Ai Cirves it; . yvof* smr’Ct* * AMIGA ACCESSORIES A2000
HARDWARE A2000 * 1mb RAM £869 A2000 + 1084(s)
monitor + bridge BD ? 20mb H disk ...£1369 A2000 +
1084(s) .£1049 20mb hard
disk .....£299 XT bridge
BD ..£299 A500 A2000 MONITORS 1084(s)
High res monit .....£209 Philips CM8833 High
res ..£199 1901 C64 - colour ...Call
1900 C64 - Mono ..£119 PRINTERS Siar LC10 (P)
130CDS ....£139 Star LC10 Colour ..£189
Star LC24-10 (24 pin) ......£269 ClWen 12CO £105
CorwyKJo-e M ’S • 230 £119 Pa-a$ o~ CKXI*o-'t £279 P«« KXPHVH
£149 L pSO' - X800 £ 158 fcoso'.'JSOO £250 fcoso- • X6S0 £409
fpso'FXHVtt £38?
F 3SO' TX80O £369 L 3SO' E. XI000 £419 COLOUR PRINTERS Citizen HQP40 ......£352 Epson EX1000 ......£543 Hewlett Packard Paint Jet £719 NEC P6* .£469 NEC P7+ .£589 StarLClO £195 Xerox 4020 .....£949 BUSINESS S'WARE Sale £ .‘.....£39 £99 £69 C49 £49 £49 £109 £19 £39 C69 £23 £49 £89 £24 £49 « rvg AEGIS Sonix Animated Images 3D.. C Oesx - _ D* Vcw De ,»eMuitc . .. Dei-xe Pant _ _ Jgve» GckJ Accounts va sf*©: Plus - Mauovn Asoc kA,sit
Sudo O'garise* n ._ Rage Sene* ..... Pag * Fisoer PhjronPani Photon Video ...... BATMAN SALE
• Batman II
• The New Zealand Story
• F18 Interceptor
• Deluxe Paint I Hugely successful 9 pin printer, the Star LC10
provides 4 NLQ fonts (with 96 print combinations) at 36cps and
144cps draft. Has a large 4K buffer and IBWparallel interface
built in. Includes a comprehensive front panel operation and
features paper parking, allowing single sheets to be used
without r moving tractor paper.
• E* (0202) 24927 OPEN MON-SAT 9am-5.30 pm All prices and
manufacturer’s specifications subject to change without notice.
To: First Micro, 13 Lansdowne Road, Bournemoulh, Dorset, BH1 1RZ 1 I I I I Name | Address I ¦ Postcode I wish ro order_ My computer is_ I enclose cheque PO lor £ Or charge my Access Visa No.
?E E3 n _Signature Canwick House 1 Brasher Close Bishopstoke Hants S05 6PY With Pass thru and Switch!
Incredible value £69.95 per Chip £14.50 per 2 meg £225.00 M3H& tT?sTnM® Chips for the A590 Amiga Hard drive CMOS 256 x 4 With 2MB RAM fitted Only £399.95 Qty Price Japanese D£ DD 3.5" Disks Qty Price _ __ __ , _ __ Qty Price £55.00 for 100 £30.00 for 50 Kgjsj ivemuj inpsnrci (o with 2MB RAM £599.00 1MB RAM £499.00 Accessories ~ Qty Price Qty Price X-Over Switch Box £ 34.95 4 way 25 pin Switch box £ 24.95 2 way 25 pin Switch box £19.95 Adjustable angle poise Copy Holder £14.95 100 x 3.5” lockable disk box £ 5.95 Anti Static Mouse Mats £ 3.95 Printer Leads - parallel £ 5.95 20 MB PC Hard drive
£-| 69.95 + XT-Gen Controller Connectors 23 pin D- Type plugs £ 1: _ ..99 £1.99 £ .99 23 pin D- Type sockets £ 1.
23 pin D- Type Hoods c Mbx1 100ns RAM Chips £12.50 per * 2 meg * £199.00 Suitable for the A2058, Microbotics and most 8 MB RAM boards TOTAL PAYABLE Just tick and post this y Advertisment or a photocopy Access Visa card No: Signature.
All Cheques Postal Orders etc. to be made payable to: Amiga Systems Name: ..... Address: Expiry Date:l I I Add £1.00 for Postage & Packing or £8.00 Courier UK mainland only AMIGA A500 With Mouse. TV Modulator. Workbench. Manuels.
Special Low Pnce and BASIC £309.00 AMIGA HARDWARE A1084S Colour Monitor - Slereo Sound A1010 External 880K Disk Dnve 3.5' A590 External 20Mb Hard D.sk For A500 Amiga Mini Genlock External 20Mb Hard Dtsk with SCSI Interface Control Centre for A500 £215.21 £93.21 £286.95 £99.00 £499.00 £43 43 AMIGA A2000 With Kevboard and Mouse (Also full range of Amiga sories available) £1295.00 AMIGA 2000E Amiga 2000 with 1084 Colour Monitor. PC-XT Bndgeboara. 5 25‘ Dtsk Dnve. 20Mb MS-DOS Am a Hard Disk £1379.00 AMIGA SOFTWARE | Workbench 1 3 for A500 - A Must For All Amiga Own Animaatc ComicSetter - A
Complete Comic Design System Deluxe Paint III - Graphics and Simple Animation Design 3D - For Quick Results And Animation Digivtew Gold Doctor T s Midi Recording Studio MusicX - Serious Music for the Budget Conscious PASE - Professional Animator Sequence Editor Photon Pamt II Pro Video Pius - Video Graphics for PAI The Works TV Text Videoscape 3D - For Fast HiRes Graphics v CAD Designer ers £13.03 £69.52 £99.95 £69.56 £69.52 £130.39 £52.13 £199.00 £65.22 £78.22 £217.35 £78.22 £110.10 £99.00 PRINTERS Star LC-10 - THE Number One Low Cost Pnnter Star LC-10 Colour - Colour At Very uttle Extra
Epson 1X400 - Epson Quality But A Low Cost Epson LQ550 - The Favounie For Letter Quality Panasonic 11B0 - 4 Fonts and Fast Pnnting NEC P2200 - Never Beaten For Value For Money £139.99 £179.99 £139 99 £279.87 £169.73 £289.00 ACCESSORIES Full range of Amiga accessories available am rwas iiauoc vat amo owyiry AM goodt Vi1 D». Wvr Serwce on moil popuM knei Al pncoi 1o chang* without node* Oltic puichiM c»0* i accepted from Government. Local Authootioi. Uiweiwtiei and PlCi Pntai'Spocificaiioni subject to change without notice AD special offers aie sublet to avaitabilitv Credit Cards not debited
until despatch No returns or repairs accepted without our Returns Authorisation number Defective dead-on-arrwal merchandise repaired or replaced at our carnage eipense Carnage on Warrant* repairs to be paid by buyer Non defective credn retum subject to 15% restoring *ee CAU n 0727 37451 m* HEAD OfRCE COMPUTER EXPRESS LTD C AX TON CENTRE e PORTERS WOOD e ST AlBANS HERTS e AL3 6XT e (07271 3 4S1 e FAX 0727 50819 Amiga Arcade and produced the excellent ST and Amiga versions, recently re- released in the Star Wars Trilogy.
Today they look a little simplistic, but there are new challenges, and Hard Drivin' is the greatest.
Starting with the ST version Juergen wrote the game in Turbo C with machine code subroutines.
For the Amiga version he has used FASHION is fickle, and the arcade industry is as footloose as any.
Other. Keeping up with the trends is hard work for the likes of Domark, the company which produces the official Atari coin-op conversions.
Mimicking the heavy duty custom hardware in the newest arcade simulators is tough. Hard Drivin- is the toughest, juergen Friedrich is Domark's saviour. He is the man who has produced the stunning conversion. And he did it in C. juergen is something of a C fan.
His first programming experience was in Basic and assembler on a Tandy TRS-80 and then on an Atari 800, the real precursor to the Amiga. He switched to C when he started programming professionally on an Apple II.
This led to producing some graphics routines for a CAD package. Away from the computer, fuergen is something of an arcade addict. He got to be very good at Star Wars, but hated pouring money into the coin-op. So he wrote his own version for the newly launched Apple Mac. And very good it was too.
After touting Star Wars around software houses for a bit he was approached by Domark, which had already won a fierce battle against other companies for the rights to produce a home computer version.
Luergen dived into his C source In the drivin' seat THE land of Gargore is a very dodgy place, full of bloodthirsty troops, wizards and various forms of the not quite dead.
In Hewson's Onslaught you play the role of a fanatic, a single man with the strength of an army whose sole aim is lo rid the land of your enemies and capture their flag.
In an interesting cross between role-playing and arcade action you must best the foe in a wide range of combat from pitch battles to mind combat.
Joystick power alone will not be enough to give you victory - you'll have to use your brain to prevent the enemy from out-manoeuvring you.
Different tribes inhabit each of the 10 kingdoms which add up to give a total of 2.560 locations, represented on a large scale campaign map. There is even a option to create your own kingdoms.
Created by Chris Hinsley and Nigel Brownjohn of Custodian fame. Onslaught should bo fighting its way on to the shelves round about now.
14 A MICA COMPUTING December 1989 All the latest news on the games software scene REVIEWED THIS MONTH Aztec C. Most games writers sneer at programmers who don’t use machine code. But (uergen believes there would be no advantage.
"It is not necessary to do everything in assembler ”, he explains, "because only a very small percentage of the code is used at any one time. A lot of it might be in C, but while the action part of the game is running the computer spends 90 per cent of its time in the assembler subroutines.
"I've got a frame rate of 10 to 15 frames per second. I don't think any speed improvement from rewriting the whole game in assembler would be noticeable".
And he is probably right. The early demo looks great, but it will take a proper review to determine whether he has captured the true driving feel of the arcade original.
Far West: The ultimate tvild west cowboy adventure, says EAS Pretty Marvellous SPIDER sonse is tingling. Could it be that old arch-villain Dr Doom, or is it perhaps that Empire is due to release what it claims to be the first interactive arcade comicbook adventure. We think Coktel Vision and Asterix might have something to say about that.
Mafia mayhem Dr Doom's Revenge will feature two of the best known Marvel superheroes, Captain America and the amazing Spiderman, locked in combat with the evil Dr Doom, who has cooked up some new' schemes to dominate the world, Spidey and Cap are the last chance we have to save the world for democracy as they battle through more than 30 arcade sequences, dodging the assembled might of the underworld, including such famous names as Electro, Rhino and the Hob Goblin, before they come mask to mask with old Tin Nose.
The graphics will be looking to resemble the style of the comicbooks as closely as possible.
An actual Marvel comic book will be included in the pack which illustrates the plot leading up to the action in the game.
Not only a great looking game but also a probable collector's item, the everlovin' Dr Doom’s Revenge will cost £24.99. THE aim of Far West, the new cowboy adventure from EAS. Is simply to survive and make as much money as possible.
Create your own cowboy, buy whatever you need - guns. Beer, food, equipment - and then choose how to play the game.. Trek into WILD STREETS is the new game from Titus. During an attempt to wipe out otganised crime, the chief of intelligence has been kidnapped by the Mafia. Which wasn't very intelligent of him.
It is your task to get him out of this mess, but in accepting the mission you declare all-out war on the Mafia. Which wasn't very intelli- the wilderness by train or horse to hunt bears or build yourself a gold mine. If you have a gun, robbing a bank becomes a possibility.
EAS says you can let your imagination run wild. Amiga Arcade says it all sounds ominously like a re-hashed version of Stag.
Gent of you. Every thug in town is on your tracks. Your only ally is a magnificent black panther which watches your every move through the 30 levels of the game. When things get too hot, he will spring into action to protect you. Nice pussy.
Your task is set. The streets of Long Island are waiting.
94% Stormlord 93% Future Wars - Time Travellers 92% Red Lightning 92% The Games - Summer Ed ition 84% Bloodwych 82% Altered Beast 78% Grid Iron 73% Tdrbo 72% Hillsfar 72% Strider 71% Dynamite Dux 63% Super Scramble Sim 23% Day of the Pharaohs MAX HACKS
• Kick Off
• Robocop
• Faery Tale
• Raider Gallup Chart Lad Month A Xenon 2 I Imagework* A £24.95
NE A Populous Data Due A Electronic Arti m £9.99 NE Shadow of
the Beast Psygnosis V £34.95 NE A F16 Combat Pilot I Digital
Integration “ £24.95 NE ¦I Bloodwych K Imageworb V £24 99 NE f%
Kick Off k Anco V £19.99 5 m Populous Electronic Arts 1 £2495
4 A * Falcon Mission 1 W Mirrorsoft U £19.99 3 ft Falcon Vi
Mirroooft V £29.95 8 j a New Zealand Story i n iv £24 99 1 E
NOVEMBi A500 HALF MEG internal A500 TWO MEG internal (£46 PER
HALF MEG) Send cheques to:Dept TRADE Memory Expansion Systems
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7NB
(051) 236 0480 • 24 Hour Sales
(051) 227 2482 • 24 Hour Fax
Grabbed by the Gauls The heroes battle again ASTER1X the Gaul
is 30 years old.
To celebrate. French games houso Coktel Vision is releasing a cartoon adventure. Asterix and the Enchanted Stone.
Panoramix the druid has been accidentally hit on the head and knocked out by the Enchanted Slone. He has now lost his memory and the formula for the magic potion.
Now, we've asked around everywhere (well, almost everywhere) but nobody can remember this Panoramix guy. Winesanspirix, Vitalstatisix, Localpolitix, Forinpolitix, Getafix, Obelix.
Goriatrix, Doublehelix. Chiof Whosemoralsarelastix, Fulliautomatix... names we all know and love. But Panoramix?
Who he?
Anyway, playing the part of the macho Gaul himself you must find the ingredients and mix them to cure the unknown druid. With 20 possible combinations, this will not be easy.
You will be able to move freely in the forest between Gallic village and Roman encampment. But beware because the forest will be riddled with traps and various tests. Things like wild boars, toxic fumes and, of course, the Romans.
With 30 screens to explore and out mid November. Asterix and the Enchanted Stone looks like one to see you through the after-Christmas doldrums.
HEROES of the Lance was arguably the most popular role* playing game ever. So what could be more natural than a sequel?
In typical Empire Strikes Back style, the heroes are waylaid on their triumphant return from the previous mission and captured by the bad guys. Their escape is taken for granted.
You join the action in Dragons of Flame, a now hostile homeland swarming with refugees from the big fight against the Queen of Darkness.
The only hope for civilization now is that you obtain the fabled Wyrmslayer and free the slaves in order to turn the tide of war.
Tyying to improve on the formula of Heroes. US Gold has added non- player characters (NPCs), set a time limit and bunged in even more monsters and magic for good measure. With the backing of TSR.
The biggest name in role-playing, it can't have gone too far wrong.
Think you’re up to the challenge? Dragons of Flame is out now, price £24.99. Budget games are here!
MASTERTRONIC. The company which created budget software back in 1984. Is to hit the 16 bit markot with a new range of £4.99 priced games.
The first Amiga releases on the new 16 Blitz label will mainly be back catalogue classics like Little Computer People. Sorcery Plus and Roadwars. But new titles are promised, among them Speedboat Assassins, which looks like a Live and Let Die clone, and the intruig- ingly named Kelly X. Full bike and board GREMLIN GRAPHICS is pretty excited about Skidz. Its new skateboard cum BMX bike game. Coded in Germany. Skidz was first written on the ST and then ported over.
But the programmers soon realised they could so much more on the Amiga. So they did.
Skidz now uses up every square centimotrc of your monitor. Rewritten to make the best use of a full PAL overscan screen, it puts the, erm, other version to shame.
The gameplay is a simple but addictive race around the isometric streets doing tricks and avoiding obstacles, animals and pedestrians.
The early version shown to AMIGA Arcade was fast and furious. Check it out around mid November.
OosrewNOmsslNe-, Vs ball or do CBM 64 - SPECTRUM - AMSTRAD ATARI 800 £9.95 Cass £14.95 Disc ling tackle.
Option to practice and learn ball con;« and practice penalties. One or two player option: 4 distinct tauics.
League competition for 1 to 8 players. Load and Save league facility.
Simple controls to dribble, shoot, pass, chip or head the 9 types of Corner Kicks, Penalties, Yellow and Red Cards, 12 diffc ¦ A Referees, Host of other features.
CVG • 88% Most playable soccer simulation in binary history. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Z2AP ¦ 96% • So Realistic, So Fun, Soooo Addictive. Boots all other football simulations over the crossbar. AMIGA FORMAT - GOLD • 91% - The best football game on the Amiga to date. -sa*"'"' THE ONE - 88% - The game is such a joy to play. By far the best to appear on 16 bit. ;' POPULAR COMPUTING WEEKLY - 94% - The opposition gets blown away by the utter brilliance of KICK OFF, which has the proper options and the best gameplay seen in any football game. --- THE ACE ¦ A great football game that will have you queuing up for a season ticket.
NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS -Simply the best football sim. We've played on any micro. It's fast, furious and immense fun. Goand buy it.
THE GAMES MACHINE - 87% - Best 16 bit soccer simulator yet. True football skills are needed in every sense of the word.
ST USER - The whole game is a complete delight to play and immediately addictive. This is one of the fastest and most exiting action games around and it iust has to be the best football simulation yet.
AtiCO Telephone No.: 0322 92513 92518. FAX No.: 0322 9342Z ¦m " la: s 1 ¦¦¦¦ ¦: ikVji 'si Si ¦¦ ::::::: ssrs ::: :r.: rn I si I: sssrss: is iiiiaiSSu.
¦ IB____f___ SEAVIEW ROAD. WALLASEY. MERSEYSIDE L45 4QN SmpZ £11 95 £12 95 £8 95 £795 £5 99 UNBEATABLE VALUE 5 | UTILITIES ft MISC ONLY £17.00 PER MONTH BUDGET A C A P R. 32.9% | DISKDRIVES I 1541 II SLIMLINE DRIVE £144 50 CUMANA3V ImgORIVE AMIGA £89 95 1581 3b' ORIVE £19900 A 590 20mg AMIGA HARO DISK £399 00 I PRINTERS I CBM MPS 1200S ... £22495 STAR LC10 CBM (COLOUR) £249 00 STAR LC10 (COLOUR) £229 95 SflKOSHA SP180 VC (CBM) £14995 STAR LC24 10 24 PIN £299 95 NEC P2200 24 PIN £299 00 CITIZEN 1200 (CBM) £149 95 STAR LCTO
mono . £18995 STAR LC10 CBM mono £199 95 PANASONIC KX-P1081 £175 00 PANASONIC KX-P1124 (24 PIN) £299 95 | * ALL PRINTER RIBBONS IN STOCK * I MONITORS 8 PHILIPS CM8833 h StereaMed Res £229 95 1 COMMODORE 1084 Colour £229 95 f PHILIPS, mono £75.00 FERGUSON TX MC09 TV MONITOR£219 95 , CBM 1084 f239 95 I TAPE AND DISK ACCESSORIES 1 TURBOCOROER BESTBUY £2495 CBM 10A0 IT RECORDER £3995 64 128 AOAPTOR to convert any Recorder ...... £1995 C64 128 DISC DRIVE PRINTER CABLE £399 OISK NOTCHER £3 99 Q-TEC = QUALITY TECHNOLOGY Q-TEC Ex 310 880 KB AMIGA DISK
• COMPATIBLE A500. 1,000. 2,000
• 28.5 x 104 x 202 mm. • LOW ERROR RATE MRP r=CT £99.95 ONLY
3 EXCLUSIVE A500 OFFER COMPRISING COMMODORE A500; EXTRAS WORK BENCH 1.3, MANUALS 25 3b DSDD BULK DISKS f23 95 30 S'-a BJJIK DISKS f 9 95 10 3 0S00 TDK DISKS (No 1 m the world - MEMCON REPORT) (MRP £29.951 ONLY £14 95 NASHUA 5V DSOO (10) f 7 95 NASHUA 5V SSDOI10) £6 95 100 5'. DSDO BUIK NASHUA OISKS £29 95 I0CKAB1E DISK BOX holds 100 5V) £6 99 DISK BOX PIUS 100 5b- 0S00 f 34 95 CBM 64.128 TAPE AllGNMENT £7 95 Tape Oiic GRAPHIC ADVENTURE CREATOR £18 95 £22 95 MINI OFFICE II £12 95 £16 95 TASWORO £16 95 £19 95 TROJAN IIGHTPEN £19 95 REPLACEMENT AMIGA POWER SUPPLY £49 95 AMIGA KEMPSTON MOUSE
£29 95 ASK ABOUT OUR RANGE OF EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE KONIX NAVIGATOR CHEETAH STARPROBE OATEX HANDBIASTER OUICKSHOT II PIUS OUICKSHOT II TAPE AND DISK ACCESSORIES ALL THIS FOR ONLY £399.00 ( NORMALLY E729 34-YOU SAVE £330.34) MAIL ORDER PRICES OFFERED TO PERSONAL CALLERS LOMBARD UCINCIO taCREDIT CREDIT CHARGE HROKIM Postage and Tracking UK Under £50 Add £2 00 Undei £100 Add £5 00 Over £100 Add £10 00 Courier Delivery Europe Full price shown covers carriage Non European Add 5% Visa. Maslercharge Postgiro International accepted NOT Postbank Postchequr 051-630 3013 24 hr CUSTOMER ENQUIRIES 051-691
2008 MAIL ORDER 051-630 5396 ACCOUNTS 051-639 2714 FAX NUMBER TKKBL mm AMIGA AMIGA 500 • £359.99 Inc. Modulator. Workbench 1.3. Mouse, Manuals * Leads AMIGA SPECIAL GIFT PACK All for only £399.99 Amiga 500 inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3 and Manuals 10 games and Photon Paint or 8 games. 24 PD titles * Joystick Either ol above plus 80 cap disk bo*. 10 * 31 2' disks, mouse mat, dust cover AMIGA 500 ? DELUXE PAINT 2 ? DELUXE PRINT £399.99 AMIGA 1 MEG £489.99 Inc. Modulator, Workbench 1.3. Mouse. Manuals . A501 RAM Expansion AMIGA 500 ? 1084S Med Res Colour Monitor £589.99 AMIGA 500 + MUSIC X
£549.99 AMIGA ART + ANIMATION PACK £549.99 Amiga 500 * 1 2 meg expansion * Deluxe Paint III AMIGA B2000 £1499.00 Inc. B2000, XT Bndgoboard. A2090 20 mb Hard Drive . 1084S Monitor A501 1 2 MEG RAM EXPANSION £129.99 £16 50 £16 50 £16 50 £13 50 £16 50 £19 50 £13.50 £16.50 £16.50 £13.50 £13.50 £16.50 £13.50 £19.50 £16.50 £16 50 . £16 50 £13 50 £16 50 £16 50 £13 50 £16 SO £1750 £13 SO £13.50 £16 50 £13.50 £16.50 £16.50 £16.50 £16.50 £179 99 £219.99 £139 99 £189 99 £299 99 AMIGA SOFTWARE Bantu Chess Kood Money Bfoodwych Oa*y Double Horse Racing F 16 Combat Plot Falcon FI6 Falcon Mission
Disk . Gretzky Hockey . Gunship .. Hawkeyo .. Kick Oil .... Kelt ... Leonardo . Lords ol the Rising Sun ... Microproso Soccer ... Mr Hei North 6 Soelh Passing Shot Orest lor the Time Bird Rainbow Island Risk Roboeop RVF Honda Shinobi Shuttle Puck Cate .... Targhan
. Vigilante ... Waterloo . Xenophobe II . Xenon II ... 3D Pool .... PRINTERS STAR LC10 mono inc. Cable STAR LC10 colour inc. Cable CITIZEN 120 D inc Cable ... EPSON LX800 ... STAR LC24 10 inc. Cable Aegis Sonix V 2 ... £44.95 Aegis Abdmmaslot II £59 95 AMAS £77 95 Future Sound £74 95 Perfect Sound £74 95 Pro Sound Designer
Gold DR T’s KCS ..... £74 99 £159 95 Eidersoft Midi Interface ...... £24 95 Datel Midi Interface . ......£34.95 Dynamic Drums ...... £46.99 Dynamic Studio ...... £59.99 Studio Magic .... £59.99 Adrum ... £36 95 Doluxemusic .... £59 95 Music X (Out Now) . ..£199.99 Dr Ts Midi Recording Studio.... £52 95 A501 RAM Upgrade ......£129.99 Workbench 1.3
Enhancer £13.50 Disk Drive Cleaner .....£4 95 Mouse Mat (Soft) .£4.50 A500 Dust Cover .£6.50 Amiga to Scart Load ...£9.95 Quickshot II Joystick ...£8.50 50x31 2’Disk Labels £1.50 MONITORS Commodore 1084S .....£259.99 Philips 8833 ..£229.99 MUSIC t SOUND ART & ANIMATION lights Camera. Action £« «S I Zoetrope £79 95 Deluxe Paaa isOetoxe Pien Comoo £50 991 Deluxe Pam ¦¦ ai 99
DgvwwGod £12999 Aegis Vueoecape 30 009 99 Come Sene' £44 99 Stone Se-wr £.59 90 I u-agen G«». £ 04 99 I Deluxe Phoe lab £59 99 1 DeueVdeo £59 99 PhoaenPamta e 999 Video fleers 30 £-09 95 ll«u Wpe Maxis' C59 99 AeO'SAi.mamr C 9 99 Aegis Amma&c £62 99 I Aegis Video Tder £84 99 Come Sena* Cap An Oufcs C’995 I fartanson £38 99 I icon Peak C-395 I 80 Capacity Ol»k Box £6 50 Monitor Covers From £6 95 A500 Power Soppy £62 SO Modulator .£24 99 B W Handy Scanner ......£209 99 Philips AV7300 Tuner for monitors ...£69.99 Modems
from .£89.99 DRIVES Cumana 1 Meg 3.5" with on off £94 99 NEC 1 Meg 3.5" £84 99 Vortex 40Mb .....£499.99 Amdrrve 30Mb ..£389 99 Amdrive 50Mb ..£489.99 A590 20MO (with optional ram upgrade) .. £389 99 All prices include VAT. Please send Cheques P.O. Made payable to: VftEBWI BO ©@M(POTQM@ DEPT AC, CROMER HOUSE, CAXTON WAY, STEVENAGE, HERTS. SG1 2DF ? CREDIT CARD HOTLINE: 0438 361738 ?
FAX: 0438 740 794 If you do send cash please send it Registered.
All Goods are sent First Class Registered. Please add £3.00 for outside U.K. Large Orders ie. Amigas, ST, Monitors etc. are always sent by courier.
Please add £6.00, if you require Next Day Courier Delivery on other items.
AH prices are correct at time ol going to Proes, and are subject to mange without prior notice.
25. .... --- Cl £16 90 50 ” NEW PRICES £32 2S PRICES
INCLUDE LABELS Add £5.50 for 80 capacity disk box when
ordering disks or £4.50 when ordering 50 or more disks AMIGA
ARCADE It's a funny old game Slidin' the back out KICK OFF
has been a constant presence in the Amiga Gallup top ten
since last August. Anco has decided to capitalise on this
success by releasing a strategy based follow-up. Player
The game will feature more than
1. 000 players in a four divison league, each player being an
individual with a unique combination of 11 attributes and
A modified version of Kick Off taking full account of managerial decisions will be used to put them to the test. As the manager you will be able to choose either to play in your selected position or control the player nearest to the ball.
Alternatively you can relegate yourself to the dugout and study the match in depth.
When to hang up your boots for good to concentrate on a managerial career will be the most difficult and painful decision of your life.
"Player Manager attempts to bring the everyday life of a soccer boss, his talents as a manager and a player, into sharp focus", Anco boss Anil Gupta told Amiga Arcade. Price £19.95, release date mid November.
ELECTRONIC ARTS has launched three more Amiga products on its Software Classics label, all of them strategy games.
Fusion, which looks more like a shoot-'em-up, was written by ig, the team which produced Populous.
Starfleel, which was previously unreleased on the Amiga, is a bit like Elite with a great 3D landing scene. It's really heavy on strategy
- for instance, you have to choose what life-forms you want all
your crew to be.
The last of the trio, Empire, needs no introduction, It has been hailed as a true strategy classic by almost every games magazine in the world.
For the Amiga, fusion, Starfleel and Empire make it on to the Software Classics label In the shops now at £9.99 each.
ZZKJ was the man for the job. It is doubtful that anyone else could convert an arcade game as mind- numbingly taxing as Power Drift.
This stems from his training as a chip designer and love of a challenge, Zareh (that's what the first Z stands for] doesn’t like easy programming jobs. “I get bored." He told Amiga Arcade. “Because I understand how the silicon works, I can program at the lowest level, although this can cause some problems. I found a bug in the blitter that no one I’ve spoken to knows about".
It is these qualities, and the excellent Super Hang-On conversion, which led Activision to call on him again.
Before starting to write the code.
ZZK| played the game again and again until he got really good at it and knew the subtleties of the gameplay by heart. Then he set about satisfying the sometimes opposing objectives of playability and accuracy.
Selling up team ladies Armless fun for all "Limited memory was the main problem, there are five courses, 12 drivers and 27 circuits. Squeezing that lot in meant something had to go. That something was rotation, because tilting the screen took three times the number of sprites and didn’t have much effect on the There are a couple of touches only the Amiga makes possible.
The score and extended time text use hardware sprites. ZZK]'s special technique which uses sprites instead of solids to emulate a 3D vector world benefits from the power in the Amiga Blitter.
The sky doesn't use the cop- perlist because the arcade version only has two sky colours. Driver characteristics have been faithfully replicated - the woman is the fastest of the 12 drivers.
The result is exciting, driveable and an accurate representation of what happens in the arcade.
Practise with this at home and you will be able to impress the girls at the seafront.
Over The Edge IN last month’s issue in the review of The Edge’s new game Winter's Tail some personal remarks were made directed at Dr Tim Langdell.
We accept that these remarks were totally uncalled for and insofar as they might have been read to be a slight on Dr Langdell’s character or on The Edge's reasons for licensing the Garfield character, we unreservedly apologise to Dr Langdell and all at The Edge for these remarks.
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• fi c r » 7 6 T *.
Ik- i ¦¦ A . TiH.SfrrVrf y:sfr. , « X . I • vij n
v. y,
• W »,'•-* *
• •• • For further details see Kama Sutra page 116 SOMETHING
terrible has hap- ’ pened in Fairyland. I mean to say, evil
queens, incessant thunderstorms and various species of itin
erant thugs and no-goods is one thing - a man can learn to live
with that - but locking up all the cute nymph-like fairies in
outsize bubbles is another bowl of washing up completely.
Your mission, and Mr Storm- lord's, is to rescue said nymphettes and ultimately engage the wicked queen in battle for the party leadership.
You get a seemingly generous nine attempts at regeneration should you fall foul of the local llora and fauna, but you must also take into account the fact that Stormlord is a bit of a fairy himself
- he is easily driven down the dusty way to death when con
fronted by anything more dangerous than a blade of grass.
1 don't know, in the old days a hero would be knee-deep in gore with savage steel whipping the gullet out of everything that drew breath, and here we are with a bearded old pansy flicking little bits of pixie dust around the place.
Without much effect I might add.
Caution is definitely recommended.
Rather than wait for a break in the weather you'd better get going, because you only have a day to save the universe.
By way of public transport, the fairy folk have enlisted a giant eagle which can be picked up at any convenient terminus. It may be a bit rough and ready, but it's a damn sight more reliable than BR.
I must say, Fairyland isn't exactly what I expected. It seems to be exclusively populated by irate 1 dragons, poisonous caterpillars, silly old men with wands, murderous goblins, carnivorous plants and some strange lifeform which baffles any effort at biological definition.
Sounds a bit like Format's office.
All of them are, of course, deadly and only some can be dispatched with liberal sprinklings of pixie power.
Gameplay will test you to superhuman levels of cunningness and dexterity as you balance on a daisy petal preparing to leap over a sticky, tricky venus plant or run 1 the gauntlet of the dragon woods in j DAYiC TIMES change very quickly.
Less than a year ago. If we’d seen a game with digitised graphics and sound, we would have thought it dam hip. Now it seems that a game without digitised effects is out of the ordinary.
By this argument. Day of the Pharaoh is pretty mundane.
Basically, all is not well in Ancient Egypt, whose inhabitants could never fathom how they'd earned the "Ancient" title. The old Pharaoh died many years ago, but all his heirs suddenly vanished, to be replaced by real bad 'uns faithful to Seth, the god of the desert, who. Incidentally, is no relation to Gateau, the god of (he dessert.
You are but a young fellah - Egyptian for peasant, believe it or not - who, unbeknown to every- the height of the egg-laying season.
There is an overwhelmingly [ puzzley rather than gumesv feel to Stormlord - time limits are tight and many routes lead to inescapable and infuriating dead ends thou* pixel-precision lumping skills you have nurtured over the years will come in very handy.
The most brain-pummelingiy amazing, brilliant and wonderful thing about this game is the sound.
Not only the terrific music, but also the awesomely staggering sound etfiv-te which are so crisp and precise you'll believe someone has sneaked a CD in the back of your YOFTHEPHAROAH Seems like a lifetime one. Including yourself, is actually the son oi the old king and rightful heir to the throne.
Amon-Re. Sun god and sworn enemy of the evil Seth, grants you a ship and a fairly large sum of money in order that you should regain the throne that is rightfully yours. You can only do this by trading and general rat-racing. As luck would have it. Egypt isn’t a particularly stable place - there's nearly always good money for the right goods in the right place.
Yup. It's like trading in Elite, except more complex and not so much fun. Also. Elite hasn't got the rather unconvincing digitised graphics and really, really irksome tunes that Pharaoh has. But there you go.
As you navigate your way monitor. All this is not at the expense of the graphics, which could also be described with a long list of superlatives.
Cood use of colour breathes life into Fairyland, especially some of the statues, which you may feel compelled to go past as often as possible, nudge-nudgo. Wink-wink.
Know what 1 mean.
Stunning harkgrnmyl combined with sound effects build up d very palpable atmosphere which is hard not to respond to.
Hewson ana Rafiaelle Cecco are once again showing the form that won them the adoration of millions around the waterways always look the same. It’s a case oi Dodge the Rocks in the most mediocre fashion. Sometimes, if you're really lucky, your ship is set upon by- Phoenician pirates, which you must beat oft* with a paddle.
This bit is like some deranged Game & Watch because there is virtually no animation and the digitised Eeks! Ann Wahs! Of the pirates are hilarious.
Once in port you can gamble at the camel races. Rather than being a competition to sec who can smoke an aend ciggy the quickest, this is a standard Daley Thompson type effort- It's deathly dull For a bit more excitement you cun declare war on ihe peasants, who are revolting in both senses.
For a little more rapid social advancement you could always take yourself a wife from the gentry. But don't expect the dowry to be small. In this department your otherwise shrewd and cripplingiy expensive business advisors aren't of any use.
This is a complex game, one that will take a long time to get very tar.
Unfortunately, the initial stages are so stunningly ennuie inducing that it would be a truly Herculean (sorry - don't know any Egyptian heroes) task, maybe even requiring the patience of lob as well, to get anywhere useful.
Even though there was a valiant struggle, this reviewer succumbed 10 the background boredom. Maybe if you were a chronic insomniac, who enjoyed a term challenge, didn't mind rather badly edited digitised sound and graphics with a dash of ropey translation to boot, and who also had two drives to make the gameplay less awful, you might be able to put up with this game.
But as I’m not. -me 1 don’t thinl you are either, wild horses couldn’t get me to recommend it to you. To end rather neatly on a badly mixed metaphor.
Stewart C. Russell American Football is low in GRIDIRON!
It's the Orangeblobs v the Blackblobs my list of favourite sports.
The sight of several hundred men dressed up in ridiculous costumes has always, in my opinion, been a good argument against colonial independence.
The manual goes on at great length about the various game options, but never goes so far as to actually explain the rules of the game. Things seemed bleak, and the prospect of watching Channel 4 on Sundays seemed my only means of finishing the review.
However, by a great stroke of luck some friends popped in and demanded to see a game. As fate would have it. Gridiron! Happened to be in the drive. Several hours later I still couldn't separate them from the computer, as phrases such as "Turnaround on Downs" and "First Down!" Reverberated off the walls.
Much to my horror I found myself slowly being drawn into the game. The rules started to make a crazy kind of sense. I started saving "Ohhh!" And "Ahhh!” when things became close.
Initial impressions were of total disbelief. Was this really an Amiga I was using? An Amiga with a custom co-processor and the best graphics available this side of a Rise chip? Yes it was. And what’s more, an Amiga running a sports simulation from the people who brought us the incredible Wayne Gretzky Hockey.
But forget blitters and sprites this time. Gridiron! Shows you just what you need to see - 22 blobs masquerading as players moving around a pitch kicking the living daylights out of one another.
Sound is another matter.
Throughout the game the digitised roar of the crowd rises and falls as the action hots up. When the Touchdown picture appears and your player bounces the hall off the turf, the spectators go totally wild.
The umpire’s whistle signals any interruption to play, and an announcer gives the latest game news over the PA system. Very atmospheric.
For the bonefit of those who, like me, are new to the game, here’s a brief run-down of the rules 1 have grasped so far:
1. A team consists of dozens of players, up to 11 are on the
pitch at a time. Some of them have silly names.
2. Each member of a team can attack any member of the other team,
with some minor exceptions, even if the referee is looking.
3. Each team has four attempts to get the ball moved 10 yards up
the pitch towards the opposition’s goal line. If they don’t
manage this, the ball is given to the other team, who have a
go instead.
4. Points are awarded if the ball is successfully transported or
caught across the goal line.
5. There are four quarters, each of 15 minutes. Thus a game can
last two hours.
And you thought the rules of cricket were strange?
Gridiron! Can be played with a friend or against the computer. The two-player option is more fun, but really needs two mice to play properly. If you only have one mouse and a joystick, you will have to keep swapping over with your opponent. Very annoying. There is an advertisement in the hack of the manual offering to sell you an extra mouse. Very tacky.
Overall - 78% Each of the computer players plays the game independently, with his own direction, speed and momentum. You select from a predefined series of team movements at the start of a play, and each player gets on with it. Later you can create and save your own movement patterns, If you are interested in American Football, or oven if you only enjoy simulations and sports in general. Gridiron! Demands a look. You too could soon be shouting "Hup! Hup!" And not know why.
|ohn Kennedy Pace is being attacked by the evil commander Borf who plans to take over the Earth by using his areaded weapon the Intanto Ray. Only you can guide Ace through treacherous battles to destroy the Infanto Ray, save Earth and rescue the beautiful Kimberly.
Space Ace; the arcade follow-up to Don Bluths Dragon's Lair ¦ is now available for your Atari ST ¦ with the breathtaking full-screen animation of the original laser-disk game Advanced compression techniques allow Space Ace' to run in 512K with a double-sided drive (single-sided drive owners can play half the game).
DON BLUTH'S Available now for only C.44.95 Distributed in the U K by Entertainment international Actual Atari ST " screens Also available or com n; snyi ic. Im.,,, EtM .m.j VU: rtostt ReadySott Inc. AMIGA.
ATARI ST AND IBM PC Draqon s Lair Space Ace and Bluth Group Ltd are registered trademarks owned bv and used under In . Nw trom Blufh Group Ltd . C 1989 Bluth Group Ltd Character Designs c I9fl3 Bluth Group. AH rights reserved. Space Ace programming 1989 ReadySott Incorporated SS1560J PH0N£|0?W)5411M most tortuous tracks, over tumps ana.
Eat your opponents to the ttnltl Each terrain totally alters your vehicles handling Race in us completely Oltterenl vehicles 50 FRAMES PER SECOND!
Race throughout the Pay ana into the night TO ORDER NOW
- i 051-423 5943 r~
- *E8 tS rake part in twelve different competitions. Race in any
ot six vehicles, including a .let-Ski tor the bonus levels. Pit
yout speed, stall and endurance against the elements and eight
other competitors in a hard fought battle tor positions Races
take place on various terrains, affecting each o' your vehicles
in ditlerent ways So throw caution to the wind and drive tor
all you're worth to reach your ultimate goal Drivin' Force runs
- the same speed as the tastes! Arcade machines
- so go to your local computer shop and ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATION,
belter still - BUY IT' Six pieces of driving music 12 ditlerent
competitions 50 frames per second 30 different tracks No disc
swapping (950K on disc) 6 ditlerent vehicles 5 varied terrains
Practice option Choice ot counfry I male or female Joystick or
mouse control 8 opponents AVAILABILITY:AMIGA £24.95 November
'89 ATARI ST £19.95 February 90 E FOR A DEMONSTRATION Digital
CHESHIRE WA8 6BH ¦ TEL. 051-423 5943 DYNAMITE DUX This could go
eider way SO 1 walked into the Blarney and Shamrock pub and
ordered a drink. And as I was stood thcie I noticed a pig in a
very small cage behind the bar, trying to get out. So I says to
the Irish barman, "What's the pig for?” And he says, "Ah, well,
you see, the last customer complained we had no pork
scratchings.” Who was I to argue?
Strangely enough, when I got home I found they had sent me a game with pigs in it to review. It's a small world, I thought as I started downing the bottle of brandy required for reviewing mindless arcade conversions.
Ah. I'm a duck. Quack quack, as they say in duckland. And here are my friends, Pin the duck and Lucy
- a piece of curvy fluff if ever there was.
Oh no, here comes Achacha the Great, who, besides sounding like a Latin American dance, has whisked (not stirred) away Lucy to do all sorts of horrible things. I musht wescue her, mefinks drunk- enly, so off 1 set.
There are six levels with two bonus levels of Dynamite Dux. A Sega coin-op converted by Activision. This isn't many when you get credits to continue games with, and even 1 in my uncoordinated condition managed to stagger through to level four on only the third attempt.
It's a sideways scrolling saga, right to left, though there are sections where it pays to go up and down ramps, which introduces diagonal scrolling. Very smooth it is too, but unfortunately it's also very slow. So slow it has a detrimental effect on the gameplay.
Bin the duck, for that is thee, sets forth on a very strange journey through a rather hazard filled town. Chomping mouths dance along the pavement like Chinese firecrackers, while Zebedee-like creatures on springs hop around like demented one-legged grasshoppers.
A marker shows how far through the level you've managed to get.
Expect something nasty at the half way point as well as at the end.
Bin is armed initially with only his fist, but alas this is one boxer who doesn't dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee. He dances like a bricklayer.
There are three types of punch - regular pow, hold the fire button down and twirl the arm for big boy POW, and hold that fir,e button down until the sun goes supernova for mega POWWWWN!
As you stop moving when the arm starts twirling, Bin has probably bin biffed by this time. Ho- hum. Search out the extra weapons.
The most crude extra weapon is the armament of your average rioter, a supply of rocks. For the nasties further on you're more likely to need the exploding bombs with faces, which have a wonderful explosion, the flamethrower or the rocket launcher.
The homing missile rocket launcher is almost as good as it gets. The big problem is that every time a sprite runs into you - which is quite hard to judge as there is no depth to any of them, yet there is depth to the playing area - you drop any weapon being carried.
If something like the snake happens to be treading all over your feathers, as soon as you recover you are hit again without any chance to pick the weapon back up again. It can be very irritating.
The animation and the graphics of the characters, duck and the bad guys are all very good, but the mediocre backgrounds detract slightly. The music is very jolly and arcadish, but can grate - at least there are different tunes. My favourite is the Bongo special on the jungle level, which is pretty good.
The problem with Dynamite Dux, which scores well in the graphics and sound department, is that it can be irritating in some places, and too slow in others. That apart, it's a reasonably good conversion.
Now. If you'll excuse me I'm off in search of those pork scratchings to round off the brandy.
Duncan Evans STRIDER More of the same WITH a metallic ching and a sampled yell of "Paw!", an animated figure runs across a landscape, chopping in half anything that gets in its way. Kill everything that moves and don't worry why, These are accompanied by some Polaroid Instamatic photographs taken with a camera one of the programmers must have got for his birthday.
A simple and annoying tune bleeps its merry way throughout, accompanied by the aforementioned metallic clang and gutteral cry as you wave your sword around in a threatening manner.
The speech at the start of the game which says "You dare to fight me?” soon has you shouting back some suitable responses. Come back the AY89I0, all may be forgiven.
Enough. Strider has plenty of puzzles to keep you playing, all of which are of the “remember what to do here" variety. If it had some decent programming, it would have been good.
|ohn Kennedy Controlling this figure is quite exceptionally frustrating. She - yes, it's a girlie - seems to have an incredible uige to jump 20ft in the air, doing so regularly if you don't point your joystick in exactly the right direction.
Making a game challenging to prolong interest is all very well, but if thing get impossible no one will want to play it in the first place. We all know that getting the balance right is tricky, but Strider is close to the edge.
Technically, what we have here is a long way from being state-of- the art. The playing area is a small rectangle way up the screen: the scrolling is almost awful.
Diagonal movement has been achieved by first moving the screen horizontally and then vertically in quick succession, with the result that the figure flashes between these two positions as it runs - the sign of a straight ST port caught red-handed. Which is a pity because the landscapes are all very well drawn and change sufficiently between levels to add that feeling of exploration.
After the initial frustration of getting acquainted with the controls, you can start to appreciate the game.
Strider reminds me very much of R-Type - you battle your way through several groups of baddies, picking up extra weapons until you meet the bigger-than- average bad- die who lives at the end of the screen. In time honoured tradition, this bigger-than-average baddie needs more-than-usual hits to die.
Once you have done this, unless there is an even nastier bigger- than-average baddie to dispatch, you can move on to the next level.
Sometimes the baddie is just a large sprite, sometimes it’s a bouncing laser beam. Always it only needs a bit of dodging and extra shooting. Not what you might call intellectually stimulating, but fun in a nihilistic kind of way.
In between each level you are given words of encouragement from your enemies, along the lines of "This is it, you’re going to die".
Prove to the racing world that you have the guts and determination to become a Formula One Driver. Take the challenge of the CONTINENTAL CIRCUS, consisting of eight races in eight different countries. YOU MUST NOT FAIL!
Available on CBM44 1IS SPECTRUM AMIGA £19.99 ATARI ST £19.99 C64 CASS £9.99 C64 DISC £14.99 SPECTRUM £9.99 SPECTRUM +3 £14.99 AMSTRAD CASS £9.99 AMSTRAD DISC £14.99 tensed from • Tarto Corp. 1988. Export iSK Europe and Australasia prohibited :S89Virgin Mastertromc Ltd 'OUxed by The Sales Curve tor Virgin Mastertronic i Vemon Yard. 119 Portobello Fid. London Wit 2DX AMSTRAD RED LIGHTNING Apocalypse Now?
UNTHINKABLE though it may seem, it has happened. Whatever caused it, whether by mistake or murderous intent, is now irrelevant as men and tanks line up either side of the great divide, wailing to pull the curtain on Armageddon. Whatever happened to the postwar dream?
What happened to all the nukes?
Did the Green Parly finally get their way and have them all destroyed? Did we shell out all that money to discover that Trident didn't work after all? None of these questions are answered in Red ning.
As the commander of either the Nato or Warsaw Pact forces it is your job to respectively save the world for democracy or save the world from democracy, with the help of your logistic talents, your cunning mind and, of course, a few hundred thousand fool soldiers, vehicles and planes, all armed to the teeth with death-dealing weaponry. I know whose side I'm battle of superior equipment versus superior forces. For some reason SSI assumes that the Sovs have initiated the aggression and that all the nice Nato blokes were at home with their wives and families when it started, so all three
scenarios have the Pact at full mobilisation with the good old allies in various stages of disorganisation.
Battle takes place on an impressively large 54 x 54 hexagonal map covering Western Europe from Brussels to Gdansk and as far south as Munich, although some of it is sea, and naval battles aren't handled in this simulation. The display is colourful, easy to read and quite pretty.
Players take it in turns to move and assign orders to their units, each turn lasting 12 hours of game time. Nato forces always move last because of their more effective communication network, which can give them a distinct advantage as they can step out of trouble when they see it coming.
Air combat is directed by one of the menu options. Weather conditions arc taken into consideration BMX, SFX, MSX - it's all the ARGGH! What have we here?
A defection from the Code Masters naming department? An update of one of the oldest scrollers of all time? A tutorial on cooking eggs? A game about motorbike scrambling?
The latter is nearly correct.
Super Scramble Simulator is really motorbike scrambling with one player. As everyone knows - or at least should know - that scrambling is a massed-start race, the game would be better called Super Tvials Simulator.
Great attention to detail has been applied to this game, so much so that all of the actual game data lives on the second disc, with all the intros and tunes on disc one.
Instead of being purely two- dimensional. SSS dabbles with the other in a split screen display. The majority of the screen is the side on display, where the actual tricky bits are done, while a tiny strip underneath shows the overhead position.
This is only of use where narrow obstacles do not take up'the full width of the course; unfortunately that's the time you need your eyes glued to the main display.
And as Gremlin has been incredibly lazy, the screen is 22 per cent smaller than it should be, so each display is depressingly weeny.
The game is fairly standard stuff, much the same as KikStart gave us all those years ago on the C64. As in real trials, making mistakes (falling off) costs time, and the time limit is short enough as it is.
Al least we're not left mystified by why our homunculus has just made like a projectile - SSS dispenses with the animation and prints up exactly why your time limit has been shorn of seven seconds.
What really annoys is that the SSS bike doesn't quiie behave like real life. You land on the back wheel, time loss. Land on the front wheel, no time loss. Back in the real world you usually lose first steering, then control, followed by balance and several ounces of flesh, by landing front first. Ouch.
The graphical detail almost merits description in graphic detail.
The scoreboard has a collection of bystanders who have a large repertoire of moves, each subtle and easy to miss, the background hoardings have features exist, like the inability to change your mind about troop movements, but 1 suppose if I complain SSI will only say that it adds to the realism of the simulation.
The computer is a worthy adversary and doesn't rely on cheating to bolster its overall strategy, it can occasionally get a bit thrown if you attempt something impossible or unusual, like a massive airlift of troops miles behind enemy lines to cut off supply routes, but it recognises and deals effectively with all the big plays.
With such a range of skill levels and great playability. Red Lightning is suitable for both novices and hardened warmongers. SSI has set the standard for strategy games So Ii d Dotted..SuppI i ed Unsupplied.
Blue Red......NATO Warsaw Pact.
Black ..Neutral .
Lucinda Orr The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it. IG. Orwelll and the full range of modem combat aircraft is supported.
Other special operation features include deployment of parachute regiments, special forces and tactical battlefield missiles. Concurrent campaigns, which you do not control but can influence, run in Norway. Iceland and the sea around Europe.
The different levels and "realism toggles" provide the scope for a variety of game types from the purely strategic to real in-depth unit management. A wonderfully concise and yet informative manual tells you everything you could ever want to know - except where Mr Benn lived - and even supplies some of the formulae the combat algorithms are based on.
The whole war experience is driven by mouse with the aid of pull-down menus. Some annoying a strong green feel lo them, which is strange for a sport where one rider can cause more erosion that 20 adrenalin- crazed mountain bikers ever could.
Ktmer- detail.
:tion of I teper- le and JS have It's strange, but virtually every racing game has a phenomenal tune - or at least a good 'un - and then a variable pitch rasp for the engine note. SSS, tune-wise, is phenomenal, but raspwise. Tends towards vanilla.
Assuming for the moment that all the preceding criticism hadn't happened, there’s still one serious fault. It's infuriating. You think that you’ve got the hang of a sequence of moves, and you're really beginning to have some industrial-grade fun, when a liny slip of the stick loses you time and confidence.
Overall - 63% This we don't need. We could always weigh this against the intelligent decision to read both discs simultaneously with a two drive systems. OK. So why do we have to stare at a blank screen while the data loads? Your guess is as good as mine.
SSS impresses the senses - there's no doubt about that. But it's either too badly planned or is too difficult to get into. The gameplay's stiffer than an uprated monoshock, which is a pity, because with a little more freedom, SSS would have Stewart C. Russell linen,her 1989 AMIGA COMPUTING 33 Alraid of dizzying heights ? Queasy al fha thought ol plunging a hundred leet In |usl seconds?
WARNING: ROLLER COASTER HUMBLER IS ONLY FOR THE TOTALLY RAOICAL HUMBLER I This truly amazing game Is like nothing you've ever seen before I Encounter the ultimate challenge as you dip and weave, turn and climb ...while simultaneously Hying lo shoot moving targets belore you gel elected Irom your seat! Realistic 3D graphics make you teel like you're on an actual roller coaster! Compete against the computer or pair up with a leliow player to shoot the targets and double your chances ol winning ! Roller Coaster RumWer. You've got to play It to believe N !
Features include: • Incredibly hie-like action and sound etlects
• Single or multi-player options ¦ Stupendous 3D graphics •
• Adjustable speed option • Multi-level play •
• Choice ot roller coaster or monorail ride. (PC only) that
brought you Bio Challenge.
The play area varies in size, adding variety and creating some very nice effects, especially the screens which have been edged in with silhouettes in the foreground. All that and animation too.
From a puzzle point of view.
Future Wars is tough. A few of the objects are pixel-sized and microdot precision is needed to your route well in advance if you are to deliver the goods on time, and even then you've only got about a 50 per cent chance.
If you have a death wish, you have a choice of around a couple of hundred ways to die, all of them quick but not always painless.
(Well, some of them brought tears to my eyes.) With about 100 locations, a quick sum will tell you that you are in constant danger.
The abundance of routes to a swift demise and the policy of keeping the player in the dark not only breeds paranoia but also helps to keep the game alive as you progress through it, striking the happy balance between frustration and boredom. You honestly don't know what's going to happen next.
Future Wars and the Cinema- tique adventure system may owe some of its design to earlier efforts such as the Sierra On-line series - for example the character's movement directed by the mouse pointer - but it is several miles further along the path to icon driven adventure enlightenment. Nice One.
Green negotiate some of the obstacles you face.
Speed is also a factor - one problem requires you to plot out TIME TRAVELLER: FUTURE WARS He digs deepest who deepest digs WHAT is the secret identity of this superhero? Is it Ed.
The high flying executive? No. Is it Armitagc. The brilliant washbasin?
No. Is it loe. The mild mannered window-cleaner? Could be.
Life as a window cleaner isn’t much fun. Tired of cleaning in the sunshine or staying home to watch the rain? So what are you going to do about it? Well, for a start you could do something about Ed. Your fascist boss on secondment from the Waffen SS.
You just weren't cut out for following orders. Stand up to him - or better still run away, get away, far away. But where to?
Without giving too much away, it is fairly obvious from the title that there is going to be some sort of time travel involved - plus some trouble perhaps at a lesser known publishing house - so mapping may involve donning the pointy ears and taking a correspondance course in non-euclidian geometry.
Thus you embark on a journey which will pit you against aliens, spear weilding guards, savage chickens, mechanical monsters, swamps and the inevitable mad monks who will beat you to death as soon as pray for you. Better remember to take a packed lunch.
If you think a Wimp adenture is one where you must find a cure for your acne or rescue your pet hamster from the top of the wardrobe, then check this out.
All actions are performed with the mouse. Position the pointer anywhere in the play area, click the button and your character will move towards it. Not only that, but it does it intelligently, avoiding obstacles where it can.
The mouse can also select options from a set of text gadgets for the manipulation of objects. For example, if you choose Examine you will get a roving crosshair which will identify any objects it passes over. Further information is given by pressing the left button.
Be sure to examine everything very thouroughly - some objects are very small indeed.
In a similar way you can take, use or operate any object on the screen or any of the objects in your inventory which pop up as text gadgets whenever relevant.
Graphically the game is wonderful, as you might expect from the same French programming team Ihe besl fantasy Kamos have plots written by failed novelists. Bloodwvch is no exception. This is a story of the Lord of Entropy. Zendick. And his quest to make life miserable for everyone except his friends.
It's sort of forerunner to the Tory Party, with you playing the equivalent of Noil Kinnock, the bravo but witless adventurer out lo slop the land from being subjugated for all eternity, including the weekends.
The objective is to storm the towers of Bloodwvch and capture crystals from four of them before trecking on to the fifth for a final encounter with Zendick. Easy enough for experienced dungeon masters because, let's face it.
Bloodwvch is heavily derivative of the FTL game.
You start off by selecting one character from a selection of mugshots. If you go for the full game. There is the option to start off with four pre-selected heroes, but you will probably want to pick your own.
Supposing that you only have but unlike Dungeon isn't quite straightforward - people can be dumped from your party and others hired at any stage.
Recruiting someone demonstrates the communications side of the game. Down the left side of the screen, under the pictures of the characters, are various menus.
To recruit potential allies, you'll need to praise them, to assure them of their worth, and then boast a little, because they aren’t likely to join someone who doesn't think very much of themselves. You can also insult people, should the fancy take you.
On top of these options for interacting with other characters you can ask their name, reveal yours, and inquire about artifacts, legends and rumours. You'll need to. So don't go chopping everything that you encounter - the kiss-mv-axc style of play is going to leave you floundering eventually.
The last of the communications options lets you praise and admonish members of your own party and shout to attract attention.
Operating a party in Bloodwvch is complicated, which is one reason why, when it comes to combat, everyone is fairly autonomous. If you praise a character of vours too heavily, he or she will act more and more independently.
This could mean that as you approach a shopkeopor to buy something, Butch the Barbarian will suddenly leap forward and chop him to bits. The counterpoint to this is that if you henpeck them too much they will never do anything independently that is useful.
Each character has ratings for strength, intelligence, charisma and agility, and belongs to a character class - fighter, mage, assassin, adventurer - and a magic class, which are based on suits of cards, each representing a different aspect of magic.
You get magic points according to your character class which increase on gaining a new level.
Learning spells from a different branch is hardest for a warrior and easiest for a mage.
The magic system is interesting, and totally unlike Dungeon Master's in that all the spells are contained in a big spell book, the pages of which flop over quite nicely.
There’s room in each party member's backpack for items such as keys, gold, food and waterskins because, just like in Dungeon Master, you need to unlock doors, eat and drink.
Unlike DM. The gold can be used for buying weapons and information ai the various shops and for Pete lames lleftl and a bespectacled Antony Taglione haw been burning the candle at both ends to complete Bloodmth TURBO Kill for credit Overall - 81% bribing travellers you may meet in the towers. This ail adds to the enjoyment, and makes up for the small graphics.
Sound is pretty much a forgotten quantity, giving an almost library like feel to the game. I keep expecting the monsters to say Hush every time I scream Banzaii and attack them.
Ccording i which w level, liffcrent Tior and eresling.
Ungcon tells are ook. The sr quite h party ms such iterskins ungeon k doors.
Be used nforma- and for Bloodwych is obviously inspired by Dungeon Master, but it fails to emulate the 3D interaction and falls short of the standard of graphics and sound expected on the Amiga, What really makes it is the two player simultaneously option. This lets you both have a party of four, who can help or hinder each other.
You can actually watch another party turn and advance down a corridor.
Best of all you can trade items, so if you both go off exploring in different directions, you can rendezvous later and swap goodies.
Duncan Evans THERE'S many a game that relies too heavily on audiovisual presentation and way too little on actually being fun to play.
There’s also many a game that gets stuffed to the bad of the software drawer quidly. Turbo's neither.
I as you r to buy arbarian rard and nterpoinl ack them do any-, i useful, lings for harisma i a char- assassin.
Ic class, of cards, nl aspect Many phrases describe the game, most of them end with violent and begin with words such as outrageously, senselessly and gratuitously. How else could you describe a race game where the major aim is to destroy anything else that moves, using only grenades, missiles and hub spikes?
Cute it ain't.
And when you realise that each player gets less than half a 200- line screen to themselves, certain doubts arise about the quality of the production.
The excuse for a scenario is set in the uncomfortably near future.
For no adequately explained reason. The populace have decided that commuting is dull and every other vehicle and pedestrian is fair game. Some unknown character has strewn the road with bolt-on goodies, all designed to get yourself noticed.
Missiles and grenades fire forwards, the only differences being speed and range. Oil causes anything behind you to lose control, while hub spikes knock out the competition at the sides.
Closet kamikazes are also catered for with the turbo wheels, which allow extreme speed at the expense of any control whatsoever.
The police aren't happy about all this unrest and will by to stop you whenever they can. Certain enterprising pedestrians lob grenades, but with a shriek, a splat and a splash of gore they are gone.
All the other vehicles are either obstructive, offensive, or all three.
Like most of suburban America, there's a level crossing every few miles. Hitting trains hurts, but they can be missiled, Turbo is a traditional top-view scroller, much in the spirit of Spy Hunter. It can be played against the clock, which is enormous but short-duration fun. Against another player, which is enormously enormous fun, or over a comms link, which is critically unreliable according to the publishers.
The graphics work, the sound is suitably grotesque and the whole thing is presented with the panache of a dead stoat. But it's such manic fun to play that that all goes out the window.
Turbo MirnilllusiHiis If I had to describe Turbo as glibly as possible. I’d go about it thus: Audio- Visual Jadedness is the disease, Turbo’s the cure.
Overall - 73% Stewart C. Russell the screen - miss high or low ana... No. 1 won't spoil the surprise for you.
Anyway, the whole thing is completely unauthuntic because they've got the draw length all wrong. 1 know this because I'm a lanvi archer, albeit a mediocre or.r Next off is velodrome cycling.
This is dftn-* in a very swish filled- polygon track. The event is the exciting 1000m Sprint. Only the last 200 metres are timed, the rest being an exercise in tactics.
Tne idea is to let your opponent act as a windbreak until the last moment, when you scoot out for your flnal sprint.
Tne tactics are captured well, but the actual rioers are too small to give any impression of the type of real-life acceleration that is needed - so explosive that bicycles have snapped under the strain. It's still my iavourite event, though.
Springboard diving is good family entertainment, but perhaps a little too confusing to be anything else. Even with the initial run-up and jump rimed correctly, a similar sequence of joystick moves produced either 1 per cent or SO per cent of the top score. Your guess is as good as mine as to how this works out. But it's good for a laugh, with animated crowd and judges, plus something nasty that appears if you take too long.
Hammer throwing is straightforward. All this little beauty requires is the correct swing and the correct release timing, both of which are easier said done.
There are a tew ways of getting it wrong - release on the back- swing for example, which makes a hole in the fence, and reloase at the side, which makes a hole in the monitor. There are more. Actually scoring points is far less interesting.
Tne -100m hurdles is run over another filled polygon track, solid vector being officially old hat. The actual race is another "Daley Thomson's got shares in the joystick company so he doesn't mind if you break it” type game.
What is really nice is the tune, with a groovy James Taylor style organ break - James Taylor as in the eponymous Quartet, not as in BOF. Although running is easiest using the keys, a new keyboard for the A500 is a tad more expensive than a new Konix, so I’m sticking with the latter.
Most athletics games make the Pole Vault the difficult bit. The Games is an exception - it is very difficult, maybe even extraordinarily so, There are many variables to get exactly right, but I guess that's the way it has to go until someone thinks of a belter way of presenting it. The vault can be made, but it takes a long time trying. Again, as in almost all the events, there are some laughs to be had along the way when things go wrong, Making up the eight are the two gymnasium events - the rings and the asymmetric parallel bars.
The rings need fast and accurate movement between set positions, and then a hold in each position for two seconds. Like the diving, until you’ve become very experienced at the controls a random set of joystick moves can give as good results as following the script.
If you fail in any wav, the little man - whose animation, like most of the competitors in most of the events, amounts to hundreds of frames - dismounts, and starts crying. Aww!
You then have the honour, or the ignominy, of being photographed for the back page of a digitally plagiarised tabloid.
The asymmetric parallel bars - Epyx calls them Uneven, which is shorter and easier to spell - has your female competitor doing a set series of moves, egged on by her companion on the sidelines.
Again, random moves can prove fruitful, but then again they can result in the Back Splat Fall, which earns no points and is somewhat painful looking. Again, the tabloids are there to record your success or failure.
After all is finished there is a neat medal ceremony followed by a small closing ceremony, complete with flypast. And that's about it.
Polished, very well presented, some good events, some bearable ones, and plenty of scope for competition.
Niggle the first: Although the graphics are good, only the top 200 lines are used - three marks deducted for that. I'm afraid.
Niggle the second: The game loader spends at least half of its time seemingly not doing anything, with the drive motor off. It's almost certainly de-compressing data, but it does make you yawn now and then.
Niggle the third: Even though The Games comes on two discs, it won't use the second drive. OK, so the code fills a 512k machine completely meaning that a second drive - which needs about 20k - can't be used, but why can't it auto-detect a disc change? We're talking "Insert disk into A: and press button” here. What a pain!
Niggle the last: The usual caveat about additional hardware should be heeded - The Games caused my elderly modem to get confused and hang the telephones for several hours. Not funny.
Niggles notwithstanding, The Code Monkeys have done a very creditable job - you'd be very hard pressed not to find something you'd enjoy here. But w.hat a shame we didn’t have boxing.
Remember the Korean team?
Missed out on a serious piss-taking opportunity there.
Stewart C. Russell 7 tr (ininr.s - Summer Edition CHUM Epyx_ Overall - 92% WHEN you are dead you might think that at long last you'll get some time to yourself.
Take in a few movies, hang about with your dead buddies, do a spot of haunting perhaps, and get a chance to find out what really swell guys worms are after all, But no. For these are the pinky blue skies of ancient Greece and. Here old heroes never die, they just hang around and wait to get resurrected.
Sure enough, some old geezer pops up eventually and asks you to rescue his daughter. So it's time to shuffle back on this mortal coil, but probably not for too long, Here ranged against you are wolves, skeletons, large blue monsters and some more skeletons which are even more upset than the first bunch.
Oh, and 1 forgot the funny flying gargoyle things that try to whip your wig off. Why the wolves don't run off with all those bones beats the hell out of me.
If you cripple enough white wolves and collect the glowing globey things, nothing much changes - a bit like getting the EGS 1 suppose. However, if you collect three of them, then for some |olly good reason you will transform into a werewolf yourself.
This new hirsute physique comes with the ability to hurl fife- balls, whizz about at the speed of the blitter and beat everybody up fairly easily without even trying.
Everybody, that is. Except for one. Some baldv old bloke with a face only the front of a very large truck could love will intervene, trying to do his dirtiest to stop you.
He seems to have some sort of static electricity problem 'cos large sparks fly from his fingertips whenever you get close. Eventually he will turn into a large monster which keeps throwing his head at you. It's all right, he has a few to spare. And that's only the first level. I want danger money.
Progress further into the passageways of the earth and meet even more terrible monsters who defy gradation on any meaningful scale of horribleness. If I ever see those eyes again... Fear not, though, for later you have the power to turn into a fearsome dragon and some sort of blue teddy bear with terribly bad breath
- well the beasties don't like it anyway, and I can't blame them.
If there's anything worse than a ball of blue fluff in your belly button it's a giant ball of blue fluff breathing all over you.
Ancient Greece is looking pretty good. Live at Pompeii, the only thing missing is the constant swarm of insects. The animation at the beginning and of the end-of- level beasties is quite impressive, GARY Gygax adds a few mot!
T gold pieces lo his secrea hoard by allowing the D&D nama to be used on Hillsfar, a new role-l playing game from SSI. To whatl extent this partnership goes is uncertain, but seemingly only the level of having Advancei Dungeons & Dragons scrawled aL, over the place - on the box, onf the loading screen, on the hint!
Booklet... er. Not that I needed to| read it of course.
Before you go anywhere in Hillsfar you must select a ch.
Ter. This may be of the roll-voi own variety or from the obligati selection of ones-made-earlier.
If you bought Pool of Radiam or Curse of the Azure Bonds, ti you can import your character froi there, tax free.
Loading in characters - hah! -j that's a different experience. If there is one thing more annoying then 17 levels of requesters asking you if you are really absolutely sure, certain and positive that you ' want to overwrite the character in memory, then it is the total lack of Altered Him £24.99 Activision Graphic!
Combatants sometimes look a bit murky - perhaps because of the choice of colours. Their animation isn't up to quite the same standard, either.
It's a good job Activision has included those nice graphics for the intermission because it seems about a day’s wait. What can it be doing all that time? Playing a sneaky game on its own? 1 thought part of the idea of re-writing the disc format was to make it a bit faster.
To say the gameplay is agressive would be to commit criminal understatement. At later levels you will know what a small white plastic sphere feels like at the Olympics. If you don't get your enhancer potion quick, it's party time for all the worms again. It is easy to speculate that with such a long period between the release of the arcade machine and this Amiga conversion that someone could have done a better job of tho graphics. Nevertheless, it is sufficiently playable and challenging to warrant investigation.
. Overall - 82% Oh no! Looks like KYAG lime again Green HILLSFAR The bitterest hill is hard to take any sort of warning whatsoever.
Anyway, then you ride into the much fabled metropolis of Hillsfar.
Well, maybe they didn't have much to fable about in those days.
* more secret Dname W role'll what ties is Hit to ttoced lied
all in. On tc bint iied to Travelling the highway is itself an
adventure. Watch out for all the obstructions in the road -
trees, puddles, bales of hay... Added to that, the occasional
crazed lunatic takes a pot shot at you from the trees. Who said
raving paranoia was a disadvantage? If you don't believe in
predestiny then you are going to be very upset bv this game.
There are four character classes
- fighter, thief, cleric and magic user. Each has three quests
available to him, always the same and always in the same
order. Of course, what you do in your time off is up to you.
You can become horrendously wealthy by offering to clean out various persons’ chests while they are not about. You can also become horrendously dead ‘cos if they catch you in the backstreets trying to pick door locks they're going to send you home lo molhcr in a cardboard box.
The city includes a cemetery, an arena, a shooting range, various pubs - you can't get a decent pint of Guinness in any of them - and a fair sized sewer system. What you do is totally up to you., There are other locations outside the city if you want to brave the equestrian challenge again, but they are only really worth visiting if you have to go there as part of a quest.
Otherwise you may as well have robbed somewhere closer to home, since once you break in, most places are the same - a maze with chests of booty lying about.
Sounds are generally OK but can be a bit strained at limes, so they lit in excellently with the gameplay.
To be truthful, it is probably a very accurate simulation of life in a primitive environment, it certainly captures the timeless tedium and pointlessness of it all.
The modus operandi ol thievery has just reverted from touch screens and modems in high rise city offices to the more noble lock- picks and large swords in dank dungeons, but the quality of life is just the same.
Some of the little sequences you stumble upon, like the arena for example, are quite entertaining and graphically effective, but there is not too much lo keep the interest above critical boredom level.
Lucinda Orr NOVEMBER 24 ¦ 26, ALEXANDRA MM The Computer Shopper Show exists for one purpose
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hardware, software and peripherals you want to buy. It is.
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Acorn BBC - you will save an absolute fortune at the Computl Shopper Show.
Cut out the voucher and present it at the entrancet the Show. It's worth 50p off every ticket you buy or foi pounds off a family ticket Put the Computer Shopper Showi your diary right now. There's a great deal waiting for you!
Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, London N22 10am • 6pm Friday. November 24th 10am - 6pm Saturday, November 25th 10am - 4pm Sunday. November 26th CSCJl'-s&U-fm 'Bp77Ipp7Mr1 cszJi'j&D-fhi SS Ej£J ynTTLPLFTHpj Only one discount per person is allowably Photocopies are not valid Compost '- 5jj THE Souths leading Computer by post service CREDIT CARD MAIL ORDER AMIGA A500 + FREE £220 SOFTWARE
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Graphics --------- Inside the Amiga with C 2nd Ed Kicks tart Guide to the Amiga__________ Kids A the Amiga • ., More Tips A Tricks for Amiga ... Programmers Guide to the Amiga ... LONDON S LEADING
- J amsga ? ? ? COMPUTER SUPPLIES 444 DEALER 10 Fulham Broadway.
London SW6 1AA All Prices Ind. VAT Carnage Free Mail Order
Export. Government and Educabonal orders welcome C-llght Come S £8596 £4995 €42 95 0 S« £2295 £75.00 Wordperlect____________ Zoetrop 5 In 1 package) LEISURE SOFTWARE 01-381 6618 (24 Hours) Callers Welcome 381 0528 ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT CARRIAGE FREE All prices are subject to change without further notice. All good* subject to availability r » Please note some Leisure Oses are awaiting release Jeff Walker presents... THE DISC Chess
2. 0 1KNOW what you're thinking - you hate Andrew Lloyd Webber.
That's why this is a proper chess game. You know, horsey to
king prawn... in fact, this is the best PD chess program to
Those that know their Karpovs from their carpets may also know that the Prussians once used a variant of the game of chess to train their commanders. They called it Blitzspiel and played it on two boards. The opponents were in different rooms, each of them able to see only his own pieces. A spotty oik would run between them taking pieces off when necessary.
The idea behind Blitzspiel was to teach military strategy. At this point in the story I think it's only fair to point out that throughout history the Prussian army got whacked by almost everyone.
This game isn't quite so tough, but it still whipped me pretty good with only a five second response time. There are no skill levels but play can be made harder by giving the computer longer to think.
Everything about Chess 2.0 says "Amiga" and "friendly". Nice requesters, the ability to change things, load and save positions, ask for a hint... Lovely stuff. Even the doc is a riveting read. And it's true PD. Freeware, as they say.
Mr Kaufman, we salute you. It's decent blokes like you that make the Amiga world a nicer place to muck about in.
CHESS 2.0 is freeware. II may be distributed free of charge provided that no extra restrictions are placed on it. Mo payment is required for using this program, but you should feel yourself obligated to send in bug reports.
If you enjoy the program drop the author a line because he 'd be glad to hear your comments and suggestions for future enhancements: Alfred H.W. Kaufmnnn, 124 Silversprings Rise N.W.. Calgary, Alberta. Canada T3B 3Z6.
SOME letters have come in asking about the File viewer I've been using on the cover disc. A fow of you noticed the change from View to Qview and wondered why I don’t use More from the Workbench disc.
Qview scroll arrows at top and bottom right come out as random blobs when a hard drive is plugged in.
Then I happoned across release
vl. l of Qview. It was no contest. In 3372 unpacked bytes, author
Lyman Epp has managed to shoehorn 18 keyboard control
options for moving around a document, a hex display mode and
an Ascii search routine.
Check out Qview.Doc for all the details.
The reason is simple. I wanted something smaller. For what it does, More is extraordinarily large, almost Ilk in fact. View is smaller and it does the job. But it has a worrying "feature" whereby the Support you shareware IF you find Qview useful, the release of more quality programs author will be your friend for life if for your Amiga. Post your dollars you send him S10. Responding in to: Lwan R. Epp. 10072 Wirt Plaza this positive fashion will ensure the 15; Omaha. Nebraska 68134. USA.
COVER DISC J COVER DISC J COVER Utilities YOUR Christmas present from us and Commodore is something that money can’t buy - the official Workbench 1.3.2 upgrade, lots of those annoying little "features" in 1.3 have been fixed, and lots of those begged-for enhancements have been made, resulting in 20 replacement files.
This is going to be your last upgrade before 1.4 next century.
Did 1 say century? Sorrv, I meant year. It just seems like century.
Anyway, make the most of it, is the point I’m trying to make.
Don't forgot to have a gander at the ReadBoforeUsing file. It's a very serious licence agreement and you should compose yourself before reading it.
Banging your head against the wall will probably put you in the correct frame of mind.
I wouldn't for a moment dream of taking the mickey out of such legalese statements as "you may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce the software to a human perceivable form." No siree. You won't catch me pointing out that it would be impossible to reduce it to a human imperceivable form bocause if you did it wouldn’t be any use because wouldn't be able to perceive it.
Nor would I suggest that “The licenco is effective until terminated" is just another way of saying "1111 death us do part", so don’t read the thing aloud with a priest in the room or you may end up married to your monitor. (Go away.
Green. No I won t be your Best Man.)
There's also a list of countries that you are not allowed to send the upgrade to. Poor old Hungary and Poland - make themselves democracies and they still can't own Amigas.
If anyone ever translates that document into English, be sure to send me a copy. In the meantime, eat, drink, be merry and don't worry about it.
CMD: Works with device names that hove odd number of characters. Query function.
Added so works with printer drivers that query the printer.
Workbench ClockPtr: Switched over to the European version with the 24 hour option.
1. 3.2 Libs version.librarv: Version number changed.
Info.librarv: No longer improperly combines tool types.
Devs serial.device: No longer crashes on mismatched baud rate. Refuses to open unavailable units. Lower overhead.
Printer.device: Support for multi-pass printers fixed System Format: H'orks with large hard drives (uses BufMemTypel. Inhibit logic fixed. Secondary results are properly set. Better error messages Only opens icon .library if it needs icon.library. NoFFS keyword removed fwas not usefull.
Diskcopv: Uses fast memory in a single drive copy if chip ram is Pipe-Handier: Names are now case indifferent.
Speak-Handier: No longer loses I Ok when unknown packet received. OPTs are now case indifferent.
FastFileSvstem: No longer fails if the boot block of a disc contains a zero in the first long word. Whenever a file not in the root was altered, the date stamp of the root block would be altered. This has been fixed; the last modified date is now altered instead. Due to a calculation error when writing out the bitmap the disc would always validate on restart if it was greater than 308 meg. This has been fixed. New limit is
2. 5 gigabytes. Tested to 600 megabytes.
Aux-Handler: Sets the flags to 0 on open of the serial.device. unavailable. Single disk copy on ol oiy, t meg chip ram mochine works, how Verify by default: noverify optionl added. Only opens icon library if it NoF needs icon library. If Diskcopy failsl cifil the failure cylinder is left s' on the screen. Secondary result are properly set. Better error mes-l Sell soges. Multi keyword allows multi-1 sun pie copies of single disk. | belt FastMemFirst: Tests for chip mcm-| bou IF you're staring at the CD005 window knowing that something looks different but can't quite decide what, then take a
look at the gadget's.
NewLook The Close gadget has become a circle, the front and back gadgets have become arrows, the two bold horizontal lines along the drag bar have turned into a stipple pattern, and the Size gadget has changed into a diagonal double-arrow.
This is the result of running NewLook, a Workbench hack by David )unod.
Things are going to look different again when Workbench 1.4 arrives, but until then you can use NewLook and its sister, NewArrows. To prepare you for the shock.
Best thing to do with NewLook is copy it into your C: directory and run it from your Startup- Sequence. NewArrows you'll have to double click on.
A change is as good as a rest, they say. So why am I falling asleep on the drive home?
PSYGNOSiS' slogan is “Games People Play". But you can't play Shadow of the Beast because it's too flippin' difficult. Which is why I threw the thing at Max the Hacks and demanded invulnerability. Max passed it on to justin. Who took it to pieces, put it back together again and came up with the Beast Infinite Energy Hack.
It's almost perfect. Big )G was hacking to a deadline and there was one beastie he couldn't neutralise in time - the big grey one at the end of the first stage. To get past him you'll have to pick up a weapon by punching the blue dragon's ball. You’ll find him way to the left of the teleport. Don’t bo scared of him. The hack will prolei you from his bad breath.
To use the hack, follow the t screen instructions that appe.
When you double click on tb Beast icon. After you insert thi Shadow of the Beast game dist four error requestors will appear in| this order: Disc is unreadable. Dist structure corrupt. Not a DOS dim Not a DOS disc. Click Cancel time and then Fire your joystick.
¦ That's it. Go explortj Necrophilia. Or was it Necropolis Something like that. | still SetPatch: Alert code fixed to work with 1 meg chip ram machines. TrackDisk GetUnit patch added. DOS Execute 1 patched that uses Run from the resident list. UserState patch for680tO.
LoadWB: Now closes icon.library. Evat: I added: also parses strings in a more relaxed man- lortger known an now COPYING files from one disc to another can be a real pain if you're new to the Amiga. It can be especially difficult if you 're new and you've only got the one disc drive.
Like my next door neighbour.
I promised Norman I'd write a script file which would automate the process. And I did. And I called it Gimmel32. Iwell we all have to be called something. Double click on its icon to start the upgrade. Subtitles for the hard of thinking follow:
1. Make a backup copy of your Workbench 1.3 boot disc - the one
you normally use to start your Amiga up.
2. Make a backup of this month's cover disc, referred to from now
on as CD005.
3. Put your original CD005 and Workbench 1.3 boot disc well out
of harm's way so there is no chance of you picking them up by
mistake. Another universe is a good example of well out of
harm’s way.
4. Remove all discs from all drives, and switch your Amiga off.
5. Wait 30 seconds and switch your Amiga on,
6. Write protect the backup copy of CD005 and insert it into
7. Click the left mouse button when the Mini-Intro appears.
8. When the disc icon grinds on to isc const long tnot in hr
dale i would n fixed: is now j co cuing out would art if it
It This limit is to 600 DiskDoclor: Incorrect error message
out of memoryI changed. Uses BufMemType so works with large
hard drives.
SetClock: Reset option now skips clock validity check.
Mount: Baud and Control mountlisl keywords added for multi- serial use. Full option added lo startup to create handler entries with full environment support.
The Workbench type EndCLI into the AmigaDOS window Iimportant for 512k machines.'! And double click on CD005.
9. Double click on the Workbench
1. 33 icon.
10. Laugh at the bug cartoon. Igo on, it took me more than four
hours to do.)
11. Take a deep breath and double click on the Gimmel32 icon.
12. The script file will open a big window and say hello. Click
the left mouse button after you have said hello back.
14. Ibecause I'm superstitious.I The drive will whirr a lot. The
script file is now copying all the relevant files into RAM:
and reporting its progress in orange letters. This process
will take a little while.
15. The letters will turn white and you will be invited to swap
Make sure you wait until the disc access light is out before removing CD005, and make sure you wait until the disc access light is out before clicking to continue after inserting the backup of your Workbench 1.3 boot disc.
16. The drive will whirr a lot again.
Everything is being copied from RAM: into the correct directories on the 1.3 boot disc. This process will take a little while.
17. A requester will appear inviting you to replace CD005 in
DFO:. Do so. LErm, remove the 1.3 boot disc first.1
18. All the files in RAM: will be deleted, the big window will
disappear. And you'll be back where you started.
19. Get a disc label, write Workbench 1.3.2 on it and stick it on
the boot disc.
20. Double click on the ReadMe icon.
21. Read.
Copy on a int works, tify option maty if it icopy fails fl showing an results error mesons multi- chip mem- on- properly It worked fine before: however, it was inconect.
N'oFastMem: Changed to also specific divert calls on fast memory to public memory.
SelMap: Kludge added to make sure that, under Kickstart v34 and below, a keymap never spans a 64k boundary.
The Right Button Demo WIMBLEDON is best known for its tennis. But for how much longer? For if you wander into the local Comet warehouse in that part of South West London and look at the Amiga display, you'll see the Amiga Computing Zowee! Demo from the September cover disc up and running.
"It's so impressive", said the guy who phoned from Comet, “we think it's just perfect for showing our customers what this machine is capable of.
There's praise for you. Jolyon's gone up a hat size.
This month's demo isn't the nordll protect mal sort but an example lolyon put together of how to implement colli* sion detection, the subject of his latest machine code article. The music is once again by Kevin "Savage” Collier. It started out life as the music for Australian Games, but was turned down because "it wasn't Australian onough", I guess what it needed was a dijeridu.
Hook up the hifi and enjoy. I’ll leave,you to find out why it's called The Right-Button Demo for yourselves.
This guy can't hurt you now. But you 'II still need a weapon to get past him EVERYTHING FOR YOUR ST & AMIGA UNDER 1 ROOF 1 ANUAR 99 ROYAL HORTICULTURAL HALLS, VICTORIA, LONDON SAVE 50%!
Save 50% by Pre Purchasing your Fast Lane ticket THE FIRST 50 APPLICANTS FOR TICKETS WILL RECEIVE THEIR MONEY BACK REGULAR TICKET PRICE £4 FAST LANE TICKET £2 CHILDREN UNDER 10 ADMITTED FREE FOR FURTHER INFORMA' CONTACT WESTMINSTER EXHIBITI SURREY HOUSE 34 EDEN STREET KINGSTON SURREY KT1 1ER PHONE 01-549 3444 FAX 01 -547-1311 Post to: THE 16 BIT COMPUTER FAIR, PO BOX 68. ST AUSTELL, PL25 4YB Please send me FAST LANE TICKETS at £2 each Cheque PO enclosed for £ . NAME_ ADDRESS_ _POSTCODE_ or phone 0726 68020 with your credit card number Dneishe Start IF you use this Shareware product
and want to become a registered VDO: owner, send S10 to: ASDG Incorporated, 925 Stewart Street. Madison. IV 53713, USA.
Being a registered owner means you will feel better knowWinSize POSITIVE feedback has led me lo think harder about the presentation of the cover disc. Many readers have written to say what a good idea it is to leave the CLI window open and include a few useful commands in the C directory.
With this in mind I dug out a program I picked up years ago which lets me re-size and reI RECKON I'm asking for trouble putting this on the cover disc.
The author, Perry Kivolowitz of ASDG Incorporated, isn’t over the moon about the idea either. We share the same concern. Phone calls. And letters.
You see. VDO: does something very clever. It gives you a recoverable ram disc, like RAD:, only this baby is dynamic like RAM:, which means it only takes up as much memory as it needs.
If you copy lots of files to VDO: it’ll reserve however much memory it needs to store that total amount of data. If you then delete some files, VDO: will free the memory those files was stored in.
Wonderful stuff. Totally transparent to the user. But there’s a snag. And it’s a biggie.
Perry doesn’t guarantee that VDO: will work in memory mapped in at SclOOO. All 512k ram expansions map themselves in at that address. What this means in end- user terms is that VDO: won’t work with a 1 meg Amiga - that is, one with only a 512k ram pack installed. It'll work on a vanilla 512k machine, and it’ll work if you've expanded to 1.5 meg or more.
So now you know. But the bloke you gave a copy of the cover disc to doesn’t. So phone him up and tell him before he reaches for his position the AmigaDos window from the Startup- Sequence.
When you boot the cover disc, it's WinSize that picks up the window, makes it smaller and moves it down to the bottom of the screen. The line in the Startup-Sequence which does this is: winsize winsize 0 210 640 46 When you double click on CD005 yuo'll see the method behind my madness. Like it? Let me know.
Ing that you helped defray the recoverable ram disc's development costs. ASDG will answer technical questions from registered users only, and will distribute new product news to YOU KNOW IT MAKES CENTS Kenneth thornton wrote me a begging letter. Is it possible to offer your cover disc menu display to your readership on a future disc, he asked. No sooner asked for than got, Ken.
Select (aka Dneishe Start) is that program. And it isn’t ours, it's
- you guessed it - shareware.
The program has a couple of idiosyncracies (Otherwise known as bugs - Edl which I'd better tell you about.
Firstly, it won't work with the
1. 3 release of Execute, which is worrying. But it seems lo run
perfectly well with the Workbench
1. 2 Execute command. You’ll find that on the cover disc in the C
The second problem is that you can't use boot sequences with spaces in their filenames. No, not even with quotes around them. So: select "this Boot" "thet Boot" will not give the desired result.
What you'll end up with is four menu selections to choose from: This and Boot and That and Boot.
You have to use hyphens or underscores if you want to separate words. Like so: select "This-Boot” "That.Boot” It also refuses to load and run some commands correctly. It's trial and error time. I'm afraid. The only one I've found is EndCLI. I don’t use that in my cover disc boot sequences any more, so 1 don't care. You may have to find a work-around.
By Fuzzz fr Euphoria WHEN the programmers at Argonaut Software were developing their new assembler. ArgAsm.
They needed a program to test it on.
Fireworks was that program. It's a bit late for November the fifth, but it's small and it's cute and the commented. Totally OS-legal source code is there for you to see how the professionals do it.
See if you can spot the three kinds of fireworks - rockets, roman candles and rcd-green-blue traffic lights (which doesn’t make sense by Marcus Lynn WHEN Marcus Lynn first came to the Amiga from the ST he spent a lot of money on books so he could learn how to write good demos and all sorts of mega things. But now he finds that half the books he bought have never been used.
"I could have saved a lot of time, money and sheer hell'', he says, "if I could have had access to some source to see how more experienced programmers programmed".
Now that 19-year-old Marcus has become more experienced he wants to share his knowledge with beginners and try to help them break through some of the early barriers. And who am I to stop him?
Mini-Intro is the program that I Problems with your disc? 1
• IF you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disc has been dam
aged in the post, please send it lo: Database Direct,Amiga
Cover Disc, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral LB5 3EB. You
will be sent a new disc.
• IF you are not a subscriber and your disc does not work,
please send - it within two months please - to: Protoscan Ltd,
Amiga Cover Disc, Burrel Road, St Ives, PE17 4LE. You will be
sent a new disc with our compliments.
IF you damage your disc
- for instance if the dog has chewed il or your mum has washed il
- you can gel a new one by sending £1.50 to Protoscan Ltd.
Please make your cheque or postal order payable to Protoscan
When you first read it, but will if you think about it).
COVER DISC J COVER DISC Reader contributions Not a lot more to be said. Double click on its icon to start, click the left mouse button to finish.
Auto-runs when you boot this month's cover disc. If you want to see it again later, you can double click on its icon.
The source code is well commented and simple to follow as long as you know the basics of 68000 machine code. One of the easiest things to do is change the scrolling message, which begins on line 351 and starts with the word Welcome.
Insert as many more DC.B statements between TXT: and CCHAR: as you like, making sure your text is enclosed by single quotes.
Marcus uses Devpac 2 to assemble his code, but it should be fairly compatible with most Amiga assemblers.
And before I get a letter from the Format reader asking' if it will assemble with the limited version of Devpac he got free, 1 don’t know. Suck it and see.
By Mark Everingham SLIDING puzzles have been a favourite of mine ever since I got my first one out of a jamboree Bag. Remember them? Neither do 1 - 1 (ahem) pinched it off my big brother who said he was “keeping it for posterity". Well, the Flying Saucer was soft, but the Love Heart (Touch Me) went down a treat.
Anyway, back to the little plastic sliding puzzle, which was.
According to bruv, the next best thing to a green dinosaur. And it was a real devil to play because the first puzzle you had to work out was how to make the tiles slide. Stiff, or what!
So you can imagine my pleasure when 16-year-old Mark Everingham from Bristol sent in his Amiga Workbench version.
Compiled with Aztec C |v3.6a) - and the source code is there for you to study - Puzzle is Mark's interpretation of the classic Macintosh desktop toy. It’s only the third program he has ever written on the Amiga. Cheques in the post.
5n5ngS'nS§£ am mmmn ocinui union mamm mama aaua moo [DID ?
Aama nmmu amain man roman anna moma roaaa a mm It's not really as complicated as this.
6uf wouldn't it be fun if it wos!
By Richard Wildman HANDS up everyone who can resist Workbench toys. You kno those small programs you play wi while you’re waiting for AmigaDt to format a disc. Come on, own up One, two. Three, four. Five, six thirty-seven thousand, six-hundn and fifty-eight, thirty-seven thot sand, six-hundred and... Phet that's enough of that.
Well, this program will give yt a quick game of Noughts an Crosses. It doesn't know any strati gies, it doesn't learn from it mistakes, but it’s got cute X and graphics and it knows the rules the game - it's amazing how mat times it can catch you out. - catch me out. Of course.
Programmer Richard Wildmat who is 17, is at college Nottingham studying'a two WHAT is Life? Who am I? Who are you? Ivhere are you? Where am I? What does the | stand for in the Perrier advert? Who writes this rubbish?
A cellular automata is what Life is, a model which imitates the performance of cells. At any given time, a cell is either alive or dead. At each time-step a cell may die. He re-born or stay as it is, according to the number of living cells surrounding it.
If two or three of the eight cells surrounding a living cell are alive, it will continue to live, any more or less and it will die. A dead cell will be re-born only if it is surrounded by exactly three living cells.
]ohn Conway is the guy to WE are always looking for original contributions for the Amiga Computing cover disc. If you think something you have written or drawn is good enough to share with everybody else who reads the magazine, send it along and we will have a look.
If we like what we see, it could earn computer course. "This was my first attempi to use the Amiga's graphics library functions", he bravely admits, adding, “Those reference manuals are not too easy to get through!"
When Richard isn't using the college's computers he is at home on his expanded, double-drive A500. “I’ve been interested in computers". He says, "since a teacher at my junior school brought a ZX81 into class to show us. Wow! 1 svas hooked."
You may not get hooked on 0X0. But it beats counting the grease stains on the wallpaper.
Nice one. Rich - keep 'em coming.
Remember that Amiga Computing will only buy your work on an all rights basis. We are not prepared to buy the rights to programs which are already in the public domain or have been spread by any other means.
Please enclose this coupon, or a photocopy of it. With your submission.
Include a file on the disc with full documentation, your name, address, phone number and a few details about you and your kit. A mugshot would be nice, but isn't essential.
Don't forget to duplicate on the disc label the program name, your name, address and phone number. If you want your disc back, enclose the correct amount in stamps.
Blame for all this. It was his invention. Long time ago now. He's a mathematician. At least he was.
Probably still is. Philip Gibbs is a software engineer. He wrote this Amiga version of Life. You may remember him as the author of the Workbench Mandelbrot program on the October cover disc.
A discussion of the ins and outs of The Game of Life is way beyond this piece. People write whole books on the subject. My advice is to trot down your local library and look up Comray, lolin and Not knowing what the hell is going on doesn't stop you playing with it though. My favourite game is to choose Clear and Fast from the Screen menu followed by Soup from the Border menu. Then 1 sit back and watch what develops.
Fascinating stuff. If it all gets a bit stagnant. 1 press the left mouse button and plant a random colony.
Great stuff!
You up to £1,000.
Please let us know which files, if any, your submission needs from the Workbench disc. If it is clickable, feel free to design an original icon. But don't make it too big. And please use the standard Workbench colours.
Bear in mind that a program which does not run on a 512k machine would have to be exceptionally good to make it on to the disc.
..Ago years Name..... Address .
Daytime phone ......After ....am Evening phone ......After ...pm Submission name •••• Submission size .....r ..bytes in total NOTE: We will accept submissions up to 500k in total length, including documentation. But the shorter your submission, the better chance it stands of getting on to the disc. If it is a compiled or assembled program
include all the source code, but do not count this in the size of the submission.
Write a brief description of your submission below. If it consists more than one File, describe what each file is for. Attach an extra sheet of paper to this form if necessary: Sign this declaration; The stuff on this disc is mine. 1 didn't nick it off someone else. It hasn't been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it.
Signed.. Date...... Post your submission to: Jeff Walker. Amiga Computing, North House.
78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood. Essex. CM15 9BG. THE MR WORLD’S LARGEST CHAIN MR DIAMOND’S OF executive DIAMOND PACK 1 If you thought Diamond Pack 1 was good value just look at our Diamond Pack 2!
• 512KRAM •Built-in Speech Synthesis
• 1 Meg Disk Drive Two Operation Manuals
• 4096 Colours • Operating System Disks
• Multi Tasking • All Appropriate Connecting
Vixen + Wizball, ECO, Terrapods, Mouse Mat, Dust Cover, Return
of the Jedi, Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back & Joystick.
£37Q 00 Including VAT.
AMIGA 500 PHILIPS 8833 MONITOR THE WORKS SOFTWARE STAR LC-10 ONLY £649.00 + VAT GRAPHICS HARDWARE DIGIVIEW GOLD Ogrtise static cotour adages m If F format at aB resolutions trom 2 to 4096 colours up to 640 « 400 pixels (requires B4W, or colour with B&W mode video camera, to digitise in colour) ONLY El 19.95 INC VAT PANASONIC VIDEO CAMERA H qu**ty.'-gr, eS *ut oomonowid«OCAm«a Ideal !o» abiding, sucoldd *ilt» d*'v max's powarad ONLY C249.95 ONLY C69.95 • VAT ONLY £194.85 INC VAT ,* g ap*»c i and moving pit liars JE £113.85 INC VAT DIAMOND PACK 3 THE AMIGA MEGA 1 MEGA 500, LIMITED EDITION 1
with real time . Clock does NOT mvahdate Amiga warranty! £109.95 inc VAT CBM 3.5 DS DD BLANK DISKS Box of ten blanks £14.95 Call for quantity discounts!
ONLY £69.00 CHIP SHOP PRICES 8up Board RAMS - 9.95 each A590 RAM Chips - 9.59 each 256K RAM Chips - 2.95 each (Chip prices exclude VAT) Mr Diamond is now in Southern Ireland MONITORS PHILLIPS 8833 COLOUR MONITOR WITH STEREO SOUND.
Limited oiler while atocks last - Includes FREE lilt* swivel stand.
AMIGA B2000 REVISION 4.6 KICK START 1.3 1 MEGABYTE AGNUS CHIP £129.00 vat STAR LC-10 COLOUR Colour version of the popular LC-10. Allowing the effect of full colour on screen dumps (requires colour rp*nter driving software) C64 128 verion available.
£179.00 vat STAR LC-24-10 24 Pm version ol the popular LC series with exceptional letter print quality.
£199.00. vat STAR XB 24-10 24 PIN COLOUR p.on PRINTER £439.00 - VAT NEWLC-10MKII £139 - VAT £599.00 + VAT PULL GUARANTEE IMPORTED MACHINE X-CAD DESIGNER £69.95 Perfect starf in computer-aided design.
AEGIS VIDEO TITLER £99.95 Use with Genlocks eg. Minigen etc. THEWORKS £59.95 Integrated w.p., mailmerge, spreadsheet, pro- database, multicolor graphics etc. WORKBENCH 1.3 £12.95 Latest version ot Amiga DOS.
A-DRUM- DRUM SYNTHESISER £24.95 PROFESSIONALPAGEV1.2 £229.95 The Ultimate in lull colour Amiga DTP packages.
PUBLISHERSCHOICE £59.00 The package contains 'Kindworks V2 PagesetteiVt .2, Artists Choice and The Headliner.
InfoFile KindWords 2.0 A powerful database which can store all your information.
An inclusive set of ready-made file formats helps you get down to business from day one.
The ideal Word-processor for impressive, accurate business communication.
CaleFonts & Artists'Choice Over 35 purpose-designed professional fonts.
A fabulous clip-art library of over 200 graphics.
HOME OFFICE KIT An incredible DTP system to produce professional brochures, newsletters etc... Maxiplan 1.9 GET ORGANIZED WITH THE BEST HOME PRODUCTIVITY KIT AVAILABLE FOR YOUR AMIGA The best selling Amiga user magazine spreadsheet award winner.
Both kits ara available from: Addona: Southampton; SDL London 01-300 3399; OEM: Harlow 0279-412441; HB-Markatlng: Waat Drayton 089S444433; Cantrmoft: Birmingham 021-62S 3302; Latauraaoft: Northampton 060*768711; For forthar Information contact Tha Dlac Company. P*1a 33-1 45 S3 10 S3. BP 43S.16. F7S76S Parta Cadax 16.
KindWords 2.0 Crazv Cars Simply, the world's best selling Amiga word-processor with a 100.000 word British Dictionary and 470.000 word Thesaurus.
F int All the thrills without the spills! Compete in the downhill race, slalom and giant jump.
IT Miniature Golf Select your course, your clubs and don't forget to shout "Fore!!!"
STARTER KIT An easy to use paint package that allows your imagination to run wild.
Stunning graphics take you on a hair-raising ride through America.
Bold klta ar. Avallatrlo from: Addorik SouHumpton; SDL- London 01300 3399: OEM: Harlow 0279-413441: HB-Markatlns: Wont Drayton 0696-444433: CantraaofL Birmingham 021S2S 3302: LaUoraaolt: kortkampton 0604 768711: For furihor Information contact Tfta Dlac Company: Patia 33-1 45 S3 10 83. BP 435.16, F-75765 Paria Codax 16.
include 12 months warranty and are available from area distributors and a national dealer network.
Look out for the distinctive packaging in your high street, today!
9 best name in memory CUMANA LIMITED. THE PINES TRADING ESTATE, BROAD STREET, GUILDFORD. SURREY GU3 3BH TEL: GUILDFORD (0483) 503121 All trademarks are recognised and acknowledged The computing Aladdin's cave COMPUTER ¦MOPP1 SHOW SPECIAL THE Great Hall at Alexandra Palace will be transformed into an Aladdin's cave for computer enthusiasts in November when the UK's newest cross format exhibition, the Computer Shopper Show, comes to town.
Timed to hit the start of the peak pre- Christmas buying season, it is the result of a brave but well researched decision by organisers Database Exhibitions and is sponsored by Computer Shopper magazine.
Computer Shopper Show incorporates and replaces three established Database events, the Atari Christmas Show, the Electron & BBC Micro User Show and the Arnstrad Christmas Show. It will retain all the machine-specific attractions of these popular I and successful exhibitions, add more besides and serve up the resulting feast as one huge festive offering.
Something for everyone is the aim ot the show which will open on November 24 and run until November 26. With over 200 stands, it has been supported by exhibitors from all major sectors of the popular market and is expected to attract more than 30,000 visitors.
"We knew the concept of an all-format event in the run up to Christmas was what people had been waiting for but even we have been surprised at just how great the actual demand has been", said head of Database Exhibitions.
Michael Meakin. "The response from exhibitors and potential visitors has been far greater than we expected".
“For those three days in November the Computer Shopper Show will transform Alexandra Palace into the number one Christmas computer gift hypermarket this country has ever seen".
The importance of timing for the Computer Shopper Show was underlined by sales director for Database Exhibitions Mike Malone.
"Positioned right at the start of the peak buying period, timing of this show has been a key factor", he said. "It has appealed to both exhibitors and visitors alike. As our promotional campaign has got underway, space at the show has become hot property with the computer trade realising it is a must for their Christmas marketing plans.
“Similarly, the small business community and the computer buying public has realised that this will be ultimate venue for buying computer products. We are convinced that we have achieved what we set out to do - to turn the Computer .Shopper Show into the world’s largest pre-Christmas computer shopping opportunity".
When visitors enter the Great Hall they will be treated to a vast selection of goods from excellent hardware through the whole range of add-ons and peripherals to cut price games.
Bargains galore will make it a must for the Christmas buyer and the sheer volume of stands will give visitors a unique opportunity to compare the prices and merits of exhibitors from throughout the UK - an impossible exercise in normal circumstances.
Not only will Computer Shopper be the ultimate marketplace, it is also designed to be fun
- a real festive start to the Christmas run-up.
Typifying this concept, a circus theme will run throughout the three days and has been the basis of the high-profile promotional campaign. A robotic Father Christmas, wire walkers. Stilt walkers, a strong man. Clowns and even a baby elephant will be there to add to the atmosphere and help make Computer Shopper the greatest show on earth.
11 U~ j1
- =1r]£im You chance to win a trolley full of goodies YOU have
been set loose in a a computer superstore to grab what you
want. The time limit is tight, but the potential rewards are
mouth watering. It's a dream that many may have had but for
eleven lucky people it will become a reality at the Computer
Shopper Show.
They will be winners of the various trolley competitions wrhich have been running throughout the computer press and their reward will be that star in the competition prize firmament - the chance to complete a trolley dash.
Outside show hours the 11 lucky winners will be given a trolley, a time limit and some restrictions on what they can take then set loose in the Great Hall at Alexandra Palace.
Before them will be the largest single collection of computer goodies to be seen in the run up to Christmas and free aisles to get round as many stands as possible.
A large percentage of exhibitors have agreed to take part in the competition and'allow their stands to be visited, giving winners a chance to fill their Christmas stockings.
SPECIAL rnWi rciv* @sMIStifur@S SfHTBTV ?
£3nJM LJ-Jt :o t v, 3cjjvipJij-ij j sti-iabv O Cjr. lP U-j- Lp] 3J-JUW uEjjvj u-r j =U-JrJW MANY new product launches combined with firm favourites and a wide range of bargains will greet Amiga owners who visit Computer Shopper Show.
Choosing the show to launch a number of new packages is Digita International (stand Bla). Top of its Amiga list is System 3 an easy to use integrated suite of programs developed as the first step towards computerisation for the small business. System 3 includes cashflow controller, invoicing, statements and stock control for £49.95. Also for the Amiga is Digita’s Cashbook Controller. Billed as the complete accounting solution for the small business, it costs £49.95. Stage 1 is a suite of business programs costing £49.94. For release at the show will be Multigen. A new genlock for the Amiga
which comes complete with its own processor, memory and power supply for approximately £250, And also on sale will be Home Accounts, designed as a complete home accounting package for a price of £29.95. A range of games for the Amiga will be on offer from A & S Distribution (stand K18).
"We'll be taking everything but the kitchen sink", said Alf Payne, who will also be offering joysticks on his stand.
Among the general supplies on offer from A1 Computer Supplies (stands E2, L2 and L4) will be a wide range of computer furniture, mice, software and discs.
Admincure (stand AlO) will be offering a range of computers, printers and accessories.
Among its stock of shareware discs and public domain software, Advantage (stand E12) will be hoping to feature Amiga games, education and business software programs. It will round off its stock with a selection of books and languages.
One of the top names in the Amiga world, Arnor (stands D3 and D5) will be using Computer Shopper Show to demonstrate its new database, ProData. Features include multiple indexes for accessing data, multiple segment indexes, a powerful filtering feature, comprehensive printing options, easy to use layout design and password protection for a price of £80. The Protext range of software will also be on sale.
Star’s range of printers will figure strongly on the Athene Computers stands (C3 and C5) where Amiga hardware will be on sale along with over 500 discs df public domain software.
Audio Visual Research and 2Bit Systems Debut foi latest products acct er e salt Har- A at i Con Con ran; war A Cor whi kno L13 ran) disc D Mic ran disc be i Gut D full als bus Cor Mil no (stand H12) will be showing an impressii selection of sound samplers which will ran in price from £30 to £600 and will inclu
A. M.A.S., its stereo sampler with built-in mi interface for the
B Bytes Computer Systems (stand Ml4) hi several new launches planned for the sho1 including its Amiga card index file Supercai at £24.95. Claiming to have produced a new conce] in disc labelling, BlackStuff will be lettin show visitors into its secret on stand F3.
Polly Erasable Label kits are totally wip clean.
As files are deleted and overwritten, th Polly label can be updated accordingly makin scribbles and illegibile alterations a thing the past.
Opp A Par Me (st; per soft S bo Cor E be nes dev is t the It tab wit pu cor VA tyl cos prr stri sp fro I Col ext For £13.74 the kits are packed in a deskto canister which contains 50 everlasing label!
The solvent and erasure pen, fast drying fin line marker pen. Cotton wipes and circulai colour-coding labels to help disc classifica tion.
Amten (stand C8) will be selling hard disci for the Amiga together with various upgradet and a selection of second hand hardware covering all formats.
Bath Computer Shack (stands C2 and C4l will be featuring its cordless mouse for the Amiga plus a selection of other peripheral!
And hardware and Bowthorp EMP (stand (6 will be offering its comprehensive range o surge protection devices.
Calisto (stands M8 and M10) will have range of Amiga software on sale at discount prices and a selection of printers will be offered by Caspell Computer Services (stanc A3) along with its Ribbon Refresh package which allows up to 30 printer ribbons to be resprayed.
Club 6000 (stand Lla) is a mail order house specialising in discounted software for the Amiga range plus some interesting hardware accessories and a selection of surplus computer equiment across many formats will be on sale at bargain prices from Commonside Hardware Services (stand J7).
A wide range of good games for the Amiga at attractive prices will be on offer by Computer Communications (stand L6) and Computer Express (stand All will be selling a range of 16 bit computers together with software and peripherals.
Or ts impressive will range ill include lilt-in midi i Ml4| has
• Ihe show Supercard w concept be letting ind F3. Its ally wipe
ritten. The jly making a thing of a desktop ing labels, lying
fine d circular classifica- bard discs i upgrades ware cov- !
And C4) se for the iripherals (stand J6) i range of 11 have a
discount s will be :es (stand A number of new titles will be on
sale by Computer Manuals (stands Sll and M2) which will also be
offering damaged books at knockdown prices. Computer Store
(stand L13) will be catering for Amiga users with a range of
blank discs, disc boxes, joysticks and disc drives.
Discount prices will be offered by Conceita Micro Systems (stand Jll) which will feature a range of Deskjet printers and well known discs. From Dabs Press (stand K12) there will be a selection of new books in the Dabhand Guide series.
Diamond Computers (stand S25) will have a full range of hardware, software and peripherals for the Amiga. The keen competition for business which is one of the watchwords of Computer Shopper Show was underlined by Mike Brown from Diamond who would offer no further information for fear of letting the opposition know what he will be selling.
A selection of discs, disc storage boxes and Panasonic printers will feature on the Mediaware stand (S5). Dowling Computers (stand S17) will be offering Amigas, peripherals and a range of games and business software.
Star and Panasonic printers, discs, disc boxes and Amigas will be sold by Ealing Computers (stand Bib).
Equinox Business Systems (stand K3) will be offering its recently-launched small business accounts package SBA Plus, Written and developed by Equinox, the SBA Plus package is the next up-grade from SBA Xtra aimed at the maturing small business.
It features flexible invoicing with a product table or free format mode, an invoicing link with sales ledger and stock control, integrated puchasing links with bought ledger and stock control, complete sales ledger, multi-period VAT. Library charts and accounts and the ability to act for more than one company. SBA Plus costs £199.95. WHAT is believed to be the world's largest Christmas stocking will be a feature of the Computer Shopper Show.
Fifty feet long, it will be suspended in the Palm Court at Alexandra Palace to be filled by teams of children collecting cash around the show.
Recipient of the proceeds, expected to be in excess of £20,000, will be Childline. The helpline for children in need. It is hoped that leading light of Childline Esther Rantzen will appear at the show and the stocking is being put forward for a mention in the Guinness Book of Records.
S to be re- ler house e for the hardware A new range of discs which feature software protection built into the shell will feature strongly on the stand of Escroe (A8). Escroe specialists in volume sales of discs ranging from 2.8in to 8in.
Evesham Micros (H16.17 and 18) will be concentrating mainly on hardware including external disc drives for the Amiga. In addition to stocking Amiga machines, it will also be selling memory and internal disc drive A wide range of discs will be the speciality of First Stop Computer Supplies (stand F7).
Launched earlier this year, the European version of the SupraModem 2400zi internal Amiga 2000 modem will be featured by Frontier Software on stand HlO. The casy-to- install half card supports asynchronous operation at 2400, 1200 and 300 baud and is 100 per cent Hayes compatible retailing at £169.95. "The 2400zi is unique in the Amiga market and has sold exceptionally well in the USA.
We believe at our price, it is unbeatable for a modem of its specification", said Frontier’s marketing manager Martin Walsh.
On the First Media stand (L18) visitors will be treated to what is billed as the largest collection of storage boxes in the country. Stands, copy holders and replacement mice for a wide range of computers will also be on sale at very competitive prices, said FM boss |ohn Taylor.
HSV Computer Services (stand S9) will be offering a range of discs, ribbons and accessories and Hewson Consultants (stands M7 and M9) will be displaying its wide range of games software.
A selection of software including many top games will be on offer from In Store Marketing (stand M15) and Kador (stand M4) will have its range of seal’n'type protective keyboard covers, together with the Keytops series of stick-on labels for converting keyboards to other languages. The company will also be giving details of its courses on re-charging laser cartridges.
Kempston Data (stands H2 and H3) will offer the Kempston mouse at a price of £49.95 and the Kempston disc drive for the Amiga costing £89.95. From Kuma Computers (stand M6) will come K-Comm 2, the Amiga to Psion link. It combines flexible bulletin board requirements, simple terminal emulation and viewdata fea- SOCK IT TO THEM!
SPECIAL OdJjviPLI (HdJj Ejj-JiLiyy 1 £3 Ejj Vjj-J iihftMPd CJ JjVJj=JLI-.r,=Lpj ¦ !-~l, |!ZJI hVtd- A special section for businessmen A SPECIALIST feature of the Computer Shopper Show has been designed to attract a minimum of 5,000 buyers from small businesses, many of them looking to purchase micros for the first time.
The Small Business Advisory Centre is a new concept developed jointly by Database Exhibitions and Computer Shopper magazine.
It will be supported by Apricot Computers which has agreed to link up with leading UK business software houses to present a non-stop display of the benefits of networking to small companies.
The Department of Trade and Industry will send along experts from its enterprise initiative scheme to offer advice and a leading firm of accountants will be there to give financial pointers.
"We are going to offer the small businessman the most comprehensive source of information ever provided at a computing event", said sales director of Database Exhibitions Mike Malone. "We are firmly convinced that no previous computer show has ever adequately addressed this area of advice for small businesses. Computer Shopper will fill that gap".
Lures ennabling access lo services such as Prestel. Together with the ability to link the Amiga to the Psion Organiser. K-Comm 2 costs £29.95. Kuma is also extending its Better English at a Better Price promotion on K-Roget until December 31. K-Roget is a computerised version of Longmans Pocket Roget's Thesaurus and allows users to select the most appropriate word from a database of over 150.000 words and phrases. The special offer reduces its price from £49.95 to £29.95. SPECIAL Thingi Computer Supplies (stands Mil and M13) will debut Thingi. Thingi 2 at the Computer Shopper Show. The new
document holder is a much enhanced version of Thingi 2, injection moulded with a special gravity clip allowing documents to he positioned, it costs £8.61. EjklrJVV Sj£jrml CiCM-Azi'J-s'Azi ’AlijA U'f Pi ; |r V On the Llamasoft stand (Ml7). The company's best-selling ST package TripaTron will make its debut for the Amiga. Incorporating stunning graphics which respond in time to music, it costs £34.95 A range of software, peripherals, disc boxes and joysticks to cover all formats will be available from MCD (stands B12. G13.15 and 17) How to find your way round The blue markers indicate
stands stocking software and hardware for Commodore computers.
Cj: 3J 5J i 1 1 1 „ and the peripheral market will also be servei by MD Office Supplies (stands A2 and S15 Main Media (stand B2) will be selling dis disc boxes and accessories.
Database Publications (stands B6, B8 am BIO) will have current editions of its five com puter titles on sale, including Amig Computing, plus back copies for readers to fil in their collectons with issues they may haw missed.
Mandarin Software (stand )18) will be u the Computer Shopper Show to demons' Amos, its games creation package for Amiga. Sister product to STOS on the ST. it i scheduled for release in lanuary.
Amos allows programmers to design the own games in an easy-to-learn Basic languaj environment offering groat flexibility an making best use of the Amiga's unique set i hardware chips. It will cost £49.95. Magnetic media, data buffers, disc drivel and uninterruptable power supply systen will be among the range of computer acce sories from Manor Court Supplies (stand Cl and Megaland (stand S7) will be doing go deals on Commodore computers.
Memory Expansion Systems will he sellin a range of expansion boards for the Amiga i stands B7 and B9 and another offer of baq prices will come from Micro Supplies with it] wide range of both software and hardwarl products on stands A5 and A7 Special show prices on Amigas and a vari-l ety of peripherals and software will be thef attraction from Micro Anvika (stand SI) On offer from Modem Marketing (stand A9| will be its new EC2400 modem which wa; launched earlier this year. The package covei all four speeds currently used worldwide!
Including V22bis. And is fully Hayes compati-| ble at a price of £279.
Discs for all machines will he among th OMD products on stand Ml8: a selection i discs, storage boxes and mouse mats will I available from Quantum Computers (stand 1 and Reflex Magnetics will he selling a wid range of discs on stand M5.
VIDI. The Video Imago Digital Interface whid allows pictures to
be grabbed from video, will be on sale for the Amiga from
Romb Productions on stand M12. It costs £99.95. So easy to
get there EXCELLENT communications make!
Aledandra Palace the ideal venue for tlieF Computer Shopper Show. By road, the show isf“n just 15 minutes from junction 25 on the M25.I! J There is free parking for hundreds of cars.
For rail travellers. Alexandra Palace has iticoio own British Rail station a nine minute journojtivii away from Kings Cross. A free shuttle bus con-The nects the station to the show.
Admission charges are £4 for an adult andl £3 for children under IB with a £1 discounW for prepaid tickets. A special prepaid family!
Ticket is also available for £9 which will admit) two adults and two children. Prepaid prices) can only be obtained hy pro-registering on the| ticket hotline. 051-357 2961. 4 ns The show is open from 10am to 6pm ( nrg * Friday and Saturday. November 24 25 and£_ from 10am to 4pm on Sunday November 26.
Leamrigfasneiw I bees? Sc cf? Fi n sSii?'
|§&||s s”s“‘ uniM,*u n £*'**.•
• T Jh* Hou rfu!s.
Msm "ounS'Z'** a n oee Now children can really have fun while learning.
Fun School 2, designed by a team of educationalists. Is available for three age groups: Under 6s. 6-8 year olds and Over-8s. Each pack comes with eight colourful and exciting programs, a colourful button badge and detailed instructions giving educational help.
? Cheque payable to Database Software ? Please debit my Access Visa card no.
The computer itself monitors the child's progress. The skill level - initially set by parents
- is automatically adjusted to suit the child's ability.
Now children can enjoy using their parents' computer while they learn at their own pace.
Agitable tor: Spectrum, Commodore 64.
0. S5 tape} €12.95 (disc).
Also: Atari ST, Amiga, PC, Archimedes €1995 IK Ik Formal Under-6s 68 years Over-8s Tap.
Disc Tape Disc Tape Disc Archimedes' 2900 2901 2902 Commodore 64 9064 9065 9066 9067 9068 9069 Amstrad CPC 6179 6180 6181 6182 6183 6184 BBC MicroCleclron 2239 2242 2245 BBC B+ Masler 40T 2240 2243 2249 BBC B+ Master 80T 2241 2244 2250 Alan ST 9192 9193 9194 Amiga 9842 9843 9844 PC 5.25- 5764 5765 5766 PC 3.5* 5767 5768 5769 Signed _ Add £2 per program Europe & Eire £5 Overseas
• released 14.11.89 Please circle the code number of the format
your require Send to: Database Direct. FREEPOST.
Ellesmere Port. South Wirral L65 3EB Access Visa orders: Tel: 051-357 2961 FUTUREPLACE COMPUTERS 12 Loampit Hill, Lewisham, London SE13 7SW. Tel. 01-692 8700 ALL GAMES SOFTWARE AT 30% DISCOUNT AMIGA A500 GAMES PACK Includes AMIGA A500 Computer Mouse, Power Pack, Leads, TV Modulator. Plus 10 Great Games.
10. ....£8.90
25. ..£22.00
50. ..£43.00
100. £84.00 Please add £1.50 P&P SHOP
HQURS Mon. to Fri. 10 to 6 pm Sat. 9 to 6 pm SOFTWARE
..£9.00 £14.99 £10.50
£15.95 £11.00 £16.95
£12.00 £17.95 £12.50
£19.99 £14.00 £22.95
£16.00 £24.95 £17.50
£29.99 £21.00 AMIGA A500 Includes TV
Modulator, Power Pack, Mouse, Leads, Workbench 1.3, RRP
£399.00 Our Price £369.00 Inc. VAT Amiga 501
Expansion ...£139.00 Amiga to
Scart Lead ...£14.95
Mats .....£4.99
Amiga 2nd Disk
Drive .£89.00 100 Cap
Disk Box .£10.50 50
Cap Disk
Box .....£8.50
Amiga Dust
Cover ...£5.59 STAR
ONLY £229.00 STAR LC 10
180E 9 PIN DOT
MATRIX ...£159.00
CARD HOTLINE 01-692 8700 Please add £1.50 to all orders
under £75.00. All prices include VAT Access - Visa - Diners
Club - American Express tci r~ t r~ I-1 T A world 01
in|o,ma|ion I LL L I L fl I at your fingertips
M. A.S.T. Memory and Storage Technology (UK) Ltd TECHNICAL
EXCELLENCE Important Announcement ‘SHOW PRICES AT HOMEf* Yes.
The creative people at Memory and StoraQe Technology, the
company famous throughout the world for designing and
manufacturing compact lower power peripherals for the Amiga
announce the arrival of a computer show to beat all computer
shows! Buy our products at show prices from the comfprt of you
r own home. STOP PRESS: Due to incredible response these very
special offers have been extended to December 15th, 1989 - but
no later!
All prices indude VAT. Normal selling prices are shown in ( ) The Microtek Adaptor turns your Amiga into an advanced Teletext TV giving you fast access to any of the free pages from Ceefax or Oracle Hundreds of pages constantly updated to give you the very latest information, at the touch of a button.
The mouse may by used to select any page then print it or save it to disc.
Saves may be compact or IFF, it can read out the news and is easily programmed to do all these things automatically. With true FastTexf, the system knows what pages are likely to be selected next and gets them in advance making them available instantly Many more facilities are also provided The Adaptor connects to the Parallel port, your printer is then reconnected to a socket on the Adaptor and when the computer is not in use you can watch TV on the monitor!
"A highly recommended purchase" Amiga Computing - Feb '89 At only £124 80 ? VAT for an advanced Teletext TV. Its excellent value for money, VHF UHF International version: £169.50 MICROMEGS ULTRA LOW POWER A501 ALTERNATIVE
• Additional to any memory currently In your sytem
• Autoconflgure
• Fast RAM
• Low Power
• Ram Tachometer
• Autoconflgure LED
• Pocket Sia
• Zero wait states
• Compatible with A501
• Easily Installed A500 1000 external 512K £149.95 (£179.95)
module 1 MEG £229.95 (£279.95) 2 MEG £369.95 (£479.95) E3
MICROTEXTS] Depl AG, 7 Blrdlip Close, Horndean, Hants P08 9PW k
Tel: (0705) 595694 Fax:(0705)593988 J COMPUTERS LLTD 10
PeletsfieW Avenue, Slough. Bertishire SL2 50N Tel: 0753 35557
Fax: 0753 511122 SPECIAL NOTE Al ol the priced (ten* above are
regular stock Demt Since MAST. (UK) Ltd. Maned hading, over 05%
of el orders received have been despatched within 24 houre. It
ie stli advteable to telephone for InformotMMi on availability
Please note that personal cheques have to be cleared prior to
despatch of goods Access. Visa orders welcome BTPO, Channel
Island and Scandinavia customers please deduct 12% from all
PLEASE ADO C5 TO EACH ORDER OVER EB0 TO COVER THE COST Of 1st CLASS REGISTERED POST MEMORY AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY, INC. 89 00 144 00 253 00 31900 404 00 11000 62 00 49 00 189 00 79 00 89 00 249 00
8RN (077 082) 234 MAST. USA 3881 E.BENATAR WAY.
CHICO, CA 95928
(916) 342 6278 110 00 12 00 255 00 42 00 ALL PRICES AND
year warranty Arrga to Printer lead ..... Cxiekahot
II Turbo Joystick OATAPLEX DRIVES 1MB 3 5’External Drive
'Mb 3 5' Internal Orrve .. 1Mb 5
25’ Floppy Dmre AMIGA HARO DRIVES 20Mb One A5001000 Xvi
A50G10X 40Mb Dm* ASOtVIOOO 60Mb Drive A5001000 Pleaae ring
lor other capacity drives PHILIPS MONITORS CMBB33 14*
RGB CVBS Col Mon .
BM7502 12-Green Monitor BM7522 12" Amber Mondor ..._...... CM8S52 H. Res Col Mon PftMTERS Amstrad IQ3500 01 Amsoad DMP4000 Amstrad LQ5000 Dl DM Malm Range ClOTn 1200 . .... Cll en 180E New 24pm Swift 24 Colour upgrade for Swift AMIGA HARDWARE
* 503 Complete A500.TV Modulator
A500.Pt.lips Med Cot AMIGA SM BATMAN PACK -
• Amiga 500 computer . TV Modutalor«
• Batman Mone Game
• FIS Ffaght Simulator Game
• Pam II
• New Zealand Story
• Dataplex offer of Free Joystick PRICE
A501-512K Ram Frse fating i bought with Amiga 500 TVModutitor
.. Al Citizen printers a 279 00 289 00 Epson
1X400 Epson FX1060 Epson LQ 400 .139 00 40500
__________ 195 00 465 00 Mouse Epson LQ550 Epson L0850 Epson
IO860 Epson 101060
- --------- 255 00 395 00
- --51800 64900 Hewlett Packard
Think* . .1.. 265.00
Quietist ... 334 00 .317 00
Quiet jet* . 399
00 99 00 Disk* .... DeskJet* Z1ZZ524
00 Part*
- ------- 64600 1900 Rugged Writer ___864 00 400 AD Hewlett
Packard Prrters co.
Re wth 12 1000 months onsite warranty 1000 1000 Star LC10 Mono ..-.....135.00 Star LC10 Colour 168 00 68 00 Star LC24-10 194 00 63 00 NEC P2200 234 00 99 00 NEC P6.80 Character 389 00 NEC P7.136 Character ________ 499 00 329 00 Cotow Upgrade K4 80 00 529 00 Panasonic KXP1061 . 11900 Conditions ol sala
• All prices exclude VAT and de livery charges ¦ E&OE all pnces
sublet to change without mrtice ’ Alcoflectxms made by prior at
rangement from our warehouse
• Please £1* VAT tor coneum ablet and C8.VAT for al other items
lot next day delivery Sheetleeder Panasonic KXP1180 Panasonic
KXP 1592 Panasonic KXP1595 Panasonic KXP1540 MEW Mannesmann Ta
MT81 (Dot Malm) Sheeffeeder Serai l F
• Fully Compatible
• Quality Fujitsu , Mechanism
• Superslimllne
• No Clicking
• May be switch disabled
• 1 year limited I warranty
• Very low power SHOW PRICE £69.99 (£79.95) "CHANGE KICKSTARF At
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01-629 1234 ext 3914 Sei fudges 1st floor). Oxford Street. London. WtA IAB L OPCN: MON-SAT 9am 6 Oopm LATE NIGHT THURSDAY Sam 8pm a Surname: Postcode n a computer you own“ What is the truth behind software theft? Peter Hivetts investigates 70 AMIGA COMPUTING December 1989 RIGHT now. This minute, there is someone dropping a disc in the post, or transferring a file by modem.
Commonplace events among commonplace people. But these people are different. The disc contains illegally copied programs being sent to someone who has not paid for them. The files they are transferring are not theirs to upload.
They are the crackers.
Is their existence detrimental to the computer industry? Listen carefully as massed ranks of programmers leap as one to their feet and shout “Yes”. They can sit down now. They have a vested interest. Listen again, and hear the crackers and the recipients of their copied software say “No". They too have an interest in this.
Let’s step back and look at the issues.
First, the two forms of piracy. Two I forms you say? Yes. Counterfeit and cracking. Counterfeit is rife in many industries, duplicating anything from perfume to plastic pearls. Ripping off packaging and designer labels to pass it off as the real thing. No one can condone this. It hurts everyone.
This has been a journey into sound, Amiga-stereo sound You buy Zappow2000, the fantastic new game. When you get home its packaging is not as good as it should be.
But you play the game anyway. Your money has gone into the pockets of a criminal who made that fake. If you buy a word processing program and need support from the authors you’ll be distressed to find that had you bought a fake the authors won’t help.
So, counterfeit is wrong. But what of cracking? It doesn’t do anyone much good. What crackers do is take programs and remove their protection so they are easily copied. Then programs are swapped between cracking groups, who compete to get the newest games out first.
Very little serious software circulates this way. Mainly because the crackers tend to be kiddie shoot-’em-uppers who wouldn’t know a good word processor if it leapt into their disc drive and typed the works of Shakespeare without the monkeys being in the room.
What do get around are beta test versions of games, mega-trained ones that have been modified to make them easier to play, or crunched versions of games on release. The crunched software tends to come with a number of other crunched games on one disc, all squeezed on so that the crackers can impress fellow groups with their cleverness.
And all these cracked discs carry the modern irritation of computing - the demo. In the good old days (1986), demos showed off what the machine could do. Joe Public was well impressed. But cracker demos tend to be all the same. Pretty coloured screen
- look, he can use the copper - pretty scrolly picture - er...
and the blitter - electropop music which goes on and on. And
daft scrolling text, of the “Hi from Smegman of the Smegs and
here is our latest disc so ya boo sucks to the noztrils of’
type. Pretty for 30 seconds, useless thereafter. And usually as
Amiga friendly as Jack Tramiel with a machine gun.
CRACKERS who write demos always go and beat metal with astounding regularity, with no care if it's upwards downwards or standing still compatible. They all seem to use two drive, one meg. A500s. And it’s tough luck if you don’t because these demos SOUNDTRACKER treats music as numbers, not blobs on a staff. It divides up music into four tracks one for each Amiga voice - of 64 events. Each event can be either empty, or signal a change to the sound playing on that track. You can have as many patterns as required and change their tempo, repeat or loop them to form music.
Initially this appears to need a lot of effort, but after you have the hang of the basic controls, Soundtracker works like a smart sequencer.
The latest version is v2.4. It has the ability to play 32 samples, known as presets in Soundtrackerese, previously the limit was 16 samples.
There is a preset-editor with which you can manage your library of presets. This can be used as a separate utility. There are print options and lots of little useful goodies like a filter switch and a bug fix to make it friendlier to hard discs.
Because it is no longer a commercial program, Soundtracker hasn’t been properly tested. It's got a lot of bugs in all the new parts of code. Version 2.4 is a master of confusing its screens with multicoloured garbage and then crashing. It’s not OS legal, so won't multi-task, and still has disc names will break if you have anything else.
The demo reaches new levels of tedium with the mega-demo. Whole discs of demos, each one doing something more mind numbing than the one before. The crackers think you’ll be impressed by 64.000 bobs on the screen. I'm not. And most people aren’t. 64.000 bobs in a game would be a different matter, but your average cracker is too dumb to think of writing anything as complicated as a game.
As for the infantile groups themselves, they’re like a cross between train spotters and D’n’D freaks, all trapped in their very silly world of swapping discs and writing demos. They seem to live in the postal version of cyberspace, oblivious of the world outside.
All pretty negative stuff. It’s a pity really, because in that vast array of computer freaks there are occasional Soundtracker - the DOC version for the preset library hardwired in.
This is all very much in the style of the development of cracked Soundtracker, and it is a frequently voiced wish when Amigaphiles gather that the people who work on it should do a new commercial version.
But recently Soundtracker clones have started appearing, like Linel- Tracker. Pro-TYacker, Sidmon and Seq, all looking superficially like Soundtracker but often with major improvements internally to the code, and externally to the user interface.
Hopefully someone will write the definitive clone, Real Soon Now and then everyone can get down to exploiting the Amiga sound system the way Soundtracker users can.
- 4 glimmers of goodness. Like Soundtracker.
Let me tell you the story of Soundtracker. Once upon a time, a German person wrote a rather average music editor called Soundtracker. It wasn't a masterpiece of code, but it was particularly liked by some German crackers who managed to get their hands on the source.
And they sat down and worked on it. Tweaking and adding, changing and improving it. It's now the most popular Amiga program you can’t buy.
Dozens of games out there have Soundtracker soundtracks. In its most recent incarnation it's a quite good music program, and almost all the demo writers use it.
Programming wise, it still is a mess.
The cracker's code is leaping off into rom. Fiddling with structures and generally abusing the operating system. To crackers, that doesn't matter, but to the rest of the world, kicking your hard disc controller into space is at least an irritation.
Some crackers and the original author are getting together to release a Pirate-proof computers COMMERCIAL programmers would like to see each computer built with a unique serial number in the rom.
Modem mass production techniques make this economically possible, although it does mean using more expensive chips.' When you buy a program it could use this code to decrypt the disc in a way which meant that it would only run on your machine.
It is an idea which has been proposed for the Amiga 3000. But that IS Ft new commercial version, properly finished and hopefully OS legal. But crackers are snobs, and don't like muddying their hands with commercial software writing.
¦ COVER STORY Well, most don't, some have made the leap into commercial software and the programs (no names, no pack is a 16Mhz. 68030 Unix workstation.
There won't be many kiddies in the playground with one of those.
But many people buy a computer because they know they can pirate software from friends. So it is not in the hardware manufacturer's interest to produce a pirate-proof computer.
Some crackers even argue that because piracy helps sell hardware there are more customers for software in the future. In the end it's all down to conscience.
Drill) are quite good. But the rest of the energy of othor crackers just goes to waste in a macho fantasy.
The macho id breeds strange ideas into these folks. Like "C is for wimps, real men use 68000" and "Amiga operating system, yes that's the thing you kick out of memory first" and "Copper lists are for hacking and appending". All of which makes no real sense to anyone who spends five minutes with anything but the hardware reference manual and the odd Abacus book.
You aren’t going to stop crackers, try as you might. You can help by not taking the software, or at least buying games you like when you see them on a cracker's disc. Telling the crackers their acts are illegal is a waste of breath. All you can really do is try and talk them into doing intelligent things with their Amigas.
Say to your local cracker: "So what?
Any idiot can trash the machine and do pretty demos. Getting rid of protection is very clever but you aren't actually making anything". Are you listening crackers out there?
Real programming is a lot more fun.
Writing programs that do things. It's why I and a whole lot of other people like the Amiga. Sit down and write a game, it's a whole lot more fun than writing a two- bit demo that will be in the “For formatting" pile at the end of the day.
Meanwhile, software developers, you might as well ignore these folks, because quite honestly no matter how clever a protection you put on your discs, crackers will get through it. It's not that they are smart, just persistent.
No protection scheme can survive constant bombardment.
Programmers, get back to producing great software for the Amiga. Help organisations like FAST - the Federation Against Software theft - chase after the criminals. And please, stop putting those daft protection schemes on discs which just make life difficult for the legitimate user.
Nobody comes out well from this look at the world of piracy. The crackers are so disorganised and so macho motivated that you'll never stop any more than 10 per cent of them even if you try really, really hard.
And the crackers themselves have yet to realise that they are engaged in one of the most futile and dumb pursuits known to man. Called achieving nothing.
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Order by phone with your credit card, or send cheque PO or your credit card number. Official orders welcome We despatch same day by FIRST CLASS post Please alow o day* tor dekvery ot hardware order* Pnoaa ara quoted subject to availabUy n.t ««r LAKE5I0C HOUSE. KINGSTON HILL. SURREY. KT2 70T. TEL 01-546-7256 MAIL pSP ORDER MAIL ORDER -r 36A OSBORNE STREET, COLCHESTER, ESSEX (RETAIL) SOFTSELLERS H ~ 5A DOG'S HEAD STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK (RETAIL) 24 HR. MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 210605 FAX NO. 0473 213457 HARDWARE ALL OUR HARDWARE INCLUDES VAT AND FREE DELIVERY.
PC ENGINE PLUS 16 bit games machines PAL version £199.95 AMIGA 500 BATMAN PACK SEGA MEGA DRIVE 16 bit games machine £199.95 A3000s and Sts in stock Batman (the Movie) Interceptor, NZ Story, Deluxe Paint II, mouse, modulator, and manuals £369.95 AMIGA 500 + 1084S A590 HARD DRIVE 20 meg hard drive £369.95 As above with Batman pack and 1084S colour monitor £599.99 AMIGA 500 CLASS OF 90 PACK Deluxe Paint II, Superbase Personal, Maxiplan A500, Doctor Midi recording studio, Datel Midi Interface, BBC emulator + programs, Amiga logo, 10 3.5" discs, mouse mat, disc wallet and education support file
from Commodore £499.95 C1900 Monochrome monitor £99.95 1084S Colour monitor £249.95 DIGIVIEW GOLD Video digitiser and adaptor £149.95 8802 GENLOCK Merge computer graphics with live video £249.95 PUBLISHERS CHOICE DTP package including Pagesetter and Kindwords £99.95 ECE MIDI 500 2000 Midi interface £49.95 512K EXPANSION + Clock Card £99.95 MUSIC X The music package!
£199.95 EXTERNAL DRIVE Cumana 1 meg £99.95 EXTERNAL DRIVE Cumana 1 meg £199.95 AEGIS SONIX Composition and MIDI control £49.95 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125 £6.99 OS Turbo £ 99 Cheetah Starprobe ......£11.99 fcurcmax Pacemaker £24 99 Pro 5000 Glo Green ....£12.99 Euromjx Prof 9000 £t t 99 Komx Navigator ft I 99 Pro 5000 Glo Red .£12.99 s j ™ ;;;;; '' I" 0i 0 SwiiiizV , w' 'S.is; ' Hi*"' DISC BOXES
3. 5" 40 Holder
Lockable ..£5.99
3. 5" 80 Holder
Lockable ..£7.99
5. 25" 50 Holder
Lockable ..£4.99
5. 25" 120 Holder
Lockable £6.99 DISC BOXES
3. 5" 40 Holder Lockable with 10 3.5" dsdd discs ..£12.99
3. 5" 40 Holder Lockable with 20 3.5" dsdd discs .. £19.99
3. 5" 40 Holder Lockable with 40 3.5" dsdd discs ..£33.99
3. 5" 80 Holder Lockable with 10 3.5" dsdd discs ..£15.99
3. 5" 80 Holder Lockable with 40 3.5" dsdd discs ..£35.99
3. 5" 80 Holder Lockable with 80 3.5" dsdd discs ..£55.99 DISCS
Qty 10 Qty 20 Qty 50 Qty 100
3. 5" dsdd SONY ..£7.99 .....
......£14.99 .. ...£34.99
..... £59 99
3. 5" dsdd SONY £11.99 .....
......£22.99 .. ...£54.99
..... £99.99 PERIPHERALS Mouse
Mat . £4.95 Joystick
Extender £5.95 s
Cover ...£4.95
Replacement mouse + mouse holder + . , mouse
mat .£29.95
.2?Four Player
Adaptor .....£5.95 MAIL
PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 210605 FAX NO. 0473 213457 '2 99
'6 99
* 699 1399
• 599
• 699 16 99 15 99 19 99 1299 12 99 15 99 1599 .16 99
16. 99 .13 99
18. 99
16. 99 . 9.99
13. 99 .... 19.99 ....15.99 . ...12 99 ...13 99 ...13.99 ...24.99
....13 99 ....15 99 ...13 99 ...19 99 1399 1599 1999 1699
16. 99 12 99 1599 .13 99 .16 99 . 13 99 . 1399 1299 12 99 16 99
16 99
19. 99
19. 99
13. 99 1999
12. 99 13 99 V Gear 10 Pod
- 3 99
- ---- 899
* dd ]«a Gotten Sh stared Rear Astaxa* 699
• 699
* 6 99 APR 199 »a«r • gr*e 899 Arron i or 2 (CcupSWWI 999
AgJaver*u'a __ * . . . A*ew wapc Hammer B*Mnoe Ol Power 990
Kwberter i |Pa ac ;
- ---2*99 399 899 '699 Bankok Knight* 16 99 16 99 16 99 16 99
CaM_ CorAd Europe_______ ConuientalCircua____ CmnoN at
Wrath____ Carthage------------------- CofvM*_______________
C*cago90 Corrvrwndo-- Chambers o Shacsn Cnessmaeier 2000
•-u-d Drago' Sr a
* ge'*o* ‘ism A5*o- u*im Dungeo* mui» £«•« • 0 t»oy« Daoooi Tomb
sresr. := Gakken___________________ Dynamite Dus ...
Doubt Dragon II---- Dogs ol War----- Dynarrvc Debuoger____ EH*
Epoch---------- F ye of Hecoiee------ Eye at Howe ________
Flash Oagon .. ‘29 **ra»ai»
* 9 Sean* f.g*e** Fieconoarotw !Uccn '•icon V*•* '. 3 .M .
• Or-Sn * orrr ,l* O' coorba »o‘tN*vaai .
Cvaof‘ ‘a»T Frankenstein . Future Wais ...... Bow «'T*W MOV*) .
0e"W» 0oow 8oa?*r». O** !)•¦*
- WMO*, 0MC* VdWy ev-nt*) end wwno' Bad Fiendish Froddy ....
Fighter Bombef _ Genw Wing__________ Gar** (Completion)
GokJr gon* Domar .
Grand Monstw Slam.
Grim Blood------------ Ghostbuatsr II--------- raktz .. Gunsh*) 15.99 Gam * Summer EdHion ...13.99 Qrewpeac ...1599 Garry-tn k , S SKH ......13 99 Qy* ________ ¦-- 1699 Gaaoyforos _________1)99 U»XM* «nd GTWS» --- 16 99 XT’":- 38 Hard Owwq---*----t) 99 HATE____________13 99 Heavy Mat _________16 99 Hound d Shadow__________________16 99 Ho* Shol ....13.99
* dian jo*. (Low * **•) • 6 99
* d*ne ,vw cJS Oosfl 3 99 i-var'oa------- . *699 IHUO- . .
....____ , *299 KonTracMr . ____ 2 99 nfwuuar 6 99 '•ephaae
- ___ - 1699 Arietce 12 99 i Cam irom the Dessr 19 99
mpue*bteM*s«n I 1899 . Sc« Rx* ----------- 16 99 jac. .--------
1?99 Ml _____- ~~~- 18 99 rtfckQIt-------------1299
kk*0*»e.ra Hm.----99V k ysur „ i999 keWdwlhMf '6 99
* JAng (er-a Snjw 3 99 KwafttoO* -_ . . 599 laser
Squad----------------12.99 Lcanca lo
KB_____________________13.99 Legend at
Dial .16 99 Leaure S«t Larry
II ..19 99 Ightforce
(Compiation) 16.99 Lombard R
AC. Rally .....16.99 Lord*
o* the Rising Sun ....19.99
la *N«**n 6 99 lorPwroi f 99 iverpoo -599 Lancaster ia*;Si.r*mw
-3 99 Mar* Mmu 6 » MCWM. S xte» 1599 M He*------- .1599 Majc
Joh-won . *------ 1? 99 MuOT-OT** 16 99 Murder m
Venice_________________________________15 99 Matru
Maruaden------------------16 99 Nirya
Warrior .13 99 Near Zealand
Slory------------16 99 North and South---------15 99
Necromancer .16 99 Never
mnd----------------------13 99 CperWkxi
Thunderbot_________________________16.99 Outrun
Oriental 15
99 Onslaught____________________________________________13.99
Ooze ......15
99 Paperboy
...„ .....12
99 PinbaJI
Ma|ic ...16
99 Police Quest
II ...16
99 Pool* at
Radiance ..16
99 Populous
......16 99
Populous Dafa Disk* .
Powerdrome .16
99 PreOous Metal
(Compilation) ...16 99 Premier
Collection (Compilation) ......19.99 Personal
Knighlmare 19.99
Predator---------------------------------- 16 99 Player
Manager------------------------------12 99
P47 ...15 99 PowerdnM-------------16 99
Passing Shot-------------------16 99
Pctenary-------------------16 99 Parse
Slaton ...13 99 Quartz
Back ..... .. 15.99
...13.99 Quest for Time
Bird ...... Red Heat---------------
Renegade ... Rick
19.99 16.99 _______________18 99
____________15 99 Rocker Ranger Run
the Gauntlet-------
R. V.F. Honda- Red Storm R«ng------- Rairpow islands----------
Ran________________ Raly Cross ...... __________16.99
_____16 99
- -1599
- --16 99 _15 99
- ---------13 99 12.99 Roadware ...
S. E.U.C.K . Swdr------- W
S vag* Svyt------- Sine ’ _________13 99 ...
19.99 1399 13.99
13.99 ...16 99 Skwee«
SoaceQ.se* i SpeedMii .. . . 13.99 19.99
16.99 S'ev 0 v Snoos * 8 105 _________________12 99
Story bo ? «*’ ' x t-aoi'i Story So Far 3 -Conp«a»«r, Stu*s
Car_ Shrata Street Fghting Man ....
..12.99 12 99
- ------15.99 _________13 99
- ---------13 99 Test DmreN______
- ---16 99 TV Sports FooQufl ...... TrviaJ
Pursu* (Famiy Edtion)---- Take Em Out______________
TinHn__________________________________ __________19.99
- ------1699 ____12.99 _____________12 gg ThnI time Platinum
(CorrpUlion). .. Terrys Big Advervure
TrM* ..... 1599
....12.99 15 99 Tra:k Attack
.16.99 Tuitx)
Outrun .. Ultimate
Go* ... Ultimate
Darts .
16.99 ......16.99 .13.99
Universe III ......
Untouchables . UMS
II .... Ultima
V .... ......13 99
.16.99 15.99 ......15.99
Vpilante .. .10.99
VermruBor War In
Middle Earth .
W. E.C. Le Mane---------------------
Warn ... 1399
- -------15 99
- ----16 99
12. 99 Wnners (Compiaaon) Xenophobe__ Xenon II__ Xybors__________
Sword c* Twiight------- Swschbiad _______ Starwars
Compilation_______ Shufflepucfc Cale__________ Super Scramble
Smjlator Super Wonderboy------- Silpheed______ _______
Sleeping Gods Lie ..... Soldier
2000 ... Slayer .....
Stormlord ... Shadow of the Beast
Star Blaze ... Super Quintet
.. Super Cars Sim Ciry
. Saint and Greavsie Seven Gates ot JamPaU
Star Command------- SteCar Crusade_________ Triad II
to availability and price change without notice.
Not all titlos released at time ol going to press. Shop prices may vary, but personal callers can claim advertised discounts on production ol cut-off slip.
TITLE COMP COST TOTAL COST £ Name...... Address.. Tel No__________________________________________ Have you ordered from us before YeSC AMC December AMIGA TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND PROGRAMMING We are pleased to announce our new Amiga product support, programming and consultancy services Product support available for all Amiga 2000 hardware, graphics, software, music and video production utilities Programming for all Amigas and IBM Pcs For further details please call Mat Lemings on Sunbury (0932) 781257 or write to: Denmar House Suite 1 30 Scotts Avenue Sunbury on Thames Middlesex TW16 7HZ
Distinctly Digita Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
The program will take mlormahon prepared by Cashbook Controller and produce a complete set ot accounts including
• Trill Balarxe ' Trading and Profit aid Lose Accourd ¦ Balance
Sheet • Notes to fie Accords
• Full Accounting rates All reports may be produced at any time,
with compare! Vetwdget figures if required The facility to
prooxe these documenB Quckly. Accurately, end regularly is of
enormous help in running any business. Isrge or small, since
one shows the true prohtabi .Ty achieved, arfo the other the
exacd strength cd foe business In terms ot assets end £29.95 It
you ever need to send out mailing* or print labels. »ou know
how l"Jd(y and timegonfcjmmg it can be making sure all the
labets are prated correctly Well now all that's a Hung d the
past Because Mai'snct equally thowt you the label* on screen,
you can type namet and addressee in exactly the correct piece
But more then dial me labels ere an mated on screen os a
continuous sheet allowing you to sere* baOwards and forwards,
to search for particular keywords to et*t entnes wdh the
minimum ol lues. Faohtiee include searching, detection of
duplicate labels, sorting (even surname1) 9 labels across. 999
copies ot any label This has to Be the simplest and most
eftettne methed of creating a metshot available Co you ever
hive lo print names and addressee at awkward paces on
envelopes, or do you ever need to fill in tr *y iWirao*
invoices where the text has 10 be In exacfly the nflht
piatt’Usually you have io do it by hand, or get your trusty tt
Typewriter out of We cipboard and dust toll Well not anymore
The Emulated TYPE writer transforms ycur cof-puar and pnrser
into a tu»y fledged typewriter, suwodng bold, underline, rial*
and other type-styles Eecuse it can display and print text
INSTANTLY you can line ie your form, press Return and Space a
few limes to move to tfe cornea piece, and then start typing
Attemahvety yew can swtKh to line-by-hne mode, which otters
word-wrap, implication and proportonw spacing, so that you can
eftt each fne before its printed Are you absolutely sure your
taxman is doing hit (ob mncfyf Ptsn your own tax with ease,
this meroxfoven program will calculate you income tax liability
(4 tax years ncljJed) and provide pertinent facts abewt your
tax pcaeon You can perform whaM’’ calculation lo discover ways
» imnmtse your tax liability In tael the program will advise
ycu on thngs such as. If you are ¦ mimed men. Whether l
• cufo be adrentagecus to have your wile siperatty or not At this
price who knows, you will probably
• nd thal PTP will pay tor itselt m tax savings the first time
you An excellent way to get organised With it you'd be reminded
ol birthdays and ofher anniversaries, meetings and
apfontrrents. Phone calls to make and so on As wfi all Ogta
products, inputting information is simplicity itselt and.
Once entered, you can search for keywords or lor particular events such as birthdays to see when one is coming up overdue appointments month and week summary at a glarce For less than fJO this is the ideal way to ycu never mist foal important occasion again' "Serious software at a sensible price t* ttUett and most powerful spreadsheet available In Out pee wacket,w*f 512 rowi by 52 cotumm, giving you up 1o W* cells At with all Dgrta produas. The operaccn of the program '» ctoarty thought out Being etfter merw. Mouse or conmevd dr-ren you II be able to start usmg It wlthm meuMi
- even d you ve never used a spreadsheel before Some of hi
features which m«ke it sudr good value are the exporting si
ASCII ' lea for integrate* with other prog-ame. Ad|ustable
cobmn width and text overflow, programmable tunchon Keys
macro*}, and a unique w.ndomng laoftty. To thal you can tt* at
different pern of a sheet at the tame tme ... Q_ DGCALC WIN A
GRASS KART WORTH £800 GREAT inventions of which man can bo
proud include the Amiga. Diet Coca Cola and the wheel.
Digital Magic Software used the first of these, consumed a lot of the second and created an amazing simulation of the third. The game is Drivin’ Force.
You control a one man buggy, a Formula One car. Bike, truck and jet ski. Smart graphics and clever programming give you the feeling of almost being there. Almost but not quite. One Amiga Computing reader will get the chance to be there for real in an Invicta Gnat worth £800. It will get up to 30 mph on the right ground.
That may not sound very fast, but when your bum is just inches off a rough surface it sure feels it.
A centrifugal clutch means you don’t have to worry about changing gear. You can wear the same jeans all the time. Although brown trousers might be a better idea.
(1) The first correct entry drawn out of the dustbin liner bag on
December 20 will win the DMS Invicta Gnat
(2) You may not photocopy the form.
Only genuine entries are acceptable.
(31 The prize may not be used on a public highway.
I have read and understand the rules ...(sign hearl ...(Date) Answer the three simple questions below and prepare to qualify
1) What was Digital Magic Software's first game?
A. Scorpion
b. Bombuzal
c. Deus Ex Machina
2) Drivin' Force has stunning graphics. Who drew them?
A. (on Law
b. And ' Warhol
c. Pahlo Picasso
3) Digital Magic Software is based in Widnes. Which county is
Widnes in?
A. Middlesex
b. Dumfries and Galloway
c. Cheshire The Gnat is usually sold as a kit, but Invicta has
built one especially.
For details of the Gnat contact Invicta on 0732-355628.
(4) Employees of Database Publications and their associated
companies may not enter.
(5) It is a condition of entry that the winner undertakes not be
use the Gnat without a road safety helmet and that the safety
instructions will be read and obeyed.
Name...... Address.. | Send your entry to.
Digital Magic: Software Drivin' Force I Competition. Amiga Computing. Second ¦ Floor. North Houae. 7H-H4 Ongar Road.
¦ Brentwood. Khniix. CM 15 9BG Telephone number:.
The word is PROTEXT... Now available - Version 4.2 of Arnor’s acclaimed wore ;ssor PROTEXT is very fast! Unlike the majority of Amiga word processors PROTEXT scrolls very quickly and redraws the screen in next to no time. We have achieved this by developing our own screen handling routines - much faster than the standard ones.
PROTEXT uses the Amiga ’WIMP’ interface fully and supports pull down menus, use of the mouse for cursor movement and block copying and window resizing.
PROTEXT makes full use of Amiga Preferences settings and is fully compatible with the Amiga’s multi-tasking operating system.
Protext is the result of 4 years of development. Unlike the majority of competitive programs Protext is 100% British and is being developed further all the time in response to the needs of British users. Registered users are always informed when upgrades are available.
'Protext really is the best text processor on the Amiga' STIAMIGA FORMAT2 89 ¦Protext - the real joy comes only hom using it. I can say without any tear of contradiction it is the best word processor available at the price, in my view, at any price in tact' AUI3I89 A brief summary of some of Protext’s features Symbols Time and date Line drawing Line spacing Printer support Printing styles Background printing edit create further files while printer is busy Box manipulation move, copy, or delete any box as well as blocks Configuration set over 50 options to your own preferences using our menu
driven configuration program Dictionaries add delete words to from supplied 70000 word English dictionary. Create your own dictionaries.
Disc utilities copy files, erase, rename, type, create directory, change directory, remove directory, catalogue files Exec files store sequences of commands in tiles for easy use File conversion flexible file conversion utility for other WP files Find & replace very powerful and fast with many options.
Foreign languages 10 built in keyboard languages. Easy to use accented letters: aaagoudGB&ufiSfi etc. Formatting auto-reformat; reformat para, block or whole text.
Headers & footers up to 9 lines of text, different even odd headers and footers, auto page numbering, footnotes.
Help edit and command help available on-screen Keyboard macros string any sequence of letters together on a single key e.g. "Yours sincerely". Load and save macro key files. Special recording mode as you type, ideal for drawing lines (Ind. Corners) around text variable in half lines, including 0, V6, 1, 1 Vfe, 2, 2V*. 3 works with any parallel or serial printer. Wide range of printer drivers supplied, incl. Lasers and 24-pin E'inters; or create your own drivers or edit ours.
Did, condensed, double strike, elite, italics, enlarged, pica, NLQ, subscript, superscript, microspacing, proportional spacing, any other printer fonts Undelete Word count quick count at any time, whole text or just a block Word puzzles anagram and crossword solving features Wysiwyg on-screen bold, underline, italics Mail merge The most comprehensive mail merge program available. Use it for labels personalised "standard letters", club membership lists, and much more:
- read data from files from any database or spreadsheet program »
ask for variables from keyboard • display message while
• include file for printing • reformat whilst printing
• conditional printing and repeat-until loop constructs
* numeric calculations and string expressions including
* commands to write information to a separate file operators +
, , =, =, = , .IN.NOTIN Program mode suppresses formatting;
auto-indent; set tab stops Proportional text will print
proportionally spaced, right justified text Quick dictionary
dictionary held in memory is very fast Ruler lines any number
of ruler lines to define document layout left right margins and
normal decimal tab stops Spelling checker check whole text from
disc or memory, or as you type Suggests alternative spellings.
Works with foreign languages full character set available on
screen Charactw symbols may be redefined time shown on screen.
Insert time or date into document help you to start using
Protext two documents in memory, copy text between them
Tutorial files Two file editing Protext is a professional word
processor If you want a fast efficient program for processing
words, get PROTEXT Latest News and Announcement Version 4.2 is
now available. Enhancements indude:-
• Revised and improved 300 page manual and index
• Current date and time are available as single key strokes
• Improved memory allocation and smaller program makes better use
of your memory.
• Scroll Lock function pauses after displaying a screenful of
text Upgrade price from v4.1x :- £15. Please return discs.
AVAILABLE NOW PROOATA' - the Arnor Database for PC ST Amiga.
(See our advert elsewhere In this issue) Re easing your micro's potent a ... IBM PC Atari ST Amiga Protext v4.2 £99.95 £99.95 £99.95 German Dictionary £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 Demonstration discs available - please phone_ All prices include VAT, postage and packing.
Payment by: Access Visa cheque postal order.
Please make cheques payable to 'Arnor Ltd'.
Arnor Ltd AC , 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PF1 3HA. Pel: 0733 68909 (24 hr Fax: 0733 67299 r ¦ REVIEWS ¦ WANT to hear a success story?
Well, once upon a time there was a man with a computer and a son.
Both were very good at drawing. The man decided to get them both together, so he wrote a program.
He looked at the program and the program was good - but it could be better. So he developed mouse handling routines, drawing conditions, links and variable definitions. The man took his adventure writing utility - for such it had become - to Microdeal, which signed it up. And he lived happily ever after.
Dike the British
X) ILSC to always ' I i I stops j text snt layout ops »you type
th foreign Character date into »n them Now Microdeal hopes it
can do the same. Talespin, incorrectly called an adventure
game on the disc label, is a utility designed to help you make
your own adventures, although Microdeal adds somewhat
reservedly that it is useful as a teaching aid or for business
presentations as well.
Programs created with Talespin are icon driven. This is a bit of a misnomer, because the icons are actually part of a picture. As far as the user is concerned though, he or she is just clicking on an area of the picture and not an isolated icon.
This effect is achieved by defining Nic Veitch enters the world of Microdeal’s interactive program creator and lives to spin the tale each part of the picture separately and then overlaying them all, rather like the way an animation cel is built up.
Pictures can be drawn with the en suite art package or standard IFF files may be imported. At least that's what the manual says. The IFF files in question are only allowed to be 320 x 200,16 colours - the NTSC standard favoured by the colonials. If you try loading anything else, it won't crop it it won't take it at all.
This would not be the end of the world nor indeed the end of the program - if it were not for the fact that the graphics package included is so primitive. Perhaps I am asking too much, but using an art package without a brush cutting option and associated tools sends me straight for an Aeroflot sick bag. (They are the biggest.)
As John Symes of Microdeal explains: "The graphics package is not terribly good - but we always envisaged people using Neo or Degas (two ST art packagesI and then importing images into Talespin. The interpal package is really just for touching up and changing the colours".
This may account for the rather far- out artistic style on the sample adventure included on the disc, which 1 had previously assumed to be attributed to an intimate knowledge of controlled substances, and 1 don't mean Apple roms.
HE sound side of things is a little better, but this may be due to the fact that all it has to do is import samples and tag them on to the pictures. You can copy sounds which have been tagged on to other pictures or projects as well, but this is accompanied by a bad bout of disc swapping and menu clicking.
Sound can be replayed at a number of different frequencies, useful for trying to make out that you have more samples than you actually do.
If you want nice effects on your block Ripping t for label?
Ch more: im b printing 9 ngs yarns own work then you will have to buy your own sampler and software. There are no facilities for editing sounds at all in Talespin. Presumably Microdeal reckons you need a sampler to import your own sound, and if you have a sampler then you probably already got some decent software to drive it. Fair enough, 1 suppose.
A demo mode can be set up to cycle through the screens and perform actions in a predetermined order.
While this is not so useful for an adventure, it could be very handy if you want to create business demonstrations.
Menus are not the usual pull-down type, but are large speech balloon things which invert text on the option chosen. True Amigans will be ill at Child s play to link pictures and sound to produce a story PICTURES and sound can be easily strung together in Talespin to make a story. This is achieved by using the program’s variables, which are not quite true variables but are more like flags with a discrete number of values.
Decisions, decisions ... but there'll be hundreds more like this before the adventure is over Choices are made by clicking on an area of the screen or highlighting an area of text with the mouse. These actions can then be interpreted to change the screen, play noises, change variables and so on.
For example, in an adventure story say you want to be able to go to a location and pick up a disc. First of all create the graphic for the disc and import it into Talespin. Then from the main menu choose Add Picture To Page.
After specifying the page, go to Variable Definitions, define a variable
- let’s call it flag - and give it two possible values: 0 or 1.
Set the entry condition for that page to zero. This means that when the program first enters that page, it will assign the variable flag to be have the value of zero. Add a drawing condition to the disc picture to prevent it being drawn when flag becomes 1.
Now add the condition to the drawing that it sets flag to 1. This means that when the drawing is clicked, the value of flag will change to 1, the drawing condition will no longer be met, and it will be removed.
Follow that? It’s a lot easier following the menus because they are in plain English. The above set of operations will put your image on the page. When it is clicked it will disappear, as though it has been picked up.
From this example it is easy to see how this simple method of using variables as flags can produce some seemingly complex interactive systems. Sound effects, text and further screens can be added as options in just the same way as the variable was changed. It really is easy enough for a child to use.
Ease in this unfamiliar environment.
The pointer has mutated into a great clumsy ornate arrowhead and the "busy" alternative has turned from the reassuring sleepy cloud to a strangely familiar looking bumble bee. Hmmm.
There is a modest online help feature, which is not context sensitive and only useful to the absolute beginner. Nevertheless, brownie points are awarded for its inclusion.
All the menu options are fairly easy to understand, so you shouldn’t need to have one limb in the manual all the time.
Ah. The manual. I knew' I had forgotten something. Well, it’s quite easy to really. It is well written, but so much of the program is intuitive and easy to use that there isn’t a lot of point in looking at it more than once.
I looked at it about seven times in order to see if I was maybe missing something - but no. That’s all he wrote, to corrupt the yankee vernacular.
The cunning idea of writing one large menu in easy to understand language has put an end to the manual being a creative requisite for decoding the options. It is quite possible to use this software without ever having seen the manual at all.
Talespin is being deliberately mis- marketed. It was originally written for children to use, and it shows. All the features, right down to the menus and the shape of the pointers, have been designed with children in mind. That is not to say that it is inferior or nonprofessional. Merely that it was designed for a different objective - one which it is much more able to accomplish.
John Symes himself used it to help his son learn to count, a task which it can perform admirably. With its completely icon-driven system, the kind of environment used by most education packages, it is very suitable for children to learn from. All the elements of early education are THIRD COAST AMIGA HARD DRIVES & TAPE BACK-UP DEVICES "tapT BACK-UP NOW -*
of MC6881. Will offer 65-100% more performance on your
A500 A1000 A2000. Complete with 8K Data Cache.
Available in Kit form or can be installed by Third Coast Technologies £149.00 THIRD COAST DIY KITS (Everything to build your own drive) Tool Box for Amiga A500. Allow* expansion for A500 user. Offer* support of any A2000 product, la. Hard Drive, 8 Megabyte Board. This box with two Mote ensures any A2000 product will work with your Amiga--------------------£299.00 SC 1234._______ £289.00 PhHpS 8833--------------- £219.00 Phlpe 8852----------------------------- - . £255.00 Phipt BM 5702 12- High Res Monitor ...... £99.99 Star LC10 Mono .
Star LC10 Colour.. Atari SLM 804 Printer ----------------------------------------- £1217.00 AMIGA PRODUCTS Arrtga 500 . A520 TV Modulator . Tenetar cptlon---------------------- £359.00 Arrtga 500 ? A520 TV Modulator * Air mllea pack * Tens tar option---------- £459.00 Arrtga 500 . A520 TV Modulator . A501 Ram Expansion . Dragon* Lair ? Tenatar option ----- -------- £599.00 Arrtga 500 computer . Commodore 1048S Stereo Medium Resolution coiour Monitor . Tenatar cptlon----------------------------------------- £849.00 Arrtga 2000 - computers Arrtga 2000 Computer * keyboard . Tenatar gamee
£999.99 Arrtga 20CO Computer. 1048S Medium Resolution Stereo Monitor ? Tenatar Games option ... £1299.00 HARD DRIVES Hard Drive Kits so that you can Interlace drive to your Arrtga A50CVA1CXXVA2000 A5CO A1000 KH» Trumpcard includes power supply, enclosure. SCSI cable*. Auto Boot Rom. Full utilities, power connector. Juat plug In an embedded SCSI drive and away you go!I £189.CO Xetec Host adapter with 3 feet double ended SCSI cable. This is the fastest controller on the market .. ... ----------------- £179.00 Connecting ST506
Drives no Problem Kit requires above wllh eft her OMTI 3520. 3527 up to Two IBM lype drive* connected ----- £98.00 Choose between RLL and MFM.
Klta for the Amiga 2000 Trumpcard for Arrtga 2000. Allows connection of drive In landing bay includes ful utis. Auto Boot Rom* ....- ...... £149.00 Xetec Controter will taka drive on controller 325 Inch lul SCSI.
Or will control one In landing bay. Full util* with auto boot Rom ... £149.0G THIRD COAST RAM UPGRADES FOR AMIGA RANGE RAM Expansions for Amiga A500 C94 99 £29 99 C '45 X €3 9 99 (13999 £379.99 1599 X CALL CAU CALL A50C Ram Lqwuwton «tn c*oc« a-d s*rcn Mid i vert ace A500 i 8 Megabyte J-pwuacec wva boaM tar A500 .
ASX * h Megaoye opufled i-ier-* boar » above
m. tocscs * Megabye ooa-c tor A200C o%«*x4a)ed 8 Megar ye»
oopuasec wtr 7 Megabye*
o Megaoye* wt- * Megabye*
- O* at dauje or wua»ed 8 Mega:-ye doa“3
• r.orene 80020 Acceterro- Board ‘v A200C M rvarw 88030
Arceierasy Board ’o' A2000 Syquest 45 Megabyte removable
cartridge include* 2' 45 Megabyte cartridge*.
Full utlHtle* Included with pass through and Auto Boot Roma included AS500 or A2000__________- ..... £949.00 Mumenc Mat** Co xocea*o- MC88881 C U9 99 60 Megaore Svea rtig Zmter* AlOOC i «*m*l £599 X ’V Mevat-yie ¦ ** Caster* AwiAiOOOf item* C899X 60 Megabyte n**maJ race A200C ..... £*99 00
• M Megaeryre •'term* A200C rape: C59900 Comma**e AS90 Arfo Bout
22 Meg*** CJ85 00 rvt 32 Megabye A.so Part 25 H» head
»f*A.V C v* £*49 CO h* 22 Megabye A.io Part 25 Hi head
4»A?O0 tve CJ99 00 nt 50 Megaoyra Aj*o Pa ' 25 HI -ead o» A500
£539 00 v» 65 Megaore A jo Par* 25 Hi **ad oo A500 v* f 4900
v* 90 M«g*-y» Auo Part 25 H* -ead or* A500 tve £89900 vorte*
45 Meg**te A..»o Part head «x» A50C Au»o £409 00 32 Megabyte A
.to * art 'wed w* A500 £389 X
A. ta Boo Home addnon* on Amprt* orty Amcrve 50 Megabye a ,io
»art heac «x» ASOC £489 » XETfcC Drive e*e 42% fester *i»r
sny**g «• on the martei - FACint x*« 22 Megaby* Ajio pan.
Neac oc* A500 J6 mu (449 X 32 Megaaye Aj»o pan* heac oca A500
25 m»» (499 X x*ec 45 Megabyte Amo pan* heec oca A50O 25 nei:
(599 X Ke-ec 65 Megabyte Auto part heac oca 25 HI £849 X xe-et
45 Uegacye r. H. 8* *«ye CacH h**j Part f 99X Xetec 85
Megabyte 11 ml 18* KrByte Cac'e Hew) Luc* c«*9X Xetec 96
Megabyte 25 Mill Head Park with Head Lock _
£749.00 Xetec 150 Megabyte 16 Mii Head Lock Auto
Park____________________ £1495.00 FLOPPY DRIVES FOR THE AMIGA
Choose Irom Teac the best name In the Industry Replacement 1
M byte Drive requires minor adjustment to A nlga
- £58.99 External 1 M Byte Fkppy Amiga with PSU
3.5 .. .....
External Triangle with Track Counter 3.6 ..------------
£94 99 feprom P-og-e~V*r ----------------- i94 99 PRINTERS
Mannesman Tally
130cps . ....C
159.X inc. lead ADDITIONAL PERIPHERALS Kenpston Data Scan for
Amiga Range. Features 200dpi. 105mm wide----- Tracl&all lor
Amiga ..259.X ..23.X Replacement Amiga Mouse (2
Button) ------------------------------------------
* e~ps’«x Sale Mouse t * Amiga
- *T*x»n Cda video Og'eer »or A-rtga ;«c Cp»rt. Sort:
----------- Orc*essonaj Viceo Ogl** fM Corou- Soft) RGB Co o*
3e rer V* Cottu* t-ame-as - - ------ Vdeorert 'eteswi Ada.*®*
..... Scarne* 200 Den (Copter Scarcer Prt*er) 149 X
99 99 99 W 449 X Scarner 300 Dp 6* Gre* *e pars saf Sc*r net
300 Ob OCH Head ng au* ProSes*on* Genoc* Al Ansge s Mouse ’ m»
Coe* to-A500A-300A20X Video AddpiSA lor Amga aSows voeo tawig
w«ih Af Mm Cfl'kXK lo- A eja ASOC ________________- ....
990 X _____249 X 4»X (2*99 (79 99 (99 X 1 x Spec* 0 gasset
e.ceiem w Cad Cam u»ue Cry*-* Shjie-bg efao ghes s 1 who* new
o«noofc on yoir A-r*ga ..... ..C’49 99 , 1
Renda*QemocaA500 ------------------- C89 99 1 1084S My*
'MMO'tOT P tps Hgh Am 8833 £235 X £225 X Co’modO'e «08*S
sierrt. Mora O' GoKfcrf Commodore X1 Bridge Aoard f?iSX £335X
Sew'd 500 ..... ----- ------.. -- I oudared Sro» or aiprr**
txxxi for one month only.
Full one year warranty. ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT! Trade and University enquiries welcome.
THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES Unit 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan WN6 OXQ Tel: 0257 426464 Fax: 0257 426577 We accept Bank Drafts, Company and Personal Cheques and also Access and Visa Cards.
All prices include VAT at 15%. A full warranty is offered on all products ¦ REVIEWS ¦ present - pictures, sounds and interaction.
With the negative stigma which has attached itself to educational software in the UK, it is easy to understand Microdeal's reticence to bill it as such. Talespin does have the ability to create quite complex adventures, but not of the same style as those currently popular in this country.
The whole system is geared towards a multiple choice type of construction. In adventure terms this means the kind of thing that appears in the game books very popular with younger adventurers.
The case for the prosecution rests.
In its defence, Talespin proves that you don't have to spend lots of money on A2000s and video discs to be able to write interactive teaching programs. In this respect, it almost shines.
REPORT CARD Talespin Microdeal 0726 65422 £29.95 EASE OF USE.... II I I 1 I I I 1 I I Designed with children in mind.
Hampered only by simplistically structured menus, but it was designed that way for a reason.
Depends on what you want it for. Add three for if you 're looking for an interactive teaching aid.
You 'II need a good art package.
Talespin's graphics editor is next to useless Thumps up for education, thumbs down for serious adventuring.
Ho* much does It cost I So now you can cneck w 0 ibusjness efficiency?
Money i able Blistering Stuff tlyperforce is a wicked arcade game challenge with over 30 levels of hectic, wrist twisting, finger bending action. With stunning graphics and sound, it's probably the nearest a home computer owner can come to arcade action without putting coins in a slot!! Warning Addictive Games would like to point out that no one should attempt tlyperforce without first warming up their game-playing skills. For this reason every pack also includes a FREE WARM UP KIT - "ARTIFICIAL DREAMS" - a shootemup with a MEAN catch 27 twist.
Prism Leisure Corporation Pic, Unit 1, Baird Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 1SJ Available on: ATARI ST 8i AMIGA LI V€'TH AT-DR6 AM Printer 1. A person or business engaged in in printing. 2. A machine or device that prints. 3. Computer technology - an output device for printing results on paper.
FAR be it from me to criticise the Collins English Dictionary, and while I certainly wouldn’t disagree with the above definition, I think there's a case for adding 4. Citizen I20-D. The best selling 9-pin printer in Europe.
If you ask most owners of lesser machines than the Amiga what printer they have, the odds are that they will have a Citizen 120-D, a printer that combines respectable 9 pin performance with a very low price.
Amiga owners, being somewhat more discerning, need something a little better, and Citizon may just have come to the rescue of those people who broke their piggy bank buying the Amiga in the first place.
The Citizen Swift 24 is, as its name might suggest, a low cost, speedy 24 pin printer, which Citizen naturally hopes will do for the 24-pin market, what the 120-D did for the 9-pin.
Consume it alive.
For £389 (not including VAT) you are paying for a chunky, yet stylish looking printer. 41cm in width. 32cm in depth and 13cm in height, a dimension to which the addition of the single sheet feeder adds to considerably. It’s a small footprint for a 24 pin printor - they normally give the impression that the foot consisted of several elephants.
As well as a standard tractor feed, which is easily removed, there is the single sheet feeder as mentioned, which is notable for its sturdiness.
COURIER ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghiJklmnopqrstuvwxyz 01234 56789 1 "£$ %'&* ()_+ ' ) U : ; 8 1 “ , . ? I § 8 f VuoyaQ6o6JE00yYYUeaaiqSe iaafi i i AAEae Single sheet feeders are normally terribly wobbly and sloppy, but this one has some backbone. Usefully, it also has notches and symbols to mark the maximum paper width, and also where to set the guiders for A4 paper.
No more printing and guessing.
PRESTIGE ELITE ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghi jk 1 mnopq rst uvwxy z 01 234 56 7 89!"ESI‘&*( )_*- = ' (H]:i8' '.. t l §6f¥U JyOud66iE00yYYUeaaA ;eei TIMES ROMAN ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghiJklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789! (HI: . ? !
HELVETICA §Bf VUOyOObbO IOeyYYUdaiiAQeiioflfifil IAAEb ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789! £$ %“&*()_+-=' )[]:, ? !
§Bf¥UOyuu666A00yYYueaaSqeeiaflniIAAEb One thing I wasn't too hot about was the hinged smoked plastic part of the cover. When closed it keeps the noise level down to less than 55db normally or under 52db in the slower quiet mode. But it forces the outcoming paper out at a sharp angle, risking the paper being re-fed and ruined.
It's simple enough to correct, you just have the top at a 30 degree angle, but there is more noise.
The small light which glows when the paper runs out has its function duplicated by a warning on the eight character, two line liquid crystal display. Dropping a sheet into the feeder while off-line results in the paper being sucked in.
The parallel interface comes as standard, but there is the option of installing a serial interface. More useful options include a colour kit and font cards. The lid on the serial interface and font card area doesn’t have a fixed hinge, so once opened comes off in your hand. Don't panic, it's equally easy to refit.
There are menus covering emulation, font, copy mode, line spacing (6 or 8 LPI). Normal or colour ribbon and character set (which ranges incredibly from the obvious UK and USA, to Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Japan. Latin America, legal, FourNLQ fonts are built in France and others).
Beside macro 1 there are a further three macros available for less obvious computer-printer configurations. All macros can be defined to match your computer setup.
Once redefined, you can save your macro permanently into the printer’s eprom (electronically eraseable programmable rom). Which will not only survive a power off. But when No more broken fingernails INSTEAD of the nightmare world of DIP switches, the Swift 24 is armed with an eight key control pad and an
LCD. When you switch on the printer it loads macro 1. A
predefined choice from the menus covering all aspects of the
printers capabilities.
The printer is next switched on will automatically load as the chosen macro.
You should note that although the manual states that you can redefine certain selections without having to save the entire macro into memory, they will reset to their original selections unless you actually have saved the macro.
There are three types of printer emulation predefined in the macros, Epson LQ850, IBM Proprinter X24 and NEC P6+.
A couple of the other external features are a paper adjuster which can accommodate paper from 0.06 to Pin?
Mo Tc' f in Cun’ A 0 1 Is the Swift 24 something to crow about? Do you find Citizen’s figures hard to swallow? Duncan Evans takes a gander
0. 1mm in thickness, and the large plastic switch to go from
fanfold to single sheets of paper.
Peering into the guts of the machine reveals a print head with a large hea‘ sink on top, which works very w since the printer wasn't particularly warm after left it on for most of the day.
Is a reasonable 90 watts.
For quality printing there are four NLQ fonts and one draft. These use 360 dots per inch for NLQ and graphic modes, and 120 DPI for the draft mode.
The fonts which are built in are quite nice except for the horrible sans serif face, and include Courier. Times Roman. Prestige. Helvetica and draft.
Of course there’s the option of plug in font cards from Citizen, or software driven fonts from your Amiga.
The print head itself has a life expectancy of 200 million dots (it must have been dull counting them) while the rest of the moving internals will see you through 4,500 hours.
That might not sound a lot but if you used the printer for say 22 hours a week (which is seriously heavy usage) then the poor Swift would only fall urther i be er eyour inter's rid of med nd an printer :hoice pects A-ill i i the 5ne gto try, ive r ios.
14 II not 'hen ch 16 to yz ryz over after about four years.
One feature that helps keep that speed up is the printer buffer, which can store 8k of data. A really nice feature is that the LCD tells you what percentage of the buffer is full of data, so you can see roughly how long a document is going to take to print.
The output is pretty good, but not lipsmackingly amazing, which is to be expected since this is a budget 24 pin printer.
So that’s the printer for you, and a delight it is to use as well. But what’s the documentation like? The dreaded printer manual?
Thankfully since this one comes from Citizen Europe, as opposed to Citizen Land of the Rising Sun, it’s in English, readable, helpful and informative.
Starting with how to unpack, assemble and set up for your first print run, the manual takes you through an excellent section on getting the printer to work with various computers, to a full and frank expose of how to program and control the printer yourself. Not a section for beginners. And remember that if you want to send funny commands from AmigaBasic you’ll need to open a file to the printer. A simple LPRINT filters out clever codes.
Really swift?
SPEEDWISE manufacturers make groat claims for the printer that all defy reality. If the designers think that 53 characters per second in NLQ mode (at lOcpi. Or 64 CPS at 12cpi) is fast then I wouldn't like to see a printer they thought was slow.
For just chucking out reams of data the speed rises to a respectable 160 CPS at lOcpi. And almost 9 pin speeds with 192 CPS at 12cpi. But if you wanted fast and cheap output then you wouldn’t buy this printer.
The speed for decent quality output is disappointing. All of which makes the title Swift 24 something of a misnomer. Stride 24 or maybe even Hasty 24 would have been more accurate. Doesn’t sound as good? Oh well, that's marketing for you.
With a two year guarantee from Citizen, a set of decent quality typefaces built in supplemented with the option to add more, reasonably spritely printing speed, a clear and useful manual, you have all the ingredients for a nice printer. Size is just the icing on the cake.
KKI’OKT CARD Citizen Swift 24 Citizen Europe 0895 72621 £389 (ex VAT) EASE OF USE... Good, sensible replacement for DIP switches. Meaningful LCD messages.
SOFTWARE Supported by a wide variety of the Preferences printer drivers SPEED.
Fails to live up to the Swift name but still satisfactory.
VALUE.. The best buy in 24 pin printers.
Beats the opposition. For the moment.
G2 VideoCenter A complete Television Production Center in one compact unit.
Training The G2 VideoCenter simply plugs into the Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000 to give the facilities of a Professional Video Mixer, Genlocker and PAL NTSC Encoder Amiga Is a TradoMark ol Commodore Compoiort 'VideoCenter and ‘G2 Systems' are Trado Marks ol G2 Systems.
The G2 VideoCenter is supplied by "The Video Specialists" Digipro Ltd. On Southampton (0703) 703030 or London (01) 905 1030 - FAX (0703) 266301 G2 VideoCenfer mixes on incoming video signal h me Amiga output High quality sliding fodefs ntrot bom lode lo block and me level ol mix Fodng n also be controlled by software which is Included Professional Performance Fully S-VHS Compatible RGB Buffered Output Software Controllable PAL NTSC Encoding Genlocking DIGIPRO Fade to Black Video Mixing FEATURES A ATARI ST and C- Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists!
CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! When comparing prices remember ours include fast delivery by courier.
520 STFM Power Pack 4Ui|UJpE £359.00 Inc. VAT and Next Day Delivery Power Pack Includes:
* 520 STFM 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive and
TV Modulator
* Over £550 worth ol games software, including OutRun, Gauntlet
2, R-Type, Space Harrier, Super Hang On and 16 more Top Games
* Organiser Business Software including WORDPROCESSOR. SPREAD
A First BASIC and First Music Utility Software.
* All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and free mains plug!
REMEMBER! Many ST's do not come with BASIC - ours come with ST BASIC REV D by Metacomco.
520 STFM Explorer Pack £279.00
* Explorer Pack includes 520 STFM 512K Keyboard with built-in 1
Megabyte Disk Drive and TV modulator
* 1 FREE Game, ST Tutorial and METACOMCO Basic worth £25.00
* All Leads, Manuals PLUS MOUSE and FREE Mains Plugl
* Free mouse mat worth £4.95 1040 STFM Super Pack £439.00
* Includes 1 megabyte keyboard PLUS £450 worth ot Software.
Comprising 21 games and Organiser Business Software. Also includes Metacomco BASIC, Mouse Pad. All Leads. Manuals and Mouse.
Amiga A500 BAT Games Pack £399.00 Inc. VAT and Next Day Delivery BAT Ganfe Pick Includes: A Amiga A5005i2K-: eyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive A Free TV modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga with a normal TV A DELUXE PAINT II and PHOTON PAINT Graphic Packages WORTH over £100!
A FREE, only-just-reteased BATMAN-THE MOVIE games software A NEW ZEALAND STORY arcade games software.
A F16-INTERCEPTOR - amazing 3D flight simulator software.
A A further £230 worth of Games Software, induding BUGGY BOY.
A FREE MOUSE MAT worth £4.95. A Amiga BASIC, Amiga EXTRAS 1.3. Workbench 1.3 PLUS the Amiga Step by Step Tutorial A All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and mains plugl Amiga A500 Business & Games Pack - £479.00 A Includes Amifla A500 and TV modulator PLUS BATMAN: THE MOVIE. F18 INTERCEPTOR. NEW ZEALAND STORY and in addition a comprehensive suite of business programs including: KIND WORDS II, Word Processor (featuring Spellchecker and Thesaurus), HOME ACCOUNTS by Digita International and SUPERBASE PERSONAL database software.
1040 STFM Business Pack £439.00 Business Pack Includes:
* Atari 1040 STFM Keyboard with 1 meg memory and 1 meg built-in
disk drive plus TV modulator
* £385 worth ol Business Software Including MICROSOFT WRITE word
processor (£150). SUPERBASE PERSONAL Database (£60) and VIP
PROFESSIONAL Lotus 123 Spreadsheet done (£150), Metacomco Basic
* All leads, manuals and mouse.
AMIGA 1 MEG BAT GAME PACK £529.00 1 Meg Bat Games Pack indudes: A Fined 1 Megabyte Memory Expansion + Real Time Clock Card A Everything listed for the A500 Bat Game Pack A DRAGON S LAIR 1 MEG MEGAGAME!
MEGA 1 Business Pack £529.00 Features: A Separate Keyboard and System Unit A All the Software included with 1040 STFM Business Pack A Bitter chip installed for faster graphics Inc SM124 Mono Monitor .£628.00 ACCESSORIES Qulckshot II Turbo Joystick £.9.95 Competition Pro 5000 Joystick....£13.95 Competition Pro with Autofire £14.95 Konix Speedklna Joystick £11.95 Red Mouse Mat witn Amiga logo..£5.95 Plain blue Mouse Mat ..£4.95 Branded Memorex 3.5* DS DD Disks Box of 10 .. £13.95 Memorex Disk Box For 40 3.5* Disks ..£8.95 Amiga 1 2 Meg
Expansion ..£119.95 Control Centre Atari or Amiga £39.95 Contriver Amiga and ST Mouse with FREE Holder and Mouse Pad £20.95 EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES Atari SF314 1 Megabyte .....£139.00 Amiga A1010 1 Megabyte ..£109.00 Cumana 1 Megabyte Atari or Amiga £99.95 NEC 1 Megabyte Atari or Amiga ..£89.95 Atari Megafile 30 Hard
Disk £449.00 Newl Commodore A590 20 meg hard disk ..£369.00 A590 Hard Disk & Memory Upgrade installed Phone mNJERS Star LC24-10 24 pin ind. Lead ST Amiga £269.00 Star LC10 including interface lead for ST Amiga ...£169.00 Star LC10 colour induding interface lead for ST Amiga ......£219.00 Citizen 120D induding interface lead for ST Amiga .....£159.00 SEIKOSHA 80 COLUMN PRINTERS
- AMAZING PRICES Seikosha 9 pin NLQ including interface lead for ST Amiga .£139.00 Seikosha 24 pin LQ including interface lead for ST Amiga ..£239.00 MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1084 Stereo colour Monitor inc. lead .£249.00 Atari SC 1224 Colour Monitor inc. lead .£259.00 Atari SM124 Mono Monitor induding lead £104.00 Philips CM8833 stereo colour monitor inc. lead for ST or Amiga £229.00 CREDIT CARD ORDERLIIME 0908 378008 (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm) To order: either
call the ordertine above vrth your credit card details OR make a chequeW payable to: DiQicom Consular Services and send it with your order to the address below. Callers are also most welcome at the address betaw DIGICOM E3 Unit 36, Wharfslde, Fenny Stratford, MILTON KEYNES MK2 2AZ All prices Include VAT and next day delivery by courier.
&6Mt4$ todone 4*Ki$ A, Softuwie &**twn u vie tnUya, fandomzfte 1 Xenon II Megablast (Image Works) . ..£15.45 ..£15.75 ..£21.95 £19 45 £16 45 £ 16 45 £14 95 Cl? 75 £16 45 £16 45 £16 45 CIS 75 £1645 £16 45 £16 45 £1575 £6 45 £12 75 2 Batman: The Movie (Ocean) ... 3 Shodow Of The Beast (P sygnosis) ..... 4 H Cot© from T-e Dosorr jlmoge Works' 5 B ad© Womor moo© Works) 6 Tne Umowchoolos (Ocean] 7 Cobol iCcoanl 8 Slryx Psydcpsst) 0 Swords Ol Iw.lghl (Eleclromr Arts) 10 Oynomie D©tM gi:© |lmog© Wrvk.l I 1 nlerphos© ;imeg« Works) 12 Operation
Thunderbolt (Or ©on) 13 The Lost Pairol (Ocm:n| 14 Ooze ;Drogonwor©| 15 fiondis- freddie's 6 g lop 'O fuo |M ndscope] .
16 Booth Volley Ipsygnosis) 17 PopJouS p-omisod lo-ds (E ©clronsc Arts| 19 Future Wots iDe ehne Pak ce) 20 P:rw*' D*if» (ActtvUJOft; £ 15 75 £16 45 ? 1 Gridiron !fi**hesdo» £16 45 22 Tr.od II |P ydop***l £15 75 23 The New ieolond S-ay (Ocean) £15 75 24 Ghostbuitors II (Arfcvmon) £16 45 25 InGestoflon (P»yqno**») 26 Iron Tro ler (n Togromes' 2 A P 6 (Tengen) £16 45 £ 12 75 £12 75 28 Bo'bsnoi II (Psygnosks) £'575 29 Drogon Spirit (Domo'ki £1? 75 30 Ac* on Fiqhte- (Firebird) 31 tvo nhoe [Oceon) £15 75 £15 75 3? Demon *» To*rb (Melbourne House) £12 75 35 Never Mind |P$ yclopse| £13 45 34 &od
Comoony |Logolroe| £16 45 £15 75 £12 75 £16 75 £1645 £13 45 £13 45 £13 45 £16 45 £1645 £16 45 £1345 ..£16.45 ..£16.45 ..£16.45 ..£13.45 ..£15.75 35 Hirthwoy Potro lliitxyom©}; 36 Silkworm (Vugm) 37 Srr.dm J8 Gold) 38 Xn-np-ob© (M CIO Stylo) 39 Moh ¦ v.::rojd©rs (Psydops©) 40 lcs©r Sqiroo (Blode) 41 ShulflepCCh Col® (Dorrork) 42 K-ighttnfc© (TiXjl) 43 Super leogo© Soccer (lmpra»ioiu| 44 Mo'S© Rar.ng (Mmdsccpel 45 Chicago 90 (nlogromes) 46 life & Oeoih iMmdsr ::p©J 47 Kees The Thief (Blodronic Arts) 48 Neuromancer (Eleclronic Arts Interplay) 49 Risk (Leisure Genius)
.... 50 Super Quintet (Infogrames) .. Xenon Technology 71 Wadham Road, North End, Portsmouth Hampshire. P02 9ED Telephone (0705) 670878 (zen1, zen'on) a zerovalent element (Xe; atomic number 54), a heavy gas present in the atmosphere in proportion of 1:17xlOE7 by volume.
(tek'n-olo'ji) the application of practical mechanical sciences to industry or commerce, (zen'on tek'n-ol-lo'ji) the best definition!
Technology xenon technology 1 Commodore A590 20MB Hard Drive ......£340.00 2 Commodore A590 CMOS RAM Chips xl (128k) ..£13.45 3 Commodore A590 CMOS RAM Chips x4 (512k 0.5MB) ....£49.45 4 Commodore A590 CMOS RAM Chips x8 (1024k 1MB)......£99.45 5 Commodore A590 CMOS RAM Chips xl 2 (1536k l ,5MB) .£149.45 6 Commodore A590 CMOS RAM Chips x16 (2048k 2MB) .£199.45 7 External Floppy Disk Drive £74.45 8 Cordless
Mouse . £ 117.45 9 Commodore A501 512k 0.5MB RAM Expansion .£98.45 10 Minigen .£99.45
* td 'ttyetd (fatHea- Multi Screen
.£22.45 1 Donkey Kong II 2 Mario Bros
3 Safe Buster 4 Pinball 5 Bomb Sweeper 6 Donkey Kong 7 Snoopy
Tennis 8 Super Mario Bros 9 Plane & Tank 10 Jet Fighter 11 Gold
Cliff 12 Climber 1 3 Highway 14 Air Combat 1 5 Balloon Fight 16
Soccer 17 Volcano 1 8 Space Fighter 19 Konkey Kong Junior 20
Space Warrior Multi Screen .£22.45
Multi Screen .£22.45
....£6.25 Multi
Screen .£22.45 Multi Screen
.£22.45 Wide Screen
£17.95 Wide Screen
....£8.95 Multi
Screen .£22.45 Wide Screen
....£6.25 Wide Screen
....£8.95 Wide Screen
....£8.95 SPECIAL
Any less and we'll be giving them away.
"And why not?" I hear you ask!
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All products ore dispolched within 24 hours (subject to ovoilobility) by FIRST CLASS post. All new titles are dispatched when released. All prices shown are fully inclusive of VAT, postage, packaging and o full guarantee (please add El .10 per item overseas). Pleaso make cheques or postal orders payable to "Xenon Technology".
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VAT Registration Number: 543 9020 57 Proprietor: Steve lowe Note: Xenon Technology Is Moil Order ONLY.
Wie .£340.00 ...£13.45 ...£49.45 ...£99.45 .£149.45 .£199.45 ...£74.45 .£117.45 ...£98.45 ...£99.45 .£22.45 .£22.45 £22.45 ..£6.25 £22.45 £22.45 £17.95 £17.95 ..£6.25 ..£8.95 £22.45 £17.95 ..£6.25 ..£6.25 £17.95 ..£6.25 £6.25 .£8.95 £17.95 .£8.95 hocKine »lomp).
? AMOS makes the most of the Amiga's unique facilities:
• Animate up to 48 software sprites and 32 hardware sprites on
screen at once
• Create up to eight separato screen scrolling areas
• Define up to eight screens each with its own resolution, bit
map, position on TV, colour palette-in low or high res, ham
mode or dual piayfield mode
• Program the copper list with ease
• Play music files oil interrupt (supports Sonix and Soundtracker
• Super-fast window1 and text routines ? AMOS is a delight to
• Lockable procedures, no line numbers, multistatement lines,
sophisticated scrolling editor
• Choose from more than 350 different commands to produce the
results you want with the minimum of fuss
• Hold up to four programs and 12 accessories in memory at once
• Store music, sprites. IFF picture files and so on in memory
banks which you can load and save independently of your program
• Port §TOS programs to your Amiga
• Works on A500 with single drive
• Supports hard disc drives
• Add new commands with ease (3D routines for example) ? What you
get: AMOS Basic, sprite ed itor. Sprite grabber, music editor,
copper list editor, three complete games.
Basic manual. Accessories manual, reference card and much more - all for just £49.95. AMOS will he one of the hottest releases in the Christmas period. For a detailed spec and the latest updates, please write to: AMOS Information. Mandarin Software, Europa House, Adlington Park. Adlington.
Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
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3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Teac Citizen drive mechanisms An
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’ c user* own program* or software where permission i make a back up ha* been dearly iBvnt.
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AMG 5a Right on the button COMMODORE doesn’t like to admit it. But the Amiga was designed as a game machine. It doesn’t go down too well with the business community that the Amiga's custom chips were built to work out with great accuracy whether or not your tri-nucleon pulse meson beam has just knocked out another invading hoard of alien mutants.
Custom hardware is the key to allowing the Amiga to multi-task, something which the competition in the business market still can't get working efficiently.
The Amiga's custom chips contain special circuitry to detect collisions between objects on the screen. These objects can be either sprites or playfields. The Amiga has eight sprites - four in overscan mode and either one playfield containing up to six bitplanes or two playfields in dual playfield mode containing up to three bitplanes each.
If you have set up a display consisting of several playfields and sprites you have to tell the system in which order you want to display them
- whether you want the sprites in front of the playfield. Behind
the playfield or in between two in dual playfield mode.
This is done with by setting the "video priorities" in the BPLCON2 hardware register ($ dffl()4).
Sprites have a fixed priority relative to each other. If all eight sprites are set to overlap, you will see that sprite 0 appears to be on top and sprite 7 at the bottom - that is. It has the lowest priority. You cannot change the priority of the sprites relative to each other.
Collision detection the hardware way is easy when Jolyon Ralph shows how V*IU£ - SCREEN PRIORITY 000 - Playflaid abova all aprftat 001 - Sorltaa 0 and i abova olayflald. Othara below.
010 - Scrttaa 0 to 3 abova playfield, 4 to 7 bale*.
011 - Sprites 0 to S abova playfield, • and T below.
100-411 sprites abova playfield.
Figure I: Playing priority relative to the sprites BIT - CLXOAT COMPONENTS 15 - Not used 14 - Sprit* 4 5 collision with sprit* 6 7 13 - Sprit* 2 3 collision with sprit* 6 7 12 - Sprit* 2 3 collision with sprit* 4 5 11 - Sprit* 0 1 collision with sprit* 6 7 10 - Sprit* 0 1 collision with sprit* 4 6 9 - Sprit* 0 1 collision with sprit* 2 3 8 - Evan Bitplanes with sprit* 6 7 7 - Evan bitplanes with sprit* 4 6 6 - Ev*n bitplanes with sprit* 2 3 5 - Evan bitplanes with sprit* 0 1 4 - Odd bitplanes to sprite 6 7 3- Odd B1tplan*s to sprit* 4 5 2 - Odd bitplanes to sprit* 2 3 1 - Odd bitplanes to
sprit* 0 1 0 - Even bitplanes to odd bitplanes BIT - CIXC0N COMPONENTS 15 - Enable sprite 7 In coll Ison tests 14 - Enable sprit* 5 In coll Ison tests 13 - Enable sprite 3 1n coll Ison tests 12 - Enable sprit* 1 In coll Ison tests 11 - Enable bltplane 6 In collision tests 10 - Enable bltplane 5 In collision tests 9 - Enable bltplan* 4 In collision t*sts 8 - Enable bltplane 3 In collision tests 7 - Enable bltplane 2 In collision tests 6 - Enable bltplane 1 In collision tests 5 - Value to match for bltplane 6 4 - Value to match for bltplan* 5 3 - Value to match for bltplane 4 2 - Value to match
for bltplane 3 1 - Valu* to match for bltplan* 2 0 - Value to match for bltplane 1 Figure II: The formal of Ihe collection lopl and control registers In dual playfiold mode, playfield 1 will appear above playfield 2. This can be reversed by setting bit 6 of BPLCON2.
The playfield priorities are then set relative to the sprites. Each playfield is allocated a number from 0 to 4 for one of the five possible settings.
This value (see Figure I) is put into the corresponding bits of BPLCON2.
Bits 0 to 2, called PF1P0 to PF1P2, are set for the first playfield and bits 3 to 5, PF2P0 to PF2P2. Are set for the second playfield.
For example, if you wanted a dual playfield screen with sprites 0 and 1 on top, then playfield 2. Then sprites 2 and 3. Then playfield 1 and finally sprites 4 to 7. You would set it up like this: Playfield 2 above playfield 1. So set bit 6. Sprites 0 and 1 above playfield 2. So set PF2PO-2 to 001.
Sprites 0.1. 2 and 3 above playfield t. so set PF1P0-2 to 010.
Consequently the correct value to set BPLCON2 to would be - taking all the bits from above to form a binary number - %1001010, or $ 4a in hex.
However the playfield priority is taken from bit six and can look a little strange if. For example, in the above example we set it so playfield 1 appears above playfield 2.
This would mean that sprites 2 and 3 would appear above playfield 1 but below playfield 2. But playfield 1 would appear above playfield 2.
Think about it. Sounds strange? Not as strange as it looks.
Once you have your priorities right you can check for collisions between the sprites and playfields. When the ?
Co- processors try to display a bit from a sprite or a plavfield and there is an overlap with another sprite or playfield a collision bit is recorded in the collision register, CLXDAT. This is a read-only register which is cleared to zero each time it is read.
The make-up of the register is fairly complex and is further complicated by the control register CLXCON. The format of these registers is explained in Figure II. All collisions between even numbered sprites and bitplanes are registered. However, the odd numbered sprites in the sprite pairs are by default not registered in collisions. For odd sprite collisions you have to sot the relevant bits in CLXCON.
There arc two bits for each bitplane in CLXCON. One is to enable the bitplane in collision tests - so if. For example, you only wanted to tost a collision between sprites and bitplane
2. You would only set bit 7 and enable plane 2 in collision
tests. This masks out unwanted bitplanes from the test.
The second bit in CLXCON is for the match value. This is the bit that will actually generate a collision. For example, if you set up for only bitplane 2 as above, and then set the match value for bitplane 2 (bit 1) to zero, it will register a collision between sprites and gaps on the bitplane and no collision between sprites and solid areas on the bitplane.
When several bitplanes are used you can set the match value to generate a collision with a particular colour on the screen. If you have a 5 bitplane. 32 colour screen you can enable the first five bitplanes and put in the match value (bits 1 to
5) of the number of the colour register you want to generate a
collision with.
The music play routine in The Right-Button Demo on this month’s cover disc uses this feature to detect when the mouse pointer (a sprite) is over one of the boxes that control the program. As we can only detect one collision at a time, the routine switches between checking for each of the three different colours of the boxes. They appear the same colour because they are defined to the same colour value.
In this way the routine checks fora collision with each box overy third frame. Obviously with more boxes we would either have to use more colours and test less frequently or use some sort of coordinate testing system which would tell us which box was selected if the collision only told us that a box had been clicked, but not which one.
• NEXT MONTH: We examine the infamous Blitter.
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Normal value £144.97 Beating games is easy when you have got Max the Hacks on your side the limit r IOHN Warlound says: Here is the lfM complete set of
f. -Hj . Isn: :: codes for Raider.
. .. pH SHOT, DYKE, 4 1 . ¦ ':-- HIGH, LINK, ,;i:. J ¦ PEAR, KILN, and vjj ' * jgi j QJ -a BAND. Now you 7 have no excuse w I tn for not trying to 06 finish.
22 s CO HE: .
- i rmm&zuffiz4. Chisc-i : ROBERT Delve says: Save a league
where you are top.Load the league when you invite your friends
round and continue playing. You o only have one more match to
play, so if you u win you will win the 3 league.
GRAHAME Stirling says: Punch all the guys at start, then punch the motorbike. To avoid guys that shoi duck and punch. When you have gun, shoot up and right. When yoi to the end of the level, jump and fi to blow up the robot.
Level two is easy, on level three shoot all the guys. Punch the wall a: get ammo. Shoot two guys then the drum. Go slow, hit the first three gu; then the other three and then the Iasi three.
Jump down to get the food on you left. Hit the enemies then the wall. 1 all the men, get the ammo and shoot both baddies and motorbikes. Slow down, when the guy is about to entf the screen, shoot him.
Shoot once and hit two punks, tha a bike. When the van comes, jump and fire at the same time to blow it with the guys behind.
When tho two photofit faces, or later the heat prints, appear, pause b hitting Return, and wait until the tui has finished. Examine the faces for differences and change them quickli by hitting fire, up and down, left am right.
In the junkyard shoot both of the | guys who start above you. Get the * ammo on the ledge then jump on to conveyor belt after the magnet. Then go under the other magnet by turnin left to slow down.
Jump on to the ground to go under the crushers. Shoot the guy. Wait for the three metal bars to fall, then hit the guys and get the big gun. Shoot!
Go up the lift and get the food on the left hand side, then carry on goit right, shooting everyone, then turn to face your left and jump and fire to blow up the digger.
When you have to save the host.
Inch all i the it shoot, have your en you get and lire three i wall and en the oil hreo guys l the last on your wall. Hit d shoot
• Slow to enter iks, then jump low it up s,or ause by the tune is
for juickly eft and if the the on to ¦ Then uming under ait for
nhit hoot!
Don n going turn to 9 tO ostage Go up in the lift, collect ammo, up in the lift and wait for three bars which are falling to hit the wall. Jump down to collect the gun. Take the lift up, punch the wall, then shoot and jump to complete level.
Shoot all the wall-mounted lasers and guys. Got the gun, food, and ammo, lump three steps then fire to kill. Baby food will give you more power. Complete the level by jumping and firing. Shoot all the lasers on walls. Punch wall and collect gun.
Take lift up and wait until first beam on the right stops. Go through as quickly as possible.
Punch wall then shoot guy on the right. Shoot daloks, then go up on the lift shoot lasers then run through beams without stopping. Shoot daleks and guys.
Punch wall, shoot lasers and get food. Go up lift get ammo, punch wall, shoot dalek, shoot lasers. Go up lift, shoot dalek. Get food, punch wall, shoot lasers. Go up lift punch wall, complete level by the usual way!
The last level is the same as level six, but don't shoot the President. If this is too much for you, pause the game at any time and type ’’BEST KEPT SECRET" and action will reset.
You’ll start again with infinite energy.
Shoot the kidnapper in the arm quickly and then go for the head.
The factory is tough.
Shoot like hell in all directions until you reach a lift. Go over to the first doorway then quickly move right until three bars fall.
ANDRE tames the golden swan. The lasso is found in Grimwood where a witch guards it. You can kill the witch with a bow.
Use tho wand to make your jobs easier. It is found in the Mountain of Frost just west of the circle of stones in a cave.
The four golden statues are scattered: The first in the Crystal Palace on isle of sorcery. Just talk to I have supplied tips pokes cheats for the lady in the middle. If you keep on talking to her your luck start to rise. The second statuo is found in the SeHold. For the third you need the golden swan so you can rescue the princess from the forbidden fortress south of Marheim.
The King gives you a writ. You must give it to the lady in Marheim which heals you when you talk to her. She gives you the statue.
The fourth statue is found in the great bog west of the golden triangle.
YOU can win over £1,000.000. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning ONE MILLION SMACKERS is send us a tip. You can even copy it out of another magazine if you like because we don’t check. And of courso we won't steal your tip and put someone else’s name on it.
If you want to stand a chance of winning £1,000.000 then send your tip to Amiga Tips. 4 Damn Lies Street. Cloud-cuckooland.
BU15 4IT. And if you believe that you must be an Amiga Format reader.
GAME Killer is always on the lookout for hot tips, so if you have found a cheat mode, bug or written a poke drop it in the post
- on disc if it is a long listing.
If your work is used I’ll send you a game draw at random from the goodies box and a Konix Speedking joystick. To speed up getting the prize to you please cut out, photocopy or copy this form.
It will be used as tho address label to send out your parcel.
¦ r i £1.000.000 Write to me Name...... Address.. I I confirm that the information I have ¦ supplied is mine, it hasn't been published I elsewhere and I haven 7 sent it to anyone ¦ else.
* Send this form to Max "The Hacks" ¦ Tennant. Game Killer, Amiga
• Second Floor, North House. 78-84 Ongar ¦ flood. Brentwood.
Essex. CM 15 9BC.
AM.AS The Advanced Midi Amiga Sampler The Hardware A M AS. Is a lull feature 8-BIT STEREO audio digitiser complete with a full implementation MlDl interface, all built into the SAME stylish wedge shaped hardware unit which fully complements the computer, no messy extras are required The digitiser accepts mono or stereo inputs via its fine input sockets and is provided with an extra .----2 t socket for direct vocal microphone input socke signal Input The MIDI s MIDI IN, OUT 8 THRU.
I sockets comprise of I Hardware versions exist for the A1000 and A500 2000 formats.
The Software THE SAMPLER EDITOR The ultimate graphics mouse user interface. Left, right or stereo sampling Sampling rates of up to 28Khz. Dual real time oscilloscopes, (1 for each channel (Real time spectrum THE MIDI SUPPORT Hardware compatible with many other MIDI software packages already available for the AMIGA no other extras are required.
Selectable MIDI channel OMNI POLYPHONIC operation (with up to 4 voice POLY). MIDI controlled sample frequency shift Each sample in a bank can be assigned to a MIDI note value Samples can be MAPPED across MIDI channel range Samples may be played from AMIGA keyboard (MONO only).
Plays samples from currently selected sample ’BANK’. Single BANK load save operation levef Up 10 8 BANKS' on 2 Meg machines ' (200-250k req per bank) Up to 10 stereo samples per bank. Load & Save samples in RAW or IFF data formats Filter ON OFF for computers inbuilt filter where applicable All editing facilities work in stereo or mono Editing includes: - CUT, PASTE, INSERT DELETE, • ujl COPY, OVERLAY (MIX), REVERSE, FADE IN OUT, VOLUME, ESS UP DOWN, SAMPLE SHRINK I I STRETCH. FILTER,STEREO * JLL PAN, STEREO "BOUNCE'.
CHANNEL SWAP r'TT Add C100 PSP Allow 28 days ’ delivery .
Box 68. St Austell, Cornwall PL25 4YB England Telephone (0726) 68020 Telex 45218 MICROD G Fax (0726)69692 USING
- -7. ~FI01EM Cavorting '- with commands WORD processing is
curiously like driving a car. There's something to do. Which is
driving, or writing, and there's the machine you’re doing it
with. I know it's just a bunch of bits in formation, but after
a while the bits feel like a whole. And that's when it all
starts to become really enjoyable.
And thinking of Skodas, I had a lot of crashes to start with. With the Amy, of course. How about you? Yeah, I thought so.
I started out running Protext over the Workbench so I could do some of those things you absolutely have to be able to do all the time, like formatting and relabelling discs. What a pain that was. I'm using a 1 meg machine, but I waltzed with the Guru all the time.
I was writing to a deadline, as well as trying to cope with Real Life, so I cast about for advice. Never be ashamed to ask people who seem to know what they’re doing. My friend Alex says that he always runs Protext500, even with a meg available, and has no problems multi-tasking.
Well, OK.
I prefer to stay inside Protext. I’m not a programmer. I’m a user, and I like to type a few words in and change the world. A bit like Hitler really.
If you boot Protext from the disc, as opposed to double clicking on its icon from Workbench, you have the command line interface (CL1) immediately underneath, and that's how most of the guys in the know run the program - including the brains behind it. Arnor boss Mark Tilley.
To do this you have to re-size the windows. Click on the background gadget and you get the CLI window.
Shrink it as short and wide as it will go and drag it down to the bottom of the screen. Then click back to Protext, and re-size that window so that it lets you see the CLI window at the bottom.
Remember, you can only re-size Protext in Edit inode.
And that's it. If you want the CLI.
The word processor is mightier than the sword. Peter Ceresole uses Protext to tame the AmigaDos dragon you click in its window: the same for Protext.
But this is all boringly manual.
There has to be an automatic way - and there is. It involves a lightweight Sumo session with the Startup- Sequence file, which is in the S directory of the Protext disc.
Figure 1 is a modified version of the boot sequence supplied on the Protext program disc.
The objective is to define the echo "Protext v4 prograe disk.'' echo "(c) Arnor 1988."
Addbuffers dfO: 20 setaap gb faitat 15 isaSOD If error echo "loading snail Protext.
Run protext500 -80,0,840,200 else setclock opt load echo "loading full Protext..." run protext -80,0,840,200 endif ; The next line is for v 1.2 ;newcli con:0 201 640 55 8yShell ; This one is for v 1.5 newshetl nexcon: Q 201 840 55 «y She 11 Figure I: Protext Startup-Sequence windows for both Protext and the
CLI. After run Protext500 you enter the window parameters with
the prefix -W. Top left corner is 0,0: the window is full
width, 640, and 200 deep. You can see how this is tacked on
to the command.
You do the same for the instruction to run the full sized Protext.
The last line in the file sets up the CLI window. Workbench 1.2 takes the instruction NewCU CON:, and 1.3 takes NewShell NEWCON:. And then the window details, using the same parameter system as for Protext, but with slashes instead of commas for separators. Finally you should give the CLI window a name. And that's it.
Deeply wonderful.
OK? Well.... no, not OK.
FIRST. I believe that you need as much screen space as you can get when you’re using a word processor. Giving any up to the CLI is bad. You could always work with the full screen and then move the bottom of the Protext window to reveal the
CLI. Or click the back gadget, but resizing or clicking any
time you want to do something feels inelegant.
There's another way. Typing a CLI command on the Protext command line preceded by an asterisk runs that command invisibly. The basic requirement is that you have the file to run that command in the current directory or the C: directory on the Protext disc. So for instance, with Relabel in the directory:
• RELABEL DF1: "Review Files" at the Protext command line will
relabel the disc in the second drive to "Review Files". But
there's a snagette.
If you type this: "RELABEL DF1:"Review Files" ?
Nothing will happen at all. Can you spot the crucial difference? If you click Protext into the background you can see the CLI telling you that there was an improper argument to Relabel.
We left out the space that should be between the colon and the opening quote of the filename. No good at all.
You have to remember the syntax for all the AmigaDos commands you want to use. Unlike Protext's built-in commands - Copy for instance, which prompts you in a friendly way with AmigaDos you just get a cold wind from Bristol.
Is there any way, I thought as I breathed heavily over the manual, to make this wretched thing friendlier?
Well, hold on to your eyeballs fans, here it is Friendly AmigaDos.
YOU use mail merge. After all, you're paying for it. And I’ll bet you don't use it for mail merging much - no, neither do I - so it might as well earn its keep. Mail merge can be used to prompt for words, and it can make pro-formed sentences out of your input, so it should be ideal.
Here's how.
Let's start with re-labelling discs.
We'll run this with an exec file, called Rel, which goes like this: I relabel.an PS Log on to DFO: and save it there.
Typing X REL at the command line will cause Relabel.mm to load, and then be printed to the screen, which is the mail merge way to run things.
This is RelabeI.mm: 0F ret AV "RELABEL drive : “drive AV "RELABEL new label: "label MF RAM:Nobo df on WM
• relabel tdrivel "Unbelt" yf off MC CF EX exec RAM; ;Hobo Again,
save it to DFO:. This is how it works: The first line opens a
datafile. Mail merge needs to grab a Fde. But as we don’t have
to read any data I've made it grab Rel, which I know is there
because I’ve just executed it.
The second line prompts you for the drive spec (DFO:, DF1: or whatever) and assigns the answer the the mail merge variable drive. The third line asks you for the new name of the disc, and assigns whatever string you type in to the variable label.
The fourth and fifth lines prepare to write a Fde to ram. I've called it Hobo because the only requirement is that there shouldn't be another file with the same name already there in case it overwrites it.
Line six uses the drive and label variables and makes them into the proper AmigaDos command line.
Lines seven, eight and nine stop the L Foraot.aw PS BF foruatd AV "FORMAT which drive : "d AV "FORMAT disk noae : "n AV "FORMAT options : "o WF RAM:Hobo MF on MM ‘foraat drive tdt naae "tnt" lot MF off MC CF EI exec RAM:Hobo 0F fornatd AV 'FORMA! Obi cl drive )AV "FORMAT dick naw )AV "FORMAT options IMF RAM:Hobo IMF on MM ufornat drive lit nil MC FORMAT obich drive : dFI: FORMAT disk nane : Stuff FORMA! Options : quick noicons Ufornat drive dFI: nane "Stuff" quick noicons Qijoltage
1. 0293 A Ca«1 Tramator .
A C Huii V mii3r Af g-» r f*w 200C p * yij .vua e C foropC*
i. '2] 7* 1'- 7Q00 i?*99 KtUtr C CompOr 3*f«»f J . _ . 1',*] 00
BBC Pmubw 14 j 00 Coe-JcSeua ------ 439.95 Cftuc* Choice icomp
) U1900 De»«n ‘D ----- iMOCi Disk* - 10 s 05 DO---112.50
Sommer Sketch Ptio Drawing
3. 5“ Disk Drive ......192.50 Puturesound ......
179-95 Genlock K802 _________1225 00 Genlock 8H06 (Prof.) 4*2*
00 “Inteiugem Mus4c* .113500 ;a-J e Arr g» Do C v* 117*00
«a,AhocPtjs .....138*0 Mis.e« : rack Pro (64 track sen) 12*4
00 Mavie Seaer . 15*00 Mas* X . 1182 00 ¦si ram (XjxJ* ¦mf)
413900 PS *r. V.,tpvCei An.maie 47**0 Prof Vi,Vo PS a 418V 9*
Prof Draw 41'.09* Prof Page v| 2 419*9* Pi Maher* Choice __
479 9* W ciDXI 4114 00 Sculpt 4D .. 1369-00 JUST
For further information, send LARGE stamped self addressed envelope Make cheques payable to ’COTTAGE SOFTWARE" and send to.
P. O. BOX 8, SHAW, OLDHAM, OL2 8QN Tel: 0706 845365 Prices
include VAT and Delivery within UK ALL GAMES - OLD AND NEW
Public Domain Software for the Amiga from £3 per disk all
inclusive ? Over 500 disks!
* Membership not necessary ? Fast Service ALL KTJMA SOFTWARE ALL
HARDWARE Sculpt 4DJnr. 4S99* 173 9* 4 4 V* 41829*
- 149* 00 1149 V* 1120 00 1*29* 460*0 13799* 112 9* 4*99*
..119.95 Studio MagC Superbase Persona) U Soprrba* ?ruf V'3
Superpk OlgUUrr TV W,«n»CPl*Onucr0 Vttfe© £Teo» 3D ___ Vrteo
Geneuc Va**r « ha.' Where' Wvn .
W. .r.) Perfm ( 4 1 Workbench 1 3 X Gad Oexgner Xtnpy THE AMIGA
PD LIBRARY Dept. AMC, 72 Glencoe Road, Sheffield. S2 2SR PD
Hotline 0742-588429 (9am-9pml We have one ot the largest
collections ot PD software for .the Amiga in the UK.
We currently stock: O FISH 1-204 O AMICUS 1-26 O SLIPPED DISK 1-40 O FAUG HOTMIX 1-75 O PANORAMA 1-71 O AUGE 1-25 O T-BAG 1-23 All the above are £3 each ? 1 FREE when you order 10 2 catalogue disks available at £5 which give details of the above collections Our own special selection £4.00 each O APDL 6 CLI HELP Confuted by CLI? This one s lor you ? APOL 7 LANGUAGES Lisp, Prolog, Logo. Forth O AptlL 8 AMIGA 0ISK DOCTOR Life saving programs!
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BELIEVE me. It works. I’ve just used it. Between this para and the one before lies more than an hour of messing about. The system started to crash kind of fuzzily - things didn't quite go right - and when I reset the system the Amy refused to read my Protext work disc.
This is the second disc failure since I’ve started to write these articles. I'm not used to it. In five years of using 3in discs on various Amstrads I’ve never had one go down. I don't fancy these 3.5in floppies at all right now, but because on the Amiga you’re stuck with them, the only thing to say is back up everything. That's the important thing.
Anyway, at the end of the whole grinding process, using DiskSalv from the August cover disc and more help from my friend Alex, I recovered all the odd config and macro files I'd built up. Then I re-formatted the bad disc using FormatD, and it worked.
Forged in action, fellers. You’ll Find the relevant exec and command files in my drawer.
I've learnt my lesson. Back-up.
Back-up. Back-up. This is Obvious Advice country, but really necessary.
The truth is that a lot of the pleasure and performance of the program has nothing to do with fancy coding on our part. It’s all in the user’s approach.
PROTEXT is very powerful and unbelievably quick. In fact, like most good Wps, the program is too powerful to be learnt completely. The thing is not to try and hammer it all in, but to be relaxed about the idea that you don 7 know it all.
I’ve been using it on the CPC for nearly five years, and to come back to the car analogy, all the controls fall readily to hand, but 1 keep on discovering new accessories.
And there’s the fun. 1 really enjoyed working out how to use mail merge to do the formatting and re-labelling.
Drawing new characters on the screen isn’t something I ever thought I’d do, but doing it sure beats watching TV.
Isolating the address for envelopes gives me pleasure each time I use it now. A id the key to success is browsing.
Browsing may not sound very hi- tech. But it is a major productive activity. "Just" browsing through the manual with the machine fired up, and "just" fiddling about with things like mail merge, gets you familiar with the system and suggests lots of nice wheezes, some of which might even be useful.
Read a lot of magazines - definitely read the letters columns - and join a club. For every problem, there’s always a friendly techie out there who knows the solution. The trick is to meet him. And a club is the place.
In the meantime, hang loose. It doesn’t matter what you do; the program as it comes from Amor works Fine, so there’s no hurry.
Make the program yours.
Play with Protext TURBOSOFT Dept (Amiga Computing) 41 South Street Leighton Buzzard Beds. LU78NT MAIL ORDER ONLY TEL: 0525 377974 FAX: 0525 852278 NEW RELEASES HOT NEWS Operation ThurxJerboi Aodtdes Golden Shoe....
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* These will be despatched within 24 hours of release, subject to
availability TM & © 1964 DC Comics Inc. YOU KNOW that Amiga
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AM! 2 Have you done your HAMwork?
In the red corner I give you DigiPaint 3 and in the blue, Photon Paint 2. Your referee is Martyn Oakley WHATEVER the spotty oik in the shop says, there is no single art package for the Amiga.
You will need a standard one, something like Spritz or Deluxe Paint III, and then you'll need another for those occasions when you want to play with HAM.
Art programs have come along leaps and bounds over the last few years, from the first glimpse of King Tut on Dpaint, right up to the two newest, DigiPaint 3 and Photon Paint 2 - both sequels to successful HAM packages which use all 4,096 colours to get stunning life-like pictures.
DIGIPAINT 3 has many new features to help you get the best results in the shortest time. Menus have been made easy to use and there are now 11 different painting modes.
Your pictures can be larger than the screen, Super Bitmaps let you have your canvas as big as 1024 x 1024 pixels. You can get around this massive painting area by moving your pointer to the edge of the screen - NewTek’s auto-scrolling does the rest.
The menu bar is held within the control panel, not where you expect it to be on a title bar at the top of the screen. The control panel has been well designed. It has been spaced out into three sections - tools, text and controls. You get a little icon of what can be done with each gadget, which will save you a lot of experimenting.
Making brushes is a breeze. Not only can you cut square and freehand brushes, but also any of the drawing gadgets can be used to cut something out. Ever tried cutting a freehand circular brush?
' oik in is no l»- o. e Paint srfor I to play ig leaps sars, kit on est.
- both tagcs et Altered images Once you have grabbed your brush
you can lay it on top of your artwork, fade it in with the
background, warp it. Light it appropriately and still use it to
paint with.
The menu system for selecting where your light source position will be includes control over the typo of dithor. Gone are the days of airbrushing slight changes of colour, taking hours. It can all be done with the press of a button.
W lie best us there ides.
Nthe ve I your rest.
E ect it Tiling is another new feature. It enables you to duplicate the brush, making patterns and giving everything an early ‘80s Top of the Pops look.
DigiPaint 3 has an unusual text function. Letters are not typed on to the picture, but into a requester box.
This becomes a brush in the selected font, which can be warped, rotated and smoothed to get rid of all the jagged edges on letters like O and S. Text can also be made transparent or multi-coloured, so you don't have to go back and do it by hand.
E PHOTON PAINT is the other HAM art package to have had a facelift. Animation is the major new feature. You can now make HAM pictures move. That is. If you have a vast amount of memory. Which most of us don't. The anim demo supplied will not work fully with 1 meg, but it puts the point across. Lots of action means lots of frames, and that swallows ram.
The title bar at the top of the screen has not changed since Photon Paint 1, but the menu bar has had a lot of new features crammed into it. I much prefer the layout in DigiPaint 3. But once you have learned the hot koy short cuts in Photon, the menu bar will rarely be used.
Photon has a stencil (DigiPaint 3 doesn't). With it you can mask off the part of the canvas you wish to keep, and any of the colours within that TRANSFER 24 is an extra program on the second DigiPaint 3 disc. This takes a HAM screen and turns it in to a lo-res 32 colour picture. The loading screen pops up to allow you to select hi-res, interlace, horizontal overscan and vertical overscan before you load in your picture.
It produces a histogram that tells you how much red, green and blue you have on your screen. This has no relevance to drawing a good picture, but is useful if you have imported a digitised piccy from DigiView and want to adjust the tint.
You can also fiddle with brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. If you have used DigiView all the menus will look familiar.
A common problem when pulling together a screen from a number of bits of clip art is that different brushes need different palettes.
Lifting a damsel in distress from a area will not be touched.
Cutting brushes is easy, with either square or freehand cutting tools.
Brushes can be wrapped around shapes. I liked this feature in the original Photon Paint, and I'm glad to see it was kept in Photon Paint 2.
Wrapping is something DigiPaint 3 can't do.
Contour has been added to the list of shapes brushes can be wrapped castle balcony and putting her on a sun-drenched beach all too often results in giving her sea-green skin, yellow lips and a dress which clashes with her shoes.
Tyansfer 24 can play games with the pallette. So if you have a 25 colour princess and a 20 colour beach, you can use Tyansfer 24 to remap the beach into 12 colours and the girl to 20 colours. By using a 32 colour mode there is room for everything. After merging the two you can touch up the result and paint her lips red.
The utility is really designed for using pictures which have been saved using DigiView in the 24 bit (16 million colour) mode. Hence its name. But it is a program which most Amiga artists could have used at some time or other.
Turning a 4,096 colour screen into a four colour one for an icon may not yield useful results, but it is a mark of flexibility that it is possible.
I around - Tube. Cone, Ball, Ellipse, Free, and two kinds of Cube - so now you can remould the brush, adding perspective to your work. It does it properly and doesn't skimp around the edges. My favourite is Free, which lets you make a random shape to wrap you brush on - you j can cram yout brush into a egg timer ¦« with the greatest of ease.
Other new features include Shadow, which throws a drop shadow under wherever you are on the screen. A problem with this is if you have a shadow going to the bottom right of where your pointer is and you start drawing upwards, the shadow will overwrite the colour you are working with.
Everyone seems to want to jump on the video titling wagon, and the genlock option is Microillusions' ticket to ride.
It doesn’t do anything clever, it just takes all the menus and cursor off your canvas. So in conjunction with a system like MiniGen you can lay HAM images and animations on your home vids.
BOTH packages come with demo pictures showing what can be achieved with them. Photon Paint 2 has a second disc full of HAM artwork which you can load up and use in the tutorials. DigiPaint 3 not only gives you the pictures to view in the art package, but a routine on the second disc which does wipes and fades.
Showing all the artwork on the disc.
But art is about freedom of expression and control over your medium, and nothing dries the creative juices faster than haying to wait for a slow program to update a HAM screen.
In a side-by-side comparative test DigiPaint 3 was the faster all round, especially on brush movement and fills. The fact that all the menus are close to hand and easy to read also makes DigiPaint 3 faster and a pleasure to use.
If you are just starting out in HAM, then for its speed, ease of use and very good layout, DigiPaint 3 is the best place to start. It's going to take a Photon Paint 3 to beat it.
RKI’ORT CARD Photon Paint 2 Microlllusions 0480 496497 £89.95 EASE OF USE.. ¦HUH Simple menus. Animation needs lots of expansion memory _ one megabyte is barely enough to run the program.
HAM will always be slow, but in this case speed had beeen sacrificed for greater accuracy.
DOCUMENTATION can make or break a program. The manual for DigiPaint 3 is well laid out, with room after each chapter for notes. A good idea, but I prefer to scribble comments in the margin.
It's all in the book I don't understand how anyone can produce a manual which lacks an index.
This is a crime for which NewTek should never be forgiven.
The manual that comes with Photon Paint 2 presents you with endless pages of text but no diagrams or pictures to help put the point across. The problem is alleviated by explanations being well worded, so it won't be long before you will have your first masterpiece on the screen.
VALUE ... Improvements over version 1 do not merit the price of an upgrade Only worth buying for the animation, provided you have the ram.
RKI’ORT CARD DigiPaint 3 NewTek Digipro 0703 703030 £79.95 EASE OF USE.... _ A doddle to doodle _ the user interface is fun be with. Flexible brushes give great control.
SPEED.. No need to wait for the paint to dry. Very fast for HAM.
VALUE.. Expensive, but cheaper than the alternative.
It's been a long time coming, but it's easily the best buy in HAM paint software.
Good at magic, are you ?
RealThings Animation Series runs in Deluxe Paint III, by Electronic Arts, and requires Amiga with I Meg min. YOKE STYLE JOYSTICK FOR FLIGHT SIMULATOR II DELTABASE A Flight Simulator Joystick £29.95 FLIGHT SIMULATOR II ..£24.95 VOLTMACE Unit 9, Bondor Business Centre London Road, Baldock, SG7 6HP Telephone 0462 894410 Prices include VAT & 1st class post Dealer & Distributor terms available I Then meet Artie. If you can turn this page into an Amiga, you can hit key 4 and he’ll come alive before your very eyes.
Not that good ? Never mind.
Get the first of the animation series, RealThings - HORSES.
That's magic !!
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stereo, keyboard etc Full instructions are included, and the
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DF1 ..... ADE3 ONLY £8.99
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neat speaker units which connect directly to your AMIGA They
are ideal for use with mono TV’s & monitors, & simpty plug in
for instant stereo sound. Ybu'H be amazed at the difterence.
MlNIAMP 2 WITH REMOTE VOLUME CONTROL & ALL LEADS ONLY £19.99 MINIAMP 4 comprises separate 4 watts per channel high quality mini stereo amplifier with loudspeakenheadphone socket, separate speaker units with 4’ twin cone drivers, mams power pack & connecting lead for AMIGA v m CAN BE USEO AS WALKMAN' BOOSTER & WITH OTHER COMPUTERS MINIAMP 4 STEREO AMPLIFIER SPEAKER SYSTEM MA4 £34.99 ¦KSKEEIMI MIDI INTERFACE 1 FOR A500 2000 OR A1000 MIF1 £29.99 This has MIDI IN.OUT & THRU sockets ¦ MIDI INTERFACE 2 FOR A500 2000 OR A1000 MIF2 £34.99 ¦ This has MIDI IN. MIDI OUT. MIDI THRU plus 2 UNIQUE
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AFMl ONLY £4.99 WE ALSO STOCK AMIGAS Pcs. PRINTERS. MONITORS. HARO DISKS MEMORY EXPANSIONS VIDEO DIGITISERS SELECTED SOFTWARE 4 BOOKS PHONE FOR OUR FREE 20 WGE CATALOGUE TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Please add 75p pari postage 1 packing to orders under £1500 FREE CATALOGUE WITH All ORDERS EXPRESS DelWERY ei 99 Extra AmigaTEX AmigaTEX provides a powerful alternative in document preparation. It enables you to typeset complex or long documents, especially those ot a technical nature such as user manuals or journal papers. It gives you true
typeset quality with kerning, ligatures, full floating accents, mathematical and technical symbols and the ability to produce tables and special formats. AmigaTEX will accept Input from any text editor or word processor and with its built-in screen previewer, a document formatter of mainframe power becomes available.
Also included with AmigaTEX are LaTEX - a document formatter with dozens of preformed styles, SliTEX - a slide generating macro, and BibTEX - a bibliography database program. AmigaTEX is fully file compatible with other versions of TEX.
Printer drivers are available for most printer types and the complete set ot Computer Modern Fonts is Included. A companion program METAFONT is available for those who wish to create new fonts or modify existing ones.
AmigaTEX is £125 and printer driver sets (laser series, Epson FX series, NEC P6 and Epson LQ series, HP DeskJet) are priced at £75 each. METAFONT Is £50.
All prices include VAT and carriage.
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For further details and free demo disk write or call: THE TEXT FORMATTING COMPANY 14 OSBALDESTON ROAD, LONDON N16 7DP TEL: 01 -806 1944 Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga The 11.% Amiga Users group is the. Largest Amiga only user group in the world. Hi are now in our fourth year and are the most established and experienced Amiga user group in the U.% Hi have over 1,500 members and are able to offer an unrivalled level of support. Our members receive a 60+ page bi-monthly nezvsletter parted with articles of interest at all levels, we have a massive library of public domain software and run an
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253 New Works Road Bradford BD12 OQPr I Tel 0274 691115 Ear 027-1600150 l POOLSWINNER n nil llliuvn I1KH.S l*KI l)l('ll( I’ktK.k M What’s going on ? Or off ?
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done it, have you ?
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Tier wondered where 1q get those rollt unusual utilities from?
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I Simon Rockman meets the Cray twins - Professor Ad Wiseman
and Eric Lugtigheid MAD professors are supposed to live in
castle towers surrounded by flasks of bubbling liquid. By this
definition Professor Ad Wiseman is not mad. He lives in a
comfortable flat in a very select part of Chelsea with his
colleague Eric Lugtigheid. There are no flasks, just three
Amiga 2000s.
Who else but a madman would want to interface an Amiga to a Cray? Not only is it difficult to find one of these water-cooled supercomputers, you couldn't fit it in the front room. That is ¦ FEATURE ¦ Straightening out the graphics kinks DESPITE the heavy computational side of the Cray project, the main aim is to provide tools for students on art courses.
Sculpt is the best program on the Amiga for designing shapes, but some things are quite difficult to do.
Freehand drawing is one of them. It is often easier to sketch an outline in 2D and then convert it to a solid shape.
The obvious method of sketching on paper seems a bit low-tech. DigiWorks is a program which can take an IFF file and spot the edges of a shape. It then turns the edges into vertices for a 3D shape. Eric wasn't happy with the quality of the results. Some lines which should be straight come out with kinks, and it cannot transfer colour information.
His solution was to write a program which was more accurate. The two scientists share the philosophy that computer languages are just a method for communicating with the computer and that they should choose the language which suits their purpose best.
For the edge detection program they chose GFA Basic. Ad wrote a procedure to load an IFF picture which so impressed GFA it is now included with the Basic interpreter.
The result is so quick it is hard to believe the software is written in Basic. Given a complicated Deluxe Paint screen to read, the edges were spotted at least as quickly as DigiWorks and the accuracy was very much better.
A magnify option is useful in tidying up over-complicated areas where vertices meet. But the most powerful utility is a rotation option.
This can give a 2D shape perspective before it is saved out in Sculpt format.
Each object is saved separately - not as a scene, which makes the final assembly more flexible.
If you can persuade the US Department of Defense to let you part with $ 5,000,000 for one.
Well according to Professor Wiseman, lots of people. Mainly universities and colleges who have a lot of students and need cheap, powerful graphic terminals. They'd like super expensive terminals but can’t afford to equip computer labs with 30 personal Irises at £20,000 each. They can afford Amigas.
And if anyone knows what the educational establishments want Ad does. In his native Holland he teaches 136 students at the Utrecht School of Art. The school has 80 Amigas and at least 90 of the students have an Amiga at home. He sees the real benefit to Commodore as being the role his students play spreading the word. At the end of each year they go out into the world of industry and commerce where they persuade employers to buy Amigas. Eric and Ad are in rAd it of 5t vant t England on a six month project for the Royal College of Art to produce software to link the Amiga and a Cray 2 at the
University of London Computer Centre fULCC). The main thrust of this is to get the supercomputer to do all the work necessary in crunching numbers for ray tracing.
While the three Amigas they have can produce pretty good results thanks to their 68020 processor cards, it still takes somewhere between an hour and a day to produce a screen.
The Cray can do it in seconds.
Unfortunately the Cray cannot run Sculpt-Animate 4D, it uses a program written in Utah called MovieBYU.
The obvious thing to do is forget about Amigas and just use MovieBYU.
Obvious but stupid. When you are using aq Amiga the processor time is free, you’ve paid for the whole machine. When you are on-line to a Cray every microsecond is shared with other users and you have to pay.
It is far cheaper for students to fiddle with designs on the Amiga and then get the Cray to do the final high quality work. It is also far easier.
MovieBYU has no graphical user interface. Shapes are designed by typing in numbers. A decent sphere needs 600 points, each with three coordinates. A fair bit of keyboard bashing.
The student, who may well be on an art not a computing - course uses an Amiga and designs shapes, trying them out in low resolutions before logging on to the Cray. Then Ad and Eric’s program translates the Scuplt data file into MovieBYU format. The student logs on to Cray and uploads the file for the heavy calculation to begin.
Seconds later the picture is complete and ready for downloading, but it is not a standard IFF file. The picture will use 16 million colours and needs around a megabyte of screen memory. So some special software converts this into an Amiga HAM picture, which only needs 300k and is quicker to download.
When the project is complete the way will be open for all universities to interface cheaply with a Cray.
A hand from Commodore MUCH of the work Eric and Professor Wiseman have done has only been made possible with cooperation from Commodore.
Jennifer Perry from the marketing department arranged the loan of three Amiga 2000s with A2620 processor cards, hard discs and multi-sync monitors.
These are used extensively both at the flat and at the Royal College of Art. Ad also uses his own machine, which has a Commodore 2080 monitor. This looks like the standard 1084 but has a special long- persistence screen. The effect is to hold an image.
Rapid movement - such as moving the mouse pointer or the screen scrolling - results in the whole object smearing. But it is ideal for working in interlace mode because it hides all the flicker.
Announcing PRODATA - the Arnor database Software for the 1990s Select field a Field 4 Field 5 Field ( Field 7 ..... Field I : lei «ddr Field 1 : del Mdr Field II : Pel Pddr Field 11 : Del Pddr Field II : Teleshone : Mdress 4 Invelce address ITVITfVITTTVTtVI Field 11*! Unit Cost 1
• 0,17). Len*th=29.
Top left = (8,1).
Designing a new layout I Snlth Hr 0 I 34 Hulkerri Hey loeer Threshley Hlttomadcr-tbrHIIll Hittonsklre Hill 56T Displaying and entering data Arnor, the makers ot PROTEXT, are pleased to announce the arrival of our complementary database program, PRODATA.
This is the program that our customers have been requesting for years. Prodata is an Ideal companion to Protext - it uses the same key strokes and many of the same concepts, so Protext users will Immediately feel comfortable. Prodata offers the same standards of ease of use and flexibility as Protext.
But you do not need Protext to use Prodata - it is a powerful database manager in its own right, Ideal for all your filing applications. The program uses a simple set of menus which may be used with the keyboard or a mouse, as required.
Prodata is being launched simultaneously for the IBM PC and compatibles, Commodore Amiga and Atari ST, at a special introductory price of £55, available only until 30th November 1989. The recommended price will then become £79.95. Variable length fields, ud to soo raids par recosd. Data filas automatically Oder,dad as data is
• ntsrod. Extra fisldi may ba added at any tlma.
Indexed files may have up to 5 Indaxaa, which may use supplementary sort fields. Instantly switch Indexes to change sorting method.
Flexible layout design Includes field, text and variable items, line drawing mode for boxes, layouts wider and longer than screen sizes with automatic scrolling, formatting of Items (decimal places, justify, centring), printer attributes (bold. Italic ate) both global and on each Item, special 'attach' attributes to join Kerns. Duplicate layout facility. Up to 100 different layouts.
Printing. Comprehensive set of printer drivers, full use of printer control codes, options to set ail margin sizes, headers and footers, microspacing used to give correct output In proportional fonts, background printing, print to printer or to a disc file.
Filtering of data using any expression, Filters stored with descriptions, selectable from menu. You can instantfy switch between displaying all records, those selecled, or others. Individual records may be de-selected after filtering.
Importing and exporting of data in different formats suitable for other software including Protext.
Selective importing allowing data to be checked and altered as K is imported.
Prodata is exceptfonallv veraatile:- You can keep data files which are automatically sorted as you add information. The type of data can be very varied, ranging from simple names and addresses to inventories and catalogues and even invoices and records of transactions.
You can keep the data sorted in several different ways, e.g. by name, number, date. Almost instantly find information using any of these sort keys.
You can design different ways of presenting the data, e.g. straight list, address labels, tabulated data.
Undo changes. The most recent data changes deletions Insertions are logged and may be reversed to allow you to coned mistakes easily.
Password protection 5 lovou. Away » protect Individual layouts to restrict access to sensitive data.
File management screen with diredory map, rename, erase, copy, type, attribute display and alter at ton.
Powerful expression evaluator provides date calculations, substrings, conditional expressions, rounding. The result of an sxpression can be assigned to a field throughout the database.
Data entry verification Fields may be required to be integer, number or date within a gfvon range, or a string subject to a maximum length and mask.
Data editing w*th ability to duplicate an existing record, Insert and overwrite mode, insert and delete line that automatically move fields up or down, swap characters, convert to upper or lower case, change layout or index from display mode, finds individual record almost Instantly.
KrrtemationaJ compatibility includes full use of accented characters Including correct sorting, keyboard configurable to 10 different national layouts, printer drivers supplied to prim special characters.
Menu driven. Simple, easy to use system of menus and pop up windows. Keyboard or mouse may be used.
Plus macro record mode, batch delete facility, configuration program, example data files, on screen indication of bold, underlining, italics, comprehensive manual.
All facilities are accessed from a few simple to use menus. To set up a new database file you merely need to enter names for each data field - you need not concern yourself with the size of fields or the type of data to be stored or even the total number of fields.
Using Prodala is simplidtv itself: Special Introductory Offer - Open until 30th November 1989 Save £25 on PRODATA Save £55 on PRODATA +PROTEXT Prodala is available NOW at the introductory price ot just £55 Or, buy Protext (our renowned word processor - see our other ad in this issue) at the same time and save even more - the combined price is just £125 Credit card orders wtll be despatched by return of post. H paying by cheque piease allow 10-14 days lor delrvery.
ORDER FORM - Send to address below Please send me (indicate where applicable): Name Address PRODATA_£55.00 (reduced from £79.95) PRODATA + PROTEXT_£125.00 (reduced from £179.90) Computer: PC Atari ST Amiga Disc size: 5W 3'A" Payment by: Access Visa Cheque Postal order Credit card no.
_ Expires __ Re easingyour micro'spo ea fa ... 1 73 Arnor Ltd (AC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PEI 3HA. Tel: 0 33 63909 (24 hr) Fax: 0 33 6 299 Back scratching?
I REALLY am surprised to read that you dare to call yourself "an independent publication”! I am referring to advice given to Marcus Barrett on Letters pages in the August issue of your magazine.
;e mi list, anew enter need ire ol red or *¦ % » If Commodore has to advertise its A590 Hard Drive Plus then why not do it in an inoffensive manner?
Please have some respect for your readers!
Don't get me wrong, as a micro owner with years of experience I have never been as satisfied with my machine as I am since I have bought my Amiga, Personally 1 don't think any micro on the market at present (including all models of Archimedes) comes close to its level of sophistication. But unfortunately drive design and production is one thing Commodore is absolutely useless at. Do you remember the S.25in drive for the Commodore 64? Yes - the ones with the speed of a Spectrum cassette and reliability of the English weather.
Similarly with second drives for Amiga (3.5in floppy). 1 compared my Triangle with my friend's Commodore. Mine was 12 per cent faster, 40 per cent smaller and makes virtually no noise at all. For reasons unknown my drive is also £40 cheaper.
Therefore, if you must name only one supplier when advising Wired I HAVE built a connection lead for my old 1541 disc drive to my Amiga using the examples from the manuals. Doesn't work though.
They are a six pin from the 1541 to a 25 pin connector.
I have KindVVords 2 and am having trouble trying to print out a letter with graphics. The printer I am using is a Hewlett Packard Paintjel, the graphics from Photon Print and Deluxe Photolab.
Paul Betts, Pennycomequick. Plymouth.
Wow. Fl would be easier lo answer these questions if you had said which manual. I can't find anything about the 1541 in your readers about hard drives, why not suggest Amdrive I40mb at £399), which is more advanced, more reliable and without question a much better buy? I’m convinced that there is a purpose in the existence of Commodore drives, but as yet I haven't been able to discover what it is. It would be nice if in Introduction lo the Amiga. I guess you are trying to wire the drive up as a second Poppy. That is a no- no. The 1541 is a drive with brains.
It uses a serial interface and a whole load of circuitry to slow everything down. No one said they were good brains. So you ‘II need to talk to the 1541 using the serial port. Iand given how stupid it is. It might help if you should The software to do this is called Access 64. At the mo. It is only available Jor. The At000, but an A500 version is due out in lanuary.
Who is Penny?
Kind Words will not accept high resolution or HAM pictures. You need a better paint program, try Deluxe Paint.
Future you could remember that there is more to being independent that just calling yourself independent, I think apologies are in order.
Adam Kusnierz, Wembley. Middlesex.
While the editor isn't looking I'll admit that he is biased. He bought an A590 and thinks the sun shines out of its SCSI port. But he argues convincingly that he chose it because it is cheap, has the best DMA chip and is expandable. But then he buys the manufacturer's product because it is the one most likely to be supported by third parly software.
I object to the accusation that Amiga Computing is biased in favour of Commodore.
The Vortex Hard Drive received a much better review than the A590.
The Amdrive has not been reviewed because ASAP was unwilling to lend us one for review.
Chatting with technical bods land this is not a review) indicates that the Amdrive hardware is pretty damn good but is handicapped by slow software.
The best setup would be a Commodore interface with a better drive in the box. And the nearest YOUR free software doesn't work. I bought Amiga Computing to use Diskchecker but found that on opening a window from Workbench and typing in the relevant command produces "Unknown Command Diskchecker". As the remainder of the disc appears lo run OK, is this a fault or is there something that 1 do not know?
I have some Lotus 1-2-3 5.25in discs intended for use on a Wang PC with a Winchester drive. As I have a Triangle Multi-Drive would Lotus run on the Amiga using a utility such as DOS to DOS?
Tim Goff, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex.
Aw, simple. To keep things tidy programs get put into drawers.
And the drawer which has Diskchecker in it is called "Diskchecker", Original huh? So type cd diskchecker to get into the drawer and then type diskchecker to run the program.
Lust because you can read a disc doesn't mean you can run a program. I can put The Beach Boys Greatest Hits into my C64 cassette deck, but even a high speed loader won t cope with it. Dos to Dos will read data, you could pull off files and read them into a word processor. But you can ’ run Lotus.
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1149 SHADOW OF THE BEAST 19 99 ROGER RABBIT 1 MEO) 949 CHESS PLAYER2150 1599 FUN SCHOOL 2 (6 B .....12*9 LESURE SUIT LARRY 2 16.49 SHADOWGATF 749 XENON II. MEGABlAST 15*9 CHICAGO90 1249 FUN SCHOOL 2 (OVER 8) 1249 LEONARDO 13 49 SHINOBI 1249 XENOPHOBE ...1599 COLLOSUSCHESS X 1549 FUN SCHOOL 2 lUP TO«l 249 l«3HT FORCE 5 99 SHOGUN 1849 XVBOTS 1299 CONFLICT EURCRE 16*9 00.0 RUSH' .11*9 LOMBARD RAC RALLY 1*49 SEUCK .18*9 ZCFWZERO 18*9 To order please write, or complete the coupon, or telephone us on 0279 600204. Please note that there is a surcharge of 50p
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board for a little more than a separate PC. This will do a
respectable job of running Lotus. Bui would you want lo?
On-line answers PLEASE could you tell me where to buy a modem and how much it would cost? And if possible could you give me an address or phone number. What colour printer would be best to buy for about £250? On Workbench 1.2. where is the disc doctor?
|amie Lamb, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.
What kind of modem you need depends on what you want lo log in lo. The Iwo best boys al the DTP printer moment are the Microlink MultiSpeed and the Amstrnd SM2400.
The Multispeed runs at up to 1200 bits per second full duplex, which is compatible with most bulletin boards and subscription services.
It is available from Database Direct on 051-357 2961 and costs £179.95. Ask them for an IBM compatible cable.
The Amstrnd costs C250 but is often available for less. II works ol twice the speed, which means it works with all Ihe same systems as the MicroLink modem but will also work with Ihe newer 2400 bits per second systems.
I tried a couple of dealers near you but had no joy in finding anyone who slocks modems. Y2 in Watford stocks the Amstrad. This is a good dealer and understands modems and Amigas. Call on 0923 510161 and hassle Bod.
The Star LC-10 colour seems to be winning a lot of friends in the Amiga world. II is a good cheap mono printer but will splash a bil of colour around with Ihe appropriate ribbon.
The cheapest way to get one is lo visit one of Ihe Christmas computer shows - the Commodore Show or Computer Shopper - or to haggle in Tottenham Court Road.
Service? Wassal?
Diskdoctor is on the main 1.2 disc, you need to click on Ihe CU icon and type Diskdoctor. A better program is DiskSalv. Which was on the August issue cover disc.
Count on me I HAVE four questions for you.
1. 1 am wondering if il's possible to have digitised speech and
samples sounds on my workbench when it's loading. If so what
program can 1 use?
2. I am trying to make my own game using a package called
Graphicraft, is it possible or will 1 need another? If so
which one will be best for a beginner or can I use Amiga
Basic? If so can you tell me some commands?
Martin Breeze.
Nantwich, Cheshire.
Good grief, you've a lot to learn.
First, to ask four questions you have lo be able to count beyond two. Thirdly Ihe PD program PLAY will produce a sound from an IFF sound file. You II need lo create the THIS is one of those pointless letters. It's about a murder! Yes a murder. Whos? Mine, well not exactly mine. I had a Colonel Hansford in the air force in Falcon. I, well he, had 150 merit points I know its not a lot but it takes some getting.'
Anyway one flight I left my landing gear out too long and a voice said "Warning Warning" so I pul my landing gear up but the voice continued.
While looking for the faull I was not concentrating and the ground came up and hit me.
All that hard work lost. Ah!
Well now I've got my mission disc I'm satisfied.
Wayne Hansford.
Poole. Dorset.
Sample with a digitiser and then include PLAY and Ihe sound file in the Startup-sequence on your workbench.
Graphicraft is not man enough for the job of writing a gome. The simple wimps way of doing this is to use Shoot-'em-up Construction Kit.
This might tench you something about gome design, but you'll leant zilch about programming. A better route is lo buy a copy of Hisoft Basic and learn something about programming.
Don't try lo mn before you can walk.
Bunch of keys CONGRATS on your excellent mag.
Now down to business: I am currently prototyping a spreadsheet program in AmigaBasic and need to detect function and cursor arrow key presses but have been unable to find any documentation on this subject.
The ROM Kernel Manual shows how lo do this from C, but I've been unable to get it working under Basic.
The final version of my spreadsheet will be written in a more suitable language, probably C. bul I chose Basic for Ihe prototype for speed of development.
[P Winnard, Standish. Lancs.
Thanks IP The first thing to do when writing any program in Basic is click once on the icon, drag it over to the tmshcao and delete the godawful program. Then reach for your Visa card with one hand, the phone with the other and dial 0525 718(8! To order a copy of Hisoft Basic.
You can read all Ihe keys, and this even works with Ihe standard Microsoft Basic, by using the INKEYS command documented on page 8-63 of the Basic manual.
Good luck with Ihe C. Born in the USA OVER hero in the US we use a different video format. NTSC as opposed to your PAL. My question is this: Would a PAL monitor work on an NTSC machine?
I have bought several programs in Europe, but they're always longer than my monitor screen can handle. Should 1 get a PAL monitor or get a PAL computer and monitor?
Chris Dacenza, Fort Walton Beach.
Florida. USA.
To run a PAL set-up you would need a European computer, monitor and a power supply. Smart software houses produce gomes for both screen formats. It's not worth the hassle of changing.
Warning_ READERS should not buy the boot selector advertised in the November issue. This device onahlos you lo boot from an external drive, as does A-Tool, a PD program Bul Ihe software does not cost £9.99. A-Tool can also disable extra memory, dotecl if a virus is present, show and install disc boot- blocks, disable the music filter AND copy discs in under a minute.
It also displays the time and is memory resident so all the features remain after a reset. Your mag and disc are far better than all the others!
Roy Weekes, Sheerness, Kent.
Others? What others?
Clued up READING the latest ish i just had to write. Reference Amiga Letters September. You said that there are some Amiga goodies which are unobtainable over here. Well you can buy the "Boing” mouse here for £79.95 from MAST, otherwise known as George Thompson ?
Services, on 077-082 234.
¦ LETTERS The Haitec 3D glasses can be got from Artronic Systems which handles the ray tracing package C- Light which has a special mode for generating images to use with the glasses. Tel: 0423 525325.
J] Mccubbin, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.
Well, the Ed wasn't too hot on readers' letters - which is why you Ve got me. Thanks for the tip.
The truth!
Forthwith. Amiga Computing is informative, well balanced, and excellent value for money. My own forte is desktop video in which I work professionally.
Lynn Adams, Bellshill. Lanarkshire.
Desperately seeking software AFTER reading your magazine 1 am convinced that you will be able to help. I am having difficulty finding an accounts package that will help me run a mail order club, catering for orders, payments, commission and so on.
I need to be able to control 12 or more customer accounts keeping track of order details, payments made and balances for each one.
Previously I ran the club on a Spectrum 48k using two marvellous programs called Finance Manager and Masterfile.
Even though the Amiga is a far more advanced computer than the Spectrum, there don’t appear to be many good business programs. Can you or any of your readers restore my faith in the superb Amiga by coming up with a decent accounts CB Martin, Wordsley, West Midlands.
I can't vouch for quality because we’ve only just had the programs in for review, but there are three accounts programs just out.
Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts from Digita, on 0395 270273, costs £69.95. Small Business Manager from Hi Tension, on 0252 344454, costs £99.95. And XYZZY from ASAP, call 0274 280222, costs £149.95. Amor, 0733 68909, has Prodata £80 which is a neat looking database, and I suspect best suited to your needs. All these programs will be reviewed soon.
Get it together THE September 1989 issue was the first AC issue I’ve bought and 1 instantly became a regular reader.
The assembly language programming article was very good, especially as I’m trying to learn assembly myself.
Anyway, you seem like sensible blokes, if not slightly odd, so I’ve a few questions that I hope you will answer.
Unlike a different mag that edited one of my letters, leaving me in the dark. OK here goes: How do you edit graphic raw data, such as the logo, of the demo source code? Where is the actual music data in the demo source?
OK, that’s the lot for now. I hope you reply, as it’ll be a great help.
Thanks for the mag, and the reply!
Karl Bergin, Co Wicklow, Eire.
I've cut your letter down a bit because the simple answer is "Buy some books". Computers Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide, £21.95 from The Computer Store 021-770 0468. There was no music source supplied with the demo, but you can add your own.
The tools to convert an IFF file to RAW data were on the September cover disc.
• Denotes Programs that require 1 Meg Memory!
S«n1 Stafler Pack 10 Disks .. ’ Sen2 Startrok 3 Disks 7.9 Sen3 Music Collection 6 9 Sen4 Graphics Collection ......6.9 Sen5 NIB Backup (2 Drives) 2.9 Sen6 Draco Compiler 2 Disks 4 9
* Sen7 Newtek Demo 2 Disks.....4 9 ’ Sen8 Notboingagam & Tank
Demo2.?S Son9 Wild copper Demo .2.25 Sen 10
Fantasypixs I 2.25 Senl 1 JRComm Comms Program 2.25
Sen12 Summertime Amigahaxs 2.25 Sen13 Probe Sequence
......2 25 Sen14 Maase Demo & Others .....2.25 SEX!I!
Good, now we have your attention we have an offer that you just won't be able to refuse!!!
Take any TEN or more Disks from our Selection and Pay only £1.99 each Disk otherwise Disks cost £2.25 each.
Sen62 Blowfly Son63 Virus Utils Sen64 Somx Jukebox Sen65 Ledzepplin (1) San66 Ledzopplin (2) Sen67 Fantasypixsit Son68 Safe Sex Sen69 Obscene I Sen70 Obscene II Sen7l Mega Utils I Sen72 Rotatingwomen II Sen73 Megautils I Sen74 Icons Sen7S Sen Utils III Sen76 Sampled sounds Sen 77 Profdemoaeator Sen 78 LeCopiers Sen79 Jan Michel Jarre Destination Docklands Sen80 Smooth Criminal Sen8l Raytraong Sen82 Hack
* * Exclusive to Scalar Animation Disks featuring Shark Demo ft
Startrek Enterprise requires I
meg ....TVvo Disks only
£3.99 * •
* • Join our Senlac Club now £3.00 membership Ineludea Club Disk
* • Commercial ft Hardware ..Call now If Item
required not shown A500 Baslc'Mouae.WBanch Manuals
Modulator...... Cumana Cax 354 E Dnve..... Linnet 120071200
Modem Citizen 120D Printer ...... Joysticks from ..
347. 95
95. 00 .211.95 .159 99 7 99
375. 95
399. 00 .36.99
12. 95 .11.95
• ' • Commercial Software Compilations Am.ga Gold Hits
1 ..18.95 Computer Hits Vol
II 15.95 Hits Disk Vol 1
.... .18.95 Mega
Pack ... .15.95 Super Six
.... 15.95 Triad ..... 21.95 Our Amiga
Bulletin Board la now open to all running V21 V23 midnight to
08. 00am daily FREE Software to download Call Us Now!
Call 17. Nau ulh y™ » Cirdt Card for Immediate Despatch. Cheques & Portal Orders lo: 14 Oaklea Close. (Dept AC). Old Roar Road. St. Leonards On Sea.
East Sussex TN37 7HB Tel: 0424 753070 m
1. Complete and mail subscription form on Page 109.
2. Hand this form to your newsagent.
Now to newsagent: Amiga ConyxjUng thoukl be obtainable from your local wholesaler, or comecl Ckcvlalion Manager on 0424 430422 ? I will coiiaa ? I would Hk« II dokvorod to my homo.
PtUM rvwfw ¦ copy ol Amlg* Coinputlng maguWw «vwy month untl tunhor nobco.
Sen83 Agatron Anims Sen84 Errors Megademo Sen85 Crusaders Sen86 Northstar Flight Megademo (2 Disks)
• Sen87 Photolab Demo (2 Disks) SonBB Soundtrackers (2 Disks)
• Sen89 Car Demo Sen90 Disk Utils As A500 with 10 games pack 8
Photonpaint . A590 20 meg Hard
Drive ..... Sound sampler. Software Cables for
Printer Modem ... 10 3.5 DD*OS 13Stpi Disks ..
Hobbyte Busbyte Computer Centre Commodore Business Centre,
Principle Education Dealer and Approved Amiga 2000 Centre '
Tele-ordering number for feet 24 hour delivery ' 12 monthe
werrenty on ell berdwere ' On -cite maintenance, (reining dt
hotline eveileble
* High St. locetione, company eetabliahed 5* yeara ’ We will
match or beat any other genuine price y good, lo learn i
sensible so I've a you will ng that leaving es: bic raw he demo
e actual iree?
R. I hope at help.
! Reply!
Bergin, nr, Eire.
N a bil is 'Buy Amiga unming mpuler m no ilh Ihe ar own.
’file lo iember ..ACCESSORIES_ The series that brings you action-art of real living things Dept AC.. Hobbyte Compulera Ltd., to m» Mefta All 50G. Or cal «r"IT a copy ol Ibte ad. Et our brincMa In Si Albana and Luton. You may alao phone your order to our aatea deeh on St Ajbens (072T) J600&. AcceeeVlea and ortlel • - - odjeaOonel. Medical authorlHei Call for othara Prlc « ax VAT AMIGA 2000 PACKS (EX VAT) AMIGA 2000, Mouse. Wkbonch. Basic. Utiil.es. Manuals £769 AMIGA 2000.1084 8833 3.5' AND 5-25" DRIVES and £1045 BRIDGE BOARD (giving PC compatabilRy), Superbase Personal as ABOVE, PLUS AMIGA PC
DOS 20 MB HARD DRIVE £1245 AMIGA 2000, 1064.9833 Monitor, 3.5~and535~ 1.2 MB Mm, 20MB DISC AND AT(80286) BRIDGE BOARD, Suporbs** Portonal £1995 AS ABOVE, BUT WITH 40MB AUTOBOOT1NG HARD DtSC £2195 AS ANY ABOVE. ALSO WITH PUBLISHERS CHOICE +£60 ACCESSORIES (Phone for full list) A2058 8 MB RAM EXPANSION. POPULATED TO 2 MB C449 £279 otl-A2068 XT BRIDGE BOARD WITH 5_?5~ 360 KB DRIVE £2S0 A2286 AT BRIDGEBOARD WITH5.25* 1.2MB DRIVE_£559 rses Horses HorserTlorj Produced by RGB STUDIOS - Distributed by DIGIPRO LTD RealThlngs Animation Series runs in DeLuxe Paint III, by Electronic Arts, and requires
Amiga with 1 Megmin.
AMIGA 500 PACKS: (Inc VAT) GAMES PACK Inc. Modulator. 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventura, Board and Shoot-am-up games. Spot's Bag, plus 8 additional indrvidualy packaged games from the following list: £359.00 £569.99 Public Domain Disks We have a large number of Public Domain Disks in stock, including;.
Fred Fish TBAG Amicus Also with 8833 monitor BATMAN PACK inc. Modulator. 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade. Adventure. Board and Shoot-em-up games, plus: BATMAN the Caped Crusader. Interceptor. New Zealand Story.
Deluxe Paint II Also with 0833 monitor HARD DISC PACK Inc. Modulator. 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade, Adventure. Board and Shoot-em-up games, plus: A590 HARD DISC DRIVE and DELUXE PAINT III Also with 8833 monitor 1-5 £3.00 each 5-9 £2.75 each 10+ £2.50 each Send now for your free catalogue, or simply send order details with your cheque (Plus £1 P&P) payable to Amtech Computing £689.99 £899.99 A500 "CLASS OF THE 90s" EDUCATIONAL PACK Inc. Modulator, 24 games on 4 discs: Arcade. Adventure. Board and Shoot-em-up games, plus: Midi Interlace. Dpaint II. S Maxiplan 500 spreadshee LOGO. BBC Emulator. 5
BBC progri Mouse Mat. Dec Wallet Also with 8833 monitor New To PD?
Try our PD Starter Disks, espeaally prepared tor Ihe new user: Games 1 £3.00 Graphics 1 £3.00 Utilities 1 £3.00 Or try all 3 tor only £7.501 Please add £1 P&P to all orders.
Commercial Software The Worksl £64.95 X-Cad Designer 82.95 COMMODORE 64 LIGHT TRACK AMIGA 500 HARD DISC DRIVES Amdnve SCSI. Butobool upgrade soon available 20MB £325.00 30MB £349.00 50MB £399.00 Inc vat FANTASTIC BATP CM Computet. C2N cassette dec*. Light Gun. 3-D Glastas.
Time Traveler*. Gangster Town*. Army Days*. Beteian the Ceped Ciusadw. Blue Our*. Mka Re«is Pop Ouz. Pin an Typeig TuK». Shoot em-upCcm»u * nH«. Mjwc Creator. A Package. Audio Tutor tape _ h™*i39!n'min- SECOND DRIVES CAX 3.5" £85 CAX1000SE129 AMIGA SOFTWARE SPECIALS £73 95 £19 96 £28 99 Pl+WiecaCh £99 99 Champ Baaabal £34 95 Seeanec Tst+1 £34 99 OragonaLatf £44 95 Ftandah Fraddw £24 99 Xanonll £24 99 AND LOTS MORE - all * For Iree PD Catalogue send your name and address to: Amtech Computing 2 Cowdray Close Lordswood Southampton SOI 8EB Photcn Paint II £7986 £82.95 OeAixe Paint £39 95 19.95
OeA we Pmrl III £79 95 £59 95 Studio Magic £59 99 £39 99 Pnam Plua £47.96 £29 85 Trwistormw £39 95 £19 95 X CAD Dewgner £99 99 £82 99 XCAOProtaaa £499 00 £329 95 TaaKratt £47 95 £29 95 AMIGA 500 CONTROL CENTRE £39.95 Inc vat , «*§ Mai! Order Offers When you're developing software, the last thing you want is to hang around for ages while your assembler processes your code - when you could be getting on with further program development.
ArgAsm Probably the fastest assembler ever for the Amiga!
But now all that waiting's a thing of the past, because ArgAsm from Argonaut Software is a revolutionary machine code development system.
It assembles at an incredible rate of 250,000 lines a minute!
- at least five times faster than anything else, and over 100
times faster than the original Commodore assembler - and it
remains fully compatible.
What's more, ArgAsm is the first assembler to be compatible with all the three major assemblers; Assem, Devpac and Cape. So if you're ,J looking to upgrade, the chances are you'll be instantly right at home with ArgAsm.
And for a limited period we're exclusively knocking £5 off jt&f* the recommended price. J§F"’' II you ‘re serious about producing professional W quality software - last, ft this is THE assembler lor j you. But remember, this y is a limited oiler, so to j be sure ol your copy jC place your order today. R j Release date: October 10 f f Fast one-pass design ? Code limited only by memory ? Unlimited number ot labels ? Long label names ? Unlimited macro nesting ? Unlimited include nesting ? Include binary data ? Extra-helptul error messages ? Instruction cycle timings ? Processor flag display
Exclusive price for readers of .J'amka M c- o M P U T I N G £54.95 RRP £59.95
- .SAVE £5!
EDITOR ? Multi tasking ? Full multi -fie capability ? Unlimited split views of Files ? Cut paste between windows ? Insert delete blocks etc. ? Full configuration facilities ? Save restore environment ? Extremely fast text scrolling ? Fast page update rates ? Assemble from any window ? Works on Workbench screen To order yours, please use the form on page 129 Watch TV on the move - and SAVE £20!
. . . With the unique CASIO Colour Pocket TV- === Look what it offers:
* r HQM LCD colour
* External aenal socket screen
* Earphone socket
* Internal loudspeaker
* Automatic tuning
* Volume control
* External power supply
* Brightness control socket
* Colour control
* I akcs four standard
* Extendible aerial A A size batteries Because of a breakthrough
in technology you can now watch your favourite TV programmes
anytime, anywhere - and in full colour with the new
pocket-sized Colour TV400 which features a revolutionary high
quality matrix LCD display - giving crisp, bright pictures.
Measuring just 5 x 3 x 1 inches, the TV400 sits snugly in the palm of your hand, or you can use the built-in rest to place it on most surfaces - at just the right angle for optimum viewing. The screen itself measures 2 inches diagonally.
When the TV400 was designed, part of the specification was that it should be useable virtually anywhere. As a consequence it has a built-in signal amplifier which can pickup some far away stations your ordinary TV can’t! Plus it has automatic tuning, so at the touch of a button the TV400 scans through the band and quickly locks into all receivable broadcasts.
We have tested the pocket TV in trains, on buses, in cars, indoors and outdoors, and in most cases thcpicture remained sharpand clear.
However, reception could vary depending on obstacles in the way of tfce signal like large buildings and hills.
Vy hethgTioryOursclf, a member of your family SififrteSuL the TV400 makes an excellent present which will give entertainment and pleasure for many years to come.
Due to our purchasing power we can make the TV400 available to you at the exceptionally low price of just £94.95“- a saving of £20 off the normal price. We have not seen the TV as cheap asthisanywhcreelse-includingthe High Street stores.
And remember, you can buy with complete confidence as the TV400 comes with a full one year guarantee for parts and labour fin normal use).
RRP £114.95 pX £94.95*
• Plus £150 post and packing Please note: The TV400 is tuned for
UK PAL broadcasts Therefore we can only accept orders from the
UK You know how expensive it is to replace your batteries when
they run down.
Even with rechargeable batteries and a charger you still have to wait 14 hours (or a full charge Save £'s on batteries for your TV, radio personal stereo.
We have solved the problem with the unique superfast powcrpcint battery and charger kit.
This amazing device will completely charge four standard A A size rechargeable batteries in under 2 hours and each battery can be recharged at least 1,000 times.
Further, for a limited period we can sell the charger and four rechargeable battenes at the staggeringly low cost of £19.95 (plus £1 00 p*p) It will pay for itself within weeks Mail Order Offers Mavis Beacon ¦jgy Teaches Typing Lnm to typo quickly, easily and parfactly - tho fun way!
This is an artificial intelligence software system from the writers of Chess master 2000 - winner of the US Chess Federation Computer Chess Championship.
It checks yoor progress lesson by lesson, every step of the way, through a typing course tailored to your individual needs.
Mavis makes the learning fun when creating your lessons by selecting quotes from history’s greatest writers, countless riddles, rhymes, jokes and hundreds of fascinating facts from the Guinness Book of World Records if you feel your typing could be better, this is the ideal way to leam!
RRP £29.99 OUR PRICE £24.99 MiniGEN
- Genlock 1 The MiniGEN takes the output Amiga and combines it
with an source such as TV. Video or ca give a rock-steady image
This is the ideal way to overlay animation created with packagt
From your external mera, to tides or 9s such as once you ve plugged In your Mini GEN you'll be well on the way to having your own professional Desktop Video system!
RRP £113.85 OUR PRICE £98.85 Flight Simulator II t--fA'i=t*t»ii Pul yoursell in I ho pilot's scat ol a Cessna 182 singlc-onginc aircrall and head lor the skies! - Or lly a Galea Lcarjct 25G.
High speed 3D graphics provide a spectacular panoramic view as you practice takoolls. Landings and aerobatics.
Complete documentation gets you airborne quickly - even it you've never tlown bclorc And v hcn you’re ready you can test your Hying skills with the World War I Ace aerial battle game ravigw Flight Simulator II Scenery Discs SOFTWARE SUPERMARKET Each month we scour the Amiga marketplace to tir'd speoal reader otters with a difference - either the price is lower than you'll normally find, or it's an excellent product that's not easily found.
Now, attar many weeks ol elimination we have narrowed these products down to those tew we think represent the best value, or are the most innovative or powerful.
However, there are still more than we can lit in this section, so over the next lew months we will be discontinuing some lines to make room lor new ones.
To make sure you don't miss out on any ol these exceptional otters, place your order soon. Remember, we can only guarantee to supply goods up to the date shown on the order form on page 129.
WordPerfect | OUR PRICE | £31.90 Flight Simulator II + Scenery Discs Save an extra £2 when you buy both together!
Thle Is THE word proosssor for the Amiga. It leaturae all BsMM the power end flexibility of the PC verelon, and la BslU specially adapted to the strengths of the Amiga Itself.
WordPerfect works the way you do. It can be controlled with either the mouse or function keys, and you can display up to five text columns, side by side on a screen.
Plus, all the extra features so often missing from other word processors are fully implemented - such as footnotes, endnotes, a thesaurus, spelling checker, mail merger, over 200 printers supported - and FREE SUPPORT is available should you need it.
RRPE228.85 OUR PRICE It you're in any way serious about word processing WordPerfect is the program you need. And with a £50 sating it represents exceptional value for money.
£178.85 RRP £99.99 OUR PRICE TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 129 RRP 114.95 £89.95 SBA Xtra SBA Xtra la designed for the many small businesses with both O credit and cash customers, who nsed a system for providing quick lists of Debtors and Creditors and Individual account histories, without the effort of keeping a complicated Sales and Purchass Ledger system.
Among its many features ara:
* Profit ind loss statements * Daybooks
* Balance sheet * VAT reports
* Trial Balance * Account group reports
* Budgets * Transaction listings by batch or account haading
* Full audit trail * Constants on-ecrean update of caih position
and profit figure What the press say "SBA Xtra la a winner In
tha low-cost accounting stakes." - What Personal Computer "If
you're running a small business, SBA Xtra should be just fins
for you. ” - PC User Publishers’ Choice Whether you are
designing a simple flyer, creating a newsletter, banners,
posters, or even producing a magazine, Publisher's Choice
offers a comprehensive solution to your Desktop Publishing
and presentation requirements.
With the program you can easily combine text in a variety of styles, in multiple columns and with customised graphics. It comes with over 200 professionally designed images, and high quality "Headline” fonts.
In fact, Publishers' Choice combines the Kindwords 2.0 wordprocessor, PageSetter 1.2 page composition package, Artists' Choice art program, and the Headline fontpack.
Because the Amiga is multi-tasking you can have all the programs working on the screen at the same time, or just use them individually as powerful stand-alone programs.
£79.99 Probably the most powerful and comprehensive Amiga Cad program available.
X-CAD Designer la a full- featured, professional, two- dimensional design and draughting tool suitable for draughtsmen, designers and engineers alike, ft's also Ideally priced for education and technical training organisations.
It features an easy-to-use and learn pull-down manu system and a comprehensive tutorial guide - so that even a beginner to Cad can get going very quickly.
Tha combination of X-CAD Designer and tha Amiga create one of the most cost- effective and flexible Cad workstations you can buy X-CAD i Designer £89.85 Binder £5.95 Twelve rods hold your issues in place and keep them in pristine condition in this smart PVC binder Keyboard dust cover (A500) £4.95 Protect yourj Amiga with j this top- quality cover made from clear, water-resistant vinyl. It's bound with strong cotton and features the Amiga Computing logo.
Disc Storage Box £4.95 This luxury padded box is the ideal storage medium, holding up to FIFTY 3.5" discs Mouse mat £6.95 The perfect desktop environment for your mouse with its jpecially-designed, perfect- grip surface. It ensures much smoother movement, gives super-positive control and protects your table top from scratches.
READER OFFERS Valid to 31.12 89 9530 l~~1 El 4 95 9662 Pocket colour TV II~ H. 1521 C94 95 9865 Plus post and packing £1.50 Baltery charger X19.9S 996!
Plus post and Backing El.50 Games Selection (a page OO) Freodom £15 95 9837
20. 000 Leagues Under the Sea £15 95 9038 Hellbont £1595 9839
Backlash £15 95 9840 Buy 2 Games and SAVE £10 £29 90 9186 Buy
3 Games and SAVE £21 £38 85 9187 Buy 4 Games and SAVE £40 £39
80 9189 Speoal Offer If you are buytnQ more than one game,
pease tick the box next to each game, then tick the box for
the number you are buying to qualify for extra discounts Add
£2 Europe & Eir»CS Overseas Back Issues (see pegs 1011 June
1989 November 1989 bundle t*i3 95 9663 fAdd C3 Europe & Eire
£12 Overseas June 1989 £2 10 9712 July 1989 £2 10 9713 '
August 1989 £3 10 9714
* September 1989 £3 10 9715
* October 1989 £3 10 9716
• November 1989 £3 10 9717
• eedmc Cover Discs August November £6 00 9864 [53 Amiga DAB hand
Guide cos « s61 i DTP Yearbook 1990 Protext Version 4 H
¦mourtme Tank Attack E19.99 9848 f ?
119) £54.95 9858 Zzl Dust covers £4 95 9507 CZZ Mouse mats £495
9508 (ZZl Binders £5 95 9509 I-1 Disc boxes £4 95 9860 I
Mall Order offers Publishers Cho*» £79 99 9867 ¦ Pin Flight
Simulator £35 95 9868 Gen £98 85 9869 Word Perfect 4.1
version 178 85 9870 X Cad £89 85 9871 Pair of Scenery Dtak
£31 90 9872 Small Business Accs Xtra £89 95 9873 Mavts
Beacon Typing £24 99 9874 Transparent calculator Tick hero
if you are ordering the calculator £7 95 9854 Tick here if
you aro spending £25 or more on reader offers (excluding
subscriptions) and wish to claim your FREE calculator 9853
Cover disc offers " l Trainad Assassin E19 95 9850 Raider
E14 95 9849 Home Accounts Day by Day £39 90 9851 Chariots of
Wrath £16 95 9857 Unless otherwise indicated)
- T5TOT Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South
Wirral L65 3EB (No starr© needed ( posted ,n UK) Products are
ncrmafy d*votched 48 hours ot races* but datrvery ct certain
terns couk) take up to 28 days Order at any time ot the day or
night Credit Card Orders onty: 051-557 1275 Orders by Far
051-557 2S13 Payment: please indicate method (?)
| Cheque?umcheque made payable to Database Direct sAlastercardE u'ocamBarOaycanl'VlsaConnect I II II [Jill I I I J L J_J _Signed__ Name _ Address General Enquiries 051-557 2*61 Daytime telephone number in case ol queries__ Don't lorgel to give your name, address and credit card number MAKE YOUR AMIGA EARN!
ADVERTISERS’ INDEX Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how Your micro is. If only you knew it. A gold mine The size and make is irrelevant Make the initial effort NOW by starling your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be the most important move you will ever make1 REMEMBER You’ll never get nch by digging someone else's ’ditch-.
Anyone in the country, including YOU. Can become very nch in a relatively short penod of time just by doing a few basic things' It’s more rewarding than playing games The benefits are many and vaned Full or part time For FREE details send S.A E to nm mmmMB mwmmmm 31 PILTON PLACE (AM12) KING AND QUEEN STREET WALWORTH, LONDON SE17 1DR A500 S ? £35.00 FIXED PRICE REPAIR * ST's Includes courier delivery, parts, labour, full service and
V. A.T., 90 day warranty, 5 day turnround (subiect lo parts
availability). Some disc drive and keyboard faults will
require an exchange unit, to be supplied at cost. Collection
can be arranged £11.50 extra.
All our engineers are fully experienced in 16 bit techology Don't risk damaging your ST. Ask about our all Inc. ram and drive upgrades Repairs undertaken on Amiga 2000, Atari Mega ST, Printers.
Monitors, V.D.U.'s etc. and most Business & Home Computers SHIELD COMPUTER SERVICES LTD 50 Flixton Road. Urmston. Manchester M31 3AB Tel: 061-747 3185 Fax: 061-747 0515 Amigatex .... 114 Amiga Users Group 114 Amtech Computing 124 Anco
18. 34 Applied Research Kernel 73 Amor
80. 120 Calco Software ......73 Castle Software 100 Club 68000 10
Compost 47 Computer Bookshop 8 Computer Express .....13
Computerwise .. 130 Contriver
Europe ...... ...101 Cottage Software
.107 Cumana 60 Database Educational Software 65
Dataplex .....67 Datapro Computer Supplies.
68 Datel Electronics . 94-96 Dialcom UK .... 93 Diamond Computer Systems
56. 57 Digicom 89 Digipro
6. 88 Digita .....77 Digital Magic Software 28 Disc Company
58. 59 Eazypnnt 76 Electracomp 131 Entertainment International.
.....27 Evesham Micros .....92 First Micro .....11 Frontier Systems ...... .....12 Futureplace . .....66 Gordon Harwood Computers
22. 23 Hampshire Micro Computers .....73 Hamss
Hi-Tek ... ...117 Hobbyte Computing ...
125 Home Based Business 130 HSV Computer Services 116 Icon
Computers 130 Infogrames .2 KLR Electronics ......37
Lad broke Computing 107 Mansfield Computers 101 M A S T UK 67
M D Office Supplies 116 Memory Expansion Systems 16 Microdeal
52. 104 Microsnips 19 Microtext 67 Mirrorsoft 132 Overseas Media
Distribution .3 Prism Leisure .....85
Quadsoft ... 117 Ramsoft .. 99 RGB
Studios...... Selec Software 115 Senlac
Software 125 Seventeen Bit Software 98 Shield Computer
Services 130 Silica Shop 69 SK Marketing 48 Softmachme 68
74. 75 Softville PD Service 115 Software Express 113 Special
Reserve 122 Sublogic 104 Third Coast Technologies 83 Track
Computer Systems 99 Treble H Computing 20
Trilogic ...... Tt irhnr 114
luroosort . Tynesoft ... 108
.....35 Virgin Maslertronic ... ... 31
Voltmace ..... 113 WTS Electronics.
DN22 7YA. Tel. 0777-702594.
A rc ? FIRST AID FOR OMPUTER REPAIRS ATARI ST AMIGA Simply send your machine along with a £15 diagnostic fee aim. , you will be sent a written ' quotation for the cost of repairing your machine.
FREE when you buy the Amiga 500 Pk or the A500 1084S monitor Pk youll get a bike free.
Normal RRP £09*5 ttvema comp T t e T' u t u mt w A500 1084S XMAS Pk: Same as the Amiga 500 Xmas Pk but with a 14 inch stereo colour monitor (This Pk Inc. the bike) ONLY £599. ? £10.00 P.P A1010 Ext Disk Drive: 3.5", Capacity 880K ONLY £90.95 . £3.00 P.P EXCLUSIVE CONTROL CENTRE A500 ONLY £39.95 INC. VAT AND MUCH MUCH MORE MOUSE ? JOYSTICK PORTS: These are positioned on the far right hand side of the machine to save the obstruction of disk drive.
SERIAL OR PARALLEL EXTENSION PORT: You have the choice of either. This enables you to model your centre to your needs.
FREE MOUSE HOLDER: Every Centre is designed for every convenience.
TRADE AND EDUCATIONAL ENQUIRIES WELCOME: If you deal with the Amiga 500 and you feel the Control Centre A500 will be an excellent addition to your shop then just send some info on your business and we'll send you out an information pack.
Please make cheques Pos to ELECTRA COMP.
All prices include VAT.
Electra Comp Dept 33 10 BARLEY MOW PASSAGE, CHISWICK, LONDON W4 4PH DELIVERY NEXT DAY AFTER DESPATCH. All goods are tested before despatch to ensure you get them in excellent condition.
Prices subject to availability and are subject to change without notice.
1 Meg Drive with through port enable disable • switch £99.00 Modulator £24.95 2 Signature ..,,,,,,, JDate .... 3 JOIN THE CLUB! Interested In

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