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A separate box which ailows existing Amiga users to add a CD Rom will also be launched. although there are no détails as to when or how much it will cost. ing and production engi neering the hardware. The Hyperion PC technology took several years to emerge as a Commodore machine. The Amiga also benefited from many changes between the saIe of the company and launch of the machine. There are loads of parallels between the Multi-sys tem and the Amiga. which would make it a neat fit in the history of computing. Lost contact Would the programmer who toId )eff Walker about his C interpréter please get back in tou ch ASAR Thanks. Incentive magic for sateilite BR1T1SH Satellite Broadcasting will use Amigas to show a programme which befits the medium. The Satellite Game uses technology first developed for the 1TV dungeon programme Knight-mare, but with an extra twist. fncentive Software has customised its Freescape graphies System for the pro gramme. Using an Amiga 2000 with a 68020 processor card and what might well be the world's iongest joystick lead courtesy of Euromax. Two ievels of Amiga graphies are used. The first stores high resolution frame rendered images on video tape. The second uses Free scape for interactive graph ies as contestants control a robot which wanders around satellite in the game. The Enigma Satellite is the key to saving mankind, put into orbit by some aliens, it contains a time bomb. Sounds exciting enough to be worth buying a squarial for. A word from your micro IT may not telt you to fasten your seat belt but your Amiga could soon be voicing other commands thanks to David Sands. the man responsible for the first taik-ing dashboard.

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Document sans nom Volume 2 Number 10 March 1990 £1.95 Guaranteed Window Seat You’ve got the best seat at the air show the cockpit of your F A-18. And you’re about to fly where only angels dare.
Blue Angels Formation Flight Simulation"puts you wingtip-to- canopy with the acrobatic U.S. Navy aviators who’ve become legends of the sky. From ground school to the wild blue yonder, you’ll practice and perform over 25 actual air show maneuvers.
Echelon rolls and fan breaks.
Wow the crowd during three heavenly air shows.
You can watch all of your maneuvers from a variety of camera angles, review the performance on Instant Replay - even take a bird's-eye tour of the entire airfield in “Free Right” mode If you're a blue chip Blue Angel, they 11 induct you into the “Pilots Hall Of Fame!’ Because only the best and the brightest can take 32,000 pounds of military thrust and turn it on a dime.
Blue Angels Formation Flight Simulation. Everything you’ve ever experienced in flight simulation is about to take a 360- degree diamond roll.
Then dance with danger in one of four Blue Angel F A-18s- a jet that can twist 500 knots into a 5g vertical climb.
Pierce the clouds on a wing and a prayer. Engage your formation in delta rolls, left v rrm nr_ rw-L.WLrvuL The best in entertainment software.'
Accolade Europe Ltd.
Unit 14. The Lombard Business Centre, 50 Lombard Road.
London SWII 3SU.
GLENFIELD, LEICESTER LE3 8JB TELEPHONE: FACSIMILE: (0533) (0533) 877733 873999 MINIMUM ORDER VALUE £7.50 CHOOSE FROM SONY OR VERBATIM 1 BOX 3 BOXES £13.90 £12.90 5 BOXES 10 BOXES £11.90 £10.90 Price per box of 10 disks DSDD 135TPI £19.50 £33.50 £59.50 £115.00 £247.50 SONY BULK DSDD 135TPI £22.50 £38.50 £68.50 £129.00 £269.00 BUY 200 DISKS AND GET A FREE 100 CAPAC ITY STOR AGE BOX LOCKABLE STACKABLE
• SMOKED LID Amstrad 8256 103500 £3.90 NEC P2200 £4.50 Amstrad
BMP 2000 3160 £2.75 Panasonic KXP 1081 £4.50 Amstrad DMP 4000
£4.50 Panasonic KXP 1124 £7.90 Canon PW 1080 £4.25 Shmwa CP 80
£4.50 Citizen 1200 £4.25 Star NL10 • £3.90 Epson LO 800 £3.90
Star LC10 £3.90 Epson LX 80 86 £2.90 Star LC10 Colour £7.90
Epson MX FX RX80 Star LC24-10 £4.50 FX LX800 £2.90 BUY 10 GET 1
877733 (24 hrs) to place an order CHEQUE Please make your
cheques payable to: Overseas Media Distributors Ltd.
All orders received by noon are despatched same day.
If you require goods urgently they can be despatched for next day delivery for £7.50 SUPER MOUSEPAD HOLDS 14" MONITOR £14.50 All monitor stands revolve 360° and tilt up to 25° £4.90 Managing Editor Derek Meakin Editor Simon Rockman Assistant Editor Jeff Walker Staff Writers Nic Veilch John Kennedy Production Editor Peter Glover Art Editors Mark Nolan Doug Steele Men’s Editor Don Lewis Advertisement Manager John Snowden Advertising Sales Wendv Colburn 7 HOTTEST ACTION EPSON GQ5000 CHEAP LASER MICE ON TEST We look at the best of the Amiga mice currently available and look at the options for
anyone who happens to suffer horn muriphobia.
VIDI GOES COLOUR Editorial: Administration: Advertising Sutwripiiom: Tekram Gold: Tetec Fax: Prcstel Mailbox: 0277 234434 0625 878888 0625 878888 051-357 2961 72 M AG001 44081191 0625 879966 614568383 What is Domark up to? Look out for some really good stuff like Wings of l-’ury and Typhoon Thompson. Plus Populous leads the way.
High speed digitising and colour usually mean expensive hardware.
Kombo has a new solution which rewrites the rules.
Leaked info on Commodore's CD playing Amiga 500. High spec portable due soon. New screen sucking cartridge for the A500.
48 18 AMIGA ARCADE COVER S TORY LATEST NEWS AMIGA SCENE 60s™ 67 Well, you may not think that £1.400 is cheap, but you used to pay that for a daisywheel printer not long ago.
David Foster investigates.
I. AB REPORT Published by: Database Publications Ltd.
Furopa House. Adlington Park.
Adlingtoo. Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
ISSN 0952-5948 Amiga (imputing welrnmw articles lor publication Material should be tywd or computer printed, and preferably double-spaced.
Program listings should be accompanied by disc. Please enclose a stamped, self-addreued envelope, otherwise the return of material cannot be guaranteed. (iontributions can only be accepted for publication by Database Publications Ud oo an .11 fight* huts.
C1990 Database Publications Ltd. So material may be reproduced in whole or in pvt without written permission. While every care is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally responsible for any errors in articles, listings or advertisements Anugo Computing is an independent pubbco- lion and Commodort Business Machines tUX.I Ud is not mponsidbJe for any of the aiticlfs in this issue or for any of the opinion* expressed Mews trade distribution: Europreu Sale* and Distribution Limited. Unit 1. Burgess Road.
Itvbouse Lane. Hastings. East Sussex TN35 4NR. Tel: 0424 430122 MACHINE CODE 53 SCROLLYS AND WIBBLES COMPETITION 58 WIN OVER 300 PD SOFTViLLE DISCS 4 AMIGA COMPUTING March 1990 .
• Battle Squadron sets the new shooty standard BUSINESS ARNOR'S
PRODATA Knowledge is power, getting to the information is as
important as having it. Nic Veitch looks at the bees' knees of
information storage.
PROGRAMMING GOOD, BAD AND UGLY lohn Kennedy looks at programming with style and finds that some rules will help you to get ahead whatever language you use.
• Indiana [ones Adventure. Action for thinkers.
• Watch your diet before playing Weird Dreams
• Darius Plus action in a confined space
• Become a mayor for a day with Sim City
• Stunt Car Racer the road hog's dream
• Laser Squad strategy with added zap
• Empire calls Time gentlemen please
• Knight Force, lukewarm swordplay
• Psygnosis say Nevermind GAME KILLER MAX THE HACKS Having
problems with Hard Drivin', Rock n Roll, Stormlord or some of
the other TV toughies? No worries.
Max the Hax will put your right.
EZRA SURFS POSTBOX The best letters page this side of Ursa Bela Minor, where readers are right and writers are readers. It's where your kind words can end up.
CLOSE GADGET What is all the fuss about Unix?
Will it hurt good 'ole AmigaDos?
Should you trade in your A500?
Or are the techies taking over?
¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ ¦ PUBLIC APOLOGY
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Welcome iumnnn 11 ¦ 11111 ¦ TTT Amiga CD system shown in
secret FAVOURED developers in California are reported to have
been shown a new Amiga 500 based system for launch in the
Based on an enhanced Amiga 500, it includes a CD rom player and is targeted at the rapidly growing home entertainment market.
The unit is designed to sit with a hi-fi. Satellite dish decoder, cable system, video recorder and TV in the user's lounge. It will play normal audio Cds through the hi-fi but can also be used as a games machine with the addition of a remote keyboard and mouse which use an infra red link.
The CD player can be used to store up to 600 megabytes of data - which gives scope for some awesome graphics.
Compact disc manufacture is now pretty cheap, there is no reason why a two floppy disc game couldn’t be produced as cheaply for this system as a single CD program.
The target price is S600.
Which works out to be around £430 with Vat.
A separate box which allows existing Amiga users to add a CD Rom will also be launched, although thero are no details as to when or how much it will cost.
EA wins for charity ELECTRONIC ARTS is the first winner of the new Commodore award for Enterprise and Vision, The EnVi award was won by Deluxe Paint III, which the judges felt was the program which best utilised the Amiga's features.
Mark Lewis, the Managing Director of Electronic Arts and general good egg, said: "We are very proud that Deluxe Paint III has been chosen to be the first recipient of this award. The Amiga is a great machine which Electronic Arts has supported from the beginning".
Along with the award goes a prize of £2,000, half of which goes to a nominated charity, the other half to the software company. Commodore and Electronic Arts decided that the full amount should be given to the Royal Variety Club charity.
The runners up were Music-X, The Works (Platinum Edition), Sculpt Animate 4D and Shadow of the Beast.
For more details on Deluxe Paint III, including information on how to upgrade from Deluxe Paint II for £30, contact Electronic Arts on 0753 49442.
Commodore looks at Konix UNCONFIRMED rumours report that a high level team from Commodore US is investigating the possibilty of buying the rights to the Konix Multi-system, If true, it could mean that we will see the revolutionary games machine with a chicken-head logo. Such a deal would also be likely to mean a long delay before the Konix hits the streets.
When Commodore has bought the rights to technology in the past it has spent a long time refining, developing and production engineering the hardware.
The Hyperion PC technology took several years to emerge as a Commodore machine. The Amiga also benefited from many changes between the sale of the company and launch of the machine.
There are loads of parallels between the Multi-system and the Amiga, which would make it a neat fit in the history of computing.
Lost contact Would the programmer who told Jeff Walker about his C interpreter please get back in touch ASAP. Thanks.
AMIGA SCENE Incentive magic for satellite BRITISH Satellite Broadcasting will use Amigas to show a programme which befits the medium. The Satellite Game uses technology first developed for the ITV dungeon programme Knight-mare, but with an extra twist.
Incentive Software has customised its Freescape graphics system for the programme. Using an Amiga 2000 with a 68020 processor card and what might well be the world's longest joystick lead courtesy of Euromax.
Two levels of Amiga graphics are used. The first stores high resolution frame rendered images on video tape.
The second uses Freescape for interactive graphics as contestants control a robot which wanders around satellite in the game.
The Enigma Satellite is the key to saving mankind, put into orbit by some aliens, it contains a time bomb. Sounds exciting enough to be worth buying a squarial for.
A word from your micro IT may not tell you to fasten your seat belt but your Amiga could soon be voicing other commands thanks to David Sands, the man responsible for the first talking dashboard.
From his company Sands Technology (0223 420288) has come Speakeasy II. A phonetic speech synthesiser which makes it easy and cost effective to add synthetic speech to computers.
It produces clear and natural speech by programming a model of the human vocal tract. As a complete boxed unit it costs £402. As a board needing 12 volt supply and a loudspeaker it costs £310.
THREE into ONE i 'OR • USE ¦ WITH » A M S T RAD • PC A T A R I ST COMMODORE * AMIGA The Mouse now plays a major role in all your applications whether you're lost in a world of business software, art and design or presentation graphics, an efficient mouse is a must!
Now there is a true upgrade available, the Naksba Mouse, it will connect to all three machines effortlessly. But unlike the standard manufacturer's mice, the Naksba Mouse offers ultra high 280 Dpi resolution and silk smooth operation... less drag, mores eed.
100% compatible, no additional drivers required and installation that's as easy as 1.2 i, the Naskba Mouse is supplied complete with adaptors, mouse mat, mouse holder and a discount voucher for Electronic Arts software.
Who says three into one won't go!
The Naksba Mouse only £39.99 plus VAT ncik}hci for further information including dealer and educational pricing please contact Naksha (U.K.) Limited, 29 The Wharf, Warrington WA1 2HT.
Tel: 0925 56398 Fax: 0925 574375 It’s the Amiga 200,000 WHEN production engineer Dean Dibsdall went to Harpers Computers in Woking to buy an Amiga 500 he had a surprise in store. As the 200.000th person to buy a 300. He was greeted by Commodores regional sales manager Martvn Chipper- field who presented him with a Class of the '90s software bundle.
Dean's prize includes Deluxe Paint II. Superbase Personal. Publisher's Choice. Maxiplan 500. Dr T's Midi Rocording Studio and Midi interface. Amiga Logo. BBC emulator and BBC programs, a box of 10 blank discs, a mouse mat and a disc wallet.
Dean Dibsdall and his wife Olivia receive their softnare surprise bundle from Commodore regional soles manager Mortyn Chipperfie'd Commodore claims that more than two million Amiga 500s are now in use worldwide.
Portable Amiga soon GIGATRON. The German manufacturer of Amiga expansions, is to launch a portable Amiga at the Hanover Fair. This uses a redesigned motherboard and either a gas plasma or 16 grev scale LCD display.
The gas plasma unit costs £2.500 and the LCD version £1.700. Options include up to 2 meg ram on the mother unit and one of the new generation of 23ms 2.5in hard discs with 20. 40 or 100 meg capacity. All machines have slots for standard Amiga 2000 peripherals.
Commodore has not been involved with the development of the system, but is aware of the unit. The machine is expected to go on sale sometime between April and July.
Gigatron has a number of other new products in the wings, including an Amiga with a 68020 on the motherboard which expands the normal Amiga ram limit from nine meg to 3.6 gigabytes. For more details of UK availability contact Jerry Howells at Fast Forward Marketing on 021 333 3563.
Exhibitions group is expanding DATABASE Exhibitions which was responsible for the pre-Christmas record- breaking Computer Shopper Show at Alexandra Palace has been taken over by the Blenheim Exhibitions Group.
Database was formed in 1982 by the Cheshire-based Europess Group and after five years growth was producing more than a dozen shows a year attracting more than 1,000 exhibitors and almost 200.000 visitors.
Two years ago it launched the International Desktop Publishing Show and this year it inaugurated the European Computer Trade Show.
Blenheim is Europe's leading independent exhibitions and conference organiser. Among its 200 European exhibitions and DMA Design, the programming team responsible for Blood Money, has moved into hardware. Designed as a tool for programmers. The Monster Cartridge offers many of the features which were popular on toolkits for the C64. A really smart peripheral, it has a Z80 processor and either 16k or 64k ram.
New cartridge is a developer’s dream The cartridge has a full 68000 disassembler with automatic disassembly from the Program Counter on entry. A copper disassembler shows hardware registers with proper names (COLORO rather than $ 180).
Just the thing for examining hackers' demos.
All standard monitor commands are available, including the ability to dump, edit and search memory. A slow mode option forces software to run at one hundredth normal speed.
The software for the Monster is on disc. This is great for easy upgrades or customising the software. The Monster64 has some extra special features: A hi-res monitor screen. DMAdos to allow the reading and writing of data even if the operating system is completely dead, and screen grabbing that saves the current screen as an IFF file.
The success rate in being able to stop any software, take over the display, have a look around memory and disassemble is claimed to be 100 per cent.
DMA Design will produce poke sheets for many popular games allowing infinite lives and energy.
Software is being written to allow recovery of data after a guru crash. If for you are typing some text or source, and the Amiga gurus while saving, press the monster button, use the SEARCH command to find the text and then use DMAdos to save. Converting files from DMAdos to AmigaDos is simple with the utility provided.
The Monster cartridge will even interrupt disc loading and resume the load for all types of disc access.
Pricing Ls not yet final but expect around £70 for Monsters and £90 for mon- ster64.
The Monster Cartridge is available for the A500 A1000 and plugs into the expansion bus. It does not carry the bus through, which means it won't work with an A590. A card for the Amiga 2000 is a possible development.
Benchmark DISKS AND BOX OFFER 20 3 1 2' DS DD 135TPI 31 2" + 80 Cap. Box ..£20.00 40 3 1 2- DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap. Box ..£34.50 50 3 1 2- DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap. Box ..£40.00 70 3 1 2- DS DD 135TPI + 80 Cap. Box ..£54.00 All disks 100% certified & guaranteed 135TPI All boxes inc Lock & Dividers Benchmark DISKS AND 31 2" DS DD 135TPI
25. £17.80
UK S BFPO ORDERS ONLY M C S Cheques and Postal Orders to: 24
HOUR ORDERLINE 0597 87784 Manor Court Supplies Ltd Dept.
AMC03. Glen Celyn House, Penybont, Llandrindod Wells, Powys,
100. .....£63.25 200
400. ...£223.68
600. ...£319.13 1000
..£503.13 DISK BOXES 3 1 2"- 100 Capacity
Lockable £6.95 31 2'- 80 Capacity Lockable £6.50
31 2'- 40 Capacity Lockable £5.25 31 2"- 40 Capacity
Library Case x 5 ..£4.75
3 1 2" - 10 Capacity Wallet Type Library Case x
5 .£4.75 ACCESSORIES 3 1 2- Head
Cleaner ..£2.50 Mouse Mat
Rigid ....£4.50 Mouse
Bracket £2.50 Parallel Printer
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supplied are 100% certified 8 guaranteed Min. Write to read
clip 60%.
Industries standard is 40%.
HOW TO ORDER Phone us with your ACCESS or VISA details on: 01 -530 5988 or send Cheque P.O. made payable to "CASUALS", and send with delivery details to: CASUAL COMPUTER SUPPLIES 174 George Lane South Woodford I visa London E18 PLEASE NOTE OUR PRICES INCLUDE P&P + VAT Contriver High Resolution Mice complete with tree mouse pad & mouse pocket for only £24.99 PLEASE SPECIFY MODEL REQUIRED ?
The NEW "Power Drive" External Disk Drive with Internal Power Supply. 720k formatted, 3.5" Double Sided Floppy Drive ONLY £84.99 QUANTUM PAINT High quality software for your ST Features: 32 Colours in Medium Resolution.
128 in Low Resolution.
S12 in Low Res Super pallette mode.
4096 in Low Res Interlace mode.
High Speed drawing option includes: Box, Circle. Elipse, Lines, Editable Brushes, Cut, Copy, Lasso, etc. Real Time Delta Frame Animator in 128 Colour mode ONLY £29.99 + MUCH MORE NOW READ THIS As an introductory offer (while current stocks last), we will supply 1 x C820 or C830 mouse, 1 x'Power Drive' CQQ QQII & 1 x Fanta Vision for the all in price of: tyy.yyi!
Normal value £139.97 • conferences are 70 based on information technology.
"Database will significantly strengthen our existing portfolio of successful information technology events", said Blenheim's UK executive chairman David Jones. "There is clearly tremendous potential to accelerate the moves Database have already made into continental Europe by networking with our pan European capability".
Amiga link for Z88 FULL use is made of the Amiga's intuition in a new linkup with the Cambridge Z88 from Music Suite (0239 710594).
Z88-Amiga link provides a friendly interface for archiving Z88 files on Amiga discs. It converts Z88 Files for the Amiga's ProText and Scribble word processors and vice versa, converts Z88 files for use on Superbase, can send Z88 printer output to parallel printers and is also available in French and German language conversions.
The software costs £19.95 and link cables £12.95. Managing director of Database Michael Meakin added:"Joining Blenheim will open up many new avenues for developing the company in the international computer marketplace.
The outstanding success of our first European Computer Trade Show underlined for us the importance of expanding into Europe and with 1992 coming ever closer we intend to capitalise on the increased export opportunities that are rapidly becoming available”.
The present directors of Database Exhibitions will remain with the company.
GCSE packs for Amiga EDUCATIONAL software house LCL (0491 579345) has launched Amiga versions of three of its best selling programs.
Taking pupils from 11 years up to GCSE, Micro Maths ranges from simple topics such as averages and percentages up to advanced work including calculus and matrices. Each program includes instructions, an unlimited number of prob- Stop thief SOFTSTORE is offering a reward of an Amiga 500 for information leading to the conviction of thieves who stole a Vortex hard drive, serial number SN 98010741 A. a Roland CM32 music module, serial number ZA 31142, and a couple of Amigas. If you can help please ring Alan Batt on 0628 668320.
Lems and complete explanations of wrong answers.
Covering an age range from eight years old up to GCSE, Micro French emphasises practical French using passages from newspapers and signs found in France.
It also teaches users how speak French and is considered suitable for travellers as well as students.
Also spanning the eight to GCSE range, Micro English includes more than 580 questions with some programs incorporating real speech to back up the written work.
All LCL courses have been adapted to Fit in with the national curriculum and consist of 24 programs, two books and a voice tape where’ appropriate. They each cost £24.
Hackers get respite NEW laws to curb computer hacking have been left out of the Government's proposed legislation for the coming year.
While Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Nicholas Ridley commended the recent Law Commission report on computer misuse (see Amiga Computing, January) and recognised that it is a nettle which must be grasped, he has surprisingly failed to act.
A spokeswoman for the Department of Trade and Industry said: "The government has a heavy legislative programme for this session and other matters have taken precedence”.. DIY Midi interface kit released GOOD news for do-it-yourself electronics enthusiasts who like to make music with their Amigas.
Alba Computing (031-316
4171) has launched an easy to assemble Amiga Midi interface kit
which allows the Amiga to interface directly to a Midi
network of synthesisers, drum machines and other com
"The interface is unique because it can be used with the Amiga A1000, A500 and A2000 models by the simple flick of a switch", said Steve Simpson of Alba.
It includes an etched PCB with component reference guide, opto-isolator and all the necessary resistors, cap- cacitors, sockets, connectors and cables. Price, £23.95. Commodore picks new marketing team BEEFING up its European operations, Commodore has formed a new marketing arm led by marketing vice-president of Commodore International Peter Bayley, Called Commodore Marketing International, its brief is to bring a consistent and aggressive approach to the marketing of Commodore products through its European subsidiaries.
After joining Commodore from Compaq last summer, Bayley takes the roll of managing director with the new organisation and has gathered about him what is claimed to be "Europe's most powerful IT marketing team".
Oirector of product marketing is 37-year-old Jim Horsborough who was previously international marketing manager with Lotus Development International.
Director of channel strategy is Peter Turner, 40, who was UK general manager of Amarante, a subsidiary of Trinitech.
Taking on the directorship of marketing communications is 42-year-old Mike Grant, the former vice-president of international marketing services and communications with ICL and director of market research is Eddy Marie, 43, a multi-discipline, multi-lingual consultant who joins Commodore Marketing International from Cegos Makrotest.
Completing the line-up is director of strategic marketing Simon Dismore. 33, from NEC.
"We are putting new and coherent marketing strategies into place and will be providing a degree of support to our national subsidiaries which will enable each of them to take a stronger position in their particular markets", said Bayley.
More people going for IT COMPUTERS can now be found in more than a quarter of British homes and public attitudes have shown a marked swing towards greater acceptance of information technology. This is revealed in a major survey carried out by MORI (Market & Opinion Research International) and commissioned by Computer Management Group, Europe's largest independent management and IT consultants.
Although home ownership of computers has risen dramatically, serious use of those machines is not so high. Not surprisingly, games are the most popular use with 70 per cent opting for simple shoot’em ups and 26 per cent going for the more serious games.
Twenty six per cent of owners use a word processor, 13 per cent do their accounts on computer, 11 per cent use a database, 10 per cent prepare graphics, and six per cent use spreadsheets and design applications.
Most dramatic changes are shown in schools. In 1982 less than one out of eight British primary schoolchildren used a computer at school but today this proportion has risen to three quarters. Half of Britain's secondary pupils used computers at school in 1982 but today nearly nine out of ten do so.
Demo discs made easier MASTER Sound, the latest Amiga offering from Microdeal (0726 68020), is a sound sampler featuring advanced sampling, editing and sequencing software.
It allows users to record sounds into the Amiga from personal cassettes, compact discs and the like. The sounds can be edited in a wide variety of ways then incorporated into demos and programs or played back along with other samples. Master Sound's editor includes a realtime spectrum analyser and oscilloscope which allows users to monitor frequency content and volume thus ensuring that sample quality remains good.
The Master sound demo allows sequenced sounds to be played back from the sequencer while displaying IFF picture files. Master Sound for the Amiga costs £39.95 plus £1 postage and packing.
Learning at home PARENTS who would like to start their children reading before school age or give them valuable back-up tuition while at school will soon be able to enlist the help of their Amiga with a home version of Play and Read from educational software house Prisma (0244 326244).
Play and Road features a central character called Prof who helps children learn to read and includes five illustrated reading books plus story cassette. There are also plans for a schools Amiga version.
Computer art goes on show AMIGA art is alive and well and living in Switzerland.
The Gallery Shirley in Geneva recently staged the country’s first computer art contest for the Amiga. Entries included drawings in two and three dimensions and animations.
Those taking part were graphic artists, art students, computer enthusiasts and high school pupils. To accompany the event, New Yorker Steve Berkowitz provided music made with the Amiga.
"Play and Read has proved so successful in schools that the logical next step was to publish home versions", said Prisma's Jason Salisbury. The Amiga version is likely to cost £29.99. They gotta horse CHOOSING winners, not zebras is the boast of the latest betting program to hit the Amiga market - The Tipster from T.A.M. Marketing (0392 215485).
Complete with instructions and a fast entry data sheet, the program stores race information to give punters selection tips on each horse the next time it is running. The Amiga disc contains a program which installs The Tipster onto a hard drive.
It will evaluate national hunt and flat races and will also accept handicap and non-handicap races covering up to 999 horses and an unlimited number of races. Necessary data is entered from The Racing Post, start-up help is available on helpline for 30 days and on Read Me files. Available by post, The Tipster costs £29.95. Mail mix speeds the message THERE are some cases where the old and the new can be combined to advantage and this is currently being shown by the MicroLink comms service.
Now fully operational is its Telemessages facility where a message starts its life in the ulta-modern realms of electronic computer mail and ends up being delivered by the postman.
This Email start and snail mail finish is not the paradox it seems. Allowing for the fact that not everyone has a telephone but all have a postal address, it provides MicroLink subscribers with an even wider base for communication.
Users key in their message which is then transmitted to a post office in the recipient’s area from where a print-out in an envelope is delivered to the door.
The service is aimed at that urgent message for a host of recipients who may not have telephones but need to be contacted with all speed.
Network deal CONTINUING its commitment to open systems, Amiga Centre Scotland (031-557 4242) has signed a deal with Syndesis Corporation for the rights to market its forthcoming TSSnet product in the UK.
A software implementation of DECnet for the Amiga range, it provides both ethernet and serial connection and fully supports X Windows.
THE POWER DRIVE Y0 br?[n RRP £19.95 Se £12.95 Flippit is a fascinating and entertaining series of puzzles akin to Rubik's Clock and Cube, with over 100 levels of play - making it suitable for players of all ages and abilities.
The idea is to solve a puzzle by flipping tiles in the correct order. But it’s not quite as simple as that, because different tiles have differing effects on their neighbours. Before you can complete a puzzle you'll first have to determine the rules governing each tile's effects.
Well designed and superbly presented, Flippit is guaranteed to give endless hours of mind-bending fun. And remember for just £12.95 whether for yourself, a friend or a relative it makes an ideal Christmas present. But make sure you order soon.
Please send me a copy ot Flippil I ai me special otter price ol £12.95 Payment: please indicate method ( ) Cheque€urochegue made payable to Database Direct Access, MastercardCrjrocardSarciaycardrVisa Conneci No-U__UJ LLI.J. I I I II I L_L Telephone: 051-357 2961 The Power Drive from Power Computing sets new standards in performance and quality for your Commodore Amiga™ or Atari ST™ computer at a price that leaves our competitors behind!
THE FACTS PC720 Atari ST Super Slim Case 720K Formatted Built in 240v PSU* On Off Switch 12 Month Guarantee PC880 Amiga Super Slim Case 880K Formatted Thru Port Isolating Switch 12 Month Guarantee Power Drives are available by mail order direct from Power Computing or at better computer retailers. Look out for the bright red box!
Mail Order Hotline 0800 581742 Free Call!
Power Computing Ltd 44A Stanley St • Bedford • MK41 7RW 0234-273000 Orders via MicroLmk: MAGO01 L, 1 31 Orders via Fax: ' I Orders by Prestel 051-3572913 i I Key'89, then 614568383 Trade distribution 01-300-3399 m A I I trademarks are acknowledged y HIRes sample edit in* y Realtime frequency d la play y Realtime level meter*, y Files saved in IFF format, y Adjustable manual automatic ""‘““'"I PLEASE
* Screen update 1 frame per .1. .---.¦-----k..n. v Load. Save
facilities including IFF Save.
Y Edit picture, cut. Copy, paste and undo.
A Special effects, reverse, negative, mirror, compress, etc. A Increase the width of the display to 320 * 256 automatically or manually.
• M Plugs into the parallel port of your Amiga 1000 500 2000.
X Comes complete with Its own power pack ONLY £89.99 FREE MIDI CABLES MICRO MIDI INTERFACE M This unit connects your computer T to any MIDI Instrument.
M Fully Opto Isolated MIDI IN. MIDI “ OUT. MIDI THRU.
M Just plug in and go.
FREE CABLES V 3 metre long MIDI Cables completely FREEH YAMAHA SHS 10 FM SYNTHESISER KEYBOARD styled guitar-type er strap.
* f * y Uses FM synthesis y Full MIDI OUT slant FOR ONLY £99.99 v
. . Syncro Express requires a second drive ft works by controlling ' It as a slave device ft Ignoring the AMIGA dlak drive controller chip, high speeds ft great data accuracy are achieved.
Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 side. 2 sides.
j Very simple to use. Requires no user knowledge.
ON BOARD CUSTOM LSI CHIP MAKES THIS UNIT EXTREMELY SMALL & ONLY £34.99 COMPLETE HARDWARE SOFTWARE IMHS ( OI-YHir.lII ACT Luicl Electronic* neither condones or authorise* the u*c *l It » products lor the reprodtMilon o! Copyright material.
The back up facilities nl this product are desiRiied to r»produce only software *urh a* public domain muteilul.
Hr user* own program* or software when* permission to make a back up has been clearly Riven, n I* illcR.il to make copies. Even lor your own uw. Of copyright material, without the permission of the i-opyrtRhi owner, or thrtr Itccncce supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a drive for ONLY £104.99. SP 11 SCANNER PRINTER ONLY £449.99 INC. VAT . PP spm 200 y Up to 16 grey scales or black ft white modes - giving you superb scat Images.
y Complete - no more to buy.
Y Come, complete with euperb eoftwece to ecen edlt ptcturee.
J Very comprehensive software allows for Capture. Writing, Cut Paste, Printing.
Load ft Save of Images.
Save to your favourite graphlcs DTP package - very eaay to uae.
Easy to Install - connects to the Printer Port - ready to scan In minutes.
THE ANSWER TO YOUR DISK DUPLICATION PROBLEMS BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... Not only does the SP11 scan at 200 Dpi It la also a auperb image printer sy PLUS - Its a Photocopier!! Yea. Juet presa atari and It will deliver a superb giving high definition output prlnta of scanned Images, screen dumps etc. photocopy of your original In aecondal TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? WHY NOT BUY ONE AND SEE - YOU WON T BE DISAPPOINTED!
AMG 5a f f f ¦ V f VCR etc) - 9 video output to (combined devices.
Plugs Into RGB port of AflOO 1000 2000. Provides composlt.
Monitor VCR sultable TV ate.
Y Switch selectable to view video Input overlay graphic or both signal).
Top quality unit features VLSI Motorola chip as used on Unique fader control allows overlay to fade In or out. Ideal for fading captions etc. This Is a complete hardware solution no software to load.
A590 UPGRADES Y jou own an AS90 hard drive, then you can upgrade It to give up to an extra 2 Megs of Ram to your system.
ONLY C69.99 for 91»(0.5 via) ONLY Cl 34.99 for 1 MO.
ONLY C259.99 for 2 Mtos Turn your Amiga Into a sophisticated measuring instrument capable of measuring a wide range of data Inputs.
DIGITAL SCOPE DISPLAY - 3 channel Inputs.Manual or continuos display.
Tlmebaae SOOms dlv to 20us dlv- accurate to 5«*.
0 bit flash conversion gives 2 million samples sec.
M When an Ideal mix has been achieved, then tbe overall “mix' can be saved to disk for re-load as required • Just like systems costing thousands I!
Y Auto aero of faders.
S Top quality analogue and digital circuits give superb results.
ONLY £99.99 PLRAM STAY! A600 1000 2000 Comes complete with necessary leads etc • Y Unbeatable price.
Genlock la the latest buxzword on tbe Amiga • It s a device that allows 70a to mis computer test graphics with Use video pictures from either a camera or VCR. "Desk Top Video' as It s become Is probably the fastest growing productivity appUcatlon for the Amiga.
Isly only possible M Now an 8 channel digitally controlled mixer for under £100.001!
Y Thla system comes In two parts - a 10“ rack mounting mixer and a superb control program Use your Amiga to give top quality 8 channel “digital' mixing.
& 8 Inputs via 0.25' Jack sockets.
T Two outputs vis 0.20" sockets.
Connects to Amiga parallel port.
Y Control software gives 8 faders with super-fine Increments, digital display of levels on each channel.
Stereo lock for each pair of fader*.. CompU only £99.99 COMPLETE With the Dotel Pro Genlock, you can do all the things pre with units costing hundreds of pounds!!!
.to buy EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVE Through port allows daisy-chaining other drives.
Y Slimline extra low profile unit.
Top quality fully compatible drive f f f NEW LOW PRICE ONLY £74.99 SINGLE DRIVE A superbly styled case finished in Amiga colours.
I meg unformatted capacity.
Good length cable for positioning so your desk etc. ONLY £129.9S twin drive ADO £5 FOR COURIER DELIVERY IF REQUIRED EXTERNAL DRIVE SWITCH y DF1 ft DF2 controlled.
Y Switch In out of external drives, y Save on memory allocated for drives not currently in use._ Fits between computer ft driver(s).
ONLY £9.99 GENISCAN GS4500 AMIGA y Featuring the latest 1 Meg fast Ram chips.
X Comes complete with dissable switch (not offered by some others, including A301 unit).
Y Available wltb wltbout clock calendar feature. Clock version has high capacity NICad battery - never needs replacing, y Low chip count means extra low consumption, y High grade PCB with quality connector, y Buy direct from the manufacturer and save!
Y Simply plugs Into Internal Ram extension slot - no knowledge at all required.
ONLY £84.99 COMPLETE ONLY £99.99 FOR VERSION WITH CLOCK CALENDAR COMPLETE An easy to handle Handy Scanner featuring 105 mm scanning width ft 400 dpi resolution enables you to reproduce graphics ft text on your computer screen.
Adjustable switches for brightness ft contrast.
A powerful partner for Desk Top Publishing.
With Genlscan you have the ability to easily scan Images, text ft graphics into the AMIGA.
Printout for Epson compatibles.
Powerful software allows for cut ft paste editing of linages etc. Save Images In suitable format for most leading packages Including DELUXE PAINT etc. Package Includes G84500 scanner.
Interface ft Scan Edit software.
R Unmatched range of edit capture facilities simply not offered by other scanners at this unbeatable price.
HOW TO ORDER BY PHONE 07? “I 0782 744707 24hr Credit Card Line BY POST FAX 0782 744292 Send chequea POs made payable to "Datel Electronics" UK ORDERS POST FREE EUROPE ADD £1 OVERSEAS ADD £3 PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS CORRECT AT TIME OF PRESS AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE S If you can obtain your own Rum chips, we can supply the card.
Y Accepts 16 x 41256 Drams.
« Available with without clock T '.pi ton y Switch dissable feature.
2 Simply plugs Into Ram expansion slot.
Y Fmted in only minutes - no user knowledge required.
ONLY £19.99 ONLY C34.9E for i WITH CLOCK CALENDAR S PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE f High quality direct replacement for mouse on the Amiga.
F Teflon glides for smoother movement.
Rubber coated ball for minimum slip.
SALES ONLY I TECHNICAL ONLY _ AMG 5 Amiga Arcade It's Populous - by a mile!
WITHOUT i shadow of a doubt last year's biggest success on the computer leisure scene was EA's Populous.
In the UK it has been voted by the industry as Best Original 16 Bit Came of 1989. The developer.
Bulldog, has been awarded the coveted title of Programmer of the Year.
At the Tilt awards in Prance.
Populous picked up Best Strategy Came, while Sweden's leading magazine. Dator. Voted it not only Came of the Year but Came of the DflCdfle & well.
Sales of the game across Europe on the Amiga and ST have now passed the 80,000 mark. Bulldog is currently coding Populous II for release later this year.
DWARF MOUNTAIN lies at l heart of the Land of Anrea. At its summit stands a great castle. Three people crave the secret of immortality that lies within the throne room.
This is the scenario for Dragons Breath, the new game from Palace Software coded by Andrew Bailey with Simon Hunter on graphics and David Hanlon on sound.
It can be played by up to three people, any of the characters being controlled by either humans or computer.
Throughout the game each player will have to buy information and ingredients for spells from passing traders. Building a lighting and food lockers must be broken into to gain extra energy.
Escalators can be a real problem because they have to oe switched on to get them moving - and the switch is. Of course, never near the escalator.
"It's like opening the pages of a comic". Tongen PR person Clare Edgeley told Amiga Arcade. "The presentation and feel of the game is superb".
TENGEN is proud of having the rights to Escape from the Plane! Of the Robot Monsters, a game which catapults you into the thrilling world of comics, it says here.
An army of reptilions has enslaved the humans stationed on Planet X; they are bong forced to create a robot army destined to destroy Earth! You take control of Jake and Duke as they fight their way through hordes of robots in Cartoon coin-op conversion NEW out the 16 Blitz label is Hunter Killer, a combat submarine simulation developed in the State* by Solurco.
You embark on a ser.es of missions from straightforward search and destroy sorties to escort duties modelled on real WW1I campaigns.
There are 11 different submarines and 14 separate missions to attempt at a range of difficulty levels. As well as practice patrols.
Hunter Killer r)ainv- to outclass ¦rtVirch of Proitix or -*vinh Bcllum.
Al the end of each factory level the heroes are shown their reward status and must race to the next factory to set free more captives.
Points are earned for each captive freed, but it is hungry work CYBERBALL is a game played by robots - American Football at its most violent, full of colliding metal and exploding shrapnel.
You can choose your team from the likes of the Los Angeles Assassins and the New York Enforcers and select from more than 100 offensive and defensive plays.
The challenge of the gsme lies in working out the right tactics to annihila:.* [he opposing team. The ball, some Oft in diameter, weighs 350lbs and is made up of steel and high explosive. Tne robots are 20ft tall. 8ft wide and weigh in at 2,000lbs- Converted from the Atari coin- op by Tengen. Cyberbail costs £19.99 and is in the shops now.
All the latest news on the games software scene REVIEWED THIS MONTH force of dragons will help you to rapture, govern and retain villages.
Your ultimate goal will be to find and retain the parts of the tal- .--an which, when complete, will take you to Dwarf Mountain.
"This is not a game to be played in five minutes", Palace boss Pete Stone told Amiga Arcade.
"Depending on the skills of the individual players, a game can continue indefinitely".
Dragons Breath will be out in “early 1990" priced at £29.99. tm for Mmdsr.ap set-ups for I 1 you choose d !*"ent;e race scene 109% Battle Squadron 100% Stunt Car Racer 94% Space Quest III 93% Indy Adventure 89% Sim City 85% Hard Drivin' 84% Laser Squad 78% Time 69% Dariust 62% Weird Dreams 53% Nevermind 53% Knight Force 26% Hellraiser MAX HACKS
• Hard Drivln'
• Peter Beardsley Football
• Rock'n'Roll
• Stormlord
• TV Sports Football Budget releases fBb marine classics like
Silent Service and Hunt for Red October.
Dnly time will tell, but at £4.99 it seen* to be outstanding value.
Hot on the heels of Hunter Killer will be two more original titles on 3* 16 Blitz budget label - Conflict, i -.mutation of the politics and economics of the Middle East, and Snmblood, a gothic whodunnit
• r.tten by Mike Singleton, the
- .i-.e behind such classics as Lord : V.:dr.sjht and Shadowfax.
The Guardians send you off on a mission in Broderbund's Typhoon Thompson A life on the ocean waves BRODERBUND is to release the Amiga version of Typhoon Thompson. Taking control of a one-man jet sled, you must find and rescue a baby being held captive by the sea sprites of the ocean planet Aguar.
High speed chases are the order of the day, and controlling your sled in pursuit of an escaping sea sprite is no easy matter.
Catching the sprite is even harder.
The challenge lies in jetting to each of the many clusters of islands to find a weapon. To get each weapon you will first have to deal with the flyers and then the sprites. The flyers jump out of the islands and have to be shot.
Each has a different property and will try to push you around, sink your sled, suck you towards them or zap you permanently.
Having seen off the flyer you turn your attention to the cutesy sprite which is legging it away from the island as fast as it can.
Hang around too long and it will change into a fish and rush back to the island - and then you'll have to start the process all over again.
Typhoon Thompson will cost £19.99 and is scheduled for release late February.
Gallup Chart
* Barman- The Movie 1 Ocean X £24.95 2
* 1 Ocean £ £24.99 N E ill CO NE j ttntxxop n Ocean
* T £19.99 8 I ¦ Xenon 2 t tmageworb £24 95 1 ( I Shadow of the
Beast a Psffioosis ) £34.95 3 ¦¦ Inleephase 7 I £24.99 NE ft
Op. Thundettail V Ocean U £19.99 NE A Stunt Car Racer U
MiooProse V £24.95 5 A A Ghost busters 11 10 NE HAVING decided
over a year ago to source and develop software in the UK.
MicroProse. The American software house famed for its war
simulations. Has at last got round to forming an in-house
development team.
Three programmers have already been recruited. Malcolm Hellon. Tim Walter and Adrian Scotney. With more expected this month." Their main arena of work will be in the coding of original simulation games and aiding in the conversion of MicroProse US products. Traditionally written on the PC to the Amiga and ST. Amiga Arcade wishes the new team every success, and hopes this new era of growth for the company will help to prevent bugs creeping into the Amiga conversions of MicroProse games.
From left ‘o right:Malcolm Hrlion. Tin 'Waller and Adrian Scotney. The com of MicroProse's new in-house 16 bit development team THE Electronic Arts' follow up to The Hound of Shadow will be Imperium. A complex strategy game simulating 1.000 years of human development from 2020 to
3020. Your aim will be to become the last surviving emperor of
the galaxy, which will involve manipulation of economic,
diplomatic, political and military matters.
Imperium is programmer Nick Wilson's first 16 bit project He is being helped by game designer Matthew Stibbe. Whose past experience is in computer wargames.
And graphics artist Karl Copley, the man responsible for the stunning sepia graphics in The Hound of Shadow.
Scheduled for release in March at £24.99. xr.- a3L fcwffiiT w*' 0,3. rn .
Four Hellcat takes a hit in Broderbund's 'Aings of Fury Bombs away WINGS OF FURY - surprise, surprise - is a living game. Your mission is to provide air support for a heavily damaged aircraft carrier, the USS Wasp, during the final years of WWII. Your plane is a Hellcat, armed with machine guns, bombs, rockets and torpedoes.
The game isn't a simple shoot- 'em-up. There are seven ranks under which you fly. Each offering a more challenging set of missions and objectives than the last.
Remote and close-up views are featured. Along with a simultaneous 3D display horn the cockpit Should be available now at £19.99 on the Broderbund label.
30 AMIGA COMPUTING March 1090 HEN U cosn to vertical scrolling shoot-'cm- ups.
The words "veritable plethora" would adequately describe the number of them lor The Machine That Does ll Better. If we limit the search to really good ones, there's two that spring in mmd. Battle Squadron isn’t one of these two - it neatly sidesteps the competition and comes in number oao by the iahlcd long chalk.
Now you think tfaoc arc mighty big words-indeed, mou of than base more than five lectea - but Battle Squadron doesn't deign to be the sequel to any other game, oven though the same folks did Hybns. Which is also in the top throe.
Nor does it haw a rather insipid tune licensed from somewhere else. Battle Squadron shows that there's plenty of new tricks in the olo shoot-'em-up dog.
Style permeates this fabulous production. In homage to the age old tradition. Battle Squadron sports a plot of such horrific inconsequence that it would gag a ganeshow host.
Yea. It it written that Cob- sonde:s Afoyer and Bergin were returning ram a tocceaful reconnaissance mission deep into the heat of the Bonus Empire.
And. Io. A greeting huge poor- roous flying thing did appear ckne by. And the good coBBanden sow that it hod very large gum end bod "Bonus" written on its side and generally could be considered by qJJ oiid uintity u o bucuxt.
And fraB this great big huge giaonnous flying thing there did appear a tractor beam, and we're not talking Uosscy-Feigusons here.
And it did proceed ro draw the commanders' ship rowurds it and the commanders were c wee hit worried. But in the last garbled messoge they did manage to toy that it won't he much fun getting us out. So you'd better tend some- thing pretty sappy.
You are that something. And vou hose o whole planet ro destroy before tea tune.
Back in the real world (now the coffee's worn off) your elegant little ship is moved about in the time honoured way via joystick, or mouse if you're feeling silly or are pla yer two. Or both.
The play area is a full 256-line, 64-colour (or 32-colour and some extremely clever shading! Scroller, with tiny strips shaved off the sides lo give il Ihe perfect arcade aspect ratio. Your weapons can be upgraded through more than 25 levels to a degree that the only way the flying nasties can get to you is from Ihe sides. They know thal trick, and they use it.
There are some phenomenally cunning enemies that can turn well nigh invisible before trying lo catch you unawares. There are also some incredibly stupid ones which have to rely on very thick armour and a very high rale of fire. Both work out equally nasty.
If you took an Amiga running Battle Squadron, put it in a large wooden box and pul it in an arcade, it would compele on level terms with dedicated machines with really fast processors and more memory than you could shake a stick at.
The attract mode is very pleasantly noisy, and the fine in-game effects don't seem to suffer any when you have the equally fine tune running. These people really know how lo make the Amiga sing.
Everyone went gaga over Xenon 11, and rightly so - it was the best available then. But now Battle Squadron is the best. Xenon II scored the perfect 100 per cent.
How can we express that Battle Squadron is even better? Hmmm.
I'll show you how .... Stewart C. Russel i ¦ Sim (,'iiy T29.99 Infogramas
• Ivl Tax Rate LaJ Collected S5, 97l| Fire : 8 ? 108 Po1 ice: 0 ?
1001 Transi t: i $ 2,489 SZ .48 |i ________ 9 0 100: || Casl)
Flow || Prev Funds SI, 38 SI, 77 || Current Funds $ 3.15 , Go W
i tli These F isiu es 1 If mu pul the lax up loo much everyone
will gel upsel and more lo another city BEING a mayor isn't, as
is widely held, all about dressing up in silly frocks and
leading a procession once a year. Well, maybe a bit of it is,
but there are some pretty tough decisions to be made too. Like
what areas of natural beauty to destroy and industrialise,
how high to set the rates, building roads to combat traffic
congestion and building expensive residential areas for
incredibly rich people - like mayors - to live in, Sim City
will terraform a suitable landscape for you and set the clock
back to the year 1900. How the New Town development proceeds
from here is up to you, . Remember, the social make-up of the
town depends on these early stages - one wrong plan and it
could be Milton Keynes for thousands of innocents. You are in
a position of great social responsibility.
The first thing to do is build a power station - man cannot live by candle alone. Along with this decision comes your first quandary - coal or nuclear?
A coal power station is considerably cheaper, but causes more environmental damage, and pollution is one of the factors that effects population growth. Nuclear, while more expensive, is a lot cleaner unless, of course, you have a meltdown.
Already you are making decisions which will effect the structure of the city to come. In fact, the early decisions are far more important than those taken later on.
Growth of the city will critically depend on how high you set the tax rate and how much valuable land you cultivate for the populace. The initial considerations are for power, transport and zoning regions for industry, commerce and residents.
It is important to note that you do not actually build on any of the zoned regions, your population does. If you zone a residential region in the middle of an industrial wasteland, don't expect many people to go and live there.
The challenge therefore is not merely to provide a certain amount of accommodation for each of the city's functions but to use a piece of iand for the purpose for which it is most suited.
Furthermore, each zoning decision you take will effect the suitability of neighbouring property for a particular task, due to reasons of traffic, pollution and land value.
As the city grows, so will other factors, like pollution, crime and traffic density.
Police stations are a good idea, and if you are planning for a Pudding Lane then a few fire departments might go down well, too. Of course, all this costs money, and the only place to get it is via the annual rates demand. It's a good thing you don’t have to gel reelected.
Just when you think you have it all worked out the trade figures suffer a slight blip, commerce slumps, the taxes must go up and before you know it the last of the fleeing population have you hanging upside-down in your lovingly sculptured town square.
Presentation doesn't mean much in a game like this, but great care has been taken to make your metropolis look as brilliant as it was designed.
Sim City follows the simple philosophy of a game called Kingdom, which was widely popular in the days when programming meant wearing a white coat and flicking switches - define a few simple rules that describe a reality and then explore the mathematics. This it does excellently.
Overall - 8!1% FROM space it came. Carried by the solar wind, the escape capsule bearing the seemingly lifeless body, drifted across the space lanes until it halted, gripped in the searing light of a powerful tractor beam.
Hauled from the void and tipped unceremoniously on to a pile of garbage within a vast ship, you awaken to find the the fate of the galaxy is once more in your hands.
Roger Wilco - space hero - has were difficult enough, you'll soon discover that you have an additional problem in the shape of an 8ft android. Seems like someone has put a price on your head, and this deadly Terminator intends to collect it the hard way.
He is bigger than you. He can run faster and hit harder than you.
And just to make things really interesting, he can make himself invisible.
This is both the funniost and easiest of the Quest games and I defy anyone not to enjoy it. If. Like me, you enjoy adventures but never seem to be able to finish one.
Then this is the game you have been waiting for. Even dying is fun because the game has the witty last word every time.
Alan Makepeace Elmo Pugg, the evil owner of Scumsoft Software, has scandalised game players throughout the known worlds by kidnapping the two writers of the fabulous Astro-Chicken video game and imprisoned them in his secret lair.
You must find some way to build a working ship from the piles of junk which surround you, fly to the nearby worlds, search for clues and finally rescue the "Two Guys from Andromeda”. And it's nearly tea- time already!
Speaking of food, don't forget to stop at Monolith Burgers, the last fastfood parlour before you hit the Milky Way. Monsters from all over the galaxy will be queueing there to pick up a Whoppa-Burger and fries - with added grease.
Your new ship is fitted with the latest laser guns and defensive shields. Your navigation system is fired up and ready lo go. There's lots lo do and see out there, so let’s get the lead out and make tracks for the nearest planet.
This eagerly awaited addition to the Space Quest series is all that game players could wish for.
Artists from the world of TV cartoon animation have been assembled to create Sierra's most lavish graphic adventure so far.
Combined with super music and realistic sound effects, Space Quest 111 is a feast for both eyes and ears.
Lucky owners of the Roland sound module will be able to enjoy the even more sophisticated music which the game is capable of pro- rlnrino auung.
In addition to finding lots of silly objects to help you solve the puzzles - fancy some temperature- controlled boxer shorts? - you must also play a few arcade sequences.
There is a space battle to be fought with pirate ships, a boxing match in which you control a giant robot, plus the opportunity to play Astro-Chicken itself. Visit the Fun- World on planet Phleebut and play Hopscorch across the lava flows on Spore Quest III £29.95 Sierra Sound HH OXFORD SOFTWORKS HH P CHESS PLAYER 2150 Winner 1989 British Open Personal Computer Chess Championship EH COMING SOON THE CLASSIC ORIENTAL GAME OF GO ALSO DRAUGHT BOARDS 8x8 10x10 Please phone lor details Chess Player 2150 is the strongest and most versatile chess program yet, with the most advanced graphics and widest
range of features available, many of which have never before been implemented on a personal computer.
Chess Player 2150 has just defeated all opposition to win outright the British Open Chess Championship.
Every possible feature is included: stunning 2D 3D display, take-back move, massive openings library, simple mouse driven input, full menu control, save load games, many classic games on disc, speech, learning, total on-screen information, special modes for beginners, actually rates your play on the international ELO scale, and much, much more. CHESS PLAYER 2150 £24.95 The London School of Bridge's BRIDGE PLAYER 2150 NEW GALACTICA with Integrated Tutor INTEGRATED BRIDGE PLAYER AND TUTOR, WITH POWERFUL CARD PLAY AND A WEALTH OF SUPERB FEATURES, OFFERS YOU HOURS OF ENJOYMENT IN THIS CLASSIC GAME
BACKGAMMON ; NEW PROFESSIONAL Backgammon, one of the most ancient games, has been played for thousands of years in all parts of the world.
BACKGAMMON PROFESSIONAL is fully featured, including the doubling cube, input your own or random dice, variable playing speed and. Full scoring.
Easy to use, menu driven and great graphics.
The BRIDGE PLAYER, designed for players of all standards, gives literally millions of possible hands, simulating the game with full realism. Bidding uses the ACOL system with Stayman, Blackwood, Gerber, Grand Slam Force and Unusual No-Trump conventions.
The BRIDGE TUTOR contains 100 tutor hands, selected by coauthor. Nicola Gardener. World Bridge Champion and Olympic medalist, ranging from fairly straightforward hands to endplays and squeezes.
? Bidding and play with full information displays ? Post-mortem facility ? Scoring of hands to rubber ? Input own hands, save load hands to disc + solves double dummy problems after trick eight ? Special cheat options: bias the deal, peep at cards ? Comprehensive manual with detailed advice on play ? And much, much more We think you’ll be truly amazed at the power of this world beating Bridge.
BACKGAMMON PROFESSIONAL £19.95 ORDER FORM ! Please rush me the following titles for my A PRODUCT PRICE Chess Player 2150 £24.95 i Bridge Player 2150 Galactica £29.95 | Bridge Player 2000 £19.95 ] Backgammon Professional £19.95 ! Postage to Europe per item £2.00 ! Air postage ex Europe per item £2.50 i UK post and packing included card no Please debit by Access Visa ,miga:- QUANTITY card expiry di »te | 1 1 ] 1 enclose a cheque postal order to the value of: £ ! Name i Address l| Post Code: | Signature E Following in the footsteps of the old crusaders, both the Nazis (boo!) And Indiana |ones
(hooray!) Are searching throughout war-torn Europe for the Holy Grail.
With the aid of your father's diary and your bullwhip, you must follow a trail which leads from the rat-infested catacombs of Venice into the very heart of the Third Reich.
Having got yourself into another fine mess, you'll discover that your eccentric father is also stuck in the Wolfs Lair, so it’s double trouble for the man in the Fodora.
Before selling off for Venice you can travel lo your father’s house lo pick up some useful objects. If you survive the deadly traps protecting the tomb of the crusader, your trail will lead onward to an old castle in Germany.
Rescuing your father and escaping the clutches of the Gestapo (boo!) Will enable you to pay a call on Hitler himself, before you make a further dash in a Zepplin to the Holv Lands.
Here your most dangerous test awaits - three trials of faith must be endured before the secret of the Grail is at last revealed.
To make this adventure even more appealing, all commands use the point and click method, dispensing with typing completely.
You may pick up and use objects, and talk to other characters by selecting sentences from an offered list In case your fists are faster than your wits, the game will allow you to engage in punch-ups with various bad guys. Where an enemy blocks your progress, you have the option to resort to brute force and give him a right to the jaw.
The game has been designed with many different paths to success. Should you managed to fool the Gestapo (boo!) And escape from the German castle with the Grail diary, you will automatically head for the airport. Otherwise the game will point you in the direction of Berlin and give you the chance to retrieve the book.
For this reason you may play sections of the game which have not been seen by other players who have completed the quest. A score of Indy's IQ is given to indicate how well you are doing in the solving of the complete game.
From time to time the view of the screen will change to an overhead perspective. This is used in a number of small mazes and in the castle corridors.
The animation and background graphics are first class. The title music and sound effects build up the atmosphere and do a great job of recreating the excitement of the film.
Like the movie, this game is big.
By avoiding the temptation to push out a second-rate product which simply cashes in on the film's success, Lucasfilms has satisfied both Indy fans and computer adventurers with a brilliant game.
• 512K RAM • Built-in Speech Synthesis
• 1 Meg Disk Drive •Two Operation Manuals
• 4096 Colours • Operating System Disks
• Multi Tasking • All Appropriate Connecting
• Mouse Cables AMIGA 500 . Batman the Movie . New Zealand Story *
F18 Interceptor ? Buggy Boy ? Ikari Warriors ? Barbanan +
Thunder Cats .Terrorpods . Art o( Chess . Wizball Mercmary
Compendium * Sanity Fight ?
Amegas * Deluxe Paint II * Microswitch Joystick * 10 Blank 3.5* SAVE EVEN MORE WITH DIAMONDS MEGA 4 Disks * Mouse Mat ?
10. .£7.00
25. ...£13.00
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inc. labels and VAT. Add £4.95 for 80 capacity disk box
(only when ordering disks.
ONLY £69.00 p°rtfolio Mr Diamond is now in Southern Ireland CHIP SHOP PRICES 8up Board RAMS - 9.95 each A590 RAM Chips - 9.59 each 256K RAM Chips - 2.95 each (Chip prices exclude VAT) Mr Diamonds 1 Meg Ramboard Fully populated, upgrade your Amiga 500 to 1 Meg.
Phone for prices AMIGA B2000 REVISION 6.2 KICK START 1.3 1 MEGABYTE AGNUS CHIP £735.00 + VAT FULL GUARANTEE IMPORTED MACHINE AMIGA 2000 ACCESSORIES Microblotics 8-up board 2 megabyte populated .....£295 Microblotics Hard Frame ..£175 Microblotics Hard Frame 49MB ...£395 Kick Start 1.3 ROM .£19.95 New Enhanced Chipset .P.OA. DISK DRIVES Diamond NEC 2nd drive £65.00 Inc vat Diamond Qtec drive £79.95 Inc vat Diamond 5 25' disk drtvd ....£99.95 inc vat A590 20MB hard
disk £319.95 . Vat A590 2MB populated ram ....£449.95 . Vat PANASONIC KXP-1124 _ __ _ 24-PIN D.MATRIX PRINTER £209 + VAT OKIMATE 20 24-PIN COLOUR THERMAL DOT MATRIX PRINTER £1 59 ? VAT STAR LC-10 MONO Multiple font options Irom front panel, excellent paper handling C64 128 version available . . „ £119* VAT STAR LC-10 COLOUR Colour version of the popular LC-10. Allowng the eft eel of full colour on screen dumps (requires colour printer driving software). C64 128 version available STAR LC-24-10 £1 59 ? VAT 24 Pin version of the popular LC series with exceptional uusihy. £199, VAT STAR XB 24-10
24 PIN COLOUR «... PRINTER (Inc colour option) * VAT CITIZEN SWIFT 24 PIN PRINTER withcoburopoon £259* VAT Diamond Software Members Prices Aegis Sonlx Version II ......£29.95 Home Office Kit ..£89.00 Publishers Choice .....£59.00 Protext Version 4.2 ....£29.95 Diamond D501 Ram Expansion £59.95 Deluxe Paint II £14.95 Photon Paint .....£5.00 Photon Paint II £19.95 Diamond Business Pack (Pretext.
Superbase II. Maxiplan) ...£49.95 MONITORS PHILLIPS 8883 COLOUR MONITOR WITH STEREO SOUND ONLY £219.00 + VAT Indudes 1 year on site maintenance DIAMOND MULTISYNCH MONITOR ONLY £295.00 + VAT COMMODORE 1084 MONITOR ONLY £199.00 + VAT Includes all connecting leads TOP TEN RELEASES 1 Space Ace No t ..£24.95 2 k”erpnase E14 9S 3 Chase HO C14 9S 4 Siumt Ca- Racer £14 95 5 F29 Retalia-or C9 9S 6 Dungeon Master £14 95 7 Snaoow of die Beas- £19 95 8 Xenon I £14 95 9 F e Compel P101 £14 9S 10 Batman the Move £1495 24HR ORDER UNE 0703 232669 SOFTWARE HOTLINE 01 597 8851 EXPORT
YOUR OLD SOFTWARE TITLES FOR NEW ONES FREE BULLETIN BOARD NO 0272 693545 FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER ALL FOR JUST £20.00 INC VAT Announcing PRODATA - the Arnor database Software for the 1990s Prodata is exceptionally versatile: You can keep data files which are automatically sorted as you add Information. The type of data can be very varied, ranging from simple names and addresses to Inventories and catalogues and even invoices and records of transactions.
You can keep the data sorted in several different ways. E.g. by name, number, date. Almost instantly find information using any of these sort keys.
You can design different ways of presenting the data, e.g. slraight list, address labels, tabulated data.
Using Prodata is simplidtv itself:- All facilities are accessed from a few simple to use menus. To set up a new database file you merely need to enter names for each data field - you need not concern yourself with the size of fields or the type of data to be stored or even the total number of fields.
Undo changes The most iscenl data changes delations Insertions are logged and may be leversed to allow you to correct mistakes easily.
Password protection 5 levels, ability to protect individual layouts to restrict access to File management screen wttn directory map.
Rename, erase, copy. Type, attribute alteration.
Powerful expression evaluator prowdes date calculations, substrings, conditional expressions and rounding, using field contents and variables (Ind. Running totals) The result ot an expreesion can be assigned to a field throughout the database, or to another variable.
Data entry verification Fields may be required to be integer, number or date within a given range, or a stnng tubed to a maximum length and mask.
Data editing W tn abiMy to duplicate an existing record, Insert and overwrite mode, insert and delete line that automatically move fields up or down, swap characters, convert to upper or lower case, change layout or Index from display mode, finds individual record almost instantly.
International compatibility includes lull use of accented characters including coned sorting, keyboard configurable to 10 different national layouts, printer drivers supplied to prtnl special Designing a new layout I~ Nr t 1 |saith Cavetrr IIN K IT M 14 Hu 1 berry May Frsteit Mrs 7112 Lo«er Tlrashltv late Nr i has* 13 8 81 PraNata Hr* 4447 NUT SIT late NrtkasN 1 2 H Mas Tel »• Menu driven. Simple, easy to uee system ot menus and pop up windows Keyboard or mouse may be used.
PIUS macro record mode, create sub-database, batch delete facility, configuration program, example data files, on screen Indication of bold, underlining, Italics, comprehensive 190 page illustrated manual.
Displaying and entering data Amor, the makers ot PROTEXT, are pleased to announce the arrival ot our complementary database program, PRODATA.
This Is the program that our customers have been requesting for years. Prodata is an ideal companion to Protext - it uses the same key strokes and many of the same concepts, so Protext users will immediately feel comfortable. Prodata offers the same standards qf ease of use and flexibility as Protext.
But you do not need Protext to use Prodata - it is a powerful database • manager in its own right, ideal for all' your filing applications. The program uses a simple set of menus which may be used with the keyboard or a mouse, as required.
Prodata Is available now for the IBM PC and compatibles, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga computers.
Amiga owners please note that you need 1MB to run Prodata - see below for special price for Prodata plus A501 (512K memory + dock expansion).
Variable length fields, up to 300 ti.ios p.. roc Old. Raids up to 999 characters Pol 'told. (Multi- lino fiolda Itovo word veep and |uatlflcallon.) Data I!loa automatically emended aa data la entered.
Extra flelda may be added at any time.
Indexed files may have up to 10 Indexed, which may uee aupptementary eon netda. Xraranrty switch mMiM to change totting method Flexible layout design incluoea held, torn and variable Heme, line drawing mode kx bo.ee, layout, wider and longer than acraen area with automatic acrolllng, formatting of item, (decimal placed, (uatlfy, centring), pnntar attributes (bold, Italic ate) both global arid on each Item, apeclal 'attach' attribute, to |oln Items Duplicate layout facility. Up to 100 different layouts.
Printing. Comprahartelva set ot printer driven, full use of printer control codes, options to sot all margin atrea, multi-line hearten and looten, microspacing used to give correct out pul In proportional tents, background pmting. Prtnl to printer or to a disc hie Filtering of data using any expression. Flltan stored with deecrlpllona, selectable from menu.
Individual records may be de-selected after filtering Importing and exporting of data in different formats suitable for other software Including Protest.
Selective importing allowing data to be checked and altered as It Is Imported.
'Totally menu driven. Prodata must rank among the top database systems...' ST USER 12 89 'Prodata is a very sophisticated database package, and at £79.95, it is most certainly worth the money" YOUR AMIGA 12 89 "A high performance to price ratio' AMIGA COMPl TING 3 90 Name Address Postcode Re easingyour micro’s,potent a .. ORDER FORM - Send to: Amor Ltd (AC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough Please send me (indicate where applicable): PE1 3HA PROTEXT v4.2 @ £99.95 PRODATAvl.1 @ £79.95 PRODATA + A501 (Amiga) @ £179.95 Computer: PC5V4- PC 3W Atari ST Amiga I enclose Cheque Postal order for
£_ Access Visa card no._ Amor Ltd .AC), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 3HA. Tel: 0733 63909 (24 hr) Fax: 0733 67299 M prtosa Indudp VAT. Poatega and packing Crsdit card ordarsMS ba osspstcftetf by teturn crtposL i paying by chaqua plsase show 10-14 days tor dsttvwry.
NEVERMIND Life is too short THERE are some games which have great names and some great games with simple names.
Rare is it indeed to find a game which boasts a splendid monicker and has sparkling gameplay.
Nevermind is not one of those games.
Rather it is an exercise in tedium with a name that aspires to wit. Yet is as sharp as a lump of clay and conjures up images of impoverished mothers patting a brattish child on Ihe head in consolation that Santa did not after all be onng tho shiny new mountain bike that was in the window of Toys R Us.
Nevermind is a game which con- tains the spark of a good idea, but alas that spark has been trodden into the dirt in the galloping rush lo produce some sort of game. This is an isometric 3D affair, a reprise of the style made famous by Ultimate some years ago.
Unfortunately thoro the similarity ends, becauso Psyclapse. In a bid to advance Ihe concept, has led it up a blind alley.
In general, each screen represents or contains a puzzle.
Completion of the puzzle leads the player to the next screen. Gravity is orientated to whichever wall you happen to be walking on. Which oft leads to much head twisting and turning in order to correctly align the character on screen.
Tho basic thrust of the game is to re assemble a picture on one of the walls. Parts of the picture are scattered about all over the room.
However, it is not such a simple a matter as walking from wall to wall carrying the pieces and dropping them into the correct position.
Instead there are teleport squares, and it is down to you to find the correct sequence of squares to travel around the room.
Pieces of the picture may already be in place, but in the wrong position, so identifying the form of the picture and then assembling the olemonls in the correct order adds lo tho mental manoeuvring.
Neither is it as easy as picking up the pieces and dropping them on the picture once you have found the way to get to it. There are chess pieces which steal parts of the picture, causeways which dissolve, and horrible shifts in perception.
Some of tho puzzles are quite easy and straightforward while others are tremendously tricky. After completion of a certain number a password is given so that the challenge can be taken up from there at the start of the next or any subsequent game.
If this all sounds quite interesting and subtly refreshing, all 1 can say is it could have been if it weren't for two two things. The first is that the time limit to complete a room is vary light. Evan having watched Ihe computer complete a room and then simply trying to replicate it in time is difficult enough. The terrible thing is that you are only graced with one life.
Well done Psydapse, this isn’t a case of shooting yourself in the foot, it's a case of blowing both feet right off.
Duncan Evans IMACIXE a race with only two cars, each as fast and powerful as tnc one Nigel Mansell drives at work, each with wheels like a tractor and suspension to match. Now put them on a track which is closer to a big dipper than Brands Hatch.
STUNT CAR RACER The chase is on This is the flight of ianiasy taken by Ceoff Crammond. And while mere mortals would have to go back to daydreaming he - the pro- fastpofysons oast for exahnsgaaeplay.
Gramming genius responsible for Aviator, Revs and Sentinel - has turned it into a reality.
The game was started at Firubird before it sold out to MicroProse.
Ceoff was given free rein to write whatever ho wanteo and take as much lime as he liked. Not the usual contract. Tne results prove that the unusual pays.
Free from deadlines and the even na the serial bak confines of an arcade conversion.
Stunt Car Racer is the best driving game ever produced.
Controls are simple - if you aren't braking you are accelerating Steering self-centres on the straight hits. The fire button provides a not too limited supply of boost and the dashboard shows if you are in the lead or have set the fastest lap. The distinctly peedo nud» up to
250. Then it wrapt around for higher speeds.
Minimalist contrail leave you to worry about racing lino. Not )uit corner*, but how fan to go up the hills. Tear up a ramp, boost blazing. To find a corner lust over the apex and you will be airborne without a track to land on. When pro racing drivers talk about “ailing off*, they don't mun t'nia But leaving the track is part of the fun. There are jumps to negotiate where speed is critical. Too slow and you won't make it. Too fast jpd you'll Ised hard, wracking the chassis.
Damage is shown as a crack which works its way across the top of the screen. Really hard bumps show up as holes which cannot bo repaired between races. So it is very important not to fall off.
Keeping to the tarmac becomes less easy as the chassis damage starts to affect your handling Enter too light and you'll slide off the :nside of a corner, too fast and you'll shoot off the edge.
The computer-driven opponent will help you off the circuit, although it seems to be impossible to knock the computer off, Single player races are conducted against a motley crew of nine other drivers. The aim is to win in each at the four leagues and make it to
• ne top of class one.
Slunl cars are built lo lake the strain, hut too much reckless driving can lose you the race You need lo learn the tracks. My favourite is the Roller Coaster - urves tight as a tourniquet, slopes a arch make the Alps look flat. You
- an get up breakneck speeds, but make a mistake and the crane
will have to hoist you back on to the track.
The game really comes into its own when you race against friends, either in a league, or ideally by using the two-computer datalink.
Even linking a vanilla machino to the fastest Amiga you can buy works perfectly.
There are no pretty sprites or copperlist skies, just a few smart , title screens between races and shots of the winner's podium. The whole thing is rounded off nicely by a comprehensive manual with a potted history of motor sport and some great action photos. No one could identify all the cars.
In future years, when most games have been forgotten and aged joystick jockics reminisce of the games of their youth. Stunt Car Racer will be one of the titles which gets cited as a true classic.
Slunl Car Racer £24.95 MlcroSlyle ameplay Overall - 100% Rockman rnTH fF Ticking away the moments... YOU have seen the future, and it is not good. Not good at all.
In fact, it's terrible. Everyone dies.
Not very enjoyable. You've seen it because you've been there. In a time machine.
Confusing things, time machines. If you've seen the future, can you go back to the past and change it? If so, how could you have seen it in the first place? It doesn't exist any more. Or does it?
I had that Robert Heinlein in the back of my cab once... All these paradoxes are quite rightly swept aside by Empire Software, which uses the old adage "never let physics get in the way of a good story”. The only snag is that if time travel did indeed exist as described, the entire fabric of the space-time continuum would be in a constant state of non-conserva- tional energy flux, and not in a fixed newtonian frame of reference.
But what the heck, it's only a game.
Time is an adventure spanning several thousand years of Earth history, from the era of the Roman Emperors to a period in the possible future when Earth has been ecologically destroyed. To avoid the main character constantly getting old and dying, a major plot device is that brilliant H.G.Wells invention, the time machine.
This is a recording. I rcjrct I am not conscious sot. _ An approach normally kept locked into shoot-'em-ups is the multiple game scenario, all linked via some central theme.
Occasionally ideas spill over into other game formats, and Time is quite happy to plagiarise from as many sources as possible to produce a potentially original plot, tying several small games together into one.
The friendly face of BT Our hero arrives on the orbiting satellite, Historsat, a giant floating library of Earth history. Finding out exactly what is going on involves solving some simple puzzles, such as chatting up a secretary, choking a cat and visiting what is left of Earth via shuttle craft.
Returning to the space station armed with a brief inkling of what is happening, the next task is to come to grips with is travelling into the past and meeting a few well known figures.
Each of these little adventurettes is a mini-quest in its own right, albeit of a rather simple nature.
Mostly a case of walk over here, pick up this object and drop it over here, but they work well and are different enough to keep you waiting for the next.
The action is totally mouse- based, guiding the hero about a window of graphics and other characters. This window could most kindly be described as not large, but, believe it or not, it soon seems big enough. The majority of the screen is taken up by the action icons - the usual sort of stuff like drop, pick up and walk.
Overall - 78% The speak icon usually merits a response from the other characters, as they chatter away in an good animated sequence with their words appearing as subtitles beneath them. This provides lots of scope for doing some silly voices as you play the game.
Unfortunately you cannot specify what your hero says - he appears to be the strong silent type and waits for everyone else to volunteer information. This gives the game that slightly pre-destined feel which detracts from gameplay.
The puzzles in Time are not tough. 1 usually get frustrated with adventures when 1 can't solve a problem, and throw them away. I didn't throw Time away - it is a good re-introduction to adventuring for those of us who either gave up on the genre after The Hobbit or couldn't be bothered with incredibly complex solutions.
John Kennedy Classic Names Classic Games fnfoy oil Ihe oncitment orvd frustrotion of on ~ ¦ J actual day al its rocoil eluded It a full cord of 10 rocot. Use form of 180 hortot, 12 COS Software • Nimrod House • Beckett Rood • Doncaster • South Yorkshire • DN2 4AD • Tel: (0302) 3211 34 • Fax: (0302) 340480 Support your local compulir retailer • Screeniholt are from selected vortions c Vmanagement computer ' and board gome for 2 to 5 players.
You moil ileer your teom to League ond Cup toumpht. Brian LASER SQUAD Their life is so cheap CADETS for Ihe armed services' Special Forces are hand picked from regular units.
They undergo rigourous and extensive testing and training before they are given a permanent position. Only the very select go on to command such a cadre.
Until now, that is, because for a modest fee Laser Squad will put you in such a position, lust think, you're missing out on all that vomping through minefields armed with a forked stick, spending winter nights in the Cairngorms with only a Tesco carrier bag for shelter, climbing the Himalayas in your underclothes at night with a knapsack full of bricks, and so forth.
Even better, this is the elite service of the future, armed with all sorts of death-dealing weaponry from light sabres to heavy duty laser gear. Unfortunately, this of course means that tho other guys have it too. Nobody said it was going to be lemon-squeezy.
There are five scenarios: An assasination attempt, an assault, a prison breakout, a defending action and a sort of forced march thing.
This gives a fairly rounded sample of the sort of stuff these blackened- faco and balaclava johnnies get up to.
The first thing to do before going on a very dangerous mission from which nobody is likely to return is to phone HQ and see if they haven't made some sort of administrative error. The second thing to do is to equip your men.
Since you are working for a band of rebels - born to be free, just like the fish in the sea - you are a bit short on the neccessaries.
Typical, isn't it? I mean, just because making money out of Ihe honest sweat of peasants is against their ideals doesn't mean that Rebel High Command can't bung something away in the Nationwide Anglia against a bit of serious weaponry.
Your team will consist of five or more members, some of whom are better than others at specific tasks.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find out whai they are good at before the action starts, so you'll have to guess when you are equipping them.
Generally the corporals are hotter shots - except for Corporal Clegg, who has been excused from duty on account of his wooden leg
- so give them the best weapons.
Another quibble is the deployment phase. Before the action starts you are allowed to choose where to deploy your men, but you aren't allowed to see the overhead map, so there is no way to plan your strategy. This might be all right if you are penetrating an enemy installation, but surely you would know your way around your own base?
There is an option to play against a friend or the computer.
The computer can be programmed for varying degrees of skill depending on which scenario you have chosen. It gets tough at the top.
In terms of tactics, realism and the way your troops interact with each other and their equipment, Laser Squad is very true to life.
Although enjoyment is slightly limited by the small number of scenarios.
A good attempt to produce a role-playing game, combining graphics, gameplay and realism.
Lucinda Orr PFIVPII: UHRftlvU HUVCj • GIJW PUYYKU I* I. HUY SK MARKETING ? ? ? COMPUTER SUPPLIES AAA LONDON S LEADING 10 Fulham Broadway, London SW6 1AA Personal callers welcome Opposite Fulham Broadway Tube Station - District Line COMPARE OUR PRICES BEFORE ORDERING FOR UNBEATABLE OFFERS!!
Export. Government and Educational orders welcome All Prices Ind. VAT Carriage Free Mail Oder Immediate Despatch PROFESSIONAL AMIGA SOFTWARE AMIGA HARDWARE BOOKS £18.95 £29.95 £14.95 £89.95 £39.95 £99.95 £10.45 £16.95 £18.95 £18.45 £39.95 £42.95 £18.45 £23.95 £23.95 £16.95 £22.95 £21.95 £34.95 £19.95 £29.95 £75.00 £18.45 £22.95 £32.95 £32.95 £14.95 £14.95 £12.95 £18.45 £16.95 £16.95 £14.95 £169.96 £69 95 £100.96 ..£90.96 ..£79.95 AMIGA 500 + FREE SOFTWARE!
Amiga 500 + TV Modulator Batman the Movie New Zealand Story Interceptor Deluxe Paint II Dust Cover and Mouse Mat ONLY £375 Inc. VAT!
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Amiga Logo A BBC Emulator ? Mouse Mat A 10 Blank Discs ? Disc
Wallet ONLY £519 Inc. VAT!
CONTROL CENTRE Instantly transform your Amiga 500 Into an A1000 2000 ’look a Ike' vriihout any modification to the computer. Siirpfy slip the ’control centre' ewer the Amiga 500 and by reason of its colour match and contour hugging design It becomes an integral part of the computer tee*.
• Hides untidy connections at rear of A500
• Holds disk drives, genlocks etc...
• Easy access to pystick parts
• Monitor sits aboul A500 £54.95 Star LC10 Cotour. Panasonic
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lar_______ £33.95 Oratthan _______ £15.90 Df*ar----------£15 90 CungaonMaiUr Cl 5 95 Duigaon Maitar f tJBr ..045 Oym"»1tOi. Cl 7 45 Bit______________________£15 90 Emptic Stnkn Back________£14.90 Fa*ry Tea AiMrtoit £13 90 Fattn _______ . RiBBS Falcon Msscn Pda .£14.90 FatanAngei------ £1396 FadUns__________________£14 90 Fa mandat Must Oit £1650 Fa nan Foma* 1___________£17.45 Fiandtft F mod* --------- £1590 FifatFarpt ... £1590 Rtft £15.90 Fk*(8mi4alo 7--------£3690 FooBal Dkador rZZZZI £13 90 FooCal Atanagai 2 Ewanaon £1036 FocAal Mrnagar 2... £1390 Tonr of SMI-----------£1690 TfKWutt
Managar_________C14 9S Trlid------------- B29S TrkM Punuh-------------£1595 TVBpomfoceei----------rises Mum*______CIS B0 Urtaral Mthry BmMta C1SB0 Urdwilad-----------------CIS 90 ________Cl TBS £1650 Blanl Banrtca Ban atr_____ 8Ay Fm 2 £1745 £1390 DUO £1790 £1695 £1395 £1745 £1490 £1745 0090 Sorcary Rua Spaa Ouaat 2 BoacaOucstB Spaa Ouatll £1746 £1650 £17.45 £1745 DARIUS+ There's plenty more fish in the sea SOME companies are renowned for their shoot-'em- ups. Some are admired for their graphics. Some companies are even celebrated bocausc of the artwork they use on the packaging. Then
there is The Edge.
To some people. The Edge’s ability to produce a game which excels in all three departments mentioned above is akin to the ability of a small lettuce to write a dissertation on quantum physics.
Darius is a sideways scrolling shoot-'em-up that Taito produced in
1987. It performed quite modestly in the arcades and isn't really
a household namo. Dariust is a conversion of that coin-op
by The Edge, the plus sign signifying mat the version
running on your Amiga is significantly better than the
arcade original.
Unfortunately for all concerned, it isn't. That's not to say that the game reaches the depths of certain of The Edge's recent releases, but dull blue background slowly moving by.
Pulsing stars put in periodic appearances and, if collected, add firepower to the current control centre. There is only one firepower centre to start with - your ship - but by collecting me other type of pulsing star, a droid and two cannons can be added and men upgraded.
Unfortunately there is a slight coordination problem here. Pressing F1-F4 signifies where the next power-up will have an effect, but mere isn't that much spare time for keyboard pressing unless you have a joystick with sticky feet.
Incidentally, an auto-fire joystick is essential.
Further key pressing is needed to send me droitl out and about in true R-Type fashion. Another press on the spacebar recalls it, while fingering the left and right cursor keys will manoeuvre it behind and in front of your ship.
After a few practices, and probably a couple of lives, you will encounter the end-of-level fish, which loads in especially to fight you.
To defeat mis mother of all fish it is necessary to eliminate its appendages one by one. Should you not possess the free swimming droid, which can be sent out to do just this job, men it is most likely that you will die. Should you have some other form of particularly virulent firepower, your chances improve to marginal.
If and when me fish is removed, a branching network of choices spreads out in front of you. These are me remaining 27 levels.
Dariust is an entirely adequate product The scrolling is slow, but this does not make things easier because me playing area is so small and your ship is so large. This combination makes the game rather too difficult.
Duncan Evans me artwork on the box depicting a submarine is an inadvertent giveaway.
Half way through loading mere is an intramission in which me person responsible for the music demonstrates his knowledge of samplers and arrangement. Then it is time lo press the space bar and continuo loading.
The game arrives with a serviceable fanfare, and in me blink of an eye me first of me 28 levels begins scrolling towards your ship from right to left.
The initial problem is one of firepower. The enemy has it, and you do not. A secondary problem is me size of me playing area. The screen has been reduced and me playing area is made even smaller by virtue of me scrolling scenery. A parallax effect is created by having a very Overall - (»!)% Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists!
CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTEI When comparing price* remember ours include feet delivery by courier.
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TV Modulator
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* 8 channel digital stereo sound
* 4 joystick ports
* Over £550 worth of games software, including OutRun, Gauntlet
2, R- Type, Space Harrier, Super HangOn and 16 more Top Games
* Organiser Business Software Including WORDPROCESSOR, SPREAD
* First BASIC and First Music Utility Software.
* All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and free mains plugl REMEM BER!
Many ST’s do not come with BASIC - ours come with ST BASIC REV
D by Metacomco.
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* Separate Keyboard and System Unit
* £385 worth of Business Software including MICROSOFT WRITE word
processor (£150). SUPERBASE PERSONAL database (£60) and VIP
PROFESSIONAL Lotus 123 spreadsheet done (£150) METACOMCO Basic
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Monitor ......£628.00 Amiga A500 Business & Games Pack
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comprehensive suite of business programs induding: KIND WORDS
II, Word Processor (featuring Spellchecker and Thesaurus). HOME
ACCOUNTS by Digita Inlemalional and SUPERBASE PERSONAL database
AMIGA 1 MEG BAT GAME PACK £529.00 1 Meg Bar Games Pack indudes: A Fitted 1 Megabyte Memory Expansion . Real Time Clock Card A Everything listed lor the A500 Bat Game Pack A DRAGON’S LAIR 1 MEG MEGAGAME I EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES £139 00 £109 00 £99 95 £89 95 £449 00 £369 00 P-OhG ACCESSORIES Amiga 1 2 Meg Expansion £119.95 Control Centra Atari or Amiga £39.95 Contriver Amiga and ST Mouse with FREE HoWerand Mouse Pad £20.95 Qulckshot II Turbo Joystick £.9.95 Competition Pro 5000 Joystick ....£13.95 Competition Pro with Autoflre £14.95 Konik Speedkng Joystick £11.95 Red Mouse Mat with Amiga logo..
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ST Amiga ......£219.00 Citizen 1200 induding interlace lead tor ST Amiga ......£159.00 SEIKOSHA 80 COLUMN PRINTERS - AMAZING PRICES Seikosha 9 pin NLQ induding interlace lead tor ST Amiga .£139.00 Seikosha 24 pin LO induding interlace lead lor ST Amiga ....£239.00 MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1084 Stereo colour Monitor inc. lead .£249.00 Atari SC 1224 Colour Monitor inc. lead ..£259.00 Atari SM124 Mono Monitor including
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HARD DRIVIN’ Life isn't this simple ONLY a few years ago a game such as this would have been impossible. A faithful conversion from the arcade game. Hard Drivin’ is most definitely a car simulator. Not your bog standard formula one racing car game. The arcade cabinet even had an ignition key.
Here you drive a red car of indefinable type with improved handling and tyres. It is sort of based on a Testarossa. But during the action replay sequence it looks like a breeze block with a brick on top.
The track layout is designed to offer you a choice of straight speed or a stunt circuit with open bridge, 360 degree loop and banked corners.
When you skid, which you will do if you exceed 60 mph, you must point the wheels in the opposite direction to correct - and jolly realistic it feels, too. If you can resist shouting “Yeeeehaaa!" When you jump the bridge, then you are a stronger man than I. Usual gripes about not having a steering wheel to plug into the Amiga apply, but using a mouse or even a trackball is a workable substitute.
A joystick can be used as a gear stick or as another steering implement. But it's not any easier to use than the dreaded rodent. Remind me to set up a company to sell steering wheels.
The mathematically generated SPEED 5TUNT «p lliml Drivin Ci 99.99 Tengen 1:41 Overall - 85% world in which you exist shows a few cracks here and there.
Oncoming cars have a frightening habit of appearing to travel towards you through solid hills, and the action replay finds it difficult to keep up with the car travelling up slopes, and instead plants it under the surface. 1 was prepared to let these bugs pass (like the lorry on the loop-the-loop) because although annoying, they are not damning.
Unfortunately, there is a subtle moral dilemma in making car games as realistic as this. Striving to emulate the real world is to be recommended - it could be used to encourage skillful driving and potentially save lives. Instead you are encouraged in Hard Drivin1 to break speed limits, drive on the wrong side of the road and infringe more road traffic laws than a typical cab driver.
A head-on collision with another car incurs nothing more than a time penalty. No multiple pile-ups and being forced to play the rest of the game in a wheelchair I SHALL now demonstrate two ways to be angry. The first involves having holiday leave cancelled. This usually creates a high dudgeon situation, but not quite of Ihe same ire level as, say, the BBC deciding that your region isn't going to get Monty Python.
The real annoyance is that your holiday leave has been cancelled and idstead you are off to off some Hellraisers.
Hellraisers are annoying creatures. All they ever seem to do is attack things and then fly off elsewhere to attack somewhere else.
No one has ever got close enough to one to ask it why it's doing what it's doing. So whenever they appear, it’s generally a case of "Let's do it to them before they do it to us".
By dint of some spectacularly unintelligent behaviour by a now deceased airlock attendant, the Hellraisers have got into the space fighter hangar and are raising the eponymous with all speed. To get here. No, this is good clean family entertainment - killing people is OK as long as they are computer- In a form of acknowledgement, the game gives you a helpful warning message to the effect that attempting the stunts in the game to your fighter you have to trudge along some corridors, blasting any beasties you may meet, getting out of the way of the defence systems, which have got all confused.
Once in the fighter it's off on a somewhat dull sideways scroller (power pickups, yawn) with the inevitable showdown with something big and unpleasant at the end. Tell me something I don’t know.
The other way to get angry is to actually buy this game. Now you know and I know that no game can be awful in its entirety. Hellraiser makes a darn good try at it - and very, very nearly succeeds.
The short and utterly pointless corridor section is only an exercise in losing a couple of lives so that you'll have even more time to wait for the game to reload. Each new stage takes ages to load and prints up an annoyingly obvious message.
Yup, you guessed it - Loading... Wow. Even Mastertronic had that in 1984, complete with the for real could be dangerous or even fatal. So make sure there is a grown up around when you try this, kids.
Solid, real-time 3D graphics have come of age on the home computer. The question is, are we ready for them?
|ohn Kennedy three dots.
The only thing which is slightly good is the tune, which unfortunately fits in with the rest of game as a walrus would at a gerbil convention. The game can’t even decide what it's called - the box says Hellraiser, the title screen says Liberator.
This game is too bad for words, Stewart C. Russell ICROPROSE his at last got around to releasing a Rainbird game that I first saw in back in June 1988. Weird Dreams is a collection of strange arcade games arranged to form an on- going dream.
Close encounters of a sick mind As we all know, dreams being what they are. The contents of them can jump from topic to topic or scene to x n in on tanrl which is us good on excuse for slicing all these quite different together as any. If anything this is the subconscious version of Summer Life in the dreamscape of Serrano. Hutchby and King, the codesigners, begins on the operating table and it frequently end* there, before you. The patient, tumble into the first dream, a candyfloss nyyhin** Beware the giant floss stick which penetrates the sanctity of the tooth decay special. The
candy whirls around and around, with ' the stick harvesting it relentlessly.
The object here is to collect pieces of candy by standing up and letting them stick to you. And then jumping on to the stick the next time it come around.
Needless to say this isn't easy, as it is necessary to spend most of the lime crouched down lo avoid being brained. As in all the worst dreams, your character stands up with all the speed of a sloth cov- .ered in treacle.
Once out of the candyfloss machine you find yourself at a funfair. One that is populated by a vay large wasp. This is where the candy stuck to your chequered pyjamas comes in handy. Escaping horn there to the ball of mirrors is easy, but now you have three choicos of dreams to pursue in your bid to finish the game and wake up.
I There are actually five mirrors but two of them are boarded up until you complete the other three.
So. The choice is left, right or straightahead?
Coing straight on leads to another encounter with the candyfloss machine, while the other two choices lead to experiences in a desert and an English country gar- den, along with the music for it.
The desert is the strangest one.
Overhead flies a flock of fish, one of which you must leap up and grab. Off you then go. And watch out for the amazing scrolling. In my dreams games always have ultra fast, super smooth parallax scrolling with planes of different resolutions gliding by.
Unfortunately those sort of games tend to only exist in my dreams.
This . muring pause-o*
• lip scrolling. Reach the end of the screen and there's a pause
for you to recover your breath, and then the next screen is
scrolled totally in. Very impressive. I'm sure.
Anyway, you're plodding through this desert in your pyjamas waving a cod around when up pops the most horribly ugly thing you've ever seen, unless you've been to Brentwood and seen the people working on this magazine.
A chase through time It's all springy legs, neck and head.
Whatever you think it is. Whack it one with your cod before it iprings at you. Of course there arc lots of these things awaiting, but that's dreamland for you.
The garden scene has you pick- .ag up a stick and attempting to force your wav past a bed of vicious red roses, which isn't too card providing you stick at long range and thrust at them.
Weird Dreams may be a good deal more subtle than the Nightmare on Elm Street series of splatter feasts but there is quite a nasty surprise waiting if you take too long getting past the roses. Up from behind comes a very large
- awnraower.
Past the roses and there’s a sweet little girl waiting who wants to play ball. Unfortunately she also cas a large knife. Get too close to "he little urchin and... A lot of Weird Dreams is quite
- npleasant, but some things seem to. Have been cut out since I
last saw the program. The screams
• hen you get killed have gone,
i. though they are still in the ST version apparently, and so has
the end sequence when you lose all your lives and the surgeons
leer carribly and lunge at you with a ¦av large knife.
The music is disappointing on roth the title page and during the ume. A talented musician could rive had a field day with the reme of frightening nightmares, but what we've ended up with
- arks any feeling of menace at all.
The same could be said of the ume itself. There are plenty of good ideas and classical dream elements in there, but it is all let : wn by dull graphics and bad programming.
Duncan Evans llriril Dmims £24.95 Kainhird Overall - (i2% Watch out for the flying things!
OH DEAR, when everyone’s releasing driving games left, right and centre, Titus goes for nostalgia and does a beat-'em- up.
Always were a bit different, were the folks at Titus. Strange, even.
Strange is quite a good word for Knight Force, too. Though it doesn't quite manage to convey the deep- seated bizarreness that pervades the whole affair.
The basic idea is that long, long ago - long before the dinosaurs appeared or Green last had a shave
- there was a superior race of beings who knew the secret of time
travel. These days, only BR knows the secret - when you want to
travel, it always lakes time... As I was saying, before I was
rudely interrupted, these zeebs could zip back and forth in
time like a hot knife through butter, except they didn't need
to be washed afterwards.
This kind of mellowed them out to such an extent that they only had one cat who had his head together enough to actually be any use, defence-wise. The Knight of Thunder was his name (he was always followed by The Morning of Rain) and he had one problem - an uptight square called Red Sabbath, possibly for copyright reasons.
This Red Sabbath character had kidnapped the Good King’s daughter and had split his own persona into millions of individually- wrapped bits, partly to avoid detection and partly because it broke the ice at the Necromancers' Guild Tupperware Party.
You. As the Knight of Thunder, 'jpjr You rang, milady?
Must get the King's daughter back.
She's now the Queen because the old man died of acute embarrassment.
Constant barrage of flying things temporarily stops. But not for long.
Knight Force doesn't really hang together too well. The graphics would be OK on a C64, movement is far too intricate, the tune is way too odd, and trying to off Red Sabbath is like trying to go the wrong way through the crowd at the Shopper Show. All in all. It's another Titus game - good idea, bad implementation.
Stewart C. Russell So off you plod, forward through time, past Pre-History with a suicidal Cro-Magnon man and a killer terrydac... pterodak... ptory... flying thing. Through Fantasy Land, with headbutting dwarfs, ninja skeletons and another flying thing. Along to Versaille in 1789, with murderous street urchins, hangmen, sewers and yet another flying thing.
New York's docklands await, with the girl gang leader, an octopus, and. Yes, a flying thing. And finally to the Future, with all manner of lechnojunk and, quite surprisingly. Two flying things. Nearly fell off my chair at the shock of it.
You've got to destroy a bit of Red Sabbath at each stage. This is rather difficult. He keeps moving about and won't stay still and die like a good necromancer should.
The only mild consolation is that when fighting Red Sabbath the i n i EXTERNAL 3.5" DISK DRIVES AEL 1 ONLY £4.99 MEL 1 ONLY £8.99 AMP 1 ONLY £6.99 AMP 3 ONLY £9 99 BE1 ONLY £7.99 RSI ONLY £9.99 RS6 ONLY £9.99 RS5 ONLY £7.99 HL1 ONLY £4.99 HL2 ONLY £5.99 Number 1 3' 2" DISK IN THE BARGAIN BUY!!!
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over £100 add £10 loiCounei Delivery Includes delivery lo yen
Ike day alter despildi Overseas customers Europe Full price
shown will cover carriage and packaging Non-European add 5% lo
total £14.50 37 Seaview Road, Wallasey, Merseyside L45 4QN.
051-630 3013 051-630 5396 051-691 2008 Fax 051-639 2714 TRILOGIC. Unit 1, enquiries S 0274 678062 253 New Works Road. Bradford BD12 OQPr- 'tfS® Tel 0274 691115 Fa. 0274 600I5Q SHARE 2 COMPUTERS WITH ONE TV MONITOR Plugin the scarl leads from any two computers eg AMIGA & ST, and connect the SHARER to the tv or monitor's scart socket Just press the switch to instantly select either computer MSWI £15.99 OTHER LEADS AMIGA 64 EMULATOR LEADS .... MODULATOR EXTENSION LEADS .. AMIGA PRINTER LEAD - Parallel Type 1.5M lone
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COMPACT DESIGN £12.99 order as DDJAl MINIAMP 2 combines a mini
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amazed at the difference MINIAMP 2 WITH REMOTE VOLUME CONTROL &
ALL LEADS ONLY £19.99 MINIAMP 4 comprises separate 4 watts per
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A1000 MIF1 £29.99 This has MIDI IN.OUT & THRU sockets MIDI
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OUT THRU SOCKETS to save you having to swap MIDI leads when
using more than one MIDI instrument FREE MIDI LEAD WITH BOTH
- NEW. CHOOSE MONO OR STEREO VERSION Both Amiga audio digitisers
give superb performance, unsurpassed at the price No software
is supplied, since they are fully compatible with Perfect
Sound. Prosound Designer, Audiomaster, and Datel's Prosampler.
Sampling rates up to 60KHz are possible depending upon the
software. An audio lead is supplied for connecting to the
headphone socket or line output of a radio, personal stereo,
keyboard etc. Full instructions are included, and the mono
version also has an L E D. overload indicator. A public domain
‘ Sound Workshop" disk is available which has demo versions of
Audiomaster & F rfect Sound etc. MONO DIGITISER £27.99 POST
RGB TV & MONITOR LEADS We have leads to connect all AMIGAS to
your TV or colour monitor provided it has an RGB input socket.
All leads give £ much clearer picture than using the AMIGA
MODULATOR, permit ALL 4096 colours &'t to be displayed and
include the audio lead (to give stereo with stereo tv's).
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windows and much, much more.... without any programming experience. It can choreograph digitized sounds... music...graphic or video Images in real-time by Interaction or time. It lets you use any number of Deluxe Paint III brush animations and display them on-screen simultaneously.
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Vidi goes f*"'colour The best Amiga digitiser has had the technicolour treatment. John “AJ” Kennedy looks through the lens Y: OU have a problem. You have a computer with amazing graphics capabilities but your artistic abilities are limited to drawing the curtains. Or you want to use realistic images in your latest homegrown arcade game. Or the robot you spent years building keeps walking into walls. Or - more likely - you have a deep and secret desire to draw i ¦ REVIEW ¦ moustaches on famous people.
Frame grabbing works fast The answer to all these problems could be solved by one little box - Rombo's Vidi.
Physically. Vidi looks drab and worryingly like a DIY project. The small black box connects snugly to the parallel port and a trailing lead borrows a joystick socket to extract Sve volts.
Next to the phono socket where the video source plugs in sit twin twiddilv knobs which control contrast and brightness. Brightness can be fine tuned under software control, but after an initial setting you rarely need to adjust anything again.
Vidi comes with a phono-to-phono lead, so if your video uses SCART or BNC connectors be prepared to be frustrated while you try to find a suitable lead. The camera I hired for this review necessitated half an hour's playing with paper clips (and a phone call to Green to look up SCART pinouts) to jury rig a suitable connection.
If you have problems getting wired up. Rombo will be happy to talk to you about what you might need. On production of a very reasonable sum of money they will even give you what you require to connect Vidi to your whatever make of video recorder you have.
Frames are grabbed and stored sequentially in memory to form a Digitising a video signal s a complicated business. The signal consists of a series of consecutive frames, just like a piece of Super 8 cine film. Well, almost but not quite, because video frames are constructed in two parts or fields.
First all the even lines are sent and then all the odd lines. Each field consists of a control and timing section followed by a large block of analogue data to describe the brightness as it varies over the entire horizontal screen line. This data must be isolated and converted into the digital data which computers know and love.
The accuracy of the digital version depends on the number of brightness levels used and on the number of pixels used. The greater the accuracy required, the greater the complexity and expense of the hardware needed to digitise it. A standard digitiser combines several frames to extract as sequence of consecutive images. The length of this sequence will obviously depend on the amount of ram vou have to spare.
With a one meg machine you can store just over 20 frames. With eight much information as possible, sometimes looking at the image slice by slice.
Obviously the subject being digitised must be rock steady during this process to avoid blurring. The pause button on most video recorders will not produce a perfectly still picture, so for-best results the only answer is to use a father expensive video camera.
A frame grabber is a digitiser which works hard and fast, capturing a single video frame and so avoiding any smearing caused by moving subjects.
Vidi grabs single frames, but the payoff is in the relatively low resolution of the output.
However, when animated or used with colour, the resolution is not as important as you might think.- and VIDI has the distinct advantage that it can be used perfectly well with the moving image produced by a video recorder.
Megs you could store 278 screens, which may seem an enormous number but would only make about 12 seconds if played back in real time.
One of the eternal computer truths - you never seem to have enough memory.
Special effects include the facility to grab into or around defined windows and so build up a vast moving scrapbook of video excerpts. Looks great, if not particularly useful. If you played your holiday video through it and dubbed some of Madonna's songs over it you might bo able to pass if off as a cheap pop video.
Nevertheless it does demonstrate Vidi's ability to grab images into user defined screen areas - ideal if you need to size an image for insertion into a DTP package.
Although the supplied software offers facilities for reducing the number of colours in the grabbed picture and also for cutting and pasting, you will need a good art package to get the most from the digitised images.
In fact if you upgrade to a colour system you will need two art packages
- one for the HAM colour pictures and one for the non-HAM
monochrome images.
The software supplied is standard issue drop-down menus and ARP file requesters, which works well and feels robust. A palette oditing section will automatically generate shades between two starting colours and give your monochrome pictures tones in purple, yellow, blue, or even sepia.
A nice touch is the ability to display all available frames in a photomontage. Ready for saving to disc either individually or in sequence.
Programmers will be pleased to note that a Library is available to access Vidi directly from your own assembler or Basic programs. With its high frame rate. Vidi is ideal for playing with image recognition and processing.
Vidi must be one of the most exciting peripherals you can buy for your Amiga. Now it is even more difficult to decide on expanding your machine, because you must decide on what you buy first: a memory expansion, a disc drive or Vidi, KKPORT CARD Vidi Rombo (0506)414631 £114.95 EASE OF USE... _ Once connected to your video recorder you can grab all you see with no worries.
SOFTW.ARE .... The software supplied works well.
¦¦Kin Very fast, but not quite quick enough to digitise juggling. __ VALUE ..HMD Starts at £114.95 for a black and white unit, rises to £135 fora colour system.
If you have a video camera, the colour option is worthwhile.
OVERALL One of the great fun peripherals. The more ram you have, the better it gets.
DOWN to specifications - Vidi can capture a single video frame into its own internal ram with a resolution of 320 pixels by 256 lines in 16 shades.
Although images are grabbed in 1 50 of a second from a moving source, they can only be sent into the Amiga at around three frames a second. This is not Vidi's fault, more a consequence of using the parallel port to transport the image into the Amiga.
However, once frames are in memory they may be played back at any speed, the fastest being about 25 a second. To increase the display to its maximum rate there is a facility to stop the buffering and take one frame at a time.
Each frame is displayed as a four colour image, converted to 16 only when stopped. Useful for a photofinish of your Scalextric races.
If you are desperate to save money and are willing to sacrifice your PAL screen for a NTSC one, Rombo will sell you a cheaper Vidi for £99.95. It can be factory upgraded to a full PAL version, but the missing bottom of the screen is such a handicap that it is not worth the hassle of getting an NTSC version with a view to upgrading.
VIDI started life in black and white but is now capable of capturing colour images. This means buying a combined software and hardware upgrade for £ 19.95. The hardware consists of a sot of red, green and blue filters and the software permits full-colour HAM images to bo captured.
Software upgrades are promised to handle interlace with a resultant increase in picture quality. My version of the colour software tried, unsucessfully. To convert all frames to interlace by halving the resolution.
The guru was only a minor irritation since any art package could satisfy this strange request.
X ray specs By grabbing an image through each of a set of red. Blue and green filters placed in front of the vidoo camera, the amount of each primary colour in the picture can be calculated. These values are combined lo determine the colour of the pixels in the finished picture.
Using filters mean that either colour or usually cheaper monochrome cameras can be used. The quality of monochrome cameras varies considerably; some are much bettor than others, so if possible try before you buy.
As the colour image is formed by combining three individual frames, Future enhancements AS well as the colour upgrade, a colour separator and bus interface unit will be available soon.
The separator will allow colour images to be grabbed without the need for filters by electronically separating the red, green and blue components.
This unit will interface automatically with Vidi or can be used manually with any other digitiser. It has the added benefit of allowing colour pictures to be grabbed from video sources other than cameras, such as a good video recorder.
The bus interface will solve the problems caused by using the Amiga parallel port and allow digltisod images to be transferred to memory much faster.
Colour adds class . . . And the ability to capture pictures in 3D this technique is only suitable for use with stationary subjects. Moving subjects produce weird multi-coloured effects as seen on Top of the Pops circa mid -70s. When long hair, silver platform soles and bad music were all the rage. Hasn't really changed much.
I suppose.
Vidi produces colour results at least as good as I have obtained with othor low price digitisors, with the benefit of having to get people to stand still for a few seconds rather than minutes.
Other digitisers require a return to the early days of photography with subjects standing still for uncomfortably long periods. If you are quick with the filters you can grab a HAM image with Vidi in about a second.
~ WAM1GA ? COMPUTING Colours wore clearly defined - look at the Amiga Computing logo for the various rainbow shades. Skin tones also came out well, even Green's skin tones, which are different from those of everyone else.
The resolution was quite low when used with a fairly standard camcorder, making fine details hard to see.
However, the results were still quite acceptable because with colour images detail is less important than form.
With a good monochrome camera, such as an Hitachi MV-720K, the results were superb. HAM mode is W ith cumphmrnts ”"ork used exclusively by the colour software, and if you want to use the colour pictures in a non-HAM art package such as Deluxe Paint you will need some way of converting the images, an image editing program like Pixmate or Butcher.
There is an option to send images to a printer, but you will probably prefer to use your art package to gain greater control of the output. I was impressed with the colour option. Vidi seems to be more tolerant of lighting than other systems, producing good tones in all but the worst conditions. A nice trick when using colour filters is to capture pictures in 3D.
The subject is grabbed through one filter, the camera moved six centimetres to the left and grabbed through another filter. By controlling tho colours in which the finished picture is displayed, the image will appoar to have depth when viewed through coloured glasses.
This technique requires a lot of experimentation to get good results, but soon you could be remaking scenes for '50s horror films in glorious 3D-o-vision.
M The colour
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How long he took to program it and who all his friends are. The sillier the scroller is. The better it is. Usually.
Some are totally daft: I saw one recently that tried to hypnotise you into sending off for a subscription to a computer magazine.
There are several ways to do these scrollys. And I've tried most of them.
The easiest way is to use the blitter.
Scrollys, wibbles fn' things The general theory goes something like this. Follow this carefully. I'll type slowly for you: You define a bit of chip memory for your scroll to appear on. You set up your copper list so that this memory is shown as part of the screen display. Every frame (50th of a second) you scroll this bit of memory to the left a little, let's say by two or three pixels. Every three or four frames you will have scrolled the text enough to print another character at the right-hand side of the screen.
Now you get the next character out of your message string and check you haven't reached the end of your text. If you have, set your pointer back to the beginning of your text so everyone can read it a second time.
Take this character, which is an Ascii value, subtract 32 from it.
Multiply the result bv the number of bytes per character in your font, and add this number to the start address of your font data. Now you have the start address of the character you want to print.
Now copy this data on to the screen in the correct position. For small fonts use the 68000. For larger fonts use the blitter.
CARRY on scrolling and adding the new characters when needed, and your scrolly is working.
Now all you need to do is think up a really silly message. This is often regarded as the hardest part of programming a demo. It is best left to experts.
If you get stuck, throw in a stupid comment about an East European country that no one will ever understand. It makes your demos look intellectual without having to expend much needed brain power. It has always worked for me.
If you have followed all of this, you Jolyon Ralph gives some tips on how to go about making a demonstration of yourself in exhibitions should be able to code a working scrolly. If you haven't, here are a few clues. You will need to call the scrolly routine once every frame from an interrupt, see last month's Amiga Computing for an interrupt driver routine that will do the business for you.
You may also be annoyed that your characters scroll off the left side of the screen smoothly, but appear one at a time splatted straight on to the right- hand side of the screen - not very smoothly at all.
You can fix this by splatting the character on to the bitmap off-screen.
If you have a bitplane-modulo set for your screen, you can specify a certain number of bytes skipped at the end of each line on the screen which are not displayed.
If you set this modulo to two. Your effective bitplane width is now 42 byes wide, although only the first 40 are displayed. If you print your new character in the last two bytes, you will not see the character being splatted on the screen: it will appear to scroll perfectly' smoothly.
There's a rather nice scrolly routine
- even if I say so myself - in the source code for my Christmas
Demo on the January cover disc. This uses a 32-pixel wide
multi-colour font and employs all the tricks I described above.
If you haven't got it. Buy yourself a back issue now!
The only other problem is getting hold of a font. You can. Of course, use the one that I created myself, which is on the September cover disc. This is a 16 x 16 font, but the principle behind the whole business is the same for any size.
Another justly famous demo technique is the wibble. This involves displaying a picture and sort of wobbling it a bit. But wobbling each line of the picture differently. Sounds strange, and it is.
An example of this effect can be found in the Heavy Demo on the November cover disc. The overall effect is somewhere in between looking like the picture is melting and the picture is being drowned in thick oil.
I did this to the Amiga Computing logo at the bottom of the Heavy Demo and a very nice logo it was too.
This wibble effect is caused by- changing the horizontal smooth- scroll register (Sdffl02) each line in the copper list. This allows each line to be offset by up to 15 pixels. One other useful application of this is to change a scrolly from an ordinary font (boring) to an italic font (yippee, really exciting).
If you add the follow-ing lines to ?
Your copper list:
dc. w *a009,*fffe,*102,*88
dc. m *a109,*fffe,*102,$ 77
dc. w $ 209,IMfe,U02,166 and so on. Up until:
dc. * Ia709,t ff(,1102,100 and sot up your bitplanes so your 8-
pixel high scroller is displayed between scanlines Sal) and
Sa7. You will find that you have an italic scroller instead
of a normal one and you will gain new friends when everybody
sees how clever you are.
Back to the point for a little while, the amazing and astounding wibblo effect. If you display a picture onscreen and have a simply massive amount of copper list much the samo as the small listing above, you can make a rather ordinary looking picture look very weird.
The best way to do this is to calculate the wibble from a precalculated data table of sine values, that is, a list of values from SO to $ f and back to $ 0 again which follows some vague sine pattern.
Such a list would look something like this: sinelist:
dc. b 10,$ 0,10,11,$ 1,11,11,$ 2,$ 2,12
dc. b 13,13,15,14,14,15,15,16,16
dc. b t7,18,S9,t9,ia,la,$ b,$ b,ic,tc
dc. b tc,$ d,td,id,ie,te,ie,le,if
dc. b $ f,lf,$ f,$ f,$ f,te,le,te,$ e
dc. b td,$ d,ld,tc,$ c,tc,tb,ib,ii,la
dc. b 19,19,11,$ 7,16,16,$ 5,$ 5,14,14
dc. b 13,13,12,12,12,11,11,11,11
dc. b $ 0,10,10 Don't use the above list for any important sine
calculations, because I didn't calculate it. 1 made it up as
I went along. But rest assured, it will look fine for the
kind of effects I'm talking about.
So, you set up your copper list full of these S102.xx commands, and then you move them with an interrupt routino. Scroll the values up a bit so that: $ »009,$ fffe,$ 102,$ 44 $ 109,Iftfe,$ 102,$ 55 $ 209,Ifff*,1102,155 becomes: $ 009,lfffe,$ 102,$ 55 $ 109, Ifffe, 1102, $ 55 1a209,tfffe,1102,166 Put the next value from the list on the bottom line and keep on scrolling.
Your picture will now wibble! This Playing with the ECS HAVE you got one of the new Amigus with the Enhanced Blitter? If you do, and you also use a monitor, then you can benefit from an amazing feature of this chip, the 60Hz mode.
This works in the same way as the 60Hz mode on the ST. It makes the machine run in the American NTSC, video standard instead of the European PAL Standard (thus this trick will not work on PAL televisions. Only on monitors).
The advantage of this is that it will stretch the NTSC screen to fill the whole monitor. Games written for NTSC screens, which usually have a black border at the bottom of PAL screens, suddenly fill up the whole screen. Interceptor, for example, is effect looks especially good on digitised photos, especially of people you don't like.
Well, these are two fairly simple examples of how to use the hardware to create graphical effects. All the other effects you see in demos are produced in a similar way. They just take a little longer. For example. 1 could explain to you how to produce 3D vectors if I had 16 pages spare and a bettor grade in my A level maths.
The best thing to do is to load up a demo, look at it closely for a few minutes and think to yourself: "How do they do that?" Most of the time the best looking effects are done with the simplest pieces of code. And if that fails, you can always cheat - disassemble the demo and see what they're doing.
OW a final bit of advice.
Several people have asked me what you actually need in the way of software and books to program the Amiga. With software you only need to buy a decent assembler - of which there are two: Dovpac and ArgAsm - and possibly a paint program, which will be Deluxe Paint II or. Preferably, Deluxe Paint III.
Digi-Paint. Photon Paint and other HAM paint programs are not much use to demo programmers because HAM screens are not much fun to play around with.
Amazing in 60Hz mode.
All you have to do is write a simple two line program in assembly language:
• ovt.v 0,*dffide rts Assemble this to a file called 60Hz. Put
it in the startup-sequence of programs you wish to run in 00Hz
mode. To turn back to 50Hz. Use this code: ¦ove.a I32,ldff1dc
rti The credit for discovering this gem must go to my good
friend Alex Slater, who came across it accidentally when his
sprite routine blew up.
The rest of the software is more or loss free. IFFconverter converts IFF files to raw data which you can load straight into your demos. This was on the October cover disc. Fnl2Raw is a useful little utility that converts IFF font files into raw data for use in scrollys. A little gem that can be found in most good public domain libraries.
The first book you will need is a 68000 programming book, unless you are a natural expert at 68000, and I've not met many of them. Various books are available and all seem fairly good.
1 y to borrow a few from a library and buy the one you like the most. They all have a different style and cover things in a different order; everyone I know has their own personal preference.
You have a choice of two for your essential Amiga hardware guide. Up until a couple of weeks ago I would have recommended everyone to buy the System Programmers Guide from Abacus, but now the new Commodore Hardware Reference Manual is available, and is at least 9.6 times belter than the old one.
Buy this if you can - it's cheaper than the Abacus book - but get the new release with the blue cover, not the old rod and white one.
Of course, the old Hardware Reference Manual is a classic, and I just happen lo have one for sale second hand...
• NEXT MONTH: Nothing. This is the end.
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1399 1399 24 99 D99 1599 1699 1399 1999 1399 1599 1990 1599
24 99 699 16 99 13 99 . 16.99 .19 99 16 99 12 99 Battle ol
Austrabtz...... Bobo .... Chase HQ ------- Chaos Sink**
Back.... California Game*
Cabal . Confkd Europe - Contnental
Circua...... ChanoU ol Wrath sst= Chcago
90 .. 90 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99
13. 99 15 99 12 99
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19. 99 Sipe* Soantss Srrxnator .
S per Wonderboy S spread Stespng Goos le 8*i* Skvntorc Shadow of me fleas- Si»Bu e Super Qotrtel---------- Super League Soccer--- Super Cars--- 8*r*C*y Sant and Grea-t* Sever Gar as or .arpaia Star Commend SunApr------- Sietar Crusade iredif ThemeP Lecure St* Larry II .. lightlorce (Compilaton) .. Lombard RAC. Rally ..... . Rally .
Lords ol the Rising Sun .. Last Ninja II Lost Patrol . .. Lverpool .. i Compilation.. Chambers ol Shaolin .. Cyberball------------------ ... 16.9 ... 16 99 ...15 99
12. 99 12 99 .16.99
19. 99 ...16.99 ...15.99 ...12.99 ... 16 99 ...15.99 .16.99 .
• 699 , ’399 . ’6 99 .. 1599 699 ’399 16 99
15. 99 .24 99 ... 12.99 ... 13.99 ...15.99 ...12.99 1699 1399
16. 99 ...16.99 ...16.99
9. 99 1699 ... 16.99
• 999
* 599 ’699 . *299 Dan Dare 3 . S£!S.%Ls Die H*d
Dragon Ninja Dragon* Breath .... Dragon*
ol Flame .... Dungeon Master .. Dungeon Master Editor
Dreadnought . Demons twnb ..... 8X ..=r; Dynamite
Du* ... Double Dragon II ..... Dogs ol War
&nnr last Stuntmen ...... Manchester United . Magnum 4
Compilaton ...... Mane Mission
Microprose Soccer -------- Maic Johnson _
MoonwHker ..... Murder mVer-ce
. Malm Maruadert--- terse Soms N 'ia Warror
* *w Zaaianc S«yy Nonh end South Neuromsnce' _____ Nwuermnd - --
Operation Thunderbo* .
Oriental.. Test Drive tl ... TV Spons Footbai ...... Trivial Pursuit (Family Edition) ...... Take Em Out .. The Cydet .... Tower oI Babel Tinhn . ThnH time Platinum (Comp la ion) .
TrMa .. .. Tract Artec* TV Soor* BaskePai ?u*bo Ojtrjn .....,..... Lfmaie Caof -......- Uhmme Darts____ mwwMa untowchabes UM9H unmav Vernnmpor war mv. K« Earth wpertoo______ 99 99 99 VIDI Vxleo dqrteer C99.95 16 9
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• 399 1299
• 999 1596 18 99 MINI-GEN Computer graphcs with bve video Cl
13.95 s From The Planet ol Robot Omega Overlander Eye ol
Hercules Eye ot Horus--------- Flash Dragon ....
FM Retakalor________ Ft9 Stealth Fighter .
F16 Combat Puot .... Onslaught . Ooze KS2fc==r: Planet Button . Pofcce Quest N____________ Pools ol Radiance Papulous .. Populous Data Disks ... Powerdrome .... Precious Metal (Compilation) .. Premar CoSscton Comp 124 3 DATEL MIDI Mid menace C34 95 PRO SOUND DESIGNER GOLD C79.96 i*96
• 3 96 . 13.99 1699 .12.99 . 19.99 . 15 99 1699 .13.99 SEGA
MEGADRIVE Game* machne [199.96 PC ENGINE PLUS Games machine
[199.96 World Cup Soccer 90 .
W. E.C. Le Mans ... Warp ...
Winner* Compilation) 15 99 Xybots .. CHEQUES ANO POSTAL
OVERSEAS £ 1.50 per item. Snb|ect to availability and price
change without notice.
Not all titles released at time ol going to press. Shop prices may vary, but personal callers can claim advertised discounts on production ol cut-oll slip.
TITLE COMP COST Name...... Address.. Tel No.. Have you ordered Irom us before YesO Nod AMC March TOTAL COST £ A COLD-SORE INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION NEXT YEAR’S NEWS - TODAY SPENT A NIGHT AT BYTES MOTEL-AND 0 Even MOTHER would like these prices A500 HALF MEG £309 £489 £489 £68 , » WITH FREE 1 P 1 MEG DEMO £68 A500TWO MEG (Internal... Mini Max+) £289 A B2000TWOMEG (Microbotics 8 Up) A B2000 FOUR MEG (Microbotics 8 Up) A B2000 HARD CARD (Microbotics Hard Frame with 49Mb Drive 28MS) NEC FLOPPY DRIVE (3 5" with Switch and Through Port) A590 UPGRADE CHIPS HALF MEG 1 MEG 2 MEG £40 £80 £150 ALL
PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND POSTAGE & PACKAGING BYTHE TIME YOU READ THIS.. Magazine deadlines are getting sillier. Most ads.
Are out of date by the time you read them.
TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Send cheques to: Dept AC Memory Expansion Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool 12 7NB
(051) 236 0480 • 24 Hour Sales
(051) 227 2482 • 24 Hour Fax
C- Commodore AMIGA FREE! - AMEGAS • by Players FREE! - INSANITY FIGHT -by Microdeal FREE! - ART OF CHESS Py SPA FREE! - MERCENARY COMP Dy Novaqen FREE! - BARBARIAN. ULT WARRIOR - by Palace FREE! - TERRORPODS by Psyqnnsis Imi irtClUDES FREE Bl H DELIVERY The Amiga 500 is one ol a new breed ol technologically advanced computers, which are now emerging as the new standard for home computing, based .around the new Motorola 68000 chip The A500 has 512K RAM and a 1Mbyte double sided disk drive built-in It can be connected directly to a wide range of monitors, or to a domestic TV set through a TV
modulator Designed with the user in mind, the A500 features a user friendly WIMP environment and comes supplied with a free mouse And, when you buy your Amiga from Silica Shop, the UK s No1 Amiga specialists, you will experience an after sales service that is second to none, including a technical support helpline and free newsletters and price lists Return the coupon below for our current information pack, which will give details of the Silica service and the very latest Silica Amiga offers e&oe FREE! - BUGGY BOY - by Elite FREE!- THUNDERCATS by Ei.te FREE! - IKARI WARRIORS Dy Ei.te FREE! -
WIZBALL - by Ocean EDMmUHZKl A500 Computer £399.99 TV Modulator £24.99 Photon Paint £69.95 TenStar Pack £229.50 TOTAL RRP: £724.43 LESS DISCOUNT: £325.43 PACK PRICE i»f: £399 When you buy the Amiga 500 trom Silica Shop, you will not only gel a high power value tor money computer, we will also give you some spectacu’ar tree gilts. First ol all. We are now including a TV modulator with every A500 siand alone «eyboard. So you can plug your Amiga straight into your TV al home (the modulator is not nciuded w.th the A500-A1084S pack as it is no: required tor use witn monitors) Secondly, we have
added a tree copy ol Photon Pa«nt. An advanced graphics package with an RRP ot £69 95 last (and by no means least') so that you can oe up and runn.ng straight away, we are giving away the sensational TENSTAR GAMES PACK with evory A500 purchased at Silica Shop This pack leatures ten top Amiga titles which have a combined RRP ot nearly £230' Return the coupon tor details iggest
• ce range o* products tor your computer as we" as eipen advce
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- * urgesl range ot Amiga related prod.cts m the UK a fu*i time
Amiga specialist technical helpline and -n-depm aUr sales
support including
* « newsletters and brochures delivered to your door tor as k ng
as you ’¦Cu.re alter you purchase your computer Tnai one
company is Silica snop We have been established in me home
computer tiekj or ten years «'S can now claim to meet our
customers requirements with an. Accuracy
• -3 understanding wruch is second to none Here are |utt some ot
me THE FULL STOCK RANGE: The largest range ot Am,ga ¦etated
peripherals accessories, books and software in the UK AFTER
SALES SUPPORT: The staff at Sii.ca Shop are dedicated to help
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Complete and return the :: upon beiow for our latest Amiga
literature and begin to •perience the Silica Shop specialist
Amiga service FREE TENSTAR PACK A500 Computer £399.99 1084S
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£14.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95 £24.95 £19.95 £24.95 £24.95
£24.95 £229.50 INC VAT TOTAL RRP: £229.50 To: Silica Shop Ltd,
Dspt AMCOM 3.9014 The Mows, HaDicrley Road, Sideup, KentOAU
own an Amiga computer and would li*o to Oe registered on out
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sen j you copies ot our price tat* and newsletters D« CHARGE as
tney become available Complete tne coupon and return it 10 our
Srdcup and Begin e«penenong a specialist Amiga service mat is
second to none Initials: Surname SILICA SHOP Address: SIDCUP (&
Mail Order) 1-4 The Mews. Hat her ley Road. Sidcui OPEN:
K1QN-SA I 9am - 5 30pm LATE NIG 01-309 1111 Kent. DAI4 4DX IT:
FRIDAY 9am - 7pm ONDON 01-580 4000 52 Tottenham Court Road.
London. W1P OB A _OPEN: MON SAT 9 3Q.itn 6 00pm LATE NIGHT
NONE_ ONDON 01-629 1234 ext 3914 Selfndges 1st floor*. Oxford
Street. London. W1A 1AB OPEN MON SAT 9am 6 00pm LATE NIGHT.
THURSDAY 9am 8pm Do you already own a computer .If so. Which
one do you own'’ SOFTViLLE Computer Supplies MANY people
overlook one of the greatest advantages of owning an Amiga -
the vast quantity of obscenely cheap software. Megabytes of
marvels. The problem is Finding what you want. And finding
someone who has the relevant disc.
A public domain software supplier keeps up to date with the latest releases, catalogues and compiles them on to discs. What you should look for when buying PD software is someone who has a good range and knows the ropes, not just the cheapest on offer.
And the favourite PD company here at Amiga Computing is Softville.
Why? Well it came up with the biggest bribe. "Be nice about us", the man said, "and you can have loads of discs". This sounds good, but there is a catch. The discs have to be given away in a competition.
That's because Softville would far rather be nice to readers than the magazine. And so to give you an idea how difficult it is to sort out good PD software from the mass of rubbish, we've hidden (well a program did actually) 15 words in the 400 letters on the facing page. All you have to do is sort them out.
Fourteen of the words are listed in a panel here, but to make life more interesting one mystery word is missing from the list. It is nine letters long. Circle all 15 words and write the mystery word on the coupon then send your entry to us.
200 PD discs worth £600
(1) The first 18 correct entries drawn out of the box on March
1990 will win the first, second and runners up prizes in that order.
(2) You may not photocopy the form. Only genuine entries are
(3) Employees of Database Publications and their associated
companies may not enter.
16 runners up prizes of five discs SOFTWARE SURPRISE o B u R A R s D M X K Z C N VV H VV R G D Y X E O B C s B Q R M I C Z S D s B O F vv T L W X K E R E F 1 B VV V u F R M P C G B L C X VV 1 C 1 L B U P F 1 C H VV O V VV L i A L D T C L) 1 D K X S u Z Q M H C V C. V T O 11 I 0 R M P M H z K N P Q T Q X A T D Q V L s A V S C G R K 1 R u Z D s R F O z E I F C A 0 I M V L G X o O H s R O M H G T V K M D P 1 E R I D M O P A R S E X G U P M Y A L R S N S A P S A B M N M V S 0 O S Z G K X A T I K R H Q H E E R F Y D N Q L 1 U D M N V G V A K R O H O V O 0 B s P M M H VV F K Z G R V K T A Z R VV B K
I Y A H 1 N K F Y Z E U R Y Z E A Z K I V E X M R VV P E X VV E I E R A VV T F O s O R E T T 1 L B F A VV P C B E H U R Y 1 M N M T Y B A V Y R L E H O D Q X S I c T E T E L A H VV X E Y R 1 N W R E Z G X Y T G F G B K 1 O N O C O L L E C T I o N N O P R 1 N T E R D The mystery word is_ Name_ I have read and understand the rules _(sign here)_(date) Send your entry to: SOFTViLLE Compo, Amiga Computing. Second Floor, North House. 78-84 Ongar Road, Brentwood. Essec. CM 15 9BG.
Address _ Telephone Of mice and men The staff of Amiga Computing conducts a long term test on the very latest replacement Amiga mice THE bog standard Amiga mouse has gone through a number of revisions since 1985. It's made as inexpensively as possible to keep the cost of the Amiga package down. And if you use your Amiga for business, as we do. The odds are it won't last longer than a few months.
We’ve been through five Commodore mice in 12 months. All of them died of worn out bubble switches - that's the bit under Ihe button that clicks when you press it.
A good question to ask when buying a replacement mouse is: "Does it have bubble switches?
The "Where am 1?” mechanism is opto-mechanical; the ball moves some rollers which spin a slotted wheel. A photocell inside the mouse counts the slots moving past a light and can work out the speed up and down the mat.
Another similar set-up at 90 degrees to this works out the speed across the mat. The two figures are then sent back to the computer.
The rate of counting determines the accuracy of the mouse, but too high a rate will show up any imperfections in the mechanical parts. The Commodore mouse has a resolution of 200 dots per inch.
If your Amiga mouse breaks and you feel that you must buy an original Commodore replacement, you'll probably have to order one from your local dealer, A browse through the mail order companies plying their wares in Amiga Computing did not reveal anyone who stocked it.
Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd, Commodore House, The Switchback, Gardner Road, Maidenhead, SL6 7XA.
Tel: 0628 770088. £34.95 Contriver Mice CONTRIVER (Europe) Ltd makes two inexpensive replacement Amiga mice, the C820-G-A1 and the C830-G-A1. Mechanically the same, the 830 being the later model.
Differences are wholly cosmetic - the 820 is rounded with beige buttons; the 830 is a squarer shape with black buttons.
Inside the gubbins are similar to the Commodore mouse, but with more robust bubble switches and a clever mechanism which lets you easily remove and clean the brass rollers.
¦ LAB REPORT ¦ After two month's heavy use at home and in the Amiga Computing office, both mice - or mouses, as Contriver prefers to call them - are still going strong and feel as though they have a lot more mileage in them yet. Both come with small but adequate mouse mats and plastic stick- 'em-up holsters.
Like the Commodore unit they have a 200 dpi resolution but are better made and cheaper.
Contriver (Europe) Ltd. Unit 3 Buckingham Industrial Estate, Buckingham.
Tel: 0280 822803. £29.95 Marconi Trackball AN angled cream box, the trackball is just smaller than an A590 hard disc and a matching beige colour. It plugs directly into the mouse socket. No driving software required.
The lower half on the top surface forms a rest for the base of your hand, allowing your fingers and thumb to easily manipulate the snooker sized ball.
A slight finger stretch away are three buttons, two of which are the same as the buttons on a standard mouse. The third does nothing special unless your software is specially programmed to respond to it.
Rolling the ball fast makes a definite noise. This annoyed people in the office until Green’s monitor started making a high pitched whine to drown it out.
Freehand drawing is tricky. Most art packages need you to hold a button down to draw, so you will have to use a finger to hold down a button and twiddle the ball at the same time. You can't use the palm of your hand on the ball because the switches are too close.
On a soft mouse mat, the very act of pressing a button causes the pointer to drift slightly as the mouse is pressed into the surface. This problem does not occur with the trackball.
Games playing is an interesting experience. It’s good for Missile Command and Centipede clones, and surprisingly good for some car games.
Unlike the mouse, you never run out of desk space and lose a life because you aren't able to move your rocket, hero or cute furry animal any further left.
Using a trackball is perfect if you do a lot of programming and rarely need to use the mouse. Instead of hunting for the hibernating rodent under sheafs of paper, or following a flex tail to its conclusion, just roll that ball and resize the windows.
For about a week I found 1 was constantly reaching out for the nonexistent mouse. This soon passed, and now I'm about 98 per cent accurate, only occasionally missing the odd close gadget. Trackballs are a breed apart from mice, and take getting used to. But once you do, you'll never miss the tiny rodent.
BBS Tyackhall. Marconi Electronic Devices Ltd. Carholme Bd. Lincon LN1 1SG.
Tel: 0522 510500. £59.95. Boing! Mouse WHO would think of a mouse as a status symbol? You can't buy them in Harrods. There is one mouse which has all the techie street crod of an eight megabyte expansion. The Boing! Mouse.
Made especially by Mouse Systems for Dale Luck, the ex-Amiga programmer and owner of Boing! Inc, it looks the same as the mice on mega- expensive Sun workstations.
Dale commissioned them for use with his X-windows software, which turns the Amiga into a workstation because it needs three buttons.
AmigaDos has the routines to use the third button but suitably equipped mice are such rare breed no programs use them.
There are no moving parts other than the microswitch buttons. It works by shining a light on to the special gridded mousemat and counting the reflections using two photodiodes.
This restricts you to using the supplied mat and it takes some getting used to because the mouse must be kept parallel to the mat.
However the result is very accurate at 300 dpi and the felt pads on mirrored mat give a smooth action.
Simon has used his for six months and the only glitch was when he spilled coffee on the mat. The pads on the mouse soaked this up and the whole thing had to be left to dry. An hour and a squirt of Windowlene later everything was fine. The Boing! Is more than just a good pose, it's a great mouse, albeit overpriced.
Boing! Mouse, Amiga Centre Scotland.
4 Hart Street Lane. Edinburgh Ehl 3RN.
Tel: 031 557 4242. £79.95. ALL OUR PRICES INCLUDE CARRIAGE E VAT HSV COMPUTER SERVICES LIMITED (AMC) 23, Hampstead House, Town Centre, Basingstoke, RG21 1LG.
3 1 2" DS DD Disks Bulk - Fully Guaranteed || 25 50 100 250 500
* 69p
* 63p
* 61 p
* 59p
* 57p "per disk Accessories Lockable Disk Boxes 50x3
1.2" £5.95 100x3
1 2" ..£7.95 3 1 2" Cleaning
Kit ......£4.95 Amiga 500 Dust
Cover ...£4.95 Amiga 1000 Dust
Cover .£9.50 Mouse Mat
(Foam) .....£5.95 Stationery... Stationery...
Stationery... Micro-perf all edges 500 1.000 2.000
9. 5" x 11" 60gsm £9.50 £15.95 True A4 70gsm £8.50 £12.95 £23.95
True A4 80gsm £8.95 £13.95 £25.95 True A4 90gsm £9.75 £14.95
£27.95 Special Box and Disk Offer 100 capacity disk box only
£4.95 when purchasing 50 or more disks Labels
1. 000 2,000 4,000
3. 5" x 1.5" (1 across) £5.25 £9.50 £17.95
3. 5" x 1.5" (2 across) £5.75 £10.50 £19.95
4. 0" x 1.5" (1 across) £5.75 £10.50 £19.95
4. 0"x 1.5” (2 across) £5.75 £11.95 £22.95
2. 75" x 1.5" (3 across) £4.75 £8.50 £15.95 Order Hotline (0256)
463507 s Orders under £8 in value carry a small order charge
ol £2 TWO AMIGA SPECIALS Amiga 500 upgrade board .5 to 1 Meg .
. .
In seconds!
• k No technical expertise required ? Realtime Clock ? Low power
consumption ? On off switch ONLY £72.95 inc VAT + Delivery STOP
3. 5" External Drive
* Suitable for Amiga 500 * Integral power supply 1000 2000 *
Ultra slim metal case
* Chinon drive mechanism * Enable disable switch a Can be daisy
chained * 12 months warranty ONLY £72.95 Inc VAT + Delivery
Naksha SAD as it may be when your little friend and companion through hours of Amiga enjoyment finally goes buttons down, there is always the expectation that now you can splash out on some hi-tech ergonomically designed pointing aid.
In contrast to the Commodore supplied variety, the Naksha mouse offers more economic dimensions and a sense of nimbleness enhanced by it's higher resolution 280 dpi.
Two overlarge buttons inhabit the forward area of the curvy case which then rises in a pregnant palm-filling hump.
Nice to handle, free and easy to move, but then they all seem that way when you get used to them. State of the art oplo-mechanics and microswitches virtually guarantee long and trouble-free service. The leads which let you plug it into an Amstrad or Atari are a gimmick.
The best presented of all the mice, the Naksha comes with an excellent steel-centred mat.
Naksha replacement mouse, Naksha UK Ltd, 29 The Warf, Warrington, WA1 2HT £39.95. Mousestick CONTRARY to what some of the sensationalist press may be saying, the Gravis Mousestick is not a toy.
Yes it is a joystick which works like a mouse. Yes, you can play mouse- control games with it. Yes, it is good for flight sims. No, that is not what it was designed for.
The Mousestick is a direct replacement for the mouse. Although most people who have graduated on to the Amiga have learnt to use the mouse and may feel the action of the- Mousestick to be alien, still some people feel more at home with a joystick - it is a question of personal taste.
With its programmable resolution up to 1200 lines from one end of stick travel to the other it can easily be more accurate and controllable for CAD and other design work. The programming is done via a small unit which is connected between the stick and the Amiga.
You may also program response modes, X and Y trims and virtually Who uses which Simon Rockman uses the Boing!
"Because it's the best mouse you can get and impresses people, it is the secret behind my incredible high scores at Super Hang On ", Jeff Walker uses the Contriver "Because the mice I use always break, so I need something cheap and strong ".
Nic Veitch uses the Naksha "Because John got to the Marconi Trackhall first, but the Naksha is well made and accurate. It's good value".
John Kennedy (AJ) uses the Marconi Trackball "Because it is more compact and I've only got a titchy desk.
Besides, it's different" anything else you can imagine. You can store up to four setups.
The Mousestick is based around the design of the Gravis Joystick, itself an innovative design.
A ratchet system provides eight levels of resistance so you can choose the stick to he as floppy or as stiff as you like. This has a more important ramification for the Mousestick. Since in very high resolution mode with the stick movement very light it is an ideal replacement for the mouse for any handicapped persons with even a small degree of motor function.
Versatile and reliable, but that costs.
Not a serious contender for a general mouse replacement unless you have a specific task in mind.
Mousestick, Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd, 7033 Antrim Avenue,.Burnaby. British Columbia, Canada. V5 4M5.
Tel: 0101 604 434 7274. USS 160.
Can you afford not to join?
For the serious gamer!
Official Secrets Speciaf %eserve Members of Official Secrets get all the benefits ot Special Reserve plus:
• Confidential. Our 32 page bi monthly magazine is essential
reading for those interested in adventures or role playing
games Written by experts, Confidential has covered everything
from How to Host a Murder to Which F16 Flight Simulator7 Our
agents, led by the Master Spy known as The Boss Upstairs', seek
out the secrets of RPG's. FRP's. MUG’S. PBMs. Leisure Suit
Larry, The Russians. Ehnra and more.
• Myth. Written by Magnetic Scrolls, authors of The Pawn,
exclusively for members of Official Secrets Myth is a small
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• Catalogue, Membership Card and Folder
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Most fit through your letter-bo* . 7-day hotline until 8pm weekdays. 10 to 5 30 Saturdays. 11 to 5 Sundays
• Written confirmation of order (with receipt)
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All for just Annual membership We‘re miles cheaper than elsewhere. Below are a selection of offers at prices you might not believe You can buy games at the same time as joining or join now and select from our full catalogue All items advertised are only tor sale to members and are subject to availability Note: Upgrade to Official Secrets is offered to members of Special Resen e Amiga Software £5.00 £22.00 including six issues of Confidential, MyTh. The Help Line. Gnome Ranger or alternative and membership of Special Reserve Myth Quotes "An excellent adventure... witty, cunning and just plain
good fun! II you liked Fish! You'll probably like this, because they're very similar in style: you may even prefer Myth, it's that good!"
Amiga Formal "Myth is destined to become a classic."
7. 09 NORTH ANO SOUTH 10 49 4 09 PACLAND .....
7 49
7. 90 PASSING SHOT (TENNIS) 0 09 5 99 PHOTON PAINT ....6
9. 40 RUNMNG MAN ......-.440
11.00 SKVCHASC ......590 SPACE OUEST 2
(SIERRA) 12 49 SPEEOBAl I ......0.09 I
TETTBB ...... 44B THREE STOOGES _______44B
12. 40 OMEGA
---------------- KULT------ LEATHERNECKS . 154E I0M 14
orders must be paid by credit card d orders please add Cl 50
per item osi Code-Phone No. - omputer_*5.25r3.57*3.07*TAPE
ayabie 10: Special Reserve or Official Secrets
P. O. Box 847, Harlow, CM21 9PH Special Retervo and Official
Socrots are trading names of Inter Mediates Ltd Reg Office 2
South Block. The Mattings. Sawbndpeworth. Mens CM21 SPG
Rogislered m England Number 2054713 VAT reg no 424 8532 51
Order Form Non members please add the membership fee ame_
ddress Special Reserve membership £5 UK. £6 EEC. £7 World or
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number in this box
Mastercard Eurocard. Switch etc) Credit card expiry date TTTTT
(e,u Proda&fc A host of new features in Version 1.05 HiSoft
BASIC on the Amiga has already proved its worth tor thousands
of people because of its speed, its compatibility with
AmigaBASIC and QuickBASIC on the PC and its ease of use. Now
we've added features that make HiSoft BASIC irresistible.
Version 1.05 gives you:
• Even more compatibility with AmigaBASIC making it simplicity
itself to compile all your existing programs into super-fast,
stand-alone machine code.
• Linking with assembler and C programs. Now you can use external
functions and sub-programs from either assembly-language or C
programs, giving BASIC a power you will find hard to believe.
• Extended editor for 1M users with automatic upper-casing of
BASIC reserved words as you type them in, making for clear,
easy-tounderstand program listings.
Remember that HiSoft BASIC is not just an incredibly fast compiler producing compact, very fast machine code but it is a complete programming environment - you create and edit your programs just like you do with an interpreter but then, when you run your program, it is automatically compiled to Sive the best of all worlds. One package, one price. HiSoft ASIC .1.05 still costs only £79.95 inclusive. Upgrades are available to existing registered users at £5.
Invaluable libraries for HiSoft BASIC *o c u The Extend package is available at last! The Amiga is a difficult computer to program and AmigaBASIC offers little help in using the gadgets, menus and requesters that the operating system supports. Extend gives you an extensive library of sub programs and functions that is available from both AmigaBASIC and HiSoft BASIC to fill these gaps.
£3 Extend allows full control over the system gadgets, menus and sub-menus, requesters, windows, IFF-format files and much more. It comes complete with over 50 pages of documentation packed with clear examples of the usage of the library and, of course, the library itself (and examples) on disk. All for £19.95 inclusive.
Now you can extend the power of your Amiga's BASIC with this great new package.
Also available for the Amiga are: HiSoft Devpac version 2 (£59.951, the most complete and reliable system for assembly language programming on the Amiga and it works on all Amigas (unlike some other assemblers we could argue about!); Lattice C 5.04 (£229), the ultimate C package - very fast with everything you need including a global optimiser and extensive. 2-volume documentation.
All software should be available from your local dealer. In case of difficulty, you can order directly from HiSoft by phone, using your Access or Visa card or by mail, using Access. Visa, a cheque or postal orders. Our prices include VAT and shipping within the UK.
HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE.
Tel: (0525) 718181, Fax: (0525) 713716 You say you want the resolution?
Well David Foster has the plan EPSON'S new GQ5000 is a vast improvement on the earlier GQ3500. Visually similar, it still uses a Ricoh engine, but is now supplied with more built-in emulations - including HP Laser)et II. Epson LQ and FX - in addition to the standard PagePrinter mode and a Video mode.
Laser largesse The front panel incorporates a sophisticated liquid crystal display which provides information and easy re-configuration using the Epson SelecType method. Virtually all settings may also be configured from software.
The 3500 only provided Courier 12 point, EDP (the font Amiga Computing uses for listings) 7.2 point.
Modern proportional 10 point and graphics fonts. The new model also includes Bold Courier 12 point.
Prestige in 6 and 10 point as well as a compressed form of EDP. Provision is made for up to three extra font cards.
On top of the extra bit-mapped fonts, it has 13 outline fonts, including Helvetica, Times Roman and Courier, which may be used to generate more fonts in a variety of sizes. By using the HP LaserJet emulation you can download fonts if your software will do it.
While fully compatible with the earlier model, enabling old printer drivers to be used, new drivers are needed to make full use of the new features. Since most people will use it in Laserjet mode, this isn’t a major consideration.
Smaller dots look better, so the 300 dots per inch output is higher quality than that from 24 pin dot matrix printers capable of 360 dpi.
Solid areas of black - a good test - reproduce well. Speed is quoted as six pages a minute. As honest as any printer manufacturer's, downhill- with-the-wind-behind-it figures, the time varies enormously depending on software and whether pages are duplicates or need composing separately.
Running costs of lasers variable. The cost per A4 page is quoted as being about two pence, but this can vary considerably, depending on the amount of text and graphics on the page. Bear in mind you need to replace the drum (£108.50) and collector (£59.50) units from time to time.
The most worrying thing is the cost of repair (minimum charge £130) if anything goes wrong, so it's sensible to take out a service contract.
The standard model only has 512k ram. Sufficient for most purposes, but if you are printing pages full of graphics you will need more.
Provision is made for up to 2 meg.
If you fancy a laser, The Epson GQ5000 has a lot in its favour, reasonable price, a number of fonts and emulations.
But best of all is that the commands used in PagePrinter mode are essentially the same as those used by Epson-compatible dot matrix printers.
That and the quietness - a gentle fan is so much more soothing than the rasp of pins against a platen.
REPORT CARD Epson GQ 5000 Epson 0442 61144 £1,200+vat (shop around) EASE OF USE... Zillions of DIP switches make setting up fiddly. Paperfeed good, the LCD display is useful.
SOFTWARE MM Loads of emulations which can be addressed from preferences. Shame there is no Postscript, but at this price it can't be expected.
SPEED .. .
No great shakes, decoding Ixiserjet graphics is very slow.
VALUE [nillllllll.il While the initial price looks OK watch out for the running costs.
OVERALL You need to put a lot of work through a printer to justify the price. If you want something cheaper look at the HP Deskjet.
* Batman Pack * Dustcover
* 10 Star Games * Mouse Mat
Cont 0923-89 69 69 Peripherals 135.
Star LC10-------- Star LC10 Colour Star LC2410----- Dynamic Studio Fintavlsion 0*4 Oaatr Cosasoe m. „ £67 90 CLASS OF THE 90 »
• Deluxe Piimn NEC P2200.--------------------- NEC P6 Plus_______
NEC P7 Plus .. Aegle Vldeoecape
30 Amiga Starter Kit Benchmark Modula 2 Butcher .....
Comic Setter ____________ Comic Setter An t ..... Comic Setter
An 2 ..... Comic Setter An 3 ... Cambridge Usp
Calligrapher 1.05...... Critics Choice------- Dos Toolbox
Dlgview Gold Deluxe Paint II Deluxe Music .
Deluxe Video Deluxe Photolab 3s .* P*er i 3nn 3i.«©
• v • Je-par ¦ OVC*" Owecor Director Tocakl .
Design 3D------ Dynamic Drums Am* trad OMP 400 ...... Panasonic KXP1124 (New 24 Pin).
Panasonic P1180---------- Mannesman) Tally MT01__ TV Modulator Philips S833 Monitor .... Commodore 1084P Monitor A SOI Ram Expansion Clock ... Commodore AtOlO 3.5" Drive Cumsna CAS3S4 3.S" Drive . PSU Cumana CAX 1000S 5 25" Dftva Cumana CAS 1000S 5 25" Drtva . F A590 20mb HO------------------- Duet Cover--------------------------
3. 5" Cleaning Kit--------------- 10 3.5"
Dieks----------------------- Mouse Mat______________________
Konnlk Navigator..._________________ Tiarbo Aaeo. . .
Outre O-* C*aAe- ger Chseiah«».
Mac* i Ovtt.ei 9t«erboere Oeaeaing Comp Oro Sco*e i Pro ( «• » ________ Amiga 30 Graphics Prog BASIC £1646 Amiga Application*--------£1686 Amiga AeeemWy Lang Prog----------£1080 Amiga BASIC InekJe 6 Out----------£1886 Amiga C For Beginners----------E18A5 Amiga DOS Inside* Out------£1886 Amiga DOS Manual---------------- £2286 Amiga DOS Quick Rafarwnca £1385 Amiga DOS Ref Guide------£1485 Amiga Omk Drives Inside 6 Out £2786 Amiga Gd Graphics Sound Teteco £17.45 Amiga Handbook--------------£1586 Amiga Hardware Ref Manual .....£22.06 Amiga Intietion Ref Manual-----£2285 Amiga Machine Lang
Guide_____________ £1985 Amiga Machine Language------£1485 Amiga Microsoft BASIC Prog Gde £18.46 Amiga Prog Handbook Vot 1---------£2386 Amiga Prog Handbook Voi 2--------£2385 Amiga Tricks*Tips------------£1485 Amiga for Beginners---------------------- £1285 Becoming an Amiga Artist-----£18.45 Beginners Guide to the Amiga------------ £1685 Compute s 1st Book of Amiga------------ £16.95 Compute's 2nd Book of Amiga £16.95 Elementary Amiga Basic--------------- £1485 Inside Amiga Graphics---------------£1685 Inside Ihe Amiga with C 2nd Ed £20.95 Kickstart Guide to tfte Amiga------------£13.95 Kid
4 the Amiga___________________£14.95 Programmers Guide to the Amiga £23.95 MarcueeCoov Home Arcoorv MoewOf* eM i-i'otao a Com 2 3 Ki*d«o da i an*e 9 C Oe* 64 Emulator 2.0 . Cm fie* 04 It £47 K rax . Gh*s Cere-a Acdea Mij'.-TirW Macro Aaaemc .
U« voiPm Uoc* Sane1 O"*®*' e Psjeseue- P'ow* on»i Page
- ----- CSS 09J Photon Painl 20 ...
Pixmste-------------------------- Photon
Video------------------ £56 _______... £32 90
..£65 Professional Oraw ...... Power
Windows 2.S_____________ Pro Video ...______
.... C64 90 ___________68.90 _____________£115 Prole it
....£64.50 Promise ......
......£16 90 Quarterback-------------------
_____________£32 Synlhia .....__________ Super base
Personal ...... Superbase Personal II .... Super
base Prof. _______..... Sculpt 30___________________ Studio
Magic------------------ Superbeck ..
- bo 9* »e* JO __________£55 ...____... £49.95
- ------------£65
- ----------£160 _________£59.90 _______________£45
- --- - £*»
* aai(4P*ue rn*
• raneenpr 04 1C word Pertec*»» workoe cn • 3 £1690 £14 90 £14.90
£14 90 £1890 £1490 £1480 I • 80 £16.50 £1490 £15.50 £1650
£1480 £1490 £19 50 £1480 £1650 £14 90 £1550 £16.50 £1650 £16 50
£16 50 £790 £1650 £1650 £1650 £1490 £16 50 £1650 £1550 £1650
£16 50 £1690 £1890 £1490 £1650 £15.50 £14 90 £1550 £15 90 £1650
£16.50 £1490 £1490 £14.90 £14 90 £16 50 £14 90 £1650 II SI 80
£1490 £14 90 £14 90 £76 90 £15 50 £H50 £1650 £16 50 £14 90
£1550 £1650 £1550 £14 90 £1650 £14 90 £1690 £1480 £14 90 £1090
£14 90 £14 95 £1850 £1550 £950 £17.90 £18 90 £1880 £2380 C‘,00
£1680 £16 80 £850 £16 90 £16 50 £16 50 £16 90 £1690 £1950 £1590
£18 90 £1590 £1590 £1 90 £17 90 £17 90 £1690 £1690 £1390 £1590
£'690 £1690 t-bv; £1750 £1690 £1880 11680 £16 90 Chambers ol
Shachn Chad* C-iapm .. Chase HO ...... Chronoquest Chuck*
Egg Orcus Games Colossus Chess Computer Hits VO ll ConbneniM
Circus Cosmic Pnole CraryCars Carry Cara II______ Cuslcdan
Cytwmoid __ Cynemod ii Dakar 89 ...... £1590 £1880 £1690
£1680 £15 90 £19.90 £1690 £1690 £1690 E'690 £2190 £1590 £1590
£1590 £17 90 £150 £16 50 £1880 £'790 £1690 £850 £1690 £1790
£1990 £1880 £1590 £1690 £1690 £1680 £1690 E18 88 £1690 £1690
£1490 £'690 £1520 £1690 £17 90 £1880 £1690 Oart fusion
.. ... OefConS . Defender ol Ihe Crown
Government, Educational, Corporate and Export Orders Welcome
Exoion EyeolHorus f 16 falcon .... fairy T*e Adventure
f Boll Manager ll Expanse LEISURE federation or free Trade
£1850 McieyMouse ... fMM fiendish Freddy £1890 McroB** £1«90
fighier Bomber .£1690 Mcro Text _ ...... £14
90 fighting Setter ......£1690 Millennium 7.2--------------
£1650 fire Blaster . £850 Mmd Bend*-
...£1690 fish . £1650 Mmdshrtow ...
£8.50 flight Sm It ..£2650 MmiGoB
..£14.90 fright Nlghl £1650 Mtsuon etevatot .
£1050 fun School II6 8 Yean ......£14 90 MmorMauacre £14 90 fun
Schod II Under 6 Yeats £14 90 MiaisMrs --------------- £14 90
fun School ll 8 Years _.....£14 90 Nettwword
.....- .. £14 90 Galacuc Conqueror £16 50 Never
Mind ..... £1495 Gdacnc invasion ...£14
90 Ninia Worrori £1690 Gaid regens Domain .£14 90 No
Excuses £14 90 Games Winter £15 50 Obilteralor
£1650 Games Summer Edition £15 50 Oft Shore Warnor £1650 Games
WinierEdiOon ._..£16S0 Operation Neptune £15 50 Gay
Uneker Hoi Shots £14 90 Operation Wo* £1550
G&ntletll ..... £1650 Outand_______________
-£14.90 Gazai Super Soccer £1690 Outrun £14 90 Get Deiler ll
£16 50 Overlander £1650 Gettatnrg_____________ CU50
Paciand-------------- _ £14.80 Gttdrunner ll ......£14 90
Pacnuna £14 90 Gnd Iron ...... £1690 Paperboy ..£1650
Gunship...... £1550 Peter Beardsley f Bali £’4 90 Hellbent £14
90 Picv** Plague ..£15 50
M. chwayhawks £14 90 Platoon ...... £1850 Ml* 19 £14 90
P0W £19 50 Mis far £1650 PolceOuesI £ 650 mOiskVol
1 .. £1650 Poke Quest 11-------------£1850
Hollywood PoMt Pro £1650 PorlsolCali £24 90 Hostaoes ..
£1650 Powrplay Games ol the Gods £14 90 HUM £14 90 PtMtdanl is
Missing £16 50 Hunt lor Red October £1650 Pro Terms £1650
Hyperdtome £14 90 ProlKlot £8 50 impact .. £1050
Purple Saturn Day .£15.50 impossibleMssionll
._..£1490 OuadraMn £1490 intemancnal Soccer..
......£1490 Ouantox -----------------£1090 Iron lore
£1690 Q*iaru £1650 Joan ol Arc £1290 Ouesironii
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Kid part II ...._ . £16 50 Ralfy Cress £1550 Kalakis
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Ream ol Die Trod £16 50 Krystal £1950 Rebel Charge* Chckamauga
£18 50 Uralot. .... £14 90 Red Wat .... £16 50
laser Souad ......£15 50 Red lightning
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leade'board Birdie £1650 Return ol me Je« £14 90 leatherneck
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Ringside £ 850 legend ol Ihe Sword £'650 Ris* £14 90
leaure Suillairy ....£1490 RoadDUsters £16 50 lw and lei Die
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Gauniiel £16 50 Mars Coos . £16 50 Running
Man £16 50 Mean Sneak £16 50 S*nl * Gre*s* £16 90 Mega Pax £16
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Snadowgale Shadow of me Beasi Shanghai Karat* ..... Snoot Em
Up Con Kit Shuffle Puck Cale Sent Seva Sincad & Throne ot
faeon Sky Chase
* **------------ Snoopy Soccer Mcroprose ... Soldier 2000
Sorcery F*ace ----------- .
Space B* .... Space Bailer Space Hamer Space Ouest ? .... Space Racer Space Staocn _________ Speedbal .. SpOog image Star Ba*t Star Gcose Star flay Star Wars SM------------------- Steve Davis Snooker Steiger SorCruy (Bobo) Storm lord ..... Stree (fighter Snider Sin* force Hamer Strip Pcker 11.
Snip Pcker II Data Due Strip Pcker Pro Stuntman Summer Olympiad Super Hang on Super Ountet Superman Superstar ice Hockey Switchblade Swords of Sodan Table Tenms Tatan____________________ Technocop Terry's Bg Aover.iu re TneDeeo _ Thunoeitxids ThuodeiBade Tiger Road --------- 1000m...... Tracksuil manager Tnad ._______ .... Scenery D Wes Euro Tc Scenery DM ll --------- Scenery Disk Japan .... Scorpio Scorpion --------------- Scratoe Delux SOI _--------------- Serge on London .. r 16.90 Trtv Pursu-U New Beg £14 90 £14 90 Turbo £15.90 £14 90 Turbo Trax £14 90 £14 90 TV Spcrts
football_____________£16 90 £14.90 UldmalV . £1650 £14.90 Ultima V £’6 50 £14.90 UIDmata GOI .£14 90 £16 50 UMS Scenano Disk 1 ....._.£9.90 £14 90 UMS Scenano Disk 2 £9 90 £14.90 Uninvited -------- £16.90 £16.50 Universal Meflary Sm £1650 .£21.90 Vigilante £14 90 £8 50 lAndicatOfS ......CM 90 £23.50 Virus ... £14 90 £15 50 Voyager ....£14 90 £16 50 War in The Middle Earth £14 90 £18 50 War Zone .. £6.50 £14 90 Warp £1690 £16 90 Wayne Gret ky Ice Hockey £1650 £16 50 Winter Games fi6 50 £15 50 WinrdWa'7
£16 50 £16 90 World Class leaderboard £14 90 £14 90 Wond Cup f Sali Manager £16 50 £16.50 Wond Games £16 50 £8 50 Wold Wi-II £2550 £16.50 Xenocnobe £17 90 £1650 Zemon ------ £1450 ‘tiso NEW RELEASES £1650 Aclion fighter £1690 £14 90 Atncan Raders £1690 £1690 Aen legion £15 90 £14 90 American ice Hockey £1690 £1650 APB £1690 £14 90 Arcnon Collection ..... £999 £16 90 Arte Fox ---------------£9.99 £14 90 Arthur 1 £18 90 £15 50 Balance ol Power 1990 £18 90 £14 90 Barbanan i ...... £1690 £1490 BaskeM f'690 £16.50 Balman The Move f'6 50 £1650 Bamecness . £1580 £1650
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90 Orakkman £15 90 £1950 Fl6Comoat Pilol £1690 All enquiries and payments to KLR Electronics Ltd All prices Include VAT Carriage Free (Mainland UK) Passing Snot Phcoa Populous -_____________ Power Drome Omar Rainbow War nor Rally Cross Red liQfimmg Red Slorm R»mg Rck Oangerous Roi Out Rvf Honda Shadow pi the Beast SnmcDi Shoot Em up Construct Set Silkworm Sm City Skate of An Skale or Oe Skweek .. Sieepmg Goods l« Star lord . Street fighter Super OuMH Swords of Twilight Tawspn . An* Terramis ... Test Drve 2 The Champ
-------- the Lost Palroi .. The New Zealand Story Tom and Jerry Total Eclipse Towr o’ Babel Tnvi* Pursuits Turbo Outrun . untcutfiabes ...... Weird Dreams Wicked Xenopnobe Xennonii ------- fast lane . fan Bn* ferran formula 1------- fiendish f teddy flu Brigade .. forgotten Woods Ghostbuslers ll .. Grouls & Ghosts Go den Oldies ..... Gore . Grand National Haro Owing . High Sten Hamd ol Shadow ice Hocxey WG Indiana Jones ...... instant Music...... mterceptw irot Tracxer Jack Ncklaus Goit Jaws Journey lo
Centre Earth Moonwjiker Navy Mews .
Neuromancei North & South 04 impenam Dare OvwfXiil Ring us now! 0636-79097 we’re programmed to help DELIVERY SERVICE . And the keenest prices GUARANTEED RETURN OF POST Dolivory on ALL Stock items!
CHILDRENS AB Zoo (Alphabet tutor) Deainal Dungeon Fur School 2 (Unde* 6) Fun School 2 (6 to 8} Fun School 2 (Over 6) Three Little Pig* Three Bears The Ugly Duckling Post mar Pat .
Mate* it .950 29 90 1390 13 90 Tufbo GT War locks Quest Deep Space Barts ’ale • THRILL TIME (8 GAMES!) ..... 15 90 Buggy Boy. Space Hanor Lne & let D*e. ' defeats Battleships, ikan Wamors Beyond The Ice Palace. Bomb)acK_ TRIAD Vol2) ' 5 90 Menace. BAAL. Tetns MEGAPACK ...... Pluto*. Mouse Trap. Seconds Out Winter Oly-piad. Suicide Mission 1590 Elf. Circus Games. Summer Oy~piad Formula I G.P., Man Irom Couna THE UGHT FORCE ... 18 90 Bio Chalenge. Voyage- R-Type. Int. Karate Plus ACTION AMIGA 21 90 Artu-a, Qetiec’or. ’echnocop Cybernoid. Motor Massacre STARS WARS TRILOGY 1590
Stars Wa's . Empire Strikes Back Revenge of Ihe Jedi THE STORY SO FAR (1) 1390 Ikan Warriors. Batiloshps Buggy Boy, Beyond Ice Palace THE STORY SO FAR (3) 1390 Space Hamer, 'hundercats Bonb|ack. Lne and Let Die PRECIOUS METAL '890 Xenon. Capt Blood Crazy cars. Arkanoid II HIT DISKS (Vol. 1) ...... 1590 Goldrunner, Karate Kid 11 Jtpter Probe, Slaygon HIT DISKS (Vol.2) ..... 1590 Mayy Motion. Txne Bard.t Leatherneck. Tanglewood
15. 90 Thai Boxing. Kart. G.P. Las Vegas Grid Start. Fio t pat*-
737. XR35 TV Show or TV Text... Come oi Movie Sorter Deluxe
Pami 2 . ART a MUSIC ONLY!
| IT CAME FROM THE DESERT 19.99 JackNicklaus Golf '0 90 Journey ....18 90 Karrpfgruppe ... 18 90 Kenny Dalglish Soccer ...13 90 Last Ninja 2 ..- .._ -..... 15 90 Leaderboard Birdie ... 15 90 Leisure Suit Larry 2 .. 24 90 Lombard RAC Rally ...-.15.90 Maniac Mansion ...-16 90 Monopoly Deluxe ..... 13 9C North and South ....- 15.90 Operation Thunderbolt - . 18 90
Padand .....13.90 Pacmania ---------------------- 13.90 Paperboy ...- 13 90 Personal Nightmare 18 90 Police Quest . 15.90 Populous- ..18 90 WowerOnrt -89C 'Pro-wed ' andt 8 9C h-o'erne To r lAQC P4f 'n nderbo* . 1S9C OuMI 1&J0 RaSyC'OM Oaumge 13« Rrss I59C Booocop 159C Scapeghost .13 90 Sim City ......18 90 DfMn* Force ..... .
Dungeon Quest .
Eskimo Games .
Falcon ..... 'Mission Disk Fighting Soccer
• Scenery 7. 9 or 11----- "Europe or Japan scenery Football
Director 2 F-16 Combat Pilot ... Games Summer EdWon
RAINBOW ISLANDS Garfield Garfield - Winters Tale
Gauntlet II - . Gazza Super Soccer GoTysberg ....
Gho6tbu6ters II _... Ghouls and Ghosts .. Gunship
.. Hell Raiser Hillstar .... Honda
RVF ... Hound oI Shadow Armada ...... Balance ol
Power 1990 ----- Barbarian 2 (Palace) .. Barbarian 2
(Psygnosis) Bards Tale 2 Battle Chess ------
Battle Squadron-------------- Battle Tech ...
Cabal .. Centrefold Squares
Chase HQ .. Chuckle Eog (1 or J Colossus Chess X
ConlHct Europe..... Continental Circus Dark Fusion ...
Deluxe Sup Poker Demons Winter..... DAMOCLES ... Interceptor
PREMIER COLLECTION (2) .. 1890 Mercenary. Backlash. Eliminator Custodian Super Wonderboy... Swords ol Twilight Test Drive II Twin World .. ‘Super cars ..... 'California Challenge Time .... TV Sports Football Ultimate Darts Untouchables .... Wa «i M.ddle Earth Warp . Waterloo Weird Dreams Xenomo'ph Xenon II - Megablast Zak McK'acke" Scrabble Deluxe ... Shoot em up Conslructon [SPACE ACE ...... SkweoK . Space Quest II .. Space Quest III Starlight - Stormord ... Strip
Poker 2*.. STUNT CAR GAMES cont ueiuxe Haim 3 Deluxe Print 2 ... ......OT.9U 34 90 Deluxe PbotoLab 49 90 Deluxe Mu*if Con Set 49 90 Dosigr 3D 59 90 Duecio- (Ihe) 42 90
• Dvertor Toollut .. 29 90 DIGIVIEW GOLD (PAL).... .129 90
FantaVsion 29 90 instant Music 1890 MoOeie- 30 59 90 Music - x
179 90 Photon Paint 2 .. 69 90
Pomae., .. P’o Sound Desg-'e- 37 90 59 90 Sculpt
3D (PAL) 59 90 bcuipi *u
junior .vu.au Sontx
• Sonlx Soundtrack ISALE (Limited!) ONLY!
Only 4.90 eecbl (S for £19 90) Crystal Hammer Goldrunner Way of LbieD-agon Vaen Spacebal SxJe Arms Bad Caf Prison Armageddor Man Kelly X Motor Cross Sr- Roadwars Spaedhow A*sa»*i»- Kckstan 2 [Many Um ir our catalogue'1*} 1 LANGUAGES ONLY!
GT A Basic (V 3) h iso" Base Hiso* Oevpar (?)
Amt s Game* C’eato' AMIGA A50C Batpack £399 90 ? 10 game par* & (oysiirlc AMIGA A500 ..... 359 00 Philps CM8833 MoniUv 259 00 512K RAM expansion .....84.90 STAR LC10 Printer (Mono) 179 00 STAR LctO Pnnter (Colour) ... 21900 (Pnnters include lead!)
Cumana 3.5* 1 Mb Dek Dr ve 99 00 Senator 3 5* Disk Drive ...... ......89 00 BUDGET GAMES ONLY!
Only: 8.90 ascht (2 for £16.90) X r.ad designer DISKS (DS DD 3.5") ONLY!
Bulk - 100% Guaranteed 1 to so 100 700 34 90 64 90 Action Se»vie Macadam Bu"« e Sp«Jerlronic Trauma Waned Ba banar WC leaderboard Captar Blood Phoertx BOOKS (Abacus) ONLY! 1 Amga for Begmnar* ... Amga Basic inside and Out Machine Language Tricks and Tp» ...... More Tricks and Foe System Programs ._.... 129G 18 9C . 14 90 1490 14 90 32 90 Amga DOS nsids and Out Disk Drives msrie and Out..... 18 90 .27.90 Disks to accorpary books .
Lockng Disk Box (50*) 7 90 Locking Disk Box (100*) . .. Media Box (Holds • 50) .
.....990 ...... 1990 Furrv Mouse Cover!
....6 90l (wth cute little eyes, ears and "ose1) ; Phnter Stand Copy “Od©' Mouse Mai Keyboard Cove- Monrtoi Cover .. 990 590 590 590 5.90 AMIGA APPETIZER_____________ Write: Word Processor Pant. Graphics package Music: Mus»c program Tile: Puzzle game PUBUSMERS CHOICE 79 90 Includes. Page Setter 1.2 Kind Words 2. Headline Fontspack Artists Choice Artpack UTILITIES ONLY! I AmigaDOS 'oolbox BBC Emulator..... Cashbook Cont-oHer Descartes DigrC-alc...... DOS lo DOS 39 95 39 9C 549C 24 9C 29 90 .39 90 Excelence .... Home Accounts .... 139 90 22 90
Personal Tax Planner 29 90 Pagesefter (2) Professorial Page (1 3) Pen Pal . 69 90 1 79 90 99 90 Sabble Platinum Vrus Killer ... WORKBENCH 1 3 (NEW) Works Platinum ..... 42 9C .990 ...14 90 ......139.90 , X-Copy - NEW Vereion 2 29 90 (The BEST Backup utilityl) JOYSTICKS ONLY! 1 Joystick & Mouse Extensor' .
Joystick Lead • 3 met-eel Quickshot II ..... Ouickshot II Turbo ...... 490 ..... 490 790 .990 Cobra (NEW) ..... Cruiser (CLEAR) . Competition Pro 5000 Competition Pro Extra Arcade Joystick Racemaker Crnieer The above is Just m small selection of our VAST stfeck of AMIGA software!
Callers welcome; Normal Office Hours - 24 Hour Telephone Service!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AC. 6 MUMBY CLOSE. NEWARK. NOTTS NG241JE Access
V. _y V FILTERS are probably the most useful and the most used
addition to any database. Serious data management is
impossible without the ability to sort things out - this is
the prime fundamental that started off IBM with their
punch-card reader.
' A filter is basically a set of conditions which are applied to each record in turn. If the record in question meets all the conditions it remains selected. If it fails it is thrown in a hypothetical bin.
A matter of facts Me Veitch discovers that information is power and wonders how many watts he can get out of Prodata Don't worry, the records that fail the filtering have not been removed from the database, they are just deselected.
This means that you can chose to perform a function specifically on those records which have passed through the filter. Unfortunately at the moment this does not include a further filtering action.
Those with no telephone
• JUNIOr in ftl Junior withers fll-rULL full Wilbers flfcSOCIAL
Social wnbers Mill Paid up wnbers f8:" and "junior" in fll.
Blab blah jun blah T pe carefully - these descriptions will become menu entries Twenty Arnor Filters please . . .
If you want to use two filters you will have to create a sub-database of the selected records, open that and then impose your second filter, if this sounds unnecessarily tortuous that's because it is.
It isn't really too difficult to do, but it's a pain, and since you'll probably only want to use the sub-database once you'll have to delete it when you are finished. Admittedly the filter structure in Prodata is very powerful and it would be simple to combine two filters into one but that is not the point, it would be much easier to have a small number of simple filters that you could use sequentially.
For example, if you had created four basic filters using them sequentially would give you 16 permutations - a 75 per cent saving on disc space and a 99 per cent saving on hassle.
SOME say love and some say money, but it's really facts and figures that make the world go round, as anyone who has ever sat an exam or spent a sunny afternoon suffering in St Tropez will testify. If you want to make the facts and figures go round you need a database.
From a simple piece of interpolation you can reason that with a good database you can rule the world. Well, maybe not quite, but you could have a pretty good go.
It is perhaps with such an aim of world domination that Amor have ventured into the database market.
Regular readers or rabid Arnorilns will undoubtably have heard ol Protext probably Ihe best word processor in the world, and as a matter of fact the one I am using right now.
Filter tips These people might, therefore, expect Ihe same degree id professional competence at a small percentage ol Ihe price usually associated with such a package. Well, the price we know already - Ihe rest remains lo be seen.
The first thing of note about Prodala OpeiiiutaEase araiosue tnes Display edit records select all Invert selection filter records ir int iienu Alter create database Utilities ttenu The main menu - a road to anywhere is that it requires 1Mb ol memory.
Those of you without 5lils - that's the memory expansion, not the jeans- will have to splash out some extra cash to get started.
This is not unreasonable, since any database you are likely lo create, with the exception of a complete list of every away match Darlington have ever won, is going to be fairly sizeable.
You'll need it for lots of other things anyway.
The function of a database is to store, recall and in some cases perform actions on computerised data For the techno-information freaks, and there are always some. Prodata can handle 300 fields per record, each of up to VARIABLES are not the normal run of the mill things you expect to come across in a database - a database language perhaps, but where in the day to day running of things do you need a variable?
Variably I say unto you Suppose for a moment that you are a university professor with a database full of students. This should be easy unless you are actually a university professor, since they have no imagination. Further suppose that in addition to all their relevant details you havo a list of their marks for coursework.
Now being lazy, you would want to see the average scores and the total so far. Ordinarily this would mean calculating them as they were entered and creating a new field for the results.
This would mean that this field would have to be updated each timo a new score was added and it would probably be wrong because you'd havo to work it out yourself (university professors are also very bad at counting).
With variables, not only are these values calculated and updated automatically but they take up no field space - giving you more bounce to the ounce.
Almost all the standard mathematical functions are availablo.
While the parameters may be a constant, the contents of a field, or even another variable. It would be quite easy to turn Prodata into a simple spreadsheet.
Variables work with text as well, providing all the concatenation and string functions you would expect to find in a well equipped version of Basic, for example.
A number of reserved variables hold the current date, time and other system functions. Very useful, especially in conjunction with the Assign option from the menu. This allows you to change globally the contents of a field in all selected records to a variable or a defined value such as a piece of text. This is very handy, for example, if you have a field
- say fl - containing the date the record was last updated. Then
you can just use "assign fl = sys-date”, and all the solected
records will bo automatically datestamped.
Variables excel at saving space.
Instead of storing fields full of text which is repeated many times across all the records a single number may be stored which can be decoded to the corresponding text in a variable and placed in the layout.
The end result is exactly the same, but with space saved in the database and time saved in the input stages.
999 characters. Prodata is able to muster such impressive figures since it uses a variable length storage format to compact the database so there is no wasted disc space.
Aesthetic displays can be attributed to powerful layout editing Prodata starts with a rather simple menu in a box in the centre of the screen. All of Prodata is run from this menu and its associated submenus. It looks simple. It is simple. But behind all those entries some pretty cunning programming is going on.
Address: You select item by pressing the corresponding key or using the mouse to click on the entry. It is worth getting to know your way around with the keys, as it will make things a lot easier when you decide to program a macro.
Creating a database was never easier. Prodata will ask you for the Editing iten attributes Attributes set: becittal Places displayed: 2 Justify left right centre (l r cl?
Prodata has intelligent import routines among other utilities ?
Names of the fields until you decide to stop. At this stage it will ask you if you wish to have data checked on entry. It can spot the difference between number and letters so you don't get a entry for someone called 0733-68909 with the telephone number :Arnor Ltd. Which is not only very sensible, but works very well.
The variable field length system saves not only space but time and effort if you should need to put more information into a pre-defined field.
A standard layout simply lists all the fields in order, but you may create your own. Design of layouts is fairly straightforward, although cunning things are possible.
The mouse can bo used to place elements or fields in position - much faster than using the keyboard.
Limited character style line- drawing is supported, as it was in Protext.
This is the place to put your variables if you have any. Fans of disgustingly neat little boxes and well arranged text will no doubt be over a natural satellite to learn that you have the option to have your text centred or justified.
Creation of several layouts for different purposes speeds access and minimises fuss when the time comes to change minor details.
Speaking of Protext - well, 1 was at some stage I’m sure - there are good facilities for importing and exporting text from to Ascii or Protext format.
Tho import routine is very intelligent and can accept comma delimited, single line or quote wrapped data items which are the main outputs from other databases, spreadsheets, Basic programs and virtually any source of raw data you are likely to come across.
You are also able to import data selectively, so you can see instantaneously if something is going horribly wrong and try again.
These elements combine towards a very flexible database system. Prodata may be lacking in some of the more flashy ingredients which comprise the market leaders, but it is still capable of efficiently maintaining a number of business-sized databases at a small fraction of the price.
Its simplified structure offers great bonuses in terms of ease of use, the only drawback being lack of a programming language, which in any case is only useful in large scale installations.
Prodata lacks a sense of Amiganess, as does its pen friend. Yet it is impossible to use just the mouse even to get simple printouts, which is a bit of a nuisance.
It may feel alien to the Amiga, but at the same time powerful, slightly primitive perhaps, but with ripples of ingenuity just below the surface.
Overall a sense that if you can’t find a way to do something with Prodata, it is due to your own shortcomings and not the program's.
REPORT CARD Prodata Arnor Ltd 0733 68909 £79.95 EASE OF USE... Structure of menus simple and fairly efficient. Could have been a bit more Amigaised though.
SPEED.. Fast. Of course you have to wait for long searches but no database is instant.
VALUE.. Perhaps not quite as much of a bargain as Protext. But certainly a high performance to price ratio.
OVERALL Prodata will never beat Aston-Tate but unless you are worried about corporate image it is competent, reliable, easy to use and excellent value.
A to Z of indexes INDEXES are a man's best friend.
Book index, refractive index, FT index, index-linked pension, you even have a finger put aside for them.
Without indexes, for example, you would never be able to find anything in the extensive Prodata manual. In ' fact, even with the index it can be a bit trying. Anyway enough irrelevancies, on with the blurb.
The function of the index is to keep things in order so you can find all Ihe records when you want them. It’s sort of like a mother, but it never wants to know where you were last Tuesday when it was ringing you all night and it hopes you are wearing a vest because you could catch your death.
It's not like the old days when people had respect.... All databases need to have at least one index, otherwise Prodata would get confused, so as a default the first field is taken to be the index field.
This is all very well, and normally that is all you would need, but suppose you had a database containing details for a mailshot to various people at different companies.
You might equally well want to sort the records alphabetically by the person’s name or by the company name.
What to do. What to do? Well, it’s simple really - you just have to create two indexes. You create a new index by selecting Alter Create Database from the main menu and then selecting Indexes. Another menu will appear with four options on it, one of which is Create new index.
Enter a description for your new index. It is quite important to make this description something sensible so that you know what it means when it appears on the menu later on.
Next comes another cunning bit.
You can have more than one field as the index. In the previous example this would be quite useful, since you could index first in Ihe name of the company and second in the name of the person, as there may be two people on your mailing list working for the same company.
An index can be specified over up to four fields - more than you could possibly want to use unless your brain functions in some fashion previously undocumented by modern science.
It is important to note (your important notebook must be getting pretty full by now) that any searching function you perform will only look through the fields that are designated as index fields. Therefore you must make sure that any fields you are likely to want to search feature in at least one index.
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April 1089 about 380pp Amiga Graphics - Inside GI an in depth treatment of the graphic features and fonctkM access these graphic featur AmlyuBASIC or C. Learn gra programming In C with exarr lines, rectangles, polygons, c Contains a complete descnp graphic system View. View bitmaps, screens, and windc May IHH9 about 450pp howto istPort.
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280pp Amiga Machine Language is a thorough introduction to Tricks G Tips - hero is a large collection of usefbl and important programming techniques that makes working with your Amiga friendlier and easier. Presents dozens of tips on accessing libraries from BASIC, making and using custom character sets, using AmigaDOS.
Important 68000 memory locations, and much more.
Amiga Machine Language AmigaBASIC - Inside G Out - is THE definitive step-by-step guide to programming the AMIGA in BASIC Each BASIC command is felly described ond detailed. Some of the topics covered include tiles and file handling, using pulldown menua. Sensing the mouse, handling windows, drawing charts and using the speech commands.
Techniques for advanced BASIC 554pp Amiga System Programmer's Guide A corTvorersive gjde to ihe rner wortuigG d ytxx AmQa Abacus Amiga C for Beginmt on introduction to lea language of choice a miga jxogrammers. Unlika the exainplos here an geared to the Amiga.
Finally stho language elements o language ho that you use the C library roul pular a to am how tl « compiler wo 280pp re.
Hardware and software aspects of the Amiga. Covers the EXEC ond its structure, handling I O requosts ond the interrupts, managing the Amiga's resources and multitasking functions, more.
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The SIX months ago 1 bought the Rom Kernal Reference Manual - my attempt to learn how to program the Amiga and become rich and famous. 1 even startud calling it the RK.M like proper programmers do. My Lattice C compiler documentation under one arm and the RKM under the other. 1 was confident of games within a fortnight. 1 was wrong. And it wasn't just because 1 couldn't type with a book under each arm.
And the Two weeks of hard graft and 1 could open screens and windows. Big deal.
A fortnight of pointing pointers and constructing structures to could produce a rectangle with my name on it. After three weeks 1 managed to get a sprite on to the display. But it was the wrong colour and wouldn't go whore I wanted.
Ugly 1 decided that programming the Amiga was too difficult for me. And went back to the comfort of my little friend, the ZhO. Sure. I kept using the Amiga, mostly for word processing and playing with ray tracing, but that nagging feeling was still there.
The little voice in my head said: "Why aren't you programming? You spent all that money on a brilliant computer, and you aren't using it properly!"
"Naff off. 1 said. "I'm busy. And besides. 1 tried once and it was too hard".
Time passed. After a few months 1 was tired of watching games fall into Creen's In Tray. I could write games too. 1 knew I could. 1 wasn't stupid • 1 knew how to program. There must be some trick to programming the Amiga that didn't involve the mind-numbing complexity of integrating Intuition with Kemighan and Ritchie. 1 decided to give it another go.
So last week 1 bought another book and today I am almost half way through my first game. OK. So it’s not a commercial product, but it will work, looks good and will be all my own work. What more could 1 ask?
And what was the book 1 bought?
How to write a gome in one easy lesson, by Jez San? Nope.
Fifty ways of being brilliant on the Amiga by Jolyon Ralph? Not quite.
(Although I admit that his articles in Amiga Computing definitely put me on the right track.)
How to program and be cool by Green? Definitely not. Well, only a quick glance.
It was the official Hardware Reference Manual, and it opened my eyes to the Amiga. Later the same day 1 got it. 1 was already playing with screens and bitplanes. The day after 1 was animating sprites. It was easy - and I had hardly ever used 68000 machine code before.
So that you can see the difference between methods. I'll show you how to display a screen with Intuition in C and how to do it from the hardware and assembler. It is entirely possible to use Intuition from assembler, but this is an ugly way of doing things.
Intuition was designed to be used from C. and using another language makes things even more difficult than they already are. You can interface with the OS using languages such as FIRST wo choose the resolution.
This can be 320 or 640 pixels in the horizontal and 256 or 512 lines in vertical resolution. The flicker caused by the 512 line interlace when used with simple graphics screens is normally prohibitive.
The number of colours we require specifies how many bitplanes we need. A bitplane is a binary representation of a screen or sprite.
What is a bit plane?
If only a single bitplane is used, the image is in monochrome and each pixel is either on or off.
00001110000 00001110000 00000100000 00011111000 00000100000 00001010000 00010001000 00100000100 Pascal or even Basic, but C is preferred.
The eternal question: Should we program the good way. Using legal operating system calls, or the bad way.
Dump the OS and talk to the hardware? To mis-quote: 'To use the OS. Or not to use OS. That is the question. Whether to suffer the structures and libraries of outrageous Intuition, or to take up assembler against the sea of registers".
The answer is simple. It's "Yes". We should use both, depending on the application. To write multi-tasking software that integrates into the Amiga way of doing things requires legality or coding and great perseverance.
It is true systems programming - the sort of systems programming that professional programmers in the real world of Pcs and VAXs and UNIX use everyday. It’s also the sort of programming that pays between £15 and £25K a year, so it's not to be scoffed at.
But if you want to write a game, well then the only sensible approach is to drop the OS and play with the custom chips. This approach is one which I fully endorse to budding Amiga programmers.
Yes, it’s a bit, well, rude. Yes, it’s dumping the most powerful and To get more than two colours, we overlay several bitplanes.
This involves setting up another bitplane in an separate area of memory and telling the hardware the the screen display will use both planes to generate the picture. Now each pixel has two related bits in memory from which to generate colour information.
With two bits, we have four possible numbers, and so four colours. Similarly with three bitplanes we have eight colours, with four bitplanes 16 colours and with five bitplanes 32 colours.
Point to remember: Each bitplane takes up the same amount of memory, and a five bitplane. Hi-res interlaced image uses a LOT of space.
There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.
Complicated operating system ever written for a home computer. But by its very nature Intuition takes timo to master.
Writing a program with it is not the best way to get to know the hardware.
It's a good way to get to know Intuition, but it’s also a good way to got totally bogged down and givo up.
Only by understanding and becoming familiar with the copper and tho blitter will you be aware of what is possible. And it is only by talking to the hardware directly that you will understand what is going on.
Therefore don’t be afraid of reading and writing custom chip registers.
What is the copper?
The copper is a co-processor (copper, co-processor, geddit?)
Which ticks along in the background helping out the 68000.
It is a simple beast, and only executes three types of instructions. The most common instruction is equivalent to a 68000 MOVE.W. and as it it synchronised to the Amiga's screen display. It is mainly used is writing to the custom chips that control screen modes and sprites.
They are there to enable you, the user- cum-programmur, to make the most of your machine.
If you have arrived at the Amiga via another home computer and know machine code well, then buy the Hardware Reference Manual and a copy of Devpac. From the inside, the Amiga is very easy to program indeed.
The custom chips are all there to help you.
Don't waste time developing a brilliant new sprite routine, the Amiga gives you as many hardware sprites as you need. Techies might argue that there is a limit of eight per pixel line.
This is no worry. You won't need more.
Setting up backdrops for graphics?
Just use Deluxe Paint and you're flying. And if you are apprehensive about the chango over from 8 bit assembler to 16 bit - don't be. 68000 code is as simple as Basic compared to other codes. You have eight data registers and eight address registers to play with, and more addressing modes than you would know what to do with.
If you are experimenting with Amiga machine code it is unlikely that you will try to use a non-existent opcode, because opcodes exist to cover nearly every eventuality. Talking to the hardware is only a matter of writing and reading from memory addresses which happen to be mapped on to the custom chips. )ust like on a C64.
If you are totally now to programming, you have a long road ahead of you. Ploughing through AinigaBasic - or bettor still, HiSoft Basic - will provide you with a thorough grounding in programming skills. You will even be able to play with the blitter without worrying about poking around in the hardware.
But you will need an inquiring mind and a good book to learn machine code on the Amiga.
1 really wish that tho demo writers would stop amazing everyone (yawn) and write some useful programs or fun games. OK, it might take slightly longer and require some thought, but at least a game would serve a purpose.
We know the Amiga is capable of nice graphics and wonderful sound.
We know that the copper is good for lots of coloured lines. Now go away and don't come back until you have something 1 can shoot at. Or better still, just let me get on with writing my own game.
68000 machine code for assembly programmers UNDERSTANDING 68000 code is best done by baying a good assembler, a good book and hacking away. The Motorola beastie has lots of 32 bit registers, eight data registers and eight address registers to be exact.
The instruction to get data into them is MOVE.
MOVE.B 10.do Move a byte 10' into data register 0 MOVE.W $ 1000,d2 Move 16 bit word contents of hex 1000 into d2 MOVE.L plop.a0 Move 32 hit address of label plop into address register 0 LEA.L TABLE,al Load Effective Address of table into an address register, lust like MOVE.L TABLE,al but faster.
GOTOing is achieved using BRA (for BRAnch). You can branch on conditions ons such as Equal or Not Equal by using instructions such as BEQ or BNE.
JSR or BSR will call a subroutine, and RTS will return, Easy.
Opening screens with Intuition and Assembler Intuition and C To open a screen under Intuition you must construct C structures to handle all input and output. These structures are then used by calls to Libraries of operating systems functions, which are used to open a screen or whatever.
ScreenO=(struct Screen *) • Exaapte Dr09r*B to opan a nan screen • open_t he_sc reen( y,u,h ,d,co I ourO, colour 1,mode,name)
• include eiec types.h
• include intu tion intuition.h CloseScreen(ScreenO);
CioseLibrary(IntuitionBase); ) SHORT y,u,h,d; struct
IntuitionBase 'IntuitionBase; struct Screen 'HyScreen; SHORT
aode; UBYTE •naie colour0 colour1; void delay_func(); • Open
Intuition Library * IntuitionBase=(struct IntuitionBase *)
OpenLibrary("intuit ion. Library" 0); if (IntuitionBase==NULL)
eiit (FALSE); I* Open a Screen • name='Hy Screen";
y=0;-=640;h=200 d-3;colour0:0;colour1=1; mode=lORES;
open_the_screen(y w h d cl0 cl1 «ode na«e) UBYTE cl0,cl1,*name;
SHORT y,u,h,d; USHORT node; struct NeuScreen NeuScreen; Left
Edge=0; NevScreen NeuScreen NeuScreen NeuScreen NeuScreen
NeuScreen NeuScreen NeuScreen NeuScreen NeuScreen NeuScreen
NeuScreen NeuScreen TopEdge=y; ,Width=w; Height;h; Depth-d;
DetailPen=clO; Bloc k Pen=c 11; . VieuHodes-tode;
Type-'CUSTOHSCREEN; Font=NULL; DefaultTitle=NULL; Gadgets-NULL;
CustomBitHap-NULl; return(OpenScreenUNeuScreen)); Assembler
Opening a screen by writing directly to the custom chips and
setting up a copper list to keep the screen addresses updated.
It is much simpler to get working than the Intuition system -
just don't expect it to multi-task.
• include custom.header move.I SCREEN,dO • move.u d0,pl1l suap
dO move.u dO pUh lea CUSTOMO move.u •SO,BPLCON1(aO) move.u
SO,BPLlNOD(aO move.u •S2c81 DIHSTRT(aO move.u
•S2cc1 DIUSTOP(aO) move.u •S58,DDFSTRT(aO move.u
• Definitions of labels * Set screen pointers •
* The start of chippery.
* Define limits of screen
* by writing directly to
* harduare registers.
* AlI these numbers are
* well documented in the GFXNAHE dc.b "graphics.library",0 SCREEN
incbin "screenbitmap" * Load a prepared screen map
* Harduare guide. * move.I •neu COPPERLIST * Patch in Neu
copperlist * rts neu: dc.u BPLC0N0,S1200 • The neu copperlist *
dc. u BPL1PTH pUh dc.u SO
dc. u BPL1PTL plU dc.u 0
dc. l COPPER.HALT • End of copperList * DEAL DIRECT ALL OUR
LIFETIME GUARANTEE Commodore AMIGA 500 computer Batman pack
includes: Batman, Interceptor, Deluxe Paint II & The New
Zealand Story, Workbench 1.3, Mouse & Modulator.....£349.99
512K Ram Expansion & Battery backed clock ...£99.00 Commodore
AMIGA A501 Internal 512K to 1Meg Ram Expansion & Clock
Card......£125.00 Commodore 1 Meg 3.5" Disk Drive A1010- Thru
Port external power from AMIGA - AMIGA colour
coordinated .....£89.99 AMIGA 500 Dust
Cover ....£2.50 Cheetah
125 + Joystick ....£5.99
AMIGA Parallel Centronics Printer Cable ......£3.50
AMIGA 4 Player
Adaptor ..£4.95
3. 5" x 80 Holder lockable disk storage
box .....£5.99
NO NAME 50 X 3.5” DS DD 135 tpi 880K 1Meg
Disks ...£24.99 SONY 100 X
3.5” DS DD 135 tpi 880k 1Meg
disks £63.00
Tel: 0533 471485 - 24 Hour Hotline or Post Cheque Payable to
Midland Microsoft Mail Order Div, Ground Floor, Unit 22,
Sykefield Ave, Leicester, LE3 OLB.
MINIMUM ORDER £15.00 THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES LTD Amiga A5X . Batpack . £369.00 £386.00 ..Call for details Amiga A500 . Batman Pack . Tonstar Option .
Amiga A2000 full UK spec machine ... A500 HARO DRIVES Xetec Hard Drives are the fastest hard drives for the A500 & A2000 Commodore A590 22 Meg_____ £385.00 £499.00 £649.00 £599.99 £699.00 £799.00 £999. X ..£1995.00 £39900 £495 X £599 X £649 X £799X £949 X £1859® £7999 £339 X f’49X £699X £1099X £24999 £•49 X £37999 £39999 ..£169.99 ..£215.X ..£199.99 I VS 32 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Parte..... Xetec 45 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park .
I VS 50 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park.. Xetec 65 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park----------------- Xetec 85 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park ..... Xetec 109 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park .. Xetec 251 Meg. Full SCSI 25 Milliseconds Head Park .. A2000 HARD DRIVES Xefec »wig f-Jl SCS 24 Mu isecondi -aac Pam 45 Wag Full SCSI ?S Mi isecoids -ead Jam 50 Mag full SCSI 25 M. isaconO -aac “am 65 Mag Ml SCSI 25 M. isaconjs -aac ’am 85 Mag Ml SCSI 25 Ml i soon Is “aac ’am I OS
Mag Ml SCSI 25 Mhiseconcs lead Pam 251 Me; Ml SCSI 25 MiliieconM Heac Pam AMIGA A500 & A2Q00 RAM UPGRADES Amiga A500 I Mag Ram upgrade : nc dock 6 iwtif) Amiga A500 2 Mag In lama Ran fipanvr Ipoouefedl Amiga ASX 2 Mac n»rj Ram tapans cr (unpoojatec) Amiga ASX a 0 Mag liHtma Ram Exoarso- Amiga ASX 8 0 Meg hum* Ram iiparscr Amiga ASX 8 0 Meg BoarO ex card! R 2 a arc 8 increments (tanas lit ) HAMS impeculates) Amiga ASX 2 Mag I item* Ram Exoans an (unpopiaiaei Amiga ASX 2 Mac Externa Ram tipans xs (pcdiiatad: Golem 22 Me; Full SCSI 2S M. secoa» “ead nan Star LC-10 Monc Printer _______ Star LC-10
Colcur Printer Star LC-24-10_____________________ £30 i Buy the combined package of the HiSoft Basic Compiler and Hisoft's award-winning Extend library for less than the price of the compiler alone I FLOPPY DRIVES FOR THE AMIGA A500 ? 2000 Internal 1 Meg Floppy Drive. Direct replacement.. 1 Meg External 82 track court.. 1 Meg External with Track Counter______
5. 25 with Track Display ----------
5. 25 without Traak Display------------
Iga .....£149.99 irt
MC68881. Otlers shuttering gives a whole new outlook on your
Processor Acceleralor16 MH; Accelerator will su| £519.X £11.X
Aeg Expansle irade Chips... on Populated 4 Megs £34.99 £79.99
from machine or external source. Up to 4 megs ot desk cache or
system memory can be installed.Otlers transfer rates up to
twice that ot ASM. Board can De removed and used In A20X al a
later date ottering future expansion
- ......£199.99 ALF MEM drive
kit tor ASX. Otlers support ot ST5X IBM PC ddves. Available
with or without power supply and endosure. Host Doard and
controller available. Entire kit Including Enclosure host
board and controller auto boot roms cables and software.
- .....£299.99 ALF RLL Idt available
at Ihe same price lor people with REL IBM ST5X type
drives---------------------- .....
...... £299.99 A500 ALF controller and host Doard
without power supoy and enclosure £199.99 ASX ALF host board
will accept standard PC hard card lull software Including
enclosure lor
Dost .-
-----------------------£129.99 Toolbox 3 slot or 2 slol box
available, allows Ihe A5X user lo have A20X power al ASX
prices, the toolbox dips onlo the side ol Ihe A5X and allows
support ol A20X products on the A5X. Eg: 8 meo ram board, hard
card, 68020 accelerator Doard.
Features 2 or 3 slots 40 watt supply, on of! Power. ----------------------- E299.X Unit 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan WN6 OXQ Tel: 0257 472444 Fix: 0257 426577 We accept Bank Draft*. Company ind Pwaonal Ctoouea and atoo Accaaa and aVba Card* All prices include VAT al 15%. A lull warranty la offered on U product*. Al prices correct at time ol going lo prws We raserve if right lo alter price* fc.OC_I Y-J Professional Monochrome Digitiser Low Medium and High Res .....£149.99 RGB Splitter tor colour cameras allows hill colour digitising . £99.99
Minigen Amiga ASX 8. A20X Genlock ...... £95.99 Protessional Genlock Overscan, Fader. Dullt m RGB Splitter too many features to list ----------------- Rendale 8802 Genlock .
CompalaDllity with software 8-16 MH; switch .
Replacement Amiga Mouse ASX & A20X -------- ....£24.99 A-Max Mac Emulator Roms - .. £249.99 Amiga A20X 8 Meg Expansion BoaJd (Unpopulated) E149.99 Amiga A20X 8 Meg Expansion Populated 2 Megs ..E349.X
D. I.Y. kits to Interface embedded SCSI hard drive or IBM PC ST5X
drive lo Amiga ASX or Amiga A20X.
Trumocard includes power supply, enclosure, software, auto-hoot roms. Will accept 3.2S Inch embedded SCSI drive any capacity. Simply plugs into side ol ASX can draw power £49900 £19500 Microtexl Telelext Adaptors Guilt In tunir ... £139.99 X-Specs 30 Glasses, excellent tor Cad Cam Liquid Crystal ¦ - ' urAml jpport I Detween 45-50% more performance whilst maintaining complete Vlnis protection device, eliminates all viruses .. Llghtpen tor Amiga A5X . 20X . ______CS4 99 £99 99 £124 99
- - £14999 £129 99 Amiga A20X 8 Mi Amiga A5X Upgi NEW PRODUCTS
.£149.99 ? 50 functions and subprograms ? Load and Save
IFF pictures ? Use all the commands in your own programs
Together both programs would usually set you back almost £100,
as a special offer to Amiga Computing readers both programs are
available for just £69.95. ? Runs up to 30 times faster than
Amiga Basic ? Produces stand alone programs ? Compatible with
PC Quick Basic & Amiga Basic ? Supplied with a high quality
manual ? No upper limit to program or data size ? Multi-tasking
editor and compiler Hisoft Basic is THE language to get you
started with programming the Amiga.
Hisoft extend is the natural enhancement tor Hisoft Basic users SEE ORDER FORM ON PAGE 113 Hisoft Basic is easy to use TONY “ZAX" PALMER says: Please could you include this cheat for Stormlord in your brill mag. When playing the game type in CHEAT for unlimited lives and again to turn it off.
Press space to pause the game. B to jump higher and L to skip to the next level.
FRASER BAIN says: Once Iho game has loaded completely, start a game then hold down the C. Then press the fire button and push the joystick to the right simultaneously, and let go. This will give you infinite lives for that Ki||er a E a MTH says; 1 tried to test these on the office copy but since this was pre- production it didn’t work.
No worries Max Tennant tackles football, driving and other problems PHIUP RICHARDSON says; If you are playing in a league and lose a match do not insert Reel 2 at the prompt, just switch off.
Next time you boot up the game you can replay the match.
DAVE KYLE says: You can warp from level six to level eight by placing three platforms in the correct positions. The action takes place in an area with many ventilators where the railing is missing in the lower right comer. If you place one platform in each row the warp will be activated.
You can warp from level four to 11 by smashing all the eggs. To get to the egg area you must buy one repair set and place it to the right of the middle arrow. Then it is possible to roll over the abyss until you reach the egg aroa.
To warp from level 14 to 18 you must smash the correct eggs. In the big egg area you have to roll a M into the separated zone and a G into the separated zone to the right. You arc not allowed to smash any other eggs.
You can warp from level two to 20 by smashing the correct eggs in the egg area. You have to smash all the eggs near the railing. You are not allowed to smash any others.
The warps get bigger and better. You can warp from level three to level 24 by placing threo platforms in the correct positions. Near the starting point you will find three repair set shops and to the right a small abyss area. The warp is activated by placing all three platforms in the middle row.
The best warp I've found is from level one to level 33 (the bonus level). Near the start of the game there are two passages with holes and a blue diamond and a yellow key behind them. Just past these .
¦ HINTS ¦ PAUL RAMSELL says: This tip for Domark's Hard Drivin' will be a great belp to anyone struggling to complete the speed lap in less than two minutes and challenge the Phantom Photon.
When the game loads select Manual Shift (No clutch) and start. As you move off up the hill under the start light get into fourth gear as soon as possible by using the number keys on the main keyboard. Stay in the righthand lane.
When you reach the top of ihe hill your car should leave the road for a second. The speedo will flip around to 140 mph. Before you land, quickly press the N key to put the car into neutral. You will now be able to complete the course without skidding or having to brake.
If your time runs out you will be able to keep going at the same speed, even if the tone of the engine drops to atickover.
Selecting neutral at any stage will stop you from skidding and will maintain your speed regardless of the amount of time remaining. Once you have passed a checkpoint you will still be awarded extra time. So if time runs out quickly press N and wait until the next checkpoint before accelerating again.
The stunt course is a little different, because while using neutral works in most places, the loop is an exception. Select first gear just before you enter the loop and as you leave it accelerate quickly and again select neutral in time for the banking.
C SHAUN FORSTER says: •a When making a run from O the centre or goal kick.
RO flick the joystick on to auto-fire and keep «s* running ii a straight line.
You should be able to take the ball past opposing players with no trouble at all.
L* c Once you are past ' c them and are sure that no 05 one else can tackle you.
* «« turn off the auto-fire and CJ dribble round past the 1
GAME KILLER is always on the lookout for hot tips, so if you have found a cheat mode, bug or written a poke then drop it in the post - on disc if it is a long listing. If your work is used I'll send you a game drawn at random from the goodies box and a Write to Max I have supplied tips pokes cheats for Name..... Address.
Konix joystick.
To speed up getting the prize to you please cut out. Photocopy or copy this form. It will be used as the address label to send out your parcel so please write neatly. May all your bugs be simple ones.
Landmarks is a toolkit shop with a hole behind it. Buy the kit and fill the hole to activate the warp.
In addition to the warps there are several puzzles to be solved. Here are some of them. Smash all the eggs on levels two. Five. 11.12 and 14. On Level two roll over all the fragile floors making holes.
Telephone.. 1 confirm that the information 1 have supplied is mine, it hasn't been published elsewhere and I haven't sent it to anyone else.
Send this form to Max "The Hax" Tennant. Game Killer. Amiga Computing.
Second Floor. North House. 78-84 Ongar Road. Brentwood. Essex. CM 15 9BG.
Signature . Date ......; ...... T' SOFTIV1ACHIIME A500 BAT PACK Amiga 500 11.3 ROM) Mouse . P.S.U. Modulator . Loads Workbench 1.3 Basic t 3 . Extras The Very First Tutorial Introduction to the A500 WB 1.3 Supplement Amiga Basic Batman. Interceptor New Zealand Story Deluxe Pamt II £372.99_ A500 BATPACK ?
Pack 1 plus the following kari Warnor* . Ineanily Fight Mercenary 1 . An ol Chess Terr or pods • Thunder cats SumucwM Staiith Phi Mouse Mat Mousa Bracket 10 TDK MF2DD Disks 80 Capacity Disk Storage Box
3. 5* Head Cleaner A500 Dust Cover ONLY C25‘ (wc« p* Arriga
V. A.T. ANO DELIVERY (U.K. ONLY) Courier Overseas rates on
request Please ring lor prices availability on pay ha Please
make cheque pottal orders payable to SOFTMACHINE. All prices
are inclusive ot V AT.
All prices subject lo change without notice AN items subject to availability E.AO.E. SOFTMACHINE Dept AMC 3, 36 Guernsey Road, Sunderland SR4 9RR. Telephone: 091 385 7928 See our Advertisement in Last or Next Month s Amiga Computing tor Business.
Productivity Software A2000 SYSTEM 1 Arrvga 2000 A1084 Monitor A2090 20Mb Hard Drive PHONE Wh4e stocks last' A2000 SYSTEM 2 Amiga 2000 A1084 Monitor A2088 PC-XT Bndgeboard A?092 20Mb MS DOS Hard Dnve PHONE - While stocks last* Arrsga 500 • A1084S £592 99 A590 20Mb Hard Dnve £372 99 A501 Rambp Clock RING A520 Modulator_£24 99 MPSl230Pnnter £143 99 A1084 Colour Montor £222 99 A1900M Mono Maxtor £99 99 A1010 Dak Dnve £9199 A1352 Mouse £3399 A2000 P0A A2000 i A1084S P0A A2024 HiRes Mono Monitor P 0 A A20I0 Inlemal Dnve P0A A2090 20Mb Hard Dnve P0A A2093 20Mb A bod Dnve P0A A209540MbA boot Dnve P0A
A2092 20Mb MS-DOS DnvePO A A2088 PC-XT Bndoeboard P0A A2286 PC-AT Bndgeboard P0A A2058 Ram Expansion P0A A2620 68020 68881 P0A A2621 Unix Card P0A A2300 Genlock P0A A2350 Pro! Video Adaptor P0A A2032 PAL Comp Wd Card P0A 1 CAMERAS LENSES ] Htachi HV720 £193 99 Panasonic WV1500 £179 99 8mm lens £44 00 16mm lens £36 00 PttnwM ~| Colourpic £433 99 Otgtpic £182 99 Otgtvtew Gold £126 99 Rombo Vidi-Amoa £89 99 Superptc £519 99 Genlocks Maxigen RING Mmioen £97 99 Rendale 8802 £25199 Rendak 8806_£71999 Graphic Taiiets Cherry A3 Tablet £488 99 CRP A4 Tablet £359 99 Easyf A4 Tablet_£269 99 I Disk Driyej
- Floppy 1 Disk Dniyes -Harp Amdrrve 30Mb_______£372 Amdnve 50Mb Vorlex 40Mb I Midi Equipment ECE Midi Interlace 1‘ Mdi Master Interface Omega Mdi interface triphtrals not listed. (Full price list on request) Monitor!
Quadram 14" MSI422 £474 99 I Mouse Controllers j contriver Mouse lor Amga £24 99 [ Printers - Matrix 1 Crliren Swift 24 £327 99 Epson LQSOO £369 99 Epson LX800 £227 99 Setkosha SL-8QA1 24 £277 99- SeAosha SP-180AI £135 99 Star LC-10 £166 99 Star LC-10 Colour £217 99 Star LC24-10_£268 99 Printers-Ink Jet Printers - Laser Scanners AMAS £74 99 Futuresound £79 99 Perfect Sound £68 99 Cables Cent Printer - Deluxe £9 99 PERIPHERALS ACCESSORIES BOOKS MODEM! I I ...S*MPIER!
Oemon II £94 99 Deserter £10399 Imnel £144 99 innef 1200 £224 99 Mraccm WS3000 £339 99 Mracom WS4000 £224 99 AMIGA HARDWARE Cent Pnntec - Std £7 99 Dnve Momtor Ext £14 99 Four-Way Adaptor £5 99 Mid. £4 99 RS232 M-M M-F F-F Deluxe£lO 99 RS232 M M M-F T-F Sid £8 99 Scan £1099 | Blank Disks OS DO | Af™a Gui.. Amiga Prog Compulr 10 x Sony Bulk Unbranded £10 99 10 x Sony Branded £13 99 i» TDK f Disk Storase Head Cleaner_ 35*40Capacity Box £899 3 5‘ 80 Capacity Box £9 99 3 5* 150 Posso Box £19 99
3. 5* Mead Cleaner £4 99 MISCELLANEOUS Accessories Control Centre
£45 99 Oust Cover A500 £5 99 Oust Cover A1900M £599 Oust Cover
A1084 1084S £5 99 Monitor Stand - Philips £1699 Monitor Stand
- Universal £19 99 Mouse Bracket £3 99 Mouse Cover £7 99 Mouse
Mat c w Amga Logo £5 99 Pnnler Stand . £1399 H« (
Advanced Amiga Basic £18 95 Amiga 30 Graphics Prog £1845 Amga
Applications £16 95 Amga Assembly Lang ProgflO 80 Amga Base
insde & Oul £18 95 Anvga C Ad» Programmers £22 95 Amiga C for
Beginners £1845 Amiga DOS Inside 8 Out £18 45 Amiga DOS Manual
£22 95 Amiga DOS Ref Guide £14 95 Amiga Dnves Inside & Out £27
95 Amiga For Beginners £12 95 Amga Handbook £1595 Amga Mach
Lang Gtade £2195 Amga Machme Language £14 95
• ia M S BASIC Prog mde ...£1845 Guide - £1745 Amiga Prog
Guide - Weber£18 45 Amiga Tn3s & Tips £14 95 Begxiners Gu.de
lo* £16 95 Computes islBook* £16 95 Compute s 2nd Book* £16 95
Elementary Amoa BASIC £14 95 Hardware Ref Man £22 95 Inside
Amoa Graphics the Amiga wilh C Intuition Ref Manual £16 95 £20
95 £22 95 £13 95 £23 95 £23 95 £23 95 £28 95 Inside It
Kickstarl Guide Programmers Gude lo* Prog Handbook Vd 1 Prog
Handbook Vd 2 Rom Kemal Ref Man - Autod Rom Kemal Ref Man -
Exec Rom Kemal Ref Man Lib System Prog Gide 68000 Asseml
Programmng T 40 Great Right Suns £9 95 40 More Great Flight
Sims £14 95 Flying Right Simulator £7 95
- ---- £9 95 £14 95 £14 95 £14 95 £12 95 Academy er School II lo
Yes, for £1.00, you can sample.the disk that has made 17 BIT Britain's leading Amiga public domain suppliers. On receipt of your cheque, we will send you - 17 BIT UPDATE 11 - containing: ? 3 PIECES OF AMAZING MUSIC ? ? THE LATEST VIRUS KILLERS ?
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NOW TAKEN AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS ¦ AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS ¦ AMIGA SPECIAL OFFERS Street Fighter ...... ......5.99 FM2 Epansion Kit ... 5.99 Road Blasters 5 99 Warlocks Quest ...... 3.99 Drum Studio...... 4 99 Gold Runner ... 4.99 Joe Blade...... 4 99 Gold Runner 2 5.99 Joe Blade 2...... 4 99 Leather Necks . 6 99 Into Eagles Nest...... ......4 99 Jug . 5.99 War
Machine..... . . 499 Bards Tale 7.99 Hollywood Poker 4 99 Space Quest 3 . .....19.99 Karting Grand Prix .... 3 99 Dominator 599 Ice Hockey...... .....3.99 Phantasm . 3 99 Grid Start...... 4 99 Hyper Dome .... 3.99 Destroyer...... 9 99 Manhunter in NY .... 9.99 Nebulous ..... .599 Gold Rush 9.99
Custodian .. ......5.99 Pioneer Plague 4.99 Nether World..... ......5.99 Foundations Waste 4.99 Turbo Cup (+ car)..... 7 99 F29 Retaliator .
20. 99 Fight Path 737 ., 4 99 Xenon
2 ...
15. 99 Jinxter .. 9 99 Player
Manager ......
13. 99 Corruption..... 9 99
Rampage .. 6.99
LED Storm..... .. 5 99 Legend
. 7.99
Rocket Ranger . ......9.99 Phantasie
3 ...... 9.99
4. 99 Treasure Island Dizz 4.99
Pacland .
6 99 Commando ......
13. 99 Roger Rabbit ... ......7.99
On Slaught ......
15. 99 Saint and Greavsey . ......6.99
Double Dragon 2 .....
14. 99 Time Scanner ... ......7.99
Postman Pat .... 7.99
Targhan ......9.99
Fun School 2 Under 6 .
12. 99 Speedball 9 99 Fun School 2 6-8 ....
12. 99 Predator ......6.99
Fun School 2 8-12 ..
12. 99
P. O.W..... 11 99 Bloodmoney .....
15. 99 Fish ... 9 99 Robbeary ..
......4.99 Archipelagos ....
Advanced Ski Sim ...
9. 99 ......4.99 Indy Jones Last Crusade ....
Ferrari Formula One
16. 95
16. 95 Lords of the Rising Sun..... 11 99
Cabal .....
16. 95 F-18 Interceptor ......
11. 99 Super Wonderboy ...
15. 95 Space Quest , 9 99
Interphase .
15. 99 Leather Goddess...... .. .4 99 Lombard
Rally .
14. 99 Phantam Fighter..... 4 99 Microprose
Soccer .
15. 95 Police Quest . 999 North and
South .....
15. 95 Outrun ..
......7.99 Days of the Pharaoh ...
15. 95 World Class Leaderboard Soldier of Light......
7. 99 7 99 Beast (Shadow of) .. Space
Ace .
24. 95
29. 95 Alien Syndrome 7 99 Hard
Drivin ......
15. 95 Star Goose ......4.99 .
Chase HQ .. ....15.95
Wicked .. ......5.99
Continental Circus ...
13. 95 Dungeon Master (1 Meg)... 15 95
Bomber .
20. 95 Fernandez Must Die .5.99 Manchester
United ..
15. 95 Blasteroids
......6.99 Fighting Soccer
.15.95 Phobia .. . 6 99 Sim
City .19.95 Football
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Untouchables 16.99
Bloodwych .15.99
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Spirit ...13.95
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Stryx ...15.99
Bloodwych Data Disk 9.99 We offer a
fast reliable service. Cheque's P.O.'s to: CASTLE SOFTWARE
Any games not listed phone our Hotline now on 0782 575043
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rcouire 75p towards P&P.
Over £6.00 P&P Free
* Please confirm availability before ordering 69 70 Marsden Court
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but special offers always available in the shops Other shops
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THIS CAMPAIGN IS ORGANISED BY ELSPfl EUROPEAN LEISURE SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION Any information on piracy PIRACY IS THEFT should be passed to The Federation Against Software Theft.
Telephone 01-240 6756 AMIGA 500 LOW COST RAM UPGRADE At Oft, s inc.VAT & delivery ONLY £69.
All prices inclu VAT and Delivery 512K RAM CLOCK EXPANSION FEATURES : ft Direct replacement for the A501 expansion ft Auto-recharging battery backed Real-time Clock ft Compact unit size : Ultra-neat design ft Uses only 4 D-RAMs for High Reliability ft Low power consumption RAM expansion without clock, only ... £59.00
3. 5'" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Teac Citizen drive mechanisms
adapter .£95.00
Omega Projects MIDI Interlace, Including 30’ serial cable
£29.95 Contriver Hi-Res Mouse. Includes Mouse Mat & Pocket
£22.95 A500 Dust
Cover £4.95
ITT CR3228 16 5* FST TV Monitor me 'envcor trd & cab* £229 CC
PhUpe CM8833 14*cdour monitor, suits »Or Amiga 500 £2?9 00 OFA
BASIC Verson 3--------- £49 00 Home Aooounts £18 96 Kind Words
Version ' £37 95 Superbasa Personal £69 00 &jpert ase
Professional £179 00 Soper Plan
.... £74 95 ' mi
•* :¦ vil )i M pac-ayn £00 sx: Won* Perfect £163 00 An
AMIGA COMPUTING Gold Medal winner - allows Amiga users to
emulate a Mac Plus In order to run Apple Mac and Mac Plus
Mac disks can be read directly in when an external Mac Drive is connected to the cartridge hardware. Runs at least as last as a Mac Plusl Software compatible with the A-Max Includes MacPaint. MacDraw (V142). MacWrite.
Pagemaker (V142) plus all versions of System.
A-Max without 2 x Mac 128K ROMs ... £129.00 A-Max WITH 2 x Mac 120K ROMs £249.00 A-MAX MACINTOSH EMULATOR F F=tlNTEFtS ah -include VAT delivery & cable
• Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000
• Teac Citizen drive mechanism
• On OH switch on rear ot drive
• Throughport connector
• One megabyte unformatted capacity
• Slimline design
• Very quiet
• Long cable for location either side ot computer
• Full 12 months guarantee Ultra low price!
Inc. VAT and delivery LC10 provides 4 NLQfonts (96 pdnt L flly Llb .UU combinations) at 36cps and 144o» draft. Colour version also available.
Includes 4K buffer and IBM paralfol inter- Oralw OH face, front panel operation, plus paper Limy LzlO.UU partung, allowing single sheets to be used Prices Include 2 extra Without removing tractor paper._black ribbons free of charge.
• •• .;IM ¦’ li ' ..... ¦ • • Star LC24-15 wide carriage version
of LC24-10. 200 67cps .£409.00 Star
LC15 wide carriage version of LC10.
180 45cps £329.00 Star LC-10
Mk.ll faster version of LC10. 180 45cps
£199.00 Olivetti DM100S 9-pin
10* printer 200 30 cps Inc 1 year on-site warranty I....
£129.95 Panasonic KXP1081 reliable - sturdy 9pln 10* printer
120 24 cps £159.00 Panasonic KXP1100 super new
feature-packed multifont 9pin 11* ... £179.00
Panasonic KXP1124 new good specification multitonl 24 pin
11* ..£269 00 NEC P2200 budget 24 pin
160 S6q» .£279.00
Epson LX400 (was LX800) 10* 100 25
cps .....£179.00
Epson LQ550 good 24pln
15(V50cps .....
£319.00 vortex system 2000 40 Mb hard disks Low Cost 5.25"
External Drive The RF542C is a high quality 525* drive
compatible to the Amiga. Capable ol a number of configurations
including 40 80 track switching. 360 720K format, giving full
'Transformer' compatibility. Colour matched to tlve Amiga,
quiet in operation, and Includes a throughport connector.
_____ These high specification units otter versatile high capacity storage suitable lor use with the Amiga 500 or 1000. Autobooting capability, a formatted capacity ot over 42Mb.
With an average access lime ol 45ms. Includes cables. Amiga interlace module, plus utilities software Including hard disk backup.
System 2000 40Mb Hard Disk Package £499.00 DOUBLE TAKE!
PYE 15” TV MONITOR (MODEL 2325) ONLY £269.00 price Includes VAT, delivery and cable
3. 5” Disks 10 Bulk packed DS DD 3.5" disks with labels, fully
guaranteed ..£ 9.95 25 bulk disks as
above ......£22.95 10 disks as above with
plastic case £11.95 25 disks as above, with 40 capacity
lockable storage unit ...£29.95 Kodak
DS DD 3.5' disks, top quality storage media. Box ot
10 ...£17.95 Evesham Micros | All prices
include VAT end delivery. Express Courier delivery E5.00
extra. | fwl Send cheque, Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card
details Evesham Micros Ltd UNIT 9. ST. RICHARDS ROAD EVESHAM
WORCS WR11 6XJ © 0386-765500 fax 0386-765354 |“! | Phone us
with your MM ACCESS or VISA Govt., educ. & PLC orders welcome
Same day despatch whenever possible All goods subject lo
availability, E.&O.E. Open lo callers 6 days, 9-3O-5J0 Ldid
duUili on Fv. 1 s 0386-765500 Reiail 1702 Penbore Road,
Colteridge, Birmingham B30 3BH Tel: 021 458 4564 £o?t • 5
Gteo» Koad' Cambridge CBI 2HA Tel: 0223 323898 Design the game
of your dreams AMOS - The Game Creator is like nothing you've
ever seen before on the Amiga.
Developed by the author of the number one, bestselling STOS, AMOS stretches the Amiga to its limits. Now for the very first time you can access the awesome power of your computer with bewildering ease.
Here's just some of the things you can do: ? Screens
• Define and display up to eight screens each with its own
resolution, size in x and y, position on TV, colour palette,
and even in HAM, half-brite or dual playfield
• Clone a screen's data to another screen to create multiplayer
games with ease
• Scroll a screen simply by changing the screen offset. By
overlapping different screens you can create multi-level
parallax scrolling
• Load an IFF picture to create a screen or overlay it onto an
existing screen ? Sprites
• Create sprites with ease using the feature-packed sprite editor
• Display your creations as either hardware or software (BOB)
• Move up to a staggering 400 sprites at once thanks to AMOS's
intelligent routines. AMOS will even snap together hardware
sprites automatically when the image requires more than four
colours or exceeds 16 pixels in the x-axis
• Animate as many BOBs (Blitter Objects) as memory will allow,
definable to any size and displayed at lightning speeds with
automatic screen buffering AMAL
• Use the AMOS Animation Language to create complex sequences for
sprites or screens which compile at run- Hthe world of STOSH
With sales in excess of35,000 units, STOS has to be one of the
biggest-selling packages for the Atari ST. Users have written
shoot 'em ups, role playing games, adventures, dental
databases, financial programs - and scientists in Toronto use
STOS to conduct lightning research! In the shops you'll find
STOS Compiler, STOS Maestro (for sampled sound), STOSSprites
600, Games Galore (a collection of fourgreatSTOS games)
- and soon ST owners will be able to buy STOS Musician, STOS
Vidi Digitizer, and more.
Again Again's Gilbert - Escape from Drill was written in STOS as was Fun School 2. Three other educational software housesarecurrently usingSTOS to create innovative teaching aids.
Time and work on interrupt - up to 64 sequences possible
• Define sequences using the flexible range of commands or from
the AMAL creator accessory ? Music
• Play Soundtracker or CMC (Games Music Creator) tunes on
• Access the Amiga's sound chip directly
• Edit music with the easy-to-use music accessory ? Miscellaneous
• Modify the copper list using the built-in commands or insert
your own unique list
• Access the Amiga's graphic primitives
• Move screen areas around at blitter speed
• Super-fast window and text routines ? Editor
• Use the sophisticated scrolling editor to create programs with
lockable procedures, no line numbers and multistatement lines
• Choose from more than 400 different commands to produce the
results you want with the minimum of fuss
• Hold up to four programs and 12 accessories in memory at once
• Store music, sprites, IFF picture files and so on in memory
banks which you can load and save independently of your program
• Add new commands with ease (3D routines for example)
• Port STOS programs to your Amiga
• Works on the A500 with a single drive
• Supports hard disc drives ? What you get: AMOS Basic, sprite
editor, sprite grabber, music editor, copper list editor,
example games, Basic manual, Accessories manual, reference
card - all for jiisl £49.95!
? Please send me more information about AMOS - The Game Creator | ? Please send a demo disc, lencloseacheque postal I order for £2 payable to Mandarin Software.
Name Address Postcode Send to: Mandarin Software, Europa House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
THE SOUTH S LEADING COMPUTER EXCHANGE CENTRE We Specialise in New and Used Hardware and Software: Phone our Hotline Numbers: 01 760 0274 MAIL ORDER 01 667 0851 SHOP ? AUTOBOOTING
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All Goods subject to availability (Prices correct at time of going to press) Sabre Technologies Units 74 75, Inshops, 68 74 Church Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR01RS 1 ™ ™ ™ ¦ ¦¦ ™ ™ ™ ¦¦ Bi Hi FIRST micro HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS
Barbarian Thundercats Terrapods AMIGA A500 PHILIPS 8833 AMIGA
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Package Microblaster Autofire Microswitched Joystick 10 Blank
3.5-Disks Mouse Mat Mercenary Insanity Flight Art of Chess
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H disk £499
* All drives 1mb * on olf switch * AMIGA ACCESSORIES A501 *512k
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Amiga dusl-cover ......£6.89
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36cps and 144cps dratt. Has a large 4K bulter and IBM'paralie
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operation and features paper parking, allowing single sheets
to be used without removing tractor paper.
LC24-10 £199 PRINTERS ..£139 ..£189 Star LC24-10(24 pin) C269 Citizen 120D ...C105 Commodore MPS 1230 ...£119 Panasonic KXP1124 (24 pin) ..£279 Panasonic KXP1081------- £149 Epson LX800----- £158 Epson LQ500 .. £250 Epson EX850 ... £409 Epson FX1050 ......£382 Epson EX800..... £369 Epson EX1000 ......£419 LASERS Citizen overture.. HP LaserJet II..... ..£1299 ..£1825 A2000 HARDWARE A2000. Tmb RAM___________£869 A2000 . 1084(s) monitor . Bodge BD . 20mb Hrdisk... £1369 A2000 . 1064(5)______________£1049
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Monitor £249 I A590 20MB aulobool hard disk £375 I RAM lor
AMO, per MB ... £99 I Amdrlva 20MB SCSI hard disk £339 I
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dpi infcjot. B W £695 I HP PaintJet colour Inkjot 180 dpi £889
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disk £229 ¦ A2090A 2092 20MB autoboot h d £375 ¦ A2090A 2094
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... £ 199 ¦ Flicker Flser Mulnscan Adaptor £349 ¦ 14*
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throughporl Why not en|oy the free Teletext databasos with the
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Pages can spokon. Printed as ASCII or graphics, saved as ASCII
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As above, plus lext. Met morgo. Batch ontry etc. Wilh Forms Editor and DML programming language Pro Spreadsheet wilh business graphics, lime plannor High performance desktop WP. Now with HQ lonls Professional Page vl.3 Includes WP, Dosktop. Colour separations, CAD Excellence! WP with graphics, ihosaums, dictionary etc Arena Accounts Sales. Purchase and Nominal Ledgers plus Invoicing Personal Tax Planner UK Income Tax computation program. Irom Digita By Absofl Compiles Amiga Basic... FAST!
Backs up 20MB in 20 minutes, any Amiga hard drive Spoeds disk eccoss up to 500%. Work Bench or CU £79.»» ¦ System Programmer's Guide
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425. 00
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Sculpt-Animate 4D 3D graphics and animation lor the
professional user I Sculpt-Anlmate 4D Jr. As Sculpt 40
above, without HAM ray-tracing I Sculpt 30 XL Much I as lor
than Scuplt 3D, wilh 24-bit plane ophon I Muslc-X "Without
doubt the best piece of MIDI software lo dole" I Pro-Video
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avalablo Choice of 4 sets of 4 anti-aliased lonts. Each... I
Pro Vldso font sets I TV-Text Professional I SummaSketch
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2. Hand this form to your newsagent.
Pimm men* me a oopy ot Amlo» CompuOng magazine every month untl further notice.
? I will collect ? I would Ike It delivered to my home.
I IF YOU WANT IT TOMORROW... CALL US TODAY I ON 01-546-7256 Name_ Addreu ¦ I") Note to neneapere: Ampa Corrputty thojk! Be obraftab* tram yoor bctl whotmohr.
Or comoct Cicukllon Uwaff* on 0424 4X422 Prices we POST FREE A include VAT.
Order by phono with your credit card, or aend chequo PO or your credit car d number. Oflclal orders wolcomo. Wo dospalch samo day by FIRST CLASS posl. Please allow 5 days lor dokvtxy ol hardware orders. Prices ere quoted subject lo availability. N.r. mi LAKESIDE HOUSE. KINGSTON HILL. SURREY. KT2 70T. TEL 01-546-7256 Protect and survive?
SOFTWARE protection is a waste of time. If a disc is protected, crackers will almost certainly hack the protection out and spread the game worldwide. Protection will stop the average schoolboy from swapping the game in Ihe playground, but will lead to far more copies being spread in the cracking circuit.
Hi. I'm Ihe new mail man. Man. It's my job lo sort your scribbin s and spill Ihe beans on Ihe problems we all have when DI O: starts lo whirr. So if you've got some- _ _thing lo say. Say il lo me.
The bcsl letters will lie sent prizes of up lo £100, so gel a copy of Prolexl into your drive pronlo. Drop me a line al Ezra Surf's Postbox (ESP), Amiga Computing, Second Floor. North House. 78-84 Ongar Koad.
Brentwood. Essex, CM15 9BG.
Protection normally means the owner of the original can't make a backup copy or transfer the game to hard disc. This means that although you may have a hard drive, you can't actually make use of the thing.
Protection hinders the game.
Speedball and Xenon II for example. Won't load on a machine fitted with Kickstart 1.3 even though the game would work fine if it was unprotected.
Novella protection is not very good either, as it is annoying having to search through a whole pile of books. It can lie hacked out. Thus the game enters the hacking circuit.
Money spent on protecting games is wasted. Take Shadow of the Beast, for example. This has some of the most advanced protection schemes, and yet was cracked days after it was released.
Although the protection means the game can’t be copied, the cracked version will be copied hundreds of times and so the protection has probably led to more copies being made than there would be otherwise.
If there is going to be protection,
t) ie best typo is the key-disc as used in PowerDrome. You are
Listening corner HELP blurp shulf ans lubno delsh ibfelt
bmuft. I'll translate for you (Double Dutch). You see I'm a
musician really, and not very educated in the computer
I have bought an Amiga and 1 have acquired a pirate copy of Soundlrackor bocauso as you say in your issue number 7 volume 2 they are no longer obtainable. Because it's a pirate copy I received no instructions.
I havo proceeded into Soundtracker as far as my abilities (limited) can take me and hit a stump. Could you help me and find a set of instructions for Soundtracker 2.4. Also could you allowed to backup a game and then asked lo insert the original once the backup has loaded to make sure you haven’t pirated the game, At least the legitimate user is allowed to make a backup for safety.
It is a sad thing that software houses spend money on stopping unscrupulous people from stealing their work.
Roy Weekes.
Sheerness. Kent.
Software companies really don't want to protect their software, honestly they don't. However there are so many dishonest people that there is a real need, I hate people who have only tell me where I can purchase the clones. Lineltracker. Pro-tracker.
Sidmon and Seq. Many thanks.
Kevan Roberts.
Chesterfield. Derbyshire Some versions of Soundtracker come with documentation files. I'm certainly not going to help you with a pirate program. All the clones are based on the original, which is available from Active Sales and Marketing IUI-384 2701).
This isn’t worth buying, but negotiations are under way to sell the Noisetracker clone. Seq is a complete re-write which will probably be PD if Sam finishes it.
Seen pirate versions of a game and then dismiss it as unplayable because they haven't seen the instructions.
Adding Life FULL marks to Philip Gibs on his version of Life on the December cover disc. Seeing that he also did the Mandelbrot program, he obviously enjoys this type of exercise.
I’d be interested to hear if he's tried any of Ihe programs featured in the Scientific American’s Computer Recreations section. I'm sure he would find some of them fascinating.
I wasted a huge amount of time entertaining myself with the problem of finding starting configurations which would grow into a worthwhile population.
I found that asymmetrical starts are generally much more successful than symmetrical, and four-wav symmetry seems to be a dead loss - the tribes die almost at birth every time.
George Crawshay, East Horsley, Surrey, Ram hungry I HAVE an A500 and A501 half meg expansion plus an AMIGAs hard disc which is attached through the expansion port. 1 now want to expand my memory to 3 meg total (adding 2 megs to the one I already have), but with a facility to add more at a later date.
Could you please tell me the best and cheapest way to do this compatible with Ihe hardware 1 already possess?
Bruce Neville, Harringav, London.
Since I don't know if the AMIGAs drive has a through bus. One option might be an internal board which fils inside the machine, not in the trapdoor This does in Ihe warranty but trapdoor hoards which offer more than 512k need to hook on to the Gary chip to get to the extra address space do similar things lo your rights.
Something like Ihe EXP 8000* from Progressive Peripherals and Software should fit the bill.
Transformer fan YOUR December issue attempted to answer a question about the use of Lotus 123 on the Amiga. You failed. The answer you gave was at the very best unhelpful.
To set the record straight, I am the proud owner of Amiga Transformer. This is not a failed product, neither is it unstable, as it was described in another magazine.
Transformer runs the vast majority of text-only PC programs that 1 have tried on it, however a few tips may be useful for potential users.
Transformer is not supplied with Msdos, therefore you will have to buy it separately, or use a copy that you already own if it is legal.
I am running Transforfner under Msdos 3.20 with no problems, it is less happy if you use Dos 3.30 or higher. Nobody should be using Dos l.X or 2.X now.
Transformer will not format discs to 720k. Only 360k. You can get round this if you use Diskcopy to copy a 720k formatted disc on to a blank disc, however this will not ?
Work wilh different sizos of disc such as copying from from 5.25 to
3. 5. Cumana supplies a device driver with its 5.25in drives
which cures this problem, both for internal and external
Transformer is slower than a PC
- at about 20 per cent of the speed
- and does not support graphics. It is therefore not suitable for
really high-powered work, although it managos lo directory a
disc faster than Amigados.
Lotus 123 may well not work with Ihe emulator duo to lack of memory, however people who would like to work wilh Lotus files on their Amiga at home could try AsEasyAs. A Lotus 123 shareware clone which I have used successfully on the Amiga.
I have to have PC compatibility on my Amiga for my studies (it's not just masochism). This letter was written on Micro Emacs on the Amiga, ported to Msdos using PCUtils on the Extras disc, formatted with PC Write running under Transformer and printed on an Opus PCI1.
A. L. Booth, Stockport. Cheshire.
Using Transformer sounds a real masochists tango. I've been using a real PC, running al Smhi, recently and it sucks. The ivhale thing feels tally and Ihe software isn't a patch on Ihe stuff we have for Workbench. Life is too short to wait for something which runs at a tenth of the speed.
Colour blues I HAVE been especially impressed with Deluxe Paint. Determined lo make the most of this greal arl package. I bought myself a Star Lct (I colour printer. This gives great blac k and while graphics, hut I cannot gel ihe colour graphics lo dump when using Deluxe Paint.
The colour ribbon works when I tin a lest dump. There isn't a description of the t.Clll in preferences. So I chose Epson, since this was I he suggestion given in tho printer Imnk. Ii anyone c an help. I am sure it will be Amiga Computing.
Arnold Synnott.
Newark. Notts.
Wi worries. Select Epson JX-tttl us cc printer driver and sole Ihe prep erences lo the disc you use when von loud up tu run Deluxe Paint.
Easy learning IN my spare time I am taking a correspondence course in computer programming in Cobol and 1 would like to know if there is a compiler available for my machine? Can the Amiga A500 be made IBM PC compatible? If so then how?
When using Amiga Basic how can I get printouts of my listings?
Finally are there any recognised qualifications that can be gained in computer programming in C. as I would like a career in this field?
Being too old (24) to bo a trainee programmer. I feel it is now up to me lo educate myself.
Do you know of any coursos available in my area, or are any correspondence courses available.
Demo give-away THIS letter Is going to start like most of your letters do ... Congratulations on a good job. 1 have every issue.
I heard people writing and talking about game demos and 1 think this is a good idea. Software houses should issue these at say £1 each and it should contain a playable game demo.
|oel While.
Slanmore, Middx.
Better than this is the scheme of free PD demos. DMS did a disc for Dtivin' Force. Readysoft for Dragons Lair and Space Ace and EA for Interceptor. But they only work if Ihe game looks decent.
You beast DISCUSTINC! Your Dec 89 cover disc had a fatal flaw. All the programs bar one will be useful to me and lots of readers. The one very rotten apple is Ihe Beast hack.
The excuse rendered is that Beast is too difficult. That may be so, but barely two months after its release you have hacked into it and released the hack nationwide. The timing is the worst part. I guess. I haven't touched it, though I've been tempted. I know it would ruin the game for me.
I wonder how the authors of Beast feel about this. I suppose in time they would release the trapdoors they no doubt built in to the game... but two months?
Considering that Beast is proba- Thanks for your time and a great magazine.
Mark Hampson, Tolon, Notts.
There are no Cobol compilers for AmlgaDos. You could try to get hold of a copy of Transformer ¦ Mr Booth likes it. So Commodore must have made u mistake when it was discontinued - or get hold of Ihe public domain CP M emulator.
Using either of these you should be able to run a version of Cobol.
I'd go for CP M. Because then you can get a smaller Cobol which won'I have any ram problems.
Softville on 0705 266509 can supply Ihe CP M, WACCI on 01 898 bly in the top three Amiga games the release of the hack was tactless and inconsiderate. To round off this with a smack in the face, your cover article just happened lo be “Piracy - it's only a game" and the article slagged off those who spend their time breaking program security. Hardly a fitting compliment to Mr |ustin G?
|ohn Gold, University of Bath School of Mathematical Sciences.
Iwto gol oul of bed the wrong side this morning? Well, the programmers of Beast are probably laughing lo themselves because Ihe version we had was from the first hatch and they changed the program. Which means that fustin s hack doesi I work with later white labelled discs.
The change was necessary because Ihe protection stopped the gome from loading on some Amigas. The competition lo be first with hacks means that sometimes things get out too early.
Super Silica 1 HAD to drop a line to let your readers know how good Silica Shop are. I'm disabled and bed- bound and use my Amiga A500 to play games mainly. When i had a faulty disc drive Silica Shop checked my discs and collected and changed my Amiga within 12 days.
I had a now mouse and Amiga they even upgraded my Workbench discs to VI.3. I think I must be brain dead, because I cannot for the life of me get Workbench 1,3.2 to 1090 mil provide NPS MicroCabol version 2.1 on 720k formal disc. To read this you need Dos to Dos which you can gel from Amiga Centre Scotland 031-557 4242.
Amiga Basic listings? Try LUST in Ihe main window. The world needs C programmers; you don '1 need formal qualifications lo get a job, and I wouldn't say you are too old lo become a trainee.
Zortech on 01-316 7777 does a video course; you II need a VHS video and a PC compatible. It costs £230. The Instruction Set runs intensive courses. They are very good bul pricey al more than £600.
For more details call them on 01- 2512128.
Work. I keep on getting ram disc full.
Lastly I have a tip for your readers. Don’t let anyone borrow your half meg expansions no matter how good a friend, they move house without telling you. Mine did anyway.
Paul Simpson, Caxton. Derby.
Your 1.3.2 upgrade should work wilh no problems. Make sure you bool from Ihe cover disc and don't have any extra drives plugged in.
Tou could send oul a private eye lo pick up Ihe chap who had nicked your half meg I suppose.
Name trouble ENCOURAGED to purchase an Amiga 2000, I have eventually weakened and done so. Please tell me I haven’t done the wrong thing.
I am well past the age of ever becoming a techie (37) but (eel that this advanced age should not preclude me from the interest and enjoyment that I'd previously experienced with a ZX81. Spectrum.
The Amstrad introduced me to the delights of Msdos an operating system I had originally foil was designed to punish people but which I had finally grew to accept and even feel happy with. Having since been introduced to Workbench and CU. I now miss it deeply.
I am sure your magazine will run and run if only by offering just one more CLI snippet to us poor guru crazed OAPs. Certain files ?
We do. The Advertising Standards Authority ensures advertisements meet with the strict Code of Advertising Practice.
So if you question an advertiser, they have to answer to us.
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Department X. Brook House.
Torrington Place. London WC1E 7HN.
ASA This space is donated In the interests of high standards in advertisements.
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Have names with spaces in them.
"From Amor Ltd" is an example.
When I type this, the brute informs me that it can’t find the file. It works fine from the Workbench by clicking on the icon.
Also tell me again I've got a great machine and that finally I'll be writing letters of praise rather than panic.
Dave Beard, Ql lt nham, GIOS.
You haven'! Done the wrong thing.
There. Feel better? CU requires a lot of patience. Soon you will be typing strinp of commands like a wizard with magic spells. You have already identified the solution lo your problems. Quotes. Pul "s around the From Amor Ltd to run the program.
Watch the birdie EVERY weekend I a shoot a marriage movie. I am using my Amiga for titling. Since I'm a working professional. The results need to be just so. I'm just a beginner on my Amiga and I have a problem.
I managed to make animations, using Lights. Camera. Action to assemble my pictures and animations in one intro. But (I never liked buts) after each animation I get a framework of lines around my picture.
Looks like a curtain and it is unwanted, so 1 don't like it. Is this an incompatibility problem between Dpaint III animations and LCA? Or a NTSC-PAL problem?
How can it be fixed?
.Can you give me some idea what software to use. In order to get perfect intros: Is there a NTSC version of Dpaint 111? What I need is a program that can manipulate pictures and animations, that gives nice fades and wipes, and possibly even music.
Fun boy four - RI NMNC to tile rescue of CpI Elilson. In your November issue, who wanted to | la (1,mullet 1!
Together with as many people as possible. I send this dess riptioit ol - an interface that lets him do so.
- 1 slronglv advise a tripple i ins k ot pin mimliering ami
solder points Is'iore i onuei ting itis homework to the Amiga.
Ignoring this point may have some pecmalienl id eltei ls.
Chrisler Bau |arla llerrgurd.
Nacka. Sweden.
One last question I'm thinking about buying a genlock and Digiview Cold. Can you tel! Me about how much this would cost, which would be most useful for intros and exactly what 1 can no with it.
Luc Depraeterc, 8690 Moorcslede, Belgium.
Joysticks Parallel-port Joystick 4 Parallel-port Pinl Pin6 Pinl Pin 2 n 2 Pin 7 Pin2 Pin3 Pin 3 Pin 8 Pin3 Pin4 Pin-l Pin 9 Pin6 Pin5 Pin6 Pin 13 Pin 7 Pin 12 Pin7 Pin 14 (t5v) Pin8 Pin 14 (*5v) Pin8 Pin 25 (GND) Pin 9 Pin 25 (GND) Lights, Camera. Action was a good when it first appeared, however it has been superseded and to be honest I don't know much about it.
Deluxe Video III is the newest and snaziest of the video packages.
It does all you want, including sound. Your local dealer should be able to get you a copy. Ij you have problems call Electronic Arts on 075349442.
It costs £80. If you are on a tighter budget Fantavision is great value for money at £40. In the UK this is sold by Domark who are on 07-7802222.
Questions, questions Why isn't there a PD section in your mag? How come you never print any of my letters? Why do companies like Datel advertise hardware like the "SPll scanner Printer Photocopier" when they don't even sell it any more.
Please explain how a thermal printer works, as I've phoned up everywhere and no one can tell me the technical side of things.
Why don't you have a software house section every month, say write about how they started and what are their latest games out, including interviews. Thanks for reading this letter.
Neil Mansell, Canvey Island. Essex.
'Cos most Amiga PD columns are mega-boring. When we found someone who could write knowledgeably and interestingly about Amiga PD he wrote a few articles and then fled the country.
U'ho said I never print your letters Xeil? OK so I cut them into little pieces first. Datel think we are such nice people land they are right) that they love spending money on advertising in Amiga Computing, and have to find something to fill the page with.
Thermal printers use special paper or ribbons and burn the image on using an electric current.
When the current goes through the paper it goes black. When it goes through the ribbon the wax ink melts and sticks to the paper.
Yes. A house call might make a good regular feature. I'll speak to TPTB.
It’s a hamster MIXING hobbies is fun and 1 want to connect my Amiga with an HF (shortwave) radio receiver and a suitable RTTY to Ascii converter to receive radio teletype press broadcasts.
A couple of problems have cropped up. Broadcasts run at 50 or 75 baud - Workbench only goes down to 110 baud. Would a buffer be required to receive this?
It’s not just press broadcasts that are available, there's meteorology and merchant broadcasts to mention a couple. Would it be possible to run a story on the subject? I think it would make interesting reading.
I would like to know if anyone has tried using CLOBE on October's free disc using 180° for the latitude. For some reason the globe is drawn upside-down, must be for the Australian users!
VC Langley, C5 Division, HQ Iberlant, BFPO.
So worries. A chap called Ceojf Browne from Devon is working on a suitable program called BATTY, it uses the parallel port and a sound sampler with special software. The program isn't ready yet but when it is you can be sure that Amiga Computing will be the first to let you know.
Point of view WHY oh why print a letter announcing another groovy now crew man? They are going to chum out largely illegal, and definitely boring, demos. I wouldn't recommend diving in and out of hardware the way Jolyon does it. He uses bib of assumed 680x0 protocol. And bib of -CtxBase that aren't necessarily guaranteed to work in exactly the same way all the lime (we have two capper pointers).
Matt Adams, Radlett, Herts An expert writes JOLYON'S article about the blitter in the Jan 1990 issue was quite good. I'm glad to see British computer magazines covering such techie topics, i do have a few quibbles which I’d like to take up with you however.
The BTST instruction only works with byte quantities when used with memory addresses, but you assume that it is words, and only get away with it due to a bug in Devpac that doesn't notice vour BTST sl4.Sdtf002 error. [Blit Check). Naturally. ArgAsm would have told you of this error.
If you were BTSTing any bits lower than 8 you would not have been saved by Devpac's bug.
I admire your brave examples of going low level to the hardware chips, but please please please use Labels! In particular the ones Commodore supply such as BLT- CONO or 8LTSIZE. You mention them in your article but you don't use them in your programs very much. Please set a good example!
Some Amiga hardware registers are read-only and some are write- only registers. You must take note of this iact. And not read write-only registers. This messes up the bus, and potentially could cause annoyance to other hardware that was attached. It doesn't do the bus any good having a write only register read, as garbage geb on there for a few cycles.
At least two cases in your program use the CLR instruction to zero registers. This is a thing to avoid, since CLR does a Read- Modify'- Write cycle, and as such is taboo (like the TAS instruction).
OK. It is the fault of the processor. But to Clear registers you must write explicit zeroes there. To save time you can MOVEQ »0.D0 then do a few MOVE.L Dos in a row. See new communications mkfOliD This autumn has seen a vast expansion in the number of services available on MicroLink - together with the opening of new telephone access points all over the UK. Today 98 per cent of subscribers can connect their computer to MicroLink at the cost of a local phone call. Find out more about what MicroLink offers by mailing the coupon below.
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facilities that have helped to make MicroLink the service it is
today - from business advice to free downloaded software, from
mortnaye quotes to digitised satellite weather maps.
The Amiga Hardware Reference Manual for more details.
Keep up the good work of teaching how to do low level programming on the Amiga, but please keep hardware legal, at least.
|eremy San, Argonaut Software, Mill Hill, London, olyon replies: Thanks for your comments fez. I apologise for using BTST HI4 I only found out that it was an illegal instruction when I was reviewing your assembler, and it didn't work! Must remember in future that just because something works it doesn't mean it should.
As for the bit about the CLR.W of hardware registers, you are right again. I saw this documented for the first time in the new hardware reference manual, which I got after writing the article.
As for label names. I can always remember Sdffl 02. Sdfft80 but can never remember what they stand for. Fust because I don't like using them myself I suppose I should in future use all Ihe proper labels. I tried to do it all like that with the source for my ZOWEE demo, but I must of slipped out of good habbits back to my old ones.
The listener PRO-SOUND Designer Gold won't play ball with sound as IFF instruments. To work properly with Aegis Sonix (v.2). I save the sounds as five octave instruments, adding the extension .instr, but when loaded into Sonix there seems to be an element of hit and miss as to whether instruments plav throughout Ihe whole range. Upper keys often only play the lower octaves.
Lower keys produce no sound at all.
Once in a while the instrument will load with all octaves in their proper place. The problem occurs with my own samples sounds or with the instrument on the Pro- sound disc.
Kevin McCullen, Camberly, Surrey.
Since my musical talents stop short of a Rolf Harris stylophone I asked around, fim Hakwins, who wrote the Opus music program, came up with this answer through Cix. The online service: Sonix assigns octaves to the instruments so you will need to tweak them in the synth section. I assume you are saving them and reloading them after Sonix has created the .ss file?
Hack attack OUCH! I have just read the article No Harm Done in the December issue. I decided to write to you to set some things straight. I am in a new group called Digital Holography. We consist of a coder, musician and graphic artist (me).
Although we probably won't do any actual cracking, you could class us as a hacking group.
You said demos were the modern irritation of computing, and that most were nothing more than a pretty picture, repetitive music and daft scrolling text.
This made me really annoyed. If they are so bad, then why is it that you have had them on the coverdisc for the last 3 months?
Isn’t this a little hypocritical?
You said that "crackers think you'll be impressed by 64.000 bobs on the screen. I'm not." Well some of us are! If you think that flashy coding is sensationalistic, then you should have a look at your front cover this month "17 sensational programs - no one gives you more”.
You had great fun taking Ihe IN the January issue Jeff asked you to name the song that the MusicBox program on the cover disc played. It sounded a bit like a Peter Gabriel tune here and a bit like a Dire Straits track there, and none of us in the office could quite place it.
A number of you rose to the challenge. Leon Stringer, Sandy Munro and Christopher Peel all wrote to say that it was from the Pan demo by the TSK Crew. This is certainly true, but where did it originate before that? Dummys!
Clifford Williams and Adam Liddell reckon it came from the SoundFX music package. Which is really intelligent of them because MusicBox is a utility for playing SoundFX tunes. Sheesh!
Another very stupid person, who lives in Upminster, said it was from Sledgohammer by Peter Gabriel. Wonder what gave him or her that idea? I say him or her because he or she didn't sign his or her letter.
Kevin Twyman of Cantebury thought he'd hedge his bets and have two guesses - the beginning of Funeral for a Friend by Elton lohn and the end of Ride Across the River by Dire Straits. Wrong and wrong.
Mickey out of hackers’ names. Real names would be boring and wouldn't stay in people's minds. It is the same reason software houses have strange names (Bitmap Brothers, Electronic Arts etc).
Nobody is going to buy a game by Joe Bloggs Software Writing Company.
You claim demo writers do not cater for people who do not have a meg or extra drive. At least we do not sell demos. Look at game manufacturers, who do not cater for people with PAL systems, but sell the games. This is much more serious.
I think the article was right - crackers help the industry, by making more people buy hardware. It's also nice to see the soundtracker getting recognition. It knocks the socks off the commercial software.
What the article really missed was the fact that we only make demos for our own enjoyment. If people don't like them, then they don't have to copy them.
I’d like to be involved in writing games, but it's difficult to get into the industry, so 1 do the next best thing.
You named that tune Andrew Gibbs of Basingstoke freaked us out by saying that it was Truth Open Our Eyes bv Marshall Jefferson from the Hip House album. Nice try, Andrew. Are there any more like you in Basingstoke?
The weirdest reply was from Mike Alter in Boston who tells us that his wife thinks it’s Jesu Joy of Man's Desire. We had great difficulty in checking this one out, so it may very well be true for all we know.
Now, if you remember rightly, the rule of the competition was that you had to convince Jeff that you knew what you were talking about. Daniel Mata from Farnborough in Hampshire attempted just that: Dear Mr Walker, I have been instructed by Mr Mark Knopfler to initiate legal proceedings against you as a result of the breach of copyright regulations made on your fanuary cover disc. Please refer to Mr Knopfler's classic Brothers in Arms and listen to the introduction to Ride Across the River carefully.
In order to convince you that this is not a flippant accusation by Mr Knopfler. Please turn up the volume bloody loud and imagine it I am giving my real name because I have nothing to hide.
People who write to magazines giving only pseudonyms only lower the image of hacking groups.
Mark Otway (alias Stylo), Chepperton, Middlesex.
The right stuff CAN I make an appeal through your letters page to anyone writing software for the Amiga please?
C'mon guyz, give a little thought to compatibility before you rush your product on to the market. Just because it runs on your 512k A500 doesn't mean it'll run on my 3Mb B2000, or a machine with ECS, or for someone running morerows. Or with a 68020 installed, or in the US where they have NTSC-sized screens.
Us Brits are getting a big slagging off on the various US networks because some of our major products don't work on their machines.
Is it really excusable that the ?
A couple of octaves higher.
As Mr Knopfler's legal representative I have been authorised to say that formal proceedings will be made against you should adequate recompense not be forthcoming.
Mr Knopfler has indicated that the two MusicBox discs will do nicely.
Otherwise we'll see you in court, matey-boy.
Yours, etc. Nice one, Daniel. We think you're wrong, but we’re sending you the MusicBox discs anyway for sending the wittiest letter and not because the editor thinks you're telling the truth about being Mr Knopfler's legal representative.
(You aren't, are you?)
The correct answer, we think, is that the music was by Tangerine Dream and stolen from the soundtrack to the fantasy film Legend.
Didn’t any of you watch it? It was on over Christmas.
The only person to spot it was Peter Sapwell from Castleford who is sorry to say that he has no bribes or bootlegs. And l'rn sorry to say that I've already given the MusicBox discs to Daniel Mata.
Hard cheese. Peter, but that, as they say, is life, AMIGA ATARI PC COMPATIBLE TELETEUT A world ol inlormalion at your fingertips The Tipster e £29.95 ® Price includes VAT & delivery THE TIPSTER is a horse racing program which will give you the information needed to pick HORSES not ZEBRAS.
THE TIPSTER stores horse and race info on a DATABASE to provide a quick and easy method of reviewing a race.
THE TIPSTER covers National Hunt and Flat Racing.
TAM Marketing (S West) Dept AMC 7 GD UNITS Marsh Barton Trading Estate Exeter DEVON EX2 8QW Telephone: (0392) 215485 Now you can keep it informed with the latest weather, financial news, sports results, current affairs and much more from Ceefax or Oracle But unlike a Teletext TV all this valuable information isn't trapped behind glass. Now you can Save to diK. Pages may be saved in Compact (over 800 pages per disc) or IFF format.
Print. You can print a* just text (for a fast result) or as a screen dump.
Review. Instant access to the last 16 pages which have been received.
Speak. Thanks to the Amiga's speech capability, it will even read the news to you.
Multiple display. It can display and update two pages on screen simultaneously FastText. True FastText gets pages in advance and reduces the waiting time.
Tuning. )ust connect an aenal it tunes itself in! Although the prime function is to receive Teletext, it also will convert a 1081 or 1084 monitor to a colour TV.
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Ring for advice or to order on m 0705 266509 Fax 0705 251884 ?
Copy protection on Populous breaks on a machine with a 68020 installed? Commodore has set up a lab at Maidenhead with all sorts of different configuration machines available and which any of you can use. So c'mon guyz, let's start to give UK software some cred eh? " Paul Ockenden.
Getting so much bigger Brighton. Sussex.
I’ve been framed One day, because I was feeling rich. I went out and upgraded mv old A1000 to an Amiga 2000 with the hard disc controller that your magazine called "the best on the market". The Microbiotics Hardframe. It doesn't work. My Amiga is the latest one. Revision
6. 0 with Iho new Agnus chip, and yet when I switch on the hard
disc won’t auto-boot.
Chris Moss.
Bramhall. Stockport Erm, you don't have the latest A2000. Commodore discovered a problem with the bus liming on 6.0 machines and ivent to 6.1 and then
6. 2 to solve this. It is not the fault of Microbiotics. Contact
Commodore at Maidenhead on 0628 770088 who nill sort out the
incompatibility for you.
While no UK poiicy has yet been sorted out indications from the US show that Commodore have been incredibly helpful towards owners with this problem Steady telly Forget games. My fave prog is Dl’aint. I'd like to use the 640 by 400 mode but can't stand the interlace shimmer. I've heard of a Flicker Fixer and want to know where I can get one and what it will cost.
Peter White, Ludlow, Shropshire.
Unless you have an Amiga 2000.
Forget the Flicker Fixer - it needs the video slot on the right of the big machine. This is a wonderful device which double-buffers screens and then displays them on a VCA type monitor. This means you need a very strong bank account.
The Flicker fixer costs £300 and a suitable monitor at least £300. If I haven't put you off contact Microway, designers of the device on 01-541 5466. Flicker is actually the wrong word, proper TV engineers use the term to mean a large MEMORY expansion confuses me.
I own a one meg A500 and would like to upgrade but don't know which is the best buy. George Thompson aka Mast offer an external cartridge up to 2 megs. Second, several companies offers cards up to 1.8 meg. Third, others offer boards up to 8 megs.
As memory expansion is an expensive business, could you answer the following questions: What is the difference between a card and a board, and where do they fit?
Ideally I would like another 2 meg. But I doubt if I can afford it in one go. Bearing this in mind, which type would you suggest?
At the moment, I don't see a need for a hard drive and I doubt if I ever will. But supposing I change my mind, could I take the memory chips and put them in the A590?
What does Auto-configure mean?
I have an external drive fitted which uses power from the computer. Presumably the memory expansion will also draw power from the computer. How much extra memory can I have without causing too much strain on the power pack?
1 had considered another external drive (a pure luxury item I, admit), would the power pack cope with both drives and 2.5 meg oreo of colour, erm. Flickering. The term they use for what we suffer with an interlace picture is "twittering". There now you can use the real term and no one will understand you.
More practical solutions are a long persistence monitor which will blur whenever anything moves quickly on the screen, or to wait for the Enhanced Chip Set.
While the first of the two chips you'll need is already available, no dates for the avvilablity of the second of the new chips have been announced. My guess is April.
It will need a multisync monitor, and some software Iincluding Dpaintl will have to be modified to take advantage of the new modes.
Angry protest HELLO. I am a co-sysop ol one of the "infantile" bulletin board services which one of your writers indirectly categorised in the sup- extra? The main reasons for this extra ram is to use with Dpaint III and to create a RAD: to copy my Workbench disc to. Any advice on the liosl typo to use? I hope you can help me, as I said before, memory costs money and I want to make sure 1 spend my hard earned dosh wisely.
|on Campey, Brentford, Middlesex.
Expansions come in three flavours.
External, internal and A2000. The terms card and board are used interchangeably. An internal unit replaces the A501 you already have in the trapdoor under the computer.
This is the neatest solution, but means you can't use the half meg expansion. An expensive solution.
A2000 expansions use the slots in the big Amiga. These can only be used with an A500 if you buy an expensive expansion box. There are technical problems with such expansions, so they are best avoided.
This leaves you with an external unit. It plugs on to the side of the Amiga and should pass the connector through so that you can add other peripherals. They are all much of a muchness. I'd recommend buying from a local dealer in case you have problems.
The MAST Minimegs 1077-082 ploment last month. I disagree with what you said.
Most bulletin boards are run totally FREE. You don't pay for anything, time on the board, entering messages, or for downloading files.
Most boards are run by amateurs for amateurs. We don’t make any kind of living from it. OK?
If people don't like a bulletin board after using it once then they won't come back to it. This is what determines the success of a bulletin board, and NOT by some overpaid, slobbering hacker writing articles. If a bulletin board, is no good it won't survive.
Computer hardware does not come cheap, but someone has to pay for a modem, a hard disc and the software running a BBS. None of my favourite bulletin boards have tried to force users to pay for their facilities.
If a donation is made (and people don’t send money to boards which have no potential) then it 2341 looks like a good bet. You can buy a small one and then send it back to be upgraded when you can afford more ram. Assuming it has a through connector, a hard drive can be added on: there is no need to take the chips out. The A590 uses expensive chips and it would not make sense to buy an expansion which took these just in cose you wanted to upgrade.
Your power requirements depend on the types of drive and ram you are using. Commodore recommends that you only power a one meg machine and a single drive off the standard Amiga supply.
This is partly playing safe and partly because the Commodore external drive is very power-hun- WY- lt is usually safe to use two external drives if they have a low power rating. However two drives and lots of mm is pushing things o bit. If you want a third drive go for one with its own power supply.
W ten you add ram the computer needs to know what memory addresses to use. Two expansions in the same place would clash.
This can either be done by running a special program or by having auto-configure circuitry on the expansion which looks to see which addresses are already used and chooses a free space for itself.
Will be gratefully received. As far as I am concerned, there is no need to pay for the use of any bulletin board.
Those which charge a subscription are simply trying to exploit the many inexperienced usors of computer communications which arrive on the scene.
The only other exception is when the sysop has to pay for a facility such as international not mail where the sysop is charged for making use of a central international mailing point.
I hope the above has set you thinking a little about using bulletin boards, the ideal phrase being "you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth", lust because a BBS is free, that does not mean is isn't good. The users, and only the users, have the right to criticise a BBS and not some hopeless idiot who have no clue about the real world.
Eric Cox, co-svsop, The Equaliser BBS rc OMPUTER FIRST AID FOR ATARI ST AMIGA Simply send your machine along wilh a £15 diagnostic lee aim you will be sent a writlen ' quotation for the cost of repairing your machine.
* •ml'ie*fif?£45. 1 WEEK TURNAROUND
0582 491949 (4 LINES). Fax: 0582 505900 A500 s * £54.05 FIXED
Includes parts, labour, full service and V.A.T,, 12 month warranty, 7 day turnround (Subject to our terms of trade, copies available on request.)
All our engineers are fully experienced in 16 bit techology Don 'I risk damaging your ST. Ask about our all inc. Ram and Drive Upgrades Repairs undertaken on Amiga 2000, Atari Mega ST, Printers, Monitors, V.D.U.'setc. and most Business & Home Computers SHIELD COMPUTER SERVICES LTD 50 Flixton Road, Urmston, Manchester M31 3AB Tel: 061-747 3185 Fax: 061-747 0515 Yes making money wilh your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how. Your micro is. Il only you knew it. A gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant. Make the initial effort NOW by starling your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be Ihe most important move you will ever makeI REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else's "ditch".
Anyone in the country, including YOU. Can become very rich in a relatively short period ot time just by doing a tew basic things! It's more rewarding than playing games. The benefits are many and varied. Full or part time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: mmmm mwBsmmsjm 31 PILTON PLACE (AM3) KING AND QUEEN STREET WALWORTH. LONDON SE17 1 DR AmigaTEX AmigaTEX provides a powerful alternative in document preparation. It enables you to typeset complex or long documents, especially those of a technical nature such as user manuals or journal papers. It gives you true typeset quality with kerning,
ligatures, full floating accents, mathematical and technical symbols and the ability to produce tables and special formats. AmigaTEX will accept input from any text editor or word processor and with its built- in screen previewer, a document formatter of mainframe power becomes available. Also included with AmigaTEX are LaTEX - a document formatter wilh dozens‘of preformed styles, SliTEX - a slide generating macro, and BibTEX - a bibliography database program. AmigaTEX is fully file compatible with other versions of TEX.
Printer drivers are available for most printer types and the complete set of Computer Modern Fonts is included. A companion program METAFONT is available for those who wish to create new fonts or modify existing ones.
AmigaTEX is £125 and printer driver sets (laser series, Epson FX series, NEC P6 and Epson LQ series, HP DeskJet) are priced at £75 each. METAFONT is £50.
All prices include VAT and carriage.
Access and Visa accepted.
For further details and free demo disk write or call: THE TEXT FORMATTING COMPANY SUFFIELD WORKS, 1 SUFFIELD ROAD, LONDON N15 5JX TEL: 01-802 4470 Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga Amiga rjfjl The 11.% Amiga Users group is the Largest Amiga only user group in the zvorld. We are now in our fourth year and are the most established and experienced Amiga user group in the U.% 'We have over 1,500 members and are able to offer an unrivalled level of support. Our members receive a 60+ page bi-monthly newsletter packed zvith articles of interest at all levels, we have a massive library of public domain
software and run an Amiga only bulletin board. “We offer our members superb discounts on all hardware,software and books- The V-JQA.ll.g. is the group to belong to regardless of your age or level of experience, our aim being to provide support and encouragement to everyone. Why not join us and start to appreciate zvhat Amiga computing is all about.
The Amplilier AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER Sow"' Everyone knows that Ihe Amiga has excellent sound capabilities. Televisions and monitors do not produce hi-ti sound output, so until now il has been impossible to connect your Amiga to an amplifier to appreciate tbe sound quality.
The Amiga SOUNDBLASTER is a small amplifier that comes complete with two high quality 50 watt 3-way speakers. It is easily connected to your Amiga and adds a new dimension to all your games.
This unit has been designed and built in the UK specifically tor use with ihe Amiga It uses the latest microchip technology lo produce a helty 5 watt per channel ol high quality sound Twin volume controls allow both volume and balance to be set and a LE D indicates that the unit is m operation. The amplifier connects to the Amiga vij the monitor socket. It also has a through connector to allow the amplifier and a monitor to be plugged in together The Speakers The speakers that come with the SOUNDBLAS1ER are 50 watt 3 way speakers and are con tamed m an attractive hi-tecenclosure the speakers
sound as superbas they look thanks to a powerful 3’ wooler tor aft the low tones, a mid range speaker tor all the middle notes and a tiny 1 ’ tweeter tdt all the top ol the scale tones The speakers connect to the amplilier wa 2 5M ol cable AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £44.99 . £2 lor postage FREE STEREO HEADPHONES We are giving away a pan ol stereo headphones tree with every SOUNDBLASTER lor a limned period These headphones plug into the SOUNDBLASTER allowing you to listen without disturbing the neighbours!
The SOUNDBLASTER package is completed with a mams adaptor to power Ihe amplilier and lull instructions.
Payment is accepted over the telephone with VISA 4 ACCESS cards or through the post by chegue, postal order, eurochegue. Bank dralts etc Sena lo:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 84-86 PRINCESS STREET. MANCHESTER M1 6NG X-COPY II Version 2.1 NEW NEW NEW NEW X-COPY II is the ultimate disc duplication system for your Amiga. This superb program is not just a back up system, it also incorporates a full disc editing program.
Just look at its features:- ? Adapts itself to any configuration ? Mouse controlled ? The most comprehensive back up tool available ? Also backs up Atari ST, Archimedes, IBM and other discs Checks discs for errors Formats discs in 36 seconds Optimises data, re-organises files for faster loading Works with 1 or more disc drives Full upgrade service X-COPY II IS THE BEST, GUARANTEED OUR GUARANTEE:-At the time of purchase if you can find a program that is more powerful than X-COPY II, we will refund your money.
X-COPY II now available only £19.99 (plus £1.00 for postage) X-COPY II HARDWARE VERSION available now only £29.99 (plus £1.00 for postage). The hardware version requires two disc drives.
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SIREN SOFTWARE, 84-86 PRINCESS STREET, MANCHESTER M1 6NG TEL 061 228 1831 WARNING 1988 Copyright Act:- Siten Soltware neither condones or authorises the use ol ils soltware tor Ihe reproduction ol copyrighted material. The facilities offered by X-COPY are intended lo back up users own soltware, PD software and other such programs where permission has been explicitly given.
It is illegal to make copies ol copyright material with the permission ot the copyright holder.
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Beginners (Abacus) (D) b
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AmigaDOS Toolbox 39 79 Amikl For Beginners 29 90 Arexx Macro
Interpreter 34 96 BA0 Disk Opt.miser 31 97 88C
Emulator 39.79 Calligrapher Font Designer64
86 Disk Master Housekeeper 37 95 DOS 2 DOS File Transfer 29 90
WtsmsfM Gomf 3 Guru Interceptor 29 90 MAC 2 DOS File Transler
59 80 Masterpiece Fonts 12995 Superback 2 .... Virus Inf
eel Protection WordPerfect Library X Copy 2 Backup Editor Your
Famify Tree Gen .
CROWN SHIELD HOUSE, 143 ST LEONARDS ROAO. WINDSOR BERKSHIRE SL4 3DW. UK TEL: 0753 851269 or FAX 0753 850897 Credit Card Orders Same Day Shipping ?
P. O. BOX 112, ERINA N.S.W. 2250 AUSTRALIA TEL OR FAX 043 852051
02671 1856 Credit Card Orders Same Day Shipping HI-TEK
“Can't wait?"
“OK go to Australia's top Computer Retailers".
Harvey Norman Discounts.
TELEPHONE No. IN CASE OF QUERIES I Reader offers Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing learn lo typo quickly, easily and psrleclly - lha tun way!
This Is an artificial intelligoncs software system from Ihe writers ol Chessmaster 2000 - winner ol the US Chess Federation Computer Chess Championship.
It checks your progress lesson by lesson, every step ol the way, through a typing course tailorod to your individual needs.
Mavis makes the loarning lun when creating your lessons by selecting quotes Irom history's greatest writers, countless riddles, rhymes, jokes and hundreds ol fascinating facts Irom the Guinness Book ol World Records It you tool your typing could be better, this is the ideal way to earn!
RRP £29.99 OUR PRICE £24.99 MiniGEN
- Genlock The MtfuGEN takes the output from your Amiga and
combines it with an external source such as TV. Video or
camera, to give a rock steady image This is the ideal way to
overlay tides or animation created with packages such as
Ones you've plugged In your Mini GEN you'll be well on the wey to having your own professional Desktop Video system!
RRP £113.85 OUR PRICE £98.85 AMIGAD0S: A Dabhand Guide la a comprehensive guide to the Commodore amiga's disc Operating System (Versions t 2 and 1.3). It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system in a way which wil be welcomed by the beginner and the experienced user alike.
Rathor than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, ihis book takes a genuinely dilterent approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth ol practical hands-on advice and hints and tips.
The many features ol this book indude:
• Ful coverage el Amiga DOS 1.3 fiiraions
• Ftag Mtr end wihoul the Workbench
• The Amga's fasratchtcal ling system
• Pathnames and Oewe names
• The Amga's miltaskng capab*«
• Tha AmgaOOS screen edtor
• AmgaOOS commands
• Batch processing
• Amga Emr code descrjnons
• Hoe lo create new systems discs
• Use of Ifis RAM discs
• Using AmigaDOS with C Amiga CompiAIng approved reading £14.95
You know how expensive a • to replace your banerw* when they
run down.
Even wilh rechargeable batlenee you et« have lo wax 14 hour* lor lull charge. We have solved the problem with the unique tuperlast powerful battery and charger lot.
SAVE on batteries This amazing device wil completely charge tour standard AA size rechargeable batteries in under 2 hours and each batiery can be recharged at least 1.000 times.
For you personal stereo, radio or TV Further, lor a limited period we can sell the charger and four rechargeable batteries at the staggering low coet ot £10 05 (plue C1 p*p) It will pay for itself within weeks!
WordPerfect SAVE £50 This is THE word processor lor the Amiga. It features all the power and flexibility of the PC version, and la specially adapted to the strengths ot the Amiga Itself.
WordPerfect works me wey you do. It can be controlled with eitner the mouse or lunctron keys, and you can display up to live tew colimns, side by side on a screen Plus, all Ihe ewra features so olton missing Irom oiher word processors are fully implemented - such as loolnoles, endnotes, a thesaurus, spoiling checker, mail mergor, over 200 printers supported - and FREE SUPPORT IS available should you need«, RRPE228.85 OUR PRICE It you’re in any way serious about word processing WordPerfect is the program you need And with a £50 saving it represents exceptional value lor money.
£178.85 RRP £99.99 OUR PRICE ... with the unique Look what it offers: RRP £114.95 OUR PRICE TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 113 What tha press say SBA Xtra la a winnar in tha low-cost accounting stakas." ~ What Personal Computer If you'ra running a small business. SBA Xtra should be lust fins for you." - PC User Publishers' Choice Whether you are designing a simple tlyer, creating a newsletter, Danneis.
Posters, or even producing a magaane. Publisher's Choice oilers a comprehensive solution to your Desktop Publishing and presentation requirements.
With the program you can easily combine text in a variety ol styles, in multiple columns and with customised graphics. It comes wilh over 200 professionally designed images, and high quality 'Headline" lonts.
In tact. Publishers’ Choice combines the Kindwords 2.0 wordprocessor, PageSener t .2 page composition package, Artists' Choice an program, and mo Headine lontpack.
Because the Amiga is mulo tasking you can have all the programs working on the serpen at the same Bme, or Just use hem mttvidualy as powerful stand-alone programs SBA Xtra SBA x,ra •» designed tor th* many small businaaaas with both yr cradlt and caah cuatomara, who naad a ayatam tor providing quick lists of Dabtors and Cradltora and Individual account hlatoriaa, without tha affort ot kaaping a complicated Sales and Purchasa Ladgar ayatam.
Among Its many faaturas are:
* Profit and k M auumanta * Daybook*
* Balance sheet * VAT reports
* Trial Balance * Account group report*
* Budgets * Transection listings by batch or account haading
* Full audit trail * Constants on-scrsan updata of cash position
and protk figur* £79.99 CASIO Cotow Pocket TV
* T HCM ICOccXou screen
* internal tcudtpetoer
* Nttumeaxad e Brightness conbctf
* Cdou conBd
* i xiendiUe e Extern* eert* socket
* Earphone xodtet
* Aulomjsc ijnrtg
* Extern* powir supply socket
* Takes lour stand AA site batteries
* 1 year guararsee £94.95 ssu Watch TV on the move
- SAVE yourself £20!
Please no* TS» TV400 B tuned hr UK PAL broedcmstt Therefore w* car onty accept orders from Vie UK Just how good is Protext?
‘...merely the best wordprocessor for the Amiga’ EXCLUSIVE!
Reveiwedm Amiga Computing.
January 1969 RRP £99.95 OUR PRICE £79.95 j SAVE £20 Protoxt is acknowledged by many as THE word processors tor most borne micros. And the Amiga version is no exception What you get with Amiga Pretext is a powerful workhorse with a proven track record Plus a saving ot £20 oft the retail price ot the new version 41 AulixiwDc fekxm4Bng ol Mil D«*s tfioon adtng Cs Hmt 3*0. A you Iff* Otm 70.000 wvo ErgtaA dctoniri Mam *i»an avtfpoMon program Auto mdani lor pop *n adlrg Inaaarg f «i ano IxitM Ird a«i) r«0aca ?
Prsss command ‘For power and value lor money. I don't think that Protext can be beaten It can be used as simply as you choose, or can handle the most complex marfmerge routines in short, It can be what you want it to be'. - Micronet ¦Anyone with a professional interest in words Is likely to find it pays dividends*. - PC Business World "It is a refreshing change to review an inexpensive WP package which lives up to every expectation* Which PC ‘Protext deserves to be the system by which all other word processors are judged*. - Your Computer The great strength of the package is its ease of use*.
- CPC Computing "Doserves very serious consideration* - Amstrsd Professional Computing Boi mod* lor aaMrg aun Edl tro ¦« X a ¦*
* •*»* ] or mouM opnralon Reader offers Binder £5.95 25 for £20!
Mouse mat £6.95 Keyboard dust cover (A500) £4.95 Protect your Amiga with this top- quality cover made trom clear, water-resistant vinyl.
Its bound with strong cotton and features the Amiga Computing logo The perfect desktop environment for your mouse with its specialty-designed, perfect grip surface. It ensure much smoother movement, gives super-positive control and protects your table top trom scratches.
Disc storage box £4.95 This luxury padded box is the ideal storage medium, holding up to FIFTY 3 5* discs Twelve rods hold your issues in place and keep them in pnsDne condition m this smart PVC binder There's always a demand lor spare Amiga discs - and at Amiga Computing we have lots we will be happy lo tell oil al a really exceptional price. They ere all discs that have been prepared at monthly cover discs, but they are brand new end have never been used, so you can aalely reformat them and use them lor any purpose you like. Look al these prices: Batman the Movie computer game at a knock-out
price Need some extra discs?
5 for £7.50!
Home Accounts Day by Day Home Accounts has been designed to make full use of the Amiga s features, giving you the widest range of home accounting facilities available at this price.
RRP £54.90 OUR PRICE £34.90 The program lets you set budgets and control up to 13 separate accounts, with optional printouts of any data Within seconds of loading you data disc you can ch ck your budget or any account, and even display or print the data in bar or pie charts Day by Day replaces your manual system for diary, business organiser, notepad, planner, reminder and so on.
It’s suitable for both business and homo applications, including numerous useful functions which serve every requirement It's suitable for both business and home applications, including numerous useful functions which serve every requirement Among its many features are ft Calender'd* ryplannef ft Categories suck as Mb. Birthdays and letters ft Updaimg of regular appointments ft Compiehensrve seardi tacby ft Automate lemnders ft Ai-a-gtance week and month summaries ft Pont option ft Gitxjpmg of related messages Only £14.95 Place your order NOW- this eiceptional otter is only suitable whilst
stocks Iasi ? Afpontment etxsnfl ft'UrgenT note* board ? 'Overdje' notes boa id ? Advance notes ol forthcoming events Both of these powerful programs are excellent value on their own. But if you buy this exclusive combination package well knock £20 off the combined retail price.
READER OFFERS COMPUTING ArgAsm Probably the fastest assembler ever for the Amiga!
When you're developing software, the last thing you want is to hang around for ages while your assembler processes your code - when you could be getting on with further program development.
But now all that waiting's a thing of the past, because ArgAsm from Argonaut Software is a revolutionary machine code development system.
It assembles at an incredible rate of 250,000 lines a minute)
- at least live times faster than, anything else, and over 100
times taster than the original Commodore assembler - and it
remains fully compatible.
What's more, ArgAsm Is the first assembler to be compatible with all the three ma|or assemblers; Assem, Devpac and Cape. So il you're , looking to upgrade, the chances are you'll be instantly right at home with ArgAsm.
And for a limited period we're exclusively knocking £5 oft the recommended price. -.jpP' Iiyou're serious about producing prolessional quality soltware - Iasi, . this is THE assembler lor 1 you. But remember, this v, Is a limited olfer, so to J be sure ol yopr copy T place your order today. F J ? Fast one-pass design ? Code limited only by memory ? Unlimited number ol labels ? Long label names ? Unlimited macro nesting ? Unlimited include nesting ? Include binary data ? Extra-helpful error messages ? Instruction cycle timings ? Processor llag display Exclusive price for readers of O O M P U
T I N O £54.95 RRP £59.95
- .SAVE £5!
EDITOR ? Multi tasking ? Full mulli-file capability ? Unlimited split views ol Files ? Cul paste between windows ? Insert delete blocks etc ? Full configuration facilities ? Save restore environment ? Extremely Iasi text scrolling ? Fast page update rales ? Assemble from any window ? Works on Workbench screen Place your order today, using the form on Page 113 Back issues September 1989-February 1990 bundlet£17 00 9889 tAOd C3 Europe & Eire Cl2 Overteee
• September 1989 £3.10 9715
• October 1989 £3.10 9716
• November 1909 £3.10 9717
• December 1989 £3.10 9718
• January 1990 £3.10 9719 February 1990 £2.10 9720
• includes covet dec Cover Discs August January £9 00 9881
Protext Version 4 Mail Order offers fsaapspa HO 1111 Publishers
Choice £79.99 9867 Mini-Gen £98.85 9869 word Perfect 4.1
version ,78.85 9870 X-Cad £89.85 9871 Small Business Accs Xtra
£89 95 9873 Mavis Beacon Typing £24.99 9874 Home Accounts Day
by Day £34 90 9851 Sim City ©?
(snowgo 108) £24 99 9683 I_ Drakkhen 1 too page 106) £24 99 9684 I I Sim City and Drakkhen lioopogo 106) £44.99 9865 l= Batman - The Movie laoopogo 111) Game £19.99 9882 cm Tank Attack £19.99 9648 m] ArgAsm fsaapaga 112) £54 95 9658 mn Dust covers £4 95 9507 cm Mouse mats £4 95 9508 ?
Binders £5 95 9509 Disc boxes £4.95 9860 cm Addition for postage: Europe & Eire add £3 1 Overseas add £5 [~ Unless otherwise indicated m2 Casio Pocket TV400 colour TV £94.95 Plus post and packing £! .50 HI Soft Mpigrtll Basic Compiler £69 95 9898 Battery charger (soepage 102) £19.95 9661 Plus post and packing £1.50 Amiga DABhand Guide seepages 110-111) A comprehensive guide to the Amiga’s disc operating system (versions 1.2 and 1.3) £ 9866 I | Amiga cover discs seepages 110-111) 5 assorted discs 25 assorted discs £7.50 £20 00 Payment: pie.
« ?)
Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral L65 3EB (No sump needed I posted m UK) PmOuds are normely desparcnad Wltun 4B noun ol recapI but dWnwy of oerfain form couU take up lo 28 days Cheov»€unicneque made paysDie to Daubaea Oirad ] AccessrMasler cai 0€ urocafd Bsrdopcard VtiarConnact ES2l T N0,1 I I I I Mill I I I I I l_L
- Signed_ Order at any tima ot tha day or night Orders by phone:
051-357 1275 Orders by Fax 051-057 2813 Orders by UcroLmk:
MAQ001 . Postcode Daytime telephone number in case of queries
General Enqutrtm 051-357 2 TWO WAYS TO ENSURE YOU GET Please
reserve me a copy ot Amiga Computing magazine every month
until further notice.
I will collect LJ I would like it delivered to my home Name:..... Address: EVERY MONTH Postcode:.
1. Complete and mail subscription form on Page 107.
2. Hand this form to your newsagent.
Note to newsagent: Amiga Computing should be obtainable from your local wholesaler. If not, contact Circulation Manager on 0424 430422 ¦ LAST BLIT ¦ SOME Amigaphilcs ara getting very. Wry exited about Unix.
To understand why means you have to know what it Is and why the Amiga is special.
Unix is a very old operating system. One designed for minicomputers. But as micros have become more powerful they have proved themselves capable of running such software. You may think AmigaDos is big. Filling a whole Workbench disc along with more code in the rom and other bits on the Extras disc. Unix is huge. It fills an 80 meg hard disc.
But why would anyone want to junk AmigaDos in favour of Unix?
Well plenty of us wouldn't.
However as computers get more complicated and users demand more from them, software needs to improve.
Some people - many of them within IBM - see Unix as the logical next step.
Even the standards are pretty well sorted out. The idea Is that a Unix program written for any machine will run on any other Unix machine.
This should be very simple, easier than an ST-to-Amiga port. And So what is all this fuss ahout Unix?
With the next revision of Unix.
Known as System V.4 (pronounced five- point-four), everything will be as simple as that. This Is where the Amiga comes in.
Commodore is in the forefront of
V. 4 development. Only three companies have shown machines run
ning V.4. all at a Unix exhibition in New York last November.
One of them was Commodore. The other two. AT&T and Sun. are
long established as Unix uses. AT&T owns the copyright.
While programs may be compatible. It would be much more useful if they looked the same on all machines. To this end a standard windowing system, much like Workbench, is used. Called X- Yyindows it means the programmer doesn't need to try every Unix machine to be sure that the results will be the same, and yet the program can take advantage of any special features a machine has.
Like a blitter.
It Is this which makes the Amiga a super way to provide Unix.
A standard Amiga can't do it.
Although there Is a version of X- Windows which works with AmigaDos. Unix needs at least a 88020. And preferably a 88030. The go faster chips work with a memory management unit to look after multi-tasking.
When one Amigados program crashes, all the other programs usually go with it. An MMU stops this.
The program which crashes shuts down and the rest of the computer Is free to carry on.
The machines destined to run Unix are not current Amigas.
Although A200Qs can be upgraded.
Amiga Unix will be supplied for the A3000 and A3500 being launched in Cermany soon. Using a Motorola 88030 at'lO or 23MH' depending on the model it will have a big and fast hard disc, be capable of taking a lot more ram than the 9 meg the currant range is limited to. And mark the entry of Commodore into the world of topflight computing So Unix is important to Commodore because it will allow It to sell a lot of very expensive machines into a new market. It is not very important to the traditional customer who has upgraded from a C84 to an Amiga 500. At least not yet.
Once upon a time 4.098 colours and even a mouse were things you only saw on the very best of workstations. Now they are common We will see Unix, and faster more powerful Amigas in the home but not for a while.
Today's companies with deep pockets will finance our home computers of the mid 90s - and the Amiga will be there leading the way.
- 105 Krkalk 115 10d Darwofr . PI Applied
Research Kerne?______
- 109 Manor Court Supplies________ 10 Amor_____________________
___32 Man*field Computer*_________ 109
- 101 MD Office Supplies_________ .6 Bvtebadc____ „..69 Memorv Ex
pan* ion Sv*tcms _ Vi CastJe Software____________________ 85
Micro*nip*________________________ .48 92 Microtek 101 10 80
CDS 77 N'afoha. ...... 8 Q&fSTft) S?
1 Computer BooScshop__________ _ 7d Power Computing_____________ 1?
114 Ramsoft of Rochdale 108 CP Software ... ___27 Rombo .. ...... .88 Database Software________1?. 88. 96 Sabre 16 Discount Centre_____ ____89 .ltd. 17 Shield Computer Service*_____ 104 D‘ nondC 70-71 47 dl Siren Software____________ 105 d7 S K Marfcetinp____________ 19 Difcita International _ 77 Snftmxhrne 84 Evesham Micro*_____ 87 Softscller*_____ 45 90 Softvillc PD 102 Gremlin Graphics ___75 Special Reserve ...... .84 96 TA V 101 Ham* Hi-Tefc .
- 109 Third Coast Technolories ....„.S1 Hi-Sofi_ _
_________ 65 Trdopc_______________ 48 10* ir 4 WSV
Cnrwmfrr Srrvirr* 6?
V7N ti-mr-iirr 10!
PLAYER STATUS. PLAYER TRAINING, MANAGEMENT REPORT, CUP DRAW WITH DIGITISED SPEECH FROM 5TH ROUND. TRANSFER MARKET. BUY AND SELL PLAYERS. LEAGUE TABLE AVAILABLE NOW: AMIGA AND ATARI ST. COMING SOON: IBM PC, ARCHIMEDES, KONIX MULTI-SYSTEM, SPECTRUM |Cassette and D sk|. CBM 64 |Cassette and Disk). AMSTRAD CP |Cassette and Disk) and MSX |Cassette| screen. Beware of threatening "Black Star"! Been surprised by the fl( What about an alliance ? Hope for the next low ode.
Available on ATARI ST & STE - AMIGA - PC COMPATIBLES ., .. INFOGRAMES offers you adversaries who are always available : 6 robot- players each having their own character, but they are all programmed for a sole aim: beating you!
Furthermore this game contains a graphic tool to create your company’s blazon and strategical problems for you to solve in order to get trained. A superb adaptation of the board game in the style of the games created by the Cobra Soft team : Bertrand Brocard and Roland Morla.
Full metal planete.
8:54 am. You will have to prove that you are the Cobra Steel Company’s best pilot... Your mission : land your spaceship, get a maximum load of Snick in the mud! This venturesome crab has ! Flood and can only TntWmnrjtrn HAVE YOU THE RIGHT STUFF TO BE A FULL METAL PILOT ?

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