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AN accelerator card ciaimed to run software six times faster than a standard Amiga bas been munched hy Solid State Leisure (0933 650677). With the addition of an 68881 maths co-processor, speeds can be increased hy 20 times and with an 82 hy Rom on under Mue skies AMIGA owners who don't mind using a product which still has the Atari name on it can get into the tracker-bail movement with the lat est product from Blue Sky Systems. VirtusX vandaüsed again Julian Beech, who previ-ouslv worked with Hard Edge Communications, has now set up Blue Sky and has converted the popular Atari trackerball to the Amiga. Good for games, it can be used as a mouse replacement and features a high quality smooth bail. julian has kept the price down to €29.99 but to do that he did not feel it was viable to have the Atari name taken off and replaced by Amiga. Blue Sky is at 16 Sidney Street, Sheffield, Si 4RH. Téléphoné 0742 738675. Fax 0742 757953. New drive for Amigas A NEW extern a! disc drive and games pack for Amiga owners has been launched by Electronic Zoo [0453 887008). The drive is fitted with an on off switch to disable it when extra memory is needed and has a long Iead for positioning on either side of the Amiga. Equipped with a through connector, it is housed in a strong Steel case and is fully compatible with the Commodore 1010 drive but much smaller, measuring just 220mm x 140mm x 29mm. Included in the pack are five games — the Breakout-style action package Impact with 80 levels, Cosmi heii-copter flight simulator Super Huey, Microdeal shoot-'em-up Gold Runner, and speed up 40 times, according to Staid State s Mark t'enny.

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Document sans nom Volume 3 Number 1 June 1990 £2.95 An Interactive Publication S.
* l - J s V .
S i'.
YU 0 . % S
• SYS: Top quality. 50 level arcade game.
• Textra: Friendly replacement lor Ed.
• MusicBor; Ma.or program upgrade and another tune lor your
• MegaWB: Create a 1024 x 1024 wcrtcberch.
• Chaos: This month's listings compiled.
• NoPalReset: Beat the NTSC boot-up bug.
• CustReq: Make your own AmgaQos requesters.
• Startup: Give a choice ol startups with this handy utility,
• The Code Clinic: This month’s source code
• Rock The House: Boogie on dcwn to this original toe-lapping
• WordSeeker: End the words hidden in the grid.
Full instructions are in the June 1990 issue of Amiga Computing ISS Music to your ears Rock'nRolf is back
* in town!
In a deluge of colour and music, save the (Earth from a classical catastrophe. Classical music (yuk!) In its tortureous form has the world. With monsters so hideously hideous, so exaggeratingly evil, so barbarously bad, it’s slowly destroying the last traces of the only great music... Rock’n’Roll.
JUMPING JACK SON is our only hope.
As quick as a flash, find out the ‘timeless classic”, the “golden oldie”, the records which made Rock’n’Roll. And, of course, the first 45 cut by the King himself, Elvis Presley, All these records must be placed where they belong... THE JUKE BOX.
Atari!), and up to 100 colours on the other screens. And don’t turn a deaf ear! JJS also has 400 kb of Rock’n’Roll and FX sounds.
Most overrun JUMPING JACK SON is a Magical, Musical, Visual, Mystery Tour... An ear splitting, ________________ eye popping adventure.
27 colours on the main game JUMP at the opportunity and screen (on both Amiga and JIVE into the action.
£11.90 £10.90 Price per box of TO disks D6010 372' DSDD 135 TPI
£19.50 D6020 5%w DSDD 48 TPI GET £2.50 OFF ANY OTHER PRODUCT
• IMPACT RESISTANT Holds 150 disks £24.50 Ref. A0084 3 Vi " x 50
A0023 £7.90 31 i"x100 A0053 £9.90 3' j " x 1 20 A0063 £10.90
DATA SWITCHES All metal case with rotary switches.
H0100 120D £139.00 H0101 SWIFT 24 £320.00 X0900 SWIFT 24 COLOUR KIT £38.00 H0102 PR0D0T 9 £375.00 HO110 OVERTURE 106 LASER £1295.00 Panasonic Made of safety plastic coated steel wire £12.50 YUS-25A lor 80 col. Printer. Ref A0203 £27.90 YUS 258 for 130 col. Printer. Ref. A0204 £32.50 £16.50 £21.50 £23.50 COPY HOLDERS COMPUTER PAPER CABLES A0801 25pin Male 36pin Male 2m £7.50 A0804 25pin Male 25pin Male 2m £8.50 A0805 25pin Male 25pin Female 2m £8.50 A0806 36pin Male 36pin Male 2m £8.50 11x9 2" 60GSM Ref. P0101 Box of 2000 £15.90 PERFECT A4 85GSM Ref. P0301 Box of 1000 £13.90 Desk Top Ref.
A0301 £7.90 With adjustable arm 80 Column Ref. A0302 £13.50 132 Column Ref. A0303 £19.50 COMPUTER LABELS H COMPATIBLE L PRINTER RIBBONS | H0200 KXP 1081 £155.00 H0201 KXP 1180 £170.00 H0202 KXP 1124 £250.00 H0203 KXP 1592 £320.00 H0210 KXP 4450i LASER £1599.00
• SELF ADHESIVE •TRACTOR FED Packed 2000 3, a"xWieM £11.90 1, 2
or 3 across 4" x 17 i6” £12.90 AMSTRAD 8256 R7410 £3.90 AMSTRAD
DMP2000 3160 R4820 £2.75 AMSTRAD 0MP4000 R4260 £4.50
CANONPW1080 R2230 £4.25 CITIZEN 120D R4880 £4.25 EPSON LQ800
mio £3.90 EPSON LX 80 56 R4540 £2.90 EPSON MX FX RX80 FX LX800
R2730 £2.90 NEC P2200 R8440 £4.50 PANASONIC KXP1081 R2280 £4.50
PANASONIC KXP1124 R9040 £4.90 SHINWA CP80 R6981 £4.50 STAR NL10
R7610 £3.90 STAR LC10 R8610 £3.90 STAR LC10 (Colour) R8696
£7.90 STAR LC24-10 R8680 £4.50 BUY JO GET 7 FREE MONITOR STAND
• Amiga 500 Computer
• Mouse
• TV Modulator SOFTWARE
• F29 Retaliator (Flight simulator)
• Deluxe Paint It
• Escape from the Planet Of The Robot Monsters
• Rainbow Island i a* H0300 P2 + H0301 P6 + H0302 P7 + £299.00
£469.00 E585.00 DUST COVERS Amiga A500 1 PC C0102 £5.50 Atari
1040 STFM 1 PC C0108 £5.50 Primers 80 Col* 1PC £4.50 Printers
132 Col* 1PC £5.50 'Please specify printer MANY OTHERS
AVAILABLE - PLEASE CALL mmmai mice X2005 Atari High Resolution
Replacement Mouse £24.50 X2006 Amiga High Resolution
Replacement Mouse £24.50 X2010 Naksha Mouse Suitable for Amiga
& Atari £39.00 H0000 LC10 El65.00 H0009 LC 1011 £195.00 H0001
LC 10 COLOUR £205.00 H0002 LC 24-10 £245.00 H0003 FR10 £370.00
OF PAPER 11" x9.5" 60gsm AT £11.50 (INC VAT) HOW TO ORDER
• Cheque: Please make cheques payable to OMD Ltd. And send them
to the address shown above.
• Credit Card: We accept Access & Visa. Please telephone on
(0533) 877733 (24 hours).
All orders received by 12 noon are despatched on the same day.
Overnight delivery available E7.50 extra.
ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF VAT AND DELIVERY (uk mainland onlyj AMIGA SCENE 9 NEWS ROUND-UP A30Q0 gets closer, A500 sales top a quater of a million, A20Q0 makes a pop video, Amiga portable has problems and much, much, more. Dmgon,sBreath} Page 40 LETTERS 19 EZRA SURF’S POSTBOX Sackfuls of your scriblin' to keep our postman wliistlin’. Surf sorts the m Attack Subi Page 43 wheat from the chaff and solves some of your problems.
PROGRAMMING ¦ CHAOS PORTFOLIO ¦ FEATURE H HARDWARE GAMES ¦ REVIEW ¦ MUSIC 92 interactive publishing Chairman Derek Meakin Managing Director Hugh Gollner Commercial Director David Hurst Amiga Computing welcomes articles for publication. Material should be typed or computer- printed, and preferably double-spaced.
Program listings should be accompanied by disc. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, otherwise the return of material cannot be guaranteed. Contributions can only be accepted for publication by Database Publications Ltd on an all-rights basis.
§ 1990 Database Publications Ltd. Nro material may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. While ever)' care is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally responsible for any errors in articles, listings or advertisements.
AMIGA Computing is an independent publication and Commodore Business Machines (U.K.} Ltd is not responsidble for any of the articles in this issue or for any of the opinions expressed.
News trade distribution: Comag Magazine Marketing. Tavistock Road. West Drayton.
Middlesex UB7 7QE. Tel: West Dravton (0895) 444055.
Managing Editor Derek Meakin Features Editor Jeff Walker Reviews Editor Nic Veitch Technical Editor John Kennedy Production Editor Peter Glover Art Editor Tim Lecky Advertisement Manager John Snowden Advertising Sales Wendy Colburn Published by: Interactive Publishing Ltd, Europa House. Adlington Park.
Adlington, Macclesfield SklO 4NP.
ISSN 0952-5948 Editorial: 0277 234424 Advertising: 0625 878888 Subscriptions: 031*3572961 Fax: 0625 379966 MicroLink: MAGOOl "C AMIGA VJ ARCADE US Gold’s Might and Magic II goes supreme while Tomahawk's Paris- Dakar gets the big thumbs down, plus the rest of this month’s releases.
ARTISTS’ SHOWCASE Two men and a dog - three stunning and very detailed hi-res portraits by the inimitable Eric Pickering.
THE CODE CLINIC John Kenedy shows you how to display bitplanes in assembler and write a fortune cookie program in C. I DISTANT JL SUNS John Kenedy looks at a program which amateur astronomers should find an invaluable aid to keeping warm at night.
Alastair Scott brings his popular series to a conclusion by showing that no matter how we try, our lives are ruled by Chaos.
THE DUDE ON THE HILL Alternative realities on the Amiga. The BBC's Peter Ceresole brings back glad tidings from California.
NEVER MIND THE OCTAVES Dean Friedman discusses the pros and cons of using random pattern generators to create original musical scores.
EXP-8000+ RAM BOARD If you want lots of ram for your A500, you've got to have somewhere to put it. Jeff Walker looks at an 8 meg internal expansion board.
A3001 VF JL REVIEW Has GVP stolen Commodore's thunder with its new 68030 accelerator board for the A2Q00?
Stewart C. Russell find out.
¦ CONTENTS ¦ SHORTIES MAC-2-D0S TOOLBOX Reviews of a utility to read Macintosh discs and the latest in user-conf igurabl e program mers' editors.
PUBLIC DOMAIN Q9™ Sc SYS Fifty levels of tremendous gameplay in this OS friendly arcade game, topped off with music and digitised sound effects.
WORDSEEKER Create and solve your own word search puzzles with this mouse- controlled brain teaser.
CHAOS Who will win the contest of predators versus prey. Make your very own bifurcation diagram (wow!) And freak to the wonders of the de Jong attractor.
MEGAWB Make life easier by increasing the size of your workbench screen to an amazing 1024x1024 pixels.
CUSTREQ STARTUP Give users a startup-sequence choice by using this friendly command.
MUSICBOX A major upgrade to vl.8 plus some fantastic Space Fantasy music for your collection.
Create friendly requesters for your scripts with this easy-to-use utility.
NOPALRESET Beat the NTSC bug. If your Amiga doesn't open a PAL screen, this program re-boots the system for you.
RSSSSsar ssisr t instructions are in the Juni ROCK THE HOUSE Original music score from the talented Howie Davies. Pipe it through the hi-fi and play it loud.
TEXTRA Brilliant, user-friendly replacement text editor for Ed. A mouse driven interface makes it a joy to use.
SHAREWARE SEQUENCERS Get in toe-tapping form with Stewart
C. Russell’s look at PD music sequencers, plus a guide to
registering your shareware.
TAILPIECE 114 LAST BLIT We take another look at the world of computer jargon and suggest modern day changes to upgrade some old proverbs.
Or phone 0726 68020 with your credit card number Please make cheques payable to THE 16 BIT FAIR Vcw Products A host of new features in Version 1.05 (J HiSoft BASIC on the Amiga has already proved its worth for thousands of people because of its speed, its compatibility with AmigaBASIC and QuickBASIC on the PC and its ease of use. Now we've added features that make HiSoft BASIC irresistible. Version 1.05 gives you:
* Even more compatibility with AmigaBASIC making it simplicity
itself to compile all your existing programs into super-fast,
stand-alone machine code.
* Linking with assembler and C programs. Now you can use external
functions and sub-programs from either assembly-language or C
programs, giving BASIC a power you will find hard to believe.
CM © 0 IP* as *e e 01
* Extended editor for 1M users with automatic upper-casing of
BASIC reserved words as you type them in, making for clear,
easy-tounderstand program listings.
Remember that HiSoft BASIC is not just an incredibly fast compiler producing compact, very fast machine code but it is a complete programming environment - you create and edit your programs just like you do with an interpreter but then, when you run your program, it is automatically compiled to give the best of ail worlds. One package, one price. HiSoft BASIC 1.05 still costs only £79.95 inclusive. Upgrades are available to existing registered users at £5.
Invaluable libraries for HiSoft BASIC The Extend package is available at last! The Amiga is a difficult computer to program and AmigaBASIC offers little heip in using the gadgets, menus and requesters that the operating system supports. Extend gives you an extensive library of sub-programs and functions that is available from both AmigaBASIC and HiSoft BASIC to fill these gaps.
Extend allows full control over the system gadgets, menus and sub-menus, requesters, windows, IFF-format files and much more. It comes complete with over 50 pages of documentation packed with clear examples of the usage of the library and, of course, the library itself (and examples) on disk. All for £19,95 inclusive.
Now you can extend the power of your Amiga's BASIC with this great new package.
Also available for the Amiga are; HiSoft Devpac version 2 (£59.95), the most complete and reliable system for assembly language programming on the Amiga and it works on all Amigas (unlike some other assemblers we could argue about!); Lattice C 5.04 (£229), the ultimate C package - very fast with everything you need including a global optimise!* and extensive, 2-volume documentation.
All software should be available from your local dealer. In case of difficulty, you can order directly from HiSoft by phone, using your Access or Visa card or by mail, using Access, Visa, a cheque or postal orders. Our prices include VAT and shipping within the UK.
HiSoft, The Old School, Greenfield, Bedford MK45 5DE.
Tel: (0525) 718181, Fax: (0525) 713716 & sf V ,6,' i+x: °
* -V W&MM .eV 4 . pm i*y4Vi.,-L V- gr l5» T,.; V' 6 r*««N
Qi :¦'•& s ’ ;Y£V~u - v'
* £24v-v*x - ---_¦ ¦- .;¦ ;0.-, 4 ¦ v.vV'r-fr-v‘.,:J* i * j.’.
-.'w* ¦• W it A W&m, r? I;J . * ¦. • '*.
T'fl" ot °* rolvVi;.- -f a Jj;'. • .*-; tel: | w 4% •« CO „ .¦ ¦ ¦.
• ”il. . .,v w!*!5@tf£V:Y;.
- vV; ¦i ’' S?'*v-* ¦ : ' haw _ von t489 yws&i soonooo u
¦* ¦ ¦ « rfied* oV V i 7-v, VW;TV 'A'*?'d ‘•. .r-Jfi* ¦. R-'-V!
V. ;r. '*' ?S ;f ¦ r- ¦'.•¦ 'A- r'- * ------
• i?LA'¦ ._-'' 1 7 y 'aT3s°Ss P0s cd° j% 0 s SSSSv £499 OKOS
t 5 “S &W £349 f "-ftt!r.-rouC49DS TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME Send
cheques to: Dept AC Memory Expansion Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB
• 24 Hour Sales ¦ 24 Hour Fax
(051) 236 0480
(051) 227 2482 AMIGA SCENE FACED with mounting trade speculation,
Commodore has finally admitted the existence of its new
As Amiga Computing went to press, a company spokesman confirmed that the machine would be launched at the Which?
Computer Show.
Date set for Commodore’s Archimedes-basher All firm information on the latest Amiga was under strict embargo until April 24, the first day of the show, after it failed to make its expected debut at the CeBit ‘90 show in Hanover.
Full details will appear in next month’s Amiga Computing but in the meantime the trade has been indulging in its traditional guessing games - some said to come from the inevitable “reliable sources”.
Rumours say that the new machine is centered round a 25MHz 68030, 32 bit processor, is smaller than the existing A2000 and only contains four expansion slots rather than seven.
It is said to be fitted with 1Mb of chip ram upgrade- able to 2Mb plus 1Mb of fast ram upgradeable to a maximum of 4Mb.
Tipped to be faster than an equivalent Acorn Archimedes, the new Amiga is also said to include a display enhancer, AmigaDos
1. 4, and fastfile hard disc format routines in rom.
Other sources have hinted at two models - a 25MHz and a 33MHz version.
The new machine has long been dubbed the A3000 but Commodore could not be persuaded to reveal its official name. If that tag is correct, it could lead to problems with Acorn Computers which used the same name for its latest Archimedes-based BBC Micro.
THE Amiga has been voted Top of the Pops by new group Oh Well.
Teamed with the skills of The Bitmap Brothers it was used to produce a promotional video for the band’s latest single Radar Love.
A London video production company approached the Bitmaps and asked them to provide additional graphics Amiga’s top of the pops footage for the video.
Using the graphics an Amiga 2000 with extended memory and an accelerator board, they created on-screen ripple effects.
The project took four days and the results were then incorporated into the film already taken of the band.
Germany taking stock Tipster falls at National through their Exeter-based company TAM (0392 215485). They won £1,000.
The program was also right with Toby Tobias which came in second.
Its winning streak was repeated with the 33-1 outsider Evic Star in The Lincoln.
Steve admits that neither he nor his family have any expertise in the horse world. He is an electronics technician and wrote The Tipster in November last year, applying pure statistics to data on the winners from 800 races.
He also built in eight special points which include the often discounted beaten favourites and the number of days since a horse ran.
AN English version of the German stock market simulation Wall Street Wizard from Profisoft has been added to the range offered by Data Liberation (0983 864674).
Due from the same stable later this year are simulations of running a trucking company across Europe and of a 19th century railway system.
Wall Street Wizard is a stock market challenge for one to six players. It has 10 skill levels and includes 12 AMIGA betting program The Tipster has fallen at the last fence after a winning streak which put money in the pockets of its developer Stever Marriott, his family and many users of the package.
Call Collect, Brown Windsor and outsiders Stars Delight and Chofar were The Tipster’s tips for major industries and 48 stocks interacting with more than 1.000 businesses and various political events.
Price, £39.95. Under development for the Amiga is A Day at the Races, which is all about owning, training, racing and making money with horses. A total of 500 horses and jockeys are followed throughout a year’s racing with the database keeping records and updating form for each playing session.
The Grand National. Brown Windsor was the only horse to show, coming in fourth.
The Tipster’s winning streak started with the Cheltenham Gold Cup when it threw up rank outsider Norton’s Coin. The horse romped home at 100- 1 which was good news for the Marriott family who market the package Speedy spreadsheet THE latest offering from Gold Disk is claimed to have the fastest recalculations of any Amiga spreadsheet.
Home Office Advantage features more than 80 statistical, financial, trigonometric and user-definable functions and allows worksheets of up to 65,000 rows by 65,000 columns to be constructed.
Information can be transferred from the package’s built-in database and charts and graphs can be created via the graphics section.
Home Office Advantage is available from HB Marketing (0753 686000), price £99.95. Animation gets moving ANIMATION can be a laborious lask but the Amiga can speed up the process with the help of a new package developed in Canada.
Journeyman comes from Hask Enterprises of Vancouver. By manipulating images on an Amiga, users can produce animated sequences much more quickly than by the traditional method of snapping individual frames in sequence. It costs $ 500.
Hask Enterprises can be contacted on 0101 206 696
Date with the family AMIGA owners who want to keep tabs on their families now have an easily used but fully comprehensive genealogical database which can support 18 generations with siblings.
NorGen comes from America and is available through MGA SoftCat (0797 226601), Reports can be extracted by such dates as anniversaries or birthdays or by any name. Price, £99.95. WITH the launch of the new Flight of Fantasy pack, Commodore has a bit of a problem on its hands. Four months after its release the Batman pack is still selling well, and there aren’t enough A500s to go round.
To stock the warehouses with the new pack means having to cut back on the production of Batman packs, so in an unprecedented move Commodore is having more A500s flown into the country.
They’re flying in A500s to feed the boom "This sort of thing usually only happens at Christmas", said Kelly Sumner, Com- Music for beginners FOR the beginner, music making with computers can be a world full of complex equipment and confusing terms. Roland UK (01-568
4578) aims to solve these problems through its new package
designed with the amateur in mind.
The Desktop Music Pack contains everything a newcomer needs to make beautiful sounds and as AMIGA Computing went to press Roland’s computer music man George Thorn said the company was just a couple of weeks away from launching an Amiga version. This decision followed the news that Midi software producer Dr.T. has launched an Amiga version of its Tiger Cub sequencer.
’’The pack has been put together because we believe there is a whole new market modore's national accounts manager. "Flying product in at this stage is unheard of".
And the Flight of Fantasy pack is destined to sell well.
While the country’s games players waited anxiously for the release of Ocean’s F-29 Retaliator, Commodore was keeping under its hat the news that it had scooped up the game for inclusion in the pack. Bundled along for people with Amigas who don’t think they are musicians", said marketing manager for Roland, Alan Townsend.
"The Desktop Music Pack is designed for players who would like to add more professional sounds to their games and for computer owners who would like to create music with their machine and a sequencer.
These people may not know anything about musical instruments, so the package has been made very very simple for them".
Desktop Music Pack includes a CM32L module which makes the sound, the Tiger Cub sequencer and scorewriter Copyist Apprentice, also from Dr.T. The Tiger Cub software package allows sequencing and recording data for playback using rhythm and eight different instruments playing at the same time out of one box. Copyist with F-29 is Rainbow Islands, Domark’s yet-to-be- released Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters and the ubiquitous Deluxe Paint II.
With UK sales of the A500 already topping 250,000, Commodore must be hoping that with the Flight of Fantasy pack it will put the ST challenge behind it forever.
Apprentice is compatible with Tiger Cub and runs simultaneously through Dr.T’s MPE switch system.
It is an improved version of the Quick-score score writer.
Also included in the pack is a utility desktop accessory disc which helps set the module’s reverb and tuning, three Midi leads and two audio leads for connecting the system to a hi-fi.
The package costs around £469 which is claimed to be a saving of £80 on the price of the equipment when bought separately.
Socket - AN accelerator card claimed to run software six times faster than a standard Amiga has been launched by Solid Slate Leisure (0933 650677).
With the addition of an 68881 maths co-processor, speeds can be increased by 20 times and with an 82 by Roll on under blue skies AMIGA owners who don’t mind using a product which still has the Atari name on it can get into the tracker- ball movement with the latest product from Blue Sky Systems.
VirusX vandalised again Julian Beech, who previously worked with Hard Edge Communications, has now set up Blue Sky and has converted the popular Atari trackerball to the Amiga. Good for games, it can be used as a mouse replacement and features a high quality smooth balk Julian has kept the price down to £29.99 but to do that he did not feel it was viable to have the Atari name taken off and replaced by Amiga. Blue Sky is at 16 Sidney Street, Sheffield, Si 4RH. Telephone 0742 738675. Fax 0742 757953.
New drive for Amigas A NEW externa! Disc drive and games pack for Amiga owners has been launched by Electronic Zoo (0453 887008).
The drive is fitted with an on off switch to disable it when extra memory is needed and has a long lead for positioning on either side of the Amiga. Equipped with a through connector, it is housed in a strong steel case and is fully compatible with the Commodore 1010 drive but much smaller, measuring just 220mm x 140mm x 29mm.
Included in the pack are five games - the Breakout- style action package Impact with 80 levels, Cosmi helicopter flight simulator Super Huey, Microdeal shoot-’em~up Gold Runner, and speed up 40 times, according to Solid State’s Mark Tenny.
Designed for the A500, 20- Card has 4Mb ram capacity, runs at 10 Mhz and is of completely asynchronous design. It fits into the 68k socket, comes with 1Mb of memory and measures 7.75 x 5.3 inches. Price, £309.
A BOGUS version of Steve Tibbett’s famous virus killer, VirusX, has appeared recently, circulating under the name of VirusX 4.4. This is the second time this popular program has been patched and spread by unscrupulous and anonymous hackers.
Last year an altered version of VirusX 3.2 made the rounds calling itself VirusX
3. 3. Like version 3.3, version
4. 4 is not by Steve Tibbett.
It is, however, harmless. If Hewson’s 100 screen firepower game Exolon and Microdeal’s commando- style shoot-em-up Leatherneck.
The pack costs £99.
Maths for the minors MATHTALK and Mathtalk Fractions are the latest educational offerings on the Amiga from ESP Software (0702 600557).
Designed for five to 13 year-olds, Mathtalk concentrates on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With input from both mouse and keyboard, the program speaks to the student via character Professor Matt A.Matics, working through problems and showing how to solve them if a mistake is made.
Interest is kept by the inclusion of two simple games and users can increase difficulty by input- you have it and you’ve run it, there’s nothing to worry about - it is only a VirusX
4. 0 archive that has been slightly modified by somebody who
obviously doesn’t know anything about C - nor, based on some
of the things he says, about programming the Amiga.
The 4.4 archive contains a VirusX.Docs that has a description of a new virus appended to the documents, has a longer description of this virus appended to the ing their own problems which can be saved for later use.
Mathtalk Fractions is designed for 8 to 15-year- olds, features Professor Matt and concentrates on fractions, decimals and percentages. Moving away from straight question and answer, it is another tutorial program which includes games to keep interest.
Both programs cost £19.95. Long life mouse A NEW upgrade service for Amiga mice is now available from Simpson Electronics (0332 760353).
By replacing the existing switch gear with high quality microswitches, the company aims to lengthen the working life of a mouse.
The upgrade is guaranteed for a year and a minimum of 200,000 operations.
Price, £12.50. source file, has some punctuation moved around in the source file, and has the
4. 00 version number patched to 4.40. That’s it. If you have it,
please don’t pass it on.
Steve Tibbett says another version of the real VirusX is imminent, with new features and knowledge of a number of new viruses. As soon as Steve releases it we’ll pass it on to you on the .Amiga Computing cover disc.
A500 net NINE Tiles Computer Systems (0223 440099) has released a new low-cost network for the Amiga.
Allowing the A500 to be linked to Pcs or A2000s and vice versa, the system can support up to 125 machines. It features CatenaNet software and a plug-in Amiga card. Price, £300 per user.
Now playing on Amigas QUARTET, the Midi sample sequencer which made such a name for itself on the Atari ST, is now available for Amiga the 500, 1000 and
The package includes all that is needed to make a demo and save it to disc.
Users can choose between an auto-booting demo or one that can be operated from the Workbench.
Samples can be used from any type of sampler including AMAS and Master Sound with a capacity for up to 16 samples in memory at once - all accessible from the keypad.
The program also adopts poly-play mode which make sample playback possible. It costs £49.95 and is available from Microdeal (0726 68020).
Also available from Micrdeal is a new Midi interface for Amiga 500 and
2000. Price, £24.95. Cleverly written and always favourably
reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful,
low cost software for the home and business user.
FINAL ACCOUNTS DGCALC MAILSHOT The fastest and most powerful spreadsheet available in this p*ice bracket, with 512 rows by 52 columns, giving you up to 26624 cells As with all Digita products, the operation of the program isdearfy thought out. Being either menu mouse or command driven you'll be able to start using it within minutes
- even il you've never used a spreadsheet before. Some ol the
features which make it such good value are the exporting of
ASCII files tor integration with other programs, adjustable
column width and text overflow, programmable function keys
(macros}, and a unique windowing facility, so that you can look
at different parts of a sheet at the same time Lou.OJ If you
ever need to send out mailings or print labels, you know how
tiddly and time-consuming it can be making sure all the labels
are printed correctly. Well now all that's a thing of the past
Because Mailshot actually shows you the labels on screen, you
can type names and addresses in exactly the correct place But
more than that, the labels are animated on screen as a
continuous sheet, allowing you io scroll backwards and
forwards, to search for particular keywords or to edit entries
with the minimum of fuss. Facilities include searching,
detection of duplicate labels, sorting (even surname'} 9 labels
across, 999 copies of any (abet This has to be the simplest and
most effective method of creating a mailshot available. __
£24.95 The program will take information prepared by Cashbook
Controller and produce a complete set of accounts including:
* Trial Balance ‘ Trading and Profit and Loss Account ' Balance
Sheet * Notes to the Accounts ¦ Full Accounting ratios AH
reports may be produced at any lime, with comparative budget
figures if required. The facility to produce these documents
quickly, accurately, and regularly is of enormous hefp in
running any business, large or small, since one shows the true
profitability achieved, and the other the exact strengft of the
business in terms ol assets and liabilities. __ £29.95 E-TYPE
CLASSIC INVADERS ¦ MAILSHOT PLUS Do you ever have to print
names and addresses at awkward places on envelopes, or do you
ever need to fill in tricky forms or invoices where the text
has to be in exactly the right placed Usually you have to do it
by hand, or get your trusty old typewriter out of the cupboard
and dust it off. Well nol anymore. The Emulated TYPEwnter
transforms your computer and printer into a fully fledged
typewrite1, supporting bold, underline, italic and other
Because it can display and print text INSTANTLY you can line up your form, press Return and Space a few times to move to the correct place, and then start typing Alternatively you can switch to tine-by-line mode, which offers word-wrap, justification and proportional spacing, so that you can edit each line before il sprinted. £39 95 Escape from executive stress with the classic space invader game.
£14.95 Money saving combination pack featuring both Cashbook Controller and Final Accounts-Save E10 00 __ £69.96 Are you absolutely sure your taxman is doing hts job correctly? Plan your own tax with ease, this menu-driven program will calculate your income tax liability (4 tax years included) and provide pertinent facts about your tax position You can perform • what-if 7 calculation to discover ways to minimise your tax liability In fad. The program w l advise you on things such as. It you are a married man, whether it would be advantageous to have your wife's income taxed separately or not.
At this price who knows, you wit! Probably find that PTP will pay for itself in tax savings the first time you use it1 " STOP PRESS “ July 89 - PTP user receives tax refund of over £2,000" £39.95 DAY-BY-DAY An excellent way to get organised With it you'll be reminded of birthdays and other anniversaries, meetings and appointments, phone calls to make and so on. As with all D gita products, inputting information is simplicity itself and.
Once entered, you can search for keywords or for particular events such as birthdays to see when one is coming up Includes momh week day planner, automatic reminders lor overdue appointments, month and week summary at a glance. For less than £30 this is the ideal way to make sure you never miss that important occasion again! Ftc £29.95 Available to the trade from Greyhound, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
Advanced version ol Mailshot for the business user with the following extra facilities;
* integration with other software (usmg ASCII filesi ‘
cotumnflabulated summary (ideal for telephone lists, etc)
* 4 extra memo lines per label (with defaults) * system for
coding, dating and adding messages to each label " different
layouts available lor horizontal and vertical £49.95 PiftSONAt
sensible price” All software written in the UK. Prices include
VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export) HOW TO ORDER DIGITA
International Ltd Black Horse House Exmouth Devon EX8 1JL
England Fax: 0395 268893 Lessons from life ALLOWING children to
relate their lessons to real life is an important aspect of
education and two packages for the Amiga do just that. They
are Let’s Spell at The Shops and Let’s Spell at Home from Soft
Stuff Software (0732 351234).
The programs use graphics and synthesised speech to teach letter recognition and spelling. Conforming to the National Curriculum, they are mouse controlled for ease of use, have four levels of difficulty, print-out options and are interchangeable with other Soft Stuff programs.
Price, £19.95. MMTS Irtm Sturt C H Ouww Ms * Z uGJl 0 E I :b . 031 HQ B3D3 ??? FlSG I No show for portable THE new portable Amiga from German manufacturer Gigalron (see Amiga Computing, March) failed to make its expected debut at the recent CeBil ‘90 show in Hanover.
Staff at Gigatron are working hard to get the machine completed within the next few weeks but a question mark hangs over When micros take wing AMIGA owners who enjoyed the RealThings Horses animation kit from RGB Studios (082-581 2666) can now take to the air with the next in the series - RealThings Birds.
MMWmS SPELL For more than a dozen birds, it provides anim- brushes of flight in profiles, progressive perspective, underviews, overviews, ground behaviour, flocking patterns and seasonal plumage.
Images have been drawn and painted by well-known bird artist Peter Partington and the package includes demos, clip art and animated scenery.
"RealThings Birds 1 and 2 aim to give Amiga lovers the chance to recreate the fascination we all feel when watching birds in their natural environment", said Robin Grenfell Bilson of RGB.
Full retail price £29.95 with special launch price of £23.95 until July 31.
Fax pack for Amiga AMIGA owners can now send faxes at the touch of a button thanks to a new package from Michtron (0726 59692).
Fast Fax is a combination of both hardware in the form of an external modem and software which emulates PC fax card functions.
The software features both send and receive modes and can be programmed to send faxes to a number of different destinaits current negotiations with Commodore.
While Commodore is not involved in the development of the machine, it is not yet known if it will buy the rights to it. If not* it may still have to give its approval to any launch, since Gigatron’s portable contains a number of customised chips.
Tions at any time of day. A 1,000 entry phone book and comprehensive message storing system are also incorporated.
Communicating with Group 3 fax machines at 9,600 baud, the external modem connects to the Amiga via the RS232C port.
Price £690.
As she is spoke.. A RANGE of GCSE courses for the Amiga covering English, French and Maths has been released by LCL (0491 579345).
Each package takes users step by step from age eight to GCSE level and consists of 24 programs, two books and a voice tape.
MicroEnglish covers all aspects of the English language and can also be used as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) course by running its accompanying voice tape.
Spoken French, vocabulary, verbs and grammar are featured in MicroFrench and the package is suitable for travellers and holidaymakers as well as students.
MicroMaths includes algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and arithmetic. Each course costs £24.
At the fair AMIGA products will have a strong showing at the second 16 Bit Computer Fair to be held at the Royal Horticultural Halls, London from June 28 to July 1.
A follow-up to the inaugural show held in January, it is again organised by Westminster Exhibitions.
Educational aid for all RELEASED at the European Computer Trade Show by educational software specialist Scetlander (041-357
1659) was the first of a new series of computer programs designed
to help children of all ages with numeracy and literacy.
The series is aimed at providing parents with quality educational software which will run on most home computers and will mean new releases every six weeks this year from the Glasgow-based company.
Called Hooray for Henrietta, the first package is initially available in Spectrum and PC versions but there are plans to convert it to the Amiga in the near future.
"Motivation is fundamental to the learning process", said chairman and managing director Ron Lander. "If you raise this and most important keep it raised, you improve concentration, determination and results.
"Hooray for Henrietta is a delightful program which has performed extremely well during field tests.
Since levels of difficulty can be set to suit all abilities, students tend to gain confidence quickly and build on their successes".
Aimed at children from five to 12 but also flexible enough to be used by adults, the package features Henrietta, Hopeless Henry, John the Parrot and the mishaps surrounding the impending marriage of Henrietta and Hopeless Henry. The Amiga version should be out in the autumn and will cost £24,95.
USING a state of the art 8 bit analogue to digital converter chip capable of more than one million samples per second, the new MKII stereo sampler from Trilogic (0274 691115) is claimed to be the fastest sampler on the market.
It allows high frequency signals such as those found in CD quality audio to be accurately digitised for high quality and features an easily accessible input level control with no screwdriver Snatch a fast sample needed. The Stereo Sampler MK II is supplied with connecting lead, instructions and free PD disc with demo versions of Audiomaster and Perfect Sound for £39.99. If bought with the Audiomaster II stereo sampling software there is a special price of £89.99 - a saving of £29.99. New modem speeds links BILLED as “a breakthrough in data communications”, the new EuroLink multispeed
modem has been developed in conjunction with MicroLink, the electronic communications service.
It can handle speeds up to 2400 baud (40 words a second), is Hayes compatible and incorporates an extensive range of features including auto dial, answer and redial, baud rate scanning, auto-terminal baud rate sensing and 32 entry number store.
Despite the high technology incorporated into the EuroLink modem, it is easy to use with a specially designed facia which substitutes clear wording for the confusing initials often used on other models.
Although it can be used with other systems, the EuroLink modem has been developed with MicroLink subscribers in mind. It comes with an Amiga software package which allows automatic connection to MicroLink - and incorporates MNP4 error correction for trouble-free data transmission.
Accent on acumen Available from EuroLink (0625 878888) the modem package, including free registration to MicroLink and VAT, costs £254.95. AIMBDMGIIIeJKLMIT OPQRSTUWXTZa bedefghijklmnopqrs 4irv f3i£yz012d456789 ..4t kiE A AAAAACfcBfefeiiilL NOOOOOSUUUtiTT aaaaa&eeeeeiiiilnof) ©©cfctfutmyysB Neat line in type A NEW line of professional, high quality fonts for PageStream on the Amiga has been developed in New York by Dennis Palumbo (0101 516 352 5605).
Using 36 point screen fonts, the new line is SERIOUS games players have three new offerings for the Amiga from CP Software (0993 823463).
The Oxford Softworks Chess Champion 2175 is an updated and improved version of best-selling Chess Player 2150. It combines the power of the original program with expanded features including opening book control and greatly improved playing strength.
Price, £29.95. * Backgammon Player Professional is a fully featured computer version of designed to improve screen resolution. It features Galiya Ornamented, Kooper Black and Plaebill typefaces including upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation plus foreign and special characters.
"The 36 point screen fonts are unique in that no other producer of Page Stream fonts includes them as a regular part of their complete line”, claims Dennis Palumbo. “A bonus included with this disc is the public domain 36 point Helvetica screen font”.
Each font contains a minimum of 184 characters and comes with a 90 day warranty. Until June 1, there is a special introductory price of $ 29.95 US with S2 for shipping. Dennis Palumbo can be contacted at 104 Barrymore Boulevard, Dept B, Frankln Square, New York 11010.
The ancient oriental game. It includes dice and doubling cube, variable playing speed and full scoring. Price, £19.95. Go Play Professional for the Amiga features Go, the oriental equivalent of chess which is so complex it was considered unprogram- mable. Price, £29.95. Each of these games is available in French, German and Spanish as well as English and were appropriately launched at the European Computer Trade Show in London.
Exams time for Amiga KOSMOS Software (05255
3942) has been working on Amiga conversions of its six most
popular educational packages aiming at a June release.
Four titles will suite the needs of beginners, GCSE and advanced language students. They are The French Mistress, The German Master. The Spanish Tutor and The Italian Tutor.
Including large vocabularies, they allow students to choose from a range of learning and test modes and also to create their own special lessons such as homework or revision lists.
For ease of use, the vocabulary is arranged under 32 separate headings such as the family, the dwelling, vehicles, substances, parts of the body and food and drink. There are more than 2,500 items of vocabulary.
Price will be £19.95. Rounding off the Amiga conversions will be two educational quiz programs - Answer Back Junior and Answer Back Senior. They combine databases of general knowledge questions with simple games. Each program contains 750 questions spread over 15 topics.
Junior subjects include nature, music, nursery rhymes, books, poetry, sums and spelling. Senior questions include science, history, geography, literature.
Answer Back also costs £19.95. A ATARI ST and O AMIGA Sixteen Bit Superdeals from the Sixteen Bit Specialists!
CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! When comparing prices remember ours include fast delivery by courier.
A Maxiplan 500 spreadsheet A Amiga Logo, BBC Emulator, Deluxe Paint II A Mouse Mat, 10 Blank disks, and disk wallet 520 STFM Discovery Pack £279.00 NEW! Fantastic value for money pack includes:
* 520 STFM 512K memory keyboard with built in 1 megabyte double
sided disk drive and TV modulator
painting package and FIRST BASIC programming language
* ST tutorial programme and 'DISCOVER YOUR ST' beginners guide to
the ST computer
520 STE 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive and TV Modulator 4096 Colour Palette 8 channel digital stereo sound 4 joystick ports Over £550 worth of games software, including OutRun, Gauntlet 2, R-Type, Space Harrier, Super HangOn and 16 more Top Games Organiser Business Software including WOROPROCESSOR, SPREADSHEET and DATABASE.
First BASIC and First Music Utility Software.
FREE JOYSTICK AND FREE MOUSE MAT WORTH £4.95. All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and free mains plug!
1040 STE Business Pack £479.00 Includes the new 1 megabyte 1040STE keyboard plus over £200 worth of business software including WORD UP wordprocessing software, featuring glossary and mail merge, K-Spread 3.0 spread sheet and SUPERBASE PERSONAL Database software. Also includes Metacomco BASIC, Mouse Pad, all Leads, Manuals and Mouse, 1040 STE keyboard without software £439 MEGA 1 Business Pack £529.00 Features:
* Separate Keyboard and System Unit
* Inc. all software supplied with 1040 STE Business Pack.
* Bitter chip installed for faster graphics Inc SM124 Mono
Monitor .£628.00 520 STE Power Pack £359.00 Inc.
VAT and Next Day Delivery Power Pack includes: Amiga A500 BAT
Games Pack £399.00 Inc. VA T and Next Day Delivery BAT Games
Pack includes:
* Amiga A500 512K Keyboard with Built-in 1 Megabyte disk drive
* Free TV modulator worth £24.99 allowing you to use the Amiga
with a normal TV
* PHOTON PAINT II graphics with animation worth £70
* FREE, on!y-just-released BATMAN-THE MOVIE games software.
A NEW ZEALAND STORY arcade games software.
A F16-INTERCEPTOR - amazing 3D flight simulator software.
A A further £230 worth of Games Software, including BUGGY BOY, MERCENARY, BARBARIAN, WIZBALL & six more games.
A Amiga BASIC, Amiga EXTRAS 1.3, Workbench 1.3 PLUS the Amiga Step by Step Tutorial A All leads, manuals PLUS MOUSE and mains plug!
AMIGA A500 CLASS OF THE 1990's BUSINESS + EDUCATIONAL £549.00 1 Meg Bat Games Pack Includes: A Fitted 1 Megabyte Memory Expansion + Rea! Time Clock Card A Everything listed for the A500 Bat Game Pack A DRAGON'S LAIR 1 MEG MEGAGAME!
Features: A Amiga A500 + TV Modulator A Midi interface + Software A Kind Words II word processor A Page Setter DTP A Super Base Personal Database AMIGA 1 MEG BAT GAME PACK £529.00 EXTERNAL DISK DRIVES ACCESSORIES Quickshot II Turbo Joystick £.9.95 Competition Pro 5000 Joystick....£13.95 Competition Pro with Autofire £14.95 Konix Speedking Joystick £11.95 Red Mouse Mat with Amiga logo.. £5.95 Plain blue Mouse Mat ..£4.95 Contriver Amiga and ST Mouse with FREE Holder and Mouse Pad £20.95 Branded Memorex 3.5* DS 00 Disks Box of 10 £13.95 Memorex Disk Box For 40 3.5'
Disks ..£8.95 Amiga 1 2 Meg Expansion £119.95 Control Centre Atari or Amiga £44.95 Atari SF314 1 Megabyte ...... £139.00 £109.00 ..£89.95 ..£79.95 ,£439.00 .£369.00 ...Phone Amiga A1010 1 Megabyte .... Cumana 1 Megabyte Atari or Amiga . NEC 1 Megabyte Atari or Amiga ... Atari Megafile 30 Hard Disk ... Newf Commodore A590 20 meg hard disk..... A590 Hard Disk & Memory Upgrade installed PRINTERS Star LC24-10 24 pin incl. Lead
ST Amiga .....£249.00 Star LC10 including interface lead for ST Amiga ...£169.00 Star LC10 colour including interface lead for ST Amiga ......£219.00 Citizen 120D including interface lead for ST Amiga .....£139.00 SEIKOSHA 80 COLUMN PRINTERS - AMAZING PRICES Seikosha 9 pin NLQ including interface lead for ST Amiga .£139.00 Seikosha 24 pin LQ including interface lead for ST Amiga ...£239.00 MONITORS Commodore Amiga A1084 Stereo colour Monitor inc. lead .. £269.00
£259.00 £119.00 £259.00 Atari SC 1224 Colour Monitor inc. lead .... Atari SM124 Mono Monitor including lead ... Philips CM8833 stereo colour monitor inc. lead for ST or Amiga DIGICOM CREDIT CARD ORDERLINE 0908 378008 (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm) To order: either call the orderline above with your credit card details OR make a cheque PO payable to: Digicom Computer Services and send it with your order to the address below. Callers are also mos! Welcome at the address below E3 Unit 36, Wharfside, Fenny Stratford, MILTON KEYNES MK2 2AZ All
prices include VAT and next day delivery by courier.
1. 5MB EXPANSION ¦ Now with anti-click that stops th at annoying
drive click when no disk are present I ¦ Fully compatible with
A500,880K formatted ¦ Isolating on-off switch ¦ Through port
for daisy chaining ¦ Colour matched and styled to Amiga ¦ Free
utility diskette ¦ 12 month warranty A500 Expansion ram
PC501 PC502 ¦ A500 Expansion Ram using low power 1 Mb chips ¦
Two Models available 512K 1.5MB ¦ Complete with clock and
lithium battery ¦ Fits in A500 expansion underneath computer ¦
Comes complete with extra ram switch off software ¦ 1,5MB
model only requires simple cable to be fitted inside Amiga ¦
12 month warranty 40 Disks* and lockable storage box 15 Disks*
and Storage Box INC. VAT Verbatim media -fully certified and
guaranteed for life!
S u % = = GVP IMPACT = = A500 Hard drive Now using SIMMS for a massive 4MB extra ram!
3isk Pinboard 16KB buffer jr onnectorfor reliabilii st ram can be added External SCSI connector Dedicated power supply unit 12 month warranty 4MB 45MB 80MB 100MB £899.00 £1149.00 £1299.00 BASIC PACK as above £399 SUPER PACK with PC880 drive £459 ULTRA PACK with PC880 + 512K £499 MEGA PACK with PC880+1.5MB £599 HYPER PACK as Mega with A590 Hard Dr £949 Class of the 90's and other packs available Commodore A590 20MB Hard Disk £379 IMPUTING lable from Power House DIRECT!
Power House, the direct sales arm of Power Computing Ltd Leaders in peripherals & software is the natural choice for the Amiga enthusiast. Highly competitive prices, a wide choice, fast computerised service and the backing of a £2M + 5 year old company are just some of the reasons for tele-shopping at Power. Large stocks, friendly reception and "if it don't work we give you a new one" are a few more!
Star LC10 Colour Complete Kit £21900 Includes ¦ LC10 Colour UK Model ¦ Parallel Cable ¦ 200 sheets microperf paper ¦ 200 address labels ¦ LC10 colour WB driver ¦ Delivery and vat LC10 Colour Fabnc printing krl INC. VAT £24-95 Star LC10 Colour Star XB10-24 Colour HP Paintjet Colour HP Paintjet XL A3 Colour £219 £499 £799 £2500 £99 Amiga Music System (mmsooo + Pro sound Gold) “The Extensive Power House Bedford Showroom" open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 6.00pm Thursday & Friday 7.00pm Power Computing Ltd, Power House, 44A Stanley Street, Bedford MK41 7RW Video Magic + P.A.S.E. VIDTECH SCANLOCK
£899 Animation Program Orders Only 0800 581742 Free Call General Enquiries & Orders 0234 273000 (5 lines) ¦ Multi media presentation system ¦ Supports all IFF picture files ¦ Supports P.A.S.E. Animations ¦ Auto scripting ¦ Sound effects by using Prosound Designer ¦ Controllable from joystick Port 2 ¦ Many more features Full details available All trade marks acknowledged The One Stop Software Shop!
Callers Welcome!
BAD BBC Emulator CLImate Dos 2 Dos Cross Dos Fine Print Quarterback Transformer WB 1.3 £35 £39 £20 £29 £29 £39 £34 £29 £15 Fantavision Interchange Interfont Intro Cad Kara Screen Fonts 1 Kara Screen Fonts 2 Movie Setter Photon Paint 2 Pixmate £29.95 £49 £79 £39 £49 £49 £48 £79.95 £35 WORD PROCESSING, DTP & BUSINESS Excellence Home Accounts Kind Words Maxiplan + Maxiplan 500 Pagestream Pro Draw Pro Page 1.3 Pro Page Templates £159.95 £24.95 £39 £99 £79 £120 £100 £179 £39 RED HOT PRICES ART & GRAPHICS Typically 30-40% off rrp Pen Pal £69 £29 £37.95 £59 £48 £79 £49 £109.95 Animagic Amiga Clipart
Comic Setter Deluxe Paint 3 Deluxe Photofab Deluxe Video 3 Digipaint 3 Digiview Gold 4 Pro Text Pen Pal Superbase 2 Superbase Pro Superplan The Works Platinum £149 WordPerfect £164 £74.99 £99 £62 £160 £62 I I Expiry date Signature .
MUSIC Midi Interface C64 Music Keyboard Interface MM5000 Keyboard Dr T's Drums Dr T's Midi Studio KCS level 2 MusicX Pro Sound Gold Amiga Music System Sonix LANGUAGES ETC Devpac Amiga Hisoft Basic Lattice Cv5 Lattice C+ + Manx C Dev Manx Debugger Power Windows 2.5 UTILITIES £25 £45 £55 £160 £299 £163 £49 £48 Pro Video Plus PAL Sculpt 3D XL Sculpt 40 Junior Sculpt 4D Turbo Silver Video Magic + P.A.S.E. Video Page £169 £99 £149 £329 £99 £49 £99 £49 £55 £25 £49 £229 £199 £39 £99 £45 I would like to order Make cheques payable to Power Computing Ltd XCAD Designer XCAD Pro Elan Performer Express
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Power Technical Helpline Mon-Fri 3pm-5pm 0234-273248 Customers only1 For sales information call our sales lines! All prices are subject to change AwaiiaCnlKv On mod !emt impellent due to la rg« stocks. Please call first to avoid disappointment I enclose a cheque PO for £ ?
A Mi A. ' fin :-A ¦ 1 rVf*v--R 5- THE AMIGA 2000 SPECIALISTS UK SOLE DISTRIBUTOR FOR GVP 6 8 0 3 0 ACCELERATOR BOARD ¦ 16 Mhz, 28 Mhz, 33 Mhz ¦ Expandable to 8 MB ¦ Easy to install ¦ 12 month warranty ¦ Selectable 68000 fall back mode for full floppy based game compatibility ¦ 68030 design allows high clock rates and Genlock compatibility HARD DISK CARD Up to 33 Mhz GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS INC. 8 MB EXPANSION BOARD & SCSI HARD DISK CONTROLLER Up to 8 MB ram using 1 Mbx8 SIMMS modules Supports 6 MB fast ram expansion for PC Bridgeboard users Includes flat 50-pin ribbon cable for connecting
internal SCSI Hard Drive Easy to install 12 month warranty External SCSI connector for attaching additional external SCSI devices Easy to install 12 month warranty COMMODORE Other GVP products include SCSI CARD HARD CARD TAPESTORE -150 MB Tape Streamer SYQUEST 44 MB - Removable Hard Disk PHONE Available in a range of sizes 2 MB of fast ram expansion using easy to install, state-of-the-art SIMMS 0234 273000 = = V- = - FOR YOUR BEST DEALS! “ All trade marks acknowledged Dealer Enquiries 0234 273248 Power Computing Ltd • 44a Stanley Street • Bedford • MK41 7RW Tel 0234 273000 Fax 0234 270133
Technical Support 0234 273248 Mon-Fri 3-5 pm Showroom & Telephone Sales open Mon-Sat 9-30 am - 6-00 pm and to 8 pm Thursdays & Fridays Star letter In search of perfection 1 SEEM to be missing something in my life. It isn't the grouse because there are plenty here in Scotland and I am having a few in this letter.
The Amiga seems to attract an aura of Wysznawyg - what you see is not always what you get. Many of readers’ letters seem to confirm this.
Despite hyped promotions and says that she would be prepared to bet her last penny on it.
David Bulwer, Eastbourne, East Sussex.
Take the bet The picture was of our Technical Editor, John “AJ” Kennedy, who has almost bankrupted us by sending out free personally autographed issues to all-his girlfriends.
Luxury packaging from which the rays of the sun shine in more-than- oriental splendour with price tags to match, in many cases there are glaring errors and or omissions.
OK, mistakes happen when working to tight schedules, but it seems to be the parts you are not told (even in reviews, sometimes) which make the heart beat faster and the wallet grow thinner.
Everyone complains about the original Commodore documentation and programs. The answer is to buy better books, languages and so on. But the rest of the commercial world seems little improved; many programs require further purchases to be useful - fonts and debuggers for example - and some “professional" packages will only work with certain configurations.
Even your magazine is getting to this error and omission stage: The February front cover still shows 1989 date and the boxes on page 78, Getting Better and Let It Be, are the unfinished symphonies of Music- X. It would be nice to see Amigaware getting better, but at the moment I feel inclined and would advise others to let it be until the bugs, quirks and companies concerned have sorted themselves out.
Alan Bee, Inverness, Scotland.
Sounds like you’ve got the I-want- something-for-nothing disease to me. Do you honestly think it would have helped if Commodore had bundled the Rom Kernel manuals with the machine? Sure, the techie programmers would have been over the moon, but to you and me those books are a thousand pages of gibberish.
People use computers at different levels. Many are quite happy with what they got in the box; these are the first time buyers with no experience of how a computer can change their Jives. Next time they buy a computer they 'll want more.
Others, like yourself, find that what they have bought doesn't stretch them and are annoyed that they have to go out and spend more money on software and hardware.
But that's life, chum. There's no free rides on this mem'-go- round.
The program hasn't been written that contains no bugs. People who can't program don't understand this. When they buy a bucket they don’t expect to get home and find a small hole in it. When they do. They whinge very loudly.
But computer programs are not buckets, and the hole can almost always be patched up by telling the software house (not the retailer) what you’ve found and waiting while they fix it.
These patched programs are called upgrades and can be distinguished from one another by their version numbers.
Me, I’m not interested in perfection. It's the little mistakes we make in life that prove we are still human, click, still human, click, still human, click.... Buttons and balls VERY happy to see your article on mice. Mine gave up after one year, not with the symptoms you have described though. The buttons have been fine, my problem was rust on the rollers and the chrome deteriorating, causing the ball to Hi, I’m the new mail man. Man. It’s my job to sort your scribblin’s and spill the beans on Ihe problems we all have when DFO: starts to whirr. So if you’ve got some- to say, say it to me.
The best letters will be sent prizes of up to £100, so get a copy of Protext into your drive pronto. Drop me a line at Ezra Surf’s Postbox (ESP), Amiga Computing, Europa House, Arlington Park, Addington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Cover girl mix up MAIL ORDER MAIL ORDER Amiga 500 Batman Pack £369.95 A590 Hard Drive £369.95 6 BOND STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK IP4 1JE ES 5A DOG'S HEAD STREET, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK (RETAIL) 36A OSBORNE STREET, COLCHESTER, ESSEX (RETAIL) MAIL ORDER PURCHASE LINE (0473) 257158 210605 FAX NO. 0473 213457 5th Gear -, ......13. 688 Attack Sub ...... 16.
Altered Beast -......16, Action Fighter 15, Ancient Art of War .....16. Ancient Art ol War At Sea „ 16, Ants Head (Daiadisc) ... 12.
Aquaventura -...... . 24, Asterix ... 16, Axels Majic Hammer 13.
Balance ol Power 1990 ......„......15, Barbarian II (Palace) ..- .16. Barbarian II (Psygnosis) ...16, Bankok Knights . 16.
Battiechess « ..16, Batman (The Movie) ......16. Battle of Britain „ ...16, Battle Squadron _ 15, Betrayal - -......15. Beverley Hill Cops ._ ....-......15, Blood wych ......- ....16, Btoodwych Data Disks .....12, BkxxJ Money .- .-......16. Beach Volley ..16. Banlevalley .....- - ...15. Black Tiger ...... 16. Blade Warrior
Blue Angels .... 16, Bad Company (ST) ..-......15. Battle of Australitz ...15, Bontoer (ST) .... 19.
Budakhan .. 16.
Chase HQ ..... 16.
Chaos Strikes Back 16.
California Games . 13.
Cabal - ... -......16. Conflict Europe -......16, Conqueror 16.
Continental Circuit - ... 13, Carthage „...... 15, Corvette ... 19, Commandos Corrpilation . 15.
CyberbaJI ..13, Chicago 90 ..„ .....12, Commando .. 12.
Chambers of Shaolin „ 15. Damodes .. ......15, Day of the Tiger .... 15, Die Hard ... 16.
Dan Dare 3 .....13. Defenders of ihe Earlh ..- .....12. Dragons Breath .....19, Dragon Flight. „..... 19, Dragons ol Flame ...... 16, Dungeon Master .. 16, Dungeon Master Editor ....9, Dreadnought ...... 13.
Demons Tomb ......13. Drakken .. - ... 19.
Dynamite Dux ..... -......16. Double Dragon II „ ...13. Dogs of War ... 12.
Dynamic Debugger ...15. Elite .... 15.
99 Epoch .- 15.
Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters .....13. Eye of Hercules .- ...... 16.
Flash Dragon ..13. F29 Retaliator .19. F19 Stealth Fighter ...15. F16 Combat Pilot .... 15.
Falcon ..... 19.
Falcon Mission Disks 13. Ferrari Formula One .16. First Contact ...15. Final Battle 16. Full Metal Planet . 15.
Footballer of the Year ......13. Forgotten Worlds ......13. Fast Lane ....12. Frankenstein .. 12.99 Future Wars . 16.99 Fighting Soccer .... 16.99 Fiendish Freddy . 19.99 GazzerB Super Soccer . 16.99 Grand National ......19.99 Grid Iron .....- .. 16.99 Ghostbuster II .. 16.99 Gunsh'p ________________ - .15.99 Gravity 16.99 Games Summer Edition ...... 13.99 Gore
..-16.99 Galaxy Force ......„ 13.99 Ghouls and Ghosts - ..16.99 Hammerfist 16.99 Highway Patrol - 15.99 Hillsfar ......- ... 16.99 Hard Driving ...... -________13.99 Heavy Metal -___________ 16.99 Hound of Shadow - .. 16.99 Hot Rod 16.99 Hoyles Book of Games ....24.99 Imperium ......- - ......16.99 fndlana Jones (Lucas Films) 16.99 Indiana Jones (US Gold) ......13,99 Invanhoe
..16.99 Iron Lord ..... 19.99 Iron Tracker 12.99 Infestation .16.99 Interphase ..-...... - ....15.99 International Athletics - 12.99 Jack Boot ... 16.99 Jack The Ripper ..- .... 12.99 Jumping Jackson ......12.99 Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match 13.99 Kutt ... - ...15.99 Kick Oft - ..12.99 Kick Off II ..12.99 Kick Off Extra Time
.... 9.99 KrystaJ .;i, ...19.99 Killing Game Show .13.99 Krypton X .... ...12.99 Laser Squad .- .12.99 Leaving Terramis ..... -16.99 Legend of Djel .... 16.99 Leisure Suit Larry II ...19.99 Lightforce (Compilation) - ...16.99 Lombard RAC. Rally - ......16.99 Last Ninja II - - ..16.99 Lost Patrol ..- . ....16.99 Liverpool - . 15.99 Last Sluntman - 12.99 Man Utd
...- . 16.99 Manic Mission ....- 16.99 Microprose Soccer ...... .15.99 Midwinter - - ......15.99 Majic Johnson .- -.....12.99 Moonwalker - ..16.99 Murder in Venice ......- ... 15.99 Matrix Maruaders .....16.99 Magnum 4 Compilation ......- . 19.99 Ninja Spirit ..- ... 16.99 Ninja Warrior ......- .. 16.99 New Zealand Story - 13.99 North and South ...15.99
Nevermind ..-..... 13.99 Operation Thunderbolt .....16.99 Oriental 15.99 Onslaughl ...... 13.99 Overlander .. 12.99 Paperboy ..... 12.99 PinbaJI Majic . ,.16.99 Police Quest II .... 16.99 Poois of Radiance ......16.99 Populous .16.99 Planet Busters 13.99 Populous Data Disks ...9.99 Powerdrome .... 16.99 Precious MetaJ (Compilation) 16.99 Premier
Collection 1 or 2 (Compilation) ..- ....19.99 Player Manager - 12.99 P47 .... 15.99 Powerdrlft - - .....16.99 Ptclionary - . 16.99 Panic Station - ..13.99 Pro Tournament Tennis .16.99 Ouam 15.99 Quarter Back ...... 13.99 Quest for Time Bird __________ 19.99 Rainbow Islands .- ...16.99 Renegade 16.99 Rocket Ranger 19.99
R. V.F. Honda ...-......15.99 Red Storm
Rising ......15.99 Risk
. 13.99 Rally
Cross .... 12.99 Roadwars
13.99 Rock and
Roll ....-......13.99
S. E.U.C.K 19.99
Scramble Spirits ..- 13.99 Skate or
Die ..... 16.99
Skidz .. 13,99 Sonic
Boom .... 16.99 Space Harrier
(New) ..- .12.99 Space Harrier
II .... 13.99 Space Ace ..... 29.99
Space Savage 13.99
StartBght - .. 16.99
Stryx ..13.99
St rider ... 16.99 Space Quest III
... 19.99 Star Trek
5 ..- .....24.99 Steve Davis
Snooker ..... 12.99 Story So Far 1 (Compilation)
......12.99 Story So Far 3 (Compilation)
......12.99 Slurrt Car ... 15.99
Shinobl - ..... 13.99 Street Fighting
Man ... 13.99
Scroll .... 12.99
Switchblade .....13.99
Starwars Compilation 16.99 Super
Wonderboy .....16.99 Silpheed -
- .. 19.99 Slayer
.- 13.99 Stormlord ..
.. 13.99 Shadow of the
Beast ..- .24.99 Star Blaze ________
- ....13.99 Super Quintet ...-......15.99
Super Cars ..- .. 13.99 Sim City
- .19.99 Saint and Greavsie
...13.99 Seven Gates ot
Jambala ..- ..15.99 Super League Soccer
16.99 Survivor ... 15.99 Triad II (Compilation)
.....- 16.99 TV Sports FootbaH ... 16.99
Trivial Pursuit (Family Edition) 16.99 Theme Park- - .
- ..16.99 Turbo Buggies - -.....13.99
TV Sports' Basketball 19.99 The
Gales ...... - ....16.99 Thrill time
Platinum (Compilation) 15.99 Tower of Babel ..... 15.99 Trivia
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Attack - ...... 16.99 Turbo Outrun
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Ultimate GoH .. 16.99 Ultimate
Darts 13.99 Universe III
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Untouchables .... 16.99 UMS II
.....15.99 Ultima
V .... 19.99
Waterloo .. 15,99 Wild
Streets ....15.99 World Cup Soccer
'90 ..- ......13.99
W. E.C. Le Mars .. 15.99
Warhead .... 16.99 Warp - 12.99
Winners (Compilation) ...... 19.99 Xenomorph ..
. .16.99 Xenon II 16.99 X-Out
. 13.99 AMIGA 500 "Flight of Fantasy"
Modulator, F29 Retaliator, Rainbow Islands, Deluxe Paint
£369.95 AMIGA 500 Batman Pack Modulator, BATMAN, New Zealand
Story, Interceptor, Deluxe Paint II £369.95 AMIGA 500 + 1084S
Either Pack above + Colour Monitor £599.95 AMIGA 500 Class of
90'S Educational Pack £369.95 COMMODORE 1084S Colour Monitor
£249.95 Amiga External Drive Power Drive 1 Meg DS £79.95 Amiga
Memory Expansion Power Drive 1 Meg DS £79.95 A590 HARD DRIVE
item. Subject to availability and price change without notice.
Not all titles released at time of going to press. Shop prices
may vary, but personal callers can claim advertised discounts
on production ol cut-olf slip.
TITLE COMP COST Amiga 500 Class of 90 Pack THTAI rflCT f £529.95 1 DIAL COM £ Name ..... Address, Tel No, . Have you ordered from us before Yes ?
NoD Atari Lynx £179.95 Amc June stick. I now have myself a Contriver mouse* which so far agrees with your report except that you didn’t mention that when you get the mouse you have to use the ball from your old mouse, so don’t throw the old one out!
VC Langley, BFPO 6.
Are you saying that your Contriver mouse came without a ball? If so, phone them and whinge.
Expansion worries MY A50Q has insufficient memory to run a word processing package and I want to buy an expansion module. Would you please advise me whether fitting such an expansion affects my rights under the purchase guarantee.
SA Blanks, London SE9.
You can fit many half-megabyte internal ram expansions, for example the official Commodore A501 unit, on to the bus provided underneath the A500 without invalidating your guarantee.
Larger expansion boards require you to open up your Amiga and fiddle about a bit. Unless this is done by an expert recommended by your Amiga dealer you can wove bye-bye to your warranty.
Keen on comms COULD you please advise me on one of the best comms software for the Amiga. I am using a Linnet 1200 modem with MicroLink, on an A500 with extra ram.
Lee Kitching, Hull, Yorkshire.
The two best Amiga comms programs are both in the public domain, released as shareware.
Access! Vl.42 is generally accepted as the easiest to use, although it doesn’t cater for Zmodem and the author appears to have ceased development.
JR-Comm, on the other hand, is very much still being worked on.
The last general release, v0.94a, has many advanced features and is the program I use.
By registering at a cost of $ 40 you will be sent the official 1.0 release whichr at the time of going to press, is imminent (we're up to gamma version 0.99n). Both these programs will be available on disc from any reputable PD pusher or can be downloaded from any Amiga BBS worth its salt.
Lamer tamer IT may be of use to the readers of your excellent magazine to know of one of the effects of a particularly nasty virus doing the rounds.
1 recently had a problem with a few read write errors on a couple of discs. When this happened to my Workbench disc I tried to make another copy, only to find that although the drive light came on, nothing happened. The message stuck at “reading 0, 79 to go’’.
Any attempt to copy any of my other discs produced the same effect.
Since the discs worked normally otherwise, and as I am new to computers. I took my Amiga back to the dealers, Gordon Harwood Computers. As always they were very helpful. When they cleaned the heads for me and tested it with one of their own discs it seemed to work OK. They suggested that I get a virus killer, and they would be happy to check my discs for me if the problem continued.
When I got home I found that the machine still would not copy any discs. A telephone call purchased a copy of VirusX 4.0 and the culprit was found. Virtually all my discs were infected with Lamer
II. The virus killer was equally effective at destroying the
virus as at finding it. Now everything works properly again.
Alan Parsons, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.
I am interested that you "purchased” a copy of VirusX 4.0. Do tell me who sold it to you, and how much you were charged.
Angry swapper Learning curve RICHARD GRAY is quite right (Letters, February). What the heck is an OC command? I wrote the article and I tried to explain what I was talking about, but it helps to be reminded that a program like Protext isn’t plain sailing - can be quite intimidating in fact.
Large programs are normally quite frightening to begin with. I used Protext for six months or so without using an OC command, but in time you sit down with the program running and the manual open and you read magazines.
Gradually you get familiar with the thing, and that’s how you find out that OC commands send raw numbers to the printer.
This isn’t an isolated discovery; it happens around the time that you realise how printers are driven, and you sus out the escape codes. After you've understood that, the first thing you do when you get hold of a printer (it happens every day...) is look up the control codes.
So you learn about printers and about Protext simultaneously, and its tiny memory.
However, if 30k does mean so much, what about loading it in from one of the drives? It’s what they’re there for. If it's still not practical, what about the half meg expansion users?
It should still be possible to have the ability to use both disc drives if you have a memory expansion, even if you have to switch off the task priority of the disc drive when it’s not in use to make best use of the processor power of the Amiga.
I think that when all has been said, making people use a single drive is not on. It’s sloppy programming and, worse than that, it’s going back to the way the 64 used to work. There is no excuse for it.
Thank you very much for reading my thoughts. Now I must go back into my comfortable jacket.
One day I might work out how to get my hands out of these damn sleeves.... Carl Beech, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, The Amiga games industry is beginning to wake up to this extra drive and ram problem. Games are being produced that work with more than one floppy drive and learning about the one influences your attitude to the other.
That's true of any program that’s got real power. You can do quite a lot of simple stuff straight away, but beyond that even the friendliest Wimp front end can't replace manual learning and exploration.
That’s true of word processors, certainly true of databases, and doubly true of a programming environment, where you’re learning not just the program but the process that you carry out with it.
I don’t think this is a totally satisfactory state of affairs, but then I was trying to think of anything at all beyond the dumb basic level that’s any different. Microwaves?
Not even. Certainly not video players. Driving a car? Time to crash.... So if you’re a commercial user you take a course, and if you're spending your own money you browse and play and read the manual in bed.
It takes money or it takes time, but it takes. A cup of tea does help.
Peter Ceresole, London W14.
Use the extra ram if it is there. But they are few and far between and 1 suspect it’ll be a cold day in bell before you persuade the companies which produce the quick ST ports of coin-op conversions to do anything but trash the OS and jump illegally into rom.
Seek and ye shall find ON reading the February issue I noticed a letter from Graham Hy of Edinburgh in which he bemoaned the death of your column devoted to adventures.
I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with him. It was one of the best columns of this type, dealing in depth, as it did with just one or two adventures per article.
JD Hey wood.
Therein lies the problem - just one or two adventures per article.
Adventures (aka role-playing games) are being released at a phenomenal rate, up to a dozen or so every month. To be able to cover the best of the crop as quickly as possible, we moved the adventure reviews into the normal games reviews pages.
If you have a closer look you 'II find that we have managed to increase, not decrease, the pages given over to adventures and role- plaving games. I suspect what you really miss is the excellent Tim White artwork.
Font finding mission ACCORDING to the WB 1.3 Enhancer Manual, FF (Fast Fonts) can also be used to replace the default system font with a plain 8x8 pixel font. However, after defining an 8x8 font using Fed, I cannot replace the default font with my own.
1 have tried using the font name, path, cd-ing to the font dir, copying the font to ram, all to no avail. I can’t even load Topaz 8 point. Any ideas?
Brian Nisbel, East Kilbride, Scotland.
FF will only work with non-proportional fonts, that is, fonts which give exactly the same screen space to every character - eight pixels high and eight pixels across.
A number of public domain programs allow you to replace the default fonts with any other. Any reputable PD pusher will be able to help you.
Automation the following lines: Where do we go from here?
Say 'Now loading WP* cd dfl: Scribble' ;or whatever cd d£0: and so on with any other disc you want to load automatically. If there is no disc with an aprog script on it in the second drive, you just get the workbench in the normal way.
HC Rumbelow, London SW19.
Dodgy distributors THE distribution system for home computer software and extensions are inefficient, infuriating and all too often criminally incompetent.
It should be improved.
There are many reasons for this.
Asking the retailers, you receive a great many explanations why.
Some say it is the software houses, who promise to release the program next month so the retailer produces an advert counting on that. Then the software house doesn't release the program until four months later.
Others say it is the crackers who, by violating copyrights, remove the necessary economic foundation for a proper distribution.
The users’ reasons are somewhat different: It is those damn get-rich- quick artists who set themselves up as retailers because they have heard it is “the future” with lots of money in it, they don't care a hoot about computing or their customers, they just want the money.
Or it’s the computer manufacturers who, every year or two, make a new kind of computer which can't use any of the software you bought for your old one?
The crackers say that if the Cracking up MY computer has developed cracks in the plastic. I haven’t bashed it, they just appeared. It doesn't get too hot in my room, so I can’t think how they got there. Is there any explanation?
Jalil Purton, St Albans, Hertfordshire.
Haven’t the foggiest. But don’t go looking in too many mirrors.
WHAT’S been your most enjoyable game? I know mine, it was Atic Atac on the Spectrum. Why? Well, back in the good old days when computers were a new thing to the home user, nothing quite like them had been seen before. Games such as Atic Atac, Manic Miner and Jetpack amazed everybody who saw them.
They were instantly addictive and totally playable. Nowadays computers are no longer new to us; once the user came to grips with the 8 bit micros he wanted bigger and better. Enter the 16 bit machines.
What next? 32 bit micros are too expensive for the home user, and will be for many years to come, and consoles are not versatile enough. Therefore 16 bit will be the limit for most of us.
The point I’m trying to make is that something new always draws our attention so people will start to look elsewhere for their kicks.
I have owned a Spectrum and C64, presently owning an Amiga.
While owning a Spectrum I would play virtually any game, on the C64 my choice narrowed down, and retailers delivered what they promised in their ads, and if the software houses did not charge such ridiculously high prices for their games, there would be no need for their Robin Hood activities, and nobody would want the often rather miscopied copies of programs that they make.
Do you really think anybody would go to all that trouble - spend a month or two cracking a game without getting paid - if he had not been badly burned and frustrated trying to buy games legally?
The reason most crackers live in other countries like Holland, Belgium, Germany and Denmark is because the situation there is even worse than it is in Britain, It is all true. We need to change.
Jakob Aggemaes, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Worth the wonga?
DON’T stop reading this letter because its about piracy and software cost again. Stop and ponder at this... Tell me why £25 to £50 is the with the Amiga I only really play two types of games - puzzle solving and role-playing.
Nowadays shoot-’em-ups, beat- ’em-ups and the like simply do not turn me on. Many people I know also share the same viewpoint.
I think that during the following years shoot-’em-ups and the like will become more unpopular.
Games which do well will be the puzzle solving, strategy and RPG types. Games which will do particularly well will be original ones like Populous.
Denis Cowie, Cleethorpes, South Humberside.
My favourite game was Ant Attack on the Spectrum, which was written in a mixture of Basic and machine code and only came on microdrive if 1 remember correctly.
Ah for an Amiga version... There are games programmers out there who solemnly believe that we’ll jump straight from 16 bit to 64 bit home computers. Some are even developing in theor r now in preparation for the big day.
Bunch of nerds if you ask me.
Acceptable price for Amiga games and why the ST versions are often cheaper. I can tell you why. It’s because we are stupid enough to pay that price for it!
How much work does the software house actually do to produce a new game? What is original about a large percentage of the software that is developed? How often do the software houses have to write a new game from the bare bones using new techniques? Hardlv at all.
All our money goes into piracy protection techniques. Why don’t they sell the software for a price between £5 and £15, then everyone could afford it and not so many people would be interested in ripping off copies of the software. Do we see Code Masters and Mastertronic going bust? I doubt it.
The music business has the same problem as software suppliers. Do you see them sticking a dongle on the album or giving us a glass prism to stick in our ear so we can listen to a cassette? No.
Thev market their products at a reasonable price and they make a healthy profit.
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*|0®V II jspeujojpny BiOay 0|Qeui|uy«;Oay S3IAIV9 dOI V9IIAIV 1VN0ISS3JQUd 2628 899-PO rat l-Ml xasaippiirti ‘lUBl|Ua ]0!AAl ‘pBoy uowium pn uoipv sn dOjiou inomjM eSueip o| loafqns aoud '93 aomjas Jaunog :ojbmpjbh 03 033 uon ‘13 033 V in aiEMyos :6u|6B |OBd 8 isod isod jo (ssaoov esiA) auoqdaiaj Ag uapjo oi moh an6o|BiBD 33aj jo* auoiid £30 hole in your pocket or the software supplier with more money in the bank than most of us will see in a lifetime?
CJ Clarke, Newbury, Berkshire, LPRINT no work ACCORDING to the Amiga Basic Manual and Amiga Basic Inside and Out, I should be able to use the Star LC10 escape codes within the LPRINT command, but for some reason they are being ignored.
Do 1 have a fault with my Amiga, IC10 printer, or am I using the wrong driver?
S Mallon, Honiton.
No worries. To send printer control codes from Amiga Basic you don’t use LPRINT, you open a file to the printer and send them as parameters in the CHR5 function. For instance; OPEN 'PRT:' FOR OUTPUT AS 5 PRINT *$ ,CHR$ (12) which would send the normal printer code to throw a new page.
Sid upgrade THANKS for Sid and the return of the cover disc. After reading those magic words in the April issue, I thought to myself “Mass Telepathy”. I’m glad you have risen to the challenge.
I have put Sid into my startup- sequence so it’s loaded automatiSorry, sold out THIS is for all readers who do not subscribe. Picture the scene. It is about that time of the month, the time when you start to thinking, is it in the shops or isn’t it?
So you wander down to your local newsagents and peruse the computer section for your fave computer magazine. What do you find, loads of copies of last month's Ess Tee mag, loads of copies of this month’s Ess Tee mag but no Amiga Computing, last month’s or this month’s. So you try another shop, and another, until you have visited more shops than a Mars Bar rep.
I know this happens, I've done it. But now I subscribe and things are different. No longer do I walk cally SID RAM: DHO:. I’d like it to boot up SID VOL RAM: but we can’t always get what we want. Or can we? Have there been any improvements to it? And will we be getting the upgraded version?
Dave Nosumame, Notown, Nocounty.
Jeff says the latest version of Sid is
1. 06, and there have indeed been quite a few improvements. Like
having Sid load from the startup- sequence in shrink mode.
C’mon, Davef you know how to get the latest version. Register with Timm Martin, the author. And tell him about the VOL bit. Sounds like a good idea to me.
April fools IN your April issue you published a review on the Amiga Soundblaster which looks reasonably good. It is priced at £44.99 and, after reading it, I thought no more of it until I came to a special readers offer where 1 see Soundblaster selling for only £34.99. It was hard to believe, I thought.
A brand new product like that! It's amazing, Amiga Computing are simply the best. Then all of a sudden I come back to reality. It's for the & (!?) Atari ST!
Please could you explain to me why any Amiga user is going to want to make use of the Atari ST’s “amazing” sound quality? And why are you singing the ST’s praises? And as much as I admire you all, I am going to have to report you to the AASTA (Anti Atari ST Association) for treason.
Then again, seeing as you regularly produce such a high quality the streets like an Ess Tee owner looking for a games arcade searching for THE magazine. It drops regular as clockwork on the door mat.
So don’t think about subscribing, do it. It’ll save you a lot of heartache as well as shoe leather.
K Bucchan, London NIB.
Every month we increase the print run, every month we get letters like yours. The best bit about subscribing is that you get to see the mag about a week before everybody else. For those still not convinced, Amiga Computing hits the streets on the first Wednesday of every month.
Publication, I am going to have to let you off.
Mark Jones, Chigwell, Essex.
The editor wants me to tell you it was an April Fools joke. But being the cool guy I am, Pm not scared to admit that it was an almighty cock up. The advert was pinched from our sister magazine, Atari ST User, and somebody forgot to change the text.
Evan’ll fix it RE Grabbed by the Gauls, Amiga Arcade, page 17, December 1989.
Yes, the December 1989 issue of Amiga Computing has just hit the shelves here in New Zealand.
In that issue the question of who is Panoramix is raised. The answer is that the French version of the comic book has the druid we all know as Getafix pottering around under this nom-de-guerre.
Hang loose and keep those Amigas humming.
Evan Yates, Auckland, New Zealand.
Naughty man Broken mouse FOR some time my mouse port has not been functioning correctly and this is quite literally driving me mad.
My mouse had been behaving erratically for some time. It would draw a scries of dashes in Dpaint, for instance, when I required a continuous line, as though the left mouse button was being clicked on and off repeatedly in rapid succession.
I thought it might have some fluff on its ball, so I cleaned i( out thoroughly. For about half-an-hour it worked perfectly, but my joy was short lived. The problem started to occur again.
The right mouse button has always worked normally, as only the left one seems to be afflicted with this mystery illness. No matter how hard it is clicked, it fails to make any sort of response as far as opening drawers in Workbench is concerned.
I decided that it was probably the mouse itself that was at fault, and came to the conclusion that the only answer would be to splash out on a new one. Rather than wait two to three weeks from a mail order company I thought I’d buy one from a retail outlet. What a shambles that turned out to be!
I had to wait three weeks before it was in stock and then paid a massive £36. I got the new mouse home and tested it out for a bit. The first 15 minutes or so was fine, but after half-an-hour the problem had relumed.
So, having shelled out for a vastly overpriced mouse, I now assume that the fault lies with the port. I can’t afford £50 for some engineer to come and tell me that it doesn’t work. In the meantime, my decrepit Amiga 1000 is in serious danger of being thrown through a plate glass window in a fit of rage.
Katharina Spencer, Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Nope, sounds like the mouse to me. Itfs a common problem.
Because you use the left mouse button more than the right one, it’s the first to go. The problem lies with the flaky switch mechanism Commodore uses.
The only answer is to buy yourself a mouse that uses microswitches under the buttons, I recommend the Naksha mouse. It comes with a mouse house and solid mouse pad which I've found much better for detailed work in Dpaint.
The Works! Platinum Edition, it contains a word processor, database, spreadsheet (with graphics 1 and telecommunications program. Check out the mail order adverts, I’ve seen a number of companies selling it.
However, to use your A500 seriously you ’re almost certainly going to first need more ram and at least one external floppy drive.
Now with added oomph I HAVE read every issue of Amiga Computing since June 1988 and am pleased to see that your cover illustrations have returned to a more dignified approach after the previous six months of lurid Fiendish Deja Ninja Assassin screenshots.
Being 32 years old I feel a bit silly queueing up in my business suit to pay for a magazine that looks like Spotty Teenager Monthly.
Anyway, on to a more serious topic. Your cover shot of the DTP stuff raises a few a couple of questions: Why does Nic Veitch paint his fingernails red and now that you are an an Interactive Publication rather than A Database Publication, will you make an effort to reduce your 2.592,000 second response times?
1 look forward to you becoming an Online Publication and then a User-Friendly, Mouse-Driven Publication.
Ian D Wilson, Little Staughton, Bedfordshire.
Ready, aim, fire 1 AM told that there are ways of printing hidden pictures and have seen a few examples. How is this achieved on the Amiga?
What does the PrtSc key do, and do other keys have to be pressed too?
What is the cheapest external modem you have seen that supports both Prestel and Micronet?
Does Amiga Computing have its own Bulletin Board?
Mark Kinslow, Rochester, Kent.
Hey dude, what’s this hidden pictures stuff? Don't have the first idea what you're on about.
With the GB keyboard configuration, the PrtSc key displays an asterisk on the screen. The words you can see on the fronts of the keys are there for PC compatibility if you're running an emulator.
It's not modems that support BBS systems, it’s the software.
RubyView is about the best Prestel software for the Amiga on offer at the moment, although I've heard a rumour about a new Australian package called GPTerm that sings and dances. Keep your eyes open for that one.
No, Amiga Computing does not have its own bulletin board, although we’re active on CIX (aini- gacomputing), on MicroLink (MAG001) and in our own section on 01 for Amiga.
What a mistaka to maka!
I THINK you are trying to persuade us that more is less, or is this a cunning and devious plan to change the office motto by Daniel Schostak. Yes I refer to his letter in the March issue about installing DFO: Would it not be a lot easier to type INSTALL ?, the Amiga then Double dutch delight with disc AFTER doing some reading in the April issue I decided to break out my text editor and write you folks a letter. No Protext for this one, though. I'm hooked on MicroEmacs as supplied on the Extras disc, which is supported by Blitzfonts from your January Cover Disc.
Your disc is so good it can only be capitalised, not so much because of Blitzfonts, which I do appreciate, but mainly because of Sid. Timm Martin (the author) has sent me vl.06, which is a great improvement on an already great prog. Which means you’re due for some credit since it’s your mag that confronted me with Sid in the first place.
Apart from what Sid can do, which is a lot, the great value is that it cost me blood, sweat and tears. But then, the rocks on Glory Road are rarely mentioned. I got it working, installed on a stripped Workbench disc. A Workbench
1. 3,2 of course, another great thing I got from you. All in all,
you cost me a lot of skull sweat and made me improve a great
deal. Thanks.
It should be clear by now that your Cover Disc has been a major argument to buy your mag. And prompting with DRIVE A:. Then all you have to do is remove work- bench, insert the disc to be installed and type DFO: Simple eh!
Ian Mellor, Wallington, Surrey Operation Bad Taste I LIVE in Monkseaton, Tyne and Wear, where a gunman ran wild last year. I knew the man killed. I totally agree with John Kennedy in his review of Operation Thunderbolt in the April issue. I now refuse to spend my money on games of this type. It is definitely not funny any more.
Iain Hudson, Monkseaton, Tyne and Wear.
Printer lead I HAVE got an Amstrad DMP2000 printer which is connected to a BBC Micro. I also have an Amiga
500. Please could you tell me if I then you dropped it! Still, I
saw no reason to complain. After all, you gave such a
reasonable explanation for dropping it.
Pve been regularly buying your mag since the November 1989 issue, my computing career having started on October 17,1989.1 never missed an issue, although in the shop where I bought your April issue it turned out to be the only one, which says something about your popularity in the little country by the sea. Believe me, the shop where I bought it is seldom understocked.
It’s only honest to say that I sometimes buy English Amiga magazine whose names need not be mentioned here. One of them sports its own bleak excuse for a cover disc (certainly not capitalised). The return of The Disc is certainly going to mean Mayday for certain mag folks, which probably explains your timing. (Deep thought, that one.)
So congratulations, as far as I’m concerned you’re the only one for me again.
And yet nobody’s perfect. Your Gimmel32 script does have a glitch. Ever tried it on a half meg can connect the DMP2Q00 printer to my Amiga, and if I can, where can I get a lead and what name would the printer be under on the workbench disc.
Andrew McBain, Elgin, Moray.
You need just a normal parallel printer lead, like the ones IBM Pcs use. Try The Computer Store on 021-770 0468, I've not got a DMP2000 to test this on, but I guess the driver to use will be EpsonXOld.
Olivetti driver onmver mputer Whatever your computer, Contriver fits perfectly peripheral suppliers worldwide ope ltd Tel (0280) 822803 4 Fax (0280) 822805 AMIGA PROGRAMMERS REQUIRED PmgraoMe ILM Programmers of Amiiga AjppMcaHjiom Foir Nearly Five Yearnl We are currently seeking Amiga programmers to work in house in the Midlands area. Programmers must have a good working knowledge of "C" and or 68000 Assembler. If accepted you would be working with existing Programmers and Graphics Designers on a multitude of leading edge projects. These include industrial sector Audio Visual presentation
systems and CD ROM based projects.
Areas of expertise which may prove advantageous in any application are IFF sound image and anim experience, CD ROM experience, DOS programming, data compression decompression experience, Multi Media, Hyper Media, Hyper Text, user interface design, hardware design, device drivers, C64, IBM PC and Archimedes programming . These are not requirements remember primarily we are after good general Amiga programmers.
Our existing development environment is based around A2000 machines all networked via Hydra network cards. Amigas are 68020 030 turbo card machines with local hard disk and access via the network to two Sony Magneto Optical subsystems (600 Meg re writable CD units). Add to this our existing base of in house tools, code modules and reference material and you have probably the finest development environment in Europe! We also have a full range of support technology, for example five digitisers, VHS video deck, U-MATIC video deck, sound equipment, CD ROM, 8mm, video deck, genlocks, camcorder,
digital still camera etc etc. We can offer a good package of renumeration to the right candidates and will also help with any relocation expenses if required. The position is full time and candidates must be prepared to work in house, freelance programmers need not apply. Please apply in writing to Mr Lee Gibson at the address below, examples of your work will be required, (all disks will be returned), as will a CV of programming experience to date.
DIGIGRAPHIC LTD 1 The Terrace, High St, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LEI, 6BA Telephone (0455) 558855 Fax (0455) 556067 JOLYON RALPH'S assembler series provoked immense interest among Amiga Computing readers. It would seem that a great many potential coders are interested in using the Amiga at low level, but simply don't know where to start.
Jolyon helped with the first few steps, but here in the office we have received many letters and calls from desperate people whose first utterance is to the effect that the listings didn't work, finishing with the immortal words: "I typed it in exactly as it was in the book".
I know Jolyon's listings definitely do work because I have typed them in myself. It would seem that a great deal of the problems resulted from would- be programmers using strange assemblers given away free with certain other magazines.
The main reason for lack of success could eventually be traced to failing to make use of the chip memory option from within most assemblers.
The Amiga has several flavours of random access memory (ram), including chip and fast. The bare A500, referred to as vanilla by jargonists everywhere, comes with Your programming problems solved by the man in the white coat, John Kennedy 512k of ram, all of the chip variety.
Chip memory can be directly accessed by the custom chips in the Amiga, and this is where all graphics and sound data must be stored. On a bare A500 you have no choice but to use chip memory.
However, once you add a memory expansion you suddenly have another 512k of ram available, ram that cannot be accessed by the custom hardware directly. Unless you have fitted the Extended Chip Set, but that's another story.
This memory can take priority when executing programs, so after assembling and including your carefully planned code and data, you might have accidentally placed it in a location where the Amiga can't see it. If this happens, yonr copper lists might remain totally blank, your sprites invisible and your sound effects inaudible.
For this reason most assemblers have a "chip code only" option which is placed at the start of a program.
Typically, something like: section rrr program, code_c If you leave this out, or put it in the wrong place, the assembler will put the code anywhere it pleases, with unpredictable results.
Move.w d0,pl31
* Put old list back.
Dc.w bpl2ptl
* Example machine code listing to * swap dO pl21: dc.w 0
* display five bitplanes. * move.w dO.plB'n move.l old.COPlLCH
* Please note that the couplets * .... rts
dc. w fcpllpth
* version is on the cover disc. * .... pl3h: dc.w 0
* and so on for other two planes.
* Here is the new copper list.
dc. w bpl3ptl
* Insert the addresses of the five new: pl31: dc.w 0
* bitplanes into the copper list.
* Activate new, inproved copper list.
* Bitplane pointers, move.l tscreen,aO
* one for each plane.
* and so on for other two planes.
Move.w dO.plll move.l 3new,C0PlLCH swap dO
* Where C0P1LCH is the copper register
dc. w tplipth .... move.w dO,pllh
* address, effectively $ dff080 pllh:
dc. w 0
• End of copper list.
Move.l Iscreen+i0240,d0
* Wait until mouse button pressed.
Dc.w bpllptl move.w d0,pl21 pill:
dc. w 0
dc. w $ ff£f,$ fffe swap dO loop: move.w d0,p!2h btst 6,SbfeOOl
dc. w bpl2pth
* Screen data.
Tne.s loop p!2h:
dc. w 0 move.l screenf20480,d0 screen: incbin "nypic. Bitmap*
Listing I If your code refuses to work and you have a memory
expansion fitted, try removing it. If it works then, you know
your code needs to be in chip memory. C compilers also use a
keyword to precede any data which must be carefully placed.
The moral is: If it doesn’t work, try chipping it.
The first problem for those who did get JR's articles working, was how to get more than one bitplane displayed on the screen. A typical letter is this one from Jim Whitfield in Twickenham, Middlesex.
" managed to display a one bitplane picture, but after following the instructions I failed to display a five bitplane picture. When displaying the picture do you need to type in all the colours or does JFFconverter do it foryou?'’ This is a common problem, and I'm glad to say it has an easy solution.
Displaying five bitplanes is no more involved than displaying one bitplane five times.
Listing I shows how to set up and display a five bitplane image (the full listing is on the cover disc).
The main thing is to remember to set up space for all five planes, and initialise the bitplane pointers for all of them.
The second part of the query also has a happy ending. JFFconverter takes a standard IFF picture file, such as that produced from Deluxe Paint, and changes it into a file of bitplanes, ready to be directly included inside you code. As a bonus it adds the colour information for each pen on to the end of the file.
Figure I details the file produced by a three bitplane image. For a five bitplane image, the colour information part of the file grows to 64 bytes long, using two bytes for each pen. Colour information always makes more sense in hexadecimal.
Once you have your bitplane image displayed in glorious technicolour, you may be surprised to see various sudden flashes of garbage appearing on screen. It seems to be in long thin strips and flashes on and off so quickly that if you blinked you'd miss it. To discover the reason for these manifestations, some analytical thinking is needed. The vital clue is the shape - about 16 pixels wide and in long strips. What do we know that is 16 pixels high and as long as
* Additional listing to dispose
* of on-screen garbage.
Dc.w SPR0PTO,$ 3,$ PR0PTL,$ 0
dc. w SPR1PTH,$ 3,SPR1PTL,$ 0
dc. w SPR2PTH,$ 3,SPR2PTL,$ Q
dc. w SPR3PTH,$ 3,SPR3PTL,$ 0
dc. w SPR4PTH,$ 3,SPR4PTL,$ 0
dc. w SPR5PTH,$ 3,SPR5PTL,SO
dc. w SPR6PTH,S3,SPR6PTL,$ 0
dc. w SPR7PTH,$ 3,SPR7PTL,$ 0 Listing II needed? Hardware sprites
And that’s the problem solved. To prevent the garbage from flashing onscreen, make sure you initialise the sprite registers. Listing II should be inserted in the bitplane display program to get rid of the garbage. OK, Dave Baker? Happy now?
BACK in the old days when I was using a Vax mainframe, one of my favourite programs was called Fortune Cookie. This miracle of modern technology presented me with a sound piece of advice every time I logged on, helping me to cope with the problems of the day.
I have yet to come across a similar program on the Amiga, so I sat down to write one myself. I had an immediate choice of languages, including Basic and assembler, but I decided on C because I hadn't written a program in C for a long time.
C is ideally suited to producing such small, CLI-driven programs.
Cookie compiles to a very small program and can be inserted into your startup-sequence to make your day.
The main problem with writing a fortune cookie program is to produce a random message every time it is executed. Using C's built-in random number generator on its own is a no- 1 16 bytes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 0000 OFFF 0F00 00F0 000F i --- OFOF 0FF0 OFFO BLACK BLUE Figure I: The make-up of the colour information included at end of IFF convertor file for a three bitplanef eight colour image ALL OUR PRICES INCLUDE CARRIAGE E VAT HSV COMPUTER SERVICES LIMITED (AMC) 23, Hampstead House, Town Centre, Basingstoke, RG21 1LG.
3 1 2" DS DD Disks Bulk ¦ Fully Guaranteed k 25 50 100 250 500
* 69p
* 63p
* 61 p
* 59p
* 57p "per disk Lockable Disk Boxes 50 x 3
1.2" £5.95 100x3
1 2" ..£7.95 Panasonic KXP 1080
...£3.95 Panasonc KXP 1124 ... £4.95 Star LC10 (Mono) £3.95
Star LC10 (Colour) £7.95 Star LC24-10 .. £4.95
Stationery Stationery... Stationery... L Micro-perf all edges
1. 000
2. 000 1
9. 5" x 11" 60gsm £9.50 £15.95 I True A4 70gsm £8.50 £12.95
£23.95 1 True A4 80gsm £8.95 £13.95 £25.95 1 True A4 90gsm
£9.75 £14.95 £27.95 | Labels
1. 000 2,000
4. 000 L
3. 5"x 1.5" (1 across) £5.25 £9.50 £17.95 1
3. 5" x 1.5" (2 across) £5.75 £10.50 £19.95 1
4. 0" x 1.5" (1 across) £5.75 £10.50 £19.95 1
4. 0" x 1.5" (2 across) £5.75 £11.95 £22.95 1
2. 75" x 1.5" (3 across) £4.75 £8.50 £15.95 | .95 I .95 : !
Accessories 3 1 2" Cleaning Kit .....£4.95 Amiga 500 Dust Cover ...£4.95 Amiga 1000 Dust Cover .£9.50 Mouse Mat (Foam) .....£5.95 Ribbons Special Box and Disk Offer 100 capacity disk box only £4.95 when purchasing 50 or more disks Canon PW1080 .....£2.95 Citizen 120D ...£3.95 Epson FX MX RXaO £2.95 Epson LX80 B6 ......£2.50 NEC P2200 ... £4.95 Amiga 500 upgrade board .5 to 1 Meg . . .
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Orders under £8 in value carry a small order charge of £2 no
because its seed - the starting number - is the same each time
the program is executed.
Ram regained IN the tradition of good Samaritan programmers everywhere, allow me to introduce Michael C. Bassett of Plymouth who has written in with a routine to enable A2000 owners with GVP hard drives to regain more than 180k of ram. This memory is normally taken by the system, no matter if booting from hard drive or floppy.
Assemble the code below and use it when booting to tell the system to ignore the hard drive and return your memory.
I tried using the system clock to set the seed and get a number that was different each time the machine was re-started. This didn't seem to work either, so I had to settle on the sneaky method of using a file on the disc to recall the last message used. I'd like to hear of a better method.
You can see this part of the program in Listing III; the complete working, ready- to-compile version is on the cover disc.
MOST programmers have looked at Amiga Basic, gone "Yuck!" And hidden it away on top of the wardrobe. For those brave enough to struggle through this, shall we say, original and exciting language, the rewards are few and far between. Take this letter as an example, from Alan Stewart of Cumbria: "I have recently bought my A500 and ivas disappointed to find that only 25k of programming space is available in Basic. Is there any way I can improve this?"
Start of with you have about 25000 bytes to play with. If you issue the command: The answer is yes. By using the CLEAR command you can reserve more space for Basic programs. To CLEAR ,40000 you will have expanded this to 40000 Part of a C Fortune Cookie Program by Aj This part tries to get a number from a file.
If the file does not exist, it is created.
Thus the messages are cycled through one by one.
If ((fp=fopen(’cookie.file*,,r-f*))==NULL) * File does not exist, so create it fp=fopen 'cookie.file’, 'w+* ]; number=0; fprintf(fp,'Id*,number); fclose(fp); bytes, assuming, of course, that this amount of ram can be spared by the system.
Other ways to get around the memory limitations are to use small programs and chain them together from one main menu program, like the examples in Listing Iva and Ivb.
' HenuSection program I PRINT 'Exarple program* PRINT PRINT 'Please choose option:* PRINT PRINT *1. Option 1* PRINT *2. Option 2' PRINT *3. Option 3* PRINT IP: INPUT n IF n=l THEN CHAIN *Sectionl* IF n=2 THEN CHAIN *Section2* IF n=3 THEN CHAIN *Section3* GOTO Id: END Listing Iva ' Sectionl program PRINT "This is option 1* CHAIN 'MenuSection* END Listing Ivb To load and auto-run a Basic program larger than 25,000 bytes but shorter, for example, than 70,000 bytes, you will need to write a short loader program, like so: CLEAR 70000:CHAIN , 4ainFrQgram, The relevant sections for CHAIN and CLEAR
are on pages 8-28 and 8-33 of the Amiga Basic manual. That's it from me. Have a good month.
) else * File does exist, so get number from it * f scanf (fp, ’Id*, fcnurcber) ; number-h-; if (nuirber==32) number=0,- * Reached maximum * rewind (fp); fprintf(fp,‘Id*,number); * Write new number * fclose(fp); I* Write out the message * printf(* nThought for the day: r.*); switch (number) case 0:printf('First message');break; case 1iprintf('Second message');break; case 31:printf(*Last Message.');break; default:; Listins III } } I AM always on the lookout for clever solutions or techniques.
Your Basic program to calculate pi to 30 decimal places might be just what someone is looking for.
Or have you found a neat way in assembler or C to create software sprites with the blitter?
Want to be famous? Send it in.
The code clinic Amiga Computing Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield SK104NP MicroLink: Mag048 CIX: amigacomputing Amiga Desktop Video Guide The Amiga Desktop Video Guide is the most complete and useful guide to desktop video on the Amiga.
.- ... MX Amiga Desktop Video Guide covers all the basics - defining video terms, selecting genlocks, digitizers, scanners, VCRs, camera and connecting them to the Amiga.
Just a few of the topics you’ll find described in his excellent book; The Basics of Video Genlocks Digitizers and Scanners Frame Grabbers Frame Buffers How to conned VCRs, and Cameras to the Amiga Animation Video Titling
• Music and Videos
• Home Video
• Advanced Techniques
• Using ihe Amiga to add or incorporate Special Effects to a
• Tips on Paint, Ray Tracing and 3-D Rendering in Commercial
Applications ANIMATIX FOR AMIGA 36 The Brampton Centre
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Manax 3.99 Millenium
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Madness ...4.99 New Zealand
Story .. 8.99
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War 9.99 Pad
and ...... 6.99 Photon Paint.
Phobia .4.99
Phantom Fighter ...5.99
Phantaslm ..3.99
Pioneer Plague__________________________ 4.99
Platoon 8.99 Power Drift
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Return of the Jedi .4.99
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Greavsle 5.99 SAS Combat
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Adventure .. 7.99 Time
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Cup ..5.99
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T. V. Sports Footbal ....12.99 Victory
Road ... 6.99
Vindicators ...,..,4.99
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Golf .... 7.99 World Class
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Bloodwych 12.95 Star
Flight .16.95 Ninja
Warriors ..... 13.95 Xout
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City 19.95 Future
Wars ...... 17.95
Prince .... 17.95 Xenon
2 ....15.95 SPECIAL
Take the Ami 5 Upgradejn SPE Aquanought
15.95 Battle
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.....19.95 Dragon Ninja
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company that offers reliability and service as well as
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F29 Retaliator .16 99 Falcon . 15.95 Full Metal Planet .16.99 Ghouls and Ghosts ....15.95 Ghostbusters 2 ......13.95 Hamerfist 16.99 Hot Rod ...14.99 Kick Off . 12.95 Kick Off Extra Time . 7.99 Kid Gloves 16.99 Ninja Spirit 16.99 Lombard Rally
....14.95 Lancaster .13.95 Laser Squad ...... 14.95 Infestation 15.99 Interphase 15.95 Manchester United ...... 15.99 Player Manager 13.99 Pipe Mania 15.99 Poputas 16.95 Rainbow Island ...... 16.99 Risk ...13.99 Snoopy .....12.95 Switchblade
14.95 Space Ace .32.95 Stryx ..15.95 Star Blaze ...5.99 Supercars .13.99 Turbo 12.95 War Head .. 16.99 Wild Streets ....14.95 EXTRA'S Drum Studio ... 4.99 Virus Killer ..... 6.99 Music X ..159.95 Ten x 3.5* DD DD Disks
...6.99 A501 Expansion ..79.95 Dragons Lair (1 Meg) .29.95 JOYSTICKS Cheetah 125+ . 7.95 Qulckjoy 2Turbo ..11.99 Quickjoy 5 .17.95 Quickjoy Jnr .....6.99 Navigator .. 9.99
• AmigaComputing 2 Cost Kem(s) ordered Name .... Address Post
code Te! No ... Total J
v_________ 34 AMIGA COMPUTING June 1990 COMPANIES or
individuals wishing to commission any of our Portfolio artists
should in the first instance contact the Amiga Computing
editorial offices.
Tel: 0625 878888 Fax: 0625 879966 ERIC PICKERING made his debut on this earth at the same time as the outbreak of World War II, which makes him one of our older readers. Living in the heart of the Welsh hills, with the river Clwyd running through his back garden, Eric is a residential social worker responsible for the running of a home for the elderly, which means he regularly has to spend up to four days away from home.
After a stretch of duty Eric relaxes by getting out his Amiga and producing the stunning portraits you can see on this page. He used the original Dpaint to draw these 16 colour, hi-res pictures, but has now upgraded to Dpaint III.
Contributions, on disc please, to: Portfolio, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Getting the drift I Amiga Arcade IMPRESSIONS is getting hot under the collar about Rorke's Drift.
Those of you who remember the film Zulu will no doubt recall that 11 Victoria Crosses were won in that exchange, most of them posthumously.
The battle of Rorke's Drift was probably the biggest foregone conclusion in British history. So how is Impressions going to turn it into a playable strategy game? Well, we reckon they might fiddle the numbers a bit.
The emphasis will be on accessibility. Although the strategy will be serious, the idea is that you don’t have to be a strategy gamer to play it. Command will go right down to individual level, and each man will have his own strengths and weaknesses. Eighty animation frames for each soldier will ensure the graphics are up to scratch.
Why Impressions has taken a break from football games to release this battle sim is anyone's guess, but as you can see from the photo, the staff is taking it seriously. Or are they taking the pith?
Himmel in mein boots!
Out on a flimb DON'T you just hate those loathsomely sweet, lovable little heroes in those perversely nice games?
You don’t? What are you, some kind of sicko?
Well then, you'll love Flimho’s Quest, the soon to be released arcade adventure-cum-platform game for the mentally questionable.
Flimbo, the hero, must make his way across seven levels of terrifyingly aesthetic yuck and rescue his girlfriend from the archetypal mad prof.
System 3's Adrian Cale described the game to us as “seriously cute”.
Sounds hateful doesn’t it?
Amiga versions will be gently nudging themselves on to the shelves in mid-May.
DIGITAL Magic Software is a relatively new software house, but it has already made waves with several top quality products, including Trained Assassin and the excellent Drivin’ Force.
Next up for release is Escape From Colditz, based on the famous Gibson board game and produced with the co-operation of Major Pat Reid, who also helped with the original.
More than 600 internal locations are represented, recreating the famous castle to a high degree of accuracy. Some features will be All the latest news on the games software scene ¦ All hype?
REVIEWED HI-TECH Software has signed a licence deal with Hanna-Barbera, the famous cartoon studios.
Two titles are scheduled for almost immediate release, Yogi’s Great Escape and Hong Kong Phooey - No.l Super Guy. But the big news is that they will both he retailing for the pseudobudget price of £5.99 ELECTROCOIN is better known for its expertise in the arcade, not in the home. It has been in the leisure business for more than 14 years, manufacturing boards and cabinets and distribution of imported products.
Now it is set to enter the home market. With all that experience behind the company, its first release, Time Soldier, is naturally enough an arcade conversion, but original products are not far behind.
Time Soldier is out now, price £24.99. CRL has been playing around with its new hypermedia production system called Dune. This enables even inexperienced programmers to knock together an interactive system in less time than it takes Jeff to make the tea.
The first piece of software off the production line was Herewith the Clues, an adventure based on the book by Dennis Wheatley.
It’s certainly the best system of its kind we've seen so far. Stay tuned to Amiga Computing for more news.
Completely new, like the ability to dig tunnels. (Danny? Are you there Danny?)
Escape From Colditz will be caught in the retailers searchlight real soon, so any Tom, Dick or Harry can buy it.
HERE at last are the winners to the wonderful Softville competition.
We had so many entries that the magic bin liner split! Next competition you’ll have to send your own. Anyway, the voluptuous Tym Lecky picked the following runners-up out of Green’s monitor box: Adam Picket from Sudbury, Martin Fryatt of York, Richard Ballszewski from Bedfordshire,
C. Ross from Manchester,
S. Loveridge of Surrey, David Piper of Newbury, Theresa Bradshaw
of Kansas City USA, Neil Winter of Chelmsford,
M. Willerton of South Humberside,
C. Bailey from Bucks, Robert Porter from Blackpool, G.Grimes of
Jarrow, M.Holland from Mingty, Marcin Trzaskowski from Poland,
A. Ruddle of Seaford and Darren Williams from Birmingham.
Each of the above will receive five public domain discs.
Second prize of 50 PD discs goes to Ssgt D J,McKay of the Royal Engineers, and the fortuitous winner was Andrew Hutchinson from Hexham, who wins 200 PD discs.
You lucky, lucky people.
Softville winners 94% Might and Magic II 90% Infestation 88% Gin Cribbage King 85% Dragon's Breath 82% 688 Attack Sub 82% Nuclear War 81% Knights of Crvstallion 79% Fred 78% Kid Gloves 78% Pinball Magic 77% Crackdown 72% First Contact 70% Colony 67% Space Rogue 47% Paris-Dakar THIS MONTH MIGHT AND MAGIC II Only the dead go free DUNGEONS and dragons have a lot to answer for. Not only did they spawn the creation of the first rule-based role-playing game, but countless lost hours spent trying to promote a sorcerer to eighth level or arguing over which character was at the front when the six
inch spikes fell from the ceiling.
The graduation on to computer software isn’t necessarily an advantage. There was something about sitting cross-legged in someone’s bedroom, listening to some Floyd and rolling the 20-sided dice on a copy of the player’s guide that just can't be re-created on a computer.
OK, so the computer now controls the rules and whatnot, so there can be no disputes. But sometimes the disputes were valid.
Sometimes they were in the best interests of keeping the game enjoyable and playable.
Probably the most famous of these computer attempts is Dungeon Master, now going into a second incarnation. The problem with DM is that the format is too rigid. The combat itself is random, based on formulae, but the intellectual involvement is static. You must explore the dungeon and there is only one way to do this.
I’ll not deny that this approach is a good and entertaining one, but it is missing the point. It makes role-playing like a board game.
And that is precisely what it’s not about. Role-playing is about freedom - escapism in one of its purest forms.
Some games have gone the other way, with totally random events.
Again, these have their advantages, but they can be just as terrible. If the game is so random what is the point of exploring? What happens 20 miles away is just as likely to happen here.
This is where Might and Magic II starts scoring points. It is obviously heavily based on the Gygax series of games. Character generation is almost identical, as are some of the spells and weapons.
Might II makes its stand by starting off as a random hack and slash and then turning into more of an adventure. A random slaying may eventually lead to a quest. For example, in the first city a wizard will ask you to fetch back a goblet stolen from him by the goblins Mho Mill Try c; 1 1 Green H 2 3 Grunt H3 H 3 Cassandra II 6 Space' ±o continue) pull-down menu. It’s very difficult to preserve the atmosphere of performing some occult ceremony while cross-referencing a table of numbers to the instruction book, no matter how much incense you burn.
Whenever the characters encounter anything, an animated graphic will appear. These are not only a nice decoration but can give you an idea of what you are facing.
Which live under the city.
If you accomplish this task he will put you on to his sister, who also wants a job done. In this way quests can follow on from each other. You may find items from one quest while attempting to complete an entirely different task.
There is a great sense of taking part in something real.
Unfortunately, the game is totally keyboard driven. This is actually a bit more sensible than using the mouse for moving around, but I think the spells at least would have benefited from a If you can’t guess whether a Brain-eater is undead or not, seeing a picture of one might help you decide. My favourites are the Jugglers, which actually juggle properly, and the Hungry Plants.
Beware of the flowers.... Most adventuring will take place within the confines of, or underneath, one of the five cities of Cron.
However, if you’re feeling lucky, or if the quest you are on demands it, you may find yourself outside the protective walls of a city and exposed to constant danger.
A knowledge of woodcraft, mapping, mountaineering and other skills relevant to the terrain can be obtained if you know where to look.
In terms of longevity I would say there are well over 100 playing hours worth in Might II. The major quest, the battle to save Cron, is a far off and distant thing, though important. Like the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.
It's not terribly Amiga-like, though it will run from AmigaDos and can be installed on a hard drive. The usual intuition-tvpe touches are missing, and are missed greatly, at least at first.
Soon compulsion takes over.
Might And Magic II captures the essence of role-playing that the others have left behind for the rule hooks. They haven’t got that M&M feeling.
Llizard Eye rch_... in Lockbox Jpen It Find Trap Detect Magic Leak e it Lucinda Orr Might and Magic II £724.95 US Gold Aura Graphics Gameplay Value mmm Overall - 94% r-f w :¦ '• '•
- ¦ - ?. • FU ; ... .. R ft, ifc - *« ft" **£ H*l: ’ WHO wants to
live for ever?
Well, OK then, apart from Wogan, Far away in the land of Anrea, where presumably Queen has yet to play live, there are three people to whom the idea appeals not a slight bit.
In fact these people - though I use the term loosely - are quite prepared to subject the surrounding countryside to terrible war and devastation just to gain access to the talisman which will admit them to the Great Throne Room.
The cunning plans they have drawn up are all based around the latest in hi-tech aeronautics, the dragon. Each will start with one bog-standard flying reptile. By the use of its advanced weaponry7 they will be able to occupy, control and frighten to death local villages.
Taxes can be collected from villages in your character’s control, the major source of income for a tyrant. Further supplements may come as presents donated by villages at war with ones just levelled by your flying beastie.
Each character has a backup supply of 20 unhatched eggs.
You’d better bung one of these in the oven sharpish - you’ll need it pretty soon. The dragon incubator can be set at one of eight levels of power. The time it takes for your little darling to come out of his shell is determined by how high you set the incubator, but so are the fuel bills.
This is really a management exercise. A careful eye must be kept on your cash supply, because if it runs out you won’t be able to afford the terrible fuel bills which result from using the dragon incubators. Of course, you have to use the incubators because without them you can’t hatch dragons, and without dragons it is impossible to win the game.
The main aim is to find the talismans. Only when you have all three guarded by your dragons can you move them and get into the great castle on Dwarf Mountain, So you need at least three dragons to win the game.
It is possible to play without using magic, but I doubt if you would be able to win. Your dragons wouldn’t last long for a start - These dragons are magic the populace’s combat ability, for example, or perhaps you would like to boost the population. All sorts of effects are possible if you research enough.
Excellent graphics and sound throughout make every stage of Dragon’s Breath a pleasure. A wonderful strategy game, full of deep interaction between villages, dragons and players like a latter- day Balance of Power.
But there is more to it than that, as you’ll find out when you see a dragon hatch and take its first breath.
Lucinda Orr a couple of decent bashes and they would be featuring at the top of the menu in some peasant village for a long time to come.
The magic in the game is a little reminiscent of A level chemistry.
There are lots of strange bits of glass apparatus, a Bunsen burner and a rack of very dangerous looking substances in dodgey looking containers.
Consulting various complicated charts will tell you which substance to use and how to prepare it for a given effect. But be careful, make sure you check for possible side effects. It is all very well giving your dragon virtually infinite strength, but if the potion reduces his speed to that of a Cub90 you haven’t done him any favours.
On the odd occasion you may find your potion is so good that it blows up. The graphics in this section are very good. It is quite easy to judge how well your spell is going by watching the yuck that drips into the beaker.
Spells can be used on villages for either friendly or hostile purposes. You might want to reduce Dragon's Breath £24.95 Palace Overall - 85% We come in peace - shoot to kill ALTHOUGH the outlying areas of the galaxy had been colonised, travel between the central regions and the suburbs was a lengthy process, sometimes taking up to 50 light years.
Thankfully the introduction of a new FTL (faster than light) communication system had largely cut the time it took the Post Office to send a first class letter from Fulchester, Earth to Uranus. It could now be done in just under an hour instead of two months. However, science still hasn’t devised a way of making sure your mail doesn’t get lost.
Still, everything was running smoothly. The government was just about to sell off a planet, which didn't belong to them, for major redevelopment, and the Channel Tunnel was nearing completion.
While everybody was wondering whether now would be a good time to sell off their water shares, few noticed the huge amount of ships that had appeared on the horizon of the galaxy.
Rather good timing on their part, as the Americans had just finished scrapping their weapons. Many were now in museums, others scrapped, the rest bought by rich Arabs for their kids’ birthdays.
These spacecraft quickly spread themselves about the galaxy, watching, guarding every movement, No ship was allowed to*enter or exit any planet, all attempts were met with death. Never was there any communique from the aliens. All efforts at establishing communications went without reply. A bit like BT.
While keeping watch, an alien vessel stumbled upon one of the remote relay stations of the FTL comms link. The aliens’ moves suggested that they would board the station in the near future.
Something had to be done before communications around the galaxy were cut off for good.
Assuming control of an undamaged maintenance droid upon the station, you must guide it, obliterating any alien life form that happens your way.
Control of the droid is via a remote link, while a birds-eye view of the station is provided by a number of sensors within its corridors.
The droid is made up of three independent sections, each having different capabilities. The three parts can be divided to provide three independent droids. Science programmers have made it possible for you to re-program each of the droids.
The station has four levels, each is equipped with machinery vital to the radio station’s function. Deck A has many storage lockers which contain important components that will aid any repair.
Each section of the droid can be moved independently, but it's no use moving only one at a time. If you are to do this job properly you must get the droids working simultaneously.
For this you will need to spend a bit of time programming a single droid. This involves detailing a route for it to travel and repairing faulty equipment that has been damaged by the alien intruders.
Once the program is ready, run it and away it goes, performing the tasks you instructed it. If a programmed droid comes under attack it will not fight back and will eventually become disabled. Damaged droid sections can be picked up by others and taken back to be repaired.
First Contact is all about getting the upper hand, and keeping it. If you allow the aliens to get ahead, repositioning yourself as the leader in this long battle is going to be difficult.
One of the things which lets the game down is the fact that there is no scrolling, the screen simply flips when you reach the edge.
However, the graphics are good and very detailed.
Movement is well handled, right down to aliens jumping over fallen droids. As arcade strategy games go, this has got to be one of the better ones this year, though that isn’t saying much.
Andrew Banner First Contact £24.99 Rainbird Sound Graphics || | 1 I I I 1 1 I__ Gameplay Overall - 72% Jl 11J Hi r* r ¦ * ¦ ¦ a a ~ COMMANDS CENTRE OH DROID CENTRE ON END DELETE LIME del-Ete FROM StmRT DELETE TO END DELETE RLL START END GO TO''- - FRCE TELEPORT TO UNLOCK LOCK OPEN CLO E REPfilR TO REFUEL DROID REPORT ¦ GAMES ¦ MmriWrfti) in BEING a handsome, manly hero can be a bit of a drag sometimes, let me tell you. For Fred it was worse. Since he was such a hero, he inevitably fell in love with a beautiful girly. Since he was handsome, she inevitably fell in love with him. Since he was
manly, he was inevitably despised by the local Dwarven King.
Now with added depth Now this king ordered his right- hand sorcerer to turn Fred into a bit of a weed, and an ugly one at that. Result? The girly, being fickle, as they tend to be, loves him no longer and the Dwarven king has a seven stone weakling gunning for him.
Rather than write to Charlie Atlas, Fred immediately sets out on his arcade adventure type quest to become handsome again. Armed only with his sword and a few throwing knives he takes on the Dwarven Empire.
Funny animations, adequate sound effects and weird strategy as you try to deal with the effects of “depth” to the screen, the action taking place in up to four planes, one behind the other.
Certainly an interesting arcade adventure approached in an interesting way.
Green Fred £24.95 Ubi Soft Smith!
Graphics Gameplay Overall - 79% MAGIC From Soho down to Brighton... WITH the kind of setup slightly reminiscent of TuneScanner, you must hit the right pegs, score the right bonuses and then shoot your little metal friend out a tunnel into the next levels.
Hardware-sprite will never take the place of the silver ball. Green There are 12 levels in Pinball Magic, each with a completely different layout, all of them interesting and clever.
Sound Graphics Gameplay Value As pinball sims go this is one of the better ones, though there is no multi-ball feature. No one has got the flipper action right yet either.
Overall - 78% Although entertaining, a grey smLEVEL T Flipping heck.
Nnn a tut a CUTnTTO Priviet, Glavnokomanduyushchij DEEP plots are usually few and far between in the gaming world. Unless it involves submarines, of course. The plot of 688 tends to concentrate on the latest in technical gadgetry rather than the humdrum mechanics of submarine piloting.
You have many different types of map display, ranging from a overhead view with several levels of zoom, to the latest in high* frequency contour mapping systems which will produce a wireframe version of the seabed around you.
The periscopic-view graphics have either been digitised or brilliantly drawn. They aren't animated, more sort of redrawn for each new shot.
This takes a second or so, but whenever you surface among a convoy of destroyers and the helicopters start buzzing you, that one second delay is the only respite you’ll get.
Images of the crew members are definitely digitised, and what a grumpy looking bunch they are. They didn't even cheer up when 1 gave them a week's leave in San Francisco.
The best way to make your sonar operator happy is to deploy a towed array of hydrophones to let him listen out for approaching craft. You can help him even more by selecting high or band pass filters and performing a frequency analysis of the incoming signal.
Once you have a fix and move within range, you can release your torpedoes or launch a couple of surface- to-surface missiles. For the sake of improved gameplay, the temptation to use nuclear weapons has been removed. There aren’t anv. Good show.
A slightly less moral problem facing all simulation designers is that of choosing a realistic time rate. A real torpedo might travel for upwards of 30 minutes, which would drag a game out for days. Conversely, a helicopter might fly overhead in a matter of seconds. This means that simply compressing time is not an option.
The best solution, according to the creators of 688, is to Fiddle the figures. Any why not? The result is a fast-moving, exciting challenge that all simulists will enjoy.
The 10 missions can be played using either the American Los Angeles or Russian Alfa class of sub.
For some reason the Russian subs are all slightly less well equipped and more grimey looking than the American ones.
Overall - 82% At least the options are in pseudo- Russian, which just about makes up for it. A few years ago, getting to play a Red wouldn't even have been implemented.
If you have only been interested in flight simulators before, perhaps now is the time to try a different challenge
- about 1500ft under water.
John Kennedy 688 Sub Attack £24.95 Electronic Arts Ladbroke Computing International miga 33 Ormskirk Rd, Preston, Lnncs, PR1 2QP Open Mon. to Sat. 9:00 am to 5.00pm Dealer enquiries welcome.
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The software allows capture, printing, load and save of images in a number of formats (ST software includes image editor). Ideal for Dtf? This is probably the most cost effective piece of office equipment you could own.
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SltCi VISA SAM2.3 (0772) 203166 Fax 561071 I idirric Computing International i* a trading name of Walton Marketing Limited.
NT XI ¦ i XI n n n t Tin Ji i nr1 t t XI n i - i IN L -l • I 1 i 1 1 V_ L Crown pr IVI Gml ince of cards Vvt. Li A. [.
1 L i WHILE at university I always fancied myself as a bit of a Gin King. I would stay in ray room all day sometimes, hunched over a table with a bottle of Gin. That was before 1 started writing for, hie, excuse me, for Amiga Computing of course.
Gin King and Cribbage King are similar in that not only do they use a deck of cards but you have a choice of playing against one of seven opponents, each of varying skills and tactics.
During play you can even get a hint out of one of these fictional players. In fact, all the help begins to resemble the sort of features you might find on one of the myriad chess programs about. I suppose this isn't really very surprising because the programs are written by those responsible for Chessmaster 2000 and the forthcoming 2100 version.
If you don’t understand the rules of either of these games then this is the perfect opportunity to learn with the on-screen help and a list of the rules. There are seven players with varying skills and strategies to practice against, as well as to seek help from.
The graphics are excellently copied from an authentic pack of American playing cards. If you don’t believe it, a pack of the originals is included. These are the first cards I've seen on-screen that actually look like cards - they are a little square, probably because, unfortunately, both Cribbage King and Gin King run in NTSC.
Both games are OS friendly and will multi-task, but if you’re planning on running anything alongside them you’d better invest some dosh in chips of the ram variety.
A lot of thought has gone into these games, as you would expect from Software Toolworks. The accompanying manuals are very informative. In the case of the cribbage one the game is broken down into the relevant statistics that pro players know off by heart.
Quite reasonable money for a good and potentially inexhaustibly entertaining game. Much better than killing aliens.
Green Gin King Cribbage King £29.99 Mindscape iiiiiiiin Strategy Graphics IMNHHMH Gameplay nmm Value OTIilfli Overall - 87% Mrs, Bass F* ft * £*"• * • » *** « * * t
* * * * *
• Iltl
• ••••
* ****
* ****
* **** i • § Mfei
* ****
• -¦ - ---¦ ¦ -
• • « c * B
• * *.
..... ..o.
• •••*
* *•••
• »•• •
* ****
* * * * *
* **** .. ... ,v .
* **** Advice froM Shark: Discard the 30 KS.
The predicted score for your hand is 6,8 holes. An AS starter card will score the naxinun 13. You can expect Mrs. Bass to sain about 8.9 points on you during the play. The predicted score for Hrs. Bass' kitty is 4.4 holes.
Left-click to continue EVERY once in a while a group of people decide to go from Paris to Dakar, Rather than doing the sensible thing and flying there, they use whatever kind of motor vehicle they can find - cars, motorbikes or trucks.
Much of the terrain is like a small Bed and Breakfast on a cold, wet Friday evening. Inhospitable.
Much of it is desert. This is convenient because it means that game designers don't have to think about the colour of the landscape.
With the addition of a few hillocks, rocks, place markers, cattle skulls (dessicated) and ruined temples (desecrated), you have yourself a passable desert .
Alternatively you could add half a ton of custard and have a passable dessert. Although a dessert wouldn’t have the obligatory strip of scrolling mountains two-thirds of the way up the screen.
At the very start you must endure a rather badly sampled tune, which is built from a very few, very long samples - and very muffled, to boot.
Next you must do a colour code routine, which has a nasty habit of crashing even when you get it right, and then it’s on to the game itself.
You must choose whether you want to drive a plain 4x4, a modified 4x4, or a prototype 4x4. They all look identical, so you can’t go for the snazziest.
The curious thing is, even though the basic machine uses diesel and the prototype uses high octane, they're all filled from the same pump, by the same mildly disreputable looking garagiste.
What’s worse, all the engines make the same noise, so next time your 16-valve sounds like a taxi, you’ll know not to worry.
And now to the game - 1 call it that, for it is customary to do so.
What you have to do is follow two sparse lines of place markers along a curving and undulating route of uniform light sandv-brownness.
The navigator has a map that it may be an idea to follow, showing roughly where you should be head- ing, and exactly where you are heading. These, more often than not, do not match up, so it’s all down to following the markers.
There are some rather bad ideas to follow, showing animated interludes between stages, and it would be better not to dwell on these, for they are, in the most part, a complete waste of time.
There are also inter-stage stages, where you have a map, but it doesn’t actually tell you where to go. Pretty useful, huh? Just think of the fortunes to be made in blank maps... And that’s the game. There is a competition to be won if you do very, very well, But I suppose if you can bring yourself to do very, very well in Paris-Dakar, you deserve all the praise you can get.
But I’m just an average mortal, BACK in the Fifties there was a film called Fail Safe. It starred Henry Fonda and dealt with the possibility of an accidental nuclear war initiated by human error and carried out by machines.
This is not that story.
Around the same period there was a film called Dr Strangelove (the animated title sequence even copies a bit of the film) which dealt with an almost identical set of circumstances but starred Peter Sellers, and so was a bit funnier.
This is almost that story.
Your country needs YOU. Being the leader of a little island paradise, the populace have entrusted you with their safety. Guard your five major conurbations jealously, for other leaders are out to steal your people.
Four other countries are represented in the game, each with a despotic dictator who would rather initiate armageddon than lock up his grandmother. And we all know how much they enjoy doing that.
These four leaders can be chosen from any of 10, including Ghanji, Colonel Kadaffv, Infidel Castro and P.M.Satcher. Any similarity with persons living or dead is, of course, entirely coincidental.
Your adversaries, as do all world leaders, fall into one of five general categories: Pacifists, madmen, liars, warmongers and standard, whatever that might entail.
If you know the type of leader you are facing you have a better chance of predicting his next move.
Thinking ahead is jolly important in this game.
Develop your own independent nuclear deterrent to ‘‘help keep the peace” - I mean, you'd never actually use it, would you? Nuclear warheads may be delivered by missiles or bv bombers such as the NP- 1 (Nuclear Postman).
Gear up your peoples to manufacture the weapons of destruction.
There’s nothing wrong with being prepared for war, is there? It's not that you were planning to initiate it, after all. Try putting that one past Ayatollah Kookamamie.
As well as the standard destruction by enemy action, a few random accidents may befall your cities.
Earthquakes, nuclear accidents, falling 16 ton weights (nobody knows where they come from) and Cattletech - a vicious form of com- Paris-Dakar £19.95 with an average ennui threshold, | and I couldn't handle it.
In motorsport you'd expect a certain amount of crashing to go on. But not the kind that quite often happens with Paris-Dakar - you know, the sort that involves flashing red boxes and Guru Meditation numbers. Sigh.
Stewart C. Russell Tomahawk Soun(t Umir Graphics Gameplay I Overall - 47% bat where a herd of cattle is catapulted into enemy territory before stampeding through the downtown bars and hamburger stands.
UFOs do exist and they are watching you at this moment.
They find earthman antics very amusing and would do anything to perpetuate it. Like cloning cities for example. Watch the skies.
The graphical representation of Gravedigger missiles homing in for a groundburst is lovely. Many is the afternoon I could sit back and watch the last battle unfold on my monitor. Sound effects are amusing if not state of the art.
Maybe that’s why Truman sent up the Enola Gaye.
There is a lot of strategy involved to make sure the rusty wire that holds the cork that keeps the anger in stays in place.
Some leaders are very volatile indeed.
It’s not only great fun if you’re into major devastation and things like that, but there is a good bit of thinking to be done.
When someone wants to launch a missile, for example, it takes two turns. At the end of the first turn the missile is on the pad.
Now, who is it pointed at? Should you deploy a defence system? How well you can interpret the actions of your fellow despots determines your own, and the world’s, survival.
Lucinda Orr Nuclear War £19.95 US Gold Strategy Graphics Gameplay Value Overall - 82% Nuclear devastation at your fingertips.
More hardware than Texas Homecare PUILD PROP HP-: ID MEG 2D MEG SB MEG 100 MEG LND ¦ MEG Jini Farrier targeted by your nissi Ie, 29 negaton K-.. ¦E T7"fc. TT T T*n nr rTT TT?
Knights of the Cr)'staJlion £24.95 US Gold No bones about it Aura Graphics Bordering on the games mainstream, many new genres are born - and die just as quickly- To survive on the fringes of popular alien-blasting, a game has to be something special - different and worthwhile.
Knights of the Crystallion is an attempt to prove that there can be more to computer entertainment than laser death squads, alien invasions and end of level monsters.
Imagine a whole ecosystem evolving on the skeleton of a long dead sea creature, the Orodrid.
Imagine the culture which would spring up on such an environment, where groups of families live on different ribs of the gargantuan carcass, each self-sufficient in terms of produce.
Imagine the local shavmen, controlling all the intellectual and spiritual concerns of this enclave, this protosystem for biocuitural development.
You can stop imagining now - play Knights of the Crystallion.
The aim is, not surprisingly, to become a Knight of the Crystallion.
A Crystallion is a clear crystal horse, born from the fossilised brain cells of the immense Orodrid.
The Crystallion is no beast of burden but a creature of strength, intelligence and beauty. Only the wise and the accomplished can have one as a companion. The friendship of such a beast is a high honour.
The enlightenment which leads to this goal is both on the mental and physical planes. You must form a spiritual bond with the Crystallion long before you meet it.
Play Deketa, a kind of Pelmanism, to sharpen your telepathic powers, and Bosu, a game which requires you to make the most of small resources.
Travel through the Veils of Tsimit to retrieve crystals from the skull of the Orodrid, before finally making your way to the inner sanctum and the Crystallion egg, from which your Crystallion will be born.
All this must not be at the cost of your ordinary existence however. As head of a family in one of the Orodrid cooperatives, or Hareshs, you have a great financial responsibility. Tvade must be investigated and planned and the needs of your family well looked after.
Knights is completely mouse driven, from the menu selections to the movement of your character through the twisty mazes of the Tsimit, There is no formal structure to the game, play takes place in any Gameplay Overall - 80% of the parts you specify, so you can concentrate on different areas if you wish.
If I was to describe the graphics as atmospheric I would be doing the game a great dis-service. They are truly works of art. The opening sequences and some of the later frames have the tell-tale signs of being ray traced, and well ray traced at that.
Financial strategy, arcade acumen and severe powers in the old grey matter department are needed to make a success of yourself in this fantasy world. There is quite a lot of thinking to this bit.
Making your way through the veils of the Tsimit is the only disappointing part. The maze and the shadow effects are good, but the hostile inhabitants are poorly animated.
Knights of the Crystallion represents a complete cultural simulation. Do yourself and your Amy a favour and buy this instead of the next “hottest’1 shoot-’em up.
Colin Turner H overboard ifmndishly.
VIEWTEL lets you see at a glance what's happening - as it happens -in the world of finance, current affairs, spon and leisure.
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TEL 0527 69459 (Sales & Marketing) FAX; 0527 63084 CRACKDOWN Before you break up MAD scientists, threats to overthrow the world. Bah!
Soimds a bit boring. No, hang on a minute... What’s this? He has created an army of biogenetically engineered humanoids blah blah crush all opposition blah blah two special agents blah blah must penetrate his fortress blah blah destroy each section with detonation devices... Excellent! A murder mayhem explosive unnecessary violence situation. My favourite.
Why don't these scenario writers just come right out with it at the beginning?
The situation is this: You, and a friend if you have one, run around a sort of maze killing people and planting bombs on the large red crosses someone has very generously painted on the ground for you. Then you run away very quickly before everything blows up. This continues until the mad professor has run out of things for you to blow up, so you have to blow him up instead.
Before you start laying the violence guilt trip on me here, remember these are bio-engineered monstrosities, not humans. OK, so they look a bit like humans and they sort of do humanish things, but they’re not, so that makes it OK. Doesn’t it?
What do you mean, "No”? Well, if you’re going to be like that I shall have to ask you to leave this review. No, you too.
Armed only with your bare fists, a light machine-gun and a sub- mesonic nuclear auto-cannon you must combat the foes of humanity as you traverse level after mazey level of baddie hideouts, shortly before they blow up. You are a mean avenger and an angry one at that. Mind you, wouldn't anyone be if Mr and Mrs Breaker (yup, s'right) had named them Ben.
A radar scanner at the top of the screen will let you know where you are, where the crosses are, where any ammo to be picked up is and loads of other useful information which I have temporarily forgotten.
The really excellent thing about this boisterously addictive game is the way combat takes place. It isn't just the odd exchange of laser death, may the person with the fastest trigger finger win - a bit of stealth is involved, too.
You can crawl along flat against walls, sneak up behind people and biff them before they know what’s happening. All potential adversaries show some signs of intelligence. Well, they're not too hot at getting out of the way when you blast them, but they know an infiltrating scumsucker when they see one and will waste little time in trying to establish contact with you, usually via a flamethrower.
Two-player mode is good. When you are cooperating not only do you have double the firepower but you can also do the old decoy dodge.
Picture, if you will, a packing crate, which has a baddie behind it. From one side nimbly dances Player One and with some footwork that could out-Fred any budding Astaire he dodges the odd bullet.
Meanwhile Player Two appears on the scene from somewhere stage left, that is to say behind the baddie. A burst of sporadic fire later and the world is a safer place.
It’s the same old storv really in terms of sound and graphics, but the excellent gameplay elevates it that little bit above the crowd.
Green Crackdown £19.95 US Gold Sound Graphics Gameplay Overall - 77% IN space, they say, nobody can hear you go to the toilet. This is probably something to do with all those nasty in-suit devices.
Whatever the reason, it’s a good job. Something big is going down.
Bug off!
An alien horde has laid eggs all over the Alpha II moon research station. Unfortunately it is not merely a job of flying in on a giant can of Raid and doing a bit of ozone-destroying eradication.
These suckers have hidden themselves around the complex, killing the occupants and are now generally hanging out and threatening to hatch.
Only one man is in a position to stop them from devastating all of humankind. Now who could that be, I wonder? As agent Kal Solar it is up to you to save the universe.
Oh well, it's a dirty job but... Flying in on your jet-pack you will have an awful experience of deja-vu. Haven't we been through this all before? Oh, I remember, how silly of me - it was that time when I saved the universe before, something to do with the dark side of somewhere.
From here on be sure to keep the instructions close at hand. One false function key and you may depressurise your suit. Check your spigot!
The moon surface is crawling with all sorts of nasty things. First of all there’s the indigenous life- form, a sort of giant ant whose silly expression is only matched by its poisonous venom. Secondly there are the patrol droids. Oh, didn't I tell you that most of the computerised systems were under alien control? Well, it’s too late to go back now.
Gain access to the base and you can breath a little easier, mainly because most places indoors have a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. Now you can take off the helmet and conserve your oxygen supply.
Not only does this give you a wider field of vision but it also tones down those breathing sound effects, which are actually jolly good.
Make your way through the warren of passageways that make up the base. The HUD inside your helmet will give you lots of useful information. Well, maybe not. But it looks nice. So does the detail inside the helmet.
Filled polygon graphics with only a few teensy-weensy buglets here and there create the atmosphere inside the base. Refresh speeds are the fastest I’ve seen in this type of complex landscape.
Search out the eggs and then give them a dose of cyanide (remember to close your visor first though). The place is not heavily defended by aliens, you are more likely to meet an accident, but remember - recent statistics show that most accidents happen in the moonbase.
Apart from asphyxiation and radiation leaks you could easily freeze to death, starve or even shut yourself in a door.
There is a maze of ventilator shahs to explore. They don’t seem to do much ventilating. The plans look like they might have been drawn up m so-d TTTflTI I H 11.1 value mmmmmi xBbniHiiiKfl by the same bloke that did the gardening at Hampton Court.
If you find the relevant key a lift will take you up and down the complex. In this game it is important to ignore Mungo’s advice. If you hang around to make sure that the lift door is closed you may be there for longer than you expected.
A game that demands bravery, courage, cunning, dedication and a fanatical hatred of egg-shaped polygons. Off you go now and remember, the universe is counting on you. Check your spigot!
Green MEANWHILE, in a galaxy far away, the story continues.
You are an honest space faring merchant-marine, taking part in an ordinary trading voyage in the Karonus star system.
Suddenly you come across an abandoned ship, apparently unharmed, apparently lifeless. You take an EVA and float across to have a look.
But disaster strikes! Just as you board, 10 fighter craft of the evil Manchi insect race appear out of hyperspace. Before your very eyes, your vessel is mercilessly vapourised with all hands.
Then as quickly as they appeared, the fighters vanish, leaving you alone in a cruel universe with a strange ship and no idea of what to do next.
So you rummage around in the glove compartment and look for the Owner’s Guide. This explains exactly how you can go about flying your new command, The Jolly Roger, with either keyboard, joystick or mouse.
The previous owner - whoever or whatever it was - was a mucky devil and has left fingerprints, coffee mug rings and even little notes in the margins.
He, she or it has also left a colourful poster sized star chart, a short novella and two cardboard cut-out model spaceships. Nice touch.
By reading the guide and playing with the controls you can even- tually reach the nearest space station. After docking, the display switches from the simple three dimensional solid view to a two dimensional overhead one.
You wander around the station, bumping into people and generally trying to find out as much information as you can. Amusement presents itself in the form of the latest arcade sensation to sweep the galaxy.
Playing a game within a game is not a new idea by a long way, but it's fun. Makes a welcome break.
Plus, Hive will award a prize if you make it past the last screen, so it can’t be bad.
Non-gamers may be better off visiting the bar for a quickie. If you knock back one too many you may find manoeuvring between the walls a bit on the tricky side. It seems strangely familiar... Once you have found out as much as you can, or have been evicted for trying to do something you shouldn’t, you can leave the station and enter one of hyperspace gates with the inevitable 4‘flying through coloured circles” stage.
Then you start exploring all over again.
The overall aim is to discover why the Manchi destroyed your original vessel and perhaps save the universe in the process. And why not?
From the packaging and advertising blurb surrounding Space Rogue, I was unsure what sort of game it would eventually turn out to be. The end result is a 3D shoot- ’em-up, 2D role-playing, strategic arcade game.
A bit like the last budget; not very taxing. Well, a good deal more enjoyable.
John Kennedy Space Rogue £24.95 Origin Graphics H 1 K‘l I I I I 1 I I Gameplay [~|T1 [ Mil Value HUI Overall - 67% ALL FOR ST OR AMIGA GOLDRUNNER Our top selling shoot em up from Steve Bak and Pete Lyon.
AIRBALL )ver 200 rooms ¦ of strategic arcade action, graphics from Pete Lyon!
ELECTRONIC POOL *i Mono or colour version of 'Video Pool' arcade game.
GOLDRUNNER 2 Sequel to our top selling shoot em up, high speed action packed arcade game.
JUPITER PROBE Vertically scrolling shoot em up by Steve Bak.
LEATHERNEpK Reviewed as the best arcade war game, program by Steve Bak.
KARATE KID PART 2 Our top selling karate game.
TETRA QUEST Over 300 screens of arcade strategy.
Please send me: Qty GOLDRUNNER ?
NAME_ ADDRESS_ MAJOR MOTION Spy car chase arcade game.
SLAYGON ADVENTURE Stop Cyber Dynamics ruling the world in this graphic adventure.
TANGLEWOOD ADVENTURE Rated as one of the best 16 bit graphic adventures.
TIME BANDIT Top selling arcade adventure, the original ST Mega game.
POSTCODE_ TITLES SENDME_ at £4.49 (50p p&p) TOTAL ENCLOSED CREDIT CARD TYPE SOCCER EXPIRY DATE_ Allow 28 days for delivery IHichlron 'THE GRAIL' ADVENTURE Full size adventure programmed using our Talespin development system.
INTERNATIONAL SOCCER Soccer action at its best in our own soccer game.
J. U.G. Highly rated arcade game with 4 way scrolling.
Helps character recognition and spelling with funny and serious A to Z pictures.
Software PO Box 68, St. Austell, PL25 4YB or phone with credit cards 0726 68020 IT’S a funny thing, but you can usually tell a program’s country of origin after playing with it for about 20 seconds. Take French games, for example; nine times out of ten they have seriously weird graphics, Jean Michel Jarre-type music and a severe lack of game- play.
German games have animated copper lists and more scrolling messages than Jolyon Ralph, whereas British games - if they’re not just a coin-op conversion - concentrate primarily on functional graphics and horrid Top-of- the-Pops music. Then there are American games... It came from John Hurt's stomach Americans have a great attitude to copy protection. They don’t like it much. One of the reasons is that quite a few Stateside Amiga owners have hard drives, and will want to install the game to speed things up and get rid of all that tedious disc swapping. They demand that games are easy to use
and techie friendly.
Like Colony, for instance, which comes on two floppies, needs one megabyte of ram and will work in harmony with an A590. It also goes OTT in the way that interlace mode and colours can be decided before play. More like running an art package than a game.
However, a game it claims to be.
And it comes with a plot that is mind staggering in its originality. It hasn't any. A colony far, far away on the very frontier of space has been overrun. All communications have ceased.
Guess what? Yup, you’re the only Space Marshal nearby and youil have to go and rescue everyone. If that doesn’t sound like Aliens then I'm a mutating slime monster.
The author states he first had the idea for the game in 1983, and it looks as though this is when it was written. Graphics are solid, 3D and dull. Detail is limited, meaning they move quite quickly, but the refresh rate can be increased still further by switching to vector graphics only. Very Battlezone.
Whenever you approach an object such as a control panel or computer screen, the display changes to a 2D monochrome display. Yuck!
The graphics seem to have been ported from a mono Mac and are grim. Objects can be moved around, desk drawers opened and vital clues uncovered. Aha - right at the back of this drawer I do believe we have the Reactor startup code.
Death comes quickly in Colony.
Make one mistake, press the wrong button, and you’re dead. Instantly.
No questions asked, no reasons given. Just a quick scream, a flash of colours and the Game Over requester appears.
Some sort of reason for your demise is needed because constant, unexplained destruction tends to get on your wick after a while. To be honest it gets on your wick From the very start.
Sound effects are limited. The title music consists of a two second passage sampled from Holst’s Planet Suite. Mars, I believe.
Obviously no expense spent in the sonics department. There are occasional little jokes, such as the sound produced when you bump into the toilet, but nothing to lift it up to average.
Colony looks severely out of date. Back in the 8 bit days it might have been acceptable, state-of-the- art even. Today, it’s history. Its only hope for salvation is that ardent space cliche fans will flock in their thousands to re-live the adventure. Again.
If you persevere, there is an adventure to be played, and a tough one at that. Finding it is the hardest part of all.
John Kennedy Aura ETTTTill IT' Graphics mmm Gameplay | j | | j] | j H JJJ Value II l! IMIJi JUST when you thought it was absolutely safe to declare the platform game extinct, another one pops up to say a big "Hi" to all semi-sentient beings everywhere.
And it is customary for the reviewer to reminisce about late nights spent playing Manic Miner by the light of a 48k ZX Spectrum.
KID GLOVES Born in the USA?
Well, not this reviewer; never owned a Spectrum, and never really liked platform games. Aha, say you, there’d better be something about Kid Gloves being a bit different, then, or this review’s going binwards faster than a 15- year-old kiwi fruit.
OK, then - Kid Gloves is a bit different. The dear, sweet infant of the title chucks weapons at the nasties, which never used to happen in The Good Old Days, when Men were Men, and 8-bits were viable.
The aforementioned Minor with the Mitts must be a member of the Chelsea Young Firm, for the weapons of choice are coins. These bouncing bawbees can be used to decimalise, er, decimate the smaller enemies, but are rather short change on the bigger beasties.
What you need to do is collect the cash that lies about and spend it in one of the shops, which are rather improbably found half way up trees, and also well into pre-history.
Hang on! The plot. What of it?
Well, it would seem that Kid Gloves has borrowed his uncle's boxing gloves and has found himself transported back several million years. He’s got to get back to the present via some fairly zany bits of history, such as the Ice Age (cold), and The West Coast circa '67 (mellow). And if Kid isn’t home before tea, well... Kid Gloves has tried to be far too clever for its own good. The graphics are, on the whole, quite neatly done, and have a smooth, cartoon feel to them.
The downside of this is that the border required around a sprite to stop it looking blocky is virtually invisible. Thus you walk into sprites before you realise it. Either that, or (perish the thought!) The author has used a software sprite routine and hasn't done it too well.
The game sports some of the clearest samples ever heard. Apart from the samples, the-in game effects are the bare minimum required, and the tune is very Whittaker - very good, but very similar to every other Whittaker you've ever heard.
The gameplay has all the signs of a classic platform game; infuriating until you learn how and then annoying when you have to repeat the correct sequence for a screen you know. Age certainly hasn’t wearied this genre - it must have been something else.
I’m about to start ranting incoherently now, so those with weak Kid Gloves £24.99 Milennium Sound Graphics Gameplay Value Overall - 78% stomachs can leave. Kid Gloves is a UK product written bv Timothy “1, BalT Closs.
Never has the UK been the US.
Our PAL video standard is high quality, unlike the US's NTSC, which is not. We can manage 256 screen lines where the NTSC system can only manage 200. So why does Kid Gloves go for the smaller screen?
Is the Rom Kernel Manual of Mr Closs missing a page or are we getting a clone of a game for a lesser machine?
Stewart C, Russell PUBLIC APOLOGY
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apologise to all its competitors. As always we will supply the
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9LS TELESALES HOTLINES: 0689-61400 Trade Accounts Welcome
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Orders Welcome WordSeeker Use Textra to alter the word list.
Remember to use capitals and to keep your words between 3 and 15 characters long Creating your own puzzles YOU can create your own words for the game by editing the words.txt file. Use Ed. Textra, MicroEmacs... anything that creates a plain Ascii file.
There must be at least 15 words in the file (more are OK.
But not less) and you must not use numbers, only alphabetic characters. Each word should contain between 3 and 15 characters inclusive. WordSeeker will report any illegal words in the list.
WORDSEEKER was sent to us by Tim Williams of Pontypandy in South Wales. It was written in Lattice C (v5.0) on a 1 meg Amiga with second floppy drive.
Each puzzle is different, even using f ?e same word list WORDSEEKER is a game played on a 20 x 20 grid of letters, based on the wordsearch games found in puzzle magazines.
The object is to find words which are hidden in the grid from a given list of 15, Each word from the list can be found written either forwards, backwards, upwards, downwards or in any of the four diagonal directions.
The game is mouse controlled.
Once you have discovered a word, use the mouse to move the red cursor on to the first letter of the word and click on it.
The cursor will now highlight one of the words in the list on the right-hand side of the screen. Use the mouse to move the cursor to the word you have found and click on it. If correct, the word will be struck off the list and your score will be updated.
Pressing Help on the keyboard will display where each word is hidden, one at a time, but the score will not be updated. You can quit the game at any time by pressing the Escape key.
YOU have been assigned the demanding task of cleaning your sysop's hard drive from viruses. These nasty creatures have infected all sectors, and you have to wipe them off, sector by sector.
To eliminate a virus you kick a disc at it. But beware, the viruses may also kill you. It is important that you are fast and kill them all before they start to destroy your
3. 5in discs.
There are 50 sectors, and on each the speed will increase. On the higher sectors the viruses are smarter and will start to hunt you.
Each virus has its own characteristic behaviour. The magnet is the most dangerous one - it will follow you everywhere and is almost impossible to hide from on the higher levels.
The mouse is very mobile, good at turning around corners very quickly. The photo-diode (among other interesting features) is good at attacking you from behind.
The joystick was created by an ugly hacker who liked to play games too much and didn't spend much time fixing his virus. It is therefore quite harmless, but it may trap you if you are not careful.
The more viruses you kill with one single disc, the more points you get, and by pushing the 5.25in discs together you will earn an extra 20 points. The surprise bonus (?) Will earn you 0-20 points. When you change levels you get one point per five non-destroyed discs.
After double clicking its icon, Sys will show you a list of four Controls Up - numeric pad 8 Right - numeric pad 6 Down - numeric pad 2 Left - numeric pad 4 Stop-numeric pad 5 Kick - spacebar
• Or use a joystick in port two.
• Fl will make you go continuously without stopping all the
§ F2 will stop you after even* step.
• F6 turns the music on.
• F7 turns the music off.
§ F10 should only be used by experienced players. It will allow7 you to start on level 10, wrhere life becomes harder. Your score will be cleared, and you will have three lives again.
• When you have lost a life, press Kick to continue.
SYS is copyright ©1989 Anders Bjerin and was written as an exercise in programming the Amiga. It took him about seven weeks to finish, and another week to debug and check. If you find any bugs or you have suggestions for the next version, please write to Anders at: Tulevdogen 22, 181 41 Lidingo, Sweden.
You may copy this program freely, but may not exchange it for money without written permission from the author. Nor may any part of this program be altered or used within another program.
SYS will look in the current directory for all the files when you start the program.
If it can’t find SYS_HighScore.dat it will try to create a new high score table.
If the disc is write protected, SYS will ask you to un-protect it.
If you do not want the program to create a new high score table, click Cancel in the system requester, otherwise write enable the disc and click Retry.
The same procedure will be options - Play, Info, Set-up and Quit.
If you chose the Play option you will be asked to enter your name (three letters). You can correct what you have typed in by pressing the backspace key.
To clear everything, point at the Clear option and press the left mouse button. Press Return or click the OK option when you have finished.
The program will now start.
Remember to move the mouse to the left side of the screen, otherwise the program will be In pause mode.
The Info option presents you with another menu with five options which give a brief description of the game. The Cancel option will bring you back to the main menu.
IN the Chaos drawer you'll Find three of the four listings featured in this month’s article.
Whose life is it anyway?, each compiled with HiSoft Basic Compiler.
Listing II. The Logistic lOvtiotii With the Set-up option you can change the default keys. You will be asked to define the keys for up, right, down, left, stop and kick. If you want to cancel this task, click Cancel. The Default option will change the definition of the keys back to their default values.
To pause the game, move the mouse to the right-hand side of the screen. When you want to continue, move the mouse back to the left- hand side.
File tips repeated when you quit the program and SYS tries to update the high score table.
If SYS can’t find any or all of the seven sound files when the program loads, it will continue to load the other files and will not use that sound or those sounds.
If you don’t like the sound effects, erase the SYS Sound ?
Files and SYS will not allocate any space for them. Very useful if you don’t have much ram and want to multi-task.
Equation, is not on the disc because HiSoft Basic Compiler seems to have a problem with the SOUND command; it appears not to work correctly As luck would have it, that particular program is not dependant on speed. Besides, typing it in to Amiga Basic will be good practice for you.
See the article on page 66 for instructions on how to use these programs.
Predators vs Prev - an everyday tale of simple folk- trying to live their Prsy 6. N lives Pipi!*to?', i.n9 591 S47ZT (c ami or-.yr-ovran Lin* 1 Co1 I M* run Beep Imp i Spsten CLI nter•device ;:Sys ten CLI kj round CLI (COM ikjp-ound CLI hddisk.device Pro text sskss,,.., Pit: is:'" DH8 Ft I *? Systen VCB trackdIvk.device This docurtont describes TexIra, a very user-friendly text editor.
Fextra nukes no clain at beinjr the rwsl powrfat editor around, or the astest, snallest or any-OTHER-est. Dust pretty easy to use, that's the aoal. And free.
Textra is FreeUare. I request, however, that this README file accompany the executable if passed around.
If you are usina Textra to read this File, Just point the muse Jt the arrow in the lower-rlaht corner, and hold the left muse button own for a little. You'll know when to let Up.
Dir rwed Wednesday 15:38:51 Dir rwed Today 18:18:37 riw.d rrjday 15:52:33 184 blocks used ur i shkihT MEGAWB makes it possible to increase your Workbench screen to up to almost 6.5 times its normal non-interlaced size.
The windowing problems you may have had with programs like Turbo Backup, KwikBackUp, AudioMaster and so on, are now ail in the past because you can easily drag their windows away or use the Workbench area around them.
To-be able to use the whole mega-workbench screen, the bit you see scrolls every time you move the mouse.
Actually, there are two different methods to scroll the workbench screen. The method described above is called proportional scrolling. If you don’t select this mode, the workbench scrolls whenever the pointer hits the edge of the screen.
You can start MegaWB by double clicking its icon or by typing its name into your CLI window.
Kvtkia-rkUp, inf tp FmniijJip. Info Fcwi’f i. i !* FjjerPacker l«f* Ilf.info TurbofAiker ”:ur*b«Packer info SS*** XLOfy-tftfo About VtrusExjpor t VirusX 2eroVirus2.27 Usage: MegaWB [P] [WIDTH HEIGHT] The P option selects proportional mode; WIDTH and HEIGHT specify the size your workbench should have.
If you start MegaWB by clicking than 1024 because that’s the maxi- its icon, it will read its parameters mum size bitmap the blitter can from the icon's tool types. The tool handle.
Types WIDTH and HEIGHT specify If your workbench is too large you the workbench’s size. May accidentally make a window higher or wider than 1024 pixels.
For example, MegaWB P 800 400 will create a proportional mode mega-workbench measuring 800 x 400 pixels.
If you run MegaWB without specifying the size, it'll create a 1024 x 512 pixel workbench.
Known bugs § The mega-workbench doesn’t have any depth gadgets. Use Left-Amiga-M and Left-Amiga-N instead.
Some programs are not written to run on a very large Workbench so they get a bit confused if you make their windows If you set PROP as the FLAGS tool type, your workbench will scroll proportionally to your mouse movements. On the cover disc the tool types are set to: FLAGS=PROP, WIDTH=1024, HETGHT=512.
The workbench’s width and height should not be set higher bigger than the size of the original workbench screen.
§ It is sometimes possible to drag a window one pixel over the workbench screen’s right- hand border. This trashes the display a bit but doesn’t cause any serious problems.
This causes strange things to happen.
If you start MegaWB from within your startup-sequence before you execute LoadWB - run megawb 800 400 for example - the workbench window will be as big as your megaworkbench and the disc icons will appear at the very right-hand border of your Mega WE screen.
To get back your ancient workbench, run or click on MegaWB once again. But first you should reduce all your windows in size and move them to the upper left- hand corner of the mega-workbench, otherwise MegaWB won’t quit.
If there isn’t enough chip memory available to allocate the original workbench's bitmap, MegaWB won’t quit or will open a single bit- plane workbench.
MEGAWB becomes even more useful when you’ve installed Matt Dillon’s popular Dmouse program (Fish Disks 145, 160,
168) , allowing you to scroll through your mega-workbench with an
accelerated mouse pointer.
To use Dmouse together with MegaWB you have to set Dmouse’s input handler priority to a value higher than MegaWB’s
- to at least 52.
It’s very useful to have a memory extension of more than one meg because a 1024 x 1024 pixel workbench eats 256k.
MEGAWB is public domain and as such is freely distributable.
However the program remains copyright ©1988 Fridtjof Siebert.
Bug reports and ideas to him at: Nobileweg 67, 7000 Stuttgart 40, West Germany; CUSTREQ, short for Custom Requester, is a glorified Ask command for your startup- sequence. I've used it this month to ask for confirmation of your selection in the StartUp requester. Take a look at s:startup.l and s:startup.2 to see how I've done it.
The program is best placed in your C: directory. It has a very long command line, requiring four compulsory parameters, plus another four optional ones.
This will almost certainly mean you’ll need a word processor or CUSTREQ is used in the following manner, assuming a continuous line: CustReq “hailtext* “text” “pos” “ncg” [-d default] [-1 timeout] (-x xpos] |-y ypos] hailtext - the title text of the custom requester.
text - the main text of the custom requester, pos - the positive option of the custom requester.
Text editor that scrolls beyond column 80 to easily create or edit a startup-sequence. Ed will do the job if you have nothing else. See the usage box for the command line syntax.
All strings must be in quotes if they contain spaces. To make the Usage neg - the negative option of the custom requester.
default - the optional default value, either 1 (yes) or 0 (no).
timeout - the optional timeout value in seconds.
xpos - the optional x position of the window.
ypos - the optional y position of the window.
"text" string more than one line long, use a I (ShiftA) character to specify the end of a line.
If a default of 1 is given, the requester will try to appear with the positive (yes choice) gadget under the mouse. If a default of 0 is given it will appear with the nega- Example CustReq 'Mv Request* 'Do you want to load Workbench?:If you select Load, Workbench will be loaded. Elf you select Dor.'t Load, you will be'left with a CLI window.' 'Load* 'Don't load' -d I -t 5 If WARN LoadWb Scho. 'Workbench loaded' Endlf T H CUSTREQ is not public domain, but may be distributed freely. It is copyright ©1990 Jonathan Potter. Bug reports and ideas to him at: P.O. Box 289, Goodwood, SA 5034,
Tive (no choice) gadget under the mouse.
The -x and -y flags override this function. Use -x -2 to force the requester to appear with the positive gadget under the mouse. Use
- x - 3 to make it appear with the negative gadget under the
Use -x -4 to make it appear in the centre of the screen.
If a timeout value is given the requester will timeout and return the default value (1 or 0) after the specified time.
If the positive option is chosen a return code of 5 (warn) is generated, otherwise 0 is generated.
The Y key has the same effect as the positive gadget and the N key has the same effect as the negative gadget. You can also press the key corresponding to the first letter of the text in the desired gadget.
THIS program will detect if your PAL Amiga thinks it is an NTSC one, that is, the infamous PAL reset bug has happened! It’s a handy little program that should live in your C: directory. Call it into action as the first tine of your startup-sequence. It will reset the Amiga if it does not hoot in PAL mode, hence the name NoPa(Reset.
STARTUP is a similar utility to Dneishe-Start on the December 1989 cover disc. It does the same job, but in a more user- friendly and graphically pleasing way.
It allows the use of different batch files so you can have the choice of custom startups for different situations. Eve used it this month to give you three choices, although you can have up to 10 if you like. My startup-sequence looks something like this: cts winsizcOll 640 245 run nil: cistartup 99 3 ;0:Load Workbench ;l:Play SYS ;2:Plav WordSeeker Actually, the path to the Startup program on the cover disc is different than above, but I've adjusted it to astartup because that is where you should put Ihe startup program - in your C: directory. The 99 is Ihe limeout value, set it lo
between 5 and 99. If Startup does time out (because the user sal staring at the screen instead of clicking a gadget) then Ihe first hatch file will he executed, in other words s:Startnp.O. From this you can probably work out that clicking on choice 1 executes s:Startup.l, clicking on choice 2 executes s:Starlup.2, and so on up to s:Slartup,9, By Ihe way, I found that if I use more than two lines in a startup- sequence before the Startup command, strange things happen.
I,ike massive negative numbers in Ihe timer box. Erk. The second parameter, the 3, tells Startup how many menu items there are.
There’s a third, optional, parameter that 1 didn't use.
The full documentation is on the cover disc in the Startup drawer. Please read it a few times and experiment a bit before getting angry because you can’t get it to work. If all elsje fails, you can always edit the startup files 1 used in the S: directory or Ihe cover disc.
HERE we go with another MusicBox upgrade. Since
vl. 4 there have been a fair niunber of changes, the two most
important being compatibility with files compressed with
PowerPacker (October 1989 cover disc) and a change in the
number of songs MusicBox can handle.
The biggest song selection number has been increased from 9 to
99. So it is now possible for MusicBox to choose from 100 dif
ferent songs.
The SoundFX files that MusicBox plays may now be compressed using Nico Francois' PowerPacker in Data File mode.
This feature is provided thanks to Nico’s publication of the PPData source code.
The song file on this month’s disc has been compressed using this method. Remember, while compressed songs may include the SoundFX executable header, they must be crunched using Data File mode.
The compression technique used by PowerPacker usually results in a 20 to 40 per cent reduction in file size. This permits a larger number of song files to be included on a given media.
But there is a price to pay.
Decompression takes time - about one second per 50,000 bytes. If you can wait a second or so between songs, this is the way to go, especially if you are running from floppy disc.
If you’re new to MusicBox and want to know more about it, double click on the MusicBox.DOC icon in the MusicBox drawer.
This month’s tune is a brilliant rendition of two intermingled space fantasy themes. The first is a well known march as you have never heard it before. The second I seem to recognise as the theme from an epic film. Anyone know its proper title?
MUSICBOX is freeware but remains copyright ©1989-90 Peter L. Dunlap. This program distributed courtesy of CMOS BBS (0101- 303-322-4078).
THIS drawer will be a regular feature on the disc from now on and will contain the main source listings from the The Code Clinic articles.
Double click the icons to read the listings. They are all saved in pure Ascii formal, so you can load them straight into your favourite program editors.
Listing I is example machine code source to display five bil- planes, Listing II is additional source to dispose of on-screen garbage, Listing III is AJ’s fortune cookie program in C, and Listing V is Michael Bassett's small piece of code that releases ram grabbed by the GVP hard drive.
See The Code Clinic on page 29 for more details.
MusicBox Vi.8 Copyright 1998 by Peter L. Dunlap Distributed courtesy of CMOS BBS 303)322-4878 Pernission is granted for non-cmjt r.jjJ iUs.fau.hJ-1 -MffJ- files renain intact. IluctWfoEfmUmflEuPireStnkesBack _ 1 A snail nusic player progran, tl _ 4ft mg files for nusic output. Be sure to use 1 v' ie HUSic is in stereo? LiEJ MusicBox.»0C The "MusicBox" progran nay be v U51C ox Sinply “Double-Click" the "MusicBox" icoi . A ype "MusicBox" for CLI usage. Upon st; 0* ; snail window on the Workbench screen. Ti EnrireStrikesBack 1 gadgets and status infornation. T wireamKesiiacK »close-
gadget. Filter The Middle left portion of the gadget.
Use this gadget to switch between "Sequence", "Randon". And "Repeat" nodes. The ruddle right portion of the window is a "Select" gadget. Use this gadget to select the next song or replay current song in repeat node.
While the window is active, the function keys FI - F18 can be used to select songs identified as “SongBB" - "Song09' (FI key selects "$ ong08", F18 key select Song89 ). The ’S" key will "Select" the next song, the D key will toggle the play "Mode" and the "ESC" key will terninate progran operation.
Next Page I Prev Page I Next Line I Prev Line 1 Refresh I Print File I Exit PPMore ing files ie nusic mi MusicBox MusicBox.DOC
C. Sinply type snail 1 "Close" EnpireStrikesBack Filter Listen to
it and read about it at the same time - isn't multi-tasking
[gj| STARTUP was written by Weston Fryatt and Paul Davis.
It is “ourware” meaning that they wrote it and if you find it useful then any small donation would be greatly appreciated and would help along the further development of Amiga utilities. It is public domain and copyright © Acropolis Development.
Although Startup is a public domain utility you may not sell or charge any money for the use of it, and the authors ask that if you distribute it you leave all the notices and docs intact.
Bug reports and shareware donations to: Acropolis Development, P.O. Box 81134, Bakersfield, CA 93380, USA.
8:Load Workbench l:Flay SYS 2:Flay WordSeeker ra A T) Cancel tPl Clicking on the coantdoiiit gadget will reset Startup to the value specified in the command line hOWIE DAVIES is 17 and unemployed. But does he let it get him down? Sure he does, I mean, with eight 0 grades and two highers, plus certificates in bass guitar and keyboard, you’d think that someone in Edinburgh would offer him a job.
As well as guitar and piano, Howie plays the trombone, composes music, likes Turkey Kievs for tea and loves exclamation marks 1 (That one was just for you, Howie.)
This is serious talent going to waste.
You don’t believe me? Well turn up the volume knob, double click on Rock The House in the Reader Contributions drawer, pin back your ears and let the sounds flow over you.
6 Are you a budding musician looking for fame and fortune? If so, perhaps the Amiga Computing cover disc can give you a little push up the ladder. Original stuff only, please, preferably in self-contained modules.
Disc problems?
SUBSCRIBERS If you subscribe to Amiga Computing and your disc has got damaged in the post, please return it to: Amiga Cover Disc, Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, 165 3EB.
You will be sent a replacement with our compliments. Please allow 28 days for delivery.
S&ssr A" lns!ruct onS THE worst thing about Ed is having to remember all those keypresses. Escape this. Escape that... it drives me potty. The only Ed commands I know and can remember are Esc-D to delete the line the cursor is on and Esc-X to save and exit.
Nevertheless, because it uses Ihe workbench screen, because it loads quickly and because it doesn't take up much ram, there are times when I’d much rather use Ed than a full-blooded word processor - usually for writing a quick script file or altering my startup sequence.
If only Ed had an easy user* interface. IF only I could mark blocks by pointing at the screen and using the mouse to drag a big orange box over the bits I want to cut and paste. If only it gave me a requester when I wanted to save my file under a different name. If only il would let me open and swap between multiple files. If only... then I found Textrc. This little gem must be the easiest to use text editor I have ever come across. It doesn't do anything complicated - it can't talk to a printer, for instance, and it can't handle lines of text that are wider than the screen - but it does
everything a text editor should do, quickly and efficiently.
I don't have to tell you how to use il. My guess is you won’t even need to read Ihe doc file.
In its crunched format, Textra is only about 10k larger than Ed, so you should easily be able to delete Ed from your C: directory and save Textra in its place.
Cunning Amigans will rename Textra as Ed to save typing and to enable Textra to interface with any other programs that invoke Ed.
Saves running round changing all ihe various config files you may have from C:Ed to Gtextra.
One thing I’ve noticed is that Textra is not loo hot on error messages. For instance, if you try to save a file to a write protected disc, Textra will refuse to save it, but won’t tell you why. Ah well, can't have everything I suppose.
Printing out the doc file your printer into CD008:devs print- ers, use Preferences to set a system- configuration file to load this driver and copy that system-configuration into CD008:devs. You should, of course, be working with a copy of the cover disc, not the original.
WHEN you double click on the Textra.DOC file it will be displayed by the file reader, PPMore.
Should you want a hardcopy of this documentation, switch your printer on-line and click on the Print File gadget at bottom right.
However, before attempting to obtain a hardcopy you should copy the correct printer driver for The cover disc has the EpsonX[CBM_MPS-1250] printer driver in devs printers, and it is this COVER DISC NONSUBSCRIBERS If you bought your magazine in a shop and when you got home you found your disc was damaged, please return it, within two months of the on-sale date of the magazine, to: Amiga Cover Disc. Stanley Precision, Unit F, Cavendish Courtvardt Sallow Road.
Welldon North Industrial Estate, Corbv, Northants, NN171JX.
You will be sent a new disc with our compliments. Please allow 28 days for delivery.
On an all rights basis. We are not prepared to pay for programs which are already in the public domain or have been spread by other means. However we are quite prepared to launch your program into the public domain as either freeware or shareware if that is what you wish.
WE are always looking for original contributions for the Amiga Computing cover disc. If you think something you have written is good enough to share with everybody else who reads the magazine, send it along and we'll have a look.
If we like what we see, it could earn you up to £1,000.
Please let us know which files, if any, your submission needs from the Workbench disc. If it is clickable, feel free to design an original icon. But don’t make it too large. And please use the standard Workbench colours.
Bear in mind that a program which does not run on a 512k machine would have to be exceptionally good to make it on to the disc.
Amiga Computing will buy your work Please enclose this coupon, or a photocopy of it, with your submission.
Include a file on the disc with full documentation, your name* address, phone number and a few details about you and your kit. A photograph of yourself would be nice, but isn't essential.
Don't forget to duplicate on the disc label the program name, your name, address and phone number. If you want your disc back, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Driver which the Amiga will use by default, assuming you booted from the cover disc, when you click on the Print File gadget in PPMore. It should work for most Epson compatible printers.
Name.... Address ,Age years Daytime phone After,... .am pm Evening phone ......After.... TEXTRA is freeware. It was written in Jforth Professional v2.0 and is copyright ©1989- 90 Mike Haas.
Submission name Submission size ...bytes in total We will accept submissions up to 500k in total length, including documentation. But the shorter your submission, the better chance it stands of getting on to the disc. If it is a compiled or assembled program include all the source code, but do not count this in the size of the submission. Write a brief description of your submission below. If it consists of more than one file, describe what each file is for. Attach an extra sheet of paper to this form if
necessary: LPTL,$ 0 iPTL.ie )FTL,$ 0 IPTL.SO iPTL, $ 0 PTL.$ 0 ¦ l.r.'L Sign this declaration: The stuff on this disc is mine. I didn't nick it off someone else. It hasn't been published before and I haven't submitted it elsewhere because I want Amiga Computing to publish it.
Signed .. Date Post your submission to: Amiga Computing, Cover Disc Submissions, Europa House, Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP ECHANICAL systems got the lion’s share of mathematical attention from the 16th century onwards; it was not until the nineteenth century that population was studied. In 1803 Malthus stated that population increased geometrically as food supply increased linearly. Strangely, he didn’t notice the obvious consequence.
Thirty-four years later Verhulst derived an equation which showed that population increased geometrically at first, then the rate of increase slowed until an equilibrium constant population was reached.
In 1925, the Lotka-Volterra or prev- predator equations, which describe the behaviour of two competing populations such as foxes and rabbits, were derived. Listing I solves these equations, giving you the size of the populations each simulated day. Two parameters need explanation.
The first is a damping parameter.
When it is zero the populations oscillate, otherwise they converge to a value at which both populations will remain for ever.
The second is a weather parameter, which alters the solutions in a remarkably realistic way by i ' Solves the Lotka-Volterra equations I SCREEN 1,640,256,3,2 WINDOW 1,'Prey versus Predators-,(0 ,G)-(631,242),0,1 RANDOMIZE TIMER: DEFIliT a DIM SHARED ynew(l) DIM SHARED kl (1), k2 (1! ,k3 (1) ,k4 (1) PALETTE 0,0,0,0 PALETTE 1,.33,.33,,33 PALETTE 2,1,1,1 PALETTE 3,0,.47,1 PALETTE 4,0,1,.47 PALETTE 5,1,-4,.4 MENU 1,0,1,'Options' MENU 1,1,2 Show numbers ' MENU 1,2,1 Restart program' MENU 1,3,1 Quit program * FOR a=2 TO 4:MENU a,0,0 ':NEXT ON MENU GOSUB choice:MENU ON WHILE TIMER day=Q endflag=Q
shovnum=l xcoord=8 CLS:COLOR 2 INPUT 'Damping parameter? (0-2} ' ,damp INPUT 'Weather parameter? (0-1I ' ,w PRINT INPUT 'Initial number of prey? (0
- 5) ',y!0) INPUT 'Initial number of predator s? (0-5) ',y(l) CLS
WINDOW 2 Population variation wi Listing I introducing a random
amount of “weather” between 0 (no weather) and I (occasional
big climatic changes) each week. Try various values. Do the
solutions seem plausible?
This program allows me to clear up a common misunderstanding. The solutions with non-zero weather are random, but they are not chaotic because the input to the equations is in itself random. Garbage In, Garbage Out - chaos is Order In, Randomness Out.
In the 1970s Feigenbaum manipulated Verhulst’s equation.
Stephen Hawking, in A Brief History of Time, used one equation, E=mc2. I am also allowed one equation, and here it is - the most important and most studied equation in all of chaos, sometimes known as the Logistic Mapping: Xn+I = n nJ The prescription is simple: Take k between 2 and 4 and Xq randomly between 0 and 1, put x0 and k into the right-hand side to give x , put x and k in to get X£ and so on until you generate a series of numbers which you can plot out. Feigenbaum did this th time',(0,162)-(€31,242),0,1 WHILE NOT endflag IF day HOD 7=0 THEN weather=l-w*HND END IF RungeKutta y()
WINDOW OUTPUT I PSET 50+5G*y 0),160-25*y(l)!,5 WINDOW OUTPUT 2 PSET(xcoord,80-4*y 0)),3 PSET(xcoord,80-4 *y 1)},4 IF shownum THEN LOCATE 1,60;COLOR 3 PRINT USING'Prey - *; y(0) LOCATE 2,60:COLOR 4 PRINT USING'Predators yd) LOCATE 3,60:COLOR 2 PRINT USINS'Day '; day END IF day=day+l:xcoord=xcoord+l IF xcoord=632 THEN xcoord=0:CLS END IF WEND WINDOW OUTPUT 1:WINDOW CLOSE 2 WEND SUE RungeKutta(ya I)STATIC SHARED damp,weather IvyaOAlO FOR a=Q TO 1 ynew(a)=ya(a)+kl(a)*.01 NEXT lv ynew(),k2() FOR a=0 TO 1 with a pocket calculator until somebody taught him Fortran. Listing II does it for you
in Amiga Basic.
Verhulst’s equation always converges to a steady solution, no matter what the value of k is. The logistic mapping shows completely unexpected behaviour. For k less than
2. 97 it converges to a steady solution; for k between 2.97 and
3.5 it oscillates with period 2; for k between 3.5 and
3. 57 it oscillates with the period doubling to 4, 8, 16, 32 ....
If k is greater than 3.57 there is no period - chaos! If you
don’t believe me, run the program, put in some values, watch
and listen; you should at least be convinced that chaos
doesn’t sound very nice.
Listing III calculates, slowly and painfully, a bifurcation diagram, which shows this period doubling very clearly - k is plotted from left to right, and the amplitudes of the solution for each k from bottom to top.
Each fork in the path represents a period doubling.
Try entering 2.8 and 4 to start off with, then 3.5 and 4 to zoom in on the zone of chaos. You should notice ynew(a1=ya(a)+k2(a)*.01 NEXT lv ynew(),k3() FOR a=Q TO 1 ynew(a)=ya(a)+k3(a)'.02 NEXT lv ynew(),k4() FOR a=Q TO 1 ya(a)=ya(a)+(kl(a)+2*k2(a)+2*k3(a )+k4(a)) 30Q!
NEXT END SU3 SUB lv(yy(),deriv(|)STATIC SHARED damp,weather deriv(0)=4*yy(Q)-damp’yy(O)*yy(0)-2
* weathe yy (0)*yy(l) deriv 1)=-3 *yy(1)+weather*yy(0)*yy( 1) END
SUB choice: item=MENU(l) IF iteiB= 1 THEN shown uir.=l-shownum
MENU LLUshownum ELSBIF item=2 THEN endflag=-l ELSE MENU RESET
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This is no accident. It has been explained, although the explanation is far too complex to go into here.
Call kn the value of k at which the nth period doubling occurs. For example, kg is roughly 2.97 and k is about 3.5. Form the ratio (kn4.| - kn) (kn+2 “ kn+l) = *• As n gets bigger and bigger, d approaches a constant
4. 6692016, to seven decimal places.
To Feigenbaum’s - and everybody else's amazement, this number is always the same, it doesn’t matter what sort of function is on the right- hand side of the above equation. So Feigenbaum’s Constant, as it was quickly christened, is universal - like 7i, e and friends which means it should be possible to find it by experiment, a stunning surprise.
It has been found, to enough accuracy to confirm the theory, as a result of a whole host of experiments in different fields of physics like fluid effects in helium at low temperatures, laser feedback (feeding part of the output back into the input), electronic circuits and computer simulations of particle accelerators and superconductors.
' Solves the logistic equation SCREEN 1,640,256,3,2 WINDOW l,*The Logistic Equation', 0 ,0}-(631,242),0,1 RANDOMIZE TIMER PALETTE 0,0,0,0 PALETTE 1,.33,,33,.33 PALETTE 2,1,1,1 PALETTE 3-, 1,1,0 PALETTE 4,1,0,0 MENU 1,0,1,'Options' MENU 1,1,1,'Restart program' MENU 1,2,1,'Quit program " FOR a=2 TO 4:MENU a,0,0,":NEXT ON MENU C-03U3 choice:MENU ON DEFINT a(c,xry DIM pitch(8) FOR a=0 TO 8:READ pitch(8-a):NEXT WHILE TIMER as: COLOR 2 INPUT 'Parameter k? (0-4) 'rk endflaa=C xcoord=8 colour=3 u=RND CLS:PRINT USING'k=Mmtf';k WHILE NOT endflag u=k*u*(l-u) tone=8-INT(u*8+.5) ycoord=240-224'u SOUND
pitch(tone1,2,255 Listing II Order inside chaos EVEN with the simplest equation the region of chaos in a bifurcation diagram has an intricate structure.
First the bifurcations produce periods of 2,4, 8, 16.... then chaos begins, with no regular periods.
But as the system is driven harder windows appear with odd periods. A stable period 3 appears and then the period doubling begins again with 6, 12, 24.,.. The structure is infinitely deep. When portions are magnified they turn out to resemble the whole diagram.
If you can, build the circuit diagram shown on the next page, then scrounge an oscilloscope and a signal generator.
Turn up the voltage, watch the trace breaking into 2, 4, 8.... parts, and note down the voltages at which the period doublings occur; can you estimate 8?.
WHERE do the Mandelbrot set and all the pretty fractal pictures come in? Although certain fractal operations can be carried out on chaotic systems, the results are not very illuminating. Fractals appear to be of limited use, some scientists even argue that they are no use at ail and that any research on them is wasted.
IF xeoord=8 THEN PRESET(xcoord,ycoord) ELSE LINE-(xcoord,ycoord),1 LINS(xcoord-2,ycoord-1)-STEP( 4,2),colcur,b£ FSET(xcoord,ycoord),colour colour=7-colour END IF xcoord=xcoordf8 IF xcoord=632 THEN CLS PRINT USING'Parameter tJMtf ¦;k xcoord=8 END IF WEND WEND choice: IF MENU(1)=1 THEN endflag--1 MENU RESET WINDOW CLOSE 1 SCREEN CLOSE 1 END END IF RETURN DATA 261.63,293.65,329.23,349.23 DATA 392,440,493.88,532.25,587.23 You must try and forget any ideas that fractals and chaos are the same thing.
Contrastingly, chaos is useful, although not quite as eye-catching. It has been tried in such diverse fields as medicine and economics, with ' Displays the bifurcation diagram I SCREEN 1,640,256,2,2 WINDOW 1,'Bifurcation Diagram for t he Logistic Equation',(0,0)-(631,242) ,0,1 RANDOMIZE TIMER PALETTE 0,0,0,0 PALETTE 1,.33,.33,.33 PALETTE 2,1,1,1 PALETTE 3,.66,.66,.66 FOR a=l TO 4:MENU a,0,0,":HEXT DEFINT- b,x COLOR 2 INPUT 'Lower value of k? (2-4) ',kl ower PRINT PRINT 'Upper value of k? (*;MIDS(ST R$ (klower),2);'-4) INPUT ".kupper CLS stepsize=(kupper-klower) 628 FOR k=klower TO kupper STEP
stepsiz e LOCATE 1,1 PRINT USING 'Calculating: k = M ';k xcoord=xcoord-l u=RND FOR b=l TO 50 u=k*u*(1-u) NEXT FOR b=l TO 200 u=k*ti* (1-u) PSET(xcoord,238-228*u),3 NEXT NEXT LOCATE 1,1 PRINT'Press mouse button WHILE MOT MOUSE(0):WEND MENU RESET WINDOW CLOSE 1 SCREEN CLOSE 1 END Listing III VISA 0530 411485 0530 411485 YOU NEED 51 2K NOW HOW MUCH WILL YOU NEED TOMORROW?
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Accounts Persona] Accounts Plus .
Small Business Accounts System 3 ..... unexpected success. Because the theory is in its infancy - 13 years being scarcely out of the cradle in scientific terms - more useful results will no doubt turn up.
Despite what I have said, my final program - Listing IV - looks quite good. The de Jong mapping is a two- dimensional variation on the logistic mapping, found by accident by somebody playing with an IBM PC.
Try different values, chosen at random, of the four parameters.
Can you create spiral galaxies, globular clusters and other astronomical objects? In spite of appearances, as far as anybody knows this mapping has not the slightest thing to do with physics.
The moral to be drawn from this series on chaos is that you must not stop looking over your shoulder and worrying when thinking about science.
At the turn of the century even great scientists like Lorenz, a founder of relativity, and J. J. Thomson, an unknowing father of quantum mechanics, believed that physics was essentially dead and that all there was left was dotting i’s and crossing t's.
There then came a great whirlwind of relativity, quantum mechanics and, after the others had been more or less got to grips with, chaos.
Today it is clear that less is known about the world than anyone would have dared think a century ago, although much progress is being made.
Chaotic PD Chaos: On Panorama disc 23Bf this program lets you play around with the Henan mapping, which is important in astronomy and particle physics.
GravSim 1,5: On Fish disc 223, this program solves the N-body problem for N 7.
Further reading Chaos James Gleick, 2989, published by Carousel, £6 in paperback.
Universality in Chaos Predrag Cvitanovic, 1989, published by Adam Hilger £15 in paperback.
Makers of Mathematics Stuart Hollingdale, 1989, published by Penguin, 1989, £8 in paperback.
' Explores Che de Jong attractor SCREEN 1,320,256,4,1 WINDOW 1,'The de Jong Attractor',(0 ,0)-(311,242),20,1 DEF Fnrand=INT(RND* 3 *SGN(RND-.5)*10 0001 10000 RANDOMIZE TIMER DEFINT c,e,i PALETTE 0,0,0,0 PALETTE 1,.33,,33,.33 PALETTE 2,1,1,1 FOR a=3 TO 13 PALETTE a,(a-3) 10,0,(13-a) 10 NEXT PALETTE 14,0,1,0 PALETTE 15,0,0,0 MENU 1,0,1,'Options' MENU 1,1,1,'Show parameters' MENU 1,2,1,'Input start MENU 1,3,1,'Random start ' MENU 1,4,1,'Quit program ' FOR a=2 TO 4:MENU a,0,Q,":NEXT ON MENU G0SU3 choice:MENU ON WHILE TIMER IF endflagol THEN ai=FNrand a2=FNrand a3=FNrand a4=FNrand ELSE WINDOW
CLOSE 2 WINDOW OUTPUT 1 CLS:COLOR 2 INPUT 'First parameter A? -3 to 3) al INPUT 'Second parameter B? (-3 to 3) ',a2 INPUT 'Third parameter C? (-3 to 3) ',a3 INPUT 'Fourth parameter D? (-3 to 3) a4 END IF CLS x=0:y=0 colour-3 endflag=0 WHILE endflag=0 xl=SIN alTy)-C0S|a2*x) yl=SlN(a3’x)-COS(a4*y) PSET(160r80*xl,128+64‘yl),colou r colour=colour+l IF colour=i4 THEN colour=3 END IF x=xl:y=y1 WEND WEND choice: item=MENU(l} IF item=l THEN WINDOW 2,'Show',(40,40)-(126,72J, 22,1 WINDOW OUTPUT 2 COLOR 14 PRINT USING ¦ A + Jfi ';al PRINT USING ' 3 + .S if 'a2 PRINT USING ' C PRINT USING ' D
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SALES HOTLINE 0923 896969 To order: Please send cheque PO Access or Visa details lo SK Marketing Lid, 13 Moneyhill Parade, Uxbridge Road, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 2BE, All prices indude VAT and carriage is free (UK mainland) North London: South London: 10 Fulham Broadway London SW6 1AA Tel: 071 381 6618 Fax: 071 381 0528 13 Moneyhill Parade Uxbrkfge Road Rickmansworth Haris WD3 2BE Tel: 0923 896969 Fax: 0923 771058 PERSONAL CALLERS WELCOME AT BOTH SHOWROOMS MONDAY-SATURDAY 9.30am - 5.00pm NORTH of the Golden Gate Bridge, on a steep hilly street in Sausalito, there's a brown wood shingle house
with an old red Volkswagen microbus parked under the overhang. Sausalito is a very easy universe to inhabit. The shrubs and trees almost bury the houses in a cascade of colour and green.
Down the street (straight down it’s one-in-four everywhere here) the sea shines back and, beyond the island of Alcatraz, San Francisco and the Bay Bridge shimmer in the Californian air.
No kidding, it really is like that.
Inside the brown wood shingle house there’s a quite other reality. Eric Gullichsen looks through his eyephones into the world he has built.
“Let’s have a look at this bit of surreal estate”, he grins.
He dives into the square patch below, flying into the shapes on the chequerboard plane. He has a six- degree-of-freedom joystick; press, lift or rotate the ball and that’s exactly what happens, the plane tilts and rotates below him. He turns his head and he can see where he’s looking, in three dimensions.
Cruise up to a column, lift the head and look up at the top, look down at the base, around it at the other shapes.
Cyberspace is a deeply wonderful experience, a way to escape from the humdrum existence of real life into an alternative reality.
But can it be experienced on an Amiga? Peter Cere sole went to California to find out There’s a hut at the other side of the space. He flies forwards between the columns and enters the hut. There’s a computer in there.
“Let’s go have a look at the machine...” Move around to the screen. Dive in.
No doubt what type of computer it is.
There’s the red and white chequered ball from the Boing! Demo hovering, this time, above a pyramid. Fly up to the ball and look down. Inside this unreal computer is a slippery world; things are only themselves when you look straight at them.
Turn your head and they change. If a flower blooms in the forest, does it still bloom if no one is there to see? Not here it doesn’t.
Because this is ’ cyberspace. It exists only inside a couple of Amiga 500s. Each powers the display for one eye, each eye looking through a lens system at the LCD colour display from a Sony Watchman.
The two Amigas each construct the scene from the viewpoint of one eye and, looking with both eves wide open through the eyephones, there is a perfect illusion of depth.
Cyberspace has its literature, written bv William Gibson, in a series of three brilliant roller coaster rides, Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive.
William Gibson’s protagonists move in the Matrix, the sum of all human communication where the only reality is data constructs.
The Eastern Seaboard Fusion Authority is a red pyramid, the Stock Exchange in 1 London is a t yellow plane over which a Japanese gangster's daughter is conveyed in a blue boat shape f "to reduce the disorientation”.
Students scrawl the day’s hacked access codes for AT&T on the side of the data construct of the university, and AT&T sweeps through regularly to erase them.
Totally wonderful stuff.
When he started, Gibson told me: "1 had no idea about forseeing the future. I was interested in the way we watch television now, how we respond to the availability of information". He started in 1982 when, if you fired up Dbase II, you got a dot on screen. That was all there was in those days, a dot.
But now at the very least there’s Workbench, on a micro whose real price is a quarter of a CP M machine back then. And cyberspace is beginning to exist for real, in Club Caribe.
CLUB CARIBE is an amazing thing. Think about it - an interactive real time shared universe with several dozen graphic locations.
The characters move around independently but simultaneously, communicate by speech bubbles and can hug, kiss, steal things from each other (and give them back)... even get married in the chapel.
There are 15,000 members and up to 150 have been logged on at one time.
So what does it rim on? A mainframe?
Now here's the really unbelievable bit
- it runs on the CG4 and the comms are 300 baud, packet switched,
S4.80 an hour right the way across the USA.
It originated in Palo Alto, 20 miles down the San Francisco peninsula from Sausalito. Writing the program was not trivial. Programmer Randy Farmer told me that the graphics are all bitmapped and the only sprite is the tail that connects a character to its speech balloon.
He said that the whole thing is in machine code and that the secret is to EAKS THROUGH THE POWE THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL FREEZER-UTILITY JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES ¦ AMIGA ACTION REPLAY SIMPLY PLUGS INTO THE EXPANSION PORT OF YOUR AMIGA 500 AND GIVES YOU THE POWER TO FREEZE MOST ANY PROGRAM* THEN YOU CAN:- ¦ SAVE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN MEMORY TO DISK H SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK Special compacting techniques enable up to 3 programs to Pictures and sound samples can be saved to disk. Files fit on one disk. Unique FDOS power means that the pro- are IFF format suitable for
use with all the major graphic grams reload at upto 4 TIMES FASTER than Amiga Dos - and music packages, even independantly of the cartridge.
¦ SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable from full speed to 20% speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts! ¦ RESTART THE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will continue where you left off.
Ill UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE Allows you to generate more and even infinite lives, fuel, ammo etc. Perfect as a trainer mode to get you past that ’ impossible" level. Very easy to use.
|j SPRITE EDITOR The full sprite editor allows, you to view modify the whole sprite set including any 'attached' sprites.
¦ VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive virus detection and removal features to ¦] FULL STATUS REPORTING protect your software investment. Works with all At the press of a key now you can view the machine status presently known viruses. J Including Fast Ram,Chip Ram. Ramdisk.Drive status.etc. PLUS THE MOST POWERFUL MACHINE CODE FREEZERf MONITOR MORE FEATURE THAN YOU COULD EVER NEED. HERE ARE JUST SOME; Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler Full screen editor 9 Load Save block Write string to Memory Jump to specific address Show Ram as text Show Frozen picture • Play resident sample Show and edit all
CPU registers andtflags . Calculator Help command Full search feature Unique Cutom Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers-even write only registers || Notepad Disk handling - show actual track, Disk Sync pattern Etc. Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler,Decimal • Copper
Assemble Disassemble.
ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS MADE PAYABLE TO... DATEL ELECTRONICS LTD., GOVAN RD., FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 have all the locations, characters and bits of action in a local library, held on disc. Everyone has the same disc. A single byte down the line repositions a character anywhere on screen, and on every set that’s logged on the character turns and walks across to the new position. Same for all actions. It's an elegant demonstration of how little you need to transmit.
But never mind the techniques, it’s behaviour that shows that this is a real alternative universe. The characters are real people. The first Club Caribe divorce came two weeks after the first marriage.
Randy, who stood up as best man at that first wedding, says; “I'm not sure the two people were the sex they said they were. People like to manifest themselves as women in Club Caribe because women get more attention”.
Life in cyberspace could get kind of complicated.
“The next thing is to raise the resolution”, says Randy, “so that people get an even greater sense of reality, so they can relate even more closely to the virtual world”.
There’s a Japanese version out now which runs on the IBM PC with much faster and more detailed graphics. An Amiga version would need money and time for the programming. But then you’d believe that a micro can fly.
Flying is it. At the Ames research lab of Nasa, just another five miles down Route 101, they’re using half-a- million dollars’ worth of hardware to build a serious virtual reality. The operator wears, not just the eyephones but a glove the location of which is tracked by the machine.
As well as the computer-generated scenery, the man sees his hand in the virtual universe too. He can touch things. He gets a tingle back through transducers in the fingers of the glove when he does. When he grasps “objects” he can lift or move them.
He has the strength because nothing weighs anything here, and he can fly because he weighs nothing either. The operator becomes Superman.
The universe has 3D pull-down menus that the operator can see by turning his head and can select by “touching”. To gain higher speed and resolution the images are shaded monochrome. The device could be used for training and for work in remote or hostile places like the inside of nuclear reactors or out in space.
THE gear to do this - the computers, the headset, the glove, the devices that track the head and the hand - costs around half a million dollars. Thirty miles back up the road in Sausalito, a company called Autodesk is using a similar rig to do 3D computer aided design, running in colour on a big IBM PC. Its got the cost down to S300.000. Pay with plastic and take it away? Maybe.
Almost all the code for Autodesk’s system was written by Eric Gullichsen and Pat, who live and work in the brown wood shingle house on the hill.
Eric believes that this stuff should be hitting the street. But the rig he has built costs only S9,000. He’s done it by using stock hardware whenever he can. His universe runs on two A500s fitted with 68020s. The virtual universes are designed on Sun workstations - there’s one in the living room, one in the back room and a Sparc machine in the bedroom.
While he works in the bedroom, Pat programs in the living room. They’re developing a machine-independent description language for the objects - as the hardware gets better the software will operate to the limits of the available resolution.
The drawing programs are written in Aztec Mix-C on the Suns, which are all Ethernetted, and compiled on an Amiga.
The Amigas have proprietary 32-bit memory to speed up die redrawing of the changing scenery. At die present frame rate of around four a second the illusion of movement is quite amazing, the action completely involving.
At perhaps S20,000 on the market, this is pin money in America. Eric believes that at this price “the street will find its own use for it”. He’s set up his own company, Sense8, to see how the street reacts.
The machines will get better, there’s no doubt of that. The only question is what use we’ll make of it all.
The world as seen through Eric Gullichsen's eyephones. Inside the hut on the left is an Amiga containing yet another alternative reality HAMPSHIRE MICRO COMPUTERS LTD [LCLj Self-Tuition Courses Reach the top with. *.
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V- Pr -•
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• Table editor
• Magnify option
• Digitised pictures and sound It’s the perfect game for
billiards and snooker fans of all ages, a game you'll come back
to again and again, year after year "A classic game..." - Amiga
Computing, July 1989 F29 Hctaliator
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"I'm totally awed by what you have done!...it's beautiful, especially when the lights are off...congratulations..." 0705 453814 Arthur C. Clarke AMIGA SOFTWARE author of 2001: A Space Odyssey Distant Suns (Commodore Amiga™ only), the award-winning planetarium blockbuster, is now available in the UK in PAL!
Endless entertainment and education for all. Ask lor it!
* ? ? ? AMIGA HARDWARE * * ? ?
Amiga 500 Bat Pack ’SPECIALOFFER* ..... phone Amiga Bat Pack or Flight of Fantasy with Tcnstar Pack .. £379.99 Amiga 500 Flight of Fantasy Pack .... £359.99 A590 Hard Drive 20 MB 'SPECIAL OFFER* ...£352.99 Cumana External disk drive .... £79.99 1084S Colour Monitor £249.99 A501 Ram
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Smdchrquripoto; Mistral Computer Supplies, 42 Park Way,
Havant, Hants PG9 1HH Add £5 per item lo rover 1st class
postage on all Hardware.
Send for full Software and Hardware list. Software available Tor all formats Virtual %eality Laboratories, Inc 2341 Ganador Court San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 USA ¦ R E V I E W ¦ HOW many stars do you think are in our galaxy? Thousands?
Millions? It has been calculated that our sun is only one of 10 billion stars in a universe filled by a multitude of similar galaxies. In other words, there are an awful lot.
If vou stood in your back garden on a cold, clear moonless night, you could probably see about 1,000 stars and perhaps one or two of the brighter planets. If you then got into your car and drove into the country, far away from the pollution of the towns and cities, you would be able to see more stars than you could count in a lifetime.
We are lucky enough to live in an exciting universe which needs only the smallest of tools to explore but the most complex of machines to understand.
The computer has always played an important part in helping astronomers in their calculations. Even the ancient become good enough to begin to model the night sky with anything approaching realism. With the capabilities of the Amiga, suddenly things start to become very real indeed.
The excellent manual accompanying Distant Suns recommends you view its graphics in a dark room, with the contrast and brightness adjusted for maximum enjoyment. The manual is correct - it looks fabulous. It’s like having your own private planetarium. If only it John Kennedy takes a trip through the universe with a program tailor-made for the amateur astronomer would do Dark Side of The Moon laser shows... Probably the best starting display is obtained by selecting the Local option from the pull-down menus. After setting your latitude and longitude coordinates, choose any time and date from
9999 BC to AD 9999.
Almost immediately - almost, because there are a lot of sums to do - vou are presented with the view from your garden. If, like mine, your garden isn't transparent, you can also select the landscape facility to help you find your bearings. It provides a solid slab of grey to block out the stars beneath the horizon.
For that final touch of realism you can select the amount of light in the neighbouring area to take street lights into account.
The outline of the constellations will be drawn in if you wish, to provide an easy way to identify them.
Like heaven on druids had to use the latest in silicon hardware to help predict the changing of the seasons. If we could only find the instruction manual, Stonehenge would probably still be useful today.
Traditionally, the early electronic computers did little more than produce streams of numbers to pinpoint stars’ positions.
Only in the past five years or so have graphics ¦ REVIEW ¦ The stars can be named individually, and data on them displayed or sent to the printer.
By switching on the timing system the sky will be re-drawn as Earth rotates in real or accelerated time - perfect for watching the retrograde motion of the planets as they suddenly change their heavenly minds and start going backwards for a bit.
“HO, - vif* An overhead view of the entire solar system is available to help explain their apparently complex motion. An excellent teaching tool.
+ * 13 a. l« «fw * * 1 ctfessMtia _ ' * - A 4-' f T ' 11:49 ra j 29:99 1 dec zooii lid 39 : rit' rur Mttlj ':M*r ptintfariwi ' • *!;i! :¦! * I m WH All the constellations.
Including those not normally visible from Macclesfield, can be named to help the casual obser rer ‘TRS'VtfS ‘ _ .. IMAGINE the largest telescope ever built, with a huge magnification and a colossal light gathering power.
Now aim it at a star. What would you see?
Sadly, you would still see only a tiny point. It might be a very bright point, but still only a point. Stars are too mind-bogglingly far away to be anything other than geometric pinpricks.
To the casual observer they can seem cold, clinical and lifeless. Dull even. But being the interested part- time astronomers we Amiga users are, we know that the stars are anything but dull. There are enough variables and binaries up there to keep even the most ardent skywatcher happy.
For those looking for something slightly more dynamic, the planets are a joy to behold. This is when a reasonably cheap telescope will be at its best.
Suddenly Jupiter is no longer a point but a tiny disc, complete with bands and spot. Saturn’s rings become visible. The ice cap on Mars can be studied.
And all without going outdoors, because these phenomena can be observed on-screen by selecting the telescope option. It produces a wonderful display in the corner of the screen which operates in the same inverted way as a real telescope for extra authenticity. The Moon and planets can also be viewed through the imaginary ‘scope to examine their phase and any prominent features.
- * 4- -» 1 * it talfcaid 4»i»0th 4twrjk i alt tV~ r
re*-. !
CMVfj VttMticl 0rsa mjer 1 U:«y icv cwl 1 The motion of the planets can be more easily understood by watching their orbits as they snake across the screen Flexibility is the name of the game.
Distant Suns comes with a database of more than 2,200 stars, but it can be expanded to 9,100 with promised data discs. The stars provided are enough to be getting on with, unless you are interested in some whose magnitudes are quite low.
The Messier catalogue of objects, effectively a collection of fuzzy objects that might be mistaken for comets, is included; 250 of the more interesting New General Catalogue elements are also provided.
A user defined data section is available, so if by chance a new comet comes into view, you can update the file to include it.
Distant Suns is a program that I know I would use. Picture me if you will, preparing to go on one of my stargazing excursions. Warm duffle coat, thermal gloves, little bobble hat and tartan Thermos flask full of something that started life as coffee.
Thank goodness it’s dark and no one will see me.
I plan the observations I want to make before I go, which involves sitting at my desk with my calculator and a big book of astronomical data. I work out which planets are likely to be visible, because looking at planets is my favourite thing.
So I scribble down some rough coordinates, grab my rotating planisphere and some HP5 black-and- white film from the fridge, then load up the boot of the car with my secondhand 3in reflector. A short drive to somewhere dark and I can begin to settle down and do some looking.
Normally by this time I realise I made a mistake in my sums. Plus I can no longer read my handwriting. What time was Jupiter rising again?
Whoops, forgot the moon was going to be so bright. Usually, it’s a right mess; I drink the horribly lukewarm contents of mv flask and come home again.
However, now I am an Amiga owner with a copy of Distant Suns. So 1 load it, make sure it is set for 53°22’N, 2°14’W and the correct date. Now I can find the planets I want, dump the screen to an art package and print it out on my printer. As a result I have a specific, accurate skymap of exactly what I am likely to see.
The only problem is it doesn’t predict the weather. It’s cloudy again.
REPORT CARD Distant Suns HB Marketing 0895 444433 £59.95 EASE OF USE.... It would be nice to be able to interrupt the stat drawing to select another feature.
SPEED .. Fast enough.
VALUE ... You could buy a good set of binoculars for this much cash.
84% OVERALL Wonderful. Like being outside on a clear night, only warmer.
* *ir Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by
controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the ST or Amiga
disk drive controller chip wheYeby high speeds & great data
accuracy are achieved.
Menu driven selection for Start Track End Track - up to 80 tracks. 1 side. 2 sides.
Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge* Ideal for clubs, user groups or just for your own disks.
Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, MAC etc. No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
THE LATEST CUSTOM LSI CHIP TECHNOLOGY By using an on-board Custom LSI Chip, Syncro Express has the power to transfer an MFM image of the original disk directly to your blank disk - quickly, simply and without any user knowledge. One external disk drive is required*.
SYNCRO EXPRESS IS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH THE ST AND AMIGA SYSTEMS - PLEASE STATE WHICH REQUIRED WHEN ORDERING WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Dalei Electronics Ltd.. neither condones nor authorises the use ol it's products tor the reproduction ol copyright material.
The backup facilities o( this product are designed to reproduce only software such as Public Domain material, the users own programs or software where permission to make a backup has been clearly given It is illegal to make copies, even for your own use. Of copyright material, without the express permission of I the copynght owner, or the licence© thereof- If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a drive for ONLY £104.99 (AMIGA) ONLY £119.99 (ST) HOW TO GET YOUR S"Y()Cl 0 CtlPiJcS'S' If CREDIT CARD ORDERS TELEPHONE (24 Hrs) 0782 744707 WE WILL DESPATCH YOUR
OLLS-ROYCES and Amigas
- *¦ have much in common. Not just because they are the best of
their kind, but also because they are both, in the words of
R-R's marketing department, adequately powerful.
For most of the time the Amiga won’t keep you waiting for too long.
A 33 Mhz 68030, 4Mb of 32 bit ram and an FPU - all in one slot showing a clean pair of heels even to speedy PC clones. But for the dedicated number cruncher, the stock Amiga simply isn’t fast enough.
This fact hasn’t escaped the attention of a fair number of peripheral manufacturers. There are several speed-up boards on the The Quantum 40Mb drive has a read access time of 11 milliseconds market, ranging from the cheap and moderately useful, through the midpriced and deeply incompatible, right up to the very zenith of desktop computing. Zenith-wise, the GVP 33 Mhz system is it. Cost-wise, likewise.
For the last couple of years, Great Valley Products (GVP to its friends) has kept the Stateside market enthralled by the regularity and quality of its peripherals. Perhaps best known in the UK for its hard drives, GVP is a bunch of guys who left Commodore to go it alone and have frequently beaten Commodore-Amiga to the market with better equipped and lower cost products.
Commodore has been threatening to release a 68030 board for the 2000 for about a year now, and is running true to form by not having it on the market yet. Commodore perceives the main market for 68030 systems to be in Unix, an operating system designed around the tenet “Speed kills”.
The GVP 68030 accelerator - snappily titled the A3001 - is available in speeds from 16 to 33 Mhz, an optional 68882 maths coprocessor and four or eight megabytes of very special 32-bit ram.
The package can also include a Quantum ProDrive 40 or 80 megabyte hard drive. By now we’re talking serious moolah. You would not even consider running games on this system. Well, not all the time anyway.
Alarm bells may be ringing for some of you. A standard Amiga's processor runs at about 7 Mhz, derived by quartering the signal from a 28 Mhz oscillator. In order to keep the custom chips happy, previous accelerators have had to run at twice the processor speed and then hang about for up to half a 7 Mhz cycle when talking to the custom chips. This is not as bad as it sounds, but things get awkward when genlocks are introduced.
Genlocks hijack the system clock in order to synchronise with the video system. What is an acceptable clock accuracy for video work is also acceptable for the 7 Mhz system; but a double speed processor may object to the slight distortion and odd things may start to happen.
GVP’s solution is unorthodox, yet very simple. Basically, the processor runs as fast as it wants and then slows down when it has to do any input or output to the motherboard.
This asynchronous design gives tremendous flexibility in that any i This is the best aid to creativity there is y clock speed may be used, not just a multiple of 7 Mhz. In fact, with a minor change to the auxiliary logic chips on the board, a 50 Mhz 68030 68882 could be used.
That would be fast, but very, very expensive; the 50 Mhz processor alone costs around $ 750 in the States, and then there's the small consideration of the cost of 60 nanosecond ram chips... The Motorola MC68030 is a wonderful chip. It combines the 32-bit capabilities of the 68020 with the 68851 Memory Management Unit, adds an extra 256 longwords of cache, making 2k bytes in total - 256 longwords for data, and 256 longwords for instructions. And it has a few more tricks up its sleeve.
The memory management unit allows tasks to have a private area of ram which cannot be altered by concurrent tasks, AmigaDos wasn't written with the MMU in mind; Unix won’t work without it.
ANOTHER fabulous trick of the 68030 is Burst Mode. This allows, in this implementation, four longwords to be read into the cache in only eight clock cycles. On a 33 Mhz system that’s a theoretical data transfer rate of over 63.5 megabytes per second!
The disadvantage of using Burst Mode is that special ram chips which can be accessed in 4-bit chunks are needed. These chips aren't in widespread use in the industry, so are expensive. Still, with the two processor caches, and Burst Mode enabled, the GVP system runs at zero wait-states - the processor never has to skip a cycle to wait for the ram chips.
The 68882 Floating Point Unit is a clever device which watches the instructions coming into the processor. When it finds one that it knows about, it grabs it and processes it, leaving the 68030 free to do other things.
The FPU has special hardware and long (64-bit) registers to handle both single precision and double precision floating point mathematics. As the standard AmigaDos maths libraries are already FPU-compatible, existing software runs that much more quickly.
The FPU runs asynchronously from the 68030, so it is possible to replace the 33 Mhz FPU and oscillator with a 50 Mhz unit. Anyone for real-time ray tracing?
Fitting the gvp unit is simplicity itself. Open the 2000 box and fit the board into the coprocessor slot. Put it all back together and run some software to make sure everything works OK.
If you buy the GVP AT hard drive at the same time, you still have only one board to fit; the hard drive controller lives on a piggy-back board and thereby doesn't use any slots.
The only slight aberration in the otherwise good manual occurs in the fitting of the hard drive. Both sections on fitting the 68030 board and fitting the hard drive are very good; unfortunately, they happen to be in the wrong order. Much amusement can be had when, after carefully fitting the 68030 board, the manual tells you to take it back out to fit the hard drive.
Instead of following the SCSI crowd, GVP has used the same interface as in the IBM PC AT, since it is just as fast, simpler to implement, and the discs and controllers are cheaper.
GVP’s design allows direct memory access to the on-board 32-bit memory, giving very high data transfer rates with no interference from chipintensive overscanned displays.
The Quantum drives recommended by GVP have a write-access time of 19 milliseconds and a read-access time of 11 milliseconds. This seeming paradox is due to the unit reading an entire track into a 64k cache because data files tend to live on contiguous sectors, the access time appears faster than it really is.
Installing the hard drive is a mere matter of fixing some screws under the drive and plugging in some connectors. The installation software is extremely simple and well written, being a series of small programs HARDWARE AMIGA 500 BATMAN pack ... ..£389.95 AMIGA 500 Class of the 90 s pack..... ..£559.95 AMIGA 500 Dragon's Lair pack .. ..£499.95 MONITOR A1084 Colour Monitor ...... ..£279 95 Philips CM8833 .. . £299 95 Philips BM7502 (AMBER) . £92.95 DISK DRIVES A1011 External 3.5* Disk Drive .... ...£99.95 Cumara
External 3.5* External Disk Drive + PSU .£129.95 Cumana External 5.75' Disk Drive..... ...£99.95 A590 20Mb Hard Autoboot Hard Disk.
.£399.95 PRINTERS MPS 1230 Printer .£229.95 MPS 1550 Colour Printer .. .£249.95 Parallel Lead .. .....£8.95 OTHERS A501 512kb Memory Expansion..... £99 95 A520 TV Modulator ... ..£24 95 A1352 Replacement Mouse .. £39.95 JOYSTICKS Navigator Joystick ..... ...£14 95 Ouickshot Turbo Joystick ... .....£9.95 Zip Stick Super Pro .... ...£12 95 MISC 4 Player Adaptor Lead . .....£4 95 Parrallel
Lead .. . ..£8 95 Mouse Mat . ....£3.95
3. 5' Disk Head Cleaner.
.£4.95 418 Hale End Road, HighamsPark.
Chingford, London, KAD-SOFT UK THE NEW NAME IN AMIGA PD E49PT Tel: 081 527-0405 Fax: 081 531-2688 Delivery All orders of £50 or over include nationwide delivery. Orders of over £400 include guaranteed next day delivery by 0ATAP0ST.
Plugs Ail computers are supplied with a correctly fused plug fitted.
We stock the complete range of Fish, Amicus, Slip Disk, T-Bag and Panorama Disk Collections.
Payment Greater London Conmputers are pleased to accept cheques made payable to our parent company: M S ENTERPRISES. (All cheques will be rapid cleared & goods despatched when they are cleared}.
Credit Cards, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Access, EuroCard and all equivalent cards. (Credit card orders can be made by post or telephone.)
Amiga Batman Pack £375 inc VAT plus 10 PD disks Send Cheques & P O's payable to: KAD-SOFT, 2 EBOR PADDOCK, CALNE, WILTS, SN11 OJY lAl TEL: 0249 817174 |“ KA1 • The Business Collection, Editor, Spreadsheet & Database KA2 - Word Processor & Spellchecker KA3 - C-Compiler Assembler & Linker KA4 - Database Collection KA5 - Disk Doctor Collection KA6 - CLI Help. Worried by CLI? This one will make everything clear.
KA7 - A Collection of brilliant arcade games.
KA8 - Predators Mega Demo. Brilliant twin disk demo.
KA9 - Break out construction set KA10 - Nightmare on Elm Street Demo KA11 • North Star and Silent Demo KA12 - Star Trek Modulator 2 Game KA13 - Deluxe Music Construction Kit.
KA14 - Magnetic Fields Demo. The Ultimate Bobs & Sprites Demo KA15 * Robocop Demo. Brilliant KA16 - Star Trek The Next Generation. 1 Meg shareware version KA17 - Space Ace demo KA18 - The North Star Mega Demo DISKS
3. 5” 135 tpi DD DS Disks Unbranded (KAO, Sony) 100% error free.
Certified very high quality will format to 880k easily.
10 20 50 100 £6,80 £12.85 £29.50 £55.00 All price include P&P, Labels No quibble Money Back Guarantee KA19 - Cool Cougar Demo. Cartoon quality KA20 - Virus Killer KA21 ¦ The Anti-ST Demo Disk KA22 - The Miami Vice demo. Digitized sounds KA23 - Kylie Minogue Demo disk 1 KA24 - Kylie Minogue Demo disk 2. Needs KA23 to run.
KA25 - Lam version 12. Brilliant Dungeons and Dragons game.
KA26 - Shanghai. Playable demo of great game.
KA27 - Utilities collection 1. Quick copy. P copy.
Dir Master, Funckery. Blitz, Virus X KA28 - Games Collection 1. Cribbage. Tiles, Bullrun, Tic Tac Toe.
KA29 • Games Collection 2, Amoeba, Yelp, Rock Slide, Egyption Run.
KA30 - Bankn, Home Help, Home Finance Packages.
All discs - £2.50 inc P&P Ring for FREE Catalogue ACCESSORIES Disk Boxes 40 cap-£4.10 50 cap - £4.90 £7.50 80 cap - £5.75 120 cap Mouse Mats - £3.50 Mouse Holders - £3.50 Amiga Dust Covers - £5.50 Comp Pro 5000 - £12.40 Greater London Computers DELTA 3A - A light action analogue joystick with fire buttons. Introduced so that software companies can produce the software to use it. Meantime this also will only run flight Sim II. £14.95 DELTABASE A - Analogue Yoke joystick for Flight Sim II.
Similar to a light aircraft control it rocks from side to side for aileron movement and slides in and out for elevator controls. £29.95 DELTA 3S - A unique fast light hand held switched joystick with fingertip control which will have you still nipping around the screen, when the upright sucker brigade are nursing their aching wrists. £14.95 AMI-CAT - Mouse eliminator joystick for where a suitable surface cannot be found, AMI-CAT will provide variable speed control of mouse software. If you point the stick, the mouse pointer cursor etc will move in that direction. The speed is proportional to
the degree of deflection.
When the stick is released the mouse pointer remains stationary. £29.95 VOLTMACE Unit 9, Bondor Business Centre, London Road, Baldock, SG7 6HP Telephone 0462 894410 VISA Prices include VAT & 1st class post Dealer & Distributor terms available AmigaTEX AmigaTEX provides a powerful alternative in document preparation. It enables you to typeset complex or long documents, especially those of a technical nature such as user manuals or journal papers. It gives you true typeset quality with kerning, ligatures, full floating accents, mathematical and technical symbols and the ability to produce tables
and special formats. AmigaTEX will accept input from any text editor or word processor and with its buift- Jn screen previewer, a document formatter of mainframe power becomes available. Also included with AmigaTEX are LaTEX - a document formatter with dozens of preformed styles, SliTEX - a slide generating macro, and BibTEX - a bibliography database program. AmigaTEX is fully file compatible with other versions of TEX.
Printer drivers are available for most printer types and the complete set of Computer Modern Fonts is included. A companion program METAFONT is available for those who wish to create new fonts or modify existing ones.
AmigaTEX is £125 and printer driver sets (laser series, Epson FX series, NEC P6 and Epson LQ series, HP DeskJet) are priced at £75 each. METAFONT is £50.
All prices include VAT and carriage.
Access and Visa accepted.
For further details and free demo disk write or call: THE TEXT FORMATTING COMPANY SUFFIELD WORKS, 1 SUFFIELD ROAD, LONDON N15 5JX TEL: 081-802 4470 tacked together with AmigaDos script files, They may lack pretty displays, but they work, and quickly too.
Benchmark descriptions The one installation program will also do for the 68030 68882, so there’s little danger of forgetting to install something.
Testing a system like this is O J difficult. Because there are no fully accredited performance tests for the Amiga, it is not possible to give absolute figures. Also, as this is a professional system, no professional (at least, none I know) ever runs benchmarks, they run applications.
So the performance of this system was measured relative to my own A500, which has three megabytes of ram and a 20 megabyte A590 hard drive. The tests are based on running applications for which 1 found the A500 to be annoyingly slow.
Benchmark results A500 A590 A3001 GVP AT SPEED INCREASE Ray Trace 5880 secs 720 secs x8.2 Smooth 113 secs 12 secs x 9.4 Load ANIM 122 secs 34 secs x 3.6 X-CAD 31 secs 4 secs x 7.8 Mandlebrot Integer 345 secs 40 secs x 8.6 Mandlebrot IEEE 2425 secs 203 secs X 11.9 Over a large number of tests, the GVP system works out around eight times faster for general work. This figure rises to about twelve times for IEEE maths work (thanks to the 68882) and drops to around four for hard drive intensive work.
The system isn’t any faster for pure blitter work; after all. The blitter isn’t being run any faster. Unlike some 68020 systems, no software runs any slower; Amiga Basic has a habit of doing this on lesser accelerators.
I 1 EVISING tests for this machine proved difficult. In many cases, things that took a reasonable length of time on the A3001 took a completely unreasonable length of time on the A500, time I couldn’t afford to waste.
OK, so it’s obvious that this machine is very, very fast, but how robust is the implementation?
Physically, the boards are neatly made, and Quantum hard drives are built on a tank-like cast chassis.
Software-wise, I couldn’t fault it.
GVP uses Dave Haynie's SetCPU to patch various functions, enable Burst Mode in both caches, and to relocate and protect an image of the Kickstart rom in 32-bit memory, I could only crash the system by running a program whose sole object in life is to cause a guru or to run some completely AmigaDos- unfriendly dirty cracker code, which does all sorts of nasty things like self- modify (and confound the cache) and store data in the upper 8 bits of an address, Yucko. The system can be set Ray Trace: Fast floating point 320 x 200 HAM image generated by Eric Graham’s SSG ray tracer. (A frame from
The Juggler.)
Smooth: Smooth a 320 x 256 extra halfbrite (64 colour) brush on to itself using Deluxe Paint 3.
Load Anim: Load a 360 frame animation into Deluxe Paint 3 from hard drive. (Frames interlaced, single bitplane 640 x 512.)
X-CAD: Recover deleted Columbia up to boot in 68000 mode, but there is very little software - none I could find
- that refuses point-blank to behave.
The game Battle Squadron came up with odd graphics, but worked OK; that is the only glitch I encountered.
The A3001 is the best aid to creativity there is. No more the long wait to see if a render has worked as expected, nor the agonising finger- drumming period as Deluxe Paint III anti-aliases.
AmigaDos throws text at the screen as fast as the blitter can handle; it scrolls too fast to follow. You want a hard drive partition optimised? BAD does it in five minutes. And yes, the A3001 even alleviates Mandelbrot angst. For what more could one ask?
If you use an Amiga for professional work, you will be able to justify the cost of this machine; the clients won't notice the extra expense, and the payback period will be over before you know it. Tony laniri of Power Computing says he has sold about 60 of the 28 Mhz GVP systems in the UK alone, so there is a demand for speed.
But for home use? Well, if you have over three grand to lavish on your A2000, why not? You see, the GVP system is the perfect bit of reverse snobbery. There are no outward signs of what you have purring away inside the box; how exquisitely delicious!
The words “I’m really going to miss Shuttle drawing from Undo buffer.
(Approximately 750 entities using X- CAD Designer.)
Mandelbrot: Generate plot of the Mandelbrot Set. Integer test used 32 bit 68000 integer maths; IEEE test used 64 bit floating point. Generated by MandelVroom v2.0. (Integer Max Iteration = 512. IEEE Max Iteration =
64. Plot area from -2-jl.205 to
2. 82+jl.205, 302 x 244 pixels.)
This machine” don’t begin to capture the slightest nuance of how attached to it I’ve become. Sigh, got any spare change for a 68030, mate?
REPORT CARD GVP A3001 Upgrade Kit Power Computing 0234 273000 33 Mhz 68030 68882, 4 meg of ram, AT Hard Drive Interface, £2,750. (28 Mhz system £1,990).
EASE OF USE... II 11 11 II 11 Very easy to fit, but only if you read the manual backwards. Doesn't require any tinkering with after.
SOFTWARE I 1 1 i I I I I I I I I I I I Good installation and diagnostic software. You'll have to supply your own software to show how fast it goes.
Very good Unix potential.
SPEED . I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I Around eight times faster than a stock Amiga, sometimes more. The fastest Amiga you can buy, bar none, VALUE . I II I I I I I I I I II I Immense cost, but immense performance. If your work can justify the outlay, this is the best buy you'll make.
OVERALL 93% The Ultimate Amiga so far. Strictly for professionals who demand the best performance and can afford it.
PLEASE SEND YOUR CHEQUE PO ACCESS VISA DETAILS TO 17 BIT SOFTWARE, I (DEPT AMC, PO BOX 97, WAKEFIELD, WEST YORKS, WF1 1XX - TEL 0924 366982 A world of information at your fingertips TELETEBT Now you can keep it informed with the latest weather, financial news, sports results, current affaire and much more from Ceefax or Oracle. But unlike a Teletext TV all this valuable information isn't trapped behind glass. Now you can .. .
Save lo disc. Pages may be saved in Compact (over 800 pages per disc) or IFF format.
Print. You can print as just text (for a fast result) or as a screen dump.
Review. Instant access to the last 16 pages vvhich have been received.
Speak. Thanks to the Amiga’s speech capability, it will even mad the news to you.
Multiple display. It can display and update two pages on screen simultaneously.
FastText. True FastText gets pages in advance and reduces the waiting time.
Tuning. Just connect an aerial - it tunes itself in! Although the prime function is to receive Teletext, it also will convert a 1081 or 1084 monitor to a colour TV.
Programmable. The system can be programmed to get a scries of pages and theifsave or print them. Your own programs can access the data on Teletext.
Only a Microtext adaptor can provide all these facilities, it’s easy to use and connects to the parallel port, a printer can be reconnected to the adaptor. Everything is supplied, all you need is your Amiga and a normal TV aerial.
At just £124.80 + VAT inc p p for an advanced Teletext TV its excellent value for money.
Make sure you’re always up to date, and get yours now from:- MAGNETIC MEDIA PD LIBRARY Ep Ep Ep Ep Ep Ep Ep Ep D ’ PD * PD ' PD ' PD ’ PD ’ PD ’ PD ELECTRA PUBLIC DOMAIN A Fast and Efficient Service 1 Disk £1.60 10 or more Disks £14.00 (Postage, Packing & VAT inclusive) In the event of a query please contact Paul King on 071 433 3428 Cheques or postal orders payable to P.J. King, Electra Public Domain, 35 Marlborough Mansions, Cannon Hill, London NW6 1JS AMIGA PUBLIC DOMAIN LOOK!
PAYABLE TO: ? I E3 MIC ROT EXT IS Dept AG, 7 Birdlip Close,
Horndean, Hants POB 9PW Tel: (0705) 595694 Fax: (0705) 593988
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£6.50 10) Is your time best spent doing the books or doing the
Equinox SBA Xtra can save you both time and money Q
- jBA Xtra is one of a range of programs designed for the small
business manager who isn’t a computer whizz or an accountant,
but needs real control over the finances.
No matter if you have an *IBM PC or compatible, Atari ST, Amiga or Amstrad, SBA Xtra loads simply into your machine from one disc. SBA Xtra comes with a really useful instruction manual and a step-by-step tutorial to ease you painlessly into the practicalities. We also give you 90-day FREE user helpline support.
Unlike many other accounts packages, SBA Xtra comes complete with a full library of accounts, so you don’t have to spend hours sorting out your own, simply amend ours.
SBA Xtra easily manages standard or multiple VAT rates and works out for you exactly what to write on the VAT return.
“VAT, that bugbear of business, is handled painlessly by the program" Atari ST User.
The whole program emulates the professionally recognised double entry bookkeeping system, but SBA Xtra does this automatically. SBA Xtra also gives you complete. Debtor and Creditor management for up to 2574 accounts. And with each transaction you process your cash and profit figure is constantly up-dated on screen to keep you in the picture.
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Step-by-step Tutorial 90 Day Free User Help-line Library Of Accounts Easy to Install From 1 Disc Automatic Double Entry Budgets Floppy & Hard-disc System Multiple Companies Constant On Screen Cash and Profit Up-Date FOUtNaX Keeps you in control of your business Balance Sheet Profit & Loss Accounts Trial Balance Full Audit Trail 225 Nominal Accounts Day Books Debtor & Creditor Management Multiple VAT rates Save time order your copy of SBA Xtra by credit card today telephone 01-729 0990 Compare the features Or send the coupon FREEPOST today Please send me copy(s) of SBA Xtra @ £114.94 each
(inc. VAT). I enclose a cheque for £ I have an IBM PC or compatible 0 Atari 0 Amiga 0 Amstrad 0 (tick box) Other ..... Name .... Telephone . Address .. .....Postcode...... Equinox Business Systems, FREEPOST, London EC2 2EB come WHAT would you do if you bought a half meg internal ram expansion only to find that comfortable multi-tasking is still at least another half meg away? Would you look at the bill and screw it up with frustration? I didn’t. But I know a few who
Memory expansion beyond Haifa meg used to be a problem with the A500. Most were external units that slotted on to the expansion port. Some didn’t even have through connectors.
Others went inside the machine but you needed a soldering iron and a degree in micro electronics to fit them.
And then the shielding wouldn’t go back in.
A partial solution is the new breed of hard drives that come with slots for more ram. Commodore’s A590 has room for 2 meg. The Xetec Fasttrak can carry 8 meg.
But that involves an initial outlay of at least £400 for a hard drive you may not have wanted. Then you start savino for ram.
NOW there is another way.
Progressive Peripherals & Software (of Disk Master fame) has come up with the EXP-8Q00+ internal memory expansion board for the A500.
Marketed in the UK by Third Coast Technologies Ltd. The bare board costs £250 and can be populated by 1 megabit x 1 dynamic ram chips (dram, pronounced dee ram) in 2, 4 and 8 meg increments - the board and 8 meg will set you back £1,099.
I’ll leave you to work out from that how much 2 meg of dram costs. Faster chips will cost more than slower ones; 120 nanoseconds is the norm.
Amazingly, the whole 8 meg can be accommodated internally, and it’s not even a tight squeeze.
The instructions are detailed but simple to follow. After removing the A500’s upper case, keyboard and protective shielding, the EXP- 8000+ slots straight into the socket on the motherboard where your 68000 chip used to be. I say "used to be" because by now you will have (carefully) removed it and (carefully) pushed it into the slot provided for it on the expansion board.
The EXP-8000+ measures approximately 250mm x 160mm and covers most of the uncovered bit of the A500’s motherboard; a little stick-on rubber foot is supplied to keep the EXP-8000+ from damaging the motherboard and to stabilise things.
If you have a 68881 maths coprocessor, you can fit it to the EXP- 8000+ and clip a red timing jumper lead from the expansion board on to Gary. Once the board is fitted you put everything back as you found it, including the protective shielding, plug everything back in, switch on and go.
It took me half-an-hour to fit the EXP-8000+ into my A500. I’d never had the top off it before and 1 was surprised at bow easy it all was. Too good to be true, I kept telling myself, but no, it worked first time.
THIRD COAST gave me 8 meg of dram to play with for a month.
The EXP-8000+ worked with my A501 still in place, which meant I had 9 meg in total. It was wonderful. I felt like I’d won a million on the pools. I didn’t know what to spend it all on.
So I multi-tasked Space Quest III and two Infocom adventures totally from ram. Great. No gurus.
Then two of my favourite applications, Professional Page and Digi-Paint 3. Began continually crashing with random meditation numbers. Ach! I wasn’t multi-tasking, you understand, so it wasn't a chip ram problem.
No, the gurus meant a further expenditure was necessary on a new, stronger, power supply unit (PSU) - one that is capable of putting out a minimum of +5 Volts at 4 Amps, +12 volts at 1 amp and - 12 volts at 0.1 amps. So says the manual.
And if I tried to run the EXP-8000+ with an inadequate power supply it could cause permanent damage to both the EXP-8000+ and my A500.
Ooer. I decided to take no chances, I HARDWARE ¦ Getting the most from your A500 means splashing out on a few things. Ask any experienced user what to buy first, and he’ll probably say half a meg of ram. But the decision to spend more money deserves greater thought, as Jeff Walker finds out 80004-, I advise you to consider a new PSU at the same time.
Once I had that problem beaten I went hell-for-Ieather and multi-tasked as many programs as I could. Chip ram gave out before I could fill the rest of memory, but then as well as Protext, The Works, MusicBox and HiSoft Basic Compiler, I was running four paint and DTP applications as well.
When the time came to give it all back to Third Coast, I needed only 15 minutes to disassemble the A500, remove the board and re-assemble everything.
Pm already missing the multitasking at home on evenings and weekends, being able to carry on working normally while uploading copy to my typesetters, for instance.
The EXP-8000-f and 2 meg of dram is going to cost me about £450 - £500. I could get another A500, half a meg of ram and a second floppy drive for that price. But then I’d be back to square one. Wouldn’t 1?
REPORT CARD EXP-8000+ Third Coast 0257 472444 £249.99 EASE OF USE ¦ It helps if you have the proper torx screwdriver to open the Amiga, but an old fashioned alien key will do the job just as well.
PERFORMANCE Worked first time, kept on working for a month of heavy use. Didn't overheat in the slightest. Multi-tasking at this level is a deeply wonderful experience.
Value ... Not cheap. Plus you will need to buy a more powerful power supply unit. Look on it as an investment for the future.
The price of dram will fall.
OVERALL 88% Criticising a ram board is difficult because there are only so many things to check for. The EXP-8000+ passes all the tests.
Easy go unplugged the second floppy. Then I decided to take one chance. I left my hard drive plugged in, which I knew sucked a little bit of power from the Amiga’s PSU, but not a lot.
This time when I ran Pro Page and Digi-Paint 3 they both behaved themselves. I had found the limit. But your PSU may not he as powerful as mine. If you're considering the EXP- r 1989 Blue Ribbon Bakery Qu Inc ?
Bars&Pipes 1 ize ?lie up o ORED with life in the computer music world? Tired of the same old sequencing grind? Stuck in a groove, repeating the same old patterns, over and over again?
Well, friend, then there’s only one answer for you - a random pattern generator.
The most powerful is M by Intelligent Music. Easy to use with loads of sensible icons, it can cope with four Midi channels. These can be used to input either single notes (monophonic) or combinations of notes (polyphonic) which M turns into the basis for its pattern. The result is only pseduo-random; M allows users a variety of methods which alter the themes within the source material.
Musical parameters that can be randomised include aspects of a phrase, such as note order, key velocity, transposition, note density, tempo and rhythm. These get changed within user defined parameters.
A risk of working with any random pattern generator is that quite quickly your material can turn into noisy gibberish. This is not the case with M. Because its design is musical, its 00:00:11.12 Melody Accent D Bass Dmm CounterB Echo Hor Strun Track 7 Track 8 Track 8 El m a 1111 uni inn El "++1 K4-J- -J.44 --U- a i s i i qmi El I i I i Bill a! Fill Ml (1 111 1 i I [ 111:1!
Iti I I I I I Mil 1 I -I I I M Bars 8r Pipes has a quantiser.
This tidies up the notes in your random composition and will hopefully make it sound more musical Never mind the octav©s Even if you are tone deaf, there is software for the Amiga which will let you compose pitch perfect music in any style you like.
Dean Friedman sheds a little light With Instant Music you can’t hit a wrong note - all you do is move the mouse up and down and concern yourself with pretty patterns on the screen ¦ MUSIC ¦ output winds up being musical.
Concordant contacts As with any random pattern generator, you still have to separate the wheat from the chaff, but M helps to minimise the trash and maximise the music. A dance track bass line, a percolating svnth pop pattern or an ethereal new age texture are just some of the musical idioms that can be explored using this approach.
You’re still responsible for the music. And the patterns still evolve from your ideas. It’s just that the computer serves as a quick- thinking backing musician with great time and perfect pitch who’s happy to let you bounce your ideas off him.
ANOTHER exciting random pattern generator is Laurie Spiegel’s Music Mouse. A unique piece of software that turns your mouse into a musical instrument.
With a colourful control screen consisting of four keyboards outlining a rectangular grid. Music Mouse uses the gestures and movements of your pointer to trigger four channels of Midi or internal sampled musical events. The sound each action creates can be shaped by a user defined harmonic template.
So if you set up a five note scale all mouse movements would trigger phrases which would He harmonically within that defined scale. Other user M Intelligent Music, 116 North Lake Avenue, Albany; NY 12206, USA (Tel 0101-516-434-4110) Music Mouse Dr T’s Music Software Inc, 220 Boylston Street, Suite 206, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 (Tel 0101- 617-244-6964) Instant Music Electronic Arts, Langley Business Centre, 11-49 Station Hoad, Langley, SL3 8YN (Tel 0753 49442) Music X Microillusions (Europe) Ltd, variables include randomises, arppegiating, selectable voice leading, tempo, and display modes.
With only the briefest familiarity with the program, anyone can generate interesting musical textures and phrases. Instead of having to bother worrying about the correct fingering of your instrument or whether you’re playing the right accidentals over the next change, you’re allowed the freedom to concentrate on other, equally important aspects of the music, like phrasing, the contoured shape of a musical line and the subtleties of gesture.
NSTANT MUSIC from Electronic Arts was written by Bob Campbell.
Similar in some respects to Music Brooklands, New Road, St Ives, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE 17 4BG (Tel 0480 496497) Bars & Pipes Blue Ribbon Bakery Inc, 1248 Clairmont Road, Suite 3D, Decatur, GA 330, USA (Tel 0101-404- 377-1514) Dr T’s KCS Dr T’s Music Software Inc, 220 Boylston Street, Suite 206, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 (Tel 0101- 617-244-6964) Mouse, it lets you define a range of notes and rhythms over which you are free to improvise using the mouse. All pitches are forced into a harmonic progression - you can’t hit a wrong note.
The display contains no notes, staves or barlines, only large colourful rectangles that rise and fall with the pitch.
It doesn’t let you stretch out as readily as M or Music Mouse; its basic orientation is somewhat more conventional, with fewer randomising parameters. And yet, just as is the case with the other two. Instant Music presents you with a totally new way of visualising melody and voice leading, and that’s an accomplishment that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Random pattern generators have begun finding their way into conventional high end music sequencers. The three newest are Music X, Bars & Pipes and the latest version of Dr T’s Keyboard Controlled Sequencer (KCS) contain an assortment of randomising algorhythmic tools.
Don't be afraid to experiment with these tools that’s precisely what they were designed for. And, more importantly, don’t be afraid to have fun with them. Because that’s what’s so neat about them all, they really are fun to use. You are still ultimately responsible for whether or not the end product is musical.
What’s most appealing about these kinds of programs is that they force you to think about music in a very different way. Random pattern generating is one of those rare instances in which the computer becomes an almost equal partner in the creative process.
And the best thing is, you don’t have to share any songwriting royalties with them.
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3. 5" EXTERNAL DRIVES using Teac Citizen drive mechanisms ONLY
Inc.VAT & delivery 512K RAM CLOCK EXPANSION FEATURES : Superb low price!
£64.95 Including VAT and delivery Super Huey Gold runner All Amiga 500 Packages Include Karate Kid II Jaws tha following 11 additional Leatherneck Oefcon 5 software titles supplied by us : Battle Squadron High Steel CBM A590 HARD DRIVE Amiga 500 512K Flight of Fantasy pack includes 4 software titles and TV modulator £379.00 Amiga 500 512K Batpack includes 4 software titles and TV modulator £379.00 Amiga 500 1Mb Batpack (OR F.O.F. Pack) features our 1Mb RAM Upgrade fitted ..£419.00 Amiga 500 Batpack (OR F.O.F. Pack) with Drive includes our 3.5"
External Drive ..£439.00 Amiga 500 1Mb Batpack (OR F.O.F. Pack) with Drive features our 1Mb Memory Upgrade plus 2nd 3.5" External Drive ..... £479.00 Amiga B2000 Pack includes XT Bridge Board and Commodore 1084D Colour Monitor ...£1199.00 Amiga B2000 32Mb Pack offer as above; Includes 32Mb Western Digital Filecard fitted ...£1438.00 External 5.25" 40 80 track switchable drive £ 114.95 Omega Projects MIDI interlace £29.95 Vortex System 2000 40Mb Hard Disk ....£499.00 Vidi-Amlga including
Vidi-Chrome ...£110.00 AMIGA SPECIAL DEALS MiniGEN Genlock Adapter ..£95.00 Philips CMS833 colour monitor inc.cable £ 259.00 Contriver Hi-Res replacement Mouse package ... £22.95 Amiga 500 dust cover ..£ 4.95
• Suits Amiga 500 or Amiga 1000
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• On Off switch on rear of drive
• Throughport connector
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• Slimline design
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• Long cable for location either side of computer
• Full 12 months guarantee Good quality 20Mb Hard Disk from
Commodore, including its own PSU.
Features sockets for up to 2Mb of FAST RAM expansion (see below).
80ms Access time, with up to
2. 4Mb sec transfer rate. Will autoboot when used with Kickstart
1.3. Includes its own built-in cooling fan.
A590 512K RAM Upgrade kit £36.00 A590 1Mb RAM Upgrade kit £70.00 A590 2Mb RAM Upgrade kit Et 35.00 RAM upgrades fitted free when bought with A590.
Belter Dead than Alien Nigel Mansell’s Grand Prix Night Walk only £369.00 Hugely successful 9 pin printer, the Star LC10 provides 4 NLG fonts (96 print combinations) at 36cps and I44cps draft.
Includes 4K bufler and IBM parallel interface, front panel operation, plus paper parking, allowing single sheets to be used without removing tractor paper.
IL c We use and recommend Star printers because they otter an unbeatable combination ol features, print quality, reliability and value. When buying, please note we are now offering 12-month on-site maintenance contracts tor E5.75 extra.
Only £159.00 Colour version also available, Only £209.00 Prices Include 2 extra black ribbons free of charge.
.. £239.00 .. £409.00 .. £329.00 .. £199.00 .. £129.95 .. £159.00 .. £179.00 .. £259.00 .. £399.00 .. £179.00 .. £349.00 .. £229.00 Star LC24-10 multifont 24pin printer, super low price . Star LC24-15 wide carriage version of LC24-10, 200 67cps . Star LC15 wide carnage version ol LC10, 180 45cps ... Star LC-10 Mk.ll faster version of LC10. 180 45 cps .... Olivetti DM100S 9-pin 10“ printer 200 30cps inc. 1 year on-site warranty I. Panasonic KXP1081 reliable + sturdy 9pin 10" printer 120 24 cps
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Plus emulation on the Amiga. Cartridge includes socket for connection of Mac Floppy Drive so that Mac disks can be read in directly. Compatible with all current versions ol System. Versions available with or without Macintosh 128K ROMS (required).
Without 2 x Mac 128K ROMS £129.00 WITH 2 x Mac 128K ROMS £249.00 PYE 15" FST TV Monitor (MODEL 2325) With Its dedicated monitor Input, this model combines the advantages of a high quality medium resolution monitor with the convenience of remote control Teletext TV - at an excellent low price !
F£249l00l i includes VAT, delivery and computer connection lead
5. 25" External Drive Our high quality 5.25" drive is capable of
a number of configurations including 40 or 80 tracks (360 720K
format). Colour matched to the Amiga, quiet in operation, and
includes a throughport connector, Wincluding VAT I
L. I I & delivery Everyone would probably agree that the Amiga
is a wonderful machine, but there can be times you want to use
some other, more dedicated, equipment, This doesn’t mean the
Amiga is in any way inferior, just that there is an
establishment for computers.
Just as going to Oxford gives you a better chance of joining the BBC.
Being a 386AT gives you a better chance of finding decent accounts software.
The problem with this establishment is that it even stretches to disc formats and the way that information is stored on a floppy drive. Pcs and Sts aren’t much of a problem because their
3. 5in drives are mechanically similar to the Amiga’s.
The solution to data transfer in these cases is a simple matter of some cunning software to access the disc in a different way, like Dos-2-Dos or CrossDos. This is not too difficult, after all about 90 per cent of games come on discs formatted in a different way to AmigaDos.
The real problem comes when you want to talk to a Macintosh.
Apple drives are weird. Really weird. Instead of simply spinning the disc and moving the heads in and out, Apple decided that it could get more on its discs if they rotated at different speeds, depending how far from the centre the head was.
Whether or not this was a good idea is open to question, but it certainly made the drives more complicated. It also had the side effect that you could read “normal” discs with a Mac drive, but not vice-versa.
Mac-2-Dos doesn’t solve this problem, but it does allow you to attach a Mac drive, single or double-sided, to your Amiga. A SOMETHING which promises to make programming easier must be worth a look. At least, that’s what Mirage Studio is hoping with the Mk II release of its ToolBox editing software.
An editor for all occasions Mirage reasons that because most language compilers and assemblers concentrate on the generation of code instead of the ease of use of the editor, why not produce a stand-alone text editor which goes completely OTT in the flexible stakes?
Flexible is not the word to describe ToolBox. Neither does the phrase "very flexible indeed” get any closer. The words you need are "more flexible than you could possibly want”.
Imagine you know a programmer who has written a text editor and has agreed to incorporate any features you suggest. Anything at all. What do you want in the pulldown menus? No problem, mate.
You want to be able to compile and link a C program from it? Wee buns. Thirty-two files open at once good enough for you? Okey-dokey.
Now you’re getting the general picture. The only drawback is that you are the programmer, so you must customise the system to your own requirements. To do this you must edit the ToolBox system configuration file - a programming small adaptor connects between the Mac drive and the drive socket on the back of the Amy. The drive will draw power from the Amiga, but not much more than a normal external drive.
You can still chain drives as long as the Mac is the last in the chain, but watch how much power you are drawing.
AmigaDos won’t recognise your latest addition, but the Mac-2-Dos software will. It looks just like a disc management front end, like SID for instance, with the exception that the right-hand panel lists files on the Mac drive. The drive will be treated as one of the family and you can format, verify and rename Mac discs as though they were sensible.
The software will convert Ascii files, pure binary, Mac Binary, IFF- MacPaint and even Postscript PS and EPS files, though at present bitmaps are not converted. Default John Kennedy checks out a program editor that can be configured to your exact specification language in its own right.
Yup, you code your own features into a language that's half C, half Pascal. This approach makes some neat things possible, such as the C code option. By tools and icons can be attached if required.
An apple a day... Nic Veitch investigates a utility that lets you read and write Mac discs The manual is exhaustive and enlightening, especially if you know little of filetvpes on the Mac or the Amiga.
Mac-2-Dos has all the facilities of Dos-2-Dos and more, but with a friendly interface. With the exception of bitmap conversion, there is nothing left out that you would ever miss. More details from Central Coast Software, 424 Vista Avenue, Golden, Colorado 80401, USA (Tel 0101-303-526-1030).
Pressing Ctrl-C the editor will expand any abbreviations of C words into their full form, complete with braces and indentation. This can easily be changed to allow for Pascal or assembler statements. Hoopy.
Toolbox is mounted as a device instead of a simple run-of-the-mill program. This means text can be inserted and removed by other programs running in the multitasking environment. Hence compilers and linkers can extract source and produce error messages all from within the ToolBox editor.
This is a tool for programmers.
You need to be a programmer to understand it and you need to be a programmer to customise it.
Apart from some slightly worrying moments when it gurued, I can recommend ToolBox to anyone trying to improve their existing coding set-up. It’s only £35, and even if you never use the editor the customising language will keep you busy for hours.
Pdom PD Amiga Software Pdom PD Amiga Software AMP3 Graphics Pack 1 - Amiga MCAD excellent CAD package, Vdraw brilliant painting program, Ray Tracer Generator, An object-orientated drawing package, ITT’ to pieces jigsaw program, ROT 3D drawing program. L.oads of utilities.
A 3 disk pack for only £7,50!
V Graphics AM PI: Home Business Pack, RIM the relational database and HyperBase database, Uedit the word processor which includes builtin help and tutorials, spell checkers, and VisiCalc the excellent spreadsheet. All auto loading.
A 3 disk pack for only £7.50!
APDC15 - Icon utilities: full of icon Games FAUG 67 - Disk X APDC 18 - Floppy V2.0 the sector Disk Utils: Quick FFISH 244 - Boot Intro you specify Word you specify the The headline text of password for your “P10 44 characters system security. And the scrolling text scrolling and a still Pcopy V2.0 the of uPto 30°- messaSe of your excellent disk copier.
PDOM 62 - The Public Dominator Anti Virus Disk: Virus X V4.Q, Vcheck V1.2 (for memory), Vcheck V1.9 (for disk drives), Zero Virus V1.3 the fully integrated virus detector and killer. Also Boot Block Champion the utility.
Demos Utility FFISH253- Elements a display of the periodic table.
FFISH258 BACKUP allows you to backup anything, anywhere!
Files and creators.
AMICUS 22 - Printer Driver Generator V2.3, editor, Hand Shake
VI. 06b a VT100 terminal emulator, Pack It a whole disk
FFISH 158- DiskX SectorEdit, MSDOS Reads MSDOS or ST format into RAM:.
FFISH 243 - No Click stops the disk drive clicking if no disk present. Pass Copy, Disk Mapper, Disk Salvage, Virus Check, System Utils: Blit* text editor, TimeSet, Acalc a calculator, Amiga Monitor, MeM Grab fast memory grabber.
A must get disk for your Amiga PD.
Collection! Excellent.
Application FAUG 41 - Amiga Arc V0.2 compatible with ARC V5.0. PDOM93 - ARP V1.3 Amiga DOS Replacement Project.
FFISH 58 - ASDG a RAM disk that survives reset, Big View displays any size UT picture, Egraph creates graphs from X,Y pair text files. NewZap disk sector editor, FFISH 188 - Boot Intro V1.0 displays a PDOM 87 - The Memory Expansions demo 2. Both Require 1MB RAM.
PDOM 73, 74 and 76: The Star Trek Dry Dock Demo, choice at boot up.
PDOM 86 - The Memory Expansions demo Nol.
FAUG 50 - Dir Util VI the disk manager.
PDOM 59 - Ameteur Radio Disk: disk full of HAM utilities.
FFISH 157 - Xlcon V2.01 allows you to call up scripts containing CL1 commands from an icon.
AMP21 Graphics Pack 2 - Mandelbrot Explorer, DBW Render a Ray Tracing utility, ST21IT' picture converter, HA M2 IFF picture converter.
Excellent value!
A 3 disk pack for only £7.50. PDOM 83 - Space ACE Demo an excellent demo of the game with fabulous animation and incredible sampled sounds!
AMP8 - Games Pack 1 - Cluedo, Klondike, Canfield, Cribbge, Backgammon, Yah zee, Missle Command, 3D Breakout, Empire, Gravity Wars, Hanoi, Hockey, Jaekland, Othello Master, Pac- man, plus loads of other brilliant games.
Amaz.ing value!
A 3 disk pack £7.50!
AMP22 - Games Pack 2 Escape from Jovi V3, Monopoly, Amoeba Space Invaders, Cosmo Roids, StoneAge, Back Gammon, Mastermind, Reversi, Black Jack, YachtC, Daleks plus loads of other brilliant games.
Amazing Value!
3 disks for £7.50!
PDOM90 - Tennis!
Excellent tennis action game, fully working.
PDOM79,80 + 81 the StarTrek game!
Abrilliant three disk graphics game!
Requires 1MB RAM.
Most of the disks in this advert actually contain more than is listed, for details of the service and a free copy of the 56 page catalogue send a Stamped
S. A.E. (If you are ordering you will get the latest catalogue).
PD Disk Prices: 1 to 5 disks are £3.00 each, 6 to 10 disks are £2.75 each and 11 or more disks are £2.50 each!
Blank disks: 10-£7.00, 50-£33.00. Disk cleaning kits - £2.50. AU prices are fully inclusive. To older please send a cheque or postal order payable to Pdom PD Amiga or Access & Visa credit card details to: Pdom PD Amiga, 1 Bartholomew Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 3TP.
Telephone 0279 757692.
MASTER SOUND EDITOR © MICRODEAL 1990 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MASTER SOUND ORDER FORM Master Sound is £39.95 post & packing £1 (all prices inc V.A.T.) BY PHONE vV- WITH CREDIT CARDS in V7S4 (0726)68020 E3 Please allow 28 days for delivery Send to: Microdeal • PO Box 68 St Austell ¦ Cornwall • England - PL25 4YB The word is PROTEXT... Britain’s favourite home-grown word processor has now been joined by Prodata, the Arnor database PROTEXT is now Britain’s fastest selling Word Processor on Atari ST and Amiga computers, and is used by many of the leading computer publications and journalists, as well
as thousands of businesses.
Protext’s powerful features indude:-
• fast spell checker with 70000 word English dictionary.
• background printing. You can print and type at the same time.
• box manipuation. Columns can be moved around on the screen.
• macro recording. Any key sequence can be assigned to a single
• use of foreign languages • headers, footers and footnotes
• flexible configuration program * comprehensive set of printer
• Wysiwyg ('what you see is what you get') display shows bold,
underlining and italics on the screen.
• two file editing. You can edit two documents at the same time.
• find and replace. Powerful search facility.
• mail merging. The most comprehensive mail merging facilities
available in any program.
• 300 page manual with full index.
• Swedish version also available. French and German coming soon.
Protext was awarded the "Best Buy” accolade in PC Buyers Guide, and was given a bottom line verdict of 5 stars in What Personal Computer?
"Protext is probably the most powerful word processor on the Atari ST ST USER 4 88 11Protext - the real joy comes only from using it.
I can say without any fear of contradiction it is the best word processor available at the price, in my view, at any price in fact." Am 3 89 "Protext really is the best text processor on the Amiga" ST AMIGA FORMAT 2 89 "Wins hands down as the all round package" ST USER 8 88 7 couldn't be more impressed"... "So a big thanks to Amor for writing a brilliant piece of software" COMPUTER SHOPPER "the best value for money in word processing on the Amiga" AU19 89 "Protext deserves to be the system by which all other word processors are judged... Amor has given the market a superb product" YOUR
COMPUTER "Amor's Protext 4 is just about unbeatable ... this really is an excellent program" PC AMSTRAD Protext... truly the professional’s choice PRODATA "Designing layouts is incredibly easy’" YOUR AMIGA "Totally menu driven, Prodata must rank among the top database systems..." sr user 12 89 "Prodata is a very sophisticated database package, and at £79.95, it is most certainly worth the money" YOUR AMIGA 12 89 Just some of the features of Prodata:-
* Multiple indexes for accessing data
* Full editing facilities for data
* Comprehensive printing options
* Importing and exporting
* Undo changes facility
* Powerful filtering feature
* Easy to use layout design
- Password protection (5 levels) And of course, Prodata is fully
compatible with Protext.
Amiga owners please note that you need 1MB to run Prodata - see below for special price for Prodata plus A501 (512K memory + clock expansion) PRODATA vL.ITO (cl flrnor 1183 Printer (PI) EPSON Directors E: PR0D Open: INVOICE U1F) flees: 1? Sc I: DLL Layout! 1 Index: 0 15:21:22 Select Field none I : Address 3 5 : Address 4 6 : Address 5 7 ! Oel Addr 1 a : Oel Rddr 2 1 ; Del Addr 3 Del Addr 4 Dei Addr 5 Telephone Fix Contact Invoice Nunber INVOICE Field 4 Field 5 Field 6 Field 7 Field 3 Field 3 Field IS Field 11 Field 12 Field 13 Field 14 Field 15 Invoice Address "Amor have a quality product at a
very reasonable price" POP COMP WEEKLY 19 10 89 Field 1?*: Quantity 1 Field 18 : description 1 Field 114: Unit Cost 1 DATE mmmmrmrm (3,171. Lengtti=2B.
(9,0). Pos
i. oi naiF Top Left and to resize Iflleld IT!eat [UlarUble [Uine
draw [fllttrs EDIel lEldit ITAB1 next: ORDER FORM - Send to:
Arnor (STU), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough Please send me
(indicate where applicable): PE1 3HA Name PROTEXT v4.2 @
£99.95 Address PRODATA @ £79.95 PRODATA + A501 (Amiga) @
£179.95 Postcode Protext demo disc Further information
Computer: PC 5W PC 3Vfe" Atari ST Amiga , or debit my
I enclose Cheque Postal order for £ Access Visa card no.______ ~A7f7 ¦ ffe eas ngyourmfcro'spotent a ... Arnor (STU , 611 Linco n Poad, Peterborough PE1 3HA, Tel: 0733 63909 (24 hr) Fax: 0733 67299 All prices include VAT, postage and packing. Credit card orders will be despatched by return of post. If paying by cheque please allow 10-14 days for delivery.
With its vast library of freely distributable software, the Amiga is the envy of all other computers. In the first of a new regular column, Stewart C. Russell tracks down the best of the public domain music sequencers HAVE you ever wondered how games writers get the atmospheric tunes in them written? Or where all those demo tracks come from? Well, 99.999 per cent of them, and I think I’m being quite conservative here, are written with a utility called SoundTracker, or one of its many derivatives or lookalikes.
There must be at least 20 of them, all slight variations on a theme. They all do one thing - they are a means of arranging - or sequencing - sampled sounds.
The original SoundTracker has had a chequered career. It was released commercially bv Karsten Obarski but has been “adopted” by a very large number of the under-the-counter culture. In the hands of these generally hateful people it has slowly mutated to become something slightly more useful.
The name has mutated, too... the list gets longer daily as more crackers insert their names in the code and then claim to have written it.
SoundTracker itself is still a commercial product so no reputable public domain collection should contain it. As ever, UGA has no qualms.
Every ’tracker has two things in common with every other ’tracker a block of four channel data lists, plus some means of loading and saving samples and music to and from disc.
Hexadecimal numbers alter the way the sample is replayed, and in most cases samples only load if they can be found in something called a preset file.
If this doesn’t sound very user- friendly, you’re dead right. In general, ’trackers make no concession to the non-programmer. They also don’t coexist with other programs very well - multi-tasking is a bad word to crackers. If you’ve never seen an Amiga guru before, you won’t be able to say that after playing with SoundTracker.
But with a little practice and a huge amount of patience you can stick a set of samples together in a way which vaguely approximates to music.
The four track lists are composed of a musical note (C , D, and so on), a hex number representing a sample in memory, and then four hex digits which are used for various effects like vibrato and arpeggio. This is a very cryptic way of doing things, but ‘trackers are really assembly hackers’ tools - the way the numbers are handled is closer to, though several million times easier than, programming the sound chip directly.
The more advanced 'trackers include features like IFF sample loading (SoundTracker accepts only- raw data) and one of them even has minimal sampling software built in; you’ll still need the hardware, though.
Because SoundTracker stands on dodgy legal ground - and very dodgy programming ground - it can’t be recommended. But if you must see it, the best ones so far are NoiseTracker and SoundTracker 2.4; UGA runs various concoctions on their Specials Disks. These aren’t as well presented as most other PD discs, so much of the work is left to you.
Andreas Tadic’s Game Music Creator, on the other hand, is light- years better than the SoundTracker guru-alikes. It allows input from a Midi keyboard (with the right interface and leads) or from the Amiga keyboard, which is remapped as a two octave piano. It handles IFF and raw samples, has a simple file requester (for DFO; and DF1: only) and is much prettier and more robust than SoundTracker.
GMC still has a huge tendency to guru. It won’t let you back to AmigaDos to check up on discs, but it does gets rid of the annoying preset list and reliance on all discs being called ST-00 or ST-01, as SoundTracker does.
The keyboard to piano remapping sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t; it depends on how GMC is feeling at the time. If you have a midi keyboard and interface, or if you don’t like SoundTracker, GMC is the one to go for. It’s on UGA Special Disk 11.
There’s no mention of any shareware charges.
PICK of the bunch in terms of general ease of use is MED version 1.12, hacked from solid Cby Teijo Kinnunen of Finland. It can load SoundTracker and SoundFX songs, and reads IFF and raw samples. MED isn’t quite as pretty as GMC - there’s no file requester, for example - but runs from Workbench on a standard movable screen.
It is terribly well behaved and has good instructions, something that no other ’tracker has. The only way I could crash MED was to load in, by accident of course, a very large text file.
MED is ready to go on Fish 255, with both English and Finnish versions, three demo songs and 25 sampled instruments. There’s also a music player and a program to convert MED songs and samples into a vast amount of C source.
Teijo Kinnunen is at this moment busy writing MED 1.20. The biggest new feature will undoubtedly be Midi support, thereby knocking GMC out of its unique position. The rewrite is a massive job and will take a long time to Finnish, though the current version is well Finnished and very usable.
You want me to Finnish these terrible jokes? Well I'm not Finnished yet, so Suomi!
When wading through masses of samples, all with strange names, it’s useful to be able to hear a sample of the sample. A very neat little program to do this lives on TBAG 28. It is called, rather imaginatively I thought, Sound.
Not merely will it play IFF sounds at any speed up to 65 Khz, it can loop them, play stereo samples (from Perfect Sound) and play any sample length, limited only by fast ram.
It’s amazing what you can find with Sound, One of my game discs has the EVEN if the author of a shareware program is on the other side of the world, rest assured that The Mail will get through to him. If you have a Visa card, you can arrange for Visa to send him a cheque for you, which is the simplest and most problem-free way of doing things. But this trick is not open to everyone.
Paying for International Money Orders are possibly the safest way of sending money abroad, but they are somewhat costly - at least £4, which is around two-thirds of $ 10, a popular shareware fee. For large fees
- the highest Amiga one I’ve seen is still only $ 50 (about £30) -
the IMO is your best bet.
The method I use is cash. You heard me right, nothing provokes a quicker response from hard-up programmers than the folding green stuff (or brown stuff, or sort of salmony pink, or smallish with added Sibelius if you’re Finnish).
Bureaux de Change are easy to find in most towns and cities. The usual charge is £1 or one per cent of the total cost, whichever is the larger, for each different currency bought.
A few banks waive charges if you hold a student account with them.
It’s worth asking, I only asked after I’d already been hit for about a fiver in charges - the price of two Fish discs down the drain!
Bear in mind that some countries only allow a certain amount of cash to be moved to and from the country, so always ask if you’re unsure.
Whatever way you decide to pay a shareware author, you’ll have to get the cash or IMO abroad somehow. The wonderful Royal Mail, the employees of which my dog loves (in a white wine sauce) run an insured mail service around the world. An extra £1.55 on top of your normal letter post sees £150 worth of insurance for one letter.
Not all countries have a mail insurance agreement - the USA doesn’t for instance - but if the letter is undelivered it will generally be returned, even if there’s no insurance setup in the destination country.
If the letter is lost, you should be able to claim its value back. You will have to prove that the letter was worth what you claim, and the process is potentially rather slow.
Always enclose a short note to the author of the shareware product Neighbours theme hidden away on it.
It's OK, I got over it.
Sound was written by Richard Lee Stockton, and is freeware.
Ah yes... before I go Pd better warn you that Keith Young, the author of the popular Access! Comms Shareware fees - are they legal?
Technically, public; domain only refers lo works lo which the author has given up all commercial rights. Unless (here’s a statement in the software or its documentation to this effect, you can’t assume that it is legal to own and use this software without the author’s permission.
Pure PD has a clearly defined legal position, the same cannot he said for shareware. Although both are freely redistributable - anyone may copy and spread them, as long as they don't charge for Ihe software shareware stating your name and address (block capitals are best) what version you use, any problems you have with it, and perhaps a suggestion about possible new features.
Shareware authors are usually very receptive to feedback - after all, another name for shareware is User Supported Software - so there's a high chance that your good idea could be incorporated in future updates.
It takes a while for international mail to get around, so you should only start to get very slightly worried if you have not heard from the author after 10 weeks or so.
Some cheap shareware never gets a reply, and others will only give shareware, is no longer traceable from the address in Goodview, Virginia given in release 1.42. The entire might of the US Mail couldn’t find him either, so I'd check before sending him any money. If you track him down, please let me know.
Itself - shareware is software which Ihe author has decided lo market, appointing the general public as distributors.
Freeware is shareware for which the author charges nothing, but it is still the intellectual properly of Ihe author.
All software is protected by international law. This is a vastly woolly subject, but basically, if the program you use says something like “You owe me $ 10” either in the software or the documentation, you really do owe them the money.
Notification of the next update, but in many cases you will get a disc back with the latest version, together with a note from the author so deeply appreciative that it can cause blushing in sensitive types.
Shareware authors are nice humans and deserve to be treated as such. There may be a long delay before you get a reply, but at least you can use the software with a clear conscience.
Britons are often seen as very poor payers. Out of the 1,100 or so registered users of Timm Martin’s SID utility, only about a dozen are from the UK. Why not do something to restore our tarnished reputation, huh? And I don’t mean send Duraglit instead of cash.
GAME MONTH DALEKS ORIGINALLY written for mainframes, Daleks (or Droids or Zombies or Robots) is possibly the simplest game ever authored. The graphics are especially simple, considering the game was written for character-only VT-52 terminals.
The player is surrounded by malevolent Daleks who, for every move the player takes, move one step towards the player. The Daleks trash themselves if they run into one another and by manoeuvring cleverly the player can remove all the nasties just by hiding behind the trash heaps.
There's also a one-shot sonic screwdriver to dismantle Daleks that are too close, plus a random teleport for that desperate moment.
When you consider that the Amiga version has no sound and only character graphics, the gameplay must be good.
Good isn’t the word; it transcends dental medication - that means it’s very good indeed. I have spent (or wasted?) More time on this game than anything else on the Amiga. I find myself composing new strategies in my sleep.
You'll find Daleks on TBAG 6.
This is a very old disc so consequently Daleks needs NoFastMem to be run on an expanded machine. The game keeps a log of top scores, essential for peer-group bragging, and costs a shareware fee of but a single Hamilton, that being an American 10 dollar bill.
Some Easier Surprises !
* TALK TO 'AMIGA ONLY’ ENTHUSIASTS Since the early days of the
. 'George Thompson Services have made available to Amiga Owners all over the world the latest PD disks from the U.S.A. and Europe. Couriers deliver material each week to our offices where we first carefully check them for virus. They are then catalogued and released to the duplicating rooms for labelling and copying onto top quality branded TDK disks. As a member of this very Special Club you will not only benefit from lower PD Software prices but also discounts on specialized hardware. Send only £15.00 annual subscription now and you'll receive by return: ? Our Double Library Disk Pack
detailing the contents of 100's of PD disks.
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? The latest issue of JUMPDISK the best selling magazine on a disk in the world.
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? A copy of our bi-monthly 'PD Newspaper’.
To become a member of the "GTS CLUB" just send a cheque. P.O or place a credit card order using Access Visa and we'll send this pack immediately!
* ** NEWS *“ NEWS NEWS *“ NEWS Welcome to our first quarterly
Amiga Format advertisement. The disks listed here are just a
small selection of thousands of programmes in our collection.
If you would like to know more about the world of PD for the
Amiga just send 50NP for the latest copy of "Public Domain
News", a bimonthly newspaper dedicated to PD and Shareware
programmes for the Amiga. Better still join the "GTS CLUB" and
receive it free'
- SPACE TRILOGY - Conquer space, become rich, battle against all
odds, in this special 4 disk pack. It features the latest,
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trading combat game 'Return to Earth' and the true test for
reflexes. ’Blizzard’ - as reviewed in Amiga Format. Interested?
Just to convince you that it's the 'Bargain of the Month' we
will include a free copy of 'Space Blitz’ and a pair of 3D
Specs for any order received before the end of May 1990. This
FREE disk is packed with space games, Just beam £10.99 to us
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All above available separately at £3.00 per disk, 'Star Trek’
is £5.99 inc.
* *"DOSLAB"** £14.99 (£12.99 Members) Learn how to use the CLI
and AmigaDOS V1.3 the easy way. No heavy manuals, just let the
Amiga do the teaching with 2 interactive disks.
“"EDUCATION WITH THE AMIGA PT I"** £12.99 (£11.49 Members) The very best Educational programs we could find are featured in this 5 disk set. Includes programmes on Evolution. World Geography. Metric Conversion, Languages. Elements. Forecasting the Weather and much more. As reviewed in Amiga User International “ NEW...NEW..."LEARN AND PLAY" “ £5.99 (£5.49 Members) This 2 disk set features programmes for the very young. Ideal for children who are just starting to use the computer. Includes simple maths, a painting programme, word puzzles and much more. It's our first in the series "Family
Computing" “"DESIGN FACTORY"** £8.99 (£7.99 Members) A 3 disk set that includes the finest PD programs we could find for design work. If it's CAD, FRACTALS. MANDELBROT or PRODUCTION DESIGN you are interested in. This pack is just what you are looking for. It now includes a ROOM FURNITURE PLAN DESIGNER.
“ "THE WORLD OF ASTRONOMY"** £8.99 (£7.99 Members) Three disks for all Amiga Stargazers. You only need the telescope!
“"HOME BUSINESS PACK"** £19.99 (£17.99 Members) Our best selling 8 disk pack includes a Word Processor. Spell Checker.
Database. Spreadsheet. Appointment Scheduler. Home and Business Accounts and much more There is even a programme that will test your Amiga from top to bottom' A full review is in this months ‘PD News'.
• ‘"DTP ACCESSORIES VOL.1"** £5.99 (£5.49 Members) Two disks
packed with Original Fonts, and the best selection of
colour b&w Clip Art we could find.
“"HAM RADIO SPECIAL"** £12.99 (£11.49 Members) Five disks packed with programmes related to HAM Radio FAX Coms.
Includes text and pics.
“"K O THE VIRUS V2.0"** £3.99 (£3.49 Members) - NEW VERSION This disk features the most effective methods of detecting and removing the latest Amiga Virus. Full instructions on disk + "Icon Voucher" allowing you to update for only £1.00 when V3.0 is released, “ "HARD DISK SPECIAL"** £3.99 (£3.49 Members) - NEW VERSION This disk features the best Utilities we could find for managing your Hard Disk Drive. Includes a choice of Backup Programs. FixDisk and more.
Now includes "Icon Voucher" for £1.00 updates to latest version “NEW...NEW..."AVOIDING THE CLI!"’* £3.99 (3.4S Members) If you have no interest in the CL! Or find it difficult to use, this disk is for you. Easy to use programmes that make file management, disk copying, arcing and de-arcing, locking files etc. a doddle.
“ "FAMOUS BOARD GAMES VOL 1"** £8.99 (£7.99 Members) . Three disks that include Amiga versions of all the well known board games - Chess. Backgammon, Checkers. Othello, Sorry, Clue and more.
Our Promise to you. The customer, is to provide top quality programmes, professionally presented, on the best media TDK DS DD branded disks - at value for money prices. We send all software in bubble envelopes' by first class post.
Hour keyword is "Customer Service4' with a smile.
Our address is: DIPPEN, BRODICK, ARRAN, SCOTLAND. KA27 8RN. (077082) 234, Please send a cheque (with your Bank Card No. Expiry Date on reverse), a PO or just telephone your Access or Visa Card details to us before 1pm and we will despatch your order immediately Fo«s'yt jt tltiM Jtim ? It adds, substracts, multiplies and divides ? It works out VAT and other percentages ? It has a powerful three-key memory ? And it's solar powered!
(But just don't put it in your computer!)
Apnrn CHDM Valid to Please tick the w 11U C It rvnlVI June 30, 1990 appropriate Box 12 Months Subscription - UK including free calculator disc) New With cover disc £29.95 Without cover disc £24.95 ... and it comes Renewal 9584 9585 B 9582 9583 !_1 FREE* when 12 Months Subscription - outside UK Europe Eire (with cover disc) £34.95 Rest of World - Airmail with cover disc) £49.95 New Renewal 9544 9546 [ ] 9543 LU 9545 LZJ Only subscription applications received by May 25 Payment: please indicate method (?)
You subscribe to Cheque Eurocheque made payable lo Interactive Publications Ltd Expiry Access Mastercard Eurocard BarclaycardA isa Connecl Dale Address Post Code Daytime telephone number in case of queries Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK) Order at any time of Orders by phone: 051 -357 1275 the day or mgnt Orders by fax: 051 -357 2813 Don't forget to give your name, address and credit card number Orders by MicroLink: MAG001 General Enquiries: 051-357 2961
* UK Only If you prefer to have the magazine delivered with your
morning paper, cut out this form and give it to your newsagent
Dear newsagent Name _ Please reserve me Address.
Every month a copy of Amiga Computing THE MODEM The EuroLink modem is a robust and sophisticated device which turns data from your Amiga into signals which can be sent along a telephone line. It can handle speeds up to 2400 baud - about 40 words a second. Although it has many powerful features, it is simplicity itself to use when combined with its accompanying software. Built into the Hayes-compatible modem is MNP error correction - your guarantee of a corruption-free connection. Its wide range of other features include - auto dial and auto answer, auto redial, baud rate scanning, auto
terminal baud rate sensing, 32-entry number store, internal loudspeaker, call progress monitor, bell tinkle supression, external plug mounted power supply unit and built-in 'watchdog' circuitry.
This is what the EuroLink package offers . .
Fully automatic operation - you don't need any prior knowledge . A multi-speed modem - 2400, 1200, 300 and 1200 75 baud, offering MNP error correction Easy-to-use free comms software FREE registration to MicroLink' THE SOFTWARE Accompanying the modem is one of the Amiga's most popular and easiest to use telecommunications packages, Access!, which simplifies the connection to MicroLink.
Two mouse selections and the rest is automatic. After that you can move freely around MicroLink, capture text on disc and send pre-prepared documents - all with a minimum of keystrokes. It can also be used to dial other services in addition to MicroLink.
WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH MICROLINK With MicroLink any Amiga can be turned into a complete communications centre.
Without any additional expenditure it becomes a telex machine, a fax machine, an electronic mail terminal.
? You can use it to send a letter for next-day delivery to any address in Britain, send a telegram to anywhere in the world, or even send flowers without moving from your Amiga.
? It’s also a retrieval tool that lets you search out and store data from the world’s leading electronic libraries.
? It gives instant access to the credit status of many thousands of companies all over the UK... and it lets you embark on exciting adventures - in real time! - with like-minded enthusiasts in faraway places.
? It keeps you up to date with the latest news, sport and weather.
YES - the long-awaited breakthrough iu data communications has finally arrived!
Now you can use your Amiga (plus phone) to talk to MicroLink and other computers anywhere in the UK - or all round the world* - using the very latest in modem technology.
Today there are hundreds of MicroLink telephone points throughout the British Isles.
This means that the majority of subscribers access the service for the price of a local call.
APPRO telecomm nection to specified bject to jjgjhem ¦ It's all you need to become part of a very friendly and helpful online community ORDER FORM Please send me a EuroLink modem with MNP error correction plus Amiga lead, power supply and free Comms software - ail for the special offer price of £254.95 (incl. VAT) I am not a member of MicroLink. Please send details I am already a member ol MicroLink I wish to pay by: Cheque Eurocheque enclosed made payable to EuroLink Access Mastercard'Eurocard'Barc!aycard Visa',Connect Name_Slgned_ Address
* The EuroLink modem and its accompanying software can a so be
used to access other information services such as Telecom Gold
and CompuServe, as well as innumerable other databases and
bulletin boards in the UK and overseas.
Post Code Daytime telephone number in case of queries.
Send to: EuroLink, Europa House, Adiington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP PHONE ORDERS: 0625 878888. FAX ORDERS: 0625 879966 AMC6 MR DIAMOND'S THE WORLD'S LARGEST CHAIN OF AMIGA CENTRES EXECUTIVE Portfolio Southampton (0703)232777 Fax 232676 London 01-597 8851 Fax 590 8959 Midlands (0926)312155 Fax 883342 Bristol (0272) 693545 Fax 693223 Eire 061376744 Naksha Mouse upgrade from A50G Mouse £24.95 inc. VAT 512K RAM 1 Meg Disk Drive 4096 Colours Multi Tasking Mouse
• Built-in Speech Synthesis
• Two Operation Manuals
• Operating System Disks
• All Appropriate Connecting Cables CLASS OF 90‘s PACK £499.00
£399.00 £399.00 AMIGA 500, Batman the Movie, New Zealand Story,
F18 Interceptor, Netherworld, Star Wars, BambuzaJ * Saint and
Greavsie, Table Tennis, Clownomania, Paperboy, Mike Reid's Pub
Quiz, BAAL, Menace, Bloodmoney, Ballistic, Deluxe Paint II.
Microswitch Joystick, 10 Blank 3.5" Disks, Disk Library Case,
Mouse Mat, Amiga Dust Cover, Tutorial Disk, TV Modulator and 23
• Built-in Speech Synthesis
• Two Operation Manuals
• Operating System Disks
• All Appropriate Connecting Cables ' AMIGA 500, F-29 Retaliator,
Rainbow Islands. Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters,
Netherworld, Star Wars, Bam- buzal, Saint and Greavsie, Table
Tennis, tClownomania, Paperboy, Mike Reid’s Pub Quiz, BAAL,
Menace, Bloodmoney, Ballistic, Deluxe Paint II, Microswitch
Joystick, 10 Blank 3.5" Disks, Disk Library Case, Mouse Mat,
Amiga Dust I MO WAT Cover, Tutorial Disk, TV IinO VA I
Modulator and 23 PD Programs ALL OUR AMIGA A500 PACKS CONTAIN
• 512K RAM
• 1 Meg Disk Drive
• 4096 Colours
• Multi Tasking
Ltd 114 Lodge Road, Southampton.
Diamond Computer Systems Ltd, 227, Filton Avenue, Bristol.
LAN Computer Systems Ltd, 1045 High road, Chadwell Heath, Romford.
LHC Microsales, 121 Regents St., Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
Diamond Computer Systems Ltd, Balling, County Clare, S. Ireland.
DIAMOND MUSIC PACKS Yamaha SH10 Keyboard, Midi Interface and all connecting leads and Sonix V.2 £99.95 INC VAT BATMAN MUSIC PACK!
£429.00 inc vat ? SPECIAL ?
When you part exchange it for a B2000 with an autoboot hard disk!
Phone or call in to a Diamond store for details!
RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK £179 inc VAT FLICKER FIXER £275 SIVtb RAM BOARD (2Mb pop) £275 AMIGA 2090A Hard disk + controller card also Boot and Fast File for Amiga 2000 £249 A590 20Mb Hard disk with 2Mb RAM £499 inc VAT 47Mb Autoboot, Fast file System Hard Disk for B2000- only 395 HIGH QUALITY 3.5“ Inc VAT BULK DISKS INC vat
Add £4.95 for 80 capacity lockable box Diamond Configured
Packs: AT System Amiga B2000 AT Bridgeboard 2090A 20Mb
Autoboot HD Vision Colour Monitor £1395 XT System Amiga
B2000 XT Bridgeboard 2090A 20Mb Autoboot HD 1084 Colour
Monitor £1195 Basic System Amiga B2000 2090A 20Mb Autoboot
HD Vision Colour Monitor £995 Audio System Amiga B2000 +
2090A 1084 Colour Monitor Music X & Midi Interface £1095
Visual System Amiga B2000 + 2090A A2300 Genlock Deluxe Video
£889 COLOUR PIC HITACHI CAMERA £149 Real Time Frame Grabber
0. 5 MB 1 MB 2 MB £29.95 £59.75 £119.00 Inc VAT Inc VAT Inc VAT
A590 £319.00 A590 2 MBYTE POPULATED £499 Inc VAT!
8UP BOARD CHIPS 2 MB 4 MB 6 MB 8 MB £109.00 £215.00 £319,00 £425.00 8UP BOARD ONLY £160.00 8UP BOARD 2MB POPULATED £275.00 PRINTERS All primers in our range are dot matrix and indude the following features... Standard centronics parallel port lor direct connection to Amiga, PC’s, ST, Archimedes etc. Tractor and friction paper feeds.
CITIZEN SWIFT-24 £249 WITH COLOUR £259 PANASONIC KXP-1124 £199 24-PIN D.MATRIX PRINTER OKIMATE 20 £159 24-PIN COLOUR THERMAL DOT MATRIX PRINTER STAR LC-10 MONO £119 Multiple lont options from front panel, excellent paper handling C64 128 version available STAR LC-10 COLOUR £159 Colour version of the popular LC-10. Allowing Iheeffect of full colour on screen dumps (requires colour printer driving software). C647128 version available STAR LC-24-10 £199 24 P in version of the popular LC series with exceptional lester print quality.
E & OE. All prices correct at time of going to press and are subject to change without notice.
Public Domain Software for the Amiga from £3 per disk all inclusive ? Over 500 disks!
? Membership not necessary ? Fast Service ACCOUNTS Arera Int. Accounts 1MB Cashbook ConiroH«f .... Cashbook Combination .. Desk 1000itoget _________ Home Accounts PanmeaC Modules _____ Personal Accounts Pius ..... Personal Tax Planner .... Small Business Xtra 1 M3 .... System 3 Integrated .... BOOKS Please call COMMUNICATIONS A Talk 3 BBS PC K Comm 2 ...... COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Dosqi 3D 1MB .... Prolessicna Draw '.MB X Cad Cosigner 1W9 ...... 0ATA3ASFMANAGERS Data Rot'eve Pro'MB
Mailshot Plus ..... Microtiche Filer .. Piodala .. Race Hoise Form Master Superbase Professional I MB Superbase Personal . Superbasa Personal 2 1MB Who What When Where DESKTOP PUBLISHERS PageSotler 2 1M8 Pagestream 1M8 . Professional Page 1.5MB EDUCATION GCSE Tutors __________ My Pamt ...... EDITORS CygnusEd Professional .
GRAPHICS Animagic Editor 1MB____ Come Setter 1MB.„ . Deluxe Art Parts Vof 1 ..... Deluxe Paml 3 1MB ..... Deluxe V*j*o3 1MB .. Difli Paint 3________________ Elan Performer ...... Impact Presentations......_______ Lights, Camera. Acton 1 MB .. Movie Setter _______ Photon Paint 2 1MB ...... Pixmaie ...... 38 87 Professonal Draw Q p Art ______ 44 85 Sculpt 3D XL 1MB .... 99 82 Sculpt 40 ProM MB .329 82 Sculpt Animate 4D Junior ......84.87 The Director -39 79 Turbo Slver _________ 99 32 ZoeirooelMB_____________ 7981 HARDWARE
1. 3 A5000 Kickstart RDM..... 29 90 1MB Min i Max A500
RAM.....199 87 3 -5’ NEC Drive Switch Thu......68 77 512K A5Q0
RAM Clock Switch 6992 A Max Mac Emulator No Roms 109 9-1 A4
Flat Bed Scanner 459.77 A59Q 20MB Harp Disk Omre ....
379.96 AM A.S. Sound Sampler .... 77 74 Drgi View Gold
4...... 119.83 MasterSound ______34.96 Midi Master Interface
...... 34.96 Mmigen Genlock ... 99.82 Vidi
Amiga PAL Digitiser ... 99.82 PACKAGES
Appetizer .. 29.90 Graphics Starter
Kit ..54,97 Home Office Kil .....99 82
Publishers Choice ....68.77 Starter Kit
.. .59.80 The Works Platinum ..129.95
PROGRAMMING Aziec C Professional ..109 94 Mod da
2 119 .83 Devpac
2 .... 42 78 GFA Basic
Compiler .28 98 GFA Basic Inlerprater
39.79 HisofI Basic Comoiier 57.96 Lattice C 5 Complete 169.97
SOUND Deluxe Music Const. Kil ......52.90 Instant Music
___________ 22.77 Music X . 159.97 Music X
Junior 89 93 Somx ...... 3979
Studio Mag e _____________________49 91 SPREADSHEETS
Advantage .7981 DGCatc
______________ 31.97 Superplan 1MB ____________ 67.85
UTILITIES AmigaDOS Toolbox ...39.79 Amikit for
Beginners ..29 90 Arexx Macro Inierpreter 34 96
Award Maxer Plus .34 96 B AD Disk
Optmmser .....31 97 BBC Emulator .34
96 Calligrapher font Designer 64 86 CanDo
Environment ...109 94 CrossDOS File Transfer
......29.90 Disk Master Housekeeper ......3979 DOS 2
DOS File Transfer ....29 90 Enhancer 1.3S7WUpgrade 1472
Face 2 Orsk Cache ....23.92 Kara Sub
HcadFonls .., ...49.91 MAC 2 DOS Fito
Transfer ...69.92 Masterpiece Fonts (11 Of) ...129 95
Mavis Beacon Typing .....27.83 Project D
BackupjTditoi ......31.97 Superback 2 FVD
Backup ...39.79 Uhracard
Pius ..69.92 Virus Infect.
Protection 34.96 WordPerfect Library ......89.93
X Copy 2 Backu&Tditor ......17.94 Your Family Tree
Gen .34.96 W0R0PR0CESS0RS Kmdwords
2 .35 £8 Outline ...
2990 PenPaJ ... 9962 Pretext
.....64 66 Scribble
(Platinum) ...41.86 Transcript
________ ____________32.69 WordPerfect____________ 164
91 119 33 ..39.79 5980 ..34.96 .. 23.92 ..3979 .. 29.90 ..
34.96 8993
44. 85 We have one of the largest collections of PD software for
the Amiga in the UK.
We currently stock: O FISH 1-204 O AMICUS 1-26 O SUPPED DISK 1-40 O FAUG HOTMIX 1-75 O PANORAMA 1-71 O AUGE 1-25 O T-BAG 1-23 All the above are £3 each + 1 FREE when you order 10 2 catalogue disks available at £5 which give details of the above collections Our own special selection £4.00 each APDL 6 CLI HELP Confused by CLI? This one s for you APDL 7 LANGUAGES Lisp, Prolog. Logo, Forth APDL 8 AMIGA DISK DOCTOR Life saving programs!
APDL 14 BEST ARCADE GAMES APDL 15 BEST BOARD GAMES Backgammon, Othello, Yahtzee etc. APDL 17 BUSINESS COLLECTION Editor, Spreadsheet & Database APDL 41 DATABASES Keep track of your data APDL 42 ADVENTURES Vol2 Castle: A graphic adventure & several text adventures APDL 43 C COMPILER ASSEMBLER AND LINKER APDL 44 WORD PROCESSING Word Processor & Spellchecker APDL 45 PUZZLE & STRATEGY GAMES APDL 48 MAGNIFICENT FORCE II 20 Great Tunes APDL 52 FRACTAL GENERATORS APDL 53 UNKNOWN 5 DEMOS Superb eye-popping demos with great music APDL 57 JUNGLE COMMAND Musical Invasion 3 APDL 58 CHET
SOLACE SHAREWARE EXTRAVAGANZA. Some of the best shareware programmes on easy-to-use menu driven disc SPECIAL Startrek (1 MB) Superb PD game for those with 1 Mb. 3 discs E8.0Q Write or phone for a FREE List o o 69 92 8878 24 84 ... 57.96 9982 . 79 81 17? 06 .37.95
49. 91 57 96 .39.79 164 91 .39.79 .. 62.79 .29.90 .74 98 129 95
179 86 . 24 84 .. 34.96 HARDWARE: External Disk Drive £88.95
Amiga A500 £360 All prices are fully inclusive of VAT
* JOIN THE CLUB! Interested in joining our user club? Write or
phone for details * Richard Howe & Angela Hammett Applied
Research Kernel Corve Farmhouse, Chale Green, Venlnor, P03B
2LA, U.K. POSTAGE: UK Free Europe £4. World £10 CHEQUES: London
Sterling Payable to A.R.K please EXPORT & BFPO: Remove U.K.
V.A.T. (=Price 1.15) V -A.T.: All prices include U.K. VAT. At
15% PHONE: Monday to Saturday 9,30-6-30pm DESPATCH: Usually
within 48 hours PRICES: Are subject to change 54 97 3979 989 64
86 .7981 4991 .44 85 4991 .47.84 .51 96 .57 96 THE AMIGA PD
LIBRARY Dept. AMC, 72 Glencoe Road, Sheffield, S2 2SR PD
Hotline 0742-750623 (9am-9pm) OUR GUARANTEE [jf SOFTWISE
BASIC-NEW Months of research end programming have gone Into
developing thle highly effective and an|oyabla way to learn
BASIC. The whole concept la designed to halp you learn more
quickly and achieve Impressive result* In no time. Your
confidence and skills will riso rapidly aa you make your way
through this course. The Wizard's BASIC Guide comes on two
dlaks with a sophisticated electronic book - You can get help
In the form of text, moving demonstrations, graphics, sound for
speech with Just the touch of a button. This is far better than
any paper book and you can access It while you are working on
any of the programs.
The course starts at beginner level, and carefully rises to expert level. You will learn to master graphics, colour, sound, movement, speech, windows, menus, dataprocesslng etc. Hundreds of example programs are Included. We have also Includod a good number of exciting and useful demo programs - e.g. speaking mastermind with animated head, an electronic address book, a fast moving racing car game, a synthesiser and many more. This Is a value packed package which will leave you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
Excellent value - £12.95 BEGINNERS GUIDE TO AMIGADOS This Is a new and effective way to take you from a beginner to and export on AmigaDOS.
This highly popular package has now been updated to cover BOTH 1.2 and 1.3 versions. The package consists of a guidebook, a tutorial DISK, a crib card and FREE additional software which could cost you over £20 to buy elsewhere. This is clear and well thought out guide to AmlgaDOS commands. The emphasis is on foaming through experience and doing not Just reading like most olhor books. It shows you how to sot up your own bool disk with your own customised messages that will boot In seconds (unlike workbench!). It will show you how to make your Amiga Independent of the workbench disk - no more
“PlBase insert workbench disk". Wo Include the new and incredibly fast Lazer-Loacf picture loader so you can Include your own pictures (e.g. from Dpaint) on your boot up sequence. The disc also includes a gallery of high quality pictures. We supply a password system which will prevent unwanted users from using your Amiga. Also, Included are several other high quality programs. Guido Book, disk, crlbcard etc. Only £12.95. MASTERPIECE ,rTHE BEST PICTURES I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THE AMIGA" reported a recent reviewer. This package takes you on a spectacular trip through the world of art We have
selected many masterpieces from the world's art treasures and take you on a historical guided tour. Every picture Is of true quality and Is displayed using thousands of colours. To help you en|oy the world's heritage of art to the full we have Included comprehensive notes on each artist and painting. All the famous names are there - Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Renoir, Constable, Picasso and many, many more. Whether you are and art expert or know nothing at all about art, this Is a wondorful way to appreciate the great paintings of the world (and appreciate the graphic capabilities of your Amiga
as well). The package comes with two disks packed lull of pictures and Information.
Excellent valua - £12.95 SALE PRICE - This month only - MASTERPIECE ONLY £7.95 UK P&P - FREE and by FIRST CLASS post Overseas orders welcome - Europeans please add 50p Outside Europe please add £1.50 for Airmail All payments in pounds sterling pleaso.
Cheques P.O.'s to: Wizard Software (Dept A.C.1) 20, Hadrian Drive, Redhills, Exeter, Devon, EX4 1SR Will not charge credit card customers for goods until day of dispatch.
We do not charge extra for phone orders, we will quote prices over the telephone, and send price list with every order if required - price list on request - large S.A.E. required.
3D Pool .....£1369 hanhoe________- .. £1699 Weird Dreams £1699 It came Ircni the Desert ......£1999 Xenon 2 £1699 Jack Nick fats G oil..... Keep the Thiel Kick Off.... £1599 „....£1599 ____£15.99 Space Wquesl 2 Star Wars Trioligy .. Stunt Car Racer £1699 £1699 £1699 Leisure Suit Larry 2 Leisure Suit Larry ______ £2399 Time ot Lore Turbo Outrun £1699 £1699 Licence to Kilt . . . £1399 Waterloo £1699 Live & Lei Die .£1399 Wings ol fury.
£1399 Lost Patio!... £1699 Manhunler .
Mcroptsse Soccer...... New Zealand Story ... £19 99 £1699 £1699 1 BUSINESS SOFTWARE Home Accounts .. £2599 North & South ... .£1699 Personal Accounts Pius.... £2899 Onslaught Operation Thunderbott P 47 .. £1699 £1399 £1699 Small Business Account Small Bus Account Extra K Comm 2 ..... £6999 £2599 Police Quest .. . £1699 K Data £4299 Populus .... £1699 Super base Personal 2 £8599 Powerdrome ... £1699 Fun School 6-8 over 8 undei 6 £1699
Quaitz . ..£1699 Digicalc .... £34 99 Rally Cross ...... . £13.99 K Spread 2 £51.99 Robocop ..£1399 Piotex V4 £85.99 Running Man . .....£1399 Degas Elite ...... Shadow ol the Beast . .
Shinobi .. £23.99 £13.99 First Word Plus
VIDI. £144 95 Sim City Maxi £1999 Delux Paint 3 £68 99
Grid Iron £1699 Kindwords 2 £42 99 Hard Driving
..... Honda Rvf ..£13.99 £1699 Branded Disks
3.5* DsiTJO Sony £999 cot* ncm Thtf Test Dei* ftjel
Triad 2 ... _______£16.99 ._ £16.99 J C J
UufLA 1 L (43TPI) Unbranded Disks 35* OS DD £699 £749
Untouchables________ £1599 525" DS DD £699 I Gates ol Jamba
la Afterburner .
£1699 £1699 £1399 £1599 .... £1599 £1699 £1699 £1599 .. £1699 . £1999 £1699 Chase HQ £1599 Continental Circus £13 99 Cyber ball £13 99 Damocles ....£1999 Day of the Viper ...£1699 Delux Strip Poker .... £1399 Double Dragon ......£1399 Dungeon Master (1 Meg) £19 99 Dungeon Master ....- Elvira .....£19.99 Elite ...... £13.99 European Supedeague £13.99 AusterliQ ______ B ol Power Batman the Movie Battlechess Beach Volley ....
Bloodwycb..- . Bombei ...... Cabal ...... F16 Combat F29 Retaliator Future Wars Galaxy Force Ghosttxrsler s 2 Ghouls & Ghosts Indiana Jones (Adv) Infestation.
£1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 £1699 All prices correct at time of going to press MANY MORE SOFTWARE ITEMS AVAILABLE, SEE OUR GUARANTEE AT prices phone mail order crly, mods subject to irailabi fy or reiease (date, abcrre prces include VAT and P&P, UK only For Euopean pices drrde tv 115 •* E20C P&P per tern, aames only Mail order, please make ctequeyPO payable to Softwtsa, 41 Tha High Street, North Tawton, Devon EX20 2HG. Please alio lor cheques lo clear (5 working days) before goods despatched I 0837 82846 FOR PHONE ORDERS RRP £134.95 OUR PRICE £119.95 While stocks last, use
the form on page 113 vidi sr Thanks to a breakthrough by Rombo Productions in frame-grabbing technology, you can now produce good colour images quickly and cheaply with Vidi-Amiga and the VidiChrome colour software.
Take snapshots in 16 shades live from video Multiple frame store Dynamic cut and paste Full palette control ft Hardware and software control of brightness and contrast Compatible with all video standards "Vidi must be one of the most exciting peripherals you can buy for your Amiga" - Amiga Computing, March 1990 READER OFFERS ost you micro's sound output with an Amiga Take advantage of the Amiga superb sound capabilities by routing the output through the Soundblaster‘s high quality amplifier and speakers.
ONLY The amipltfier has been designed specifically for the Amiga and implements the latest microchip technology to produce an ear-shattering five watts output. Twin volume controls enable you to adjust the output and balance to suit.
£34.99 The quality 50 watt speakers consist of a 3in woofer for thumping bass output, a 2in mid-range unit for crisp music and effects and a tiny 1 in tweeter which pumps out the highest frequencies the ear can hear.
The package comes complete with mains adaptor and full instructions.
No soldering or opening of the Amiga casej jjifluired - simply plug in, boot up your favourite software and turn up the volume a • S„U»d'"“s‘C' The essential peripheral for all games players and musicians Order today,using the form on Page 113 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Learn to type quickly, easily and perfectly - the fun way!
This is an artificial intelligence software system from the writers of Chessmaster 2000 - winner of Ihe US Chess Federation Computer Chess Championship.
It checks your progress lesson by lesson, every step of the way, through a typing course tailored to your individual needs.
Mavis makes the learning fun when creating your lessons by selecting quotes from history's greatest writers, countless riddles, rhymes, jokes and hundreds of fascinating facts from the Guinness Book of World Records If you feel your typing could be better, this is the ideal way to learn!
Reader offers RRP £29.99 OUR PRICE £24.99 You know how expensive it is to replace your batteries when they run down.
Even with rechargeable batteries you still have to wart 14 hours for full charge. We have solved the problem with the unique superfast powerful battery and charger kit.
This amazing device will completely charge four standard AA size rechargeable batteries in under 2 hours and each battery can be recharged at least 1,000 times.
Further, fora limited period we can sell the charger and four rechargeable batteries at the staggering low cost of Cl9.95 (plus £1 p&p).
It will pay for itself within weeks!
AMIGADOS: A Dabhand Guide SAVE on batteries Is a comprehensive guide to the Commodore amiga's disc Operating System Versions 1.2 and 1.3). It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system in a way which will be welcomed by the beginner and the experienced user alike.
Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hands-on advice and hints and tips.
The many features of this book include:
• Full coverage of Amiga DOS 1.3 functions
• Filing with and without the Workbench
• The Amiga's hierarchical filing system
• Pathnames and Device names
• The Amiga's multitasking capabilities
• The AmigaDOS screen edtor
• AmigaDOS commands
• Batch processing
• Amiga Error code descriptions
• How to create new systems discs
• Use of the RAM discs For you personal stereo, radio or TV
Publishers’ Choice Whether you are designing a simple flyer,
creating a newsletter, banners, ' posters, or even producing a
magazine, Publisher's Choice offers a comprehensive solution to
your Desktop Publishing and presentation requirements.
With the program you can easily combine text in a variety of styles, in multiple columns and with customised graphics. It comes with over 200 professionally designed images, and high quality "Headline" fonts.
In fact, Publishers’ Choice combines the Kindwords 2.0 word processor, PageSetter 1.2 page composition package, Artists' Choice art program, and the Headline fontpack.
Because the Amiga is multi tasking you can have all the programs working on the screen at the same time, or just use them individually as powerful stand-alone programs.
• Using AmigaDOS with C Amiga Computing approved reading £14.95
USE THE FORM ON PAGE 113 Once upon a time there were two
drawbacks to video digitising on the Amiga. Either it was slow
or it was expensive. Thanks to a price breakthrough from Rombo,
you can now produce good colour images quickly and cheaply.
Thanks to Amiga Computing and Rombo you can get the high
specification PAL VIDl digitiser and Vidi Chrome colour
software for only £119.95. The award winning Vidi digitiser
connects to a black and white or colour video camera to grab
mono pictures instantly and uses a series of filters combined
with a camera to produce startlingly realistic HAM colour
SAVE £15 Hisoft Basic is THE language to get you started with programming the Amiga.
SAVE £30 ? Runs up to 30 times faster than Amiga Basic ? Produces stand alone programs ? Compatible with PC Quick Basic & Amiga Basic Hisoft extend is the natural enhancement for Hisoft Basic users ? 50 functions and subprograms ? Load and Save IFF pictures ? Use all the commands in your own programs Buy the combined package of the HiSoft Basic Compiler and Hisoft's award-winning Extend library for less than the price of the compiler alone Hisoft Basic is easy to use ? Supplied with a high quality manual ? No upper limit to program or data size ? Multi-tasking editor and compiler Together both
programs would usually set you back almost £100, as a special offer to Amiga Computing readers both programs are available for just £69.95. SEE ORDER FORM ON PAGE 113 Just how good is Protext?
‘...merely the best wordprocessor for the Amiga’ EXCLUSIVE!
SAVE £20 "Anyone with a professional interest in words is likely to find it pays dividends", - PC Business World "It is a refreshing change to review an inexpensive WP package which lives up to every expectation". - Which PC "Protext deserves lo be the system by which all other word processors are judged". - Your Computer "The great strength of the package is its ease of use". - CPC Computing "Deserves very serious consideration". - Amstrad Professions] Computing Reveiwed in Amiga Computing, January 1989 RRP £99.95 OUR PRICE £79.95 Aut)!flB3Cf*toPT!«6ng o! *tf PtQ) Or «Ki flurry Cir spa) crecu
u you typa Ow 70,090 word Engl'in Ocwrary M*CTO riKOTO rr.«Ja FoCTflBI Uenj arw*n conl fton po?w AjB inoert for p'ogrtm act g Lr* orairrg Fes'. Trc tax oe fnd ttc ¦naa PomerU m*wge twci y Boa ffiooo tv cnting oalufnrs Ea:*3 FUSIltlBrr* Ksyboaid oi moult operrton beaten. It can be used as simply as ... in short, it can be what you want it Protext is acknowledged by many as THE word processore for most home micros, and the Amiga version is no exception.
What you get with Amiga Protext is a powerful workhorse with a proven track record. Plus a saving of £20 off the retail price of the new version 4!
Press comments "For power and value for money, I don’t think that Protext can be you choose, or can handle the most complex mailmerge routines to be". - Micro net Reader offers Keyboard dust cover (A500) £4.95 Binder £5.95 Twelve rods hold your issues in place and keep them in pristine condition in this smart PVC binder.
25 for £20!
Mouse mat £6.95 Disc storage box £4.95 This luxury padded box is the ideal storage medium, holding up to FIFTY 3.5" discs Home Accounts Day by Day RRP £54.90 OUR PRICE £34.90 ? Updating ol regular appointments ? Comprehensive search facility ? Automatic reminders ? At-a-glance week and month summaries ? Print option ? Grouping ol related messages £54.95 RRP £59.95 SAVE £5!
Home Accounts has been designed to make full use of the Amiga's features, giving you the widest range of home accounting facilities available at this price.
The program lets you set budgets and control up to 13 separate accounts, with optional printouts of any data.
Within seconds of loading you data disc you can check your budget or any account, and even display or print the data in bar or pie charts.
Day by Day replaces your manual system for diary, business organiser, notepad, planner, reminder and so on.
It's suitable for both business and home applications, including numerous useful functions which serve every requirement.
It’s suitable for both business and home applications, including numerous useful functions which serve every requirement.
Among its many features are: ? Calender diary planner ? Categories such as bills, birthdays and letters ? Appointment sorting ? 'Urgent' notice board ? ’Overdue’ notice board ? Advance notice ol forthcoming events Both of these powerful programs are excellent value on their own, but if you buy this exclusive combination package we'll knock £20 off the combined retail price.
Protect your Amiga with this top- quaJity cover made from clear, water-resistant vinyl.
It's bound with strong cotton and features the Amiga Computing logo.
The perfect desktop environment for your mouse with its specially-designed, perfect- grip surface. It ensure much smoother movement, gives super-positive control and protects your table top from scratches.
ArgAsm Probably the fastest assembler ever for the Amiga!
Exclusive price for readers of There’s always a demand for spare Amiga discs - and at Amiga Computing we have lots we will be happy to sell off at a really exceptional price. They are all discs that have been prepared as monthly cover discs, but they are brand new and have never been used, so you can safely reformat them and use them for any purpose you like. Look at these prices: Batman the Movie computer game at a knock-out price Need some extra discs?
Only £14.95 5 for £7.50!
READER OFFERS ON1PUTING £19.95 genuine leather personal organiser Worth over £30, the personal organiser is crammed full of pages of information including year planners, first aid tips, international holidays, mileage charts, dialing codes, weights and measure conversions and locations of motorway service areas.
There's also a daily diary section for 1989, 1990 and 1991, maps of the UK and the London underground, an appointments schedule, several pages for notes, a personal finance organiser, expense sheets, a telephone index, and much, much morel Each section is marked using plastic tabs - making it easy to find the page you need. There are special pockets for your credit and business cards, and you get a handy plastic ruler which you can also use to keep your place.
So get yourself organised on us. Order today and well mall your personal organiser by return!
Order today,using the form on Page 113 Juot aome of the personal organisers information-pecked pages Tank Attack is a computerised board game for two, three or four players, where each one takes the role of a General commanding a country's Tank Corps of one or more armoured divisions.
Your objective is to capture the enemy headquarters, which will require the planned strategic deployment of your forces and regular fire duels between your own and enemy units.
Weather, morale, skill, judgement, planning foresight, careful management of rebuild and repair facilities and luck all play a part-in deciding the result of each game.
Tank attack is one of those games you keep coming back to, and at the special offer price of only £19.95 is guaranteed to give you and your friends hours of action-oacked excitement.
Control a full division of tanks and armoured cars See all the fighting 'live' on your computer Superb board and fully detailed playing pieces Real time graphics Play as allies or enemies Suitable for all ages RRP £22.95 OUR PRICE £19.95 fggiKfQdSN -SS" Place your order today, using the form on Page 113 COMPUTING READER OFFERS Valid to 30.6.90 Otters subject Back issues December 1989-May 1990 bundle £15.00 9902 Mail Order offers (seepages 110 111) Publishers Choice Mini-Gen fAdd £3 Europe & Eire £12 Overseas £79.99 £98.85 9867 9869
* December 1989 £3.10 9718
• January 1990 £3.10 9719 Word Perfect 4.1 version
178. 85 9870 February 1990 £2.10 9720 X-Cad £89.85 9871 March
1990 £2.10 9721 Small Business Accs Xtra £89.95 9873 April
1990 £2.10 9722 Mavis Beacon Typing Home Accounts Day by Day
ArgAsm Flight Simulator Pair ol Scenery Discs Flight
Simulator + Discs £24.99 9874 May 1990 Includes cover disc
£3.10 9723 £34.90 £54.95 9851 9858 Cover Discs
August-January £9.00 9881 £35.95 9868 £31 90 9872 £65.85
9878 Ftombo Vidi-Chrome (see page 109) £11 g g5 g$ g 1 Amiga
Soundblaster (seepage 109) Protext Version 4 (see pages
110 111) £34.99 9890 £79.95 9530 9882 Casio Pocket TV400
colour TV (seepages 110 111) £94.95 9865 ______ Plus post
and packing £1.50 Batman - The Movie Game (seepage 111)
£14.95 Tank Attack (seepage 112) Hi Soft (see page 94)
£19.95 9848 Basic Compiler £69.95 9896 Dust covers Battery
charger (seepages 110 111) £4.95 9507 £19.95 9861 Plus post
and packing £1.50 Mouse mats 285?
£14.95 9900 £4.95 9508 World Snooker (see page 80) Binders £5.95 9509 Personal Organiser (seepage 112) £19.95 9901 Disc boxes Amiga DABhand Guide (seepages 110 111) A comprehensive guide to the Amiga's disc operating system (versions 1.2 and 1.3) £14.95 9866 £4.95 9860 Addition for postage: Europe & Eire add £3 Overseas add £5 Unless otherwise indicated Amiga cover discs (seepages 110 111) 5 assorted discs £7.50 9887 25 assorted discs £20.00 9888 TOTAL Payment: please indicate method ( ) Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Database Direct Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South
Wirraf L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK) Products are normally despatched within 48 hours of receipt but delivery ot certain items could take up to 28 days Expiry Date Access Mastercard Eurocard Barclaycard Visa Connect No. I I I I I I I I I I i I Signed Post Code AM 6 J L ¦ THE LAST BLIT ¦ THE most famous example of the origin of a piece of jargon, and the most argued about, is the term “bug”, which refers to an error in either computer equipment or programs.
To coin a phrase The most popular and best doc- umented story is that it was invented in 1945 by a computer programmer named Grace Murray Hopper while she was working for the US Navy.
One humid summer day the Harvard Mark I started playing up, so the boffins had to shut it down.
Upon investigating they found that an electrical switch was blocked bv the remains of a moth that had somehow found its way into the maze of circuitry.
They removed it with tweezers and taped it into their meticulously kept logbook (which still exists).
Next to it they mote: “First actual case of a bug being found.” After that, every time an officer came in to ask if they were achieving anything, they told him they were “debugging” the computer.
The term stuck.
Any word ending in “ware” is a good example of jargon. First we had hardware and software. Then, when the differences between them became a bit fuzzy, we had firmware.
Products which were constantly overshooting their completion deadlines were labelled vapour- ware, and some seriously maladjusted technicians went on to rename the human operators as wetware.
Looking at the number of Strip Poker games and other stereotyped programs available at the moment, we could probably get away with calling the whole leisure software market mens ware.
Tomorrow never comes DO you remember spending many hours in school rhyming off proverbs by heart, and wondering about their relevance to modern day life? There is no doubt that several could benefit from being modernised, so here is the list we in the office have compiled so far.
Many would do well as entries in the Amiga manual, and should be engraved upon your heart.
Look before you format.
A game on the disc is worth two in the listings.
Don’t put all your files in one partition.
• Don’t count your discs before they’re verified.
A fool and his copyright are soon parted.
• We’ll Dos that bridgeboard when we come to it.
§ Pride comes before a guru.
• Look after the bits, and the bytes will look after themselves.
• Rom wasn’t blown in a day.
17 Bit Software ....88 Adamsoft .... 33
A. S.A ... 86
Amigatex .... 86 Amiga PD
Library . 108 Applied Research Kemal.... .108
Amor ... 98
Ashcom ...... 70 Bytes &
Pieces .. 79
Calco ... 72 Castle
Software . 34 Computer
Store . 68 Computerwise ...
114 Contriver Europe ... ...27 Database
Software 80 Datcl Electronics 76,
83 Diamond Computers ....106,107
Digicom ...... 15
Dieigraphic 78 Digita
International ...... 1?
Electra Public Domain . 88 Entertainment International..! 16 Eurolink ......104. 105 Evesham Micros 94 Equinox Business Systems.
..89 Gonzo Games .... 49 Greater London Computers....86 Hampshire Micro Computers.78 Hi-Soft ..7 Home Based Business .....78 HSV Computer Services .31 Infogrames ..2 Kadsoft ...86 Ladbroke ..41
L. C.L ..78 Magnetic
Media ...78 MD Office
Supplies .58 Memory Expansion Systems....8
Microdeal .6, 55, 97
MicroLink .....50
Microtext 88 Mistral Computer
Supplies ....80 Overseas Media ......3 Power
Computing 16, 17,18 £Dom PD Amiga 96 12
Months Guarantee On off switch Through port Slimline Rombo
.’ 115 SK
Marketing 73
Softmachine ..70
Softsellers ......20 Solid
State .....72 Special
Reserve ....23 George Thompson Services .102
US Action ......24 Video
Productions 33 Virtual
Reality .. 80 WTS
Electronics ,.78 8 9 Market Square
• Take snapshots in 1 shades live from video.
• Multiple frame store will utilise all available memory J. $
Dynamic cut and paste.
& Full palette control.
1 lu rd ware and software control of brightness anc contrast.
Compatible with all video standards colour, black and white. VI IS. Beta.
PAL. NTSC etc.; Upgradable to full colour writli additional VIDTCIIROME' pack.
COLOUR UPGRADE £19.95 inc VAT VIDI ENABLES YOU TO ... vidi-amiga screenshot VIDI- AMIGA Y1DI AMIGA SCREEN SHOT Have perfect freeze frame front any video.
Incorporate real life objects into our favourite design.
Crab real time,3rD images from TV.
Hi 11 ui nee voi i r gra pii ics ' creativity;
• ¦ C’apn ire and store action setpienees.
.• Desk top video.
D. T.P. DeskTop: Publishing::.
Rombo Ltd., 6 Fairbairn Road, Kirkton North, TEL. 0506-414631 Livingston, Scotland EH.54 6TS. FAX: 0506-414634 Limited New scenarios and characters combine to make Escape from singe's Castle the best sequel to the best selling animated fantasy adventure of all time.
"Miifa’surr vou see this game, it uses the Amiga in the way it was intended... to amaze Amiga Computing 85% Available Now: Amiga (A50O, A1000 A2000) Only 512K required Stunning music and enhanced sound FX plus extra screens with 1Mb Never the same game twice Incredible animation, better than ever before!
Links with the original Dragon's Lair for the Ultimate playing experience.
DRAGON'S LAIR "Unquestionably the most stunning home computer game you will nave ever seen" Commodore Computing International Available Now: Amiga (A50Q A2000 with 1MB, A1O00 with 512K) IBM PC (EGA, VGA, TANDY®) Coming soon Atari ST i'ilftmi'ft MMU iiiuu i fnnn-tc1 it iiriiijcit.
“Watch the game and you'll be stupefied by the spectacle" ST FORMAT MAY 90 available now Amiga (A500 A1000 A2000) Atari ST (512K, limited gameplay with single sided disk drives) Atari STE (uses enhanced 4096 colour palette) doming soon IBM PC and Compatibles Distributed by Empire ' Escape from singe sCastle "Dragon's Lair1' and "5pace Ace" are registered trademarks-cm ned br Bluth Group. Ltd © 1989 Bluth Group. Ltd; used under bee ArflrOm Sullivan Bluth Interactive 4 THE STANNF.TTS, LAINDON, NORTH TRADE CENTRE, BASILDON.
Interactive Media. Inc.. Character Design*© 1*83 Don Bluth; ALE RIGHTS RESERVED
F. SSF.X SS15 6DJ TFT. No. (0268) 541126 FAX No. (0268) 541125 1
could be ono ninning run here 2 Holds disk drives, genlocks
• Easy access to joystick pans
• Monitor sits about A500 £54.95 3 If you find ’Brickouf games
addictive this disk won’t disappoint you. The highlight is a
game, written by Paul Stevens, with a complete design editor.
Easy to use and fast to play and beautifully presented. As
reviewed in Amiga Format.
“ "MEGA GAMES PACK VOL 111"** £19.99 (£17.99 Members) These 7 disks are packed full of the best games that have recently arrived on the PD scene in Germany and the U.S.A. The programmes include card, adventure, puzzle, role playing, action and platform games.
A full review is published in the latest issue of 'PD News'.

Click image to download PDF

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