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Commodore have not defined any standards fôr devices which hove more cotours and rés olutions thon the standard Amiga". said Martin Lowe of Amiga Centre Scotiond - one of the ieoding tights of Grofexa. "Anyone producing hardware dnd wrtttng software hits probtems in extending the Amiga's capabiii-ties. They are faced w"h uptoa dozen boards. Through this new organisation, we wiü heip to erodi-cotethisprobiem*. tt is pionned to pubiish the first draft of the new standard tn time for the European Deveiopers' Conférence in Miion in Februory. THE MiDAS TOUCH TWO iucky peopie wiii soon be receiving goid piated AMIGAs as part of Commodore s cetebrotion fo-reaching saies miiestones. Amiga saies in the UKpassed the hoif müiion mark in November ond wortdwide saies passed the two müiion mark during the same month. When contacted by Amrgo Computing, Commodore were stiti working on pians for o chority tie-up with the présentations, it was not ciear whether the specioi AMIGAs wiii go to the puchosers of the 500.003th and two mtiiionth machines with a donation to çhority, or i! they wiii be aucttoned off. Whiie Commodore odmitted that the AMIGAs probabiy won't have rea! goid ieaf. they wiii come with specici pioques

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Document sans nom Complete guide- February 91 Issue 33 ¦ » c*i tucn as to making music 00:00:00:00 it r t 1 1 4: lUltmtt | Driven to ‘jr-'fT distraction Plot a course__ with GB Route PUBLIO domai rvj Shown below is justaselection trow over 500 PD Mies, caretutty Chosen tor their quality content ami all at Exceptional Prices Phone tor listings NOW! Everything from Omo s to tun Mown programmes.. OUR sets are unique and at BARGAIN PRICESl COMPUTER SYSTEMS THE TRACK EXPERIENCE1 Try th» 'Track Experience' TODAY and enjoy your purchase TOMORROW. Ouri superb back-up will see to thatl Experience the unique profession
alism from the most famous team In the country. It goes without saying our advice Is useful; AND IT's FREEI 'TOP 10' DISKSs nwnMmjnui; PHONE NOW FOR FULL LISTINGSI £9.00 GAMES $ ET1 SOM Set RISK. MONOPOLY. TETRIS.
MORIA £4.95 A500 AMIGA rSOREENGEMS' StcJ. Aimcjri A500 will* rsomu Gioal New Software..?'
BACK TO THE FUTURE II, BEAST II, DAYS OF THUNDER,' NIGHTBREED, DELUXE PAINT II, PLUS AMAZING VO GAME PACK!®' tyieat 'Value Only... £369 SCREENGEMS TRACKPAK As above bat wills a TRACKPAK exclusive to Track Computers...YOU got EXTRA VALUEI BACK TO THE FUTURE II, BEAST II, DAYS OF THUNDER, NIGHTBREED, DELUXE PAINT II, 20 GAME PACK .1 Disk Storage Box, I - Mouse Mat, 1 -Joystick, 1 -Dust Cover, S-PO Disks - , 5 Blank Disks, Free Track TOP 5 DEMO's Updated Daily 5 Disk Set £4.95 UTILITIES SET s Disk Set MESSY DOS. POWER PACKER. VIRUS KILLER, EUROPA DISK. ARP (8rlllian1l) £4.95 BUSINESS PACK s Disk
NOISETRACKER V2 (Midi Compatible) M. E. D. £4.95 A500 AMIGA SOFTWARE ACCESSORI ES At TRULY FANTASTIC prices...Trout Track Highly Recommended!
MUSIC SAMPLE FILES (FOR ABOVE) 99p Ea. R SUPERBASE PERSONAL SUPERBASE II (rrp £59.95) £ 15.00 (rrp £99.95) £29.95 SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL & SUPERPLAN (rrp £350.00) £ 149.95 BBC TRANSFER UTILITY A Reel Translation Program to get these £24.95 BBC files to an Amiga, complete with cable to link both machines together.
VIDEO APPLICATIONS DISKS 1 & 2. Progs for the Graphics Enthusiast £4.95 ANIMATION SET 5D,skSet SOOT. SPACE CHASE (Great!), STEALTHLY 2. STAR TREK MANOEUVRES. THE RUN £4.95 T S12K MEMORY UPGRADE Phone our Fast Order Line using your Access. Visa at lombotd Chotg* Cofds or send us a Cheque Postal Order with your order details Credit terms are available to customers over 18 (subject to status), just ( hone (or written details & an application form. Requests for credit are required in advance and are available to UK Mainlond residents only. APR 38,9% (Vqrlqbl*) Postal delivery and VAT ore Included
In the prices shown but Next Working Day courier service is available ct an additional cost o( £7.50 large item (UK Mainlond Oily) All goods are despatched sdme day payment is 4 confirmed, but note cheques need bank clearance before goods con be despatched.
R £44.95, Track Computers reserve the ngH 10 Olter specific offers,'chcnge price-.
Without prior notice Goods advertised subject to availability We ore Officiary appointed agents lot Tdl * extended warranty scheme which con tx ' 9 puichcioa oitnof for new iTHj or older compuler products for periods of one year or more Phone us now lot deioils and paces1 RACK COMPUTER SYSTEMS OLD FAVOURITES 5 Disk Set PUGGS IN SPACE. SPACE ACE.
VC ? A68K ASSEMBLER £4.95 E0UCATI0N I to 5 5 Disk Set The Best selling education around £4.95 Learn & Play 12(under 7s) 99p Ea (Department t C 0 F P 3 Blacksmiths Yard Sadler Gate Derby DEI 3PD Telephone: (0332) 41817 FAX No: (0332) 44001 IS YOUR AMIGA STILL IN THE STONE AGE?
• Faster than the Commodore A3000 •
• 600% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software Compatibility • Ptug-in upto a 50 Mhz Maths
Co-Pro •
• Advanced 32-bit design •
• 32-bit Kickstart Six times Faster
• Three models - 16.67 20 25 Mhz • CPU: 16.6: Vhr Asynchronous
MC88070RC16 7-3 MIPS IB peak) FPU: 17.5 Wr - 50 VH*
Asynchronous VC68881RC or MC5888?»C RAM: A of 32-bfc 256 * A
50ns D°AVs SHA09W ROM Mova your lOddttart Into 37-bit
SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE: 66000 Callback mo J* for 100N so'twam
compatlbilhr HARDWARE: 100% comp*t«b»« with Ami$ * 5007000 *n J
edtf-on Cofth INTERFACE: Plug* into 68000 twcmor socknt Inskfe
your Amigr.
68881 - * 99 1 Mb RAM - &69 (INC vat Ac DELIVERY) BASIC MODEL - 68020 (16 Mhz) 1 Mb RAM Solid State Leisure limited This months cover feature is alt about making music on your Amiga. What you need where to go, what to do - and how much if s all going to cost! Get with it by turning to page 19 * c o V E R S T O R Y MimfilUfi EDITOR; jack UtS&l WHO'S WHO STAFF WhraS: PalAuSft Sate Kennedy PBQODCTBN cD(708' Cans Sevens AST SfiOfc. Tenv Ztatit AMESnsaBfT MANAGES: Tracey CiTCii ADVSTSJiS SALS' Trw Ssepura PU&J&kOSY: i,'MOM fcttSMC JO rwpHaB M PKMiPft flSOOW.
OMHUKOwfc u MAMAfiMB DfigtOB: nuy Goto C0MMs£kL.QiKCT0k3 Mdncs AaSTSJia UUMfiSt Joa Saowxr.
Tdaanc KS&c&aambu; OS2SS73cSS Srtargua: (BIS? 2*1 ho 0S25S79S66 Cm ouq MiaflB iiltin lot paMabH. LUMul anti M tK hi Aep «tou tow ea. Tti auo id Mm- fi ~ ~.y Vs tojatofiylmatotaaMiUduMjfracttuu.
6 ISA UaadM hbuui li to urn juj to ngaane h MU* tr H ltd tfw( Mtfu pnaat (M mm yd aM H HMiiMyatt«aui.*t|rf i dnnKai*tM t (Cij IM c M ustwem kray d M m* CMB((to&totoS) The disk that leaves all others with their electro-magnetic heads bowed. Every month, we present some of the best tree software around and this month's no exception!
To begin with, we've got a corking bit of software for cfi you wdec freaks. For those with an enormous collection of ElSOs, Videocar provides a comprehensive catalogue of what's on each of them, together with details of remaining recordmge and so on. Next, there's a fun and instructional English grammar checker to help you to construct all those lexers you're constantly witting to usf All this, and a thrilling 24-level platform arcade game-don't mtss it!
CONTENTS It's time for. The Gallery (sound of limp guitar music scratching away in the background).
• Cue T. Hart) 'Were sorry, but we cant return any of our
pictures. We do. However, promise to have a goDd laugh at them
...* Turn to page Page 70 The latest and best in the world of
electronic ente-- tainment (and you don't need batteries).
Ishido: The way of the Stones. Tanks, tanks and more tanks.
Mayhem and Intellectual mastery hand in hand 37 AMIGApeople All the news mot's fit to print from the world of AMIGA computing .....7 Dispatches Your thoughts on the great issues of the day - votes for women, the Crimea, finding reliable servants.... 125 Public Domain Stewart c Russell with another astonishing batch of freebies .91 Technical Help Anorak failing you? Let our team of in-house wibblers sort out your technical problems.
A song, a smile and a cheery quip REGULARS GALLERY GAMES Big Alternative Scroller They say size doesn't count, right? Take a look at this video titling monster, ....66 GB Route Plot a course with the ultimate in frlendl road maps.
The AA 'ain’t got nuthln' like this ..63 Amiga Centre Tick ya stethoscope aft ma sensitive areas. Dorkter Findlay. We trek north to meet AMC .72 Roland rat?
Musical monsters Rolands best kit on the oench for a thorough test ....107 Printers! Printers!
Two of the best in 24-pin printing come under the microscope .. 92 REVIEWS ALMANAC Something for everyone, every month in Almanac MACHINE CODE 113 CODE CLINIC 115 DTV .111 The Features New fast & easy to use pull dawn menu system with dialogue boxes ond alerts; fife selector; mouse dragging to set blocks. Menus complement existing commonds ond keyboard shortcuts, do not replace them. Menus may be used with mouse or keyboard. Amiga verson follows Intuition guidelines.
Ffve years to the month after Protext version 1 was launched Amor ore pleosed to present verson 5, on enormous Jeop forward m both eose of use and performance.
Protext 5.0 introduces o completely integrated system of pull down menus ond dialogue boxes. The menus ore among the many operations that moy now be carried out with either the mouse or the keyboard. Protext really does give you the best of both worlds.
Protext 5.0 hardies printer fonts flexibly and accurately. You cor moke full use of any number of proportional printer fonts, mix them freely within any line, centre them in headers, use automatically formatted footnotes. And Protext correctly formats your text as you type it, no matter how many font changes you use, showing you line ond page breaks exactly os they will be printed.
Protext 5.0 is still the fastest word processor around. Even though we hove made all these major improvements we have taken great care to ensure that text editing is us fast as ever. The mews work smoothly ond quickly even with high resolution displays. But of course, you can use Protext's efficient set of commands and keys just os before and 5.0 remains compatible with all earlier versions from 1.0 onwards.
Protext 5.0 is a worthy successor to version 4, which was described as "the best word processor at any price", "the best text processor on the Amiga" and "the most powerful word processor on the Atari ST" (AU1, ST Amiga Format, ST User).
Protext 5.0 heralds a new era of multi-lingual European software, m time for 1992 and the opening up of Eastern Europe. Protext may be used in at least 27 different languages ond has 10 different national keyboard layouts built in (plus the capability to define your own symbols and different font sizes on the same line; proportional formatting whilst editing; side margin, headers and footers independent of main text font. Tabs, decimal tabs ant centre tabs. Extensive range of printer drivers supplied.
Multiple file editing - up to 36 files may be open; split screen editing.
V Graphics mode support on PC allows use in virtually any text or graphics mode including 132 column or 75 line VGA modes; user defined characters and on-screen bold, italics and underfiring now on all versions; use of 13 different accents on any character.
Language support mdudesAlbcnicn, Bosque, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Flemish, Finnish, French, German, Hungcricn, Irish, Italian, Latin, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Serbocracticn, Slovak, Spanish, Slovene, Swedish, Welsh. (Note: some printers do not support all languages).
Index and contents generation. Indexer takes marked words or phrases; contents entries automatically taken from titles wrapped in control codes; many options for style of contents output.
Y Spelling checker features completely new 110,000+ word Collins dictionary w?h very fast phonetic lookup. Anagrams and find word pattern. Foreign language dictionaries (German, Swedish avcibble now, others to follow).
,Y Many other enhancements including multi-line footnotes and endnotes; automatic timed save; add columr or raw of figures; indent tabs; find word at cursor; *0 column mode support; sentence operations; inter- paragraph space; much improved expression evaluator; self incrementing voriobies; Roman numerals; newspoper-style column printing; file sorting utnty with special options for names and addresses; revised manual plus new tutorial guide.
- And don't forget Protext still includes background printing;
box manipulation; macro recording; exec hies; headers ond
footers; find and replace; mail merging; undelete; file
conversion utility; configuration program; auto reformatting;
on screen help; time and date; typewriter mode; line drawing;
disc utilities.
Prices Pretext 5.0 mav be purchosed from cny good compute shop or directly from Amor. Upgrades from earlier version ere only cvcitote from Amor and the original discs should be returned with your order.
PC Amiga ST TT Archimedes Protext 5.0 Upgrade from v4.2 from eorlier versions Protext 4.2 Prodotc 1.1 £149.95 £60 £75 £99.95 £79.95 £149.95 £60 £75 £99.95 £79.95 £149.95 £60 £75 £99.95 £79.95 £149.95 N A N A N A due 1991Q1 Motes: Pretext 5.0 requires at least 640K of memory on oil mochines Protext 4.2 reauires at leas? 512K of memory on cl machines Prodafo requires 1 MB of memory on the Arrrgc Amor Ltd (amc), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PEI 3HA. Tel: 0733 68909 (24 hr), Fax: 0733 67299 WHAT’S- - TEN yeors ago. Roger Hulley started Alternative Software from the front room of his mother's
house. He has Just marked a further milestone In his business development by launching another label - Friendly Learning.
Aimed at providing colourful and enjoyable programs for younger Amiga people based on popular television and cartoon characters. Friendly Learning was launched from Alternative’s West Yorkshre headquarters but Roger's family still have an active part in its development.
This comes from his four-year- old son Luke who Is well versed In compiler programs and provides an ideal opportunity for Roger to field test his new packages "Friendly Learning is a special label we have created for the education market with licences specially chosen to attract the under sevens*. Roger told Amiga Peop e. "With a four-year-old of my own. I felt there was a need for program* to target this younger age group and I can also understand the needs of parents who may not have a lot of computer knowledge.
'All the programs are controlled by joystick so parents don’t need to teach their children how to use the computer. Once the programs are loaded, they Ignore the computer and just use the joystick”.
The first pockage features those lovable characters Sooty and Sweep and is called Sooty and Sweep's Fun With Numbers. Next in line is Thornes The Tank Engine’s Fun With Words. Amiga versions of both cost £19.99. include six levels of learning and are supplied complete with flash ccrds.
About to be launched are Postman Pat's Fun With Shapes and Sizes using the popular mailman and his friends in Greendale which have already been featured In a game from Alternative (0977 797777).
Future characters to be brought to the computer screen ?
STEP INTO FANTASY BILLED as "the ultimate tool for building a Virtual Reality”.
Domark's latest offering on the Incentive Software lobe! Is The 3D Construction Toolkit, due on sale in April.
For users in both educational and leisure markets. The 3D Construction Toolkit Is claimed to be the first product to allow Amiga owners to create, design and plan a real environment then walk Into that environment and Interact with t as If they were really there.
Included with the utility win be a specially written orcode adven- ture created with the kit and featuring some of Its eflects and animations.
TMIGAI 'Using the kit is rather like building Lego blocks fa adults”, said a spokesman from Domark (081-780 2222). "You can shrink yourself and enter your new creations; interact with your surroundings, animate objects then get them moving to create an even more real effect”.
Houses, streets and even small towns can be created In 3D. The package also has the scope to include rooms in buildings, underground scenes, vehicles and even space scenarios. Sound effects can be selected from the product's internal library and there is also a choice of readymade environments.
Potential uses for the utttty are the creation of 3D arcade games, adventures and simulations. 3D modelling and visualisation plus educational design, will be Huxley P»g. Super Ted and Firemar Sam.
Roger also plans to use some of the characters in new 16-bit games. These will include Thomas The Tank Engine. Huxley Pig and the vampire duck. Count Duckula. The Alternative games will cosl £7.99. KICK OFF CRAZY Which piece of software was capabe of drawing a crowd so large at a recent event in Germony that the police were colled n order to control the frantic supporters? And which piece of software recently attracted Crowds throng ‘he aisles in anticipation
15. 000 players to a league event in Italy, and Is also
responsible for similar bizarre events erupting in France.
Spain and the UK?
The answer: Kick Off 2. The game which swaps boots and balls for bits and bytes, The ultimate football simulation goes from strength to strength. This now-familiar cult classic, which has taken Europe by storm, finally reached that Mecca of the English game. Wembley Thousands of players have been slugging it out during the lost few months in egional rounds of The Computer Football Challenge Cup.
The play-offs were held at the Anco stand during the recent Shopper Show weekend, with the final being held on the Sunday.
Although Kick Off 2 is available for both the ST and Amiga, when things get senojs there's only one machine As a result, all the matches at the show were played on an Amiga If that isn't enough, the show also boasts the appearance of French. German. Italian and Spanish champions, not to mention the new hero of the English game. Neale Type.
The newly crowned king. Neale Type walked off with c smile and a handsome £1.000 cheque for his efforts. Steve McEwen. The unlucky runner up. Was seen to be wiping away a tear with a wod of fivers amounting to a cool £500. Each of the final ’6 received a medal, plus £100 to drown their sorrows.
The final went to a sudden death shoot out. Leaving the outcome balanced on the first player to score. In the European competition. Neale unfortunately cane bottom of the table, with the favourite and eventual winrer Luca Caldiero heading back home with a cool auarter of a m- lioo In his hot little hand (Italian ire of course...). TALKING TECH AT a meeting in Cologne, a group of hardware and software developers have formed an organisation which could have important repercussions for the Amiga development community.
Called Grafexa. It s a multinational body which has stepped in to produce a common standard for devices offering more colour and higher resolution than the standard Amiga - an area which Commodore has failed to cover.
Grafexa will act as a forum for discussions on the new standard and will circulate newsletters ?
WHAT'S new modelling and urban studies.
As Amiga Computing went to press, no price had been fixed NEW ON THE SHELVES AMIGA people with Christmas present cash burning a hole in their pockets have a good choce of new Amiga books to curl up with on those long winter nights.
Former Amiga Computing writer Mark Smiddy has produced Master AmigaDOS 2 which covers verson 2.0 of the Amiga operating system. In two volumes, it also decls with previous versions providing hands-on instructions and explanations on AmigaDOS commands.
AmigaDOS 2 is available through Bruce Smith Books (0727 41243) and is described as 'the de-facto guide to all versions of AmigaDOS". Volumes one and two cost £39.90. Also on the subject of AmigaDOS is a new offering from Abacus called AmigaDOS Inside & Out. An upgrade on the popular title, it now includes the 1.2. 1.3 and 2.0 opercting systems.
As its name suggests. Amiga Printers Inside & Out is a full guide to using printers. Rounding off the Abacus range Is Making Music With The Amiga for ell the Midi fans who want useful tips.
Further details of the Abacus books can be obtained from AdamSoft on 0706 524304.
FANCY FRACTALS VIRGIN Games (071-727 8070) have announced that they are to publish the next offering from Graftgold. The team responsible for hit titles such as Uridium, Simulcra and Super Of Rood.
Based on 3D fractal technology. It's an original role playing game with the working title of Realms.
"Following the successful relationship we had with Graftgold on the superb Super Off Road coin op conversion, we wanted to work with them again on an original product*, said director of Virgin Gomes Andrew Wright.
'Realms has been in development for about six months and we ore very impressed with what we have seen".
Realms should become avertable in February but meanwhile.
Virgin has had to postpone the release of the eagerly awaited Judge Dredd It should be due out any time now at £19.99 for the Amiga version.
Commodore A500 Flight Of Fantasy FLIGHT OF FANTASY AMI& Flight ot Fantasy is the vary latest Amiga 500 pack Irom Commodore featuring BRAND NEW software releases, to make thu the most spectacular A500 pack ever* The pack features the Amiga 500 computer with mouse controller and TV modulator, as well as four lop software titles These include the following_ F29 RETALIATOR DELUXE PAINT II.
The ultima* n Sight simulation «* • ¦ choice ?l two aircraft end tour bailie enviorunenu w*n docent d different Uctu* masons Aanaf comber, tlrateoic bombings interac By ground Mud Dames seegong carrier* me lei or feature* it enuieet tew ume cockpit disoley* including true r»d r' enhance the realetic leal o' me ttunnmg aimuabon ESCAPE ROBOT MONSTERS Th« Commodoie A500 Batman Pack must surety rank as one of the most popular computer packs ever! The pack teatures the Commodore Amiga 500 computer with mouse controller and TV modulator, plus fou- top software titles Tho software includes
Batman The Movie’ -Rid Gotham Citv of the cunning joker in Ocean s top sefmg title based on the blockbuster Batman Mm New Zealand Story - high quality conversion ot the leading arcade game.
Interceptor Dogfight with two F-16's in this leading flight simulator. Deluxe Paint II • top quality Amiga graphics package which set the standard for others to follow Return the coupon lor further detail* PACK INCLUDES: A500 Computer & Mouse £399.99 A520 TV Modulator £24.99 Batman The Movie £24.95 New Zealand Story £24.95 Interceptor £24.95 Deluxe Paint II £49.95 FOR FURTHER DETAILS OF THE AMIGA RANGE, COMPLETE THE COUPON AND RETURN IT TO SILICA SHOP THE UK’S No1 AMIGA SPECIALISTS TOTAL PRP: £549.78 Less Pack Saving £150 78 PACK PRICE: £399.00 Hare * loremng cotrpretel, different
- a tcience «dion story «*tn comic book tlyle gtMAlU Our hemes
j«u and Ouke are on me Planet x reecu mg Human* who have been
captured by I he Robe* Monsters and knead to create an ev»
Rotxx Army to OESTROV EABTIf Ja»e and Duke SgN lk*r way through
hordes ol evu Robots to help the Mumant escape RAINBOW ISLANDS
Sic on your meg* shoes, practise I hr owing a ra-nbow and
you're ready to go aland hopping From the Wend or Don to
Monster island you an* erv courttr Ooft Nmaeit, stingmg
¦elhi1 combii mecnmes mechanical assails nu the hymidebW Demgs ot legend and lolklore Fmeli, ante- the wond d darkneet and ita mhebrraret PACK INCLUDES: A500 Computer 4 Mouse £399.99 A520 TV Modulator £24.99 Deluxe Paint II £49.95 Escape Robot Monsters £19.99 Rainbow Islands £24.95 F29 Retaliator £24.95 TOTAL RRP: £544.82 Less Pack Saving 214582 PACK PRICE: £39*00 SILICA SHOP OFFER YOU FREE OVERNIGHT COURIER DELIVERY On all hardware orders shipped in the UK TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team ol Amiga technical experts at your service PRICE NATCH: We normally match competitors on a "Same product
- Santo price" basis ESTABLISHED 12 YEARS Provon track record m professional computer sales CI3u TURNOVER (with 60 staftl Solid and reliable with maintained growth BUSINESS EDUCATION GOVERNMENT: Volume discounts available fcr large orders SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London & SidCup branches THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your Amiga requirements from one supplier FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with offers and softwaro peripheral details PAYMENT: By cash, cheque and all major credit cards.
CREDIT PAYMENT TERMS: Sihca are licensed credit brokers - return coupon tor details.
Batoro you decice whon to buy your ng* Amiga computer we suggest you trunk very carefully a soul WHERE you buy it Consoer what 1 will be like a few months after buying your Amiga when you may roquire additional peripherals or software. Or harp and advice with your now purchase Ano, will the eompsny you buy horn contaci you with details cf new products'’ At Silica Shop, wo ensure that you wvi have nothing to worry about Silica have been establrhed tor over 12 years and have an annual turnover ot C13 million With our unrnailed experience and expertise we can now claim to meet our customers
requirements wilh an understanding which is second to none But don’: just take our word tor it Complete and return me coupon row lor our latest Free literature and begin 10 f,t ponence the 'S*CI Shop Service SILICA SHOP B RETURN THE COUPON NOW FOR FREE BROCHURES MAIL ORDER: 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd. Stdcup. Kent. DAM 4DX Tel: 081-309 1111 Oder, -.os Ooer Mon-SW 900a® «00pi- No Late N.ght Opening ln No 0613383006 LONDON SHOP: 52 Tottenham Court Road London. W1P OBA Tel: 071-SB0 4000 Opening Hours Mon-Sat 830orv6OC-p-n use Might Thursday until 8pm F*X No 071 3234737 SIDCUP SHOP: 1-4 The
Mews Hatherley Rd. Sidcup Kent DA14 4DX Tel: 081-302 8811 Opening Hours Mon.Sat SOOan 330pm_ I Me Night Frda, u rv ?pm _ Fe» No 081 3080Q1T BUSINESS EDUCATION: 1 4 The Mews Hatherley RC. Sfdcup Kent. DA14 4DX Tel: 081208 0888 Order Lines Open Mon Fn 900am600pm Closed on Saturday* Fen No 08’306 0606 P ItHilicaShop™iAmTomTO 1- -4TtTMewTHatBy “idcuTKeToAl4?DX 1 PLEASE SEN D 1 NFORMATION ON THE AMIGA ¦ | Mr Mrs Ms ... Initials
- Address: .. . Surname:
i ...
: ... i |
Postcode: ...... Tel I Vhich
computer(s), if arty, oo you
own? .
A2000 tr CgkiOC* ' ?
Incudtng ideas and comments.
'Commodore have not de’med any standards for devices whtch have more colours and resolutions than the standard Amiga', said Martin Lowe of Amiga Centre Scotland - one of the leading lights of Grafexa.
“Anyone producing hardware and writing software hits problems in extending the Amiga's capabilities. They are faced with up to a dozen boards. Through this new organisation, we will help to eradicate this problem*.
It is planned to publish the first draft of the new standard in time for the European Developers' Conference in Milan In February.
THE MIDAS TOUCH TWO lucky people will soon be receiving gold plated Amigas as part of Commodore's celebration fo- reaching sales milestones.
Amiga sales in the UK passed the half million mark in November and worldwide sales passed the two million mark during the same month.
When contacted by Amiga Computing, Commodore were still working on plans for a charity tie- up with the presentations. It was not clear whether the special Amigas will go to the puchasers of the 500.00Jth and two millionth machines with a donation to Chqrity, or il they wiH be auctioned off.
While Commodore admitted that the Amigas probably won t have real gold leaf, they will come with special plaques.
EURO ACTION FROM his new base in the South of France, former technical director of Micronet. Mike Brown, has plans for cn Amiga version of his interactive multi-user game Astroid and also reports that the Amiga Is gaining in popularity across the Channel.
First seen at the recent Micro 90 exhibitlor in Paris. Astroid was launchec by Third Millenium Systems, the company formed in 1988 by Mike and Shades author Neil Newell to develop and market multi-user entertainment throughout Europe and North America.
It’s a fast-moving game of economic and military strategy set In the lawless mining communities of a remote and hostile asteroid beft.
Distributed in France by Canal Quatre. Astroid Is currently only available to PC and Atari ST owners because of the predominance of the ST in that country.
But that Is abou* to change as the Amiga overt'auls the ST in Galhc homes.
'In technical teims, there is no reason why Astroid cannot be transferred to the Amiga', said Mike from his office close to Aix en Provence. “The cnly reason we have not written an Amiga version so far is because there are a 250,000 Atari Sts in France and only twenty odd thousand Amigas.
'I now get the impression that the Amiga is getting a better hold in France and over the next few months the pressure to bring out an Amiga version of Astroid will be difficult to resist.
'We would certainly like to bring It to the UK but that depends on the future of the telematic services there. Although it is only the Model T version.
Astroid is the first Interactive multiuser adventure game and points towards the future. It Is indcative of the way home entertainment will go.
"England is an important market and l would like to see Astrotd being successful In the UK. We would be looking towards some kind of joint venture deal with someone already In the business or a large software house and have already made some overtures.
'Astroid is the most sophist»cat- ed game of Its kind today and in Its underlying architecture we see a glimpse of the potential offered by developing network and terminal technologies for interactive entertainment".
INFOGRAMES PUSH FRENCH software house Infogrames has Increased its UK presence. Joining Henri Coron crt the new London office ore Pascal Blandin and Dominic Coi who is responsible for marketing and ?
WHAT'S TAIWAN TIDBITS TAIWANESE peripheral manufacturers Golden Image now have a UK outlet, which Is providing new kit for Amiga owners at reasonable prices. It includes mice, disc drives. RAM cards and scanners The Golden Image hand held scanners offer 400 dpi and come with software and power supplies for a price of £199. The range of RAM cards include the Golden Image RC500 alternative for the A501 and the RC-2000.
'The RC-2000 is a full-size card which will rocket your memory from between its populated 2Mb and 8Mb and Is user expand- able'. Says Golden Imoge marketing manager Andrew Banner.
Disc drives for the Amiga start at £59 while mice run from £39 for the optical variety and £24 for the mechanical.
'Golden Image is a hugely successful range of computer supplies from Taiwan’, adds Banner ‘Our policy is to sell quality goods at ultra low prices through a network of more thar 400 dealers".
CHEAPER MEMORY CHEAPER chips are the offer from Terrabyte Electronics (0865 794848). The new company formed by international semiconductor buyer Peter Lloncourt and computer marketing man Bruce Everiss.
Computer memory chips are Increasingly traded as a commodity but the price advantages filter down slowly to end users.
Terrabyte intends to buy memory at international commodity prices and sell It directly to users.
WHAT’S new press relations.
Chrlstelle Gesler from the French headquarters promises some interesting products In months to come. Infogrames can now be contacted on 071-738
AUTHOR of multi-user adventure game MUD, Richard Bartle. Has come up with an interesting snippet. 'A hen players enter the game, they are allowed to choose a persona, including the sex.
In the UK, 95 per cent of the players are male but around half of the alter egos are female I We re sure this must mean something about the characters who play multi-user games but we're not quite sure what.
UPGRADE FOR CHARITY FOLLOWING yet another blockbusting Children In Need Appeal, owners of an old Amiga who want to upgrade to a new Commodore A3000 now hove their chance to help swell the charity's coffe-s.
Computer dealer Trevor Monahan of Skegness-based MCS (0754 610217) s offering a trade-in deal with up to £1,000 off the price of an A3000 depending on the age and condition of the old machine.
'The offer Is only for machines which are still working and are In reasonable condition', he told Amiga Computing. "We will give purchasers ot new A3000 machines up to £1,000 off the price and will send the old machines to the BBC who will be able to sell to raise cash or donate them to chortties*.
OFF TO KENYA AMIGA owners Interested in mice could soon be looking at a much larger variety of animals through a competition run by computer mouse company Naksha (0925 56398) First prize in he competition is a two-week balloon safari holiday for two in Kerya. Entrants must supply a caption for the picture, which appears on entry forms available from computer dealers or direct from Naksha.
VIVE LE KONIX THE Konix range of Joysticks has been taken over by French distributor Innelec, who bea' off a number of other bids with a price rumoured to be around £203,000.
As reported In Amiga Computing last month. Konix fell into receivership on October 2.
Reputedly owing in excess of £1 million. Accountants Peat Marwick McLintock have been handling the receivership and sale of the joystick range.
The Konix products will join Innelec s range of Amstrad hardware. Leisure and business software and other lines of Joysticks. A spokesman for Peat Marwick said Innelec are already continuing manufacture of the four main product lines and win soon extend this to the full range wth no loss of obs at the Welsh factory.
Distribution will be through the normal channels but a question mark still hangs over the future of the Konix Multi System console which is not Included In the Innelec deal.
Head of Innelec. Denis Thebaud Is concentrating on keeping the firm runnhg before taking a closer look at extending the distribution of Konix products.
Last year. Innelec claimed sales figures of £15 milion.
RANDY ANDY RAPPED ADVERTS for Ubisoft's game Ranx are the latest target for Sandra Vogel, leoding light of Oasis - "he Organisation Against Sexism In Software.
In the Oasis newsletter. Sandra runs a picture of the offending advertisement ond asks members to join her in complaining not only to magazines running the advert but also to the Advertising Standards Authority.
The advert shows a scantilly dressed woman in the clutches of an android whose hands hcve strayed where they shouldn't.
Sandra reckons it goes 'just that bit too far'.
Apparently. Capricorn Computers who supply public domain software and specialise in acult games. Their disc of ‘race games' hos apparently offended many Oasis members.
The group now has nearly 100 members of which 75 per cent are female.
A M I 0 A l BETTER BASIC GFA Data Media (0734 794941) are ooised to launch a major upgrade to the Amiga version of their programming language GFA Basic. It will follow the launch of PC. Windows 3.0 and OS 2 1.2 versions of the packoge ond will Include many of the new commands Incorporated in them.
'The PC versions Include a lot of new commands and for the sake of compatibility across the machines, we will be incorporating these In new Atari ST and Amiga versions', said Les Player of GFA. 'The timing depends on how many of the new commands are Included but we expect Version 4.0 to be available in the first quarter of 1991*.
GFA Basic s an easy-to-learn but powerful programming language. Which Includes around 500 commands with both interpreter and compiler.
Improvements In Version 4.0 are expected to Irclude a more powerful directory, file handling and system control commands.
GFA has also been appointed as the UK’s exclusive distributor for the range of music software ond hardware from French specialists Digigram.
Amiga products now available through GFA Include Tiack 24 vl at £75. Studio 24 v2 at £150 and Big Band vl at £159.
ATONCE REVISITED The review of the Atonce PC emulator lost month quoted perform-ance figures of 2.8 on the Norton SI scale, which some of you might have found surprisingly slow. This is because our board was faulty! The real figure should have been 6.4. Incidentally, users of he board can recieve version 1.1 of the installation software by returning their disks to Silica, who'll replace them free of charge.
DIGITAL RETRACTION Last month's show reporl Included a passage on the Check-mate Digital vs A1500 Ltc argu-ment over Mick Roots's expansion unit.
We used the word injunction in this piece. This was. In fact.
Incorrect as no legal proceedings have taken place, and Checkmate Digital's Steve Jones asked us to clarify things.
Sorry Stevel He'd like to assure customers that Checkmate have been officially distributing the full production model A1500 and will continue to do so.
Clock version £38 Send cheques to: Dept ac Memory Expansion Systems Ltd.
Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street Liverpool L2 7NB
(051) 236 0480 That was the year An irregular look ai what
happened when your Grandad was wielding his silicon!
July 1989: Weather station And' Going cvc.iGGiG for some lime or. Omer micros, weotner scteiiTe pictures from MicrotexT fmciiy oeccme cva.iaoie for me Amiga.
Ushg cny unexpcncec Amigc, c simple .Vucrotext Teatex: cccp- Tof c.*iG or. Ordinary demesne t©w- vision cenai. Arrwga owners could cr las receive quality coiour pictures on ttveir mocrunes.
Tne images, wmcn originate from sources sucn as
V. eteoSat. are rransmtffec on Tne populcr puolic information
service CcErAX, couia oe reconstitutea on tne Amgc using a orr
of eievG! Software.
Tne pictures were updated regularly cna cppearea as an index on tne Amiga's screen, ft was men c simple task using tne mccnne's mouse, for reagents to pcx one c noose pictures.
In 1989. Tne equipment cost £1 43.82. out tor mat. Enmus.osts coua proGv.ce weatner forecasts
r. vciiing mose of Jonn Keffley.
June 1989: Amiga to the rescue Tne wOCxeroie dif disaster sent shock wcves of revuision crour.c me wona. .v.cr.y osi meir ives ar d one of tne oiggest invesr.got.on teams was set up to sift me evidence in cr. Attempt to a cover ;ust wno wos responsioie. Ana wncf wos ox rne necrt of that mvestigotior.? Non omer. Man an Arrugc200C.
Coupled witn viaeo film, me Amigc was usea to reconstruct me last moments of me doomed craft.
Dumfries ana Go.ioway police instaftea tne system oner consutc- tion witn professional vaeo specialists Vaeo Gr.e Professona Video.
Tne system prooucea stiiis from tnousor.as ot nours of viaeo recordings oy using a aigrtci frame store. Tr.e mccnme's fantastic graphics capaoiiiTies were men usea to analyse ana enhance rne ST...S so trie: firiy cetdus cou.c oe
p. cxea out. Tne results were pr.nt- ea on a Pocroa freeze frame
film recorcer.
Sergeant Sod Owens of Gc-cwcy police: ‘Tne Amiga 20CO system ooviousiy gives us tne potential for c*ime ae:ec:ion oy using its excellent grapmcs cr.a co.uty to groo vaeo images so we can output treri as photographs.
We are currently looking or me lessons to De .earnea from wocxeroie.'
November 1989: Gargantuan graphics in me closing months of
1989. Amigc owners were promisee tne arr.val of tr.e famous
Pcrsec grcpnics oocrd from Eimrech Research oy me era of
tne yecr.
Tne oreom-tokingiy powerful oocra, oireccy cvauaoie for me Atar. ST. wos mucn sought otter oy graphics enthusiasts wno nca oougnr me Amiga ter its sv.per.or image generation out wno requirea even more power in oraer to produce the kina of pictures mey reqv-rec.
Elmtecn's v.arr.n Locxncrt toia AC 'Pcrsec tor rne Am,ga is tne next project we wiU oe looking at.
Once we go into full production for me ST one get no of a lot of occk oraers. Work wai start on me Amiga cna we are confident mar it will oe recay oy tne ena of me yecr. We will oe selling it for £918.'
Tne Pcrsec promisee a pro- grammcD.e screen resolution ranging between 64C x 4CG ana 1024 x 768 pixeis.
Tnere was a cnoice of 16 colours c i.ne from c pcietre of 4096 for me oasiC model arva 256 colours per line from a palette of
16. 777.216 on me upgroaed Dcora.
Ana now was ail mis power generated? Tne Pcrsec noa c Texos instruments TMS 840010 32- OiT processor running c: on amaz- mg 50MHz w.tn a processing speea ot 6.25mips. in effect, on entire seif-supportJtg micro on a cmp.
Jr.forTuhdte.y. Put nor entirely unexpectec.y. tne Pcrsec failed to appear... October 1989: Profit and profitability After several years in Tne oac for Commoaore. Me company went rnrougn me extremely unpieasan: process of reporting c ioss tor me penoa Apr.. to June 1989.
After initial successes witn 6-oit computers sucn as me C64, Commodore roptdiy wen: aowr nJl, closing »s mocern procesjr.g plant r. Wales ana genercuy tgnt- enng its Dei*.
Tne repose of me Am-ga. Row- ever. Tuned tne company's p*of- itCD..ity ups.ee cown ana rev.vea Commodore's fagging fortunes.
But men. Just wnen Commoaore noa oeietea me wora loss from it lexicon, me three montr period to June 1989 snoweo profits down oy million, ond that mciuaea tcx reocte!
IT wosn'T Doa news, however, me company earnea a wnccking $ 50.1 minion tor mat yecr.
Irvmg Gouia, Commodore's Chairmen sc.a mar 'rne fourth quarter asses were a resu.t of me stronger US Collar cna a sotten.ng of aemana.* And now? Beg.nning wan tne Christmas 'Barmen' pack, success after enormous success res ensurea mat Ccmmoaore is proo- co.y me mast ouoycnt mcnufoc- turer in tne m.crocompu'er industry- sL er oa f
* Devpac has it all plus a lot morem . Sr Format, Dec ae
Powerful, extremely fast assembler with macros, conditional
assembly, include.
Optimisations, local labels, multiple hunks, producing executable or linkable o p y Advanced, multi-window symbolic debugger wrth single-step dynamic conditional breakpoints, full expression evaluator, disassembly to disk etc. Integrated, fast and easy-to-use editor so that you can create, assemble, debug, edit, assemble etc ail without leaving the editor. CLI versions are also included for those who have strong editor preferences Fast Linker, standard Include files and full, ring-bound documentation.
With full technical support and constant improvement, Oevpac has no rivals - most of the top software houses who develop on the Amiga use Devpac - why don't you?
Sat Si
* ... a very professional packagem - Transactor May 89 Quite
simply, SAS Lattice C 5 is the best C system you can buy for
your Amiga.
Having sold more than 12.000 copies worldwde, the package is used by professionals & hackers alike Upgrades from version 5.0x cost £34 95 - send your master disks back.
Powerful, enhanced C compiler with foil 68020 88030 68881 68882 support plus screen editor, faster linker, assembler, librarian, code profiler, disassembler & more Advanced global optimiser which gives your programs performance improvements of up to 40% You can optimise for execution speed or program size The CodeProbe source level debugger with 4 separate windows, allowing you to single-step through source code, set source line breakpoints, examine, modify and continuously monitor your C variables and much, much more - invaluable y Workbench 2 0 support and environment. AREXX support,
C++-style comments SAS Lattice C 5 has improved ANSI compliarwe. Function prorotypmg, i§ mylti-tasking & reentrant. Has nearly 300 library functions and comes complete with full technical support Ud
* HiSoft BASIC is an excellent choicem - ST Amiga Format March 39
HiSoft BASIC is the answer to your programming prayers, an
extremely fast, interactive standard and easy-to-use system,
used by many top software houses all over the world.
Modern, structured programming with long Ifs. Multi-fine functions, subprograms. REPEAT. DO. C SE. Full recursion, local & global variables etc. No limits to your program size and no limits on the size of any variable, memory permitting, plus the ability to link easily with C and assembler programs Totally interactive system with easy-to-use Intuition editor allowing mistakes to b9 corrected simply and quick y. substantially reducing development time.
Extremely close compatibility with AmigaBASIC and Microsoft PC QuickBASIC 3.
Complementing HiSoft BASlC. HISoH Extend is a comprehensive set of library routines for IFF files, gadgets, menus. 9ub-menus. Sound. HAM mode and more Normally costing £19.95, we are including this package, for only CS extra until 1 January 1991. If you use the order torm below Speciai Offier- toAmiya Comput ny Readers Use the order form below to order any HiSoft products and we will send you. Totally free of charge, an Amiga Starter Pack consisting of: a mouse mat with the Amiga ASCI character set. A stylish disk wallet holding up to 8 disks and 4 quality double-sided diskettes; a package
worth over £14 if bought elsewhere!
Please rush me the following software together with my free starter pack (all prices include 15% VAT and postage and packing within UK Please phone for export details) [ ] Devpac Amiga 2 £59-95 High Quality Software The Old School, Green field Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: (0525) 718 IS I Fax: (0525) 713716 LJ SAS Lattice C 5.10 £229.00 ? HiSoft BASIC £84.9S y Extend I wish to pay by.
H] Cheque POs £3 Access CD Visa Card No: Expiry Date: Signature You've seen it before. In fact, you've seen it before in this very magazine The A1500 s the first major expansion kit to offer a completely new keyboard housing and system box to our old friend the A500. And has attracted a lot of attention since it was first announced over six months ago.
The new case promised A500 owners the chance to upgrade beyord the bounds of Commodore's conspiracy to limit their machine, to use A2000 expansion cards, to mount hard and floppy drives inside the casing, ond to do al this from the remoteness of a separate keyboard.
The A1500s you've seen reviewed before now have all been pre-production models marketed by Checkmate Digital. The new' A1500 is being sold by A1500 Ltd, pending legal action over who has the right to sell the thing.
The only point in this debate which concerns us is the claim that the unit new on sale is supposed to be the ful production model and not a prototype. As such, you might expect all the bugs to have been ironed out and to see a piece of kit which can be purchased and used by any average punter, so we've examined this latest model with al these points in mind, Installation For £200 you get the basic unit, known as Shell Expansion Kit 1. This unit comprises the standard separate keyboard box and the system box. ou simply take the Amiga to bits, fit the keyboard In the first box.
And the silicon remainder in the second box. Using nothing more than a screwdnver and maybe an adjustable spanner. Nothing could be simpler, right?
Wrongl One of the trickiest parts of assembling the original model was that the internal drives hod to be mounted on a botched-up sort of mount, necessitating the adding or taking away of washers in order to make it the correct height to fit smoothly into the case.
The second major gripe was the dodgy nature of the keyboard which. In Its new case, was balanced on a bed of foam, turning typirg into a trip to the bouncy castle for your fingers. Has the new model fixed these faults?
Aligning the drive (although now a little easier) is still, unfortunately, a major pain in the neck, and the exercise of fitting It serves mainly to highlight what Is a major design A real add-on, or just go-faster stripes?
Stevie Kennedy puts his silicon where the sun don’t shine again to give the nuts their final turn to fasten everything down. It would surely have been a simple matter to change the design so that everything fitted into a four- sided tray and all twaaklng and adjustments done before the lid was bolted down.
The keyboard however, is certainly a neater fit in its new case, and doesn't bounce at all. It slots in quite nicely and prcvldes a solid typing platform. However, the keyfault in the unit The way the a 1500 fits together makes correct alignment of all internal parts necessary before you fit the outer sleeve. In other words, it is well nigh impossible to make adjustments to the height or alignment of the drive, or the new box-mounted LEDs once you've slid on Ihe outer sleeve.
This means o great deal of messing about sliding the thing on and off until you'rs happy with what you've got. Then taking it oft yet board shows up another of the unit’s short-comings. Why splash £200 on a posey box when in *he end you're still stuck with the A500’s keyboard? I know that opinion on this is divided, but -he 2000's keyboard is in my opinion a much nicer proposition.
In effect, the keyboard addon part of this unit is little more than a curly cable and a bare metal shell which doesn't even hove adjustable feet so that the angle of the keys can be set for typists, It looks very nice, I have to admit, and provides immense pose value to the upwardly-moblle A500 owner, but as a basic upgrade its specifications bebe its price.
Which brings me to another point. For £200 I'd hove expected to be supplied with at least the kit to mount another internal floppy (£19.95 extra), and at least one extra expansion slot (DUC board for this costs £69). What I got. However. Was a cosmetically very sexy box, practical application of in it's standard form, is limited to placing the keyboard In my lap rather tnan on the desktop.
Personally. I'm a little doubtful as to how many people there ore who actually like to type on 'heir laps, let alone how many of those would pay £200 for the pleasure.
Bad news?
So is it bod news for the A1500° For from it. Is a laudable attempt at meeting what is a very real desire on the part of many loyal A500 owners to expand their machines without having to go to the expense of an A2000, and Is one of the best things to hit the A500 for years.
No doubt there are hundreds of Amiga musicians out there who are drooling at the prospect of being able to mount their Amigas in professional 19 Inch studio racks, and this will be possible for an extra £50.
I've also no doubt that many of you would kill for the chance to get all that spaghetti, such as extra drives and your A590, rot to mention flicker fixers (oh. Joy!), inside one big creamy case For those people the A15C0 is a dream come true, even If it is overpriced For the rest of us. An outlay of £200 should provide a bit more than just the extra potential - desirable though it is offered by the A1500.
I would say there just isn't enough In the box to Justify the price-.
W. ..... 0® 8tf LC24-1QQ Cetoiir on- 222 cpe 6 Rssidsnt LO
fonts Aoospts font oartidgeo Bottnmfesd Rah or pul tractor
feed PsparparWng ittrWC-ggQ C219,99 7 Cofcxr pmWr Cofcxr »
racno nfabcn anyfcwri 226 cps 6 Reactant NLQ fonts Bottom feed
Rah or fxM tractor food Pfcper parting Star LC24 10 Star Laser
80a 2Ki RAM StarLC-O Citizen Swift 24 pin Gtizen 1200
'u.adbroke Computing International £209.99 Al Star Pmters
cany C monte on ate rtftQQOQ earrantyOAarfond UK1 Al pmtara
ncfods BM Centroncs cafcts Pwne for ribbons.
C10Q99 paper and pmtar stands £319.99 B4K txifer 3 rput match £7990 £139.99 256Kbcif«r 3 input match CM990 Phone for details of Star FR and XB ranges.
§1Lmr* Please Read: Terms of Sale.
We are fie longest cstabtshod Atari deafer in fie UK We hirrc developed ar extensive customer service pctcy Mmfi means fiat vie test al Hardmre Sdtwarc pnot to despatch to ensure fiat goods arrive fi workng order Ajfiough cxr prices arc not always fie cheapest we do endeavour to offer consiskjnty good service and backup Tits isn’t fust our nprmm. We were voted "Best Dealer 19SfT by fie readers d ST Wbrid magasnc. Not lor 'fie nmber at boxes sbttocf. Out tor guatfy service At prices are correct at copy date tP tP 90. And are subnet to change wificul prior notice Al prices art accurate whde
stocks last Phone lor up to dale pnees Al prices indude V . There are no hidden exkas (WYSAVYQ Delvery fir Manland UK} is hoe. CD orders over CtOO (add fto lor next day coxier delvery AI prices avadable m Mai Order Shop pices nay dXIct & Memory enable disable switch
* Compact, low power design & Optional battery backed clock 512K
Board £34.99 with clock £39.99 A500 Batman Pack £369.99 A600
Screen Gems Pack £369.99 Any of above pecks ? Tens tar games,
joystick, mouse mat £399.99 Amiga A500 Packs RAM Upgrades
Amax+Rom’s £224.99 Macintosh emulator including 128K Macintosh
Trak Ball £24.99 Trade ball converted to work u mouse on the Amiga.
A500 d cvr £3.99
3. 5" 2nd drive£59.99 Mastersound £34.99 la Quality 3.5" Disks
!¦] Quantity Unbranded Sonv Branded lease. Boxed.
Boxed 10 £5.99 £6.99 £9.49 !
100 Al data carry« £48.99 n imnMoralHMmeg £57.99 arantoa Pwaao add 76« £84.99 ? PSP for each pack of ten Monitors & Tv's CM 8833**' £249.99 Philips stereo, colour monitor.
1084S £269.99 Commodore stereo, colour monitor limited offer) 15" FST Tv £269.99 Philips 15-GR-2530105-B, FSI Remote, Scirt input. Teletext TV with 60 tuner presets.
AM above include Scart cable A4 Flat bed scanner Cumana CAX 354 Data enable disable switch Daisy chain "through" connector Low power consumption Only £64.99 Please add Cl PAP iSr 200 DPI scanner, thermal printer.
And photocopier.
• jjf Upto 16 grey scales or B W mode.
Compatible with Amiga and ST Only £449.99 Amiga MIDI interface ma s&jiMu)ooso&k % 1x MIDI IN 2x MIDI OUT v Colour matched to Amiga Keyboard FS680 61 FJI sized keys
XX) preset sotnds 16 bH PCM quaity 100 preset rythms 32400 sound
combinations OE-FINGER AD-LIB 2x Siereo speakers Effects:
Chorus. Sustain.
Pitch ip down 2x MIDI cables Amiga Software
• 5 Track sequencer
• 5 channel mixer
• Quantization
• Left right locator
• Auto loop
• Graphic notation
• Lyrics(KARAOKE)
• Registration page
• Synthesizer editor Funlab Music System for Amiga including:
MIDI Interface. FS680 Keyboard. Midi cables and software.
For Amiga £330 Kawai Music system for ST including FS680 keyboard. MDI cables and Midistudio sequencer software.
For ST £330 _ HwlQPay You can phone your Access or Visa fmsgSk details of send a cheque postal * orders made payable to Ladbroke JT Computing International. Please If allow sufficient clearance time lor cheques. * (0772) 203166 Fax 561071] Shop & Mail order premisea 33 Ormakirk Road. Preston Lancashire. PR1 2OP Open Monday to Saturday 9-DOam to 5.00pm. Dealer enquiries welcome Ladbroke Computing International I is a tracing name of Walton Marketing Limited At trade marks recognised
1. A500 A1000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, or 8Mb). Fully implemented
autoconfigure. Fully operational through port for
compatability with other autoconficuring hardware (e.g. CBM
A590) Complete with its POOD own power supply (U.K., U.S. or
Euro). (2Mb FITTED). 4r £68 CHIP UPGRADES "Fatter Agnus" chip
(8372A) for A500 A2000 Enables up to 1 Mb of Chip RAM Fitting
requires some skill and will invalidate your warranty
3. A200 yA2500 B2000 8Mb Expansion (2, 4, 6 or 8Mb).
Fully implemented autoconfigure. Uses 1M x 8 bit or 1M x 9 bit Oft I ft SIMM's. (2Mb FITTED), fc A590 Upgrode chips: ' Mb £34, iMb £62,2Mb £120 All prices include VAT and postage & packaging. Prices may be subject to change without notice. All products carry a 12 month guarantee.
Dealer enquiries are welcome.
CORTEX products are marketed in the U.K. by Memory Expansion Systems Ltd. Britannia Buildings, 46 Fenwick Street, Liverpool L2 7NB. Tel. (051) 236 0480.
Fax: (051) 227 24B2. Make cheques payable to M.E.S. Ltd.
AmigaDOS - Inside G Out - covers AmigaDOS m depth so that you can use many Of its advanced capabilities for practical applications. Induces a complete reference section detailing all of I the DOS commanrtj, information on using the DOS editors - EO ondj EOIT. Creating and using senpt ¦ files and taking advantage of the] Amiga's multitasking features 280pp AmigaBASIC - Inside G Out is THE definitive step-by-step guide to programming the Amiga in BASIC. Each BASIC command is fully described and detailed. Same of the topics covered include flies and file handling, using pulldown menus,
sensing the mouse, handling windows, drawing charts and using the speech commends.
Techniques for advanced BASIC programmers.
554pp Amiga Machine Language - is a ttvorough introduction to tt1000 aswxnutor p.-uyra. • tag and is e practical guido forp teaming to program the Amiga Covers 68000 microprocessor architecture and addressing modes, making speech and sound fxim machine language and m m This book is also a perfect companion to our AssemPro machine language development software.
264pp Amiga Machine Language A practical guide to feamrg 66000 assembler langjage on fie Aniga Amiga Disk Drives - Inside G Out - nve I operations. Information about date security, disk drive speedup routines, disk coov protection.
Boot blocks and technical aspects.
360pp Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out The mo« ttorough coveragt Amiga Disk Dves evnr.
30 LINCOLN RD, OLTON, BIRMINGHAM B27 6PA CALL021 706 1188 FOR YOUR NEAREST STOCKIST The Amiga Is a pretty stunning box of tricks. With it, you con point pictures that would have made Van Gogh green with envy, lay out pages for a magazine, give the BBC a run for their money with your vey own video productions and to tcp It all.
It ;ust happens to play the meanest games this side of a video arcade.
But what you may not have realised, is that the Amiga just happens to be a very ccpable musical tool. With the right software (and perhaps even a little extra hardware), you too could churn out music faster than Stock.
Ajfken and Waterman on a deadline. Don't worry if your music tastes are a bit weird, the Amiga isn't one bit fussy whether you're Into Depeche Mode. Deep Purple or even DebuSSy.
But what really makes using a computer for music so wonderful, is that you don't need to be a Beethoven to get started. A few good ideas and a bit of basic know-how is really all you need And once you've acquiree these, there’s no reason why you too.
Couldn't produce music on par with the kind of material that is so popular these days.
Still not convinced? You may well be shocked to learn that few of the Pop artists we regard as professional musicians' actually have any kind of formal musical education to speak of. What makes them able to produce chart hits Is that they have a very good knowledge of the kind of music technology avallcbie to them (such as computers).
Indeed, if it wasn't for computers, very few of them would be anywhere near as successful as they ore today!
Obviously, If you want to storm the charts yourself, then you're going to need a bit more equipment than just your Amiga. But even so. The Amiga is still a good ploce to start. Unlike certain other musical computers I could name, it's perfectly possible to produce some very respectable tunes without having to lash out a penny of your hard-earned cash on expensive musical instruments such as synthesisers.
What you need to get started, is some form of music composing package Luckily there are quite a few available commercially, so finding one that appeals to you should be no problem. However.
Happy New Year - Please call for latest releases Tutwn RcUnarmnorlli Stalen Bfi and Motnjpotran jne SquF I **0 SK MARKETING T ? T COMPUTER SUPPLIES T T ?
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All prices include VAT and carnage is free (UK mainland) PERSONAL CALLERS WELCOME AT BOTH SHOWROOMS MONDAY-SATURDAY 9.30am - 5.00pm North London: 13 Moneyhill Paiade Uxbridge Froad Rickmansworth Herts WD3 2BE 0923 896989 Fax: 0923 771053 Happy New Year - Please call for latest releases before you hand o- ir any cash, you might like to check out the PD Ibrories which are hferalfy bursting with such programs, some of which could even give commercial offerings a run for their money.
It you can handle the lack of documentation. Then PD may be the onswer.
One of the best available Is NolseTracker. A derivative of a very well known package called Sound Tracker. NolseTracker uses an editing system very similar to a drum machine whereby songs are built-up by linking short passages Feature music called patterns. In turn, each pattern is defined by entering notes Into any one of 64 positions for each of the four Amiga sound channels.
As you can probably appreciate, this isn't exactly the most friendly of editing systems, so you may want to look elsewhere. If you wont to compose simple tunes, then there are two commercial packages that may be of more Interest. Aegis' Sonix and Electronic Arts' Deluxe Music.
Because both use a conventional score format for editing, they're very easy to use.
MIDI under the microscope MIDI is really nothing more than a high speed communications protocol which Is used to allow musical instruments to talk to ©act- other.
In some ways, there’s nothing musical about MIDI a- all MIDI treats your music as nothing more than a continuous stream of digital pulses which are about as musical as white noise to we humans.
The puses are grouped into MIDI packets (or messages) which can be decoded by devices that understand MIDl-speak The messages themselves hold no sound data at ad. They simpty tell a MIDI device to carry out a particular operation.
In some ways. MIDI Is a bit of a slave driver to a MIDI instrument. It continual! shouts orders that the Instruments obey without question. It MIDI was ‘ranslated into English, it would probably sound something like this: 'All instruments on channel I play note F4. Instruments on channel
1. Stop playing F4 and play D4 Channel 1. You can step play D4
now and start playing F4 again * and so on.
As you can see from the example above. MIDI doesn't address instruments directly (although it can. But more on this later;. Instead. MIDI uses a system of channels (16 of them, to be precise) in which each instrument is separated by tuning’ it into its own individual channel This way. Each instrument hears only those messages that are meant for it.
Multiple MIDI channels become particularly importcnt when more than one Instrument is connected to the same MIDI network (a drum machine olus a synth, for example). If bofh Insfrumen's were on the same channel, they would try to ploy exactly the same thing, the keyboard would try to play a rhythm part and the drum machine would try to play a melody part.
With MIDI channels, you can organise instruments so that the one you want is pJcyed when you need it.
Songs are created by picking up notes and placing them down onto the on-screen stave.
Urfortunately. Neither Is particularly powerful, but as an introduction to computer-based composition, they’re worth checking out.
Fascinating area Another fascinating area of music on the Amiga is sampling. This is a process in which real-life sounds are converted into a digital form which can be edited and replayed on your Amiga.
Un’ortunately. Although the Amiga contains afl the circuitry necessary to replay samples, you’ll need to invest in a bit of extra hardware if you wish to grab your own.
One of the best samplers available Is Master Sound which sells for just under £40. The sampler itself is a small rectangular box which plugs into the parallel port of you Amiga ’o sample a sound, you feed an audio signal from something like a personal stereo or CD player into the sampler, click on the appropriate Icon within the sampling software and Master Sound digitises the incoming signal. The resulting sample can be cut. Pasted and copied to your heart’s content.
Once you move info writing music, you’ll find a sampler very useful for grabbing and preparing sampled instruments.
Virtually all Amiga music packages use sampled sounds for instruments, so there’s no limit to the kind of sounds you can grab and use within your own music.
Failing that, the PD libraries offer a vast range of sampled instruments.
Although the Amiga enables you to produce some pretty stunning music using the built-in sound chip, sooner or later you'll realise that even Paula s four channels just aren't enough If you’re as extravagant as I am v hen wrl'lng music, then you’ll want all sorts of different sounds playing simultaneously - an orchestral stab here, string chords there, analogue bass, drums, a lead instrument - the list goes on. You need more sound channels.
This is where MDI comes in Vrth nothing more than a £25 Interface, you can connect and control a vast range of MO devices ranging from samplers and synths. To drum machines and even other computers - if you've got the right software. You could even connect another Amiga and use it as a d- channel MIDI instrument!
Before you can go any further.
You'll need a MIDI interface. These can be picked up for about £25.
So buy the cheapest you can find.
MIDI interfaces are an basically the same, so it's not realty worth going for a more expensive one unless you've got some specie! Reason for doing so.
As long as the interface offers the three basic MIDI connectors - MIDI In, MIDI Out and MIDI Thru - you can't go far wrong.
Next, you’ll need some MIDI- compatible software The first program you'll want Is 3 MIDI sequencer. For the uninitiated, a sequencer is a program that acts as a sort of software-based mutti- track tape recorder (this is what they were based upon).
Unlike a real tape recorder, however, a MIDI sequencer doesn’t actually record sound.
Instead, a sequencer records MIDI messages - read the box the next page for more detail.
What makes a MIDI sequencer so special is that they offer a number of distinct advantages over a conventional multi-track.
Firstly, a MIDI sequencer con handle a greater number of frocks
- even the most advanced professional multi-tracks otter no
more than 24 tracks, where os a program like Music-X can
handle 10 times that amount - 250 to be precise. .
Not only that, but as soon as music Is recorded onto o multitrack. It's there to stay until the tape is erased. With c MIDI sequencer though, each track Is completely separate from the rest, therefore allowing you to change any section of music at ary time without effecting the rest of the piece.
Secondly. MIDI sequencers allow you to edit your music far easier. Because everything is stored as MIDI messages, which themselves are nothing more than numbers, the computet can manipulate them like any other form of information.
Sequencers are also far more accurate. You can edit a single MIDI event to a resolution of something like a hundredth of a second right up to an entire song with, perfect precision.
Until quite recently, the Amiga was poorly served with sequencers. It wasn't until the release of the Microillusions Mus»c- X package, that music software publishers started to take the Amiga seriously. Thankfully, things hov§ changed for the better, and Amiga Computing 2 1 Frank and Stein says - look at these electrifying disk prices4
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Welcome there are now something like 10 different sequencing
systems avotlable.
Music-X is very powerful, yet It still manages to be one of the easier packages to use If you can t qute afford Music-X (at £160. It is rather pricey), then Microlllusions' Music-X Junior is just as good.
Feature will It handle internal Amiga samples, but if you decide to move up to MIDI at c later date. Muslc-X wil continue to be of use - unlike most dedicated sound chip composers.
Working with sequencers is all very well it you're bit of a loner musicaty, tut If you want to share Even if you don't actually own a MIDI device. Mu$ ic-X Is still a worthwhile investment. Not only Pro-24A V 1.II by STEINBERG, H.Asstnmchtr k aong loni»4 (lMiSS noUi fr**) zzzzzzzz fflEEEE£E3EEll[EEHL0[EJEE2[E32E2SJi cidaaoaaaaaoaanaaoaaaaaaa
- t * A A E M £ "• N« No J*L No £ H« N®. M No «• J!®. Ill *L No
Hi Ho Js.No Jtoj IhjpRLa CHOOSING A SEQUENCER Wth so many
sequencers available, choosing the one that is right for you is
an almost impossible task. However, if you follow the
guidelines lis-ed below, then you won't go far wrong
• RECORDING Make sure that the sequencei you choose supports both
step-hrne and real-time recording from MIDI. Step-tlme can be
particularly useful when building up rhythm ports, where as
real-time is used for recording sequences live'.
It's also useful to be oble to record several MIDI channels simultaneously. So that you can import performances from other sequencers eas- «y.
• TRACK CONTROL Most sequencers offer at least 12 tracks of
record- Irg. But you really need at least 24. Generally, the
more tracks you have available to you. The more room you've got
for experimenting with different bass lines and so on.
Check to moke sure you can merge tracks, copy and move them doout and extract different types of MIDI event from one track and store them In another. You may not find It usefd to start wtth. But you I thank yourself for being so wise once you get down to some serious sequencing.
• EDITING No one can play perfectly first time, so choose a
sequencer that allows you to edit sequences both m a graphical
form (either as a piano role bar display, or in a more
conventional score format) and as numeric MIDI data. Editing
MIDI data In numeric format allows for greater precision.
• SONG CREATION You could just record a sang straight in. But
it’s much easier It your sequencer includes tools to o»ow songs
to be built up from sequences arranged os patterns Preferably,
go for a song creation system that is graphtcs-based.
• MIDI MANIPULATION It's always nice to have some kind of control
over the MIDI data flowing through you set-up. Make sue that
you can specify which chcnnel a particutar sequence b to be
played on. Fitter out different types of MIDI event (for
example, filtering out after touch messages can save 0 lot of
memory) and channelise Incoming MIDI data (send the incoming
data for one channel straight out to another).
• SOUND CHIP SUPPORT As we discussed edrlier. The Amiga is
capable of producing some pretty decent sounds Itself, so It's
well worth making sue that your sequencer can hondle internal
Your music with other non-MIDI musicians, then it will have to be output to paper in conventional score format.
Unfortunately, very few Amiga sequencers can actually handle this (Pro-24, Tracli-24 and Tiger Cub are about the only pockages I've seen), so you will have to invest m a separate package.
There are currently two scoring packages available for the Amiga. Comus' ProScore (which we still haven't seen) and Dr.T's Copyist range.
To Import your sequenced songs into either, they must first be saved in MIDI File Format, which is a standard file format for MIDI data.
Most modern sequencers support both importing ond exporting of performances in MIDI file format. So this shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem.
There are several different versions of Dr.T's Cooyist package available. For home users, there is Copyist Apprentice, on entry level package that will output scores to preferences-suppcrted printers.
If you buy Rolard's latest music bundle. The Dssktop Music Package. Apprentice is actually included as part of the package, along with Dr.T’s Tiger Cub sequencer.
For those at you with access to a postscript laser printer or even a linotronic, Dr.T also produces Copyist DTP which is a vastly more powerful program that can output manuscripts at the highest possible resolution, making it ideal for music publishing.
Listen closely... Obviously no amount of sexy software and hardware will actually write your music for you. Just like the computer itself, sequencers end synthesisers are merey tools which are only as good os the person who uses them. If you think you're going to buy a synrhesiser one week and hit number one in the charts the next, then you're In for bit of a shock.
A good tip is to sit down and listen closely to as much music as you can. If possible, concentrate on different aspects of the music, rhythm patterns, bass lines and so on. And try to copy them on your Amiga.
Once you've got a pretty good understanding of how other people's music is structured, you can start experimenting with your own material. While analyzing other music is a good idea, don't restrict yourself fo one particular style. Try to listen to as many differed styles as possible, paying as much attention to each Well there we have It. Desktop music in a nutshell: Whether you're tinkering with NoeeTracker or getting down to some serious sequencing with Music-X, music on the Amiga will prove to be a fascinating and often rewarding pastime - even if you don't moke it to the top
Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
DGCALC FINAL ACCOUNTS MAILSHOT The fastest and mo« powerful spreadsheet available i n ttvs price bracket. Rm 512 rows by 52 coUirna. Giving you up to 26624 celt* A* with ell (Xgita product*, no operation ol the program .-s dearly though! Out Being e-ner menu, mouse or command driven you II be able to start us.ng it wthin minutes
- f «n ¦( you vb ne i vMd uprearfshewt (i«Vf Somept tne leerjre*
wfweh make it such good value are the exponng Ot ASCI files lor
integrator! With other programs, adjustable column width and
tut overflow, programmable function key* (macros? And a untjue
wndowmg facility, so that you can look at different pens ol a
sheet el the same time _ _ lUO.OU If you ever need » send
outmadmg* or print labels. You know how tiddly and tmmnauminj
it can be mafcng sure ell the labels are pr rued cowectty Weil
now a«that * a thing ot the past. Because Mailshot actually
shows you the labels on screen you can type nanes and addresses
n exactly the correct place Byt more !h*r th t, |he libels are
nimn*d pn screen as a continuous sheet, altow ng you to scroll
backward* and forwards, to search tor particular keywords or to
edit entries with the minimum ol tuts Facilities include
searching, detecton of duplcate labels sorting (even surname!)
9 labels across. 599 copes at any label. Ttvs has to be the
simplest and most erfedive method o creating a mailshot
available £24.95 The program wiH take information prepared by
Cashbook Controller and produce a complete »e‘ of accounts
irtfuang ' Tnal Balance * Trading and ProMandLow Account
* Balance Sheet a Notes to the Accounts
* Full Accounting ratios All repcftt may be produced at any ome,
wlh comparatveibudpet r*gur«s if requred The laoMy to produce
these documents quickly. Kcurateiy. And regularfy it ol
enormous help in running any business, large or small s nee one
shows the true prof-tab: y achieved. And the other the exact
slrengih cf the business ir terms of assets and liabilities ___
eiecuiive stress wild he classic space rnvadr game Do you ever
have to pnnl names and addresses at awkward places on envelopes
or do you ever need to ti« in tricky forms or mvo«c s where the
text has to be m exactly the right place’ Usually you have to
do it Oy hand, or get your trusty old fypawr would the cupboard
and dust .t off Wed not anymore TheEmuatedrYPEwriter transforms
your computer and prwtH into a fully Hedged typewriter,
supporting bold, underline. Malic and olher type-styles Beejus*
i can dspiiy and pf m!««INSTANTLY you can line up yotx form
press Return and Space a lew times lo move to the correct
place, and then start typing Alternatively you can switch to
Bne-by-hne mode, which offers word-wrap, lustilcaton and
prcpomonai spacing, so that you can ed l
eachIrnebeforeirspriced ___ __ £39.95 £14.95 Advanced version
ot Mailshot tor the busness user with the following extra
* integration aim ofier Mfrsare luvog ASOI files)
* cotummtabulated summary iCoal lor telephone lists, ate)
* 4 extra memo lines per latef (with detaiim ‘ system tor coding
dat ng and adding messages to each label
* different layout* avaiiatiiefor hor rental and vertical
,JS,,r~0B £49.95 CASHBOOK COMBO Money saving comtmabon pack
teaturmg both Cashbook Controller and Final Aaourts-SavetlOOO _
_ _ _ _ £69.% PERSONAL TAX PLANNER Ara you absolutely lure your
taxman 1 doing his job oorreclty’ Plan you- own tax w th ease,
ttvs merm-dr.ven program will catajUte your income tax i abtffy
(4 tax years included) and provile persnent tact* about your
tax pan ton You can perform tftat-rt ?‘ calculator! To discover
ways to minimise your tax lability in tad. The program w M
advise you on things such is. If you are a married man. Whether
it would be adviwagrous to have your wife's income ta«ed
separately or not At this price who knows, you will probably
find that PTP will piy lor itserf -n tax savnga the first time
you use it?
- STOP PRESS ” July BS - PTP user receives tax refund ol over BW
US'*-**. I £39.95 DAY-BY-DAY An eicellerr way ic get organised Wiih n you n be reminded of birthdays and Oder anniversaries, meet ngs and appointments, phove calls to make and so on As w*i all 0 »ta products, npjtting information is simplicity itseft and.
Once ruarad you can search tor keywords or lor particular evens such as birthdays to see when one is coming up includes moodvwwkiday planner, automat* reminders for overdue appointments, month and week summary at a gi«r*e fqt las* thin £50 th*s '* the d«i way io make sure you never miss tha: important occasion again! S§S5SS=- SsEfe-SBaS.
V"«*tv=n Available to the trade from: Digita, GEM, Greyhound, HB Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
Mmm HOW TO CREDIT CAR )TLINE 0395 270273 Post: Digita Intt Biack Exmout EX8 1 Fax: 0395 26889' Horse "Serious software at a sensible price All software written in the UK Prices include VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export) Feature WORKSTATION husic-x pwf: DarkSidf.potr SEQUENCER |»|n| BEGIN END CIIE1 CUE2 CUE3 CUE4 SET 1•PAUSE 44 ? PLAY 44 RECORD Mil-!!
Clock 0043.01 .037 SIORE oo: o i: 20. O i edit r r-i-1 A DELETE Hm, 177742 Events 4 PREVIEW ? Hen Bar* Channel* Cst Tine Sequence Nine 819 82 2 Rtl Infro 818 152 4 CS- Rel Nam Out" Exl » Off Off 8:0 IB ill - 814 192 815 132 S rr. On* Arranjfnent Track Exl - - * 8 I Rel Ovature 1 Exl 85 Rel String Backing Exl ill 817 222 4 6 M PvjttiTf I Exl if!
Note the digital clock display shown here within Music-X.
SEQUENCERS: HOW THEY WORK Unlike a tape recorder which merely replays an audio image' of your music, a bit like a sampler, a sequencer actually recreates it by playing each individual note again through MIDI.
The process is achieved using a very fast clcck which times each incoming MIDI event As a result, the computer then knows exactly when you pressed a particular key This clock reading is stored In memory along with the note Itself. To a computer, your musical masterpiece is. Therefore, nothing more than a long list of notes along with the exact time that eoch was played.
To actually play the music back to you. The computer resets its clock ard starts it running again. As soon as the clock reaches the same position that a particular event was recorded (clthough this can be changed via editing) the computer sends that event out through the *** Koffl ,f you con 0,10,6 rt- *******006 , .irv , , . , ,. ' o the best MIPi keyboards available.
MIDI port reproducing your music perfectly PDSCENE If your budget is tight then the PD libraries are a good place to look for music software. Most are Sound Tracker derivatives, but there's also a vast range of MIDI software just waiting to be picked up and used. Here's a quick run down of some of the best currently available
• NOISETRACKER: 2.1 (17bit 778) As far as Sound Tracker clones
This is the biz. It includes all the usual options, but also has a sam- pter sample editor built-in. Plus a fairly simple support for MIDI.
Definitely worth checking out.
• MED 2.13 Another Sound Tracker clcne with MIDI support.
Those of you who bought the December Issue of Amiga Computing already have this. It's on the cover disk!
• CZED (Fish). A complete patch editor and librarian for the
Casio CZ range of synths. A similar commercial ofering would
set you bock £100. But this one's free!
• MIDI Ubrary (Fish) A complete programmer's library for writing
MIDI applications in anything from assembler to AmigaBASIC.
Also includes some handy MIDI utilities that demonstrate the
power of the library.
MIDI MATTERS The most obvious reason for buying a MIDI device Is to increase the number of sounds that can be played simultaneously. But there's another good reason - sound quality. Like It or not, the Amiga's humble sound chip is pretty naff jwhen compared to the kind of sonic delights produced by top of the range kit such as the Korg T3.
Yamaha SY77 and Akai SI 100.
MIDI devices come in all shapes and sizes, but the first MIDI device you should buy is undoubtedly a MO-compatlble keyboard. Even if you're not a keyboard whizz, a MIDI keyboard wiR grve you far greater control when writing your own music.
Keyboards aren't as unfriendly as some people seem to think. Once you've learnt where all the notes are. It's just a matter of sitting down and experimenting to see which sound good together - that's how I learnt to play I A word of warning though Don't just dive In and buy the first keyboard you see. You could end up with a turkey. It's very important to make sure that yoj get the best keyboard you can.
I use a Korg Ml (approx £1500). But there ore much cheaper keyboards available with similar features. Here's what to look out for:
• MULTI-TIMBRAL: Put simply, a multi-tlmbral keyboard can gener
ate several different sounds simultaneously on different MIDI
For example, a single mutti-timbral keyboard could use a piano sound on MIDI channel I. a guitar sound on channel 2. Bass on channel 3 and so forth.
• POLYPHONY: If you've bought a multl-timbral keyboard, 'hen make
sure that it can actually moke decent use of this feature. Go
for a keyboard which offers at least 16-note polyphony, if not
• KEYBOARD: If you can. Go for a keyboard with full size keys.
Quite a few cheaper MIDI keyboards use mini-keys, which are very hard to play. Starting off with a full size keyboard will make moving up to professional music gear so much easier.
Quite a few keyboards are also velocity sensitive - they respond to your touch - which is great for adding expression to your music. In practice, however, such a feature isn't particularly useful to most beginners, so don t worry If your keyboard doesn't have it. Althcugh It's become a stondard feature on most modern budget keyboards.
Even less useful fa beginners is Aftertouch, which serves only to eat large chunks of your sequencer's RAM.
• DRUMS: Qui'e a few multi-timbrel keyboerds elso offer arum
sounds. These are usually of very high quality (they're 16-blt
samples usually), so they're a better bet than using internal
Amiga samples.
Buying a keybocrd with drum sounds could even save you the expense of a drum machine.
Feature MUSIC SOFTWARE Knaeiviw u T,1 m0**™*0*** So you've gor tne hardware. Now ail vou need « some decem software. Here's c quick run down of my current musical faves.
* «i««t .• na S HM«1 1 SOUND CHIP SEQUENCING
• OucrreT. Nor me most powerful program of its Type, but very
easy to use. Notes ore represented on
o sort of stove-like grid. Also includes c freely disTnoutabie
player program.
TO •» » n.n n.n rt u ri n rr n rr n
iii. 'Ye V,l*r tottff l Aifr Kslf* Kuf: l’£urr K c6t*r ,-auff
ccufr t&tm Kt*7 Muf- tf mect&r rawf nv? Qcmff «un Ogtff ecwr
oc r'uT X'tet: (¦!iiifr yl?: ai- -t v.-r. y n« iMtr & 2 a a
* .i*- v.twff Cfiuf? Ccisr- x.tft Xnf! Cs roVtff ii.tff t&Ff
rater tuhff .r.a F Yu?- & bccivf aawFF ccnFr mmf? Ccwf Krf-'
tcaff oc ~CTBK33CT?
• ’rMX. Powerful but very unfriendly package c.med at games
programmers. ProocPiy nor tne oest bet for oeginners.
• .Vusic-X Junior. Not quiTe as fri&ndty at first, but very
Not only moT, but if you move on ZifO MIDI, then Mus«c-X Junior wik coronue to be of use.
• Aegis $ or«x Very simple score- ocsea music program. Least pow
erful of all the packages mentioned, bur very easy to use.
• Deluxe Music. Comprenensive sound-chip scoring package. Also
includes a lirrie midi support.
Startng to snow its age mough; BUDGET MIDI SEQUENCING
• Music-X Junior. Mentioned above, but Junior is also a damned
good MIDI sequencer.
Otfes 250 Tracks of reai-Time MIDI recording, full grapnic ediTing. Tne works.
• Trax. Cut down version of me industry staraora Master Trccks
Pro. Trax is o fine program that offers virtually tne same
facilities as Music-X Jumcr. If not siigntly more.
Only let down oy the fact mat it does no: support internal AMIGA samples.
• Tiger Cub i 2-Track MIDI sequencer with full graphic sequence
editing ana scoring facilities, Incudes full support for Amigc
samples, but is rather expensive for wnar it offers.
• Music-X. As far cs MIDI sequencing goes. Music-X is the oi21
It's got virtually everyTrmg mar a musician could ask for.
Highly recommended.
• Master Troaks Pro. An industry standard sequencer mat failed to
MostocSouno I loo' ,v inspire on me Amiga. Gives Music- X a
good run for its money ana wins in some departments. Can be
ratner slow and cumbersome at times.
• Pro-24. Another industry stcn- aoco. But a naff one rus time.
Pro- 24 is years old an otner machines, so it isn'T really
worth bothering with unless you use a recording stuaio which
nos Pro-24 running.
• XCS 3.0. Dr.T's acclaimea sequencer. Very powerful. Put ven
unfriendly - it doesn't even offer grapnic editing of
sequences. Definitely one for tne pros only.
• Master Sound, Very Cheap, OUT very good. Produces some of The
clearest samples I've ever heard from an Am.ga! Definitely one
to checkout.
• Audio Engineer. The best sampler for the AMIGA, but very
expensive. If money is no objecT.
Men mis is me ore to go for. Also induces me best sample eaitng software yet produced for me AMIGA - AucxoMasrer HI.
• Sound Trcp 111. Anotner cneap but very gooa sampler. Sound
qualify is on par wifn Master Sound, but it's let down dy poor
• Sound Guest Editors. Dr.T is ooout the only company mat
proauces a comprenensive rcnge of editors for different syntns.
Those coversd include tne Ml. DX7. CZ series, SY77 et ci.
VOICING SOFTWARE Progiomming a synthesiser or sound module 4 d Sf iculT enough Tosk QT the best of times, out things ore made even worse by the fact that most offer little more than o tiny LCD strip and a couple of buttons'to work wrtn. If you've ever tried programming a synm, men you'll know already how unfriendly They can be. With your Amiga, however, programming a syrnr becomes so much easier. Mony compares produce programs colled Patch Editors, which allow you to eat The sounds w tnin a synthesiser on your Am»ga screen. And because The Amiga display is so rouch more fiexiole man an LCD
strip, a patch editor allows you to see your sound in a grapnical form, thereby making me process of editing far more understandable ana productive.
Obviously all synthesisers aren't me same, so it goes witnout saying mat you need a paten editor deigned specifically for your synthesiser, if you've got a fatty popular syr.tn. men fincmg a porcn eclftor snouian't prove to oe too mucn of c problem.
Sound Quest (Dr.!) Produces a vast range, which covers the majority of popular syntns including the Casio CZ range. The Kawai K1. Korg Ml, Yamcha DX and SY synths, Solatia D-series and the like. These rercii for about £100 each.
Music-X also has a number of paten editors included free of charge, so if you're after a professional sequencer and just happen to own one of me syntns tha: it supports, Music-X snoulc be me first program on your shopping *st.
Tne current release of Music-X nas patch editors for the Yamaha TX81Z. DX21 100 and tie Poland D50. Microiliusions promised us extra editors for ,ust£iG. Out none nave yet arrived - Korg Mi. Rdonc £ 10 110 and Kawai Ki editors are supposedly m production.
It ip Us z 1SM6 I . (£D* ABO OEL REPEAT _$ E688fS_ Blil'LAY range .
LOO? Oft Dr.T's Patch EeWor (or the Sotana D. SO Greater London Computers AMIGA 3000 s I The complete Amiga 3000 range, available now and we are specially extending our introductory offer of a free 15" Multisync Monitor with each A3000 bought. This extension of the offer will last only until Christmas. So you had better hurry as we have only limited supplies of the machines on this offer.
A3000 l6Mhz 40Mb + FOC Monitor 2499.00 + VAT A3000 25 Mhz 40Mb + FOC Monitor * 2999-00 + VAT A3000 25 Mhz 100 Mb + FOC Monitor 3299.00 + VAT A3000 25 Mhz lOOMb Hard Disc + FOC 14" VGA Colour Monitor 2999.95 inc VAT Export & Educational orders welcome (Note the A3000 is approved oy Cosmo) CLASS OF THE 90’s PACK £549.95 FIRST STEPS PACK £549.95 A1500 A2000 HD 1Mb RAM, TWIN 3.5" DRIVES 1Mb RAM, 40Mb SCSI- COLOUR MONITOR + HARD DISC + COLOUR SOFTWARE MONITOR £1049.95 inc VAT £1499.95 inc VAT Greater London Computers, 481 Hale End Road TEL 081-527-0405 AMIGA 500 NEW S*C*R*E*E*N**G*E*M*S Pack.
ONLY £379.95 including: Days of Thunder, Back to the Future II. Night Breed, Shadow of the Beast II & Deluxe Paint II.
Business Customers Our Business Division can help you with all your computer -needs. From Hardware to Software and Supplies For more information and a credit account application, call 081-527-0405 and ask for Business Sales.
Delivery on all items is free to UK addresses.
All purchases of £1000 or more; earns a free Teddy Bear - "Cosmo" All enquiries about Bears should be made to Cosmo in our Teddy Bear Department.
Please note: All our machines are new UK models NOT grey imports or second hand models COMMODORE C286 PORTABLE PC AT Portable 286 12.5 Mhz 1Mb ram 20Mb Hard Disc £1999-95 inc VAT COPIERS GLC would like to announce that in line with their anti-software piracy policy we will no longer stock any software copying programs.
Sony for any inconvenience.
Software piracy is not only illegal, hut it makes Cosmo very angry as well.
COSMO'S MESSAGE FOR THE MONTH "Yo Dudes, it's Cosmo again! Well, new year, new stuff and all. All this arid Mr Mike is trying to sort me out a bigger show roomy-thing. So you never know dudes - by the time you read this we might have moved.
Also for those of you dudes out there who bought printers over Crim ho. We got tons and tons of rihbcny things here you know, and lots of disks and cables and all sorts of things. And they're all original branded ones - none of them nasty imitations here. So dudes, you know where to come for all your ad-ons and stuff.
So Ta Ta for now dudes.
L(j. Highams Park, Chingford, London. E4 9PT FAX 081-503-2341 The offiool Commodore repair centre is now open for business.
At the Commodore National Repair Centre we hove over 100 highly trained technicians committed to repairing and maintaining your Amigc and C64 computers.
Our expertise and experieme ensures mot your computer is repaired to the highest standard for the lowest cost. And we will repair your equipment within 12 days.
One low payment covers diagnosis, repair, ports, labour ond return carriage.
And as an extra bonus, if you reply before December 10th we'll send you on owcrd winning software tide.
To schedule c repair simply coll the number below.
Be ready to give us your name, address, computer type, serial number ond type of fault.
Call the Commodore National Repair Centre NOW on WOO jUIZIU Payment cccepted by cheque, PO and credit card. The charges are £39.95 for the C54, ond £49.95 for the Amigc 500 end remember, all colls prior to December 1 Oth receive FREE SOFTWARE Cs Commodore COMPUTING Another corking 3.5 incher stuffed to the gills with searingly hoi software!
Programme. Simply clijk to select.
A box is displayed 1o the right of the programme.
The Add option does not require you to select a programme as it creates a new one It displays a dialogue box for you to enter the details and then insert the programme Into the programme list.
The previous entries covering that area of the tape are removed or cut up to show the actuol contents of the tope. You can delete them afterwards if necessary.
Note that the Amend option does not let you alter the start and end positions of a programme. You cannot amend or delete programmes marked as blank. When a programme is deleted It is marked as blank and merged with any adjacent blan area. Any blank area shorter than five minutes is not displayed so as to The Manageress Episode 1 Adrian Gate has written Videocat.
O program designed to catalogue your collection of video tapes and organise them to show any unwanted or free spaces which ore available for recording.
Ite information that the system records is at two levels. Tape Data relates to the type of tape used for the recording and Programme Data, which lists the programmes and their positions on the tape.
Wien you run the program the screen displays an empty entry for a taoe and three empty spaces for the programmes on that tape.
There are also two sliders. The thin one on the left is for scanning through the tapes and the thick one on the right is for scanning through the programmes when there are more than three on a tape There are four menus to control the system. The Files menu provides LOAD: This clears all current entries from memory and loads the file named at the bottom of the screen (defcutts to 'CATALOGUE').
SAVE: Save* the current set of entries to the fie named at the bottom of the screen.
SELECT FILENAME: This activates the file requester, whlcn tries to access the file named at the bottom of the screei. If you want to change the tilencme. Use the requester buttons ond or gadgets in the normal way to enter the relevant device or directory, and type the new name into the string gadget.
PRINT: This is ? Sub-menu with two options to print the current tope, or aN the tapes Once one of these options is activated a requester is displayed for you to select the page size and output quality. You may Videocat cancel the operation from here if you want.
Remember that tor Print to work you must have Preferences set up to load the correct printer driver (from DEVS.printers). Bear in mind that if your printer doesn't support NLQ. Selecting this option will probably result in garbage output.
ABOUT: This will display a message about Vldeocat.
Tapes menu The Tapes menu has the option to Add. Remove and Amend tapes.
When a tape is created a blank area entry Is Initialised in the programme list for the space on the tape.
If you delete a tape, all the programmes are deleted automatically and a user confirmation requester is displayed. For tape data entry a special dialogue box is used. When a tape Is being amended it is not possible to change the tape number.
Programmes menu This menu has options to Add.
Remove and Amend the selected Programme Details Entru IJJindoLU within a requester with a slider to move the list. Again, there's a orinf option.
Word to the wise... Videocat uses two disk-based fonts. Diamond 20 and Ruby 12.
These must be present in FONTS: along with diamond.font and ruby.font for the program to work correctly. These files are In the fonts directory on the cover disk, so If you boot from the cover disk Videocat will work fine.
If you're not booting from the cover disk and you need to add Diamond 20 and or Ruby 12 to your FONTS: directory, remember to use Flxfonts to update the .tont files before running Videocat.
Videocat was written by Adrian David Gate using Benchmark Modulo 2. Ffs freely cfctrtbutoble so long os money does not charge hands reduce the need for using the programme information slider Lists menu There are two list-creating options to simplify the data display. List Blank Areas enables you to select a rating - a personal score you give to programmes which re'lects whether you want to keep them or record over them - and then extract all programmes and blank areas at or below this rating.
They will be built up Into bocks where adjacent, and length; are calculated. The list is sorted into length order and displayed in a requester. You can scroll the list using a slider or print to the selected printer, List Programme Names exhocts all the programmes from the ist of tapes and sorts them Into atoha- betlc order It then displays ihem IMMIiaiMMIHIIBIMaaMHMMBWiMaaMtBatHaMBHHMHWMHWManHMBaMiaMMlHMMMMaMMHMHB IHI AZSPELL Copyright © D.J.H.Hartley, 1990. Version 1.02 ¦am mm Add to dictionary I SUGGESTIONS_______[Up Do] WORDS Ignore word Correct word Dictionary: File: Checked: Not found!
Unique: Correction: Hatheriatics Hatch Hathenatical Mathenatician Hatches Correct and Add Hatched Hachete Hasochistic by Stephen WinstanleyOD Copyright © 1991 Aniga Conpi MatchPatch Azspell 1.02 Azspell is a quick-and-easy spell checker for ASCII text files. It comes with a dictionary of almost
12. 000 words and facilities to store as mcny more as you like.
To un Azspell you should first doubfe-cfick on the Azassign icon.
This cssigns the logical device Azspell: to the curren directory, that K the directory Azassign is In when you double-click It. Note that If the disk containing the dictionary is called Azspell. And the dictionary is in the root directory of thct disk, there is no need to run Azassign first. After doubleMatchPatch MatchPatch is a 24 level platform game in which you have to destroy all the aliens on each level, 01 get to o bonus screen to progress to the next level.
To prevent you from achieving this goal there are deadly aliens that kill on contact, plus a timer which will take one of your lives if it expires. There are five different aliens to overcome, all with individual characteristics.
The stone men walk slowly around the platforms, moving from the top to the bottom of the screen. Icebergs on the other hand, can jump up to higher platforms suddenly, as can the fire balls, which move around very quickly Watch out for storm clouds - electricity - which can change direction Just when you think you’re safe, and the light bulbs which bounce off the platforms at an angle.
Which aliens will be on which screen and their order is shown at the top left of the display. This order is important because it controls the types of bullet you can fire, An arrow under the order of the aliens at the top left of the display indicates which type of alien clicking on the Azspell icon you’ll be presented with a string gadget in which yDu should type the name of the file you want to spell check You'll probably need to supply the full oath to the file. For example, If you wanted to spell check the MctchPatch.DOC file on the cover disk, because It s the only ASCII lie on It.
You would enter: CD016.matchpafch matchpatch.doc. After a very short wait the main Azspell window will appear. If you've followed the above example, the word 'MatchPatch' will be highlighted In white at botyour bullets will kill.
If the arrow Is under the iceberg alien for example, this is the only type you can loll. Any other aliens you hit win be transformed into the next alien in that level's order, but not to the type you can kill.
To enable you to kill all the aliens there are holes in the bottom platforms. Over the holes are arrows that Indicate which type of bullet you con collect if you jump down the hole.
Jump down the hole with the Fire button pressed and not only do you collect the indicated type of bullet but you also cydle the arrow over the hole to the next bullet In the level's order. After jumping down the hole you'll appear at the top of the screen, so look before you leap!
As you'd expect, the aliens can jump down the holes as well. After doing so. They'll be transformed into the type of alien indicated by the arrow, To help or hinder, there are various bonuses to collect.
Cakes get you an extra life and the glasr boosts your fire range. Moving over the clock stops the clock and if you get the egg timer, you'I win extra time.
The coin is a score bonus, the bomb kills all the aliens on the screen, and the tap drowns all the tom left. Azspell is saying It doesn't know that word and Is asking you what you want to do about It. On the right-hand side Is a list of suggestions for the correct spelling.
At this point you can ChOOse to add the word ’MatchPatch’ to the dictionary. Ignore It. Correct the spelling or correct the spelling and add the word to the dictionary.
Click on the close gadget at any time to close down the spell checker, Azspell has a special mode Of operation which allows the automatic collection or addition to the dictionary of misfire balls, An on off switch gives you mega bullets that keep going after killing an alien. But watch out for the herbs, they're deadly!
If you collect the flower bonus you will go to a maze level where you must reach the exit at the bottom of the screen befo’e the timer expires. Succeed and you get extra points. You then go to the next level of the main game.
There are 16 maze levels and movement between them is controlled by a Joystick In port 2, left and right to run left and right, up to jump up. Fire to shoct bullets. At any time dunng the geme the left mouse button will pause the game and the right mouse button will restart. To start the game after loading, press fire.
At the end ot the game. If your score Is high enough, you will be able to enter your name in the high score table. The whole program loads Into memory so the disk can be removed after loading. Don’t worry about the disk drive light staying on, h's just a bit of sloppy programming Hints After dying, you'll be invulnerable until the timer restarts. On the title spelled and unfound words in a text file. This mode is launched via the CD. Full details of this and all the other features of Azspell and Its associated programs are in the Azspell.DOC file.
If you want to move the program to another dtsk. Simply drag the AZSPELL 102 drawer icon Into the new disk's window.
Azspell VI.02 was written by Danny Hartley. Azspell and Azmerge can be used and cis- tributed freely, but they are not public domain. Azdictlonary is supplied ’os Is’ for public doman.
And may be modified and reels- tributed in a modified form.
Screen hold the joystick right then press the fire button for a extra life every 10.000 points, instead of the usual 20.000 points. Again on the title screen, hold the joystick left then press the fire button to start on Level 10.
If the timer is getting low on a level and there are a lot of aliens left, use the bonuses if possible.
The flower bonus ends the current level without loss of life even If you do not complete the maze.
Try to set all the arrows the same. This limits the types of alien on a level, making it easier to kill them.
Find a safe platform area where you can shoot the aliens as tney run by. The on off switch bonus lets your bullet pass through on dien after it has been hit, allowing you to shoot more than one at a time.
On the maze levels, time is limited, so start to run Immediately and work out your route on the move. Falling to do this will probably mean no extra points.
MatchPatch was written in assembly language (Devpac 2) by Stephen Winstanley. It may be offered for download on bulletin boards provided It is made available as a free download.
Grammar 1.5 When we first come across this program we assumed It was a joke.
Programs to check English grammar a-e almost as difficult to write as programs to correctly check context. It's something artificial intelligence boffins have been working on for a long time.
So we were more than a little surprised to run a text file through Grammar and be told we had split an infrlte in line 12 of our text file (the second sentence of this article. We've left it there, see if you can spot It).
Grammar checks f £r a number of other common pitfalls. There's Turtle Turtle is a tiny but powerful logo- llke language, written by Alan Smith of Norwich, for generating turtle and fractal graphics. It uses an imaginary turtle whose position 1$ the current drawing position.
The position may be from 0,0 (top left) to 640.512 (bottom right). The turtle also has a heading from 0 to 360. Which is the direction in which the turtle faces
- north (straight up) is a heading of zeio. East is 90. South is
180, west is 270.
The program takes an input string and produces a drawing depending on the characters In the string. Several parameters are needed by the program to do Its drawing.
These are specified In control statements, starting with a hash character: setpen(N): Set foreground pen colour to N. cls(N); Clear screen to colour N.
* move X,Y): Move the turtle to screen position (X.Y).
set_heoding(N): Set turtle heading to N degrees.
set_angle(N): Set the angle through which the turtle turns when it turns left or right (-ve or +ve).
* sei_level; Set the number of expansions which will be applied
to the initial run string.
An alleged rule that forbids the placing of the preposition at the end of a clause or sentence. For example, in the sentence ’She was easy to tclk to', the word 'to' is the preposition Grammar spots this and tells ycu about it.
This kind of grammatical mistake is usually solved by moving the preposition to on earlier ploce in the sentence. In this particular example it is impossible to do that, which Is why v e say the preposition rule is a alleged one. (The point Is that the sentence is dreadful anyway. Why not simply say: 'Talking to her was easy’? The rule should not be ihought of as being alleged, it's valid - Ed), 1 1 1 1 O ft 1 * 1 ft. | A V A 1 rH H fl 1 n . KIEV -1JJ.
11 " i I f - i TiWJr V Double negatives are checked for. Although we couldn't get Grammar to complain about the phrase: *1 doVt know nothing about it*. If you're in the habit of starting sentences with the words 'and' and but', Grammar reports bock on every occurrence. Some set_length(N): Set the distance the turtle wil move forward for each F (forv ord) instruction.
text(*STRING‘); Output the text enclosed in double quotes at the current cursor position. ' run(STRING): Start drawing, using STRING as the initial string.
The string is not enclosed In quotes. For example; run(F) will produce a rroight line, and run(F+F+F) after a set_ angle( 120) win draw a tnangle.
To get an idea of what Turtle can do. Double-click on the Demo Icon in the TURTLE drawer then sit back and watch. When the demo has finished, select Run File from the Files menu, type in 'tutorial' and hit Return.
Fufi detais of the program and how to use it can be found in the Turtle.HELP rile. Either double-click on its Icon or select Project Help ThrashZone We've had all styles of music on the disk recently, but nothing approaching heavy rock. Now Keith Berry has sampled some great electric guitar sounds and put ThrashZone together.
Keith originally sequenced It words are very badly over-used and almost always unnecessary to the very meaning of c sentence.
The best example is the word 'very'. In 99.9 per cent of cases you can remove very irom a sentence without changing the from wtthln Turtle itself.
Take particular nolice of the Productions and String Expansion sections, these are tie driving forces behind the language.
cls(6) move(320,485) setpen(4) set_h®a flng(0) sel_ length (8) faafJeviKlO) set_angle(18) S-(++*G)( G)TS G*+H(-G)l H*-G(+H)L T«TL L=(-FFF)( fFF)F frun(SLFFF) walt(30) This life-like bit of greenery is produced by a single command: run(SLFFF). Notice how the strings G, H, L and T oil end up being part of the string S. Mess around with the set_heading and set_angle arguments to get different effects. Here s another program fcW) move(200,485) *etpen(7) text(“DRAG0N CUBVr) move(200,256) lset_heoding(270) se!_angle(90) set_length(2) set_level(I3) F» X- X*YF* Y« -FX-Y
• runOO wait 30) Reduce the set_level argument to get a closer
look at how this dragon curve is constructed.
Wtth Soundtracker 2.4, but weve converted It to MED V2.13 format (December 1990 cover disk) to you can easify save out the samples if you want to re-use then.
Like all heavy rock music. It sounds best at top volume with a bit of distortion - ZZ Top eat you hearts Outl meaning. Grammar will tell you about your use of the word 'that* if you supply the -t option on toe command line: grammar -t fie- name .
If you want to find out how Grammar works, study the source code. The program is by no means infallible, so you might be able to improve or expand It. The source has been crunched wth PowerPacker. Grammar VI.5 was written by Rudolph P. Sama and the Amiga port is by T. C. Sama.
LoveHearts LoveHearts was written by Phllp Barrett and pldces four heari- shaped. Animated Vsprites on the workbench screen, especially for St Valentine's Day.
The sprites drift around bjt always home In on the mouse pointer. They can't move off the edge of the workbench screen and will disappear If another screen Is pulled up to completely cover it. After running the program. A bar with a close gadget appears. Clicking on this close gadget ends the program, mating the hearts disappear.
It's not advisable to run more than one copy of LoveHears because to do so may cause a guru. Running it at the same time as any other program which uses Vsprites may well give the same result.
We certainly can't predict what the gels system will do if it s assailed by requests for Vsprites from several sources!
LoveHearts will run In conjunction with other workbench programs but the hearts tend to pause during disk access and menu selection This Is unavoidable If you want the workbench to run at a reasonable speed.
WARNING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING Daiel ElKironcs Ltd.. n thee condones or authorises the use ot irs products for the reprocbction or copynght material The backup facilities ot the product are designed to reproduce onty software such as Public Domun materia the users own programs or software where permaaion to make backups has been clearly given If is ilega' 10 make copes, even for your own use. Of copyright material. Without the cfcir oermission o' the copyright own©', or the licence1 thereof
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • displays disk
information in easy to understand format. Full modify save
• DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available
at all times - DIR. FORMAT. COPY, DEVICE, etc.
• DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press of a button • faster than Dos
Copy. No need to load Workbench • available at all times.
• BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot
drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be able
to boot from your external drive.
• Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor • Load
Save block • Write String to memory
• Jump to specific address • Show Ram as text • Show frozen
picture Play resident sample
• Show and edit all CPU registers and flag • Calculator • Help
command • Full search feature Unique Custom Chip Editor allows
you to see and modify all chip registers - even write only
registers! • Notepad 9 Disk handling - show actual track. Disk
Sync, pattern etc. • Dynamic Breakpoint handling
• Show memory as HEX, ASCII. Assembler, Decimal • Copper Assemble
Disassemble - now with suffix names REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU
• ST
* PC VERSION £69.00 THE mi I mi* IS HERE!

• Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling
it as a slave device & ignoring the computer disk drive
controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are
• . • •
• Menu driven selection for Start Track, End Track - up to 80
tracks. 1 side. 2 sides.
• Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge. * Also
duplicates other formats such as IBM. MAC etc.
• Ideal for clubs, user groups or just for your own disks. • No
more waiting around for your disks to copy.
• Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
on-board Custom LSI Chip. Syncro Express has the power to
transfer an MFM image of the original disk directly to your
blank disk - quickly, simply and without any user knowledge.
One external disk drive* is required for AMIGA ST. y? J SYNCRO
COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING CbleJ Electronics Ltd . Noithor condones
nor authorises the use of ffs products lor the reproduction of
copyright material The backup faculties ot this product are
designed to reproduce only software such as Public Goman
mafcria;. The users own orograms or software where permission
to make backups has been clearly given It e legal to make
copes, oven lor yoix own use. Ot cooyright matesal wchout the
oipress permission ot the copyright owner or the licence©
"If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO EXPRESS together with a drive lor ONLY £104.99 (AMIGA) ONLY £119.99 (ST) GOVAN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324
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.....£3.50 STAR LC10 COLOUR . .....£6.95 Subbuteo...The
computer game The game's strength is also it's weakness. It
slavishly replicates the original sticking grimly to the rales
of FISA - Subbuteo's ruling body.
Publisher: Electronic Zoo Price: £24.99 Real aficionados will no doubt be totally happy with this attention to detail But beginners may be in for a surprise concerning the degree of seriousness with which the game Is token.
The graphics are generally very good, sporting a sweeping 360 degree view of the pitch, not dissimilar to that used in most pool or snooker simulations. Optional team colours are available, plus the ability to zoom in and out of action as required.
Game control takes the form of flicking your figure's base with a large digita digit that scrolls back and forth behind the player.
Simply hit the fire button to select the flicking position and once more to select the strength.
Your animated plastic counterpart should then mcke a perfect play.
Even swerves and trick shots are possible with a title practice.
The main complaint levelled by experts concerns the lack of speed with which the game is played. Indeed, in comparison the real game it's painfully sbw.
On the other hand, you don't have to spend the entire day picking up the ball up from dining room floor.
And of course you won't need to pack everything away be'ore putting the dinner out.
Basically, if you were a fan of the tabletop game you may well be interested in this computer version. If you hated the original the same will probably apply to its latest descendant. The choice is yours.
A quick glance at the pictures on this page will no doubt make the e change of your hord earned cash for the software displayed seem quite reasonable, But wait, you impetuous fools ycu! Put those wallets away until I've finished. A few things need explaining.
As far graphics and general presentation goes. ISC is great.
The figures are animated convincingly, although a little slow on occasions The option screens are full of alternatives for practice, league variations and even the Wdrtd Cup.
The problems only really appear when you start to play the game. As with most of the football simulations the gameplay is simply not in the same league as Kick Off.
Even ignoring the presence of International Soccer Challenge Publisher: Microprose Price: £24.99 the Anco classic in the market.
ISC is still rather pedestrian, with runs from one end of the pitch to other the norm rather than a cause for excitement.
The fourth division, with only the bare minimum of sounds popping up from the depths of dearest Paula, the singing dancing sound chip. There has been an attempt Corners, throw-ins and set pieces are all there. Even the ref, with his attendant linesmen make an occasional appearance - which Incidentty makes a pleasant change from playing the game. The sound might just make at some background music, but given the choice between that, and four hours of Kyle I know which I'd go for.
Let's face it, the game slrrply isn't very good. If you are a real football fan. And Amiga maniac to boot, it may be worth your while.
If. However, you are after real value for money it will probcbly be worth looking elsewhere.
STORAGE BOXES Large or small users - we have the prices for you!
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U. S. Gold have done It again with another action- packed coln-op
conversion. The follow up to smash hit Strlder. One of last
year's biggest sensatons. Looks set to enjoy even more
success. Packed as it is with enough shooting, killing, and
mindless destruction to keep the most hardened joystick
waggler happy for many a long hour.
The scenario, for what it matters, is simple. You've just finished off the Reds from Strider 1 and are looking forward to a well-earned rest when your services are urgently requested by the planet Magenta.
Ther leader has been captured by cllen terrorists and the Mogentans are so desperate to get her back that they will agree to equip you with a measly Gyro laser and send you out alone to face the hordes. Smacks of conspiracy, that.
Armed with your trusty, well notched sword and the new gun, you st ide (geddit'’) boldly forth to fight your way through five levels of murder and mayhem, and let me assure you. This game is murderous.
It takes about 30 seconds to realise just how homicidal things can get. And after that you spend the remainder of your time waggling away like mad in an attempt merely to survive. 'Rock hard' is a fitting cescription for the difficulty level on this game, especially If you're not a beat- em-up ace. I for one am stiH nursing a sprained wrist.
The terrorists come in many flavours. The least dangerous are those most recognisably human, which just walk through you or pepper you with little bullets, lowering your life level.
The really dangerous ones are the cyborg types and the more stationary obstacles, such as exploding flowers, robotic machine gun bunkers, force fields, and little R2-D2 type things which pop up. Shoot.
Then slink bock down again.
The weirdest enemies are the crows that fly about dropping hover bombs. These float gently down until they get to eye level, then streak across the screen at you causing a greet deal of damage.
Some of the crows seem posGraphics Animation It good and everything works smoothly, quickly and colourfulty. Perhaps not state of the art, but entirely adequate.
Sessed of the kamikaze spirit, crashing into you with predictable results.
You soon start feeling a bit like an American aircraft carrier in the Pocific of 1944.
When you finally reach the end of the first level you come face to face with the end-of-level nasty. In this case. It's an armoured cyborg- cum-helicopter. And if you're to have any hope of defeating It.
You'd better have collected enough energy pods along the way.
With enough of these under the belt you are automatically transformed into a hulking motorised robot, and your laser is given a few more watts of killing power. Without That'll teach hlml The laser is your only hope of killing things at ranges beyond arm's length.
Sound Surprisingly naff, considering the sort of same we re talking about.
The usual grunts, bangs, whines, and the rest, but nothing stunning.
These, you might as well use a peashooter on the chopper for all the good youf sword will be.
STRIDER2 He spits homing missiles at you.
And generally gives you the impression that your presence is not appreciated. Must have been something I said or maybe something my best friend should have told me.
After a couple of attempts (who are you trying to kid? Ed), I finally defeated the beast and proceeded to the second level. From this stage onwards the warrior’s agiity Is one of his best weapons. Climbing ropes and somersaulting over obstacles and holes in the floor is essential if you ore to progress further.
Publisher: U.S. Gold Price: £24.99 It didn't do me much gcod, however, as I seemed to spend more time jumping Into trouble than out of it. Landing most of the time either in a force field or on top of a very annoyed robot.
For these reasons, and by vrtue of the fact that I'm about as naturally gifted fof this type of game as Gordon the Gopher. I got no further than halfway through the second level.
The game gave me a generous five lives, but these were quickly squandered as I stumbled arcund frantically leaping and shootirg in every direction save the correct one.
For non-stop, smoothly scrolling action. Strider 2 is hard to beat in every sense of the word. There are already far too many beot-'errvups on the market, but If you're tNrking ‘not another one!’ then think again. Strider 2 is a cut above the average and definite value for money.
¦ Gameplay Fast and frantic all the way. Strategy- wlic It won t itrctch the old srey matter, but In the action stakes U.S Gold arc on to a winner.
AMIGA ACCESSORIES 7 Amazing low price!
Including VAT and delivery A590 RAM UPGRADES
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Cooling Vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing
• Suits any Amiga
• Quality Citizen drive mechanism
• On Off switch on rear of drive
• Full 880K Formatted capacity
• Throughport connector
• Long reach connection cable 3V2" EXTERNAL DRIVES ALL PRICES
5. 25” External 40 80 Track Drive also available, only £99.
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Excellent value for money ......£ 17.95 Naksha Mouse Package (also compatible with Atari ST and Amstrad PC) £28.95 Kickstart 1.3 Upgrade pack ......£29.95 Amiga Replacement Power Supply Unit (Genuine Commodore Amiga Type) ..£39.95 Amiga A500 Dust Cover .... . £ 4.95 Good quality Commodore Hard Disk unit. Including its on PSU and built-m cooling Ian. Features sockets tor up to 2Mb ol on-board FASTRAM expansion (see below) 80ms Access tin*, with up io 24Mb sec transfer ratB. Autoboots when used with Kjckstnrt 1.3. A590 Hard
Drive (20Mb) £279.00 Wc arc now supporting specially upgraded versions o( ihc A590 Incorporating NEC high capacity, fully auloparking S£SI drives (25rra access lime.) SCSI interfaced hard drives offer a substantial performance inrrra.se over conventional units.
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Ft Plugs into the trapdoor expansion (as with 512K unit) and connects to GARY chip ft Includes Auto-recharging Battery Backed Real-Time Clock ft Socketed FASTRAM Ics for accommodating up to 1.5 MB RAM Unpopulated RAM Board with Clock_____________£39.95 RAM Board as above, with 512K FASTRAM Installed £59.95 RAM Board as above, with 1 Mb FASTRAM Installed... £74.95 RAM Board as above, fully populated, with
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Scanner vtdudes viewing wmdow with tacWighi plus a start
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line-art (mono) or one ol three greyscale options, at 100
200 300 400 dpi. The package ndudes the amazingly
powerful, well featured 'TOUCH UP’ graphics program which
drives the scanner directly as one of its many tacJities
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package is no: Amiga 1000 compatible N.B. Requires at least
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585. 00 Jack Nicklaus Course Design Publisher: Accolade Price:
£29.99 effects' and swing factors that Greg Norman's
Ultimate Golf offers.
It would have been nice to be able to open and close the club face as you can in the latter, but as these could be said to over-complicate things, the omission is not much of a handicap when you compare the two games.
The usual options are well catered for. You can play with up to three friends or against up to three computer opponerts, in stroke or matchplay situations, and at beginner or expert level.
A novel and laudable addition to the standard format is to allow for female players and womens' tee-off positions. A regard for gender is all too often missing from sporting simulations.
Other nice touches Include a club membership list, to and from which you can load or save players. The ability to play 'skins' - matchplay for money - and c hole- In-one club which, strangely enough. I've not yet joined.
The options menu, available at any time, offers a switch to the overhead view. It replays your best shots - or your worst if you're a masochist - statistics for the round, and the chonce to alter the course conditions.
By messing about, you can set up the round to suit your own tastes to a tee (groanl - Ed), and the hands-on involvement this olers Is enough to moke the game enjoyable and the whole thing more personalised.
One lingering doubt about the gameplay is that It can often seem a bit too easy, particularly for someone with my lock of real golfing skill, The timing of the shot is relatively simple, so gameplay boilsdown across the top of the screen, adjusting for wind as represented by accompass-style wind direction and strength Indicator, then take the shot, whose force and timing is controlled by clicking on a standard power bar at the left of the screen.
Hardly advanced gameplay.
Especially as 'he classic Leaderboard, now four years old.
Was controlled In much the same way. You won't find ony of the ball more or less the same thing, which Is hardly surprising since they all simulate exactly the same sport. So as you already know what to expect when you open the box, any newcomer has to be able to prove that its implementation of the scenario Is good enough to set It above the rest.
As far as actually playing the game is concerned. Jack Nicklaus' Golf offers nothing new. You aim your shots by moving a marker- As a Scotsman. I greeted this game with a great deal of enthusiasm, after- all *e did Invent the sport, you know. I am one of the millions of golfers who enjoys a love hate relationship with the game - I love it when I play well, and hate it when I play badly.
Come to think of It. I also hate golf when It's windy, raining, or cold, and when I've forgotten my umbrella. I despise It when my little towel becomes wet and full of sand from one of the many bunkers I've landed in. It gives me apoplexy to watch my brand spanking new ball go whistling into a patch of what passes for rough, but appears on closer inspection to resemble a miniature Amazonian rain forest on a bad day.
The chance, therefore, to hack my way round 18 holes from the- comfort of an armchair, wlthout- once having to replace a divot and struggle up to the next tee with half a ton of equipment, was too good to miss.
The reality was that I ended up huddled in front of a monitor, squinting red-eyed at the screen from a distance of about two inches, no doubt absorbing x-rays at an alarming rote, and swearing profusely at a little white dot as It drifts smoothty into a stream It perhaps a measure of how rapidly Jack Nicklaus' Golf becomes addictive that this stage was reached after about four holes.
The idea is the same as countless other golf games, from Leacerboard to PGA Tour Gotf. You are given a graphical representation of the hole from the player's viewpoint, with information on total yardage and distance to the hole, offered a selection of clubs, and finally you take your best shot.
Al the golf games on offer do A view of 'Stevie's Elbow". 3rd hole at 'Murderously Difficult that fers.
) be 3ub jt os npt- not you veil i up to , in and ton low ins’ erv om s a om ay.
Steely at he est »a XJ.
Rse set tes he I is 3V- er- rie xn teal My yn The Peer*s track 3» i
IV. « To (.•dtt d hole, point to the hole in the overhead and
press the Out ton.
Cotri* soreen mainly ta the strategic chaice at clubs and the way In which you decree to play each hole, Should you thump o three wooc, thus risking a wild slice, or lay up with a measured Iron and hope for a good wedge shot?
How much borrow should you allow for. Given such-and-such a putting distance and the indications on the break meter?
These are your main concerns, rather than decisions about the golf swing itself. In the end it doesn't detract from the game* play, as the course supplied.
Muirfield Village Ohio, is difficult enough, and the greens treacherous enough to keep you interested.
Jack Nicklaus' Golf, however, is not just about hacking your around a course. If you know anything about the game, you'll know that since retiring from full-time golf a few years ago Jack Nicklaus has become a leading course designer and constructor, his links popping up all over the world, The unique feqture of this program. Therefore, is its course design element, and It Is an element which takes up 80 per cent of the 156 page manual. No pri2es for guessing which half of the package -ack was more interested in.
Ccurse design is really quite easy. You stort with q plot of lond, rough out q course, and then build each hole in turn, every step of which is done with the mouse. Tee.
Fairway, rough, and green come first, as simple drawings, then objects such as trees, buildings, bunkers and lakes can be added at will.
There is a paint section which allows you to embellish the backdrops or change their colours to simulate other terrain types so that you could, for example, build a course in the desert, adding camels and pyramids for a touch of atmosphere.
Everything you need to create a course is included with the designer. So all you have to supply is the magical ingredient, imagination. If you're a bit stuck to start with. Jack provides some useful tips, ond if The course designer lets you odlt The Bear's Track ... you just can't think of any interesting ideas, you can always edit existing courses, including The Bear’s Track. Jack's own creation which has been designed to show off as many tricks of 'he trade as possible.
There is no need to be d Dd Vinci to do this. The objects ore already colourful and well drawn, so just putting them wnere you like will create for you a course that is pleasing to the eye. If not the player. This last suggests a rather sadistic use for the course designer. If both you and your friends ae golf fanatics you con design the most excruEzJ ciating courses imaginable and challenge each other fo play them. Or compile a collection of the 18 most difficult holes you could dream up, and swap them.
There's no limit to what you could do Jack Nicklaus' Golf is. All in all. A pleasant piece of software to - use. The game section is perhcps a bit too easy to play, but provides enough chess-like appeal to nurture some long term interest.
The course designer Is user- friendly yet comprehensive, ond adds enough to the package to place It very high on the over-crowded golf game leoder- board.
Sound Bit of a swish and plonk now and then, but no more than you’d expect in a golf game. Pity they left out the digitised cursing. How THAT would have been realistic.
Old fashioned, without being outdated, it s golf’s Innate strategic element which eventually shines through. Not for arcade fans.
Gameplay Buck Rogers is the latest RPG based around the AD&D rules system and the first to be set in a world of science fiction rather than quasi- medieval fantasy.
If you're tired of hack-and-slay and would like a bit of zap-and- spray, It might be Just what you're looking for, so let's don those vac suits and fry some aliens.
Fans of the AD&D game or those who have played any of the three
S. S.I titles already available, will find little to surprise
them here The basic rules are the same as always and the usual
role-playing conventions apply to movement and combat.
Players create a party of odven- turers of various races, assign them careers, equip them, then start out towards a stated objective. The characters learn by experience. If they manage to survive, experience points are collected and spent on advancing the character to more powerful levels. All very conventional and decidedly underwheming.
However. Buck Rogers does have a couple of new features which greatly increase its appeal. The first Is the incusion of the enhanced AD&D rule set. Around which the game is based, that allows for the use of a ski system When a character is created the player can choose how to allocate a certain number of skill points to any of his or her career skills and any gene’al skills deemed useful.
In this way player characters can be personalised to a degree not inRPE RC HP FLAVIUS X £ 6] CELESTE X 22 PIERRE 2 ’ * niCOLE STEELE 3 ' 4 RORRKE 1 1 € pnnELLE 1 ? 4 hitherto possible with previous SSI games, an improvement which allows a player to identify more closely with the alter ego ¦ ¦the noRTH pnnDEmonium scions R5 T ¦FIGHTERS DROP TMEIR DER ¦ships Rno conTROL touch ¦ balls or cRinson flrfiei DLY CARGO' 5 COLLAPSE PEOPLE ppn ¦ssHra You are up against a sneaky and decidedly ruthless enemy in the shape of RAM ns new recruits, nco hrs brouoht you TO THE CHI CftGORO SPACEPORT FOR
OriEnTnTion. Shortly rft cn you arrive, you are sunmonco to the lecture hrll You join as fresh-faced fodder, er. NEO recruits Buck Rogers XXVc Publisher: SSI Price: £29.99 The second improvement is in the way messages and events are handled. The process is quicker and smoother than in Ihe older games, and helps keep things rolling along nicely.
Messages are also more informative and frequent, which helps promote a richer atmosphere - often lacking in previous efforts.
The scenario Itself is well thought out and quite diverse, tt Is the year 2456 and you are 'aw recruits in the New Earth Organisation (NEO).
Headed by Buck hmseif, You must explore the solar system m an attempt to thwart the plans of the evil Russo-American Mercantile (RAM), who plan to sterilise the Earth and re-populate it wl'h their own noxious breed of genetically engineered warriors or genries'.
The only way you can do this is to seek out and destroy RAM's doomsday device. But this 1$ by no means an easy task, To fulfil your mission you will have to travel to several planets and engage in hundreds of fire-fights.
The game also demands that you co-operate with non-player characters, especially those of certain races, whose identities I won't divulge because some are in a much better position to help you than others.
Interaction with such characters Is. Therefore, more Important than before. Previously, the most complex decision you hod to tcke concerning NPCs was whether to talk to them in the pub to gain access to any gossip they might have, or Chop them in half to gain access to their cash. All this helps to give the game more depth Buck Rogers XXVc Is not a new game as such - rather it is an old one in new clothes, but the clothes are of a good fit and cut.
The sci-fl scenario breaths new life into what was beccming a rather stale series of games, and SSI’s tweaking with the gameplay and the rule set gives it enough vitality for it to stand on It; own as probably the best the four.
However, there Is room for a lot more improvement if the AD&D- styte games are to survive Into the 90s. But Buck Rogers is at least a good start.
Graphics expect from SSI's range of ADAD games. Nothing new here.
Sound Very little as usual, except the odd spot effect when In combat. The signature tunc is absolutely frightening, and had me diving for the volume knob as soon as it began to bleep and burp its way out of my speakers.
Gameplay A significant improvement on previous efforts. The skill system is very good, and the program as a whole Is a much better attempt at computerised rolc-playlng.
UNIVERSAL OVERNIGHT DISTRIBUTION LTD Callers most welcome Tel: 0228 512131 (24 hour order line) Main switchboard Tel: 0228 42373 (exl. 53) Fax: 514484 Unit 26 Enterprise Centre Janies Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 5BB DISK BOXES Lockable high quality disk boxes at unbeatable prices-.
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£287 Ishido-The Way of the Stones Weil defined colourful a* 3
nicely chousht out. The one $ np£ & tlut on I&oac iuneicu black
can co&ity Oc mi&takcn for Of own.
I I . - .1 - .
Sound Publisher: Accolade Price: £24.99 Tne Way of trie Stones is cn enigmc tnct appeared through Tne misTs of rime some 30 yecrs ego. Socrds of 96 squares. 12 across ana eight aown.
Were oscoverec oy crcnceoicgists n severe; pans of me gooe wimm c few yecrs of eccn other. Pieces os far apcrr as northern Engicnc.
HgypT. Me isreeti desert. The Nepalese Highlands, uapar. And Centrci America revealed simi.cr boards from quite disparate periods of Time.
During me ensu-ng years scholars managed to unk me coords wim c pmiosophicci school. However, it wcs hOT until cn anonymous Tcoist monk delivered on ancient scron end set of 72 stones to me first person ne met. Mat Tne mystery couic eventualiyoe unrcveiiec.
So me story goes- Even without the history. Ishido *s a remdfkcoie gome - me strategy of chess wim mesmptoTyofiuao.
Tne 2 : 6 oocrc is ciViced inTO two areas. Tne Bey one is simpiy me outside scuares ana are darker in colour man Tne WiTrun - me centre 54 squares, isniao opens witn six pieces cirecdy in piece, four on ine corners of Tne Beyond ond two ;n me centre of Tne Within. Tne next piece to oe payee s snown or tne top ngnt corner of me screen in on crec ccueo Tne Touchstone.
Sarrms the dells ringing oat At the itart end the precise cluck of the itonei » they are Uid onto the there a little die to report.
HttMl Gameplay Before indicating tne location of tne next piece on me ooara. Two teeters neve to oe considered - its snope one colour. A stone con only oe ploced nexT tc onorner provided tnere is o link with me snope and or coour. Ins is now points ore omessed.
Any stones placed in Tne 3eyonc do not score. Their imporTor.ee is strategical. Four types of stone moron provide me points - singie- sided maTcn. Two-sidec mdTcn.
Tnree-siaeo march ana c rout-way.
Tne points score aoucie tor eccn side of a match, beginning wim one for a singie-sioea to eignT for c four-way.
The Poucn conTcms me 72 stones cvdiiaoie m eccn set. Once mese have been used or mere is no possr o»e match me gome ends ana me wmner is me one wim most points.
At any pomt curing me game you can cuck on Tne Poocn to discover now many stones remoin.
To prepare yoaseif for me coming cncfienge mete is a one player option cvcucoie. If you feei confident you can also picy me computer. But oe wcrred. It may ook as if it's oeing careless placing c lot of D1Y sTonesei design Stones in Tne Beyond. Out will inevitcoiy come occk or you wim c four-wcy -1 know to my cosh You mcy else use the gome in two-plcyer mode cgcinst anyone gooa enough to warren: your skilled attention.
Tnere ere eight pre-cefmec oocrcs ana stonesets to cnoose from, in cays of yore, isniao payers oiwoys ccmed tne»r own sranesets.
If they won c motcn men it wcs their right to destroy mar opponent's set. An editor to design yo own set will ciiow met personal toucn to me gome.
Tne editor is exTremely user- fnendly. Stoneset ore oesgned Dy selecting c cask: shape arc men erecting your own images ana colours. Once you're ncopy witn me design, you can men save to disk for use larer.
Isrhco wm sureiy oecorre one of mose classic end rirr.eiess gomes. If will aouofless tcke only a minute to icern our a ufeiime w* pe req rec to master its suDTieties and tne diosyncrcsies of your opponents.
cly Kon , be the the the It Cartoon Capers: Hilarious paw to claw fighting game v ith attention-grabbing digitised sound effects [Available soon] , wi'U«iiny) liiHU uniiifhlum lYluxk Hu : Uuvlgn Jukebox: Plays a selection of music files V ith colourful, animated Vu-meters and spiralling logo [Public Domain] AMOS Paint: A feature-packed art program with fast zoom function and amazing flexibility (Available soon] Treasure Search A Public Domain educational coordinates game for over 5s with amusing digitised speech.
Mouthtrap: Super-fast and super- playabte arcade-style game v ith cleverly animated cute graphics [Available soon] SkateTribe: Super-fast vertically scrolling skate game with bags of playability and captivating music (Available soon] Reversi: A stunningly presented Pubic Domain version of the classic Othelo game v ith smoothly rotating counters Arcadia: Breakout at its best - with a colourful copper list backdrop and a built-in level designer [Public Domain], ; ill 1 Sri With UK sales racing past the 25.000 mark since its launch in June AMOS - The Creator has to be the biggest-sellmg non-game
package ever for the Amiga will ba 3ne Our ted ose vers lets.
FVOS po- rour inal ser- Iby hen md Mth 9 to B Of SS It efo ireo the Xerxes' Revenge: Adrenalin-pounding, Pukadu: Cute arcade-style strategy game Rainbow Warrior: A very impressive edi- Fun School 3: Beautifully animated fol* fast-acticn horizontally scrolling shoot with that professional touch to keep you tor which enables you to create copper low-up to the number one best-selling 'em up game [Nov free v ith AMOS] playing [Sharev are] list backdrops [Public Domain] Fun School 2 [Out now: £24.99] Every day new programs flood into Mandarin's office: Games, edjcational programs, musical
jukeboxes, scrolling demos, font definers - and all are a tribute to the sheer power and ease of use of AMOS. Its graphical power bnngs an unprecedented level ot professionalism to even the most elementary programs.
With AMOS it is simplicity itself to display pictures in any graphics mode (including HAM and overscan): add copper list rainbows; write text using any Deluxe Paint font; overlay windows; add pull-down menus; send software and hardware sprites spiralling round the screen: and add atmospheric music created in Soundtracker, Noise- tracker. Sonix orGMC.
But AMDS also has a more serious side too: Amiga owners are creating icon-driven databases, in-company training programs, home finance packages, CDTV applications and so Dn.
AMOS is so successful that the independent AMOS Club already has more than 1,000 members (contact: The AMOS Club, 1 Lower Moor. Whiddon Valley. Barnstaple.
Devon EX328NW).
There's also a rapidly expanding Public Domain library with more than 50 discs available (contact: Sandra Shaney. 25 Park Road. Wigan. Lancashire WN6 7AA. Telephone: 0942 495261).
With all this enthusiasm and support, AMOS is the perfe:t package to unleash your creativity and design programs beyond your wildest dreams.
AMOS is yours for only £49.99 “Worth every penny - get it now!”
- Amiga Format SOFT WA R E Please send me: AMOS-The Creator and
FREE Extras disc ? I enclose a cheque for £49.99 payable to
Mandarin Software P&P tree in the UK. Add C2 tor Europe Expiry
dale _ Please debit my Access Visa Connect card number: ????
???? ???? ????
AA2 Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST.
Ellesmere Port. South Wirral L65 3EB.
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Argasm______________________ Artec C Developer .... Aztec C Professional ------ Benchmark MofluU 2 Benchmark libraries_______ Devpac 2__________________ GFA Basic v3 5 Compiler GFA B«c v3 5 Interpreter Hisofl Basic ... Hisott Extend _ K-Seka Assembler. . LattK* CV5..... lattice C++___________________ £35 95 £32 50 £42 50 £99.95 £•12 95 £137 50 £72 50 ... £43 50 £22.95 .£39.95 £5695 ,.£15 95 £34.96 ,£174.95 £259 95 Please ring lor prices availability on any hardware software peripherals not listed. (Full price list on request) A3000 C .*w 16Mhz 40Mb HD £2079.99
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Sim City, Their Finest Hour.
A-2 ot Computer Jargon, Getting the most fiom your Amiga with Populous • Promisod Lands also Sim City * Terrain Editor £1064.99 AMIGA 500 First Steps A501 Ram Expansion Detjxe Paint II * Pnnt II P o Wnie ? Into File Lat's Spell at Home Amiga Logo ? Talking Turtle Mouse Mai * 10 Blank Disks ProWrite V2.5 Music Mouse BBC Emulator £539.99 Softmachine Powerpack ¦fowor ot Babel Stiufftepack Cate Microprose Soccer Grand Monster Slam E-Motion. Kid Gloves RVF Honda. Powerplay Datastorm. Dungeon Quest ONLY £25* Clam of 90's A501 Ram Expansion Midi Interlace Deluxe Paint II 3ubl«sher5 Choice Maxi Plan
500 Superbase Personal Dr Ts MRS Amiga Logo BBC Emulator Mouse Mat 10 Blank Dtsks £539.99 A 500 Flight of Fantasy F29 Retaliate Rainbow Islands Escaoe trom the Planet ot the Robot Monsters Doluxe Paint II £369.99 A5O0 Screen Gems Bac* to the Future II Days ot Thunder Shadow ot the Beast II Ntghtbreed Cetuxe Paint II £369.99
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Starter Power i Amiga pur Softmachine Starter Pack Commodore
Amiga 1500 Amiga 3000 Series Hardware Deluxe Mouse Mat Talored
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A501 RamExp Qock_________ £5999 1230 Dot Matrix
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.....£34 99 Cumana iMbS.S'Drrve £69.99 Cumana iMo 5 25'
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Flatbed Scanner £579 99 Type 2 Handy Scanner £104 99 Type 10
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40 Great Flight Sim Adv ...... 4D More
Groat Flight Sim Adv . 68000 Assembly
Lang €8000 Assembly Lang
Prog E8000 Hardware ? Software
.... €8000 User
Guide ... Advanced Amiga
Basic "Adv Sys Prog
Guide ...
* 3D Graph Prog Basic Amiga
Applications .
• Assembly Lang Prog . Amga Basic
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Prog Amiga C for Beginners
...... Amiga DOS
.... Amga DOS Inside
& Out .... Amga DOS Quick Ref
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Video .. Amga Desktop Video
Gde .
• Disk Drives Inside & Out .. Amiga for
Beginners ..
* Gde Gra .'Sound ,'Comm ... Graphics
inside ? Oul ..
* Hardware Ref Manual Amga Mach Lang.
Guide .. Amiga Machine
Lang . ‘Microsoft Bes. Prog Gde
Pnnters Inside +
• Prog Handbook Vol 1 .....
• Prog Handbook Vol 2 .
Programming the 68000 .... Amiga Prog
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Ups . Becoming an Amga
artist ... Begmners guide to Amiga
Computes 1st Book of
* ...... Computes 2nd Book of
* ..... Elementary Amga Basic
... F19 Stealthtlghter handbook
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. Fight Sim
Odyssey . Flying Start
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.„ .. Inside Amiga Graphics
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C ...... Jettighter School
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Amiga .. Learning to
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Amga ... Sub
Commander ..... Take Off
Flight Sim .
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((-Spread 2- .£42.50 Superplan ..
£69.95 Ploase make choquespostal orders payablo to SOFTMACHINE
All items subject to availability All pnees tnckide V A T. 4 U
K Delivery All prices subject to change wlhout notice. E SO E.
SOFTMACHINE Dept. AMC2,20 Bridge House, Bridge Street,
Sunderland SR11TE. Telephone: 091-510 2666. Fax: 091-564 1960 .
1169 95 £34 95 £5695 £27.96 £69.95 I £16995 At first, my boxer still has all his lights on as we square up ready to kick the living daylights out of each other Smash im in the teeth!', I screamed. ‘Kick 'is head in!
Go on! Kill 'Iml* After 10 minutes Of Panza Kick Boxing. I was shotting at my screen with murderous htent and thrashing my joystick with all my might.
Panza Kick Boxing Publisher: Futura Price: £24.99 _ £7995 £27.96 £4250 _ £6995 ....£32 50 £52.95
- .£1495 ...£14 95 .....£14 95 1 n795
- £17.95 ....£17,95 ...120 95 ...120.95
- £20.95 ...£2095 ..£20 95 ..£2095
- £15.95 ..£1595 ..£1595 ..£1595
* £1595
- £1595 ..£44 95 .£25995 ..£5495 £184 96 £101.95 £3995
- £1750 .£5995 ..£54 96 £36 95
- £74 95 .£6295 ..£54 95 .16150 .132 50 _.RIW3
- £8150 £39.95 £69 95 £8150 £2995 £3995 110195
215. 95 a i»i" .. riirrj Iff 50 12750 £5750 was £5495 £8195 £54
95 0695 £74.95 Maanwhile. The neighbours were casting
nervous glances at the walls and dialling 999. This game was
getting under my skin in no uncertain fashion.
Panza Kick Boxing is the sort of thing your parents might have refused as a Christmas present. It is pure unadulterated violence and grea- fun to boot.
The gameplay is based on the French kick boxing sport, savate. As taught to the Foreign Legion. This was itself derived from Indonesian martial arts, so it's no surprise that the cation can become positively blood-curdling at times.
The object is to mangle and maim your way up the leg-snapping league table, crippling consecutive boxers until you face the great Panza himself, who will promptly snap you in two.
To win will require you to develop your boxer to the point where he becomes almost superhuman, and to aic you In this endeavour some handy options are provided.
Unlke most games where you have a choice of 16 moves - the eight oystick movements with and without fire button pressed Kick Boxing offers a total of 56 kicks and punches, which you can tie into ¦ ¦ specific joystck actions.
In this wcy you can customise your boxer, giving him his own style of fighting, and changing It to suit his opponen-. There are still only 16 moves available during play, but at least you ha« e a say In those you can use.
You can inflict long sweeps, short jabs, or crunching kicks on your Opponent, and all of them ore apparently based on recognised moves from the sport Itself.
Whether they are realistic or not is Immatericl as they all pander shamelessly to that good old human Instinct mindless violence If you wart to cause maximum damage you II have to put in some training, and o this end a gymnasium section Is Included.
If you're good enough'here you can build up your reflexes, strength and stamina through skipping, weightlifting ond kicking at targets before they disappear. This Is quite difficult and I felt that a session in the gym left me worse off than before I went in!
The fighting itself Is well animated and follows the general theme of such games. The bout takes place over at least three rounds, punctuated by a ridiculously btmbo-filled static screen.
The two boxers are viewed from ring level and a refe ee on call to shout ‘break* or count you out as the occasion demands. This goes on until someone is knocked out or the bout ends and ii decided on points.
During the fighting you can judge how close you are to kpsing by a row of lights above the ring These are progressively extinguished as your boxer comes closer and closer to doing a Tyson, until he finally flops to the canvas. You could say that you fight until you get your lights kicked out.
I know that some people consider fhis kind of game reprehensible and unnecessary, but I have to confess that I enjoyed it a great deal There's nothing more fun than venting your aggression in thrashing the living daylights out of a bitmapped opponent When the game is as well carried cut as Panza Kick Boxing it certainly beats chess hands down in the instant gratification stakes!
Graphics Extremely good, with excellent animation of the boxer* and colotrful, detailed static screens. Could've done without the bimbo who troops on between rounds with the round indicator.
Sound Not too bad, with reasonably sickening grunts and thwacks during the fights, Occasional touches liven it up, such as the refs standing counts and the bell to signal the start of a round.
Gameplay No pretenses here, just simple physical appeal, with the addition of a training section. Response to Joystick movements could be qu cker, but other than that I’ve no com- plalrtts.
Putting the payload where It counts is what the game is all about Ood can be far from easy.
Factories and airfields can zip past your wings before you've got time to change the active weapon from sidewinders to mavericks, ‘orcing you into a lengthy turn for another run. With jets and AA missiles whizzing around everywhere, this con often be a fatal exercise.
Come to think of it, this whole game seems a bit of a fatal exercise. When you consider than Dl has brought us such classics as Fighter Pilot on the 8-bit machines, and Combat Pilot on 16-bit. The game Just doesn't cut the mustard ATF aims for the arcade element of games like Afterburner and the strategy element of Digital Integration's best game. F-16 Combat Pilot, but falls short of both.
The attempt is simply not cohesive enough to hold the Interest after a gome or two. And the resultant mishmash fails to excel n either area.
Publisher: Digital Integration Price: £24.99 eye on the local map Anti-aircraft missiies are another pain In the thrusters, but can be effectively neutralised by hitting the Jam Missile button as soon as you get the missile warning Enemy jets are the most dangerous obstacles to your mission, and come screaming in from both front and rear. The only way to spot them before they’re pumping shells into your fuselage is to keep a weather The thinking man's shoot- em-up' is a peculiar beast, attempting as It does to blend elements of two distinctly different styles of game, arcade acton and
strategy. In some cases, such as Elite, the mix works extremely well. Does ATF manage it?
Jjst In case you still think this Is an outright arcade game. It opens with an options section designed to make you think about what you're going to do.
Before getting off the ground you must balance your on-board armament from a choice of cannon. Sidewinders, and mavericks, and weigh gp your destructive potential against fuel carried. You are also given a tactical view of the battlefield over which you are about to die. Er. Fty.
Once you've sorted out where you want to go and what gifts you'd like to drop on the locals, it's time to get strapped in and take off. From this point on. The action takes place over a pseudo-3D lardscape from an Afterburner type of viewport.
By utilising a database' of reported enemy vehicles and installations, you then fty around trying to tilt the balance of power In your favour by blowing up as many of them as possible.
* he head-up display aids you in this by helpfully pointing the
way on the compass bar at the top. The three multi-function
displays can be used to pull up anything from a screen on the
status of your remaining ammo to a tiny map of the local
In this respect, there Is plenty in ATF to keep you busy and alert. The strategy element is just effective enough to drag you out of your homicidal stupor for long enough to find your next most important taget. While the action element can sometimes deliver a decent boost to your odrenalin.
Quite good until you begin to trundle down the runway. After thl* the game moves a bit too slowly to support the action side of things, even W there arc some nicer touches such as the mini map.
Graphics Sound Sound sampling Hardware and SOFTWARE for the AMIGA ; 1 „u -®c ;uro£l io «*« u WHAT IS MASTER SOUND? * MASTER SOUND is a low cost, high quality sound sampler for the AMI0A range of computers leacuring advunq$ iiPSampling Editing Scquencing software. MASTER SOOT’D enables you to record sounds ifem devices such as Personal Cassette or Compact Disc players 4 o the AMIGA.
When practic incorporate it into your own Demo’s or programs or use MASTER SOUND’S own BUILT sampl Scquencer to play back the sample along with a number of others too.1 TifE MASTER SOUND me * rates the following tacilities: W SAMPLE
* £UT trfADE IN ?Shrink ?J.OAD ? I$ COPE Thc-impressive realtime
Spectrum Analyser and Oscil content and volume with ease and
PLAY COP OUT FAD F1L MAT FFT enable the user to monitor frejji at the sample quality is at its be .f TH£ MASTER SOUND EQUENCER* Allowrfpu to play hack samples in a sequence. Multiple samples can be held in mem and sequences arc as simple to record as tapping keys on the computer’s keyboard. One the SequeAficr can save the samples and sequence file out onto disc so that the files ca i your own demo s. J I THE MASTER SOUND DEMO Allows you to play back your own sequenced sounds from rhe scqucn picture files. This is great fix’ creating your own public domain demo computer programmer! ' ©
MICRODEAL 1990 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MASTER SOUND EDITOR MASTER SOUND ORDER FORM Master Sound is £39.95 post & packing £1 (all prices inc V.A.T.) BY PHONE BY POST; with Cheque • Postal Order • or Credit Card Name .. Address ... ...Post Code : .. Credit Card Type ......Expiry Date ..... v; . WITH
- CREDIT CARDS f (0726)68020 WS4 Numoer Please allow 28 days for
delivery Send to: Microdeal • PO Box 68 • St Austell * Cornwall
• England • PL25 4YB IDE A1500 Workstation Examples Home
Station :- A1500 Base Unit with I Meg Amiga Internal second
Floppy Disk Drive Commodore A1084 Stereo Colour Monitor Only £
909.00 Businness Station :- A1500 Base unit with I Meg Amiga
A590 Hard Drive 20 Meg with 2 Meg Ram CDL A590 internal fitting
Kit Commodore A1084 Stereo Colour Monitor Onlv £ 1395.00 CDL
A1500 Checkmate Digital bring you the Ultimate peripheral for
the A500.
The A1500 Mini-Workstation New A1500 Base Unit Price Only !! £199.00 inc vat !!
IIM] CDL 68030 Ram Chip Prices 256x4 (A590 etc) 5*19.00 Mb R2000 Ram. 2 Meg £112.00 A3000 4 Met: of 1Mb 4 £299.00 Hard Drive Systems and Ram Cards A590 Adaptor Kit (A 15*00) £ 99.00 A590 20 meg drive OK Ram £ 299.00 A590 with 2 Meg ram £ 399.00 Spirit Inmate SCSI Controller-?- 8 Mb Ram- Board 2mb installed + 68881 £350.00
3. 5 inch SCSI Drives for A590. Inmate. CDL A1500:- 44Mb £239.00.
90Mb £349.00. 135Mb £475.00 182Mb £535.00. External case,
power supply £ 99.00 Spirit SIN500 2 Meg Populated £ I99.0C
Spirit 8 Meg ram card. 2Mb populated £ 199.00 Junior ram
expander. 512K - 2Mb £ Phone 200 Watt Power Supply for A500 £
79.00 !! Ring for details on the many products not listed !!
Colour Monitors Commodore A1084S Stereo NEC Multi-Sync 2A NEC Multi-Sync 3D Microwav Flicker Fixer B2000 Microwav Flicker Fixer A1500 £ 249.00 £399.00 £ 549.00 £299.00 £ 349.00 Ring For the Latest Checkmate Catalogue Cheapest 68030 Card In The World From C.S.A. THE LOWEST PRICED EVER 68030 ACCELERATOR CARD FOR THE A500 AND B2000 RUNNING AT 25 Mhz. THE PRICE STARTS AT AN AMAZING.
£ 375 inc VAT Forget all the other slower and more expensive 68020 cards. Now you can have A3000 performance with a sensible price tag. This card has sockets for the 68882 Maths processor allowing speeds of upto 50 Mhz. And for 32 bit SRAM.. Ring about our 33MHz 68030 cards, and our wide range of 32 Bit Ram Cards, which allow upto 8 Meg.
( 1)1 A 1M X) Checkmate are pleased to accept Education Authority Orders.
Can’t afford the initial cost of the A1500 system, but you need the scperatc keyboard. Why not buy the A1500 keyboard kit. This includes all the cables, and the Keyboard case of the A1506. Plus the blanking plate for your A500.
£59.95 x P&P.
But that is not all. Should you decide to upgrade to the full A1500 system, then Checkmate will give you a 207?
Discount on the full price, for the balance of the kit.
R*H£CH fiOG umm HECHFIRTE GITRL imiTEO SO Mildmay Park. London. N1 4PR England.
Tel 071-92? 065S Fax 071-254 1655 All Prices include Vat but exclude P&P Come and Sec the Hi-O at the 16 hit Show I y Chip's Challenge Is an anachronism in Its own time. This is the type of puzzle game being released in quantity. If not quality, half a decade age. But fear not. Imagination and programming skills have grown during those five empty years and the mdti-tevel puzzle game is back with a tang!
Chip's life was Incomplete. He wojld wander almiessly about the corridors of his school, his mind full of images of his heart's desire.
CHIP'S CHALLENGE Publisher: US Gold Price: £19.99 Some saw Chip as a dreamy character, while others perceived a greater depth of emotion, an inner turmoil of sadness and despair.
Nobody knew of Chip's secret aspirations for Me inda. And as far as he was concerned, nobody would ever know. He could never imagine that Melinda would even look at him One day. However, the love of his life actually approached him.
After recovering from the shock.
Chip's imagination switched into overdrive and little red hearts began to float before his eyes.
Amid feelings of intense passion and thoughts, he could hear Meinda talking softly to him.
Explaining that she wanted Chip to join the Bit Busters, an exclusive computer club that she was involved with.
Chip accepted the offer with sorre glee, but there was one final bonier. To become a club member, he hod to complete a special challenge set before him. This had been split into a number of tasks but essentially, the aim was the same.
Chip's challenge was to collect oil the microchips that had been discarded about various locations.
At first. Chip thought that the tasl ahead wasn't really a problem, In fact, he found it relatively easy. It was only later that he realised the complexity of the problem. A lot oi logic and puzzle solving was required, and although he was by no means unintelligent.
Chip discovered just how much brainpower was needed for seemingly simple scenarios.
There were many times when Chip wanted to return home and forget the challenge, but the thought of being with Melinda in the club, spurred him on. Did Chip eventually succeed? Well, it is your responsibility to ensure he does.
Here endeth the lesson in fantasy history!
Your job is to guide Chip through the many and varied levels obstructed by a vast array of obstacles and nasties. By collecting certain objects you will be able to bypass water and tire barriers. To open the many doors throughout the game you will need the right coloured keys to unlock similar coloured doors.
There are also small creatures and other moving objects that won't attack Chip, but should he walk into their seemingly innocent path, they will have absolutely no compunction in disposing of this earnest little fellow.
The controls are simply up, right, left, and down. As Chip is a rather shy and placid character he doesn't wield a battle axe or possess a gun. Dagger, or any other type of fiendish weapon you may care to think of. He must, therefore, dodge any oncoming projectile or nasty for if he doesn't, he will hove to begin the level again.
Fortunately, each level has a code number so when stating a new game, you can begin again at the level to which access hod previously been gained Chip's Challenge is a delightful and refreshing change in the chase for bigger, better and more complicated games.
The graphics and sound may not be the best you're ever likely to see on an Amiga, but the gameplay will have you coming back for more, time after time Graphics For anyone who hasn't beea fortunate enough to play the Atari Lynx version the graphics will piobably disappoint.
Sound Few and far between. Merely bleeps and clicks.
Gameplay The game Is totally addictive In a simple kind of way • you have to keep coming back for more. Totally brilliant, and well worth buylnc,
* I «¦ sgg 21 U-ir » i is* ta uj §£
o i uo O uj H- O S3 2 £ o: uj UJ d ft. 9 9 u w Zlo i 3 ! ¦» "¦
CDS ~g s*r «=t « » £ 2 r8 sds=£ iiiff © ( IS) CO o J w
¦6-5 1 1 !i 1 o ?
O' O' *T O' rx u-» UJ UJ si1 PI
* Jst i|i| i|j| K|| ilii I £ s o
3. 2 2° BC3J E£?
S £ =£ £ O (C O' « _li
* sil nh Ul“' nr O * §2i 0= - uco ?
O O' O' o p CM CO CO c+j C+J Ui..... C+J = «
• *.5 2 * -f © o J e r cr
o _ _ _ u E i H- Cl cr un :z
• rt n_ X ijj MicroPros© has long been on© of the best In the
simulation business, with a record that speak; for Itself.
However, although titles such as Gunshlp. FI5 Strike Eage. And F19 Stealth Fighter have established the company as a leader In airborne battle sims. It has never threatened to Sh«ne in any other area. Ml Tank Platoon should more than redress the imbalance.
M1 is a massive gome in the best traditions of the genre with more depth and detail than you could shake a Sherman at. Simulation is all about realism, and realtsm can onty be conveyed by attention to relevant details and an eye for the essentials of what is to be simulated.
It is in this area that Ml sets out its stall.
The Soviet artillery opens up on us!
Unlike Team Yankee, which goes for instant playability. Ml demands a great deal of reading before you actually play, especially when things begin to expand beyond the basics.
My brave lads advancing By this stage, any shoot-'em-up fan who has inadvertently bought or borrowed M1 win be giving up in disgust and going back to Xenon 2.
I wouldn't be surprised If even your average strategy fan baulks a bit at the game's sheer size, but the simulation addict will be leaping for joy.
There's nothing like a really beefy game with wadges of realistic detail and a manual like a phone book to excite the simulation freak.
MI is tucky In that there are plenty of those in the Amiga world.
Number one opens (ire on the red menace You take the place of Platoon Commander in charge of four Ml Abrams main battle tanks and various other support vehices. Calling in air and artillery support, and coordinating mechanised Infantry. AA units and other tank platoons as the scenario demands FIRE AT WILL CEASE FIP.E g ENG FRONT D ENG REAP.
- SMOKE OFF X-UNZOOM This rapidly becomes unbelievably chaotic,
with up to 16 friendly vehicles and any number of Soviet units
rumbling around firing at each other. After a few minutes
issuing frantic and often contradictory orders to my bewildered
brothers- in-arms. I was forced to turn to tie manual for help.
The mapboard affords an excellent tactical overview The manual is excellent. If you want to get into the game quickty, the relevant sections can oe rushed through and enough knowledge of the game controls can be garnered in about half an hour's study.
In the Amiga version, almost every command can be input either via the keyboard or by clicking with the mouse on the appropriate instrument or switch.
So you can often guess where to click If you're not sure of the correct command. This definitely makes life a bit easier for the beginner, Ptay is controlled from the map- board and if you’re smart about it you'll spend most of your time here.
You can order your vehicles around and give them every order they might need from this section. If vou allow them to fire at will, they will tight the battle for you.
One grumble I had with ’he mapboard concerns the huge number of available commands. I know that flexibility is important to a game like this, but it's very easy to get confused.
This initial confusion doesn't last long, however, and you soon master the command system in enough depth to allow the simple deployment of your forces. As long as you avoid leaving your tcnks stupidly exposed to Soviet fire, such as sideways-on or outlined against the horizon at the top of a crest line, you should have little difficulty in eventually getting through small engagements against inferior opposition, this, however, is the tip of a rather large iceberg.
One of the first nice surprises the program offers Is the chance to create your own platoon of tgnkers, complete with name. Rank.
Ml Tank Platoon Publisher: Microprose Price: £29.99 promorions awarded. Ond skill leve1. After eccn successful botrie you wrjii hove c certcm number of cwc'ds or promotions to hand out
* o *he survivors, thus increasing their skill levels and
boos*ing the whole plctoon's raring.
’he roie-o'ayinc element is c very nice touch cs if gives you
• he chance to become c**cched
* o c ola*oon. This discourages tactics that would lead *o high
casual- ties and encourages a deeper invo’vement in *he game cs
c who!?.
With your p!a*Oon of rookies in
* ow. You go on to choose static or moving gunnery practice,
single eogogemeo*s of various kinds, or a whole campaign 'or
them to bc*- tte ttvough.
Luckily you con very *he experience level o' Sovie* troops from seccnd-line to elite, giving you complete control of *he difricui*y Graphics 30 vector graphic* aren't anything revolutionary, ond Mi's graphics ere pretty basic In this context- They are entirely adequate tor the game. If a little slow, and good enough to support the simulation.
Sound Rudimentary and functional. You get the odd bleep from laser warning lights, and some decent booms and bangs when things get dangerous, but no more than the essentials.
Gameplay Superb. Any simulation fan will go banana* for M1*s depth and detail, and will simply swoon over the depth and realism on offer. Others would be well advised, however, that this Is one game whose gameplay requires patience and persistence.
Tevel he ’offer oo1'on$ cre 'ecom- mended ooiv for the more experienced olayer, but the beginner won’t find *he easier ones a walkover When you 'inaily get down *o playing the game in a real sboo*- ina environment It soon becomes c’ecr just how good Ml is. Take, for example, a scenario where you mus* assauff a we"-de'ended oos;- tion in which the Soviet troops, even if *hey ere only secood-liners.
C'e dug in and ready for trouble.
In c real rrie gfucflon. American tcctics would be *o order up air and arrillery suppor* to so"en the enemy’s resistance, then attack from o position designed to minimise casualties, in addition, you would expec* ’JS hoops *o ac* in c highly individual way. Using firepower to its g'ectes* effect.
V! Tcnk °to*oon allows vou *o closely simulate exac*ty this sor* o' situation. In the above scencrio, you would hove artillery support ava'icbie in tne shcoe of mortcrs.
Howlers or WLRS rocket launchers, cir suopor* 'rom scou* or Apcche cftcck choppers, and even Thunderbolt A10 tank destroyers.
These ccn be called up ct any rime ond In *he cose Of the artillery, ccn be direc*ed on‘o cny *arget on the mapbeard.
From the seme screen you can organise flanking attacks, smoke screens and o vcriety o' complex
• cctical moves and 'ormations, controlling net only your own
p!c- toon, but any o*her a**ached uni* O' vehicle if this is
where your preferences lie you need never lecve
* his per* of *he simutc*ion, putting yourself more in *he role
of ove'oll company commander.
Should you wen* To sec a little more action, end l suspect that means mos* of you, out yourself into any one of the four Mis under your commend and in *o any o' the 'our crew positions. Vou hove
* he choice o' either wc'ching cs the crewmen concerned ce*s on
wl*h his job. Or of faking over the controls yourself.
From research and deveiopmen*.
Through the gome mechanics, *o
* he manual end genera' cxeseo'a-
* ion. Bo*h attention *0 de*cii and the simulation o' modern
armoured wcr'are have receved the c’oses* scrutiny.
After only c tew hours olcying
• he gome, it becomes obvious the* even the most avid gc es ocver
wit rind enough h VI *o keeo him or her going for c !o* longer
*hcn you* usuc' simulation.
In short.' If you're looking 'or depth end realism and If vou don'* mind spending c good while 'earning how to play the acme,
• hen M1 Tank Pta*oon is *he only choice.
Ehher way. The procrcm ensures
• he* the other e'ewnen ccrry on doing their jobs, which mckes
*he job o' controf’ing all 16 men c ’ot easer.
For instcnce. From *he driver’s posirion you cou'd change course end head in c new direction. The gunner, however, wil ricck whc*- ever he fee's is the most dcnge'ous
* orget, end continue to fire ot it cs long os he hcs had the
’Are c* will' Ofder.
The enrire pcckcge exudes cn air o' cuo'ity, v«hich beers witness to the immense amount of though* Microprose hcs pu* into this gome.
,1. J*U The external views are superb THIRD COAST TECHNOLOGIES a MM Unit 8, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 OXQ Tel: (0257) 472444 Fax; (0257) 426577 vj rvwrv.’' *7 7 'Xetec hard drives offer the ultimate in terms of performance for the Amiga A500 'Faster than any other competitor 'Transfer rates of upto 800K S 'Supports tape backup & networking under SCSI 'Support of up to 8Mbytesof auto-configuring ram 'Compact host adapter with 1 metre connection cable 'Comes complete with 40 management utilities & manual Xmtao A3QO Hard Drive A Ram Pricing . .£599.99 Xetec
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buffering is also aval ADV will support a drhre in the landing bay or on the side of the o Ill ICO ADV 200D Hard Drive Prioing 22MB 25 M 5 auto hood pork & tock £54999 32MB 25 M 5 outo hood park 5 lock U» 50M6 25 M S aulo heod pork & lock £44999 65MB 25 M S outo hood park 6 lock £5 85MB 25 M 5 outo heod pork* tock £59999 .06MB 15 M 5 0«4o heod pork £ lock W 530M6 IS M 3 outo fwod pork & tod £199999 5T506 cortroSef (Mf M * RtQ S’ I6MH2 68000 turbo accelerator for the A500 and 1GMH* Accel er§i A2000 Offers minimum 95% speed Increase 6*030 Acc across the board on all software Fully compatible &
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RGB & PAL out. Built in fader External colour & contrast controls.
Supllied with manual and features that leave the Rcndaic standing £499-99 Pro-Genlock with built in PSU. BuBt In RGB splitter. Video in & out also RGB I PAL out. Built in key Inverter. Allows digitised results to be stored and overt* onto any VHS recorder. Title and eninu ony video- X'Sf*®* .£699 99 £99-99 X-Specs 3D glasses. Allowing 3D images on your Amiga. Supplied to modify existing games & applications.
A must for CAD & Digitising software.
£284 99 'Supports all embedded haid drives 'supports up to 4Mbytes of fast ram
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fasti lie 4Compact design clips Info side of Amiga A500 'Memory
expandable in 512K. 1MB. 2MB steps 'Unique design allows
controller & drive to be used with an Amiga 2000 should you
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TPD AHR AM 100 2000 wort of up to J J ; SMB fully auto conflgvelng ram. Upgiadabie In A ¦(*}* of 2.4.6 and 8 megabytes jbcb standard 1*1 Drama. Slots simply Into any A2000 cant Supplied with rare chsckrr disk and manual.
ICD AdRAM A5CC A % ¦ VW AdRAM 540 unpopulated. £ 79.99 AdRAM 540 with 1 2MB . .£89.99 AdRAM 540 Wilh 1MB . . .£109.99 AdRAM 540 with 1.5MB. . .£12499 Bant.
Frum |VS ji Estate, lire, S577 n * Feature Gttout' VI.II S I’M Cowlfx Cowuttrs fj mj*:* i sP V a Computir :»»•»t:«Wf S«* port* f o tided SCSI drf n» optical dri I 20 nano sec available lor it alto avails ilde of the c, ‘Woe If you're a motorist, you'll know all too well how easy it is to get lost on Her Majesty's highways. Only the other day. I journeyed up from my home In Somerset to meet the Amiga Computing guys In darkest Macclesfield.
The journey seemed simple enough, through some windy west-country roads until I reached the motorway which would take me dll the way to my intended destination.
Of course things are never that easy. After little more than an hoa's driving. I was well and truly lost. The fact that I'm not particularly good at reading maps didn't help matters either, so the situation seemed pretty desperate.
It wasn't until I'd driven around in circles for a few hours that I eventually started to make progress. Two hours later than expected, I arrived (to a well earned free lunch. I might add!) At the home of AC.
Cf course whgt I needed was GB Route, a brand spanking new journey planner program from a previously unknown company called Complex Computers. The aim of the program is simple enough, to tell you the best way to get from one place to another In our great country.
Al you have to tell the software Is where you are and where you want to go. And GB Route tells you how to get there in clear and concise route instructions.
First of its kind Although this is the first program of its kind on the Amiga, excluding the PD program RoadRoute. It certainty isn't unique, PC owners have been happily journeying from A to B for years now. Thanks to the program that started it all. NextBase s AutcRoute.
NextBase even released AutoRoute for the Atari ST, but for reasons unknown, the company never actually got around to developing an Amiga version (probably because piracy was rife on the ST version - Ed.). In a way. Non-appearance was probabty a good thing. At £150 a throw, AutoRoute certainly didn't conre cheap. (And now you have the (eason for the piracy - Ed.)
GB Poute. On the other hand, is dirt cheap, just five pence short of If ridirV around in your automobile is the cause of many lost hours, GB Route is the way forward. Jason Holborn plots a course... the magic £401 For your money, you get a fairly low-budget package containing a single program disk and a spartan manual.
I’m a great believer in reading manuals before going too far into a packoge. So I sat down and had a quick glance through GB Route's manual - and what a complete pile of used printer paper It turned out to be!
Whoever wrote it should be shot. My grandmother coula have written a better manual. Yoj can therefore guess where it ended up
- yep, filed away in the old circular filing cabinet,
Considering the vast amount of data which a program such as GB
Route handles, it came as a great surprise that It actually
runs on a standard 512K Amiga A500 You may. However, encounter
orob- lems If you try running the prcgram from Workbench. It
really needs at least 400K. So things can get a bit tight on an
unexpanded machine.
After loading, it opens its own custom screen, so it's perfectly possible to run It in conjunction with other programs (I hate applications that run on the Worktench screen).
If you have a hard drive.
Complex has thoughtfully provided a suitably Workbench 2.0look- ing Icon, so installation involves little more than copying across a couple of files In practice though, because GB Route runs entirely from RAM - unlike AutoRoute which suffers terribly from disk swapping, there's very little to be gained from such a move. Apart from increased program loading speed, of course.
Twin screen The screen Itself is split into two sections, a map window aid a status window. The map window is the most interesting of the two because It displays a very flash graphical representation o' the British Isles.
When you first boot the program this window displays the entire map. But it changes to more specific areas once you start to use the program.
The map display actually operates in two different modes - Route mode and Map mode. In Route mode, only those towns, cities and junctions which ore part Feature locations en route.
Once you've keyed in the necessary data, a brisk click on the GO' button will set it thinking, if you're used to using AutoRoute.
Then you'd expect to wait for a fair old time for something productive to start happening, but GB Route is blindingly fast in comparison.
Most routes ore found in ur-der two seconds, while longer routes never take more than four. At an example of the program's speed. I timed how long it would take to calculate the route between John O'Groats and Land s End. The results were certainly impressive - an unbelievable 4 seconds! With a processor accelerator instaled, this ts even faster!
In reality though, it s not cuite fair to slam AutoRoute for being so much slower. Fact is. GB Route only knows about A-roads and motorways, while AutoRoute Includes virtually all roads.
Complex Computers claim that it is already working on an upgiade of your chosen route are shown along with the route itself.
In Map mode. GB Route attempts to stuff as much map data onto the screen simultaneously. Thereby allowing you to get a much better overview of the sur- , rounding area.
The status window contains all sorts of useful informction about the routes that GB Rojte recommends - total number of miles.
Journey time and so on Above this Is a vastly scaled down representation of the British Isles complete with a red box which highlights the area currently shown within the map window As you move around, zooming in and out, this little red box is updated accordingly.
Below both of these is a selection of control gadgets that allow you to move around the onscreen map. There's the usual north, south, east and west, and you can zoom in and out to show greater detail.
Because of the large amounts of data being mampuated. It can take a second or twc to actually get around to redrawing the map.
So it s all too easy to find yourself waiting for the program to catch up with your frantic mouse bashing.
Obviously the first thing you'll want to do is to feed In some dummy data and see what GB Route comes up with. To do this, select ‘New’ from the pull down menus and a nicely laid out requester appears. This contains several gadgets which require before you can go any further.
For most Of the tine, the only thing you need to tel GB Route is where you are and where you want to go. However, it also allows you to visit up to three different GB ROUTE: THE FUTURE So what's next? Wei. According to Complex, the company is already hard at work on an upgrade which basically, w*l be GB Route 2 (or GB Route Professional, cs It will probably be called). This will include many enhancements over the current release including full support for B- roads. There will also be a number of extra utilities which will aHow you to select places simply by clicking on them with the mouse.
Keying in all that extra data Is sure to take time, so don't expect to see GB Route Professional for at least another six months. And If that wasn't bad enough, things get even worse for 512K Amiga owners. The new version will require 1Mb. So you'll need to Invest In o RAM expansion if you want to step up to what win undoubtedly be a much more powerful product.
Feature If you fancy a slight excursion. Then you con also jour ney to up to three different locations on your travels.
Project New fDN Shortest CIS V Fastest OF : PfitfTT PMMe - CWPJE PrtatfsrW Prone Beckington Bath K4 J18 M4 J28 M6 J8 H6 J17 Confleton J A54 A523 Bath M4 J18 H4 J20 H6 J8 M6 J17 Congleton J A54 A523 Macclesfield Niles hour niles hour |»id Average Speed! I pay Average Speed: E Departure I 1h«: U I Co»t hi lej-j- II your map reading is a little rusty, then the DISPLAY option allows you to see the route in pldn (7) English D: 185 T;n l;881 Cjtl4.88 T A Jb 1 08104 3 1 3 00:041 A36 80:19 13 I 16 00:231 A46 00:12 8 I 24 08:331 M4 00:10 12 I 36 00:451 M5 01:11 83 I 119 01:561 M6 00:43 51 I 170
02:391 A534 00:07 5 [ 173 82:46] A54 00:67 5 [ 188 82:53] A523 08:87 5 I 185 83:881 to bridge this gop, although this isn't due for at least another six months Whether this will substantially sbw the program down is unknown, but I'm sure GB Route wfl still came out faster!
On the map Once the program has found you a suitable route, the map window is automatically redrawn to show it to you graphically. The route itself is highlighted, with the surrounding roads shown in a much duller colour.
One nice feature is the ability to dump this map to paper, although Complex does advise you to switch to inverse printing unless you've got a death wish against printer ribbons the whole thing will come out as a huge black rectangle!
If you need more detailed instructions then a separate Displav option is available which lists the route in plain English.
This can also be dumped to a printer so you shouldn't have too much of a problem following its advice.
GB Route looks for two different types of route, the fastest and the Shortest. The fastest route is calculated by assigning different speeds to different types of road.
By default. This Is set to on aver- oge speed of 40mph for normal' roads (A-roads) and 70mph for motorways.
These can. However. Be changed to anything from lmph to 99mph - you didn't expect to be able to enter speeds In excess of 1 Oomph did you? - so it's possible to control what Type of roods the program uses.
If you hate motorways, you can make sure Thai GB Route avoids these as much as possible by setting their average speed to something kke lOmpn which, let's face it. Isn't unusual t-vese days It then uses what it believes to be much taster A-roads. On the whole, the rou'es calculates cer- POINTS TO VIEW WITH all that road data to contend with, developing a product like GB Route is by no means an easy task. Surprisingly though. It was actually 'written single-handedly by workaholic programmer Steve Fletcher of Complex.
Steve has been slaving away for the past nine months, often working solldty for up to 18 hours without sleep. Even now . When most sensible programmers would be catching up on some well earned rest. Steve's already started work on an upgrade.
According to Complex, the most laborious part of developing GB Route was actually feeding In the map data, which the company claim amounted to over 15.000 individual pohts!
Unlike NextBase. Who actually licensed the Ordanance Survey's digital mop data. Complex actually hod to key In each individual point The moin reason for this blatant masochism was to keep costs down, thereby allowing Complex tatnly seems to be pretty believable. I did. However, find a bug which I'm quite sure Ccmplex Isn't aware of - if you enter Swansea OS your starting location end Rhyl as your destination, it wil come up with an incorrect result According to GB Route, the fastest route - which amounted to a total of 280 miles of motorway - would take you 4 hours and 23 to sell the
product at such a low price. If It had used the Ordnance Survey data, then the price tag could well have risen substantially Each point was assigned its own co-ordinate on the map which was fed In along with the place name. Using a sort of complex matrix arrangement, these points were linked to to rn roads.
When GB Route drcxvs a map, it interprets the information held within its matrix to form a vector- based representation of the map data.
This obviously means that the roads between points wll always be straight, but the distances themselves are based on the real world.
As 0 sideline, you may be interested in this little statistic.
According to Complex, with the 15,000 points that ore held within the current release, the program is actually capable of generating three and three quarter million route variations!
As the product Is upgraded with even more points, this figure will increase considerably.
Minutes. But. And this is where things start to go wrong, the shcrt- est route, through 172 miles of becutiful Welsh countryside, would only take you 4 hours and 11 mn- utes. Explain that one!
Despite this minor hiccough, which Complex is already looking into. I like GB Route a lot. In fact.
It's a shame Commodore still hasn't developed a portatle Amiga.
If such a device existed, this would be one of the first items of software that I'd install. This way.
You could take GB Route with you anywhere! Oh well, until then I'll just have to be content with a printout.
The bottom line GB Route is the program that every mobile Amiga owner has been waiting for.
If you do quite a lot of traveling around the country, then this should be at the top of your New Year's shopping list.
Not only will it get you to your chosen destination, but it cojld even save you money on expansive petrol costs.
And with a price tog of just £40.
You just can t go wrong Bu it now! (Here endeth the advert.
Seriously though. It is good innii? - Ed.)
GB ROUTE 439 95 Complex Computers (0706 224531) 221 Bocup Road.
Roetenstall. Rosendale. Lancashire BB4 7PA Are you the next Scorsese or Spielberg? Do you have designs on your very own Hollywood Hill? If you could only add that little touch of class to your home videos, might your creations be destined for the ‘ilver screen?
Hie Big Altem Paul Austin strolls through the scrolling screens of an alternative titler effective screen designs Each of Review Perhaps not. But you could at l9ast capture Tracy and Darren's big day with just a little more panache Dream no more, the answer to your prayers has arrived - The Big Alternative Scroller, a relatively cheap answer to a rather difficult problem brought to you at a nominal fee from the boys and girls at Alternative Image.
If you are the proud Owner Of a camcorder, you may well be looking for a change from to pieces of card with scribbled titles thrust before your lens when titling your nasterpiece. The Big Alternative Scroller Is designed to fill that reed.
The program is the first of a S9rles of products from the company. All of which deal with various problems in the graphics and presentation field.
Each of the series will retail at £50 a time. This price tag alone will ro doubt help a great deal to to establish them in the semi pro home user market.
The scroller is a perfect example cf DIY at its best, but don't take that as a criticism The package s well put ’ogether with some very neat feo-ures all written in code, which keep the program fast and smooth.
Frihe Increased sophistication of computers and especially their graphic displays during the 1980’s led to many Interesting advancements but none sc revolutionary and diverse as the application of fractals. From humble beginlngs this recent branch of mathematics has had a profound impact on not only traditional science, but also areas not normally affected by modern mathematical research such as social science, ecology and art.To most people the most tangible application is probably In the TV and film Industry. Highly realistic images can be produced which closely mimic the forms found in
nature; mountains, clouds, landscapes and plants can all be created inside the computer using a program, rather than being digltisea or hand drawn. The film Industry has been quick to capitalise on this and companies such as Lucasfilms specialise In the production of such images bringing breathtaking scenes, such as the genesis sequence in Star Trek, to our screens.
Tns is lust about os small a font size as you are ottered It is entirely the product of necessity as It was originally developed by the company for their own in house use.
There iso great deal of competition in the video titling market at the moment. Fortunately for Alternative Image, most of It costs well Into the three figure bracket and consequently the scroller should be a very attractive proposition In certain circles.
How it works Twenty foots of various shapes and sizes are built into the software, varying from banner size down to standard print. Unfortunately, there is no resize optior available, so I'm afraid you're stuck with what you get. Which may cause the occasional problem.
The fonts are also not antl- oliased. A feature to be found on some Of its more expensive competitors. This results in a slightly blocked outline that can be noticed on close scrutiny of certain fonts. Even so, the graphic quality is stil high and as all fonts are produced in high-res the end results are still impressive All the fonts print instantly so there's no problem when typing gt speed The program happily keeps up with even the lastest typist - not a boast yours truly can make.
It's also possible to colour individual letters, even in the same word, making available simple but the available fonts also Incorporates a drop shadow feature, an option no doubt added for the benefit of the genlock users among us.
This provides variable length and direction of shadow, not to mention a separate colour from that of the letter it accomoanies.
Four colours are avertable for each title sequence produced.
Each arrangement of colours may be saved along with the seauence If required Four colours may seem slightly limiting, but the colour design for each sequence can be very versatile The colours can be individually passed through an RGB filter system altering the shade or colour of each element as required Text positioning is also a simple matter This Is done by moving a bar via the arrow keys. Using this option It is possible to set both bar height for a horizontal scroll and margins for vertical scroll. There's also an option for centring and offsetting the text to the left or right of
the screen.
You may at this point fce asking yourselves what the other titlers do that this won't. Quite simoly It's a case of versatility.
The Scroller is very gooc at what it does, but it will only present text In two formats, either as a vertical or horizontal scroll. It will do both these m a variety of eight possible speeds, which may be switched between as the program is running. But that's it. No importing fonts or graphics, no whtzzo special effects, and no sequence programing As I said . No frills.
If multiple colours, fades, flips and strange scroll angles, to name but a few. Are what you require take a look in the direction of something like Broadcast Titter, this wjII do all these things and more. It will, however, set you back over £200 for the privilege.
Review Friend or foe Did ycu ever get the feeting that a piece of software actually hates you? Do you just know that given the chance it would jump from the screen, spit in your eye and proceed to tell the whole world that you're thick?
Not so this product. Operating the program is a real joy. With all the various features leaping to The increased sophistication of computers and especially The increased sophistication of computers and especially their graphic displays during their graphic displays during the 1980’s led to many interesting advancements but none so revolutionary and diverse the 1980’s led to many interesting advancements but none so revolutionary and diverse as the application of fractals. From humble You may require centralised scrolling text Or pert)ops. Right Justified Classical sfutt attention as soon as
the required burton is tickled.
It may be worth considering the scroller for things other than straight forward video titling. It could be usee equally well for producing auto cue sequences, shop window displcys and various other public relations exercises.
A particularly useful feature is the ability to import ASCII text direct into the software. This will no doubt attrocf a lot of authors who wish to Import and display their craft instantly for any number of uses If you're only an occasional user of presentation software, or perhaps find the price still a little too high, it could well be worthwhile checking out some PD libraries. They should be able to supply a variety of damo creators that may well suffice. These will certainly lack a little versatility, but they'll be cheap and will still display your text.
Hof rpo- .on the sers gth r to wn 1 for Kl.
Ice % 'cr Br to ter Xir He ia Ms Q id is -• of IQ b 0 at tt Q!
* I i '¦ B 3' ?
The main criticism of the package lies not m its lack of features, but rather with something that should be a present egardless of cost. This is the scrolling of the text, probably the most important element of any titling package.
At slow speeds the text is smooth and relatively flicker free. If. However. You wish to disolay text at higher speeds the scrdl is still just as smooth, but the flicker becomes quite severe, making it difficult to read some of the smaler fonts. This is the only real problem with the scroller. Unfortunately, it's quite a big one Well that's what you get for your ponyl Basically a fas- and compact utility without the frills found on some of its more expensive rivals. But you pays for what you get. And keeping this In mind the Big Alternative Scroller b not a bad Amiga Computing: Probably the
best miga ma n n ative Scroller the J ftnigu (lorn fi utin g, lirti fi[ij tfl£ btlt.
Domfiuting, litn ilg tll£ bn.lt. (lo m fiuting, litnfifg tllS bsit.
C hniga.
Dom fluting, linififg ths bn it.
Orld Probably true FI Vertical scroll.
F2 Horizontal scroll.
F3 Edit text.
. Vi F4 Set positions.
F5 Set colours.
F6 Load text.
F7 Save text.
Scrollor VO.6 «C* 1990 Alternative Imago.
Programming by Tim Moore.
Effects option screen deal The software is available by mail order direct from the company. The details of which are lilted below. So if it turns you on, have fun. And happy titling.
Alternative Image 6 Lothair rood Aylestone Leicester LE2 7QB Tel 0533 440041 Fax 0533 440650 No. 1 For No. 1 For o z O O J CM uj CD 5 Chi " LU LU ¦O k 03 O CE CD i * z Q) CD o a a o rr u a UJ o & Jr O £ LU CO O' CO o h- is O § co V ' CJ ¦ oc UJ o ° 10 CO V) 1) ™ -C
o q Of CM* 0 co 3 IS Q) 0 -C 0 3 Q. 2 3= 3 -C C 3 ctf XJ wJ S 8 X
¦¦ a. o C 2 o X o 0 °l as £ E ro 03 CD
I. i = CO aj CO 3 XJ c0 o .c O * o Q_ Q O O £ - _j _» o x LU
X h- Q Z o 05 CL (O E CD 0 c a) a b 0 o o in 0 x: 0 2U w
w .?5 0 C 0 21 x “¦ 0 _ Q CO UJ 0 g 00 CD T“ o o
cr O 0.
Tr o o z o c£ 03 CD CO “ w « cc 0 § o o 0 CD C aj Q JC a X OJ • 2
* 2 0 XJ II CD O . CO 35 Jxl o Q. CD o z o o 03 03 CO W ° CO
v) m cd ® x:
o o cm cm'
0) co 3 ro 12 Q) 2 CM X
o »- O « 11 X E .c o aj aj Q, C 3 o aj a. ) E CD Z 0 h- C a
oc CD o 00 JC 00 Q JC c JO Q o o o o co u CL UJ o UJ CO 2 3 0
co co' XJ c 0 _ 1 g CO x a
- (0 o o 0 LU o £ co 0.
A) tr 3 O V) 12 II 03-1 CD CO X 5° 0 0 ~ E 0 X o 0 m 10 tti •1
CD c CO k- 0 m * co CD C 0 O J£ 0 b h- co ff) 0 CO 1 O O w CO
JC 3 n O 3 O o "5 Q
o o : $ O -§ TO c. CO CD o 0 o o in a. x O o s a aj CD E i*
0 CM 1 CM o o Q_ CL Q Si- Z O O o a O CD CO F 0 CO DJ
* n C CO CO o o
- x: CO CO CD C o n o H (O 0 o n CO cn 3 & D O w 3
• t soso * « 0 . Y Q D O o X n o * CM -D C£ CD T O ID T
-X ‘T £ CO * a) 11 co a
o. o cu a. x a 2 u = ?
- 2 s c co 3 .
To Q E -* 0 o o o CO c CO o S1 &£z fSo f We C LU 0 O) w E « aj 2 Q- «!* “¦2« . CO 3 ® Si
o o c -g 8* eg 3 J5 Q (7) E 0 2 c P O?
S o CO
d) w
o o c -D 8* ?| 3 JO Q co E £ 2 8 2 5 S o c 0 2
* o I2 LU . CO
* 2 o C 3 i 03 * , 0 ' (fltffl M 0 CO ifl t: c ° 5; o »- 0 4 *
o CD CD 0 C DC E O _ § X CM 0 o
* ? E o CC
- o £ S 03
o o cc I 0 3 E 3 CO N CD w_ 0 3 CL E o O 03 £ 03 03 03 03 CO CO
N- N 10 £!
- J X LU w & 0 3 3 CL C E ® o O
• t- CD m in 00 £ CO CD r- o CD CD in m co co
o o _i X LU h- LL m £0 C J in CO co CD g to m CM CM h- CM cm
o o
- I X LLI in CM in £2 »- -'t CM co 1- 00 CO CO CD CD CM CM CD
CD O o _J X LU E o O c 3 o ?°
o 0 E J= .S 0 Q CD 11 in 0 O T3 c o E m b o To L. CO o o h-
o z o o id N CM w CD CL CD CD (D O O) -1 LL O O O O 03 CM LO
W h cn cc c 3 JC 03 0 c 'n CL O £ U CL o HH H U D Q w D £ 0
o CD cc LU h- D Q. o O Q Z o 2 o qS 2
o £2 F U- c o O o o CM CM O -J oc I CD 2 o h o D Q LU LU
o§ O LO n c w co co c o Tfl o D ¦D CD O O o 2 N «2w E o o v_ £
o E o T3 * o CL CD Q hJ HH X u p* D 0 w c* D U w CD 03 O CD
CC 0) V' c ) ~ o ID S3 H HH £
a) 4Q s 3 O
o 5 O o 05-5-5 CO "D C TO .E D -Q Q LL C
* * * cc 111 C 3 CD v_ 03 £ cr o ( ) § LU C 3 Z £ p HH Q
w cn cn 2 Sf |s o c* CL 0 Tf o C 5 0N ; co co c T_
Q) CD CD JZ O O 3JX O LU uyy- LL.
CM C 3 _3 0- o CD in 0 L- 0 o DC I- O !o so 0 2 CD
- * CO Q CO 5|W 03 CM Q. 0 co O
o o CM 00 S ID z « 0« C 5 0 0 O 3 CC g-t E o O CL *_ u-5 2 ¦0 O 0
o r E CM o 0 0 3 O c E
o £ a p o §§ § s GJ m i_ CO aj w g t 0)
o u 11 O X
o 0 in r . CL 2g g L- JZ g " j 3 Q) "O o a) k. o
o * O Z 3 O 03 c «5 .ts ro $ _j _j O "O c: 03 sz £ c ) c 3
c ) f!
$ | -D w o 5 £ r 2 §J 3 C O -* X O
0) § D »_ c o w X?
Q) LU " E 3 o o a CD CD W 2 13 q3 O 0 03 03 o 03 0 0 O O 0 x;
.£= o 0 Q) TJ lu i 0 0 0 § 0 U 0 O C 0 0 0 E 0 0 i $ 1 0 ry
u: (13 L. 0 0 C 3 Q. 03 0 c O JxC 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 U 03 i i
0 =3 O O O _ s o (U c 0 c o 0 C y I 0 0 ¦o O. o O p 52 .-6*®
CO o|
o £ CL c7) o o o eg O % O cn c = 03
- 5 o X D tr CO a J3 b PQ O Ph O 03 -Q 03
- x; o o JSC 0 a X) 03 X _Q O C J 03 o o CJ CO CO w . £ X
-Q eg x o CO 03 Q 03 in a CO 03 LU O UJ -* CC
LL. Q O O eg oo 4S « T3 .£ 03 tr
0) o CL O X CD _ c c 03 0 CL O Q. 03 u s O § * o 03 0) a s
CLZ "O .S5
o 5 © O W (fl oj i 32 5 0 2 5 4- (D Q. 03 Q CO Q LU O 03 C
Q-C0 O eg "D O «s S03 ® 00 iw C ) D a z X O o LU o x
* I = i ° ±L 1 2 0 Q- ( ) 0) ? ¦ D a E o 03 0 X eg in * -C CL
CO c 03 o D £ a o o 0 O) c 03 o Q o;§ go o cn LU o O LL O
C J LL LO CD O o) sgl
o - Q- Q ( ) LJ Q_ § o 03 O CL 52 o CD in O 03 h- O o
CO o O O z 3 o X o X o X o O CO Q O ¦ ¦I o o o o o o § LU
7 CO CO CO CO LU o o o 3o X o O X o CD in t Q y eg
10 CC £ O eg O 5 o Q Q Li_ K - z Z Z _J _I o o o o o o a
Q Q h- 1- o o O z z Z o o o o o o 03 03 in CD 03 eg
eg eg CO cu cu cu X X X V n o eg o 'i 03 U) LO o o eg
eg X CO C i- aS
• = eg lu o 2 o
* o TD X 03 ' I 0) 03 E O) _c o "O u CD c C O n _c c n a o k- CD
o D i H O) c TJ 03 Q. ( ) _j 3 03 z O c TD C a k_ 03 X CD
i_ (D O c CL l_ 03 X Q. CL o CD O o o o O O o o o O o o o o O
O o o o CO CM O) o cri CT) O) o cn CM CD CD cn CJ CM ¦ * c3)
CO T CD T T m a CM CM T T ? T uj UJ uj uj UJ UJ OJ UJ
UJ UJ LO CD CM X ID O Ei cn w CM ID O O o z o O 71 O $ (n UJ
o o X CL o w w 0 CD cn w U U Cf) Q. X o o UJ 8 CO o i i t
a. LU z w 0.
O o o z z z _J _1 I c in in q cn cn o X UJ 0) 8 ir 888 u u u O _J z o n n n 2 2 2 m o o 6 t-' CM CD CD CM UJ O UJ r; ct) CO O O £ Z Z *, O X o CD 00 CM a z o 5 3 Q. O CL jO 3 S3 3 V, 3-,
• *- «- 3 3d c Vi!
5 5 % 3 3 n 3 5 M 3 § c
M 'C 3 ¦- 3, 3J 5 m3 •u ¦*» i- MC 3
• -c.
Mc: 3 3 ,'H'1 '~3 vS *5 3 K 5 3 N 3 3 3 3 •U •3 ¦*-1 3 art 3 This does not apply to sales or other special prices O UJ § o 0) m w U O w hJ (X W X S E Q CM 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 ?
8 a a a a a a m UJ in UJ a UJ CO UJ 8 8 8 8 8 o r-~ 8 8 8 o o 8 a a UJ CO UJ uj a CO UJ a in UJ a a a 8 8 8 in cn in r - 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 r» UJ CD UJ r UJ CO UJ UJ CO UJ CO UJ £ UJ a a a CO UJ UJ CD O 2 CD 2 ID CM o ¦'t CM Do X ID o i © O w * CM X X % CO y- O n o Q o 2 o o T CM Z o C i o CO © o o T CO - -J O -J o _J CM O _l z III T X cr.
X M z X V t- X I X ¥ 2 0) if) if) o CL UJ C 5 o in o o CO m CC ZQ CD CD § O O UJ X m q h t WOO X UJ 2 CO t w ID o o
• * W CL o $ So °gs 88 a£x o o S2 o
* C 3 X Fi m Q X
o $ CL X Z o z o w 88 8 § x CL CD X
- O -Q CM CD CO Review
* Go north to VMM Since the dawn of time, the Amiga has been
renowned for its graphical caoobilities. Many's the high street
that ground to a halt while crowds of Spectrum owners stared
open- mouthed and green-eyed at the early NewTek slide show
demos, and more than a few Amigas were sold on the strength of
those alcne.
In the vast sales area lodged firmly below the price range of the standard graphics workstations of the day, the Amiga was for several years the only machine to choose.
With its 4096 colours and all-singing all-dancing dedicated chip set. It threatened to blow the opposition away.
There remained just one problem in the early days - software imported from the States was often much more expensive than the machine Itself, and that's where AMIGA Centre Scotland scrolls smoothly into view (one pixel at a time, mind..,). Situated in an altogether unim- posing old building in a small alley- wcy in the new’ or 18th century quarter of Edinburgh, its position is given away only by a rather plain sign. The Centre has an air. Paradoxically when you consider the business it's in, of aloof ’old worldi- ness'.
This impression is sustained as you enter by the slightly tatty door, and up the narrow stairs to the offces. Which are untidy, paper- strewn. And bulging at the seams.
However, it takes only a few minutes of listening to the staff answer ’phone queries, casting an eye over some of the very tasty, and very complex, applications software on offer, and drinking their fiendishly strong coffee, to dls- pe the notion that ACS is anything other than on the ball.
A ploce like this requires a certain amount of extra-curricular cxrMty on the port of the staff and In my short time at the Centre, it Stevie Kennedy went to Auld Reekie in search ot the hottest Amiga technophrase this side of Blitter and came back in a thoroughly buffered frame of mind... Amiga software and. Rather than sit around moaning about it, they decided to go into distribution for themselves. The first package they handled was Ray Tracer (from whence come the fomous Juggler demo) and it was by this happy chance that the Centre's interest in graphics began became odvIous that
dedication to the job - and the Amiga was not in short supply. You could smell a faint but lingering odour of midnight oil. So how did the Centre get off the ground?
In the beginning... According fo Martin Lowe, founder of the company, they were horrified at the prices being asked for ACS's first big success however, was with Sculpt 3D - forerunner of Sculpt 4D - the package behind many of the most impressive rendered graphics seen on the Amiga. Sculpt1 took off like no space shuttle ever has. Quickly and impressively, and firmly established ACS as one of the country's leading graphics software sales and support dealers.
And note the word supoort-. It can often mean, when you phone for help, listening to someone stammer through a pcrtion of the manual, and that simply increases your confusion. ACS, however, offers an educaled ear to all calls for help. They don't cover zillions of applications, but os Martin said, “you have to be a bit exclusive to answer those sort of questions', So far so profitable. The Centre was making money - if not exactly fortunes - and was building a name for quality, but none of this Is exactly philonthropicol. Nor beyond what many other retailers offer, |t was the Centre s next
move which elevated it above the masses when it launched its first annual Amiga animation competition to coincide with the 1988 Edinburgh Festival From not much more *han a dozen or so entrants in '88. The competition this year att acted over 40 top quality animations, some already edited to video tape, the best of which set new standards for the machine, and one of which helped prize-winner Jason Gee to land a job with Walt Disney.
Now several companies. Including Commodore, have approached the Centre with a vew to sponsoring the competition, and there are plans afoot to split it Into various categories to give mere mortals a chance of glory, thus widening its appeal to the aver- oge Amiga owner.
Wrth Increased bockmg. Proper advertising, and the Centre s reputation behind It. The competition Review con only improve on its initial success to become an Important show-piece for Amiga graphics.
You can be sure ACS Is looking to ncrease long term profits from it as well Indeed animation on the Amrga is now becoming btg business. With several dedicated software packages already available Of dee for imminent release.
Aniga Centre Scotland can jus- tiflobY take pride in Its contribution to this particular area of excellence.
Leading edge By now you shouldn't be surprised to learn that the Centre is at the forefront of the 24-bit revolution, having developed Its first own brand product in the shape of the Harlequin 32-bit frame buffer. The card was announced last year, along with about a dozen other cards from various manufacturers (yet to be released).
Harlequin Is now completed, save "or final testing - they put it in ovens at 170 degrees! - and the writing of manuals, and should be available to the public in January.
Frame buffers are strange beasts. You'd think that with the spectacular results they produce, the cards themselves would be a little more interesting to look at. But they're basically huge wodges of video RAM with a few clever tricky bits added on, and some don't even have many of those.
Hariequin however, is quite well endowed wrth goodies, apart from being built like a piece of vital avionics, and comes with 8 bits over the odds as a start.
The extra bits constitute the card's biggest selling point. This is becajse there is a lot more to usable 24-blt graphics than just the graphcs signal on Its own. Think of it this way - a television studio beamng pictures to the world is all very well, but without properly tuned TV sets to pick up the signal, and without a standard by which those signals can be encoded in the first place, the studio is wasting its time.
With Harlequin you get the opportunity to do all of this via an ‘alpha channel", allowing for.
Among other things, linear keying.
This as opposed to digital keying, is the process whereby instead of just plonking the compute! Image on top of an external video source
- digital keying - the computer graphic can te smoothed In over
up to 256 level* of anti-aliasing.
In this way. Titles of broadcast quality can be added to any external video source, and the dreaded 'jaggies' avoided. This feature has to be exploited by the software, of course, and at the moment there are no commercial packages which can take advantage of Harlequin's extra bits.
There are plen*y which support 24- bit graphics (Sculpt ond the excellent Real 3D sping to mind), but as they were dsveloped before Harlequin, thev can't be blamed for not supporting more than the 24-bit standard.
Harlequin offers several other features, including Its own onboard Sync Pulse Generator (SPG).
For the purposes of genlocking and the board's use in broodcast- ing, it is essential that external equipment can synchronise itself with the signals being output, and that Harlequin keeps itself in time.
To do this, the Amiga's CPU already offers an external sync pulse, which explains the proliferation of genlocks now available, but this, claims Martin Lowe, is inadequate for the professional user.
Harlequin's SPG wHI provide timings down to a few nanoseconds.
And is well within the specifications set down by PAL. Indeed, the output Is good enough thal PAL encoding can be entrusted to a modified Commodore 520 TV modulator, although professionals will no doubt expect to pay a bit more for broadcast quality encoding.
On the standard Harlequin 2000 board you'll find genlocking output signals, a standard digital keying signal, software switching for interlace mode and a maximum resolution of 910 x 576 pixels, which should be good enough for most users.
The long and the short of it Is that even In Its basic Configuration. Harlequin can receive and output to external video soi ces.
The highest quality images available on any Amiga, which m9ans the highest qualify images available in Its price bracket.
Up and running With Amiga software such as Sculpt-Animate. Real 3D. And Turbo Silver retailing for a fraction of the cost of comparable software on other machines, and the amount of work going on already In the graphics field, the Amiga is obviously the perfect host for the board Harlequin will do some breathtaking things. The frog picture, for Instance, is overlaid with several standard Amiga graphics screens.
Just to highlight the difference between these and 24-bit imagery, and the naturalist in the top right hand corner, although we obviously can't show it. Is running In real time 32-bit animation (presumably In an attempt to keep worm).
The board itself sports anything from 1.5 to 4MB of VRAM, ft's the board's use of Video RAM which to a large extent determines its price. VRAM is faster and altogether superior to the far cheaper DRAM used in the board's prototype, and is essential for advanced and professicnal applications.
There would be little point in using such a board if It was slow and frustrating to use because the manufacturers had skimped on the quality of materials used You'll need at least 3MB of this VRAM for double buffering, os each screen Feature
C. G.A ”ROl o MOV CON Cap hea one cou 22C plai ove leax mei wox
the rakes up more Than one full megabyte.
Tne usefulness or aouole buffering to professional users can'T oe oversrarea. If you're seriously ihto animation, it's more men nanay to hcve instant access To two consecutive frames of c series.
In This way you can ensure mcT one ccrries on smoothly from me omer ana, to allow mis as ecsily as pos&bie. Harlequin will sTore themi com and allow you to flip instantly oetween mem using a sofrware switch.
Agcr., you neea an extra 512K to accommodate The alpha channel, vitoi if you are to utilise linear keying. So mat to get the most from Harlequin you have to spicsn out a hefty £2064 Tor me 4000 model. Did I forger to mention mat a Mac or PC wah 24-Pit colour can set you cock in excess of £7GCG?
There are drawbacks of couse.
And The above price is one of them. Harlequin is aimed at tne professional user, so we shouldn't expect home user prices.
However, me ooara may find me competition c Pit sTiff when it comes up against some of the cneap ooaras avaiiaole on the Mac, whicn reTail for less than £10C0. Adminediy. Harlequin is of a higher specification man sucn Pocrcs. Ana it s tne first ot its kina on the Amiga, out smaller users, such cs independent video producers. May ocuk at me requred outlay ana settle for less.
Again. ACS recommend me use of or. Accelerator ooarc with 32-br memory, as trus speeds up consft- eropiy The process of transferring images from Amiga to Harlequin ana will vestry improve me performance of tne software you use - particularly in tne case of ray-Tracmg and rendering packages.
A large tost nara dr.ve is also a necessity Tor efficiently storing and accessing The nuge 24-prr picture files used Oy rtariequn, bringing the total cost of an up-and-run- ning system perilously high. High, mat is. Wnen compared to tne average Amiga owner's pocket and me kmd ot semi-pro viaeo systems presently being used or. Tne machine.
For me prospective professional, lumoered wiTh The cost of tens of Tnousanas of pounas wortn of gropnics workstations ana broadcast quciity imagery, the tnougnt of an Amiga 3000 wim a Harlequin ooard. Genlock, and Pal encocer crrtacnea, will surely cam a great appeal.
And tomorrow?
It nos long been a favourite fae- cost in me computer industry Th.cr hitherto unattainable cppiicanons will scon be freely cvaicble to tne nome user, ana in me case of top- qualiTy graph.es. Hariequn promises to onng that particular goal a lot closer.
'Tne next six montns*. Say ACS.
'will see wnat will effectively be a revolution in Amiga 24-pit gropn- ics, in everytn.ng from paint packages to frame Duffers".
If mat's true. 1 nave no doubt that Am.ga Centre Scotland ana me Hariequ.n board will oe in rne vanguora of me assault ana will nave contributed a great deal before me 16 millior.-coiourea flog flies over me 16-bit Bastille.
OVER" Capt. Sean Bannon snapped his head to the left. There
was only one place where the Russians could be, and that was
on the hill 2200 metres away. All the training, planning and
preparations were over. Team Yankee was about to learn if the
team’s seventy nine men and twenty five million dollars worth
of equipment could do what they were supposed to do.
'Superbly entertaining
- Amiaa Qomputing iam Yankee is designed
o lest your leadership led tactical skills to the juick. You can
displa neither ‘'quadrant mode' where all four platoons My be
controlled at once or ull-screen Mode where the kspiay homes in
on just one itotoon You have the flexibility to display either
an overhead map view of surrounding area, a simulated 3-d view
of thejbattlefield. Or a status screen showing the performance
of all vehicles in a platoon. Irrespective of which screen mode
you choose during battle, there is a constant column of *
information to the right ol the screen MACI.iNE GUN - which is
always available tc the player and has an ’iftfintte numtw Of
rounds a smoke grenade which allows enemy vision to be
HEAT ¦ a high explosive anti tank round SABOT - an armor-piercing tungsten shell a high range anti tank missile ith* right ol the trpnses arc
• eon* which wot the rout types of uponry available tne unit
major capability cn
• qjadrani map screen paler the movement 4 formation ol any noon
The whole ol the fcunay be viewed ai
w. or you may zoom t any portion ol the celwid usmg ihe icons
right ol the map SMOKE or thcrmalT Zoom When imaging This
feature icon is accessed is very useful for I identifying
vehicles camouflaged on the I edge of forests Contary to
popular 'belief the thermal image is green and noi red TOW Ml
, niUMS
* nincr smififiTiei Cin Tout Man Guo Ammo 55 Round, Area*Oinhham
W S las plastic) Combat Wwgbl 545 aattic Iona h an 4 The
Stannetts. Laindon North Tr«de Centre. Basildon. Essex. SS15
6DI. (026B) 54 1 126 Team Yankee is the definitive action
simulation of moden tank warfare. Watch scenarios unfold on 3D
battlefields with high1 definition graphics and keep track of
the four tank platoons you control using the unique 4 quadrant
display. Defend Hill 214 from Yuri Potecknov’s crack tank
platoons, attack Objective Link through sniper fire from
forests, protect the Langen Gaj from an entire Soviet tank
battalion at night!
Five major scenarios based on the battles featured in the New York Times No. 1 best seller Team Yankee.
Tee-te.b er fVos.e . F.~» 1017 V.l.»s • I'J'K) Oetoai Ixgasi ItistgitMs Ai. ***»»• isaanel It* .« a aalaaarl •! Btamsuia ft*.r«ee»U-a.r al,. 4~ »a .a a wtaeari nt C«M»a _______ Alan amrf fT II* rUmiiM «l A*ea» etna Team Vl-... T*. K ..el •*. »r| k» N...4 Cnte laser range finder The range finder will lock on to a reflective target t the firing cursor is placed directly ovsr the object.
Wide formation icon This increases the spacing between vehcles m your platoon to 103 metres Nerrow formation icon.
This reduces ihe inter, vehicle spacing in your platoon to 50metres Vet a vee formation Echelon left - places your vehicles on a right to left diagonal relative to your direction Engina smoke This will prove very usetul in confusing yout enemy if you find yourself m a tight corner Rotation icon and compass display this the central portion of the screen is magnified by a factor of 10 Wedge - places your vehicle* m a wedge formation SCREEN GEMS is the only NEW Official Amiga A500 pack from Commodore !
Amiga A500 Computer Keyboard 512K Random Access Memory Built-in 1 meg double-sided disk drive Superb 4096 Colour Graphics 1 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Speech Synthesis Multi-Tasking Operating System Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench 1.3 Three Owners Manuals Extras 1.3 and Tutorial Disk Amiga BASIC Programming Language Notepad Mini Word Processor Commodore Mouse Power Supply Unit with mains plug TV Modulator ..and all connecting cables to get you up and running on your home TV set!
Shadow of the Beast II Days of Thunder Back to the Future II Night Breed Deluxe Paint II Art Package nmtuniiiMiiiuuHiiuthtitmiii Mfcroprose Soccer RVF Honda Kid Gloves Datastorm Dungeon Quest Mfcroswttched Joystick F-19 Stealth Fighter TtelAh&FkfTtSkn&xgame tmm Mcrqproseworf) £3439!
Don't delay-Older now!
ACCESSORIES end ol course hundrada A hundrada ol gamaa and all at wall balow recommended retail prlceal Digicom oiler you the very beal In cualomer alter safes aupporl with 12 monlh warranty on all Computer Hardware All unlla are lull UK speclllcallon with 30 day replacement guarantee on laully llama and FREE collection ol Ihe detective unlla within ihla period. And ahould you over need any technical advice our experienced and helpful alall are available on lha telephone or In our ahowroom.
Remember • there are no hidden exlraa all prices are lully inclusive ol VAT and natl day courier delivery.
* • ••• I tpooitieol*u*J«el to otioogo »ilhont notleo toot 36-37
Wharfside Watling Street Fenny Stratford Milton Keynes MK2 2AZ
Telephone (0906) 378008 - Fax (0906)379700 Showroom Hours - Mon
to Sat
9. 0Qam-5.30pm Review My first reaction to books of this kind is
another cobbled together colection of short stories only
loosely related to their purported subject matter and each
other - in short, an exercise In deceased equine
flagellation". Not so with Digfal Dreams.
Intelligences, and the dangers of too close an interface between man in his "real" world and the computer in its world of virtual reality. For instance you may find yourself wondering how long it will be until you are legally constrained Initially, the book grabs your attention by proudly displaying Terr Pratchett, well-known author of the Disc World novels, on the front cover, but it continues to please through means far more substantial than mere banner waving.
Digital Dreams is a collection of new stories from authors both experienced and Inexperienced, and contains material from some never before published.
In addition, editor David Barrett takes pains to stress that all of the contributions were commissioned specially for the book and have appeared nowhere else, thereby shrugging off the 'anthology' stigma even though it claims to be ‘the first all-British anthology of computer stories".
This reassured me that the book Digital Dreams was a legitimate approach to computer-orientated fiction, however. I remained sceptical.
The best sci-fi is always that which uses Its medium and the strangeness of its settings to test humanity's strengths and weaknesses to their limits. It was in the hope that Digital Dreams might manage this, and at the same time address important moral concerns, that I continued my literary foray.
I was pleased and disappointed in almost equal measure. The collection sports a few real gems and severe* very good attempts, but I couldn't help feeling that somewhere along the line an opportunity had been missed.
As science fiction all of the stories work well, although some tend to dwell on rather mined-out themes, but as specifically computer-based stories they fall short of the ‘arget in places.
Some of the contributions raise very important issues, such as the moral treatment of artificial in the way you may treat your comuter. Or whether it really is advisable to allow the further development of the human to computer Interface. When the collection prompts these questions it is working at its best.
There are also some very quoteworthy statements to be foind on the computer in general, such as Michael Feorn's *A computer is Just a tool ... Like any other tool, It amplifies human effort. If the knowledge is not there, it ccn onty amplify ignorance*.
However, these momerts are not quite as frequent as I would have liked. Most of the time one is treated to a good read, and Digital Dreams deserves to succeed on this basis alone.
Sadly. I was disappointed to find fewer original and thought- provoking ideas than I had anticipated, and I believe this Is enough to rob the collection of the uniqueness to which it aspires.
Digital Dreams Publisher New English Ubrary Trice: 44 50 Are you about to drop kick your Amiga through the nearest window?
Does the expression ‘Command Line Interface" make you feel physically sick? Has your dream machine turned into a nightmare of tangled wires and frustration? If so. I may have the answer to your computing prayers.
The Amiga Tutor Video The Amiga Tutorial Video offers a simple answer to some very tric y problems. For the average beginner the first few days of Amiga ownership are definitely the worst. The manuals can be somewhat less than friendly, the disks complicated and confusing.
It’s all too easy to slip Workbench to the back of your disk box and dive straight into the games At this point everyone needs a helping hand. If you're lucky there'll be a friend, who can cut hours down to minutes by simply pohting you In the right direction.
However, if you are all alone in the computing wilderness the temptation to reach for Kick-Off 2 may Just be too much. Don't despair, help is at hand! The video gives a complete guide to setting up, plus a brief tutorial on the machine's operating system. The section devoted to setting up seems very pedestrian when viewed by an old Amiga buff, but there again It's not meant for experts.
Some of the other topics include a tutorial far Workbench and it's component parts - disk operation, directory structure. CU.
Shell, startup-sequences. Multitasking, setting up printers, installing a boot disk, using RAM.
Plus general information on viruses and how to avoid them.
If you don't want to watch a particular section It's possible to skip around various sections by using the tape counter index provided. This con be very useful considering that in its entirety the tape runs for an hour and a hatf.
Do you fall into the bracket of the bored games player, who in the past perhaps dabbled with the CLI and Workbench. If so, the video could be well worthwhile as a refresher course, and may even teach an old dog a few new tricks.
Perhaps there was a chapter of the manual you never quite got around to. Or maybe a certain subject that you never quite managed to grasp. Here’s your chance to have It all explained in glorious moving colour.
I found the video excellent, Certainly for anyone taking their first Amiga steps it's wel worth the £19.99 asking price. If only such a thing was available in my formative years, many a grey hair (you should see his rapidly whitening topnot - Ed), and sleepless night Just might have been avoided.
Audition Computer Services 9o. St Peters Street Stamford Lines PE92PQ TEL 0780 55888 (Shop hou-s) ‘0780 720531 (After hours) Stracer' Steaven Heppener, El land 'So Ends The War' Paul Franklin, Davenham 78 Amiga Computing We have a wide variety of styles and artwork for you this month and the quality remains as high as ever.
Remember, we welcome all submissions, especially If you've never exhibited before. P.S: Will the guy Abo sent In the disk containing 'Last Duty' (you know who you are) please get in touch as I think I've lost the orginal (you're fired! - Ed).
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THE AMIGA TUTOR VIDEO For new and not so new Amiga Users - shows in clear graphic detail all you need to know to become proficient in using me Amiga SUBJECTS COVERED INCLUDE:
• Setting-up Monitors - Mouse Expansion
• Workbench Customisation - Copying - Renaming ¦ Formatting
• Notepad - Menus - Fonts Saving ¦ Printing
• Icons - Clock - Sizing - Moving - Scrolling Windows
• CU Directory Structure - Start-up Sequence - Multi-Tasking
• Printer Set-up - Preferences
• Virus Protection For the cost of a game you will learn
techniques that will entertain you for years to come. Make sure
you get the best from your expensive investment £19.99 inc POST
& PACKING Iconvsts af A5C0 CompcAer. Mouse rtt Plus Imjimaser
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Fractions |8-12). £19 99 First Shop« (3-5 Veors) £1999 Puzzle Story Bock (3-8 Yeorsl £19 99 Trhnol Pursuit .....£ 14 991 AUDITION COMPUTER SERVICES Unit 8, Far Wharf, LINCOLN LN1 1TJ. Tel: 0522 511343 MAIL ORDER ONLY Send cheque or phone credit card details for same day despatch All prices include VAT and Delivery These prices are Mail Order only and may not apply at our shop at Stamford Public domain Stewart C Russell lays hands on yet another load of lovely free software Diagnosis Time Do you realty know what's going on inside your Amiga? Whcr tasks take up the most processor
What fonts you have loaded?
Riow many libraries are hanging aoout unnecessarily? Wnetner anyrhng is lurking in the Pack- ground met ought not to be tnere?
The tools on the Amiga Extras disk are nothing more than toys end :eU you nothing useful cbour me srete of the system. You could have c totally obvious virus Soiter- ing with intent in the Reset Vectors, end rre Extras tools would carry on regardless. That's wny you need o system monitor.
Sure, there's nothing better for ttvowirg a screenful of hex ct you.
Bur there's plenty of useful info in tnere. And an the crcshing stakes, a system monitor in the wrong hands is hard to bear.
There are two freely distributable monitors wnicn ere worthwhile. Xoper and ARTM.
People tend to stick with one, and slog the other mercilessly. Xoper's been cround for o very long time indeed, gaining new features on the way. Bur it's still very much a keyboard driven device. ARTM is newer, one can be controlled entirety by the mouse.
EL Workbench Screen ¦R'Xov *t V2.2 3 1989 u«s»«» Cun:bw A PKZ CPBSE MM lASHWlG There are plenty of ways to mess about with ARTM wimout crashing the sysTem. ARTM, by the way.
Stends for Amiga Realtime Monitor (dunno whet Xoper stands for...). Starting off both programs, you get tne standard list of tasks running. Even on a stock machine, mere's o huge number going at once. It you went to remove a tcsk with AR7M, just two mouse clicks end it's gone. Xoper requires “Ki3 TcskMame' to be typed to have me same effect. As you can imagine, it's not c great plan to remove o task mat's doing something Lsefti. Ske Workbench.
Ever nod a pogrom die, leaving its window gnnrjng inanety QT you?
AR7M can list, change and close just about anything window- shaped. Xoper's pretty much confined to closing windows. Again, it's not a wildly wonderful idee to close a window still oetng used oy a program. Watch mat LED flash?
The 'Residents' is a list of all me resident routines oeavering' away in me background. Some under- &a:isw activity: 83.
TrisewJSec: 82.7: g PffE iwzm2a] Ne«s Konftuu uait-.na iixit:nsr Ujutuor Wiitifta «ar::o£ . Haxtinsr; iUxxiag Uaztjost U*L«MW «ait»sr Readj UutasC f&xtasr uaxtinff Uaitinsr Uutus 8 3.82- 28 25.12 - 11 o.«c - 12 8.«C ¦ 5 8.92 - JW JL.4X- i8 i.42 • 08 1AX- 5 8.92- 4 8.82 18 1.42 • 88c8Z?f2 Task «woMc9S Task «C«778 TasSt aecefee* ?*£c Hxotu*; H 0C9S5 88cl279a Process.
A*&3328 Process 08cO387e Task 88ol38l8 Process «Jc22fi28 Process 88c2 A8 Process; «8c3St4& Process
S. 8.82 - 0 68.02 - S 1.42- 4 o.ta - K 8.82 4 8.02 - 5 1.12 1
1.42 Xoper covers a muBflude of Tasks cover viruses can lurk
here, so both programs list all resident names and addresses.
The most common way for a virus to spread is by grabbing hole of parr of the system which deals with warm resets. UsefU programs
- such as recoverable RAM cisks - can also hold these system vec
tors. Unlike those dumb vector check programs which clear any
thing strange, ARTM and Xoper win detail exactly what holding
which vector.
The res? Of the functions ere mostly useful to programmers, who want to make sure that their program runs as expected and deans up nicety after itself. ARTM's strong point is that it can show every piece of allocated memory.
Xoper can unlock redundant Dos Locks. These are the things wnicn sometimes cause a disk icon to linger on the Workbench screen after the disk nas been removed.
The aumocs of ARTM seem to be a little confused. The program hcs a messoge saying it's in the public domain, but men the earners ask for a shareware fee if you use it.
Weird? Public domain rreans free 4evi - A§ AZ C20R*«aese luatUfl* A598 A2891 SCSI Juodler track disk.device UM Tile Systen Tiie Systen trackdisk. Device 8 PexaOiaster JR-Beey SP*JOt " JSX v - 8 Workbench of charge. Xoper V2.2 by Wener Gunther is on fish Disk 318, while ARTM 1.0 by f J Mertens and DieTmar Jensen is on fish Disk 327.
ARTM is much easier to use but requires a little more work since it has been known to crcsn OCCO sioncity. Xoper s stable but not as cute as ARTM. Take your pick but remember. Xoper's free.
Dis Programming on a low budget isn't easy. You don't get what you don't pay for. Instead of having a nice integrated environment you usually have to make do with c collection of separate tools for eacn individual task.
On an Amiga, that's no? Too much of a problem. You can ha e several CU windows open or once, with a different tcsk in eacn. Completely eliminating the edit, quit, compile, edit cycle from which the PC suffers.
Also, freeware programs fend to be written for o very specific reason. Tne programmer needed *o do something that no other software could offer, so they prewed their own. Although this means 17BIT SOFTWARE PROUDLY PRESENT The ORIGINAL 17Bit Update Disk Often copied but never equalled, the disk features all that you've come to expect from 17bit and more! Every issue contains great sound, music, utilities, the latest FD news and the unique 17bit style and humour. Now edited by Martyn, the original founder of the update and compiler of thousands of FD disks over three years.
NOW AVAILABLE: THE ALL-NEW UPDATE 16 NEWSFLASH Each action packed 2 disk issue contains the very latest and greatest in Amiga material from the very best artists, musicians, programmers and personalities. You'll find exclusive material and programs including great AMOS routines, machine code routines & advice, software news and reviews and a good deal of humour. Newsflash is the only publication in the entire world to bring together the cream of talent from each country each issue!
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SEVENTEEN BIT SOFTWARE PO BOX 97, WAKEFIELD, WEST YORKSHIRE, WF1 1XX TELEPHONE FAX 0924 366982 Now into our 3rd successful year supplying The Highest Quality Amiga PD Shareware Badger People forget things. It's a 'act of life. That's why there's such a large market for diaries, persona; orgcnisers and smell electronic things that beep at *he slightest opportunity. The trouble with all these things is that I forget where t puttnem.
Computers, on the other hand, are wonderful at remembering things. Given a nice cool, clean, dry area, free from magnetic fields end other ncsties. A com- ou*er disk wffl “remember' forever.
Gven a way of automatically retrieving the Information, we’ve got a great way of having all the little de*aii$ ot out hum-dnjm lives remembered for us.
George Kerber's Badger Is a greet electronic memory cid. Not just remembering all the events you could wish for, * allows you to prioritise them.
You may, for example, hcve a targe project thct takes a month, and a small assignment that takes cn evening You'd wont at least five weeks warning for the project
- since oeop'e alwavs work at the last minute - and maybe a week
for the assignment. Just errier the final dates and the cdvance
warning period, and Badger's in business.
Unless you're in on advance warning oerlod. Badge*- wiP keep quiet about an event, but it will show everything you've planned if you ask it. The version of Badger that lives on Rsh Disk 365 Is c fufly working demonstration of the non-distributable version, which Mr. Kerber sells for $ 15.
Vou hove severe! Weeks to evctfuate this program, and *nen- data files are dented. You need c real-time dock to run Badger. In fac*. If Bcdger detects a cross change in the clock, it wffl de'e'e Its data (In this version) to prevent fraudulent use.
I know cbout *his. My real-*irr e clock chip fc»ied while reviewing Badger. Od It comolch. Or what?
Forgotten bir*hday$ and ar-nyer- saries ore a thing of the DCS* wi*h Bcdger. Tha*'s cssuming you remember where your Amlgc Is!
Night's batch jobs have snarled up.
PeopleTree is pretty strcigri*for- wcrd. All It needs is a nemo, the sex. Paren's and any children You can add birth and death dctes if you hove them, bu* it's not essential.
The program has C look around, and *rie$ to resolve cs many 'amity links as it can. Any links it can't make, it csks you about, this continues until Peop!e*ree is hcoov wi*h all the links you've given it.
You can save out *he family dcria at any time, and then add rotes cbout each person.
Output is limited *o simple pedigree char*s, bu* the tree car be browsed simoly. Had this program been written in the lest yecr. It would have hed Hyper in its name somewhe'e.
That's a” *here is to Peog'e"'ee.
It doesn't ever re'erence people by numbers but Then it won't 2 CO?
- Timm Martini EXP W 1 beep.asm (nodifj 8:32PM) is -p beep
hunk_eode huak 9): Loop l: 1 nev label*.
H00»3.1 9x9994,a£ lea mtuinam*.al Mem.) »32.9 ‘ if,., boo orenok moves.1 *29,99 PtS openlib closelib displaybeep nove.I SS3r execbase, a6 in?oinarp,?l 933,99 oj enlib(*9) MOOP3.I suba.I jsr movea.l movea.l jSP HOVey.1 PtS
dc. b nove.I 99.a9 suba. I a9,a9 jsr 9is»laybeep(a6) Movp.l ab.iu
novo.1 execbase,afc jsr closelib?.a6 novey 99,99 rts Jl j Al
PvOaaa »c
- 414 a9 hunk,data: (bunk 1, 29 bytes): inbuowf
dc. b 'intuition.library'
dc. b 9
dc. b -Mo data intuiname: dc.b 'intuition.library', end Con you
ten the difference between the source end Dte’s disossembly?
Mecn* cs on cdd-rri for his compiler $ ys*em. Bu* works perfectly we” on its own. Just the thing for o spo* of software ?everse-engineering.
Which may soon become cn offence if European legislation goes through Climb the family tree Some believe *ha* there are only three questions in life. ‘Where did I come from?'. “Who Am I ?' And “Jeremy 3eodie. Why?'. The last one is impossible to answer, bu*
* he first two are relatively simple and can be answered with an
Ordinance Survey mop and c 'amily tree.
Charting who your cncestors were is cn interesting posfime. And one which c surprising number of otherwise perfectly norma! Folk ere lntore$ *ed in. Whet better wcv to remember vital facts than let a compu'er do *he tedious cataloguing? There cre two cenea’ogv packages for the AMIGA. One is very easy to use, but also incredibly ecsy to get lost in end mess up your entire family. The other is c effect por* of c PC da*abc$ e. And has all the friendliness of a mcin- frcme opera*or a“er anothe' unction of if rrorr; I Cr?at»s *xr*n9s a Parson* File.
Crtatw cxtwris a H&piagts File.
Creates extends a Baptism? File.
Updates Information in the Persons File.
I Updates Information in the Marriages File.
; Updates Information in the Baj»ttsns File.
Crtatts a Fawnt Child lixfex. (For 13, U and IS.)
Creates Marriages Index. (For :3. I*j. IT --•• if.; Print; Information about Persons.
Print? Information about Marriages.
Prints a List of the Persons in th* Persons File.
Print: a List of the Marriages in the Marriages File.
Print? A List of the Parent thiid Index.
Prints an Alphabetical List of Persons.
Print: an Alphabetical List of Marriage?.
Displays genealogical Information 00 tfre Print; Pedigree Charts (Family Trees).
Prints Family (irony Sheets., Displays (and Optionally Prints) Seseenrient*: Charts.
LISrPER : LISIPCI ALPHAPEK ALPHA* AP, ; DISPLAY FAMILY DESCEND (9 to qujt, 2? To restjrf the MENU) Enter a Program Number and press FEIttW.?
A-Gene botroys Its PC or»c«stry that the sofiwere is often very powerful, it also means that it can lack a little in the user fiiendliness stakes.
Ds. On Fish Disk 24C. Is cn excellent example of this. It's c symbolic disassembler of awesome power.
That means r* wffl seen through *he code looking 'or brcnches end jumps, build up a re'erence *ab!e.
And output code which looks the same cs the code produced by cn assembler.
A program disassembled with Dis wifi usually reassemb’e back to i*s original form with very little work.
Mos* commercial disassemblers claim they ccn do that, but I've only met one that does cny*hing like Os.
The progrcm is able to disassemble just cbout anything. It tckes object files, execuricbles and even libraries, and produces labeled, indented code, supporting 68C2C end 68C3C processors, and f otoroic FPU end MVU chips.
If you tell Dis that it's looking at a library, you'll cet c few comments in the listing outlining the library's structure. This is a very Clever progrcm.
So what would you 'use Dis 'or7 Well, the only freeware mcchine code monitor for the Amiga - Timo Rossi's Mon. now at version
1. 29 - isn't symbolic, so output can be a Sttfe hard *o fo”ow at
If you're examining code fha* you didn't write, you need oil *he help vou can get. Dis wcs written by Chris Gray, who designed and wrote the language Draco. It wcs iv«*fr 1.'. 1114JeMfWlfriij «f *jrritl Hmiirontry Fig?
T Mitfwrry It* VlgtillMO .
Monitor speaker, hit Return, and the number's dialled, Phone's not without problems though. It's only to be found on a few bulletin boards, and I doubt whether it s in any PD library. You have to remember the phone number, so the Little Black Book is still requiied.
It only works on digital exchanges, as it's impossible to generate the old dialling clicks without connecting a relay to your Amiga - and that breaks your BT licence agiee- ment and probably your Amigc.
You may actuolly have a digital telephone exchange without knowing it. I discovered mine by accidentally setting up an autodial modem to tone dial and it actually worked BT weren't sure about it either - maybe a digital exchange grew In overnight. A modem is a good way of dialling numbers. Thev've is pretty much a case of joining two people together by numbers.
After that you can Input baptism - or ordinance - data, which can contain brief notes abcut the family. If there's one place where A- Gene shines, it's in the output. If you want your family grouped, treed or just plain listed, there are several options for each.
A-Gene has the dubious acco- * lade of being so confusing that I was actually quite plecsed when It suffered a critical stack error and crashed. PeopleTree Is very lightweight, but is easy to use and can cope with poor organisation.
Unless you're serious about your family, PeopleTree is for you.
Phone phun!
Can you remember the telephone number of everyone you know? I can t, so I usually hove to resort to my Little Black Book of names. But as with all address bocks, my Uttte Black Book can tell when It's wanted. And manages to hide such that I can never find it.
What I need Is a program to Marshal those numbers in such a manner that I can clways find them. And I want the computer to dial the number too. Automatic dialling? Not as silly as It sounds.
There's a tiny program called Phone which generates the tone- dialling sequence through the monitor's speoker, So all you do is pick up the phone, type Phone followed by the number, put fhe phone to the Mirritt Witgwrry I Hirmt Ki0Inm Tl»ri - Bcfiw»n ltd i?55.
JW urritt t«vW isrift Aa»m H«8»«l Anion 1141 lather a. vtiAvfii irn
• inMlh A, Kirtcfil lli4 Mtflftd 8. FejMll i?i6 (Mart C. Rus»ll
1%1 lot* ’ill*,*!,' Jmts Anion 1111 111!
J«8i Anton 1914 Jtin Anton till Ca'htriM Aiiw 1114 1115 Join Anton llli
• AM AntM 1141 lip tun Laflitn lid cope with huge families. 8
children per mother is the maximum.
PeopleTree is on JumpDisk June 1989 issue, which is a well produced American disk magazine handled by George Thompson Services In this country.
A-Gene is totally different, everyone's a number in this program. On the minimum configuration of a 1Mb twin-drive Amiga, it can handle 2500 people, it won't be very quick at this size of database, but at least it is able to handle it.
This is no simple program for genealogical dabblers. It's big and it's frightening. A-Gene is basec on Genealogy on Display got all the right circuitry, and unlike the Little Black Book they're firmly RS-232'd to the back of your computer, HyperOtaler uses the modem to do the dialling, concentrating on being user-friendly. It doesn't need much in the way of instructions, you simply lood It and go.
You can Input the name, address and up to two telephone numbers for each person. Names con be sorted, deleted, and saved to a data file which is automatically loaded when Hyper- Dialer starts. It's a pity you can't use the address data to print address labels, but Little Black Books can't do that either.
Even though autodial modems usually support pulse dialling.
HyperDialer only supports digital tone dial It would be really easy to fix this - wander through it with NewZap, changing all occurrences of ATDT to ATDP - but David Plummer, the author. Is American, where 99.9% of the phones are tone dial anyway If you've got a Hayes compatible modem. HyperDlaler may help to keep you sane. It's on Fish Disk 367 and has a shareware fee of $ 15.
The hang of what's going on, Tricky becomes seriously enjoyable, and capable of doing some industrial- strength whiling away of long winter evenings. If you do manage to get bored with Tricky, you can design new screens using the game editor. The possibilities for making Impossible screens are near enough endless.
Peter Hdndel has written quite a few gomes for the Amiga, all of them simple, but all of them good. I think Tricky’s his best, though. Try It. It's freeware, and on Fish Disk 367.
Click NtUM to Cent,nut PeopleTiee showing lust a f*w of my ancestors to the (GreatA4) level Peopletree can't handle too many children - eight Is the maximum ft*. A iMiH
* * h: ijgHHBi
• «t:w .I'.Jfl 1!
Rhlldl child}: . iiidrr*a£M
• hiW1 (HUM: £h. I4i: nnrnmmm child?: 1imn!3Kin«l
• hi I'M thuds: wmamamm tun Tricky s a neat little game which
requires a deal of concentration, a large wad of logic, and the
ability not to panic when things start getting frantic. Youf
job Is to send a Boing ball through a maze, clearing up tiles
as you go, Enough yawning, It's more complex - and more
Interesting - than that.
Once you've actually set that ball rolling, there's nothhg you can do to control it. The ball bowls along a rock, clearing away tiles as It rolls over them, and is deflected by arrow tiles which have been caref jlty set up by the player. Care Is required when moving the arrows, as there's only a limited number of ad.ustments allowed per game.
There's more. The ball will only clear up tiles of the same type as displayed on an indicator. If you hit c different tile, the ball stops, and you have to bow ogair. If you get badty stuck you can play a Joker which allows you to go for any flavour of tile you like.
The object is to clear away all but three (or less) of the tiles within a fairly tight time limit. Everything starts off simply, but very quickly gets very difficult. Anc there are 99 levels to wade through. Once you gel for the PC. Which was designed for use by members of The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). You actually get two versions, the Anglican and tne Mormon, the latter con cope with more data.
Family data has to be reasonably well ordered for the program to work, This was my first problem since my previous filing system was an old Samson te stuffed almost to bursting with loose-leaf A4. It'd be wise to assign numbers to everyone ot this poht because parents are Indexed by number and not by nome, Assuming you've managed to wade through that, you're ready to tockle the Marriage section. This Tricky 99, per disk per disk trictly QQ
0024 Craws Oerco 0116 CaoniCS Ne»er*«eft DEMOS 0062 Moray Pymoo (2 Osxs-2 drives) jCW fieogopny icojcatcr. 11 yrs* 14022 Scnu jjtexx ..1 0004 Mams Family 0063 Ucmry P lhoos Kuog: l.ucge!! (2 U031 GnosJWmer MC23 Scnu Juiexx ;V DOOS Agairon Ssr 7 3rs (1 Mo • 2 63u ) dtsis} 0013 Guruouster M024 Sonu jjmScx V 0CO6 Ma'si: Mega-Ocmo W (3 0363 l.eetec jtna-net. .1 me®) U014 Cto Mater U045 SouhdTrauer 3diM; 0097 Ail Oemo 0066 MgntiureoaBmSlfeet 0315 Ml Bench U329 Van Ge»s Demo (1M:) OuK AXUkU Cu57 toBonjAcamilUfi; ixno xturaal
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0313 Aueoger l ga Oemo 0074 ProCe Sequence 0015 FaoesenerCupAn
0014 iciSUoOfi 0073 Sp*e 0322 ferrecl Sound Uhicy Games 0015
SuCCram Owa: (2 Jsxs; 0077 RAF Ueja Oemo |2fl6tt) J023 Fam
Mar.apfc- 6001 Alke«Sar Tear Game C 0017 Car ana Cr-c,tie
A.iima!ion 0073 Real Thnjs'3uos‘Oemo
- 024 riy Tracer G0G2 APDC.il 0019 Cv.e Uejixfro 0375 Sea. Tiegs
¦Horses’Oemo U034 Star Tre«xe.- G003 APOCvui 0021 Cnaroo
’.Mo-20615) 0360 ftcccccpDemo 0040 Sydney and Fr«nds G004
doaro Games 0023 1 | S031 Rooet Ranger Demo 0026
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Mega Oemo 01 OS Cere* Aftd Gms Lwe (2 ac*s, 0103 thggy Pggy’s
Sioesn&w D133 OonHOuaAaaaHO 0031 Ocneid Mute s Your Trouser;?!?
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0132 Irittyiii Leaving Or Doc* 0106 «MJis*r Demo 0130 fit the
Fisk 3036 Fraxec horror DCS7 FocaApput), 0035 ForgoTer. RdOins
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0123 Ky.e Demo (2 C6*s) 0032 Uurd 6 rtrcy disxsi 0C63 LuiO
Tcc.lajf 0034 Madness Demo 0035 Madonna Demo 5036 Magoe&cFdcs
0129 l jfc Whtaker 0053 Mental hangover 3035 Mii'tff U0X DottO
00© Sale Sex Demo 0130 Sam Fox (ace!)
0103 Sangon Mega Oemo 0084 Scjp: 30 Aftnuuxs 0117 Shaftwot the Seas: 0036 Siena Sxfcsaj* (2 06*S) 3067 S iie Ace Oemo 0033 SiAiCcr.;mer ,'.'.15 DC39 Star Tre* Animations 0121 SurTr AraiuunV.l7 0112 Stum ilpUCj MSI SuaSMesAOir3 j092 TticRuftpUO) 0122 Tomson ana Dream. Pacx 0CS3 ToosCT 7np a Wars 3064 Truij, Mega Oemo (2 6s*s, 0093 Turtle Uarsa!!!
0097 Vc Sides:** 3398 Wike? Demo 1V.s, 0099 Wancr Oemo il (IMo) 0100 Minors hot Oemo UTILITIES bOOl Action 0041 Amease 1002 APOL 17 (Home Smiei, ® Go Acid House Crazy! ® A SELECTION OF SUPERB ACID MUSIC + DEMOS 3X0 apol 2S uoi CoQecDon)
- 004 Eanxn jOC6 t Bax S.ccx Champon .11 Jxb sus.mss?JC*(3flrso:
Woropnxessor. Spreadsheet Database) U030 Ceic 1969 0007 C
lionaai (3 o&ics) l 033 Crunchers J008 Oar* Star 3 jxs OaftSar;
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- 012 DopeWroUau-r MUSIC M003 Crusaders 3*3era Uoji Oyptccunen
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M044 riiman league M642 Km.'.Wee M017 Mshone and Katfus 11018 Ui.7»Vicerierr.oi MCI 5 ?«Gwp£cr S U041 SkrcSorxJs M02C StmxJuxeMx; UQ21 Ginu Juieoax d 0003 Aofl Oemo (Outsiders) M053 Baidance (1 Meg) M060 BeaimastersCluoma2 0020 Ce&itdQ ComaATictory ("• Mt ) W054 Sona House 1 MOSS Soruxnouse2 G639 oreaxcui G006 Ccuosas • Tfte Acvrtw Game G007 Chinese &*;uers GG38 Cranage GOGS oil M.re GO09 Fiaschher G010 fiNftttl GOT i F.$ n 260 G012 Grauasacx 6013 6oc«i fleets AfceCTife G014 raavi.0.3 G015 Jumpy SOI 6 Urr.-Tre WiWLreGaw G017 Mega Games 2 (2 dees, GotO Ucocco) -Cueco 6019 PaCTUfl G020 Panorama
:3a G021 Paranoid S031 Pi*- * G023 Pseudccop G024 neijfn :c carm 6025 Scart l G037 The HOT Gr*.
G041 Tr« 7nva 6030 WrUMdOoc MOSS Sona riouse 3 M057 Magnetic Beasi 1 MOSS Magnetic Seas: 2 MOSS Magnetic Beast 3 M014 GodOrains nouse Disx MOST £08 State Remixes Please add 70p for post and packing.
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Unreal 17* 22® 22® 17®
U. MS.2 22* 17® Vaxr* 17* 17® 14* 17* ...... 1755 17® War
Jeep .17* .26* Wetlns .17* 22* Wheels cfFte
......22.® ..7.99 wnre Dean ...... ...... 22*
.17* ...17.® 17* 22*
22. 55 Wngs (61 ?K| .17.® 17® WnnnQ
6. 99 Woflpack ilMegi 22*
Wcnflertart ..22*
Word Cbumpcnsbp Sccoer 17® lAnxk 91ms___________ Acctfaden
Action . Actcn Sabers .. Aodas
Oianpcnshp Foctbal.. Advanced Taftal Fighter 2 Ajpha Waves ...
Amazing Spoerman Aminos ... AU0S Azmour
GedJon Attic RobcW---------- AWESOME___________ Bade tofts
Future 2 Badaros Pete------ BaJarcs ______ BardsTale 2 Battle
Connanj Bamenastei-- Baltleslcr-i BAT_________ Belrayai
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Bomoet toon B* _______ Breadi21kiM 8nogePlJyw2150 8SS Jane
Seymour Boo
Rodgers . Bckokan.

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.... CarVup ________ Chatergee! Comptatcn
Champwnjcf Kryrm 1 Meg _ Champions cffteR* Champonshp Run--
Chax Situs Back |t Msg) Chase HQ2_ Cness Simiiatt ---------
ChessmaMK 2103 .. Chrcndescf
Omega ... Chwk Vtvpi Fighi Traner...... Ccfcnes
Bejjest |1 Meg Corporally - ...«... Crrre Do*. Not Pay
.... Crme Waw Days o' Th«x»f-- 0e Une Scabble ... Dean
Trap ~ Detu:
Detettsr 2 Oc* Tracy.
. Drcsaur Dscovery i3-6 yearsi Dslani Amies .
Donatos Atfabee Cnase Dragon Breed ... OuooftHjM .
Dragon Foce 1 Meg CrajonWars------- Oajons fleam---- Drains Lar 2 Dragons of Flame 4 Player e&sucar F16 Falcon Msswn Disk _14* F16 Falcon ... 22* Fl9Siea8iFghtt .... 2296 F29 fletalarcr ... 17® Ferrari FormJa 1 . 7 99 Fnal Battle .. 17® Foal Command --------17® Frtt Ccrtld __________ 22® Fnal Whcsite ....S® Fnest hxr Baffle of Brtan 22® FreBrvaadeiMeg__________22.® Flgtt of ihe irfruder ...... 24.® Fight Sim 2 Hawaii Sceneiy ....11 99 Ftgyt Sim 2 Soenery 1' 14.® Flighn Sim 2 Sceoyy
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...17.® Gootys RaiMa, Express .17® Greg Mermans Unmaie Gat .17.® Giemlrs 2 ..14.86 Gunooai ....17® Gunsbp .... 1795 Hard Drwn 2... ..17 ® Hirtfjr Da.*Json--------22® Harpoon (iMeg) _ 22* Heter Skelter____14® Heroes Ccrpiatcn ----------22* Hdywcco Codeoon ...... 22® Hooray for Hennena iUafts 5-12 years) .17.® Horror Zombies ....17* Impenum
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Cxngeon Master Edtcc------------ Cungeon Master I' Megi______ Eagfes Rare. .... ECO Pnanioms .
Edicn Or* ...... Eiee ...... Elwra Mstress ol r*e DarV Epc . ESWAT _.. European Super League .... Fl6C0fTMNal--------------- Fi6FataxartottssttnDtsk F16 Fatan Mission Dtsk 2 AMIGA SOFTWARE KiRngCtoud----------17* King Game Stow ______ 17* KogNsotCrysalion .. _____ 22* LasNna2________17* Legend cf Bll, Bcutoer-17 » Legend cf Faergnal .....22® Legend of ibe Los! .....17® LetSAjesul Larry 2 . 26.® LersuesulLarry3 (IMeg! ...29.99 letscresul Larry 17.® Lemmings
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Sped Book (4 9 yearsi ‘ Iboun)___ AMIGA SOFTWARE Wont Soaet_________________ 7.99 Wrath of the Demon 22® XphOS ...... 17® Zra .....,,,-.,14® 2-Oui ... 14* BUOGET TITLES Advanced Frul Machine Sim ...6.99 Advanood Plnbal Sim ... 4 99 Altertwmer ..... 7.96 Ar*arod2__________________________799 BatnanCaoedCmsader---799 ConRct .... 4.98 Coyne Prate-799 Double Dragcn-799 Fast Lane ___ 4* FermuHOne&andRm ----4® Guardian
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LOCKABLE DISK STORAGE BOXES 40 Disk Storage Bo«--------------------7 ® 80 Disk Storage Box________________ 8* 100 Dsk Storage Bo«_______________9® JOYSTICKS Cruser (Black. Blue or Wutcdour... .8 99 Quckshot 3 Turbo ...... - .9® Zip SOCk Aspire --------------14* Competrton Pro-------------------. 12® Competition Pro Clear..________________13* Competrton Pro Extra-----------------14 * Competrton Pro Go (Geen)__________17 49 Competrton Pro Go (Pink) 17 49 Cheetah 125 Plus .. 749 QuckjoyJemghier_________________1299 Speedurg ______ 999 Speedurg Autolire ...... -..... 10 99
Europe (other than UK) Please make cheques or postal orders payable to WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE Outside Europe shipping costs are Shipping costs are All prices include postage and packing in the UK £2.00 per disc for normal airmail £1.50 per disc for normal airmail £2 50 per disc for express airmail Not al1 ti,,es reieased at ,ime of 9oin9t0 Press Ti,,es and Prices sibject to change £3.00 per disc for express airmail First Time Buyer!
Being c computer enthusiast wcs once considered freckisn. Tnese cays it's pc&r.veiy fashionable to oe sparing me laTest model of your chosen machine - c computer witn plenty of power unCer its silicon oonner.
Clutching a bank roll tha: would choke a donkey, Eddie McKendrick ventures out into the High Street to dig up the best in Commodore silicon Commodore r.ds progressively deveiopea me Amiga into c complete range, witn everything from a Popuicr to an impressive Gti to oe found on -no hardware forecourt.
£uf just iike cars, the engine remains tne same for most of me machines, it's Tne gizmos ana add-ons Thar gives eoer. Amiga its unique position within The Bne-up.
Anotner parallel oetween the computer ana car industries s me abundance of nype ana rumour surrounding The launcn of new models and phasing out of ole ones.
Tnere are more AMIGAs to cnoose from man ever oerore. If you haven't taken tne plunge cna invested .n Amiga Technology yet, or if you are looking to upgroae. A wnstie-sTcp tour of the Amiga famiiy mignt help you make up you mine up.
AMIGA 1000 When tne AMIGA first came to these snores, mere wcs only one to cr.oose from. Mot tne Amiga 1 as you might imagine, no: even tne Amiga 5CG. Out instead the Amiga TOCO.
A very impress.ve macnine when it arrivea in me UK four yecrs ago. Me iCOG oore c close resemblance technically, to toacy's 500.
R's pnysical styling wcs. Now- ever, completely aifferent to what people nave come to expect an Amgc to ack like. InsTeoo of tne familiar vanilla met most AMIGAs sport. It was white.
Tne 1000 nca tne infamous Amiga ‘PAD- cusTom cnip seT (Paula. Agnus. Denise). Then, just as now, mat's wnct put me Amiga ahead of me compeTifion.
But it's more than just me dox which distances me iOGO from The current Amiga range. All modern AMIGAs nave their kernel operating system or, something eaiied c ‘kickstart' POM. This contains various notaries usee oy AmigcDOS ana Workbench.
It & Kickstcrr which procuces me picture of a ncr.a holding a Workoencn disk if you ooot cn Amigc without c system disk in tne drive. Tne 1000 did not nave kickSTart end, tnerefore. To loaa software - even Workbench - a kickstdrt floppy r,ad to oe inserted first.
Even Toccy. Deciers ere still advertising anc selling Amiga lOCOs. Tne macnine is no longer manufactured one you snouid nor oe fcoiec cy its numoer. Me 500 is c significcntly more impressive oeasT. If you buy a 1000 you're at oest investing m a p.ece ot computing nistcry. It will run most O S legci software, out con't expect hardware cdo-ons to work.
Equally, you can rule out running any software which InCulges in exeesave 'metal oasr..ng cs most commercial software aoes for copy protection. Tne 1CCO is very much tne 'Vintage Classic' of me range.
AMIGA 500 Every car range has its oase model. The ‘Popular'. Inis is generally me oest compromise oetween price cna performance, providing a nign value package me: is attractive to most people.
Tne Amiga A5O0 fits the oLi perfectly. Chances ere as c reader of tnis magazine, you aireccy have an A53C or ere trunking aoout buying one.
When anyone savs Amiga. A5CG »s generally wncT mey mean. In one neat packcge Commodore nas provided a motherboard spotting a 6S0CG processor packed up oy an array of custom, amps.
On The drawing oocrc tne Amiga was designed as a console ratner than a fully rieagec nome micro - me ultimate games macrune.
Fortunately, ana to tne e'Ternai aeot of cii Am.gcpniies since, Commoaore realised me potential of sucn powerful nardware end coded a aisk drive, a nign quality keyboerc end e mouse. Tne A5X is prooabiy The most expanoaoie computer in its class You only hove to look st tne Atari ST - or even the STE - to see now much thought nas gore into tne Amiga. Those awfully nice peopie a: Commodore nave mcae sure Tnat whatever you want to plug .n, mere's a sio* for it.
Take, for excmpie. Tne trap-door undernecm tne A5CC.
Tnis was designed for tne addition of 512k ot exrro memory. Mo sc.- dering required, just open tre accr Gna slot tne expansion mccuie in.
Since men, mird party naawcre manufacturers nave produced a staggering numoer ot aev.css tnat can make use of tnis easy expansion opTicn. It's possible, for example. To fir ell me nardware required to convert your Amiga into c PC
w. tnm toot little trap coor.
Careful examination of Tne left-hand side of me A5D0 will reveal ye: anotner expansion port.
Tr,is one is tot connecting a nerd aisk drive. Looking at cn A5X from behind, every single b* of space 4 usee oy sockets offering nuge expansion capability.
Very few otner machines provide a mouse porr. C joystick port, stereo cudio connectors, a aisk Crive porT, c ser,al porr. A paraiie, port, an RGB monitor connector end even a mono video connector.
Proof aga.n mcT the Amigc is prooooly me most fiexioie nome computer available.
Like ell good oase models, me A5CC comes in c range ot trims.
Commodore nos oeer. Q ,ck to grasp tne concept of Punciea software. Giving you ‘something for notrung' wnen you oiow you' wad on tnat dream machine.
Tne current bundle is kr,cwn cs Screen Gems ond provioes all ouy- ers with the A500 itself and a modulator to convert the machine's RGB vdeo output to UHF, allowing connection to a standard TV Insteod Of On expensive monitor.
Feature The free games software includes Bock to the Future II, Days of Thunder. Shadow of the Beast II and Deluxe Paint II Previous bundles were Flight of Fantaiy. Featuring Ocean's smash hit F 29 Retaliate*, and the hugely successful Batman pack which featured the Caped Crusaders in a hit game, again from Ocean AMIGA 2000 The 2C00 is very much the station wagon of the Amiga range. It boasts all the features of the 500 with g-eatly enhanced expansion capability. Commodore designed the 20D0 as a corporate work station, with the dream that it would one day start to replace Pcs on desks
throughout the world.
The PC connection has been pushed to such on extent that the 2000 has space Internally for a PC format 5.25 inch floppy disk drive.
Commodore also produced a bridge board for the machine that allows PC applications to be run on the 2000.
The bndge board proved to be much slower than a genuine PC.
Making the 2000 package unattractive to companies unwilling to abandon any investment they already have in PC hardware Needless to say. Big business buyers were as complacent as ever, wriggling out of ditching their aged BM hardware In favour of the mere advanced Amiga It's hue that with the advent of the 80386 and 80486 processors.
Wo k horse of the Amiga rar ge. 2000 s an Did favourite Pcs have got faster, but they are still fundamentally flawed, as one look at their memory architecture will prove to anyone.
The 2000 has taken root in one surprising industry sector though, television graphics. The ITV chart show. Sky News and numerous independent producers all make extensrve use of Amigas in the day to day production of graphic sequences.
This can be put down to a combination of the superb graphics facilities the machine supports and the built in Genlock port, enabling the Amiga output to be professionally superimposed over programme video.
The 2000 has seven expansion slots These ore spaces on the motherboard where additional daughter cards can be added - anything from extra hard disks to video or audio digitisers. There is also a co-procassor slot, for odding an additional chip to share the load with the Amiga's built in 68C00 CPU.
These days the 2000 is supplied with an mferral 40Mb hard disk and 1Mb RAM Positioning it firmly within the serious applications sector.
AMIGA 1500 The latest fledgling from the Amiga stable can be described in one of two ways. Tnose who like it describe the 1500 as an Amiga 2000 without a hard disk. The remainder are less flattering and prefer to think of it as an Amiga 500 in a btgger box.
The fact is. Both factions are correct. The 1500 is the 'special edition' of the Amiga range. It's been designee by Commodore to win over the serious user who can't stretch to a 2000. But could expand to one progressively.
Care should be taken not to confuse the official Commodore Amiga 1500 v lth the upgrade kit offered by Checkmate Digital Limited.
The CDL kit is used to convert a standard A5QQ into a separate processor and keyboard system. It looks very nice, but does not offer the expansion cf a true Commodore Amiga 1500 In fairness to CDL it has to be said that Commodore had not allocated the 15QQ number when the upgrade kit was brought onto the market.
The 1500 has the same motherboard os the 2000. With two floppy drives as standard, instead of the 2000's single unit. The newly restyled Commodore 1084$ colour stereo monitor is also bundled along with productivity software What you don't get for your money is a hard disk, which can be a pricey option putting the 1500 out of reach for a great many users.
AMIGA 3000 Perhaps the most significant news of last year for the Amiga family was the addition of the Sports Turbo. The Amiga 3000 Is Commodore's seconc bite at the corporate cherry. Weil out of the price range of most Amiga enthusiasts, this machine sports a super- fast 68030 processor end the very latest version of the AMIGA enhanced chip set Where if could be argued that the 2000 was aimed at the IBM market, it's fair to claim that the 3COO series competes head on with high-end Apple Macintosh computers The 3000 comes In three flavours, one 16MHz and two 25MHz machines. The latter runs
around 10 times faster than a standard Amiga 500. 1500 or 2000. The 3000 is pitched at the mutn-media market by Commodore.
The fusing of the Amiga families credibility in graphics and sound with the increased speed of the 3000 Is a very attractive proposition.
Physically, the 3000 looks very different to the rest of the Amiga range. It's a good deal narrower than the 1500 or 2000 and is wtiite rather than vanilla You Could easily mistake ’he 3000 for a dedicated power workstation or a member of the Apple Macintosh II series at first glance - maybe that's the idea.
You'll feel you've landed right in the middle of a classic late night horror film... AMIGA 500 MAMMOTH % MEG UPGRADE LATEST DESIGN INCORPORATES 'CHIPMEN' OPTION AT NO EXTRA COST!
9 Increases computer memory from normal ’ ? Megabyte to 1 megabyte 9 Includes disable switch incorporates high qualiy silver coated pin connector Q 16 bit technology C Fit in minutes ® Direct replacement of Commodore A501 expansion 9 Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" - Phone for details & ] 2 month warranty 9 In stock now!
Price includes VAT end post • Asf °nd pocking Te,: 0582 49,949 BRITISH MADE Send order with payment to: WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End lone, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ AMIGA REPAIRS Just £44.95 inc ? Commodore authorised and registered repair centre ? Over 10 years experience with Commodore computers ? 20 qualified technician engineers at your disposal ? We will undertake to repair your Amiga 500 computer for just £44.95 including parts, labour, VAT and post & packing ? Most computers will be turned around in just 24 hours!
? Prices include full service check, overhaul, soak- test and replacement of power supply unit if necessary ? Repairs to keyboard and disc drive also included. (£25 extra if these units are unrepairable and require complete replacements) ? All repairs covered by a 90 day warranty ? How to take advantage of this exceptional offer: Simply send or hand deliver your machine to the workshop address detailed below, enclosing payment and this sdvert and we will do the rest (If possible please include a daytime telephone number and fault description).
? If you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 or else your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
• WTS rr«rr»r thr Hfh* to rrfav macWwM that In oor opinion air
beyond rwawablt frpaW.
WTS Electronics Ltd. Studio Master House. Chaul End Lane. Luton. Beds. LU4 8EZ AMC Tel: (0582) 491949 (4 lines) The A500 owner has never been spoiled for choice as far as hard drives go. Since the launch of the Amiga, the optons have been either an official A590 or one of only three or four decent alternatives. The for- mei has the advantage of affordability and reliability, while the latter Ore usually bigger and faster, but a lot more expensive.
GVP's first drives would certainly knock a large hole in your bank account, but they were rugged and much faster than the Commodore drive and became a popular replacement system along with other drives such as the vortex series, The punters, however. V ere clamouring for more.
As the applications software market has expanded, so has the need for more memory and larger storage devices, and the manufacturers have had to respond.
Users of graphics intensive packages, those developing multi- media applications, or using huge sound samples In recording studios. All require more from their storage than the first generation add-ons could sup ply.
GVP's reaction was to take their successful first try and revamp, restyle and relaunch It as the Impact Series II.
The first difference you notice on opening the box is a cosmetic delight. The original GVP drives were ugly, chunky beasts and looked more like a plastic loaf of bread sticking out the end of the Amiga. The Series II drives are radically more attractive and are styled in exactly the same way as the A500 case.
When attached they looked gorgeous.
Enough of the admiring ga2es.
Let's get down to business. Do they work?
The answer is an emphatic yes!'. If you open the drive at Its heart you will find a high quality, necr industry standard Quantum mechanism, On its own this would be a quick and reliable unit, and in various guises has served perfectly well for several years.
GVP. However, has improved the drive's speed and efficiency by developing its own controlling software.
The Faaast software is designed to overcome the sometimes appallingly slow data transfer rates offered by AmigaDOS. It comes on floppy disk and In the shape of ROMs fitted in to the Stevie Kennedy takes GVP’s new hard drive for a stroll - and ends up sprinting round the block Review control over the way the drive was set up. With relatively few headaches, the beginner should be able to handle me process with ease drive itself. When you initially Install the unit the floppy based utilities are simple enough to follow, so the drive can be prepped formatted and ready to use inside five minutes.
The only problem we found was the usual assumption that you don't have another hard drive attached, forcing you to stop the automatic process and rename the new drive.
This, however, was a minor hassle. The software generally worked well, allowing multiple partitioning and. Through the more complex manual prepping procedure, full The onfy sticking point might be with the startup-seqjence, which must be altered or added to if me drive is to auto-boot. The unadventurous user can get round this by simply copying the GVP utilities disk over to the hard drive when prompted during propping This contains the required S: directory entries.
When you begin to us© the drive in earnest, the speed of operation can fake you by surprise. The claimed data transfer rate is a peak of approximately 1Mb a second with a certified access tme of 1 lms. And it really does show The custom VLSI controller and FaaastROMs chew their way through disk operations at a crunching rate of knots, oad- Ing Protext V5 in about 4.5 seconds. And chucking files to RAM and bdck In the twinkling of an eye.
I found the speed most satisfying when accessing large directories of files, which I had lazily neglected to tidy. The blisteringly quick access time comes into its own in a situation like this, and mess files are blarted to the screen In Just a second or so - much faster than the older drives.
The drive's other features are almost as impressive. Memor can be added on-board In the shape of SIMM modules giving two, four or eight megabytes of auto-configuring RAM. Up to seven extra drives can be added via the Mini- Slot expansion port.
This slot brings out all of the expansion bus' signals, so you could, with the dppropriate connector. Add dny stdnddrd Amiga peripheral without having to plonk it into a clumsy fhrough-porf There is also a game switch that will allow the extra RAM *o be accessed by gomes without the drive auto-booting, a bullt-h fan.
And an independent power supply.
The latter is a bit flimsy when compared to the drive, and our original unit blew a couple of fuses, but the replacement has given good service, and you can always stick in your own as long as it meets the same power requirements.
The GVP drive is exceedingly expensive, retailing in its most basic form at just under £500. However. If you want the fastest drive available for the A500, memory expansion options up to 8Mb. All In on attractive casing, the GVP inpact Series II drives are worth the high price tag. Thoroughly recommended.
GVP impact Series II Hard Dnves Price: £499 for 20Mb wilt- no extra RAM. To £1,289 for 80Mb with 8Mb RAM Power Computing 44a, Stanley Street Bedford MK41 7RW Tel 0234 352207 Fax 0234 270133 HI folks, it’s the MED man again with the final thrilling instalment detailing the tkjsjc creation process on your Amiga. If you have no idea what I'm talking about. I suggest you dig up the last two Issues of the world's greatest computer mag (ahem. Amiga Compu'ing,,,).
On the November issue you'll find MED213. The great music utility gracing our cover disk. December's glossy interior features the first Instalment of my guide to MED213. Which points a complete musical beginner in the right direction so that after following our course, you'll be well on the way towards producing an Amiga musical masterpiece.
Last month's article was principally devoted to basic production techniques, mainly concerning short sections of music contained in a single block.
This month's instalment expands these humble beginnings to produce c complete song, with verses. Choruses, middle eights, solos and anything else you can think of.
The mechanised approach There ore two types of song construe lien. The first being the build as you go' method, which happens to be by far the easiest way of producing a song. But be warned, there are some disadvantages Arrange a melody within a single block, perhaps based around the main theme of the piece, generally referred to as the hook line.
It's usjally played by the lead instrument. Bass, drums, keyboard
- whatever grabs you the most.
Once ou're satisfied, build up the block to its maximum, adding all the other Instruments you feel fit the piece.
When you think It's impossible to justify odding any more, go to the block section and copy it over as many times as required. Now go back to the top of the sequence list and remove all but one of the elements - it's up to you which ones.
Next move to the second block and go through the same procedure, odding an extra element or two as you move through the sequence list, until you reach the full arrangement.
The last spoonful of tuneful medicine ' 1 1 of dance, Feature Paul Austin This method can be taken to its logical conclusion by editing the new sequence oarts. Re-arranglng a bass line for example, prior to the sequence building up to full swing.
Required. The second method is a somewhat longer process, but the ends definitely justify the means.
When using this method it's a good Idea to write the play sequence down before you start.
This describes how many verses, choruses and so on you want, and once done, you can start to compose the masterpiece.
The key to the creative approach is to make sure the component parts flow smoothly from one to the next.
In order to do this exomine your play tot. Making note of which section joins the next. Fo- example, your epic may go something like this, intro, two verses, two chorus and a middle eight, and so on - middle eight being a generic term for something used to link various sections together.
The first thing to do is produce the intro, followed by the verse, then the chorus and soon. Initially.
Now go through the same process with the next section of the song, if indeed there is one Once the elements of the piece are written. Copied, and cut down as required, simply paste them together.
With all the component parts being variations on the same theme, there shouldn't be any problems keeoing the piece in time.
The creative approach That's basically the classic dance track formula, the main drawback being the inevitable 'sameness' of the end result. Fine, if that's what you want, but to produce something with a little more originality a good deal more effort is just produce one block for each section of the song. After completing each part check It against the next and any other sections It will come into contact within the course of the song
* And now the difficult part. You have to get the various
elements to run together smoothly. To do this, always start
your song section on the first line of the block because this
will make life a lot easier and It’s the key to keeping the
whole thing in time.
That done, all the eiemerts should be flowing smooth and sweet. Before going any further, save what you've done In case disaster strikes The next and equally vital task is to grab a pen and paper and make a list of exactly the number and order of the various blocxs.
It's all too easy to get hopelessly lost in an ever growing sequence list.
Now Type in the numbers from your sequence list and listen to your creation. Hopefully all's well but it’s probably a little dull If that's the case, copy a verse or chorus and write a solo in place of the normal melody Tine.
I know this sounds a dauntng prospect, but don't worry. It's a simple matter of messing aroend with short runs (a few no'es from the relevant scale which counterpoint the rhythm) until you stumble on something that fits.
When you've got something, replace the old block with Ihe new and give it a listen. Even a simple solo can sound very Impressive when heard in the conter of the song Remember, always make a note of where you're up to.
Another method of enhancing the piece is to change key. Thcnks to the power of MED's editor. It’s as simple as selecting the requred section and. With the aid of the transpose option, altering the ey as required. This may take a Ittle practice in order to avoid a clash, but It's nevertheless a simple operation.
Well, that's just about it, Hopefully, using these articles, you've been inspired to great things musically.
We plan to expand the musical coverage within the magazine - so watch this space!
BEST SELLING AMIGA BOOKS Reach the top with... recc* yno'e*.
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* Ding neots ¦ end Ithar.
Ccse task is ond mfee' ocks.
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Fhfi n c ’95- I of ays 're hQ rile It's eo he ey He h Bf- It.
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MAPPING THE AMIGA (Compute!) £19.95 This 'eference guide includes a full description ox every hardware -egis- ter and an element by element breakdown of each Arnica system structure. There is 3 complete listing pf library functions with syntax given in
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Macclesfield SK10 4NP Virus lingering even after the flush...?
I am hoping that you or one of your readers moy be Oble to help me. After ruining many disks trying to get rid of the BGS9 virus. I finalty got rid of It with VirusX 4.01 on the November cover disk. Thank you (don't mention it - Ed). I now have another problem that may be another virus not cured by VlrusX.
On booting up the write-protected Workbench from cold, everything is normal, but every subsequent disk Insert returns the ’Erroi Validdting Disk* and ddvises using DiskDoctor to repair the disk. This has no effect.
VirusX indicates a non-standard bootblock. But even when I repair it the disk will act the same If I boot it again. The disk octs normally when inserted with the write protect off. I also have an art package with the same symptoms.
This may be totally unrelated to the above but sometimes after running a program for five to ten minutes the computer crashes with guru messcge 3.1B970. I hope you can assist me. I really enjoy your magazine Joe Sllke, Carllngfofd. Co. Louth.
Yup, sounds like you've got a nasty little virus there. In fact, It sounds like you may still have BGS9 or another such file virus. As you may know, the difference between the annoying viruses and the really aggravating ones Is that the laler now cunningly attach themselves to a file on disk and can’t be detected by the standard bootblock virus killers. Luckily, the November cover disk also contains a copy of KV (KilVirus) which will quickly despatch BGS9.
Just follow the Instructions In November's disk page*, copy KV Into your C: directory, and check the suspect disks. That oughto fix 'em!
All at C After acquiring Ncomm 1.9 on the July edition's cover disk. I decided to go about writing my own terminal program, tt won't be amazing. But at least I’ll have learned something about C. which l am planning to use
1. 1 only have Lattice C V3.03, which I have found highly
Inadequate to compile the Comn source on one of my Fred Fish
disks. I can't afford the latest version and I'm definitely
not going to pirate It (bravol - Ed), so is there a PD
alternative that won't have me struggling to convert Lattice C
into PD C?
2. 1 nave seen Aztec C and Sozobon C. but I don't know which one
to go for. Are there any others?
3. Which book would be useful os a beginner, but also useful
when I am more experienced (and also mentions Comms in C).
4, On to BASIC, I have acquired a library called ’xprzmodem.library' (it came with Ncomm) and wish to use it in Amiga BASIC but the problem is I need a .bmap file. I've tried looking at the library file with all manner of text editors, printing It out, and trying to moke a ,fd tie from It. But nothing seems to work. Whodda I do???
James Lanng. Wirksworth.
Public Domain C compilers have become rel- ctlvety numerous recently, but they all do more cr less the same job. A good bet is Fish disk
340. NorthC, which Is based oh Sozobon C and includes several
useful utilities. It also claims to fce Lattice C
compatible, and at £2 from most PD libraries. It's a cheap
way to find out.
As far asf books are concerned. I'm s*umped. Try the Abacus range - they’re generally pretty good and cater well to beginners' tastes. Anyone out there who can suggest a took they’ve used themselves?
If the library routine won't convert to a usable .bmap once treated to the ConvertFD program on the Extras disk, my advice Is to get another copy of Ncomm and try converting the xprzmodem.library on that. You may have a corrupted copy.
Is there anybody out there?
I am the proud owner of an Amiga B2000 and c Hewlett Packard Paint Jet printer. My main uses at the moment are DTP and graphics production for business. I also use a CBM 1550C for labelling and mail merge.
First question Is there a device on the market to enable me to shore both printers? At the moment l am having to disconnect one while using the other.
Secondly. I would like to break into communications Could you advise me on the hardware and software required to do this, to enable me to communicate with Amiga and PC users worldwide?
B D Parkhouse, 4900 Herford, Germany.
On the first point, I'm not aware of any printer sharers around, but there are plenty of monitor or joystick port sharers on the market, and you might be able to find one if you scan our ads enough. Trilogic are a good bet for that scrt of thing. Alternatively, you could quite easily knock up a simple two way switch or have someone else do It for very Itttle cost.
If you're prepared to spend a few bob. 1)00 comms is easy enough to get into. So if you have a phone line with one of the new standard jack sockets, just buy a modem, a serial cable, some PD comms software such as JRComm or Ncomm, and off you go.
You will have to keep a good weather eye on your phone bill though, as many of the bulletin boards have no Packet Switch Stream arrangement, necessitating long distance phone calls. We will be reviewing some modems In the next issue.
Is a hermit crab a resident shell?
While playing around with my Startup- Sequence I noticed that in the Startupll file some commands are made resident to speed up execution. But surely commands can only be made resident from the Shell, at least occofding to the Enhancer Software manual.
Indeed, when I tried to make commands resident from the CU, none worked. Can I delete these lines from Startup scripts.
L B Elliott. Eaton Socon.
The Startup-Sequence is a script file, as you rightly point out. And as such its contents will be executed as long as the relevant commands are in the disk's C: directory. However, when you open CL, you open a specific tool, and It will not allow you to use the RESIDENT commond. Just make sure you leave the correct files In the C: directory and you should be all right.
Getting organised We've had a great response to Mr Neal s appecl for help In the December issue on the subjec* of making hts Psion organiser talk to his Amiga. It IS possible and. Courtesy of Dave Westwood, we will be carrying an article in next month's issue on this very subject.
Print and be damned I read the letter from Rolf Nordiede of Norway (December issue) and I too have had the same problems with colour print-outs on an LC10 colour printer. The solution is to select custom for the page length in preferences and then tell It how long the pages are (usually 66 fcr tractor fed paper). Hey presto, the stripes disappear! Any stripes left now are usually caused by inconsistencies in the ribbon.
Apparently, selecting Custom alters the way the printer drivers handle line feeds when doing gaphic dumps.
And now a question. Do you know of a specific driver for the Star LC24-10 or XB24-10 (I own a XB24-10), because I have been having problems with Pagesetter 2 in that it will not print beyond the 80th column of the printer even though the pnnt head moves aH the way across the page HB Marketing tell me this is because of incompatibilities between the Star printers and the EpsonQ driver supplied on the Extras disk.
David Sell wood. Warrington.
Well, you seem to have answered that one yourself. If the Star, which is supposed to be fully Epson compatible, doesn’t print 130 columns, then choose custom page size in preferences, set right margin to 132. And make sure to select colour In graphic 1. If that doesn't work, there is something wrong with your printer. Gold Disk don’t provide printer drivers, and rely on the Workbench drivers to do the jcb.
Oh no! Not again!
Please find enclosed my cover disk for Amiga Computing's November Issue. I am unable to read DOC. Files on the various VirusX related programs When I click on them, It stops with UNABLE TO OPEN C: PPMORE 206 Please send a working replacement.
Name withheld for reasons of embarrassment.
You wouldn't believe the number of people who return cover disks to us each month because they get error 205. Let me explain in some detail.
It error 205 pops up. It means that something Is not where It should be. The program or Icon is trying to use a file or library that isn’t available. The most common source Of this erTOf Is the proctice of dragging Icons from one disk to another without copying the relevant files to the new disk.
When the Icon is clicked in its new home, It koks for the files, doesn't see them, and spits ojt error 205 in disgust. The best cure for this is SD, the PD program which replaces mony old CU's functions with a much more user-friendly environment. If you've ever cursed CU whilst messing around with a disk's contents, then get on to a PD library now and put SID on your boot disk.
The specific problem in this case is that, although you have probably copied all the files in the VirusX directory over to the new disk, you haven't copied the PPMORE program over Into the new C: directory. PPMORE is a decruncher designed to view text files crunched using PowerPacker. It usually resides in the C: directory and if It is not there, you get error 205.
Sirrply copy It across to the new disk's C: directory and the problem is solved.
NOTE: The C: directory does not have an Icon on workbench. It Is where all the executable commands, such as dir', ‘endcli’ and others, reside and it is where Workbench will always look for them.
T Look out! She's gonna blow!
I hcve experienced some not inconsiderable problems with my recent purchase of a Fat Trapper 2.6 meg expansion board from Bytes one Pieces of Lytham Without gomg into great detail, suffice it to say that, since installing the bocrd. My A500 gurued on a regular basis This problem occurred not only with established commercial software such as Pro Page and Dpqint, but also with PD software and.
Astonishingly. Workbench! Further to this, I found that the standard Commodore power supply was unable to cope with the hardware and I have had to replace the PSU fuse each time I hav© switched the machine on!
Bytes and Pieces eventually acted hon- ourcbly and refunded my money, however, I woud like to warn your readers against the pitfalls of expanding the A500 beyond one meg.
Is it true, as Bytes and Pieces claim, that 'the Amiga is not made to a very high specification and even Commodore (privately) consider it a throwaway unit”?
Keith R Munn. Kirkintilloch.
No, it isn’t. The problem is that many third party peripherals manufacturers are too busy making money to spend more time on research and development. They continue to produce units which consume more power than Ihe Amiga's PSU can deliver, and seldom bother to worn their customers of the dangers involved. They could use high quality low- consumption DRAMs, but that would reduce profit morgins, so they prefer to let the punters find out the hard way. Luckily, such manufacturers are in the minority.
Tf you do carry on, ond upgrade your RAM Of add a power-hungry hard drive, the only answer is to buy a PSU which delivers more current. You’ll finds several of these in our ods.
Keith comes a cable cropper After a favourable review of the Okimate 20 printer In your magazine. I purchased one from Mr Diamond in Poole for my Amiga 500 However, I discovered the plug-in module supplied was for a serial connection ond not the parallel connection referred to In your review.
I quened this with Mr Diamond of Poole and he said all his stock was of the serial connection and this was satisfactory, but l would like to know If there is any disadvantage and If so how l can buy a parallel cartridge.
I would also like to ask if the purchase of on additional 1 2 meg of internal memory other than the official Commodore cartridge will invalidate my warranty.
Keith Chambers. Poole, Dorset.
As long as your Okimate has a parallel inte’- face, you can use a standard cable which shouldn’t cost more than about £10. The serial cable supplied is sufficient, but printing will be speeded up if you use the parallel port.
The fitting of a third party RAM expansion inside the trapdoor will not cost you your warranty, but opening the case to fit one of the other types of internal board will. It's yotr choice, but I’d advise against taking the ris at least until your warranty runs out, as computer repairs can cost a small fortune.
* § . V ‘ QK V'*e °% ffe. » , 7 _ ' Tfc 4 Y $
* o * ' ( V cvs °9jc ov. y V 5 . *A« ?* , & , * *' 0 ,
'-V .. V*. S i ? _ ®s fc °h ¦ v * «* £ * %b ? *
* ¦ .n ¦ v,'-.
The price ol dot matrl*,p'firrters is “'ST' "« ' '«,,.
Falling all the time. JohnButter&jtl'ofes v*s.°',%S . N (5 at the latest 24-pin Star . J ,, If you're going to use your Am go for anything else other than playing games, you'll almost certa*nly need a printer. For many it will be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment attached to their Amiga and there are many types and models to choose from.
Laser orlnters give superb results but unfortunately their prices put them out of reach for about 99 per cent of home computer owners For the vast majority of us. A dot matrix plnter will suffice, especially a 24-pin model of which there are now many Back streets in the Far East are littered with factories that churn out these pnnters on practically a daily basis. Many have similar specifications and so these days, one of the main factors in deciding which model to spend your money on is its price.
Looking as if it's come straight from Star's wind tunnel comes one of the most modern-looking printers around, and at an affordable price too.
Bearing the nome LC24-200.
About as sensible as those of Boeing airliners, it can be bought as a colour model for little more than the price of the mono device. As you might guess from its secret code-name, the LC24-200 rs a 24-pin mode1 suitable for most day-to-day needs, begging letters to the bank manoger and so on.
The case Is a cream colour, which blends in with the Amiga nicely, and is made from common hard plastic. Around its case, the on off switch can be found at the foot o' the front panel, which Is easy to access providing the printer is placed away from the clutter on you desk On ‘he roof of the pnnter is the usual control panel. Four well-sized buttons switch between the various functions and they've been labelled Font. Pitch. Set Eject Pork, Paper Feed and On Line All speak for themselves and are easy to opera-e.
The mains lead is fixed to the unit, so you don't get the problem of a ‘kettle lead' falling out At the other end the plug is moulded onto the lead but the fuse can still be changed if necessary Not oM's wen with the design. The Centranics printer port is found at the front, right-hand side of the machine it means that in most cases the printer lead runs at an awkward angle across the desk - why not keep to the back of the printer? The only advantage in its present position seems to be the ease of access, but once the lead has been attached there would be very few times when you'd need to get
at if.
So what about the printing? Its quiet enough to be used in an office or the home without disturbing everyone around you. There are two draft fcnts. One Of which is high speed, and a variety of letter quality faces including Times Roman, Sans Serif. Courier. Prestige and Script. In addition, an the fonts can be printed in italics and there are options for condensed, bold and double-seed print Changing between them s simple Additional fcnts can be added and the 7K printing buffer can be increased by pugging on optional cartridge insids the printer Each cartridge costs £25 and they are
available for the following fonts: TW Light. Russian. Gothic. OCR. OCRB and Bar Code 3.
The cartridge interface has changed from that of earlier Star models, SO unfortunately the older ones are incompatible although their price has been slashed.
In high speed drat* pica (10 characters per inch), you'll get a print speed of 222 cha acters per second (cps). Which d'Ops down to just over 55cps when one of the letter quality fonts isusec. In elite, or 12cpi, that figure rise; to 66cps Also expect to find 15cpi semi-condensed text. 17cpi condensed pica, condensed elite at 2n'~pi and proportionally-spaced , Paper is fed into the mat. ..ne through various routes ond it is possible to keep fanfold paper loaded. While printing on other paper, such as single sheets being used for printing a letter, Single sheets are loaded with assistance
from a paper guide which clips onto the back of the printer.
Replacing the ribbon cartridge is a very easy job and. Unlike many other printers, you don’t come trom the operation looking as if you've been cleaning chimneys. In the unlikely event of having problems with the printer, the A5 manual offers clear instructions on how to solve the difficulty The LC24-200 is a bit oversized, but nevertheless room could always be found for this one1 Colour too If simple black and white isn't good enough for your needs, taking another £60 from your bank account will get you the same printer but In colour.
For the last few years. Star Micronics has adapted its monochrome models to rur in colour. Until now almost every printer in the Star range cojid have been converted by the user fitting an adaptor and colour printer ribbon to the black and white model The LC24-200 introduce: a change to the system. You row have to buy a separate printer. The casing remains the same as its ample sibling but a few differences inside ond a colour printer ribbon give you a choice of colours (ted.
Blue, violet, yellow, orange and green).
Product: LC24-200 Supplier: Star Micronics Telephone: 0494 471111 Price 1309 Configuration All Amigas Before picking o printer you'll hove to choose between three types - dot matrix, laser or ink jet. And largely It's the contents of your wallet that will determine which you go for.
With osers and Ink jets costing upwcrds of £1.000. So most people are limited to the much more affordable dot matrix machines. But worry not.
These days the difference in quality relative to price is marginal, and for ncrmal home or office use a dot matrix is the ideal choice.
Feature Now another fine model has made its way on to the Amiga marketplace in the shape of the Citizer 124D.
It's one of the cheaper 24-pin model available, at a price only a little higher than you would expect to pay for a lower quality 9-pin printer. There are two letter quality fonts. Courier and Times Roman, as well as draft mode. The fonts can be swapped easily at the press of a single key at the top of the machine The selected font is shown on an LED display on the control panel, to be found on the right-hand side of the printer's casing. If you wont to scan the available typefaces you can get a printout by pressing the font key as the printer Is switched on.
Ly Fortunately you can get round this - as the 124D has an option for loading and printing on a single sheet paper while the pinfeed is still loaded.
All you have to do is let the printer know what's happening by pressing a key on the control Perhaps the second most important factor after print quality which will determine your choice Is speed, dnd the 124D performs well.
Normal printing is at 10 characters per inch (cpi), with a print speed of 120 characters per second (cps) in draft mode and 40cps in one ot the letter-quality fonts.
By adjusting DIP switches you can achieve 12 or 17cpi. Or pro- portiorvcl printing where the pnnter adjusts the spacing to the character being printed In the 12cpi configuration the mochine goes flat out at 144cpsm draft, while in one of the letter- quality fonts it offers 48cps Sheet guides are becoming more common today', and the 124D ha scored here as well The easy to use sheet guide clips on to the bock of the printer. Paper can be dropped into it a single sheet at a time, and is automatically aligned h the correct position The guide has two positions - up for single sheets or down
for continuous pinfeed paper.
Swapping between pinfeed and normal paper ts a tedious task that has to be done quite regularpanel. A iever inside alters the print head so that It can handle up to to seven different thic nesses of paper. This is especially useful if you're using carbon paper for copies of documents.
Although compared to some dot matrix printers, the 124D Every Amiga needs a printer. Jonn Butters gets out his journo’s pad and investigates Citizen’s latest budget priced 24-pin baby Good looks lo match performance doesn't make too much noise, it can be made quieter yet.
Selecting Quiet tells the print head to make two passes insteac of one. So although there's less noise it will take twice as long to complete the print out.
Like the Amiga, printers have their own memory. When printing is started data is transferred to Ihe memory buffer and once this is full data will be kept with the Amiga until there is some free space in the printer's memory.
Unfortunately, this keeps tne Amiga occupied so you're unable to get on with other things.
The Citizen 124D has an 3K memory buffer and so reasonably- sized documents should poss through the Amiga quite quickly.
Memory i§ expandable to 32K and with that only very rarely should the Amiga be occupied with printing.
Fitting replacement ribbons can often be a messy job. With your fh- gers looking dirtier than If you hod changed a cgr tyre, That's not the case here - the front lifts off easly and the ribbon cartridge clic s straight in and out.
Although at a first glance the machine might seem a little bully in its cream-coloured case. It's a pretty standard size at 40.2cm fcy 32cm and It weighs 5.5kg. The clearly written ring-bound manual runs to 216 pages.
The quality of printouts is mucn better than that of most printers n the same price bracket, although better results ore available from the more expensive 24-pin models.
But Citizen has certainly come up here with a good quality machine at an affordable price.
COMPUTING DISK BARGAINS American Dreams Chess Simulator Infogrames have taken this timeless classic and added a whole range of added features to bring you Chess Simulator.
Four action and strategy games are included in this sensational package from Infogrames.
Test your talent in SUPER SKI I on the ski jump, slalom, giant slalom and downhill races. Super Ski HOSTAGE OPERATION JUPITER is a strategic operation in which yot direct manoeuvres to release the hostages held by terrorists in an embassy.
OPERATION NEPTJNE involves you in underwater warfare, destroying enemy submarines and bases.
BUBBLE GHOST Mill keep you busy for hours trying to guide a fragile | ghost through a casles numerous traps.
SIMULATOR Chess Simulator is the ideal partner for budding Chess enthusiasts. It's perfect for guiding and improving your talents until you ultimately attain the standard of the Grand Masters. Infogrames' game includes a whole range of outstanding features including: An intelligent opening moves library, countless levels of play, advise options, save and restore options. 3D views and a wide range of different piece designs.
Our Price £17.95 Our Price £19.95 Great value for money. Don't miss this offer!
Welltris Challenging arcade fun from Infogrames.
Welltris Is a wacky puzzle game that'll have you on the edge of your seat.
After the fabulous international hit, Tetris, join Alexey Pajitnov. G and mathematician of :he Soviet Academy of Sciences, and take up his new challenge. Welitris: control the falling pieces, move the volumes and ultimately master space.
Welltris has a host of options including: Three levels of difficulty (beginner, advanoed and expert), amazing 3D perspective, various game speeds, scoring system with top ten scores Future Dreams Four unbeatable arcade games at an unbelievable price from Infogrames.
PURPLE SATURN DAY - A unique game which has achieved legendary status in the arcade games arena.
Participate in the Intergalactic Games - if you dare! Purple Saturn Day SPIDERTRONIC - 3D action and digitised sound enhance this fascinating strategy game..
G. NIUS - Your space station has crashed on an unknown planet
Escape the wreck before it disintegrates around you. Timed
action and a frantic pace.
WARLOCK’S QUEST - An arcade adventure swarming with evil creatures and sneaky, devilish traps. If you like arcade games, this one's for you.
Great value for money. Don't miss this offer!
• _ *ETU W E.
Ua'&s f . -r 'JM' Vi'il'KT -T 9 m 'M ar« r4H ,1 ,r, f Mill,' „i Oil- Price 1 ¦ recorded.
°ur p,ice 1 1 100% pure Glastnost!
TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON A PAGE 129 r Feature Powafacked!
Ever since I read an article in Sinclair User (way bock in 1981) entitled "How to get a quart Into a pint pot." There Is nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing a really excellent compression routine.
Anyone who has dabbled in comms or even PD software will have heard of such compression programs as Arc, Lharc and Zoo.
These are all very well as far as they go. But the problem is that the files have to be decompressed before you can use them
- a do they?
Run-time decompression is an area attracting a lot of interest these days - effective RTD is the grail that wlH deliver working realtime displays on CDI and Commodore's CDTV.
The idea isn't a new one. It has been around for some time and it isn't limited to Just animation.
Executable code can be decompressed immediately prior to execution. Effectively this means that you can run a compressed program file.
This technique has become known as 'crunching*, and there are more varieties of cruncher available for the Amiga than any Other home computer. What's more, al of the notable ones are PD or shqreware.
Over the years these crunchers have been around, one has proc- Are your drives feeling the squeeze?
When it comes to the crunch Nic Veitch finds out there’s nothing to top PowerPacker.
Tically cleaned up. That one is UGA's PowerPacker.
It has been used everywhere In the sentient universe - we've even had it on our coverdisk! This program has a reputation for being the most stable and most efficient, if not the fastest cruncher around.
Now It's gone commercial.
Commercialism justified So. What major changes have been made to Justify this m3ve to the money sector? The most notable change Is the massive Increase in speed. The code has been totally restructured to take advantage of a memory cache of up to 200K. The result is an increase In speed of aboul 2.000 per cent!
I remember In the old offices when Jeff used to be packing programs for the disk on version 1.1 of PowerPacker. It was a great excuse for him to pop off for a few fags, go down the chippy and generally do nothing for about half an hour. With version 3.0a he'd be lucky to get in a few abusive phone calls.
Crunching code for realty compact disks is no longer a play by mall situation, Take a look at the table overleaf for some typical speed increases Of course to take full advantage of the speedup cache you will need the spare RAM. Smaller PROMPT DELIVERY 85a MANSFIELD RD, DAYBROOK, NOTTINGHAM, NG56BH 24 HOUR ORDERLINE TELEPHONE: NOTTM.
PRINTERS STAR LC10 .. £156.00 STAR LC24-10 ..£235.00 COMMOCORE MPS1230 ...£140.00 PERIPHERALS AMIGA HALF MEG UPGRADES ..£30.00 AMIGA SECOND DRIVE .. £65.00 NAKSHA MOUSE ..... ..£33.50 LINNET MOOEM .. £145.00 LINNET 1200 MODEM .... £21200 A590 20Mb HARD DRIVE..... ......£365 00 HARnWARF VIRUS PROTECTOR £14 95 Please
enqure for the latest prices on RAM upgrades tor the A590 MONITORS ATARI SMI 24 HIGH RES MONITOR ...£140.00 PHILIPS £833 STEREO MONITOR £249.00 STAR LC200 .....£215 00 NEO GEO Please ring for Best discounts on Hardware and Software - the very best games machines in the world today' SOFTWARE We carry an extensive range of software lor all machines, all a discounted prices - at least 25% 3ft RRP. Lor example RRP i Our Price BADLANDS £24 99 £1850 CADAVAR £24 99 £18.50 EUROPEAN SLPERLEAGUE £1999 £1550 F19 STEALTH FIGHTER £2995 £22.95 GREMLINS II £2499 £1850 INDIE
500 £24 99 £1850 LOTUS TURBO ESPRIT £24.99 £1850 NEW YORK WARRIORS £1999 £1550 NIGHT BREED £24 99 £18 50 PARADROID 90 £24 99 £1850 SPY WHO LOVED ME £1999 £1550 VOODOO NIGHTMARE £24 99 £18.50 ORDER BY PHONE (0602) 673674 673672 Delivery - Please add £6.50 couner delivery for orders over £100 Add £2.00 p&p for orders under £100 Order by Fax Order by cheque made payable to Computerlab ALL PFICES INCLUDE V.A.T. PUBLIC DOMAIN DISKS We have an extensive range of public domain and Shareware prograns.
Please ring for details of our Amiga and ST libraries.
SEVEN DISK SPECIALS ONLY £10.95 AMIGA DEMOS PACK 4 - All of the best latest demos. Pack changes all the time but neve- has same demos twice.
AMIGA BUSINESS PACK - Spreadsheet, Wordprocessor. Database.
Journal, N A G., Inventory.
AMIGA UTILITY PACK 2 - Virus killers. Copiers, Disk Managers, Rippers. Boot copier PLUS Loads more!
AMIGA PROGRAMMERS PACK - C Compilers, Assemblers. Sou ce Codes. Pascal, LISP, C Manual etc. BLANK DISKS
3. 5" QUALITY DISKS £12.00 FOR 30*
Price MUSIC X 1.1 £149.95 £110.00 MUSIC X
JUNIOR .£79.99 ..£63.50
PRO 24 ..Please
Enquire KCS
3.0.DR.T ......£299.00......Please
Enquire MASTER TRACKS PRO £289.00......Please Enquire
"FMX ...£44.95 ..£39.50
UPGRADE Comp-U-Save by Dr Gandalf 5MB Memory Hard Disk Required
U. S.A. COLLECTION Automated Light (4 Disks) 2MB anim. By J.
Robinson Buzzed (3 disks - 2MB anim) AUGKC New User 1-2-3 Help
for the new user AUGKC March 4 4MB cf animations on disk.
1. Soviet Soft Landing
2. Aggressor
3. Stealth Bomber
4. Stealthy Manoeuvre Sport Pictures (Clip Art) Amiga Diagnostic
Disk Video Graphic Help Disks Cheques Postal orders payable
to: PJ. GRAHAM For further details on our catalogue dusk, send
£1.00 lo: COMP-U-SAVE
P. O.Box 157, Hayes UB34SR Middlesex c-u-s are the ONLY PD
Library licenced to sell UPGRADE
U. K. & EUROPE Sound Monitor v |,() & Data Disk Crackers Journals
19 & 20 Paragon Intro-Master Milk-Run Anim. By Dr Gandalf
Hellowccn Demo (2 Disks) Elvira - Mistress of the Dark A-L-F
Demo Armada Compilation Font Disks - Chiron Conceptions Home
Business Pack (7 Disks) Minotaur I & II - Bootblock programs
The Winkers Song (2 Disks) Musical Slideshow (3 Disks) Miami
Vice Theme (4 Disks) Nudge-Nudgc Demo (2 Disks) We currently
stock: Fred Fish 1 to 390
I. ugnuts Library The Ace Collections
A. U.GJC.C. Librarv
A. ll.K.U.G. Library King James Bible
HOUSE BRYNGWYN RAGLAN GWENT NP5 2AA 0291-690933 690901 £24.99
'NE: NOTTM 3674 673672 5KS r&ware programs.
I 5 Pack changes ssor. Database, lisk Managers, mbiers. Source ’acker 3.H ov Nii P Om P( .(: kfit 7 7 7-77.7.7. x7T .77 8632 bytes) Powerpockor makes short work of complicated flies Hke Dpalnt ¦Clear Script ¦List Script Isft Coimandi Iscnyt Log Filel (Destination Dir I Isiart Record)i UarA .3 1JJ513 Sfj Delete Last Delete Connand Insert Connand Skip Crunched Delete Source Delete Quick Execute Script 'IeonMaster i « Ulirlfl.il hr eators STRO IGA LER either gives up or sells his stiff to commercial publishers and *hen the people who lose out are the puWc, The thing that makes the Amiga so
special - behind ol the custom chips and multi-tasking - are the users, and the most Important users, the ones that make things happen, are the hobbyists and part-time coders. If by Inaction you force these public spirited Amigans out of the picture the real loser is the Amiga community.
All previous versions of PowerPacker. Up to and including version 2.3b, have been shareware. I would have thought that anyone who has been involved with the Amiga for more than a couple of months would understand exactly what shareware means.
Sharewcre is a method of software distribution which allows the consumer to try out the software extensively before paying for it. If you don’t use it fine - pass it on to SNCY caches can be used if you haven't got the spare memory but speed incredses will be limited to a foctor of around five or six.
The other major difference is the use of overlays. In the pre-commercial days PowerPacker would have trouble with complicated programs which contained special hunk types. Typically these were exactly the sort of programs that you needed to crunch in a desperate attempt to make a 40Mb hard drive seem usable - like Dpaint. Pagesetterll. And ProDraw.
Now almost all programs can be crunched. The technique is not to attempt to crunch the difficult hunks but to load them in afterwards as overt ays. This restricts the level of compression, but still allows you to save a decent 37 per cent on Dpaint.
Crunching data It’s not only executable code that car be crunched but data files too What's the point when you can't use them as data files anymore? We«. You can. Text files that have been crunched can be reod with PPMore. ILBMs viewed with PPShow and now anim files can be displayed with PPAnim These three programs are supplied with PowerPacker.
Other data is still a bit useless - for example crunched Page- setterll files can't be loaded until they are decrunched. Software houses need to take up the challenge and allow for decoding crunched data.
To make It easier, the programmer has moved all the cunning crunch code into a library. Now theie Is no excuse for your next bob editor not to load packed files Some may frown at the practice of crunching. OK for a demo floppy they might say. But why use It on your hard-disk'* The answer is simple. If I can get an extra 10Mb worth of files on my Vortex and the only price I have to pay. Apart from the eight quid for the program, is a two-second delay in loading 02:19:10. Then I'd realy be a fool not to.
PowerPacker 3.0a £7.99 UGA Softville 0705 266509 Performance crunching T.A.D. Crunched size ‘.'bytes) Time taken Powerpacker 2.3 59950 5600 1395 seconds Powerpacker Pro 'small 59492 57X 252 seconds bufier - medium •• lt 4 seconds large - 71 seconds friends or delete it. All the author is asking is that if you use the program regularly you make a contribution towards ths effort and expense he went through trying to produce it.
If you do register you wil more often than not get a nice note from the author plus updates to your software when they become available. That's mare than you get from most commercial software houses. The point Is that If you don't register the author (De elCrunch 'PiJdtate' (Connand) SB) (Best, Color 0.
(De ReJCrunch 'pkazip' SB) (Best. Color 0) Birectory 'hard: Art work' tp1op2‘ (Bata,’.pp') (Best, Color 8) 'silky.iff' (Data.'.pp') (Best, Color 0) S(inching connand file... ess left and right route button to ibort.
Crunching, please wait.
100 crunched.
SiEKJ teiS i fiiiii Wife..w«. Gained 37 (104328 bytes) (til without overlays) t Shareware Statement 11 hunks (11 te 11).
Hunk 11 I Hunk code (0x83E9 Hunk_break 0x«3F6) r met f ticket Version 3.0a Free Chip Largest Tree Fast Largest Scripting facilities make short work ot the largest directories F SB) (Best, Color t) SD) (Best. Color 8) --- » (Best. Coloe
• t I. ist i (i;i.
Estination Directory 'J:2r (Bata, .py ) (Best luiriu PoworPacker tab*© Review Broadcast nwr I If you are the lucky owner of a satellite dish which gives you access to American TV, or to be more precise American TV sports coverage, you will no doubt be famllar with Broadcast Tltler and Its counterparts without even knowing it.
As you sit happily chomping through popcorn and guzzling down a can of Bud. Broadcast Tltler Is no doubt responsible for the seemingly endless flow of facts, figures one not to mention, remorseless advertising, flashed before your eyes.
BT Is a very impressive video titling package, which can produce amazing sequences containing both text and graphics. Even an absolute beginner can produce broadcast quality results In a matter of hours.
The software has most of the features available from a dedicated video character generator. It is possible to create up to 100 plus pages of varying text and graphics. All the pages, fonts, graphics and indeed the program Itself are held in Fast RAM, which means quick retrieval and Instantaneous typing, even when using the largest fonts available.
Fonts There Is, however, a price to be paid for such power, and as you may have guessed. It's memory.
The exlenslve use of Fast RAM requires an Amiga with at least
1. 5Mb of RAM - two megs are actually recommended. The more RAM,
the longer the sequence lengths and the korger the range of
fonts and pictures available.
Even with the maximum 9Mb that the Amiga can provide certain sacrifices still have to be made, namely multitasking, which Is not available while using BT. This is due to software design and tasking requirements.
The need for large memory will no doubt cause some extra financial worries for some would-be Our very own Paul Austin provides a professional touch to Amiga Desktop Video of these are special effects which the program supports and as a result can be combined in your titling sequences. If we all had a CD TV I could show you what they all mean - but maybe next year.
There are two really striking features concerning BT. The first is the fact that you only receive one floppy disk for your £228 85 including VAT - a brief pause to pick yoursetves up from the floor. OK It's not cheap for one program disk plus a dema, but. Os the well worn cliche goes, size fen't everything. The second feature, and users. The lack of multitasking I found more of on inconvenience than a problem However, taking into account the expense of possibly having to add extra RAM to your system, the 'esults that can be obtained make it well worth the expenditure With the
restrictions imposed by the printed page, It is not going to be easy to convey the smooth and stylish effects that the software can produce - by far the most impressive aspect of the package.
Fades, crawls, flips, scrolls, rolls, stacks - the list goes on and on. All BR( )A DC AST TITLER 2
• Full Margin Controls
• Cut Paste Pages or Lines
• RepositionText Anywhere
• Easy Palette Controls
• Precise Kerning and Tucks
• Adjustable Tab Stops . R»___ ¦ :__ All the options In a
scrolling spectacular rdyu Lint? Oumui INNOVISllON TEC
BROADCAST TITIER 2 IS KEYBOARD OR Here we hove the worlds
(attest scrolling rodent MOUSE DRIVEN EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS
RIGHT ON THE SCREEN.... • most definitely the more pleasant of
the two. Ts the ease with which the program is controlled.
User friendly may be a rather tired expression, but in this case It certainly fits the bill. Simple keyboard and mouse controls make very complex effects as simple as clicking on an Icon. The entire program is menu driven through a series of option screens.
The designers have avoided the temptation to produce a product aimed at the technically minded.
Instead, they have developed the software to do the hard work and still managed to leave the program with a great deal of flexibility- As mentioned earlier, the system is capable of multiple fonts, all of which are all anti-aliased, which basically means that the fonts produced are very smooth and sharp Lets toce a totics a mate any* ttuogeiseio say Multiple sizes ot the some font AMIGA COMPUTING ..Thebest there is!
Tnis is ©specially noticaoie on curved eoges cue to me Tact met mey don'T suTTer from me stepped effect, whicn haunts c.icsed fonts.
It is also possible to import IFF crushes direct from cny paint package end incorporate them into your sequences. Consequently some very interesting possibilities raise tier crTisTic neaas - company logos flying crounc in your sequences perhaps?
The sae of eccn font can very from oanner size, wnicr. Can oe up to ICC sc onlines, to aiscicimer fonts mat come oown to a minimum of
15. It is possible to access cddiTion- ci fon*s py using me font
converter included in me peerage.
Editing Commercially available Toms.
Amiga fonts, colour fonts and mulTi-colour pcttern foms are all available in ni-res with sizes ranging from 15 to 2GC sconiines nign. It souncs too gooa to oe true, cut 1 cssure you it's ail on me level.
Tne Font enhancer package is c Brocacast Titler cdc-on. Wmcr.
Makes .t poss.Pie to import antialiasing foms into tne system, it's also possible to resize any font without scorifying qualify. Tne new resizec font can oe any size oetween 12 ana 200 cnarccters hign. Making it possible to produce c whole range of sizes of any pcrTicuicr fom. Whicn can then be usea in The same Title sequence.
Colours Tne settware enaoies tne extension of me usual 16 colours usee n ni-res to 320 colours, This 5 done py assigning a separate palette to eocn line usea in o specific sequence, making use of wnaf I can only assume is some very ciever programing.
As a result incrvicuai colours ana ooraers can ce assigned to each cnarocter. Tne separate lines can oe assignee tneir own transition effects wim seectaPie speea end celay conTros relating to eccn even* on mar ire.
Many of Tre options usually founa on a word processor are cvoiiooie wim ST - cut one paste editing, adjustable margins .nciua- ing vcncale specs and Tuck, plus manual anc automatic kerning - The reictive spcce oetween The individual letters as they appear on screen.
Moving text crounc the screen s c simple process even after me text has peer, laid down, and does nor seem to cause any m effects wnen tne resulting sequence is run. Tne software will oiso accept ASCII fonts wiTh international accents cna special symbols.
The amount of cvaiicole tost RAM 6 The key to me system. Wim one meg of Fast RAM Tne maximum number of fonts would be 16 ana 10C pages of Tifles.
If. Nowever, you ore The lucky owner of Three megs of Fast RAM, 5C resident fonts ore available wim up to 603 pages of TiTiing. This s no doubt more than would be used for your overage video title, Dut perfect for some very impressive public information or. Perhaps a sTand or snop window. It's quife likely iT will find itsel* displayed entirely from me Arn go wiThoul ever reaching a VCR.
Tne software will supporT Genlock, the combination of wmcn l can only assume is truly amazing. While reviewing me sor- wcre I was unable to try out mis option, so it woua be a gooc dec to contact Tne Amiga Centre Scotland for turner aetaus relating TO your set up.
Tnere is clso on option for tne Amec's Super hign Res mode. Of course, to toke advantage of mis you will need a meg of chip RAM ana a ‘Super Hi-res Denise' chip.
Conclusion Ok. It's not cneap. Put you pay for wnat you get. If you are ser.ous aoouf aeskrop video i would say it's c must, even wim me £2C0 pus price tag. It is oy far me rrosT impressive producT I nave seen If you ore a professional m me TV or video field, start filling in me cneque. Tne only rec. drawback is The unavoidable American tee I that creeps imo the sequences, no doubt due to tne system's formative years on me other sde of wnat psueds ccJ tne pond.
IpaT-T-ERN FiLtE-D-T-E-X-T Take any 8 Color IFF Brush and Place it over any Font Style ORIGINAL IFF ' ,f BITMAP BRUSH: y C LINE OF TEXT A fme example o( an imported Cxtmcp Boon 'VA A cycyv !
The FONT ENHANCER option Anti-aliases 1-color Amiga Fonts Accurately resizes large fonts into smaller sizes: Masterpiece Fonts Masterpiece Jfont 64 iflasterpiece Jfont 64 Masterpiecejfont 64 FC NiT even wim me gotruc fonts a'i aatcut loavcua rte Amencon feel Jfeat e-i I . J
Accountants VAT, Taxation Accountancy, Book-keeping, Management Accounts, PAYE
A complete book-keeping system with various types of
reports including P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance,
Sale Purchase and Nominal Ledger, Budget, Cash Flow, plus
VAT return. Also featuring Stock Control and Payroll for a
bigger system (ie Multiuser on Unix Xenix Novel. Price
£3000 onwards.
We will also convert your old system into our faster and comprehensive system with a little or no extra cash.. Integrated Accounting Software + Easy to use pull-down menu or by pressing first letter of menu Help message at each menu and input (option to turn it off) Initial set-up is done for you Up to two billion records in file UP to 999 departments 99999 plus posting codes 3000 plus accounts group codes Compatible with many databases, spreadsheets and wordprocessors (option to be requested) Works on IBM and compatibles, Atari Sts, Amiga (Commodore). Minimum requirements:
512k RAM, 360k Floppy disk drive.
Write to Abbey Freeman & Co, 15 Parkleigh Court, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3BX.
Tel: 081-543 7827 FEATURES SET-UP Accounts group codes Posting accounts codes Department codes VAT ate codes SALES LEDGER Summary invoice posting Itemised invoice posting Cash sales posting Credit notes posting Cash received posting NOMINAL LEDGER Opening balances Bank (non sales purchase ledger) Journals Prepayments Accruals PURCHASE LEDGER Summary invoice posting Itemised invoice posting Petty cash expenses Debit notes posting Cash payments posting REPORTS Transaction file repor.
Sales day Aged debt analysis Statements Purchase day Aged creditors analysis Trial balance Monthly management accounts Profit & loss with tax calculation Balance sheet Nominal ledger Bank reconciliation VAT return Source report Account enquiry OTHERS Budgets Cash flow Transaction Code correct routine Back-up Company name: Address ED ED Two Floppies .ED Hard Disk ED Allow 28 days for delivery I Write to Abbey Freeman & Co., 15 Parkleigh Court, Wimbledon, London SW19 3BX. Tel: 081-543 7827 .ED Atari .... Ore Floppy . Postcode
IBM ..ED Amiga...... Two Floppies .ED Hard Disk ORDER FORM Requests for mocification or tailor made programs are welcomed Please write with your specification to: A PERFECT ACCOUNTANT SOFTWARE 15 Parkleigh Court, London SW19 3BX feature . - - aa At iost me serious siae of me music ousness meets me serious mocrune. Ves it's nappenmg ot iost. Aner many
o ieng yecr Doing rreoteo os c mere onermougnr in me music
ousmess. Me Amiga is oegmnmg to rake its ngmtui place ot me
ToreVonr of synmeseea music.
In me post me lock or on interna MiDi interface nas oeen me AMIGA's Acmues neei a no me come of me Axon Sts oomnaTon or me morkeT. Tnis is sometrung mor couia on too easily nove oo& avoiaea if onty o MiOi interface naa oeen ncorporatea mto me Amiga Now. Monks to me cneop ana numerous MIDI aaa-ons ona sequencing packages avoiiaoie.
Instrument suppliers ore oegmnmg to coprtoioe on me largely unaer aeveiopea AMIGA marker.
One of me first to see me oppor- Tumry ona sTOke meir claim are Roiona. One of me Diggesr msnu- ment proaucers m me counny.
Dunng me recent Commoaore snow a new parmersnip oerween ftoiona ana Commoaore was onnouncea - ’ The oowmng or o new aoy' wim me promise of grecT mmgs tor me future or me Amiga. The new series of ftolona norawore was mgnbgnTea as me flogsmpof me new era of co-operation one win. No ooudt. Oe 0102- mg me troii for omen to follow.
The new range ccnssts of on me elements reqmreo to ouua o serf- coniomea music sranon. Tne neon of me system is me CM-32L Tnis is Dosicoily o synmesszer wsmout me keyooora. Wmcn wim me ooaTion of your AMIGA ona me accompanying sequencing software mokes me neea for o keyooara merely on opnonai extra.
The software provaea takes me form of Dr T's Tiger Cuo. O tnea ono Testea sequencing pockoge.
Wmcn mokes your first Tentative steps on me way to fame ona for- Tune ttiot wne oit ecser. Up to »2 Tracks con oe recoraea wim Dr T's usmg rormuar rope aeck teens, ou of wmcn con oe oispioyco on screen m 0 'ptano rou' format Tne system atso mctuoes Copyist Apprentice score-wriTer sorwere wmcn will wnte ona atspiay your creations m me more Troononoi form of a score, it con men oe eoiteo. Tronscnoeo ono pmrea os requirea.
Also mauaea in me Desc Top Music System. DTMS tor snort, ore ou me ieoos reqmreo tor connection to a nome rv-fi or cmpuner. The M1D1 inTertoce itself is not rciuaea.
Our a surooie una con oe oougnr easily ono cneopiy from amosT any naraware supplier.
All me relative manuals ona E3 0530 411485 0530 411485 FEATURES: ? Real Tme clock calendar with high capacity Nicad battery backup ? Memoiy disable switch ? Low power consumption ? Buffered Data Bus (Essential for high capacity Ram boards) ? Plugs in as A501 NO SOLDERING!!!
? 12 Moiths warranty ? Configures to 1 Mb chip ram when FarER AGNUS is enabled ? Works with 1.2 and 1.3 kick start All prices include VAT and delivery.
8372A FATTER AGNUS £59.00
1. 3 KICKSTART ROM £28.00 ONLY £59.95 for 512K version.
Expander Board £15.95. Expanded to 1Mb £99.95 Expanded to 1.5Mb £128.95 Fully expanded to 1.8Mb only £154.95 ASHCOM 512K RAM EXPANSION WITH REAL TIME CLOCK-CALENDAR AND DISABLE SWITCH ONLY £39.50 WITHOUT CLOCK £34.50 Gives 1Mb chip RAM with Fatter Agnus READ THIS YOU NEED 512K NOW HOW MUCH WILL YOU NEED TOMORROW?
THE NEW ASHCOM RAM EXPANSION IS EXPANDABLE TO 1.8Mb GIVING YOU 2.3Mb OF AUTOCONFIGURE SYSTEM RAM FREE REGISTRATION WITH THE ASHCOM USER CLUB Fill in the coupon below to register with the A'shcom User Club and receive exclusive information on new Ashcom products. With each free mailshot you will receive a massive 10% discount voucher.
10% discount off any order received with registration. No more endless sifting through adverts for a good deal.
Jame NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW Rams only £30 per 512K Address I I Postcode Jo obligation to order when registering BOOT SELECTOR WITH ANTI CLICK ONLY £19.95 Selects DFO or DFI as boot drive and eliminates that annoying click when drive is empty.
Easy to fit - just plug in!!
Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU| Telephone: (0530) 411485 Fax: (0530) 414433 MON-FXI
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plus your cheque or postal order made oui to JAM to: Just
Amina Monthly (AC).
75 (jreatfields Drive. Uxbridge. UBS 3QN
- ---- Yes! Rush me... Whether you've just bought your Amiga or
whether you’re already in training for Guru status, we're sure
you’ll find JAM magazine an informative, entertaining and
honest read.
The articles, tutorials, reviews and commentaries in JAM arc written by your peers - Amiga users with an almost fanatical interest in the machine.
And it’s also a forum where you can have your own say - a place to get it off your chest, pass on something you’ve learned, find out what other users think of your ideas.
JAM is typeset, laid-out and produced on an Amiga 500 and an Amiga B2000 - living proof that the Amiga is ideally suited to serious pursuits other than playing games. JAM concentrates on the applications and programming side of the machine, never afraid to go in-dcpth when the occasion calls for it.
It’s a magazine written by Amiga users, for Amiga users.
The subscription rate for Just Amiga Monthly is only £19.95 (Europe £29.95) for a years supply
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Feature documentation are auite well put together and as a result make the beginner's life a lot easier. Even with handy manuals, setting up a MIDI system of any kind can still be a rerve racking experience, so read them carefully The CM-32L generates Its Impressive sounds via LA Synthesis.
This is the system used to create most of the sounds in the Roland D-series synthesisers and their modular counterpart the MT-32.
Whch took the music world by storm with Its sound quality and value for money.
The actual sound module of the CIV and the MT are very similar and as a result con both share the MT’s application software.
LA Synthesis refers to linear arithmetic synthesis, which is the heart of the Roland technology responsible for many of Its recent successes. The system improves sound Brief but functional the CM-321 from an usual angle quality but also makes programming easier - now there's a rare thing.
Lhe system uses partials to create its sounds. These are the various elements that go to make up a sound, more commonly known as attack, delay and release.
With on expanded PCM memory capacity twrce that of the MT- 32, the CM-32 is capable of stunning sound effects, making It ideal for post production and impressing friends. The unit is caoable of 32 part polyphony, which basically refers to its ability to olay 32 sounds simultaneously.
A fact that would have left many a jaw dragging on the ground in the not so distant past.
IN future Issues of Amiga Computing I'll take a closer look at the other elements of the Roland range and hopefully provide a ‘ew points on where best to spend your hard earned cash. Meanwhile. Here's a quick run down.
The PC-200 Is Rolands brand new MIDI keyboard controller. As soon as you recover from the finoncial heart failure of buying the CM. I strongly recommended you give it a close look. Even if you don't play keyboard it will still save you a lot of valuable time, as well as bring a hole new dimension to your creative technique.
The CM-32P is an additional sound module designed to complement the CM 32L. Both units can be linked together to produce some amazing sounds. The unit wilt also join forces with the MT-32. This piece of hardwore can produce 64 new sounds with up to 31 voices or partials available at any one time, plus on option for an extra 64 sounds via a PCM cards.
Last but not least we have the MA-12 micro monitor. A self contained monitoring unit with a built in amplifier sporting separate tone and volume controls.
The module is also multl-timbral.
Meaning simply that it will produce various voices or synthesiser pats at the same time. A total of eight synthesizer parts and one rhythm. This makes it possible to replicate the sound of an entire band when the module is linked to the Amiga via sequencing software. It s worth remembering, however, that 32 part polyphony doesn't strictly mean the unit will always pla 32 separate voices.
What it means is that it will play 32 parts.
Confused? Don’t be. Each voice or sound is made up of par* tials. For e ample. An acoustic piano may require as many as four partials, a bass guitar only one.
Finding out exactly how many voices car play at a particular moment, is simply matter of adding together the partial requirement of each voice. If the sum of the parts is 32 partials or less your creation will be produced in all its glory.
One of the essentials when trying to crecte music seriously, as any musician will testify, has got to be reverb. Ves. You've guessed it.
The module also boasts a digital reverb. This really is a big plus for the unit as external reverb units can alone run to hundreds of pounds.
Some 128 synthesiser tones or voices are available as presets, plus 30 percussion sounds and 33 effects, afl available for the rhythm part of your masterpiece.
Percussion sounds are generally excellent, with only a slight drop in standards regardirg the cymbal sounds, a notoriously difficult area to replicate via synthesis.
The percussion section benefits immensely from the digital reverb built into the unit Choice may seem slightly limiting at only 30 sounds in this department, but the selection is a good one and should keep even an experienced musician happy for a wftle.
As for the specid effects, some may argue that the space they occupy could well be put to better use for more synth voices. I disagree. Keeping in mind that the package is largely aimed at people making their first steps In MIDI music, they make for interesting variety, which wrll no doubt find its way into their owners creations.
Unassuming power Underneath an unassuming exteri lurks a massive amount of power and versatility. Suddenly the relatively high initial cost starts to look more and more reasonable. If you happen to be a trendsetter the sight of all this gorgeous gear will be almost too much for your cheque book to bear. Attar all, great art Is priceless - righP A new disk will soon be available for the CM-32L containing numerous new drum patterns designed for use with the Tiger Cub software. When finished It will be shipped off to Roiond customers post haste, or maybe even sooner.
As a first step the CM-32L is excellent, providing a wide range of voices all of which are usable rather than decorative. In the past there was a good chance that half the sounds Included in a synthesiser were so bizarre and obscure they were rendered useless for any serious use. I'm glad to say times appear to be changing and in the CM's case they areody have.
The unit Is obviously aimed at those of us who want an entire band in a box, and this it does very well considering the restrictions imposed by the available number of voices.
The excellent sound quality is particularly evident on strings and breathy voices, something the Roland D-50 was and Still is famous for. Roland's successes In the professional market are obviously starting to filter through to some of their less expensive products.
If you are interested in the CM- 32L. But don't require the sohware.
Those nice people at Roland will let you mosey off with the module for o meagre 5369.
Desk Top Music System £469rrp Roiond (UK) Ltd Amalgamated Drive West Cross Centre Brentford Middlesex. TW8 9EZ CM Hotline: 081-508 4578 Fax:081-847 1528 PD IS OUR GAME, QUALITY IS THE AIM MOU 10 MDU 34 MOU 38 MDU 46 MDU 68 MOU 71 MOU 72 MOU 62 MOU 101 MDU 102 MDU 103 MDU 106 MDU 168 1-9 Disks £1 20 e3ch. 10+ £1.00 per Disk. 10 PD Disks in library case £9.95 Catalogue on Disk 70p Send SAE lor an up to dale catalogue Same day despatfh Send orders to:UNIT 3 or telephone; RAILWAY ENT. CENTRE 0782 SHELTON NEW ROAD 208228 SHELTON. STAFFS ST4 75H WE MUST BE MAD Due to massive bulk buying and low cost
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...3.25 Mouse Pockets ......1.50 Mouse Mat ...... 1 75 Printer Stand .3.75 Amiga Dust Cover..... 2 50 PossoBax ...15.00 Atari Dust Cover...... ...2.50 Amiga 512K RAM Expansion with clock ... ..32.00 Please add £2.85 p&p next day £6.50. Cheques POs to - PLC COMPUTER SUPPLIES 11 Meakin Avenue, Clayton, Newcastle, Staffs STS 4EY.
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2.3.4,5.8 (5 Outt) ANIMATION GAMES MUSIC SOFTWARE MADNESS 18 BUTLIN ROAD, LUTON, BEDS. LU1 1LD All Prices Include VAT at 15% For more information contact Steve 0582-483640 or alternatively write to the above address AMIGA PACKS DISK DRIVES AMIGA 500 Imeg AMIGA SCREEN GEMS SCREEN GEMS FLIGHT OF FANTASY FLIGHT OF FANTASY & BATMAN PACKS & BATMAN PACKS £359.99 £379.99 Software Madness Special Choose any five of the items listed below: Slimline designed Citizen mechanism. Very quiet doesn't click, 880k formatted capacity. Throughport connector + on off switch. Long connection cable for location on
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Dust Cover Cycles Mouse Mule 10 Blank Disks £54.99 Kick Off Slum Car Racer Blastcruids Rick Dangerous Blood Money RVF Honda Pipe Mania Kid Gloves Driving Force Joystick Shoot-cni-up Construction Kit Only £29.99 amiga Kimmiru DESKTOP VIDEO ..111 They said it was impossible, they said it couldn't be done, but we've proved them wrong. This month sees the start of the Amiga world's first dedicated DTV column. Take it away Jason Holborn.
F MACHINE CODE ...113 The way to the heart of any hi-tech machine is via the lowest level - its machine code. This month, Jolyon Ralph discusses the Motorola 68000 family of processors.
CODE CLINIC ....115 ?
Code Clinic goes female this month in the shape of Margaret Stanger. Beginning with a roundup of standard C libraries, Mags goes on to lay the foundations of what will be a fine C series.
R* jj* TfcW MUSIC ..... 117 Silver silicon songster Jason Holborn discusses what's new and best from the world of Amiga music, presenting a tuneful whole that is simply hard to resist.
COMMUNICATIONS .... 119 News from the airwaves. This month, Eddie McKendrick presents and in-depth exploration of that favourite of comms enthusiasts' pastimes, multi-user games.
DESKTOP PUBLISHING .....121 nrfy] no Throw away your scalpel, spray mount and set square, Nik Veech wields the electronic pages using nothing more than a standard Amiga and some funky software.
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Please send me the next 12 issues of Let's Compute! For £12 x I wish to pay by: ? Cheque payable to Database Publications ? Credit card No: Exp. Date I'd like to get hot off the press each month!
Post code Age My computer is a . Name Signed.. Address SEND TO: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, S.Wirral L65 3EB PHONE ORDERS: 051-357 275 DTV is happening in the Amiga world so we’re devoting a regular page to it.
Jason Holborn gets in sync I'm sure I don't need to tell you what a wondrous machine the Amiga is for desktop video
- just flick bock to our mega-feo- ture in last month's issue and
you'll be more than convinced, Put simply, no other machine can
offer anywhere near the kind of video power that the Amiga
delivers for so little cash. With just a genlock, a couple of
video recorders and the right software, you can produce
fantastic video presentations on your Amiga. So amongst other
things, you can reall roll some fancy credits.
Mow that the Amiga has virtually established itself as the de facto standard for desktop video, there's never been a better time to get involved.
Indeed. DTV has become such an Important aspect of computing on hie Amiga that we've decided It deserves its own space within the Almanac.
Over the coming months, we'll be bringing you all the latest news from the Desktop Video scene.
Just some of the grabbing packages available plus a heatthy splattering of product reviews.
ALTERNATIVE TITLING Video specialist Alternative Image (0533 44004') is branching out into software publishing with its very first product. Big Alternative Scroller.
Scroller, as we will call it from here on, is a powerful yet very easy to use video captioning program which looks all set to take the Amiga desktop video market by storm.
Scroller's main claim to fame is undoubtecly its ease of use.
According to Henri Bujko at Alternative Image. Scroller was developed to be so simple to use that (in his own words) “...it could be used within twenty minutes by the kind of person that wouldn't know the beck end of a computer from an elephant*.
In many ways. Scroller shares more than c passing resemblance to a conventional text editor.
Unlike previous programs, text can be typed directly onto the screen and i hen set to any one of the 20 fonts which are built Into the sys- tern Alternative has included its own range of specialty designed high- resolulion fonts developed specifically with desktop video In mind.
These range from script-like lonts.
To serifs and sons-serhs.
Another aspect of Scroller of which Aftemattve Is duty proud is its speed. Because the fonts are resident there's no time consuming disk accessing to worry about, just select the text you wish to change, press a key on the keyboard and the text changes almost instantly.
You con also right justify the text, centre it or leave It ragged Unforunately the current release doesn't support stendard Amiga fonts, although this is planned for a future release.
Scroller doesn't Just produce static screens, ft can atso scroll titles both horizontally ard vertically in up to nine different speeds One very nice feature Is the ability to control scrolling interactively, thereby making it ideal for anything from conventional video titling to teleprompting within TV stucSos You can also dynAMIGAlly control both the position and margins, enabling you to create all manner of video tttfing effects.
Big Alternative Sadler eedoinly isn't Alternative's first and last product Aireody there's tok of a vastly enhanced version of the program that steals more than a few tricks from an amazing bit of video kit called the Quante! Cypher.
Details are yet to be finalised, but Alternative is feeling pretty confident that the program will be something very specal Indeed.
ELAN ENCORE Elan Enterprises have released version 2 of its acclaimed desktop presentation system. Elan Performer Version 2. This boasts even greater support for different image and animation formats.
Full A-Rexxls Is now available allowing It to be controlled by other A-Rexx compatible applications. Enhanced animation editing and full NTSC and PAL compatibility.
The program enables you ro build up sophisticated presentations consisting of both static and animated images. Using a unique keyboard triggering technque, any part of your presentation Cdh be triggered at any time by assigning it to a key on the Amigc keyboard.
The UK distributors are HB Marketing who can be contocted on 0753 686000.
BOOKS FOR VIDE0PHILES Does DTV confuse you? If sc. You need a good book. The Amiga is blessed with a vast range of technical publications covering Just about every conceivable application. So there are plenty to choose from. Both of the books derailed below cost £16.95 and are available from Adamsoft.
Amiga Desktop Video Guide from prolific silicon publishers Abacus, claims to be the most comprehensive look at desktop video available anywhere The book provides an in-depth look at the basics of DTV paying particular interest to the equipment Involved and how to Interface It to yoor AMIGA.
Topics covered include genlocks, digitising and scanning, video recorders of all types and a look at the available software For those of you who already know o thing or two about DTV.
The book is mode somewhat more useful by o helpful chapter detailing a few useful techniques to help you get the most from you DTV setup.
Amiga Desktop Vdeo.
Computers book is. Unfortunately, something of a let down. Contents wise, it starts very well. Subjects covered include working with colour, combining audio and video, and creating animations and 3D graphics. But the book soon becomes too technical and too NTSC-orientated.
In the case of NTSC bias, the book devotes a large section to the structure of an NTSC video signal, which isn't exoctly a whole lot of use to us Europeans, who use the higher resolution PAL system.
To be fair though, the sections which are actually geared towards the practical side of DTV are very good, so you ma still want to give it a look.
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Ccmgiele System 1049 95 Anxga 3000 16MH04OMB 1999 85 Amga 3000 25MHZ 10OWB 2629 82 Amstrad FufPiMar 9600AI 639 86 AMO 20MB Hard Oitt Df«8 27991 A590 With 2MB RAM _ .....349.83 C*zen 1240 24 pm .....24978 Citizen Swift 9 pin 239 89 Citwn Swtlt 24 pin ...3298?
Sharp JX100 Scanner |Colour| .619 85 Star Laserpnnter IQ .1399 78 Disk Drne 5.2V Exam* ... 129 95 Oak Owe 3 5' External 64 86 Dsk Om* 3 5' A2000 kiB .....5980 Dak Orhe 3.5' A500 WB 59 80 Falter Agnus ....64 86 MAC 2 DOS Fft Transfer 79 81 Nakiha Moose__3496 Podscal 12x12 InchGtxTab 199 87 Piiniercept Epson Emulalor 34 95 RAM A2000 08MB OK__129 95 RAM A500 0-8MB»PSLJiThrup(1199 67 RAM A500 512K CloctoSwttch 39 79 RAM Chip 256K Cmos l A590) 5 98 RAM 1 MB Cortex Sumi Boards 49 91 3ACKAGES Appetizer (Gold OlS*) 29 90 Sold Oise Offer 1MB 10994 kaphics
Starter K4._5A97
• tome Oflee Kil 1MB _ 9982 hiblishers Choge 1MB
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Resource Int Disassembler 64 86 RIBBONS ft TONER CBM VPS
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1500 Colour (3) 35 88 C««n 1200 (MPS1200) |6| .19 32
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MasierSownj Mono Sampltr .34.96 MIDI Master Inlertace
......34 96 MIDI Plug Interlace ... 19 78 Music X
1.1 Sequencer ... 109 94 MwcXWngr Sequencer... 64 86
Quartet Composer ______ 44 85 Sound Trap 3 Mono Sampler 29 90
Tiger Cub Composer 1MB 59 80 SPREADSHEETS Advantage 65000r65000
i M3 ...74 96 QGCalc 512x52 7990 Superplan
2048x1024 1MB 9 80 UTILITIES Amikit For Beginners-29 90 Arux
Mxro Intsrprwter 32 89 Award Mater Plus----------34 96 BAD
DskOptrmner .32.89 BBC Emutttor ..
34 96 ByHftBacklOBiCkwO 1? 7 Cross OOS File
Tranaler .28.98 Directory Uolity,'Enhancer
.. 34 96 Ooclor Am Ouk Aruhsis ......39 79 DOS 2
DOS F4e Transler 29 90 Enhanoer 1 3 14 72 G8
Vehele RouW Punner 3 7 96 Mavis Besoon Typing__2444 Virus
irdection Proterton 34 96 Vour Famty Tree2 'MB MK X Cop, A
Cydons__27.83 XcopyPro4ttMnal ...... 3795 VIDEO
Dig ViewGcfd4 1MB 99 8?
Hitachi Camera 8 16mm Lens .199 87 Mimgm Genlock ...99.82 Vm Amiga PAL 1MB .94 99 WORDPROCESSORS Excs8anca21M6 9982 lOdslati with Speech 24 84 Kmdwgrgs ? 1MB-------34J8 lAcroaaxt _ 1978 PenP* 1MB ..9882 ProlexlS 1MB ------------.9982 Scribble Plawwn «1 86 Tranwnt*_________________3198 Wordperteei .'69 97 January catalogua and second hand list now available... Please send a stamped addressed Assize envelofJe Have you got a faster processor in your machine7 Are you thinking of getting one?
There are various options available from 16Mhz 68000 chips up to 50Mhz 68030 boards with maths coprocessors and more 32-bit fast memory than you could happily shake a dead haddock at.
Whether you have an upgrade or not, you should be aware of what these chips can offer the astembler programmer like yourself.
Apart from the 16Mhz 68000.
Which is literally just a fast 68000.
The other members of the 680x0 series are the 68010. 680)2. 68020.
68030. 68040. All offer extra features for the assember programmer that are worth knowing about even If you never Intend to upgrode.
The compatible 68010 Le*'s start with the 68010, This Is the simplest, and pin-for-pin Is compatible with the 68000 - you can urplug the 68000. Plug in a 68010 ard it will work.
It is fully 68000 compatible, and a tot of the Instructions are faster to boot, averaging about 15 to 25 per cent faster than the 68000.
The only incompatibility is the MOVE SR. EA instruction, which is prveieged on the 68010. Unlike the 66000. I've never needed to use this instruction, and if you do It’s well documented how to get round it (GetCC call from exec.library). The 68010 adds three new registers. The VBR (Vector Base Register) allows you to change the base add ess of the processor exception table. Normally if you ask for a level 3 interrupt, the processor will get the interrupt address from $ 0000006c in memory.
The VBR on the 68010 allows you to add an offset to this value so you con have several different vector tabtos in memory. If the VBR was set to $ 00200000 the processor would get the level 3 interrupt address from $ 0020006c.
This can be quite dangerous unless you know what you are doing There ore also two AFR (Alternative Function Registers), a 3-bit SFC (Source Function Register) and a 3-bit DFC (Destination Function Register).
These are used to determine whether the processor is accessing code memory or data memory - not really much use to Amiga assembler programmers and are best left tc techies wanting to run things like UNIX.
68020 examined The 68020 chip has all that the 68010 has. Plus five additional registers.
The Super-visor Stack Pointer is replaced by two new stack pointers. There are the Interrupt Stack Pointer, which is the equivalent of the SSP on the 68000 68010. Ond the Master Stack Pointer, used when the 68020 Master Interrupt flag is enabled.
The most important of the new 68020 regsters are CACR (Cache
• ol Register) ond This month Jolyon Ralph keeps it in the family
with a discussion of the Motorola 68000 chip range ,• 1©
Address Register). Tht . Jre used to control the 256-byte pro-
cesso cache contained n the 68020 chip. These registers allow
programmers to drectly monipu cache, or to disable r late t
nece: The the qu 68020 has a new od word. For example: size.
MUIU 10O.d 1 :d0 i the contents of dO1 and Puj, the low 32-bits of the 64- bit result Into dO end the high 32 bits into dl. Turning dl ond dC into a osejdo-64*blt renter.
Mnro This There are some new addressing modes too:
• Base displacement (bd,An) An=any oddreis register. Bd=a 32-blt
memory address. This i$ on extension of the dl6(An) addressing
mode on the 68000 but tt can now access 32-bit onsets Insteac
of the original 16-blt offsets.
• Enhanced address register indirect with offset and
index:Remember the. Nasty complex one co the 680CO the
d8fAn.Xi.Z). where d8 is o 8-bit offset. An is an address
register Is any address or data rog.s- Well. The 68020 version
is ved to: dl6(An‘. Z’s I6bit foctor multi- otion.
Left t is regster : se displacement ond i is is the 32-blt offset vert on o'
• addressing mode at - ¦ (b .An,Xl.Z*s). everything is the nne
except bd is a 32+* oft se i' you ever find a use for a these
address modes. I ll e ;• mouse.
Couple of va ’ ” address mod : be trivial ond •xpia therefore. Is probably .r 20 Instructions are mo here are the highlights: Bcc o(fset can now have a 32-bit signed offset, so there Is no longer a size restriction on BEQ, BNE.
Etc. Similarly with BRA and BSR. Dbcc is still limited to 16- bit offsets.
EXTB.l Dn will sign extend Dn.B to Dn.L directly. Previously you hod to use EXT.W Dn.B followed by EXT.L Dn.W. MUL DIV now supports 32-bit 640it values using the dn:dm register pair as a pseudo-64-bH register.
Bitfields: a whole new topic with the 68020 A bitfield is an array of up to 32 consecutive bits either in o data register or, more usually. In memory.
This allows the manipulation of groups of bits In memory without having to load them info registers.
The new instructions BFTST.
BFINS and BFFFO are used.
Limitations The 68030 doesn't reolly have any new registers Itself. It contoins an internal Memory Management Unit, compatible with the 68851 MMU. Which Is an external MMU for the 68020 chip This ados several registers to the 68030, the TC, CRP, SRP. No. TT 1 and PSR registers.
Unfortunately, nelthe' Argonaut's ArgAsm nor Hisoft’s Devpac assemblers support any of the 68010 or above processor instructions, so you wi have to use either another gsssembler or enter the hex value of these extra Instructions straight into your code.
If you want to kxok further into this topic, look at the Motorola 68000 family reference manual, and the excell it book 680x0 Programming by Example, published by Howard W. Sams & Company Now you can own ly the toughest set of pens in the world - for much less than half price!
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To order; please use the form on page 129 The three pull-top pens in their presentation case consist of Choose from smart matt black or satin chrome metal finish One cartridge pen One ballpoint pen One fine liner WHY LET YOUR FINANCES BE A WORRY?
PRICE £29.95 INC. VAT Personal Finance Manager AMIGA COMPUTING FOR THE AMIGA Personal Finance Manager provides an easy way of looking after your i 7 bank account, building society account, credit cards and so on. It’s Jyf WORKBENCH interface allows transactions to be entered or altered as 0*7* easily as filling out a form Full mouse control of PFM's window environment means a really user friendly program.
PFM for the Amiga appears and runs exactly the same as our top selling PFM program for the Atari ST. Automatic Standing Orders means that regular payments are never forgotten, whilst the graphic display will help you manage your account more effectively.
Personal Finance Manager will even attempt to match your statements by automatically identifying transactions that haven't yet been cleared.
• The number of entries is limited only by the size of the memory
• Full Workbench interface
• Account entries are automatically placed in date order
• Selectable date formats
• Automatic standing orders
• Auto balancing against statement
• Graphic analysis including: Balance plot Budget comparison.
Spend pie charts
• Windows are moveable and re-sizeable
• Graphics are self-scaling to fit windows % All windows can be
displayed at the same time
• Account print option
• Full Multi tasking - allows multiple account access MictiTron
See order form on Page 129 Wearing nothing but a knotted hanky,
Margaret Stranger casts herself adrift in C * leave a* you
wodd wish * The Amiga provides a wealth of software support
that enhances the capa- bilries of Its powerful hardware. This
software support takes the form of library routines, which are
special Amiga resource files bound to your program dynomicalty
at run time.
They range over several levels from primitive device management or graphics drawing routines to htuition. Which handles overtopping window displays and several Input and output devices.
Future editions of CODE CLINIC will include some routines I found useful when writing the Amiga version of Fun School 2 - and many more I discovered afterwards when it was too latel Several libraries are available for use In your applications, each con- tairing several routines. Associated with each librory is a special fd file describing the parameters the routine takes and the registers used in ossembly language. The name of each routine is used by the compiler and links programs to work out its offset from the library Po» To access a routine you must first open the library In which It
is contained. This will give you the base. As many as five libraries can be open at one time.
Once It Is open, the routines can be called as if they were your own sub-programs, sparing you from re-inventlng the wheel.
COMPARE AND CONTRAST In C you can call the routine by name using the normal C language conventions. In Assembler when a library is opened the pointer is stored by the program. If a librory routine Is declared as an external reference (XREF), the linker can calculate Its offset from this poirter.
The compiler handles all these details when writing in C, so there Is no need to state the routines you are going to use or to which library they belong.
For assembly language the library base must be in register a6 - if It is in any other the routine could overwrite It. The name of the routine is declared as an externd reference and used as if it were a straightforward offset from the liDrary base. The linking program tckes care of the rest.
The exec library base is always in the same position, location 4, or the external reference.
_AbsExecBase. Can be used.
BACK TO THE PROGRAM Several lib aries are Internal, for example intuition, DOS, exec, graphics, and they may differ slightly with the operating system.
Other llbra'ies, for example disk- font are disk based and are expected to be in the libs directory of the system disk.
A complete list of the library routines can Ce found In the fd.files directory, which is usually on the C workcfck.
The prog’am uses a few of the routines from the DOS and exec libraries. Bu1 there are many more avalable. Included on the cover disk is a list of library DOS and exec routines. For each one I have listed the input. Input registers, output and a short description of the routine's effect The program is designed to give an Introduction to some of the routines in the DOS and exec libraries.
The C source code fHe. Named lib- sandflles.c. was compiled and linked using Lattice C version 5.0.2. The comp»e*e listing Is available on the disk, but I have Included a coupie of extracts here mainO I libranes= open SbrariesO; ’open the libraries* if (Hbraries*=€) if (bytes »© Icieanupfno Me*); ext(l);); consoled hondiesOutputO; 'display Hon the screen* Write(console tfehan ***,
1024) ,dskfont bose OpenUbrary (“diskfonUbwy,
0) ;lf (disktonf base ==0) * open tfisklonl Ibrory* Ideanupfno
diskfont librory"); exit(l);;clean upTok"); ’close litrories.
Free buffer* rotum(O): I When run. The pogrom opens the DOS,
graphics. Intuition and diskfont libraries, and waits for a
few seconds. If they fail to open the program exits via a
cleanup routine, which displays o ‘no libraries’ message.
The program attempts to allocate a memory buffer, but if Insufficient memory Is available the message ‘no memory' is displayed on exit.
The program looks for the source code text file to read in. If the file is not found In the current directory, the program will exit at this stage with tne message "no file* An text fie con be used provided the filename Is Included correctly in the source code. It all is prinlf (errormsg); I (buffer Mem (buffer ,1024); If (dosbose 1=0) CloseUbrory(dosbase), If (graphicsbase 1=0) Close Library (graphicsbase); if (intultionbase 1-0) Ctosedbrary Ontultionbase); If (diskfonfoaw !«0) Close Library x(dtskfontbase); retum(0); I The program finishes wilh the cleanup routine displaying the message
*ok*. This routine allows the program to exit gracefully, freeing memory allocated and closing libraries opened during the program.
Freeing memory that wcs not allocated or trying to close a diskfont library that foiled to open causes a software error, and a certain amount of embarrassment.
Allocated memory Is not automatically freed when a program finishes and could run out eventually if the offending program was run often enough.
Well, the first 1024 characters of the file will be displayed on screen.
The program then attempts to open the diskfont librory which is disk based rather than Internal. It should be present In the libs directory of the boot disk, otherwise this library will not open and an appropriate message will be returned.
A GRACEFUL EXIT cleanup (errormsg) I * foflnj * Your computer is the only teacher which YOU CONTROL!
I Whatever your age, whatever your subject
- let your computer help you learn.
Subjects include... French, German, Spanish, Italian, English History, Geography, Science, General Knowledge, Football, First Aid, Sport, England, Scotland, Natural History, Junior Spelling and Arithmetic DELTA 3A ANALOGUE JOYSTICK FOR MICROPROSE FI 9 & SUBLOGIC FLIGHT SIM II Fty your planes the smooth and realistic way with an analogue joystick. The Delta 3A is a light action, hand held, sprung return to centre joystick of a proven reliable design used for many years by BBC and PC users. It has two fire button functions. The top two fire the cannons and the centre lower button fires missiles.
On FSII version 1.1 both the flying controls and throttle can be controlled with the joystick.
...£14.95 AMIGA DISC DRIVES, CASED WITH THROUGH PORT AND DISABLE SWITCH ....£59.95 Delta 3A Joysticks should be available from your Amiga dealer If not they are available direct from us (price includes VAT & P&P): Available for most popular home & business computers Kosmos are specialist producers of Educational Software designed to help you enjoy learning from your computer. Our programs even allow you to add your _own
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Price only £50 inc. VAT IMAGINE - Your own Amiga Graphics on Slide Imagine a Bureau Service that can take your creative graphics and output them onto 35mm slide - in all resolutions except overscan and halfbrite. Dream no longer send for our disk with safe areas and examples. Unmounted prices (inc. VAT & 1st class UK postage) are: 1 £5.00; 2-10 £4.00; 11-20- £3.00: 20+-£2.00 (Glass Mounts extra 30p each) Cheques Postal Orders with order please. Allow 1 week for delivery IMAGINE Your Animations on Video Tape See your animations outputted via broadcast quality equipment onto most formats of
videotape. Minimum charge £10 inc. VAT & postage (VHS only).
Imagine IFF files rendered frame-by-frame onto BVUSP tape for true 25 frames per second animation using the unique Simpatica hardware and software.
DREAM NO LONGER PHONE ALTERNATIVE IMAGE TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS ALL PRICES INCLUDE 15% VAT CARRIAGE £5 (EXPRESS £10) Pnot »ut Ki lo change without noOce. E ft O. E 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY, N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX; 0947 600065 (9am-7pm) Very few companies like to restrict themselves to just one aspect of computing on the Amiga, but this is just what Omega Projects has done.
The company's latest product is a 4-channel audio mixer which was developed with sound sampler faratics In mind.
The device offers four audio inpjts. Which are combined into a single output signal. Eoch channel offers its own independent volume control knob, plus an extra master volume control for the combined signal The hottest news on the Amiga music scene from Jason Holborn The unit certainly seems to be good value for money. Most cheap mixers introduce a large amount of background noise, but the Omega mixer seemed virtually silent.
Although Omega see It as being of particular use with sound samplers. It's also ideal for desktop video and multi-media applications.
The mixer is available In two configurations. For £35 you get the mixer complete with a dynamic microphone, but for an extra fiver.
Omega will provide you with a much better quality Electret mic.
Also available from Omega Is their acclaimed Sound Trap 3 moro audio digitiser.
For £29.95. you get a high quality scmpter that works on all AMIGAs
- including the A1000! It has a built- in printer pass-through
connector and comes complete with the necessary sampler
For the price, Sound Trap 3 is certainly a cut above the rest. The sourd quality is excellent and It’s very well designed.
If you're after a MIDI interface, then Omega's Mini-MIDI is a good Dynamic Drums - one of many the programs discussed In Abocus' latest publication. Making Music with the AMIGA 7 Sh ji-r-.-. 8 Cslnbll 9 tori 5 I 4 Hi jMl.it3 | 1 2 Dynamo 3 Drum e»t 513 REPEAT AltACC entpp ACCEMI jJSTOr rat-Jbtaant jjPljy M sf'jtP.1t
4. PI-W Pit jfclirw Si* UfcHftrnr.cw SLItlCtf All facurancfs of
&run bet. What's so nice about Mini- MIDI Is thct the
interface comes complete with built-in MIDI cables, so there's
no reason to buy them separately.
Mini-MID is currently being sold for just £20. Which also includes a copy of the PD music program Med 2.13 Omega is on 0925 763946.
¦. .ITT -- ___ .mniss
a. ¦ . . . ---- fk af z cc t tt t jfUn is 11 Sit C Cl C It
i jnmmn rsr F» - ~
- iJ
- - • * U} UfJ
- V- n 1 " lf-g? - _ 1 r zrrr . . ---
* --1 "T.-a; rvy r _ .. .. 3.. 7
- ----- 3 t
• " V- -¦ -m1 ------ "j..... Anyono car* to let m butts know
what this Is?
GFA GOES MUSICAL If you thought GFA Data Media was all about programming languages and compilers, then think again. The company has just tied up a deal, which will effectively give it excljsive distribution rights to a range of very powerful MIDI software from Digigram.
Although none of the products are particularly new. They were very difficult to obtain. Currently, the list of p oducts includes Track 24, Studio 71 and Big Band.
Most promising of all though Is Pro-Score, a sequencer scoring program which promises to be something pretty special Indeed.
For more information give GFA a bell on 0734 894619.
SOUND OF K0RG If you’re a synth owner, then you'll already know how expensive sound library cards can be. Take Korg's brilliant keyboard workstation. The Ml. Sound cards for this beauty cost a staggering £80.
What's more, these cards contain just a single bank of sounds, so building up a decent sound library can be an expensive affair.
Help is at hand, however. The Music Matrix (0592 714887) has just launched an autobootlng Amiga disk which contains no fewer than 500 new sounds for the Korg M1.
Also included is d utility to enable you to dump the sounds out to your Ml and even store your own on disk. Obviously, you'l need a MIDI Interface to be able to use it. But they're very good value for just £30.
I dumped the sounds into my own Ml and was pleasantly surprised by both the quality ond originality of the sounds. I fully Intend to make extensive use of many of the sounds In my own music, which is a recommendation In itself.
As an added bonus. Music Matrix also includes 'he default M1 sounds on the disk at no extra charge, so you don'1 have to worry about losing your factory presets when you dump the new sounds into your Ml. As we speak, the Music Matrix is alreacy hard at work on a similar pock for the Kawai K1.
Also worth a mention is the Music Matrix disk mogazine. Also called Music Matrix, which is dedicated entirely to music making on the Amiga.
It contains a wealth of music- related product reviews, music programming tips, tutorials and so on.
Plus a generous helping of music utilities and programs.
For synth owners, there’s usually a selection of sounds for use with keyboards such as tne Roland D- series and Yamaha F801.
Each Issue of the Music Matrix mag costs £10.
NEW MUSIC BOOK If this month's mega-feature on music wasn't enough to quench your thirst for knowledge, then Abacus's latest book release' may be just what you've oeen looking for. Entitled Making Music v-tth the Amiga, the book offers a comprehensive guide to oil things musical on our favourite computer.
The first couple of chapters are dedicated to music theory, providing a fairly In-depth look al such things as the fundamentals of music notation and the elements of sound synthesis.
For those of you feeling cdven- turous. There's also an addtlonal section detailing the construction of both a sound sampler and a MIDI Interface.
Both come with step-by-step Instructions for building eoch. Complete with the necessary circuit diagrams.
The kits cost considerably less than their commercial counterparts, ond you get the added satisfaction of building them yourself.
After the theory. It's onto more practical matters with a look at music programming In a number of popular languages. Including both GFA and Amiga BASIC.
Topics covered Include the basics of sound generation, nard- ware-level music programming In GFA BASIC, the music- specific IFF forms (8SVX and SMUS), MID fundamentals and sound sampling. It even provides an in-depth look at several major music packages currently on the market - Aegis Sonix.
AudioMaster II, Deluxe Mjslc, Dynamic Drums to name tut a few.
Making Music On the Amiga Is available for £29.95, which also includes a free disk containing all the source code examples, 'rom Adamsoft who can be contacted on 0706 524304.
Superbly reviewed educational adventure. Develops reading and ¦magwiation MAGIC MATHS (4 - 8) IBM, PCW, ST AMIGA.
Highly rated primary maths programs. Selection of games.
Add and Subtract MATHS MANIA (8-12) IBM. PCW, ST, AMIGA. The best primary programs I have yet seen" Multiply, Drvide, Maths Skills.
BBC. CBM (D). Highly acclaimed tutor. Received excellent reviews.
BETTER MATHS (12-16 GCSE) IBM. PCW, ST, AMIGA, CPC, CBM (D). Ver, comprehensive coverage of all the major aspects of maths tor this age group. Excellent JUNIOR TYPIST (4 -10) IBM, ST, AMIGA. Keyboard trainer which helps spelling THE BEST IN EDUCATION HOW TO OROER
1. Po« your order Z Fax your order, a Rjng credit card number.
4 Rmg tor advice 5 Ask your dealer to order, Prices: IBM S'M or 3Vj, ST 4 STE. AMIGA E2295 CPC. PCW. C8M Idrsks)_£1695 FREE CATALOGUE ORDER DIRECT TO: School Software Ltd., Tait Business Centre, Dominic Street, Limerick. Ireland.
Tel: (U.K.) 010 353-61-45399.
Fax Orders: 010 353-61 -44315.
Credit Card Hotline (U.K.): 010 353-61-45399.
Others Tel: 010 353-61 -45399.
THE NEW - “BEGINNER S GUIDE TO AMIGADOS” This is a higNy effective way to tale ycu from a begroer to an expert on AmgaDOS This very popiw pactage has now beer COMAETEiy updated to cover all AmigaDOS vers-ors The package consists cf a guidebook, a t Jtcriai DISC, a crib card and many other exciting and interesting programs This i«. A clea- and well thought out gu*de to AmigaDOS It tares you by simple steps, w.th many examples tttough the powerful AmigaDOS commands The emphasis is on tarring through ewxnence ard doing - not just reading like most ocher books In no time at all you will master a
fast, powerful ard customised operating system you can easify include your own pictures, messages and programs the guide includes an incredibly gst picture leader, a password system, a gallery of high ouairty pc- tores, a variety o‘ boot up sequerces, other high quality programs and much, much more Guide bock. Dsc, Crtocard etc only £1 1.95. NEW! - "NEW DIMENSIONS" - NEW!
Some of the most irrpressrve effects yet seen on an Amiga Yco will find that graphics amd pictures float before oir eyes n front of you screen! The o Dth of the actires extends up to ten feet into the screen1 These fytashc effects hare to be seen to be believed Included on the dsc are generous numbers of 3D octi es, 3D yapfics, 30 games a-d a 3D art progam We even provide a tutorial to hep you design yoi own 30 effects co a part package or write ycu own 30 programs, included m tbs excelled package are two pais of 30 specs Normal pnee £1395 This month only £11.95. WIZARD S GUIDE TO BASIC This
is a very effective arp eryqyifole way to learn BASIC The whole concept is desrgned to help you learn quickly and achieve irrprestrve results in no time Vour confidence and skills will nse rapidly as you make you way through this cxrse The Wizard's BaSK guide comes on two discs with a sophisticated electronic cook Vou can get help m the form of text, moving demonstrations, graphics, sound or speecn with just a touch of a button. The course starts at begrner level and carefully rises to expert level bu wall team to master graphics, colot , sound, movement, speech, window*, merus,
d3tapnxessmg etc Hurxteds of example programs and demos are included This is a value packed package wr»ch will leave ou with a wealth of knowledge and expertise Excellent value £13.95. MASTERPIECE “THE BEST PICTURES I HAVE EVTR SEEM OH THE AMIGA* reported a recent review This package taxes you cn a spectacular tnp through the world of art Every picture is of true quality and is ds- played using thousands of cokxrs To help you enjoy the world's heritage of art to the fiil we have included ccmcreherisrvt notes cn each artist and painting Whether you are an art exDert or knew nothing at ail
about an, tbs is a wonderful way to appreciate the great partings of the wcrld (and appreciate the graphic capability of your Amiga as wefl). The package comes with two discs packed flit of pictures a-d nformaticn Outstanding value £8.95. EXTRA VALUE!
(ky two oi mere of the above products and benefit frcm the following dscounts 2 produits 12 disc art, 3 products - £3 discant, 4 erod-xrts - £4 dscount etc Discarts are gven cn the TOTAl value of the oroet UK PSP - fKEE and try FtPST CLASS post Overseas orders welcome - Europe * please add Sop Outside Europe please aid £1 SO for airmail All payments in pounds sterling please ChequesVP.O.'s to: Wizard Software (Dept. ACC1) 20 Hadrian Drive, Redhills, Exeter, Devon. EX4 1SR Buy Quality American Diskettes at LOW! LOW! LOW! Prices 100% Certified Guaranteed
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include VAT + Labels US COMPUTER SUPPLIES 130G Cargo
Building 521 London Heathrow, Middlesex TW6 3LL Phone:
081-759 8829 Fax: 081-897 0407 Eddie McKendrie provides a
whole new dimension to adventure games with a delve into
MUGS In these hardware indulgent days of blitters and DMA
sound, entertainment software has leapt from one audiovi
sual sensation to another, each new production getting more
sophisticated and exciting than its forerunner.
It is perhaps not surprising then that the humble text adventure game has been relegated to the ‘disks to format’ pile.
Maybe because it's just not fun any more to sit and watch a stream of ASCII pass by as you fumble your way through a dense forest without 0 torch - and where on earth can you find one? Often you will play an adventure game, anc get to a certain point., and just stay there The manuals do their best to make the plot sound exciting, and give as many hints as the author feets necessary, but all too often this just isn't enough. Within seconds your trusty Amy gets the Speck grip and Xenon II finds its wav into the drive.
T'Ms problem is reduced quite a bit If you can find someone else who is interested in th© game you are playing. It is often easier, and mo'e enjoyable, to solve complex mental puzzles with like minded people. After all. They might have battenes for your torch! Ft is on this principal that Multi-User Games breathe new life into monotonous text adventures.
A Multi-User Game - or MUG to its trlends - is. In basic terms, a text adventure game that dozens of people can play at once.
Within 0 good text adventure, players sometimes encounter characters created by the game s coder. These characters are designed to make the game a little more enjoyable, or in some cases hazarcous!
MUGs alsc have their fair share of distractions, but like you, they are real people.
The basic scenario is exactly the same as a typical adventure game, accumulate a certain number of points in order to finish the game. This generally Involves collecting lots of treasure and solving puzzles. Increasing your score to the required level.
Now you would think that with lots of other people ploying the same game things would be much easier After all, no matter what you need to find out. Another player is bound to have some ideas.
To an extent this is true, but don't count cn getting all the help you would like. When lots of people do the same thing, be it rushing for a train or counting paper clips. It becomes competitive.
The same thing applies to MUGs. Unlike normal adventures, completing a MUG is’only the beginning! When the toll is over, you can continue to play, with extra status as the reward for completing your crusade.
Generaly speaking players become immortal, with significantly enhanced powers In the game. Such status can be used to help new players, or to be a pain of awesome intensity.
It is all part of the fun. Although Immortals who regularly abuse their advartage soon gain a reputation that even the most cold heart would have trouble sleeping with.
Friendly olayers will usually help newcomers get started. As you gain practical experience and are elevated to higher levels survival becomes the name of the game.
Everyone at a high level wants to be the next Immortal!
Points are gained via a number of means. Solving puzzles and quietly collecting treasure is one way.
Providing you are not in a hurry.
Unfortunately for you. The devious people who created MUGs have taken advantage of the less benevolent face of human nature.
It If often easier to gain points by using less sociable toe tics.
There is nothing MUG creator extraordinaire Matthew Ward likes to see more than a good honest tight to the death between players In one of the games he has concocted.
There is one Important difference between single user adventures and MUGs. Plcylng a normal adventure, you can save a position to disk and keep It scfe in case you do anything silly. This allows fairly painless resumption should you be killed. This Is far fron the truth on MUGs. Death by whatever means, fair or foul. Is terminal. When you lose points It is Just not possible to restore them.
There is nothing more frustrating that working hard foe two hours collecting treasure only to be killed by another piayer. As any dedicated MUGer will tell you.
On any good MUG you win suffer your fair share of Irjustlces at th© hands of others. Most serious players demonstrate little sympathy with your desire to beat them to the top of the pile.
Always be suspic ous of anyone who asks It they can look after your treasure for a while, or 'borrow' your weapon! You will doubtless also witness many Interesting demonstrations of moglc powers... competing players have a habit of illustrating by example.
The question "What does Hobble do?’ con often lead to o stunning Inability to move. Only ask what 'Zap* does If you are planning to go away for a while Another Important factor In MUGing is roleplcy. The whole game would be pretty boring if you didn't make an effcrt by acting the part. After an the whole scenario is in your Imagination. Each MUG has its own theme and there are many to choose from.
Europe's biggest MUG is Shades, versions of which are running in Britain and France. The Shades world is d step back into medieval times, when knights wore armour and computer games loaded from cassette.
The landscape features a mog- nificent castle, many Intriguing woods and forests, a spleidid mansion and an enchanting old city.
The mystique would totally evaporate If its players ddn't make an effort to blend In with their surroundings. Fred from Clapham and Michelle from Brlxton are not amazingly convincing names for peers of the medieval realm.
It pays to research a character and built up a persona for playing.
It all adds entertainment value and fun to what could otherwise become just another baring adventure.
MUGs can be much more than just text. Well organised ones have regular meets up and down the country, where player; can meet each other in the flesh, exchanging views, Ideas and even friendly insults!
There are plenty of Mulli-User Games to choose trom. Most people should find something ot interest. By far the most widely available games are Shades and Trash, both of which Hve on the UK Prestel system.
Trash is a space age fcntasy adventure which Involves cleaning up a futuristic murtrverse.
Prestel does not have a monopoly on MUGs by any stretch of the imagination. Other national games worth a mention Irclude MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), another very popular medieval odven- ture, and Federation, a delv6 into the space race.
Finally, there are more small MUGs In the UK than space permits mentioning. Finding one local to you should not prove too difficult. To get started or most MUGs all that Is required is a modem, some decent comms softwore, a little skill, and a lot of luck!
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Jason Titchberry investigates graphics option.
Text - ;o wh ways to co It! Tht-re ore wiftir he: v.--‘ ro o r « d, but in this case no* ;t white. It is i' ¦ means that you an gfaphlc behind tt. To create a graduated pattern limply iraw a tilled black box running o er the fop of the text, a filed wh te box over the bottom and use bte : The®bring the text box back to the front and there you have it. The object of your eyes' desire.
Trace place If you want to Include another font, but It Is only bitmapped and not a scalable one, there b a way to do it. Nothing looks mote terrible on a page, especially If It b output on a decent printer, than a bttmop font.
This is even more noticeable when It is scaled up for use as a section heading or a masthead.
One thing that Is possible is to sort of convert your bitmap text to a structured object, eliminating the nasty joggles. This can be achieved by a bit of trial and error with the trace program - supplied with ProDraw.
Ihere is. However, cn element of will be an avv iU lot of weatKer id again today, giving way to later ilirsts of extreme weather. By this ing all parts of the country will be t grip of weather apart from Ihto-T-Tulfwo Ttfhoro nntfiino o mr i Ervcapwkited Postscript ovtput li useful if your insi.aiaagjt!
Ml I fPUMi V«ll*v fcnil' Awl* fMtnt fi imu* u» C I tit hit iu* Q ) (.i* MHHpi mmu.' Q i (.1* »Hg luei* 0 Ul« totkrlvt I CE3 Shaded reverses hove their uses and so on should be derived using these It's not difficult. Mind you. I see what you mean about things looking a bit "samey* after a while.
However, the answer is not to incorporate more fonts, but to revamp the ones you already have How are you supposed to do that? It's obvious - ProDraw. I have always maintained that after Dpaint and Plxmate. The most useful package to aid you in an things desktop is ProDraw.
Because It Is a structured art package it follows the same antt- jaggies philosophy as your DTP program - tt outputs at the resotution of the printer, not the screen.
Aside from the foct that It is jolly useful for running up no end of tables, charts and illustrations, it has c considerable value In the If there's one mistake more common than any other in DTP it is the overuse of fonts.
Most packages only come with two or three and that's all you really need - a good solid type for headlines and a nice easy to read bod face.
Al manner of varieties of subhead. Crosshead, by-line, standflrst itself from the rest of the page and fell the reader that it Is something special.
Suppose instead of just reversing It out you gave the text a graduated tint as well. How? Well, this is quite easy in ProDraw. Select the text icon and type in your heading.
Now. Before you do anything to the text you must turn it into a group of objects so that we can fiddle with it. Having done that tt is but the work of a moment to draw a box around it.
Check tha* fill is selected 'off* for both sets of objects. Now select all the objects together and choose Make compound object' from the 'Object' menu. All the files ore now Irextrfcably linked.
To complete the reversing effect turn 'fill' on ond turn off the ’special ©fleets' department. In short it is the Ideal solution to our boring display problem.
Let's consider just one case.
Suppose you often have a small spot at the loot of a page called, well I don't now. Something stunning. The trouble is when you use normal headline text, even if you reverse it out. It doesn't detach chance in this because you have to choose the ’fiddle' factor. If you get trace to faithfully cenveft a bitmap to the highest accuracy it will trace around the jagged edges and make them. If anything. Worse. Get too haphazard though, and the text will look like so much plasticene.
Mastheads Mastheads are a very important port of your publication - they are your corporate logo. It is not really enough just to have larger than normal text with a few graphics thrown In.
Using the same font, with the aid of Prodraw you can edit individual points of the text to nake distinctive or merely emphasised.
See the example here ‘rom the masthead of my own publication - the Curried Eel. Note how the *C* has been enlaged and bent around the following letter.
Next time That's about It for this month. Next time we will hopefully be locking at the new DTP package just In from Germany. Saxon.
? It adds, substracts, multiplies and divides ? It works out VAT and other percentages ? It has a powerful three-key memory ? And it's solar powered!
(But just don't put it in your computer!)
... and it’s nnCD [I DIV I ValicJ 10 Please tick the UHUCn I wIilVI February 28,1991 appropriate Box 12 Months Subscription - UK (including tree adculMtor disc) New Renewal With cover disc £29.95 I j a? [ j aw* Without cover disc £24.95 L_J xto « New 12 Months Subscription - outside UK Europe Eire (with cover disc) £34.95 Rest of World - Airmail (with cover disc) £49.95 Renewal 44 9546 B9543 45 |_J Subscription orders received belore January 22 will commence with February issue when you subscribe to... AMIGA COMPUTING
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N Choquo Eurocheque male payable to Interactive Publications Ltd AccessMastercard Euro rdBarciaycard Visa'Conneci E«p«y Dale Name Address Postcode Daytime telephone number in case of queries Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK) Order at any By phone: 051 -357 1275 time of the By lax: 051 -357 2813 day or night By MicroUnk: MAG001 1 Don't forger to grve your name. 1 91 address and credit curd numbw £ General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 If you prefer to have the magazine delivered with your morning paper, cut out this form and
give it to your newsagent Dear Newsagent Name _ Please resen e Address AMIGA COMPUTING every month Hello AMOSers. Did you hove a nice Christmas breaks I've been praying with tots of bits and pieces over the last couple of weeks. Including VO Amiga the excellent video digitiser from ?OMBO.
Gory Symons has written a nice little assembler in AMOS and is just putting the finishing touches to some test routines, which will allow AMQ owners to grab directty from this inlerfacel If you came along to the Computer Shopper show you may have met Francois Lionet, the creator of AMOS. You may also have seen a couple of new things for AMOS including the new AMOS demo which is available from the More tricky coding from the AMOS master official AMOS PD library run by Sandra Sharkey - give her a bell on 0942 495 261. Francois says hello to all Amiga Computing readers, and he's going to send
me copies of the AMOS articles and programs which he publishes in some French Amiga magazines.
Now. To round off our look at some of the more advanced features of AMAL, we're going to do a bit of work with different autobcck modes.
To understand how this system works, It's necessary to grasp the principles behind double buffered screens.
When you double buffer a screen for an motion you are producing a copy of a screen rema ns Invisible at al vou display a BOB or draw
• nag on a screen, tt is first ’his invisible LOGK then
automatically flipped vis.bio PHYSICAL screen, method the user
remains to the drawing process, which may take a couple of
vertical blanks.
When a screen is not double buffered, the drawing process is seen by the user os a very nasty flicker!
The autoback system controls the method by which all graphics operations ore carried out and there are three autoback modes.
Autoback 2: This « the default setting for autoback whenever you open a screen. It allows any graphics operation (such as plot, box and so on, to be performed behind allBOBs.
Unfortunately, it's very slow because of the way It wor s. It actually performs all of the drawing operations both graphics and BOBs, twice, which for a gone is pretty improcticol!
Autoback 1: This is a compromise between modes two and zero. You can draw on goth the physical and logical screens but If any BOBs are in the way strange things will happen! This is ideal for hi-score panels in gomes such as Pukadu, (available from the AMOS PD Library Autoback 0: When you want to ignore most of the automatic updating methods used by AMOS this is the mode to use. When mode zero Is Invoked, all grophics operations are performed only on the logical screen This allows you to generate your own backgrounds automatically without havhg to use the slow mode 2¦ Try typing in this
progrom: Load
MK' Flash Off : Cis 0 : Got Sprit* Palette Double Butter Autoback 2 WaltVbi Bob 1,50,50,1 Walt VW Locate 0,10 For LOP-1 To 8 Print "PETER"; Next LOP When run, you'll notice that the text Is printed underneath the big A', 3$ you can see the printing is quite slow. Change the AUTOBACK command to read AUTOBACK 1 and run the program again. This time the text Is printed on top of the big A‘. Now change the AUTOBACK command to AUTOBACK 0. This time the text does not appear at all!
The reason for this Is because the operation has been carried out on the logical screen and has not been copied to the physical, to show the text, go to direct mode and type SCREEN SWAP. The WAIT VBL commands are just there to make sure the BOB Is drawn before any other command is executed.
This is all very nice but It doesn't really explcln why the BOBs always appear, even though the autoback mode is set to zero.
The autoback mode controls the graphics operations, to take control of the BOBs we must switch oft the automatic AMOS BOB updates using the following command Bob Update Off If you Insert this Just before the DOUBLE BUFFER command then run the program, you'll see that nothing appears. Even If we go to direct mode and type SCREEN SWAP, only the text appears.
Where's th9 BOB gone? Well, because we switched off the update. AMOS will not actually draw the A' until we tel It.
Insert these lines at the end of the progrom Bob Draw Screen Swap When you run the program, you'll see that the BOB Is cnce again drawn over the textl Of course the beauty ot the au*oback system is that you can change which mode you are in at any time during your own programs.
As a more dramatic demonstration of autoback, type in the next program and run It.
Set up screen Lood "AMOS_PROGRAM$ BIG _AMOS.AB r Screen Open 0,640,2004,Hires Flash Off: Cun Off: Cis 0 Colour 1.$ 457: Colour 2. $ 669: Colour 3,$ 99F: Hide On Double Buffer: Autobock 2 1 Generate stars In anay AMOUNT=60 Dim COORDS(AMOUNT: Randomize Tlmer*Rnd($ 3) SC R=Screen Width For LOP-1 To AMOUNT Step 2 COORDS(LOP)=Rnd(SCR): COORDSOOP+1 )=Rnd(200) As you can see. This methoc is pretty fast and can be used to achieve some father good effects.
Now try changing the autoback mode to 2 then run It. As you can see. It's possible to spot every star being drawn and Is realy unsuited to doing things Hke this. Anyway that's it for this month. Now with all the boring stuff over we can get on with writing our game over the next couple of Issues. Have fun and happy new year.
Next LOP ' Move stars Do C-1 Ctelogle(O) For LOP-1 To AMOUNT Step 2 If 10P 15 and 10P 2? Then 02 If LOP 28 Then C-3 Plof COORDSaOP).COORDSaOP+1 ),C COORDS(LOP)»COORD$ (LOP)- (LOP 2)-1 If COORDS(LOP) 0 Then COOROS(LOP)®$ CR-1 Next LOP 'do bobs here Screen Swap. Wait Vbl Loop Ear shattering offers for Amiga Computing readers Make the most of your Amiga's superb sound capabilities by connecting SoundBlaster's high quality stereo amplifier and speakers.
Using the latest microchip technology, the specia ly designed amplifier can deliver an ear-shattering five watts of music power, with twin controls provide complete control over volume and balance.
The ‘ifty watt speakers consist of a woofer, a mid-range and a tweeter for the highest possible sound quality. Thumping bass, crisp trebles: You'll hear them all with incredible clarity.
The Amiga Soundblaster comes complete with mains adaptor and full instructions. No alterations to your computer are required
- just plug in and switch on to re-discover sound on your Amiga.
Boost your computer's sound with an AMIGASOUNDBLASm «nn»n' Buy all 3 for just £99.95 7" '__; . * ------- «i tirni .j 4S
* » • i Make beautiful music on your Amiga Quartet is a stunning
sequencing package that will allow you to compose anything from
a jingle to a symphony.
Making full use of the Amiga's unique four channel stereo sound system, Quartet is equally at home playing Depeche Mode or Debussy. Quartet comes complete with complete instructions, a disk of full of sound samples and full source code to allow you to intergrate your tunes into your own programs.
What's more, Quartet is MIDI compatible, so you can connect a suitable keyboard or synthesiser to enter notes directly.
Its the ideal sequencer package to complement the excellent Master Sound sampler
- Amiga Computing, August 1990 Quartet comes with full
instructions and two disks for £39.95 Master Sound Capture any
sound you hear and replay it in seconds ' It's so easy to use:
Simply connect the sampler to ycur Amiga, load the software and
immediately you have the ability to capture sounds with amazing
Connect your compact disc player or personal stereo and digitise sounds to incorporate into your own games and tunes.
The supplied software provides complete control over the sampled sounds: Cut and paste them, flip and fade them and you’re still only using a tiny fraction of the sound processing tools available.
Best of all, the comprehensive instructions will soon have you creating your own public domain demo disks complete with IFF picture files.
The perfect sound sampling package for beginners and experts alike.
Master Sound is a complete hardware and software sampling system for only £34.95 “Is it real or is it Master Sound?”
- Amiga Computing, May 1990 See order form on page 129 Wot fame?
There I was laying In my weekly Sunday hot bath perusing the latest copy of Amiga Computing when I glanced at your letters poge and WOWII nearly drowned when I saw that you had published my letterl Visions of fame, kudos, fortune and so on floated before my eyes. But wait a minute, where was my name? You'd forgotten to put It Ini Now no- or e believes me when I say that's my letter.
Speaking as a hairy. 260!bs. Six feet taH biker.
I'm sure you won't leave out my name if you ever publish another of my letters (fat chance of that now!).
G!ght. Whingeing over and now for a serious question. I use my Amiga 500 plus 512K expansion. Second drive and MPS123Q printer at home for my personal letters etc.. with the Workbench Notepad device as I'm lazy and it wor s with relative ease.
I use a Psion Organiser II with a letter organiser ct work to take notes and so on and I was wondering It there was a public domain utility program that would let me uplood Psion data into my Amiga?
The Psion has its data port and getting a lead for It would be no problem as I'm an avionics technician by trade so I can make one to whichever port In the Amiga Is appro- pria-e.
As previously mentioned. I'm lazy, and while I cojld probably write the program myself. If there Is already one written It'd save me some evenings away from Red Storm Rising and coud be worth a few beer chits (I believe in shareware).
D A ‘Kuddles’ Shreeve. Norwich. Norfolk.
Consider yourself printed. Hairy biker, huh?
Ever been to P *n* H Motorcycles In TOWN?
Probably only if you're Into British bikes.
Anyway, where was I? Yeah, Psion organiser, right? There are two possible solutions. One is to throw away the Psion and get a decent portable computer, such as an Amiga in a suitcase. The other is to read this month's technical help poges.
What Katie did... Hello. It's Katharina again. Once more you hove saved my life, the Universe and everything. Not to mention my sanity, After reading your response in my November Issue of Amiga Computing I took your advice and bought Arncr's Protext V4.2 I am obliged to say it is the best program I have ever had the pleasure of using on an Amiga. It is fast, straightforward and although It makes few concessions to user-friendliness. I would recommend it over cute and furry word processors every time.
I cm already saving my pennies towards the upgrade as it enables the definition of symbols and keyboard layouts. As a languages student. I should very much like to be able to (Despatcfies Write to Amiga Computing, Europa House, tures. If the Amiga Is going to get serious then It needs turbo-charging for starters. Gold Disk need to take a look at the competition.
Chris Mullins. Horfield. Bristol.
Provocative stuff and I’m sure there'll be ots of readers who don't ogree with you. Not having first-hand experience of the Archimedes (I cut my sHlcon teeth on a B wtth 32K). I don’t want to argue the point, but we'll happily print letters from the opposing camp.
Sound bet?
This Is indeed an unusual request and only written because I am unable to get help locally. I do not own or use an Amiga computer, but It Is my intention to buy one provided that I can obtain the answers to a few questions Uke many of us, have been misled In the past and being realistic have accepted that one has to pay a price for gaining experience.
To get straight to the point, do you think that some kind Amiga owner would record on tape samples of the type of music one can produce with the Amiga sound chip. I am aware that the Atari is very good at music - via MIDI - but as in my present machine (Amstrod 6126) the sound chip results are not what I'm looking for.
I have been told that sound reproduction on the Amiga is fantastic so I really need the chance to hear what It Is capable of. If successful then you Cdn Count on another Amiga AMIGA’. If one of your subscribers could con- type in Russian - I hate writing everything by hand nowl I know someone who uses Locoscript on an Amstrad. But obviously that Is Incompatible with an Amiga.
I intend to solve the lock of graphics suppor by purchasing the complete PageSetter II One company advertising in Amigc Computing is selling this program at an affordable £35. Kindwords. On the other hand, will be having a deep and meaningful discussion writ- the dustbin.
I should like to add that I love the new-look magazine. It'is definitely a case of the best getting better. There have certainly been a lot of changes, especially to the postbox section which is now the very sophisticated Despatches.
Katie Spencer, Basingstoke. Hampshire STP dilemma i use BBC Masters. Bs and an A3000 and I own an Amiga. But I cannot Imagine, from the aackages I have seen, using the Amiga for desktop publishing. It's simply too slow!
PogeSetter II is nice enough from the look of the excellent demo you supplied, but you only get two fonts and the rest cost £8,50 each!
What's more, there’s only one border (a plain olack line), text can only be horizontal, there's
• only one type of shadow and on and on.
It is not really cheap when compared with Poster for the Archimedes which comes in at about £80 with 18 fonts and loads of other feaill 1 YOU'VE HEARO THE TAPE • SEEN THE VIDEO • NOW TRY THE DISK THE WORLDS FINEST DISKS FRCM
T. D.K. * KAO
3. 5- MF2DO 3 5* MF2HD 5 25- MD2DO 5 25’ MD2MD 100 £48.0 Atonce
for the ST & Amiga The 80286 AT Emulator that is a smash hit
with ST Users is now available lor the Amiga. Available at the
low price of £189.
Ring now for full details Can I corrupt my files? How do I make a CONFIG.SYS file?
What is a BAT file? Can I alter the search path?
Can you answer ALL these questions? JOIN THE CLUB Problems getting the right answers?_JOIN THE CLUB Can retailers use the helpline? YES! JOIN THE CLUB Thinking of tuying an emulator? JOIN THE CLUB What is the cost for advice? NOTHING_JOil THE CLUB YOUR FREE ADVICE HOTLINE Wed 9am to 6pm - Sat 9am to 1pm 0622 677173 XT Advice Saturday mornings only 5 25" M02WD 96 ta dojbe sided nigh density £800 £101 KAO D1SKAROO DISK WALLET CONTAINING 10 BRANDED MF2DD DISKS £1000 3 5‘ • 5 25- POSSO BOXES ONLY £14 00 50 100 1 MEGABYTE 3.5" MF2DD BULK 50P £24.00 £48.0 2 MEGABYTE 3.5 1 MF2HD BULK £1.00 £48.00
£95.0 iPycEases ot 'CO* cisks«mII nciudea 3 5"dis*drivec*anmgkit Ai above disks are 100% error tree & v*a"anted i-ee irorr detects 4 as sucn carry ji »1 gua.artee ATARI ST & AMIGA SPECIALISTS STAR PRINTERS - LC10 = £150. LC10 COLOUR e £210. LC24-10 ¦ £2*5.
LC24-200 NEW = £255 LC200 COLOUR = £210, LC24-200 COLOUR = £290 So-oc* tno-o-j. Lw iw pro* wl MB *1 encc* •*: VAT *** FREE potlajc A ctttnq an cnJen 0**‘ 00 00
PONTEFRACT. WEST YORKS. WF9 2YZ 53 TEL: (0977) 649100 FAX:
(0977) 643312 PC EMULATOR Support Club 135 ip. UouOi* sdeti
oooOle density 135 »• Ooiote s-ded Ngf density 96 tp doj&e
skwkJ douop density KAO MF2DD Double sided 1 Mb capacity DTP
BUREAU 843, Western Boulevard. Basford, Nottingham. NG8 5FG
Tel: (0602) 420528 Fax: (0602) 420162 Callers welcome.
24 Hour Service most jobs.
Phone: (0602) 420528 far more details (This ad was created solely on in Amiga.)
The Amiga Only Bureau 300dpi Laser Printers Linotronic Output (Film or Paper 2500 or 1800dpi) I Hi Res Lo Res Scanning (Colour Black & White) Desktop Publishing DTP Helpline Pantone Colour System Design Studio Four Colour Printing (Lithographic) CALL OR SEND CHEQUES TO B.C.S. LTD, ADVERTISERS' INDEX 349 DITCHLINC, ROAD, BRIGHTON BN1 6JJ 0273 506269 0831 279084 7 days 24 hours -m.
17 Bit Software ......82 Accolade ...89 Alternative I mase .116 Applied Research Kernal .98 Ashcom ..106 Audition Comp Services ..... 80 BCS .....126 Bitcon Devices ....131 Calco 118 Checkmate Digital 54 Comp-U-Save ......100 Computer Bookshop . 18 Computer Lab ...
100 Computerwise .... 120 Contriver .. 26 Ddtel .... 34-36 Delta ...116 Diamond ...68-71 Digicom .....76 Digita ..... 24 DTBS ....93 ECO ...112 Entertainment International 75 Evesham 42-43 Gordon Harwood ...56-59 Greater London 28-29
Hi Soft ...14 Homebased Business ......120 Jam Computers . 106 JTSPD 120 KC Video . 126 Kosmos .....116
LCL. 93 M Alim &
Co 104
M. D. Office Supplies ....22
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Expansion .12,17
Microdeal ..53 New
Dimensions 100 Original
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Proton .112 Rom
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machine 50 Software
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Voltmace 116 WTS
Electronics ....90 Walton
Marketing ...16 Waterfront
Design 126 Wizard
.• .....120 Worldwide
Software ....86 toct me I will gladly provide
tapes and postage and all letters would, of course, be
Although as yet I am unable to use the disks attached to your journal, I enjoy reading all the articles and comments. Also. I feel that as a result of your presentation, I am more enlightened as to the capabilities of the Amiga. Thank you.
R H Fisher, 32 Coplnger Close, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7DJ.
Thousands of philanthropic readers will be recording the fantastic Christmas tune from the last issue on a tape and bunging it into the post for you. Watch and wait.
Amiga 1 - Atari 0 I have just finished reading the new-look Amiga Computing and It's brilfcant I don't see why the cover logo was changed though, and why don't we get a glossy cover and thicker paper like Atari ST User0 Until a couple of months ago I owned an Atari 520STFM but after talking to my local computer shop about the Amiga. I traded it in fcr an Amiga 500 Screen Gems pack.
I think Commodore provide much better manuals than Atari although the Instructions don't seem to Include the Graphics Select 2' options when it talks about Preferences'.
Another thing is that, excluding Beast 2. The gomes are rubbish, and why isn't a word processor included? However. I recently bought Publishers' Choice, this I found easy to use with excellent printouts.
Are there any plans at Interactive for a weekly mag or an Amiga quarterly like ST World?
Trevor Booth. Etchlngham. East Sussex.
Glad you like the mag, have fun with your Aniga, you mode the right choice. Quarterly?
Our readers would never forgive us H we didn't give them their monthly silicon injection.
Beginners code class?
I cwn (dore I mention it?) On Atari STE and an Aniga 500 both with 1Mb of RAM memory and for each machine I have HiSoft's DevPoc
2. Also have a number of books on machine code programming.
Now to the point. I can't make head nor tol of it (machine code that Is). So'd like to ask you if you would run a series for the begm- ne- in machine code.
I want to mainly program demos and games but my experience with programming has only been with BASIC and Pascal and they're not really good enough. I hope you will run a series.
B Roberts, Perth. Western Australia.
We already have a machine code column running in the Almanac at the moment but it is very definitely pitched at the techies. On that basis, there would seem to be a pressing need for a beginner s slot which could, from first CLI and so on principles, move via high-level programming to machine code, hopefully In easy steps.
So when will this new series appear? Don't know yet. I’m afraid, but rest assured we have the interests of beginners at heart and we'll run something very soon.
Cries for adventure Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your delightful magazine Secondly, I have had an Amiga for nearly one year now and am considering buying AMOS - the games creator. I am nearly 12 years old. But I have a reasonable knowledge in computing, especially 68000 BASIC. Do you think it worthwhile for someone of my age. Or might i find it too complicated.?
Thirdly, do you think it necessary for me to buy a second disk drive or is It likely I wil be able to manage by saving CLI files, such as Path, to the RAM disk.
Also, could you pleose start an adven-ure section as I love text adventures and think they are a lot better than wild shoot-em-ups.
Paul Townend, Leeds.
Buy AMOS. If you're used to using Amiga BASIC, then AMOS Is the next step up the programming ladder. It's very powerful yet easy to leam.
On the need for a second drive, then you really have to weigh up the expense with the need. If you have the money and don't need it for anything else, buy one. Otherwise make do with the RAM disk.
Adventures, huh? Maybe. If enough of you write In requesting a column... Gribit's Gone I am a new Amiga owner and haven't really got the hang of using it as a computer os opposed to a games machine.
The children obviously like playing games on it and after a few goes on Gribrt they found out how to change screens then save them.
However, after doing this a couple of times and then ploying with other games, they returned to Grlblt and found It wouldn't load It gets as far as where the screen says "Loadhg Sprites* and then there is a loading error telling us that it is not available. Have we unwittingly wiped the disk?
Please ten me what to do to get my game back.
Lyn Richardson, Choriey, Lancashire.
What's probably happened is that you've saved a screen to a unprotected game disk and corrupted It. If that's the case (and I’m pretty sure it Is...) It's ruined. Try talking sweetty to the software house - you never knowl I take it all back!
On the 14th October I wrote to you with regards to software protection using dongles and the like. I mentioned, os on example, that my Dad lost the manual to OCP Art Studio.
Since then my Dad has phoned Datel and explained the situation. It is worth noting that Datel very promptly sent my Dad a replacement completely free. I still maintain that such software protection is unnecessary but It is a good indication that Dgtel offer excellent customer support.
Mark Ford. Luton. Beds.
All’s well that ends well... Polish pirate problems We have about 10.000-15,000 Amiga here In Polcnd. Mainly A500s although I have seen an A3000 There are two local AMIGA magazines but these only have a few pages However, thanks to social and economic reforms in Poland we can now buy Western computer magazines, yours included.. Software In our country Is 99.99% copied.
This is the fault of a lack of lows governing software protection. You can obtain a copy of every new game or serious program for about £1.50 at any Saturday computer bazoar. I personally think this Is very sad because no one will sell original software in Poland for this reason, Could you please answer the following
1. How does Protext 5.0 support Polish? I have a STAR LC 24-10
printer and I am not sure whether Protext will allow If to
print Polish fonts in text mode.
2. Can an Evesham Micros 1.5Mb memory expansion bo Wed Ike a A501
unr or will I hove to do some work?
3. Are you going to review PageStream 2.0?
4. Does Vortex Atonce emulator support EGA or VGA cords and are
you going to review It?
Could you please print my name and address in full as I would like to correspond with other Amiga users outside Poland.
I hove seen many Amiga magazines but I only buy Amiga Computing because it is clearty The best.
Jacek Dytwald, Ul. Sucharskiego5 m.51, 01-390 Worszawa, Poland.
1. Protext 5.0 supports a multitude of languages Including
Polish and with a Star LC24-10 printer you shouldn't encourter
any problems printing the results.
2. Yes, the Evesham upgrade works via the trapdoor, so there's
little work involved installing one.
3. Soon.
4. The Atonce PC-AT emulator suppors CGA (16 colour mode).
Hercules, Toshiba and Olivetti (ie no EGA or VGA!)
A complete drawing board in one simple unit. With a rolling ruler you can draw: ? Horizontal parallel lines It's Amazing!
It's Radical!
It's the Rolling Ru ? Vertical parallel lines ? Perfect right angles with ease ? Any other angles from 1° to 359° ? Clever circles Available in two sizes 22cm (8in) and 30cm (12in) this great offer gets you both rolling rulers for just £b.95 (RRP £9.99) It's innovative design gives the new rolling ruler the ability to draw vertical and horizontal lines without lifting it off the paper, parallel lines, angles, circles, musical staves and graphs with ease, making v it ideal for the home, the office, schools, workshops and 3D design iv work.
Reader offers AMIGADOS: A Dabhand Guide Is a comprehensive guide to the Commodore amiga's disc Operating System (Versions 1.2 and 1.3). It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system in a way which will oe welcomed by the beginner and the experienced user alike.
Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hands-on advice and hints anc tips.
The many features of this book include:
• Full coverage ol Amga DOS 1.3 functions
• Filing win and without the Workbench
• The Armja’s herarchical fing system
• Pathnames and Device names
• The Amga's multitasking capabilities + The AmgaDOS screen edtor
• AnvgaDOS commands
• Batch processing
• Amga Error code descnptcns
• How to ceate now sysiems decs
• Use ol the RAM discs
• Usxtg AmgaDOS with C Amiga Computing approved reading £14.95
Need some extra discs?
There’s always a demand for spare Amiga disks - and at Amiga Computing we have lots we will be happy to sell off at a really exceptional price. They are all disks that have been prepared as monthly cover disks, but they are brand new and have never been used, so you can safely reformat them and use them for any purpose you like. Look at these prices: 5 for £7.50! 25 for £20!
Keyboard dust cover (A5°°) £4.95 jJJ Protect your Amiga wth this top- quality cover made from clear, water-resisiani vinyl.
It's bound with strong cotton and features the Amiga Computing logo.
Welltris Challenging arcade fun from Infogrames.
Welltris is a wacky puzzle game that'll have you on the edge of your seat.
( After the fabulous international hit. Tetris, join Alexey Pajitnov, grand mathematician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and take up his new challenge. Welltris: control the falling pieces, move the volumes and ultimately master space.
Welltris has a host of options including: Three levels of difficulty (beginner, advanced and expert), amazing 3D perspective, various game speeds, scoring system with top _ ten scores recorded.
Binder £5.95 Twelve ods hold your issues in place and keep them in pristine condition in this smart PVC birder.
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Mouse mat £6.95 Disc storage box £4.95 This luxury padded box is the ideal storago medium, holding up lo FIFTY 3.5“ discs Our Price £19.95 100% pure Glastnost!
HiSoft Basic is THE language to get you started with programming the Amiga.
? Runs up to 30 times faster than AmigaBASIC ? Produces stand alone programs ? Compatible with PC Quick Basic j. AmigaBASIC HiSoft extend is the natural enhancement tor HiSoft Basic users ? 50 functions and subprograms a Load and Save Iff pictures a Use all the commands in your own programs Together both programs would usually set you back almost £100, as a special offer to Amiga Computing readers both programs are available for just £69.95. HiSoft Basic is easy to use a Supplied with a high quality manual ? No upper limit to program or data size w Multi-tasking editor and compiler Offe ?
Subject to avar aWWy Back Issues Mail Order offers Aug 1990 £3.10 9726 _ Extra discs (set of 5) £7.50 9887 Sept 1990 £3.10 9727 __ Extra discs (set of 20) £20.00 9888 Oct 1990 £3.10 9728 w mm Publishers Choice £79.99 9867 _ Nov 1990 £3.10 9729 Mini-Gen £98.85 9869 _ December 1990 £3.10 9730 Word Perfect 4.1 version £178.85 9870 January 1991 £3.10 9731 _ X-Cad £89.85 9871 _ All these back issues include cover disk.
Small Business Accs Xtra £89.85 9873 Mavis Beacon Typing £24.99 9874 Home Accounts Day by Day £34.90 9851 ArgAsm £54.95 9858 Bargain bundle Flight Simulator £35.95 9868 _ Pair of Scenery Discs £31.90 9872 Six issues of Amiga Computing (Aug-Jan) £17.00 9943 I_ Flight Simulator+Scenery Disc £65.85 9878 _ AMIGA READER OFFERS COMPUTING ?
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Last Blit Sexism salesmanship?
Philosophy states mat it is immaterial how you treat sensitive issues as long as you make a profit ard the punter has a good laugh. The reasons why mis tactic is successful are too many and too depressirg to go into here, However, it's not all gloon.
There has been an almost imperceptible and very welcome reaction against this trend in the pest year.
Games like New Zealand Stcry and Rainbow islands have shown software bosses and gamers alike that you can make lots of cash ond have loads of fun from harmless game concepts. It is a lesson they should learn well.
For now. It seems we re stuck with pervo-soft until the punters start to think more about what they buy for their kids.
Censorship in itself is both useless and immoral, especially in the case of computer software which con be distributed down any cld telephone line. If we push the subject under a convenient legal rug. We ll just create a new market for the porn merchants who already make megabucks from magazines and videos.
Publ»c debate is the only way to address mis issue properly, and it was In the hope of stimulating such debate mat this article was written.
Please write to us with your own views on sexism and stereotyping In software and any reactions you have to the position stated even If you think we re talking rubbish.
Any debate is better than no debate.
In 1990 we began to enjoy an entirely new kind of entertainment medium - games software. For tbe first time, instead of just watching from the stalls you could actually control how the fun progressed.
Now in bedrooms and arcades all over the country, Britain's games p*ayers can be found, eyes narrowed to slits in concentration, lips set in grimaces or mouthing curses cs they battle it out with end-of-levei nasties, This is normally just the sign of a good game, but It may to cause concern when you consider that they are actively taking part In software which becomes more violent and sexually stereotyped by me day.
Way back in the beginning there was no such problem. Manic Miner fo' example, was a gender- less little blob, and your average shoot-em-up was confined to the destructon of nondescript sprites.
The complaint that software was becoming increasingly male- dominated and violent would have fallen on deaf ears. Anyone can write a game If they like and you surety can't object to harmless fun blasting little green men. Can you?
The aanger signs first started to appear when early games such as Donkey Kong made rescuing a bimbo the ultimate aim. These chunky sprites were hardly realistic, but they were obviously female, helpless and wearing next to nothng. The fledgling stereotype was born.
Things didn't start to get out of hand however, until me graphical capabllties of 16-bit machines allowed game developers to put much more lifelike pictures on our screens The lather pathetic 8-blt strip poker comes on me new computers became highly detailed and realistic, and a new area for exploitation was opened in the form of digitised animations.
Since about 1987 the software industry has seen an explosion In extremely dubious software and In market ng gimmicks, which many people find both tasteless and offensive.
Public Domain libraries are brimming over with obscene animations, slide show programs and Stevie Kennedy examines the worrying trend towards stereotyped software which represents your character- in me game.
You could argue that films encourage the same empathy, but I've yet to see the film that breaks down half way If you haven't identified with the hero.
The implication Is that, if only at a subconscious level, tie player absorbs a little of the game's philosophy In certain computer games mis so-called games based on the sex act itself.
To complete c computer game of any kind you must involve yourself in It. For simple shoot-em-ups.
Mis means no more man the physical effort involved in thrashing me joystick around In the recent oeat-em-ups and martial arts games however. It means identifying yourself with the large and easily recognisable sprite THE AMIGA 500 PC XT IS HERE ERE o ) “Screen handling is faster than many 286 AT’s..
- Amiga Format Oct '90 “...the PC Board is indeed a very highly
compatible device...”
- AUI Dec ’90 WWWWW Ml WE... ? Supply MS-Dos 4.01 and GW Basic
and Shell FREE ? Supply extra memory FREE WWWWW WWWWW ? Do not
invalidate your Amiga Guarantee ? Are continually improving the
product with software upgrades (nominal charge) ? Run a
helpline just tor you ? Leave your 68000 processor free for
other useful internal add-ons Run Professional MS DOS Software
on your Amiga 500 at a price you can afford SUPPORT OF THE A590
Why did you buy an Amiga 500?
Of course, because of its superb graphics, music and animation capabilities. However if you want to get serious, you soon realise that it is distinctly lacking in memory and professional software.
Well - they said it could never happen - but it's here at last!
You! In yojr own home can transform your Amiga 500 into a real IBM compatible with Amiga memory expansion up to one and a half megabytes.
It's simple - no screwdriver, no soldering iron and no technical knowledge required. Just turn your Amiga over, open the cover, slide the Power PC Board into the connector, close the cover and your Amiga PC XT is ready. (In other words, no loss of guarantee) You are now ready to use a wealth of professional MS DOS software at speeds faster than a PC XT (ind review), and in colour, with compatibility thanks to Phoenix-Bios.
You can also rety on the correct date and time at any moment in Amiga and MS DOS mode.
* Video sjpport monochrome. Hercules and Colour Graphics Adaptor
(CGA) (4 and S colours)
* Disk suDport: internal 3 5’ external 3.5’ external 5.25* drive.
(H-D new supported)
* Includirg MS DOS 4 01. MS DOS shell and GW Basic (market va ue
approx £130 00)
* Includirg English Microsoft books ? KCS manual
* Further exciting software upgrades in the pipeline
* Available memory: 704KB ? 64KB EMS in MS DOS mode, 1 megabyte t
512KB RAM (disk) buffer in Amiga mode
* No extra power stpply necessary thanks to the most modern CMOS
and ASIC technology
* OK with TV. No special monitor required
* Price: £299.00 including VAT and Postage.
Access and Visa accepted.
* For export price please contact us it Trade enquiries welcome
(UK - Scandinavia - and all English language.)
Compatibility is excellent but no-one can guarantee every single program availab,e. Therefore it your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us lirst or send in a copy olthe program I With suitable S.A.E. it to be returned). Price subject to change without notice.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Tel: (091)4901919 4901975.
• Incorporate real life objerts into vour favottrire design.
• Crab real time *1-0 itrtli es from T '.
Enhance your *rrapliic.s creativity.
Capture and store action setptenccs.
Desk top v ideo.
THE COMPLETE COLOUR SOLUTION Vidi Amiqa, Vidi Chrome (Colour Software Upgrade) & Photon Paint (4096 Colour Art Package) £129.95 inc VAT V1DI FEATURES.
• Take snapshots in 16 shades live from video.
• Multiple frame store will utilise all available memorv .
• Dynamic cm and paste.
0 Full palette control.
0 I lardware and software control of brightness and contrast.
O ( oinpatible u it 11 all ideo standards colour, black and w hite. I IS. Beta.
PAL. VI SC eu £ I p radablc to full colour with additional
- mu I lilt ) I I .ml Rombo Ltd., 6 Fairbairn Road, Kirkton
North, TEL: 0506-414631 FAX: 0506-414634 Limited Livingston,
Scotland EH54 6TS.
1 AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action Replay II preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to 100°o. Just imagine continuous fire power?
Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
• DISKCODER With Ihe new 'Diskcoder'' option you can now tag'
your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from
being loaded by anyone else. 'Tagged" disks will only reload
when you enter the code.
Very useful tor security.
PREFERENCES , Action Replay II now has screen colour preferences with menu setup. Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to

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Les cookies sont des petits fichiers qui sont stockés sur le disque dur de l'utilisateur par votre explorateur lorsque vous vous connectez à un site internet. Les cookies peuvent être utilisés pour stocker des informations relavtives à votre navigation et ne sont pas supposés persister.

Il y a plusieurs types de cookies:

  • Cookies système qui facilitent la navigation de l'utilisateur, ainsi que l'utilisation de diverses options ou services proposés par internet tels que l'identification de la session, l'autorisation d'accès à certaines zones réservées, l'optimisation des commandes, le remplissage des formulaires, l'enregistrement, la sécurité ainsi que l'utilisation de certaines fonctions (videos, rés;seaux sociaux, etc..).
  • Cookies de service qui permettent à l'utilisateur d'accéder aux service en fonction de ses préférences(langue, explorateur, configuration, etc..).
  • Cookies d'analyse qui permettent l'analyse anonyme du comportement de l'utilisateur du site et de mesurer son activité afin de développer un profil de navigation amélioré sur le site.

Ainsi, lorsque vous accédez à notre site, conformément au Réglement Général sur la Protection des Données no 2016/679 du 27 avril 2016 (RGPD), entré en viguer le 25 mai 2018, nous devons vous demander l'autorisation d'utiliser ces cookies, afin d'améliorer notre offre de services. Nous utilisons Google Analytics afin de collecter des informations de statistiques anonymes telles que le nombre de visiteurs de notre site. Les cookies ajoutés par Google Analytics respectent la politique de confidentialités de Google Analytics. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez désactiver les cookies de Google Analytics.

Cependant, veuillez noter que vous pouvez activer ou non les cookies en suivant les instructions données par votre explorateur internet.


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