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Making movies Amiga style Turning on Amiga into the uüi-mate movie making machine is the aim of Kqüqsh Ambwani. prési dent of Toronto-based software developers Goid Disk, with the akj of their multimedia sequencer MediaShow. Aimed spectficaiiy at Amiga 500 owners bent on creating présenta tions and desktop video produc tions. MediaShow aiiows them to combine animations, graphies. music and sound effects. it also runs on 1000. 2000 or 3000 mochines and needs at least 1 Mb of ram. 'Thé éasy-to-use timeline inter face and our patented muititask-ing engine makes creating iong-running présentations and movies a reality for every ievei of Amiga user.* said Ambwani. Needing no additiono) hard ware. MediaShow supports fiies from most point. 3-D rendering. animation and music programs and sound digitisers. it is Workbench 2.0 comoatibie. As Amiga Computing went to press UK distributors HB Marketing (0753 686000) said delivery was imminent but the price had not been fixed Goid Disk have announced o iounch price of $ 129.95. Lament iament THOSE of you who managed to wrench yourselves away from important things like working and playing on you* Amiga to itsten to the Budget news on Morch 19 wiii know that the dreaded VAT has been increasec from 15 to 17.5 per cent from AprB 1. As you oppreci-ate. this is entirely due to circumstances beyond our control. Unfortunateiy, it was too iate for either advertisers or ourselves to take occount of the change in this issue of Amfga Computing. Gaiiery takes a break THOSE looking for striking ortistic créations tron the Amiga wiii undoubtedly notice that our Gaiiery feature ts missing from this issue of Amiga Computing.

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Document sans nom PLUS: Games • DTV • Machine Code • Music • Comms • Amos POWERFUL EASY TO-USE STATE-OF-THE-ART.
Powerful enough for the professional, vet simple enough for the novice, The Animation Studio gives you the,..- ability to creaic or enhance full- length animated sequences.
The Animation Studio is the only full-featured animation and % paint program to utilise state-of- the-art cell animation techniques that are characteristic of Disney-style animation Includes:
• Sample Disney animations fcr you to study and mddify.
• Actual animations taken from classic Disney films.
• A fully coloured aftimaiion prcpa red with The Animation
• 2 precise te** ¦¦ Available A initial I version for all Amiga
machines 512K required. 1 meg- recommended... © The Wall
l)isqcy Company.
ANNOUNCNG A500(h°B5000 If!
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 •
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design •
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster •
• Three models A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40 •
• THE MACHINES • A5000• « 16.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 2-3
MIPS (8 MIPS peak) 85000-25 25.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC6803CRP
5-6 MIPS (12 MPS paak) 85000-40. 4000 Mhz Asynchronous
MC68030RP 8 9 MIPS (18 MPS paak) FPU: 12S Mhz-50 Mhz
Asynchronous MC68881RC or MC68882RC A5000-16 RAM 4 M»oat y1«s
o« 32-bit RAM 256 * 4 80ns ORAMs 85000-25 RAM. 16 Magabyias of
32-b'l RAM 1024 * 4 80ns ORAMs B5000-40 RAM: 32 Mtgabytn of
32-DH RAM 1024 i 4 80ns ORAMs SHADOW ROM; Movt your KlcksU t
into 32-blt SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE 68000 Fallback mods for
100*6 sohwara compatibllitr HARCMARE 100*6 CompahWa with Am .pa
500 2000 and add-on cards INTERFACE 1: Plugs into 68000
processor socket insida your Amiga INTERFACE 2: A 82000
Coprocessor (Zorroll) card (for B5000-40 *ily) A5000-16 (Price
includes I Mb RAMj 15SOOO-2S (Price includes I Mb R . l)
B5000-40 (Price includes 1Mb RAM) (All prices inclusive of VAT)
Solid State Leisure Limited BO Fineoon Road, Irthlinohorouom,
Northanti NN9 STZ. Telephone: 109331 650677 International.: *
44 933 65Q677 THE COVERDISK MED V3.00: SUPERB Utility Of The
Month. Quite simply THE BEST EVER music program for I J a the
AMIGA - and it's FREE!
Includes sampling softwore. &* *, sample editing, and In- tef r*v built sound synthesiser! £**!!!*•* * Dare you miss this month s coverdisk? SSZ&. "" Amlga-Tanx: trilliant COMPLETE game of top cuality. Action-packed, with disgracefully good graphics and digitised sound, this has to t» cne o* the most addictive coverdisk games of an time.
The Graphics Ripper: Ever wishea you could draw?
Gone green with envy at someone else's super sprites? Now you too can grab some graphics glory with The Graphics Ripper.
Landscape: A unique CAD-style program for all the budding gardeners. Abows you to design your garden in 3D without having to go neor a spadel PSIOnUnk: Make your Amiga talk to a Psion Organiser with this first ever Amiga-to-Psion communications program, Exclusive to Amiga Computing!
PPType: Easy to use printing program which 'Aril print normal fBes end those crunched with PowerPacker! Essential for those who want c hard copy of coverdisk documents.
AutoScript: Example program from our CLI beginners' series. This neat little script file will create a bootable disk in your extra drive! C WHO'S WHO MANAGING EDITOft Derek MeNun PUIUSHER ftchard Wiliams FEATURES EDITOR ECO* McKendnck DEJUTY FEATURES EDITOR Paul Austin TECHNICAL EDITOR Stevie Kenned ART EDITOR Mike Raley C0KTRI8UT0RS Jason rtotom. Don Lews, Mqprtf Sanger, Peter ttckman ADVERTISEMENT MANAGER Tracy Carroll ADVERTISING SALES Simon lees PUBJSHED BY MndM PuKahnj ltd Eutcw Hcuk Wfflto Park ktecfcltM SK10 W CHAPMAN mum MAMGIKG DIRECTOR H Gdbtr COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR DW! Mrs GROUP
ADVERTISING MANAGER Mw SncwXfl Edlaui: tostrteB SiIko* cm !51 367 2S61 F»r 062S I79» rtidtt tir nMootn Innili Si»n01 Amprant*rttojfdak ThnUmrt miHrtii ami be jumtert Cuirbutoit cm 914 be Kt*glK 1or nUiutnr B MtittM PMIahJif lUam ill rt|Ms bun C INI Mamina PiKiiMng LB IB raorul n»f be njroljut ii «Wt cr 11 jirt rlhe*. IrRw pemiuoi Will mry tin it Bui IB pu) I sin it and. Te lea legity mpitiitlt to' try linn m irtcln. Wit? V tdntsennta.
Tnijj CMBiAty ¦ m mHtrrlirt jt&k.ur ini CmraMn knout ttadHHi (U.K | UJ a M upon ii It tor ny at D« ipnar, eormifl HenlrMMlnbuiai Umt(at(S44«SS) M Something for A everyone, every N month, from the A r Amiga experts The best advice for coders - assembled just for you Hit the right note! Tune in to Britain's most lyrical music page Lights!
Desktop Video news TENTS REGULARS FEATURES What's new If it's happening, it's here Four pages packed with the veiy latest Amiga news ...... 14 Beginner's Guide: CLI Modem operandi Stevie Kenredy's beginner's guide to the A A Eddie McKendrick s look at four modems Amiga's operating system continues .*rO p'oves price Is no guide to performance.
30 Getting the message 85 65 69 101 70 119 Words on one drive Word processing is now within easy reach of even the most modest Amiga.
75 V SnEm' 15 • r vv' IAII 79 97 Tune in to 1toons!
Get your Amiga animated with the help of Amiga Computing's comprehensive guide starting onyi -j Page 4 The section of Amiga Computing that takes having fun seriously is bursting at the seams with many new features The official Amiga chart, percentage scores and the ultimate accolade-The ACJ award.Get vour joystick ready A to do battle! A Technical Help Don't suffer in silence! Our very own confjfljter chappies are at your convenience to ease ur Amiga and sooth your furrowed brow with help on a veritable mountain of techie topics f External Input Make Ezra's day and 'say it with
Another batch of your letters get opened. .. Public Domain Paul Austin's monthly free for all. The best Public Domain and shareware showcased THE GAMES ZONE Artist's Impression Paul Austin looks at Art Department Professional. The ultimate graphics tool? Expand & deliver!
You can odd a lot more to your Amiga than just more ram. Ask Jason Holborn ... Thrifty titler Paul Austin looks at possibly the best value hgh qualify titling software available .... Tower of Babel Linking a Psion Organiser to your Amiga is easy with our CoverDlsk giveaway ..... If you have ever cursed the Amiga Workbench, this is an offer you just can't miss Scala isnt a titter, nor is It a slide show. It's both, as Eddie McKendrick reveals .... The Workstation .in right Tune in din's yrical page ....115 Code Clinic.
Stuck with C? The Code Clinic may have the cure Five yeors to the month after Protext version 1 was launched Arnor are pleased to present version 5, an enormous leap forward in both ease of use and performance.
Protext 5.0 introduces a completely integrated system of pall down menus and dialogie boxes. The menus are among the many operations that may now be carried out with either the mouse or the keyboard. Protext really does give you the best of both worlds.
Protext 5.0 handles printer fonts flexibly and accurately. You can make full use of any number of proportional printer fonts, mix them freely within any line, centre them in heoders, use automatically formatted footnotes. And Protext correctly formats your text as you type it, no matter how m«ny font changes you use, showing you line and page breaks exactly as they will be printed.
Protext 5.0 is still the fastest word processor around. Even though we have made all these major improvements we have taken great care to ensure that text editing is as fast as ever. The menus work smoothly and quickly even with high resolution displays. But of course, you can use Protext's efficient set of commands and keys just as before and 5.0 remains compatible with all earlier versions from 1.0 onwards.
Protext 5.0 is a worthy successor to version 4, which was described as "the best word processor at any price", "the best text processor on the Amiga" and "the most powerful word processor on the Atari ST" (AUI, ST Amiga Format, ST User).
Protext 5.0 heralds a new era of multi-lingual European software, in time for 1992 and the opening up of Eastern Europe. Protext may be used in at least 27 different languages and has 10 different national keyboard layouts built in (plus the capability to define V your own symbols and keyboard layouts).
The Features Protext 5.0 moy be purchased from any good computer shop or dir ¦kit ' from Arnor. Upgrades from earlier versions ore only ovoiloble from Arnor ond the original discs should be returned with your order.
ST TT £149.95 £60 £75 £99.95 £79.95 Archimedes £149.95 N A N A N A due 1991 01 PC £149.95 £60 £75 £99.95 £79.95 Amiga £149.95 £60 £75 £99.95 £79.95 Protext 5.0 Upgrode from v4.2 om earlier versions Protexl 4.2 Prodata 11 New fast & easy 1o use pull down menu system with dialogue boxes and alerts; file selector; mouse dragging to set blocks. Menus complement existing commonds and keyboard shortcuts, do not reploce them. Menus may be used with mouse or keyboard. Amiga version follows Intuition guidelines.
,Y Enhanced printing capabilities supports multiple proportional fonts; mixing of different font sizes on the same line; proportional formatting whilst editing; side margin, heoders ond 'ooters independent of main text font. Tobs, decimal tabs and centre tobs. Extensive ronge of printer drivers supplied.
- V Multiple file editing - up to 36 files may be open; split
screen editing.
,Y Graphics mode support on PC allows use in virtually any text or graphics mode including 132 column or 75 line VGA modes; user defined characters and on screen bold, Holies and undedining now on oil versions; use of 13 different occents on ony choroder.
,Y Language support includes Albanian, Bosque, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Flemish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latin, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Serbocrootion, Slovak, Spanish, Slovene, Swedish, Welsh. (Note: some printers do not support all longuoges).
,Y Index and contents generation. Indexer tokes marked words or phrases; contents entries automatically taken from titles wrapped in control codes; many options fir style of contents output.
,Y Spelling checker features completely new 110,000+ word Collins dictionary with very fast phonetic lookup. Anagrams and find word pattern. Foreign language dictionaries (German, Swedish available now, others to follow).
,Y Many other enhancements including multi line footnotes ond endnotes; automatic timed save; add column or row of figures; indent tobs; find word at cursor; 40 column mode support; sentence operations; inter- paragraph spoce; much improved expression evaluator; self incrementing variables; Romon numerals; newspaper-style column printing; file sorting utility with special options for names and addresses; revised manual plus new tutorial guide.
,Y And don't forget Protext still includes background printing; box manipulation; macro recording; exec files; headers and footers; find ond reploce; mail merging: undelete; file conversion utility; configuration program; auto reformatting; on screen help; time and date; typewriter mode; line drawing; disc utilities.
Arnor Ltd (amc), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PEI 3HA. Tel: 0733 68909 (24 hr), Fax: 0733 67299 Amiga - Computer of the year?
WHAT’S nixing of ig; side I labs and TOP computer publications in both Greece and Itaty have named the Amiga 500 as their choice for Home Computer of the Year in the European Computer Leisure Awards 1991. They have also chosen Amiga Vision as Muhmedia Package of the Year.
Iomode on-screen 4s on any iglish.
Lofton, Latin, fok, Spanish,
s) .
S; contents tions for style ory with very Iktionories ; automatic 40 column expression olumn ivised manual ipulation; »ging; onscreen Now In their second year, the awards are being run In conjunction with the European Computer Trade Show to be held at London's Business Design Centre from April 14 to 16.
This year. Amiga Computing is one of the official UK sponsors of the awards and we have now made our nominations in the Amga categories. Nominated for Best Art Package is Disney Software's Animation Studio; Best Music Package. Gajtt's Sequencer One. Best Home Education Pockoge. Fun School 3; Best Home Productivity Package. Protext 5 Amiga helps Gulf effort?
STAFF Sergeant Waugh, of 58 Battery. 12 AD Regiment. Royal ArtWery. Is a happy man.
Rsions nedes 15 He's written to us from the Gulf where, among other things of course, he's apparently managed to continue a relationship with his trusty Amiga.
In o letter dated March 12.
Written in Kuwait, he expresses his thanks to Page One Public Domain who recently sent some cia art disks to him in the Gulf at his request, ‘after reading the review in your mag".
91 Q1 Sounds like Amiga Computing hos been getting through to the Gulf, tool All this, and a successful confrom Arnor; and Most Innovative Peripheral. Newtek's Video Toaster.
Our nominations will Join those from top magazines in nine European countries to go forward for the final Judging at the European Computer Trode Show with a gittering presentation night at London s top night spot The Hippodrome on April 14.
Budget trio launched THREE titles are to receive the budget treatment on Digital Integration's Action Sixteen label.
Previously issued at full price.
Sherman M4, Kult and North & South wil ecch sell for £7.99. Shermar M4 Is Lorlciel's tank simulation featuring World War II battles, authentic tanks and weaponry and Kult Is Infogrames clusion to the war for the Allies.
Ssgt Waugh (we haven't discovered his Trst name yet - we d like him to get In touch with more informotlon about the Amiga's precise role In the Gulf) adds: ‘The disks are very good and great value for money, and I would recommend them to anyone who requires cip art."
Take o bow. Public Domain.
Icon-driven adventure which challenges piayers to solve puzzles In The Five Ordeals.
Also a former Infogrames hit.
North & South is set In the American Civil War featuring battles on a variety of different levels end scenarios. Action Sixteen are on 0276 684959.
Perfectly satisfied WHILE 1990 sow the recession start to bite for many companies.
WordPerfect report that their total UK sales lost year were 73 per cent upon 1989.
The WordPerfect Corporation achieved sales of $ 452 million for 1990 - an Increase of 61 per cent on 1989. Since 1979, sales have now passed the one billion dollar mark.
’Alio ’Alio - French buy Palace PALACE Software has gone continental. Paris-based Leisure Holding, which owns French games publisher Titus, has bought the entire entertainment software division of the Palace film and video organisation for an undisclosed sum.
No Immediate changes are planned at Palace Software, which publishes titles sucn os Dragon's Breath and Inter not ooal 3D Tennis.
There are no plans for a merger with Titus, best known in Brttoh for games like Crazy Cars.
Paloce Group managing elector Chris Croib says the software division needed more specific direction than could be given by Paloce. Which Is concentrating on the expansion of the movie and TV production areas.
CDTV set to break the sound barrier AMIGA Computing hos hod confirmation from Commodore UK that their long awaited multimedia system. CDTV. Will be officially launched at the end of April.
CDTV has been victim of numerous prelaunch delays and .
- industry speculation. It would now appear that Commodore are
ready to bring their fledgling multimedia product to the
The price point has been a matter of Intense speculation over the last six months. All CBM's tight- lipped public relations company were prepared to concede was that the unit would weigh in with a sub-£500 tag. Other industry sources have hinted at £399 as a probaole price.
Commodore spokesman Andrew Ball also confirmed that a CDTV external drive for the A500 will be available soon. The unit, referred to internally at CBM as the A690. S expected to be available at the end of May.
The most recent demonstration of the CDTV's capability was on the BBC's Tomorrow's World science programme last month.
A new sound encoding technique developed by Roland, called RSS (Roland Sound Stage) was used during the mix-down of the Xenon II ‘Megablast* soundtrack. Performed by Bomb the Bass.
Both Roland and Commodore daim that RSS gives the impression of aural three dimensionality. RSS places Individual tracks of sound around the listener, making sounds appear wider.
The major strength of the system is that t does not require any additional hardware to be purchased.
Two standard Hi-Fi speakers are sufficient.
Making movies Amiga style TURNING an Amiga into the ultimate movie making machine Is the aim of Kglosh Ambwani. President of Toronto-based software developers Gold Disk, wtth the aid of their multimedia sequencer MediaShow.
Aimed specifically at Amiga 500 owners bent on creating presentations and desktop video productions. MediaShow allows them to combine animations, graphics.
Music and sound effects. It also runs on 1000, 2000 or 3000 machines and needs at least 1 Mb of ram.
'The easy-to-use timeline Interface and our patented multitasking engine makes creating long- running presentations and movies a reality for every level of Amiga user." Said Ambwani.
WHAT’S Needing no additional hardware. MediaShow supports files from most paint, 3-D rendering, animation and music programs and sound digitisers. It Is Workbench 2.0 conroatlble.
As Amiga Computing went to press UK distributors HB Marketing (0753 686000) said delivery was imminent but the price had not been fixed. Gold Disk have announced o launch price of SI 29.95. Lamont lament THOSE of you who managed to wrench yourselves away from Important things like working and playing on you- Amiga to listen to the Budget news on March 19 will know that the dreaded VAT has been increasec from 15 to 17.5 per cent from April 1. As you'l appreciate. This is entirely due to circumstances beyond our control.
Unfortunately, It was too late for either advertisers or ourselves to take account of the change in this issue of Amiga Computing.
Gallery takes a break THOSE looking for striking artistic creations fron the Amiga will undoubtedly notice that our Gallery feature is missing from this issue of Amiga Computing.
The good news for AC’S art appreciation society is that Gallery is taking a one-month break only. It will return in the June Issue in all Its colourful, bit-mapped glory.
A tablet for the mice GRAPHICS input specialists TDS- Numonlcs (0254 676921) have launched a new low-budget addition to their GrophlcMaster series of digitiser tablets aimed at Amiga users.
Claimed to be far better than a mouse. It offers lOOOppi resolution, absolute accuracy to 0.025 cm and an outpu* rate of 160 pps making it Ideal for DTP, CAD CAM.
3-D modelling and paint software.
GraphicMoster costs £185 for a 12* x 12* active surface and £290 for 12* x 18*.
It has a choice of four button puck or pen stylus wtth two switches for £75 but comes with Amiga softwore driver and cabing free.
With very low power consumption, it is run through the RS232 Interface.
Beastly good news WHEN the people of Portsmouth go for a dip in the town's new Pyramid Leisure Pool they can now enjoy live and recorded broadcasts. Advertisements and public announcements on a huge video .
Operational features include user definable origin, metric imperial units, non-vokrlle memory. Tablet surfoce menu for set-up and automatic pen tilt correction.
Adolfo plays for laughs CURRENTLY doing his bit to brighten up the often serious Image of computing Is Adolfo Slannini.
Managing director of Contriver (Europe).
'Serious computing does not mean that computing has to be boring*, he claims.
’At Contriver we have recently re-designed our packaging in q way which emphasises the fun aspect of computing, using a mouse of the furry four-legged kind pushing a computer mouse round a desk.
‘We are also carrying this Image of fun computing through to our advertisements'.
And Amiga people v.tio fancy walking round with Plug In, Switch On and Boot Up emblazoned on their chests can take advantage of another new move from Contriver (0273 602622).
The company are offering a free Tee shirt printed with this logo to customers who buy their Rve in One or Multi DPI mice.
Incidentally. Contrivers' Five In One Mouse missed the deadline to take Its place with the rest in the rodent roundup In the March Issue, but nevertheless it’s well worth a look.
The buttons of some other rodents you'll know what a pain trying to avoid occidental clicks can be.
The resolution Is easily on a par with the best of the rest. The general feel is impressive with the only real moan concerning the rather bulky multiple connection which might be useful if you're mad enough to own an ST. but If you don't. It Just gets In the way.
The Contriver Is a cute creature that stands up wel against the opposition for both styling and smoothness, the excellent ergonomic design making It a pleasure to use for long periods. If you've ever had to hover over FREE DELIVERY Next Dzy - Anywhere in the UK mam and FREE STARTER KIT Worth £29.95 - With every Citron primer liom S*ca FREE COLOUR KIT Worth £3995 - With Swill 9 and Swift 24 pouters 2 YEAR WARRANTY Srtca otter a 2 year warranty (mdudlng the [onter head) with every Citron primer purchased tron Sttca WINDOWS 2.0 Free Windows 30 driver In the Sdtca Stirter Kit FREE HELPLINE
Technical support helpbne open during office hours MADE IN THE UK Citron primers are manufactured to high rtandards Silica presents sone great offers on the award winning range of high quality dot matrix printers from Citizen.
Each Citizen printer is built in the UK to exacting standards, ensuring superb reliability and a very high quality of output. Our confidence in the quality of Citizen printers is such that we are pleased to offer a unique two year guarantee with every printer.
Plus, if you purchase your Citizen printer from us, we will give you a Silica Printer Starter Kit (worth £29.95), FREE OF CHARGE!
32 intor- ews fsmouth it's new xin now broad- J public je video 144 DRAFT 9 144 DRAFT 24 192 DRAFT 24 PIN DRAFT CITIZEN 1200+ The Citeen 1200+ is one ot the UK's best selling prmters it has a stylish appearance and excellent features and performance for such an inexpensive pnnter The 1200+ is available with either a serial or paralei Interface and is an ideal first primer e 9-pin Printhead
• Print Speed 144cps Draft
• 30cps NLO
• Epson a 'DM Graphics Emulation
• Pull Tractor a Bottom Feed
• Superior Graphics ¦ 240x216dpi
• FREE Starter KH CITIZEN 124D The sward winning Citizen 1240
brings high quality 24-pin dot matrix printing withan every
computer users reach. It is die ideal choice where high quali
ty printing is reqiired at a budget price
• 24-pin Impact Printer
• Print Speed 144cps Draft
• 2 LQ Fonts (48cps)
• 8K Buffer
• Epson, IBM a NEC P6+ Emulation
• Advanced Paper Parking
• Superior Graphics - 360x360dpi
• FREE Starter Kit SWIFT 9 • COLOUR!
The Citizen Swift 9 Is perfect tor those who require twflh quality dot mjrtrtx Mack or colour priming at a budget price. The print quality ol Swift 9 rivals that of other manufacturer's 2 -pin models.
• 9-pin Impact Printer
• Print Speed 192cps Draft
• 3 NLO Fonta (48cpt)
• 8K Buffer SWIFT 24 - COLOUR!
The Citizen Swift 24 Is one of Europe's best selling printers and has won awards Including Printer Of The Year 1990. Its rapid print speed, quality and black or colour options, make it a natural choice.
• 24 pin impact Printer
• Print Speed 192cps Draft
• 4 NLO Fonts (64cps)
• 8K Buffer
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• FREE Starter Kit
• Epson a IBM Oreph'cs Emulation
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Free delivery.
FREE! STARTER KIT Every Citizen printer from Silica, comes complete with the Silica Printer Starter Kit. Including everything you noed to get up and running with your new printer immediaLely, FREE OF CHARGE!
• 3Vt~ Dual Format Disk with Amiga & ST Printer Drivers
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• 5 Continuous Envelopes on Tractor Feed It you already own a
pewter, and would bke a Si lea Primer NORMAL RR P Starter K4.
You may order ore (ref: KIT 5000) for the special COQ Q C
Stltca pnee ot £2495 • £5 o« RRP! Fc fc JaJJ MAIL OROER: Order
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Mr Mrs Ms: Address: m SILICA SYSTEMS
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in the UK.
E TECHNICAL SUPPORT HELPLINE: Team ot PC technical experts at your service
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Before you doc do wtvon to buy your now pnmsr. Wo tuggeet you think very caiefully about WHERE you buy II Con»det what it will bo liko a tow month* alter you have modo your purchase, whon you may rwquire additional peripheral* or soriwve. Or some technical help ond advice And. Will the compeiy you buy Irom contact you with details ol new products'’ At Silica Systems, we ensure that you wH have nothing to worry about S*ca System* ¦s ono of no UK* teadng independent computer dealers and provides a quality eemce to ueers at home, in education and in busmen throughout the nation. Silica have boon
estabftshod tor over 12 yrars. And have an annual turnover Of D3 mllton. With our unrivalled experience and export« . We can now claim » meet our customers roquntmmt* with an undenaanding which is second to none. But don't |ust take our word tor it Complete and retun the coupon now, tor our tale* Free literature on the Citizen primer range and begin 10 oxpononoo tho "Silica System* Sonne*'’ SILICA SYSTEMS OFFERS YOU r i ... Postcode: Tel (Home): ..... Tel (Work): ¦ Company Name (if applcabie):
... A hich computers), if any. Do you own? ... ElOE IMIwd pew and wcdcalicrw may cnarg* Pten* Win ttw coupcn to* ttte WM nlonwton 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup. Kent. QA14 40X Tel: 081-30911111 l_ BOOanv&OOpm__No Late Nigh* Opening Fju No *81-30 060 52 Tottenham Court Road, London, WlPOtf Tel: 071 580 4000 Mon S« 930«mft00pin_No Late NlgN Opening Fax No yi 323«hP Sellridges 1* Ftoor). Oxlord Street.’ London, W1A 1AB W: 071829 1234 Mon Sa BJOam OOpm_Late NlgN ThorvJiy ure. 8pm
Fitermor 3914_ 1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup. Kent. 0A14 40* 1*1: 081-302 8411 Dept AMC0M-0591-54, 1-4 The Mews. HX%r!. Sidcup.™. DA14 wZ PLEASE SEND CITIZEN PRINTER INFORMATION Initials: . Surname: UonSa PUBLIC APOLOGY Yes folks back with great avengance and offering GENUINE YES GENUINE SONY DISKS at the following AMAZING PRICES A SONY Disk Offer 100 Genuine DSDD SONY DISKS plus 100 capacity box ONLY £47.99 ?
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wall affectionately known as The Beast. The little beauty
which controls the beast behind the scenes Is an Amiga 500
running UmeLlte software from Future Software Systems (0628
The Picbloc wall was installed by Electrosonic and is controlled either by direct Input from the Amiga's keyboard or by an opera- to- generated scheckjle.
WHAT’S How may tractors for your Amiga?
Through Limelite staff can decide the time, the frequency and length and even the date when messages or announcements will appear, then leave thngs to the Amiga fitted with a hord disk drive.
Beating up the opposition CLAIMING to have produced the ul'lmote compilation. Virgin Games (071- 727 8070) say their new offering Fists of Fury includes the cream of the beat- em-ups.
Fcr £24.99, customers get Ninja Warriors. Double Dragon II - The Revenge, Shinobi and Dynamite Dux.
X-clusive new games weekly INTERACTIVE Publishing, the people behind some of Britain’s biggest computer magazines including Amiga Computing, are on the verge of launching a new weekly tttte designed to cater exclusively for games enthusiasts.
Games-X Is set to be the biggest ever computer entertainment publication launch In the UK. Over a quarter of a million copies of the preview issue are being distributed. The news-stand launch is backed up with a massive promotional campaign which includes extensive TV advertising and wide cfctribution of the preview Issue.
The publishers claim Games-X is a new concept in computer magazines. Combining 'lifestyles* features with the most in-depth games coverage available.
Take a look at the preview issue COMMCDORE are making inroads Into the growing market of Eastern Europe, and playing a leading role in this drive Is American Gregory Koler. The product marketing manager of Commodore Electronics.
His efforts are recognised as one of the the main reasons for the company's sales increase of 26 per cent lost year.
Outlining his successful brand of marketing expertise directly related to good customer service. Koler gave an insight Into Eastern Ejrope at the Computer Arena conference held In Marbella.
The going is not always easy, with lack of cash hampering the developing Eastern bloc and leading 1o such bizarre suggestions as bartering tractors for computers, but Koler's experience is wnning through.
He’s a high flier, or so part of his career would suggest, since he bundled with Amiga Computing and make up your own mind. The first Games-X proper hits the streets on 26 April 1991.
Screen Gems gets 1 meg boost COMMODORE UK are heading off the recession by adding yet more value to their top selling Amiga ‘Screen Gems' bundle.
For the ftst time, the company is selling the A500 with one megabyte of memory whilst retaining the attractive £399 price point.
The extra half meg is supplied In spent 10 years leading the marketing and cabin services programmes for Qantas Airways in Australia.
Based at the Sv.tss headquarters of Commodore International, he is now responsible for International marketing programs in all the form of Commodore's A501 trap-door ram expansion which normally retails at £99 The offer commenced on May 1st and runs untl the end of June.
When asked aboul the prospect of a 1 meg Amiga becoming the standard entry level machine.
Commodore spokesman Andrew Ball was reserved, pointing out that the unexpanded A500 would still be on sale through the life of the promotion.
The Screen Gems package comprises an A50D. Modulator.
Shadow of the Beast II, Days of Thunder. Nlghtbreed. Back to the Future II and Deluxe Paint li.
The countries not coverec by marketing subsidiaries - Finland.
Turkey, Greece. Malta. Eastern Europe. Middle East. The Gulf.
Africa. Pakistan and India.
'We work ctosety with our marketing partners to ensure that not only is the most up-to-date product always available, but that there Is an infrastructure of ancl- lary services such as servicing, education and software support’, he said.
'The continued success of Commodore In Its worldwide locations is due to the dose lela- tionship of both companies ensuring that market needs are understood and met by both ourselves and our distributors".
Waving a 24-pin lure IN a move aimed at luring nine pin printer users onto 24 pin machines.
Citizen (0896 72621) have cut the price of their entry level 124D 24 pin printer by 11 per cent. An 80 column model offering speeds of 120 cps In draft and 40 cps in letter quality. It now costs £249.
Mice and Scanners PANDAAL Marketing (0234 855666) are now offering Amiga owners a new mouse and handheld scanner.
The DAATAscan Pro Is a Mitsubishi scanner runnirg on DAATAscan software offering 105mm scanning width, 10C, 200, 300 and 400 dpi resolution and choice of either black and white or three dither patterns representing 64 grey scales.
Other features include contrast cental, real-time scanning dsptay, zoom and pixel perfect editing, crop, resize, rotate, flip and Invert imoges and full printer support.
A clipboard facility ollows selectable cut. Copy and oaste and the scanner also supports the IFF file format. Price. £189.99. The DAATAmouse can be used with both the Amiga and A’ari ST. being converted between the two WHAT’S new macnlnes by a slider switch beneath the mouse. Offering 280 dpi, I* features two mlcroswftched buttons with a claimed Bfetime of one million cycles and an anti-static lightweight ball which can be removed for cleaning. Price.
£39.99. High quality from portable printer THE new MT730 735 portable printer from Mannesmann-Tally uses thermal technology to print what Is claimed to be high quality text Mannesman Tatty - portable printing and graphics at a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi.
It hos 1MB RAM os standard and features H-P Laserjet and Deskjet.
IBM Proprinter X24 and Epson LQ 850 emulations. Fonts are Corpora.
Maths. Swiss and Timor.
Prlnclng may vary, but as an examole. Action Computer Supplies of Wembley are retailng It at £684.
Pricey Prestel BRITISH Telecom hos dramatically restructured charges for its viewdata information service. Prestel.
The first Increase In tariffs since 1988 is a significant one. In a letter to all Prestel subscribers BT point out that Inflation has risen 20 per cent since the lost Prestel price increase.
Residential off-peak time charges are being Increased some 10 times higher than Inflation wtth d 200 pet Cent increase from Ip a minute to 3p a minute. BT claim this Increase Is to bring charges more in Sne wtth costs.
The standing charge for Prestel also Increases, to £20 a quarter.
The revamped pricing is significantly better news for members of the Micronet closed user group.
The quarterly charge Increases to £30 a quarter but off-peak time charges are scrapped.
In effect BT have provided two different pricing packages for their viewdata service.
Subscribers can opt to pay £20 a quarter and £1.80 an hour In off- peak time charges for access to Prestel only. Alternatively a Micronet subscription at £30 a quarter wi provide greater access to the system, with the added benefit of no off-peak charges.
Kevin Smith, Micronet marketing manager commented 'Our more canny users will notice how favourably the costs compare against rival services, once usage goes past one hour a month* The message Is simple. If you are a Prestel subscriber who currently pays more than £10 a month In time charges, upgrade to Micronet and avoid being caught by a rather expensive British Telecom April fool's Joke.
Masterly touch in chess programming Share a printer A NEW device from Micro Control Systems (0602 391201) allows four computers to share the same printer. The Simple-4-Swttch is available In both serial and paraBel versions and can be used either automatically or manualy.
Based on the MCS Slmple-2- Swltch. It enters automatic mode when first turned on. When data comes from a computer It locks on and passes It to the printer.
If other users try to print while the device is busy their data Is frozen until the printer becomes available.
Slmple-4-Swtch works with all kinds of printers and plotters. Price.
Billiards AD 3,000 PLAYING normal billiards can be hard enough but Imagine the complexity of futuristic billiards on an eight-sided 'able. Amiga owners won t have to use their Imagination tor long thanks to French games house Irfogrames (071-738
8199) .
Due soon Is Biliards 3D. A simulation which Includes American pool. French pool and Fantasy Billiards on an octagonal table.
If that Isn't enough, there are two different sets of rules for each gome and they ail come In either 2D or 3D. For one or two players.
Billiards 3D re-creates the atmosphere of a billiard hall in which one player can vie wtth any of five computer opponents wiling to bet thousands of dollars on one game.
Games can be saved and resumed and the mouse-controlled program allows a ful range of wed-simulated trick snots. Written for Infogrames by Spirtt Bonanza, Billiards 3D will be available for Amiga 500. 1000 and 2000 and will cost £24.99. Mighty Mo joins Motormouth RENEGADE have now taken to the small screen. Magic Pockets, the Bitmap Brothers' offering due to be launched this summer, is being used for the phone-in game section of popular Saturday morning TV programme Motormouth.
With The Bitmap Kid. Quickly rechristened Mighty Mo for the WHEN you have ranked as an International Master h the competitive world of chess and you also have an interest in computing. An obvious outlet Is to write chess programs.
Chris Whittington has both these attributes and has put them to good use through his company CP Software and Its publishing subsidiary Oxford Softworks (099382 3462).
With 20 chess programs under his belt. Chris achieved his greatest success to date wnen his latest offering recently tcok the title World Personal Computer Blitz Chess Champion.
Running on an enhanced Amiga, the program Chess Champion 2175X claimed Its impressive victory at the World Microcomputer Chess Championship held in Lyon.
Running alongside the World Championships for human chess players featuring top Russian stars, the computer programs played off against each other, the only human Involvement being to transmit ecch move between the different machines.
Blitz chess Is played In the usual way except thgt all the moves have to be completed in 10 minutes, so allowing many games to be played In a short spoce of time.
'Blitz chess Is particularly chalprogramme, the game has been simplified for television and is voice- activated by young viewers who ring In. First players of the TV version were presenters Andy Crane and Steve Johnson and the series will last for nine weeks.
When Magic Pockets Is launched by Renegade (071-481
9214) it will feature music from tie walking eyelashes herself -
Betty Boo.
One more round ACCOLADE (071-738 1376) hcve released their latest Jack Nicklaus accessory disc. Called Great Courses of the US Open It Includes the challenges of Pebble Beach.
Oakmont Country Club and Boftusrol Golf Club.
Compatible with both Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf aid Jack Nickkms' UnSmlted Golf and Course Design. Price £11.99. lenging as moves have to be mode very quickly Indeed*. Said Chris. ‘Accuracy of calciJattoa chess knowledge and speed are all of prime Importance and this result is a great measure of the program's performance.* In his years of competitive chess Chris reached a level only surpassed by the International Grand Master grading, but gave up competitions 20 years ago.
'If you want to be really gooc at chess you have to play It al the time.* he said. ‘I stopped playing because it was taking up too much time when I hod other things to do*.
He started CP Software eight years ago and has progressively enhanced his programs.
* 1 used to be able to beat them, but It doesn't work Hke that
any longer.* he said. 'The computer thinks further ahead.
Through the program. It carries out relatively simple evaluations many hundreds of thousands of times and quite complex concepts emerge.* Chess Champion 2175 for the Amiga costs £29.95. in real-time ... and in Our VIDEO DIGITISERS are REAL-TIME and COLOUR. They GRAB a FRAME as fast as a TV camera can provide it, PLUS - they include a live framestore output for connecting to a second picture monitor or even a TV set to simplify focusing and setup.
Step into the real-world of real-time AND colour: No reed for a perfect freeze frame VCR!
No reed for a colour splitter!
No reed tor a colour wheel!
Perfect pictures from a moving colour source at just the touch of a button.
? SEE your SCULPT images as you have never seen them before!
Use ColourPic or SuperPic as the ultimate SCULPT display device!
SuperPic a real-time colour video digitiser for the A500 and A2000 including a superb quality genlock for the discerning Amiga user.
[ g ' be said ton.
Are this the five only nal ove L, ood tan Ded ither ight vety reat that om- ad.
Rrtes Ions is ot :on- the d have iklaus Sreat dudes each.
And Jack les of f and If and been ind is ewers he TV Andy Klthe ts Is '1-481 m the Betty JCL BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED Knowle Farm Clock HouSe, Wadhurst Road, Frant, East Sussex TN3 9EJ, England.
Tel: 089275 791 (INT) +44 89275 791. Fax: 089275 440 (INT) +44 89275 440.
I 1 Te Main : Y what comes though the senal port is what you get in your tile. X- Modem and PsionLink. However, ore a bit trickie-.
The X-Modem protocol works by splitting the file to be sent into o series of 128 byte blocks. It numbers these consecutively and transmits them along with a checksum (a special number derived from adding all the bytes together), which the It doesn’t take long, when using a Psion Organiser, to realise just how quickly the DatcPacks con fil up. Leaving one desperate for more storage space.
In the early days pleas for help brought the Psion Comms-link package to connect the pocket maestro to a PC. But there has previously been no easy way out for the Amiga owner.
Look no further for the answer.
You will And a program on this month's Amiga Computing coverdisk called PsionLink which will enable you to transfer files to and from the AMIGA and Organiser with ease Unfortunately, the Psion Comms- Llnk is still required to provide the hardware connection and the Psion communications software as well as the conversion of Psion’s non-standard serial output to Standard RS232 signals This shouldn't be too much of a problem, because if you’re serious about connecting your Organiser to the outside world, the Comms- link is an essential buy In any case.
Parlez-vous Amiga?
Why use a special program? You might think that with a Comms-Link pock it would be easy to transfer files to the Amiga with the help of a standard comms program, but you’d oe wrong The high occurrence of spurious characters you get as a result of a straight transfer mokes this exercise barely worthwhile, so a program to iron out the bugs soon becomes more than welcome If such a program is to be worth the effort put into coding it. However. It must do more than just allow for file transfer and conversion. For this reason. PsionLink will perform several extra functions.
It wil. For Instance, directty read qnd edit files, and automatically conver a Psion Data File into what is known as an ASCII-delimited file on the Amiga. These are perfect for drect importation Into SuperBase or any other Amiga database The najor problem with PsionLink was the inclusion of protocols, most notably Psion's own protocol for which here is no available documentation. I decided to pursue this and to include the same three protocols used in the Comms-Link’s own so'tware - none. X-Modem.
And Psion The 'none’ bit is easy - 1 4 Amiga Computing Dave Westwood finds his Amiga can speek in tongues to a Psion Organiser, and with a straight face, too Tower of Babel receiving mochine uses to check whether the data has arrived intact. If it has been corupted. The transmitting machine is Informed and fresh attempts are made to successfully transmit the data until it arrives in an uncorrupted state The Psion protocol was the real toughie. As mentioned, there is no published data on its structure, and Psion were Initially reluctant to furnish the relevant detoils. This is a nost impor
tant aspect of the proReview gram. However, and I persevered until they were kind enough to give me what I needed. After all. With a third party already producing the equivalent ST program, there’s no reason why the same facility shouldn't be available on the Amiga The Psion protocol allows for several extremely useful extra features.
You can, for example, transfer accidentally deleted files from the Organiser’s DatoPacks to a rew host, and can transfer password protected Notepads without first hoving to de-protect them.
More usefulty. Rt allows the transfer of OPL object code to and from the Amiga, so that Organiser programs can be developed In -he much larger and friendlier environment of the Amiga For programmers looking to develop software for the Organiser, the advantages offered by not having to ruin one’s eyesight end patience squinting at the diminutive Psion screen cannot be uncer- estimated. The chance to use a decent Amiga text editor when coding is atso o great boon.
For those not Interested in programming. The link allows for the saving of invaluable data to floppy disk for future use, and relieves tne burden on over-populated DataPocks Shareware Unfortunately. I spent so much time trying to scrounge the protocol details out of Psion and sweated so long and hard when actually programming PsionLink. The program on your May coverdisk is a demo version only.
The full version, including Psion pro* focol and my own Re editor. Is available if you get in touch at the address included in the disk readme .comms Ale On a final note. I am currently working on a developer program which should moke it possible for users to write, test, debug, and compile OF1 programs on the Amiga, then bundle then as a complete Data Pack thct will auto-boot itself into the Organiser's top level menu.
Look out tor more about this in future issues of Amiga Computing.
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TRADE GOVERMENT LOCAL AUTHORITY AND EDUCATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME Animation K Possibly the greatest contribution to Western civilisation to come from across the Atlantic - that's one way of describing the cartoon industry, especially If you're a GBK (Great Big Kid) like most of the Amiga Computing staff.
Animation is now beginning to hit the micro market with a vengecnce, so It Is fortunate for those ot us with a love of moving pictures that the Amiga is eminently well qualified as a machine on which to produce home-grown cartoons.
The Amy's abilities in this department seem at last to be on the verge of professional recognition, with a variety of commercial animation studios either exploring the P0SSibili*ies offered by the Amiga, or alreody using it in the production chain.
Of these, the name Cosgrove Hall Productions stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Cosgrove Hg|| have been making cartoons since 1976. When Mark Hal and Brian Cosgrove set up shop with six staff In a converted warehouse. Since then, animations Such as Wind In The Willows and The BFG have helped them win four BAFTA awards and an EMMY, and the company has grown to 130 people, filling out a plush custom studio building just south of Manchester Meanwhile. Cosgrove Hall's bread and butter productions.
Dongermouse and Count Duckula have been delighting children and GBKs for the best part of a decade. Agains* a background of almost total U.S. domination.
Cosgrove Hall and a handful of other studios have produced cartoons of a distinctly British flavour, offering a refreshing riposte to the sort of one-way transatlantic traffic which has seen ’Masters Of The Mega-Blasters* clones come to dominate our teMes.
Cost-efficient Enough of the banner waving, what about the Amiga?
Cosgrove Hall are one of the first British studios to look seriously at the use of computers not only for the control of cameras but for the production of graphics and the development of characters as well.
In their seorch for a cost-efficient system offering quality animation at a decent price they alighted, not surprisingly, on the Amiga, and It was this decision which sent us scurrying up the M6 to see how they were using our favourite machine.
We spoke to Phi Atock. The man with the Job ol assessing the Amiga's potential, and asked him what he thought "We re looking into using the Amiga for line testing.* he told us, hurriedly pushing F29 Retollator under a pile of papers, ’but we're having difficulty with the image resolution.* Line testing is the animator's jargon for rough sketch, and Is the frst step In the process of bringing characters Amiga Computing's big kiddies, Stevie Kennedy and Paul Austin, take a look at animated Agnuses.
To life. Normally, a line test would Involve a series of drawings done manually then filmed one at a time until the animators had a simple Animation pencil-sketched cartoon on video.
This Is a time-consuming procedure. And difficult to experiment with.
Sequence showed Hugo smoothly animated for a fragment of speech, and amply demonstrated the advantage of the pencil over the mouse. ‘Using a mouse is a bit of a nightmare." We were told, 'especially if you hove to do dozens of cells.'
Drawing on-screen, however, needn't be carried out with with a cheese-chaser, and Phil odmltted to never having tried a graphics tablet for sketching. The addition of a tablet could quite easily dispense altogether with the video camera at the line testing stage, leaving the line tester to sketch straight onto the Amiga.
Disney does it We asked Phil for his opinions on the newly released Walt Disney Animation Studio (TAS) and his eyes lit up. The general reaction wos that although not up to the )ob of creating professional cartoons. TAS is a much cheaper tool, ideal for the animator experimenting ct home or for training begnners. 'We need the four level animation and digitiser options from Chroma- Colour" he affirmed, ‘but the There can surely be no belter illustration of the art of character development OxncuA - ) Se2, aivt Xu cur IT ajr T 2 va jt w No* r*1 r-r «eeQ6Aes.dbu M cK t.»
* 4 mi'arrnw.ofewey. wafc ' Story board* from an actual Cosgrove
Hall Count Duckula cartoon show how advance planning Is
essential to a good cartoon At this stage the Amiga falls short
of requirements. 'We find that compu-er graphics con't achieve
the resolution we get with ink and ocetate’. Said Phi. This
isn't a slight on the Amiga, however, as no other mcro fits the
bill either.
At the moment. Phil is using an Amiga 2000 with hard drive and 8Mb memory, dong with Chroma- Colour software and a digitiser linked to a high quality still frame video camera. The set-up isn't cheap, and would burn a large hole In £10,000. But it is far more attractively priced thdn anything previously available to the profes- sionol Armed with this array of desirable ¦ equipment, i Phil was hard A | at work on Cosgrove ¦ Hall s newest cartoon.
Victor and M Hugo, when we arrived.
‘It's something I knocked up the other day to test the software a bit.* he said The Lining them up Using an Amiga, however, line testers such as Phil can produce a full line test without recourse to video, changing as many aspects of It as they please before passing it on to the animators for the paint The only magazine for the serious Amiga game player. With features such as the amazing Super- League scoring system, definitive games reviews, informative news and mega coverdisk you can't go wrong! If you want the top coverage for your Amiga then buy the best, Amiga Action.
Disr dev teur her.
We tonl Cos leov vent and Ami.
And the so nr tOOT If at ft suet tOfS.
For ft level The* In th tion emp ptcti oppc dete whe' drav.
The • techi Th will r with ronrr with the : touc toots Is the Thi tradi hard- tlona 100% Colour 100% Amiga 100% Action 100% Class Available at all good newsagents, now.
Don't miss it!
Chrom Animation Disney package looks great for developing an idea or for the amateur who wants to produce his or her own stuff."
Cor, chief!
We were more than a little reluctant to terminate our day out at Cosgrove Hall, and refused to leave without an armful of souvenir and a posed photo wtth Igor and Duckula himself. After all, the Amiga Is at heart a fun machine, and to see It put to good use by the company which has brought so much enjoyment through Its cartoons was a most welcome treat.
If our Amy is capable of service at the professional level and with such an illustrious crew of animators. Then there's surety some hope for those of us at the mere amateur level who'll be diving with glee into The Animation Studio.
Walt Disney Isn't the first company to attempt a dedicated low-end Amiga animation pockage - It's just the latest and most successful. There have been several previous offerings, including Antic Software's Zoetrope package.
This suffered originally from being low-res NTSC only, and utiSsing Its own picture format, but was a hint of what we might expect from the Amiga.
Since we reviewed Zoetrope in the April 1989 issue, there has been a dearth of animation packages wtth the notable exception of Dpaint III.
Programs such as Anlmagic and Fontavision have tried to raise an eyebrow, but none have been sufficiently feature-packed to become a mainstream rival for the ot-conquering Dpaint in.
What has been missing from nearly all previous animation programs has been an approach which Paper to pixel In the world of computer animation there are two distinct routes employed to create the moving pictures we an know and love. Your appiooch to the subject Is usually determined by your background, whether it lies either In the hand draw approach of the Hustrator or the digital trickery of the artistic tectvx -junkle.
The average Amiga enthusiast will no doubt be more at home wtth the conventional AMIGA environment of the paint package, with imagery being provided from the somewhat less than subtle touch of the various processing tools employed, not least of which is the rather clunky Amiga mouse.
The second approach Is a more traditional one combining the har *earned skills of the conventional Illustrator along wtth the pro- cessing power of the computer, tt's this approach which Chroma- Colour's Softoons Is designed to exploit, combining the two talents wtth the aid o' video digitising.
The biggest complaint from free hand artists when confronted with computerisation Is the prospect of using a mouse. This Is a definite non starter with most animators. As a result an alternative method is required and It's here 'hat the digitiser comes into Its own. Importing hand drawn cels direct from the paper to the llne-tester for editing, composition and of course playback.
It's fair to say Softoons is the answer to an animator's needs rather than that of the Amiga enthusiast hoping to dabble in a touch of the Disneys. As a result of the specialised approached and the consequent limit for potential sales the Softoons system is no! For the financially faint hearted with a starting price of £630 for the software alone.
If you were to go the whole hog and invest In the complete system of cameras, rostrum stands and monitors It would add up to just under £3,000. As I said. It's not aimed at the amateur.
The system comes In two distinct formats, either an A500 version which is designed to suit the needs of an animator working from heme, or the more advanced and expensive Amiga 2000-based syslem designed specifically for studio use.
The principle deference between the two systems is the number of available levels of animation. The A500 version only manages one level similar to that of IAS. Whereas the studio version is capable of up to four level combinations.
This basically means that al the elements of the onlmatlon produced on the A500 system mus* be drawn and shot onto a single cel, the studio alternative being ccpa- ble of combining four individual drawings onto the same exposure sheet to form the finished cel. Eoch element joins with the rest but still retains Its individuality for edilng purposes To be realistic, the price of the follows along similar lines to that taken by the professional animator. Zoetrope was stuffed with special effects, such as fades, wipes and shatters. WNch you could apply to your graphics, but none of these were
of any particular use.
Clever though they may be. Such effects are really only useful IT your animation ts designed for a professional presentation rather than a cartoon.
Zcetrope was too crude for the former and unsuitable for the latter.
Zoetrope was and remains an excellent program In a technical sense, espectalty when you remember its age. However. It is also the best example of an early Amiga package which, while being dreamily put together, was dismaBy deficient In Its appreciation of Just which market It was supposed to be aimed at.
Early attempts Deflnnlng the Frisket before Importing the background is g simple matter at cMckhg on the colours to be masked oft. Here, the dog's body cokxn along with the back o Its outline have been included commercial market, but if you re a real enthusiast who needs to digitise his handy work It s the only dedicated equipment around.
Cheap alternative If like me your bottom lip wiB sti be trembling at the prospect of spending all your hard earned cash on Softoons. Dry your eyes.
There is an alternative method to get your freehand skills into the Amiga, and as a result your anims - look out for our review of graphics tablets soon.
Walt Disney Animation Studio We tried ond we tried and we tried, but we found nothing that comes close to The Animation Studfo in the home animation market. Chroma-Colour is on expensive afternative for the professional market. But for cortoon-loving Joseph Pubic harbouring a secret desire to bring Tom & Jerry to life on the Amiga, there’s no real choice.
Disney, as you might expect, has written tas entirety from the vew- polnt of an animator. From stari to finish, emphasis is ploced soiety on producing cartoons, such that although not of professional standards. TAS engenders a professional feel which carries beginner HT a* £ The flral animation, complete with background, shows how the whole can be greater than the sum o'the ports using the system don't worry, Those thoughtful folks at Ctroma-Coiour will lend a helping hand of a daily training rate of only £250 per day.
It's obvious from the frightening price list that both Chroma-Colour systems are aimed firmly at the ©d as the animation runs a helpful feature when composing a sequence. When you're happy with your creations they can be saved to disk or copied direct to video.
If you're slightly nervous about The Dpaint contribution Don Silva's Dpaint program, especially in its third incarnation, has been one of the prime movers in the world of Amiga animation for several years, and there are many who owe It o debt of gratitude.
Dpaint lit established the now accepted ANIM format and spread the gospel of Amiga movies to the wider audience through myriad PD demos and, in a very Important way. Boosted the success of the Amiga as a whole.
Its animated brushes were a revolution in Amiga graphics techniques which ore only now being incotporated into other packages such as Spectracolor.
Animations thus created could be saved In IFF or ANIM format and played back using Electronic Arts’ Play routine.
Since then, the proliferation of stand alone PD ANIM player programs has allowed amateur animators to pass their pro- grcms around freely, and although sound isn’t catered for. Progroms such as Movie will put anlms through their paces at a very respectable frame rate.
The major drawback when animating with Dpant Is that It was designed primarily as a paint program.
Animation is possible, but It Is obviously an added extra rather than the program’s raison d’etre. For this reason. Dpaint loses out bodty when compared to The Animation Studio, but that’s not surprising.
For those who want a paint package first, and a dabble In animation as a bit of fun on the side.
Dpoint is still a very attractive buy, and should continue to provide animations for the ever expanding public domain demo libraries studto version complete with all The harcware is strictly for the pros. As a result I'll be concentrating on the slightty more affordable A500 version which might still be within the reoch of the affluent enthusiast.
The do's and don'ts Perhaps a more accurate heodtng might read what you can do. And what you can't. With the Softoons system you can import black and white line tests, compile sequences and adjust. Improve, and generally test out your creations prior to spending heaps of cash on the phenomenally expensive process of creating full colour animations.
Softoons in effect is an animation utility rather than a stand* alone package like TAS.
The Idea is to speed up the process for a pro. As a result there’s no pain* package available, no Internal editing and no colours.
Softcons talents are devoted purely to digitising and running hand drav n images, and this as you might expect it does well, but certainty not cheaply.
Flip through The standard set-up will support up to 200 individual drawings within the machine. Considering the frame rate on certain animations this is not exoctty Impressive, but with the addition of some extra memory things would become a little more acceptable.
The number of drawings shouldn’t be confused with the number of frames used. It's quite common for an animation to use the same drawing on several frames depending on the effects requl'ed.
Once you’ve captured a drawing with the digitiser It can be played instantly or cycled with the other frames in the sequence. This can be done at any rate between 1 and 99 frames per second.
The frame rate can be adjust- UTILITIES PDU 10 Word Processi ng+Data basi ng PDU16 Air T unnel Emulation PDU 23 Fish 110 A68K Assembler PDU24 Fish l 14 C Docs PDU2B Fishf 133 Console Handler PDU27 Fish 136 Create own puzzles PDU 29 F ish 140 141 SBProlog 2 disks PDU31 Fish 143 RIM Database PDU32 Fish 144 Analytic spreadsheet PDU38F sh 1850fficialCBM IFF disk PDU 43 Fish 203 Assembler & C eg PDU 44 Fish 215 Mandelvroom V2.0 PDU 45 Fish 210 Scientific calculator PDU46Fish 2i3 lcons(300 m 8 colors) PDU51 Fish 2l9 Astronomy program PDU 52 Fish 52 A 2 Text Editor PDU 60 Fish 237 CLIpnnt PDU
70 Fish 193 Keymap Editor PDU 72 SID V1.06 The ultimate *sk util.
PDU 74 C Manual PDU 78 Ftie Archiver PDU 80 Fonts and Surfaces PDU 81 Disksalve 1.3 PDU 82 Scale. Wordwnto PDU 38 Celtics Demo maker PDU 39 Ham Radio uDls(5 disks) MEGA BLITZ!
Tive m still be 30Ct Of earned ur eyes, jthod to Into the r anlms - graphics If dio and we Ing that Imation ton mar- xpensive nal mar- I Joseph desire to on the ce ect. Has ¦to vtow- i start to otety on ch that ol ston- ofesslon- aginner PDU 101 Menu Maker PDU 102 Label designer PDU 103 Icon-Maker PDU104lcon-Mama PDU 105 Crossword Creator PDU 118 Various CLI utils PDU 146 Grocery+Video list maker PDU 149 Icon Fun PDU 151 Fixdiskdisk repairer PDU 164 Games Music Creator PDU 168 Vaccme-Booster(Virus killer) PDU 169 QuickBase Database PDU 171 Fish 315Draw-map PDU 175Fish 288 Plotdata 2D PDU
185ANC22 (Excellent utils) PDU 186 Falcon Bootblock Creator PDU 189 Bootblock Copier PDU 194 Pman Virus Killer PDU 198 Synchro Packer V4.6 PDU ?00 Virus Killer Pro V2.0 PDU 207 Perfect Sound V1.93 PDU 257 Fish 349 ME D PDU 262 MED Modules d isn't anlms frame DPOtot jgram.
Added For this ired to and a % tirfa 9 aKJW, :onttn- lOdlng DEMOS PD01 Anarchy Demo PDO 3 Cult Demodisk PDD 4 Deathstar Mogademo(2 disks) PDD 7 Elvira Demo PDD 14 RAF Megademo(2 disks) PDD 16 Robocop Demo PDD 7SAE Demo 12 PDD 8 SAE Demo 19 PDD * 9 SAE Demo 21 PDD 20 SAE Demo 25 PDD 21 SAE Demo 32 PDD 31 Anarchy"Ooh its obscene III" PDD 51 Hacktrck 1 Arse wipe PDD 52 Hacktnck*2Smashingday out PDD55Kefren Megademo 8(2 disks) PDD 60 N.troAC Demos 22 PDD 62 North star Megademo 2 PDD 70 RoboisMegademo PDD 71 Red Sector Demo PDD 72 Red Sector Demodisk 4 PDD 73 SAE D*mos 23 PDD 74 SAE Demos 36 PDD
75 Scoopex Demos PDO 76 Scoopex Megademo PDD 90 Trilogy Demo s 4 PDD91 Tn logy Megademo 1 PDO 93 TWI Demo+Virus killer PDD 94 Vortex Megademo PDO 96 Magnetic Fields Demo 36 PDO 97 Predators Megademo(2 disks) PDO 99 Semtei Megademo PDO 107 Budbrain I (2 disks) PD0115 Magnetic Fields Demo 40 PDD 116 Magnetic Fields Demo 4i PDO 130 Chubby Brown PDD 131 CnoncsDemo PDD 132 Giants Megademo(2 disks) PDD 134 Magnetic F lelds Demo 45 PDO 138 Page One Demo 1 PDO 139 Page One Demo*2 PDD 140 Page One Demo 3 PDD 141 Page One Demo 4 PDD 145 SAE Demo 31 PDD 152 Flash’No Brain No Pam*(2) PDD 153 Billy
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Horn(1 meg) PDA 45 Monoqcle & Sportscar(l meg) PDA 47 Holsten Pils Advert PDA 48 Magnum Jogger Amm PDA 49 Mayfair Vol.?3no3(18+) PDA 50 Mega Clean Show V1.7 PDA 54 NASA Graphics PDA 56 Newtek Demoree 11 (2)(1 meg) PDA 57 Newtek Demoreet3(2)(1 meg) PDA 58 Paradi se Slide shew PDA61 Sabrina PDA 63 Space Amms) 1 meg) PDA 65 Star Trek Anims PDA 68 Walker Demol (' meg) PDA 69 Walker Demol (2meg.2disks) PDA 70 Walker Demo2( 1 meg) PDA 73 Westcoast Cracker 4( 18+) PDA 74 Bodeans Bordello 1(18+) PDA 75 Bodeans Bordolk 4 18+) PDA 76 Playboy( 18+) PDA 77 Sam Fox(18+) PDA 78 Utopia 1(18+) PDA 79 The
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And, as a special borus, you can receive a free piece of software if you contact us before 4th May 1991.
The experience and expertise of our technicians ensures that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost. And each repair will be carried out within 12 working days!
To schedule a repair and claim your free software, simply call Michelle or Matthew on 0733 391234.
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And remember, if you call before 4th May you can claim a FREE piece of software.
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0782 281506 Animation The Demo-Reel to a good example of the
overall quality of the Disney product. This excellent Donald
Duck animation was put together by Walt Disney artists
specialty (or The Animation Studio and to os good an
advertisement os you can gel lor its potential And I bet you
thought walking was easy!
Representing one of the few commercial attempts to spread the arVma- tion word. RGB Studios' Real Things series Is aimed at providing the beginner with the tools he or she needs to begin producing original work The series consists of three packages. Birds. Horses, and Humans, al of which contain a cfiskfuf of Dpaint anlms and a manual. The laner sets out to dispense advice on all aspects of anlm brustes. Including their creation, development. And editing, and goes on to give hints on backgrounds and so forth.
Each disk contains a targe number of good quality animation sequences which the beginner con use In animations or as a guide to the techniques of.
For example, making a horse run wtthouf making tt look like a table having a fit.
None of this Is particulorty radical Of new; the Dpaint manual provides a similar guide to using antm brushes, and the animations themselves ore relatively simple.
What is unique about the Real Things series Is that It is the only sustained attempt to attract beginners to Amiga animation we've seen since Dpalnt's remarkable potential was first realised.
If you're desperate to the point of financial profligacy.
Real Things at £20 a throw is one way to buid up an instant animation Ibrary. If. On the other hand, you don't fist setting fire to tenners among your hobbies, try the public domain when looking for animated inspiration. Real Things is good... but not that good.
Along with it rather than leaving them stranded.
The main dfck contains two programs. Pencl Test and Ink & Paint.
The flist of these Is the line tester and it is here that any animation begins Its fife.
The user progresses from rough sketch to finished line-art animation. Then loads the whole thing Into Ink & Paint for the application of colour. The overwhelming Impression dulng all this is TAS'S extreme ease of use.
Let's face it - how many of us can draw? Not us. Disney, however, doesn't simply leave the beginner to get on with it.
To take as much of the pain as possible out of cartoon production, there is a library of sample animations on the program disk and a second disk packed to the gunnels with clips from actual Disney animations.
The library animations can be used m the user's own productions and loaded Into Ink & Paint for colouring. The Morgue disk containing the Disney clps. HowevReal Things er. Is protected by copyright and the animations cannot be tampered with.
If you want to create Britain's answer to Mickey Mouse you're going to have to put In a certain amount of work!
The Pencil Test part of the package will be famitar to anyone who has used Dpaint. As it sports very similar menus and all the usual drawing gadgets.
Circles, boxes and elpses. FiBed or unfified. Are all there as are the more odvanced brush and airbrush facilities. This Isn't just an ordinary drawing program, however, and It has several tea Knows his onions There is a variable zoom option, and a group of cel manipulation devices for copying cels to and from a buffer, cutting them out or Inserting them anywhere In tne sequence.
By far the most specific options, however, and those which set Pencil Test opart, are the three at the bottom of the toolbox godget bar.
The two arrow godgets are used to flip back and forth through the sequence of cels at the click of a mouse button. They are use'ul when the user wants to travel through a relatively small number of cels, but they really come Into their own when they make It possible to see the 'onion sldn' effect at Its best.
Onion skin' Is a term and an effect dating from the earliest days of animation when cels were drawn on a series of semi-transparent layers of paper.
By looking through' these layers, the animator could discern the dm outlines of the previous three cels or so. And thus achieve a much better appreciation of how the movement was developing.
The Animation Studio simulates this effect so Animation that the beginner can flip forward wtthoul losing sight of the preceding three cels, all of which are visible as progressively fainter grey outlines. The effect is simple but invaluable, and alone is facility enough to place The Animation Studio high on my shopping list.
The bottom left hand gadget is a simple player which flips through the existing sequence cel by cel in a loop to make testing the animation as easy as possible.
It simply doubles up for an option available via a pull-down menu, but its Inclusion on the toolbox bar is an Indication of the thought which has been put into this package s design.
Decent exposure The last gadget, on the bottom right hand corner, takes the user to what the pros call the exposure sheet".
This section of the program simulates the real life exposure sheet you wil find at the heart of all cartoon productions.
It Is used to keep track of timings, frame rates and events such as music, speech, and special effects, The exposure sheet is not an optional extra - If you're serious about putting decent cartoons together you must use this technique.
Disney's exposure sheet is one of the trickier parts of the program. To us© it properly, the user has to master a dozen or so commands and their syntax. These allow .SMUS (Sonlx) format music scores to be played, paused, faded out. And generally mucked about with.
Unfortunately, flexibility is Imlted by the insistence on Sontx generated music scores, but this Is partly offset by the acceptance of any JFF sample as a special effect € Penfokl conwi to Wo on pop* In this •arty artist's character sheet Product Information Walt Disney's Animation Studio is a product of the Walt Disney Company Avoilable; Now Supplier: Entertainment International (0268) 541126 Price: £99.95 Softoons Personal Une-Tester and Chroma-Colour Animation Une- Tester are products of the Chroma-Colour company.
Available: Now Supplier: Chromo-Colour Animation Supplies & Eculpment Ltd (081) 675 8422 Price: From £630 for software atone to £4,000 to" software. A2000.
Camera, lights, and rostrum equipment.
(!SFX). Musical scores and samples, once decided upon, can be tweaked in a number of ways. The syntax of the ISFX command allows the user to choose sample playback speeds, which channel it wi play through, whether or not It will be In stereo, and the number of times it w! Loop.
The ISCORE command can be used to fade a tune out and set Its tempo, and peripheral commands such as ITEMPO. (VOLUME, and INOTE offer occasional control of any sounds or scores presently being played. Altogether, the exposure sheet is an indespensable part of the animation process, and The Animation Studio would have been incomplete without It.
Ink blots Once the pencil animation is complete and the user is satisfied that the exposure sheet is arranged correctly. The data is stored on c*sk for later importation to the second part of the main program, Ink & Paint, for the final touches.
This is the weakest chink In Disney's armour, becajse it's not really a paint program at afi. There are up to 32 colours available, more with dithering, bjt the only painting facilities available are a couple of fill and line-drawing options for touching up any leaks’ which threaten to let a colour spill out of Its allotted area.
The Idea is that the animation is already complete and merely requires colouring, but It would have been nice to have hod a few more options even at this late stoge.
That grumble aside, the Ink & Paint program does everything required of it with little *uss. Its best feature is the a bitty to use a 'frisket' so that backgrounds can be slotted in behind the animation without overwriting any o' your hard sweat and tears.
Frlskets work by spec,tying which colours cannot be overwritten, jo all you need do Is pull down the frisket option, click on the colours you've used in your animation, then import your IFF backgrourd behind the relevant cels.
You can load different backgrounds for different cels, so there's no reason for bland backdrops.
The major problem with the backgrounds is that they can only be static - there's no multi-level animation such as that found on the more expensive Chroma-Colour configurations.
This reinforces the apparent Disney ethos that demands all animation details be finalised before Ink & Paint is used, but there's no great difficulty in this.
If the user plans ahead using a storyboard and organises the animation before starting, the finished product will be better thought cut and more efficiently reached.
Disney's emphasis on their own methods and the Insistence on a structured opprooch are in the last analysis a help rather than ahn- drance to the beginner.
Conclusion Amiga animation is on the up and up - there's no doubt about that.
With the wide availabiSty of Dpdnt animations, and the appearance of a new low-end dedicated pock- oge in the shape of Walt Disney's Animation Studio, the home market could be said to be buoyant, In the professional sector, too, the Amiga is establishing Itself as an excellent machine tor llne-testers and animators alike.
The Chroma-Colour softwa e. though expensive, has proved its ability to meet the demands of an expanding user base, and should continue to bring the Amiga much deserved credit In this new sector.
With success apparent In both areas, the Amiga can only continue to improve Its standing as the only home micro which Is both great fun and a truly serious buy.
• All Cosgrove Hall characters, including Count Duckula and
Donger- mouse. Are copyright 1991 Cosgrov Hall Productions We
would like to take ttus opportunity to Ihonk Phil Alack.
Willard T Kitchen. Chris Philips. Carmel Wilson, and all at
Cosgrove Had lor their help
• A i characters included In The Animation Studio are copyright
1991 the Wan Disney Company itten. So wn the CokXKS nation.
[ground t boek- there's kdrops, 9 back- only be vel ani- I on the
• Colour parent i ail ani- before kg'* no using a he ani- Iwshed
ght out ? ?hed, sir own ;e on a the last a hln- THE MAGAZINE
XVEMMOMM The best sitting special PD SbartuKtrt packcompiled By
j.T3. will in future Be released as a Hume Pacl of tfu
MonthEach will cover a specialized subjut and Be distributed
worldwide By QTS in 'Europe, Megadisc in Australia and
Jumpdisi in the USA. The programs included will Be the latest
available and if you purchase from QTS, you will have the
opportunity to update to the latest version at just11S0 per 2
dis set.
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‘Checlffiooli will ifep trackjf your finances and '‘Mileage Master' tuitt ted you just haw much your car costs to run There is also 'Wodd Time, MonCalc, LCDCalc and many more valuable smal Business programs.
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FULL STATUS REPORTING At the press of a key now you can view the Machine Status, including Fast Ram. Chip Ram, RamDisk. Drive Status, etc. POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory.
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AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action R felay II preference screen you can now set up autofire from o tg»l00°a. Just irragine continuous lire power? Joystick t and 2 are sot separately for that eitra advantage!
• OISKCOOER With the new Diskcoder option you can now tag your
disks jwith a unique code that will provent tho disk from being
loaded by anyone else. Tagged disks will only reload when you
enter the code. Very useful for security.
PREFERENCES Action Replay II now has screen colour preferences with menu setup.
Customise your screens :o suit your taste. Very simple to use.
DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor 'displays disk information in easy to understand format. Full modily s£ve options.
DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR.
FORMAT, COPY. DEVICE, etc. DISK COPY Disk copy at the press of a button - taster than Dos Copy. No need to loai Workbench - available at all times.
BOOT SELECTOR Either DFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot drive when working With Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be ablo to boot Irom your external drive.
DATEL ELECT7(OplCSm LTD., GOVAN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE* FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 AAR 2 Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler Full screen editoi Load Save block Wn«e String to memory Jump to specific address Show Ram as toxt Show boron picture Play residonl sample Show and edit all CPU registers and Hag Calculator Help command Full search feature Unique Cufeton Chip Edl allows you to see and modify all chip registers • even write onlyeegisiers Notepad Disk handling show actual track. Disk Sync, pattern etc. Dynamic Breakpoint handling
Show memory as HEX.
HOW TO GET YOUR ORDER r ASCII. Assembler. Decimal Copper Assemble Disassemble • now with suffix names CREDIT CARD ORDERS 0* BOTie UONm Ol PM proam 1 anywl»rttroiuot only lohtmn mxti m Puttc Penn Ow uaan o«*i cragrana o KftMn vrtwn ponMuon in mala Mctup* Man Um V Q« n « * to UXMH IWI lo, fOJ own ol caor-tyt maanal attnm n atprm Fii mrff ccp»mN WARMING 1 MS COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING tlKBwacs UU. NMhw comm* "or auncrtuM t» uw ol ti eroducM lo« Vm NNMM TELEPHONE (24 Hrs) 0782 744707 Li Comms Yfears ago a couple of hundred well worn notes would not hove allowed you to gather much speed In the
communications race. For that sort of money most comms freaks would have been defcghted to pick up an acoustic coupler type modem with very low speeds and even lower reliability.
These days though your money goes a lot further both in terms of modem speed and features.
Which modem you need depends very much on what you wan- to achieve. The occasional call to a local BBS service won't warrant a super speedy modem.
On the other hand the cost saving offered by high data transfer rates will be welcome if you ore a frequent caller to the US.
EuroLink The EuroLink modem is a perfect Illustration of how comms hardware has become more affordable of late. Your hard earned £264 delivers a unit which allows com- murication at a respectable 2400 baud.
Like each of the modems featured in this overview it is entirely software controlled. This means that rather than pressing buttons on the front panel to configure the unit, all tweaking is done over the keyboard via a software command set Tne EuroLink is fully Hayes com- patbte. This is a real boon for anyone wanting to dabble in comms without learning the detoiled ins and outs of modem control before going online.
Popular public domain packages for the Amiga including Ncomm. JRComm and Supertext come pre-configured for use with Hayes compatible decks.
Plug in and go is the order of the day. The modem also includes EuroLink Modem Price: £263.35 Manufacturer: EuroLink Telephone: 0625 878888 For: Very good value Hayes Compatible Against: No power switch verdict: The Eurolink ts an ideal modem for anyone wanting to dabble with comms without having to re-mortgage their Amiga.
Going online is getting cheaper. Eddie McKendrick gets up to speed with a range of modems for all pockets pler to use over the years. At first glance the EuroLink is nothing more than o simline plastic brick with six lights on the front ond no switches to play with. At second glance it Is much the same. Gone ore the days of twiddling diols. Setting DIP switches and pressing buttons to get online.
The function of each light on the EuroLlnk Is clearly Indicated by diagonal labels on the front panel This commonsense approach to labelling is most unusual. The bulk of modem manufacturers usually insist on using confusing two letter abbreviations rather than plain English.
The Eurolink has Indicators for power, connecting, responding.
Some useful * elp screens for those not content io go with a standard package.
In an effort to provide an all round package. EuroLink have bundled a free subscription to CompuServe Into the price. This is a truty massive information system of American origin. On it you will find messages, news and over
30. 000 public domain programs.
Having said all that.
CompuServe is not the most user friendly of places and although your membership is free, the usoge charges soon mount up.
CompuServe is far too extensive to do Justice to in this article and we will be covering the service In Its own right at a later date.
As well as getting cheaper, modems hare got smaller and simtransmitting, receiving and auto answer mode Rear panel ports are provided for power, telephone and serial connections.
The only notable omission Is that of a power switch. Removing the power leod Is the only way to give Comms your EuroUnk a good night s sleep after many hard hours of conversing ove- the wires.
Id auto orts ore me and t is that log the to give Hi-Tec EC2400 if the Ev oLink modem can be considered ideal for the beginner, the Hi-Tec EC2400 deluxe is well suited to people wonting to upgrade from aged manual modems.
Like the EuroLink, It is a 2400 baud Hayes compatible unit. The HhTec normally weighs in at £399 but it is currently on offer to Amiga Computing readers of £299.
What ou get for your extra outlay is a slightly more robust case, more ights and the MNP error correction and data compression systems.
Let's tackle eoch of these areas in turn, The chassis is a very robust plastic design which is only let down by a fimsy front panel ond two inexcusably tacky go-faster stripes down the side. The unit sports a posit vely psychedelic collection of 11 lights giving information on everything from the current connection status to active speed Hi-Tec EC2400 Deluxe Price: £399 (£299 on special offer) Manufacturer Hi-Tec Modems Ltd Telephone: 0733897333 For; MNP protocols From mounted power switch Against: Unattractive styling Verdict: The Hi-Tec EC 2400 deluxe should be a serious contender for
your attention if you are looking to upgrade from an existing slower modem. The provision of MNP is a reel bonus, but only If the services you want to use support it.
Cosmetics aside, the most important additional feature of the EC 2400 is the provision of the two MNP systems. MNP is a three letter ocronym for Microcom Networking Protocol. The Hi-Tec comes with two different tvpes of MNP.
MNP Level 4 is an error correction protocol designed to ensure safe transport of data even If phonelines are bad. MNP Level 5 on the other hand is a data compression protocol. This is used to speed up data transmission from point to point.
With MNP 5 It is possible to achieve a data transfer rate Increase of almost 100 per cent, meaning that the EC 2400 has a maximum throughput of 4800 baud. MNP is only of any relevance to you if the services you call support it. Prestel for example does not although most other commercial services do.
One major plus, where the EC wins hands down over the other modems on test, is the provision of a power switch on the front panel It is reassuring to have a means of hard reset within easy reach, ideal for situotlons where the modem is semi enclosed and the bock panel is trcky to get to. The Hi-Tec doesn't crash, but sometimes a power-orf Is the easiest way to reset a line otter a failed connection.
The EC 2400 does not look as mass-produced as the other decks reviewed within these pages. The user guide in particular, although extremely Informative, lacks the level of presentation offered by the other three contenders. Don't get me wrong, the EC 2400 is a positive Volkswagen build-quality wise. Hi- Tec’s design boys Just need to apply a little more in the way of cosmetic surgery before it will look as sexy as the others in its class.
Hayes 9600 -t-Quad Just as Hoover have made a name for themselves In vacuum cleaners.
Hayes have been at the leading edge with modems since the emergence of the techroiogy.
With that sort of introcuction you would be justified in thinking that the Hayes Smartmodem 9600+ Quad might be something special.
Depending on what you want to do with comms. You coud be right.
As the name suggests the Hayes is a 9600 baud modem. Wei it Is, os long os you are talking to another compatible 9600 baud modem.
Otherwise the +Quad tagged on to the end of the name is of more significance to you.
Quad relates to the ability to transmit and receive data using four universally recognised CCIT modulation standards You will be less than surprised to know that the highest speed available with these is 2400 baud (V 22 bis). The others are 300 (V 21). 1200 (V 22) end 1275 (V 23) respectively.
Hayes are a key player in the corporate comms sector. In practice. Finding another 9600 baud modem at the end of a resident oily run bulletin board could prove to be a little on the tricky side This means that to ail intent aid purpose yog nave to assume that the bulk of your calls will achieve 2400 baud connections. With the provision of MNP the data throughput is Increased to a respectable 4800 boud.
The story doesn't stop there. By use of special protocols it is possible to achieve a nippy da’a transfer rate of 19.200 baud. This relies on another Hayes modem being at the other end of the link.
All of these additional features invariably mean increased complexity m configuration. The Hayes goes some way to resolving potential setup heartache by incorporating intelligent feature negotiation software.
Theoretically the Smartmodem will automatically establish the highest speed of connection possible. The practice is not entirely silkv smooth, but configuration is signift* con tty easier than It would be without the artificial intelligence.
The most striking attribute of the Hayes is its construction. In complete contrast to the other plastic units, it lives In a smart robust meta box. The usual compliment of status lights is provided, os Is a power switch on the back panel, There Is no question that if build quality is Important to you. This is your ideal modem.
In line with Its distlnctty corporate price tog of £1.149. the Hayes 9600 provides a wide range of facilities geared to the more serious comms buff. The most notable of these is X25 FAD. The letters PAD stand for Pocket Assembler Disassembler.
Comms Ushg PAD it is possible to have virtual rather than physical connections. This means that with a single modem you can be linked to more than one online service.
M simple terms a PAD link works by taking the Information from each virtual connection established (the packets) and assembling them into a single data stream for transmission. This stream is disassembled at each end of the link.
Miracom Courier HST Price: £1.144.25 Manufacturer: Miracom Technology Ltd Telephone: 0473233888 For: HST protocol Dual Standard User friendly Against: No telephone through-port Verdict: If you intend to take comms seriously and money is no object, this Is the modem for you. B8S Sysops should leap ot the chance to pick up one of these units at 50% discount. It will be a very long time before a better price performance package comes alcng PAD has very specific applications and most residential users have difficulty finding a justification for connecting to one online service never mind
several simultaneously.
Hcyes modems are not cheap. I don't think It Is 100 per cent fair to say that all you are paying for is the name, nor is It fair to say you get what you pay for in terms of features genuinely useful to the home user.
The V-Series Smartmodem $ 600 ?Quod has a very specific appeal to corporate communicators.
Hayes 9600 +Quad £1.148.85 Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. 081 848 1858 9600 baud PAD ExceBent build quality Expensive Requires some configuration The Hayes 9600 +Quad Is an excellent modem for serious comms users. I would be inclined to say that it was overkill for domestic users and the Mlrocom HST DS modem reviewed next is a more reaKstic proposition for Sysops. If PAD and reliability are important to you then Hayes is the natural choice.
Price: Manufacturer: Telephone: For: Against: Verdict: There Isn't a great deal to sen it to home hackers though.
The other large market for high end modems is bulletin board sysops. Hayes are now promoting their entire range to this Influential bunch by offering a more than generous 50 per cent discount.
To qualify for this saving, the bulletin board concerned must carry a promotiond message for Hayes modems. The sysop scheme should go some way to getting more units online. Any sysops interested should contact the company at the number below.
Miracom Courier We wrap up our look at modems with the Miracom Courier HST DS.
This deck combines most of the features found in the Hayes with one very important additional feature, HST - an acronym for High Speed Technology. Using the Miracom it is possible to achieve a data transfer rate of 14.4k. There are quite a few HSTs doing sterling service at the front erd of numerous bulletin boards up and down the country.
HST Is a proprietary protocol designed by Miracorr's American parent company US Robotics.
Each of the other modems we have looked at use the elderly CCITT V standards for cata transfer.
Talking of the V standards brings me to the other acronym in the Miracom's wordy title. DS Indicates that the Courier is a dual standard modem.
This represents a best of both worlds scenario where the HST protocol is supported side by side with the widely occepted slower V standards.
If first impressions last. I have been sold on the Courier. Despite the unit's immense sophistication, getting online was just a simple matter of plugging in a couple of cables and clicking on my JRComm icon.
Miracom must be commended for the user friendliness of the entire Courier package. The manual is clear, concise and easy to follow.
The built-in help screens and command summaries are convenient to access, The level of user support even extends os far as printing a complete command summary on the base of the A4 sized unit. There Is no excuse for not having the Information you need close to hand If you are the proud owner of a Courier.
On the face of It the Miracom does everything that the Hayes does and more for around the same price. The only feature the Hayes can boast over the Miracom Is PAD. This won't be a great loss for most users.
This Is an ideal modem for bulletin board sysops. The automatic support of both widely used communications standards (V and HST) means that the Courier is happy to answer the phone and talk to a wider range of modems than any other in Its class.
Miracom offer a Sysop price scheme similar to the Hayes cne.
Making these excellent modems available at virtually give-away prices to established bulletin bocrds The only niggling curiosity is that Mirocom hove not seen fit to provide a telephone socket on the back of the Courier. This means that if you wish to shore a line for voice and data the purchase of a socket doubler is a pre-requisite Amiga A59Q Computer Keyboard 512K Random Accees Memory Built-In 1 meg double-elded disk drive Superb 4096 Colour Graphics 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Speech Syntheela Multi-Tasking Operating System Klckstarl 1.3 and Workbench 1.3 Three Owners Manual* Extras
1.3 end Tutorial Disk Amiga BASIC Programming Language Notepad Mini Word Proceaeor Commodore Mouse Power Supply Unit with mafne plug TV Modulator ..and all connecting cables to get you up end running on your home TV setl Shadow of the Beast II Days of Thunder Back to the Future II Night Breed Deluxe Paint II Art Package 'ota! OacKaae once includes VA T and Next Day Delivery by Courier* Jorftae&v-Order now1 24Holt Credit Card HotOne Telephone (0906)379006 Ring or wrlta In lor our lateat Amiga catalogue llallng hundred* ot product* available lor thla veraeiUe Home Computer We etock COLOUR
ACCESSORIES and of courae hundred* A hundred* of game* end all at well below recommended retail prlceal op pries ayes one.
Modems ive-awoy fin boards, slty is that fit to pro- et on the lis means a line for :hase of a quisite.
Digicom otter you the very beat In cuelomer after aalea
* upporl with 12 month warranty on all Computet Hardware.
All unlta art lull UK apacltlcallon with 30 day laplacamant guarantee on faulty Heme and FREE collection of the detective unlta within thla parlod. And ahould you aver need any technical advice our experienced end helpful elett ere available on the telephone or In our ahowroom.
Remember - there ere no hidden extree ell prlcee are fully inclusive ot VAT end next day courier delivery.
PtUa, • m* »M*€I f. I n• ». TtOt GICOM 36-37 Wharfside Watling Street Fenny Stratford Milton Keynes MK2 2AZ Telephone (0908) 378008 - Fax (0906) 379700 Showroom Hours-Mon to Sat 9D0anv5 0pm The amazing MED v3.00 Stunning improvements push Teijo Kinnunen's mega-popular MED to the musical high ground.
• •••••••••••a Gujaaaifl devices assign dir: INSTR MIDI SVNTH
¦¦¦¦ « SAVE:023 IFF If o deluge of disks is anything to go by.
MED v2.13 must have been one of the most popular coverdisk pro
grams of dll time.
Musical creations from readers ol all ages have been flooding through our letter box since last December's cover disk hit the newstands. And at such a rate that we've been hard pressed to give them all a hearing.
With such a reaction to MED. We ddn't really have much choice when the latest version appeared - we hod to bring it to you as quickly as possible.
Indeed this is the first magazine coverdfck to include MED 3.00. and It's all thanks to author Teijo Kinnunen and Ray from the Amlganuts United PD library.
If you're unfamiliar with MED In its previous versions, you might be confused at first by its rather daunt- Irg front end. The disk, however, contains full documentation covering the program's main features In detail, and a bit of perseverance should help you through the rough patches.
Version 3 brings three major new features to the program:
• Synthsounds is a facility for creating and editing your own
waveforms for Instrument voices or special effects HI:D
V3.B0 ©1989-1991 v Ti Hi nm 1 a Hill a * an 1 ¦ MhfH ST MOP a
: p i InSz 1 ¦b9!Lj5S%&t: Bassprim. U20 • Hfl&ntEP
SVNTH MliiaUg SLIST IT0 772 1 PlftV nsr HUY ftMO
* ?£» MOM 1'Oft PI&III2C I .....¦¦¦ SHOW MlO SHOW ALL CS-PS PEL
C*urr fttv MW The ail-new Sample Editor offer* MED v3.00 users
more musical muscle than ever
• SampleED allows you to edit an already existing sample.
• SampleList is a new way for MED to organise samples.
Sample List This feature is a boon for people with huge sample libraries. The Sample List is a text file in which you set out the drives an directories in whlcht samples are to found one lists the samples in each of these directories When loading MED 3.C examines the filel MED_paths for this information so that when you want to load a sample into MED all you have to do is click on the SMPLIST gadget to go to a screen with the directories and samples immediately available for selection.
There’s no more messing about In MED's tiny file window for one sample in a list of hundreds!
Synthsound This feature allows you to design and create waveforms for use within your own tunes, then save them to disk. The waveforms can use the whole five octave range and can be made up of 64 Individual sections, each with its own type of wave.
To access this function go Into the INSTR panel end Click Oh the SYNTH gadget You should now be faced with a screen mostly taken up by two panels on which the synthsounds are created.
Between the two are controls for adding end mixing waveforms together, and below you will see controls to select wavetype and drawing methods, along with more editing controls.
The pre-set wavetypes are handy for standard sounds and as a starting point for the editing process.
Users can choose from sine, saw. And triangle wavetypes. Then go Into the panels and edt them by hand using the freehand or line drawing tools.
Cut. Paste, copy, and other editing features are also available, along with the more advanced TRANSFORM, which will smooth one wavetype into another.
With practice; Sythsounds should allow you to odd your own sounds to a song. The main advantage of sythsounds, however, is that the sounds themselves IMED V3.00 AMIGA 1 superb Muse Editor in its latest l greatest incamason. Now Fantastic » ntxiilt samping arcade game Itwar e. sample ed tor and with fiendsNy 1 faddy to des on your addictive gameplay and graptncsdgitised fou can’t afford to sound that’ll blow your t out on the mind. Ray the very best t ever COMPLETE game on any inxisic ccverdsk. Don't be fobbed off ten minute wonder playable demos bund on interior covenjtsks1 Amiga-Tanx )0 How
to use The Disk TcTa SVMTH s 800303 E SLIST The Graphics Ripper Author: Peter Edwards ogether. And controls to id drawing 1th more pes are sounds int for :ess.
Are very small In memory terns compared to their sampled cousins.
Sample Editor With the Inclusion of this feature MED has become something more than Just one of the better Soundtracker clones. The sample editor transforms MED into a program rivalling commercial products like the Audiomast er englneer packages - and all for a couple of quid.
MED can now control sampling from within itself using the sample hep V3. Gg-grregyzrr ¦ wmmm J Hi «?
A sts 633 06 CONTINUE SONG P CONTINUE ILOCI 001 024 12 16 »* c sr 0X Syr* thOr anX _ iJUnnun7ni FILES MISC VOL ill L»1 md edit them jehand or ine y, and other also available, e advanced :h will smooth 3 another.
Practice, luld allow you vn sounds to a in advantage , however, is Is themselves TnEvyTTr,TTryTnrT r T'T'Z V,T'-rTT~’R,Tr~5rFv?TrTTvI3vv To moko It ooslor (or boginnore. MED con now display songs In a format closely resembling traditional musical scoring, and can swap between formats at a click first of an. You must make a backup copy of the coverdisk. To do tils, boot-up with your copy of Workbench, then double c«ck on the Workbench disk Icon, followed by the Shell or CLI Icon.
Now type: IISKCOFT FiOF PFO: TO DFO: or. If you have an extra disk drive, put a blank, formatted disk In DF1: and type: HSKOPY FION PFO: TO DF1: Follow the on-screen prompts until the copying procedure has ended, then put your original disk away in a safe place. Now switch off the machine and wait for 30 seconds before re-bootlng with the copy. Wait until the CoverDtskl7 Icon appears, double click on It and away you go.
That's all you need do to make 0 straight copy of the entire disk.
However, you may also want to to copy individual programs from your copy of the coverdisk to a separate dsk. In this case ensure that you fully understand which related fitei need to go with It.
For example, all of the document files on the disk require that the text editor Ppmore is in the current disks C: directory. Therefore. If you copy the docs to a new disk you will also have to copy Ppmcre to the new C: directory before you can read them.
Some of the smaller docs will not have been crunched, so for these you need only change the tool types on the Icon's Info screen to reflect whichever text editor you do have on the new dtsk.
As a general rule, you should carefully read the documentation for ary program you copy from disk to disk.
This can save a great deal of messing about and can help you avoid all those Infuriating error messages!
Last month's coverdisk brought you Hunter for ripping samples out of memory. Now we offer The Graphics Ripper tc do the same Job on your favourite piccies.
Demos, or games backdrops.
Although not as easy to use as Hunter, TGR is not too difficult to get to grips with. It works on a similar basis as Hinter in that it relies on the Amiga not to wipe memory after a worm restart.
Although some commercial games will do this to prevent hocking and precisely the sort of graphics grabbing TGR is designed for, most leave enough around in memory to rip out.
You're not doing anything Illegal if you rip graphics from PD demos, and if you grab screens from commercial games simply to look at and mess about with on your own, there's no harm done. Just don't try to make money out of itl To begin ripping, boot up with your favourite demo or game and wait till you're sure the best graphics are In memory, then reboot. It would be best to transfer TGR to a bare bootable disk - you can make one of these with Auto-Script - for this purpose as you ensure that memory is disturbed as Sttte as possible by the re-boot.
Once TGR Is up and running, you wil find a selection of search controls relating to memory position. Bitpkane manipulation, and colour control.
The Ins and outs of these can be found in the comprehensive on-disk documentation, but for fast results. Just dick on the FIND button at the bottom of the screen and move the mouse to scroll through graphics memoty.
If all is weB you should at least be able to spot some Workbench graphics. Including icons and scroll bars. You should come across the graphics you're interested In If you persevere - remember that the PL1 to PL6 controls relate to the six txtplanes and are expressed in hexadecimal.
For owners of 512K AMIGAs, this means the area of concern is up to memory location $ 80000. For owners of machines with 1Mb chip RAM. Such as A2000s and converted A500s. This Is locarion $ 100000. Don't bother to secrch beyond these locations - graphics memory won't be found In the areas not directly accessed by the custom chips.
When you find the graphics you want TGR win save them to disk as IFF files - but beware of screen freezes. If the mojse seems to freeze while saving, the program has run into a probem such as a write-protected or full disk.
To release the mouse pointer press the left Amiga key and B at the same time. This is one of the program's quirks, but one you'll have to live wtth It if you want to rip graphics without resorting to the expense of a commercial cartridge gadget.
COMPUTING 1 lss M 36 TM£ GRAPHICS RIPPCTNcwyOtlW mb •»«* lo nrtti' grjpha rv
• ppBg j*m ou ct wvtm ixsgiTBi LANOSCAPS Onqn yw cwb i- rn*u*i
«*r 1-n e to4«rt CAO*y« pspim jff. WcrtfifftT B'rtnj crogram rn
awM tt m PSKX&JNK. Li jo.' Imp ak S you PvrnOnprm
AneawuuMcoim Mi lor th* usw on T« rrww AUTO-SCWFT. Ccrrwrwi DU*
to a r* Cli o*gn-r» Ovaih r usr totrq intern tok r. foj uwnti
on* PLUS *1 utuD p-sgiami Pcm Th» Cod* One r4 UtcTtn* CaM coUmi
editor and the two Important functions MONITOR and DIGI-' TEE.
With d sampler up and running MONITOR will display the real-time signal In the editor”!
Main panel. To begin sampling, click on DIGITIZE men on me mouse button. The sample buffer win now start to fill up.
To stop sampling, click on me right mouse button or If yoj like Just wait until the 131017 byte sample buffer Is full.
Once the sample Is In memory it will be displayed on the sample editor screen reody to be messed about with, and MED now offers several editing options for mat very purpose. You can zoom and out. Change me volume, odd echo, define loops, ond alter sample rates.
In oddltlon, the sample can be moved up and down an octave at a click, or transposed to another rate, and thrown in and out of buffers with ease. When satisfied with your now mangled sample It can be saved in either RAW or IFF mmr cafcwott tlDUfculh Wboo» • ajaritatt • [?W3 CvflD(k fcjjMftl * RtSDuQmL 2ttcr»iDQj) • We guarantee this gome will hOOk you faster than Jack Chariton wtth a trawl netl Amiga-Tanx is a two player tank shoot-tt-out which we Just couldn't stop playing. Its excellent sound and graphics provide Instant appeal, while the deceptively simple gameplay is sue to keep you
playing for hours.
Amiga-Tanx Author; Gory Roberts The game Is so cotourful It takes up about 400k of chip RAM. So If you own a standard A500 be sue to run It wtth as few windows open as possible.
If you have problems, and the game runs out of memory, the best solution is to Interrupt your startup-sequence using CTRL-D and then type: cd gue-of-the-ionth return tin ritufi The game will now run. The only problem wtth this approach is that once you quit out you wlfl have to LOADWB or type EXECUTE S:START- UP-SEQUENCE to access the rest of the dfek in the usual way.
When looding has stopped you will see an options screen from which you control the game's complexity and thus its difficulty level. The cptions open to you control wind, gravity, landscape type, and shot affectors.
The relevance to your shot of wind and gavity are obvious - I defy you to hit the target with bom on random! - and different landscape types such as mountains make It easier to hide from Incoming shells.
The truly difflcutt options, however. Are me shot affectors - pushers. Pullers, and blowers.
Pushers and pullers are trampoline-type objects sporting bouncing arrows and they litter the landscape when the option Is turned on.
Depending on the direction of me arrow, they will ether pull me shot down towards them or push it higher in me air. Making ranging on g tqnk which has one of these close by a bit of a nlgttmare.
They can cause Infuriating last minute deflections which win turn a certain hit Into a clear miss.
Blowers ore almost as difflcutt to cope with. They look like little windmills and cause late*al deflections by applying a puff of wind to any shot which strays too dose.
When all the affectors ore selected achieving a hit on target can be extremely difficult, and when random wind and gravity are selected things become even more uncertain.
As Amlga-Tanx Is a two-player game - there's no one-player option - it soon develops intc a highly entertaining battleships style shoot-out. With bom players desperately attempting to hit the other first.
Parallax scrolling, sampled sound, and 50 frames-per-second action combine in this excellent coverdisk submission to deliver a gome you won't be able to leave alone. Enjoyl WE CD i PRICES DOWN TO SIZE tume. Add after sam- te can be i octave at to another ind out of n satisfied I sample It RAW or IFF ?
Lateral 3 puff of troys too tors are jn target :uH, ond i gravity me even o-player a-player x Into a hips style yers des- hit the ampled r-secood jxcellent deliver a to leave MODEMS, SOUND AND MIDI PRISM VTX5000 MODEM (SPEC 48 +) £39.95 COMMODORE 64 M00EM ..£39.95 bank draft CAWUACE CHARGES HUQTANT rPFPIT OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS WELCOME Jstekajio l TOffiO f?00 Mo I An I LntUU EUROPF PRIP.PS AS swnww Eurocheque ______ «¦» ASK FOR DETAILS other countries add s%.
4 Cow* f un ui.1 no. * (HEAVY ITEMS CARRIAGE EXTRA) 55® 111- .1 • 11 T ,1 Li Ira AMIGA A500 MICROSNIPS PACK (bought separately £489) f 359.00 SPECTRUM PLUS 2 JAMES BOND PACK' (usually f 159) .... £149.00 SPECTRUM PLUS 3 ACTION PACK (usually £199 95) £129.00 ATARI 520 STEM DISCOVERY PACK ine 10 d.sks £299.95 ATARI 520 CTE TURBO PACK me 20 disks .£399.95 CBM 64 PACK (usually £179.95) .....£149.00 SAM COUPfc (was £249) £199.95 AMSTRA0 PCI 512 plus
Software Pack. DO. Mono (was £499) .. £399.00 AMSTRAD PCI 512 plus Software Pack, DO. Colour (was £599) .. £469.00 COMMODORE PC10 STARTER PACK (usually £499) £399.00 STAR LC-10 Mono (was £199) ..£179.00 PANASONIC KXP 1081 (MRP £199) £179.00 STAR LC 24 200 (MRP £349) ..£299.00 PANASONIC KXP 1124 (MRP £399) £269.00 STAR LC200 Colour Printer (MRP £299) £249.00 CITIZEN 1200+(MRP £169) £149.00 COMMODORE 1084 Stereo Med Res Colour (was
£299) ...£239.00 PHILIPS 8833 MKII Med Res Colour (was £299) .. £249.00 ATARI SMI 24 Hi Res.Mono (was £149) £119.00 BUSINESS COMPUTERS HOME COMPUTERS PRINTERS MONITORS Take a look!
AMIGA SCART LEAD £10.95 AMIGA-PHIUPS 8833 Mk2 LEAD ..£10.95 ATARI ST-SCART LEAD .. £10.95 ATARI ST-2 PHONO (Composite Video) £10.95 SPEC+2a +3-SCART LEAD ...... £8.95 CBM-SCART LEA0 ....£10.95 14" ANTI GLARE SCREEN FILTER 09*5 £17.95 THINGI C0PYH0L0ER ..... J*99 £2.99 ATARI ST-MULTISYNC MONITOR CABLE £24.95 ATARI ST-C0L + MONO MONITOR CABLE £24.95 TV COMPUTER SWITCHING UNIT £4.99 MULTIPRINT for SPEC 48k. 48k+, 128k. +2 £44 5 £39.95 CBM 64
CENTRONICS INTERFACE £29 9S AMIGA ST PC CENTRONICS LEAD 0*35 f 8 95 AMSTRAD. +28 +3 CENTRONICS LEAD .....0*35 £6.95 SPECTRUM COLOUR PRINTER DRIVER £24.95 1000 1 ACROSS LABELS .£*35 £6 95 3 4" DSDD BULK DISKS .. 20 for £15.00 5' ’ 0S0D BULK 0ISKS 50 in lockable box .....£24.95 TDK 3'yT 0SDD DISKS .10 for £11.95 T0K 5%” DSDD DISKS ...10 for £7.50 3" 3VT (state which) 0RIVE HEAD CLEANER .....£4.99 AMS0FT
3" CF2 0ISKS ..10 for £19.95 AMIGA DUSTCOVER ..1*95 £4.95 ATARI ST DUSTCOVER £*95 £4.95 SPEC +2 +3 DUSTCOVER £*95 £4.95 CBM 64 DUSTCOVER .£*95 £4.95 ZX MEMBRANE ..£U95 £7.95 SPEC-MEMBRANE .. OW5 £9.95
which) ..£8.95 +3
051-630 3013 051-691 2008 FAX: 051-639 2714 AMIGA Q TEC 3' ," EXTERNAL DRIVE (was £89.95) .£7500 ATARI Q-TEC 3%" EXTERNAL 0RIVE (was £89.95) ...f 75.00 CBM 1541 MKII DRIVE me 8 GAMES (worth £200) ......£139.00 AMS 001-1 3" DRIVE and INTERFACE (was £159) ......£99.00 AMS F0I 3" SEC0N0 0RIVE (CPC6128 and +3) (was £99.95) ..£79.95 SAM COUPE
DRIVE £79.95 STAR LC10 MONO RIBBON .... 2 for £7.90 STAR LclO COLOUR RIBBON Original 1 for £8.95 PANASONIC KXP 1081 RIBBON 2 for £7.90 CITIZEN 1200 RIBBON .. 2 for £7.90
£29.95) ...£21.95
STUDIO ....£4895 OATEL
STOCKEO 8SVX format for later use. Everything In this section
smacks’ of Audiomaster on which it was opparentty modelled.
Indeed, MED ks now so good that you reed never leave the program. You can sample In MED. Edit the samples, and finally compose your masterpiece.
If you're a gardener as well as an Amiga user you will find this highly original utility very useful. Even If you don't have a gcrden. And the mere thought of using a rake brings you out in cold sweats, you can t fan to appreciate the rare nature of this particular program.
Landscape Is a garden generator which allows a prospective shovel-wielder to plan the layout of his or her corner of beautiful Britain before cutting a single sod.
This Is one of the most novel uses we've seen an Aniga put to for some time, and It’s a neat and interesting utility for even non-gardeners.
The program loads to a black screen with Just a menu bar at the top. By accessing the first 4 4 ta i iyk' n ' , j 1 KV.r I HUES ruse E E = E tWSTR BLOCK ENT VOL MIDI TRRMS RRHOE SMPEO SLIST ? -1 i' IMS* KL INJ4 MOD l(M LUST KNG CUT COTY TMTI CL« ML KCV 4 ?
If STMT DO SfCCD n_r .v&r VOL t CIS* ALL «3 i DCL KM last sin ¦¦ St rrTnPW*TXT*yTTrT7PTTvT,7FTrTyTTrT,,RTryTySlT,T,T,'u,'v; vlry song ru*r BLOCK D ;- 'corv £5FV* 4- f XCMG -D ?-MIX 4-«00 ?-cw? Nrvei UNDO ftftNGC DLL ftftNGC STMT i »ee MH«( CND eee Conclusion MED 3.00 Is the best music program available In PO for the Amiga - It’s as simple as that. The new features are excellen-. And substantially odd to the prcgram’s appeal, Unfortuna*ely constraints of space meant we could not bring you all the MED 3.00 files. We hod to leave out the programmer's notes, demos, and most of the
samples on the new disk, so If you want these and the all Important source code get In touch with Ray at Amlganuts United PD on (0703 785680).
Don't forget that although the author. Teljo Kinnunen. Has refrained from making MED shareware or going commercial, he Is sti not averse tc receiving the odd fiver in the post. You'll find his address in the documentation on the disk.
R»H»»mra tcIbonImmuncm menu and selecting NEW. The second menu s garden building options become avoilable.
From here you simply point and cick with the mouse until the garden boundary, lawn, path, and areas of earth ore set out.
Then go on to add plants.
The list of plants available Isn’t huge and merely offers genercl types, but as the program alms to give Just a guide to how the garden wfll appear this Isn't really a drawback.
It Is important at this stage to bear m mind the garden s dimensions as chosen at the start of the procedure. If you try putting a medium sized fir in a small garden there won't be much room left for a washing line missus!
When the design process is finished the garden Is drown from whatever viewpoint you select.
This can take quite some time, as everything Is mathematically calculated to look as close to reol life as possible.
However, if you're prepared to go away and have a quick cuppa, the results on screen when you get back can be extremely pleasing. The drawing algorithms have obviously been carefully worked out.
The finished garden can now be saved to disk as an IFF file and touched up in Dpaint if you like.
There are only two omissloni which damage the program • water and stone, We would have liked to have seen a pond cos- code design feature and a way of Incorporating walls Into the garden, but these are the only major moans.
Try Landscape and see if you could be the next Capability Brown!
Landscape Author: Steve Goddard r DISCOUNT SOFTWARE For The Commodore Amiga add £30.00 add £60.00 NEW. The t» t yil ng 3te.
Ply point e until the vn. Path.
9 set out, s. labte isn't s general maims to the gar- t really a stage to fs dlmen- art of the jutting a ill garden oom left :ess is flrv iwn from u select.
I time, 05 salycal- e to real pared to a quick screen can be drawing sly been xin now : fie and you like, missions jgram - jldhave nd cas- j a way nto the he only e If you oability AMIGA EDUCATIONAL FUN SCHOOL 2 Efucatlonally based games - 8 programs per (fcsc: Fun School 2 for 2-6 year otos £12.95 Fun School 2 for 6-8 year o«s £12.95 Fun School 2 for 8-12 year olds £12.95 FUN SCHOOL 3 5 educational games with great graphics: Fm School 3 for 2-5 year olds £15.95 Fin School 3 tor 5-7 year olds £15.95 Fin School 3 tor 7-12 year olds £1595 DISNEY EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE - yes software from the world
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Overseas customers also welcome, please call or write for quotations.
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At a price that cannot be bettered anywhere!
Connect your EuroLink modem to your computer and telephone and you're ready to go - to explore the rapidly-expanding world that lies beyond your keyboard. It turns your computer into a COMPLETE communications centre...a telex machine, a fax machine, an electronic mail terminal. It lets you keep up to date with the latest news, sport and weather. It becomes a retrieval tool that lets you search out and store data from the world's leading electronic libraries. It enables you to download a wide variety of free software, from productivity packages to leisure programs. With your EuroLink modem you
can access leading information services such as the UK's Prestel ONLY Micronet and Telecom Gold, a multitude of bulletin boards, QQOQ and the biggest of them all, the world-beating CompuServe. ArJm f +va EXTRA!
Every purchaser of a EuroLink modem will be given FREE membership of CompuServe - Ihe world's largest online information service. You'll I be sent your own personal ID number and password, a copy of the monthly CompuServe magazine, and S15 FREE usage credit.
You will also find out how you'll be joining 700,000 other members in more than 100 countries] all round the world, about the hundreds of special | interest groups, including some dedicated to your I own computer so that you can chat on ine to people with similar interests to yours. You will be I told about the 1.400 plus databases you can reach I through your keyboard, and the vast library of nearly 30.000 public domain and shareware programs you can download straight into your computer.
And CompuServe, plus your EuroLink modem, also turns your computer into a 24-hour fax and telex machine!
It's all you need to become part of a very friendly and helpful online community!
J L No.
AMC5 .State make and model PHONE ORDERS: 0625 878888. FAX ORDERS: 0625 9966 What the EuroLink modem offers
• Four speeds - including 2400 baud
• Intelligent microprocessor controlled + Autodial, Autoanswer,
Auto redial
• Automatic baud rate scanning
• Auto terminal baud rate sensing
• Easy-to-understand built-in Help pages
• 32-number telephone directory
• Six progress-checking LED indicators
• Software-controlled pulse tone dialling
• External plug-mounted power supply
• Built-in 'watchdog' circuitry
• Internal loudspeaker
• Fully Hayes compatible
• Fully BABT approved
Name ..Signed .
Address ...
Daytime telephone number incase of quieries . My computer is ..... Send to; Eurolink, Europa House. Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Please send me a EuroLink modem with power supply and lead to connect to my computer for the special offer price of £263.35 (incl. VAT and p+p.). Also send me my FREE CompuServe membership pack.
I wish to pay by Cheque Eurocheque enclosed made payable to EuroLink Access Mastercard Eurocard BarclaycardMsa Connect Expiry date ORDER FORM J_L Tune of the Month Er - there isn't one. Unfortunately, the Inclusion of MED v3 on this month's has meant 'here has been no space for memory-guzzling tunes and samples.
We are sure that music fans wIB forgive us when hey get their hands on MED. Bu- just to make sure we'll be putting a great tune on next month's cover disk.
PsionLink Author: Dave Westwood A mwill he erve - ihc Yice. You'll and ipuServc L t joining 100 countries k of special Med to your line to You will he u can reach brary of iwarc ito your nk modem. I ir fax and icome y and mity!
Of pubScatton We are especially Interested In programs designod to work with the A3000. Although It they work only with the new machine they'll have to be quite small We are prepared to pav our current rates for original work which hasn't beon distributed In any other way end which has not been put In the public domain If you wish your program to bo released as shareware or freeware we wH be happy to publish It. But would, of coarse, be happier If we'd been given It flrstl Your submission MUST be accompanied with the submissions form, a capy of It. Or a signed declaration to the some
Pioase supply yoj full name oddress and phone number We cannot undertake tc return disks sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this an Impractical execso PPType Author: Nlco Francois Age Diry date vMCb yodel 4NP.
This isn't exactly a new program, ond anyone with a recent release of Nlco's excellent Powerpacker utility will already have PPType. However, for the majority of readers we suspect that PPType. Being a realtlvely new odditlon to the PP range, will be Invaluable.
It is a compact and easy to usQ printing program with which you can print out any ASCII text file. Including those already crunched with Powerpacker.
The main prompt for Its Inclusion on this month's disk is the IncrecSble length of MED's documentation, the reading of which from a monitor or TV screen wculd surely lead to major eye damage!
PPType uses Workbench preferences settings when printing, and requires the presence of either the porallel.device or serial.device handlers in the DEVS: directories.
Vou won't be able to use it directly from the coverdisk as there was no room for these files.
However, this should present little When we first promised to bring you o method by which AMIGAs ond Psion Organisers could talk 1o one another we didn't expect loo mony people to wave flags and cheer loudty.
So it was with some surprise that we read the steady stream of letters from Amiga users desperate to download files from their pocket pal.
A couple of months later than planned, we can at last bring you Dave's article and software on the process so many of you apparently put second only to continued respiration on your day- to-day list of priorities.
Now the Comms.LInk pogrom allows you to set the peferences for problem - Just copy the PPType drawer to your Workbench disk and use it from there.
The program can accept your own tab setting, and will print headers con'oining the file name and page number. As we said, it looks m Workbench prefs for printer type anc page length and width, so you have more or less total control over the way the file prints out.
This control is carried out either through CU parameters or by setting the tool Tpes of the Icon on the file to be printed.
Tool types such as HEADER=ON. Which enables printing of fie headers, allow users to create a standard Docs Icon with PPType tool types already set.
Once this has been done, you need only copy ond rename this Icon, attaching it to whatever doc file is required for printing.
The most flexible way of using PPType is sffl firough CU or She*.
You'll find Nlco's documentation brief but concise and useful, any file transfer through the Psion.prefs lie which you'll find in the PsionLink drawer.
This con*alns default settings for stop bits, data length, baud rate and so on and must be present In the same directory as CommsJJnk or it won't work.
Another restriction Is that the directory In which Comms.Link resides MUST be called 'Psion;'. In other words, you must assign It as a logical device name.
For the purposes of the coverdisk. We've Included an ASSIGN statement In the startup-sequence which says; ASSKN Psion: STS:UTILIT1ES PSI0NLIIVK Apart from this, the only restriction for the use of the program Is that you must own a Psion Organiser with the PC Unk pack which fits on top.
Daytime phone Evening Phone ..... Submission name Submission sbe . You must sign this declaration The stuff on this disk Is mine. I didn't nick ft off someone eke. It hasn't been published before and I haven'- submitted It elsewhere because I want Amiga Compulng to pub- Ish it. I understand xat by submitting my work to Amiga Computing and signing this declaration I am gtvhg full copyright control to Intefocttve Publishing I understand that If my submission is
bought by Amiga Computing I wl be paid the current applcabie rate I know what copyright means and I will be resporablo for any posstole litigation arising from breach of It by Interactive Publishing as o result of using my submission.
Past your submissions WITH A COPY OF THIS FORM to: S*0ne 3 ...... Stevie Kennedy. Amiga Computing.
CoverDtsk Submissions. Europe House.
00,0 .. AdSngton Pork. Macclesfield. SK104NP We are always on the lookout for new quality AMIGA programs for the coverdisk If you think you have written something good enough for others to shore and enjoy, please send | in ond we ll have a look.
The Amiga Computing coverdisk is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month In places all over the world from New Zealand to the U.S.A. so If your submission rinds Its war onto the disk, you could be famousl Please moke sure you list ALL Workbench ond other files necessary for the program to wort. Feel free to design your own Icons for progs which run from Workbench, but please don't make them too big.
If you ensure you- program is os com- pattile as possible v tth a wide range of AMIGAs. It win olso stand a better chance Think you can do better?
Want to be famous?
:... a* II ; i .. - ; ijjjj Increases computer memory from normal ? Megabyte to 1 megabyte Includes disable switch incorporates high qual ty silver coated pin connector 16 bit technology Fit in minutes Direct replacement of Commodore A501 expansion Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" - Phone for details 12 nronth warranty In stcck now!
Price includes VAT and post and pocking Tel: 0582 491949 BRITISH MADE Send order with payment to: WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds LU4 8EZ AMIGA PACKS FROM £319.99 (INCL) Alcatraz .... ...X14.99 Atomic Rot ok id ... ...£14.99 Awesome . ...£21.99 Back to the Future 3.. ...X14.99 Barbariar IKPSYG)... ...£14.99 BAT ... ...X17.99 Battle Command . ...£14.99 Battle Master ...£17.99 Battle of Britain ... ...£17.99 Billy the Kid . ...£14.99 Blood Money ...... .....£8.99 Blue
Max .. ...£17.99 Buck Rogers . ...X17.99 Budakhan ... £14.99 Cadaver .... ...£14.99 Captive ..... ... £14.99 Champions of Raj...... ...£17.99 Chaos Strikes Back.... ...£14.99 Chase HQ . ...£14.99 Chess Simulator .. ...XI 1.99 Combo Racer ...... ...£14.99 Conqueror ...X14.99 FUTURESOFT Corporation XI 4.99 Corvette ......XI 4.99 Crimewave ..XI 4.99 Days of Thunder X14.99 Defenders of the Earth ..£5.99 Double Dragon II
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E. F.t.P.O.t.e.m XI 1.99 Eagle Rider ..X14.99
Ecstacy XI 1.99 Emlyn Hughes Int
X14.99 Exterminator ..£14-99 F16 Combat Pilot
XI4.99 F19 Stealth Fighter £17.99 F29 Retaliator X14.99
Falcon .X 17.99
Finale ...X14.99 TEL: 0493
440005 441194 Fists of Fury .X14.99 Flash
Dragon ...XI 1.99 Flight of
Intruders ....X4.99
Flood ....X14.99 Football
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Amiga A5C0 Screen Gems £359.99 incl Ext Drive £49.99 + » Games £59.99 A500 1 Meg Upgrade + free Game £34-99 1084S Colour Stereo Monitor £249.99 Some titles may not Ik released at time of going to press New store open at below address. The above prices are mail order only.
Shop prices may vary Personal i aller niav cliim distount on priHluclion of this advcrtscmciit. liccjucs Postal Orders made payable to: r_ Futuresoft, Unit 12, Great Yarmouth Business Park, Suffolk Road, M Great Yarmouth NR31 0ER (P&P&1.50) PART 3 I* you've followed this series jp to now you should be reasonably comfortable with AmigaDOS as an operating system, but may not have realised its true potential.
I) A500 y ) incl Boo- 99 vr.
Boo jems incl ive i + 4
59. 99 0 ;rade + £34.99 Dlour Dnitor 99 WARE To do this, you'll
have to begin to thhk of it as a crude programming
language, and when you use script or batch files this is
exactly what it becomes.
The startup-sequence, which we dissected last mpnth, is the first Fancy text effects You II notice from using Auto-Script that it uses text effects other than the standard type and colour. These special effects are accessible through commends within ECHO statements In the form *e(nm where n is one of the following numbers: 0 - cancels all effects 3 ¦ Italicised text 7 = hverted text 31 = text colour 1 (white) 33 ¦ text colour 3 (orange) 41 o background colour 1 (white) 43 = background colour 3 (orange) For example, if you type ECHO '*e[lm*e[3m*e[4m*e[32mAmiga Conputlng'elOm" you will get
‘Amiga Computing' in bold, underlined. Black Italics, and text will be switched back tc normal.
Script file most users encounter, and if you mastered the knack of playing around wi*h and editing it by following last month's column, you should find little difficulty here.
Startup-sequences are typically simple scripts executed one command at a time from start to finish, so they usually don't contain any of the more advanced options open to script file writers.
We’ll now take a more in depth look at the sod of trickery one can 1 = bold text 4 = underline turned on 30 ¦ text colour 0 (blue) 32 - text colour 2 (black) 40 = background colour 0 (blue) 42 = background colour 2 (black) Indulge in when using script files and examine some of the more complex tasks they can perform.
Pointer power The script file we'll use as an example. Auto-Script, is listed here and Is present on your coverdisk complete with Its own Icon. If you click once on this icon and use the Workbench INFO option, you will see that Its default tod type Is set to ICONX.
This is the routine which. If called as a default tool type, opens a CU window and runs the script file, thus turning It Into a crude program executable from Workbench.
If you choose to write a script file of your own. It shoulc be simple enough to copy and rename the icon for use with your new script.
The AmigaDOS commands highlighted this month are t-»e IF ... ELSE ... ENDIF group. ASK. LAB. And SKIP.
By examining Auto-Script and following what it does, yoj should be able to use these commands in your own script files with little hassle.
The IF ... ENDIF command is one of the most important commonds you might use In a scrip* file. It b the most common way of testing for conditions, variables, and progiam parameters, and as such is one of the essential bunding blocks of any script. It has the syntax: If [Condition] (Actionl) ELSE (Action?)
EKDlf This construction will be familiar to BASIC programmers, but may confuse beginners. When encountered in a script file, the IF command looks to see if the condition Is satisfied. If so. The Actionl series of commands is carried out. Then execution skips to ENDIF.
If the condition is NOT satisfed.
The ELSE command forces execution of the Action2 sequence instead. The ELSE part Is optional, but Its use renders the whole c lot more flexible. With no ELSE statement. The execution of the script file would slmpty jump to the first command after ENDIF.
The first line of the script concerns variables and or command parameters. The .key varl line simply tells the Amiga that there is one program parameter called varl which will be passed to It. Normally.
If this isn't done in the EXECUTE command using the form EXECUTE scrptname parameter , the command In question assumes a null entry.
Auto-Script doesn't utilise true variables - we'll cover those next monlh - but It does require certain values to be passed to it In answer to ASK commands. This command has the syntax ASK “ strln9 " It halts operation of a script file, prints the string, and polls the keyboard until a key Is pressed. If ASK detects the Y key. It returns a WARN
- retumcode value 5 - and carries on. Any other key results in a
zero retumcode and the resumption of the script file.
Please note that though It makes no difference to the operation of Auto-Script when you EXECUTE It from CLI. When you try to run a script from Workbench using ICONX you must have the .key line at the start of the script or It goes bancnas when It reaches the first ASK command.
Try removing the line and running the script from Its icon to see what I mean. With the line in place.
Auto-Script will halt obediently at the ASK command and await a keyboard entry.
Used this way In conjunction with tne IF ... endif sequence and Listing of Auto-Script . Key virl HAKEDIR I COPT SIZE TO df1:e PATH SYS:SYSTEB AD) HAKEDIR libs COPT run TO df1:c FAILAT 21 HAKEDIR systea ECHO " * CD I: COPT raa-handler TO cf1:l ASK N *eI33iDo you wish to continue?
CD dfl:devs COPT disk-validator TO df1:l IT *) ’ HAKEDII printers COPT Shell-Seg TO df1:l IF HAIR HAKEDIX keyaips COPT Newcon-Handler TO df1:l ECHO 1 “ LAB COPYfiles ASK * Do you want to foraat i disk ECHO • " CD libs: COPT icon.library TO df1:libs in dfl; ?• ECHO" Copying files across ... COPT info.library TO dfl:libs IF VAIN please wait" ECHO ' * CD s: COPT shell-startup TO df1:s FORITAT HIVE Dfl: NAME bootable CD C: COPT SiapleStart TO df1:s ENDIF COPT shell.info TO dfl: RENAHE dfl:s siaplestart ECHO ’ ¦ COPT brun TO df1:c df 1: s startup-sequence ECHO ’ *et*3i*eC32i*ou creating COPT COPT
TO df1:e bootable systea disk!•etOa" ECHO " * COPT cd TO df1:c CD devs: COPT aountlist TO dfl:devs ECHO * ' COPT dir TO dfl:: COPT systea-configuration TO dfl:devs ELSE COPT endeli TO d!1:c COPT printers generic TO ECHO a *et32aO.K. Bye Bye!*eI0a" COPT forait TO d!1:c dfl :devs printers ECHO • • COPT diskCOPT TO df1:c COPT keyaaps gb TO dfhdevs keyaaps SKIP end COPT ECHO TO df1:e CD STS:systea EHDIF COPT eiecute TO df1:c COPT cli TO dfhsystea COPT icons TO df 1 :c COPT setaap TO df1:systea CD dfl: COPT kdviii TO d‘1:t INSTALL drive dfl: LAB aikedrauers COPT loadwb TO d'1:e ECHO “ " ECHO 1
Creating directories" COPT aount TO df*:c ECHO "*eCJJa*et1a V011A! *eI32aOn» HAKED1X C COPT proipt TO d’1:e bootable Systen disk!*etOa" NAKED]* s COPT resident TO dflrc ECHO ’ " HAKEDII devs COPT setpatch TO df1:c LAB end PART 3 What does it do?
Auto-Script wf give you the option to format a dtek In df 1: t)en will create an autobootlng system disk In that drive complete with She* and KDVIII runnirg from the startup-sequence. It wil only work If you have an extemol drive as It's not worthwhile, given the limitations Imposed by a single drive system, to write a script to do the same Job for cfO: You must run Auto-Script from a system disk containing aH the files expected to be copied across. Specifically, you must ansure that SmpleStort is in your S: directory, and KDVIII and SIZE m your C: directory.
The conditions WARN and NOT WARN, the ASK command can carry out simple question and answer opeiations and redirect program operation accordingly.
Auto-Script's main sequence contains an ASK command leading into an IF ... ELSE ... ENDIF Conditions for the IF... ENDIF command Condition Description EXISTS fHename Satisfied If the file exists FAIL Satisfied if the retuned error code s 20 ERROR Satisfied if the retuned error code s 10 WARN Satisfied if the returned error code s 5 NOT Satisfied if condition not satisfied (think about It) x EQ y Satisfied If x = y Plus the fdewing operators available only under Workbench 1 3 and above: VAL Forces testing of condition as a number rather than a string x GT y Satisfied If x is greater
than y x GE y Satisfied If x is greater than or equa to y x LT y Satisfied if x is less than y x LE y Satisfied If x is less than or equal to y sequence which itself contqins q nested ASK command with Its own IF WARN... ENDIF test.
Nesting, for those unfamiliar with the term. Is the practice of using loops within loops or routines wthin routines, and Is often essential if more complex tasks are to be corned out.
This can make it more difficult to follow a program's operation when you have to match an IF to the correct ENDIF, but If you want to use AmigaDOS script fites you'll Just have to live with it.
Initial confusion would be an understandable reaction for the first timers faced with such commands and techniques. They are.
After all. More akin to programming than to the basic use of an operating system.
However, if you carefully trace the operation of Auto-Script as the questions are asked and answered, and folow the way the script branches in response, vou should quickly become familiar with their possible uses.
The box-out contains a list of the conditions you can test using the IF command.
The LAB and skip commands are used in a GOTO type way. In Auto-Script the last line Is LAB end.
End tf you answer no to the question *Do you want to continue?'
The script will print a quit message then carry out the line SKIP end.
The effect Is Just to skip all *he lines up to the one containing tie label end, denoted by the LAB command.
If you are using Workbench 1.3 or later, you can also SKIP backwards using the optional BACK command. This gives scripters the opportunity to write much more flexible script files by allowing for simple loops.
It would be relatively easy to alter Auto-Script so that it asked you how many system disks you wished to create, then loop round until this number had been created before quitting out. Primitive, perhaps. But effective enough.
Next month We ll go on to look at variable;.
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* you'll Just uld be an Ion for the such com- . They are.
Program- use of an (fully trace :rtpt as the ed and e way the arise. You ie familiar a 1st of the Jsing the IF ommands De way. In S LAB end, the ques- ontlnue?"
T message Pend.
Tip all the ainlng the y the LAB bench 1.3 'KIP bock- nal BACK ripters the iich more lowing for y easy to t it asked disks you op round n created itive. Per* jh.
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Course......£19.99 Precious Meta ... £l6.» Protect)le
Jf16S9 Pro Soccer 2190 .-£1750 Pro Term Tour £16,99
Punster £16.99 RANX £17.45 RadSlcifmRsiig ...... _£1699
ResoLOon 101 .._.£1745 Rick Dangerous £1645
'Rick Dangerous II _______ £1745 Riders ol Rohan
.....£2150 Rm$ (4 Media ....£1799
Robocop2__________________£1750 Routes Or*
...£1698 Rota £1699 Second Front
....£20 90 S-atowofthefeastll ......£23.99 Shadow
Wamors..... _..£1689 Sherman M4________________£17.45
Silent Sendee .£19.99 9m
Qty_________________£19.99 Sim City Terrain
Editor_____________£11,95 SM2 ..£14.99 'Sty Spy
.....£1699 'Snowstrte ...... ...... £17.50 Space Ace.
£3295 Spia HirW II -----£1750 Space Quest 1__________
£17.45 Space Q«t2__________£17.45 Space Quest 3 ....
£2499 SpwRfigue -------- £1999 SpeefM2 .- £17.90
'Street Hockey - _______£16.99 Stunt Car
Raca ....JC16.99 of Aragon .
SvwflC W ...... 'Start lade ______ Team Yankee---------- Teenage Miam Turtles TennsG*_______ Test Dnue 2__________________ 'The KiNng Game Show ... The Powerpact ... The Puntsfwr.- .. £19.99 £19.99 ... £1699 £2350 £17.45 .... £1699 ... £1699 £2190 £23 50 . .£1699 £1750 Art Hudson Disk .
• AWES.OMf Back lo wt Futira II Bid Com piny______ BjdttfiSs.....
Bit Gams. - .. BAT ...... Blffltrrajtef .. tab Of
frit* (finest hew) £1999 The Thrd Corn... 'The Spy Who Lcwed Me
• The Uflimate Ride .£1699 Thrd Courier
..£1699 Ttril Tene Ptahnjn d ...£1999
Tbunders&te ....£1699 Tie
Break .£1699 TotKRecH__ .....£17.50 Tournament
Golf .....£1750 Toyota Celei Ratty ...£17.50 Trivial Pursuit
.. £17.50 Tuition - . £13.99
Tusker ..- .....£1699 The Plague ....
£1699 TVSpflfttFggW.- £19.99 TV Spcrts Bkkettal - £19.99
TimtScWf £1645 Treasvelhp------------£16.99
TmdPI________________ J19.99 Twn World - .- ..£1750
'UltrraV ......£19.99 HI6t . £19.99 Unrsil
.-£19.99 UltnuteGo* £16.99
• Uftwse3 ...... £1699 UNS&adron £1750 tote -£1750
Venom Utags ________11750 WW Gam* .. £1998
• War Jeep . _.£1699 'White Death ...£1998 Wngs ol
Death . £1750 Wollpack (1Mb) .£2350 »W-
- ..... £17.50 ZacMcKraken £1690 NJ Some ol the
above titles may r« haw been released and some of tne otter
utles na) hiw Dtr oc«M LATEST RELEASES Battle Chess 'Battle of
Aussrtb 'Betrayal ... 'Base Warm .
BitrtnegMiyiWO Buod Money
• ficmber BSS Jane Seynour Bud Rodgers .
• Budodun„ .
'Cum________ 'Carthage------- Cavup ... Castto Master ChanpkmoHrynn £16 99 .£16.99 £19.99 £16.99 £1745 £16.99 £21.90 £16.99 £23.50 £17.45 £1699 . £16 99 £16.90 ....£16.99 £19.99 Chios StrtesBack (1Mb) ..£17.46 Chase HQ2 ________ £17.50 Codjnareleaw ....£27.99 Combo fiacer---------£1745 Congjeror _______£1745 Colonels Beqwst ..£2799 Corporals ...... £1645 'Cirtoon Caper. ..£14.99 'Chrono Quesl II ....£1990 Curse ol RA____________£1750 Dar s of Thunder __________£1699 Death Trap____________ £1750 Dragons Braed £1750 Dragons
Brtatl .£1999 SALES HOTLINE 0923 89 69 69 (MAIL ORDER) To order: Please send cneque PCXAccess or Vim fetalis to SK Marketing Lid, 13 Moneyhill Parade. Uxbridge Road, Rickmansworth. Herts. WD3 2BE, AH pnees include VAT and carriage is tree (UK mainland) South London: 10 Fulham Broadway London SW6 1AA Tel 071 381 6618 Fax: 071 381 0528 Dragon Fight .....£17.50 Dragons Lar II ..£34.90 Dragons ol Rne £16.99 Drawn ....£1999 Dungeon Masker _______£1699 Dungwnltaaer Editor £899 EastvWm .. -£16.99 BrVyn Hughes Int. Soccer ...£16.99
BM £16.99 totarprse- ------- £16.90 ESWAT £1750 EwrtonfiC InteHgersion .. £14.99 F-16 Combit Pllol £1639 f-19 Sfultti F W4f ...£1999 F-29 Retainer £1699 fijttet Bomber .£1999 FtralConMct ...£1750 Final Countdown £1750 Fucan ______________£1998 Fikon Mission 1 ...... ..£1498 Falcon Ms?ion 2 £1499 Ftood . £1698 'final Battle _£1699 Fft 4 Brimstone . ...£1698 FlgM ol r« Intruder ... £21 SO Fkmbo's Quest ...£1699 Future Wais ...£1699
Ginail_____________£1750 GtrtW.A* ..... £1999 Grand Prt* Orcut ....£1699 Gunshp---------- £1699 Hiribat2 ---------- £1699 Heroes Quest .....124.99 Hwidol Shade*________£16.99 Honda RVF. - £16.99 Impwtam ...,,£1699 Indana .'ones Afanturt £16.99 Indam Jones teflon _ £14.99 Intestton £16.99 InttrrutKinal 20-Ttnns £16.99 imerruboral Soccer Chateige £i 7.50 Interprase. .£1750 It Carre from the Desert ......£20.99 hWoe £16.99 JackNcUausGoV_________£1699 Jack NrtJiustt Courses £1099 Jams Pond £1750 CONTROL CENTRE
Instantly transform your Amiga 500 into an A1000 2000 look a like' without any modification to the computer Simply slip the control centre' over the Amiga 500 and by reason of its colour match and contour hugging design it becomes an integral pan of the computor itself
• Hides untidy connections at rear of A500
• Holds disk dnves. Genlocks etc..
• Easy access to joystick ports „ _ ,
• Monitor sits about A500 £54.95 NEW HAND SCANNER By Golden Image
Inc. Touchup Software Supports IMG. IFF TIFF. Delas ? More
100200 300 or 403 DPI Requires 1Mb • D3 Drive Full Technical
Supoorl £195.00 SCREEN GEMS PACK A500. TV Modulator. Mouse.
Star LC10.
Cable. Kndwords 2. Fusion Paint, Miniature GoH. Super Ski. Crazy Cars ONLY £549 AMIGA 1500 2 x 3' j" Drives Sim City 1 Mb Ram 1084S Monitor Platinum Works Populus AB prices subject to change without notice All goods subject to availability Titles ma-ked * may not be released and will be sent on the day of release (subject to availability) 10 STAR GAMES PACK - £30 PHILIPS 8833 Midi MONITOR - £269.95 AMIGA HARDWARE 24 hour hotline for credit card orders £975.00
P. O.A. 9 out of
10 ..£29.95
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Animator 3D ...£99 95 Arena
Accounts .£149.95
C-Light ...£39.95
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Deluxe Paint II .£49.95
Deluxe Paint III .£34.95
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Productions .£99.95 Deluxe Photolab
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III ....£39.95 Hisoft Devpac
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C ...£175.95 Home
Aooounls ...£22.95 Home Office
Kit ..£104.95
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K-Text ..£14.95
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2 ...£54.95
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Kit ...£54.00
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1.3 ..£15.00 Zootrop (5 in 1
package) ....£79.95 fun School2(under6V .
£1399 16 to to) £1399 (Over 8'sl £1399 Fun School 3 (under
5*1_________£1645 (5 to ft) .£1645 lOvarft) £1645 Mage Maths
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Numbers Count £16.90 Discover Maths.....£13.90 S3 AOS
- ......£17.50 Battle Slorm .£17.90
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50 Chrps Challenge £17.90 Conquest of Camelot £28.90 Crime
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Exterminator .£17.90 Fists of
Fury ..£17.90 Feudal
Loros ..117.50
GO ..£17.50 Goofy* Railway
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Mickey's Runaway Chase £17.90 Mig
29 ...£24 90 Mighty Bombjack £17.90
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N' Burn „....£16.90 Turrican II ....£17.90
UMSII ....£21.50 World Cham Boxing
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117. 50
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On Anco £12.99 14 Kick Off 2 Code Masters £6.99 15 Fists of
Fury - 2 Hit Squad £7.99 16 Super Scramble Simulator Storm
£24.99 17 Super Grand Prix Microprose £29.99 18 Gauntlet 2
Domark £24.99 19 M1 Tank Platoon Code Masters £4.99 20
Moonwalker Chart conplled by Gcflup Lid © 1991 European
Software Publisher* Assohon Amiga Computing 4 AMIGA Standard
Amiga A500 includes mouse, modulator, power supply workbench &
books, etc. ONLY £329.95 iuiliin plooh Computers A500
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lockable box - 2 keys - £3.75 3: 80 Capacity lockable box - 2
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Mousemat 6mm Neoprene boxed Printer Cable £7.95 Amiga Dustcover £3.99 4 megabyte baseboard as reviewed £99.95 RoU 1000 Disk labels £6.95 Quickshot Turbo III £9.95 Quickshot Starfighter I £34.95 infra red remote control £3.75 Star LC10 Printer £169.95 Star LC24 200 Printer £284.95 Star LC24 200 Colour £309.95 Cumana CAX 354 External Drive £69.95 Golden Image 3% External Drive with Track Display £89.95 Meg Upgrade “Cortex" £29.95 - £34-95 (wuhcicx*) Bitcon KCS Powerboard PC Emulator £279.95 A590 Hard Drive £279.95 Greenie-blaster supreme GAMES Jason "Kid" Holborn brings us the lowdown on the
latest hot sox F15 STRIKE EAGLE II - Microprose yr “V *" S. The South ftmtriocn jpfdtr tsocpts end molts wfth loool pottn spfdtrj, crcctfng on ormy of dtodly offspHny.
ARACHNOPHOBIA - Disney Ahhl I HATE spiders. If. Like me. You tortured yourself by sitting through the recent Steven Speflberg blockbuster movie Arcchnophobio then you'I probably not be too happy to hear that Disney Software have managed to pick up the rights to convert it to the Aniga.
As head of the McCintock Infestation Management Company your job is to rid Canaima of those vicious little eight-legged arachnoids befcre they manage to sink their little fangs into every towns-person withh a 5-mile racfius.
Ycu must search through hundreds of buildings, wiping out any soldier spiders you find in your path. Do you feel up to *he job? No? Well, you've got until the beginning of May to get prepared. Personally. I'm staying well away.
MicroProse have some good news for all you armchair Top Guns - they're hard at work or an Amiga version of their classic PC combat flight simulator, F15 Strike Eagle II.
According to MicroProse. The Amiga version features great enhancements over the original PC version which was launched way back In 1989. As a result, MicroProse reckon they've come up with a combat simulator that looks all set to give Mlrrorsoh's Falcon a damned good run for its money.
Programmed by the team responsible for F19 Stealth Fighter, they've upgraded the 3D system used within that game to make FI 5 faster and more realistic.
It's out in May for a very reasonable £29.95 (which isn’t bad when you consider that the real thing costs 20 million!).
CRUISE FOR A CORPSE - US Gold From the successful team that brought you Future Wars and Operation Stealth comes Cruise For a Corpse, a murder investigation set onboard a yacht during the roaring 20s.
You've been Invited onboard a luxury 3-masted yacht belonging to Greek Ship magnate Niklos Karaboudjan. But no sooner does the cruise begin when old Niklos kicks the bucket. It's now up to you to put on your s*y Poi ot moustache and go in search of the killer.
In true Agatha Christie style, you can piece together clues by interviewing anyone you encounter. You can have conversations with characters and even overhear dialogue between other characters.
Cruise for a Corpse wtu be available soon at a saflwore stockist near you. Stay tuned for a review.
COUGAR FORCE - Tomahawk Some nasty international terrorist group have taken over an archipelago that is rich n minerals.
Not wanting them to make a fast buck from their III gotten gains, you've been sent on a mission to kick some terrorist ass.
What ensues is nothing short of gratuitous violence. Look out for it in early May for the usual price of £19.95. SHADOW DANCER
- US Gold Based around the arcade classic.
Shadow Dancer sets you in the role of a young Ninja who must battle his way through 15 stages of arcade violence.
To help our hero overcome the forces of evil, he’s brought along his canine friend who also happens to be a pretty tough character. Usud US Gold price. £19.95. Distinctly Digita i Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
Cute, are th E-TYPE CLASSIC INVADERS " MAILSHOT PLUS p*anh«b ( tom in are got hod TT-
- be of g ent the • so tl the i C simp ond to r gerr Tl ord car
blue cfid altc obc spa S orei whE ally wo blu dire side by gre
T the gol figv be co mo IGITA INTERNATIONAL Digi "Serious
software at a sensible price" All software written m the UK
Prices include VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export) Do you ever
have » pnnt names and addresses a: awkward places on amekpes or
do you ever need fo till in trcky tornis or ifwtoc« where the
text has » be in exactly me tight pxace’ Usually y»u have » do
it by hand, or gef your trusty o d typewriter oj o! Ihe
cupboard and dust it oft Well not anymore The Emulated
TVPEwrtter transforms your coirputsr w prntet mto t fully
Hedged wwrmr supporting bold undenme. Italic anc other
type-styies Bocsuse 1 can d*p*ay and pnnt text INSTANTLY you
canine up your form prtss Retien and Space a tew times to move
to the correct piece and then steti typing Alternatively ou
ten switch to Ime-by-une mode which otters word-wrap justihcat
on and yroportional spacing, so that you can ed* £39.95 Are you
absdultiy sure your taxman is doing his job correctly’ Plan
your own tai with ease. IM meiv dnvtn program will calculate
y xs income tax iiabiey i4 tax years included) and provide
pertinent facts about your tai position You can perform what-*
* calculation to discover ways to nvnurne your tai liability
Infacf the program will adv« you on thngs such as. It you are a
marred man. Whedier it would be advantageous to have your wife
s .ncorre taxed separately or not At this pro* who knows you
w-s probably tind ttiatPTP will pay for itself m tai savings
the hist t me you use if " STOP PRESS” Ally 69 - PTP usv
receives tax refund of over £2.000*!
Tft* tasted and nost powerful tprMfchwt available in the pr« bracket. Win 512 row* by 52 column*, giving you up to 26624 cetts As w th all Digta products. Me operation ot in* program ¦* nearly thought out Being e ther menu mouse or command er ven you u be able to start ot-ng it withm minutes
- evn it you .w -ever us«d a spreadsheet before Some ol trie
feature* whitfi mike it »ucfi good value are the eiporsng ot
ASCII tile* tor ntegration with ottier program*. Adjustable
eefurm width and tart overflow programmipfo f jnctien keys
(mecrosi, and a imque windowing teo ty 10 that you can look at
C-'terent carts of a sheet at We same time „ _ _ £39.95 An
excellent way to get organised With .t you ¦ be reminded of
birthday* and flher anniversaries meetings ara appc. Otments,
phone call* to make and so on As with all D grta products,
npuffing information is Simpi city itself and, once entered you
can search for keywords or for particular events such ss t
ooayt to see when one it coming up Includes month'ueeA'day
planner automanc reminders tor overdue appomsnen** mondi and
wsea summary at a glance For less hen C30 trvs is the deal way
to make sure you never mi« nat important occasion again*
to sahd orf mailings or pnnt labels, you know how tiddly and
tmeconsumng it can be making sere all the labels are pr nted
cxrecby Well now all that’s a thing of the peso Because Mailmen
actually shows you the labels OA Soreen. You can type nynes and
addresses in exacrfy the correct place But more than that the
labels are anmatad on screen as a continuous srwe*. Allowing
you to scroti backwards and forwards, to search for particular
keywords or to edit entries. Cn the mirtmum of hits faciid.es
include searching, detection of duff cate labels sorting .even
surname1) 9 labets aaosa. 999 copies of any label This has to
be the simplest and most effective method ot creating a
mtilihOIavailable £24.95 f t° VBi» T?*' *» 'W? Fto« r * *1
si lSsS -
- S sasEF""** ”**£!? •*S5X“' SS SpSssSs p~"------------ --
Advanced vemon ot Mailshot tor me buvnesa user mm me loifowmg
extra facilities ¦ ntegration with other sotware (us.ng ASCn
• c& jrrrvtabulated summery deal lor telephone lists, etc)
• 4 eura memo lines per libel leith detarfs)1 system tor cortng.
Dating and add mg messages to each label
• different layouts available tor horizontal and vertical £49.95
CASHBOOK COMBO MAILSHOT Money saving comb-nabw pack featuring
bon Cashbook Ccntfoileranfl Fnal Acoatna-Save £10 00 £69.96 the
program will take information freoared by Cashbook Controller
and produce a complete set ol accounts mcluOng.
* Trial Balance * Trading and Profrand Lost Account ’ Balance
Sheet 1 Noces to the Accounts
* full Accounfcng ratio* Ajt reports may be produced at anytime,
with comparatveibudgei figure* if requred The facility to
produce these documents quickly, accurately, and regutarty i*
ot enormous help m running anybu*mess. Large or small since one
shows the true prchtatxliy achieved, and the other the exact
strength of the business is terms ot assets anc i-mnusf £29.95
* no h* •i*r*7'e * ?
~~~~ ¦*- Escape from executive stress witn ihe classic space nvader £14.95 FINAL ACCOUNTS HOWTi £.£3551 CREDIT Posl: of thought. Once you've completed a level. It's onto the next • and there are 26 of them in totdl Gem'X has a very cute Japanese-llke presentation, which extends to both Its graphics, music and even its sound effects. Your companion throughout the game Is a sweet little Japanese girl with an even sweeter voice.
When you make a right move she will congratulate you with a cheery comment, but if you mess things up she's been known to weep!
Gem'X may seem rather dull at first, but some great graphics and sound raise it above the usual run of the mill puzzle game. It's highly playable, looks great and even sounds great - what more could you possibly wont?
Victoria H. Bailey Sound Gameplay Slone me! It's a real gem FINAL JUDGEMENT Publisher: Digital Distribution Price: £24.
Gem'X Is o puzzle game that will take minutes to learn, but literally months to master.
In 'rue Tetris style, first impressions are not good - but once you've got the hang of It, you'll be hooted for months.
The screen is split into two halves
- bolh contain an equal number of gems, but some are of a differ
ent colour. The idea Is to change the colours of the stones on
the left so that they match the stones on the right.
Changing the colours of gems is simple enough - just touch one and t changes - but it's important to note the order In which the gemj change.
They change colour In a fixed order - Red is a virgin stone, but It can then drop down to green, blue, pink and finally gold. If you dick on a gold gem. It disappears altogether, causing any stones above it to drop down to fill in the space left by the stone's absence Sounds simple so far. But things aren't quite that easy. For starters, when you click on a stone. It actually skips one colour (if it was red. It would skip green to become blue). Also, any stones that are directly above, below or to the side of the stone will be changed by cne colour (red becomes green etc). Sapphire so good?
Thhgs are complicated still further by the fact that you've only got a certain amount of time to figure out each screen. Most can be solved with little more than a couple of strategically placed mouse clicks, but some require lots Diggers ¦ before next, If agoin.
If, on hand, that thl going large r Lemmlr examp end It i every that is le The c lows st doing, t then w A fairly simple level this. Note the blocker in other Nature has come up with some pretty strange ways of keeping population levels stable, but none are so strange os that of the Lemming, a small vole-llke rodent which Inhabits sub-arctic regions of Scandinavia and North America When the population level of Lemmings become too great, these cute little critters make the ultimate sacrifice for their race - they throw themselves off the nearest cSffl Taking a tip or two from nature.
Psygnosls have adapted the obscure life story of the Lemming and turned It Into a multi-screen epic which sees you trying to halt the mass genocide of a race of dungaree- clad, green-haired creatures. Your brief Is simple - using your trusty mouse, you must guide the Lemmings to safety with a minimal number of fgtQiities en route.
Each level starts with a trapdoor creaking open and a cry of Let's Go!' The Lemmings then pour forth to their eventual doom. Our heroes file along the ground until they encounter an obstacle On which case they turn around and walk back In the opposite direction) or die horribly.
Every Lemming starts Its life as a walker but
- with your divine Intervention - they can be assigned various
skills which will allow them to collectively construct a safe
passage to the exit ot each level.
By selecting one of the skills from a strip of icons which run along the base of the screen ana then clicking on a Lemming, you can endow It with the skills of a climber, a floater, a digger, a blockei and even a suicidal bomber.
Each level you tc save a minimum number of Lemmingi CLIMBER - As lha name suggests, the Climber Icon endows a lemming with the skills ol a climbef. He con now climb over just about any pbstpcle BOMBER - This sufcidql Lemming it no coward - he can be uselul for blowing away sections of the scenery BUILDER - This constructive fellow will build bridges over any holes which stand in his way BASHER - The basher is a destructive fellow. His role h We Is lo bash a tunnel tirough an obstocie.
PAWS - A programmer s joke. This. Pauses the game (Paws. Pause - geddit?)
• ' button Arrrgh! It's over the cliff we go!
V con- exit of is from i along Bn ond on a i can h the floater, locker Jlcidal 'Oh No!', they explode In a shower OlfifcSli_ The majority of the time you'll be trying to save the Lemmings on your own, but Psygnosls have built In a 2 player option which adds an exciting new twist to the game.
This time, the object Is to save more Lemmings than your opponent, by guiding them away from your opponent's exit point. This before you can proceed to the next. If you fall you'll hove to try again.
If. On ihe other hand, you find that things aren't going too well - large numbers of Lemmings are trapped, tor example - then you con end it a I by ‘nuking’ every .emming that Is left alive.
The poor little fellows stop what they are doing, hold their heads In poln and then witn a last desperate cry of usuaBy Involves a large number of Lemming deaths, but It can be great fun.
Lemmings Is absolutely brilliant.
Psygnosls have managed to produce a game tha* is not only totally original, but also features the kind of oddictive game- play that will keep you coming back for more time and time again.
If you only ever intend buying one game for your Amiga, then It's got to be Lemmings. Pu* simply, Lemmings Is an absolute Amiga classic.
Jason Holborn Gameplay Totally original and totally addictive, you're unlikely to tire of Lemmings for a very long time. Each screen has Its own password which can be entered to allow you to skip the levels you've already completed.
Sound The decidedly silly tunes that accompany each level are brilliantly matched to the overall humour of the game.
Sound effects are also great, especially the sampled speech.
I Graphics Small but detailed, Lemmings' graphics are very cute and definitely up to the usual Psygnosls standards. In particular, animation is top notch.
PHONE ANYTIME FOR FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE SWIFT 9 24 COLOUR KIT easily fitted converts $ WlfY 9 24 Mono prirters mto Colour Versions ......£34 99 | PANASONIC KXPII24 24 Pin £249.991 SEIKOSHA SP-2000 9 Pin NLQ RRP £228 85 ..£14999 | STAR 1C 10 MONO .£159.99 STAR IC-200 COLOUR .....£21999 STAR LC24 200MONO ...£25999 STAR LC24 200 CaOUR £299 99 All Printers ore Supplied with Ribbon, Connecting Coble and Plug and Reody to Go to Work Please Ring for Prices of Print* Ribbons - FvB Range Stocked CASPEURE-NK Ribbon
Feotment ...£12951 MIDI EQUIPMENT DAIE Mid Master Irterfoce ...£2999 Midi Leods ..Per Pair £5 99 B Elite re falrty n. cdled Noc ulorty v wrong througl few few cess.
Well that wheel* out of set hir the r- BombJ platfor ever. C mote anywc The Once nal inf called of fell motntc for me that sc and rr was B« ever tf Bee FXCLUSIVli;!
THE AMIGA TUTOR VIDEO For new and not so new Amiga Users - shows in clear graphic 6c you need to know to become proficient in using me Amiga SUBJECTS COVERED INCLUDE: SeHina-up Monitors - Mouse Expansion Workbench Customisation - Copying - Renaming - Formatting Notepad • Menus - Fonts Saying - Printing Icons - Clock ¦ Sizing - Moving - Scrolling Windows CU Directory Structure - Start-up Sequence - Multi-Tasking ic detail all t Printer Set-up - Preferences Virus Protection For the cost of a game vou will learn techniques that will entertain you for years to come. Make sure you get the best
from your expensive investment £ 1 9.99« POST & PACKING Features: Excellent... a great help ... sensibly it teaches you about the most practical areas - the ones you will need. Range of topics covered over on hour and o half is wide and, above all, practical... Put together by people who know a fair omount about the AMIGA ... AMIGA FORMAT - January 1991 Excellent... simple answer lo many tricky problems... well worth the asking price... if only such a thing was available in my formative years.. .AMIGA COMPUTING - February 1991 SOFTWARE EDUCATIONAL & CHILDRENS £1649 Fun School 3-5-7
Years £1649 Fun School 3 • 7 ond Over...... .....£16.49 ......£12.99 McroEn jh |GCSE|......
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£112.99 £7599 £37.99 £94 99 £55 99 £14.95 Idnk£37 99
- ......£5999 £3899 £45 99 to conquer old Beelzebut.
Unfortunately, things didn't go too well. Indeed, only one brother survived the confrontation - Jack.
Licking his wounds, he vowed to return to defeat Beelzebut.
Eventually he does - but he'll need your guidance to do It.
You must guide Jack through 16 levels of platform action, coiecting bombs and bonuses as you go.
Whilst avoiding the baddies that hove been sent out to get yog.
Ok. We've seen It ol before, but Mighty Bombjack still manages to deliver the same addictive qualities that made the original such a hit.
Peter Bircher Graphics Little hat changed since the original Bombjack was released all those years age.
The graphics are still tiny and the background's rather dull, but they still work well.
About time old Pamera was put In his place, so he decided to plot against the khg to bring about his downfall.
Upon heorlng of his wicked plans, the brcthers Mighty set forth Sound Apart from a fairly decent theme tune, Mighty Bombjack possesses little in the way of sound effects. There arc the occasional spot effects, but even these are far from awe-inspiring.
£9 49 £999 £11.99 £12.49 £1099 ..£11.99 gut £14 95 [ Order only I ) yoor order I with you molly £13,991 £18.49 £13.99 £1399 £17 49 £1749 £17.49 ¦......£8.99 ry £8.99 | £ 14.'
ES FINAL PGEMENT MIGHTY BOMBJACK Back in the days when the Amiga was a mere twinkle In Commodore's eye.
Elite released a conversion of o foMy run of the mill arcade game called Bombjack.
No one expected It to do partic- utafly well, but we were all proved wrorg when It positively soared up through the charts, earning Elite a fa* f&w pounds in the process.
WH. The good news is that Elite have wheeled ol' Bombjock out of the deep freeze, set him on thaw and the result Is Mighty Bombjack. A multi-screen platform affair that Is as fresh as ever. Ok. It does nothing to promote originality, but who cores anyway!
The plot goes something like this.
Once upon a time (I love an original intro) there was a goodly king caned Pamera who was a just sort of fellow. He had managed to moin-om peace within he kingdom for many years, so it was Inevitable that someone would eventually try ond muck it all up. That someone was Beelzebut. A wicked demon if ever tiere was one.
Beelzebut decided that It was Gameplay There’s nothing like a damned good platform ganre now and then, and Mighty Bombjack fits the bill nice y thank you. Just like its predecessor, It’s very addictive - once you pick up your joystick, you won’t want to put it down again.
All on your Jack Jones against a wicked demon Publisher: Elite Price: £24.9 Whot a load of BALLS!
No. I'm not referring to the game itself, but Its he'o - yet another flippin' ball! I ask you. Why are game programmers so preoccupied with balls?
Ncpe. Don't answer that... Pop Up is a fun little cross between Bombjack and Audiogenic's Helter Skelter. And. Like those great games, it’s guaranteed to literally BOWL you overl in this wildly addictive arcade puzzler, you must guide a little bouncing ball through screen after screen of arcade action.
You'll be taken through five time zones, starting at the very beginning of time itself and then on through to the present day and the future.
Each screen consists of a number of platforms which you must bounce around, collecting artifacts as you go.
Progress to the next screen. As ever, there are obstacles to dodge and traps to avoid, but our little rubber friend is not without help.
No slreee, for tools are dotted around the screen which will These Increase your score, but the object you're really after is the exit key - once collected, an exit will aopear which will allow you to progress to the next screen As Guaranteed to bowl you over!
POPUP Publisher: Infogrames Price: £19.
Help him overcome hs little problems.
These Include water drops which douse burning platforms.
Keys which allow passoge through certain walls ond hammers that do the same Job as the keys, but In a slightly more direct way (who needs a skeleton key when you’ve got a 25lb sledgehammer!)
Sounds easy doejn't It? But.
Take It from me. Things get harder... much harder. Later In the game you'll encounter bouncy platforms, sticky platforms, angled platforms - in fact, just about any type of platform you can think of, aB of which are designed exclusively to hinder your progress.
The more you play this game.
The more you will become determined to beat it.
The controls ore great and.
Apart from a deathly dull menu screen, Pop Up is an addictive Ittte number. Definitely one for your software collection.
David Johnson FINAL JUDGEMENT wk i You're In the prehistoric oge and some particularly nasty looking prehistoric goldfish appear... arggghhhl & i_0_ & ICC
* "S Graphics 0003120 06 09: Clean, well defined and colourful,
but not too adventurous. Nevertheless, Pop Up's graphics work
Sound Boing. Boing. Bolng. What else do you expect from a bouncy ball game? Apart from a few appropriate spot effects, there's very little worth mentioning - there Isn't even a tunel Gameplay Great. The controls are easy to master and work well. The puzzles arc enough to make you bawl but you arc sure to have a ball.
This screen could prove to be hot stuff if you don t avoid those firebolls!
IlllJ a J " Heralded The American Computer Game of the Year!"
HOSED ON MEGHTRflVELLEH BT GOME DESIGNERS' , THE WORLD'S MOST rOFIILHR SCIENCE FICTION COMING SYSTEM The four legendary Frontier Wars have (passed,each started by the Zhodani and each ending in a shaky ne deter- The most sophisticated character generation system ever devised: five military classes, more than 70 talents and abilities. Allows player to control character development through 5 services: Army, Navy. Marines, Merchants and Scouts.
MHGINHTION flexible gaming ystem supports any olaying strategy and iiiows multiple elutions to problems 2nd obstacles.
72 varied skills to learn and use including medical, piloting, communications, laser weapons, bribery, demolitions and handgun.
I and idven- » Pop COURHGE 28 planets and satellites to explore in 8 systems filled with exciting puzzles, dangerous subplots and interesting characters to encounter.
'hat im i 38ft rpot ttlc icrc Supports Ad Ub Music Card and Real Sound for stateof-the-art muscat score, digitized speech and realistic sound effects Serving the universe costs money: a detailed bartering system lets players eamlmpenal credits through interplanetary hading, with 30 types of cargo.
SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM IBM PC VERSION ¦ t easy 'I. The make jre to "MegaTraveller 1 is one of the finest role- playing computer games in at least the last three or four years."
"MegaTraveller 1 is one of the best science fiction role-playing games ever for the computer."
Copyright O 1 WO Paragon Software Corporation and Gam* Designers' Workshop TRAVELLER and MZGATRAVZUSJI an registered trademarks ol Game Doognrn Workshop Licensed to EMPIRE SOFTWARE All nghts reserved EMPIRE SOFTWARE. 4 THE STANNETTS, LAINDON NORTH TRADE CENTRE. BASILDON. ESSEX SS15 6DJ.
TEL: 0268 541212 FIREPOWER Realistic, combat sequences let you control each of your characters individually, while still giving general combat orders to the other members of your party. Utilise more than 30 weapons and skills in this advanced combat system.
"MegaTraveller I, a game that truly warrants the highest level of praise, the attention to detail makes it exceptional!"
Zhodani and the Outward Coalition are planning a fifth.
Smuggling arms to traitorous groups within Imperium borders the Zhodani are planning to strike from within.
Feathers fly as duck battles against duck! But it's quacking good fun | Graphics You'd be right to expect something pretty special from Disney, and this latest release certainly isn't going to disappoint. All the graphics are big end well defined, making them almost indistinguishable from their big screen counterparts. Animation is a little bit on the slow side.
DUCK TALES Publisher: Disney Software Price: £24.9 They say money doesn't buy happiness, but perhaps someone should tell that tc Scrooge McDuck and his cousin, Flintheart Glomgold.
They're the stars of a quacking (sorry) new game from those masters of animation. Disney.
To dd Scrooge and his equally tight cousin Flintheart. Money is everything, Put simply, they're the kind of characters who would sell their grandmothers if they thought on easy profit could be made.
And to prove how financially astute they realty are. A chalenge has been set - whoever collects the most money in under 30 days wins the coveted title of ‘Duck Of The Year' In that illustrious publication. Dime Magazine So the scene is set. Duck against Duck in a battle where everything goes (for the right price, that Is). You play the part of old Scrooge McDuck - a bad egg on the outside, but chap on the inside.
With the aid of his nephews Huey. Dewey and Louie, old McDuck must grab his Indiana Jones hat ana whip and go In search of treasure. He'll find himself lost in a network of caves, swinging from vines In the Amazon jungle and climbing mountains In search of treasure, Each of these little excursions takes the form of a separate sub game which has to be completed If McDuck Is to add to his already bulging coffers.
Unfortunately, these are continuously repeated throughout the game, so the attraction soon pales. Things are made even wo se by the number of dtek accesses that are necessary to play the game - you can often more time waiting for a section to load than actually playing III Although Duck Tales i undoubtedly aimed at a fairty young audience, It has the makings of a great gome. Unfortunately. It's just far too repetitive to be worth more than a passing glance. It's a shame thot the programmers didn't spend as much time on the gameplay as they did on the graphicsl If they had, then Duck
Tales would have been a stunning piece o‘ software.
Bill Richards Sound Some pretty decent tunes accompany play, but what really makes the game shine arc the numerous speech samples and effects that really give it that fun Disney feel.
Gameplay DuckTalcs reminds me of some of the very early Cincmaware games - they had great graphics, superb sound, but gameplay was practically nonexistent.
Unfortunately, Duck Talcs shares this problem. Sure, it looks good, but the gameplay is simply too repetitive to make it the kind of game you'll come back to.
Pcct ccial latest joing iraph- flncd, listin- r big nima- i the ¦ DC Of early they Jpcrb r was tent.
Talcs ire, It jame- rtltive game Enid Blyton's much loved characters come alive in this faithful version of the best selling book. Using the "Worldscape" adventure system you can play any of the children as they solve the mystery of the Treasure Island. Featuring a powerful text parser and many graphical locations, this is a game for the young and the young-at-heart AVAILABLE SOON FOR AMIGA, ATARI ST, C64, AMSTRAD CPC (+), SPECTRUM AND SAM COUPE ! 6 DARRELL WATERS ENIGMA VARIATIONS LTD 1991 Stand by all you would be Captain Kirks, there's Klingons on the starbcard bow. Do not fret, it Isn't
another Star Trek game - which is good because 'I dunna think I could take any more captain.’ No. This is Star Control - the continuing struggle against goOB and evil in a futuristic battle where all is at stake and only you with your army of various space vehicles can save the known universe Irom a cruel, evil empire. Wait a minute . . . Haven't I heard that story somewhere before?
© Reiche ond Ford Never mind. Strap your plasma bolt shooter to your waist, put your genuine imitation leather hover boots on and tilt your space helmets cos this is gonna be one helluva duel.
Star Control is the latest offering Fancy yourself as a Saviour of the Universe... ?
STAR CONTROL Publisher: Accolade Price: £24.99 UR-QUfiN hierarchy biiqs jLLIfiMCE OF FREE StfiRS ChoDse your ship and then it's off to battiel | Graphics Although the graphics arc generally small, they zip around the screen without a judder in sight. On the whole, presentation is good.
I Gameplay Great. The controls are well laid out and easy to master.
The gameplay it far from original, but who cares when it’s so addictive?
Sound Nothing worth writing home about, but It's functional enough. However, each ship has its own victory tunc, which is quite a nice touch.
From those old reliable Accolade boys and it's good . . . Very good.
It's also big so it's for one meg Amigas only I'm afraid.
It's set in the distant future with two legions of seven space ships locked in deadly combat. The Alliance - fighters for truth, justice and liberty for all - and the evil Hierarchy, the scourge of the universe. Boo ... Hiss ... Gameplay-wise, Star Control reminds me of an old arcade game i used to play in my wild and reckless youth, called Space Battle. In that game, two space ships flew around the screen blasting each other and avoiding a planet slap bang ifi the centre.
Sounds pretty simple I know but Accolade s ottering goes a lot further than this archaic game - there's a certain amount of strategy in there too.
The game offers a few different scenarios just to stop it getting boring. For starters, you can practice at a one-to-one level with any of the ships Sn offer. This is highly recommended as each ship has different characteristics including speed, weaponry and shields plus
- as an added bonus - each cf the ships hos a special move or
trick your opposing fleet as you fight to ore nine different
scenarios in all, them as they go. Movement is llm- up its
sleeve. The death ac oss a space field. And even an option to
create your ited to the planets immediately Accolade very good,
one meg future with ace ships nbat. The jth, justice id the
evil of the uniat Control d arcade n my wild lied Space wo
space reen blast- voiding a te centre, know, but ts a lot fur-
c game - it of strate- w different letting bor- m practice
* ith any of s is highly h ship has including ihields plus »och
of the Once you think that you'll be Oh. And be careful not to
crash own. But they all work around the surrounding the one you
are on more than just laser fodder for Into the plcnets which
have a same principle. And not all plonets lead where you some
slime dribbling alien, then it s gravitational pull - this
could leave A moving star map with you at think. It’s a bit
like trying to read a lime to move on to Meele. This you a
sitting duck. The bottom and your opponent at British Rail
timetable at first, but option cuts out all that technical If
the tactical side of your nature the top is laid out and each
of the you'll soon get the hang of HI strategy stuff (that
comes later) Is lusting for more, you can move armies' ships
move from planet to Once you've sussed out all the and puts you
head to head with on to the full game options. There planet,
colonising and fortifying different options, you'll find Star
Control to be a source of mony Graphics Deliberately small, but
quite colourful. The game could have benefited from a bit o'
animation here and there, just to make it visually more
Sound If you’re into popular music, then you'll love The Power's theme tune which is a very well done adaptation of Snap's chart storming single, ’The Power’. Unfortunately, sound effects aren't quite up to the same standard.
An everyday slory of lovesick blobs... THE POWER Gameplay The Power's simplicity is perhaps its downfall • there's just not enough variety in there to keep you interested. Personally, I’d rather watch paint dry.
Publisher: Digital Distribution Price: £24.
Mini (who.
Like Max. is also a blob).
Each level is Hove you got the power?
If you didn't take up the Government's PowerGen shore offer theh you can still hove some power if you buy digital Distribution's latest offering.
Originally written by Demon- ware In Germany. The Power Is a puzzls game with a difference - put smply. You'll be puzzled why you ever bought itl Only kidding, it isn't THAT bad.
You control Max. a lovesick, but smiling blob with a few wisps of hair and some feet poking out of his bottom.
The aim of the game seems sim- pie enough - you must guide Max through fifty levels of puzzling arcade acticn until he is finally reunited with the love of his life.
Completed by collecting love hearts that are scattered around the ploy area. Once you’ve collected them all, a quick peck on Mini's cheek will send you on to the next level.
Unfortunately, the floors of each level are rather slippery, so once Max starts to move, he can only stop by colliding with another object (a bit like my car. ReaRy).
To make things a little easier however, many of the levels feature helping stones’ that con be strategically positioned to help Max collect all the hearts. These helping stones come in three flavours - Red. Green and Blue.
Problem Is though, you hove to be careful when moving two together. Because certain combinations will cause the stones to be destroyed.
Once you've completed ol 50 screens, there's a built-in level editor which will let you produce voia own screens. These can be saved out onto standard AmigaDOS format disks, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be oble to swap screens with your friends.
The Power Is quite a fun little game, but it doesn't quite have that certain something that would make it special. As it Is. You'd probably have more fun watching PowerGen shcres crash.
Jason Hoi torn tirtinj n&xt month t quite could i bit of there, ly more ind ONLY In amiga music, awer’s I very »n of Hlljlf ately, itc up x m se? M m mm computing A unique easy-to-use guide to all the things your Amiga manual leaves unsaid - and more! It's all packed into a series of handy AMIGA CARDS, beginning next month.
Cl. T ¦ f Is per- there's rlety In iterest- rathcr irfs. These In three and Blue, ave to be 0 togeth- foinattons is to be ited all 50 level ed»- duce your be saved oDOS (Of- K3SOO why 't be able 1 screens r friends.
Power is fun little but It lulte have in some- Xjkj make I Is, you'd more fun jn shares iga Computing, « Jar gon| AND IT'S ALL FREE!
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UTILITIES Dir Util MSH Icon Utilities L Harca The Champions Total Utilities ARP Amiga Line Calls For either of the above fill in the tear-off slip below and send it to: FREEPOST, AKORE SHAREWARE, ESCIS- SwrfCH A 'mnm NG1 1BR- [Please scad me the following programmes and my FREE copy of the AKORE SHAREWARE CATALOGUE.
No. Of Discs PRICE t c m
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- - II Name.
Prices 1 - 2.49p I 10+ - 1.99p| 20+ - 1.75pl 50+ - 1.49p| CO •- 1 2 (0 o 01-5 2 = O qI o 2 a Address - Price per disc 1 (including VAT)| Postcode Telephone - Post and Packing
1. 95p extra 1 wish to pay by Cheque P.O. Credit Cd (type) Exp.
Date Card No.| 1 1 (0 XI C 5 Review Over the lost few months
we have looked at a couple of video titling systems designed
to allow DTV buffs to overlay professional titles and captions
onto their epic pro- ductbns.
O SCALA 1 1 intetactiue Publications W* 5 5 2 Dynamic headline S 10 S 3 nmiga computing • IB 5 4 nmiga notion * 10 S 5 ST user
• " 5 S 6 st Rction 11 10 5 T Games x 10 S 0 Database
Publications rm 6 S 9 the Micio usei X 18 5 10 PC Today ¦ i ¦ i
10 S New Change load script System see oelete saue sctipt Run!
ScaWs presentation manager is a Joy to use It would be easy to pigeon-hole Scala Into the same basket as packages like Broadcast Tltler and The Big Alternative Scroller, both reviewed in our January 91 issue.
'6 dventure Scala will function quite happily os a ’11109 program but the degree of sophistication offered makes it clear that this package Is destined for much more.
Nons is Scala Isn't just an inexpensive character generator - If one of those Is what you are after see our look at Home Titler on Page 69 of this issue.
Scold has the rather grand remit of being a presentation system.
Before diving into the mechanics of the packoge it makes sense to look at practical applications for It.
You are more likely to see the output of Scala in a board room or shopping centre than an edit suite.
Presentation systems merge graphics with text to produce pleasant lookirvg information displays. These systems convey anything from flight amvofc at airports to the latest profit and loss statistics for a multi-national company.
Es 49p
1. 99p
1. 75p
1. 49p
1. 29p disc I VAT) Peking xtra Visual impact The Scala packoge
aflows presentations to be formed from three components;
backgrounds, text and symbols. These elements come together to
form "pages’ of Information.
Complete display sequences ore built up by using Scala's beau- trfuiy simple presentation monager to wipe between these pages.
What the presentation manager front end actually does is create a script ffle conlolning events written In Scala's proprietary display language. Snappily titled ‘Visual*. In Visual, everything is broken down Into ‘©vents'. An event can for Instance be a picture, an animation qt an IFF background, Within each event it Is possible to apply text, objects, colours and interactive "buttons'. Events are totally independent of each other.
It is possible to jump to a defined event directty from any point in a Visual script. *hls flexibility is necessary to make interactive applications practical Installing the system is a doddle, although it should be pointed out that the more modestly endowed Amigas could run into trouble. In order to use the package to its full potential a hard disk is required.
The manucl cites this as recommended rather than essential but bearing in rnnd the entire package comes oh no fewer than nine floppies it should be taken as a very strong recommendation.
Scala extensively utilises the Amiga s High-Res graphics mode, so stacks of memory is also prerequisite. Two megabytes of ram Is enough to keep Scala happy, although It wouldn't complain if more was thrown at It.
Scala's backgrounds are high resolution IFF files. The package is supplied with a varied collection of exceient qualty images.
Everything Yom artistic abstracts to cloud and seascapes are provided on five disks cram packed with art-iibrary material.
If even aftsr browsing through the supplied images you can't find something that fits your application It is possible to generate your own backgrounds. The standard range Welcome to the home of Britain's most dynamic magazines Amiga Computing 1) er base interactive publishing Getting the message across Got something to say? Eddie McKendrick gets persuasive with Scala supplied with Scala can also be tweaked, dropping In bar charts and graphs where required for example.
Families are bundled with the system. A wide range of authentic adaptations of popular display faces are provided including Futura, Gill. Garamond and Helvetica If you are particularly desperate to utilise a font that doesn't cramp Scala uses standard Amiga fonts, although those supplied are significantly better than the by now Immortal Topaz. Seventeen font Review H MUL
• 9-2.*
• 3‘ 2’
• Mo
• Mo
• Vai
• Ha PC
• Mi
• Co am
• IV i your style It Is just a simple if tedious matter of
digging out a PD font edlto'. Or dare I suggest even
Commodores' FED Armed with such a tool anyone has the poten
tial to be a fully fledged Scala font foundv- As well as fonts,
the package Is geored up to handle "Pictograms'.
These are graphic symbols rather than characters. Standard symbols supplied with the art-library Include arrows, disabled logos, toilet and utility symbols. This gives some clue to the typical applications of the package I could not argue if you insisted that a pictogram of a gents toilet symbol is not a great deal of use for the averoge wedding video. It is however useful in public places like shopping and leisure centres.
The next time you are directed to a convenience by a monitor. It could well be Scala at the heart of the machine.
Again, if you can't find a pictogram that takes your fancy It Is a straightforward job to create your own. Providing you have the time and a decent art pockoge.
External input Scalo has no built in provision for creating pictograms or backgrounds. Insteod it relies on Importing IF- format files.
Backgrounds can be any standard IFF screen and pictograms usualy start their life off os Deluxe Pain- brushes. As well as static backgrounds. Scala will also cope happity with Dpaint III animations A -equirement for Deluxe Paint III popped up time and time again durirg a cursory test drive of the package, it would be fair to say that n order to take full advantage of Scala. Dpaint is a vtrtuol necessity.
It's not only the graphic element of ycur presentations that can be imported Into Scalo.
It is possible to input text using any word processor capable of saving In the generic ASCII format.
When Scab Imports text It will flow it onto as many pages as the current font sue dictates. The word wrap and margin options ensure that Imported text is handled sensibly rather than just splatted ad-hoc onto the screen.
Pulling it together When constructing o presentation with Scala. The system associates specific text end backgrounds with each page ol the script.
Text can e her be simply superimposed over the background or wiped on using a wide range of predefined e*fects. These include fades mixes moves and wipes.
The wipes work on a line by ine basis rather than on the entire page of text. This approach offers a great deal of flexibility but be warned, if a complex wipe Is chosen for each line, even the fastest transition speed will produce a snail-paced presentation.
As previously discussed, backgrounds cdn either be IFF files or ANIM format animations. As text always s STIIM* B Stnoncn I lumrs .
B MlBbMPPllMoatKMH 9 I he Mm.iii 10 pen** takes priority over backgrounds, an animated page will only commence after all text has been wiped onto It.
After a page has been completely displayed. Scab Is ready to move on to the next In the sequence. There is a wide variety of options ovallable for page changes. Transitions can either be immediate or after a delay defined In seconds. They con be straightforward cuts or one of a range of wipes.
By and large Scala handles page changes with a stunning degree of proficiency Even In an Amiga strapped for memory, the system links complex animation sequences together wth ease. The There ere more ways to wipe between page* than some broadcast vision - mixers sport A-: s ft II W ft 10 ft « ft H io i :: io & more memory you have, the faster page changes will be executed.
So far I have described how Scala copes with presenting information os a rolling demo. Another interesting aspect of the system is It's ability to construct totally interactive presentations.
On the button Instead of producing a simple | script file containing details of j delays and page transitions in a set sequence, it is possible to allow multiple-choice selections within a Scala page. This Is achieved by defining ‘buttons' on the screen.
When the system detects a mojse click over a button It will proceed to display the event which has been associated wtth it.
The interactive aspects of Scala make It ideal for point of sale applications where customers are searching for a specific product within a range. Other obvious uses Include education and training packages. Potential applications for Scala are endless, yet at the same time they are quite specific.
If you have something to say and presentation Is Important.
Scalo is what you have been waiting for.
Titling videos of granny on the beach would be a waste of this superb program, and your money.
Scala costs a not insubstantial S249 but It could be worth much more than that In the right hands.
• 9-25 Pin Adaptor
• 3, »t-51 4* Disks
• Mouse Pocket
• Mouse Pad
• Variable Dpi from 100-800 Dpi
• Hardware switchablc between Pcmode & Microsoft mode
• Micro switch buttons
• Compatible with IBM-PC-XTAT and Compatibles
• 1 Year Guarantee 6ft Operating distance (Infra red models) u
have, the fast II be executed, described ho i presenting Infor-
g demo. Anoth t of the system fruct totally Inter ms. button
ucing a simp!
Ining details o transitions in a osslble to alio ?lections within i I Is ochlfcved b ’ on the screen detects a mouse n It will proceed rent which has rtthit.
Aspects of Scala 3*nt of sate appli- customers are Decific product her obvious uses ?n and training Hal applications Hess, yet at the quite specific, ¦nothing to say 11s Important.
Ave been walt- granny on the
o waste of this id your money, substantial £249 rth much more t
CHALLENGER JOYSTICK FIVE IN ONE MOUSE Ergonomically designed handgrip Auto-fire with adjustable shooting speed Micro switches for durability Suitable for left or right hand players 45 Degree reception (Infra red models) Available in Grey or Clear Cable joystick model for Amiga • Atari • Infra red model for Amiga • Atari C64 128-MSX-NEC-Sharp XI-Fujitsu • The only infra red joystick for Sega Mega Drive Compatible with • Amiga • Alari ST • Commodore PC-III Series • Amstrad PC • Schnieder Euro PC + AT286 Machines • 220 Dpi resolution • Tracking speed 350mm Sec. • Microswiteh buttons • Mouse
Pocket • Mouse Pad • 1 Year Guarantee • Infra red joystick require* one 9v PP3 battery Contriver products are available from main dealers Telephone 0280 822803 4 • Fax 0280 822805 f AMIGA BOOKS Switchable voice lax fine 0983 79496 PapStrwnZ ..08.71 PraOptStraoAit 2484 PraPlQ»2 13M8...... 18998 Smetorai C»p Art ...3680 OUST COVERS 7 Urn Stood Iterator* 1084S4833 897 AngiSOO ...596 EDUCATION Dn tint Sun ......4991 ftn School 3 ( S)--1784 Utgi Mills A Iml ..23.92 lien fncWi 6CSf I 2382 Akro fttndi (GCSt)......23* Micro MtfniGCSE) ......33* Mr Pat* .19.78 PrmwyMtfn
______23* E0IT0RS C wwfflPra2 .5980 GRAPHICS AnragkBtats ......59 80 ArtiratooStudo 7981 C light Rjy Trxtog ..3289 ComcSdtor .. 3879 0*NPM3 .....3786 0tkwPrW2 ......3979 OrtmPhotottf ......3497 Otto VMM 3 JO* DfPwtJ .32* ...JAW J979 tat 30 Ray Tctckio ..8993 Ran 30 Pro 15MB 27191 RM 30T,rto 2MB 34983 Scant Gtnertter 34 96 Scilpt 40 Junot ...84* Sc«« Ararat* 40 2UB 329* RAM 0*2564 CMOS 9wCototf Scanw PACKAGES ...- ryjo'm SiMtrKX CTKt By GaM DM Surttr IU ...... 591 5(984 29* 3487 Stt «91 11* Wwto Pttnuto MULTIMEDIA A«giV«on 7911 99
82 ..57* PROGRAMMING 26 W texfmurt Utduu 2 IS* Gtt Base Cotrpttr GFA Base Inttiprtr.
Mtofl Btuc Come* UB«C51 S84 3179
* 81 15445 PmcWPO. . ._ 99 RKOuru Ctutttmsk! Mm, RIBBONS 10 Unn
Stxiad C8U MPS1230 (6) 191 C8MMPS15WI6)......183 C8M
UPS1U0 Or (3)___1198 Oman 1200(8). .122 SOUND AA4AS Stetao
Sttrpfcf 74* DtkutUtox ......34 74 MMHSOUH MoiPtogtoHftK* ..
.34* .2484 10194 MjucXJmw MM Ouirtec 3179 4191 Scu*d
Trip 3 ..... »» TlgtrCub 51* SPREADSHEETS Mtwtim J158
OGC* Su4*p8n Hil3 .... 1472 FutHtTransftr________34* G8
ftcuti Pltvnt ...29* Mj n Buctr Iflwj....._24.84
Ojimrtnct Tttth 59 n WwtMrWmrar . 3484 X Cep,
PTOkMKWl ..37* Ybue Tartly Tim 2------.64* VIDEO Braacnt
T«r 2MB......179* Diji "itai Got] 4 .....** Htth Utmlrs
196 87 Mnrgcn Gcntocfc ..16* Scab PmmBtora .179*
Vwm Win 6487 VUAweiSotitWi 11983 WOROPROCESSORS Exttaxa
2___34* WtT*. ....*484 NMMMM2 ...34.96 Wrcro
int______ 1978 Pn W .... 89* PrctaJS ...89*
Se«0«P1ltiiun. 41* 31* 159* account: Ararat* ActMttiMfl 119*3
C*M w» Ctrfcmtwi . 49*1 Etsyltdgm rttgnUd .14996 HamtAaoertj
.....-33* Moral fnro Mgr 2783 Strwot Muary Aa 7999?
SaAJta ......7881 Syiim 1 InkpnM -38.78 BOOKS 34 LlMt Stock* eaXWAsmUiflPro; 31* A««re ru Pn , 149Q Arwg* Base MM 18 95 Aflifl* C 1845 AmqaForBwmtrc 1296 AhmjjCOS ten* t OlL.-18.45 Ottloe A5« Gud* '.845 OnkDmwhrtM... 2795 WmriUMmi* 2195 kalOoa MMMH 2895 Ktii And Tl» Ungi... 1495 Lite 4 Dm; IOM tM . 29.95
* 4w"9rt»4«M ...22.95 Sytttm Prognt Grab .32.95 CABLES
10Uiws Slockad 023S ScdWl Hood 483 CBS Gtnder Cmngm 782
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Guide 3rd Ed ...£18.95 b Leisure Suit Lany Story .. ..£11.95 F15 Strike Eagle Handbook ...£10.95 kr Jack Nickiaus Computer Gott ..£10.95 Falcon Air Combat ...... ...£12.95 Official Book of Kings Qjest £9.95 Gunship Academy ...... ...£10.95 9 K. UTILITIES AmWFt»6tjmncn-------29.» Altai ...... 3289 BAD OfOmtar ......3289 BSC (miutor 34* B(ir Kbtct .19.78 CrossMS _28* Dmciory Maugr 34* Otatfcswl.4____3079 OoctaArW .....3879 005 2 00$ 2990 COMMUNICATIONS A It* S...... *.« Kcoun2 .2484
COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN BrardMisltr 15MB 7981 Dwgn 30______37*
(d) - includes disk Send SAE for our new descriptive catalogue
HARDWARE UkktotartMM .29 90
35'ExtamilOftrt ..3880 3VW2000Drt*t 3880
SISMOOMIICfa*. 29J0 A550 Vmth 2MB RAM 349* A590 20U8 Krt)
Drtrt 27981 Amoil500 8&W 67988
¦11500 .62997 4**g»1500Uo- 6SW 92989 Arragi
3000 16-40 1999* OtUMl240 24Pnr Cilirni Strrt 9 Cflum Soft 24
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ProNeAloart hjadk 13984 Prokisorat Dw 2 . 99 82
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Chat* Gram. Nr Vantnor. PQQ8 21A U.K. POST 4 PACKMQ (pi Rams nwigtang leu than 2KG| UX CO. SpvciaJ OtKara E2.9G. Sacuxor C7 82 EUROPE ttl it tttt.CS tor MtfiaddnoraJ lam WORLD e 12 1st n**.C9 tar amft actttontf «m CHEQUES lera&n Saw** to ARK (tease Suytrtitta Pmonl 2____4991 Sucwtmc Ptneral .34* StcnttMPra 164 91 DESKTOP PHUSHIN6 Art TO_________14* Qdtbs _ 18 Nfl'wich Avenue, Rochdale, Lancs 0L11 5JZ Tel Fax 0706-524304 19987 . 19987 289* 379* 38* 34* .19917 DESPATCH From dxi 24 fn. To* Mpta 48 Ml 15JINOT BOOKS l EXPORT 4 BFPO Aotm LK XAT |t1 ... VA.T. Print induct VAT. Bods art zero mad.
Cioj 60 Type (VarousT Oonraforti... PtgcSctltr? __ 3289 99* .49.81 PRICES Ara nacMtank uitftct to cnarxja MEMORY As*um« 1UB RAM raqurad onlHs M raqurad mltaa mead S i pjt-'j d i d nl nl.5E£iT,iI nl n 1 Buy Quality American Diskettes at LOW! LOW! LOW! Priees 100% Certified Guaranteed
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25. ..£9.95
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100. ...... .£69.95 Bulk 1000+ £59 UNBRANDED SONY, JVC, 3M
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3. 5" DISK Special with Box 10+ Box .£5.95 100+ Lock
* £9.95+VAT You have to see it to believe it!!! USA TM Labels
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Sales. Disk Prices include VAT + Labels US COMPUTER SUPPLIES
130G Cargo Building 521 London Heathrow, Middlesex TW6 3LL
Phone: 081-759 8829 Fax: 081-897 0407 VIDEO titling is big
business at the moment with a new titling package appearing
almost weekly.
The format for these releases generally falls Into one of two camcs. Either the full blown affair that does it all - flips, fades and wipes Included, and all in near broadcast quality - or the bargain basement versions aimed directly at Mr Averoge with a video camera and an urge to add some style to Darren and Karen s big day.
Oil don t nave to be rich to get titled!
As the nome suggests. Home fitter faBs into the second brocket, but only just. HT, as it will now be known, is quite simply the best budget ItHng system I’ve seen to date, boasting all of the essentials plus some added extras that put the Icing on the cake.
The software has two main strengths: firstly It's incredibly easy to use. And to prove it the manual is orly four pages long - yes. That’s right, four pages - and to be honest vou won't need any of them; the second striking feature is HT's smooooooth scrolling at any speed and with any font, either vertically or horizontally.
HT is the best budget titler to date.
Paul Austin puts the facts in the frame Framing the features The range and diversity of stondard Amiga fonts Is huge and taking odvantoge of them is a real bonus, something which HT is more than happy to do. Many of Its competitors are limited to a set of internal Bbrory fonts which soon becomes a restriction If you're a regular user.
Ip to eight separate fonts can be used on each sequence, but each font must be on a separate line They can't be mixed, which is one of the few faults within the System.
Each line of text appears to be treated almost as a separate screen. Because of this approach It's possible lo mix ad of the available fonts on separate lines, changing the colour combination as well as the depth of shadow and direction for each line of text on the screen.
Page setting The actual appearance of a page Is sometimes far more Important than what It says. Impoct In many cases Is what's required rather than Info. Fonts are the starting point but page setting can odd the finishing touch.
HT is well supported In the page setting department. Background margins can be set for both vertical and honzontal scrolls, with the vertical scroll position itself also being adjustable.
When this Is combined with definable letter and ne spacing the appearance of an Initially boring page can be transformed into a stytsh. Attention-grabbing masterpiece . . . Well, almost.
The final aid to page styling comes from a left, right, or central justification feature which instantly shifts the text to the required screen position - a simple but useful feature to vary the format of your creations.
If you wont to make an impoct.
Colour Is one of the best ways to do It. HT has four availabe colours. This no doubt seems limited but it's not quite thqt simple. Like some of Its competitors HT has a RGB colour mixing system which can create a colour range from 4396 available tones.
This process can be applied to each of the four available screen colours allowing some very subtle combinations.
If you combine *he range of colour with the potential a Genlock could add to your videos.
HT starts to look like possibly the best specialist buy of the year.
Movement It's all well and gooc having pretty fonts and stylish pages but if it doesn't scroll quickly and smoothly It's useless. Some titters suffer from rather dodgy scrolling which seriously detracts from potentially excellent systems.
HT has no such problems, having a variety of scrolling abilities on a par with products many times the price. HT has two standard scrolls, either vertical or horizontal plus a snap page feature which instantly swaps entire pages of text rather than scroing them.
The scrolls have a slide control option which gives a good range of speed which is happy scrolling even the largest fonts at reasonable speed.
Another nice touch is the addition of a variable scroll pause option. This again is simple but effective and adds a little more style to any scrol routine.
The pause between normal scrois can also be altered, and of course if you want to use the titler as a presentation system you text could be looped continuously And finally HT's only real foult Is the software s inability to Import ASCII text, an option which would be useful for certain applications. In every other department It's great and you can't fail to have notice my enthusiasm. In general It's great value and a joy to use. Highly recommended!
Home Titter £39.95 Gentaofl UnttJ.POyteM Newtands Drive, Colnbrocfc Berkshire. SU ODX Tel 0753 680363 Fax 0753 6*0343 Are you confused by CLI?B Frustrated by files? At las- y The WORKS
I. y veLT T m°'e than y0*aitin9 fo« U Ckage "0Wf*ete £Z m°u
e » n°thin9 hat*ns uni Store *nyZyou can r -.' 3 pO N6rfU' ,
Workstation pen y°u fTheWorkstation en y°“ Heartlre PacW9e
ca" e to la«'eSS s are are qoodbye instead «**
Screei» - keS tun w- pie your "oU* text and and f"eS’ ifuncrunch se button.
SS rep Thi 0|| orkW ne' no If: to i ,k n9 Kit* _ drive t* ira imP en,eJ°UrA iga
• 9*driv*fnt°nthe*t 'ft, 4m j
* ****c ou (ferd VexibL nsWe anse i e*Pe and ve y 9oes rno'e
eajry on 'bemo O'.
R AMIGA ORDER FORM . -f « Please send me a Workstation disk for ttx COMPUTING special offer price of £3.50 (incl. VAT and p+p) wi I wish to pay by: O Cheque Eurocheque enclosed made payable to Database Direct LJ Access Mastercard Eurocard Bardaycard Vsa Connect Expiry date No.
Name ....Signed. Address .. Got a faulty floppy? When vital disks get damaged, you'll now have the chance to try the seemingly impossible mission of recovering all your work.
Workbench's geriatric DiskDoctor can be sent Into retirement by this super utility!
PI As' fea Wo pro lot sue giv
- .,kutode&F me virtual u!" Aass. * e unique to 0
iin5We ncWo stWt can the th Wlrral L65 3EB
Postcode .
Send to: Database Direct, FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port.
LI?Baffled by backups?
Asf your problems are over.
TION is here!
As well as all these superb features The Amiga Computing Workstation also includes a wide range of programs designed to make life with your Amiga a whole lot easier. There are simple solutions to everyday problems, such as mouse utilities which display screen co-ordinates and give your rodent a much needed speed boost.
• You can even define extra pulldown Workbench menus that cut out
the familiar icon clutter and let you really get down to
• In addition to all of these valuable new features all
traditional CU commands have been retained - for the old hands
among you!
Isible k can be Bl s n month. Order NOW and start exploring your Amiga right away!
I It's no secret that the Amiga is the most powerful home computer of them all.
What has remained a mystery for most newcomers is how to make the most of its immense potential. Now Amiga Computing has produced a floppy disk that is packed with everything you need to take the hassle out of harnessing the inbuilt power of your Amiga.
Many months of research and testing have resulted in a simple-to-use, single disk replacement for Commodore's Workbench which we’re calling The Workstation.
This indispensable collection of utilities, including some outstanding shareware never before assembled together on one disk, is now available for just £3.50. It's too good to miss!
ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY Express Courier Delivery £5.00 Extra BUY WITH CONFIDENCE trom one of the longest established companies In their field with a reputation lor good service and prices We have invested heavily m a computer system to enable our Teicsaios staff to provide up-to-the-minute stock information, coupled with highly efficient order processing Our fully equipped Workshop enables us to carry out almost any repair on our premises We feel sure that you wont be disappointed if you choose Evesham Micros HOW TO OROER 3'A" EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES AMAZING LOW PRICE I £54.95
Including VAT & delivery
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling Vents
• Sleek, high quality metal casing
• Quality Citizen Drive Mechanism Also availabirl
5. 25" External Driv I 40 80 Track Switchat I Only £99.00 inc.
VAT delivers
• On Off switch on rear of drive
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES
512K RAM CLOCK UPGRADE ONLY £32.95 including VAT and delivery
we Send Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to;
Unit 9, St Richards Rd. Evesham, Worcs WR11 6XJ Call us now on
• 3s 0386 765500 j Lines open Monday • Saturday.
L J 9.00am - 5.30pm ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Government, Education & PLC orders welcome Sam* day despatch whenever possible Express Courier delivery £5.00 extra Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for personal cheque clearance.
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Unit 9 St Richard* Rood, Evwham Worcestershire WR11 6XJ TP 0386 765180 (ax: 0386 765354 Open Mon-Sat.. 9.00 - 5.30 512K RAM CLOCK EXPANSION FEATURES : it Direct replacement tor the A501 expansion 6 Convenient On Off Memory Switch ¦it Auto-recharglng battery backed Real-Time Clock & Compact Unit Size : Ultra-neat design A Only 4 low power consumption FASTRAMs
1. 5MB RAM BOARD 512K RAM Expansion also available without clock
for only £27.95 it Fully populated board Increases total RAM
In A500 to 2MB !
It Plugs Into the trapdoor expansion, and connects to GARY chip it Includes Auto-recharglng battery-backed Real-Time Clock O Socketed FASTRAM Ics for accommodating up to 1.5MB RAM Unpopulated RAM board with clock_______£ 39.95 RAM Board as above, wtth 512K FASTRAM installed £ 59.95 RAM Board as above, with 1MB FASTRAM installed £ 74.95 RAM Board as above, wtth 1.5Mb FASTRAM installed £ 89.95
N. B : The expansion board requires KlcksUrt 13 to operas -
tOckstart 1.3 upgrade available from us lor £29.95 5 Qisson
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Commodore Hard Disk unit including as own PSU and SuriNn
cooling tan.
Feauras socket? For up to 2Mb of onboard FASTRAM expansion see below) 80ms Access lime, with up to 2.4MtVcec. transfer rale Autoboots when used with Kkkstan 13.
Commodore A590 Hard Drive (20Mb Hard Disk)_£ 279.00 A590 RAM UPGRADES A590 RAM Upgrades are fitted free of charge when bought with an A590. Alb u£S? 11 wS We currently support specially upgraded versions of the A590 Incorporating NEC high capacity, fully autoparking SCSI drives (25ms access time). SCSI interfaced hard drives offer a substantial performance Increase over conventional units.
We are also otionng the NEC mechanisms separately, either cased for ttwse who wish to 'chain on' an additional hard disk to thor A590. Or on their own lor infernally replacing their existing A590 20Mb mechanism.
AMIGA 1500 2000 UPGRADES HARD DRIVEJ RAM UPGRADE BOARD K[ Kits compose of fuO size hard dtok controller cm incorporating unpopuiatod SUMS RAW expanse sockets for accomodating up to 8Mb RAM: PUIS high speed, last access NEC SCSI hard daka 40MB HARO DRIVE A INTERFACE f RAM CARD £ 39041 100MB HARO DRIVE A INTERFACE I RAM CARO £ 5904* PLEASE NOTE Ttwaa are unpopuaed RAM safcau Mi!
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12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS At details correct at time of press AH goods subject to availability, E. A O.E. A590 upgraded with fast 40Mb NEC SCSI Disk__ £ 479.00 £669.00 E 559.00 £ 349.00 £ 549.00 £ 249.00 £ 449.00 ASM upgraded wtth fast 100Mb NEC SCSI Disk „ A590 with 40Mb NEC SCSI Disk, PLUS 2MB RAM FASTRAM fitted____ NEC 40Mb SCSI Drive cased with PSU to directly add-on to the Commodore A590__ NEC Drive cased with PSU as above, 100Mb version NEC 40Mb SCSI Drive mechanism on Its own___ NEC 100Mb SCSI Drive mechanism on Its own___ DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO!
The orty futf featured arvmaborvpaint proQiam to uM stato ot toe ad lechraquea that are chaiacteraac Disney styto animation Special features let ft
• upenmpoee your ammanona on bac*orouid pease Sample anmaoone.
Ptos sound enact Nbnry noua to toe pacfcjQe. Irom wheh you can
add to creaton Supports FF. Anim graphcs tormats m SONIX. SMUS
and INSTR sound lormaa 3reat p Xs Normal RHP :£ 9935 EVESHAM
FROM AMIGA 500 SCREEN GEMS PACK Top-selling package indudes
Amiga 500 now Includes 1Mb RAM, plus 1Mb Drive ar d TV
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A5001 MB SCREEN GEMS PACKAGE E 369.99 NEW* ZY-FI amplified stereo speakers ~THESE FABULOUS GAMES: ~j i Tracksuit Manager 90 Jaws TraawraTrap j ! Block Aland* Lost'N Maze Oiscman , ¦ Battle Squadron Diet Riot Task Battle I j Nigel Mansell Subbuteo [_ PLUS I A word processor and spreadsheet J A500 Screen Gems Package PLUS Evesham Micros 37." External Drive ..£419.99 REAUSE THE TRUE SOUND POTENTIAL OF YOUR AMIGA WITH T1IS PAIR OF FULL RANGE SPEAKERS!
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Pack features A500 computer plus A501 512K RAM Upgrade. TV Modulator, 8 Software Titles.
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• MmprtctifetMfrsmefrom «ny Wtooi m up io 16 shades
• Grab rtaltfrna 30 frnagss
• Stors 4 nplsy acaon soqjsnoss t f*«W DtoMop Yore
• and nxt. Mxh mors VIDI-CHROMK AMIGA Cotour frame grabbing
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- Automatic Cut Shaat Feeder available tor only C 7935 ONLY
£19.95 DDIKITCDQ Prices Include VAT. | » IcflV I CKO delivery
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our Sound Samper toafcim excofen circuitry, yetting proisttonai
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TOO BIG TO LIST Logitech, GomouS Microsoft etc POA r ?
R ?
The display options allow lot some ot the most colourful letters you're ever likely to send and both are 'oind wanting when faced with beginners on a budget.
Protext is rrore expensive than you might find comfortable, and isn't the idecl easy-learner program.
Kindwords, on the other hand, is abysmally slow ond only just about works on a machine with less than the full megabyte. Indeed, the only way to use the latter and remain sane is to fit your Amiga with 2Mb RAM and an t30 card!
For quite a while, then, there has existed a potentially lucrative gap in the Wordprocessing market which only Arnor. By releasing Protext 5 and creating the conditions for price cuts on Protext 4.3. has come close to exploiting.
Companies in the U.S. however, appear to have grown wise to this and QuickWrite is the first quality low-end wordprocessing package to hit our shores as a result Pedigree, chum!
The program has an obvious parentage, coming as it does from the same New Horizons stable as the worthy ProWrite package, and If you've ever used Excellence, which we reviewed a couple of BEZEEX months ago. An even more apparent role model.
The program Is an attempt to fit a fully specified wo'dprocesor complete with spell-checker not only into 512K but onto a single floppy as well. The happy child of such o wedding of compoctness and usability, if It worked, would be a program with immense appeal to the A500 owner. So does it work?
On loading. QuickWrite has the immediate visual apoeai ot the American wordprocessors already mentioned, and certainly looks more professional than the rather chunky KindWords. The screen opens as a hl-res wirdow which can be pushed to the background Word pow
* * * * QuickWrite brings slick word crunching to the unexpanded
Stevie Kennedy So you've got on Amiga 500 and you want to use
it for wordprocessing? That's hardly a revolutionary concept In
electronic applications, is It?
It's not as if you're into 3D ray tracing or some other memory- hungry application. Nothing simpler. Right?
Er - wrong. I'm afraid. If you are the proud owner of an unexpended Amiga 500, or even if you have a full meg of RAM. You've probably noticed the scarcity of decent packages for the wordsmith looking to knock out purple prose in the less than £100 price bracket.
The only widely available options are Protext and Kindwords.
6 A welcome addition to the low end of the wordprocessor market diTClT i .*« a~ I- T •== QuickWrite often easy control of page dimension and printing options
i. .. “...... .11 a ¦ • i • -a ¦« (
talcM* (hi. A kal fa r* Utw -W LaaaaJM- ff 1 r«a* UIW OH
lattav VT " 1 on bi i One c**ih LsJ Oonlaa MfOfim k.i* MUI
ntH: eriaa Odlta OfH»...l W aaiaa •» l J Ot Ut Mia, Ola *V
tatoaaa fail ntmx. Ia La ’liaaa la H to run along with
Workbench and documents open into their own resizable
In this way multiple document editing is possible, but as the program is designed for systems with limited memory this otherwise desirable function has a limited use in QuickWrite.
If you're one of those people who is drawn to the 1st of features' normally found on the back of the packaging, you'll initially be impressed by QuickWrite. However, there's not a great deal there that you can't find in most other WP's.
QuickWrite is up to the usual spec, but it doesn't break any new ground. What it does break is the -- It :• - it •• if
• 1 0 • • t ¦ * e ¦ e ' tUdNiih k» • nlW mltumil M »• II. Mi fall
WIM b Chi. Tw Halt tkiat «¦¦ m*, t I will, Hick Hr 11 HI la a
kail faaklaa w kaa Ifrtts* a malt Ha H n Review Review
price performance barrier represented by better but more
expensive programs such as Protext 5.
And the inferior but generally cheaper KindWords.
TitdMriU 1.1 - | HW Hw fcriiaa* Wlww. Iacl _s_ y Mi OaickW-itf OrtIMS _j Oaicttfrit fact, the keU rase to*** telnet: m ,____ eel nr i- i kriSfctMSS t ******i Ojwa requester: •SkM QaicMlrite Files Only oom aii nir* live filet: Hsave Icms lasertiM reiat hliakinv: •Fas! OSIew Ooff Tffim and : • Insert O Tyre ever 0« (M! Oriisk fereea OU«nd Beer •Beth
• alt ef MMMMt: • laches Ocenlineteri fSWVG. In |
• lines in a 1 A myrkid of program option* become OYOilable wttti
simple pull-down menus Spell it out The speling checker Is the
package's most impressive feature. Not only is It octually on
the same disk as the main program, but it contains a usable
50.000 words and can be added to as the user's requirements
KindWords scores over QuIckWrte by recognising 90.000 words, but to use It on lengthy documents you need more than 512K.
And to describe It as sluggish would be an understatement.
The QjickWrtte dictionary, while smaller, is considerably faster, and can be speeded up even more If loaded Into RAM. Using it thus will take up a full 120K. So there may not be enough space If your document is lengthy or your Amiga Is unexpanded.
The disk, however, contains a RAMStart program which will open the RAM disk if It hasn't appeored during start-up, and transferring the dtefionary to It Is a simple matter of dragging its Icon to the RAM disk window.
Ouickttrite l.l - C 1**0 Hev Hon ions Software. Inc._Hak 1 t a=«iae h h ana Qu.c fMl kali Special Iten Tamils [E2E3] Five ntnker: Tine: iite:
• l. 2. 3 912 Near 9 81 81 78 iF cell OI. XI, III 024 Near Ojm 1.
197* Ol. Tl. Ill 0January 1. 1978 OA. I, c Osun, Jin 1, 1978
Ol. K. C O Sunday, January 1. 1971 081 Jin 78 Stvtii piie
nunker: [UB]
VC. In | U in a 1 The formats for dot* and time ore rigid but
easy to use The Spell-checker searches through the text from
start to finish rather than utilising the more intelligent
approoch token by Protext's Collins Proximity Linguibase This
scans and then sorts the whole text Into alphabetical order
before checking It through, and can be very smooth in
QuickWrite's start-to-finish method is less complex, but seems to be slower in checking, and certainly takas longer when changing or looking up a word.
Another minor point Is that the relatively smaS size of the main dictionary means its suggestions for misspelt words fall far short of Thesaurus standcrds. In fact, it will often fa* to find an alternative for words you could be forgiven for thinking ore falrty common.
On the whole though, it is fast and simple enough to do the job In time, the user dictionary would no doubt fill up to the point where the main dictionary's shortfalllngs would be mostly offset, and only those with large vocabularies or specialised needs will find it very limiting to start with.
For those not In the know, macro Is the term for a keypress (such as a function key) or combination of keypresses which has been predefined to stand lor a sequence of other commands and actions.
The facility to use macros has hitherto been available only to more up-market packoges. But with the addition of the AREXX multi-task communications language. Quick Write can cefine ten macros.
This addition should not be understated - macros are more than just a gimmick and can cut out a great deal of tedious typing.
For instance. Macro 1 might be defined to reformat an entire paragraph, indent it. And fu*y justify it at the stroke of a key. Many users will find similarly routine operations which can be rendered less painful in this way. Lending QuickWrite a much more professional tcuch.
Unfortunately, It 1$ only the more ambitious user who will take odvantoge of the mocroj. As their use requires a bit of thought. In contrast with some low-end programs. Where defining a macro is simply a case of staring the recorder' and carrying out the sequence of keystrokes you desire to be defined. QuickWrite uses its own macro languoge'.
This Is more powerful and flexible than the simple recorder method.
The usual options are avoiasie in their usual form - nothing to write home aboull but is much more difficult to use and. Even though we* documented by the manual, is likely to scare off more than a few beginners.
No Wordprocessor can be judged solely by Its on-screen abilities. They are. After all. Intended to produce hard copy at the end of the day. And QuickWrite manages It with mercifully little fuss end bother. Unlike KindWords. Which can rapidly run short of memory, and frequently crashes If a problem occurs during printing. QuickWrite copes well with large printing tasks.
The mall merge facility is controlled by only four simple rules to define how a merge list should look.
It allows the user to choose which records (such as Individual addresses) are merged, so that letters may be sent to one portion o' a long list, rather than the whole lo* as demanded by KindWords's mai merge.
Files with a smile File handfcng ts carried out by way of a Moc-ish rile requestor, which most Amiga users will find palnfuty slow.
To jump from one drive to the next when searching for a file, one has to click on a drives' gadget tc go through them one at a time.
On a hard drive-based Mac with Its uncluttered desk top. This fe fine, but on an Amiga sporting only floppies It can cause unnecessary rises in blood pressure. I woulc have welcomed an ARP file requestor or even a stondarc AmigaDOS one. Which shows you how bod QuickWrite's can get.
The saving grace in this department is the option to save directty In Professional Poge as well as standard QuickWrite and ASCII format.
For users of Gold Disk's DTP package, the ability to Import text files with no extraneous control codes or annoying carriage returns is a positive boon, and will greatly enhance QuickWrite's appeal to that particular market.
Conclusion On the whole. QuickWrite is a welcome addition to the cheaper end of the Wordprocessor market. At first glance. It Is more expensive than KindWords and is missing a thesaurus and the ability to import graphics files.
On further investigation, however, one can quickly decern a powerful, tightly coded, and memory-conscious package which should be ideal for those with limited memory or working with only one drive.
Price: £75 Supplier: Silica Systems Tel: 081-309 1111 b can and iblem kWrlte tasks con- iles to tould oose 'Idual 3t let- on of XekDt ; mcri THE ONE ON THE RIGHT IS HANDLING STOLEN GOODS.
Le way ihich nfuly »the one etto Aac, his is only isary uld file lard you art- tcfly tan- at.
DTP text trol jrns atly I to rel- nd At ive io art rer.
U Kibe If you are involved in software piracy then you are breaking the law.
THIS CAMPAIGN IS ORGANISED BY ELSPfl Any information on piracy should be passed to The Federation Against Software Theft.
Large or small users - we have the i SONY D S D D 135 tpl 50’s. ...42o each ..... ...£21.00 100’S .. ....£41.00 400'S .. .....39p each ..... ..£156.00 800's .. .....36p each ..... .£288.00 1200's .....35o each ..... .£420-00 MITSUBISHI DSDD 135TPI 50's .....37d each ..... ...£18.50 100'S .. .....36p each ..... ...£36.00 400'S .. .....33p each ..... .£132.00 800's .. .....30p
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90) ...£9.95 All disk
boxes are anb-stabc. Amiga beige, contain keys, dividers and
rubber teet (with the exception of 10's) | | rniii i cn
niDuuiiO Star LC24-10 Mono ......
Amstrad DMP 2000 300C .... QTY1 .....£3.90...
.....£2.90... QTY5 ......£3.70.. ......£2.60.. QTY10 £3.20
..£2.20 Amstrad DMP 4000 ....
.....£3.90.... ......£3.60.. ..£3.20 Amstrad PCW
8256 8512 .... .....£3.50... ......13.20.. .
£3.00 Amstrad PCW 9512 ......
.....£2.90... £2.60.. ..£2.20 Brother HR
15 20 25 35 . .....£2.50...
......£2.30.. ..£2.15 Brother
M1009 1109 ..... .....£3.90...
......£3.60.. ..£3.20 Citi2en
120D LSP10 ..... .....£2.90
......£2.70.. ..£2.40 Epson
MX FX80 85 800 .....£2.90
......£2.70.. £2.40 Epson
FX100 105 1000 .....£3.60...
£3.40.. ..£3.10 Epson
LX80 86 .. £2.70..
r?3n Panasonic KXP 1080 81 82 . .....£3.90...
£3.70.. ..£3.20
StarLCIO ....
.....£2.90.... ......£2.70.. ..£2.40 Star LC10 4
colour . .....£5.90.
......£5.30.. ..£5.00 war
Mono ...t4.au .....£4.
| TELEPHONE 0530-813591 FOR PRICING ON OTHER RIBBONS NOT LISTED AMIGA RAM EXPANSIONS 1 2 meg upgrade (without clock) .£28.95 1 2 meg upgrade (with clock) £34.95 11 2 meg upgrade (with clock) £89.95 Features Include: ON Off memory switch, auto-recharge battery backed clock.
4 low power fastrams.
AMIGAS _ Screen Gems ..£349.94 Basic Amiga including modulator & mouse-------------- £329.99 PRINTER SUPPLIES Star LC10 Mono ... .£158.95 Star LC200 Colour Printer ...... .£229.95 Star LC24 200 Colour Printer . .£279.95 Listing Paper 11" x 9.5" S.P. Plain 70 GSM Micro Pert Pack of 100 ... ....£2.50 Pack of 250 ... .....£3.95 Pack of 500 ... ....£5.95 Pack of
1000 . .....£8.95 Pack of 2000 . ..£16.95 [OMC AMIGA STARTER PACK COMPRISES: NO NEED TO SHOP AROUND
R. R.P. £679 OMC All inclusive price of £465.00 Inc. VAT A saving
of £214.00 A500 Screen Gems 1 2 meg additional RAM upgrade
3. 5* external disk drive 10 3.5* D S D D 135 tpi diskettes 1 (40
cap) lockable storage box 1 mousemai 1 mouse 1 mouse bracket 1
joystick 1 Amiga dustcover PLUS the usual 4 great software
POWER SUPPLY Fully compatible replacement Power Supply for
Amiga 500 ONLY £38.95 1 JOYSTICKS f Quickshot 128F
Maverick .. ....£12.99 Quickshot II
Turbo ...... Quickshot III
Turbo .... £7.95 £8.95
Competition Pro Colour ..... £9.95
Quickjoy Superboard .. .....£14.95
.....£12.95 Quickjoy Topstar ..
.....£23.95 Cheetah 125+ ..
£8.95 Quickshot 127 Infra Red Remote .
3. 5“ External disk drive lor Amiga.
Slimline design colour co-ordinated throughport connector. Double sided with own PSU. 1 year guarantee ONLY £58.00 MICE_ Amiga mouse, two button fully compatible as replacement £17.95 Naksha Mouse inc 2 Year Warranty.
Meuse Mat and Meuse Bracket .....£28.95 Geniscan GS4000 Scanner £159.95 SOUNDBLASTER Techno Twin stereo amplified speaker system for the Amiga. Pack includes: Cables. Power Supply.
Speakers and easy fitting instructions. Also includes two sonically sensational games (Corporation and Jumping Jackson) plus playable demo of 'Lemmings*.
ONLY £49.99 inc VAT TO ORDER CHEQUES AND P.O.’S PAYABLE TO OMC LTD AND SEND TO ADDRESS BELOW CREDIT CARDS SIMPLY TELEPHONE YOUR ORDER ON 0530 813591 (8 LINES) FAX 0530 813595 FOR OUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION THE ORIGINAL MEDIA COMPANY LTD DEPT AC, MEDIA HOUSE, UNIT 14, ASHBY ROAD, I COALVILLE, LEICS LE6 2LA LI TEL; 0530 813591 (8 lines) FAX: 0530 813595 Mobile No: 0860 922 436 Trade a cs welcome. All prices include VAT. Corporate, education orders welcome. Personal callers welcome. POSTAGE: £3.50 CARRIAGE: £8.50 DEAL DIRECT % DEAL DIRECT!)
Review The Amiga has long been the ugty sister In the eyes of serious DTP people, the Mac being their choice. Recently, however, the credibility gap between the two machines has been closed considerably by Pro Page, Page Stream. Page Setter and now ADPro.
The Amiga boasts a whole range of under exploited publishing assets such as Its incredible value for money and the omazlng- ly efficient file formats. Not to mention some of the best graphic abilities in the bjsiness, regardless of price.
The reason for the Amiga's lack of publishing success falls firmly at the feet of image processing, or perhaps more accurately image conversion. And this is where ADPro comes Into Its own.
If you've ever tried to convert Amiga graphics to the Mac you'll be familiar with the problems Involved. But now there is an alternative - to produce the entire publication on the Amiga. This has already been done wth the AMIGA Times, and is still empoyed by former AC editor Jeff Walker to turn out the monochrome Amiga mag JAM.
Cost effective With the addition of ADPro to the Amiga's DTP stable, the field of semi-professional anc indeed professional publishing is wide open for the infinitely more cost effective and flexible Amiga. OK It sounds good, but whgt exoctty can It do?
In short. ADPro is a collection of image processing tools which join forces to create and manipulate high quality images. The vaiious elements are combined under a very smooth and stylish front end which mokes complex image conversions as simple as clicking o- an Icon.
Perhaps the most common use for ADPro's assets will be its format conversion facilities. In order to swap an image from one format to the another ADPro uses external programs to load and save images As a result ADPro can be extended to read or write new or alternative formats by simply adding additional modules.
If you are an artistic soul ADPro rendering abilities might be more to your taste, The program can load up any image data and then render the results In any Amiga video format.
ASDG's rendering techniques have already mode many a fan In the animation world and if you are after high quality quickly It's q godsend.
While we’re on the subject of rendering and ray tracing. ADPro's abilities also stretch to rendering and enhancing Images created with ray tracing software.
Why render images with ADPro rather than the software on which It was created? Quite simply, ADPro will render 24 bit planes better and faster than the parent programs themselves!
Perhaps the hottest property in Amiga graphics has to be the imminent release of 24-bit colour.
The Amlgan art world is waiting with sweaty palms for the release of the Harlequin frame buffer from Commands Save I IFF Load j IFF P or t Palette Control Load Color Controls Nonna1 Colors (Total) Colors (Used) Offset Color Zero Unlocked Bal anc i n» ReDi spl ay Dither: Off Separate Pale t te Exi t About In ago Operators Screen Controls Negative Hi Res Std Size Execute Op Seal e Inaffp Size Cance1 Execute W: e 1!: 0 The opening screen ol ADPro and Ihe key lo the Alodin'i cave of features ADPro can put the colour bock Into anyone's artwork r Review IFF IMPULSE Save Color Separation Type | CMYK
Plane j CMYK Depth 1 Eight CMAP I Co 1 or UC GC Ink Compensation Magenta P Yel loir Defaults ( Execute Inage Size II me Amiga Centre Scotland and Its rival, me Mastertooard VB1 from G2 Systems.
Both these products seem destined for success, and as a result the need for external software support whether It be rendering or conversion w! Soon become big business. ADPro has no problems hancfling 24 bit planes or me power It will unleash onto me printed page, not to mention the world ofDTV.
If you've ever had dea6ngs with commercial publishing you'll be familiar with me need for colour separations, which as the name suggests is the process by which the various colour elements of an Image are divided ready for a colour print run.
ADPro can be used as the source o' such separations in bom 12 or 24 bit planes. The subsequent print qualty of Images processed in this way are excellent, and easily on a par wtth the Moc equivalent.
If your print requirements are slightly rrore unusual the software can still cater for your needs. Say you needed to render Images for heat transfer on to materials such as cotton, ADPro can provide a suitable rencil.
If your dress sense Is slightly more extravagant you could use the pockage's separation skills to produce films for three or four colour silk screening.
TAD or ADPro The Art Department, or TAD as It's more commonly known, Is me predecessor to ADPro and Is still readily available from most suppliers. Bom products are targeted at roughly the same area of the market, with each varying in abitties and price.
TAD Is described as ASDG's entry level processing system, while Would be Maxwell * will love Ihe *elecllon ADPro is considered to be the professionals' or power alternative. If your needs and finances are fairly Imlted it might wel be worth looking at TAD which retails at around £70 as opposed to £199.95 for ADPro.
Perhaps one ol the most impressive new features has to be runtime loadable Saver modules. This slightly mind-boggling mouthful basically means that ADPro can be used for generalised format conversion.
This new ability also allows you to use It as a general purpose front end for all manner of input and output, as well as a display tool for the output of scanners, frame buffers and so on.
Many of the Image processing functions biilt into TAD have been re-worked, and ore now run-time loadable. These modules are known as operators, and due to the run-time design ASDG can release addrttonal operators as the need appears. Thfc should hopefully negate the need for future expensive upgrades.
Another asset which TAD did not offer is true colour composition. This allows you to actually edit 24 bit plane images even if you don't have a 24 bit display board or of separation controls pant program.
Arexx is very well supported by ADPro, so If you're into batch, bulk, or network applications your dreams may well be answered by ADPro s skills in automated image processing.
Last but not least In the list of added attractions is the option to choose between standard Amiga palette or the enhanced palette mode which yields higher quality images If you want to display your wares on IBM compatible VGA and Super-VGA cftsplays cs well as the Commodore Hi-Res Graphics Adapter.
ADPro Is. In effect, an umbrella under which several elements combine to perform there various skills. The external components of the system fall under three main headings Loaders. Savers and Operators.
Loader is a generic term for programs which read and Interpret source image data from a wide variety of file formats accessed from disk. But their talent* do not stop there. They can read or generate data from various sources other than disk.
If. For example, you were using a digitiser a loader could be written which would allow ADPro to load data direct from the digitiser Itself.
Savers as the name suggests, do exactly that, and are used os o destination for Image data. They’re generally used to encode raw or rendered images into the file format you require.
Like Loaders. Savers also have their hidden talents, for example If you're working with a frame buffer Re turn Execute Loaders Savers As you may have guessed, there is a price to be paid for all The power of ADPro - Its memory requirements ore frightening.
A good example is the Image printed with this article. On screen It measures 640 by 640 pixels and is 24 bits deep. In order to load this Image from disk you would need ot least four megabytes of contiguous fast memory.
The image was composed within ADPro Itself. Five separate images were used to create the finished product. The stars are a 1 bit-plane Image made In Deluxe Paint.
The earth is a 24 bit scan with the landscape being a 24 bit image created with Vista. Ben Franklin is another 24 bit Image scanned with a Sharp JX-300 The company name is made up of a three bit-plane Deluxe Paint creation using Kara Fonts.
Almost every format conversion is possible. GIF. IFF. PCX.
Sculpt. Postscript, the list goes on and on. As well as the excellent Internal features, a great job has been done on the front end and as a result the software is a dream to use. Even for a novice.
Lastly we have Operators, the workhorses of the system which are used for all kinds of general processing functions, flexibility is their real strength, as they can input and output both raw and rendered image data as well as manipulate data within the program.
ADPro Is firmly In the software for the specialist bracket, as the name and price tog suggests, but If you have problems with pictures this pockoge wii almost certainly solve them. It's a must for all would be press borons.
ADPro £199.95 Available from. Silica Shop 1 -4 The Mews. Hatheriey Rd Sidcup. Kent. DA14 4DX Tel 081 303 0688 you could write a Saver which would save the raw or renderec Image data direct to the frame buffer. As a result the transferrea data could be displayed direct from the buffer Itself.
Operators AMIGA REPAIRS Just £44.95 inc ? Commodore registered repair centre ? Over 10 years experience with Commodore computers ? 20 qualified technician engineers at your disposal ? We will undertake to repair your Amiga 500 computer for just £44.95 including parts, labour, VAT and post & packing ? Most computers will be repaired within 24 hours of booking in ? Prices include full service check, overhaul, soak- test and replacement of power supply unit if necessary ? Repairs to keyboard and disc drive also included. (£25 extra if these units are unrepairable and require complete
replacements) ? All repairs covered by a 90 day warranty ? How to take adiantage of this exceptional offer: Simply send or hand deliver your machine to the workshop address detailed below, enclosing payment and this advert and we will do the rest. (If possible please include a daytime telephone number and fault description).
? If you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 or else your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
IWTS iwnt the right In rrfux machine* that In wr opinion art boond wwuble repair i WTS Electronics Ltd, Studio Master House, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds. LU4 8EZ AM Tel: (0582) 491949 (4 lines) Q CENTRAL SCOTLAND S PREMIER PJ . LIBRARY GAMES G026 Game cheats & tips GQ25 Adventure cheats & tips G027 Monopoly G039 Star Trek - The Next Generation G04D The Next Generation, Trivia Quiz (2) G029 Games Pack 2 G030 Eat Mine G031 Flashbier G032 Return to Earth G033 Quiz Master 2 G035 Mayheim G036 O.C.P.D. Comp G024 Property Market Game G013 Mechforce G001 Learn and Play G016 Marble Slide G021 PD.
Chess G003 Pipeline G011 Castle of Doom G007 Ten Game Compilation umims ANIMATION AND DEMOS U001 Ultimate Boot Blockers (2) U050 Red Sector Demo Maker* U051 Video TV Graphics (4) U053 8 Track Soundtracker U059 Sound Tracker Mega System U061 Geneaology* U062 Boot Bench U017 Razor Toolkit U029 Scotia P.D. Comp U035 O.C.P.D. Comp U009 M-C.A.D. U031 Direct Action U034 Optimist Utilities U036 Icons U039 Catalogue Workshop (2) U040 Ccmms Disk U041 Digitised Samples Player U047 Ghostwriter U048 C-Light U063 R.O.T. Designer Half Meg Upgrade with Clock £32.95 Second Drives with 5 P.D. disks £65 D029
Budbran2 D030 Hanky Panky D031 I’ve Got The Power D027 Good Morning Vietnam D033 Intuition Acid Boss M009 Acid Fcrce D039 Banging Raves D040 Groove Is In The Heart D041 Crionics Total Destruction D042 Goldfire Megademo D044 RAF. 2 (2) S008 Bloodsport Slideshow D048 Batman Animation D049 Amazing Tunes 2 (3) S007 Reichter Slideshow (2) D050 Attic P.D. Comp M012 Technotronic M013 Amigadevs M014 Bagpipe Music M015 Blues Brothers (3) M016 Aliens (2)
1-9 £1.50 10-19...£1.25 20+ £1.00 Inc. P&P TEL: 0236
737901 This is only a small selection of the hundreds of titles
available from our constantly expanding library. Free disk
catalogue sent with all orders. You can also call into our
showroom and pick-up your software. Payment by Access Visa or
make your cheques or P.O. 's payable to Office Choice:- Suite
14, Avon House, Town Centre, Cumbernauld G67 1EJ Why buy an
ordinary sound sampler - when you can buy a recording studio?
MEGADEMO FILLET THE FISH BUDBRAIN MEGADEMO 2 MADONNA SPANKY STAR TREK GAME 3 (2) THE WALL PINK FLOYD A COPY (DISK COPIER) DCOPY (DISK COPIER) P COPY (DISK COPIER) SAFE SEX DEMO ? State of the art true stereo cartridge ? Over 100 interactive functions ? Simple to use tutorial and user guide ? Stunning real time effects include: Echo, Reverb, Hall, Voice Synthesis, Phaser and Vibrato ? Extensive editing and looping facilities Upgrade available to existing users for only £6.00 + £1.00 p&p i'laj DIMENSIONS BROOKLANDS HOUSE BRYNGWYN RAGLAN GWENT NP5 2AA 0291-690933 690901 £34.99 + £1.50 POST AND
PACKING JUNIOR TYPIST (4 -10) IBM. ST. AMIGA. Keyboard trainer which helps spelling HOW TO ORDER
1. F*ost your order.
2 Fax your order 3 F3mg credit card number 4 Ring lor advice
5. Ask your dealer id order.
Fnices: IBM5’«or3’*. ST 4 STE, AMIGA CPC. PCW. CBM (daks)_El 69* FREE CATALOGUE ORDER DIRECT TO School Software Ltd., TaH Business Centre.
Dominic Street. Limerick, Ireland.
Teh (U.K.) 010 353-61 -45399.
Fax Order* 010 35341-44315.
Credit Card Hotline (U JC): 010 353-61-45399.
Others Tel: 010 353-61 -45399.
MUSIC (2) PUBLIC DOMAIN Price is 99 pence per disk + 50 pence p&p per order Cheques PO payable to Orbital P.D. 5 Green Lane, South Chailey, East Sussex BN8 4BT England.
All overseas orders are subject to a 30 pence per disk surcharge.
SAE for A free catalogue. Tel: 0273 401284 ALL DISKS ARE 99 PENCE Numben In () means number of disks, M = 1 Meg. X * 18 yrars only THE THREE BEARS (5 -10) IBM. ST, CPC. AMIGA.
Superbiy reviewed educational adventure Develops reading and imagtnafton MAGIC MATHS (4-8) IBM. PCW, ST, AMIGA.
Highly rated primary maths programs. Selection of games.
Add and Subtract MATHS MANIA (8-12) IBM, PCW. ST. AMIGA. The best primary programs I have yet seen Multiply. Divide. Maths SkiNs.
BBC. CBM (D). Highly acclaimed tutor. Received excellent reviews.
CBM (D). Very comprehensive coverage of al the major aspects ot maths tor this age group. Excellent SEN LAC SOFTWARE P 14 OAKLEA CLOSE, OLD ROAR ROAD, ST LEONARDS ON SEA, EAST SUSSEX TNB7 7HB ¦ri mm- WM 955998 m-. 755093 MAIL ORDER PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY GRAPHICS UTILITIES J Vims 4.1 Amiga Atari GFX Disksalv 1.42 Convertors ESA Utilities Energy Utilities FullForce 111 SID VI 06 Ghostwriter Aardvark Utilities D-Copy Mandle Generators Copiers 1 Archive Utils TV GFX Fonts 12) ARP. 1.3 Installer Bootblacks (2) North Sea (I) Video Progs (2) C Manual (1) Graphics Apps (2) CU Tutor Stealthy II Walker
Kuli (Pen) Kttigbt II Rotating Ship Shark Gymnast Walker l Jet FI 5 Robo BUSINESS FINANCE Wordwrighl Bankh Analytic ale * Amibase RIM Spread Dbase AC Clerk iu entory Memopad Journal Analyticalc 3D (sre only) GAMES MISCELLANY DEMOS TREKKERS!!
All new SlarTrek (2) Startrek P 3 ED) StarTrek V2.0 (* 2 ED) SlarTrek Fleet Manoeuvre Anim * StarTrek Dry' Dock Anim * StarTrek Enterprise Reliant Anim * SlarTrek Miscellaneous An inis * Trektrivia | Enterprise Approaching* Kants Attack* MUSIC J Minimum Order 2 disks.
I fnless stated elsewhere prices as follows: 2-5 disks 12.00 each 6-9 disks 11.75 each 10-20 disks 11.50 each 20 or more disks 99p each OVERSEAS * EEC Please add £2.00 to cover postage costs. OVERSEAS * Australasia Please add 50p per disk to cover Airmail costs. Credit Card & Postal Order payments despatched by return. Personal Cheque orders - please allow 1 working days for delivery from date of receipt.
Kefrens Mega Coma Red Sec tor (2) Red Sector Cebit Mental Hangover Puggs In Space Universal I & II Demob I Demob II Vision Music Vision Megademo IV Vice Workbench Vangelis' Newtek? 2 ED) Newtek III?2 ED) Science 4.51 North Star (2) Dexion Megademo Higbdass (UK) Rebels Megademo Amazing Demos VI ESA Demos Phenomena Megademo Complex Bobs Pulsif.ers IFF Pixs I IFF Ptxs II IFF Pixs 111 IFF Pixs IV IFF Pixs V Fantasy I Fantasy II Fantasy III Fantasy IV Fantasy V Fantasy VI Photomontage I Photomontage II Photomontage III Flashhier Hack Ltrn Autobahn JOOO Zerg Casino Craps Moria V3.0* Empire Cribbage
Trainset PC (hess Breakout Hardcrack GFX JCS-Sbellshock Alcatraz Demo Scoopex Demos Triange Demos Tetragon Megademos Deatbwarp I Maximum Overdrive (2) Cave Mega Demo II Angels The Power Amaze Final Absolutions Crionics Total Destruction Animation Horizon Sleeping Bag Kefrens 7 he Wall Panics Vector Birds Su'aptons Tera Zing Art of Zing Vertigo Fill 'em Up Bud Brain Mega Demo I (2) Bud Brain II Forgotten Realms Paradise Slides Joe 11 Slideshow Nasa Digipixs I Nasa Digipixs II Disney r Countach Fantasy I Countacb Fantasy II Viz Slide Show Agatron Rejections Sun Connection Galams Gate Turbo Si
her Masks Sik Williams Broadcast Frantic Freddie Fatmine Drip!
Trickv Card Games Blizzard Return To Earth Sub Culture Level I Rill to Free Games Galore I Games Galore II J Note: £2 jx*r disk. No discounts for quantity AMOS 19 Microman Music AMOS 22 Funschool III Demo AMOS 31 Screen Designer AMOS 33 Pink Goes Ape AMOS 3 5 Archivist AMOS 21 Word Square Solver AMOS 20 Arc Angel Demo AMOS 32 Progs Carn Fearn Nadeem AMOS 34 Luke Miller Music AMOS 36 AMOS RAMOS 1.2 Ululates AMOS FONTS *4 AMOS52F.RU. .Ll 05 53 Curos Stavros Ixnno 2 AMOS 54 Amos Progs 2 AMOS 59 Super Quiz AMOS 62 Arcadia .Ll 05 64 Arnos Prog 3 AMOS 76 Rainbow Warrior AMOS 71 Amos Progs 5 .Ll 05
SI Juke Omega Demo I AMOS S2Juke Omega Demo 2 AMOS S3 Amos Paint AMOS S4 Luke Miller Music 3 AMOS S5 Reivrsi Snakes & Ladders AMOS 97 Dynamite Dick Note: £3 50 per disk. No discounts for quantity LAPD Colouring Book IAPDII Arc Angel Maths I API) IV Thingumajig (1 meg) LAPD Vjungle Bungle lAPDVfPukadu Sprites IAPD VII Four Way Lynx (1 meg) IAPD 1711 Work 6 Play (I meg) IAPD IX Assembler LAPD X The Word Factory' IAPD XI Go-Getter (1 meg) We are pleased to accept Switch and Connect cards for immediate despatch of disks 2 MEG Vauxkiller (2) Station at Kherne (3) Lost In Scape (3) IV2 MEG
- Al the Movies - 3+3 V: MEG Sentinel (2) LATEST IN
Boomcrang Dominion GerbiLs Star Trek SEUCK £3.00 WB2 Workbench
II (.ookalikc £3.00 Clerk V4.0 £3.00 C Lite £3.00 C Lite Anim.
Disk £3.00 Anti Flicker £3.00 ¦1. . T ------------. ¦ . . .
|§ _ MEG Radio II Italia Cinema Congaman Showbiz Bad Bird Billy
The Kid 71 Commercials Batman Juggler 2 AMOS LICENCEWARE
ANIMATION AMOS PD Soundtrackers (2) Son ndtrackers V4.0
Future Composer I Games Music Creator Perfect Sound Sound
Editor 1 Compact Disk lli Fi Player* Instruments ST-02
Instruments ST-03 Instruments ST-04 Instruments ST-05
Instruments ST-06 Unstruments ST-07 Instruments ST-08
Instruments ST-09 Instruments ST-10 Unstruments ST-11
Instruments ST-21 Unstruments ST-22 I Instruments ST-92
Raylracing Sampled Sounds Demo Creator Dope Intro MCAD VI.25
Rot Jazzbencb Instruments ST-93 Instruments ST-94 Instruments
ST-95 Instruments ST-96 Instruments ST-97 Instruments ST-99 Med
V2.12 Sound tracker Professional RIP Eruptions Flashleam Music
Crusaders Freed Out Crusaders Audio X Crusaders Back to Base
(not l j Roms) Med V.l 2 Sonix Play StarTrekker(8cbamel) Pro
Tracker 1.1 A Acid Mix I Celtics Demo Maker (not 13 Routs)
Halloween Samjtle 12) Direct Action 4 Utopia Postcards Cando
Support I Cando Support li Fractal Flight j I- last th has be
exceii comp- have about what* Tra Anyor at ray reqmr and c
befon into re SO red fc excel heap prodc Thl ports whlc spher
plane mod refle wooc trocir It c ha nc and these ing ti bit w
quae Ve code has I one Buck If COMPUTING DISK BARGAINS Ameriten
Dreams Four action and strategy games are included in this
sensational package from Infogrames.
Test your talent in SUPER SKI on the ski jump, slalom, giant slalom and downhill races. Super Ski HOSTAGE OPERATION JUPITER is a strategic operation in which you | direct manoeuvres to release the hostages held by terrorists in an embassy.
OPERATION NEPTUNE involves you in underwater warfare, destroying enemy submahnes and bases.
BUBBLE GHOST will ke?p you busy for hours trying to guide a fragile ghost through a castle's numerous traps.
SIMULATOR Chess Simulator is the ideal partner for budding Chess enthusiasts. It's perfect for guiding and improving your talents until you ultimately attain the standard of the Grand Masters. Infogrames' game includes a whole range of outstanding features including: Ar intelligent opening moves library, countless levels of play, advise options, save and restore options, 3D views and a wide range of different piece designs.
Our Price £19.95 Four unbeatable arcade games at an unbelievable price from Infogrames.
PURPLE SATURN DAY - A inique game which has achieved legendary status in the arcade games arena.
Participate in the Intergalactic Games - if you dare! Purple Saturn Day SPIDERTRONIC - 3D action and digitised sound enhance this fascinating strategy game..
G. NIUS - Your space station has crashed on an unknown planet.
Escape the wreck before it disintegrates around you. Timed action and a frantic pace.
WARLOCK'S QUEST - An arcade adventure swarming with evil creatures and sneaky, devilish traps. If you like arcade games, this one's for you.
Great value for money. Don’t miss this offer!
1 ¦ recorded.
Our Price 1 I 100% pure Glastnost!
L&iC19-95 Intogrames have taken this timeless classic and added a whole range of added features to bring you Chess Simulator.
Chess Simulator Future Dreams fukple.
• _s STlIr f f I •5® Vrcri • .au- nc« , . -» Mr I'll ft •
Welltris Challenging arcade fun from Infogrames.
Welltris is a wacky puzzle game that'll have you on the edge of your seat.
After the fabulous international hit. Tetris, join Alexey Pajitnov, grand mathematician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and take up his new challenge. Weltris: control the falling pieces, move the volumes and ultimately master space.
Welltris has a host of ootions including: Three levels of difficulty (beginner, advanced and expert), amazing 3D perspective, various game speeds, scoring system with top ten scores TO ORDER PLEASE USE THE FORM ON PAGE 121 A V Her© we ore again, yet another colectlon ot the best in the business. At last the Amiganuts.' Domination has been eroded slightty by some excellent submissions from their competition. As a result you won t have to suffer my monthly moan about a lack of disks, so let s see what we've got.
Trace on the cheap Anyone wanting to try their hand at ra tracing will soon find it often requtes the loss of an arm, a leg.
And a few other financial body bits before you find out If you're really into rendering.
So if your finances are slightly red faced DKBTrace could be an excellent alternative to spending heaps of cash on a commercial product.
This complete ray tracer supports arbitrary quadric surfaces, which when translated means spheres, ellipsoids, cones, cylinders, planes and so on. Various shading models are also available, plus reflection, refraction, marble, wood, and many other familiar ray tracing favourites.
It also has special case code to handle spheres, planes, triangles, and smooth triangles. If you use these special primitives, the rendering ti-nes can be reduced quite a bit when compared with general quadrics.
Paul Austin lends a helping hand to pick the best PD from the rest Version 2.0 Includes the source code written In C. The whole thing has being buncfled together on to one disk by the author. David K. Buck, If vou're the lucky owner of a 68020 or 68030 system wtth a 68881 or 68882 math co-processor, you'll find a completely separate version of the software on the disk designed just 'or you and your muscular machine, As well as the program Itself a whole range of utilities added to the package perform various weird and wonderful tricks of the froce.
Dump to IF: will convert the raw 24 bit data from the ray tracer Wes into W-res HAM Images. The colour palette used for the first Image can then be used with the others.
This Is particularly useful for animations as the entire series of frames can be forced to use the same colour palette.
Dump2RGB can convert the raw 24 bit output files of the ray tracer into three separate dump files for red. Green and blue. This might seem rather pointless to most people. But if you're Into serious DTP the ability to separate colour Is realty usefii.
Sculpt2DKB. The next of the extras, will convert a Sculpt- Anlmate 3D scene file into DKBTrace format. At the moment smoothed triangles are not supported and the only information directly converted concerns the polygons, colours and textures.
Light sources, viewpoints. O*her aspects are Ignored but once the conversion is complete you can always add these as reaped from DKB.
If yoj're already familiar with DKB In hs earlier forms a document Included describes the conversions required to use data files from 1.2 with the new Improved
2. 0. As you can see from the screen shots, excellent results are
They're not perhaps the quality of some commercial creations, but considering the price difference this Is c very Impressive package indeed A beginner would be well advised to give the Instructions a good read, as ray tracing Is not the simotest of subjects and takes a little tme to master.
In order to squash all the goodies on to one disk most of the elements have been archived and as a result need to be un-archlved on to a separate disk. I'd recommend at least 1 meg or more If you're really interested In serious production.
MVK V2.0 Is your machine sneezing, shivering. And chewing up disks like Strepsils? If so It's sure to be suffering form the curse of modern computing, viral infection.
Fortunately for every Idiot with a sick sense of humour there seems to be a knight In shinning armour waiting to leap to our defence and combat the bacterial beast- tes.
Stefan Ossowskl is a fine example of a later day Lancelot, with his computing equivalent of a condom. Master virus Killer V2.0. MVK k capable of spotting up to 105 viruses, an Impressive figure and considerably more than many of Its counterparts. It will detect both the file and boot block varieties and happily put them to the sword, whether they be on a floppy or hard drive.
The software does have one drawback, or advantage depending on you point of view. It will not run os o background task like Kill Da Virus or Zerovirus its competitors. Both of these sit on the menu bar and automatically check memory and disks as they are Inserted.
The advantage of background checking k that nothing should slip through the net. As both KDVIII and Zerovirus can be run from the startup-sequence and remain active constantly.
The disadvantages arise if you Wondersound revisited According to the docs Wonder- Sound is an addictive harmonic instrument design tool which allows you to create new sounds by manipulating envelopes, harmonic strengths and phase angles. These can then be save for use with other music utilities.
I wasn't convinced with claims of Instant addction. Trial and error with a large helping of patient experimentation would be a more accurate description.
The main revision to earlier releases Is that all processed sound is passed through a low- pass filter, which lessens the high pitch distortion or aliasing which plagued Wondersound In the past.
The sounds created are rather basic ond reminiscent of those produced with processing software on the Commodore 64. But If you're a patient soul with an urge to create new sounds WonderSound could be for you.
Regularly use disks with custom boot blocks or softwae which alters vectors. If you do, you'll soon become thoroughly sick of cancelling the alert warnings which are activated every lime you insert a non-standard cisk, even though you know It to be harmless.
In their defence both KDVIII and Zerovirus both can be taught to recognise new boot blocks, so It k possible to subdue their enthusiasm when checking regdarty used disks which you know to be safe.
With MVK It's best to check any incoming disks and then immediately write protect them. That way you can be sure they're safe, and once protected they won t require any further attention. If you need to leave disks writable o background virus killer might be a better choice.
Master Virus Killer is available from: NBS. 132 Gunville Rd. Newport. I.W.. PO30 5LH or from the good old Amlganuts united cr 169 Dale Valley rd. Holybrook.
Southhampton, SOI 6QX.
One g come and is JEC)?t involv mony domi place spreo ousty' Jec Inatlc eight battk quer firvaly kdet clev€ of luc dice.
Th esto whlc the H as a Am G Impr lies i don moo strah MiG slor Mas mtr vers hap the use: N gar age der N Posh pointers Any programmer with a passion for pointers could take a look at Fred Fish 446 and Its collection of normal and sleeping mouse pointers which you can combine with your own creations. As well as pointers there's a whole range of extra goodies available, so check It out.
Both disks, along with rest of the latest Fish disks, are available from Softvllle PD services on 0706 266509, or you could write to Softvllle at: Unit 5. Stratfield Park, Electro Avenue. Waterloovllle.
Hants P07 7XN.
PD playtime The award for best disk for this month has to go to number 903 in the Amlganuts United collection It’s a compilation of four excelent games bundled on to one disk.
Compilations are something cf a rarity In recent Amlganuts releases with much of their latest Bcenceware firmly of the one dkk.
If you ble a be a liable Rd. from edat rook.
Ssion 3k at )n of olnt- wlth II as |e of ieck f the from 1705 i to ‘ark.
The code before your limited opportunities run out and your Amiga once again reminds you who's the boss.
PIPELINE: If you're more of an arcade fan, the graphics and game play of HpeSne will be more to your taste, being not too dissimilar to Pipe Mania. Even so the undercurrent of logic still flows through to Pipeine. And If you are addicted to Tltrts and Wettrls you'll certainly love Pipeline.
The idea Is to create a route by which the oil can flow from A to B. On the left of the screen are five pieces of a pipeline. You can control the cursor position with a Joystick. And as vou press the fire this 3 In Ion.
Lent I of basest ftsk.
J demos or perhaps dsk introductions. ASOG's TAD or Art Dept Pro are perfect for converting virtuaF ly any picture Into a low-res one bitplane two color image which can then be fed to IFF2ANSI for conversion.
One game format. However. 903 comes os a refreshing change and is excefent value for money.
JEOPARD: First of the fab four Involves a favourite subject with many a game designer - world domination. The action takes ploce on a large map of the world spread ocross the screen in gloriously flickering Hi- res.
Jeopard is the name, and domination's the game, with two to eight players taking part. Each battles against the next to conquer each others territories and finally rule the world. The outcome is determined by a combination of clever planning and an element of luck provided by the roll of the dice.
This is very similar to the well established board game Risk, which has long been available in the High Street, and more recentty as a commercial release on the Amiga, amongst others.
Gameplay is in generally very Impressive. The only real problem lies with the screen format. If you don't Dwnf a flicker fixture the infamous Hi-res flicker can be a real strain on the eyes.
MIGA MIND; this is the Amiga version of another smash hit, Mastemind. It Is a popular subject in the PD and as a result several versions are available. This is perhaps not the prettiest one. Nevertheless it plays perfectly and Is useful as a Workbench toy.
Mlga Mind is basically a logic game In which you pit your wits against the computer and Its hidden code.
You must attempt to decipher This is one of the utils, and as the name suggests will turn any two colour low-res IFF picture Into ANS text which can then be deployed on any ANSI compatible terminal.
This could be very handy for IFF2ANSI button the piece on the bottom of the pie of ftve is placed In the current cursor-position. The four remaining pieces fall one position and a new (random) piece will appear at the top.
After a while black gdd starts to flow, so you've got to get the pipe in place pretty quickly even on the early levels. Bonus points are awarded for complex connections which all add points towards the ultimate goal of entering the high score table in which you ccn be immortalised forever, as your name is written to disk.
SOKOSKY: This Is perhaps my favourite offering on the disk.
Sokosky is an ingenious puzzle game which Involves a logical challenge combined with very attractive graphics.
The Idea is to move numerous rubies around the playing area until they cover predetermined points on the board. This may trictly
P. D per disk The Public Domania continues.. complfcifl a muBH mg
with att aspe and ttiek creation The disks con examples of had
piled tram Cade Hon. ere s ols* from various together with ac
of products US' tietd.
Amiga ft the title ot Cac disks are prod format, three* tor eoch issue The first tv able now an* available so* edinanYtt* I'd say Cad The collect Amlgonuts address.
D097 Viz Slideshow 0098 Walker Demo 1 (1Mb) D099 Walker Demo 2 (1Mb) D181 World Vskm Cartoon G006 Collosus G008 Eatmme G063 Electric Train Set G061 Entrophy G069 Escape From Jovi G009 Flaschbire G051 Frantic Freddie G012 Gravattack G037 Holy Grail G052 Jeopard (1Mb) G066 Learn and Play 1 G067 Leam and Play 2 G059 Marathon Mine G055 Mayhem G017 Mega Games (2 Disks) G022PD Chess G065 Quizmaster G060 Snakepd G064 Star Trek (US) (2 Disks) G056 The Turn G053 Treasure Hunt G041 Trek Trvia G062 Wet Beaver G068 Wordsearch G030 Wraithed One. . . Quiz game UTILITIES U063 Amigazer (Astronomy) U053
Anti-Virus U003 APOL 28 (MIDI Co«ectK n) U004 Bank n U071 Biorhythms (1Mb) U005 Bootblock Champion U054 Business Card Maker U073 C-Light(IMb) U007C Manual (3 Disks) U060 Champions Total Utilities U033 Copiers Dtsk U049 Countach Art Collection (3 Disks) 0012 Dope Intro Maker U056 DTP Clip Art (2 Disks) U042 Education 1: German U044 Education 3 Weather Climate U045 Education 4: Evolution U051 Future Composer U072 Genealogy (1Mb) U013 Gurubuster U006 Home Business Pack (3 Disks: Wordprocessor. Spreadsheet.
Database) U062 Iconmana U014 Intromaker
1) 015 Jazzbench U027 Manure Uuity Disk (2 Oisks) U057 Med v2.13
U050 Messydos U058 North C U019 Pagesetter Clip Art U0KS*V1,6
U070 Slideshow Construction Kit U052 Speedbench U064 Star
Chari (Astronomy) U059 T-Bag 31 U026 TV Graffix (2 Disks) U061
Workbench Fun!
Games Galore 1 .£2.QC Games Galore 2 .£2.0C Games Galore 3 .£2.0C Games Galore 4 .£2.0C Games Galore 5 .£2.00 Games Galore 6 .£2.00 sound simpl® not. You'* sod up in a very tri Ami1 IF you're or land lover' plunge, a f just what turns rough can come overboard A none tton devc moting « ACC has about c boasts rr Once ber’rt vA lems yc well as atsoav opme* The BLANK DISKS 10 for £5.50 50 for £22.50 All prices inclusive of postage MUSIC M0338 Channel Soundtracker M061808 State Remixes M105 Another Day in Paradise
M053Bat Dance Remixes (1Mb longer version!)
M002Baidance Remix M001 BeatmastersClub Mix EDUCATION PACK 4 disks on German, Evolution, Weather and Geography Only £4.50 inc!
Please add 70p for post and packing.
Overseas orders very welcome, but piease add 25p per disk for postage costs.
Send SAE for free new catalogue describing all disks in library!
Cheques PO's to: STRICTLY P.D. 11 York Place, Brandon Hill, Bristol BS1 5UT clUb ir Is wic dome of Nr Th aim guc DEMOS 0003 Arid Oemo D004 Adams Family D184 Annie Jones Slideshow D011 Arsewipe... toilet humour D015 Budbrain (2 Disks) 0173 Budbrain 2 (The Sequel!)
D020 Cebit'Coma VicJory (1Mb) 0180 Cokeman Smurf Animations 0116 Crionics Neve where D171 Oesert Island Slideshow 0157 Dragons Lair 2 DQ34 Education ot Cool Cougar 0035 Elvira D185 Elvira Activities Disk D132 Enterprise Leaving Dock D150 Fillet the Fish 0037 Fractal Flight (1Mb) D186 Fraxiofl Fantasy Sbdeshow D036 FraxKXi Horror D170 Girts ot Sport Illustrated 0172 Indy 500 Game Demo D200 Iraq vs USA D182 Japan Culture Slideshow 0047 Jarre Docklands Demo D048 Juggler Animation D128 Kylie Demo (2 Disks) D175 Kylie: Locomotion Dili Light Cycle Demo (1Mb - 2 Oisks) D055 Madonna D164 Madonna (2
Disks) D146 Madonna 2 0168 Madonna Cartoon Animation D129 Maria Whitaker D145 Newtek Oemo 3 (2 Disks) 0065 Newtek Demo Reel (2 Disks) 0166 Nightbreed 0071 Popeye meets the Beach Boys D074 Probe Sequence 0075 Puggs in Space D183 Red Devi) Compilation 8 (1Mb) D176 Red Sector Megademo (2 Disks) D187 Roger Dean Slideshow D083 Sale Sex Demo D130SamFox D177 Space Bubbles D163 Space Chase (1 Mb) D121 Star Trek Animations (Agatron 17) 0089 Star Trek Animations D112 Stealthy 2 (1Mb) 0174 Technoball Game Demo (New) 0092 The Run (1Mb) 99 per disk D201 Total Recall M092 Betty Boo M006Depeche Made M0380Mob
Musi: 2 M005DMob Musi: 4 (2 Disks) M106E&L Get Up Ml01 Feel The Rhythm M012GamesMu9C Creator M015Genes s M096Groove e ir The Heart M093lron Maxler M042KimWiWe Ml 00 London Beat M097 Madonna kogue (4 Disk Set' Excellent) M103 Megabyte Noes (New) M018 Miami Vice Remix M084 No Brain No Pam (2 Desks) M095 Pet Shop Boys 2 M107P* Shop Boys Suburbia M081Powerpack4(lMb) M082Powerpack5(1Mb) MKMSam Fox Sound Disk M054Somx House 1 MQ55Sonix House 2 M102 Sydney Yotngblood (Bass X) M027Technotronc Remix M031 The Wall-PmkRoyd M032Wa* the Way for over 11 orders!!
MUSICIANS PACK Games Music Creator, Noise tracker, Future Composer and 8-Channel Soundtracker Only £4.50 inc!
95 Virus-killer. Top demo of your choice, Speedbench.
Catalogue, Pool, China Challenge, Fruit Machine PLUS 10 Blank Disks and Free Postage.
GAMES G058 2-Player Scccer League GOOt All New Star Trek Game (2 Disks) G039 Breakout PD STARTER PACK Only £10.00 iac'o's °,e bv W 0eou«*u' creat.oM eme.ge hom «*£ vouie Wrested me riloo of PO e giopHcsU'sanin'"(f- It you want to ' tnete’sP"00'01 I ,u(t waiting to len hand. Mi Code Ho- tanatlc and os 0 obsession tie nosti Fractals are by far the most beautiful creations ever to emerge from the Amiga, and If you're interested in a combination of pure logic and stunning graphics It's on intriguing subject.
If you want to know more there’s a fractal-mad American just waiting to lend a helping hand. Mr Cade Roux b a fractal fanatic and as a result of his obsession he has been and still is compiling a multi-disk series dealing with all aspects of fractals and their creation.
Finally fractals The disks contain the finest examples of fractal Images complied from Cade's huge collection, There's also practical help frcm various utilities thrown in together with advice and reviews of products used in the fractal field.
The Amiga fractal exchange is the title of Code's obsession. The disks are produced in magazine format, three disks being bundled for each issue.
The first two Issues are available now and the third should be available soon. If you're interested in anything to do wtth fractals I'd say Cade's disks are a must.
The collection Is available from Aniganuts United at the usual acdress.
Sound simple but believe me It s not. Ycu'll soon find it's easy to end up In c very tricky position.
Amiga C Club IF you're an old C dog or just a land lover thinking of taking the plunge, a helping hand could be Just what you need when the C turns rough. And the Amiga C Club can come to the aid of those lost overboard.
A none profit making organisation devoted to helping and promoting the language worldwide.
ACC has only been in existence for aboul a year but nevertheless boasts members In 35 countries.
Once you're a registered member it wi try to help solve any problems you have concerning C. As well as practical help, software is also available to speed your development.
The main learning tool of the club is the Amiga C Manual, which is widely available in the public domah. It consists of four disks full of hints, tips and routines.
There are chapters concerning almost every aspect of the language. And all the examples are If you are In the market for more straightforward arcade action Seventeen Bit has the answer with one of the ictest additions to the Games Galore series.
Games Galore V5 The next generation If you're o mocern day Trekie you'll probably be more familiar with Captain Pickard than Captain Kirk. If so there's a‘new tilvla release for fans of the next genera-
* _ tion. .
An initial two-disk set is the-starting point for a planned series which can be found* on Fish Disks 404 and 405. They contain'over 500 questions baseq on;the first series with nore than 50 audio video clues. ' ' contain the game njodule’and.port 1 of
• the TrivWJJqtabas*e. You must hcfve both dlsks as '4Q5 cbntcgos
the red of the Trivia Database and the required . .
Player program, fat, the quiz. Disks available frdrn446S • "and others. • ' • • Volume 5, like the rest in the series, is bulgng with software. In this case nine separate programs are squeezed on to the disk, some old favourites like Pac-man and Monopoly as well as an excellent Star Trek trtvlc quiz. A must for any Trekle who knows his Tribbles.
As usual tnere's an excellent selection on offer and if you're lucky Volume 6 should be available by the time you read this article. So it mlgit be worth inquiring with Seventeen Bit when you order.
Already compiled, so you can start experimenting mmedtately.
The manud Is kept up to date by the members themselves, with the constant oddltion of new elements and revisions of the old.
Registered owners automatically receive new versions at cost, plus access to video and sound sampling by simply sending in disks and tapes which are then processed and returned free of charge.
If you are seriously into C It might be money very we* spent. The registration fee is £20 which should be included with your detdls to; Amiga C Club (ACC) Anders Bjerin Tulevagen 22 181 41 Ucingo Sweden Well that's it for this month. As usual, if there s anylhlng you want to see, moan or rave about, drop me a line: Paul Austin Amiga Computing Europa House Adlington Park Macclesfield Cheshire. SK104NP WE WILL BEAT THAT PRICE UNTIL IT HURTS D I A WE WILL BEAT THAT PRICE UNTIL IT SCREAMS O N D COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD On all OKI, Commodore & Philips computer products and peripherals, we will match
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E-Motion, Grand Monster Slam, Kid Gloves.
Rx* Dangerous. RVF Honda. Shuttlepu* Cafe.
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Tumcan, X Out. Ninja Warriors * JOYSTICK ONLY £309.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY£475.00 AMIGA 500 AXE PACK INCORPORATING 512K RAM • Three Manuals 1 Mb Disk Dnve ' Operating System 4096 CokAAS - Built-in Speech Mouse Synthesis
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TV. Modulator ' Dust Cover ' 103.5' Disks ‘ Three Manuals ¦
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A complete drawing board in one simple unit.
With a rolling ruler you can draw: ? Horzontal parallel lines ? Vertical parallel lines ? Pelect right angles with ease ? Any other angles from 1 ° to 359° ? Clever circles Available in two sizes 22cm (8in) and 30cm (12in) this great offer gets you both rolling rulers for just £$ .95 (RRP £9.99) 'A It's innovative design gives the new rolling ruler the ability to draw
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paper, parallel lines, angles, circles, musical staves and
graphs with ease, making • *., it ideal for the home, the
office, schools, workshops and 3D design )•* work.
Reader offers Please use the Order Form on Page 121 It's Amazing!
It's Radical!
It's the Rolling Ru AMIGADOS: A Dabhand Guide Is a comprehensive guide to the Commodore Amiga's disc Operating System (Version 1.2 and 1,3), It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system in a way which will be welcomed by the beginner and the experd user alike.
* 14.9!
Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hands-on advfce and hints and tips.
Au*GlSs The many features of this book indude:
• Full coverage of Amiga DOS 1.3 functions
• Filng with and without workbench
• The Amiga's hierarchical filing system
• Pathnames and Device names
• The Amiga's multitasking capabilities
• The AmigaDOS screen editor
• AmigaDOS commands
• Batch processing § Amiga Error code descriptions
• How to create new systems discs
• Use of the RAM discs t Ifclng AmigaDOS with C WHY LET YOUR
Personal Finance Manager FOR THE AMIGA W Personal Firunes Manager provides an easy way of looking after your bank account, building society account, credit cards and so on. Ft's WORKBENCH Interface allows transactions to be entered or altered as easily as filling out a form Full mouse control of PFM's window environment means a reaty user friendly program PFM for the Amiga appears and runs exactly the same as our top se&ng PFM program for the Atan ST, Automatic Standing Orders means that regular payments are never forgotten, whilst the graphic display wll help you manage your account more
Personal Finance Manager wiH even attempt to match your statements by autcmaticalty identifying transactions that haven't yel been cleared.
• The number ol entries is limited only by the size ol the memory
9 Full Workbench Interlace 9 Account entries are automatically
placed In date order 9 Selectable date formats 9 Automatic
standing orders 9 Auto balancing against statement 9 Graphic
analys's Including: Balance plot Budget comparison. Spend pie
charts 9 Windows are moveable and re-sizeable 9 Graphics are
self-scaling to fit windows n nn,n ~
• All windows cai be displayed at the same time "RP PRICE 9
Account print option 9 Full Uutti tasking - allows multiple
account access INC. VAT rjltt ma- . Jjfo OUR PRICE & N,«hIron %
£24.95 Competition Pro Extra Joystick RRP: £16.50 Our price:
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More top-class products at unbelievable knock-down prices How about trying one of these great new joysticks from Dynamics? There’s the Competition Pro Glo Green and the Competition Pro Extra. You’ll have awesome fire power at your fingertips - both feature auto fire and slow motion, and both are fully miCrOSWitChed. (2 year guarantee) “ Long been a favourite with many gamers...tough, sturdy and responsive" ST Action, Feb, 91.
And when you’ve finished playing games, you won’t do better than this mouse. It’s a real winner! Replace that sluggish Amiga rodent with this elegant, high resolution Gasteiner product.
Our Price: £19.95 Gasteiner Mouse Passing an exam... applying for a job... whatever you want to do in life you need to able to SPELL!
$ & I go un CO tw ho the bo to me thi ho ca Pte ne a i co yoi me Qre loc ad for bit SO| go dc Nc wit ha cc klr cc the pu Mr ba ttrr orv all CC An Inc d»s en pic fin* un- . 'S'‘§& ?f4.
SA A There's mounting alarm about the appalling standards of spelling among Britain's schoolchildren. Mps, teachers, parents and employers are all stressing the vital importance of being able to spell correctly.
Yet most homes have what could be the ideal means of teaching spelling - the computer.
Instead of zapping aliens it could be turned into the best weapon of all to deal a body blow to bad spelling. With the help of a brilliant new software package that not only makes practising spelling painless but also loads of fun as well.
SPELL! Is unique. It lets the user learn at his or her own They can take as long as they like - or take on the computer im high-speed challenge!
And this one package is ideal for everyone - with the lowest group suitable for under-5s, while the more advanced words stretch even the most able students.
It includes five different tests, each making use of man than 5,000 words - so much variety that you'll never get bored.
FIVE ways to improve your spelling In a Flash: Read the word as it flashes on the screen, then type it in.
For practice runs, the word is left on the screen os it is typed.
Rocket: Hidden words have to be discovered in this hi-tech version of the old favourite Hangman. If they are guessed correctly the rocket will blast-off. Fail and all that's left is a load of scrap.
Lunar Buggy: Type fast for fun. The aim is to key in the word as it's pulled across the screen by the buggy. It has to be completed before the letters drop down a crater.
All Mixed Up: Jumbled letters have to be sorted out 10 find the scrambled word. To help beginners - and anyone else who is stuck - clues can be obtained at the press of a key.
Conveyor Belt: Words pass by on the screen and have to be remembered. Then they must be typed in - spelt correctly.
This is a challenging test of both spelling
• OVER 5,000 WORDS
• FOR AGES 5 TO 15 lVidih0n t0 u$ ,n9 ’he 5,000 words provided
P°renh - or children - con create their own word lists tor
using with SPELIJ This voices the package ideal , prod**n9
’hose hard-lo* teorn words, or for 'learn ’hese
SPELL! Only costs £8.95. It is now available on disc and tape for six of the most popular home computers and can be ordered on the form below.
And memory.
All the programs have several options for extra flexibility - like a timer with on off option to add that extra challenge.
Please send me a SPELL!
Package for my computer (Tick as appropriate) The y°* to vM bill aw exi an mu the Signed.
1 wish to pay by: ? Cieque or postal order payable to Oatabase Publications ...... I Postcode | ? Credit card No: Exp. Date 11 1 1 II II 1 II 1 1 1 II i 1 1 1 Daytime phone number In case of queries---------------------------------------------- ¦ AMC5 | ? Compact Archi Elk (3.5* dec) ? BBC Elk (5.25140 T) L BBC Elk (555* 80 T) ? BBC Elk (tape) L Amiga (disc) ? ST (dec) ? PC (5.251 3612 3610
3611 3617 3614 3613 3615 1 1 TO: Oatabase Direct, FREEPOST. Ellesmere Port, South Wirrall 165 3E8 o sump need n posted mm PHONE ORDERS: 051-357 1275
- - .-----------------‘j Expansion
Home computer technology has advanced In leaps and Pounds
since gooc old Uncle Clive Sinclair unleashed his ZX80 onto the
UK computer scene back in 1979.
In Ihe space of Ittte more than twelve years, home computers have developed to such an extent mat the computers we have today bear only a passing resemblance to the computers of yesteryear.
Just thinking about It brings the memories flooding back. Back then. 16k was thought to be a heck of a lot of memory - Indeed. I can remember a time when people used to doubt if you actually needed that much memory on a home computerl Then of course there was colour - If your computer could display more than the standard green on black, then It was looked upon as a pretty advarced piece of kit! As for sound, the odd cSgltal bleep was about as sophlitlcated as things got.
Thankfully, those days are long gone Now we re playing wtth a computer that has thousands of colours and the kind of sound, capabilities that would have put a synthesiser to shame Just a few years bock. Even on the base nochine, it offers almost ten times the amount of RAM avoilable on the most famous 8-blt of them all. The evergreen Commodore C64.
Despite all this extra power, the Amiga Is stHI held back In Its basic incarnation. Fact is. A single floppy disk ord 512k of memory Just Isn't enough unless you're happy to play the odd game (you'll even find that some games won't work under this very basic spec).
Radical changes The key to getting the most from your AMIGA Is to expand It - that is.
To add extra bits and pieces that will increase your machine's capabilities. You’re probably already aware of such things as RAM expansions, external floppy drives and hard drives, but there's so much more to expansion than these fairly limited pieces of equipment. There's a vast range of more obscure devices that you can plug Into your Amiga to push its power further than you'd previously ever thought possible - how does networking grab you?
Expand and deliver Then of course there's such things as touch sensitive screens, 24-blt graphics cards, light pens, tape streamer, video processors and a whole host of other wondrous devices Never has a single computer offered such a wide variety of exponsion possibilities!
You'l be surprised what a difference a Ittle bit of expansion hardware can make to your system.
Even if you add just a half meg RAM expansion and a second floppy, you'll find your Amiga to be a much faster and smoother computer to work with.
Thinking about expanding your Amiga?
If so, then let Jason Holborn detail the options available When you start adding things like hard drives and processor accelerators, the difference Is astounding! Even a fairty meagre amount of expans on will totafy transform ycur Amiga - Just ask anyone who has already taken the plungel In this and next month s Issue of Amiga Computing we are providing you wtth what we think is the most comprehensive guide to expanding your Amiga ever written. This isn't o buyer's guide, so don’t expect to find details of every hard drive and every RAM expansion available for the Amiga.
Instead, we ll be highlighting the kind of option* available to you (and perhaps we'I point you in the right direction when it comes to making the right buying decision).
It's then up to you to find the appropriate eaulpment - a quick scan through the ads within Amiga Computing wi» usualty be all that Is needed.
Flexible friend Choosing what hardware to buy is entirely up to you, but there are a couple of extra bits and pieces that a basic Amiga 500 Is crying out for.
So these are a good place to start.
If you play atot of games, then an external floppy disk drive should be your first purchase - culte a few more recent games come on two.
Sometimes even three diskettes, so you can save yourself a lot of the hassles associated wltn constant diskswapping wtth an outlay of little more than £50.
If you use your Amiga seriously, then an extTa drive will prove to be an absolute must, especially If you're a CU hacker. AmlgoDOS Is totally transformed by the addition of an extra drive - Indeed, it's almost frlendlyl (OK. Perhaps I shouldn't go quite that far).
Once you've strapped on an external drive, your next purchase should undoubtedly De a ram expansion.
Most A500 users go for a half meg u pgr ode. But It’s worth going for a larger board Just for the extra room It creates - you may think a megabyte sounds like a lot of memory, but you'd be surprised how quickly the Amlgc will use It upl A half meg ram cord can oe picked up for as little as £35 these days, so there's no excuse for not taking the plunge.
The vast majority of games don't really need the extra ram. Tut more and more developers ere producing games that do take advantage of expansion memory.
This usually takes the form of a few extra sampled effects, beher music and perhaps even a few extra game options. Some games actually require at least a megabyte to run (Dungeon Master, for example), and It seems certain that many more w* be released in the future.
Screen scene Once you've got these two basic add-ons. You Amiga win be a far more useable system, but that's no reason to stop there. A worthwhle upgrade for anyone who uses their Amiga for anything other than games Is a colour monitor.
Commodore's own 1084 provides a pretty decent display, but it Is rather expensive for what It has lo offer. The Amiga boasts both analog and digital RGB output, so there's a very gogd chance just about any colour monitor can be wired up (although It's best to get a qualified electrician to do the neccessary work).
Expansion Mousey matters The Amiga Is very heavily mouse- based. But that doesn’t mean that you hove to stick with the mouse supplied wtth your computer, There are a lair number of alternatives available that will do exactly the same job without the problems associated with Commodore's rodent (clogging rollers etc), Indeed, some are actually a much better bet than a mouse because they have been specifically designed with a particular application In mind.
One such application that has earned more than Its fair share of attention is that of Amiga graphics. As a result. Amiga artists are positively spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an alternative input device. By far the most popular is the touch tablet, which 1$ basically a flat, pressure sensitive pad.
Most ’ouch tablets also come complete with sorY»e kind of pen or stylus, which is used to draw onto the pad. What's so great about these tablets Is that you can place a piece of paper on top of the pad and literally trace artwork directly Into your Amiga.
Another alternative is the light pen. Which is a device which allows you to draw by pressing the pen drectty against your monitor screen.
This has the advantage of being closer to the conventional pen and paper than any other device, but they tend to be rather low resolution. Whilst they're great for the kids, they're far from ideal If you're after high precision equipment.
Another disadvantage of the mouse Is the amount of free space that it requires on your desktop. A better bet is perhaps the trackball, which is basically and upside-down mouse. Like the mouse, the trocker- bail ujes a roHerbatl but. Unlike the mouse, you move the bail dlrectty with your fingers. Apart from the obvious benefits for gaming (Marble Madness Is great with a trackerballl), these are Ideal for musicians use their Amigas live.
Visual delights Whether you’re into DTP, animation or just art for ort's soke, a video digitiser is a worth white Investment. A video digitiser Is a great way of obtaining qualrty artwork without having to mess around wtth Dpaint.
Even for the more talented users amongst you. A video digitiser will allow you to get the artwork you need in a fraction of fhe time it would take If you tried knocking it up yourself.
Amiga video digitisers basically come in two flavours - realtime colour ond not so realtime colour (sorry). With a realtime colour digitiser. You can grab colour images dlrectty from a composite video source. These ore undoubtedly the Ideal choice, but you can expect to pay through the nose for such a device.
A more affordable solution is a digitiser like Rombo's VIDI Amiga.
Although it will grab imoges in realtime, they are mono only. If you wish to grab in colour from a pre-recorded video source. You'B need to Invest in a RGB split-er. A clever little device that splits a composite video signal into its red. Green and blue components. Unfortunately, the source tape has to be paused during digitising, which can cause problems if your pause facility produces anything short of a rock steady cSspiay.
For grabbing in cotour from a live' video source, cheaper digitisers use a system of red, green and blue coloured perspex filters that must be held Infront of your video camera. DigiView made this rather quirky method of digitising famous, but It can be a real pain in the butt unless you've got a top quality mono video camera and good lighting.
Scanners are also a great way of obtaining artwork. Until quite recently, they tended to be mono only, but It s now possible to pick up a full colour scanner for just £600 (the Sharp JX-100). This very clever device is used extensively on Amiga Computing to grab many of the imoges within these pages, so there's no greater recommendation thon mat!
Moving still further away from the mouse is the Touch Screen, a device which Is stID very much In Its Infancy on the Amiga. You've probably seen them used on ‘point of sales systems - Instead of having to click on gadgets with the mouse, you simply press your finger against the screen to select the gadget your require.
These are perhaps rather too specialist at the moment, but they'll prove to be an all- important weapon In the Amiga's multi- media arsenal.
Finally. A company In the States have just released a bar code reading system for the Amiga which allows you to assign different AmigaDOS commands to barcodes.
You can create your own barcodes using the bundled software and then dump them out onto pap©-. It s tar from being an alternative to the mouse, but just think what a pose it would be to operate your Amiga in this fashion!
Sound advice If you're Interested in all things musical, then there's a healthy selection of associated gadgets ond widgets that will fuel your Interest. First among these Is the sound sampler, whlcn will allow you to 'digitise' a sound from just about any audio source (CD players, walkmans etc) and then edit It on your Amiga.
At the moment, an Amiga sound samplers are 8-bit devices, but several companies have announced their intention to produce studio quality 16-bit samplers which will make the Amiga a viable alternative to dedicated samplers such as those produced by industry heavyweights Akal and Roland.
Samplers can be alot of fun. But they also have a serious use. If you enjoy tinkering with music packages such as Soind Tracker, Deluxe Music or even Muslc-X. You can use a sampler to grab instrument samples from your favourite records.
If you're lucky enougi to own a synthesiser, then your next purchase should undoubtedly be a MIDI Interfoce. MO interfaces are very cheap little devices, but they can totally transform vour music setup. With the right software, a MIDI Interface will allow you to dlrectty control a network of MO- compatlbte musical Instruments Speed freak The AMIGA is far from being a slouch where raw processing speed Is concerned, but there are still times when things slow down to an almost unbearable rate.
You'll notice this especially if you use your Amiga for heavfy processor intensive applications such as CAD, DTP and ray tracirg, but most applications would aso benefit from an extra spurt of speed.
The solution lies in a processor accelerator card, which basically replaces the central processor inside your Amiga with a much faster unit. To make things recfly burn, most processor accelerators also provide space for a maths coprocessor. A dedicated numben crunching chip that can outrun even the fastest processor.
Most processor accelerators ore based around either the Motorola 68020 or the '030 processors wth either the 68881 or 68882 maths coprocessors. Although some cheeper processor accelerators use a foster version of the standard 68000 (AdSpeed, for example).
Installing a processor accelerator is only half the equation, however. If you want to make the most of your new acquisition then It’s worthwhile fitting your Amiga Wth high speed 32-bit ram.
32-blt ram chips allow both he '020 and 030 processors to run at full speed (both os true 32-blt po- cessors). Once again, you'll find that the vast majority of '020 end '030 cards provide space for at least 2 Mbytes of 32-bit RAM.
NEXT MONTH: Modems, genlocks. Hard disks and more With CanDo You Can Do Just About Anything!
CanDo is interactive Audio-vLsual authoring software that, for the first time, will permit you lo harness the tremendous power already built into the Amiga.
With CanD* you create: Interactive Presentations Vertical Market Applications Desktop Video + Tutorials Multi-Media Presentations Recreational Software -t- Utilities Educational Applications . And a w hole lot more !
Rideo ay of alnt.
X will Tie it Itime digl- ideo can ruga.
You teed osite itely, ouse rock tgitis- that i this friln and Mo pick very jrab rec- Special Relaunch Price ONLY £99.00 Ring Tor details on CanDo Tutorial packs.
CanDo ProPack l £35.00 CanDo IntroPak £35.00 Or Buy the CanDo Works includes CanDo, ProPak I, IntroPak Only £ 149.00 For information on these productivity packages and more call Checkmate Digital Ltd Tel 071-923 0658 Tax 071-254 1655 Dealer Knquiries Welcome!
843 WESTERN BOULEVARD NOTTINGHAM. NG85EG TELEPHONE 0602 420528 HYPER-HELPERS The Ultimate Amiga-Dos Utilities Only £ 49.00 CALL FOR INFORMATION AND DEMO DISK THE MEW - -BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO AMIGADOS” This is a highly effectr* to take you frcm a begrner 10 an expert on A ragaOO$ Ths very popular package has now been COMPlETEiy updated to ctver all AffiigaOOS voscxis. The pacragc consists of a guidebook, a tutorial DISC, a cnb card and merry other excon3 and mterestng progTms This s a clear and well thcu t out guide to ArrvgsOOS x takes you by smpte steps, with marry examples through the powerful
AmigaDOS commands The emphasis 5 on leamng through exwnence and dong - not just readmg Ike most other bocks In no txne at all you will master a fast, conerful and customised operating rystem you can easily nclude your own pictures, messages and programs The Slide nckxJes an incredibly fast picture loader, 9 password system,« 90ltay of high quaMy pictures, a senety of bocf up sequences, other high quality programs and much, much more Guide book. Disc, Cnbcard er only £13.95. NEW! - "NEW DIMENSIONS" - NEW!
Some of the most xncxessfve effects yet seen on an Amiga Tbu will fnd that graphics and pictures float before you eye xi front of you screenl The depth of the pictures extends up to ter feet rto the screen1 These fantastic effects have to be seen to be believed Included on the disc are generous nunbersof 30pctues, 30yapt*cs, 3D games and a 30 ait program We even provide a tutcnai to help you design you ywn 3D effects on a part package or wnte you own 30 programs Included r tha excellent package are tvopaxs of 30 specs Normal pnee £13 95 This month only £11.95. WIZARD S GUIDE TO BASIC This is
a very effective and enjoyable way to learn BASIC The whole concept is desisted to help you learn quickly and achieve mcressrve route r no time fai confidence and *18 wUl rue rapidv * you make you way though this course The Wizards BASIC gude comes on two dscs with a sophisticated electronic book - bu can get help in the form of text, moving demonstrabo-ts, graphics, souid or speech with lug a touch of a button The course starts at beginner level and carefully rises to expert level. Vbu will earn to master graphics, cotou, sound, movement, speech, wrxtrws, menus, dataprocessrg etc. Hirdreds
of example programs and demos are included This 6 a value packed package which will lea e you w«h a wealth of knowledge and expertise Excellent value £13.95. MASTERPIECE
recent review Ths package takes you on a spectacular tnp
through the wold of art Every picture is of true quality and s
displaced usxig thousands of colous To help you enjoy the
world's heritage of art to the full we have nduded comorehersve
notes on each artist and pamtxig Whether you art an art expert
or know netting at afl abou art, th$ $ a wonderful wfly to
appreciate the great writings of the world (and appreciate the
graphic capabilities of you Amiga as well) The package comes
w«h two discs packed full of pictures and information
Outstanding value £8.95. EXTRA VALUE!
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LKP4P- FREE and ty FKST CLASS post Overseas orders welcome - Europeans please odd 50p Ortsrde Europe please add £1 .SO for aomatl. AM payments m poinds sterling pease WHO ELSE CAN OFFER YOU THESE PRICES?
I really erators thsco- jmber- outrun orsare jtoroia n with thsco- :heap- use a 66000 selera- i, how- emost en H's a with iththe run at lit pro'll find D and for at OPTION 1:35" Bulk Disks utef Accessories Mouse Mats 6mm ..£1 95 Mouse Pocket House £2 25 3 5" or 5.25* Disc Labels ...£6 95 Printer Stands .£7.95
3. 575.25* bb Cases - ..£0.95 3 575.25*
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Cover ......£5.95 PC XT Dusi
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..£3.95 0PT10N5:
3. 5" OS DD 10x35* £4.80 25x3.5’ £11.50 50x3
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contain two keys and dividers Amsr*JPCW8512 £321 Amsrad
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Disks & Data
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Note to Newsagent: Amiga Computing should be available from your local wholesaler. If not contact Carolvn Wood on 0625 878888 LAKESIDE HOUSE, KINGSTON HILL, SURREY. KT2 70T. TEL 081-546-7256 I________________I Memory loss I recently purchased an A502 512Kb RAM expansion board at the 16-bit show In January. It has a battery backed up clock and a switch, but I cannot get it to work. The extra memory seems not to want to be used.
Can you help?
M Arthur, Leighton Buzzard Tty booting with the switch in both positions, and if you still don’t get the extra memory, give the board a good shove.
It’s often the case that a new Amiga's trapdoor interface can be extremely stiff, and many people are nervous of applying too much brute force to their expansion boards.
Make sure the board is pushed In as much as possible.
If the Amiga persists in thinking It's a halt meg machine, return the board to the retailer or manufacturer for replacement.
Tony revisited Vbur response to Tony Williams, a Confused Lpgrader’ in the March Interactive Rescue column, stated that gn Amiga 2000 hard disk clways requwes a small AmigaDOS partition to mount the Fast File System(FFS).
Printer out of puff?
Computer cracking up?
We are here to help!
Write to Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP This Is just not the cose I suggest you run Fxdlsk 1.2 as supplied on your own coverdisk on a A2091-40 and you will see the following Info cfcplayed :»H0: handler = SCSl.device [FFS] The confusion perhaps arises from the fact that Commodore's original A2090 hard drive controller didn’t auto-boot, requiring a floppy to start the boot and then mount it.
The Improved A2090 A. However. WILL auto-boot under Kickstart 1.3. As both the A2090 and A2090 A were available before the Introduction of FFS. They required the Amiga to boot into a standard AmigaDOS file system partition before mounting a FFS partition.
In response to the FFS. Third party manufacturers began to Introduce SCSI controllers which would duto-boot and auto-mount drectty into a FFS partition These controllers did not require a standard AtVgaDOS partition to be mounted first, and a lowed aH disk spoce to be formatted under FFS.
The A2091 does not require any mountllst entry or any details in the expansion drawer, as under Kickstart 1.3 on Automount flag is stDred on the first two cylinders of the hord disk.
Gordon MocKinnon, Belfast It’s a fair copl Yes. Our reply to Tony's letter wasn't what it should've been You know how It is - Friday afternoon, dog's just died, gos bill pending, five or six black coffees too many.
As for FixDisk, it has the annoying habit of identifying all hard drives with the (FFS) label. I have a hard drive which is entirely formatted in the standard AmigaDOS filing system, and FixDisk insists on calling it a FFS device. Bit of a bug there, methinks.
Oh. And by the way - the problem with the recoverable RAM drive and RAD: on machines with a Fatter Agnus and 1Mb of RAM is cured when you use the 1Mb RAM patch option.
Change the SETPATCH in your startup- sequence to SETPATCH-r ond RRD: should w yk as well as before. I’m just off to clean the WC with this toothbrush the Ed just gave me,.
Not an A590 fan?
I would like to know of any hardware project which I could use to disable my A590 hard drive so that any long sessions of gome playing the drive Isn't active Naturally it would be handy if the extra RAM was still accessible.
With the drive connected the Amiga won't power up if the drive transformer is switched off. So the only option is to unplug the drive- from the computer, thus adding wear and tear to the edge connector.
The drive can be stopped tfom outo-boot- ing by use of the rear DIP switch, but I would like to hgve total s*ience.
T N Wells, Ipswich One way of silencing your A590 is to run it wttn the cover off, thus allowing you to disconnect the fan while keeping the drive cool.
With the cover off, you could also completely disable the drive by disconnecting the ribbon cable between it and the motherboard.
This might sound dangerous, but we’ve hod it recommended as an option by someone whose A590 has seldom been used fully cased. As you say elsewhere in the letter that your warranty has expired, you wouldn't be risking financial ruin by giving it a try You might like to try putting a plastic guard over the top of the open drive, leaving enough airway to cool it while stopping hands straying into it I had a quick look at garden-style wire mesh with thick plastic coating, which bends easily into a strong 'fireguard'.
With this firmly glued to the A590, or hooked under the base, your drive is if anything safer than In its original plastic case - except for the dreoded coffee menace, of course.
Another method of stopping an auto-boot while retaining all the extra RAM is to buy a switchoble Kickstart 1.2 1.3 from AmigaDirect on 081-891 6704.
With this you could start up in Kickstart from which your drive won't auto-boot, and still have access to the extra 2Mb. You con always MOUNT the drive afterwards il you want it or re-boot with the Kickstart switched to 1.3 A3000 inquiries Please give me some answers on the A3C00 as extracting technical help from Commodore seems to be all but impossible. Here goes..
• Is It true that the Fast Flie System can be used on floppies
under Workbench 2.0?
• What do all the parameters for the CPU command do?
• Kickstqrt 2,0 Is currently loaded into Fast RAM.
Occupying0.5Mb. but will apparently be available on ROM at a
later dote. With tricks like fast 32-blt RAM and ROM shadowing.
Would tne ROM upgrade be faster or more efficient?
• If Fast RAM is expanded to 4Mb. Can the existing 1Mb shipped
with the machine be moved across to Chip RAM?
Loan Ranger v Desperate Dan
• WhcTs the difference between DIP and ZIP chips, end what is
Static Column Memory?
• Can bridgeboards such as the A2088 designed for the B2000 be
fitted to the A3000?
Robin Harley. Shoreham-by-Sea In answer to your questions ...
• Yes, Ihe Fast File System WILL work with floppies under
Workbench 2.0. Yum. Yum.
• The CPU command has parameters to control the management of
the 68030's on-board data and memory caches, the enabling of
burst mode, the copying of ROM based Klckstarts Into Fast RAM,
and a check on the Rooting Point Unit used.
To lis? Them all here would toke up too much space, so all I can do Is recommend Mastering Amiga DOS 2, by Bruce Smith and Mark Smlddy, which contains the best guide to Workbench
2. 0 I've seen so far. The publisher, Bruce Smith Books, can be
reached at (0727) 41243.
• The best performance is gained by copying Kickstart into 32-bit
memory, so you might as well stick to hard drive-based
Kickstart. Which also has the advantage of being easier to
• Yes, you can move that 1Mb over.
• ZIP stands for ZigZag Inline Packet. DIP stands 'or Dual Inline
Packet. DIP chips are the traditional style RAM chips with pins
on either side. ZIP chips have all their pins on one edge ond
stand up vertically, thus saving space on the motherboard.
If you closely examine our piccies of the CSA Mega Midget Rocer In last month's cover story you'll see that the Mega Memory board on the right contains a row of ZIP chips looking rather like a raw at dominoes (except they don't have white spots and a row of dominoes couldnt store 2Mb RAM).
• As to the bridgeboards. Theoretically yes.
Although the 5.25" drive would have to be mounted externally or replaced with an Internal 3.5" drive.
The A3000 has two AT-compatible bus slots and should be OK with a bridgeboard. Though we haven't tried It ourselves.
Drive glutton I have an A500 with A590 and extra 2Mb. A few months ago I bought a Fujitsu 86Mb hard drive from Althamera Systems and have had It installed In my A590 casing. It's a nice fast drive and hcs given me no problems.
However, my old A590 mechanism is now not in use. Is it possible to connect this internal- ly exte'naly to my A500? I am a glutton for disk space.
Peter Colls. Walsall Gluttor’s not the wordl You mean you've filled up the 86Mb already?
Seriously, though, you don't have too many options open. As far as I know, there are no third party A590 cases available, so you might I bought my Amiga In mid December and have been delighted with It. Unfortunately. I have been operating with g portable television until recently I was loaned a monitor. This is where my dilemma started.
The monitor is a Commodore Ranger 15. Serial number 716470, port number 8800-15. It hos two Inputs, a 9-pin D-type connector labelled RGB TTL. And a 15-pin labelled RGB Analog.
I wish to use the analog input, but have been unable to find anyone who can supply me with a ready made lead or give me the wiring details for one. I'm desperately In need of some help.
Daniel Bums. Thundersley The monitor In question Is a 15" multisync designed for use with a flicker fixer or A2320 display enhancer card, and as such is not normally connected to a standard Amiga video connector.
A2320 cards cost about £287 these days and can be had at this price from several of our advertisers. Try Calco Software on 081-546
7256. You should find little trouble in finding a have to beg
Commodore for one. The power supply is part number
312639-02 (250V 74W), and you'd hove to use a similarly
rated unit if you didn't buy the CBM offering. With a power
supply you might try rigging up a casing of your own, but I
wouldn’t recommend it.
The best third-party option is perhaps the A1500 unit. With the A590 mounting kit and DUC board you con re-box your A500 and then mount your A590 Internally.
If you think the extra storage would be worth the prohibitive expense contact A1500 Ltd on 071-637 2281.
Transplanting graphics I would like to put the Amiga's brilliant graphics on an Archimedes (A whot? - Ed) to utilise laser and inkjet printers at school.
Have been told by my fT teacher that al I need do Is change a disk to PC format and output the IFF files to that. The Archimedes, using a PC emulator, will then be able to display them.
However, according to the PC Format docs on the Extras 1.2 disk, I need a 5.25' floppy drive which I do not have. Is there a 3.5" disk PC formatter available anywhere?
Andrew Skerry, Salisbury If you don’t have a Commodore A1020 5.25" floppy, you can use a PDPC program such as MessyDos, or go for something like CrossDos, which is a commercial product.
Either will write to the Amiga's own 3.5" drives as if they were PC drives, and will format
3. 5" disks to PC format, which should be use- able with an
Archimedes running Its own PC disk reoding software.
CrossDos Is available from several of our advertisers, including ARK on 0983 79496, and MessyDos is available from all decent Pdtibraries Just make sure your IT teacher has suitable off-the-shelf lead for this connection.
If you Insist on using the Ranger without a flicker fixer - ond this I? A waste of o multisync monitor - you’ll have to make one of your own.
Fortunately the Ranger 15". Unlike Its 21" big brother, will sync all the way down to the I5.6KHZ video output frequency obtained from Ihe Amiga 23-pin video connector. Some multi-sync monitors will only output at frequencies above 30KHz.
You'll find the pin-outs (or the Ranger's 15-pin socket on page 15 of the monitor s manual, and the pin-outs for the Amiga video socket on page A-6 of the user's manual.
As far as we can see the pin connections from Amiga to monitor are 3 to 1. 4 to 3, 5 to 5.
II to 13 AND 14. 12 to 15. Then 16 up to and including 20 should be joined and go to 2.4, 6, and 7 on the Ranger.
Before you attempt this, ask yourself whether t's worth wasting a multisync monitor on a non- ntertaced standard Amiga output.
If there's any hope of keeping the thing on a ong term basis, run out immediately and buy a ticker fixer!
A utility which allows the Archimedes to read and convert Amiga IFF files to a format It can display.
Breakdown I am using on A500 with extra 512Kb memory and a Poce Linnet Intellllgent Modem. I am using Access software with the baud rate set at 300. Parity at 0. Data length 8 bits, stop bits
1. And all other settings I have left at default (although I have
experimented with different settings).
I am trying to access various bulletin boards whose numbers I have obtained from your mag over the months. About 60% of the time I get NO CARRIER, but the other 40% I manage to get a connection. However, all I seem to get on screen Is garbage ond seemingly random! generated characters.
It would be a great help If you could 1st the settings I will need on Access.
Ken Wooffindin, Leeds.
You are using 8-N-l defaults - the most common - so sounds to me as If you're trying to access at the wrong speed. If you connect to a BB at 1200 baud, and It tries to talk to you at 2400 baud, you’ll get what appears to be a mixture of Greek and Cyrillic characters on the screen.
Try a bulletin board which supports the most settings, then play around with your baud rate until you get a clean connection. You might also keep an eye on our comms column - Eddie will be toking a close look at the first few difficult steps into comms.
Our thanks to Jolyon Ralph. Alan Emery, and Commodore Technical Support for their help with this month s letters There's a little bit of Commodore in all of us.
Excitement and adventure, you saw it for yourself in our Christmas commercials. Now your money goes even further with Commodore.
Screen Gems with 1Mb RAM only £399.99 Our Amiga 500 Screen Gems pack, the UK's most popular 16 Bit home computer has now doubled from 512K to 1 Megabyte of RAM.
This gives even more power to educate, entertain, inspire and stretch the imagination. Yet it's still only £399.99, saving you almost £100.
Please complete your details and return to Commodore. Freepost 38, London W1E 6PA.
Please send me details of my nearest stockist.
Name Address Screen Gems also includes a mouse, Deluxe Paint II and four exciting challenges, including; Back to the Future II, Nightbreed, Shadow of the Beast II and the devastating Days of Thunder.
Postcode Telephone C~ Commodore If you're looking for great Amiga value, you could even trade in your old computer for a fantastic world of graphics, animaticn and sound.
THERE'S A LITTLE BIT OF COMMODORE IN ALL OF US For just £329.99, you can now buy the Amiga 500 computer and modulator, saving you £70 on the normal price.
The C64 with joystick and games 5n.
3Ut O l*ync )wn.
¦big the from jme j«n-
- ptn uol, ton ons o5.
And U. her on* no Bod can ory dm set bits utt jnt rds ur el 96 let ie Is.
0* lo 10 It a e tf 9 It t cartridge just £119.99 Undoubtedly, the world's best selling home computer, the C64 is now excellent value down from £159.99 to £119.99. This month, the C64 brings instant fun for all the family and comes complete with joystick and games cartridge consisting of International Soccer, Klax, Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun and Flimbo's Quest.
All games cartridges produced for the C64 Games System are compatible with the standard C64 Computer. And all Commodore computers, together with a wide range of peripherals, are available at selected high street stores and at most independent computer retailers.
For full details of how you and your money can go to amazing lengths with Commodore, call 071 873 9800 or send the freepost coupon below.
All prices are inclusive of VAT.
Upgrade your Amiga 500 512K extension with clock
* Top-quality PCB and connector for total reliability
* Latest 1 meg D RAMs for low power consumption
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* Memory enable disable
* Compact design
* Easily fitted in seconds. No risk to your warranty No frills or
gimmicks. Just a quality product at the best price you'll find.
Also available:
* 512K extension without clock £25.99
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month guarantee Credit card hotline 24 - hour service 0734
890588 Virgo Developments Ltd, Sapphire House, Fishponds Road.
Wokingham, Berkshire, RG11 2QJ.
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inundated with programs of the same quality!
PD1: Colouring Book PD2: .Arc Angel's Maths PD3: Kremlin Kids Mega IX*mo 1-2 Discs PD4; Thingamajig PD5: Jungle Bungle PD6: Pukadu PD7:4 Way Lynx PAYMENTS APD discs cost £2.00 UK. £2.50 Europe and £3 Rest of the Wbrld.
.AMOS UCENSEWARE £3 50 PRICES Inc P&P Major Credit cards accepted with Orders over £10, Catalogue Disk £1.00. Lights! Camera! Action! Jason Holborn stars in another Amiga exclusive. In this months performance we go back to basics.
MACHINE CODE 109 It’s time for another trip down the chip shop with Margaret Stanger. This month assembler takes a leaf out of C’s book.
MUSIC .....‘ 111 Does this man never sleep? Master of the ivories Jason Holborn puts down his camcorder and gets musical.
* * Eddie McKendrick's eternal voyage through the ether
continues, dfoppjrig-into a couple of good bulleti%boards on
the way.
AMOS .115 What's this? Amos has left the Woolpack?-Nay Nay it’s not the same one. Peter Hickman helps you make the most of the games creator. • •.
CODE CLINIC..a ..?. Lw m Assembler not your scene? High level lan-
• guages might be right dp your street, C for yourself with
Margaret Stinger.
Desktop Publishing fs back in full effect next rppnth. So don't fret and put that order for spraymount apd scalpels on hold.
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Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU SSL. Telephone: (0530) 411485 Fax: (0530) 414433 Jason Holborn peers through the viewfinder to find the kind ot software you need to get started in DTV Ive had quite a few readers contoct me after reading the cover feature on Desktop Video in the January issue of AMIGA Computing.
Although the article discussed most of the options for getting into desktop video, quite a few of you still seemed unsure about the kind of software and hardware to go for.
To help you sort It all out. Here's a quick run down of what I consider to be the minimum requirements.
THE GENLOCK With so many now available choosing a genlock is probably the most difficult buying decision you're likely to encounter.
Which you pick depends entirely upon the video formats you have at your disposal. If you have nothing more than a couple of standard VHS decks there's little point In paying out for a S-VHS compatible genlock unless you Intend upgrcdlng your decks at a future dote.
Similarly, if you have access to higher resolution video devices, a standard composite genlock will not take advantage of the higher picture quality these decks deliver.
The cheapest genlock available is MlniGen from ASAP, but I woulcn't really recommend it to anyone unless they are completely povery stricken. If you can afford It. It's well worth spending a few pounds more on q unit which will almost certainly produce higher quality results. Worth checking out is the Rendale 8802 which offers near broadcast quality for around £263, also fully which is work.
THE SOFTWARE: Once again, the software you choose depends entirely upon your particular needs.
If you just wan* to add titles to your home videos of granny at the beach, all you need Is a titling package.
A good one Is the Big Alternative Scalier, which Is available from Alternative Imoge on 0533 440041. For just £50 you get 20 high resolution fonts which can be smoothly sc’olled about the screen. It's not In the some league as the likes of Eroadcost Titier 2. But then It is consicerably cheaper!
If I had to choose just two packages for my desktop video work they would undoubtedly have to be EA's Deluxe Paint 3 and Zuma's TV Text Professional.
TV Text allows you to produce stunning titles from standard Amiga bitmapped fcnts. While Dpaint Is great for producing logos and other ortwork.
Not only that, but Its powerful animation facilties allow you to produce all manner of flash effects including spinning logos and the like. Dpaint % « jpports overscanning Important for vldt ACTing up again!
If you t Blight VE-1 Video EnhancGp|from ACT Electronic (0637 881319) was something prpt ty special |*e last month's Issue for more) then you're In fa a pleasent surprise. They've just bunched a feature packed audio video effects processor which offers urr volled viceo processing power lorl just £350 Catchlty named the AVP-MK3, the unit was octuoly designed with Camcorder owners in mind However os ACT like to point out it'll prove to be just os useful to Amiga video enthusiasts. Here's what it has to offer: COMPATIBILITY Whether you’re using two home VHS recorders or the latest HI8 decks, the
AVP-MK3 is built with the future In mind. It is fully compatible Wtth VHS, VHSC, 8mm BETA. U MATJC. S-VHS. S-VHSC and HI8.
If you're using S-VHS. S-VHSC or Hi©, the AVP-MK3 allows you to take full advantage of the high definition settings, then edit on to a standard VCR. Therefore allowing for the highest possible results from your video setup. As a result there's no need to suffe* loss of picture quality just because your destination deck Isn't of the same format as your source.
A built-in Composite ? Y C to RGB Converter allows you to obtain the maximum performance from high resolution video formats without having to fork out for a S- compatible TV set simply by channeling the output Into any RGB-compatible TV set. According to ACT. Most modern TV sets now offer this feature.
SIGNAL PROCESSING The AVP- MK3 boasts comprehensive RGB colour correction facilities which allow you to adjust the red.
Green and blue content of the incoming video signal simultaneously.
You can also adjust the brightness. Contrast and colour saturation to the levels that you require.
To help you achieve the optimum settings, the AVP has a video level Indicator which changes colour when these settings ore ochieved Obviously you're not restricted to these settings, but they provide a useful method of achieving -he best possible results with a minimal amount of knob-twiddling.
Extra controls Include Luminance and Chrominance Inversion switches wnicn produce a sort of photographic negative image effect. Alternatively, these settings could be used to alow real phcto- graphtc negatives to be recorced to video tape In their true colours.
Just like their VE-1 enhancer, me AVP features sync pulse rest or at on hardware which helps to reduce the loss of quality associated wtth video signals.
WIPES AND FADES The AVP-MK3 employs ACT's own custom IWEC technology which allows you to continuously vary the edge effect on any chosen wipe pattern, giving infinite control over the range of effects avoiloble.
ACT have built in 30 base wbe patterns which are controlled from the front panel using the unit s select switches. You can access any combination of horizontal, vertical or diagonal wipes and even modify the supplied wipes using the AVP's IWEC controls.
AUDIO MIXING: The audio section of the AVP-MK3 offers a comprehensive range of controls which allow you to work on the audio side of your video productions, Its three channel audio mixer consists of a microphone level control ond two line level controls for mixing music and even voice overs wth your existing video sound track.
Both bass and treble can be altered, and on extra headphone socket allows you to monitor ycur audio mix during the editing process.
A visual display of the sound output levels are provided via twin LED VU meters, and a master audio foder allows you to adjust the volume of the mixed oudto signal.
NOT A MISPRINT THIS IS ©NJN Williams 1991 ONLY BY PURCHASING OVER 3 MILLION Dl A YEAR CAN WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING SENSATIONAL PRICES... Put life into your DTP DTV. Create a realistic background for that animation, give voi paint program a detailed photograph to work from Jet your creativity run wild... ONLY AVAILABLE FROM Unbelievable quality!!
Amazing value!!
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Now available in two formats 40% Colour HAM and 32 Colour IFF.
Please specify when ordering.
PLEASE SEND SAE FOR FULL DETAILS ur NIK WILLIAMS BROADCAST COMPUTER PICTURE LIBRARY General Enquiries 0792 470503 FREE OFFER Every diskette supplied by x Dial a Disc is certified and .
Tested 100% error free.
V 200 DSHD 3.r ' ONLY £80.00 Z hippies wiin every _ library disks. (Worfti 90p each!)
Offer closes end of June 1991.
Pictureware© disks cost just £4.99 each, with five pictures per disk.. Some titles as follows, new releases are weekly 50 £22 100 I 150" £33 £48 200 £60 400 £115 500 2 £135 3 .5” HD ONLY sOp each
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Rocky Coastlines Beautiful Sunsets African Pygmies African
Animals Hippos Views of Vietnam ilar Each title has two disks,
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Ilverback Gorilla ft0?1* V ¦ African tamine , Art In Photography The Nude braiy Disks @ 90p each include, two Pictur £ Catalogue, plenty of graphics PD Sharcwarc programs, DT Background disks (created from Pictureware©) and a mishmash of pictures in all sons of formats, taken from Pictureware's© development tnd provided for your fun and entertainment as ten PRE-FORMATED disks for £9 post free!
If you like the pictures keep them, otherwise use as blank floppies!!!
"WrmPICIUREWARBQ YOUR GRAPHICS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!” Please add £lpp to all orders.Order over 5 disks post free.
VAT @T5% Included. VAT No. 484 4843 12 PicturewareC1 OUR PROMISE IS SIMPLE Access, Visa.Theques, Pos Welcome. (No cash please) To:- Nik Williams Broadcast, Aspect House, 21. Brynmill Crescent, Brynmill. Swansea, SA2 OAL 24 HR Credit Card Phone Fax Hotline 0792 645946 Please allow 21 -28 days for delivery, and 'phone for urgent orders.
DIAL A DISC 203 Southborough Lane. Bromley, Kent, BR2 8AR.
081-467 0131 ALL prices include VAT & delivery. All offers subject to availability. E OE.
E3 VIDEO v’ % % MILTON KEYNES (0908) 677176 Amiga 500 Tutorial Video For those who find the Amiga hard to get on with or those who haven’t quite mastered the Workbench Environment.
This video runs for more than two hours showing in superb detail how to connect all peripherals.
Duplicate, Rename, Formatting of disks.
Menus, Windows, Preferences, Loading, Saving and many other topics.
Also with a unique index system to get straight to the topic you need.
Send your cheque for only £12.00 inc P P.
Payable to: Pennylane Video 42 Leopard Drive, Pennyland, Milton Keynes, Bucks Trade Enquiries Welcome 37’" DISKS inc LABELS These disks are 100% error free and fully guaranteed with a 2 for 1 replacement. We're sure you will order from us in the future.
KYC SOFTWARE - PHONE FOR DETAILS P&P: 50 disks & over &Z.50. Under 50 disks only &1.50 All prices include VAT. Send cheques nr Postal Orders to: KYC Disks Dept AMC, 9 Barmouth Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 2DT.
Tel: 081 877 3738, 081 870 0469 or 0860 763576 a Open Mon-Sat from 10am-7pm H The story so far: Lucky C programmers use the Amiga include' files to interpret the system data structures. It may not be generally known that these goodies are also available to Assembler programmers after only a very little extra hassle.
With a little effort, Assembler programmers can benefit from useful files used by the C Brigade - Margaret Stanger tells you how Z1 - ' & -tit; Now read on..... Window on the world Before a Window is opened a parameter block - or structure - named New P500 vr-• C4 nv nriwi *» Window is created for It and stashed away In memory.
T h e variables In a structure are always in a stardard order, the offset of the BlockPen (say) from the base Window address Is always the same: STRUCTURE(T) NtuVindOM,0 VCRD nw_LettEdge WCRD nvJopEdge VCRD nwjidth VCRD nw Height BYTE nJitiUPn BYTE nwJIlockPen UlONfi n»_IDCPPFligs LCN6 nvjligj APTR nw_First6»dget APTR nw ChcckHark APTR Mjitlf APTR nw_Screen APTR nw Bit Pap WORD nvJHnVidth VORD nw HinHtigfct VORD nw PaiVidtb VORD nvJaiHiigkt VORD nw Type LABEL nm_SIZE The structure member nw_3lockPen gives Its offset from the base address of the NewWindow structure. The colour of the BlockPen
- I hate capital letters In the middle of a wordl - could be changed to 3 (say) using Assembler's relative addressing; TheN wVindow,aO In icve.b A3,nw_BlockPen(aO) theory disc file available with details of all the Intuition structures, together with the numerical value of any flags used.
This file. Intultlon intultion.l. can be included in the source code by a statement at the beginning of the code. There Is a smal tile called exec types.l lhat Is Included first to interpret the structures in the other Include files. It tells us that a BYTE Increases the offset by one byte, and a WORD by two bytes and so on.
INCLUDE "citc typcs.i* INCLUDE "intuition intuition.i* That would have been too easy.
In practice Unfortunately my assembler used on an A500 dd not have enough- workspace for the necessary Include intuition file, so I picked out the structures and flags I needed and added them to the source code.
I included ‘exec exec.l* so that the computer could make sense of the reference to MP_SIGBIT in the Window's Use-Port.
INCLUDE -exec.’types.1* INCLUDE "txtc.'exec.r I did not need the details of the Screen or NewScreen strucfutH B I was not referring to any of the structure r mbers. I did need the data Itself, with the correct values to open the screen.
dc. v 0 ;LcftEdge
dc. u 0 ;TopEdge
dc. M 320 ;Vidtk
dc. w 2CQ ;Height
dc. * 3 ;Deptk
dc. b 1 ;DetiilPen
dc. b 2 ;BlockPcn
dc. v 0 display aodes
dc. * C.STONSCIEEH screen type
dc. l 0 pointer to custoe font structure
dc. l scrtentitle pointer to screen title
dc. l 0 pointer to screen gadgets
dc. l 0 pointer to cuitoi bitaap I needed the data for the
NewWindow. And the data structures for Window and NewWindow
For the computer to interpret these I had to explain the
flogs to It . 8- IDCHP flag used CLOSEVINDOV equ $ 000002)0
;B8- ilindow flags used V1ND0VSIZ1NC equ $ 0001 VIND0VIRA6 equ
$ 0002 VuiDOVkEPTN equ $ 0001 VIND0VCL0SE equ $ 0008 SIZEBII6HT
equ $ 0010 ;88-$ creen flag used CUST0HSCREEN equ $ OOOF Any
structures or flogs could be defined In the source code or in
header files as long a space permits. There is room for
creatMtyl The include flies directory was assign INCLUDE:
Litt1ce_£J.0.5:Ass*ibl«rJead«r» and the option T was used
during the assembly.
Asa -iAsstablcrJIcaders deao blink dtao.o to dtao library “Ub aaiga.lib" Up and running The easiest way to open a screen Is to use the Intuition Library routine OpenScreen. With a pointer to o NewScreen structure (short!) W’Uch contains some of the values and pointers for the screen.
¦ove.l intuitionbiJf,*6 jsr _LY00pcnScrcen(a6) aovta.l dO,custoascreen brq abort I used the some New Window structure for each of the three windows.and changed the de*alls slightly once I had the oddress of each Wmdowstructure.
Lea TkcNewVindow,aO aove.l dO,ne_$ creen(aO) jsr _LV00penUindow(a6) aove.l dO tkisaindow beg abort The system flogs are set for most of the system gadgets, and htu- ition takes care of their actMttes.
The IDCMP CLOSEW1NDOW flog Is deactivated on the second imaginatively named window, the title Is changed and the window Is slowly moved down.
The third window is opened, modified and moved in a similar way. These windows can all be dragged, sized and made oc*lve.
The program only exits when the first window is closed with Its dose godget.
The program uses a few of the routines from the Intuition library, but many more are available.
In the CODECUNIC director of the March Amiga Comuting sup* port disc I have Included a list of Intuition library routines. For each one I have listed the Input. Irput registers, output (where applicable) and a short description.
FREEPHONE 0800 252 623 ® es Or (031-924 0200) ¦Pm 2 (24 HOURS) Or Post Free To: UNBEATABLE PRICES, FREEPOST, LIVERPOOL, L23 OXH Coct Tha Motrh a a soiree of data for the computer musickw Musicians can text, score, coloured graphics, musical performance and NEW INSTRUMENTS« SYNTH from their computer. We cierentlg support the foBowing mstrunn
- KORG HI. KAWAI KFMn. Roland D* Series. Vbmoho FB-«. PSS Series.
CasioCIl CT 4«pk4infl new voices, editors * librorions. Our
Cotaloes ore on dkk far rsuu HEW lm PP Ptffc - 500 + oolces
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ST Matrix issues Ptl arc available now. Among the data ore the
fafowing - Issue 3-MT-32 Edit or Issue 4 FB- 01 Editor Issue S
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Complete 16 trd sequencer Issue 8Kowai KS n'm Editor Issue 9
DIO Editor etc A« Issues hoe Sequences in MFS format and MCI
Basic litorids wirh Source Code The Matrix is available for the
ST t AMIGA far CIO per issue Or ifou mag bug ANY FOUR ISSUES
for €35.
I Music Matrix VISA PUUNL ACCESS DA hr.i) W}92 l lftft' See us at the MIDI Music Show, Novotel April 26-28 Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd 152 Latchmere Road Klngston-upon-Thames Surrey KT2 5TU i Tel: 081-546 9575 081-541 4671 i 24hrs.
'(j : 7 Days a Week DISKS COST £1.10 EACH, 80p IF YOU SUPPLY THE DISK.
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500 ..£399.99 Days of
Thunder £24 .95 Shadow of trve Beast
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T. O.K. a K AO.
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i. CouoCZl tor t l» (X) ftKir k*r« disk or Ay «the DO mw Ml rtc
16 tralc Issues have
* M Code, per issue.
N ESS This month Jason Holborn puts Digigram's flagship sequencer, Studio 24, through its paces 26-28 1X4.99 £129.99 ....£269.99 ...1309.99 ..1329,99 ...X529.99 £49.99 £29.99 £19.99 ?
B B 2 Q E 0 0 0 0 0 E 0 0 a a 1 WT 1 ¦'l.nlir'fl l«rl‘* ¦iTTO.
H compietey froni ©ne screen to the dtnor has its own set of thr * : are used to em
- which effective, i tracks - or selec £24.99 £39.99 :k and
variable ion * DEC. PLAY J | ? A sllii] SOLO [•]:• 10H i IW VIM
In the space of little more than a year and a half the Amiga sequencer market has vtrtualy exploded, with no fewer than 16 diffeient systems now generally available.
Looking at prockjet? Hke Music-X and Master Tracks, it seems almost Inconceivable that the Amiga was once considered as something of a musical dodo.
Joining the ranks of such fine products as Music-X is Studio 24. A MIDI sequencing system from Frencn music software publishing company Dlglgram.
They have been In the biz for a number of years now. But their wares have been previously unavailable to we UK musos. But now. In the spirit of 1992 and all that jazz. UK distribution has been picked up by GFA Data Media, a company probably better known to Aniga users for Its superb programming system GFA BASIC.
As *eported previously In AC.
GFA have taken on the distribution of a number of Diglgrom music products. These include Track 246 and Studio 24 - both of which are sequencers - Big Bond and a powerful music scoring pockoge called ProScore.
Big Band and ProScore were unava table at the time of going to press, but you can expect a full review very soon.
As tne name suggests. Studio 24 is a 24 track sequencer. It arrives In a vacumn-moulded plastic case with a single program disk, manual and a selection of quick reference cards.
These unique cqrds alow you to look up man of the program's major features without the hassle of flicking through a manual, which Is certainty a good idea.
Key disk protection Unlike most sequencers these days.
Studio 24 is copy protected. In true Dr.T fashion, this takes the form of a key disk system which requires the original program disk to be inserted every time the program Is loaded, even If you Instal it on a hard disk! I think such a system Is a real pain, but there you have it.
Once looded, you'l be greeted by the first of Studio 24’s two screens. It contains the now familiar tape transport controls that run as a strip of gadgets along the bottom of the screen.
These are pretty bog standard - Play. Record. Fast Forward. Rewind and so on. Bur surprisingly there Is no Pause button, which Is a strange omission.
Above are the track controls that stret side of t Each tr gadgets mute, s mutes an for recor vou can pick any one of the tir 22 tracks ftr normal recording, t tracks 2 i and 24 have their Own special functions. Studio 24 calls track 23 ijj Chord Track which, as the name suggests, ii set aside specifically for chords.
When ypu record chords on to this track. Studio 24 wil recogn se and display them complete witn their correct name - C Sharp Major or whatever. If you're not too hot with chords, the chore track also allows you to enter them with a single mouse cick.
Track 24 Is a Melody Trock which can contain only monophonic sequences. I con't see any real point in having It when any one ot the first 22 could do the job equally well.
Most of Studio 24's operations are pretty standard, but one feature that is worth mentioning is sequence editing. Studio 24 uses a score-based editor which displays your sequences In the traditional form of minims, crotchets and quavers.
You can edit existing sequences by moving back and forth through the sequence using the cursor keys.
You con odd notes, delete them, chonge the pitch and duration of
o selected note ond even tie notes.
Sounds great so far. But for one major problem - Studio 24 will only allow you to edit a monophcnic line of notes, not chords. If your sequence contains chords, the extra notes that make them up are split into their own individual sub- trocks. Or voices as Studio 24 calls them. Far from perfect. I'm sure you'l agree Song editing is even worse. Most sequencers now use some form of graphical orrangement system, out you'll find no such luxuries within Studio 24. No siree. Instead it uses a rather naff non-grophlcal syst9m which is not only difficult to use. Out also rather Inflexible. As a
result, you may well want to stick to tie conventional linear method of song composition.
Notably missing from Studio 24 is support for internal Amiga sampes.
As we all know, the Amiga can produce some pretty stonking sounds Itself, so it's not exactly unreasonable to expect your sequencer to support them. As It Is, you're restricted In your music making to those sounds that can be produced by your MIDI setup.
Sound investment?
Studio 24 definitely shows promise, but it unfortunately fails to deliver the kind of sequencing power and ease of use you'd expect from a product at this price.
It’s got a few nice features - editing and Its unique chord track spring to mind - but in the end It cannot hope to compete against such industry hard hitters as Music-X and Master Tracks Pro.
If Digigram sold Studio 24 at something like £50 I could see It doing well. Unfortunately, there ere just too many other sequencing systems around that are both cheaper and far more powerful. As It Is. Studio 24 Is overpriced and underpowered.
This and the entire range of Digigram Music software Is available from GFA Data Medic on 0734 794941. Other products in the range include Track 24, Big Band ond ProScore.
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- Daytime teephone number in case of queries
- Postcode 0 Hanging on to his sanity by a thread, our comms guru
Fast Eddie hears echoes down the line I LY
o un- floors fra-red e host struc- j sub- 9 Speak to anyone who
has tried comms and not taken to It. And they will tell you It
ts expensive, time consuming and boring.
They are right about the expense, but there is a certain addictive attraction to the comms habit.
Most people's first encounter with communications tends to be withdrawing money from the local cash cbpenser I guess we have al stood In the rain, waiting for the bank's head office computer to finish calculating the IQ of 1.000 PE teachers, before gleefully advising us that we can't have any money because of a ‘Technical Fault* Do not despair! You could well find that directly connecting your Amiga to the telephone network Is a much more efficient way to empty your bank account Message bases So what is on offer? By and large, the most common services around the world are bulletin boards.
These are computers set up specifically for other computers to call and exchange Information.
Common topics to be found online are comms, programming, scl-fi. Television, motoring, religion and 'adult material’. I can t elaborate on the latter, otherwise AC would be on the top shelf next to Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy, but you can use your Imagination.
The Information online is generally split Into two categories - message bases and file areas.
A message base is. In simple terms, a series of comments input by users of the board related to a particular topic. For example a base called Red Dwarf would be the ideal place to muse over how much you preferred Ho y when she was a man. Or how bodly treated poor old Kryten Is.
Depending on how advanced the Bbs software is. Message bases can be anything from a simple series of sequential messages to a complex web of sub-threads which can be raod or skipped at will.
It is possible to browse message bases by following menu options on screen. Input of messages is usually via a simple text editor bunt into the board.
There ore two different types of message bases on larger boards: local ones and the net variety. The trendy term for a messoge base is echo, so If you read someone taking about an Amiga echo they mean a messcge area, not some acoustic phenomenon or a local newspaper serving the elderly inhabitants of quoint seaside town AMIGA-on-Seamoss.
Local messoges are exclusive to the board you are logged on to.
Whereas net echoes go all over the world. So If you proclaim you love for Lister in a net echo, the comms global village wll be asking ‘What the heck is Red Dwarf ?* In no time.
Net echoes are transmitted An Amiga 3000 it |vst a phone call away worldwide via an elaborate series of telephone cate. Each night whie the world sleeps, automatic ‘netware* Is busy collecting and forwarding messages to each board in the network. Irdeed some of the Inter-net handshaking is positively masonic at times Netmail Is an exciting concept, allowing communication with people all over the world for the cost of a local col. It's not In real time, but Is still much faster than writing, referred to as srail mail by those with a passion for jargon.
An interesting point to remember Is that you don't always have to be logged cn to a board in order to read and reply to mesMULTI LI)C 14.400 MSI mr, wwekiomai 24 HOURS
F. .c*£ ni ncnamit!
Sages. Better equipped boards often offer the ability to unread messages into a single fiiel for you tc download before log; ging off | Using bpectal offline reoder ware, it is possible to dec read ana reply to messoges. After keying in replies, the ofUne reac • software compresses them m a packer for uploading the next time you logon.
When the board receives the packet 'rom you It unarchives all your prepared messages and posts them to the relevant people and echoes Thb type of message reed ing is known as blinking. It makes a great deal of sense, saving you phone time and allowing other calersto get on to the board.
File Areas are libraries of con puter programs stored on the Bbs for Its callers to download and run Again, these programs can be about anything and everything.
Files are downloaded jsing protocols These are universal transfer standards designed to allow reliable exchange of data between two points.
A wide choice of protocols are available. By far the most common these days are Xmodem and Zmodem, The newer the protocol, the faster you data transfer will be.
The main thing to remember about protocols is that they have to match at eoch end of the link. It is no good attempting to Initiate a file transfer If your comms software, or the board, doesn't support the protocol ycu are trying to use. The motto with Bbs Is most certainly ‘give and take*.
It's all very well to phone a few bulletin boards, read the messages and download any files you fancy, but sooner or later you will be expected to contribute. Not financially. But with a little time and effort.
Message bases aren't really much good without messages, so it Is up to the board's callers to fill them up. Similarly. File areas are pretty pointless If they are devcld of files. For this reason most boards Insist that you upload a file for every few you downiood.
After sampling a few boards, h is more than likely that you wll consider Starting one yourself. I have Io be honest and odmlt that I am by and large unimpressed with the standard of most non-commercial Bbs running In the UK.
The file areas tend to consist of a selection of dog-eared PD and Shdreware programs, while the message bases are more often than not just a total waste of time.
Smaller boards There are exceptions, of couse. A good large scale setup is London- based 01 For Amiga. Tony Miller Is the dedicated sysop of this excellent multHine service. That evasive beast the Amiga 3000 Is at the core running Dialog BBS software.
You can have a taste by calling 071 377 1358 (8 N l) Smaller, single line boards shouldn't be overlooked either, as they form the bockbone of the BBS community around the world. If you want to pop into a tidy, well run. Friendly board then give Steve Brazil's Speed BBS a ring on 0734 475549 (8 N l) Steve is running Speed on a PC with Wildcatl BBS software.
With the possible exception of Dialog, which I have not had o chance to use from the sysop side, most Amiga BBS host software Is dreadful. That may seem a sweeping generalisation, but I have yet tc see any package which offers the level of sophistication and ease ot use presented by Wbdcatl Ear shattering offers for Amiga Computing readers Make the most of your Amiga’s superb sound capabilities by connecting Soundblaster's high quality stereo amplifier and speakers.
Using the latest microchip technology, the specially designed amplifier can deliver an ear-shattering five watts of music power, with twin controls provide complete control over volume and balance.
Boost your computer's sound with an AMIGASOUNDBL The fifty watt speakers consist of a woofer, a mid-range and a tweeter for the highest possible sound quality. Thumping bass, crisp trebles: You’ll hear them all with incredible clarity.
The Amiga Soundblaster comes complete with nains adaptor and full instructions. No alterations to your computer are required
- just plug in and switch on to re-discover sound on your Amiga.
Buy all 3 for just £99.95 QUARTE1 rpvIgsJaal v I 1 n L can BBBMB & fiSB msni erktepfp s jbi n * ¦ 5EQ | SRUE [sffnnnci ETIF"Bg*ar aifFg] f TE-T Make beautiful music on your Amiga Quartet is a stunning sequencing package that will allow you to compose anything from a jingle to a symphony.
Making full use of the Amiga’s unique four channel stereo sound system. Quartet is equally at home playing Depeche Mode or Debussy. Quartet comes complete with complete instructions, a disk of full of sound samples and full source code to allow you to intergrate your tunes into your own programs.
What's more, Quartet is MIDI compatible, so you can connect a suitable keyboard or synthesiser to enter notes directly.
It’s the ideal sequencer package to complement the excellent Master Sound sampler
- Amiga Computing, August 1990 Quartet comes with full
instructions and two disks for £39.95 Master Sound Capture any
sound you hear and replay it in seconds It's so easy to use:
Simply connect the sampler to yojr Amiga, load the software and
immediately you have the ability to captu'e sounds with amazing
Connect your compact disc player or personal stereo and digitise sojnds to incorporate into your own games and tunes.
The supplied software provides complete control over the sampled sounds: Cut and paste them, flip and fade them and you're still only using a tiny fraction of the sound processing tools available.
Best of all, the comprehensive instructions will soon have you creating your own public domain demo disks complete with IFF picture files.
The perfect sound sampling package for beginners and experts alike.
Master Sound is a complete hardware and software sampling system for only £34.95 “Is it real or is it Master Sound?”
- Amiga Computing, May 1990 See order form on page 121 After
flipping BOBs last month, Peter Hickman gives SPRITES the same
treatment and looks at interlaced mode Th« latest in
• xcollent Fun School series saw last month, only we will tion
the BOB off the screen.
Posi- Paste Bob 500,500,Vrevfi: Sprite 1,200,150,1 Simple, Isn't it? And now we have a reversed Image which we can move around if we wanted to.
And there Is no need to touch the Paste Bob command ever again (well, not unless you wanted to flip It once again).
Anyway, that's the SPRfTEs over and done with.
Now how about *aklng a look at the very latest version of AMOS
T. 23 specifically Interloced mode For those of you who don't
know too many technical details about the Amiga, interlacing
is a method of doubling the amocnt of informa tion which can
be displayed verti- cafiy on the screen.
There is a limit to the amount of Information which can be shown on a normal monitor because they are octualy too slow!
So to double the amount of stuff that can be shown the Amiga takes a single screen and posses the information to the monitor In two sweeps, each encompassing every other line.
So for the first sweep lines 1,3,5.
7. 9. 10. 11. 13 etc. are shown, followed by lines 2,4. 6.8.
10. 12. This is the reason you get a flicker when In
Interlaced mode - incidentally the flicker is almost
non-existent on The the CDTV version of Fun School 3 (Under 5s
only) Is now complete and should be available by the time you
read this.
I wrote it In AMOS, so if any of you are lucky enough to pick up one of the little beastles you can see Ust how versatile this language really is.
After all. If people are using It to write multi-media applications now whet will they be doing in another six months?
While on the subject of educational software. Gary Symons, who wrote the AMOS assembler, is cur- renty working on a secret project for Mandarin.
I don't know exactly what It wtl turn out like, but the ST version is pretty good and could re-define th© standards for learning tools on al micros.
I would have loved to bring you a preview of the compiler this month, unfortunately Francois Uoret is adding some extra features so you will have to wait until next time.
I have been speaking to Francois and he says that when programs are compiled they will retdn all of the mjtl-tasking capabilities of AMOS. Sounds great, huh?
Lastly on the news front. TOME (the Total Mop Editor) is now complete. The final package will be available from mid-March, and the manual has been written by me. So it must be good!
Seriously tnough. It Is an excellent product and deserves the support of all programmers, not just AMOS ones. You can find out more about TOME by writing to the AMOS club (the address came with AMOS).
Now on with the programming In the last issue we looked at flipping BOBs. I tope you all saw and understood what I was going on about cos I’m gonna start off this column with examples of flipping SPRITES.
First we must load a SPRITE bank from the AMOS extras disk, so stick It In the drive and press escape to go to direct mode.
Load: '•AllOSjniiAS:SPtITL600 SPACE 3IIP1.«r OK. Now let's clear the screen and do some SPRITES. Flash off: Curs Off : Cl* 0 Get Sprite Palette Sprite 1,200,150,1 There are two ways to flip this image. The first is quite complicated and involves using BOBs, so I think we will skip that for the time being.
The second method is to flip the Image inside the bank using the Paste Bob command.
To do this we must use the Hrev Vrev In the same way as we You wtl see that I have charged the last parameter to Laced+Lowres. Which fells AMOS that we want a lowres Interlaced screen. You will also notice that the same number of vertical lines as the first screen are being displayed in half the space. Also check the flicker.
Now one problem with this mode is that when you set up a single interlaced screen all other screens which you may be displaying are automatically ‘switched* Into interlaced mode. These are not true interlaced screens - they just flicker for the heil of it!
You can display some excellent quality pictures In this mode, so do make use of it. But don't even think about doing a game in interlaced.
It’s Just too slow, Something which you might like to dwell on Is that perhaps In the future Francois Lionet will include a facility to use some of the new screen modes thought up by companies such as Newtek, the people who moke the fabo digitisers.
• Anyway that's It for this time.
Next month It's the compiler -1 promise!
NTSC machines cos they work faster. That is simplifying things a little. But the principle is sound, If you are lucky enough to own a Flicker Fixer or an A3000 the Amiga could de-interlace the screens and pass them to the monitor in one go.
Unfortunately you need a very expensive multi-sync monitor to cope with those sorts of speeds, so you can see that interlacing is a bit of a compromise between resolution and quality (and migraines).
OK. To see what difference there is to our cfcptay when compared to a normal screen, go to direct mode and type: Screen Open 0 320,200,16,Loures "AXI6A C0HPUT1II6M Right, now that we have a normal sized default screen let’s compare it to an interlaced one: Screen Open 0,320,200,16, laced+Loires
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S. 13 110 108 10, 74 17,23,100 IBC 37 39 110 82 108 81 82 78 110
116 104 108 110 122 48 oec 118 82 83 9 46 45 U 45 3 88 122 110
tion 15 68 104 99 99 42,81 Beam up with Margaret Stanger and
take a viewport into C which Is t mand Ini first vlewp® Each
default v eters are Each Raslnfo s taining a bitmap plane in
the view fields the a pointer wport needs a e corv tbe the bt-
rmatlon. If has dual play- Raslnfo contains the next Raslnfo.
Which hassa pointer to the second bi*- ap I 'he pi rge' *h| ring v owp .v!
Ti e has pe by how many video lines 320 pixels in low res, 640 in high res pointer to the next Viewport DUALPF for two separately controlled playfields PFBA the second playfield takes precedence HIRES more precise horizontally (640 pi els) LACE interfaced display mode HAM held and modrfy colours SPRITES hardware sprites VP-HIDE obscures the viewport CotorMgp has a pointer to the colour table of up to 32 colours. Three bitplanes would use colour registers 0-7, five bitplanes registers 0-31. Dual playfields of three bitplanes each would use registers 0-7 for the first playfield and 8-15 for
the second.
Raslnfo pointer to the Raslnfo structure.
T_Si Lost month Code Cfinlc contained software to produce Intuition windows and screens, but It Is possible to create a display using some routines from the graphics library known as graphics primitives, This system gives you more freedom, more control, and a little more hassle.lt wculd be possible to write whole books on the subject of how the display system works, so I have tried to summarise It as best I can. You will find all the bits I missed out in the ROM Kernat Manual- Libraries and Deuces.
’he Amiga coprocessor - or cooper - produces Its video displays on TV screens or monitors using raster display techniques. The picture consists of a series of horizontal lines stacked on top of eoch other.
Changes can be made to the display when the beam is going from left to right as It is turned off on the flyback. When the beam reaches the bottom right hand corner of the screen it files back to the top left hand cornet In a multitasking environment each program can have direct control over the copper and ther- fore over the whole display or View.
'he View can be divided Into one or more viewports, each of which Is the equivalent of an Intuition screen. Eoch viewport has Its own display resolutions, colours and special features. Unlike Intuition screens they can all be displayed at once.
Because of hardware limitations, segments of differing display mcdes are confined to horizontal stripes that extend across the complete width of the screen.Each viewport completes a horizontal segment, and they are separated from each other by at least one blank line.
Images are created by drawing into a computer memory area so that the system can retrieve the data for the display.The system software allows you to define linear memory as rectangular regions called bltpicnes.
It Is necessary to tell the system the dimensions and location of these bltplanes.
This Is a pain but there is the advantage of keeping several displays in memory at the same time.
The colour of each pixel Is related to the value of onB or more data bits in memory. To create multicoloured Images, the system must be told how many bit are required per pixel.
In my first Viewport(blue), I hqve used eight colours and three bit- planes. And the system retrieves one data bH from eoch bltplone.
For each pixel data bits in the same horizontal and vertical position are combined by the system to create a binary value which determines the display color for that pixel.
The system uses a structure called a bitmop which contains the height, width and depth of the bitplanes and where they are in memory.
The display Is created from a set of Instructions in the view structure.
Height Wkflh Next Modes: e in memory can the screen image bitmap larger than he The Raslnfo strut offsets for the relative position of the display to the com piete picture, In this example he bitplanes are the same size as the viewports, and the offsets are zero Left to nietf the system will use default colours. There is a com mand GetColorMop which will allocate space for a colourmap and return a pointer to it.
The colourmap has a pointer to the colourmap'* colourtable, and the desired colours con be copied oto this data structure.
Each bitmap Is Initallsed using InltBltMap with the required width,height and depth as Inputs. The command Alloc - Roster is used to allocate each bitplane and the returned pointers are linked to the bitmap.
Now that all the data structures are complete the command MakeVPort asks the system to make a set of display instructions - or copper list - from the structures in the Viewport. This has to be done for each VlewPort.
The command MrgCop merges these copper lists into a single instruction list. LoadView turns on direct memory access (DMA) and the display will be shown on the screen. Any ficker can be reduced by waiting for the beam to reach the top of the frame.
Each area can have Its own set of drawing Instructions, or RastPort structure. InitRastPort puts In default values and when the RastPort has been linked to Its bitmap it is oossi- ble to use the Graphics Library drawing commands.
The listed program first saves the address of the old view using the gb-ActiView offset from the graph- icsbase. The view Is Inltallsec and three viewports produced.
The first viewport is 48 lines high with eight blue colours and three bitplanes. The second is 100 lines high with dual red and grey ptay- flelds. The third viewport is 48 lines high with 32 green colours and 5 bitplanes.
The drawing routines have been used to produce a series of rectangles on the screen. In the second viewport the grey playfield Is dominant except for transparent areas of colour zero.
There is a short delay before the first eight colours of each viewport are cycled, and another delay before the program releases the allocated memory, replaces the old View, and exits.
The support disc Includes the source and object code for this program and a list of documented routines from the graphics library.
• NEXT MONTH: Scroll routines made routine.
Yes making money with your Amiga becomes incidental when you know how.
Your micro is. If only you knew it. A gold mine. The size and make is irrelevant Make the initial effort NOW by starting your own HOME BASED BUSINESS.
This may be the most important move you will ever make!
REMEMBER: You'll never get rich by digging someone else's ’ditch" Anyone in the country, including YOU. Can become very nch in a relatively short period of time just by dcing a few basic things! It’s more rewarding than playing games The benefits are many and vaned. Full or pan time. For FREE details send S.A.E. to: MM&MB 31 PILTON PLACE (AM25) KING AND QUEEN STREET WALWORTH. LONDON SE17 1DR Only £199.99 ex VAT (229.99 inc VAT) COMPLETE Run professional MS-DOS software on your Amiga 500 at a price you can't resist SPEED - OUTSTANDING (faster than many 286 AT’s (Amiga Format Oct 90) now even
faster with new software upgrade ver 2.0 COMPATIBILITY - EXCELLENT (All the software I tried ran perfectly - Computer Shopper Feb 91) CONVENIENCE - A DODDLE (For a plain plug ‘rf go pc emulator with no installation hassle there is no competition - Computer Shopper Feb 91) MEMORY - AMIGA IMB RAM + 512K RAM disk, PC 704 KB + min 192 KB ems DISK SUPPORT - Floppy 3.5, 5.25, H-D A590. (other hard drive Support to follow - software upgrade) VIDEO SUPPORT - MGA - Hercules - GGA 16 ccl (dynamic) (EGA - VGA soon) ALL UPGRADES ARE SOFTWARE BASED VALUE JUST SEE FOR YOURSELF INCLUDED WITH KCS BOARD MS-DOS
4.01, GW Basic, Shell inc manuals (not GW Basic) Phoenix DOS help 1 MB on board memory plus clock KCS PC Emulator WORTH £80.00 £55.00 £64.00 £30.99 £229.99 All prices include postage and packing Fixed Amiga Repairs £40.00 - (Does not cover keyboard or drive faults) _3 months warranty. 1 week turnaround ACE Repairs. Dept AC, Outways Farm, Pelynt, Looe, a Cornwall PL13 2NW ff (0503)20282 TOTAL AMPlot PostScript Graph plotting for the Amiga £75.00 Inclusive SciTech Software 23 Stag Leys Ashtead Surrey England KT21 2TD (0372)275775 Information available on request Dealer enquiries welcome.
ACCESSORIES; AMIGA REPAIRS & SPARES SPARES: R ?m Y 1,3..... ..... £3200 V1 n '.BVi ftq 71 Fflt Anmrc cao nn 8520 CIA .. £1700 DJI i roi Ayuub . .. R372 Fatter Aon us £62 00 5721 Buster .. £1600 vu • c. » auci '•yi 'Uj 5719 Gary £24 on 68000 MPU.
£2400 8364 Paula £40 00 41256 RAM.
.. £4.00 MSM 6242 Ckx* £12.00 LF347 £2.50 6570-036 ...... ...... £1900 8362 Denise £29.00 Rom Vt 2 ... £32.00 414256 RAM £9.00 Amiga A500 Screen Gems Pack £370.00 Cumana CAX354 3 5" ......£80 00 External Drive 3.5* £70.00 Many other spares available A500 Internal Drive ... £75.00 512K Ram Plus Ckx* ..£45 00 A500 PSU
£50.00 Amiga Mouse ... £35.00 "So what's the point in having a 'wizzo processor if it's no faster" (Amiga Computing Jan 91) - and invalidates your guarantee Compatibility is excellent but no-one can guarantee every single program available, therefore if your purchase depends on a partcular program, please ask us first or send in a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E. if to be returned). Pnce subject to change without notice.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
Hew. If you ore not allowed to se* PO disks, do the various PD companies survive? How can they afford to advertise In your magazine and send people glossy catalogues?
Are all these things accounted for In the ‘expenses' area, like the wages for staff etc.?
Con anyone start a PD service or is there some kind of Icence?
Rnaly why hove you stopped putting in the marks for games that you review?
eep up the good work, your magazine is 97 per cent.
Paul, Cumbria PD Libraries should not exist to make a profit, but it is reasonable to expect a small surcharge for any disks ordered, to cover postoge. Duplication time, administration and the like.
As libraries get bigger they can make economies, buying disks, envelopes and even postoge In bulk. This sometimes leads to a little slush fund, which can be blown on extravagances like woges and even the odd advert or twc.
You don't need a licence to set up a PD library, just a lot of time and energy to do It properly.
We told our games reviewers that they could have their joysticks back If they started putlng scores on again - seems to do the trick.
Free for all I think that free software should be free.
Everyone talks about wonderful PD software saying that it's free, but everywhere you look someone is selling it for around £3 a disk.
I think this Is very wrong. To change this, myself and a few friends have decided to run a public domain club which will supply PD for nothing.
J Dtncan. Kent It's a very nice Idea, something for nothing.
However, you will have significant expenses to consider. Where, for example are you going to find money for disks and postage?
PD software should be free, that doesn't mean that the media and handling is. £3 a disk is a tad on the pricey side though, so shop around.
Better still, can a bulletin board and the only cost Involved could be a local phone call. If you are serious about being a PD supplier, maybe you should consider starting a board.
Limited edition I was torn between upgrading my Amiga 500 into an A1500 exponsion box with a hard disk or exchanging my Amiga 500 for a Commodore Amiga 1500.
After talking at some length to a Commodore representative. I was told that the A1500 was a brand new machine, idealy suited for games and business use.
On arriving home and unpacking the system, I find on the bock an A2000 label. It would appear that all Commodore hove done is rebodge an Amiga 2000 and put in a second cfck drive.
They have caSed It almost the same as on expansion unit developed by a third party to ensure confusion. Have they done this Decause they could not think of casing an A500 In such a professional way?
I have since returned my Amiga 1500 2000.
Ond purchased an A1500 limited expansion system, with which I am very happy.
Lorraine Ferrer, Middlesex You are correct in asserting that the Amiga 1500 Is a rebadged dual floppy 2000.
Commodore have never realy claimed otherwise.
The 1500 package Is ideally suited for games and business use. At £999 including colour monitor. It is the bargain of the decode to far.
The third party A1500 allows you to separate the Amiga keyboard and main processor box.
But you don't have the advantage of several expansion slots and an up-rated power supply unit.
Most people are actually pleased to find that they have bought g 2000 in disguise. You though obviously feel you have been conned by Commodore.
The A1500 was a logical name for CBM to choose for the package, It is after all In- between the 500 and the 2000. And the A1000 has been and gone. A1500 sounds more like a Commodore name to me than a third party one.
I hope you and your A1500 limited expansion have many happy hours together - it. Too.
Is a worthwhile product In Its own right.
Arresting reading I've just been into the shop which sells your mogcclne. As I wds glancing through It I decided I wonted it. I searched through my pockets and realised I didn't have enough money to buy it. So I stole It.
When I got home I put the disk Into my paid for computer and gaspedl Tremendous!
The mag and disk are excellent value for money. The trouble b my family won't let me on the computer. Now I'm wondering where I can get £2.95 for the next Issue.
I shall have to stop the kids' spending money for my next issue. Keep up the good work. And for obvious reasons please don't print my real name.
Bill Sykes. Bradford.
I assume you realise that if the barcode on the front cover isn't scanned by your newsagent, a rather curious virus is let loose on your system?
It systematically causes you to form an oddiction to the magazine which is so powerful that you can't help but subscribe.
Seriously though, Amiga Computing is not public domainl If you did steal us, please don't try It again.
It Is only a matter of time before you get caught and then It will be more than finding £2.95 you will have to worry about.
Play the game I read wtth anger the letter by Chris Webb In Issue 29 of Amiga Computing concerning his views on the software industry.
Although everyone Is entitled to their own opinion I think Mr Webb was totally unfair In his assessment that 99.9 per cent of Amiga games are trash.
True, there is and always will be some rubbish on the market, but he has obviously not experienced the delights of the classics like Dungeon Master, Gettysburg and Power Monger.
If he has played 99.9 per cent of all games on the market he is either very rich or a software pirate. Therefore. I can only assume he is commenting on games he has never seen before, let alone played, and thus has no clear Ictea of what he is talking about.
Stuart Hardy. Sheffield You don't have to play a game to get an Idea of whether you will like It or not.
Some people simply detest games. For these demented creatures, even the most technically stunning release will fall to raise the sligntest tingle of emotion in their trigger finger.
Of course not all Amiga games are trash. If they were people wouldn't be able to tell the Amiga apart from that ST thlngy.
Excellent review I enjoyed your review of the wonderful Excellence I wordprocessing program in the March ssue. Your praise of it was well earned, but one part of the review was misleading.
You criticise the lack of an overtype faculty, which you say is missing from the program. In fact this Is not the cose as by simply highlighting the text that you wish to overtype and then entering the new text, the program replaces the old with the new.
It must be Just about the best wordproces- sor available on the Amiga and readers shouldn't be put off by the price: there are some very good mall order deals available.
The ony trouble that I have with It is that I spend time exploring its capabilities that I should be using for writing.
D M Fie id house, Liverpool The process of highlighting a text block with the mojse and then replacing It by typing In new text isn't strictly speaking an overtype mode. For example, anyone who uses a wordpracessor for long periods of time and who requires speed above all else, the use of the mouse Is a no-no.
When using Protext, for Instance, I configure It to Overwrite mode Instead of Insert. That way If I make a mistake In typing, which I often Co and which I usually notice as It's Snail mail mouse I om writing to you to tell my woeful story about a Naksha mouse.
It all began when I ordered the little chap from a mail order company called Microsmart. This was In about November.
By January this year I had not received the product, nor any message from the company, so I wrote to them expressing my annoyance, and asking them what had happened.
I tried to contoct them by telephone, but al I got was their ansa phone. Finally. I wrote them another letter. The result? Nothing.
What can I do apart from fume wtth the poor quality of the mouse that I got wtth my Amiga 500 which I bought a year ago.
Yours feeing peeved, to put It mildly.
Lain Chambers, Peterborough.
Yours Is just one of many mail order gripes I receive in the postbag every month.
Although we do our best to ensure that each of our advertisers is honest, legal and decent, we cannot really check out the service offered on an Individual basis.
I gave Microsmart a quick ring to see what the problem was with your order. They told me that your rodent started scurrying Its way to Peterborough the day before you called.
Your original order from November last year apparently got a little lost in the pre- Christmas stampede, for which they are sorry.
You have every right to be a bit peeved, but hopefully similar things won’t happen ogaln. Hope you think the mouse was worth the wait.
Done, I can type straight over the top of It without haying to delete or resort to the mouse.
I'm glad you Hked the review, and we dkJ.
As you say. Conclude that Excellence 2.0 Is one of the best on the market. As for the price, we quote the RRP as It would be unfair to a product to quote the cheapest price we could find. Hope you continue to enjoy exploring you wofdprocessor's power (and buying our mag • Ed).
Fair shares all round I know you regularly print such statements, but I'd Ike to make a point about shareware.
Always pay for any shareware you end up keeping and using. If you don't, the people who write It wi have to find some other way to make a living and won't be able to update their programs, or create new ones.
Vou may save a bit In the short term, but you'll lose in the end and end up paying for sof*ware you may never use because there are no good shareware alternatives availoble.
The UK has a poor reputation for this. Come on fellow Brits, let’s show the Yonks that we re just as honest as they are.
Finally. I know that you manage to pock as much quality Into your slimmer mog as your biggest rival, but my latest copy has pages 67 through 101 missing. Can you help?
Bill Dawson. Southampton.
I can't agree more on what you are saying about shareware.
Yes we do print letters like yours regularly, but it is always worth reminding people to put their money where their mouse is.
I am sure most people Intend to cough up for the software, but never quite get around to It. There Is no excuse for not going to the bank and sorting out a money order tomorrow, so do It people!
As for the mystery of the missing pages, I wonder If Bill Sykes uses the same newsagent as you?
Stealing an entire magazine Is utterly pedestrian compared to the style and nerve required to make off with Just the pages of interest, Consider the missing pages In the post, i might even send a complete magazine.
Trojan Trauma?
I recently purchased a copy of Amigc Computing issue 34. On the CoverDisk was o program called 'Kill Da Virus'. I Installed this program on a* my bootable disks.
Since doing this I have had nothing bu' trouble with a virus called 'Smiley Cancer' which turns the mouse pointer into a foce and has corrupted much of my public domain.
It seems to me that the only place this virus could have come from is your CoverDisk as I have had no trouble of this kind before. I would Bke to know If you have received any other complaints of this nature.
I will not be buying your magazine again until this matter is sorted out. If I do not hecr from you I wil hove to write to another magazine.
Ian Simllan, Sheffield.
The Amiga Computing CoverDisk was not the source of the virus you are afflicted with.
Our erstwhile disk editor. Stevie Kennedy assures me that the AC disks are so clean you could eat your dinner off them.
We are not a virus carrier. Any allegation that our magazine distributes these anti-socid beasties will, quite rightly, be taken very seriously by our readers.
It Is Important to be sure of your focts before initiating such grave rumours.
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... IV DADDYKINS 8. Probably the only word processor disk you will ever need.
Disk collection of spelling checkers.
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STUDIO MUSIC. A 2 disk set. 28 tracks including "I should be sc lucky".
THRASH DEMO. A very good demo for all the Thrash fans.
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4 x A4 SHEETS £7.00 inc. VAT & p.p. PRINT BUREAU SERVICE AVAILABLE THE COMPLETE PALETTE 16 palette screens with all 4096 AMIGA colours for perfect matching of output to screen £27.45 inc VAT & p.p. XEROX 4020 DRIVER Enhanced driver gives full control over densities, colour correction algorithm gives blues instead of purples. £27.45 inc VAT & p.p INKJET INKS At last, inks at a price you can afford.
Why pay £1000 per litre? Our specially formulated inks have been tested for over a year to give superb results 30ccs £8.50 inc VAT & p.p Access, Visa PO's, Cheques welcome (no cash please) 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY, N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947 600065 (9am-7pm) 1A HINCKLEY ROAD EARL SHILTON LEICS. LE9 7N(i (0455) 840106 Sound sampling Hardware and SOFTWARE for the AMIGA 1 _v««ctured o WHAT IS MASTfcfc SOUND? * MASTER S0UND is a low cost, high quality sound sampler for the AMIGA range of computers featuring Sampling Editing Scquencing software. MASTER Sou jD enables you to record sounds,irom
devices such as Personal Cassette or Compact Disc player- fato rhe AMIGA.
When in rh®Computer, MASTER SOUND’S unique editor will enable you to e% the sound in practically$ ny way you can imagine. Once you have the sample how you wanfor, you may incorporate it into your own Demo’s or programs or use MASTER SOUND’S own $ l 'ILT IN sampk 3kqucncer to play back the sample along with a number of others too!
TifjE MASTER SOUNDED1IOR jlnc pordtes the following facilitieSy* || If SAMPLE ? RLAY * PREVIEW ? LOOP Si 1 ffcUT ?COPY ? OVERLAY ?WIPE -• ADE IN ? FADE OUT * ? VOLUMti ? REVERSE
FS-OAD ? SAVE * RAW FORMAT ? IFF FORMAT 0 iJjCOPE ? FFT V '¦’ VUMrt.R ? SEQUENCER m .impressive realtime Spectrum Analyser and OscillosqgJc enable the user to monitor frequfecy c&fcnt and volume with case and helf vyouto ensurp- ftat rhe sample quality is ar its b* TH| MASTER SOUND SEQUENCER* II Allows' u to play back samples in a sequence. Multiple samples can be held in mcmoralr once and sequopces are as simple to record as tapping keys on rhe computer's keyboard. OncOTecordcd, the SeqUe cr can save the samples and sequence file out onto disc so that the files cart no used in your own
demo's. THE MASTER SOUND DEMO Allows you to play back your own sequenced sounds fn m the scqucngfl tC’hilc displaying IFF picture files. This i- gre3rt for creating your own public domain denKh*|j£ irhour having to he a computer programmer' 'v-JtyCnrnnr= At- © MICRODEAL 1990 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MASTER SOUND EDITOR Master Sound is £39.95 post & packing £1 (all prices inc V.A.T.) B m (0726)68020 MASTER SOUND ORDER FORM (L’KL.t. BY PHONE WITH CREDIT CARDS BY POST: with Cheque • Postal Order • or Credit Card Name ..
Address ... ...Post Code .. Credit Card Type ......Expiry Date ..... Number .... Please allow 28 days for delivery Send to: Microdeal PO Box 68 St Austell Cornwall England PL25 4YB Vidi... No 1 in UK & Europe (Leading the way forward) Get the most out of your Amiga by adding:
t0chn'col£?i!isa' has hrhe°esr one of then! ,m©n( ad »he '00 can b 'e hng .USIbel y '°r Sper'Dh I fhe anSvvo?,Pernt er it lnt.the C£ IP[ctures It - in7ayVi*» the rPear'n9 on t0 S9e ?aits*mLC“?t0*ary?" * 0 I frue- I ha , al Ost trL m'nues I N goo Sss&zSsSl "-wK« 56tS sSSr.
"The Complete Colour Solution" The Worlds ultimate creative leisure product for your Amiga. Capture dynamic high resolution images into your Amiga in less than one second.
And Look No Filters Images can now be grabbed from either colour video camera, home VCR or in fact any still video source. The traditional method of holding three colour filters in front of your video camera is certainly a thing of the past. Because Vidi splits the RGB colours electronically there are no focussing or movement problems experienced by some of our slower competitors. Lighting is also less of an issue as light is not being shut out by lens filters. Put all this together with an already proven Vidi- Amiga VidiChrome combination and achieve what is probably the most consistant and
accurate high quality 4096 colour images ever seen on the Amiga.
, re*jyLd'- 3*'m Bp;ei n ON hostel?!
KSS* d°dn«a, Ckton9S ,h aZ*'0"'
• teg ?ia* The colour solution is fully compatible with all
Amiga’s from a standard A500 to the ultimate A3000.
No additional RAM is required to get up and running.
You will see from independant review comments that we are undoubtedly their first choice and that was before the complete solution was launched If you have just purchased your Amiga and are not sure what to buy next, then just read the comments or send for full review and demo disk.
Actual unretouched digitised screenshot Features Grab mono images from any video source Capture colour images from any still video source.
Digitise up to 16 mono frames on a 1meg Amiga.
Animate 16 shade images at diiferent speeds.
Create windows in both mono & colour.
Cut & Paste areas from one frame to another.
Hardware and software brightness & contrast control.
Choice of capture resolutions standard & Dynamic interlace.
Full Palette control Add text or draw within art package.
Limited 1 PageFllpper ? F X J9 »» Powerful now version ol popular CAO program 69 as Reel broadcast quality tilling with 4-level anti-aliasing 174 as The ultimate m video presentauon. Bang & elocts 184 as Choice ol 5 son ol 4 anti-aliased toms, par »i 19 si Latest lu«-feature video uier, includes Zuma lonts 89 as Video presentation, apocial effects & traneiuoia 54 as Smooth playback, unbrntod 30 ctlocl combinations 129 as £54 as ¦ Dlglpalnt 3 59 91 129 as ¦ De Luxe Video 3 89 as
234. as ¦ Walt Disney Animation Studio 89 as

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