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FOLLOWiNG reports of price cuts for top-end Amigas in the USA, Commodore UK spokesman Andrew Bai) has discounted suggestions that the same couid happen on this side of the Atiantic. He told Am go Compuf-! rng: These are just spurl ous rumours." The American price cuts take in both Amiga 2000 and 3000 ranges and vary from 10 to 26 per cent. Smooth operator ANTiA is a font enhancement utmty which performs an anti-aiiasing process on norrrtai Amiga fonts. from one original font size, it can produce up to nine scaled down ver sions, anti-aiiased using four brightness tevçts, AntiA runs on aii Amigas. it can handle type sizes up to 300 points, atthough a 512k machine wiü be timit-ed to size; of around 200 points. A 68020 30 is useful in speeding up the processing of very iarge point sizes, but not essential. AntiA is avaiiabie now at a RRP of €40. Contact ZEN Computer Services on 061 793 1931 24 bits on the side AMiGA screen fiies can now be converted into 24 bit coiour sudes or film of fmi cinéma quality thanks to a new development from Amiga Centre Scctiand (031 557 4242). Cine Lirk is a module for use with the company's image Link package, now rechristened Rastar Link. it drives a number of digital film recorders, aüowing Amiga fiies to be transmitted to them via the SCSi port.

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Document sans nom June 1991 mmtle piggy went-to PD market buth mhke huge savings s r buy a pig in a poke?
0ub1ioj6dfnain explored Going for Gouty Commodore's fopjnarr Irving Gould outlineS" the future forth Amiga„ 'Annivefeary jolts!
It s our thirdWfadav - we review 3yhwimktniga events 9 770959 965015 PLUS: Games • DTU Machine Code • Music * Comms * Amos • DTP Five years to the month after Protext version 1 was launched Arnor are pleased to present version 5, an enormous leap forward in both ease of use and performance.
Profext 5.0 introduces a completely integrated system of pull down menus and dialogue boxes. The menus are among the many operations that may now be carried out with either the mouse or the keyboard. Protext really does give you the best of both worlds.
The Features Protext 5.0 handles printer fonts flexibly and accurately. You con make full use of any number of proportional printer fonts, mix them freely within any line, centre them in headers, use automatically formatted footnotes. Aid Protext correctly formats your text as you type it, no matter how many font changes you use, showing you line and page breaks exactly as they will be printed.
Protext 5.0 is slill the fastest word processor around. Even though we have made all these major improvements we have taken great care to ensure that text editing is as fast as ever. The menus work smoothly and quickly even with high resolution displays. But of course, you can use Protext s efficient set of commands and keys just as before and 5.0 remains compatible with all earlier versions from 1.0 onwards.
Protext 5.0 is a worthy successor to version 4, which was described as "the best word processor at any price", "the best text processor on the Amiga" and "the most powerful word processor on the Atari ST" (AUI, ST Amiga Format, ST User).
Protext 5.0 heralds a new era of multi-lingual European software, in time for 1992 and the opening up of Eastern Europe. Protext may be used in at least 27 different languages and has 10 different national keyboard layouts built in (plus the capability to define ) your own symbols and u sys alerts; file selector; mouse dragging to sel blocks. Menus complemen' existing commands and keyboard shortcuts, do not replace them. Menus n oy be used with mouse or keyboard. Amiga version follows Intuition guidelines.
Enhanced printing capabilities supports multiple proportional fonts; mixing of different font sizes on the some line; proportional formatting whilst editing; side margin, headers and footers independent of main text font. Tabs, decimal tabs and centre tabs. Extensive range of printer drivers supplied.
Multiple file editing - uo to 36 files may be open; split screen editing.
JV Graphics mode support on PC allows use in virtually any text or graphics mode including 132 column or 75 line VGA modes; user defined characters and on-screen bold, italics and underlining now on all versions; use of 13 different occents on ony character.
'( Language support includes Albanian, Basque, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Flemish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Lain, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Serbocroation, Slovak, Spanish, Slovene, Swedish, Welsh. (Note: some printers do not support all languages).
' Index and contents generation. Indexer tokes marked words or phrases; contents entries automatically taken from titles wrapped in control codes; many options for ryfe of contents output.
: Spelling checker features completely new 110,000+ word Collins dictionary with very fast phonetic lookup. Anocroms and find word pattern. Foreign language dictionaries (German, Swedish availabe now, others to follow).
„V Many other enhancements including multi-line footnotes and endnotes; automatic timed save; odd column or row of figures; indent tabs; find word at cursor; 40 (olutin mode support; sentence operations; inter- paragraph spoce; much improved express evaluator; self incrementing variables; Roman numerals; newspcper-style column ' printing; file sorting utility with special options for names and addresses; revised manual plus new tutorial guide.
' And don't forget Protext still includes background printing; box manipulation; macro recording; exec files; headers and footers; find and replace; moil merging; undelete; file conversion utility; configuration program; outo reformatting; on screen help; time and date; typewriter mode; line drawing; disc utilities.
Good computer shop or directly from Arnor. Upgrodes from earlier versions riginal discs should be returned with your order.
PC AMIGA ST TT Archimedes £149 95 £149.95 £149.95 £149.95 £60 £60 £60 N A £75 £75 £75 N A £99.95 £99.95 £99.95 N A £79.95 £79.95 £79.95 due 1991 Q1 Arnor Ltd (amc), 611 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PEI 3HA. Tel: 0733 68909 (24 hr), Fax: 0733 67299 IS YOUR AMIGA STILL IN THE STONE AGE?
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 •
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga •
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design •
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster •
• Three models A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40 •
• THE MACHINES • A5000-16. 1667 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 2-3
MIPS (8 MIPS peak) B5000-J5 2500 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP 5-6
MIPS (12 MIPS peak) B6000-40; 40.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP
0-9 MIPS (18 MIPS peak) FPU; 125 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous
MC68881RC or MC88882RC A5000-15 RAM 4 Meosbytes of 32-Olt RAM
256 x 4 66ns DAAMs B5000-2S RAM; 16 Megabytes of 32-0*1 RAM
1024 x 4 80ns ORAM* 65000-43 RAM: 32 Megabytes of 32-Oil RAM
1024 4 80ns ORAM* SHADOW ROM; Move your Kickstart into 32-Olt
SUPER-FAST-RAM SOFTWARE. 68000 Fallback moan for 100% soft wars
compatibility HARDWARE; 100% Compatible with Amiga 500 2000 and
add-on cards INTERFACE 1: Plugs into 68000 processor socket
Inside your Amiga INTERFACE 2: A B2000 Cb-prweSSOr (Zorroll)
card (tor BS00040 only) A 5000-16 (Price includes Mb A’ I M)
B5000-25 (Price includes Mb A’ I M) BS000-40 (Price includes
iMh RAM) Solid State leisure Limited BO FiNEDON ROAD.
IUThlinmidwough, NOHIHANTR NNO 5TZ. TELEPHONE! (0933) 650677
International: + 44 933 650677 THE COVERDISK Rollerpede: came
of the month is a good place to start - if you're looking for
quality games with a zero price tag, and this month's
all-action ption. A* i fc*“ 1 Musical madness!: We've gone
bonkers! Not only have we packed TWO great tunes into this
month's Tune-of-the-Month, we’ve also included some of the best
samples you'll hear on any disk (Menu: Now you too can produce
professional menus from a script file. Jmenu does it all with
ease and simplicity ImageED and PasteCadgets: Use this
excellent combination of utilities for complete control over
your system gadgets.
Ideal for programmers and those with the urge to customise r-r- Encrypt: Protect sensitive files from prying eyes with this handy utility. Make sure you're the only one who can get to that electronic filofax!
ColourKwik: Capture the coolest colours for your Workbench and save them to disk with ColourKwik. Noi more messing about trying to match that perfect shade of blue - just click to save it out!
WHO'S WHO £ MANAGING EDITOR Derek Meakin PUBLISHER RicNrt Wliams FEATURES EDITOR Ed& McKendnck DEPUTY FEATURES EDITOR: Paul Austin TECHNICAL EDITOR Slew Kenredy ART EDITOR MraEafcy CONTRIBUTORS &OT Hotbom. Don Lems, Margaret Stanger, Peter Hickman, John Water, Ashley Cotter-Cams, Don Uaple, Pad T. Wtttf SALES AN0MARKETIN6: in Conway ADVERTISEMENT MUU6ER Tracy Carroll ADVERTISING SALES: Simon Lees eng and ble upon British Pu Domain ind Tftetfti-their 'conclusions ojii»dge t (ttriil COSFJOJ Mftfflim xnirm Uhamm: 0613572961 Fie 0SZS8?«9K 01W1 Ean«nu FaVktfm LH to mrui W aMt tr W pal atone tniin
pnw. Wmt r*trj on a ttM. 1m itfiittm came M M wpd fhimMi tv uy mn ¦ Klldn. Mmir immnMrt ru u Mtmtori MuuttH mt Cmotti iltUllNiHimioKiiiixieforDi WVPRESS PUBLIC AT IONS Pages Music......126 & 133 Machine Co 126 141 The best advice for coders assembled just for you Lights!
Desktop Video news Back to the future After AMIGA Computing's 3rd birthday party Eddie McKendrick gets nostalgic What's new If It's happening, it's here. Six pages packed with the latest news, including location reports . Public Domain Our regular guide to the best in free software.
Paul Austin sorts out the best from the rest Write like a pro Stevie Kennedy takes a look at the latest £ version of the Prowrite word processor 03 The hard stuff Our Technical Editor gets knee-deep in the -v latest Amiga hardware offerings .O Going for Gould Chairman of Commodore, Irving Gould has y y quite a bit to say. Don Maple listens in ...§ 3 The magic of MED Paul Austin takes a look at the built-in sample q r editor sported by our old friend MED 3 .J 3 Beginner's guide: CU Confused b the Amiga’s Command Line?
Gallery Proudly presenting a two page showcase q q of the very best Amiga art ...OO ACAS The Amiga Computing Advice Service is « always at hand with tech help .....II § ESP Ezra Surfs Postbox is crammed full of Amiga m m y related correspondence from far & wide .. 143 Rock Lobster In the true tradition of "...and finally' the a i Amiga Computing team wind down . I 40 Intensive care What do you do if your Amiga's heart stops beating? Consult our silicon surgeon . Expand and deliver Jason Holborn continues his
quest to « expand yoor Amiga to bursting point ...... I v The Saxon angle Richard Williams test drives the latest « « a Aniga Desktop Publishing sensation I I JL The section of Amiga Computing that takes having fun seriously! Previews, charts and tips not to mention reviews of BRAT, BARDS TALE III, A10 TANK KILLER, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, WARLOCK, PGA TOUR GOLF and SUPERCARS II. Get your joystick ready for action! Code Clinic 139 Stuck with C?
The Code Clinic may have the cure Amiga Screen ST ACTION • The best game ever to grace the ST. Highest accolade I can give.
AMIGA USER INT * The oest computer game ever 97% THE ONE - Ultimate soccer simulation 96% THE ACE - Brilliant Buy. Buy. Buy 930.
¦ AMIGA FORMAT - Best footy game to have appeared on any machine. 94% ST FORMAT - What a game! Gem to play Magic 90% C & VG - Championship winning material. 95% GAMES MACHINE - Probably the best sports game ever. 92% COMMODORE USER - No other footle game can touch it. 90% AMIGA ACTION - Surpasses all other football games 93% POPULAR COMPUTING WEEKLY - Nothing short of brilliant NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS • Computer football event of the year.
AMIGA & ST £19.99 EXP. AMIGA £24.99 IBM (AT & XT Turbo, EGA & VGA) £24.99 CBM 64 - SPECTRUM - AMSTRAD £9.99, £14.99
* League and cup competitions with Extra Time, Injury Time and
sudden death penalty shoot outs.
* Facility to view, edit and save the Action Replays and create a
Golden Shots disc.(Exd IBM & CBM 64)
* Facility to load Player Manager teams and tactics for a single
or league game.
* Red and yellow cards. 16 different referees, injury time and a
host of features to create an atmosphere for a game which is
real fun to play.
An International class player takes charge of a third division club as Player Manager. His brief is simple
- Bring Back The Glory Days.
His success depends on his playing skills on the pitch and managerial skills in devising winning tactics, aquiring the right players from the transfer market and building a team worthy of the highest honours.
* Unique facility to design and implement your own tactics.
* Over 10C0 individual players, each with a unique combination of
attributes and skills.
* A lively transfer market. Haggle for the best deal.
* 4 division league and a cup tournament with sudden death
penalty shoot out.
ST. ACTION A stroke of pure genius.
THE ONE - An exceptional football management simulation, Astounding depth. Most involved, rewarding and playable, THE ACE • Successfully blends challenging soccer management with frantic end to end arcade action. 920 NEW COMPUTER EXPRESS • The sheer depth isincredible A definitive management game COMMODORE USER • At last a management'game that requires true management skills - a winner. 94% ST FORMAT - Bnll.anfi 93% AMIGA FORMAT tin thrailing and IMM! ' 93% ZZAP - Best football management game ever written. 92% KICK OFF 2 greatly enhances the gameplayof KICK OFF, winner of the THE GAME OF THE
YEAR in the
U. K.. and similar awards right across Europe. A host of new
features have been added to the ones that enthralled players
the world over.
* Full size multi-directional scrolling pitch with the players,
markings etc. in correct proportion.
* 1 to 4 players option. (Amiga and ST only)
* 2 players TEAM option against the computer or 2 other players.
Hundreds of players each with a unique combination of attributes (stamina, pace, etc.) and skills (passing, shooting, tackling, etc.)
* Instinctive Kick Off joystick controls to dribble, pass, shoot,
head or chip the baO and do sliding tackles.
* Set piece. FREE KICKS including dummies and the ability to dip
the ball or bend the ball round a defensive wall.
* 9 types of comer kicks with full control of shot power. Long
and short throw ins.
- PIXEL PERFECT PASSING Team selection from a squad of 16 with
substitution and a choice of tactics.
WHISTLE Amiga - ST £12.99 (Rei. Nov.) Raises the skills
requited and gameplay of new heights, Two extra kits.
Look at any player stats, (attributes and skill) before selecting squad.
Totally new comer kicks with full control of the power, height and trajectory of the ball.
Enhanced throw ins and penalty shots.
Provision to flick the ball in the air and do a blinding header or a spectacular overhead kick.
New two players team mode. Player 1 in position or nearest to the ball and player 2 in position or keeper.
Linesmen and referee on the pitch.
A new player attribute FLAIR. A player with a high level of flair will try a solo attempt at the goal.
4 new pitches - Wembley - Icy - Muddy - Non-League And Lot's More WINNING TACTICS (£6.99 Rei. Nov.) - A collection of tactics for use in Player Manager or K02 with full explanations.
RETURN TO EUROPE (£9.99 - Pel. Dec.) - Thred: European cup competitions. UEFA cup - European Cup - Cup Winners Cup.
GIANTS OF EUROPE (Rei. 1991) Best teams of Europe on one disc.
N it r mr i :vi ¦ h* Draft specifications Subject tq hanges without Notice ANCO SOFTWARE. UNIT 10. BURNHAM TRADING ESTATE, LAWSON ROAD. DAR1FORD. KENT .
TELEPHONE No: 0322 92513 18 FAX No-. 0322 93422 STRATEGY...REALTTY. Heralded the American computer role-playing game of the year!
Based on Megatiaveller by Game Designers Workshop, the world's most popular science- fiction gaming system.
Twenty-eight planets and satellites to explore in eight systems filled with exciting puzzles, dangerous subjects and interesting characters to encounter.
¦Megatiaveller 1 is one of the best science-fiction role-playing games ever for the computer" S51 i I II t* 1 : ‘ I T 51 jrt, | 1 :i i 8 . 1 J The most sophisticated character generation system ever devised: five military classes, more than seventy talents and abilities. Allows player to control character development through five services: Army; Navy, Marines, Merchants and Scouts.
TAKES SCIENCE FICTION ROLE-PLAYING LIGHT YEARS FORWARD "Megatraveller 1, a game that truly warrants the highest level of praise, the attention to detail makes it exceptional" (Quotes taken trocn Dragcn magazine US and Quest Busters magazine US) Amiga and ST implementations by SteVeN Green The no. 1 best -- selling book has now turned into the no. 1 best selling game Team Yankee is the definitive action simulation of modem tank warfare.
'Team Yankee.. the critics' choice' Team Yankee is designed to test your leadership and tactical skills to the quick.
STRATEGY PLUS AMIGA FORMAT Team Yankee presents a game, in a sims clothing, which when dealing with tanks has to be the perfect approach' This is a game and a half!
The use of four screens in one is simply brilliant - at times it’s almost like playing on four computers at once!
ACE The blend of thought and reflexes required to play Team Yankee is exactly right!
ST FORMAT Hunting the Red Bear has never been so much fun!
You wont be able to tear yourself away from Team Yankee!
I quickly found myself hooked on a genre of game which previously held no interest.
9SSM AMIGA ACTION The tanks have been superbly animated, with great attention to detail!
This has to be a must for everyone!
EMPIRE SOFTWARE, 4 THE STANNETTS, LAINDON NORTH TRADE CENTRE BASILDON. ESSEX SSI5 ADJ. TEL: 0268 541212 AVAILABLE NOW FOR ‘- ATARI ST, COMMODORE AMIGA AND IBM PC & COMPATIBLES WHAT’S MONTHS of speculation about Commodore's fledgling multi- media product CDTV are finally over. On Tuesday April 30 Commodore officially introduced their Dynamic Total Vision to the world.
- the wait is over!
Commodore finally stop crying wolf and unveil a CD player that thinks it's an Amiga, as Eddie McKendrick reports Due to go on sale later this year with a price tag of around £700, CDTV is similar in appearance to a standard compact disc player, but it is capable of a variety of interactive leisure and educational applications.
With the CDTV, users will be able to simultaneously call up video images, text, graphics and stereo audio through a simple infra-red remote control unit.
The greatest potential for CDTV lies In the educational field where programs are being developed which exploit the machine's multimedia capability.
A Commodore spokesman explained: 'You can call up a picture of the African bush containing a number of wild animals.
"Using the control unit you can then select one of the animals and up on screen comes a detailed picture with descriptive text and the sound of the particular animal or a commentary."
A pilot scheme underway with Derbyshire County Council is using CDTV to teach Japanese to local schoolchildren.
As well as hearing the spoken language, children are able to see pictures depicting Japanese culture. As no keyboard is necessary, CDTV can be operated by people with no previous key* board experience.
CDTV exploits the technology of CD-ROM (compact disc read only memory) using discs v ith a storage capacity equivalent to around 720 floppy disks our about 250,000 pages of text.
Delivering the goods Independent research commissioned by Amiga Computing has revealed that major High street outlets do not expect to have large stocks of Commodore's CDTV home entertainment system until October.
Outlet said: "We've get it in our price list but because of pre-production delays I don't think we will have it in stock until October."
A spokesman at Dixons' head office said: "We have no information on when this will be available but we hope it will be within the next month.
We are just waiting for Commodore, but the price has been fixec at £599.99." Our researchers drew a complete blank at the John Lewis store in London's Oxford Street. Even when given a description of the rew machine, a senior member of staff said they had no knowledge of it.
"It's not on our list for this half-year. Maybe we will have it next half," was the reply.
Over at Comet, staff in two retail outlets referred us to head office where a spokesman said: "We will have CDTV in some of our selected outlets by mid-May but we certainly do not expect to have it generally available until October.
It will cost £599.99." Despite the official launch our survey showed that CDTV is likely to be a slow starter with one retail chain expecting only small stocks by mid-May anc others still in the dark about availability.
Information for the buying public is woefully inadequate. Under the guise of a customer keenly interested in buying CDTt , our researchers contacted approved stockists Dixons, John Lewis and Comet. Sales staff in one major Dixons outlet thought CDTV was "a sort of television" while staff at another branch asked: "Is it some kind of games console?" Neither had any knowledge of availability.
CDTV may be here as far as Commodore is concerned, but no-one has told the High Street A third Dixons store said they had no idea when they would get CDTV but they would try and order it while the manager of a fourth Amiga's in education go down a bundle COMMODORE has escalated its assault on the education market by offering education authorities and schools the chance to buy an Amiga 500 and one of 14 software packages for £299 plus VAT - a saving of £100.
The offer has been made in response to education minister Kenneth Clarke's request for computer manufacturers to be competitive in their education pricing.
It includes a 500 with 1Mb of ram and a choice of Amiga Logo with Talking Turtle, Dpaint II, Dprint II, Dpaint III, BBC Emulator, Fanta Vision, MaxiPlan 500, Superbase Personal, ProWrite
2. 5, Music Mouse, Dr. T's Music Recording Studio, InfoFile,
Photon Paint or Spritz.
To ensure that those taking advantage of the offer are bona fide education users, Commodore are dealing with all orders them
• •••••••• " Ne have a growing market share in education and
there hasn't been an offer as keen as this one before" Peter
Talbot The Lowe down on ACS Martin Lowe Spurious price cuts
FOLLOWING reports of price cuts for top-end Amigas in the USA
Commodore UK spokesman Andrew Ball has discounted suggestions
that the same could happen on this side of the Atlantic.
He told Amiga Comput- | ing: "These are just spurious rumours."
The American price cuts take in both Amiga 2000 and 3000 ranges and vary from 10 to 26 per cent.
Smooth operator ANTIA is a font enhancement utility which perlorms an anti-aliasing process on normal Amiga fonts.
From one original font size, it can produce up to nine scaled down versions, anti-aliased using four brightness levels, AntiA runs on all Amigas. It can handle type sizes up to 300 points, although a 512k machine will be limited to sizes of around 200 points. A 68020 30 is useful in speeding up the processing of very large point sizes, but not essential. AntiA is available now at a RRP of £40. Contact ZEN Computer Services on 061 793 1931 24 bits on the side AMIGA screen files can now be converted into 24 bit colour slides or film of full cinema quality thanks to a new development from
Amiga Centre Scotland (031 557 4242).
Cine Urk is a module for use with the company's Image Link package, now re-christened Rastar Link. It drives a number of digital film recorders, allowing Amiga files to be transmitted to them via the SCSI port.
They are then converted into 2,000 or 4,000 line resolution pic* tures. Cine Link can also be teamed with a cine camera to produce cine film animations in up to 4,000 line resolution and full 24 bit colour. As Amiga Computing went to press, the price of Cine Link was not definite but should be in the region of £230.
Raster Link costs £155. This provides all the software necessary for the conversion but the real shock to the wallet comes with the purchase of digital film recorders which can run into thousands of pounds.
Under the Spell SPELL!, the computerised aid to spelling that is now selling in record numbers to Amiga users, has found a new fan - Minister of Education Tim Eggar.
He has written to Nicholas Winterton MP, another admirer of the program: "The Government welcomes such initiatives as a way of raising standards in our schools.” And he added: "The Secretary of State is concerned at the perceived decline in the standard of spelling among young people and is keen that everyone in the world of education should take serious steps to improve those standards. Good spelling is essential in all branches of knowledge”.
MANAGING director Martin Lowe reports that Amiga Centre Scotland have embarked on a substantial change of direction. They are now concentrating on developing low-cost advanced technology for business, television, the professions and education.
"We intend to provide an environment where a business or education customer can be shown a complete range of computing Hardware and software, where they can examine and try our equipment and where technical requirements can be identified and satisfied," he told Amiga Computing.
'Too few people and corporations in the UK are aware of the power and price advantages of using the Amiga system. A fully-implemented version of AT&T Unix System V, release 4, is now available on the Amiga.
Internationally, many broadcast and video professionals have already discovered the Amiga."
The validity of his decision was underlined by the successful appearance of AMS's 32-bit graphics board at top European computer show CEBIT where it attracted interest and orders from 40 countries.
"Commodore displayed four of our boards on their trade stand," said Lcwe. "Japanese company Sharp also showed the Harlequin Amiga combination displaying images captured with their top of the range scanners.
"Software developers in Europe and America are already producing programs to take advantage of our technology."
Features in previous issues of Amiga Computing, the Harlequin board substantially reduces the cost of generating broadcast quality, full colour images with an Amiga.
Selves - passing them on to accredited dealers in the appropriate area. "We are policing this offer very closely to mase sure that the right people are buying the computers," said Commodore's national sales manager far education, Peter Talbot. "So far we have had tremendojs response from the government right down to the schools themselves. We have a growing market share in education and there hasn't been an offer as keen as this one before". Commodore spokesman Andrew Ball added that in the first month alone, sales on the offer had totalled £250,000. Schools wanting to buy the package must
provide either their DES number or an official purchase order and the offer doses on May 31.
Further details can be obtained from Commodore's education sales desk on 0628 779677.
Silica presents some great offers on the award winning range of high quality dot matrix printers from Citizen.
Each Citizen printer is built in the UK to exacting standards, ensuring superb reliability and a very high quality of output. Our confidence in the quality of Citizen printers is such that we are pleased to offer a unique two year guarantee with every printer.
Plus, if you purchase your Citizen printer from us, we will give you a Silica Printer Starter Kit (worth £29.95), FREE OF CHARGE!
The Citizen Swift 9 4 perfec (or thoee who require high quality dot matrix Mack or colour printing at a budget price. The print qualty ot Swift 9 rivals that ot other manufacturer's 24-pin models
• 9-pin Impact Printer
• Print Speed 192cpa Draft
• 3 NLQ Fonts (48cpa)
• 8K Buffer FREE!
COLOUR KfT e Epson A IBM Graphics Emulation
• Advanced Paper Parking
• FREE Starter Kit
• FREE Colour Kit RRP f280 83 STARTER WI £2995 COLOUR KIT £4405
TOTAL RRP: £35543 SAVING £13335 SILICA PRICE: 1222.0* FREE
DELIVERY Next Day - Anywhere m the UK manland FREE STARTER KIT
Worth £2995 - With every Citizen primer kom Silica FREE COLOUR
KIT Worth £3995 • With Swift 9 and Swift 21 printers 2 YEAR
WARRANTY Silica offer a 2 year warranty (including the pnnter
head) with every Citizen primer purchased fror Srhca WINDOWS
3.0 Free Windows 30 dnver - In the b*ca Starter Kit FREE
HELPLINE Technical support helpline open dunng offce hours MADE
IN THE UK 0ti2en printers are manufactured to t»gh standards
Tne Citizen Swift 24 4 one of Europe’s best selling printers and has won awards including Printer Of The Year 1990 Its rapid print speed, quality and black or colour options, make it a mtural choice
• 24-pin Impact Printer
• Print Speed 192cps Draft
• 4 NLQ Fonta (64cpt)
• 8K Butler
• Epson. IBM A NEC P6+ Emulation
• Advanced Paper Parking
• FREE Starter Kit
FEEDERS PRA1200 1200 ...... £71.38 PRA1215 1240 Swltt 9 24
£W,7D PRA 1228 1240 Swift 9 24 £42 JM SERIAL INTERFACES PRA
1189 120D+ £56 45 PRA 1209 Swift 9 1240 £32.25 PRA 1709 Swift
24 £26.38 PRINTER STAND PRA 1242 1240 Swift 9 24
£24.03 ORIGINAL RIBBONS RIB 3520 1200 Swltl 9 Black £4.t1 RIB
3924 1240 Swlll 24 BlKk £4.70 RIB 3936 Swift 9 24 Colour £15X3
COLOUR KITS PRA 1236 Swift 9 24 ..£39.65 All prices
mcktde VAT and Erae delivery FREE! STARTER KIT Every Citizen
printer from Silica, cortes complete with the Silica Printer
Starter Kit. Including everything you need to get up and run
ning with your new printer immediately, FREE OF CHARGE!
• 3 to” Dual Format Disk with Amiga A ST Printer Drivers
• 3Vr" Disk with Drivers for Microsoft Windows 3
• 2 Metre Parallel Printer Cable
• 200 Sheets of High Quality Continuous Paper
• 200 Continuous Address Labels on Tractor Feed
• 5 Continuous Envelopes on Tfactoi Feed II you already own a
pnnter. And would like a Silica Pnnter NORMAL RHP_ Starter Kd,
you may order one (ref. KIT 5000) lor the speoal C O (j Q C
Silica price of £24 95-£5 Off RRP!
• FREE OVERNIGHT COURIER DELIVERY: On all hardware orders shipped
in the UK.
• technical support helpline: Team of PC technical experts ai
your service
• PRICE NATCH: We normally match competitors on a "Same product •
Same price" basis
• ESTABLISHED 12 YEARS: Proven track record in professional
computer sales.
• C13u TURNOVER (with 60 staff)-' Solid and reliable with
maintained growth e BUSINESS EDUCATION GOVERNMENT: Volume
discounts available for large orders.
• SHOWROOMS: Demonstration and training facilities at our London
& Sidcup branches.
• THE FULL STOCK RANGE: All of your PC requirements from one
• FREE CATALOGUES: Will be mailed to you with otters and
software peripheral details
• PAYMENT By cash, cheque and all major credit cards.
Before ycu Ooode when to buy your new primer, we suggest you think very camMI* about WHERE you buy it Counter wham will be like a lew months alter you have maoo you* purchaee. When you may require additional peripherals or roftwara. Or some technical help and advice. And. »'« the company you buy Irom contact you with details or new products? At Silica Systems, we ensue that you will have nothing to uorry about. Silica Syrian* a one ri the l «* leading vidependent computer deeto* and provide* a quality service to user* at home in educahon and in buainesi throughout the nation. Silica have been
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W1P DBA " Tel: S71-5M MM Operwtfl Hours Mon-Sal a»am400pni__No Late Nigrs Opening_ No or-323*737 LONDON SHOP: Selfridges (w fboo. Oxford Street. London, W1A 1AB Tel; 071629 1234 Opening Hours Mon-Sat 9J0anv600pm Lale Night Thursday until 8pm Ertenson »u SHOP: “ U The Mew?. Hatherley Rd. Sidcup: Kent. 0A14 40X W: 081-302 8811 irs Moo-Sal 000am &30pm lace Ngh. Frd., tyr- Fax No »-X90017 | PLEASE SEND CITIZEN PRINTER INFORMATION I Company Name (it applicable): A hich computer(s). If any, 00 you own? .. 14C€ AiWlMd
prcMi'ti tpeohcetom m., c*«r g» Pleaae • To Silica Systems. Dept AMCOM-0691-55.1-4 The Mews. Hatherley Rd, Sidcup. Kent. CA14 4DX Postcode: Tel (WOfk): Tel (Home): THE BEST ST HOME FINANCE PROGRAM NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE AMIGA AMIGA VERSION
- The Worlds Most Sophisticated Personal Finance Program Home
Finance Program By Peter Veale If you run a personal bank
account and have a Commodore Amiga then you need "PERSONAL
AS EASY TO USE AS A CALCULATOR PFM makes full use of Amiga's Workbench interface, if you need to amend or update an entry or Standing order simply click on it. Your screen looks just like a bank statement!
STANDING ORDERS & DIRECT DEBITS EATEN ALIVE PFM handles Credit and Debit - Monthly,Quarterly Yearly and even complicated regular payments like 12 payments of 252.99 followed by one of £12.50, PFM will check the date and automatically insert standing orders as they become due.
If you’re the type that likes to look ahead then PFM allows you to set budgets for both expenditure and income. Over 100 budgets can be set over a year, a quarter or a month and then 10 can be displayed either in figures or as a bar graph for a given period. Expenditure for these budgets can also be shown as a pie chart so you can tell at a glance where your money’s gone. PFM also allows you to display or print your budget groups selectively so you can see your expenditure quickly and easily.
BALANCING WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER A JUGGLING ACT When you get your bank account statement or a balance from an autobank machine you can confirm it with PFM quickly and easily. Simply select PFM’s unique "Auto Balance1 option and type in the balance as given by the bank and PFM will attempt to balance and highlight entries that have no: yet been processed through the bank.
* The number of entries is limited only by memory size
* You define tha file size
* Old entries are automatically deleted
* Automatically places entries in date order
* European or U.S.A. date formats
* Balance of account graph
* Moveable anc re-sizeable windows
* Run multiple Dank accounts by simply using different file names
Multi-Tasking allows Multi-Account access.
* Facility to check off items against statements
* Locates cheqjes written months ago in seconds
* Selective print features for dates-statements standing orders
and budgets OTHER FEATURES Free 30-Day Trial Order direct from
MICHTRON and if you are not 100% satisfied, return within 30
days for a full refund.
PHONE PO BOX 68. St. Austell, WITH CREDIT CARDS 1 Cornwall PL25
4YB TELE. (0726) 68020 Allow 28 Days for delivery. £30 95 (incl
P&P) IS rw . - AMIGA VERSION Please send me Personal Finance
Manager at £30.95 (incl P&P) Q Cheque enclosed made payable to
MICHTRON ? Please debit my credit card account: rrm rrm mu
axDExp.rydate Name_ "PFM is one of those rare programs with
which it is easy to fsal comfortable from the first time you
run it."
Ron Massey. ST USER "Personal Finance Manager is a sophisticated home financial package, it will probably help you save money."
ST UPDATE fersona Finance M Here's what the critics say MichTrori jf Address Signed Games galore, but mmi!
Serious VR was the IICW WITH a name like the European Computer Trade Show, you would hav? Thought the number of different kinds of software and hardware on show at Islington's Business Design Centre would have been legiDn.
Real draw Tou would have been wrong.
The order of the day - or rather the order of the three days from April 14 to 16 inclusive - was games, games and more games.
True, there was the odd bit of hardware - though mostly joysticks, to aid the playing of games, and mice, which in many cases serve the same purpose and several purveyors of educational and music software were in evidence.
But in the main, games reigned supreme.
How strange to have to report, then, that the stand which had the most visitors queueing up was NOT organised by a games outfit.
It was a virtual reality demonstra- tk r from Divison, a company based in Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol, anc which is involved in the more serious side of VR.
Although consistently well populated, even the Psygnosis hospitality suite, with those inevitable, loveable little Lemmings everywhere, could not raise the same amount of visitor interest.
Division's main claim is that it has made VR a practical proposition. It has done this by creating the hardware and software that has moved Cheetah and the Tortoise... THE results of eighteen months of research and ity. The Tortoise is a green, ergonom cally shaped development appeared on the stand of joystick manufacturer Cheetah.
Visitors encountered what Cheetah described as "the new generation of joystick technology".
Cheetah is renowned for helicopter-style handgrip sticks, and after conducting extensive research designed a new and innovative range of controllers.
The Bug is claimed to be "the most comfortable controller available", sitting snugly and neatly in the palm of the hand, ensuring long-term playabil- Hi-Tec sign up Bugs Bunny and Co.
HI-TEC Software used the ECTS platform to announce a prestigious signing with a major cartoon company.
The company has signed contracts with giants Warner Bros, throwing open the flood gates for a host of popular cartoon stars to appear on computer software.
The characters made world-famous by Warner Bros over the years include Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Thudd, Sylvester and Tweetie.
Hi-Tec has already achieved success with characters Tom its other major licensee, Hanna Barbera.
C. Most other companies involved in VR are working on specific
This leading-edge area of technology away from being an expensive laboratory plaything to a product that can be quickly integrated into any application which generates real time images.
I must confess I didn't actually get to don the eye-set for a demo, the queues being too long. But I did manage a word with one of Division's directors, Steve Ghee, who told me the company was pushing itself at the research market. The idea is that Division provide the hardware and software with which the customer can write their own pieces of VR using a high-level language like One of Division's customers is the Advanced Robotics Research Laboratory in Salfcrd, Manchester.
The ARRL is putting together an advanced robotic control system, in which a robot is linked electronically to a human, and the robot "learns" all the actions performed by the person. The human hears and sees exactly the same things as the robot.
Steve Ghee say} it is very, very hard to build an intelligent machine.
But by using VR to put a human into
• the loop, you can teach a robot how to do certain things very
Model whose shell acts as the directional movement control. Aeroskate operates in the same way as a conventional skateboard, except that it connects to your games system or computer.
Stick X's control handle sits comfortably in the palm of the hand for long term play, detecting the slightest movement of the hand to different directions. Finally, the Turbofighter is a two-handled Yoke with multi directional control, including forward and back movement. It comes complete with analogue and digital interfaces.
New software promised for Phazer It was a case of games nearly all the way at the European Computer Trade Show, but Richard Williams managed to find the more serious side, too TROJAN, manufacturers of light- phasers for use with the Amiga and other computers, and who also make lightpens for use with the Amiga and Amstrad PCW, with Atari ST STE and PC versiors coming soon, used the show as platform for the announcement that it has established its own software house.
The idea is "to ensure a continuing supply of quality software" to support its products.
Trojan promised new titles for all formats of Phazers would be released at regular intervals during 1991 and beyond. Imminent releases are The Enforcer, Aliex and Fire Star.
Trojan lightphasers and lightpens each carry a rrp of £35.99. Anyone thinking of contacting Steve or his colleagues at Division for a quote on a bespoke system had better consult their bank manager first. The kind of system being used in Salford costs more than £50,000, the eye-set and the electronic glove being the most expensive parts.
But there's hope. A system Division will be releasing in August will cost £10,000,and Steve says costs will continue to tumble until VR becomes de rigueur for all self- respecting home computer lanatics - and not just the game players!
What are the chances of Division- style VR on the Amiga? "Tou can actually attach our box to the Amiga, and use the Amiga joystick to control things," said Steve.
Show launch for scanner and rodent A NEW scanning package for the Amiga, and a new mouse which can be used with the Amiga or Atari Sts, were launched at the snow by Pandaal Marketing Ltd (0234 855666).
The DAATAscan Pro complete graphic scanning package features ?
Amiga Computing goes Euro amiga Amiga Computing, launched by Database Publications in 1988 and which last year moved to Interactive Publishing, is now to come under the banner of Europress Publications Limited. This is a result of the restructuring of all companies within the Europress Group.
The magazine has been managed by Interactive Publishing, for the last fourteen months. Interactive was formed as the result of a historic deal between Gollner Publishing and Database Publications. Now all magazines published by the group will be united under one name. Chairman Derek Meakin, who founded the group 21 years ago, said: "With the creation of new subsidiaries in recent years, all with different names, there was a growing danger of the parent group losing its identity. From now on all companies forming part of the group will appear under the Europress banner". Richard Williams has
been appointed publisher with responsibility for both Amiga Computing ard Atari ST User. The Amiga Computing editorial line-up comprises Eddie McKendrick (Features Editor) with Stevie Kennedy (Technical Editor) and Paul Austin (Deputy Features Editor). The art department is headed up by Mike Bailey (Art Editor).
Behind the scenes, key Amiga Computing personnel are |ane Conway (Sales and Marketing Manager), Tracy Carroll (Advertisment Manager), Simon Lees (Advertisment Sales), John Burns (Circulation Director) and David Wren (Circulation Manager). Richard Williams said: "With a new company structure and more staff we are in an ideal position to make Amiga Computing even better value in terms of editorial content and free disk programs. It will also boost our already great advertising power." Europress Publications also produce PC Today, The Micro User and Let's Compute! Other companies within the
Europress Group include Europress Interactive (Amiga Action, ST Action, Games-X), Europress Softv are (Formerly Database Software & Mandarin Software) and Europress Trade Publications (publishers of Computer Trade Weekly).
Mchael Meakin becomes Managing Director of the group's holding company, Europress Ltd, with Tim Roberts promoted to group firancial controller.
Scanning width, resolution from 100 to . Bfif400 dpi, choice of black “cind white or three dither patterns representing 64 grey scales, contrast control, real-time scanning display, 200m and pixel perfect editing, clipboard feature, ability to crop, rotate, flip and invert images and full printer support.
The CAATAscan supports the IFF file format, and is available now at an RRP of £189.95 including VAT. The ultra-high resolution 360 dpi DAATAmouse includes a slider switch located underneath which is used to choose Detween Atari and Amiga operation.
Pandaal claim the two microswitched buttons of the DAATAmouse have a lifetime of a million cycles. The anti-static WHAT’S new lightweight ball runs smoothly on most surfaces and can be removed for cleaning. It's available now at an RRP of £34.95. AMOS gets turbo charged THE AMOS Compiler - the turbo booster for the 40,000-selling AMOS write-your-own games program - was the big news from Europress Software, the new name for Database Software as of May 1.
Europress said the Compiler would be on sale from May, and would more than double the speed of AMOS prog ams. Some commands are seven times faster once compiled. Europress were also plugging AMOS 3D, which allows Amiga owners to crea.e 3D objects and manipulate them in real-time, ideal for creating games like Starglider and Inter-phase. And the next phase of the Fun School education- al series for chilcren, Fun School 4, is well jnder way and should oe launched in the , autumn. It JjA Fun School Development team Chris Payne (right), Vanner (left), and Peter Lee (top right) will be sold
alongside Fun Schools 2 and 3, and will offer six further programs across three age groups, all in line with National Curriculum guidelines. The Fun School seres accounts for a staggering 79.6 per cent of all educational software sold by computer retailers according to independent market research commissioned by Europress Software. Managing director Chris Payne said more than * a quarter of a million Fun Schools had been sold and dealers were convinced the range would continue to sell for years to come.
Contriving to cover Europe CONTRIVER Europe Limited chose the occasion of the ECTS to announce that it is poised to launch its European distribution network.
The firm's products, which are made in Taiwan, include a wide range of mice, joysticks, disk boxes, mouse pads, printer stands and other accessories. Managing director Adolfo Giannini said Contriver's intention was to continue
• its competitive f pricing policy while maintaining the highest
possible standards.The company was busy evaluating potential
distributors for the contriver range throughout the whole of
¦ I ?
¦ %*i Lemmings walk it in leisure awards AN alternative name for the European Computer Leisure Awards, awarded and presented during the ECTS show, might well be the Psygnosis awards, juding by the number of honours picked up by the games manufacturer already on a high with the runaway (no pun intended) success of Lemmings.
Psygnosis picked up the prizes for Computer Came of the Year (Lemmings), Most Original Game (Lemmings), Best Graphics (Shadow of the Beast II), Best Sound (Shadow of the Beast ’I), and also took the Software Publisher of the Year prize.
Anyone who is wondering whether Lemmings deserves its success should have seen how visitors who had not seen it before were immediately captivated on visiting the Psygnosis hospitality suite and getting some hands-on experience of trying to lead the little lemms out of peril.
The "biggie" award from the point of view of Amigaphiles was obviously the one for Home Computer of the Year, won by Commodore for what else but the Amiga!
Commodore also won the Multimedia Package of the Year title for Amiga Vision.
Other awards were: Best Animation - Dragon's Lai' II (by ReadySoft Inc); Best Action Game - Turrican (Rainbow Arts); Best Adventure Role Playing Game
- The Secret of Monkey Island (LucasFilm); Best Mind Game - Klax
(Domark); Best Packaging - Ultima VI (Origin); Best Simulation
F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose); Console Game of the Year -
Tetris (Nintendo).
In the Non-games Techni:al Excellence Categories, besides the two Commodore successes, awards were: Best Art Package - Deluxe Paint III (Electronic Arts); Best Music Package - Bars and Pipes (Blue Ribbon Soundworks); Best Home Eduction Package - Fun School 3 (Europress Software); Best Home Productivity Package, Microsoft Works (Microsoft); Most Innovative Peripheral - Video Toaster (Newtek); Multimedia Package of the Year - Amiga Vision (Commodore), Amiga Computing was one of die official sponsors of the awards.
It in real-time ... and in COLOUR.
Our VIDEO DIGITISERS are REAL-TIME and COLOUR. They GRAB a FRAME as fast as a TV camera can provide it, PLUS - they include a live framestore outout for connecting to a second picture monitor or even a TV set to simplify focusing and setup.
Step into the real-world of real-time AND colour: No need for a perfect freeze frame VCR!
No need for a colour splitter!
No need tor a colour wheel!
Perfect oictures from a moving colour source at just the touch of a button.
? SEF your SCULPT images as you have never seen them before!
Use ColourPic or SuperPic as the ultimate SCULPT display device!
ColourPic - a real-time colour video digitiser for the A500, A2000 and A3090.
NEW recommended retail price 1347 plus VAT (£399 nc. VAT).
SuperPic a real-time colour video digitiser for the A500 and A2000 including a superb quality genlock tor the discerning Amiga user.
JCL BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED Knowle Farm Clock House, Wadhurst Road, Frant, East Sussex TN3 9EJ, England.
Tel: 089275 791 (INT) +44 89275 791. Fax: 089275 440 (INT) +44 89275 440.
L lL;G Alii A.V LiUJSR 1 "MegaTraveller 1 is one of the finest role- playing computer games in at least the last three or four years."
"MegaTraveller 1 is one of the best science fiction role-playing games ever for the computer."
QUOTES TAKEN FROM DRAGON MAGAZINE US & QUEST BUSTERS MAGAZINE U S Copyright C I WO Paragon Software Corporation and Gamo Dongnon' Workshop TRAVELLER and MEGA TRAVELLER are registered trademarks of Gamo Designers Workshop. Licensed fo EMPIRE SOFTWARE AU ngMs row wd EMPIRE SOFTWARE. 4 THE STANNETTS.
TEL: 0268 541212 Realistic, combat sequences let you control each of your characters individually, while - still giving general combat orders to the other members of your party. Utilise more than 30 weapons and skills in this advanced combat system.
"MegaTraveller 1, a game that truly warrants the highest level of praise, the attention to detail makes it exceptional!"
Zhodani and the Outward • Coalition are planning a fifth.
Smuggling arms to traitorous groups within Imperium borders the Zhodani are planning to strike from within.
THE Z H O D takes Science fiction " Heralded The American Computer Game of the Year1" BUSED ON MEGDTRHVELIER BE GAME DESIGNERS' , IDE WDBID'S MOST POPUlBfl SCIENCE FICTION GDMINO SYSTEM The four legendary Frontier Wars have passed,each started by the Zhodani and each ending in a shaky peace.... VERSHTIEITY The most sophisticated character generation system ever devised: five military classes, more than 70 talents and abilities. Allows player to control character development through 5 services: Army, Navy, Marines, Merchants and Scouts.
IMROINRTIRN Flexible gaming system supports any playing strategy and allows multiple solutions to problems and obstacles.
72 varied skills to learn and use including medical, piloting, communications, laser weapons, bribery, demolitions and handgun.
CORRRGE 28 planets and satellites to explore in 8 systems filled with exciting puzzles, dangerous subplots and interesting characters to encounter.
SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM IBM PC VERSION Although Commodore gave most of its space to Pcs, it was.... WHAT’S new TM PRESS HERE!
COINCIDING with the 20th anniversary of Commodore Germany - the parent company will celebrate 30 yean in two years time - Commodore's international annual press briefing was a very professional affair.
"This press conference presentation was created using the Amiga 3000 so you can see what this product can do in real life," said Helmut Jost, the new boss of Commodore Germany.
He was joined by Irving Gockf, the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Commodore in the U.S, But before we get to meaty stuff, a few figures. Commodore contirues to show healthy growth and, compared to last year, the most recent six months' sales increased by 23 per cent and net profits jumped NINEfold to S44 million. But the best financial news is that with more than 50 per cent the Amiga continues to dominate.
Europe still accounts for 85 per cent of total sales and Germany is again the single largest world market.
Because of this Commodore is building a new factory in Braunschweig, Germany - all Commodore machines sold in Europe are already manufactured there.
The C64 is stHI selling well in spite of it being declared dead five years ago. In Germany alone C64 sales jumped from 108,000 to 180,000 mainly due to East Germany.
And the icing on the cake is that after reaching the 1,000,000 mirk in the spring of last year Commodore sold its 2,000,000th Amiga in November.
It-CeBIT-sy event for the Amiga Here we go again! In case you don't know it, the springtime CeBIT show held in Hanover, West Germany, is the largest computer exhibition in the world. More than 4,500 exhibitors from 41 countries, spread over some 20 halls covering nearly 300,000 square metres, showed their wares to a crowd of around 600,000 visitors. The exhibition grounds are so big that in addition to its own train station, CeBIT provides a free bus service for visitors and a free taxi service for journos. Impressed? (Yeah - sounds almost as good as Birmingham's NEC! - Ed).
Commodore is very popular in Germany so It's no surprise to learn that It has always been well represented here.
Donald Maple mit der news und der views from CeBIT '91 in Hanover Show highlights OK FO.KS, you waited long enough.
The bg news, of course, is the European premiere of CDTV which, contrary to popular misconception, actually stands for "Commodore Dynamic Total Vision".
CDTV is basically a 1 Mb keyboard- less Amiga with a CD-ROM drive and remote control.
Known internally within Commodore as "the baby" it will start shipping to selected markets in the U.S. and Europe this spring.
CDTV was to be available in Germany in May at DM 1500 (just over £500).
CDTV is not TV format specific and can be used with both PAL NTSC.
A "smart card" is used for storage so when the machine is turned off the settings are retained.
CDTV can also play "regular" audio Cds.
"From the moment you turn it on and insert a CDTV disk you are involved immediately in the cortent of the appli cation, not in operating machine," said Irving Gould.
And He continued: "Some of the world's leading software and reference companies including Guinness, lucasfilm, Disney and the big Eurcpean software houses are working on CDTV titles."
The reference titles include among others World Vista Atlas, the fuly illustrated Grollier encyclopedia and the King lames Bible.
CDTV is also ideal for high quality arcade games and entertainment titles. Because CDTV delivers music.
Video, text, graphics animation and interactivity its application is virtually unlimited.
A few examples are multimedia courseware, libraries, point of sales presentations, product demonstrations and staff training.
While CDTV is "multimedia for the masses", Amiga 3000 is high end multimedia. However, the latter has also got some new clothes.
Namely, Commo-dore is branching out into Unix with the "Amiga 3000 Tower" envisaged as a Unix server and the "Amiga 3000 UX" which runs the latest AT&T Jnix System 5 Release 4.
The Tower Amiga has five 32-bit and three 16-bit slots. ?
WHAT’S new The motherboard also has a 200-pin CPU slot. In contrast to the Amiga 3000, the Tower has the four Zorro III slots on the motherboard and not on a separate card. The video system has its own slot called VDE - Video Display Enhancer. A SCSI port is also included on the motherboard.
The heart of the machine is a 25- Mhz 68030 assisted by a 68882 floating point coprocessor. 3Mb of RAM comes as standard of which 2Mb is fast RAM.
Using 4 Mbit chips this can be brought up to 18Mb. The machine is supplied with either a 100Mb or 200Mb hard disk with access time of 19ms.
The graphic resolutions range from 320x256 tc 1280x512 and are backward compatible with all four previous Amiga modes.
A "flicker fixer'' chip comes as standard. On the software side the Tower is delivered with "Amiga-Vision" authoring system and the Unix version can communicate with other machines via an Ethernet card.
For DOS masochists among you Commo-dore also introduced its fourth generation of machines which to date this year include nine new Pcs such as slim-line, notebooks, desktop and towers featuring 286, 386 and 486 processors.
Hands on... Now that we're all charged up let's lay our grubby little hands on some real hardware. The Commodore booth was composed of three stands: a tiny home computing stand, an Amiga stand and a PC stand.
The professioral focus was clearly reflected in how the total area was divided.
The PC area was twice as large as the other two combined In spite of this division being the same as last year it nevertheless seems contradictory to Commodore's statements that the Amiga is the main platform and that it outsells the Pcs by a large margin. In contrast to last year's "wall of multimedia video" the Amiga stand this year was dominated by a "wall of CDTV" - a room size multi-screen display running CDTV demos. Oh yeah, the stand also contained a car. A what? No, really! A regular size car whose controls were connected to an Amiga and used in a competition.
The competitors then "drove" the car and watched the monitor on the wall in front through the windshield.
OK, it may not be virtual reality exactly but it comes close... Let's party with Third Party!
"Delta-Base", distributed by Delta Konzept at 01049-2159-81007 (that's Germany you're calling so, don't make that call too long now!), is a multidimensional data base written by Chris M. Muench. The program is very sophisticated and after setting the initial parameters doesn't require the user to set the field definitions.
In addition to supporting multiple users, Delta-Base has one or more Supervisors who are responsible for setting the parameters and structures and manage user access.
Delta-Base runs on both the Amiga and the PC and is looking for a distributor in the UK so call Germany on 01049-711-3454285 if you wish to become one.
Videocomp, responsible for the aforementioned "wall" of video last year, are well known here for endowing Amigas with Transputers and interfacing them with high-end professional video hardware.
This year saw the introduction of DVE-10, an all-in-one device combining digital effects, a video processor, audio and video mixers, a fast digitiser and a Genlock interface.
Merkens EDV introduced "VD 2001", a 24-bit real time digitizer and frame buffer. Originally developed in Austria the device sports a plethora of features such as Arexx support, works with a number of picture formats, overscan, mask editing, brush handling, picture blow-up and reduction.
The price in Germany is DM 3998 (about £1,500). Merkens is at 01049-6196-3026 while the UK distributor is G2.
"MXM-Chart" from MXM is a stock exchange analysis program. In addition to fast processing of data and creation of various graphs the program can also directly grab data from Videotext (the German equivalent of Teletext). The program version 1.00 lists for DM 349 (about 125 pounds). For more info call 01049-511-446376 (that's Germany again).
"Funlab" - a joint effort by Commodore, Kawai and Steinberg - is a complete MIDI system incorporating both hardware and software.
Introduced here last year, Kawai supplies the 61*key synthesizer which is actually an FS-680 with a few additional interfacing features.
The 13-note polyphonic synth comes with 100 presets (five software modifiable), an on-board sequencer and a built-in rhythm machine with 100 different patterns.
Steinberg custom wrote the software which is Funlab specific and will only work with this synthesizer.
The main feature of the package is "one finger ad lib", where the user selects the rhythm, presses one key and the synth does the rest.
The rhythm selection determines the notes in the automat cally created tune but these notes can also be defined by the user.
Funlab also sports a disk based "juke-box". New this year are more "juke-box" disks, each with up to 10 songs and including written notation.
Maxon demonstrated their "Maxon-CAD" program with a special Turbo-version for the Amiga
3000. The prices are DM 249 (about 90 pounds) and SM 449 (about
160 pounds) respectively.
Both versions support the CRP graphic tablet and work in resolutions from 640x256 to 1024x1008 Maxon will answer your call at 01049-6196-481811 (Germany).
FEET Computer (yup, that’s what they're called!) Offer a complete digitizing solution for all Amiga models. ARISTOTAB, developed by ARISTO, is the digitizer while FEET Computer wrote the driver which controls the mouie and does scaling and rotation as well.
Use your hands and call FEET at 01049-40-7427081 (Germany).
Elnar Kretzler demonstrated three products: Video-imaging for architectural landscape simulations in CAD images, 3D-Simulation for creation of realistic models and Video-Presentation.
Call 01049-451-36112 (Germany) for more info.
YP Q- Commodore € ii t»iKiaKiMLT SCREEN GEMS is the only NEW Official Amiga A500 pack from Commodore !
Amiga A500 Computer Keyboard 512K Random Access Memory Built-in 1 meg double-sided disk drive Superb 4096 Colour Graphics 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Speech Synthesis Multi-Tasking Operating System Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench 1.3 Three Owners Manuals Extras 1.3 and Tutorial Disk Amiga BASIC Programming Language Notepad Mini Word Processor Commodore Mouse Power Supply Unit with mains plug TV Modulator ..and all connecting cables to get you up and running on your home TV set!
Shadow of the Beast II Days of Thunder Back to the Future II Night Breed Deluxe Paint II Art Package Grand Monster Slam Powcrplay Tower of Babel Shufftepuck Cate E Motion Mouse Mat Microprose Soccer RVF Honda Kid Gk ves Dutastorm Dungeon Quest Mcroswrtched Joystick F-19 Stealth Fighter The Ukrrete Fight StrUator game tram Mcroprosewyt) £3439!
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‘Thompson Services presents their p&lusive ‘Theme (Pack of
the Month' stoning 'Mandelbrot & fractals Set I'far May The
definitive four diskpackjor Mandelbrot Artists and
We have selected only the finest programs. 'They include the latest version of Mandel Mountains, which was recently featured in Amiga Computing, use MandAnim for handmade animations, create exploding juUa set animations and realise the beauty of Mandelbrots with CPM.
Four diskjet only £1039 (Members £939) Words'for June If you are interested in completing, solving or making up crosswords or anagrams, this is the ideal packfor you. Included are top programs such as Cross, 'WordQame, CWP, Scrazzle and Disearch.
'Two diskjet only£539 (Members £5.49) _‘Phase note both the above require 1 Meg._, I HI* 'li L1 I ' I1 Other Theme Packs Available "Printer Workshop" for January We have included on two packed disks the finest PD S hare ware programs to help Amiga users achieve high quality print results. Print disk labels with DiskPrint, Post is a Postscript Interpreter, PLUS PrintS tudio, Printlmage, PrintS pool Gprint and SoftFont A total of 25 programs.
2 Disk Set for £5.99 (Members £5.49) "Home Management Vol.II" for February More useful programs for home use and the small business. There is a typing tutor and grammar checker PLUS 'Web' a superb spreadsheet and ’DataEasy', an easy to use database.
CheckBook' will keep track of your finances and 'Mileage Master' will tell you just how much your car costs to run. A total of 19 programs.
2 Disk Set for £5.99 (Members £5.49) "Famous Board & Puzzle Games VoI.IT1 for March Fifteen games that include BackGammon, Chinese Checkers, a superb Draughts plus Dominoes* Blackjack Lab, the latest version of 3D TicTacToe, Step 3, Puzz, Raps and Bounce.
2 Disk Set for £5.99 (Members £5.49) "Disk Utilities Vol.I" for April Do you have problems validating or formatting disks? Need an efficient back-up program? Want to speed up disk loading or even edit disks?
This packed set includes over 20 useful programs that will solve these and many more disk related problems.
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Just send 50p for a trial copy and keep in touch with top quality PD programs from GTS.
"K.O. the Virus" V4.0 of an exclusive compilation of the most effective PD and Shareware virus detectore and killers. Includes VirusX, ZeroVirus, NoVirus and many more.
Only £3.99 (Members £3.49) Update Service £1 "Video Applications Vol.I" A custom pack for the Genlock user and Video enthusiasts. Features smooth scrolling titling programs, useful utilities, transport tools & fonts.
2 Disks Set for £5.99 (Members £5.49) "T.V. Graphics" Original Video Fonts and Scenic Backgrounds for fixed Video display? And titling, Ideal for home videos when a Genlock is not available.
2 Disk Set for £5.99 (Members £5.49) "Catalogue Workshop" Catalogue your Yideo Audio Cassettes, Records, Magazines, even your GTS PD Library! Print disk and cassette labels and much more!
2 Disk Set for £5.99 (Members £5.491 $ Cover Feature " What is Public Domain all about? You've seen the programs but do you grasp the concept?
Paul Austin and Eddie McKendrick get public spirited on your behalf The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines "Public" as "open to or shared by all the people" and "Domain" as "an area under one rule." Cel these two definitions together and you have a fairly good iteration of what Public Domain software is all about.
Ment of computers. This conflicts sharply with the commercial ethic of identifying computing as a market within which money is the motivator and profit the prime concern, Originally, most PD programs were written by people who needed their computer to do something that an off-the-shelf package couldn't cater for.
Having put effort into producing the software, it made sense The driving force behind Public Domain is a sense of enthusiasm for the widest possible development and enjoyto release it to as wide an audience as possible.
It was this type of software which established the PD distribution channels now used to dissipate everything from professional quality productivity software through to scrolling vector-ball demos.
The fundamental concept behind Public Domain software is that it is intended to be entirely free. More and more these days, this principle seems to be lost. This is especially true with the larger libraries as they have grown over the years.
Growing up The Public Domain industry has evolved from a small enthusiasts' haunt into a fully fledged industry, servicing the ever growing number of Amiga owners eager to get bargain priced P D -W (ONE) OVER 1600 PD TITLES ALL IN OUR NEW CATALOGUE DISK CATALOGUE ONLY 75p REFUNDABLE ON FIRST ORDER BRITAINS BEST VALUE AMIGA PD LIBRARY THE REBELS TOP 100 "THE BEST OF THE REST' GAMES R1 Star Trek (Strategtc) ?
R2 Star Trek (3) 2 Drives ?
R3 Star Trek (2) New version R4 Star Trek (2) V good R5 Flash Bier (Boulderdash clone) R6 Return to Earth (Sci-fi) R7 Pacmon 87 R8 Breakout Construction Set R9 Pseuco Cop (Shoot em up) RIO Holy Grail (Text Adventure) * R11 Golden Fleece (Text Adventure) R12 Hack the Classic D + D Game R13 Stonlx (Super Shoot em up) * R14 Fish Games (5) (The best from Fred Fish) R15 Battle Force (Strategy game) R16 Bull Run (Civil war) R17 Moria (D + D gome) R18 Tennis* R19 Games Pack I Arcade games R20 Games Pack 2. Arcade games UTILITIES R2I Word Wright (the PD W PrccessoO R22 Clerk R23 Visicac (Spreadsheet)
R24 R.i.M. (Great database) * R25 S.I.D. R26 Flexibose (Simple database) R28 Bankn (Finance package) R29 Jazz Bench R30 Quick Base R31 Uttlmcte Virus Killer R32 Uttlmcte Utilities 1 R33 Credri (Text editor) R50 Crusaders Bacteria R51 Rebels Megablast R52 Crionks Neverwhere R53 Sounds of Silents R54 Games Music Creator R55 Pet Shop Boys R56 C Bit 90 (Brillliont) * R57 808 State Remix DEMOS R58 Budbrain 1 (2) Over 18 s R59 Budbrain 2 R6Q The Run (Amazing animation) R61 100 C64 Tunes R62 Mental Hangover R63 Fraxion Horror (Sickl) R64 Kylie Demo (2) R66 Blues Brothers (2) R66 RAF Mega Demo (2)
0330 727419
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Flight * R35 Ci Tutorial R68 Predators Mega Derro (2) R84
Video Applications (2) R36 Virus X R69 Puggs in Space * R85
Demoteher Utilities (2) R37 Amiga Fox R70 New Tec Demo (2) ?
. R86 Clipart Set (5) R38 Trooper Fonts (3) (D Point etc) R71 Viz Slide Show R87 Boot Champion R39 C Manual (3) R72 Walker Demo 1 * R88 Boot Writer R40 Utility Disk Set (10) R73 Walker Demo 2 ?
R89 Education Set 1 (2) Age 6* R74 Cool Enough * R90 Education Set 2 (5) Age 13+ MUSIC R75 Madonna Slide Show (3) R91 ST Emulator (It works) R41 MED R76 Crusaders Genesis ?
R92 Messy Dos R42 Soundtracker Inst Set (10) R77 Night Breed Slide Show R93 Red Devil Cruncher R43 Soundtracker R78 USA vs iroq Demo R94 Bacteria Demo R44 Noisetracker R79 Total Recall Slide Show R95 Vision Mega Demo R45 Sonix instruments + Music (10) R80 Real Things (2) (Birds & Horses) R96 Red Devil utilities R46 Barf Simpson (3) R97 N Comm (Modem software) R47 Amazing Tunes 2 (3) BfWant ?
GOODIES R98 Power Packer 2.38 R48 D Mob 4 (Brilliant) R8I Dope Intromaker R99 C Compder R49 Star Trecker R82 The Probe Demo * RlQQXCopy THE BEST DEALS AROUND Deal 1.1-9 Disks = £1.75 each Deal 2. 10+ Disks = £1.25 each Deal 3. 20+ Disks = £0.90 each Deal 4. Buy 10 PD Disks and get a free 10 capacity box Deal 5. No minimum order charge Deal 6. No post & packaging Deal 7. No VAT to add Deal 8. Order before 3 o'clock and we despatch same day Deal 9. Order 3 disks and get a free catalogue Deal 10. Come to the shop and get another 25p off all prices SEND CHEQUES R 0 TO: PD REBELS 52b LONG STREET
WILD SLIDESHOW OPD193 BODY TALK (X) (2) OPD085 FRESH COLA MUSIC (2) OPD383 SUNWIND BY ACCESSION (MUSIC) OPD3S6 ERASURE DEMQ OPD375 RAF MECAMIX 2(2) OPD377 CRUSADERS DOSE GENESIS (M) Nunbers in () mwnv number of disks, M ¦ 1 Meg, X = 18 years only CRAZY COMPETITIONS SUPER ULTIMATE PD FAST SERVICE PEMQS D001 Walker 111 Meg) -Classic 0002 Wafcer2(1 Meg)-Brill' D003 Walker 3 [ I Meg) • Nice Legs DOW Cool Cougar (1 Megi -Ammng D014 Space Ace Demo (1 Meg I Wicked 0028 Budbrain Megademo (2 Disks) • Get It Now' D045 Arse Wipe Ad (XXX) - Very Funny D039 Red Sector Megademo (2 Disks) - Best DC62 Red
Sector CEBIT 90 - Amazing D077 Good Mornmg Vietnam • Cool Sampe DC88 Silents Megademo Very Good D134 Garfield Sideshow • Cool Pccy's D147 Neighbours Sideshow - Hianous D148 Viz Calendar - Good D150 Windsurfer Amms (1 Meg I Disks) D151 Rooocop 2 Slideshow - NiO Osk Full D153 Epic Game Demo (i Meg) • Get H1 D158 Operation Vark - Funny & long D160 • Exodus Real 30 - Amazing Sideshow D168 Honzon Megademo - Cod Di69 Budbrain Megademo 2 - WW Ard Di 84 Dragons Lair 2 (1 Megi • Nee Anim & Sound Di 85 Wrath ol the Demon Demo 11 Meg) • Cod D186 Team Suzuki Demo - Cool Sraphcs D187 Batman the Movie (1
Megi - Mega Cod D188 Demoniac Demo • Amazing Di89 Simple Stuff 5 Latest Demjs - Cool Di90 Iraqi Demo • Very Funny & Good 0217 Slycath Demo Comp 1 - 5 Bril Demos D226 Cnonics - Total Destructioi Brill MUSIC MQ11 DM06 Music 2 - Cod & Firky M012 DM08 Music 4 (2 Disks) ¦ Very Nee M026 Amiga Chari Mix 5 - Anotn«r Cool Disk M029 DM06 Music 3 - Cod Lone Mix M033 Derek & Clive |2 Disks) - Very Funny ONLY 99p EACH M034 Total Remix (2 Disks) - UZI9MM M035 D$ iai Concert 2 - Get This Now M036 Digrtal Concert 3 - And Tns M037 Dugtai Concert 4 • Cod M038 Digital Concert 5 • One ol the Best M039 Digital
Concert 6 - Gel It1 M040 RAF Megamu t - Amazing M049 Ben Elton (XXX) • Very Funny M055 Gel Up - Mega Cool Long Sample MOW Sound Atax 2 ¦ Cool Disk Full M070 Scoopex Shadow Muse - Get h1 M075 100CW Tunes Nice M093 PE. Module Cornp 24 (1 Meg) - Cool MOW Vision Muse Masters Well Ard M112 Jarre Revolutions - Check It (Xit1 M114 Betty Boo1 - Just Domg the Do' Ml25 RAF Megamix 2 (2 Disks) - Bnll M127 Amiga Chart Mix 6 - Mega Cod MI34 Miami Vice 14 Disks) - Er... Long1 Ml36 Laurel & Hardy (2 Disks) • Very Good M142 Amazog Tunes 2 (3 disks 1 Megi - The Best* M171 HCC Music Disc 2-Amazing' UTILITIES
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Cover Feature The dirt on the domain The world of Public
Domain has been gradually gaining a reputation not too
dissimilar to that of a used car salesmen.
Yes, I know I'll receive hundreds of irate letters from furious used car salesmen threatening litigation for being compared with a business which is as notoriously dodgy as PD, but nevertheless it nust be said.
The problems with the Public Domain usually arrive with the fly by night elements that set up overnight and go bust almost as quickly, leaving punters in the dark and invariably out of pocket.
The only real way to avoid the Arthur Daily element is to check out their ads in respectable magazines and make sure they're well put together. If possible check a few back issues to see if they regularly appear in the advertisers' index.
Software. 4 good example of the speed and scale of development is provided by one of Britain's bigger libraries, Wakefield based 17-Bit software.
Back in February 1988 they boasted a library of 40 disks. Now they are approaching the 1,500 disk mark. Things haven't stabilised yet, the library is still growing at an impressive 'ate.
Looking at 17-Bit now, it is difficult to retain perspective and keep sight of the original PD ideals.
The organisation occupies its own offices with five staff looking after the needs of over 19,000 members.
There is no disputing that Public Domain has developed from more War and PD As you've no doubt noticed there seems to be something of a range war in progress with various factions cutting prices like throats and rustling software faster than a cowboy with an insa- tiable desire to poke other people's critters.
This cut throat mood is not solely the fault of the small operators but in fact quite the reverse. The large libraries use their formidable market position to corner various new releases with V. Licenceware agreements which vary in detail but invariably result in the software being tied temporarily or permanently to the library in question.
As a result, what's left for the rest becomes very hot prop erty and of course that's when the blood starts to flow.
What sells now? Martyn reveals without hesitation: "It is all sampled stuff now, graphics and sound."
Than a back bedroom pursuit. More and more people, perhaps dissatisfied with existing PD sources, are opting to set up their own PD libraries. Some do it for fun, others aim to make their fortune from selling other people's voluntary efforts.
Martyn Brown has been in PD for over three years. Known to his friends as 'Spadge' he is one of the most influential payers on the PD circuit. He is reflective on the UK Public Domain scene, hankering back to the early days when the floppies were few but the quality was high.
"Our most popular sellers in the early days were utility disks, Sonix tunes and the Walker demos," he relates, pointing illustratively at a 17- bit PD catalogue on the table. So No productivity software7 Martyn breaks the silence pensively: "No, not really, it is one of the weak spots with Amiga PD. We do some utility packs but there is hardly anything in the way of decent serious software."
What we now have is a Public Domain software base awash with demos , innumerable disk utilities and workbench hacks, but few useful programs. This is quite a contrast to the PD scene of a few years ago.
Free PD?
PD libraries charge anything from 50p to £5 for disks. As previously dis- ?
PD the legal language For the average newcomer the almost endless variety of legal vacations beneath the umbrella of the Public domain can make the basically liberal philosophy of the business seem very confused.
To help clear the waters here's a brief guide as to what it all means.
PD Freeware With this format you're not obliged to send anything to anyone, the whole thing is totally free. The only restriction is that the software Is not sold commercially and if it's distributed to anyone the cost of the disks is not meant to exceed the amount required for duplication, packaging and postage.
Shareware This is by far the most popular format. The idea is to allow you to sample the software and if you then use it on a regular basis you're legally bound to pay a nominal amount to the author.
This will usual! have the added effect of making you a registered user, which generally means technical support and access to the latest upgrades.
Licenceware In most cases this distinction only really applies to PD libraries by restricting distribution to the library with the particular software franchise in question.
As far as we the punters are concerned the software itself is usually Shareware with an occasional exception and should be treated accordingly.
Beerware This is a splendidly silly alternative which calls for the donation of a six pack of beer to the alcoholic author. Of course if the beer monster in question lives in Lapland it could be a lot cheaper to send a cheque and a bottle opener.
Charityware This is a rare but highly commendable variation on the theme. As you've no doubt guessed if you become addicted to the program in question you're required to send a donation to the charity of either your or the author's choice.
If your conscience can stand this particular poke in tne eye and you still don't donate you've got to be classed as a very sad character.
Paying There i an easy alternative to the tangled web of licence agreements: simply cough up the cash and make the donation like you're supposed to.
This isn't quite as surreal as it seems. There are some definite advantages to becoming a registered user. Perhaps the biggest bonus is access to updates as soon a they're available, not to mention the technical support the author will be more than happy to supply to his new found friend, Another twist in the tale employed by many a wiley author is to only supply partial versions of their software for release within the PD.
Only when you do the decent thing and cough up the cash will you receive the full-blown all singing, all dancing version of the software complete with extra disks or occasionally even various hardware add-ons which will allow full use of the software in question, An alternative method of encouragement relies on the need for a manual which the author will happily trade for the appropriate cash incentive. Both these methods are becoming increasingly popular.
The only downside for the partially complete approach is the potential for free advertising that has already been spotted by a good few commercial companies.
Occasionally it can be really useful to get some hands-on experience of expensive commercial packages before you hand over your hard earned cash, but more often than not the PD alternatives are just advertisements for the next ninja mutant blast-'em- up.
Cussed, the actual software is free, so where does the money go? Again, Martyn Brown can offer an insight: "We charge £1.50 for our disks and all we really do is cover our costs."
Some of the cost can be directly accounted for: 35p on postage and packing, 30p on duplication and 5p on literature. These factors combined account for 50% of the cost.
That may look as if it leaves 70p profit on each disk but there is quite a lot to read between the lines.
From that remaining 70p, the library has to pay for lighting, heating, telephones, five staff and a whole range of other day-to-day costs.
Add to that the production of the "Update" disk magazine which is sold for only £1 an issue and the cost of advertising in magazines.
With these factors combined you won't get much change from £60,000 each year, The bottom line is, in order to cover costs 17-Bit have to sell 85,715 disxs annually.
To assist in the duplication process, 17-Bit have a professional duplicator capable of chucking out copied, verified disks at the rate of 128 an hour.
So if you have a bedroom big enough and you really do enjoy licking stamps there is nothing to stop you setting up a library. Don't underestimate the sheer volume of effort required though.
Direct Connection It is possible to get your hands on PD software without paying a library for it. Hundreds of Bulletin Boards exist up and down the country providing literally thousands of PD programs for a wide variety of machines. Up until a year or so ago, the Amiga was the poor relation online, but we are catching up fas:. Most BB's don't Have you paid your licence The Licenceware arrangement is something of a mixed blessing. It actually contravenes the spirit of PD in the eyes of most aficionados by restricting the socialist ideals of the PD concept.
The trouble with such high ideals is that they are seldom lived up :o and as a result the poor forgotten fouls who created the software rarely receive the reward they so richly deserve.
The rewards should come in the form of Shareware donations from the hoards of punters who regularly make use of the authors' hard work.
Unfortunately this very seldom happens and as a result licenceware releases are destined to dominate PD in the not to distant future.
The various forms of PD agreement are explained elsewhere in the article but nevertheless it's worth remembering that the vast majority of releases are Shareware which leaves you legally bound to contribute to the coffers of the author if and when you become a regular user of the software.
In the eyes of many an author the licenceware approach is an ideal answer to the problem of non payment. When a product is licenced to a particular library the author immediately receives a payment for his labours.
At this point the software doesn't usually become copyright material in the normal sense, but it does mean it can't be legally distributed ty another library. Nevertheless it can usually still be given away, something which the average PD Ibrary is far from keen on.
Even though the authors do receive some cash from the library which will be distributing their latest releases, it's by no means enough to retire Ori. As a result there's no reason why a Shareware contribution couldn't be made to encourage :he authors on to their next minor masterpiece.
There is a variation on this theme which makes the licenceware contract valid for a limited period. This is perhaps the best of both worlds, allowing the author to see some return, the library to make some profit, which of course they donate to charity, and lastly for the spirit of PD which can fully embrace the software after the licence period expires.
The old guard may well be completely died in the wool as far as PD principals are concerned but with the new mood in the market these high ideals are no longer enough to maintain the standard of software which the average complacent punter has come to expect.
Charge for downloading software, but they usually expect something uploaded in return.
Letin board is, how fast your modem can go and how big the program you are downloading is, it could well be cheaper to buy the software from a library.
If you are determined to spread PD to the masses, it might be worth taking the plunge and setting up your own Bulletin Board. This isn': as This principal works well, ensuring that there is always a fresh supply of software available to download.
It is important to bear in mind that depending on where the bul? ????????????????
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DEMOS D209 Alcatraz Megademo 2 0207 Amaze Revolutions D2N Animation 1991 Dl84 Annie Jones Slideshow D195 Bob Crazy D222 Bowie Demo D015 BudDram (2 Disks) D173 BudDrain 2 (The Sequel!)
D211 Bunsen Burner Amm(l Mb) D020 CebiVComaVictory (1Mb) 0189 Centronics Demo Compilation D225 Cheap-o-PToductions Video 0180 CokemanSmurl Animations D231 Colour Cycling D228 Crusaders Freaked Out!
D232 Deadly Jammm 2 D171 Desert Island Slideshow 0157 Dragons Lair 2 0035 Elvira D185 Elvira Activities Disk D132 Enterprise Leaving Dock D216 Fashion Megademo D150 Fillet the Ftsh D037 Fractal Flight (1Mb) 0036 Fraxion Horror 0170 Girts QfSpon Illustrated D210 Good Morning Vietnam D169 Home and Away D224 Horror Demos (Over 18 only) D194 Hypnosis Demo Compilation D172 Indy 500 Game Demo D229INXS and Cascade Demo D200 Iraq vs USA D197 It Came From the Desert D202 Jamie s Mega-mix 1 D182 Japan Culture Slideshow DQ47 Jarre Docklands Demo D154 Jarre Revolutions D046 Jasper Carrott Dl92 Jesus loves
Aod (Superb) Dl28Kytie Demo (2 Disks) D175 Kyhe Locomotion D221 Loadsamoney D213 Machine Animation D055 Madonna D164 Madonna 2 Disks) D146 Madonna 2 D168 Madonna Cartoon Animation 0129 Maria Whitaker D188 Napalm Death D074 Probe Sequence DQ75 Puggs in Space D183 Red Devil Compilabon 8 (1Mb) D176 Red Sector Megademo |2 D«sks) D187 Roger Dean Slideshow D083 Sale Sex Demo 0130 Sam Fox 0177 Space Bubbles D163 Space Chase (1 Mb) D121 Star Trek Animations lAgatron 17) D089 Star Trek Animations D112 Stealthy 2 |tMb) D233 Subway Dappmg World 0174 Technoball Game Demo (Hew) D212 The Dream Goes Berserk
Anim D227 Ugly Mug Goes for a Spin D099 Walker Demo 2 (1Mb) D196 Web Demo Compilation UTILITIES U063Amigazer (Astronomy) U074APDL 71 (3D art etc) U085 Art of Virus-Killing U071 Biorhythms (1Mb) U054 Business Card Make* U073 C-light(IMb) U007C Manual (3 Disks) U079 Cad 5 U069 Cartoon Brushes U076 Catalogue Creator (2 Oisks) U060 Champions Total Utilities U065 Chet Solace (Over 20 Utils) U049 Couniach Art Collection (3 0*sks) U056 DTP Clip Art (2 Disks) U042 Education 1 German U043 Education 2: Learn Geography U044 Education 3 Weather Climate U075 Electrocad U068 Font Disks (4 Oisks) U051 Future
Composer U072 Genealogy (1 Mb) U006 Home Business Pack (3 Disks Wordprocessor Spreadsheet.
Database i U062 Iconmania U066 Mandlebrot Explorer U078 Mcad U057 Med v2.13 U019 Paoescner Clip Art U080 Pascal U067 Programming Dsk U081 Rabid Rita's Utilities 1 U025 Sid V16 U070 Slideshow Construction Kit U084 Speech Toy (Let Computer do the Talkinj!
U052 Speedbench U064 Star Chart (Astronomy) U082 Voices U061 Workbench Fun!
MUSIC M0338 Channel Soundtracker MQ61808 State Remixes Ml28Amanig Tunes (3 Disks) Ml05Another Day in Paradise M130Bach Busters Mn6Back-J-Base M092 Betty Boo M137Crusaders Project Beat Mi35Debbie Gibson (2 D«$ k$ ) M141 Dirty Dancing M101 Feet Tie Rhythm M139Flesh or Fantasy M0l2Game Music Creator M015 Genesis M096 Groove is in The Heart Mil8Hetloveen (2 Disks) M093lron Maiden M108Jamcracker M136Jestei Brothers international Ml00London Beat M097 Madonna Vogue (4 Disk Set* Excellent) M018Miarri ViceRemra M051 Michael Jackson Bad Ml20Original Rips 1 (Best Of PD Music) M121 Original Rips 2
Ml22Original Rips 3 M095 Pet Siop Boys 2 Ml07Pet Shop Boys: Suburbia M125Po«erpack Passionate Album t M129 Queen Laiifah De la Soul M131 Simpsons: Bartman (3 Disks) M054Sonix House 1 Ml 09 Synth Music M102Sydrey YoungWwd (Bass X) M124 The Power Remix M031 The Wall-Pink Floyd M032Walk this Way M123What Timers it Love? (1 Mb) Ml33Zee's Hip-Hop Disk ? C t GAMES G058 2-Player Soccer League Gl02 Adventure Disk G001 All New Star Trek Game (2 Disks) G073 Autobahn 3000 G039 Breakout G077 Cave Runner G006 Collosus G008 Eatmme G063 Electric Train Set G069 Escape From Jovi G051 Frantic Freddie G037 Holy
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Overseas orders very welcome, but please add 25p per disk for postage costs.
Send SAE for free new catalogue describing all disks in library!
Cheques PO’s to: STRICTLY P.D. 11 York Place, Brandon Hill, Bristol BS1 5UT Cover Feature A quick glance at any author's income, or to be more accurate the lack of it, is enough to make anyone understand the disillusonment which drives the talented to the tempting allure of licenceware and possibly on to do the unthinkable.
Yes there's an even darker side to the business which is beginning to apoear due to the apathy of the punters. This is the recent move by the authors of software such as the massively popular PowerPacker series to release their latest versions in the commercial sector in a final desperate attempt to make floppies meet.
This is almost an inevitable move which is brought about solely through a lack of support within the PD. As I mentioned ea’lier the complacency regarding quality releases never fails to amaze me.
PowerPacker is a fine example. When it was in the PD most people never considered posting a Shareware donation but nevertheless these same souls were more than happy to cough up the £7.99 to buy it commercially. Perceivable value is a strange beast... in today's scene. Martyn Brown wryly recalls the early days: "We would put a lot of effort into compiling disks only to find another library copying them and selling them for £1 cheaper."
The whole point of Public Domain is that it can be freey distributed so things all come back to enthusiasm and effort. Martyn is not bitter about the re-distribution o; software from 17-Bit's library.
He acknowledges that the practice can't really be described as pira- ?
Safe to say that you're dealing with a professional outfit At the last count Fred's collection came n at around the 460 mark so that’s the sort of figure you should be looking for. The collection was initially compiled from sources mostly within the states but as it's grown it's attracted contributors world wide.
The only real problem with Fred's immense collection is its size and variety, so if you're after specific items a copy of Aquarium is essential. This is the database which gives a guide to the entire collection and should take you straight to what's required.
? Cheap as it might sound either though.
Firstly you will need a fairly meaty Amga, a fast modem and masses of storage space. Next you will have to get a phone line and pay the quarterly rental.
You will not be able to hold an impressive range of software for download on a single floppy Amiga 500 You really need a hard disk to do a board justice, even then it could be a struggle.
As of January this year, the Fred Fish library consisted of 530 megabytes of data spread over 46,000 separate files.
If you really do have more money and enthusiasm than sense, you would do well to consider a CD ROM drive. The Fish collection is available on a single CD for S69.95. The politics The Public Domain sector seems to have changed quite dramatically over the years. Something which owes its success to a group of enthusiasts working together to promote a machine has turned into a much more commercial beast.
As the collection of available software grows, it is obvious that the numter of distribution outlets and methods will increase. At the end of the day it is down to Public Domain users to keep the industry in check.
Any library which starts solely for profit does not deserve to survive, nor will it with the fierce competition if you look at almost any PD column, sooner or later the name Fred Fish is bound to make an appearance.
The Fred Fish or "Fish disk" collection is the biggest and best in the business.
Good old Fred has been banging out the goods since 1985 and as a result it's become the definitive collection which covers literally everything to do with PD cn the Amiga.
Fred's latest wares are a very hot item in the PD world and the best bits soon find themselves in almost every library in the business. If a library boasts a complete and current collection of Fred's disks it's usualy Fred Fish Back room With the business being 99 per cent mail order, the temptation to set up a couple of drives in a back bedroom and dodge the inquisitive eye of the tax man is almost too much to bear for many an acne ridden entrepreneur.
This often ends in some very dodgy operators and virus ridden results that can cause misery to millions of defenceless files.
Because of the small scale and limited access to new material most of the software on offer is usually far from new and often less than complete.
A common marketing pioy is to be extremely selective when constructing the disks. For example a couple of useful utils or the odd game may be added and then heavily featured in the ads but the rest of the disk is invariably complete rubbish, merely added to make up the numbers.
Cover Feature ? Cy because there is no copyright on the software to start with.
If you are looking to buy PD software, the message is to shop around.
A casual flick through this issue of AMIGA Computing will reveal a myriad supplier eager to provide you with their wares.
See a specialist Libraries tend to specialise these days in order to cultivate a particular area of the market. As Martyn acknowledged, 17-Bit is perhaps not the best place to find productivity software, but if it is utilities and entertainment software you are after, the choice is endless.
Most libraries produce catalogue disks, or hard-copy lists. It makes sense to scan these carefully before committing to buying a lot of disks for only a few bits and bobs of software.
Often you can find the same programs you require, packaged up on fewer disks within a different library.
The range and depth of software availabe is evident within the pages of AMIGA Computing each and every month Our Public Domain column aims to provide the latest gen on programs that are unique, of special merit or just plain indispensable.
To nake the most of your Amiga, you really should make the most of Public Domain.
The new movement If it's quality rather than quantity you're after take a look at some of the long established libraries which produce compilation collections of the best software in any specific area.
Point for your first investments. On paper it can sometimes appear a rather expensive alternative to single disks priced at 99p, but it's worth remembering that there's very little wasted space and of course you're sure that the contents will be rele-, vant to your requiremerts.
The plastic press Another aspect of the domain not yet mentioned is the ever expanding market for disk-based magazines. If you're not familiar with the medium a brief explanation is in order.
These disks are usually monthly offerings which are either released through the individual libraries in a similar format to the licenceware arrangement applied tC PD software or are written and released by the larger libraries themselves.
These are combined to form the definitive PD collections in each particular field. They can vary from games, utilities, home management, clip art and so cn.
If you've not yet delved into the domain this is an excellent entry These are then either bought separately or sent to registered subscribers in a newsletter format.
If it's literary quali:y and news Why do they do it?
Even if you prefer a poke in the eye to the average scrolly demo you can't fail to be impressed with the incredibly clever coding which gees in to producing these amazing combinations of graphics and sound.
I'm far from a fan of the average scroll routine but I must admit the quality of the coding never fails to impress.
The obvious question is, why aren't these guys and gais making a fortune writing tie next software smash?
Well, quite simply that's exactly what they intend to do and a jaw dropping demo is just the thing to attract the attention of the software houses.
Many a scrolly demo expert has moved on to coding classics for the commercial sector It's not only coders who benefit from the demo scene. If you're looking to break into the serious side of Amiga music, joining a coding team may well be a route to fame and, if you get noticed, perhaps even a bit of fortune.
Private collections Along with the PD monsters which are distributed to all such as Fred's there are a number of collections which ore exclusively distributed by individual libraries.
An example of this would be the Tbag collection released through the Amiganuts United. It's a monthly offering that takes the pick of the PD from the states and combines it onto a single, extremely stylish disk. It's worth enquiring with larger libraries about similar deals they may have struck with other collections.
You're after it's probably best to go for the independent releases. Aside from the quality of the contributors there's the added advantage which the international input lends to the magazine.
As a consequence of their Email upbringing they tend to provide the latest stories, software, news and reviews from literally all around the world.
Of course one of the main selling points of most plastic mags is the weird and wonderful collection of software bundled with every issue. It tends to be something of a mixed bag but in general the quality is high and of course bang up to date.
If you check out the Public Domain section in this issue you'll find a guide to the alternatives which should point you in the right direction towards the best in the plastic press.
Helping hands Another commendable talent cf the PD is its ability to throw a lifeline to those poor souls who are stranded, lost and alone with their consuming passion for some sort of bizarre Amiga application.
If you're one of these poor unfortunates try contacting one of the larger libraries and they should be able to put you in touch with various clubs that deal with everything from fractals to C programming.
Most of these clubs release monthly newsletters full of hints, tips and reviews which cover everything to do with their particular passion, so even the keenest enthusiast should be kept happy for hours, months or even years.
SENLAC SOFTWARE P 14 OAKLEA CLOSE, OLD ROAR ROAD, ST LEONARDS ON SEA, EAST SUSSEX TNB7 7HB rtz of n mm taz om- 755093 2-10 disks £1.25 each. 11 or more disks 99p each MAIL ORDER PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY r IS which lions vted iethe wgh 's o i the ond eme- mg nifar with GRAPHICS UTILITIES J Stealthy II Walker II Kali (Pen) Knight II Rotating Ship Shark Gymnast Walker I Jet FI 5 Rolx) V z MEG
- At the Movies 3+3 'h MEG Sentinel (2) BUSINESS FINANCE IFFPixs
I fFFPixs 11 IFFPixs 111 IFFPixs IV IFFPixs V Fantasy I Fantasy
11 Fantasy III Fantasy IV Fantasy V Fantasy 17 Photomontage I
Photomontage II Photomontage III Forgotten Realms Paradise
Slides Joe II Slideshow Nasa Digiptxs I Nasa Digiptxs II Disney
I * Countach Fantasy I Countach Fantasy II Viz Slide Show
Agatron Rejections Sun Connection Calams Gate Turbo Silver
Masks Nik Williams Broadcast J 1 MEG Radio II Italia Cinema
Congaman Showbiz Bad Bird Billy The Kid TV Commercials Batman
Juggler 2 2 MEG Vauxkiller (2) Station at Kherne (3) Lost In
Scape (3) ANIMATION C Light C Light Anim Anti Flicker Virus 4.1
Disksalv 1.42 ESA Utilities FullForcelll Ghostwriter D-Copy
Copiers I TV GFX Fonls (2) Boot blocks (2) r Video Progs (2)
Graphics Apps (2) Amiga Atan GFX Convertors Energy Utilities
SID VI . 06 Aardiark Utilities Mandle Generators Archive Utils
ARP. 1.3 Installer North Sea (1) C Manual (1) CU Tutor Personal
Callers to our new shop at Unit 6, West Hill Arcade, George
Street. Hastkigs GAMES Boomerang Breakout Flasbbier Frantic
Freddie Hack Eatmine Lam Drip!
Autobahn 3000 Tricky Zerg Card Games Casino Craps Blizzard Moria V3.0• Return To Earth Empire Sub Culture Level 1 Cribbage Kill to Free Trainset Games Galore I PC Chess Games Galore II DEMOS the e to led, ling irre for the be ous om ise aps "9 so iild Of Kefmis Mega Hardcrack GFX Coma JCS-Shellshock Red Sector (2) Alcatraz Demo Red Sector Cebit Scoopex Demos Menial Hangover Tridnge Demos Puggs In Space Tetragon Megademos Universal l&II Deathuarj) I Demob I Maximum Overdrive (2) Dem-jb 11 Vision Music Cave Mega Demo II Angels 'The Power Vision Megademo IV Vice Workbench Amaze Final Vanyelis *
Newtek P 2 ED) Absolutions Crionics Total Newtek HIP2ED) Destruction Science 4.51 Animation North Star (2) Horizon Sleeping Bag Dexion Megademo Kefrens The Wall Highrlass (UK) Panic Vector Birds Relx Megademo Simpious Tera Amazing Demos VI Xing Art of Zing ESA Demos Vertigo Fill 'em Up Phenomena Megademo Bud Brain Mega Complex Bobs Demo 1(2) Pulsipers Bud Brain II
• - Requires 1 Meg
(2) = no. Disks in set (HD) = extra drive required LATEST IN Star
Trek V.1.85 (2*) ....*6.00 Mech Fore
3.71 ....£3.00 Vscan + Big
Brother ...£3.00 Chaos Strikes Back
Maps ......£3.00 MISCELLANY AMOS PD W'orkhench 11 Ix ok
Celtics Demo Maker Raytracing Sampled Sounds Note: £2per
disk. No discounts for quantity AMOS 19 Microman Music AMOS
22 Funschool III Demo AMOS 31 Screen Designer AMOS 33 Pink
Goes Ape AMOS 35 Archivist AMOS 21 Word Square Solver AMOS 20
Arc Angel Demo TREKKERS!!
AMOS 32 Progs Cam Fearn Nadeem AMOS 34 Luke Miller Music AMOS 36 AMOS RAMOS 1.2 Updates AMOS 38 FONTS *4 AMOS 52 F.R.U. AMOS 53 Curos Stavros Demo 2 AMOS 54 Amos Progs 2 AMOS 59 Suiter Qui2 AMOS 62 Arcadia AMOS 64 Amos Prog 3 AMOS 76 Rainbow Warrior AMOS 77 Amos Progs 5 AMOS 81 Juke Omega Demo I AMOS 82 Juke Omega Demo 2 AMOS 81 Amos Paint AMOS 84 Luke Miller Music 3 AMOS 85 Retersi Snakes & Didders AMOS 97 Dynamite Dick MUSIC AMOS LICENCEWARE Note: £3-50 per disk. No discounts for quantity!
LAPD I Colouring Book LAPDII Arc Angel Maths iAPD IV Thingumajig I meg) LAPD Vjungle Bungle IAPD PukadiVSpriies LAPD VII Four Way Lynx (I meg) IAPD VIII Work & Play (1 meg) IAPD IX Assembler IAPD X The Word Factor)' IAPD XI Go-Getter (1 meg) Sculpt objects.
,19.95 We are pleased to accept Switch and Connect cards for immediate despatch of disks Wordwright to go Aside Kjtors vhich
o the Email e the and J the Hling ; the m of
* . It lixed high iblic ou'il hkh irec- istk Bank’n Analyticalc *
Amibase RIM Spread Demo Creator Dope Intro MCAD VI.25 Rot
Jazzbench All new StarTrek (2) Startrek C 3 ED) StarTrek V2.0 C
2 ED) StarTrek Fleet Manoetwre Anim * StarTrek Dry Dock Anim *
StarTrek Enterprise Reliant Anim StarTrek Miscellaneous Attims
* Treklrivia Enterprise Approaching* Kants Attack* Sou
ndtrackers (2) Sou ndtrackers V4.0 Future Composer Games
Music Creator I Perfect Sound Sound Editor I Compact Disk Hi
Fi Pla vr * lnstruments ST-02 Instruments ST-03 Instruments
ST-04 I Instruments ST-05 Instruments ST-06 Instruments ST-07 I
Instruments ST-08 Instruments ST-09 unstrumenls ST-10
lmtruments ST-11 Instruments ST-21 Instruments SI-22
Instruments ST-92 QbaseA'C Clerk V4.0 Ini'entory Memopad
Journal' Analyticalc jD (src only) (not 13 Rotrs) Halloueen
Sample (2j Direct Action4 Utopia Postcards Cando Support I
Cando Support I!
Fractal Flight I Instruments ST-93 Instruments ST-94 Instruments SI-95 Instruments ST-96 Instruments ST-97 Instruments ST-99 Med V2.12 Soundtracker Professional RIP Eruptions Flashteam Music Crusaders Freed Out Crusaders Audio X Crusaders Back to Base (not 13 Roms) Med V.l 2 Sonix Play Star TrehkerfH channel) Pro Tracker 1.1 A Acid Mix I ¦ ZY...:. _ overseas - EEC Please add £2.00 to cover postage costs. OVERSEAS - Australasia Please add 50p per disk to cover Airmail costs.
Credit Card & Postal Order payments despatched by return.
However, Amiganuts and the author, Teijo Kinnunen, want it to be within the reach of all Amiga enthusiasts, so we are keeping the price down.
You can purchase this great program for only £13.00, within Europe (£15.00 rest of the world). The price includes return post and packing.
Payment in pounds sterling only, if ordering from overseas, send a bankers order Eurocheque etc. (Credit card orders will not be accepted).
Because of the exceptionally low price, it comes without any glossy packaging and only a very small amount of printed documentation. Full instructions are, however, on the disk. An instruction manual may become available if there is enough demand for one, (it’s up to you).
OCTAMED ...£8-00
EXCELLENT! ...£3.00
877: 1 ACROSS 2 DOWN A fully fledged crossword program It comes
on two disks for onfy £5.00. Data Disks 2 &
3 ...Now ready at £2.00 each
46. P0HICT SOUND EWTCfl. » wunddtgitKtf £1.50 77 WfSEX
Ahurorouicrtafon. Uung assorted son® ..11.50
1J9 HACK Th65$ mt on**ontwodsks £3.00 914 UKE A VWGK Pei of
Madcms’s modelng ctoys (Add*) ......£1.50
960 BLIZZARD A net snoot tnvcp wtt good sound tftocts
.£1.50 963 ADA*4S fAMty 6ood p s ot tt»
rfamoos iamlt iM*g ..£l 56 987 NASa PK tlR£S
Good H.-res pictures ot space mtsaens £1 50 396 POWRMCKH by
Nico francos Dccfcrt crunch ut* ......£150 331 SPACE
LOG Gnes detahcharts of space H»shS
......£150 416 TotLIT PAN BOMB HUN AnlM
Needs «n 9Mb Ran 19 Onto) £3.00 445 SHOM5IZ
a*4m by Robert Corns 'rum dmost 5 mns)
iMtg .£1.50 463 TofcMS Rehters EHUARDRED
RE-MDt IS GREAT) ......£150 515 NEWTEK D€mO
REEL II (7 Mrs of Arnnebocvsocrd eh") . £3
00 538 SptflER Design your cr«*n annatcd sprites £200 576
EDUCATION paaed with scene r»ce progs for tne chkJren. £9 00
559 ROT A 3 drncnuonel obect generator
£9 00 569 LAUHEl 4 HARDY
"TRAIL Of TK LO€5Cw£ PINE" (9 Drt«ts! £3 00 565 PYTHONS
"LUvfiERJACK SONG" (7*0 drw requred) £3 00 577 8 USLFUL
Encelent prog tor the modern user £1 50 596 900, (ITS 200).
1 niJTK Dy Gary cf Ptrde Eurow XI JO 599: PONTOON A rKe
vtnton by Chm Lrfcnjn 11.50 619
GanES COMPILATION, Montana Kngi- Towen. 5 Others XI .50 618
REFl-CnONS R 3'4 of any hours rruuc by me nwter------ 11.50
697 RABN MARS AND 0«lUX (3), AMMADCnS » IV intro £1.50 640 8
GAMES Int'udng the TRAJN SET, A MUST to Tie mds ..£200
647 HORROR OemO Vi 9 Good horror pci Adults crty
SLKSHO*1 ft UTCftA £1 653 AmvflROGE latter artirWes).
Hidate of StopMifStopfar - £9 Of "US GRABOS" PK SHOW VERY
unusual pctucs .....C1.SC 674 SYSTEM 5 COMPILATION A
demo, intro and three games £1.50 TOO D-COPYV1
EXCELLENT coprer pr&gram Fjlimtructwm £9 50 T94 6 GOCO 0CMO5
? A GAME The Questor Cowtooy anm s good £150 T9S UtllS
The famous BOOT-SHCf. BOOT XIT ? Others £950 741: MorthC vi
312 Deles). C Assemt4er etc Py Steve Hiwtin ...£5.00
756: PSEUDCKCP GAV£ An addctne, but not easy game
..£9 00 T £ THE BEGMS4NG A well presented demo
? Others I Meg ..£9.00 967: STEREO 30 DEMOS BY
EXIT (Great1 but needs 3D glasses) ..£9.00
1018: THNCANEAO a real mod bogging game frcm the Clones
£9 00 IffiJ: COYOTE The is yet arother e»ce4ent
Coyote anmatcn £150 109: Awl-fX 3. Third m ths
fractal series (3 Dsks} Imtg £4 CO 72 X4WED A good cokctxxi
of Adult pictures £900 113 MU9CINVASION 91
Toons.Pacmangsme.9OsKslSMtg £300 13D flASCHBIER An ewehen!
Game horn Ajpfvj flight ...£1 50 243 IHE
CERNTTVE JatSE SHOW Good nwuc & pres By
HCC ......£1 50 9«: SOME GREAT C4GITISED
PKTURES Of WATERSMP DO*N .....£1.50 465 HO*’ i CaUGHT
and DESTROYED a *uS i Armation i t Meg £1 51 300 CLASSICAL
MUSIC 1 Stuns nearty 50 mns ;8y Rob Barter) £1
50 m GM05TKXX ana SUGOT AnmaDon by Or Gondjr Imtg ..£1
M 419 hCADKtCK ANMADON Needs mn 9Mb Ram. (Two
Disks: ... 13.04 417 Raf MEGADEMO D€w05 -Some playatie
(9 D«sb 9 Ort.es) £3 01 453 MJMBLAST by Anders Rrm (MuRi
tastong game) ..£1 54 468 FSAXIONS
yOU tiUMil ClfCilIB ...... £2 Of 591 STAR
TS£K by T Rkhter, ai honsed Engish hstrucocns 14 00 551: SLEW
An mate those sleepy cons' (Ctontwaie: £150 £900 £3.00 £900
£9.00 £2.00 £4.00 £200 £950 £900 £900 £900 £200 £900 £150
£1.50 £150 £1 50 £9 50 £150 £150 £150 £150 £900 £300
11. 50 £150
11. 50 .£2.50 .£6.00 £2.00 £2.00 £1.50 £3.00
12. 00 £2.00 581; SO f rvang the CU a slog’ Ihen you need (hs
prog’ 649: BJWRAN rao DISK mEGaDEmO (For Adute oriyl 75B:
KX3T BENCH Ths one s ftil of bootng utiihes 790 STARTRKCER
MUSK UTIL ? DISXMA5TER ' 3 4 other uth 999 MAX£-'*‘0CDS,
VERSX3N Good' It.Meg mn; (9 OrWs) 839-C-UGHT RAY TRACMG
PACKAGE. A rrui! Lor the artist1 848
KefRENS e«ceHert POARmENU & FONT DESIGNERS A must- 905
TREASURE SEARCH fran teaser tor the cNklren Imeg 906
DYNAMITEDKK Orgtorseasureavodthebats'tMeg 907 SNAKES 4
910. PAJR IT jtcelleni ed :a60fm gsme ler the «ds Imeg 911 AMOS
PAJNT A good pant utlity utittenn Amos Imeg .. 913
JUGGLER I Arrvjbcn Thhngocd iM?g 917: CLASSICAL MUSK
OebussyVol t BrBobEaitr 999 BAD BKD ANMATON 9, Cr Gandalph
1,Meg 999 DA*N MEGaDEmO II from Austraia Thas« good 933
A4SENE Geneatog. THS IS IK NEW V3 1Meg ..
Can you fcll the Zcmbes 969 FUET THE FISH TM rs an amusng
anmatton 839 TEXTPLUS 9.CE One of the belter PO Utorcpro
proyam 976 THE lauREl 4 HaRDy ShOw, anm b, Braezie Jdnks
AttXX PSOGRAmmERS TUTORIAL DM from the S wa G Group 1037:
GwalS Kkndke (Great verson), Simon (Fin tor Kids) TEXTPLUS
Footnotes, serial letters, multiple windows, Arexx-Port with 120 commands, powerful block-operations, arbitrarily defined command-sequences may be sent to the priter via par: or prt:. The ability to load files crunched with PowerPacker, mappins of function keys, menu for external applications or macros, automatic saving in time intervals. It is now also ANSI-compatible and has auto-overscan. Offered at the incredibly low price of only £3.00 IMPORTANT! WE GIVE PRIORITY TO ALL ORDERS THAT ARE MADE FOR OUR LICENCED COPYRIGHTED PROGRAMS.
EDUCATIONAL PACK A 4 disk educational pack carefully selected from the Amos license ware series features COLOURING BOOK, ARCHANGLES MATHS, WORK AND PLAY, AND WORD FACTORY. Every program is of a commercial standard and is ideal for children of any age.
Superb value at only £7.99 This is essential P.D. at it's very best!!!
AMOS GAMES PACK A 4 disk games pack that should be at least £25 but brought to you for an amazing £7.99 All games run without Amos and are probably the best P.D. games on offer at the moment.
Features Pukado, Jigmania, Go Getter and Four Way Lines a superb puzzle game in the Pipemania mould.
All disks are Amos license ware and are of a very high standard!!!
SOUNDTRACKER MODULES This pack contains about | 50 modules for use with all major music creation programs E.G, Noisetracker, Protracker, I Soundtracker ETC, Conies I complete with Intuitracker, a replay routine that allows you to string together a Modules disk and play them back in any order. All modules are fine examples of Amiga MUSIC Amazing value at only £4.99 17-BIT DISK MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION OFFER!!!
17-Bits update is their key to success in the world of Public Domain. It offers the very latest in P.D. news every month and is packed with great utilities, music, and demo's. Often copied but never better it’s your doorway to the fantastic world your Amiga can offer.
Single issue Lcurmith IS) 0.50 £ issues for only £5.00 il issues for the staggering amount of £10,00 (less than £1 per disk) Ordering any one of these 3 very special offers opens you up to 17-Bit software as a fully Hedged MEMBER with amazing software bargains, hardware offers and a range of P.D. heading for near on 2000.
We are the oldest and best P.D. library and pride ourselves on an excellent speedy service all orders dispatched within 24 hours and with 1st class mail. Do your machine a favour and shove in an UPDATE you won’t regret it.
system and built in amplifier that is tailor made for your machine, comes to you for a fabulous price of £34.95 Transforms games into arcade soundalikes, and makes music throb with power. Do your Amiga a favour and plug it into a ZY-FI, the two were made for each other.
Works from mains or batteries 9V adaptor provided.
Squash dem bugs!
Screen begins to fill up with mushrooms.
When it encounters a vertical corridor of mushrooms, the Rollerpede will snake down at great speed, and can squish the haples player before he can loose off more than a
P. v, "A" es ¦ Super samples A little while back, we received a
disktul of samples which had our jaws dropping even as we
listened to them. Twenty Cuts, Breaks and Scratches' from Paul
Hill (of De-Bugging the Wack, Northampton) was a disk
contairing some of the best Amiga samples any of us had ever
heard, and we couldn't resist using them.
Unfortunately, it would be unfair to devote an entire coverdisk to samples, as our non-musical readers would hasten to tell you, so we've done the next best thing and decided to supply as many of our favourites as space on the disk permits.
This month, you'll find a 'samples' sub-directory in the Tune-of-the-Month directory, and in it you'll find six superb samples. Four of these are special effects which I Rollerpece isn't a blindingly original game ccncept. In fact, it's already been done a great many times in every way from the arcade console original to budget compilations.
What's new about this implementation is that it's free and at least as much fun as the game that hooked so many of us in the arcades back in the early eighties (sound of nostalgic music in background).
Ah - those were the days! When sprites were sprites and greenie blasting meant just that
- no softie multi-colour games in the old days!
Defender and Calaxiars were two of the rrost popular games around, offering raw non stop blasting with none of the frills associated with today's games (any more nos talgia and you're fired - Ed) but arguably the most acidic-1 tive was Centipede, on which our own Rollerpede is based.
The object of the game is to blast as many aliens as possible before your own inevitable demise, racking up as many points as possi- .. ble in the process. To aid you in this you have a generous five lives at the start of the game, and it soon becomes obvious vhy you need so many.
The game starts with a better you could use in a tune if you really wanted to, but which are mainly just good fun, or of use to those using Walt Disney's Animation Studio and who'd like to add SFX to their cartoons.
The other two samples, however, are from Paul Hill's disk and are guaranteed to grab your attention.
Funky Drummer and Boyee are lengthy samples which you can use as a basis for a house or hip-hop tune. If you doubt the ease with which you can make music on your Amiga, load these into last month's coverdisk sensation, MED v3.00, and play them using the 'U' key (this is the pitch at which they ieem most happy). You should quickly spot the potential for using such high quality sounds in your own compositions.
Than average Soundtracker tune, and offers two screens of basic information on the sorts of aliens and power-ups you can expect to meet. After this, a click on the joystick fi*e button starts you in on the game proper.
The first thing you'll notice is that Rollerpede is smooth and fast, and that :he sound has been very well done. The spot effects for shots and explosions do the job without assaulting the eardrums too much, and all scrolling is entirely judder-free.
Speed is a prime concern in the game. Your ship will only move at one speed - there's no power-cp for mobility - but the enemy can descend on you at a frightening rate once the Arcade action to keep your joystick jiggling with Matthew Donkin's superb shoot-em-up. Kill those creepies!
Directory: Tune-of-the-Month shot or two. The first few levels aren't too taxing as long as you can shoot fast enough, but when the aliens begin to manifest themseves in forms other than the standard Rollerpede, things can rapidly get hairy. There are four special alien types: UFOs, Walkers, Seekers, and Spiders.
Nefarious nasties UFO's are easy enough to avoid.
They simply fly along the top of the screen dropping strings of bombs which, although not very dangerous on their own, can detract considerably from your life expectancy when you're trying to dodge attacks from three other directions. Shooting them as soon as they appear is the best way to deal with them, and will earn m you 1500 points.
Seekers are a bit more of a pain. They r Tune of the Month Author: AtQ6i) Schumoch OK, we said we'd bring you something special to make up for the lack of a Tune of the Month last month, so we did. In your Tune-of-the- Month drawer you'll find not one, but two, excellent tunes and a directory full of top quality samples into the bargain!
Rocket and Confused caught our attention because they are different and because they utilise MED's sequencing capabilities without falling Drey to its inherent weaknesses. In other words, they may have been written with the aid of a sequencer, but they don't sound like sequences.
It is all too easy, when using a tool like MED, to fall into bad habits and to produce music that is repetitious and bland. With so many easy exits provided lor in MED, the overwhelming temptation is to give in and follow along the beaten track (no pun intended), and just cut or paste the same block of music, with a few variations, until it's long enough to pass off as a song.
The user can't be completely to blame, because all sequencers encourage to a certain extert the sort of repetitious techniques which are responsible for this type of computer music.
However, when you hear songs like the two we've chosen this month, you have to admit that there can be little excuse for lazy composing.
Appear at the bottom of the screen and bok something like SCUD missile launchers. The difference between these and real SCUDS, however, soon becomes apparent when they home in on you with something approaching accuracy.
Shoot the missiles to preserve A your peace of mind and boost your score by 3000 m ¦¦ points.
L Walkers are extremely I annoying because they can't be killed. They crawl ¦a.
RollEPPEde - 20 PtS E»:rus POINT 6 A WALKER INUINCIBLE • ftpcFacp • u**o SPIDER 1500 PTS BOMJS TOKEN • • • CrtF* riRf* nwKo i' w Frs r mot ccsn i SEEKER 3000 PTS »Tcse fir* to Ccririnc to Continue.
R EE«]aKD I ?OGIOGOD slowly along the bottom of the screen, firing from time to time, and force you to nop over them. As this can often mean colliding with a passing rollerpede, Walkers are about the most annoying aliens of all. Avoid them until they walk off the edge of the screen.
How to use The Disk Spiders at first seem dangerous, but they ;oon become a welcome sight. This is Because although they bounce aroind and can kill at a First of all, you must make a back-up copy of the coverdisk. To do this, bootup with your copy of Workbench, then double click on the Workbench disk icon, followed by the Shell or CU icon.
Now type: OlSKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: I or, if you have an extra disk drive, put a blank, formatted disk in Df 1: and type: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DF1: Follow the on-screen prompts until the copying procedure has ended, then put your original disk away in a safe place. Now switch off ihe machine and wait for 30 seconds before re-booting with the copy. Wait until the CoverDrskl 7 icon appears, double dick on it and away you go.
That's all you need do to make a straight copy of the entire disk.
However, you may also want to to copy individual programs from your copy of the coverdisk to a separate disk. In this case ensure that you fully understand which related files need to go with it.
For example, all of the document files on the disk require that the text editor Ppmore is in the current disk's C: directory. Therefore, if you copy the docs to a new disk you will also hase to copy Ppmore to the new C: directory before you can read them.
Some of the smaller docs will not have been crunched, so for these you need only change the tool types on the icon's info screen to reflect which»ver text editor you do have on the new disk.
As a general rule, you should carefully read the documentation for any program you copy from disk to disk.
This can save a great deal of messing about and can help you avoid all those infuriating error messages!
Do wh yo she ap| dis Treasure Island Author: Tony Heap wou call sequ optii up, go choi ed i reqi T Jme find aspx fom e I » Enough to bring » nostalgic sigh from older gamers - a text-only adventure tion with the computer is carried out entirely through the parser.
A parser is a word recognition routine which converts what you type into commands the computer can act on, and the HatRack system's parser is as flexible as the best of them.
It relies on the usual Verb-Noun double act ("CET SWORD", for example) but can also cope with adverbs, adjectives, and pronouns ("GET THE BIG SWORD AND HEAVILY THRASH THE SLIMY EDITOR WITH IT", for instance). The beginner should thus be able to get his or her wishes across to the computer with relatively little fuss.
Treasure Island is a demo adventure, and is therefore quite small with only sixteen locations. It is a complete game in itself, however, and contains a tricky problem whose solution you'll have to ponder for a while. If nothing else it should give latter day gamers a taste of what they missed when Infocom closed its doors 3 H In y» » ing anc whi 1 thr Eve line she chc pia the out i= £ y» a s es, res e 5 y* be EX the Se no e H 3 Tf • ca th e H P ai 3 in S )| * A Treasire Island is a text-ony adventure in the classic mould.
Where it differs from many ethers, however, is that you could write it yourself!
It was generated using Heyley Software's HatRack II adventure generation system, a piece of software designed to make adventure game writing as easy as possible.
Anyone who has ever used The Quill or Professional Adventure Writer from Gilsoft will be familiar with this sort of utility, and might even have regretted the lack of such a program on the Amiga.
You might be asking yourself who oi earth still plays text adventures these days, but I remember reading a debate on the issue in that excellent, if short-lived, computer mag Micro Adventurer back in 1984 or thereabouts, and even then the pundits were concluding that the genre's days were numbered.
As far as major commercial releases go, that's more or less true today, but there are still a huge number of adventure fans out there, and if the number of lovingly-crafted PD text adventures is anything to go by, they enjoy writing and playing them as much as ever. The text adventure is nowhere near as dead as they were predicting seven years ago.
Just in case you're completely new to computer games, and wouldn't know a Zork if it sat up and bit you in the nether regions, here's a quick guide to get you started.
You move around your text- defined world either by entering the directions as keyboard com- | manes or by clicking on ! The graphical compass which the HatRack system uses lor all games. Apart ImageED and PasteGadgets Author: Olaf Leimann These two utilities work best in combination, and give the user freedom to mess about in any way he or she chooses with the Amiga's 'system gadgets'.
System gadgets are the gadgets you click on to re-si2e a window, push it to the background, pull it to the foreground, or close it. You're normally stuck with the bland standard gadgets, but with ImageEd, the user can load up the existing system gadgets, alter them at will, and save them as either raw binary or C source code.
Using PasteGadgets, the customised gadgets can then be loaded in as part of a disk's startup- sequence, lending your favourite disks an air of customised quality.
ImageEd's limitatiens are that it cannot utilise IFF images, so that all systemgadgets must be defined with its restricted single pixel drawing mode, and its failure to use a file requestor. These bugs (if you can call them that) aren't really all that damaging, however, as ImageEd and PasteGadgets remain easy and fun to use. Fuller documentation for both can be found on the coverdisk.
Encrypt Author: Steve Meredith Have you ever stored files of a sensitive nature on your Amiga and wished there was some way of protecting them from prying eyes? You may have stored financial information in an address book program or database, or may simply wish there was some way to protect your love letters from discovery. Privacy can be precious!
Have you tried the AmigaDOS command PROTECT filename R SUB? This would remove the READ bit from the filename's flag set so that the file's contents could not be examined until the flag was reset.
Not a bad defence against Amiga- illiterate snoopers, but hardly of use against the prowler with a knowledge of AmigaDOS.
By using Encrypt, you can make These unmissable utilities can all be found in the UTILITIES directory. You can’t miss it - it’s the t g set of tools in the disk's main window.
Touch, they are the player's passport to power-ups. Shoot a spider and one of four types of power-up appears ready to be collected, and let me assure you that success is The Encrypt routine will then jumble the file according to the two codes and overwrite the original file. To decypher the file, just use the same passwords and the file will be restored to its original form.
The big drawback with Encrypt is that it is not a 'runtime' encoder.
PowerPacker is a good example of a runtime program because it compresses a file, then attaches a header to it which sets out how it will decompress. To use an Encrypted file, however, the user would have to go through the CLI prior to every file access.
This means that Encrypt could be too time-consuming for the casual user who happens to be security-conscious, and makes it of more use to those with a real need for privacy on his or her system.
You may get error 20: out of memory when using an unexpanded Amiga
500. If so, reboot your coverdisk, interrupt the startup by
p'essing CTRL-D as soon as boot-up begins, then type in the
lines as above.
Jmenu works as a commard within a script file. When it is executed, it calls its own special script file defining what choices the menu will offer and what actions the Amiga should take in response.
Once the user makes a choice by clicking on the mouse, the response is carried out and control is passed back to the original script fie. This Author: jim Collins Jmenu is a PD program designed to allow any average Amiga owner with no knowledge of C or Assembler to generate professional looking menus from his or her own script files.
It requires the burning of a few brain cells to use, but the results are worth the effort. To see it in action, dick in the CLI window at the bottom of your screen to activate it, then type impossible in this game without a healthy supply of them.
The most useful power-up, as with all arcade games, is the one which grants extra firepower. Rollerpede's version takes the simple expedient of sensitive files resistent to all but those who know the pass-code, thus rendering them infinitely safer.
To protect a file using Encrypt, simply type the following; CP SYS:UtUitifs jRenu RETU1N Execute Exiiplel RETUI» Encrypt eodel cod«2 filem« Jmenu doubling the player's rate of fire, whi:h can have a dramatic effect on your greenie-totalling ability. It should be gobbled up as soon as it appears on screen as all power-ups disappear after a few seconds if not would enable you, for instance, to call a menu from your startup- sequence to offer a variety of startup options, such as a NoFastMem startup, or a stripped-down Workbench.
Wfc Mere usefully, the program gives average owners the ability to define menus which hold simple click-and* go 'macro' style operations of their choice. The possible uses are restricted orly by your imagination and requirements.
:= !i U H The documentation supplied with |Menu is rather brief, so you might find a few words on its technical aspects of some help. Syntax is of the form Jhtiu scriptniM vinibterm? where scriptname is the file containing information on the menu itself, and variablename is the variable which will hold the user's response.
The scriptname file is made up of three main types of information.
Every menu is made up of TITLE lines, which the user can use as he or she likes, MENU lines which hold the choices which will actually be displayed, and EXEC lines which hold the AmigaDOS actions to be carried out as a result of the user's choice.
A* To cefine a menu, you must create a scrip: file listing your MENU choices, then the corresponding EXEC responses in the same order.
As long as you put a space between the keywords (MENU and EXEC) and the text, Jmenu will read these and execute them accordingly.
See the example below as an illustration.
TITLE Ths is in maple aenu TITLE jast to let you sti kou TITLE Jhenu works a* MENU frint i silly acssagc neiu frint in tvtn sillier eessagc AERII frint an absurd aessage EXEC Echo "I like Pcs' EXEC Echo '1 like the Archiiedei" EXEC Echo ’I like the BBC Nicro" The menu defined above would be called by a line in a script file something like this: i Jhenu sillyeiaaple varl and would display the menu shown in the Jmenu screen shot.
One last thing to remember about Jmenu is that it treats the EXEC AmigaDOS command as an environ' collected.
The second most useful is the 'extra man' power-up. These appear less frequently than most, but are a quick and easy route to survivability.
The problem with very desirable ij frint A silly *xAmple menu - but you can be serious If you like!
Ment variable, and will attempt to write to the ENV: device, which is where all environment variables are stored.
V°u 3 “ oge " l65 3EB or i ityooDOW isl v,05 0 Itio''*1® Derision. W*1 d' t'ialES,0,e'C°'eV Normally, ENV; is set up either as a real directory on your disk or, more commonly, is assigned in the startup- sequence as being the RAM: disk.
This has already been done in CoverDisk 20'; startup-sequence, but if you move the program to a new disk, you will have to put the line ASS16N ENV: RAN: in its startup-sequence or type it into CU before using Jmenu.
Finally, feel free to experiment with Jmenu, There are quite a few example scripts and menus in the Jmenu directory, not all of which will work from your coverdisk because they require AmigaDOS commands not in the disk's C: directory, but all of which will work if you transfer Jmenu to a Woicbench disk.
Think you can do better?
Want to be famous?
ColourKwik Author: Adam Lock ColourKwik is one of those time-saving utilities which is only really appreciated by those who have tried the alternatives. It makes it easy for the user to alter and save to disk any single set of Workbench colour prefer* ences, and car save a great deal of messing about.
For exampie, if you're one of those people [Dennis Norden not included) who have booted up a PD disk or a coverdisk, and enjoyed the Workbench colours it used enough to try to emulate them, you'll already know how hellish a task it can be to fiddle with the colour settings in preferences.
Now all you r eed do is run the ColourKwik program and then save your palette to disk. The obvious advantages are that you can ship colour palletes from disk to disk without the pointer and other preferences informat on contained in the system-prefemces file, and that by using ColourKwik you can easily alter the colours on a disk which doesn't contain the Preferences program.
You must sign this declaration The stuff on this dfek is mine. I c*dn t nick it off someone else. It hasn't been published before and I haven’t submitted ft elsewhere because i want Amiga Computing to publish ft. I understand that by submitting my work to Amiga Computing and signing this declaration I am gfvlng full copyright control to Europress Publications Ltd I understand that r my submission is bought by Amiga Computing I w* be paid the current appscobie rote i know whot copyright means ana I wfl’ bo responsible for any possible litigation arising from brooch of It by Interactive
Publishing as a resuft of using my submission Post your submissions WTTH A COPY Of THIS FORM to.
Signed Stevie Kennedy. Amiga Computing.
CoverDlsk Submissions. Europe House.
Date . Adlngton Park. Macclesfield. 9(10 dNP power-ups such as this is that you often get yourself klled in the over- eager rush to collect them!
The other two are not as exciting, but Shield can come in very handy, and Boost will earn you a welcome few extra points. Don't bust a gut to reach these amidst a swarm of roller- pedes, but pick them up if you can.
AMIGA OOMPUTINO We're sure you'll like Rollerpede, even if you have seen its like befere.
It's fast, fun, and addictive. Enjoy!
We are always on the lookout for new quality Amiga programs for the coverdisk If you think you hove written something good enough for others to share gnd enjoy, please send It in and we'i have a look.
The Amiga Computing coveratsk Is used by thousands of Amiga owners every month In plocos all over the world from New Zealand to the U.S.A. so If your submission rind? Its way onto the disk, you could be famousi Please make sure you list ALL Workbench and ether files necessary for the program to work. Feel free to design your own Icons for progs which run from Workbench, but pease don't make them too big If you ensure your program Is as compatible as possible with a wide range of AmJgas. It will also stand a better chance Name ..... Address .... Daytime
phone Submission name of publication We are especlctfy interested In programs designed to work with the A3000. Although If they work onfy wtth the new machine they'll hcve to be quite small We are prepared to pay our current rates for original work wNch hasn't been distributed In any other wcy and which has not been put in the public domain If you wish your program to be released as shareware or freeware we will be happy to publish It. But would, of course, be happier if we'd been given It ftsti Your submission MUST be accompanied with the submissions form, a copy of it. Or a signed
declaration to the same effect Please supply your full name address and phone number We cannot undertake to return disks sent to us os the volume of submissions makes this an Impractical exercise Age Evening Phone Submission size.
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.... ..St 99 LamoC V4 164 99 Uo.-i Boaco*s T ,png 1999
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s. prhinn Pescral 2 21 99 64 90 ART t SdKlUO AMOS 32 Can Do
. 89 Mm Part ill .59 99 Deluxe Vkdoo ill
5999 Fanvuion 24 99 Masto-so jnd 3299 Proton Paint
it ...1 Outrun 34 99 Studo Mogk 52 99 Accountant
V3.3 .12190 Oo.pac ST V2 0 4 FrW Wtrds Plus 55 90
07. t 5590 34 90 34 90 29 90 16 75 41 90 29 90 10190 34 90 55 93
Budokan _____8.T__ A.M . 1699
Mfl29*_________________________ S T 1949 ..A.M ......1944
Castle Mastor .....1399 14 99 M&oct'C'itOf Untod 1399
......14.99 Chase HO 1399 16 99 Man Hunter ki San
Franosco Ch«K ChampdojAps 2175..... .10.94 nl fii
..13.99 1499 Coderame teaman . ...23 99 Mtdnght
Resistance 1399 1699 Colonels BoQuest .2699 Mtdwnler
....__________________ 1399 1099 Conquest oi Came o .....
2699 Navy Seals *______ _____ 1699 16 99 Corporation
. .....1699 Ncuromancer 1099 16 99
DatT‘oc«M .... ..... 16 99.
___14 99 OperalQn TrynjJgrjjgl ......
16. 99 .. ..11.99 Oragora Bream .
...21.99. .. IB 99 Pipe Mania .. 1399
Dynasty Wars ________1399.
1699 Player Manager Projeclyk:
13. 99. a . 11.99 Eiriyn Hughey Sgc«fr .
..13.99..... ...12 89
12. 99 ......1699 Escapo From SngesCaslte...... 26 99 Purzrtc
"______ .. 16 99 1699 Escaoe Pianel or Roto!
Monsters Firo and Fgrgei • ...__________ .1399 16 99
...13 99 1699 Ranoow Islands Rotator ’ 1699 1699 1699 Flp
art) Magnose - 1699 1699 Rogue Trooper' 1699 ... 1699 F 29
Ftetailialor . ______16.99 1699 Red storm Rising
Shads* Warror 1399 1699 Fro ana Bnmstone ....
______16.99 1699 1599 16 99 Flood ......_.._____ ..
1699 Voxino '_____ ... ....16.99 . 1699 Hero's
QueM |1 mb) ... 23 99 Spaco Aco.,_ .....
26.99... 26 99 Impgnum ... ______________________ 16
. 1899 Spaca 0l«« 211 mb) ..... 22 94 Intevraicmaf 30 Terms .....14 99 Super Cars (Gremlnsi ____________ ... 1399 1699 Iron Lo»d .... 1699 .....16.99 Their Ftness Hour 1099 . 1999 8 Came From ThaCWwrtH MB) 1699 Tumcan ...
____1399 Kngs Quest 4 2199 22 99 T V Sports Baskolb*!
14.99. ......1499 Lasl Nna 11____________________________ _____ 13 99 ... ...16.99 Uftimelo Goll 1649 Leisure Suit La-ry 3_________________ ...... 13.99..... ...26 99 Ijrvea' __ 1699
16. 99 Lost Patrol...... ..26 99..... 1699
X-OU ...... ... .12.99.. 1399 Mean Streets
" ___________________
- ..... '6 99 1699 ST.. I99» 19 99 JS99 »» '?» 1290 ’9*9 19 99
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1mb) 57 56 =W« ihngi Bids 20 K Dlute Wdeo 1 '(Pallmbi 8? 75
ReWiP*et al| 1256 Ptefcn P*« rt (Pal imbl 21 50 Ficfmone Ora 2
llittl '58 56 PwVdeoPlui 177 90 SdlpnOXllP* imbl 112 00 Tip-A
Iron 21 99 "uboSive* ......97 50 TVSfo«22|P*11«re| 37.00
TV T*r? Pro |P|F| 08 50 i'O*0 Frame Chaaoc.
|P* 9«Wl ..... 96 75 VdioCaoir iPQtade 1625 XcadDeognar 79 50 MUSK A°PUCATION A«OiS Wi 20 ....45 75 Daux* Iiuik 50 25 U,jc X :lK Vruoni 94 50 Ulila SeunJ OolUB' 3190 lAreSouDOgrtT** 77 90 Mset! Basic Wk*C K-graph 2 K spued AM ..9.99 ..999 899 099 199919 99 _r 1Q.99 9 99 13991399 999 999 1499 16 991699 11 99.ii.99 7 99 7 99 7.99 4 99 4 99 16991699 4 99 4.99 9 99 9 99 19991999 699 699 19991999 .19.961999
29. 99 4 99 .4.99 9 99 9 99 ..ST AM 16 991699 14991499 4 99 4 99
4 99 4 99 4 99 499 0 99 8 99
7. 99 7 90 19991999 19 991999 16 991649 16 991699 0 99 8 99 .4 99
.4 99 0 99 8 99 499 4.99 14 9914 99 12 9912 99 8 99 8 99 19 99
19991999 16991699 16991699 Gr*nfl Prix C'lCVt ... ManJ
Driven...... Hcrtfeood CoMedon mfliBrapoift 500*
mteetadon .. mgrds Back ----------------
Judge 0f«M" KrNiai . Kick OH 11 Meg!
LmeolFr*' Lords 01 The Rising Sun MancMner Marble Madness Menace Narc ' ..... flporai MdHeod 3190 300 BIGNESS I EDUCATION uinagt . 77 50 Fir Scroa j o.sr 8"v«Khi C2.S0 fidx* tteasa* 3 Bows 22.90 tock 4 6 a 7.(each) 1050 tUCftBo* .. 56 00 “cm* Aaoumt ...20 75 ncma Crrte ki 9750 CrtfnoOl 2 0 MB Sacom-enrod 34 99
* Bnoccr T,ptng Tuto-19 75 Woo CCSE Hi tin M cro GCSE French Mcro
GCSE English (Eittl 16.25 Uoot4 Mb d Trocossor 19 25 Mcroeat*
Cnlrcuee ..19.25 PtnPaliPM 1IW8I 96 90 “•M1U
...54 00 d42 limit North A South Rock*! Rangor
Secrets o’ lhe Liinwane ¦ Sega Matter Mia ' Sound Express
Shi ltepack Cale StemSe-ve* , COMING VERY SOON!!! CALL FOR
Boxing___________________________ 1699 . 16 99
Bodcs _
13. 99 1699 Betrayal 1399 .....1699 Billy me 1399 ......1699 Cnme
Wave 1699 1699 Death Trap-
- ------16 99 . 1699 DraOrt Slftki * .... 444
Duster" .... 1699 1699 Elo
Phantoris 1999 19 99 Eye ol the Beholder * Mill Syeet Blues
1999 1399 1699 Jghn Mkibti Amencai FooTDai ..... 18.99 1699
MKNwnter 2 1999 ......1999 Mighty Bomb|ack 13 99 1699 ?M*C X
Jnr Nrght SMI . Pool or Radiance Prodatoi 2" Rocky
Horror Show" Rocket ranger 2 Search tor the Kng Spellbound'
Svdtego* Swiv The Killing Doud WlkJHe* fvmj
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Iowa OIUM Track Sul MaitQv Tranod Vmnn Triad va 3 Turbo Cxiiue
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FAX 0908 262551 24 Hr Hotline 0908 546369 or 0908 615049 Cana From Tha Oaton Dau 999 la-hca 1199 18 99 UctUut Fn i Ceunei 999 J MctUutQol 16 99 16 09 J McMlutlMnrtmlGwl 1999 1999 JunprQ Jadxon 16 99 6 99
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„ All IRC. Upgrade and clock Gc*d or Reai-i Space Ace Cf9O00i Lsil 4 Dragon Ma«*» JnicholH Kick 08 2 36 99 5699 5699 46 99 46 99 39 99 EDUCATIONAL |
- ----- .. ._. ..... ...AMIGA Arrcaar Back Seno- 13
99 D»h»aj’ Dsosvery Kit CbOTfl' Ch0R»8tiy ....
Fr*rcn M stress .. 14 99 1399 1399 Fun School 2
under 16)______________________ Fun Softool
21~8 ... Gennan
Master . Italian
Tutor .
1299 12 99 ......1399 ......1399 KdTak
.... With Talk .... MfPa.ni .....
RxzleSiory Book 1499 .1499 22 99 14.99
Rnymng hicfinco* Spai*)
Tutor .. 14 99
1399 THE YOUNGER YEARS NEW Fin School 3 Und9f
5 ...... k£W Fun School 3 5-7 years VEW
Fun Schto’ 3 7 aril over .... Jirw
Typtal ..
.1799 ......17 99 .1799 1899 Moo Fmnch (GCSE) 1799 Thrgs » do
trth numOors Things to do ath vtords
... Ssel Book 4-9
____________________ LM »«l X hgre Les spei a: r* shops 1599 15
99 1399 . 1399 1399 Puute Book Voi 2 ..
1399 An ga Logo 3999 Mans Beacon Teaches Typng
...... Answer Back
Jjmor ..... ... 10 49
• 399 ORDER FORM K WoflJ 2 LateoC MblsrwtPus Prodala PMUV4.2 »90
Purchase Lodger 34 90 Soto* ledger .. 34 90
Sefflaic 2966 Timraortis DTP 69 00 WOROPROCESSORS
F. Color co 2 126 65 Klndwcrdt 2 34 96 Penpa . ..... 99 62 P»«*.l
. - 8446 ProAVno 3 99 82 Scnbbie Plabnum 41 06
Tranicnpl 32 93 Wo'dperteci 164 91 UllracanJ Plus 69 92 Wire
rtectian Prci 34 06 X Copy B*kup Ednor 17 94 VIOEO Ctsdl T«n
Serdlar 26 00 DokitaVdeoS 69 92 Otg Vow Odd 119 83
Fiair«Gr*t»r 56694 Gold Dak Type Video 34 96 Hlacfu Camara A
lenwn 19907 Kan Mead me torn ? 5167 Mngtr Gcrtoc* 99 02
Prcteci D ..31 97 ThiCXr*a0r 4784 I ho
Oroczor Toot KM 27 03 TdePaoe 139 04 TV Toil Piolwswnal 99 85
Video Tiller 04 07 wit Ajr-rga PAL Dfldiser 94 99 VWCh'omo 19
76 Zoelrcpe Into 79 81 __________________ST AM Anbourne Ranger
......9.99 AM Headt ___________•_______7.99 ATF 2 '
..16 9916 99 Avrewmg • .... 24,99
AustertO .... 9.99 Baal ...4.99. 4 99
Balttinx .....4.99 4 99 Barbanan 2 icalacei .7 99
7 99 Biastertodo . 499 4 99 010CO Money 999 999 Bouderdash
Coral Kr 4 99 4 99 Bran Cloughs Foosba I $ 99 .6 99 Buck
Ragan' ..... 1999 Capirre *.. ....16 9916.99
Carthage ' ---------------- .1699 16 99 Conllcl In
Europe ...7 99 7.99 Curse of me Azure Bcrdt • 1999 19.99
Oaitjr Double Hone Raarg 99 9 9 99 E-Swat*______________ 16 99
16 99 Epc* ... 16 9916 99 FT Ball Manager 11 .Exp
Ki 12 9912 99 Gaunltol 11 799 7 99 Golden Axe *
16 991693 Gunboat' 16.9916.99 Naksha
Mouse ..... Contnver Mouse 5m
1 .. Power Dnve ST.Amgi...... OS 2 Turbo OS 3
Turbo 5 in 1 Contriver Mouse Compo Pro Extra 5003 40 Lockable
Disk Ois* 80 Lockable Disk Box Mojse Mai Mouse
House .. Amiga 4 player Adaptor Amiga 500 Dust
Covw Dak Cleaning Kit .... x 10 Bulk
disks . Bianooo Sony (Box 10) .... 12
Meg Amiga . ST Orrres CM8833 2 ito- Load LC200 Colour . Mono .
Onnter LC 200 24 Mono Pnmrr LC 200 24 Colour Prefer JUST IN GB
ROUTE £32.99 Calculate Route, Times, Fuel Uses Please send
this to Microsmart. 127 High Street, Newport Pagnell. Milton
MK16 8SE ..S.T A M 13 99 16 99 19 99 ______1699 1899 1699 1699 1399 1699 1999 1999 1699 1699 16 99 .... 1699 1399 16 99 1999 1999 1999 1999 Have you ordered from us before?
AC 06 NAME: ..... ADDRESS : ... Stroer 2'. ____________ Sm C4y .. Spy Vs Spr ...... .... 5oyV»5p»l1___________ Spy Vs Spy 111 Sever Hanj On-----... Tar* Anact -- Teenage Ms-ant Turtles' TNT’___________________ Tournament GoHV Toyota CoiCa * The Cycles ...... Toobm ----------------- Tcroer 0* btbel Treasure Qzzy Island TnviaiPurjpts ... TV Sports Football WerUDfoars..... ... Wort Pack' WcodnrWnj ' WofO Cnanp Soccer' Wrath or me Demon • ... ACCESSORIES TEL NO Yes IllW
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M. nto’- if, 89 '(«!
BiMw 1699 N«* * UM S*LV, 1309 16 SO Cab* 1103 600 Mgrt Brraf 110*
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• 6 *0 CakUiuv 16 03 1*99 N a Women
l) » M 39 Caradtt* 16 » 1699 3*Vo-
160) IS 90 Crao* Sr**» B*: 16 9) r*)nh * So*th 1603 '6 99 Chirt
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1903 '999 SmCl) 003 ’999 F70 Mxnty 16 03 1690 Ser Crt, T*rem MW FaKon 14 99 1609 SrF.ee 1609 ’6 9 1 in'ji.u.r
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5 99 1«m*g* U.rt-i TuOiM loti Oru* 2 hi Onto 2 C*t 0*1 '*»•
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16 99 16 99 rri* n 16 99 16 99 Tho* 609 6W 69* 18 90 V»,-n
CfttJi tttKtp, 14 99 Werod O'oam '5 99 WMSnam. 6 99 Birthday
June 1988: A new magazine launches to cater for the growing
Amiga community.
And 4,Cl 4 pages later you have arrived a: this feature.
The pages in between have seen Amiga Computing cover virtually every aspect of the Amiga.
We have carried everything from getting started with the Amiga, through to making the most of the machine with numerous software tutorials and hardware projects.
Then editor, Simon Rockman, summed up Amiga Computing's pio neering spirit with our opening editoria in issue one: "Welcome to Amiga Computing. A magazne produced by a staff which lives and breathes the Amiga - from days of careful planning with Superbase to long nights playing Arkanoid. If you enjoy your Amiga as much as we enjoy ours then this is the magazine for you."
A flick through our 36 back issues reveals a community of computer enthusiasts growing month by month with their machine.
Over the last three years we have witnessed the Amiga develop from an enthusiast's machine into a truly affordable mass market home computer.
Amiga Computing has gone through exactly the same evolution, widening our scope as the computer we serve continues to expand and develop its diverse range of features and capabilities.
A nostalgic focus on our first issue reveals an uncanny number of parallels between June 1988 and the present day. Take for example our lead news story in issue one: "Amiga catches up with ST." In that piece, we published the results of an ad-hoc survey of 100 computer dealers. We were pleased to report that in the Midlands and South-East, the Amiga was outselling its arch rival, the Atari ST, two to one.
One of the dealers surveyed, Steve Kingston from Bath Computer Shack, offered an interesting insight into tne then Amiga market "The ST buyer I regard as an XR3 type aged from 25 to 35. But, strangely enough, the Amiga purchaser seems younger, with the exception of those people from the vertical markets such as video production."
Steve was certainly right to pinpoint video production as an area where the Amiga would later establish a foothold tc be envied by other computer manufacturers.
This can be credited more to the enthusiasm of third party peripheral manufacturers than any vision on the part of ? Commodore.
The parallel be- tween our first and current issues continues with the Bards Tale adventure series from Electronic Arts providing link.
Back in '88 we took a look at the original in our first leisure software feature.
Now, three years and several thousand oages later, we are looking at the latest in the series, Bards Tale III, with equal commitment and enthusiasm.
Phil South irlroduced the CLI to eager beginners in issue one. Again a parallel can be drawn. Stevie Kennedy’s “Beginners Guide to the CLI" series continues in this issue, introducing a new batch of beginners to the mysteries of the Amiga's command line.
Forgetting the past for a moment, here and now in 1991 the Amiga is probably the most exciting hardware platform to write about. We could not hope for a more diverse range of users, all trying to sway the magazine in different directions.
Amiga Computing receives letters daily from readers: some praise, some criticise, but all care passionately about their machines. That fact was only too clearly borne out when I dared to comment on the relative merits of the beloved Amiga 1000 in a previous artide.
The quantity and quality of arguments from dedicated 1000 owners defending their machine was truly breathtaking.
The running theme through every issue of Amiga Computing over the last three years has been progression. Virtually every expansion avenue from hard disks to local area networking and modems has been explored.
Our features have focussed on Amigas in the classroom, on the race track and even in the tunnels of the Back to the future What does a birthday, a magazine and a potato have in common?
Eddie McKendrick blows the dust off our back issues to find out become an integral part of the publication, providing support programs for articles and stand alone software that really make the most of your Amiga.
London Underground.
August 1989 saw the launch of Britain's first Amiga dedicated CoverDisk. Since then, our cover mounted media has provided megabyte upon megabyte of entertainment and utility software.
The first disk featured two playable game demos. Since then we have responded to readers views and shied away from making our disk an advertising platform for software houses.
Instead our Cover- Disk has Other magazines have since jumped on the coverdisk bandwagon, but none can claim to be as diverse or truly useful as those affixed to the front of Amiga Computing.
Over the months our disk has been the source of numerous exclusives including the excellent SID directory utility, MED the music editor and even an official Commodore Workbench upgrade. The CoverDisk has proven its worth with our readers time and time again.
As an exper ment we withdrew the disk in February 1990 and reduced the price of Amiga Computing by £1.00. Reader response was over- Birthday
spokesman said that Workbench
1. 3 was "realised but not yet shipping."
AMIGA COMPUTING | ¦ COMPUTING , *AMIGA ? ' « 0 M P U T I N O . WAMIGA C-OMPU TING rwAMIGA ?V-Co M P U T I N O u 'amigaT* ' COM f I) Tito E” ind KmilGA i ? e- o m nr iff 1 publi- grams ftvvare f your since dwag- be as rffixed I ik has exdu- ellent
• Dthe en an Klore
i. The
* n its :«ders in ment e disk Oand ice of 9 by over- JUNE 1988 A
magazine with the internal working title of "Your Potato" hits
the news-stands. By the time it gets into the sweaty hands of
whelming - it was clear that our calculatecfexperi- ment had
gone more than slightly wrong.
In order to cool our switchboard down and stop our postbag overflowing the disk was hastily returned.
It hasn't looked back since.
Around the Amiga world in 36 issues... It would be impossible to summarise all the major events Amiga Computing covered in its first three years. Instead here is a look at the more quirky side of the machine.
IIHl the public, it assumes the more formal title of Amiga Computing. The launch issue features a look at what lies in store for the Amiga.
JULY 1988 We herald the arrival of the F A 18 Interceptor flight simulation. With a score of 96% Simon Rockman confidently described it as "The greatest Amiga game ever. You will believe a computer can make you fly."
AUGUST 1988 Palace software announce that they are doing a special version of their "Barbarian II" packaging following complaints from Boots about the scanty attire of Maria Whittaker.
DECEMBER 1988 While other computer companies are suffering a DRAM famine. Commodore are claiming to control 40% of the world memory market "We are still building Pcs and Amigas at a time when several other manufactures are struggling to keep their plants turning over," a bullish Commodore spokesman commented.
JANUARY 1989 We take a look at the official Commodore BBC emulator A product designed to help the Amiga break into the classroom. The emulator won't run games or any program which breaks Acorn rules. Slow at machine code, but magnificent for running educational software.
FEBRUARY 1989 A new strain of Amiga virus is discovered. The IRQ virus is different because it corrupts programs rather than disks. Also Commodore US "strongly disagrees" with a tax bill of S74.1m from the IRS.
SEPTEMBER 1988 Hewson Software enters the Amiga software market with the title Netherworld. Last month the company was pjt into voluntary receivership.
OCTOBER 1988 The USA Department of Defense suffered a break-in. An PS*. Amiga with a 68030 being used to simulate enemy attacks was stolen. Obviousy it didn't predict that the enemy would come in through the bathroom win dow.
Of new hardware and sofiware is developed to service this vast array of new users.
APRIL 1989 Commodore announce the A590 external hard drive and put it up for public inspection at the Which?
Computer Show.
MAY 1989 The John Menzies store chain starts to back the Amiga by announcing it will be carried in 14 of their outlets.
At the time of announcing a deemphasis of Atari's machine, Menzies' merchandising manager Bob Shinglton confides: "The volume of Atari ST sales certainly did not come up to our expectations" JUNE 1989 In the aftermath of the Lockerbie air disaster, an Amiga 2000 is teamed with video to reconstruct the site of the crash so police can work out what happened immediately prior to the accident.
JULY 1989 WordPerfect corporation in Utah USA announce that they have closed their Amiga development section. It is clear WIN A PC COMPETITION INTRASET LTD Tel: 025 72 76800 (Main office & 24 hr order line) Helpdesk 0490 3284 (weekdays 3-4pm) Fax your order on 025 72 74753 os ?m All prices include P&P and VAT. Overseas orders please add £5.00 CASHMASTER HOME AND BUSINESS ACCOUNTS
• Master yojr own finances. CASHMASTER is the easiest to use,
mcst versatile accounts program yet written
• CASHMASTER is suitable for Doth small business accounts or home
finance use.
We wrote CASHMASTER for our own use out of sheer frustration with the other so called easy to use packages. CASHMASTER altows you to input entries In one easy operation and yet allows you to extract the absolute maximum of information in an impressive array of statements and reports: just took at its range of features;
• Easy natural data entry • lust like a handwritten ledger
• Full VAT analysis or omit VAT altogether if you wish.
• Any amouit of ledgers at one time.
• No set time periods, span any time period - no one year limit.
• Reports can be produced over any time span (1 day to 100 years)
• Up to 100 user definable Class and 20 Accounts Codes.
• Detailed statements by selected Classes or Accounts.
• Profit & Less Statement.
• Tagging o' entries for report selectivity.
• Entries can be Inclusive or exclusive or zero VAT,
• Automatic repeat of entnes (standing orders etc.) yearty.
Half yearty, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly.
• Insert entries anywhere in ledger. CASHMASTEh automatically
sorts into date order.
• Search and find option on any entry anywhere within ledger
• Reports can be output to screen, printer or disk file.
• Reference field for every entry (Invoice no. Cheque no. Etc.).
• Split and merge ledgers at any time.
• All functions available from mam programme screen, Class and
Accounts codes visible at ail times.
• FREE pop up running total calculator called up with one key
• Full customer data file - easy to find account records.
• Full stock data file, price lists, re-order lists.
• Full invoking with user defined messages.
• Full Invoice editing, invoice to & deliver to fields.
• Pre-paid, account or credit note, full VAT facility.
• Analyse YOUR handwriting, or your partners, friends etc. What
are they REALLY like! Your handwriting always reveals your :rue
nature, state of health etc.
• Ths programme is a must for anyone interested In handwriting
analysis, both expert and beginner alike.
• Ths programme will provide an analysis of a subject's
handwriting ranging from a simple signature analysis to a full
15 page complete character report. Ideal for prospective
employers, experienced graphologists or anyone interested in
this fascinating art.
• All you need is a sample of the subjects handwriting and follow
the simple on screen instructions. Upon completion you are left
with an in depth report detailing all aspects of your subjects
character from career ambition, state of health through to
sexual preferences and megalomania!
• You may even edit this report using your word processor for
representation to your subject client.
THE GRAPHOLOGIST Is a must for serious business use or slmpy have loads of fun entertaining your friends whilst learning the finer aspects of this fascinating subject.
• Settlement, no return & line discounts Stand atone
invoicing stock control or integrates fully with CASHMASTER for
quarter the price of its rivals.
T Make you Micro earn!
• Whatever make of micro you have you can use it to make a good
income even if you only have a couple of hours spare each week'
nonsense but a true report of exactly the sort of steps that we
ourselves took at INTRASET
• We have put together a package of easy, senstole business ideas
wtwh can easily be used by anyone with any Micro.
• Earn £££"5 from home doing what you enjoy doing - usmg your
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• Hundreds of potential customers m your area wtv? Will GLADLY
pay for your services. We tell you how to find them!
• Part time or start your own full time business. Ideal for
housewivssrtiusbands. Unemployed etc. Very kttle capital outlay
on projects.
• Full step by step sixty page book PROFIT FROM YOUR MICRO comes
complete for just... COMPETITION RULES Every purchase made
qualifies you to enter our competition draw. The total value of
your purchases will determine the prize won.
There will be one 1 st prize only per draw.
Spend up to £20.00 - 1st prize « a Star LC pnnter.
Spend up to £40.00 - 1st prize - Amstrad PC1512 SDMM Spend over £40.00 - 1st prize - Amstrad PC1640 SO colour.
5 rumers up will each win full set of Iniraset software as above. Intraset's decision final on all matters.
Send SAE for list of winners.
Draw dates 28 9 91 and 28 2 91.
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SEND SAE FOR FREE SOFTWARE CATALOGUE_ Feature MARCH 1990 CDTV was reported to have been shown to "favoured" developers in California. Also Commodore celebrated its 200,000th Amiga 500 sale in the UK OCTOBER 1990 Silica Systems announce the arrival of the Atonce PC emulator for the Amiga. Thousands cf Amiga owners are terrorised by the Lamer II virus distributed on the now defunct rAMpage disk magazine. Ocean software admitted that the copy protection on F-29 Retaliator caused some copies to crash due to problems with the tolerance of some disk drive units.
NOVEMBER 1989 Nick "Green" Vietch joins the Amiga Computing team.
One of his first assignments is to meet Elvira, the result of which forms our caption competition in this month’s Rock Lobster.
Earn, ign- ra, h DECEMBER 1990 Amiga Computing veterans get a shock as the first "new look" issue hits the street. The cover features a hideously mutated creature - even after extensive make-up you can't fail to be appalled by the sight of Stephen White.
DECEMBER 1989 Marketing manager Jeff Earl leaves Commodore "to persue his own interests". The company famous for having more doors marked "exit" than "welcome" does not yet ask new recruits to sign the visitors book.
JANUARY 1990 With 45 shopping days before Christmas, Commodore rather meekly announces it has sold out of Amiga 500s. The reason for such huge success is the simultaneous launch of Ocean's "Batman" game and the Commodore Amiga 500 bundle bearing the same name.
SEPTEMBER 1989 A Swinton licensee took swift action when FAST, the Federation Against Software Theft, stepped in to tell him an llegal software copying den was being run in the back room of his pub. "It was so blatant" said a spokesman for FAST.
OCTOBER 1989 Commodore issues a statement confirming that Amiga 1000 owners have not been abandoned. In the same statement Commodore also announces that the ECS will not wor with the 1000.
AUGUST 1989 The Amiga 3000 is on the way at last. So is Kickstart 1.4, but not for a while. Also in September, C om m o d o r i warn people to be wary of grey imports and WH Smith trifles the number of 16 bit games it will stock.
That despite previous promises, they will not be producing any further versions of WordPerfect for the Amiga.
MAY 1990 We previewed perhaps the most successful utility program for the Amiga ever - AMOS'the creator. In the same issue we announced that Amiga Computing would be published on paper that was "kinder to the environment." You can sleep safe in the knowledge that Amiga Computing is printed on paper which uses a chemithermo-mechanical process which is greener than older methods.
APRIL 1990 Commodore were reported to be "furious" at leaks confirming that the Civil Aviation Authority would be using Amiga 2000s to train pilots. Their fury centred around a headline in “Computer Weekl ', a trade magazine for data processing managers. "Flight Controllers to fain on games kit" was not appreciated by the company. • FEBRUARY 1990 First hints o; a 1 mb Amiga 500 come to light as Commodore start to ship the machine with space for the extra 512k on the motherboard. Also in Feburary, Amiga Computing stops the CoverDisk and reduces the price of the magazine by £1.
JULY 1990 Amiga Computing provides the first exhaustive look at the long awaited Amiga 3000 but we are still waiting for CDTV. In the same issue The Last Blit relates the woeful tale of Green, our then Reviews Editor who was run over by a car during an assignment in Dublin.
JUNE 1990 The Amiga 3000 drew closer with a confirmed launch pad of the Which?
Computer Show. "The Tipster" horse racing form speculator program fell at the first hurdle in the Grand National. The only horse tipped by the software came in fourth.
SEPTEMBER 1990 120 schools in Derbyshire would be teaching their pupils Japanese using Commodore's CDTV technology. The unlikely move is a result of Toyota's decision to build a £7Q0m car assembly plant within the county.
AUGUST 1990 Commodore officially announces CDTV at the CES show in Chicago.
Staying on the theme of innovation, Mandarin software release the eagerly awaited AMOS games creator.
NOVEMBER 1990 Surprise surprise... Commodore announce delays to the launch of CDTV. The company is now citing a mid-February launch as probable.
APRIL 1991 It's that CDTV thing again... Commodore's press guru Andrew Ball is still talking about a spring launch for the multi-media system.
In the same issue we report on an interactive skateboard launched by Cheetah. Aeroskate connects to the games system or computer then the player jumps aboard using balance and leans left or right to avoid being zapped during the game.
MAY 1991 Amiga Computing receives a letter from the Gulf congratulating Page One Public Domain on shipping their wares to the war zone so quickly.
CDTV is getting closer with a demonstration of its capabilities on the BBC's Tomorrows World science programme. Commodore announce that the Screen Gems package will be shipped with 1 mb memory as standard for a limited period.
MARCH 1991 Commodore announce that they sold an amazing 140,000 A500s in the UK over the pre-Christmas period of October-December. In the same issue we start to ask questions about software censorship. The letters of response are still coming in.
FEBRUARY 1991 We report on the worldwide frenzy caused by the football simulation Kick Off 2. The software was reported to have drawn a crowd cf 15,000 players at a league event in Italy and caused a police crowd control unit to intervene during a German event.
JANUARY 1991 The Amiga 1500 hits the streets and our reporters hit the floor when they encounter a retailer selling "free" Commodore T-shirts off his stand at the Commodore Christmas Show.
THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR AMIGA PD SOFTWARE THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF OUR VAST LIBRARY UTILITIES PDU 13 Word Processing+Databesing PDU18 AirTunnel Simulation PDU 23 Fish 110 A68K Assembler PDU 24 Fish 114 C Docs PDU 26 Fish 133 Console Handler PDU 27 Fish 136 Create own puzzles PDU 29Fish 140 14l SBProlog 2disks PDU 31 Fish 143 RIM Database PDU 32 Fish 144 Analytic spreadsheet PDU 33 Fi8h 1 85 Official CBM IFF disk PDU 43 Fish 203 Assembler & C eg PDU 44 Fish 215 Mandelvroom V2.0 PDU 45 Fish 210 Scientific calculator PDU 46Fish 213 Icons(300in8color5) PDU 51 Fish 219 Astronomy program PDU
52 Fish 52 A-Z Text Editor PDU 60 Fish 237 CLIprmt PDU 70 Fish 193 Keymap Editor PDU 72 SID V 1.06 The ultimate disk util.
PDU 74C-Manual PDU 73 File Archiver PDU 80 Fonts and Surfaces PDU 81 Disksaive 1.3 PDU 82 Sca'c. Wordwrite PDU 93 Celtics Demomaker PDU 99 Ham Radio utils(5 disks) PDU 101 Menu-Maker PDU 102 Label designer PDU 103 Icon-Maker PDU 104 Icon-Mama PDU 105 Crossword Creator PDU 118 Various CLI utils PDU 146 Grocery+Video list maker PDU 149 Icon Fun PDU 151 Fixdisk-disk repairer PDU 164 Games Music Creator PDU 168Vaccme-Booster(Viruskiller) PDU 169 QuickBase-Database PDU 171 Fish 315Draw-map PDU 175Fish 288 Plotdata 2D PDU 185 ANC22 (Excellent ubls) PDU 186 Falcon Bootblock Creator PDU 189 Bootblock
Copier PDU 194 Pman Virus Killer PDU 198 Synchro Packer V4.6 PDU 200 Virus Killer Pro V2.0 PDU 207 Perfect Sound V1.93 PDU 257Fish 349MED PDU 262 MED Modules DEMOS PDD 1 Anarchy Demo PDD 3Cult Demodisk PDD 4 Deathstar Megademo(2 disks) PDD 7 Elvira Demo PDD 14 RAF Megademo(2 disks) PDD 16 Robocop Demo PDD 17 SAE Demo 12 PDD 18SAE Demo 19 PDD 19 SAE Demo 2i PDD 20 SAE Demo 25 PDD 21 SAE Demo 32 PDD 31 Anarchy”Ooh its obscene III" PDD 51 HacktrickJM Arsew.pe PDD 52 Hacktrick 2Smashing day out PDD55Kefrens Megademo 8(2 disks) PDD 60 NitroAC Demos 22 PDD 62 Northstar Mogademo 2 PDD 70 Rebels
Megademo PDD 71 Red Sector Demo PDD 72 Red Sector Demodisk 4 PDD 73 SAE Demos 23 PDD 74 SAE Demos 36 PDD 75 Scoopex Demos PDD 76Scoopex Megademo PDD 90 T niogy Demos 4 PDD91 TnlogyMegademo 1 PDD 93 TWI Demo+Virus killer PDD 94 Vortex Megademo PDD 96 Magneic Fields Demo 36 PDD 97 Predators Megademo(2 disks) PDD 99 Semtex Megademo PDD 107 Budbrain I (2 disks) PDD 115 Magnetic Fields Demo 40 PDD 1 l6MagneticFieldsDemo 4i PDD 130 Chubby Brown PDD 131 Cnoni:s Demo PDD 132 Giants Megademo(2 disks) PDD 134 Magnetic Fields Demo 45 PDD 138 Page One Demo 1 PDD 139 Page One Demo 2 PDD 140 Page One
Demo 3 PDD 141 Page One Demo 4 PDD 145 SAE Cemo 31 PDD 152 Flash "No Brain No Pain"(2) PDD 153 Billy Connally Demo(2 disks) PDD 160Hacktrick"Raveon" PDD 165 SAE Cemo 35 PDD 166 SAE Cemo 39 PDD 177 Budbrain II PDD 179 Crionics Total Destruction PDD 180 DMOB Vectordemo PDD 186 Flash Demos 2 PPD 209 Rutger Demodisk PDD 212 Space Pack 32 ANIMATION PDA 9 Knight Ammation(1 meg) PDA 12 Agatror Star Trek Anims2 PDA 13 Agatror. Star Trek Anims 17 PDA 14 Puggs n Space PDA 15 Moonwalker Demo PDA 18 Miller Lte Advert PDA 31 Nude Gris Amm PDA 34 Basko tball Amm PDA 35 BFPO Slideshow( 18+) PDA 36 BFPO
Slideshow 2(l8+) PDA 37 Busy Bee Amm PDA 41 DigiviewerSlidoshow PDA 42 Dragons Lair Demo PDA 44 French Hom(1 meg) PDA 45 Monocycle & Sportscar(1 meg) PDA 47 Holsten Pils Advert PDA 48 Magnum Jogger Amm PDA 49 Mayfair Vol.23 no3(l8+) PDA 50 Moga Clean ShowVl.7 PDA 54 NASA Graphics ' PDA 56 Newtek Domorwl 1 (2)( 1 meg) PDA 57 Newtek Demoreal3 (2) (1 meg) PDA 58 Paradise Slideshow PDA 61 Sabrina PDA 63 Space Amms( 1 meg) PDA 65 Star Trek Anims PDA 68 Walker Demol (1 meg) PDA 69 Walker Demo 1 (2meg.2disks) PDA 70WaJkerDemo2(l meg) PDA 73 Westcoast Crac er 4( 18*) PDA 74 Bodeans Bordelo l(18+) PDA
75 Bodeans Borde!o 4(18+) PDA 76Playboy(18t) PDA 77SamFox(i8+) PDA 78 Utopia 1(18+) PDA 79 The Final Ecstacy 1 (18+) PDA 80 Walker Demo 2(2 meg,2 disks) PDA 81 Ray T race An.DBW Render ubl PDA 86 Utop-a 4(i8+) PDA 89 Bodeans Bordel o 9 (18+) PDA 90 Bunsen Burner-JetFighter anim PDA 92 D.Landers Sci-fiShow 1 PDA 93 D.Landers Sci-fiShow 2 PDA 95 Magician Jogger Anims PDA 97 Mike Tyson Knockout d«Sk PDA 106 Back to the Future Iianims PDA 108 Adams Family PDA 110 Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon PDA 11 Bruce Lee Slideshow II PDA 112 Dragons Lair II Demo PDM 3 Music Invasion II PDM 4 Mus e Invasion II
(2 disks) PDM 5 MFCEIectnc CLI IV' PDM 6 Winkers song(2 cisks) PDM 9 Ride on bme & Batdance PDM 19 Bad-M. Jackson PDM 20 Bat Dance PDM 27 DMOB Megamusic III PDM 28 Enemies Music III PDM 30 Digital Concert II PDM 31 Digital Concert III PDM 33 Helloween'Follow the Sign'(2) PDM 35Think were alone now-Tiffany PDM 36 LandofConfusion Genesis PDM 38 Miami Vice Theme (4 diskS) PDM 40 MFI Vangehs Demo PDM 65 Digital Concert IV PDM 71 NoiseplayerV2.40 PDM 72 Popeye meets the Beachboys PDM 80 Digital Concert VI PDM 82 Froddy Kruger PDM 83 Kefrens Jukebot PDM 84 Madonna-Hankv panky PDM 85 Miami
Vice-Crockets Theme PDM 87 RIP Erupbon PDM 88 Slab Music PDM91 100 Most Remembered C64 tunes PDM 95 Hi-Fi Demo PDM t04BassX 5 Power Remx PDM 105 BassX 6 Sydney Youngblood PDM 106 Betty Boo PDM 109DepecheMode PDM 110 DMOB Music I PDM 111 DMOB Music II PDM 112 DMOB Music IV(2 disks) PDM 117 Flash Gordan (2 disks) PDM 118Hacktrick'Loadsamoney' PDM 120 Laurel & Hardy (2 dis s) PDM 125 Mr Food (2 disks) PDM 128NASP V2.0 PDM 131 Petshop Boys Remix 1 PDM 132 Petshop Boys Remixi2 PDM 142 The Amiga Chart III GAMES PDG 1 Star Trek-Final Frontier|2 disks) PDG 2 Star trek (3 dsks.2 dnves) PDG 5 Card &
Board Games PDG 18 Marble Slide PDG 19 Destination Moon be so PDG 21 Bomg the Game (2 disks) PDG 26 T reasure Search PDG 31 Moria PDG 32 Legend of Farghail PDG 33 Arcadia(Breakout style game) PDG 34 Dynanxte Qick PDG 35 Pair It PDG 36 Snakes 8 laddors Reversi PDG 37 Super Quiz WE ALSO STOCK AMOS DISKS Various demosrmusic and games MAGAZINE DISKS Amiga Format & Computing DOCUMENT DISKS GameHmts Solubonsetcetc DISK PRICES 1-9 ..£1.50 10-19 ..£1.25 20+ .£1.00 FREE CATALOGUE ON DISK FREE P&P ON EVERY ORDER UK ONLY Please add 25p per disk tor Europe
50p per disk for World WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CAROS PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO- PD DIRECT aa packi&& &&PACK2&& PACK3AA &&PACK4&& Home Buisness Pack ThisSdsk pack contans:- Spreadsheet Word Processor Amiga Spell Memopad Inventory DaiaDase etc etc A must for home accounts!
£10-00 md. 10 cap. Box.
Demo Pack (10 disk pack) Budbrain 1(2 disks), & 2 Magnetic Fields 40 Magnetic Fields 41 Keterens Megademo(2 disks) Puggs in Space Fillet the Fish Scoopex Megaflemo A great starter pack £11-00 mcl. 10 cap box.
Music Pack (10 disk pack) Heiloween (2 disks) Cryptic Glidescope ll Beatmasters III
J. M.Jarre Notseplayer V2 4 + Sample(2) Freddy Kruger Crockets
Theme 100 C64 tunes £11-00 incl. 10 cap box Adult pack (10
disk pack) Sabnna, Sam Fox (2 dsks) Bodeans Bordello 2
Bodeans Bordello 3 Bodeans Bordello 10 Bodeans Movies West
Coast Cracker BFPO 1,BFPQ 2 Utopia 1 £11-00 incl. 10 cap
jpgo'ood £24.99 £24.99 £6.99 £12.99 £6.99 £24.99 £7.99 £7.99
£4.99 Lemmings Speedball 2 Fantasy World Dizzy Final Whistle
Little Puff Turrican 2 R-Type Super Hang On Treasure Island
Dizzy Psygnosis Mirrosoft Code Masters Anco Code Masters Anco
Hit Squad Hit Squad Code Masters Code Masters £9.99 Super Grand
Prix I . 11 F19 Stealth Fighter Microprose £29.99 I 12 Panza
Kick Boxing US Gold £24.99 13 Moonwalker Kixx £7.99 * 14 Double
Dragon Mastertronic £9.99 15 A10 Tank Killer Sierra Online
£34.99 16 FC Manager Energize £6.99 17 Super Scramble Simulator
Kixx £9.99 18 Kick Oft 2 Anco £24.99 19 CJ's Elephant Antics
Code Masters £6.99 © 1991 Gaflup ATOMINO - Psygnosis You don't
need to be an Einstein to have fun with atoms, at least that's
what Psygnosis would have us believe with their latest release.
The basic idea is to construct molecules by piecing together atoms.
Each atom that you place has a certain number of electrons that orbit around it, all of which must be linked before you successful build up a completed molecule. Expect it really soon for the usual Psygnosis price.
FiffitJut about the latest gai IRSIin Affiiaa Computing... STORMBALL - Millennium If you thought rugby was a tough game, just wait until you get a load of the kind of antics that the players get up to in Millennium's latest release, Stormball. Billed as 'the sport of the future', Stormball looks like-a cross between Speedball and 3D soccer that sees up to two players simultaneously battling it out in a split-screen 3D game. Rules seem to be an afterthought too
- put simply, anything goes so you'd better put on your pads
unless you want to end up eating hospital food.
LEMMINGS 2 - Psygnosis Lemmings fanatics will be over the moon to learn that DMA programmer Dave Jones has already started work on a folbw up. It still has a very long way to go before we get the chance to save even more of those little green*haired fellows from certain death, but Dave is optimistic that the game should be ready for some time later this year.
According to Dave, the gameplay format is very simiar to the original, but there's a greater amount of interaction with the background. Lemmings can now pick up objects, move them about and even use them to help complete each screen. There are also many more tasks that can be assigned to Lemmings.
WRECKERS - Audiogenic PRO TENNIS im2-UBISoft There's nothing more annoying than being woken from a good nap, but things are even worse if you just happen to be in suspended animation. In Audiogenic's latest release, you've been woken from your deep sleep by the ship's computer that informs you that some highly dangerous alien slime is heading your way.
It's up to you to journey around the snip, preparing for the slime's arrival.
Eventually, all this changes to a fight for Survival as the slime invades your ship. Ooh!
Alien eat your heart cut.
BIRDS OF PREY - Electronic Arts It's been over three and a half years coming, but Jez San's latest blockbuster has finally arrived. Combining some of the most realistic depth-cued 3D objects with fast and furious gameplay, Birds of Prey promises to oe something very special indeed.
They've produced a follow up in the shape of the incredibly imaginatively named Pro Tennis Tour 2.
The new game features tarted up graphics and a greater range of shots.
For tennis fans everywhere, this looks like being o must.
You can take up a large number of different aircraft, including the AIO Thunderbolt, the FI6 Fighting Falcon, FI4 Tomcat, Harrier, Soviet MIG-29 Fulcrum and even the good old British Tornado. If Jez and the rest of tie gang manage to find enough time between yet another pizza, then you can expect a full review very soon.
Have you noticed that despite how utterly wretched a child may be, the parents still think that they're a little angel? Whether they're running around the supermarket pelting each other with rice crispies or throwing stones at passing cars, the parents always turn around and try to justify the child's actions by claiming that their child is too young to know otherwise.
Of course we all know that this is far from the truth. Fact is, kids are pre.ty smart characters. Take young Nathan, for example. During the day he's a pretty lovable sort of fellow, but as the sun sets, Nathan changes into something quite terrible - he becomes a brat. As his bodily self rests, Nathan's mind goes into overdrive, taking him to a land where he'? A really cool character, complete with leather jacket and shades.
Depending upon which way the arrow points.
Along the way he can also pick up objects with which to make the going a little simpler. These include dynamite and even stop signs which can be used to halt traffic.
Brat is a lot of fun.
Although initially frustrating, you'll soon find it to be a source of many hours of entertainment. Once again, it seems ImageWorks have delivered the goods.
Jason Holborn Even in his dreams poor Nathan wanders around in a daze, unable to look after himself. Scattered around dreamland are many hazards that will cause Nathan to wake if he runs into them. Being a rather young chap, he needs as much sleep as he can get, so it's up to you to ensure that Nathan's journey around dreamland remaini wake-free.
Unfortunately, you can’t directly control our little brat hero. Instead, you must use the mouse to lay dowr guiding arrows that will point Nathan in the right direction.
These must be laid directly in his path.
As soon as he walks over an arrow, he changes direction Publisher: Imageworks Price: £19.95 Graphics What can I say? Brat's graphics are top notch.
Add to that a great (and rather humorous) Intro sequence, and you have a graphically superb game.
Sound Just like the graphics.
Brat's sound effects are also very cutesy, especially the samples of Nathan's speech. The tune Is great too, although It tends to get rather annoying after a while.
Gameplay Brat plays very similar to that other great Amiga game. Lemmings. It may rtot quite be tip to the same standards as Lemmings where origl nallty and lasting Interest Is concerned, but Brat still manages to be a great little game.
Definitely one for every one's software collection.
T, . I '-it- OFFICIAL GOLDEN IMAGE distributor m , wwes G ?
Atari ST ..... .....£19.95 Os Commodore Amiga ... .....£19.95 o ST Amiga switchable .....£24.95 U IBM Serial . .....£24.95 L- n IBM PS 2 ... .....£19.95 (J Amstrad PC Bus .. .....£19.95 a o 7WS g&US'Z The brush is a new slim mouse which is used like a pen. It’s ideal for artists.
05 4 O' 4 Amiga ...£39-95 ST ..£39.95 b:B zcBPB°oB°o0 B®®B ®o9PB°&B • - - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Prices include P&P and VAT g 17.5% Overnight courier service available at extra cost Please telephone for availability oow am vowrwoo* oqw;w&c mes
- xor. A- Qr-ao. A, , - 7 Commodore Amiga .£39,95
Atari ST ...£39.95 IBM PC
Serial £39-95 •s b b b b::b '% t'KD
sewnsxs ST with Touch-Up ..£199*95 Amiga with
Touch-Up ..£199*95 IBM PC Multi-directional ....£199*95
Atari ST ...£35 95
Commodore Amiga £35.95 ST Amiga
switchable .....£39-95 IBM
Serial .....£39.95 IBM PC
with Doctor halo ..£49.95 Amstrad PC
Bus ......£35-95 n Vs .on 2Mb Amiga 500
expansion unpopulated ...£29.95 2Mb Amiga 500 expansion
populated......£129.95 512K Amiga 500 expansion with clock
£29*95 2Mb Atari ST expansion unpopulated .£29-95 2Mb
Atari ST expansion populated ...£149-95 _ 2Mb-8Mb Amiga
2000 Expansions Care...£169.95 E*P j i * u u ! O' f
Atari ST ...£39.95 Commodore
Amiga .£39.95 IBM PC
Serial £39-95 V E f Golden Image (UK)
Ltd, Golden Image House, Fairways Business Park, lammas Road,
IxMidon E10 7QT Tel: 081-518 7373 Fax: 081-518 7585 Trade
Enquiries Welcome Credit card orders accepted by phone Atari
ST. ( ommotlorv Amiga, AiiiMr.uI and IBM are all registered
trademarks of tlnir respective ow ncrs r Computer RPC fans
could scarcely have failed to encounter one of the three Bard's
Tale games. They are just a couple of the many Dungeons and
Dragons type of role-playing games that have appeared over the
last few years and each new release seems more like the
grandaddy of RPG than ever.
Bard's Tale III is another of the “create a party and go and mash the monsters" RPCs, and while it's not the test in my opinion, it does have a fair amount going for it.
The quest is simple. The Mad Cod Tarjan is throwing his insane and somewhat humungous bulk around and not surprisingly the inhabitants of the various towns that he laid waste to and populated with evil are a little narked.
Ideally you're aiming to kick TarjaVs immortal butt out of the land but a good place to start is the local '.own of Skara Brae.
Players of either of the other Bard's Tale games will be able to directly port their existing character party into the latest sequel, so you can make best use of the items of powe' that you fought so bravely for last time. New players should not let this put them off though because BTIII may be played by beginners to RPGs.
The screen display never changes.
Sound There's no real sound to speak of, though you do get a little at tlm«», and what there is sounds adequate.
It’s a series of windows with information on the party and its surroundings. To view a character you merely press a key and the stats are called up. Unfortunately this also calls up a picture of the character as well which takes some time.
According to the manual you can skip this by holding down SHIFT and pressing the number but this didn't seem to work. A shame, because it lonkey 'unkyman 3 StrongBDim 4 Features 5 Moonwind Pilbo III puzzler _ The party's first encounter: a serpent.
With teeth like that. It should be a wolf!
This building may look derelict, but it contains enough equipment to make your team a formidable force Gameplay Bard's Talg III If addictive, merely because I like the game type enough to per severe, and there is a hefty Challenge In there for RPG fans. A pity about those niggles though.
Makes swapping of booty and checking of condition very tiresome.
Should the party neet a monster, a picture of it is displayed in the top left window.
The name of the monster is told and you are given various options.
You can attempt to run away, hide, or advance. If you have bowmen and The spoils ol the encounter.
That knowledge comes in handy for advancing levels, while the gold will buy equipment and food Igraphics Presentation is nice but not flawless. I particularly noticed a flicker that runs down the list of character names about once a minute. This was offputting and looks amateurish - surely the programmers could, have debugged It? Graphics are especially neat and full of character.
Spellcasters in the party they can fire from within range but the monsters have the same options as you so eventually you'll get up close.
A commentary on what everything is doing and how much various people are hurt appears in the top right window.
Spells are cast by clicking vslth the mouse on the spell name and then pressing a key for the target. I did find the game somewhat confusing to control as the designers couldn't decide whether to plump for the keyboard or mouse as a form of control and have come to a compromise. This means switching between mouse and keyboard quite a bt and I found it awkward.
Rolling characters was also tricky.
You have to select sex and race of the character and then a series of stats is chosen randomly and displayed. If these are acceptable (which they often aren't) you then press a key for class. If they are not you have to press escape and go through the whole process again. A system similar to other RPCs would be better, with a single keypress rerolling statistics.
John Diglan The ultimate quest continues... BARD’S TALE III Publisher: Electronic Arts Price: £24.99 K 5 5 V I at are welcome, at wilt then say?
It's the Biffa Bacon of the USAF A10 TANK KILLER Publisher Dynamix - 1Mb required Price: £24.95 Here's tvhat you're after - the Sovlet- bullt T72 main battle tank. Luckily, A10s «t these for breakfast THIS IS YOUA A10 Combat flight simulators are old hat these days, but nothing could ever prepare you for the kind of hard-ass butt kicking power that is the trademark of Fairchild Republic's legendary A10 Thunderbolt. Put simply, it's one hell Nope, It's not a SCUD. This little beauty could cause ycu some trouble Here's the map of the battle below you. There's not a great dea of detail because
your radar stations have already been knocked out!
Of an aircraft. Sure, it goes without saying that the Thunderbolt can dish out some pretty mean fire-power, but what makes this machine one mean motha' is that it can take just as much as it can give.
Most combat aircraft are pretty fragile things at the best of times, but the Thunderbolt is the Biffa Bacon of the US Airforce. It cai lose huge chunks of wing, and even one of its two engines and still keep on flying - try doing that with an F29 Retaliator! Put simply, if you want to come back alive, then the A10 is the plane to fly.
Star of the Gulf War and West country window-shattering 'fl bys', the awesome combat potential of the A10 has been captured within Dynamix’s latest release. It's a combat flight simulator which puts you in the hot seat of the aircraft that was once described by a US Airborne Ranger as 'the only true friend of the modern US Infantryman'.
So, if you feel man (or woman) enough for the job, it's time tc strap on your Biggies flight goggles, wrap your white scarf around your neck and go in search of something to destroy.
Strategy is an all-important part of I (signer where, nk and
* part!
¦ i ¦ ithout ndish ower, e one te just pretty times, Biffa n lose ft one sp on nF29 mt to bthe West bys', ial of ft thin com- lyou that )ome if the man) strap wrap neck tg to art of Graphics the game, but for the muscleheads among you, there's an option which allows you to fly straight into the thick of battle, blasting away with your 30 mm cannons and Maverik 'fire and forget' missiles.
There are seven differ- ent missions which you can undertake, ranging from tank busting to taking out bridges to stop tie enemy advance.
A10 really comes into its own in campaign mode. You play exactly the same seven missions that you would normally, but all must be played in succession, lust lice in real life however, you can't screw up one mission and then expect to carry on as normal when you move onto the next. Your success within previous missiors will have a marked effect on the ease of your next. If you screw up totaly, you may even cause the war below you to be lost, forcing surrender to enemy forces.
As you'd expect, gameplay is executed in good old solid 3D, but it's far from perfect. Most of the time things run smoothly enough, but the game can slow down to a veritable crawl when the action hots up. Un- fotunately, it's times like this when you most need to be able to get out of trouble quickly. Your A10 may be able to take a fair bit of punishment, but it's not indestructible!
A10 Tank Buster is a great game which is let down only by the speed of its graphics. The attention to detail leaves other combat flight simulators grounded, whilst the atmosphere it generates is second to none. It's just a shame Dynamix hadn't managed to get things running at a slightly faster frame rate. If they had, A10 Tank Buster would have been one hell of a game. As it is, it can often leave you frustrated.
Jason Holbourn Gameplay Whether you're a hard ened strategist or a trigger-happy grunt, AIO can be as simple or complex as you want. It lacks many of the more com plex flight controls you'd expect from a flight sim ulation, but It more than makes up for these with Its nall-bltlng realism.
Sound A fairly naff title tune starts the ball rolling, but things Improve considerably within the game Itself. Soued effects are particularly good, but It's a shame you don't get to hear them more often.
Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the computer disk drive controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
Q Menu driven selection of Start Track End Track up to 90 tracks. G Ideal for clubs, user groups or your own disks.
G Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge. G The powerful Disk Copier ever conceived.
J Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, ST etc. Q No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
J Probably the only duplication system you will ever need!
G N°w with a SUPER POWERFUL "SYNCRO” MODE that actually synchronises your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!!
Can be switched OUT when not In use * totally transparent. _j Mske up to 2 copies simultaneously’.
INCLUDING ... of Disk If you don't have a second drive we can supply SYNCRO CQQ EXPRESS together with a DIGITAL DiSPLA Y Drive for ONL Y... LOZJ.
7 J.US MANY NEW G DRIVE SPEED CHECKER - now Q DISK TOOLKIT - Syncro III now_ Hard Drive File Copy etc. etc. your drives • DF0*DF3. Easy and very accurate, bole - Fast Format. File Copy, Ram Disk, Disk Rename, .
WARNING Datel Electronics Ltd.. neither condones nor authorises tho use of Its products lor the reproduction of oopmght material | PLEASE STATE AMIGA 500*1000- 1500 2000 3000 WHEN ORDERING
• 1988 Th* backup tacMes of thu product are designed to reproduce
only software such as Public Domain material, the users
COPYRIGHT o*" programs or software where permission to make
backups has been tfearty g***" ft '* Htogai to maks copies,
even ACT tof y°°r own u8e- °* copyright material, without the
gnran permission ol the copyright owner, or the Itcencee
3 programs tOiHt on one disk.
Now eaves directly to'disk as Amiga Dos - reloads independently ot the cartridge - even transfer to hard drive! Works with up to 2 Ings of Ram - even 1 Meg Chip Mem (Fatter Agnus).
UNIQUE INFINITE LIFE TRAINER MODE NOW MORE POWERFUL Allows you to generate more and even infinite lives, fuel, ammo, etc. Perfect as a treinor mode to get you past that impesAle level. Very easy to use.
IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR The full Sprite Editor allows you to view modify the whole sprite set including any attachod sprites. RANGE OF IMPROVED FEATURES.
VIRUS DETECTION Comprehensive vlfu* detection and removal features to protoct your software investment. Works with all presently known viruses.
SAVE PICTURES AND MUSIC TO DISK • Pictures and sound samples Pan be saved to disk. Files aro saved directly IFF format suitablo for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed as screen waveform.
SLOW MOTION MODE Now you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily adjustable Irom lull speed to 20° o speed. Ideal to help you through the tricky parts!
RESTART THE PROGRAM Sifaplyairess a key and tho program will continue where you left off.
FULL STATUS REPORTING At tho press of a key now you can view tho Machine Status, including Fast Ram. Chip Ram. RamDisk, Orive Status, etc. POWERFUL PICTURE EDITOR Now you can manipulate and search for screens throughout memory.
Over SO commands to edit the picture plus unique on screen status overlay shows all the information you could ever need to work on screens.
No other product comes closo to ottering such dynamic screon handling ot frozen programs!! • • • e MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Tracker you can find the complete music in programs .
Demos.etc. and save them to disk. Saves in format suitable for most track % player programs. Works with loads of programs!!
E AUTOFIRE MANAGER From the Action R ilay II preference screen you can now set up autofire from 0 to»f 00®o. Just imagine continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 2 are set separately for that extra advantage!
• DISKCODER With the new Diskcoder option you can now tag your
disks vith a unique code that will provent tho disk from boing
loaded by anyono else. Tagged disks will only reload when you
enter the code. Very usotul for socurity.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay II now has screen colour preferences
with menu setup.
Customise your screens to suit your taste. Very simple to use,
• DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor - displays disk
information in easy to understand lormat. Full modify's ve
DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at all times - DIR.
FORMAT. COPY. OEVICE. Etc. DISK COPY Disk Copy at the press ot a button • faster than Dos Copy. No need to load Workbench • available at all times.
BOOT SELECTOR Either OFO or DF1 can be selected as the boot drive when working with Amiga Dos disks. Very useful to be ablo to boot from your oxternal drive.
• Full L'ftMXX) Assembler Disassembler Full sereen editor Load
Save block Write String to memory • Jump to specific address •
Show Ram as text Show tiozen picture • Ptay resident sample
Show and edit all CPU registers and flag Calculator Help
command Full search feature Unique Cvston Chip Edr.or allows
yoi to see «n j modify all chip registers • even write
onlyaegisters Notepad Disk handling • i show actual track. Disk
Sync, pattorn etc. • Dynamic Breakpoint handling • Show memory
as HEX.
Ascii. Assembler. Decimal Copper Assemble Disassemble - now with suffix names SB DA TEL ELECTROfllCS" LTD., GOVAN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST4 2RS, ENGLAND TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 Isn't it Strange how popular sewers are amongst monsters?
Whilst the average human would rather eat his best friend's toenails than take a trip below ground, monsters seem to view all those dark and damp (not to mention smelly!)
Tunnels as a prime hang-out. You'll Graphics First rate. With plenty of detail and some very nice shading. Eye of the Beholder doesn't just play great, but it looks great too. If you thought RPC games were dull, then you're in for a shock!
Find werewolves, crazed opera ghosts, giant alligators and even mutant ninja turtles living happily below our feet, feeding on the occasional human tiat is stupid enough to venture below ground.
In this game, you control a band of four brave adventurers who must journey into the sewers below the city of Waterdeep to investigate the source of evil that lurks there. In true fantasy style, you can choose between a variety of different races, each of which has its own particular strengths and inevitable weaknesses. Negotiating the labyrinth-like sewer complex is a hefty enough task in itself, but you'll also encounter a variety of different obstacles along the way.
There's the usual assortment of traps to avoid, puzzles to solve and of course a fjir helping of sewer demons (and mutant turtles?) That must be dispatched if you are to succeed in your quest.
At first appearance, Eye of the Beholder bears more than a striking resemblance a game that should be more than familiar to anyone who has even the slightest idea of what's hot in the Amiga games scene, namely Ftl's Dungeon Master.
The similarities are not just cosmetic either - much of the gameplay is very similar, but that's not necessarily a bad thing when you corsider what a cracking good game Dungeon Master was.
A blatant Dungeon Master rp-off it may be, but there's no escaping the fact that Eye of the Beholder is still one hell of a game. If you only intend buying one game this month, then this has got to be it. In short, Eye of the Beholder is an absolute corker.
Jason Holborn Dungeon Master meets Dynorod Sound Sound effects are a little thin on the ground, but then what did you expect? What effects are present do a great job of creating atmosphere in the game.
Gameplay If you've played Dungeon Master, then you'll have no problems getting into Eye of the Beholder. Once you're in, you'll find it practically Impossible to return to the real world.
Totally captivating and totally addictive, Eye of the Beholder is £30 well spent.
FINAL PGEMENT 0 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Publisher: US Gold - 1Mb required Price: £29.95 VISIT OUR FULHAM SHOWROOM SK MARKETING COMPUTER SUPPLIES PLEASE CALL FOR LATEST RELEASES PLEASE CALL FOR LATEST RELEASES AMIGA HARDWARE BOOKS Advanced Amga BASJC .... £16.95 Advanced Sysl Prog Ode Amiga _______________£32.45 Amiga 3DOraplia Prog BASIC ... £1845 Amiga Applications .... £1695 Amiga AsswnNy Lang Prog £14 45 Amiga BASIC Inside i Oul .. £1895 Amiga C Advanced Progrmrran ....£32 45 Amiga C for
Beginners ....£1845. Amiga OOS Vnide 8 Out ...£18 45 Amiga 008.,..- .- - X14J5 Amiga OOS Ouch Relorenco ......£8 95 Amiga OOS Rel 3ude ...... _.....- £14 95 Amga Desktop Vdeo £18 45 Amga Desktop Vdao Qude .£18.45 Amga Dish Drives irwdo & Out £27.95 Amiga For Begmara ...X12.95 Amiga Od QnpWe* Sound Taleee £17 45 Amga Qraphcs tosh* 8 Out --------- - ...£32 45 Amga Hardware Ret Menjal Rev
.£21.96 Amiflfl Madiht Lang Qutfe ..£21.96 Amga MkNM language ________....___- ..£14.96 Amga Microsoft Base Prog Guide £18 45 Amga Prog Handoooh VW 1 ......£24 96 Amga Prog Handoooh Vol. 2 ... £23 96 Amga Programmers Guide ....£17.45 Amga Programmers Guide -------------------£20 45 Amga ROM Korn* Raf Uan Autnd ...-129.98 Amga ROM Karnoi Rat Manual . £29.96 Amiga ROM Kornoi Rel Man Lto .£32.96 Amiga Sysiem Programmers Gudo_________________.£32.86 Amiga Thcha and
Tgs ...04 95 Becoming an Amiga Artst - .....£1845 Begmors Guide to the Amiga £16.98 Compute * 1*1 Bock ol Amga ...XI 6.96 Compuie's 2nd Booh c4 Amiga ..C16.95 Elementary Amiga BASIC £14.95 Inside Amiga Graphs ......£16.96 Inside toe Amga »4toC2nd Ed - ....£24.50 KkhATARI Oude to toe Amga ..£13.95 KrtsftlheAmga £15.95 Mapping ir e Amga £20 95 More Tpt & Tricks tor Amiga £18 45 Programmers Qude to toe Amiga ..... £2395 AMIGA 500. MOUSE + PSU - £329 AMIGA A500 1mb PACK odulator
Mouse, tmb Ram.
Back To The Future II. Days Of Thunder.
Shadow Of The Beast II. Night Breed.
Deluxe Paint II. Workbench 1.3 Kickstart1.3 ONLY £399.99 QTEC MOUSE - £29.99 FIRST STEPS - £539 PHILIPS 8833 Mkll MONITOR - £259.95 10 STAR GAMES PACK - £30 A590 20MB Hard Dnv® .....£289.95 Commodore 1084S Col. Monitor .£259 95 A501 Ram ExMnsiorVCtoek .£129.95 Halt Meg RAM expansion ....with clock £45.00 without clock £40.00 ZyCec 3.5* Drive ...£69.96 A590 Hard Drive with 1 mb Ram ..£349.99 A59Q Hard Drive with 2mb Ram ,£389,99 AMIGA SOUNDBLASTER including sound amplifier with stereo speakers + headphones You have to hear
it to believe it £49.99 DOT MATRIX PRINTERS Star IG10 --------- Panasonic KX-P1124... Panasonic KX-P1180 LC200 9 pin ed ..... Star LC24-200 ...... Star LC24-200 Colour.. LC24-10 .. Star LC200 Colour.
£190 ,..-.£230 .£310 ..£266 .£230 Panasonic KX-P1624.
Amstrad LQ5000 AMIGA B20X) LEISURE SOFTWARE ..X1699 ..H7® SjfMMI 2 £1799
• Stodtodw ____________£1699 SlntC* few £1999 S*w
ISMnm K) £1799 SwnddlnpM ....£1999 SmrttTeMM £1999
• Same* ..... 0699 tomVWw 0399
ImgtlWartlknT'hlO - 1W* CP____£1919 lot DA*} .0699
• Tt*iUtojG»rc5hj» . .KIM
- TePuxtidd .(2399 h*FWw
. £1699 ThtTtMCWkr_________________£1799
* 1to Spy W)e low* Ml .....11699
• TtoU»*n*Mi._ ....£1699 ThdCourw__________________0699
DdlTlwPklnwl________0999 htntmMi_______0699 ralmk. _______
J0699 9* Awl ...H7J9 'ojnwrot M
- ......£17.99 TdH&CdClft* .... £1799 TrrtlftnUI
- £1799 wem m® M* . 18i
TMPtagji_______£1699 h'S9WtoM »t . 09» TV Sxrtt tetotdl
_______ 0999 Tit* Sdda 0645 rrattniv. 0699 tntfl .. £1999
T«i*we ...£17.99
• UUTiV . Xt9U8 'UMS2_____£19*0 Urn* ..-------------£19.90
• Uxftml-----------£1699 UN SpKron________________£17.99
vura______________ -07J9 Vntm, AY*----------£17.19 Wa-Gww
£1699 "4*Jdp ....£K®
...09.99 V«cg»c 0*»i 07.99
VWHrt(1IW £2399
X*H .. O7J0 JicMdrttati
£1599 ....fmiK» RJ
SometifRitovcttnraytoltcfitMin rdsBMl M urn ol If* obtr toes
rit iim bon MSM C*l to las) m« ito ton* Tiki on 0973199*9
11 *---- MrM®_
• MMJarjwptortSfl 11699
- GutCftiw ...._ 13599 Ittb____E17J9 rfcOMwbe .....11599 4a
...£1799 rttt*----£17 JB M to* 0*0* £1199
• AWioitE.. ... raw ItotbftvFslnll___HUB Hen**
.__H7J9 " • ..... H7J9 tatm----------- MM
IB.-------------£2199 N*r _______£1699 itadtowi'naitafl 11999
Mhtta---------- 116® 'taf taMti ....-£1699
1*«d----------11999 iMAkTcr_______£1699 07 » 0799 £2199 .0799
0799 0799 £2999 0799 11799 0799 0799 £17 W 0799 £2199 0796
£1799 £2100 £1703
07. 99
- H7J0 0999 £17 99 £2119 £2199 £2199 ‘-J099 . 0799 07J8 0799 8199
0699 0799 .0799 0719 0719 0799 060 ot n 07M £2199 £1699 tow iM!
Mtfen) £17.99 £1699
- J2199 11699 12399 £1799 __________£1699 PgtVjtfG-l
AjMfUS P-nsitfx TW Pr: 'tms *o« 9ulm)CiM«S SwrinjCuB
SocrinjUTmn Stoto . Samt ..... SuwrUjmccGA
• tutcn to m far...... 3im»i Bin . toman »------------
UtmnAor Umsn ... Mafii r«m-
* W4 Oam 8:ng Mgi KbrSryrtM .11699 .. .£1999
- 11799 J17» £1799
- 11799 £1788 £1646 £1499 (19 S9
- £1698
- 11790
- 11790 .11998 T17JB ..£3499 .11690 11999 ..11699 ...16.96
.11699 .11690 .11699' Ckr*»ci»nrw D»£*taljripl*)i Abtkiev ...
£1698 117 » £17.98 ... £1799 . 0956 I 11996 12291 . 11995
07. 99 07.19 £17.49 . 07.49 £17.49 £2999 .12205 £2295 .12156
12400 toCKMdtofFft-- Mir* Uni ;l-i}| tins Beam Twria Tgnj
tap* I* I Qbt**d;aT» Prmin umi Ckiw SgmtiTittr iraM
TtohneBan------ £2400 H9» £2296 .119® ...09® 09® ..0699 16®
fepiNaa&rr dt,1W_______ farhdett Soar rwHii8do«t»)tiftt«n
rtnfiu&vttmrtt S2T.:::::::::::: SALES HOTLINE 0923 89 69 69
(MAIL ORDER) To order: Please serd cheque PO Access or Visa
details to SK Marketing Ltd.
13 Moneyhill Parade. Uxbndge Road. Rickmansworth, Herts. WD3 2BE.
All pnees include VAT and carnage is free UK mainland) North London: 13 Moneyhill Parade Uxbodqo Road Rickmansworth Herts WD3 2BE Tel: 0923 896969 Fax: 0923 771058 ESVUT . .£17® Emu*fC mrqeKcn M £on»Pl« _____1140 £16® todPnfKWdrarl!
1170 £17® MtStaUingMv.. .. ......£19® NrmPtfce £170 Emmauti (160 ttf: £17® Bgrtr Bon*!
£19® Vkrocm .. £14.0 RmlCMttMfl .... 117 90 linear* £"r« Hkat . £19® Nr* Zcin) Stay Real .. £16® £190 'taltak . .
(16® UfktriM fAY, £16® IhjIQNt £170 1 2 'to i NfjlSoffe ..... £149} FuwtWur* £16® .£17® Gottnta ... ...... £19® Coiii 523® _______116® £1793 Gimto . £1699 Ktottil2 .. £16® £20® .£17® £16® KutotfStoriM .... ...£16® Pitf £1793 .. £16® Pnttt £14® tout* Zortwi Fran IV Crypt----£17.99 irperun ...... £16® PuMt-------------- PtotdRXwa..... £16® GO® £169!
Rfetncn .£16® £99) mmtoxul jC-Irrru___ mmiiUMlSxarCtilMtt
- -£1610 _£17.10 ______£17® Frxxrrroijrf PftOtuMttt! .....
010 £16® £16® tCanHttiwDtKri...... ....._.£».» Pis Saw
7193 ..
- Hi® Mrwt .£16® ..£16® AUMctktsGsl_________
.«»Ntito? Lit Diintt _____£16® ______H9.0 PidVi___
RMB_______________ £16® JurijtOvM £16® RwaUxn 101 £17® lironj
jtben .mn
• PttOiigrranll £170 Kx*0T2 kk* or 7 F-na wiax ______£12.®
• lit Son ......nv® .1170 £19® .....£17.® (Lsm £16®
ixn ... ... 119.® Secadfiou .. QO0
LMMiw2.....- .. ..£H.» £16 99
lOBftWI ... ..SH.9i SMStua ..... (190
UJUiEsprtTido______ ___£17® £i$ .» SMC% ...
£1*M £11® UMKtlXlH ..... ....._£t7» SW2 ...
1140 .£14.® ¦svsn .... £16®
..£«® ‘StcMtito ...... £17® IajHIUjjc
... J31* £1199 £1791 Spala...... Spa Kuna II (£96
- C17J9 CONTROL CENTRE Instantly transform your Amiga 500 Into an
A1000 2000 ‘look a like' without any modification to the
computer. Simply slip the ‘control centre" over the Amiga 500
and by reason of its colotr match and contour hogging design it
becomes an integral part of the computer itself
• Hides untidy connections at rear o* A500
• Holds disk drives, gsnlocks etc
• Easy access to joystick ports
• Monitor sits about A50O £54.95 NOW AVAILABLE VIDI AMIGA
Complete Colour Solution Icapiure High-resolution colour images
Irom either :olour video camera, home VCR or any video source.
Open your pagination and get the most out of your system
Amazing Value at £124.99 NEW HAND SCANNER By Golden Image
* Inc. Touchup Software
* Supports IMG, IFF, ’IFF, Deias + more
* 106 200 300 or 400 DPI
* Requires 1Mb + DS Drive
* Full Technical Support £195.00 AMIGA 1500 2x3 ;' Drives Sim
City 1Mb Ram Battlechess 1064S Montor Battle ot Brit Platinum
Works Deluxe Paint III Popvius * 10 other games.
£975.00 ‘jjSt r i VISA 1 il All pn«s subject to change without notice AMIGA HARDWARE 24 hour hotline for c edit card orders
P. O.A. All goods sub.ect to availability.
Tries marled * may not be released and wil be sent on the day of reease subject to availability).
9 out of 10 ..£29.95 AnimatorrlmaQes ....£89 95 Animator C39 9S Animator 30 ...... £99 95 Arena Accounts ......£• 49.95 C-Ught ..C39 95 Comic Setter ....£44 95 Deluxe Paint II £49 95 Deluxe Paint III £64 95 Deluxe Print 2 ......£39.95 Deluxe Music Construction £54.95 Deluxe Productions .£99.95 Deluxe Phototab .....£54 95 Deluxe
Video ...£65 95 Ototoalnt III .£54.96 GfaBbsjc Compiler £39.95 Dttvit Sunt ....£37.99 GFA Basic Interpreter III £39 95 Hisott Devpac V2 .....£39.95 Hisoft Lattice C ......£'75.95 Home Accounts ....£22 95 Home Office Kit ...£'04 95 Infofiie ...134.95 Instant Music .£21 95 K-Data .£34.95
K-Gadoet ....£19.95 K-S«ka £29.95 K'Spreaid III. Llliilil0|ISIlillUliiiliniii muni. 1 £75,00 K-Text ..£14.95 Kind Words V2 .£33.95 Mailshot Plus ... ..... , ,£40.95 Maxiplan Plus ..£49.90 Music X ....£169.00 Personal Finanoe Manager £27.50 Photon Paint 2 .£54.95
Powerworks 75.00 Prodata .. ..£59.95 Protext .£64.95 Protext V.5 ....£105.00 Publishers Choice £74.95 Quartet £39.95 Sound Express Slereo Sampler .£39.99 Starter Kit £54.00 Superbase Personal ..£29.95 Superbase Personal II £65.95
Superptan ...- .£69.95 TVShow ...£59.95 Vista ...149.00 Vista Pro ....£89.00 Word Perfect ..C 185.00 Workbench 13 ..£15 00 Zoetrop (5 in 1 package) ...£79.95 Sierra Specialists fix 9 £2099 God RaH ....1219!
OX'tQuail! £2399 MmirieMwIM ..12399 «;¦« Cue! Il E2399 Ikrtudv I Sin hircwo 12399 |QX'»0WIW(1MW raw MmfiBwnt(i Mxi raw SpwOaS. ...... £2099 Thwkr ..JMI SpaOnSII ... (2399 Hottet ton tf Sena .._lt*9* towO** 111(1 Mp 12699 HokilomdOmBlI ..0991 LMUiSuklair ...... £2099 foewarrr «*•» |i Umi £239i L wire Sul UfT)li .£2799 CagiMdCimMn tot) ......£2991 lMift Sul 1*1)11. .. .- ......£2699 Qua tor GmryKtn i Quest |1 Mxl -12699 ttksOMB . 12399 CusffoiGltryllllMx'. £299) MnOad0____£299*
A-101*4KAr|lW £2399 MKXC1000T .0999 Sum Hid Itfa-- ADS--- hmfeain_ ItNlto Bartwrftcb ... U______ CtarrpwicfTwRil - Cwijmirf CstM CinwtfAt .... Omars wot* Cuk .. EcermuiK______ FlirodFfft RanfFunr. .. Fad* lav. _____ hjff c tx irrndh .
6wt s fUhnj teim HirtCmrgll---- nmnwiisiHgdx... iipir s IlMirJrift mwai uwdxi .... Mto tRinnayOuiE SrawSilfOin .
Skitx S: Huron . HmuyiaNMW*... AstwrtttJuwOic AmfttladiStnaOur (rrrefi bttawnJ fftncflltoWulwiAtfl FuiScMtf3UdaS---- FuiScMi3Sts7 .. finfcWUfttl?--- FtnSc*M426tel______ Fill S£Kd 2 Udri 6 Fui Smcd 2 (ksi I_______ South London: 10 Fulham Broadway London SW6 1AA Tel: 071 381 6618 Fax: 071 381 0528 PROFESSIONAL AMIGA SOFTWARE AMIGA EDUCATIONAL i* SIERRA ftOj-iarowtxih S’jftcr - 5 «8h, BR tn3 VWVOpollan tin* NEW RELEASES Motorola..... iiomttr | Vi Sum l Brndwn » itafton. Dot' PERSONAL CALLERS WELCOME AT BOTH SHOWROOMS MONDAY-SATURDAY 9.30am - 5.00pm VISIT OUR RICKMANSWORTH
SHOWROOM near as much fun as taking on a group of friends.
Take it from me, to get the most enjoyment v ]W, from Warlords, it real- csu ly is worth inviting a ' jBmj few like minded friends to par- take in a little A feudal conquest.
This way, you get ] the opportunity to 1 smile at them smugly J If your idea of a relaxing evening in is to guide an army into combat, hacking and slashing its way to victory, then SSL's latest release is for you. It's based in the days of swords and sorcery, dragons and fair maidens, a time when men were men and woman were most certainly woman (if a tad butch).
In true armchair general style, Warlords is a strategic wargame that can be played by up to eight human players, all of whom must outdo the others to gain eventual control of the lands of llluria.
You can, of course, play it on your lonesome, with the computer taking control of the remaining armies, but playing with yourself is no where Hack and slash strategy Publisher SSL Price: E24.95 Wm GuvnU Oral Duwvts Orci of X L'l vrill it Xmsht }tuma« X«»§ht War ford Xni«ftt XwflM SeTTDtg UP FOP WAP!
Difficulty: m Pick your army. Up to eight human players can play against each other with the computer taking control of any armies that remain.
Prod Coc Stop Exit Current; )( me At the start of the game, your knight sets forth to conquer the cities of llluria.
54 Amiga Computing T as their armies are slaughtered at your hands.
To win the game you must gain control of the cities of llluria. Sounds simple enough, but there are 80 of them in all, most of which are heavi- ly defended. At the start of the game there are many which are under neutral control.
These tend to be easy pickings, so it's worth grabbing as many as possible to build up your influence at an early stage. It's not necessary to control all 80 cities - if you have control of more than 40 and your nearest opponent is still at least 15 cities behind you, all seven remaining armies can choose to surrender and accept the inevitable.
Each time you overrun a city, its resources fall at your disposal. Each is capable of producing an income which is automatically used to keep your armies at their peak of perfor.
Mance, If you start to lose these sources of income (enemy forces capture some of your cities, for example), then this can have an effect on the fighting ability of your armies. Money isn't the only thing that a city can produce. If nurtured, some can also produce armies which can be sent into battle to achieve further conquest. All this costs money though, so t's just as important to keep your eyes on your finances as it is to maintain a decent plan of campaign.
If your finances become dire, you will be doomed to failure - without sufficient funds, you'll be unable to keep your armies supplied, which will eventually make them too weak to defend themselves against attack.
In true fantasy style, you can enlist the services of wizards and dragons, both of which will add a bit of extra kick to your army's fighting potential. You can also send your knights off on quests to search out magical swords which can be used to tip the scales of success in your favour.
These prove to be particularly important as your opposing forces become more powerful. Anyway, if you don't use magical weapons, you can guarantee that your opponents will!
I'm not the greates: fan of wargames, but I must admit that Warlords had me completely engrossed. Most of the time my feeble attempts at military strategy ended in my entire forces being wiped out, but there's something very satisfying about it all when you do eventually succeed. Unless you've got a really deep-rooted hatred of wargames, Warlords is very definitely worth checking Qjt. It will not appeal to everyone, but if you persevere with it you'll find it to be a real cracker of a game.
Jason Holbom Graphics Like most wargames, graphics are strictly functional. That said, they are gtnarally well-defined and surprisingly colourful.
Sound Pretty naff really. The title tuna Is Uninspiring and there are very few sounds effects apart from the occasional sampled roar and the sound of clashing swords. Then again, what do you cxpact from a wargamc?
As It Is, what effects are present fit the game nicely.
Ore. Of X* The battle start.. Thhgs don't look too good, but your knl St ii pretty strong Gameplay Deep and totally absorbing, the atmosphere that Warlords generates Is totally electrifying. It's fun to play on its own, but the game Is enhanced significantly when played by two or more human opponents.
A Trrtl livi. I* Mirk1! D*ca* Capturing the city In the bottom right- hand corner has allowed you to build ships with which tc invade the island WOKf nMHS A O . VHAU .
¦ X.
• Ircreoses computer memory from normal' ? Megabyte
• Includes disable switch incorporates high quality silver Inv
• Direct replacement of Commodore A501 expansion H Jl fct
Includes "CHIPMEM OPTION" -Phone for details B r I '* 12
month warranty ft * » v
• In stock now! B if • - - Price includes VAT and post * -
andpackin9 Tel: 0582 491949 BRITISH MADE Send order with
payment to: WTS ELECTRONICS LTD, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds
LU4 8EZ SOFTMACHINE AMIGA AMIGA Commodore Hardware A500 Options
from £324,99 A500 1 WO Screen Gems £384.99 A500 CUSS Ot
90s ...£544.99 A500 First Slept .£544.99
A1500 ...£684.99 A1500 3WD * 52Mb H D.£1199.99
A3COO Umhz ? 40Mb HD £2129 99 A3GOO 2fMru ? 40Mb HD £2554 99
M000 25Mhn 105Mb H0£3074.99 A1084S Colour Monitor...£254.99
A1950 Multisync ......£439 99 A590 20Mb HO £289 99 A590
20Mb HD*1Mb Ram£379 99 A10111Mb 3,5* Drive £79.99 A501
Ran Expansion CJock£57.99 A520 TV Modulator £24.99
Harcware Peripherais Philips 8833 Mkll £244.99 Citizen 120D*
£134.99 Citizen 1240 ....£199.99 Citizen Swrrtt
9 .£194 99 Citizen Swrtt 24 ..£289.99 Swill ft' 4
Colour Kit £34.99 Star LC-IO ..£159.99 Star
LC24-10 ...£209.99 Star LC-200 ..£214 99 Star
LC24-200 ..£254 99 Star LC24 200 Colour......£299 99
Cumana 1Mb 3 5' Drive £64.99 M501S R»m ExpansofvCloc* £34.99 AT
Once .....£179.99 Hitachi Camera & Lens.. £224 99
Digrview ..£89.99 Vidi Amija ..£95 99
Golden Inage Scanner £199 99 Type 10 fantfy Scanner...£135,99
Minigen ...£102 99 Genlock • Home Titler
£139.99 Designer Modem £109 99 Linnet Modem .....£161 99
AMAS ...£71 99 Audio Engineer Plus
..£169 99 H Please make cheques postal orders payable to
SOFTMACHINE. All items $ ub|ect to availability All prices
include V.A.T. & U.K. Delivery. All prices subject to change
wrthou- notice. E&O E SOFTMACHINE Dept. AMC6.20 Bridge House.
Bridge Street. Sunderland SR11TE. Tel: 091*5102666 2777 Fax:
091-564 1960 Mastersound ...£29 99 Perfect
Sound ....£49.99 Naksha Mouse ...El 9.99 Contriver
Trackball £29.99 Marcom Trackball ....£47.99 Universal
Printer Stand £6.99 Centronics Printer Cable £4.99 RS232
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£8 99
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x Sony 8ulk 3.5’ ....£5.99 50* Sony Bulk
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Sony MF02DD 3.5'......£9,99 10 x TDK MF2DD 3.5' ..£9.99
Advanced Amiga Basic......£18.95 ' Adv Sys Prog Gde......£32
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Fksott Extend K-Seka Assembler SAS (Lattice) C VS 01 Computes
2nd Book *. £16.95 Elementary * Basic £14.95 Inside ‘
Graphics .....£16.95 kids A the Amiga ....£15.95
Mapping the Amiga .£20.95 Maters Amiga DOS 2 £17.95 Prog
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User Guide £8.95 Programming the 68000 ...£23.95 'each Yourself
68000 £8.95 40 Great Flight Sims ...£13.95 40 More Great
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Air Combat ......£14 95 Flight Sim Odyssey £14 95 flying
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Fly Flight S«m £14.95 Sub Commander ...£1295 Take
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Educational Fetter Maths 12-16 yrs £19.95 Fetter Spelling Over
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_ A Basic v35 Interpreter Hisott Basic £14 95 OS 95 £174 95 Desktop Publishing Gold Disk Type each £31.95 Outline Fonts £99.95 Pagesetter II ..£46.95 Pagestream v2.1 ..£144.95 Proclips ...£21.95 Professional Page v2......£18995 Strudured Clip Art £31.95 Templates .£34 95 Accounts Cashbook Combo... £47.95 Cashbook Controller £35.95 Final Accounts ...£22.95 Home Accounts ..£20.95 Personal Finance Manager £22 95 Small Business Acc Cash £57 95 Small Business Acc. Xtra. £81 95 System 3 ..£35 95
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Elan Performer 2 .
£189.95 £51.95 £34 95 £54 95 £126.95 £212 95 £109.95 £134 95 Home Titler ... HyperBook..... Pro Titler Pro Video Post.
Scala ...... Title Page TV Show v2 £56951 TV Text Professional £944 Video Effects 3D E134*f Video Titler 30 £844 CAD 3D Graphics Animatk i 30 Professional .£234. Amiga Vwon ..185. Deluxe Paml III ..£59, Deluxe Print II ..£35, Deluxe Video III ..£74, Disney Animation Studio £84 Imagine 1189. IntroCAO Plus......£84 Photon Paml 2 £29 PlXmate ...£30 Professional Draw v2 £99.95 tracolour ....158 Audiomaster III ......£47.98 Bars and
Pipes.....£17295 DR. T's Copyist App .£76.95 DR. T s Copyist DTP.....£20195 Dr T s KC$ £169 95 Dr T s KCS Level II £24995 Dr T s MRS 15195 Dr T s Tiger Cub £84 95 Quartet ...£35.95 Simulations Strategy A10 Tank Killer .£2850 F-16 Combat Pilot £17 991 M6 Falcon ...Cji F-19 Stealth Fighter £2150 F*29 Retitutor .£1719 Falcon Mission Disks .Cal Flight Simulator II ...£24 99 Flight Sim Scenery ...£1099 Gunship ....£1799 M1 Tank Platoon......£21 50 Mig 29
Fulcrum £24 991 Pro1t»ght Call I Team Yankee ...£21501 UMS11 ...£21 Golf is one of the world's biggest participation sports, and wouldn't you know it from the recent spate of games for hookers and slicers!
PGA Tour Golf, fresh from its conquests on the PC tour, has now surfaced on the Amiga, and looks like a champion in the making.
What sets this game apart from others in the field, apart from being an Electronic Arts product, is the quality of the golf action itseff.
Too many games have concentrated on gimmicks at the expense of gameplay, but EA have managed to ccme closer than any other to simulating actual golf.
In play, this translates as a much more refined representation of the swing and the flight of the ball. I would have liked a few more shot options such as those in last year's Greg Norman game, but simplicity of approach pays off in the end.
The traditional swing bar is used to hit the ball, but in this case, the penalty for inaccurate timing is realistic. Even slight mistakes can result in t vicious hook or slice, which gives the game an element of dub-throwing frustration just like the real thing.
What made me very angry, more so even than when my second and third shots both went in the water at the Seventeenth, was the total lack of even a token female option. The gane is based around the USPGA Tour, and allows the player to compete against 60 of the world's top maie professionals, but women golfers such as I can only be appalled that there is no women's tour option.
There are thousands of female golfers and computer users in this country, and they must be getting CHIP SHOT PUHCH SHOT FRINGE SHO’, UXND HOLE 1 FOR 4 ra i STROKE 4 £ O XSTONCE:7 VOS.
U riPH 29 100 15 50 es riTCM CLU8 P WEDGE There are several handy special shots to choose from pretty cheesed-off by the constant stream of games which force you to tee off from the mens' tees and play a round from the point of view of a blond-haired hulk. Software producers please take note!
The ball looking back down the fairway, and your ball screams into view to land with a thunk, a thud, or a splash.
This simple trick gives the player a far better look at the shot than if it just disappeared into the distance, and does more than any other gimmick I've seen to convey the atmosphere of God's own sport.
The pseudo-3D putting surface, which you can rotate to examine the borrow, is useful if not very pretty, OK, ranting aside, the rest of the game is excellent. Once the ball is actually struck, it soars off into the distance and it is at this point the game boos* the atmosphere with a very useful gimmick. The 'camera angle' switches to a point ahead of UINP 1 ' 1 HOLE 2 PAR S STROKE 1 •1 r 1 ’ OXSTONCE 570 VPS 12 NPH 260 • 100 15 50 e5 wtrvi CLUB- DRIVER OOPS! A nasty slice can be the result of a mistimed shot | Graphics Plain for the most part, but the switching camera angle is a real
Sound Almost non-existent except for one of the worst loading tunes I've ever heard.
Gameplay More of the usual, but with a little bit extra.
Difficulty level has been pitched |ust right, and the tour element is good for long term appeal.
But I've yet to discover how you shut it off, and it can be annoying when it pops up for a pitch from just off the green. That said, putting is as difficult as it deserves to be, and on those tricky American greens too!
All in all, it's still a golf game, but EA's PGA Tour Golf would se a first choice on my list of sports sims.
Sandra Foley Take a swing with EA today!
- £91 95
- £47 95
- £35 95
- .£47 95 .1172.95 £76 95
4201. 95
- £169 95 .124995 :X5195
- 184.95
- 135 95 Hole N2 622 vai-cU Pat 3 £2F. 50
• H7 99
- -.Call £2150 117 99 -.Can .124 99 11099
117. 99 ®1.50
124. 99 Call
121. 50 .£21 50 Ai'hoiu1 lit There is advice On hand from the
pros Publisher: Electronic Arts Price: £24.99 There’s plenty
of information on ball positioning and your lie “ fl Btf
IAMC I* M. tuw »vm* Graphics The graphics are not much of an
Improvement over the original but then they were good enough
to begin with.
Sound Sound is limited to explosions and revs in game and a tune in the shop Lob a missile, bump them off the road, and If that doesn't work, park acorss their path section.
Amiga games players who've been around for a year or so will no doubt remember the original Supercars. It was far from unique as an overhead view car racing game but it did have a few features that lifted it out of the ordinary.
Well, fans of the genre can jump for joy now because Supercars 2 is here. And the most exciting thing about the sequel is that it caters for two players at once, something that the original didn't manage. On loading you are asked to select either easy, medium or hard level then it's foot to the floor time.
The circuits start easy, with plenty of straight sections and nothing especially testing. The game is viewed from above and the style of the original is maintained as much as possible. You (and a friend if applicable) are represented by a coloured car. The computer cars (and there are a lot of them on most levels) are all white.
To call Supercars 2 a race game would do it injustice because much of the game revolves around combat. After each race you enter the shop (assuming you were placed in the top five cars) and the winnings from the race can be squandered on repairs for the car and extra armour and weapons to increase your chances of winning the next.
In each race there are only two weapon types available to you, and they need to be chosen with care.
The standard types are front and rear shooting missiles which are activated by pushing the joystick forwards or back respectively. In the shop either of these missiles can be exchanged for homing missiles (deadly and very accurate), spinning missiles that circle the car for a couple of seconds, and land mines.
Other add ons include armour (reduces damage to the car from deflections), a larger engine size and a battering ram whici causes damage to the other cars when you collide with them head on. This may come in very handy when you're in a tight bunch. As you need to fight for positions, every dirty trick in the book will be useful. Don't feel at all guilty because the computer drivers Gameplay Addiction Is simply not the word, though with only ten tracks per level I'd doubt that you'll be at the keyboard forever.
Well worth laying out a pony for.
Will pull no punches, rest assured!
Later levels feature everything you ever wanted from a Super-Deluxe Scalextric set. Jumps, lumps, crossovers, chicanes and opening and shutting gates as well as a choice of routes on certain levels makes for some really tough races.
Playing with another Human player means you are vying for the top spot with one extra contender about, which makes things a bit tougher. Picking on each other will only mean dropping out of the top five though so avoid it at all costs.Supercars 2 is a very worthwhile game.
John Diglan Scalextric on screen SUPERCARS 2 Publisher: Gremlin Graphics Price: £24.95 2nd place earns you 4 championship points n High quality RGB output for your Amiga SyMem F eaturr-s:
* Paint. Render, cvt ip s w
* 18 24 bit ’pure" modes
* 256 512 colour register modes
* RGB pass through
* Screen.
* Sc ret front
* Vid
* Animate via Page Flipping
* Works
* Comply
* S-VIIM fTHTompatible
* PAL & NTSC compatible
* Uses only RGB port
* FCC Class B. UL Listed
* Works w std Amiga monitors
* Does not use Amiga power I V ¦t'
* 2 X A c * »r, c ri s BLACK BEL I SYSTEM S Distributed
Exclusively in the UK by Checkmate Digital Ltd 80 Mildmay Park,
London, N1 4PR, England Sales 071-923 0658, Fax 071-254 1655
Ring For the Latest Checkmate Catalogue CanDo Version 1.5 Now
shipping only £ 125.00 Hy per Helpers only £ 49.00 CDL Separate
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( half length cards ) £ 69.00 WaEE ££*3 Midh mat* 'I: A590 Hard
Drive Systems A590 Adaptor Kit (A 1500) £ 69.00 A590 20 meg
drive 2Mb Ram £ 349.CX) A590 42Mb SCSI Drive. 2Mb RAM £ 499.(K)
A590 86 Mb SCSI Drive.2Mb RAM £ 599,00 A590 173 Mb SCSI Drive.
2Mb RAM £ 799.00
3. 5 inch SCSI Drives forA590. CDL A 15(H). HiQ:- 45Mb £239.00.
90Mb £349.00. 182Mb £535.00. B2(KK) hard drive systems From
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half tone levels £ 199.00 2(H) Wan Power Supply for A500 £
79.00 Colour Monitors NEC 3D Multi-Sync Special Price £ 499.00
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Fastest hard disk controller £ 130.00 RINti FOR DETAILS ON
A1500-£699.95 Package includes A1500 computer with 1 Mb ram, 2
drives, Deluxe Paint III. Works Platinum and 4 great games.
Price includes VAT and Courier delivery A150C plus 1084s colour monitor £929.95 AMIGA SCREEN GEMS Includes Deluxe Paint II and 4 Top games + Free ’ ?meg memory expansion MJC PRICE £384.95 with Cumana 2nd Drive add £60.00 COMMODORE A590 HARD DRIVE 20Mb Auto boots from WB 1.3 MJC PRICE £284.95 with extra 1 Meg Fitted £319.95 with extra 2 Meg Fitted £349.95 NAKSHA UPGRADE MOUSE 280 DPI with FREE Mouse House + Mat MJC PRICE £21.95 AMOS-The Creator-V1.2 MJC PRICE £33.95 Personal Finance Manager Best Selling Home accounting package MJC PRICE £22.95 CUMANA CAX 354 DISC DRIVE Quality Brand name 3.5"
second drive includes thru port, disable switch and No Hassle 1 year guarantee INCLUDES FREE VIRUS-X UTILITY MJC PRICE £61.95 DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIO great new animation package MJC PRICE £74.95 PHILIPS 8833 MK2 MONITOR including cable and delivery MJC PRICE £249.95 MEMORY EXPANSIONS Va Meg internal expansion for Amiga 500 Battery backed clock and disable switch uses latest 4 chip technology - will not invalidate your warranty MJC PRICE £31.95 PROTEXT Version 5 A very fast command based package now with 110,000 word Collins Dictionary Mail Merge and up to 36 files open plus much more - call
for details (1 Meg) MJC PRICE £99.95 PROTEXT V4.3 ..£64.95 PRODATA AMIGA .....£55.95 VIDI COLOUR SOLUTION Vidi Colour package - including Vidi Digitiser, Vidichrome and Photon Paint ' MJC PRICE £95.00 RGB SPLITTER - for use with Vidichrome or Digiview. (includes PSU) MJC PRICE £64.95 COMPLETE COLOUR SOLUTION Package includes Vidi Amiga, Vidichrome and the RGB Splitter for a complete colour digitising outfit. Note: For best colour pictures you require a video camera or perfect still frame VCR MJC PRICE £145.00 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO Great Video Production package - call for details
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groups French Mistress (12+ years) £14.95 Ge man Master (12+ years) £14.95 Spanish Tutor (12+ years) £14 95 Italian Tutor (12+years) £14.95 is agam a general knowledge £1495 Sesame Street - Letters For You featuring Digitised Sesame S rH wMces~ mvvaytokJ3rnUie aiptob (3- £l5 5 DISNEY EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE - yes software from the world lamous Disney Studios - with great sound and of course great graphics Mickey's Runaway Zoo - for 2-5 year o*ds - for identifying and learning numbers £19.95 Donald's Alphabet Chase - for 2-5 year olds for discovering the alphabet £1995 Goofy s Railway Express
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Micro Maths lup to GCSE level) Micro English iup to GCSE level) Micro French (up to GCSE level) £1995 £1995 £19.95 £19.95 Sesame Street - Numbers Count digitised sound and a colounng book - for learning numbers (3-6 years). £15.95 PRICES INCLUDE VAT AND POSTAGE TO THE UK Education, Local Authority and Government orders welcomed.
Overseas customers also welcome, please call or write for quotations.
¦¦¦¦ All goods subject to availability, all prices subject to change without notice. E&OE r * MasterCard VISA CALLERS WELCOME : 9.30 TO 5.00, SIX DAYS ¦¦¦¦
(0462) 481166 (6 lines) FAX: 0462-670301 ProP"etor M J Coo3er
r mode, enter player one's name as FIELDS OF FIRE and player
two's name as IN A BIG COUNTRY. Aren't they U2 songs? (Nope,
Big Country songs - Ed) R0B0C0P 2 Robocop's prime directives
probably wouldn't agree with cheating, but who cares anyway?
Type in SERIAL- INTERFACE (with no spaces) on the title screen
to access tie cheat mode. You can now restore your energy by
pressing F9 and skip forward to the next level by pressing
Fl 0. Your move punk!
AWESOME It may be jolly pretty, but :here's no doubting that it's pretty tricky too. If you need a little help, then press the plus symbol on your numeric keypad and press the fire button on your joystick. If you then start the game, pressing F1 will turn off your enemies, F6 will replenish your fuel supply and 1 through to 10 (press the 0 key for 10) will allow you to access different weapons. Go for it!
JAMES POND The name's Pond, James Pond.
Licence to kill, 007. If you find my antics a little too much to manage, then type MR2 when the mission starts. A sweet little angel will appear and you'll now be completely indestructible. Even 'M' couldn't come up with a better cheat than this!
E-SWAT TURRICAN Fancy 99 Sves? If so, then get yourself onto the hiseore table and enter your name as BLUESMOBIL. If you then start another game, you'll have all those luverley lives, making it easy to reach the high socres again!
Life's tough on the streets, so this haidy little cheat will come as a welcome help. Pause the game and type JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU.
The screen will then flash and you will have 99 credits. Something tells me the programmer is into the KLF!
HORROR ZOMBIES If the creepy crawlies are getting to you, then type in BOGEYMAN for infinite lives.
To skip levels, type CHEATMODE during olay and then press 'FI O'. You will then be taken straight to the next level.
So you think you're oretty mean with a joystick eh? Then why not prove it by sending in any cheats or tricks that you may have found for your favourite games. We're particularly interested in tips for brand new games such as those reviewed in this issue, so get writing. Who knows, you might even win something!
Send your tips to: THE TIP SHOP, Amiga Computing, Europa House, _ Adlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Come on, stop reading and | get writing!
We all like to think that we're pretty mean joystick wagglers, but even the best need a little help occasionally.
Take a trip to The Game Zone Tip Shop with Jason Holborn TURBO ESPRIT If you can't quite handle the performance of Lotus' sleek turbo street racer, then you car activate this little cheat mode which allows you to qualify for races without having to be in the top ten. In two player MEDIA DIRECT AMIGA MEGA PACKS PACK 1 AMIGA A500 COMPUTER INCLUDES:- PACK 2 AS PACK 1 PLUS:-
50 D!
59. 95 iltUMAMA . Z: Tho b«erf nomo ONLY m memory COMP. PRO 5000
3. 5* 100 CAPACITY 5.95
3. 5* 80 CAPACITY 5 45
3. 5* 50 CAPACITY 4 95
3. 5* 40 CAPACITY 4 45
5. 25* 100 CAPACITY.. 5 95 5 25* 50 CAPACITY. 4 95 OFFER DEDUCT
5. 25" OR 3.5" 10 CAP BOXES 5 FOR 4.50 10 FOR 7.50 ~
10. ....9.95
25. .23.75
50. .39.95
100. ......57.95 (ALL DSKS 100% ERROR FREE
30. ...8.95
50. .12.95
100. ...23.95
30. ......17.95
50. ......20.95
100. ....35.95
200. ....67.95 (ALL DISKS 100% ERROR FREE
..19.95 BLUE LIGHTNING 19 95 RAMPAGE .22 95 GAUNTLET 3 22 95 r MEGA DEALS ?
3. 5" DSDD DISKS 25 DSDD 135
tpi ....10.95 50 DSDD 135
tpi ....20.95 75 DSDD 135
tpi ....30.95 100 DSDD 135
tpi .35.95 ALL DISKS
1. .... 3+... 5+... .7.50 .7.00 XCOPY PROFESSIONAL (THE ULTIMATE
BY PHONE 0782 208228 BY FAX 0782 281506 BY POST MEDIA DIRECT
POCKETS .....1.50
3. 5'CLEAN NG KIT ....1.95
5. 25* CLEANING KIT ..1.95 uATHANA by Bondwell TRADE
3.5" DSDD + 2 100 CAP BOXES J9*15 64.95 && OFFER 2 NAKSHA
5. 25” DSDD DISKS 25 DSDD .... ..13,75 25
DSDD ...... ..10 45 50 DSDD .... ..26.45 50
DSDD ...... .....18.95 100 DSDD .. ..44.95
100 DSDD ...... . ...34.95 200 DSDD ..
.84.95 200 DSDD ..... .....67.95 (ALL DISKS 100%
25. .12.45
200 .79.95
50. .22.95 '
500 .....179.95
100. ......41.95
1000 ....339.95 (ALL DISKS 100%
KCS POWER PC BOARD THE PC EMULATOR FOR _AMIGA 500_ DUE TO RECOVERY OF DEVELOPMENT COSTS £179.95 Only £199.99 ex VAT (£234.99 inc VAT) COMPLETE Run professional MS-DOS software on you Amiga 500 at a price you can't resist SPEED - OUTSTANDING (faster than many 286 AT's (Amiga Format Oct 90) now even faster with new software upgrade ver 2.0 COMPATIBILITY - EXCELLENT (All the software I tried ran perfectly - Computer Shopper Feb 91) CONVENIENCE - A DODDLE (For a plain plug 'n' go pc emulator with no installation hassle there is no competition - Computer Shopper Feb 91) MEMORY - AMIGA IMB RAM +
512K RAM dsk, PC 704 KB + min 192 KB ems DISK SUPPORT - Floppy 3.5, 5.25, H-D A590, (other hard drive support to follow - software upgrade) VIDEO SUPPORT - MGA - Hercules - GGA 16 col (dynamic) (EGA - VGA soon) ALL UPGRADES ARE SOFTWARE BASED VALUE JUST SEE FOR YOURSELF INCLUDED WITH KCS BOARD WORTH MS-DOS 4.01, GW Basic, Shell £80.00 inc manuals (not GW Basic) Phoenix DOS help £55.00 1 MB on board memory plus clock £64.00 KCS PC Emulator £30.99 TOTAL £229.99 "Sc what's the point in having a 'wizzo processor if it's no faster" (Amiga Computing Jan 91) - and invalidates your guarantee
Competibility is excellent but no-one can guarantee every single program availatle, therefore if your purchase depends on a particular program, please ask us first or send in a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E. if to be returned). Price subject to change without notice.
QANDAAL Marketing L t d DMTAscan Pro Amiga DMTAscan Professional Is a complete Image capture package. Our scanning software has been developed over a period of 2 yea’s on 16-bit machines and is widely recognised by the computer press.
The Amiga verson has the following features: ¦ 105mm scanning width ¦ Real-time scanning display ¦ 100400 dpi resolution ¦ Scans line-art or photographs ¦ Zoom & pixel perfect editing ¦ Clipboard: Cut, copy & paste ¦ Crop, rotate, 1lp & Invert ¦ Supports IFF file format ¦ Full printer support The DMTAscan Professional Is an excellent partner for DTP and PAINT package applications, DELUXE PAINT etc. Package consfcts of: *105’ hand scanner, interface, psu & software Minimum system requirement: Amiga A500 HARDWARE The 1 2 MEG upgrade will upgrade your Amiga A500 fo a full ONE MEG machine.
Includes battery backed up clock.
Easy to fit, simply plug in and odd 512K RAM to your Amiga. Super low power 4-chlp design.
DMTAdisk drive Is a high quality
3. 5' external 2nd disk drive Features: ¦ 880K formatted capacity
¦ Slimline case inc, on off switch ¦ Through port tor daisy
chaining ¦ Low power consumption ¦ Extremely qulef operation ¦
Top quality, reliable mechanism DMTAmouse is a silky smooth
360 dpi high resolution microswrtched replacement mouse almost
twice as fast as the Amiga's own mouse.
Bitcon Devices Ltd.
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1 E I Bedford MK42 7AF Fax: 0234 841331 ft-ofrifs 3.1.1 - I9M iiew Kor.ran. SofhMro. Inc._»[C M|e»wc ;»------ ~Hi|* . - ii - - . B . - a ... . M =.. o. . . 6 , . N . .ft II O’tt t«9 H H - a BRQ Journalist loses job in boring headline shocker!- P45 handed out a* entertainment value of lead-lnt plummet;* af-d-an.,..- The OaUu SOBt) 19th Mag 1991 Sul poilct refused ie comenl . * Soee nerely reported feelings of drowsiness.
Other readers, however, wtrt found slumped fae down In their breakfasts. And isany cane close to drowning in their own cereals.* O "I found nyself nodding Off when I read Use headline" one violin |J No need to Jtlck to drab styles with Provvrite
5179. 95 Words with a smile ProWrite v3.1 has many more pros than
cons, as Stevie Kennedy found out ProWrite from New
Horizons is the big brother of the QuickWrite wordprocessor
we reviewed last month, and is now widely available in its
latest version
3. 1 release.
One of the US's older wordproces- ior families, ProWrite has never really caught on in this country, but with its £129 price tag there's no reason why it shouldn't be competing with the likes of Protext 5.
In common with packages such as Excellence! 2.0, ProWrite is intuition- based end designed for mouse users.
There's no need, therefore, to use the keyboard for commands and much of your editing work, but a comprehensive array of keyboard shortcuts is available to diehard rodent haters and those to whom speed i; essential.
Hype-wrap For the beginner in wordprocess- ing, ProWrite should be a dream. It is easy to jse, friendly in operation and appears to be almost bug-free. I found I needed to consult the manual only once during the creation of a document which included multiple columns, imported graphics, a variety of fonts and styles, and headers and foolers.
I was eventually forced to open the manual by the packaging's claim that it was possible to 'wrap text around pictures'. This to me means the same as auto-flow, the facility whereby text i; automatically fitted around any graphic, no matter how irregular its shape, and would amount to a major plus for a program in ProWrite's price bracket.
Despite a very close inspection of the otherwise helpful manual, however, I couldn't discover how this was achieved, and can only conclude either that the daim is misleading or the manual is incomplete.
The only way to avoid text printing on top of a graphic is to set the margin marker by dragging it to the edge of the picture, and this is hardly a text wrapping facility.
Apart from this gripe, ProWrite does everything that's claimed for it, and has many useful features which make up for the hassle of finding out about the non-existent text-wrap- ping. Some of these, such as clicking on the bar at the bottom of the screen to move to any page, have apparently been borrowed from Microsoft Word, and most of the others are new to packages in this price range.
Quark Xpress it ‘aint New Horizons quite rightly avoided the use of the term 'DTP* when they set out the blurb for ProWrite.
However, programs with fewer DTP- like features have lost no time before waving this particular flag, and ProWrite would cope reasonbly well with small DTP tasks such as club newsletters.
Support for multiple columns and imported graphics allows the user to put together rather interesting-look- ing documents, although if you want to import text into a document whose layout you have iust set, you have to open it as another document, then cut and paste it in from there. It's the program approach to colour printers, however, which gives it an edge in the page production stakes.
True WYSIWYG Instead of trying to cope with full- colour graphics on screen, which at first glance would have been a big selling point, ProWrite concentrates on the use of the same eight colours which the average colour dot matrix printer, such as the LC10 uses when it tries to reproduce a screen image.
In this way, ProWrite offers true WYSIWYG, because when you import a graphic for use in your document, it is converted into a dithered image made up of the eight colours, and should be a very accurate representation of what you will see on paper.
The spell checker suffers from the same problems as the one used on QuickWrite in that a whole document is checked from start to finish, one word at a time, and there is no option to first sort the words into alphabetical order. The process is therefore a good deal slower than that used by Protext.
As if to make up for the substandard spell checker, ProWrite offers an excellent Thesaurus which claims to include over 300,000 cross-references and works at great speed.
The word list could perhaps be a little longer (it failed to recognise 'computer' or 'software'), but when used on standard English words, it was a joy. When given the word 'communicate', for example, it replied with a list of 99 associated verbs!
More macros For advanced users, and those ucky enough to be using Workbench 2.0, ProWrite makes good use of the Arexx multi-tasking language. If you already have this and are familiar with its use (Workbench 2.0 incorporates it), then ProWrite offers an extensive list of macro commands which should enable very sophisticated operations to be tied down to a couple of keystrokes.
The beginner will find this option rather inaccessible, so it would have been thoughtful of New Horizons to include the simpler 'recording mode' macros for the benefit of mortals. In an office environment, however, any number of machines could be configured to run Arexx with a predefined set of the most useful macros as requested by the users.
Conclusion ProWrite is a wordprocessor which deserves to succeed, and should provide some much-needed competition for Protext 5.
ProWrite is a product of New Horizons Software, Austin, Texas Available: Now Supplier: Silk* Systems Tel: (081) 309 1111 Price: £129.95 If there was an award for educational software, it should go to School Software Ltd. Said ST Format BEUIARE CHEAP IMITATORS HOW TO ORDER
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STE, AMIGA .£22.95 CPC, PCW, CBM (disks),
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Hardware The Amiga has always been a machine to which users have added extra bits, and as far as quality peripherals are concerned, they have been fortunate in the available choice. Since the Amiga began to take off in a big way back in 1988, third party manufacturers have been lining up to launch everything from hard drives to digitizers, and U.S company I.C.D has often been at the head of the queue.
The company will be familiar to most A2000 owners, who have been enjoying the company's add-ons for that machine for some time. A500 users, however, have had to content themselves with ICD's 6Mb trap- door-mounted Ad RAM board.
Sales of this unit have suffered in the price war because, although of a high quality, it is a lot more expensive than the popular 1,5Mb boards.
ICD now looks set to make a push Stevie Kennedy checks out the latest kit from stateside peripherals wizards, ICD, and discovers techie heaven Fast and fulsome flickers into the A500 market with its three most recent launches - AdSpeed, AdlDE, and F icker Free Video - all of which are aimed at the serious and hobbyist use', and all of which are attempts to olve a particular problem. The approach is unimaginative - but purposeful, and promises to bring success, if only on technical merit.
Storage Not as much of a problem as it might have been two years ago, the A500's storage needs have been met by progressively bigger and cheaper hard drives as the market h«s expanded. The drives we've seen, such as the A590 and the CVP units have been getting faster, but most have remained eyesores sticking out the side of the Amiga and eating up valuable desk space.
Owners of A2000s or AlSOOs have a much neater time of it because their larger machines can support hard drives internally on card slots, but the A500 has not had this option until recently.
The advance of miniaturisation brought about by the boom in the portable computer market has now made it possible to fit hitherto large amounts of storage into a very small space, and one result is the AdlDE interface and 20Mb hard drive.
The ICD unit is neat, sma l, and incredibly cute, but for the life of me I can't figure out who would want one. It fits quite easily into the Amiga's case. It will auto-boot with reasonable access time and can kick up a bit of dust when pressed, but the whole ensemble smacks of a very desirable technical answer to a problem no Amiga 500 owner has yet asked.
The ICD engineers have managed to bring a 20Mb hard drive with a respectable 25ms access time to A500 owners, in a space that is about one tenth the volume of the A590 - the drive will literally fit in a cigarette packet - but the ICD marketing people appear to have identified a market of very small proportions.
For those in need of an Amiga 500 hard drive setup that is more portable than other combinations, and those whose desk space is extremely scarce, the AdlDE and hard drive is a timely offering. At a retail of £387, however, AdlDE is considerably more expensive than the A590 which, while being a little slower and a lot uglier, is still a solid alternative, and one which offers RAM expansion possibilities.
Speed Speed! The word is on everyone's lips these days, as if life itself depended on adding MIPS to your micro. It has almost become perceived wisdom that the standard Amiga - the one the shop assistant told you was extremely powerful - is past it a far as advanced applications go.
First of all, it has to be said that the 'perceived wisdom' is arrant nonsense. The Amiga's 68000 processor is a perfectly good piece of silicon for the tasks to which the home user puts it. Where it's speed limitations show up are in areas for which the Amiga was never designed, and in which it has always looked a bit pedestrian.
Hardware AdSpeed, at £173 (including new rate of VAT), is the cheapest accelerator so far released, but is also the one with the lowest specification. It consists of a 680C0 processor exactly like the Amiga's processor except it is rated at 14.33MHz, twice the clock speed of the original and an onboard 'memory cache' which speeds up routine processor tasks.
The chip's clock speed is nothing new. Faster-than-normal 68000s have been available for a while, but they have been impractical for general use because speed is a more complex matter than bare rate of knots.
The Amiga system is designed to run with a processor at 7.16MHz, and if another speed is used without technical fixes, timings will be out of order, memory accesses will be out of sync, and all communications between the fast CPU and the slower custom chips will be put at risk.
Switching in style To rule out as many compatibility problems as possible, AdSpeed has a ’fallback' mode, controllable through both hardware and software. A jumper setting on the board itself rate user should find the price tag a little more comfortable, but even then it raises the price of a DTP- capable Amiga system to levels at which it would struggle to compete against the low-end Macs and 386sx PC's.
Computing are offering a bundled package of card plus NEC monitor for £510, but even with this discount the user will still have to blow a large hole in his or her bank balance.
The semi-professional or corpobuying one.
Even if yoj manage to find one of the discounted models in our ads (and there are some to be found), the total cost of Flicker Free Video and monitor could quite easily top the half thousand mark. Power Flicker Free Video glvej a rock steady display, and once fittted should be transparent to the user Why does it flicker?
A standard Anpiga screen mode is output to a monitor or TV whose horizontal scan frequency (i.e the number of time; the scanning beam traverses the screen in one second) is 15.75KHz, and 50Hz vertically. This gives the standard 256 pixels high PAL screen.
When this no longer suffices, the screen must be 'interlaced' so that one full screen of scan lines is produced ever cycle, and another is shown half a scan line further down on the next scan. This produces a high frequency flicker because the two are never on the screen at the same time.
Flicker fixers work by taking the two signals and combining them into one steady display. As this is mpossible at the original scan frequency, flicker fixers must produce their output a twice the frequency, or
31. 5Khz. Unfortunately, the standard Amiga monitor will not sync
up' to this frequency, so an expensive high-quality
multiscan monitor must be purchased to make use of the
flicker fixer.
Dodgy Displays The Amiga has one particularly annaying drawback that is constancy being thrown in the faces of its users when in hot dispute with Mac and ST aficionados. Quite simply, the standard non-interlaced Worcbench screen modes are insufficient for high-end professional uses such as CAD and DTP.
Tne Amiga user can partly deflect such criticism by reminding his or her Mac-loving chum that with interlace, the Amiga can double the number of horizontal lines in its display and achieve a very hi-res display Unfortunately, if the user has no flicker fixer, those irritating Macophiles usually have the last laugh when they realise how abysmally painful it can be to operate an Amiga in flickering interlace.
This is where the flicker fixer comes in.
ICD's is one of the few flicker fixers available, and the first which will fit inside an A500. To fit it, you must remove the Denise display chip, mount it on the flicker fixer board, then plug the board itself into the vacant slot in much the same way as the AdSpeed plugs into the 68000 socket.
It means that fitting Flicker Free Video will invalidate your warranty, but this is a far more inviting option than permanent eye damage, the inevitable result of using interlace for any length of time. On the plus side the board gives a rock-steady display, and once fitted should be trarsparent to the user.
Cathode cardiac!
It is at this point the user discovers the overheads invloved in Flicker Free Video or any other flicker fixer, and the shock can be quite chilling.
A decent multisync monitor, without which the card is useless, can cos: up to £600, and there's no way of getting round the necessity of Hardware determines which mode of operation (7MHz or 14MHz) the board will boot up in, and a small program whici you can run in the back- grourd from your startup-sequence allows the user to switch between the two without having to re-boot.
This is more useful than many boards, whose fallback modes incur a re-boot as the CPU used is switched from (for example) a 68030 to the 68000. As AdSpeed uses the same processor for both speed mode;, it is easier to switch speeds, and as even at the faster speed it uses exactly the same instruction set as a standard 68000, software incompatibility is almost non-existent. F you find any problem software let us know!
The 32k on-board memory cache is what gives AdSpeed its bite. The technique of mounting a small amount of high speed RAM on the proce;$ or chip, and dedicating it to the most time-efficient tasks has been used in 68020 and 68030 chips before now, but this is the first time it has been used on a cheaper replacement 68000.
Bascally, 32k of RAM is set aside as a data instruction cache to hold common code loops and machine code instructions so that they can be accessed by programs in the shortest possible time. At 14.33MHz, AdSpeed can just dump things into the ca:he memory instead of having to war. For memory accesses or other chips to catch up, and can then get on witn something else.
DIY go-faster For the new Amiga owner with a morbid fear of technical activities (let's rot be shy - that's a high percentage of us!), AdSpeed is unfortunately one of those products which invalidates the machine's warranty.
To fit it, the case must be opened and the original 68000 chip levered out of its socket, an idea which some of you might not be too keen on, but one which you'll have to live with if you want to upgrade your Amiga Installation is otherwise a simple matter, and the card behaves very well once it's in situ. As a no-fuss nofrills accelerator, AdSpeed works very smoothly and we've so far failed to find a single piece of software which doesn't like the 14MHz mode.
If it was selling for £50 less than its present retail price, AdSpeed would be an mmissable buy for the speed-hungry hobbyist. As is stands, however, it falls short of Blue Chip status on value-for-money terms, but only just.
Hard Error!
Unfortunately, there are two hard drive set-ups which don't entirely work with AdSpeed.
When you use a CVP drive that has extra memory on-board, it makes DMA (Direct Memory Access) calls to its own memory without telling AdSpeed, thus rendering the cache conterts out of date. The problem only occurs when you use both the drive and the extra RAM, and GVP has promised to rectify the problem with e ROM upgrade.
Users of Xetec hard drives will also encounter problems because the A quart into a pint You can now fit a wide range of peripherals into the A500's casing, but there is only so much room in there, and a large proportion of the penpherals are competing for the same living space.
The 6800C slot is currently the place to be ip a S00, with accelerator cards vying with hard drive interfaces fo' the prime spot of real estate. The various bits of hardware, hcwever, do not have to compete directly to cause a dash.
We found, for example, that auto-boot sequence on these drives does not work properly when used with an accelerated processor. Again, this problem will eventually disappear when Xetex upgrade their software, and the user can always auto-boot in 7MHz mode before switching to 14MHz.
Overall, compatibility with hardware and software is as good as could be expected, though users of either Of the above systems might want to think twice about processor accelerators.
Conclusion ICD has attacked two very real problems in the shape of speed and display enhancement, and one rather ethereal concern with A500 internal hard drive storage. Their solutions are of a quality and level of Flicker Free Video Ease of use pot neither of the large accelerator boards examined in our April issue would fit into an A5QC which contained an ICD AdRAM board because the board cornected over the Gary chip got in tbe way. Such restrictions on space serve only to highlight the fact that cramming peripherals into a 500 is mainly a crisis measure for :hose who would like to upgrade
to a 1500 or 2000 but can't afford to get the cash together, or those who love expensive and very clever toys.
Technical competence to raise them above the products of many other companies, and all work very well in their own right.
As consumer products, which is how they must be judged, the AdSpeed is the most desirable, with the flicker fixer coming second by a few lengths and the interna hard drive struggling along at the back. I suspect the first two will succeed, especially AdSpeed, but I would be surprised if too many punters were to be found in the act of jumping summersaults over the hard drive.
Product Information AdSpeed, AdFFV (Flicker Free Video), and the AdlDE with internal hard drive are all products of I.C.D Inc. Available: Now Supplier: Power Computing (0234) 843388 Price: AdSpeed £173, AdFFV £285 or £510 with VGA monitor, AdlDE and 20Mb internal HD £3 AdSpeed Ease of use Are you confused by Clljfc Frustrated by files? At laj The WORKS!
Piring artists- You workstation'*£r,you blank rful instead with pov e Hea use jarr p'e screens fu« CO your a« this display ircKwes button- Wes, tuneh mouse unc dick of pounds with jus* more ft??
Ne has Sored f fully ynamic no cecoiA £3.
Including full] h' l c j an!?,*.31*1 drive aPP atxM an L-f I acts Hk if ,ies ° j can 'Pvisibh extra drive tQyou, vast pro’ "Pprov fAnu y9*to7'Zm°ntZ~t'r‘° ¦JS ' the standard Hem ausejtis arid Very 9oes easy on Vert,, ory Got a faulty floppy? When vital disks 13 get damaged, you'll now have the chance to try the seemingly impossible mission of recovering all your work. F Workbench's geriatric DiskDoctor can be V sent into retirement by this super utility! J p AMIGA ORDER FORM C OM PUTIN G Please send me a Workstation disk for the special offer price of £3.50 (incl. VAT and p+p). Saw I
wish to pay by: Dcheque Eurocheque enclosed made Dayable to Europress Direct f~ Access Mastercard Eurocard'Barclaycard.Visa Connect Expiry date ¦ •_LU I I I I I I i I I I ill ?
Icons No custom design to Signed.
Name.... Addross.
As standi ga s int0 a comPuters' tutns V°ur pKfW* SW°fKSeh'eos"je deS'9hic tools that cah ' tomSahgeol9ra ,, a N"Je _ cteatioh c' . .Postcode . Send to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral L65 3EB UdspW Find out more about The Workstation - turn to Page 76 i LITBaffled by backups?
Las your problems are over.
UTION is here!
As well as all these superb features The Amiga Computing Workstation also includes a wide range of programs designed to make life with your Amiga a whole lot easier. There are simple solutions to everyday problems, such as mouse utilities which display screen co-ordinates and give your rodent a much needed speed boost.
You can even define extra pulldown Workbench menus that cut out the familiar icon clutter and let you really get down to business.
I In addition to all of these valuable new features all traditional CU commands have been retained - for the old hands among you!
It's no secret that the Amiga is the most powerful home computer of them all.
What has remained a mystery for most newcomers is how to make the most of its immense potential. Now Amiga Computing has produced a floppy disk that is packed with everything you need to take the hassle out of harnessing the inbuilt power of your Amiga.
Many months of research and testing have resulted in a simple-to-use, single disk replacement for Commodore's Workbench which we re calling The Workstation.
This indispensable collection of utilities, including some outstanding shareware never before assembled together on one disk, is now available for just £3.50. It's too good miss!
Order NOW and start exploring vour 9 DEAL DIRECT S DEAL DIRECT AT LAST!!
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ONLY £49.99 inc VAT THE ORIGINAL MEDIA COMPANY LTD N"! DEPT AC, MEDIA HOUSE, UNIT 14, ASHBY ROAD, Jk COALVILLE, LEICS LE6 2LA JJ TEL: 0530 813591 (8 lines) FAX: 0530 813595 Mobile No: 0860 922 436 Trade a cs welcome. All prices include VAT. Corporate, education orders welcome. Personal callers welcome. POSTAGE: £3.50 CARRIAGE: £8
O. M.C. Ltd ¦DEAL DIRECT 9 DEAL DIRECT Interview technology
outside of the Amiga that you can do this with at a consumer
Q Off the shelf, and you dont need extra hardware... 10: And that box - we’re not telling anybody, but it's a full computer in there. There are many peripherals that will be coming for that machine that will astound you.
Q: How do you see the CDTV developing? What's its next stage?
IC: (Shrugs his shoulders implying "anywhere") Well, first of all the next stage will be full motion video.
What they'll do for you. Otherwise they're just a door stop. And that means the applications and the software. S “b you have to marry the two together. To do a certain type of software you have to have a platform of that power and the capability. That's what makes CDTV what it is because there is no other platform, no other You wont to be able to develop it the way you want to devel- $ ©* ..n tlO op ft. B«,.
Wouldn't it be .
Nice to have - f Vv somebody else support the some fpfl platform? Make it a &P J more "serious" machine?
IC: Yes, but it all depends who your partner is! It is becoming a serious machine.
Computers are only sold for Going Gould for What does Commodore have up its sleeve for the future? How will it meet the challenge of Europe in 1992? What hopes does it have pinned on the new CDTV?
Donald Maple went straight to the top and asked Irving Gould, Chairman of Commodore International Q: The Amiga chips were designed in the mid-BOs. What does the future hold?
IC: There are constant changes. As a rratter of fact there is a new Chip set for the Amiga we've been working on now, I guess, for almost two years that should be ready this fall.
Q: And what will that provide? A better platform for the graphics?
10: More icing on the cake. More colours, more chip RAM and that sort of thing... You have to stay with the state of the art.
Q: So that's the direction you're taking. You're trying to position the Amiga for when multimedia really tckes off?
10; Amiga covers the full range.
We'll give the consumer multi- rredia in the CDTV and the professionals or the offices - most offices and schools and everybody else - are going more and rrore towards interactive, true rrultimedia platform.
Q: How is it selling in the business area at the moment? Have you trade many sales?
10; Very much so! It's penetrated the market (which) so far is rather small, but you take North America where we're not a rrajor factor like we are in Germany. But if you take certain small markets... NASA uses Amiga. The Berkley Linear Accelerator, advertising agencies, TV studios, graphic artists... they're all using Amigas.
Q: And the video toaster... IC: The video toaster enhances that once again.
Q: So it's going for the leading edge market?
IC: People who, instead of paying $ 100,000 to do something, can pay $ 5000 or $ 6000 and get the same performance.
Q: Which they thought was impossi- b’e to do.
10: Exactly!
Q: Do you foresee licencing the technology? Will there be Amiga clones?
10: I don't think we are interested in licencing the technology for computers. We might be interested in licencing the CDTV platform.
Q; Bj( not the Amiga itself? Third pirty or something?
10: I don't think so. I never like to use the word never... Q: Presumably that's because you want to keep the Amiga in-house.
Interview Q: When would you anticipate that?
1C: Let me make this statement.
They're still trying to decide on the standard.
Whenever they set the standards we'll be there.
Could on the CDTV:
• !f I am wrong about CDTV as a consumer item it is still the
greatest educational tool that's ever been Q: Are you going to
use DVI chips or are you going to develop your own?
1C: No, they're talking the | PEG standards. And as soon as JPEG is resolved I can tell you that we will either be the first or one of the first.
Invented Q: It's not even on paper yet, is it?
IC: It's getting close. But close doesn't count. Only in horseshoes and hand grenades... (Laughter) Q: What kind of market do you see for CDTV? Who will buy that?
IC: The consumer!
Q: Average consumer? Domestic?
IC: Wouldn't it be fun, instead of having jerky motion, to have full motion. If you get the proper compression techniques you can do actual movies.
Q: Would that be at an accessible price?
IC: It has to be! Otherwise you're not gonna get the volumes. And you know we're in an industry... unfortunately prices never go up, they only go down. So you wanna talk CDTV today and look two years out, you're not gonna see it as high as it is today.
That's the nature of our business.
We haven't used everything said by Gould in the interview, because we wanted to concentrate on what we believe our readers will find the most interesting parts. However, we simply couldn't resist using the following Gould quotations: "...CDTV is television that you control, not television that controls Q: About networking. You announced a special division lost year,., IC: You need specialists. That's a highly specialised area. It's been implemented to a much greater degree today. We do have a networking specialist division that we've set up in Denmark that handles our R&D.
"...all you n**ed to use CDTV is its hand held remote control".
"The Amiga for the first time allows (multimedia) at a reasonable price and that's the exciting part. CD-ROM prior to this time was primarily a data base."
"It's always been my goal to develop a product that is powerful and excit ng but accessible to people like me who find it difficult to use a computer. CDTV is the answer."
Q: About IBM. When Commodore decided to make PC compatibles it really bugged me... IC: Whether we like it or not, or whether it's the best or worst machine in the world, you can decide yourself, I have my own opinion.. But, you can't fight City Hall... Most businesses throughout the world today have accepted MS-dos with all its dreariness and everything else... You can't change that... I'm the first one to admit.
If Commodore had been on the ball the MS-dos wouldn’t be. It would have been the PET standard. We were the first... We goofed... Q: Lost year, after hearing how important Europe is for Commodore, I asked facetiously: When are you moving to Europe? I'm asking it seriously now. Don't you think it would be wise to have some sort of R&D base heie in Europe as well os in the States to reflect the actual number of users that you hove here?
Well, we have always had some R&D development in Braunschweig (Germany) and we will continue to do it.
IC Even though I live in Europe I'm actually a Canadian... So am I!
Are you really?
IC: Of course! Canadian passport.
Q Oh! A Connuck!
IC: "Oui"!
Q: In terms of 1992 it would be very advantageous to have some sort of official R&D project here... IC: We do! We've constantly had a group of engineers in Braunschweig married with our American (engneers) and we give them certain tasks. YVe intend to keep that.
Q: Especially in terns ot 1992. You must be aware oi that?
We are! That's v hy we're building the new facilty.
IG: That's certainly good news since then you'll be considered a local company?
Q: IC: Commodore has always in Germany been considered a local company.
All Amigas sold in Europe are actually made in Braunschweig. A lot of people don t know that!
Q: comm'V modore Com1 GouW You heat the leading edge and that’s where Cotn nod°re 15 back }t.s not being a gonna get follower it's betng a leader 7 IC: When you use the word "make" you have to use it loosely.
Q: What sort of company do you see Commodore being in five years time?
IC: At my age? I don't know!
(Hilarious laughter all around) YOU tell me! I think we are on to a great thing. Even the CDTV, I always said that if I gamble I always like to have one card bent (more laughter). What I mean by that is I like a bit of an edge.
If for any reason - and I don't think I am - but if I am wrong about CDTV as a consumer item it is still the greatest educational tool that's ever been invented.
That I'm sure of. It is the greatest governmental tool and corporate tool. Someone asked what you can do with a repair manual. You can have the pictures. It's a real "how to".
It is also the greatest "point of sale" piece of equipment ever invented. Experiments have been going on right now in Toronto, with Canadian Tyre.
They couldn't wait for the CDTV so they've been using the Amiga knowing that CDTV is coming. But you put a touch screen on this and you do anything you want.
Q: That's amazing considering the type of people who go to a store like Canadian Tyte. They ore not technically minded at all.
IG:They have it in the sporting goods department. It'll demonstrate the equipment, it will show it... It’s a salesman! It's got the sounds, it's got the pictures,.. A major US corporation that's also in the retail - they brought their chairman over to look at it.
They wanted very badly to sell at the retail level but they wanted it internally for what it could do for them. So, you're just seeing the beginning of something here.
And we're gonna ha e competitors. We're not in this world all by ourselves.
But you have to be at the leading edge and that's where Commodore is gonna get back.
It's not being a follower it's being a leader!
QLTIC GUIDING LIGHT PRESENT: Oswitchable voice fax line Open 1Qam-7pm Monday to Saturday 0983 79496 ACCOUNTS p««58m(2 it 23 Arena Int ACCOJIU 122 87 Page5tr*am 2 1 137 71 CaihtooS Comtinalicn 5123 Pro Clpi Sir An 2538 EisyUootn fccmrti 153 *6 Pro Page ? 2M9 19411 Horn* Actturrts 24*4 Structured Clp An 3760 Peroral hturc. Mgf SmxrinajstrtAa: SBAXt-j 2867 81 78 DUST COVERS UlimSttttd Anigi 500 Clear 5 64 S*vter 3 irfejratw onnve !i i i&i, ci- 4089 EDUCATION OsiarcSum 5123 BUUKo 44 Lines bio 680X3 Ajin lain Prog Asumby Lang Proj A-tjl BlW IhGut..... A-ijp C Bnpn-ei A nga fv Begn'es AmgsDOS flu* &
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XgadOwg-e-________ 8178 MnpalKOMoniSW 962 34 »mgal6XSSW 694 66 DATABASE MANAGERS Vng* 1W0 643 » B6te ReaJr 46 C6 »mg»3OM'640 2043 56 Wofile 4606 :nzw s»rt 24 296 10 Matstnt Pits 3901 :d.'tn Surd 9 2N45 M rolKhe (in 54 99 :o*n 1240 24 Pn 204 45 Prodata 56 40 itvtn Swift 24x 38822 Sonetbase Pcsonil 2 5123 TftfAgnis 6110 Suwrnaso Personal 35 72 4J*S'a Mu.« 30 55 Suwtraie Pro 3 163 51 Asdscac Gh TaPw: 204 45 Supe tmePro4 M6.68 RAM Chip 256K CIMS 611 DESKTOP PUBLISHING Sharp Cotour Scanmr 61312 Ctp Ad P0 (7 [ jJcs| 1551 PACKAGES Go» 05* Type (eacfi) 33 64
• OWlJlf 3055 Oullne Fonts 10193 trapnes Sontr n t 56 40
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Ttt-will supply and 111 a 512k memory fxpansjgo _ al no extra cost ? How to take advantage of this exceptional offer: Simply send or hand deliver your machine to the workshop address detailed below, enclosing payment and this advert and we will do the rest. (If possible please include a daytime telephone number and fault description).
? If you require 24 hour courier to your door, please add £5 or else your computer will be sent back by contract parcel post.
(WTS rncnr the rijhl to rrTinc machines that In our opinion arc hrutnd rcaumabir rcpaiu WTS Electronics Ltd, Studio Master House, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beds. LU4 8EZ SI amc Tel: (0582) 491949 (4 lines) Workstation SID's hidden talents The heart and soul of the Workstation has to be SID and the host of utilities it allows you to access. The SID within the Workstation is a much more powerful beast than the standard empty shell supplied by PD libraries.
The Workstation is an easy-to-use replacement for Workbench. In the first of several support articles, Paul Austin explains how to start making use of an invaluable friend Our completely configured version not only handles disk management but goes on to do much, much, more.
This is done by instructing SID to access all manner of external utilities which in turn perform miraculous tasks that the original Workbench disk can only dream about.
Perhaps one of the most common requirements for most users is not the transferring of files from disk to disk, but rather to simply examine what's on them. This is sometimes not as easy as it sounds, but with the aid af SID you can examine the con- 1 tents of a disk and either edit, read, run, view, or hear the contents as required.
Often the file names on a disk give absolutely no indication as to what they may be. To find out what you're dealing with click the left mouse button with the pointer at the very bottom of the screen. This opens up a whole range of previously hidden options which make probing the hidden depths of your disks simple.
As you can see there's a complete set of options for each device. Size is the first op'.ion and the one most often used being the format-in which SID initially appears. Size for obvious reasons is the most conve* nient display when transferring files from disk to disk.
Menus just waiting for the right mouse is FIT. This calculates if the files highlighted will actually fit into the available space on the destination disk - great for reducing wasted time and Valium dependency.
Well I'm afraid that's about all that space will allow for this month, but SID will be further exolored in future support columns so watch this space. When you've finished delving into the innermost secrets of your disks dick on the SHRINK icon on the top right and SID will do exactly that. When you're ready click on expand and he'll leap back to life. Wonderful!
Until next month, bye for now... AS well as the hidden extras at the bottom of the screen there's a whole selection of pull downs just waiting for the right click on your furless friend. Move the pointer to the top of the screen and click on the RMB. This highlights a selection of pull downs. Most of the options are obvious, giving various alternatives for SID's hfor- mition display.
Along with the various format alternatives there's the system menu which gives access to other utilities and areas within the Workstation, CLI, preferences and so on. Perhaps the most useful option in the various menus Next in the line comes the Date option which details when the file was added to the disk.
Combining the Date and Time options can be great for keeping track of old and new versions of the same files on various disks. It's worth remembering that some commercial software can have very strange effects on the Amiga's perception of time, so check the nternal clock is correct before saving files which may depend on the TIME option for recognition. Use the TIME icon in SID's control panel to check.
After Time and Date comes BITS.
At first glance this option appears to be a dull collection of jumbled letters. In fact it's one of the most useful aspects of SID's hidden talents. By using the BITS option you can set the flags for any file or directory you wish.
In simple terms this means you can decide whether a file is readable, writable, hidden, protected and so on.
To alter the flag parameters of a file simply highlight it and click on the protect icon in the control panel.
This brings up a requester displaying the flag options used with that file.
For example, by altering the flags you could hide a file or directory from prying eyes, or perhaps protect it from accidental deletion. There's a whole range of options which can be applied to files and the BITS option gives a full description of each file and directory's current state.
The NOTE option is another aid to organising your files. It allows you to read comments which have been appended to either a file or directory.
This is handy if you use files with only numerical differences - Pic.l, Pic.2 for example. When you first add files using this format it's easy to remember which is which, but come back a day later and you won't have a clue. At this point the only option is to view file by file until yOu find the one you're after, yawn... This is where SID's COMMENT and NOTE facilities come into their own. Whenever you need to add a few essential words click on the file followed by SID's COMMENT icon and type away.
This has no effect on the file, or on the way in which it's treated by other programs, but it does make it instantly recognisable when viewed using the note option.
Last in the list comes the DESC option. This is perhaps the most useful of all the available display formats. It gives a description of each file in the current directo'y list - whether it's an IFF graphic, Binary file, executable file, an ASCII file and soon.
This is great for searching through faceless disks for the samples and pictures you know are in there somewhere. Of course I'm not trying to suggest you good people would poke around pinching other peoples juicy bits. Of course you wouldn't.
• If you haven't already got a copy of Workstation, see Page 70
for special offer.
P. O. Box 2, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 7BN (0942) 895320 OVER
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at file.
’ flags ;ctory noted ere'sa an be ption :h file a»d to ou to been dory, with fcl, i first isy to :ome have Dtion find ENT their dd a i file icon , or i by ke it wed ESC jse- for- ach it- lary md jgh md ne- to aid tos t a 70
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Shoot Out, H-Ball, Yacthc GAMES PACK 4 Golden Reece. The Holy Grail, Castle 1 of Doom, Chess V2.0. Pacman '87.
Retaliator, Sorry! Lightcycles. Slot.
Triclops, Tunnel Vision, Laser Strike Each 5 disk games pack costs £5.25 or £1Q.QQ for any two or £14.75 for three or all four only £19.50 incl P&P | Our catalogue currently holds over 700 disks and is rapidly expanding Send for FREE Catalogue to: BRENLEE P.D., 8 Kings Road, Shepshed, Loughborough, Leicestershire LEI2 9HT Telephone (0509) 508286 Please make cheques PO s payable to: GAMES DOMAIN P.D. Send order to: Games Domain P.D. I Dept A, 22 Broadwater Crescent Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG2 8EQ 5I2K RAM EXPANSIONS NOW IN STOCK PERFECT PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE 200 CLASSICAL MUSIC .166 LEARN &
IRELAND'S No. 1 AMIGA P.D. Journalism is a term that has to be applied loosely on occasion.
This slight dig only really applies to the newsletter side of the business
- generally monthly subscriber support dsks compiled in-house
by anyone who's interested. As a result the usual
journalistic standards don't tend to apply.
Now if someone will hold my horse I'll step down and explain these blatantly snotty statements, The lack of adhesion to journalistic standards doesn't mean that these particular mags are necessary badly written or unpleasant to read, but it does mean they tend to be littered with various references to bodily parts and functions. You might not be too keen on the kids clapping eyes on some of them.
Our cheap and cheerful PD person Paul Austin points his finger at the plastic press 17 bits Update A fine example of the Viz approach to literature is the regular offering from Seventeen Bit, one of the countries largest PD libraries.
Their Update disk mag is more of a newsletter than a true magazine and tends to throw a few demos, hints, tips and gossip about the world of Public domain, plus a healthy amount on the world of the autho'S and their latest acquisitions, whether it's Cortina, a Lada or a portion o chips.
It must be said that it isn't the most informative offering around but it wil certainly raise a smile. For example in the hints and tips section you'll find such classics as a tip about chips not as you might expect a guide to upgrades but rather the solution to the pressing problem of portion control with the vegetable variety.
Newsflash In defence of Seventeen Bit they do have an alternative publication under the banner of Newsflash.
I El i gomriMS i This ii a very different bag of chips aimed at a much more serious side of the Amiga market. It has a far more professional approach and tends to deal more in utilities than scrolly demos. The editorial reflects the general theme of user rather than watcher, so if you're that way inclined give it a look. Both mags are available from Seventeen Bit 3n 0924 366982.
Jumpdisk The Independents from GTS Through a mixture of fate, confusion and sheer bad luck the PD column and George Thomason Services, one this country’s biggest and best libraries, have beer passing by each other without even as much as a nod in the recent past.
Fortunately this month the run of bad luck has come to an end and as a result I'll be featuring some of the excellent offerings from one of the longest established libraries in the business.
One of the strongest aspects of their business is the exclusive rights to release two of the best plastic mags in the business, both of which are independent offerings from the opposite sides of the world.
Jumpdisk is the old man of the floppy press, beirg the first publication to cast off the chains of paper and printer and swap to the delights of the disk, The 58th issue is due to hit the streets at any moment, easily making it the grand cld man on the Amiga, The disk is an American publication which boasts the biggest distribution in the states.
With such an enviable pedigree, not to menticn circulation, it's obvious that the Droduct isn't going to be duff and of course it isn't. It has a nice selection of utilities and editorial and the occasional special additions with the odd silly bit thrown in for good measure.
As well as the mag itself there's a supplemental disk full of material offered with each issue. Each copy comes in it's own little bag with a simple instruction sneet detailing what's on the disk plus the almost obligatory advanced advertising. It's generally an excellent product that's well worth a closer look.
Megadisc This is the second mag in the GTS stable and in my humble opinion quite simply the best plastic mag in the business. The software is excellent and the editorial is easily on a par. The disk like mary things in the British media is an Antipodean import that's more o a blockbuster as opposed to soap opera we're all too familiar with.
The Australian influence on the Amiga world has been rather imited to date but if this is a typical example of what's on offer there could be some serious pommie bashing in the near future.
The real strength of the disk lies within its structure which lean; much more in the direction of a true magazine than many of its rivals, Most disk mags find it very difficult to walk the fine line between being a magazine and becoming yet another PD compilation disk. Megadisc does exactly that by striking just the right mix between the two.
A particularly pleasant feature is a section devoted entirely to ha'dware applications and how to tweak and solder your way to a perfect system.
£2.00 6-10 DISCS £1.75 11-20 DISCS £1.50 21+ DISCS £1.25
EUROPE 1-5 DISCS £2.50 6-10 DISCS £2.25 11 20 DISCS £2.00 21 ?
DISCS £1.50 REST OF THE WORLD 1-5 DISCS £3.00 6-10 DISCS E2.75
11-20 DISCS £2.00 21 * DISCS £1.75 PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE 132
QunvHI* Read, Newport, tola of Wlrfht PO30 5LH Tel (0963)
529594 821983 Fax(0983)821599 PD Please note disks art I. tOp
each under 10 disks. 10 disks or over 95p. Please add 50p P&P
per order.
A FREE disk of your own choice with orders over 10 disks Please rtakc Cheques POs payable to Vallv PI), or phone in your Credit card no (5 disks or over) Gamet A Ixisurr: 043 Holy Grail: Text adventure 368 9 Star Trek Bnll2disks!
424 5 1.earn & Play: lar kids!
451 Tennis game: goid I mg* 582 Castle of dixmv Adventure 584 Frantic Freddie: Platform 612 Monopoly A Clu.-do!
613 Pacman Rei.ili.iKr » Sony' 625 Bli zard: Shoot cm up!
626 30 Education pud 5.4.50 658 Siartleet Shoot cm up!
721 Batllcfoicc. Strategy game 800 Yelp: good little jame!
APD62 Arcadia: Fab freak out' APD85 Snakcsv-ladders'reseni APD96 Pair it: Match ihe canls APF97 Dynamiic dick good!
APDI10Crossfire: kwh game!
APDI35 Sirtwn • Spue maths Slide ihont: (M4 Super turn cars: Stunning!
067 Dynamic Hires: Amazing!
097 Real 3d: Excellent pics!
610 Nik Williams slide: Fab!
775 NW Dynamic hires: Mega' Amot hcenceware: LPDI Coloring book for tots!
LPD2 Ail angel maths fun!
LPD4 Thingamajig: Jigsaws!
LPD5 Jungle Bungle, pood!
LPD6 Pukada + Sprite.!
LPD7 4 way Lynx: Puz le!
LPD8 Wori*play: 3 to team!
LPD9 Amos assembler LPDIO Word factory : Spelling LPDI I Go getter game LPDI2 Hypnotic landx: game LPDI 3 Jigmania: jigsaws!
. NBS. The No. 1 Official Distributor of AMOS Licenceware = in February. Our first month of stocking the disks, (figures ' courtesy of the Official AMOS Library) AMOS PO £1.50 pet ink The loltowmg s a utoctcn ot the very best rtwr AMOS PD junlitte They do not need AMOS to run AIOJ'A (filing) PICK UP A ftJZZlE (2 Disk S*t. 1 Meg- Art iitferesfcrg Seating piece, jigsaw type wzzte A10S*6 «*iiw) PICTURE IT (2 Oisa Set 1 Meg) A super puale game, ideal tor yotng and oW!
A110 ------ *¦ " " - A115 A123 A124 A130 A132 A137 A13S At 46 Business A Serious 057 Chet Solace 26 ut.lit.es!
117-20 TV graphics 3.50 (41 15? Ja zhctvh Alt Wntkhotth 27| 'Rim Datahase: Good!
272 Flexibase: Easy to use!
273 Home utils: Vyordwright ?
274 Analytical: Spreadsheet!
278 Liedit Wnnlpmcesior' 286 DBW: Ray trace program!
294 Amigafw; Wordprwcvior 297 FBM; Graphics convenors 303-5 3 disk lull of clipart!
.109-11 C manual on 3 disks!
448 Powerpucker 2.3: Cruncher 4X9 Graphis-s disk: Useful!
544 tXopy: Good copy pn»g!
«X) A64: CBM 64 Dttulalor'
M) l Clerk Accounts prog!
615 Cursor vl Basic Compiler 616 Pascal Compiler' 617 Mead. Cad design program 636 CtiglH Excellent ray tracer!
669 Master virus killer killslOS 677 Amateur Radio: for Haim' 6*M Biory thms Stare hart etc!
698 Exile lonts: Coloured fonts 720 F.leclrocad demo: Pcbs!
771 Ultimate Icon disk V' good 805 wihC Compiler V 1.3!
808-814 7 disks clipart. 6.50!
Fish 219 Decpsky v5cic!
Fish 343 Stockbroker & more!
Fish 366 Pnnt Studio!
Fish 375: TcxtpliK v2.2!
Fish 382: Messydos+Crossdos!
861 ST ErttuLlOr utilities!
862 Spectrum Emulator » utils!
APD 83 Amm Paint: Good!
APD 132 family history dbasc* Please make Cheouss PO payable to NBS and send to above addess Or tot instant despatch phone your order giving yout credit card details (Game) CROSS RRE (i Meg) Great Game Travel around a grt cobacrg oepce, *igtg the rustys.
IGame) MuOONACY t Meg) Fty yout Wlk»n met the skyscrapers and bo-no hem! Addtfiv* (Gamel 0EADLINE (1 Mtg) Written using AMOS TOME map editor lOemo) BOB MANIACS BY SYNTR UnuwaHy a super tkno trth wry geed PX iGameiTHE W000EN BALL (1 Meg) Good Qame Knock the bat into yew oppcosnts goal lUtU) FAMILY HISTORY DATABASE (t Megl Easy to use Ptus another database iGam*) TILE TRAIL A riawjbif sidng ttott puOe gam* ;Educ) SIMON AND SPACE MATHS Sroon s that ok! Chestnut and Space Mams, a good maths program ;Gama) FRUIT MACRAE & FRUIT CRUSH A fruit maenra wn with hold ft nud* ft a dimcul puale oime
licenccwart CJ.SO pe» disk A proportion ot this goes to the author 1001 Art) Cotounng Boo* Magi Title says r ad greai tun ter the Ms 1004 GamelThngamapg11 MtgiGmpietgsiw Pwnet wnttwforcWdren 24mad L005 Gamel Jungle &_rg« (1 Meg) An icon driven athenture game. Igan. Wnoen wffi chlktren m mind L006 Game) Putado 11 Msg) A good game ot good quality, and «hat Licencewre shaid be ill about L007 Gamel 4 Way Lynx (t Meg) Simitar onncpal to pipemania tux harder* L008 Educi Worked Play (1 Mtgi 3 educational games tor cwgien Tsltrg Cds time and truths 1010 lEduci The Word Factory (1 Meg) A spefing and
memory game Good reviews bit fm not vnpressed L011 -Game) Go-Getter (1 Meg) A good computer version of what would make a good board game Worth a look 1012 rfijmt) Hypnotic Und (1 Mog| Snuar to Klu but m not blocks 1013 iGame) Jigmana (1 Megi Mere |iguw tun. Re construction kit.
1014 Play it Sato (1 Mrgi A great cea lor the kaSs. A fun way to learn about salety in tie home 1015 LhJ0« rd Colours (1 Mtgi Make obieds out ot coloured ties. Apparent!, like Fuzzy FeBsT?
L016 Aeversi 2 (1 Mog) A vaa improvement on the Amos PO version. With pallemed ties, taster mcvement L0I7 bogtighf 11 Meg) Now w* promses to be something special. Up to | ptjym. In] 2 Amgas can be Irtttd L018 ’ouchstone (1 Meg) A Wes' game smtat to Shan v LM1 LctO Fonts (Indewndent Licenceware) Install more sef lonts n your STAR LC10 xrter* This is puely a selection ot our AMOS PO We hm w l over 1000 other PD Asks IncUJig Demos. Muse. Utilities.
FISH T-BAG. And an amazing Glamour selection We afso se* Commercai games art computer accessories Fortui detats pease send a Stamped, Sttf aMreaed ttivtloof and rtctivt our PC Update 6 induing the brand new supplement which pvts lull revews on cner 400 PO Asks Catatcgue sent Wm w4h order. All NBS PO costs just Cl 25 per Ask ORDERING DETAILS JL All NBS PO £125 AMOS PO El 50 All Itcenowre E3 » 1 kee di» |rf same pnee tange) lot every 10 ordeed plus tree postage, othe'vnse pfease add 50) towards pcsage art packing NBS... HERE TODAY... AND HERE AGAIN TOMORROW PO Box 15. Dept AC1. Peterlee.
Co Durham. SRX INZ Tel: 091 5871195 9am-6pm.
Now over 1400 disks in stock inc Fred Fish I -450. Thag I -46.
The Amos Library' & the Anios License ware ? Our own library!
: All priced the same except Amos Licenceware (3.50) Demos A Animations 001 Juggler & Walking cat!
(XM V'angelo demo: Superb!* X.K Gymnast demo; Fab!* 011 ewions Cradle: Brill' 012 Run anim: Brilliant!* OI5 Cnonic. Demo ? Madonna 026 Crusaders Bacteria: Fab 041 Popcye meets Be* hhny-.'
370 Color cycling: Nice pics' 411 Busy tec anim: Great'* 487 X8 M Python Lumberjack!
.118 Crusaders Space ifcleriu + 608 Dragon. Lair II: Superb’ 6I4 Budbrain 2: Excellent!
654 Evil dead demo: Kill cm!
674 5 Laurel & Hardy i2 disks i 705 Crusaders play Genesis!* 7I7 8 Mr Food: Hilarious (2) 798 .Supriwomin animation' 802 Simpsons demo Ban -ku!
803 Groove m the Heart!
815 Zeus bust anim: Good!'
865 Bcatmaster 808 stale' Stuiic & Muuc Vdh: 157 8 Soundtracker samples 2 245 Mididnk Synth progs' 246 Fish323 Casio CZ editoi 248 Amiga stun 3: Black bin* 317 Fivh.VXI Pitch convertor!
534 Dmob3: Superb dance disk 562 Dead dance thrash: Metal' 587 Amigadeus: Mozart grca!
599 Audio magic: Stricken!
622 Stag fields chip (estival!
F»42 Banging Raves 2: Good!
671 Med v2.13 music prog!
854 Digital Dcbuwy: Gained Fish 403 Kawai K4 editor' esting reviews and information on all manner of popular Amiga applications. As you can tell I'm impressed and ycu're sure to be the same.
For further details on both mags get in touch with George Thompson Services on 077 082 212 or Fax 077 082 212.
Incredible! Eight tracks for MED The amazing Teijo Kinnunen does the impossible yet again and comes up with the next great step for the monster he's created.
OctaMED has arrived and somehow he's managed to make it fully compatible with its predecessors. The new version will happily take on either eight or four track characteristics on demand, The new version isn't PD but considering the great things Teijo has done for the domain in the past it's only fair to give the guy a well deserved plug for his first commercial offering. It's available for the pathetically small sum of £10 within Europe and £15 worldwide and this includes post and packaging.
The new version has all of the abilities of our recent coverdisk giveaway plus the extra four tracks and a new and improved bug free Med player. As I mentioned earlier Med has become a real monster and as a result the new version has a hard time squeezing into the straight jacket of 512k.
As a result Teijo has added a low res option to which it will be automatically defaulted when it's run or a half meg machine.
Amiganuts United hold all distribution rights for OctaMED and as a result Ray Burt Frost, one on the Amiga's finest nutters, has thrown down the gaurtlet to the coding community and is offering a full licence- ware agreement to the first person to create a conversion program which will transfer tunes from the lour to the eight track format.
If you're an AMOS expert there could be a separate licenceware goldmine waiting for the first person to provide an AMOS compatible MED player. To add the final icing to the cake of OctaMED a manual will soon be available to make life a little easier for owners of the eight track version of Teijo's masterpiece.
OctaMED is available exclusively from Amigaruts United. For further details contact Ray Burt Frost on 0703 785680.
PD for the little people OK, that's enough back slapping, it's time to mount up and get back to get back to my moral crusade from earlier in the column. If you've got kids ycu'll be well used to the 'can I have ago, please let me try, you said I could“ syndrome. This is a common complaint that most computerised parents suffer every time they turn on the machine.
Even the toughest parental tyrant cracks eventually and will hand over the apole off their eye to the frantically keen kid. If you're a PD parent this can be a risky business. Some of the software available is definitely not suitable for the smaller kids in the family.
As a result an alternative collection is required and that's exactly what the Chaps at A Bit on The Side have come up with.
The Junior PD Club If you're looking for material and you want to be sure it's clean, The Junior PD Club could be the answer.
The title may give slightly the wrong impression about the contents. The material is suitable for kids but not necessary aimed at them.
The club guarantees the material to be clean rather than condescending. A fine example of this is a classic sample disk containing immortals like Pooeye meets the Beach boys.
To be honest the collection isn't that original as far as contents are concerned, with most of the material being available from almost anywhere.
The real advantage comes with the sure and certain knowledge that the fruit of your loins isn't going to be subjected to scrolly demos that give graphic instructions on where exactly other coding teams should put their latest -elease.
No bare breasts, no sexy stereotypes, or at least not that many, and every new member gets a badge and a Biro to pose with in the playground. If you're interested you can contact A Bit on The Side on 0302 887332.
Uncle AMOS An alternative for the PD parent could be the offerings of the Amos library. The AMOS library doesn't claim to be sqjeaky clean but anyone who's used any AMOS material will be familiar with its very smooth and friendly front end which makes it ideal for children.
Out a little expensive.
Most of the larger libraries carry an ever growing supply of AMOS.
The very best material tends to be licenceware available through PCS International on 0942 521 577 or alternatively from Amiganuts United on 0703 785680 This particular talent has already been spotted by most Amos authors and as a result there's a huge range of material aimed specifically at the kids.
Classy compilations While I'm still holding the shovel I might as well heap a little more praise on the already overburdened GTS.
As well as the series of mags supplied GTS also sent an excellent collection of compilation packs varying from utilities to games.
Besides the quality of the compilations perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the packages is the packagThere is a small price to be paid for the smooth and stylish Amos approach to PD and that's its tendency to only offer one program on a disk, so compared to other compilation disks it can work ing. Most experienced PD fans are no doubt wondering: 'What packaging does he mean - the envelope?* I know it's hard to believe, bit this stuff actually arrives nicely packaged in a plastic bag with a smart little card which documents the entire contents of the disks.
My pet hate with PD is the infuriating habit which almost all the libraries have of supplying their wares with absolutely no way of identifying one disk from the next, apart of course from loading them up.
To the navice collector this particular inconvenience is hardly noticed but if you've got a few hundred disks all from the same supplier it can be a nightmare to find exactly what you're after.
% FIRST TIME BUYERS I know what you're thinking: why don't you scribble on the disk label?
Well, firstly, it looks a mess and, secondly, most labels are already covered with logos and phone numbers leaving little or no room for anything else.
A nice convenient card wouldn't cost the earth but would save a hell of a lot of wasted time. This alone was enough to make CTS an instant contender for the column, The pacl s have more of a theme rather than just being a collection of like minded material.
For example the printer workshop collection doesn't just give the usual collection of standard printer drivers but rather offers all manner of really useful printing-related utilities which combine to provide a solution to almost any printing predicament.
If you've just read this month's cover feature you might well be strolling through the PD section for the first time. Usually this column is chock-a-block with reviews of the latest releases, but as a result of making PD our main feature this month's column has been designed to complement some of the issues the feature will no doubt raised.
One of these issues is the plight of the new convert to the ranks of the Public Domain. If you're a beginner the huge range of PD to choose from can be almost off putting.
The first thing to do is contact a likely looking library and ask for their catalogue.
This usually comes in the form of a disk but on occasion you might be lucky enough to get one in book format.
These catalogues are rarely over a pound a time, and on occasion you even find a few programs thrown in to wet your appetite.
It's always worth searching through a few catalogues before you buy to avoid the almost inevitable duplication of certain elements of your collection.
If you're particularly keen on a specific area of the Amiga's talents, Softville PD Services are one of the best in the business when it comes to dedicated collections. If for example you're into graphic applications they can supply clip art sets with as many as seven disks in each set all at a very reasonable price.
V Ami OVE PD E THO OVE MOS ALL If there's a need, Softville usually have a collection to support it. Their disks aren't quite as cheap as some of the opposition but that's the price you pay for dealing with pros.
PC Or All their collections can be found by strolling through their regularly updated book style catalogue. Contact Softville PD Services on 0705 266509.
Well that's it for another month. Next month I'll be back to the usual rundown of the best in the business, so watch this space... A No Lii £
1 2( 3 !
(no hidden extras) £1.99 (free catalogue) Because of the huge response we have slashed the prices, even Freddy would be proud at £1.99 a disc.
A Fantastic P.D. Company with a FREE Catalogue Disc!!
• Ever wanted a P.D. company to take things seriously?
Like their own fully machine coded catalogue disc with great music and intro’s included.
• Ever wanted a P.D. company with it’s own Demo group??
With self releases like the NEW-WAVE mega demo!
• Ever wanted a P.p. company with it’s own Bulletin Board system?
(Online files).
If so, LETS PARTY coz NEW-WAVE is here.
In stock we have thousands of Demo’s, Musak Programs, Graphic Slides, Animations, Utilities, Mega Demo’s. Shareware, and coming soon. Licenceware.
If you would like to join our demo group, ring or send demo's of graphics, musak and code.
Only £5.00 i 15 PD DISKS = £20.00 inc 5 FREE ONLY £1.00 FOR EACH SUCCESSIVE DISK.
EG: 16 PD DISKS = £21.00 17 PD DISKS = £22.00 20 PD DISKS = £25.00 Call for details of discounts on bulk orders OVER 1400 PD DISKS CATALOGUED Official AMOS PD Disks Now Available.
£3.50 a disk DEMOS
1306. EVOLUTION 76
1300. FART & BELCH
3 Disks, 1 Meg.
1023. HOT GIRLS 2
1196. DIRTY PICS 3
505. DRIP
856. XENON 3 ETC
1184. MASTERMIND ETC BLANK DISKS Branded 3.5" Disks Only 35p
With any other purchase UTILITIES
099. PRO TRACKER 1.1
151. C-LIGHT
310. MVK 2.1 MUSIC
320. SLABYS MUSIC 317 19"
347. CLASSIX 2
EXCLUSIVE TO US Only £3.99 inc P&P Crossed System is NOT PD Do the Bart man A 3 DISK VERSION OF THE No.1 HIT SINGLE ONLY £3.00 inc P&P MASTER VIRUS KILLER 2.1 Can now detect 124 Viruses Bootblocks RED SECTOR DEMO MAKER Available Now ? NOW AVAILABLE CLIP-ART VOLUME 2. 3 DISKS, ONLY £3.00 inc Catalogue Disk Available at £1.00 sent FREE with all orders Send Cheque or Postal Order to: VIRUS FREE PD (Dept AMC) 23 Elborough Rd, Moredon. Swindon, Wilts, SN2 2LS, England.
Tel: 0793 512321 Fax: 0793 512075 All Prices include P&P in UK. Minimum order of 3 Disks, Overseas orders welcome, but please send Euro cheque or Bankers drat* with order, Please add £3.00 towards Postage and Packing.
COMMODORE CDTV 0839-121236 Basically an Amiga with a CD Rom. Worth £600!!!!
SEGA MEGADRIVE 0839-121222 The awesome 16 Bit console and you can choose a game.
SOFTWARE SCOOP 0839-121221 Megadrive, Master, Nes, Lynx, Famicom etc. £200 to spend.
WHAT-U-WANT 0839-121223 Whatever your heart desires up to £150. Absolutely anything!
The more entries you make, the better your chances PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS SEGA GAMEGEAR 0839-121224 could win you a All calls last approx. 4 mins. One prize per competition.
Calls are charged at 33p per min. cheap rate and 44p per min. all other times.
If you are under 18, please get permission to use the telephone.
CENTRAL SCOTLAND S PREMIER RD. LIBRARY GAMES G048 Intact G046 Entropy G045 Dragons Cave G044 Snakepit G043 Stone Age G040 Star Trek Next Gen Trivia (2) G041 Cluedo Compilation G036 O.C.P.D. Compilation G035 Mayhem G049 Mechforce 3.71 G002 Treasure Trap G024 Property Market Game G009 Tenris G001 Learn and Play (2) UI1UIIES U090 M.E.D. 3 U091 Workbench 2 Look a Like U082 Game Trainers Disk U101 Spectrum Emulator U088 Picture Format Convertor U050 Red Sector Demo Maker’ U039 Catalogue Workshop U074 Business Utilities This is only a small selection of the hundreds of titles available from our
constantly expanding library. Free disk catalogue sent with all orders. You can also call into our showroom and pick-up your software. Payment by Access Visa or make your cheques or P.O. 's payable to Office Choice:- Suite 14, Avon House, Town Centre, Cumbernauld G67 1EJ U078 Education Pack (5) U076 Grafx (2) U035 O.C.P.D. Compilation U031 Direct Action Animator U042 Mightflers Utilities 1 U044 Mac Clip Art UQ2Q Jazzbench U019 Amibase U017 Razor Toolkit U051 Video Graphics (4) U101 S.T.58 U102 S.T.60 U061 Genealogy* DEMOS AND MUSIC S011 Aliens Slideshow (2) 5013 Images from Aquarius 5014
Photomontage 1 5015 Photomontage 2 5016 Photomontage 3 M031 Chaos and Megadeath M030 Follow the Sign M029 Iron Maiden (2) M028 "19" M024 Crusaders Does Genesis D070 Franklin the Fly D071 Tron Animation (2)* D074 Evil Dead Sight and Sound (2)* D076 Wild Copper Demo D066 Share and Enjoy Freestyle D068 Elvira Activity Disk* M015 Blues Brothers (3)* M016 Aliens Sounds (2) M014 Bagpipe Music S018Gorezone Slideshow 5019 Madonna Slideshow (2) 5020 Hendrix Slideshow 5021 Fraxion Divine Visons (2) LIQENCEWARE (2.95 PER DISK) L001 Space Blob L002 Mr Dig L003 Q-Boid L004 Computer Conflict L005 Subculture
We also stock other Fletcher Fonts AWSPP A019 Microman Music Demo A020 Arc Angel Demo 1 A021 Word Square Solver and Games A031 Screen Designer A033 Pink Goes Ape A034 Luke Millers Music A051 Weird Science Demo A052 Forms Unlimited A060 Hockey Pista Demo A062 Arcadia A063 Hacks Magic Demo Creator A083 Amos Paint A099 Benson Demo 1 A103 Pick A Puzzle* A104 Pick A Puzzle Data Disk A135 Simon Say&’Space Maths A136 Tile Trial* A012 Panthorus Mega Demo (2)* A096 Pair-lt A053 Curos and Stavros Demo 2 A110 Cross Fire A109 Weird Science 2 A130 Wooden Ball* GREAT HARDWARE PRICES Cumana External Drives
61.00 ] 2 Meg Upgrade with Clock..32.95 As last month's focus on script files demonstrated, AmigaDOS is a surprisingly flexible tool when used as a crude programming language. The Auto- Script file on May's coverdisk was an attempt to show users a little of the system's potential to cut out a lot of routine drudgery, but it was left intentionally deficient in its use of variables- This month's column should give users a basic appreciation of how to use variables in their own AmigaDOS scripts, and will show how even a simple application such as Auto- Script can in this way be given a new
lease of life.
Stevie Kennedy finds out CLI can be environment-friendly PART 3 With AmigaDOS, we can separate ECHO "I'» going to be realty boring" ECHO “and just do a directory listing* ECHO “Try to contain your exciteaent* ECHO “ " ECHO “Ready?* DIR DfO: variables into two groups - parameters and environment variables. A parameter is a value which is passed to a script file by the user when he or she EXECUTES it, and is nowhere near as flexible as a true variable.
Environment variables, on the other hand, are a bit more complex, much more flexible, and will be introduced in the second half of this tutorial.
Let's look again at Auto-Script. It is a script file which formats a disk in your extra dri e, creates the essential directories, then copies the relevant system files across to make a system disk which will auto-boot.
For the sake of simplicity, the script assume; that the second drive .key varl IF var1 Efl ““ ECHO “Ho drive specified" SKIP end mu Dll LAB end Example 2 is called dfl: which is the case for the vast majority of A500 and A1500 users. There are mary A2000 own* ers, however, whose external drives are labelled df2: because on these machines only internally mounted extra drives can be called dfl:. Such users would have found Auto-Script useless in its original form.
Parameter Paradise With the use of a simple parameter, this sort of problem could be avoided with ease. Take a look at Examplel, a script which carries out a directory listing of dfl:. As it stands, it is a pointless script because it does nothing you couldn't do quicker and easier f'om CLI. Now take a look at Example2.
Although this is still less than useful, it shows how a script can be changed quickly and easily to accept parameters. To run Examplel, you would type EXECUTE EXARPLE1 RETURNS but to run Example2, this would become EXECUTE EXABPLE2 drive RETURH where drive is the parameter looked for by the script. The script knows it should expect to be passed a parameter because the first line defines a "key".
The key should always be the first line in a script and should always start with a period (or dot) and the word 'key' followed by the parameters. If there is more than one parameter, a comma is used to separate them.
Example2 knows, therefore, that it L must expect one parameter, and it will attempt to carry out a directory listing in accordance with the string it receives. If you type EXECUTE EXAMPLE2 DFO: the script will accept the string 'dfO:' as its parameter and act accordingly.
If you don't pass a parameter, the IF test will detect that varl is the empty string *" and print 'No drive specified', then SKIP to the end.
.key var1 IF »AL »«r1 EQ 0 SIR DFO: SKIP end end: f If TAL EQ y DIR DF1: SKIP end END IF IF AL var1 ER 2 DIR DF2: SKIF end ENDIF Echc "None s Example 3 You will have noticed that AmigaDOS places variables in angled brackets when they are being operated upon.
This is necessary simply to distinguish them as variables and has no other technical significance. Try not to ccnfuse them with the angled brackets we put around the word RETURN and others in examples of CLI commands.
Value of variables If we turn our attention back to Auto-Script, it should be easy to see where improvements can be made.
Instead of all those lines which refer specifically to dfl:, such as COPY ? To DF1:c, we ought to have lines which refer to the parameter varl .
These lines would look something like COPY ? To varl c. When A2000 users with external second drives want to use the script, they would then type EXECUTE AUTO-SCRIPT DF2: and Auto-Script would know which drive was to be used as the target drive.
As long as you are using Workbench 1.3 or higher (and if you aren't I'd advise you to upgrade immediately) you can also test variables and parameters using the VAL condition to the IF test. In Example2, the IF tests varl to see if it is a blank string, but it would be just as easy to test it! Numerical value.
Variables: Three Golden Rules 1 Remember the 'key' at the start of every script file which is to have parameters passed to it. It must begin with '.key' and contain as many entries as there are parameters.
2 Remember a variable can be optional (e.g 'varl k) or compulsory (e.g varl a). You may need to make a variable compulsory so that drastic things don't happen when the default value is taken.
3 Always include the line ASSIGN ENV: RAM: in your startup- sequence if you intend using environment variables.
Let's say we wanted to be lazy when runninc the script, and instead of typing dfl: we wanted to type just the number *. The result would be something like Example3, and you would type EXECU1E AUTO-SCRIPT 2 to carry out a DIR of df2:.
Defaults Although, as we have seen, the default value of a parameter is an empty string il nothing is passed to it by the EXECUTE command, it is also possible to set a default value from within a script. This is achieved by a line of the syntax .DEF virijUe "default string" and sets the default for that variable or parameter br all succeeding operations. In Example2, for instance, we could define the default for varl as "No drive specified" and fix things so that this is printed when no parameters are specified.
Alternatively, you can use a dollar sign (S) each time you use a variable in order to specify the default value it should take at different points in a script. The line ECHO * var1 S I like viriibles " tells AmigaDOS that you would like the string "I like variables" printed if the script has not been passed a value for varl. All text inside the angle brackets to the right of the dollar sign is treated as the default.
Options As a final note on parameters, you should be aware that they can be either optional or compulsory depending on your needs. To make a parameter essential, ou must add ' a' to it in the key line at the beginning of the script, so it would read .key varl a.
If a value is not passed to a compulsory parameter, the script will grind to a halt with an error message.
This feature would be of most use if, for example, it would cause a problem when the parameter was given a nill value. FORMAT DRIVE DF varl : would cause a bit of concern to most people if it took a default value of zero and formatted their system disk!
Optional parameters, to which AmigaDOS defaults, are defined by the adition of ' k' on the key line, and can be passed values in the normal way.
SETENV and GETENV Environment variables are the true AmigaDOS system variables, and since the release of Workbench 1.3, Amiga users have had an increasing amount of control over them.
The two commands I'm going to look at in this brief overview of environment variables are SETENV and GETENV.
SETENV is used to create a variable and or alter its definition. It I takes the syntax SETENV variable string where the string defines the variable.
GETENV is used to retrieve the I variable's value or string and uses the I syntax SETENV variable It will print the variable's contents to I whichever device the user specifies I with a redirection ( ) character, I although it defaults to the current I CLI window. If, therefore, you want- I ed to keep a running tally of an I important variable in a program, you I could quite easily use the line GETENV PRT: »jriable at various points in the listing to redi- red output to the printer.
When you define an envircnment variable, AmigaDOS looks for a logical device called ENV: which is usually set up in your Workbench's I startup-sequence using the ASSIGN statement ASS16N ENV: IAN: to store all information concerning the variable in the RAM disk. Always either make sure you have this line in your startup or type it in before messing about with variables.
Environment variables are tie big brothers of the ASSIGN statements and bring a new flexibility to AmigaDOS.
It's all very well being aale to ASSIGN logical device names as long and complex pathnames, but when you can use environment variables for absolutely any string of text, your script files are in danger of becoming true programs.
We don't have enough space to go further into environment variables in this column, but if there's enough interest in the subject, we'll cover them in more depth at a later date.
For the moment, we've received many more letters requesting information on more down to earth areas of AmigaDOS, so we'll be look ng at them first.
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051-630 3013 051-691 2008 FAX: 051-639 2714 N It's fair to say MED isn't the friendliest looking utility on the market. However, it's nowhere near as complex as it first looks, and in fact it's more of a musical dream than 3 technological nightmare.
The massive range of abilities have always put it on a par with anything in the commercial sector but the latest additions to its repotoire make MED by far the best all round music utility in the business, regardless of price.
99. 99999 per cent of you already have a copy of MED III thanks
to its inclusion on the Amiga Computing May coverdisk. If you
were abducted by aliens or were hiking in the put from a
headphone socket and then adjust the volume control on the
amp until the signal is just below the distortion or clipping
point. With MED you can monitor the input signal and adjust
it until the waveform fits perfectly before you sample the
All Amiga samplers are 8 bit units, and as a result even the best are far from perfect, so don't worry about Hi-Fi quality but rather originality.
Most samples tend to be ripped off from Cds, tapes and so on.
Again this isn't the most original method but it's a lot better than using sounds which have been kicking around the Amiga scene for TTTTT TTTT'TTTT TT’TTTWo' First the classical formal many a mu so will be familiar with In the background the shape of things to csme!
Himalayas you might have missed it. If indeed you did, you could always order a copy ol the December issue of Amiga Computing, when it featured on our cover disk. (See order form on Page 124).
MED III the inc s-S’S'Sample ed-ed-editor This was follwed in our January and Feoruary issues with a series describing how to get the best from MED. So check your back issues for hints and tips for the soundtracker section of the program which is still the same.
This month I'll be concentrating on how to get the best from the all- new sample editor.
Exciting The editor is by far the most exciting addition and it not only gives you the ability to manipulate samples you already have but you can also sample your own sounds. Using first generation samples is by far the best approach. Avoiding repetition in the music and the sounds is the key to a classic.
It's no: essential that you go mad and sperd a fortune on a sampler, just go for something cheap and cheerful. The key to using cheaper samplers is to really apply some power to the input signal.
The best way is to take your out- months. A useful asset of the MED editor is its ability to add and delete space within a sample.
Paul Austin takes a closer look at the latest addition to Teijo Kinnunen's incredible music utility MED!
High levels of hiss between sounds often ruin an otherwise excellent sample. Minimising this hiss is what makes samplers like the Audio Engineer so impressive, not to mention expensive.
Even so with a little patience ft's possible to make even the cheapest sampler sound a good deal more expensive. First copy your sample to the copybuffer or preferably a floppy.
This is always a good idea if you're about to do any form of editing.
Next, mark oit a range between two sounds within the sample, but make sure you eave some space between the range and the sounds on either side of it. This space will become important later.
Now click on the CLR gadget. A blank space should appear to replace the hissing silence of the original.
Repeat this process right through the sample.
OK, now play the sample. It's probably better than the original but the hiss has now been replaced by annoying clicks when each new section of the sample plays. The next job is to smooth the transition between the total silence of the new sections and the sounds themselves.
Volume change To do this we'll use a gradual volume change to fade the background noise up and down befo e and after each sound. Click in the first window after the VOL CHANGE gadget and type 1, press return and type 99.
Now click on the ZOOM IN gadget and scroll up to the beginning of the first sound using the curscr keys.
This is where the noise left at the beginning and end of the separate sounds come in useful. First mark a range that includes this section, with at least the same amount prior to it.
Now click on the CHANCE VOL gadget. You should see the difference between the original and the blank insert decrease. If you repeatedly click on CHANGE VOL the difference between the two will become increasingly subtle.
Repeat this process at the beginning of each sound in the sample.
When you've done them all simply reverse the numbers in the CHANGE VOL windows and follow exactly the same procedure at the end of each sound.
Now compare the original and the processed version and the results should speak for themselves.
Teijo Kinnunen, the author of MED, obviously took a long hard look at Audio Master when designing the sample editor. As a result it's very similar in many respects, boastng most of its features for a fraction of the price.
To be fair the samples produced with MED aren't as good as Audio Master and it is trickier to use, but considering the editor is only part of the MED package it's quite simply amazing. If you do become addicted please send some cash to Teijo - he deserves it.. 3'A" EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES AMAZING LOW PRICE RrcffrTTT) Your A Enjoy with th systerr separa built-in from P AMIGA A500 SOLDERLESS RAM UPGRADES RAM CLOCK UPGRADE or Wtftefy rc Cmogor,
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Our My compatible high quatty MIDI interface conneds direclly with the Amiga serut porf and provides IN, OUT A THRU pons ice good Hcubtiey FeaiuresLEO md calces on each port tor TRUEMOUSE ONLY £19.95 Superb dagtoslic purposes com»cl design WE GUARANTEE that this is ths smoothest, most responslws and accurate replacement mouse you can buy for the Amiga Excellent performance, amazing low price ' STEREO SOUND SAMPLER DD!KITEDC include VAT.
FlVflV Cn J delivery and coble S-S-S-SAMPLE THIS Oheirvg lull compatbiiey with almost ary Amga audio denser package, our Souto Samper lealures exceUem wcufry yielding professional reiuls The mair Mi convener gives t dgittsmg rosokihon ol up lo SOKHz. With a lass Hew rale Two phono sockets are provded lor stereo line input, plus an opt on lor mcrcphooe AdiuslaOe gam is aciwvcd win bufl-in conirot knob Complete with pubi c domain disk containing sound sampling applcalons I uiithes EVESHAM MICROS SPECIAL OFFER I All STAR Printers Include 12 months On-Slle Maintenance £17 95 SAT,SFACTI0N
GUARANTEED iSter LC 10 Best-selling 9-ptn pnmer. 144 36cps Stir LC 200 9-Pin Colour, 4 fonls. 180 45eps Star LC 24-10 24-Pin. 4 fonts. 180 60cps . [Star LC 24-200 24-Pin, 5 fonls. 200 67cps..... Star LC 24-200C 7 colour version ol above...... Star FR-10 9-p*n including Colour Upgrade Star XB24-10 24-pin including Coir. Upgrade GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE Amiga ST compatible - trav® & accuracy assured C 37.95 £ 159.00 £ 209.00 £215.00 C 249.00 £ 289.00 £309.00 £ 459.00 ONLY £29.95 GOLDEN IMAGE HANDY SCANNER & TOUCH-UP NEW! TRACKBALL Excellent now hign performance trackball diracliy
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ine-an or yey mages up lo 400dpi Many image ennarcemorr A spec* elTects available Irom wnm Toucn-Up A sensible nvesiment lor Dessioo Pubishmg *vor« Citizen Swift-24 24-P.n COLOUR Printer C 279 00 HP Dcskiei M0 3 pagevmmuie 300 DPI mkiei prxtie' £ 399.00 Olivetti DM100S 200-30 cps 9-pm. Me 12 months 0«SM C 115.00 Panasonic KXP1123 excellent vgigg 24-pm printer £ 199 00 NEW! 37 ' DRIVE with LED Track Display ONLY £29.95 INCLUDING VAT AND DELIVERY £179.00 AT-Otee Mardwara PC Emulator loalunng CGA ana Hercules emu Intern support lor hard daks and extended memory No soldomg needed lor installation
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3. 5’ floppy drive olormg the full 8£0K formaiied capacrty per
3.5" disk Features a special LED display which accurately
shows the curronl track beng accessed during any disk drive
£ 11000 £ 37 50 KirW Wodi ?
C 37 SO HiSoft Lattice C GFA BASIC V3 f 179 00 £ 39 95 Prwoxl VS C 119 9S GFA BASIC Compiler £ 34 95 D ia Home Accounts t? 3 95 Devpac 2 IS f 4* 95 Del up Pair* 3 £ 59 95 Disney Animation Studio £69 95 ; el*xe VxJeo 3 C 59 95 Roger HabM £9 95 Including VAT, delivery & cable £269.00 ONLY £74.95 Philips CM8833 Mk.ll including cable £ 249 00 DELIVERY SERVICE ....and the keenest prices Ring us now! 0636-79097 we re programmed to help BYTEBACK THE BEST OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN!
DISK PRICES 1 AU. UTILITIES 1 SND. SOUNDTRACKER ETC 1 AD. DEMOS All disks guaranteed virus free!
1 disk El.99 10 disks + file box ..£15.99 20 disks + file boxes .....£24.99 Prices are inclusive, nothing to add' Pone, _ World; Infccom type adventure. Daleks.
1. 26 Zerg; Ultima style role play. Plus: AG.01 Star Trek: superb
game based on TV series. Featuring superb digitised graphics
anj sound' (2D-MB-3 disks; AG.02 Various; Gravwars. Jackland.
Paman. Othello. Empire. Hanoi... AG.03 Star Trek (Agatron); Strategy game by Tobias Richter. Germany's No.' 1 Trekkerf English version (2D-2 disks) AG.04 Monopoly: lull version of the classic properly trading game' AG.05 Paeman 87; Multi level version of this addictive arcade classic AG.06 Various; Cosmoroids. Amoeba, Crazy Eights. Blackjack. Backgammon.
Daleks. Yahtzee. Stone Age, Ratmaze, Klondike. Keno.. AG.07 Board and Card games: Cluedo, Othello, Klondike and Cribbage AG.09 Puzzle Maker; jigsaw puzzles from IFF files. Plus puzzle pro AG. 10 Space Invaders: Arcade classic version! Plus: Lander, Amoeba AG. 11 Tennis; excellent shareware sports simulation. IMB) AG.14 Flascheiber; Boulderdash style game Almest commercial quality!
AG.15 Paranoid game; Arkanoid style.
Including a screen designer AG.16 Castle of Doom; Adventure game with graphics - beginners level AG. 17 ST Bash; superb Spaco Invaders inspired shoot-em-up where the aliens are Atari ST related sprites!
AG. 18 Golden Fleece; Superb Infocom standard acventure. Tram; design a railway with 2 trains! Tron: 2 player light cycle game Plus: Star Fleet. Kamikaze Chess.
Tumbling Tots... AG.22 Return to Earth; Elite style spaco trading game with excellent graphics and digitised sound AG.24 Drip; Arcade quality game with digitised sojnds and smooth sprites! Plus: China Challenge. Super Gridder. Frogger.
Air Traflic Control Sim.. Mutant. Ping Callisto. Puzz. Pontoon
G. 27 Star Trok (USA); Space strategy game. Captain the USS
Enterprise and repel Klingcn attacks' (2D-MB-2 disks)
G. 28 Quattro; Tetris style China Challenge: Mah Jong based
puzzle game breaker; Breakout style with screen designer. Plus
Asteroids version...
G. 29 Chess; Superb multi featured version with variable level qI
play. Tiles; unusual Shanghai version Battleships; groat
implementation of the classic pencil and paper game. Tetris
Two. 2 player puzzle game AH.01 Adventure Game Solutions; More
than 100 including; Dungeon Master. Future Wars, Ultima I to
Sierra. Infocom. Bards Tale, Zak MacKracken. Maniac Mansion.
Rainbird. .Every adventure players dream! (2 disks) AG. GAMES AH. HELP!
AU.01 Jazzbench Workbench upgrade with many indispensable features!
Includes: show hklcen files, show as text, show devices, alphabetise... AU.02 Uedit; Excellent file editor, a vast improvement on Ed' AU.03 QL Emulator; plus 2 data disks packed with files. Superb! (3 disks) AU.04 Amiga Sp*il; Spelling checker, compatible with most word processors.
AU.08 Various; Starchart: 600 stars & galaxies. TXED: editor word processor Persmait; personal file manager... AU.09 Midi Tools: Midi keyboard; five octave, mouse operated keyboard... progchanged; change midi channels etc AU.10 Graphic Ulilities: Fontfixer, IFF convertor, palette Cortv6rt6r... boot Utilities: bootext. Bootup. Plus: Memcheck.
Disksalv. Dragpack AU.11 Starchart; Astronomy program giving positions and movements of all major constellations' AU.13 Visicalc: Superb lull featured spreadsheet with fflariudl Ort disk AU.14 Various; Amcat, cataloguing system. Icontype; change icon type, recoverable RAMdisk. Spell checker, black book; memo pad. DX synth voice library.
Classic Cave adventure.
AU.15 Dope Intro Maker; create demos' with this user friendly package AU.17 D Copy; excellent disk copier, similar to the full priced X Copy, very effective in Nibble mode' AU.18 North C; complete C environment tor the Amiga! Amazing value' AU.19 SID; Workbonch replacement with easy file handling, improved Dmouse window control and many more features AU.20 K.O. The Vims; virus detectors and killers! Includes; Virus x 4.1. Berserker.
BBChampton, Red Alert AU.21 Avoiding CLI; lots of useful utilities otherwise only obtainable through CLI; FixDlsk. OuickCopy. PopDir. DiskOpti AC.01 Deluxe Paint; lots of quality pictures in low. Medum & high res AC.02 Pagescttc* Art; Animals, food, computers, fantasy, holidays, music, people patterns .. 10O's of pictures AC.04 IFF Alphabets; 30+ screens ol professional quality character sets plus marble and wooc surfaces. Ideal tor headings, logos, titliig... AC.05 Animals. Anatomy. Buildings.
Christmas. Construction,,, AC.06 Cartoons; Comic pictures of poople. Animals, funny objects AC.07 Holidays, home. (lags, flowers, miscellaneous... AC.08 Music, people, places, school, religion, symbols, weddings.. AC.09 Signs; titles, logos, headings, sports, athletics, bowling, boxing, cricket, racing, football, fishing, horses, skiing... AC.10 Teddy Bears; cute pictures - ideal for present labels, greetings cards of just for fun » AC. 11 Nightclub, cowns. Dancing, vintage cars, bikes, boats, office, computers, industrial... AC.12 Colour; occasions, transport, signs, electrical, architecture
AC. CLIPART AE.01 Blackboard Maths. Concentration Colourpad, Cat & Mouse. Galactic Worm Animated Pointers. Shark. (Age 5+) AE.02 Spoliquiz. Whoel of rortune, Tug 'o' Word. Flower Garden. Stepping Stones.
Maths test. Puppypix (Age 5+) AE.03 Fractals, Desktop Calculator.
Function plotter, Evolution (Age 11 +) AE.04 Gravitywell. Weathe'man. Gravsim.
Airfoil...(Age 11+) AE.05 World data bank; CIA world map with political boundaries, view 1rom anywhere, any height! Plus: 3D Plot. Calendar Factory.
Sherlock (Age 11+) AE.06 Talking Spelling Tutor, Speech Toy.
German Language Test. Study File Card System. Globe. Elements. Geotime. Text utilities (2 disks) (Age 11+) AE.07 Educational graphics; Technical illustrations; Art. Biology, Geology Astronomy some animated like a pumping heart In the 8iology section. Includes viewing programs. Or load into Deluxe Paint etc. (Ago 9+) SND.01 Soundtracker; Four versions o( this favourite music creation program SND.02 Soundtracker 4; alternative version + instruments disk. (2 disks) SND.03 Sound Monitor; 20 demo scores ?
Instructions in this superb sound package!
Extra RAM and drive useful. Plus: Soundtracker file converter! Plus: Instruments disk. (2 disks) SND.04 MED Music Editor; Soundtracker style music creator! Easy to use!
STI.01 to STI.08 Instrument samples for Soundtracker or compatibles. 8 disks packed with 100‘s of digitised samples' Buy any one disk or all 8 for only £9.99 STS.01 Sampled sound effects to use instead of instruments!
STS.02 Longer samples, rrany from films.
Star Wars. 2001, Raiders.
AS.01 Boris Vallejo 1; professional quality graphics in interlaced HAM!
AS.03 Forgotten Realms; 13 digitised pictures with a fantasy theme AS.05 Exodus Real 3D show; 9 very improsslve ray traced pictures AS.06 Swimsuits; great picturos from the U.S. Sports Illustrated mag.
AS. 12 M.C. Escher; Animated slideshow of Eschors paradoxical artwork,,, AS.17 Agatron 4; 16 ray traced pics including one of the USS Enterprise that took 38 hours to render!
AF.01 Cosmopolitan; Rangers. Peignet.
Avant Guard, Aldous, Celtic etc... AF.02 Fancy; Hollywood, Park Avenue.
Broadway. Camolot. Courier Ham AF.03 Publishers; Helvetica. Akashi.
Andover. Bookman. Boxie. Times.., AF.04 Various; Unusual, vdeotonts. Large and small fonts..Plus: various font utilities etc... AW. WORKBENCH UTILITIES AE. EDUCATIONAL AS. SLIDESHOWS AF. FONTS AW.03 Icons; Music. RAM, naughty, jet icons. Plus: utilities, colourbench AW.04 Icon Development: design your own icons with Deluxe Paint! Example icons included. Showpic; slideshow.
AD.01 Walker 1; digitised animat on ol Star Wars Imperial Walker (Mb) AD.02 Walker 2; digitised ammaton of Walker and helicopter1 (Mb) AD.04 Probe Sequence: incoming video pictures trom an interstellar probe landing on an alien planet! Amazmc!
AD.12 Boing Machine; it's Ray Traced, it's incredible, it's impossible.
AD. 13 Walking Cat; amazing revolving digitised animation of walking cat!
AD.16 Ghost Pool; stunning animation ot a playerless pool game... AD.18 Puggs in Space; extremely funny cartoon involving an alien creature landing on Earth and exploring!
AD.21 Busy Bee; amazing Sculp! 30 animation ot a large flying bee' (Mbi AD.22 Democreators. Create your own demos with: Bootwritor. Bootmaker.
Bootboy, Boot generator, etc... AD.23 Ship and Sphere; super smoolh Ray Traced film of space ship 'lying round a glass ball. Masterpiece! (Mb) AD.24 NewTek Demo Reel 3; incredible demo of NewTek range featuring some of the best sampled sounds, digitised pictures and animations you will see anywhere! Stunning!!! (Mb-2 disks) AD.25 The Run; Outrun style 3D tlm ol a Lotus weaving through motcrway traffic with police car chasing (Mb) AD.26 Starline Mega; smooth hi-res full screen scrolling pics, crystal clear hi-fi sound samples, enormous scrolling text - highly recommended!
AD.28 Stamp Collector; amusing film involving a ghostly magnifying glass examining some naughty stamps!
AD.29 Predators Megademo; brilliant demos including some truly amazing animation and 2 games' (2 disks) AD.32 Vision Megademo IV; superb digitised music and sound effects plus large graphics. Brilliant!
AD.35 Robert the Mercenary; arrusing animation sequence including a game where you can shoot some aliens!
AD.36 Kefren's Megademo VIII; 10 demos Including; Kill the Boast (Shadow of the Beast meets Xenon 2). Walkman.
Kill Victor. Vedormania..(2 disks) AD.37 Gymnast Demo; Ray Traced animation ot a gymnast performing a high bar routine Recommended' AD.39 Agatron Animations; 3D film of the USS Enterprise attacking USS Reliant. Plus walking Robot AD.40 Luxor Teenager; Variation on this classic involving 2 anglepoisc lamps and a large red ball!
AD.41 RGB; Badgekiller competition winner! Produced with Director (Mbl AD.42 Comic on a Disk; whole graphic novel, page by page, on screen!
AD.44 Laurel and Hardy; Digitised clips from various films! (2 disks) AD.45 Star Trek. Dry Dock demo; the highly praised Ray Trace masterpiece!
AD.46 Stealthy Manoevre II; cartoon style Stealth Fighter animation AD.47 Walker Demo; the incredble 2 megabyte animation (2Mb-2 disks) To order any of the above disks simply quote the required disk numbers.
For a complete list of our PD software ask for a FREE catalogue!
BYTEBACK Cheque, postal orders or credit card facilities are available DEPT AF, 6 MUMBY CLOSE, NEWARK, NOTTS, JG241JE Feature 7 What should you do if your Amiga's heart stops beating?
Paul T Whiteley takes his bedside manner to a sick machine THE Amiga is a well specified idiosyncratic machine.
Commodore bought it from a team of designers who wanted to set a standard instead of following an existing one. The Amiga shares its 68000 series main processor with the Apple Macintosh, Atari ST, the Sinclair QL and One per Desk machines.
The main pro:essor chip is where similarities end At this point you enter a different plane. The hardware on the Amiga allows 4096 colours, stereo sound, sampling, MIDI, and a whole host of features brought by the foresight of a dedicated chip set and open architecture.
The 1000 was the first Amiga, but the majority of machines in the UK are 500s. Together with a sprinkling of 2000s, a few 1500s and 3000s and not forgetting some interesting hybrids like the Checkmate 1500 and the Bodega Bay.
With such a highly specified and complicated machine you could be forgiven for thinking that there's nothing user friendly inside. Take care however and you could learn a lot about the Amiga ...and maybe even save yourself some money.
Rices ilion of tlion of ommg probe rotving mation emely eature tpt 3D ) ur wn taker.
Mooth flying lb) edible some ifflsed ill see film of irway es full w hi-fi I text - ig film glass nlliant azlng iiperb » plus usMig game II; 10 ladow kman raced ing a dm of USS n on lamps itition ) aphic I clips ); the ce!
Rtoon bie 2 ?ks sk Guaranteed to annoy Like all computers and electronic products, your Amiga comes with a stern warning. "Open me ip and kiss your warranty bye bye."
If all you want to do i play games, (which is no bad thing to do) then leaving your Amiga intact probably won't be any great loss.
But if you want to repair or troubleshoot inside the machine, you'll have to forget the warranty cr wait until it's run out.
If the machine Is in warranty and it's ceased to proceed, it's probably the responsibility of Commodore or, more likely, your friendly computer dealer to make it work again. If you are completely silly and are devoid of a functioning brain cell you'll still rip your Amiga open anyway. However if you have problems with a relatively new machine, get it fixed by the people responsible!
Preventive medicine No matter what you do to protect your Amiga from the rigours of human foibles there will come the day when a dgmsy labrador chews the cables or it meets some other catastrophe that results in loss of function either partial or total.
Although the Amiga is a tough cookie, it will only take so much And while we are talking about repairs and problems surely it makes more sense to treat your computer with care and respect.
Do not spill anything near t, or on it. Remember when you attach a peripheral of any kind to the machine, secure all fastenings. If you don't you could be gazing at an invoice.
Those little thumbscrew things on the printer cable are not only for decoration. They secure the cable to the socket, thus making it more difficult for a snagged cable to damage the socket The same rule applies for every cable or connecter. Peripherals v *ikh attach to the multiway connector on the side can be a danger so if possible secure them in such a way that they cannot move in relation to the work surface.
A simple tip is to place a sheet of wood or similar laid flat on the work surface. Mark out the position that your machine covers including all cable: and peripherals and attach batons to the sheet. This will prevent the machine and its peripherals moving around in relation to each other.
Toolbox If you want to do your own repairs and fault finding you'll need these tools.
Feature Another way of avoiding costly repair bills is to make sure that all cables are secured in such a way that they cannot be snagged.
If you think that repairs are as important as your Amiga and want the ultimate posing tool for a technical anorak, you could spend £400 on an oscilloscope confident that no one else would know how to use it either.
Make mine a short One of the commonest problems with tie Amiga or for that matter any home computer is live or dead short circuits caused by strain on cables.
A dead short is the least harmful but sometimes the most difficult to track. This is caused when a cable, wire or track on a printed circuit board is broken by a sharp tug or strain.
Normally, the net result is a malfunctioning computer that can be repaired by re-soldering or tracking.
The live short is more dangerous.
This is caused in the same way but instead of a line, wire or cable breaking, tv o or more touch together.
Because the circuit remains live, this can damage other components.
The knock on effect of a live short is that several components may be unserviceable. In a bad case a live short can cause sparking and burning. If this happens, insulate yourself, and remove the plug from the wall.
By depriving your machine of its power you have assured that the damage cannot continue to get worse.
If your problem is within a monitor and you intend to open it up and attempt diagnosis or repair, remem- Not Too Difficult If you're determined to try a few repairs or upgrades, don't take on a job that’s beyond you.
Most importantly, start with simple tasks that can be checked before you blow up your Amiga.
Leads are an ideal initial repair job. You can fabricate or repair a monitor lead and test it without plugging it in. The important thing with a lead is to check continuity and be sure that there are no live shorts. This can be done (but it's a fiddle) with a battery and flashlight bulb, a couple of wires and a pair of probes made from a steel needle and a mini crocodile clip.
Each line on the lead can be checked and cross checked to be sure of the signal integrity. Another useful way to learn your way around the inside of your machine is to fit an internal peripheral such as the Power Computing internal A500 hard drive, a large internal RAM expansion or the Vortex AT Once board.
The AT Once is a good example as it comes with instructions that offer a step by step guide through the fitting of the boards illustrated with photographs.
The process involves opening the machine, removing keyboard and cover and removing the central processor and the gate array (GARY) from the board. There isn't any soldering so it's a job that requires manual dexterity and a little thought but no potentially destructive processes. In the meantime happy hunting.
Pliers Screwdrivers l C inserter-exiractor tool Multimeter Soldering iron solder Assortment of pieces of wire, sockets etc Rolls of insulating tape ber that a monitor can carry a Jot of 'stored' powe* and even when not plugged in can give you a shock big enough to stop your heart. If in doubt, leave well alone and call a professional.
Bits and pieces If your job requires replacement of a component or an integrated circuit (chip), a few simple rules will make the job pass without problem. Work with plenty of light so that you can see what you're doing.
Always keep plenty of open containers around for screws and other bitties to avoid them ending up on the floor. Get any documentation or other paperwork into a place where you can easily refer to it Prepare and label the components ready for rep acement. This may sound a little silly but if you've two identical processors on the table how do you know which is faulty by looking?
Do the job one step at a time, take notes and label everything that you have saying what it is and where it came from. If it's possible to fit it in Solder pump or desoldering braid Multicore cable Wire cutters snippers Bottle of Tequila Salt Lemon Anadin Alka Seltzer more than one way as in the case of an 1C, describe its position. An 1C won't work if it's in backwards.
Gone to war Work with the premise that you may be dragged away for a few months.
When you get back you should be able to refer to your notes and continue as if you hadn't left.
If there are any bts left when you've finished (and there will be) find out where they're from and replace them. Manufacturers worry too much about money for any of those spare screws not to have a use.
They do matter and should be replaced.
And finally.
Being able to work on our machine can be a useful skill and one to develop. Know your limitations and only take on jobs that ou can either finish or ask a friend to supervise you through. If you open up your Amiga while there's still warranty, it will be invalidated. If you start a job and it gets too much, bring in a professional. Better to look a right prat than wreck a good computer... Safety first Although your Amiga use: low voltages don't work with the power on. A live short that you don't know about could kill you. A read through the coroners reports of any town will confirm that
lots of dead people knew better.
Get a professional There's no substitute for knowledge. Although you may think that you can tackle the occasional job on your machine, it's good to know that there are services available that can do the work quickly and efficiently.
FMG These are the people Commodore trust with servicing all Amiga's sold in the UK. If your machine goes "pop" during the warranty period it will end up at their workshop. It is worth remembering that their expertise is available at a reasonable cost after your warranty expires. Commodore trust them, so you can too.
Simpson Electronics: Supplier of parts and components for the Amiga. The firm will urder- take most jobs and offer help and advice if you're going to attempt it yourself.
Ladbroke: Initially an ST specialist, Ladbroke was quick to notice the potential of the Amiga and has technical staff able to undertake all kinds of Amiga repairs service and upgrades.
Tandy: Chain store specialising in tools and components. Annoyingly they don't seem to stock the unusual 23D Amiga connectors but they generally have everything else that you need.
Maplin: Catalogue company specialising in electronics. Catalogue on sale in WH Smith for £2. Worth getting for interesting projects.
® June Cartoon Capers Hilarious paw lo claw AMOS Paint: A feature-packed ait pro- lighting game with attention-grabbing gram with last zoom function and amaz- digilisHl sound effects (Available soon) mg flexibilitv (Available soon] Moulhtrap: Super-fast and super- Reversi: A stunningly presented Public playable arcade-style game with cleverly Domain version ot the classic Othello animated cule graphics (Available soon| game with smoothly rotating counters JukeInw Plays a . Leelion nl music tiles with colour Ini anmuiliul Vu meters and Spirallng logo |PubMc Domain | treasure Search A Public
Donum edu cahoual ciMinliiates game lot over bf with amiising digitised speed) Skate Tribe: Super las! Vertically scrolling sk.ile game with bags (it playability and captivatiiHj music (Av.nl.ilil.- soon| Arcadia Breakout .it ils best villi a colour lul copper list backdrop and a limit in lewd designer | Public ()om.in| Xerxei Revenge Adrenalin [Hiiinding Pukadu: Cule arcade style strategy game fast adion ItOfiMlly scrolling shoot with that piolesiional lounh lo keep you 'em up game |Now tree with AM()S| playing |Shaiew.ue| Rainbow Warrior A very impulsive edi tor which enables you Ir, create
copper list backdrops (Public Doiuainj Fun School 3: Bcaiihlully animated lot lovnip to the number one best filing fun School 2 |Out oov F24 99| With UK sales racing past the 25.000 mark since its launch in June AMOS - The Creator has to be the biggest-selling non-game package ever for the Amiga Every day new programs flood into Mandarin's office: Games, educational programs, musical jukeboxes, scrolling cemos. Font definers - and all are a tribute to the sheer power and ease of use of AMOS. Its graphical pov er brings an unprecedented level of professionalism to even the most elementary
With AMOS it is simplicity itself to display pictures in arty graphics mode (including HAM and overscan): add copper list rainbows; write text using any Deluxe Paint font; overay windows; add pull-down menus: send software and hardware sprites spiralling round the screen: and add atmospheric music created in Soundtracker. Noise- tracker. Scnix or GMC.
But AMOS also has a more serious side too: Amiga owners are creating icon-driven databases, in-company training programs, home finance packages. CDTV applications and so on.
AMOS is so successful that the independent AMOS Cub already has more than 1.000 members (contact: The AMOS Club, 1 Lower Moor. Whiddon Valley. Bamstape, Otvon EX328NW)- There's also a rapidly expanding Public Domain library with more than 50 discs available [contact: Sandz Sharkey. 25 Park Road. Wigan. Lancashire WN6 7AA Telephone: 0942495261).
With all this enthusiasm and support, AMOS is the perfect package to unleash your creativity and design programs beyond your wildest dreams.
AMOS is yours for only £49.99 "Worth every penny - get it now!”
- Amiga Format S?F T WA R E Please send me; AMOS-The Creator and
FREE Extras disc ? I enclose a cheque for £49.99 payable to
Mandarin Software P&P free in the UK. Add £2 for Europe.
Expiry date: _ ? Please debit my Access Visa Connect card number: ???? ???? ???? ????
Iiamt .... Address ...... Postcode .. Send to: Database Direct. FREEPOST.
Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB.
AMC6 | 24-HOUR ORDER HOTLINE: 051-3571275 | WE WILL BEAT THAT PRICE UNTIL IT SCREAMS Diamond WE WILL BEAT THAT PRICE UNTIL IT HURTS COM p i j i E R S Y S T E M S 1 L T D On all OKI, Commodore & Philips computer products and p lower quoted price from any of our competitors and give y applies only to genuine U.K. stock. Our staff will smile -- eripherals, we will match any ou an extra £5.00 off. This even if we lose money.
AMIGA 500 + ' 512K RAM • Three Manuals ' 1 Mb Disk Dnve '
Operating System 4096 Colours - Built-in Speech Mouse * T.V.
Modulator ‘ Extre 512k RAM with Clock £285.00 ONLY WITH 8833 MK
II Colour Monitor ONLY £449.00 AMIGA 500 MEGA PACK
* 512K RAM • Three Manuals ' 1 Mb Disk Drive * Operating System ’
4096 Colours ' Built-in Speech
• Mouse Synthesis
• T.V. Modulator
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E-Motion, Grand Monster Siam. Kid Gloves, Rick Dangerous. RVF
Honda. Shufllepuck Cate.
Soccer. Golden Axe. Hard Drivin, Phobia. North + South. Silkworm.Shochwave, Contmental Circus, Turrlcan, X-Oul, Ninje Warriors * JOYSTICK ONLY £309.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY£475.00 AMIGA 500 AXE PACK INCORPORATING 512K RAM ’ Three Manuals 1 Mb Dtsk Dnve ' Operating System 4096 Colours * Bmlt-in Speech Mouse Synthesis
T. V Modulator
• 10 GAMES* Golden Axe, Hard Drivin', Phobia.
North & South, Silk Worm.
Shockwave.Continental Circus, Turrican, Ninja Warriors + JOYSTICK ONLY £285.00 WITH 8833 MK II Colour Monitor ONLY £449.00 PacK PacK PacK AMIGA 500 SKILL PACK INCORPORATING AMIGA 500 + AMIGA 500 NINJA PACK INCORPORATING AMIGA 500 + EDUCATION PACK FROM DIAMOND ¦ Disk Storage Box ‘ 1Mb Disk Drive 4096 Colours ' Mouse ' T.V. Modulator ‘ Dust Cover
• 1Q3-5* Disks Disk Storage Box 1Mb Disk Drive 4096 Colours
T. V. Modulator Dus: Cover 10 3.5* Disks ‘ Three Manuals ‘
Operating System ‘ Built-in Speech Synthesis
• EXTRA 512k RAM ' Mouse Mat ' Dpaint II ‘ Three Manuals
• Operating System ‘ Built-in Speech Synthesis EXTRA 512k RAM ‘
Mouse Mat ’ Dpaint II AMIGA 500 * Dust Cover 512k RAM board *
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Turican £4,29 cashflow to producing a professional X-Out £4.26 reports.
Nina Warriors £4.28 Wore Processor KindWords2.0 Table Tennis £4.28 Spreadsheet MaxiPlan Plus Their Finest Hour, Sim City, Populous, Battle Chess.
FREE collection from your home or office!
Chess Player 2150 £4.28 Database InfoFile PRICE ONLY £425.00 Datastorm £4.26 Paint Artist's Choice Dungeon Quest £4.26 Desk Top E-Motion £4.28 Publishing PageSetter Grand Monster Slam £4.28 PLUS With a monitor £599.00 Kid Gloves £4.28 35 Caie Fonts and the Postscript utility Rick Dangerous £4.26 LaserScript RVF Honda £4.26 DISKS DISKS DISKS Shufflepuck Cafe £4.28 GENLOCKS SONY BULK Soccer £4.28 Rendale 8802 £99.00
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professional use m the 1990's.
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When the time comes to add extra beef to your Amiga, there are some fairly obvious areas that deserve attention. Most people soon realise that an extra half meg of memory and ar external floppy drive would be nice. The next stage is normally to add a better mouse or a monitor.
So what next? In this concluding part of "Expand and Deliver" we set our sights a little further afield and investigate networking modems, genlocks, emulators and all those other bits of kit that people seem to buy, and then find a use for... Data sharing Do you feel lonely when you use your Amiga? If so, then a modem could be the answer to your dreams.
Made famous by such scare-monger- ing movies as 'War Games', the modem will let you communicate with other computer users by linking your machine to the standard telephone network.
Using a modem costs money, so it's worth investing in the fastest modem you can afford, although you must also be aware that many on-line systems cannot cope with certain speeds. Some on-line systems support 4800 baud modems, but the vast majority won't support anything faster than a 2400 baud modem.
The price of modems has dropped considerably in the last two years or so, so getting on-line is not quite as expensive as you might believe.
Typically, a fairly well endowed 2400 baud modem can be picked up for around £180.
Closer to home, it's also possible to connect together several Amigas in a network, therefore allowing them to share programs and peripherals 'hard drives, printers etc). In a professional environment, networking can cut the cost of upgrading several Amigas by a considerable amoint - instead of having to buy such things as hard drives for each machine, you can buy one large drive (which usually works out cheaper) and share it between several machines. Several companies now produce network systems, although it's worth checking out all the options available before splashing out. As the
old rule stipulates, don't buy the first that you see - you may live to regret Itl Working along the same lines as a modem, you can also set up your Amiga to send and receive facsimile (fax) messages. Currently two such systems exist - Michtron's FastFax and Applied Engineering's DataUnk system. Michtron's product is perhaps the better of the two, but it'll set you back £600 (a real fax can be picked up for just £400!).
Expand and deliver Jason Holbom uses his peripheral vision to conclude Amiga Computing's expanslonautt Video visuals Video graphics are an all-important aspect of Commodore's marketing strategy, so it comes as no surprise that the video hardware market has been flooded with innovative prod UctS ranging from genlocks and flicker fixer cards, to 24- bit frame buffers which offer near broadcast quality dis plays.
Genlocking is one application that really sets the Amiga apart from its closest rival. For little more than a £100, you can overlay computer graphics onto a composite video source to create titles and special effects for your home movies. I won't go into too much depth about the kind of features you should be looking for - you'll find these within my Desktop Video colump elsewhere within this issue.
Moving into the realms of professional video graphics, the last six months have seen an explosion in the number of 24-bit graphics cards available for the Amiga. Most are a bit on the pricey side (£1500+), but several companies in the States have started to market budget 24-bit cards that costs little more than a couple of hun- d r e d pounds.
M 0 s promising of all these is the [MHAM-E 24-bit RGB card from W Black Belt Systems.
F Their card runs on all J Amigas and sells for just lIhIIi S300.
It offers full compatibility with a range of 24-bit file formats including 24-bit IFF, Targa, GIF, Dynamic HiRes and SHAM formats, plus a load more besides. It comes complete with 24-bit paint and rendering software, making it an exciting proposition for anyone interested in Amiga graphics. Expect a full review soon.
Interfacing may be a real pain on the eyes, but It's just the ticket for video work. However, if you've tired Out the old interlace hop, then you* can rid your machine of it forever by fitting any one of a number of flicker fixer cards. These ingenious devices convert the Amiga display to a rock steady picture that would put a VGA PC to shame. Unfortunately, you also need to buy an expensive multisync montor, so they're very much restricted to the more affluent Amiga users amongst you.
On the horizon is the most exciting video peripheral yet. Currently only available in NTSC format, NewTek are hard at work on a PAL version of their ground-breaking VideoToaster effects system. It combines a broadcast quality genlock and effects system, with 24-bit graphics capabilities. Don't expect it for a fair old time yet, though.
Hard driviiT Floppy drives are all well and good, but they have a number of distinct disadvantages. For starters, they are soooo slooow - even relatively small files seem to take ah eternity to load.
Secondly, even the Amiga's faiiy well hung drives just can't handle enough data. They're ok if you're using your Amiga for nothing more than a bit of word processing, but you'll soon start to feel held back once you start messing around with 24-bit graphic and PostScript files.
Of course what you really need k a mass storage device, the most common of which is the hard drive.
If you've never used a hard drive- based Amiga, then you simply won't even be able to comprehend what a difference such a device makes to the Amiga. Suddenly everything becomes so much smoother and so much faster. No more do you have to mess around with disk swaging jpverything is there on a sincle high speed storage device.
Hard drives come in a range of different sizes, starting at about 20 Amiga Computing Question: When is an Amiga not an Amiga?
Answer: when it's a Mac, a PC, a Unix system, a BBC micro, or even an ST.... With little more than an inexpensive piece of hardware and some clever software, you can transform your Amiga into a clone of just about any major computer you can think of. There are emulators for all the major 8-bit micros - the BBC, the C64, the QL (yes, the QL is an 8-bit!) And even the Spectrum 48k!
For the poseurs amongst you, it's even possible to transform your Amiga into a fully functional clone of an Apple Macintosh, therefore allowing your Amiga Mbytes and moving up to multi* gigabyte in size. Most cheap Amiga hard drives offer 20 Mbytes of storage, but it's worth spending a little more for a higher capacity drive - preferably at least 40 Mbytes. You may think that 20 Mbytes sounds like an avtful lot of storage, but you'll be surprised how quickly it'll get filled.
With the imminent launch of Commodore's CDTV system, another storage device worth considering is that of CD-ROM. You can't directly write to a CD-ROM disc (you'll need a £3000+ WORM drive for that!), but they have one very major advantage over hard drives - their sheer size. A single CD-ROM disc can store over 600 Mbytes of data, which is over 30 times that which Commodore's A590 can handle.
Commodore have announced that they will be producing an external CD-ROM drive for existing Amigas later this year, but US-based Xetec have beaten them to it.
Xetec's drive is fully CD-TV compatible, so you'll still be able to take advantage of CD-TV software once it is made available.
To keep you going, Xetec actually include a free 'Fish & More' CD- ROM disc which contains the entire Fred Fish collection of PD disks - all 360 of them!
If you're using a hard drive, things can go wrong - read writes errors are a regular occurance, but by far the worst 'ear of hard drive users is the dreaded head crash which usually results ir you losing everything on your drive.
What you need is a backup device. If yau're using a high capacity drive, then a good bet is a tape streamer, a sort of glorified tape recorder which backs up an entire A1500. This has been in the pipeline for over a year now, but Checkmate recently revealed that the kit is finally reaching completion.
More promising still is the Bodega Bay modular expansion console frcm US-based hardware manufacturer, California Access. Unlike the Checkmate unit, the Bodega Bay offers full 2000-card compatibilty as standard, split between four A2000 100-pin slots (for RAM expansions, hard drives etc) plus three overlapping XT AT-compatible slots. The Bodega bay can handle the acclaimed Bridgeboard PC emulator, plus there's an option to have an A2000 video slot fitted (for such things as genlocks etc).
Hard drive onto dedicated tapes that look not unlike those of the audio variety.
Once again, Xetec also produce a tape streamer which they sell for about S500. These come in two sizes
- 60 Mbytes and 150 Mbytes - and are bundled with all the
neccessary software to get you started.
If you can't quite afford a hard drive, then a high density floppy drive may just be the thing your looking for. Applied Engineering produce a 3.5in high density drive which can pack a whopping 1.52 Mbytes of data oito a single high density floppy. This can be bought for about £130.
Modes rule OK!
The Amiga 500 is a pretty versatile machine as. Far as expansion possibilities go, but it's stil not expandable as its tig brothers, the A2000 and A3000 However, spotting 3 gap in market, several have come up with 'expansion modules' which allow the Amiga 500 to use hardware devices designed exclusively for the nigh end-Amigas.
To take advnateg of the vast range of quality productivity software (well, DTP software, actually) available for Apple's baby.
Things really'start to hot up when it comes to emulating a PC compatible - there are now no fewer than four different hardware PC emulators available! For the A500, the best is undoubtedly Bitcon's KCS Power PC Card, although SDL's Atonce is still worth a look just because of its multitasking capabilities.
For those of you with megabucks to spare, then Commodore's new Unix card for the A3003 is well worth checking out. It's a complete Unix system on a card that's based around the latest release of AT&T's multitasking, multiuser operating system. You may not have heard a great deal about it on the home computer scene, but Unix is big business in the corporate market.
The first to arrive was the A1500 from London-based Checkmate Digital. For £230, Checkmate's expansion console is a solid replacement casing for the A500 that makes the machine look more like its big brother, the A2000. The keyboard is brought out of the A500 casing to live in its own external steel casing which is attached to the main system unit via a curly cable. It provides space for two drives internally, plus an extra kit is available to allow A500 owners to move the A590 hard drive inside the A1500.
Checkmate are still hard at work on an extra 'OverRider' module which promises to add A2000 expansion slot-compatibili- ty to the Undercover Amigas Explore the wide, wide world of eommunUations with your tomputer... Now - all the features of expensive modems.
J At a price that cannot be bettered anywhere!
Connect your EuroLink modem to your compjter and telephone and you're ready to go - to explore the rapidly-expanding world that lies beyond your keyboard. It turns your computer into a COMPLETE communications centre...a telex machine, a fax machine, an electronic mail terminal. It lets you keep up to date with the latest news, sport and weather. It becomes a retrieval tool that lets you search out and store data from the world's leading electronic libraries. It enables you to download a wide variety of free software, from productivity packages to leisure programs. With your EuroLink modem you
can access leading information services such as the UK's Prestel ONLY £229 Micronet and Telecom Gold, a multitude of bulletin boards, and the biggest of them alb the world-beating CompuServe.
Every purchaser of a EuroLink modem will be given FREE membership of CompuServe - the world's largest online information service You'll be sent your own personal ID number and password, a copy of the monthly CompuServe magazine, and $ 15 FREE usage credit.
You will also find out how you’ll be joining
700. 000 other members in more than 100 countries all round the
world, about the hundreds of special interest groups,
including some dedicated to your own computer so that you
can chat online to people with similar interests to yours.
You will be told about the 1,400 plus databases you can
reach through your keyboard, and the vast library of nearly
30,000 public domain and shareware programs you can download
straight into your computer.
And CompuServe, plus your EuroLink modem, also turns your computer into a 24-hour fax and telex machine!
It's all you need to become part of a very friendly and helpful online community!
What the EuroLink modem offers Four speeds - including 2400 baud Intelligent microprocessor controlled Autodial, Autoanswer, Auto redial Automatic baud rate scanning Auto terminal baud rate sensing Easy-to-understand built-in Help pages 32-number telephone directory Six progress-checking LED indicators Software-controlled pulse tone dialling External plug-mounted power supply Built-in 'watchdog' circuitry Internal loudspeaker Fully Hayes compatible Fully BABT approved ORDER FORM Please send me a EuroLink modem with power supply and lead to connect to my computer for the special offer price of
£263.35 (incl. VAT and p+p). Also send me my FREE CompuServe membership pack.
I wish to pay by: LI Cheque Eurocheque enclosed made payable to EuroLink L” i Aceess Masiercard Eurocard Barclaycard Visa Connect Expiv date I I .1 1..I I L .LUJ II I I I No.
.Signed. Name..... Address.
Post Code.
Daytime telephone number in case of quieries . My computer is ...State make and model Send to: Eurolink, Europe House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
PHONE ORDERS: 0625 878888. FAX ORDERS: 0625 9966 Mswr?
ED MW'- Mr Outputting of your Amiga files to our LASER PRINTERS al 300 dpi or to our LINOTRONIC 300 at
1200. 1600 Of !; JUNIOR TYPIST (4-10) IBM, ST, AMIGA. Keyboard
trainer which helps spelling.
Land MATHS MANIA (8-12) IBM, PCW, ST, AMIGA. The best pnmary programs I have yet seen. " Multiply, Dtvde. Maths Skills.
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1. Post your order.
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We can hari Amiga form IFF.HAM y PROPAGg dpaimQi pageshhj
3. Ring credit card number.
4. Ring lor advice
5. Ask your dealer to order IBM 5''« or 3V2, ST & STE. AMK5A
TO: School Software LtrL, Talt Business Centra, Dominic
Street, Limerick, Ireland.
Tet (UK) 010 353-61 -45399.
Fax Order* 010 353-61-44315.
Credit Card Hotline (UK): 010 353-61-45399.
Other* Tel: 010 353-61-45399.
CALL FOR INFORMATION AND DEMO DISK fi most v ling - 4 Cb problem w ware).
THE NEW ASHCOM RAM EXPANSION IS EXPANDABLE TO 1.8Mb GIVING YOU 2.3Mb OF AUTOCONFIGURE SYSTEM RAM READ THIS FREE REGISTRATION WITH THE ASHCOM USER CLUB Fill in the coupon below to register with the Ashcom User Club and receive exclusive information on new Ashcom products. With each free mailshot you will receive a massive 10% discount voucher.
10% discount off any order received with registration. No more endless sifting through adverts for a good deal.
R----------1 Name 8372A FATTER AGNUS £59.00
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switch ? Low power consumption ? Buffered Data Bus (Essential
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? 12 Months warranty ? Configures to 1 Mb chip ram when FATTER AGNUS is enabled ? Works wrh 1.2 and 1.3 kick start AH paces include VAT and delivery, ONLY £59.95 for 512K version.
Expander Board £1 5.95. Expanded to 1Mb £99.95 Expanded to 1.5Mb £1 28.95 Fully expanded to 1.8Mb only £154.95 ASHCOM 512K RAM EXPANSION WITH REAL TIME CLOCK CALENDAR AND DISABLE SWITCH ONLY £39.50 WITHOUT CLOCK £34.50 Gives 1Mb chip RAM with Fatter Agnus Rams only £30 per 512K NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW Address BOOT SELECTOR WITH ANTI CLICK ONLY £19.95 Selects DFO or DFI as boot drive and eliminates that annoying click when drive is empty.
Easy to fit - just plug in!!
I I Postcode ¦ Jo obligation to order when registering Only from ASHCOM, 10 The Green, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE6 5JU Telephone: (0530) 411485 Fax: (0530) 414433 SAT *.30-4.00 SUBSCRIBE NOW! TO AMIGA COMPUTING
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M GASTEINER MOUSE Essential kit for all aspiring desktop publishers, graphics artists, spreadsheet operators and anyone who takss their computing seriously.
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Igasteiner Mouse £9.95 Corporation FOC ¦ Thalion Compilation
FOC Name Address.
Daytime telephone number in case of queries Subscription orders received before May 21 will commence with the July issue Payment: please indicate method (Y') E3 Z ? Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Interactive Publications Ltd Expiry Date Send to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK) By fax: 051-357 2813 General queries: 051-357 2961 Access'MastercaTd.Eurocard BarclaycardVisa'Connect By phone: 051 -357 1275 r DTP Looking for a professional DTP package? Saxon Publisher comes bounding in with boxfuls of delight, but it's not for the
faint-hearted, as Richard Williams found out The Saxon wh thi: bo: fro pul objects in just a few seconds. The Saxon box definition requester - ore of the several dialog boxes asking you to specify parameters - shows you a representation of your box which changes angle as you select different rotation angles, a neat litte trick which shows you fairly precisey Although it may seem like a restriction at first, there are sound reasons for all printable elements being attached to bounding boxes - yes, that's right, without them there's absolutely nothing you can place on the pages of your
earth-shattering be hai nei One of the most important functions provided by any DTP program is the formatting of text blocks. In most documents, textual Components will be the primary focus, the graphics elements serving as a secondary highlight.
For maximum effect, text blocks must be well laid out with proper spacing, sizing and highlights to differentiate titles, headings and body text.
And, of course, once you've created one or several styles, you don't want to have go through the same procedures again every time you create a document.
A type style, fairly easily created through the medium Be wc an wc all cu Frames and boxes with little handles you can grab hold of with your mouse pointer are well-krown to users of desktop publishing systems.
With their bounding boxes, the developers of Saxon Publisher, Canadian company Saxon Industries, claim to have gone one better.
Before revealing the delights of the Saxon boxes, and describing some of the package's other features, one or two of which might lead the easily-frustrated to use a few choice Anglo Saxon phrases, I offer for the uninitiated a few words of explanation regarding boxes and frames in desktop publishing.
They are the containers for the material - text and graphics - that goes into a myriad of publications from professionally produced magazines like his one (I have to say this to please the editor) with full colour separatiors output to a very high resolution phototypesetter, to the humble parish magazine printed on a mono 9-pin dot matrix machine.
With frames and boxes, you control the flow, position, shape and angle of text and graphics, and usually quite a lot more besides, depending on the power of the package you are using.
One excellent feature of the of Saxon's requesters - boxes which pop up asking you to select cr write in options - is a complete definition of parameters for rendering a paragraph, containing all the information about font, type size, texture and spacing.
Once a type style has been defined, you give it a name and it oppears in a list on Saxon's sidebar.
The great advantage is that paragraphs can be formatted and reformatted simply by highlighting them and clicking on an available tag style. All style tags can be saved and retrieved for later use in any document.
In other words, you never have to create a style twice.
Publication or document.
You see, the real magic 3f a pack*- age like this is that the boxes can be manipulated in many ways to alter the representation of the items they contain.
It really is very easy to rotate, scale, skew, flip, expand or compress Tagging along... Saxon's bounding box is that, unlike some packages, there is no distinction between text and graphics boxes, The law according to Saxon could be stated as "a box is a box is a box".
This makes for less option selecting and also allows you to mix text and graphics in the same box without hassle.
The real magic DTP Saxon's template feature allows pages of any complexity to be saved for later retrieval. The pages you save in this way can include bitmapped graphics, stmciured drawings and even text files.
You assign such page designs to function keys by invoking the Page menu and moving the pointer to "Assign F-Key" A small requester appears, asking you to enter a filename of up to 10 characters for the page being assigned.
Afier assigning a template called, for instance, AMIGACOMPU to function key FI, the sub-menu item will then read "Assign F-Key - F1:AMIGAC0MPU Paget saved in this way are actually stored in a directory within the Saxon Publisher program. If you're running the program from a floppy disk, you should be aware of the limited storoge spoce available for assigned objects.
Assigned pages can be recalled whether or not a document already exists in the program environment. Simply hold down the shift key and press the relevant function key while in cursor mode.
Again, it's a case of once you’ve designed something, you don’t have to go through the motions again. It's what time-saving, and therefore cost-efficient, DTP is all about.
What you're going to get. Having this large measure of control over boxes helps the typesetting process from both the user's and the computer's perspective.
Incidentally, not all boxes need to be rectangles. You can create freehand boxes with any number of corners.
Hardware demands Before we go any further, some words of caution for the unexpanded and the slightly expanded. You either won't be able to run the program at all, or at least you'll find it very difficult.
Saxon is a powerful program, not intended for the fickle or faint-hearted, and that applies to the hardware, too. You really need a minimum of two 3.5in drives, although the man- ual says you can "theoretically" make use of the program with a single drive, but "at great inconvenience".
Unless your system has a hard disk, at least two floppy drives are needed to make working copies of the program. For those producing large and or complex volumes, a hard disk is highly recommended.
Oh, and you'll need at least 1 megabyte of memory.
Although Saxon works properly with any standard Amiga display, a high persistence monitor is recommended to reduce the flicker caused by the highest resolution mode, which is whet Saxon runs in.
Unfortunately, long persistence phosphor monitors come very expensive compared with standard NTSC colour monitors.
The alternative is to use a flicker- fixing device An inexpensive polarised screen can improve the Stability of the dispay dramatically.
The review copy of Saxon version
1. 1 that I used provided direct support only to PostScript
compatible printers and phototypesetters.
However, I'm assured the released version will provide dot matrix support as well.
Well, if that lot hasn't put you oft, you must either have the bee’s knees in hardware or be prepared to spend a good deal of money, and also want to produce quality documents or publications. At any rate, this will be the assumption for the rest of this review.
The best way to learn about Saxon's excellent facilities, and its few niggling bits, is to work through the Basic Tutorial in the manual and, if you survive that, the Advanced Tutorial which follows i:.
Enter the first niggling bit - there are NO illustrations at all in either tutorial to show you what you should be achieving as you draw and manipulate your boxes, import your text and graphics and create your type styles and templates. The author seems to assume that you've read and remembered all the other parts of the manual.
I did eventually realise, however, that the the results to which the tutorials should lead you are included on disk, and you could, of course, print this out before you begin.
Unfortunately, the bounding boxes, the sidebar containing your tools, filenames of imported text and graphics etc, are NOT on the finished job, so there's still no easy answer.
Take a tip from one who's suffered
- make sure you read the Fundamental Concepts and Operating
Parameters sections of- the manual before going through the
tutorials. The 20 minutes this will take will pay handsome
If you still have the occasional problem identifying what's on screen, look it up in the Specific Reference, Sidebar or Meni Strip sections.
The four modes Apart from their lack of illustrations, the tutorials adequately demonstrate the features of Saxon. There are four modes of operation.
All manipulations to text and boxes are performed in Cursor Mode, when the pointer, or arrow, is the active tool. In this moce, all screen display parameters, including colour, are in force and it does seem to take an age on occasion for the screen to redraw itself after a change.
In Paragraph Mode, you perform all operations relating to type styles, as well as formatting of paragraph styles. Drawings created within Saxon Publisher itself, bounding box outlines and onscreen colours don't appear in this mode, since they are not required for text formatting.
Things happen a lot faster as a consequence.
Text Mode allows you to manually enter characters into bourding boxes. You could write the publication you are working on in this way, though the idea with Saxon, as with all DTP packages, is that you import pre-prepared text and graphics, with only the odd headline, standfirst and caption to be written in directly You also have the full range of facilities for editing and formatting text.
Again,, the display is a simple one in this mode, to keep things mcving quickly.
Finally, Drawing Mode allows the creation and manipulation of structured drawings within your documents. A good range of tools includes line, bezier curve, connected line, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, and smooth line (similar to connected line but the angles where ines meet are converted to smooth curves). Rectangle, ellipse and polygon have filled versions as wel for those who want to put textures into their drawings.
Drawing mode only affects drawings generated within the program.
Externally generated drawings can only be manipulated while in cursor mode.
When Saxon first loads, the main area of interest onscreen is a panel Feature down the left side of screen, called the Sidebar.
Add some texture Objects in Saxon Publisher can be textured in a variety of ways. Every page, box, style tag and internally generated structured drawing has a user-definable texture associated with it.
Options include bitmapped backgrounds, outlining thickness, transparent and solid colours.
As far as text is concerned, outlines, backgrounds and drop shadows can have any sold colour hue associated with them.
In the texture requesters associated with any particular document element, users can specify colour as a combination of red, green and blue.
The Colour Display Window provides a graphic illustration of the selected colour.
Alternatively, ou can use the facilities for selecting colours as Printer's Ink, giving a mo-e accurate representation of printed output, or CMYK values. This latter allows you to to specify exact ink density (as a percentage) of each colour separation (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) which comes off the output device.
Texture and colour are close partners when it comes to creating breathtaking effects in your documents. Experiment and enjoy is the name of the game.
A goodly range of ready-made pre-set textures is provided with Saxon Publisher. The range includes effects such as gradients, stonebricks and drop shadows.
This contains gadgets for selecting the four modes as outlined above, text style gadgets (plain, bold, italic and underline), and the screen posi- ton gadget showing the portion of the document currently displayed on screen (magnifications of 30 per cent to 300 per cent are available).
The sidebar also contains the tag list. In paragraph mode, this contains the names of any text or graphics files which were generated externally and imported into your document or publication.
One of the delightful features of Saxon is tiat you can import files at any stage, right at the start of docu2 ment creation, if you like, without having so much as placed a bounding box on a page.
What happens is that the name of the file - the tag - sits in the list in the sidebar until you've created a box or several boxes for it. Then, simply dick on the tag and the text or graphic appears in whichever box is selected. If it's text which needs to be run into several boxes, clicking on the next box to select it, then clicking once more on the tag will flow the text on from the precise point at which it ended in the previous box.
As you continue to run in text in this way, it flows over or around any graphic elements according to the parameters you have given in the relevant recuester to the boxes containing them.
In paragraph mode, the tag list displays a list of style tags. The "New" gadget at the bottom of the tag list enables you to create a new style tag, which initially will be the same as whichever tag was highlighted wien you clicked on "New".
Packed with features As you would expect of a DTP package aimed at professionals, Saxon Publisher is packed with features.
Apart from those mentioned in the main part of this review, the notable ones include: Make the required changes and give the style a new name in the relevant requesters.
In drawing mode, the only entry in the tag list is the word "Retexture". When this is selected, the texture requester appears, allowing you to define the outline thickness and colou's as well as the background textures for all struc-
• Routines to double or quadruple output resolution of bitmaps
without sacrificing sharpness or detail.
• Text sizes from 3 to a staggering 2000 points.
• Support for downloadable fonts.
• Facilities to directly import and print 24-bit images without
need for conversion utilities.
• Support for Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and PorVestor files.
Tured drawings attached to the active bounding box, Style transfer gadgets are also provided, allowing you to impose the style tag of the currently highlighted paragraph onto an entire section of text appearing either before or after it, either within the active box only, or for all boxes in whichever direction is selected.
The remainder of the sidebar consists of bounding box definition gadgets (rectangular or freehand are the two options); depth arrangement gadgets allowing you to change the current layering arrangement of overlapping boxes by moving the active box to front or back; and the self-explanatory delete box, delete contents, box moving and graphic filling gadgets.
The menu strip, which runs across the top of the opening display, is invoked in the usual Amiga fashion with a click of the right mouse button, and gives full control over document, importation of external files, pagination, bounding boxes, type styles, editing facilities like cut, copy, paste, search and replace, and preferences such as page view and ruer (inches, metric or pica point rulers are available).
Implementation Value foMnonj Overall And in conclusion... The two tutorials in the manual will quickly get you up to speed with Saxon Publisher. After completing the second one, I guarantee you wiB be ready, nay positively itching, to produce something of your own.
I don't altogether like Saxon's more complex requesters. There's not much depth to the little bo es you need to click (you should have remembered to bring your spec; - Ed) and the type style requester in particular looks very cluttered.
However, now that we're so close to the end, I have to confess to more than a passing acquaintance with the likes of Quark Xpress, Aldus Pagemaker, Ventura Publisher aid even the package specially written for the OS 2 on the PC, Describe.
Some of those packages have been out quite a few years now, and have had a chance to metamorphose into something nearer perfection.
My initial impression of Saxon is that it is good - very, very good, in fact, for those who can afford it and its rather hefty hardware requirements.
It's bound to improve with subsequent versions. With a few more things like some more fonts and the odd cosmetic improvement, Saxon Publisher will make the grade as a first rate, professional DTP package.
I'm certain, however, that it will see far more business than home use.
Saxon Publisher is a product of Saxon Industries, 14 Rockcress Gardens, Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2G 5A8 (613) 228-8043 Availability: Version 1.2 (with more features than version 1.1 under review, plus dot matrix printer support) available now Supplier: Surface UK (081 566 6677) Price: £199 Ease of use ruler ulers
I. .. I will with ting i will |r tO Dn's ¦re's )xes lave a - r in
lose lore the Jus ind ten be.
* n ive ito i is in nd re- sere he )n a ill le pC tZ) pfi 3 ?
Czin mm 3 0 3 and finally... Saxon Publisher - The inevitable
product of development with efficiency foremost in mind. Its
quality has made it the first desktop publisher to be certified
compatible under Workbench 2.0 while its advanced capabilities
have attracted a loyal following of satisfied customers.
POWERFUL FEATURES Currently available is Version 1.2, a substantial improvement to an already exceptional program, incorporating such new features as Pantone and CMYK colour selection, variable tabs, point and pica measurement, automatic hyphenation and intelligent approach to manual kerning. Saxon Publisher now has full dot matrix and Compugraphic support, an integrated lext editor and proprietary PostScript compression routines for faster output. With Saxon Publisher, even the most complex operations can be conducted in a matter of a few seconds. Drop shadows, for example can be created with
a few clicks of the mouse pointer.
They can be rendered in any user defined colour, and can be offset in any direction. Saxon Publisher features the ability to rotate, scale, skew, flip, expand and compress both text and graphics. Though the use of transformation matrices, these highly complex operations can be conducted in a matter of a few seconds. No other program offers all these capabilities let alone the speed at which they can be accomplished.
EXPANDING YOUR SYSTEM Saxon Publisher's overall superiority over other desktop publishing packages is not simply based on the number of individual features that it I possesses. It goes beyond this to encompass every programming and design element found in this program. Saxon Publisher is a testament to ’ our company’s commitment to providing our customers with high quality products.
However, depending on your previous experience with self-proclaimed professional programs, you may have found it hard to believe some of the assertions that were made in this article. We realise that professional productivity software is often an expensive investment, and would like a further opportunity to show exactly how remarkable a product Saxon Publisher is.
Saxon Publisher is a professional quality desktop publishing program created for the Amiga family of personal and business computers. With its highly intuitive user interlace and its extensive capabilities, it easily represents a benchmark in page layout software for the Amiga.
,» Surface UK Limited 4 5 Rock ware Avenue, (irccnfnrd, Middx. UB6 OAA Tel: 081 -566 6677 Fax. 081 -566 6678 ' ; ¦ ¦ I'm
0. 5 mo tor do* tha me
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Not so Fast I'm in possession of a revision 6 A500 with
0. 5Mb expansion. Some time ago I modified the motherooard so I
could have 1 Mb of Chip RAM.
The oroblem now is that the MS-DOS emulator Transformer doesn't work, and when I pull down Dpaint Ill's anim menu, it is ghosted out so that none of the options are available.
Could it be because there's no fastmem any more or is it because of a hardware fault?
If I buy another internal expansion board with
1. 5Mb or more, can I then use my Transformer and animate in
Dpaint III and still have 1 Mb chipmem? I would really
appreciate it if could give me the answers to my Keep the good
work going - I think you're is the best there is.
) Hoogendoorn, Berkel-Enschot, Holland As you guessed, the problem lies in your machine no longer having access to fastmem, at least in the case of the Dpaint anim menu.
I'm not so sure of the Transformer problem, but it is more than likely to be the same.
You can rule out hardware faults - If your DIY conversion had any detrimental effects on the motherboard, especially the dedicated chips, the results would be a lot more obvious than they are at the moment.
We're here to help!
Write to Amiga Computing, Europa House. Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP Anyone with expanded memory can use NOFASTMEM to turn off their fastram and then try Dpaint Ill's anim menu. It won't work on a machine with no fastram, so you can rest assured that your Amiga isn't damaged.
The addition of a bigger memory board should allow you to use the full 1Mb of chipmem along with some extra fastram as long as you don't reverse the motherboard conver sion. Your problem will then disappear.
Try before you buy I am considering a hard drive for my A500, possibly the CVP. However I have a few uncertainties as regards hard drives, and I would be grateful if you could clear them up for me.
• How orone is a hard drive to magnetic forces?
Mine would be sitting near my mini-speakers and television.
• Are tnere often any procedures to carry out during power
on off? (i.e head parking etc) t What may usually cause a
corruption of the disk?
Brett Buckley, Huddersfield The GVP series 2 drives are fast and efficient, if a bit pricey, and you'll find a review of them in our February issue. As for your concerns:
• Hard drives are quite safe from normal electro-magnetic
fields of the kind generated by Tvs and such like. I have a GVP
sitting three inches from a monitor and ten inches from my A500
power supply at this very moment.
There's no harm in taking precautions against EMP, but don't get paranoid.
• You won't have to park your drive heads during normal use. The
only time this is necessary is when you move them from one
location to another, risking heavy jolts or vibrations. Many
hard drives these days, including GVP drives, will auto-park in
any case.
• Corruption can be caused by many things, and although hard
drives aren't as prone to physical corruption as floppy drives,
they still go wrong occasionally.
Dust and coffee can affect you mechanism, but the most common problems come about through mangled files and disk validation errors. FixDisk 1.2 from the March coverdisk wil sort out most of these.
Suffering Seagate Due to a fair amount of gross stupidity on my behalf I find myself without any software to get my hard drive going. I know that I should have made several back-ups and all that, but we all make mistakes.
Why didn't I just write to the manufacturer?
Yes, you've guessed it, I've lost the address. The drive is a Seagate ST-225N and the interface is manufactured by a company called C Ltd, model SCSI-500 Serial No. 85 1L 595 Rev 1.2. I can't find the manufacturer's address or any trace of them. Does anyone out there know their address or even know of any software that can get my drive going?
S M Smith, Manchester Where did you buy that interface? I can't find the company either, but Seagate are easily contacted - phone (0628) 890366.
You should also contact the shop which originally supplied you with the SCSI interface
- there should have been some hard drive tocls with it. To get
the drive up and running, you'll have to carry out a low level
Seagate’s tech support bods tell me they usually try memory addresses C800 and CCOO to activate the routines for this operation.
The process involves using an assembly debug program to find then address the correct memory location, so if you're not into machine code things could get sticky.
If you're lucky, the drive might already have been prepped and treated to a low level ;or- mat. If this is the case, just turn to pages 5-3 and A-2 of the Workbench 1.3 enhancer software manual for the scanty Information supplied with your machine.
If you can construct a mountlist entry and FORMAT the drive, it should be easy enough to MOUNT it and carry on from there. If this isn't sufficient, please send more information on your set-up, and the name of the supplier in particular, and I'll try to get you a more exact answer.
Picture-popper A friend and myself have just started to do a reference program using the Workbench set-up.
The program is self-booting, but what we'd like to do is load a picture then have it disappear before Workbench loads up.
We have designed a loading screen and caled it Monson, but we would be grateful if you could tell us the commands to get the screen to work during our startup-sequence.
B Johnson, Rhyl There are several IFF viewer programs available to do what you want. The most common ?
? Is probably Vilbm, which will display any IFF format, including HAM, and will even display text. One of the most compact is PPShow, which will display files crunched with PowerPacker.
The forthcoming Workstation disk will include PPShow and an example of what it does in the startup-sequence, but if you want just a viewing program, most PD libraries will be happy to supply one.
RAM revisited They all work in a relatively simple way. For example, to use Vilbm in your startup- sequence, simply include the line VILBR P1ctur(NiiO and the picture will be displayed until a key is pressed, then startup will continue.
Memory Game I was interested to read your article on CLI in the March issue of Amiga Computing. I have an A500 with a full megabyte and I shall probably buy an extra drive.
At the moment I am interested in making better use of the RAM extension.
Games such as Monty Python seem to make extensive use of disk access, which is quite time- consumhg. If you could explain how to run games in RAM disk rather than the floppy drive you would save me a lot of time.
Peter Tingle, Kingston upon Thames I'm afraid I haven't much good news. The RAM disk is fine for a lot of uses, but you can't copy commercial games into it.
Apart from being illegal, it is usually impossible, as their copy protection does not usually allow for simple AmigaDOS operations. I mean, if you could copy a game into the RAM disk, you could copy it onto another floppy, and that would be piracy.
It should be easy enough to copy PD games into your RAM disk, but as many of these load completely into memory, you won't save much time by doing this.
Kind words for KindWords?
I've bought KindWords which I am now using, but not lo the full extent. I cannot access any of the available fonts because I don't know how to go about setting the correct printer driver in the Preferences.
It's supposed to read EpsonX.PRN. By the way, I use an A500 with an extra drive and 0.5Mb extra RAM.
Zbigniew Pawlowicz, Hereford When you load up the KindWords program disk, you should find the Preferences icon in its window. Double dick on this to open the Preferences window, then click on the Printer icon.
This will bring up a screen with all your printing options. For the purposes of setting your prnter driver, simply select Parallel or Serial, then dick on the two arrows in the top right quarter of the screen until the EpsonX printer driver is highlighted in the central bar.
I am a relative newcomer to the world of Amiga Computing, having bought a Class of the Nineties pack about two years ago, and have been using my A500 mostly for domestic purposes.
About a year ago, I bought a Microbotics M501 RAM upgrade and an extra drive. I have recently been trying to use the Amiga for adding titles and graphics to our video films via a Rendale 8802 genlock and Dpaint III.
However, I have run into memory problems - it seems that my 1 Mb is not up to the job.
To add to the problem, I recently purchased the Broadcast Titler I program, which I found recuires a minimum of 1.5Mb to run.
Please could you help a green newcomer with some advice on upgrading RAM, especially as more and more of it appears to be needed to run the increasingly complex Amiga applications.
I have considered buying a hard drive, but understand that this would mean I couldn't run my existing programs, and would require an upgraded power supply. I would appreciate any help given in simple terms.
) R Russell, Uxbridge As you seem to have the money to spend on reasonably expensive kit (the Rendale 8802 and BT2), I would advise you to go for one of the larger and more expensive A500 RAM upgrades. The ICO AdRam board fits in the Now click on OK, then on SAVE when the next screen appears, and your preferences will be set to the correct printer - always assuming that your printer is working in standard Epson mode.
If it is a Star LC10, Panasonic KX1081, or one of the other popular 9- or 24-pin models, it will almost certainly be Epson compatible and should be perfectly happy with the EpsonX driver.
Xasperated music lover I an* a keen music enthusiast who tries desperately hard to write music using my A500 (with vl .2 ROM), MusicV 1.1, and MIDI synth. To add to my problems, I have found that strange things happen when playing back samples through MusicX and PD player programs.
The samples seem to play at" the correct pitch most of the time, but every now and then MusicX plays a sample at what seems to be a random pitch.
As you can guess this makes them virtually unusable for producing music. I'm not sure whether this is a hardware or a software problem, although I can't recall having the same problem with Sonix.
Richard Hobson, London The samples are playing at a funny pitch because they were sampled at a different rate.
If you use a disk of PD samples, the chances of all of them playing at the same pitch are slim.
What you need to do is change the sample play rate and therefore the pitch, and the techAmiga's trapdoor and can be expanded to 6Mb. As such it Is an attractive add-on, espe dally as it enables the full 1Mb of chip RAM with a simple solder connection fully explained in the helpful manual. Contact Power Computing on (0234) 273000 for more details.
Alternatively, there's the Cortex system from Memory Expansion Systems on (051) 236 0480. This is a large box which fits into the expansion bus on the left hand side of the A500 and can be expanded to 8Mb.
It is a quality product, and has a 'though port' so that other devices, such as the hard drive you're thinking of buying, can still be attached to the Amiga.
As for hard drives, if you are going to pul the Amiga to serious use, a hard drive is essential. It doesn't matter so much how big or fast it is - any hard drive is infinitely bette- than a floppy-based system.
Your power supply will be put under an increased strain by the memory upgrade, so you may indeed have to purchase a beefie' unit from one of our advertisers.
Before doing so, however, give your new system a try. I use an A500 with a 6Mb AdRAM board installed. The power supply is an original Commodore unit, and works wel enough, though I do on occasion suffer more gurus and crashes than my fair share.
Nique required is transposition. Your problem has already been solved for free! MED v3.00, as found on last month s coverdisk, includes a sample editor which is capable of transposing any sample.
Simply load in the sample, change the period rate, then save it out and the sample has been transposed. The Sample Editor document on the disk gives full details and provides a table of values to set for whichever note you'd like the sample to play at.
If you don't have MED v3.00 you can get it from Amiganuts PD on 0703 785680, or you can buy a commercial product like Aegis's Audio Engineer.
TV trouble I have recently upgraded from a Commodore 54 to an Amiga 500. With my C64 I used a Ferguson TX television which has a seven pin din RGB input. I was wondering if I couid use this capability with my Amiga as it would greatly enhance the picture and sound quality.
Martin Tomlinson, Wokingham It should be easy enough to connect your Amiga to such a TV - all you need is the correct lead. Whether the RBG input is TTL or linear, and I wish you'd specified which it was, your local dealer will have a lead to connect the Amiga's 23 pin video port to an RGB din socket.
Quality will not be as high as with a full SCART connection, but it will be a lot better than using a TV with a modulator.
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Subjects include... French, German, Spanish, Italian, English History, Geography, Science, General Knowledge, Football, First Aid, Sport, England, Scotland, Natural History, Junior Spelling and Arithmetic Kosmos are specialist producers of Educational Software designed to help you enjoy learning from your computer. Our programs even allow you to add your own lesson material.
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- (Offer doses end of June 1991) "YOUR GRAPHICS WILL NEVER BE THE
Orders by post to:- Nik Williams Broadcast, Aspect House.
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Please allow 21- 28 days for delivery, phone for urgent orders.
24Hr Credit Card Phone FAX Hotline 0792 645946 (When ordering by telephone pleese wait for FAX tone to finish, at which point you'll be connected to our telephone system.)
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2 o Postcode Telephone __ 1 wish to pay by Cheque P.O. Credit Cd (type) Exp. Date Card No.
1 1 1 1 S HAREWARE CATALOGUE Akore brings you the most comprehensive choice of top shareware programs available. To order your free catalogue call free on 0800 252221 now or to place your order by credit card telephone 0602 500544.
For either of the above fill in the tear-off slip below and send it to: FREEPOST, AKORE SHAREWARE, NG1 1BR.
Please send me the following programmes and my FREE copy of the AKORE SHAREWARE CATALOGUE.
Disc Size [ j 3.5 Q 5.25 Address.
Ever looked through a PD catalogue and been unable to decide which disks you want to buy?
Let Amiga Computing take those tedious hours of indecision away by delivering an entire Public Domain library direct to your door!
To celebrate our third anniversary we've got together with those awfully nice Seventeen Bit people to bring you the biggest ever Amiga Public Domain competition.
Over 1,400 floppies cram packed with the best utilities and latest demos could be providing you with hours of inspiration, education and entertainment.
Id latest the library, wri WIN!
A complete PD library!
RULES Send your entry to: PD Competition Amiga Computing Europa House Adlington Park Adlington Macclesfield SK10 4NP
1. The 37th correct entry drawn from the sack at 2pm on
Wednesday, June 19th will win the entire 17bit Public Domain
36 runners up will receive other prize$ -
2. Employees of Europress Croup of Companies or 17 Bit Software
are not allowed to enter this competition.
3. The Publisher's decision is final.
How to win Entering couldn't be easier. To get your hands on this huge collection of quality PD software all you have to do is use skill and judgement to estimate how many disks will be in the Seventeen Bit library at 2pm on the day we do the draw from our magic sack There are two things you need to know. Firstly the draw takes place on Wednewday 19th June 1991.
Secondly it won't be the first correct entry out of the sack that takes the booty. Instead the postman will be knocking twice on the door of the 37th correct entrant drawn. The reason? Take a look at the issue number on our spine! The 36 entrants drawn before the ultimate winner will each receive a superb runner-up prize.
Once you have guesstimated the number of disks in the library, write your answer together with your name, address and daytime phone number on a postcard or the back of a sealed envelope and pop it in the post, to arrive no later than Monday 17th June 1991.
Frc light Sss,
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HO108 Oil WO 183 The, Tornoido Tdiykt Simdoitor fjor tyout* AftfGL andAtari ST Fuel up, weapons loaded...let's fly... ... target spotted... try your cannon.
Some comments from ProFlight Customers and the Reviews .. “The sheer range of things to do makes this a winner and with fvht expansions planned this one coull become as popular as the now classic Flight Simulator II."
“The best simulator on the ST by far."
“Very well done, the only flight simulator that gets it rightl Thanks."
“Well done! 11 It is reair “Superb - without exception the best on the market.** uVery impressive - brilliant manual."
“At last - a real flight sim for the purist."
“Your uiual high standard of software.
“For realism, beats anything I have ever seen on a home computer “Good fun & makes me nervous when flying dangerously - 10 out of 10."
“Brilliant manual, brilliant simulator “Another HiSoft winnerI" These are all unsolicited CortWienlS IfOffi users of the Atari ST version of ProFlight.
... change to missiles... locked on... ... heat-seeking missile launched... HiSoft is delighted to announce the immediate avalability of ProFlight for the Atari ST and Amiga ProFlight; a supremely accurate simulation of the Panavia Tornado military aircraft, a plane that is the fastest aircraft in the world at ground level (Mach 1.2) and one of the fastest at any level (Mach 2.2) with advanced swtng-wing technology that gives it a truly multi-role capability. ProFlight uses complex and exact flight equations that allow you to fly this powerful fighter just like its pilots.
Everything is there ... you can fly peaceful reconaissance missions or roar into full attack with canncns, bombs, heat-seeking Sidewinder and radar-guided Sky Flash missiles.
ProFli it comes complete with a professional 170-page, ring-bound flight manual which details every aspect of flying this exciting aircraft together with a pull-out specification sheet of the Tornado.
ProFlight is available from all good computer stores and costs only £39.95 inclusive (UK only); if you have difficulty locating your copy, please call HiSoft on 0525 718181 and ask to speak to Julie.
Target destroyed... back to base.
HiSoft High Quality Software The Old School, Greenfielj Bedford MK45 5DE UK] Tel: +44 525 718181 Fax: +44 525 713716 A complete drawing board in one simple unit.
With a rolling ruler you can draw: ? Horizontal parallel lines ? Vertical parallel lines ? Perfect right angles with ease ? Any other angles from 1 ° to 359° ? Clever circles Available in two sizes, 22cm (8in) and 30cm (12inJ, this great offer gets you both rolling rulers for just £5.95 (RRP £9.99) Its innovative design gives the new rolling ruler the ability to draw » vertical and horizontal lines without lifting it off the paper, parallel i*! lines, angles, circles, musical staves ana graphs wth ease making J v it ideal for the home, the office, schools, workshops and 3D design work.
Reader offers Please use the Order Form on Page 124 It's Amazing!
It's Radical!
It's the Rolling Ru AMIGADOS: A Dabhand Guide Is a comprehensive guide to the Commodore Amiga's Disc Operating System (Version 1.2 and
1. 3). It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system
In a way which will be welcomed by the beginner and the expert
user alike.
Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hands-on advice, lints and dps.
Mark a GfsS The many features of this book include:
• Full coverage of Amiga DOS 1.3 functions
• Filing with and without workbench
• The Amiga's hierarchical filing system
• Pathnames and Device names
• The Amiga's multitasking capabilities t The AmigaDOS screen
• AmlgiDOS commands
• Batch processing
• Amiga Error code descriptions 9 How to create new systems discs
• Use of the RAM discs
Personal Finance Manager FOR THE AMIGA Personal Finance Manager provides an easy way of looking after your bank account, building society account, credit cards and so on. Its WORKBENCH interface allows transactions to be entered or altered as easily as filling out a form Full mouse control of PFM's window environment means a really user friendly program.
PFM for the Amiga appears and runs exactly the same as our top selling PFM program lor the Atari ST. Automatic Standing Orders means that regular payments are never forgotten, whilst the graphic display will help you manage your account more effectively Personal Finance Manager will even attempt to match your statements by automatically identifying transactions that haven't yet been cleared
• The number of entries Is limited only by the size ol the memory
9 Full Workbench interface
• Account entries are automatically placed in date order 9
Selectable date hrmats 9 Automatic standing orders 9 Auto
balancing against statement 9 Graphic analysis including:
Balance plot Budget comparison. Spend pie charts 9 Windows ate
moreable and re-sizeable 9 Graphics are seh-scaling to til
windows 9 All windows can be displayed at the same time RRR
• Account print op'Jon 9 Full multi tasking - allows multiple
account access _ _ « afn OUR PRICE cJfc l**«cnlr®n % £24.95
SPECIAL OFFER Thanks to a breakthrough by Rombo Productions in
frame-grabbing technology, you can now produce good colour
images quickly and cheaply with Vidi- Amiga and the VidiChrome
colour software.
• Take snapshots In 16 shades live from video
• Multiple frame store
• Dynamic cut and paste
• Full palette control
• Hardware and software control of brightness and contrast
• Compatible with all video standards labie ronic fil rhe
splitter is an e: signal and separates it into the three
primary colours, allowing each to be digitised. Replaces the
need for a conventional filter set and ideal for use with Vidi
Amiga and VidiChrome Amiga* "Vidi must be one of the most
exciting peripherals you can buy for your Amiga" - Amiga
Computing, March 1990 Vwi Colour Splitter RRP £61.95* OUR PRICE
£79.95 SAVE £18 A VIDI Vidi-Amiga VidiChrome Amiga RRP
£129.95* OUR PRICE £119.95
* Includes colour upgrade worth £19.95 Offers subject to
avatiaMty Back Issues AMIGA READER OFFERS COMPUTING 1 B Ibr™f 1
1 “B 1W December 1990 £3.10 9730 _ January 1991 £3.10 973' -
February 1991 £3.10 9732 - March 1991 £3.10 9733 _ April 1991
£3.10 9734 _ May 1991 £3.10 9735 - All thes9 back issues
include cover disk.
Bargain bundle Six issues of Amiga Computing (Dec-May) £17.00 Add £3 Europe & Eire £12 Overseas 996; i nn Rombo Vidi-See Page 123 Vidichrome plus Colour upgrade £119.95 989' RGB Splitter £61.95 9964 3 Protext Version 4 Feature packed Word Processor £79.95 9530 ?
Hi Soft Basic Compiler + Library Harness ttie Power of your AmiQa £69.95 9896 ..I Photon Paint 2 Paint In 4096 Colours £39.95 9945 ?
Battery charger £19.95 Plus post and packing £1.50 9864 0 Rolling Ruler-SeePage 123 £650 9965 ?
Amiga Music-see Page 134 Soundblaster £47.95 Quartet £39.95 Master Sound £34.95 Package of all three £104.95 9959 9913 9914 9960 - Amiga DAB hand Guide-see Page 123 A comprehensive guide to the Amiga's disk _ operating system (version 1.2 and 1.3) £14.95 9866 I_I Mail Order offers Publishers Choice Home Accounts Day by Day ArgAsm Flight Simuator Pair of Scenery Disks • Lotus Espri: James Pond Jane Seynrwur £79.99 £34.90 £54.95 £35.95 £31.90 £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 9867 9851 9858 9888 9872 9946 9947 9948 1 Amiga Computing OFFER OF THE MONTHT COVer DiskS (Misc. Selection) Extra disks (set of 5)
Extra disks (set of 20) £5.00 £17.50 9962 ?
9963 I_I ¦ Disc Bargains Chess Simulator Welltriss American Creams Future Dreams £19.95 £19.95 £17.95 £17.95 9932 9933 9934 9935 - Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing RRP £29.95 Our Price £22.95 9953 ?
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Joysticks & Mouse Comp Pro Glo Green Comp Pro Extra Joystick Gasteiner Mouse £14.95 £13.95 £19.95 9954 9955 9956 - Dust covers £4.95 9507 LL Mouse mats £4.95 9508 Lj Binders £5.95 9509 ?
Disc boxes £4.95 9860 ?
Addition for postage: Europe & Eire add £3 L_J Overseas add £5 I_I Unless otherwise indicated ii - i i ii ii ii ii i i TOTAL Send to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No stamp needed it posted in UK) Products are normally despatched within 48 hours of receipt but delivery of certain items could take up to 28 days Payment: Please indicate method (?) E3 X . Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Europress Direct Expiry Date: Access Mastercard Eurocard Barclaycard Visa Connect No.l I I I I LULU I I 1JJ Mill Name Signed.
Post Code Daytime telephone number in case of queries.
Is* In the first of our Almanac Insight series, Paul Austin presents an in-depth look at a new music package - Sequencer One ifis»gl,t k MUSIC 126 DTV E 129 Jason Holborn becomes a budget conscious executive producer in his search for affordable Desktop Video .
D MACHINE CODE 131 Let Margaret Stanger help you get to grips with the Amiga’s graphics. See Bitmaps from a new Viewport after reading her column MUSIC ..... 133 Not to be outdone by Paul Austin, our other music maestro Jason Holborn brings you the low-down on the Amiga music scene COMMUNICATIONS ...135’ Eddie McKendrick goes oH-peak* to stop his bank manager going otf:colour. Saving money is the naqe of the game tbis month AMOS .137 A first peek at the Amos Compiler and Amos 3D are just two of the treats that
t ur expert Peter Hickman has in store • • • CODE CLINIC..*... r. *.139 , *
• 9 Margaret Stanger helps yog, make the most of .
Your intuition. Join her on the playfield as she takes a look t screep displays , DTP. ..141 hh DTP enthusiast Joltn Walker illustrates the importance of design in DTP and shows how a little planning jean go a long way » .4 m Serious sequencing made simple - Paul Austin rips the plastic off the latest music package.
It's oeen a long time coming but a credible alternative to MusicX and the rest has finally arrived.
Sequencer One is the latest release Irom Gadjits Music Software, the company gradually beginning to domina:e the field of Amiga music processing. They've done it by keeping a close eye on what's happening with some of the big names in the business.
Last year, Roland, the instrument people, spotted the gaping hole in the Amga market and as a result combined with Commodore to push their CM and D series synths and modules into the arms of waiting Amigans.
To support the move, Gadjits have followed up Roland's lead with patch editing software to support the needs of the new musos. As a result of the collaboration between Gadjits and Roland CM and D-series users will find Sequencer One particularly well suited to their set up.
This isn't to say it wouldn't suit any arrangement of equipment, and for those new to the idiosyncrasies of Midi and sequencing in general it could be an ideal introduction to the art. Gadgits have taken a refreshing look at the needs of the average Midi musician and developed the product with their requirements taking priorty.
As a result Sequencer One is not an all Singing and dancing mega music utlity. It is however a dedicated sequencer which does exactly that and with the minimum of fuss.
MusicX, the market leader, tries to be everything to everybody and as a result terds to fall a little short in certain areas such as the Library and Protocol pages, both of which are great in principal but difficult in practice.
The Cadjits alternative doesn't support either of these functions, but version two of the planned Sequencer trilogy will support both fetching and dumping. The prospects of imminent upgrades will no doubt make Sequencer One seem slightly less appealing, but don't despair - the chaps at Gadjits have seen the potential problems and promise upgrades to registered users at very reasonable rates.
Taneous playback. Nevertheless the remaining tracks are very handy for storing alternative tracks and those slightly dodgy bits you're not quite ready to throw away.
Switching between individual tracks is simply a matter of clicking the mute icon on or off. Selecting channels for recording is just as simple - just dick on the track and the red record icon appears.
From then on the channel's selected, Pick a voice and hit the record button and you're off. This makes life easy for the beginner and blisteringly fast for the expert. If you're a reasonable pianist you can create a multi timbraj sequence in minjtes and all recorded at 192 PPQN.
Recording can be done in both standard and overdub formats and What's on offer The software consists of three screens, each giving you an individual view of your creation. The track list is the first of the three and has a maximum of 32 tracks available for either playback or storage.
As you no doubt know Midi supports a maximum of 16 channels of simulSequencer!
With optional auto rewind. Any mistakes are easily rectified with the undo last edit feature, which is great if, like me, you need ten attempls at even the simplest sequence. Each track can be separately marked for easy editing and drum machine style loops can be applied, saving a let of time and tricky editing.
Perhaps my favourite aspect of the Track list is its potential on mixdown. When you've created the next Aggadoo Euro pop hokee cokee classic it still needs to be mixed and the Track List is excellent for adding the important finishing touches to the sound.
Once a track is highlighted v ith the record icon the volume of an individual track can be altered with the data volume control on your synth. Combine this with the ability to mute any or all of the tracks and a pain. My the rather software's delete single If you're mon cornpk and the bar described th micro surgei best be des ioned ampul This screl commercial!’ want to cut the charts, touch of mi you move gi around to foi eight and si my age then chorus, choi LOOP! MM9:I1 ?isJ m FLAY STOP A*!!!
I X ) « I t All the Info you need to know on any individual note you have an instant digital mixing desk - marvellous!
The second screen is the Step Editor ard as the name suggests this is where you can take advantage of the power that a decent sequencer can provide, removing notes you don't want and adding the really clever run that you could never manage live. It's this editing ability that makes the Keep Music Live lobby physically sick, but it also makes creating music accessible to almost anyone.
The editing screen takes the now familiar piano roll format. The zoom feature varies between full or quarter bar magnification which I found slightly limiting on occasion. For example, when editing drum patterns it's sometimes a little tricky to alter individual notes at the first attempt.
The info option is particularly pleasant and allows you to click on any note and receive all the information concerning its pitch, duration and so oi. These various elements can then oe altered by simply typing in a new lumber for each characteristic.
The delete icon has an obvious function and allows the individual deletion of notes. If you want to remove larger sections of a track you'll probably need to use the block option which lets you manipulate 4 If you want quality results quickly and simply you could do a lot worse various notes as they're depressed.
The characteristics for these notes can be altered as required.
This is a particularly useful option if you're not an ivory tickler by trade as it gives you the option to work at your own pace. The only problem with this method is its tendency to lead to rather mechanical end results.
In general editing is reasonably simple with the bock options being a particularly pleasant element.
When this is combined with the overdub function and the tape deck controls, editing becomes a little more of a pleasure and a little less of large sections of the track far in excess of the sccpe of the screen.
The block op:ion is best activated by entering the start and end positions into the appropriate window.
This can then be deleted, copied, cut or pasted as required.
Blocks can also be set on screen by simply clicking and dragging with the trusty rodent. Most operations involve the rodent with the occasional bit of typing as you add various start and stop positions.
It's also possible to use step entry via the KeyB iccn, this brings up a miniature keyboard which displays Range of options To be honest the Bar Editor is a use ful screen for anyone, gving a great overview of the entire piece and showing you exactly whet's going on where. Again editing is a simple matter of clicking, dragging, deleting and pasting You can always record from here as you can from any of the three screens with the ever present tape recorder controls.
As well as the record and play controls there's a whole range of options waiting on the menu bar in familiar, intuWon-style pull-downs.
All kinds of requesters and off or options are available, some of which you can no doubt see from the complicated screen shot.
It's these pull downs which give the software the necessary complexity to compete with the likes of MusicX. It's possible to access and alter all kinds of sequence information varying from Midi import and export control, to block functions and the option to work with either (0 & 1) Midi formats. This gives a high level of compatibility with many other Midi packages.
The Hit Kit For a limited period, Gadjits Hit Kit software is being bundled with every Sequencer One sold. It usually retails at £25 a time but for now it's free.
The Hit kit is basically a collection of various sequences divided up into numerous styles with a number of
• ring from this there may be a c could be it If Step Editor as
mus the Bar editor would as good old fai is a dream for tf
orientated types wt and paste their way I subtleties here, just
hack and slash , chucks of your tur verse, chorus, midd on.
Sorry, I'm showing I meant to say and chonis.
Real moan cone II graphics and ;asional hesitancy to options for each. For example, you could load a drum pattern from the jazz section followed by a separate bass line, middle, lead and so on.
These are all available in single bars but can be pasted in any number and combination.
As a result you can build completely new if less than original songs by mixing the various component parts. I've got to admit it's great fun sticking all the bits together, but to be honest the end results are 3 bit predictable, not to mention slightly silly.
Having said that though the number and quality of the drum patterns make the Hit Kit a godsend for even the most serious musos. The patterns alone make the Hit Kit well worth having and the various riffs in the many and varied styles can only help beginners learn a few tricks of the trade.
As I mentioned earlier Sequencer One is ideal for the beginner and to cater for that market the Amiga's internal voices have been well supported within the software. Even a separate sample palette has been added to make life a little easier.
Final thoughts If you're new to Midi but not ne:es- sarily music, Sequencer One could well be ideal, featuring a good combination of ability and ease of use To support Such a sweeping statement I can only quote my own experience which consisted of creating a complete piece in a day without a glance at the short and sweet manual.
This alone should be praise enough for any software dealing with an area as complex as Mioi. I doubt I could have done the same with MusicX and if I'd dropped iie manual while trying I would prooa- bly have been in plaster for a mondi.
Sequencer One does not hcve some of the subtleties and skills of MusicX but if you want quality results quickly and simply you could do a lot worse than investing in Gadjits latest gadget.
Gadjits Music Software 1-Mex House 40 Princess Street Manchester M16DE Tel 061-236 2515 4 Distinctly Digita Cleverly written and always favourably reviewed in the press, Digita produces a range of powerful, low cost software for the home and business user.
DGCALC The program will take information prepa id by Ca»hbook Controller and produce a complete set ot accounts including
* Trial Balance ' Trading and Pfofil and loss Attaint
• Balance Sheet ¦ Notes to the Accotrt* ’ Full Accounting ratios
All reporto may be produced at any time, with
corrperative.T)udget figures it required Tse tacilify to
produce mo* documents quckly, MmnMy, «nd regularly it ot
enormous help in runnmg any busJrwss. Large or small, since one
shows the true proMabrliry ach eved, and the other me sua
strength of tnebuwneamiefirB of aiwa and The tastest and meet
powwfol spreadsheet available m this P' Kt braefctf, wrth by S2
column*, giving you up to 26624 calls Aawito all Digrta
products, the operation ol the program 4 dasrty though out
Being eitoer menu. Mouae or command driven you IIM aW* to start
uvng it withm trwiutos
- even it you ve nwver usxd a spr eadsheetbefore Someot tna
laaturaa -heft make «such good value are the eiportog ol ASCII
Mas lor intograSan wiWS Mfl*r program*, sd|iA*aNe column wtdh
and ted ovwltow. Programmable (unction keys imecrosi. And a
unique wndowmg faddy, so th*t you can look at afferent part*
otasheet at the same time
139. 93 Advanced version ot Mailshot ter ihe business user w*h
Ihe lotfowing extra facilities
* integration with other software (us.ng ASCII Me*I ’
column tabulated summary ideal tor telephone l«s etcl
• 4 extra memo lines per label jwth defaulSl ' system lor coding,
dating and adding messages to each label ' d'tfortnt layouts
available tor hwwxrtal and vertcal £49.95 E TYPE CLASSIC
INVADERS 1 MAILSHOT PLUS Do you r er have to prml names and
accesses at awkward pwc** on envelopes, or co you ever need to
Ml In trcky forms gr nygipe* where he text has to be in eiacty
the ngfot piece7 Usually you have to do it by hand, or get your
truaty okl lypewrner out ot the cupboard and dust it off
Weflnot anymor* The Emulated 'YPFwnter transforms yogf computer
and pomer mtc a hJfy hedged typewriter, supporting bold,
underline, italic and other type-etyles Because A can dapUy and
print text INSTANTLY you can line up your form, press Return
and Space a tew times to move to the correct place, and «h*n
stan typing Alternatively you can switch to line-by-trne mode,
which otters word-wrap
• jsiilicatico and proporticnal spacing, so that you can edit
each line before it a ptmw £39 95 It you aver need to send out
mailirgs or pnnt label*, you know how tiddly and t me«on*umng
it can be making sure alt me label* are printed correctly Well
now all that's a thing cT the past Because Medshot act.alty
»how» you the labela OO tcrttn, you C 1 Type names ard
addresses inexactly the correct place But more than that the
labeto are animated on screen as a continuous sheet. Alkwng you
to scroll backward* and forwards, to search tor parhciiar
keywords or to edit entries with the minimum d luss Facilities
include searctvng. Detecton ol duplicate labeto. Sorting (even
iuriwm*!) 0 labels across 989 coo«o» any label This has to be
the simplest and most eltect ve method ol creating a mailshot
avwlatfe £24.95 Are you absolutely sure your taxman is doing
hi* yob correcSy7 Plan your own tax unto ease, this menudhven
program will calculate y«ur mcome tax lability (4 tax years
ixluded) and provide pertinent facts about your ta* proton You
can perform •hat-if7 caKulabon to discover ways to rr iiir4e
your tax liabrhy in tact, ihe program writ advise you on Hung*
iuth as. Ilyou are i married man. Whether it woiid be
advantageous lo have your unto s mcome taxed separately or not
At this prce who knows, you will probebly fmd that FTP will pay
ton sen m tax savings Ihe first time you use it1 " STOP PRESS "
July 88- PIP user receves tax refond ot over £2.000*1
Aneiceftentwaytogetxgarvsed With it you'll be reminded of
bitohdeys and other anniversaries, meeeogs and apponwnerrts.
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information « smpioty itseft and.
Once entered you can search tor keywords or for particular event* tuch k* b ffhdiyl to see whan one n com ng up ¦nctodes montVweekidxy planner, automate reminders lor overdue appointments, month and week summary at a glance For less than C30 this is the ideal way to make sure you never rms* that important occasion again! PERS0NA1 TAX PLANNER DAY-BY-DAY MAILSHOT £39.95 Available to the trade from: Digita, GEM, Greyhound, HB Marketing, Lazer, Leisuresoft, R & R, SDL.
¦'s=ss S5.
S555ss‘ CREDIT CAR DTLINE 73 Z "Serious software at a sensible price" All software written in the UK Prices include VAT & P & P (add £2.00 for export) a 0395 Post: Digita Black Exmot EX8 I. Fax: 0395 2688‘n HOW TO ORI If you're budget is a little tight, then Jason Holborn has got some good news for you The Amiga may well be the machine to own for all things desktop video, but there's no doubting that pulling together even a half decent DTV setup can be an expensive affair.
Even at the most basic level, you'll need at least two video devices - one to provide the source video signal and another to record it - plus a genlock.
The video sources aren't too much of a problem. After all, you can hire such things for little more than a few pounds a month these days, so this is hardly going to break the bank.
The most expensive thing you'll probably have to invest in is the device that makes it all possible (excluding the Amiga, of course!) - the Genlock. These can set you back anything up to £2,000, but a fairly decent genlock can be picked up for around £250.
For the really skint amongst you, Applied Engineering's 'MiniGen' is about the only real option. There's no doubting that it's cheap, but its features are nothing worth writing home about. Picture quality is poor and there are no options for such things as fading and dissolving between video sources.
There's very good news, though.
Silica Systems have announced that they intend to take on distribution of a meaty little genlock from the States called RocGen.
This little unit boasts many of the more sophisticated features that you'd expect from a genlock costing £500+. But all this power can be yours for just £117!
For your money, you get a Genlocc that will allow you to overlay Amiga graphics onto any composite video source and then record the resulting mixed signal to video tape.
You can feed it a source video signal from just about any video device that can output a composite signal, including video cameras, VCRs, camcorders and laser disk players.
It can be powered either by the Amiga tself or via an external power supply for those of you who already have a arge number of add-ons connected to your A500.
Pattprn No Active Pattern Style No Active Stylo Unlike most genlocks, the RocGen features AutoVideo passthru which allows the signal from the Amiga or external video source to pass through the RocGen to the monitor or VCR even if either the Amiga or external video source is powered down.
Colour font* can enhance your video presentation considerably.
But what really lifts the RocGen above 'budget' genlocks such as MiniGen is its powerful fading and overlaying effects. Using a tuning knob on the front of the genlock hardware, you can adjust the degree of both the fade and overlay.
Fade mode allows you to adjust the screen so that it fades from solely a computer graphic display to solely a video image. In overlay mode, the video image is pernamently displayed, but you can 'fade in' (and out) the Amiga graphics.
These effects alone will allow you to produce much more professional- looking presentations.
This feature alone makes the RocGen one hell of a bargain. Very few genlocks below the £500 mark offer fade and overlay controls, especially through a hardware control knob.
The RocGen is available now from Silica Systems on 081 309 1111.
Expect a full review next month.
Genlock for pros At the other end of the pricing spectrum comes Magni Systems' new Model 4005 PAL genlock for the Amiga that will set you back a cool £2000. Fully compatible with the Amiga A 3000, it boasts full broadcast quality encoding.
It also afters comprehensive fades, wipes, chroma keys ard overlays, all of which are controlled via a separate remote control.
As you'd expect from a genlock at this kind of price, the 4005 offers full S-VHS compatibility via Y C connec- tors and it is fully compatible with all Amiga screen modes. For more, contact Magni on 0101 800 624 6465 Tools for video Eschalon fcevelopmeits have just announced the release of their new Video Tools system, which they claim offers everything you need for video production'.
For your £300 (it ain't cheap!), you get a tool for creating subtitles and credits, a telepromter, an image presenter (a slideshow to you me), a video pattern generator, colour bar and safe-are3 tors, text scroller, nine Dpain 3-compatible colour fonts and even a complete mu media presentation system called Ascension Ascension is an AmigaVision-like program that employs both icon-driven operation and (for thlfp purists among you) a powerful scripting language. If this sounds like the kind of thing you've been looking for, then contact Eschalon on 0101 604 520 1543.
Fonts galore If you need some new colour fonts, then there are plenty of new releases on the horizon. By far the most common source of these fonts is America, where such companies as Zuma and Kara have been producing both mono and colour fonts for several years now.
A new company on the scene is Miami-based CV Designs. They’ve just launched a new three-disk set of colour fonts in a number of different point sizes upto 85 point.
They're completely compatible with packages such as TV*Text Pro, Dpaint 3 and Calligrapher, making them ideal for people who wish to produce stunning text- based displays without having to put in too much effort.
Each disk costs approx £15. CV are on 0101 617 391 9224.
Closer to home comes the news that Checkmate Digital Ltd (they of the A1500 expansion console for I the A500) have .a ken on distribution of the Olo range of colour fonts from Swedish company Artovinjett.
As soon as they are made available, you can expect a full review in this column. Stay tuned until :hen, but in the meantime, you can find out more by contacting Checkmate on 071 923 0658.
Next month As well as the review of Silica's new RocGen genlock, I'll be bringing you a comprehensive look at what the PD libraries have to offer the Amiga desktop video enthusiast, including video titlers, presentation systems and slideshows.
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include VAT and Delivery Telephone 0780 55888 Shop Hours - 0780 720531 out of hours Last month's Code Clinic discussed the video display in great detai, so I will skip some ot the preamble and concentrate on creating a Graphics Primitives display using Assembler Graphic description The colour of each pixel is related to the value of one or more data bits in memory. To create multicoloured images, the system must be told how many bits are required per pixel.
In my first Viewport (blue), I have used 8 colours and 3 bitplanes, and the system retrieves one data bit from each bitplane.
Highly coloured Left to itself the system will use default colours. Tiere is a command GetColorMap which will allocate space for a colourmap and return a All bits mapped Each biti nap is inital sed us InitBitMap with the required wid height ar d depth as inputs. T command Allocftaster is used to cate eacf bitplane. The return pointers ai e linked to the bitmap.
Lea ¦ove.b 3,(10 m nove.v 320,(11 Isvi.v us, a jsr _LV01nlt8ltBiy(i6) lea Bablue,.S ¦ove.l 12,d5 lea bi_Pliflel(i5),«4 blueras »r: love.1 1520,dO
• ove.l 148,dl j*r
J. V0Allo:Bisttr(«6) tst.l dO beq abortl ¦ove.l d0,(»4)e dbra
d5,blueraster For each pixel data bits in the same horizontal
and vertical position are contained by the system to create
a binary value.
Iyvm,at _LV0IritViev(a6) Ivpblie,d0 dO,vJie*Portla5) vpblue,aO _LVQIritVPort(i6) vpblue,a5 f32Q,yp_Dllidth(i5) 148,vpJ Height(a5) IQ,YpJyQffm(a5) l0,vp_Dx0ffset(a5)
* vpredind9rer,vpjeit(a5)
* riblue,dO d0,vpja$ lnfo(a5) This determines the display color
for that pixel. The system uses a bitmap structure which
contains the height, width, depth and location of the
My view The display is created from a set of instructions in the view structure.. This structure is initialised using the command InitView, and linked to the first viewport.
Each viewport is initalised with default values, and its own para - meters are added later:- lea ¦yvieu,al jsr .LVOInitVieulib) lei
• yviev,a5 ¦ove.l !vpblue,dO
• ove.l d0,v_VievPort(aS) Each Viewport needs a Raslnfo structure
containing a pointer to the bitmap with the bitplane infor
mation. If the viewport has dual playfields, the first Raslnfo
contains a pointer to the next Raslnfo, which has a pointer
to the second bitmap.
The picture in memory can be larger than the screen image, by creating a bitmap larger than the viewport area The Raslnfo structure has the offsets for the relative position of the display tc the complete picture.
In this example the bitplanes are pointer to it.
¦ove. 1 152,10 jsr _lV0ietColorRip(a6) ¦ovea.l dO,olouraap ¦ove.l d0,a aove.l c«_C)lorTable(a5),d1 ¦ oven. 1 d1,c)lour table The colourmap has a pointer to the colourmap's colourtable, and the desired colours can be copied into this data structure. * Margaret Stanger goes primitive to create a graphics display using Assembler ¦ovt.l Ul.dO lei coliurs,a5 aove.l col»urtablt,a4 colour loop: aovt.v (»5 ,(a4)e colours
dc. v S0,$ 0Cf,$ 00e,S00c
dc. v 1001,1008,1006,1004
dc. v 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
dc. v 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
dc. v 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 Flicker free Now that all the data
structures are complete, the command MakeVPort asks the
system to make a set of display instructions (or copper
list) from the structures in the Viewport.
This has to be done for each ViewPort. The command MrgCop merges these copper lists into a single instruction list.
LoadView turns on direct memory access (DMA) and the display will be shown on the screen. Any flicker can be reduced by waiting fcK the beam to reach the top of the frame.
Re«akedi$ play: Ita ¦yviet aO lei vpbluMl jsr _lV0AakeVPort(a6) Its iyvtcu,aO lea vpredandgrey,i1 jsr _LV0RikeVPort(i6) lea ¦yvieu,aO lea vpgreen,a1 jsr _LV0RikeVPort(i6) lea
• yviev,a1 jsr _LV0RrgCop(a6) jsr _LV0VaitW4o6) lea ¦yviev,»1 jsr
_LV0LoadView(a6) rts h area can have its own se: of drawing
instructions, or RastPort structure.
InitRastPort puts in default values. When the RastPort has been linked to its bitmap it is possible to use the Graphics Library drawing commands.
Getting the picture The listed program first saves :he address of the old view using :he gb_ActiView offset from the graph- icsbase. The view is initalised znd three viewports.
The first viewport is 48 lines high with 8 blue colours and three bitplanes. The second viewport is 100 lines high with dual red and g’ey playfields. The third viewport is 48 lines high with 32 green colours and 5 bitplanes.
The drawing routines have been used to produce a series of rectangles on the screen. In the second viewport the grey playfield is dominant except for transparant areas of colour zero.
There is a short delay before the first 8 colours of each viewport are cycled, and another delay before tie program releases the allocated memory, replaces the old view and exits.
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Yet most homes have what could be the ideal means of teaching spelling - the computer.
Instead of zapping aliens it could be turned into the best weapon of all to deal a body blow to bad spelling. With the help of a brilliant new software package that not only makes practising spelling painless but also loads of fun as well.
FIVE ways to improve your spelling In a Flash: Head the word as it Hashes on the screen, then For practice runs, the word is left on the screen as it is in, then type it ir is typed.
Rocket: Hidden words have to be discovered in this hi-tech version of the old favourite Hangman. If they are guessed correctly tie rocket will blast-off. Fail and all that's left is a load of scrap.
Lunar Buggy: Type fast for fun. The aim is to key in the word as it's pulled across the screen by the buggy. It has to be completed before the letters drop down a crater.
All Mixed Up: Jumbled letters have to be sorted out to find the scrambled word. To help beginners - and anyone else who is stuck - clues can be obtained at the press of a key. .
L ad °n t0 usin9 the 5,000 words provided parents - or children - Cfln create their own word lists tor using with SPELL! This makes the package ideal tor practising those hord-fo- learn words, or for "Learn se spellings* homework.
Conveyor Belt: Words pass by on the screen and have to be remembered. Then they must be typed in - spelt correctly.
This is a challenging test of both spelling and memory.
All the programs have several options for extra flexibility - like a timer with on off option to add that extra challenge.
SPELL! Is unique. It lets the user learn at his or her own pace.
They can take as long as they like - or take on the computer in o high-speed challenge!
And this one package is ideal for everyone - with the lowest age group suitable for inder*5s, while the more advanced words wi stretch even the most able students It includes five different tests, each making use of more than 5,000 words - so much variety that you'll never get bored.
• OVER 5,000 WORDS
• FOR AGES 5 TO 15 SPELL! Only costs £8.95. It is now available
on disc and tape for six of the most popular home computers and
can be ordered on the form below.
Name Signed Address.
Post code.
Daytime phone lumber in case ot queries.
Pleaae send me a SPELL!
Package for my computer (Tick as appropriate) I wish to pay by: ? Cheque or postal order payable to Database Publications ? Credit card No: Exp. Date LL1.1 .1 Lll-lJ I I I I I I I I 11 F] CompactArch® (3.5" disc) ? BBCEIk (535’ 40 T) I B&Elk (5.25" 80 T| 3612 3610 3611 ? BBC Elk (tape) ? Amiga (disc) ? ST (disc) PC (3.5’) PC (525') 3616 3615 3617 3614 3613 TO: Oatatase Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirrall L65 3EB Hosmpiwd a posted mu* PHONE ORDERS: 051-357 1275 Jason Holborn brings you the latest gossip from the Amiga music scene.
Miss this at your peril timer [vita =0CT »tME*Zli»K -Tdao kInn IhWIW- fllilli- LOCK CTBl: HIOICH' HO HIOI Q I 1 il 17 11 » It U U ri ti it HLES MISC orr pms. PLAV V0L hh» whit »:»it ra-PHEs B5EBDBH (aT 1VN( | ?CM*N»*L Ilf MO KEY-UP 8001 8821 88C 81I u B *P cmmo 81 stnngs8 Jl rzr Here It Is - an exclusive picture of Teijo's new 8-channel flunk eidtor. OctaMed Music-X 2 bites the dust Fans of Demonware's acclaimed game music creation system TFMX will be pleased to learn that a major upgrade will be with us really soon.
Demonware have listened to many of the criticisms which were levelled at the original release, updating and adding features to TFMX 2.
The new program boasts many new features including comprehensive editing tools and full support for Midi, making TFMX 2 one of the most powerful sound chip composition systems yet produced for the Amiga.
Protably the most major new feature is the inclusion of support for Midi communications. TFMX can now be operated via Midi-compatible devices such as synthesisers, mother keyboards etc. Obviously the most immediate use is for the input of performance data by playing it directly on your Midi keyboard, but TFMX also features powerful Midi synchronisation options. These allow TFMX to tran- form the Amiga into a dedicated 4- channel Midi sound module.
Editing was particularly poor within TFMX l, especially if you were used to the more traditional method of music composition. Thankfully, Demonware have taken notice of this obvious omission with the inclusion of an all-new Pattern Editor which Yes, the unimaginable has happened - Microlllusions have killed off what is undoubtedly the most important Amiga music product in existence, There's no doubting that without Dave joiner’s acclaimed Midi sequencing system, the Amiga would never have achieved the success within the music industry allows TFMX sequences to be edited in a graphical
form, much like those editors employed by Midi sequencers.
Sampled instruments may sound realistic, but they have one major failing - they eat memory, lots of it.
For those of you with extravagant tastes but not enough memory to satisfy them, TFMX now has a comprehensive synthesis module which allows you to create analog-like synth sounds that fill only a few bytes of your precious memory.
You can create realistic (and very trendy) acid-like squelchy bass sounds and sweeping analog tones.
TFMX is now a complete one-stop music creation system. Not only can you arrange scores, but you can now create your instruments without havthat it is now enjoying. According to a source close to Music-X programmer Dave, he has ceased development of Music-X in favour of products for Commodore's forthcoming CD-based Amiga, the CDTV. Despite considerable interest from users, It seems that Music-X version 2 may now never see the light of day.
The new release promised to add many of the features that MusicX users have been crying out for - full score editing, drum editing, plus a whole lot more. Unless a third party developer decides to fill the gap left by David's decision, it looks as if MusicX users will be left high and dry.
D-2 1800 F-2 1000 8-2 1000 0-2 2000
• •• MM -•* ---MM - - - OOU 0000 - 0000 0000 0*2 2000 ?
Iwnmmw. Mwrnmr ing to first load a dedicated saflple editor.
If you'vfl got a sampler connected to the parallel port ol your Amiqa you can even grab samples ffom directly within TFMX and then clean them up using its comprehensive sample editing tools.
Med goes pro Hot on TFMX 2's heels is a brand new release of Teijo Kinnunen's acclaimed PD music editor, Med.
After putting the finishing touches to Med version 3 (it's on the coverdisk!), Teijo is now beavering away on a new release which is not only more professional than previous ones, but has one majo' feature that leaves most of the competition standing - it is 8-channel.
OctaMed is fully compatible with previous releases, but Teijo has pushed the Amiga's sound hardware to its very limits to allow a maximum of eight different sounds to be played simultaneously. Although not an original idea (Oktalyser has been doing it for months now), OctaMed sacrifices nothing in the sound quality department.
Editing has also been tidied up substantially. OctaMed will include a powerful MusicX-like bar editor which employs a sort of 'semi-stave' approach to allow you to view your musical creation in a more familiar format than the usual vertical row of numbers.
Teijo had intended to sell OctaMed as a commercial product for about £50 to £75, but in a fit of generosity this price has been be able to afford what will undoubtedly be a major Amiga music release.
For more info, contact AmigaNuts United on 0703 785680.
More Music-X The news isn't all bad for MusicX owners, however. Microlllusions have revealed that a number of new addon modules will soon be released.
Although they are far from being major, they further extend the editing power of Music-X. Here's what is on offer :- DEFLAM - Nobody can record a complex keyboard part into Music-X without a few mistakes creeping in.
Quantization can correct all the timing errors, but what about all those little extra notes that seem to appear whilst your hands zip around the keyboard? You need Deflam. Deflam will automatically remove any notes shorter than a specified length.
SCATTER - Sequenced music has always been critisised for being too 'rigid' and perhaps even too 'perfect', but you can now inject feel (timing errors!) Into your music to make it sound more human. Scatter achieves this by adjusting the piram- eters of a selection of randomly chosen notes.
PRINTEVENT - You don't need a brain the size of a planet to cuess what this does! Put simply, PrintEvent er,... prints events. It allows you to get a hard copy of the sequence data displayed withir the Music-X Event Editor.
Books for musicians Prolific author RA Penfold has released a new book that may be of interest to Amiga musicians. Published by PC Publishing, the new book is called Advanced Midi Users Guide, the follow up lo Penfold's previous Midi book, the Practical Midi Handbook. PC Publishing can be contacted on 0732 770893.
Ear shattering offers for Amiga Computing readers Master Sound Capture any sound you hear and replay it in seconds It's so easy to use: Simply connect the sampler to your Amiga, load the software and immediately you have the . Ability to capture sounds with amazing accuracy.
Connect your compact disc player or personal stereo and digitise sounds to incorporate into your own games and tunes.
The supplied software provides complete control over the sampled sounds: Cut and paste them, flip and fade them and you're still only using a tiny fraction of the sound processing tools available.
Best of all, the comprehensive instructions will soon have you creating your own public domain demo disks complete with IFF picture files.
It’s the perfect sound sampling package for beginners and experts alike.
Master Sound is a complete hardware and software sampling system for only £34.95 “Is it real or is it Master Sound?”
- Amiga Computing, May 1990 Boost your computer's sound with an
AMIGASOUNDBL See order form on page 124 QUARTE1 Make the most
of your Amiga's superb sound capabilities by linking it to
Sound- blaster s high quality stereo amplifier and speakers.
Using the latest microchip technology, the specially designed amplifier can deliver an ear-shattering five watts of music power.
Twin controls provide complete control over volume and balance.
The 50 watt speakers consist of a woofer, a mid-range and a tweeter for the highest possible sound quality. Thumping bass, crisp trebles: You'll hear them all with incredible clarity.
The Amiga Soundblaster comes complete with mains adaptor and full instructions. No alteraticns to your computer are required
- just plug in and switch on to re-discover sound cn your Amiga.
Buy all 3 for just £104.95 »«l Make beautiful music on your Amiga Quartet is a stunning sequencing package that will allow you to compose anything from a jingle to a symphony.
Making full use of the Amiga's unique four channel stereo sound system, Quartet is equally at home playing Depeche Mode or Debussy. Quartet comes complete with full instructions, a disk full of sound samples and full source code to allow you to intergrate your tunes into your own programs.
What's more, Quartet is MIDI compatible, so you can connect a suitable keyboard or synthesiser to enter notes directly.
It’s the ideal sequencer package to complement the excellent Master Sound sampler _- Amiga Computing, August 1990 Quartet comes with full instructions and two disks for just £39.95 It cannot be denied that whatever else Comms may be, it is not one of the cheapest hobbies known to man.
Countless people catch the comms bug, only to spend more cash than they can afford. Huge bills mean huge hassle, taking the fun out of getting online.
Is getting online getting to your finances? Eddie McKendrick helps calm your bank manager down There are two factors to consider when trying to keep costs down; distance and time. Using the right software it is Dossible to get more out of comms while putting less time and money in.
Down the local With the advent of digital telephone networks t is as easy to get a good connection to the USA as it is to call a board three doors down the road.
International calls are not cheap, even at cheap rate. The bulk of downloadable software tends to migrate over to the UK fairly quickly and messages go global via the various mail networks.
If you are going to call a foreign board, ask yourself if it is really worth it before spending loads of money downloading or reading something you could probably have sourced in the good old UK.
It is possible to become even more canny, if less adventurous, and try to rest'ict long bbs calls to those within your dialling code area.
Lust as messages and files find their way into the UK from abroad, they will find their way to a local board given a little time. Some people would argue that the whole point of comms is to get your keyboard out and about and explore the world with the aid of your trusty modem. It's all very noble, but a file is a file is a file, no matter where it is downloaded from Clock Watching Ezra Online!
Amiga Computing can be contacted on a whole host of bulletin boards and conferencing systems.
If you have anything to say to us, do get in touch. We can’t promise lo reply to all mail I'm afraid, but we will do our best!
Here is where you can find us: With comms perhaps more than any other hobby, time truly is money.
The less time your modem is hooked up to the line, the lower your telephone bill will be.
You can stop the online timer getting to dizzy heights by using the cleverest comms packages and utilities you can lay your hands on.
If you regularly download files it makes sense to use the fastest transfer protocol you can. Most decent boards support Zmodem, as do most respected comms packages for the Amiga.
If waxing lyrica at length is more your cup of tea, it is possible to use offline mail readers to download, read and reply to messages at your own pace. It's amazing how much more intelligible people become when they have time to think before they type in messages.
The time, the place Another obvious tip which tends to be lost on most comms buffs is to use the telephone lines when it is economic to do so. BT have three Service: Prestel Telecom Geld CIX CompuServe The Direct Connection 01 For Amiga charging bands for calls within the UK. Peak rate is between 09:00- 1 3:00. This is when it wll cost you more to "make that call'' Moderately cheaper, but still by no means a bargain is "Standard" ’rate. This is operational between the afternoon hours of 1 3:00- 18:00 and also the1 odd hour In the morning between 08:00 09:00.
BT's bargain basement hours are between 18:00 and 08:00 Monday-Priday and all day Saturday and Sunday. This is the only time you should really entertain going online for any degree of time.
Make no mistake, "Cheap" rate isn't really cheap at all, but it is the best Mail us on: 022213425 74:MIK911 amigacomputing 70007,4734 uadi 132 Amiga Computing deal you can expect from BT's pied piper.
If you go in for long distance communicating and you are fortunate enough to be hooked up tc a gital exchange, ou should cet Mercury at ycur first opportunity.
The Mercury .Communica- ions network cannot handle local calls but it can save you a fortune on national and more importantly international ones.
Subscription to Mercury is less than £9 a year and using it can save around 25% on national calls and 14% on international ones, provd- ing you use the service off peak. For more information on hooking up call their information line on 0800 246
A regular monthly look at the world of Micronet . Off-peak MBX quarterly subscrim- ! 9h ,he ’ ° o:Tziincrea"d- P k. For the fir,, ,! Off rices like •or!h(fUgh 0,01 MBX Aloise on the Net itdia" ltbe interred „ Zentth hat lett line on E* ’5”0* the team, t on to , have *rUlen P' „ K tor lent to saY- following last a SSKS" interactive discussion , and debating front. „u Noise' to get people t*** w-th lhe most, Micronet s very Notse sessions rlTdlHeren, topic three nights a Pet for wit F Or averi sourc revie’ Al tion whi days coup T with crea you diffi AMIGA COMPUTING NEWSAGENTS ORDER
Please reserve a copy of Amiga Computing magazine every month until further notice I will collect I would like it delivered to my home Telephone 24 hrs 7 days a wjek 081-546 9575 Tel Fax: 081-541 4671 ANALOGIC ANALOGIC ANAi Name.... Address Postcode Th no’ loc 09 pri M th In G I* Ci 0 Note to Newsagent: Amiga Computing should be available from your local wholesaler. If not contact Carolyn Wood on 0625 8788X8 ...£39.99 p*o, AMIGA BOOKS v’
(d) - includes disk Send SAE for our new descriptive catalogue
Free delivery in UK and Europe and surface mail worldwide.
Add 30% for airmail outside Europe. Access & Visa accepted MILTON KEYNES (0908) 677176 Amiga 500 Tutorial Video For those who find the Amiga hard to get on with or those who haven't quite mastered the Workbench Environment.
This video runs for more than two hours showing in superb detail how to connect all peripherals.
Duplicate, Rename, Formatting of disks.
Menus, Windows, Preferences, Loading. Saving and many other topics.
Also with a unique index system to get straight to the topic you need.
Send your cheque for only £12.00 inc P P.
Payable to: Pennylane Video 42 Leopard Drive, Pennvland, Milton Keynes, Bucks Trade Enquiries Welcome AMPlot PostScript Graph plotting for the Amiga £75.00 Inclusive SciTech Software 23 Stag Leys Ashtead Surrey England KT21 2TD (0372)275775 Information available on request. Dealer enquiries welcome.
SAI.KS C64 Games System ..-......£84.99 C64 Nightmoves Mindbendcrs Pack Amiga A500 & Modulator & Mouse.
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Includes ....£28.95 Mapping the Amiga £19.95 Amiga Assembly Language Prog £12.95 Amiga DOS Quick Reference ......£8.95 Becoming an Amiga Artist .£16.95 Second Book of Amiga ...£14.95 Kids 4 The Amiga ..£13.95 Amiga Companion ...£1495 AmigaDOS 2 Companion ..£22,95 AmigaDOS Ref Guide 3rd Ed ....£18.95 Fl5 Strike Eagle Handbook £1095 Falcon Air Combat ...£12.95 Gunship Academy .£10.95 Phew... What a month!
The AMOS Compiler has finally arrived, and it's pretty nifty.
On my B2000 it compiles the average program (about 60k of source code) in eight seconds! A full review will appear soon.
Peter Hickman with a flipping good idea for getting hundreds of objects onscreen without incurring speed penalties ¦ • » A 9 k: 1 FwF&soi )=;»'[ [I] [1T-?
Iwd: • [ ~ a n ¦¦ Is j i: m :°i SURFACE;::if ?
' Ktm |ix|+ c? Ill uJjuy ua . N il + J ?
Coming soon AMOS 3D Also ir the final stages of completion is the long-awaited AMOS 3D, which should be available within days of reading this (well, maybe a couple of weeks).
The 3D system comes complete with an editor which allows you to create just about any type of object you could want simply by glueing different shapes together.
Smooth moves The AMOS Public Domain Library now has over 190 disks in its catalogue. Give Sandra Sharkey a bell on 0942 495 261 for more info about prices and availability.
The last piece of news is that Mandarin have changed AMOS for the German and American versions.
Instead cf being released with the Castle AMOS adventure game's the package will now contain a simple card file program called Dataflex (which by the way was written by me!).
AMOS handles animation very well, and the theory behind creating and moving smooth cartoon-like objects in AMAL is very simple (we covered this in an earlier AMOS column).
Of coirse there are limits to the power of AMAL and you really cannot have more than about 16 large objects animating without things slowing down.
Have you ever wondered how to get hundreds of objects on a screen without incurring the speed penalties that you might expect from any of the usual animation methods?
The answer is simple - page flipping. This is a technique where you draw objects on different screens and then jump between each screen to create the illusion of movement or animation. It's a bit like drawing little matchstick men in the corner of a book, each one in a different position, and then flicking through the pages tc create your own little movie.
On the cover disk you will find a sprite file called MEN.ABK, load this into AMOS from direct mode and then go back to the editor.
First we hide the mouse, and set up two variables. SPNUM is the number of the 30B we will draw onto the screen and MXSCREEN is the number of screens (+1) we will use to do our page flipping.
Close Editor Close Virkbtnch Hide On NXSCIEEM SPNUM Next we must cpen up all of the screens that we will use in the demo.
Half meg owners should just about have enough memory to open seven screens if they don't have an external drive (if you do switch it off!).
For 1=0 To NXSCIEEN Screen Open I,320,200,16,Lovres Flash Off Curs Off Cls 0 Autoback 0 Get Sprite Palette Screen Hide I Next 1 Now comes the interesting bit - we first draw a man, flip the screen, draw another man (in a slightly different position), Hip the screen etc. We change the BOB we will use by incrementing the variable SPNUM.
When the Amiga bleeps just press a key and you will see the next piece of animation drawn. For T=0 To NISCIEEN Screen Hice SCI Add SCR,1,0 To NXSCIEEN Screen Shew SCI Screen To Front SCR Screen SCI Paste Bob 120,70,SPNUN Add SPNtlH,1,1 To 7 Bell Wait key Next T Now we should have seven screens in memory, each with the picture of a running man in a slightly different position. We must animate these screens by flipping constantly through the screens. In the loop below I have chosen to wait for five VBLs (I explained VBLs in an earlier article!) Before we swap to the next screen. If you want to
speed up the animation just change the WAIT 5 line to WAIT 3 (or an even lower number for ultra speed!).
For iOP=1 To 500 Screen Hide SCI Add SCU,0 To NXSCIEEN Screen Show SCR : Screen SCR Vait 5 Next 10P When writing a program which calls another AMOS program (a bit like the Fun School 3 menu does) you sometimes need to close all of the screens currently opened.
Unfortunately you do not always know what screens have been opened by a previous program, so to dose every screen just use the following lines of code Hmle $ cr«fn®-1 Screen Close Sc*een Vend If no screens are opened then the function SCREEN will always return the value -1, otherwise it will return the number of the currently chosen screen. Simple huh?
Ok, that example was interesting but let’s face it, one man running about and taking up sever screens in memory is hardly impressive is it? So how about a few more, 32 more in fact?
The next program follows the format of the previous one except that in the middle you will notice that it draws a lot more men on each screen!
Hide On NXSCIEEN=6 SPNUN=1 1 Open screens I For 1=0 To NXSCIEEN Screen Open I,J2Q,200,16,loirej Flash Off Curs Off Cls 0 Autobick 0 Get Sprite Palette Screen Hide 1 Next i 1 Generate screens • For T=0 To MXSCREEN Screen Hide SCR Add SCI,1,0 To NXSCIEEN Screen Shea SCR Screen To Front SCR Screen SCR For LOP1=0 To 160 Step 70 For LOP=0 To 250 Step 25 Paste Bob L0P,L0P1,SPNUH Next LOP Next L0P1 Bell Vait Key Add SPNUN,1,1 To 7 Next T 1 Do swaps I For L0P=1 To 500 Screen Hide SCR Add SCI,1,0 To NXSCIEEN Screen Show SCI : Screen SCR Wait 5 Next LOP I ' Close screens I Vhile Screen -1 Screen Close
Screen Vend Nifty or what? We've run out of room for this issue but on the cover disk you will find a few more examples, including movement combined with page flipping (and my head!!).
Have a play around with the routines and see what you can achie e, it's great fun.
Oh and by the way, the graphics for that geezer we have been experimenting on were drawn by a whizz of a graphics artist named Stuart Cambridge. Thanks Stoo!
T VOLiriVIA.CE commodore £895 £36 £72 £229 £149 £115 £99 £395 A228S PC-AT board & 5) drive A2088 PC-XT bo vd 4 5j" drtvo £675 £225 ¦ C2058 8MB Board. 2MB insulted £196 ¦ ¦ £72 £199 £275 £425 £725 £189 RAM lor above, per 2MB A7732 Mufti Pori Sorial Card Quantum P oDRIVE 40MB 11ms Quantum PoDrlv* 100MB nms Quantum P-oOrlve 200MB 11ms A2091 cmdlor ProOtivn. 2MO OK RAM lor nbsve. Per MB (max 2MB) £36 External Drive urvi lor ProOrrve £95 £55.95 £16.95 £34.95 I £16.95 £34.95 £24.95 £27.95 | £29.95 £14.95 £59.95 RAM for A590. Per MB ... SCRAM tor A3000, por MB... KCS PC Power Board Supra Modem 2400
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NEW ZOOMER YOKE (ANALOGUE) 11’ x 11* - sprung return to centre yoke joystick with trimmer controls and a digital mode for ordinary use.
Baldock, Herts. SG7 6NG. Telephone (0462) 894410 la Amstrad~FX9600 UJ £159»i 109 9» 179 91 299 »»
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RAM Chips for A590 2091 per 512Kb (FREE p&p) 22 50 A500 Compare Power Supply .. Kiqkstan VI 3 ROM for A5002000 ...... i Mb Fat Agnus 8372A.. CIA Chip 8520 Vidi-Amiga PAL Frame Grabber me filters iFREE p&p) 12Q 00 RGB Composite Video Splitter (FREE p&p) 69 95 Surge Protector 4-Way Block.1 13A Plug ...(p&p £2) 1695 '2.95 Star LC24-200 Colour .29900 Star XB24-10 24 pm INC COLOUR OPTION 39900 Okimate 20 R bbons Heads Paper PHONE Cdi2en 1200- Star
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Order by phone wilh your credit card, or sond checuWPO t r ydur Credit Card number. W« welcome official orders.
Software so«t same-day by 1st Class posl, but ploaso allow frve days for hardware dolrvery. Unless overnight.
Prices subject to availability n" a * 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY. N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947 600065 (9am-7pm) a n An a n ah a it a n a iia ii a ii a haiia LAKESIDE HOUSE. KINGSTON HILL. SURREY. KT2 70T. TEL 041*546-7256 changed the display needs to be updated using the commands MakeVPort, MrgCop and LoadView.
The command MakeVPort asks the system to make a set of display instructions (or copper list) from the structures in the viewport.
The command MrgCop merges these copper lists into a single instruction list.
LoadView turns on direct memcry access (DMA) and the display will be shown on the screen. Any flicker can be reduced by waiting for the beam to reach the top of the frame.
When using windows and screens, the Intuition Library has a very convenient RemakeDisplay that updates the display in just one command.
The program produces the display by opening a SUPER_BITMAP win- dowon a screen with its CUSTOM- SCREEN and CUSTOMBITMAP flags set.lt could have been written as in last month's CODE CLINIC using graphics primitives only, without the Intuition Screen.
Than the screen.
The dr Jiving routines have t used to produce a series of red v cal and I orizontal stripes on screen ;en rti- the Struct Neuicreen TheReuScreen « ( 0,0,320,200,3, 1,3, NULL, CUST0NSCR:EN|CUST0N81TNAP, NULL, NULL, NULL, IBNred, ; s t r • p e s:) ( ‘find :k* ItastPort address* redrastpor r»thisMindov- IPort; for(i=G;i 31;io* •draw sattd vertical stripes' SetSPentredrastportJII); RectFi11(-edrastport 2l*t,0,32*20*t;i00 ); ) fcr(i=0;i 20;1n) *dri. Spiced korhontil stripe!* ( SetAPen(r«dristport iZI); lectfilKrcdrastport ,0.20*1,639,lOtlO'i struct Newfindou TheNeuMindow *
0,0,320,2)0,0,1,0, ACTIVATE |5UPER_BI TPRAP, 0,0,0, 0,0, 64,20,320,200, tuSTONSCREEN, Both the screen and the window are linked to the bitmap (BMred) The display scrolls right, up, left y previous article described how to create a screen display using routines from the graphics library. A view and several viewports were defined, and some simple drawing done n each one.
Each Intuition screen also has a viewport. Once the viewport address is known the primitive graphic routines can be used on a screen and its windows.
Each viewport has a Raslnfo struc- .ure containing a pointer to the bitmap with the bitplane information. If the viewport has dual playfields, the first Raslnfo contains a pointer to the next Raslnfo, which has a pointer to the second bitmap.
The picture in memory can be larger than the screen image, by creating a bitmap larger than the viewport area. The Raslnfo structure has the offsets for the relative position of the display to the complete picture.
It is possible to link an Intuition custom screen to a custom bitmap wher opening the screen. In this example the bitplanes (640 x 400) are larger than the viewport (320 x
200) , and the offsets are zero to start with.
If the x and y offsets are changed, the viewport ( or the window) displays a different part of the bitplane, A very smooth scroll can be produced by increasing or decreasing these offsets up to four pixels at a time, and updating the display instructions.
If the offset is i, and the Rasrlnfo structure fired : icrcllx(i) lonj i; pirid- *xOffsel=i; •update the i Raslnfo offset* ItuktDitplayO; •Intuition updates the display* ) scrolly(i) long i; rir»d- RyOffset=i; •update the y Raslnfo offset' ReaikeDisplayO; .'•Intuition updates the display* ) Every time the Raslnfo offsets are Margaret Stanger uses her Intuition and goes for a scroll... and down with a short delay in between.
ScrollO ( Deleft 100); for(i=0;t 100 i?*) scrolli(t); •scroll right* Delajr(IOO); for(i=0;i 100;i** scroll)(i); •scroll up* DelaydOO); for(i=100;i -1;iR) scrolbti); •scroll left* DelaydOO); for(1*100;i -1;ii) scrollj(i); •scroll doun* After the scrolling the p'ogram doses the window and screen, frees the bitplanes and exits.
The program uses graphics library routines, and also includes intuition library routines and the Delay routine from the dos library. Summaries of these libraries were included on the support disc in earlier parts of this series, and the routines are described in full in the ROM KERNAL MANUAL
- Libraries and Devices.
• NEXT MONTH: Reoding IFF ptclues ond decoding compressed picture
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Tel: 081 877 3738, 081 870 0469 or 0860 763576 a Open Mon Sat from Hhon-lpnt I* H Upgrade available to existing users for only £6.00 + £1.00 p&p i'i svy DIMENSIONS BROOKLANDS HOUSE BRYNGWYN RAGLAN GWENT NP5 2AA 0291-690933 690901 However carefully you typeset the words, write the headlines, choose the typefaces and illustrations, the result can still look a mess if you ignore .he design of the page, which is not necessarily dependent on any of these.
The easiest way to design a good looking publication is to find something similar that you like the look of
- and copy it (a technique not unknown to professionals).
Are you confused by columns or having problems getting to grips with grids? Let John Walker guide the way with some design tips Reproducing professionally designed work will help you appreciate its qualities. It does need to be something similar though. It's no good producing a newsletter for plumbers in the style of Vogue, or a job application in the style of Viz.
The oest way is to grasp the fundamental principle that underlies most modern professional designs.
The basic concept is that of a grid.
Once that is mastered (and it shouldn't take more than a couple of lifetimes), you can approach any DTP job with confidence.
As its name suggests, a grid is nothing more than a division into measured units of your page. The vertical units are set by the margins, the coUmns that will contain your body text (that is, the main text of your publication excluding headlines) and the spaces between the columns. These are measurements set automatica ly by DTP programs from a requester box, which simply require you to enter the size of the margins and the number and width of the columns, when they will be shown on-screen.
Horizontal units will not be shown automatically. Eut DTP programs do include an option for a grid to be drawn on the page, which can be set at whatever measurements you need.
I use a grid of an inch square (or its equivilent in centimetres or picas, the other normal units of measurement).
A grid provides a structure on which you car build your design.
The first decision to make is the number of columns to a page. Once that is set, the other elements - headlines and ilustrations - slot into the overall desicn.
Cartoon capers A page within which text is set in three columns automatically provides you with a choice of running your graphics or headlines over one, two or three columns, depending on the prominence you wish to give them.
The grid structure enables flexibility.
For example, in a three-column grid, you could also run an illustration over two-and-a-half columns with the caption to it occupying the other half-column.
Indeed, layouts often achieve a dynamic quality by having typographic or graphic elements breaking out of their space aid occupying part of a neighbouring column Comics (or graphic novels, if you want to be fancy), whch adhere to the grid approach more strictly than most publications, use a similar technique by having figures stepping out of their frames to suggest movement or violent action.
But it is as well to master the more formal approach before breaking the conventions. The body copy or text prgvides the rigid structure of the design since it is normally placed on the page within columns of an equal size.
The text columns provide an overall and basically unchanging shape.
Variety is provided within the columns by using type in different sizes, styles and more than one type- Our guest columnist John Walker edits the Amiga area on Micronet. This article is part of a series on DTP which can be accessed by keying ‘AMIGA online.
Face. The density of the columns of type is lightened by the addition of suL-headings, which remain within the column setting.
Vision in Blue Designers have usually worked up their layouts on special pages printed with grids in blue, which will not show up when the finished layout is photographed. You can follow the tradition by printing blank pages marked with a grid and designing your layouts on them, but it is quicker to do it on-screen with DTF programs.
You can specify the columns you want, import text, which at this stage can consist of anything (I keep a file of 1,000 words in Latin for this purpose) and have tinted boxes to represent the graphics. Using 50% magnification in Professional Page and PageSetter or the Show Full Page option in Pagestream will enable you to see the whole page on-screen.
With PageStream, I usually work on the Show Facing Pages option, which displays two pages side by side. It's better to see both, since that basic unit of design of a book or newsletter or similar publication is a spread of two pages, which need to balance one another. It's a source of irritation that neither of Gold Disk's DTP programs yet provide this facility- You can alter on screen the dimensions of graphics and play with the balance of text, illustration; and headlines far more easily than you can an on paper, where every change requires a fresh sheet.
Both Professional Page and PageSetter provide space next to the displayed page where you can store the various elements of the design while you move things around. In PageStream you can keep clip art and other elements in a separate window.
Obviously there's no room here to go into the basics of design in detail but the concept of the grid is easy enough to grasp. It is an enormous boon to beginners since it provides a firm structure and disciplined approach to any type of publication.
HART MICRO COMPUTER CONSUMABLE SPECIALIST AMIGA CLIP ART Set 1: Borders (73clips) £iq Set 2: Transport. Road Signs, Maps and Misc (121 clips) * Set 3: Wedding Bits. Menus. Shop Signs and Sports (126 clips) per set
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ET9:0273 890022 (24 tour Order Lne) r Fax. 0273 890931 * Please send Cheque PO lo: MHK PRODUCTIONS 3 FURLONG ROAD, LONDON N7 SLA Tel: 071-607 0SS2 Speccy emulator I am writing in reply to the letter headed 'Commodore Speccy' in the letter pages of issue 35 of Amiga Comuting.
The Spectrum Emulator is available from our PD Library at a cost of £1 for the disk plus £1 P&P.
The emulator has a range of features including the facility to load games from tape via a sound digitiser, which means that your old Spectrum games can be transferred to the emulator without trouble!
A complete listing of our offline PD library can be downloaded from our bulletin board on 0293- 884117 (300 - 2400bd) or by post from Runway A500 (PD Sales), The Hope, Vicarage Road, Crawley Down, Sussex RH10 4JJ.
I hope this information is of help to readers inquiring about the emulator.
Steve Sheldon, Sysop Manager, Runway A500, Crawley Down, Sussex.
How's this for starters?
Judging by some of the recent letters and comments, a few of your readers want to know how to start in assembly language programming.
I've wasted quite a few quid on over-technical, assune-you-know-the-basics type books, and have finally found a good, entry level 68k programming book - 68000, 68010, 68020 Primer, by Kelly-Bootle and Fowler, published by Sams, ISBN 0-672-22405-4 (£20).
Although not specifically for the Amiga, it is an excellent book for beginners.
Write to Ezra Surf, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Keep up the good work on a truly excellent magazine and, no, I don't have an interest in the book company!
Michael Ferrier, Louth, Lincs.
I want to be transformed Do ary of your readers know of anyone who still sells '"he Transformer' PC emulator? I know it is slow and is text-based, but most of my PC programs are text-based anyway. Can you help?
L F Jones, Fordingbridge, Hants.
Is there anybody out there who can advise?
Call us or write to us, and we'll be happy to pass on any glad tidings.
The creative urge I would like to buy AMOS The Creator. However, my brothers tell me it is almost impossible to learn and start to wave their hands about to indicate the size of the manual, Personally I reckon I could cope with the 300 page manual, the only problem being the time I would have to spend going through it.
Are they right in saying it is extremely hard to get to grips with, or are they just being sexist? Do you know of any demos of AMOS I can get hold of to try it out before I buy it?
Kate Hall, Wisbech, Cambs.
Buy it and prove them wrong, Kate. There is some work involved, as with all applications which fall into the more serious category, but if you're keen enough to succeed, you’ll win through. Demos of AMOS? Contact Sandra Sharkey at the AMOS Public Domain Library, 25 Park Road, Wigan, WN6 7AA, Tel (0942) 495261.
Grovelling pays off Congratulations on the best Amiga magazine by far: the others are only worth a casual flick tnrough in the local newsagents. Amiga Computing is the only one worth buying.
I have only had my Amiga 500 for a short while but I am already very interested in DTP applications. I am contemplating buying Pagesetter II, but would like to know more about it before I spend my hard-earned money.
In the March issue I noticed a about in the 'International Rescue' section about an article reviewing this program in April 1990.
Unfortunately I also noticed an item in the same issue saying back issues are not available.
Surely someone at Amiga Computing must have a pile of back issues in their personal stock because I can't believe such important contributions to Amiga literature would be thrown away, certainly not by such intelligent people! (is that enough grovelling?).
Please, please, PLEASE could someone send me a photocopy of this article? I know it will be an objective and thorough review, and I promise I will buy every issue in future.
Simon Snewin, Stoke-on-Trent Back issue availability is unfortunately restricted to the last six issues at any one time, and it would be an administrative nightmare for us to start a general photocopying service.
However, Simon, because you've grovelled so well, and so long as you keep your side of the bargain, you will be receiving a copy of our objective appraisal of Pagesetter II in the post any day now!
Incidentally, those back issues for the past six months should be ordered from Database Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, L65 3EB. Back issues include the cover disk and the cost is £3.10. Postage is, of course, free if you're in the UK. See our Reader Offers near the back of this issue for full details.
The best solution is to place a regular order or become a subscriber, then there's no chance of missing anything!
Sexism takes a bashing
• Stevie Kennedy's article calling for an end tc sexism in
computing in the February issue of Amiga Computing obviously
struck a chord with the writer ol the following letter.
Lust to fill you in on the background, F. A. Mori has written to another Amiga magazine, Amiga User Intnernotional, part ol Maxwell Specialist Magazines (with which we hove no connection) complaining about an article plugging an apparently overtly sexist computerised jigsaw puzzle.
In that letter, she says she is "appalled that you evidently felt it worthwhile to celebrate this waste of time ond intelligence on the part of the (doubless male) programmer; and with a picture, too, * and adds: "It really is about time that some thought was given to the raison d'etre of computing. Would YOU Me your son brother fother to buy this jigsaw? Jo you think it likely that your daughter sis- ter mother would buy it? Would you like your daughter sister mother to have been the model for this jigsaw?"
Her letter to us is as follows: I enclose a copy of a letter I have sent to Amiga User htematiol, following your back page article in the February 1991 issue of Amiga Computing.
This letter expressed my views on sexist software and also on wider issues. Sexism pervades the entire computer industry and the possible purchase of sexist software is the END of the line, rather than the beginning.
Wio sold you your machine? Who have you spoken to on the phone about your machine?
Who writes the majority of both letters and articles in the magazines you read? Who opened up your 'box', if anyone ever has? Who are the people YOU consider to be most computer literate?
As you say, Stevie, until this issue is addressed by public debate these very serious problems will proliferate and girls and women will have less and less influence on the very fabric of the society of which they are a legally equal part.
I regret that neither of my letters are on Amiga readable floppies but I am in fact a PC user! (Doesn't stop me having views, though!).
All the best.
F A Mari, Kingsbury, London
• Do you have a view on sexism in computing? If so, why not
help to keep the debate going by dropping me a line?
Top of the zaps?
While browsing through the magazines on the shelves of my local newsagent, I had an idea which, if adopted, could change people’s views on computer games.
Vly idea is the creation of a television programme, much like Top of the Pops, but to do with computer software.
The programme could include features such as:
• Top Ten Games - a list of top games for all formats
• Interviews - conversations with top programmers and graphic
artists etc.
• Previews - in depth view of games currently being developed.
• News - information like game prices and release dates I believe
such a programme would be warmly received by the punters.
However, perhaps the computer magazines - yourselves included -
may see this type of television series as a threat to your
livelihood as gamesplayers would not have to pay to receive
up-to-the-minute comput- t' game news.
What are your views?
S N Hardy, Sheffield Chaos and Megadeath... I bought my Amiga 500 second-hand about three months ago, and for a while everything worked perfectly. I received many games with the computer which were all copied. When I loaded up one of the disks, a message appeared on the screen reading: “Chaos and Megadeth present another cool spread- does this bootblock offend you?? If so then call me (find my number and its usage will be stopped).
Examining the bootblock more carefully with Killdavirus III I found the phone number but when I dial it I get the unobtainable tone.
Examining some of my other disks, I found that one was infected with the AIDs vims and another with the Northstar vims. I tried contacting the person from whom I had bought my Amiga but he has moved away.
Now, for the same reason, I can't save anything, or copy or initialise any disks, and thus can't move the vimses.
Sometimes, after the computer has been on about 20 minutes, it crashes and a gum meditation message appears on the screen.
Please help.
Gregor McCarthy, Dundee, You are suffering because of the stupidity of your machine's previous owner, I'm afraid Using "cracked" software has its price.
So what can yo do now? A good start would be to consign all your pirated games to the formatting pile. If any of your commercial software has been damaged run it through "Killdavirus". It may salvage the software. It may not. Try to keep these infected disks away from your computer and it should be fine.
But some of the other interesting applications, too.
Would we see such a programme as a threat to our livelihood? I seriously doubt whether a show lasting half an hour or so could ever rival the range of coverage we give in Amiga Computing. We estimate that to cover all aspects of the Amiga like we do would require a programme lasting the best part of a day!
And then, what about the formats covered by other magazines?
School for computer fliers I caught Amiga-itis last November when I had Sublogic's Flight Simulator 2 demonstrated to me at a friend's home.
A few day's later, my friend helped me spend around £600 on an A500 and accessories so that I could also experience the mysteries of this computer and satisfy my craving for flight simulation programs.
I am fortunate that, some years ago, I held a licence to fly small fan-driven aircraft and also gliders. So it was not too difficult for me to get these programs airborne and back down on the ground in one piece.
Some of the less flight-experienced people who also own Amigas and have flight sim pro- grams seem to get disheartened quite quickly after a few crashes. So my question is to programmers: Why has there not been an instruction program written to teach budding computer pilots to fly?
I feel sure it could be done, with instruction prompts flashing on the screen, 'talking3 the trainee around the circuit and then letting one 'go solo' when sufficient experience has been gained.
Has .there ever been a glider, sailplane program produced for the Amiga? If not, why not?
The challenge of one’s solo 'Cs' then progressing to bronze, silver, gold and the diamonds would make an interesting program.
As with FS2, if scenery disks could be added, one could soar over the Alps in wave in an attempt to reach record altitudes. The potential challenge is almost endless.
Malcolm Jay, Chingford, London Sounds like you could become a real high flier in the software world, Malcolm, All you need to do is learn how to program! Failing that, why not present your ideas to some of the software companies? Be very businesslike and make sure you don't end up parting with an outline for a sim program for little or no reward.
As for glider sailplane programs for the Amiga, we don't know of any existing ones.
Does anyone else?
No show for the Scots?
Can anyone tell me when there will be a computer exhibition that will be open to the general public in Scotland?
In Glasgow recently there has been a trade only computer exhibition. I am sure the computer hardware and software companies would find it to their advantage to have an exhibition that is suitable to everyone, similar to those held in Wembley in December or Hammersmith in lanuary.
Why is it that all these public exhibitions are only in the London area? Come on, computer companies - there are other areas foi you to show your merchandise. This also applies to the computer press.
I am sure the readers of Amiga Computing and other computer magazines will agree with me on the above.
Robert Dalgleish, East Kilbride.
Yes, Robert, I'm sure they do! Especially the many thousands of Scottish ones. The show you refer to, which took place in Glasgow at the end of February, must obviously be the Scottish Computer Show. Unfortunately, this is the only major Scottish show we've had any details of in recent times. Can anyone advise us of any others in the pipeline? We'd be glad to print details on our news pages.
E. M.P.D.L. Amiga ST P.D. Library. Open 6 Days 9am - 9pm
the most useful utilities includes Word Processor. Text
Editor, Database. Spreadsheet. Etc. EMPDL. BUSINESS PACK. A 4
disk collection of utilities with the small business user in
mind. Includes Accounts Stock Control Etc. HOME MANAGEMENT
PACK. A 2 disk set of the most useful utilities for home use.
TV GRAPHICS. A 2 disk set of backgrounds and fonts fcr video enthusiasts.
Video applications, a 2 disk set of video utilities to accompany TV Graphics SMOVIE. A utility to display a text file on video in many ways FLEXI BASE. The most versatile database around DADDYKINS 7. Disk salvage DFO-DF1. Plus virus checkers and boot utilities DADDYKINS 8. Probably the only word processor disk you will ever need.
MASTER VIRUS KILLER. The latest and easiest to use Virus Killer LEARN AND PLAY. A 2 disk set for the younger members of the family.
STAR TREK. TOBIAS RICHTER VERSION. The very best version available.
AMERICAN STAR TREK. Excellent but needs 1 Meg and 2 drives.
CHECKERS. The draughts game plus much more.
DRAGONS CAVE. A brilliant 1 2 Meg game using the "Dungeon Master" graphics.
FISH GAMES SET. A 5 disk collection of the best games from Fred Fish.
TBAG GAMES. 1 disk with 8 of the best games from the TBAG collection.
BILLY THE KID. 1 Meg 20 minute animation.
CHAOS ROCK. Brilliant 1 Meg demo from Brazzle Atkins.
CHAOS IN MOTION. Fantastic 2 disk demo from Black Cog Productions.
KYLIE MINOGUE. A 2 disk demo of Kylie's best liked records.
STUDIO MUSIC. Now a 13 disk set for the all in price of £20.00. ANARCHY SYSTEM VIOLATION. The latest and best demo from Anarchy.
THRASH DEMO. A very good demo for all the Thrash fans.
Cheques & P.O.'s payable to:
0602 630071 C o t r * The Matnx is a source of data for the computer musician. Musicians can access text, score, coloured graphics, musical performance and NEW INSTRUMENTS for their SYNTH trom their computer. We currently support the following instruments - KORG Ml. KAWAI K1 r m. Roland ’D' Series. Yamaha FB 01. PSS Series. Casio CZ & CT and supply new voices, editors & librarians for many others NEW Kurt; Ml Data Disk - 500+ voices WITH software that lets you transmit & receive ALL DATA from MI to disk only £30.
ALSO Kawai Kl rm Data Disk - as above for £30. Antis’ll or ST. Amiga Matrix issues 1-3 are available now. Issue I has Korg Ml SAMPLES ill IFF format ? 8VST software. Issue 2 has 250+ voices for Roland D5 I0 20.
Issue 3 has FB-OI Editor. From Issue 2 Music-X sequences and Oktalyzcr.
Songs are included Tlu* Matrix is axailuhlt- for the ST & AMIGA for £10 per issue, Or you may buy ANY Fol.R ISSUES for £35.
Prices include P&P costs worldwide;, Please specify uwirutcr when ordering.
Music Matrix 14 Main Street Last WemyssSCOTLAND KYI 4RL VIS A PHONE I24hr«) 0592 7148X7 ACCESS 17 Bit Software ...31 ABBCO 142 Ace Repairs ......140 Alternative Image ...140 Amiga Nuts ...30 Anco .6. 7 Analogic ......136 Applied Research Kernel 75 Amor ..I.F.C. Ashcom 110 Audition ..98 Bit on the Side ...145
Bitcon .64 Brenlee PD ...78 Byteback .....130 Calco 138 Checkmate Digital 59 Computerwise Bighton 145 Datel ......50. 51 Delta Pi 138 Diamond 102,103.104.105 Digicom ..19 Digita 128 DTBS , ..136 EMPDL 145 Entertainment Int .8,16 Evesham ......96. 97
FMG ..147 (IBC) Games Domain PD ..78 George Thompson ...20 Golden Image ......46 Goldstar . 77 Gordon Harwood .90. 91. 92. 93 Guiding Light .75 Hart ...142 Hill PD .78 Home based Business 140 Inpholink ......119 Intraset ..40 Jam .*......87 JCL ....15
Kontax ..140 Kosmos 119 KYC Disks ...140 MD Office ......25 Media Direct .42. 62. 63 MHK .142 Microdeal ......12 Microsmart ....36,37 Microsnips .....94 MJC ...60 Music Matrix 145 NBS ...80 New Dimensions 140 New Wave Software ..82 Nick Williams ......119
Office Choice 84 Orbital PD .....22 Original Media ......72 Pandaal ..64 PCS International 80 PD Rebels ....22 Penny Lane Video .136 Perfect PD .....78 PLC Computer Supplies 119 Play to Win ....84 Rainbow ......142 Rombo ......OBC School Software ...66 Scitech 136 Senlac ... 29
Silica Shop ....11 SK Marketing 53 Softmachine ..56 Solid State Leisure .3 Start ...78 Strictly PD .....26 Surface ...,,.,.115 Telescan .77 Ultimate PD ..22 Unbeatable Prices ..77 Valley PD ......80 Virgo Developments 87 Virus Free PD ......83 Voltmace ...138 Waterfront
CALL IN TODAY FOR YOURS £ 10OO INSTANT CREDIT AVAILABLE 0273 674 626 OPEN 10 AM TO 5.30 PM MONDAY TO SATURDAY 44 GEORGE STREET. KEMPTOWN. BRIGHTON OPPOSITE THE AMERICAN EXPRESS BUILDING AMIGA JUNIOR PD CLUB AMIGA Over tne past te« nw.hs «e hjee wondered ho* parents fat about their children and indeed tnem»bes jorrg a PD Ibrary and possibl, -eoewg mflcnal ... i.e. Glamour PKS QtlnSiW Iflr agf . . 50 * OCCflM t( Stf 10 * su& srfary cLb where ail the disks ia»e been careful) vetted as suitable tor all K «simpy going to be ealed HE JUM0R PD ClUB and is for an age athcugf the CU will be
crtftated towards the yorger end We h*e soecmir ccmwd a catalogue ccrtaring aow 200 TO ttlK. 2 demos and a P0 gare We also na«e some Pens and Balft-s with the club name on them, we »il send a Pen FREE to at new rembers For the under 16s we will sere a Pen AND a Balge FREE of charge.
What we hate to offer k the fofbwtn£ m
• O•! too Quait ' txanJeo dsks used • Again, no amritment. No
rimmum cede'.
• fustc!a$ s ppKsgc wne day despatch. • All disks £175 each HV
hare the foUonii joMng effort.
OFFER A OFFER B Catalogue Disk Plu* Catalogue Disk Plus 5 Extra Disks Free Membership Plus Containing Demos, Carries & Free Pen and Badge Animations * Free Pen 4 Badge PRICE: £9.00 PRICt: £1.75 A BIT ON THE SIDE Public Domain Software 8 Thorold Place, Tel: 0302-887332 Kirk Sondoli, Access Visa Fax:0302-887332 Doncaster DN31NU Welcome Loopy on Lemmings 20 Things you probably didn't want to know about Lemmings!
Caught in the act!
In the best tradition of trivia, here is the first of many Rock Lobster Caption Competitions.
The photo shows freelance genius Nik "Green" Veitch caught in the act with horror-star cum computer game celeb Elvira.
The best caption wins a stunning prize. Any refeences to silicon valley will be laughed at, then disqualified.
Entries to: Caught in the Act, Rock Lobster, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Arlington Park, Adlington, Macclesfield SKIO 4NP.
Now you NTSC it, now you don’t!
Apologies to our thousands of poor ol’ American buddies who have been having problems getting our CoverDisk to co-operate. The reason is a smart little utility called ONLYPAL1 which is part of the disk's startup. Its sole purpose in life is to reset the Amy if it chooses to boot up in NTSC mode rather than Britain's trusty PAL system. Being American, most USA Amigas take great offence to PAL and refuse to boot up in it. This means that our disk just keeps rebooting continuously, causing much burring and clicking and little else.
We will be making alternative arrangements f'om next month onwards.
For the moment, if you are a US reader boot with your normal Workbench dsk. Making the CoverDisk "NTSC friendly" is a simple matter of editing the Startup-sequence file in the S: directory and removing the reference to 0NLYPAL1.
All you techno-junkies might be interested to know what the PAL and NTSC acronyms actually stand for.
PAL represents Phase Alternate Line, the 625 line TV system used in the UK.
Most narked American telly junkies will try to persuade you it means Picture Always Lousy NTSC is the American 525 line system. It's described by most UK TV technicians as Never Twice the Same Colour. The true origin of NTSC is the National Television Standards Committee.
Ove' the last three years we have had intermittent trivia sections going by various names. First there was "Guru's Haunt" and then the infamous "Last Blit" With so many down-right quirky things happening out in Amigaland now is as good a time as any to introduce a down right silly page.
Thus you are now reading Rock Lobster. We don't aspire to the dizzy depths of other magazine trivia columns - Rock Lobster will be silly but not stupid This page will be used to announce winners of our new monthly competitions and offload all that trivial stuff that somehow doesn't fit into the rest of the magazine.
We will also be offloading the contents of our magic cupboard to any readers who can be bothered entering downright pointless competitions 1 The Oxford Handy Dictionary defines a lemming as a small arctic rodent reouted in migration to rush headlonc onto the sea and drown.
2 The original idea for Lemmings was a Dpaint animation drawn by DMA programmer Mike Dailly.
3 The song Syn:ronicity 2 by the Police has a I ne "Packed like Lemmings into shiny metal boxes."
4 Ideas to include tunes such as Mission Impossible, A-Team, Scooby Doo, Addams Family etc. knocked on the head due to fear of copyright problems.
5 When ST Programmer Brian Watson first saw a lemming exploding he laughed so much he fell off his chair!
6 The first cover drawings for Lemmings proved to be too alien and urfriendly looking, so designs were altered to the cute furry creatures in the blue jump suits we have come to know and love.
7 The next word in the dictionary after Lemmings is 'Lemon".
8 The game will probably never be converted to the ZX81.
9 One level carefully designed by Dave Jones to be extremely hard, turned out to be so easy it was considered stupid to include it in the game.
10 Trying to sample high pitched squeaky messages that are easy to understand is very difficult. Everyone also felt stupid trying it!
11 The first person to complete the game was a chap in the States who completed all the levels in a 20 hour marathon stint 12 Contrary to popular belief, Lemmings do not appear in the film “High Noon".
13 No Lemming has ever become President of the United States of America, yet.
14 There are over 330 animations of the little guys.
15 The enamel Lemmings badges have become a much sought after commodity.
16 There is a special level in each of the four sections of the game. These are all from other Psygnosis games, and should be easily recognisable to mcst Amiga owners.
17 DMA Design are now working with Amiga 3000'=s as their development machines. These are truly excellent machines dudes.
18 Watch out for the Lemmings band demo coming soon to an Amiga near you.
19 Lemmings are not cannibals and do not smoke. The guys on the cover of the box are only pretending.
20 Lemmings is jndoubtedly the best game ever written for any computer anywhere, probably.
Win a Lemming!
Do you crave your very own cutesy Lemming to float proudly next to your monitor? Would you like to win one of the much sought after Lemming's enamel badges? Do you have a space on your wardrobe for a "Save the Lemmings" sticker? Act now and all your wildest dreams could be realised!
The first 20 people to have their postcard or a sealed down envelope float from the mirky depths of the magic sack will be getting some Lemmings in the post.
Send your begging letters to: Lemmings!, Rock Lobster, Amiga Compxjting, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP If something is wrong with your Amiga 500 or C64, who setter to turn to than the Commodore National Repair Centre.
For all repairs to your computer, one low payment covers diagnosis, repair (including parts end labour) and delivery back to you.
And, as a special bonus, you can receive a free piece of so:tware if you contact us hefore 4th June 1991 The experience and expertise of our technicians ensu'es that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost. And each repair will be carried out within 12 working days!
To schedule a repair and claim your free software, simply call Michelle or Matthew on 0733 391234.
Please be ready :o give your name, address, computer type, serial number and the type of fault.
The cost is £49.95 for an Amiga 500 and £39.95 for a C64. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card.
And remember, r you call before 4th June you can claim a FREE piece of software.
Commodore National Repair Centre Amiga Repairs 0733 391234 FMG House Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate Peterborough PE2 05F PL, PC C FREE SOFTWARE £49.95 COVERS ANY REPAIRS Vidi... No 1 in UK & Europe (Leading the way forward) SQBrr)e(j 1 have c 9ooc - Sg?«5£S “Vcumsfanc S'Wly ' Oesfo, Get the most out of your Amiga by adding: "The Complete Colour Solution" The Worlds ultimate creative leisure product for your Amiga. Capture dynamic high resolution images into your Amiga in less than one second.
Somg 0f Qn inyl And Look No Filters Images can now be grabbed from either colour video camera, home VCR or in fact any still video source. The traditional method of holding three colour filters in front of your video camera is certainly a thing of the past. Because Vidi splits the RGB colours electronically there are no focussing or movement problems experienced by some of our slower competitors. Lighting is also less of an issue as light is not being shut out by lens filters. Put all this together with an already proven Vidi- Amiga VidiChrome combination and achieve what is probably the most
consistant and accurate high quality 4096 colour images ever seen on the Amiga.
The colour solution is fully compatible with all Amiga’s from a standard A500 to the ultimate A3000.
No additiona RAM is required to get up and running.
You will see from independant review comments that we are undoubtedly their first choice and that was before the complete solution was launched. If you have just purchased your Amiga and are not sure what to buy next, then just read the comments or send for full review and demo disk.
Actual unretouched digitised screenshot' Features 9 "iferesi in I Grab mono images from any video source Capture colour images from any still video source.
Digitise up to 16 mono frames on a 1meg Amiga.
Animate 16 shade images at different speeds.
Create windows in both mono & colour.
Cut & Paste areas from one frame to another.
Hardware and software brightness & contrast control.
Choice of capture resolutions standard & Dynamic interlace.
Full Palette control.
Add text or drawVvrthin art package.
* ‘Full colour demonstration disk available for only £1.95 to
cover P&P. * * 6 Fairbairn Road. Livingston. EH54 6TS. Tel:
0506-414631 Fax: 0506-414634 1 joystick 1 Amiga dusteover PLUS
the usual 4 great software titles PHONE FOR DETAILS ON CLASS OF
90 s PACK 2 Page sizes up to 20 X 20 inches are supported.
• Page backgrounds rendered in any user-defined solid colour or
one of 21 bitmapped textures (still more textures can be
ordered from Saxon Industries).
• Easily created column guides to assist with layout.
9 Screen angles and densities defined to four decimal places.
• Ability to variably scale the final output scale of any
3 love your idea of a computer games TV programme. It would probably be best suited to Channel 4, which bravely caters for many different interests and groups. It might be an even better idea if it covered not only games,

Click image to download PDF

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