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Though the Amiga outputs RGB to your monitor, and this is the basis of aü teievi-suai colour Systems, no video deck wilt took twice at this. This is because it wiü need encoding of some kind. The most basic encod ing is provided by the RF moduiator which wii! produce a fairly skinny image output for you to record. The real advantage of the Amiga's output is the range of rescisions, coiours and the interface option. The iatter is the most imper tact, as aii video pictures are made up of two interfaced fields. These consist of two sets of the other even, ftickering away 50 times a second. The fields subsequentiy combine to produ flames at the rate of 25 a sec ond. So* when you curse the migraine-inducing properties of some Amiga screen mode!; remember they are one of the things that set it apart. Pauia, Agnus, Denise and Cary aü work pretty hard together to provide you with a basic multimedia platform. They take the weight off the CPU atiowmg it to concentrate on computing and organisations! tasks. One of the machine'; unheralded strengths is, without doubt, its operating system. Workbench 1.3 & 2.0s' multitasking capabitities are something) would be loathe to do without, The abitity to shuffle between différent programs is essential when coordinating and refining animS, text and Sound in the way that video pro duction. at any ievei, requires. The occasional crash is weü worth the cost if you're avoiding the waste of time, energy and enthusiasm that would arise from repeatedly quitting and restarting programs. Much and made ôf the guru's visits by the Amiga's detractors but if you are sensible, ie don't muititask with games çr dodgy PD, then you are soon iikeiy to forget what a guru looks like, Finaiiy in this round up of the Amiga's attractions for videographers, aü our hats must be doffed to the people who produce the myriad range of quatity software and hardware for the Amiga range. Titiing, ani mation and paint packages are avaiiabie that can work with Video at any ievei and cost. Third-party hardware is appearing which aüows the Amiga to compete with the speed and capacity of dedicated video Systems.

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Document sans nom ¦ss** Shadowlands and Abandoned Plates are RPGs cool again?
TRIO • TURBOPRINT § BEGINNERS1 GUIDE • XOR VIDEO VITALS Your burning questions answered Id DISK? J * Se you? W: newsage UmPRESS
- Jj Just what will work Rhme latest education packages
tested'tind graded or your Amiga or C64 repairs, who tetter to
turn to, than Commodore's Approved National Repair Centre.
For all repairs to your computer, one low payment covers diagnosis, repair (including parts and labour) and delivery back to you.
If you send in your computer to Commodore's Approved National Repair Centre for repair, we will send you a piece of FREE SOFTWARE!
The experience and expertise of our teclinicians ensures that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost.
Most repairs will be carried out within 12 working days.
To schedule a repair and claim your FREE SOFTWARE, simply call Michelle or Julie on 0733 391234.
Be ready to quote your name, address, computer type, .serial numter, type of fault and code ACR 4 92.
Free SoFTWtfR e The cost is for a C64, £47.50 and for an Amiga 500, £57.50. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card. Part refund will te made if the computer Ls found to be teyond economic repair.
APPROVED 0733 391234 ALL PARTS AND LABOUR COVERED IN ONE EASY PRICE FMG House, Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate, Peterborough PE2 0SF ANNOUNCING A5000-B50()f
* tSF* . e'* ’ p , 6"'*Vg IS YOUR AMIGA STILL IN THE STONE
• B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 t
• 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga A
• Massive 4-32Mb of superfast memory •
• 100% Software compatibility •
• Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro •
• B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design •
• 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster •
• Three models A5000-16 B5000-25 B5000-40 • ' • THE MACHINES •
A500CM6 16.67 Mhz Atynehroneu* MC68020RC 2-3 MIPS (8 MIPS p*4k)
BMW-25; 25.00 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP 5-6 MIPS (12 MIPS Omk)
B5000-40: 4000 Mhz Asynchronous MC68030RP 9 9 MIPS (19 MIPS
pMk) FPU 12 5 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous MC68881RC or MC66882RC
A50OO16 RAM 4 Meoabylas o132-txt RAM 256 i 4 80n* DRAM*
B5000-25 RAM 18 MoQabytM of 32-M RAM 1024 x 4 tons ORAMs
B500040 RAM 32 Magttytn Of 32-M RAM 1024 x 4 80a« DRAM* SHADOW
ROM. Mow your Kicksttfl into 32-Oil SUPER-f AST-RAM SOFTWARE
68000 FMI0«ok rpoO* *0f 100* Jottwttr CofPpttiOllily HARDWARE
100-H Compatible with Amiga 5002000 and add-on caroa INTERFACE
1: Plug* mto 68000 procaaaor iocw maide your Amiga INTERFACE 2:
A B2000 Coprocataor (Torroll) card (for &5000-40 only) B?oo0-40
(Price includes iMb RA My A5000-16 (Price includes I Mb RAM)
B9000-25 (Price includes I Mb RAMf (AU prices inclusive of VAT)
Solid State Leisure Limited BO r.NlDON Bo*e, fRTMMNOnaROUOH,
NOW1MANTS NN9 5T2. TCLCPHONC: (09331 650677 InIimnatidnai: + 44
933 650677 REGULARS Amiga Newsline Amiga price cuts and COTV
catching oni Read it in Newsline-------------- 9 Public Sector
More of the latest and best public nnmiin Anrt charMrarp
rlicLc..... 101 ESP Take a swipe at a sacred cow or stand up
for the underdog in Ezra Surfs Postbag . 109 ACAS Expert
help for all of your Amiga's trouble and
strife--------------------------- 125 EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR
asTRSunoN su&soanvoNS David Wren COMAG N95)4«4ttS 051-557 2961
Member of me Audit oureouofOrcvktions CHAIRMAN PeejicMealan
negro At.jc CorpMg Wtct OUT KTRSO !*;»; pVJM Xi; era Or W?V* ¥
« *"*3 *1 vcoo najz be VUUIK k *x goavu cco* br pceblt
Caijjn; a a: nM*n»r;uicaw oat Co-.nj»c iireu MJ3.W ltd ore Kt rmpUuCd he ery or Etc ortoim * ftu im or W CcyCflWOp OCSdprWMi £1992 r.ft»aot; No oae?«a "« 9* * vode or n pan «oou vroai ;errtMr. WsW e «ry com a oter, tie ptoisaen cow o* i«c ey r nc race iy cry encn In orice Ut t camaraa purOPRESS for aimovl tour yur. Ur-gj Computing fui utr. Me leading rajgoxm* tor fTOnuuMx Ai e key rnemocr oT nw Europrcu mjgxune group.
AMIGA Computing proende* to Mom.
Educate and entertain it* readcn coai monUi vwm enc a»U OcOtCelt-O coverj c Ol me Amiga available.
Aauga Compudng • Atari ST Wm • K Todaf "Shareware Snooper • Jtw Aucro U«r Ccaa-X • Ar*pA£M" 57 Action C oift • Zoop • irgo norce Computer Trade Weeid Gallery Rock Lobster CONTENTS Whether you're a frustrated Spielberg or a camcorder fanatic, John Bu erjias all the Amiga video answers starting on page 18 pages packed with the very latest in games news, reviews and previews SPECIALS Curriculum crackers Four of the latest educational packages examined and compared ...... Updates 28 The latest DTP and graphics packages given the once over 51 59 135 Play the classic or develop your own with
the built-in level editor.
We guarantee you'll be addicted!
Calc v 1.2 Manage your accounts or mortgage repayments with this powerful spreadsheet program Dragon Tiles Can you clear the screen in this difficult strategy poser?
Syslnfo The perfect way to check your Amiga's internals and find out what's going on Qfind A unique utility for searching through those cluttered hard drives Guru Find out what those strange error messages mean DiskTalk Make your floppy drive talk to you!
Scala for all Paul Austin examines the latest m r" in video software, Scala 500 . Protext on tape We review the latest m tutorial video tape ..*tO TurboPrint Take a look at a program to jg £ boost your printer's output ...... Power house We take a look inside one of the country's m fastest moving Amiga dealers T1 i Beginners' guide Continuing our major new m series for the absolute novice V I Concluding CAD Plus peripherals Are you wondering what extra bits you can buy for your A500?-.
Paul Austin visited Original Graphics to see Amigas making top TV animations--.. The third and final look at CAD with Stewart C Russell-.
7. 99
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two player lead FREE Special Rowrve Membersh© FREE Holsters.
Beh and cartridge pouch.
K , in I £• • .2339 23 99 2999 21 M 2399 2399 2399 2399 2399 2399 »W 2399
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23. 99
23. 9) 0279 600204 Open to 8pm Weekdays and to 5pm Weekends _
69.99 Buy a Gameboy AND any game and we ll give you a FREE
Gametight as well, (U. 8vnr,mc 3 in tie p**ure afcove lor
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134. 99 Postcode _ CITIZEN SWIFT 9 PRINTER. 80 COLUMN.
9 OR 120£ . .
O Acccss'Mastercard SwitctvVisa | Credit card expiry
date_Switch issue Number_ j Cheques payable to: SPECIAL
P. O. BOX 847, HARLOW, CM21 9PH j Overseas Orders: EEC software
orders - no extra charge | World software orders please add
£1.00 per item Non-sottware dema please add 10% EEC or 25%
World Overseas orders must be paid by credit card.
Features PC88OB Power Drive 100-400 DPI scanning resolutions 64 Greyscales Thru*port for printer Software Full screen image editor Interlace mode on off Edit true greyscale & colour images Fully multi-tasking Editing Cut rectangle, cut lassoo. Crop. Flip, rotate, scale, draw, lines, circles, boxes elipscs. Freehand, zoom mode Scanning Unique ’True feel’ real time scan mode - Know instantly if you arc scanning the image too quickly Automatic selection of l(X)-400 DPI Produce true greyscale images 177 inc. VAT inc. VAT greyscai.e colour Viruses, diskswapping, clicking drives, disks which won’t
back up. Is there no end to the whingeing of the Amiga user?
Dual Drive At Power, we want to tell you just . Where you can stick your disks and worries. In fact we will show you. The skit in this picture belongs to our PC880B, the first intelligent disk drive. Insert a disk.
Now you can hack up at lightning speeds using the inbuilt Blitz Amiga n hardware*, with free software, (even if the disk is Atari or PC) and if your computer has a virus the PC880B will Lt stop it being written to the bootblock of any of your drives, though you can t still save files as normal.
. When you do not want these features, switch them off and the PC880B will 0 sit quietly, without clicking, a pretending to be simply an extra drive.
The PC880B. The only drive to introduce Blitz Amiga, the Power S anti-click device and to combat viruses, is only available direct from Power, priced at just £69 95
* We have noticed how pricey unintell- , igent drives arc.
Perhaps, it’s your m turn to tell people where to stick it.
' Due to the precision nature ot the Blitz copier high density di k* may be required with some internal driven.
Our latest dual drive uses the slimline, ultra low power NEC drive mechanism. This drive takes less than half the power of a normal floppy drive. The new dual drive includes all the features you would expect from a Power Computing Drive.
The NEC drive mechanism is able to access high density 1 -44MB disks.
While this may not be of use to you at the moment (the Amiga can only access 880K), watch this space for our new ‘high density' Interface, on the market soon!
Whisper quiet operation Blitz Copier built-in (switchablc) Virus blocker built-in (switchable) Anti-click PSU included New Products released or available soon I MB with thru’port 512K 16 chip RAM SMB board with thru’port Kickstart ROM Switch 1-44MB Interface 1 -44MB Disk Drive I enclose a cheque postal order for Description Name Credit card No.
Postcode Telephone No.
Expiry date System owned Signature Make cheques payable to Power Computing I-td Power Computing Ltd Unit 8 Railton Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7PN Ring your credit card order through on 0234 843388 or fax your order on 0234 840234 All pnees include VAT. Delivery and arc subject to change Specifications are subject to change without notice. Next day delivery £4-50 l).K. mainland only), ull trademark* acknowledged.
Pu-rr ftlag SRI Italy. Via DHIc B.ktn. *1.10121 Oitu Lain Roma IW ( ompataac Pnac*. IS Bid VoRirt T1011. Pint Ff MW IV-W | ¦ 11'-S-A-. 21 Soul* 5th Street. Suae TO. Philaklphu. PA l*H» Tri (Of.) 5646)10 2 bnes) FnKttJOl Td (11U5T0IW (ft Ian) F«i(l)«MMM T«42IJ«220Q» F«2I5«20II6 NewsE AMIGA.
COMPUTING 115 A500P stays at £369 PEOPLE buying Amigas are benefiting from a price war which is showing no sign of ending.
Most electrical chains say they will continue selling the Cartoon Classics bundle at Christmas prices - mainly £369.
High Street giants have generally sold Amigas at the manufacturer's recommended retail price of £399, but in a recession-beating move price tags were cut in the run up to Christmas.
Experts believe that small, independent dealers trying to compete with the chains are to thank for By John Butters cheaper Amigas. At least one store advertises a policy of matching local pricing, and to be competitive others are forced to follow.
"Basically we're seeing a price war," said a Rumbelows official. "If anything, prices will drop even further, perhaps to £330," he predicted, Commodore spokesman Andrew Ball said: "We have an RRP of £399 but that's not mandatory.
“At the end of the day the High Street will sell at the price they want to - it's relatively out of our hands.
They're selling a lot of Amigas and that makes us happy," he added.
But the firm's sales director Kelly Sumner recently predicted that High Street Cartoon Classics prices will return to £399.
He said that people buying computers at this time of year are com- CD to grow with drive THE imminent release of the Amiga CD-ROM drive, now called the A570, is encouraging major software houses to back Commodore's CDTV technology by releasing dual format Amiga software.
“We expect the introduction of the Amiga CD-ROM drive to create a user base of 100,000 in a very short period, creating a market for CDTV that publishers cannot afford to ignore," said Commodore's Andrew Ball.
"We already have backing from major software houses and we expect others to follow suit."
One such firm is Psygnosis, publisher of last year's leisure hit Lemmings. Boss Jonathan Ellis explained that using the same technology to develop for both the Amiga and CDTV is a cost-effective method of producing software for two formats.
"We will be releasing some of our major titles on CDTV this year,” he added.
Commodore are rumoured to be launching the drive in March and the company they aim to sell it for £299.
68020 to be new standard?
RUMOURS from the United States suggest ili.it ( ninmodore plan to standardise on the 68020 processor chip for all mid-range Amigas during the next couple of years.
Because there will Ik- a new entry-level machine the A300 it is unknown whether the A500P would Ik- included in such a move.
However, the first machine to have the chip will Ik- the AB00 ( lassie, uncovered for the first lime in January 1992's issue of Amiya (lun mtin,y.
Mitted buyers and are not swayed by the odd £20 or £30 discounting.
Meanwhile, there has been speculation in trade newspaper Computer Trade Weekly that once Commodore release their sub-£300 A300 they could repackage the A500P to take the emphasis away from games as consoles steal the market.
Maidenhead loses staff RECESSION has led to Commodore axing ten |obs at their Maidenhead-based headquarters, despite the computer giant expecting turnover to increase by 40 per cent this year to £100 million.
Many departments have been affected by the redundancies, including warehousing, marketing, sales and administration.
The company say the cost-cutting move is simply good management as the length of the recession exceeds Government predictions.
Commodore have also lost their national business development manager for government and education. Peter Talbot has quit the firm and joins rival Acorn.
G3Newj Eight megs outside A500P FRED joins ADPro _ AN EXTERNAL memory expansion has been released for A590 and A500Ps by Ashcottt Design and Developments (0483 740664) to give Iwtween two and eight megabytes of RAM.
Plugging into the computer, the AX series of upgrades has a through port for other external peripherals such as hard drives. Available with two. Four or eight megabytes of memory they cost Cl69. £235 and £369 respectively.
ENHANCEMENTS including the addition of a frame editor have been made to ASDG's (0101 60S 273 6585) Art Department Professional.
The new visually-oriented frame editor, FRED, helps users arrange their pictures into lists called sequences.
Individual frames in a sequence are represented onscreen with rendered icons.
Each frame in a sequence can be processed to provide an easy method of bath processing. FRED also gives the ability to call special purpose drivers to enable ADPro to generate animation effects automatically. Added to improve the package's use in video studios. Arc roll and broadcast limit operators.
EiOiiSiSia The roll operator ;'eB speeds up the creation of video transitions such as pushes, slides and reveals.
Eight new dithering methods have been added to the program s Prefprinter saver which prints pictures with 24-bit plane colour or 8-bit FRJ7 : the latent addition to ADPro plane greyscale. Upgrades from earlier versions are available for between S90 and S145. In the UK call Silica Systems on 081-309 1111.
Charity software from ASDG AX AMERICAN developer of advanced colour image processing so ft ware and hardware have released an arcade- style game to ! enefit three American charities.
RingWar - an old-fashioned shoot- ‘em-up - will be distributed in a similar way to shareware. Available through bulletin boards and public domain libraries, the program was written by ASDG employee Eric Bazan.
The opening credits give the addresses for American Red Cross, American Cancer Society and Muscular Dystrophy Association, to which they ask a voluntary donation of SlObesent.
Commented ASIXi president Perry Kivolowitz: "Really, this should be called charityware instead of shareware."
Show to have Amiga area AMIGA enthusiasts are to be given their own area at the Spring Computer Shopper Show where they will be able to seek advice and buy products.
The organiser is claiming that the Amiga Shopping Centre will offer one of the greatest selections of Amiga products ever seen under one roof.
"As the Amiga Is now recognised » the number one home computer, we realised there was a need to create an area of this type." Says Nav Mann, the event director.
To l e organised by Blenheim PEL (081-742 2828), it will be held at Olympia, London on May 28 to 31.
Weather watch BRITISH subscribers to the CompuServe 0S(X) 28937x online information svstcm can now access two new services - UK weather and historical equity pricing information.
Weather reports and satellite pictures showing conditions across Europe are updated frequently throughout the day. Presided bv Acctt- Wcathcr. The information also includes tbree-dav forecasts for 85 cities worldwide. 12 of them in Britain.
Pricing information for more than 5 XX) equity issues and about 150 market indexes is available in the new UK Historical Pricing. Supplied by Extel Financial, updates are made daily.
Connecting to the service at 1.200 or 2,400 bits per second costs £7 per hour.
Tablet gets Amiga driver AN A3-size digitiser is now available for Amiga designers using computer-aided design and desktop publishing packages following the release of new drivers.
Compatible with all standard drawing packages. Cherry Electrical's Digitiser IV graphics tablet has been designed to sit on desks horizontally or at a working angle of five degrees.
Input is possible by cursor or by stylus, equipped with a rolling ball tip for freehand sketching.
Data transmission can be set at between 150 and 19,200 baud, with a maximum transfer rate of 100 co-ordinate pairs a second. Cursor and pen give
0. 2ram and 0.5mm accuracy.
Precision work Is possible by super resolution, selectable between 40 and 0.01 lines per millimetre, and it supports zooming features found in many packages.
Available for £450 from Tekdata (0782 577677).
Opening up America NORTH AMERICANS can now guarantee they receive Amiga Computing only days after it is published by taking a subscription through our new Canadian office.
To receive 12 copies of the world's best dedicated Amiga magazine and free monthly CoverDisk send 594 to Europress (North America), Unit 14, 225 Bysham Park Drive, Woodstock, Ontario NT4 1P1, Canada, or telephone
(519) 539-0200.
Logical joystick additions THE LOGIC 3 joystick range is to be joined by three new desktop models - Alpha Ray, Sigma Ray and Gamma Ray.
All contain mjcroswitchcs but otherwise they are different, such as the Gamma Ray which has a digital timer display and countdown clock.
'There are now five joysticks in the Logic 3 range and we cover a broad spectrum of tastes," said company boss Ashvin Patel.
"The Sting Ray and Manta ray joysticks mean that we cover the hand-held market thoroughly and the three new sticks mean that Logic 3 can mix it with anyone on the desktop joystick front" Prices range between £11.99 and £22.99. new 24-pin KX-P2123 QuietPrinter offers, in addition to colour, superb print quality through one Super LQ and six LQ fonts, plus a truly impressive range of other paper handling and printing features. And, in terms of value for money, its 9-pin stablemate, the KX-P2180, is equally attractive. To see what we mean, just take a glance at the specification summary
So if you’d like to know more about how to get some colour into your life, while keeping the noise out (and without breaking the bank), contact us now on (0800) 444220, fax (0344) 853707.
Z6i; Gu indiujp dGihj1 Quiet?**’ Ail trademarks acknowledged. Note that colours seen in this photograph are simulated due to reproduction processes.
Public sector customers mav purchase at preferential terms from H.M.3.0. Contact 0603 695557. AC 4 92 ft When you buy one of our new QuietPrinters, your life (or, at least, your printed matter) will immediately seem brighter. That’s because you have seven vibrant colours at your disposal to give documents more life by helping to lift text, graphics and pictures off the page.
Furthermore, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ] uiet efficiency with which it goes about its business.
Of course, with both printers, you get more than lots of colour with very little noise; you also get simply outstanding value for money.
J Syncro Express requires a second drive & works by controlling it as a slave device & ignoring the computer disk drive controller chip whereby high speeds & great data accuracy are achieved.
[J Menu driven selection of Start Track End Track up to 90 tracks.
J Ideal for clubs, user groups or your own disks.
J Very simple to use, requires no user knowledge.
The most powerful Disk Copier ever conceived.
I [ I _J Also duplicates other formats such as IBM, ST etc. No more waiting around for your disks to copy.
:_J Probably the only duplication system you will ever need! ? Now with a SUPER POWERFUL 'SYNCRO' MODE that actually synchronise your Disk Drives for even greater accuracy!!
J Can be switched OUT when not in use - totally transparent.
J Make up to 2 copies simultaneously*.
MANY NEW FEATURES INCLUDING... J DRIVE SPEED CHECKER ¦ now you can check the speed of your drives • DF0-DF3.
Easy and vory accurate.
J DISK TOOLKIT • Syncro III now includes a range of Disk Tools - Fast Format, Pile Copy, Ram Disk, Disk Rename, Hard Drive File Copy etc., etc. Easy to use.
& DUPLICATION SYSTEM HOW TO GET YOUR ORDER FAST! DAT*L LONDON SHO TELEPHONE [24HrsJ 0782 744707 CREDIT CARD ORDERS ORDERS NORMALLY DISPATCHED WITHIN 48 Hr* ALL CHEQUES POSTAL ORDERS MAOE PAYABLE TO. .. rn DATEL ELECTRONICS g GOV AN ROAD, FENTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. FENTON, STOKE-ON-TRENT. ~ TOTTENHAM court rd ST4 2RS, ENGLAND. FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 LONDON. W1. TEL:071 58064M LIMITED Cheap printer upgraded SE1KQSHA have replaced their entry-level nine-pin dot matrix printer with an improved model which is targeted at home users, education and small business
The SP1900 Plus has serif and sans serif fonts built in and there is a choice of typestyles and sizes.
Epson and IBM Proprinter 11-compatible, it is capable of printing at 192 characters per second in fast mode, 160cps in draft and 40cps in letter quality.
"Nine pin sales still represent a large percentage of the dot matrix market,“ said Seikosha's sales manager Gareth Cornish.
“The 5P1900 Plus is a key model in our entry-level range and users will be attracted by its superb value. It will have a substantial impact on the low-end printer market,” Available from Silica Systems (081-309 1111) it costs £155.
NewsE DIARY DATES 7 to 10 April 1992 Which Computer? Show Organiser: Reed (081-948 9800) National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham One of the country's top shows, but heavily biased towards the PC.
12 to 14 April 1992 European Computer Trade Show Organiser. Blenheim Online (081-7422828) Venue: Business Design Centre, London A trade-only show where many of the year's releases can be previewed.
28 to 31 May 1992 Spring Computer Shopper Show Organiser: Blenheim PEL (081-742 2828) Professional Page turns automatic DESKTOP publishing package Professional Page has been upgraded to give it new features and enhancements to make its use easier, developer Gold Disk (010 1 416 602 4000) have announced.
More than HO automatic functions called Genies have been added and users can create page layouts and designs by selecting Create Page From Genie.
Requesters enable layout type, page size, columns and margins to be selected, and features including line drawing and placement, address printing and text importing are also available. Professional Page 3 then generates a complete page based on the user's wishes.
Common operations such as envelope addressing, mail merge from a database and grid and table creation can be automated while drop and small caps and sub* and super-scripts can also be made automatic.
“Version 3 represents a major breakthrough in the evolution of desktop publishing," enthuses Gold Disk boss Kailash Ambwani.
“Most of the routine tasks associated with page layout are now completely automatic, freeing the designer to concentrate on the creative aspects of his work."
Needing at least two megabytes of memory and a hard disk drive, the program costs S295. In the UK call HB Marketing on 0753 686000, who did not have British pricing available at the time of Amiga Computing going to press.
Video card first from link THE I IRS1 product to be produced under a new link between Californian Centaur Development and ustralia-based Opal Technology is an Amiga 24-bit video display and effec ts card.
Internal or external versions of opalVision are available and both provide true 24-hit broadcast quality video capabilities for all Amigas.
With 1.5 megabytes of display memory and an on-lkiard graphics processor, it can he expanded through additional hardware modules.
These include a combination 256-level alpha channel genlock and frame grabber and a de-interlacer. Inputs and outputs are given in KGIt and SVHS composite formats with real time special effects such as white balance, contrast and gamma correction, solarisatiort, negative and tolourisatioh effects.
Opalvision can he operated in multiple resolutions, auto-configures to PAI. Or IS( and can make 24-bit double-buffered animations.
Software bundled with OpalVision consists ot OpulPaint. A tull-tea- 11111x1. Real time. 24-hit Minting and image processing program, a variety of utility software and the first 24-bit game.
It will Ik* available from the end of May tor $ 995. ( entaur Software can be contacted n oto i 310 542 2226, Dial-a-game from Deltronies GAMES players nationwide can now get hold of the latest releases within a day of placing their telephone order with a South Ixwdon-based company.
Customers have their name and address taken over the phone and only pay for the software once it has arrived at the door. All 16-bit formats including the Amiga are supported and prices are claimed to be slightly below recommended retail.
Deltronies can be called on 081-769 9568 and they have Opened a Shop at 215 Amesbury Avenue, Streatham, London SW16.
Changing names MARSTEK, manufacturers of Amiga scanners, have recently changed their name to Mustek. The company continues to operate from 494 Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes MK9 2EA.
Do you know something we don't? M Although Amiga Computing has scores of contacts in the Amiga world. B we need you. If you have some hot news ring John Butters on the news B desk now on 0625 878888 or fax to 0625 879966, All information sup- I plied will be treated in the strictest of confidence.
Venue: Olympia, London An area called Amiga Shopping Centre will be devoted to the machine.
10 to 12 July 1992 6th International 16-bit Computer Show (081-S49 3444) Venue: Wembley Exhibition Halls, London The second show of the year, for an event that's getting more and more support from the industry.
6 to 8 September 1992 European Computer Trade Show Autumn Business Design Centre Royal Agricultural Hall, London A new trade-only event for the computer leisure industry.
OVERSEAS 11 to 18 March 1992 CeBit Organiser Deutsche Messe AG (01049511890) Venue: Hannowr Messegelaende, Germany Always a launching ground for new hardware.
3 to 5 April 1992 Amiga Berlin Organiser: AMI Shows Europe (01049809224086) Venue: AkfK Berlin The first German Amiga show of the year. Two giant halls will be packed with the latest products.
28 to 31 May 1992 Consumer Electronics Show Organiser. EIG CEG Venue: Chicago The show opens for the first time for the public on May 30,1992.
• If your company is organising a show relevant to the Amiga and
it's not listed, let US know so we can include the infor
mation in the diary.
JUST as Digital r 'Wr.' JC' * s Creations were Black Belt goes soft Commodore price boost A MILD winter has resulted in Spring fever hitting a little early here in the States, and the results are really showing at Commodore's headquarters in West Chester. Pennsylvania.
While other computer manufacturers are cutting prices and upgrading hardware in an effort to boost stagnant sales during these recessionary times, the Spring- fcvcr-dizzv Commodore V5 marketing group have decided to take the opposite approach.
They've boosted the price of the single-floppy Amiga 2QW to over $ 2000. More than double its holiday pricing of $ 999. And while Apple have announced that, come April, all Macs will have at least a 68030 chip. Commodore US refuse to even bring the slightly enhanced Amiga $ 00 Plus to American shores.
Meanwhile, the company continues to roll out CDTV a city at a time, and it's said that far fewer than 10.000 CDTV' units have been sold across the United States.
Unless Commodore seriously rethink their marketing strategy, the Amiga may lose what little foothold it has in the US.
Include image scaling, file format conversion, 1PEG loading and saving, 24-bit touch-up painting, and dozens of special visual effects.
k. Europe, rival Black Belt Systems announced that they had
discontinued production of their HAM-E graphics enhancer.
Black Belt's Ben Williams didn't give a reason for discontinuing the unit, saying that explaining his reasons would violate a non-disclosure agreement he'd signed with Commodore.
Speculation is that Black Belt discontinued the HAM-E.
Which Williams said was still a strong seller, in anticipation of Btack Belt recently released a new program that, once you have it. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it Notebook is just that - an onscreen notebook. .Anything you would normally do with a desk-based notepad, you can do with NoteBook and you won't lose important pages.
The program supports multiple fonts and has a suite of structured drawing tools, so you can even doodle in the margins as you jot down your To Do list.
The program’s features include a text highlighter. IFF graphics import, the ability to print single pages or a full notebook, and the ability' to iconise the program on your Workbench.
The only caveat is that it runs in hi-res interlace, so you'll need a fllckcr-climinator or a cool pair of sunglasses to work with it comfortably. Bargain priced at $ 39.9$ , the program is available from Black Belt. 398 Johnson Road. Glasgow. Montana. USA. Telephone:
(406) 367-5513.
* i * rK'"‘ graphics ' developments from Commodore which would
obsolete the unit.
r - With HAM-E now a memory, Black Belt has devoted itself purely to software development. The company’s flagship software package. ImagcMastcr. Was recently upgraded to support Terminator 2-style morphing.
Unlike DcIuxrPaint TV's morphing, ImageMastcr’s works in full 24-bit resolution, allowing truly impressive effects, such as smoothly changing a frog into a human face over a scries of animation frames.
Power hungry IF YOU have added Commodore's A2630 25MHz 68030 expander to your Amiga 1500 or 2000 and still feel you don't have enough power.
DKB Software arc ready to help.
.The company's new 2632 board plugs into the unused expansion slot on the A2630 and enables up to 112 megabytes of 32-bit memory to be added.
The board comes with 4Mb and can accept industry-standard 32-bit SIMM modules for further expansion. The board retaiLs for $ 699.95 from DKB Software. 50240 W. Pontiac Tr., Wlxom, MI 48393 USA;
313) 960-8750.
Morphing is just the newest effect in the ImagcMaster package. The S199.9S package’s other capabilities Better bridges Plus update. CrossPC features CGA or mono graphics capability: serial, parallel, and mouse port emulation; and the ability to boot from an MS-DOS partition on an Amiga hard drive.
The ujxlatcd Cross DOS 5.0 adds support for the reading 1.44Mb MS-DOS disks using the new high-densitv floppy drives Commodore is now shipping on Amiga 3W0s and 30001s in the US. As well as improved support utilities and a new Workbench 2.0-style interface.
CrossDOS $ .0 Plus with CrossPC retails for $ 59.95 plus $ 10.05 overseas shipping and handling from Consultron, 11280 Parkview. Plymouth, Ml 48170. USA:
(313) 459-7271.
FROM Consultron come two great packages for Amiga users who need to run P ! Programs. The Ambassador is a software enhancement package for Commodore's Bridgeboard and Sidecar products.
The program allows Amiga floppy drives to be used as MS-DOS drives, and it lets you access data on MS-DOS hard drive partitions from the Amiga side.
Ambassador also includes a new driver that considerably speeds access to MS-DOS virtual partitions on Amiga hard drives. The program costs $ 79.9$ . plus
510. 05 overseas shipping and handling.
Also new is CrossPU. A software-based PC-XT emulator that svill be bundled with the coming CrosSDOS $ .0 Some things are worth waiting for... Hi Soft Devpac 3 Devpac Version 3 is here at last. The two earlier versions of HiSoft Devpac for the Amiga set a standard in 68000 assembly language programming which was hard to surpass, but we think that we've done it. This new package has had a complete facelift, from the editor through to the debugger; in fact so many features have been added and improved that we feel confident in the claim that Devpac 3 is the ultimate assembly language
development system on the Amiga ... for now!
The Editor A new multi-window editor with bookmarks, mouse block-marking, macros, complete window flexibility (including multi-views on one file), extensive user configuration and full integration with the other Devpac programs. The editor makes use'of Workbench 2 or 1.3 automatically.
The Assembler Improved and extended, the Devpac 3 assembler is now at least 40% faster than its predecessor (without pre-assembly), supports the fyll 080x0 range of processors including the maths co-processors and has a tremendous number of switchable optimisations. With tfie ability to pre-assemble files for inclusion, it can now claim to be the fastest assembler on the Amiga.
Highspeed Pascal The Debugger Devpac 3 is provided with a versatile debugger disassembler for bug hunting and ease of learning. You can have as many views on your program as you like, including its source code; then set breakpoints, single*step instructions etc. even at a source code level.
Again, there is support for all the new processors and the floating point chips.
Devpac 3 come? Complete with all the necessary include files, a linker, many examples and a clear, helpful manual.
* At last, a new Pascal compiler for your Amiga; Highspeed
Pascal. Compiling at close to 20 000 lines per minute on a
humble A500 and with a fully integrated environment (based on
the new HiSoft multi-window editor), Highspeed Pascal is the
answer to your programming prayers.
The compiler is very close to the standard set by Turbo Pascal 5 on the PC and enables you to port programs directly from the PC or ST - even the BGI unit is provided for graphic compatibility. You can compile separate units, link with assembler or use the inline assembler provided and we also supply a special version of our 680x0 debugger which allows you to debug Pascal programs at a source code level.
The full Pascal language is supported including such worthy additions as structured constants, flexible string handling and absolute variables.
Highspeed Pascal comes complete with all the necessary files for working with the Amiga's operating system, a host of examples and a professional, ring-bound manual.
Error detection is fully Interactive HiSoft Devpac 3 (£69.95) and Highspeed Pascal (£99.95) should be in your local computer shop soon. If you have difficulty locating a copy, you con order directly from HiSoft using Access I Mastercard. Visa. UK debit card (Switch etc.) or a cheque postal order. Mention this magazine when ordering lo receive a free T-Shirt or mouse mat Ioffer subject to availability).
(SSI iis, B5EJF!. ,.rJ inimitlKln, - am:: Highspeed Pascal Is remarkably friendly and easy-to-use HiSoft Devpac 3 and Highspeed Pascal are lust two of the products that we supply for your Amiga Other titles include: ProFlight.
HiSoft BASIC. Extend. SAS Lattice C 5 and HiSoft C For more details contact us at • HiSoft. The Old School. Greenfield. Bedford MK455DE UK Tel: (0525) 718181. Fax: (0525) 713716.
HiSoft High Quality Software Subjects covered include: ? Screen Painting C0 M0D0R£ ATARI CITIZEN STAR AMSTRAD CLMAXA PHILIPS GOLDEN IMAGE NAKSHA ABACUS SE NEW DELUXE PAINT III TUTOR VIDEO ? Zoom ? Colours ? Working with Text and Fonts ic Stencils ' ? Perspective Hr Animation Hr Video Titling etc, etc. RUNNING TIME: NEARLY THREE HOURS!!
Superb Value At ONLY £ 18.99 ine Post & Packing ’1 was a little sceptical about the chances of taking a complete beginner to such artistic heights but I must admit to being wrong" AMIGA COMPUTING, September 1991.
GUARANTEED AND SUPPLIED WITH LABELS DO NOT CONFUSE WITH INFERIOR UNCERTIFIED FLEaSE PHONE FOR LATEST PRICES 20DSDD133 ! £95*9 50DSDD135 ipi £22.59 100DSDO 135 tpi £42X0 DSDP 135 ty EK.OO Di l: B-mcs Flip Top Dua Holder Hold* 12---V*f 40 Dnk Holder. I ochMc. Top Quality . Anb-*ut* »sth Divider* i 2 Keys .£3j99 SO Dt*k Holto. LocUbfc, Tc?) Quality. Aatnlitc.
V «h Divwer* 3 fey»---£ 99 Pou of 20 a om Top Quality. Lockable 40 DiU Holder___________£13.99 P*at of 50 laour Top Quality. Lockshk SO DukHoMcr . Ca.99 wsmrnst 10 x Commodore DSDD wim Label*----- -29.99 10 x Vahaha DSDD with Label* ..-£9.99 10 x 3M DSDD «U2 Latah ~£9.99 20 Sony DSDD in flip top box------------------£19.99 Per. VO BOX Drawer Type Box - Cm be Hacked hocuooially or
• .eraally - tlokk 150 Dukx. ...:...ii6u45 Latah
four A* OIUd Coloura 60 for---------------£1-66 200 for________
K. CN. Power PC Board - r.a into Ram Exp. Six under computer.
Doe* ax invalidate warranty-----£199.99 Adoptee ten
150*2000-------------£6499 ATQNCE Vi.l PCS&EMULATOR TuiBi
yvaor At&jJ into j PC ATCxMuicr. Alto** PC Side idtao
iirafaarously as Aorji saX. His inicntally a me pnxeMor
icckct_____£174.99 Snnpiy open your plastic nCGoc, ease, spay
over she nbooc, replace me lid and leave for 24 tour*.
BETTER THAN A NEW RlBBON Giufacieed - Restutes dtizcas *M" fibbocs to new ctfui £11.99 COMMODORE ATARI CITIZEN STAR AMSTRAD CUMANA PHILIPS GOLDEN IMAGE NAKSHA ABACUS S CUMANA CAX3541Mb 3? Single fii k drive - EnahWdrvaNk; wuen - Thru pon - Power ex Amiga .... £52.99 POWER PCSS0B DRIVE incorporate* AMKlkk Board. Biia Back ap»stcm toftw rc nod built ic Vims blocker ------- l---£67.99 REPLACEMENT A500 Imeraai dua. Drive, fully compatible and with full imtmction*.------£41.99 MEMORY EXPANSIONS & SYSTEM UPGRAGES 512K RAM Espocuoos wch Clock and OotOti SwUch------------------------------£23.99 I
Mb MODULE FOR -V500 PLUS Gives 2Mb Gn?
Memory_________________________________ ---£44.99 ROM SHARERS Switching from Keyowd --------£39.99 or 2 powuoc Toggle iwricb------ £23.99 KICKSTARTROMS V13 KickstanRom________________£29.99 V2.CW Kkksnn Root-----------------154.99 High Re* Dcbud Qup* --------439.99 51Mb Qunium Fa*: Acctc* Hard dnvc wjh SCSI High speed cotnroikr £2495 101Mb Quantum fast Access Had dnvc with SCSI High sp«« tf KPJ&r -r™--------£369.99 246Mb Quantum Fast Access Had dn*« with SCSI High sp rigootrailer----------- 4369.99 8Mb MiCtotaxki SUP DIP RAM widi 2Mb RAM___________________£169.99 2Mb adduxj&il RAM ice
above------------£69.99 25Mhx Microbotic* VXL 30030 Accclcraux Board---------£269.99 4CtMhe .VLcrobccic* VXL 30030 Accelerate* Board___________£399.99 2Mb Mkttriodcv VXL32 RAM Board foe VXL 36 Board----------.£199.99 68SS1 CPU Co-Processor for Microbotic* VXL 36 Board...... £69.99 6&S2 CPU Co-Proccaor ics Microbotic* VXL 36 Board_______________________£129.99 A208S XT Bndgeboard with 36flk SIS' Floppy Disk Drive £129.99 A2286 AT Brelgebomd wkh 12Mb 525” Flsppy QdkDnsc ... £32)9) OL’R LOWEST AMIGA PRICES EVER!!!
ALL OUR AMIGA PRICES INCLUDE FREE SEXT WORE KG f)4 ’ hF.IJVF.RY Latest pas from Commodate teamrmg: Kicksur. V2 Si Wcsktacch YKH. Bail! In 1 Meg RAM, tv Learn to get the best from MEW Deluxe Paint HI. This video shows you how to design and execute your own Animations, Titles and so much more in aStep-by-Step, Easy-to-FoIlow way.
Mccuiaior & Nfouvc, plus Lemming*. Sunpsons.
Caprara Piiast oad Deluxe Pjuu HL Our best praoc including Next day delivery £349.99 AMIGA 1 MEG BASIC PACK A u0 Amiga 512K Ram Coenpmer with fitted 512K Memory Upgrade. Built ic 1 .Meg Disk Drive. Mouse, TV Modulator and Paw Supply. Wortenfh 13 and Extra disks. Plus 10 top games ail individually' boxed induing: DataSioca. Dungeon Quest. Grand .Monster Slam. Rowaplsy. Micrcprose Soccer. RVF Hooda. E*Mocion. Tt»tr of Babel. Kid Gloves.
Sauirfcpai Cafe--------------------£339.99 SPECK!. CAMLh PACK AV AILABLE ONLY Foe Amiga Plus: Test Drive 2 - The DacL C,unship.
Silent Service. Rick Dangerous 2 4 individual and original best sellers of 1991 -.£24.99 Foe Amiga V13: S.WXV- Midwinter. Turbo Outrun, Gunship. Rick Dangerous 2 5 ifidmdoal and cogiaal bed sellers of 1991 -.£24.99 CARTOON CLASSICS SOFTWARE ONLY PACK l-snmings. The iapsocs. Captain Fuaet and Deluxe PumiDI Only £59.99 KSKNTIAL ACCESSORIES PACK Tup quality 40 disk holder. 10 best qiuhiy dtsks with Utah. Qaaltf) mouse mat, mouse holder, tailored monogrammcd Jusj cover.
Special Price------------------------£21.09 Extra special ptxc if bought with any Amiga £19.99 Rmg for detail's and latest quote.
.Ail our Amiga 1500 2000 are iauar v assoc* fcausiag Kicksurt 2. Rom and Workbench 2 12 months oc-mic warranty available on all new Amiga 15002000 vyviem----------Only £59.99 AMIGA Ifltt StaKIEB PACK .Amiga 1566 Dua: drive wkh l.Ub RAM, Mouse.
Manual* aid Amiga DOS. The Works - Pliamin Edition, Deluxe Pam: HL Home Accounts. Elf.Toki Total RRP £699.99----------Audition Price £579.99 Pius 1CS4S Stereo Colour Mornior.
Total RRP £959_______Audition Price £729.99 AMIGA 11509 STARTER PACK Plus 1GS4S Stereo Colour Monitor and 1270 Ink J« Pnmar Tout RRPiI.110_____________Audition Price £659.9?
AmiftA i46flffft fltpEESSKffl At. Pack .A* stmcr park bur with 52Mb Quantum fast Access Hard Dri'f "im Coaux»l!a-- Total RRP £1.027-----Audition Price £829.99 AMIGA 2M0 PI US MS-DOS XT EMULATION .Amiga 2000 Dsd dnve v.'ah Cotnmodoec A20SS XT Bndgebcord and 525* MS-DOS Floppy Drive.
Total RRP £1229 Audition Price £609.90 ¦AMIGA «*" Pll-S MS-DOS ATEML'LATIQN Amiga 2000 Dual drive with Commodore A22S6 AT Bndgeboatd and 525” MS-DOS Floppy Drive.
Total RRP £1.449 .Auddton Price £899.99 AMIGA m m V'I0£Q FRESEXTAHQX system Amiga 2000 Dial Drive with 52Mb Qianian Fa*i aCCC*s hard dri*':. SCSI High comroller, A2300 Internal Genlock. Deluxe Puiat 111. Scala Prcseatatioa Soltworc. Video Cable* and Prcsestatioe video.
Total RRP £1.299___________Audinoa Price 0040.99 CVP Scr-r* 2 Hard Dnvc* k Peripheral* £360.99 £554.00 ..£75.00 GVP HD8r 51Mb Had Drive ..... GYP HD8- iCoMb fed Drive-------- plu* 2Mb Simm* Memory ... Cumobtec A590 - 20MB Had Dnve £249.99 Supra Hand Dnvc* and Peripheral* 500 XP 51Mb ExicnuJ Hard Dnvc .....J339S9 500 Xf lC6Mb Exienul Had Drive-----------------£440.99 SUPRA XR Smb Extenul RAM wuh 2Mb available wnn cura RA.M baud________ ..il Ue st CITIZEN SUPER DEAI JSS ad Ajnrmvil la ofe its ruS 2 Y' A (items cc £ CtnZh Prate.
ThLGuxamx covers afl ad iabowindudiojPria Head.
We w2iao give, xreqiou FREE dr.M»it*k»eijic your Ciaxco jcinto to be pafeiy fliildiid U your And£i.
* 300 Sh et* Quality Paper
* 200 Sheets Cootmocus Piper
* 200 Tractor Feed Address Labels
* 2 Metre Amiga Printer Cable
* Special Citizen Amiga driven disk to mates your Amiga perfectly
to the Swift Colour Printers.
With this kit your printer is ready to go
- no more to buy - just plug m. CiflZENSvi 9 Colour High Spec. 9
Pin with 4 Fonts ami 240x240 dpi graphics ...R.R.P. £325
Starter Kk ------------RJLP. £30 Total Value .....£355 Audition
Special Deal with FREE Saner Kit ..... -.£209.99 tmWEMSL
WEBSG. MDWW1 and mil 2 year guarantee, you save £145 CITTZEN224
Colour High Spec. Lowest cost 24 Pin colour pinter on (be
market 24 Pm tor Perfect Quality text and 560 x 360 dpi
Graphic* -------------R.RJ*. £560 Starter Kit------------
,R;RP, £30 Total Yaiuc--------G90 Audition Special Deal wuh
FREE Starter Kit----------------------£2592*9 PUS FREE SEXT
ViORUSG f)A Y DF.IJVF.RT" and full 2 year guarantee, you save
£203 CITOENSV ...... Colour High Spec. 24 Pin tor Perfect
Quality text and 360x360 dpi
graphics ...-RR.P. £473 Starter Kk
..... R.R.P. £30 Total Value__________ _f503 Audition
Special Deal with FR£E Starter
Kit_______________________£299.99 PUS FREE SEXT »0M C DAY
DFIJVF.RV" and full 2 year guantmcc. You save £203 _THE NEW
CITIZEN PROJETV & INKJET PRINTER 39* Laser quality wubout the
cost 3 built in fonts and zoo shea feeder for high speed near
silent printing with superb tjualitv
......R.R.P, £5*2 Audition special deal with
500 sheets quality paper---------------------£399299 PU S FREE
And full 2 year guarantee, you save £1X2 GENUE C Including ail ribbons, stands etc. Memory upgrades etc. Details on request.
STAR PRINTERS STAR I.C20 Mono 9 Kn Mooo Printer - reliable and good quality prater - 3 foots. An ideal first printer.
Audition Special Deal with FREE Starter Kit -----------------£139.99 PUS FRFI. SEX1WRK1SC DA Y DFUVERY''' "STAR I.C200 Colour 9 Pin Colour Printer 8 foots.
Audition Special Deal with FREE Suner Kit .. M99S9 rusfmsm musG oaydluymts.
STAR LC24 200 Mono 24 Pin Mean Pnerer 10 fonts.
Audition Special Deal with FREE Suncr Kit--------------------------£239.99 PU S FREE SEXT MRKISC, f YDELIVERY".
STAR LC24 260 Colour 24 Pm Cokxr Printer 10 fcm.
Audition Special Deal with FREE Starter Kk________£2692*9 PLUS FREE SEXT VQRKISG PAY DEUVEKYll LNKJET PRINTERS CANON BJ10E Portable Bubble ki Primer with 5 fores, Cable etc-----------------------------£229.99 CANON BJ10E Ink cassette------------ -£17.99 CANON BJ300 Bubble Jet Printer. Single sheet and Tractor Feed------------------- £499.99 CANON BJ300 Ink easaste--------------------113.99 Justin COMMODORE MPS1270 Ink jet Primer Special Price-------------------- 129.99, £29.95 SEC DIG FT A PANASONIC JVC MITSUBISHI EPSON CANON TOSHIBA HEWLETT PACKARD GOLDSTAR ZYDEC We have row moved to a luOC
Sq tt Superstore, packed with Computer Hardware and Software iad invite all oar cuiiomen and friends old and new to pay us a visit. Make a day or it in oae or Engkuais loveliest Old Towns ¦£13.95
- £14.95 DOS V ¦'. . • -.a niULC________ 'Sji Uetrtmrf r rvV
BjlOOC £8.95 £1695
• S?sfem Programmer’* Guide £2S.*5 3D Cn.'Xj.v j-Togrimeicg in
BASIC £16.95 M-Pfn? A=u KASJC________________£16.95 Rr...
x.~-ag «n Acne* Artai--------------£1 0.95 Quais io ac Amiga
_____ £16.95 tie ie*. A=ie.7neii -ml Tip*
•__________________J5ri.95 Am.g* BASIC__________£14.95 fa sou.
Of ac Amiga---------------£10.95 Xa.mi ooca. ICtuz Air.ira
...... „.....,£l )9 Ca S: Vknt Out of Your Aouga Vol
2--------£9.95 Cciutc VkiU Out of Your Arnica Vol 2 *___£13.95
Junes Phy--------------------------£9.93 x er P_i 2... £9.55
¦axcc ac A.7u£a wim C____________£19.95 Amiga
Cirapfaev----------4? 6-9?
- _aa me Amiga - 2cc Elriao £14.95 Maaaog Mnmc oc me Amiga
*-------£29.95 a« Amiga------------£20.95 '«L-=g Amiga DOS 2 -
Volume I •--------£22.55 Xa maj Arafja DOS 2 - Vouac 2 *
......£17.55 w w * GtNjxc Pajai Nvi.M Pait em IS vS
fxyaisi : the 6S0C6-----------£22.95
• »aj. Aiacmoly I_i3g«geProg £21.95 ?rc$ .ammcr kcU?e tfc
Mae.--------Si.95 Amiga C A Daaiu&d Guide___£ld.9S
k. -A-sr.g a Ry '*ra fhjta Sim----------£12.95 a- i ice Begisen
¦ Vra vcrsiOft W B 1 3 & 10..... £1195 No. Vcftiou W B i 3 £
2X ----£1195 ¦ -ai -Vltm: oq da: .VmJsa Pirn *_£29.95 Vkj£
Amiga Tricks A Tips---------------£1 i-tj x A ik«wc
tmcrprcicr kirii Duk . £19.99
- uaj C f.warmc: Grapeom oa s*c Amiga . ---------£16.95 -ga SOM
Screci ftct Mm-ai 3rd Kaii.i in IneUkt oaa Auicoort
£34.95 kmrga SOM &rcd Be:' . fcsicJ 3d £ca*r. Dei a*
... £3195 BOM Kene: Ref Mir».il 3ea Bamoc LiU_£3195
Amiga Hardware Stcferccee Siamul ¦ 2x1 FaSdoo £10.00 keaga
Hardware Rcicrcaee Moxwoi - 3rd Cdiaoe .£25.95 Virusm it
DouFracea--ilo.95 kluurjig Amiga Beeimun *---£19.56
’r-WtihFRKDix j SenbbL: Kiuoio hecpesri t Wad fLeal for
fiegmnax A nag. ?lut cfflspaaKc £32.** EXCLUSIVE THE AMIGA
TUTOR VIDEO Pio'*nu Weed Processor---------£49.95
WoJiieDUitkuc----------------------£29.95 For new and not so
new Amiga users - shows in dear grar nic detail all vou need to
know to become proiident in using the Amiga.
Subjects covered indude: v A 1 ,
* Sorting Up and Connections s
• k The Workbench Fully Explained
- k How to Customise the Workbench t£gm£g&'
• k Copying, Renaming and Formatting Disks
* The Notepad, Fonts, Saving and Pnr.ang
* Clock, Sizing and Moving Icons
* Pull Down Menus and Scrolling Windows «CL1 Directory Strjcrure
* Editing the Start-Up Sequence
* Printer Set-Up and Preference etc, etc, * Y ' Don': straggle
with the manuals - watch as we show you HOW - all for the cos:
of a game.
1000's Sold... Available only from AUDITION ONLY £19.9 ino Post 8c Packing "Excellent... A great hdp... Sensibly it teaches... you about the most practical areas - die ones you will need. Range of topics covered 2. Wide and. Above a2, practical.. Put together by people who know a fair amount about the Amiga" AMIGA FORMAT, January 2592.
"Excellent... simple answer to many tricky problems... I found the Video excellent. May even teach an old dog a tew new tricks... Certamly tor anyone taking their first Amiga steps it s wdl worth the asking price. If only such a thing was available in my formative years' AMIGA COMPUTING, February 1552.
Ami 51 Logo mri TaJIuag Ttaile-----£24.99 Mutt Mouse ..... £14.99 RctSM RGB Colour SpLacr___£59.95 OalueFea*---------------£99.99 Priaxc ?na II £34.95 Txhnopkx .V&ji Conaccior wiiii IcoUx aa4 Musk X Junior--------------1_£39.99 Capua Kind ...... £4.99 Deluxe Point HI______________£19.99 PtktOaPaiM______ Lc& Spell a Home Worav«ih v 1.1 from Digju --- SruhSOj ________ Smla Oizah :2Mb Sun £ Hail Drive.. Ssjh Maker- Professional Page 2- Prowriic 5---- Gold Dim, OflatC.
G6 Roan ?lui...... Ocaiga Wocfch Quinemaei..„ OuiAasxiToolk.
Rkiiik- Acccica,.... HdffiC ACCOuit 2.. X-Skii op pro ...... Mavik Beacon teaches T p«og PageseOerll ..... Amos .... Amm Compiler.
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Tel: 0780 55888 Shop Hours 0780 720531 out of Hours Switch Cards Welcome 2 MITSUBISHI EPSON CANON TOSHIBA HEWLETT PACKARD GOLDSTAR ZYDEC Si DIGITA PANASONIC Video When you buy an A500, you immediately nave a basic videograpnic studio to play with and, with care and planning, impressive results can be achieved. Its capacity for expansion will ensure, that you can develop and enhance your graphic system all the way up to broadcast standards.
The Mac and PC producers have lately begun to appreciate the potential of desktop video and their formidable resources- will, no doubt, come to challenge the Amiga, especially at the high end of the market.
However, at the middle to entry levels of this market, 1 am confident that the Amiga will reign supreme for some years to come. In this article I intend to answer the questions - why, which, what and how?
Suai colour systems, no video deck will look twice at this- Tnis is because it will need encoding of some kind.
The most basic encoding is provided by the RF modulator which will produce a fairly skinny image output for you to record. The real advantage of the Amiga's output is the range of resolutions, colours and the interlace option.
Tne latter is the most important. As all video pictures are made up of two interlaced fields- Tnese consist of two sets of lines, one odd numbered, Firstly, why is the Amiga family so well suited to work in the video field? Secondly, which video standards and formats are available to you? And thirdly, what is required to make the most of its capability at different levels?
Strengths Finally, I'll offer a few tips on how to produce the most effective video work from your setup. These will hold true whether you're recording on a knackered VriS you bought down the boozer or slum- ming it in a plush digital editing suite.
The Amiga's video strengths are due to five main factors- These are, in no particular order, timing, output, custom chips, operating system, and last - but by no means least - the software and hardware available forThese1 components combine to provide the power ari3 interactivity so essential for work in video.
Timing, as anyone from Nigel Senn to Paul Daniels will tell you, is all important.
The Amiga's original creators were wise enough to get its timing right from the word go, The overall timing of the machine is designed to complement the timing principles of the video and television standards you are using.
This allows you to work in a broadcast environment as the Amiga can communi18 Amiga Computing April 1992 cate its graphic iniormation with great ease. No other personal computer inier-
* . Face as simply and effectively without a great deal of
expensive add-ons.
Video technology is heavily cependent on sync pulse timing to co-ordinate the various processes it employs. Without this reference it would be impossible to Synchronise effects, inputs, sound and the other machines that are so Yital to video production today. Tne fact that tnc Amiga can come to terms with this through its own timing makes it a winner.
Though the Amiga outputs RGB to your monitor, and this is the oasis of all televi- the other even, flickering away 50 times a second. Tne fields subsequently combine to produce ferries at the rate of 25 a second, So -when you curse the migraine- inducing properties of some Amiga screen modes, remember they are one of the things that set it apart.
- Paula, Agnus, Denise and Cafy all work pretty hard together to
provide you with a basic multimedia platform. Tney take the
weight off tne CPU allowing it to concentrate on computing
and organisational tasks.
One of the machine's unheralded strengths is, without doubt, its operating system. Workbench 1.3 & 2.0s' multitasking capabilities are something I would be loathe to do without Tne ability to shuffle between different programs is essential when co-ordinating and refining anims, text and sound in the way that video production, at any level, requires.
Tne occasional crash is weli worth the cost if you're avoiding the waste of time, energy and enthusiasm that would arise from repeatedly quitting and restarting programs. Much and made of the guru's visits by the Amiga's detractors but if you are sensible, ie don't multitask with games Or dodgy PD, then you are soon likely to forget what a guru looks like.
Finally in this round up of the Amiga's attractions for videographers, all our hats must be doffed to the people who produce the myriad range of quality software and hardware for the Amiga range. Titling, animation and paint packages are available that can work with video at any level and cost.
Third-party hardware is appearing which allows the Amiga to compete with the speed and capacity of dedicated video systems. It you can't find something to your requirements in this range, I can only think that you are no: looking hard enough.
Before I proceed to to the "what" section, ITI give a brief summary of the main television standards and video formats that you are likely to come across.
The two main television standards are PAL and NTSC. NTSC is used in the American continent and PAL just about everywhere else. Tne difference between them, simplisticaily, reduces to rate and res- NT5C uses a frame rate of 30 per second wMe PAL gets through 25 m the umetvne.
PAL scores with a greater number of Tub*. Tt hqher resobbon - a whopping 576 to MT3C*s measly 480 or so. Most wackn wA be fcwe of the deference from the appearan K encan software.
Weens - fa 6 jfrfroii displays always Stop arouftd kur-Wb of the way down fxe mentor these opcrences nuke little odds i c* most software, they al when working
• dh **d«. » afways ensure that any soft- wrt or hadnvt you
intend to use is PAL- cowptohte Otherwise you are unlikely to
Me nwch fcr your money. T » dual standard is a rather
unfortunate one for the European user as American thtfd-party
producers have been conuderabiy more active in exploiting the
graph* potential of the Amiga than the t jropeans. This would
not be such a prob-
* the conversion from an NTSC to PAL configuration was not so
The Video Toaster is the classic example of this - it squeezes so much out of its custom chips that there just isn't enough headroom left to make it work to the higher PAL specifications. Fortunately, most of these manufacturers are well aware of the potential of the PAL market and are planning products with this capability in mind.
Your Amiga is ideally suited to video graphics. Here ]ohn Butler guides you from tentative titling to vivavious video visuals!
Within these two television standards lie a myriad of recording formats so next up I'll run through the main ones you are likely to encounter.
Adopted Unless you were adopted and raised by a wolf-pack somewhere in an eastern European forest, you will have come across the Video Home System. VHS became the standard for domestic players back in the early 80s and its faults and strengths are common knowledge.
As far as the Amiga goes it is easily accessible and cheap to use but unfortunately it tends to look it. Editing is possible but unreliable, as crash cutting tends to make as much video noise as its name suggests, and the transport controls are not really up to taking advantage of the editors available.
V cfeoE However, as a low cost way of experimenting and learning, it is hard to beat.
Remember, the same dos and don'ts you work out at this level will stand you in good stead all the way to SP level.
S-VHS and HI-8 are the next step up and they represent a considerable improvement in quality.
Colours are crisper and cleaner due to the the fact that these are pseudo-component systems. Their disadvantages lie in the fact that they cannot be played back on normal domestic systems so transfer requires dubbing and consequent loss of quality.
Frame accurate recording and limecode are options on the higher range models as well as decent editing controlling facilities, but as yet, these are still fairly expensive.
U-MATIC or HI-BAND decks are largely being superceded in the community and small commercial suites by S-VHS and HI-8.
Their only conceivable advantage is a slightly more robust three-quarter inch tape medium which might well be more suited to the demands of multiple pass recording, but this is offset by the expense of the PAL encoders required for these machines to accept the Amiga's output BETACAM SP (or its equivalent Mil) is now the base level professional format. It is a true component system with a robust tape medium run on decks engineered to shuttle back and forth for editing day in, and day out. It has become the lingua franca of the video world and, due largely to its combination of convenience and
quality, looks set to remain so for several years yet A device called a transcoder will be required to convert Amiga device RGB for The secrets of those stunning video productions Here are some handy hints 'n* tips on how to make your videographic productions look smashin'. These will hold true in just about any format or way of working.
The key to any successful production will be planning around your resources. Work out what you want to achieve and the simplest way of doing it. Something done simply and well will always look better than a more ambitious but ill-executed work.
Your Amiga can run material in real time, so take advantage of this by organising as much as possible within it.
Remember that as soon as it leaves the computer, quality starts going too. Presentation and authoring packages such as Showmaker and Elan Performer can help arrange the disparate elements of your production ready for a single clean recording pass to yield the best results.
Palette - When preparing graphics for video, always steer dear of "pure" colours - pure red, green, and blue. These are termed "illegal colours", because they tend to smear or "bleed" on tape. Any subsequent transfers down generations will only exacerbate these effects. In general, choose a more restrained palette and avoid highly contrasting colours - you'll end up with cleaner and more effective results.
Text - Always go for large, chunky fonts. Intricate and spindly fonts tend to flicker and do not go easy on the eye.
Take care with embellishments such as drop shadows, and check their appearance on tape - they can all too easily end up obscuring rather than enhancing your work.
Interlace - A TV picture is made up of two interlacing fields, so for this reason always use an interface setting when constructing graphics - it will alert you to flickering effects from pixel-thick lines and badly contrasting colours.
Flicker fixers are a waste of time in this game, as they usually interfere with genlocks anyway. If it looks bad on your monitor, ten to one it'll look worse on tape!
Blacking up - In professional use, all tape is recorded with black and striped with timecode before use. Even when you are using VHS it's a good idea to record a black screen to tape before use. This will have the effect of minimising tape noise between recorded sections.
Dropout - To avoid those embarrassing white flecks that can occur with any format, try to refrain from pausing, fast forward and rewinding in preview mode, as these are usually the culprits. The lower end mediums are the most vulnerable.
Framing - Try to remember that you are bound to the shape and dimensions of the format of television and work accordingly to extract maximum impact. Avoid fussy screens and take care to work in “safe" areas so that the beginning and end of your screens don't end up somewhere down the side of the television set.
Monitors, tape and sets all seem to have very different ideas about screen sizes so play it smart and check it on tape before you commit yourself.
Video High-end setup CVP accelerator 030,8Mb RAM, 200Mb hard drive £3,000 CVP frame buffer bundle £1,700 Software as above. Other options: Real3D £300 TVPaint £900 $ P Edit deck £10,000 up Transcoder £500 ?
Recording. Anyone considering working with digital or one inch machines will not need me to ponder their pros and cons - suffice to say that if you have reached this stage using your Amiga, you must certainly know what you are doing. All these formats have their good points, but generally cost and quality go hand in hand.
The standard Amiga bundle comes as a complete, albeit limited, video- graphic studio. In your box you will find your Amiga, a graphics package such as Dpaint, and a handsome modulator. To begin experimenting, connect this little lot together and plug the output of the modulator to your VHS deck. Set up a colour cycle or anim loop in the paint software and attempt to record it.
Discrepancy Replaying the results will enlighten you to the first lesson in Amiga video - what you see on your monitor is not what you get on tape. This discrepancy is due to the fact that the RF-encoded signal from the modulator is too weak and unstable for the the deck to record it properly, hence the flickering and dull, smeary colours. If this is as far as you wish to take your system, best forget about tape and play work straight from the computer.
To create a simple video setup, I would recommend the purchase of a genlock, a titler and access to a second VTR. The genlock will not only provide a stronger signal, it will allow you to mix in source material from one machine with Amigagenerated graphics to record onto the second deck.
What you'll need Basic setup One or two VHS decks £80 upwards each Rocgen 300 genlock £120 Deluxe Paint IV £80 Big alternative scroller £40 Mid-range setup Rocgen £200 DCTV £300 Dpaint4 £80 Imagine 3D £200 Broadcast TitJer 2 £160 Panasonic ss9Q S-VHS £800 Panasonic mixer £1000 Plus extra RAM and a second floppy drive at the very least.
Thus, you can spice up your old videos with your own smart titles arid graphics. If you only wish to record Amiga graphics then you can use the second VTR to generate a stable signal for your output.
I recently saw a local cable station using a similar setup to generate a teletext service with a rotating logo in the corner, and very effective it looked too. A genlock allows you to begin to explore the basic processes of image layering that are the foundation of television and videographics.
More than anything else - resolutions, screen size etc - the number of colours you are able to put onscreen will determine how professional your productions look.
Broadcasting uses 24-bit planes to provide up to 16 million colours, which is approximately the maximum an eyeball can distinguish.
The basic Amiga can pump out 4,096 fin its own peculiar fashion) which is nice enough for a computer, but a little light for even semi-pro work. A good halfway house between what the Amiga offers and the professional needs is s"' provided by pseudoframe buffers such as HAM-E and DCTV.
Getting serious involves bypassing Amiga output and getting a frame buffer, access to frame-accurate recording and the best genlock encoder combination you can afford. In order to integrate this with other editing and production facilities, you will probably have to start considering sync pulse generators and timebase correctors, and their place in your world.
Glossary PAL Phase Alternate Line system. The European broadcast standard.
NTSC National Television Standards Committee. The American standard, sometimes cruelly interpreted as Never Twice Same Colour!
Genlock A device for mixing video sources by synchronising them. Capable of masks, wipes and fades.
Generation This refers to the number of times that a recorded section has been transferred between tapes. Thus something recorded straight from the computer is "first generation" but it may to be looped up by recording to another VTR so it will go down a generation. Up to digital level the generation game is one where everyone loses in terms of quality.
TBC Time Base Corrector. This expensive little box tries to cope with the differences that arise between the icy precision of digital sync and the wayward wow and flutter of tape and transport engineering.
Y C Luminance (brightness) and chrominance (colour). These are the basic components of the signal in S-VHS systems.
A-B roll editing Combining source material from two VTRs to produce a seamless single edit Timecode This is a synchronisation code recorded onto tape in professional systems - and is also known as SMPTE. It provides a reference for frame-accurate sync whatever machine the tape is played back on.
A year ago there weren't any frame buffers available for the Amiga but now the potential videographer can hardly move for them. I cannot recommend any particular one - you're best off looking around and picking the one that suits you best.
Things to watch out for are software support and extras such as frame grabbing capabilities. Frame-accurate recording is necessary at this level as none of these devices can pump out video in real time yet (some vapour-ware promises this, but you can be sure it won't be cheap and it won't be soon). The demands of single frame recording are likely to leave S-VHS tape as ragged as a tramp's underpants.
This format is best suited to frame-accurate editing and, I suspect, the medium is too fragile to withstand 250 recording passes over a ten second stretch of tape.
This level really requires Betacam SP, and this is where you will begin to realise what a cost effective system the Amiga can help provide.
Speed and memory make life sweeter at any level, but from DCTV up you are going to have to seriously consider upgrading your system. 1500 2000 3000 models are easier to upgrade, so if you're thinking of purchasing an Amiga specifically for videographic use then go for one of these. The A5QQ, however, is increasingly well served for peripherals so it's still a good buy for non-frame buffer work.
A package like TV Paint will need 16Mb of 32-bit RAM to cut and resize a 740 x 576 picture, and this is the kind of thing you will be repeatedly asked to do with this kind of package.
That's just about all I'm going to say about setups, as I'm loathe to recommend particular pieces - what suits me is unlikely to suit another. Always remember that software and hardware are needed to make a system work so budget seriously for both when you are planning.
The great thing about graphic hardware and software is that you can see what you're getting, so start finding out what combinations will suit you best.
I hope you have benefited from this article and it leads at least some of you to begin experimenting with the video capabilities of the Amiga. There has never been a personal computer like it, and I'm sure it's closer than any other to the ones we'll see in the future.
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STAR RED DEALERS Mirlln Eiprtii Ilium up p.ilpniAPill* i mill
orli. Impia, till •• ailcani cnlinin li en Inna cilliclm
ceanlei vii ¦Ilk Ip pick ip gaolt Iran ll Wk, i.l pi* ui I
visit, rat art ilesyt suite! Is ms fto with yin iNpuiilii ¦f
CITIZEN STARTER PACK 70S ShKtl N CoffiMlui Piptr, 5 Ccntiniais Errat apes IN CmiI Addrtss Labels. 1 - Anigt,'Atwt ST Fylitef DrttW 3 P 01UH1* JK.E9.99 iT17 56 fiu-.raiec AMIGA STARTER PACK Muh Mi', Out t»P, let Bill* Dm In i PtisK Lhniy Cue. Em QuiliTy mSS £17.99 AMIGA 10 GAMES PACK Hal PO SoMnra!
W»Fd»YPfiOfTin (E foUOMSKlUOCDf ) WITH AN |4|) YOU Wui GET THE A FREE QUALITY DUST COVER A FREE TWO PART PRINTER STAND A FREE LEAD TO YOUR AMIGA i Worth over £25 if bought separately) 880K Formalttd Capacity. No external power supply is nMdsd.
Through-pon THIS IS ONE OF OUR BEST SELLERS' C59" COMMODORE 1611 3.S* 2nd DRIVE £79.99 CUMANA 3.5* CAX3M DRIVE £57 99 EnaDto'Dsabfe switch. Tnroughooft. Extra Long Cable COMMODORE A590 20MA. HARO OtSK OfirvES UnpopuUted £279 99 Popul**dto?Mb£369.r PopulftlW to 1 Mt£329.99 (C8M romor)' NOT cheiper i
* £24 ms EXCEPT a dust cover) i mm G Commodore CDTV MOUSE MAT
M»jH qiutty saw van mmtw tiem d*1' £3 95 OUSl COVER HIGH
IMIA111 v iitr i covir* k toiifojtf 95 Ana IW inl praters.
RmMm tic Hi each DISK STORAGE BOXES Mgh qiuley, v»M fpnRfft *'•
liKh&r ci nv rtc wvlli il v ilctw Ivvn «.queer,
• wcAf’Acilv :ci Drxi t M bocwaciiyjs im*a C6 M DISK LIBRARY
CASES PUUk ratrlnr KlaUtt.35' fB 93 PRINIER STANDS ? Pan
ptuttc. [u(«i niMiitftv E9 99 MERLIN WIZARD STICK G.r.il quii,
inooMitdX'l E9 99 pvsli*. Roetnl A knotty iKKrb nwtinl Hw
p.,ttxis tcophim1 AMIGA MO CONTROL CENIHlSMrl.i-.la-ilk .r V19
EITHER.. « Uy QWERTY Keyboard Worth £49.95!
E* A 3 5’ Floppy Disk Drive Worth £59.95!
Phone for Amiga Software from 15% to 25% Discount + Specials!
HAKSKA SCAHttlR Ite ate vai n; been walmgfni' £109.99 RAKSKA MOUSE .Irw Gpsiriuin Suallli Mill dorks tKl E?9 9?
SOUIK MOUSE lli«5i)rt pored ItutCilttAI quilt, £16 95 AMIGA SOT I WAIIt XiMUS. IdiKMuiiul .vd Bounttt scAvMie % ilHJf. .naliliK .il itecauilnl pntei clr.r.f phone A eft lor prKrr, AMIGA IOOKS. Corcmg Prtiyllinu AirajM Ptnnr loi dftoli PEN Pal W*?9 99 (or pill £59.99 it boeght with h wi PIUS LOIS 0* OIWR ACCf SS0K4S 100 MANY 10 LISP" UNIT C7, TW KoefWAlX MD. OKTtt I STATION ROAD, ILKESTON, DCR1YSHKL M7 SMJL Talephooet 0602 441442 PAX: 0602 440141 I TELEPHONE: 0603 iMMil ALL OUR AM1GAS ARE UnfTEO KINGDOM SPECIFICATION AND INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING... 1 Mb. Disk Drive 1Mb Ram Memory TV Modulator
4096 Colours Multi Tasking Speech Synthesis 4 Channel Digital Stereo Sound Amiga Mouse Operation Manuals Workbench 2 Disks ALL Connecting Cables HARWOODS POWERPLAY PACK 1 COMES OF AGE WITH 31* GREAT GAMES & A 1Mb AMIGA A500 PLUS CARTOON CLASSICS WITH THE SIMPSONS. LEMMINGS AND CAPTAIN PLANET PLUS 28* EXTRA GAMES ONLY FROM HARWOODS!!!
AMIGA PLUS... All OURAmigas are backed by Harwoods Great Service [Pleases full details in our Ordering Med* Essy'psnef fins! P2&! I THATS RIGHT HARWOODS HAVE PUT TOGETHER THE ULTIMATE AMIGA PACKS YET AGAIN... STARTING WITH POWERPLAY PACK 1 WHICH INCLUDES 31" GREAT GAMES! 00 Just look at what you get NOW... FiTlL.ii.ii.ww ''TSXoVfl cortiain ftOfessw&! Games tiGT Xmutt'-gametfskmes
MUTANTS - ThatS fight man! MMImMB A kV V V % you can play
the computer version of this popular TV cartoon. By Ocean. ( fl

- CAPTAIN PLANET - created from the award winning TV show, nows
your chance to save the 1 -“N earths environment with this
ultimate adventure... your Eco-Copter is waiting. By Mindscaoe.
'7. - I 'UsJ isj * -'
- LEMMINGS- Are you as smart as Lemmings are stupid, match your
intelligence against their Vt IV5 lack of it as you play
the 1*0 levels of the most original game of ‘91 (European
Computer Leisure I (a Awards Winner). By Psygnosis.
QATASTORM -The fastest shoot 'em up of all time! Defender with a vengence’" DUNGEON QUEST - Ultimate in multisensory gaming! The BEST graphic mysteries!
E-MOTION- 50 levels of mufti-coloured puzzles. A challenging emotional experience.
GRAND MONSTER SIAM - Elves, Trolls. GobBns. Ores. Dragons S Knights do battle!
RYF HONDA • Formula 1 motorb&e racing at 170mph on a Honda RC30 racing bike' DRIY1N* FORCE - For driving maniacs! 12 competitions day or night with 6 vehicles!
PIPEMANIA - Classic puzzle*arcade game. So addictive you won’t want to put it down!
ROCK *N* ROLL - Crazy action game accompanied by fantastic Rock ‘n Rod sounds' SKWEEK- Faint the town PINK, kill Schnoretfs and dominate 99 levels of Skweezland TOWER OF BABEL - intricate 30 strategy game. Fantastic lighting & shading effects!
''PLUS.... 18 MORE GREAT GAMES. THERE'S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE... 8L00DWYCH - Fantasy role-playing game, great interaction with your computer created environment BUB8LE+ - Help the dawffing ghost and the’soap bubble, escape from the old deserted manor house CAPTAIN BLOOD - Astonishing’ creatures and animated 30 graphics, this is a game you just have to play ELIMINATOR - A progressive multi stage flying shoot 'em up. On a long winding course, survive if you can' HOSTAGES - YOU must get your team and hostages out of the terrorist overrun embassy, without loss of life JUMPING JACKSON - In a
deluge of colour and sound save, the earth from sadness and melacholy music KRYPTON EGG - A classic Breakout game. 60 screens, separated by 6 combat sequences LANCASTER - Your mission is to fly the classic WWII bomber on its dangerous raids over enemy territiory LOMBARD RAC RALLY * vou drive your 300 bho Sierra Cosworth through demanding stages of the rafly PURPLE SATURN DAY - Four arcade games, an exciting high speed trip into total cosrmc 3D space SAFARI GUNS * Live the African experience in an animal sanctuary, track the poachers 5 ivory traffickers STIR CRAZY (Featuring Bobo) * Bobo & his
inmates ara ~z a stu -g trampor-e jumo nrson escape ...... .. ... SKYCHASE - Airtx?me combat fgr eve Emulation fan. In this one or two player game, battle against your WIG flying adversary in your mg Faton. Priced at an INCREDIBLE SKYFOX H - Skyfox'!. The only ship fast enough to cany on the Skyfox legend. Fight to Mow your federation demies from the Gai2xy. At eeds of 9000 kilometres second! | STRIKE FORCE HARRIER-Puts you in the cockpit of one o*Britains most exiting fighter afrcrafr. VuflSpie J I Skill levels ret you P'ogmss to become an ace p8ot I TufTIN ON THE MOON -We've been
captured by Colonel Jorgen and he's tring to scuoper the moon mission. Ly‘Hi Come gnlintin, you're the orty one who can save us. And be the first on the moon ' A Including TY SPORTS FOOTBALL-Strap on your helmet for American football simulation that looks flke the real thing. VAT XENON 2 MEGA8LAST - 7Ws time it’s war! The Xenites are back and have thrown time itself into turmoil. | Yfereser rrtvn to or paci' i stK(dd need arise.
Twtwcr fivrtf orpfMtr r.w» jfejtf to stotns tfcf »!• st pr i uctf: “VyiNwx* "ttr tmfcrirtg pond it! Tiv end of t »'. thlrertfor nil tie!ails All our pack contain the new Amiga A500 Pins.
(1. 3 AMIGAs may still be available to special order, please
HARWOOD'S GREAT 1Mb AMIGA 500 PLUS ‘MEGA 31' 'PACK 3 Ttefs rigrayou get tte fantastic Amiga £ ALL THE EXTRAS dezikc in Harwoods "Mega 31" Games Pack 1 (far left) AMD™ then you also gee.. THE SUPERS PrUUPSCUSSm STEREOCOLOUn UOKiTOR GAMES PACK 2 Tears right you get Tc fantastic AmigaS ALL THE EXTRAS desafed in Haiwoods
* Mega 31" Packl AND you also get,, MONITOR PACK Cunxi&sdGsr, I
oopsgaogues iJasistor cu | ackadPb&ps s UsnasiUxtuT s THE SUPER
Cot Usru Pnzw =E Dls Cortf ana acfe » ycu Amgi
PRIMARY L JUNIOR PACK A Ga duisarttostriga caajj c sa: iDi as
sstBiare ioraaMpS jsx.
FtOf.KAYSAfcawCUE fijaf.LOOCWwGMS »Cr.*ueSSaf7aiCS ?Mr.«UK$ KitWSi3S Ok emu; aofi c«e zt OCM a*Mf SIM fW. CSBSfi M S «WfiwaacugB«:' t ssaeswtax XM esuf, j'Jaf. Isua CMOWfrQ.
MOMQASf dM Uot Sjan. TMp HfiOOa fiS.
ItdKtaKMSKC i » SUH'XSf.aCM'MSX. WilMAftY)U7«S£u*S£ Ir. A* ••: ¦?.•¦•¦ X ¦. ! -. '*«'. F- aftjf a ixatcut «t rtfou k£ A WRTTiMO COURSE y syflfr q P rf v yf **' SC MO. W «rv am i Qt Ofltu.
PHILIPS CM 8833 li - STEREO COLOUR MONITOR SttUor.£arPaMioa?ag«6tor0atafe STAR LC 9 PIN NljjBgfc g , FULL COLOUR SMPracarPanalonPageSiorDacais i f A war ur Sua ESS ScrTWAAEA ACCcSSCAliS.
PEN PAL VU (Word ProeessoH-lMb. ESSKS SUPERSASE a PERSONAL (Database) SUPERPLAN (Spreadsheet)-1. Mb.
* *irrfBVm. Jrwf rasa. ?t* Uau.
A GREAT TEN raa Asi svsm, GAMES PACKAGE f»Twt tfofirtc* TJ HARWOODS LEARN & PLAY GCSBW LEVEL PACKS £2c flawafeatod slchs & yw Asuja computer cars tun!
* OtO aiCUSrt, UlCftu nikCK JUG M90MAIKS
AMWfB»awp»M BMa mfiCSE i SO UISK sr MXB M£L AJ (CH y?« a; ««b
* ; sic * «»»6 c» y«BACti. *as«i a*o« roast cocb *«. HCt* c tec
ycu jc«c ?9t PAL- Gn iui dot fatssu A UKOi MR ?CCCU MK it 7*
=CC JU'S 9QK caJCfX.a. Jwaat AKSC WUSTCKiiieiR '(£•&& Ftfi
M6«»W fOCB i CUM USUM « WS 6vM£3AS£ 3*i w Msatut: ia. Arfrt i
.X MvttC A'.UX‘ atroc ««C »*f cae»K«eiwe Wftti a «4 EdjCALON
- £iuPSC vS
- 3£lCG?AJkTai VM«C.A iUATC* a uiCrCswn&iSijCYSTtt .
IssLAwas-oias i iSXUoRARVCASc UCUSEUAT . A talcacD cost
A FRACTION OF THE NORMAL COST The Closei9 you look, The Better
we look "Fuunice l rnu arc nrnibddc iguhjtci Jt Halits j r
iwtst jm Jiu iy yAwv ,v • mir vrtkriiix]hiu 1 m the cm!
Of,tS & ndicitjorfitli Minds CDTV ACCESSORIES I S0UND OR »0N
CADDY CD 1301 GENLOCK CUMANA 3.5“ DRIVE Please call fcr I
(Same spec as CAX 354 on page 4 ol t» acNensemeni) Many Amrga Accessories 4 Peripherals le.fl. Printers. Disk Drives. Software etc.) are coirgabbte wth CDTV Pease phefa us for compataWity information.
CALL IN AND SEE US FOR YOUR PERSONAL DEMONSTRA VON, OR PHONE US FOR YOUR FREE DETAILED COTV INFORMATION PACK JW mi *t «Vr f+Mfcnfk A» i SpKMaJy Ku nit ten rtfiari to Hum PmI 0 PRO-GEN Amiga Genlock The Prolan AMIGA Genkx* akms you to mi* 'flu Amga dsptay with any PAL ndeo signal wtwtter it is from a VCR. Lasertfsk player or a Camcorder in lad any item gf video equipment which outputs a PAL composite vdeo signal Comfrned with the Amiga computer the Proven gn*8 you fa taclities (X a sped* oftects & vtoeo Wing suite Take your own films 4 grre them a protwswai took by overlaying TfTiES or by
SUPER IMPOSING YOUR OWN GRAPHICS created in packages Hie Photon Pant 2.0 grDfltae Pami Pro-Gen is suppled «mh micro (fusions supert) Photon Pan* 2.0 package FREE A powertU Lo-anfl-tt rewWton how and modify (HAM) paint program, with overscan iNTSG Pali art spec** effects tor your Amga Computer mduong all the Wtowng Contour Mapping: crapes a brush over a 3D landscape* Pocel rrter*ty values decide me peaks and valleys, while a speoafy developed my-traong algorithm maps fa image precsety. Surface Mapping: around 30 objects, both geometric and tree hand drawn.
Luminance: sets (he IgM source ard intense Shadowing automatically wflh control of see and offset Brush Control: Mist W. resize. p. Rotate, bend, adjustable transparency, sirelch etc etc. PLUS LOTS MORE! A great program alkwng use of *096 colours. Choice Of horavert page print negatrres, ant-aliasing. Dithered pmt. Adjustable bnhgtness etc. How«works: i i STOP PRESS FKW» KMKUCeSAVEflY llWtf UlnCCM ONE! T VKC to oenoc* coieniG m&£ KT rwSALWSWMEKTOKlSB MamuimwtKNj* imoomb*. Wtkxjt the wk TO HUNT DOM ! € OotfttT CCMi KTMCAafS'WlCTCMfcSOK UMT0aHNSCTMJi'«*«S
£99.95 Mode Switch-box for Genlocks £29.95 Features Include
- Compatible With The Pro-Gen And Rendate 8802
• Suppked With Genlock Extender Cable Worth £9.95
• Switchbox Switches Between Foreground. Background. Video And
Computer Modes.
''Finance terms tin• tu tillable Isubject lo status) for mast products phase see our ordering [kiwi at the eutl of Ibis adtvn forfull details All our packs contain the new Amiga A 500 Plus.
(1. 3 AMIGAs may still he available to special order, please
enquire J Feaiures Include i Long coxecSnc caKe
- 'Mb. (880K FormattecJ) 1 EnaHe Disable Switch.
¦ Throughput
• i Access Ugftt £Ccmoa e with Arnica 50C.f' 000 1590 2000 3000
3. 5" DISK HEAD CLEANER for optimum reliability BLACK CDTV
- Capacites of 52 or t05Mb avaSaWe ¦ Cohnerts to sidecar bus
on l H side of A500 A500 Plus u q S W O 4 ui l2| U D
• Autoboots with Kotetart 15 2.0. boot enabfe'dsabie svrtcb
• i Soctets for up to 8 Mb of RAM expansion
- SCSI Port allows up to 7 otter devices to be connected
• SuppSed with easy to use software
• 2 Year Warranty Corp eft with dedicated PSU
- Mini slot for future expansion capabilities
- PC-A7 Emulator planned to be available for f 592 RAM : SIZE
CAPACITY 52Mb. 1 105Mb.
Coc;o Cct O -v . V «Ov 2Mb.
£429.95, £629.95 1 4Mb.
CetriQ act!
: «vvV.vv I £749.95 co C69S 951
* *VVV • V V ] onnrt nr*
WcflC MATHS-2* easy s-.see'ts'ajrsb’GCSEfC' £2155 PmO revision cr sel?
ICGAMATKS-AetMlsNpbystto toncoine.For £21.95 mgr? Ycn-e-s. ‘A’ Ijmi stodes S Vcc Jfefrs use's ISCRO FRENCH-GCSE Pern ti5ry*»*feirwrs». £2155 Cowes bon socket 8 irZsn =¦?-**!
IW ENGUSH-Acsr pr recfseT-rjicrio £2155 toSCSEstortart PfWAWIUTHSCa - 3!6l2&r £2155 21 s-reCws?.
SPEULBOOK-JgsAKS. D?wtxedw?i?*WDrfa £1755 Wra-ySd-of Head Teste ssfcfCTfin: sdfe.
PROF: Hurts for Worts Wft das W. rt t s mt; £2455 Exfere. Cfrtter car tot Jr worts art corprte a s&y.
PRQFicofcs at Worts-vo-;Crx: ptf.a-o rtresT??- £2455 V » ccoj fi? Wy*. R; le eS cr ptey.
PR0FiS S!rtw8w-CWr’i«fDP*V.'n*e« £2455 seie « N urfrtGx seoxrc« o'worts - 7 sS- Scr.
PfiOF sysa**wGBn »-Cer»swi?:asto’ydskay5e £2455 »e. Art ar f»s?a5»i HARWOODS AMIGA 1Mb PRO-RAM PLUS ADD MORE POWER TO YOUR AMIGA 500 PLUS WITH A FULL 1Mb. MEMORY UPGRADE!!!
• 1Mb. RAM expansion for the Amiga 500 Plus Gives a total of
2Mb. Of RAM j Easily fitted without any dismantling in the
trapdoor expansion slot underneath Amiga. DOESN'T invalidate
your warranty!
Low power consumption 2 Yr Guarantee!
0. 5 Mb PRO-RAM : Compatible with Amiga A500 and 500 Pius D f.-
Gives A500 a total of 1Mb Memory* Cfcck£0O AC
* Gives 500 Plus a total of 15Mb Memory ZJ.1.7J AMIGA SOFTWARE
Musfc-X: The firgs software tor professional VTO! Secuenciog.
The softwa-e induies a ccrtx- urabie IBMria" and a syrthesser
patch etftc'. Pi you need to recreate a song can be recaSed Ton
one performance Se -dudng secuenoes. W0! Wire, sync setup,
heybArd macs S synthesiser y drum machine prtch ferahes. New
LOW pftCES - £§455 or Just £74.55 with mMMnterfacc!
IworINTERFACE(5Pert):KOut.Throughplus2swtcteble5ru7ouLIncludescabe. £2455 AMOS: AMOS arcws you toatt«$ tte of fte Arnica wfifi esse. 5C0 difer-nt coratands rake AMOS a &»his5caied dwelcpnert language. The AMOS attinaSon isnouage allows you to create ce*$ ex sr;rat:o sequences. 309 oaoe manual and cwr 80 example programs £49.95 Am Mien Modules: (BOTH require Amos prog.) }: I11I. :Yj § • »I«T| Amos Compiler Amos 30 Su rSase 4: Most poweduf dztetese avafeb'e *cr the Am'ce.Comb'nes the ease of use of Super- Base 2 w ? Ve e prc remming'anpjece % 73? You tan aTo" you: das to your own spe c needs
tor d’jbtrj ness'itrary *eards etc. £229.95 Lattice 0: An idea! Ted for the C prtgnrmy wheew experienced cr a novice. The best wav tc reate 2Ppfc2cns 'r tte Anig3.Fvify svpocrts Vctcmta chipset. Nea y 390 funcSons ccSrtsed ?p tep the user trSe me tightest possib'e code. Mides screen edtor. Vest Amiga C books are based around laSce. (Requites eitter 2 floppy DRIVEs OR a hard dskdme) £199.95 'vr n =h?Tnt IV: Lass: verskn of the Amigas fhsl and sSH te best, part and ahradon oackape.
New including HAM mode, ft Vb. Ninimum memory or rncre recommended; £7955 VidL The Complete Colour Solution: Vidf wb RGS Spftter. Frame Grabber i Digftse'. G"abs moving colour video into t6 grey scale frames (up to IS frames r 1Mb. Amiga) and digoises from still cokxr ' idee source in up » 405$ odours Vi ’ess r n i second' Recires home VCR or - idee camera for grabbing. Recuires video camera Cr VCR with perfect pause fy tfcifisinj. Now cones wift Photon Pant 2.0 ABSaUTB.Y FREE OF CHARGE"! ' ' £17955 MASTERSOUND: cssft 'mono* sanp'sr (best fcr sanp?nc rstonorts etc.; £3655
ASC, E.3rJ9S7ASM SW.CLE C7JRE(7E S RflAtHCF THOUSANDSCCSEFVJS. EDU&TWfiNOFSZ&TW TrriESytWiTUSTTVStALL HERE SO PI&&&IL US Fya GMTS&T&fW&M rouRSJtfflE rrs FxV&a.riNS7lXK Pen Palv„ WORD PROCESSORDATABASE wa Pen Pal you can mis W& cokwr sraphic? A dsea in otw oo other wj’p cm! *ir handfins; of gnshict» vnaspxwl: Pco Pal is (be only »'Cfd proctwr J toflcd that »iD ,- T amcrasdcaBy wrap _ ieg reend jgaphict- * ¦5'".
Amfen World.
Jofr -90 £79.95 PEV PAL compter B777 5i7K Ngu RAV Expansion ¦ or.h £99P5.' ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE The Closer you look.
The Better we look PRINTEI All printers in our range include a standard Centronics Parallel Port for direct connection to Amiga. PC's, Atari Sts, Archimedes etc. We supply a connection cable to YOUR computer Dust Cover with ALL Dot Matrix Printers FREE Star LC-20 Mono Printer Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star LC24-10 Mono Printer 32K Buffer £67.95 £67.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star LC-200 Colour Printer Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star LC 24-200 Mono-Colour Printers 32K Pnnter Buffer £34.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £74.95 Star SJ48 Printer Automatic Sheet Feeder £54.96 NFGad Battery £39.95
Star XB 24-200 Colour Printer PuD Tractor £34.95 Font Cartridges • Styles To Be Announced £29.95 128K Centronics Printer Buffer £89.95 Automatic SheetFeeder £114.95 Dual Bin SheetFeeder £429.95 Star XB 24-250 Colour Printer Pull Tractor £34.95 Font Cartridges - Styles To Be Announced £29.95 128K Centronics Printer Buffer £89.96 Automatic SheetFeeder £174.98 Dud Bin SheetFeeder £469.95 plus a Qua!
’ 1 £149.95 s warranty £159.95 J Micro paper teed Max. pap* wvtthl 1.7* J Suppled with colour & mono rbbens _l Paper partwth auto sirgie sheet loaclng _j Programmstte from front pen* ? 12 monfli warranty £219,95 oO z O) ZlUZ UJ 2 o NUJOQ pom
o 2 fie uj a, dc Z UJ UJ Ssi £249.95 ? Large 28K Buffer _l 360 x
360 dp- near laser pnrrl guatty ? Cptonal N-Cad battery lor MW
tto operatior £249.95 £299.95 ? Paper paiK wifi atrtsngte sheet
taring ? Mcro paoer teed. Max. paper iWfill.r ? Scppried wifi
mono ribbon Q Faster than the old LC24-10 LI Extra tont
carlndges avaiabe J Program from licre panel. No DIP withes ?
12 mgnfl warranty a ?
A ?
BLACK RIBBON SIX PACK' COLOUR NJB80N SIX PACK' CITIZEN SWIFT 9 £259-95 £36.50 £69.95zxvcl STAR LC200 BLACK-COLOUR £319.95 STAR LC24 200 STAR XB RANGE STAR SJ48 INK CARTRIDGE £14.95ea. BLACK ONLY £399.95 24-200 Colour £499.95 24-250 Colour Nwr Sajper high quality bcbWe ink let printer
- J 6 NQSfe»*|44 _l Emulates Epson LQ and IBM Proprinter tor ful
compasblfty _i Complete with AC adaptor STAR LC24 200 24 PIN
MONO - 220 55 cps Mono version cl LC24 200 Colour. Same spec
except tor a siraler 7K buffer STAR LC24 200 24 PIN COLOUR -
220 55 cps Colour verson d the LC24-200 More J 80 Colufw Doi
Matnx 360dpi-24 Pin MONO 30K Buffer leroandaUe) 10 Resident
Fonts From Panel Pitch Selection Push-pul tractor 8 rear,bottom
feeds Reverse paper feed NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN 224 COLOUR -160 53
cps Brand New. Forest cost colour 24 Pr prmsr. Anywhere1 J 80
Column Dot Matra win 4 Forts Li Push & pul vactor feeds _J 360
dpi -24 Pr COLOUR -J Complete paper parking faotiues.
? 8K Buffer expandable to 32K _l Supplied wHh mono & colour ttt ? Easy to use trort panel controls ? Ful 2 YwCittfin Warranty NEW 24 Pin CITIZEN SWIFT 24E COLOUR -180 60 cps - Brand New, superb spectator color 24 Pin prtrter ? 80 Column Dot Matra with 7 Foris -J Push-pul A bobom tractor feeds J 360 dpt • 24 Pit COLOUR J ComplBie paper Mtorg tactmes.
_J 8K Butter expandable to 32K _i Suppied with more & cotou rtbons 3 Easy to use ICO panel controls ? FiA 2 Year Citizen Warranty NEW FASTER STAR XB 24 PIN COLOUR RANGE XB24-200 8 XB24-250 - 275 80 cps These NEW too gf fa range Stars upaee fa XH«1Q J XB24,’15. & Offer the oesf possb’e qualty da matra prritng STAR LC200 9 PIN COLOUR PRINTER -185 40 cps This a the one in cur packs!
J 00 Column Dot Main.
J 240 dpi • 9 Pin COLOUR IJ l6KWter, 6 Resident Fonts _l Push'puB traclor & rear bottom feeds _l Reverse paper leads CITIZEN SWIFT 9 PIN COLOUR - l6G 40cps New super nigh spec Spin colour printer _J OKBuffw 4Fo«s ? 240x240dpColotfGraphcs J Push ardputl tractor bun-m j Best text quaKy in our SF n rar ? Feed tor labefe-tauM part slabonwry ? 2 Year Citizen warranty STAR SJ48 INKJET PRINTER ? Very reliable low cost printer wfi mercnangable interfaces lor Cflrtrwi»RS232’S«na rrp«lC$ *ete) J FuB 2 Year manufacturers w NEW FASTER STAR LC20 9 PIN MONO - Up to 150 38 cps Replacement lor our most
popular Mort Ogt-Maaix at a super low price _lMu»pte tort optorseasfy accessible ? S-multaneous. Contruous and angle trom tront panel sheet stale _J Excellent paper handing facJities ? 240 * 240 d GORDON HARWOOD PRINTER STARTER PACK FREE ALL our Dot Ma?i* Printers are supplieo complete with.
200 Sheets ol Continuous Printer Paper 100 Useful Self Adhesive Continuous Labels _Amiga Printer Drivers C*sk_FREE CITIZEN 120D+ 9 PIN MONO - Up to 120725 cps - £209.95 CITIZEN PRINTER ACCESSORIES: Citizen 1200+ Sheet Feeder Citizen 120D+ Parallel Interface Citizen 120D CBM C64 Serial Interface £4955 Citizen 124D32K Buffer £13.95 Citizen 124D Setft-Auto SheetFeeder £39.95 Citizen 124D Automate Sheet Feeder £79.95 Citizen 124D Printer Stand £24.95 Citizen Swift 9 Semi-Auio SheetFeeder £39.35 Citizen Swift 9 Automatic Sheet Feeder £79.95 Citizen Swift 9 Printer Stand Citizen Swift 9X Printer
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Printer, wH connect to PC, Amiga. Atari ST. Macintosh etc. -
£599.95 £1099.95 ¦J Send and Parallel imeffdees
- 1300 DPI. 2Mb Upgradable to 5Wi.
? Emulators me HP ti, Epwo EX800. IBM Proprirter & Diablo 630
- i Complete with ‘Starscripr (Stars postscript language
emulation) ? 12mqnfh gn site warranty (UK Mainland) LI 49 quaky
torts buft-m
- I AppletaK for connection to Macnosh ? Ewy desktop publishers
All the characters Per Second speeds quoted above ere Dreft LO el lOcpi BOOK SHOP FOR BEGINNERS & EXPERTS AUKE WE ALWAYS CARRY LARGE STOCKS OF THE FULL RANGE OF ABACUS A OTHER 00OKS. ..Atom ut tor drtatli' XMQA FOR BEGINNERS-VOL I ABACUS BOOKS, £1195 Fun irp*Mrg yar Mqi to crwtn; your on com rttifes tot m of hue *d ert-ss tek rerad vwr w**? Ajriearti' 3 *2 MKA BASIC NSIKANO OUT-VOL 2 ABACUS BOOKS, £18.95 Ddntw sac by Op gad* to p-ograrrmrg Atga's n basic AMIGA MACHNE LANGUAGE-VOL 4 ABACUS BOOKS. £14.95 Prase* gjds tt wrnng SKM ssarrber Unpug* AMIGA DOS INSK AND OUT • VOL B ABACUS BOOKS.
£23.45 &adilBAnoaOOS4CU BEW Emen ine. WB 2 0 fMludM Fiw Ott) AMIGA HARDWARE REFERENCE IIANUAL-AttaU WuMy. £21.95 rttOtnCi NOVKileipMiilCoi-oxrjAnjairc.USA. rewxtero deBignadjmRrnoLHMMmiP raadriBtoodipQanMiRBtfaAflnoad l*«. New wjon rm aso nJudis KsdATARI Z AWGA.8ESTOFTRICKSATFSVol.1T. £32.95 A anew* sal ol Wo an3 tps trot ereMe xn » do MORE
• tiyojrAmgaandassnYt aspossbto ilnSuteFmOjk} ttfTwG ThE MOST
FROM YOUR AABGA, £9.95 Frtm Fubrt Rjtfcfwj ft pAun cf AfNga
Ftntf Us cw anjutyucdrtdtoMNeoa.
Aur*M m IKLP oacs WCUflED-£13.95 hdti terms tin¦ aratlahle tsuhjecl t status) for must ptadims. .*v »ur onkrhtg panel at the end if this adivri for fall defalk PHILIPS CM8833 II The ever poouar 14-Inch PfiHps CM 8833 Mkll Its vereattly means you not only gel excetem Wour grapncs 4 text performance wtt a woe range of persona) computers, but when oomected lo a VCR. You get an amarng 600 poet TV pictureW* r» 6433 Mkll. Harwoods gtm you me complete sat up, to gel you gang straight iwiy Merto. RGB pdura ana Slew Autto Cables Taloredcuitcww. ArcaW !2Mcnthsonw» ternc* warranty . Rga'AO,m,Ccffc »
Vto»ftster»aM*)rput5 CaPteuswasaTY wthVCRor Tuner A&o as a Video Camera display monitor Retractable stand T«n Stereo Speakers Headphone Jack Soctet FREElMd tor rout computer FREE 12 MxilS on site sentce wrarrty.
MONITOR TV IN OUR PACKS 2 3. AND CORQ 95 POWERPRO, AT NO EXTRA COST. TO REPLACE THE 8833,11. SIMPLY ADVISE US AT THE TIME OF ORDERING) iQNITORS & MONITOR TV'S Harwoods stock a complete range of both Monitors & Monitor TV's to give you your perfect solution to the type of display to buy.
If s important to remember that most 7V Monitors, are stM first and foremost televisions. Moaning trial trior average 400 pixel tube display 50% tower resolution than a monitor) cannot be guaranteed to display 80 cotumn text deafly without nskmg eye strain. If choosing a Television Monitor ensure it has tte latest 2000 character tube capatitoy, meaning it can handle the Amigas'80 characters. By 25 kne output dearly PURCHASE!) WPMWItlY fr Tly. » Wgd, ’V.. 5W 09uiii9 on * & c o» ms juvsntBAmcni PHILIPS 15“ FASTEXT TELETEXT REMOTE CONTROL 60 CHANNEL rrr- All listed prices are wfiaf YOU PA Y. and
VA T and postage are included, and prices are correct at time of going to press (Pack details may vary from time to time). Otters are subject to avaiVabriify and to being the latest advertised packs and prices. Our otters are NOT supplied on a trial basis. EAOE tailored to suit your needs. Written details on request Gordon Harwood Computers offer faewbes to purchase using our budget account scheme APR » 8% (Variable). Avatible to most adults oI eighteen yean or over, subject to status Senply phone or write and we wfl send you written details alpng with an appicaton form Applications, required
in advance. AvailaMe to full time U.K! Mainland residenls and overseas British forces personnel. Showroom visitors, please ask lor details of our In- iton Instant Account' Written quotations on request It you are already the holder of a Lombard Credit Charge Card you can use this to purchase from us (subject to your personal card Bmit) VISIT OUR SPACIOUS SHOWROOM: Please pay us a visit where our lull range ot advertised products, at the SAME COMPETITIVE PRICES. & MORE, is on sale. ALL UNDER ONE ROOF1, in pleasant surroundings at our purpose built showroom (See note below map). There's plenty
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OPENING TIMES.9.00 until 5.00 Monday to Saturday
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from whom to purchase, please phone us We are always nappy to
d scuss yw requirements, and arswer any queries you may have
¦M Phcre cu Ordsr Hottre wflh you Access. Visa MjBtnnuua HH
Satth or Lombard Credrtcharge Ca-a quoting rurfcer & expry
date (Ouccs Cum* NASCR and other 'store' cants are Lombard
Credicrarge and ara accepted by us|
• uw e ?* ?*», tvtonn sgpqty drabs 0f postal rdera [XI payable
lo GoflOON HARWOCO COMPUTERS iPersonaltxsr s dtecw* ta»e ,
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tespaldtedi. Pease send Name Addiea. Arc) most imoonan»y it
gossfcte a Day»m« Telephone Nrter akxg wth ycxr order
requrements P terse check you are ordering hem one c» cur
Ufes.1 advert semens before posing Iphone if you requre
confrmsoonl Please rgm enter fat lor eumple Mfly Seplrter
puWeasons appear djrg AwjsI lWWc pros you see may htve triroid
tether uo ordtrnn; FREE•ffirUwsrtjrigdays. UKMartandonty OR
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Mariandmaaregccs ¦ Motf tems n mwe at TAX FREE PRICES » non UK
resKJents when vUrtrg export shemert Please contxt us tor
ordenrg mtormatKin You «il be gwen out Exdusn« Tethncal Suaooh
Ptonn Number to cat should you recyjre any heys or adnce on any
aspecl ol I he system you haw pi cnaseo llems yovrg lauhr wlho
30 days o'purchase are replaced wrt NEW UNITS unless oihenme
slated For k* wbbe ouarartee pence, wrramv servce wi ce
ompetet, FREE OF CHARGE ; ", Any computer, moncor or pnnter
fequrrg waranly ser*»» can be ceriectefl trorn your home FREE
OF CHARGE dirng the guarantee period (UK Marland on* ) and a
1 : ¦ ai porrgvtefs are tested pnorajdesgaKh. Arfl all Hems suppled wth mams plug and leads as regured just connect up and use sVagm away AMIGA ACCESSORIES £24.95 £149.95 MIDI INTERFACE (5 Port): In, Out. Through plus 2 swtchabte thm' out. InciJdescable.- Ytdi. The ConpWe Colo:;' Solution: Vidi with RGB Spitter, Frame Grabber 4 Digitiser Grabs ¦ moving colour video into 16 grey scale frames (up to 16 frames in 1Mb. Amiga) and digitses from still colour video source m up to 096 colours *t less than 1 second’ Requres home VCR or video camera tor grabbing. Requres vdeo camera or VCR with perfect
pause tor dosing. Now comes w th Photon Paint 2-0 FRE£!!| (see Proven fetura hr toll software details) KCS POWERBOARD IBM PC EMULATOR Allows you to run many popular IBM PC compatible softwfre £219.95 titles on youf Amiga or Amga A500 Plus Hercules, CGA & Monochrome Video Support. Supports Both 3.5 Inch & 5.25 Inch Diskettes Fits Into A501 RAM Slot. 8068 XT Processor, Cloc*Calendar Included. Acts As 512K RAM Exp. When In Amga Mode. Indudes MS-DOS 4.01, Shell & GW-BASIC. DOS-Hep, & On-Board Memory Supports A590 Hard Drive. Mouse Driver Softwara Induded.
KCS POWERBOARD AS ABOVE BUT WITHOUT: MS-Dos 4.0i.SW-Basc. Shell. £189.95 NAKSHA 400dpi SCANNER £114.95 Switchable between 200dpi and 00dp» Supports up to 32 grey shades with adjustable contrast Suppled with EXPRESS-lTi software, image utility allows you to save in the tormat best suted to your favourite package.
SUPRARAM RX 500 (512K to 8Mb. RAM Expansion) I The RAM expansion gwng massive memory WITHOUT dismandng I your Amiga, thus avoidng the possiblity of mvaWabng your warranty.
Easily connects to sidecar wsth bus 'pass-through' lor HD's etc. 2Mb. RAM Version £ 199.95 4Mb. RAM Version C329 95 8Mb. RAM Version C549.95 NAKSHA MICROSWITCHED MOUSE £24.95 GOLDEN IMAGE OPTICAL MOUSE £32.95 COMPETITION PRO JOYSTICK 5000 Black £7.95 ZIPST1CK JOYSTICK £12*5 COMPETITION PRO STAR JOYSTICK £14.95 The ONLY joystick to obtain a 100% rating from a magazine review!
3. 5" DISK HEAD CLEANER £2.99 Gordon Harwood Computers 0
Authorised Dealer Apple” in Alfreton... For the professional
user, Gordon Harwood provides the outstanding Apple™
Macintosh™ range of computers These superb systems are
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OFFERS* As ywr qwlity assured Apple” Authorised Dealer, systems
arc available through our showrooms only Please veil us foe
your personal introduction to this exceptional range of
friendly yet powerful graphical computer.
Xjffm Open during UpMal Promotional Period' itbdd dock lari’ GORDON HARWOOD COMPUTERS DEPARTMENT BB0 G3. NEW STI ALFRETON. DERBYSHIRE. DE5 7BF TEL: 0773 836781 FAX: 0773 83104C l yVr thi'AppA'tripi. Mihintnsb mill ( '.Irissti un"Inuktiunis irf.VrfJe ComtHikr. Hn Mlntbir tratfomirk: ruvocbniuMml The Shoe People Gremlin Graphics - £25.99 Recommended for ages 4 to 6 Those leathery - but very friendly - children's cartoon characters, Tne Shoe People, have brougnt some genuine fun to the younger children's National Curriculum in this exceiient double disk package on Gremlin's brand new First
Class label.
Many skills essential for eariy success at school are exercised, including memory, recognition of shapes, colours and patterns, and knowledge of the alphabet, numbers and words.
There are three activities on each dak, all aimea at the four to six age group. Eacn has various ieveis of difficulty. Those on Disk One are Trampy visits nis friends, Sgt Major Sorts It Out, and Margot's Magic Colouring Book, while Disk Two offers The Great Alphabet Robbery, Wellington Coes to the Park and Chafe's Big Day.
Trampy visits his Friends features friendly vagrant Trampy, who has a remarkable number of friends in Shoe Town. Tne trouble is, he only gets to see them at the end of his eventful journey it the young student is good at matching objects and finding or spelling the correct words.
It starts with the simple matching of objects encountered by Trampy as he tramps his way towards a meeting with Sergeant Major, and progresses to typing in the names of objects with no nelp from the computer as Trampy neads for a chin-wag with tne Marshall.
Sgt. Major Sorts It Out stars Baby Bootee, who has brought chaos to Sergeant Major's store oy knocking everything off the shelves. Now he has to put things back in the right places.
Tnere are two levels, easy and Hard. With Easy, each Shelf already has tne first object on it In Hard, the shelves nave to be allocated oy the child.
Oaoy Bootee automatically points to the object ne wants placing on a shelf. Pressing the spacebar makes Sgt Major's baton point at eacn shelf in turn. When the correct shelf is indicated, the young student hits- the Return key.
Sarah Williams tries out the latest batch of educational releases Margot's Magic Colouring Book is a very basic pain: program operated by keyboard or mouse, though I'm sure young cnildren will find it very exciting »they fill shapes in one of five reaoy-crawn pictures'" - with colours, or create their own drawings from scratch. Pictures can be saved to dis»c- and printed.
The Great Alphabet Robbeiy is one for PC 8oot! That shifty sole(!) Sneaker is trying to escape after stealing the letters of the alphabet. Tne aim of this exercise is for the- child to recognise words and letters so far encountered in other Shoe People activities.
Wellington Coes to the Park offers five choices for the basis of the game - blocks, more blocks, -single dice, double dice and numbers. A dice or numbers appear on one sioe of a see-saw.
If the child recognises the number on the dice, or adds numbers together correctly, the see-saw creaks into the perfectly balanced position and Wellington jumps up and down in a puddle, covering himself with mud. If the answers are incorrect, a cloud appears and rinses Wellington dean.
Charlie's Big Day has the clown performs easy, medium or hard tricks, according to tne child's initial choice.
When Easy is selected, the student is asked what trick Charlie did first If this is answered correctly, Charlie performs tne same trick again, followed tty another one.
Now tne child is asked to recall tne two tricks, and so on to as large a sequence of tricks as possible.
If Medium is selected, the tricks are generated randomly each time. With Haro, Cnariie performs a whole sequence of tricks twice, and men begins a third. The child is asked wnich trick completes the sequence. If the answer is correct, then every otner turn another trick is added to the sequence. One or two adults - including me - have had trouble with this one!
Ail in ail, The Shoe Peopie is an ideal debut program from tne first Class laoel. AH selections, except when running Margot's Magic Colouring Book with tne mouse, are made very easily oy nitung the biggest key on the keyboard, tne spacebar. Each time it's hit, an arrow moves on to the next choice.
The choice & then executed by the second biggest key Retum.
Young children will iove me grapnics and the sound effects, particulariy the sound of tne Shoe People clumping along, as well as the noises made when Charlie bangs his drum, spins plates on sticks and performs other wonders.
And to ado even more value, the pacxage also includes a Shoe People boox, The Shoe Town Cold Rush, worth 85p, and a badge featuring one of the Snoe People.
One speciai note for teacners - tne package is aimed at National Curriculum attainment targets one to three.
Lander Software - £25.93 Recommended for ages 7 to l&t Spellbound is realty as much about learning gameplay, particularly control of a joystick, as it is about spelling.
However, that's not such a bad combination of attributes. Learning should be fun, shouldn't it? And Lander soravare have provided a Superbly entertaining way of learning with this one.
You may already know something about tne character Henrietta from Lander's previous programs. You probably don't know, however, that she has an American cousin called Hal who enjoys a quest just as much as his English relative.
Morgana has entrusted her magic wand to barmy genius Professor Crime, who has concealed it under locks and keys - five of eacn, to oe precise.
Tne player's job is to guide Hal, in a helicopter, submarine and spacecraft, in his quest for tne five keys. To win a key, you must spell a word, a letter of which is made available to you in a random order each lime you kill one of Professor Crime's clev- cfy disguised robos. You kill them by hitting your Fire button, thus causing your ship or craft to fire on the enemy.
1 6 I iff dan l No match there!
You can set up almost infinite levels of difficulty by specifying the number of lives, the speed of the robots, the quantity of fuel and whether the walls you encounter are "safe" - they don't harm you when you hit them - or "deadly". The more difficult you make things for yourself, the more your potential for earning points.
There are five adventures for Hal, and a key is won each time an adventure is successfully completed - that is, when the letters for a word have been picked up. In correct order and the ship or craf: has'beeh steered to the final exit point, when you've won the five keys, you gain possession ot the all-powerful wand, thus preventing further misuse of it This is a program that almost anyone will find enjoyable. It's no: possible to say which age group it appeals to most, though the skills involved mean that child, about seven may find it COO difficult.
Lander Software tnemselves just sum it up wnen they refer to it as "computer edutainment".
Picture Book Triple R Education - £19.95 Recommended for ages 2 to 5 Younger children usually learn lower case letters before capitals. For this reason, they can oe easily confused by the capital letters on computer keyboards.
It's good to see that with Picture Book, Triple R Education have provided plastic keyboard overlays featuring lower case letters.
Mdt only that - while one of the overlays is for the usual Qwerty keyboaro, the second one has the keys in "a" to "z" order reading from top left to bottom right of the letter keys. The program is very easily switched from Qwerty to "a" to "z" mode oy selecting the option from the main menu.
So much for keyboard considerations - what about the program itself? Picture Book, which comes on one disk, comprises four programs - Alphabet, Snap, Spell It and Count 'Em. They will provide many hours of learning and entertainment for the target audience, and all four programs can be loaded into memory at once, so quite tiny children can be left playing alone with-
- out the confusion of loading.
Alphabet is aa-electronic version Of the traditional AgCggok. When a letter key is pressed, a drawing-©: an item which begins witn that ieasrsrd the full name of the mttpppn on the screen. The size of eacn colourful drawing can be altered using the aafe-keys.
JjWith the largest picture size, the name of me item is not displayed, giving the parent or teacher the chance to check whether tne. ip can spas ne word before it's revealed.
Some of the drawings are animated. For utustrated oy a jack-in-the- box, the jack springing out each time it is retyped. Most, if not all, children will particularly like this feature.
Snap is exactly wnat you might expect, with tne addec feature that you can choose whether to match two pictures, a picture and an initial letter, or a picture and a word. Up to three children can play at once, with a designated key for each player to tty to hit first when two corresponding items appear. Tne first to score three is the winner.
Count 'Em is an excellent introduction to the world of numbers. It involves the young players pressing the number key which corresponds to the number of pictures displayed. There are three levels - numbers up to three, six and nine - which can be cycled through by pressing the spaceoar.
Where to get them Gremlin Graphics Software Limited Triple R Education Carver House 1 Percy Street 24 Carver Street SHEFFIELD SHEFFIELD S38AU S14FS Tel: 0742 780370 Tel: (0742)753425 Hokianga Software Lander Software PO Box 67 Scetlander Limited Rawenc, Hokianga 74 Victoria Crescent Road New Zealand CLASCOW TEL: 0473 (IN NZ) (09) 40S7 761 C129jn (UK Supplier Marcam Ltd. On 081 941 Tel: 041-3S716S9
6117. Or 0604 790466) Spell It has two levels - Easy and Hard -
and is an idea! Introduction to words. On the easy level,
the word is displayed onscreen together with the cor
responding picture. A smaller version of the same picture
is repeated as many times as there are letters in the
word across the bottom of the screen, each one being
replaced by a correct letter as thechiid type.
M ssmssse uve-22 snap Education a As tne child attempts to .copy the word, any correcHetters pressed will be-put into the appropriate place. Incorrect letters simply have no effect On the hard level, childrefLhave to try to spec without the -words bang- displayed for copying, though help is given after a noisy “.'aspbeny Souhd if the chiimoets the word wrong.
Thewgraphics are simple and colourful - just right for the rarget age group. Some of the sound erfeas - for instance, tne roar of the lion, the meaow or tne cat and the sound of the apple being munched - are excellent Picture Book is a friendly and encouraging welcome to computers for the very young.
Triple R Education have got it just right Look! Hear!
Hokianga Software - £45 Recommended for ages 4 to 8 Look! Hear! Is a bright way for younger children to learn how to read and pronounce words. The program uses colourful, animated graphics and so is probably more interesting to children than using the less inspiring J' alternative, a textbook, f
- Natural digitised speech is a good feature of the ' program,
especially as it's well spoken and easily understood. Tnis is
specifically used to teach and test "sight -words' - the 240
core 'words children up to and including the eight-year- old
level should be able to recognise and pronounce instantly.
Look* Hear! Is presented on four disks.
The first contains the program and the alphabet. You can choose whether the alpha pet should be displayed in small or capital letters. When the letters appear onscreen the vocals call what the letter is.
There is a test involving the posting of envelopes. A letter is called out, and to show you recognise it you dick on the envelope you think contains the letter, if you've chosen the correct one, it will automatically be posted into a letter box.
The second and third disks consist of 12 lists (six on each disk) of core words, with 20 words in each list, AS with the alphabet, you can play the test. Also, you are able to show all of the words in a list at one time.
Tne program is fairly simple for children to use, and has obviously been written by people who know something about maintaining children's interest. The speech is exceptionally clear and used particularly well. Even so, you C2n turn it off if you wish.
Tne different screens are all neatly and brigntly presented, if there is a young child in your housenold, why not give their brain ceils a challenge?
E3 You deserve the best!
Now you can get the best... with PEN PAL!
Fcn Pal "...Please let me tell you how amazed I am at how EASY IT IS TO USE PEN PAL. The manuals supplied arc very informative and very clear..." PSS.. Clifton. NOTTINGHAM "...A most excellent piece of software..."
E. P.H.. Strathclyde. SCOTLAND Trade Distributors... ~t] mm [3
C]hB MARKETING A superb package, with immense power, to fulfil
all your word processing requirements and... it includes a
It's all so easy to use, you probably won't need to refer to the extensive 250 page manual too often.
Whilst working, you can open up to four documents simultaneously (memory permitting), search and replace; cut, copy and paste; check your spelling with a 100,(XX)+ word dictionary. You can import your favourite IFF HAM graphics, from programs such as Dpaint II or Clip Art files in various sixes and colours. You can automatically flow text around graphics in any £SL!
Workbench compatible font (there arc over 200 available styles), in different sizes and colours to suit your design... even as you type. All this from a word processor and... Much. Much, More!
As you can see, this is not just any ordinary word processor! Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects. Mail Merge using the built in database and forms designer. Creation of templates for complex reports, into which the database can be merged.
Operating with 32 fields per record, and 32,000 records per database with a fast sort of 1000 records in less than 5 seconds this is a real database.
Pen Pal requires an Amiga 5(X) 1500 2(XX) or 3000 with a minimum of 1 megabyte of available memory.
Pen Pal When...you deserve the best!
£79.95 HARWOOD HARWOOD CD0*** "...I am extremely pleased with your product especially the Graphic Capabilities within the Word Processor. Having the Database on the same disk has made PEN PAL the hcst program 1 have.,," Plnmsteud, LONDON ACTION KIIMVV MK III HXII I ONI V THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL F EZER-UTILITY CARTRIDGE JUST LOOK AT THE UNMATCHED RANGE OF FEATURES
techniques enable up to 3 program* lo flt On one disk. Mow
aavas directly to dlak S( Amiga Do* • reload* independently of
the cartridge ¦ even transfer lo hard drive.' Work* wtth up to
a Megs ot Ram • even 1 Meg Chip Mem (ratter Agnus!
SUPER POWERFUL TRAINER MODE new with DEEP trainer. Even batter than before • allow* you to generate more or even infinite live*, fuel. Ammo. Perfect a* a Trainer Mode to gel you part that impossible
* •***' Easy tc use, ” * IMPROVED SPRITE EDITOR ho tut Sprite
Editor allow* you to vtow.totodHy the whole *pnto sat including
any 'attached' sprite*.
The fun Sprite EC PLUS A RANGEC ? VllfUS OETIC Comprehensive v all preeentr I JtAV Pictieo* an use with all Now y spcad. Ide FULL STATUS REPORTING At fhe press o Prise * I its I or IMPROVED FEATURES.
* virus detection and removal features to protact your software
investment. Works wtth aH presently known vlrusas.
, BURST HIBILER Now this super disk copier program is built Into Action Replay Mk IIL Just I me gin* a superfaat, efficient disk copter program at the press at a key • no more waiting.
IAVK PICTURES AND MUSIC TO OtSK Pictme* and sound sample* can be sand to disk. Files are saved directly m IFF format Suitable for use with all the major graphic and music packages. Samples are displayed a* screen waveform . PAL or NTSC MODES SELECT ABU • Useful lor removing ugly borders whan using NTSC software. (Works only with newer Agnus chips).
* you can slow down the action to your own pace. Easily
adjustable from lull speed to 20* » spcad. Ideal to help you
through the tricky parts!
Many more iNITUfT CU COMMAND! • like Rename, Relabel, Copy, otc.
• * RESTART TNE PROGRAM Simply press a key and the program will
continue where yau left oft.
• POWERFUL PICTURE IWTOR Mow you can m nipvtat« ami search for
screens ttirouQhsut memory. Ovsr 90 command* to adit tha
P»*ture plus unique on acraan atatua 'overlay' ahawa an the
information you could ever need lo work on acraana. Mo othar
product coma* cloae to ottering such dynamic acraan handling of
& Wtth Sc Saves in ft
• AUTOFl From the t continuoui & ~~~ With t disk from I useful
lor tjS to BUS
• DISK M Invaluable tjjk.
Disk C all time*.
& iiaafsJ I allows the user to select Joystick Instead ol Keypresses - vary useful for many keyboard prsgramt.
MUSIC SOUND TRACKER With Sound Treckor you can find the complete magic In program* , demos,etc. End save them to disk.
Saves in format suitable tor most track player program*. Works wtth loads of programed
• AUTOFIRI MANAOIR From the Action Replay III preforsncs screen
you can new set up autofirg from 0 to 100V Just imaging
continuous fire power? Joystick 1 and 3 are set separately for
that extra advantage!
IMPROVED RAM EXPANSION SUPPORT. NOW many mare Asternal Ram Expansions will work with all Action Ropiay ill command*.
OISKOOOCR With tho new Dlskootfer' option you can now teg your disks with a unique code that will prevent the disk from being loaded by anyone else. Tagged* disk* will only reload when you enter the code. Very useful far security.
SET MAP • allows you to Lssdlsidldl a Koymep.
• PREFERENCES Action Replay ill now has screen colour
praftrttKf* with msnu setup. Customise your screens to suK your
taste. Very simple to use.
DISK MONITOR Invaluable disk monitor • display* disk information in easy to understand format. Full modify,save options.
IMPROVED PRINTER SUPPORT • Including comprosseri'small character command.
DOS COMMANDS Now you have a selection of DOS commands available at alt time* - DIR, FOAMAT. COPY, DEVICE, FILE REQUESTOR ¦ If you enter a command without a Manama, then a file requestor Is displayed.
T DISK COPY Dish Copy at the press of a button • taster then Dos Copy. No need to load Workbench ¦ available at PLUS IMPROVED DEBUGGER COMMANDS including Mem Watch Points and Tree*.
ROOT SELECTOR Either OfO or Oft can be selected aa the boot drive when working with Amiga Do* disks. Very usafut lo be able lo bool from your external drive.
EN MORE FEATURES INCLUDING 80 COLUMN DISPLAY AND I WAY SCROLLING:- k Full M68000 Assembler Disassembler • Full screen editor * Load Save block • Write String to memory • Jiflbp to specific address • Show Ram as text • Show frozen picture • Play ilttont umple 0 Show and Odd All CPU rgpktlSf* *nd Hag • Calculator 9 Help command 9 Full search feature A Unique Cuaton Chip Editor allows you to see and modify all chip registers tn write only registers • Notepad • Disk handHftfl - Show actual ItaCk. Disk Sync, pattern etc. • Dynamic BreakpoinNtandling Show memory as HEX, ASCII, Assembler, Decimal
• Copper Assemble Disassemble - now with auffix names WARNING tad* COPYRIGHT ACT WARNING One EhceonKSIM rerw ccmcnm nor wmw nr a t wcdjen hr tu lanaoei 0 ccpycn nutria nu uv* trees** a) it« proeua v» Heyiiil n err* Hiwi Mh at ruse Cons* w fa kitet can pupaia tr trfreet trara prniu- » me* uu«i nat srei drat, g«*n Htap»;mMce(m.fWlyr vanw r ct ryr mnn* »tWNeimi HmtWMMnmr'n'evltianMKml MEMBER AT ALL TIMES YOU ARE INTERROGATING THE PROGRAM IN ITS "FROZEN" STATE m ALL MEMORY AND REGISTERS INTACT- 'ALUABLE FOR THE DE BUGGER OR JUST THE IN&IMITIVE! HOW TO GET YOUR ORDER FAST!
FAX 0782 744292 TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 0782 744324 kJT AAR Ilia Tutorial RAPHICMTATION IBQEQD SIU Next we'll add a comment to the file.
Comments are saved with the file and can be examined at a later date. They are useful if you've forgotten what a particular file is for, especially if you have a hard drive with files scattered all over the place, To add a comment, dick on MyFile (as it should now be called), then on Comment.
As you're reading this column, the answer to the question you should see in the dialogue box will be "Yes, and dashed good value it is tool”.
Clear the comment out by pressing Ctrl and X, type in “Jonathan Potter's superb HU Info return, a lot of valuable Information pp p*wam'f then dick On OKAY to Save on your ttlecied file the comment. Next, as Preferences is a rather important program, you might like to ensure you can never accidentally delete it.
Click on MyFile again, then on Protect.
This brings up a gadget panel containing information on the file's “protection flags*.
These are called flags because they can be either “set" (on) or "unset" (off), and tell the Amiga whether it is OK to ddete a file, and i Adding commend to Met li both useful and erny whether it can be read As with the Workstation disk, where SID formed the backbone of all disk operations, the CraphicStation depends primarily for its supreme ease-of-use on another directory utility, in this case Chris Pettet's excellent TDM (The Directory Manager). With TDM, the user can happily forget CLI and Shell when it comes to a whole host of file and disk management tasks.
Let's start TDM by selecting it on the Shortcut System menu. If Shortcut isn't active you might have to click once with the left mouse button on the small Shortcut window at the top of the screen.
Now hold down the right mouse button to reveal the menus. System is the leftmost menu and TDM the first option on it, so highlight and select TDM.
After a bit of decrunching, TDM's friendly colourful display will pop up. This sort of screen should be familiar to anyone who's used a directory utility in the past, but on the assumption that many of you won't have, I'm going to annoy you by going through it one feature at a time (he, he).
The main working area is split into two large windows with a strip of gadgets down the middle. Below this, along the bottom of the screen, there's another strip containing more gadgets for those eager mouse fingers. There are no drop down menus in TDM - everything is accomplished with the left mouse button and the odd visit to the keyboard.
We use the word ‘'gadget" because it sounds less ridiculous than “button’, which is really all a gadget is. Now let's start clicking on some gadgets. The first one you should go for is DFO:, which you'll find at the top of the central gadget strip. This and the four other deep blue gadgets are for loading directory listings into whichever of the two large windows is active.
The active window when you first enter TDM will be the left-hand one, denoted by its sunken 3D look, but you can choose the right-hand window by clicking on it before selecting DFO:. Note that the message window above the gadgets will change from “Ready and waiting" to “Reading directory* just so you don't worry about what the program is doing.
What you'll see in the left window will be a list of all the files and directories on the CraphicStation disk, with directories shown first in bright yellow and files shown last in deep blue to avoid confusion. Now dick in the right window to activate it and then dick on RAM:.
Now go back to the left-hand window and dick on the Preferences program. You'll see a little green arrow appear to the left of the file which marks it as selected. Any file with an arrow beside it in this way will be operated upon by the gadget you choose, but for now we'll concentrate on one file and click the Copy gadget.
After a quick disk access. Preferences will be copied to the RAM disk, from where we can quite safely muck about with it. First we’ll call it “MyFile". To do this, click on Preferences again (the one in the RAM disk) and then on Rename in the central gadget strip. After the shareware message has finished you can type the new name into the dialogue box and dick on OKAY to confirm your choice.
Comments or written to. At the moment, the top four flags are set, which means preferences can be deleted, read, written to, and executed.
To make it impossible to delete this file, simply click on the Delete gadget and the D will disappear from the list at the top of the panel. If you now click on OKAY, the flags will be permanently altered and MyFile will be impervious to careless mouse clicks.
To test this, try to delete MyFile. TDM will display its usual warning box, but when you click OKAY to go ahead with the deletion, the message window above the central gadget strip will tell you that the file is now protected from deletion, and MyFile will remain in the RAM disk.
Neat, eh?
One last operation you can use to garner more information about a file is the File Info gadget on the bottom gadget strip. This i$ beside the up down scroll gadgets on the left-hand side, so dick on MyFile, then on File Info - you'll see an info panel pop up.
This should tell you the file's name including the directory it is occupying, any comment attached to the file, its size in bytes and blocks, which protection flags are set and unset, and when the file was created. All this information comes from the file “header", which is a sort of ID tag found on all Amiga DOS files.
Finally, and if you really want to stick your trotters in the information trough and have a good long guzzle, you can click on the Sys Info gadget opposite File Info. This brings up a panel showing avail- able memory, split into chip and fast RAM, the current system time, and the number of devices and assigns your machine currently recognises.
For details of exactly what assigns and devices are active, click on one of the gadgets at the bottom of the panel. Assigns, for example, will tell you which default assign there are, such as UBS: and DEVS:, along with any you've since set up, and the Devices gadget will report on anything that's either automatically mounted (such as DFO:) and anything that's since been mounted, which makes it a good way of checking if MessyDos has been successfully kicked into life.
That's all for this month. You should have enough to be getting on with TDM at the moment.
Stevie Kennedy with the first of a series of features explaining the use of the CraphicStation - order your copy now on page 120 Next month we'll take a look at configuring TDM using the TDMConED program, and the various additional uses it can be put to, such as editing files, running programs, and so on.
V jfi *~ ¦ Nk.
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specifically for the new A500 Plus.
The Phoenix 1mb RAM expansion is available either unpopulated, populated to 512K or fully populated to 1Mb. All boards use industry standard 256 by 4 DRAMs. The Phoenix Ram will fit simply into the trap door expansion port without any modification and Will Not invalidate your warranty.
Phoenix RAM Modules can expand your chip RAM up to 2Mb using the trap door expansion port Kickstart ROM 1.3 2.04 sharer * The A500 Plus can only be expanded to 2 Mb of chip RAM using the trap door expansion port Some older Games and Business software will not run on the new kickstart 2.04 Rom. Phoenix have designed a sharer for both ROM chipsets. You get all the benefits of the latest A500 PLUS WITHOUT the problem of Incompatibility.
UPDATING YOUR 1.3 AMIGA TO 2.04! Is made easy with the NEW PHOENIX ROM SHARER. Designed to take the 2.04 chip without the hassle of modifying the mother board. Suitable for all revision machines INCLUDING 3 and 5.
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CoverDiskfZ Can you clear a screen in Steve Smith's Dragon
Tiles, or retain your composure with Niall Summerville's
Test your skills with this month's classic gaming duo!
Tettrix Dragon Tiles as a game type should be familiar to many. The object is to dick on the various tiles, match up two symbols, and clear them away. The trick is to make sure you dear them in the right order, because if you fail to think your way through this deceptively simple game, you're almost certain to be left staring in hopeless fury at a pile of tiles you can't get rid of.
Steve Smith's version of the game is easily the most colourful and eye-catching I've seen on the Amiga. The game How to use the Disk First of all, you must make a backup copy of the CoverOisk. To do this, boot up with your copy of Workbench, then double click on the Workbench disk icon, followed by tfre Shell or CLI icon.
Now type: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DFO: or, if you have an extra disk drive, put a blank, formatted disk in DF1: and type: DISKCOPY FROM DFO: TO DF1: Follow the onscreen prompts until the copying procedure has ended, then put your original disk away in a safe place.
Now switch off the machine and wait for 30 seconds before rebooting with the copy. Wait until the CoverDisk icon appears, double click on it and away you go.
That's all you need do to make a straight copy of the entire disk.
However, you may also want to to copy however, completely loses any soothing qualities as soon as you start to play.
You'll be faced with a set of differently shaped tile mounds to choose from, and believe me they get harder as they go along. To start with, go for the one on the top left of the screen, as even beginners should complete this one after a couple of tries. The screen display will change to a full size image of the tile mound, and the first thing you'll notice is how cleanly and colourfully everything has been designed.Tactically, you should always individual programs from your copy of the CoverDisk to a separate disk. In this case ensure that you fully understand which related files need
to go with it. For example, all of the document files on the disk require that the text editor Ppmore is in the current disk's C: directory. Therefore, if you copy the docs to a new disk you will also have to copy Ppmore to the new C: directory before you can read them.Some of the smaller docs will not have been crunched, so for these you need only change the tool types on the icon's info screen to reflect whichever text editor you do have on the new disk.
As a general rule, you should carefully read the documentation for any program you copy from disk to disk.
This can save a great deal of messing about and can help you avoid all those infuriating error messages!
Strive to remove the topmost tiles in order to work your way to the bottom layer in an even manner. This means you have to resist the temptation to go for an easy combination by using a tile on the outside edge of the pile which is on the lowest level. If yOu Succumb to this temptation, you will soon find you've run out of twin tiles.
A tile cannot be removed if both its left and right edges are covered by neighbouring tiles. In situations where a tile is completely surrounded, you have to carefully work your way towards it one tile at a time, and it's here you'll be most pressurised to make reckless use of easily available lower tiles. Try not to!
• Dragon Tiles is a sharewar, so if you like it anc intend to
play it and keep it you should send a £5 dona- , tion to: Steve
Smith The Carden Flat 2? Monkton Street RYDE P0312BY In return,
Steve will send you s vers'on of Othello and the source code
for Dragon Tiles, C overDisk Tettrix Author: Niall Summerville
Mali's Tettrix game is a version of Tetris'", one of the most
popular and addic tive computer games of all time. I've never
been much of a Tetris fan, but in the course of testing Tettrix
for inclusion on the CoverDisk. I've become hopelessly and
shamefully enslaved by it. I challenge you not to sink into the
same boggle eyed frenzy every time you play it!
The first novel difference offered by Tettrix over the usual Tetris game is that it throws blocks at you in a horizontal direction, which should confuse Tetris fans used to the more traditional vertical game layout. Apart from that, the game plays in an identical manner to the original and is every bit as obsession- inducing.
To re orientate a block before placing it on the grid at the right of the screen, click the left mouse button. This will rotate the block and should help you get it into the correct position to fill a gap. When you're happy with the block, i* is i.» pressing the right mouse button will _ zoom it into position. _* Any completely filled line of blocks will disappear accompanied with a sampled r I ft» 3 "oh yeah!". The object of the game is to T * j keep the box as empty as possible. Once a tower of blocks reaches the extreme left of the screen the game is over and you're treated to an
appraisal of your score.
Unlike the original game, and most of the Ured-looking clones in the PO mar ket, Tettrix offers a bagful of extra features, including a random game and custom game option, in conjunction with a full level editor.
Random games will present the player with a Tettrix screen already dotted with small blocks, making the game a great deal more difficult to play, but custom games can be designed by the user to his or her tastes.
The level editor offers features such as complete control over colour schemes and the number of lines to be completed before the level is over. As it is packed with features and very well documented in Niall's Tettrlx.doc file. I'll not go into It In detail here, but if you want to play a Tettrix game that's really yours, check out the on disk documentation Calc vl.2 Author: Kevin Lawrence Spreadsheets are the second most useful Items of general home office software after wordprocessors, and Kevin Lawrence's Cak is ideal for the beginner and seasoned user alike, it combines ease-of-use with a
range of powerful features, and can be used for everything from working out the monthly domestic budget to small business accounts.
Like most spreadsheets, it suffers from the initial disadvantage of being visually unimpressive. That's because a spreadsheet is a just large blank area of columns and rows into which the user types his or her figures and cakulations. Once the spreadsheet has been filled up, however, things become a bit more interesting, and users with a practical mind will soon find Cak an invaluable tool.
The sample database on the CoverDisk has been designed to keep track of petrol consumption, and takes all the hassle out of the cakulations you'd normally plough through in order to gauge how well your car is performing.
Load it up by choosing Load from the Project menu, You'll have to type in the name of the file you're looking for as the current version of Calc unfortunately doesn't support a file requester, so type "examples petrol.spd" into the data entry cell at the bottom of column A (lower left-hand quarter of Calc's screen), then press Return.
When the file loads you should see a screen contaihing rows and columns of data.
Each individual item of data is a "ceir, which is referred to by the name of the column and the number of the row it is in. The top left-hand cell is therefore called A1, Cakulations, as Cak’S name suggests, are at the heart of every spreadsheet. For example, all the cells in columns E and C of our petrol spreadsheet are calculation cells which operate on the contents of certain other cells. Using the cursor keys, go to cell E5 and its contents will be displayed in the top left-hand comer of the screen.
They should read: ?B5 C5**1 which is a cakulation of the miles-per-gallon figure reached when you divide miles travelled (B5) by litres used (C5), then multiply it by the number of litres in a gallon (A1), Spreadsheets can be used to keep a track of stock items, current total value of stock, wages and salaries, bank accounts, almost anything involving the handling of large amounts of numerical data, in fact. There's enough room in Cak’s 52 columns for most users and the program could well be the last spreadsheet you'll ever need.
Syslnfo v2.53 Author: Nic Wilson Syslnfo has for a long time been the best Amiga system information program, and v2.53, with many improvements over earlier incarnations, works with all Amigas, including the 500 Plus and A3000.
The program's function is simple but invaluable. When run it checks your Amiga to see how much memory it has, what type it is, what sort of peripherals you have attached, the type of Agnus chip with which your machine is equipped, and so on.
The main screen has information panels for system software (your Kickstart ROM, intuition libraries and SO forth), drives available, memory, and internal hardware. If, for instance, you wanted to know what sort of Agnus chip your machine was fitted with, you'd look in the internal hardware box where Agnus, Denise, and Display types are all listed.
At the bottom of the screen there are buttons for memory, boards, drives, and speed. With the first three of these you can call up much more detailed information oh the various devices, but the last one, speed, is of particular interest if you're thinking of buying an accelerator board or already own one.
When this button is clicked on a speed test is carried out to gauge the machine's MIPS (millions of instructions per second) and MFLOPS (millions of floating point operations per second) ratings. These should be treated with caution, as the MIPS count at least seems to be a bit pessimistic. When I tried it on a 68040-equipped B2000, it returned a MIPS count of no more than seven, half as fast as the rating provided by my usual mips tester.
This gripe aside, Syslnfo is one of those indispensible utilities everyone should have lying around, if you've never poked around inside an Amiga with a screwdriver, now's your chance to do so with impunity, and you won't even need the screwdriver!
Lion lo: orewii Uwrcnce ABERCAVfNf y NP7 6DA “r.r*you i° fa* UK w,,h * ’"'uZ:Cz"- mprovc merits 0 11 Optical Hard Disk ~r External Optical 12HMB 4- 5 disks (cq. To 600MB) *1275 JP* Optical 12KMB + 10disks(eq. To IGB) £1450 AMHI rtijuim a suitable SCSI Hml . IWit Internal (A1500 A2000) Optical 12KMB -t- 5 disks (eq. To 600MB) £1075 Optical 128MB 4- 10 disks (cq. To t 4MB x 8 Simm £l5A 8372 Fatter Agnus £39 £24 f AdSpeed 14MHz replacement o« processor. On board RAM cache. No 75 to soldering.
00 AdSpccd 2q AdSpeed 4- IDE 40 00 AdSpeed 4- I DE 40 kit 00 AdSpeed 4- IDE 44 IVIovia Series Ilf ?
4 IC'D AdSCSI 2080 0MB IC’D AdSCSI 2080 2MB ICD AdSCSI 2080 4MB IC’D AdSCSI 2080 6MB ICD AdSCSI 2080 8MB £129 £189 £249 £309 £369 IGB) £1250 SCSI Controller C ard for A2000 A1500 24 Bit Colour Card 16 million colours GVP Impact Vision Rambrandt Harlequin 1MB Harlequin 2MB Harlequin 2MB Harlequin 4MB TV Paint 24 bit paint program TV Record TV Display Power Scanner Packs Power Scanner. 512K of RAM with clock Power Scanner 4- PC880B £159 Power Scanner 4- Dual Drive £209 Power Scanner. 512K of RAM -? Pro Page £249 Power Scanner, 1MB of RAM 4- Pro Page £270 Videon v3*0 Digitize and display all
4096 colours in high resolution Digitize directly from colour video sources (VCR’s, video cameras, video disc) Dynamic hi-res without interrupting multi-tasking 24 bit compatible (Digitize 16-7 million colours) 68030 compatible Videon v3*0 Video Lock Amiga Genlock Videon 3*0 & Video Lock ICD AdlDE Inexpensive alternative to a full SCSI interface Ad I DE 40 is for the A2000. Fits under CPU chip card and uses no slot. The 40 pin cable included connects it to a standard 3*5" hard drive. £79 Ad I DE 40 Kit is for the A5(X . It allows you to replace an internal drive with a quantum low profile
hard drive.
Includes Cables, hardware and a shuffle to allow an external drive to be PFO. £99 Ad I DE 44 is for mounting a 2-5" drive inside the A500. Includes 44 pin cable and mounting brackets. £99 . V Smallest hard drive, fits inside AS(X) Jv' Novia 20MB £199 Prima 52QMB £299 X , Novia 40MB £299 Prima 105OMB £449 Novia 60MB £449 Shuffle Board £19 99 Novia 85MB £550 | AdSCSI 2080
• Hard drive interface 1 ICD Flicker Free Video Eliminates all
flicker in interlace mode ICD FFV 4- VGA Monitor £449 ICD FFV
only £195 Miscellaneous Power Mouse £15 Optical Mouse £29-95
Replacement optical mouse mat £9-95 A500 Dust Cover £9 Maxell
multi colour branded disks
(III) £9-95 Floppy disk £POA Blitz Amiga Back up disks at
lightning speed Stops all external drives from clicking
Contains anti-virus from being written into the bootblocker
£25 PC Emulators KCS PC Power Board £235 KCS A2000 Power
Board, includes MS-Dos 4 01. GW Basie. Shell, Dos- Hclp &
on-board memory £209 Without Dos £179 Adaptor for
Ai*tni A2( no Ai(XK) £69 95 Progressive Peripherals 6804-0
Accelerator Board 25MHz Motorola 68040 Built-in maths
co-processor Expandable up to 32MB of RAM Software
compatible with all 68040 family processors Many more
features OMB RAM £1449 16MB RAM £2109 4MB RAM £1569 32MB
RAM £2525 8MB RAM £1689 Bare SCSI Hard Drive 52 Quantum
£199 NEC 45MB £179 105Quantum£299 NEC 100MB£279 (Miii.iblc
fur O VP Cvintv or O vp HC Nexu» no A500 Amiga 5004- £399
Amiga 500+. 2MB £445 Amiga 5004-. 20MB Internal hard drive
£600 Amiga 5004-. 520MB GVP hard disk £780 A1500, A3000
also available £POA Monitors and printers also available
£POA Chips 256K x 4 DRAM £5 IMBx 1 DRAM £5 I MB x 8 Simm
£30 A3000 Static Column RAM n Send your order to Power
Computing I .td. Unit 8 Ruflton Road. Woburn Road
Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bcdlord MK42 7PN Ring your
credit card order through on 0234 843388(10 lines) or fax
your order on 0234 840234. Technical I lelplinc 0234 841882
re All piKc. McluJc VA I', delivery anJare tutycct to
change Spi-nfuuiiiHK jfcvubictl to change without notice.
Next day delivery 14 -Ml (LI K mainland only), all
tru kmark acknowledged « l -YX.. 21 South Ml Strict. Sun*
Ml. Ndwtrlphu. PA I1HR Td21S V220050 Fax 7IS *220116 . IS
Bid Vutxnrc?»lI. P»m trine* sai lui.. Y|. Urile Baltin -O
UJIJI Ouu I *tu Rom ttl(»lXri*.Mii(JW') F»» Jmnjoi
Td(l)«J5Wi«a 6fc»*»| FuOMMmu w* overDisk DiskTalk Author:
Nico Francois From the man whose PowerPacker program made
it possible to cram over a megabyte onto an 880k floppy
comes a utility to play sound samples every time a disk is
inserted and removed from the drive.
To run DiskTalk, either select it from the Shortcut menu or double click on its icon. The proaram will run, load two samples into memory, and appear on your Workbench screen in its ov5n little window to remind you that it's there.
Author: Richard Skeen Ouru! Is an extremely handy utility which will attempt to explain what the computer means when it gives you a Guru alert and an those incomprehensible numbers.
To use Guru? Just take a note of the left-hand eight digit number on your Guru alert then go to the CU and type: sew You will be prompted to enter the number, and then Gu?U? Will tell you what it can about the cause of the alert This information win be of more use to programmers than anyone else, but if, for example, you've just bought a new RAM expansion and you start getting Gurus, the program should be able to confirm for you whether the errors are being caused because of a memory problem.
Remember - the more you can find out about what's going on inside your Amiga, the better your chances of figuring out if anything terminal is wrong with it Now eject your CoverDisk and put it back in again. Hear the difference? With the appropriate samples, DiskTalk could be anything from brilliantly funny to downright rude.
You can choose the sample to be played by going to CLI and typing: Wit DISKTAU EM COTTj where [IN] and [OUT] are the full names and pathnames of the samples you'd like 1 Think you can do better? "* Want to be famous?
Wc arc always on tbe lookout for new. Quality Amiga programs for the CoverDisk. If you tV* you have mitten something good enough for others to share and enjoy, please send it in and weT haueateok.
TV Anigs Compufioc CoverDisk is used by thousands of Amiga owmrc eve*y month in places a* over the world from Zealand to the USA, SO if your submission finds its way onto V disk, you could be famous!
Please make sure you list ALL Workbench and Other files necessary for the program to work. Fed free to design your own icons for proas which run from Workbench, but please don't make them too big.
Fw ensure your program is as comMftie as waible with a wide range of Anigas, it rrifl abo stand a bett? Chance of publication. We arc ope- Name _________________....._____ Address------------------------ Daytime phone .. Evening phone. ... Submission name ... Submission size .... Type of program: Game . Utility [ Tune ) Other ..... You must sign this declaration TV material on this disk is mine. I Sdn’t steal it from someone dse. It hasn't been pub- IhVd before and I
haven't submitted it elsewhere because 1 want Amiga Computing to publish it. I understand that by submitting my work to AffW Computing and signing thh declaration I am giving full cooyright control to Eurepms* Pubhcationi Ltd.
I understand that if my submission * bought by AMIGA Computing I wflt be p»d the current apoficaWe rate. I know What copyright means and i wHi be responsible 'o' any possible litiqation arising frpm breach or it by Europress Publications Ltd as a result of using my submission.
P©sf your wbmrsjions WITH A COPY OF Thli A5AM f« Signed----------------------- Stevie Kennedy, AMIGA Computing, CoverOisk Submissions, Europa Mouse, Date----------------------- AdSngton Park. MACCLESFIELD SK1Q4NP to play. You can also set the samples by altering the program's icon tooltypes.
This will have to be done from a Workbench disk, as there wasn't enough space on the CoverDisk to include info.library in its UBS: directory.
Try some of the extra samples in the DiskTalk directory. They might surprise vou!
Dally interested in programs designed to work with the A50W, although if they work Oftly with the new macNne they'd have to be cuite small.
We are prepared to pay our current -ato for oncral work which hasn't been distributed in any other way and which has not been put in the public domain.
I* you wish your program to be released as shareware or ‘reeware wewfl be happy to pub s* it, but would, o' cotrse. Be happier if we'd been given it first!
. Your submission MUST be accomprred by the submissions'orm, a cooy of it, or a signed dedare- 5on to the same ef'ect. Please supply youf full name, address and phone number.
Unfortunately we cannot undertake to return disks sent to us as the volume of submissions makes this an impractical exercise.
- Age- - Faulty Disk?
If you subscribe to Amiga Cmpvting and your disk has been damaged *m the post, please return it to: Arigc CowrOfcJt, Eoropren Direct. FREEPOST, Elfeyrere Pc Scot* WknA. L6S Kon-subscribrs If you bough* your magazine 'njm a shop and found that the Ccverf)*k was damaged, p'ease return it within two months to: Amide CcwDitf. PC Wise Ltd. Jnl VfKrir' Industrie! PtrK Pentrcbech. Merthyr Trd*P. Vid Clcrmygcr. CW5 -DR.
Please allow 28 davs for the delivere of you* retracement disk.
Qfind Author Larry Phillips This program is for hard drive owners only, so if you don't have a hard drive, you won't be able to make use of it.
Qfind is designed to make searches through hard drives for small well-hidden files much easier than listing the contents of your hard drive or browsing around with SID or TDM.
To use the program, you must first copy it to hard drive and set up a directory you can ASSIGN as FindDB:. Next you run the companion program UPDAT- EDB, found in the Qfind directory. This takes four or five minutes to scan the entire hard drive and build up a picture of what's on it, then it saves the directory picture in FindDB:. When Find is run, it will check the file and look for your selected program there.
It follows that you should run UPDAT- EDB every so often so that it doesn't become hopelessly out of date, but you shouldn't have to do this more than a couple of times a week unless your hard drive is regularly having a great many files written to it and deleted from it!
A Subscrbcr* Tune of the Month This month's tune is Breath of Air.
By Neil Davis. The sonq is a mellow piano-based arrangement with skillful variations and a melody yOU can sit back to.
Shareware update We must be barking mad! On the February CoverDisk, we brought you The Directory Manager (TDM) and Dictator, two excellent shareware programs. What we neglected to do was print our customary shareware notices for these programs (You're fired - Ed).
If you use and like Dictator, you should send a £5 shareware donation to: Steven Pugh 5 Overton Cfose Sundomc SHREWSBURY Shropshire Steven wilt then keep you up to date and may send you another of his excellent games.
If you use and like TDM, you should send a £5 shareware donation to: Chris Pettet 70 Sutton Road Cowplain WATFRLOOVItlE P088QA City Beat Ltd, P0 Box 575, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7YZ FAX : 0234 841331 C ty Be«t 0234 85 7777 DA3TA £59.95 £54.95 DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED IN THE UK NOTHING OUTSCANS A DAATASCAN - DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS!
R i Vtv FREE!
MOUSE PAD Why buy an ordinary sound sampler - when you can buy a recording studio?
£134.95 £184.95 ONLY £29.95 ONLY £19.95 TECHNO SOUND Turbo The complete stereo sound sampling and mixing system for the _ Amiga.
% Create and mix sounds, add realistic effects to games or produce your own demos.
• State of the art true stereo cartridge
• Over 100 interactive functions
• Simple to use tutorial and user guide
• Stunning real time effects
• Extensive editing facilities
• Song and MIDI sequencers
• 57 pre recorded samples
Daatascan Pro GS v2.02 A complete grey scale image capture
Outstanding quality and excellent value for money.
• 100-400 dpi scanning resolutions
• 3 photo modes - 64 halftone levels
• Text mode for line art
• FREE scanning ruler Plus: NEW GreyScale software
• Saves TRUE 16 greyscale IFF files.
• Flip, rotate, invert, clear.
• Image resizing and print scaling.
• Zoom with pixel editing.
• Real-time scanning display.
• Powerful editing Clipboard.
• Dpaint changes greys to colours.
UPGRADE AVAILABLE - PHONE High quality, high resolution microswitched mouse.
• Bi-compatible with Atari & Amiga
• Ergonomically designed
• Amazing unmatched 360dpi
• Uses 70% less desk space DA TA MOUSE ROMBO Col Sol £139.95 Top
quality genlock for Amiga.
ROCGENPIus £139.95 MONITORS High quality stereo monitors.
50 Mb £369.00 Phone for prices on RAM option.
VIDEO Video Image Capture by Rombo.
VISTOA14 CM £219.95 PHILIPS CM8833 £249.95 inc FREE F-19 Stealth Fighter.
FLOPPY DRIVES Slimline 3.5" external floppy drives.
HARD DRIVES High quality Protar SCSI drives.
PRINTERS Reliable, high quality printers.
CITIZEN 120D+ CITIZEN 124D ROCLITE DATADRIVE AMC APRIL’92 C ty Bcat AMIGA FAST MAIL ORDER please send me ...TOTAL COST £ .. ) VISA ACCESS complete card details below METHOD OF PAYMENT please specify ( ) CHEQUE payable to City Beat Ltd CardNoQQQQ ???? [11000 OOOO E*P DO 00 Signed NAME ADDRESS .. ¦ 3E
X-COPY PROFESSIONAL The essential package for all your BACK-UP
(•« ?The most comprehensive back-up utility ?Includes floppy disk back-up, hard disk back-up and rile back-up. ?Also backs up c disks. ?Checks disks for errors. ?Optimises data oading. ?Fast formatting. ?Copies up to 4 disks in
s. ?Full update service avai labl ST, IBM e for faster 48 seconc
e. X-COPY PROFESSIONAL caters for all your needs, included in
the package is a small hardware interface that plugs into the
external disk drive port at the rear of the Amiga drive (if
you have one) plugs into the back of the interface. This lGE
COPY MODE to and your external disk drive (if you have one)
plugs into the back of the interface, allows the DIGITAL BIT
routines to backup virtually all known disks.
AVAILABLE NOW ONLY £39.99 PIUS £1.00 POSTAGE AND PACKING 1988 COPYRIGHT ACT. Siren Software neither condones nor authorises the use of its software for the reproduction of copyrighted software. The facilities offered by X-Copy Pro are intended to backup users own software, PD Software & other such programs where permission had been given. It is illegal to make copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
X-COPY PROFESSIONAL IS THE BEST, GUARANTEED OUR GUARANTEE: At time of purchase, if you can find a program that is more powerful than X-COPY PRO we will refund your money Ordering X-COPY PROFESSIONAL Access Visa orders con be placed by telephoning 061-724 7572. For mail order, fill in the order form and send it with a cheque or postal order to; FV Siren Software, Wilton House, Bury Road, Raddiffe, maM Manchester M26 9UR. ApM ACTION REPLAY III The worlds most powerlul freezer-utility cartridge provides all these features at the touch of a button!
Save entire program in memory to disc - even transfer to hard disci Save pictures or music to disc Super DEEP trainer mode allows you to generate infinite lives, fuel, ammo etc. Improved sprite editor and music soundtracker.
Burst nibble disc copier. Super fast and efficient Slow motion mode, adjustable from 20% to full speed. Full M68000 assembler disassembler Many Many more features.
1 5Mb RAM UPGRADE BOARD TO 2Mb iy Amiga- casing The SOUNDBLASTER is a 10 watt stereo amplifier that comes complete with high quality 3 way speakers, power supply and FREE STEREO HEADPHONES!
The SOUNDBLASTER adds a new dimension to games playing, imagine stunning stereo sound effects, crystal clear samples and terrific stereo tunes.
The SOUNDBLASTER also boosts games playability!
The speakers are powerful 50 watt 3 way units featuring a 3' woofer, 2‘ honker and a I tweeter to provide a powerful crisp sound. Call nowon061 724 7572 Fax 061 7244893 Telesales open 9am - 6pm Monday-Fnday Access Visa PJBP® Cm accepted. A¦ Send a cheque Postal order or credit card details to:- Siren Software. Wilton House, Bury Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 9UR England Government, Education and PLC orders welcome.
All prices include VAT at the current rate.
Postage and packing will be charged at £3.50 per order U.K.), £7.50 Europe, £12.50 rest of world.
Please note that 5 working days must be allowed for cheque clearance.
Immediate clearance on Building Society cheque or Bank Drafts.
¦¦rmiffiiwrTRHiM This sensational stereo amplifier and headphones will enable you to add an extra dimension of stunning stereo sound to all your gamesl The amplifier simply plugs into the back of your Amiga and the headphones plug into the amplifier. Twin volume controls enable both volume and balance to be adjusted.
Comes complete, no extra cables, power supplies needed, ORDER NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DESPATCH SOUNDBLASTER _ __: ¦ ¦ mar lar ¦ ¦ ¦¦ ¦ ¦ Sensational Stereo Sound it's bloody brilliant" one hell of a performer" if you need a professional word processor Protext is perfect" "nothing else available comes close ST FORMAT it , ST APPLICATIONS CM | I a i d 1 I Amor Ud (ac), 611 Lincoln Road Peterborough PEI 3HA. Tel: f0733) 68909 Fax (0733) 67299 PRODfifA 1.2 New version of Prodoto now with pfB-down news, mouse or keyboard operation, outomotk record numbering, merge database, astantaneous filtering
prologue form, edit fields in any order, 2-ocross label printing. Fol i- *-4-----*1 L t _ T A m .
OfTaK uYwlKXvW Ttvfn ATTWT.
Price: C85+VAT, upgrade from vl.l £30+VAT.
PRICES (including YAT and delivery) For Commodore AMIGA, Afori ST or TT.
Pretext 5.5 £15275 Upgrade from 5.0 to 5.5 DO Upgrade from 4.2 47 to 5.5 £60 Pfme return yuuroriginol disks when upgrvding French or German speffing dictionary £35.25 When opgruding pleose return any extra spell chedang dictionaries hr a free update fo the revised version.
- Or Botb Protext 5.5 ond Prodoto require 1Mb of memory m ...
wfth Pretext 5,5 becouse the pop-up thesouruswiH provide you
with inspiration whenever you ne©j it. With words provided by
Collins the thesaurus hos 43,000 mom entries end 827,000
Protext 5.5 introduces enhanced text formatting options.
Automatic hyphenation lets you produce o wefl-spoced page layout without the bother of manually putting in soft hyphens. Protext determines the coned hyphenation points by algorithms ond look-up tobies. Qimmation of widows ond orphons is also provided. You will no longer need to worry obou? Those infuriating single lines at the top or bottom of pages. Protext formats the text to ovoid these os you edit the text. Extra Hank lines at the top of
o page can be suppressed.
New document analysis features provide a wealth of information about your Text. You con examine o list of oil the words used - alphabetically or by the number of occurrences. Other statistics shown indude overage word length, average sentence length ond o fable of die number of lines on each pege.
• • ' k Enhanced file selector with different sorting methods,
bulk copy ond erase.
Prodata users - moil merge directly from Prodata fries, no need to export.
Moil merge: nested repeat loops.
'(New window-bosed help facte.
Improved fine drawing.
,Y Spelling checker finds repeated word ond missing capital letters.
Conversion to ond from WordStar 5.5 and Microsoft RTF , Full printed documentation of new features.
Tyc0t na&‘PMte*t tfiil (jndudM • • Choice of pufl-down menu or keyboard operation, extensive printer font support ond proportional formatting while editing, up to 36 files open, split screen editing, characters for 30 languages, index ond contents, footnotes, newspoper column printing, file sorting, exec files ond the fastest search and replace oround.
Altogether the most comprehensive word processing software for your AMIGA or ST. wr*L Prnfov* fvs ntKo *tv* rv%n_i»n *r*»cm»rt*c wtH COMPUTER SHOPPER AMIGA COMPUTING Softwared Anyone who's stumbled across the odd DTV feature or perhaps the associated Almanac column in dies Mgune can't fail to have heard of Scala - the presentation system that's won the hearts and mnds of amateurs and professionals alike.
Win will fed if. With
• 3,000 main ing options.
II-spaced lutting in iiyphenation i notion of I no longer ines ot the ext to ovoid t the top of with of it o list of lumber of eroge word )f the Scala500'$ parent program quite literally broke new ground in Amiga-based presenta- '.ort. r both DTV and as a interactive multime- di system, Now the creators of this highly acclaimed original have released a video titling variant
• med squarely at the cost-conscious end of the market Although
at first glance both systems appear almost identical, there
are some dUerences which make the possible applica- tions nd
flexibility of each very different.
Before we delve into the pros and cons of the system, it's worth a closer look at the oper- Aon of the program and its impressive array of features in order to set the scene and introduce the uninitiated to what exactly makes it tick.
Like its bigger brother, ScalA500 has an exceSent interface. As a result, mastering the program is a breeze. After only a few hours of anient twiddling and tinkering, the manual becomes merely a colourful addition to the bookshelf.
The production process starts with the everpresent slide sorter which allows you to add pages and define at which point each will appear in the sequence, how long it will display - or whether you'd prefer its appearance to be controlled by the mouse. In addition you can define exactly which effect is employed to Produce each page in the sequence.
More general options include editing frames ndrviduaily, viewing a series of selected pages and, of course, the loading and saving of scripts - the format in which afl your creations are stored.
Prodata musing es.
Ition, wl split screen md contents, irting, ig longuoge, around.
Cessing Backdrop At the start of a new project the first task is to open a new page and apply the backdrop of your choke. Once New is selected the program instantly defaults to its background file requester, prompting you to select an appropriate image from the impressive selection.
Alternatively you could even create your own backdrops in Dpaint. The program accepts either eight colour creations in hkes or 16 in med-res. All you need do jj tell the package where to find them.
Once the background is defined, the program instantly loads the file and defaults to the composition screen which adds a menu bar ready for the addition and styksmg of both text and brushes - which again come as part of the package.
While on the subject of text, it's perhaps worth fishing around for a few extra fonts as the program is only supplied with four as standard. Excellent though they are, a regular user will soon find such a small selection very restrictive. Brushes, however, are a different story altogether, with a huge selection of excellently drawn images coming with the package.
67299 As with the backgrounds, brushes can be manufactured externally and added to the selection. Brush handling and styling is perhaps the most impressive aspect of the program. Both manufactured and supplied images can have all the styling additions usually reserved solely for text.
As a result, a brush can boast either 3D or drop shadow in a variety of user-definable directions - outlines, bold itaBc and underline - with mixed results, plus pre-defined page position.
All the elements, text or brushes, can be moved and placed in any position either over or underpaying other elements. All the onscreen components can have their particular effects adjusted individually whether it be 3D or shadow length, outline width and in the case of text, character spacing and so on.
If we assume the new page is now chock- a-block with suitable text and assorted brushes, the next job is to add the whistles and beds which bring the image to fife, just like the application of effects, each line and brush can have its own introduction to page.
Selecting any element followed by the movement icon reveals yet another requester full of assorted introductions.
Simply click, select and assign a suitable speed and an optional delay.
Again the selection of intros is impressive, if perhaps a little shorter than that of the original Scala. Nevertheless, it's unlikely that you'll run out of inspiration for a very long time. The intros take two basic formats, either movement versions which slide the element into the page from a pre-defined direction or the second type which reveal the object on the spot via a senes of wipes and fades.
Once all the elements have their intros assigned, it’s time to return to the compilation screen and examine your creation via the Show button which runs the particular page in its entirety. If you’re not happy with any aspects of the show it can be altered by repeating the intro assign process, or |uggled around the screen with the Move option - which offers a handy blanket selection option making the grouping and movement of various elements simplicity itself.
Although Scala500 is the usual Digital Creations classic, there are a few points which detract Slightly from its claim to pe the ultimate video titling system. Firstly, it doesn't support externally created animations - an option which its bigger brother does.
This may seem a rather niggly point, but the inclusion of Dpaint anims within Scala does make a significant contribution to the impact of its presentation. Its exclusion is even more surprising considering ScalA500's gen- locking potential, which if employed properly can leave jaws dangling in amazement.
The second disappointment is the program's inabifity to employ wrap-around text, an effect employed on just about every TY programme ever created. No doubt because of this omission it's also not possible to load in pre-prepared text The lack of wrap-around scrolling, text importation and the inclusion of cartoon- style brushes does give the package a rather light-hearted feel. In other words, if you want to knock out titles for a socially aware, deep and meaningful documentary, ScalA500 isn’t the ideal choice.
All in all, I think the package speaks for itself. It is easy-to-use, high quality software that provides impressive results which are guaranteed to leave a smile on both your face and those of your audience.
If you're interested, at least 2Mb of extra memory is advisable and, of course, a hard disk is handy if your finances will stretch that far.
Paul Austin looks at the latest stylish release from those Scandinavian techno-junkies at Digital Visions il ?I1!fi A Ty[iT limi 11J fi* 11 L •tH a I 1 J ilf* A Dpaint production Imported Into the action Flexibility Ease of use fhadbroke Computing , International Please Read: Terms of Sale.
Ladbroke Computing are the longest established Atari dealer in the UK. We have developed an extensive customer service potcy Mich means thal we test aH Hardware prior to despatch to ensure that goods arrive an working order Although our prices are not always the cheapest we do endeev'our to otter consistently good service and backup Ttis isn't ust our option we were voted ’Best Deqier 19B9" by the readers ol ST World maga ma not for 'the number of boxes stifled' but for quaky service AI prices are correct at copy date 06 02 92 (while stocks last) and are sub ect to change without prior notice
Please phone for up to date prices At prices include IAT & detveryfn mainland UK), there are no hidden extras (WYSIWYG). Next day courier detoety is available tor an extra 27 (Mainland UK) All prices available on Mail Order Shop prices may differ j I star Itar LC24-1Q0 Cutour (YU 24 Pm printer ftp ' *5 Reader* LQ fonts Aocepte font cartndgee Bgttpm feed Purfi or pul tractor feed Paper periwig tokUUM OH** £239.99 48 no «e Bubtteiet pnrter Futy portable «6cpa Epson & BM Compattte 2 ree*dent LQ Fgrte Near Laser Qurtrty Output RecPergeatte pat* avalabe AI Star Printers carry 12 months on site
werrentyfMwniapd UK) AI printers include STAMGA PC conpaflbte cable. Phone (or rlbbona paper and printer stands £259.99 £18999 CU9.99 B99.99
- ------- Golden Image 512K Upgrade with dock £27.99 Phoenix 1Mb
Board (A500 Plus only) £49.99 Jin Mouse. Hgh quality
replacement mouse £12.98 GVP H A500 Hard drives mcfude
infection moulded styling. Internal RAM expansion to 8Mb via
SIMM boards. Capacities from 52Mb, 35' 11ms Quantum mochansm.
Internal Fan Gamo switch and mini slot for future oxpansion.
GVP 52Mb £379.99 GVP 105Mb £569.99 GVP 52Mb + 2Mb Simms £449.99 GVP 105Mb * 2Mb Simms £639.99 GVP 52Mb * 8Mb Simms £719.99 GVP 105Mb * 8Mb Simms £879.99 The Golden Image Hand Scanner scans at 100,200,300 and 400 Dpi. The package includes Touch Up and Deluxe Paint 3 Art package.
£149.99 itofLCM-aoo mm 24 Pri pnrter 222 cpe 6 Resident LQ fonts Accepts fort cartrdgee Bottom feed Push or (Ail tractu food Paper porting Cannon BJ10EX Star LC24 K) Star LC 20 Star LC-200 Cotour ilutesz ? Data enable disable switch k Daisy chain "through" connector k Digital Track Counter Only £59.99 mm i ¦ 11mu i ? 200 DPI scanner, thermal printer.
And photocopier, k Upto 16 grey scales or B W mode, k Compatible with Amiga and ST. £399.99 while stocks last S 1Mb Cartoon Classics Pack £339.99 Includes: A500 Plus computer with 1Mb on board RAM. Mouse, modulator. Workbench 2. Lemmings, Captain planet. Simpsons.
Deluxe Peint II 1Mb Cartoon Classic Extra Pack £389.99 Includes 1Mb Cartoon Classics (as above). Datastorm. Dungeon Quest, E-Motion, Monster grand slam, Kid gloves, Powerplay, RVF Honda. Shuffle Puck cafe. Microprose Soccer. Tower of Babel. GFA BASIC. 10 di9ks ? Box. Mouse Mat. Dustcover. Apache 1 joystick.
Bare Amiga 1.3 version+Astra Pack £299.99 InterWord £39.99 250 Capacity Disk Box , £19.99 10 bulk disks £4 94 40 Bulk disks £1880 100 Bulk disks £41.13 10 Sony Branded disks £7.80 LllllJlLl ±± Philips 8833 MK II Colour. Stereo monitor £ 229.99 Cmdr 1084S Colour monitor * limited offer * £ 269.99 Philips 15" FST CUBE TV ' £ 269.99 Tho pt*pe 15' FST TV mciudos lomote control. Scart input 80 tuner presets sleep trner and Fastext AI decays include Scart cable Lynx 2 (Console only) £79.99 Lynx 2 Power supply £999 Lynx soft cases £1199 Nnja Gaidon £24.99 Qix £3199 TuboSub £29.99 Gauntlet £29.99
Paper Boy £24.99 Many more games in stock. Please phone for details.
T iQns in atnrfcWr d Vsta Bectronc cook book. Atfconced mktary systems Ctewc board gamge, At dogB go to hosvon Fun school 3 (imder 5 s) A bun for bwney fc*tratod Holy Btbo.
Psycho kler. Defender of the crown GUIY In stock now includes Welcome disk and voucher for Lemmings, encyclopedia.
Phone for further details.
Commodore Dynamic Total Vision flow lii fJ: rv Yiki i..in plhilu- ytinl Aict-fls uf UiS'.T cilht 1 del;ill:, or y.i'n f .i ctinifuc fxist.it unites ni.nU- finyablt• In I .tdbrokr- Cun tfhi ting tntvmnhon.il Ptcasn
• i frw siifhcu nl i k-.ir.ttn c tmu- lot chnftH-s (0772) 203166
Fax 561071 Shop & Mai order premraes 33 Ormakrk Hoad. Praston,
Lancaahtra. PHI 2QP Open Monday to Saturday »30am to 5QOpm
Phones answered from ft0Ppm Denier erxfirios walcoma l adtyeka
Computing International o a trading name ol Ladbroke Computing
Limited. AI trade marks rocognbod Economy Packs 1 PC880E + 10
Maxell Disks £52 2 PC K80E + 10 Maxell Disks and Zip Stick £61
3 PC880E + 10 Maxell Disks and S12K RAM with clock £79 without
clock £76 4PC880E + 10 Maxell Disks. 1MB RAM (For A500+ only)
£92 41PC880E + 10 Maxell Disks und 1 5MB £101 6 PC880E + 40
Maxell Disks. DD40 diskette box, Power Mouse, Zip Stick & 5I2K
RAM £114 7PG880E + 40 Maxell Disks. DD40 diskette box. Power
Mouse. Zip Stick & I MB RAM (for A500-* only) £129 8 PC880E +
40 Maxell Disks. DD40 diskette box, Power Mouse, Zip Stick &
I-SMB RAM £169 ?
LA- Home Packs 1 PC880B + 10 Maxell Disks £75-95 2 PC880B + JO Maxell Disks & Zip Stick £84-95 3BC880B + 10 Maxell Disks. 5I2K RAM with clock £97 95 without clock £91 95 4PC880B + 10 Maxell Disks & I MB (for ASW-t- only) £112-95 3 PC880B + 10 Maxell Disks* I-5MB RAM £152-95 6PC88QB + 40 Maxell Disks. DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse. Zip Stick & 5I2K RAM £148 95 7PC880B + 40 Maxell Disks, DD40 diskette box, Power Mouse, Zip Stick & 1M B R AM (for A500+ only) £163 fe I X 8PC880B + 40 Maxell Disks. DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse. Zip Stick & 1 -SMB RAM £199 Executive Packs 1 Dual Drive inc. PSU
-4- 10 Maxell Disks £125 2 Dual Drive + 10 Maxell Disks * Zip Stick £134 3 Dual Drive + 10 Maxell Disks & S12K with clock £159 4 Dual Drive + 10 Maxell Disks & 1 MB RAM £174 5 Dual Drive + 10 Maxell Disks & 1 -SMB RAM £214 6 Dual Drive + 40 Maxell Disks, DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse. Zip Stick & 512K RAM £203 7 Dual Drive + 40 Maxell Disks. DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse. Zip Stick & 1MB RAM £219 8 Dual Drive + 40 Maxell Disks. DD40 diskette box. Power Mouse, Zip Stick * 1 -5MB RAM £258 GVP Series 2 Hard Disk (A500) Up to 8MB FAST RAM on-board 52QMB 0MB £379 105QMB 0MB £579 52QMB 2MB £439
105QMB 2MB £631 52QMB 4MB £469 105QMB 4MB £691 52QMB 8MB £649 105QMB 8MB £840 GVP Series 2 Hard Card or Nexus Hard Card High speed ‘FAASTROM’ controller Up to 8MB Simm RAM on board fully auto booting Supports external SCSI devices For A15O0 A2OOO Bare £199 52QMB £279 10SQMB £479 S20MB 2MB 039 I05QMB 2MB £539 52QMB 4MB £399 105QMB 4MB £599 52QMB 8MB £469 105QMB SMB £749 GVP Combo Board 22MM .IMB RAM £549 33MHz4MB RAM £1199 50MHz 4MB RAM £1685 SIMM 32x 1MB-60 £65 SIMM 32 x 4MB-60 £234 I lard drive mount kit £35 GVP A2000 RAM Expansion 2MB RAM installed £159 4MB £219 6MB £279 8MB £339 GVP Sound
Sampler £73 (All GVP products come with 2 year guarantee) Kickstart Switcher The Power Kickstart Switcher fits into any A500 or A500+ and can be fitted with up to three Kickstart ROMS and Can be enabled when you switch on your Amiga. This gives you all the benefits of the new versions of Kickstart while still being able to use your old games and software.
Kickstart Switcher (bare) £14-95 Switcher with Kickstart 1-3 £44 Switcher with Kickstart 2-04 £64 Switcher with Kickstart 1*3 and 2-04 £94 PC501 + RAM Card Our RAM board is designed specially for the new A500+ computer and comes with I MB of RAM on board to expand your memory to 2MB of chip RAM. Plug in and go operation - fits into the trapdoor. Gives you a total of 2MB of chip RAM £49 32 chip RAM card £39 95 8MB A500 RAM Board Plugs into the side slot BE Fully auto-eonfig Full thru'port Expand 2MB-8MB Plug in and go operation £POA 1 5MB RAM Board Plugs easily into your Amiga Fully supports I
MB chip RAM Fully compatible with ‘Fatter Agnus’ £79 (Kickstart I -3 and above) (not compatible with A500+) A500 RAM Card A half Megabyte RAM expansion with battery backed up clock and a free disk packed with useful software (4 chip RAM) £29 A500 512K RAM Card without clock £24 16 chip RAM card with clock £24 16 chip RAM card without clock £19 PC880B Disk Drive Built-in Blitz hardware copier Built-in virus blocker No annoying clicking when drive is empty £69-95 Dual Drive High spec, low power NEC mechanism Whisper quiet operation Blitz copier built-in (switchable) Virus blocker built-in
(switchable) Anti click Power supply included PC880E disk drive £45 95 PC881 A500 internal drive £40 PC882 A2000 internal drive £45 520MB Slimline hard drive £299 (Amiga must be opened for simple internal fitting) A500 Internal Anti-click board Stop that internal drive clicking £9-95 Send your order to Power Computing Ltd. Unit 8 Kailton Road. Woburn Road Industrial Estate. Kcmpston, Bedford MK42 7PN Ring yourcredil card order through on0234 843388 (lOlin«t) « r fax your order on 0234 640234. Technical Helpline 0234 041882 All price* include VAT. Delivery and We C. UJLA.. 21 South Mi Stmt Su«
«U Fmafclfdu. PA I9UM Tel2IS922lIHtl Fu21S«22UII»
111. Lid,. V.. DcUc Bd»». Dl.UJIII Ouu Lido. Roma Tel (I»)
5*6)10(2 Ur.) Fn 54*6 Vii suh|cct to change Specification*
arc uihjcci to change without notice Ne*t day delivery 14•
SO(U.K mainland only), all trademark* acknowledged IwmtG IW
Im, It Bid V.Ju.ce 7»lI. Pi* FfMW Td l iMH)IW Ahae*)
UNIT SIZE : ULTRA-NEAT DESIGN ‘Best Customer Service’
- AWARD FOR 19)1 - NEW • NEW • NEW • NEW • NEW A500 PLUS' 1 MB
WAY TO UPGRADE YOUR A500+ TO 2MB RAM! J Simply Plugs Into
trapdoor expansion area ft increases total RAM capacity lo 2Mb
ChlpRAM ft RAM On Oft Switch ft Comped unH size ft I Only 8 low
power RAM Ici ft High reliability ONLY £44.99 With our
MEGABOARD, you can further expand your A500‘s memory to a total
of | 2MB without disposing of your existing 512K upgrade (must
be 4 x RAM-chip type, or not exceeding 9cm in length).
Tffti MEGABOARD Kndi Kictslarl 1 3 lo operate iKickUJKl I 3 upgrade eveileWe bom u* lor
K) Installation tanner bon lo the ART cbip f aty to lollow
instructions provided 40Mb MODEL ONLY £299 100Mb MODEL ONLY
£449 2Mb RAM Vfryign: ADO C80 • 4Mb RAM Version: ADD Cl60 Send
Cheque. Postal Order or ACCESS VISA card details to: Evesham
Micros Ltd.
Unit 9, St Richards Road Evesham, Worcs. WR11 6XJ ACCESS VISA Cards Welcome Government. Education 4 PLC orders welcome Same dry despatch whenever possible | Express Courier delivery (UK Mainland only) £6.50 extra Please note that 5 banking days must be allowed lor cheque clearance. Immediate clearance on Building Society cheque or Bank Drafts.
I Mall Order Fax: 0386-765354 | IITRE TODAY - HERE TO STAY ter+hem Micron Ftril ftlit foI CKO**. PnrRR .»ml tetVlCf § '.t.)bli«.h«Ml fot Ortn rt hl yriarft tttlft a *1fVf U and see«a*e lutwc Oui Compglpnvfd IpItmiIpii Oder P*ot«sing mvrslmpnl mwm
• •flich-of wrviCf Writ jppomlrd Hi-lail Shuwiooms with Lirgr
product ran?* on d.ipby Oof Nuy Cutfnm** (taUtusr high
pucenl.igp OI rrpr.lt fy lQfT) Jtttl pfff'tChilf vndwrlirwe oui
popular Wy W£ %•( WHW wha n you need us we ml atilt be hr«» Our
cilwuvr eipjiiMun progi.im irexnn we (uvtd eventu.illy be there
.m well Call us now on 0386 765500 TELESALES OPENING TIMES:
9am-7pm Monday-Friday 9am - 5.30pm Saturday PRICES INC.DEUVERY
4 VAT® 17.5% Express Courier Delivery : (UK Mainland Only)
£6.50 Extra Unit 9 St Richords Road. Evesham Worcestershire
WRII 6XJ tt 0386 765180 r * 0306 ?65iS4 Open'MorvSot. 900 •
5.30 HffiWTQOIHIifl AT LAST... the chance to buy Quality, High
Capacity Hard Disk System* far the Amiga 500 at realistically
low pricesl ft NSC SCSI HARD DISK MCCHAM*ttS to* optimum
perfesmence 2Sm* Access Tens A AmcpaAing W includes Hi own
DEDICATED PSU CBW recommends aqsmst us« Ol Maid Daks wkhout
mdspondsnl pow ft Option for up to 4MB KjdlBonM stty RAM
EXPANSION Ushfl SUMS ft COOL.... by popular damans *• have now
W«J a Cooing Fart ftQAME SWITCH net* Game* 10 bs loadad wtnou
dtoonrectcr ftinnuSM SCSI THBOUOHPORT F 'Mr lor furtfer
sipa'dror ft High quMfy meu casrg coteur matcrwd 10 ire Amga
500 i Includes MR8ACKUP PRO' as esS asGontlgurtDOfvFofTTai
37," EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES Unpopulated RAM board with
clock ...£ 34.95 i HB request Kckrian 1 3 lo with
512K Installed £54.95 with 1Mb Installed £69 95 j **rw*
Kukflvi i 3tpgrsdf RAM Board with 1.5Mb FASTRAM installed ....
£ 79.00 Lf .l ?f.tlB*".l* af£2 96.. Fully populated board
Increases total RAM In A500 to 2Mb' ft Plugs Into trapdoor
area. 4 C6hft*d» to GARY Chip ft IneludH Battery- Backed
Real-Time Clock ft Socketed RAM Ics on 512K 1Mb Version*
1. 5MB RAM BOARD MEGABOARD' 5 Giisson Rd. Cambridge CB1 2HA
1*0223 323898 a 0223 37? 803 Open MorvFii. 9.30-6 00 4 Sat.
9 30-5 30 Corporals Sales Depl • IBMd&oW AMAZING LOW PRICE •
£49.99 including VAT & delivery 251-255 Moseley Rood.
Highgafe. Birmingham BI2 OF A Tei 021 446 5050 • Fox 021 446 5010 Open Mon-Sat. 9.00-5 30 Cotfxypf* Solti Dtot • tasv Panang
• Very quiet
• Slimline design
• Suits any Amiga
• Cooling Vents 320 WITAN GATE rMILTON KEYNES MK9 2HP IT 0908 230
898 fa« 0806230865 Open Mon-Sol, 900-530 TT 0386-40303 Monday
to Friday. 10.00 • 5 00 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS |
AtflrteHofy ngrepress* AtgoodtsuCftalaere*id0»VTy
• Sleek, high quality metal casing
• Quality Citizen Sony drive mechanist
• On Off switch on rear of drive
• Full 880K Formatted Capacity
• Long reach connection cable NEW TELESALES OPENING TIMES : 9AM -
7PM (MONDAY-FRIDAY) • 9AM - 5.30PM (SATURDA TV ri amplified
stereo £m M Ti speakers Ci AMIGA 500+ SPECIAL OFFERS A500+
1Mb Drive. KickATARI 2. Workbench 2.
TV Modulator. Mouse, etc. ° DELUXE PAINT Ilf, PLUS: LEMMINGS’ (fop seller!)
£349.99 2MB CHIPRAM version £379.99 v.'-’ThVii CAPTAIN PLANET’ BART SIMPSON vs. THE SPACE MUTANTS’ GAZZA limps to Eveshsm Micros I jn our brilliant value Cissies Extra Pack.
CARTOON CLASSICS IXTRA’ PACK Features Amiga 500+ Csrtoon Classics' Pack as detailed above, plus Virus Protector, Mouse Mat. Top Quality Joystick plus 19 FABULOUS GAMES Including : - GAZZA 2’ CARDIAXX SUBBUTEO Battle Squadron NIGEL MANSELL ASTERIX' Germ Crazy’ High Steel' The Ball Gama' 'Wet Riot Night Walk' Block Alanche' Treasure Trip' Lost N Maze' DfakMsn' Tart Rim tpeiictisckmg worgprocaaor and Scale' apraadahaet TOTAL OF 22 MEGA GAMES!
£369.99 2MB CHIPRAM version £ 399.99 Tracksuit Manager 90
20. 000 League* Under The Better Dead Than Alien’ Tank Battle
Sea Ccmmodow AS90 20tft Mnf D«w AMOMJH WAM LkXJiad* . C 29999 £29*5 AS90 IMS RAM Upgnoa AS90 2MB RAM UpgxM f S995 £999* REPLACEMENT AMIGA 500 INTERNAL 3.5" DRIVE KIT Fjfy oompa*le with i W) unfomaoed capacity Stra rttorward instatatcn procedure. Kit indudes *ul fitting iratructons WE GUARANTEE that thlf It the vnoothat, most retpontlve and accurate replacement mouse you can buy lor the Amiga. Excedent performance. Now with a 300dpl resolution. Amazing now price I ROCGEN GENLOCK MK.
OFFERWG EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEY, this fully compatible GENLOCK adaptor otters levels of quai'ty. Function and sophistication not normally rava labie m th«* price category Special features nduOo the ability to record graphics A ammatons on vxjoo recorder* and overlay graphic and te»t onto Video. Copntfc ot smooth slabte ladng and overpaying effects «ilh spocoi tuning xnoo ONLY £99.99 Genuine Connmodorg Am a AJQO typo replacement Power Supply Unit. Good quahty ’switch mode' type Super low pnee!
O Hgnry aaraatla Wtlw e a ry B". D M CP* output " o-»h » 04 r LO modi a Tji l»r guairy tert*) ? Frf «r« bom ‘•on pan*! Q Qraphc* raa 360 ¦ i80dp ? 9 Year Manufaelgrart Warranty Normal RRP: C 746 35 Irvc.VAT ONLY £19.95 PHILIPS 15" TV MONITOR ONLY £6.95 HURRY WHILE STOCKS U$ H Vcl-Amiga video mgitiwr package inc VIDI-Chmma £ 110.00 VCI Complete Colour Soiutton KK..... C 149 95 VCIJtGB colour frame generatcn M from BAW ima w C W 95 kickiun 1.3Upgrade C MAS Amiga 500 Dual Cove* C 4 « Dalux* Vdao 3 UR Sockl* t M 95 £ 20 95 I SOFTWARE 1 1 II AMOS £37 40 t ’99 W £39 95 f i«95 £44 95 i aotWOigxa
Wordaorih £90 00 Kind Word* 2 £ 37 95 P'olaxt V5 £119 95 Dijli Mcxno Accourli V2 £49W NiSs* Leit t c OFA BASIC V3 CPA RAS-C Corral*.
DovpecMS Oaka Pa ml 4 ......t 79.00 Daney Animatcn Si jU £ 60 05 QUALITY SCANNING - AT THE RIGHT PRICE !
“opretenlmo outstanding value lor mo nay, Ihii package combines lop quality scanning hardware with the lateel version of the distinctively powerful DAATASCAN PROFESSIONAL VERSION 2 software As i 400dc« scenmg rsaoUxxi tunae (earner ;**»«•»* in , luoeib *,abfv scare Has a hit lOtv-n- acemrg ’
• ~Jh vanaU b- Nnaaa eortrd and 100 200 300 400dt* mw*Am
Professional Vwsion I scsmng and sdling softaars sltmt real
• rw scannfg r either ina an or ruf m M vrOaiirt 7 r|f waias
Provides po-enu ailnrtg laakrm and escsaern consenMry ««- ¦k*
DTP and Parr Psnugw eg Daluae Perl 4, Twch-Vp Compatible to any
Amiga or Commodore COTV, this NEW Genlock Adapter provides
Advanced Special Effects and Performance Features without
sacrificing user-friendliness!
New Special Feati w include Dual Otaoive control knete pioitfng Ireety a S,us'AtXe degree* ot overlay or tnvort Ikeyhote) ettecta. Auto Video pass auu; extra Vidoo Hvcogtipofl tor separate
• tne monitoring Roe pasa-thnj lor I laaLime editno ot Amga 1
gtapfic*. Plus Key ln port lor uso wtth an ntrnal keying cevce
' 1 *•-’¦?* PTOdvM* *nt hill stsroo Kund s- * suaKy jloioo sound r.producton to m. M me fie -ivff-vi great n*w iwn tpaak*- rnar-’ !m m retlei ported speaker oejgn mid 3
• a*er at. Ova's n Ndi urtl and ncofpc»al»i a v si anptAar w«h
aetustabla vcrfume control Runs
* tt» PSU (suppled)»Iron (umenes (not nctottedl Scawar Dvnaowona
.?¦««* Ojj 12Smm (W.tVxP) Asao OWNERS! Eipond your hard Uk
slcraga turihai with one cf out add-on ?iternafy casod SC Si
Hard Oves Sim ?Jms aJCcartyg NEC mecharwms and separaio powsi
tupof, Pkge mlg Hie aoefcel pronded on »«rear c* the AS90 ur«
External 46Mb SCSI Onva cased with Psli 10 areav aw Oh 10 the
Commodwe AS90 £ 249.00 Enamal 100Mb SCSI Drive r«W **1 PSU £
NEW! ROCGEN PLUS' ONLY £99.99 [Philips CM8833 Mk II Monitor
indud-ng cable £ 239.00 HARD I 6ur hard drive kits include lull
are hard disk controller cards with Unpopulated SIMMS RAM
upgrade sockets lor trttmg up lo 5Mb RAM. Plus hgh speed now
technology NEC Hard disks 40Mb HARD DRIVE & INTERFACE I RAM
499.00 PLEASE NOTE These we empr, ram sockets auoe 80 00
oe 2t*i RAM marnec Otarrg lul co-oat*, ity w*n inw ony A- a
a.oc ogr t«- cackaje cur ScunS Sarpat laaluaa cucvrty yartrg
pith« r« -Miti T“a nan AO corvarat gtra* • dplang fatouion d up
'o ioxMt w»h a *aa) ««w nt. T «o cnorvo aockati n providid 'a
utroo in .rout piui in cptcn for rrxrop’cna gar a acnauad «an
Du«-n ccnlrol ltd Conpala wflh pub oom.' D« »au*d M p-q
aw atcni .foai Our £&rf$ ACI Virus Protector Fits easily to the
Port ol ffie Iasi disk drive in your Amiga tyitam. Protecting
all internal And external dnves from boot block viruses
Incorporates a switch lo enable or disable 'h» p'Plec'jgn
'acrMy Ou hj f K»npatte. I" ’ quaMy MIDI rrtfriace jcrrxdi
drecily ir«h the Nnga aa.wl pod and providea IN. OUT t THRU
port* tor good HeuWXy Fealurai LED ndcalora on aach pen ter
dagnouc purpoaaa Superb compact deugn' Hgh parfofrranc* rraoCal
4 e»y ocmcalbi. » srrt Amga or Attn 5T Plugs rro mcuw or
jOy*l * son Supar-*moc*h ard «cctr«e - yov sntHbN tnn 1 «jrr to
jsa a »ja.* «*ef usrg T-»d6it1 M ooa h«r j*d co-trcl TcoquMTy
opo-madiarcai dasgn gvnjhghic dandaoeufacy avtfy l."a No guv
kit £290 00 Olivetti JP-130 lr.k)«i good quality - eaceptionai
value C 249 99 Otlvera JP-3SO In.Jal « c«lanl high «p*ed XKXXr
print*. C 349.00 tv» .11 p.ru-a Oaaktet 000 C 3S0.00
HawleH-Packard Oa*k at MOC (Colour) C 580 00 Epaon LX400 Dudgot
10' carriage 9 pm lOMScps £ 139.00 Epson LQ570 24 *Mn ISOeOcpa
8ke utT C 2B0 00 NECP20 C2M.13 Panaaantt KXPt 1241 upritad
24 .n modal 30(Vioo*pa r 270 00 Panasonic Kxf 1123 good vatu*
24-gin mad*' 1219 00 Star LC 200 Colour. 4 * («. 180M5CW
1199.99 Star LC 24-10 24-fat. 4 torts.
180i'60cps________________________1199.99 Star LC 24-200 24-Pm.
5 lent*. 200'B7cps . 1239.99 Star LC 24-200C 7 cotour VERSION
ol above ..£ 209.99 Automat c Sheet Feeder tor LC
10* primer* (ps stale medal) £ 64.95 NEW' Star XB24-WQ COLOUR
2 pn. W (W** pnn|e' £ 399.99 NEW’ Star XB24-250 132 column
verson ol XB24-200 £ 479.99 NEW SUCCESSOR TO THE STAR 1C-10,
superlative paper handling, four excellent NLQ fonts and a new
super-fast print speed of 18Qcps in draft and 44 cps in NLQ.
The LC20 appropriately supercedes the phenomenally successful
LC10 f PRINTERS Prices Include VAT, Delivery and Connection
Cable Citizen PRODOT-24 COLOUR Professional 24-Pin COLOUR
Printer STAR LC20 9-Pin Printer ONLY £249.00 Ine.VAT, Del (vary
and CeMe 1500 Slaha" Pan r 1MH RAM 20 S' Cota Uonlo’. Opirr j
Pwinun Worts Aotuntt.3xQam« itci CW»«0 ONLY £139.99 rURDA W
Discount Software since 1984 Educational. Local Authority and
Government orders welcome European orders please call or write
lor a quotation. All goods subject lo availability, prices
subject to change without notice E&OE Prices Include VAT and
delivery by post. Courier delivery available on request. Please
allow 5 days for cheque clearance TO ORDER: Credit card orders
can be placed by i calling the telephone number below - or send
a cheque'POs made out to MJC Supplies to: MJC SUPPLIES (AC).
Unit 2 The Arches.
Icknield Way. Letchworth. Herts SG61UJ.
Tel: (0462)481166 (6 Lines) 54 MEG MEMORY FOR THE A500 X Meg internal (trapdoor) expansion, latest 4 chip design with battery backed clock MJC Price £25.95 NEW - A50Q Plus 1Mb Expansion 1 Mb expansion tor the A500 Pius - fits in the trap-door taking your memory to 2Mb - no internal lifting.
MJC Price £44.95 SUPRA 500RX EXPANSIONS New memory expansions for the A500 - plugs directly into the HO expansion port - NO INTERNAL CONNECTOR REQUIRED SUPRA 500RX 1Mb (Expand to 2Mb) £99.95 SUPRA 500RX 2Mb (Expand to 8Mb) £159.95 SUPRA 500RX4MD (Expand to 8Mb) £219.95 SUPRA 500RX 8Mb (Expand to 8Mb) £849.95 CUMANA CAX 354 DISC ORIVE Quality brand name 3.5' second dnve includes thru port, disable switch and FREE Virus X Utility MJC PRICE £54.95 NEW ROCLITE RF382C DISK DRIVE New Super Slimline super quiet second drive MJC PRICE £54.95 A1500 2000 MEMORY EXPANSIONS SUPRARAM memory cards with
space for up to 8Mb SUPRARAM with 2Mb fitted £149.95 SUPRARAM with 4Mb fitted £199 95 SUPRARAM with 6Mb fitted £259 95 SUPRARAM with 8Mb fined £299.95 GVP SERIES IIA1500 HARD DRIVES Quality GVP controllers with Quantum drives plus the ability to add up to 8Mb memory (Simms) 52Mb (11ms) version £289.95 120Mb (11ms) version £479.95 SIMMS Modules - £69.95 per 2 Meg NAKSHA UPGRADE MOUSE 280 Opi quaiity replacement mouse - pack includes Mouse House. Mat and Operation Stealth game MJC PRICE £21.95 AMIGA WORDPROCESSORS Kind Words 2 (not A500 plui)------------------------£29 95 PenPal £54 95 WordWorih
V11 Special Offer £75.95 PROTEXT-Version 5.5 Latest version of this best selling word processor (Or those wanting serious processing power, includes new 110,000 word dictionary and Thesaurus. (1 meg) MJC PRICE £99 95 Protexl V4.3 - half pnce Prodata V1.2 Amiga.. 149.95 ...£64.95 PROTAR VISTO MONITOR Based on the Philips CM8833 the Vistor has improved interference suppression and comes complete with all leads.
NEW LOW PRICE £219.95 Free Conner delivery on Protar Monitor GVP SERIES 2 A500 DRIVES Features on board Ram expansion to 4 8Mb with high speed FAASTROM controller Autobooting. Includes excellent easy installation software GVP Series 2 52Mb version ...£369.95 Free courier delivery on this Hard Drive SIMMS Modules - £69 95 per 2 Meg AMIGA EDUCATIONAL KOSMOS Answerback Junior Quiz Includes 750 General Knowledge questions & a game reward ... XI 4.95 Answerback Senior Quiz As above but lor age 12* .114.95 Factfiles Add on question packs for the
Answerback Quiz Facfliie Speftng (6-11) . £7.95 Facttile Arithmetic (6-11) .... £7.95 (Cosmos Language tutors with a vocabulary of over 2.500 words & the ability to add your own - up to GCSE level French Mistress . £14.95 £1495 £14 95 ..£14 95 German Master.. Spanish Tutor Italian Tutor... KOSMOS MATHS ADVENTURE: The latest offering Irom Kosmos covers the National Curriculum maths using a series ol tour games There are lour difficulty and a record of performance can be kept and printed out (6-14) £17 95 VIDI AMIGA NEW-TAKE 2 New
animation package from Rombo.
MJC PRICE £79.95 VIDI COLOUR SOLUTION Vidi colour package - including vtdi digitiser Vidichrome software and Free Photon Paint.
MJC PRICE £84.95 RGB SPLITTER (includes PSU) For use with Vidichrome or Digimew MJC PRICE £59.95 COMPLETE COLOUR SOLUTION Package includes Vidi Amiga Vidichrome and the RGB Splitter tor a complete colour digitising outfit NOTE: For best colour pictures you require a video camera or perfect still frame VCR.
MJC PRICE £129.95 Comp Col Solution t Take 2 MJC PRICE £179.95 VIDEO TITLING PRESENTATION Big Alternative Scroller.. ...£42.95 Broadcast Titler II __________ £159.95 Broadcast Font Pack ..._____________________________£89.95 Broadcast Font Enhancer Pack .... £89 95 ZVP VIDEO STUDIO Great video production package (1 Mb ? 2 drives) MJC PRICE £89.95 RENDALE 8802 GENLOCK Qualify genlock offering both foreground and background modes MJC PRICE £159.95 8802 Mode Switch Box - £29.95 AMOS - The Creator AMOS vl.2-The language .. £32.95 AMOS Compiler
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audio cassette.. .. .....£19.95 SOFT STUFF Magic Storybook (5-14) Five animated Slones featuring great sound and graphics. Plus the ability for Children to ‘edit’ the stories adding different sounds and graphics - even make up their very own story!
(1 meg) ......- ..X23X5 HOORAY FOR HENRIETTA (age 5-12) Making maths fun - covering the four basic maths operations with 8 skill levels and a Parent section for customisation .£17.95 HENRIETTA'S BOOK OF SPELLS ..£17 95 Further information on our Educational range is available in our Educational Supplement - on request s Remember - prices include VAT & delivery tai Software E 3D conversion program to transform a standard Amiga font into its three-dimensional counterpart.
Creating an entire character set will take a long lime and it's this very commodity that puts the £25 price tag on each Space Font. RaceTrace will still set you back £99.95, but armed with it you can create as many or as few characters as you require. And of course, RaceTrace isn't limited to fonts - any 2D image can be transformed into a 3D object.
In fact, with the assistance of RaceTrace your own fonts can actually be superior to the commercial alternative, as more time can be spent removing facets within an object examples of this can be clearly spotted in the dose up of the AC image For more details contact Alternative image on 0533 440041 or fax 0533 440650 Paul Austin rounds up this month's new selection of graphics and DTP software co-ordinates whilst the z or depth is left untouched.
As a result, it's possible to add an italic effect and either stretch or shrink the actual height and width of the font. Both effects can be applied simultaneously, and as you can see from the default and edited Amiga logo, the changes can be quite Space Pont Tools Continuing in the same three-dimensional vein, RGB software have released another program which may prove to have much more mass market appeal. Space Font Tools is released in conjunction with its namesake to add more flexibility to the new font sets.
Equipped with this £25 utility, the potential of any 3D font - or object come to that - gets an impressive boost, The program operates in two dimensions, a strange concept for a three-dimensional font editor, but it simply means that you're allowed to edit both the x and y MM: M Ml M hrVfHvTMUtltl The friendly fate of on excellent interfate. Spate font Tools in all Its simpHuk glory first needs to be selected as the current letter and viewed via the show icon. The standard font is then immediately replaced by a wireframe representation of the selected character.
Obviously processing each character individually would be a tedious process, ?
This month we'll concentrate on the virtual side of the machine's features with a look at a whole range of enhancements for the ever-growing band of ray tracers. To start things off we'll open with the long awaited arrival of Space fonts, created by RGB software and distributed by those artistic aficionados, Alternative Image. | The ten fonts in the set come in a variety of original styles and cover the entire character set in both upper and low*' case, As you can see from the examples, some excellent results are possible, but keep in mind that all the Images are 24-bit creations. If
you're working with Ham you won't achieve the same quality, but that certainly isn't the fault of the fonts.
The fonts themselves are strictly format specific. In other words, if you use more than one tracer you could face investing twice in the same font - unlikely perhaps, but worth remembering. The slightly faceted look on close up can be reduced with the assistance of RaceTrace which is covered more fully below. On the other hand, you can cheat by adding a bump map to the edge of the font as in the Alternative Image example.
Aside from the one font one format restriction, the mam limiting factor is sure to be the price. Each font retails at a frightening £25, and with the complete collection running to £250 it's sure to put them far beyond the means of the average punter. For the pros they may prove a good investment, simply due to their time saving potential.
Fortunately for we mere financial mortals, there is an alternative. If time isn't your top priority you can do exactly what RBG have done and employ their RaceTrace 2D to pdate startling. Actually creating the desired font style is simplicity itself.
Clicking on either of the two dimension selector toggles between the Italic and Stretch options precedes adding the desired effect via a mouse and slider combination. Alternatively, you can type in the changes directly from the keyboard.
To see what's happening, a standard font is supplied above the slider to give you an idea of what your new font will look like. The letter in question is simply a generic representation to illustrate the applied effects.
To view any character within a font it IGA oftware ?
So RGB have kindly added a number of alternatives. The first is the option to use the same changes applied to the individual across the entire character set, automatically saving the new font to a pre-defined output path.
If you don't need the entire set, a text requester has been added which will process only the component characters with the text
- very handy if you're short on disk space.
An added bonus of the package is that it isn't restricted to font editing. Because it works with objects rather than true fonts, the program couldn't care less if the object actually represents a letter or not As a result, any object can be loaded into the editor and have its dimensions squashed, stretched and tilted as the fancy takes you.
This might not be an everyday need, but it's a useful trick if you want to quickly re-model an existing object.
As with Space Fonts, the accompanying editor comes in a wide variety of formats retailing at a very tempting £25 a time. For more details contact Alternative Image on 0533 440041 or fax 0533 440650.
PageStream 2.2 PageStream has for a long time been ProPage's only serious challenger, and has evolved considerably since its initially disappointing start. The last year alone has seen two upgrades in the form of 2.0 and 2.1, but with 2.2, PageStream seems at last to have come to its full maturity.
The user interface has always been the most annoying aspect of working with PageStream, and it is no surprise that SoftLogik have given it a complete overhaul for this release. Gone are the old- fashioned looking requesters and the intensely irritating refusal to acknowledge double clicks, and in place of all this there is a smooth, attractive, and thoroughly Workbench
2. 04 look and feel.
Tvpaint arrives on the IV-24 After another call to The Amiga Centre Scotland's Martin Lowe, it's been confirmed that an Amiga 24-bit paint package is on its way for the IV-24. The final touches are sbH being added but Martin already has a prototype of Tvpaint vl .6, often regarded as the machine's top paint package, for the board.
It should be with me by the time you read this, so tune in next month for the first look at what the IV-24 has been waiting for, In common with the latest versions of ProPage, PS2.2 has gone for the WB2.0 look like a rat up a drainpipe, leading to the full implementation of radio buttons, standardised file requesters, and a much more consistent and logical approach to requesters in general. The result is that for first time users PS2.2 is a lot easier to come to grips with than its predecessors.
The changes, however, are not merely cosmetic. A host of annoying idiosyncracies, bugs, and omissions have been ironed out or put to rights and several new features added. The most enjoyable and useful of these are the import options and the font conversion Utility supplied with the disks.
The Ascii text import module has been improved for greater compatibility with Mac and PC-style Ascii text, there's a new Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) importer with direct support for Adobe Photoshop files, giving the user full access to the masive range of Mac clip art floating around out there, and you can now preview TIFF files before importing them.
Now for the bad news If you're regular to the update pages you're probably well aware of the imminent release of G2"s Imagic paint package on the IV-24. Unfortunately for IV users the deal has fallen through.
During a conversation with 02*$ Greg Hollidge, it soon became apparent that G2 don't feel it would be in their interest to support the board.
After eliminating technical difficulties the obvious question was why they felt the need to pull out of the project. After putting this point to Greg it appears that It's purely a matter of speed. As anyone who cither owns or has read our review of the IV-24 will know, speed isn't the system's strongest point - especially concerning the rather disappointing Macro paint package.
Apparently the speed problems are caused because of the board's approach to image transfer. Unlike other systems, the IV 24 doesn't supply its output direct to the monitor - first it passes through the onboard flicker fixer which conlains a resident library that converts the raw data from the board Into a suitable display format. The actual image data is transferred in either four six bit or eight four bit blocks.
As a result, processing is significantly slower than other frame buffers, which is the primary reason for some of Macro Paint's idiosyncrasies when updating the screen. According to both Greg Hollidge and The Amiga Centre Scotland's Martin Lowe, the update limitalion is unavoidable due to the architecture of the board.
As a result, IV users will simply have to console themselves with the rest of the card's built-in abilities.
In addition, the existing modules have been greatly improved so that there should be none of the problems earlier releases suffered when importing ProDraw clips, for example. With the improvements and new options and the font converter, PageStream is about the most flexible of the current crop of Amiga DTP packages in this respect.
Font conversion is simplicity itself.
MS-DOS PostScript fonts can be used directly if ported to the Amiga using a CrossDOS type utility, but those used on Macintoshes are in a slightly different format and have previously been unavailable to Amiga owners. As Macs have possibly the largest selection of fonts you're ever likely to find, the inclusion of a font converter to port Mac fonts across to the Amiga for use in PageStream cannot be over-praised.
Converting To convert a font, simply save it to an AFE disk and get it onto the Amiga using CrossDOS, or port it directly with Mac- 2-DOS. Once the font is in memory or on your hard drive, you run the printer fonts file through the converter, which takes just a couple of seconds, and the font is ready to use. You'll still have to buy the fonts of course, but you'll have a great many more to choose from.
Users of high-end HPGL plotters will be pleased to see the introduction of an HPGL driver. This means that PageStream can be used to produce high quality signs, drawings, and precision-plotted output in the form of drawings or complete sign templates when used with the correct plotter sign cutter.
This alone could give the package a whole new market.
HotLinks support is the last major inclusion. This new system aims to provide an idiot-proof rival for Arexx in that any program with HotLinks Support can "publish'* its IFF or Ascii files and any other compatible program can "subscribe" to the file. When the file is updated, HotLinks automatically updates the file in every other program using a copy of iL This means you can touch up your DTP graphics from another program or edit a PageStream Ascii file to the correct column length without having to do it in the DTP environment. When the graphic or file is updated, your PageStream page is
automatically updated at the same time. We'll be covering this exciting new development in later issues and lining up PS2.2, ProPage 3.0, and Saxon Publisher
1. 2 an a DTP battle-of-the-giants, SO keep your eyes peeled.
PageStream 2.2 is much more than just a skin job. It is a well-considered and solid improvement over 2.1. Registered users will be receiving their free updates as we go to print. Users of other packages are advised to give PageStream another look.
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yellow orange, black, white Colours and quantity of your choice
3. 5* DSDD SONY BULK DISKETTES 25 DSDD 135 tp 50 DSDD 135 tpi
100 DSDD 135 tpi 200 DSDD 135 ip 500 DSDD 135 Ip 1000 DSDD 135
tpi Remember*! Remember!' Remember!!
We orty supply top Quality diskettes Our 3 5" diskettes are manufactured by KAO and our 5 25" diskettes are manufactured by ATHANA
Q. XOZLU 205 OZ Oh-OS CM (MO 00 CM CM CO We do not sell
substandard diskettes trom the Far East MONITORS Philips
CM8833 II Stereo Colour Monitor All our monitors aro of UK
specification, are covered by a 12 month warranty and come
complete with a Connecting lead Media Direct Computer Supplies
Ltd Unit 3 RaJway Enterprise Centre Shetton New Road, Stoke on
Trent Staffordshire ST4 7SH MEDIA DIRECT - THE AMIGA
SPECIALISE Media Direct 0782 208228 EDUCATIONA.
£3.95 £395 £5.95 £5.95 £5.95 £5.95 £5.95 £12.95 £19.95 SOFTWARE £9.95 £9.95 £9.95 £9.95 £995 Spell Book (ages 4-9) Things to do with words (ages 5 12) Things to do with numbers (ages 5-10) let's spell at the shops (ages 4-iQ) Let's spell at home (ages ' 4-10) let s spell out and about (ages 4 10) Puzzle Book 1 (ages 5 adult) Puzzle Book 2 (ages 5-aduh)
3. 5" 100 capaoty box 3 5" 80 capacity box 35" 50 capacity box
3. 5" 40.capacity box
5. 25* 100 capacity box 5 25' 50 capaoty box Otter Deduct £1 00
from above box pnce if purchasing a quantity of diskettes (Min
25 disks) £10,95 £13.95 £14.95 £15.95 £ .
£12.95 £14.95 BOOKS F A X u s N O W 0 N 0 7 8 2 2 8 1 5 0 6 £12.95 £12.95 £17.95 £22.95 £6.95 £6.95 £12.95 £5.95 PRINTER RIBBONS S £13.25 £26.75 £22.25 £24.75 £49.25 £22.25 £53.75 1 £2.95 £5.95 £4.95 £5.50 £10.95 £4.95 £11.95 ACCESSORIES Citizen 1200 Mono Al our accessories aro Citizen Swift 24 of the highest quality mono Citizen Swift 9 General mono Mouse mat £2.50 Citizen Swift 24 £22.95 Mouse pocket £1.50 colour £21.95 3 5" disk drive cleaner £1.95 C*izen Swift 9 £20.95 5 25" disk drive cleaner £1.95 colour £3.29 £3.29 £3.29 £1195 £11.95 £14.80 £14.60 £14.80 £53.75 £53.75 £32 £32 Posso Box
The Posso box holds 150 3 5“ diskettes or 70 5 25" diskettes and can be stacked horizontally or vertically Please state 3 5" or 5 25“ version when ordering Bulk Storage Box ideal for bulk storage of diskettes, each box can hold upto 250 35* diskettes 1 3 + 5 +
5. 25* or 3.5* 10 capaoty boxes 1 5 10 Stackable Storage Boxes
These boxes are ideal for the person who requires an
alternative to the standard style box or who has a large
number ol disks to store Competition Pro 5000 Black £11.95
Competition Pro 5000 Clear £11.95 Competition Pro Glo Extra
£13.95 Competition Pro Extra £13.95 Competition Pro Star
£13.95 Python 1 Turbo ID (QS137F) £9.95 Pythpn 3 Sega Megadnve
£9.95 Apache 1 (QS131) £6.95 Fligntgnp 1 (QS129F) £8.95
Maverick 1 (QS138F) £13,95 Chimera 3 Sega Megadrive (OS 140)
TBA intruder 1 (OS 149) T0A intruder 3 Sega Megadrive (OS15Q)
TBA Aviator t (OS 155) TBA Aviator 3 Sega Megadnve (OS 156)
TBA Speedtong Standard Speeding Avtofire Spcedking Sega
Megadnve Navigator Sting Ray Standard Shng Ray Autofire Sting
Ray Sega Megadnve Manta Ray Standard Manta Ray Autof*re Manta
Ray Sega Megadnve Zipstick Standard ZipStiCk Autotire Atari
dust cover Amiga dust cover Star LC10 dust cover Star LC24-10
dust cover Star LC200 oust cover Star LC24 200 dust cover 2
piece pnnter stand Tilt ’n' turn monitor stand Monitor plynth
Switches and Cables Monitor Cables Amiga 16 CBM 1084S monitor
cable Amiga to Philips CM8833 cable Amiga to scad cable Amiga
to Hitachi Granada 7 pm dm Armga to multisync is pm 3 row plug
Amiga to miitisync 15 pin 3 way socket Data Prmter Cables
Parallel printer cable 36 way to 36 way centron*cs cable 25
way Dtype mate male cable 25 way D type male female cable 25
way D-type fenVlem cable Data Switches 2 way parallel data
switch 2 way serial data Switch 3 way parallel data switch 4
way parasol data switch Miscellaneous Amiga 4 player adapter
Atari 4 player adapter Mouse |oystic switcher Mouse joystck
extender cable Star LC10 mono LC1Q colour LC24 10 mono LC200
mono LC200 Cotour LC24-200 mono LC24-200 Cotour We stock a
large range ol nbbons If you can't see your particular type
Usted then please phone us tor a Quote Advanced system
programmers guide Amiga 3D graphics basic programming Amiga
basic inside and Out Amiga C advanced programmers guide Amiga
C for beginners Amiga DOS mside and out Amiga DOS quck
reference Amiga desktop wdeo guide Amiga disk dnvos made and
out Amiga for beginners Amiga machine language Amiga printers
inside and out Amiga system programmers guide Best Am»ga
tricks and tips Making music Oh the Amiga Quality and Value
Direct to You Sega Game Geer CONSOLES ONAL Offioal UK Version
lat UK Verson Ong Altered Beast Joypad - Software 'a'mer Golf
Flash Squadron Worlds M n Ghosts ¦vi a e Zw6 RH Pond I
Douglas Boxing ? Madden U.S. Football 9 Battle Mouse Mr Lair
Pc Defender Ia Goff Tour wtKy Star II Game Gear Software
Columns Pengo Psychic World Putter Golf Super Monaco G P
Wonder Boy Woody Pop Dragon Crystal Donald Duck G Loc Golden
Axe Mickey Mouse Nmja Gaiden Outrun Space Harrier Shmobi
Baseball Frogger Joe Montanna Football Kiftttfc Connection
Talot Game Gear Accessories AC mams adaptor AV cable Car
lighter adaptor Game Gear to Game Gear cable Game Gear TV
tuner Recnargabte battery pack Atari Lynx Software
A. P.B. Blockout Blue Lightening Calilorma Games Chess Challenge
Chips Chalenge Eledrocop Gates of Zendocon Gauntlet III Klax
MS Pacman Ninja Gaiden Pacland Paper t?oy Rampage Road
Blasters Roho Squash Rygar Shanghai Slime World Turbo Sub War
birds Xenopbobe Zayfor Mercenary Atari Lynx Ace«sori« Car
Lighter Adaptor Sun Screen Carry Pouch Mains Adaptor It’s not
possible to list all Console Software as we hoki large stocks.
Please ring for latest releases and prices.
THIS MONTHS SPECIALS HOW TO ORDER 0782 208228 [S3 BY POST Make cheques and postal orders Payable to MEDIA DIRECT. Please send this together with your name and addross.
Daytime telephone number it possible and your order requirements, to: MEDIA DIRECT COMPUTER SUPPLIES LIMITED DEPARTMENT 65029 UNIT 3. RAILWAY ENTERPRISE CENTRE SHELTON NEW ROAD. STOKE ON TRENT STAFFORDSHIRE ST4 7SH FAX; 0792 291506 Qqj "Sf®!
Carnage charges Please add £3 35 oer order lor poslago and packing.
£5 00 tor orders over £150 00 Software and cartridges £1.25 per item Guaranteed TWO Day delivery tt 95 Guaranteed NEXT Day delivery £9.00 Remember!!! Remember!!! Remember!!!
Media Direct are a well established company with a reputation for its quality and service A point to consider before purchasing your computer goods So why not buy from us and put our reputation to the test.
Al siocfcs. Oflers are suDtect lo aveHebiity and lo being ihe latest adven-sed pecks a"d pr*ces (Pack deta«; may vary item lime to lime) E40E TWSTAU BUKUM MnQe ol Shinobi
• flow Dancer ¦he the Hedgehog m* Harrier II Hang On League
Besebe'i Monaco G.P Real Basketball Thunderblade of Sodan of
Vermdkon erforce II TO HtWCASTU Come and visit our showroom
where these and many other products are on display Atari Lynx
Atan Lynx Console mams adaptor and Califorrva Games Medte
Direct Computer Supplies Ltd Urxf 3 Railway Enterprise Centre
Ipcnva Accessories £32. * Ji power slick £27 • *0*6 cable j
hfrd pad £32 base converter Atari Lynx Console mains adaptor
Shelton New Road, Stoke on Trent Stat1ordsh»re ST4 7SH
TfrfffTTI Y ill PW PUBLIC vffllvlLI | l M DOMAIN Dept AC. 11
Strictly the best public domain disks at Strictly public domain
prices to animations utilities games lift rfrfw*b-dyuw ID6)
AMIGATER Pv rt*ar jnJ i rul tnio d •on in KOWrTHVt' (IMG) -
You ptipiat mmu! Ind (iDotKtul cytte I W« BISIMXs CAJD MalffJt
- Very ireful «ftn Iwi CAITOON BEL'SHCi - IW.jmaw.in.Jrw.reSr
u«Ml)W*n IXTj OUGHT • ftrncTlv j (inmmul ray meg 13» QOMM'.
NATIONS DISK- llillic*(nr»e«iE aodcaa E»a*ul IDSfc DTP
CIJPAKTl2 MSKSS- PxfcolMhevtSmif»o 1 M2 GBMAM - Lam Rmc Grmuti
'try sell prtrdurnl.
I'W RB0U9- Hnlumlv imjlicJjUtu* l‘24l P0NTNI0G03- lWf.riM*!!h[iPirt Ixtt BLUMS MX iJDNfr* W flamcr racWxn tdnbac IW LABEL mvn* - GcinwdrKs I. krf nun IW* VWIIC- rmluuljtttflCtanpilrv US) QITCKBENU1- fcfjm*«U*ah*dw*eui UU? PK»TSS»OVAl non) MAKE* - Cmu sour com dfflviMflnpmn.
L'5« irrwni * DDK) v.unt - «v pu»nful uinn - twwfflrtdril UI8 SID VIA - T'-rracraduUiv LIP; SUDGM0* MAKER- Ib.* S.* r pmera p* m Jfitrrn «m L'J SPANRH HUS- lamSpMiihfnxn Saw 1UM SPEKHTOY- On .uu Am«j ul.r* l»t ITHT- IVN-tinUormPD l'2W VI2 QIPAKT - All sour tivuuK duran I'HP SCUM) HJIJViHDP- farrtulutfcirw’Mh uunihoikcTtyirpav I3» SCENEGEMJWT'W- C*3*baJ«**»*«Iifi»itiI» 1*1 MU) V}, I - Gel imlwr »rh yrur v=r*2t (Dept AC) 11 YORK PLACE, NR BRANDON HILL, HOTWfliS, BRISTOL BS1 BUT v* Cheques RO’s payable to STRICTLY PD ht Buy 30 or more disks for just 75p each Over 21 disks ONLY 85p EACH «¦
Take the 11+... only 99p per disk when you order 11 or more!
Orders of 10 or less pay £1.25 per disk «' Please add £1 to all UK orders for first class postage.
Orders from Europe please add 25p per disk and Rest of World add 50p per disk for extra postage costs.
& Catalogue disk available only £1 Reviews of well over 1000 disks + loads more ('M2 SIVNDUWIOTN- n*he*M*»Jchri Ganoid.
UJ1J AQL'AM ’.M - rial out wfuit *) F«h Delu i l-W) t n 1BISE '.VMPliN 12 WsKSI - .UKmWriSfl tftcv (vs* - wed latest utilities ISIS lODVIll- luiiknt util Ik ire » h D Punl t I3li THEF1NV1FtKJVTDB11 (XMNi- tb«J re imm irfo• tub nueonScifTick - ray». *)
1) 1) linMATlICONS• WrakskwUb tatenj kToXroOn- pln S»liii»
l) H fM lANCm NOISE TRACKER COLLECTION - Mjfcr m mitv muh ihn
r«CTllU tmnd JrJt L'Jl* H0MEWMU-XSPACK2-
• «lrr
1) 18 STXTDtTBTDBli- rtrU«*«hjnvrnt(»iitini* Amju.
L )|? SOI NO TlVOER NWPl*I»DDKS) - Cnmnnl
• ¦Jh wc» JO) umpln
1. 00 SlWRCt**- Dttaltnfjnual 1V)C(nrniuokA r"ip 101 ftTARKTS-
Maun Wqm ( « w«At PurtiU IVI SITU KIUfT* - TiOlh cnkilr Ih rc
tmnrv mcpdnk' I'M) IS'Ti.T»ILUtnXTX)«- Hnlunt). An jn* rSmnr
niiM fur u« *«h IW S«sc*tr Dnno Mikrr f«t KVRDDWtms-
lMiului*.«ihM kojirrrCi kdunliimci fji) wiwnoBrvntAsn
tv»wWi*kfi»iMMh RSIXJi • |ptram'
L) » MKiAiox- nK£wim,i *Mir'i «»«B'«rn w MISSYMDIl-
Ipilaolfilrcimolcr- irry Hwnr 13* SOZOBAN CGOMPOnt-
7 rnxnamprrfanwf dtkanCytl I'W THBOI.mODrj tll-
Vrf -*wfulmnvlrj I '330 riLM v Axftf - Vmv uiujjiuac t i i
V unfln
1) 31 L N0 HID 32 - Gn*T*r Inbupr *ri ‘K* f™» my Wffc TcrJh
jmj ry
1) 0 WNDO'TKNCH- Smli lnMKnKrfltavVmiliU tumtua Ihr aw ts V. rthm
133) miW'TOfc KAT EDTTOfl - Hrif» trptiuur Jrtb* kxAaifc pmtnmml
ISM WDMnrHLICTCWHltroi- MjbsV«ttri)M tonyioaair
lEUiECTOXPEX0MAW.*- Mikr0r.mrt.OV £ I f j i 4 tkmu Vglrr
lldp • ultiiio 1336 PtUNTH I)H TI PACK - (jur.l.*jn»al
t) j* QL1CXBENCH PUS - Sfwdihiripupuiwur A«il (tut
13) 8 PnOMCUPrTDDNiSl - too it |m fct wc n DTP WJJ
m AMIIiroM5(2PW - Mjtfrnnrfv ,j.«J k«Argkm- naba Branded
Disks 10 coloured Oatapulse disks in own plastic storage
box ..17.50 50 Datapulse branded disks. £25 00
100 Datapulsc branded disks£45 00 These prices include P&P
1) 089 Star Trek Animation D314 Girls on Film (X)
1) 448 Mr Potato Head - The chips arc up D121 Star Trek Animation
D451 Virtual Worlds D423 Walker v Amy (1Mb) D112 Stealthy II
0321 Strip Slot Machine X P185 Elvira Activities D316 .Mana
Whitaker Antnt ( lMg) D436 P.O. Animations slideshows
1) 462 Invisible World I 443 Doctor Who D329 Bo-Dcrck (X) D416
Gorgeous Models X) D442 Gulf War
1) 129 Mana Whitaker (X) D130 Sam Fox D313 Paradise Picture Show
(X) D413 Pctvcim; Slideshow I »35 Ramlx) Slides D170 Girls of
1) 444 Terminator II D269 Simpsons D303 Saucy Postcards D419 Star
Trek Megadcmo - 2 disks - 2 drives - (lMg) We now have FRED
FISH 1-580 M06l HO State remixes M308 Alice Cooper Star Trek
Ml05 Another day in pradise M092 Belly Boo M200 Hixnb the Bass
Ml49 Don't miss the party line M306 Erasure Mix M203
Eurythmics MO 15 Genesis M096 Groove Is In The Heart M301 Guns
& Roses M098 Hear the Drummer M310 Joe Le Taxi M042 Kim Wilde
M100 London Beat M303 Madonna Rescue Me M097 Madonna Vogue (4
disks) M304 Me I Jammer Cam touch this M018 Miami Vice Remix
M302 Money for Nothing M259 Pet Shop Boys (2 disks) M307
Poison Sunpk M258 Popstar Selection M091 Queen Flash (2 disks)
M102 Sydney Youngblood M094 Tcehmxronic Ml24 The Power remix
(1 Meg) M031 The Wall M097 Vogue (4 disks) M032 Walk this way
M123 Wtut Tune is Love M317 Charley M318 I’tah SairtLs M322
Justified & Ancients (2 disks-2 drives) We now have T-BAG 1-58
Gffll iMlNWM.ttTiai.’WJW 2DRIVTS- )MGu Thc btM Sui Trek |jinc
ircunl G2 AH ACI11 - FiyonMc itnuTRn up 1 fJona Gllv AW A*-
AbrjrmitWMuraiJWV GO)) EKAMIC FKDDIf - Hfllunt phira pnr G31II
SI 1W0X - (AjwwIii* n* p'av )umr G086 ItfiPEXTT' MU9.1T -
foiomif ya7 rg x jhnlkx haeo* GW7 SFALvNCE - Hy(Wv pni«(d
urtiunnc pm- GUI W it HATTSN - Hum df ton oui ii F*t Undcn
G23) STAITWKlJW.Sk -.’DRDEJOff)-V n GI~ Tbt OlIN OS I ’ DC*'
- Fn,*iNc j*c«_Mnc iM 'VlffEl OF FOWTI " F -
EiittlcrtvetwxlOlTt'pmjl GT2 ITZZTNOt fM- OwoflhrtWpUiimiiMno
drrnn ib* mom fbnm games compilations CAMIM,AlQgMJCl Dnp, Iwh,
V itocf. Tk T* Tuf, (culu. OllidkA Tun, (lai Tk Dami llcHE
GALORE GC» Sky Hyjd. Lira.
Jiilind Bounnf Hurtam f dtni Kimbonh fiAVffMiAliWEVXX I - Ascr«i,Gravn I*', ftnp hiog Ortxi J I) Mirabtrt. MM, Gaiimk GAMtSGALiJBf VXJl l - Cm. Tk .Monk Hj.kjprrmct Run Xuatto. 3pmc».r Ispkma-r. Gime MeLvIU&YQ . - Tirtowu. MuB r .r rtraA Mi niun S . PfumJ. Dud. CjI & Mmw Wko games gau jkt vxx f. - juop.. krg topi Doth.
G. A)fSGALG«EVOL' - Tmirrt ) i*n, l’akL Hxtxa itmyp Tint Piprlnc.
Mm, ft.urav (iiVMtNGAl Jtt VQL8 -«-nt T**r Spj.r»jr. CdauL
Mcanmai Tnpprn, Give Runner. Spaas MBMfitfPTOLllA)-BjiDfraoh
hJlnm 'i rrtreik.ul. EySytiift llift MritCi.CMDtOl 11 Hi-On
Stnngr.aWk. Vhai, CnsUl 'pm) KbjAGAMD VL 1‘.L.1 lUk.Smdiamn
K. -J(Jii Cjvribb. Sfvii* y5« ViunL F*cnr MIGA (.AMES VOL Ul i -
Uxvp* Puua- Annrak ftSuu Bunin, Mmttsn M TOAMLSVUtllL'
Fwr.*2ro,M«ieG»«na. hraden MEGAG.VM15 Vol I Ifl - heir. Tit.
DwrnJo. Tin PA Cumcn Tua Wlnpnlr. K-jpai Uyrturccr. .Vx?
|yAVC S GAMES 1 - Girt.VctmnMmk-Gmiunl knaJnv Kjllvi Mur Gjor. Ahad latest games GM8 VDHliSQtAIESOlVffc- Iwfn vk.r um.U|ium - G Vfi swn SON 'SHO MATTC - Go mm b* w tarn (niair njltr.
GW fill CATKIN KMIMItTtlffi lonb of cr»rrrjhkr.
Cduutked jtjrm GJ3) DU*s7A)T- vpwrnajthoMrgJiwram Juirsjir- ymcTttrtnwg GJM AM0MGGA - Ah Mriv .uRinlirg *k pbi |pmc
G) W HomnOODTHIVU- Vtry 6nr fj. jurrr latest demo disks Drti
»JTiCnON)MYTKACH - IfWkwWf Jojto.
T «) i STAR TRBi ANUS - fcii»niinl(iprKi.li$ cra LM54 AT TUE MOVIES Fuflho jJ.i«imc Nch»xn Arm? • acrflnt |M)' Al'iRBBOR SOVIET V*T IANDING YTEAITM HOMBDt -) n»*r riuak Sclman jrum (MV SLTVT GLOflAt nilLWl - Dml«» Ai. Tuxink* gnffii ii k Dtr TOBGt S D6M0- Elm bdr jcnmpnoJts o«n wiifk Di58 9LENTSBU.tSHOLSI- Mw»oiKiti»«ji d*.»ujk
IM) 0 (TK l.AMf [*VO- Vrar.fihrJrupatEjunP D DtW AltfXS SUDIS -
Dglj«l|i«- wEpndxol Imfil I'lSlRA MiDKHOT - Muo pn Imvra
vjrrp fhlii TUELN'lSVSlfK'HUO Eia*mwiK«vfccthB uncoil & fjM
truing dkinbu* D*6) lAl BET A HARDY A *» - 11IXSKS -2 DHVTS
1MG1 A .iJlectnn ol jntnurd dtpsLrilurlk rrh*rtt l Imfa
ILVmtX. TTOUUL UTWGHT - 11nrg. Tmuurg Jdmniomv DtfrS KKE M
PfRSTARS - «Wol. * h* huRjen »nNhtt Send £1.00 now for our
superb catalogue. There is a demo of the great new D-Paint IV
as well as a game, a CLI help hie and reviews of well over
1.000 PD Disks.
Mouse Mats available for £2.99 each Peripherals Ei Stevie Kennedy checks out the first add-ons designed specially for Commodore's new A500 Plus Product information 1 Mb RAM cards are available from the following suppliers: Power Computing (PC501 Plus) 0234843388 £POA tveshamMkros 0386 76S500 £44.99 first Choice (Phoenix) 0532311932 £49.99 Ashcom (AXSOl Plus) 6S3641148S £49.95 ferguson Smith 041-339 3590 £56.99 Omega Projects 092S 763946 . £54.95 Ladbroke (Phoenix) 0772 203166 £49.99 2CL Ltd (Microbotics MS02) 0543 414817 £49.99 ROM switchers are available from: 0234843388 0532 311932
0S3041148S £POA £24.99 £19.95 £39.95 Power Computing first Choice (Phoenix) Ashcom with Kkiatarl ROM Dogged by software compatibility worries since birth; the A500 Plus has had a troublesome introduction to the UK scene.
Vuw that the worst of the scare is over, ‘owever, and the Plus has replaced the joer A500s as Commodore's entry level Arrsga, many new owners will probably zc x»king to tne future and wondering exactly what nardware will work with Bse machine.
Plus owners should be aware that most old SI 2k RAM cards will work perfectly well with the new machine, so for '.nose wfto'd like a oit of ext a memory and nave an old expansion card available, or fancy spending just £22 for a cseap half meg card instead of £50 for me new 1Mb units, there's another option. Workbench 2.04 occupies almost 500k in memory, so if you're gang to use it for anything otner than a of tinkering, you'll certainly need at east the extra half meg.
Trapdoor fining any of the available cards is oone in the time-honoured fashion of opening the trapdoor, slotting the carc and closing the trapdoor again. No screwdrivers, no soldering, and no warranty worries. The second rusn of peripheral manufacturing took place
* nen companies realised that the new Kocstart ROM was
responsible for many of the compatibility problems. The result
was the latest version of a device which first appeared with
the upgrade from Kickstart 1.2 to Kickstart l .3. ROM switchers
are simple devices.
They constitute a small PCS with space for two Kickstart ROM chips, and a couple of wires leading to a switch. The idea is that you open tne Amiga, prise out your Kickstart chip, replace it with the PCS, then plug your 2.04 chip and a 1.3 chip into the PCB. The switch can eitner dangle out of the machine, or can be fitted by drilling a nole in its plastic case.
Once the Amiga is safely back together, you need only flick the switch to revert to using Kickstart 1.3, and with luck many of your compatibility problems will be solved. This is not Pandora's box, of course, but the ROM switchers used by 1.2 owners who'a upgraded to
1. 3 helped to ease the transition bacx in 1987, and as the
devices are now selling like hot cakes, according to one
supplier, there's no reason to believe they won't help as much
now. The big drawback witn switchers is mat they require you
to open your Amiga to fit them, thus invalidating your
Many owners of the new A500 Pius will prooabiy put up with a few bits of incompatible software rather than risk this, but as the switchers can just as easily be used by owners of Kickstart
1. 3 Amigas, there'll prooabiy be thousands of the things in
use fairly shortly.
Users of 1.3 Kickstart Amigas witn an eye to fitting a switcher for Kickstart
2. 04 compatibility will initially face me problem of ROM
At present, the 2.04 ROMs are in short supply, but for A500 Plus Owners there's no such difficulty. 1,3 Kickstart ROMs are easier to come by and shoula cost about £30. Please note that this is not included in the price of a ROM switcher. On the whole, the third-party peripherals industry has been quick to spot the market for A500 Plus peripherals, and users of tne new machine can expect to see redesigned or completely new peripherals appearing in ever- increasing numbers as the Plus gradually becomes the standard in the market.
Unlike peripherals designed to fit inside the Amiga, most external add-ons work perfectly with tne A500 Plus, just about anything which fits in tne expansion bus on tne Amiga's left-hand side, or in the ports at the machine's rear, will happily continue to function.
All hard drives will work, as will all printers, and we've yet to cry a digit»ser or hano scanner which has had problems. There may, of course, be a few out there with software which is incompatible with the Pius, out as solving such problems is a simple matter of releasing a new version of the software, any hitches which exist should already have been sorted out by W If ’ the manufacturers. R » Internal strife Tne hardware downside for A500 Plus owners is that a great many intemaily- fitting peripherals are incompatible with the machine. Some of these, such as the KCS Powerboard PC
emulator, are oeing redesigned, but most for the moment are useless on the new Amiga.
Tne reasons for this are varied, but can mainly be put down to an altered motherboard layout and the new chips such as Kickstart 2.04 ROM. Products which don't as yet work include ail old- styie 1.5Mb RAM cards, the ICO AdRam card, and some accelerator cards which physically don't fit Decause of different sized components.
Pius owners should follow a simple rule of tnumb ana assume mat ail internal devices are incompatible unless the advertising or packaging explicitly states otherwise. If in doubt, you should always phone and check witn tne suppliers. Don't buy a penph- eral by mail order or from an unknowl- edgeabie sales assistant if no such assurances are forthcoming.
Amiga SOFTMACHINE amiga SOFTWARE f 1 I Commodore Haboware 1 A500 Pui Cartoon Claacs ----------------04999 A500FrtfSW ... .....- .....£459 99 A15fl0 Oottons from £S99 99 A3000 25Atr z * JCMb HD A300025MIV* IceWfcHD £2749 99 1»24 « A1084S Cdour Mon8cr 254 99 A19 MuRj IC McfftOf ..... £439 99 A59020MbHD ... £29499 AI01IIVD3.5'Dme A501 Hflfn ExparBtor Occx...... A520 TV t odulcfor .. ...179.99 £44 99 £2999 A1500orA2000w«hWB2 A2000 WB2 ? At Bndgeboad A2000 m* 105Mb to . £56999 £85999 £85999 Spreadsheets
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Jutoriald After last month's quick tour of Workbench and its pull-down menus, even the most timid beginner should by now be comfortable with his or her mouse and should feel up to a little exploring. If you happen to own a 500 Plus this has, fortunately, never been easier.
Cast your mind back to the Workbench
2. 04 Window menu, and the last option hidden away at the bottom.
This is the “View By“ feature, and we're going to use it to
have a peek inside the Workbench disk and see what's going on.
If you have an older Amiga, double click on the Shell icon and
type: Dll STS; to get a directory listing of everything in the
main disk (or “root") directory.
A500 Plus owners should double dick on the Workbench disk icon, then select View By Name.
For the moment, you'll only see those files which originally had icons attached, such as the prefs drawer. To see all those hidden drawers which don't normally appear in a window, select Show All Files.
At this point, Workbench 1.3 owners should type LIST and press Return.
Now before you stare in bewilderment at all the extra data you’ve suddenly got onscreen, take a look at just one file. Each has a line of its own containing basic information about the file, none of which should be confusing at this point.
First there's the file's name, then there's its size in bytes or the word "Drawer' if the entry b for a directory. Next the file's protection flags - which we'll discuss later - are displayed, and the date and lime the file was created or last altered. Simple, really.
If you want to go further and look into a directory, double click on its name in the entry line and a new window will open with the directory's contents displayed the same way as the window you've just left.
This is an ideal opportunity for A500 Plus owners to examine areas previously accessible only by using Shell.
This month's jargon Boot block The boot block is where the Amiga looks first to decide whether or not a disk is of the correct type. H the boot block says "Yes! I'm and AmigaDOS disk", the startup-sequence is executed.
Startup-sequence A text file in the S' directory containing AmigaDOS commands such as SETPATCH which determine how the disk will bool up.
No AmigaDOS disk will boot up without a startup-sequence.
Shell-startup A file in the S: directory containing commands which determine how the Shell will open.
Datestamp The date and lime a file was created or last altered. The datestamp is automatically appended to a file, so you need never bother yoursell with it Datcstamps can be examined using the LIST command.
Try double clicking on the C directory, Owners of older Amigas will have to type: LIST C: for a similar effect. What Workbench 1.3 users will definitely miss is the ability to double-click on an executable file - such as C: commands - to call up the Execute Command requester.
For example, double clicking on Run will bring up an Execute Command dialogue box and prompt you to finish off the command line by typing the name and path of the program you'd like to execute.
This is by no means the easiest method of running a program, but it is a good example of the sort of flexibility offered by Workbench 2.04. You could quite happily go on clicking on directories and looking at files from Workbench if you never intend to go further into your Amiga than the length of a mouse cable, but it's lime to join all those Workbench 1.3 owners and roll up our sleeves with a visit to Shell.
Change your display back to normal with the View By Icon option, then double click on the Shell icon.
A window will open with the title "AmigaSheH" and you will be faced with a "prompt". The prompt is usually a short line containing the number of the shell process window - in this case it should be 1 - and the directory you are presently working in. This should read "Workbench" and the version number (1.3 or 2.04). Finally, there will be a colon, an arrow, and a cursor.
In case you're unfamiliar with the term, a cursor is the indicator used to show where you will start to enter text. They crop up in most programs which expect keyboard input.
OK, time to start using Shell. This is where the real action takes place, and most programmers will never use Workbench at all, sticking to Shell for all their input and output. To catch up with Workbench 1.3 owners, type the command: LIST STS; and you Should see a display very much like the one you saw when the Workbench window files were viewed by name.
There's the filename, size in bytes or "Dir" if it's a directory, protection flags, and time date "stamps". The term "datestamp" is given to the information attached to each file showing when it was first created or last altered, and can be found on every Amiga file.
It is automatically appended to every file, and you won't need to worry about it until you reach a fairly advanced level with AmigaDOS.
You've now used one of the most useful AmigaDOS commands you're ever likely to come across. The LIST command, as we've just witnessed, tells us a great deal more about the contents of a directory than DIR, which we started with last month. It's the only quick method for finding out how large a file is and what its protection Hags are - without it life would be a lot more difficult You may not have been able to catch the entire list of your system disk the first time round if your Shell window was too small to hold it all.
The Amiga boot sequence Workbench 2.04 users can drag the shell window to full size in which case the list will scroll back down to fill the screen, but Workbench 1.3 users will have to expand the window to its full size and type the command again.
Do this and carefully examine the list of directories. You will notice all those visible on the Workbench screen, such as Prefs and Utilities which have drawer icons, but there will be a number of directories n WJZ T, 1 ¦¦¦ I in uli:-.ttlup ,mil load Wwkbcmfi Amiga Computing Apitl y OLUTE beginners nAnr m A 1 ittmllt *1 rt?
!•»»} U IMH Note that the friendly View by Name option Mroriti o wcil a» the Lht lommand mot A limplllled tharl of your floppy drive t 6oof up iplrm ?
ABS OLUTE beginners utorial you'll never have seen before. These are the system directories, and they are the heart of your Workbench disk.
The five directories you should take most note of are C, DEVS, L, LIBS, and S. These are usually written with a colon (C:, DEVS:, and so on) because if they are on the disk you booted from, the Amiga automatically designates them as "logical devices".
A logical device is treated a bit like a floppy drive in that you can go to it no matter which directory you are in. For example, if you are in the Utilities Toots Virus_Kil!ers directory, you wouldn't have to type: CD Of0:5 You'd just type: ft S; as the Amiga knows that S: means the S directory on the system disk. The same goes for DEVS, L. UBS, and C. The structure of a Workbench disk Why are the system directories so important? Well, without at least an S: directory, an AmigaDOS disk would never boot up, and without the others it would be able to do precious little once it had. Let’s go
through them one at a time, using LIST and the directory name to call up a list of the files they contain.
The C: directory contains most of the commands you use to control the Amiga. It is where DIR and LIST reside, and it is the first place the Amiga looks for a command when you type it in through the Shell. C: doesn't contain anything more mysterious than this, but by its nature it is probably the most important and heavily used directory Handy tips Try opening Shell and typing: This command will tell you what disks are presently in your drivefs), how much space there is left on them, and what read write errors they have, if any. A nice easy way ol checking your disks for data storage room.
You can avoid a lot of clicking and waiting if you use the "Leave Out' option on the icons window (Workbench 2.04 Only). |ust click on the icon, select Leave Out, and the icon will appear on your Workbench screen every time you boot up the disk.
This saves a great deal of opening directories and is very useful if you have certain programs you run all ihe time.
This month's commands lust one this month, but one of the most important. LIST will give you the contents of every file in a particular directory, including its sice, protection flags, and datestamp. To see a list of all the files in a disk, you would use the ALL option. Try typing: ' and sit back lor a couple ol minutes. I bet you never knew how much there was in it!
On any AmigaDOS disk.
The DEVS: directory serves several functions. The first time it is used in a boot up is when the Amiga looks in it for a small file called “system-configuration". This is a small (232 bytes) fife containing information on the palette, pointer shape, and other information set in the preferences section. If you ever need to copy the preferences settings across from one disk to another, this is the file you'd transfer.
Next, DEVS: usually contains two subdirectories called "Printers" and ''Keymaps".
The Printers directory contains any printer drivers which will be made available to programs running under Workbench, and the Keymaps directory contains special maps of the keyboard which can be used to enable character sets such as Norwegian.
Finally, there are a number of files with the suffix “.device". These are important files which control access to the various Amiga "devices" such as the printer.device. For example, if printer.device was not present, no AmigaDOS program would be able to use your printer.
Our next stop is in the L: directory. Here you will find "device handlers" which complement many of the devices already con- Most autobootlng AmigaDOS liltkt will have a structure like this tained in DEVS:, plus a few specific system files. The most commonly found file in the L directory is the disk-validator.
As its name suggests, this file will look at a disk when it is inserted in a drive and validate it for writing. You'll also find the port- handier, which handles traffic to and from the serial and parallel printer ports, and the RAM-handier, without which there would be no RAM disk.
The UBS: directory is a bit of a monster.
Central to the Amiga's multitasking nature is its ability to allow several program's to use a system resource at the same time, libraries are the most important players in this task sharing game, and the LIBS: directory contains all those not built in to the Kickstart ROM. Info.library, for instance, is the library routine which calls up the icon information panel on your Workbench screen.
Last, and by no means least, the S: directory is where it all starts. When an AmigaDOS disk is booted up, the Amiga will check the boot block to make sure you have inserted an Amiga disk, then look in DEVS: for your preferences settings (in the system-configuration file).
It will then go to the S: directory in search of a file called “startup-sequence".
This file is just a text file containing a list o AmigaDOS commands which are exe- cuted one after another until boot-up is complete.
Similar to startup-sequence is a file called "Shell-startup", which contains a list of commands to be executed whenever you open a new Shell window. If, for example, you wanted the Shell to open with RAM: as the current directory, you'd include the command: Cl RAX: just before the end of the file.
Depending on which programs you install on your disk, S: will also contain specific startup sequences, configuration files, and so on, but you needn't worry about these as most programs install their own special files automatically.
So much for the system drawers. You won't know how best to manipulate the contents of these directories at the moment, but I always feel more comfortable with a piece of machinery if I've got an idea what's going on inside it, and the Amiga is no exception.
Try to remember what these drawers are and retain a general idea of their contents, and you will be more abie to cope when the Amiga next pops its clogs for some reason.
For example, if you inserted a disk and it stopped half way through its boot up with the comment "Unknown command SET- PATCH", you'd know that the SETPATCh command wasn't in the C: directory where it should be.
If you tried to print a document and the Amiga said "can't open printer.device", you could confidently copy printer.device from the DEVS directory of your Workbench disk to the disk you were working from.
On the other hand, if all you got was a prompt and the disk seemed to make no effort at booting up, you'd immediately think to look in its S: directory to check if there was a startup-sequence.
Sweeping This has been a fairly sweeping introduction to AmigaDOS and the structure of a Workbench disk (or any other AmigaDOS disk which auto-boots). However, you should by now have a reasonable appreciation of the Complexity of the Subject we're diving into, and will be better armed to approach an Amiga which is running something other than a game.
As the series goes on, we'll build from this foundation to explain more fully the workings of the Amiga, but for now play around with your copy of Workbench until you feel thoroughly comfortable with its structure and contents.
Next month, we'll look at how to construct an auto-booting system disk from the ground up. If you need some extra guidance, I would recommend Bruce Smith and Mark Smidd s Mattering AmigaDOS, which comes in two volumes and can be bought form Bruce Smith Books on 072741243.
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Wc arc now stocking the Phoenix Rom Sharer which means, once installed, you can switch between Kickstart 1.3 and
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The Pheonix Rom Switcher can be easily installed to the A500 Plus and comes supplied with Kickstart VI.3 Roms. Included ill the kit Is a microswitch which can be mounted virtually anywhere to enable toggling between the two Rom versions.
The Rom Switcher is only
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Dowanside Road, Glasgow G12 9DA mF A COMPLETE RANGE OF PRODUCTS
IJE3 What's going to be in your disk drive soon? Read on... for Storm, wno've managed ro get hold of indy Heat, me sequel to Ivan Iron Man' Stewart's Super Off-Road Racer. I think you'll agree that indy Hear is a much snappier tide than Ivan 'iron Man' Stewart's Super Off-Road Racer 2.
Lake its two predecessors, .f s a driving game where you control a really tiny car wnicn zips around a track smashing into ocher cars at me prod of a joysack. Hopefully, it should oe a lot better than those mat went before it, as well. Biffs playing the demo even as I write, and his verdict is that it's 'ainght'.
Indy Heat's three-player action, sponsored by some Moke called Danny Sullivan, comes out at the end of February and should cost a paltry £19.99. cawvzSrot Motorbikes and violence at Palace?
Amiga Computing April 199?
Love and peace platform romp k Poor old Harlequin. His normally sweet and sickly existence has seen ail chunoereC up by some evil moke. So ne leaps from platform to platform and shoots the baddies wim love neara-Aaaaah.
This time the platform action comes from Gremlin, whose VideoKid fared fairly well against me Bifcter ms month, and fve got an inkiing that this might follow suit.
We're told mat it should oe out by the time you read this, and i should cosi you nowt more than i £25.99. Fergie and Di in Hell's Angel street ngn: scandal? Saciy not.
It's merely a sensationalist headline to Jink into Palace Softwares two forthcoming nuggets of glee.
First of all let's deal witn Hot Rubber. Yes. Yes. OK so it's a Dtle tna: jus: begs for nundreds of rnarrs and ooooers and otner sucn childish giobenngs. But J'd ake to trnnk mac we're above mac sort of humour.
So. Hot Rubber (fnaaaaaarr. Ooooooeer. Dlimey missusij. Is a motoroike racing game. We can't teU you wnat it piays uke.
Even enough Palace did try and influence us witn a rather fruay publicity picture: but it looks a bit of alright. The game that is. Peivs.
It'll feature a two-player mode. 12 international orcuits and ail the usual gubbrns that you'd associate wim a motor- Dike racing game. Should be worth a look. And slightly Jess Ocean certainly aren't going to be slacking after their highly successful Christmas run, with WWF, RoboCop 3 and The Simpsons holding the top three places in the charts over the merry yule-tide period.
They're already limbering up to spring Space Cun on you, the ever-ador- 'TWTBTMaV TITi" 11111 vi n9 softwa,e btjyin9 public. It s a conver- sion of Taito's hit 1 * coin-op, and for those whove been unfortu- The heat is on Cast your minds back. Way. Way back.
0q you remember an arcade machine called Super Sprint? More to rnc point. Do you remember the home computer ver&on by Activision? Crap, wasn't ir?
IVow come foiward a bit, to only a wee wruie ago. Do you remember an arcade machine called tvan iron Man' Stewart’s Super Off-Road Racer? Let's face tw with a name like mat you'd oe hard pushed to forge: il And do you remember the nome computer version? Tnar was a bit crap as well, wasn’t ir?
Wen. Let's nope it's third time lucky who ve been unfortu- nate enough to have missed it, it’s best txrjsz JifimBuNj Aliens scenario. ~JM And rather good it It s being con- N verted by the same team who cruelly inflicted Beast Busters on us last year. Luckily, Space Gun plays a lot better than Beast Busters, at least if early demo versions are anything to go by. It's faster and smoother, and the whole thing looks a Jot more slick.
There are plenty of gruesome exploding aliens, and some quite nifty extra weapons to boot, it ail looks quite nice and it should be coming to earth within a month or two, at the usual £25.00. prominent in the innuendo stakes is the ratner more sensibly tided Hostile Breed. A shoot-'em-up with a difference, or so Palace would have us believe.
You nop into your eponymous liffle spaceship and have to prevent aliens from infesing a space saxn. The difference s tna: mere are no naturally progressing levels. You've got free run of me station and it's up to you to get to wnere me acbon is and make best use of the inbuilt defences and a team of robots.
Trus little nougatty twist of strategy snouid give Hostile Breed a little on more lastabiiny man your average blaster, so we'U be looking forward to that men.
Hot Rubber jmaaaaar. Ooooooer. Kyak kyak. Waneeeyf) will cos: £25.99. Hostile Breed hasn't got a fixed price yet, but they both should se out sometime in March.
A good Rogering is too I3te to be reviewed in this ish. Infogrames sent us tv frz arcade game from their Disney licence deal. Hare £ang Havoc is. DeTieve it or not based on the exploits of trr Mr Roger Rabbit. No Bob Hoskins though.
You control the eponymous long-eared buffoon and rus guide him through several sages of high quality cartoon action to return Baby Herman to the house before Vermy gets home.
The graphics and sound are truly incredible absolutely Mowing the poop out of the Don Bjuth stuff. Unfortu- the price you pay for this is that it win only run off a ham drive preferably with more than two megabytes. A he of e Mow for those of you who are still floppy, but for richer anxxrg you it should be one to show ofr to your
- ats Ham Raising Havoc costs a surprisingly low £25.99. fun
INNER VISION You would not believe what's going on in here 000
The Godfather ....4
Can mighty Marlon survive the pixefation process?
Crumbly moves into Gamer shocker Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girfs, please welcome a new addition to the Gamer "posse".
Name: Darren Evans Aliases: Daz £. Dr Creamcheese and his Yodefling Eggplant Age: A youthful 28 Speciality: Solving games, flight sims. Balancing insects, finger painting Distinguishing Marks: ?ony-taS, Zimmer frame, pension book Motto: Many ring binders do not make a stout meal for three Win a gorgeous fashion item!
Act look at this quality piece of headgear, ft's absolutely beautiful isn't it? An absolute sensation. And it could be yours. Yes' This unique piece of fashion history can be yours for next to no effort at all.
How? Here’s how* Simply get a picture of a famous person. Anyone!! Do. But any entries featuring Harry Secombe win get thrown straight in the bm. Now smpfy cut out a bcture of a hat from 3 catalogue or some such style biWe.
Glue it onto your celebrity's head. The exclusive Gamer headgear wirt go to the one we find the most humorous.
And well probably chuck in a game or two as well. And perhaps some crisps.
Send your zany hat collages to Crap Gamer Hat Compo at the usual address, and wen pick a winner if and when we get around to it Mega Twins ... 6 Night of the Cutesy Games Part I !
Another World ...... A holiday on an alien world, for free? Get awdy... VlDEOKID ....10 Night of the Cutesy Games Part 2: The I?evaig£ ||?
Golden Eagle .7 7 Those zany French get up to theirpw tricks Abandoned Places ..12 The biggest and best dungeoftaiinte yet?
Big Run ...7 4 Life in the fast lane with'yet another drive-'em-up Shadowlands .. A new perspective -on role playing from Dornark Pinball D An interests An interesting experiment in sensory deprivation Realms ...24 Can Powermonger_be toppled from its strategy throne?
Kid Gloves 2 ...26 Night oflftfffutesy Games Part 3: This time it's war Crime City 27 Panic on the streets of Trumpton ???????
Onword ....2 Jjes, speculation and half truth*|l jo5 a crap competition The Source ••• §? ...17 Gamer investigates Gremfig worst ever film licence Talking Shop ....22 The HMV-sponsor M iart, and more drivel from Biff Cheat Mode 29 The fop wjildrup his guide to the tricky bits in Magic Pockets Godfather, a cinematic epic, is brought to your home computer screen by US Gold and the letters 'D‘ and "L*. Only being a mere youngster of 17, I haven't actually seen any of the Godfather movies except a few bits of the first one that was on TV a while
All I can remember were the gory bits like the horses-head-m-the-bed scene and people being blown to pieces. All the rest was boring for me.
As it involved Marlon Brando mumbling a lot.
However, what with the Gamer Office being a certain Aladdin's cave of all things worth knowing. I can tap in to our wondrous spring of knowledge and fHI you in, as they say. The Godfather films jfor there are three) are about the rise to power of the Cor- leone family through the Mafia between 1901 and 1979 - an epic saga of love, honour, justice and death (Gosh how dramatic - Ed).
Godfather I begins in 1945 at the marriage of Vito's daughter. Vito is Don Corleone. The head of one of New York's ruling Mafia families, and his three sons are also involved in the family "business', When Don Vito is critically wounded in a brutal assassination attempt following the death of his eldest son. Don Vito's third son Michael Corleone becomes more prominent in preparation for his future role as Don Vito's 14 MOB MASSACRE TRIAL UPROAR Jiiiliiv ihrrnU'ritl V4’;,
• •• »4 successor, and the film ends in 1955 with Michael as the
new Godfather.
Godfather 2 starts with Michael, the new Don Corleone. Moving the family business to Nevada. They have expanded into hotels and casinos, and the family live in a huge mansion by lake Tahoe.
But all is not well. Michael's marriage is failing and his disloyal brother Fredo is persuaded to become involved in a plot to assassinate him. Mama Corleone dies at the family home bringing the remaining family members closer together.
The naughty traitor Fredo returns to the home, but he's a bit late. Michael cannot forgive his ternble brother, goes a bit wibble and kills him.
In the third and final part of the saga, which begins in New York in 1979, Michael is striving to legitimise all his business operations, becoming involved in real estate, banking and Wall Street.
He is then honoured by the Catholic church with the order of St Sebastian,.. Hold on a second, I thought the Godfather was about the Mafia who wander the streets killing, pilfering and generally being a bit hard! What went wrong? Oh well. I suppose I'd better cany on.
To complicate the plot slightly, you meet Vincent Mancini. The illegitimate son of Michael’s brother Sonny, and urged by his sister Connie, Michael invites Vincent to observe the way the family business is conducted. Michael must determine whether the hot-haJ Vincent is able to adapt to the icgl mate world of business. The dilemn they both share is whether they a succeed in leaving behind the vwlen of their past.
The big question now is - how d US Gold make a brill computer gan out of an epic saga of films that spa 80 years? Oh come on. It's easy - yo make a five level scrolfy shoot-'envup terrific interactive adventure actio game might be a better idea, but the you go. You've got a shoot-'em-up art you're flipptn well going to like it.
The first thing that hits you in thi face like a big, slimy, seaweerkoverd fish is the graphics. Corrrr. Well seq breathtaking, fantastic and erm, thad The intro is very good indeed am contains spinning newspapers wid headlines about the Mafia. You an then treated to a wonderful paralta scrolling view of New York - quid mega.
What about the game? Well the bet way I can describe it is as a Robocq (the first one| done with utterly brillian graphics.
You play whichever character hap pens to be Don Corleone in each tim period, and your mission is fairly siit pie. All you have to do is blow the cra| out of anyone who seems dangerou!
Which is just about everyone. The onf people you can't hit are the passers-bj like the woman pushing a pram an the policeman. If you do, you'll be dc Get ready with your Marlon Brando impressions... owned by the Corleone family and Suit's game over.
They can p violence
- .how do iter game that span asy-yw
- ‘enxjp. A re action but there im-vp and e it.
Ou in the ¦ckovered well sexy.
* rm( that's deed and pers with You are 1! Parallax k - quite The
game has a sort of 3D view lampposts and other objects 757 dose
up to screen, giving it depth. In theory this sounds excellent,
but in octree it doesn't wort: at all.
For instance, you Have fCuf people shooting at you, their bullets ?re “*reiy white speckles, and then sud- oenfy you are hidden from view by a iantt pos: and consequently get shot & bits.
Don takes to the skies - well, the roof, anyway You can get energy back from firsc- d kits which lie dotted around the screen but they only give you a tiny.
9ny. Tiny (and r mean tiny) bit. There other icons too, but I haven't a due «hat they are, This is an thanks to the 'cw quafity manual. To be honest, the actual instructions it contains could have been written on the back of a Jsnp.
HI the best 1 RobocOP rly briHiant acter hap- each time fairly sim- v the crap langerous.
’. The only passers-by.
Pram and ull be dis- You wander the streets until you meet up with rogue with a machine cun. By the time you reach this point you've hardly any energy left and he just tends to blow you away. He soaks up bullets fte there's no tomorrow, but when you have shot him enough times ne buggers off. To say the Godfather is hard is the biggest understatement of she century. Blimey, when Gamer
* mef?y managed to get off level one and reached the supposedly
ace Operation Wolf-type subgame, we found out that w energy
level stays the same and thus immediately died. To say we were
most miffed is the second biggest understatement of the
On the sound front there is a suitable tune at the beginning with adequate sound effects in the game. A nice touch is bodies that stay when? They are in a pod of blood instead of disappearing in a puff of smoke, meaning that if you are quite good you can gather a nice collection.
The scrolling is dodgy to say the least, and suffers from jerky syndrome, and as the game comes on six disks, you have to keep swapping them almost constantly - even in the middle of playing!
1 suppose that »f you're a die hard shoot-'em-up freak then Godfather might interest you. But for me it's below average, apart from the graphic which are some of the best I've seen for a long time. It's one of those games which you see at a friend's house and then laugh at them for buying it I was really disappointed because US Gold make some truly cracking games (take Another World for instance).
Unfortunately. Godfather is about to take a dive into the swamp of crap ' and film licences. I think HI end this review with a Star Test-type thing.
Smarmy Computer: 'Choose some words to describe the Godfather.' Me: 'Errr. Repetitious, jerky, crap and the graphics are really quite smart.* Jonathan Fairly familiar territory this one.
Fm afraid. Cute Platform Game Syndrome. Probably terminal.
No known cure. Tragic. Esther Rantzen's setting up a terribly sincere Telethon to raise money for it as we speak. Difficult times, difficult times It s the same old story. Long ago in a colourful and fluffy land lived a wise and just king. The king spent his days walking through the forests and talking to rabbits and deer. And at night he'd listen to cheeky Paul McCartney records and ring up all h»s loyal subjects on the telephone and tell them they were very special little people and he loved them all as individuals.
Tea He was, to be honest, a right ponce.
He also had two sons. Twins actually.
And they were pretty ’Mega* too. Hence the name. I s pose.
US GOLD • £25.99 «I meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now Anyway, some big evil monster somewhere decided that it'd had enough of all this poncing about and listening to Paul McCartney records and set about ravaging and pillaging, left, right and centre. All the usual palaver followed, all the bunny rabbits and deer got killed horribly, the king and his subjects got splattered everywhere and all the Paul McCartney records got smashed. So it wasn't all bad.
OOOO Despite the stereotypical approach, it's good fun I 1 But as if by some blinding stroke of luck, those oh-so-remarkable twins survived the apocalypse. Quite how these two managed to dodge all that fire and brimstone is quite beyond me. But survive they did and they grew up to become fearsome warriors - while retaining that all-important cuteness, of course.
And so. With spiritual guidance from that now familiar overendowed platform game goddess, they set off through various worlds to restore peace, justice and the original recording of Mull of Kintyre to the land Thank God for mat, eh?
I don't think I'd be sticking my neck out too far by saying that Mega Twins owes quite a lot to games like Mario Brothers. Rodland. New Zealand Story and thousands of other cutesy platform romps. It's not quite what you'd call a wildly original concept, but Ver Twins manage to do all the old tncks with a fair dollop of style and addictiveness The first three worlds, which can be played in any order.
Take you througn land, sea and air in a quest for some magic items to beat the j bad guys with. This means that the co trols change slightly depending on] which terrain you're on.
In the sea you are susceptible to rents, in me air you have to keep prod-1 ding up to keep airborne, and on the] ground, well, things are as you’d!
Expect. It's only a little thing but it helps ] to give Mega Twins that little bit extra.
Once all three magic items 1 are m your cute clutches, they unite I to become some mystical dragon I mingy. Doesn't really seem to make much difference, but it does mean that you've made it to the monsters lair Spooky, or what? Things get a lot harder from here on. As the morv sters lob everything they've got at you and your twin. And that's it. At least | as far as I can get.
The graphics are standard for thisl sort of game. You know the sort of I thing - cute heroes, weird, wonderful enemies and colourful cartoony backgrounds. Hidden bonuses abound and | extra weapons are there for me taking Seen it before, and I’ve probably seen it done better as well, but Mega Twins is | inoffensive enough.
Unoriginal, untaxing and un-some-1 thing else, but still good enough to I spend any spare cash on. Worth a look f if you've nothing better on.
Daniel d air»n a beat the t the molding on ile to cur- ?ep prod- d on the is you'd t it helps ¦ t extra.
VENUES Aberdeen Bath Birmingham Bournemouth Brighton Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Dover Edinburgh Exeter Glasgow Gloucester Guildford Hereford Hull Ipswich Leeds Leicester Lincoln Liverpool London N S E W Luton Maidstone Manchester Middlesbrough Northampton Norwich Nottingham Oxford Perth Plymouth Preston Salisbury Sheffield Shrewsbury Southampton Stoke-on-Trent Taunton York gic items hey unite I I dragon i to make es mean monsters get a lot the morv ve got at
t. At least I for this ? Sort of ronderful my back- lund and e
taking, ily seen it i Twins is jn-some- iough to th a look
Daniel WHICH CATEGORY WILL YOU BE IN? Categories will be by
computer type. Age. Gender and game type.
14 Mwhat ELSE CAN YOU win? Prizes will be awarded for ti Hstyle. Gameplay and high scores as well as for positioning within 'Heach category. Prizes will be given both at regional and final Ly levels and will include International Holidays including trips to TjMDisneyworld, £10,000 Cash Prizes. Computers and Computer Games. Each entrant will also be given a • ffJ “certificate of attendance stating their position gained and e overall rating given by the adjudicators. Due to our unique system at east 2,500 people will be winners! W’ * j| WHERE IS IT? As much as possible we have tried
to keep travel down to a nimum. On the right is a list of 40 towns which will all have regional heats.
Any other towns or areas that have a large registration Icount will also be included in the regional heats. The finals will be held in London at Wembley on the 25th September 1992.
' WHEN IS IT? Regional Heats and Finals will be held
g. J between May and August in the evenings and on weekends.
The Finals will be held in September. Final Venue dates will w ' be furnished on May 4th. 3 days after the final registration ; THE COMPUTER GAMES OLYMPIAD 1992 HOW DO YOU ENTER? Easy, just fill in your registration card below and send it with your
- :g«stration fee to the Olympiad Committee at the address below
before the final registration date May 1st. On receipt of your
application all your details will be placed into our! ----
mpetition database and your entrance number and ticket will be
despatched to ? Rtft * ¦ ou as well as a complimentary
spectator ticket for a friend. On May 4th you will 1 be sent
confirmation of the date of your local regional heat and the
Jflisjoi HOW WILL THE COMPETITION WORK? Prior to the competition starting at each venue, time will be allotted to each entrant to practice. For maximum1 -
* ?njoyment. Each round will include competing both against other
competitors as well as the computer itself. All entrants are
guaranteed at least 20 mins gameplay. Adjudicators will be
giving points for combat style and sportsmanship. Each region
will produce 20-25 winners to go on
* 0to the finals.
Ff ARE THERE ANY LIMITATIONS TO ENTRANCE? Yes There will be a 1 maximum of 10.000 competitors, and as we expect a good demand, we advise that players send in their registrations as quickly as possible. The minimum age for entrants is 13- WHAT IS IT? For the first time in this country a National Computer Games Competition encompassing all your favourite games and the chance to win the coveted Computer Games Champion Award for your category.
WHERE CAN I GET MORE INFORMATION? Call either of the registration hotlines for more details.
(081) 568-1429 (0707)665980 The Olympiad Committee Spike Island -
7 Essenden Herts. AL9 6JF Computer make & model (delete
those not applicable): Acorn PC Atari Nintendo
Amiga I Sega OLYMPIAD 1992 REGISTRATION FORM Top 3 Favoured
Games Hi-score Level Title: Mr Miss Mrs Name: Address;
Preferred times to Play: Evenings Weekends* (Leave blank
if either time slot is acceptable) Postcode: Daytime Tel
No.: ..... Evening Tel No.: .....
Age: .....Occupation: Please find enclosed my
cheque Postal Order for the sum of £10 made payable to
Barclay Computer Sen ices Ltd. In respect of the
registration fee with the Olympiad Committee for the
Computer Games Olympiad 1992.
Left or Right Handed: ... Signature ....Date- (This form can be photocopied) Dept. AC04 E9 US GOLD ¦ £25.99 ¦ I meg «Joystick ¦ Out now The cast that’s out of this world The alien hunter saves you from the monster, but then captures you for the slave mines. The aliens know how to make best use of the blasters, and they often use very advanced weaponry. Very dangerous, but you'll have to face them if you want to escape this world.
And they’re ugly.
S o. c ?
I 3 0 04 E To get jnywhcre you'll need to be able to defend yourself... f ever mess about witn nature, mat’s wnat I say. It | just isn't safe to fiddle about with atoms and stuff like that. I mean, all manner of horrendous things could be created. 3ig Macs for instance. Or it could be even worse.
You might create a cross-dimen- sionai dme space continuum loophole and find yourself being simultaneously hurled into an alien environment. Well, maybe that’s not quite as bad as a Big Mac, out it's not tne sort of occurrence that you look forward to. Just ask Lester Chaykin.
Yen. Yen OK so he's got a really crap name, but fie does happen to be one of tne oestest quantum physicists in tne whole wide world. So nobody laughs at his name. At least, not to his face.
Anyway, one night our las is working late in his iao, fiddling with neutrons and things. The nature of his experiment is never revealed, bur it seems to revolve around making a crackiy lightning thing zoom around a tunnel over and over again.
Quite what Les nopes to prove with this I'm not sure, but I bet it's dead clever, whatever it is.
As you can probably guess, things don't go as planned tonight. Pretty obvious that. Wouldn't be much of a game if all you had to do was watch a lightning thing zoom around a tunnel, have a cuppa and then sod off home to watch Prisoner Cell Block H. So. Tnings go bonkers. A storm cocks up me experiment and ihe lightning thing oursc out of tne tunnel into tne lab. Zapping a large portion of it into nothingness. And guess which bit of the lab Les ’was sat in? Yup, he gets zapped as well. Zapped into, amazingly enough, Anotner World.
Quite nandy actually, 'cos if he'd been zapped into a supermarket then tne game would be called Tesco or Morrisons. Not got quite the same ring has it? So "Another World' it is.
After watching the aforementioned events in the opening animation, you now take control of Les's destiny. H rinds harisetf still sat at his desk, but i now sinking to the bottom of a and very spooky alien lake. Sense enougn, you swim up to the top start to explore your new habitat Tne first thing you encounter irt I barren desert world are some wo things that look extremely like., number twos. But these are i twos with attitude, ’cos if you run i them tney'll stab you with their j sonous sting. So you’ve got to: them.
Once you've got nd of them, you j along a bit and are suddenly j on by this great big black monster.'
IGmheRaw.i One crackly lightning thing Uter end the lab and les, have both been tapped into... Another World. Blimey.
Disaster strikes and the lightning sends the experiment all sgulffy... 1 ' ifS One dark and stormy night in the lab... LtS lit* Addling with hli neutrons, and making a crackly lightning thing loom around a tunnel.. vnart money says that it's not fnendly.
ID legging it is the answer.
A bit of exciting chase-type action «?ter, and you're rescued by some tan, soooky alien blokes. And they promptly shoot you and send you to their slave mmes. To tell you any more than that would spoil the story for you. So I'll stop right there.
Escape is the aim of the game, and to help you on your way you've got the eternal gratitude of one of the flaws who you rescue, and a stolen txaster. And on the downside, you've got a whole race of alien hunters at your heels and a multitude of tricky puzzles to get past. Still, you've got to laugh.
Another World comes from Delphme Software, who also brought us the exceptionally scrumptious Cruise for a Corpse, so you can guess what it looks like. Except you don’t have to because we've generously supplied you with screenshots And yes. It does look good doesn't it? Not much detail, granted, but the animation's a treat. It's to the game s credit that it's hard to tell where the intro stops and the game starts. It really is that impressive.
However, unlike Delphine s last offering, this is a much more arcade-onen- tated game. Very, very similar to the much lauded Prince of Persia actually.
But whereas Prince of Persia featured level after level of essentially the same thing. Another World has a plot that develops as you get further in. And loads more variety. There are also shades of Space Ace. With its consecutive scenes to be solved, but luckily none of the associated playability problems, 'cos Space Ace was really crap.
There's no tune unfortunately, but the FX are excellent and coupled with the smooth animation create a very cinematic feel to the game. The laser blasts are especially good, as are the crunchy noises as things get disintegrated. My favourite, though, just has to be when the slave you rescue thanks you with a hearty "Mahtoombah'. Whatever that means. I suppose it s the thought that counts though.
It is fairly difficult, but thankfully there's a sensible password system.
Each separate scene in the game has a four letter password, so you don't have Keep the guards at bay while Spud brctks the door code, or you 11 end up as toast' to play the whole thing each bme yOu load it up And although you only have one life, if you lose it you only go back to the start of the current scene.
This means that simple trial and error will get you a good way into the game, without it being too easy.
Great presentation, complementary sound effects and captivating cinema- style gameplay - what more is there to say? If you found Cruise for a Corpse too cerebral to get to grips with, then get your hands on this. A barnstormer.
Daniel ilea ml j .
T 1 j j j y j 'All F - ¦IN liB m Mf VI » I OH occop Sunds apjrt from the rest due 4a Me i innif ¦¦ « ¦ vO ru wOOOCiTtJ yipfKl P LAVA. BILITY oooo Usy control system "tiiefi m«K« tfx same fun to ptay.
I I i i 4 Blimey! Its a brand new concept!
LORICIEL" £24.99 ¦ 'I meg ¦ Joystick ¦ Out now Something's been bothenng me now for, ooh, four or five seconds at least. Why is it. I've wondering to myself, that when- v the baddies in arcade adventures t hold of whatever powerful item all Tt goodies are after, they always split it no several pieces and hide them?
Where's the logic in that? It'd make T*ngs a lot easier for them if they just get the sought-after object and blew it
- c. Or melted it or blasted it into space.
Tr,-at way the goodies would never sand a chance of winning. Brilliant eh?
Except that way, all arcade adven- ires would be very, very, very difficult fxSeed. Unless you got to play the badges that is. In fact that's not a bad idea is it? An arcade adventure where you get to play the forces of evil, rather than Tie normal namby-pamby good guys.
Pr And could loriciel have released such a game in the guise of Golden Eagle?
Noi it's just another arcade adventure
* *h four pieces of some statue to findi Had you going for a bit
though, didn't h Arf arfl 'Enter a unrverse close to ours yet
light years away ' begins the manual in a rather
distressingly self-contradictory way. It then goes on to tell
the familiar tale of one man rising up to right wrongs and free
the oppressed from the nasty alien blokes, simply by
collecting four pieces of the all- powerful and really rather
shiny Golden Eagle statuette.
Once all four pieces are collected, the world will be a happy place and all that was wrong will become right.
What a handy little statuette that must be, eh?
You take the role of this saviour, naturally. And must roam about the huge complex that makes up the city where ttvs game takes place. You can log on to the city's computer terminals and use them to help you in your quest. The mutants, who obviously live under the city, will use these terminals to contact you with instructions as to what you should do. Quite nice of them, l thought.
And so you start to trundle around the vast, and largely dull, city shooting guards and. Well, that's all you actually seem to do.
Lots of running from screen to screen, firing your gun and getting captured seems to be the name of the game here. And when you are captured the guards, in their doubtlessly infinite wisdom, decide to dump you at the start of the corridor they caught you on or in a jail from which its phenomenally easy to escape. Clever fellas or what?
The game blurb promises animation better than Prince of Persia, and while that may very well be true, it doesn't stop the game from being completely boring. The main character looks very convincing as he whips out his weapon |frwr) and prepares to kick bum. But there's nothing more to do than leg it around and shoot the odd guard or two. After a while you'd gladly sacrifice all the swrsh animation just to get something interesting to do.
Basically, it s a tired format and the supposedly ama2ing animation isn't really quite as amazing as it's cracked up Ap,ii Gmn4! 0OCXW 0ever anenetoon doesn't hide the crap gmwpiay AUDIO 00099 . 11 ii I luitjLI Notrens rcaw wonn gctsns excited about P L A V A B ILITV nnAi Once you'Ve seen the animation, there's little else to do.
To be. Yeh sure, it's very pretty, but I personally think that Another World is a lot better to look at and a damn sight more exciting to boot.
The sound is average, and the game- play is dull beyond belief. What this sort of game needs is a new twist in the gameplay, not fancy graphics. Buy at your peril Daniel As you have probably surmised from tne screenshots. Abandoned Places g very Dungeon Mastery indeed. There, rve said it, the obligatory comparison that always arises when this type of game is released. Now l refuse to do it anymore!
ELECTRONIC ZOO ¦ £29.99 ¦ I Meg ¦ Mouse« Out now So just how does Abandoned Places shape up to all the other contenders ?
Well, it shapes up rather nicely indeedy.
Apparency, the world of Kaiynthia is in a bit of bower. The Pnnce of Evil, Bronagh. Nas escaped from his erenanted imprisonment within a volcano and is intent on spreading evil throughout the land again. These Usurper types never Jeam. Do tney?
However. Bronagn's return was foreseen at the time of ms demise and the 12 neroes wno were instrumental in messing up nis plans of chaos were cast in stone to preserve their powers, ready to do battle with Bronagh once again. I don't know about you. Out if 1 had just spent long, perilous years of my life clearing me world of evil, being cast in stone would not be high on my list of regards!
Amiga Computing April 1992 As mignt be expected, you control four cnaracters from a choice of the 12 neroes. Out your party must consist of two Warriors, a Cleric and a Mage.
Once cnosen. You find yourself beneath me tempie of Heaven's Light and your first task is to reacn tne surface. Picking up weapons on your way.
This part of the game is in me familiar 3D first-person perspective, as found in DM (aaargghh: I've done it again! I must control mis comparison urge. I knowl I'll get a drink from the office coffee machine, put the cup in front of me. Then every me I make a comparison, I’ll force myself to drink it.
Now tnat's what I call the ultimate deterrent-J. Now, wnere was I? On yes.
Tne 3D first-person perspective (glances nervously at alien substance Dying to eat its way our of a neaoy cupj.
This display consists of tne actual view of your surroundings, and four portraits - one of eacn character.
These portraits show strength points, spell action points, me character's direction of attack, wnat the character is noidmg, a spell selection window, movement icons, a message window and a detailed display of a selected character and his her possessions.
As you explore, you wiil come across all manner of monstrous manifestations, and you will nave to do battle with them sooner or later. Tras is where me speds come into meir own.
The two magic users. Cleric and Mage, nave a maximum of 2! Spells to cnoose from. Eacn character has a unique fist of spells, making a total of 42 individual spells within me game.
My favourite spell is Deatn Breatn. Or Vindaloo Vengeance, as 1 like to call it.
The two Warriors, naving no spell casting abilities, must rely on weapons found or bought during tne game to fend off the fiend's during-tnar travels.
Unlike Dungeon Mas.... Culp! I nearly slipped up again mere (glances at tne worrying sight of a mutared- DeyonOfecognition coffee cup). What I meant to say was... once you reacn me surface, me perspective changes to an overhead view of the land witn tne party position displayed as a marker icon The view is quite detailed, showing various cities, villages, snowcapped mountains, swamps, rivers, roads, deserts and vegetation. Tne different types of terrain also afreet your speed of The quickest wey to travel Transylvania Airlines One of the more hospitable locales. 'OK matey, how do 1 get
permission?'’ W«u tru? If what happens when you travel at night.
Attacked by three bats. Pretty quick they are too, as one of my characters has just found out with two hit points to the kisser sw swii o ;*; i«?
Psm on1 Pay for sruards Party options I don't want to travel and tne likelinood of oeing racked, so keeping to a trail is safer and quicker, while wandering mrougn me 'woods is downright dangerous.
Ins is not your average stabc view, etner. Tnere is a lot of animation elected e across mfesta-
o bade s where ric and spells to r nas a total of ? Game.
?ath, or call it io spell eapons lame to travels.
Guipl I glances utated- Whatl acftthe .•s to an titn tne marker howing capped roads, iifferenr peed of Ore* pHysbfty- fbe s** sysen works wyv«t onscreen, ranging from storm clouds to passing ships and flowing rivers. The actual map is larger than the screen and as you travel, tne screen will scroll to reveal more of the land.
You'll find a colour map in tne game package which shows tne whole of KaJyntma.
Morning to afternoon and eventually to evening. At mis point you may eiea to make camp or continue on through the dark, bearing m mind mat travelling through flw night on be dead dodgy - tne emphasis being on dead.
Tnere are lots of places to visit in Kaiynmia. Tnere's Sandmarch. A city in tne middle of tne desen known as tne Sands of Fire and tne capital city. Kai Kalon. Ruled by me wise ones.
Eacn town and dry nas varying facilities for the party ranging from Black- You can also travei over ms land, in a number of ways - Oy fool horse, ship or air. Not all of tne travel modes are avaiiaofe at tne start, however, and as you travel tne time of day cnanges from NftHC CROnEA V CLASS’ FIGHTER HEALTH Ciuu n 16 HrfOIC .OOCl OW RftMOUR OCO FOOTf • OCA CAPPV 1 1 KOKEY . 850 1 Pae-SS ANY KEY OP. _e.r- T 5UTTON TO CGNT VOO C ST A DcnT H BrtnTH bPEui.
PRESS Any K£V OR »Er~ 5UTTON TO CGNT Imiooft' Two anmnitdtcU tots Hw- smitns. Where you can purcnase weapons and armour, to Apothecaries (try saying that with a mouthful of snortbread as I’ve just done. Oh crumbs!) Wnere you can buy magical potions to aid your journey tnrougn me dungeons.
At Cnurcrtes you can heal or resurrect characters wno are particularly wimpy. You may even be g.ven a quest to complete by certain people within a town, wnicn will take you to further underground areas full Of TouJ crea- i tores to kill.
In fact it an boils down to the fact that Abandoned Places is a stonking game.
Tne gameplay is there, the atmospnere is tnere (especially if you read tne included tome. Tne 23rd Cnromdes of Kaiyntnia).
There are also oodles of B spells to cast, lots more man Dungeon Master nac... 'No. Pleasei You can't ¦ make me drink that stuff.
Aaargnn, gerroff me, Giugi Glugi Gasp! Splutterl Cougnil! (comatose-body-mt- I tmg-tne-fioor sound as the I diabolical dispenser claims I yet another victim).
Darren April 1992 VISION ODCWP 'E3 Idiots at the wheel... Average graphto.
STORM ¦ £25.99 ¦ i meg • Joystick ¦ Out now riving games are a (reviewer's nightmare.
They're never any different from the million or so other driving games, and there's never any plot to waffle on about for a couple of hundred words.
(Blimey, it's exciting) So how do you fill a page when you re dealing with yet another Out Run wannabee? I suppose I could fill in with some relevant driving anecdotes, like the one about how I once drove my Mum s mini into a huge puddle and filled it with water.
Or I could moan about how it took me nearly half an hour to chip my car out of a block of ice this morning. And my hands were bloody freezing thing more needed. The danger with this sort of game is that the player will just go into autopilot while playing.
You don't really pay attention to the game, you just react to the road and dodge the obstacles without a flicker of response. And that really isn't what a game should be like, right?
It s not as if the game is technically On the other hand I could just launch into a soapbox-style rant about how s»ck I am of playing unimaginative driving games every day. Yeh. That sounds like fun... I don't know about you. But I need another driving game about as much as I need a llama to spit in my face first thing in the morning. We've seen hundreds of them and to be honest. Lotus 2 has really pushed this particular genre about as far as it can go. And still they come... Tint- 5LUHL. H70U RflNC .303.
8. . This latest variation attempts to recreate the Paris to
Dakkar rally in pixe- lated form. Not that this actually
changes the game in any way. It just means that you race
through the Sahara with all its inherent scenery changes. So,
you set off on Six levels of driving action, attempting to
beat the other competitors And that's all there is to it.
As games like Lemmings have proved, simple gamepiay needn't mean that a game's boring, but when you've seen the game a million times before you can't help feeling that there's some- incompetent. The sprites shift at a fair old speed, but then so do most driving games these days. The same applies to the graphics - they're OK but who cares? Very few games nowadays have really crap graphics. It's one of those games that slip right past you. No 'oomph', no new twists, just another car zooming down another road.
CN | i i !
A 4 ¦D With nothing new to add to the glut of racing games on the market. Big Run .-and average sowid.. PLAVABIL I TV ooo v ...a, average again I'm afraid is destined to vanish without making tool many ripples in the software pond this had been released two years ¦ we'd have loved it to death, but in t modern technicolor times, it just doesnt 1 cut the proverbial mustard. Just another | driving game when all s said and done Danid developed in cooperation with © Lufthansa and Deutsche Airbus I * ?
I ft.
§ V o Plan 9 from Outer Space Plan 9 from Outer Space Ij one of those film? That you won't forget in a hurry. It could be described as a potent mix of horror, science fiction and mind-blowing special effects. But that d be a fib of volcanic proportions.
No, Plan 9 from Outer Space is one hell of a crap film. It's cobblers. It's drivel. It's a Cringefest to end all cringefests- It s widely recognised as the biggest turkey ever to crawl out of Hollywood and Gremlin are planning to bring it to the home computer. Three cheers for Gremlin, eh?
Plan 9 from Outer Space was released in 1959 to critical acclaim. Except it wasn't. Inept , "miserable", "awful”, and “the worst horror film ever made are just some of the comments that heralded this celluloid milestone.
It was produced, written and directed by Edward 0 Wood, reputedly the worst director who ever lived". On top of this pedigree, Plan 9 boasted such drive-in luminaries as ex-wrestler Tor Johnson, Vampira |a dead ringer for Lily Munster), and Bela Lugosi, who should ve known better.
The story - such as it is - starts with two aliens, Eros and Tanna, plotting to take over the Earth.
Unfortunately, the bumbling twosome aren t much cop at this taking over the Earth lark, having already failed in eight previous attempts.
Thus they hit upon, yep, Plan 9, in which the bodies of the dead Plan 9 from Outer Space is the crappest film of all time - official! And Gremlin haved actually paid to get the rights to it. Nutters PLAN 9 OuiaSMCE A A ing saucers as a decoy for the army they set their plan into motion.
However, there is a spanner in the works in the shape of one Jeff Trent. An airline pilot by trade, he also lives next to the graveyard from which the zombies are rising.
For reasons best known to themselves, the zombies have nicked off with Jeff s wife and are holding her prisoner on board the spaceship.
Are resurrected and made to walk around with their arms waving around. Obviously, this unprecedented horror will bring the planet to its knees in no time at all, and so using some wobbly fly- Not being the type of B-movic hero to take this sort of intrusion lightly, Jeff joins up with his buddy Colonel Edwards and devises a cunning ploy to scupper Plan 9. In an uncontrolled spurt of strategic mastery he decides to walk into the spaceship and beat everyone up- Wow.
Needless to say, the aliens get wind of this awesome tactical manoeuvre and unleash every gizmo and gimmick that the special effects budget would allow at the gallant duo. Will the aliens succeed with Plan 9? Will Jeff save the world? Will anyone notice that the spaceships are just paper plates on bits of string?
So, how do Gremlin plan to convert this masterpiece of modern cinema to floppy disk? Well, the game will take the form of a graphic adventure, not entirely dissimilar to that other great B- movie tribute, It Came from the Desert.
The usual point and click mouse interface will allow you to explore the environment of the movie and all the major characters will be incorporated into the plot. So that's that sorted out.
Your quest at the start of the game is to locate six reels of the movie, splice them into a finished product and return them to the producer. However, your objective may well become waylaid as you uncover new sub-plots.
Also, during play you II be able to visit cinemas to view the reels you’ve found. When this happens.
April 1 992 ?
You II bo rewarded (?) With actual footage from the movie in all its digitised glory. Gremlin actually plan to include several full minutes of film footage in the final game. Heartless beasts.
The whole thing sounds suitably impressive, containing over 70 lush graphic locations with taxis and aeroplanes expanding the game to take in most of the world. Plenty of exploring is guaranteed. With loads of in-jokes for keen film buffs to keep their eyes peeled for.
And Gremlin have promised that for those who finish the game there II be a reward sequence designed to impress and amaze". Sounds interesting, eh?
They kindly gave us a copy of the film, and by jingo it really is crap, but the game sounds and looks like it might be something worth getting excited about. Can't be any worse than the film, that's for sure.
Plan 9 from Outer Space is currently planned for an April release, although the price hasn't yet been decided. Until then, you'll just have to hope that Channel 4 does another series of B movies late on Saturday night.
Mv mu wm v ft you wn
• 2r ¦ »n» you If you’re one of those people... ...who enjoys
spotting all the cock-ups in crap B-movies, then Plan 9 is
absolute heaven! Here are just some of the more infamous
blunders in this alktime turkey.
• Horror actor supreme, Bela Lugosi sadly died while making Plan
However, not wanting to remove the star's name from the credits, the director decided to bring back the character as one of the undead.
Lugosi s place was taken by Woods wife's chiropractor, who obviously had nothing better to do.
Unfortunately, the stand in looked nothing like Lugosi and was a foot taller than him. So he spent the rest of the film with his cloak in front of his face. Nobody noticed. Honest.
• As part of what we can only assume was a post-modernist state
ment on the futility of existence, the same set is used for an
aeroplane cockpit, the flying saucer, and a graveyard. Plus,
most of the rooms seem to contain the same furniture.
• During the making of the film, a strange time warp caused some
scenes to change from being at night to being in daylight and
back again. And several cars changed colour during journeys.
Was this evidence of alien interference, or just shoddy
IU*-I I honey. I I I )»* «i-. I:3 I . I.H., ImpI III It l.».| I ll I »*ll. Till t til 11 ||.o.f .v M,av ll
Papertwy .699 Treasure iteidDiHy 4 99 Operate Wt* 600
Ouhin__________690 PWN3 ...7.00 Pacmna 709 PhMwy Woild Otar JS9
Pteen*. ,,699 P-edatt .... 699 RAC Lanbard RsOy 699 fttrrec
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.6.09 (Ln meGairtW 699 Sherman M4 „..699
Ssrte ...7.99 SMRePitt 609 SAWomi .699 SmwRnr 799
SMWttsde ....69) DuxJerttade -----600 TV Sports |US)
Fo«te7.99 TWASure Wand Ozzy. 4.99 TbB* .6.90
UrOuTatA» 699 vttra .....699 wc Leadstoad 699 Witt*
.609 Xanon_________ 700 XjronJ .7.99
SATURN "Tlf________AUGA
- ------7.99 »PM...... -.7.99 AarFiutMacfma 600 Atetwnar
699 A MutdRwgir ..7.90 MwfdBttti 699 WaroC iflO Wane*
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BaftMmll PttKa)_099 Daman CapodCru* .699 8»ttrlneUo«e 609
Baneyipi 7.99 SeachV'ofcy 199 ... 6.99 CaYomaGriM. ,,,..6.90
Camar Onward. 799 CorawodSquarei .6.99 Chad* Egg 1------.699
Oud* Em 2......899 Cot«J50i«t 799 CertrenBlOcui e» CaryCNS....
.699 DaiyDaoaHrohaanj 699 OaYThaneinOyntOal699 DdoUheErti 6.99
Detetec the Croon .709 DelrtStnoW* .699 TITLE... AMIGA
Dog&oiWar 6.99 DouMeOngw 699 Drag Nr* 6.99 FaS Food 600
Flood ____________899 Foofeal Manager 699 Eoo&alMs'agcr2 ...
70S FypteWbta 699 Ferro* i GrandPrat 699 Gmnut II . 6.99
Guo Balers 2 699 GhcubAGiwas 699 *»* .699
HadOmn - -609 HaadOrtrHeab 600 IK* ..699 hi
te rtxtty 65® JaTCiPcod 690 Yrt»n Dam 699 KidGom -.500 Last Nr*
II - 609 LeaTW SMMBlNte. 899 MtTMJaeksai ttwwhar 6.99 Raton 599
North 4 Sam ___,899 NwZattWSHHy 6.99 fcKWtoy 609 TITLE ST
3SttogK ._700 Opco 7JB
* rt»rt»-n-ef ....009 AheradBeas ..699
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Woww 599 LaflNrtill ------£96 Lo -iJttaPwa 699 Mcfati Jklsco Mocnaakar ....690 NflrtMSodh 699 NwZeaardSwy 699 NrtiRttMs 5.99 3 WOODLAND HOUSE WOODLAND ROAD NEW SOUTHGATE LONDON Nil 1PN Enquiries please phone 081-368 2701 10am to 5pm - 5 days a week
6. 99 .799
ST 1599 1599 TOP TITLES p*c.rll Tft.
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Mfttt MB MB TARTnL*. V iTRIKt FIFT TARTRL*, V .TRIKt FIFE 21 99 21 99 BLUES ,6 a MB INVADERS m ... ZOMBIES HUDSON HAWK 169? 16.99 MB ’1 M 1990 1998 IBB 1000
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‘WILLIAMS SIANO NT COLONY MB MB R-TME PAY Of F.. ¦City MU CAPTIVE ___________ CAPTAW PLANET ..1600 1690 CARDIAXX 1780 1780 CMONAL OF THE KrtMUN 17 99 17 99 CHAMPIQH Of THE RAJ . 15 99 15 99 CEUCAGT4 RALLY ....,33 103 SlTlC LEGEND 2198 2199 IBJI IRICKET SUPER SEGA-£21.99 Super sAonaco gp. Gdden Axe. Crackdown. ESWAT. Shmott MAX EXTRA-£17.99 Tumcan 2. ST Dragon, SWTV & Migntshitt DOUBLE DOUBLE BILL - £22.99 TV Spddi FocttaP, Lords ol the R»ng Sun, TV Spom Baskelwl Wing* SUPER HEROES-£17.99 Rotecep. Indena Jones. Last Ninja II. Spy Who L6v»d Me NINJA COLLECTION -
D. Dragon, Shadow Warrior. D Ninja AIR. LAND. SEA - £23.99 FA16
Interceptor. 688 Attack Sub. Indy 500 PRECIOUS METAL-£15.99
Xenon, Captain Blood. Crazy Cars and A Kanod MIND GAMES-£14.99
Austofiitz, Waterloo and Conflict In Europe VIRTUAL REALITY 2
- £17.99 Virua. Sentinel, We»r j Oreams, Resoluticn 101 and
Thunderslnkfl EDITION ONE-£16.99 DouWe Dragon. Xenon. Gemini
Wing, Sakworm FUGHT COMMAND - £13.99 Limnaiw Stntt Force
Hamer. UneBttr. Sky Fo*. Sky Chase BIG BOX - £15.99 Cap tarn
BiMd. Tin Tin on the Moon. Safari Guns. Teenage Queen. Bubble
Plus. Purple Saturn Days. Krypton Egg, Jumping Jackson. BoBo.
Hostages FULL BLAST - £18.99 ChOJCX RckOargerws
£21.99 Muade Cars Catena Chaleoge. European Chalenge. Duel.
Super Cara MAGNUM 4 - £17.99 Atortxurer DouNeDiBgdA Operabon
Wok fialmanCaped Crusader HEROES - £16.99 (STONiYi Barbarian
2. Runnng Man. Star Wars, beence to K» ADDICTED TO FUN RAINBOW
COLLECTION - £14.99 Now Zealand Story, But» e Bobbie. Rainbow
Hinds SOCCER MANIA - £16.99 FgteiUHagvlUaapaeSxar Foattlterafr
AWCwEttHlGiniTSwSCB* QUEST AND GLORY - £21.50 M&nnter.
Cadaver. B A T., iron Lord 6 BkxxJwych
T. N.T. - £15.99 Hard Dnvm. Toobm, Xybols, APB & Dragon Spent
Please make cheques and P.O's payable to SATURN SOFTWARE. P&P
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Name..... Signed... Address.
.. Postcode ..... Tel .....Code AMC APRIL E3 X Access VisaC Cheque ? P.O's. ?
Accms and vi«« may incur «ne* urcharps _ I don't know, you wait ages for a role-playing adventure game to turn up and men you go and gee four in two months - it's just not fair.
Following quick on the neeis of Knignt- mare. Abandoned Places and Moonstone (OK. Its more aoion man adventure. But who cares) is Shadowiands.
I don't realty know now to describe Shadowiands. Out I'll nave a go. It's a sort of. Err. Umm, isometric Dungeon Master witn a mere shade of Akira thrown in for good measure.
Me and my shadow... DOMARK ¦ £29.99 ¦ I meg ¦ Mouse» Out now 3* v nu$ u J Stamp) J ?,Ai You are now probabty wondering what the hell Akira, me cult Japanese cartoon film epic has 901 to do with Shadowiands. Well hold on to your hats, helmets or whatever you're wearing on top of your nead and ad will be revealed soon.
Time for a story. J think. Are you sitting comfortaoty? Tne story follows an ancient legend. Drowned whfc fleeing enemy hordes who have invaded from the Shadowiands, you awake to find that your spirit is still very much alive and lusting for vengeance.
New supernatural powers give you the ability to control tne minds of others. You must guide them into the Snadowlands wnere they must search and find your natural remains and from there take them to the altar to be reunited with your spirit in an andenr ceremony.
Just like Dungeon Master and ad its contenders, you start me game wim four intrepid adventurers. Normally you nave to choose your adventurers, but not in Shadowiands - here you nave to make your own. Using an Identikit system ratner like the one in Midwinter 2. You get to design your brave lads.
If you remember, I mentioned Akira
- well mis is where me Japanese influence appears. All the
graphics of your man's race. Hair, mourn, etc are veiy oriental
and you can get quite a good likeness to the bloke wno runs the
chippy down tne road.
Rigor, you've made up your men and you've given mem names, now it's time to play the game. You start off in an orchard wim loads of apple trees, so you can do your best Darling Buds of May impressions, pretend ro pick this year's crop of apples and say ?er- fick*alot While you are wandering around you encounter pesky crows and also find some very important weapons.
After a Oil of appie-pjckmg and tne odd
n. w..... inter iij€ Si)dWiJTti£ • • game of hide and seek, you
will eventually find tne dungeon. Now the game realty begins
to take shape.
The nrsr par: of level one is merely a little taster and enables you to get used to me controls, so that you can move around quickly and efficiently. Movement is entirety controlled by your little mouse. 3y now you should nave seen our little box wim an explanation of the control system - if you haven't seen it, read it nght now.
If s dead important.
If you're a bit daft in me head and you haven't seen the screensnots then you probably won't know why the game is called Shadowiands. It's called It's a design your own Akira tine folks: Shadowiands because it uses a Phce- scaping system.
I suppose you'll want to know wr.
A Pnotoscaping system is? It allows me game to actually simulate light arc darkness. I know it sounds a bit comps- cared, but HI make it easy for you d. using a couple of examples.
Example one - when you Jignt a torch in Shadowiands. You actuary light up me area around you and yo* can see everything a lot more dean, Example two - when you open a doer the light from me torch actually floods through into the next room, just a; light does in the real world.
I know the word 'gimmick' come screaming at you from out of tne darkness, out it realty does add atmosphere to tne game and lends it a realistic fed The actual game is plagued by all manner of evil beasnes like skeletons, ras if you are crap at adventure games then this is where you'll end up~inthe graveyard, six foot under Amiga Computing April 1992 . ¦•‘V* Your brave warriors have a laugh and a ilS 4t V lark in Old Man Chees s orchard ffs the Shadowiands * ?r fi • branch of the Dungeon Formation Dancing Club!
- You put your left leg in, your right leg out... Head -
Selecting this icon will allow your man to eat. Drink and read
ta&iets which are strategically placed around the dungeon.
Right arm - This icons allows your brave warrior to use .terns iiie coins etc and more impor-.
Tandy allows you to fight whatever fiendish characters might De lurking in the dungeon.
’hoto- Right leg - This icon allows you to move all your characters at once.
Arrows - Tnese arrows allow you to scroll through inventory.
Left arm - The right arm allows you to pick items up and also lets you do things like pull levers and so on. Also if you click on Doth the arms, you will be able to throw items.
Left leg - This icon allows you to move just me one chapter.
Energy bar = This tells you how much energy you have left.
Bsp* SuaOtentrotun and the sound effects are more than adequate._ PLAYABi L I TY tayabttyatniyouesuntiiAS, leaps on Ounseon Master from a high place indeed.
Sang** ¦g even Jeremy Beadle (are you sure?
- Edj. Some of the beasties are harder than others and some
socauea 'beasties' are actually scanriiy-ciad women. Also
contained in the oun- geon are loads and loads of fiendish
pu22les. Sometimes the dungeon will help you with them oy
leaving a plague for you to read, other rimes ii won't.
Tnese puzzles will give you sleepless nights and a severe case of bram-acne.
For all you would-be wizards, there are also spells for you to play around witn. But be careful - you wouldn't want to command a bunch of hogs around me dungeon!
I nave been reliably informed that tne dungeon bit lasts for 14 levels. Tnen you progress further to the pyramid and maze levels, so it definitely isn’t one of those '1 completed it in ten minute' jobs.
Shaoowiands c one of those games whicn will keep you entertained for hours on end. You know the type - you start playing in January and before you realise it. It's April.
Engrossed? I certainly was. I almost forgot about writing the review. And Pull that lever and. Err. Umm.
Well fm no: tetiing you it's that obvious 1 am the Oracle, a motor cycle courier, but 1 nope to get a job in local [ government soon even now while I'm writing this. Darren. Our resident adventuring expert is deeply engrossed m it-at me moment he's turning the air blue.
In feet hold on for a minute.
’Gil Get off tnatArmgar V naaiT 'Come'ere you, take thad* Touch!'.
Ho ho! That'll teach me bugger.
Overall, Shadowlands is the game all adventurers have been looking for.
It has great graphics which, coupled with the Photoscaping system, gives a unique atmosphere, almost a feeling of actually being mere.
On the sound front there are suitable FX featuring grunts, screams, thuds, clanking, danging and even a ding ding ding sound. And ifs got a lovdy intro tune.
Playability? Do 1 even have to tell you about this? (Yes you bloody well do - Edj. OK, it's certainly one of the most playable games I've ever attempted, it even beats Dungeon Waster, mainly because it's a Jot more interacuve.
The contfol system becomes second nature after just a few goes. You don't particularly have to read the manual, you can just boot it up and play it straight away - it’s that playable.
It's time for a bit of a sum up, methinks - 2 + 2 = 4, and Shadowlands = bloody ace adventuring role- playing game.
Jonathan JE3 : | I I a Birds of Prey Robocop 3 Populous 2 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Amiga Computing April 1992 V Ten new entries this month, six climbers, 12 games drop, one non-mover and even one re-entry. Oh no, shock, horror it's a new number one. Fanfare, please! It's Formula One Grand Prix.
Geoff Crammond s excellent driving sim has taken its time to get to the top, but now it’s there it'll be very hard to knock off.
In the battle between budgets and full price, it s a dead heat at fifteen-all, but there are eight full price games in the top ten. A former number one - Manchester United Europe - reenters at number 26.
Ocean s dominance of the chart continues with WWF dropping down a place, and Robocop 3 drops a couple of places, but those lads and lasses from Manchester are still holding their own.
It’s time to put those mystical hats on and look to the future. Here are our predictions for next month. Dan reckons Birds of Prey will fly up to the coveted number one spot, while new boy Darren has plumped for Populous 2. Because I am the top tipster I've chosen Another World - I suggest you run to the bookies immediately. Well, that’s all we have time for this month
- don't forget to tune in next month for more startling chart
See ya, readers!
Jonathan IameR ELSPA Chart kmgames ?
Talking Shop Is sponsored by HMV and features a software chart compiled by Gallup Ltd. This chart Is the copyright of the European Leisure Software Publishers Association' ¦ e 1 tt 8 NE 2 1 1 3 ** 4 4 1 2 5 tt 6 6 i 3 7 tt 8 8 t 5 9 tt 15 10 I 9 11 tt NE 12 tt 29 13 mm 13 14 I 10 15 f 12 16 t 11 17 tt NE 18 tt NE 19 tt 23 20 tt NE 21 tt NE 22 tt NE 23 tt NE 24 tt NE 25 « 26 tt RE 27 t 19 28 t 22 29 t 20 30 tt NE HMV m Microprose £34.99 Ocean £25.99 Electronic Arts £34.99 Ocean £25.99 Millenium £25.99 Electronic Arts £29.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Gremlin £25.99 Hltec Software £7.99 Virgin £29.99 Code
Masters £7.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Core Design £34.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Psygnosis £25.99 Micro Value £7.99 US Gold £25,99 Hltec Software £7.99 Microprose £34.99 Zeppelin £7.99 Kixx £7.99 Code Masters £6.99 Code Masters £24.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Krisalis £25.99 Anco £7,99 Ttonix £9.99 Hit Squad £7.99 Anco £25.99 Pinball on the Amiga. Now there's a neglected area. I honestly can t remember ever seeing a pinball game on our fudge-coloured friend. There probably were a couple, but I d bet my complete A Team sticker album that they were crap. But now 21st Century Entertainment have chosen
to stake their claim with Pinball Dreams.
Of course, pinball brings back all those memories of mis spent childhoods in smoky arcades, and dodgy old Who records. That deaf, dumb and blind kid, he sure plays a mean pinball! They war bled. This sounded like an interesting little notion, so we set up a little experiment.
Don't get yer flippers in a twist 21st CENTURY ENTERTAINMENT ¦ £25.99 ¦ 1 meg ¦ Keyboard ¦ Out now We loaded up Pinball Dreams, and plonked Biffa in a chair. We then blindfolded him. Gagged him and stuck Blu-Tac in his ears. Go on Biff, play a mean pinball we ordered. He wobbled around for a bit. Grunted and then fell off the chair. So, for the best results on frnball Dreams, don t rely on crap rock operas by crumbly dinosaur rock bands. They'rbiliars.
With that little test out of the way, and leaving Biff struggling away in the corner, the more able- bodied among us got on with playing Pinball Dreams. And it s a bit good if the truth be told.
Indeed. Biff really doesn't know what he s1 missing; With his blindfold he can t see the massive tables - almost three screens high
- the full screen display, the smooth scrolling and pixel-perfect
collision detection. With Blu-Tac shoved firmly in each ear, he
can t hear the many groovy tunes and sound effects and with his
gag he can t complain about it either. I should have done this
In Pinball Dreams, you get four tables to chooseTrom. Admittedly, that s not really enough, but there is an eight-player option, so if you can get some mates round it M uld last you a good while.
* The first is Ignition and as you can see from the piccy, it's
set in space. You also get Steel Wheel (a Western railway
game), Beat Box (set in the music biz) and Nightmare, which
is based around, erm, a nightmare. Each table has its own tune
and sound effects, as well as having a very distinctive design.
Best thing about Pinball Dreams is that, as well as being great to look at and listen to, it s brilliant to play. The way the ball moves is unnervingly-realistic, and while there aren t really that many features on each table, it manages to keep the excitement going without appearing too cluttered or empty.
And as for the addiction level, well, imagine having a pinball table but not having to pay to play it. It's very, very hard to resist just having another quick bash.
The morning we got it, we booted it up at about half nine and it didn't get turned off again until five o dock. It's now ten past nine the next morning and already Darren is well into his third game.
Control is extremely simple.
Use the down cursor key to pull back and release the spring, and shoot the ball into play. The left and right Shift keys control the flippers, and if you want to cheat then Space will tilt the table.
However, over-enthusiastic tilting will forfeit your turn.
And that s it. Just keep the ball in play and try and smash the high scores, whieh are saved to the disk each time you play. The Addictive? You could say that.
There is one criticism, and that's that for nearly £26 you don't get enough variety. Once you ve mastered all four tables, the appeal might not be as great. A table editor would ve been a nice idea, or even the option for further tables on separate data disks.
Even so, what you do get is a maddeningly addictive pinball simulator with the added bonus of an eight-player optiory If pinball Is your thang. Then get hold of it immediately.
OK, get off the Amiga, Darren.
It s my turn now. Hang about, is Biff supposed to be that purple colour? Oops.
Daniel Consider the sit- uabon, Your father has been killed and his enbre kingdom and all its wealth are now in your hands. Seems pretty enticing, doesn't it7 All that money and property.
Well there's just one teeny problem
- the condition of the kingdom upon the old man's demise is
somewhat less than perfect. In fact it's safe to say things
have reached crisis level Famine is flourishing, poverty is
rife and other realms are vying for dominance of the land.
And you have to sort it all out while ensuring that your realm
comes out on top. Flipping inconsiderate of dad to get killed
like that leaving all this mess to clear up.
Anyway, someone has to do It so you might as well get on with it.
The aim of Realms is to ensure that your kingdom reigns supreme among the others. To achieve this, you have to fortify your cities and recruit and train armies and cavalry. Oh. You also have to look after the welfare of the citizens of your newly-acquired land (bloody civvies, nothing but a nuisance if you ask me. Can’t they see you’ve enough on your plate as it«?).
So. It s off to the nearest clearing to appeal for justice from the Gods. Now these Nordic Gods are pretty accommodating. Just raise your fist to the skies, scream, and Bob's your unde - divine assistance to take away. So with emotions swelling in your soul and rage filling your mind, you cast your eyes to the heavens and demand justice This is where you can view the entire lend end set the tax rate The clouds part the sky booms and the Gods give you , a belt buckle) Well, it looks like a belt buckle - the kind you might find on a Iron Maiden groupie - but it is. In fact the Symbol of the
Serpent giving the bearer powers beyond belief.
'Oooh. This will come in handyl' you say to yourself and promptly set off to restore your Kingdom I suppose you COUW compare Realms to Power- monger. You know, moving fettle armies around the landscape causing all manner of mischief But Realms has more responsibilities for you to attend to You must impose taxes to generate enough money to equip your armies with varying weapons and armour, so they can attack any enemy towns |thereby weakening your enemy or enemies) You must buy grain to feed the populace, develop your towns to make them larger and more resistant to attack and generally
ensure the survival of your people. In fact, the number of duties to attend to are just right. Some games go over the top. Requiring you to control Innumerable activities, which can completely spoil the game. Realms is graphically excellent and the ovn game system is pleasing to use. Ya view your surroundings via the con mon isometric representation, an there is also an overhead map ghnn you the entire land to survey.
The animation of the armies i they trundle about the land on the merry way to mayhem is quite nice ta At the start of the game you ai placed in a fairly simp default scenario, bi
• - -r- "¦ . • ' irio'. : j choose ;,_ 3S9H via the disk icon Tt
iHttie sequences are my fave part. Your r*J vidual units are
displayed on a bat- otfeld along with the enemy's units.
And you can select the type of for- l mation you assume from wedge.
I phalanx, line, and square, each W having its own merits. You can change the direc- don in which the unit attacks and also select whether to fire any missile weapons such as bows. These enable you to diminish the opposition before you close for harxHotond combat Last but not least, you have the attack or retreat icon, which lets you start your attack, or. If things go dismally downhill (as was frequently the case with me|. Lets you scarperl The entire battle sequence runs in real time, which leads me on to a couple of gripes With numerous units to control and the large number of controls at
your disposal during a battle, it can become too hectic to deal with at times.
Udi. Left right left right. Keep that Une straight the enemy we have style Er, serge? I'm sure they re eating WeetaMi Don your helm and rule the Realm, My capital. Wonderoui. Majestic, all the mod cons Having to switch quickly between units to give differing orders requires some manic mouse manipulation. I can tell you. Also, the required position of the mouse when selecting a unit is a little too precise for comfort.
You need to have the pointer directly on the unit flagpole, for instance, for it to be selected.
Sound effects are good, with an accompanying theme constantly playing in the background. During battles you hear the clanging of swords which adds a touch of atmosphere to the events.
Rmies as on the ?
Nice too you are!
Ly simple rio, but ht more; hcult see-1 Dse from on. The; VIRGIN GAMES • £29.99 ¦ 'A meg ¦ Mouse ¦ Out now Overall then. Realms is a competent addition to the increasing God War game domain and is worth taking a look at.
Darren He's back! And this time hei completely different!
MILLENIUM » £24.99 »I meg * Joystick ¦ Out now HE3 This isn’t really Kid Gloves 2.
YTcncw. Not originafly anyway.
This Sttfe pfatfbrmer started life last yea' as a came called Little Beau.
But it was such a crap name for a game that the company responsible spontaneously composted am? Left poor old Beau wandering about in software limbo.
Then Millenium came along, and rescued the little bugger. They tarted him up. Buffed up his helmet and redubbed him Kid Gloves 2. Despite the Set that he hasn’t got any gloves.
Just one 'oo*: at the graphics and you know exactly what you’re in for. Millions of other games spring to mind - Mario, Rainbow Islands. .Mega Man. Alex Kidd.
Meca Tv ins. New Zesland Stay. The fist goes on and on and on. Cutesy platform romps with all the usual trimmings. Kidnapped .onncesses, end-oMevet baddies, power-ups. Hidden goodies - it's all here.
Where Kid Gloves 2 fens flat is that as well as being derivative, it lacks the glossiness that makes, for instance, Mega Twins a good laugh. It looks and plays like an 8-b*t Nintendo reject You can just imagine some spotty, gum chewing, MTV generation yankee nerd playing this while listening to the new Paula Abdul album.
Not the sort of ultra hKech home computer entertainment us smug, superior.
Stiff upper lip Amiga owners are used to.
Thee are some attempts to beef it up with die inclusion of little arcade subgames and one-armed bandits lurking in the scenery, and whtie this is a nice idea it doesn't really offer anything of use - especially since rye got a nasty feeling that the fruit machines are a bit rigqed. And the arcade machines are pretty crap as we!!.
The graphics are, as you can guess, cute. But cute in an old-fashioned way. The sprites lack the crisp, colourful definoon of their rivals and as such leave the game feeling a bit dated.
Another rather odd graphical feature is the lack of any backgrounds. At least any backgrounds worm noticing. Los of white dots for snow is about an youn get on the first level, and it only gets S bit better as you go on. It all looks a bft sparse.
Sound is actuany quite nice. There's yer sranderd cute platform game beings and beeps. But there's also some pretty nifty speech when you pick rems up. Fa instance, when you collect some wine.
Kid emits an ecstatic ’yum yum’r. It's a nice little touch, and it does give the game a teeny bit of much needed Pzazzf 3ut Kid C-ioves Zs biggest problem is that it brines nothing new to an already overstocked oenre. Mega Twins manages to justify its existence by being slickly programmed and by having a great two- player mode, but the Kid (n£e Beau; would probably have been happier if he’d been left to wander about in software limbo test year.
Who knows, maybe he could’ve met up with Monty Mole and Miner Willy and formed an obsolete platform characters club. But they probably wouldn’t have him. They're very strict about things like that.
Daniel VISION 06QW* Not t catch on its rivals. A wonyfagfy8-Wf«!.
AUDIO Cutesy speech, but 5afeefee of note.
PLAVABI LITV uflnr OOOl f you want a realty good laugh, then get your hands on the short story that accompanies this rrttte offering. It realty is the most and unbearably bad piece of »Jt? Fiction fve ever read.
Mere are some examples: 'Maybe one tty tedy fuck would shuffle the deck xJ fd get a better hand and it gets becer as we . Check this out “The g»n
* as about 5ft 6in. With legs that looked
• onger than mat" Brilliant? And finally: Mouse ¦ Out now The
words hit me like a hard right to the jaw from Mike Tywn.'
Absolute cob- Sers, isn't it?
The whole story fiasco is the usual ?me way of introducing the player to the plot of the game, although it could have been done a Jot quicker, and with a Jot less embarrassment m a few paragraphs. So. To save you the physical pain of rehashing this epic tale, here's the cut-down version.
Your Dad's a private eye his mate's been murdered, Dad’s in the nick, you've got to prove his innocence.
There, no need for anything more than dial The game is similar fn style to one of those sport management efforts. You know, you see your desk and you can select different actions by didong on the telephone, the computer, the diary etc. The number of options isn't quite as great as you might expect, but there's oienty of scope for exploration m your first hour or so.
The manual, despite the crap story, promises great things from Crime Gty.
But the game doesn't quite de*'ver.
Apparently, in youTT become embroiled in the seedy underworld, dealing with hit men and informants and all manner of tow fife.
E met Willy char- iutdnt cou: And as -the blurb tens us that characters' reacbons to you win alter to suit the way you taft to them. I was looking forward to a pretty exciting interactive experience. The trouble is that. Well, the manual lied. As far as I can tell, the characters responses are as predictable as a BBC sitcom. I mean. I went to my grtfoends house and told her we were splitting up. She threw a right wobbler, as I expected. Then I said I'd see her teter, she kissed me on the cheek and caned me 'Cubbywubbykins'or something. Not quite what the manual promised.
If you keep asking the same ques- oon. You get the same response over and over. In short the characters are mo* -*irr*rf.
I need to get Mi vmo Trench coats at the ready.
About as responsive as the scenery.
What a bunch of fibbers.
Another way in which the game let me down was its distinct lack of anything even remotety seedy. Even though it's cafied Crime dty. The map makes it Straight dArrt the pub for a few pints, but attwoqufda go you'll be sHnt before you know rtf look a lot like Trumpton. The seedy bar is more like a cosy country pub and your main character lives at home with his mum. Crime Gty? More Bee ffippin' Enid Btyton's Twe investigate a Beasty Murder* if you ask me* fm probably being a bit unfair here.
Crime City's actually quite good fun. You can while away a few hours malting ‘humorous* phone calls to the local bobbies, or making dates with your girlfriend that she never even shows Up to.
The trouble is that the action is repetitive. Making the whole game feel about as involving as watching someone else's holiday home video. A nice idea, but Cruise for a Corpse (Sd it first and a mfl- lion times better.
Daniel VISION Snooping around the scene of the crime Is the obvious way to start Owsytuno and no FX worth iwnCjnlojj.
No half-empty coffee cups? No Kinder Egg toys? Thb cant be the Gamer office- Where to next? And more to the point, how much will it cost?
€699 £699 ..£6.99 £699 £899 €699 £699 Rambo III Red Heii Rcv3 ul»ori 101 £5 99 RoaaBiKWf rcS Ranger ¦'£699 SJ|V?hflGauntwL £699 Shadow of tne Beast (Amigi) £699
* ’ £699 ST & AMIGA BUDGET TITLES UNDER £10 Eagle Software 3
Stooges .....£6 99 Df»gp» Sp«i 30 Pod re 99 Fantasy
World Oiay Afterburner £699 F16Com&a!Pia Altered BiKI £699
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over H«i$ £6 99 Sherman M4 Bartunan (ST only) £599 mo Hker's
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ZialkrtStwy ... £699 lopsh*ts|Kc»0«t.£mTini)£599 k i J 118a
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GAME (10am-6pm 6 days)
* wmiQRDERi Tel: 081-361 2733 5730 (2733 Faxline atter 6pm) f V
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RAINBOW COLLECTION oafy £13 99 Nmr ZNMm) SKTf BUXMi B.bt»r PanemhUnH VIRTUAL WORLDS only £20.99 cram. I«* toptf. Cere ukm tn own HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION only DB 88 RutHCOp. GKHMVSlKI I mrlarvaJw, Buman tre Moot GRANOSTANO only £17.99 Gaoa Super Soter, Pro Tenno Tour, Work) Cttu laaderMird and CwlmntN Crtgj 4 WHEEL ORIVE Mly £20 99 I ohs Espnt. Cetei CT4 R* T«im SUNkl Ibd CfmboRirar_ OOUBLE DOUBLE BIU AMIGA cm* £22.94 Tvkor-.Fcoituk lor* of Hi. Fourq Suk.
TV Spwtt iratNMI BMP POWER UP Mly Dt 99 Amred B0MI. Ri rrm« uttnd. X OuL Chau M3. Turnon MINO GAMES oafy D4.99 Auuertu. Wxtstoo atd CmQcl «i L«reo« FIST OF FURY Of* £16.98
0) iuniM Dui. ShnoW Nnp Wirnon.
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CcnradB AM. LAND. SEA only £23 44 FA18 ImeroieVr Ml JufeKl Sub. Indy 500 Please make cheques and P.O.'s payable to Eggle Software. P&P is £1.00 per order in the UK. Orders under £10 please add 50p per item. Europe: add £3.50 per item. Elsewhere add £4 50 per item. If the title Name. _ you want is not listed please phone for prices. Free catalogue now available - please phone or tickbox. Address; Member No: Computer:_ Date_ _?
Title ___Price- Price Price Price P&P Tel: Postcode: Card No:_ Exp Date: 54 Mail Order only Totai_ Access Visa Cheque P.O's ?
IBitkid tot i Bats ¦ Blobs ¦ Rocknen i Fross lExit Erodible Bloch ilteit Stints PoWPltp Snub lllf Biffa and Sean Griffiths of the Bitmap Brothers continue the official guide to the hardest sections of Magic Pockets The Lakes - section 3 This section is tough. Go forward first and kill the crabs and the vultures. Drop through the gap and use the drill to turn all the nasties into power-ups! Now drop down again and pick them up.
Keep dropping down to get to the bubble gum. Drift up to the very top again and move right - here there are some coins, a gold star and a secret passage.
Ensure that you get a mega power-up of some sort. This will give you the edge - you'll need it! Travel left and clear the nasties by the top of the water. Now roll down the stairs towards the bottom of the pit and move right to pick up your helmet. Go into the water, but move slowly - there are a lot of nasties in this small cavern. The secret rooms are full of em - sneaky eh?
4 4 4 , ? ??
The Lakes - section 4 This ts a very Pig prt. You can travel down the left gap or the right gap - there is little difference bar some bonus fruit to the right.
The best technique here is to jump off ledges and spin into nasties. The helmet rs m a cavern directly under the TV. If you pick it up now you may have some trouble - you cannot spin with it. Take the nght-hand pit and follow the arrow to the exit.
If. However, you feel adventurous, leave the helmet and drop left to find a pit with power-ups, fireballs and a bubble gum machine. This way you can clear loads of nasties and drift back up to the helmet - much more funl PUZZLE AN QUIZ Hamm Month by month, HakPak builds into a series that will change your life... forever!
HAKPAK ° u 8 O 1 Q 3§iii!p!§ This section ieatures a Jot of long ledges. Move right and left along the ledges and throw snowballs forward, avoiding the clusters of nasties.
Watch out for the Yetis that jump at you - they only take one hit Climb over the building and jump on the aggressive rabbits and snowmen beneath you. Move left and push snow over ledges wherever possible.
Don't miss the spiky helmet hidden behind a column on the left by the wall.
Use the helmet to the full and take out as many snowmen as possible. Don't drop off the edge and keep moving until the helmet runs out At the bottom get the hopper and bounce over the ledges to get to the exit Be careful not to jump up to the Run to get a hopper, or blast the snowmen to drop one. Then collect your massive bonus and exit.
Weil done, you have finished Magic Pockets - applause all round!
Run to get a hopper, or blast the sn drop one. Then collect your massive £ exit.
Vveli done, you have finished Magic applause all round!
The endgame world The endgame The Mountains
- Section 7 The penultimate levd and the naro- esr in me enure
game! Jf you're super-powered you could do this level,
otherwise you are going to did First of ail. Stand and fire
until 31 nSPS are dead. Now edge forward and keep firing. Some
Yeds will fan from the top - kill them and edge forward. Ensure
you stop me bo.%5 on md*. To get some ecra life.
Again edge forward, a good technique is to jump up to me ledge with the coins and spin off the end.
A ways watch for rasoes felling from aoove. Where the com piles are beware of the eagles. Now the exn should be easy.
Note - if you can transport in this room, to wrap tne gamd top again.
Transport to home Using you skills, create one silver star and one gold star to transport to the end room.
You'll need your wits about you as it can be quite rncky. First collect 5.000 points, ensure you Durst to dear tne kill count and trap for a silver star.
Then, kill the remaining ten nasoes. Make sure there are ten left - ihere are ten from the first fcaret Then trap to get a gold star and transport. Don't hang around, because the bubble win come, and mis time it kills.
Mmm i ?
5T i % 13 Q m =r = 2 3
- o' T3 O o
* ~ jfi 1 o n 5 -o Z i ~zr CL CL*
o o 3 • s a 3 S rr §
- - It's a crying shame but the pert and buxoi HakPak binder
have now sold out, so don't send in for an) more. If enoug of
you moan though we might get some more B C : r. m £
- 3T C .-I cr cl A s, n o O c 3 i HakPM 9 xom ders old t any
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Amiga Prog HandhooU H Amiga Pragrammef H Compiler v3 interpreter III Devpac V2 lattice C.... AMIGA 500 + Cartoon Classics Pack A500 w*h 1Mb Ram. TV Modulator. Lemmings Bart Simpson. Captain Planet. Dekxxc Paint III | Workbench v2 0. Mouse, with Free Supertoart Joystich All for only £359.95 Ii-Chromc Home Accounts Home OttiCfl Kit K-Comm 2 Vista Scapes WofdJwtJrth K-Gadget K-Seka K-Spread II Workbneneh 13 Zoetrop (5 in t package) LEISURE SOFTWARE r m 11999 Eutpa.. MM £1899 £•0 99 £25.99 6tont Service n £24 w .08 » £1495 £1899 I £1899 3kS £1899 Got* is 688 Alack Sub Accohde in Acton
MtcmjRarner AiimUgKin.
Mimi A Prehatooc T*e Artwnli Adept..... AldtWO AukxtuS . £1999 £19 99 Manic .£24.99 £28.50 EM | ...£1999 ¦quin ..£1999 ¦Set WIHy. ..£999 I No! More Lemmngs......£19.99 ft No* More Lemmings (Data Disk) £14.99 Mixta* ...... Mccnsfnie Racws MUDS ..- MystWdte Mummy £14 95 £'899 SIERRA Ccmnirc 2000 TggrGof Sierre Photon KfcV £1495 .11496 Hammer Colecfion £18.99 flft.99 £1899 £1999 £1899 11496 £1495 11495 RairtrtT] Rarttowd Rambos AMIGA EDUCATIONAL dr* Lee gi (Origin*)
- ..BUI taxntobor Monsters.. £17 » V* ...£14 95
£'7.90 £29 90 3 £21 se £1650 £148 CKS9 £24 99 £19.99 Em o' r e
Ber aider HtSMftfigM*.. £1 5 95 2 1195 £24.99 PD DiRECT
£10.00 £11.00 V £11.00 £15.00 _s UTILITIES DEMOS animations MUSIC PACK 2 DEMO PACK (10 Obki) Budbrain 1 (2 diiks) Budbraln 2 Scoop*X menial hangover Crionlca "neverwhere" Horizon 'Sleeping bag" Palace "Pulling the trigger” Quartex "Substance" Phenomena “Interspace" Decoy "Simpson* demo” GREAT STARTER PACKI PACK 3 MUSIC PACK (10 Disks) Vision music masters Crusaders "Bacteria music" Crack music disk Jetset overload music RAP megamix 1 Flash digital concert 6 Plashing Bytes "Sweet songs one" Alcatraz "Panic voices of energy" Crusaders micro concert Archeos muiiC disk PACK 4 ADULT PACK (10
Disks) Sabrina. Sam Fox Bodeans Bordello *2 Bodeans Bordello (3 Bodeans Bordello 10 Bodeans Movies West Coast Cracker BFPO f 1, BFPO 2 Utopia «t £11.00 PACK.5 MUSIC MAKERS PACK Protracker Noise tracker Star tracker Songs disks (3 disks) Instrument disks (4 disks) A MUST FOR MUSICIANS £11.00 PACKS GAMES PACK This NEW 12 disk pack contains: Oparatton Lemming Star Trek (2 disks) Llama Iron, Drip Maria. Sealance Monopoly. Cluedo Seven Tiles. Pac man Battleships PLUS LOADS MORE!
POU 10 Word processing & Databating PDU 16 Air Tunnel Simulation POU 3l Fish *143 RIM Database POU 32 144 Analytic Spreadsheet PDU 43 Rah a 203 Assembler A C eg PDU 45 Flth « 210 Scientific calculator PDU 46 Fiah 213 Icons (300 In 8 colours) PDU 48 Fish 215 Msndelvroom V2.0 PDU 51 Fish 219 Aetronemy program POU 52 Fish 52 A-Z Taxt Editor POU 60 Fish 237 Cuprinl PDU 70 Fish 193 Keymap Editor PDU 72 SIO VI.06 The ultimate disk util.
PDU 90 Fonts & Surfaces PDU 81 Dtsk salve V1.3 POU 99 Ham Radio utilities (5 disks) PDU 101 Menu-Meker PDU 102 Label designer PDU 103 Icon-Msker POU 104 Icon-Manla POU 105 Crossword Creator POU 118 Various CLI utils PDU 149 Icon Fun PDU 151 Fixdisk Disk repairer PDU 164 Game* music creator PDU 168 Vsecine-Booeter (Vtrus killer) PDU 169 Quick-Base Database PDU 185 ANC 22 (Excellent utils) PDU 186 Falcon Bootbiock Creator PDU 194 Pman Virus Killsr PDU 200 Virus Killer Pro V2.0 POU 207 Perfect Sound V1.93 PDU 257 Ftsh 349 MED V3.00 PDU 262 MED Modules POU 358 Tetracopy PDU 363 Master Virus
Killer V2.2 PDU 318 Rad Sector demo maker POU 364 Red Sector utilities 1 PDU 365 Vector Editor PDU 366 IBM Emulator PDU 387 ST Emulator POU 388 Spectrum Emulator POU 369 Fish 379 C64 Emulator PDU 370 Ftexibasa Database POU 371 NUKE V1.3b (Saddam Killer) BULK DISK DEALS 10 KAO Bulk 3.5- DSDD £4.95 (*50p P*P) 25 KAO Bulk 3.5“ DSOO Cl 1.95 (*C1 P+P) 50 KAO Bulk 3JT DSOO -£21.96 (tCI M P*P] 100 KAO Bulk 15" DSDO..- £3995 (t£2 PtP) Labetoinriuded. 2 tor l"NoQu**le" Guarantee PDO 1 Anarchy Demo POD 4 Deathstar Megademo (2 disk) POD 7 Elvir* Demo POD 14 RAF Megademo PDD 16 Robocop Demo POD 20 SAE
Demo * 25 PDD 21 SAE Demo • 32 PDO 31 Anarchy "Ooh It's obscene3“ PDD 51 Hetrick e 1 "Arsewlpe" PDO 52 Hatrtck 2 “Smaedhlng day out" POO 55 Ketrens Megademo « 6 (2 disks) PDD 62 Northstar Megademo « 2 PDD 70 Rebels Megademo POD 72 Red Sector Demo a 4 POD 73 SAE Demo 23 POD 74 SAE Demo f 36 POD 75 Scoopex Demo PDD 76 Scoopex megademo PDD 91 Trilogy Megademo a t PDD 94 Vortex Megademo PDD 96 Magnetic Fields Demo f 36 PDO 97 Predators Megodcmo (2 disks) PDO 107 Budbrain 1 (2 disks) PO0115 Magnetic Fields Demo « 40 POD 116 Magnetic Fields Demo 41 POD 136 Chubby Brown Demo PDD 131 Crionlca
Demo PDD 132 Giants Megademo (2 disks) PDD 134 Magnetic Fields Demo • 45 PDO 145 SAE Demo 31 PDO 152 Futeh "No Brain No Psin" (2 dtoks) PDO 153 Billy Connolly Demo (2 dlaks) PDD 160 Hatrtck "Rave on” POD 177 Budbrain II POD 179 Crionlca "Total Destruction" POD 186 Flash Demo 2 POD 209 Rutger Demodisk PDD 212 Space Peck a 32 PDD 305 Anti-Lemming Demo (2 disks) CLIP ART PACK Thff* are a total of 13 disks in the clip art range, AH era in iff format end are ideal tor DTP.
There are loads lo choose from, ranging from fancy borders to special occasions A from people to pieces etc. etc. ALL 13 DISKS FOR ONLY £15.00 PDA 9 Knight Animation (1 Meg) PDA 12 Agatron Star Trek Anims 2 PDA 13 Agatron Star Trek Anims 17 PDA 14 Puggs in Space PDA 16 Miller Lite Advert PDA 31 Nude Girts Anlm PDA 34 Basketball Anlm PDA 35 BFPO Slideshow (18*) PDA 36 BFPO Slideshow 9 2 (19*) PDA 41 Dlgiviewer Slideshow PDA 42 Dragon* Lair Demo PDA 45 Monoeyele A Sportscar (1 Mag) PDA 47 Hotstlen Pits Ad PDA 49 Mayfair Vol. 23 No. 3 (18«) PDA 50 Mega Clean Show VI .7 POA 54 NASA Graphics PDA 56
Newtek Demoroel 1 (2 x 1 meg) PDA 97 Newtek Demoreel 2 (211 meg) PDA 58 Paradise Slideshow PDA 61 Sabrina POA 63 Space Animations (1 meg) PDA 65 Startrek Animations POA 68 Walker Demo (1 meg) POA 69 Walker Demo (2 meg. 2 disks) PDA 70 Walker Demo 2 (1 meg) PDA 73 Westcoasl Cracker 4 (I8t) PDA 74 Bodeans Bordello s 1 (IB*) PDA 75 Bodeans Bordello • 4 (184) PDA 76 Ptayboy(184) POA 77 Sam Fox (18*) POA 78 Utopia 91 (18*) POA 79 The Final Ecatacy 9 1 (18*) POA 80 Walker Demo 2 (2 meg, 2 disk) PDA 81 Ray trace art. DWB Render util PDA 86 Utopia « 4 (18«) PDA 89 Bodeans Bordello 9 (18s) PDA 90
Bunsen Burner Jet Anlm POA 92 D. Landers Scl-ti Show 4 1 POA 93 D. Landers ScUl Show 9 2 POA 110 Bruce Lee "Enter The Dragon" POA 111 Bruce Lee Slideshow 11 POA 112 Dragons Lair 11 Demo POA 114 Neighbours Slideshow POA 116 Terminator ATTENTION AMIG A PLUS OWNERS!
We are currently testing all programs for compatibility with the new Workbench 2 machines. We will be pleased lo advise on which disks win run. PLEASE ASK US!
POM 5 MFI Electric CLI IV POM 6 Winkers Song (2 disks) PDM 9 Ride on Tim* & Baida nee RDM 19 Bad - Michael Jackson PDM 20 Bat Danee PDM 27 D-MOB MegamusiC III POM 28 Enemies music HI PDM 30 Digital Concert II PDM 31 Digital Concert III PDM 33 Halloween TottowtoeS n'f2****!
PDM 351 think we re alone now" Tiffany PDM 38 "Land of confusion" Genesis PDM 38 Miami Vlee theme (4 disks) PDM 40 MFI Vangells Demo POM 65 Digital Concert IV PDM 72 Popeye meets the Beech Boys PDM 80 Digital Concert VI POM 82 Freddie Kruger PDM 83 Ketrens Jukebox PDM 65 Miami Vice "Crocketts Them*" PDM 87 RIP Eruption POM 88 Stab music PDM 91 100 Most remembered C64 tunes PDM 95 Hi-Fi Demo PDM 104 BaasX 9 5 Power Remix POM 105 BassX 9 6 Sid Youngblood PDM 106 Betty Boo PDM 109 Depech* Mode PDM110DMOB Music I PDM 111 DMOB Music II POM 117 Flash Gordon (2 disks) PDM 118 Hetrick “Loedsamoney-
PDM 120 Laurel A Hardy (2 disks) PDM 131 Pet Shop Boys Rsmlx 91 PDM 132 Pet Shop Boys Remix e 2 GAMES PDO 1 Star Trek - Final Frontier (2 disks) PDG 2 Star Trek (3 disks, 2 drives) PDG 5 Card A Board Games PDG 19 Destination Moonbase PDG 21 Boing The Game (2 disks) POG 26 Treasure Search PDG 31 Marla PDG 32 Legend of Farghall (PD Version) PDG 33 Arcadia (Breakout style game) PDG 34 Dynamite Dick PDG 37 Super Quiz PDG 70 Dripi PDG 71 Uamatron POG 72 Op. Lemming (Charityware - £3) Postage & Packing FREE on all orders of 3 disks or more. Under 3 disks please add Cl.00 (UK only).
Europe add 25p per disk Rest of World add 50p per disk All of our P.O. Software Is supplied on top quality branded diskettes by KAO A Sony.
We accept all major credit cards. Please make cheques & P.O.s payable to : DISK PRICES 1-9__________£1.60 10-19--------£119 20*__________£1.00
P. D. DIRECT and send orders to: Dept. AC 4, 86 George St.,
Newcastle, Staffordshire ST5 1DN.
Jk PD and Shareware wait after the last time the computer was touched before it blanks the screen, and it carries the task out without fuss. Place it in your startup-sequence and you won't even be aware that it's there until your monitor needs it.
There are many variations upon this original theme. One screen blanker and mouse utility, Mighty Mouse, waits for a preset time and then dims the screen by a user-defined,percentage. If after a little while longer there is still no user input then it continues to dim the screen in stages until eventually it is totally blacked out.
Blizzard is another variant, and a personal favourite of mine. This blanks the screen but then displays huge, multicoloured snowflakes gently falling down it.
StarBlanker turns off the screen and replaces It with the view of a starfield scrolling slowly by.
Although screen blankers are deeply useful programs to have, there's only so much fun to be had front them and so pro* grammers started to combine them with other small utilities to avoid having to run too many individual files.
¦ Screen biankers started to be combined with mouse pointer blankers and mouse pointer accelerators. The list just grew and grew and everyone had his or her favourite, Mice and Blankers I & II George Thompson Services As the magician said to the actress, 'now you you see it, now you don't". Alas, when it comes to images on a monitor, that’s not quite the case.
Once you've powered up your com* puter and switched on your monitor, the electron gun that sits at the bade of the cathode ray tube constantly fires particles at the phosphor dots on the front of the screen, making them glow.
This is a good thing because these particles make the phosphor glow, no image will appear on y lor. For the poor little phosphor dot, though, it's a bad thing, because every time it gets hit by an electron its life expectancy is shortened, Now in the short term this isn't much of a problem, in fact it is the reason that phosphor dots exist - they like being hit by electrons.
Problems arise when only certain members of the phosphor dot community keep getting hit It means that they age far quicker than their neighbours.
As is the case with most humans, the older they get, the harder they find it to get excited. The effect is called screen burn. We see it as areas of the screen that have dark bands or shapes on them.
If you cast your mind back about ten years or so, you'll remember that the earliest home consoles used to use the television to display video games. One of these was a game called ause unless Osphor dots i yovrfrtbni- BLIZZARD COPYRIGHT 1990 DROID RLOES There are lots of these utilities float ing around In the freeware and shareware scenes, They all have various combinations of screen blanker, mouse accelerator, window manipulator, func tion keys, macros, and even clock sup port, If you wanted to test each one out to find out which suited your needs best it would cost you a lot of money to
buy up all the disks.
In order to save you time and cash, Seppi Evans at George Thompson Services has come up with a compila tion of 20 mouse handlers and screen blankers.
It comes on two disks and contains all the familiar names - Dmouse.
Mightymouse, Blizzard, Autopoint.
Mouse accelerator, NextWindows.
Spliner, (Blanker, PBIanker, Fmouse.
Blankette, FracBlank, Machlll, Qmouse, Mouseblanker, Zoom. Mackie, the Workbench 2.0 PBIanker and Clock DJ ilB."
PRESS HELP KEY TO EXIT ti*ck Clip Hemry ft 1BLIZZRR0 EXIT DLIRIMG PROGRRM BLIZZBBD Check fist Mnory 0 House Blaak Seconds* (I Screen Bluk Seconds £ 311 £ Jjx 1 2 Clicks to front Back Q (§) Hiumrtst "ttiorr£ House Acceleration £ 4 House Ireskold £ 4 Clock Uiodov X Clock U|«dovY rmfrmd Color Backfirotnd Color :3 Clock forwt Clock to Front Auto Window Activate Shift Alt Anisa Key CtrlPeleteKer nine Exrcite St-in QQQQ®Q®QQ ® Tsc TT frfflolljgjg oooo®o®o® ® mk: llGlMightyCMfii House Acceleration Help: Mighty Mow* H probably the eaikit sincn blanker and The House Acceleration Mil Ireshold controls
are located on the third and fourth lines. You nay cycle through the settiofs by clicking on the By Dowi arrow.
Ihe House Aceeleratioa is a Multiplier. Whenever Ihe House woes nore pixels than the value of the Ireshold, then the House noveneut is Multiplied hy the Acceleration value. By having a Treshold, you can siov dm* the notise speed and do precise House location.
To configure because ot Its Intuition user Inttrtoc* To disable Mouse Acceleration, set the Acceleration to a value of 1 and the Ping-pong.
The screen was divided into two areas by a static, vertical white line. Each player's score was shown in the top right and top left-hand corners of the scrten. It was a simple enough game - each player had a paddle which controlled a movable bat and the idea was to bounce a ball back to your opponent without letting it slip past your bat.
It was great fun and it literally kept the kids amused for hours at a time. But when the adults sat down to watch television in the evening they found that their favounte TV programme suddenly had a dark line running vertically down the centre of the picture, and two dark areas, one in the top left-hand corner of the screen and the other in the top right This was due to the dreaded screen bum and, as many poor parents found out the effect is irreversible.
The same thing happens with computer monitors if they are left with the same image burning itself into the phosphor screen for too long. It's the static elements of the display that do the damage.
So what can be done to prevent wearing oulywr screen? Well, you coukJ turn your Monitor off every time you got up to make a cup of tea or went to answer the phone.
But all those additional power surges that occur when you switched the monitor back on again would shorten its life even What would be useful would gram running in the background that mom itored the activity of the keyboard and the mouse. If it found that the computer hadn't been touched for a while it could tell the electron gun to switch itself off for a while, without turning the rest of the monitor off.
And that is why we have programs known as screen blankers to do just that You instruct the program how long it is to A discerning choice of disks covering everything from screen savers to language tutors. Steve Williams sorts the goodies from the garbage A500 AND A500 PLUS SOFTWARE AITIIORLSED DISTRIBITORS OF NEWSFLASH, DFJA-VU & POLLYSOFT UCENSEWARE ALL DISKS CHECKED AND GUARANTEED VIRUS FREE.
Vs Hi THE FRESHEST FISH 1-600 FF-223 (ZED; Patch cdrfor for Cas* * rangeof CZ « nths. (A S ia 10) FF 316 SMART ICON: Will add an iconify gadget to your workbench windows (AS 8 10) FF-326 SNAP 1.4: Cut and pa«c graphic* or ten) from other application* Ures the Amp'* clipboard device. (AS 8’10) FF-3J2 Kt EDITOR: Pitch editor f * Kawalls lakh rynth (AS 7; ioi FF-535 FORMAT: A fully featured format command, a replacement for wxxkhencbe 2x users. (AS 910) FF-542 POWER SNAP: Another workbench hared cut and paved utflky wwh lots of options. (A S 810).
FF-542 POWER PACKER ITIIJTIES: Ixlktes to complement the popular cnmchmg program power packer (A 5 7 10) FF-443 SAVERr A screen grahlxn that wtD save poctures in IFF format (AS A10) FF-347 RMBSH1FT: Alkiw* you to use the nghr mouse huBOO as a shift key for mukipie selection of iconc etc. (AS 8 101.
FF 561 TOOISDEAMON l.0t A useful unity that makes it easy to add programs to the took menu on workbench 2. (A S 810) FF 562 FILER: A very powerful di utility that can he cusiorascd to »R the user Workbench 2x required (ASA 10).
FT-563 B8ASE U V5.0t A simple Aiulxrse program using in intutmn interface Sons and searches fur information Limned lo 9 fields in each record features include bat Kitting in any field, and best of all i is really easy to use FF-573 MULTIPLAYER: Musk player that will play over 15 types of module including SoundTracker, NoiseTracker and MED FF-577 TURBOQUANTVM K SCSI bit rwxidler program that wlQ set or dear the ‘disable disconnection' In) in a quantum drives control parameters Can result in a large performance boost on some systems FF-578 SPKI3 V3c2 A circuit analysts program This venion was
written in C and includes dynAMIGAlly allocated memory, interactive post processing and graphical plots. Requires a minimum of 1 meg FF-579 BlVTOHl NK A utility to convert a raw ilata file l*xt.
Btuiuppcd graphic etc) mto an Amiga hunk format object file that can be linknJ using Blink FF 580 WOR1DDATABANK V2.2 Using a dauhisc of co- tedmaies compiled by the QA and made available under the freedom if information act this program plots world maps in cylindrical or spherical projections with various degrees of magnfkation. Includes the laigrw available data file for detided mapping of even small sections of the giobe. Disk includes source code.
FF-589 TERM V1.9ct A tcfccotmranboR* program with some nice features, including an Arexx port, external process contntutiKatkinx. XPR support. Programmable function Leys, postscript downloading to laser printer, phone book, programmable panel buttons, public screen support etc documentation in English and French Requires dos 2,0 an r to Term 18.A which received a 10 10 rating in .Amiga FF 591 VIM: A dooe of die Unix test editor ‘si’ very useful for editing programs and other ascii ten has many options including multilevel undo, command line hettory, ability to edit binary (Ho. Yank buffers etc
FF 592 LAZc: A graphics interface for the archne utility I hue Arc and Zoo FT-593 & FF599 ANALYRIM An integration of the ArulyCalc spreadsheet and the RIM-5 database management system 2 meg of ram needed of which 750k must be contiguous FF-595 P COMPRESS; A gimmick free and very easy to use program for mod compression requirement' FF-595 P READER: An all purpose leader ilut displays text, pictures, animations and sotnds. Which may be utvcompre**ed or a impressed with F-Comprev FF-595 P-WRITER: A (ext editor with special lacililies for uiseriing text colour and style changes and for preparing
flJustraocd text for P Reader FF-596 RAYMiADL A ray tracing program poncd to tlir Amiga from Una Features include rune types of pratuinrs composite objects, point directional and extended light sources, solid procedural sextutmg and bump mapping of primitives etc. FF-597 ICON TOOLS: Four program* to managr some aspects of rons using the miuition mtetfacr and aflowing one to operate on many irons at once by shift clickuyg etc. FF-598 DXKXh Editor Ghnnan for lie Yamalu DXIoV DX21 and DX2* synthesizers FF-598 FH 01: Edit all parameters for F’B-fil voices and configuration has graphical display of
voice envelopes to improve the edting process The Uxarian provides the means to organise and store a hank nf vusco ot configurations oo dole Send custnmecd bunks to Yartuha FB-dl or receive hanks from this muniment Prim turd copy of voice and configuntxxi banks FF-598 TX81Z: Editor librarian for the Yamalu TXH12 and DX11 Synthevrzetx Provides voter and lilirarun features similar totheFBA)!
IDE FRED FISH BOOK A fully Jcscrtptivc took with 128 pages along with a fid sancd index Covers disks 1 m 560 ady M mdushe FISH SUBSCRIPTIONS If you run a dub or library and would like the Luck Fish dtdcs fast then why not subscribe. Subscribers will receive discount rates on lD Fnh disks including buck aauei Vrnc forful dcoi ALL DISKS I1STED IN TlflS COLUMN ARE 500 & 500* COMPATIBLE DFJA-VU UCENSEWARE
colouring in program with several nursery rhyme pirturtS an
excellent program fot young children.
LPD-002 ARC ANGELS MATHSt An afuratkml Ritnr ro hrlp UjsKJh their mulls IJDOOi THI GAM fK.: Kiddies jigsaw type program with 24 pRiuirs u choose Inin and a difficulty level I nice LPD 405 JINGLE BUNGLL A very good graphic adventure wTirnr. Wid) children m mmd.
LPD 008 WORK AND PLAY: 1 educational program) for the kids dick Dock. Fun Tones Tatta and Leo Go Shopping 1 meg LPD-010 THE W ORD FACTORY! A neat *prlling game fcr the kith. I meg LPD 015 ARC ANGELS SHAPES: bun (or ! e k.dy build raluuful piuues (rum predefined shapes l meg LPD-016 REA ERSi IE A new improved version of the 4d class*, baud game Qtheikx LTO-025 THE MISSION: An excellent text adventure by Jim McBride LPD-029 BIG TOP RTS: A top quality cdueotlmul program three gimrs hascd on circus ads I meg IPD-03" lUKIKET MATHS: A pmc designed to awl children with their nuths Various levels 4
difficuky may he set LPD 039 MAGIC FOREST II: Version I was given away free well Amus ihis program Lc Ur superior and continues (he story set by version 1.1 meg LPD-Oal RESCUE; 3D adventure in which you must solve a murder. You an dick on objects and cxanune Ihrrti for duM etc excellent game LPD-(W2 X-STITCH: I’nnfcs out yxur fncTure* In the form of i cross Kkch puiiem for cmbrtudcnng LPD-0-m FORVHTA 1 CHALLENGE: A vcrv compreheriMve racing car game f c kv four fdlvvrs IPD Os* DUTY CASH. An exttflen fruit nuchme ifime *nh all the nuraul f«iure like hold, jtamWe. Nudge rtc LPD-052 104 200
FOVRi FrmN lo down load lo your 24 pin printer xkttg will an ctfcor so vou can ovate your own LPD-05" KIDDIES CUP AIT: Lrts of gixxl quality dip an devgnnl wih children in mmd Can be uxd m rnur Ijvnunie gnphlcs pic luge I PP Obi THE FINAL CHAPTER: An 3D imrravtne graphic adventure I did not get very fir bui (he bit I did wax quite imptwivc LPD-065 POWER PLANNER A DIARY UIEUiER; A database m which you an sore ickohorw numbew and addrewt. Ere abo a diarv lo help keep track of appointments.
LPD-06" CYAPDNIA (CYAD D)e The fcAow up lo Cyad with improved graphics and even more devious puzzles, very aduictlvr IPD-069 MAGICAL MIXUP: Ihis one is addUlrvv A type of llgjciw puzzle where a pxture h broken up into pieces and you have In put it hack together again Lots of pictures and various levels to suit young and old POLLYSOFT UCENSEWARE A3 00 PER DISK mativi PS-001 SPACE BLOB: Mulu level game where you coflcct all the glowing items hut avoid (hr beustics like the plague PS-003 Q-BOIDt A nice varutxn on the letns tite11H•. Gixid fun and very addictivc PS-005 SUBCULTUREt A shorn cm up
similar I k-Type with extra large creatures at the end of each level PV607 DDZTIIZZYS DASH: A boulder dadi type game u ni) brj graphics PS 008 DIZZY LIZZY'S EDUCATONAL1: Four games to nuke learning fun PS-009 DIZZY LIZZY 'S FDKATIONAL 2t Three games to continue die ihcirv ihat learning can he fun PS011 HONt A m o ptn er i artwion of the hght ado game PS-013 BOLINTT BOBS HIGH NOON: Playing ihe pun if Lucky luke vou have to rapture 20 had guys dead or line 1 meg PS-014 CLASSROOM MATHS: A selection of Mathematical games *o vxxn kith can Icram and ptov at the same umr PS-015 CRYSTAL CAVERNS:
folkiK up to space blob with imrc levrlv and oh no motr mnBMca.
PS-020 AV1NA BLUE: A vep pwti honaonul xrolling fast action *oo( cm upiotest the tvs of rvfkxo PS 021 CIL5LLF.NGF. OP THE MATRIX: Puwk tvpc game wtlCIY Hfjuvs arc rctncwvd I*) moving ovei them, sounds easy hut llira' are otwjdci, and *«K wrong move an mean rodden death Walsh wt for the boouw' PS-022 SPECTRUM: I lit* one wi» to be a mature of two ciissic Space invaders and breakout. With good graphics and nice sound effects, its definitely one for your collection PS-023 I AM ntF WALRUS: ihis ones mx a game rs a musical animation featuring an unusual rendering of Lcnnon and McCartnev I am the
Wabuv FLETCHER FONTS DISKS each disk b full of various fonts in various sizes some very large for a paint program or video titling only 115 per pack Inc. FF-P1 FtetchcrCcilnurPickdifideks FF-P2 Fletcher Colour Pack 2) 6 fcb FF-P3 Fletcher Colour Pack (3) 6 ikb FF Pa Fletcher Colour Pack 141 h dbks FF-PA Fletcher Mono Pack (1) b Jtdcv F'F'-PB Fletcher MOAO Pick (2) 6 fefa ALL DISKS USTED LN THIS COLUMN ARE 500 A 500* COMPATIBLE IT-614 AMIGA SYSTEMS TEST: T«i keyhoird. Moutf disk dnvc. Memory • both chip and fas, tcreen (wolutions. Dock, spruce and more.
ITT-Ml VT.MC.ALt VAOt A (pnraiWiwl pngram IT 044 M (.ADD: Gxnpuer Axled Dwgn program with ktv of drawing todx and laid uvr feature IT-064 COMPLETE C MANUAL V2.0: ) disiu each one about 98Ni full A muvi for any one warning lo leam C E.icvuubk cumpln akmg with the source codr lo take vou thrc»ugh hkxto, gadgets.»indows rtc On cfok (ktunvrMsvi thraw how to ure a canpdcT. How to Ink cwfc etc i 'try wrfvl mmrul IT-074 MANDQVROOMr Crate spectacular rmndclbrot orjda sets.
Irr-072 BANK’S VIA -An excellent utility foe keening track of your honk account Produces repons on income and expenditure SOU you can see where the money is going Handles multiple accounts IT-174 TEXT ENGINE « AZNPE1L (very nice wordprooaior along with sprit checker IT-097 NORTH C VI.3c (2 Disks) .A complete C compiler along wxh hhrariev and al UT-108 PRINT htl’DIO: Will prim text with Merem .ipTK«ii Will abo print save screen A windows ot parts of. Alter colour palette etc LT1W KOPY V2.1L A verv fast disk copier IT-109 SNOOPDOS V 1.0: Useful program ilut run - ac a background Uik and informs
you of the Uk «c. Accrwd by programs as they ki*l UT-110 MED V3.lt 2 Dsks. Ihr evirt ptipubr music prtfram along wiih some examples. 500 A 500 UT-1J9 DRAWMAP VL30Di .An upgrade fo the enefient map drawing utihry IT151 BOOT X V4.1:1500 ooh 1 read ncs ennv IT152 BOOT 1 Y4.lt (500* only) An ncdlcnl (pn4xif.lv ihc !m) and easy to use virus kilkt fix the Amiga abs» «n ihb chsk u LYDwhwh wixks alongside lkM X u gpc even nrne pnAsxtxm IT 185 LABEL MAKER V1J? Ivillunr Allows you to creav and pnm fuB 3 5* dtsk iibcb wih graphic* and m cokw too Nothmg fi SitK YOU an Wme text and graphics around at wit
Full kxto and siyc fcaiwr* UT-187 CHEME5THEHCS V2.1: Dewpi and create molecule* .Some examples are included on the disk LT-I88 MESSY-SID D: Converts Dura files between Arragj Dos and MSDos IT-189 AMIBASE PROFESSIONAL An eavy to use dualva.se on igram an upgrade (o tlve very popular Amilxire IT-192 HARD DRIAT. I TILS: Various utdnrs for dux fortunate enough to have a hard drive.
IT-193 DKE C COMPHFR (2 Disks} .Another Vert popular C compiler wxh ndodes aiwl full doounfltation GA-109 PETERS QUEST: Can you rescue your girlfriend by a Hrtpktuvg the tweniy Iwete GA 112 DITR1S: A two plavcr mrtc vi.xie and sen gtxxl 100 GA 126 (ARD SHARP: A uGallon of nUUxr type i anl gamo pmleswinally presented
G. A-129 MIND GAMES: A collection of 21 gamrv a ample of w hxh do
not work on the pfu hut the dtsk is «ill well worth having
GA-131 MTER SKODA (JIMJENtiL fur two W four players and pen
fun trying to get itro position to blaM one of ywr ipponcrt:
whIkiu king limed svurnHf
(i. A-132 SLWIVOb An advcraurc type Propamme leaiuro you 8uck U1
a *puervwf wrdi a blood crazed abm iful has killed all the
Ulbrf member* of your crew Vciyr good graphics and well
presented GA-13J BATTLE CARS: A }D vetior graphic* dming game
for cxve or iwo players Trv and get position behind your
opponent and Nasi him li takes quite a fcw iwes to cvemualb
break through thramiui.
GA 134 WASTELANDS: An imprcsatre 3D Graphic achmtun GA 135 PARACHITE JOU5» : Two of you rump *u of a plane with only one parachute vou mica nuke sure ywir the Oftc ihil gets a. the anmxition at the end tf the ginr is grral ai ifk1 ofle a choui the parachute falls out if the iky through the Itidf uf the ham.
G. A-139 W GAME A very r.xc vwtwal Mhllling shod em up.
Ihis t» one of the Ihsi PI) gjiws of thfetype thB I’ve seen All CHEQIT2). BANKERS ORDERS PAYABLE IN POUNDS STERLING Tth UNIQUE COMPUTING AND DRAU N ON A RANK IN THE L’X H Dbks ... JL2.Q0 per Dfok S-9 Disks *1.75 pcrDitk 10* Disks .*1.50 per Disk Minimum Foreign Order 6 disks Europe please add ..*0.50 per Disk Rest of World add- .*1.00 per Disk Above Prices apply to P.D. & Shareware only Uceflsarare b as quoted. All prices include postage & packing. Please send orders 10: UNIQUE COMPUTING Dept A C 114 Salient Road, Gosfortn.
Newcastle Upon Tyne NE3 5UP England Telephone or Fax 091-284 7976 PD and SharewarefZl TBAC Disk number 59 Amiganuts The Tampa Bay Amiga Group's Disk of the Month is something I regularly look forward to receiving.
TBAG disks always contain an interesting mixture of programs and they nearly always have something that I can find a good use for. Take disk number 59 for example. There are five utilities, a demo, three cracking pictures, and a game.
AvailMem is a small routine that watches memory usage and. Unlike the AmigaDos Avail command, continually updates its display as the memory use changes.
Interferon, written by Gary Milliorn, is a cute little game that is a variation on Tetris. You have to match up colours to destroy the bugs on the screen. It uses 16 colours and has some sound. Nothing to write home about but it's an added bonus.
Opt is a drive optimiser, sometimes known as a defragger. So why is it necessary to optimise in the first place? Well, when you use a disk for the first time after formatting, it is, in a manner of speaking, a blank piece of paper. If you save a 100k file to this new disk there is enough room to save the file in one complete chunk.
As time goes on the disk gets lots of files written on to it and erased from it.
Eventually if you tried to save another 100k to the disk there might not be a single space available to store the file in one whole chunk, so the drive saves a bit of the file here, another bit there and so on until the whole 100k has been fitted on the disk.
When it comes to loading that last file back into the computer, the drive remembers where all of the pieces of it are and moves its read write head around the disk, picking them up as it goes. This is clever stuff, but unhappily it takes longer to load in a fragmented file than a file that exists as one chunk.
If a disk has seen a lot of action, the amount of file fragmentation will be extensive and load- ing saving times will be seriously slower than those of a new disk.
This is where defragmentation (defragger) programs become useful. A defragger looks at the files on a disk and rearranges their physi cal position so that each one is f saved as a continuous chunk of |i data.
Defraggers really come into their own when used with hard drives. Floppy disks can be optimised a lot quicker by copying individual files on to a newly formatted, blank disk.
Opt can optimise hard drives, RAM drives, or even floppy disks if you want it to. But - and there's always a but - although defragmenting is a desirable thing to do, it can also be slightly hazardous. Even if the program is supposed to be 100 per cent foolproof, a sudden power cut could mean the total loss of data - so it is always advisable to make backups before defragmenting.
Opt has been written to try to provide the most dependable disk optimisation possible. It only shuffles one disk block around at a time to make certain of this. This means that it's slower than other opti- misers which generally move complete tracks at a time, but it also means that if something does go wrong the amount of information lost is minimised.
The display is a clear, no-nonsense panel that contains four buttons and five small report windows situated underneath a large window that provides a schematic view of the disk layout.
Also on the disk is PicBase, an IFF picture database program written by Mike Berro. It's a smashing idea - it allows you to catalogue and manipulate all the IFF pictures and brushes that you have on a disk in the same way that a conventional database manipulates data files.
The program displays a reduced replica - or icon - of each picture, with information such as the path name, the creation date, file size, image size and depth, display mode, and comments about the file.
Four icons are displayed at any one time, and they can be scrolled in real PD and Shareware The Europe-friendly Languages Tutor time across the display area. Pictures can be automatically sorted by creation date, file size, filename, path name or something known as a Ticode.
The files can be renamed, transferred, duplicated or erased from disk, either individually or in tagged batches.
Double clicking on an icon will expand it to full size, You don't even have to run the program if you want to get at some piece of information quickly. A list of pictures can be printed out, or saved to disk as an Ascii text file.
There is a special multi-view facility which allows you to see up to 108 images at once - handy for hard drive users. In reality they are so small that unless you have a good idea of what the picture looks like full size, identifying them is difficult.
Images can be presented as a slide slow, moving automatically or manually forward and reverse. They can also be played back in reduced size mono form as an animation preview, at up to BO frames per second.
There's even an example file that comes with the package, so you can play around with one that's already been set up before you create a new one of your own.
This is one occasion where the Amiga's fancy footwork is not really required to get the job done.
Languages Tutor is not going to teach you how to speak a language but it will be a handy aid to have around if you are taking GCSEs or attending an adult education course.
One of the things that doesn't make me proud to be British Is the inability of the average citizen to speak in any other language than English.
Languages Tutor is a teaching aid program that helps you learn to recognise a moderate number of written words from the languages of four European countries - Spanish, French, German and Italian. It works by putting an English word up on the screen and then, when you press the Return key, displaying the foreign equivalent of that word.
There are a couple of variations upon this theme.
The program can substitute a foreign word for an English one and you have to guess what it means. Each language has i dictionary containing some 270 to 300 commonly used words and the program pulls words out at random unless you tell it to take them out in alphabetical order.
There are no fancy graphics, animation sequences or special effects in this program - they're not needed. Longuogw Tutor ... lorn grophkt but him learning WE ARE OPEN ALL HOURS 9am - 10pm Mon-Sat 10am - 6pm Sun H A500 Plus + S Ware .£349 A500 512K ...£299 A1500 + Ware .....£565 1084 S Monitor £237 Phone for 2000 * 3000 Prices Amiga Int. Drive ....£49.00 Cumana Ext. Drive .£53.00 Zydec Ext. Drive ....£49.00
512K Upgrade with clock £27.90 512K Upgrade no clock ...£24.90 1 -5 Meg Upgrade with clock ..£79.00 1 Meg Amiga plus upgrade .....£46.99 Star LC-20 £149.00 Star LC 24-10 ......£214.00 Star LC200 Colour ......£204.00 Star LC24-200 Colour £294.00 Orders by Phone or Post to: JOYSTICKS Quickshot II ...£26.50 Speedking Autofire .....£10.50 Competition Pro 5000 Black ...£11.90 Competition Pro Glo
Autofire .£12.95 New Competition Pro Star Autofire ......£13.25 Maverick Autofire ......£12.95 Zipstick Autofire ...£12.95 Unbranded Bulk 100% Certified
3. 5“ DSDD ..37p each
3. 5“ Rainbow ....44p each
3. 5" DSHD ..71 peach
5. 25“ DSDD 28p each Branded Disks
3. 5" DSDD ..55p each Please phone
for bulk purchase discounts 10 Cap
....£0.95 NEW 20 Cap
Sony ...£1.49 50 Cap
Lockable ....£3.95 100 Cap
Lockable ..£4.50 80 Cap Banx
Stackable Lockable.....£7.99 150 Cap Posso Stackable Lockable
.£15.00 250 Cap Stackable Lockable ....£18.99 LOOK!
TRACTOR FEED DISK LABELS 500 Plain White Labels 4 Software to print your own profetsional labels only £9*95 MISCELLANEOUS Mousehouse £1.60 Mouse Mat .....£2.50 Disk Drive Cleaner ...£1.80 Amiga Dust Cover ....£3.50 Monitor Dust Cover..! ....£3.50 Mouse Joystick Auto Shift ......£14.95 Amiga Light Pen + S Ware £32.00 Mega Mouse ..£14.90 Squik Mouse ..£14.90 Naksha Mouse + Accessories £22.00 Zy Fi
Amplifier + speakers £37.95 Thumb + finger Trackerball .....£19.99 Crystal Trackball £32.00 Action Replay Mark III ..£57.00 Techno Sound Turbo Sampler £30.00 2 Piece Printer Stand .....£5.70 Midi Master £26 00 Wordworth 1.1 .....£77.50 DIRECT COMPUTER SUPPLIES 0782 642497 9am-5.30pm Week 0630 653193 Anytime 0782 311471 Evening Weekend ' Prices include VAT 54 Spring Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, ST3 QPX Postage please add £3.30 L We accept
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Something worth listening to AF OEMO's 1: The very best from the demo scene, includes RSI.
Coma. Contusion.
Motion and marry many more of the latest demo's.
D-PAINT TUTORIAL: By a German artist, a great tutorial showing you how to produce great logo's and fonts using Deluxe Paint
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Very Good. 5.50 LPD 25 THE MISSION - A Great Text Adventure__________________ Veiy Good LPD 26 C Y A D - BOULDERDASH Type Games. Addictive 6 Brill 1mg LPD 39 MAGIC FOREST II - Brilliant Commercial Quality Game.
LPD 41 RESCUE - Reviewed in this Month s Magazine Very Neat IPO 43 LAZERZONE - A Very Nice Shoot- em-upGame .Very Good IPO 44 FORMULA ONE CHALLENGE - NEW Highly Addictive, Good img IPO 47 DIRTY CASH - NEW' The best Fruit Machine Sim I've Seen IHREVIEWEO LAST MONTH!!!
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cjtjl'jyu-j only 75p (pros updates!!!) R't-jini-jr Cjljloyui;
El.00 Tp Xptlll m APDI32-F) APPIM-Sp.
APD176 - PalaB; APD257 - Uamrtie UTILITIES 197 - Dropy V 1.6 - Brilliant backup utility 111 - Ja zbcnt h - Greatly enhanced WB 1 tJ-KSl Intro Maker - Wuh fleet fry MW I 17 - Razor Twla - Excellent duk I 20 - Master Virus KiUer V2.I - V.Good 115 - Pont} ft Surface* - Cut and Paste I 132 - C-Light - Lapsed commercial Ttacer 133 - M-CAD - Computer Aided Design pack Imn - Parkstar UlH? - No* 2 to* 138 - Asxnim Bool Utilities - Excellent t42 - SID VI.06 - The only directory ulilT 1143 4 - Catalogue Workshop - Rather pood 145 - 52 CLIP IT! - 8 disk* full of clipart 154 - Hard Di»l I lib - Wouldn't
he without 15* - TSB Vector Designer - For RSI fan I157 - Mcssysld II - Ultimate in transform I 58 - PccMulator - An exceptional tool Ul - Intercostal I tils - Brilliant disk ft bench VIJ - Bootable RKAD t Boot UtU* - Hi Roy!
R Utils 5 - Yet another!
Br - Lovely mtro writer 183 - Sciifw 311 Scenes - For Sculpt o» nets *“ I 85 - ESA fltib I - Brilliant desk I 86 - l ull Ki e Utils 2 - Seventy Utilities 1*7 8 - tin I ‘•0 - Grnroiogs database - Needs 1 mtf 1*1.1 - Spectra puitif-FJJ - Brilliant rival 1*4 - Opti I tih 1 iVellenl vjuahtv 198- 164 HighQuulit fKp Art - ' t. • 1718 - Ivndk Luropa I Hb7 - Excellent 1119 - Disimaster 1 LT2I - Spectrum Emulator - UI3I - Assawtnc MuHivbton UI36- Fleet mead V 4-1 1143 - SuperKillers - BOM X fil I 144 - llaml-ah - Iff conversion ] 1145 - Total Util* I -20 - Utilities 1 | 1153 - Xeitcm I tils - Sc «iry
-ftvc Util It 1156 - (iirfield Clipart - Useful Muff’ 1159 - A64 - Autoboating Cb4 etnuialw 1160 - RSI F.xtrax - More bote, spriiri f*M 1161 - Anthrox I (lb VS - KecoaunenMDl 1162 - Defies Utils 1 - Unutuxl colleen* 1 1770 - Icon Magic - Excellent pcujnammo ¦ t'i72 - dtp - mvmusti YasKm W 1776 7-YVindowsBrmh-hi MileSafnu) I ISJt Programming 1 - LoU Ol info I'm - Nitht nrrrs 4 - Excellent duk 1795 - opti L nii 2 - Latest vcnion imbue* 11% Opti Comm* - L’ttimM Comm* duk 1197 - ( l»ir Toob - Stuffcd fhU of them 12iXi - Intphider V4 - Lutrst Rrlcwc 1 207 Itinlrr I Uht - By the ArtUMtm U2OT -
iniumitr Fontil- More vui tt po« 1 21V - RSI VF.CTORBAU.S EDITOR ' -11 -KM VELTOROBJIX I EDITOR lailijKM F M EI»II«»K Crumword pimlc creator T- Print StVdk- - Excellent utility U218 - De»pr« Source code* - Very Good!!
U220 1 - North C Compiler - Brilliant U222 3 4 5 - C Manual V2 Exccllcoi U226 - Gelignite font* 52 C+P by Mark U2J0 - Converter* - Only one you need!!!
U231 - Crunch n Copy - By die Assassins EDUCATIONAL & GAMES Qufi ilAIS - Ed-Pack - Tcetuigen A awr C06 7 - L*arn & Play - Infant * jomot age G20 - Turrican II Demo - Playable demo G22 - Tennis - 3D game, need* I meg!
Gjl 2 - Star I rek - By Tobias Rtchtei G35 - Board (iame* « Includes Moaopoly GJ8 - Frantic Freddy - Good arcade fun G39 - Mawhbicr - Excellent game G41 - Amigaman - Chest V2 oho drip U43 - Mcgibull - Brilliant brcikuul done U44 - Wacko Jr in Wonderland ¦ Bnllionf G46 - Seven Tilts - Good Spccdboil done GT7 - W'iuy'j Quest - Very nwiy done G5Q - Stupes - AbwluKly bnllionl fuc kid (152 - Merv the Merciless - Excellent t;53 - Zeus - Very addictive rik game G55 - Semlancr - Sub Untcgy type game CM - POM POM Gunner - Wry Good G43 - lloflisood Trivia Quite good G44 - Menial Image I - Best PD
selection CM - Park staff - WfMIrt With ipA’Cy Cinul G7B - Sk*rr - Excellent game G72 - Sulupit - .Suitable for the Indi. Good C73 - Bloc kit - Very twedy doot by EP C95 - Card Games - A cbotoc of ihree G76 - Ready Robot - Educational pro echoed G» - s QtHtf - Lovely graph** CM - Thr Man - Incredible 3D nuue (JU Iomiripelrt - N«vli mo playen «7 - I lanutrao - Brilliant by Jeff Mmtot (are - ( hiuv ( h« kt-rs - Addictive game (i90 - Mjihem • Similar In Dalaflonn G91 Inudm dub - .Stack Market strategy APD59 - Super Quo - F.iccltait quiz panic APD62 - Arcadia-Jkc hexkogl done ATD1M -1 rirtdfrr -
Very nicely done AFDI15- Batoonicy* Superb for the kid* APDI.M- Mwidrn Ball - Brilltnr?!
Mdir Hr TrW - Good tile gome ATP 142 r Pair Unuy - Very good APUI46 - fruit Machine - For the addict APP148 - PtrouUtivn mteiuu
* -VI4» - Gvbbit Puntuun - Both good DI78 - Mastrrtmnd Palrup -
ood APPI m I - Dwngwn Pther - Brilliant APP1823 - Pixie
Kingdom - Ycry good APD314 - Blackjack T rainer - Superb A
PP.*15 - St tr Bun ft Ibt Eatny APD326 - III per bull -
Bcxtyrl, grl il AFD329 - Fruit Machine - Brilliant giune APDXU
- Snake in the Grass - OK SLIDESHOWS & PICS P05 - Prndlc Euro
pa Slideshow - V Good POT - Sund.de II - F.iccfitKxuJ sgualuy
Pll 2 - Vasa Slideshows - Bcch I A 2 here P25 - Roger Dean -
Excellent slideshow P2X - Sund.de III Bnlliant follow up P32 -
Again* 6 - Prom Tohut KkMm P33 - Again* g - More fiom TR* siaMe
P4I - Nemesis Prologue - From Hanil P47 - Jw Slideshow -
Exceptional utwl P48 - Pssgnuxls Sudnhow - Kmhn btilll Phi 3 (
hoiiuel 42 A .Silent* - Very goodl P65 - Agalrua 12 - Fantastic
quality I'Mi - f raxiun Future A ishiat - VefX'gl P67 - Agatrun
11 - Incredible siondaidx] P76.7 - Nemesis Uhapt. I - llsc ncxl
P7S8 - Laurel & Hards - Bnlliant foe fans | P83 - Inshiblc
World - Bugs n thing* P85 - Roborop - By Hanihxl,
f nfrrfirvttWr:" BUSINESS & SERIOUS IM2 - WoedwTjghl -
Wordproccuor B*4 - Clerk - Accouuung W6 - I -Edit - Very
powerful wonlproccaaur Bar - FVKsfhase - Powerful yet easy to
use BOB - Rim Database - More involved BO* - Amihase VI.76 -
F.xccUau database BIO - Inventors ft Meinopad - Very handy BI2
- Business Card Maker - Pretty Good BI4- Vbicalc -SinuUf to
Lotus 1-2-3no PC BIS - MkniKman - Tcxl editor * Sahcckct 7 -
QED - Superb text editor s VJ.9E - Edit crunched files!
S Lettrrv - Brtllunl
- Easy to use database r Wit - Name A address t V'3 -Quality
W ftocetaor P - Art for Art* Sake - By Hanibal. Brill Vi -
Ptxehum - Absolutely superb P-V'4 - Star Trek Megademo - I Meg
ruin H Rick Park* Art - Quite incredible NIMATIONS (most imb)
¦6 - More Aeruloom - By Enc Schwartz I- Batman Thu it brilliant
by ES) g Pugg* in Space - Brilliant
- T7*c inova famtxn of all arums A17 - Slrallhy II - ExccDcnl
little ammalwm A19 - star Trek Fleet Manoeuvre* - Good A20-
Agitkoft 26-Dry dock AI3 - AgaMn !- Includes FIS f.gblci A4.x
Bust R« A Tree Frog - Very good A49 - Fractal Fvghl - Small
xcrwti mim ASS - Walk - BrdLuM chrome uilkmg Ail - Agalrua
iSSHilliarda & Urtus 4 UN A62 - Sump CuUeebM BriUuni sequence
A63 - Juggler II - very funny See il! | A67iH'9 - Station at
K%-2Mq | ATI). 12 - Imi la Space 2 'h - Agalrua 30 • Miilemum
f A'7 - Agalrua 17- Ewnkl A"H Agatrun 24 - Kull W A79 - Agatrun
33 - Probe A bWofpreyl VII 2-Walker A MOW-2 Meg A«.i - lhxuvm
Shulilr - Yen good A84 Agatrun .Yi Binl lltghl 387 - Car -
laxux & Unicydc. Brilliant A88 - Hunvrn Hurisrr - Bnllionl ffD
flight 389 Agatrun 22 - Includci aptuich « 390 - Agatrun 20 -
Belle Hiky llclicoplct 3*1 - Franklin ihe Fly - Nwd* 2 AH 5 -
-WlDg - Kmbcr bnllutni v A96.7 - t ight Cycle - Prom Tran and
Btilll ¦ 9H.N - Anti-I emraing* - 2 Meg MOO I 2 3 4 5 - The
W'oB - Kx.eptiooal A107 8 * 10 - Hie Landing - 4 Meg A 111 -
Morn - Absolutely incredible, get ill AII2 - Juggette II -
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Need* DM M134 - K r.etu Jukebox -1 MI45 - Midi Prugrammrv
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- 43 Imli k hik Wn - Andiomugir VI.I - Brilliuii ulilitin Hi
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nun XI192 - Do The Bartmim Re-Mix!!
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VIJ2 - An exteroson to AMOS u allow you to iue teal based
fonts which can he drawn in up to 16 roloun. Some load
«supplied oa disk. AMOS LPP65 - Power Planner VU - A
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hose with telephone number*, ntns fme on 512k LPDM - Virus
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intuitive user interface.
Recognises all new Virii os well ox the abler ones Has turd drive install programme and full documentation I meg
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every order 95p Each per single order & Postal Orders No
minimum order.
All including postage & packing payable to: Virus Free Despatched within 24 hours TTPD if you cannot see the disk you are looking for send us details and we will get it for you for no extra charge L Where's my A501?
I have two complaints to make. Firstly, when I bought my Amiga in July I got the Screen Gems pack, which I found in your magazine and others advertised as including the AS01 St2k RAM expansion. However, I never got one.
The computer came from Dixons in Newport. The comments in your mag about the extra 512k were in the November issue in the news section, and the same thing was printed in another Amiga mag the next month.
Secondly I would like to complain about the number of swear words printed. Please note I'm only nine years old!
Apart from all the moaning I actually do very much enjoy reading Amiga Computing, and it has helped me a lot as a beginner. Keep up the good work.
Manm Mew, Newport, Isle of Wight Ezra Surf's Postbag Co! Something to say through the pages of AC? Ezra Surf is our mailman } dedicated to sitting in a corner reading your letters and selecting the most interesting for publication. Ezra’s favourite letters now get reworded with an exclusive Amiga Computing designer T-shirt.
Drop him a line at: Ezra Surf's Postbag, Amiga Computing, Europe House, Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SKIQ4NP.
Please don't enclose saes as Ezra just hasn't got enough paper to reply personally. He might also have to shorten your letters, so don't be offended if you get the chop.
If you or anyone else could help me. I've been subscribing to your wonderful magazine since it was first published and I have nearly all the CoverDisks except for August 1989 and May to July 1990. Is there any way possible for me to get hold of copies of these CoverDisks?
15 MocPherson, iawtry with standard SI 2k A500s, then I Mb A500s, and finally the A5QQ Plus arrived in the Cartoon Classics bundle.
You seem to have been unlucky in that you purchased your machine fust before the 1Mb bundles started arriving. It's worth checking with Dixons to make sure you weren 't supposed to get an ASOI with the pack, but if not, then you can t blame them for selling you what they told you they were selling. As for the fruity language, we administered several knuckle raps to persons who will remain nameless, which should spare the blushes of our younger readers. You must remember, though, that game reviews, for example, have to be written with a certain degree of (ahem) passion, and that to tone them
down completely would render them staid and uninteresting.
Ordinarily we d be unable to help, as we keep bock issues for only six months at Europress Direct which are available by filling in the order form towards the rear end of the magazine. However, as you'll notice, we have a brand new Classifieds column for exactly the sort of request you and many other readers make every month.
To take advantage of this rip-roaring new feature, just fill in the Classifieds form ond send it off to us. We'll try to fit your appeal into the next available space.
Check out a few of the dedicated games magazines if you’re looking for offensive language and sentiments and you'll realise just how refined our writers really are!
Baron won't budge I purchased the Red Baron World War I flight sim for my Amiga recently and I thought I'd raise a couple of points about it.
Any old disks?
My system consists of a B2000 with 68030 68882 (33MHz), 3Mb of 32-bit RAM, 3Mb other RAM, and a 65Mb hard drive. Obviously not a standard system (I Should cocoa! - Ed)- On this system, Red Baron runs very smoothly at even the highest detail level, and is more I have owned an Amiga 500 for three years, and in that time I've added 1Mb and an external disk drive.
Unfortunately, due to a shortage of funds, I can't do much more with it at the moment. Ah, well, never mind.
I was just wondering (here comes the sales pitch - Ed) Trouble with How about running a readers' survey on shops and retail outlets to find out who's good and who's bad, with categories for speed of delivery, advice, price and so on? With this sort of survey, we might start to get a decent service from all shops.
The reason I ask for this is. Like many others, I'm getting fed up with being kept waiting on the phone at S0p every three minutes during peak hours trying to wring some support out of companies.
They say they will phone back but never do. We're told goods are dispatched first class, but they rarely are, and most mail orders take at least 10 days.
Prices charged for postage are excessive. You can send a video tape inclusive of padded Jiffy bag and first class stamp for about £1, so why do the mail order shops charge upwards of £2? There's no excuse for this.
I sent three faxes to three different branches of Diamond Computers and not one branch replied. This wasn't the first time either. As far as Diamond's advertisements are concerned, I believe that Diamond are the ones who need to review their policy. After all, they can't offer technical support. They're no more than box-shifters of the lowest order.
My recommended suppliers would be NBS Isle of Wight for PD stuff dispatched first box shifters!
Class, and Rubysoft in London for their excellent service. Print this if you dare, but let's have a survey carried out so we can get decent service out of the shops. I guess this will cause a Stir, but maybe it will keep your letters page buzzing for a few months.
I Ankin, Milton Keynes A readers' survey of retailers and mall order companies is an Interesting idea, but unless the response was fairly overwhelming it would be unfair to the companies concerned to draw conclusions from it. Having said that, we do receive regular complaints from readers about certain organisations which suggest some are markedly worse than others at supporting their customers¦ My advice to you and anyone else experiencing prob- lems with a retailer is to contoct them directly by phone at first - I'm afraid you'll have to accept the phone bills - and make sure you get the
name of the person in charge. This tends to strip the person of the anonymity of being just a compony voice. If a company still fails to respond, you should contact your local Trading Standards Officer. A word from this official source can work wonders on recalcitrant or incompetent box shifters.
Where an advertisement guarantees next day delivery or first class postage, you have the right to expect this service, and it Is the job of the T$ 0 to make sure companies live up to their promises and trade In a fair manner.
Letters impressive than on a PC 386SX. This is where the problem lies - on a standard A500, the frame rate is very slow.
I know that every magazine is going to review this game badly because of the speed on an A500, but it does state on the box that unaccelerated Amigas are not recommended, and that a hard drive is needed for best results.
The main reason for this situation is that in the USA the Amiga is treated as a serious machine which is also good at games, whereas in this country the situation is the opposite. In the States, the A50Q is nowhere, with A3000s and accelerated B2000s the most popular models. I'm not suggesting that you and other British mags should review games on the basis of their performance on these machines as the A500 is so popular here, but I feel they shouW get a mention.
I have enjoyed a lot of software recently that would not be the same on an A500, either because of the interminable disk-swapping involved or the slow speed, and if faster systems are not mentioned in the press, I feel certain companies will stop producing software for our machines. Please consider non-68000 users in the future!
Lain Mackenzie, London You seem to have pointed out the problem well enough, but not the source. Most of the very complex simulation games such as Red Baron are now written on IBM-PC compatible machines, then ported across to the Amiga because the market for PC games in the US Is now so much larger than the AMIGA market there.
Got something to tell other Amiga Computing readers? Send your generol letters to Erra Surf* Postbag (ESP) ot the address below fir • COMPETITIONS w Enter competitions using the details on the form. If you i tv?
Hove any queries contact Jonathon Maddock on W . 4 • i 0625 878888 PD libraries ore welcomo to submit their loteit releoses Submissions shovW include o detailed list of whot eoeh disk confoins. Jiffy bogs to Stevie Kennedy The standard PC machine, the 16MHz 286AT, is faster than an A500 (and more expensive!), SO some games suffer in the conversion. The result is thot a game will often run slower because It has been bodly converted, rather than because it is fundamentally more suited to (aster machines. The games companies are to blame for much of this. Most of them will con vert a game and
tweak It so that it runs well on a standard machine, but some don't seem to consider the A500 owners, of which there are millions. Our Gamer editor, Dan Whitehead, agrees that we should (and will) mention where a game is acceptable on a faster machine, but to be honest, the gome is reviewed os a product for the AMIGA market, and in a market so dominated by 68000 based A500s, it is a bit off for a company to sell a game unsuited to the machine.
If Microprose can manage to make Knights of the Sky smooth and fast with only one disk-swap on a standard A500, why should Red Baron receive an artificially higher mark than otherwise when it is so obviously deficient in these areas 1 We will mention when a game is better on a faster machine, but don't count on Dan, Jonathan, and Darren upping the score for a gome just because it is playable on an A3000.
Pedantry prevails I write in reply to both I Small's letter and your response to him in February's ESP. Firstly l would like to say that Mr Small was correct in saying that a true multitasking computer requires as many processors as processes.
However, true multitasking machines are few and far between, and even larger machines like VAX 9000s employ task scheduling to give the impression of multitasking. This means that to all intents and purposes the Amiga is as much a multitasking machine as a VAX 9000.
To you, Ezra, I would say your definition of multitasking is Ezra online Ezra Surf can be contacted on a whole host of bulletin boards and conferencing systems. If you have anything to say, get it off your chest online!
Amiga Computing also has its own Fidonet echo which is being carried by BBS systems throughout Europe. Any Fido sysops interested in hooking up should collect amiga.comp off the backbone.
If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact Tony Miller, sysop of our home board - 01 for Amiga.
Additionally our mailman with the most, Ezra Surf, hangs out on the following services: Account number 999800263 74:MIK911 amigacomputing 70007,4734 uadi 132 Amiga Computing Service Prestel Telecom Gold CiX CompuServe The Direct Connection 01 for Amiga incorrect. The Amiga is not capable of doing more than one task at the same time. In the truest sense the Amiga uses task-swapping to give the appearance of two tasks running at once.
When all's said and done. I'm being pedantic with you, but only because you should know better.
Andy Powell, Cambridge Let's settle this once and for all. The Amiga is a multitasking computer, and that’s final. The term multitasking was first dreamed up in the mid-80s and applied to exactly the sort of processes the Amiga uses to "give the impression of true multitasking" os you would put it.
Transputers and parallel processing machines weren't around ot the time, so the phrase has never meant what you would call Utrue“ multitasking.
This means the definition of multitasking, in microcomputer terms at least, is the process Of efficiently sharing and manoging system resources so os to carry on more than one task at a time, without seriously impairing the progress of any one task. The Amiga, with Its shared libraries and modular approach to system resources, is far and away the best micro in this respect.
If you'd seen the so-called “task-swapping" on Windows 3 IBM machines or the laughable attempts made by System 7 Macintoshes to multitask, you'd appre date just how good the Amiga is in this department.
After years of development, MS-DOS has only just implemented task-sharing capabilities which would have been unacceptable on even a Workbench 1.1 A1000 seven years ago!
It's not what you know - It's who you know!
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MCKEDSC] T AKCAOf CLASSICS t d6k | tui ci ncatagt cucoae g3m« ndudno Spocstmodea adwxx Poe tAn Mtssie Corrmana Bteakc ordQz CoaeGRV - £1000 AfCAC* P4CF Alto tal r more ecetoni anode anocta wflh Wi» Pipe Inc. AcAcc 2. 0&nc HPV. E5M8tMfi(Wtojehgi tevi ccrttant! C xte GfAJ £’000 | boakpcamfs A mega a cm* ampkation cf ctossto Doora gome* etudes Bock Gorrmon rive m A Ur I Oess. Iw flppo Amiga Ora | Up ana Dcvm konge ana *©e to I Oder Co »GRA4 £1000 I C ASP CAMF AH.
I cord games mar nctoOesCaao I ama S«x aev Stack Jack. Torture rdte ScMtone CarteO SaUcvec Crtboge Oraet C cxm Orfy £1000 Pslt Jpoco Btoc • u pkattom Otvem game £3 00 PS13 rh& titA 1MB £3 00 | ACL - u BoJiho xa andam eiapei dnerdng ( PSU omcMcrCflrAetMiPM Otophci ai ocnor ocooe game TMB £ 3 PSIS - iutx-u* -ar PS17 ¦ fXvy ,c:y a game emu ttawrcn Fbcmc n4Ba P5115 OyMCt PVS ,ii"rjrB' Iintfe tor trejen P» * Pvtoto or yov empty ir*e sot ZV-h »V3y .,¦ puUte game 1M Pi n Co Germ jamn •ho' v ,'ttoq 1MB R OV A Oeverv I based game Oth* PV 7 Dog TO* em up 1MB £ 3 i OV 9 • I! ¦ PVT Qutnpa an e pare
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£1500 each The otder codes ore PSFFA and PSFFB POSS-sa Worn
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AMPT Fwjonoi fnanoe Bock this pack contorts 11 pog ams tho wii hando iw7 about every aspect d your potvwal fA3hC« Bcv-kiBSocc.
Toons 4 Mortgage £8 50 PDSOO - Amflaso V3 76 30l5B aSe FFS4S 9r*Jyv V2 05a «6W,hdi yOo rtqrry .moartont events mat ae duo FF373 Magnetic ftogts vi 0 a*cws you b cieate a tMk-tvasod maaazne FF3S7 • Boot in NTSC Of FAL it V0U nave 1M0 Agnus crc msbbd FF43S - A-Gme V3 1 an etceft ii generaogy octatxjse inbram FFSM - OemesmencsVTOo draws marcues usng the catffc mocw FF439 - scrub spni avc bt 30 so«n » tp use wim aw. CKxrct FF4S4 - Typrg !uta AMP ¦ Horne Bvernns tbp utd't the e«c He»y wordpocossor ord spet checker Vocal; the speocBneet RV 4 oso 2 Pilant databases £6 50' PP4* - Ncomm vi 9 All you
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AM 33 - Punier Driver Generata create a Pr cr lor your prnlot FF49S AnatylCCfC tho bcwvortul
L. xeoashecf VB Fred Fish Collection Fred Fish s’ jr Collection
Special Offer! The entite -red £ rj collection sk5 1 *0 580
!0f £377 00' Ttm pnee. Only 65p per diskl is fully inclusive -
tne floppy disks labels. VAT fk aeiiveryi ~*vxxi odd £7500) PD
X Shareware Disk Prices 30k ecaw without Q &£* *6 tkxi £3.00!
An drccs am fifty trcTusve sogs orders ml® ocw £2 75 Computer Supplies - Blank Disks etc. Datapulse Branded blank disks with labels: 10-£6 00. 25-£13 00. 50 £24 00. 100-£45 00, 200-280.00 Disk boxes: cap £100. 40150 cap £650, 80 100 cop £900 Disksandbox: 10-E650. 50- £2950 and 100-253 Disk labels: Cleaning kit: £3 C Mouse mat: £3 00 Monitor console and keyboard unit • Second drive space • No hard drive restrictions • Power supply or modulator space • Keeps cables tidy * Non-mognetic aluminium • High quality texture finish • Plenty of ventilation • Installed in minutes • Designed specifically
for the A500 and 500+ • Colour coordinated WZA A real space saver! - 100's of satisfied customers AMIGA COMPUTING NEWSAGENTS ORDER Please reserve a copy of Amiga Computing magazine every month until further notice L i I will collect
C) I would like it delivered to my home Name..... Address.
KONTAX COMPUTERS 1la Waldeck House Waldeck Road. Maidenhead SL6 8PR n 0628 773212 BE Phone lines manned between 8.00am - 9pm (No ansaphone!)
Postcode Note to Newsagent; Amiga Computing should be available from your local wholesaler. If not contact David Wren on 0625 8788 .
Telephone: (0543)473131 Telephone: (0543 473131) HARD DRIVES ACCESSORIES CHIPS & BITS MEMORY UPGRADES A500 512K no clock 16 chip ....£19.99 4 Chip ......£23.95 512K with dock 16 chip .. ,..£24.99 4 Chip ......£27.95 1 Mb thru board ...£59.95 (TP use with 512K upgrade to give
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1. 5Mb with dock .....£69.95 MEMORY UPGRADES A500 PLUS 1
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Will nwd 1.3 Kickstart ..£39.00 Mouse ST-Amiga Replacement £14.99 20 cap disk box 3.5* .... £2.99 40 cap lockable disk box 3.5* .£3.99 80 cap lockable disk box 3.5* . £5.50 100 cap lockable disk box 3.5' ......£6.99 Dust Cover Ara'ST ..£3.99 Dust Cover Printer-Momtor from £5.99 Mouse mat 6mm ..£2.50 Mouse mat 8mm ..£3.50 Scan lead .....£9.99 Null Modem lead .£4.99 Leads aryl Ribbons - Most requirements can be suppled - please
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Profile Ti e power After a long drive into the deep south our intrepid reporter (yours truly) finally arrived at the door of Power Computing, the Bedford-based nerve centre of Tony laniri's European empire.
With outlets in France, Italy, America and soon Germany, Bedford may seem an unlikely choice for a centre of operations.
The serious stuff with a few thoughts on the Amiga scene from the man who knows the business better than anyone.
Tony mentioned in the question-and- answer session (see interview box) that the market was flooded with cheap replicas of his and other developers' products. How come they were being undercut? After all, if their competitors can do it, why can't they? After a quick lesson in what's best described as everyday Italian, Tony calmed down to explain that a number of factors make the difference, "First there's no development cost if you blatantly rip off others. Secondly, little Of no product testing ever takes place.
Thirdly, there's no tech support. But perhaps most worrying of all is that many manufacturers have taken to using recycled components!" - something which he and other big names would never do.
Recycled The recycling point instantly raised another question. If indeed other suppliers are dealing in second-hand kit, how could the average punter tell the good from the bad, and if they did, what should they do about it?
"Well, first and foremost, if you pay for a new product and it obviously isn't, send it back and demand a refund, and if you're not happy with the results get straight on to the trading standards.
"Actually spotting the offending hardware isn't that simple but there are a few tell-tale points which give the game away.
Often second-hand chips are scratched or show obvious signs of wear, such as faded or worn serial numbers and stamp markings.
"Secondly, if the chips have been surface mounted or simply cut from their sockets, the legs will be extremely short in comparison to new components.
"At the moment, this recycling is mainly restricted to RAM expansions and other mass production items, SO Spotting the chips shouldn't be that tricky. If you multiply interface for the Sinclair QL, that prototype for the ill-fated C5.
This chance encounter turned our engi* neer into an entrepreneur overnight, with over 20,000 units hitting the streets within the first year. From these humble beginnings, a turnover of five million last year and a projected seven to eight million next year has made Power Computing one of the premier suppliers of Amiga hardware and software, with a registered user base of over 50,000 customers.
After parking the car and sharpening a pencil I was guided to the man's inner sanctum. At the far end of an impressrve polished conference table sat the diminutive but impressively portly figure of "the boss". From the tip of his toes to the imported suit, Tony looks every inch the classic Hollywood Italian, a mixture of Danny Devito and Don Colioni, a man who'd look equally at home with a shooter, as opposed to the phone which occasionally appeared welded to his hand.
After a brief gesture to take a seat, Tony heads back to the telephonic fray with the poor unfortunate on the other end, a man doing his best to stand up against a barrage of high-speed Italian occasionally interspersed with snippets of English.
After a few moments the battle is over and he turns his attention to yours truly, muttering perhaps his favourite phrase, "Bunch of crooks".
Once recognised as friend rather than foe, a welcoming smile spreads across his face, immediately followed by a handshake and an order for two Espressos.
After a few more pleasantnes it is down to Nevertheless, it's where Italian ex-patriot Toni and wife |ulia - the real boss - have made their home. Good news for the locals, and even better news for our balance of payments.
After a varied and well travelled career in the motor industry, Tony finally settled in this green and pleasant land way back in 1984, braking into the computer industry almost accidentally. A friend back in the old country offered the chance to handle the UK distribution of a revolutionary Hands on - how a product is created Profile T7* have any doubts, enquire with the Supplier immediately. And as I sard, if you're still not satisfied send it back. You paid for a new product and that's what you should get.
Paul Austin takes a trip to little Italy and talks to Tony laniri, the man behind one of the biggest names in the business I had to mention that Power weren't adverse to the odd bit of product re-badg- ing, just like everyone else. In reply, Tony admitted that products such as the new scanner were indeed third-party but In this case it was Power's own software, developed in-house, that makes it special.
I asked Tony what he thought Commodore could do to improve the Amiga's after-sales service. This brought on a flood of suggestions, the most interesting of which was the installation of dedicated Commodore points throughout the UK, a system which already exists in Europe but as yet has failed to appear over here. These regional satellites would handle not only the sale but any necessary technical support for the machine.
Then when problems arose, faulty kit could be taken directly to the local Com- point and replaced instantly as opposed to the often painfully slow process of dealing with FMG.
Another point mentioned was Commodore's insistence on faulty kit being accompanied by its supplied packaging. Why a punter or supplier can't send products in any suitable packaging The Italian inquisition Has the Amiga peaked, or is there still room for expansion?
No, no, not even close, the machine is going from strength to strength. With approaching 200,000 Amigas sold over the Christmas period, the market is just as strong as ever, and with little or no competition the sky's the limit.
What do you think is the key to successful business within the Amiga market?
Above all else, you must lead rather than follow in the wake of others. This is what Power do better than any other company in the business. We don't wait for things to happen, we make them happen! The Amiga is the perfect platform for gadgets and new applications. If you can isolate a need and cater for it, the possibilities are. Endless.
Do you think there's any opposition for the Amiga on the horizon?
At the moment none at all. The only real opposition is the $ T and to be honest that's a dying market, having said that, the STE is a good machine but vastly overpriced.
The same applies to the TT.
If Atari would consider matching Commodore's pricing policy they could make a dint in the market, but it's highly unlikely they will. Even so, we'll continue to support the ST, after all there's a lot of machines out there.
Do you think th? Console explosion is going to damage the machine?
No chance, the console thing is just a passing phase strictly aimed at the kids. If anyone seriously considers consoles as opposition to the Amiga, they probably won’t be old enough to afford one, or use it if they could. Considering the average console retails around £60, any Amiga owner who wants one is unlikely to have to sell their machine to get it.
What, if anything, do you think makes Power stand out from the crowd?
Unique products, original and novel ideas with full tech support for the whole range. Lots of other companies chum out product after product simply copying the ideas of others without a care for the user. If we cannot support a product we don’t carry it, it's as simple as that.
In the short term, simply flooding the market with cheap, unsupported products, will make profits, but if you want to remain in business you must stay ahead of the game and provide a quality service regardless of cost.
Equally as important as our marketing policy is Power's in-house development.
Unlike many companies we develop a wide range of our own products rather than simply becoming the middle man for the big developers. True, we do carry third- party equipment, but a healthy percentage is all Ours.
Proved to be a sore point with uncle Tony.
The final complaint was Commodore's 32-day replacement policy. At present, if your machine develops a hiccup after the 32nd day of ownership, Commodore's policy insists that the offending article be sent to FMG, again provoking the usual FMG delay.
The Future Before I left for the long trek north, I asked Tony what Power has planned for the immediate future. This brought some interesting revelations, one of which could revolutionise the addition of a hard disk to a standard machine. Until more details appear it's perhaps best to simply whet your appetite and leave it at that.
Nevertheless keep a dose eye on Power if you're in the market for hard drive!
In the coming year Tony intends to concentrate solely on hardware, dropping all software whilst increasing the design and release of hardware especially within the music field.
Music is the number one priority in '92 and Power are busy planning a whole range musical add-ons which should start to appear within the next few months.
In general, the Amiga is still their premier market but there are plans to produce a range of Power 2S 33 Mhz Pcs concentrating solely in the 486 market with S-VGA monitors, a minimum of four meg on board plus a selection of 40 60 100Mb hard £ disks in both tower and desktop formats.
A . I'd like to thank Power A* '» Computing and especially Tony laniri for the frank conversion, honest opinions and classic Italian hospitality.
All that’s left is to wish both Tony and his company good luck for the coming year, though I doubt they'll W m need it i A » i OMEGA 14 DERWENT CLOSE, .r- -r CULCHETH' PRO J EOTS WARRINGTON, (EUROPE) LTD t0925-763946 FOR ORDERS & TECHNICAL QUERIES AU CHEQUES P.O. ETC SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO OMEGA PROJECTS LTD.
WE ALSO TAKE ACCESS, . ... a a ¦ i ~~VISA, MASTERCARD & CHESHIRE WA3 5DY all prices include vat euwc*«o SOUND ENHANCER HARDWARE 100% COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SOFTWARE IF YOU THOUGHT THAT THE AMIGA SOUND WAS GOOD THEN YOU ARE IN FOR A REAL SHOCK. AS YOU CAN ENHANCE THE SOUND TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH THE BRAND NEW RELEASE FROM OMEGA PROJECTS: LOOK OUT FOR THE REVIEWS AMI-BACK The WORLDS fastest, most reliable hard disk back-up utility available for the AMIGA. Backs up to 4 floppy drives (not 2 like the competitors) or to TAPE STREAMER without the need for additional software, has a built-in SCHEDULER.
Selective Back-up. Or Disk Image. Guaranteed, better than any other on the market y* jr- AMIGA DOS 2.0 jT - jT COMPATIBLE 150 250 IS leg SCSI TAPE STREAMER The ULTIMATE bgck-up device ¦¥ FREE copy Of AMI-BACK INTERNAL EXTERNAL
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lArj; t£ta 5oux3 T"» } terw
829. 96 MnWU ntertoco
819. 96 4 Xrnl«wKMwtUc 85496 SoltOUspJ-vv.-Ak* £47.95
i) J 'iop 3 • Ajjflomatv?
Asm tord tiop S » Automata? 3 8M.9S UriJktS«MjKX S99.W AwatmnrtrJ 0995 Aukmwr) S»»
3. 3’ U Dtvt (CuTonol 889 96 Ccenoctcr no nooa 8149 2 wov
Corrector ? Nood 199 40 Cop CM Bom 8460 60 Cop. Bom U9i
* Mb jeCo n 099 U»dM Uoti (6mm wemra) (199 CSA MEGA-MIDGET RACER
The UKS biggest se lng ACCELERATOR cord. For The A500 2000
Orte-ina a modulcr aesgn atowna you to buy what you can afford
then expand later Up to 3dMKz CPU * 50MHz Co-pro ? 8 Meg 32 W
ram ? 512k Shadow (STATIC) ram PRICES START AS LOW AS 375.00 Ai
OFFICIAL CSA CHSTRUBUTORS for the MMR we otter a 66% Day bock
policy This mean* that if you upgrade, you won t be rtuck with
anything BARE SCSI (UPGRADE) DRIVES Quantum 52 Meg 199 95
Quantum 105 Meg
349. 95 Quantum 210 Meg 639 95 SyQuest 44 Meg 399 95 Syquest 88
Meg 499 95 Seagate 49 Meg
175. 00 Seagalo 380 Meg 599 96 SCSI Co&e ioc PSU 109 95 A500 PLUS
C. D.T.V. 499.95 The ultimate & genuine disk duplicator.
Full UK support & UK user group set up A500 34.95 A1500 2000 ST-506 HARD DISK INTERFACE FOR A500. FITS IN TRAPDOOR COMPLETE 512K RAM + CLOCK 4 .95 SUPRA RAM 500 RX External memory expansion for Amiga 500 & 500 Plus. Adds up to 8 Meg.
1 Meg 149.95 4 Meg 259.95 2 Meg 179.95 8 Meg 379.95 SUPRA HARD DRIVE SYSTEMS 500XP 52 Meg 349.95 500XP' 105 Meg 499.95 PLUS UP TO 8 MEG RAM MICROBOTICS VXL-30 A500 1500 2000 ACCELERATOR CARD 68030 non qc 68030 qc 25MHz tOVyD 40MHz OOY-YO GVP SERIES 2 (A 1500 2000) SCSI + UPTO 8 Meg of Rom 52 Meg 299.95 Add 70.00 per 2 Meg 105 Meg 499.95 If ordered at same time NEXUS (A 1500 2000) SCSI + UPTO 8 Meg of Ram 52 Meg 399.95 Add 70.00 per 2 Meg 105 Meg 599.95 If ordered at same time IMPACT 500 HARD DRIVE Expandable to 8 Meg Ram GYP 52 Meg 399.95 Add 70.00 per 2 Meg if 105 Meg 549.95 ordered ai same
time as drive 200 WATT PSU COMPLETE WITH A500 POWER CABLE & OPTIONAL HARD DRIVE POWER LEAD READY TO PLUG 7Q OR INANDGO . u FAN COOLED GVP SERIES II 68030 COMBO CARD This affordable ACCELERATOR CARD for the A1500 2000 gives your Amiga a new outlook on processing. Complete with CO-PRO. 32 Bit RAM. And SCSI HARD DISK coniroller. Allowing transfers in excess of 1.2meg scc 22MHz + 1 Meg 32 bit RAM 599.95 33MHz + 4Meg 32 bit RAM 999.95 50MHz + 4Meg 32 bit RAM 1499.95 GVP IV24 24 bit professional Video Adaptor. Features 16 million colours on screen at once, built in Genlock. F Fixcr.
Frame buffer. Frame grabber and Digital keyer. Comes with Callgan 3D. Scala IV24, & Macro Paint
1799. 00 Software E5 Hot on the heels of last month's CAD
supertest, Stewart C Russell presents another triple bill
of packages Progressive designs UltraDesign is a big
program, and has manuals to match. Three, to be precise -
the main manual, which is just over three hundred pages;
the tutorial manual (just over twice the size of the whole
IntroCAD manual).
Fw f»u;__rr mu fnln X 1 t uJ.ll i
• bUlMi filbr I : • 1
• , ! Kill i I'M UltraDesign is not related to IntroCAD in any
way. It tries to offer absolutely everything anyone could
ever wish for in a 2D draughting system. It has a particularly
consistent user interface, making heavy use of gadgets and
requesters, rather than dated (but quick) command lines.
IntroCAD has a semi-skimmed handbook
- it has all the good things of normal manuals, but without the
harmful excess. In 45 small pages it manages to fit a small,
informal tutorial, a description of aB the features in the
program, and an index. It's wntten in a manageable, informative
style - a definite plus point for a system which might be used
by very inexperienced users.
Additional documentation is supplied on the program disk. This isn't as much of a bind as it sounds, for only the technical stuff about file formats and printer driver creation is stuck there. Most users won't ever need this information, as a reasonable range of drivers is supplied.
IntroCAD Plus actually has a better manual for beginners than IntroCAD, even though it is a more complex program! It describes how the mouse is used, menu One of the most prominent publishers in the CAD software scene are Progressive Peripherals & Software of Denver, Colorado. Their productTarrived just a fcttie too late for our CAD supertest, run over the last two months, so for the sake of completeness, this article will look at Progressive's three packages.
The packages were tested aga»nst the others reviewed in previous months - you can be assured that the best CAD package will come out in the end.
Aptly named, IntroCAD is not designed to be used for demanding applications. It is designed to be very easy to use, while stil being capable of producing superb quality output.
IntroCAD is extremely basic. Hence IntroCAD Plus was created to address some of the limitations of the original program, whilst sacrificing only a very fettle of ease of use. Among other things, it adds Arexx support, multiple fonts, and user defined fonts.
Informative items and disk installation for every conceivable Amiga setup.
Like IntroCAD, IntroCAD Plus only manages a very quick sketch tour of the program, rather than a proper "let's draw an object" tutorial. Maybe the author thinks the program is simple enough not to require a full tutorial - it doesn’t support complex objects such as dimensions, splines or fillets, after all.
1. 1 update, which covers all the features in detail.
The tutorial is huge. Most of it describes the drawing of a modem case, but a small section at the end deals with building up a parts library. Although very dearly written, it suffers from being very verbose -1 lost interest half way through.
The main manual suffers from a ghastly index. Items are listed under headings, but none of these headings are cross- referenced. It's a case of finding the right synonym, and then the rest of the hunt becomes easy.
Unfortunately, Roget's doesn't contain any words to do with CAD.
Even though the three programs come from two different development teams, they all use the same basic mouse convention, the "Left button - OK, Right button - Cancel” regime made popular by AutoCAD, it’s fine on a machine where the right button hasn't got any other use, but on the Amiga you sometimes wonder whether a menu is going to appear or the current action will be cancelled.
UltraDesign also implements crosshairs, possibly the most valuable alignment tool for quick drawing there is. They do shimmer a lot on an interface screen, but the convenience outweighs the headaches.
Toolbox menu IntroCAD does everything from simple Intuition menus to submenus. Nothing too complex here, but since the program runs on an interlaced high resolution 16-colour screen, there is a noticeable delay in rendering the menus.
IntroCAD Plus follows the same pattern as its smaller sibling, but has gained a very handy toolbox menu, which allows the pen colour, hatch pattern and layer to be changed. This menu is small enough to keep on the screen all the time.
There are also icon menus down the left- hand side of the screen. Unlike DynaCADD, which changes its menus as the command context changes, these icons depend on which drawing mode the program is in - one of line, ellipse, text, dimension or hatch.
Now the flipside. I've said it many times, but screen update speed makes or breaks a program. None of these programs are particularly slow in absolute terms, but when compared to X-CAD, they grind.
One of the IntroCAD example files was exported to X-CAD 2000 (last time’s best- on-test) and UltraDesign. IntroCAD redrew in 21 seconds, IntroCAD Plus in 21, and UltraDesign in a snore-inducing 44 seconds.
X-CAD 2000 did it in just over nine seconds.
The reason why other CAD packages aren't as fast as X-CAD evades me. Life is too short to hang around for mere software!
You're not going to believe this -1 didn't
- but neither flavour of IntroCAD can Software altered, as they
are executable files.
Pasteup does have the useful plus point of supporting PostScript output to laser printers, or Encapsulated PostScript Format (EPSf) for inclusion in DTP packages. The PostScript output looks good - the £PSF output is not properly scaled unless the drawing reaches to the very edges of the page.
IntroCAD Plus has very simple layer handling -16 layers, ail accessible from the menu or toolbox, with on off controls. No user or IntroCAD would ever need more layers, and even users of more advanced systems seldom do. The basic IntroCAD doesn't support layers at all.
Outrageous At the other end of the scale, UltraDesign supports an outrageous 65,535 separate named layers. A fully expanded Amiga would probably have difficulty handling these layers if they were empty, so this is quite unnecessary.
As regards part grouping, IntroCAD supports it by necessity.
Evefy item in IntroCAD (and Plus) is built up from line segments, and more complex items (such as arcs and text) are simply groups of lines. Objects can be grouped further, and stored or recalled as parts.
Again, UltraDesign attempts to the best. Not only is grouping supported, but groups are arranged in full hierarchy. Pans can be called in from libraries, and reports can be built up from part attribute lists. Pretty neat stuff - and all called up from requesters, too. X-CAD could iearn something from this.
IntroCAD comes with a couple of interesting utilities for making graphs.
Muitiplot makes 2D plots of multiple data sets, while 3DPIot mates hidden- line contour maps of 3D data. Plots from these can be imported into IntroCAD, or plotted directly to an HP-compatible device.
Dimension objects. Correa me if I'm wide of the mark here, but isn't the wnoie idea behind CAD to produce nice drawings with sizes marked on them?
UltraDesign has pretty adequate dimension handling, it cannot handle tolerances in a dimension, but this is not a major issue if the drawing is subject to an overall tolerance. Still, it does mean that drawing components with critical fits is difficult.
IntroCAD drives printers directly, without recourse to Preferences. Instructions are given on how to create a printer parameter file if your printer isn't already supported - IntroCAD comes with a few drivers, Plus comes with a whole lot more.
A similar technique is used to drive plotters
- most normal devices are supported, with instructions on how to
drive other devices.
A separate paste-up program (called, not surprisingly, Pasteup) handles all the output from UitraDesign. Large drawings can be output from Preferences to dot matrix printers on multiple sheets, and taped together to mate the final drawing. Scaling and rotation of the drawing is done with the mouse, and the results can be previewed in very low resolution onscreen.
Pasteup plotter support is not as good as IntroCAD. Roland, Houston or HP- compatible plotter drivers are supplied with the package. These cannot be The verdict All the programs have tneir strong points. IntroCAD is simple, IntroCAD Plus can do clever things with Arexx, and UltraDesign looks nice.
Sometning is lacking from all of tnem, though. I couldn't live without spline curves (missing from ail three) or without dimensioning (introCADs). Sure, the addition of Arexx ana other niceties add interest, but the absent features (and very absent speed) couldn't persuade me to recommend tne programs. Tney are just ever so sfighty expensive, too.
X*CAD still rules the roost It may be slightly tricky to learn, but it's faster anc better than any of the Progressive offerings.
Both of che above utilities are public domain, indeed. Multiplot has been considerably developed by Dr Alan Baxter of Harvard Medical School, and has become an extremely powerful and Intuitionised graph tool.
IntroCAD Plus also comes with a version of Muitiplot. This particular revision can use Arexx to draw grapns directly onto the IntroCAD Plus screen, saving the bother of importing a data file into the program.
Special features chart UltraDesign IntroCAD Plus IntroCAD Version tested
1. 1(48)-P
3. 0.7
2. 0 Type 2D 2D 2D System requirements 1Mb RAM,2FD 1Mb RAM, 2 FD
1Mb RAM, 2 FD Price £300 £99.95 £59.95 I Command input Command
line Yes Yes NO Icon menus Yes No NO Expression calculator No
No NO Crosshairs Yes NO NO Tablet support No No NO Journal
tile Yes, plus Arexx Yes, plus Arexx No Text Multiple fonts
Yes Yes No Pont editor NO Yes No Dimensioning Default system
imperial None None Dimension alignment Automatic n a n a
Tolerance input None n a n a 3D Multiple view n a n a n a 3D
surface n a n a n a Rendenng n a n a n a Ray tracer output n a
n a n a import export DXF Yes No No Aegis Draw Yes Export only
Export only HPCL import Yes No No Output Plotter Roiand,
Houston, HP Any Any Printer via Preferences Any Any Screendump
No Yes Yes Iff Yes Yes Yes PostScript Yes, plus EPSF NO NO
Miscellaneous Max layers 65 35 16 None Objea attributes Yes No
NO Co-processor support Optional Supplied No Bitmap import NO
NO NO Online help No via Arexx NO Screen mode Hi-res only
Med-res, hi-res Hi-res only Multiple drawings NO NO NO
Products, publishers and distributors IntroCAD £59.95
introCADPIus £99.95 UltraDesign £300 Published by Progressive
Peripherals & Software 464 Kaiamatn Street Denver, Colorado
80204-5020 TrtOlQl 303825 4144 Distributed in the UK bv Hfi
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• Transfer files to other formats. With your own GraphicStation
you can instantly use graphics and text on other types of
• Want to stylise your user interface? With Huge you can create
your own icons _and click on H your own works of art to make
things happen on screen * A Jl.
E 13
• Trouble with sorting files and directories? The Directory
Manager makes simple work of otherwise quite complex operations
§ Create unique designer fonts.
Make your own typefaces with FontMaster, and then add a shadow with ShadowMaker ORDER FORM AMIGA Please send me a GraphicStation disk for the special offer price of £4.50 (incivATandptp) I wish to pay by. ? Cheque Eurocheque made payable to Europfess Direct ? AcceWMastercard Eurocard Barclaycard Visa Connect U
• Creative printing.
PrintStudio helps you print text, screen grabs and images created in ANY paint program, with instant fine-tuning all the way No.
Name Address 9921 PHONE: 051-357 127S. FAX: 051-357 2813 giving your name, address and credit card number Order at any time of the day or night L_ SEND to: Europress Direct, P0 BOX 2, Ellesmere Port, South Wlrral L65 3EA Please allow upto 28 days for delivery.
. Postcode Signed_ The GraphicStation meets so many of your needs, the only question is - can you afford to be without it? At only £4.50 including VAT and P&P, the answer is obvious!
Richard & Angela Howe: Applied Research Kernel Dept ACM Corve Farmhouse. Corve Lane. Chale Green. Ventnor. P038 2LA, UK Visitors are always welcome by appointment.
POST UK CO 1H fl corOwJ). Sp*Xli D**»r, C329 ICO* be'CT 12 rooni Sacunoor C9 fl twtore 12 noon} UagiMMad Kt Mail» Curopa £4llem, Wo«W Elittwr Ptwua c*i aOow carnage on haavy tana VAT Prcw indude UK VAT at 17.5*. aicapl IW DOOM 8««8 are «re WM CMEOUeS London S»»rop*jaW« to ARK pfeOM Hoh vatua onjnar* eft croqi m*y oaaranoa ¦i efKti a'e zv: raaea EXPORT* BFPO Remov* UK VAT (-Pnca-t lfc»areaptor ooou ________ AVAILAWJTY Uoe HIM are eimek »+* ur be obUnod «*«-, a DESPATCH WltWn ?4 hMf! Go |*» «•,*. *« •Wl 0" "ST R» M l«M ttm PRICES Uay oocaannaly tie (Utyact to cTtsnga MEMORY Aaaune 1lfc untaas
italixj ? TEL 0983 551496 S This is a swrtchabie vo tff«x tine which is open 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday ACCOUNTS Arena Integrated Accounts ...... 99.64 Cashbook Combination ....54.99 Cashbook Controller ......37.60 EasyLedgers Integrated 153.46 Home Accounts 2 .....39.95 Personal Finance Manager .25 85 System 3 Integrated ..39.95 BOOKS 40 Lines Stocked 1st Book Of Amiga ...16.95 2nd Book Of Amiga ..16.95 68000 Asm Lan Programming .21.95 Amiga 3D Gfx
Prgrnig In Basic 18 45 Amiga 500 Manual .....9.95 Amiga Adv System Prgrs Gufee 32 95 Amiga Asm Lang Programming 14 95 Amiga Basic Insdo & Out 18.95 Amiga C For Adv Programmers 32.95 Amiga C For Beginners .10.45 Amiga Desktop Video Guide 18 45 Amiga Disk Dnves In & Out * 27.95 Amiga For Beginners ...15.95 Amiga Graphics inside & Out 32 95 Amiga Programmers Handbook VI . 24.95 Amiga System Progrs Guide ...32 95 AmigaDOS 2 Companion 23 45 AmigaDOS Inside 4 Out 18 45 AmigaDOS Reference Guide 14 95 CBM ROM Kernel Incs 4 Oo» .29.95 CBM Hardware Ref Wanutf .21.95 CBM ROM
Kernel Libraries .29.95 CBM ROM Kemel Rtf Ctev*« .29.95 CBM Service Manual A5QQ .....14 95 CBM Schematics A2000 Rev 6 14.95 CBM Technical Rtf A50O A2000 39.95 CBM The AmigaDOS Manual 21,95 Fractal Programming In C 28 75 Inside Amiga Graphics 16 95 Introduction ToTeX 21 95 Kickstart Guide To The Arraga 14 95 Kids And The Amiga 14 95 Learning C Program Graph** .16.95 Little Red Workbench 2 Book 14 95 Making Music On Amga ? Disk 27.95 Mapping The Amiga ..20.95 More Tricks And Tip6 .18.45 Programming The 68000 .23.95 TeX for the Impatient ......22 95
The Amiga Handbook ...24.95 The Home Computer Book 7 95 Using A Re xx On Amiga ? Disk 32 45 CABLES 100 Lines Stocked D23S OpenEnd Monitor 11 28 D23S '2Phono-Scart Monitor 12 69 D23S-D15S NEC MuftSync 30 14.10 D23S-D9P 2M IBM CGA Monitor 12.22 D23P-D23S 0.5M Extender . 13.63 D25P-C36P 2 Metre Pnnter 6 58 D25P-D25P 9 Wire 2 Metre Modem 11.28 D25P D25P 25 Wire 2 Metre .13.16 DIN5P-DINSP 2M MIDI Cable .5.17 Null Modem Cable 2M 11 75 Null Modem Cable 5M . 1598 Null Modem Cable 10M 18 80 Gender Changer D25S-D25S 7 99 Paralel File Transfer .35.72
Socket D23S With Hood. .5.17 Switch Box D25S 2 Way ...19.74 COMMUNICATIONS Comma PD (2d*ka) 4.70 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN 3D Construction Kit_________________________44.65 Design Works 59 69 Draw 4D Professional ___________ 229.83 Pro Not'Board 2b ...179 54 Professional Draw 2 ...99 64 XCAD2000 *99.64 X CAD3000 ...*349 68 DATABASE MANAGERS Homebase .Not 29.61 Image Finder .49 82
InfoFite .....46.06 Mailshot Plus ..39.01 Mcrofche Filer ..54.99 Organise ..19.74 Prodata 1 2x ..69.56 Superbase Personal ...... 26.79 Superbase Personal 2 .....34 78 Superbase Professional 4 ..179.54 Weather Watcher Recorder .25.38 DESKTOP PUBLISHING AmigaTeX Drivers (each) .52.64 AmigaTeX Typesetting ...111.39 Gold Disk Type: Pubfeher
32.90 Gotd Disk Type Decor ..32.90 Gold Duk Type Designer ..32.90 Gold Disk Type Video ....32.90 Outline Fonts, ...99.64 PageSener 2 ......45.59 Pagestream 2.2 2Mb ....169.67 Pro Ckps Structured Art ..23.97 Professional Page 2.1 2Mb 169.67 Saxon Publisher 2M) .....199.75 DUST COVERS (All Deluxe Buff) Monitors 14’ 108478833 .....9.87 Anvga 500 .....799 EDUCATION Distant Sunt
4 ...... 59.69 Maths Adventure 24.91 Mega Maths A Level 24.44 lAcro Engfcsh (GCSE) ......23.97 Mcro French (GCSE) ......23.97 Mcro Maths (GCSE) 23.97 Money Manors UK (Under 6) 19.74 My Paint 2 24.91 Picture Book (Under 8) ....19 74 Primary Maths Course ..24.44 Target Maths 19.74 EDITORS Cygnus Ed Professional 2 59.69 Turbo
Twt 5969 GRAPHICS Animation Studio (Disney) ...79.90 Comic Setter ..44.65 Deluxe Photofeb .56.40 Deluxe Paint 4 64 86 Deluxe Paint 3 49 82 Deluxe Video 3 ...69 56 Digi Paint 3 ....54 05 icon Paint 14.95 Imagine 30 Modelling'Anim 169.67 Naksha Scanner 109.98 Pixmate Image
System ..39.95 Real 3D Beginners 1.3 ...119,35 Rwl 30 Turbo 2Mb .329 94 Scene Generator Landscapes ....35.72 Scenery Animator .....69.56 Sculpt Animate 4D 2Mb .337,23 Sharp Colour Scanner f. $ W ...599.72 Vista Professional 3Mb ..,...79 90 HARDWARE
3. 5* External D«sk Drive ...58-7$
3. 5' Internal A20O0 Drive ,58.75
5. 25* External Disk Dnve ...133.01 512K A50O RAM
ClockrSwitch ....29 61 Amiga 1500 With
Software ..... 579.98 Amiga 1500 With Two
Dnves ....519.82 Amiga 1500 With One
Drive .....489.74 Amiga 3000 25Mhz
100Mb .....2629.65 Amiga 3000 16Mhz,'40Mb
1999.85 AT Once 80286'16Mhz Emulator.....199.75 CMB
6802Q882.14 3Mhz 2Mb ....379.76 CBM AT Bridgeboard
...... 469.53 CBM XT
Bridgeboard .....199.75 CBM Display
Enhancer ...* 219.96 Chip ECS
Denise ....* 39 95 Chip Fatter
Agnus .....61.10 Chip
Gary .19.74 Chip 256K
CMOS RAM ....6.11 Chip ROM Kicksiart
1.3 ...30.55 Chip ROM Kickslarl
2.04 ...*34.78 Digi View Gold 4 digitiser
.....109.98 GVP Digital Sound
Studio 59.69 GVP 68030,882 22MHz 1 -13Mb 539
56 GVP G Force 030 882 40Mhz 4M .949.87 GVP 68030.882 50MHz 4
32Mb. .. 1549.59 GVP G Force 040.'28Mhz ‘Ouery GVP 1Mb SIMM
tor above .64.86 GVP 4Mb SIMM tor
above ......229.83 GVP 80286T6Mhz for A500HD 289 99 GVP
A2000 SCSI 0-8Mb Ram .169.6?
GVP A2000 52Mb 0 8Mb Ram 279.65 GVP A2000 105Mb Qm HD 0-8Mb . 469.53 GVP A2000 2 8Mb RAM card 169.67 GVP A500 52Mb Qm HD 0-8Mb......369.89 GVP A500 105Mb Qm HD 0-8Mb 559.77 GVP IV24 24 Bit Graphics 1599.88 GVP PhonePak FaxMail Card .* Query Naksha Mouse & Game 29 61 Power Supply fry Amiga 500 49 82 Quantum 52Mb SCSI Hard Disk......199 75 SCSI Hard Drive Case 4 PSU 119.85 SupraRAM A500 2-8W) 179.54 INTEGRATED PACKAQES Appetizer Wordpro’Music 30.55 Graphics Starter Kit ...56.40 Office By Gold
Disk ....69.56 The Works Platinum ..... 69.56 MULTIMEDIA AmigaViSton (Commodore) ..95.88 Hyperbook (Gold Disk) .....49.82 PROORAMMINO AMOS 3D ,»,$ 1 AMOS Compiler ..24.91 AMOS Creator 1.32 ..,„„„34.78 Arexx 33,84 Arexx Tools ...49.82 CPD(5 Disks) ..,9.87 Devpac 2 Macro Assembler 43,71 Devpac 3 Macro Assembler, New 54.99 GFA Batfc Compiler
......23.97 GFA Basic Interpreter 29.61 Hisoft Pascal Compiler .New 84.60 Lattioo C5.1 .159.80 Power Windows ..59.69 RIBBONS 6 CBM MPS 1230 . 25.38 6 CBM MPS1500 ......31.02 3 CBM MPS1500C Colour ...36.66 6 Citizen 120D (MPS1200) ..19.74 SOUND Audiomasier 4 Software ...49.82 Audition 4 Software .....„..43.71 Bars & Pipes Professional .219.96 Internal Sound Kit 56.40 Deluxe
Music Construction Kit 54.99 GVP Digital Sound Studio ......59.69 MIDI Plug Interface .....25.38 Music X Junior ...66.27 Sequencer One . 74.73 Sonix 2 Composer 49 82 Sound Trap 3 Sampler ..30.55 SouridMaSter 8 AudioMaster...... .109.98 Stereo Master Sound Sampler 34.78 SuperJAM! Composor New 89.77 SPREADSHEETS Advantage 32000x32000 .69.56 DGCalc 512x52 ..30.55 Superplan 2048x 1024 ......49.82 UTILITIES Ami-Back SCSI
Backup ...49.82 BAD Disk Optimiser ..34.78 BBC Emulator 35.72 Byte N Back HD Backup .19.74 Cross DOS File Transfer ..24.91 Directory Manager ....35.72 Disk Master 2 .49.82 Doctor Ami Memory & Disk Doc 40.89 GB Route Plus ...69.69 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 27.73 Personal Fonts Maker ......49.82 Quarterback Hard Osk Tools ......59.69 TurobPrint Professional New 44.65 X Copy
Professional .37.60 VIDEO Broadcast Titter . ,,,,..184.01 Digi View Media Station New 139 59 GD Video Fonts Dew 1 New 64.86 Hitachi HV720 Camera & Lens 204.45 Home Tiffer ...34.78 Rendale 8802 Genlock ......189.88 RocGen Genlock With DissofYO , , .,.99.64 Scala Presentations 179.54 Scala 500 ...... New 79.90 ShowMaker ...199.75 Video Ease Titter 37.60 Video Complete Colour Solution 159.80 WORDPROCESSORS
Excellence 2 ...89.56 Final Copy WP DTP New 79.90 KidsType ..19.74 Kindwords 2 ...36.66 PenPal 1.3 .....59.69 Personal Write .Not 29.61 Protext 5.5 ...101.99 Protoxt 4.3 ..... 49.82 ProWnte 3.? ...99.64 QuickWrite 39.95 Scnbbte Platinum ......42.77
TransWnte .....32.90 WordPerfect .189 88 Wordworth 87.89
* Please check the availability ol items marked with an asterisk
BOOKS Get The Most from Amiga 199i ....5.95 Get The Most
1992 .....8.95 GW-BASIC For Beginners
(PC) ..14.95 DISK FOR BOOK Amiga 3D Gfx Prog m
Basic 12.22 GAMES Back To The Future
II .7.05 Barbarian:
Palace 5.17 Batman: Ocean
...9.87 Blasteroids: Image
Works ..9.87 Captain Planet:
Mindscape ,11,75 Crack Down: US
Gold ......14.95 DataStorm: Visionary ,5,17
Dungeon Quest: GamStar ..5,17 E Motion: US
Gold ......5.17 Elf:
Ocean_________________ 13.63 F29 Rtfallator;
Ocean ......14.95 Grand Monster §lam;
Rainbow .....5.17 Interphase: Image Works
.11.75 Journey. Inlocom ..
New 24.44 Lords Of The Rang Sun ..20.21
Mklwinter Rainbird ...13.63 Night
Breed: Ocean ....7.05 Populus &
Promised Lands .....19.74 Poputus Promised Lands
Only ......7.05 Powerdrome Electronic
Arts 15.51 Powerplay:
Arcana ......5.17 Puznic:
Ocean ..9.87 Rainbow
Islands: Ocean ....9.87 Resolution 101:
MiBenium. 9.87 Revenge II: Jeff Minter
..5.17 Rock el Ranger
Mirrorsoft 15.51 Shadow Of The Beast:
Psygn .....11.75 Shufflepuck Cafe: Domark
5.17 Sim City & Terrain
Editor .19.74 Soccer Microprose
.5.17 Spitting Image: Domark
10.34 Star Gfcder:
ArgonAut ..9.87 The Running Man:
Grandslam ....13.16 The Simpsons:
Acclaim ...14.95 Their Finest Hour Flight
Sim 14.57 Toki:
Ocean ....13.63 Tower Of
Babel: Rainbird ...5.17 Trained Assassin: Dig
Magic ......13.16 Wizbali:
Ooean .5.17 Xenon: Metooume
House ..8.93 HARDWARE Seikosha GP10OA Mk 2
Printer ..89.77 Vidi Amiga & Vidichrome 89.77
Vidi RGB Colour Splitter ..59.69 UTILITIES
Appetizer: Gold Disk .29.61 Arena
Accounts: ASAP ....89.77 Comic Setter: Gold
Disk .-24,91 Deluxe Paint I: Elec
Arts .14.57 Deluxe Paint III: Elec.
Arts ...39.95 Deluxe Productions NTSC: EA ,29.61
Deluxe Video 1.2: Elec Arts .24 91 Digi Paint
1HAM: Newtek , ....14.57 Digi Paint 3HAM: Newtek , ,
39.95 Fanlavision Broderbund ..24.91
Forms In Flight: hAcro Magic 49.82 HiSott Devpac
version 1 ..24.44 home Office Kit WP DTP'SP'DB
59.69 MIDISynergy vl C Source ...29 61 Music X
Junior: Micro lllus ...59.69 Pagestream V1.8:
Softloglc 69.56 Penpal Wordprocessor
.49 82 Personal Accounts
Plus ...19.74 Photon
Paint ..19.74 Pixmate:
Progressive . 29.61 Professional Page 1.3
DTP ..99.64 Spritz Paint:
Best ......24.44 Studio Magic Sound
Workshop ...29.61 Textcraft Wordprocessor
19.74 The Works Platinum
(Buridte) .....39.95 Video
Studio ...89.77 Video Scape
3D: Aegis .....79.43 VideoScape Disk:
Microbot ..19.74 When writing for information
please note that those who provide stamped addressed envelopes
have priority.
Reviews Of all the wordprocessof packages available for the Amiga, Protext is probably the one which would benefit most from a bit of extra beginner's help. Its complex command interface and macro functions are well documented in the manual, but for the average compu-phobic user they often appear baffling and even hostile to the uninitiated.
Words and pictures Stevie Kennedy goes back to school with the Protext tutorial video The tutorial video is a Premier Video production from Arnor themselves, so one would expect it to home in on the sort of problems most users encounter with the program's more esoteric functions. After all. Amor have been around long enough to have amassed a mountain of feedback from their customers.
Disappointed I was disappointed, therefore, to find the first third of the 90-minute tape dedicated to basic functions, such as highlighting blocks of text and moving them around documents. These operations must, I suppose, confuse some users at first, but there are surely very few who give up at this stage, especially when you consider the generally high quality of the manual supplied with Protext.
As the video progresses, things improve considerably, and many of the program's more problematic features are covered in convincing fashion. Individual sections, which are preceded by a spinning title with Dpaint III written all over it, cover setting up templates, using columns, setting up standard sentences and mailing lists, generating labeU, and using the incremental variables and calculation modes.
My only gripe with the latter part of the tape is that its topics could have been covered in more depth if a certain level of user knowledge had been assumed to begin with. Ten full minutes are wasted on explaining printer effects such as underline and bold, when the time would have been much better spent examining the much more complex - and more useful - command mode and exec files.
That said, the Yideo is easy to watch, the tutor has a fairly engaging way about him (despite the odd bland remark), and recording quality is reasonable.
There's a bit of music at the beginning and little snippets play as each section is introduced, which helps to break up the lengthy hour and a half session.
The lessons progress in a logical fashion from start to finish and the tutor never lapses into technoblarb, so beginners should feel at home.
On the other hand there is no real attempt to refer to the Protext manual, and the tutor doesn't encourage the viewer to switch off and practice a particular lesson. There’s no overview of what the beginner should have learned from each section,either.
In other words, there is little interaction between "pupil" and tutor, and unless you take the decision to switch off at various points yourself, the tutorial becomes one long sit-back-and-watch session. I don't want to end on a negative note.
The Protext tutorial video is a lot better than many I've seen, and would make a good investment for anyone determined to master the package's most difficult aspects.
Complex It attacks complex features in a simple and easy-to-follow fashion and, apart from not giving enough time to the really tricky bits, has a well balanced approach to its subject.
With a price tag of £24.95, however, I can't help thinking it will appeal more to the small business and training markets more than the dedicated home user, who will probably stick with what is a more than adequate manual in the first place.
Perhaps volume 2 will be an improvement?
The Protext tutorial video is a product of Premier Video Phone:061-790 1662 Price: £24.95 Available now Judging by the number of letters we receive from despairing readers which are really just tales of woe involving a variety of dot matrixed and bubble-jetted fiends, you'd think the average printer's mission in life was to cause as much misery as possible. In particular, the swarm of users who come to grief over graphic printing reaches holocaust-like proportions some months.
Frustrated TURBOprint Professional (TPP) is aimed at exactly these poor unfortunates and seeks to form a user friendly bridge between the frustrated human and the smugly recalcitrant heap of concentrated obstinacy more commonly referred to in rather more unrepeatable terms, which we'll call a printer for now. To an extent, it succeeds, but whether it is worth its £49.99 asking price is something I've a few doubts about. When run, the program sits in the background and is reset- proof (causing no end of alarm to the army of virus-checkers guarding my system). The user can ignore it
completely from then on as it intercepts all normal Workbench printer requests and uses its own printer drivers and preferences settings rather than the usual sorry Workbench lot. To configure TPP, there is an all-encompassing TURBOprint preferences program which, as it opens on a Workbench screen and has standard gadgets, should be familiar to anyone who's used the prefs program supplied with their machine. TPP prefs is split into four sections, covering printer driver selection and dithering modes, general prefs settings, colour control, and a snapshot screen saver facility.
22 For some unknown reason, the prefs default to using Workbench prefs and printer driver settings, so you'll have to run the TPP prefs program to switch over to TPP for your output. When you do, you'll have a generous supply of dithering options, driver selections for most popular printers, and comprehensive colour control.
With a lot of tweaking and experimenting, it is possible to set TPP to achieve quite impressive results with 24- pin printers and 24-pin colour models, but the improvement in performance isn't nearly as noticeable on a 9-pin .
Inky fingers A program that'll improve your printer's output? Stevie Kennedy takes a look There are drivers for laser printers, the Canon BJ-130, and HP Deskjet as well as dot matrix printers, and they all seem to work well, though only non-PostScript laser printers will benefit from TPP as PostScript achieves far better output than the program could ever aspire to.
Popular For users of 24-pin dot matrix printers and the increasingly popular BJ-130, TPP is probably a good buy as long as you are besotted with graphics or need better quality output than the Workbench drivers will supply, On the whole, though, the only part Of the package I will probably use for a while is the excellent screen saver, and for 9-pin users there's little point in shelling out for this program when you could sell your old printer and put the £50 towards a decent 24- FTT j pin. « A. J J TURBOprint Professional is a product of IrseeSoft Distributor: HB Marketing Phone: 0753 686000
Price: £49.95 Available now ompetition Give your Amiga a new lease of
* In V conjunction with First Choice Computers Owners of older
Amigas can't wait to p H 0 get their hands on the latest
version of Workbench, and A500 Plus owners would kill to make
their machines compatible with all existing games software.
With AMIGA Computing's help, you could do both at the flick of a switch!
The Phoenix ROM sharer, from First Choice Computers, fits inside your Amiga and accepts two Kickstart chips - your existing chip and the 2.04 or 1.3 chip you ? ? The questions M M
1. What does Kickstart stand for?
©The act of starting a motorbike in the morning © The Amiga's built-in operating system ©A special method used by Albanian sprint swimmers
2. What is the latest version of Kickstart?
©2.04 ©3.00 ©The one with the little orange blob on the top
3. How many plates of jelly and ice cream can you fit on top of a
Kickstart chip?
©2.56 ©None © Four, as long as you use small plates and don't wobble the jelly too much need to give your machine E N I X a dual identity.
When fitted, a neat little external switch is used to flick from one operating system to another. If a game doesn't work with your A500 Plus, just turn off the machine, flick the switch, and turn the Amiga back on again for instant 100 per cent compatibility. If you're sick of playing games, turn off the machine again, flick the switch, and boot up for Kickstart 2.04's excellent new features.
Nothing could be simpler!
Could you ever forgive yourself for spending £65 when you could win a sharer board and ROM chip for the price of a stamp? Get that Biro out and answer the simple questions below!
Make sure you Specify whether you have an old Amiga or one of the new A500 Plus machines. That way we'll know p finding out what was wrong. I discov- you have two colours, say red and onscreen to give the perceived colour 11,1 calculated this equation: :oburs on pallette int lo.of perceived colours sc half the resolution vertically and at these figures for the number of n interlace (640 x 512) gives you 20 X 256, and a Harlequin card (910 fO billion (approximately) at a resolu Paul Stevenson, Birmingham what sort of Kickstart chip to send you, and as there are five of each on offer, you'll
never have a better chance to catch up with the Joneses!
Win one of ten Phoenix ROM sharers and Kickstart 1.3 2.04 ROM chips in our system-swapping spectacular The first five correct entries in each category drawn from the bag will win the goodies! Closing date: April 2,1992.
Owners. There will be a riew idTTOT Workstation, called Workstation 2, available shortly, which will be 100 per cent compatible with the A500 Plus, and will include many new or revamped programs, including the long-awaited SID v2.00. SID leaves a process window open on the A500 Plus because Workbench 2 now attaches a process window - in this case a sort of read only Shell window - to many programs which previously opened without one. As you've noticed, this window can be shrunk to a fairly small box, but cannot be dispensed with until SID is closed down.
You should look on SID's process VcuH sMTfott at the rxw Workbench rtWrtut tfw cosr of Jrotf tte l«wauf option and u rwi, but ter tut
* youl aireoOy tort the fcrtsforf chft1 Please add £15 for
overnight delivery.
Ail system* are tested before despatch. ¦ Amiga A1500 vwth A2001 and £ 1049 On-alta maintenance optlona available. 5CMB Quantum 11ms autoboot ha d dsk ANIMATION C01 Mike Tyvae* C06 Brure L«' 021 WiitoDmwl' 016 Wilier Dntn II* 031 Pn*e Daw’ 016 F tpodnf Heal Ml Pujpui Spare M6 IrajDtnw 036 Ban Bee* Ml LeuddHadrO* 056 Fimllyi the Ry 071 G)tnu« Afonincn* 076 Aay Vs Wilier* OBI Shuttle Cock Atm* 066 Bun Buran Anm* 091 Strart d Cctcmn Anm 096 SuptiWaanAaun* 101 Mapoin A»mmanJ* III Batkahill AaimMa* 126 wap- 136 Hcfaliy Aauaka 146 a I SpcedupO* DEMOS 1ST Votial Worti 15* The Siltnh Demo 159 Crylared
Imipubm 165 Dfiul lmo ma« 167 Smn Vxtaon IM Ptxsoonu Mfp Demo ¦¦¦ a 15001 XT Bridge Board ? 20MB autoboot hard disk £1095!
A1500 with MM0 Quentum SutQbCet hprd dl*k £1049!
Why hot 6A)oy the free Talatazt databases with the MleroTast Teletext adspiot., Fully programmablo. With Fastest (ocility, instant access to i«st 10 pages double p*r,e view, teleeoftvrere loader, auto-st arV bee* ground operaaon . Peg** can spoken. Priniad as ASCII or graphics. Saved as ASCII or IFF And it turns your 1061 1064 8833 monitor into a ogital TV! Available now tor only £1441 170 Odcssey (5), 171 Brain Storm Mega Demo (2), 172 What Can You Do For Me (2), 173 Hardwired (2), 176 Seeing Is Believing IA253Q card 2SMHJ F PU 4M8 £1295 IA22M PC-AT board * 5r DRIVE £675 IA20M PC-XT board A
si’ drive £ 225 I C505I SMB Board 2MB installed £184 IA AM tor above, per 2M 6 „ £72 I Quantum ProOrtve 50MB nme £275 I Quantum ProOrtve lOOMB lime £425 I Quantum ProOrtve 200MB Hme £725 | A2091 card tor ProOrrve. 2MB OK £ 189 I RAM lor above per MB (max 2MB) £36 I External Drtva unit tor ProOrtve £ 95 ¦¦¦ | RAM tor AMO. 60na .per MB ... £36 | KCS PC Power Board _ £220 I SupraModcm 2400 Hayts AAfAO £ 115 I SupriMoOem 2400 Ptua MNP V42C185 I SuprjModam 2400H Ptua ntornal £ 169 I Multi Scan monitor u* 1024x788 £395 I A2320 Display Enhancer tor ebove£249 I HP DeskJet 500 mk|tt. 300 dpi £445 I HP
PaintJet colour ink|et 180 op £845 I Rendale 8902 Genlock _ £159 | Rendaie Super 4402 SVHS £525 | Rendale Prp Genlock m £575 IcolorBurat 24-otcard £569 I SuperPIc Geniodu'is-rea Ogitoer £495 I SkatehMaater i8«i2 owg tablet £495 1000 tpi. With stylus & 4-button cursor ¦ Amiga A3000-100,23MU SMB £2995 ¦ Amiga A3O0O S0. 25MIU 3MB £2795 ¦ Amiga A1SOO la'.est UK meaoi £625 ¦ Amiga A1500 as above £675 plus OpainO. Wortcs PiaBnum Me I Amiga AISOO vwfh A2088 PC-XT £825 bndgo board A 5f ask drive DEMOS 0C0 Akatru Me pi Dono (1) 007 Zed Demo Coup 19 012 Burton 1|2) 017 BudMbtll 022 Red Sector Don (2i
027 ImoGranpIjnofiil 032 Tie Ajlum FunSy
0. 0 aeoiSfcttnsO) DC Sakitu Similar M7 FbiCinfcdtttoe 052 Bout
Draw 057 Anndiy 116 Ptreled Pltaum 067 Btari Spun 072 Madam
Draw 077 Madam Slidahcm (82 YuStifntue (87 Tty to Min 092
Space Bails Derm Vf! Tod Cfltfuwn* 102 Qnbby Brosti 107 Ni
Boir, a Pun i .' I 112 Ncnck Dctno 3 (2) 117 No. * 12) 122
Ini-na! Return to ALFDono 10 WmlHMll 2)-(igcd 137 WWF Witsden
142 Gemun mtrxed Ro 147 litre*! Demo ()« Number m bracket*
00) Twsipiir B*»|2) 0(8 SupetmeSouA 013 Baderu Excellcnt 018
UejiCencm-Fsbmuc 023 Sufftfl* Siunls Vbl II 028 Rnver
Serft-Muuc 033 PunpuptheValiw
0) 8 NmvwxLif(tM ) (43 8)6 Sure Remtn m Whal tnte u bw7* 033 KLF
3AM Eiirml Mu
0) 8 m Lot Tom 063 Tktnomnir
1) 6 Aninnt Tuns 0(3) 073 Mel - Kim-Mslutra 078 Cm) Touch Tin 083
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1) 1 Confect Duk Player 103 Pet Sinji Itoyi Rnrct 1 108 Prt Shop
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Basic vi.3 109m ¦ AC Fortran 179 m ¦ APL 68000 level N v7 30
299 It ¦ Doe-2-Doe Mil ¦ Workbench 1.3 Ennencer 12 it ¦
SuperPtan ¦ SuperSasa Personal 2 ¦ ' Professional 4 ¦ "
Professional 3 I C44 Emulator v2 ¦ Doctor Ami ¦ Disk Mechanic
¦ OuartarBaek v4.3 ¦ Quarterback Tools ¦ Turbo Text ¦ AmlgaTex
¦ Excellence 2 ¦ Pagestream 2.1 Pro spreadsheet with buwnees
graphics. Dme planner 39 n RwaBonai delabaae power, without
programmngl 39 «s Much enhanced and w*h many new leaturee 224
ts Tho Rolls-Royce ol Amiga data bases* (NCE) 149 «s Don't
throw your C84 software away! 49 as Guru stopper disables bad
asu blocks snd RAM! 34 « Tune-up. Backup, salvage, plus new
Cll commands 44 ss The fatsiesi nerd dtsk backup unity 49 ts
Dak recovery end performance opwmaton 59 ts Extremely fast end
powerful text editor from Oiod 59 is Comprehensive typewlting
package Vp perfect Pvtr 1 109 is New improved verson .. Word
Perfect wflh graphics! 99.*s Many major new tealuree mcL
Agfa,1 Ado be fonts 139 as I Professional Page 2.0A Now wflh
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PageSefler 2 99 ss ¦ Professional Draw 2 Improvod verson
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Fast and intuitive ssruaured drawing 64 vs ¦ Pen Pal vi .3
Rev 18 £69 is ¦ Pagesetter 2 49 is ¦ TransWrtta Gold Oisk 29
at I Professional Pagt Clip Art 34 as I Workal Platinum
Eaoonvl. 10 Slit ¦ Professional Pig* Templates 34.se Ple-ise
add 65p for PAP. Moke Chequet Pmul Orders made payable to
Oll I ITT. ENGIjVND Overseas orders welcome, but please send
Euro cheque or Bankcrsdnitt with order with 30p EXTRA PER
DISK for PAP CATALOGUE DISK 60p or free with every order 5
disks or abpv?, 35mm Slides in 24 hours from £3.50!
Photographic Prints.
A4 A3 Colour Printing. £3-A4 £4-A3.
OHP's A3 Flip Charts.
Presentation Slides.
Slide, Photograph & Colour Print Titling.
Postscript Printing.
Fax Proofing.
Tight Time scales a Speciality.
Have prints of your Canon Ion Pictures!
Or IIS. Idco K. N lU i.iin.is Mill lruiiH- .
¦¦¦ CREATIVITY mugly recalcitrant heap of concentrated bstinacy more commonly referred to in ather more unrepeatable terms, which e'll call a printer for now. To an extent.
¦¦¦ ALL PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY AND 17f% VAT ¦ Otglvlew Gold v4 0 ? OlpPaint £89 as ¦ Turbo Silver v3.QA 89 as ¦ I msolne _ 189 .as army of virus-checkers guarding my system). The user can ignore it completely from then on as it intercepts all normal Workbench printer requests and uses its
- Simply send In your disk, with a list of picture numbers you
want developed.
- Your disk and choice of output will be returned to you within a
RATES: 24 36 pictures - Just Negatives .XIO.OO C 12.00 24 36 pictures - Mounted Slides.. ....£12.00 C 15.00 6x4 prints x 24 .. ,,,£,18.00 6x4 prints x 36 .X20.00 Individual 6x4 prints start at £2.00 WF. ALSO HANOI F OUTPUT TO VIDEO FROM COMPUTER (iRAPHUX OS22 529925 FaxAfodem: 0522 568688 ; BWT All Slides Jio 40UO lines shot tin IukLiL I ktachromr rand 2 Yicioritl St., developed in ;i professional lab set
up for that flint iy|H ;|» ( F ir itll’ Ime.ise phone tor discounts on lai orders. 1.1II CO III Ite.tse add 11.5(1 lo all orders, any si e, lor I'frl* I N I 1 H U Technical HelpfZl one from the Abacus series, yet to me it reads like it was written by a superexpert who forgets that the rest of us aren't as gifted, Can you recommend anything that would help?
Vaughan Molkin, Dunedin, New Zealand From what you say, it sounds like you have Abacus's Amiga Mochine Language.
If that is true, then you already have probably the most approachable machine code guide I've seen.
Admittedly, though aimed at the beginner, the book does jump in with both feet in places, but the subject Is so huge and complex there’s no avoiding a bit of head-scratching.
You could try Jake Commander's Amiga Assembly Language Programming, available from Computer Manuals on (+44) 21 706 6000. As phoning from New Zealand is rather pricey, the company can be reached at SO james Road, Tyseley, BIRMINGHAM B11 2BA. The reference number for the above book is
4642. But I'd advise you to stick with the Abacus book and keep
hammering away at it. With machine code, this is usually
the only way to leam the language.
Out of puff?
Cracking up?
‘re here to help!
Write to ACAS, Amiga Computing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP Save your saes please - we can't reply personally Workstation worry Please can you help? I've recently sold my A500 in favour of an A5Q0 Plus, and have checked my software collection for possible incompatibility problems. To my horror, my games mostly worked OK, but my favourite utility disk, Workstation, did not!
The computer started to read the startup-sequence and all appeared fine until just after the SETCLOCK OPT LOAD line, when a crash took place. I loaded an old version of SID and set about the task of finding out what was wrong. I discovered that the line OPENLQOK NIL was causing the problem, deleted it, and my Workstation disk now works fine.
One last gripe: when I open SID on my A500 Plus, it leaves a huge $ ID PROCESS WINDOW onscreen when I shrink SID down. Can I do anything about this or close it down?
B I Bouse, Colchester Don’t worry about Workstation. When the original disk was compiled, Workbench 2.04 was a dream only A3QQ0 owners could realise, and the disk was aimed at Workbench 1.3 A500 owners. There will be a new version of Workstation, called Workstation 2, available shortly, which will be 100 per cent compatible with the A500 Plus, and will include many new or revamped programs, including the long-awaited SID v2.00. SID leaves a process window open on the A500 Plus because Workbench 2 now attaches a process window - in this case a sort of read-only Shell window - to many programs
which previously opened without one. As you've noticed, this window can be shrunk to a fairly small box, but cannot be dispensed with until SID is closed down.
You should look on SID's process window as a bonus, as it will display any error messages generated by pro- ?
Basically, it's this - if you have two colours, say red and blue, you dither them onscreen to give the perceived colour of purple. So what? Well, I calculated this equation: 6* tt= * O = No. Of colours on pallette
1. 6 = constant x = Actual no.of perceived colours OK, fair
enough you lose half the resolution vertically and
horizontally, but look at these figures for the number of
colours! HAM mode in interlace (640 x 512) gives you
10,485,760 colours at 320 x 256, and a Harlequin card (910 x
576) gives you 175,000 billion (approximately) at a resolu
tion of 455 x 288.
Poul Stevenson, Birmingham Er... ah... yes. Bending too low over the turps perhaps?
MED medley The two features I like the most about your CoverOisk are Tune of the Month and Came of the Month. I enjoy the tunes so much I decided to create a Tune of the Month “Hits Disk", but when I tried to drag the icons across to my disk, the tunes no longer worked even though they appear to have copied properly.
What have I done wrong?
Would it be possible to save the Came of the Month to a new disk each month to save all that disk swapping when I play my favourite games? I'm new to this CU lark, so please make the answer idiot- proof.
Terry tdword, Blairgowrie Most of our tunes are written in MED and require the MedPlayer utility to be present In the disk's C: directory.
However, you don't have to mess about with CU to create a compilation disk.
What you must do is copy a recent CoverDisk, then boot from ft. Open the main disk window, and delete all the directories you can see. To do this, click once on the icon, then select Discard from the Workbench pulldown menu (A5QQ Plus owners can use Delete on the Icons menu).
Once all the directories have gone, you should have an auto-booting disk, complete with C; directory and MedPlayer, and about 600k free space, which is enough to hold four or five tunes of the month.
The tunes should now work fine just by double clicking on their icons.
Pleasant listening.
Beginner's book I am having trouble finding books that explain machine code at the level of the beginner. A lot of books are either so crammed that I drown in technicalities, or so simplistic that the author's intuitive leap in logic leaves me slack jawed!
The best book I have found isn't even for 68000 processors, but for the IBM PC' The book I do have for the Amiga is the Unfortunately, during the recent recession. I was forced to sell my beloved Amiga, but being a dedicated Amiga artist I've kept up with the latest tech stuff by buying Amiga Computing. Anyway, while I Still had my Amiga, I found a way to get that extra colour out of Hires even though my memory wouldn't permit me to do so.
? ?
Recession digression IE3Technical Help y grams you run using SID and can be very useful when trying to figure out what a program does when run from CLI rate as a mouse or graphics tablet.
Secondly, buy the Cenitizer tablet from Datel and don't waste any more time looking for an alternative. We tested a few tablets last year, and the Datel unit was easily the best.
There are only a handful of tablets which have Amiga driver software in any case, and the Datel is easy to use, pretty accurate, and comes with a Dpalnt template to make things even easier for users of that package.
Rumblings in RAM Having had my wonderful Amiga for almost two years now using it almost exclusively for music (thanks to MED), and graphics (thanks to Dpaint), I have just recently wandered into AmigaDQS
1. 3, and have encountered a few prob- A3000 vs 486 I've had an
A500 for two years now, but have now come to the point where I
want a big and powerful machine for my personal use and my
father's business. I will later be studying computer systems
engineering at university, so I need something I can use for
homework as well. My first thought was to buy an A3000, but I
had a Chat With my lecturer at college and he thought me
completely bonkers for having even considered it.
Many people I have spoken to have said the Amiga is a nice personal computer but no good for serious purposes, for which I'd need a PC. I know how brilliant a machine the A3000 is, but suppose It's a waste of money?
A 486DX 33MHz PC with double the hard drive space and 8Mb of RAM will cost me just over £2,000, whereas an A3000 will cost £3,000. Which machine is better overall, and will the Amiga last as long as the PC?
Tam Frangoutlides, London There are two very important points to note In any argument over power and price between the A3QQ0 and the supposedly "faster but cheaper" Pcs.
The 486 machine you mention will probably be based on Industry Standard Architecture (ISA), which allows a 32-bit bus between processor and motherboard memory, but which will offer only 16-bit expansion slots.
The Amiga 3000's design is entirely 32- bit, which is why 24- and 32-bit frame buffers such as Harlequin work so well with the machine.
Having said that, the A3000 is too expensive, a result of Its being produced by only one manufacturer. In the PC world, where hundreds of PC manufacturers are fighting for a slice of the cake, prices have been dropping like trousers at a house of ill repute, and users can expect to pick up powerful equipment for silly prices.
The danger is that many manufacturers have been cutting corners to the extent that our sister magazine, PC Todoy, ran an editorial in their February issue on the subject of sub standard or unreliable machines. The same cannot be said for the A3000.
With Commodore's machine you get a reliable and fast Quantum hard drive, Commodore's own monitor, and solid build quality. You also get an operating system (Workbench 2.04) which the PC can't come close to. Seven years after the release of the Amiga 1000 and Its revolutionary operating system, Windows 3 and MS-DOS $ .0 still cannot offer the sort of multitasking which has served as the heart and soul of the Amiga since 1985.
For standard, everyday business uses, the PC486 is probably a better buy than the A3000, but if you're after true 32-bit quality and a modem computer with an operating system to match you still can't do better than the Amiga. It's your money.
Tablet trouble I would like to buy a light pencil or drawing tablet as I find it very hairy drawing lines in freehand with the mouse. Datel Electronics make one, but I can't seem to locate any other makers of the devices, Could you please help me out?
Mortyn Bater, Briilol First of all, don't bother with light pens. They're nowhere near as accuTurning monitors into TV screens I've read in several publications that it is possible to connect a computer monitor to a video recorder instead of using a TV tuner, and in that way receive TV signals on the monitor. My A500 is linked to a Philips CM8833 and as it is set up in my bedroom I would like to use the monitor as a second TV.
I also have an old Akai VS-112EK VCR which has given up the ghost as far as recording and playback are concerned, but which can still be used as a receiver. Would you advise me on which cables and connectors need to be made or bought, beanng in mind that my monitor will also be used as my Amiga's VDU?
Dave Penny, London For about 18 months now. I've had exactly the same setup at home as you describe above, and apart from the jumble of cables resulting from it, I've never had any problems. Unfortunately, you didn't say which model of CM8833 you are using.
Some are equipped with Scart sockets, while the newer models have nine-pin RGB connectors. The only difference to your setup will be the sort of cable you'll need.
With the Scart option, the only other piece of equipment you'll need is a monitor sharer, such as the Trilogic box, to avoid having to change connectors every time you want to use the monitor as a TV (phone Trilogic on 0274 678062).
The lead from VCR to Scart box will have to have a Scart on one end to connect to the switch box, and at least audio and video outs of a standard phono type on the other end. I bought a lead like this from Lewis's video department, but they should be available from most decent video shops.
Plug the video and audio outs to the relevant phono sockets on the back of the VCR, then plug the Scart connector to your Scart sharer box. The sharer box will have a connection to your Amiga's 23-pin RGB socket, so plug this in and you have the inputs all sussed out.
• Mil M Kmt mmmtm
* *******
• • KMI mAr tap Mil i«Ur Output from the box should be by way of
a Scart to Scart cable to connect to the CM8833, or a Scart to
nine- pin RGB if you have the newer CM8833. Make sure the cable
has audio leads separate to the Scart plug at one end or you'll
have no sound on the monitor.
As long as the video recorder is turned on and its channel controls tuned in, you should be able to jump between your Amiga's display and a TV station by pressing the button on the sharer box. If you have a VCR whose channel selectors can be changed from a remote control unit, you will have effectively doubled up your CM8833 as a remote-controlled TV.
As an added bonus, the CM8833 has a very sharp picture when used for TV purposes, and is as good as many high quality portables.
Lems. When copying a file to RAM and then to another disk, the file sometimes seems not to have copied. If I am copying a directory all is fine, and the same goes for files that aren't in a directory.
However, if I want to Copy, say, PPShow from the C; directory to another disk, I have to go through about ten annoying disk swaps instead of copying it to RAM first.
My second problem is a little more straightforward. How do I change the default of an icon? I have tried doing this in Huge, but when I save the icon and reload it, it isn't there, just the writing underneath. I can't click on nothingness!
Lee Kirk Pagan, London Your problems with copying are probably down to one of two things. Either you’re sending the file to a location from which you cannot identify it, or you're trying to copy from RAM without the correct commands being available.
The former would arise in the case of C: directory files because they have no icons and are invisible unless you DIR every drawer on the disk or do a LIST DFQ; ALL. You may have successfully copied the files to the wrong drawer, and then concluded that, because you can't find them, they haven't copied properly. To copy a file called MyFile from C: to another disk called NEWDISK without its own C: directory, you would use the following sequence of commands: (0 C: COPY RYFILE TORN: COPY COPY 10 RM: COPY mm TO RAH: COPY CO TO RAH: CO RAH: at this point you'd eject your disk and insert NEWDISK:
AAKEDIR NEVDISK:C COPY RYFILE TO REVDiSKiC Now swap disks again and type CD SYS: to go back to your point of departure. Long-winded, perhaps, but unavoidable if you have a 1.3 machine and only a single drive.
As for your problems with Huge, you seem to be failing to specify what area of graphic the icon will comprise when saved.
On the Huge editing screen, when Save has been selected and you've confirmed the name the icon is to be saved under, you must then dick and drag with your mouse to outline the area which will comprise the icon.
This is because Huge doesn't know if you've changed the brush or added stuff to the bottom, or so on. As long as you outline your box as soon as you confirm your save filename, your icon will be perfectly visible.
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ON On ON ir] ir] TT N rj fN ’¦+* fa* c« «?« S O' 'O ON c* U
*5 E n u ¦* “C O © SC S U ,0 ON u a Cm On a oc c*« - £ QJ a ©
at fi.
£ *u r C 3 a W ,
- fa E u £ z w 3 £ N 3 0 3 •5 51 at J= h o ca E vp u at oc £ j= c
3 ¦*-* z cc ~ o AM i
o at r c*« U ~ = • ¦” L 3 O 7 3 J X at it e X Itj E a u tt Mfa
X •c .
P- C £ 3
• ?
"5 C 3 “ S oc 5 ” I 15 X u o 2 zi IS !s Q. -+ 3 .o c oc E -m c- 15
• 'T N fS *= & VI ; CU
• N4 U U 0 ind OC 98 Vi » * ? S i tas « : fa o © 73 £ a at Q
«j £ 01 X c W c 3 3 s U tt) « a fa « u * 3 fa n ’_ JC o E a
A S u r J= 0 - ( ; ,0 at U-.
Fa 3 a. 0 o oc c J X
* -
* * £ (N i s •= £ « 35 Hta a u. -a: ir, qoo dorit need to
digitise in block+fclhite.
M M dorit need to keep jour subject still % tjou don't need a colour wheel or colour splitter Jont need a perfect freeze fame VCC.R PHOTOGRAPHY BY PETER BEAL RRP £499.00 JCL Real Time Colour Video Digitiser 64,000 Colour Framestore Display
• •Now with S-VHS Input** CVB5 UHF TV Output and Cabaret Software
Colour Video Digitiser 64,000 Colour Framestore Display and
RCB CVBS Genlock Now with Cabaret Software and
* •* 3 Button Optical Mouse *** RRP £699.00 Top of the Range Real
Time Colour Video Digitiser with many new features including
S-VHS and RGB Inputs Framestore Amiga Display Switch Animate
and New Cabaret Plus Software JCL BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED a
mgm ["pi 71 St. John's Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9TT,
England 8mb I JsLj Tel: 0892 518181 Fax: 0892 511772 Tel (Int):
+44 892 518181 Fax (Int): +44 892 511772 on the Amiga (1 Meg
only) “American Football Coach is a good game...It's certainly
worth a look as the game play is superior to many full-blown
simulations. I’ll end by saying that it’s extremely tough to
have a winning season because the Al (artificial intelligence)
definitely plays hardball. Are you tough enough?” -
get LONDON’S name printed on the trophy in 5 years against some
of the best coaches ever on the Amiga.
YOU HAVE important information via SKILL RATINGS (that work) and comprehensive match & season STATISTICS (that Inform).
YOU WILL SEE, on our special chalkboard, every play of every match of every season and YOU pick the players for EVERY play.
Kick Offs... Punts... Runbacks... Fumbles... Dropped Catches... Sacks... Blitzes... Safeties... Bootlegs... Defensive Line Shift... Runs... Reverse Runs... Interceptions etc. etc. but most of all you will get Realism... every play is a challenge in itself... no matter how good you are or get}? You will NEVER be sure of winning here... but when you do... it’s a real achievement... winning the title in season 5 has been done, but only by the very best.
On the Amiga (1 Meg only) GUIDE YOUR CHOSEN COUNTY TO THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Up to 18 player game...play against human or tough, tough, Computer opposition...each match takes about 90 minutes to play (at 40 overs level) but you can play any number of overs against human opposition...THOUGHT PROVOKING STRATEGIC, GAMEPLAY...but little time to think...Ball by Ball text based commentary with appeals HEARD and SHOWN graphically...GAMBLE option to take quick singles if you need them ...3 types of wicket...pick BOWLERS to suit. Full scoreboard information for decision making...change all tactics
every ball if needed. VERY REALISTIC responses to your Gameplay. Very little luck involved...Best tactics usually Win. To get your copy of either game send cheque PO for £9.75 incl p&p and we will post within 24 hours of money clearance. Or £18.50 for the two games!!
- Amiga Computing April 1992 Your
Address ....
GWENT NP5 4QN TEL: 0600 860706 .....
Postcode Please tick game s ordered 40 Over
Cricket ? American Football ? Neither game is copy protected -
you can play any number of seasons GENLOCK LTD Metcom House,
Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan. Lancashire, WN6 OXQ TEL: (0257)
472866 472887 FAX: (0257) 426577 AdSCSJ2080 Eureka IMB
Expansion A500 Eureka 4MB Expansion A500 Internal 4MB ram card
for Amiga A5QQ.
Supports battery backed up dock and Enable and disable switch. Chip and fast ram upgrades selectable. Memory test software and fitting instructions included. 256K x 4 bit. 100 ns or faster DRAM.
2MB Populated Only £99.09 4MB Populated Only £169.99 100% Amiga A501 compatible. Easy to install inside the A 500.512K Fast ram Battery backup real time clock on board. Enable and disable switch. Small 4 chip compact design.
£24.99 Eureka 8MB Expansion A500 CP10 PAL Encoder The CPI0 Pal encoder is a device that allows you to store all images onto video tape in three formats, composite video. HI 8 and S-VHS. Just imagine all your presentation from your favourite graphic software, business graphics, charts and even desktop publishing pages arc all acceptable material, With theCPlQyou can simply record there onto video tape as you create them without any quality loss. Only £149.99 _ External 8MB ram expansion for Amiga A500. Full implemented auto configuring.
Standard I MB x 8 or IMB x 9 simm modules. External power supply unit included.
Memory test software included. Pass through bus design. High performance zero wait-states.
Amiga Mouse MJDJ Interface Electronic Design Genlock ¦ ¦¦¦ High performance SCSI hard drive offering all the features and performance you would expect from a Supra product. Support of upto 9 megabytes of ram. Low profile 11 ms zero noise hard drive. Small compact side fitting drive. Performance that leaves all competitors in the dark age. Bus pass through the SCSI out. External SCSI address selector.
Superb software with auto format and backup software.
Supra 45M B 20milli auto park 049.99 Supra 52M B 11 milli auto park £399.99 Supra 106MB 11 milli auto park £499.99 Built in high performance Phillips pal encoder enable perfect video fades. External colour, contrast and hmminancc controls allow total control toenhance video input. The built in RG B splitter allows digitised images to be grabbed from camera or recorder and fed through the genlock. Key inverter allows foreground and background to be switched in and out Full superimposing with keyhole effect. PAL Genlock £349.99 Also available to suppon Hi-8, S-VHS £449.99 AdlDE delivers
incredible speed and performance in a very small package. Features include auto- booting from Fast File System partitions. A-Max II suppon and more.
Card only £169.99 40MB£299.99 52MB £349.99 105MB £449.99 Internal & Externalfloppy High performance S-VHS genlock with built in fader, key inverter. Studio quality results from a unit that has no competition at its price. Used by the French television studios and gives breathtaking quality at VHS - S-VHS level. Fully modular so that frame freeze and multi colour keying through chroma keys can be added. Total control use the video with colour, contrast and luminance. Built in RGB spliiter. £649.99_ _ 256K x 4 DRAMS £4.99 I MB x 1 DRAMS £4.99 1MB x 9 Simms £44.99 RAM Super-Card Ami II is a
hardware and software backup system that plugs into your Amiga’s disk drive port. Features include: - Fast DOS copies: copy in Amiga Dos disk in 45 seconds Verify option: The only hardware copier capable of verifying data!
Parameters: duplicates disk pro* tection exactly. Gets rid of protections schemes. £44.99 11 H High quality MI Dl interface connects directly with the Amiga serial port. One MI Dl in. Two MI Dl out and thru. Only £24.99 ~A Ini© 157 T© ©ST ©OT ©IF AMIQA IfPQJJIFt Eureka RAM Cards for A500: 512KB. 2MB. 4MB Omni boot Selector for A500 & A2000; Easy booting from DFO, DF1, DF2 3 Bus Mouse: Opto-mechanical, 300dpi, 1100mm per second MIDI Interlaces lor A500 & A2000: Opto-isolated. One MIDI "In", two MDI "Out" & "Through" LCD Game: Sophisticated sound effects We look forward to inquiries trom OEMs
and Importers!
0MN1-EURBA ELECTRONICS CORP. 6F-2 No5 Wu-Chuorv1 ftd. Ksm-Chuang City. Tawan ROC.
Tel 886-2-2995724-886-2-2995825 FAX 886-2-2995723 NORTH-EAST A M
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N A ii i, 1 aI 3 Tl i A 1 II n it "Delta Pi Sofauone Atd 8 Ruswarp Lane, WHITBY, N. Yorks Y021 1ND TEL FAX: 0947 600065 (9am - 7pm) MasterCard . 7 fti ii a n ii a n a ii a n n a n a ii a it a n a n a n a n a n a n a n a n a n a n a n a The naywulft Antony Heod Calling all artists!
IkuU- Antony Head Come on you lot, get mouse to mat and start drawing, Send your entries to; Britain') Bnt Amiga Gallery, Amiga Computing, turopa Houx Adlinglon Park, MACCtfSflllD, SK10 4NP Don't forget to write a few lines about yourself and what formal the picture(s) are in. Remember, we don't want scanned or digitised pictures don't send them, because you won't win a thing Amiga Computing pril 1992 1 33 4 * v All: fruit - Mori In £3b. W Madonna - ft Wiley Sponsored by 1:1.. C7l»w NIC t l 7 5 Jonathan Maddock enters the plethora of digitised technicolor that we call The Gallery This
month s winner Innovation House, Albany Park, Frimley, Surrey, GUI5 2PL.
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ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT & P&P UK ORDERS ONLY DISK STORAGE BOXES EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENT ORDERS WELCOME 24 HOUR OROERLINE 0597 851 784 ALL DISKS 100% CERTIFIED ERROR FREE P rofileTT* The creation of overcome if it wants to compete with the likes of broadcast 3D systems rendering 24-bit 3D images in a matter of seconds.
The output quality is already there, but in a commercial environment speed is essential.
Hopefully the latest generation of 24- bit boards will address the problem thanks to the new Texas graphics chip which is already available on Progressive's Rembrandt board and reports to render any 24-bit image within 25 seconds.
Standard Another point raised by Richard was the need for a 24-bit standard to which all the boards could prescribe. Here again there is hope on the horizon in the form of Sage, an industry standard proposed by Progressive Peripherals and Digital Micronics at a recent meeting of American software developers.
If this new format is taken up by the After the usual gruelling train journey from "up north", I found myself in the heart of "let's do lunch" country. Once an infamous hotbed of vice and promiscuity, now the domain of media moguls and spritzer-guzzling yuppies, Soho has hardly changed at all.
After removing my cap and discarding the whippet it was time to face the men and women behind the images which daily invade every living room in the land.
The Original Graphics Company were the reason for this particular excursion - an outfit who are spearheading the Amiga's introduction into broadcast TV.
Still the ugly sister in the eyes of many production companies, the Amiga has had to fight hard for its place in perhaps one of the most elitist markets in the world.
After all, if you'd just spent a few hundred thousands on dedicated hardware, the news that what you considered to be a games machine could achieve much the same for a fraction of the cost isn't likely to leave you beaming from ear to ear.
To find out more on both the com- solitary chip! Once an industry standard does emerge, Original Graphics plan to turn all their machines into 24-bit workstations. Only time will tell... At present the Amiga is still only a relatively small part of Original's repertoire, but given the enhanced speed and profu- ?
Industry, the Amiga could soon become its premier video graphic workstation, thanks to Sage's ability to provide support for the new generation of boards which carry the latest Texas chips.
If the hype is to be believed, these chips boast half the processing power of The Original Cray super-computer on a Catchphrase pany and its ground-breaking approach to the business I Spoke to Richard Burn, the man behind The Original Graphics Company. I asked him what triggered the Paul Austin sneaks into Soho and discovers the Amiga at the heart of a revolution in broadcast television Amiga's entrance into the very top flight of art and design.
He mentioned two primary reasons why an Amigan invasion seems likely.
First is the 24-bit explosion which has revolutionised the output of the machine, and secondly the economic climate which has cut deep into the budget of both TV companies and advertisers alike.
Production cost is now equally as important as quality and as the Amiga can offer the best of both worlds, it's going to become the ideal vehicle for the commercial artist.
A perfect illustration of the changing times are broadcast paint systems, formerly the essential tool of the commercial artist and costing anywhere between £70,000 and £80,000. Now a good deal of their expensive output can be matched by an Amiga, an accelerator, and a 24-bit board combination costing only a fraction of the price of even a second-hand system.
Unfortunately, there's a stumbling block which the machine will have to Amiga Computing April 1992
- _ Profile make, with the possible exception of Andy Crane.
Other notables include a mammoth eight-minute sequence depicting the evolution of the universe, screened over the Christmas period as part of an Equinox production entitled Unravelling the Universe.
More regular work includes titling and animation on Mid-Week Sports Special for Thames, plus weekly news graphics for LWT as well as countless other smaller productions.
All of the above add to the staple diet of advertising and design work for TVS.
The Original Graphics Company were.
Sion of 24-bit cards under a single, unifying format, the potential is limitless.
A*ter reminiscino on the rise and fall of various machines and the ever-declining fortunes of Our country's economy, it was time to look back at the recent successes which make The Original Graphics Company one of the names in the business.
Perhaps the most famous example of their work is the award-winning Motormouth title sequence which recently clinched the Best Title Award at Computer Graphics 91. Apparently, the characterisation of the objects is loose'y based on the presenters themselves - a connection which I find difficult to ageing system, but Since the Amiga was suggested as a replacement for the American system and with the program now entering its eighth series, the marriage appears to be a Happy one. So now you know who's to blame for the ever-present Mr Chips and that immortal line 'It's gooood, but it's not
Ardent The culmination of their three months of ardent animation is one solid week of shooting during which all the shows for the entire series are shot. By all accounts the process is an expertly planned logistical exercise, with contestants being moved in and out every hour, perpetually ready to join once more in mental combat with the next opponent.
It remains for me to thank The Original Graphics Company for their cooperation, coffee and friendly conversation. With the naturally expansive nature of the Amiga’s architecture and the assistance of companies such as Original Graphics, the machine's future at the very top flight of commercial i;r J video oraphics is assured. F.M .» J Ooopps... I'm afraid it's time for an apology. In last month's Art Special, Careth Morgan of The Original Graphics Company was credited for the creation of the company's award-winning MotorMouth title sequence.
In fact this is not the case. The creator is in fact Richard Squires, another employee of the company and the real man behind the masterpiece. Although Careth Morgan did play a part in its production it was in purely a Supportive role.
We must stress that it was a case of crossed communication and apologies once more to both Richard, Careth and Original Craphics for any confusion it may have caused.
Disposing of between 60 and 80. All are lo res 32 colour creations running at five frames per second. It's perhaps not the best format in which to display the Amiga's graphic, but it's the format the producers like, and one which has been successfully employed since the show's conception in the States. Also, it has the added benefit of being relatively conservative on both storage, loading time and RAM.
The next burning question was - who's responsible for the phrases themselves, and how are these seeds cultivated into a finished anim?
The actual themes for the anims are provided Simon Ross, brother of Jonathan and the inspiration behind many a UK game show. These ideas are then worked up into potential anims during i meeting between Original Graphics and TVS. When all parties arc happy, the production cycle can begin, with Jonny and his team putting mouse to mat on their mammoth task.
To avoid repetition, Jonny has written a SuperBase 4 utility database which keeps track of all the anims in their immense library. Any anim in the collection can be located in seconds by simply typing in the anim title or even just part of it. Once located, the anim can be loaded internally or directed to a specific artist on the network.
I asked whether there are any plans to update the anims within the show, jonny suggested that there may be the odd bit of morphing and translucency courtesy of Dpaint4, but this ts a program which Jonny and his two-man production team didn't have an awful lot of praise for - putting it very politely.
If you have die skfls and want to break into the glamorous world of commercial TY, Original Graphics are always on the look out for new talent.
If you've got what it takes put a selection of your best work onto video and send it in.
Don't be put off if you're a humble Dpaint user, as all the prospective show reels I saw were compiled at least in part with the assistance of this paint package. Having said that, do scrutinise your work closely before you apply for the job. If you can't match or perhaps even better existing commercial art you almost certainly won't make the grade.
Send your entries to: The Original Graphics Co., § Golden Square, London W1R3AF in fact, formerly the station's own interna! Graphics department, but they threw caution to the wind and went independent in March 1990.
If there's one thing which brought the Amiga and Original Graphics together it was Catchphrase, a programme which Original Graphics have been jointly involved in for the last three series, even before their split in the spring of 1990.
As with almost all game shows, Catchphase is a trans- Atlantic import which has been customised for the UK market. Originally the show was produced in the States using an Another Impressive still from the ovronf winning Motormotith sequence how it's done Artists required... AMIGA Computing April 1992 136 FIRST CHOICE LEEDS TEL: 0532 637988 w FAX: 0532 637689 Co co & NEW OPENING HOURS west Yorkshires premiere OPEN MON - SAT 9.30AM-5.30PM AMIGA AND ATARI COMPUTER STORE SUNDAY OPENING 11.00AM-3.00PM AUTHORISED DEALERS FOR STAR, CITIZEN, THURSDAY NIGHT LATE 9.30AM-7.30PM COMMODORE, ACORN, ROMBO &
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now only £24.99 PLEASE ADDRESS ALL CORRESPONDANCE TO : DEPTm, UNIT8ARMLEY PARK COURT, OFF CECIL STREET, LEEDS, LSI2 2AE Clever use of Arexx functions will turn your computing chores into a breeze: Tne general uses of scripts macros fall into two oroao categories (macro and script are fairly inter* cnangeaoie words, although "macro' usually refers to smaller functionHike programs). First are those which are complete programs in themselves
- anything from simple file management utilities all the way to
complex applications. Secondly, those that act as sub-programs,
ana may be called to perform a useful function from anywhere.
Not only is it possible to have functions in your Arexx macros, Put macros themselves can serve as functions, if you so wish! Any Arexx program can pe called from any other as a sub-program. This may be either a function or a command, as we will see later.
Arexx 140 Brighten up the way you interact with your Amiga, with the help of the boundary-breaking Arexx language Over time, you will build up a ejection of useful scripts to deal with your routine work, many of which will be Dased arouno functions. The beauty of this is that the will be available from your familiar environment at any time. No need to k ad up an interpreter or to struggle with AmigaDQS- You can type them in from the Cll, or even launch them from an icon. Witn Arexx-compatioie applications, their power is at your fingertips without even leaving your application program!
DTV 143 24-bit bliss is possible without mortgaging your granny, and this is only Just the beginning... PROGRAMMING 145 You'll be an expert in explosions and a bigwig in bleeps after the final part of Margaret Stanger's mini-series on programming Your imagination is the only limit on how to use Arexx - a statistical function to do summations, calculator style? A customised front-end with requesters and menus? A text reformatter for MS- DOS text flies? A complex file-managernent operation? A simple graphic screen? You name it!
MUSIC 147 In fact there are four basic levels of function in Arexx. When a function is called, the system searcnes for it in the following order Patch editing is a lot easier when you can enlist a computer to help you. Paul Austin looks at an Amiga solution
1. Internal functions defined within tne program
2. Built-in functions
3. Support libraries function noss CGMMS 149 Cut your phone bills
with the help of an archiver or de-acchiver - every cdmms
fan’s monetary lifeline!
4. External programs macros Within any macro the function names
are all global. You therefore have to be careful that your
functions are uniquely named. Otherwise the system will use
the first definition it finds. For instance, if you have a
support library function called tanO, and you define an
internal function with the same name, then the internal one
will be used!
Tnere are two ways to use functions in Arexx.
One is to use the instruction CALL, followed by the the name of the function and its parameters. Tne parameters may themselves oe expressions that get evaluated. Tne value is then returned in a special giooal variable caiied RESULT.
The function may also be used directly as part of an expression, eg a=tan(45) or say reverse ("abracadabra"). This Is fairiy standard behaviour, as you would expect from any language.
When writing functions of our own, whether these are external macros or internal functions, we will need to know how to pass data to them and now the result is returned. Now let's examine each of the four types of function mentioned above.
Internally-defined functions are defined ’within a program by the use of a label clause - ie the name of the function followed by a colon. The values supplied to a function can be read using the ARC instruction or the ARGO function (there is no limit to the number of parameters that can be suppiiea to an internal function). The function exits and returns a value to the main program via the Return instruction: 7* Exaipve 1. Use of a function (hypot) - calculate the Ion, side of J Mstt-anjle triwgle froi :ae o::er trt l«n§:ss * call ftypotv'4,3) say result exit tiypOf: function LtbtL *7 srj
s",,i2 I* reac :a tne paroctcrs *7 Lea = scrt(s1*s1«s2*s2) * asscae s$ r: is defined *7 return lea In the aoove example we used the ARG instruction to reac values into our function. We could also have used the built-in function ARGO, where tne parameter given to ARGO returns the corresponding variable. ARGO can also oe used without arguments, in which case it returns tne number of arguments to a function (in the above example, two). Tne above program could abo be written: 7* Example 1 v.2 *7 j»y hypo:U,3) exit typot: sl=ars(1) ; s2iarg(2 return scrtisl'il’rf’s?)
The Exit instruction is used to mark the end of the main program.
Tnere is still one more aspect of internally- defined functions to be discussed. When a function is normally defined, as described above, all tne variables it uses are giooal - if tneir value is altered, it is altered throughout the program.
Tne instruction PROCEDURE will make ail the variables in a function private to that function (it is also possible to nave mixed private and global variables by using the keyword EXPOSE after the PROCEDURE instruction). This allows recursion to be used in Arexx programs. We will not deal with this in detail at the moment, but the following example should serve to illustrate: 7* Exaaple 2 - Procedures • v»r 1 s fit ; var2 = 222 «c3 = tcstfoG) say va.-l var2 var3 exit tesffh: P20CEH2E EXPOSE var2 varl = 4U 1 irj(l) var2 = 555 • argCI) return war* Tne output of this is n 116651 332.
8uilt-in functions are part of the language itself, and include functions like ARGO, ADDRESSO- whicb returns the current host address, ADDUBQ- for adding support libraries, tne format conversion functions, the bit-manipulation functions, the Arexx system functions and so on.
Arexx can use special libraries of functions to extend its capabilities. One of these, rexxsupport-library, is provided as pah of tne package. These libraries reside in libs:, but are not the same as standard Amiga shared lioraries. Writing tnem is a job for system programmers, and out of Arexx the scope of the average user. However, there are many extremely useful and freely distributable libraries already available. They include system functions, graphic functions, and scientific functions. One of these, rexxmathlib.fibrary »S included on this month's Cov?rDi$ k, and wifi allow you to
use advanced math functions from Arexx.
Interacting with your computer can be made easy with Arexx functions. Alex Gian shows you how Competition for Arexx?
A new US utility called HotLinks looks set to provide Arexx with its first serious challenge as a tool for interprocess communications. The first package to be shipped with HotLinks support is the excellent PageStream 22, and if the utility is adopted by other manufacturers the prospects for Arnica inter-program wheeling and dealing could be radically imoroved.
Packages with HotLinks support simply "publish" their text or graphics files and any other HotLinks compatible program can "subscribe" to them. This means a DTP package could publish its text files for a word- processor to edit or its IFF bitmaps for Dpaint to touch up. When the other package has finished with the file, it simply "updates" the file and HotLinks wffl update all other versions of the file bang used by HotUnks- eguipped utilities. Look out for more information on this exciting new interprocess uti5ty as we receive it Arexx keeps a list of its special supoorf libraries.
A library can be added any time either from the CU, using the spedai rxfrb command, or from within Arexx, using the ADDU8Q function. Both of these take four arguments - the fora y name, the priority of the function (usually 0), the offset (-
30) , and the version number.
A typical entry would be, from the CU: rxlfb r«xBatblfb.l;i'rT * v or from Arexx: Function hosts are specialised programs that offer function facilities to Arexx when they are run, and behave similarly to support libraries. We will look at them in a future article.
Finally, we wifi look at how to write complete Arexx programs that behave like functions.
Remember that these external macros will be global, not only to the canmg program, but to the whole Arexx system.
If Arexx searches for a function, and it is not found among the internal, built-in or support library functions, it then proceeds to search the current working directory, rexx;, and any specified directory paths for any program with the same name as the function. It will also recognise macros with the standard Arexx suffix .rexx, or other special name extensions of Arexx compatible programs - see below.
Parameters gre passed to macros with the ARG instruction or function as we have alreadv seen.
External functions are limited to accepting 15 parameters. Their values are returned using the EXIT instruction. Look at the following example macro: * Eiansle 3 - zii up soee iurt?rs ? say ‘Acdt’s oj-rc receiy'tf “ aroCJ •nwbers" sub = C & f 2 ! *?$ () SUP = 551 * *r«(?)
• lit JB» Save this macro as ADDUP.REXX in your current directory
or in rexx:. You can now call it from any other Arexx program.
Note that this macro will not only add up the numbers you
supply (max 15) but will also print out the number of
Try it; • teitfrj.. *1 say or just type:
* i ’say JW«*tt,2,3,l,S a*. *.Fe ClI So long as ADDUP.REXX is
present in a directory accessible to Arexx, it will be
available to the system as a function! We trust that you will
now be encouraged to experiment further on your own.
• Next time we win examine parsing in detail, and also work with
some programs that support a custom macro language.
Communication We have already said that macros can be run either as functions or as commands, and the canny user wilt already have sensed this possibility. All that is needed to run a macro as a command is to send it to a valid Arexx port Remember that anything which is unrecognised by Arexx - including external macro names - Is automatically assumed to be a command. Most applications with an Arexx interface include a custom macro command language of their own. These commands allow Arexx to control the application program. Many of these commands can accept arguments, and also return
In this, commands are much like functions: Reading of parameters is achieved with the usual parsing instructions - ARC etc - although it is not as easy to give a variable number of arguments.
For case of use. Custom commands usually take a fixed number of arguments, most often just one. Results are returned via the EXIT instruction, as usual. However, the way that the result is returned from a command is different to that of a function. When a command EXITs with a value, Arexx deals with it as a return code, not unlike the return codes used by AmigaDOS.
If we want to use the returned result, we can copy it to the global variable RESULT, with the instruction OPTION RESULTS: I* Exttple 4. A5J282H - Mi -urb?rj rftum ;h»i- binary reprejwtlrfen *1 arc a b c = DtC(a * b I* bit antf C?3 a*» btritt in V £ - C23( ) I* fcriat een»erj*c" ‘unctions * «rit c Save this macro as addZbin.rcxx. and run the following macro: f* Testing.. * BbtfWJ Writs addZbln 2 3 it? Result or just type: rx "options results ; a«2b*'n 2 3 ; say r«st!
At the CLI (remember to dose the quote, since there is more than one dausc). Try doing it without the OPTIONS instruction too!
You might wonder why we should bother with commands, when we have functions, or Yicc versa. There arc a number of reasons, not least of which is that commands are easier to implement on programs with Arexx Interfaces.
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DTV 24-bit blues... Regular readers will be well aware of the recent 24-bit explosion, but for most of us such equipment is strictly the stuff that dreams are made of. Systems like the 1V24 and Harlequin barely scrape in under the £2,000 Darrier and as a result it's hard to imagine how the average enthusiast could possibly get in on Sse aa.
Fortunately there's a digital knight on the non- aon reacy to save Our artistic souls from the dutches of bog standard Amiga output - witnout demanding a king's ransom in return. DCTV is that knight, and over the following article you'll nnd out what exactly makes it so special... first and foremost is the price, for at under £500 it makes most of the opposition look positively extortionate, especially when you consider that it includes all the software - unlike Harlequin and the G2"s Imagic, both of which require extra expenditure on software.
In the case of the Harlequin such little extras will RGB soon DCTV's 24-bit potential may soon be exploited even further, as Digital Creations intend to expand their present hardware by releasing an RGB enhancement which will allow DCTV to produce true RGB output. At the moment details aren't clear, but in whatever form it takes it's sure to add even more potential to an already impressive product.
At worst, the new add-on will take the form of a composite-to-RC3 converter which hopefully Wili give DCTV genlocking potential, something which at the moment is the system's only real Achilles' heel. Por the time being, the com- posite-oniy output does leave geniocking out of the question as almost ail available Amiga genlocks require a standard 23-pin RG3 out At best the new addition will glean its signal direct from the hardware. Quite how this could be achieved eludes me but if it were possible it would mean that signal degradation caused oy the conversion of composite back to RGB
could be avoided.
This mystery addition should be available some time within the first part of the year. At present Digital Creations are keeping tight- lipped about the details but it is confirmed that work is in progress. As soon as more information emerges you'll be the first to know... Paul Austin takes a closer look at the hardware and software combination that could transform budget DTV Cutting comers To be fair to the opposition, there is a price to be paid (or the conversion to composite, for a vtort there are the restrictions of the format itself. No matter which way you cut the cake, composite
output docs not match RGB. As a result certain compromises have to be made.
Although this sounds a little dramatic, these are exactly the same restrictions that TV producers have had to deal with for years.
The main pitfalls to avoid arc extremely high colour saturations and densely packed alternating bright and dark colours. The first problem is easily solved - as long as colours do not exceed a saturation of T91 or 12 in terms of the average Amiga paint package, ail will be well.
If you do exceed the 191 benchmark you'll start bleeding profusely - not 4 pleasant experience. As for the second restriction, it's a case of careful planning, just as TV producers avoid presenters in plaid jackets, we need to avoid miniaturised chequered landscapes - not a bad thing for a machine that's had more than its fair share in the past.
Set you back a frigntening £800 for the latest version of Tvpaint.
The second point concerns DCTV's output- UnJike most of the other formats, it produces composite as opposed to RGB - a point which the purveyors of otner equipment are at pains to point out. However, for DTV purposes this makes little or no difference, as composite output is exactly what we need, so the necessity for RGB is negligible anyway.
Even so, if you feel the need for RGB, the system is happy to supply Raw 24-bit files on request. It may employ composite as its display format but internally it's as true a 24-b*l system as tne rest.
Aside from the software's obvious painting features, perhaps the most important aspect in the eyes of tne average DTV fan has to be its ability to grab from a video source. With such power, ail kinds of avenues open for the creative producer. Any element within a production could oe grabbed and combined to produce stylish intros, animations and backdrops for titling - the potential is endless.
Unfortunately, unlike more expensive systems such as the 1V24 and Imagic, DCTV's grabbing abilities aren't instantaneous, but on the otner hand it doesn't require investment in extra nardware in the form of composite splitters as do both of the above - assuming you're not using an RGB source, of course.
Normally, a ten second importation time would appear to oe a real disadvantage, however, considering all the images you see were grabbed from a standard VriS perhaps it's not as bad as you mignt at first imagine. Admittedly the VCR in question does boast a gooa quality pause, but it's nothing special and could easily be matehee sy many a modem unit.
After tne initial excitement of twiddling with the excellent paint package i was ready for an anti-climax concerning the protracted grabbing process.
However, i think the results speak for themselves.
If you're thinking of getting into high quality video graphics you'd be well advised to look iong and hard at DCTV.
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This programming Almanac is the last in a mini series on sound. The first part of the series showed how to produce a sound by writing to the Amiga custom chips directly with a pointer to the chosen sound samples.
Tuning up Margaret Stanger with the final part of her series on programming sound ¦ove.l tunestart,iO ;itirt of tune ¦ovt.l potto,df ;offset frw start
im. l OdC,dM),dO ;find pitch code
• ove.l 4 D,d7.l ,d2 ;f nd durition code The second part
demonstrated how to vary the pitch of the sound and produce a
few musical notes. Last month's column shows how to use the
Amiga system software to control the start and finish of each
note, leaving your program to do more important things.
This month I'll use routines from the Audio device to run a very simple music driver.
When the Audio device is opened, the associated 10 parameter block contains all the structures needed to handle incoming and outgoing messages. There is a Message structure with a node for keeping its place in a linked list, a message port for replies, the length of the message in bytes, and an extension for audio data.
An allocation port is set up to allocate the sound channels, and an allocation 10 structure for its commands. This port and parameter block are associated with the opening of the audio device.
A message port is opened for the sound channel, to serve as a collecting point for messages to a task: ¦oie.l 1-1,dO jlf .LVOAllocStjn.UaS) .'allocate signal bit cap.I 1-1,dO btQ trrorfsund lea sou»dPortO,«5 ;tet up sound port ¦ove.l dsound,U Kmt!a5) aowe.b IQ,iHJ llT»S) aoia.b dO,HMI»BIT(i5) ¦ove.b 10,H* FU65d5 ¦m.b ft'Ujmb!)
;as atssaoe port ¦ovt.l 10,*1 jir _LV0FlndTiil(a6) ;find current task lOVtl.l fiO,RMlSTJSK(aS) ;attich it to sound port let seu'dPortQjil jir J.¥0AddFort(»6 The assembler source code The assembler source code (sound4.a) is a standalone program. The program opens the Audio device, and the Timer device, sets up the associated structures, allocates chip memory for the sound sample, and copies the data in to this memory.
A note Is set going in channel 0, with the waveform sound sample data and length, no sound cycles, zero volume, v “ ‘ and arbitrary period. The first note of the tune is played by changing the period of the note to give it f the correct pitch, and changing the volume of the i sound. The system time is set to the duration of the J When the time Interval elapses, system soft- ?
Ware is used to change the period of the sound A. 1 i for the pitch of the second note, and reset the * fo timer for the appropriate interval. The tune con- j tinues with notes and silences (zero volume) and automatically starts again when it has finished.
When the joystick Fire button is pressed the program closes the Audio and Timer devices, frees any memory and ;add sound port to list of ports To start a sound going, the parameters are put in the channel's lOAudio structure, the command is CMD WRITE, the flag is ADIOF PERVOL, and the BEGINIO command is used. Once the sound is in progress the volume and period can be changed with the ADCMD_PERVOL command (ADOF'$ YNCYCLE and ADIOF.PERVOLflags), and the changes are made automatically at the end of the current sound cycle.
This means that if the notes of a tune always use the same sound sample - same instrument and a range of an octave or less - it is possible to reproduce the tune very easily.
I have used conventional Sonix type codes for the pitch and duration of the notes. The pitch code comes first, and increases by one for each semitone above low C. So C would be 0, C or To find the correct period for the note, and put it into a register, subtract 24 from the pitch code, and multiply the result by 2: ltd ptrvtl,iO nvt.e C'.aO,dO.U,dS where perval contains the lookup table of period values for the octave. The sound can then be updated with the new period and volume values.
The duration codes also follow Sonix conventions with 0 for a semibreve, 1 minim, 2 crotchet, 3 quaver, 4 semiquaver etc. Since I am using a sinewave sample with a very short cycle, the note continues for a given time interval rather than computing the necessary number of cycles. To calculate the correct time interval, and put it into memory: lea cycles,aO est.I iovi.1 0(a0,d2.l),d«liy where cycles is the start of the lookup table of interval values. The timer is set with this negative value, and the next note can start when the timer value is zero and the interval has elapsed.
This music driver is very limited, and can only The C source code can be compiled, and linked to the assembler source module using the command blink with sound4link where sound4link is included on the support disk, along with both object modules, sound4.o and soundc4.o. The C program opens a window, and calls initsoundO from the assembler module to open the Audio device and initialise the sound structures, and timerdeviceO, to open a timer device. The Amiga starts playing an irritating little tune.
The main polling loop for the window continues until the user asks to quit,either by closing the window or pressing key 9.
Each time a key (1 to 5) is pressed, the program changes the tune by calling the appropriate assembler routine. Key 8 will stop the sound, key 6 will turn it back on, and key 7 will muffle it a little. When the quit signal is received, the program calls the clearsound() and closetimerQ routines from the assembler module before the window closes and the program ends.
_ be used for music with a limited note range, using a simplewaveform with a very short cycle. Serious music requiring many octaves, channels and changes of (real!) Instruments would be written differently and take many hours of coding.
• The next programming page will be some thing completely
different reading and writ ing data files for C programmers.
There's an electronic Aladdin's Cave of shareware and PD programs ... just waiting to be explored!
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Telex and electronic mail messages, keep up to the minute with the latest news, sport.
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Paul Austin looks at X-OR - a new breed of patch editing and librarian software from the creators of KCS Since the early days ot electronic music there's been one area in which many a valiant muso has come to grief - the sometimes excruciatingly painful patch editing process. If you speak to any old hand who's had the misfortune of programming a synth manually you'll hear a tale of woe equalled only by the demise of Spinal Tap.
An alternative to key punching and amp kicking was desperately required, fortunately for us all, the computer entered the musical arena and not only revolutionised sequencing but brought the added bonus or computerised patch editing.
Unfortunately this wasn't quite the saviour it could nave been, thanks to the insistence of the various instrument manufacturers of devising their own - usually vastly differing - approaches to system exclusive information. As a result almost every instrument on the market requires a separate editor. Not only expensive, out just a little annoying.
Enter X-OR, or to use its full title, the Universal System Exclusive Orchestrator. With this in your software collection the expense and irritation of the past could all be over. X-OR is the Amiga's first universal editor. In other words, no matter what your collection of synths, X-OR will happily converse and edit them ail.
To the mixture plus there's an option to apply the process to raw parameter data to produce even harsher variations.
Once you're happy with your creations and are ready to make some changes, X- OR's abilities as a librarian come into their own.
During the setup X-OR learns where to store and retrieve relevant information which makes live editing instantaneous. Global performance settings can be installed in seconds, while individual patches are loaded, saved and copied on command.
Another pieasant feature is X-OR's ability to filter its selection process, making patch retrieval even within huge libraries extremely swift. Sounds can be sorted like a conventional database using dates, times and names as search parameters or alternatively you could employ the more subtie approach o: Keywords.
Descriptive For example you might use overall headings such as guitar, piano, Strings and so on, then append to these more descriptive additions such as rocky, soft, smooth, classic. To locate a particular sound you could simple ask X-OR to find a smooth guitar. The program toddles off to the library and returns with a selection of appropriate sounds.
Once installed, you can listen to your latest immigrant via the mouse. Simply moving the long- suffering creature about the screen to play the new sound in the velocity and pitch of you choice- X-OR is an impressive product, but if you're more interested in playing than tinkering, investment in an extra module might oe a better bet.
Programming the system is about as much fun as the average tax return but once programmed X-OR never forgets. A good understanding of Midi - and your instruments - is a big advantage, whilst a pile of sequencer manuais is an absolute must!
For the professional who's looking to get the best from an extensive collection of synths, X-OR is an invaluable tool that's well worth the investment in time and money that exploiting it properly requires.
In short, serious software for serious musos... without the correct profile is next to useless.
X-OR's flexibility certainly gives it instant appeal to well endowed musos but once a conversation is struck up with your system it's the software's editing abilities that become equally as important.
Fortunately, I douot there'll be any complaints. Although patch editing is much the same no matter what the computer or instrument, X-OR does manage a tew surprises.
First is the program's patch blending features, something new to the Amiga and sure to secure almost as many sales as the program's varied range of instruments.
With the new blending and mingling options, two individual sounds can be combined over a selected numoer of patch positions, each graduating from the primary to the secondary' sound.
For example if you had two bass sounds, both with their merits but nevertheless still not quite fitting your needs, you could create an empty bank, Copy tne first patch to position 1, and the second to 128.
If you then applied the blend option, 126 separate mixtures wouid be created. All you need do is pick the ones you want and save them to the synth or associated library Oh disk, if you wanted to retain a particular aspect of a sound, a mask function could oe applied to guarantee its place in the new patch.
Tne second option is to mingle the two sounds.
This differs from blending because individual algorithms are randomly selected from each sound. Tne closer a particular patch is to either source sound the more likely it is to be dominated by that sound's particular parameters.
Both blend and mingle have optional random modes to add more spontaneity To achieve this, the program employs instrument-specific profiles which hold all the relevant information for that particular instrument such as protocols, patch formats, parameter ranges and so on. Armed with the appropriate profiles X-OR can literally learn your system and address up to 128 individual instruments during the editing process.
This individual approach even applies to identical synths. It for example you own several DX7s, a separate profile could be applied to each. As a result, you'd be safe in the knowledge that all edits are guaranteed to head in the right direction.
Perhaps one of the strongest aspects of the profile approach is that once written a profile is universal no matter what machine it originated from, if, for example, a profile was produced on a PC or perhaps a Mac, it would work perfectly on an Amiga - all that's required is that it be transferred onto an Amiga disk.
Two disks full of profiles come as standard ana if that's not enough, Dr.T's affiliated ppS is online with more. Even so, it's worth checking your system details with Zone before you invest, as X-OR Price £219 standalone or £159 if purchased in conjunction with KCS.
Fully compatible with the KCS Multi Program Environment For more details contact Zone Distribution on: 081-7 4564.
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9am - 7pm 7 days. Cheque Postal Orders to Millenium Micros, 30 Femhill Gardens. Kingston Surrey KT2 5DL idJLlili-UUvl COMMS Small is beautiful With ever-increasing online costs, Stewart C Russell looks at archivers and de-archivers as a way of saving money. Plus an overview of the state of the Amiga comms scene KiUf: Ilia a test Mrtwrk.w iest.lbfi Sii LH8 O • unriM: ifli Stefa Boters. Hot for cmkrhI ireit:;j new irifi’.ve 'test.Ltt': Frozen: (SO*) 133214 = 24454 : wrtork.ps frozen: «?.& 137723 =) 34532: Lhia* fr02H: (53.32) 113334 = 54231 : SB Fro2»: «.tt) 15473=) 5335: test.Hm 4 files ill
files M. The phrase “time is money" appearea long before anyone thought of computer communications, out it's extremely apt The ionger you are on the phone, the more it costs, and there's not much you can do about it except send less data.
But most of the data we deal with contains repeated information, and computers can apply their brute force and ignorant grinding capabilities to strip this redundancy out If we require the data to be readable again, the process can be reversed to rebuild the original structure.
For a long time, the standard compression program for the Amiga has been Lharc, which generates archive files with a .Lzh file extension.
Original version of Lharc were terribly slow, but optimised versions nave appeared which allow large archives to be made quickly on an unaccelerated Amiga. Over a typical mix of files, Lharc might compress tne data down by 55 to 60 per cent of its original size.
The latest Lharc program is LHA from Stefan Soberg. To say it is fast would be a wild understatement - it is easiiy a third faster than tne best of the rest (LZ, from Xenomiga Technology) which claims to be written in highly optimised assembly language.
LHA has two distinct advantages over Lharc, apart from the raw speed, firstly, it supports a better compression technique which looks at the data through much larger “window", giving 65 to 70 per cent compression on normal data. This LHA compression is compatible with the program of tne same name on the PC Secondly, LHA can create self-extracting Amiga comms - The Amiga comms scene is really moving quickly. A couple of years back very few people knew what a Fidonet Mail Point was - offline mail readers were rare, and Usenet was unknown outside universities. But now, ail these things are widely
used due to the incredible enthusiasm of Amiga comms people.
Amiga comms software is some of the best there is. Sure, it doesn't have all those cryptic I8M protocols used in big business, but the Amiga isn't for that - it's a computer with its hair down. But what other machine can multitask and exchange data between programs without spending a fortune on expensive commercial software?
Look at all the best Amiga comms software Ncomm, JR-Comm, TrapDoor, Point Manager to name but a few. It's all Shareware, and ail very inexpensive too. The most expensive of these is only £2$ - the cost of one game. The big two terminals (NComm & JR- the story so far Comm) are certamly up for revision this year.
High on the agenda for both ot them is Arexx support, allowing your comms program to control just about any other external program.
Software tor Fidonet is getting oetter too.
TrapDoor 1.80 in conjunction with Point Manager B.00 makes setting up a point very simple. And even the mighty CiX is about to get its first easy-to-use, mouse-controlled ola software. NICOLA. The existing software (Amiga.Query) works well, but is not tremendously friendly or straightforward.
Modems are coming down in price, too.
With the standardisation ot modems across Europe, the old "ET-approved" pnee hike will fade away. Even now, new v22bis modems can be had tor under £100 if you know where to look, and 2,400 baud is pretty much the minimum you need these days. The future is certainly looking bright... archives. These don't need an external utility to extract them - just run them, and they rebuild the original fiies. These SFX archives are slightly bigger than normal archives - they need to contain the decompression code - and they provide yet another hiding place for viruses. They're useful to have though -
LHA is distributed in one (lha_el00.run), as otherwise you'd need LHA to uncompress it!
Another compression program is Phil Katz's ZIP, Stefan hoberg's LHA took ISO seconds to crush over 360K of data down to less than a third of the original sUe on an A500 which is extremely popular with PC owners. It tends to compress slightly better than Lharc, and nearly as wdl as LHA - around 60 to 6S per cent would be typical.
There has been a ZIP program for the Amiga (PKAZip) for a long time, but it suffers from a slow graphical control system and a tew incompatibilities with PKZJP on the PC. A new set of ZIP programs (Zip and UnZip) have appeared, and they seem to address most of the problems.
Zip (yes, the upper case *T is not a typing error) has been designed such that it can be compiled and run on just about any macnine. The portability penalty is a decided lack of speed, but at least it works, which is more than can be said for PKAZip.
UnZip isn't so rapid either, but it will extract, list and test any ZIP archive around. It cannot deal with the very new PKZ1P 2.0 (PC) archives, but then the only program which can is - you guessed it - PKZIP
2. 0, which is very unlikely to make an appearance on the Amiga.
Zip and UnZip can be found in the archives Amyzip92.lzh and Unzip41.lzn on all good bulletin boards. And a few bad ones, too.
• Stewart C Russell can be contacted on CiX as scruss (that's
scruss@cix.compulink.co.uk), or is available at FidoNet
2:259 2.4 (off Alba Maximus, Glasgow).
Reach the top LCX with. * * Self-Tuition Courses World leaders • Hons graduate teacher authors • In educational software charts t Excellent reviews - £5 off total for 2, £10 off for 3 ''' MICRO MATHS uyears-gcseJ
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;.re* £24.
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Address Title Computi
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Speedy but AMAL can be used within AMOS to create impressive results. Peter Hickman looks at this powerful sub-language EnerffvtlHH AH0STER0TI $ TT 8v 6arv Simons ? ” ill Score! 6299 £« - i H ?
M a, in octual loci, written almc.it completely in AMAL EE April 1992 Those or you who follow this page every month will know that over the past six issues we have looked at now to write a basic game using simple (almost generic) programming techniques. Mow it's time to really break free and attempt a task using something really meaty (or soya-beanie if you are vegetarian) - AMAL We have covered AMAL previously, but not to write a whole game. Over the next couple of issues I will be showing you how to get the most out of this sub-language and more importantly how to use it in conjunction
with the other (less powerful) parts of AMOS.
You will notice that I nave referred to AMAL as a sub-language. This is because it is a separate part Of AMOS and is quite capable of existing ay itself. In many respects AMAL is similar to assembly language, especially in its use of mnemonics to represent the commands we use to create an AMAL program, and like assembly language, it must be well Structured in order to keep track of any tasks we may ask of it To control AMAL we use a series of Channels - 16 in all. These can be assigned to control a single AMAL mini-program which will run alongside your main AMOS program. Let's look at a
way of using of AMAL first we set up an AMAL cnannel using a command like this; Cb*an«i To Screen lispuy 0 Tnis would prepare your channel to accept an AMAL program. Now we will tell AMAL to feed the mouse co-ordinates into the external registers RA and RB, after which we wiii read and display them onscreen, One thing to remember about AMAL is that you must type it exactly otherwise errors can occur quite easily. This is due to the fact that AMAL is case sensitive - that is, it can tell the difference between upper and lower case letters;
u. 1 Siiri: Let ii=XK ; .e: i3=Tl*; Jut; Star; ; " Am I On *.
?ria: AttflsOpAaregtt);* *; ?not Jotil raise AMAL registers are like ordinary variables in AMOS itself, and can be used to store numbers tor calculations or later use. There are two types of amal register, internal and external. The internal registers are labelled RO to R9 and are mamiy used for temporary storage of values within an AMAL program. The external registers are labelled RA to RZ and are (or at least should be) used tor communicating with the outside world.
Reading these registers from your main AMOS program is simple - we just use the AMREGQ command (see your AMOS manual for a fuller explanation of AMREC).
Incidentally, you can store values in the AMAL registers from your main AMOS program once again using the AMREGQ command.
Being a fully featured sub-language means that AMAL programs can be quite long, for this reason AMAL allows you to structure commands within strings. I know it sounds a little we*rd but you do get used to it- trust me!
In the previous example we saw how to create a simple loop jumping from the end of the string oack to the label ‘'Start'. Labels used for structuring AMAL programs are ail single letters of the alphabet, in upper case. Because AMAL ignores ail lower case letters you can pad out the label to create something a lithe more meaningful, The next example is made up of many smaller strings "glued' together to create a single long string. You don't really want to know this but joining two or more strings together is known as concatenation: Cnannel 0 To Screen Jispuy 0 A5=* Start:" AS=ASt* Piuie ;
" AS;AS»* Let Y=f«-S0C ; * AS AS*’ :• ik-16C 6m jjp Start ; * AS?AS*‘ Let x=a-i60 ; ¦ AS ASOu*? Start ; ’ An; :,aS Asa. Jn 0 This program will work in direct mode and will allow you to move the oefault screen around with the mouse. It's a little like the larger program which appearedlastmonth.
Notice the way I have put each command on a separate line. I have also padded out me short labels and commands' with lower case letters so that should I come back to the program in a couple of months i vail be able to work out what it does quite easily.
AMAL also allows you to execute a simple form of FOR...NEXT loop, the main difference between me AMAL version and the actual AMOS version of the loop is that you cannot perform STEPs (if you are unsure what a STEP is, check your AMOS manual).
The following example does the same job as me previous program, Dut only for a limited amount of times; Ca nr.e; 3 To Screen flisptiy 3 AS=" for ifcl Tc SC ; * AS=ASt"S;ar;: " AS ASt* Pa se ; * AS=ASt* Let Y=V»-1£X3 ; " AS=ASt* I: XIM634; Jut* Stir: ; ¦ AS:AS»- Let X=M-T63 ; * AS-ASr-ha; iC ; * Aml C,AS Aui On 0 If you look at the Amosteroids game which came with AMOS you wiil see that most or the work is done by AMAL - it controls the starship and asteroids. In fact me only things AMOS nas to do is V play the samples and update the score during the game.
These AMAL programs need not be limited to controlling aliens in Xenon MXXIIX - how about using them to make boos to follow your mouse? Or making constant calculations and feeding them into your main program using the AMAL registers?
• Next time we wiil get down to tne juicy tas* of constructing
a ?ocman-type game using a nyarid of AMAL end AMOS.
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Almost all of them were originally Macintosh format - they were ported onto Amiga disks using AMAX-II and then converted to Adobe Type-1 fonts using utilities that come with PageStream 2.1. Most of them are "fancy*1 fonts, the kind of thing you'd use for headings and display, but there are one or two, like TempoFont and Albatross, that could be used for main body text. A few of the fonts have no lower case letters, because that is the way they have been designed.
Almost all are shareware and contain Readme files suggesting that you send in a shareware fee should ifumcii mcim mw IT! Ira Jaotd New Bold Ndric Oswald Black PAIfcIS mETRO Polo SemiScript iabo rnmvi ttudelsbcrg SchvrarzWald tuuTnn SMWBMY Silicon Sumr Sydney TempoFont TempoFont Italic Chalia Upstfon George Thompson krvkn ihorrwarr PogrStrrom 2. I foots... at about tip per font, you can't go wrong Professional Page or PageSetter because these programs support only Compugraphic outline fonts. The Compugraphic font file format is not public domain, which is why all Compugraphic fonts are
Something that can hold back creativity while publishing from the desktop is a lack of good quality outline fonts.
Professional Page 2.1, for example, comes with just two, Times and Triumvirate, and while these are admittedly enough to create anything from simple documents to complete newsletters or magazines, it can be a tricky business making a heading or page stand out from everything else.
PageStream 2.1 comes with a larger collection of outline fonts - 18 in all - but the problem is that the font you use has more impact H it goes with the words that are published in that font. To give a silly and extreme example, the word "cold" would look silly in a fancy font that had flames licking around the edges of it Most professional desktop publishers will have thousands upon thousands of fonts sitting on a hard drive. Some may never get used, others may get used only once in a blue moon, but a desktop publisher without a large collection of fonts feels like an artist without
Not cheap The trouble is that fonts aren't cheap. It's not uncommon to have to pay £100 for a single commercial font for a PC or Macintosh - commercial Amiga outline fonts happily cost less, but are still about £35 each.
There are thousands of public domain and shareware outline fonts for the Macintosh, but very few for the Amiga. One collection that represents excellent value for money comes from George Thompson Services and is specifically aimed at PageStream 2.1 users.
The set comprises about 60 fonts on five disks, costing £9.99 for the lot, which works out at less than 17p per font.
The fonts are provided in Adobe Type-1 format and can be output to both dot matrix and Ben Pointer looks at some inexpensive outline fonts for PageStream 2.1 Albatross taunt CllP flDOTtWB Architect Arctic Ashkav) fOffldOancery Slack Porest Hod idly Bold Bubble CaruwuyboW IfllUH 111!
Crillee T EdoaCato 61RG Genoa Italic Genoa Homan Gwdy Medieval Graphic Light Harquil IBMnglon JBMS CM* KLM uwoi TRIBECA you wish to use and keep the font. The average fee is about S20, so if you registered the lot it could set you back quite a bit, but even this kind of money is a lot less than 60 commercial fonts would cost. A fair number of them, however, are freeware and require no shareware fee.
Sadly, because these fonts are Adobe Type-1 format, none of them can be used with am-'i nrin Mmite•mimigmtomjAm s y -sopm
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"A favourite with ST and Amiga gamers, tough sturdy and responsiveu ST Action, February 1991.
MULTIMEDIA Karaoke capers CDTV could soon be adding a new dimension to that Friday night singalong down the local, as Jolyon Ralph reports Xctwj It Is offythtng bt t onothrr p rcf of ~shorrfworv~ Multimedia Newsline I have now had a chance to test the CDTV Genlock which I mentioned in the last issue. The card, which fits in the CDTY video slot, features composite video in (to connect your incoming video signal), composite video out (to display or record) and a super- VHS output (to connect to the new generation of SVHS videos and televisions).
The card is very compact and professionally made, as you would expect from Commodore.
The picture quality is excellent, especially as you can display the genlocked output via a standard Amiga monitor connected to the 23- way video port (unlike most cheap genlocks, which can only be viewed in composite video).
One problem with the genlock is that when it is fitted, the Amiga display defaults to interlace mode, so when using most CDTV discs YOU will want to qo into preferences and disable interlace first.
Switchable The genlock is software-switchaWe, and can be controlled by pressing the Genlock button on the CDTV infra red remote control.
Although there are few applications that support the CDTV Genlock at the moment there are several under development, and Video Karaoke systems, where you see yourself singing along to backing tracks, are just around the corner. The CDTV Genlock COStS £1 9 and is available from all CDTV stockists.
While on the subject of cards, i have a lovely little SCSI interface sitting in my CDTV.
It is a Commodore card made only for developers, Commodore have not decided whether to issue this card to the public - they think there will not be 3 demand for it. So if you think you want a SCSI port on your CDTV, Controller redesigned The CDTV infra red controller has been redesigned. One of the main criticisms was that you have no obvious way of telling whether the controller is in joystick or mouse mode, and under joystick mode half of the keys do not function.
Now the new controller, being shipped with new CDTVs, has 3 sliding switch for mouse joystick mode, and the keys work in both modes. It's good to know that Commodore are taking notice of customer feedback.
Warner launch Warner New Media are launching a new range of CD-*-G discs which are compatible with the CDTV. CEWi (or Compact Disc Plus Graphics), if you haven't already come across it, is a standard music CD that has Simple graphics encoded onto spare areas on the disc which are used on the CDTV (and other CD*G compatible machines) to display graphics in time to the music.
This has already had considerable use with Karaoke discs. The Warner New Media series initially contains classical musk works with background text and graphics explaining the history and musical significance of the works.
It is certainly more interesting than some of the earlier CD-*-G discs, which just seemed to be random picture slideshows along w»th the musk.
Name change?
Rumours abound that the Amiga A690 may undergo a name change before launch, as Commodore wants to keep hold of the A6xx numbers for future use (possibly for a new A600 computer?). More news next month - unless the AMIGA Computing news pages beats me to it!
Write to Commodore and tell them!
Just before Christmas, Mirrorsoft finally got around to launching Xenon II and Falcon for CDTY. Both of these (particularly Falcon) have been heavily rewritten to take advantage of CDTV, and are not just 'shovelware' (standard Amiga games put straight onto a CD without enhancement, like Lemmings). Since Mirrorsoft was closed down very soon after the release it may be difficult to get hold of these titles, although I have seen Xenon II on sale.
Luckily the copy of Xenon II I originally ordered back in May 1991 arrived. For those of you who do not know Xenon II, the general story revolves around the evil Xenites who have planted five time bombs through history. It's up to you to save the universe. Basically this translates to "move up, down, left right, shoot at everything that moves and if. It doesn't move, shoot it anyway'.
If you have played the Amiga version of Xenon II you will remember the great soundtrack based on Bomb the Bass's 'Megablast' track. This tune has now been replaced by one of six remixes of this track played directly from the CD, and the disk also contains other tracks from them as well as S'Xpress, Betty Boo and Baby Ford.
The first of the audio tracks is mixed in the new Roland Sound Space system which gives 3D sound from a standard hi-fi. Can't say I notice any difference myself.
Xenon II for the CDTV is slickly put together and works well. At £39.95, it's a great shoot- 'em-up, with superb music. Highly recommended.
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Trojan Lightpen The Trojan Amiga compatible lightpen can be used as a complete replacement for the mouse in many applications. Particularly useful in drawing and design, the two button pen provides the user with a very direct method of control.
This package also includes KWIKDRAW - a lightpen compatible drawing program, plus a lightpen driver that allows the pen to be used with most programs that run from Amiga Workbench. The lightpen is also compatible with: Dpdint Iliand IV, I Photon Paint, Workbench 1.2 1.3, t Rattle chess, Professional Page, Music-X and Audiomaster VQ.
Easy to use, the Trojan lightpen will have you producing designs and drawings that are far superior to those produced using a mouse.
Stereo Master is latest full feature STEREO sound sampler for the AMIGA. This completely new hardware cartridge contains DUAL analogue to digital convertors, ensuring the ultimate in 8-bit sample quality.
The system can record in high quality stereo from its twin phono input sockets, sampling anything from a portable CD player to live radio!
Stereo Master comes complete with powerful editing and special effects software which allows samples to be loaded in 8, 12 or even 16-bit resolutions.
CODE PRICE 9814 £34.95 Amiga Made Easy by Patrick Hall Make the most of your Amiga and use it to its full potential.
Amiga Made Easy is essential reading for all Amiga owners who are struggling to do more than scrape the surface of this machine's many capabilities.
This book explains exactly how to use the Amiga effectively - even for newcomers with no previous experience. Existing owners will also benefit as a comprehensive guide to more advanced applications is included. Here a sample of what you can find in Amiga Made Easy:
• Setting up the hardware
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C™M«Ammation Fnm Wrfw rrffr _ (CODE [9878 PRICEl £99.951 fate 2, T . Fr°mRombQ 018nY age. Ft oSS *®*15 antf en rasts P onafappfS and 3515 out f row Amiga, ft ?* ** ** most appficatfons: ' ’or following
• Tradition 'animation
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CODE 9869 compatible *tscnpt
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editor built in. Enabling full icon properties modification
• Functional & user friendly interface, keyboard shortcuts
• Complete user control over display mode & palette
• Advanced drawing capabilities, including 6 drawing tools, flood
fill & basic dithering technique
• Font support, palette control & source code palette 10
• Bitmap editor capabilities, including cut paste, mirror &
rotator and 2 pages for drawing
• Advanced zoom concept, featuring custom magnification trailer
zoom & co-ordinates display CODE PRICE 9855 £17.95 Why use
several utilities if one program can do it all?
JSsSS* , =ss £5?s8 sr- KILL DA VIRUS A professional viruskiller that recognises more than 138 viruses.
Features: ' An ' Three versions included from a title bar clock version through a custom screen 3D gadget version (KDV5).
? Brainfile which is being updated through PD channels and of course on Newsflash so vou will always have an updated version.
* Store your boofblocks on disk so you can restore fhem when your
bootblock is destroyed by a nasty boot virus (Saddam etc etc).
UceyourTityto d,Skr»enfs 0Wn hard) KILL?.4- n8 mOV"" .
• Checks your memory and will kill any live virus fa avoid
further spreading on healthy disks. Any unknown boofblock will
be analysed with a 'learn' option so next time it can be
Imi8afont p„,raor Userfriendly menus so easy to work with.
CODE PRICE 9863 £14.95
* Full support of Kickstart 2.0 and hard disks, sPread I I 1 ( J
JRDER FORM 1 i Offers subject to availability, Overseas orders
despatched by Airmail Air prices include postage, packtng and
PRICE Please add postage as detailed below POSTAGE: Add £4 lor EiretfEurope. £6 for Overseas unless specified aoove TOTAL P Please tick If you do not wish to receive promotional material from other companies.
£ Send to: Europress Direct, FREEPOST, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral L65 3EB (No stamp needed if posted in UK) Products are normally despatched within 46 hours of receipt but deWory of certain toms could take up to 28 days I wish to pay by: | ChequevEurocheque made payable to Europress Direct ? Expiry Acwsa MastercaKfEurocarABarelaycard.'Visa'Coftfteet o*t» By phone: 051-357 1275 . Signed Name By fax: 051-357 2813 Address.
- Post Code- General Enquiries: 051-357 2961 Don't torgot to give
your name, address and credit card number Daytime telephone
number in case of quenes rivia Your guarantee of trivia | J A
C*n Lanyooa”8S ** A TRIVIA PAGE WITH MTTODE 0u*tea£!l*(*»n to %rS0n°i t-sss?
POWh 1 Slate your creation is in il you've quit without saving i!
(9) 2ln desktop publishing, short form lor a double-page spread
(3) 3A kind Ol presentation, or a program that doesn't give
you lull facilities (4) Although we're not sexist, it does
seem these are the types who mostly make use ol the Amiga (5)
sAdjecfive which could describe pirates with no respect for
software copyright (9) 8b database which includes postal
addresses will always have a field for these (5) fOWhat
uitlalented artists do with their paint programs? |4| ACROSS
1 Gave assistance in CAO (5| 4 A bit image is achieved by
the computer plotting each pixel (3) 6 Machine code language
|9) 7 Information (4) 9 You can put an Amiga to so many ot
these, no wonder it's regarded as a versatile machine (4) ft
With whom you can place a regular order lor your favourite
Amiga dedicated magazine (9) 13 Acronym tor an operating
system (3) 14 Simple programming language (5) «5H
* Quo** Z. u°°l !lllm Cl0"W(xd to: fob%lrc47.
Lutopp Uouv. Arlington Pork, MtM lof«-W SKI0 4NP SH,0Wp i»vj_znn K gic PUIAUMWURH?1 c"0SSKauDSiv“u INSIDE: THE ULTIMATE ERM.. SOMETHING OR 1,111 Vo M 770959"9630J I . 7 _ -"'am. ” ... elaxy r» ' ... 33, ¦» ghst af* ... 13' '* C9*Pt V* KCS POWER PC BOARD FOR YOUR AMIGA The best of both worlds in the space of one PC o § CO A500P version now ready and gives you total 2Mb Chip Ram. When ordering state which one you require.
Now available with or without MS-Dos See below sr + O 53 § ra ¦D tUD E o HARD DISK Most hard disks are supported with version 3.0. To be sure give us a ring.
The KCS Power PC Board adds 1Mb memory to your Amiga and a real time clock Think how much 1Mb memory plus a clock costs Think how much MS-Dos GW-Basic Shell Dos-Help costs Which leaves the cost of an AMIGA PC just £_?_ For so little outlay the Power PC Board turns your Amiga into an up and running powerful PC, with no hidden costs. The cheapest PC in the world?!
Run heavyweight professional PC software on your Amiga PC VGA Version 3.0 of our software comes with VGA colour and mono option. EGA VGA will work on all standard Amigas irrespective of which chip set you have.
Microsoft flight simulator 4.0 Some extra Goodies:
• FUCKER FREE RXER in PC interlace mode. Will work with all
Amigas. Software emulated.
• PROCESSOR SPEE0 can be slowed down from 100% to as low as 16%.
So If you "ever reached the highest level in a game, now is
your chance.
• KCS PC-MOUSE driver will work with your Amiga mouse.
• PAUSE can be activated at any time during a game or program,
allowing you to continue at your leisure.
Technical Specifications:
• Excellent compatibility
• 704Kb memory in MGA CGA mode
• 640Kb memory in EGA VGA mode
• 200Kb extra memory ie: MSDOS RAMDISK (reset proof)
• 1 2 Mb extra FAST Ram plus 1 2 Mb Ram Disk for normal Amiga use
plus real time clock in ail modes
• All future Upgrades ere software driven
• Processor speed = 11 MH*
• Video 1 runs faster than most AT 286 computers
• Disk drive *
• Fitted in seconds and does not invalidate your guarantee
• Once fitted forget it - Switch on computer, you have Amiga.
Reset and load PC disk and in seconds you have a PC. Reset and
you have Amiga again, (
• Help-Line and excellent Back-up service Will work from the full
EGA colour palette Both EGA and VGA will work on a standard TV
or monitor and in most cases without using interlace.
PRICE Including MS-Dos 4.01 OOS-Help and on-board memory.
£219.95 mcl. VAT Carr.
Excluding MS-Dos, but including on-board memory.
£189.95 incl. VAT Carr.
Adaptor for 1500 2000 3000 - £74.95 incl. VAT Carr.
Available from your local computer shop (If they haven't got it - Ask them why not!). Or direct from Bitcon Devices Microsoft windows Bitcon Devices Ltd.
88 BEWICK ROAD, GATESHEAD, TYNE & WEAR, NE8 1RS ENGLAND TEL: (091) 490 1919, HELPLINE; (091) 490 0202 FAX: (091) 490 1918 Compatibility is excellent but noonc can guarantee every single program available, therefore if your purchase depends on a particular program, please ash us first or send in a copy of the program. (With suitable S.A.E. if to be retimed). Price sublet 10 change without not**.
Wholly developed and produced In the Netherlands Some of our importers Worldwide: Au$ trfl|ift HPD (Tel) 08 349 8486. Kaotic (Tel) 03 879 7098. Spain Discover inf. (Tel) 957 47 89 38. Sweden Delikatess Data (Tel) 31300580. Canary: Customs Ctnpx (Tel) 928 271064. Denmaik Betafon (Tel) 31 3102 73. Portugal: Softclub (Tel) 01 3528452. Ireland: Computer City OuWm 745250 N. Zealand: Pa ac (Tel) 05432949. AM trade enquiries welcome. UK and Overseas (PAL only)
* 99.9$ I N C. .V AT k i5 'k ' ’ VN sttti M, V These Images
have been drawn with a pencil, digitised then coloured using D.
Paint 3.
• Traditional animation.
• Storyboards
• Product presentations.
• Home line tester.
• Cartoon Productions, both visual and sound.
• Comprehensive and easy to follow manual.
• Disks e Sample sounds and animations.
• Animators Peg Bar (to hold your paper into position while
drawing or digitising).
Example line drawn animations for you to get started with.
PAL OR NTSC VERSIONS AVAILABLE ROMBO PRODUCTIONS BAIRD ROAD LIVINGSTON SCOTLAND EH54 7AZ o(0506)466601 FOR COMMODORE AMIGA (ALLMODELS) Take 2 is a must for computer artists and enthusiasts of any age. It will cater for both amateur and professional applications. So get the most out of your computer and open up your imagination to Take 2.
¦ ip»pn ----- 1 Fun School 2-8 programs per pack Fun School 2 under 6 ......112.95 Fun School 2 . 6to8 . £12.95 fun School 2 over 8 ......£12.95 Fun School 3-6 programs per pack Fun School 3 under 5 . £15% Fun School 3 5to7 X15.95 Fun School 3 over 7 . ..X15.95 NEW Fun School 4-6 programs per pack Fun School 4 under 5...... .Xi6 95 Fun School 4 5 to 7 ..... X1695 Fun School 4 71011 .....£16.95 AH fun School programs w tl work with a Stanford St2k
Amiga and the new A500 Ptus.
2 Director Ed Woods made sure that even the smallest character was blessed with sharp and intellectual lines, befitting a movie of this calibre. This following extract is spoken by a police officer when he discovers his inspector s dismembered corpse: One thing s sure. Inspector Clay s dead. Murdered! And someone s 3 responsible.” Rousing stuff, I’m sure yoqll agree.
4 suppose you'll find this cold comfort, but you weren't ripped off, you simply bought the Screen Gems pack before Commodore started to bundle the A501 as a pre- Christmos sales booster. The pocks were originally sold 5 Take 2 is compatible with any Amiga.
• Supports 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and Ham colour modes.
• Load and Save IFF images or D. Paint Anims.
• Uses traditional animators Dope sheet layout.
• Up to 4 levels of animation and 4 channels of sound.
• Playback at 24 or 25 frames per second. (Real Time).
• Further manipulate your image within any popular art package.
• Add "Vidi-Amiga" or The "Complete Colour Solution" to digitise
your drawings or images directly from within Take 2. This will
allow you to draw with a pencil, its easier than a mouse.

Click image to download PDF

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