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Amiga Computing H tiean hill nf ttealth! wouid)ust tike to say thanks to Frank Nord for his AMIGA Medteai articles They have helped me no ond with conftguring my system. which consists of an Amiga 1200 with 65Mb hard disk. As) run lots of programs that have an ARexx interface, hts advice on movtug the REXX. directory has proved invaluable & t Reason Myfhwteh Frank says:) m giad my hints bave proved usefut to you. They were cmied over a great many years of messing around with not oniy my own Amiga, but other people s. to make things run a tôt smoother. espectaiiy for people without a technica! bent. Met unth Thanks very much tor the Démon internet CoverDisk it was superb. i had been con-tempiating having a go on the internet and thts was just what i needed to push me into tt AmigaDOS is somewhat complicated in use. but i've found that as long as you 'eave it pretty much alone. atthough you m gh! not get the best performance from it. at toast it actuai'y works, it does seem a iittie strange that you nave to edit three fiies to change the newsgroups you subscribe to. but ours ts not to -ea$ on why. My next step is to jump to AmiTCP thanks to the hefty article you published iast month.) just hope i find it easier than AmigaDOS. (i can't wait to use Mosaic though). Finaity. keep up the good work. AMIGA Computing is by far the best

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Document sans nom Issue 88 ¦ JULY ¦ 1995 ¦ £3.99 Overseas Simply the best collection of registered shareware and essential add-ons ever! ___ This disk requires WB2.04,1Mb RAM and a hard drive July 1995 registered mlonotthe fr | nest popular | shareware Sl release le Amiga history... Pern: eight mazing Mill add-on!
This disk requires WB2.04 or higher Digita Organiser .. Back-up special SrapsDos
• DlY games
• Productivity Cds
• Vlab revisited- Safe surfin' Directory Opus TVPaint 3.0 Amiga
Computing’s ultimate shareware collection, along with the pick
of our all-time favourites incuding: NewAlertHook ¦ Arq
AssignWedge ° CachoFont
* CycleToMenu * MagicMenu
• MultiCX * Virus Checker v6.53
- News Agent * Swazlnfo
- Title Clock • Multiple Datatypes Option 1 I Option 2 UY tJoday
from Indi. ¦ Buy today from Ind BUY NOW, NOTHING TO PAY FOR 6
MONTHS Buy today from Ind Pay by Cheque or Credit Card Buy
INSTANT CREDIT AVAILABLE FROM NEARLY 100 OFFICES NATIONWIDE Subject to Status MASSIVE CD ROM PRICE REDUCTION ZAPPO AMIGA 1200 CD ROM DRIVE Credit Cards VISA Express Cheque Clearance Simply write your 01543 419999 9am • 6om Monday to Friday ' APR 29.8% Subject to Status
* All Indi Products are Delivered Free Of Charge Roc Gen Plus -
Amiga Genlock Create your own text titles and spectacular
graphics, combine your favourite Video with studio enhancements
such as overlay, dissolve and invert keyhole effects.
* User fncn&y panel design and easy installation
* Duol dissolve control knobs provide freely adjustable, varying
degree of overlay or invert (keyhole) effect Auto Video pass¦
thru allows signals to continue to flow through to your monitor
even when the video or Amiga signal source a off.
Plugs into the PCMCIA Slot of the Amiga 600 & 1200 and is ready to go. Excellent build quality at an amazing price.
12 Months Warranty £149.” £189” £204.” £259.” 4 Extra video-thru port provides separate kne monitonng of video signals only.
* Extra RGB pass- thru enables separate line montonngof RGB
Signols for red t»* e editing of the Amiga graphics
* Key in port for expansion with external keying device
* Compatible with ak Amiga Models and commodore CD TV Drives have
come down so INDI pass the advantage onto you I £139.99 130Mb
214Mb - 270Mb - 540Mb- VIDI AMIGA 12. The ultimate low cost
colour digitiser for the Amiga. “the best value full colour
digitiser on the market*.- Amiga FormatPRICE £59.99 I ROMBO
VIDI AMIGA 12 (RT) I Based on the best selling Vick Amiga 12.
This all new version offers real I erne colour capture from any
video source. FJ AGA chipset support as I standard for ill
A1200*4000 PRICE 113149 This superb monitor offers a high
quality 0.28 dot pitch and low radiation total MPR-II
compfance. Complete with external Stereo Speakers and indudes
all leads - this is the monitor that we have all been waiting
£279.99 MICROV1TEC MONITORS External Speakers Included ROMBO The superb Sharp 14“ Monitor I TV provides a real alternative to a Commodore Monitor with full function remote control 39 channel electronic auto search tuning, digital on screen display and 1.5 watt Mpo audio output All you need to know is the low low price. The Sharp Monitor TV is the product for you complete with scart socket and connectivity cable and including 12 months Warranty.
ROMBO VIDI AMIGA 24 (RT) For the more serious user, this 24 • bit version will again capture from any video source with true photo realistic images! A suggemg
16. 8 million colours can be utilised with incredible results.
Full AGA chipset support. PRICE £199.99 VGA INTERNAL TV
BUSTER PRO will allow perfect totally flicker free colour
output to a normal TV or Video. * Windows and DOS support *
CGA.EGA.VGA * Upco 640 x 480 res. 16 or 256 colour4 RGB.
Composite & SVHS output * PAL or NTSC versions available
PRICE £59.99 BRUTAL FOOTBALL PACK Brutal Football "It is
first rate _ itH keep you in stitches for months'94% Alien
* A supreme challenge to new and old players alike" 90% Qwak "The
most playable Amiga game ever" 92% Project • X Incredible
graphics, awesome speech_o true dossic'92% FI 7 Challenge Tost
moving graphics, excellent gomepkry- a game to be reckoned
withn84% (Mu }Mi Aiwoar Riqu «£ Plus a superb multi button
joypad worth £14.99 £164.99 SHARP MONITOR TV 4 Pefcvenes
Insured by securicor are Free of Charge Monday to Friday. A
surcharge of £ 10 8 required on a Saturday.(Uk Ml*"*»nd) Prices
may be subiect to change without prior notice MAIL ORDER SALES
HOTLINE 01543 419999B DCS All trademarks arc acknowledged.
to Status O II N II 0 D1 DIRECT
* All Indi Products are Delivered Free Of Charge PRINTER
1) Printer Dust Cover Dust cover for the Dot Mura Printer
2) Pape-Pack-500 5h«o of qualKy A4 paper
3) Continuous Paper 2000 sheas I pari tang paper
4) Parallel Printer Cable -Used for connecting Amga to Panasonic
5) Panasonic Colour Ribbon -Colour ribbon for KX-P2I35
6) Panasonic Black Rfebon Black ribbon for KX-P2135_ Special INDI
PRICE£9.99 INDI PRICE £15.49 INDI PRICE £9.49 ¦ I - !
Zappo 1200 External Floppy Drive » Amiga 600 Hard Drive 30 Mb Indudes Tmtal Pursuits,] Myth, Rome A.D 92 Epic This pick i» only compatible if the tut 3 pr«Ax
Humbert of your KiclaBrt are 300 or higher.
Commodore 601 FREEPHONE 0500 404041 for your FREE Amiga Driver Disk Please note all Panasonic Dot Matrix printers are supplied with a tractor feed - FrtE of Charge. Other Companies can charge approximately £50 extra for this feature.
Inc yat £124.
99 £69.'
Canon BJ-200ex I The NEW BJ-200ex has print speeds of over 3ppm, It has a built in 'smoothing function giving an effective resolution of upto 720 x 360 dpi! At the faster speeds of 204cps HQ.
And 248eps HS. The Bj-200ex still maintains the whisper quiet operation of 42 dBA. And comes with a built - in 100 x A4 automatic sheetfeeder. * I Year Warranty nil0* NEW Canon BJC-600e U ,MC vat Introducing the NEW Canon BjC-600e. The successor to the BJC-600. In addition to the advanced features of the BJC-600, the NEW BJC-600e has a 'smoothing function' giving an effective resolution of 720 x 360dpi for mono printing. The improved logic capabilities allow you to print colour graphics at a speed of 0,6 -1,2 ppm.lt Prints on various media, is Windows compatible and has fast print speeds for
colour and black. It also has separate CMYK ink | tanks for ecconomical printing. I Year Warranty £429 Canon BJC-4000 «¦ COLOUR I A colour desktop Bubble Jet fast on black and white and brilliant on colour. 360 dpi for colour printing and an effective 720 x 360 dpi mono, using the high performance black cartridge and at Speeds of up to 4ppm! It prints on various media, has a built in sheet | feeder and is Windows compatible. 007 88 LfcO inc vat NEW' Canon BJ-30 is an ideal portable printer, the perfect answer for occasional home use. It has a built in smoothing function giving an effective
resolution of upto 720 x 360 dpi. The BJ-30 uses the new BC-10 cartridge system with 128 nozzle head, giving a print speed of 277 cps. The ink is fast drying water resistant and light fast It has been designed for ease of use incorporating LCD control panel and a warning to let the user know I when the cartridge is running short of ink. It has a 30 sheet integral sheetfeeder and we | N anon BJC-70 -Colour Bubble Jet Printer st BjC-70 has all the advanced features of the BJ - 30 but with the added advantage of the BC-11 colour ink cartridge.
The BCIO bbek only cartridge gives a prim speed of upto 376 cps. The BC-11 colour cartridge system uses an online bbek ink cartridge that gives true bbek output, with colour on the same page. Also using fast drying inks to enable complex graphics to be pnmed without colours bleeding. F?7A13 ImAmlSJ* lnc vat I Options: 1. Portable kit containing Nickel Metal Hydride battery & attachment to recharge from the mains when the printer is not in use:- £79.31
2. Universal Power Adapter - for use world wide whatever the
power supply. - - 0 Canon PRINTERS You've seen al the
rwewsomhs popUjrand Jforrhl* «and »rr 'Compaobtewnhal
* i dllTbcepwisI | va’ueformooey.
09 • Trapdoor upgrade for £ I A 99 the Amiga 600.512K. £, | 4* A 24 Pin Quiet colour printer, I designed for those who need tow cost professional quality output giving all your documents and presentations eye catching colour.
The NEW KX-P2135 incorporates |_ a 20 page built jn sheetfeeder, a flat belt push tractor feed to facilitate easy loading together with a noise level of only 46.5dBa (43,5dBa in i super quiet mode) Super Quiet Printing | * 35" setup disk inc. Windows 3.1 driver I * Built in sheet feeder
* 7 Colour printing | * 2 paper paths- top & rear
* 250 cps Draft Micron, 83 cps LQ I * I Year Warranty Scoop
Purchase Top Quality 100% Error Free bulk disks 50 Disk Pack £
15.49 Disk Labels 500 Pack £7.49 2091 SCSI Controller Card
* 6.6 Roms for use in the A4000 * Upto 2Mb of 16 bit dips can be
* Any 3.5" SCSI Hard Drive can be fitted
* Install software for SCSI Hard Drive Any other standard a m aa
SCSI device can be added A ••
* Tape streamer * SCSI Scanner
* External Hard Drive NEC RINWRITER P2Q New to the Indi Printer
Range the NEC P2Q takes 24 pin dot matrix technology to its
limit offering a real cost effective solution to the home or
small office userx Flexible paper handling, bottom fed
continuous, multipart cut sheet and envelopes
* 16K print buffer *96 CPS in letter mode and a superfast 192 CPS
in draft mode. * 48dBA accoustic noise * Paper Parking *
Manual Feed slot * 12 Months at Home Warranty Do You Own An
Amiga A1500 A2Q001A300Q Or A4000 £164.99 NEW Panasonic
KX-P2I35 NEC Printer INDI DIRECT MAIL •iKOpiisesil Trvle Mirln
and Copyrights All pr,f« ir* «rr«t M in* dl gong to preu. E &
OE MAIL ORDER SALES HOTLINE 01543 419999 Deliveries Insured by
sewrlcor ire Fret of Charge Monday to Friday A surcharge of £10
« required on a Sacurday.fUk Mainland) [nniEfns SystSm Mill U
Ihe essential guide to drniga gaming System On-line _ 84 Find
out the latest and greatest games news. This month we have
pinball aplenty and the new Doom wannabes Beat the System 88
Ive bring you the solution to last month's CoverDisk, The
Speris Legacy, and hints and tips for Ultimate Soccer Manager
Preview: Limbo of the Lost 98 Tina Hackett previews Tri-Logic’s
first commercial venture in to the Amiga games market Survey
___ 101 We want to know what you think! Subscriptions are up
for grabs in return for your valued opinions Preview: Big Red
Adventure 102 Core Design 's point ri'dick adventure is coming
your way.
Adam Phillips takes a look System Essentials 108 This month's cheapies include MicroProse's Fields of Glory and the classic adventure. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Game Reuieius High Seas Trader 90 Tower of Souls 94 Super Loopz . 98 UFOA500 106 Digits Organiser 3D lung Builder 39 Gareth Lofthouse gets organised with Digita's desktop filofax Gareth Lofthouse previews the Amiga 's ultimate pro-audio tool JllTt *• | I -j _«] Directory Opus 5 33 Frank Nord gives the king of file managers a good going over [rossDos 6.D 63 Cros&ptaform compatibility, plug and play for PC addons Ulab
Reuisited 70 Paul Austin gives Vlab Motion the recognition it deserves Productiuitu Cds 73 The search for the Amiga's best CD software continues Tupaint 3.0 36 We take a mouth-watering look at the alhnew TVPaint 11 Amiga audio and midi manipulation from a programming angle Surfin’ Do 5 & Dun'ts Ben Vost gives some tips and hints for polite, trouble-free Internet usage DIM Came Production 66 The hands-on approach to getting your software on the shelves Hssembler 77 The quest for the perfect assembler article continues Back-up Special 60 Protect and survive. The secrets of data security revealed
flout issue on sale S3 Juno CDUEH STDHV An amazing alternative interface that lets you create your own designer look for all manner of Amiga applications. An essential tool for anyone who wants the ultimate interface Deiiis 7 The latest buy-out news plus the revival of GVP USH thins ib Emplant on hold and the all new Aladdin 4.0 [omment 11 Ben Vost lays down the law on computer interaction ESP it The tricky Amiga questions tackled by the mailmeister flflBHH Console control and the secrets to menu set-up via Arexx llWi: Uideo I ¦¦¦» Cary Whiteley on the importance of dedicated monitoring £
fTIU5iC The revival of Dr T ¦= Paul Overaa looks at the rebirth I fTEIfe: Cnmms The literal side of surfin' with the ever present Mr South W; Hmo5 Kwt* An interactive session of FAQs with Amos man, funky Phil Publishing Style tags - Frank Nord investigates a publishing essential IT!
Im im •»%..« mi M » »f»« 5 U ¦ - mn»~ REGULHflS Jf We all want an easy life, and these utilities certainly make using your Amiga an amazing place.
What’s more, they will give your machine that all important face lift.
HERS ig 77ie problems of hardware and software get sorted Public Secioh sb The [ouEHDishs mill - registered uersian AMIGA GUIDE Utilities galore All the very best of your shareware and PD games and applications, courtesy of our regular reviewer.
Dave Cusick Amiga Medical 1$ The start-up sequence dissected by Mr Nord 115 A 3D look at Pyrotechnics with smokin' Stevie RJ I See page 53 Sutofipta Find out mhat tscorn are planning for the Rmiga and why eue wane's fauourite machine could be in pole position tor the future Bought out!
...for details of Hmiga [ouiputings subscription offers this month Turn to page G1... Double Dealing from HiSoft!
P-c $ 4 v ov Following a lengthy investigation, wc have discovered irrefutable evidence that Amiga publisher HiSoft is engaged in double-dealing.
Although the company is known for top-selling titles such as Devpac 3, Megalosound and Squirrel SCSI, it now seems that HiSoft is prepared to offer a number of these professional packages bundled together at prices that can only be described as suspicious.
Our reporter gained an exclusive interview with David Link, of HiSoft, who made this outrageous claim: uVJe have been supporting the Amiga community for 10 years now with a range of software and hardware packages. As a thankyou to all the loyal supporters of this amazing computer, we decided to make some very special 'birthday'offers to readers bf this magazine.". Double-talk? We'll leave you, the reader, to judge ... 12 16 bit I Sound !
96% Amiga Shopper 90% AUI 88% Amiga Computing ie* worth The Idlest of our highly acclaimed sound samplers for the A600 A1200, Aura offers high performance 12 16 bit quality with direct to-disk sampling plus a host of software features. Oclamed 5 04 up compatibk- Aura ts perfect ax a stand
- alone effects unit or as a complete sampling packag.
Designed to take full advantage of all of the newest features i l Workbench 2™ and beyond. It is 100",. Amiga Style Guide compliant and provides you with all of the modem user interface features to really enjoy playing in ihc highway!
ProMIDI Interface the Termite Button Bar 95% AUI 88% CU Amiga Afraid nf brooming j hedgehog on the Termite Information Super Highway? I* n't worey! Termitr » so easy to use that even a first time telccommunicator will feel at home. Yet it has all of the power and flexibility to satisfy the most seasoned modrm wamor!
Termite DoubUDeel £39.95 ? Up Inc CIX joining 1h £25!
DoubltDcol £89.95 ? Hp Aura & ProMidi Save £34.95!
Jbnnaii i _ GameSiiulh fully supports and b compatible with all Amigas including AGA. A C Compiler or 680*0 Assembler is required From sboot-Vni-up* to graphic adventures, from Intergalactic conquest to strategic simulation, the GameSmith Development System is the perfect solution.
90% AUI 92% CU Amiga Devpac3 Amiga The top-rated, professional's choice for Amiga assembly language development, Devpac 3 is a complete package of 68000-6804(1 assembler, debugger, editor and linker Ideal for beginner and expert alike. Devpac 3 is the perfect companion for Gam**mith.
DoubleDeal £129.95 *hp Devpac 3.14 & Gamesmith. Save £50!
DoubleDeal £94.95 ? Pap Twist 2 & MaxonMagic The Amiga Database Save £34.95!
Twist 2 ts the new. Friendly, relational database tor all Amigas. Twist's range of power lea tuns such as its integrated forms designer, it* varied k multi-level querying, in N:1 1:N & N:M relation* coupled with Its un cluttered, well-designed user interface make i» ideal lor both the first-time and the seasoned database UstT 92 Amiga Shopper 91 AmJga Format Magic ra This is the utility that you simply must own! Maxon Magic is a funtastic combination of 20 different animated screen savers, a system event sound manager and many amusing sampled sounds that will not only be incredibly useful but
will give you and your friends endless enjoyment as well.
Squirrel Storage Systems Amiga Format 93% CU Amiga 94% Amiga Shopper 95% As you can see, the Amiga pres* has gone nuts over our new Squirrel SCSI interface for the A600 A1200. Lit ease you've mhoed I hear reviews, the Squirrel SCSI is a plug-artd-play add-on ihat allows you to connect up to 7 SCSI peripherals to your Amiga. Just think of it, CD-ROM. Hard drive. Scanner. DAT, Optical. SyQuest, Tape Streamer - dll on line at the same lime! No wonder we named it after that famous storage-hungry animal! To go with Squirrel, we have some great value devices... Squirrel SCSI Devices 730Mb SCSI Hard
Drive £259 Fast (11 ms accrrw) Quantum dnve • internal ?PAP Aiwa 2-xpeed CD-ROM £189 Super-xmart with audio controb - external only ?PAP Squirrel Quad CD-ROM £199 Super-fast quadspml, packed with featute - internal ? PAP DoubleDeal Buy a Squirrel SCSI inlerface with any CD or HD drive for only £501 Buy 2 drives, save £251 Add £60 for external versions lease with integral psu and all SCSI connections) where appropriate. Squirrel SCSI interface costs £69.95 by itself.
Order Hotline ©0500 223660 HiScsft SYSTEMS The Old School, Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0)1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716 To order any of the special DoubieDeais shown on this page (or any other HiSoft product, see the list opposite) - just call us, free of charge, on 0500 223660. Armed with your cred't or debit card and quote DDAC; we will normally despatch within 4 working days (£4 PSP) or, for only £6. By guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock) Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders. All prices include VAT Export orders: call or fax fo confirm
pricing and postage costs t 1995 HiSoft E&OE All prices include UK VAT HiSoft products for your Amiga: Here is a list of HiSoft titles for the Amiga computers (prices shown are the individual RRPs): Squirrel SCSI interface - £69.95, Squirrel Storage Systems • please call. Aura 12 16 bit sampler • £99.95. Megalosound 8 bit sampler £34 95. ProMidi interface • £24 95. HiSoft Devpac 3 14 - £79.95. HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95. Highspeed Pascal - £9995. Gamesmith - £99.95. Termite - £39.95. Twist 2 database - £99.95. Maxon Magic - £29.95, Upper Disk Tools - £14.95. VistaUte inc MakePath TerraForm -
£39.95 and much more. Coming soon: DiskMagic (disk tools) and Cinema4D.
Niuis Bij HOHm PHILLIPS The official news from New York is that Escom have bought all the rights of ownership, technology, trademarks and patents to Commodore and the Amiga. After the somewhat harassing two days of 20-21 April, Escom’s final bid of $ 10 million for Commodore’s core assets was accepted over surprise bidder, Dell's, which stood at £13 million for the core assets. Unfortunately for Dell, their bid had certain strings attached to it which would have meant delaying the buyout further.
Buqer found for Commodore In a shock move, one-time favourite. Commodore UK.
Dropped out of the auction altogether, knowing they didn’t have enough money to take on Escom or Dell. The other one-time favourite, Creative Equipment International, made a hasty alliance with Dell on the day but was unsuccessful and managed to upset Escom in the process for going against them in the bidding process.
As well as the bid being accepted by the US courts, the deal has also been approved by the Bahamian courts, making Escom’s position as the new owners of Commodore final.
For the full story, turn to our five-page breakdown, starting on page 23, of the bidding day, and the interviews with the winner and losers.
Stop the press: [=Uh time bomb An unconfirmed rumour flapping its wings round the rumour mill is that if Commodore UK haven't found a buyer by the end of May, they will file for liquidation Apparently. David Pleasance and Colm Proudfoot. Joint Mds of the company, have warned in accounts filed at Companies House that the business can only survive up to the end of May.
No-one was available at the time of going to press to comment on the situation. If the above is true, one can only hope that C=UK's negotiations with Escom are successful.
GUP saued With the recent buyout of Commodore. Escom would appear not to be resting on their laurels by appointing Dr Peter Kittel as the head of engineering for the Amiga. Kittel. Ex-head of Commodore Germany, has released details on the new daughter company of Escom AG which will be based in Heppenheim in Germany and will deal with all developments concerning the Amiga.
Head of engineering appointed There will be an engineering department for hardware and OS software. Also planned is an extensive marketing department, and Kittel estimates there will be a workforce of 50 people at the beginning, If there are individuals reading this who are interested in working for the new company, they should send their resumes to: Escom AG, Personalabteilung, Tiergartenstr. 9, D-64646 Heppenheim, Germany.
Initial plans are to restart the production of existing machines (600 1200 4000) but because of Escom’s casing policy, the 4000 at least should receive a new look. No immediate models will be altered technically because Kittel doesn’t want to delay the re-release schedule - any alterations will come later.
As for the future, it can be confirmed that the way forward for the Amiga is RISC-based. The two principle systems being considered are Power PC and Hewlett Packard’s PA RISC. “It will be the first task of engineering to prepare this choice of paths into the future" commented Kittel.
He also states that Escom have decided to be very "liberal" In regards to licensing the Amiga technology out to third parties: "Whoever wants to build, for example, an Amiga lap-top or set-top box can get the chips and OS!"
The new head of engineering is quick to point out, though, that all the above “is still a letter of intent. The points which are declared are still open."
Whatever the case, it's good to see Escom are moving so swiftly.
Parallels aplenty this month with another German company stepping in to save the day and revamp part of the Amiga’s heritage. The critically- acclaimed hardware producers, GVP, having bitten the bullet, have had their intellectual rights bought by German- based company M-Tec in conjunction with Power Computing in Bntain.
The only product available to buy at present is GVP's RAM. For the rest of the extensive catalogue, potential buyers will have to wait another two months. The catalogue at the moment consists of the 68040 68060 accelerator for the 2000 3000 4000, a 16-bit sound sampler, the HC8 SCSI interface and the I O Extender, among others.
“This is a great day for the Amiga - first the buyout of Commodore and now GVP have been plucked from the jaws of ruin” commented Tony laniri of Power Computing. “There’s a wind of hope blowing through the Amiga community and this is just the beginning.
Things can only get better,” For more details, contact Power Computing on 01234 273000.
Amiga Computing I1JI5 update Wounded consumers awaiting news of developments in the WTS fraud case will have to wait longer than they hoped for a conclusion to the criminal proceedings brought against the mail order firm. Amiga Computing contacted DC Ron Lack, one of the key police personnel investigating the case for an update: There's no change and there isn’t likely to be for a number of months yet... when we've seen the wood for the trees so to speak, we'll be able to give angry customers the full picture. The time it takes is simply the nature of this particular beast."
Indeed, fraud is a laborious crime to prove sufficiently and it would seem that consumers are going to have to be patient for the time being. In the meantime, if there are still further disgruntled customers who want to pass on any information to the police, here's the address to write to: DC Ron Lack, Bedfordshire Police Fraud Squad.
Ampthill Police Station, Woburn Street.
Ampthill MK45 2HX. Please don't ring
- they're busy enough.
(h-BT engineer fined for software theft In another joint collaboration between ELSPA and the police, a raid was earned out on the home of ex-BT engineer.
Alan Pirie. Leading to a conviction and seizure of £200,000 worth of illegal software. Pirie was found guilty of six offences of selling and possessing, and was fined £1000 and ordered to pay £100 costs.
“One the major aims of ELSPA is to crack down on the illegal copying and distribution of pirated software" commented John Loader, head of ELSPA's crime unit. “As an industry, the computer and leisure software sector needs to be protected against those individuals of organisations that seek profit from its illegal activities' Anyone with information concerning pirated software should call ELSPA on 01386 830642 in confidentiality.
FDore storage with a sip The call of the Big Smoke Utah-based Iomega Corporation have released the Zip drive and Zip disk - the Zip drive is a compact, portable solution for moving information between work and home, expanding hard disk capacity, organising and saving business and personal financial records, and sharing large files. Basically, the system works along a similar line to floppy disks but offers a far bigger storage capacity. Zip disks are available in 100 and 25Mb capacities, and can bo purchased in single packs or economical five packs.
“Our new Zip drive is unlike any other storage product on the market.'’ said Timothy L Hill, vice president of marketing for Iomega Corporation. “It’s like getting four drives in one. It’s an unlimited upgrade for your filled up hard disk; a high-capacity mobile storage solution; a personal organiser of your stuff; and. It’s an excellent backup drive." * Every Zip drive comes complete with a starter Zip disk that includes ZipTools software to help consumers organise, track and quickly locate their computer information.
Contact Iomega Corporation's UK headquarters on 0181-899 1734 for more details.
After last month's call for animators to submit work to the European Festival of Animation, another exhibition has appeared in the form of the London Effects and Animation Festival. Acting as a showcase for the best in creativity in Europe, the show has attracted some high calibre competition in the last few years from companies across the world.
The event is split into several categories that include art. Broad' cast graphics, commercials, interactive entertainment, feature films, music video films and Student work, among Others. The closing date for all entries is 8 September. These entries wilt be judged by a panel of experts made up of media potential clients and fellow professionals, and the awards will be handed out on 29 November.
Also included during the festival is a three-day programme of seminars and screenings which takes place alongside the Computer Graphics Expo at the Wembley Conference Centre from 28-30 November, For more details and an entry form, call Debbie Brown on 0181- 995 3632.
London Eneeli gpd Animation Festival: Oot your work moon by potontial omployoom rows Further Photogenirs Those busy bods at Almathera have released another upgrade for their critically-acclaimed image processing package, Photogenics. Version 1.2 has had a series of new options added to it - warper tools allowing you to distort, bend, stretch and twirl parts of your image, printing capabilities. CyBERgraphics 24- bit painting, transparency gradients, the much-needed crop facility and for those without AGA machines, a HAM6 display option.
Improvements have been made to the previews and compose modes, and there are also some new paintmodes (colourise. Gamma, mirage, jitter).
Newlcon support, new GIOS (TIFF, PCX, HAM6, Retina, ProGrab24 among others). If you're a 1.1 a owner, the upgrade will cost £15. For a brand spanking new copy, the price tag is £59.95. Call Almathera on 0181-687 0040 for more information.
While many people are convinced of the potential offered by the Internet for a variety of purposes, there are still sectors that remain unconvinced, according to Future Marketing The company believe that the Net is being seen by some as nothing more than a fad. And those people need to be informed about the benefits of using the Web.
Aimed at IT and marketing professionals. Future Marketing are hosting a series of day-long non-technical seminars. The day Itself begins at nine and runs through to 17:30. Addressing some of the most common questions from a Net novice - what exactly is the Internet? Are the companies employing it being successful?... and so on.
The cost of the seminar is £285 + VAT per delegate which includes lunch, refreshments and literature, and places can be reserved on 01737 222615 The first seminar takes place on June 14th Amiga Computing AMIGA SHO PP£n header Awards "atnhe Wnnir VOTED Tcrab 3*12?: Hardware SECTION!
HQ X To get your hands on ProGrab"'.
Call our sales line on.. 01 773 836781 ...or Post FAX your requirements on the order form provided, Surname Card holder's signature: 6:95 G ¦ computers ¦ iharwood the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer Gordon Harwood Computers Limited New Street. Alfrcton, Derbyshire DESS "BP Tel: 01 77} 836’HI fjomufc 01 ”3 WlOtO Expiry Date: The revolutionary ProGrab™ 24RT with Teletext is not only the best way to get crisp colour video images into your Amiga, it actually costs less than any of its rivals. This real time, PAL-SECAM-NTSC*, 24-Bit colour frame grabber digitiser has slashed the price of image grabbing
on the Amiga, and at the same time has received rave reviews for its ease of use and excellent quality results.
ProGrab™ has received honours from just about every Amiga magazine!
And... with ProGrab™ you needn't be an expert in Amiga Video Technology either... A simple 3 stage operation ensures the right results - Real Time, after time.
STAGE 1... Select any video source with composite output. This could be your camcorder. TV with SCART output, satellite receiver, domestic VCR player or standard TV signal passing through your VCR player... the choice is yours.
STAGE 2... With ProGrab's software, select an image you wish to capture using the on screen preview window - and Grab (because the hardware grabs frames in real time. ThereS no need for a freeze frame facility on the source device). ProGrab"' even includes a Teletext viewing capturing facility from either TV or satellite sources Once grabbed, simply download and view the full image on your Amiga screen.
STAGE 3... Use the image with your favourite word processor. DTP or graphics package.
The Fall & Rise in Amiga Frame Grabbing... ProGrab™ caused a Real Fall in the Price of Quality Frame Grabbing - the Rise in Standards speak for themselves!
County (Country); Postcode Daytime Phone: Evening Phone Please rush me... _ ProGrab Frame Grabber 8 XI29.95 inc. p&p X I pgrade to Software Version 2.5 PCMCIA Interface 9 X29.95 Inc. p&p X I X4.95 inc. p&p please tick __ 5VBS Connector f Xi95 inc. p&p i_ _ Optional PAST Courier Service Delivery L (Orroew Customer* ¦ Please Cull for Prices etc. 1 TOTAL X_ Card No: ProGrab™ really does make it that simple!
ProGrab” supports any Vntqa with Klcxsar? 2.04 or later and I 5Mb free RAM rvoGrab” rws jua been voted as The Best Video Hardware product for the Amga fho is espccwty pleasing Occausc1 the *wkj tomes frrm the nvrjaanrt rwdcrs our satisfied cuKcmcrsi ProGrab” boasts a 92H Gofd remp by Attrjj Format vath comments Me TroG’Ar rvr&vare is top notch' and Ter sheer vjioe hx mcne* PtoGrab cenrwt be beaten* Mr Mrs Mtss Ms: Address: Lssue No (Switch Only): I Initial); r money, rothng c Suncfcnt PraGrab’'* IwttMrt R iWAiGa WNlSt ccrrpanWr rter-Ke mode optont .v .is-Ur vtb f'AL & S£C M only NIK Uny
models« to spet» woe* wtwh then *4*m IN: rtttrwe made 'irfy hta» a» uj ftr luf «tM Cheque IIInk Draft Postal Ordcf for X______j___ payable to Gordon Harwood Computers limited... CU taing c BtH said ProGrab” t Just the job lor J L i M I [tfll oegnners and sentrprtf«acnas on a tqrt badger and. Very 1 nard to beat For ttw money nothng can toucn t Three million and rising Thai on-line service, CompuServe, just keeps pumping out those press releases - in this month's instalment, the company has now officially achieved over three million paying users. They claim they are signing up as many as
60.000 new members each week.
- In the past year, there has been tremendous interest in on-line
services and the Internet. And as the undisputed leader in
on-line content, global networking and informa- tion services,
CompuServe has become the place to be for millions of people"
stated Barry Berkov. CompuServe's executive vice president.
CompuServe I (lews briofs lightwauu has arriued Lightwave 4, the package that everyone knows about, is now available from Premier Vision, and owners of 3.5 can upgrade to the latest version on any platform (Amiga. PC. SGI, Dec Alpha) for a paltry £150. The price for the full version is £695.
Call Andy Bishop or Andy Gould on 0171-721 7050 for more details.
CompuServe uat keeps growing and growing Read write [D!
Massive storage capabilities are now available to the home user - Hi-Q have • announced the imminent launch of the Panasonic PD System Optical Drive.
Coming with a quad speed CD-ROM. A Hybrid 650Mb and an Optical Read Write system allowing access to stockpiles of information at the click of a button, the system costs £680 approx. Call Hi-Q on 0181 909 2092 for more details.
This is flpollo calling Accelerators seem to be on the increase Turbo 50 for the 1200 runs at just under I as people want more and more power 10 MIPS. The card fits into the trapdoor for their upgrade-starved Amiga. New slot of the Amiga which isn't too from Siren software is a range of accel- healthy for memory upgrades. Call erators with hooky title of Apollo. Simon Cobb on 0161-796 5279 for more The top of the range Apollo 1230 details.
Mega oops!
Our review of Easy Ledgers in the May issue of Amiga Computing gave the price as £29.99. Unfortunately, the suppliers, Wizard Developments, have phoned up to inform us that the package actually costs £199.99. For those interested in purchasing Easy Ledgers, they should adjust the value for money score from nine to six.
For those interested in the European Festival of Animation (as featured in last month's news), the organisers have a new number for interested parties - 01295 264711. The closing date for entries is the end of June.
Photographic print outs Printers that can produce near photographic print outs are highly sought after. With the wealth of Amiga art packages such as Photogenics and Deluxe Paint 5. Such a piece of kit would be ideal for small design companies and artists- The Primera and PrimeraPro colour printers from Chicago-based Parallax Technology have been out for quite some time now, offering a range of dye-colour sublimation colour images for its users.
With the arrival of their new Amiga-specific colour print driver though, 24-bit images can now be printed out.
The driver is free to all existing Primera Pro owners and is available as standard to potential buyers. For more info, contact Parallax Technology on 001 312 645 4835.
[D-HOm slash II illiterate Over two-thirds of small businesses are admitting they aren't as clued up as they'd like to be with the ever-growing world of information technology. In a survey conducted by Lloyds bank of 300 small firms, just over half the businesses said they were computer literate - lack of technical support, suitable training courses and objective advice being the main problem areas according to the small businesses contacted.
Also identified by the survey were several areas of missed potential - for example, one fifth of larger firms polled still don't use computers for invoicing and credit control.
John Spence of Lloyds bank commented: "It is clear from these findings that many consider themselves inadequately informed on the subject. As we are increasingly moving towards a world dominated by technology, the findings are clearly a cause for concern."
Stag tuned [hange uf number For those interested in buying the Advanced Amiga Analyser (reviewed in the May issue), the company to order from has changed The new suppliers Dart Computer Services can be reached on 0116 247 0059 and the price remains the same ¦ £49 95.
For the latest news on Amiga Computing and all things Amiga, take a look at our home page, Tap in the following URL Web address: http: www.demon.co.uk amigacomp While you’re there, take a look at our list of top ten fave sites on the Internet and access them.
For those with a yearning to move over to CD so that productivity Cds and CD32 games can be become a part of their computing, the Zappo CD-ROM drive has received a rather substantial price cut of £40. The unit can now be picked up for £159.99 and features the latest software to aid CD32 compatibility.
For more details, contact Don Carter on 01543 419999.
Software upgrade No sooner have Gordon Hardwood Computer’s released version two software for the ProGrab 24RT. Version 2.5 is now upon us.
Featuring additional file format support, image processing effects (emboss, convolution, oil paint and many more), palette computing routines and dithering form the main basis of the upgrade and can be obtained from Harwoods on 01773 831040.
R sonnet fur the Amiga Hot on the heels of the scorchingly fast Cyberstorm 060 card, the Sonnet 50MHz Doubler 4QQ0TM is a daughter board that plugs into the 4000's CPU socket. The distributors, Blittersoft, daim the card delivers across-the-board speed increases for all applications and system functions.
Featuring an on-chip cache and maths co-processor, the chip costs £399.95 and can be obtained form Paul Le Surf on 01908 261466.
Amiga Computing o F I RST COMPUTER CENTRE HOW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number. If paying by cheque please make payable to: "FIRST COMPUTER CENTRE" In any correspondence please quote a phone number, pou code 6 Dept. Allow 5 working days cheque clearance SHOWROOM ADDRESS: DEPT. AC. UNIT3, ARMLEY PARKCOURT, STANNINGLEY RD. LEEDS. LSI2 2AE.
°*™*Y ™'f« “.te rO 113 2319444
• Standard delivery £I.9S 24 HOUR MAIL ORDER SERVICE FAX: 0113
231919i NEW.' BBS Modem sales & technical line Tel 0113 2311422
• 2-3 Week Days £2.95
• Next Week Day £4.95 H,hjo i o iImIi LOW INTEREST FINANCE
• All prices include VAT @ 17.5%
• Large showroom with parking
• Multi-million pound company
• Overseas orders welcome
• Educational purchase orders welcome OPEN7DAYSAWEEK
PrketarccorrectaltheOmeofgouigtoprvu. Pirate check our Utete
pricel before order ng. All ulet or. Tubjoctco our tUndird ter
rm 4 condi uxn( op f a triable upon rtquttl) EAOE.
RAM Expansion "U I Realise the full potential of your A1200 I with tho Prune Technologist trapdoor I RAM cipanuon, include* real time dock I I MB RAM I 2 MB RAM I 4 MB RAM 10 MB RAM 1 2 MB & 33 Mhi CO PRO 14 MB & 33 Mhz CO PRO 18 MB A 33 Mhi CO PRO Part exchange available on your old memory, Call for pricing.
A500 SOO+76O0 RAM Expansion IPRIHA A500 S12b RAM (no dock) L19 99 IPRIMA A500 Plut I Mb RAM £12.99 I PRIMA A600 I Mb RAM(oo dock) £13-99
3. 5" Hard Disk rt Drives with AI 200 600 install kit (Wf
recommend U" drt»»« be lilted by lul’r qualified co«q»Ur
«ngim*H) inc. software, cabin and instructions 260Mb..: 154.99
420Mb...£ 169.99 540Mb..t 184.99 850Mb.„£2S9.99
3. 5" H drive upgrade kit no HD only!! £18.99 Include* set up
software, cables and full instructions.
Fitting service available if required.
2. 5" Hard Drives for A600 AI 200 with installation kit inc.
software, screws, cables and instr.
* 0Mb-.C99 99 130Mb...' I 39.49 80Mb...£109.99 250Mb... IB9.99
All drives supplied by The First Computer Centre have a minimum
12 month warranty and are tested to ensure 109% compatibility.
Full range of SCSI & IDE drives always in stock, call!!
A600 1200 Hard Drive set up software £5.99 PRIMA CD ROM Drives Hard Drives Monitors | A1200 OYERDRIYE CDROM New low price!!£ 189.99 POWER CDROM drives Dual speed £ 199.99 Quad speed £299.99 SANYO-H94AX1 £126.99
• 120M. Aunt tene* 100KB transfer rate PLEXTOR-PX43CSX4 £239.99
• I SOM* Access Ur*-* 660KB transfer rate NAKAMICHI-MBR7 £335.99
• Allow* up to 7 CO ROM dido to be tratrited.
• Fully SCSI II compatible «Dual spend dm Oktagon
2008scsi-ii..„i£ 124.99 SCSI II Interface card, allown
connection of any SCSI drvke into big tea Amiga*.
Squirrel SCSI interface £40.00 Wtwm bought with Mrs, tSItf tap leaf.
All our monitors comply to UK tpouRcafion*. All monitors com* complete with connecting leads* Microvitec Autoscan 1438 .20 dpi. I Silt Kmi. A¦ Amiga modes. ACA compatible. No auiku. IHt A twindl ttand.
Only £279.99
• AllOO'i require an adaptor £6.99 extra NEW!! AMITEK 1084-S 14"
stereo colour CCA monitor. Ideal for both the game player and
the more scnous uter.
Only £199.99 Tilt *nd *wmr*B (tend only 9.99 when purchased with monitor All monitor dust covers only £5.99 Memory Modules I Mb 72 Pin SIMM £39.99 I 2 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £79.99 I I 4 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £130.99 1 | 8 Mb 72 Pin SIMM £262.99 16 Mb 72pin SIMM £399.99 I Imb30pinSIMM £34.99 1 I 4 Mb 30 pin SIMM £110.991 I 256 by 4 DRAM (DILs) (each) £5.99 1 I Mbby4ZIPPS (Mch)£32.99 | 2S6by 4ZIPPS (each)£S.99 | Part exchange available on your old memory, Call for pricing.
Floppy Drives Tabby SONY DELUXE 3.5" EXTERNAL DRIVE.
£54.99| AMITEK | CUMANAExt.driveONLV!!£49.99 I I mb ext. The best name in drive*.
I A I 200 600 internal drive £39.99 I A500 500+lnternal drive £39.99 | Scanners |PowerScanv4 £105.991 3S6 |'ud* on ACA Amgos 64 g'tui* non ACA | Power Scan Col. £204.99 | 24 bt cetour icawwr. Ifc mflion colour* I Alpha Scan 800 £99.99 | 930 dpv 256 iliUU. Wfii Id 6* 4I Ail mu Alpha Scan 256 £139.99 | 266 B'Kitbiul OCA tcftnna aq HD to uM OCR Epson GT6500 £529.99 24 tat flatbed icamef. Jt»o results, requres Art Dqunm«nt tcmf| ic6**v». Pn « t’W 99 Genlocks hamal91 C179.99 I S-Video, and composite compatible hama 290 £679.99 I V Video, andccmpoute metsi&piuiiar more toma A-Cut editor £185.99
GVP Genlock £289.99 fralurr* prnfrttinnal SYHS output Renda!e8802FMC £164.99 I Superb entry leetf genlock, with pro features I Rendale9402 £289.99 Full featured, Super-VMS genlock suprato Disks Storage Boxes Printers Canon CITIZEN £214.99 ABC Colour printer N£WI Canon BJ30 NE VJ Canon BJ Coiour* £304.99 rMw. 14 p.,. AVI buk U Sewf? IPPP BJ20' 21*1 BpBBtChIMb qaa*ty -wn* primer.
Anon BjC OOOColour I0ex £235.99 1 T3T9.99 Hi«k ..-J.., dw, Uu UklU M NEW!CuionBJC600rColour £445.99 Nh .nbMC esuud iWur (raui. Mtuol W *» HEWLETT® PACKARD m NEWfH P 540 mono £269.09 HP320 540Colourupgrade £36.99 NEW! HP 660 Colour £435.99 HP 4Llaser printer £449.99 Laser Printers ¦Panasonic KXP4400 loKI 400e £354.99 £359.99 £149.99 fiMvi M feougSc wttbeul «h« .pltw NEWI IprojctlTColour £259.99 Nn rata. M|M pnntar M Ml *1 auto Mil klM.
NEVWfProjet 3 mono £POA
* Milv n* nuoe pium. 1 p kA 1 yur wimM* Citizen printers have a 2
year guarantee ifeir Star LC I 009pinColour £124.99
* r~ caioo. OrlMW. I WO tamo. It* (.. dtefc.
Star LC90 9 pin mono £105.99 1 pia mom grHOr, AST MR R, puih trotter oetltnai.
Star LC24024 pin mono £125.99 14 pto mono prwUr. I»1 4nO.W» Mf Mill In Star LC240C 24 pin Colour £144.99
* 4 pto AU bUH I*. 4 to Mi Star SJ144 Colour £239.99 ruann| (OOt,
I mono, M p'pVn tobtr.
SuprorMXModem 288
• Ufta 11 t.lKRpi (.42tii| e Cuuliir.. 9 bunt A Adaaova Amw«f •
Umfwe LCD Dela
• VS4 MdM • ruui ROM
• Ncenvn Viltuin • j Tur Wimm* only £188.99 Is It a bargain-the
slie of a Hippo's iumf- You ¦ctchA" - Amiga Computing Oct 1994
Supraf-pqjt Modem V52bC Thb nM M M 14444 bud ImSM.. V.llbk,
V. UMo, VJ1, Vjl, MMPJ 1, V.42, Vubfc, Clu. I A 2 cam mrnnea,
*440 144CO GrMp 1 Pu MhiMi Ira. Ni.dm. isrrr-j (ott Pui|«V t
uMs only £152.99 Mobotics WE ARE PREFERRED USR DEALERS
Sportster 288
* only £233.99 features V14, IB.tOO BPS.
BABT approved Iftkai M VU&h .m bit tpy V 14 (21.101 hpiV SuP tmMJ(MoBem I44LC
V. 32 bis (14400 baud )
U. Cmt mu o. dM clculc VI20. In ndm P.. ¦urn 44 MW bM l4M I fu
ml, «J LID 4raU.
Now only £96.99 Sjporfster 44 £157.99 Amazing price reduction on Courier dual standard V34 now only!! £327.99 QTY BulkDSDD Branded DS'DD 10 £4.99 30 £9.99 £13.99 SO £15.99 £19.99 100 £29.99 £37.99 200 £54.99 £69.99 500 £134.99 £162.99 1000 £259.99 £299.99 [ UatoR im'dlOtMJMWdifcfeamwdibM | MULTI COLXR Disk labels 500 £6.99 luuiny.vv 10 Capacity box 50 Capacity lockable box £3.99 100 Capacity lockable box £5.49 90 Capacity Banx box £9.99
* 150 Capacity Posso box £17.99 100 Capacity CD holder £4.99
• add £3 .06 ddhpcry if purchasing fust one Po»so or Bmk bo*.
Normxl d4livw wfwn purfhMud with other product or when buying
2 or more.
CD Software Software Peripherals Consumables £3.99 £12.99 £4.99 £3.69 £7.99 £13.99 £8.99 £5.99 £13.99 £11.99 MOST'OfHER MAKES AVAILABLE Re-Ink Spray for mono ribbdnl
- ----f|------------- PREMIER-INK Cartridge Refills tare a
fortune in running costs with your ink) bubble jet. Compatible
with the HP Deskjet series. Canon BJIBI201B0IIJO lOO'lM lio.
Stir SJ4I. CitiiM Projet »nd many other*. Full range of colours available.
£4.99 £12.99 £1999 £27.99 £24.99 Single refill* (22ml) Twin refills (44ml) Three colour kit (66ml) Full colour kit (88ml) Bulk refill*(125ml) Miscellaneous Printer Switch Box 2 way £ 12.99 Printer Switch Box 3 way £ 17.99 Printer Stand* (Universal) £7.99
1. 8 Metre printer cable £4.99 3 Metre printer cable £6.99 5
Metre printer cable £0.99 ip M«re printer cable Parallel port
exten*lon cable £9.99 Ink Cartridges Canon BJ10 Star SJ48
£19.99 Ribbons Citizen Swift ABC mono Citizen Swift ABC colour
Star LC90 mono ribbon Star LC 10 100 mono Star LC 10 100
colour Sur LC 240c colour Star LC240c mono Star LC240 mono
Star LC24-10 200 300 Colour Canon Bj200 230 £19 99 Canon BJ30
(3 pack) £13.99 Canon BJC 70 mono (3 pack) £10.99 Canon BJC 70
colour (3 pack) £16.99 Canon BJC 4000 colour (tingle) £16.99
Canon BJC 4000 mono (single) £7.99 Canon BJC 4000monou£28.99
Canon BjC 600e mono £6.99 Canon BJC 600c colour HP.Detkjet
colour £26.99 HP. Deskjet double mono £24.99 Epson Stylus mono
£15.99 Epson Stylus colour £36.99 StarSJ 144 mono colour
(tingle) £7.99 Covers All printer duit coven £5.99 | Paper
Prices jppfy onlv whon ordered with printer or purr Hated
direct front the ihowroom Fanfold (tractor feed) 500 sheet* £4
99 Fanfold (tractor feed) 1000 sheets £8.99 Fanfold
(tractorfeed) 2000 sheets £17.99 Single sheet 500sheet* £4.99
Single sheet 1000 sheet* Single sheet 2000 sheets £ 17.99
Detacry far 20(0 ihtets £5.03 uhcn purchased without prieeir
Epson Stylus 720 dpi paper (pack) £22.99 | Replacement Spare
parts for all printers available, coii for quou.
Viper I 28 mhz £114.99 Viper II 28 mhz £139.99 Viper II40 mhz £199,95 MegaMouse400dpi90% £13.99 Truemouse3oodpi £11.99 Crystal Trackball £34.99 I Zydec Trackball £29.99 ZyFi-2 Speakers £26.99 ZyFi Pro Speakers £57.99 | Amiga modulator £34.99 Amiga PSU £34.99 | VIDII2 AGA Hsumnt on| !! £59-99 I NEWZfVIDI 24 RT£I34.99 I Rail iima flew Irwn any *lii»« »our«« | Fun AGA stun lor I 2 Voir PSU VIDI 24 Rtpro £209.99 Music Sound Aura 12 bit samphng SpfCMiOFFEAMHuucX l.l Pro Midi Interface Tithft6SAuNlTfcXto2 .
T ccno Sound T urt o Utilities NEW! Oirrilory Oput 5 CP FAX 2.1 loftware Xcopy Pro V2|4ut hardware N£WHD ulo«y Video & Graphics NEWUDuluxo Paint 5 £69.*9 DhtaiilSumS Uf.Tt Make Path for Villa CB.tt Special offer 0 Lightwave £3**.** Vista Pro )(4Mbrequired) 29.99 Word Processing DTP I Final Writer OTPNCWIT £**.*?
Final Copy Y2 UK NeulowlW £48.99 Page lire am 1 U.K. vtnion £209.99 £29.99 Turbotech realtime clock Cartridge £ I 7.99 fit* any Amiga Chips Klcksurt 1.3 £23.99 Kickst art 2.04 £30.99 Kickstart 2.05 (for use in A600) £30.99 Fatter Agnes 8375 £26.99 Super Denl*« £18.99 6571 0326 Keyboard controller £13.99 CIA 8520A I O controller £10.99 68882 Co Pro 2SmhzPLCC £34.99 68882 Co Fro 33mhxPLCC £44.99 60082 Co Pro 40mhiPLCC £79.99 68882 Co Pro40 mhz PGA £89.99 I 68882 Co Pro 50mhz PGA £99.99 | £T4.T?
£!*.*» C1699 not* ut.t?
£4t.tt n 4.** £31M 1 1 Bit Loilec 110(1 IXB.99 17 Bit Continuation £14.49 17 Bit Phase 4 £14.49 17 Bit LSD compendium 1 £16.99 17 Bit LSD compendium 2 £16.99 Aminrt 5 £14.49 Aminet collection (Box set 4 CO‘») £29.99 Assassins CD £16.99 CD-PD 1 £8.99 CD-PD2 £0.99 CD-PD 3 £8.99 CD-PD 4 £8.99 Demo CD 1 £8.99 Demo CD 2 £0.99 DeskTop Video CD £13.99 EuroSccnc 1 £9.99 Emerald Mine* £12.49 GIF* Galore £14.10 GoldFith 1 £24.49 GoldFish 2 £24.49 illusion* CD £8.99 UghtROM £17.99 MuWMedi* ToulKil £14,99 Network CD £12.49 Professional Fonts £16.49 Towns of Tunes £16.99 WPDFontt.
£12-49 WPD Hottest 4 £12.49 WPD Utils 1-1500 £12.49 PRIMA CD-ROM Vol. ONE 51 fiMb uf lu. It v artwork, yhOto'i, dknidi, utili. Ginidi now ortly £16.99 I you've worried that Virtual Reality Labs, Inc.'s success in the PC market might mean the end ol the company's Amiga support, you can end your fears. VRLI has contracted with Chaocity to maintain, enhance, and market their Amiga line of software. Chaocity is run by Clint Woeltjen, one of the principle developers Of 1 » II (1 It lr«. • I I I 1
(m. A [ hM 1 1 !¦« 1 11 1 Marlim IM lallN *r«M liailiMi r BBi
Ural i,m ¦¦¦ " nrzrr
M. «~- 4
* **** A [iutM I ;?***,; rETU i teET | ItwlrMl = OftMUIlM
• QCTTTT7 rffimr: Vot more news from across the pond, court05ii
of Denmj Utkin the Amiga version of VistaPro. Chaocity's first
new Amiga product is GeoMorph, a program which reads VistaPro
DEM-format landscape files and MakePath scripts and produces
sequences of VistaPro DEMs, and a VistaPro script which
gradually morphs one landscape into another.
Also, tree growth and density, tree level, snow level, sea level, and haze density can be controlled across the animation.
Landscape colours can be changed indepen* dently of other morphing. Multiple morphs can occur within a single script, and multiple scripts can be pasted together. You should be able to use GeoMorph to create some dramatic effects, whether morphing from a before to an after picture news Reality bites
- *0 of the Mt. St. Helens explosion or animating the genesis of
The next product from Chaocity. Coming later this year, is GeoForge. Which will let you go a step further and design your own landscapes. For more information, contact Chaocity, 221 Town Center West 259, Santa Mana, California 93454; phone
(805) 925-7732: fax (805) 828-3128.
Implant PI on hold flladdin'5 out of the bottle If you purchased the initial release of the e586DX PC emulation module for Utilities Unlimited’s Emplant board, you were probably shocked at its poor performance and its inability to run any Windows release greater than 3 0. In mid-April, Utilities Unlimited's Jim Drew responded to customer complaints on the Genie online network.
“About three weeks ago, we discontinued work on the Amiga version of Emplant's e586DX emulation module," Drew says. “We have been working on the PowerPC version only. In the last few days we have ported back the PowerPC assembly code to 680x0, which has resulted in an emulation that corrects the MMU problems associated with some versions of Windows and some memory extenders. The code is 750K smaller, and is 20-200 per cent faster than the
vl. 1 version (without CPU transcription). This emulation is
completely different code from the previous Amiga version."
Drew says that the back-ported code is being worked on, but wouldn't give a release date.
“The only way we can continue to provide new products and support for the Amiga community is to expand into other markets." He explained.
“Our first order for PowerCLONE’ (the PowerPC version of our e586DX emulation) exceeded our gross revenue since we got into the Amiga market place (in 1989), something we can not ignore," While the users who have shelled out $ §9 for an emulator that doesn't do much more than run the DOS version of WordPerfect are obviously distraught, it pays to remember that the original version of the Emplant Macintosh emulation also barely worked. Hopefully. Drew and company will repeat history and end up providing us with a PC emulator that works as well as the Mac Emplant works now.
While you wait for PC emulation to be perfected, you can spend your time building virtual worlds with a product from a company that remains dedicated exclusively to Amiga products. Adspec's Aladdin4D version 4.0 is dramatically enhanced from earlier versions of the 3D rendering program, adding user-requested configurability and a host of new features. Despite all of this, the company has been able to lower the product's price.
The revamped 3D user interface supports the Standard ScreenModes requester, so you can now choose which graphic mode to edit and preview your work in - and you can also use third* party displays like the Picasso II.
Perhaps the most significant feature for folks sending animations out to video is Field Rendering. This emulates the interlaced scanning of real video cameras, and can make for incredibly smooth animation displays. Adspec say their field rendering takes no longer than standard rendering; on some competing animation systems it can double the time needed to create an anim.
Image size and screen size are no longer synonymous, so you can create letterbox animations. If you're using gas effects, you can now move the camera into the gas. Making for some dramatic views. Multiple selections have been improved, and anim requesters can be more easily reached from different parts of the program.
Flares and Fountains can now be either added for star and flame effects, or set for a new transparent mode. This allows you to use them for some outstanding con* fetti effects. Transparency can be set to achieve anything from barely there, to cellophane effects, to completely opaque, and black flares and fountains are now possible! You can also use the Alpha channel type in the texture list to control the shape and transparency of the flare and fountain images. Flares and Fountains also render significantly faster.
With the new batch rendering mode, you choose the drawings you want to render and set the target file names. Aladdm4D will load each drawing in the list and render it, one after the other, until it finishes or you tell it to stop.
Drawings and render files may be spread among multiple devices and can be in multiple screen modes, There are many other new features, including external operators, a faster shading tool, and an interactive bevel tool. You can even add notes in your drawing to reference why you did particular things to objects.
The program requires 4Mb and a maths co-processor.
Upgrades from earlier versions and from Draw 4D Pro start at $ 119.50 plus shipping, and new users can purchase the program for $ 229.50 plus Shipping. You can order with a MasterCard or Visa by calling (216) 223*2255.
For more information, call
(216) 337-3325 between 11am and 2pm EST (five hours earlier than
GMT), or write Adspec Programming, PO Box 13, Salem. OH
44460 USA.
Amiga Computing CM DliSK’FOi* JvtlJSMC?
Bars&Pipes Pro v2.5 .. . £199.95 SuperJAM! 1.1+ ..... £59.95 Upgrade v2 to v2.5 ..... . £79.95 SyncPro SMPTE Box..... .£151.95 Internal Sounds Kit .... .. £24.99 Triple Play Plus ..... .... £159.95 Multimedia Kit £24.99 Aura 12 bit Sampler .. £79.95 MuslcBox A or B .... . £24.99 12 M PCMCIA sound samplei Peformance Tools Kit . . £29.99 Deluxe Music 2 ...... £69.95 Power Tools Kit ...... . £29.99 Megalosound Sampler ... £23.95 Pro Studio Kit .. .. £29.95 Music X 2 .. .....£74.95 Rules for
Tools .. £29.99 Pro Midi Interface . £19.95 PatchMeister . .. £79.95 Technosound Turbo 2 £25.95 PC Pmc la 7 ON rfS'i PC Task 3 it Desktop Publishing ......£14.95 Imagine Hints & Tips ......£7.95 The Font & Clipart Book ....£9.95 Includes offer fdr 2 disks fOhtS and dipa 1 available separately from the publisher Workbench A-Z Insider Guide £13.95 Mastering Amiga Arexx ...£17.95 Mastering Amiga Printers ..£17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Reference £19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos 3.0 Tutorial... £19.95 Mastering Amiga Dos
Vol2 .£17.95 Mastering Amiga Dos Scripts £19.95 A1200 Beginner’s Pack ...£36.95 Includes A1200 Insider Guide. A1200 Next Steps.
A ruga Insider Video * 4 disks Ot shareware Workbench 3 Booster Pack £36.95 Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets Learn a whole range ot coding tricks to enhance & improve your programming techniques £19.95 Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets NEW ......£19.95 Secrets of Frontier Elite . £8.95 Guide to Frontier ¦ find the secret shipI A1200 Insider Guide .£12.95 A1200 Next Steps ...£12.95 Amiga Disks & Drives .....£12.95 Assembler Insider Guide......£13.95 CD t PC Task 3 allows you to run software designed for IBM Pcs and compatibles on you Amiga I It
emulates a 80286 based PC. So you can run Windows 3.1 and applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. On an AGA Amiga you can even run SVGA screen modes !1 RRP £79.95 - Emerald Price £59.95 Upgrade from v2 £34.95 • please enclose your PC Task v2 disk Upgrade from PD version £44.95 - please enclose your disk FT A AG : PHOC£SS WCf & C Imagine 3.0 .£99.95 Maxxon Magic ...£23.95 Screen saver Morph Plus ...£129.95 Essence vol 1 + Forge ....£79.95 Essence vol 2 + Forge ....£79.95 Algorithmic textures for Imagine 3 Naksha Hand
Scanner ...£69.95 400 dpi mono hand scanner for A500 i A50O* Pixel 3D Pro II Now In Stock £94.95 Pro Vector 3 New .. in soon - call for details Pro Qualify structured drawing package Real 3D Classic Nuv Lower Price .. £59.95 Real 3D v3 New .£299.95 Peel 3Q 2,4 to 3 upgrade .£166.95 X-CAD 2000 ... £29,95 X-CAD 3000 . £119,95 hhh Imagine 3 | Rolling Upgrade program The next 3 updates over the next year I You must | have Imagine 3 to qualify.
In stock now.
£99.95 Arl Department Professional v2.5.. £139.00 More conversion options. CDXL modules, hothnks to Dpaint AD Pro Conversion Pack ..£59.99 ASDG GT6500 Scanner Software .. £89.95 Caligari 24 .£89.95 Easy to use 24 tut colour tenderer Caligari Broadcast v3.1 .£249.99 ASDG Pro Control £50.95 FA V7 F*S Of£ GI£S Deluxe Paint 4.1 ..£54.95 Nan AGA version Personal Paint 6.1 ..£49.95 Latest version ¦ how Supports HAM and animations Photogenics ......£49.95 Mac beater 1 Hundreds of natural effects TV Paint 2 ..£poa
Lots of natural graphics foatures TV Paint 3 .£599.95 Brilliance 2 ..£45.95 Dpaint 5 £57.95 B ¦R JSJ Video & Multimed Son WARE Developm Big Alternative Scrotler 2 £49.95 Can Do 3 ..£229.95 Media Point v3 .£249.95 Montage 24 ...£259.95 Scala HT100 ..£49.95 Entry level video title Scala MM211 Hew Lower Price £94.95 Scala MM300New Lower Price 219.95 Scala MM400 ...£249.95 Scala Echo EE 100 ......£139.95 Package Deal - Save £39.95 ' Scala MM400+EE100 ...£349 95
Gamesmith .£79.95 Dice C Compiler New ....£98 95 Full featured C compiler • the best' Amos Pro Compiler ...£24.95 Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5 £59.95 DevPac 3 ...£51.95 Hisoft BASIC 2 ...£54.95 Intos ......£25.95 Hisoft Pascal £74.95 Squirrel SCSI Interlace ....£64.95 Video Backup System + Phono cable £54.95 Backs Up Hard Drives Onto Standard V*$ videos Video Back-up System + Scan cable £57.95 Vidi Amiga 12 AGA ......£64.95 Vidi 24 RT £149.95 Vidi 24 Pro RT
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Personal Paint. Etc The amazing new Squirrel SCSI interface lets you add SCSI devices to your B B Amiga 6QQ1' 1200, including CD Drives (includes CD32 £59.95 Pro Grab 24RT ..£125.95 24 Rpal-rime Colour Frame Grabbing Rendale 8802 Genlock ...£159.95 Good Quality Genlock, Fades, Chromakey. Etc Rendale 9402 SVHS ....£279.95 Education ADI GCSE Maths ......£19.99 ADI GCSE English £19.99 ADI GCSE French ...£19.99 ADI Junior Reading ....£15.99 ADI Junior Counting .....£15.99 Merlin s Maths ...£16.99 Paint and
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Connects to Syquest Drives, DAT, Scanners, Hard Disks & more Stop Productivity ist 5 working days to clear.
Shop Emerald - Your One How to order: Cheques made payable to Emerald Creative. Allow at least Credit Card: Visa. Mastercard. Access, Delta. Switch. We bill your card when we despatch the order not before.
Postage & Packing Charges within the UK are £3.50 -1st class post, usually arrives next day. Recorded post an extra £0 55p Next day courier Is £5.50 inc. VAT within the UK mainland Please ask for overseas pricing.
Pricng All pricing ociudftt VAT but not carriage, Wp f***fY* 7* righl »o change prices - you will be informed ot any change whon you ordor.
Problems r-au.iy produci w* be replaced or repaired if returned wflhei 30 days ot purchase. We will refund if we can't repair the goods. E4QE Tel 0181-715 8866 Fax 01 HI-71“ 8877 Rapid House, 14 Wandle Hunk London S I ) 11) 4 4 EDITORIAL
- Ill Q; Soon, inn objeot-oriented programming lias readied a
pater leuel of maturity, uio ml be finding oursete oil bum
modules to add onto om onistmg sgstem mitfiout needing to bug
complete applirations all the time long time ago, James Watt
invented the steam engine. But even in those Internet-less
days of no communication between scientists, all working
independently on their own projects, there was a pretender to
the throne.
Someone else stood up and said; "It was me, I invented the steam engine." And later, just before the turn of the century, bitter rivalry broke out between two men an ocean apart over who was first with the electric light bulb. Was it Edison? Was it Swann? Do we really care?
The point that many philosophers have made Is that it was time for the steam engine, so someone invented it. It was time for the lightbulb, so that was brought into being too- It’s always happening, people around the world simultaneously, and independently, working on the same notion.
NEW INVENTIONS We’ve had personal computers for between 10 and 12 years now. So maybe it’s time for someone to ‘invent’ the graphical user interface. I can hear shouts from the back saying that the scientists at Palo Alto invented it in 1976. But that's not enough. We have had 10 years of trying to get to grips with computers and we have learnt to do so, but there are going to be a whole new generation of computer users and, more importantly, programmers. Who never had to struggle with Sinclair BASIC or MS- DOS, let alone Workbench 1.3. There is always going to be a place for the sort of
beardie weirdie who knows Unix like the back of his hand, but the future user of computers is going to want to access the information held within, and out of, them as easily as she can use a TV, This process has already started.
Look at some of the software you have on your hard disk right now. Then compare it to what you had, say, three years ago.
Think about WordPerfect Amiga 4.1, then think about Final Writer. See what I mean? And the current Final Writer is going to seem like a dinosaur in years to Bern bag Ben Host has been thinking about the mag we use our computers come. It's not just that we want pretty interfaces, although they do make it easier to bear some of the shortcomings of the software at times, and it's not just added features; after all. How are you ever going to use all that clip art. All those fonts, all those words in the dictionary and thesaurus.
It's about making those things freely available for you to use. Now, if you choose the keyboard shortcuts - right Amiga Q. X, G or V - you can be pretty sure you are going to quit, cut, copy or paste. And this consistency is important. It means you will spend less time acclimatising yourself to the software, and more in actually putting it to use.
Programmers are getting used to the idea that they don't have to re-invent the wheel with each program they create. Let someone else take the strain of making loaders for different file formats, or screen gadgets for a colour palette. Soon, when object-oriented programming has reached a greater level of maturity, we will be finding ourselves only buying modules to add onto our existing system without needing to buy complete applications all the time.
We might buy a dictionary module to go with our text editor module and our page layout module, and voilA, a DTP package is born of discrete parts. It will happen - it's already started. But change should not be made just because it can be.
There is a driving force for progress, but let's not get carried away with new features until we can make sure that the old ones are working in the best possible way. This way to the future, all aboard now. £& The HI team EDITOR Paul Austin DEPUTY EDITOR Darren EvartS ART EDITORS Tym Lecky Terry Twele NEWS EDITOR Adam Phillips FEATURES EDITOR Ben Volt PRODUCTION EDITOR Judith Chapman STAFF WRITERS Andrew Maddock Tina Hackett Gareth Lofthouse Dave Cusick ADVERTISING MANAGER Simon Lees AD SALES Jane Normmgton AO SALES Sue Hooe6eld AD PRODUCTION Barbara Ntwail MARKETING MANAGER Claire Mawdtley
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Mkdafckl5KI04NP Tel: 01625 878888 Fix-0I62S 850652 CHAIRMAN Rkturd Hease MANAGING DIRECTOR Ian Bloomfield Wi regret Amjc Competing cannot offer technical help on a personal basis either by telephone or in writing. AH reader enquiries shouM be submitted to the address m this panel for possible publication.
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. Suodud AS0w60U i W2000 . Stmiird AI200 surotxnj a4 400 Iiyn ; J COMPARE THE SPEED GAINS YOU'LL GET!
[ATaowdilZMff AI7DO *«h U nttul AUS»««h 12Will WMHl 1Mb Iftpdc ynur AtfHXI with the CYBERSTORM MODULAR ACCELERATOR, and gu The Worlds Fastest Amiga’ The* Wwkls FIRST, and still the ONLY, 68060 JpS*CP" a ks graphic with Imagine 2.0 n juSt 2.4S mine tort ;l Slanclanl cmihtng Pnitiumi 4000 OR)' J1', d took 10..M mmute ' i. Oprioos indudc SCSI-2 and Elhenui '-Jhc I O Modules. Rcuunt¦ it FREE i page Us ,‘inical brochure CybCTStonn food nior for ¦odey' 68040 40 or Cybcrstorm 68060 50 &CALLI AMIGA NEW... CYBERVISION 64 AMIGA 4000 FtERVISICi ,f* GRAPHICS BOARD For all 2orro-3 Amigas, this
64-Bit high speed graphics engine, blitter offers up to 1600 x 1200 pixels in 8-Bit* colour or 102-t x ?68 pixels in True 24-Bit Colour, with 2Mb of display memory (t.Mb user upgradeable).
Call and requcs* our technical brochure.
Cybervision 64 £ 329.95 For a LIMITED PERIOD CYBERVISION fris ARE SUPPLIED WITH PHOTOGENICS UTE Hnuca rhd '« w m rturr ane 'i AWT5 uurf at Wkm r ™ tnUl 11.nffMnttui'ptififfltiitk»¦ ksbustagSnbfii [ A4Q00 nth CjbcmormtHO - 40Mb |,U«lwnh(Atrt»,ym ttp SflMHr THE highest perfutming AI200 - 68030 Accelerator. With its rapii 40 Mhz 68EC030 or 50MHz 68030 with MMU, it offers up to 50Wt, performai The 1230-ID has funher options via its Fast Expansion Bus for add on Modules such as the SCSI-2 Controller.
Utilising an industry standard SIMM socket, it lias provision for upto a full 32Mb of auto-configuring 32-Bit FAST RAVI
• PGA FPU Socket up to SOMHz t Instruction Data Burst Modes
• Auto Kickstan Ke-Map|)ing I with disable i
• Battery Backed Self Recharge RT Clock
• Easy Trapdoor Installation The multi award-winning 1220 4 4Mb.
TURBO offers by far the best price to performance ratio of any
A12Q0 32-Bit ram expansion on the market.
Incorporating everything that a good memory expansion should, such as a Real Time Clock, further RAM expandability, an optional FPU etc. as well as offering a Clock Speed Doubling Circuit which tuns the 32-Bit FAST RAM at an amazing 28MHz. And., the 1220 4 has broken all the barriers tool Check the facts for yourself and fit the BEST Amiga 1200 Turbo Memory board around or. Phone and ask for our Blizzard specification leaflet to find out more.
• Integrated 28MHz 68EC020 32-Bit RAM dock Speed Doubter for up
to 30OH. Overall performance increase
• Factory Installed-Tested 4Mh d 32-Bit FAST RAM
• Expandable to Hmb w ith Add-i Board
• Integrated Battery Barked Real Time Clock
• Easy Trapdoor Installation
• Can be d»sal)ted in situ for full games compatibility IT POST w
FAX: Wk»* Nibriay ind*d( yowt him. Addmi and priwably a (Mint
pkam nwnkei with yaar wd« ft if*mtili. If rtwrynj a widd dthil
(trd adude hi nindxr od eipky dtft (end owe laoka wilk Snildi
Make (Sequel (ylcait alow 7 dtyt (Wwame (»tw l» dmyalckX Baekeo liddnq lately DiafO a PmMl Oideei puyaUt io Gardae How rad Coerces ¦ ?
VaoJ Kiui Is Pbctoihi An«i Muppct Rrjtkr HinU 1230-in Turbo £189.95 40MHz 68EC030,0Mb 1230-IU Turbo £229.95 50MHz 681)30 & MMU, 0Mb SCSI-n Module £89.95 for 1230-111 Motorola FPU Scall 68882 PGA 25 30 50MHz 4Mb SIMM RAM Expansion £134.95 32-Bit. 72 pin LARGER SIMMS AVAILABLE Scall EXPORT: Mot! Rmm oe ovoJoble *t TAX TREE PRKES t. am IC retUeitlt I evHtmt UK Aneed teeim Penoneef (wHk (O'l decweeiri).
Ptnw ial m lor wifinmtiwi of priui and curiagt (korqei.
V. ird ilia l* Puct iBihr Amtu ituppcr RnikrAwrA 1220 4 Turbo
i229-95 32-Bit Fast RAM 28Mllz 680EC20CPU, 4Mb Add-4 Board
(extra 4Mb for 1220 4) 4169-95 32-Bit Fast RAM add-on, 4Mb
Motorola FPU iCall 68882 PLCC 2V33MHz ¦ computers ¦ harwood c
STREET ALFRETON DERBYSHIRE DE55 7BP Telephone: 01-773-836781
Facsimile: 01-773-831040 o O) the UK's favourite Amiga Dealer
Before wu begin » ¦efore you even think of clicking on i
Mthose dinky little square icons in order to extract those
cool utilities on CoverDisk 2. You had better dick on that big
icon called Extract_Me_First. Doing this will extract the
Installer file and copy it and the LHA program to your C:
directory. You will need to have at least 170k free on your
boot disk for these files to fit. You have been warned, You
will then be able to simply double-dick on the approphate
icons, which will result in the files being extracted to your
RAM disk.
After they have been extracted, they can then be installed to a floppy disk or directly onto your hard disk. Remember to delete the files from RAM once you have installed them to your preferred destinations or they'll just take up valuable memory.
Using MUI Prats, you oaa eomplataly changa tha way your applications look Also, beginners should be aware that some of the files are CLI commands which don't have icons. You must therefore ensure that you have 'Show all files' activated from the Window menu, otherwise you won't be able to see the files if you intend to copy them by dragging them to a destination.
Remember, also, that all the utilities here are accompanied by documentation files which explain the various features and functions in greater detail than can be covered in the disk pages. So. If you’re having problems or simply wish to know more about these great utilities, check the documentation files Dlagic User Interface Author: Stefan Stuntz Workbench: 2.04 or higher Stefan Stuntz's Magic User Interface is a program which lets you edit the look of any programs that use it. Programs like Amosaic and DMS-Face can’t be used without MUI. So Width: [mtrn j j£j fefMlt Nolfkt: I VJ Pofoult
Colors: I Rutotcroli: _£| ClM Ot 1 it’s a good job we've got the complete registered version on this month's CoverDisk.
Double-clicking on the Extract_MUI icon will result in a drawer called MUI being extracted to your RAM disk, MUI is a large application and readers without a hard drive shouldn’t even bother extracting the files. In addition, because MUI is such a large application, you will need a machine with at least 2Mb to be able to extract the archive to RAM:. If you don’t have that much memory, you will need to edit the “Extract_MUr file and change the line: c:lhi i MJ123JK.Uu SAM; to: Cllha i MUI23AC.Iki 111: where XXX: is whatever your hard drive partition is called.
OmS-Face Author: Oyvlnd Falch Workbench: 2.04 or higher Ever tried to use DMS? Isn't it a pain? It's even worse than trying to get LHA to work.
But now there is a nice MUI GUI (don't you just love all these acronyms?) For it to make things so much simpler. DMS-Face is so user-friendly it even comes with a standard installer script, flmosfUui Author: Paul Hickman Workbench: 2.04 or higher Amos Mui is a set of extensions to the extremely popular AMOS Pro BASIC language environment. Obviously, you will need to have a copy of AMOS Pro to make use of this program.
FakpnlMh Author: Simon Forey Workbench: 2.04 or higher Just to give you a mix of MUI stuff, here’s an algebraic aquation editor that uses MUI.
If you are the soil of egghead that actually knows what an algebraic equation is, then FalconMath is the puppy for you.
HIUI Empire Author: Karl Bellve Workbench: 2.04 or higher Just to prove that MUI isn’t all technical, utility-type stuff, here's a strategy game completely programmed using MUI. Being a starfleet management game, there aren't any pretty graphics, but that doesn’t detract from its gameplay.
Mui Screenmode Author: Cyril Deble Workbench: 2.04 or higher Our Cyril's a French chap and he decided that the standard Workbench screenmode preferences editor was a bit bland and boring.
So he undertook a project to revamp it and came up with this little gem. Cyril's screenmode editor is so flexible, it can even allow you to select HAM screenmodes.
Cyril says that his next conversion is going to be the Locale preferences editor, so you could say that it’s today the screen, tomorrow the world,,, Amiga Computing Utility i- SMS Heauen I of magic fllagic menu Author: Martin Korndorfer Workbench: 2.04 or higher Are you fed up with the rather boring look of Intuition's menus. Oh yes, they work perfectly well, but there's room for improvement in the aesthetics department isn't there?
Well, this is where Magic Menu steps in to dress things up a little as well as enhancing functionality too. Once installed and running, Magic Menu transforms the look and operation of the tacky white menu bar at the top of our beloved Amiga screens. ¥ Some of the visual improvements on offer include a cool 3D look, complete with optional borders. On the functionality side, you can configure the way the menus are accessed.
As well as standard access mode - where you have to hold the right mouse button down to activate the menu, then release the right mouse button with the pointer over a menu item to select it - you also have Press once and Select modes.
Press once allows you to simply press the right mouse button once to activate the menu bar, without the need to hold it down to keep the menu bar active, Moving the mouse pointer over the various menu titles brings up the respective menu items which are also highlighted as the mouse pointer moves over them. You then simply click a menu item to select it.
Select mode brings up the menu with a single right mouse click and then requires you to actually click on each menu title to bring up the menu items.
Magic Menu also has a neat keyboard facility for accessing the menu bar and its items - useful if you find yourself suffering from a dead mouse. But Magic Menu's main feature is that it frees you from having to move the mouse to the top of the screen all the time, because Magic Menu lets you hit the right mouse button anywhere on the screen to bring up the menus.
Magic Menu is best placed in the WBStartup drawer so that it activates automatically at boot up. Once running, you should find your menu life that much classier.
This month's fauerOisks are going tD transform the wag gour Hmiga Workbench looks and performs (heck out the awesome fflagic User Interface and the utilities which make using gour Umiga much easier translator in German) to make the Amiga's speech sound like a German adenoidal dalek with its head in a bucket, rather than an Australian one. Just like any other MUI package, you can change the way the interface looks to your heart's content.
RddressfDanager Author: Michael Schikora Workbench: 2.04 or higher AddressManager is one of the nicest address book programs available for the Amiga. With the ability to search for someone on any field and printing facilities that would not look out of place in a commercial package, AddressManager is a great addition to anybody's list of utilities.
Mui Enu Author; Michael Suelmonn Workbench: 2.04 or higher MUI Env is a very useful gi2mo for people who set a lot of environment variables every time they boot their machine. It lets you view your env: or envarc; directories and their sub-directories, create new variables or directories, and edit your current settings.
Speak Spot Iha major difference batwean thia Sc roan Praia and tha pravloua Author: Andreas Jung Workbench: 2.04 or higher This is a tool built with another excellent MUI package - one which, unfortunately, is too big to go onto our disks this month - called MUI Builder. MUI Builder lets you concentrate on what your interface looks like, then goes away and generates the code for that interface. MUI Builder comes with built-in support for C and E, among others, but there are external modules for the support of other languages.
MUI Speak is a replacement for the Speechtoy program on the Workbench
2. 04 disks and as such requires the translator.library' file
in libs:. Workbench versions after 2.05 don't come with this
file, so you will need to get it from somewhere.
MUI Speak also comes with its own uberstetzer library (Obersetzer means- i wwwmm tiVb M' h DOAALrtghftw D6LPAL Hwh Res Laced D0LPAI Lov Res DfcPAllov Res Laced D&PAL Lov Res No Flcke PALrtghRes PAL rtgh Res Laced PALlov Res PAL Lov Rw laced PAL St er-+fcyi Res PAL Super-rtgh Res Lace SUPER72 Res SUPER72:rtgh Res Laced RequresECS Draggable h- - - _ | M ----itya Air 1 LX « HOT support 9fif»OCX* 40U* 97Cfl«M KmPMi Colors a 1 _i Load Save Use Amiga Computing (acheFont Author: Adam Dawes Workbench: 2 or higher For those of you who have a healthy collection of fonts stored in the old Fonts drawer
(DTP users in particular), you know how slow and irritating it is when a program has to read the fonts prior to displaying them. And if there’s a lot of them, things tend to become tedious.
CacheFont injects a major speed increase into this operation by first creating a fonts list which CacheFont then refers to.
Once installed, any access to the fonts is extremely quick and efficient. You will wonder how you ever did without it.
Installing CacheFont requires you to place CacheFont and MakeFontList in the C drawer. You must first run MakeFontList in order to create the font file CacheFont will use. You can then either rurr CacheFont manually, or place a call to it in the user-startup script In the S drawer.
Uiru5 (hecher Author: John Veldthuis Workbench: 2.0 or higher The threat of a virus is one which all computer users, both big and small, have to be aware of. These small nasty little blighters, written by equally small minded nasty little people, can find their way onto floppy disks and hard drives and do untold damage in a variety of different ways.
Of course, there are various virus killers on the market, but there are few which are as powerful and versatile as Virus Checker, including some commercially available packages. Once installed. Virus Checker searches your Amiga’s memory for any dubious programs lurking in RAM. After that, Virus Checker lies in wait, keeping tabs on any disks inserted to see if they are clean - if not.
Virus Checker let’s you know.
Of course, virus killers are only as good as the library of virus programs they recognise.
For instance, if a virus killer doesn’t recognise a boot sector on a floppy disk, it will flag This neat utility turns cycle gadgets within programs Into pop-up Hsts for taster and easier aCC*§a.
ClHagicHenu VI. 23 (23.11,33) control alt space Haqic Hum by Hart in Korndorftr 3 1932 1993 Keyboard Control V} Enable V House to Bar Start Sequence llcomand space I Pull Down Henu Pop Up Henu Standard Ptes$ Once Select Standard Eress Once SflKt T 3ft Look J Standard Lflok T 20 Look J Standard Look V tenter Boxes Type JJJ Use Pop-Up Henu Only Use Pull-Doun Henu Oily , Use Pull-Doun When Pointer in Henubar, it as suspect. Now, this doesn't do your peace of mind any good. It may well be that the boot sector is safe and that it merely contains some code essential for the program on the disk
to run, such as game disks.
However, it could be a new virus that the virus killer doesn’t know about. Virus Checker gets around this by utilising an external library file of all known viruses it uses when comparing strange data found on a disk. This file is constantly being updated as new viruses are found and means you only need to get hold Of the new file instead of updating the entire vims killer program.
To install Vims Checker, simply click on the installVC icon and follow the installation programs instructions.
Fllert Display Replacement Author: Martin Mares Workbench: 2.04 or higher We’ve all had those dreaded guru alert messages thrown at us by our Amiga at some time or another. Unfortunately, these so-called messages displayed on our screens might as well be a hitherto unknown form of ancient hieroglyphics - they don't exactly tell you much about what went wrong.
This neat utility helps make things a little clearer by adding a little more information to the error message when it occurs. This information includes the name of the program which caused the alert, as well as a more comprehensive text description of the error.
To install the Alert Display Replacement, copy AddModule and NewAlertHook to the C drawer. Then using the CLI. Enter.
Iddaodult c:newalertfook HI?
Flrq Author: Martin Laubach Workbench: 2.0 or higher Requesters. Those little windows of wisdom which appear, quite often before an unrecoverable operation such as deleting or formatting devices.
Although they do the job of asking for confirmation, they are a little irritating because the buttons, which are usually an OK or Cancel affair, have to be clicked on with the mouse.
It would be nice if they were dressed up a little and were given keyboard shortcuts for any buttons they contain, wouldn't it? Arq does just that, adding useful keyboard shortcuts with a smattering of animation to make life a little more interesting. Simply drag the Arq icon into your WBStartup drawer so it is loaded automatically.
Ftoign Ujedgp Author: Olaf Olsen' Barthel Workbench: 2.04 or higher This neat utility is good for situations where you find yourself or a program trying to access a volume name which hasn't been assigned. Instead of the usual 'Please insert volume ??? In any drive requester1. Assign Wedge is called up, giving you some extra options to choose from.
The options include Retry, which you click on if you have manually taken care of the assignment, Assign, which lets you Choose a drawer to assign to the name currently shown in the requester, Mount, if the name in the requester is a device you can mount it and try again, and Deny, which tries to deny the program from calling the device again.
Just drag the program icon to your WBStartup drawer and you’re away.
[ijilc to menu Author: Frederico Giannici Workbench; 2.0 or higher Cycle gadgets are buttons which cycle through the various items in a list. However, if you have quite a few items to choose from in the list, it can be slightly irritating to have to scroll through the entire list one at a time per mouse click to get to the item you need.
Cycle to menu changes all that by transforming the cycle gadgets into pop-up menus which display all the items at once for you to choose from when you dick on Amiga Computing ft; m am n.n cgTt ?.; in (fttibfl (MlNl j£J Uibl, ti Ur U«H In Uuw JJUibirt J ft»» ftKi r * iKf r j| ink J I Bit Vl l*ut*f l«r* HI 8m* I fit LiesiJ Magic Menu lata you altar tha way your Amiga manua look and how thay can ha accaaaad ami J °r for ing an on ipa for Arq ard t to lply 1up rim iw -J iere 3 to isen isert sign ixtra dick the )Ose jntly ame jnt it Jeny in.
our Mo Amiga owner should be without a good virus killer and this la one of the best available J yds ever.
From have time eed.
Rans- p-up once :k on Dent month On next month’s CoverDisks we have the complete Personal Paint 4 art package as well as more MUI applications. So make sure you don’t miss out, - order your copy now or better still, why not subscribe and save money too?
The item name. For the die hards, clicking on the actual cycle symbol makes the gadget behave in the normal way.
ImilH Author: Martin Berndt Workbench: 2.0 or higher MultiCX is a multi function commodity with lots of features and functions - too many to list here so check out the documenta* tion. Some of the features include a Screen blanker and mouse accelerator.
MultiCX must be started from the Workbench, as CLI or shell is not supported. The majority of MultiCX’s features can be configured by altering certain parameters - you can do this by selecting the MultiCX icon and selecting Information, or you can use the MultiCX Prefs utility also included on the CoverDisk and described elsewhere on these pages.
MM Prefs ’ Author: Michael Barsoom Workbench: 2.0 or higher This utility complements MultiCX.
Changing the parameters of some of MultiCX’s functions requires altering the tooltypes. MultiCX Prefs provides a more intuitive method utilising pop-up menus and slider bars.
MultiCX Prefs needs to know where you have MultiCX stashed on your drive and you can tell it by entering MultiCXPath = path as a tooltype or CLI argument.
Author: David Swasbrook Workbench: 2.0 or higher Swazlnfo replaces the Amiga’s standard icon information feature offering major benefits and extra features. One of the most useful extras which Swazlnfo offers is an excellent drag and drop facility.
This allows you to do such things as drag icons into the icon display window to assign it, or you can drag an icon to the tooltypes window and all tooltypes associated with that icon will be loaded into the tooltypes window. There is also the handy feature of assigning a default tool to the icon using a file requester instead of having to type the program directory and name manually.
Other cool features include the ability to toggle tooltypes between active and inactive states at the click of a button, instead of having to enclose the tooltype in brackets via the keyboard. In short, this is one utility you shouldn’t be without if you Swaelnfo find yourself regularly changing tooltypes.
To install Swazlnfo, simply click on the Install icon.
LitleElach Author: Anders Hammarquist Workbench; 2.0 or higher If you want to know the time, you don’t have to ask a policeman, just put TitleClock in your WBStartup drawer and you have a neat dock in the top-right comer of the screen.
TitleClock can be configured via a number of tooltypes which allow you to change various parameters such as update speed, whether the date should be shown, what format the date should be in, and many others.
Datatips Author: Various Workbench: 3.0 or higher Datatypes is a feature of Workbench
3. 0 and above which provides a method of enabling the Amiga to
recognise and use alien file types. For example, the Multiview
utility allows you to view IFF picture files as standard (as
well as other different files such as text and sound files) -
however, it doesn't let you view picture files in. Say. Targa
Thanks to Datatypes, it is possible to essentially tell the Amiga how to read these files by simply dragging the appropriate Targa datatype files to the datatypes drawers. The Amiga will then be able to understand Targa files.
There are a collection of datatypes for you to install. Some of them have their own install utility, which copies everything to the correct drawers for you, but some of them require you to do the copying yourself.
Refer to the associated documentation files for instructions on installation for such files.
If you should find your Amiga Computing CoverDisk damaged or faulty, please return it to: TIB Pic, TIB House, 11 Edward Street. Bradford, W. Yorks BD4 7BH.
Please allow 28 days for delivery FaultM [ouerDisto MultiCX provides you with a host of faaturea which can ba contigurad aaaily using MultiCX Prafs shown here ; l nun in rriltriMti - . 1£LD IlMlir | |Unttr im »:*• ¦ J----- Ilk* Mi j£J a* bum uiih a yj Jirm |NTK.Hiyk lull X ibbM 1 J-
- J|-
- J-
I. J-J JM»I |
* M* |Kl*W _J WkH.I Ml III, iHtbttt j}_ ii iM I hut in: 111 I
I. *, i Mm* gru Uti&LgaJ li'ift; |1i*mN i I Magic Manu alao
provides a pop-up facility for accaaaing the manu from
anywhere on the screen by clicking the right mouse button l»
ilhulrr J J lav* (wtir.
Lilll l-IWNl yjVjIuHUI 1» * •««’ Vj J (tect IN filt* Ijmt* N li if Irrtr _]| im .XI si HMW SSL.
l. m M -Xl M k». X, hlHI M II*... bvl, A J2cL EH Amiga Computing
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- p 4 9 Judgement dag avid Pleasanco looked glum.
Dan Stets reports from Dew Vorh about the
- date we'd all being waiting for - the dag - fommodore was
finallg bought- The bidding for the remains of Commodore
International Ltd. Had not even begun, but the management
team from Commodore Business Machines UK was throwing in the
"We can't compete with Escom and Dell," said Pleasance. “We are going to try to settle with whoever wins."
Commodore, once a world leader in the production of home computers, had been reduced to corporate corpse. Circling in those law offices were small groups of men in dark ' suits, picking at the remains. They were hoping to revive a pulse - the company's name which VL once stood for innovation and quality at prices afford- able to the average consumer.
For months there had been speculation about who would wind up with Commodore and what they would pay. Commodore's UK subsidiary had been among the most prominent suitors, as had Creative Equipment International of Miami, the largest Commodore distributor in North America. Other names emerged and faded.
Philips, Samsung. Estimates of the sales price ran to more than S20 million. The company's American creditors, owed more than S100 million, were keen to get as much !
Back as possible.
The American creditor had resis* ] ted allowing the bankruptcy to go J ahead in the Bahamas as they were I sceptical that Bahamian law would J protect their interests. After I months of bickering, a joint I approach was agreed upon, 1 allowing a blend of US and I Bahamian law.
L The Bahamian liquidators I would sign a sales agree- I ment with one potential | ¦ buyer and then an I
* &¦ auction would be held to convince American creditors they
had got the ' best price. The first buyer would be italking
horse. It was assumed the st price would be no more than I
opening bid. Others would irely top it.
Escom AG. Germany's second irgest computer company, ecame the stalking horse. The ompany, which had offered $ 12 nillion for Commodore in September, agreed six months later to pay only S5 million, in addition to S1.6 million - already paid to a German bankruptcy A trustee for the right to use the Commodore trade- mark in Germany, one of Commodore's best markets.
As events unfolded in New York on 20 April, it was clear the Escom offer was worth much less - only S3.5 million for the company's core assets. There was another $ 500,000 in the price for the UK assets and $ 1 million for the manufacturing inventory in the Philippines, but the Bahamian liquidators were not in a position to guarantee delivery of either of those- Jurisdiction was claimed by a Dutch liquidator conducting his own proceedings.
Escom came to the auction with a small army led j by company J president Jf Manfred Schmitt, who owns 51 percent of the firm's assets.
Schmitt is a tall. Lean, sandy-haired, boyish but stern looking 44-year-old.
I ¦' He was in a white shirt, silvery tie. And a black suit so well tai- W lored it seemed he might have been bom in it and it grew with him.
Along with Schmitt were two top Escom executives, two American attorneys, a German attorney, a German financial consultant, and four Chinese representing Tietsin Trust & Investment C6. - the parent firm of a Chinese electronic game Amstrad.
Amiga Computing Ill FEATURE company. If Escom were successful in the bidding, the Chinese had agreed to build all the Commodore products at a factory outside Beijing.
The UK effort was represented by Pleasance and the subsidiary's other managing partner, Colin Proudfoot. Alex Amor, president of Creative Equipment, arrived with a tall, dark-haired female assistant.
As the hour approached for the auction to begin, the dark suits which had been pacing the corridors crowded at the one long table and In chairs around a conference room. The Tientsin team had been seated for an hour.
Amor and his assistant had a place at the table.
Next to Amor was a new figure in the drama, Dalton Kaye, Dell Computer Co.'s vice president and treasurer. Dell, a Texas maker of IBM-compatible computers, were suddenly interested in Commodore, but Kaye never would spell out just what the interest was. It was clear Dell were allied with Amor, who had tried for months to get IBM to back him, because he wanted to salvage his efforts with another American computer company.
Also around the table were representatives of several small and obscure American technology companies, but about half the places were taken by lawyers representing Commodore creditors and the liquidators, as well as the lead liquidator, Franklyn R Wilson, an accountant for Deloitte & Touche, who in the midst of the liquidation proceedings had set up his own firm, F R Wilson and Co.
There were more than 65 people in the room in all, a standing room crowd. Incongruously, among those left standing were Schmitt and most of the Escom team.
STARTING POINT The proceedings were supposed to begin at 10 am. As lead lawyer for the liquidators, William J Rochelle III, the pin-striped essence of an American preppy earning at least six-figures a year, opened the meeting, asking for names and explaining the process.
Proudfoot asked to speak. He said Commodore UK was out of the bidding, but that the equity of the UK subsidiary was up for sale. He promised there would be tax advantages for whoever bought the concern.
Then the problems began. Rochelle and Steven Richmond, lawyer for the creditors, had set up a bidding process the likes of which no one had ever heard of, and the details of which had not been contained in the announcement of the auction.
The auction would be held in two parts, with the entire company - or at least that part of Commodore the liquidators could deliver - put to the bidding process first. Then the parts would be auctioned off separately. If the parts brought a greater price than the whole, then the highest bidder for the whole could up the ante until a winner emerged.
That was all known beforehand, but then came the tricky part. Rochelle and Richmond had decided there would be 'a reserve price,' a magic secret number scribbled on a piece of paper. It was a minimum price the liquidators wanted for the core assets.
In the first round of bidding, if one and only, one bidder exceeded the reserve price, that lua before the court recon- uened. Far announced his defeat. 1 guess ine'll sell flamers" lie said. Ilis support for Dell had earned tfie animosity of the [scorn reoratatiues bidder would be the winner of all the assets. The idea was to pump up the price on the first round. If more than one bidder exceeded the reserve price, then they - and only they - would be allowed to bid in the next round.
Escom would have to submit a bid, in effect bidding against itself, to ensure it stayed in the competition to the end. Carlene Gatting, lawyer for Escom. Objected.
She and Richmond, a burly Boston lawyer, squabbled on several points of procedure.
Escom reserved the right to object to the whole process.
After three hours, Rochelle finally managed to hand out bidding forms, single pieces of paper calling for two numbers - one price for the core assets and another for everything else. Representatives of seven firms raised their hands requesting forms.
A period of muttering and scribbling ensued.
There was a break for lunch, and then at 2pm Rochelle collected the forms. To his obvious consternation, only three firms returned bids.
The liquidator. Wilson, began to look nervous.
The bidders were Escom, Dell and an obscure Commodore distributor from California, Computer Connection. There was then another break as the liquidator and lawyers evaluated the bids.
A shaken Rochelle announced the results.
Computer Connection’s bid was invalid because it was not accompanied by the required $ 1 million deposit. Dell's bid also was invalid because it had been conditional - the conditions were not then specified. Escom seemed to be the winner with its original proposal, $ 3.5 million for the core assets.
There was another pause as the lawyers met with Kaye of Dell to discuss his conditions.
Finally. Rochelle had to declare Escom winner of the auction. No one wanted to bid separately for Commodore's parts.
In a bit of gallow’s humour. Rochelle joked that he had never seen so many people show up for an auction and prepared to pay SO little.
Schmitt, who had been quiet throughout the day. Had one comment for Wilson as he left the conference room: "It was unfair what you did here." But the young German had not yet seen the worst of it. As the room emptied, Wilson was already talking with Kaye. And then the lawyers began talking to him.
As Wilson would describe it later, the real auction had just begun. The meetings with Kaye lasted until just before midnight when Dell finally agreed to pay $ 15 million for Commodore, including $ 13 million for the core assets, another $ 1 million for Dutch and UK assets, and $ 1 million for the Philippines inventory.
A hearing to approve the sale had been set for the next morning in a US Bankruptcy Court down in Manhattan's financial district - it was clear something was afoot. The Escom troops, who had managed at least faint smiles after the auction, were stem once again.
Richmond asked Judge James L Canity Jr, for permission to speak. He announced that the creditors would oppose the sale to Escom at the original offer price, which he called "shockingly low.
Grossly inadequate."
He said a better offer was on the table from Dell, with a condition that was acceptable to the creditors. Dell wanted a month to evaluate Commodore's assets and had agreed to pay a $ 1 million non-refundable deposit to buy that time.
More than an hour of debate followed. The issue was whether the judge had the right to reject the price produced at the auction. But Richmond had offered an alternative. The creditors would drop their objections if Escom would substantially up its bid for the core assets.
An hour-long lunch break was called. It stretched to two hours. The Escom group felt tricked, and they suspected a conspiracy aimed at driving up the price. Their lawyers assured them that such a thing was illegal, and therefore impossible, in an American court.
Neither Schmitt nor the rest of the Germans were really convinced. But they were stuck. They had big plans for Commodore. Resumed manufacturing of all Commodore products in China; manufacture of IBM-compatibles that would be sold under the Commodore name in European department stores; and a new PowerPC, an Apple clone, for the European market.
One of the Escom team explained the problem. Schmitt didn't really understand Commodore or its products all that well. He was being driven along by former Commodore employees who were now part of his management team, such as Bernard van Tienen. A former Commodore VP who was in charge of world-wide distribution for Escom. These former Commodore troops, more than 100 in all, wanted the Commodore assets badly.
Schmitt would have to take a leap of faith.
He would have to spend more money for the assets and then be left with less money for the serious business ahead, an expensive marketing program to polish Commodore's tarnished image.
He decided to take the chance, agreeing to up Escom's bid for the core assets to $ 10 million - an increase of S6.5 million.
Richmond, really not sure whether the creditors would ever see Dell's $ 15 million, quickly accepted, Even before the court reconvened. Amor announced his defeat. He had backed a loser. "I guess we'll sell flowers." He said. His support for Dell had earned the animosity of the Escom representatives, who had refused to talk with him over the two-day auction.
The UK team was in a decidedly different position. Pleasance hadn't even bothered to attend the court hearing, taking a tour of the city instead. But Proudfoot was in there until the very end. He quickly made plans to meet with Van Tienen to discuss the future of the UK subsidiary and its 22 employees, He predicted the UK team would have “a good future" with Escom.
Amiga Computing About n the eyes of everyday business, q B B the Commodore story is a mere blip of insignificance as yet another company that bit the bullet had a wretched, strung out liquidation process.
To the people who care, though, the recent buyout now means that one of the computer industry's most popular machines has a chance to make its presence felt in the international scene as it has in the past.
tile ash the winner and losers after that fateful dan about their uiews and plans for the future.
ftdam Phillips repprts What follows are a series of interviews with, and details on, some of the key players over the last year. Whether winners or losers, most have had to put up with constant setbacks and delays along the road to keeping the Amiga alive and kicking.
The uktor - Escom After dropping out of the spotlight a few months ago and letting CEI and Commodore UK grab the headlines with their fighting talk. Escom produced the trump card on 20 April, buying Out Commodore's intellectual properties, technologies, trademarks and patents.
Bernard van Tienen. An ex-vice president of Commodore and now managing director of Escom Holland, commented on the auction and their philosophy: “We are a company of action - we do things, we don't sit around and talk about them... as for the auctioning process, it's very different to what we're used to in Europe, but I think at the end of the day everyone came out of the proceedings happy with the way it had gone."
Eacom - the miccHlM buyer of Commodore's Intolloetual proportion, tochnologioa, trademarks and patenta. Foundod in 1907 by Manfred Schmitt, It’m tho aocond largoat European PC manufacturer. With a turnover of over $ 500 million a year and 750 atorea aero a a Europe, Eacom are In a prime po ait ion to launch an Amiga comeback any fears, or even worse, the rumour mill, Escom have taken the wise step of laying out a general plan for the future use of the Commodore trademark and assorted technologies. The most immediate question While the Amiga industry and users breath a sigh of relief that the
business of bankruptcy is over, the previously-felt anxiety has been replaced by a mixture of anticipation of better things and a few niggling worries - Escom may have a money pit the size of the Bundesbank, but what are they going to do to that darling of the computer industry, the Amiga. To quell Eacom currently have an on-line aervlce on the Web for their German cuatomera. An Engllah tranalatlon ahould be ap$ earing aoon. Take a look at the aight by typing In: httpi fwww.voroni- oa.nl eaoom on everyone's lips is the production of new Amigas - Escom have confirmed that they will be
producing 600s. 1200s and 4000s again within the next three months or, by the very latest. October (see late breaking news story for more details).
Not only will Escom's 255 shops sell the Amiga, but any independent retailers are welcome to step back into selling the technology. The CD32 will be reappeanng and Escom's Dr Wirsing, head of PR. Has confirmed that there are plans for a 64-bit version of the console.
One surprise move that could drag money out of wallets as quickly as the Spaniards trawl fish from the sea is the news that the C64 will go back into production to be sold into the Chinese and East European markets. While the Western world crave for money-hungry Pentiums and Alpha Dec machines, China is a technological wilderness awaiting the arrival of an inexpensive computer.
CHINESE CREDENTIALS The country is also playing a vital part in producing the Amiga. Chinese firm, Tianjin Family-Used Multimedia, has won the licence from Escom to produce and market the Amiga platform. Its credentials include being the largest producer of 16-bit games machines in China, with a market share of 80 per cent, and have an installed user base of one million consoles.
As for the Far East and US markets, Escom are currently in negotiations with major distributors for the Commodore licenses.
The other main financial magnet that pulled Escom into parting with its money, other than Commodore's established name, is the Amiga's multimedia capabilities. The company sees the machine as a key technology for private users in the future of the multimedia industry. To further their plans for the Amiga, the firm have aims to ?
Amiga Computing ...and the casualties of corporate uiar Ask many a magazine PC critic to name four top PC manufacturers and Dell are usually placed somewhere in the list. The company has been selling PC clones for several years and made $ 8 billion in sales in 1994.
When their bid came out of the blue on 20 April, there were plenty of surprised people - why had they done it? Michelle Moore, vice president of communications for Dell in the US, clarified matters for Amiga Computing - but not by much. “It actually came up quite suddenly here also... we had just heard about the auction and we saw an opportunity. We had a late breaking review of some of Commodore's intellectual properties and decided that while we weren't interested in the company per se, we possibly would be interested in acquiring some of its patents."
Which patents they were interested in was not revealed but, despite Escom's success, it would appear that Dell are now considering approaching the German-based company, “We are still interested in their patents portfolio and possibly acquiring pari of that. Buying from Escom is a possibility and we're explonng our options in that area."
Despite Escom beating Dell to the jackpot, we may well see the Stateside company producing some Amiga-related products in the future. It’s interesting to see how a machine that is regularty ridiculed by the PC business has managed to attract quite so much attention on a global scale - it can only be a good sign.
Eicom'i ho ad- quart era baaed In Oermany. Eicom UK are baaed In Irvine, Scotland and can be reached on 01294 222600 integrate the technology of the machine with the PC by producing PC cards that emulate the multimedia functions of the Amiga, such as audw and video. To add to this, Escom are also planning an Amiga TV set-top box that they hope will form the basis for interactive television.
This plan has added muscle, as one of the major shareholders in the German-based company wants to make a move into the interactive television market - with Escom’s wealth, it could be a force to make the Murdoch's of this world look over their shoulder while they squabble for the rights of Channel 5.
The impression that one gets from the firm is that they are considering anything at the moment - Power Pcs and Macs with the Commodore logo slapped on them are both on the cards.
Escom’s Bernard van Tienen is eager to point out that they are open to all ideas from people who know the Amiga industry inside out. Indeed, any fears that third-party hard- • ware and software may be a problem have been quashed. "We're very open to third-party licensing" commented Tienan. "We see ourselves as a very open company" EARLY NEGOTIATIONS The firm are well aware that there are many loyal developers, public domain programmers and consumers - perhaps as a sign of Escom’s commitment to the platform, they are already negotiating with Commodore ex-employees to bring them back on board.
In fact, with an estimated 100 Commodore exemployees working for Escom already, there's a real Amiga family buried away behind the previously PC-only company.
Support for consumers will hopefully be placed high on their agenda - they already have a homepage on the Internet for their German customers, and Tienen told Amiga Computing that this will be resurfacing in English at some point in the future, along with a possible magazine based round Escom's products and services.
With all this seemingly good news, the only remaining hurdle is the residual stock in the Philippines which is being held by the government. Rumour has it that it can only be sold to Escom, and industry insiders estimate that the inventory will go for $ 1 million at some point in the near future.
One of the most active bidders and main competitors to Commodore UK over the last year has been Creative Equipment International, based in Miami. Headed by Alex Amor, the company first came into the liquidating limelight when announcing it had a silent partner that would turn the Amiga into a household name - that company was IBM. Unfortunately for Amor this fell through, so CEI had to arrive at the auction day with only its own financing.
Amor is stoical about the day: “Obviously we're a little disappointed we were not successful, but it was a procedure that was agreed upon and it was carried forward and will move on... I believe that based on the procedures and what the judge decided, Escom have rightly got the technology " PARTNERSHIPS One of the surprise moves on the day was the hasty alliance drawn up with Dell; “Our relationship happened two to three weeks before the actual auction, and Dell was very aggressive and looked like a good partner to move the Amiga technology forward." Amor commented. “They came to the auction
independently of us and it was decided that it was best to join efforts at that point in time."
It would seem, though, that, like Dell, Escom's success has ultimately put GEI in a place to perhaps approach the German company at some point in the future for potential licensing: "At this particular juncture, the ball is in Escom's court - obviously, we understand where the Amiga needs to go and we'll be interested in moving the Amiga forward and the Amiga technology forward."
Amor continued: “We are standing by to see what Escom is going to do with the technology - if their intentions are to really make C64s in China and use the Commodore name, they might have intentions to move forward with the Amiga technology. If they don’t, obviously we would like the opportunity to do that."
Is he glad the whole thing's over? "Oh, no question about it - absolutely. Now we need a few answers, and Escom hold the key to those answers and the Amiga can move back to where it rightfully belongs." And does he have hope for the machine in the future? “Absolutely."
While Amor remains upbeat, the friction caused between himself and Escom over the partnership with Dell could cause problems - Amor may well have his work cutout.
Dn their wan bach Perhaps the biggest surprise, and some would say disappointment, was the withdrawing of Commodore UK from the auction on 20 April After months of positivity from the ever-optimistic mouth of David Pleasance, MD of the UK subsidiary, the company appeared to put its tail between its legs and scurry out of the bidding process, claiming they lacked the financial muscle to make a viable bid the night before.
Pleasance is happy to explain the full circumstances of this decision. "Three days before the auction, there was news that the other bidders had more money to bid with than our entire working capital. It was an agonising decision - one brought about on behalf of the staff."
It transpires that Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot, the other half of the joint managing director team, didn't want to put their employee's jobs at risk by bidding.
Pleasance believes that by placing such a bid, he would have alienated Commodore UK from Escom and any future negotiations may well have been affected
- some would say that’s exactly what CEI have done, In case
you're wondering, Escom don't own Commodore UK at present - the
UK subsidiary was specially excluded from the contracts drawn
up by the liquidators because Escom was uncertain whether they
would want C=UK as an ongoing concern. Because of this, both
Pleasance and Proudfoot have made two trips to Germany to
discuss their potential future in the new company set-up,
According to Pleasance. He is very hopeful that an arrangement
will be found - he and Proudfoot have created a plan for Escom
that he feels is a great opportunity for the Amiga, and shows
that C=UK could be a valuable asset.
[ommodore UK IDBD NEGATIVE FEELINGS While they have their plans set out for the immediate future. Pleasance is well aware of the negative feelings coming from the Amiga community who were hoping that Amiga International, the proposed title for Pleasance and co's new company, would become a UK-based reality.
“We know that certain parties are disappointed that we just gave up - they feel let down, but I believe they will be more than happy with the outcome eventually" commented Pleasance.
On the subject of Escom itself, he only has kind words for them; "They're the fastest growing PC company in Europe and their plans for Escom UK are very aggressive - 100 stores are being opened on 11th May."
He continues: “The Amiga user base knows that somebody with tremendous resources has taken the Amiga on board and are committed to the long-term development of the machine."
With the conclusion of this chapter in Commodore’s chequered history, is he glad it's all over? ‘Unquestionably."
Rnd finally From where this journalist is sitting, there's an undeniable air of determination and hope for the future of Commodore and the Amiga. While the losers in this first important phase of re-establishing the Amiga aren't likely to start spitting nails at Escom because they all seem to have plans for approaching the company at some point, the general mood is distinctly upbeat and co-operative - that attitude in itself is alien to the Amiga world of over a year ago, where doors were dosed to most third-party developers and the other unsung heroes that have stood behind the machine.
Cynically, perhaps this could all turn out to be nothing more than concealing PR from Escom - after all. The company was only interested in the trademark two months ago and have now produced a long list of substantially different plans for the future of Commodore. One gets a feeling that some of the comments coming out of Escom’s PR factory and interviews are still generalised and by no means set in corporate concrete.
For the time being, though, while question marks remain and the road to recovery has several large and unchartered potholes dented out of its tarmac, the simple fact that Escom has plans, and has a substantial amount of money to back them up with and a soon-to-be-in-place world-wide distribution network, means the Amiga, even comparing back to its old hey days, has never had it so good.
Escom has a lot to live up to. For everyone's sake, Amiga Computing wishes them the very best for the future.
Thanks to Tim's Megastore (01625 434118) (or loan ol C64 Amiga Computing 27 JULY 1995
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OBJECTS 2 3 * . VI641 SUPER ULLERSV10.0 Cram it. Dw latest
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INSTALLER 2 (Vnutns a natal) of lunl list ifdllJIm I* I lew
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Anaga owners ? * * VlWS BANK MANAGER V11 ? * . V16M
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Backiresiasl mctsnAavr. « Iiiumnnwal iharart ugpcfl • tntttt chars. Makiafl. » wlclcet. S ¦wttktrai all Anagas V1721 JPEO TO AGA CofldVt ATE ft
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GULLY COLOURING V-'evi yssc batkxn-sawf duuw a .hatusrt
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BARNEY MEETS SANTA (AB) I l)ifiliteil ..» wtfadl Ijflttdr.
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U * a VI774 TELEPHONE BOOK Vll nn ra 4 im Mpk Vi cflamc
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CATTMDISKvI JO Asanpk.rawinslils i r a.as. Imuastf
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TiadsDanntn v2. La • Allows ynw to nan pflcsgnans renpfly by sclrstmg a win dnre 6m ihe rresiu wip III W'lrtbcfkh 2 V Wi(sbiw|h*tnin Vl.9 pves rcterskil iiulfcd lu imallun wsaalows aad
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U * * VI717 ATTRIBUTES V2.0 ( inKiiis • lull Aek u( allllMr- J * . V17W LENSFLARE OBJECTS Tvs is ih* cuiMf file to mulri in juniiiiiih shitwaag aa km nav da itaave with de Ugh aaa* lOsecl.hreijtei and etfiaauJbils Ifwlulfsl 9 • ' VT7B9 COMMUNCADOflflSfABCOE) Itiis fas ptuftaiecan V used } Ini naxkaas i'Ji 3 * • VI786 MAGICUSERINTERFACEY23 Ml I • re. Sftyeci nnrwaesl lysiasn iu ire ale are) ituiuren nrefikil irrr iptr(a.r. a * . Vl794TURBOM0CHJLA 2 r1.40|AB) (iminki at ixnaocill qukfy 111 V* gtn.inr- mull A ftot mdr. Aaesn I en toll reaadi nenucy A 4w rets* meat, tie Mlklh UN) Xiafllr a * •
V18D0 AMMET CDROM DETAILS The i.espieta Lawnel un 4 mk** Aiv.. uRlhaks 11*0 1 ' Q A • V1B71 VWTUALWa It * IK« relttnlUY sfTdPB wtu.* aJlm.i| vim In mily uca* Lvcr Mxi A |tn Mhniuin J * 4 Vine TEXTURE OulOCfcREATOR Ihls hit uill sscnstfll you Ungmal wiluir lu A lueses Ml I lies lira raslkt *R IflllglV 10 iflto M F-asy in u« Amua Gink Mr a 1 S VHOO AfaPRO FRONT4N0Yi 4 run K'Vld hgs fa 2 . As we* OS wfelng Wsural l»CV HfMII IIKOf) A p*.IUK U(lNl J ' A VMM MAGtOCSKVI 2(A0) a irugieii III cUalug puuar durables By dus mull lepRsfmaii 4 4ir nctaiev ui (MM itu aafnail. Are being (earealtil A
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19. 99
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14. 99 ty are rvice, Amine. 5. Dated Mirth 1995,
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With AMINET SET I, comuung od 4 CD.. the niiiipkic archiiv i« pnhliibfd for Ihr Itiiimc Aaalaui Set I dated III of January IW, eoamtt of ksproiiuiely 4 gigabyte* of coftware aa 11.500 archi.va Whether ywi late application., panic*, ulililica, networking Mliauc oi ptognmnibg Ungyigci. The Aminci CD offer. An almost ineanauiiiblr rncnoti ol top value HI loliwarc. Imputed uvtr friendly alien aoftwnre make the tel a pleaturc 10 IIM COPe DESCRIPTION PRICE CD016 AMINET 2 £7.99 C0016 AMINET 3 C7 99 CD016 AMINET 4 £7.99 C0112 AMINET 1. 2. 34 4 £27.99 CD107 AMINET 5 £14.99
• CD150 AMINET 6 (JULY95) £14.99 SUB1 SUBSCRIPTION £12.99 Get
your Coi on the day of rcleaac, per or dec them wnh ilii'
tubsctiption Mrvkc. TftiSl card in SWITCH cwdt durged •* d*y
of trleue CD0S3 Tho Profeaalonal IFF PCX Clipart 2 £19 W |
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Pm I in. TllELKilfl WORKSQJMMluiuuinuiUy,+as,tinod Trent I. MahUi lngnlKf uiih turfare Ktlurrt. Rca.li in u m Cn.--ni.Ul LK fMi ini Inline Hul iliolr Ante *hnk»i l Utiw lha auk-k idaail imai. At. Acre n Ktnr irmnul ,« *r CI1KOM mar ilua I'll iralrml Men aad tetml ¦tmulnoi doiKntliair. Uhal » ptuddr »dh ihete Oau tf yru ware to lay rerun] nlih lie ibjrtlt. Tiu ran me lie 0ro« m, of Mavo Cmeirolliaml Rrekxiiioi ia Cktk Tute are tenKaa *uh tobireMHit tohd Alv. A Sutr ewnu ul n? Yiuuin md aiuiuin-u C9M9SPCCCYSENSATI0NS M inf Mm.
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* ?. » Tiff «V« ¦ «» ITT* VM* lana Price Spnml (MTre CD0I2
PROJECT ajTBocm hlimrnal *n wch «i ihr Micdi Cana.
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IkUAMI. Retnu. Dtlk CIA WreU Fat] Bool.aad inMhrmalical CD049 C USERS GROUP Cnolamt dot II Iflhi volii... ..era II unnrt iuretha IB krytatanh. Ftmi »ri. Momiiifi. K.
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C-JSpypUnev B 47N BA’tdlf P-W Mu tiler, dr imgliiy Plaaum Fret.
MdlltimuOm Yimi III ill lliun-a ¦n Cdf TUT imr, md BMP lumwb fid nraliMyiiem I'niiipitihilij Nit i.li.di. MS1XM an] Am«a COC47 TRAVEL ADVENTURE
I. aad IP uls valnn Krvwnlri to i pirwcil il il gra[*.ct , 111.
N.W »I indy' Uni fMt Uy Vre BaDm.on of BIL S rdkiiH nl - ¦¦ l
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Air DIM VI I I m I K£t A cent I* itGIFfJatdlU A HUXbOO
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4i king m yeti amT iiaitlitfi Iiem m a colic.Ire.oa of wn.ee. .» . T) CD05400CD FISH VOLUME 2 FRE0RSM
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OctAII aad NmiVl. Wnh n.-ci id dw melerial i.pdaird ro the lalrtl avmMlr mem Ab rd dw aarnnai n included in h"it’ ipived ilHff ¦radyi and aiurtfnved (ready lo-n.nl fnrm C0010 GOLDFISH VOLUME 1 FREO FISH ¦ .h h. ¦¦r .I. i.. ¦ ,U|l|.l, Ihr ¦¦¦« Amiga nnn ¦ilh kii-h for me Airrga mace dr indoAa-'lHn n I4BS irrant Ike offtcal arrkave 4 dr IIM) flippy bleary treated by Itnl Fall hriunre kiwin re I wn n April W Sac Oikl fith I far Hr «vmd in ihf renn ml ixtnifg mm CD026LOCK*LOAD £14 99
• CD097 ' 1 lock a LOAD 2 f aSfa. 1 Cdii CTJTV AtiD. Red rev
nlrmil SCSI CDBOM liKlulrt: Attaatin.
C. anr. 1-141 iredv h. na llcyhnrd need l.u CDUCtrTV war.I aul
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I aw Price Sptciad Offrr CD070 POWER GAMES cs.99 wmm F«aiui b niikic ihm bk . IlSi* J k iii .in. .I-, IS •;«.
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New Price A I - lyfiffJbP ¦Id. K. u.-Vd ¦. - cnllemoa of ...U1.I. any pliifprm *wl- toll hem tiiaJ par id toy muncaant CD (dllKlinR CnnuiiK 4.600 M-xhlrt. I4)»a.lNinijTr. M« Vnn SrdRft A 4V0 liitrwuv MO
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Oaort IkauMrCII CD07I ULTRA MEDIA 142 tw.w in.i ir : !
TrilMTI KUIlll - minur. N. IIIpi.luiei.4jlft.WAV. red HJCI. Iic'bdri i iMllUMAa bird in lake ad. Anagr of dr PC WAV iwmai filet (fkat It the fim lame
• ¦cluled on Amiga CDBOMI llo.
Idrum | a:k alll keep myme glued to ynur rompulfi ... .. .... CD1453D ARENA £19.99 Imagine. R=-rr
l. giuut.r and ¦ Krai SI Ihr ¦ Llghl.ate I iiiHNiim ip..m ¦
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Special Price New Reiraow coin DEMO MANIA £19 99 The Demo i . _ ~Tl Sl.iu(’DRUM |& «'
i. Ihc ten lulle.i.un nl VtlIJ Dcnri In 1 t. . -%
j. ir ..... ¦ Ckdkni Ieg menu «y .lent I wdh one of Hr bed
.ollrrlowa of AGA A Nomul Ami p. Mega liman Cmumt a tiannog
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Drain, bum
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DELIGHT i - PrffW ganrt-i |.- lln Amiya Ilua. BC , ji.-ii. R
A. bon fSir ln. Sr.irgy Gamn A w*adr fwge nf fnienninmr** •*«l»'.
Gamer. Delighi will kalf you ixpivjMl h« itnn mil giiirmieei
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A NO Id-MOX' Wert.
Vrah ail OdrV* Aimgm ie CD)j C0109 GIGANTIC GAMES sa ss Ipi Tlfsrz I V idr.w.itw iiragi lll l 91 haw been coHccinl locedier ahup with aaa exrikai and uunung inlet dui u* prr in Ait .ilium Wuk ai mam uiln « *4 lake ytu nurehi m taalir llmnph arai yran to play If pnar.
Ref ymr ihikg fire ihii uJmm i ga wad aave over re4IMh .4 I uni drive C0034 ASSASSINS GAMES WIER0 |m repre|~ 'FNCr IJU1 C01*3 TERRA SOUND LIBRARY (CYBGRAND) t1yyy WffiM i Lrfia.iUj ami In in 11 ¦ ¦ . ReHP'r Ji snrsE 11 LIU BbBbB| A llrline Valro Vrwen Ire 4ie Areaga and PC. View on l-CS ait] AGA Am a Srehon.de eipeita uac die ben anlmataoo lead.
N Ml Mp MM PC Ccruin to provide many hour, of fun A ciiiniiiiiursi fui ill The inly talented onlmahwa fealured here gfuihto to *oA he dl k repay ' - Mkft llir CD):. HfW cmv A Amly'j J CD Rfad. To ran fneu a awiyde nieau ayatcm I00*k CD)I cunpan.hle Ak.ua. I ulc. Aau.mil Agpt Jitk. I to Icf I an h i. cd caa 11 y o ifncal I n fV ppy
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Mreltio i Arran. FXF. Mol. SIM, MOD ,), I'Mb of Pliyyii 4ml
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and program.
«g Garnet oilinra. Snnplet.
T Spntra. Muwc. Mrp Mega tnnrn with Ihr languagr ivralang CD06I PDSOFT HOTTEST 4 CI9 99 t-arr B
M. o.-. K Smtol ¦ [ in,- B Dtvrefahd Ra : Denim B KJI lutapleK
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Iiuu (4 I 111 Tmh 4BIII1 AluiAGA Kdrivarr like, Aaaint. Dcnan. Merit DniKa.Guiae* Wbull. Kdu.alt.ul, PnwraireniM. Mrehdev Video lilila.
Iff IV-. (H0(. Dmaj Maker., Amm I Hi llvd A Diik mill tit CD115 TEXTURE GALLERY C39 09 p t Ifil li-r.,1r.i(rtt1 Inf IJVB CD062 LSO TOOLS Moal PD | == ( ilti|i:lll:nil • B ... -n,.
CP099LSP TOOLS2 1- C,,M Wm 1 Bi®!
1 1 ¦ H ii„ .
L- i ...I lb.- Ill: 11 yuwwarePDQ CD042WIERO SCIENCE CUP ART [== rss ..-nipreirri.itr I.Iflu J .-ill’ll i lliyKTKJl I I.Joel e.K I-- |r. jT|4 HvAmuinHtff nl compuiera (her .'nlaiililra.mAAk Iff riimar (¦¦kaired Iff tarmap. Pnxlip.. KPS.
Papeanne. Pagr.lremn, IMG. Cieri Draw inlcokxim) tnihei f« Upuif All ready n.uaeand eaaydy acceaaMc It wbjeci dintmiH l ira Prirt Spnldl (Mfr C0146 CAM (24 99
C. A Muandaha r Club Amm [H Munlrral 1 H C0079 FRESH FISH S
(24.99 CoMatna Ike Cimeilrir id if ¦§¦¦¦
• a are] B«aan CD043 WIER0 SCIENCE SnW
k. ,:. psf.mi.. Mill BqmD Bltlhkp. 190 coloured. 140 Iff. I yt
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TAR0A. Mm. PICT. Tiff aad SCI All fe vinirrv are re|rrwnvvl eilk duohaail renimrva.eiMOtOXiinka inaagn lor cany grrurwng ingerlrrr lor um w iib )D piojrama like Uglfwetc and cna be uted to cieree Bdnip mtpi Ouiiunlliig uhic uetpalm.ONl' - I M ACS Ia.il uiiliiin, fell diiliim jmdhmalmlauf idker medal feiygnmu hU AmiTCP v4 0. Ttnn «4 Jll.
Ami pal' a) la. Mill vl). ACE «2 I. AnCDROMal iV Whlfn.l IJ.
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SdMlhrd larika a i ff. New Pnalrr Dn m A tfrni UK i lor of ttc uiln ¦FpfeifiiiM. (reo, impi, uni amndAaU wit. Mad id ihr marireal being fcnly-iii-raii. CAM haic umcrreniral on ihaard Ji.kt Dmia a AreUe CD wiihnver958,liA. Cd Ihr odlrvlKei aailh m eaay m broww nurearr l.wdi Proaigh WretBciKh I" *HW the fed 3BB M VhlUBlI BKOb ifC MVCd m Bad caAltd graffiKt in T1F hmraal irep, PC iikl Mb itraay tit in-
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• C0128 SHUTTLE B*M£ygM [¦ piin i . .* l.-pedij K
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Il trei te i flln itvu every nduaon Hath Sbunle mlaaoon
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BulruriKnlallim. Drive Into Ihe hlafory A ex.lnucM of Ihe
Slbtnlc pregnw, unto Urn laliyl Orders cun Ixr fuvctl uei
0171)2 61711' or ba ibr Intrrnrf ¦ pdtoftn immuitk.BrmMLnuik
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MB (MM re|*B-2) ((Inrun an MOO Eeplry Gil* n the 80s, no self-respecting yuppie could be seen without a smart black filofax in their hand. You might have been hopelessly incompetent. A person so muddled you couldn’t organise a beeriest in a brewery, but if you had the filofax at least you would look the part.
Fashion statement aside, these articles did prove to be pretty handy. It's good news, then, to see a new personal informa' tion manager on the Amiga that embodies the same handiness and visual appeal in a computerised package.
?0 Created by Digita International.
Organiser is intended to surpass their own Day by Day commercial diary program and improve on all the shareware and PD options available. Its most immediately obvious advantage will be its attractive, colourful front-end boasting the sort of user-friendly interface that has proved so successful in other Digita products.
Organiser can be run from floppy or can be installed onto a hard drive using the Commodore standard installer. Once up and running, the user is presented with a ring-bound filofax surrounded by a colourful toolbar reminiscent of that found in Wordworth 3,1, As might be expected with a product from Digita. A lot of emphasis has been placed on making the package as simple to use as possible, so this software should be of general appeal. Consequently, finding your way around the organiser should be intuitive, with functions like page turning performed by clicking on the corner of the filofax.
Like Wordworth, Organiser features Dlgita’s Human Interface Protocol, which in practice means the package can be Supplements One of tho key attractions of the filofax was the fact that you could buy information supplements that could be clipped into the folder as required.
Imitating this. Organiser comes supplied with its own range of supplements covering a wide range of topics.
There are items you'd expect to find at the back of a proper diary, like conversion tables, dialling codes and world time zones. Less useful but more interestingly. There are lists of restaurants or wines that could be tagged on to the end of your Organiser.
This is yet another feature that allows you to build up a filofax with quite a customised, personal feel.
What's more, it’s possible to create your own supplements in Wordworth or any text editor. Though there are about 30 supplements to choose from, however. It's not really practical to use more than a few at any time. In fact, because the supplements use up your Amiga's RAM. They'll slow the program down if you use too many.
Lm. It's east) to keep Organiser much neater than its pen and paper counterparts, anil uarious tasks are undertaken automaticallii. For some people this coulii prone unite a time controlled In numerous ways according to preference. Beginners may prefer to use the representational icons, for example, whereas those who want speed will probably pick up on the keyboard shortcuts available.
Following the approach of a real filofax, Organiser is divided into five main sections, each accessed instantly by clicking on the coloured tab dividers. Naturally, the diary constitutes the main part of the package.
A novel addition to this section is that users can choose from a number of supplied themes to give their organiser a more personal appeal. Sporting events, historical entries or celebrity birthdays are just a few of the themes that can add a bit of interest to the diary.
REMINDERS Entering information is simply a matter of selecting the required day and going through a familiar looking requester. At this stage the program allows you to choose a priority level for each date and. If required, select an alarm to remind you an hour, day or week before the event. This can be in f i witMfiH ! Mm | «|MOi f ’¦•ssfcrfc • ¦mI *
• J| ,a*aanr « -r
i. .. » .i« •
• i IS VnriQVB Wf**i arm available, from a page a day to a page a
wmmk The diary can be made more in t era t ting by Including
gome of tho event themat tuppliad a $ part oftho packago the
form of a flashing message or a noise sampled through Workbench
3 sound preferences.
The diary allows users to select various ways of viewing their entries. If small entries are only being made you can select the option which puts a whole week on a page, whereas those requiring more space can have diaries with a whole page reserved for each date.
One of the benefits of having the filofax on your computer is the way repetitious tasks can be automated. It's possible to repeat events as necessary - for example your twice monthly squash game.
Alternatively, the program allows event repetition on the same day every week.
A calendar section precedes the diary and highlights, in bold, any days with events for an at-a-glance idea of what lies ahead. Clicking on a particular date will instantly bring up the correct page in the diary - a simple but user-friendly touch.
The task list constitutes a separate section allowing users to generate a plan of things that need doing. When completed, these tasks can be ticked off on screen, and as in the diary there are five levels of priority to choose from for each item.
As you’d expect, addresses have their own section, and this part of the organiser again benefits from automisetion. When you want to enter a new address, it’s simply a matter of inputting the details into a database-style requester and it will automatically be filed under the correct letter in the book. Alternatively, addresses can be imported from other databases providing the files are in ASCII format.
A final quirky touch comes in the addition of Fortune Cookies. This will give a Amiga Computing 30 JULY1995 Umiga diaries are nothing neiu. But up until now theq'ue been rather dull. Gareth I oft house preuiews Organiser 1.0. Oigita's elertronir filofan for the '90s j rrttTy M ratruory 1W | Cores Cmi Aiptm tan •» **¦
• fjmt
• HJ
* 0*
* 24* VISA 1
• sue Arpnlnt
• J* Aecmmm Mrd
• X47 Anna*
• €!
• 4J
* mn tdrw avs tAnpo.*
• sso ?* B
• XI 8mr
• XX* ttuir tVS bars ?»l BoarWCraU*
• J* Dot mm M
• 33 frmDvtumn
• on l»*X»w
• 330 ftnrafvw
• zx IwA
• MX Cannon
• or CndVUSA ti ttwgi DOW En f
X. Aw Dt 7* . M Twi 47 03 3X33 toGmtaiHM C itimnvtum v. «o»*. Far
T« 00)414338 wmf't B X Mtvu. Tout Inbi 8WI7 V: 0111 (ft 01H UP
rurtkrtug * ttnwtaai M OMM JVD Am ts mums AtHTto cam a nun im
Cumin «o non* M os »' BOM ScBerM 7 0 0
* « ¦m3.X»40. Krtl larqtflMiaivi J
30. Stoaran U MltHTH word of wisdom for each day, though at the
moment Digits have yet to complete this section of the
One of the most important aspects of.
Organiser is its printing facilities, since you may want to carry a hard copy version of your filofax. Thankfully, this software supports a huge variety of printers in the same way as Wordworth 3. It's possible to simply print pages in A4. But the best feature is the fact that it will print in the size of portable organisers like Fileofax, Rolodex, Day-Timer and Time Manager. Crop lines will appear showing users where to cut the page to the right proportions, and it’s also possible to print on the other side.
WELL READ Digita’s manuals are always exemplary thanks to the fact they assume virtually no knowledge on the part of the purchaser.
Organiser's documentation is very readable and includes the sort of step-by-step tutorials that will get anyone started very With Digita's Day by Day being the only commercial personal planner available prior to the release of Organiser, it's certainly good to see the new product shines in comparison to its rather dismal predecessor. Organiser 1.0 is colourful and appealing to view, and quick and easy to use - and that's how it should be.
The only problem is whether anyone really needs a computerised filofax in the first place. After all. It could be argued that what the Organiser gains in novelty it loses in true portability.
On the plus side, it's easy to keep Organiser much neater than its pen and paper counterparts, and various tasks are undertaken automatically. For some people this could prove quite a time saver.
The option to import information from other programs, the alarm reminder system and the various diary themes gives this software some valuable advantages over a real filofax.
On the other hand the point about quickly. Having said that, the same information is repeated so many times in this product’s literature that it sometimes seems like an exercise in padding.
Apart from this, there are the miscellaneous general features that can make a competent program into a classic.
Digisense. For example, is a built-in intelligence facility designed to save time when inputting data. The auto date feature, for example, will automatically complete the date you are typing.
More laborious repetition can be avoided thanks to the cut and paste tools that have been included - these work just like in a wordprocessor. Digita have also included a powerful search tool that will find events, tasks, addresses or any other text.
File handling is another powerful and flexible element of the program. It’s possible to share data with Wordworth, Mailshot Plus, Datastore and most other programs.
These small details don't mean much in themselves, but they are bonuses that show how much Digita have learnt from their enduring experience in Amiga development.
Filofaxes is that you can consult them on the train, take them into meetings, or use them to find phone numbers at a pay phone. This is not possible with Digita's Organiser. True, it allows users to print up information in a portable form, but that's going to take a fair amount of additional effort.
Other problems include the fact that while you can have a number of people's filofaxes saved in Organiser, they will never be as accessible as the real thing.
What happens when Dad wants to view his appointments for the next day but his son Nigel is hunched over the Amiga playing Alien Breed well into the evening ?
There’s no doubt that Digita have done a very professional job with this package, and it's so simple to use that members of the family who’ve never touched a computer could quickly compile there own computer filofax. But whether it was worth the effort will depend very much on the individual customer.
Amiga Computing Sales: 01279 600204 10am to 8pm 7 days a week' 01279 600204 tUASi HOTS NOP s will not work on A500 Min. A600 or A1200 NO 12 * will not work on AI200 512K . WHI work on 512k motMnes
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ChOQue P.O. AccessrMastercard Swifch Visa CREDIT CARO EXPIRY
DATE irectory Opus has been long awaited. Since the first
murky screenshots appeared in magazines late last year,
breath has been baited, wallets clutched, murmurs of concern
were heard when Jonathon Potter announced he wasn't going to
be using his stablemates of old. Inovatronics. To distribute
this multi-tasking beast.
But here it finally is, and the metamorphosis has been even greater than could be imagined. We were all ready for a larger amount of configurability, prepared for a new windowing system, we had even set our shoulders in grim determination when we heard you could have more than the standard two directory windows open at the same time. What I certainly wasn't prepared for was the fact that Directory Opus 5 could replace Workbench altogether. That's right, you don't even need to load Workbench at all.
ANOTHER WORLD If you choose the Replace Workbench', option, everything seems perfectly normal, there doesn't seem to be any difference.
But as soon as yog open a window on your Workbench screen, oh boy, you sure are in a different world. By default, Dopus doesn’t fill its windows with icons. Although you do have that option, the default is actually to fill the windows like. Well, like a file manager should. A burst of little icons fills the top edge of each window, letting you perform all the essential operations any file manager should be capable of such as copying, renaming and deleting.
Running Dopus as a Workbench replacement seems like a really neat idea at first. Anyone who has played with Norton Desktop for Windows will know what I mean. It's funky to open your hard dnve's Slight confusion Q r The manual could stand some improvement. It s very nicely laid out. But the index is fairly poor and there are several typos and things that look like typos, but are. In fact, design elements. They have used the Right Amiga symbol that appears in menus to show that you are reading about a menu item. But this symbol is usually used in a manual to show the keyboard shortcut for that
command, which makes things even more confusing because they don't show the shortcut - they are just in the manual on their own.
One of the real disasters comes when you read the KK Exchange: Hot Key : alt help) I ED I Available Connodit ies Infornation flrq 1.83 ChangeScreen CycleToMenu Directory Opus 5 Exchange ¦ iDirectorv Opus (9 Jonathan Potter lEnulate this one, Dirwork !-) Show Interface | Hide Interface Grab IFF Gi Active | Renove Cock a snoofc at DirWork, would you? I bot Chri* Hamo* la F'O dlagnum working tovortahly on a riposte.'
Opus Franh fiord closely eHamines the latest - episode in the Directory Opus saga 1 window and find everything listed as text, with the ability to copy, move, rename, delete, etc. right at your finger tips in the window itself.
It’s also nice not to have your entire Workbench screen filled with windows as you move through sub-directories.
Dopusbench will let you do this if you want, but normally it will only replace the files shown in the window with the sub-directory’s contents, as you would expect. But soon you get a bit fed up at the loss of all those customisations you had on Workbench.
Apart from its looks, things have changed under the bonnet too. Directory Opus 5 is now a fully multithreaded, multi-tasking package with the ability to perform several operations concurrently. One of the screenshots on these pages shows the contents of a disk being copied to a directory on my hard drive, while another pair of windows are being used to copy some files from another partition into RAM:. This ability is particularly useful for anyone who wants to copy files onto several disks at once, because you would be able to have as many copy operations going as the number of floppy drives
you had.
OUTSTANDING There are some really nice features with this new version. The ability to perform several operations at once must rank highest on the list, but there are some outstanding tools that vie with multi-tasking for attention.
The ability to drag and drop more than one file at a time is a definite bonus, along with filetypes which are saved out with icons.
La thla enough gadget* for you?
I think we will soon be seeing collections of these filetypes uploaded to Aminet, performing such esoteric functions as displaying imagine objects or HTML pages and so on. The fact that the built-in viewer now supports datatypes should be applauded and will certainly cut down on the amount of configuration that needs to be done to show GIF. PCX and Jpeg pictures or play VOC or WAV sounds. I liked the new ability to use the keyboard to navigate Dopus' interface.
Information about the internal Finish Section' command - it gave an example that sounded very useful indeed. The manual said you could get Dopus to beep when it had finished an operation, and the example given was using LHA.
I use LHA all the time and thought that given Dopus 5's ability to multi-task, it would be very useful to get it to beep on finishing the LHA compressing or decompressing. I followed the instructions down to the last letter until I came to the internal command Beep.' There isn't one.
Amiga Computing Instead of swapping source and destination windows as it used to do in Dopus 4. The space bar now switches on keyboard mode.
To show this you are given a little arrow cursor in the active directory window which you can move up and down with the cursor keys. Selecting files is done with the return key and double-clicking on them can be emulated with the Enter key on the numeric pad.
The context sensitive on-line help is also useful, although I would have liked to see slightly more index entries. One other thing I liked was that Dopus 5 now caters for the three button mouse owner too. Most buttons can be configured for three different operations depending on the mouse button used, giving even more flexibility (all the same. I think I'll still use my middle mouse button to swap between screens rather than use it in Dopus).
However, if you've seen the requirements for Dopus at the bottom of this page, you will have noticed that you can no longer take it with you when you go to rescue a friend's hard drive. The price for all these added elements is the increased size of the In the wrong direction?
As you can probably guess from the text on these pages, Dopus 5 has got me really frustrated. It certainly is different from Dopus 4 and pretty much any other file manager, and is a lot more ambitious in its scope. But it Is so much of a paradigm shift that it makes me wonder if anyone is going to use it to its full potential.
I have always plugged Dopus 4 in my various reviews and features, basically telling everyone that if they were to only ever buy one piece of software, then that should be it. So I, possibly more than others, feel disappointed that the clean interface Dopus 4 presented to the world has been swapped for something that could almost have been designed by Macro Systems (no offence, guys).
Application. It still comes on one disk - it only takes up about 800k of hard drive space - but that doesn't really leave enough room on the disk to install workbench as well.
One of the other features which had me slightly confused until I ran Dopusbench is an icon on Dopus’s screen called 'Favourites.' This is a Program Group.' The reason for it became clear when I realised that running Dopusbench means you lose ToolsDaemon and ToolManager even though Dopus has the ability to show entnes added to the Tools menu.
PROGRAMS These program groups are where you are supposed to drag your most-used programs to to save you having to click through directories to get at them. You can have as many as you like and they can be called whatever you like, but it reminded me too much of Windoze. So I gave up on the idea of using them almost as quickly as I did on using Dopusbench.
The default configuration is. Unlike Dopus 4’s, pretty unusable, so there is no alternative but to configure the program to meet your needs. However, configuration has gone from one button in the bottom- right comer of the Dopus 4 interface to not one. Not two, but eight separate menu items scattered from one end of the title bar to the other. I understand that each of these Directory Opus' changes make me wonder about change for change's sake. Progress has once again triumphed over common sense, and what was an incredibly good file manager with only two flaws (not selecting .font files when
the font directory was chosen and not being able to discern between two floppies with the same name) has become something that will require more maintenance than your hard drive.
The bottom lino Product; Directory Opus 5 Supplier: Wizard Developments Price: £49.99 Tel: 01322 277906 Ease of use_6 Implementation_8 Value for money--8 Overall ! 8 I think what will happen for the vast majority of people is that they will load their old Dopus 4 config file and then not bother with the new configuration abilities of Dopus 5. And guess what? Dopus 5 still can’t tell the difference between two floppies with the same name.
Preferences tools are discrete, multi-tasking programs in their own right, but couldn't we have had them all in one place?
One of the really annoying problems with this schizophrenic configuration method is that keyboard shortcuts get duplicated, On my Dopus I like to have the Delete key as the shortcut for deleting files, surprisingly enough. When I hit the Del key in Dopus 5, however. I get a Lister Format window appear. Now. I've scoured the manual for a way to stop this from happening so that I can be re-acquainted with I my Del key, but all it smugly tells me in the I manual is the fact that not only can I use I the Lister Status Popup menu to call up I this Lister Format window. I could also I double-click
with my right mouse button in I the lister.
What it doesn’t say is that the Del key also works, nor does it tell me how to stop it from working. Two methods for calling up this window seem ample to me. Why f SVSIEm ESSEflllHLS RED = Essential BLACK * Recommended Kickstart RAM Hard drive * Amiga Computing CLOCK CARTRIDGE Our unique and highly rated external cloch cartridge will enable your Amiga to continually store the correct time and date in its own battery backed memory Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty Compatible with ALL Amigas HARD DRIVES Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives tor the A1200
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Free while-you-walt fitting for personal callers 20mb £89.99 210mb £194.99 40mb E 99.99 258mb £204.99 85mb £109.99 344mb £249.99 127mb £134.99 405mb £299.99 170mb £179.99 540mb £449.99 s i r e No.1 for mail order SALES HOT-LINE FREEPHONE 0500 340548 ENQUIRIES 0161*796 5279 FAX: 0161*796 3208 SAVE £10.00 if you purchase an FPU at the same time as a memory expansion I f ife!
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FREEPHONE 0500 340548 (for credit card sales only) 0161-796 5279 for enquiries or fax 0161-796 3208 Open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm.
Access, Visa & Switch accepted.
Send cheques (made payable to Siren Software).
Postal Orders or credit card details to Siren Software, 178 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 6AF England Personal callers welcome.
Please phone first to check availability of any item, Directions From M62 junction 17, head towards Bury. We are 50 yards on the right after the third set of traffic lights, opposite Masons pub.
All prices include VAT. Postage and packing will be charged at £3.50 per order (U.K.), £7.50 Europe and £12.50 rest of the World.
The art of -o Vpaint has been part of the power graphics scene since the early days.
In that time it’s seen a number of revisions which have always brought the cut* ting edge of painting technology to the Amiga.
Not surprisingly, this tradition continues, but on the face value you could be fooled into thinking the update applies more to the price rather than performance. The assorted buttons and icons look worryingly familiar. However, dig a little deeper and the price to performance ratio improves dramatically.
The key to this latest incarnation is the arrival of layers as the pinnacle of the TVPaint environment. In the past TVPaint, like the majority of Amiga packages, used the traditional paging approach - taking the form of a double buffer primary and spare page.
However, with the arrival of TVPaint 3.0 the Amiga takes its place in the forefront of painting technology, alongside the latest PhotoShop 3.0 and Quantel’s Paintbox.
In simple terms, layers offer the ability to view multiple 24-bit images on the same screen while retaining the ability to" edit them independently. In reality, this is achieved by stacking the buffers one behind the Other.
SHARING In TVPaint's case this translates to foreground. Middle ground and background layers denoted as buffers A. 0 and C, with all three shanng a user-definable background colour. In addition, you also retain a spare page for work in progress and the application of specific special effects. This means you can paint on layer A and then switch to layer B. If you then add more paint to this layer it will appear behind anything in the first.
The same applies to layer C. the end result being a 24-bit graphic sandwich with layer B as the filling. And of course, these multi-layer H touch of class projects can be saved just like a single image, but when reloaded you can disassemble the image, rearrange the layers and edit them with complete freedom.
Not surprisingly, you're free to turn layers off and on as required, swap, merge and rearrange their position in the stack via requesters or hotkeys. Put in such simple terms, it’s easy to be unimpressed by the degree of added freedom and flexibility this gives the artist - only when you get some hands-on experience does the true impact really hit home.
Like its predecessors, the latest release is actually a 32-bit rather than 24-bit environment - with the additional 8-bits providing built-in alpha channelling. In short, built-in alpha channelling allows you to generate a seamless fade from one image or brush to a freely definable level of transparency. In every single pixel has its own alpha or tr.
Parency value which can vary between 0
Classic examples of alphas in action Movie trailers and promotional material w invanably feature multiple scenes and ch£ ter dose-ups. All crossfaded and blended a montage - all of which could be capt via TVPaint’s direct support for Vlab.
APPLICABILITY This essential commercial skill has ak been a part of the TVPaint repertoire, indeed still is, but it now applies across tiple layers in real time. If you appi alpha channel transparency to an elei in layer A, its affect is carried right thn all the subsequent layers.
Combine alpha effect with density With the availability of such comprehensive alpha support, the actual process of applying paint to paper can be much more subtle than simply clicking on a mouse button. As a result, TVPaint offers extensive support for pressure-sensitive tablets, with Wacom being particularly well supported Equipped with an appropriate tablet. TVPaint truly ranks among the very best painting environment on any platform.
As you've probably gathered, this is pro product from start to finish, and nowhere is this more apparent than via the program's built-in virtual memory facility.
For commercial artists, resolution is a constant irritation, especially for those working in print resolutions - Amiga Computing cover images are never smaller than 1500 x 1000 pixels. Imagine if you were commissioned to produce an image twice or perhaps four times this size. The onboard memory requirement would be massive. Fortunately that isn't a problem thanks to TVPaint’s Big Edit option.
It's true that using Big Edit can slow the creative process, but the benefits for any serious commercial artist are immense. In fact, the only limitation is the amount of available hard drive space on the partition you've chosen to contain the Big edit swap file.
The process works by defining the size of the project and then selecting an area equivalent to your present page size from a scaled representation of the entire project. Once your edits are complete on a particular area, you simply save the changes and reseled another area to work on until your masterpiece is complete. Simple, efficient and often essential.
Amiga Computing fthe matter Brush cutting, perspective, scaling, colourisatlon and tinting provide the variety, while the wave filter and AreuM bubbles add the finishing touches Paul Pustin Bhpiures the latest update te the l- H Pmiga's ultimate painting enuirnnment Filtgrc for all As mentioned briefly before, filters - in the style of Kai Power Tools on the Mac - are now a part of the TVPaint environment. At the moment the package ships with 20 assorted filters - with more in the pipeline - which either work directly on the selected layer or operate in concert with an image on the spare
Each filter produces its own dedicated requesters for fine-tuning the effect and defining whether it is to be applied to a single layer or over the entire project. Classics include the shadow option, which applies a user-defined shadow to the layer of your choice. Panning is another excellent addition which will pan either individual layers or the entire project in a user-defined direction and amount.
N fact, trans- Oanc n are which harac- )d into Dtured SVSTEftl ESSEflllflLS RED = Essential BLACK = Recommended ilways i, and mui- ly an »meni rough ' fills.
The assorted drawing tools, soft edge brush cutting, and a multitude of image manipulation options and you could have a masterpiece on your hands before you've applied any paint, The actual application of paint and effects s also beautifully implemented, and now boasts the left mouse button erase feature as pioneered in Photogenics. Unlike Photogenics. Though, complete Arexx automation is available across the board for those boring jobs.
In addition to the aforementioned button, you also have full undo and redo options - redo being particularly useful because it allows you to reapply existing strokes with different colours, modes and effects.
Quite literally, everything can be combined; drawing tools such as pens and airbrushes, and drawing functions like straight lines, filled shapes, bezzier curves, bucket fills or freehand can all be used in combination with the drawing modes - colour, merge, erase, pantograph, and so on. By mixing all the possible options, over 2000 combinations are available - all with user- definable parameters.
POWER A classic example of this is the combined power of a bucket fill in erase mode. If we assume an image has been loaded which contains a specific element amidst a predominantly dark background, a bucket fill in erase mode - given an appropriate fill tolerance - would remove the unwanted areas of the image, revealing any layers beneath.
The element could then be cut out as a brush, scaled, given perspective or image processed, used as a painting tool in the mode of your choice, pasted into another layer or perhaps applied as a soft edged, user-defined density fill for a drawing function. Things get even more funky with the aid of the spare page. Take a quick glance at the gun image and you'll notice the blue density fill in the background has a texture. To achieve the affect a separate Uerdict At risk of stating the obvious, the new TVPaint is without doubt the best paint package I've ever had the pleasure to use. In fact
pleasure aside, usability and effortless power are the real issues.
You don't have to compromise, you don't need to make masks, stencils or all the other things that make computer-generated art a pain rather than a pleasure, you don't have to save out at every stage in case of accidents, you simply do whatever your imagination can dream up with the minimum of effort. The program has obviously been designed for artists rather than computer users. No matter what springs to mind, actually achieving faultless and accurate results is both quick and simple.
Obviously, with the arrival of Photogenics at a fraction of the price, most users will choke at the prospect of coughing-up this sort of money for a paint package. This is a factor which may be compounded by the arrival of the next Photogenics update, which promises full 24-bit on Picasso II, Retina 23 and so on.
However, TVPaint isn’t designed for most users. For those who require, and can afford, this kind of flexibility and power it’s quite simply an essential. In fact, my only real complaint is the 'so you've never used a computer before approach' in the manual, and the almost fourfold increase in the asking price. However, if you can convince yourself there’s even a slim chance you’ll make good on your investment, I'd sign the cheque without a second thought.
Greyscale was loaded directly into the spare page. The layer containing the density fill was selected and the bump filter applied, at which point the former smooth blue background regenerated behind the gun and orchid as you see it.
Just as easily, I could have applied the effect to either the orchid or the gun by simply selecting their particular layer - and, of course, you can also apply the effect across the entire project if you wish, Of course, you're not limited to simply loading images into the spare, as you're free to cut and paste and copy elements or entire layers to the spare, £& Amiga Computing ALL WORK AND ALL PLAY THE TWO-IN-ONE MONITOR FROM MICROVITEC There's a new, highly versatile, dual purpose colour monitor that's unbelievable value for both business and games use.
14" screen £ 0.28mm dot pitch 0 15-40 kHz Fully autoscanning Microvitec Pic, The Quadrant,
• MRPII compliant Chester West, Sealand Road, Designed and
manufactured in the UK Chester CHI 4QR Compatible with all
workbench modes, the Auto-Scan 1438 has high performance
electronics and an ultra fine tube for sharp, crystal clear
Designed and built to exacting standards for Tei:01244 377566 Fax: 01244 373401 CALL NOW ON 01244 377566 FOR YOUR NEAREST DEALER Supported bp some of ¦ the best rreatiue pachages aua liable, the ¦ Umiga is the first choice ¦ computer for uideo and ¦ music professionals. • flow Sareth lofthouse preuiews luneBuilder, a - music editor that - promises to amaze - Music (rucks are loaded Into the editor where the playing length can be specified A certain amount of product hype from the developers is to be expected, but for once the implications of this new technology could be as dramatic as the
owner's hope if it s marketed correctly. Previously, the only way to match music to video effectively has been either to hire sessions musicians or to create your own tunes by investing in midi equipment, and either of these options can cost the videographer an arm and a leg.
By contrast. TuneBuilder puts control over music into the hands of Amiga users in a way that's not been possible before. Thanks to the efforts of Airwork s professional editors, even the tone deaf will be able to produce a background soundtrack to very high standards.
Ever keen to keep our readers abreast of the latest and most prestigious software available. Amiga Computing will be giving TuneBuilder a full review as soon as it's finished. Looking ahead, however. Airworks envisage a time when the likes of the latest Madonna CD will be released on CD-ROM with pre-embedded editing points for arrangement with this system. Perhaps now you're getting an idea of just how important TuneBuilder could be, pring has brought good news for Amiga musicians, not least with the release of version six of the ever popular Octamed reviewed elsewhere in this issue. The
high-end Amiga user, however, is more likely to be tantalized by a surprising new product that has already caused quite a stir in the Amiga Computing offices.
Created by Airworks Media, it’s claimed TuneBuilder will revolutionise the way music is edited. With video and film makers particularly in mind, the package offers CD backing music which can be timed, cut and rearranged as required using the supplied software.
TuneBuilder is designed for use with CD music libraries specially embedded with edit points that allow each piece to be rearranged, shortened or expanded.
Once loaded into the program, the user can specify a required length of playing time to fit almost exactly a sequence of film footage.
The system’s benefits don’t stop there, however. A musical piece might, for example, have a percussive effect that would suit a particular moment of action in a video. Using the editor, Amiga owners will be able to rearrange the tune so that the required sound effect comes earlier or later in the piece to fit in with the film - a feature that should prove to be an amazing time and cost saver.
SIMPLICITY Though this is a package worthy of professional use, the interface lends the process childlike simplicity. Music appears in the editor broken down into a series of blocks, and rearranging it is simply a matter of dragging the blocks into the desired position using the mouse.
The ingenuity of the system lies in the fact it can play new versions of recombined music segments instantly, without any hint of a pause or a clash between sound blocks.
This is largely down to Airwork’s use of professional musicians for the task of selecting the edit points on the CD - apparently every minute of music has taken two to three hours of work to Breakthrough H sound accomplish successfully. Setting the length of the piece is even simpler than rearranging it. In the preview version, creating a new tune accurate in duration to a specific frame was not possible, but TuneBuilder will automatically generate a sequence that comes within tenths of a second of your specified time.
Music is retrieved from the Cds and manipulated in the editor as 8-bit sound.
However, once satisfied with your new version it can be exported for video applications as 16-bit stereo if required.
What’s more, the software supports an impressive range of audio file formats.
For example, Sunrize, Sun audio. WAV and Toccata formats are all available. The latter should prove a boon to VLAB Motion owners who will be able to load edited pieces directly for use with the Toccata board.
TuneBuilder will be packaged with the Arpeggio music library, AirWorks’ collection of 345 music cuts covering 12 Cds.
With a variety of themes for all sorts of purposes. The asking price of $ 950 for non-broadcast material or $ 1800 for material to be broadcast may make some readers quail, but it represents real value for money in comparison to alternative methods.
Other companies are creating large libraries for use with TuneBuilder. A Killer Tracks demo CD was supplied to us with the required edit points, and if the pieces are typical of the standard we can expect, then the professional is in for a treat.
£& Amiga Computing Visage AMIGA HARDWARE Computers Installed with 100MB of free top quality Public Domain Software MEMORY SIMMS 4MB 72 Pin 70ns .£139.99 8MB 72 Pin 70ns .£279.99 QUANTUM Only quality drives used, with at least 1 year warranty Ef 16MB 72 Pin 70ns £449.99
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HOWTO ORDER CALL (0115) 964 2828 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER here are plenty of real good Midi files ¦ around these days and whether you like the classics, country, pop and rock, or more obscure stuff, the chances are that someone, somewhere will have produced Midi file arrangements to suit your tastes. In short you just buy the files, load them into a sequencer, and play them.
Incidentally, some commercial libraries can provide their material on Amiga format disks, although most offer only MSDOS format.
Needless to say, this is no great problem nowadays because these disks can be read vta CrossDOS without any trouble at all.
Paul Uueraa shows you an easy way to add IJIidi song plaging capabilities to gpur Basic and [ programs music for them Library files are usually configured for General Midi type equipment, so most people usually need to do a little channel and patch editing to get the arrangements sounding right on their particular Midi equipment. Once you've saved a version that is suitable for your system, however, you'll be in a position to 'load and play* these arrangements just as easily as you might play a record or CD.
The question we might now ask is whether or not it is possible to add these types of file- playing facilities to our own programs. Midi file playing, as many of you will know, is quite complex, but by converting a Midi file into a format known as MPX2 it is possible to simplify beyond belief the code needed to regenerate the stored Midi data.
Chunks are present in the file, and the last contains timing interpretation details.
The data events stored in a Midi file all start with a time delay field, a so called Delta time, that specifies the amount of time which should pass before the specified event should be played.
It's worth mentioning that Delta times, and a few other Midi file items, are stored in a byte-efficient variable length format that has to be unpacked before it can be turned into a sensible numerical value. MPX2 format files, incidentally, do not use compacted time values, which is one of the things that makes them easier to read.
Midi file events can be one of three types: Midi events (channel messages), Sysex events, and a collection of non-Midi items known as Meta events. I'm not going to go into detail about each and every event structure because the MPX2 arrangements make it unnecessary for you to know what type of data is in the original Midi file. As an illustration, however, here are some details of the ?
What I’m going to do in this tutorial is show you exactly how MPX2 file loading and playing facilities can be added to your own programs. The result is that with relatively little additional code it becomes possible to write programs that can play pre-arranged Midi file song material in essentially the same way your sequencer can.
FILE STRUCTURE It should be pretty obvious that the key to writing any file processing utility is to understand, in detail, the relevant file format.
Before I look at the MPX2 format, however. I ought to recap briefly on the structure of conventional Midi files so that you can appreciate the benefits that MPX2 files provide.
At the highest level, these files consist of blocks of data called chunks that consist of a 4 byte identifier field followed by a 4 byte number that tells you how much data is in the chunk. Two types of chunks are currently defined: Header chunks, which have a Mthd’ identifier, and track chunks, which have a ‘MTrk’ identifier.
Midi file chunks can be arranged internally m three ways and this leads to three types of files: The type 0 format files contain a header chunk followed by a single track chunk used for storing a sequence or song as a single stream of events. Type 1 files allow multiple track sequences to be stored, and these contain a header chunk followed by separate track chunks which represent tracks to be played simultaneously.
One last type of file was developed to allow sets of independent sequences to be stored, but these so-called type 2 files do not seem to be used to any great extent.
As far as chunk arrangements go, the ¦MThd' header chunk is always the first one in the file and it currently has three words of data - the first identifies the file format (0, 1, , or 2), the second tells you how many track ¦UtUltUEHEElia- srWTIH mVxi | " 0
- Twratl „mim
- --iBIEL .. himm nrx2 KlJiFltM* milFTMWMP ulto A X YoaV find
both C mnd Book; MPX2 fNo ploying oxomplo programs on tho
CovorOtok flims file reading using [ One of the problems with
using high-level language file reading is that it is inherently
slow and this can affect MPX2 file playback timing. While,
therefore, MPX2 reader code can certainly be written using C's
high-level file handling functions just as easily as in Basic.
I prefer a different approach. I load the complete file into a
buffer and then access the events directly via a pointer. As
each event is read the pointer is incremented so that it then
points to the next item to be processed. Here's a typical
example that reads the four byte event count and then increases
the pointer by 4:
• v«nt_couat**(ULOH* * dlt»j; dit«_p**4; In order to avoid
continually writing buffer handling routines. I use a buffer
ADT (abstract data type) module that allows me to load a named
file, ask for the start of the file data, kill
(i. e. remove) the buffer, and so on, Listing 2 shows the header
defining the functions this module provides, and all I
have-to do is indude this header file in my source and then
link my compiled code with the associated buffer module.
Listing 3 shows these routines being used to load an MPX2
file and you'll notice that, having checked the file
identity. I kill the buffer if the file is not a valid MPX2
Listing 4 is the MXP2 play routine itself. It does the same job as the Basic routine discussed earlier, and the only difference is that I am using an incrementing pointer to move through the MPX2 file rather than reading items through high-level file functions.
Layout used for Midi file Meta events: They start with an FF hex Meta event identifier, followed by a Type’ field, a byte count, and the data itself. Th6 type field is a 1 byte value between 0 and 127 and the count field is stored in the same variable length format as is used for delta-time values.
Two Meta events of particular interest by the way, are those that allow the end of a track, or a change in tempo, to be recognised. Although a great many other events have been defined for embedding track names, lyrics, copyright notices and SO on.
HARD WORK Midi file reading, as I've already mentioned. Is not particularly easy. Chunks have to be identified, their contents extracted and unpacked, and Midi events have to be separated from Meta events. With type 0 files these events will be time ordered by virtue of their positions in the file and their delta times.
With type 1 files the situation is more complex, and in order to produce a stream of Midi data it is necessary to merge in time order all the events from all of the track chunks. When you realise that running status
(i. e. the use of implied status bytes) is also allowed within
streams of stored Midi events, it's not hard to see that
writing Midi file unpacking code is no small feat.
At the playing end of the Midi file to Music' conversion scenario the task is simple Ujitti relatiielii little additional rode it becomes possible to unite programs that ran ptoi pre-arranged fli file song material in essentialh the same uiae pi sequencer can enough to explain. The time ordered blocks of Midi messages generated as a Midi file were examined and have to be sent down the serial line at the appropriate times.
If you think about this end of the problem you’ll realise that what we really need for playback simplicity is a file structure that allows blocks of Midi message data to be stored exactly as they should be transmitted.
One easy way to achieve this would be to opt for a file format that uses blocks consisting of a fixed length time value, followed by the Midi data in the exact form needed for transmission. The snag here is that in order to transmit a block of serial Midi data you need to know the size of the block. In other words, a block size field needs to be included with each event, and with the MPX2 format the event arrangement adopted is this: 4 byt* ilcrostconds dcliy [ouerDish files ol byte block tire (S) oS byits of Imf diti The good news now is that the MPX2 file because during the last
few weeks while I was preparing this tutorial. I've actually added Midi File to MPX2 file conversion facilities to my Workbench 2?
MidiPlayer program.
To start with you'll find the HiSoft Basic 2 example program on the disk. Although this is an unoptimised bare bones example, it is certainly sufficient to get you up and running, and in particular should convince you that Basic really can cope with these sort of song file applications. You II also find all the C source and header files for a Shell MPX2 file player (written and compiled using SAS C) along with a runable version of the program.
So you've got player routines to examine in both Basic and C on the disk, but these would be of little use unless you were able to convert your Midi files into MPX2 format. At this point there's good news It can now not only load and play type 0 and type 1 Midi files but can play MPX2 files and, more Importantly, convert any loaded Midi file into its equivalent MPX2 form. You’ll find this utility, with documentation, and various example files on the CoverDisk. All that remains now is for you to set up your Midi equipment, dig out your favourite Midi files, and start giving your neighbours a
mega-decibel treat!
Structure is based on exactly these types of event blocks, tagged onto an 8 byte header like this; 4 byte HPX2 file identifier (W) 4 byte event count I R events i o4 byte eicroseconds deley ol byte block size ($ ) os bytes of Itidi date ) The first MPX2 header field lets yoi check that a file actually is a real MPX2 file before you process it. The second, the even count, indicates how many events are in the file. A file reader simply has to read the identification and count values and then out put the required number of events down tfx serial line.
Handling an MPX2 event is both eas and efficient. Firstly, you read the time dela field and execute an appropriate time device delay, next read the block size to se how much data you should transmit an finally, perform a single Exec DolO() call t transmit the complete associated block c event data to your Midi equipment!
The key advantage of this file format the is playback simplicity. Because MPX2 dat blocks contain only pure Midi message information programs do not need to do ar complicated event unpacking or interpret; tion - they can just read blocks of Midi da and transmit them without caring about the contents.
There are a variety of ways in whit MPX2 data files can be used, but the sir piest approach is to open the file as an or nary sequential input file and read the eve data using the in-built Basic file handlir facilities. To illustrate this approach, and I bang up-to-date. I’ve opted for an examp based on HiSoft's new Basic 2 package.
To produce runable code I did, of cours need access to the Amiga’s serial po Serial device handling is no proble because HiSoft Basic 2. Like most Bask Amiga Computing JULY 1995 Jargon help RKM: Amiga ROM Kernel Manuals - the official Amiga system programming books slow can sic, I rents oints ivent .tract 1, kill i this I link wing II the i dis- nove pes of leader pointer - a variable used to store a memory location address. C programmers Often tag a *_p' extension onto the names of pointer variables to remind themselves of this fact.
Structure offset - a number (or an equivalent name) that specifies the position of a particular field in a block of memory relative to the base address of that block.
Allows this to be opened and used in much the same way as an ordinary file.
I also needed time delay facilities, but this presented more of a problem - neither HiSoft Basic, nor any other Basic come to that, provides timer functions that are capable of providing delays of sufficient accuracy- Because of this it is essential to use the Amiga’s timer device and this means we need to set up a reply port and an I O request block for communicating with the timer device (as well as opening the device itself). Before I tackle this side of the problem though, let's examine the MPX2 file playing loop.
Listing 1 shows a program that asks for the name of an MPX2 file and then plays it.
Don’t worry about the initial code - look at the loop in the middle. What may well surprise you is that once the various setting up and file opening code has been performed, it takes just one loop containing these seven lines of Basic to read and play any sort of MPX2 file:
s) of Nidi is you X2 file i event i in the ad the an out* wn
the i easy 1 delay timer to see lit and call to ock of at then
2 data ¦sage, Jo any rpreta- Ji data jt their which e sim- n
ordi- i event ndling and be :ample ie.
I port, ablem Jasics, FOR f1=1 TO evtnt.countl event_Ciael=CVL(lNPUrS(4 «1)) POKEl" tia«r!MatratfRi*tv.af ro,eveatat1icl U'DoIOKtiatrlOl) emt_countl*CVlUNPUT$ (2,H)) eventS=INPUTS cvent_countS,«1 : PRINT 02,event*; IEXT it We read the four byte time value from the file [notice the use of CVL() to convert the inPUTSO string into a number], poke that value into the timer I O request, and perform an Exec DolOO call to the timer in order to produce the required delay. Having done that, we then use INPUT$ () again to read the event size field and once more to read the Midi data block into an
event$ string. A PRINT statement is then all that’s needed to transmit that block down the serial lines and into your Midi gear. Not bad eh, for seven lines of code!
Because the play loop depends on being able to generate accurate time delays, this brings us to a stickling point as far as Basic s concerned - each version of the language has its own ways of allowing experienced coders to access the underlying Amiga system library routines and devices.
The latest version of HiSoft Basic does, n fact, include a new scheme for doing this and. Since you are unlikely to have seen any code of this nature before. I’ll explain briefly how it works.
HiSoft have created a set of header files that mimic the system headers used by Amiga C and assembler coders. As well as library function details, these headers also provide 'pseudo constant' definitions of all the important structure offsets. If you look at listing 1 again you’ll see near the start of the code that I perform a CreatePort() Exec library function call and then create an extended I O request block using this function: tiierlOlstreateExtlOKtiierportLtiieriQUfStjImf) The returned value. TimeriO&, is actually the base of the allocated timer I O request structure but before it can
be used with a DolOO call various fields need to be set up.
Timer I O requests have to be set up with both a time delay value and a number which represents the command the device should carry out. The command field can be referenced by adding an offset value, defined as IOStdReqio_Command in the HiSoft headers, onto the base address of the I O request structure.
Another constant defined in the headers is called TR_ADDREOUEST& and this Is used to tell the timer device to perform a time delay. With HiSoft Basic 2 we poke a TR_ADDREQUEST command into the I O request block like this: POKEV t aarlOtdO$ tdlaq(o.Coaaand,TR.A»OREQUEST| The final location being poked is therefore the sum of the timer I O request base address and the command field offset.
In a similar fashion, the four byte event time of an MPX2 event can be poked into the request block using predefined trjime and tv_micro structure offset values: POKEl tiaerJOl*trJiae*tvt.aicro,evant-tiaal Hard going? Well, there is nothing inherently difficult going on here - I'm just poking suitable numbers into particular positions of a block of memory. I will admit, though, that the purpose of this sort of ‘jiggery-pokery’ can only make sense if you understand the layouts and purposes of the appropriate Amiga system structures, and the same is true of Amiga library function use.
Experience with C or assembler and the RKM manuals undoubtedly comes in handy, but if you are new to Basic then all I can suggest is that you just take the timer code at face value and use it, being particularly careful not to inadvertently alter any offset names or variable types!
I have, incidentally, kept the example code as small and as straightforward as possible. In particular, I’ve not performed the customary checks on things like device opening and I O request memory allocation functions because these would have made the underlying framework of the code much more difficult to examine. Be warned, however, that in general, the return values of library functions which can fail ought to be checked, and appropriate error closedown paths coded. TSf REN Sinelude eiec.bh REN tinclude tiaer.bh REN Sinctude bUb txetsupport.bai DEMNT i-i : 8UNPEO_PIIORtTY*50 LIBRARY OPEN
‘exac.library" tiaerportl=CrtattPorlt(OI,0) ti«erlOAsCreateExtIOl(ti«erportl,tia*r*qu*st_*izeof) POKEL tiaarlOtatr_tiaa*tv_$ ec$ ,0 «l=OpenR«vicel(SAOD(Mt1aer.dev1ce*rCHRI(0)),UNlT_NlCROI Z,tiiertOM POKEV ttierl04*I0StdRfqio_Coiaaf*d,TR_AD0RE3UESTI INPUT "Naaa of HPXl fila to play? “,naaaJ OPEN naaat FOR INPUT RS 01 LEN*5000 OPEN * 0Nl:31H0,M,r *5 *2 kaadart=!NPUT*U,d1) : avant tountl*tVL(lNPUTJU,*1)) tiikMiadTiikKMlUl) old_prtorhyl*SetTaikPrtt(tajkl,BuNPEJ_PR!ORITY) FOR 11*1 TO avant.countl avant_tfial*(Vl(IIPUTI(4,ff)) POKEL tl*ifIOl*lfJilt*tU_»1«ro,«VMtj1lll ft*0ol0S(tiaarI0i)
avant_cwrotl»CVI(IIPUTS(2,H)) avantS*lllPUTS(«vtrtt_ 0urit!,R1) • PRINT I2,ivtfttt; NEXT it ats$ ttTiiltPMt(mkl,8lOriortty) CLOSE 12,11 CloscDcvitt tiairlOl : DalitiExtlO tiurlOl : DalftePort tiaarportl LIBRARY CLOSE END Listing 1: Playing MPX2 Was via M Soft's Basic 2 typedtf void BUFFER; BUFFER *CreataBuifar(TEXT •filenna); • return* NULL request fails *1 KiUBuffer(BUFFER *buff*r_p); void ULONG UBTTE UBYTE AskBufferSize (BUFFER *buffer_p); I* returns size of buffer *
• AikBuffarStirtCBUfFEI *buffer_p); I* returns start of buffer *
Save8uffer(BUFFER ‘buffer_p, TEXT •fllanm); Listing 2t Tha
butfar ADT routine definitions used for buffer handling UBTTE
LoidNPX2(TEKT »sourte_p UBTTE *d»ta_p,
error_ni*ber=NO_ERROR; If
!(g_apx_bjf er_p*CreateBuffer(*ourcej))))
*rror_«u«b*r*N0J0UR(E; else t
d»ta_p*A$ kBuffer$ tart(g_»px_buff*rj 1; if(*(UtON$
')data_p!*ID_NPx2 ( KhtBuffer(g_npx_buff«rji); 9_«p*_buf f c
r_p=NU LL; rrof_nu*b«r*0AD_FILE; ) ) raturntarror.nunbar); )
Listing 3: The routine for loading an MPX2 file Into a buffer
UBTTE PlayNPXZO ( UBTTE 'd4t»_p, error_nuaber=NO_ER*OI; vnom
code, fYtnt.l1**; UlONfi delay, I, event.count, tukjrionty; if
1!9_NPF_bvffer_p) errorjiunbarMO SOURCE; else I
taskj)Hority*SetTaUtPri(findT3Jk(0),BUNPEDJ RI0RITY);
data_p*AskBuff«rStart(g-ipxJ)uff«r.p); data.p»*4;
evtnl-count=*(ULWIG *)dataj ; data_p*=4;
g. tiiir.raquest.p- tr.?iae.tv_ijecs=0; for (i=0;i *v*nt
tount;i*») ( delay** ULONG ‘Idataji; data_p»*4;
g. tiaerwrequestji- tr_ti«.tv_»icro*dalay; DoIOdatruct lORaquest
*)g.rti«*r_r«quest_p); tvtnt_sii»=*(UVORD *)dati_p; data_p+*2;
g_$ «rial_raqa*stji- IOSer.io_L*ngih*«vent_siz»;
g_serial_req!iestj - IO$ er.io_Data=(APTR)data_p; DolO((struct
lORequtst *)g_seri»l_requestj ); dataj)*=event_size; ) )
SetTaskPri(FindTasklO),t*»k_priority); ) r»turn(arror_nuaber1;
Urnilng 4: A typical C code routine for playing MPX2 files
Amiga Computing iLLkAJJU Plug into the Amiga
* Here’s an idea. I use Macs and Pcs fairly regularly and am
extremely impressed by the idea of plug-ins. For those who
don’t know, plug-ins are pieces of software, like datatypes for
the Amiga, which can be added to any program that supports
For instance. Kai’s Power Tools on the Mac is a plug-in for extra image processing effects. It not only works with Photoshop, but also with Quark Xpress, the foremost DTP program in the world. This means that you get Kai’s Power Tools effect within Xpress.
Without having to take your images into Photoshop first.
Wouldn't it be great if ADPro worked the same way? Then we could use its loaders and operators inside packages like Wordworth and PageStream. I think that if Commodore ever gets resurrected, one of the first things it should do is try to get some sort of standard set up.
William Russell, Colchester Plug-ins are indeed a superb idea. However, it seems that none of the Amiga software companies are too willing to talk to one another when it comes down to it, so, as you say, a standard will probably need to be set by whatever entity Commodore becomes.
That being said, I think the ‘new Commodore' will have other things on its collective mind than plug-ins. Like getting machines into shops for instance. But perhaps Lightwave will lead the way as the new version supports plug-ins, but unfortunately not the standard ones used by 3D Studio, Photoshop, et al.
Compact congratulations!
Congratulations on the first CD for the Amiga that is really worth mentioning.
Any qualms of yet another software letdown were swiftly dispelled when I switched on my A1200 with the CD Toolbox in situ.
Terrific' More of the same please, even if you do have to up the cost of the mag in consequence - it would be worth it. At least in my opinion.
Just to reiterate, well done AC!
Frank Doswell. Crawley Blush! Gosh, thanks. We do try our best. As to raising the cover price of the magazine. I'm sure the majority of our readers would have to disagree with you there Faulty FastRH While reading your April letters page, I found a striking similarity between the sit* uation experienced by Mr. Colin Smith and myself.
I ordered a 4Mb RAM board from Siren Software back in December. Upon receiving it I found it to be faulty and sent it back, demanding a refund. I expected to receive one soon - if the goods are faulty the company must cough up. It was several months and phone calls later before I was offered any sort of refund, and they suggested a credit note to the value of the board. After such a long wait I was in no mood to try my luck again. After all. Who’s to say the second wouldn’t be faulty too?
Booklet blunder Please can you help me? I have just purchased an Amiga 1200 and a friend has lent me some booklets which I would love to be able to purchase: Amiga Answers, Mastering the Amiga, Amiga Format If you could let me know the cost I will send a cheque by return.
Deryck Marston, Leicester Well, Deryck. If I remember rightly, the first and last booklets you mention were published by our Bath-based competitor, Future Publishing, while the second one was published by Bruce Smith Books who can be reached on 01932 894355. Good luck with your new machine.
I took a trip down to my local trading standards office for a chat. They said that if the company maintained that the goods were not faulty, they (Trading Standards) could do no more for me. It came as no great surprise when they later informed me that they had received a letter from Siren Software saying I had returned goods which worked perfectly.
Simply sending you a replacement SIMM? That having been said, you do seem to have had an awful lot of trouble actually receiving a refund, which is not good in anybody's book.
In the end l got my money back. It was a long complicated process which I don't want to bore you with now. Suffice to say. I won’t be dealing with Siren Software again.
I just can't gut enough Please print this, as I see no reason why anybody else should go through the same struggle. Expanding your machine should be fun, not a constant worry about your legal standing.
The lack of UK availability of some of the LightWave-related products we review can be a problem, especially for readers without a credit card, but we can only hope that as Lightwave gains further ground in this country, their will be dealers springing up to offer UK users the software they want.
As to the likelihood of a continuing tutorial for Lightwave users, I think it is unlikely at the moment, unless, as per Mr. Hawkins suggestion, we do change our name to Lightwave Computing!
I'd like to disagree with Mr. Hawkins' views in March's issue of Amiga Computing. I use Lightwave every day and find that only Acs coverage of the various addons for it are in-depth enough for my liking. I say more Lightwave!
I would also be extremely keen on a tutorial series like your Publishing column, not just the more general 3D page, but something to get your teeth into. My only other problem is getting hold of the items you review. It seems that the only UK supplier is Premier Vision and they charge too much and don't carry enough stock, Perhaps you can suggest some other dealer?
Mike Perrie, Sunderland Kenneth Lyon, klyon @ touchdwn, demon, co, uk I appreciate the difficulties you have had with Siren, but would just like to ask why you felt it necessary to demand' a refund. We don’t live in a perfect world and it wasn't necessarily Siren's fault that the RAM didn't work in your* machine. What was the matter with them Amiga Computing hsisbiI n dean bill of health I would just like to say thanks to Frank Nord for his Amiga Medical articles They have helped me no end with configuring my system, which consists of an Amiga 1200 with 65Mb hard disk. As I run lots of
programs that have an Arexx interlace, his advice on moving the REXX. Directory has proved invaluable Bill Reason Nonhwtch Frank says: I m glad my hints have proved useful to you. They were culled over a great many years of messing around with not only my own Amiga, but other peoplo s, to make things run a lot smoother, especially for people without a technical bent.
Net worth Thanks very much for the Demon Internet CoverDisk - it was superb. I had been contemplating having a go on the Internet and this was just what I needed to push me into it. AmigaNOS is somewhat complicated in use, but I've found that as long as you leave it pretty much alone, although you might not get the best performance from it.
At least it actually works, It does seem a little strange that you nave to edit three files to change the newsgroups you subscribe to, but ours is not to reason why. My next step is to jump to AmiTCP thanks to the hefty article you published last month. I just hope I find it easier than AmigaNOS, (I can't wait to use Mosaic though). Finally, keep up the good work. Amiga Computing is by far the best Sen-net?
I of the Amiga mags; all the others either aim too high, or too low. Yours has just the right balance between the two, Kevin Bryant. Southall The response to the Demon freebie has been phenomenal. We have been Inundated with e-mail and snailmail to the effect that it has been the best giveaway any magazine has ever put on the cover - ever. We assume from this that you lot actually quite liked it.
I have an Amiga 1200 and I have been saving up for ages to buy an accelerator card for it. But now I am worried that a 68040 accelerator will become available and I will have bought the 68030 one. Can you advise me on what to do?
Mr B Caldwyn. Falmouth Rest easy Mr Caldwyn, there won't ever be a 68040-based accelerator for the A1200 unless someone can do something about the size of the 68040 chip and the amount of heat it generates.
Get your 68030 board by all means and try to get one that offers two SIMM slots, if possible, as they offer more flexibility when it comes to upgrading your RAM.
HGR flicker After having upgraded' from my A3000 last year to an A4000 040, I find it really annoying that I need to have two monitors.
I kept my NEC Multisync from my A3000, but the A4QQ0 doesn't have a built-in flicker fixer so I've had to buy a 1084S monitor to play games and use programs that don’t promote to my EGS Spectrum or DoublePAL (which is horrible anyway).
Are there any companies out there making a flicker fixer for my A4000? I have [ommodore worries I have been a loyal Amiga owner for the past four years, but am wondering whether or not to keep up my commitment. I have a 1Mb A500 with Workbench 1.3 and a second floppy drive, but am looking at buying a 486- based PC. Commodore just don't seem to be getting back together, and the games companies are dropping the Amiga like a rock, unless you have an A1200. Why can't they convert the games from the A1200 to the A500. I'm sure there must be many more A500 owners out there than A1200 ones.
Matt Coverton. Slough To be brutally frank with you Matt, your 'loyal commitment to the Amiga' doesn't strike me as that impressive. There are many Amiga owners out there who have spent a great deal more money on their systems. The bottom line with all these PC versus Amiga arguments Is.
Does the machine do what you want it to? If it does, it doesn't really matter that some people call it obsolete, it suits your needs.
If you want an A1200, Matt, go out and get one, there are certainly plenty of people who are willing to sell their machines, but if you want to get a PC, then I guess we probably won't be hearing from you again.
As for your complaint about games, there certainly are more A500 owners around at the moment, but the games companies like the added power and memory that come as standard in an A1200, not to mention the fact that games on the PC can be converted much more satisfactorily to an A1200 thanks to its increased graphic abilities.
With reference to the letter by James Radciiffe and your reply, I would just like to point out that although porn is indeed widely available on the internet, via the alt.sex.* and alt,binaries.* newsgroups, I wonder how many of the people who wmge on about “vile perverts on the Internet'' have actually taken the time to try and find these resources.
First of all. As stated by Ezra, you have to have a dial-up connection to the net, then you need to be willing to suffer an increased phone bill, the cost of downloading all those large pictures, and lastly, you need some way of viewing these pictures in a high resolution, true colour display. It is extremely unlikely, perhaps even impossible, to see anyone coming across this material accidentally, much less so than traditional pornographic materials in this country, namely newspapers, magazines or videos.
It seems that the national tabloid press *in this country is scare mongering and pandering to the David Alton's of fhis world who would like to 'protect' us from the vaguest dangers. Censorship is not the answer in my opinion, but education. Bring information to people, not propaganda and dogma.
Reading back over the last paragraph. I sound like a raving nutter, but it’s because I am passionate about protecting our rights to'self-censorship.
Personally. I have no interest in the newsgroups mentioned, but there are people who do. It doesn’t bother me that this is what they are interested in and in my opinion, nor should it interest the government.
Adam Savant. Ealing It seems like you have made quite a study ol this subject Adam. I agree with you about the national media, but I think the topic is much further ranging than you give it credit for. There is definitely some material floating around the newsgroups that has serious repercussions in the real world.
Take Jake Baker as an example. He wrote a sadistic story about one of his fellow students and is now being prosecuted. There are people saying that this was a representation of his mindset, and there are those Who say it was merely fantasy and harmless. Either way, it will mean a greater concentration of Interest In the sex-related aspects of the Internet. Whether this leads to outright censorship remains to be seen, but the upshot is that there are people in power who are looking very closely at the topic.
I think you are right when you say that education is the way forward, but that would require a political party in power that was willing to look past the next general election and concentrate on a time maybe 20 years in the future.
Amiga Computing V Iimmaa Printer problems been offered an A2320 flicker fixer from an A2000 but a friend said that it wouldn't work properly In my a4qoo.
David Style, Northampton You are In luck, David. Power Computing's are producing an AGA flicker fixer which we will be reviewing very soon.
Alternative!, you could use the .. A2320 flicker fixer, but you wouldn't be able to see any HAM8 screens on it.
I have just bought a Canon BJ-C4000 to go with my 6Mb Amiga 1200. But am pretty disappointed with the results I am getting from the standard Work-bench printer drivers What am I doing wrong?
Sieve Jones. Walthamstow You orobably aren't doing anything wrong as it goes Steve, but are you using cheap photocopier paper? It's fine for test prints, but you should really get some proper inkjet paper for the best results.
The other thing to get would be Wolf Faust's Studio II printer sys tem. This gives the best possible quality output for nearly all printer types and does so by bypassing Workbench's rather crude printer.device and replacing it with true 24-bit output. Studio II is available from JAM on (01895) 274449.
I know that Commodore has disappeared, but do you think the CD1200 will be high on whoever takes over Commodore's list of things to do? I do want to buy a CD-ROM for my A1200, but would rather have Commodore's own model rather than some third-party CD-ROM that probably won’t be compatible with my Amiga.
Also. I keep seeing CD-ROMs on the cover of various PC magazines and was wondering if I could use anything from them as they are usually a lot cheaper than the Amiga CD magazines.
Alan Barton. Chelmsford I think you would probably be better off just going for the excellent Squirrel SCSI interface and an external CD-ROM drive with Amiga CD32 emulator rather than wait for Commodore to be resurrected.
The tests we have run on third-party CD-ROM drives have proved to be fairly successful in the main when It comes to running CD32 software.
The only problem lies in the fact that most CD32 programmers don't bother to check the hardware they are going to be running on so there might be Watching the BBC TV program 'Bug', I noticed they seem to be using 1084 monitors for an awful lot of screens, but there seem to be Pcs controlling them. Does this mean they are using Amigas for the production of the graphics or are there Pcs that can use the 1084?
Julia Smith, Oldham What quite often happens is that the production company want the machines producing the graphics to look like Pcs, so they put a PC on the desk with its keyboard, mouse, etc., but under the desk there will be an Amiga pumping out the graphics.
The reason for this is that the Amiga can put out a video signal at the same speed as the video camera reads it In, so you don't get any of the deeply ugly horizontal bands crossing the screen that you so often see when actual Pcs are shown on television.
[D-ROIA or bust * memory conflicts, but this Is down to the individual programmers and I'm sure that now there are several CD32 emulations available, they will be working on these aspects of their craft a little more from now on, As to the usefulness of PC CD CoverDisks, you should be able to get some stuff off them with no trouble. If you want to go to the bother of setting it up, you could run Xanim to show quicktime and AVI movies from the disk (or TAPAVI if you were lucky enough to own a Picasso graphics card), and there are datatypes aplenty for the support of pictures like .BMP, .PCX
and Jpeg, and sound samples In various different formats including .WAV, .VOC and MacSound.
These are all available on the Aminet and if yOU get a CD-ROM drive you can save yourself an enormous phone bill by buying the Aminet CD Set 1 which contains practically every single file ever uploaded to the Aminet. You obviously won't be able to run any of the programs directly on your Amiga, but you could try PCTask 3.1 which is a software-based PC emulator, but be prepared for it to be very slow.
I recently acquired an A500 upgraded to 1Mb.
As a complete beginner with computers and trying to leam BASIC. I was very pleased to see Easy Amos on the CoverDisks of the Christmas '94 edition (issue 81). My first disappointment was getting a 'Sold Out' letter in reply to my order for the user's manual, as it had been described as ‘Vital to get past the basics."
I partly accepted the fact that this might be the case as we are two months behind you in getting the magazine. I tried a different approach by contacting a relative in the UK to get me the full program, but she was told that the program was obsolete, and that she had no chance of getting a copy. Europress told her the same story.
The question I would liko answered is; Why is a CoverDisk advertised with such glowing terms and all the time, after buying your magazine on the strength of it. Is obsolete so I cannot follow through with what is obviously agood language?
M Fjacquemin, Kelmscott, Western Australia Firstly, I would like to say that Easy AMOS hasn't been made obsolete by manual ujobs Rmslrad Amiga I’ve just seen an offer to get an Amstrad NC100 at what seems a very reasonable price. It would be ideal for me to sit on the train writing my correspondence then download it to my Amiga for final preparation and output. Can you tell me if this is possible, and if so. How?
Simon Robertson, Dulwich First off, Simon, see if the place that’s letting these NC100s go cheap have any NC2Q0S for sale. The NC200 has a standard high density 3.5” floppy drive that will format high or double-density PC format disks which can then be used with your Amiga, provided you are either running Workbench 2.1 or higher, or have a copy of CrossDos, MessyDos or DOS2DOS.
If they don’t have any NC200s you can still use the NC100 with your Amiga, but the process is a bit trickier because it works via the serial port of your computer. Either way, they make a great (and inexpensive) alternative to PC-compatible laptops, and the word processor on the NC100 and NC200 is none other than a version of that Amiga favourite. Protext.
Get writing!
In the last survey more than half of you said that you wanted more of the letters pages. That's fine, as long as you readers increase your output too.
Send us your letters by the sack full and we will be only too pleased to bump up the number of pages devoted to letters.
Another program. It is still just as useful and powerful now as the day it was released. Having said that, it is no longer sold, and unfortunately, as has been said In the letters pages before, Europress ran out of the manuals very swiftly, and won't be printing | any more.
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ROM Filled with over 3.800 images of beautiful women posing in
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I BARGAIN CD32 TITLES Pintull Fantasies Sleepwalker £9; Alien Breed S.E. Quak £16 90; Chaos Engine £8; Bubba & Stix £11; Cannon Fodder £12; Premier £7.50: Manchester Utd Lid Soccer £10. Banshee £10; Skeleton iKrew £18; Castle* II £9; Dragonstonc £19; Fly Harder £9; Morph £625. Kid Chaos £9. Arcade Poof £9.99. Lost Viking* £9, Chuck Rock I £6.25; Out to Lunch £9. Chuck Rock II £7.50; Overkill £9; Tower Assault £18: Dark seed £ to, Super Stardust £18; Total Carnage £6.25. Diggers £8; Covergirl Sinp Poker (K B real £9, This is Just 8 small part of what we really base. Gel our catalogue to see
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ARjRV" •! Rtt&rcteo??ri j:a i.- mr ', . ¦ ILVfbm.A-k ¦ j' tv Mw«»*«. y
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!kJ rr*AJ '¦ -. JM f Jl “ ¦ V Hccma« enhanced mocte and It.
RevctbOcrwr, pv 6 ;sw. ii.- .)tlry lasomtn.;. 'jr i v..r.
nndswiy ncfi ti jM1 iW nQP ¦ jn ¦Tjl*®Wrru tasar-f? -J ¦ a
Pfc.- vf ire -v.cn ri t* !«b ¦ t : rnj rt.xi*»¦' it. RP*;,‘ _ ¦
, l .*•.-.«•* , rocfr**; aka* *V tot MoistlTIS X K- VS.
• rXU-AY (mill m J conpo* ,irr™tcrfci Jgf 4 can twafeo computed
nary (9 the -t-Klen q fnykt; jjf* ' C *}i MandclTour: £30 (t
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- i| ..I '¦*.§ .8. grg 1 RB BBWWMHWRitO sarepns Iris V nordJ .1
PCMCIA per: art] |IKRpmiVi ¦EJBBXaQl
7T"iOtili't»3L HKloriyirA'r.3-U XiCf 1200 Aura AvSJM,'! ¦ •I |
.|-| | -;- I iMfD M ;¦«!•-. - WJ5 ~""S now .n-.m yl
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cr»rptjl». Anl.jiiMlr tTi i uvng Ifval OfWo* is j IRIJi a EpE
P Fl ! II w powedj A n-.- .v 'fc-rtAir. ItWy ff At ' *!:l .*'
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, 1 pr pti compv -»•. • I.-. !'•¦ »T-t*iot I ft «cr 1 ||||ij| 1
‘ 1 1 F-*_r:.rv. .? ..... .... a ¦•. I ir i i. IKW J |J
jjn(uu ‘Vit* axrrrt-xr.1 Al t, urtarriaK : s T n DrtVo*' ytw
co.-n ,rr u.r lie wmn f * Ri j-g- • ~ - .0 1 toi» PfWcrti
y.A*. juljveiTcal-.’ lltnr al 1111 ‘-'ff-nT
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Service HOTLINE (0116) 247 0059 DART Computer Services B| (Dept* AMC), 105 London Rd J LEICESTER LE2 0PF MANY MORE ON THE WAY!
The dispeller of despair, the light at the end pf the darh tunnel. Ves. It's the HtHS pages in time tn saue all gnu anguished Umiga owners in needufhelp Hard case Please can you help me. I would ’ t . Likfl to know if I could nut mv exter- like to know if I could put my external 3.5 Overdrive hard drive into my computer. I know I have to buy a special lead for this and the case would have to be cut.
Will the drive run slower using the internal plug, and are there any other problems I Should know about before I decide what to do?
Would it be better to sell my Overdrive and buy a 2.5 size drive instead - however.
I find these drives are slower and more expensive. I was thinking of using my PCMCIA port for a SCSI CD-Rom. I could plug a hard drive onto the chain but I heard they don't autoboot. Is this true and is there a way of making it autoboot? I would be very grateful if you could answer these questions.
Keith Whitefield. Suffolk AMIGA COMPUTING ADVICE SERVICE and found that on average, a standard internal IDE drive had a transfer rate of about 730k a second. I then tested a 130Mb Quantum SCSI drive connected via the Squirrel and this had a transfer rate of 950k a second. This extra speed is noticeable in use too. Compared to the IDE drive, opening a directory window on the SCSI drive was much faster.
Also, SCSI hard drives are relatively cheap, easy to obtain and the higher the capacities, the faster they seem to go.
Add to this the fact that you can connect up to seven different SCSI devices, such as CD-ROMs, scanners, DAT tapes, tape streamers and many other useful devices, and you realise that the Squirrel is well worth the C70. HiSoft can be reached on 01525 718181.
R highly recommend you sell £ your 3.5 drive and invest In a PCMCIA SCSI interface - the Squirrel SCSI adapter from HiSoft. I have used this device and can confirm that it is quite capable of autobooting, with the manual having a clear step-by-step description on how to set it up properly.
The manual is excellent in general, with clearly written information on connecting and using SCSI devices. HiSoft also have a great technical support department should you have any problems with your product.
I did a few tests to check the speed please s % I have recently bought a 68030 vi accelerator upgrade board from a friend - the board is a DKB 1240 and the CPU on the board is a Shields down time. What is happening and is there some way I can fix this?
S Harvey. Warrington 1 iaeal When you had finished chasing the little piece of plastic, you did replace the metal cover of the motherboard didn't you? This metal casing is vital to keep stray electronic signals under control. There is a temptation to leave this shielding off for easy access should the need arise.
It sounds like your A1200 is being affected by such stray signals and you should ensure that the casing has been completely replaced.
Recently, after fitting an IDE internal hard drive to my A1200. I have been getting strange linos flashing on my screen These appear as horizontal streaks which flash rapidly and gradually become worse.
Things are OK for about five minutes after first turning on my A1200. But I eventually have to switch my A1200 off and reboot. During the fitting of my drive, I realised there was something rattling inside the motherboard casing so I removed the metal casing and discovered a piece of (non-conductive thank God) plastic.
I did touch a couple of chips dunng the removal of it but was wearing an anti-static wrist strap at the C Don't worry about asking ques- jp tions in this magazine, no matter how obvious you may think they are. We all started out as beginners and only graduate further by asking such questions.
As for viruses, bah, a pox on all virus programmers, that's what I say.
They should all be rounded up and have their Amigas replaced with a ZX81.
You are right in assuming that a virus ‘sticks' to a disk and Is not destroyed- This is because it is simply written to the disk, usually in the boot sector, and stays there unless it is erased with a virus killer program. It will therefore remain on the disk and will re-infect your Amiga, and other disks, if it is inserted.
Commercial software companies check their software for viruses prior to sending their master disks off for duplication. It is generally down to the user to ensure that infected disks are not placed Into the machine.
To safeguard against viruses, take heed of the following:
1. Always write protect your disks, particularly commercial
software such as games. Most commercial software seems to come
write enabled these days, even though data will not have to be
written to the disks. Only remove write protection if you need
to write to the disk or if you are instructed to do so by a
2. Always check new disks, especially those given to you by
3. Make sure you run an up-to-date Virus Checker program, for
instance, John Veldthuis' Virus Checker, which is currently at
v6.52. This should be available almost anywhere including the
Aminet, BBSs and Public Domain libraries.
Some (hopefully not too obvious) questions about something I have heard much about - viruses.
Am I right in assuming that all viruses stick to a disk which is infected and are not destroyed if the computer is switched off for a while and the infected disk loaded again?
If they are as widespread as I think, how come commercial companies have not researched anti-virus techniques they can put on their disks to stop a virus from getting on it in the first place?
I am sorry if you are asked these questions all the time from beginners such as I. I have asked my grandchildren but they are into these consoles and haven't got a due what I am talking about.
C Burley. Dronfietd, Sheffield As a pensioner and new to the
f. J Amiga 1200, I would like to ask Uiru5 info Amiga Computing
49 'i= v Do you have a problem? Do you sometimes A find
yourself poised over your Amiga
• with axe in hand, spouting profanity at the stubborn refusal
of your Amiga software or hardware to behave properly?
Upgrade angst Wel1- ca*m down ar d swap the axe for pen and paper, jot down your problems, along with a thorough description of your Amiga setup, and send it off to Amiga Computing Advice Service. IDG Media. Media House. Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Firm questions?
68EC030. I understand that this chip does not have the Memory Management Unit feature of a full-blown 68030.
Can I simply buy a full 68030 chip and replace the 68EC030 on my board so that I can have MMU capability? I need this as I have a virtual memory utility which requires a CPU with MMU.
M Hardy, Liverpool rlf only life was so simple.
V Unfortunately, MMU features are Vf not merely provided by the CPU.
The actual upgrade board requires specific MMU circuitry too. You will therefore have to buy a completely new board if you want MMU capability. What a drag huh?
Internet aduire Please help; I am getting conflicting iO .J advice! I own an Amiga 500 with Vi 1 Mb RAM: and Workbench 1.3. and I want to access the Internet. One bit of advice states that I can use Workbench 1.3, but I will also need a hard drive, the other states I need Workbench 2.04 minimum, but no hard drive, although it would be preferable.
Who, if anyone, is correct. I need to know before I start spending money.
DGWGriffith. Cheltenham According to Demon Internet Services, the minimum requirement for AmigaNOS is actually Workbench 1.3, but they don’t Did i|ou sag moaeq I have an A5QQ+ with 2Mb RAM
(f) -J ancl a Citizen 224 colour printer, v ' Could you please
tell me a good.
Cheap way of upgrading my A500+ to an A1200 or A4000? If there is no way of doing this. I will probably get a secondhand PC.
Kieran Madden. Welwyn Garden City There is only one way of upgrading any machine to an A1200 or A4000, and that is to ‘IH recommend it. They also say that a hard drive is an absolute necessity, along with Arexx, and you really need more than 1Mb of memory.
To be honest with you, your best bet would be to try and find someone you wants an Amiga for playing games on, and sell your machine to them. Replace it with an A1200 with a hard drive and not only will you gain Arexx, Workbench compatibility and the necessary hard drive, you will also have a machine with more colours, more memory and greater speed.
Bookworm yg am a dedicated Amiga user (not a game player) and am looking for Amiga books, but seemingly without success. Most shops seem to stock endless PC books, so could you help me with a list?
I. Ward. Cleethorpes 0Your best bet to getting j Amiga
instruction books lies ' In Mail Order. Here are the numbers
for Bruce Smith Books, who produce an awful lot of Amiga
books, and for Computer Manuals, who are one of the biggest
distributors of computer manuals.
Bruce Smith Books; 01992 694355 Computer Manuals: 0121 706 6000 sell your current system and buy one.
You should be able to find a secondhand A1200 for around £300 with no great trouble. 4000s are more expensive and also harder to come by, but easier to expand in the long run.
I doubt you would get a comparable PC, even second-hand, for £300. By the way, if you do choose to stick with the Amiga, your Citizen printer will still be perfectly compatible to whichever Amiga you decide to get.
Sample seekers I have an Amiga 500+ and want ir) J *o know more about sound
- v samplers:
1. What is a sound sampler?
2. Can I plug a microphone into one and record speech?
3. Can I take recordings from a tape recorder and play them in?
4. Can you use the samples with a Sound Tracker?
5. What is a Sound Jammer?
6. I've got a budget of £30. Which is the best for my money?
Cohn Knowles (Age 11), Tring ff You’ve come to the right place, Colin. Here are the definitive answers to your questions:
1. A sound sampler is a device that accepts input from an
analogue playback system, like a tape machine or CD player,
and slices it up so finely that it can be represented
digitally on your computer.
2. , 3. & 4. Yes, yes. Yes!
5. 1 give up, what is it?
6. The best sampler for £30 or less is probably TechnoSound Turbo
2, but if you can save up a bit longer, a much better buy
would be GVP’s DSS8, which is available from Silica who can be
contacted on 0171-580 4000.
I was wondenng if you or any of your read- ers could help me find some programs I Vi was looking for:
1. I am trying to locate a program called Mul - Magic User
2. Any program that can convert IMG Clip Art to standard IFF
3. A program that will help me make anim files from collections
of IFF pictures. I have tried MakeAnim but could not get it to
work as it kept crashing .my machine - I may have a faulty
All the programs must run on my system which consists of an A500+. 4Mb RAM, 40Mb hard drive and A570 CD-ROM.
David tlhott, Lincoln Well. David, my answer to the first and f’ last questions is the same - get hold
* of a copy of the Aminet5 CD-ROM. This contains MUI23usr.lha (in
the dev gui directory) which is the latest version of the Magic
User Interface, along with a host of programs that use Mul.
It also contains MainActoM 55.lha (in the gfx edit directory).
MainActor is possibly one of the best animation editing packages ever, and it’s shareware.
Now, as to your second question about IMG clip art, it's possible there is something on the very same Aminet CD. But I haven't been able to verify It. However, Wordworth 3 and PageStream 2 both support the importation of IMG clips, and if you are really stuck for something to convert them to IFF, you could always screen grab Wordworth or PageStream's screen once you have imported a clip. Not an ideal solution, I agree.
Amiga Computing Serious artists can't afford not to make this masterpiece part of their production studio. And, unlike some classic artworks, this PICASSO will appeal to all tastes. Up to 16 million colors on a frameless canvas with an amazing 1600 * 1280 resolution.
PICASSO ll-RTG and Amigas with zorro-bus form the perfect match for VGA and Multiscan monitors. Even supports multiple program environments.
Bliflersoft • 6 Drakes Mew • Downhill • Mihon Keynes • Buckinghamshire • VK3 OH Order Line +44 fOj i 901? % i 4 -66 Wellweg 95 D- 31157 Sarsledl Germony f -10 technical Hotline 40 Mailbox Queries lechnicol fri] i 905 % i 4-77 Fax +44 (0) 1903 26 -88 BBS +44(0) 19082614- PWUISOII HTG A iaOne Uana PaMo MainAciw am tiadwnafKs ol Wlago TioflK Deal** njunM mttxtrm M are Sugvosiod U K ftturi Prc* Dealer pnces may vary (cl 1995 Vilage Tronic AH ngftt rtnanvi PD and SHAREWARE Daue (usitk once more wanders through the wallet-friendly world of PO and shareware ?hQ Admittedly. I rave every issue about
the high quality of submissions. But this really has been a bumper month for Public Sector. Not only have dozens of disks arrived, but plenty of them are thoroughly deserving of review and unfortunately they simply cannot all be squeezed in. If you have sent something in recently but it's not yet been featured, please be patient because it may still make an appearance. Meanwhile, without further ado let's take a look at the cream of this month s PD crop... H-FilB5 Guide Produced by: Various Available from: OnLine PD Disk No. 0113 It's official: the cult TV senes of the moment is no longer
'Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ That's been succeeded by ‘The X-Files' which regularly attracted around eight million viewers on BBC2 when the first series was shown earlier this year.
Iraili (tot •aMtia a if* Ml", to Mt Mil Ito MfllMIM mill.to! To «• Ml l «f ::8£.‘£S GAME of the month Fears E HCR Produced by: Bomb Software Available from: SadENESS PD A year or two ago a bunch of us were round at a friend's house. It was about two or three in the morning, everybody had consumed the contents of a fair few cans, and one of our number was soundly sleeping off the consequences Of doing so. All at once, our host led us to his over-priced, underpowered 386.
After a mildly entertaining 15 minutes speaking backwards into his sound sampler and then reversing it to see if the The growing number of X-Philes are making their presence felt and the second series, currently being screened on satellite TV. Is scheduled to hit terrestrial telly some time this autumn.
If you're one of the 50 million people on this fair isle who are as yet unaffected by the series and you’re feeling a little left out of certain conversations as a result, here’s the opportunity to brush up on your background knowledge and astound your sci-fi loving chums. This disk contains a selection of text files that some enterprising soul has downloaded from an on-line X-Files site.
Included are episode guides for the first series and some of the second series, FAQs (answers to Frequently Asked Questions), background on the characters, and other information that will make X- Philes' eyes bulge. The question is, how long can you hold out before you too become one?
Birthdate Mm Programmed by: John L Devoy Available from: OnLine PD .
Disk No. OU98 On the day I was bom. The Chinese city of Tangshan was devastated by an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale. A pint of beer cost about 33p, Gerald Ford was President of the United States, and John Lennon celebrated his 36th birthday.
This stream of facts, which is beginning to sound like a ‘Going For Gold' tie-breaking question (only rather more difficult, obviously), is courtesy of the tremendously informative Birthdate program.
Simply type in your date of birth and you will presented with a whole host of facts including newspaper headlines from that day, celebrities who share your birthday, popular films and songs of the time, world leaders, the cost of living, the results of the year’s major sporting events... in fact, all message was comprehensible, we were persuaded to take a look at PC flavour of the month. Doom. And much though I hate to admit it. I was quite impressed.
Since then, plenty of brave programmers have attempted to emulate on the Amiga the wonderfully smooth texture-mapped graphics, wholesome sound effects, and iiMwn 11 99t ft
- - n««-i ~o
• .r Dla a I Ian baaotla thing manner of fascinating details. An
astrological profile is also presented which, in the cases of
the people whose birthdays I tried out. Spookily seems to be
pretty accurate.
All this information can be printed out If desired so you can generate birthdate fact- files for family, friends, close neighbours and innocent unsuspecting houseguests.
This is certainly an excellent idea which has been well thought out and implemented. And as a consequence, Birthdate is ’ sure to prove extremely popular.
By sending a £6 registration fee to the author, you can also own a fully functional version of Bmaster, a configuration program which allows you to tweak the Birthdate output to your heart's content.
Are highly addictive walky-blasty gameplay.
’ of | Unfortunately, much to the delight of PC- ate owning friends, few such efforts have been up to the high standards of the original, ers Now. At last, that situation has changed, iga Fears 2 is technically stunning and thor- ied oughly enjoyable to play. Admittedly, this is ind a game of mindless violence which looks like becoming the new generation of games super-consoles as Streetfighter 2 was to the SNES. But don't let that put you off. Because Doom was a hugely superior product and Fears 2 is a faithful reconstruction. This is the best Amiga game for some time, and it should cer
tainly be a part of everybody's collection.
Speak to me... ...if you have any program, whatever its purpose, which you consider worthy of review. Whether it will be freely distributable public domain, shareware or licenceware. If you feel it's of sufficient quality to merit coverage then stick it in a jiffy bag or padded envelope and send it in with all haste. I promise I'll at least look at your work. Please clearly label the disk, and include a cover letter supplying a description of the disk contents, price and some basic instructions. The address to send the disks to is: Dave Cusick PD submissions Amiga Computing Media House
Adlington Park Macclesfield SK10 4NP Bartender Programmed by: Mike Nelson Available from: 17 Bit Software Disk No. F1-074 Bartenders in cocktail bars are immensely annoying people. They possess the ability to remember scores of complex recipes, juggle glasses and cocktail shakers without ever dropping them or spilling their contents. And create two cocktails simultaneously while also coming up with exactly the right change from that tenner you gave them.
Now you have the opportunity to imitate them with this database of 1000 recipes, although ft's probably still not a good idea to go straight into all the flash shaker- throwing routines. Included with such favourites as the Bloody Mary, the Screwdriver and the Harvey Wallbanger are more obscure offerings such as the Presbyterian, the Dixie Stinger and the Shamrock.
All sorts of ingredients are involved, but there are no fewer than 18 recipes based The ItchM and ScratchM Show *2 and soundtrack, with cheesy title music ('It's the Itchy and Scratchy show' sung In chipmunk-like voices), silly sound effects and suchlike combining to produce a top-quality cartoon.
The only problem is that the animations are both pretty short, lasting only about 20 or 30 seconds before looping. Fortunately. I’m a firm believer in quality rather than quantity and can certainly forgive this, because these are two excellent little cartoons. They are humourous, polished animations which come highly recommended.
Programmed by: Chrome Australia Available from: On-Line PD The first of these two very professional cat and mouse mini-eartoons is entitled 'Kitty-Kitty Bang-Bang'. And sees the two loveable beasties battling at a bowling alley. The second, the charmingly titled ‘Germs of Endearment', sees the cat coming to the mouse to have his tonsils removed, with a similarly comical outcome. The bright graphics are excellently drawn and the animated antics are accompanied by a superb An ch, tys tty t if ict- jrs ich 3n- is [he nal on he on bourbon. 16 based on rum and 21 based on brandy. The recipe list
can be scrolled through or the first few letters of the desired cocktail can be keyed into the text gadget and the program will locate it.
Each recipe includes a quantative ingredients list and mixing instructions, and can be pnnted out for convenience.
As the author points out, your liver might not thank you for getting hold of this disk, but I reckon a few of your friends might.
Amiga Assistant Programmed by: John Gumming Available from: F1 Licenceware Disk No. F1-074 Workbench I wish there had been programs like Amiga Assistant around when I had just bought my machine. I'd made the switch from an Atari ST and the intricacies of Workbench baffled me totally - the standard Commodore guide being about as much use as a bicyde would be to a fish.
On offer here through the simple graphical interface is the total demystification of every aspect of Amiga ownership.
Information on the various machines, a brief guide to using Workbench, how to create and use icons, the usefulness of scripts, information on monitors and ?
Amiga Computing 53 Ill GCSE maths [Ham Papers Produced by: Thanh Quan Available from; Freestyle PD For thousands of schoolchildren across the country, May and June will be very traumatic months. By the time you read this, it will be too late for them to do anything but worry about mistakes they know they made and questions they have since realised the answers to.
It might not have been such an ordeal for them had they realised this little beauty was out there waiting for an opportunity to improve their grade. Questions from a past paper, or from six of them if you pay the registration fee to the author, are put to the student and if necessary gentle hints are given so that the correct answer is reached.
This is an extremely friendly and useful piece of software which oozes professionalism throughout. This is partly due to the attractive and intuitive interface which makes the program a pleasure to use. It's clear time has been spent on the design so that rather than struggling against the interface, the student can simpty get on with tackling the exam questions. It might be too late for the current Year 11 pupils, but worried Year 10 students or their parents might want to get hold of this now in preparation for the 1996 exams. As Thanh Quan says, a little time invested m study will return
immeasurable rewards.
That will have you smiling. Among the more off-beat inclusions are amusing insurance claims (I collided with a stationary truck coming the other way), exam answers (Three kinds of blood vessels are arteries, veins and caterpillars), and an imaginary application form for a Polish motorcycle club. There's also a lot of other pretty funny stuff which couldn't really be printed in a respectable family publication such as Amiga Computing, and to be honest not everybody will find the contents of this disk to their liking.
Being compiled in Australia and featuring a lot of American material, it can also seem slightly alien at times, although this isn’t really a major problem. If you’re easily offended then please beware, otherwise you may find something here to raise a chuckle.
Find the answer luithin... Comedy computer definitions from the Jokes Disk 17 Bit Software 1st Floor Off ices,2 8 Market Street, Wakefield. West Yorkshire WF1 1DH Tel: 01924 366982 F1 Licenceware 31 Wellington Road. Exeter. Devon EX2 9DU Tel: 01392 493580 Freestyle PD 108 Woodside Way. Short Heath.
Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 5NH Tel: 01922 710985 David Hill 165 Owen Avenue. The Murray. East Kilbride G75 9AO OnLine PD 1 The Cloisters. Halsall Lane. Formby.
Liverpool L37 3PX Tel: 01704 834335 (75p per disk + 75p P&P) SadENESS PD 13 Russell Terrace. Mundesley.
Norfolk NR11 8LJ Tel: 01263 722169 Roberta Smith DTP 190 Falloden Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb. London NW11 6JE Tel: 0181 455 1626 (90p per disk + 50p P&P) Paul Thompson 7 Queens Road. Formby. Merseyside L37 2HF Please stale OS version when ordering) Mnr • II n* bfc't the program. He’s also added other handy features such as on-line AmigaGuide help. As a result, TurboCat and the accompanying TurboView record searching program are considerable improvements on the previous versions, and I can definitely recommend them. Roberta Smith DTP have a PD demo of the program, and registered Shareware
version costs £5 from the author.
Printers..- the list goes on and on. For those baffled by buzzwords like multimedia and abbreviations such as ECS. Rise and Jpeg, there’s also an invaluable jargon-buster which explains things simply and effectively.
A quick half hour with this and even the most daunted newcomer will know roughly what's going on. What’s more, the program can print out text so you can have it on hand when required. This is the sort of disk that should be bundled with every new Amiga.
Jokg Dish Produced by: Leejan Enterprises Available from:17 Bit Software Disk No. 3649 Wahey. It’s 877k of good, not-so-clean fun covering a multitude of topics as diverse as programmers, religion, telephones, electronic sex, and getting old. Limericks, one-liners, and lengthy stories are all here- Don’t, expect them all to be in good taste though; there are some pretty sick jokes among them and unfortunately a fair few racist ones too - a good deal of them in one 25k file called One-Liners that will offend practically everybody at some point. But elsewhere on the disk there are also some
very dever bits J Ir'CiiJ':* iPHttr zrSetottt ptramr ata om la t*» m*.
Itfllliw «u If tajVM If WfH M Mlndt trrfrt.
I l.itun iff 'lS If lb »Mt*| ImllH'.
5'P is ¦VfrtJW OTOT »• lb wmIim mart .1 lb Vt.llfll Ml IsilfM Kb.
I ll| Will.
Haunted Di| Vou Over the last few months, a number of programs reviewed fairly recently have been updated. Since space is limited, rather than go through them all again in detail, I thought something of a round-up would be in order.
Firstly, Backdoor v6.66 is the very latest edition of the popular guide to game cheats, and covers absolutely zillions of the things. If you're stuck on level 15 of Alien Herrings From Venus and can’t face life any more because of it. Then ring OnLine PD now and get hold of your copy.
Next up, Titanic II. Author Paul Thompson has ironed out a few minor bugs and added several whole new sections to this informative look at the famous ship and its ill-fated maiden voyage. Along with a whole host of new text and pictures, there's also a 50- question multiple choice quiz. It’s available from him for £4.99, or £2.49 for owners of the first version who send in their disk.
Finally, version 2.0 of disk catalogue program, TurboCat. Author David Hill sent a nice letter shortly after the previous version was reviewed, explaining that he's addressed every single criticism I made of PD and SHAREWARE
• WlNtllM »tiKwilfw, i In
• EHHS*- Amiga Computing ? DISK expander £** * t» aval **
¦i iuvctuo»* w* w (rtefgraHO’M* - l r code J T5-2 COPY THAT
FLOPPY Ofdfocodo CPY5-2 ? CENTREFOLD SQUARES A great game for
PURCHASE OVER £25.00 ? AMIGA POWER TOOLS nr* ooIkhot of tool*
t« Wotkfiawh 213. Include Memot* tool*, VkwMttf. & graphic*
Wa, tut edNor and loede more. Oo» code CLASSICS 2 no MUM.
Paeman. Frogg !.
j*v CenOpeO* Mrvsli Co'™'*
* Code ARC5-2___ QARCADE me* on your Amage - O*6*1 class*
SpertfUin games.
Order code: SPE5-3 ? GRAPHICS CONVERTERS The complete graphics menlpulaUon package lor Workbench 2 A 3 machines Order code GFCS-2 ?hard disk tools An ee sandal purchase lor Hard or** u*ers Includes MO Backup. Satve. Mm aytfam and mora Order coat HOTS-2 ?CATALOG SYSTEM Tht ccrrpwe celF no system for Disks games CD a. video ale CodeCTG6-3 ?WORD FINDER PRO.
The a the moei powerful! Word eeerch Crase word Kwwsvdtatto Over 56.000 word dctnnwy. And you a*nft'Myw' °""v code WFPM ? STARTREK TNG A superb new WotWwxn enhancer M that turn* yot* Workbench into a virtual bridge ENGAGE! Include* Umptee.
Tt 04», end m*9» Order code TNGS-2 Main Order Hotline Victoria Centre.
138 Victoria Rd. Swindon. Wilts.
SN1 3BU. UK 017934$ n II Order Hotline. _ _ __ %i 01793 514188 ORDER VALUE Please send me Postage & Packing Amount enclosed Amiga Model :_ Payment Method_ Credit card number__ Exp date_ ALL TITLES ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AMIGA S UNLESS STATED.
PRIORITY ORDER FORM Name _ Address_ OVERSEAS ORDERS Ovarteai ordars ara welcome, but there « a mtnt- num order Ol 3 tlBes. And please add C1 00 per Hem COUECTftQ YOUR ORDER You an wataonw lo ociact your anlar tram any ttmt between 0:30am • 5 30pm Monday - Saturday.
ORDERING BY POST SnfV tend ut your wdar. Lieng the iiemt you raqufo, ne »ta! Ml «nfl yp " famo & aas-wa wiih payment etlher by cheque or Postal Order ORDERING OVER TNE PHONE Call any tma botwoon 9:30 ASM Monday - Saturday wiih ywr Crwan card details and the aama you would Ike to order POSTAGE i PACKING UK t Manand. Add a total of juM 50p VrYMW Ple«e add Cl 00 per Me LICENCED SOFTWARE Moo titles sdrtvtised here are Lcenced exduaneiy ao us and to are not availabla from other software outlets CONDITIONS OF SALE Goods are not soft) on a trial basts EAOE.
Your uatatoiy nghta are not atlected TECHNICAL SUPPORT Win a daocatad Tactintcal supports tne we offar 30 days tree techneat support to an oix cuatomars on al our soft- SATBFACTION GUARANTEED Yya now navi a powwtii new order pnjoeeamg system which ensures the! Over 00% ol order* are processed wiih- nAShourt And with over 80.000 satrsfed customer* you can ea tura ol» good wmca and tail datoary PflODVCT KNOWLEDGE
• Mima Knowledges* stall to asadt you
BD-ROM...CD-Mi...CD-ROM...C'Mtlffl,..tD-ROM...GI)‘}it)l' J..JD-ROM...llII-Bt)!Wv,
.CD-ROM... 51 Aminet 6 Aaaa CD 6. CtnM kne 199 J canton ol
appfttMf*Ot**r grgobytm of writ-ore n J600 anhraa* Stccn A.
reteua ef Annot CD 5 more riov 540 MO new wAwane ka oppeored TW
mM ednon tel o *peoaJ local on dowot avexo Hat 1800 iMV.il b«
tend wore orlyduri Unt hiAfdy otWM «*wo not* *- W CD 6 a
pko*iaa 0 mo CI4.95
* ••••••••••••••••• Aminet Set 1 Anno* 1 ton .odd I krgM
cofUrto. Of heoly c-anbutofcie Amgo tabworo Up to 10000 uwrv
ocean ten tail arahiaov nwr ddy and cOtnlteii fyeoreattan
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mrtnctad to traemaionci •otwcri n*l Wdti AiwtlSol com.yvrg cf 4
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which a doted larnoty 109S.
Jwt BA oWvrel nuihoutltf* 'Muroif oI lopuduo Steiiuwgiu A
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Modi teiHMsm Deaoiopar Motertof H content approtMncmty 4
“ftwtxa * 12 500 arckmv 0*d you
* «l erjoy Ik ccrrfcrtobu a** irteifocu £39,93 CD-Write Wsodll
Voo «fl cant wide to (on C0%» CMOMi teo long boon on evwnlad
port of Amga conputng Mony .m dteody own o CDIOM tow*. And do
nueiber J vohmoie parhagei ovolsfcl* Od CO N RC'oaurg Madly
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enobttt yew lo rimtely wtt to CD* »" onWy CD- ROM dnvo from no*
on. Yoe aid* be ofete to onto, delete, and noddy doto on youi
Cdl thu pcadre* » l edge you nto a «•« era and yo. Veil b. able
lo ullre CofOM te-hwfegy to IK tebfl £44 93 CDBoot 1.0 CdtOO* 9
faniouto now predict liar mobtet yoe to am efieort any CD32
gonoi on cn A1200 or A4000 1-lA AT- or SCSICD ROM dmw Old tny
lAeryetom) Vov con create o corkgwaian Ua ter each CD. MAWting
"loinotot on l*to ioypod etroUUM Tom pn ofya u«e Ae tegkvrore
oI aoch CD]? Gone Ike nage and nMfloion of CDBool n miy eocy.
Aim lor begirrma due to Ike Mlilnl trglnk narwol Smce 4to
ccnpokUlv o mry kgk y6* tan um 98% oI C03Z panti CenuMl*
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Ute woifd Ike to ewei An -odd at C032 gan.il 04 9s
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rim CD |eoeh ootoonng of ip te 8 drikrerd Oylot) Dwy am ilauded
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(16 lomldil. 5ac* Suiil (29 fnmkul, Scrip* IM wl |3* «oniwi|
t*.o*on(l9tonftel|. C 19.95 Gamers1 Delight Ik* CD comprn 40
floirdi lor rin Cemmrdoit Atwgg W ¦***» «g cdtogonei Artmr,
Jump & Rim. Cord Gone*. Puzzlev Sn-rtngy Ganei - u wkoto range
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are rawreiool mtoto no pcAfk daw & no demo*1 Tte* CO eoe bo iun
on any Anigo nlk CDROM dnre.
CDTV m Antga CD32 Caetok n* I Mt U namory and Joy d*Mo*«J 09M LIGHT ROM Ike UGHt ROM CD cortoiee otemd 650 megabyto* ol 30 object*.
¦nofft* aagu epMKn. Tcene time, xdoce aAibttei fcunp IMP* aid U•*.'(! N ff old TMGA huncti DIM* ond Itjtfenie reta tod lea* ilee LIGHT tOM n on anokobte romnco ter kghmom moo and 0* 0 bcnut. Wcbdoc notonol lor Script 30 and imogno umra C4A95 Magic Illusions 30 Storeogram* on you' Krooni A rww. .m-ading ortertonnort i bom Wltewf ipncol Old* o Ikmn dmeAkBAef CoteulKf unj bnov lit otkRd appacn iwdtjuffy on 0 two dit**"l«"9l ditrgdy pot tonrnd pKtoro The (kwan of dopA ten nreody tlmnod nJrau cf pocyte mound Ao aiedd Now yoe con .low Ao Mrocgramt r teme on yoie icmenl AM you rood it on Ik* CD
Btmtlut 700 ItotOO- gum* with toryng dHkiftf, rigm I* icAwam on ike CD, which •« ofclei you to oeoee y *» mtn 3D pktwec C12.9J
• ••• j
• ••• J j it, J
• •• •
• •• Gateway!
Gotewoyl ofkrt NetBSO to. A Ml letfUtod UNI*in opmalng lyUen w«h orii loaraet o-o baonot to. Ae Amga 386 5in 3, ond «te» nrckt.:t.fe* Go neteeeteg will tk* l»ge tuiuctal ol uippiud MfwOtkng leal* Otter **«f»d poctoge* -ctedr o kno.y reloom cf Ao * wndow lyiten (K1IR6) ter Ae AtNgo. Wrtk worry oddkonol client*, o d poekigm took 01 pod. Emot*. Gonot nod progromc oed w*Vy «to»f*i nl mpOdOtr tor Hu* lieth 01 RfCl ond fAOk A conplrt "Itotetcn gude n ovotobk on Ao CD tWe ore olio urn AmgoDOS Irrmnrt alike*, lock ol clnrta for AtaiTCP and Imoy CV 95 Meeting Pearls Vol. II n» Mowing teorii Vtetene
II ccnbAV 630 MR nl the lltotl 10 W*l ¦ore to a ipooal uiei rtorteee trhth ho* bt*n cmotod to olo- you to hnd Ae pragram ol yoir eAorae a* eom Tte cortewt 33 MR ol mtectod tmfyogat - SO Ml gropho pmgrowi o*d data IJ Ml gowm IC MA hem 'Tte IV*y '94' 13 MR d«i tefd M CD40M ond SCSI 109*1 19 MR .o-o.»oAortook ltMRmkca
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Inc Sckwrni 40 MR developer took |e g p- nnoJWd cOApilet (DO.
Obmue, Moddal. Conitodcc*»Hi*rVt OVA Took) 9 MB (TVK pmg-awi 10
Ml nid program 17 MR poim 60 MB tort* lAQl CD e rtorm Ifnv etc
40 MB In in te Anga 100 MR Tel inPufcjtio* (RotTeX kd M dpi
ond lor loUil 38 MJ
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ten A-wgn, C9 9S The Light Works RoyWotg A laxnotng oreo of ik
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Whom denied nbyacn torn A pmgto LiponDy ki ipoce ikge ol temort icitncn tetoon 4te» Oto ated to eJonomliok *o cafmbJMM cf o .Ay*i6£f*g prsgitm Tte obpcti ore kghty dtiofud ate yrtynfy -ao*a» duo to l*w appl.otcn of congioi to*tee a toMm ol Ao -nodeh Unll row H woi dMch to ocqum them obfoctt m onto) to cieoto one* enan icenei or onnoiiene. CJ9.9S The Beauty Of Chaos Duo Mo rim teitoinc .odd ol Ae koctoi goomerry ond male o tolr |C»tnoy through Ae depAl ef A* wnndelbiol Mi Irii CD ndudn W r*attet*W prctwei n Gtf temmt (256 ecfon| m A. mmfw ton II40.8W 1024*768 640*440 prml 20 winded eue cote
prekret ia TP formo* Groph« tiewen lor K Amga end MockioA ((UKUdl CI4 95 RpeshFish 8 Thu Frethfnh CDROM*r M prodvced di'rcty by l"d fwh, pw del Antgo uieri «A kindred* d nwgnfiytoi of ike tern* haely to dii L-jUOm wkwoto Autfiikod opproamaXefy emry Woo eiorrki nock ndafto «oUCD»* (onldrtAJ M- tubtollUOM UIKU the loteu wdm. A* nU1! 01 o* mi Bn»irg *uke"o* o* took. Ifcrorwi dcKonoMMoa ond orito* uiehr natortol ihol a rpdatod mlk »*ery
- ..am 09 95 GoldFish 2 Vcfuno 2 of i*o Gold* A miia* cortatoe o
wine fern ol toWxe. Or.
• Mton* prctoret ond after naknol lefABVWj OH fttofllnk CDROM *
bekreun Ow.fcei 1993 ard e*9ted*«t 1994 w*k moo of A. note ¦ial
updated lo dm loled mofabte vervcrw All mrtedal It mckded «
bolk oKi.-od IbfcSrecdyl end WtoraArmd (madyronn) lormc (»« All
products are available in your local Amiga-shop or through
national mail-order-companies International Distributor: c
Grenville Trading International GmbH Zimmersmvihlenweg 73 61440
Oberursel • Germany Tel +49-6171-85937 Fax +49-6171-8302 Email:
CompuServe 100336,1245 10 0(1
• mi 35 loM-li
• d Ui !«U TooU) )0 100 51 M»
J. . JO i CanDo .8 .8 .6 7 irfupid Ibd and i hrtim I £i s a
follow up to our recent review of !-¦ ¦ CanDo version 3.
Here's an add-on I Br that will become essential to me as 1
my expertise grows with CanDo. CanDebug 1 s. as its name
suggests, a debugging tool for I your CanDo scripts. It
requires version 3 of I CanDo, or better, along with 500k of
hard I dnve space for installation.
CanDebug's forte is to run through the 1 scripts that go to make up a CanDo applica* I oon, testing the integrity of each before pro- I ceeding onto the next. You can keep an eagle I eye on the vanables and arguments that your I application uses, as well as checking on I memory usage. Normally, you won't have a I problem dealing with the more obvious bugs I n your script, and see what is making them 1 tick. Draw, write and show.
One bad thing about CanDebug is I inovatronics’ choice of colour scheme for the I screen that CanDebug uses. For some rea- I son. They decided that a sort of neon peach colour would be really settling for the eyes, especially when the file requester is used.
As it stands, nothing could be further from the truth. It might have made sense to use the same screen palette as CanDo. Or even just the four Workbench colours. After all. It's not as though CanDebug really gains from an eight colour palette - the extra four colours are solely being used to prettify (if you can call it that) the screen.
Other than this fairly minor complaint.
CanDebug does what it says it will, just like the advert for wood varnish, so you won't be disappointed if you maintain large CanDo scripts that have evolved over a long period.
It’s a little overpowered for my current needs, but I'm sure that when I become a power CanDo programmer I will really be thankful for its many abilities. TW Ben Uost looks at an add-on tor (anDo 3 that makes sure nour rode is up to srratrh - Product: CanDebug v1 Company: Inovatronics GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Str. 1, 85716 Untershleissheim, Germany Tel: 0049 89 3173164 Price: DM199 (roughly £75) SVSIEfTl ESSEnilfllS The bottom line Value for money.
Overall_ RED = Essentia BLACK = Recommended Implementation.
Ease of use JOI ArgWatch - shows the arguments in the current line of the script you are debugging. Breakpoints are places in your CanDo application that can be singled out for special attention. This icon brings up a list of all the break points defined for your script and lets you edit them, show them or remove them.
Buffer List - lets you check out information relating to the buffers loaded by your program. Buffers in CanDo can be anything from a sound to a text file.
* • • CmdPerform - lets you try out changes to a program
without actually having to change the script itself. This makes
it easier to try a different setting for a variable to see if
the new version works better, before committing yourself by
changing the script.
OS xdudw U rJ.'
* v* tate* AacntoWi • iop tor: Unfortunately, although this
module has an edit menu with cut. Copy and paste commands, they
are implemented in an even worse fashion than CanDo'S own text
editor. CmdPerform is limited to cutting, copying and pasting
the entire contents of the CmdPerform window only, and doesn't
use the standard Amiga clipboard to do so either.
GrabDeck - is a sort of task watcher which looks for any CanDo applications running on your machine and if they are unbound (not compiled into a standalone application), then you can choose to debug the. Even if they are bound you can still use GrabDeck to shut down CanDo applications.
(anDebug'5 tools One of CanDebug's informative icons is the small stack under the g' in CanDebug. This shows CanDebug's current status and can be In one of several states. Most importantly. This icon lets you know if CanDebug is single stepping a script or letting it run through. It will also let you know when CanDebug is attempting to stop a script (or it is waiting for the end of a particular script.
MemoryWatch - is a chart showing the memory used by your app. It has a cycle gadget to let you move between different scales from 64k to 16Mb and shows not only the amount of memory allocated as a whole to the program, but also the amount actually being used.
ObjectList - shows all the objects contained within your program. Objects may be defined as the buttons, text fields, cycle gadgets and so on that your deck actually uses. The objects shown in the list are further subdivided into ones that are currently ‘attached’ (in use) - shown in white - and those that aren't - shown in black.
ScriptCommon - Is a special case. Because CanDebug's many windows can really clutter up a standard resolution screen. ScriptCommon lets you open just one script window into which every script is piped.
ScriptSkip - lets you define scripts in your application that can be automatically executed at top speed.
ScriptStack - shows the current script in an opened window topped by iconified windows of all the scripts, hence the name of the script.
SystemWatch - gives a general view Of the application being debugged, with specific topics for information like Memory, Graphics, System, etc. VarList - gives you a list of all the variables being used in the deck as they appear and lets you trace them through the scripts as they execute. It tells you the name of the variable as well as its type.
VarWatch - Is the complement to VarList and lets you examine specific variables and add new ones to the list.
Most of these windows are actually separate program modules and as such have their own menus and settings, etc. Most importantly, with most of the modules you can set them to auto refresh, saving you the hassle of having to constantly hit the refresh button in all the windows on the screen.
3mbH y
• BEST SELLERS* SCANNER i RAM BOARDS £20 £33 £20 £15 £399 £199
GASTEJNER EXTERNAL FLOPPY DRIVES £39.95 £116 £246 0Mb £119 2Mb
£189 4Mb £249 8Mb £359 0Mb £189 4Mb £319 8Mb £449 0Mb £109 £99
£169 £179 £229 £429 £799 A S T E I N I PER EDMON R ON, 0 1 8
London,N18 2XA 1-345-6868 T R E E T Double speed technology and
F«l SCSI controller.
Compatible with, any Amiga with a SCSI adaptor (A600 A1200 with Squirrel adaptor) IS09W? Red Book.
Motorised CO loading tray.
C032 Emulation Software.
SCSI thru port for additional SCSI devices 3,5*1D£ 40Mb £50 420Mb £149 120Mb 80Mb £79 540Mb £179 340Mb 120Mb £99 7?OMO £239 s40Mb 240MD £200 1Gb £329 730Mb 340*4b £299 1Gb 810Mb £499 2Gb 1 2 6 F o RE S SPECIAL OFFER 420MB 2235 730MB £319 Bare HD case, Fas no A5W500* Side Expansion port. Nnn A500500* External IDE Hard Dnve unit.
Upgradable to 8Mb Fast Ram The only scanner avatable for Amiga with 2400x2400 dpt with interpolation Fui 24 Bit scanning Ful SCSI-II interlace Includes scanning Software lor Amiga s CompatMe with any Armga'PC Mac with a SCSI card Fast IDE hard drives, 900+Kb'sec. Seek 14ms ave Fast SCSI haid drives. 1200*Kb sec. Seek 9ms ave Slimline 2.573 5* mechanism.
Low powered 2.5' internal A12WA500 IDE drives Formatting and installation software nduded. (for A1200 A600) 800K.'Doublo density Media sizos.
Half height slimline design.
Built m OrvOff switch.
Floppy drwe thru port GASTEINEB QD-ROM_DRIVE ALFA DATA HARD DRIVE A600A1200 DRIVES FREE FITTING 3,5’SCSI 28800bps ITU-T V 34 Data Protocol 14400bps ITU-T V32Bis Fax Protocol Compatible with all Amiga computers All data speeds from 300bps • 28800bps Class 1 ? 2 fax modes 14400bps Fax Data Modem.
28800bps Fax Data Modem.
ALFA DATA MOUSE Industry standard 72 pin sanm upgradeable to 8Mb.
FiU internally * trap door. Unpopulated board Compatible with PCMCIA slot. £49 Upgrade with any FPU Kxe.
Compatible wsh Intemal 88Mb £l89 External £259 105Mb £199 £279 200Mb £299 £379 270Mb £299 £399 Squirrel adaptor £54 Qktagon 4008 £129 400 Dpi resolution.
100% compatible with all Amiga's.
Effortless finger-tip operation with reliable microswitch buttons Simply plug in and go!
Ffla ntematy in trap door A600 iMb Without Clock.
A600 1Mb With Clock.
A500-* 1Mb Without Clock A50O 1.2Mb Without Clock GASTE1NER POWER .FAXMODEM GASTEINEB A1200 RAMCARD GASIE1NEB SYQUEST DRIVES £9.99 £109 £169 r With built-in real-time clock, G u P 30 PIN SIMMS 30 Pin simms. Suitable for A500r’A600 ram cards and third party Ram Accelerator cards.
1Mb £27 2Mb £89 4Mb £109 64 PIN SIMMS 64 Pin simms. Suitable for GVP ram cards and Accelerator cards.
4Mb £199 72 PIN SIMMS 72 Pin simms. Suitable for A4000 A1200 ram cards and Accelerator cards.
1Mb £35 2Mb £69 4Mb £129 8Mb £269 16Mb £399 32Mb £899 ZIP RAM Zip ram. Suitable for A50Q A50Q+ Alfa data hard drives, Qktagon 4Q08 SCSI card and the A3000.
Every 2Mb £100 A1200 ACCELERATOR CARDS Increase your computing power by adding an accelerator card for your A1200.
Viper 6«03Q'28Mhz Viper 68030 28Mhz Viper 68030 28Mhz Viper 68030 28Mhz Viper 6803(V40Mhz Viper 6803Q 40Mhz Viper 68030 40Mhz GVPA123CV40Mhz Delivery Charges Au.P*CS*MCuXX VATSwUL CCMMWSlEt ANO 90TTMUW imaUC4ATV« WU.UC V f44 AlYASE ACO KJM P4P OTMW ITBIS EUSFT Ustm. NflT DAY Coften SCRVCS E10 rw BOX. Ornnont mo H*5*LANoa, iulak CAU run a ouotatior In acoikx m (XHX I « rOUXAWS (inrsi 3tW Cf S SaTUNOA* DCUVSNV MCYNAL BAT* no* CIS rtn 60* Momm. *cxi day nonuu. Mie pi us C16 * « ecu. E40€ PWCCB BUMCf to c«a 4C wrtv«ui won noncrAa thammwks acuhcwleogeo.
MicroVitec 1438 £279 . Micro Viiec 1440 * £399 Philips 0833MK2 £249 TANDEM IDE OQNTRQLLER Ide controller card for A2000-A4000 to drive a Double Triple or Quad speed Mitsumi CD-Rom drive.
Or just another Internal hard drive.
Tandem card £69 Tandem card + Triple Speed CD £169 Tandem card ? Quad Speed CD £199
F. P.U Increase the speed of your machine when adding this Chip
to your accelerator cards. Suitable for Viper Ram cards for
A1200 and for A4000 030 cpu's.
28Mhz £24 33Mhz £39 40Mhz £89 50Mhz £110 QASIE1NER. EXTERNAL SCGLHDCAGL External hard drive case for Gasteiner hard drives.
External caso ? PSU cable £69 DD HD 10 £3 50 £6 50 £15 £25 500 £145 £245 1000 £280 £480 QKTAGQN 4008 SCSI CARD SCSI-II controller card, upgradable to 8Mb zip ram. Ideal for A2000 A4000 range of Amiga's and any SCSI CD- Rom drive.
OKTAGON 4008 card 0Mb £129 PLANK. DISKS d Jj H w j HJ p j j i Ben Uost giues same tips and hints tor polite, trouble-free Internet usage o contains informa TiT»Ini IiiiTl tion that is sensi tive or that you'd rather secret, per haps you should mail it to them at their home account, rather than work or university.
If you are sending important informa tion, trade secrets, or otherwise sensitive material, it is worth remembering that e mail can be very easily faked or forged.
Make sure that what you are getting is actually from the person you expected.
Until e*mail is made more secure, the easiest way of doing this is to give them a telephone call or send them an e-mail confirmation of their request before sending the information itself. In fact, it’s never a good idea to send Uuencoded binaries of enormous size without first checking that the recipient of your generosity is actually going to be happy staying online to download all this information.
The same thing applies with constant referencing. If you have taken part in an e-mail conversation where there are numerous levels of quoting, trim your reply a little. It's highly likely that the other party still has the previous correspondence, so they can always refer back to that if necessary. In general, you only really need to quote direct questions when giving replies, along with pertinent ancillary information. Leave all the earlier stuff out - basically anything you have read more than once.
NO PRIVACY We’ll go onto a related topic now. That of UseNet. Usenet can be treated just like e mail, but on a worldwide basis. Many thousands of people could end up reading what you have written, so it is even more important that you pay attention to what you are saying.
Flame wars can be started by the most trivial things such as poor spelling or what might seem to be perfectly innocent comments. It is vital that you trim quotes when you follow up word oF warning I Do: Take your time and re-read your e-mails before sending them out.
Do: Ignore people who are just blowing off hot air and don't rise to their bait if they continue to taunt you Don't: Send large files without confirming with the recipient that it will be OK to do so.
Don’t: Put information that must be kept absolutely secret in e-mail, unless you have some form of Public Key Encryption.
Do: Help to propagate the helpful attitude that exists on Smileqs and lllls Smileys or emoticons are one way of ensuring that people know how you are feeling when you are typing your ASCII epistle. TLAs are Three Letter Abbreviations (that sometimes have more than three letters) and are a useful shorthand, especially if you are typing online.
Basic smiley BTW By The Way !?)
Big nose smiley IMHO In My Humble Opinion ;-) Wink IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion :* Unhappy L8R Later :-P Raspberry blower ROFL Rolls On Floor Laughing »-) Speccy smiley RTFM Read The F*?@ing Manual ,_i Kiss TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A ;o) Clown Free Lunch :- Angry TTYL Talk To You Later Amiga Computing a thread to prevent bandwidth from being wasted.
You also never know who might be reading the newsgroup you are posting to, so avoid the example set by Jake Baker who wrote a story in one of the alt.sex.* newsgroups and had the idiotic idea of using the name of one his fellow students for the victim of a fairly sick fantasy.
It resulted in Baker being arrested, and now there are deliberations to find out whether Baker’s tale was merely harmless fantasising (he had never even spoken to the girl in question), or whether it was a prelude to an actual physical attack. This is unlikely to happen to most of us, but you could still end up alienating people with careless comments, so be polite.
It’s not all doom and gloom, however.
People tend to be very helpful on the Net, Usenet by offering your advice to people who need it.
Do: Read the manuals before asking questions.
Don’t: Put your questions into more than two or three newsgroups at most. People get fed up with having to read the same item over and over again.
Do: Be aware that others are reading your news.
Do: Have a good time, but spend as little time as possible on-line so that you can still have a good time in three months when the two-volume BT bill gets delivered in a truck.
Giving a plethora of answers to any sensible query. If you want to get an answer to a problem that's been troubling you, I can't think of a better resource, but make sure you have tried all possible solutions first, otherwise not only will you be wasting people's time, you will also be wasting that precious bandwidth. In particular, make sure you have read whatever documentation comes with the package, else you mailing lists One good way of getting information you want without any extraneous noise is to subscribe to a mailing list.
Mailing lists work like a cross between newsgroups and e-mail. You receive e-mail from the list containing articles posted by other people on the list, and when you want to reply or post you address your mail to the mailing list rather than an individual.
That way. Every one that subscribes to the list will receive your e-mail.
The PageStream user's mailing list PGS-request@ramiga.cts.com ADD [your e-mail address] ami-sci (Scientific engineering software and related homebrew hardware) Majordomo@CFHT.Hawaii.edu subscribe ami-sci Blitz Basic 2 Programming blitz-list-request @ helsinki.fi “SUBSCRIBE username ©domain" AMOS subscribe@xamiga.linet.org "ffamos username ©domain;" CDPub (CDROM publishing and systems) - All platforms Mail-Server© knex.via.mind.org “SUBSCRIBE CDPub FirstName LastName" Commodore-Amiga subscribe@xamiga.linet.org “ commodore username ©domain;' could end up with a terse RTFM in response to your
One of the things that really annoys me, but other people seem to take it in their stride, is the net user who can't be bothered to download an Aminet index file. Granted, these files are big (around 400k for the compressed version), but having one enables you to find any piece of software on the Aminet. So it has to be worth the wait.
As a last resort you can stop downloading messages which conform to particular criteria, such as author name or subject.
This is done using a kill file, and users of AmiTCP will find they won’t even download real 331 -w KjpS irl- ifrst ia!f Kgar » •« i -vwi . M - *aii«9 •. .» 5?t9rr..a£ .....ic IT sps I'ncr; - m i«ii» __ c c3fu;wEh The heart of flaming territory. Newagroupa can be a source of auperh Information, or great Irritation the offending articles. However, people who are sticking to AmigaNOS will only avoid having to read them - AmigaNOS not being sensible enough to not download them in the first place.
The web doesn’t tend to pose too many problems as it is pretty much a passive communication medium, unlike news and mail, but as a general bit of advice, if you are going to be reading the same page for more than about five minutes, you might want to set a ping window going at the same time which will ensure your connection doesn't get timed out for lack of traffic.
In conclusion, as users of the Internet we must remember that we are the first of the many, rather than the few. Whether it stays as it is. Which is extremely unlikely, or changes beyond recognition, there will still be a need to keep going what has been started - an ultimate democracy that currently exists, with no barriers for nations, colour, creed, sex or age. And as such, we have a burden to bear. We can make it a replica of today's society in the Western world, with greed and paranoia being our chief motivators, or we can continue to create the nearest thing to a utopia. It's up to us.
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1. Subscribe@xamiga.linet.org
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lightwave-l your_id@your_address (your_name)" iwplugin-l (for
lightwave plugin software development info)
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3718 PSYCHEUAL Allen Breed Clone (Ish) X3717 (ABC) GREENDAY DEMO HD Only AGA DethO X3716 (AB) SUN SLIDESHOW Hand Drawn AGA Pix X3715 (AB) DREAMWALKER Another AGA Demo X3714 (ABCD) MAN ON THE MOON HD. 4 Meg Fast. 2 Meg Chip Demo 3713 MICROMARKET V3 Have A Game On The Stockmarket 3712 (AB) CYBERPUNK NOW 5 More Cyberpunkish Articles 3711 NEW1CONS Archived With NO Installer' 3710 (ABCDEF) PROJECT UFO Some Interesting Stuff Here!
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3686 HYDROCEPHALUS II Superb Demo By Equinox 3685 MANUAL OVERRIDE DEMO Great Demo From Subacid.
3684 RESPONSE DEMO Nice Offering From Avalon 3683 THE COMPACT CAMERA A Beginners Tutorial 3682 CAMERA FUNCTIONS Another Photo Tutorial 3681 GLASSBACK 2 Platforms 4 Ladders Game X3680 PSSST AGA Remember The Old Speccy Classic’ 3679 NIGHTMARE B4 XMAS Klondike Cardset 3678 (AB) IRRESPONSIBLE ART 2 Drives Requires Hand Drawn Art' X3677 OMEN DEMO Nice AGA Demo 3676 (AB) PAGESTREAM F - G PATCH Latest Software Patch update X3675 (ABC) CARD GAMES DELUXE AJI Games use REKO Cardsets!
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3672 (AB) THIRD DIMENSION 12 3D Cons Kit Users Mag 3671 DOMINOES One To Buy Fa Your Grandad' X3670 (ABC) BIG GIRLS II AGA Oooer, Not Caled Big Fa NotNngi 3669 ICON TOOLBOX V2.12 Lots or icon unis!
3668 WORD SEARCH DESIGNER Design Wadsearches Of Course!
3667 GCSE MATHS EXAM PAPERS Should REALLY Help With Revision I 3666 AMIGADOS GUIDE VI.5 Amiga Tutorial Fa WB2+ 3665 (AB) CLASS E LUNAR MODULE Nice Lunar Lander Variation 3664 ROBS HOT STASH 36 Another Amazing Utils Disk!
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¦•fj ffl.ft- «ow i i xr r If Slim. Stunning Women Are More You Pass Time, Then Take A Look Here I Pamela Anderson, ciauder Scniffer, Cindy Crawford, & Morel Contained On 10 tacked Disks For AGA Machines! £9.99 u-F.o-CKuncnown Tired Of Being Fobbed Off Wffh All The Cover Ups? This Pack Will Prove To Be An Eyeopenerl The 9 Disks hduded Are Packed Wllh Articles Including. Sightings Reports & Abductions Etc £8.991 DISK PACKS!
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Vuth Most 3D Packages Thumbnail images Supplied Too B1 SPECCY SENSATIONS £14 99 Full Of Nostalgic Speccy Games Complete With Emulators For Both Amiga 4 PCI m AMINET 5!l March 1995£14 99 This Release Contains Oyer 440MB Of NEW Data Indudlng Over 1000 Games' Since No 41 THE UGHT ROM II £39 99 100% Lightwave Toaster Material That Indudes Over 300MB Of Data Not Included On The Ught Romi m AMINET SET (4 Cds) £29 99 Aminets 1 to 4, Recompiled With NO Duplication' This Set Even includes NEW Aminet DATA' ANIMATION CD (Double) £19.99 2 CD’s Containing A Pletiom Of Superb Amiga Animations Even Indudes
Converted PC Animsl jl 3D ARENA £24 99 Imagine. Lightwave 4 Real 3D Objects Galore Rom The 24 Bit Club in Scrtlandi J 17 BIT COLLECTION 1700 Of Ou Disks From 1 To 2300 17 BIT CONTINUATION More Ubrary Disks From 2301 To 28001 17 BIT PHASE 4 Latest Ubrary Release From 2801 To 3351 AMOS PD CD Invaluable For Amos Users Source Code Etc. AMINET 4 CD November 1994 Aminet Intenet Archive ASSASSINS CD Excellent Games Collection Rtns From CO!
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B C CLIPART & FONTS M*nly In EPS Format CDPD 1 Fred Fish From 1 To 660 CDPD 2 Fred Fish From 661 To 760 8 More CDPD 3 Fred Fish From 761 To 890 & More CDPD 4 Fred Fish From 891 To 1000, C++ Archives 4 Much More' DEMO CD Older Amiga Demos For Collectors DEMO CD IIA Utile More Up To Date. But Stll Onfy For Collectors DESK TOP VIDEO Superb DTP CD Indudes Fonts, Clips. Pix Etc!
EUROSCENE Most Upto Date Demo Collection From Europe GIFS GALORE CD 5000 GIF Pictures From Over 40 Categories GOLDFISH CD Fred Fish 1 To 1000 Archived AND Ready To Run GOLDFISH 2 Anotier Double CO Containing Everthing After F 1000 HOTTEST 4 PD SOFTS Latest Ubrary CO ILLUSIONS IN 30 Full Of RDS Images 4 Utilities' IMAGINE CO Top Notch Collection Of Objects. Backgrounds Etc IMAGINE ENHANCER Objects. Maps. Fonts Etc Pro Level LSD COMPENDIUM LSD Legal Tools To 151. Anims. Games Etc. LSD COMPENDIUM II Improved Menu More Superb Utils Etc NETWORK CD Conned CD32 To Any Otter Amiga (Requires Cable)
NETWORK CABLE Adapted Semet CaHe For Use With Above POWER GAMES Over 500 Top Quality Public Domain Games PRO FONTS CD Adobe. CG Fonts 4 Stacks Of Clipart RAYTRACING VOL 1 Excellent Collection Of Goodies For Imagine RAYTRACING VOL 2 More Imagine Stuff. Award Wnning CO* SPACE 4 ASTRONOMY 1000 GIFS & 5000 Nasa Texts About Space SOUNDS TERRIFIC Double CD Containing Thousands of Mods Etc!
THE LIGHT ROM Mighty Reccomended Objects CD For Lightwave THE UGHT WORKS Superb Imagine, Cnema 4DQbs 4 Textures Etc TOWN OF TUNES 1000 Hand Selected Muse Mods With Players Etc ULTIMEDIA VOL 1 Textures. Sounds Pictures Etc For Multimedia ULTIMEDIA VOL 2 More Multimedia Accessories 4 Resources WEIRD SCIENCE FONTS CG. IFF. PCX. ADOBE Etc WEIRD SCIENCE CUPART EPS IMG. IFF, Pagesetier Etc he ability to transfer files between an Amiga and different computers has become more and more useful these ays. No doubt many of you have seen that roscure CrossDOS device driver lurking in the : •orage drawer.
No doubt many of you have
- ever had the need to activate it.
For those who are in the latter category, this dtner neat driver, once placed in the Devs flrawer (or merely double-clicked), allows your Amiga to read, write and format standard MS- DOS floppy disks. This is obviously great
* ews for Amiga owners who have access to, or work with Pcs as
they can now transfer netr work to their Amiga.
Rn he e An re lings .991 I use this transfer feature a lot for the ani- ~ t»on and graphics work I do between the Between m and me go isform ml a tat .991 NS Or Ihese f jnts.
9 m. ¦,c On £9.99 99 99 99 199 199
1. 99 199 99 99 99 99 99 199 199 199 99 99 199 99 99 99 99 '99 99
99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99
- wo machines. Unfortunately, the CrossDOS rnver supplied with
Workbench is only set up to work with floppy disks and even
with 1.4Mb floppy drives, many users will no doubt have io use
multiple disks and archiving utilities for targe amounts of
data. .
For instance, animation and graphics files lend to lean towards the extremely large side, magine trying to transfer a 15 second animation consisting of 450 individual 24-bit Targa files to a PC for a spot of editing with Premier 4 or Photoshop 3. Now that's a lot of megabytes to transfer via floppy disk, and it usually ends up being a long and tedious archiving session.
If only there was some way to tell the Amiga to use an MS-DOS formatted hard drive as easily as it uses the floppy disks. You could then transfer lots of files, with no need to archive or swap disks whatsoever.
Now. Thanks to CrossDOS Professional and those jolly nice people at HiSoft. This process is a breeze. The developers of CrossDOS Professional - Consultron - are, unsurprisingly, the same people who are responsible for the Workbench version. However, the CrossDOS Pro version offers much faster disk 99 99 99 99 wntes and reads, as well as a host of Support utilities.
Once installed, CrossDOS Pro works as transparently with hard drives as Workbench’s CrossDOS does with floppy drives. This transparent operation is due to the fact that CrossDOS is basically the MS-DOS file system which is seamlessly integrated into AmigaDOS.
The actual installation procedure is remarkably simple, with no lengthy setup procedures in sight. Running the install program brings up the standard Commodore install utility with the options of installing CrossDOS, which copies all the relevant library and device drivers to the appropriate drawers, Configure Hard Disk, which will automatically run the hard disk configure utility if you happen to have a suitable hard drive already connected and. Surprisingly and infinitely welcome, an Uninstall option. All Amiga software developers take note. Once finished. PC floppy disks, and any MS-DOS
formatted hard drives that are connected, will be automatically available on Workbench.
OPTIONS The hard disk configuration option in the install menu starts up the hard disk configure utility which is also accessible as a standalone program on the CrossDOS installation disk.
The utility has three different methods for creating an MS-DOS hard drive. You have the option of creating a ‘real’ drive or choosing between two simulated drives.
A real drive is simply one that is entirely formatted as an MS-DOS drive, either by a PC or by CrossDOS itself. A simulated drive can be a partition on an existing Amiga drive which can thus have a partition that is assigned the CrossDOS file system, with other partitions being standard AmigaDOS file systems.
The other simulated drive-type consists of the image of the drive stored as a file.
This type is useful If you only plan to share it as a boot partition for products such as CrossPC, PC*Task, Bridgeboerd, AtQnce or GoldenGate PC emulators. Such a Transfer files between the Hmiga and Pf with ease, courtesy of frossOOS Professional Darren tuans puts it to the test flexible feature should mean that most users seeking PC compatibility will find the most appropriate setup for their needs.
The actual configuration process amounts to simple clicks of the mouse. All you do is select the respective button for the drive type, then choose the drive device which is to be configured, and then choose which partitions. If more than one. To process. Clicking on the configure button then instantly turns your device into an MS-DOS format drive, creating the mount file automatically and placing it in the Devs drawer. If only life were so simple?
SVSTEm ESSEflTIHLS BED BLACK = Recommended O Workbench 2 Hard drive or higher The bottom lino Product; CrossDOS Professional Price: £49.95 Supplier: HiSoft Tel: 01525 718181 Case off use 8 9 8 9 Implementation Value ffor money Overall_ Amiga Computing JULY 1995 I- Subscribe to the too ualue Subscribing to Amiga Computing is the only way to ensure your invaluable Amiga guide each and every month, as well as reaping a whole host of benefits linked with our latest subscription offer.
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- Hi aking a game in 1995 is a tough business. Back in the ‘80s
the classic game releases were conceived by teenagers and
brought to life on the cheapest, most popular home computers
of the day. But the time when game design was the preserve of
the spotty bedroom programmer is gone forever; in the ‘90s the
suits have moved in on game development and a vast
money-spinning industry has been well and truly established.
As the technical standards of game design have increased to the point where the latest releases boast film-like production values, it’s not surprising that the amateur has been pushed aside and replaced by professional development teams. Interactive multimedia, fast-paced texture-mapped graphics and cinematic sequences are the order of the day, and such hi-tech projects can require teams of artists, programmers and sound specialists working on costly workstations. Small wonder if the average Amiga enthusiast feels outclassed and shut out.
MAKING A HIT Yet against all odds, there are amateurs who dream of making a name for themselves with a hit game. In bedsits dotted around the nation, there are still people who will spend every moment of their spare time plugging away on that most affordable home computer, the good old Amiga.
It would be natural to assume their efforts are doomed to failure, or that at best these naive enthusiasts will get some brief fame on the PD circuit. Is it possible, then, that potentially the biggest game of the year could have been made by one single man?
The tactical multiplayer game, Worms, is due to be released by Team 17 in September. Originating from PD titles like Scorched Tanks, it has simple two dimensional graphics that set it a million miles away from the latest multimedia extravaganzas - and it looks set to take the game playing world by storm.
Though Team 17 are publishing the game, it’s entirely the work of 22-year old Andy Davidson. Developed over a period of four years, the story of its success is proof that the bedroom coder can still take on the professionals at their own game. Davidson is a Worms - Team 17’s big hope for 1995, and the game Amiga Format passed over singular Bs the industry behind interartiue entertainment- matures, game design is undertaken increasingly- by professional deuelopment teams But as- Bareth tofthnuse disrouered, the indiuidual- enthusiast can still make a mark himself. Asked if Worms is going to
make him rich he said: ‘It’s very difficult to comprehend. When I went to Team 17 I was just thinking of selling Worms as an Amiga budget game.’ Instead, Worms is going to be released as a full- priced game across an incredible 16 platforms, and Davidson stands to gain royalties from sales of each of the game’s versions.
Even more encouraging for the individual enthusiast is that Davidson believes amateur programmers can compete against the visually glossy productions produced by major companies, providing they concentrate on Limbo ol the Lost Souls was , Criticising multime- created entirely by three 3 seif-taught enthusiasts dia and games featuring ren- dered animations, he said, ‘I haven’t seen one of those type of games that typically self-taught computer enthusiast who started programming games purely for his own pleasure in the hay day of the ZX Spectrum. It wasn’t until he’d bought an Amiga and
started coding Worms that he even considered trying to sell one of his games commercially.
During its development he was running a shop in Bournemouth selling Amigas, a job which proved helpful when it came to playtesting and gaining suggestions from customers regarding the game.
However, he only really raised his ambitions for Worms when he heard that Amiga Format were running a competition for readers’ games.
Amazingly, though Davidson got an impressive version of the game ready for the competition deadline, Format overlooked this gem - in fact, Davidson heard nothing more about the competition and had to find out for himself that Worms had been rejected. Team 17 obviously thought this was an error of judgement, so it’ll be interesting to see how Format rate the game when it appears commercially.
Protecting nour ideas Ensuring that the copyright on a game is kept safely in the designers' hands is an issue that naturally raises concern with game makers. The fear that unscrupu lous publishers will steal a good idea and claim it for their own is enough to make any programmer nervous.
Fortunately, protecting yourself lega lly is a simple procedure according to the game makers we spoke to. Tri Logic, for example, were advised by their solicitor that posting a copy of the game to themselves is a perfectly gooc way of registering copyright Thankfully, this method has the addec advantage of being virtually free.
Fortunately, this setback didn’t mark the end of Worms, though it was quite a close call. ‘I was getting a bit fed up,’ Davidson told us, ‘so the ECTS in September (1994) was going to be my last attempt to get it published.’ His first choice was Team 17 who, to his surprise, immediately realised they had a classic in the making; after turning up at their stand and showing them Worms for just five minutes, Team 17’s Creative Director, Martyn Brown, asked him if he’d like them to publish it.
The astounding way in which Worms has snowballed from its humble beginnings is hard to believe, particularly for Davidson r success Amateur programmer; ran compete against tlie uisuallu giossg productions oroduced Ini major rompanies. Prouidrig nor ttoimtrateoiigameolao I that leur ¦e,G I want to play. The game itself is the essential thing. I've been playing Worms for nearly one and a half years and I still enjoy it. ‘ on 'if Worms relied on just rendered graphics it would never have the depth it has now. No two Worms games will ever be the same, but with rendered games you'll never get that
much variety.'
The story behind Worms is an example of the importance of believing in your own ideas.
Asked about advice for people working on their own game projects. Davidson said: You can't imagine how people will respond seeing a game for the first time. But if you believe in it you can find someone else who believes in it.'
Worms, however, isn’t the only potential hit to have been brought to Team 17 by an outside individual. Throughout the company's history people have turned up on their doorstep with ideas, and in some cases Team 17 have been only too happy to pay them a salary and help them turn a game concept mto a commercial reality.
Of course, many of the best ideas would never see the light of day without the helping of luck, and this is as true of game as anything else. Team 17’s latest prodeveloped by a single enthusiast is Alien 3D, a high profile release that only into being because of a chance meeting on the Internet. Andy Clitheroe is a student at York University who had written a game engine for the Amiga in his spare time.
Originally, it consisted of a 3D maze runaround - it was fast and slick, but a million miles away from being a game, let alone the first class Doom done that Breed 3D promises to be.
Fortunately for Clitheroe. He happened to’ meet Martyn Brown on the ‘net. Having mentioned the game engine, he was invited to show his work to Team 17, and when they'd been suitably impressed they offered him a deal and encouraged him to bnng Breed 3D to fruition. Clithero is currently working on the finishing touches in between revising for end of year exams.
Those who are hoping to sell a game concept, however, would be fools to rely on this type of good fortune. Optimising a game’s chance of being published in most cases boils down to a lot of hard work, persistence, and enough self-confidence to accept the odd knock- back.
Tri-logic's Limbo of the Lost Souls, previewed in this month’s System, is possibly the best example of how to sell a game to a publisher.
The brainchild of three adventure enthusiasts.
Limbo may have started as an idea cooked up over a few pub drinking sessions, but they quickly realised that encouraging interest from publishers would require a more professional approach.
Limbo's programmer. Steve Bovis, told us how they knew they had a good product to sell, but they had to find novel marketing ploys to get it noticed. Consequently, they set about making a video using an A500+, Deluxe Video and a genlock, and despite its relative cheapness it seems to have paid off.
Previously. Tri-logic had met with rejection, but Limbo's publishers, Rasputin, were so impressed by the new video they decided to give the game their full backing.
There can be no doubting the trio's commitment to seeing Limbo through. Over the six years of development, each member of the team has held down a day job and earned money which often got invested back into the project. Having been through the experience, Bovis pointed to this single-mindedness as the key to success for the game designer, and warned: 'Lose enthusiasm in the project and it’s as good as finished.'
If only one lesson can be gathered from these varied experiences, it’s that the industry needs a powerful but inexpensive machine like the Amiga to allow talent to come to the fore. Andy Davidson was particularly impassioned on this point: 'Worms could only have started on the Amiga - that's the only way you can turn an idea into a game. If the Amiga dies a hell of a lot of games are never going to come out which otherwise would.'
Clearly a lot depends on the survival of Jts*9 FT MUSIC UTILITIES 1706 AUDIO MAGIC 8 8(1) FM Synth, Mra Path* Mwtr.
OctaMED Player, X Module elc.
1996 AUOtC MAGIC 121(1) Sot td Machine. Sonic Drum Kit, Play 16, CD-DA 1767 DROP IN THE OCEAN (1) Oemo of al Mxscraft products 1921 EAGLE PLAYER V1.54(1) Mat) format muac deyer (LHA format) ORIAl A1200 ONLY 2059 A5I FIX DISK 3(1) More «xceter,t degrades 1885 AGA UTILITIES (3) RefxJ24 PPSltO*. Vtswttk, Bbianli. ForceVQA. DoubleX Plasma. Icon Illusion Quick Grab.
Hame-JPog. Clouds elc 1619 A1200HO SET UP(1) A1200 HO prep disk 2071 ANALYSER (1) Have a problem with your A1200* 2064 ANHALONIUM LLWINI(I) Excellent AGA demo '95 part 2060 AURAL ASSAULT (2) Excellent Dsmo by Vanity 1358 BIG GIRLS (X)(1) 1732 BODY SHOP 8 (X) (3) Page 3 style pelures 2055 BLUE AGA DEMO(1) Demo bom Inie-ceplcr* ”95 party* 1834 BREATHTAKING DEMO (5) Megaderrn needs 4 megs-np 1875 C CRAVYFORO (X) (3) 1881 CLAUDIA SCHIFFER (X)(3) E*c6teM pichm ol lop models AMIGA PD & SHAREWARE GENERAL UTILITIES 2045 NEXT GENERATION WB (2) Changes WB backg-ound etc. 1987 PAGESTREAII3F UPDATE (2)
2036 PAGESTREAM 3G UPDATE (2) 1318 PRINTER DRIVERS (1) Canon BJ; HP Okkjet.ftctfiLPl 200 1998 RAE, TUTOR (1) A mnt for amiwu iMio inthustisis 2051 RELOKICK VI .411 (1) K«* V1.4) ron ificse dd programs 1768 SID PROF V2.0111(1) The very latest verson 1770 SNOOPDOS V3 • (1) 2063 TERM V4.2 (3) Latosi version n archived foim 1305 TEXT ENGINE V4.1 (1) Text EdtoeWonJ processor 1833 THE DESIGNER »(11 A GUI creator 2052 VIRUS CHECKER V8J52 (1) The latest and virus cnecxer 2011 VISION A SOUND • (3) PPMDre.PPShow.PPAnmek: 2003 IMAGE STUDIO V2 • (2) Lslest Shareware version • Image processor and converwn
package 1778 IMAGINE BUODY (2) A must tor al enagme use's 1951 IMAGINE OBJECTS (3) Excellent Starwars object!
1954 IMAGINE OBJECTS (1) Banybn5objKSs 1719 UON KING CIJPART (3) IFF Cotour cpflrt from Disney 1769 MENY MENU SYSTEM *(1) fAeru fystom used on Tl. AMFM ete 788 MESSY S® 2(1) Amiga PC Fie converter 1999 MORSE CODE TUTOR (1) EoeHeritrainng program 1919 MSDOS AMIGA DOS 23(1) Adds fAedos commands to toe Amiga 1261 NCOMM V3(1) Modem package 1766 ACCOUNTS MASTER 34 (1) Excellent Accounts package 1786 COMPUGRAPHIC FONTS (4) Voh17te20c exc*Nn»lonts 1310 COPPIERS UNLIMITED (1)1 Exoelont ooltecton of ccppiers
• 916 CRUNCHMAN1AI (2) Various u*l«« 2037 DPAMT BUDDY (2) Help
system tor Dpaint 1647 FINAL WRAPPER * (1) Fmal Wnier Macros
1997 FINAL WRITER PATCH (1) Speed ip FW by up lo 400*o 2009
HARD DR1YEUTIIS 4(2) Aba*lfcF*D».VC.ad Oo52 FtaOtp, Took
Oaomon.Vr Back Up ete 1918 HO GAMES 2 INSTALLER (1) Install
many games on to your HD including Mona: KotnM elc.
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SCRATCHY (X) (1) For ail those Snip son tans 1970 KILLING TIME DEMO (4) Spectacular AGA Demo 1772 LOTTERY WINNER (1) Wl4 help you wn a Miiion '¦ 1775 MAX OVERDRIVE 2 (3) Breathtaking AGA Dome 1344 MAGIC WORKBENCH 1) Jazz up your WB • n*ed* HD 1936 MAGIC WB EXTRAS (2) 1813 MMI AGA SLIDESHOW 2 (4) Excellent Raytraced pictures NiW TITLIS ARRIVE DAILY - THOUSANDS AVAILABLE PLEASE GIVE US A GALL IE YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT YOU WANT ONLY £1.00 PER DISK FOR 5 OR MORE 1 disk - £1.50,2 to 4 disks - £1.25,5 to 19 disks - £1.00.20+ disks - 90p Number of disks shown m brackets Titles marked a will not work on
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Spreadsheet, Form* Designer & Accounts £4.50 OehMED MODS Hundreds of modules Irom the Med Users Group members collection 10 disks per pack. 6 peeks currently available £8.00 per pack CG FONTS PACK Over 180 Compugraphic font (16 disks) lor WB2 4
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Edtor tor Ccmmercel game 1522 GCSE MATHS «(1) Helps with your studies 2056 HISTORY TIMETABLE (1 World history book 1519 KIDS 1-3 (4) ExceSent educational programs 1827 KIDS OlSK 5(1) 3 educ programs msths Mtort 1828 KIDS DISK 6(1) Help Mum with the sapping!
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UFOs 2032 VISIT TO MARS (1) Various colour ptcs of Mars 1526
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chord Educational program tor 3t yen F1 27 THE STATES OF
EUROPE (C399 Encyclopaedia about Europe F1 28C.L. INDEX •
(£3.99) Amiga Dox C command ref book FI 31 POWER BASE *(£3 99)
Powerful, user friendly database Ft 33 POWER PLANNER* (£3.99)
Personal organlatf F1 34 FI CHALLENGE • (£3.99)
- own GP racing team PER BINGO 2 *(£3.99) Bingo game (Need 1 Mag
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iMe chip) Colourful platform game for klda F1 42 MAGPIES KIDS
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goodies from the Craft brothers, 140 Megs of Imagine na 50 Megs
of Lightwave objects, hundreds of textures, backdrops,
landscapes and other pics in 24-bit J-PEG.
Ham-8 and 16-cotour (Scale etc. formats). Loads of Magic Workbench Icons etc. and lots, lots more.
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Amigas unless otherwise stated.
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& utils itart 2 4 3 ncRHosom SAMPLERS TURBO - £22.50 TURBO 2 - £27.50 MIDI INTERFACE £22.50 HOTTEST 5 - £19.95 The latest material from the PDSoft library with all tho most up to date utilities, demos, games, anims etc programming 8 software for Kicksl users.
• W ENGINES S DSK 059 AMGA TUTORIAL Ulab Idotio Alpha Ant«R1
Background Border ClrcleUipe ColorDepth ColorToGrey Co*po?e
Crop Delay DynancRange Fade FaleeColor Flashlight Flip Freeze L
meflrt flask Hirror floaaic hegetIve Noise Hop OuickScate
Pelief Rotate Scale Shadow Shift TiaeCode Title Trapezlun Wipe
• mmm «¦«¦«» mil* ru n m 4 L M WWW mt Tha ever-growing c olivet
ion ol VLM digital vMoo ottocta.
But bo teamed - with• out a fast CPU, DVEt can toko a long time to gonorato .r . environment, samples captured directly 1 the Toccata's Samplitude software - such i backing music or narration - can still imported and mixed with the existing AV i the production.
Better still, any imported or directly ¦ tured audio can still be worked upon withr MovieShop. For example, you can import as much audio as you like, adjust its length, ana position it on the Timeline wherever you want However, perhaps most important, yo also have complete control over the envek of the samples you're working on. As part or the Timeline control, you’re provided with ar envelope requester which allows you to inset* multiple edit points.
Consequently, you can adjust the sounc level for each sample as often as is necev sary. Or even create cross-fades between d ferent audio tracks. In short, complete contro over the sound dynamics within the production. Once you’ve achieved a suitable PAR on the same machine when it comes to pure image quality, I wouldn’t swap, simply due to the massive range of additional features the MovieShop software can provide.
The most important bonus is VLM's ability to operate as a true off-line editor. Unlike the PAR, actually moving edits around the video sequence is both easy, fast and. Better still, instantaneous.
CUELIST Rather than physically moving the data around the drive. VLM simply makes a cuelist from the existing data and skips around - assisted by a RAM buffer - reading the specific data as required. As a result, making changes to the running order of scenes, or entire movies, is instant, whereas the same edits on a PAR could literally take hours as the system physically rearranges the data to reflect the new running order.
Another unique and truly superb feature of VLM is its seamless combination of audio and video. Since version 2.0 of the MovieShop software. VLM has had the ability to act as a true digital AV - audio video editing system. Unlike any other Amiga system, audio and video are actually hard-wired together. As a result when you cut, copy and paste video, the same edits apply to the accompanying stereo or mono 16-bit audio.
When the need arises you're still free to import and export the accompanying audio tracks, and mix them within MovieShop to generate a perfect backing track.
Although both VLM and the Toccata sound card combine forces within the MovieShop D| Bendpeaa I | Coring Q| Height P| Blanking P| Gain P| Details fs a strange thing, but it appears the vast majority of Amiga journalists seem oblivious to the importance of the Vlab Motion system. $ uch is the importance of this product, and the revisions to the MovieShop software, that another look is essential.
In short, the VLM system provides the only affordable means of producing broadcast quality AV - alias audio video - in a truly digital off* line environment. I think what has caused the animosity on the part of the journalistic fraternity is the rather optimistic and, dare I say, None unrealistic claims for the product on its initial launch.
In the early days, the accompanying manual combined unrealistic claims for hardware compatibility with a painful lack of essential information. This would be bad enough on fairly simple products, but that's one thing VLM certainly isn’t. Although very easy to operate when configured, initial set-up can be a complex procedure demanding the assistance of a quality manual.
Fortunately. MacroSystem’s have finally taken care of this -key shortfall and replaced the original skimpy manual with a 200-page offenng that delivers all the information you’re ever likely to need in a friendly and comprehensible manner, In reality VLM. Like all DV systems, requires a relatively hefty machine, with the most important element being a fast hard SCSI II drive. Unfortunately, it’s true that VLM can't match the image quality of the PAR - alias Personal Animation Recorder - on a less than perfect system - namely an 040 CPU running a SCSI II drive. However, even with the image
quality compromise on lesser machines, the benefits far out*weighed the limitations via a combination of flexibility, functionality and cost effectiveness.
For example, I regularly run the system on an 040*based A3000 running a standard SCSI. As a result I can only reliably attain 65 per cent compression - which equates to image quality roughly similar to a quality com- posite VHS signal.
In order to obtain BetaCam SP quality, I would require somewhere between 85 and 90 per cent - which simply isn't possible in video resolution on a standard SCSI device. Even though my VLM set-up can’t compete with a [omponent plug-in A shortfall often levelled at VLM. Especially in relation to the PAR system, is the lack Of component import and export. However, this compromise has now been put to the sword with the launch of the long-awaited YUV module.
Thanks to this latest addition, you can now compete in the broadcast market via a direct link to BetaCam SP equipment and other broadcast quality hardware.
The soft side of the all-new YUV component module.
Add a BetaCam SP recorder player and you'ra in the big league Amiga Computing fade operator could be dropped between the overlap to produce a digital cross-fade.
This ability to mix and process multiple sequences points to another unique feature of
VLM. Namely its ability to operate as a digital A B roll
environment with a built-in digital effects processor,
Admittedly, this is by no means a real-time process, as once
the scenes are arranged and the operators are in position.
MovieShop sets about processing the video sequence,
transitions and effects specified within the Timeline.
Obviously this is all done automatically. But it
nevertheless takes time as the process is done entirely via
software - in a similar way in which ADPro and ImageFX apply
effects to single images. Needless to say. The faster your
CPU the better.
As you've probably guessed, audio is also computed in a similar manner. So if, for example. You’ve added a backing track or adjusted the envelope within an existing AV soundtrack. A separate computing pass is needed to apply the changes. Fortunately, this is much faster than applying video specific operators.
It must be stressed that non of the timeline operations are destructive. The software simply takes existing data, applies your edit decisions and effects, and then generates the results as a standalone AV sequence.
Although the process may sound daunting, after a little practise it becomes second nature. Fortunately, beginners are catered for via an easy mode in addition to the more complex RPN approach - which can process an almost unlimited number of sequences alongside multiple layered special effects. Z5T Broil, dio.
MO 'iped vhils, 19 I lio vocal 9 mix between the original audio, backing music, vocal over-dubs, sound effects or whatever else, the whole thing can be boiled down into a new super sample which can be inked to a particular section of video or kept as a separate element.
Ictly such still g AV tly cap- i withir lport as jth, an: u want nt, yow nvelope ; part & with ar :o inser i sounc neces- een d - confrp in the.
Suitate The finishing touch on the audio side is the arrival of a built-in SMPTE timecode generator. Now. Striping a tape with timecode is simply a matter of plugging in the target recorder and clicking on a button - yet another broadcast essential catered for.
When the realtime grabbing and importing s complete, and the assorted clips have been tnmmed. Edited, and appended, the next step »s to drop them into the Timeline and add the all important special effects and additional audio. At this stage you should have the various video dips spliced into complete scenes ready for the assorted cross fades and special effects.
LAYERING The actual process of building the Movie is entirely non-destructive. In reality, it simply offers a means of layering and combining existing audio and video. The end result is user-defined sequencing of all the existing scenes - aided by visual and audio effects. If a new clip overlaps an existing element, a In a nutshell... Due to the pure scale of the VLM environment, the above has merely concentrated on the new and improved. However, that only scratches the surface of this incredible combination of hardware and software.
Given a suitable machine, the VLM and Toccata combination provides a complete digital AV solution which combines all the essentials of a true off-line editor, single frame recorder and DVE generator within a truly broadcast quality environment.
If all of the above doesn’t make up for the scepticism and confusion surrounding the product’s initial launch. I can’t imagine what will. I only hope this update helps the VLM system receive the credit and sales it so richly deserves.
Audio add-on The bottom line Firstly, the addition of CD quality 16-bit stereo audio is a matter of a £300 investment via a Toccata card, as opposed to £1000 for a stereo SunRize AD516 on the PAR system.
However, regardless of cost, the pure functionality of the VLM and Toccata combo makes it a far better investment. Unlike AV on the VLM. The PAR does not actually link the audio and video elements in a captured sequence.
Product: Vlab Motion Supplier: The Amiga Centre Scotland Price: Vlab Motion = £885plus VAT Toccata = £245 plus VAT YUV module = TBA Phone: 01896 870583 As a result, if any edits are made on the PAR to either the video or audio track, the lip sync between the two will be lost unless you repeat exactly the same cut. Paste and copy operations within the AD516's own control software.
In short, the sampler and video digitiser are completely separate entities. To keep things in sync requires a lot of manual effort, and of course there’s no A B roll emulation. DVEs, built-in chroma keying or automated audio processing. • Amiga Computing Multimedia Toolkit CD J!
331*111113 11flfllf111D [¦wiiiiiwi; 331181111t AN AUK1A CD. COTV A CO.1 CONTENTS | OVER laooo FII.ES MO 24 HH IMAGES | AI.SOIK HAMIt A HAM ’ I u colour cur ART t 21W MONO CUP ART I V3 SCAl-fcABLF. Cl.IPS I 750MUUCMOOULES | 2*00 SAMPLES l« MTMAP FONTS 120 COLOURED KJNTS 107 ADOBE rown HI POSTSCRIPT FONTS 7V CO FONTS 314 KXJNS An immtri amount m Amos Com for on h Pf ' MB Mr ¦' IDED Cb FONTS CD I A complete CD dedicated to Font* | for the Amiga range of computer* [ Alto PC compatible Many ! Formal* arc catered for, Adobe, j CC Forth. Coloured. Postscript, Prodruw IFF. PCX. PigMtream, Trueiype.
CaLtmu* and ODOS Adding up lu the muti cnmpkie CD t f Fonlx for the Amiga ever, j In torul over I8XM0 file* in «KX) I directories All ready to use and easy to load directly Irom the CD.
| ifXRH Adobe A CG witlt PS Fonts j 500 Bitmap. I*JO Coloured. 240 Iff 13V Pugeurcam. 24 Prvxlrav* 500 TrueType. 132 PCX 300 GDOS A 230 Calamu* AMIGA A PC CfMBMlIMt SOUNDS TERRIFIC A double CD puck containing over
1. 2 Gigabyte* of musical and sounds data fur the Amiga and IBM
PC computer*. It ill Jddt up lo the mrtti enmpieie cullfction
of rounds on any pbrtfutm aid will tunn vital pan uf any
inutKuns CP col lea on.
R c»tr at Video cl) titles A icull umpb .i lured below Imim Iwi Vahut 1**9 I hi Firm (I Clhi II*** v«wr.«« i tltM Sarrr 4 Tht irats rf 7.Wr« am,, Ml md t aUclmrn it*** ( «ia| to Amnia 117.99 4 uAraferfHa.d.mW Gjuut 4 Siur Tut t IIS tin.
Wa «r N »rM I IS** Taf (In* I lf *9 K,rrUm, 1 Alhltlt*9n Qmnu (imun Fit I H,*f DTE FMV 1600 Modules. 14X100 Samples 5AKSunix Scores A 4500 Immimcnts 302 OcUinrJAWd Modules 11V0 Midi Files 1552 Voc A 042 Wav Samples I’UliUC* for hodi Amiga A IBM PC Amiga and PC Compatible IT* game* for the CD”. CDTV & Amiga CD. Ready to run from a simple MENU system. 100* CD’: compatible. Alto includes Assa*»in* (loppy disks I to 200 archived easily copied hick tn floppy Woikhench.
Pamei A Semet iiKludcd ONLY i ' .99 ONLY & 19.95 Network CD SIMPLE NETWORKING TOOLS FOR AMIGA CD ie Network CD sets up a link between n CDTV or CD32 and any olhcr Amiga. The 032 Of CDTV ocl-s a-s • remoie drive for your Amiga, allowing accosts lo ihc vast wl of daia aviiilnhlc on Cl) Rom. The CD32 cable also available uses ihc AUX ekei of the CD32 and comes complete wiih a keyboard pass through, thus still uinuiining the ability lo connect KV1V or SXI addons. Network CD sets up a orkbench environment and disables ihe rcsci function, allowing the CD 10 he lanced and access to any other ISO9660
Clirp V f'amini f 19 M 11499 rWlffHQW, Dr*»» ihrtcdj frreit Obtretv Tr«wre . VXI 4aki 6um thr AM I VI CoHmxa Imrrein. Mil Sfll of Ftmu, louurs k Vidro Club Aoug. Stonvrrl
M. l MB nl gtafTm* Elnns lid Uuw inn aklilln bdi iHI CD i PO I
ihfUr I hlgUUl noli, niuue k fain ih* MJNET wchire mmi toy fa
ralw «c. Remnrojer*.
R Gigabn yjorm.r J 119 n t it si Rastracing Tool* 4 SpKirun Emulrlun *»» »* fur li|ta«a*e far aurry plrtfnm* md Inu.mc a«4n Wlih lUO t df gmr.
Team oho nladal Krgulsly pplmd KT.Vrr jrw
419. 9S JDObjriti. Lira ft,. Cutlrnn bub inK tw. Scmr film. Trim
ires 4 ncremm orer 1 Oig of Surfar Anntuu »fur (llri at mmy
uihnu ugbtwnr mm rnm ibe Imcnwi Grrai V Rowlandson Clod
Leicester Lcics. LE4 2SE I Mukd Scivtcb Tel. 0116 2J4 QW2
ENQUIRIES WELCOME f, ' ¦ * ... CLIP ART CD Over 55Umcg* of
Gip Art for Amiga* ami PC*. The niou comprehensive
coIIcv'Imxi of Clip An ever for ibe Amiga range of
computer*. Ill Mil over 26.000 filw Dtr foWu*inj! Lomut* are
catered fur. B&W Iff Bitmap.
Coloured Iff Bitmap. Ptocltp*, EPS, Pagesencr. Pageuream. IMG. Corel Draw and colour,',i brushes All are ready lo utc and easily accessible in ( subject directories CONTI VI S OF CLIPAKT CD IsjOWI . Mmo llmup a 1 JQO Cutouird |JW EPS, IW® IMG, I’ prwuc.
200 WjrMrerm.bnl’Hcltps. 170 Corel W Pnruhop rnd Biushr. Lor (ipiini A gwf«» «mp«i‘-n l« «iy DTI’ wcrt.
CONTENTS Pamei & Scmct Ncomm & Term Twin Express Fred Fish 800 to 975 Amos PD 478 to 603 74 Utility Disks PhotoCD Conversion 500 Images in 256 cols.
Network CD i 14,99 CD12 Cable £ 19.95 Pamei Cable £ 9.99 Telephone Orders 0116 234 0682 . O ..J ... 1 TlslV .Cfiml r.rsl ilcin nod ?%i Access & visa Welcome • w.r,,, 7,.n,*.r».»tiknr..r
• ' ¦ n if...a. *• . in:., ii... 1 L THE OFFICIAL AMOS PD
LIBRARY ON COMPACT DISC The Ohual Amm PD Ijhnvy b the lugra
vuve of Amn ndaccd wuvc code aid propims m dr vnrtl kxby. Ihc
Ihwy it rui by Un A Arete Tucker nl m onduntd by Fioiyrevs
Software. The puMuben of Ami* and AmosPn, Thn compact dire
contain* die entire library frem dak 1 to 620.
Each one arranged «i it's own directory and catalogued The due contains m cur» of .13X00 Ain wah user 1600 Ami* source code filer. 100 sprite bunko. 260 Clexi bunks. HOT) sample*, minimus music bunks rod several externum in Am* A Amm Pits. Hitt CD ic ouh a lefamenl 16 thf ¦nmense Ml*™* duf Am» and Am* Pm Irn achrted m ihe pmi In* yean and rep»nc duxwrcb of nun huun uf wnung: Amm code v»h*h Mill prove in he ai invaluable souree uf hdp and uuon w ihr Am* uw.
Thr Amm PD Ldnry count nw gone* and Utilities which will prove iraerrtcng u the Ana* user and non Am* user alike Imagine the entire contents erf aPD Uhrary anoneCD.
• irt flKTratmy V'kl I3.it Imitrrt fur Z:ip|* (n RfiirfiTtjf
fixin in itii 1 k. 1fi1m.1l nnli r» |)lr;is I rlepliiMlf or
hit lir ore! More! More!" Cry the CD- ROM owners, hungrily
awaiting the next gleaming gigabyte disc of useful utils,
thrifty tools or dynamic lemos. At least that's what the
distributors seem to believe, as once again another nost of
releases comes up for Amiga Computings scrutiny.
One of the main advantages of CD is it allows for multimedia applications with memory-greedy graphical and audio sections. Unfortunately, despite the growth of the CD market for the Amiga there's been a dearth of this type of product that has yet to be corrected, Nevertheless, in addition to the usual mixture of sights, sounds and utilities, we've focused on the few multimedia titles that are available. Let's hope it will encourage developers to come up with some more multimedia software for the growing hoards of CD-ROM enthusiasts in the near future.
And are less than impressive when compared with the sort of material that can be created on packages such as Lightwave these days.
The Schwartz animations are comparatively successful, with a good range of his Aerotoon series to look at. Again, however. This is old stuff and parts of it have appeared elsewhere. A lot of the larger animations were created in Moviesetter, a powerful but old program that leads to problems in itself. New machines like A1200s and 4000s have trouble making these cartoons work successfully.
Other familiar files are the animations of VistaPro-created landscapes - the ones which send the camera swooping down into canyons and skimming over mountains. These were spooling directly from CD, and though they were jerky with a dual-speed drive, they should run more smoothly when used with a triple or quad speed. The second CD is less well organised than the first, being a general and alphabetic directory of animation files. Ploughing through this lot feels more like a hit and miss affair than is usual with CD libraries.
Basically, this package is about fun and there is some enjoyable material to be found for the patient searcher.
However, the majority of the anims are rather disappointing or outdated, a fact which would put it fairly low on my CD shopping list.
The bottom line Product: Weird Science Animations Price: £19.95 Supplier: Weird Science Tel: 01162340682 Ease of use_ Medul &ccmc& 9 6 -7 7 COMPATllfilf. .
T * “ •* ” •‘f’ v T Tins i nmpHatlnn is copyright WiiriffMc iq. 1095 Implementation Value for money Overall_ good, tho bad and the uglg Gareth lofthuuse and Mam Phillips bring you our regular reuieuj of the latest tide of [0 releases. This month there's - the usual mined bag plus a special - As is becoming the fashion in this quant- ty-obsessed field, Weird Science’s animation collection comes on two discs. The proclaimed purpose of the compilation is to show owners how the experts make use of the best animation tools available - m other words it’s primarily just for enjoyment.
A viewer has been provided, so it's possible to view all the anims directly from disk providing the user has enough RAM.
However, some of the files need up to 10Mb of memory, so you're not going to be able to view everything on the basic Amiga or CD32.
The first disc is reasonably well organised into a number of separate drawers, with space set aside for animation works by the reputed Tobias Richter and Eric Schwartz. Unfortunately, many of the Richter animations date back to the '80s lUeird Science Animations focus on Umiga educational [Us Amiga Computing JULY 1995 juasmaxii This is another disc that has been available for some time, and one which, once again, should work with the standard Amiga range. We had no problems running it on our A4000, though using it with the Squirrel requires users to run it off Workbench.
Insight Dinosaurs Grolier (D Entqdopaedia The CD contains the complete text from the 21-volume Grolier Encyclopaedia combined with over 2000 photographs and illustrations to bring the information alive. In addition to the colourful visual content, many of the program’s entries ate accompanied by sound samples such as excerpts from famous speeches and musical compositions, or animal sounds such as various bird calls.
SIMILARITIES The interface is similar to that found in the other educational Cds reviewed, except it also features a powerful search facility.
Entering text to search for is always slightly inconvenient using the CD32 because of the absence of a keyboard, but once this is done it will scan through the package's 10,000 word database remarkably quickly and give you a list of connected articles.
[fleeting Pearls Another general collection of utilities, games, graphics and the rest, this CD comes to us | from Germany and is the second in the series Created by programmers who gather for these meetings, the relative low price of this I compilation comes down to the fact that all the programs were provided free of charge.
The makers have fried to give Meeting Pearls a particularly user-friendly front-end.
But unfortunately it hasn't quite worked Hypertext pages, for example, lead on to various categories on the CD. But they are so bogged down with graphics that getting anywhere can be a very slow process.
There doesn't appear to be any guide summarising the contents of each file, an omission that leaves it lagging behind the Aminet Cds when it comes to ease of use.
On the plus side, it is an unusually low-cost CD that includes some interesting material, with 25Mb of terminal programs, 9Mb of music programs and lOMbs from The Party '94’ featuring as just a few of the disc’s highlights. Despite this, the inferior organisation of the CD and the fact that there's too much untranslated German left me rather lukewarm about Meeting Pearls This one's probably best left for the CD addicts or those with serious cash flow problems.
Along with the advantages of its presentation and diminutive size in comparison to a printed encyclopaedia, the Grolier Electronic encourages curiosity in its users because of the cross-referencing tools included. Articles lead on to related topics, or you can click on words in the text and perform a search at the press of a button.
Yes. It's been around for a while now but it remains an impressive product regardless. Considering the price, anyone with a CD32 should invest in this package and hope that serious releases of a similar quality will appear for their machine in the near future.
The bottom line Product: Grolier Electronic Encyclopaedia Price: £29.99 Supplier: Epic Software Tel: 01793 490988 Ease of use _ 9 8 9 9 Implementation Value for money Overall _ Educational tools targeted at CD are few and far between so far on the Amiga, and in my mind Optica's Dinosaurs remains one of the best examples of what can be achieved on the platform with a little effort.
While it’s a learning experience, the makers have remembered the first rule of computer education, by which I mean it should be fun to use. Consequently, the | emphasis of Dinosaurs is on colourful pictures and sound combined with an easy-to- use interface.
Dinosaurs was actually designed for the CD32 or the CDTV, but we had no problem running it from a CD-ROM drive using Squirrel emulation software, and this should now make it of wider appeal to a new market. The CD’s menus are far more visually appealing than on the other educational packages reviewed here, thanks to the use of large buttons with well drawn dinosaur packages representing various topic areas.
The CD is divided into three main sections. First the Life of a Dinosaur indudes an explanation of hunting patterns, diet and ]i digestion, and the natural attack and The bottom line Product: Meeting Pearls Price: £9.99 Supplier: Schatzruhe Tel: 0049 6171 85937 Ease of use 7 Implementation _6 Value for money_9 Overall 7 Amiga Computing JULY 1995 Insight lethnologg Town of Tunes In contrast to Dinosaurs. Technology is not a topic that will the have average child buzzing with excitement and curiosity. All the more reason to make a professional job of the CD and use the potential of the medium
to liven the subject up.
Unfortunately though, it was made by the same people as the Dinosaurs CD - this product came out earlier and lacks a lot of the polish of its successor. Even on booting the CD up, the menus look rather drab in comparison. It all works in much the same fashion as Dinosaurs but the user has to scroll through a lot more grey text indexes here.
Then, when you do get to the sparse video sections, it’s of a poor quality with an often all too brief voice-over to be informative.
Click on the tractor picture, for example, and the voice-over tells you nothing more than that the tractor replaced animals as the most important farming aid.
This Is followed by a three-second film of a tractor turning around in a field - basically it's pretty uninformative.
In fairness, the animated diagrams of how the machines work is relatively helpful. This, however, fails to make up for the overall weakness of a package tha was dull in the first place and which is beginning to look very dated now.
9 9 9 9 8 4 6 6 I lightuiauB Enhancer mes, [0 us jries.
R for f this til the eting
- end.
• © so any- ssion Ease of use_ Implementation Value for money
Overall When Imagine Enhancer surfaced on the scene a few
months ago. It dropped jaws all over the Amiga community with
a range of objects and backgrounds to inspire the best 3D
artists. With the arrival of Lightwave Enhancer from Oberland.
Hopes were high that this CD collection of objects, macros,
maps, brushes, backdrops, fonts and more would prove equally as
The first hurdle to overcome once the CD is up on the Workbench is the installing of the relevant libraries into Lightwave. This is a hassle which doesn't happen with the likes of 3D Arena from Almathera - there was various going back and forth as I tried typing in where the files should go. Like the Imagine Enhancer it can be overcome, but there really shouldn't be any need for fiddling round installing and copying for this price.
Get past this though and you have access to a multitude of different facilities to enhance the number one animation package. Let's get the disappointments out Of the way first though - there are seven objects on offer which are of a very high quality and rather familiar to the owners of the Imagine Enhancer CD. Unfortunately, it's a small number to have - the large library of furniture on the Imagine Enhancer CD has not been ported across to this version.
On the plus side, 25 macros have been included for use in Modeller which produce a variety of differing effects, from exploding the faces of an object and turning any picture into a reflection, to creating a Wavemaker-like storyboard.
Easy to operate and fully explained via text on screen as you select them, these are one of the most valuable sections in the whole CD. There are eight fonts that can be loaded straight into layout for defence mechanisms the creatures evolved. The second section, on the other hand, expounds on the main theories Behind the extinction of the dinosaurs.
Finally, the third section is an index for immediate access to information on a particular species.
With a dinosaur quiz and Chinese puzzle thrown in for good measure, this is an excellent learning tool for children and, for that matter, one which will keep the parents intrigued for a fair while too.
Ease of use_ Implementation Value for money Overall The bottom line Product: Insight Dinosaurs Price: £39.99 Supplier: Optica Tel: 01455 559282 immediate manipulation - no need to extrude any of them.
The Magazine font, for instance, boasts an Art Deco style and is of a very high quality. Then for the texture and backdrop freaks, the CD has over 150 examples displayed in a variety of different screen sizes.
Summing up. If you want lots of objects to play with then go for Almathera's 3D Arena, but for textures. Macros, animmaps and lots of other odds and sods to make life easier, then Lightwave Enhancer is a very promising CD - just watch out for the rather substantial price tag though.
Product: Lightwave Enhancer Price: £40 approx. Supplier: 17-Pit Software Tel: 01924 366982 Product: Insight Technology Price: £39.99 Supplier: Optica Tel: 01455 558282 Ease of use _ Implementation Value for money Overall _ Ease of use __ Implementation Value for money Overall The bottom line The bottom line While the title might make the average consumer flinch with embarrassment with a capital E, this CD from the Scandinavian CD- ROM Publishers is an interesting collection of sound modules, midi samples and rather risque pictures. The most hyped contents of the CD are the 960 modules
forming a solid library of all types of music. Quality varies from module to module some hark back to the day of C64 games music while others use the latest electronic gear to produce their synthetic sound.
Zip files have been included for BBS use to aid uploading and downloading times, and there’s also some special mixes of popular tunes including groups such as 2Unlimited, Snap and Blackbox.
Other sound files consist of midi and sample data, of which there are several hundred to choose from. As something of a strange bonus, you can also plough your way through song lyrics from bands such as Aerosmith.
ACDC, Anthrax and solo artists (I use that term loosely) such as Paula Abdhul.
It's good to see that the necessary players have been included, but it would have been nice if the producers had given the front-end the same ease of use as the Aminet CD collection. Where viewers and sound players are already up and ready to run and listed in hypertext-like links for selection. Maybe next time.
On a more cautionary note, the CD also includes promotional material for other products produced by the Netherlands team.
These include soft pom pictures of Japanese ladies clutching at various parts of their anatomy and some rather surprising shocking (depending on your view point) pictures Of Manga-style explicit material.
While I would assume the materia! Is not illegal in this country, parents should be advised that the disc does contain such material and distributors should put some kind of label on the front of the package to warn potential buyers.
This aside. Town Of Tunes is a rather useful collection for musicians needing instantly gratifying tunes, samples and other oddities to play round with. Recommended.
The bottom line 7 8 8 8 Product: Town Of Tunes Price: £19.99 Supplier: 17 bit Software Tel: 01924 366982 Amiga Computing Hit} Limited The Storage and System Design Specialists Tel +44 (0)181 909 2092 jSftiited The Greatest Drive since the Model T Ford Well the wait is over and the future has arrived in the shape of the new Panasonic PD System Optical drive. This unit is a Hybrid 650Mb, Quad speed CD-ROM and Optical Read Write system. (Yes, you did read that correct!). Now you can read all of your favourite CD Titles at over 600Kb per second and by inserting the low cost 650Mb cartridges you
have 650Mb of storage space always on line just like a conventional hard drive.
Internal Drive Unit £569.95 inc. VAT 650Mb Cartridge £49.95 inc. VAT External Case £59.95 inc. VAT Panasonic Optical Storage PowerStation pack Prices Includes 2 * SCSI CDRom ? Squirrel Stereo speaker version £329 95 Desktop version £299.95 Tower version £299.95 Carriage £12.50 PowerStation Specifications:-
1. 200 watt power supply for complete Power Systems.
2 Good looking high quality steel construction 3 Five drive bays, various mounting configurations 4 Ideal monitor stand and cables slide underneath 5 High speed Squirrel SCSI2 Interface from Hisoft.
6 Dual speed, highly CD32 compatible CD-Rom drive
7. Power and Hard Drive LED's.
8 Headphone output and oxtemal amplifier connector.
9. Speaker mute button, and ext. Speakor on button.
10. Twwi 10 watt speaker system
11. Mix CDRom and Amiga audio outputs thru speakers.
12. Volume, Bass, Treble, and Balance controls
13. Computer speed indicator. 2 speed SwitChable.
14. DOES NOT VOID WARRANTY PowerStation Case Prices includes
Internal Audio & SCSI Cables Stereo speaker version £129.95
Desktop version £99.95 Tower version £99.95 Carriage £1250 !!
Multimedia PowerStation options for all Amigas A1200 IDE 420Mb Only £149.95 A1200 Cable Pack £20 200w Power & Cable Pack £80 Post & Packing £6 (CityUnk) ! Free fitting for all personal callers Hi-Fi quality active stereo speakers (Suits all Amigas) • .ij. m • 0 Specificatiori*:-
1. 80 watt active stereo
2. Built in amplifier
3. Colour matched
4. Volume. Bass and Treble
5. Excellent Bass response _ Price only £49.95 pspctoo HIQ Stand
Alone CD Rom Drive Spoclflcations:-
1. Dual speed SCSI ii n r
7. Proper steel chassis
3. Built-In power supply
4. Tray loading Cds
5. CD32 emulation software
6. Includes Hlaoft Squirrel 4 4 I Price only £229.95 psp c7.oo
Sf ec Squirrel SCSI Interface C Copyright Htoott 19*4 Need we
say more C54.95 +P&P All Prices include VAT HiQ Ltd, 176
Kenton Lane, Harrow, Middx, HA3 8SU.
_EMail address:-CompuServe 100432,711 Fax BBS 0181 909 3885 Tel 0181 909 2092 m SCSI2 3.5" Herd Drives and other SCSI Prices:- Ouantum Maverick 270Mb Drivs Cl49.95 Quantum Maverick 540Mb Drive £199.96 Quantum Lightning 730Mb Drive £229.95 Micropolis 2.1 Gb Drive £869.95 Mieropolit 9.1 Gb AV Drive £2000.00 Conner Tape Backup 2Gb £499.95 Internal CO Rom 2 x spood £139.95 Carriage per shipment £7.00 QUAD SPEED Add £10.00 I k ost programs need to perform a vari- y I ety of different tasks and many of Subroutine rommunication ~ these, because they concern opera- :ons that need to be repeated many
times, will oe written as subroutines. As well as the fact
- at this approach saves memory space, there re other benefits to
be had: A subroutine that ¦as been written to be generally
useful will,
* “er suitable preliminary testing, be able to be
- sed by programmers, safe in the knowledge
- at it does what it is supposed to do and is T'tor free, In
fact, maximising the ‘utility value’ :¦* such routines is a
good design objective r-ecause the more generally useful a
piece of rode is, the more the programmer will find
- ses for it.
Similarly, maximising the use of either system supplied or self-written subroutines makes program development quicker, and this re-use of tested code also reduces the chances of pugs (in fact you can almost guarantee that any bugs that do occur in your program will come from the recent code you’ve written 'ather than any library subroutines being jsed).
Being able to break up a complex programming task into a series of subroutines is proba- oly one of the most important skills a programmer can learn, However, in order to build programs in this fashion it’s also necessary to be aware of the various ways in which information can be passed to, and retrieved from, the subroutine units you create. Over the next couple of issues I’ll be going through some of TOP OF MEMORY existing data 2 byte parameter 4 byte return address current (sp - Figure 1t Position of the pushed stack parameter after the subroutine call LOW MEMORY the basic methods
available and having done that, will make a start on the design and coding of a 680x0 project that will show the various techniques in action.
The 680x0 chips used in the Amiga provide two basic methods for transferring control to a subroutine. Firstly, there is a jump-to- subroutine instruction, whose mnemonic is jsr. Which produces an unconditional jump to a specified memory address. This instruction behaves just like a normal unconditional jump (jmp) instruction, but in addition to placing the specified jump address into the program counter, it also saves a return address.
A branch-to-subroutine (mnemonic bsr) instruction provides an alternative relative addressing form of the same subroutine call mechanism using an 8 or 16-bit displacement from the program counter rather than an absolute address.
MEMORY DEPENDANT Any subroutine instruction sequence requires the processor to 'remember' the address of the next instruction to be executed once the subroutine has completed its job. By convention, this address is called the return address and since subroutines may call other subroutines in the course of their work, a scheme is needed which allows these addresses to be stored and retrieved in an orderly fashion. The data structure used is called a ‘stack’ and on the 680x0 register a7 is used as a stack pointer (most assemblers, PerpleHed by parameter passing? Struggling with the stark?
Peuer fear - this month's subroutine-oriented help from Paul Oueraa - should help demystify the issues including Devpac, allow ‘sp’ to be used as an alternative name for register a7).
Modem day assembly language environments like Devpac make It particularly easy to read in and re-use existing routines 680x0 stacks grow downwards in memory and since the stack pointer always points to the last data item added to the stack, this means that before adding new items it is necessary to first decrease the stack pointer by a number equivalent to the byte-size of the object being stored (so that it properly points to the storage locations to be used next).
The jsr and bsr instructions therefore decrease the stack pointer by four, store the return address, and then place the specified jump location into the processor's program counter. The main body of the subroutine will execute just like any other piece of code, but the last instruction of the subroutine will be a return-from-subroutine (rts) instruction which causes the return address to be placed into the program counter. The net result is that the processor, having jumped to and executed a piece of suitably written subroutine code, returns to the instruction immediately following the
subroutine call.
In order to be really useful, subroutines must be written so that they are as general as possible. There is, for instance, little point in writing a subroutine that prints the Amiga Computing ioven.1 IOVtl.1 iaU body of subroutine cod* aovei.l rt» subroutine that lias' tohi generallg useful mill, after suitable preliminarg testing, be able to be used bu programmers, sale in the knowledge that it dues uihat it is supposed to do and is error free ¦ovei.I ¦ovc.v »iin body of subroutine cod» ¦ovei.l rts (sp)+,dO type instruction - instead it's faster to numerically adjust the stack pointer so
the item is effectively ignored. The code fragment that pushed a word (2 byte) parameter onto the stack would, in reality, then have to include this sort of stack adjusment:
• ova.* soa*_value,-(sp) push paraieter jsr HySub addq.l 12,sp
ciean-up stack Needless to say. If you had pushed a long word
(4 byte) parameter, a stpck adjustment of 4 would have been
needed, Incidentally, the Amiga's amiga.lib linker library
routines use this type of stack-onent- ed parameter passing,
and it is also a method used by many high-level languages
(including C)! !'•¥ message Please type your name.’ it would,
however, be useful to create a subroutine that could display
any required text message.
This brings us to one of the most interesting areas of subroutine use - namely, how information can be provided to the subroutine and how any results might be passed back.
Data items to be passed to a subroutine are called parameters’, so the act of arranging to transfer these parameters to the subroutine is commonly known as parameter passing'.
There are only two fundamental ways in which data can be passed to a subroutine: Parameters may be placed in the 680x0’s registers, or they can be stored and retrieved from memory. The first option is both simple and fast, and since pointers to larger objects, such as strings and other blocks of data, can be used (i.e. the subroutine can be passed the address of the object rather than the object itself), there is little you cannot do.
Similarly, the subroutine may return any results (or a pointer to those results) in a register. Examples? You need look no further than the Amiga's run time libraries - Exec.
Intuition etc. all use this register-based approach.
FLEXIBILITY Memory-based parameter passing is inherently slower but, at the end of the day, has the advantage of being infinitely more flexible.
To start with there are a variety of simple schemes available - for example, parameters can, if they are known at assembly time, be embedded in the code immediately after the subroutine call itself (providing the return address is adjusted accordingly by the sub* routine by adding to it an amount equal to the number of bytes of parameters). The use of global variables, i.e. statk? Locations that can be read from any routine anywhere in a program, is another option that is used extensively.
One powerful memory-oriented approach of particular importance is stack-based parameter passing. The idea is that before you make your subroutine call you push the parameters the subroutine needs onto the stack.
These values are collected and used by the subroutine itself and then when the subroutine returns, the stack is then 'adjusted' so that those parameters are effectively removed. Stack-based paarameter passing can be done in several ways: The 680x0's move Instruction can. For example, be used in conjunction with indirect addressing and autodecrement to push a value onto the stack like this: What must be remembered here, of course, is that after you have pushed the parameter onto the stack, the jsr instruction will have subsequently pushed a return address onto the stack so the final stack
arrangement in memory will be looking something like that shown in figure 1. This means that the subroutine needs to look not just at the lop’ of the stack but actually 'into it' in order to extracf
• ove.u Pull I paraietir jir lyiub When registers are preserved
like this, routines which are expecting parameters to be passed
on the stack need to allow for the fact that more items have
been pushed onto the stack after the return address. In the
above example, nine 32-bit registers are preserved (dO, dl. D2.
D3, d4, aO.al. a2 and a3) so a further 36 bytes have been
placed on the stack.
If we go back to the stack-based parameter passing example mentioned earlier and add the above register preservation code, the offset now needed to extract the word parameter variable would be (9 x 4) + 4, i.e. 40. So the subroutine entry code would then be based on this type of framework: Register preseruation and restoration It is normally advisable to create subroutines which do not alter the contents of any temporary workspace registers they use. The best way to do this is to preserve those registers by pushing their contents onto the stack and restoring them just before the
subroutine returns. One way of doing this would be to push pull the contents of each register singly using instructions such as: and to restore the registers (i.e. pull them back off the stack) we'd use: aovti.l Up)f,dO*d7 aO-a3 As far as placement in a subroutine use is concerned you'll see these instructions used like this but in actual fact, a special 'multiple move’ instruction exists, called movem, which allows this transfer to be done more efficiently when two or more registers are involved.
The easiest way to describe the use of the instruction is to show you some examples: For example, to save on the stack the full 32-bit contents of registers dO through d7 and aO through a3. We would write: IOVt.1 ai, -Up) preserve 16 on stack BOVI.l 5, -Up) preserve a5 on stack I0VB.I at, -Up) nin body of subroutine preserve a* on stack aove.l Up)*,at Up)t,i5 restore contents of it I0VI.I restore contents of i5 ¦ovt.l Up)*,a6 restore contents of 16 The above fragment copies into dO the two bytes of data immediately above the return address. The snag now is that once the subroutine has
returned, the stack pointer is left pointing to the parameter placed on the stack. This situation cannot be left as it is because the integrity of the stack, as far as other items already on the stack are concerned, would be destroyed.
As the parameter is no longer needed, there is little point in removing it via a move NySub ¦ove.1 v t(sp),dO subroutine no* bis printer in dO aiin body of subroutine rts the parameter. Since the return address is four bytes long we need to use a displacement of 4 like this: dO-dt iO-iJ,-Up) preserve registers i6(sp),d0 piriaeter no* in dO (sp)»,d0-d* »0-i! Restore registers dHt aO-a3,-Up) preserve registers Up)t,dO-dt aQ-a3 restore registers dO-df iO-iS, -tip) PyJub As you can see from this month’s discussions, parameter passing is quite a large topic in its own right. In fact, there are
still other techniques to come, although I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next month for details.
Amiga Computing i*H I cr u K Oz 0
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- W w Cl) GJ £ C ® HI .2 o - _ « ctno O Q Q.
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cod S ¦=2 Q O £ |'SCO UC M
0) ° rj S'Slcd wu in 2 q cd'q.1 w
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U 2 J5 PS H H uC QJ w o £ P5
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Q. .• m U) W ' (O “3 2 , 0 n if) T- 3'§i 8 s gs-Ss”!
T o c h O a) S N - 11?
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Rl 2 O j CO II*
2. o £ 0) CM W c rs O C CD ?05 a*R ro 5 0 U 3
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- 3 £ , « m 2 £ O w a ro 'E p -d o CO ' O |S S 2 o'0 - ® '
6 2 05 oJ ui 5 ¦? .a) a. SO; G ' (f) ™ R O J. hO E "j - . 0 *- CD "O CD (0 O cd . Ro R w 0 Q 0 2 CO , S“ff=o, iiili!
CL Z TD d T3 pi
- S'S E? 5 m * "3 C -T U E | I © P?, rU
• 55 2 ?i 8
* 11?
E = i
0) = CC 2 - Q 3 a z o o P q "Q IE 2 CQ IU Jzofl 3 -7* O LL z
111 0 O 9 z* ¦¦ ard Drive breakdown. Considering this is
possibly the most devastating disaster that can threaten a
computer, you'd think Amiga owners would be taking every
precaution possible to protect their valuable files and
programs. Yet everyone has a lazy streak, and backing up is
about as interesting and rewarding a chore as ironing your
underwear. No wonder many of us never get round to doing it.
Backing your system up, however, doesn't have to be as boring as it once was. There are both software and hardware solutions that can help to make the process less daunting, and there are options that should suit everyone’s pocket and needs.
Backing up on to floppy is the cheapest way of securing your data, but everyone would have to admit it’s a pain in the backside. To back up a 350Mb hard drive on to floppy will require hundreds of disks, not to mention hours of disk swapping.
The fact is, if you’re going to carry out this process regularly and you’re dealing with a large amount of data, you’re going to need a high capacity storage medium and some method of speeding the process up.
When it comes to hardware specifically designed for this purpose, the most economical method is the standard tapestreamer.
Using tape resembling that found In video cassettes, these devices can back up an entire hard drive in a matter of minutes. A high capacity tape drive can store 525 Mb of data and should attain a transfer rate of approximately 5Mb per second.
SCARCE Unfortunately, these mechanisms are hard to come by these days, having been almost entirely replaced by technically superior but more expensive DAT systems. A search through all the usual Amiga distributors failed to reveal anyone who was offering the standard tapestreamer - perhaps your best bet would be to buy one second hand.
If you’re a very serious Amiga user with large volumes of data requiring regular backup, it might be worthwhile considering the DAT alternative, though you'll need substantial sums of cash to be able to afford one. A DAT drive will achieve a transfer rate in excess of 10Mbs per second, reducing back up times radically. What’s more, they will store between two to nine gigabytes of data depending on how much you're Uideo Bath-up Buying a DAT tapestreamer may be the dream solution to the back up problem but let’s face it, very few of us are prepared to pay that sort of money for a
precautionary device. Does this leave all but the affluent Amiga owner in the position of swapping floppy disk after floppy disk?
Thankfully, the situation is not anywhere near as grim, thanks to Power Computing's Video Backup System Designed as a convenient, powerful device that works with a standard Video Recorder, it's also economical enough to make sense to even the stingiest Amiga owner.
Using this product, a large hard disk or hundreds of floppys can be backed up onto a standard video tape, which makes the storage medium about as cheap as you could hope for - 200Mb can be squeezed onto one four hour tape. The package comes in video-style casing (though you'll have to provide the cassette yourself), and includes either SCART or prepared to spend. Anyone who is considering DAT should be well advised to buy from a distributor who can provide Amiga installation and maintenance advice since, as with many SCSI devices, the sort of documentation you get with a DAT drive will
probably be [?mniBrcial copiers Backing up your software packages may be less important than securing an entire hard drive’s worth of data, but then floppies are more vulnerable to damage than just about any other storage medium. For years, X-Pro Copy was the most popular and respected copying program, but now Siren Software have stopped supplying it and have switched to the new Discology package.
The advantage of commercial copiers over PD counterparts is that they come with a dongle which gives it great advantages in getting around software protection. Many developers protect a program by varying the length of tracks on the floppy
- if you try to copy these via a standard AmigaDOS method it
won’t work because the Amiga will look for 80 tracks of a
certain standard length. The hardware that comes with these
commercial copiers means that copying is made directly from
track to track without any need for them to be read by
AmigaDOS, thereby bypassing the problem. Discology is a
powerful package which automates the copying process, so
you can just keep chucking disks into the drive without having
to OK it all the time.
Protected Amiga and IBM disks can both be copied.
A high-speed formatting facility, integrated floppy disk compaction, and the ability to copy Amiga high density disks are a few of the extras that make Discology highly appealing. Those who haven’t got a virus checker will also benefit from Discology’s ability to detect bootblock and link viruses.
Discology can also multitask, which the last version of X-Pro I saw was not able to do. Small additions like this combine to make Discology the best commercial copier currently available - let's just hope it gets used for back up purposes rather than piracy.
Amiga Computing f be the Diem but pared to utionary affluent capping lywhere Power ystem.
)werful j Video augh to Amiga disk or ked up makes eap as :an be
e. The casing assette RT or for every backup on the tape.
Then, when it comes to searching for files, a visual header precedes every file on the tape with title and date details.
Add to that the fact that Power's system will also back up a full Amiga floppy in one minute and restore it just as quickly, even onto an unformatted disk, and this product begins to look like the only sensible back up solution for those with limited funds.
The bottom line Product: Video Back-up System Supplier: Power Computing Tel: 01234 273000 Price: £65 SCART £60 PHONO (available from Ramiga - 01690 770304).
This works best with sequential data like animations or long pieces of music, although it transfers data much slower than a hard drive and can take up to one or two minutes to find a file.
Nsider- ry from istalla- is with menta- ibly be E3 Back up or loss it.
Gareth lofthouse reports on some of the safety measures auailable I
6. 53 can match it for just about every facility, yet it can be
downloaded for free from virtually any BBS (and you won't even
have to upload anything in return).
Another downfall is that Siegfried are trying to combat the new viruses released every month by offering a software update service for owners of Anti Virus, but they are unlikely to be able to beat the monthly revision Virus Checker benefits from.
All in all then, it's hard to justify Anti Virus’s asking price considering it doesn't offer much more than its free PD rivals.
Ist tall gy i - es An alternative threat to a hard drive crash is the risk of infection by computer viruses. Though these are less talked about than when they first appeared in the late '80s. There are new viruses being invented all the time, mainly with the intention of ruining as many people's systems as possible.
With this In mind, Siren Software have released Siegfried's Anti Virus Pro, a software package that's intended to be the ultimate Amiga aid in the detection and prevention of viruses. When you realise that Anti Virus carries a £40 price tag, the first question that will spring to mind is 'Is it worth it?' Considering you can get PD virus checkers for virtually nothing.
Certainly. Anti Virus appears to have just about all the features you can currently hope for from this type of program. Virus searches can be made not only on floppies but also hard drives, RAD or CD. And the software allows for the quick tracing of link and file viruses including trojan horses, worms, bombs, and disk validator viruses. The problem is, however, that though it can do these things and a lot more. Vims Checker =HQNQ leads, the Video "terface, and the all-important software contained on a sngle floppy.
The system has a number c* helpful features including .enfication and error corrector facilities to optimise the reliability of the process.
Naturally, the software aflows you to select files and 3 rectories to back up, and it's possible to restore selected files off the tape if you don’t a ant to restore the whole lot.
Ease of use is greatly increased by a well organised interface and a short but comprehensive manual which indudes helpful illustrations. What's more, the program performs a connection check to ensure the hardware is correctly hooked up for reliable data transmission.
Another plus point is the way in which the software automatically maintains log files Ahich contain the title and counter position secure imed at the PC. White Knight Technologies (01920 822321) do a range of internal DAT dnyes starting at £729 for the 2Gb version.
A final point about DAT is that it can be accessed like a large hard drive using Moonlighter Software’s Tapeworm llirus killer Amlback la on• ol tha moil da air able HD Back-up program» you can own, but whathar you can gat your funds on It la another mattar HO Back-up software Tapestreamers and DAT are best used with either Quarterback 2.0 or Amiback
6. 0. both of which are powerful pieces of back-up software.
Unfortunately, the makers of Quarterback went bust and we've
not had much luck finding anyone who can supply us with
Amiback either, Nevertheless, these commercial tools are so
useful that if you can get your hands on either of them it
will be well worth your while. Amiback, for example, can back
up a 900k directory in just 47 seconds and has flexibility in
terms of its support not only for tapestreamers and DAT, but
also floppies and high density floppies.
If you can't get access to these programs it is possible to use HD Backup which is included on Workbench 2.04 and higher, but this is far from ideal. HD Back up is notoriously unpleasant to use with a poor interface, unnecessary complexity of use, and an inability to back up more than one partition or hard drive at once.
There are PD alternatives available - for example. Epic Software’s HD Tools includes a back up program (call 01793 490988) A word Of warning to those with less technical experience, however, is that there didn't appear to be a read me file to explain how to use this software.
M km M km tat* Rilife cwn.iH m Ufclliari In im All liiW ktr* tnir *¦« MMI1 AmhBJM I- DOUBLER 4000 - 50MHz EMPLANT Blittersoft deliver the fastest 68040 accelerator over lor the Arrvga 4000 040, sotting a new breakthrough m price and performance The new Doubler 4000 50 Mhz 68040 accelerator delivers across-the-board speed meases lor aft applcaiiona and system functions, translating into a significant productivity gain This powerful "plug and play” accelerator is 100% hardware and software compatible, since It stli uses a Motorola 68040 processor It oilers an affordable upgrade that makes
sense, requiring no special software For a mcdetate price. U9ers get twice the processing power yet retain 100% ol meir Amiga investment. No software upgrading, roconliguration w incompatibilities The Doubler 4000 accelerator is an easy-to-mstall daughter board that simply replaces the 25 Mhz 68040 CPU socket on the Commodore Anvga 3840 board. Anyone who can install a SIMM can install tne D&ibler 4000 Customers ale Supplied with photo-illuitrstod installafon instructions pus the necessary extract on too* to pertorm the installation Simply putting a taster processor into an Amiga does not help
much unless the system can supply enough data to keep it busy. That is why the Motorola 66040 contains a large on-chip cache Ths cache trees the Doubler 4000 to work somi mdependentty ol tho Amiga memory subsystem, in fact. 85% of the time the cache contams the data and instructcns necessary lor the Doubler 4000 to operate at lull speed
* 586DXsm Emulation Module The new E586DX emulation module otters
a high speed 586DX (FPU. MMU. And new instruction set)
emulation with complete low-level architecture support, giving
you the ability to run DOS. OS 2, NT. Windows 3.x, and even
Chicagol There is support lor MDA. CGA. EGA. VGA.
SVGA video modes (dependant on hardware. AGA or a supported graphics card is required lor VGA SVGA) .
Sound, Joysticks. Floppy drives, hard drives, extended memory, and more! Requires PC BIOS, not supplied.
The Doubler 4000 includes an on-chip math co-processor, and will dramatically speed up any application - such as rendering - that depends on calculations It s completely reliable and system safe. An integral cooling system ensures that the Doubler 4000 runs coaler end more relifttxy at 50 Mhz than the original processor RELATIVE PERFORMANCE | Syslnto V3.15 benchmark? ) Macintosh® Emulation Module The Macintosh emulation module is a 'generic' Macintosh with the speed ol the emulation depending on the processor your Amiga is using. An A3000 is equivalent to a MAC lie*. An A4000 is equivalent to
a Quadra 900.
Support lor up to 16 colours is provided (or non-AG A machines. A4000 owners can use a lull 258 colours! Up to 24 bit (18 million-*-) colours is supported using third party video boards. Built in multiple liie transfer allows lor quick and easy transfers between the Amiga and MAC emulation Support lor AmigaDOS devices. Scanners, CD ROM. MIDI. SyQuest removable drives. Printers. Modems etc Full stereo sound is supported too' Requires Macintosh ROMs (not supplied) The possibilities with a multi-platform machine are endless. Now you can take advantage of a whole host ol great soltwaro previously
unavailable, and use them to compliment each other By upgrading your Amiga (extra memory, faster processor, etc) you instantly upgrade your emulation tool All major graphics cards are supported for improved video performance such as: CyberGraphics.
Picasso II, EGS-Spectrum. Vivid-24, Rainbow II, Rainbow
III. Visiona Paint. Merlin. Retina. Retina Z3, Piccolo.
P*oooloSD64, EGSl 10 24, and OpalVision!
Blittersoft are the exclusive European distributors for Utilities Unlimited, providing full technical support upgrade warranty services All emulations require a 68020 or better.
DMRYSTONES A400CV40 17.973 DOUBLER 4000 : 36.126 CPU MIPS A4000M0 18.76 DOUBLER 4000 37.72 DISK MBYTES SEC - A4000MO 140 DOUBLER 4000 DOUBLER 4000 50MHz ACCELERATOR £399.95 ARIADNE OS 3.1 Ever wanted to set up a network but been afraid of the complexity involved? Now there is a simple but effective solution for any Zorro based Amiga. In addition. Ariadno has two extra parallel ports and includes Commodores industry standard software solution ENVOY.
Ariadne offers iOBase-2 (Thin ethernet. Coax cable) and iOBase-T (Twisted pair, western jacket), Socket for a boot ROM. SANA-n compatible driver (or ethernet and parallel port. 32Kb cache to support the CPU and full manuals.
You can hook up additional Amiga s to the parallel ports with Liana ,4 17 671 OS 3.1 „ AU packs contain the appropriate ROM(s). Workbench
3. 1 disks, three manuals and detailed lining instructions (•).
ARIADNE £219.95 LIANA Liana is the ideal solution tor a quick, easy yet efficient connection between two Amiga s. Simply plug the special cable into the parallel port, install the software and you are ready to go. Now you can share hard dnves etc. without on a small budget. The software supplied is ENVQY.
Much of the latest software requires the latest operating system. Now you can upgrade to KickStart 3.1 tor virtually any Amiga Non-AGA machines can deliver a 256 colour Workbench with OS3.1 and Picasso II.
EMPLANT BASIC EMPLANT OPTION A (AppleTalk port*) EMPLANT OPTION B (SCSI) EMPLANT DELUXE t586DX«u MODULE £239.95 £269.95 £269.95 £299.95 £ 99.95
053. 1 FOR AMIGA 500 OR 2000
053. 1 FOR AMIGA 600, 1200, 3000 OR 4000 £89.95 £99.95 LIANA
F0LI0UI0RH FOR £18. B 0 PICASSO II PICASSO II is the leading
graphics card on the Amiga. It otters unrivalled support and
retargetable graphics on any Zorro based Amiga Workbench
emulation oilers 256 colours, even on non-AGA machines
(Requires OS3 i) at resolutions up to 1600x1280 Supports
HiCoiour (16 bit) and True Colour (24 bit) graphics -16
rruilion colours!
MULTIMEDIA PICASSO blittersoft Introducing a brand new package, ottering stunning value for money! This all new package comprises ol: The PICASSO II graphics card, full 2Mb version Unmatched comptibility and support!
The PABLO VIDEO ENCODER, (its really on the Picasso II board and oilers fantastic quality TVPaint Junior, a great entry level 24-bit package Cmema 4D VI.5. superb rendering package.
This total solution allows you to release your creativity in stunning 24-b«t quality. No other package offers so much value and performance.
MULTIMEDIA PICASSO £399 9* 6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill, Milton Keynes. MK8 OER. UK.
01908 261466 Orders Only 01908 261477 Technical (t.00 pm *4.00 pm) 01908 261488 Fax 01908 261499 BBS (24 Hour) Order by Access Visa'Delta Switch or Postal order Cheque Credit cards attract a 2.5% surcharge Prces ard specification* may change without notes All prices include VAT ft s aovsadB to telephone to confirm prong rspecificaBorV availatXity before ordering. E&OE. All trademarks acknowledged EUROPEAN CUSTOMER ORDERS WELCOME.
UK EUROPEAN TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME, email ptesurf®dx compuilnk.co i* CompuServe 100523.2224 There is no longer a Chip RAM limitation and screen configuration is provided through PicassoMode. Which allows the creation ol custom screens quickly and simply PABLO is the new Video Encoder option for Picasso II, expanding it with two additional video ports, one standard Composite Sync Signal, and one S-VHS (Y-C) compatible port All PAL compatible video devices can be plugged into Pablo, such as a colour TV or a video recorder Pablo has 15KHz overload protection and is supplied with cables adapters,
Animation examples and a 24 bit animation player PICASSO II 2MB PABLO VIDEO ENCODER £299 1 Vour essential guide to the uorld of Hmiga gaining - llnder the system spotlight H fistful of fun System puts the summer’s hottest hopefuls under the spotlight SeasT Tower of Souls Beat The System Stuck on Ultimate Soccer Manager? Getting in a twist over our Speris Legacy demo?
Take a lank within Let us know your opinions on our games section and win some prizes in the process Preview - Limbo of the Lost Gore galore is promised In Tri Logic’s new adventure game 102 Communist conundrums in Core Design s latest adventure. We take a peek T- I Monster Manga Fans of Manga will be pleased to hear of the latest releases from Manga Video this month.
Godzilla vs. Mothra, released on 1 May, is based on the 1964 film, Godzilla vs. The Thing.
The movie is the fourth in Toho'S big budget remake series and is directed by Takao Okawara and Koichi Kawakita. The plot sees a giant meteorite hurl to Earth setting off volcanoes and earthquakes which awaken Godzilla from his slumber. The landslides reveal a mysterious sphere which truns out to be the egg of Mothra and surprise - it hatches! More trouble is in store as the earthquakes have also caused Mothra's enemy, Battra, to rise.
Manga Video also kick off their new six-part series, Angel Cop, where the deadly but sexy Angel, a member of the Special Security force, is sent to fight a new wave of crime in Tokyo.
This story follows the Red May, a dangerous terrorist organisation. Part One also includes the first episode of the comic strip, Bone 'Ed, The Chainsaw Messiah.
QQQQQ Camion S?2 A Binary Asylum are busy at work on the sequel to their excellent helicopter sim, Zeewolf. It promises to keep the same successful gameplay as before, but with a variety of new missions and improvements. They are still aiming to keep the tactical eleZee sheep in Zeewolf's clothing ment and the same freedom of mission order.
The company are also expanding their development team with the appointment of Chris Newcombe. Previously a Senior Software Engineer at Sega Europe and a programmer on Gunship 2000 for MicroProse, Manic Pinball Play to win It certainly is Pinball Mania at the moment - literally! 21st Century, the people behind the hit pinball sims Pinball Illusions, Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies, are working on yet another that promises to better its predecessors. At the moment the Amiga version isn't definite, but keep your fingers crossed because this one looks like being the best yet!
There are going to be four tables which will have the themes, Tarantula, Jailbreak, Kick-Off and Jackpot. They will all include animations such as moving switches and passage spinners, and there will be a minimum of three flippers on every table. The controls will also be user-definable.
The popular footy management game. Player Manager, has been given a fresh lick of paint and the new moniker Player Manager 2 to bring you a sequel.
You actually get to play in the matches and can choose from options such as Personal Challenge - where you must reach a set target - or Knock Out - where four players test their skills against each other.
There are also all the other usual managerial options where you'll have to decide everything from tactics, to carrying out individual player team talks and deciding on stadium improvements.
A Ray Trace option will also make for a highly impressive game. This allows you to design your tactics accurately, and by applying the Ray Trace you can pinpoint player limitations, decide on the best positions for your players, and choose the right tactics for individual matches.
From what we've seen so far, it looks like falling into the new genre of management games we're seeing at the moment that tend to go for a highly polished, realistic graphical style rather than the totally stats-based approach.
Mayer Manager 2 will have many new features and will boast some very realistic graphics Jab ms - Get the power Sver-busy Impressions are working on another strategy title called 5ower House, It's set in the future and puts you in the role of a power giant competing against rnree other ruthless rivals, all vying for the earth's natural resources.
It's your aim to build a profitable business empire without destroying the earth's already crumbling eco system. You can choose from nine types of energy to invest in, from the renewable to the fossil fuels.
You will also have to do things like test drilling and mining, or construct oil rigs. Negotiating territorial rights and extraction rights is also important. Power House will be available this June and it certainly sounds different.
In their Shadow Thanks to all those who entered our Shadow Fighter competition a couple of months back. We had a good response and the standard of entries was high. But as they say; There can only be one winner! So congratulations to Sarah Snape from Sheffield who gets a CD32 courtesy of Gremlin.
The five runners-up are Marek Walford, Adam Scott Tom Wilson, Craig Humphries and Tom Gaskell.
Each receive a copy of the excellent beat-'em-up, Shadow Fighter.
Look forward fo this quality pinballer. Obsession, soon Living in Fear PC cynics who claim that Doom can't be done on the Amiga may soon be eating their words. A huge effort is being made on the part of Amiga developers to find the ultimate Doom beater, or at least an equal to it! Death Mask tried and failed, Alien Breed 3D is in the pipeline and already looking pretty stunning, and two more contenders are raring up to take the challenge.
Fears is just one of theses titles. Written by French team MANYK and published by Bomb Software, Fears aims to provide a good combination of action and some of the more Doom-like strategy aspects. You will also be able to link two Amigas together via a null modem cable for a networked game.
The other is Gloom and is being developed by a New Zealand team called Black Magic, The programmer, Mark Sibbly, has already earned a top reputation for himself for the hit game Guardian, among others, and the programming language Blitz Basic. Gloom guarantees gore in abundance and two different graphical styles which will alter the mood of the game dramatically.
Both games will be released this summer.
Obsessive behaviour In my days on ST Review magazine I remember there was a certain title that really grabbed my attention. So much in fact, that I awarded it a huge 98 per cent, And now, rumour has it that this very same game (plus a few tweaks and improvements) is heading its way on to the Amiga.
It's a pinball game by a relatively new Swedish team called Unique Developments.
When I saw the game it had four completely stunning tables; Aquatic Adventure, Balls and Bats, Desert Run and X-ile Zone, but an extra table is promised for the A1200 version, along with 2S6 colours and multi-ball.
Tiny lYoops Mindscape are working on a multi format release across the CD32, Amiga. PC and PC CD-ROM called Tiny Troops. It is a fun strategy game featuring two warring races of bugs across six different worlds. A June release is planned and it will have 70 different missions.
To the Hilt Kellion, the very new publishers behind Leading Lap and Ants, are working on a Laser Squad sort of title called Hilt, but based around robots. It'll be ready in a few weeks and we'll hopefully be bringing you a full review soon.
Explosive game Kent based Arcane are working on yet another Amiga title along the lines of Bomberman and Dyna Blaster. It's a Blitz Basic game that will have a multi-player link mode for ultimate playability Hot in the city Bruce Smith Books are continuing there range of Gamers Guides with their latest addition, 5ecrets of Sim City 2000. Written by Andrew Banner, it contains 128 pages of hints and tips to help players build the perfect city. It also contains details on the recently released Urban Renewal Kit, Priced at £9.95, you can find the title in major book stores or order via Computer
Bookshops on 0121-706 1250.
C -VsiEm _ ?elections All Terrain Racing On the balance of things it beats its predecessors because of a greater long-term incentive. The rewards of winning the money, then spending it to soup up my motor filled me with a boyish flush of satisfaction - and that's the sort of thing to keep a player going. It's got the looks, the features and the speed to take the chequered flag. Go forth and spend your money.
SKIDMARKS 2 This is one hell of a race-'em-up it has to be said. It's great fun especially when you have two or more players and it works really well in bringing out the competitive edge in you. This is one of the most playable and fun race-'em- ups around and with the vast amount of new features added it's certainly worth a look, even if you have the original.
TFX With a suitably accelerated machine, this game has the visual flair and excitement to attract fans usually put off by the Sim- designers' fetish for complexity. Problems aside, this game beats its closest rival both in detail and speed. TFX is the best Sim on the Amiga of all time, and that's a fact unlikely to change in a long, long time.
67-77 A game of high quality that you as a reviewer would have no reservation in recommending.
Anything of this ilk would be awarded the SILVER award.
Ihe scams an the dears A guide to how our revolutionary scoring system works... With all the new releases available your probably wondering which ones to Were sure many of you are now familiar with our new scoring system, but for those reading Amiga Computing for the first time and those who might have forgotten exactly how it works, here is our guide to the System scoring, err system.
In our opinion, review scores have lost their context as a percentage; some products receiving scores which were only a few percentage short of being the "perfect" game, when in truth they were only marginally above average.
OK. So the scores might seem unnaturally low at first but that's only because other scoring systems tend to be on the high side and perhaps not as comprehensive or honest as they could be.
In the long run you'll receive a more concise and reader-orientated review that's geared towards the consumer.
0-20 This is given to the lowest of the low 21-30 An all-round poor game that may have a single saving grace 31-40 Just below the average, perhaps let down by a few indiscretions.
41-55 Games of this score are roughly average with 50 being a perfectly average score.
56-66 This is an above average game and is worth buying. For this reason it would be awarded the BRONZE award.
The Double is a true football game for true football fanatics everywhere. Krisalis have broken out from defence, played it beautifully through the middle, knocked it out to the wing, gone round two of the opposition and delicately curled another golden goal, past the flustered keeper, into the top corner of the net.
Manchester United: The Double Ultimate Soccer Manager oxirriM rask
• SL»JTIOM13 40 This is one quality title and thankfully it's
different from all the others - and what's more It's fgnl The
whole game comes across as extremely polished with a great
attention to detail.
Highly recommended to both fans of the genre and those that would normally give this a wide berth.
Is the best racer of the current batch and you'd have to go a long way to better. A classic!"
The best Amiga Racer ever Marketed by Kompart UK 01438 840004 Also available at all good software stockists Virgin, Future Zone, Beatties, Game. HMV, WH Smiths, Software Plus. Toys ‘R' Us Ultimate Soccer Manager QqflQQ Staying on top of your finances
o help you in your quest for soccer glory as a manager, start the
game with £5m to avoid heavy debts later on in the season. Use
the two weeks pre-season time to improve your stadium in order
to generate some gate money to offset against player wages.
When you are making ground improvements do it as soon as
possible - don't wait around for inflation to increase the
price of buildings.
A good idea is to open merchandise stores and food outlets to improve your overall income. Make sure you spread these outlets evenly to generate an even income and only build stands where you get the highest attendances. Keep your ticket prices low for the matches when you're expecting low crowds, and push them up for important cup games against clubs in a higher division.
Plan your building time carefully so you won't end up like Kidderminster or Macclesfield by being refused entry into the next division by not complying with league standards. Increase your ticket prices and merchandising by 10 per cent every season to get the most out of the fans' money.
Beat the « ( It’s a double bonanza this month as we bring you the guide to becoming a successful football manager, and also show you how to tackle our coverOisk demo of The Speris Legacy Looking for new talent?
The first rule in football is always keeping your chairman happy. Don't let his opinion of you fall below 10 per cent otherwise you will be sacked. Try and take your Assistant Manager's advice to help you with the running of the team, and don't skimp on training either - keep the coaching staff happy by increasing their wages and always be on the look out for others.
Youth players can be a huge investment if you bring them into the team early on in the season. Don't be put off by their low ratings - they will increase very quickly.
* ftlVII AwtaHM I i Ktiiiirt See the matches through so you can
monitor each player's progress and make tactical changes
accordingly. Avoid putting players in in-effective positions
where they won't see much of the action, and don't be afraid of
changing your formation early on to find the right
combination. Try to steer clear of the long ball tactic - your
attendance's will fall if you inflict too much of this
punishment on your fans.
»•!•* * »iut* * urw i . M * MM ncuiM ri ¦ To start with, look for older players in the higher leagues - about the age of 33. These will generally be cheaper and give your side some much needed experience. Bring on players on the bench in the last ten minutes, even if you don't insist on using them, as the last minutes will give them experience and they will not become demotivated.
Don't forget, steer clear of the long ball game. Burnley?
Passing? They can only try George Graham?
Each time you make an unsuccessful corrupt offer, or bet against your team, there is a 50 per cent chance of being caught! If you are caught in the act twice you will receive your first warning, via the newspapers - surprisingly! If you decide to carry on and are spotted after four tries, you will be sacked on the Spot!
Extra £100,000 in bank account G Goal attributed to last person who passes the ball E Penalty shoot-out F Gives away a foul Esc Quits current half, leaving the score as it stands 1 Ends the match with a 1-0 result 2 Ends the match with a 2-0 result 3 Ends the match with a 3-0 result 4 Ends the match with a 0*1 result 5 Ends the match with a 0-2 result 6 Ends the match with a 0-3 result Cheat. Just like Man U. When asked for your name at the start of the game, enter 'MAKE BELIEVE' and press the following keys during a match: The newspaper gives Inside information on how your players reacted to
certain situations i «... kin Firstly, speak to the troll about the bridge. He will then instantly go into attack mode after the conversation. Go and visit Rupert the inventor (near the start point) and talk to him. Ask how to defeat the troll and he will offer you a dagger for ten gems. Go and slaughter a few ghosts and collect the ten gems needed, then return to Rupert and get the dagger. You must do this to proceed with the adventure.
Return to the troll and attack him with the dagger. Only do this when his back is facing you - his breast scale armour is too strong for the basic weapons used earlier in the game. Collect the key the troll drops and make your way to Elsrika's house (she's standing outside).
Chat to the young lady and offer her plenty of compliments - you will then find a tinder box .This will enable the bombs previously collected to be ignited - providing the tinder box is selected Go to the store enclosure by the com fields - this contains three chests. Lay a bomb with either the second fire button on the joypad or 'B' on the keyboard. This will destroy the concrete pegs in your way.
Open the chest and you will find a strength potion in one of them.
Go to the far east of the corn fields and you will find an injured young fellow named Travis. He has been attacked by one of the blue knights who have mysteriously invaded the village. Travis will ask you to find the healing elixir stored somewhere in the village. Agree, and go to the stairs by the troll’s bridge and take a right turning - keep walking until you come to the once immobile stone slab. Now. Push the stone to reveal a star teleport. You will be transported to a small green enclosure. Open the chest and it will contain the healing elixir needed to cure Travis.
Return to Travis and give him the elixir. He will thank you and give you a blue crystal. Go and find Guardic and Zamma who are located just after the Church's bridge. Make conversation with them and Guardic will eventually ask you for a pipe. Head towards the stairway by the troll's bridge again and take a right turn - you will notice a dwelling with two cracks in the front of the house. Walk to the back. The key you collected from the troll will automatically let you into the shop.
Ask Phillis (shopkeeper) if she has a pipe for sale and she will refuse you at first but she has a weakness for precious stones. Offer her the gem you were given by Travis and she will change her mind.
Go back to Guardic and give him the pipe. He will give you a little more information and well done - you've completed the demo.
¦ ¦
- *,r *
- - c 1 C 3 Find the troll, but make sure you've got the dagger
from Rupert Find out how to defeat the troll from friendly
Rupert A lor of travelling is involved throughout the game Hie
Speris Legacy r i Confront the troll, making sure you've
collected ten gems and have received the dagger Jiiy nil
Approach bartender
• !i m Ml §V"rV ulA1 1 Af fh« tavern you can gossip with the
bar-tender to glean valuable info or entertain your crew to
boost morale View lops S ince the days of Elite, strategy
trading games have been a very popular genre. Now Impressions,
the masters of strategy, have turned their talents to the high
seas and combined the usual dose of trading with a rum punch
cocktail of sea shenanigans, pirating and combat.
- A J| I From your plush cabin you can view the log books, check
rations and chart your progress Calling all Sea Captains that
want tn buckle their swashes.
If high seas adventures are your bag then get ready to shiver your timbers. Tuna Haddnck reviews ywi if af Cl ft tie Coif ft ct Gameplay is divided into many distinctive parts.
For one, you have to navigate your ship. This is done by Choosing the port you wish to go to and plotting a course to it. A problem arises though, because when you place the cursor on the map you can scroll it around. This is supposed to be a plus point but if you move your mouse too far, the map jerks unexpectedly off the area you want and even moving your cur* sor to the instruction panel on the same screen can result in losing your place on the map.
At it wealth - if 4 i th da hdOf* Hi Wealth fa hdait IS fyatloaal fyfdfaarhlpr S a fa wfth... Jronee €aemiet jhrtepa ' €aem er Halloa* Heufra!
€ a plop* e*ral Your Journal will provide valuable Information
- keep an eye on national relations While on the high seas you'll
have to deal with pirates and attacks from enemy ships. You do
battle by firing cannons and you have a wide range of artillery
at your disposal, from the small Swivel Gun or the
Demi-Culverin to the Cannon. This works well and brings variety
to the game. And the main part, as you've probably gleaned from
the name, is trading. As you sail between ports you will have
to buy certain goods and then decide where to sell your cargo
for maximum profit. This, as you'd expect, is the game's strong
point and is quite in-depth.
As w . NiTTi. - Q After months at see. Lend comes into view and you can stock up on supplies or prepare to trede your wares Just recently, Black Legend brought out their sea venturing game called Voyages of Discovery. Although a very similar concept, they both have very different gameplay.
Voyages uses a turn-based system and places emphasis on discovering continents and building an Empire as well as trading.
There is more to Voyages of Discovery, but High Seas Trader looks far more attractive and is probably easier to get into.
A good captain will also take care of his crew, making sure conditions are good and ensuring there will be enough supplies for the voyage. Wages will also have to be set according to morale and funds available, if you neglect these, you will find you'll have a sickly and mutinous crew on your hands. When morale gets low you can boost the rum rations or entertain them in the local tavern when you reach land.
There is no storyline to the game as such, more a brief background. You are cast in the role of a merchant sea captain during the 17th and 18th century, eager to prove your worth and win back your family's honour.
Your Father was a Viscount serving the Earl but when the Earl died his son took over and to cut a short story even shorter, he was a bit of a bad sort.
Your Father, being an honourable chap, would not stand for it but the new Earl, being far more powerful, Strips him of his wealth and title.
And now you seek to regain your family's honour by working your way up the ranks on the high seas.
You start as a mere peddler and you strive for the ultimate title of Viscount. You must increase your rating in daring, honour, loyalty and nobility.
The game implements different tunes for certain areas of the game. For example, above deck you have a different tune playing to when you go to your cabin. All the music fits in with the time and atmosphere of the game, but as stand-alone tunes they're not exactly brilliant. If you particularly want to have in-game music it is adequate enough but more than likely you’ll turn this off to have just the sound effects option.
But again, I'm afraid, they're not very good either.
There is the occasional creak of the boat or the splosh of the anchor as you plot your course on the map, and there is also a rather dubious seagull cry throughout. I feel as though a great deal more could have been done to increase the atmosphere.
As the game progresses you must try and achieve a higher level rating Seas Trader Wages can be altered depending on morale and available funds Car rent ftjtioin for AH Crew | WiUr ff J Mtqtmle Mat T ! WfQuite 2131 uningi it and 1631 itrnn s ttored 30 Mont hi 23 Moat hi | far ? 5 «rfM r fruit X 5 (tin j 2131 itrringi itorti 1655 itniagi itored j 30 Monthi 15 Mouthi Hnllh «mT Marth Very High 'to* Keep a check on rations - this affects the morale and health of your crew High Seas Trader has been very nicely presented, however I do feel that some of the visuals have not been exploited to the
full. For example, when the crew mutiny, you only get a still screen (albeit a very nicely drawn one) of you having to walk the plank. The same goes for the market. Although you do get a well set-out table which contains all the information you need, I would like to have seen some visual representation of the goods you can trade, or just something with a bit more appeal.
The game boasts to have a ’stunning' 3D perspective. This is apparent when you are sailing the ship and you can see the ocean ahead and supposedly the helm of the ship. Again, I feel this could have been done better by maybe showing the front of the boat or having the wheel more prominent to give more of a realistic feel.
The actual effects do work well though, from the lapping of the waves to the storms with the darkened skies and bolts of lightning.
Overall, the graphical style is good, althoughlimited, and the ports look nice. The inside locations such as the tavern or the cabin fit in with the period and also look very good. Although everything is very nicely drawn, I do feel that some animations would have not have gone amiss.
On the whole, High Seas Trader is a competent trading simulator, with more variety than you usually get in a game of this sort. However, it's not without its drawbacks. The 3D view gives the game a certain graphical appeal, but I can't help feeling this could have been implemented more effectively. Also, the navigation of the ship is far too fiddly and as this is a major aspect of the game it does become very irritating.
There are elements that do work very well though, such as keeping your crew in order and morale high.
Combat with enemy ships also adds variety. The trading aspect works well too, especially with various events affecting the economy such as wars or locusts which will alter the price of harvested crops, but by talking to the bartenders you can pick up all the news you may need. BRONZE AWARD Those heavily into trading simulations may well want to give this game a try. It is quite fun for a while but there were quite a few negative aspects which would put casual players off returning for another go.
PLEASE SEND YOUR ORDER JO EITHER OF THESE DISTRIBUTORS YOUR ORDER WILL BE SaiIE DAY DESPATCH VIA FIRST CLASS POST SOFTWARE 2000 Dept(ACD4) 48 NEMESIA AMINGTON TAMWORTH B774EL ENGLAND TEL: 01827 68496 SOFTWARE 2000 Dept (ACD4) 9 WILLS STREET LOZELLS BIRMINGHAM B191PP TEL: 0374 678068 We stock over 6500 QUALITY PD & SHAREWARE Price .....99p per disk To order any disk just writ* the disk tide and the disk :od*. EG U01 Against. Some tittM have a number ir [), Thia meant the title come on (x) number of dttki
o order PACK lust write down the pack TITLE nami ALL DISKS ARE
A120 yA4000 only _70o to total tor postage & package Pack price
as stated. All Order* Same Day Dm patches For the very latest
disk catalogue please add 70p MAKE CHEQUE POSTAL ORDER PAYABLE
ORDER QYERSEAS PQ$ T A PACKAGE RATE (Europe iftt ftp per for
P4P) (Worldwide odd Mp per disk PAP) TEL OR FAX: 01827 68496
DUCATIONAI w IV 1 E 8ss8sat, rs:»s:aR9 0404 TOTAL WARS -
tOMeey-Rke dim ai apao 17 NOVA A DOC addcsva :uuli gwrb- n a ot
If Haitf ouu nwi ( a a Midi 0 FATAL MtkSlOh E lOWbnt Nwni.ll
slcab lAnir CAB 3-JO iirnnno 4 AUCA BCGHMEN8 GUIDE lukivUI on
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trbarimi 1 O T P f on KIDS ay lo uw. Taecdwil 3 SING A UYHMtS
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Ru» ir ARK I PUTT t iron wluciticr. Prog'«m E00» SPANISH TRANSLATOR SpwmY" EnqRlK E0» NR MPI fRBI ») brllMnt HotY aemiluit f 050 AvnewV tutn.iu wi icUiVu. Me .ynlwn
* 010 SIMON 4 SPACE MATHS mrlhy 4 Swion Own** ECU 1 EDUCATION
PACK II ObUI pooAM w*i Tus «t wl piowemc.wiein.
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bed m PC no 'I STAR W01D12 DaU VniMl fhnal _ n UK-SENSIBLE
SOCtER very .1 1.. KL-.Lt- jkl-OJ RECWViNBtP
877) fROlT MANIA - OnlhKC IruOTtw 774 TNCKLt TREAT lie DOOM on hm
FOOTAAlL UahAWB now v. Gitl ANT WAR VI » (LATEST) nM t *
G3M 2fNO-MORPM Cvml M« G7IM TASK romct vwy good MIND S* QfW
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mot *1X01 atow 9»"» » «r.|»-ac. DICISJt MOON BASe Area* ctr
vtiaun ALIEN NET WORK (not MB)) Kodm
- ------- IlL.CO-II.Ht |.JU. t btillwu ahuM w~ to (20 n .....
_______-R a.,____ AVMA OLUt fau *lw 11 TANK BATTLE 2 plaiw lank
bulb O*"* ARCADIA Ol. Oral ARKHOO clwi.
SOOA'l NCVCNGX VG « w.Oon .ul t-ITK (nol A120C) bMl Altt'OkJ NEBULAR EkOWbnl JO ahool mm urn iSS&USZltih 4 lEOO TRI6 M0I 5 INTER IOCK BnUw-Y k punl, asm, 4 GALACTIC E.e.IwM A bv.lt «:wSe } mVPEABAll Scowl Ml .twit wlkw
- ----------- K *0 JO oCnnlui* _____________KMtkDf Noll!
» MEGA GAME COLLECTIONS H lop Gwnra !t MADONNA NUOC PUOlES tv !»• cnlf 11 GRAVITY m»m ajura* into rig gwn.
A CYBtn-Ntiic DrUmmt«rr Matitf 4 OOKKE Y KOMO (nol A12W) I M« A led.
T CPAiY WE 4 ft* pbitom ¦ •«.
A SUPER SKODA CHALLCHOC II ir*:k .91 14 StAI!-!ftt* alntU. Lo RA1D2 but hwdw 6 I0TAL FiftES IN Vwy teal ahtto wn ap MmtA t WWUIK* enllanl. Rws ceUcccon ot tha bMl COM BACK TO SKOOL id ] 4 fmmmm £100 LITTLE TRAVELLER anlwnbtbti «n wcrb wad* E101 WORLD GEOGRAPHY atp.ld »m map 4 b.1 XI OS OUCOVtRV 0* WE ATOM fulwbl on Sb Akwn (20) E104 DESKTOP OLAOE TO MUSIC (kOTfuMa 4 M4W1M E1B3 TRUMPTV HRIWORX txmMTvwy 4M*fMMng wav 0 iMch vow chid Ob ALPMAOET tide MR MEN 0LTMP1C WolnMW WWB » (01 El 10 CULT TV DATABASE (20! Wo wi *wl. TV E116 ELETR0HK WoflkOS | jd| CnmpMlf ft 441---- El 14 HOW WE EARTH nt GAH -
Ihaory how Ob WO SANG 0 (I Ihf itai 4 oUAiHt 1 lulerbl on Wotfcntb 2 £170 JUMOR MATHS OraM bw-.nj.ild lo. Itochtig MM w 0b moth* lutijocl. RECCMMCNOn) nnxecMWi-BAUwii «au*ai«katM £124 no OtSK 2 mo-. WJUMIbai program.
Ft* JURASSIC PARK Ms or Mo in snsuur*
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* nlyritlv» (.Mm Burn* r« 1 UICW ivic.i yuv Elw'cjwrqi* 0UNM ROOK
l|(k ng djrtlrt In I P'O** yO.E MkdM BmllHQ tBonta* 2-4 Hints
Vlllml k nop you *:-vr kh. Crouvvwd tty celo.r.9 u.qc ctoon
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- ---------- OOJlWU ¦(» ad ohH. Own.
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* ENOIMA MACHINE vwy ;NWI»npng puub « MEGA GALL J vwy pUy.b. bnM
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Itn mTMwm* »r 1 KLAW7 Tmr KAT-graM MMON pwnw 3 EtlAGOH-r IRE
rot. MalltYil»»« a DRAGON-EIRE Gull«« "I won 1 HGHWAY HEU MwSPY
HUNTER ? S'LHAi )N,:£E6‘loSi,r’wiio... 4 CASTLE KUMOUAT wmlw to
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cTW inIEnSE m Akai-WARMA ... mm wcoti.
G7V4 4 EXCELLENT CARD OAMCS oWbcnon ¦ tsi onr.'r a to: u nw*. I j ehp «!
2 2 I..1 »cllo-i WiocOng qwmn as- G79' P I lhoM wai to ___________ OnMAimternim' « SCUB-BUSTffc d»atrey arra*y ScuO Ml
- -- m tnmc2 , fARf -- BACK PAN MUMIW AboaA Ob aoUw a n*wiwk*ne*a
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BAUEN NETWORK • M. 8*44* iAvUM I* BATTLE FORCE oGWbm mu osvwnur 3 GNU CHISS Wa bMl cKHa wlh 10 Mval l» K1YOWU Ol YIG Ui.pHc wYvanlu-c If PONIR'TFTM I Ot 2 BUV.I Tltr* RtCOMNXNOCD (I SUPER SMASMNO Tcfmt vwy pbyaOM Tmno ¦; CHCtt 11 CHLCKAH Cnt ul 1*4 ml IftVlH mytl pyqti I pen. Pnwl cIwn ... . --uNMywul. Qwib.
GALA v2Jlnw.1 wld nun Infv. 4 bwiui i 4% K»Nc?N±Sf.n. irr,Epu oan ojamium uui c:mn a tuum hp* qmoh oan RAGS TO RICHES • IN* monopCy Qm SUPER ME0A FRUIT A» n*w Fnfl Mkpw rrcnq wvbK RECOMW«N0E0 GMT BUCK TOOTH ADVOtn RE Vwy oowl wuM bvW »KMUWlKI«n ~ " L'tT »V wn vmnno prowww .w anw E 1)0 YIMNCH Ytrio TtitEJI thoiidnwYl you wHH Ftmnth Ei 1 CULT TV DATA BASE k 12 OtIKI Into WI *«rb TV 1142 ICO DISK I S 4 - 2 dbk* lull ol BrYlbntqwnM 1 «• CHESS 4 TUTOR - nju. ImcH you how lo Way chaaa ¦ IIS IMTTKMIT - PULLaiM. Ko Inkwnrf i Mbe*gkw*y eiti CU 4 SiWlL TUTORObWIMMl to. Tbqlbb.4 EH2 DELUXE PAWT GRAPHIC
TUTOR VIA* lis'Ss'Mansaesssr Ei»r woflpPOWEitiiMeiiwMMrtoreiewtl«* £143 CROS8WORO CREATOR - cbalpn tvoswuorO* imCME«»*7VT9" W«Un1 S»Pl-9» I if* PAIN I IT (rol A7.X I Jl lawaal COLOUtoNG BOOK tita HISTORY OY AVIAT10M Vo( 1 EatMbM dbk El 71 ChkLO FAVOURITE . Edutbllwi program El hj FRANTIC GUIDE TO COA4FUTER (201 bnllwrt 4 lunny cm CVWR PUNK tw Crbwpwik buk only rill WOMTUMt CNKATOR coalonb. Yeau own t-qriYu.. E1D VWU8 WORKSHOP V* cvmp.rf1wkHv* tJ U E144 NAQINCS YXJEO 2 dbU ElK WORKBENCH 10 OUOE Onln* MbCtmfUW* Grfda b AASGA 008 tonvnwidi iey . Qtmt o' mngnan?
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PACK 4 HOOK MPOMaU *wy .d4c*v. N CASNO OAMtS . I. .K qwntno.
K IE IREN ROM UullAoO 1*11.4 (YV 'KMIPd U STRIKE BALL b'lllWH 6*40 Nl Clotw IITHAIL81AJER twHan* HIM *1200*_ super wvaSok ii - im apAcr. MvAotn ILTMATXD OUU - puO Myb auU nubrn Mt SMEPtlEK) Bull a*(P0PULV5 «tn REC PRINTER MANAGER VIDEO TITLERS7T00LS aBIBflBnsseSb ¦MUSIC MOOT l(X).C*4fyN %(!iol_A12001 _ ANIMATIONS I FILLET THE MSN lemg atory tntMllw j SPACE PROBE- w tawcn nl AJIwi IH» lc«m miamwff* ____jK»lb*laJ.*mMaS S-IMwiI I NEMESISCOWC-vsyv(MbownN I TH* LADY AM) THE TRAI4P . *hwi merab.
J CANNON FUGMT-anMMSraptlN* I UAOOhNA 51.Of SHOW 41 - My,I lo. LUn ton.
) ANOTHER i WATS TO KILL A MOUE - ClbMH- I NEW TIE - Hrhi (oi 18 * (til| TOO MUCH 30 • S-pwb JpwwWp wrwi I AufWJ H • Otllritaty Bb twil Atwrn I WMZZER « CHIP - to. Cone ham I PinvtRS* SLIDES - luwiy bul fud.
I BART SIMPSON MEGA 00*0 l DM,) VOYAGER H 18 DEMOS Age 18 and over only X80 CINDY CRAWFORD (2) X74 MADONNA (SEX) 3) xo i shower girl X03 BODY TALK (2) XOS MARIE WHITTAKER X24 SABRINA SPECIAL X2B DIE FILKINOER X26 MADONNA EARLY DAYS X28 KATHY LLOYD X30 MEGA-MAID X31 CALENDAR GIRL X32 MAYFAIR X33 UTOPIA (4 DISKS) X4S GIRLS OF SPORT X49 PAGE 3 GIRLS X70 QON GON GIRL X71 TINA SMALL X91 Calendar girl 95 RA2T IE STRAITS HT SofIG disks) Vwv funny (JlnMdi J drlvn (bnaiand IeS MUSli Ptr* "B GKO rgi load, ol icto lUMa'fillKi wemu« VMM Tasw • vwy Bdod v«toa rat p757 150 PRINTER DRIVE | LARGE ST
COLLECTION OP PRINTER D4MVENS ¦ U1U MAHWiEV 1 Kakfl 5 2 • M tunas compilation Ml 25 ADAMS FAIRLY STAR-TREK MANIA f ra'UBiuiT»STtfnR ¦ r- :ir:yrw: rviuw'txtnj
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¦S enium ksusTf compntiblo wiiri nil Arngnu 6 DISK SgT ,Qhjt.Y
M1BISAM FOX M186------- MIB6 Ml 88 MINI ¦ CNCOmiliK 1447 Y4CK
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GONE wi i FAST -
(4) Brilliant NEXT a*HEMTtOWU Printer Pack 5 disk pock with oil
tht latest printing.
Specialty designed lot printing out high documents, text 0 pictures etc end ft Is even strie to print out AS Soofcfela (very handy). Easy to use fimtiLteLMA'ntgt fwmr with attain.
Printer Pack (5 disks) only £4.99 XOR VARIOUS UTII I U448 PC EAIUlATM Vari |WU wily) I VGA PC w U8M CORY A CRACK TOOL 2 mora powwful ccwv earr cK vrnlom vwalcn o* IwUlwtraeowmwid, UMO NEW SUFFH VIRUS KLLtR I nol Wtol kll 10. V U442 ASTRO 22 V IWW CweWM, .Ur*I* p9*Non, UT4I P4Kt PAST MEMOHT rata oldw a I UT44 MICRO PAX 4 12) probcl (budd 4 lu machinal um TtUTUT RtCthtH (Y0JMI. HI|Mf ujm UE6 Vk-i (iMMii Bull mutk why UI47 P-SUITE »M ol;u.,Ya-. Tbl. Id ball
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TULTfUPAWT4Slllirp.nl SCAN DO I eBAWgtTL. ________ a OSK UAG Ckf ATOR ciul. ¦ dbk maqajlna 4 SO modw praqri smisrarri 0 CUE ATOR etui. • dbk .
MOUTH C tnnpUAt (?) Bn* pmgianiNnj ling 810 I 4 owyWbHNun nU nwd. Vwy wwy IITETRA COPY nUy Twu MUM :np,i-g dak. Nruf S MOST USED UTILITIES (2) vwy uWui utl tolbwon ;»1C OPT MotESriOiUL yety cu-iyiu a a* tope- « C-MANU AL *14) Twtb. Yw. Hw. I. p.*4 iwi U C 3 AS84SIOH PklklTER UIHiIm V*i u**tUl ¦J PAWT AND ANIMATE Mil' Itb MK 0 BOKMT T nifi v* 01 itariay vow rim McYhnhm 4 WASTER SEKA VIA nwellri AdlllMlir Iwiquaq, e UNUHII to 08* cnEATM 41 lucre an we hot rr M COMPUTER AID OCVON Wn e
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UTS1 COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC TEST vs Imlqi (orrajbt. *.»bn la.br
UMJOPaiNf A CARD mduck. Mtoy torih m ub)1 MULTMNMWl Y4 im. ¥
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A500 WORKBENCH 1.1... UJM WortBentfi 2.G4 emulate makM you comber run many raw A500 pluWAHO Kftnra A$ 00*ABOtfA120tfA4000 um U329 ReiodUt VIA to make you run mam ol the old A500 soltwarc.
’ 1.4 OR U330 WflflIBMth 2.04 Mly 99p utes o*pbr CO cofrpNi. Pajoti laigtoM rifli «o««p ..... i itweli 1 7 . Qood an i--**. O.i U4A4 FONT FARM fool .... 0*4* AMOS UPOATF 1 4 add iw. ConYnwid, lor AMOS OAST WHOM 2 ) 01SKS) OeiwlVjracbwi on SI Kkw.
HiH FONTItR I I* dtokal fur eak nbgwin.
U7(Q a MORPH V2 era utoi POOL IOOlS 2 iLaaaan prwhtt. Nora* Mwg um IRON-CAD - b*W c.*altr* braul bowd'•a.hob* U7B7 OAAIf TAUm (J A *i -1?. E»n mor. Qam.. cA-ala uns LAST WILL 4 iVsTAMbHT ¦ an U yo. nil UMO PCAFECT'PAJNT » Yeneua Muupnnl pqckjgit U712 CD TV a* PLAYER wary CO* arfiN. M aranbwich UM* tNQMCER Kll YMOUI MSI kltt lot Airagt* uni UAGKUM I 4 RE04R0 Pa. Bml d.a nawmaa calc 1 721 FONT r ARM VI . Udi ol IwM. A iwN .baaar U723 EXOTIC RIPPER raw* a. Ih. Tw id graphic* rpo u'x’iWI MANUAL (nol W11J) ooneUo mw.ua! HajWy UM A88AS8H BOOT UTX10 (KM W(Kk ttottor unify U7» SOFT AGA 14400 pkb or
ASCOJ 4 n.r 1 1 mag um A-r GAMtbCHEAf la oral WOMITW* U732 UN MORPHS * 044. TERMNATOR* WYOct U7M AWARD MAKER 4. Hunckod* ol rwoy mad*. BrMbM U7J7 ASSASSP4 CRUNCH * COPV TOOL (WB 1 2 only) U7S4 S KICK PROFESSIONAL to 2 V.nou* vonbno of K-
• A pnm .our Icnl colbcdOA IIECOMMLOtO LitJO TOOL WUAHD-Itpotbril
trwkua UB12 D4VI0CN0 WP4N R - Pradabwi protram to. Um wm
unuwooos, vepnon irntRs tit USJ4 FORCASTER 2.02 Nw. Horao
prwheben pro* Wt AVP9 Uaf.C 4 - Proclrack*. VJ Eaotb Mppo.
. UA40 AUDIO MAGIC S - mora fraaoc utlMlao 11*43 AUDIO MAGIC 4 - Octarrud pbyo. Ate b»46 Co* Emulator y j i CN5KS.- laioai US48 SPECTRUM EMULATOR V2 ¦ I040H UB46 VIC9» CrnWoy toetodo Ion. El gwna* UskO EAGLE PLAYER (2 dlakal One *7 Iha boa4 mumc rrodu. Play*.. WCOUUENOEO UUI DtSj-IKACKER Q datu) pby WI mualc nodiaoa ilab Hioar mWaw 24a alp. Wlwil II cqpyilHlttoMiqiMVin lit uang * mow os-paIk ‘ ¦ 0470 FINAL FONTICR 1 12 dHkal Saar uiT) pinal roHTtrn j ] dwui U*« HARD OtoK CUCK ¦ Hwd Dr fr.
Ultl SDH Cflf 0220 AMOS-PAInT V. good pw-l pian I GRAPI.CS UlILn YiJ| Ml ¥ graphic c U228 AUOO SOUND TOOL |A300I|A 12001 Vtn »• MOST U5E UTIL load* ol vwy uMful villa 17228 SLIDE-8MOW CONSTRUCTION WT aa , 17240 ARCHIVER TOOLS bta ol inndbl U242IMPL ODER 4 0 dUk *b compn 172*3 Tib A-T COPIER (IM WM| U 17214 FRACTAL UTIL load* ol fractal.
1 217 OtoK CRUNCH Corr*1b1l*n nM 17242 LAND BUILOFR baa W Mura.
Rv* rraMo. Eyelet ; Mtfy ;u? MlfMl lumwonnmioRCJeMl1wei**SmfflMr uTsTh.EJdomc UTIL ertl cotoction ol Man) Oak nM U404 EAST PtoNT lAdOO only) Ml. Ol prWlng ullb U48I WONK-MAlt. 15 bulla-.', dnk ults OIITfMlen UkOi THE MUSIC CONSTRUCTION KIT (alM. Tow** w UM2 9G0fV10N MAPPER I M*kW)gimp* «' |MN to UMU PROCALC Stpw IWI Kncdon Cakulaio.
WORKBENCH EXTRA UT1UT1ES Collection ol the best WB unities like TodDeamon, Snoopdce VI loci tta Under. Menofy moneor. Uteri virus kMtr Wb (Ask copier etc. much too many to Itl
A) on cisu orJy (t Jt (nol Wuy RE00MBBE0 U244 COPY 4 CRACK
TOOLS b*C» b owe. UMO Ujlil um Uii-I UiJJ um um_____ UJJ7
UOOtL UMO P i uewa eg. |uu' .K LOGGfP caulowm ycu. Dlak H UH 1
(J) load, -J 6.IH ai»in« ml.
UB41 SONIC OflLM KIT V2 Mwb Vuw awaipb UBII OK COPY Rick (10 din coomt) UR43 OPTKIIIb Vol ' • tftlliwil colbcllon ol 30 dbk.
Cmtot AMNHmMe. RBCvMMtHPtU uaSe »?rumoN benchmark vs s mm wbi ji CgiraWa Airtai lYilwn MMM. RewMMENOEu uito Coliriim M UTIL 12 DISKSI On Ol rid 4o«l INI to4*otbn av*(aW* , UMT 0«K REPAIR KIT 4 - HrJudaa dbk W. 17*56 PRO PAGE 2 I HELP OtoK Lwgo hWp lib to pro sij,»»ssi*au:,'»?»T I nualry imooa* lo. Ua. Wmn Scob UMO PROGRAM LOADCR ¦ Imw Mud Bn IIMflU 17341 MAGAZPtE E luu. 3 (2 Bek.) EkbBwiI took iraaMina Mm anit« tiitms Hltoti LtoglMAOINC V2 BUOOT SYSTEM (2 Dlakal On lab aUHMyyl lo. K4AGM4C 2 raw AMOS 4 AMOS PRO COMMAND tX'EN- - L7HB MULTI PRINT 4 voladM p.inl "a'-lp- I Mi «0GAUSlE 5m w Ho-ra
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4. 4* ifaM4 GtlphD Vwll eoiucmN*lL Mfttoi 0 ULTMATE BOOTBLOCK
CcWwRMn 1 • mora 2 ZIRCON UTIL -10 MOST USEFUL UTK. 2 bMlwl
IWT COMPLETE URL 20 maoi uwd uHb 4 AMOS FRACTAL frMNImoiN ___
11 SPECTRA PAINT 41 rhW lo OpaaN U7W lunBO R4PLOOER V3 1
pvwwlul dltk (yunchw a sr a no«r cheats mw*X*itobkoa 4.« m urn
cross oos nju i4ariwii4 pc.vamiga au C SCINENY CONSTRUCTION
Kll kartM. Racommwiibd “ ...... ..... 1 USAtlW BOOT BLOCK ovo.
60 SmttEMK SHMIW GAMES CHEATS Do you ploy your favourite game
tor ages, but can t gel to Iha and of levol or game?
Having probfctm with mm gam**?
5 disk peck with 1000s of game cheets hetprtevet code action replay poke* ate Should halp you fin toll many games. Suitable lot all Amlgai - 0NLV C4 M UI43 HOW TO CR6AT6 AUTOBOOT 018K OothMto ¦ U74) UTX. Qlak Mwaw v» MAKE AUTO BOOT INSK U?« TRACTAL MAHIAiUIOMCflPM BfllUDI tvHOlW ' UI44AF WORKBENCH (WBI 3 ONLY) .opbcwnanl U7A4 4.LUSION8 DRAWING way.*- lib Oyblm U7M MUSIC CATALOC3r(nol Akio Ulvwy oaay lo uaa ursi SVSTtU CHECKER IDOL AhaU fri 44)1 AaiU AbAM U7S2 EPU STACKER dChhb Iha alorat* ot you- (*ryf UTTJ HARD Ddnrt UTIL a lot fiKEf Nan] dm UM U784 PARBENCH n.ulb. lcim lob| U7&5 PRO CAB
HMINI Wen; ir tail bstrd gptianv [ U7S4 an) MCNU LAUNCHER - nwnu tyalom. Oaay I* ua.
Idle! ¦era?mth Pb boot chwico to ibtn*. Brf boii U3M STAR CAT 2 - craw, cawogu. D.a. aaa, UIW SfFKFR non iogt tie* oi tioppi I hwa Win 4 ICON CONSTRUCTION KIT Icon mwing prori»m 5 K0K isiifi i»aB» (4 B4U) H d a 0PAWT oAaPMC TUTOR (not WB3J iMM
• 4 NEW Suftfl KILLEn RtytriK 4 kli 12Ui rrwAW O 400 NUMERIC MAO
EMUUTOR |AS40 Of.frI II OEORAOEB (101 WB 1 J) A600 anuMKE Q
KILL ACM • mike *Mw pfH wn* nnuriita K CW EMULATOR I1 ull 4
- ----- . .- _ - . 1 KIT -Ak'.aga 4 t.pir (Uriigidsiaka U34S
SAMPLE MAKER me*, wpba aiHh owl Hardbw* ¦ Ujtf MUSK MANIA miny
ytison s* mtoN mWbt prg. Anil ( 17372 WORO SORT proto*. ASCB
lib. Wmmomm* Vi” MCC'bb M VV1 "H-*-" • ('• •
¥"Htog ut«( LOW UNICOPT lanlmll; d*. Copw ¦
17) 4’ GRAI'MC REFER !h« WBSl pbnl.
U) A3 LYAPYNOU GENERATOR gana.aiY u. ffc* I* ite IiijhI fttfrio"
ei Anc* kmli, hp*. R4pA*i preeeAtm lUkfixt. Ittnkffifi nplri,
idHM ipiti. Tnftn ¦Min ttnry I fMuriawkf ganMluiWHMwncodi TK»
pick Wltelf yon m* my* Oa*IT) corpid 4 nuck toriit ptoyrttts.
10 DISK PACK...C10.90 compatible with all Amos 4 Artb* Pr6 II DISKSALV 4 . A BACKUP |nM WBI 3} t THE CHEAT C9MPFNPRIM to ouw too gam*.
O HOW TO COD* IH C 13 dbkal . Many a.ampba '3 ACTION REPLAY Vi 5 . CartriOo. On dlak | i ¦J ACTION RXPLAY V4 ;A12tO ONLY i varra .a
OF SCOPE 1-220 FRED-FISH 1-1000 SP.E-CiTiRUM 1 Thu 4 M «tn 9tt«
I it» m M CM m fw tbt t Wtf ’P C6.
YwunpefiflW* lop CM fM*i *f Mfx. Rxrto Eutnr. ArMI 1 sary non on you Angt lot Mufcewfiaiwmpr.grri rtt»taci): J.ii niffarrg ra* CM cotqUit ©m W & Pmik C64& 45 original games...£4.99 C64 & 100 original games...£8.99 C64 & 200 original games .£16.99 Noli: AI goiMO luvt boon luly leaMd t liMd Oj eitflng 4$ gm pock M NW aftwtmdAiisotnroplKodbtttiHanMASgMin aoaito crou ooi n.u it i kGAfcl BODTHIO* k (7 AGA TO OOOrSMOr- 10 , IMX1 tiTrwiok DtMO jnnmng dsrno »m nr aaan ootnvic* o ft ¦•¦nilwnMiriM.mil,. rtfl f«n»rtaO M AGAT. SODTSMO+ T (l , t«mm«oatomo aoaaomcncKitM 3 TRACTAL GkNtMAT OR Mmilwlg
t-acul n XA AGAJO IITCMCK 11901 ri AOAatriTCraCKliiOianmm+iiBienBiiaHn mm ) WCKlHOtHCM MACK •!, AOAH AttAtM A1300PUCMK 1*IUMC A«IWl r AO A110 ACTION MRLAY V* • BCW UPOATf TO V4 0 Ntw tuPtn KiLLtn Ijiea a ui ant ail OrarMr em Iheuia g* mtsi hi trw dm auk ¦lnMW«K taAimom amulkiiiiMnnaiMAim AiMta 17 MMOWAAP milM nrf IBM Am. Isr in.
Niton at iboie r Uonat tbon nitoteaf tooie n Mora el Men lOOT SHOP lo OmcrlpCon «TT| TIM *00 Mono ¦ tar the atmi*«XI0 one aaaiotuPFRLiiaauf __________ aga114 satak a SptiL • »a *tatanta tetanra tv Uta aaai« BO Ton ill. Onv) mum AG A14* KTIOO LAHO • blMeM PWHi AGAJU TO THE 0EATN my jorta STREET R0HTER RoSj oS cUlIx'Sa Bui bitiimlmuRMmU
• ReoltaUMinn paa RE C i»AM« NOE U AOA2A3 MISSILE OVER It ttC.fi
2 iMRt) Irtltam JO mmu evnrmnom tnNi UntaalK erapNe* A0RMC TE
AM HOI UNO PLATFORM •¦(**••* dm aSuu7e!amwimoa. N» rSSo Tnu
jiuun n Bane, ccmaa an 9 * iNBWllAUlfl yaw Buy MS (ll. 1. -
ACTION Nf FLAT an AU AGACM UADTGHTER 3 hMWaata tain (Uiaar dona
AtuRMnt aas COLOUR twRNy in leawe Rmn urn tnawRMi AGA 114 SUFU
LBEI CHANEL NOS WMMM Aaal MMHiM am mrn on me a'jo; Auiai RUOIC
FACTORY ' STAR TREK (t«WM» «nn (j*11*mm uaiiius T7MSIOR AGA all
.Han UM i 1 dIavm Maslm . Mu. Up SukL & 4a*l itlcf SallT E I
Ba* trMtant puuta gvmt afTa AGA719 SATW'TRID ItlUIIWI AOAE70
Crt AM DEMO IM ol 9M Vi ... A0A7TJ FMPTT HEAD tats ol UN
10" r«T UM AOA27I MUSIC 2 SURVIVE 2 dnla « I.MHM mvai: bwmm
Maoaa w«a uami aaiWM AOAEriRAVEUAJUMUMOVEMMbvtSIEdutal ¦ AUAiri
OUNNUIBMB1 (MUI 0 a ut AGA Mat Baa aiaanmaa RI COMMENOf D
AtiAi'f AGA millet r uoi-.j Ca:in [
V) . M...U 2 Mr RECOAMILNDEO AOA»; CHAWtL I ill’ll J |2 OHKal AGA
Imi; iR»atum - oat tha aiotl out of Dpiirt AGAhU CttAViri I
Hiuf S12 OltkBl AGA ill.
AGA'» AGA UTK VI mort O' I AOA'M AGA UTK V4 mi uoia el toon AOA’ITIWAOC *f rtlsn IWW« AOA'M MULT1W0OT- 4 .aruus umm AMO EMU AOA'WWW HARP Pit A RREF « MTAUER tmtatW* aiM0n Inna; DtfTdVButic AGAWWOflKBtHCTI BACRPR0R VOL, |t) luavwil AOA tutMrcu tar WB AOA2M SptcTmiU tMULATOfl Yl.l AOA IBMM ;,ri - i,l J L ONL Y £4.99 PER PACK ALL PACKS SUITABLE FOR ANY AMIGA SYSTEM Board Games Pack 1 (5 disks) Briian! EcriKbon dttw B4*1 boanl oansi, en: Scrabble (nen), Monopotf, Chats, Dew, Domnoee, Cluedo ofc Far lo mpny to Hit Arcade Games Pack 2 (5 disks) Codacocr d tne veiy best classic arcaoe gamaa, aa
Csotpado, SoacB Invader. Pacmin. Etc 4 many mow. RECOMMENDED Card Games Pack 3 (5 disks) CaroMy pek ms firost card aairws Mta Pokwr. Spade. Bn3ga.
Ftdckjack. Pofl1000 Seiitftra.lQoAftki. etc. & many mow Puzzle Games Pack 4 (5 disks) 5 dihk Pack w«n quality punle games Ike Simon, Put* Cuba.
PuizWord. Pctura Puxile & many more. Far to many to H« Mini Workbench Games (5 disks) taolfe rod nawnng packs 5 Mu aammec EH of unoxe orr)- but parted reptca games A Mike playvig on Vm Same Boy Heart* extreme funny to play a iny game Ska Pacman, Tatrts etc Ftaconimincted TRUM GAMES (4) lor SPECTRUM Emu
3) Exceleni music disk 101 GAMES PRICE ONLY £10.99 BtkM MtKBor d
m W 4 Bt in MB H « int aetadn BAIAO T fita. Borttob ft:
Btacti im nn) to Ml in « s is imbi *|rm BM |mw cm
MANGA AKIRA Bnfliwt pack of 6 dakt contiinng ton* of N bat MANGA AkfiA &vtm. Ankrationi. Shdeshowt.
Dotm. H 5tW on th* MANGA 6 dsks onff E5.96. Run on ill AMGAS SAMPLES MwoauewadnBreaieiBBl MdiaBNsdaMKPlrtKtar.OcBMdife. «rri vfbmu w MhmBSb TTLIT5 ART wnxsxv ¦ 3 AuiraN 4A*nabsii fBSS&e.
SjEBtgdNta) v Hmn liaWaROUS'idMMMkck* BTMBITIta I’4*MHS«taa taTMuam V'7 5«atAIPir»HJ!TE«i ¦¦ mm bbc sanuem KtixCid WrkaHTI uaj»; «»•.
* ;« » v. Aruers: HbkUECmpilH.Assam (4 BMM FfMr Ra* 17 SUGM ¦
rxauf Bto) CEEecl H BAOM SI ) ta*M*to at |I CMMi "SUM URIASM
MtodtMsI 'INUNSaCua
- 4 MUM Sun Met* Oaal IIRUGM BwMa 29flUOM'*»yn«tn«tt 29 MUM -
Ebwl rywr HHUOM Tra.iIhMi, 0(1J| SIR 11SOETUK AM UBISI
WlwaiHtaltoVEMDH vnwuSiSuiBBtac S'nawxMHUipB
MMM. niaiivii«BM mnM'xratb'NM CP01 CUP-ART Yot i CPOJCUPABT CPOJ
CUP ART CPWCUP-ART .. W5CUPARTY%» s&szzr ***r*d't *" *• w® ¦
TOO fix mSK a |nm| IU Itm
• •3*kerde«mee uWietammioui tadei lecire m 1« . Cnl ¦ eOaOii
itUAtCMMtottia ; aaaoij flamt GROOYt Tiufy aijoo Omrn . Acaci i
Hoion mvAocn no) v«., pimm* ¦DAMS IWU Ml MmiJM MnpMl LOMU
OlAffl C*« * 400 Gamas pack ...£23.99
Soectrum 48k & 400 Gamas .£19.99 Amiga descrpbon Soma gamas may
dittorl Ametr*! CPC & 100 Games .£13.99 ZX81 ft
130 Games _______________£11.99 aaar' ordering ptaaaa slate you
own a PC Tne « v avod Amiga users trom ordering frw pack ¦man
Mon. Ml mamjrvu cvnojtm loMa o' Aul'l «WI 0» KALE
AGACT4 CIMOSIAS- I art, oooO Mmo AiAiT' WORLD 0* MANGA AGA |4«M) ¦cmM cow Hdi UiA KlMM Mm OiM wnIBMwiau &a» tta Met SUM en m. aixd- AUUBUUOC •omatNCMMfrwwM taol at im
• SI MM mvrm hncffm c yw WB raMy BMUMMT
• oaan m a urajTVt lea* tt «s a otoy aSMoa MtMTMHlU MM ID. UpUlV
A u:;IVWHJit re eeti chest program gwiwa m tv I we momtm 4
nwobitae tal*Unt arspuw 7iuj* wonimr ikh a scurf n 5-mi m m *
• m A1M0 |nM twonnwi OIF BEAUTW8 ta sue M aw ' + 30 top Vic 20 '
i N COWOOORE H6f VK301« pack cotm Mt* «i« N top
• ip cosiic ut-iucl ukon ii mss (k RAY TRACING f Vf A G I Jnf
E S M a ACM' Yews 0*d Will (Ma| a MUM • MM 0*fC IB 311 Baa I 10
MAGM vmcM Ctue sv l il bun H MASM Vtimn. P SM| IJMB ¦anoaa MM
Ea caua* BBSK aaaa rajr» «R MOMChKI RhlyWeviM U MAGM TEETtBE A
AT1RKTIR Mft t MAOM 9IVOCT S'STtBg total Mm b*mk ai k« nBpABM
ta May 4 KktWBtte COMMODORE VIC 20 (plus Hartb DRIVE & DISK
DRIVE Space Doubler Epu r I Is todlH N ui d (tu 0 ce EM Dm n«i
akmviM U97t CPU VI* OntV 99p SUITABLE FOR WB2-3
* • now have the following pack for PC lUiueusiuutoMm IBM m t(
cttm rttfryfin Bt Ut 0*1 AH this for only £1.99 cowa runt with
All iWgas LITTLE OFFICE 2 i *optvig* iovi Merten
* aooTSMow a bv* * emu Biupaao | The very latest games pack. This
pack j contains over 100 of the very top games.
Included aro somo of the very best j Games ever releesed- (Mpny title* BTW still on sale as single disks).
I All games aro selectable via menu.
A mu9t for all Garnet players.
I Suitable for any Amiga £ Only E1 3.00 j 101 GAMES 2 PRICE ONLY £12.99 "'WRtM'iWW amir prat X*Mv tari .cert»'*J »cr» d ta ntj ME9peialMlE*K UyuBs w Bau m rnn a to COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AJBGAS AOA 1*9 FAT AI BlOW "u* AGA144 QINPV CRAWFQWP ll I ll llll.l AGA 144 INFESTATION (3 «*A) TN* uNmM.I AOA Damo AGA 170 C.NOV CRAW»0«p Vv « (J MSlaWBB| AGA179 VktaO TRACKER AOA • ubmaaa 4amo mtlv AOAI74 MAGIC W« EXTRA *W 1 • t (2 Otahal AOA ISO 00 BEAUTIES VM I11.IB) 0 mere pM IUU AOA1WFRIOAY ATSolNwbnlMM AAAMM m AG A t 0 AVSASIN MUITI.-SION AGA AGA1S7 ALIFN FRFN I 7 LGAUI RIGT1UC Lfk j, AGA TOC HASOUERAOE
J I ... .
AGA701 RAM JAW U 4 can ba Ocua (i Wsai AGA90) EXPLIOT 9 CEMO nau aflnl -art AGAJW COUPLE I OOIGM 2 «IA l+e-r+t til £u*i] AOA904 TREASURE OF TUTAMKHAMUN aOHaRan Mui AGAJ1* CMANEl IOW MAO QO) A1200 6U A5aK kToXCIKE NEW CANO SET ITWSRS) AOA9M LOVE 9 «a* - llupN MMUm AOA231 AOA UTIL T11 a Mil man uBl AOA234 KNOTTY Smiom AOA ilMSng p.itu.. pulxUa AQA2BJ LontHT R’NNtH huselult all mt.tr.. ygur ebemaa at uNaUna atacNpat OOOO LUCK A0AI41IM AO* QAMC4AL0Wt MU 01-M We itocR »w ansra colMIKM M Oia AOA OAUt OALOM amj Tetter'1 AOWi- nACKHA l AOA ra Otil ta.rj” AOA9SJ ROCKET PD Sup.. llvuM clo a b.
SPECTRUM * 50 GAMES PK1 ONLY £4.99 SPECTRUM tlQQ GAMES PK2 ONLY £7.99 SPECTRUM +200 GAMES PK3 ONLY £12.99 SPECIAL Of FER PACK 4 Take SPECTRUM pack 1.2. 3 A extra 50 new games FREE. Total 400 games lor only £19.99 Nn wri ralusad TX SptCTHUW VIMb 11 to MA ran* muchtarttf. Can be added Is any Spectrum pack lor oNy S3p i*» For my Amigi«ictp KSI3.
’SPECIAL OFFER - 200+ games only £19.99 Saa dEtCfBot tl' 61 Camat Rk* 1 * I itta« Iw drill* UrMtadOMor [* One of tht fineet collodion* of fonts availablo "*
• Surtabls for Dpalnt etc. or Scats. Word-procet*or WB. OTP. Etc.
This Pack eonaiMa of nearly 700 . DrtfoYoni stylo* of fonts.
Also moat fonts com* In I various sins, making nosrty 1500
fonts (estimate).
I v tnstevgtflfT hnvatLHA tool tnchdtd aw ta a wp b was (u ha pa Mat * t* luctc wan nw voubk i d oexii
tUOK MJI UTM vouan fl OMKCi ewei ¦BieBiiRMB'Bieee N
4 BNta*'WakariKRiM.
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urxlergrojnabriHantgraphc even Wmf *«h 2 player E2SAGA299 SCRABBLE-Now luBy run on all Amge AGA300 MAQIC WB V2. Demo of version 2 AOA302 TUTANKHAM 11(2) Educalicn Eayptwn MUMMY AGA303 PAMLA.ANDERSON |2) IS. Cn BayWalcb Babe AQA304 BOOYSHOP Vfl (31 more trkn Dou et AGA305 TIMEZONE (2l V Good graphc »dvenlu es AGA307 DENTAV CHF (iiome U*fW AGA306 MAXIS Realy show what AOA graphic CO do AGA310 F EARS (Wl dcome done demo AGA312 JINX (2d| arcoUe pWiV (VC* Mm**fln«Brn AQA313 RAM JAM THE TASTE DEMO vt-y weket demo AQA315 ILEX MYSTIC New AQA iXnn D4O0 V.RTUAL WORLD DEMO 50 Ai I NEW SP--------------
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PRO-GAMBLES 12 -Hjtl ler ill gAnfclert AGA32I HOT BABE 1 2) AGA322 MOT BABE 2 2i Stunning model AGA323 HOT-BASE 3 2 AGA324 MOT-BABE 4 2) AGA32S MOT-8ABE 5 2) G919 COP THE LOT Pro lakes! Lottery predtor G920 L0TTEHY PROFFE5CNAL TN* Y*tti0A ate tti* prerBdion from USA A Canada mm Dfljvs msa© GLSAMJMQ m Improve loading & saving program help stop damage to disk etc. ONLY £2.99 OR £1.99 with any order over 5 disks rSOFTWARE' 20OOi FREE DISK TOKEN Lbuy 10 * disk Achoou wj t idn dM FREE. Oita win) taken only A cFUlsiJ Oft Si?
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When ordering pleeee stale which Amiga you own. So we can Bend you the correct pack.
Note: Tho odor cannot bo used with our FREE disk token. Offer only available with this token. Offer ends 15 8 95 Vdeo module & enact (of share IDE 12) Shoot RmfM set n tpacs G8» PUCkUAN ore ol the Defter PaeMan amxrd G900 SUPER-BATTLE ZONE Vector Tank gamee(r ol WB13) Gki M'A'S'H a sequence lo ANTWAA play very Mrtieno lEMMitaC. A WORM bu Kith lowd Of Weapon ~ BOUIOEROASH CAVE CONSTRUTION KIT PLEASE ORDER A DISK CATALOGUE ADD 70P OR 3 X FIRST CLASS STAMPS WITH ORDER What have the following got in common? A demon, a fortress, a quest to repel all evil from a once peaceful land, a young slip
of a lad with a hidden heritage and a ridiculously large rucksack.
That's right, the main ingredients to most RPGs across the world. While the hope to actually play something where some kind of imagination has been used in the plot line would be appreciated, The Tower of Souls is ultimately no different.
Presented in a 3D isometric scrolling view akin to Ultima 8 on the PC this rehash of old ideas tells the story of an evil demon called (insert silly name) who has taken over the land (insert silly name). The ancient prophet (insert silly name) foretells the day when a young lad will make an assault against the evil one INTRODUCTION The alchemy kit is an excellent Idee end works rather well The inventory Is a well laid out affair with your substantial backpack offering all manner of places to pvt your valued finds and return the country to a peaceful existence.
Funnily enough, this does indeed happen and you, the humble player, take the enviable role of playing the result of this prophecy in the shape of (insert silly name), the hero of the piece.
In a word - simple. For the few hours I played, the main objective is to wander round the fortress turning off fountains which apparently flood the bottom levels if left on, and picking up massive amounts of herbs, spices and money. The puzzles I've experienced so far are of the 'flick the switch to open the door' variety. This area is enlarged upon, unfortunately, by the inclusion of a lock pick section and the disconnect the three bolt lock segment.
The former involves moving four different types of picklock tools over the keyhole (shown in close*up in the main panel) and moving the mouse frantically around until one of them hopefully slips into place, opening the door. The latter is shown in the main panel depicting three bars forming a lock. On the right are a number of switches that can be moved.
The quilled intro Is a nice idea but goes on for far too long Click on these in a random fashion and eventually the three bars will slide all the way open, unlocking the door or turning off a particular fountain. These two ideas must have sounded great on paper but in practice are just a touch on the gimmicky and unnecessary side.
Fighting the various foe guarding the fortress is none too exciting either, whether you be using a sword or a potent spell from your substantial inventory of magic. Their habit of rising from the ground again and again from the same place even after being killed several times adds a certain monotony to the already repetitive proceedings.
Move the hero round the fortress using the virtual Joystick i.e. the character moves In the direction of your pointer There's also an auto map facility available to aid you in your wanderings round the fortress, which you’ll only need once in a while.
One of the game's most original features is the alchemy kit where you can mix all nature of magic. Presented as some kind of primeval James Bond-like gadget, the unit is contained inside a metal case where basic ingredients are mixed and heated to create a spell in one of the four categories available - attack, defence, morphing and equipment spells.
Click on the make option and the magic making kit starts to cook your ingredients, then the end result plops into a test tube which is corked and ready to use. The idea is novel and works rather well.
There are a substantial amount of spells to play with, ranging from various lethal projectiles such as acid, fireballs and lightning to the more oddball magi such as creating an illusion to fool your enemies, morphing into a rat to outwit the enemy or maybe slipping into previously unreachable places. It has to be said that out of the whole game, the magic side is by far the strongest.
There's real professional quality to the graphics on first viewing - the fancy but over- long intro depicts a quilled pen writing out the game Story on a parchment with illustrations of the key events fading up into view at the top. The inventory screen looks equally as impressive, with a rather meaty looking rucksack and the most bizarre and inventive looking magic tool kit I've ever seen.
While lacking the excellent standard of graphics seen in Heimdall 2 or. To a lesser extent, Dragon Stone, the main in-game visuals are well-defined on the whole, and the scrolling, while a touch slow, works at a decent enough rate as to not prove distracting. The scenery, as far as I've seen it, is relatively dull - lots of fortress walls in various tones and colours become rather repetitive after a while.
Another annoying aspect is the sometimes indistinguishable objects that can be picked up - there's no text saying what something is and you’ve no idea what they are.
As with the plot the main problem with the graphics is that I’ve seen this genre style again and again in other games - it would be refreshing to see visuals that smack of something more pictorially inventive like some of the scenes in Heimdall 2. The dank dungeon walls, the Spikes in the floor, the hooded figures throwing fireballs - all look the part but what a dull part to play. 1«I* Mil Hackneyed RPEs are becoming as commonplace as long-iit- the-tooth platformers. Adam Phillips reviews a game that’s determined not to change the trend id ig ly le ie a is re al d ts ie * ic s, e is 0 e
n 5 a » 1 thinking man's puzzles and perhaps some kind of interaction. Indeed, perhaps all this is included later on but after spending a few hours on it I gave up out of boredom and frustration.
There's obviously some clever programming talent here but the game designer needs to rethink what makes an RPG interesting, gripping, atmospheric and. Above all. Imaginative; After all, that's what fantasy is all about - escapism. Until this happens, any further releases or sequels along a Similar line will end up on the Most-Not-Wanted list. And you need two meg to play Tower of Souls.
If you want to indulge yourself in a rich story with involving gameplay then look no further than Core Design's Heimdall 2. Featuring car- toon-like graphics packed with character, a variety of differing puzzle types and numerous places to visit such as huts, astral planes and castles on different islands, this a rather successful attempt at the RPG genre.
22 I can't help but feel it's a cop out to say that this kind of game will suit the tastes of the professional role- players among you. Perhaps there are people out there who will glean some excitement from this package and be held in its grip for hours, but for the rest of us with some semblance of a life, this is an average, uninspiring game with the only temporary relief being the magic making.
To have succeeded, Tower of Souls needed more Publisher: Black legend Developer; Pams Teelmografx Disks: 2 Price; 628.98 Genre: RPG Hard disk install; Yes Cintrol; Mouse Snppirt: Amiga 1200 with 2Mh if RAM Recommended 68020 upwards The main bulk of the music is string-based, supposedly epic, but unfortunately the synth sound used is a just a touch on the naff side. Imagine the music used to accompany a Conan film, with everybody's hero, Arnie, riding off to face his quest - big, butch, brave and tacky.
The in-game sounds are spot effect-based, with musical accompaniment, but the tune is a little basic although effective.
Again, though, there is a problem - while we hear the rasping of flames, the footfalls of our hero, the sliding of locks as they open, and more, the makers have unfortunately pitched the footsteps at a much lower volume level than all the other sound effects.
So putting the volume up to clearly hear the hero's footfalls as they clank down on the stone floor results in a sudden explosion of loud sound when anything else happens. Annoying.
FirST D* nw aasaaaacD INTRODUCTION PLAYABILITY ither you love puzzlers or you don't. I'm afraid I was in the latter category until I played X-lt a couple of months ago. It was too late to salvage my Rubik’s Cube by then though, so I waited with baited breath for another puzzler to come along that would take my fancy. And it has - sort of! It's Audiogenic's latest offering which takes the form of building loops. It's one of those games I shouldn't like for all the reasons I'll go into in a minute, but for some weird reason it's rather playable.
Basically, the idea behind Super Loopz is to join the different blocks that fall onto the grid to create continuous loops. There is a time limit to put down each piece, and if you can't place it you lose a life.
The game can be played by using a one or two-button joystick, a CD32 controller or a mouse. The joystick seems to be the easiest, and when the piece drops onto the playfield you can rotate the shape by pressing fire and right, then when it is in the position you want, press fire and left. However, once it is in position it is permanent. The bigger the loop you can make, the more points you'll get.
Super Loopz has a variety of different sections to play. The arcade game can be played by one or two players, and you must make ten loops to progress on to the next level. Three bonus games can be accessed by completing different missions.
You can also play a challenge game which means you can pit your wits against an opponent.
You each get a separate grid and the winner is the one who scores the most points.
There is a puzzle option too which involves being shown a complete loop with some of the pieces then dropping off one by one. You have to watch carefully because you have to remember where they go and replace them.
A ss £- = i“ TL f' 7 ** • f « 1 ¦ * «¦ I On one of the bonuses the blocks don't actually disappear which makes life very tricky Visually, the game is certainly nothing to get excited about. But it is a puzzler after all -1 mean look at Tetris, nobody would describe that as graphically stunning, I'm sure.
The screens in Super Loopz contain a grid, falling blocks that make the loops, and a variety of backgrounds.
Unfortunately, the backgrounds aren't all that stunning, and something a bit more imaginative would have made a hell of a difference.
They vary (?) From bonus backgrounds covered in fruit to a tree housing animated monkeys that pop out whenever you complete a loop. Hmm, inspired.
CD32 only. “Why?" Is my only thought on that matter. Rumour has it an A500 version will be released which is the original Loopz, only the graphics aren't as good - I'll refrain from comment on that, I think!
If you like puzzlers then this could be worth checking out Trust me. It is quite fun, for a while anyway, and it is only £15.
Y *w BRONZt AWARD j 0 30° I Being rattier loopy herself, Tina Hackett takes a look at Audiogenic’s latest puzzler that will drive even those with saintly patience completely round the twist Okay, it's certainly not the best puzzler in the world and granted, there are many features missing that would have made this a good title. But for some strange reason I found myself sneaking back to the computer for just one more go. I don't know why. Because it certainly didn't have a big incentive to strive for, the graphics are pretty bland, and the sound is nothing special.
I think it could have had a lot more to it, especially with an objective or fancy graphics, but the puzzle element does seem to work quite well and is quite addictive as far as it goes.
It does worry me though that the game is A1200 and The tunes are the usual lively in-game music you'd expect to find. When you're playing the puzzles you'll get a range of sound effects when you make a loop, from a crowd cheering to a strange monkey sound.
However, the accompanying tunes are rather grating and be warned - supply ear plugs to anyone within a mile radius of your computer. My advice: Turn the volume down and hum.
Mrm 35° j j INFO NEXUS new; (7T -I InfoNexus Is a sophisticated file management system with integrated multimedia and network support An-ideal replace -- ’ both workbench and CLI users IntoNexus features a full,on line help system. As well as having the ability to move, copy, delete, rename files- InfoNexus allows you to view hear launch just about any file.
InfoNexus is simply the best File Data manager on the market today' ! , DATA NEXUS new: DataNexus is a very powerful and configurable, yet easy to use flat file database. Its Integral multjpffifta DporjJofjpi pes. Samples, text, music, animations, amiga £2935 guides, CDXL motion video, program & script launches make it ideal ’or just about any data storage and retrieval project. Full visual print layout and mail merge make DataNexus a must for your data.
VM SIMPATICA 2 + VTL Simpatica allows Amiga and 24 bit image sequences to be rendered to video tape framie by frame producing the same results as products costing over ten times as £350.00 much. Ie. Smootr. V deo playback at 2b frames pern seconc Simpat'ca nas been on sale, and improving, for over four years so you are guaranteed a reliable product.
Supplied with both hardware and the bonus program Video TimeLapse. There is no better choice for video professionals.
II- 11 BHH ALL AMIGAS 1 meg ram min ALL AMIGAS 1 meg ram min 9 9 ALL AMIGAS 2 MEG ram min 80% AMIGA ISFR I NT MAGA7.INF INTERPLAY Interplay is a unique product for the Amiga, it allows you to produce CD32 applications to the very highest commercial standard and was written specifically for the CD32 so no other Amiga authoring system comes close. Interplay was used to produce the three highly acclaimed lilies below £749.95 PANDORA’S CD Pandora's CD shows you just what can be achieved with multimedia on CD An all original promotional tit containing something for everyone, from educational
productions to point of information, picture, texture, clipart and sound libraries, a jukebox children's games and a sampler ol Iraioht Technology Simply a must for anyone with a ComrnodoreJjullystem!
ALL AMIGAS * MEG RAM ? HARD DISK MIN : 8 -16 meg rec 90% A VIM* A ISKR IYI MAGAZINF 9j% dtvtslr group m vvs ,i*-i *2 B e.*.Nnnf r?
MM Sfn CD32 - CDTV - A570 87%AMIGA FORMAT MAGAZINE 88%AMIGA I SI R INTERNATIONAL MAG 7I I CJ? INSIGHT:TECHNOLOGY W % Tffc V A INSIGHTTechnoiogy. Lavishly produced by Optonica and published by Commodore, INSIGHT i n I a a n i n n f i n n I nnU mrtHArn t nr h rx I • tuitH nrfurnr o r* i m alinnc nhntnr 1 ¦¦ ¦ Jv-1 -1 INSIGHTTechnoiogy. Lavishly produced by Optonica and published by Commodore, gives a fascinating look at modern technology with pictures, animations, photos, video, narration, text, music and sound effects, over 260 topics ail from the ball point pen to the space shuttle.
CD32 - CDTV - A570 87% AMIGA FORMAT 91% Oil AMKiA INSIGHT DINOSAURS INSlGHTDinosaurs is the second in the INSIGHT series, a lavishly produced, highly acclaimed tile, rich In multimedia. Produced m association with the Natural History Museum. London, one of the world's leading Dinosaur centres of excellence, you can be assured that Dinosaurs is both technically correct and produced to the most exacting standards. Also features: DinoPaint. DinoOuiz and DinoPuzzle.
CD32 - CDTV - A570
* H'i KOKM I NOI I WARD ci ik;a«iopk im .
• XI', (OMPI IKK SlllimK INSlGHT Dinosaurs has had the best
reviews of any CD32 CDTV reference title so far (lowest mark
88%!), see for yourself why, SEND CHEQUE PO TO OPTONICA LTD. 1
WELCOME _ftfiMfl_I_ system g he recent ECTS was a platform for
quite a few new Amiga releases. One such title could be found
on the Rasputin stand and at first glance it looked to be your
rather average arcade adventure fare.
Called Limbo of the Lost, it's a first project for Kent-based developers, Tri-Logik Studios. When I first saw the game, I must admit I wasn't particularly gobsmacked. But having now seen the previewable version demonstrated fully, I am rather optimistic for the future of this up-and-coming team.
It's an adventure game that has a passing resemblance to Another World in its graphical style and approach. And what does look particularly appealing about the title is its historical storyline. Based on the factual events of the Mary Celeste, it uses this historical background and the mystery surrounding it to create a highly atmospheric game.
As no-one knows what happened to the crew of the ship, they've created one particular fantasy-based ending that makes an excellent storyline for the game.
An unusual and original touch will be the addition of a video which will accompany the game and provide the following plot; The Mary Celeste is en-route to Italy when a strange mist engulfs the ship, sending the navigation into turmoil.
Eventually, the ship runs aground on an island that doesn't appear on any sea chart.
Briggs, the Captain, sends a party ashore, but when they don't return he sends another group to look for them, Again, they don't return, A storm brews up and he Limbo gives orders to abandon ship. He then sets off himself to see what's happened to his crew, and stumbles across one of the shipmates lying in the undergrowth, barely alive but able to recount the previous days events. He tells of how they came across an ancient temple, and finding a beautiful book written in a strange language they agree to take it back to the ship.
But as they lift the book, from a dark opening in the temple four figures emerge mounted on horseback, and they attack with a force that seems to melt the flesh off their bones. They tussle for the book one of them is holding and the crew flee in terror, managing to only grasp on to one page from the book.
After telling the tale he dies and Briggs continues his search. He comes across the temple and cautiously goes inside. Hidden from their view, he hears the horsemen tell his shipmate, Johnson, that the book is God's book of creation and having been moved from the sacred altar by a mortal, they are now able to use it to reverse the creation of earth.
They then kill Johnson and ride away. Briggs ventures further and sees a ghostly apparition of Johnson who tells him the horsemen do not know the page is missing and without it they cannot perform their evil deed. He begs Briggs to find the book and free their souls from Limbo, where they are condemned to spend eternity as slaves. Biggs steps into the portal and the game begins.
You play the unseen guardian to Captain Briggs, directing all the action via a point Jiiy tin i hi?
Live an iey rge off the len ?en the itly ng iok as int The Mary Celeste "he Mary Celeste is well renowned for being a very unlucky ship - some may even say ,«xed! Built in 1860, disaster struck only a year later. Originally christened 'Amazon', she set sail, and only a short time afterwards her skipper fell ill and died. John Nutting Parker assumed command but the ship then ran into a fishing weir causing damage to the hull.
* -ad to go to the shipyards for repair and while she was there a
fire broke out The bad luck didn't end there, though. On her
first Atlantic crossing she collided with a orig and sunk it
After the repairs she returned to America where she ran aground
off Cow Bay, Nova Scotia.
It's not all that clear as to what happened after she was yet again repaired, although it seems she was passed between a variety of owners, none of which did well out of her - some even went bankrupt. Eventually, a consortium of New York ship owners took ownership of her and as an improved and larger vessel, she was renamed Mary Celeste. The next voyage was the greatest mystery of all. In 1872, under Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs, she set sail with a full crew including the Captain's wife and one of their children.
Nothing was seen of them after this and the ship was later discovered by the crew of the Dei Gratia who found the Mary Celeste abandoned. The vessel was still seaworthy though, and missing was the chronometer, sextant bill of lading and navigation book.
Abandoning ship is a desperate measure and as one of the Dei Gratia’s crew remarked:
* The Mary Celeste was in a fit enough state to sail around the
world. So why was she abandoned?"
* n' click mouse system. The inventory and all the information
you will need will be ept at the bottom of the screen so as
not to interfere with the main play area, and the mouse icon
can be changed according to the action you want to carry out.
There are many weird and wonderful characters you'll come across in Limbo of the Lost. Some may be good, others bad, and you'll have to find out about those that will nelp you on your quest and those that will just hinder - or even kill you. The main character, Briggs, will also talk to you, explaining an object you may want to know about. He may not agree with you though, and could nag you if you take too long over a decision.
A range of animations will be added to the game. There are quite a few nasty ways to die and these are accompanied with some rather grisly scenes such as a drowning! Characters will also be animated and fully-interaetive environments will ensure some thorough gameplay.
Sound effects are rather promising at this stage too. Speech will be used throughout and all the character? Will have different voices such as deep sinister speech for the four horsemen or a slow, demented drawl for one of the monsters. So far, all of these have been well implemented and a good range of realistic sound effects will provide atmosphere.
The final version won't be ready until October but we'll be bringing you updates on what looks like being an original and atmospheric adventure.
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System Big Red In the aftermath ot collapsed communism, Russia has become virgin territory tor a game round the new democracy. Adam Phillips previews et's get one thing clear from this point onwards - stereotypes in computer games are a fad that are never going to go out of fashion. Japanese with their cameras, the Irish with their potatoes, and now the Russians with their technologically-backward attitudes and a naivete of Western culture.
The backdrop for the rather handsome looking Big after the initial wave of capitalism has swept over it.
The Kremlin palace has been turned into a museum hous- Oing Russia's greatest treasures. Among the pickings is the coveted crown of Tsar Ivan the Horrible covered in a variety of jewels, pearls and other assorted goodies that are worth a fortune.
For some reason, to begin with, you take on the role of a foreign tourist turned criminal who wants to steal the crown. Doug Nuts, techno-nerd extraordinaire who has a penchant for criminality, is the first character to be put in your control in the room of a hotel suite. The game itself is Split into four different sections - for three of these you play three differing characters including our Doug.
(surprise, surprise) is as thick as black strap molasses (thick, black treacle to you, sunshine).
The third and final personality is Donna Fatale whose past is somewhat sordid - apparently. Forever trying to cover up the indiscretions of a mis-spent youth, she often finds herself on the receiving end of | Further on in the game you take on the role of Dino Fagoli, an ex-boxer of Italian origin (let's get those stereotypes really cooking) who's described as an honest and decent kind of guy who unfortunately Newsagents have hit the streets of Moscow big time1 For all sad people reading, that copy of PlayBoris dangling enticingly from Its hook can be bought - that's democracy for you My IMS
i ,i i i I Adventure Doug, the techno-nerd, is the tint character you play. An electronics wltard, Doug's main goal seems to be solely criminal.
Bless him. Maybe computers an subversive after all ruthless blackmail threats. The fourth and last section of the game is where all the loose ends are brought together to an exciting denouement. I can hardly wait.
It transpires during the animated introduction to the game that certain factions of old Russia are none too happy in the way Western culture has affected the once great motherland. Lenin-loving crusties want to get things back the way they were before the invasion of Big Macs, computer games and rock music, and they intend to go to any measure to achieve this.
LOOK-ALIKE Heading this cast of evil-looking Stazi stormtroopers is a Lenin-like figure who looks like a university lecturer after an AA meeting. Obviously, at some point, you're going to have to put a stop to their dastardly plans through the use of cunning, good looks and luck.
Using the conventional point 'n’ click method of moving the character around, objects can be picked up and used, characters talked to, and doors opened. Like most games of this ilk, puzzles come in isses tale ever ent d of »eve i of ime!
Ople Oris the form of using the objects in the right place and talking to Moscow's denizens in a quest for more information.
One of the first problems the player stumbles across is how to get on the daily quiz show held at KGB Studios. First of all, watch the programme on the television which will tell you to buy the Moscow TV Times to get hold of a ticket. The paper can be bought from the newsagents outside the hotel.
Inside is a ticket With three questions on that'll each need answering before you can send it off to be entered into the draw of lucky audience winners.
How you get the answers leads to separate puzzles and quests, one of which involves getting a queuing Russian to buy caviar for you in return for a roll of toilet paper.
CONUNDRUMS From what I've played, the various conundrums thrown up by the game are intelligent and challenging, but not so overtly difficult as to stop you dead in your tracks for several weeks. But who knows how hard they get on the later sections? Find out in the full System review in the next couple of months.
Along your travels you're whipped along the streets of Moscow, across the icy steppes of Zerograd, taken on a ride on the Orient Express and enter the deep red heart of communism.
One of the game's most enticing aspects is the rather sumptuous graphics that have a real professional sheen to them. The backgrounds have been painted and put on the screen in 256 colours, with the colourful, if dicMd. Characters presented in bold, vivid colours. There’s no doubt that a considerable amount of time has been taken on aspects of the visual presentation, and the graphics match those seen in most Sierra titles such as the later King's Quest games.
With over 100 locations to trawl through, varying from Moscow station and KGB TV studios to McRomanovs (Macdonalds anyone?) And Gorky Park, the player can interact with SO characters along their travels. Most of these characters are dich£d but well drawn and fill their parts effectively.
Take the Japanese photographer who doesn't know how to use his top-of-the-range camera - give him your instamatic and he wastes three shots by leaving the lens cap on, getting his thumb in front of the lens and finally shaking the camera so much that you're left with motion blur. Also featured throughout the game to add to the 'ambience' is a series of tunes tailored for nearly each location which add to the atmospheric proceedings.
This has all the hallmarks of a rather special game, but a word of caution.
The PC version, released a few months ago, suffered from an awkward control system where it was difficult to move your character to an exact position, and the map didn't make much sense - lapping back on itself when you were going in a completely different direction, and the main character sometimes simply ignoring where you wanted to go.
If Core Design has cleared up these hiccups, Amiga users everywhere could be in for a refreshing treat in an original gaming environment (apart from those comic book characters). We'll be able to look over our shoulders at Sierra and LucasArts and realise that the Amiga community doesn't need them anymore anyway. Hopefully.
A two disk collection o» the bost virus killers available for the Amiga An essential purchase for any Amiga user.
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Sound samplers, mom- ory expansions.
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Cluodo Mastermind.
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Piui £1 per CD-ROM title erdergd.
INFORMATION Goods are not sold on a trial beats. EtOE.
Full Terms and Conditions available on requttt We do not CondO"* the ties of pornographic software.
Actus* screenshots may vary between fptitmnl computer version*.
Order Hotline: L 01793 490988 K* Fax Order Line: 01793 514187 . SL ? BDG10-4. CLASSIC BOARD GAMES ? SXCP30-1. XCOPY TNG Includes print manager, lable printer address keeper, printer drivers, loads of other pnnter tools. Knowlodge of LHA required tte use Onty £7.00 ? PRT7-4- PRINTER TOOLS 2 If your a budding Ian Beale or Fioyd.
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PRO. CLIPART sE.KOSHA % tf C Cotf WO POK* This is Ihe mosl
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Amiga package.
Only £4.00 EYC4-2. EYE CATCHER CLIPART ACCESS DENIED Eight an time c*wc arcade games. Pacman, Froggei, Astenods, Space Invaders, Centipede, Missile command, Q-Bert. & Omega race Great valuo for money Only £5 00 ? ARC5-2. ARCADE CLASSICS2 SPE5-3. SPECCY EMULATOR & 50 GAMES £5 SPG15-7 100 CLASSIC SPECCY GAMES £15 SPG35-33 400* SPECCY GAMES + EM. £35 CDSPS3 SPECCY SENSATION CDROM £20 ? SPECTRUM STUFF P PSW10-4. PASSWORD SET ‘TITLE MAY NOT 8E available AT T«6 Of GOING TO PRESS J ' yi 7
* ¦* 3 [¦ «- w - Over 4000 fun colour Adult vnagos for use on
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tlttes Games, tools, demos, clipart etc. If It's on this double
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EPIC COLLECTION '95 I Over 2000 photographs.
250 sound clips. 500 dustrations. 25.000 entries, 1.5 million words, sound recordings & maps from tho BBC & ITN Only £14.99 l*ne classic spectrum games on one CD tor C032. COTV. Zappo etc. Includes actual Spoccy emulator aswell Only £14,99 Only £18.99 P GFX SENSATION Vol.1 P HUTCHINSON ENCYCLOPEDIA Every arcade classic you could think of.
Invaders. Pacman.
Asteriods. Frogger, O- bert, Missile command.
Tempest. Centerpede and loads more. £9.99
* ARCADE CLASSICS CD Over 600mb of Imagine & bghtwave objects,
textures. Animations, Picture files. Postscnpt fonts. Colour
fonts, etc. FO actually stands for Unidentified Flying Object,
as most people already know. They tend to associate them with
triangular space things that whizz through the sky at millions
of miles per hour. The theory is Aliens. That's the
Many years have gone by while scientists have studied all the evidence, yet there's still no concrete proof that these little green men do or don't exist.
If they do. They obviously don't seem to be planning to attack us or wipe us out in the future.
They just seem content researching us. Some people claimed to have been examined or monitored by a weird method! Is it true? Who knows? What would happen if they did find a reason to attack us. What would we do? The thought is terrifying. Well, sort of.
Recently, over the South Manchester area, there have been many sightings of these unknown objects whizzing over the Pennines. Are there other life forms living in new galaxies using technology far more advanced than anything we've ever dreamt Of?
Aliens, supposedly, have access to small, shiny vehicles that can travel in depths of any galaxy they please and never get pulled up for speeding. And what do we have... the Amiga 500?
The idea is to take control of Xcom which is a secret organisation planning to wipe out invading UFOs - who, incidentally, have decided to attack. The only way of defeating them is to shoot the UFOs down to the ground and search the wreckage for technology to use against them. This is where the strategy aspect comes in.
Andy Maddock becomes intrepid adventurer as he goes in search of those infamous little green men and the answers to a million IIFfl questions Deciding on what weapons to research and the type of armoury for your soldiers is, unfortunately, your first worry. You then have to land on their territory and defeat them. Only by con* stant research will your army grow large enough and strong enough to enable you to even think of attacking the aliens.
Once you defeat them you will learn more about them and their way of thinking. After a while you may be able to predict their moves and form different strategies.
A number of important decisions have to be made to prevent the UFOs attacking your base.
Once you have made ground and established yourself as a leading base, you can extend your community and set up plant elsewhere within the world. To do this you must send out your jets to patrol the vicinity to check for unwanted guests - disposing of them immediately.
Sending out various Interceptor jets to shoot them down is a good thing to do to make an area clear. You can then think about sending out a passenger ship carrying all your soldiers and ammo. This is very dangerous as you have no real knowledge of the UFO's crew or cargo. It's your job to organise your troops safely and control them through the exploration stages, and this is where the action begins.
Atmospheric tunes are usually the norm for strategy games, and UFO is no exception. It has its fair share of eerie tunes blending in well, suiting the action and graphics, but the effects are fairly limited to the odd bleep, resembling gun fire. There isn't much to write home about in particular because the style of the game is progressive rather than action all the way.
The action scenes could have been spiced up with some speech or sampled aircraft noises, which would have added to the realism. However, as it stands, the music and sound effects are really both adequate because you don't really take much notice of them. Actually, you may as well make your own sounds. Eeeeaaaawww! Chaaa! Chaaa... erm, maybe not.
The graphics are probably the best part of the game.
They are chunky yet very detailed. However, the only let-down are the actual combat sequences on the ground, which are very bland and could easily have been improved. The world map is very well drawn and the actual stills of faces, equipment and transporters are very good. Overall, the graphics are clear and adequate.
Obviously, the main factor for a strategy game is to be detailed and playable rather than very presentable.
The graphics and sound are much of a bonus if you're going to be constantly engrossed in your tactics and strategies - the presentation will not play too big a part in your initial reaction.
The animation of the game is slightly different, and becomes very jerky during the ground battle scenes.
The limited amount of frames of animation look unfinished and very unprofessional, which make the battle scenes, in particular, very sluggish and even clumsy.
The control system then becomes awkward and results in a game which hosts a whole load of detail being disappointingly let down by slightly minor, although very poor finishing touches.
Enemy Unknown ADDITIONAL INFO UFO is now available to all 500 owners. After being released on the 1200 and CD32, the 500 version follows suit. Compared to the superior versions, it's basically another run-of-the-mill 500 version - vastly slower, and generally a 500 feel to it. If you've never played the other versions then you haven't really got anything to compare it to.
Collated to other similar strategy games with a twist of adventure, it doesn't really touch them. The two that stand out from the rest are Space Crusade and more recently, K240, which are both incredibly in-depth and contain livelier action sequences.
Bahlifbai MiBMiOnfiM WHO. IHlworniw Dereiflner: Mytlits Gaies Disks; 5 Price 63199 Deire: strategy lard Disk Instill: yes Recoiiended.
The menus are well implemented and easy to use, although the lack of on-screen information takes a toll at important parts of the game - constantly looking at the manual to get started becomes very boring, very quickly.
Now for the 500 version itself. I'm afraid it's not as fast as I'd hoped. They've tried to keep the disk swapping down to a bear minimum and they've succeeded, but it's the accessing of the disks that now becomes the big wait. More or less every icon clicked on needs a few seconds of access, and if you click on the wrong icon you'll have to wait to get back into the game. Through this, I lost intere very quickly.
I must admit, the amount of detail is fantastic and it's certainly one of the most in-depth games I've played yet. It contains all sorts of information on guns, ships, ammunition and troops, and is a real statistic buff's heaven. Unfortunately, this isn't me.
If you enjoy strategy battle games a hint of adventure then you might as well invest in a hard disk. Most games of this genre appear in the box accompanied by about five to ten disks, and the last thing you want to do is swap them around every few minutes. It's certainly a worthy purchase for existing 500 owners who want to inject a little oomph and snazz into their grey-haired machine, but be careful non-hard disk owners!
67% Jit; u 95 117 problem than first thought, is the case with many games at the moment, and is immediately put me off - the massive ** amount of disks were sure to inflict blis- ’ • ters the size of tennis balls. However, after a good solid hour of playing there were none, as the story unfolds consistently and limits disk-swapping right down to the minimum. If you're a proud owner of a hard drive then there's no fuss whatsoever.
The good thing that stands out in adventures is the fact you can decide what to do, when to do it and how to do it.
There are no hard and fast rules you must obey to reach the end - you can play it at your own pace. The graphics have been carried over from the last adventure of Indiana Jones, and the digitised effects work with the atmospheric tunes, creating a completely different world.
If you've got time on your hands and are a fan of Indy then you'll enjoy the adventure as it all slowly unfolds, However, have a look around at other adventure games which may appeal more.
Fields Of Glory, or FOG as it is more commonly known, is a battlefield strategy leadership game which to be honest does not spark much interest for the majority of Amiga games players. However, there is still the minority which must be catered for.
The idea is to control the Anglo-Allied, French or Prussian forces and make tough decisions to lead your troops to victory. You are thrusted into 1815 when Napoleon escaped from Elba, made his return to Paris and became Emperor of France. The Duke Of Wellington's Allied-Army joined forces with Blucher’s Prussians to battle Napoleon, and this became the Battle Of Waterloo.
Throughout the game I managed to stop myself from bursting out a verse from a popular ABBA song, and sadly that was my only real moment of excitement.
Basically, the idea is to position your troops or join them together and then set your Light Brigades ready for battle among other battle-type things. Once ready, you can set your attack and watch your decisions physically take place as you sit well out of the way, and while you wait you will be informed of certain deaths of commanders and other important personnel. To add some extra spice, not only must you defeat your opponent, you must complete the task against the clock.
The Fields Of Glory database is a dream if you want to find about all different kinds of brigade details. You are given ratings of all-important commanders, troops and artillery which can be especially helpful in deciding where your opponent is most vulnerable.
The presentation factor is very good, with well implemented menus featuring colourful pictures of battle sequences. The action itself is set out on a map, and you can search around, view the other sides and look at their armoury. The graphics are fairly difficult to make out. But with the aid of a zoom function all is revealed.
Another flaw is that you don't really have an idea of where to position your troops or what to do with them.
However, if you have a particular interest in Napoleonic warfare and consider yourself a great leader then you could be more than adequate at coping with this.
Indiana Jones has had a fairly lengthy life-span over the years with arcade releases, and now, obviously, with the move up to adventure games. In this release, Indy dons his dusty slacks and takes steps beyond in the Fate of Atlantis, and as an archaeologist he must discover and explore the powers of Atlantis, However, hot on his tail are Nazi agents, eager to put a stop to Indy's meddling and lay their hands on the powers themselves.
Indy'S career began with an arcade scrolling platform romp which was basically a points fest Then came The Last Crusade which had fairly good graphics and a reasonable plot, but sadly became a huge chore with so much disk-swapping.
It was a brave move to turn to the more exciting adventure genre.
However, the disk- swapping glitch i really don't think I want to fee thatI became more of a ohi you mean the orfchakumi Fields of Glory Pikllsker: MieriPrise Dcitliper: MicroPnse Price: 1B.98 Ccirt: Militinr Actiin Gaie Him Disk Install: Tes Ciilrtl Srslik: Muse Supports: III lilgis j y s SII ¦ ¦ Ill I1W I Ik ,,t , t (.us I Zone l Lid.
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- urKJlora tSWl HfJJOSOOX 3»W9«.t1»« Mastering Amiga Programming
Secrets i Fid Owm »T* forint* m amrttrt axJ C vi tfd I jooid
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»,t4lK Uktt. K«W hi I «*«t8. Ml tm MIC* Tao ol frognure
jndtjmeel Mdudea IS8h 1473M8 XS 7, JM page I. D196 KW,t Amiga
Workbench 3 Boorter Pack ItSTcaiWisebini rot n» » 0«ne*d Amga
w« Two I
I. *m*ta0j8 toMtr&x* txtouHweanen U a I sta ftsto I iifWCniM ira
75 mrus i«»o A'.cQO-e Orwturt pr* a I WorttKnO-. 3 rdwtrce
catd arrt tvrtfr +IT*X1 ¦¦¦¦ ISOk- t f02 96 W VAT AM PAP
Leading the way in Amiga advice, the definitive guide is back
to keep enthusiasts fully informed System Medical 113 The
standard start-up sequence goes under the microscope this
month as Frank Nord looks at some improvements Amiga 3D 115
Stevie Kennedy explains the uses of flame effects and
transparency Arexx 11 Paul Overaa looks at menu coding,
console display control and keypress data scripts Comms 119
Phil South reviews two new Internet books that will help you
learn about the information superhighway Publishing 121 Frank
Nord highlights the design and time-saving benefits of using
style tags Amos 123 It's the turn of the readers this month as
Phil South answers a few of their queries Music 125 Paul
Overaa takes a look at Dr T's M Package as it makes its debut
on the Amiga Video 127 Using a monitor instead of a TV with
your Amiga can make all the difference* Presented in
association with AMIGA COMPUTING, ST FORMAT and
enthusiastically supported by GASTEINER “if o G? '•
- -3 SHOW
- A r* YT.::Tr » n molto _JV- ik GREAT SHOW OFFERS ?
- X Uj 5 2 U Q HAMMERSMITH, LONDON p ? 2 ft ft
SPOTLIGHT o i c 2.
DATE: 10th & 11th JUNE 1995 TIME: 10am to 6pm I: £5.00 CHILDREN UNDER 5 FREE For advanced booking phone Gasteiner on 0181-345-6000 or Fax on 0181 345 6868 TUTORIAL 0 us Better bn design?
Frank fiord churns through gour standard startup-sequence to see horn things can be impmued Amiga Medical Part 5 Assign MIL: ENV: IAN:ENV Assign MIL: T: RAM:T Assign MIL: CLIPS: !AN:Clipboards Assign MIL: REXX: S: Assign MIL: PRINTERS: DEVS:Printcrs Assign MIL: KETNAPS: DEVS:Ktyiaps Assign MIL: LOCALE: SV$ :Leeil* Assign MIL: LIBS: STS:Classts ADD Assign Mil: HELP: lOCAlE:lclp DEFER On every Workbench disk DEVS:Monitors does indeed exist, so we can dispense with the first IF statement and the corresponding EndlF at the end of this section - the rest can stay as it Mere'a your bog-atendard
Startup- Sequence, juat waiting to be re raged Not much difference While this column has dealt with Workbench 3.0s Startup-sequence. The one from Workbench 2.04. 2.1 or 3.1 doesn't vary too much from this pattern, so you should be able to follow through all the advice given here.
He startupsequence o one of those things you are acMsed 1 never to alter. "Thats what the user-startup Is for. Say the . rcomonKxis Amiga know-tt-alh. For the
- tat part they are quite right. You shouldn't ut txng the
assigns for some game mto
• our startup-sequence. But there are xcasions when you will find
it extremely useful to edit it First of all, If you have been
paying aenoon to the senes so far. You will remember that I s*d
that yOu might want to nange your REXX: assign from its
standard uJicrous position in S;-1 also said you might want to
change your FONTS: assign, and Both these assigns are embedded
in your uartup-sequence. There is also a load of edundancy
burft into the startup-sequence just in case there any
problems, which slows down its execution and results in
unnecessary reads from disk or hard drive. Let’s see if we
can't clear it all up The first section of the startup-sequence
for Workbench 3.0 looks hke this: The first line Is prefaced by
a semKOlon (;) which tells AmigaDOS to smpfy ignore the ime. As
such we can leave it in. Especialy as it serves a useful
purpose if we need to find out what version of the
startu sequence we are running.
The next Irne is very important and you shouldn’t put any commands before it unless you are explicitly instructed to. Setpatch patches the KictATARI ROMs in your machine to make them as uptodate as possible The version command simply returns the internal versions of Kickstart and Workbench Addbuffer?, in the following line, sets the read buffers for dfO If you have loads of memory and a faster processor, then you can up this value from 15 to, say. 50 to give you a slight speed increase for your floppy drive If you have more than one floppy, you can duplicate this line for each drive you have.
0 ; tVEI: startup-sequence 39.9 (9.8.92) C:SetPatch OUIET C:V*rsion BIL: C:Add8uffers N!L: 3F0: IS FiiUt 21 The first two lines from this section set up your Workbench preferences, clipboards and a temporary directory programs can use. So we start off with the creation of four directories in RAM Notice that the command to create these four directories doesn't have to be repeated four times, but that everything is aU on one line.
RAM T is the temporary directory.
RAM:Clipboards is, fairly obviousiy, the directory used when you use cut. Copy and paste, and RAMENV and RAM ENV Sys are the directories that environment variables, like yOur Workbench preferences, are kept in The next line copies the enure contents of the ENVARC assign (induing subdirectories] mto the RAMENV directory- The ENVARC: directory is situated in your Workbench's Prefs directory, in the envarchrve drawer.
As you probably already know, when you use a Prefs program you can either Save. Use DOSDrivors are similar to mlnLmountllete ai used by older vermlone ot Workbench The failat command is there to check whether you actually have a DFO:. If you don't then the buffers won t be added.
The next section in our standard startup- sequence should look like this: C:Rik*Dir S*H:T (Jill!Clipboards RAN:ENV RAIhEIWJys C:Copy IIL: ENVARC: RUUENV ALL KOREA RcsldcntMlL: C:Assign PURE Resident NIL: C’.Eiecute PURE or Cancel. Saving saves the settings you have made to the ENVARC and ENV: directories. If you Use the settings, they only get saved to your ENV: directory. Thrs directory is in RAM: so what happens when you reboot? Everything gets lost - which is why ENVARC: exists The next two lines copy the Assign and Execute commands to RAM: and set them » that when they are called they
wrll be executed from there, speeding the whole boot process up. They get removed from RAM: at the end of the startup-sequence, so you don't have to worry about them taking up precious memory Binddrivers is the command that adds any peripheral with something in the Expansion drawer to the system Graphics cards, multiport cards and hard drive controllers are all examples of peripherals that use the Expansion drawer The second command in this section, the Mount command, adds any tool with a file in the DEVS:DosDnvers directory Examples of these include the PCO: driver and CD-ROMs.
This is the sort of thing we want to cut out - IF-EndlF statements. Our FONTS, assign should be fairly permanent, so add a line to the end of the previous sections with This next chunk of the startup-sequence sets up the system assigns The one to change here is the REXX. Assign from S to a directory you will already have made called, perhaps. Arexx Bindlrivtrs C:Nount MIL: OEK:»OSIriv«nni?.inlc) IF NOT EXISTS SYS:Fonts Assign FONTS: EndlF ASSIGN H1L: FONTS: STS:F0NTS or wherever you have put the fonts directory.
Thu section can also be left a its. But if you use the Shell a lot you might want to add some more directories to the Path statement ConClip can be removed to save a very small amount of memqry as Ring as you don't mind not being able to copy and paste text from Shefl windows: IF EXISTS S:User-Startup Execute S:User-Startup End if Resident Execute REROVE Resident Assign REMOVE t;l9i4W EndCLI MIL; SttEnv Workbtnch Workbench $ tt£nv Kickstart Skickstart UrSt* Workbench UnStt ClcUtart CrIPrefi Mont I ip Path MIL: l«N: C: SY$ :Utilitits ST$ :Rtnc STS:Syitia S: SVS:Pnfl SYSstfBStirtup $ YS:Tools
SrS:Tools?Cc«iodities If you've been using your Amiga for some time and especially if you have been following the advice gwen in this columa you will hopefully have a healthy User-startup going already. If not keep trying.
Mist MIL: tEVS:Ronitorrni?.info|VGAOnly) TO T:N LFORNAT ’OEVSiNonitOfS Is" Execute T:N Cmliti MIL: T:N EndlF Amiga Computing now made in the UK the official UK magaiine I U I ? R I H I Fanning the Flames 0ne of the most impressive tricks with a ray tracing package, and the one most likely to have iewers asking flow'd he do that nenT* is tne flame effect. Candles and space sftp engines are only the most common uses Ly a technique which can be used to simulate smoke, glowing balls of plasma, ghosts - you name it.
Users of Lightwave 3D are particularly Doled in this department The NewTek package s excellent transparency effect can be carefully adapted to suit most requirements, and with its envelope control of brushmaps and transparency values themselves.
UghtWave makes for a pretty powerful arsonist.
Imagine fans are a little left out when it comes to flames, and particularly transparency. Even the 3.0 version's transparency texture is a stopgap measure with limited uses, and if you have an older version of Imagine you simply can't achieve the effects we re pursuing The Imagine user with a burning need for pyrotechnics can try an old and simple tnck by putting two candle flame-shaped objects inside each other and making the inner one a dark redorange. Leave the outer object bright yellow and make both about 50 per cent transparent using the transpar texture. For a better effect, try making
the outer object a little bit more transparent, but don't go too far
- real flames aren't actually all that see- through. To simulate
the flickering of flames Amiga 3D Part 4 Steuie Kennedy looks
at a bag full of tricks inuoluing flame effects and the art of
transparencq you'll have to use a paint package to produce a
simple two-colour flame animation, then wrap this sequence of
images onto the two flame objects. By offsetting the axes on
the two objects to ensure they don't show exactly the same view
of the images, a reasonably good effect can be achieved.
Your brushmap sequence should be twice as wide as the flame object you are going to use so that wrapping in the x axis doesn't distort it too much. Don't bother wrapping in the Z axis for candle effects, as this will just make them look stretched out.
With version 3.1 the fire texture can be used to good effect but be warned that it is very slow to render. Altering the as pea of the flame object and making the flames bright blue with a much faster than normal A hundred and one uses It takes a fair amount of faffing around and experimenting to arrive at a Lightwave flame object with which you are happy, but the end result is better and much more flexible than anything to be found in Imagine. I've used versions of the above surface for everything from candle? To weird temple altar flames and space ship engines, with only a little editing.
In fact, the use of texture falioff. Transparency, and image maps instead of the Lightwave Pro method can lead to lots of other effects. In one render which included a frigate and a U-boat, these same techniques worked for the ship s bow wave and wake, the turbulence behind the torpedo propellor. And smoke coming from the ship's funnels.
In Lightwave, anything which requires splashes, smoke, fire, or even explosions can be given the same treatment Once you master the uses of transparency and texture falioff. You'll be surprised at the close control you have over the final appearance of objects.
To give this one a good hard testing, try creating an animated face in Dpamt and save the anim to disk as a sequence of images. Now use these and the above techniques to create a ghostly face hovenng above the ground. Use the same image maps as bump maps and give them a high texture amplitude of 400 per cent or so. The result won't be disappointing Imagine 3.1'a fire texture emn be used as la tor good flames, but rendere very slowly and could be more flexible Engine thrusters require a lest flame with no talhtala edgea, so be brutal with texture falioff and transparency speed makes for a
decent thruster, and patient experimentation win result m anything from a candle to a bonfire, so use this texture if you have it (and either a 68040 or lots of spare ome) There s no need to mess about with brushmaps. However, and the flames themselves are pretty realistic - especially when used for normal fires rather than more exooc sci-fi effects. To force a more elongated thruster look, scale down the X axis of the texture itself using Edit Axes and increase convection speed by a factor of two or three.
TRLEflTED Lightwave users don't have the same procedural textures available to imagine 3-1 owners, but the program s other talents make up for this. You will have received a flame surface with last month's UghtWave A picture Bays a thousand words, though repeating crash and bum' 333 times It about at far at thit Imagine 3.1 fire image goes Pro disk, and it's good enough to slap on and use, For a better result, though. It can be altered. The default (or this son of texture, and the method most commonly used, is to slap on a transparency envelope and use the fractal noise procedural texture to
create an animated flame In this way. The texture s velocity creates movement, and where there are darker areas in the fractal noise effect these become more transparent.
However, the drawback is that the flame object itself has sharp, well-defined edges which are unlike most flames. To improve the effect, make the object 100 per cent transparent and use the fractal reflections IFF as a cylindrical image map on the axes. Hong which you want flames to travel.
Make the edges transparent and resae the texture itself to match your object. A thruster for example, will be much longer than it is broad and your texture size must reflea this - don't use automatic sizing. To complete the effect, use texture falioff to ensure the outer edges of the flame are invisible and that the effect stops before the abrupt land unrealistic) end it would normally meet at the end of the object.
Sample values for a one metre-wide flame which is eight metres long would be falioff of 110 per cent m both v and Z (to ensure transparency at the edges), and 15 per cent in X (for a flame travelling along the X axis). This would ensure that the flame tapered to a point as it moved away from its source. All you need do now is set a texture vetocity, something which is best done over 25 frames using very low resolution previews to create a one second test animation.
Amiga Computing 'PiemieK ‘Tttail OnAen UN8IUN0E0 low Mgn 10 5.98 aw 3.W 5 99 3 50 4.99 20 11.50 13.50 7 50 11 50 S 50 0 50 50 27.50 32 50 17.50 27.80 1425 23 50 100 5250 62.50 3250 52.50 2999 42.50 900 C01? Fonl Farm I -H11 Win Iltkzr ______1.25 C014 Ataaaun* ..... 125 I C01S PlrV Sufc, .
C016 Gorden Deeanar 6017 x Baal .. 1 28 1 28 UTILITIES U0O3 The Workshop ... U000 Agdrea Book UOODAatwod __________» ..... . ..148 123 148 UOIOAMognBR...... ___________________ _____tjf UOI3 Tlia raype Way _____________ U014 Faneurnc Ptrtila, Dn*a- U015 HP Pmrla, Drira, U0I8 SaEoiha Pnnta, Drher UOI7 Cannon4 Cezan Prwlar Drhar U01E H P 550c Prater Oarer WH V«W ________________ UQ20 Bad Fanral _____________ 125 .I* 125 128 ..1 a 12S .129 1 25 UO* 1 Arngk llngrnm QilMa ..129 1X02 BiMr Bench VI 2 ..... i»
UanOE rMu 500 600 1200 12S UQ24 EitermrvE Vru, Kiln, 1035 Erantare Kil |t?(Oon*r) U027 Fake Mamcry lor a 1200 _______129 128 ......1 29 UC8S Aden HoUoy For Tha 600 V«9 Arc*M Tulgfla .... 128 1 29 U000 A CIS Database UXH Atoanil 93
1. 25
1. 25 U»S To*! Pitt v4 00 L007 Uliegio Ciuuik Ami SoUuvn L03B
Nuabar Pad For 600
1. 25 ___in _____148 L039 CwoneRata UOOOJRCorrm U041 Race HaplQi
LKM2 PooN POOS V2......- 1 25 125 125 129 UP43 TrteUng
Log, irt « MatteTiMck
U0*SO4oNa__________- LXM4 Lnckpc v2 0 129 .....in 125 IX
l) 0«7 Rato Kcfc *1 4 LKU8 PlAbkd ElkHrced LXM9 Df.tNnd* Wnna-
125 ____149 1 25 U3SO Odd* On 1 25 U061 Pcwer
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SM*Wu» 0007 Enl Dead (Imeg: DOM Balmin Cartoon 1 25 .145 125
125 D009 Rcbocop .125 DOIOVuHdotfca D011 Not The 9 Ockack Nan
0012 RttdH 01 Tha LOU Aik D013 Predator Gemo Mi4 SmaSai
_______IJS ________148 1 25 129 125 P9i58M7iy2
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Smeirca 0318 HUMan P*» 0018 Penyo Maaai Tna Baarti Boyi ?COO
SAW ink krtmutom in .....-129 _____149 ..149
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TormnaMr...... ______149 ______145 D02S Alans Demo D026 uloOt
Brain . 0027 Tw CiartoM Sldwhcirr D028
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..in 129 ..in .129 125 DO*2Gr1eol Sport _____129
DM3 Tha Run (1 magi D044 Star Trek Anmntpni 129 2K DdtS Jaaut
On Ea Dmfi Hn To Shn A CM ___-129 ..149 DD47 Calendar
Gal* D068 Har* Vkion 'vai.i...1 . , 1 25 25 DOW Jn»n
Lanaa Add. . .... ......124 D0S1 Houte SampNe
DC82 Ha.« lrr.il' . 1 29 _-.149 MURrC, MOSS Pink Floyd Tha Wan
Ramil _145 MOW No LklM 260 MOSOCybemai M03I MoHpB M032 Sound
Track Slampor |4 teki| U0MSn.mdF«*+.
1. 29 129
4. M .. 145 GAMES 0014 Zktfcon .... ......
_______440 GI315 Ear*) Invadan _______ GCI6 Peycro Sa-ra
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Houta GC18 AmotGjme* 125 129 QUO Games
Ga6ora..... . 0021 Qusfoa ipelcnfy) 125 136
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129 (W.-’’) Break Cm 1 29 0024 OemcMon Moann .... .146 GQ2S Lad, Bug |nol 600 o, 1200) 0024 Qapri Craiga 0027 Addama Famk, QOHTtlnn__ 125 125
1. 26 1 25 GQ28DUN . OCOO Spur* AtSEJI OCOI Tern*
Pro--------------- MM Mayer________________________ 0003 Bomb
Jack* ......- .-____________ 0034 Top Sacral
..... 125 IX 1 25 1 25 '» 125 QMS
FugK6R7*T ..... GD38 Wlzwar 0037 BanHmkiYa 1 25 125 IX 0038
Cafcuka Combal GONOttt ..... GOSO Sector
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Oteh___________________________ 1 25 IX 1» IX 0042 8nxpl Hint
0043 Super League Manager 0044 Oiaz Mrolar A EMC* IX IX ....
IX 0045 Revenge Ol Tha Muani Came* GCM6 Tank Mack 0047 isv.tr.
Knghl GOUlkWWIMiMOMy OD49 Pnae Krrndom aC60 Amancan Star Trek
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64taulencmGamw inot 12001 NM0Q2 Rarum To Farm SM0O3 Napolann*:
Wartara Sm V5 &M004 Whokt ol Fortim (not 120C) SM00S Card
Sharp 1 X IX IX 1 X 1 X IX 1 X SM006 Si® Ana:k 1 X SM007
RoulaOa . 1 X 5M006 Ad Of Wai ...... SMOM Micro
Marvel 125 126 8M010 Sl'niegc Oime.____________ i 25 Please
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TRAOCR ... aw-- __ 22M HHIdry Lift* 1014 18 Hook_________
32. 99 ~ aw Moyle* BaokcrGemaa 1 or 2 or 3 HucMetKiiy
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I2.M-- .. an an 10M-- 1798 18 80 1699 K2*0 uiopa 2______ .... I9M-- NOB____________ ..1288 -- K*k OH 3 European Cholana* KldCMM ...- .. Kid* RuM OR_________ 1699 190922 99 17 00 19 90 19 94
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4orB ._.... Kina* Quetl 8 ...... .IOM 12.M12M ...1298 --
22 99 -- Knysi 01 Thf Sky Lael Nrya 2
LcodnQUp .. ..... ... ian
6. M 1989 IBM Lega:v cl S»ail LEGENDS OF VALOUR Leaure Sun
Larry 1 or 2or 3 1749 --17 W . 11.M . - 12 99 -- _ „ ip gg
Lommrna DceEM Pack LEM fa* 3 ...... ’aw-- 19 99 1k W -
LeFW Waapon Lrfc» -The Chklcnge UonMng_________
12. M-- _ ian UaOn* ¦ UwmiiI RAC Rjv .... - -----19 99
.... 890 -- Loom .. 12 M - Lord* cJ
9 a Roam LOST EDEN 22 99 22.99 - „- 22 W Lolut Turbo Triogr
Un 01TN* Tampvsta ....----22 W 1? 99 Ml Tank Pmtoon
ManiiuNei-New York- 12M - - ...12.99--- Monlnrlor -San
FrancMco' Man L»5 The OeutM .. 12.M-- 10 99 -- Mnrvera
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19. M 19M 19M _ EM-- Mean IB n M -----, Mf aeca MegaravMMr
Maaaangan CD Doom micro Prose golf____ UoaUamnM .... "
12. W -- ...IM * ...IIM - „„iin-- ROAdRiltl Sope'Mem Rupat
Uuvice, Gim Pn.
Sope. Puily SUPER STAI I Day ar K 1-chM ...___ !** Abac* A T'W1» ConMlUCK*’1 Kl AtO Tir* AKOAttt* (EUROPE)..... ACIO BLITZ COMPILER... frobti Mom A,.Hueia12 .
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Another Worfe MUM | A'aT».m i A-.ggcP Arne' Mactcune Pot*
Arrroit GMOon Award Wzinrrs 2 B 17 Ffyrij Futtvtet Bulk*
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SenaWe Soocai imamtfransl EDUCATIONAL 1(710 Drocaure |AI Ago*) 1400 1899 1090 ...1409 1000 . Ian 1499 1809 1099 ian 1099 1090
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70 99 TOW
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16'ifl Cady imnuB I jOiOEngkh lO)..... 13-71..... 1010 EawnlHl Math* (6-12).. 110 Iqflaiman (0-101 1O10 French |8-16) lOIOJunet Buntaa (5-11) 10H0Melh* Arabia in-?ti| lOIOUAltUNUfflUrt t&16) 10MO Maths SuotlKa (6 161 llilO Structured Spctkr»( 9| I AOI OCSf Mkhaf - 099 - - ......--19 W 19.99 - .19991999 19 90 -1999 17 99 19911999
19. 99--- . MB-- ... ...19.99--
12. 99-- AM--- AM 9 99 12 99 on -1799 1049-- ion-- 1999 -- IMB--
1999 19 99 19 99 1999 1999 1799 IBM . ....19 M .....-1799 --
1299 -- 77 99 -- 20 M--19 99
17. W -1790
19. 99--
12. 99--
10. 99--- .. ..1749 -- AW*1».»»W 1999 -- on-- 29 M-- an--
.19.99 - an-- 2249 - 1999 17.9917 99 1999
19.991999 ...13 M IB 99 r ......1399 AM - 17 99 19 SO
10. 99---
17. n 1990 IN-- 19 99 19 99 19 W17.99 1749 1799 - aw-- 949 --
1298 -- 1999 .....12n -19.91 an Gamer Command 4 99
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Scon ...... 13 99 • Chnmporohp Manager End Ol Seaton 11 99
Ctumpomhp Maruqoi llalA OS IBM Chmrpaombp Manager
CompendMn 17.99 ChEMSrtglte .. 0 09
1000 ChatlSjCoOl .. 13.99 1399 --- Ch.Kt.Rodi
142 ... 1300 ClMWI .. f*f CkaaMC taud
Game* 899 CLASSIC C0U - DelPHINE ! 9 95 Oscattnol;!
'. I r,)fj I rang fa s: o. ADI June Coumng (4-5) * 147) AW JunuiRa |«-S|of|frn I fienai SpMtny :A. 1 ill Ikfloi Mdiin |1?.18| Cate Maze |B-121 Du* indAdd(3-S.
FraotonGabkm |S13) E Schod ? (41 ot iS4i or (8. | F Schod 4 (U S).(5-7) o* (7-11) F School Utftv. 7-11)..... FscbcelPwmAC.wrtfft*). F School Sprtmo FM. (7.131 tUcfinscn EncpOopwiN Giolers EncyckpadU Junor T VORO (t-101 .. KM Pm______________ Maoc Uiths (4-S'i Marn Diaaont (0-13) Mafa Mm (9-121 .... rM MaKh |3-W J Moddir» P.Tima c» B« Adr (3.)
P*44A FlACJOlA (7-101 Haaumeg WHS Tu »% . V12) fhonuA Tam Eng Cutartm Thomea Tara Eng Pant Pafh Imy Tha Houaa(b-10) SIMM Warren 8fw9MtindB ... Shat Fla___________ SUM ¦ s.H ri Sim tana 8occer____________ S4ortSaM»2 ________ Run C4y 2000 ... Run Currant (AnPL hvCayl "i -.'.i..... Sencn The Sorcerer SfJOR THE SORCEROR 2. .. Sunpaona Sink of dan _____ Sheldon Krea...... tMmaao __ SKIDMARKS UPGRADE ...... Skidmarks 2____ Sld.hr. 1099 an 10M 800 1099 . 1790 00111 iMtva ...... man** 1942 IU AU JOLLY G0MPS.ATI0R BnOMSMSkv 1000 1090 ilM 099 1399
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ScAaare Manage.
Scm Irak (Search For SbXJ.1 ¦ • • «. A Sweep...... Speoa Academy 5pwClV*P » . SpacaOuaat1«2ar3er4 SpOACtMlI?
Spun* Laaacy SphartM Wortli Slamutl Spac«l Edban Slai Cn.uda. !.' - 1 Straet Fcjhlai 2 8049 FM -...... tkAa________ MM___ Shr. Kumar_ Stoi Cai Roear______ SiAMban Comman* ¦4 aMaa SUBWAR 2000----------- EctiaiHangOn -¦ -¦ &A»l SMCa frttOtn Scpaf I »ig« Ua-egr IN - n n 9M 9 99 IB 99 urn-- 1799 -- 1090 --
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Body Stan Gatackc BrevO Remeo 0a8a ... Bmd.1
Biun The Liaw ____ Brutal Brutal Footerd Quttkk nSntO PW«
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ADVENTURES Rohm Hood (Oe)------------ SwosrjB Xmas Gan* (8«)
SpaftoaM 17-101 Tin Thzaa Bars |J-I0) Whd In Tlw
WlkMffl ) .| WUJ..0O1OJ 1399 13M 099 .1200 1399 1300 AW 1999
9. 09-- 10 90 10 001999 24 99 -- 1249 -- io,n-- 099 -1999
- -1»W IN-- ... MB-- 1448-- AM--- 12 W 1999 I7W JOYSTICKS &
ACCESSORIES 10 C«»Olr 35*044801 40 Capaoty 3 5* Dak Bo.
50 Capacity 3 S’ Dak Bo OOCapacNySS'OakBo.
Too Capacib 3 V Owa Ben Anak.j yurk Artepr.
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Logc3C__________ Loge 3 OiMlro JT1M_____ 1BW - CUCUOyHyM«M 12
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A fa«*ac CabW Screamed! Power Sun*) SunwrnSRir ' ______'AROUST_
Supw SlreedyMe' 2 tupaRmj) ------- Sup*rMn)m«r*.
OgpramBW __________ TaclcR Mtragar - Ernteh or Socti 19 W - TACT1CAI MANAGE A 2________...17M - Taom 17 Col VrN 1 CLASSIC COLL.. LUCAS ARTS CXCFootal COHORT 2- 199 TaerOmeT Ta« Match Ctkkar TamMNar 8 . T«im .. TIX niOfkoC feiy Tha Bhta 4 Tha Qmy ThaCSu* Tha Gamm______ Tha Graatael CorrgUibon Tha Pubishar ThecFmael Kora Tbp* F.n«! M*p)r|..... THEME PARK Thomna Tank Prtal TnyTrocpa THU. 10 M i2M IBM 1799 10 09 - ran-- ...8848 - - ...IIM-- ...8444 -- ...1MB-- 17m iom an ...19 M-- 1399 ---13 99 17 M - - 17 99 17 W 12 99 --
- .an-- 899 -- VM -2708 12 90 - 2299 8 99 -19 M
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- 1049 - 19 n 7? N 19 99 ?2 99 - ... an IIM - - an-- ...
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ttUCPfTum UmOltce MONKEY ISUNO 1 OR 3 Mbonhaea ...
Urzvmuy-------- Mwah MofctAL KOMBAT 1 OR 2.
M iin,by., Mr Nuz Muum LaaBM Morturt NapaMonM ..
N. ii'i M»ot New ZeMand Story NHL ll&rWv 95 . Nek
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NtpM lAmaeMi W,Champ .
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22. 90 22.M23M .-11N
22. 89 I9M an
17. 99 17 90 19 99 4 00 --- aw i» man 19 M 19 M - ....1748 -- 17
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22. 90 '2.99
10. 99 72 W 130 12 99
- ( 00 ...12.99
3. 5 Blank Discs Topdaar*__ TefaRaoNi___ TOWER ASSAULT.... Tower
ol See* T'ack Strt Manag*'2 .
Tr e Traeaiaae Trval Pinui Tnwal Ptreurr Deiuia TuiBd Tnu Turnrg Peart* UFO ... TDK Low Hgn Paicwoh Low Hoh [) Thomgaon » Cl CtuAerga DARK I Daan Paine Oaoa.Ua** Dmuu. Pun V MM - . DemomarAac .... .... Oaoen smko Wno Odecn.e Agrrcy
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1MB-- 1299 -- 17 W !?» --12 99 12 99 aw 19 90 19 9927 98 22 W
2? 99 -
12. 99-- 23 W IT.99--- ..._ 1MB-- 1999 ---- 1999 .... iO.UlO.9*
1799 -17 94 ... - 12 M ... 19JB - 1249 -- ..ian ¦ 19 W
19 M -- 19 09 IBM IBM
17. 00-- _--1999
12. 99--
- an-- ...1949 - ....IMB - .... vm ...ian IIM--
.1188-- 10 M-- 1990 -- 12 09 I7W77W
19. M-- ion ~~t7n 19 M 1290-- IN-- 1390 -- 13 M--
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AM--- aw 10 M-- 2200 -- _ii,W-- io m--
- an-- ... 809 -- Cn Tha BU-WoiW Ct* Eaten On Tha BaALaague Eabon
Opaielcn Maura’ Opoulun Sualh OnvoilGamH .. Outrun
Eurapa---------- 27MMMMM RECYCLE0 DS'DO Low Dan*(y 2299 24
9922.99 IQ O 2.99 20 • 550 50 • 12 50 1O0 O 2 ¦ -19.
• M-- ion-- 19 M I9.W - 17 09 --
22. 99 ---2290 an-- _ an
- 32.00 -- 19 99 -- 13 M aw - - iaw I7W 17 89 - 17 W 17 M10 W
...1249 -- ...1MB-- W5!=zz: Dragon OragonMona ___________
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Dwk___________________ Ema 2 Freni** ..... EUTE 1 - 1ST
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Oooch-Second innng* O Gooch-Tatl Malch bpeoal Goooch
World CtwiCnttei Q Gooch • 94 9S Date Dak The RmigaBOS console
deuice lot of Arexx users tend to wnte scnpts
• • • instructions to read and wnte to the window instead. As far
as opening a raw window is concerned this can be done by using
the built-in library function Open)) in this manner: till
0 «n(r«u_windewr'IAW:40 40 S6Q 200 eiaa- llfjcrlpt.rm') The
second argument specifies the console dlenu coding, scripts
that react at once to kggpress data, console displag control
- it's all here ¦ TabU 1: Soma umful graphic randaring control
tatting a In ASCII forrtt).
Text style 0 Plain text I Boldface 3 Italic 4 Underscore 7 Reversed character cell colours (inverse on| 22 Bold off 23 Italic off 24 Underscore off 27 Reversed off (inverse off) Character colour 30-37 system colours 0-7 for character colour 39 reset to default character colour Character cell colour 40-47 system colours 0-7 for cell colour 39 ? I reset to default character colour Background colour -1 0-7 1 System colours 07 for background colour m I where program output is achieved I using Arexx s S y instruction coupled to a conventional Shell window Unfortunately, this approach has some
disadvantages such as the need for the Return
* ey to be hit before the program takes any notice of your input.
This effect, due to an inherent characteristic of the normal Shell window, can be eliminated by using a special console window known as a raw' window - so called because its input stream provides raw keypress information as soon as keys are pressed), Another limitation with Say is that it always forces a new line at the end of its output and sometimes this may not be exactly what you want. The solution here is to forget about Say and use Arexxs fileonented I O (input outpul| type. TopMeft position and initial we of the window. The first argument, which I've called raw_window, is the file
handle used for all I O operations connected with the window, for example, to wnte text stnngs into the window we would use the Writechf) function like this.
Call UhtcchtriNjiindoN, 'soil maple tut') There is also a corresponding file input function J called Readch() The arguments needed in this case are the file handle and the number of characters to be read, so the code to collect one Character from the raw.wmdow and place it in a variable called keypressS can be written as: ktyprmStlcadelKriHjiiAdoiiJ) * read a dir* aetir * Because, in this case, we are dealing with an VnigaDOS raw window, the function returns immedtftety a keypress is detected, i.e. the program does not need to wait for the return key to be pressed.
• £»2»« J&L (rtrrti... 1 mmn
• n • •• Ml IU mhm h! - -l.~i nu,m.'ta uiiji ijmrut t
r*}.¦m.;»v. | «... . Ftt.j.mt.ta mmti 11 u rwvi A 1mm control
sequences ere all that arm needed to produca test ditplayt likt
these Putting it all together The example on the cover disk is
a simple Shell menu program which displays a list of things to
do. Asks the user to select an option, collects the response,
and then carries out the appropriate action. The thing to
notice is that, havinq opened a raw window, all I O operations
are done using Wntech!) And Readchfl and it is this, coupled
with the use of a cursor positioning function, which provides
the greater flexibility.
I've chosen, somewhat arbitrarily, to provide options which specify various text styles using a series of pseudcKonstant' definitions placed at the start of the program (using the ideas outlined in previous instalments!
These define text messages, special constants and. Of course, the console control sequences themselves.
Incidentally, it is well worth knowing a bit about console device use.
Some console device control sequence characters, like Backspace |8 hex| and Return (13 hex), behave just like you d expect from their ANSI ASCI definitions, but others produce more Amiga-flavoured responses. A linefeed, for example, gets translated to the Return linefeed combination, the Bell character (07 hex) produces a DispiayBeepf) intuition call, while the reception of a Formfeed character |0C hex) actually clears the display.
As well as these simple commands, there are a host of more sophisticated sequences available that handle cursor positioning, line insertion, scrolling, event reading and so on.
Console device use is a massive subject in its own right and you ii need to look m the Amiga ROM Kernel Devices reference manual for the full story. One sequence worth mentioning, because it finds use in a great many Arexx scnpts. Is that used for changing the text style, character, character cell, and background colours used by a console window The general arrangement here is that you send a Csl (control sequence introducerl character followed by any number of graphics setting parameters. With the exception of background colour settings - which must be specified last - these parameters can be
supplied in any order, separated by semicolons (3B hex). The end of the sequence should be marked by sending a m' (6D hex) termination character Table I gives control sequence values for a number of useful effects. Do note that the numbers shown represent individual ASCII characters to be transmitted rather than the equivalent hexadecimal values. For example, to select an inverse display you must send the ascii character 7'. I.e the value 37 hex. Similarly, to turn off the inverse display you d send the two ASCII characters 27*. I.e. 32 hex followed by 37 hex!
You'll be able to see examples of how such sequences are used to produce Italics, bold print and so on by examining the cover disk script (and also running it from a Shell window using the RX command). Next month I'll round off these discussions with some other console device related details!
Amiga Computing Amiga Doom & dlaelstrom on qour Amiga? Hell, ges!
August's Am go Computing is going to be a veritable mine of information.
Ever wanted a PC or Mac so badly that you would actually go out and buy one? Of course not. But we're going to show you how easy it is to emulate one on your Amiga In a follow-up to this month's in*depth coverage of the Escom buy-out deal prepare for an interview with Manfred Schmitt, the head honcho of the company that now owns Commodore, We'll also be having a close look at the latest release of that world-beating image processing tool. Photogenics.
Which now hits version 1.2 The games players among you will be pleased with the superb coverage we give to the latest games releases, including Virocop, and previews of forthcoming games.
Together with reviews of AmiTCP IP v4.2. Fiber Factory for LightWave and much, much more. Amiga Computing is the only Amiga magazine you'll ever need.
AMIGA Computing - on sale from 29 June rr- Cla; Tj'A PS Feeling lonely? Want something informative, interesting and inspired on the Internet? Take a look at our official home page by typing in the following URL web address: http: www.demon.couk amigacomp Amiga Computing JULY 1995 here ire few things as useful to the Net Potato at large than the really Good Guide Book, Okay, $ o you can surf aoout like a loony clicking on buttons, looking aooot for cool stuff and running up your phone Dtfl. Put it's much more elegant to know where ,-ou re going and go right there, perhaps stopping off a
little on the way. It's like the difference between travelling somewhere by car with a map and just diving into your car and seeing where the road takes you. The latter approach burns a lot of gas to no end, and probably gets you lost. The former approach gets you to some very interesting places quickly and efficiently.
One such book of the plethora of dire internet books that have recently flooded the market is Planet Internet' by Steve Rimmer Windcrest McGraw Hill), a self proclaimed irreverent guide to the Internet's pubs, curiosity shops and back alleys."
Oops! Wrong planet A lot of Internet books will tell you how the Net works and give you a lot of information about protocols and really dull stuff like that.
Planet Internet gives you a really useful list of places to visit on the Internet and a snippet of information from the relevant sites.
There are a number of books which try to cram in a load of URLs and gopher and ftp sites into as big a book as they can find - most of which are out of date and no longer there. The difference with Planet Internet is that it concentrates on quality, so although there are relatively few references in It it is very good and the sites have been quite extensively researched to make sure, within a reasonable certainty, that the sites are going to be where you left them The other thing I find refreshing about the book is that it has a lot of style. It has been luxunously designed and pnnted. And is
an extremely good book to read and hold The content Will keep you chuckling long into the mghi and once you have it and have finished reading it from cover to cover (which is what In comparison The other book on review this month is Net Chat by Kelly Maloni, Nathaniel Wice and Ben Greenman (Random House Michael Wolff A Co), the makers of Net Guide. Where Planet Internet Is specifically targeted at the strange. Net Chat is aimed at the sleazy. The idea is that you can pick up people on the Net and have Cybersex.
Er. Actually no, that s not really what it s about, but that s what the cover lines would have you believe. This is tabloid Net journalism. The cover is lurid and the content spiced with nudish pictures downloaded from various BBS sites and various non-Net places like CompuServe. (CompuServe? I thought that was a family show, no nudes allowed? Oh well, you live and I earn.)
Again, I wouldn't like you to think I don't like this book, because actually I do. It has Its failings, however. Firstly, it goes for quantity rather than quality. Secondly, it contains a lot of info about BBSs not available in the UK - in other words it is a little bit US-centric.
The preface of the book says that the Net is The Internet, plus CompuServe, Delphi, America Online, The Well, Echo, FidoNet, which of course it isn't, at least not to me. The Net is a place i can reach from my computer, wherever you might be in the world. It is not scratty little Adult BBS in Atlanta. Georgia.
A lot Of the more Interesting things In the book are on BBS rather than on the Internet, so are largely inaccessible from the UK, and that almost halves the amount of hard info you II get out of the book. It is an entertaining read, however, and although most Net heads would know a lot of this stuff already, it is interesting to see how much dubious material there is on the Net.
The book is one of the few I've ever seen with an Adults Only sticker on the cover.
Reading some of the entries inside I can easily see why, and I welcome this kind of approach. Some things are for adults and some are for kids, and there's little point in softening everything so it won't offend anybody. But I think more than anything that the sticker is a marketing ploy to give the book more weight than it actually has.
WkHflhMmlhnfc ln( lm|*ur’ llul 0* l» ft Al IX-Mcs for tics, and | Pick-up Places on Hie Electronic you will want to do to it, believe me), it will stay very close to your computer for when you fire up your Net software.
Verdict? I think you can tell from the way I talk about it that this is a book I like rather a lot.
It's a slickly produced book with a nice feel to it.
And there is, In fact a lot of information in it.
Definite thumbs up.
Amiga Computing Net watch For those of you who are still looking around for new places to explore on the Internet how about some of these for size: Satellite TV Images - some really odd TV pictures from around the globe, all digitised and ready to paste into your latest multimedia extravaganza http: itre.uncecs.ed u misc imagei images.
Html atom Co. Ltd. - a very cool Japanese site with lots of photographs and very Japanese arty stuff, Some nice links too.
Http: www.Atdm.co.jp Nomadic Research Labs -ever wonder what happened to that wacky Tech Nomad dude.
Steven Roberts? You know, the guy who rode across America on a recumbent cycle wtnch had a SparcStadon in the trailer? Well, he's off building the Microship, a seagoing version, and this is where you can get updates on what he's been doing.
Http: microship.ucsd.edu The Wiretap Web Site - home of a lot of odd texts, the site has now moved over to a more modern Web-based interface. Lots to read, and well worth the effort of downloading something.
Http: www.ipies.com The WWW Virtual Library: Unidentified Flying Objects - the best source of info about UFOs including links to other sites.
Http: www.bgsu.edu -jMwodn ufa index. html Look out next month fora new front end to your Amiga TCP IP exploits on the Internet.
If you have any BBSs yOu'd like to tell me about or there's anything you'd like to find on the Intemet but can't then please feel free to ask me.
Hell. I can only say no! You can reach me by email at these locations: Internet phd0snouty.demon.co.uk CIX snouty The Direct Connection snouty CompuServe 100102.1500 Delphi snouty0delphi.com or by post to: Phil South Comms Section. Amiga Compuong. Media House.
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To get your copy, please send us your name and address, along with... £i .oo * np pouncE ttarrvi. Kisttfordws o cf out) BIB E.M.Computergraphic ¦ ¦ ¦IQ -®ED'1H..R?.A°„CLA£J™'E5SEX..“1? 1 1- " Tel: 01255 431389 MoXtoWav Fax: 01255 428666 ¦ friend of mine is laying out a brochure I for someone he knows. He admits he LLJ isn't very good at all this DTP malartey.
So ne came and asked me for some help He has
- good eye foe layout but the technical intricacies o' usng
PageSfream were defeating him.
Anyway. I suggested he use my machine to UyOut this brochure so that a) I would be able to assst him in his endeavours, and b) he would be giving me some new material for this column Style is a state of mind And so we looked at the design elements for tne brochure The client wanted an A4-sized brochure with an insert that, if you can imagine ( was another sheet of A4 folded along rts longest axis one third of the way across the page, so that when you opened the brochure there was a flap one third of a page in Size, followed by a second flap, two thirds of a page in size, followed by the back
page of the brochure, All in ail. A nice layered effect.
The first thing we did was to make a mock-up of the brochure using a sheet of A3 and one of A4. Then we got the text and images the client wanted inserting, but at this point there had been no decision made as to typography My friend had made some suggestions and had started laying out the text on the pages, but when the client saw the results he wasn't very happy with the text style and had only really gone ahead with things because he wasn't Sure about what typefaces were what. This demonstrated the need for font spec sheets and even more importantly, style tags.
TimE-SHUEHS I know that whenever I mention Style tags to anyone, they groan and say they are a waste of time and more hassle than they are worth to set up. ’Boshr. I usually retort, and with good reason as my friend was to discover as he spent an hour and a half reformatting the text he had put on the page. This time I sat down with him and we set up a range of style tags pertinent to the situation. We made a headline tag. One for section headings, subheadings, body text and finally, one for captions, This took about ten minutes to set up. But once we had finished, the longest time involved in
changing the typefaces used was waiting for PageStream 3's screen to update. What is even better with this version of the software is the fact that you can now set up style tags for objects as well as text. And. As we all secretly know and understand, however much we grumble about it style tags are almost guarantors of consistency between documents.
If you are writing a newsletter, or putting together a fanzine, there is nothing worse for your readers than having the style jump around from one issue to the next. 'But*. I hear you cry.
’we don't all write newsletters or magazines ' Im Star Treh fonts As you can see from the screenshot, the same piece of text can have quite a different look with a different typeface, or even just a different style or size. Some of the fonts used here are based on those used in the Stir Trek and Star Trek Next Generation TV shows.
These are complete, commercial postscript fonts which are available from EM Computergraphic 01255 431389.1 must admit to not really being a fan of the Star Trek shows, but you have to admire the obsessive nature of someone who could sit down and create a Klingon or Oomulan typeface.
¦ A wide variety of atylea, not mil of which arm useful lo mono people sure this is the case. However, even if you only use PageStream occasionally, it would be beneficial for you to set up some often-used styles, for an address perhaps, or differing styles for personal or business letters Again, if you are using PageStream 3. Think how much easier it would be to simply use style tags for gradient fills and border styles, rather than having to draw your box. Go to the line fill requester and make numerous clicks with the mouse and taps on the keyboard.
Once you have gone to the effort of sitting down and setting a few up, fife will be so much easier in the future. You wouldn t even have to set aside a special session to do it - just remember, the next time you want a gradient fill, or particular line style, don’t just make it up as you go along, set it as a style tag. This way you win be able to build up a library of useful tags for both text and objects with very little effort.
PageStream 3 progress Well, as of 24 March, the version number for PageStream moves to 3.0g This version is faster again than 3.0f. but still not up to full speed, and printing for non-postscript printers is sfill pretty slow, although landscape pnnong has now been implemented For more professional use. Spot colour separations are not yet implemented, and neither is plate control, but support for the Fargo Primera Pro has been finalised Altogether there are some 230-Odd lines Of improvements made to the previous version, and the list of features that have not been implemented just keeps
shrinking. SoftLogik have also announced new Import Export modules for JPEG and Wordworth documents, but. Surprisingly, the fact that these are not going to be included with PageStream and represent an extra expense ($ 20 each) to be incurred by the hapless PageStream user has raised more than a few eyebrows and has Caused some rather uncomplimentary email to flow SoftLogik s way.
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Both products require an Amiga with 1Mb minimum Q Tick ttvs box if yw to not wish to receive promotional material from other companies Together with those marvellous people from 10 Out Of 10 Software, Amiga Computing offers you Driving Test and Structured Spelling both at the amazing price of only £19.95 each!
Driving Test is packed full of amazing features to help you learn, or revise, the essential facts of driving.
It includes: 0 Over 2000 questions to test your knowledge 0 Six challenging and educational games 0 Comprehensive coverage of signs 0 How to drive on the Continent 0 Essential night driving tips 0 In fact, Driving Test covers every aspect of driving imaginable!!
Structured Spelling is the teaching package that grows with your child.
It covers: 0 Basic spelling rules using rhyme 0 Over 1200 basic words 0 Facility to enter new words to learn 0 Six unique and educational games 0 Dyslexia and how to overcome it 0 Structured Spelling is a fun way to learn all about words in any language!!
I i i i i I i i i i Complete this order form end send to Driving Test Offer, IDG Media, Media House. I Adlington Park. Macclesfield SK10 4NP.
Amiga Computing 122 N y I • -• Dt*r, rfiKiHQ peOp'C tO Send m Amos St Qwt -es Way. And sure enough we've Dear Phil... Ul had a torrent especially since we bundled the Easy AMOS program with our magazine. A lot of the problems are easily solvable, such as syntax errors and omissions, but others are a little bit more complex. But let's pull a few out of the bag and see whats going on, shall we?
The first question comes from John Eustace of East Dulwich, who writes: 1 have been with Amos a short time now. So I'm writing to say please could you answer this problem I'm having with this simple routine. Here’s the routine.
Repeat For Iil To 90 Niit Key Print I l:lnd(90) Until Rouse « 0 or the last line could read: If Rou***1 Tkcn Eiit This is just one way I have tried this routine but without CTRL-CI can t seem to break out of the loop.'
Well, for a start you have a FOR without a NEXT in there, and the statement isn't really required. It doesn’t refer to a NEXT, and the numbers are randomised by the RND statement further down the program anyway.
Secondly, the command is MOUSE KEY. Not just MOUSE. The other problem is with WAIT KEY which prevents the mouse burton being trapped, unless of course you hold down the mouse key I and press any key to get it working.
[ A better and more efficient listing would go something like this: * ** Input Print I I=lr*d(9D) Until Rom CeyoQ or perhaps: Repeat MM Until 1=90 or something similar to that Next we have a couple of people who are confused by the listing we gave you for the Easy AMOS tutorial, and it ad circles aroufVJ the line: Palette
* 0,$ FFF,SFFFF etc. I have no trouble with this line, so I
suspect it s a formatting problem. If the program we use to put
the magazine together encounters a line with no breaks in it,
it breaks it wherever there is a space, so the line should
read: Palette JQ,JFFf,JfFfF etc. As well as this problem. KH
Tjoa of the Netherlands asks "Please advise me how to change my
keyboard set-up in order to allow me to type the symbol. Also
what is the difference between AMOS Pro and Easy AMOS?'
The first question is simple, all you have to type is the on your keyboard. It may be that you have a European setting on your shell keyboard, which means it will be a different key. If you can t find it how about the £ symbol? What does that type - look at your copy of Amos? The second question sounds obvious, but in case you haven't noticed. Easy AMOS has fewer commands, and it alsohasnoAMAL Next we have Daniel J Green of Coventry who wntes: "I am almost going out of my mind with this little problem, the problem being colours. I want a program that ranges colours from SO to SFFF I know it
must be able to be done so if you can. Please pnnt it in the magazine. My previous attempt was.
For R*0 To 4096 Colour II,I Next k ¦ Dan ml Groan In Coventry: Apply the example lifting given and gat thl§ remit and I though this would work but it doesn’t.’ Hmm, this is a conceptual problem as much as a coding one, For a start you normally only have 15 colour indices to choose from, so attempting to load 4096 into them is doomed to failure Secondly, even in HAM mode you can only access up to 64 colour using screen indices, which is what you are doing when you use the Colour command. Also, you are using a numeric variable for Colour when the second figure after the comma has to be
hexadecimal, for example Colour J,l!4 You can convert Dec to Hex using the HexSfl command, like this: Print ntxS(H) but sadly the hex generated by the command are strings, not figures. Although you can add and subtract hex in AMQS, yog can't put a string into an addition. As HAM screens are generally only used as background, you can't really draw on them except in the default 64 colours. That's usually enough and besides, HAM screens are very flickery and fuzzy, so what's the point?
If you want to see an example of what you can do. Then look at the following: Screen Open 0,320,256,4096,lo»r«i rush Off : Cls 1=0 : Y=0 : 4=0 MIR: Input Ink 4 If I 320 Then 1*0 : T*Y*1 Hot I,Y Inc 4 Inc 4 Until =4096 H=0 Soto RUN I ll be doing a little tutorial on colour in a couple of issues time, so watch out for that. Finally, we have PK Shepherd, who asks: I've been trying to get a cyclic IFF ANIM to run within a program I've written in AMOS Pro. No matter how l seek to run it I always get a joggle at the end of each individual cycle. The methods I've been using are: IFF 4n To $ crcen
nuaber ,tI«et with a DO LOOP construction as shown in section 07.05.06 of the AMOS Pro Handbook This gives a blank frame at the end of each cyde.
Apparently while the LOOP operation is taking place, IS IMS a bug in my version of AMOS Pro?"
About IDS Not a bug as such, just understandable. The animation is buffered and compressed and if you want the animation to repeat you have to put up with a little joggle at the end. Animation was added to Amos as a bit of an afterthought and it is really designed to play back an animation from start to finish without much messing about Also, bear in mind that the animation will always restart from frame two rather than one, so a lot of the jerkiness might be coming from that quarter. There are supposed to be some ways around this, and I'll look into it for next time.
That's about all we have time for let's hear some more of your Amos questions, and we ll see what we can do to sort them out for you Amos is still the best language to develop software on for the Amiga, and it's going to be a long time before something better comes along. I look forward to hearing from you. And see you next Dme.
Write stuff If you have an Amos question, or a routine you'd like to share with the world, then please write to Phil South. Amos Column. Amiga Computing. Media House, Adlington Park.
Macclesfield SKIO 4NP. Please send routines on an Amiga disk with notes on how the program works on paper Make the routines short (use these routines as a guide) and make them reasonably independent of any graphics and sound support files, although I will make provision for these if necessary.
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El £10 Please ntlude my advertisement m the next wM* toue of Amiga Computing I ronbrm that the athtrt a not xbng sop*t oI wttwdtr of hardware that do not belong to me. I permit you to pvtA* my *W*W Hephone number only l have nc hided these details within my advertisement copy. I am over 18 years oI age (applicants unde* 18 must get a parent or guardian to sign below) Remember to include your phone number address in the advert as well as on the loan!
Dtfrt 01 KEYKAJtD BfUOMMl • CIO BARGAIN HARDWARE Fitted 85 500 Mb .....Call MOUSE MAT ..?
Amiga Computing ¦ Dr Ta M makaa good uao ol tho Amiga’s multi-window lacilitiea.
A Df 151 pachagB has recently made its debut on the Amiga and Paul Oueraa has tahen a look to see what's on offer SVSIEm ESSEnilHLS RED = Essentia BLACK - Recommended ¦ M § pmttorn editor provide • a gateway or using the program with.out IdidL' i ¦ ¦ ¦ r Ts M program has been around on I other platforms for quite a whrfe Put since most Amiga usen are unfekefy to have seen it. A few words about what M tS and how it works are clearly in order 8as«cafiy. It s a music composition and performng system which allows you to record and moddy sequences and riffs in a variety of ways Whrie M can be
used to create and modify complete arrangements. * is not an auto-arranger program as such. Rather a composition aid that encourages you to experiment Display-wise, as you n*gM expect M mdudes a fair number of gadgets - arrow buttons can be rotated, numerical gadgets can oe qragseiected to take on particular values, range ban. Clever pop-sidewards gadget menus and many other features. To make life easier lor the user, the mam screen control types have been spat no separate areas for input operaoons general control functions (stop sta'f :e*-oc sec etc variable settings, playback conducing and
so on. There’s even an area wttch atows you to store and retrieve snapshots of sewed groups of other screen controls, the jom -ere Deng * that by executing these snapshots 4rrtg playback it's possible to move frorr one control set up to another M s use revolves arounc rree base stagei with you first recording or :r-oomg the note and chord material to be used Fou players.
Which in essence can be garaec as fou' individual sequencer trada. Are so you might for example, start by ptayng a melody line using player I and then add some bacung chords for player 2 Having done that you are able » control the ways in which that material s gong to be transformed during playback A - jmer of changes can be expenmentec w«h - a melody bne might be scrambled, or M might be asked to produce cyclic or random variations to the base material. Because M has settings which allow you to add any amount (from 0 to 100 per cent| of cyclic and random variations, this means results can be
obtained that are as near, or as far away, from your original riff as you choose.
Needless to say. It's necessary to be sensible with such settings since high levels of random change, for example, may not always produce good results.
REUER5E EFFECT The important thing about the approach M uses, however, is its reversibility - you can try a setting and if you don't like the results you just reduce or change it to hear a new effect.
Incidentally, you can use M to control Midi drum machines as well, and the program provides special modes for this type of use There are also various ways of performing your music You can manipulate M s screen gadgets, move the mouse within a two- dimensional conductor’ grid or create automatic performance processes. Another control facility offered by M is based around the use of a Midi keyboard, where certain keys are defined as control keys’ which duplicate many of the functions found within the program’s mam display.
In essence, having recorded your sequence material. M can then be used to change tempos, key. Velocity, duration, note accents and so on.
HI For You can reverse melody lines and even do things such as adjusting the note density, thereby allowing M to make choices about which notes from a pattern should sound. There are, in fact, a whole collection of editing functions to choose from and you can. Of course, use both Midi and internal sounds and even write M's musical output to disk in standard Midi file form.
M s editing and control features are quite easy to use. Particularly since most of the edit functions operate from separate windows The Orchestration window, for example, lets you send the output of particular players to any chosen Midi channel, while the Pattern editor window lets you view and edit the notes stored in a player sequence.
Midi files can be imported as well and I found this to be a good way of bnnging raw base material into the M environment Although most M users will probably be Midi users, it's worth pointing out that you don’t actually need a Midi synth in order to be able to use M on an Amiga.
This is because sequences can be created using the pattern editor and subsequently used with M’s AmiSynth internal IFF sounds module.
Music First impressions The Amiga version of M has been reasonably well Implemented, although there are some things, such as the use of a very old fashioned file requester, that surprised me. The program certainly has (he ability to perform musically interesting pattern changes (effectively creating new riffs and food for thought as it does so), but it is important to realise that it is necessary to spend a fair bit of time getting to know the program in order to get the best out of it. Needless to say, the Or T documentation is excellent as always and there's plenty of tutorial material to
get you SlAtied.
On a personal level. I ve been quite impressed with this new Amiga Or T offering, and it has certainly been good fun to use. I do, however, have some general conceptual worries about the program and, at the moment at least, my gut feeling is that this is simply not the sort of musk program that will find instant favour among all Amiga musicians. To be honest I hope I m wrong but on that score only time will tell.1 J" RAM Tj- IhE bottom line Product: Dr Ts M Supplier: Millenium Music Price: £79.95 Tel: 01602 241924 Ease of use_8 Implementation_8 Value for money -8 Overall_8 Amiga Computing I
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modes Scala
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ordering a tiding package with a genlock
• Designed and manufactured in Glhr°maj ey devi :e: .... .. . *
RocTec Rockey (fully tested) £ 149.00 the UK Prices include YAT
and Delivery Marcam Ltd, 62 Tenter Road, Moulton Park,
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veryday all across the UK there must be arguments over who gets
priority use of the telly Mum and b»g sister want to watch
Neighbours, while the brothers want to use their Amiga Dad
comes in from work and. Once again, finds the same old argument
in full swing. Some things never change.
But there can be a solution. In fact, there can be several, dependant on factors such as space, the Amiga itself and. Of course, cash. For most folks the last item. Cash, will be the crucial one.
Serious Amiga users know that it's impossible to do crucial graphics and other quality work on a bog-standard TV. So we simply scrape up the cash and get on with it. But for most cash- strapped families there will inevitably be priorities other than buying a proper- monitor for the Amiga.
Getting the full picture The simplest, and probably cheapest, fix is a second-hand TV installed in the lad s bedroom so they can blast away to their heart’s content. Of course, big sis will kick up a fuss and likely need paying off. But if it keeps the family from rowing, then maybe it s a small price to pay.
Suitable Tvs can be found by scounng the local free papers and second hand shops. Just make sure you see them working before you part with any cash!
Still using the family IU with your Amiga?
Cary iiiteley puts the rase for buying a Mated monitor instead But a second hand TV isn't necessarily the best bet if you want to do more than just play games. Why? Well, the long and short of it is that both RF video (which is what goes into the Tvs aerial socket) and composite video produce noticeably lower quality than the Amiga s own RGB video output. The reason for this is that internally, the Amiga generates separate red.
Green and blue (hence RGB ) signals which can be fed directly to a suitable monitor and displayed on screen with minimum modification, resulting in a high-quality image However, both RF and composite video signals have to be converted from the Amiga s Watch out I have one last, but very important point to make. Always be very careful when buying a second-hand computer monitor.
There are so many different kinds around, especially at auctions, that it is easy to buy something which doesn t stand a hope in hell of working with your Amiga. Particularly, don t buy a monochrome or amber monitor (since it won't display in full colour) and ensure that the monitor can display RGB at
15. 6kHz pal frequencies via an analogue RGB input. This last
point is very important.
Also, make sure the monitor has a manual or, at the very least, a pin connection diagram for its inputs, since it might be impossible to work this out otherwise. If you can, get a written assurance that your prospective monitor will work with an Amiga and. If it doesn t, try to ensure you can get your money back later. If I had £10 for every reader s letter I d had about unsuitable second-hand monitors they'd bought on spec I d be having a nice holiday right now.
RGB signal via a modulator or encoder, which requires that the RGB is first electronically combined together and then passed to the TV.
Where it is then decoded back to RGB. Inevitably some of the original signal will be lost because of the nature of this coding decoding process.
The result? RF looks worse than composite video, and both are significantly inferior to RGB.
Particularly where high resolution screens and small text and graphics are concerned. Colour reproduction can also suffer and. All factors combined, using a TV as a computer display can make using productivity software such as wordprocessors, DTP packages and graphics and animation software quite a strain.
FiUEftnfiTIUES A better solution is to buy an RGB monitor, Sometimes a TV will have RGB inputs and. With a suitable cable (either bought or. If necessary, homemade) will work with an Amiga Even better is a dedicated RGB monitor such as the Philips 8833 Mkii or Commodore's own IQ84S models. The trouble is that one of these monitors costs around E220-E230 new. And second-hand ones are getting less common by the month.
The best thing about RGB monitors is that they reproduce the Amiga s own RGB signals as faithfully as possible, giving a crisp, colour-rich display which makes for great graphics and sharpens up all your applications no end. Making those parts which were hard to read on a normal TV entirely visible at last.
One thing recent converts from TV to RGB often remark on (as do PC users used to displays of 30kHz or more) is that Amiga displays can appear to flicker, especially at higher resolutions.
The short explanation for this is that the Amiga's RGB output is at standard video frequency
(15. 6kHz) which is what makes it so adaptable as a video
machine. Hence, it only refreshes the screen at half the
rate at which a standard PC screen is refreshed - and the
eye sees the difference as flicker, particularly where
highly contrasting thin horizontal lines are displayed Most
people quickly get used to the flicker but to circumvent it.
Newer Amigas with the AGA chip set can drive a multiscan
monitor (i.e. an RGB monitor which is capable of higher than
15. 6kHz displays) such as those produced by Microvitec or other
manufacturers. Unfortunately for the feuding family, such a
monitor doesn t come cheap so let s leave this tram of
thought right here.
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£7.99 MOUSE A superb x ,3 replacement Amiga mouse.
This CompQ mouse is a major enhancement because it uses micro switches for the buttons.
Our mouse also has a much higher resolution
- 280 dots per inch which means you need much less desk space and
you get a much finer control.
12 GOOD REASOM§ TO BUY FROM AMIGA COMPUTIMG All the products offered have been carefully selected by us as beina the best in their class. But top quality does not mean top price. Thanks to our huge buying power, we can deliver to our readers the best products at the best prices.
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12 Experienced sales staff are on hand for when you order or if you need advice before placing an order.
Amiga Computing JULY 1995 AMIGA A500+ AMIGA A500 AMIGA A600 £ 17.99 AMIGA Al SOD 200 upgrades come complete with clock and optional 25Mhz maths coprocessoi They fit in the trap door and feature full 32bit Fast Ram.
Our Al Upgrade to 4Mb Upgrade inc. Math Upgrade to 6Mb Upgrade inc. Math x
(This should be the name written on the Cheque or Credit Cord i payment by this method).
Telephone No: (_)_
Credit Card _ (?)? ? ? ? ?
ORDER HOTUNE 01487 773582 Lines are manned from Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm and on Saturday 10am to 4pm If you call outside these hours you con place an order by answer phone • just give the information on the order form in the order it appears. You might find it easier to complete the order form before calling so that you can read directly from it.
PieQK oll ?w 28 days for delivery from when we receive your order. For "on receipt of goods pbo e 01487 773$ 82 Monday to Friday between 10am and 6pm ? Mouse ...£7.99 ? A500 upgrade to 1Mb .£12.99 Ci A500 upgrode to 1 Mb incdock £17.99 ? A500+upgrade to 1.5Mb £13.99 ? A500+ upgrode to 2Mb £20.99 A600 upgrade to 2Mb .£22.99 ? A600 upgrode to 2Mb inc.dock £27.99 ? Al 200 upgrode to 4Mb £129.00 ? Al 200 upgrade to 4Mb (Copro)...£l 54.00 ? Al 200 upgrode to 6Mb £189.00 ? Al 200 upgrade to 6Mb (Copro)...£214.00
? Al 200 CoProcessor only £27.00 Order by telephone by calling 01487 773582 Mon to Fri 10am to 8pm Sot 10am to 4pm.
UNIT 3, GREEN FARM, ABBOTTS RIPTON, HUNTINGDON, CAMBS PEI 7 2PF TOTAL GOODS VALUE P&P(1 Item = £2.00 2 or more Items = £3.00) TOTAL ORDER VALUE Cheques Payable to Compo Software Weas« send to Amiga Computing Special Offers.
Compo Software Ltd. Unit 3, Green Farm.
Abotts Ripton, Huntingdon, Cambs P£17 2Pf Card Number Switch Issue No_ Expiry Date _ Signature 1 Cheque (4) Li Postal Order (4) l_l Cheques Payable to Compo Software Amiga Computing JULY 1995 Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to dear fcctu _ i- j m VIPER TELEPHONE 0 1234 273000 VIPER 68030 SERIES RAM Up ro 8MB (Viper 1) 128MB (Viper 2 ) Full Kickstart Remapping Optional SCSI-11 adaptor On-board battery backed dock 68882 Co-processor Instruction and data burst modes
- I 28MHz Viper-I 33-42MHz PGA PLCC, FPU upto 50MHz PGA PLCC, FPU
upto 50MHz Bare Board .. £115.95 Bare Board .. £169.95 4MB
Viper ... .£249.95 4MB Viper ... .£299.95 8MB Yiper ...
.£399.95 8MB Viper ... .£439.95
- 2 28MHz Yiper -2 4QMHz EC PLCC only, FPU upto 40MHz PLCC only.
FPU upto 40MHz Bare Board ,,,£135.95 Bare Board .. £199.95 4MB
Viper £269.95 4MB Viper £329.95 8MB Viper ... .£4 I 9.95 8MB
Viper ... .£469.95 Viper Options Co-processors 28MHz
FPU £25 SCSI-II Adaptor ... .£79 33MHz FPU £50 4MB
SIMM £139 40MHz FPU £70 SMB SIMM £299 50MHz
FPU (pga) .£100 Other SIMMS ... .£POA Complete with CrytuI,
Bfinard Board computtte All product* have a 12 month warranty
unless otherwise specified Trade and Educational orders welcome
- Worldwide distribution available AtlprtcenncudeVAT
Sp« Aui y-t .rri pnew jrr to crgrg! V tt-cut noftce. It
tnde-u-ta are adrowfedpd A1 crdm n vvrrtrg or ty WecTxor bt
axrfiMS Wr iU *ct to Kr Wm ccrocom o' tr*5c. CcfKi ofMtch ire
jvawbte free d d-jrp o'1 rrCMmi VIPER 68030 ¦ 68030 40MHz RC or
50MHz RC with MMU, RAM upto 128MB, FPU-PGA only.
POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 35220 Bare 40MHz £229.00 40MHZ-4MB £379.00 40MH -8MB £499.00 Bare 50MHz £249.00 50MHz-4MB £399.00 JL POWER 1208
• A1200 RAM board
• PCMCIA friendly HU
• Uses 1 x 32 SIMM
• Amiga Format Gold award
• Expand upto. 8MB 2mb £139.00
4mb £189.00 8MB £329.00 IUPER XL
DRIVES The Super XL Drive allows you to store 3.5MB on a high
density disk.
EXT. SUPER XL £129.95 The XL Drive allows you to store
1. 76MB on a high density disk. No case cutting on A4000
EXTERNAL XL £59.95 INTERNAL XL £55.95 A4000 INTERNAL XL . ,£55.95 POWER DRIVE ¦ The Power Drive now includes Blitz Amiga and Floppy Expander, free.
Floppy Expander allows you to compress Files on floppy disks by up to 50%. Other features include: Anti- Click, Anti-Virus, Isolation Switch, 2 Year Warranty, Thru’port, Cyclone Compatible Chip, Backup Hardware and Blitz Compatible feature.
EXTERNAL ...£49.95 CYCLONE S W ONLY . .£ I 0.00 INTERNAL DRIVES ¦ Our internal drives use the same drive mechanisms as the Amiga to ensure complete compatibility.
PC88I A500 ...£30.95 PC882 A2000 ..£30.95 PC883 A600 I200 ......£35.95 POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 273000 Fax 01234 352207 I'D 7RW 52207 x4 CD-ROM QUAD SPEED CD ROM CD-ROM s £199 x2 CD-ROM DOUBLE SPEED CD ROM Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear TELEPHONE 0 I 234 2730 CD-ROM SOFTWARE POWER CD-ROM The new Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 and SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six
additional peripherals to be connected, for example: Syquest Drives, Hard Drives, Flatbed Scanners and Dat Drives. Whats more the Power CD-ROM features a ‘Hot-Plug’ and ‘Un-Plug’, which allows you to connect disconnect at any time the Power CD-ROM and any additional devices, even when your Amiga is switched on.
The CD-ROM comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, audio lead, mains lead* and software: Audio CD, CD32 Emulation, MPEG Film Decoder and PhotoCD software.
CDBOOT 1.0 Enables vou use almost jot CP32 FRESHFQNTS II ... 632MB of fonts for timnm wr computer system GAMERS' DEUGHT Contains 40 games for dte Amip GOLDFISH 2 ...,,,, Volume 2 of the Gold&fe «cncv contains a selection of software LIGHT ROM ...... Contains aimon 630MB of 3D objects, images etc. MAGIC ILLUSIONS . 3D ueroyaim on row screen!
MEETING PEARLS VOL I ., . Ftnt CD published with die concept of "sharccomptlation" MEETING PEARLS VOL II ... Contains 650MB of the tineu FD software via a special user interface THE LIGHT WORKS Rirrracing • a faarminng area of’ computer graphics THE BEAUTY OF CHAOS .. Drive into the fractal world of gcomarv AMINET S ..
1. 1 gigabyte* of software AMINET SET I
..... 4 CD's containing freeware
CD-WRITE . Enables you to
virtually write to CD's FRESH FISH
8 ...... Hundreds of MB's of freeware
Amiga 600 1200 Double - Speed CD-ROM . .. £199 Quad - Speed
CD-ROM . ....£299 Amiga 4000 . sea interface Double - Speed
CD-ROM .....£159 Quad - Speed CD-ROM £259 Accessories Amiga
4000 £129 SCSI-lnterface Multi-media Speakers 80 Watt ..
.....£54 MK.o4r Trade and Educational orders welcome •
Worldwide distribution available neVde VAT Spec cato's ind
preet ir» n4wct to dwje iMthout rcCce al ti jaeau'W we
*ctno»teqge 3 AH orders ei »renj Ml K KCEptKl Ottr Hitiefl tO
OUT Imn 4Ilj CQTODom Cf trajf. CcpK Of •tld' ire fJllCS* liw
' Amiga Format 93% CU Amiga 94% UPC D* p $ Squirrel ,v I Amiga Shopper 95% JAM ** The best piece of hardware I've ever bought for my A1200 ... well done, HiSoftI 99 As you can see. The Amiga press has gone nuts over our new Squirrel SCSI interface for the A600 A1200. In case you've missed these reviews, the Squirrel SCSI is a plug-and-play add-on that allows you to connect up to 7 SCSI peripherals to your Amiga. Just think of it, CD-ROM, Hard drive, Scanner. DAT. Optical. SyQuest. Tape Streamer - all on line at the same time! No wonder we named it after that famous storage-hungry animal! To go
with Squirrel, here are some great value devices... SCSI Ijard Drives SyQuest Drives Ordering Information Ail HiSoft products (see the complete list below) should be available through your favourite Amiga dealer. If you have difficulty in obtaining any title you can order directly from HiSoft - just call us free on 0500 223660.
Armod with your credit or debit card; we will normally despatch within 4 working days or. For an extra £6. By guaranteed next day delivery (for goods in stock). Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or postal orders.
All prices include VAT. Export orders: call or fax to confirm pricing and postage costs. © 1995 HiSoft. E&OE.
HiSoft products for your Amiga Squirrel SCSI interface - £88 95, Squirrel Storage Systems - as above, Aura 12 16 bit sampler - £99.95, Megaiosound 8 bit sampler - £34.95, PrgMidi interlace - £24.95, HiSoft Devpac 3,14 - £79,95. HiSoft BASIC 2 - £79.95, Highspeed Pascal - £99.95, Gamesmith - £99,95, Termite - £39,95, Twist 2 database - £99.95, Maxon Magic - £29.95, Upper Disk Tools - £14,95, VistaLite me MakePath TerraForm - £39.95 and much more. Coming soon: DiskMaglc idisk tools) and Cinema4D.
Introducing our brand-new quad-speed CD-ROM drive, the Squirrel 4x; a feature-packed, lightning-fast drive at a stunning price. This is the flagship of our range of CD-ROM drives, all designed to suit your needs and your pocket.
Squirrel CD-ROM drives are cased in extremely stylish enclosures with all SCSI connectors and offer fast access times, stereo headphone sockets with volume control, phono line output. PhotoCD ” multi-session support. CD32 emulation (with the Squirrel SCSI interface). CD-DA compatibility with the convenience of tray-loaded action. The Squirrel 2x CD-ROM drive offers 300Kb sec transfer while the Squirrel 4x attains 600Kb sec (sustained) with a 190ms access time, the fastest CD-ROM yet on the Amiga.
These are the drives we use for developing and testing the Squirrel hardware and software - need we say more?
Squirrel Storage Systems The neat Squirrel SCSI interface is shown on the right The unit simply plugs into Ihe PCMCIA slot, comes complete with all Ihe software you need together with a cable which terminates in a 50-way Amphenol plug to attach to your first SCSI device.
SCSI CD-ROM Drives ¦ Twist 2 Twisl 2 is the new. Friendly, relational database for all Amigas. Twist's range of power features such as its integrated forms designer, its varied & multi-level querying, its N:1 I N & N:M relations coupled with its un-cluttered, well-designed user interface make it ideal for both the first-time and the seasoned database user.
Twist 2 is the only database you will ever need - a product that expands to meet your requirements as they grow. So. Before you buy another database, why not take a look at the Twist demo disk?
Introducing removable SCSI drives for your Amiga. Based on reliable, proven SyQuest"* mechanisms, these 88Mb and 270Mb units offer transportable, compact, high performance and.
Above all, expandable storage for all your computing needs. SyQuest is the world leader in this technology across computer platforms which means that you can transfer work between Amiga. Macintoshand PC. With ease We recommend the CrossDOS and CrossMac software packages to simplify portability - call for pricing. Our dnve prices include 1 free cartridge.
The latest of our highly acclaimed sound samplers for the A600 A1200.
Aura offers high performance 12 16 bit quality with direct-to-disk sampling plus a host of software features Octamed 5.04 up compatible.
96% AMIGA Shopper 90% AUI Professional game development is made easy with the new GameSmith Development System. Over 3 years in the making. GDS gives you the low level power to create the masterpiece of your dreams in a single, easy-to-use, comprehensive environment, using C or assembler. Comes complete with junior versions of Dice C and Devpac 3. $ 0% AUI 92% CU Amiga Termite Afraid of becoming a hedgehog on the Information Super Highway? Don't worry.
Termite is so easy to use that even a first time user will feel at home. Yet it has all the power and flexibility to satisfy the most seasoned modem warrior!
Termite is packed with features and comes with its superb Button Bar already set up for instant access to CIX and manV BBSs 88% Amiga Computing 95% AUI 88% CU Amiga Hard drivos are becoming more and more affordable and we can now offer some tremendous prices on a range of superb quality. Quantum drives in a range of capacities.
These drives offer fast seek times (14ms @ 270Mb, 11ms @ 540 730Mb. 9ms @ 1Gb). Large caches and high speed data transfer rates (1 5Mb,'sec with Squirrel) All units can be supplied for you to fit in your own case or pre-installed in one of our professional Squirrel Storage Cases The Squirrel does not auto-bool external hard disks but you can do this from floppy or from internal IDE hard disk.
We can supply ait leads, terminators etc. Please feel tree to discuss your exact requirements with our friendly, technical statf HiS®ft S YSTEM S The Old School, Greenfield .
Bedford MK45 5DE UK Tel: +44 (0) 1525 718181 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 713716

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